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File: 1499935336938.png (733.84 KB, 1468x786, sensical.png)

No. 351741

Joy Sparkle BS aka Kati Marie Smith is a YouTuber who has made a name for herself by churning out a metric shit ton of obsessive videos, mainly about Onision and DaddyOFive in a very short amount of time (100+ on EACH spread across all her channels…in less than 7 months.) She claims to have a debilitating “mystery” illness/fibromyalgia/IBS/PTSD/autoimmune/copper toxicity/inflammation/thyroid issues/anxiety that causes her such chronic intense pain she wants to die and says she is not able to hold a job…yet she is still somehow able to put out as many as 12 videos in one day and livestream as long as eight hours straight, sometimes both…all while flailing around with seemingly boundless amounts of energy. Basically, she’s a money hungry obsessive melodramatic pathological liar who uses a self-diagnosed chronic “illness” to gain attention and internet asspats.

Summary of thread #8

• Onision is still generating multiple content ID claims against her & claiming her monetization for himself
• Claims Onision “doxxed” her by releasing her full name and an old address in a DM he showed in a video dedicated to her (he quickly deleted the video) but she showed that same DM in her own video first…which is still up
• She got a community strike on her main channel over the video she mirrored in which Onision’s service records were questioned for “bullying and harassment” of a veteran.
• Claims DO5 fans are targeting her channels with false flagging and that they succeeded in getting two community strikes against her main channel and three against Spurpinklebow…which resulted in the temporary termination of that channel. It was later reinstated but not before she was incessantly tweeting @YouTube and anyone else she could think of demanding they do something and complaining how unfair it was she got strikes while nothing happened to other YouTubers breaking TOS. She totally sperged out when Keemstar responded to one of these tweets, not that his advice was all that helpful.
• She still has at least one community strike on her main channel so she is unable to livestream on it. At first, she was borrowing Benji’s channel to livestream but created a third channel “Joy Sparkle Eff It” in an attempt to get around the livestreaming ban, now that she has access to Spurpinklebow she’s back to livestreaming there.
• While trying to build up her third channel to get livestreaming/superchat privileges and attempting to get her main channel to 100,000 subs in order to “speak to someone at YouTube directly,” she requested her fans to sub to her with their third and fourth accounts.
• Got into a Twitter fight with a black woman and made several racist assumptions/comments. Continues to profess her love of “brown people”
• Unnecessarily stalled giving the $600 donation to DonorsChoice she raised during her Onision debate charity stream. Claimed she would do it live on a stream but says she “forgot” the charity Jeff Holiday chose, continued to put it off for days then claimed she forgot YouTube took 30% from superchat so she announced her roommate was donating the difference so she could give the $600 she originally promised. She eventually did make the donation after many excuses and delays.
• Promised to sell a “deep dark” secret about her vag that could “make her famous” on Benji’s livestream…then proceeded to draw it out unnecessarily, asking for more and more money for “keywords”. People in chat called her out when she didn’t reveal the secret even though the amounts she requested had been paid…while she offered to refund some of the money she still ended up keeping it. She claimed she got upset in this stream because she was “feeling ill.”
• Claimed she had to file bankruptcy several years ago because she had so much medical debt. Told a charming little story about her bankruptcy lawyer attempting to hire her out as an “escort.”
• Stupidly announced on Twitter that Bunty King’s channel was back up but didn’t bother to check if it was true…it wasn’t
• Started censoring her YouTube comments, got several Joytards to moderate…they’re deleting any dissenting comments posted, effectively turning it into an echo chamber
• Milked getting an ear infection for attention. At first, she claimed she just needed to pop her ears then said a bug flew into it, from there it progressed to an inner ear infection. She did eventually go to an urgent care clinic and then to the ER where she claims they diagnosed a viral ear infection.
• Still not delivering on her promised Patreon rewards, puts off Patron-only streams for “illness stuff” only to release a new video or appear on someone else’s livestream hours later. Has never added the Patron shoutouts promised at the end of her videos.
• Claimed she had appointments with more than one lawyer for July 3rd to discuss the content ID claims from Onision but when the time came she only said she couldn’t call because it was a national holiday.
• It was noted that she is deleting lots of old videos that showcased her more extreme opinions but also possibly to cut down on the total number of Onision and DO5 videos as she is still continuing to release videos about them
• Continues to make racist and vulgar rape “jokes” on Twitter and in livestreams, keeps finding ways to sexualize everything. Her pottymouth only seems to get more extreme as time goes on.
• Still continuing her spammy tag stuffing practices
• Supported one of her Joytards making a false copyright claim against Onision
• Still using “brain fogs” to excuse her bad behavior and stupidity

The first eight threads:

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#8 >>>/snow/345917

Social Media:
Joy Sparkle BS main YouTube channel
Spurpinklebow 2nd channel
Joy Sparkle Eff It 3rd channel
Joy Sparkle BS Official Facebook page:

NEW PEOPLE PLEASE READ Please take the time to get caught up, read all the previous threads or at the very least read the summaries at the beginning of the last couple threads. It will do you good to lurk a while first to learn how things work. Before posting please do a keyword search (Ctrl-F) first to check if the topic has been discussed already, we try to avoid rehashing the same things over and over. If you have important factual information to share (aka milk) be sure to back it up with evidence such as links or screenshots. Attempting to pass off unsubstantiated rumors as truth will only get you laughed at and ridiculed. Do not post any identifying information about yourself, we are anonymous here. When posting always leave the Name and Subject fields blank. If you are not contributing new milk/just giving your opinion please ‘sage’ your post (this prevents the thread from being bumped up to the front of the list.) To do this put the word sage in the Email field…if you are not sure if your post is milk sage it anyway. If you make a mistake on a post you can delete it within the first 30 min if you click on the box on the top left corner then click delete in the bottom right corner.

No. 351762

So, she's currently promoting the shit out of a little kid on Youtube; who supported her during her Spurpinklebow downtime. Something that I should find endearing makes my skin crawl.

I have nothing against the kid - he's young, and is incapable of noticing that Joy is not what she makes herself out to be. But the idea that someone so young is being exposed to the filth/misinformation/double standard bullshit this bitch vomits out on a daily basis makes me wonder where his parents are.

No. 351763

The kid is very young. Naive. Pretty classic nerd. Last thing in the world he needs is the sespool of YouTube. Now he has close to 2k 'fans' much older than him, with much different interests. How could this possibly end well for this poor kid? If I were his parents I would be enraged.

No. 351765

He's a kid and she still can't control her garbage mouth.

No. 351768

Yet again, another example of her using a child for personal gain.
Add another inch to her flowing hero cape.

Now she can go on about getting praise for being such a good person and acknowledging a smaller channel. Subs/views and donating money are the most important things to humble joy.

No. 351772


There - that's what's making my skin crawl! The potential threats that she could be sending that kid's way without even realizing it.

It makes you wonder if that possibility even crossed her mind; or if she's seriously delusional enough to think all her fans are good people.

No. 351776

File: 1499947267047.png (72.03 KB, 565x532, FwNJanV.png)

this woman is beyond disgusting.

No. 351780

This is a masterpiece

No. 351798

Don't link her videos here. Either reupload them on vidme or something (it was stated a few threads back by Admins that we are not to give her any views by linking her vids here).

She's trash. This is total proof that she has little kids watching her videos. That she cannot control her dirty skank mouth when kids as young and clearly impressionable as him are viewing her.

Wonderful, the child is probably a bit socially awkward at school and now he'll probably get into trouble mimicking her nasty mouth.

Sorry, dumb bitch doesn't seem to get it. Making extremely vulgar sex jokes that you'd only hear in a private Donald Trump get-together, knowingly, in the presence of pre-teen boys and girls is way too freaking creepy.

Kati, you have children watching you. YOUNG children. Reel it in nasty bitch!

Uhh… ok… not really?

No. 351800

Sorry about that - is there any way I can edit the post to remove the video? Or would it be best just to delete the post itself?

Sage for off topic

No. 351803

You cannot edit posts here. Delete them, sure but there is a time limit to do so.

In the future, just refrain from doing so. Also, please read the rules of the forums at the top. You cannot miss the big link up there. (Learn to sage your posts, as well, all in the rules and even in the initial post for this thread!!!).

The rule to not linking videos probably should have been stated in the OP's initial thread post. Oh well, maybe next time. :)

Not to say you did not do a fabulous job putting the new thread together, though! :) Thank you for keeping the milk alive.

No. 351820


How is she getting past the age restrictions?

I feel like this is a moot question, how does she get away with everything. But this in particular is strange to me considering how hard-line YT have become since the Adpocalypse.

I know I wouldn't be happy if she showed up on my child's age restricted YT recommendations.

No. 351848

Can we start banning these selfpostfags?
The amount of palm I just gave my face ….

No. 351853

I've read every single post in every single thread on Joysus, and you have just singlehandedly posted the unfunniest malignant tumor of content on these boards. Amazing effort.

No. 351854

I don't think her mods are deleting comments. Two of the top three comments, on her keemstar video, are calling her out on how delusional she is to think that because Hilton "liked" those tweets that it means support. They are also bringing up that joy talked shit about keem in the past and that the tweet he sent her was nothing special and basically a polite way to tell her to go fuck herself. The speregleberries are there to defend their leader's honor, no matter what.

In her "boundaries" videos that she posted to spurprinkle bow, has some comments that they say they're going to delete. It's not all joy and sparkles in her comments section.

No. 351856

Imagine if it were someone like Onision who had befriended a 10 year old of the opposite sex and began shining light on their videos. She'd make another 100 calling him a pedophile. And did she have the kids parents consent before using footage of him (something she says Greg is breaking the law for).
So hypocritical. And honestly, it's weird as fuck that she is now this kids 'buddy', she's like 33. Weird that though.

No. 351864

Oh, but it's different, in her case. The kid isn't taking photos of himself in his undies and asking for her to rate his body.

No. 351866

File: 1499963010792.jpg (Spoiler Image, 77 KB, 540x752, joymershedperderders.jpg)

NSFW. Mershed perderders!


Thank you for making the thread, anon. Your hard work is definitely appreciated!

No. 351872

I could've done without ever seeing that.

No. 351876

File: 1499964237102.gif (425.95 KB, 347x452, joy_stream_7_12_17.gif)

Joy Sparkle BS YouNow Livestream 7/12/17

Link: https://vid.me/UbWff

Kati starts off by talking about some terrible idea she has for a video involving Jenny Jones footage from the '90s. Then starts talking about the kid who's videos she's promoted and how she's thinking about inviting him onto her livestream. Because we all know that's a safe place for children.

Joy spins even more bullshit about her mYsTeRy IlLnEsS. Good stuff for Illness Tracker Anon. Still calling it autoimmune. Is now blaming vaccines for her problems.

Joy says her pizza diet is "working for her" because it stops her from shitting her pants.

Basically admits she's agoraphobic before back tracking & says the actual reason she doesn't leave the house is because she's afraid of collapsing. Says she needs a haircut (no duh) but can't go out without Roommate. Then says her hair stylist isn't local and she doesn't trust anyone else to do her hair.

Someone asks if she'll go back into Marketing. Joy starts talking about her experience in marketing. Anyone who actually has experience in Marketing will recognize that she's talking about sales, not actual marketing.

Then she suddenly logs off because she has to take a shit.

No. 351882

>Is now blaming vaccines for her problems.
>Is now blaming vaccines
>blaming vaccines


No. 351888


Thank you Anon, I'll check it out and add it to the huge list.


She's an antivaxxer, why doesn't this surprise me, she'll jump on board any and every controversial train. Same as the Copper IUD bull, except she interpreted it completely wrong, she'll do the same thing here.

Look at the bright side, maybe the measles will succeed where we have failed and shut her up, at least for a while.

No. 351903

>>351876 The first few minutes of the stream….WTF?!

'It didn't register to me how young he is, so I told him he could be start of my livestream as long as he got his parents permission, but I can't ask them myself because that would be crossing boundaries, because I'm an adult and he's a kid - which is really weird - and I know I'd be against it if it were my kid. But, I;'ll go ahead and send subs his way because I like helping and he's such a cute little shit!

I just can't with this fucking bitch! How does she say all that and not realize how utterly fucked up it all is?!

Saged for rant

No. 351910

File: 1499971391397.jpg (36.54 KB, 960x720, absresponsetojake-.jpg)

She doesn't get it does she, whether this is the real Jake or not, her response gives him the benefit of the doubt and she has made this worse for all of the children.

She doesn' get it, it doesn't matter what she, a perfect stranger to them, thinks about his family, he still loves them no matter how messed up the situation was, he can't help but over them. And by constantly attacking the parents, she is constantly attacking the kids by proxy.

The children need to heal and she just keeps picking at the scab.

She repulses me.

No. 351912


She hates what they did so much she has them relive it over and over and over again by constantly going on about it. She has what happened to them all over her channels and she is one of the first channels that pops up in DO5 searches, so any kids they go to school with can see everything she has said, everything she implied about the dad getting off on it, etc.

How re these kids ever supposed to move on while shitehawks like her keep bringing it back up for fucking nothing but views.

Samefag on a rage.

No. 351929

Because, despite what Joy claims, it's never been about the welfare about the kids; it's always been about her own sub counts/views and, most importantly - money.

She's a fucking parasite!

No. 351930

maybe she'll croak from said mystery illness and we won't have to deal with this incessant bullshit anymore.

No. 351939

>>She's an antivaxxer.

Someone should tell Jeff about this. He and Mems are hugely against that stuff. I'd love to see her try to explain her way around it so as to not lose his support. And I think they'd be even more against it because most of her fans are young and/or impressionable.

Sage for repost (grammar mistake).

No. 351951

Great so when all her joytard get pregnant because of her scaring them off birth control, they'll also start spreading diseases because they won't vaccinate.

I fucking hate her.

No. 351957

She is the human embodiment of cancer. How stupid can one person be?

It seems like she can't go more than a month without finding a way to exploit kids. (DO5, BloodDance, ect)

No. 351968

Going by that Vid.me video; she didn't - because she doesn't know how to get in touch with them and really thinks she shouldn't because there's a boundary due to his age.


No. 351974

File: 1499978127465.jpg (31.66 KB, 466x454, VSJHBWR235G.jpg)

"I don't know how to explain it, but I can condense the fibro into my head"

No. 351975

Dafuq is this?! She is such a fucking idiot.

No. 351976

"I've been doing a lot of research on fibro, I've been researching other autoimmune stuff…. Is fibro just a long-term type of virus? I know, I've been looking at some crunchy shit, alternative stuff … I can really feel what's going on in my body, it feels like you constantly have a bug you can't kick."
Right after this, she goes into the anti-vax stuff.

Does that make sense?

Timestamp starting 13:15 in the Younow stream posted by Miracle Anon >>351876

No. 351989

She is a walking contradiction. Her big beef with Greg during the "debate", was that if he had monetized any videos containing minors, he would need a release form from the parents.

I'm beyond done hearing her echo how all these videos are to help, raise awareness, etc. Does she not realize that the whole country is aware of DaddyO? Authorities have already stepped in, people have been in court. Everything she is doing after the fact isn't going to help, and it's really not going to help those kids if they come across her videos. It's one thing to report from the scene of a horrible house fire. It's entirely different if you keep going back to the ashes and rubble. What the hell are people supposed to do?

Whenever she mentions helping children, I just picture her giving a bowl of rice to a hungry kid. Does it help? Yes. But then she keeps placing another bowl of rice, until the table is full and the kid can't eat anymore. Now her help has turned to waste. She's a busy fucking idiot.

Sage for long rant.

No. 351990

That's not how any of that works joy. If people could will away their sickness, no one would be sick. She's such a dumb fucking cunt. It seems unimaginable that people would actually believe the shit she says. So now, are they going to go off their meds because joy has done it? And she's doing just fine and even getting better? According to her.

There is such a huge difference between having an opinion about someone, like greg, stating you don't approve of how he runs his business and what not, it is a completely different thing when you are spewing health advice, that she can say she wasn't trying to give any advice, but these people who actually have what she claims to have,want to be able to do the things she does. I.e., having energy to get out of bed and be social, even if it's on the interweb.

Her wild accusations of mike Martin getting off on abusing his kids and Greg being a pedo, sex can kill you, birth control can kill you, the government is poisoning our food to make everyone sick, and now vaccines are the reason she's sick? No joy that goes against what you said in the beginning. Which was, that your copper iud "rusted" inside you (gag) and that caused your fibro, your fobro that hasnt even been diagnosed by a real fucking doctor. Youre not sick, youre not going to get on disability, You're a lazy fuck who is hurting naieve and mentally suseptable people.

And the stupid sperglefucks are picking this up and running with it as if it's a scientific fact.

No. 351992

File: 1499979842717.jpg (39.13 KB, 399x363, FGGKSBU37.jpg)

Oml she thinks it's some kind of conspiracy that cancer is so widespread — does she not have the slightest fucking clue WHAT cancer is????

Then she mentions her "tumor" again, yes, it's back to being a tumor.

Aaaaaaand now she's saying Wilson's Disease needs to be diagnosed by an Infectious Disease Specialist AS IF IT'S INFECTIOUS JESUS CHRIST

This stream is quality milk and condenses all the things I detest about her health claims into a neat little package - just as convenient as how she can condense her fibro into her neat little head.

"I need to make money off the streaming so that this can be a reliable income … oh, thanks for the 1000 bars, you guys don't have to send me anything!!"
Bitch what.

10/10 recommend all anons watch this stream fully.


This is the biggest problem and why I ADORE Miracle Anon and all the anons who record with chat included, because you can see in real time exactly how many of the people in the room are taking everything she says as gospel Joysus truth. Such a discouraging number are agreeing with this random hodgepodge of verbal diarrhea word salad she's spewing.

No. 351994

>"I've been doing a lot of research on fibro, I've been researching other autoimmune stuff…. Is fibro just a long-term type of virus? I know, I've been looking at some crunchy shit, alternative stuff … I can really feel what's going on in my body, it feels like you constantly have a bug you can't kick."

Actually, joy, and all the many who read here and report, in several lolcow threads, as recent as #8, it's been pointed out and been backed with scientific, medical journals and holistic learning institute studies that fibro is linked to emotional trauma and the best course of action is some form of therapeutic treatment.

You said you've had PTSD, anxiety issues, depression, agoraphobia, abuse in your past, and there is a long list of physical symptoms. What ever the diagnosis truly
Is, there is certain one thing. Dime store doctors, naturopaths, medical colleges, urgent care, Mayoclinic, sweat lodges, the medicine man, Cancer Treatment Centers of America and even Dr Phil would probably say, whether it be for fibro or the other issues, you should probably seek therapeutic treatment of some kind. If you've been sick for this long, it's going to bother your psyche, causing a snowball effect of other issues. Period.

Sage for constant rehashing the obvious

No. 352001

Jee-zus fuck. I am simultaneously looking forward to and dreading watching this shit show when recording anon posts this one!

No. 352007

I feel like she should be upped to /PT/ status, what is everyone's thoughts?

Sage for being not that relevant.

No. 352018

It's been posted and referenced many times, scroll up.

No. 352028


I wish Joy would shush (Putting it politely) about this subject. It's a subject I understand, and I can tell everyone she's spewing nonsense.

There are faulty genes (Yes Joy, there's such a thing as genetics) that can increase the risk of developing cancer alone.

She's also being extremely silly (Being polite again) in regards to vaccines. Asthma often leads to lung infections due to unhygienic people with colds, and as us sensible people know, is no joke. So vaccines make such a huge difference, and improve plenty of people's life's.

Now I'm annoyed as she's potentially endangering lives. Yes Joy, you're not a doctor so I'm polity asking you to stop giving uneducated, dangerous advice.

No. 352032

>>352028 Joy is the same woman who made the claim that, even though doctors and nurses have had many years of schooling/training, they have no idea what they're talking about.

Not even kidding - she said as such in one of her earliest video (I think the one that's called 'I don't want to die'). So, if that's her mindset, she probably considers herself smarter than highly trained doctors.


No. 352042

The one thing I forgot someone immediately does, lol. Will try to include next time.

Lol @ "Fabricatedmyalgia" Watching the stream now. I knew she was into conspiracy theories based on convoluted logic like "the govt is poisoning our food & air on big pharma's behalf so they make money when people get sick" but now she's gone antivaxxer? Just wow.

She actually does have a thread in /pt/ but it doesn't get any activity. The problem with going there instead is that only farmhands can make new threads in /pt/ and she needs a new thread made every 7 to 10 days. Not saying a farmhand couldn't take over making her threads but I wouldnt be able to do it anymore unless I applied for farmhand status. I don't have any interest in moderating this site so…

No. 352098

She would be way too happy if she was switched to /pt/
She'd feel like she made it to Onision level, I don't want to encourage her at all.

No. 352133

So is she going to try to get a comsemt from this kids parents about using his pic in her thumb nails and what not? She just put out another video about him(kooligan),giving herself a big ole pat on the back for Getting him alomost 2k subscribers. A couple people in the comments are being honest and saying he doesn't have good content so they didn't sub. And she added another child to her video.

Didn't she say that ANY money made from her do5 vids would be donated to charity or to rose? Wouldn't that mean she should be making monthly donations to somewhere with the money she has made off of do5 videos?

No. 352134

The cunt just posted a video encouraging everyone to motherfucking go subscribe to the little cocksucker who I am beginning to hate by association.
She told the kid to contact "her people" for help moderating. Like one of those morons will moderate a stream of 12 year olds talking about their pets and what's in their room.
I'm noticing the cunt is using some specific language that is a clear indication of her high opinion of herself ; comments like "my people", or "I don't usually make demands, but".
God I hate this cunt.

Saged for "you will respect mah authority"

No. 352156

Why does she keep making videos for this child? This is so weird. Joy really has no idea what to make videos about outside of Onision/DO5 or talking about her exaggerated illnesses. She's not the least bit interesting I'm surprised so many people are watching this trash.

No. 352158

Also, I feel like she really wants to Youtube stream with her friends more but people have been calling her abundance of energy for hours out so she's trying to keep it to a minimun. That's why she's been doing shorter ones on Younow because she doesn't get as much hate. If people weren't giving her shit she'd be on there all night, everynight.

No. 352162

She's making the videos about the kid to show what a caring giving thought person she is. Despite any of her other actions including calling him a "little shit" at the begining of her first video about him. "Little shit" is not a term of endearment joy, no matter how many times your parents called you that. It wasn't out of love hunny!:*

It's all to try and make her look like the bigger, better person. She's helping a small channel grow,"everyone look how great and kind I am!" asspats for her. But now that she has done this for one kid, other kids are going to be watching and making videos about her to try and get her attention. What happens when a little kid is so distraught because they didn't get noticed and hurt themselves like she blamed onision for? Seriously where are the kids parents? Why can't parents actually parent their kids and make sure they're not watching trash like fucking joycunt? It was a dumb move and inappropriate. Just like her new token on Twitter that she has been tweeting with non stop since she has been called a racist.

No. 352169

File: 1499999639861.jpg (85.87 KB, 698x429, aheA0pi.jpg)

not exactly what they are referring to but it still fits somewhat.

by "be the joy and sparkles.." she means "be the youtube equivalent of jerry springer and take advantage of the tragedies that other people call their life"

No. 352171

looks like an article from medium. totally apt in this case. remember, Joy is just a journalist and was just reporting on D05 drama, guys. does that make sense?

i appreciate your hard work Anon but my god i have to hide the file every time you post a gif. those faces omg.

No. 352176

File: 1500001955648.png (109.77 KB, 621x597, JrnUccN.png)

JOy's snuggest dingleberry putting the kid at 13yo and bemoaning the 'hate' he's going to get. I don't think a single person on here has even mentioned going to or watching his stuff. I don't think any of us farmers care about the 13yo beyond the fact that Joysus is using him for her own gain. So, if he's getting any hate, I would bet it is more likely to come from jealous joytards who want their supreme asshole's attention.

No. 352191

File: 1500004436916.png (227.27 KB, 1241x1504, IMG_1857.PNG)

What the hell is going on with this?

No. 352194

I think it's bullshit, jmot.

No. 352202


The kid posted a video of himself bawling because Joy liked some video or comment of his.

I keep seeing Joytards argue that "he's smart, he'll ignore it" but he's a fucking CHILD. And Joy publicizing him without his parent's permission is opening him up to a lot of harassment. None of which is coming from farmers, might I add.

The kid could be bullied so bad and do something to hurt himself. We don't know if he's emotionally stable to begin with.

She really fucked up this time. The horrible part is this kid is likely going to suffer because JOY is such a terrible person.

No. 352205

File: 1500006797437.png (401.35 KB, 681x627, durp.png)

God, this moron.

No. 352228

To answer Cy's question because I know she reads this thread…
1. That isn't "fan art"
2. Because #weedinthepuss is stupid and you are the only one trying to make it a thing….it was stupid when you first said it but now that you've brought it up at every opportunity for months it's not only stupid but incredibly annoying too. Joy doesn't even seem amused by it anymore, she just pays it lip service to humor you. Let it go.

No. 352229

This. Really afraid that kid will end up killing himself if he's that easily worked up. Of course if he did, Joy would probably turn it around to blame everyone but herself. If Onision did this shit she would've already made 20 different videos about how wrong it is.

No. 352240

For someone who is "asexual" she sure talks about sexual stuff a lot.

No. 352241

Ay carumba! She's officially the most fucking obnoxious person on planet earth.
"Look at me, I can direct my minions to sub to other people, but I can't just do it and shut up about it because then they might forget they owe it all to MEEEEEE!! And don't forget that I control my audience and who's channel they go to and what they do here, so juuuuuust remember that!"

Shoutouts are a thing, Joysus. Some people do entire series of shoutout videos. You're not special, and nobody's impressed. Just shut the fuck up. Stop attaching yourself to children and their successes, (or more likely failures in most cases.) it's fucking CREEPY.

No. 352244


I'm surprised she's not a transtrender on top of it. She's clearly an attention whore who's chosen the SJW route to speshuldom. The "weed in the puss" is more than played out, except among the emotionally stunted joytards who snicker at every sexual innuendo thrown out like a bunch of 6yos.

No. 352245

When you take away the manipulative, attention seeking bullshit, Joy has the personality of a piece of cardboard, so it's not surprising she picks people of equal substance.

No. 352250

Is that her response to someone asking if she is a singer?? Before that they were joking about who is the bigger racist between them…I don't understand the connection, am I missing something because that seems like an incredibly weird non sequitur.

No. 352254


In Kati's reality, everyone on the globe wants to bone her. Little known fact, Erin and Cy were straight productive members of society until Joysus turned them into the gay crunchy dingleberries they are today using her speshul indigo sex appeal.

So, she's just putting out there what everyone in her reality is thinking.

No. 352262

File: 1500015348245.jpg (33.67 KB, 489x225, DJHBedviUIU.jpg)

Did anybody else notice that she's uploaded basically the exact same video from a week ago onto her second channel? She's using the same complaint of "people contacting me after I ask them to stop." She's wearing the same thing, saying the same thing, humblebragging about how now she's big she has stalkers, making it all about how victimized she is.

Apparently in the newer one she's received "threats" but she refuses to specify who it was or what they said. Idk about you anons, but if I was threatened, especially if I knew who it was, I'd call the fucker out by name. Knowing how often she blows stuff out of proportion, I'm betting it wasn't a threat at all. But muh viktim narrative.

More "I tried to be friends with everyone, I try to be a good person, other people r so mean to me" muh viktim narrative.

She does say something good in this, which is
"Just because somebody has [mental health] issues doesn't give you a free pass."
Words to live by, JOY.

No. 352265

I have no doubt that she's the type of person to pull harassment out of thin air so she can go on a rant about it and elicit sympathy. Like those buffoons on Facebook or Twitter who will conjure up drama to look like bad asses or martyrs.

No. 352266


I'm sorry, but until any youtuber calls the police, I don't take "threats" any more seriously than they do. Fuck them, if they don't feel threatened enough to actually try to do something about it, then it's all just attention whoring.

No. 352279

It's truly amazing the way she can sexualize anything….she went from joking about racism to "skin is gross" to "we should skin ourselves and be meat carcasses and bones" straight to sex. It's like she noticed she wrote the word 'bone' and couldn't help but turn it into 'boning' because her mind is so juvenile…she has a strange fixation on genitals.

No. 352281



Aaaaaaand now she's saying Wilson's Disease needs to be diagnosed by an Infectious Disease Specialist AS IF IT'S INFECTIOUS JESUS CHRIST

Illness Anon here, I was wondering how long it would take her to bring Wilson's up & I know exactly why she has. Holy shit Joyous, you're so predictable. I haven't watched through the stream yet but I'll get to it this morning. I will hear the context in which she mentioned Wilson's and report back.

And wow Cy, you admit that this child is getting exposed to a huge amount of Joy hate and will no doubt receive hate by proxy but it's OK because he's 13 and that fits YT TOS. What about morally you absolute melt? Not to mention the hypocrisy, having a pop at onion for not getting parental consent, yet it's OK for Joy not to because it suddenly becomes about boundaries. Why wasn't onion afforded this boundaries excuse?

Had this child just slowly built their own controllable amount of followers, other kids who will have similar interests, it wouldn't be a problem. But to send a load of unstable Joytards to subscribe, exposed him to all the people who can't stand Joyous knowing most have no problem attacking anyone. Do you honestly believe a young, hormonal teen can deal with all of that? I used to think maybe you were just blind to Joyous and her manipulations but it's very clear you know exactly what she is doing and you've exchanged soul for attention.

No. 352286

She listens and takes bits and pieces of others' issues and adds them to her growing list of health problems and personal tragedies. She always has to be the sickest one, or the one who went through the most. Anyone who is worse off than her is ignored or becomes an enemy.

No. 352296

To anyone interested in the immunisation transcript, here it is

"My health issues started when I was six years old after my first big round of immunisation, that week, I developed asthma and then I got severe allergies, I started getting colds all of the time. And I think, I have a theory, I don’t know if it’s right and I’m going to get a lot of hate for this but I’m ok with it. I think my theory is I think for some of us, not everybody, for some people, I think things like immunisations or the shit that we eat in the food, really really fucked with our immune systems at a really young age to the point where it caused a lot of issues. So I think there are certain things, certain bacteria, certain viruses, certain sicknesses that are in our body dormant because our immune system keeps everything in check but if your immune system gets compromised they act up does that make sense?

So I’m not saying that’s what it is, I’m not saying that’s what it isn’t I’m just researching a lot and I have to look more into the science of what I’m researching it’s, the things are making more sense."

She starts talking about this just a few seconds before the 18 minute mark.

Dear god did this cow go to school? Did she sleep through biology? She actually thinks that we walk around with dormant bacteria, viruses and sicknesses that get triggered by the immunisations. How could anyone be so fucking stupid? And this cow is who these morons are listening to, she can keep coming out with her little disclaimers but she knows as well as we do that they hang on her every word.

No. 352304

Oh sweet jesus.

For all of her "GREG, YOU ARE A DANGER TO SOCIETY, YOU ARE RECKLESS AND IRRESPONSIBLE AND–" rhetoric (and she's not wrong, he is a danger to society), she's pushing anti-vaxxer bullshit on her idiot followers. Yeah, that's not reckless as fuck, nah, not when a community of Somali immigrants just caused a huge outbreak of measles in Minnesota because they were terrified vaccinations would turn their kids into autists. Not dangerous whatsoever.

Joy, you dumb cunt.

No. 352307

There appears to be shade thrown at here with the Fibrocated account and the picture of Mr Potato head (Poor thing).

The tweet has since been removed, but it appeared someone tried to doxx someone else. Joy was quick to jump in suggesting she doesn't agree with that.

Some Grade A hypocrisy (Or Joypocrisy as I call it). She's mentioned plenty of times the state she thinks Onision lives in during her many videos.

No. 352309

File: 1500026265766.png (73 KB, 561x524, VEWIqnM.png)


?? is this what you're talking about?

1 of 2

No. 352310

File: 1500026288415.png (118.46 KB, 548x848, ooGGcha.png)

2 of 2

No. 352312


That's so sad…she doesn't interact with ANYONE on a daily basis.

That explains her need to get acceptance from strangers.

No. 352314

The thing is her viewing figures and subs have dropped crazy amounts this week, her mean views this week are 10,000 views per video she has had 4 at 10k 3 at 14k one at 23k, an Onision video got her 17k the other got her 25k. She has gained about 700 subs this week.

Her figures were also pretty low last week only 20k average. Basically she needs Onision to function but her comments are the interesting bit.

As some of you have seen her approval is dipping and people are seeing through her. Her dislikes are about 50% per video now it used to be about 15% about a month ago. At this point she is starting to retract to her older vid style like in January unfortunately she revealed she was an antivaxxer, that is like basic bitch levels of blocking on content creators levels.

saged for channel status

No. 352315

the bigger her audience, the harder it's gonna be to make up all of this shit and keep her lies straight. her gaining subs is a good thing in the long run.

No. 352320

Thing is, I almost see what she was trying to say about vaccines, but she's so stupid and inept at understanding basic science that she really has left herself open to a fuckton of rightful criticism on her position, because the way she explained what I think she's thinking was retarded. Then again, I could be giving her way too much credit and projecting my own knowledge of how vaccines work onto her garbled word salad she shat out trying to sound intelligent.
For that reason, I won'd say what I think she meant, just in case she reads it and uses it as a defense "yeah, that's what I meant!" (obviously without crediting the source, but coming out to "clarify" what she misconstrued in the first place) but I would encourage her to clarify her position before this all snowballs out of control.
Not to backtrack, because she's clearly recorded saying what she's been saying about "alternative health" since her channel started, and taking it back now would be an obvious lie to get the public back on her side, but if she's concerned that she REALLY isn't an anti-vaxxer and would like people not to run with that image of her, there's a limited window of time to issue a correction on her part.

Why do I have faith in the intelligence of people who obviously don't deserve it…?

No. 352325

Isn't it kinda creepy how she indirectly encourages people to idolize her, with how much she gives kids shoutouts for obsessing over her every little interaction with them?
"clap Go subscribe to Koolagin and Colbemon because they are so cute clap and they just go nutty every time I like one of their tweets or mention them omg clap it's soooooooo cute! Go subscribe to them because they are so cute and they just love me and it's adorable clap how grateful they are for the subs I've given them and the support they got because I shouted them out. clap They're SO CUTE!"

No. 352326


I personally can't see it, there's no logic. Just Joy pooping on the person who had a fantastic idea to help billions. That man's work, and others who perfected vaccinations further, have saved my life countless times.

The vaccines largely consist of egg with a dead version of the bacteria or cells, this allows the body and our natural immune system white blood cells, to get a type of (I think it's protein) to effectively shut down each bacteria cell.

This means our body can control the bacteria before it becomes an issue, otherwise like it has me in the past, it leads to a dangerous overruling of bad bacteria which then let's other bacteria join in.

Now my general idea and explanation may not be entirely correct, but there are plenty better explanations online. And the evidence is on favor of vaccines.

No. 352329

If she thought she had a lot of "haters" up until now, she's in for a big surprise when word gets around that she's an anti-vaxxer.

No. 352331


I would lean towards her having no clue and you are reading it through your own intelligent eyes trying to make sense of it. I don't think I'm being biased with this view, as I have followed her illness claims for a long time now and as another Anon stated, she mixes issues and there are many examples of her doing that.

She will hear two separate things, such as the genuine issues that certain contraception can cause, then a separate issue about copper toxicity and merge the two, mould them around her own complaints, using sciences from other completely unrelated areas to back it up. This is why she has been so easy to debunk.

I think you've made a good choice not to put your interpretation of what she is rambling, as she would take it and run with it, she has many times before, especially after comments on here were made.

No. 352332

How very Pavlov of her. Conditioning is right up her alley.

No. 352334

Please don't get me twisted, I am 100% pro-vaccines and pro-medical science. Science isn't perfect, but it's a method that works and continues to improve by very design.

[[deleted a paragraph for it being too cluey]]

My point was, we should be sure of her clear positions before we spread such accusations as "Joy's an anti-vaxxer" which gives her the ability to turn around and use that to discredit us.
If she clarifies and we're wrong, we can stop bringing that up and focus on what she is completely wrong about.

Annoying that I had to explain that, when I specifically said that I didn't want to clue her into saying something intelligent.

This anon gets it.

No. 352339


People are just going off how she presents herself on these topics.

I think she needs to go talk to a doctor and actually listen to what they have to say. Not jump onto bandwagons, and potentially harm them more as well as her viewers.

I do think people should ask questions and be more informed, however the vaccine myth has been debunked plenty of times.

Many countries with tax payer funded health care systems would abandon vaccines if they were a hazard to health I'm sure.

No. 352352

My stomach literally turns when she goes on about topics like vaccinations, medical related, sex, relationships, actually basically anything - as the information is always incorrect. It's far beyond just her opinion and part of what makes her dangerous.

As far as kooligan, in the past she has said that she feels "everyone shouldn't get a trophy" regarding children all being awarded equally with participation trophies, rather than solo achievement awards. I don't have kids and really don't have a stance on it to say it's wrong or right, but it's relevant in this situation in joy's shout-out for everyone to go subscribe to him. She is telling her fans (many of them being mega-creep weirdos) to shower this kid with trophies.

I suppose she could be rewarding him with subs for his anti-onision video, that would be wonderful to show this kid that the way to grow is by shitting on a popular YouTuber.

No. 352354

Samefagging to add that I should have said "well known" rather than popular

No. 352361

I don't see why she had to make a video about him. It was clear from the clips she showed that he was perfectly happy with getting comments on his videos from her. Don't get me wrong, it is sweet to see him crying with happiness because of all the subs he is gaining, but she really shouldn't have pulled him into her toxic circle.

No. 352364

It was sweet for like 1 minute, then it got sad because I started to worry about his ability to handle this kind of attention. Clearly he's completely overwhelmed by the slightest affirmation, even at 100 subs he was getting a bit too emotional. He looks like the kind of kid that could be in legitimate distress because of 2000 subs, but of course Joy doesn't care about his mental wellbeing, she only cares that SHE gets to look like a hero by giving him numbers. I do think it's sick. She says it's evil and crazy that her "haters" twist her actions to make her look bad, but I genuinely think she's really selfish to be dragging not just one kid, but now his friend into the spotlight when they are FAR too young to understand what it means to be on the internet, much less attached to a -shall we say- "controversial" figure like Joy. Completely selfish of her.

No. 352376

File: 1500040720278.jpg (516.66 KB, 1242x2839, IMG_1860.JPG)

Apparently Joy isn't an anti-vaxxer. LOL

No. 352381

"I'm all for cleaner vaccinations, but not anti-vax"
Ummmm, doesn't that imply that she's anti-current-"unclean"-vaccinations though?
Being anti-vax and being anti-vax-in-their-current-forms is exactly the same thing, Joy, you mental midget.

No. 352392


Not anti-vax but attributes the start of her thousand illnesses to one week after receiving her immunisations.

She knew this was going to happen, she even states "I'll get hate for this but I'm OK with it" this is what she wants. She sets herself up using implications instead of outright confirmations as her defense when she gets called out.

So instead of saying I'm anti-vax, she will come up with a little story about how one week after vaccinations she got sick. This is deliberate on her part, it stirs up the drama from people who think anti-vaxxers are idiots (which they are) but at the same time she can play semantics because she didn't directly state anything. She's such a snake and this is the last time I will feed into this particular game of hers.

No. 352404

File: 1500046325226.jpg (434.86 KB, 1242x2253, IMG_1865.JPG)

Apparently we all need to do research before making claims against her. LOL

No. 352408

File: 1500046582677.png (251.54 KB, 1242x1561, IMG_1866.PNG)

Another screenshot

No. 352410

Where does she even get the the idea that current vaccines are unclean? She's not a chemist, how would she know what needs to go into a vaccine in order for it to work?

No. 352450


wtf is an 'unclean' vaccination? did her naturopath tell her about this?

No. 352451

>>352404 lol! We need to research? I can't think of another place that does more research & in group form.

It's Kati who needs to research before spreading yet more misinformation.

No. 352455


Someone ought to ask that person how can they tell the difference between a clean and unclean vaccine. Their answer should be amusing (I'm betting it'll be along the lines of ;do your own research!')

Well, she's a music coach, marketing expert, child advocate, and an actress - so, why not add chemist to her ever growing list of skills?

It's starting to get as long as her list of illnesses.

No. 352457


So I've had a quick nosy. Apparently "unclean" means the ingredients used, including any animal parts.

So it is still technically an anti-group at its roots. It just also encourages those who are getting vaccinations to slow the process down, which can actually render some vaccinations useless as some have a short time period for certain steps, and must be given within that time frame in order to be effective.

No. 352464

Omg my comment made it onto Twitter! :D
And even got a few retarded spergles to try to justify what "unclean" vaccinations are. famous moment
Lol the doublethink is unreal … I guess anyone who defends an anti-vax stance – ahem, sorry, I mean anti-currently-unclean-vax stance is beyond reprehensible and beyond redemption. Whoever doesn't drop her at this, will stick with her even if she full-on drop kicks a baby elephant into the sun.

Repost for grammatical errors

No. 352470


Where did she say her only problem is unclean vaccinations? That's not in the transcript of what she said.

You would think someone who acknowledges the hate they are going to receive for their comments would make sure they clarify that they aren't anti-vax, they are anti-unclean vax. But being very clear about what she means wouldn't get her this amount of attention would it.

No. 352486

>>352470 Well, no - of course, that's not what she 'said'; but that's what she 'meant'. Clearly, it's our fault for not being mind readers.

Oh, well - just something else to file under 'fibro brain fart', I guess.

No. 352489

From her Twitter reply to someone calling her an anti-vaxxer:
>"LOL never said i was an anti vaxxer ;) I AM all for cleaner vaccinations, but not anti vax."

This comment heavily implies, if not outright states (by use of the word "cleaner") that vaccines as they are in their current forms are not clean enough for her liking, therefore they are by her definition unclean.

I'd really like to see how she thinks she can wriggle out of those implications that she put there herself in her own words. But then, we really can't expect a dipshit like Joy to think before she types, can we?

No. 352491


since when does she care about implications? she'll just flap her arms around, talk about 'proof' that she just can't show yet, and etc. and as usual, the joytards will eat it up

No. 352492

I still really, REALLY want her to do a video on this to make it perfectly clear what she believes on this matter. No brain-fog excuses, write a fucking script ya dumb bitch, and make your points clear.

No. 352495


>>>I'd really like to see how she thinks she can wriggle out of those implications that she put there herself in her own words.

The sad thing is she doesn't have to wiggle out of anything where the joytards are concerned. I've lost count of the amount of things she has said at one point, then said the opposite at other points. The posts have been edited next to each other in her own words so they can see with their own eyes what a lying flip flopper she is but they just ignore them. Sociologists would have a field day with their cognitive dissonance.

She could tell them to their faces that she is using them for money, they mean jack shit to her but they'd let it fly over their heads. Then if any of us brought it up, they would deny she ever said it. They make you feel like you are living in an alternate universe.

No. 352498

File: 1500055371742.png (159.88 KB, 1242x1061, IMG_1872.PNG)

She's really backpedaling

No. 352500

>the joytards

are not of concern in this instance. ;)

No. 352505

You have to a complete pathological liar to be able to do the amount of backpedaling that Kati Marie Smith does. For fuck sakes, there's even a transcript of what she said posted by this Anon >>352296 (thank you Anon!) but if you were to quote it back to her, she'd most certainly find a way around it.

I'm not going to give her any ideas, but I have no doubt how she'd spin it.

Total predicticow.

No. 352511

There's a link to the livestream tweeted at her where she sad everything in the transcript. That anyone could watch yet she's still backpedaling.

No. 352518

Slightly O/T I apologise, but I don't know how to contact this person and I'm pretty sure it's an anon or a lurker here:
Is the creator of this account here?
Where did you get that picture?

Sage for bullshit, but it does tickle me to see all these parody accounts and "callout" accounts being created day by day.

No. 352527


No problem, Anon. I needed to hit the gym hard after listening to the shit that spewed forth.

>>352511 That's because she knows her spergleberries will take her word for it, rather than listen to it themselves.


>>>are not of concern in this instance. ;)

Hhmm, sounds interesting. I will wait and see.

No. 352561

Lol…I bet she can't even articulate what she thinks is making these vaccinations "unclean" or what changes she thinks should be made. She's just going along with whatever narrative will neatly explain all her "illnesses" and gives her some target to blame besides herself.

No. 352739

I cannot believe she is trying to backtrack, She is the worst and she does not understand why her view point is legit cancer.

No. 352751

that little boy koolagain is on younow https://www.younow.com/mandiatwood62775

No. 352766

New video is up and she does the king of back pedals. I give he kudos that is a semi decent recovery I am almost impressed unfortunately. It is very transparent though.

Explains she is "changing content" true her style is unsustainable and within a month she will be shut down.

This stinks of a PR stunt - a call of your bluff if you will and she praddles on as the video continues she loses track and apparently her "pizza" diet made her gain no weight. That I call bullshit on.

Her views are very low in the last 2 weeks though and her subscribers have halted about 13% of her subs actually watch her video and she is trying to get insurance in December.

saged for status report

No. 352768

Why is she waiting for dec? She's getting over $400 a month on patreon now, I'm sure the joytards wouldn't be upset if she started using that money for health insurence, as that would keep her well enough for her to keep making content. Which is what they're paying for. It's not like she uses any props or anything.

No. 352781

I'm pretty sure this isn't the first time she said she'd change her content, though. Much like her 'I'll stop talking abut Onision' claims, she'll be back to the same old drama fueled crap she revels in within a day or two.

No. 352783

She's about to livestream (cash grab) apparently.

No. 352787

She's livestreaming on her main channel…that means the strike is gone.

No. 352788

If that's true; I guess this means Youtube rewarded her for exploiting more children. Good job, Youtube!

No. 352789

She's delaying her "big surprise announcement" and keeps saying "blank" whenever someone in chat/superchat mentions the strike being gone like no one knows what her being able to stream means.

No. 352797

If not only is one of her annoying channels back, and she's livestreaming on one recently striked that can only mean one thing. And no stop for the Joyspress unfortunately.

No. 352809

File: 1500086975800.png (336.72 KB, 1242x2042, IMG_1874.PNG)

So I've heard that Joy and the joytards are going to do something similar to this with Onision. This is hearsay obviously.

No. 352817

Joy is gleeful about the strike bro g removed. "Me a bully? LOL!" And gross Cy is talking about Joy having Merch. Ideas for designs include #WeedInThePuss & #PraiseJoysus.

Someone claiming to be Kooligans mother is in the live stream chat along with Kooligan. Username: Psychic Stalkers. If it is her, it seems she approves. Even if this person isn't his mother..surely by now his actual parents know about all of this by now. And there letting it happen.

And the typical disgusting chat from Joy & pals is as un-kidfriendly as ever. Now talking about pedophilia.

Joy is also going on and on about racism. She invited her new token black "friend" to the stream to prove to the rest of us she's not racist.

No. 352822

What was it?

No. 352827

So that surprise or whatever, guess what it was?

It was the fact that Joy can livestream on her main channel and that cy is setting up a merch store for her.

Bahahahahahahah, Ooppss looks like some were reeled in again.

No. 352845

Joy is now suggesting that people fully transcribed a 5 hour livestream. Like really Joy, reaching there quite a bit aren't you? I have heard and seen zero evidence to support this claim.

A fan decided to say in the live chat that this site is a "hater" one, sorry but it's purely for exposing the lies told by Joy.

And dragging more "secrets" for views and that sweet money is petty. Especially when Joy was up for putting Onision's name in the streams title. Joy you're 30 odd not 13, get over your obsession with him. It's disturbing to say the least.

And stop being rude to people, stop telling them to gtfo for their criticisms, really now? That's pathetic.

No. 352852

she invited that john assanti guy from my 600pound life

No. 352857

Jesus Christ. Those 2 deserve each other.

No. 352858


great. now she's gonna have congestive heart failure, too.

No. 352860

Apparently they both have fibro

No. 352915

He might have fibro but she doesn't. She just says she does. It's very obvious to people who actually have it that she's full of shit.

No. 352926

Kooligan was in the stream? Did they at least keep the profanity down while he was in attendance?

Also, did Joy get verbal confirmation that the user claiming to be Kooligan's mom was actually his mom? (best way to do that would have been to invite her into a live chat; seeing as Joy doesn't want to 'cross any lines' by contacting his parents herself). If she just took the person's claims at face value, she's an even bigger idiot than I thought.

Everyone knows as an adult that you never take a kid's word at face value; let alone someone claiming to be his parent without valid ID.

No. 352928

File: 1500119547691.jpg (87.62 KB, 480x813, IMG_20170715_125043.jpg)

Keemstar has decided to hitch his wagon to the crazy train. Let's see how this plays out…

No. 352929

Same fag

Incidentally, if this livestream was recorded; someone really needs to send it directly to Youtibe so they know Joy is knowingly inviting a minor into her NSFW streams based solely on the fact that his mommy said he could.

No. 352930


Until Keemstar mentions her in one of his updates; I'm going to assume he's fucking with her for the LOLs.

No. 352933

Hold up, was that video "I don't know what I'm doing" ANOTHER fucking nearly 30 minutes of whining about muh illnuz? I hope Illness Anon is keeping track of this video and her new mentions of "body dismorphia and eating disorders" jfc.
Does she realize how fucking cringy and awful and boring she is?

No. 352934


She doesn't care. Like Onision, as long as she's getting attention, that's all that matters

No. 352935

But everybody loves her! Everybody thinks she's such a great singer and so beautiful!
Disney LOVED her!

Oh … you mean if everyone who says they love you and follow it up immediately with "..but," it's most likely that none of them really like you?

She wants to get back into singing soon, this should be entertaining as fuck. I heard her previews on Amazon, the "professional" singing she's done is really weak sauce. Looking forward to lots of lulz if she does start publicly singing again.
She wants to do comedy too. Apparently she keeps trying to do comedy but people get "butthurt" about it. LOL.

No. 352938


Yeah - can't understand why people would get butthurt over a white woman making racially insensitive jokes; or not busting a gut at the mere mention of 'pussy', 'shit' or 'motherf*cker'

Clearly - they just lack the ability to spot comedic gold when they see it.

No. 352942


Don't worry, I am. Eating disorders (plural) has been logged before but body dysmorphia is a new one. I haven't watched the latest live stream. I'm hoping a recorder Anon has caught it. If not I'm sure I'll find it on vidme somewhere.

No. 352947

New vid about onion being in a hotel due to the IR
Joy is insanely bitter and joyous about this.
Claims she has a way of dodging the content strikes and speaks about how she hopes he is finally getting his karma and will learn a lesson from this.
Thats all she wants.
For him to become a better person
She is one nasty nasty cunt
I reported the vid as hateful content.

No. 352948


No. 352949


Anyone notice how an annon just compared her to this original lolcow a few pages ago?? He's notoriously for his trolling even on dr Phil and others majors to fuel his major mental issues. And I'm sure he gets money from the weeping angels to scared to doubt his bullshit. Wouldn't be surprised if she did look him up, or hasn't. But be warned if she does. He'll probably come run down the thread here and wreck it. Kid is major fucked up.

But hey, congrats joy. You finally found someone to eat your mashed potatoes.

No. 352951


holy shit, she lasted 12hrs from "I'm done w/Onision" vid. That's not the least bit psychotic now is it?

No. 352981

Her ridiculous way of bypassing content id is hilarious. She seems so proud of it too.

No. 352982


makes her look like KimmyCat

No. 352985


She's on the crazy train. She passed the "bat-shit" exit about 20 miles ago.

No. 353006

File: 1500140712078.png (393.93 KB, 830x591, 20170715_103434.png)

kek, it always amazes me how weirdly she contorts her face while speaking.

No. 353030

File: 1500143990226.png (246.52 KB, 1242x1569, IMG_1877.PNG)

And someone's already made a meme out of it. Not the best but kinda funny.

No. 353051


Haha! I think I know who this Tweeter is, they are one of us (which was already revealed by them in a tweet so I'm not giving anything away). Hopefully Onion will see this tweet, along with anyone else she tries to rip off by image reversing the content of others. It wouldn't be so bad if it was fair use bit at times she uses their entire videos and interrupts them every two seconds to word salad over every tiny thing.

No. 353072

Watching her latest video about how she's finally recovering from the "IUD-that-caused-copper-toxicity-that-caused-fibro". The fact she's purposely hitting on every point that has been made on this board (how can she livestream/eat what she eats/insurance/etc) is so typical. I somehow missed that she was a former professional model. Wow! At 5 foot 2, huh? I still don't get the timeline though, Joy and would love some clarification since you're obviously speaking to the board. How did you manage to go to college, become a pro marketing exec (to the point on a recent livestream you offered to help someone with all your contacts), professionally sing, professionally model, live and all over the world before you got sick at 27/28? What years were what? (And I think I'm missing some other jobs she has mentioned having). And finally, Joy, as others have pointed out SO many times, you're making 400 a month on Patreon alone. Not to mention all you rake in from the videos and livestreams. Why can't you get health insurance, and why do you ignore your diehards who have offered to pay for it? I'd LOVE to see some of those modeling pics. I'm sure we'll hear in a livestream next that she was signed with Elite, IMG or one of the top agencies.

No. 353073

Okay, so I know this thread is about "Joy" but I cant be the only one to find Cy (Cypress) to be annoying as fuck.

No. 353082

There's another thread to discuss the Joytards, Cy is specifically named as one of the topics. >>>/snow/336585
You can talk about how annoying Cy is to your heart's content there.

No. 353086

Well someone has got to model balaclava's, gloves and ugly sleepwear in catalogues,

We know that ugly sleepwear is her specialty,

She could also be the "before" in a shampoo / conditioner commercial

No. 353096


Don't forget that there was a bankruptcy in there somewhere too. Yet she still managed to accumulate a lot of savings (according to her anyway).

Although maybe it's no great mystery, you're just a scam artist aren't you Kati. She has been bleeding money out of men for years, there's no way she just acquired her manipulation skills, these have been refined over the years. We know her mother taught her to flirt, she used to be attractive so could milk the money cow. Only she got fat and lazy (but mah illnuss! Is no excuse because it's bullshit, you aren't physically sick, mentally yes) and couldn't milk that money as easily so she turned to the internet instead.

Do we know for a fact that her bankruptcy was for medical bills? Or are we just taking her word for it?

Saged for speculation.

No. 353127


> I somehow missed that she was a former professional model. Wow! At 5 foot 2, huh?

This was debunked in one of the earlier threads. The photos and the facebook of the photographer was found. It was some fly over land amateur. His photos weren't even proper nor was his portfolio.
(This is also a good idea, to keep in mind for all her claims: She was in from flyover land Missouri. So, while a lot of her claims are ridiculous on their face, they are even doubly so with this context.)

No. 353133


And… honest to God, her "modeling" photos were so stilted and stiff that it made actual 1950s plastic manikins look soft and luscious in comparison because she makes this weird face (think whole face duck lips with a smoldering serial killer vibe) and, for some strange reason, throws one arm over her head in almost every pic. May have been valid if she was promoting under arm deodorant??? But it's more believable that they decided to airbrushed the knife out of her hand in the pics.

No. 353145

File: 1500154164540.jpg (522.04 KB, 1242x3724, IMG_1881.JPG)

The comments on her newest video thanking KeemStar are mostly negative. LOL

No. 353151

According to social blade. She's lost more subscribers already today then she gained yesterday.

No. 353152

Her recent video really revealed what a nasty cunt she actually is. Gloating over someone wrongly doing taxes whilst they have a young family is honestly horrible. I am not in the USA but I know how infamous IRS home audits are. I do not like Onision and he was silly with taxes should of got an accountant but no one deserves that crap. except Joy because as someone filing bankruptcy you would think she had empathy but no.

Its all her plan so she can take him in to her basement.

No. 353172


4 min video to relay a tweets worth of info. More than 25% of it was outro w/crap musak.

No. 353173


You made me laugh there. She does seem obsessed with the whole basement thing.

And I agree there, if she really filed for bankruptcy she should be somewhat sympathetic.

Again,she claims it's not about the money but is apparently opening a merch store.

She could be lying to start more drama, that's after all her "speciality" only thing is tons of people already do that. Plenty of people weirdly thrive off of fake drama, it's nothing original and is frankly boring.

No. 353174

File: 1500158282220.jpg (168.5 KB, 489x521, 6X8UkRG.jpg)

No. 353176


Um… want to explain?

No. 353178

Some of her pics were posted in previous threads. She was a "model" the same way she was into "marketing"…technically true-ish but she is being extremely generous calling it that.



Another anon mentioned the bankruptcy a while back, they thought it had something to do with a business she partnered in that failed but wasn't sure. Other than Joy saying it was for medical bills we have no definite confirmation that was actually the case.

No. 353179


Yeah, Joy's the one in pink. The other is her sister Kori.

The Anon got this from her mom's facebook.

No. 353182


It's from Kati's mom's Facebook. Looks like a picture from the late 80s. I'm guessing the one on the left is Kati. Who is the older sister, Kati or Kori?

No. 353183

Awfully nice "ghetto" you lived in Kati.

No. 353192

File: 1500159613452.jpg (486.72 KB, 960x635, trailer-park.jpg)

The one in pants looks more like Kati, tbh. Englarged it looks just like her. Very wavey light brown hair, goofy facial expression. Zero fashion sense.

The smaller girl has darker straight hair and glasses. If she's wearing glasses that young, her vision sucks. I've never seen Kati in glasses? Without proof from the original post, I just don't think the littler girl is Kati.

Yup. Ghetto as fuck if you ask me. Sad little thing grew up so poorly, might as well have been a trashy trailer park if you ask me. (Pic related)

No. 353197

>the same way she was into "marketing"…technically true-ish but she is being extremely generous calling it that.
If you check out her Facebook, she belongs to a shit ton of groups. Many of those groups are for small Sales jobs just like you see in the Hostess Cupcake picture of Kati. I can't access her FB right or I'd post the screenshots. She's also a member of multiple "couch surfing" communities. This is because her "marketing" jobs were actually transient sales jobs. Nothing more.

Sales people who don't want to admit they work in sales because it's often seen as slimey will call what they do "Marketing." We've heard Kati say she has "also worked in Sales" but left because she didn't like the mentality. This is why she calls it marketing.

Kati was nothing but a slimeball salesperson that annoys the fuck out of you when you walk by a kiosk in the Mall. She was in sales. Plain and simple. As someone who actually does work in Marketing, what Joy calls "Marketing" is a simple Craigslist job anyone can get. While there are different specialities in Marketing, Joy didn't do any of them. She's intimating that she did Content Marketing. If you ever want to trip her up ask her how many Multimedia Campaigns has she overseen and developed? How did she track the KPI on her campaign? What exactly was your TITLE when you worked in Marketing? Of course Joy will say "well I had many titles" but if you push her on it, she won't have an answer.

Kori is the eldest. Recently pregnant and married.

Yup. And her mom's current house is pretty nice. Joy has never been truly poor or homeless. It also pisses me off when she talks about how much horrid abuse she went through. She has also indicated she was neglected. If Kati had ever been truly neglected, she wouldn't have nice straight teeth. I know her teeth appear scummy from time to time because she's a lazy sow but if she had been neglected/abused as bad as she claims, her parents wouldn't have given a fuck about her teeth. I know it's entirely possible to be both abused and have your parents pay for braces, but the level of abuse Kati indicates she experienced is on the level that many seriously neglected/abused children receive. Often parents who do this don't pay for fucking braces let alone encourage good dental hygiene. I hate her lies.

sage for way too fucking long.

No. 353200

>she wouldn't have nice straight teeth
Eh, that isn't entirely true. Not saying that she was in fact abused, but not everyone needs braces. And not all abusive parents don't care about their children's teeth.

Point in case: Out of my mother's children, only two of us did not have super straight teeth. Myself being one. Two sisters had AMAZINGLY straight teeth. Never needed braces but you'd think they'd gotten them. My brother's teeth weren't that bad and he never needed braces,. My teeth were horrid because my jaw was very small, they had to extract 6 adult teeth so my teeth could fit into my mouth before getting braces for 3 years.

Guess what? My mom was an abusive horrid woman. But she demanded her children looked presentable. She was embarrassed of my teeth (not that I wasn't, but still). No one in my family will have anything to do with her. Not even her children. Which is quite opposite of Kati's story, where she is the one that no one will have anything to do with. Which is why I strongly believe that Kati's the problem in her family, not her mother who seems to still have contact with the rest of the family.

No. 353201

It was the late 80s. No one had fashion sense. It was a trainwreck culturally all around.

also: http://www.zoominfo.com/p/Joy-Joy/1389132168

syndicated content from her now inaccessible xanga site:

and suddenly http://www.zoominfo.com/p/Joy-Joy/1389132168

No. 353204

>>353178 With a fleeting glance, Joy could pass for pretty in those pics. But, when you look at it with a critical eye/artistic standpoint, it's a little off putting/creepy.

With how stiff her body is, how pale she is, the glassy look in her eyes and her oddly parted lips, she honestly looks like a fresh corpse, dressed and posed like a barbie doll.

No. 353205

File: 1500160839843.png (169.91 KB, 1242x1114, IMG_1883.PNG)

This is the bullshit that I deal with on a daily basis from Joy's delusional followers. It's only gotten worse since she referred to me as Onision in a recent livestream.

No. 353209

I said often, I didn't say all.

We're ALL Greg at some point!

Joy's over on Sceptic Llamas' channel taking part in a stream. The topic at hand is very political and super shocker: Joy is completely silent. Except to agree that SJWs suck. She's incapable of intelligent conversation.

No. 353212


I'd be more inclined believe that they were efficient is they knew how to type out a legible sentence. Limited characters per tweet or not, it's no excuse to be lazy.

No. 353218

File: 1500161984189.png (197.2 KB, 1242x1509, IMG_1884.PNG)

It's getting out of hand at this point. So far today I've received the 2 screenshots I've posted and now this accusing me of being a pedophile.

No. 353228


And Joy says she doesn't encourage her fans to bully/harass her critics.

Yeah, sure…uh huh. You know she's seen this and is cackling her ass off.

No. 353229

what's kati's mom's name again? Just curious?

No. 353230

No. 353235

Why is that Joytard pretending to be ImAllexx? Anyone can see the account was just created and they only have 3 tweets, obvious fake.

No. 353246

Can I just say she is the scourge of the earth?

I was reading a Twitter convo with joy, Dan the strawman and "monster", they were rehashing the lainey/ joy thing and joy goes off about how she tried to tell lainey how she is being abused. "How it looks to us"
This is utter hosreshit. I don't know what the deal is between Greg and laieny, it's really none of my business, what they put online is fair game for criticism, I know Greg make things public that maybe shouldn't, but none of us know what happens off camera, behind closed doors.

My point is, if they have an abusive relationship, no outsider is going to be able to make lainey see what is going on. Anyone on Twitter of and other social media platform that tries to force this in her is only going to make Greg look like a "Safe place" for her. She can try to repeat what she has skimmed online but she has absolutely no idea how any of that works. It is beyond frustrating. It makes my blood boil and 140 characters is not enough to explain why she is such a dumb shit. I just cant with that shit. She has no idea what its like to be in an abusive relationship, for years, that you think you have no way out of.

She's a horrid, heinous, foul piece of scum sucking shit fuck!

Sage for rage

No. 353273

Shit just got real in they thread for Isaac watts and I honestly feel bad for him. He obviously has issues and I don't think he'll take the call clip that was posted of Joy talking shit about him to well.

No. 353276

Issac watts call clip for anyone interested. Joy really shows her true colors in this.

No. 353280

File: 1500171756811.png (143.4 KB, 720x687, 20170715_211938.png)

Isaac seems to be pretty considerate, just misdirected and manipulated. one of joys fans was having a pretty serious moment, idk why you post these things to Twitter but, he stepped in to try and make them feel better

No. 353284

>>353273 That's assuming he even believes it. Yes, it's very clearly Joy talking shit about him; but some of her fans will simply deny it is what it is because they can't accept the fact that Joy is as duplicitous as her critics have been saying for months now.

On a separate note - the argument she's having with Monster leaves me laughing. She's alluding that Onision pressing for her to debate him, despite her constant refusals, made her feel like a rape victim. She has the audacity to make such a bullshit claim when she's made it publicly known for months that she would love to have a chance at debating him. And even when she initially denied him (in regards to this recent debate), she agreed to debate him provided he agreed to sue her, afterwards.

Now, suddenly, she's been denying him for the longest time and he finally forced her into it?!

Bitch, who do you think you're fooling?!

No. 353286


Same fag

Also - where is this 'Lainey wanted to sit down and talk to me' coming from? Lainey was forced into that joke of a debate because Onision pussied out and she took his place. Lainey never wanted to be there, but was obligated to do so.

Joy ought to be grateful that Lainey was as gracious as she was to her; because after months of her shitting on Onision (which Lainey has to deal with because she's his wife), Joy didn't even deserve a fraction of the civility Lainey was able to muster towards her.

No. 353287

File: 1500173302488.png (133.19 KB, 1242x1956, IMG_1885.PNG)

And he seems to still be fine with Joy. He's blocking anyone that told him that they were sorry he found out like this.

No. 353288

And this would probably be why. That piece of shit Taunee Pruitt.

No. 353289

Joy has returned to see the damage in the Issac thread…

No. 353291

File: 1500173764563.jpg (521.97 KB, 1242x2788, IMG_1889.JPG)

Taunee Pruitt to save the day again.

No. 353292


"These people are sick."

Coming from you, Taunee, that's hilarious.

I love how she's still trying to paint MoralVirus as a creeper. As if anything he's done is in someway sexually dangerous.

No. 353293

File: 1500174002720.jpg (473.72 KB, 1242x2708, IMG_1892.JPG)

Here's the rest of it.

No. 353297

File: 1500174326780.png (345.24 KB, 1242x1889, IMG_1893.PNG)

He's gon full blown joytard.

No. 353300

File: 1500174446560.png (523.04 KB, 1074x693, 2017-07-16 13.06.10.png)

No. 353302


When this was happening, I went to his youtube to see if he had posted anything recently, he did post today and he says he feels like he is going down the same road that got him blocked last time on Twitter, that she never responds to him, he feels unwanted, so what in the actual fuck? Lol

No. 353311

File: 1500175867469.png (73.75 KB, 720x389, 20170715_222857.png)

I like how she says sorry because he heard it, yep that makes it better and he accepts it? Lol ok

No. 353312


Quick question for clarification because the audio sort of drops out.

Does Joy say "Creepy. It was very creepy." or is it "Creepy. It was very - " before cutting off into a new sentence?

No. 353317

Shit, you anons weren't joking about this IRS gloating situation; what a fucking scumbag she is. I hope she doesn't think this makes her look good. Asshole asshole asshole!

No. 353326

Just now catching up on a few of her videos, this kids masturbation one is so many kinds of fucked up. She's actually mentally retarded, completely uneducated on child behaviors and trying to talk shit about when they're 'physiologically ready to masturbate' because 'hormones haven't kicked in.'
Many children masturbate from a very young age (my daughter being one, she's done it since she was 2) and it's not a sexual behavior at that age - it's a natural process of them exploring their bodies and what the different bits do and what they look like and feel like - sometimes they discover that touching some part a certain way can make them feel good, so they do continue the behavior. If she knew one thing about child biology, she'd know that children don't NEED sex hormones to touch themselves because they do it as a comforting behavior, not a sexual one, YOU BUFFOON

But I guess this is yet another thing she totally has experience in, what with being a dried up childless fuggo with no medical pediatric or child psychology degree - but yeah, Kati, continue to tell us all about child biology and how kids can't feel good because {they're not old enough to??}
That video of the parents and kids was all manner of fucked up, but not for the reasons she claims to know about, and FUCK it annoys me when a lonely barren hag like this purports to know about child raising. Fuck off Kati. Fuck all the way away from child issues and stop accusing everyone of pedophilia. It's super suspicious on your part.

Lmfao at her misgendering the black boy and calling him a girl because he has long cornrows. Jesus. What a fucking hot mess.
Also she's ranting about STDs and pregnancy when they're talking about MASTURBATION you fucking dolt! Not once in that video did they mention the concept of other people being involved with them in a sexual way. They're (badly, awkwardly) trying to teach their kids that it's ok to masturbate - toys should NEVER have come into it - but regardless, it had nothing to do with sex with other people, they were attempting to destigmatise kids being afraid of their own bodies. And you bring up child sex slavery?? FUUUUUCK OOOOOFF

No. 353361

>Kori is the eldest. Recently pregnant and married.

No wonder she is so fucking bitter. How dare her sister get all the attention with a marriage AND a baby on the way. She talks so much of how everyone is so jealous of her, right down to her own mother, so it makes sense why she is this angry and mean. Kati has only ever known trading her ass for attention from men and her love-less, jobless, couch life with days full of harrassing people and begging for sympathy. Every time she thinks of her sister, she has to blow off some steam by turning on the camera and raging on onision until she can cool down from the danger zone.

No. 353366

So we'll explained, anon. Most of what she talks about is made up in her head. You can tell she never actually researches most of her topics.

I absolutely 100000% agree that her pedofilia related accusatory statements are incredibly suspicious. Something isn't right there and I'm leaning towards guilty conscience. She has done something bad and all the finger pointing in the world isn't going to change that.

No. 353426

File: 1500191865153.png (446.6 KB, 1430x2175, SmartSelectImage_2017-07-15-20…)


No. 353427

Ok so I'm watching her "Saturday night racism" stream from a few hours ago and it's absolute autism. The people she has on to guest are cringe af. One of them is that 600p dude. Joy behaves like the lord and savior nothing can happen without her approval oh! - and she is "a little out of it". cy informed one of the guests that fag is a banned word that can't be said in the echo chamber. Smh. So gross. Also has that kid Dylan on again. It's sick to see how joy parades him around.
Sage for OT and no milk.

No. 353430

This bitch is disgusting. Comparing that to date rape… still can't believe she got her strike removed. Ugh.

No. 353444


are we going to get this whole conversation? of did I miss it somewhere?

No. 353446

File: 1500196077143.png (25.03 KB, 522x195, JYrWysm.png)

No. 353447

>>353205 Twitter Anon, report them, you shouldn't have to deal with that. They throw around the paedophile tag far too easily.


Textbook gas lighting and projection. "Yes Issac you are a victim for having to hear me insult you but I'm the bigger victim because they recorded and released it without my knowledge or consent. So it's not my fault you heard me slagging you off, that's all on them."

No. 353464


Wait so the Joymorons are attacking people who aren't Onision? Where is the video Joy? You should put up a video on all of your copycat channels denouncing this type of behaviour. Why am I not surprised by all of this?…

No. 353466

File: 1500202919266.jpg (132.1 KB, 960x720, abs children.jpg)

Taking it slight O/T but I'm getting fed up of Anons being accused of attacking children. I have been here since thread 2 and I have never seen Anons attacking or trolling children, not once.

I have however seen Joy attack a 17 year old, I've seen her leave snarky replies to 12 year olds, I've seen her thanking people for having a go at children in her defence.

I would like to see an example of an Anon doing anything like this Kati, if you can't produce evidence and I mean PRODUCE it, don't just sit saying you have receipts then hope everyone will forget about it, then stfu about how we, as opposed to you and your Joytards, are the danger to kids.

The Anons here have done nothing but try to get through to your thick, money grabbing head about how you have used children for personal gain, how your words and actions can have a damaging impact on the children you use.

Here are a few screenshots of comments she has made in support of everything I just said. And of course her usual hypocrisy, when Onion is dealing with children it is his responsibility to keep them safe but when Joy pulls children in when she shouldn't it's suddenly the parents' responsibility. Smh.

And Joyous, you really shouldn't be lecturing anyone about being foulmouthed, considering your younger fans have no likely been exposed to a vast array of disgusting words thanks to you.

Saged for rage & O/T.

No. 353473

>>353287Given his lame excuses why he couldn't watch it (he didn't have a vid.me account/the video wouldn't load, etc), I doubt he even watched it.

No. 353561

File: 1500224053185.png (56.78 KB, 750x584, IMG_2249.PNG)

My favorite comment on her new Onision video. Lol.

No. 353577

File: 1500227101897.png (235.58 KB, 1242x1260, IMG_1895.PNG)

So is this her new go to for anytime someone come at her. Compare it to rape. This is a reply she made to @moralvirus

No. 353600

If you want a perfect example of the folks joy attracts; I have counted three different people (amongst her followers) threatening suicide. I think these are desperately lonely people who bask in the attention she gives them. The problem is when she dumps them from her 'inner circle' when they are no longer useful to her. I'm waiting for that poor little kid to have a core meltdown next. I almost can't blame joy. She cannot possibly fill the hole in these needy peoples lives. But, these are the people she attracts.

No. 353617

File: 1500231196546.png (113.48 KB, 750x665, IMG_2250.PNG)

'Get a life and pay ur bills.' Is rich advice coming from a couch potato lard who can't even walk her smelly ass outside her door and uses every single person she can for a free ride and handouts. Hey Joy, take your own damn advice.

No. 353618

* have no life and beg everyone else to pay your bills


No. 353624


Sorry to say this Issac, but I seriously don't think Joy cares as much about you as you clearly care about her.

In fact the fatuation you have with her is a bit much. Just saying.

I have no doubt Joy meant to talk behind his back, she's just trying to watch who's toes she steps on. So far it's other youtubers who have a big dislike following, and people with next to none.

No. 353625

Kati, get a life, move out of your ex's place and pay your own damn bills. See how that works?

No. 353630


Oh ffs! She must be trolling with that comment?

How long has she been leeching off roommate? How long has she been leeching off Joytards? When was the last time she left the house? That's hilarious!

She's an expert at telling other people what they should and shouldn't do while she does it all herself. I wish I had a purse as thick as you Kati.

You stalk and harass Onion and DO5, along with their fans. Have leeched of the tragedies and miseries of many others, yet if anyone does anything like that to you, they are creepy and need to get a life. The complete lack of self awareness is astounding.

No. 353643

File: 1500234606252.png (84.61 KB, 902x505, jipFM9G.png)


So… she's trying to say that greg is personally waging this battle against her? Just how stupid are these joytards?

No. 353644

I find it hilarious that "Joy and the Tards" think that Onision is that invested in her that he'd go out of his way to create multiple sock accounts just to say things about her.

She is truly one delusional cunt. Every time a new twitter account calls her out, she probably wets herself with excitement under the illusion Senpai has made more efforts to capture her sacred attention.

She has no job. Pays no bills. Never goes out. Has no real world friends.

Yet feels confident enough to tell someone else to get a life and pay their bills? Bitch, get a job. If you can sit on a live stream for 4 hours straight yapping away at 10 different people, you can hold down a part time office job.

No. 353646

So funny how she lectures other people about boundaries and continues to @onision.

What part of cease and desist do you find confusing?

No. 353648

File: 1500235369763.jpg (43.43 KB, 575x252, gtGDLrt.jpg)

Look at the little feminazi "MUH VAGINA"

Coming soon…

'Twitter gave me PTSD': Woman claims mean comments and 'cyberstalking' gave her an illness usually suffered by WAR VETERANS


No. 353649


I don't think she really believes these accounts are Onion, she just blames him for everything for the sympathy and to make it look like a larger YTer is bullying her.

She has blamed Onion for numerous things on twitter despite the fact that Anons on here were responsible and claimed responsibility. She reads through everything on here and even if she didn't her little spergleberries report back to her. I've seen one joytard tell her outright that it was an Anon on here who flagged her for questioning a veteran, yet she still blamed Onion.

As well as gaining her sympathy it also gives her an excuse to keep harassing Onion.

No. 353667

She is the one that always requests private contact if anyone has questions or concerns. I don't think there's ever been a bigger flip flop hypocrite.

No. 353681

If Joysus is going to stay with her KimmyCat production technique, I wish she'd clean the yellow scum off that notebook. It looks like it's owned by a heavy smoker. How does she get that much yellow scum on a screen if she's not a smoker?

No. 353684

File: 1500240793929.png (23.84 KB, 815x172, i20LFXX.png)

comment on her latest Onision IRS w/RECEIPTS! video.

No. 353685

File: 1500241015933.png (58.29 KB, 820x350, ug9EIN2.png)

Now, I'm going to gag every time she does that smell my fingers move. I don't think there's any way I can get this image out of my mind and go back to telling myself she's just smelling her breath.

No. 353688

I've noticed lately that the vast majority of the comments on her videos are negative ones. And the social blade for her channel is showing a downturn in views and subscribers. So hopefully people are waking up to her and all she'll be left with is her most loyal joytards.

No. 353699

File: 1500242908317.png (121.43 KB, 1242x928, IMG_1896.PNG)

You mean people like this. It's also sad joy has enough video content to fill 2 day and she's only been at it for 6 months.

No. 353710

It's a lot more than 2 days worth…a while back I added together the watch times of just her DO5 videos (she's made quite a few more DO5 videos since then) and that was over 15 hours by itself…adding the DO5 videos she's made since + her Onision videos + the YT livestreams + all the other videos will keep someone busy for quite a long time. Looking at the current number of videos she only has 362 listed on her main channel but she has been on a deleting spree recently, not too long ago it was right at 400 plus she has two other channels so to give an estimate if you guess an average of 20 min per video for 400 videos (including the livestreams) that's over 5 days straight of 24 hr content…but that's just a guess because I'm not going to add up all her videos, that's a thankless task.

No. 353734

>>353699 I'd say watching Joy videos for two days straight would put anyone in a depressing mood.

No. 353752

So she is a bit rich about Greg considering she is living rent free and expenses free which will be penalised by the tax people heavily.

So I have been researching taxes and streaming especially donations but boy lets just say, damn you better be prepared. I am not going to post or links or codes she needs to file under but we are smart guys here. She lurks here as does Cy so I think all information that can help her like another poster said should be limited.

But damn fun times ahead for Joy. Also Kudos on your failing channel Joy.

No. 353762


As another youtuber pointed out today, surely people should watch videos and feel better not worse. Doesn't that tell people that there's something even more wrong with Joy's "content"?

All topics get old eventually, looks like that's happening to Joy now. She must have known she couldn't keep leeching off of Onision forever.

The problem will be if there's a next topic, and another person or group that's targeted. YouTube has already proven for the 20,000th time it doesn't give a woop about Videos dedicated to harassment and bullying.

I can only hope another site becomes even bigger, one that clamps down on this sort of stuff.

No. 353768

I know this happened awhile ago but does anyone have a mirror of the interview she did with Erin and Haylee that was deleted? I never got to watch it and I'm wondering what was said.

No. 353809

Everyone start reading up. I expect everyone on here to report her for fraudulent tax info. I believe it needs to be done by mail….. any helpful info would surely be appreciated, and I'm sure we have her in video boasting that she is living rent and bill free as well, so she can not deduct any living expenses.(lolcow is not your personal army)

No. 353817

#staynegative put out a video addressing what The Josh did with the mass email website. Negs says that any videos of what do5 had posted are no longer available on youtube except by people who have mirrored them or who were "trying to bring awareness to the situation ", he says those are the people who are now in violation of ToS, concerning child abuse. So, it seems to me that anyone, mostly joy, should remove any and all videos that contain any prolonged clips of do5 content.

No. 353823

He's also doing a livestream that has mostly been anti Joy.

No. 353826

Will do anon I am oversees but will post something, we need someform of code though

No. 353833

Holy shit cy has exposed her(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 353837

Seems fake, tbh.

No. 353841

>"The cult stuff is real. Joy is an Amish witch. She stole my voice. I felt violated."

fuck these cunts for joking about rape.

No. 353843

If this is fake kudos she is actually pretty good at acting. I honestly cannot tell if she is faking it or subtexting everything. That stream was disgusting though.

No. 353844

Not sure how I am derailing.

The video is a fake.

In fact, I am betting it was Cy herself that posted. She wants attention. Just like the previous Joytards before her that have come here to kick the threads off-topic.

She's not good at acting. When she says certain things, she smirks etc.

She claims Joy is an "Amish Witch" that stole her voice little Mermaid style. Perhaps I am giving more credit to the tards that follow Joy than I should, but… we don't live in a world with special witch magic that allows you to steal someone's voice from hundreds of miles away over a livestream.

No. 353847

Ok there are many ways you can examine this as but ever heard of the phrase you have to out crazy, crazy.

Or Joy is literally making drama to make videos but her idea makes no sense as her views alone are poor so some random mod is going to achieve nothing.

saged for confusion and speculation

No. 353850

It's a troll/"parody" video and it's ridiculously pathetic. Don't bother unless you want to cringe so hard you pop a vertebrae.
Also shows how closely Joy and the tards follow this thread…

No. 353857

It's not fake exactly but rather she's making a big joke out of it all, parodying people who say unkind things about Joy…because while Joy can certainly talk & not give the other person a chance to respond or manipulate them into seeing her side, she's not a witch with magical powers who can steal someone's voice like in the little mermaid…no one can do that, magic isn't real. The video is dumb and Cy sucks at acting, I don't doubt she posted it here herself because I refuse to believe an anon was gullible enough to believe that was a real video.

No. 353859

Not only did Kati, an adult woman fml, probably agree to this, I bet it also makes her super happy because it can confuse a new viewer on the info that's out there about her.

No. 353860

I meant fake as in a fake "exposure". Not that the video was not real. But yes, this is exactly how I feel. Cy or another fan of Joy's posted it here. Likely because they are stupid enough to think we'd fall for the stupidity within the video.

We all know how much Joy likes us to, supposedly, "take it wrong". It shows every time she says something and immediately makes a statement like, "Oh now they are all going to say… blah blah blah… about me!"

But we're on the same page here.

No. 353866

Dumbass Cypress looking for views.
Literally hate her more than Joy

No. 353870

Same.. I'm sorry but she's just so fucking ugly. Like chicken little. I feel like a bad person for thinking it, honestly but.. she's just so punchable. And that personality….


No. 353871

She already has comments saying how worried people are. These people ARE SO STUPID. I hope this majorly backfires on her cunt ass. She thinks she is so fucking clever. She's not.

saved for "I don't know how much more of this train wreck I can take"

No. 353873

Oh, and cynt since you clearly follow this thread, here is some needed advice: stop dressing like Harry Potter, stop worshipping a fraudulent grifter, stop living in your parents basement, and for the love of God, stop trying to be clever.

No. 353880

I seem to remember a few months ago 2 other joytards doing a very similar thing to fuck with Nick Monroe when he was writing about Joy. I'm pretty sure that backfired horribly for them as they no longer post on twitter about Joy.

No. 353882

"My name is Cy Husser"
Bitch, your name is Cypress Williams.
These bitches are "good" at lying

No. 353891

She has one person who's not buying it, the rest are all worried about her. I think all of these morons deserve each other! Truely!

No. 353921

File: 1500272744461.png (229.52 KB, 860x3000, y3i5K5p.png)


image of comments… there's only 26 and not worth giving her the click.

No. 353922


This is further proof that Kati's fanbase is mostly tweeners. That was shit acting and physically painful to watch because it was drawn out way to much. There's a reason it looks like Cy lives in her parent's basement… her acting skills suck and her personality IRL probably matches it.

No. 353923

>Everyone on lolcow is going to take this seriously

No honey, we can spot bullshit a mile away…which is why we have such issues with Joy in the first place.

No. 353935


And she has removed a lot of her earlier DO5 and Onion uploads.


She covers every statement she makes with bs like this "I'm going to get so much hate for this." "Now everyone is going to turn this into a conspiracy" it doesn't matter how small the statement is she covers her crusty arse before the fact.

I'm not in the US either but I will do anything that needs to be done in respect of her taxes. Karma is a bitch Kati.

No. 353949

I didn't even need to watch it to know it was fake.

It's actually hilarious that Joy and Co accuse others of having multiple accounts. When they themselves clearly do.

Joy has actually slipped up by encouraging her fans to use their third ones.

People often accuse others of doing things they themselves are guilty of

No. 353950

Sorry anons its late over here like 4am I watched it again its fake as fuck… I feel really dumb now but I do not get her parody though because there has to be some origin most people against Joy have cold hard facts against her. Damn this is so fucking dumb

No. 353952


in the livestream, her computer was screwing up and the mouse and other things were not working. I guess behind closed doors she decided to write another of her gawd awful scripts and put it out there as a video to cement her spergleberry status since another spergleberry was acting as mod because her computer was screwed up.

TL/DR: She felt her grip on Kati's ass hair was slipping, so made video to climb back up there. Google feltching for more concise details.

No. 353955

File: 1500286431412.jpg (241.85 KB, 1322x465, lyingcuntbitch.jpg)

Thanks to the anon up there somewhere who re-posted her "My Brain Is Sick" video, it reminded me to go back and watch it again.
I've watched that video 3 or 4 times now and every single time, I find it more and more disgusting. It really is all you need to see to fully despise this woman, and I do believe it's the video I saw that made me unsubscribe from her in the first place.

Something I haven't really seen much in these threads; though I know we always talk about her "disagnoses" coming from naturopaths, and Kati does in this video personally use phrases implying she doesn't trust "mainstream medicine" and seeks "alternative therapies", as well as saying if she listened to doctors, she'd be dead or in a coma (lol), but she actually doxes her own naturopath with a full name and location. So after watching the video this time, I just looked up this "doctor" - "Dr" Amanda Chaney of Kansas. This information was supplied by Kati in her own video, and based only on those keywords, I found the person she was talking about.

I'm sure no anons need any proof or further evidence that naturopaths are total quacks, nor did I, but I looked it up anyway, because Kati had specifically said that she "did online research and found "Dr" Chaney through a community" - so I searched up on her and other naturopaths to see what sort of information Kati would potentially have found.
So first I visited her website and read her About page - http://www.chaneymed.com/meetdrchaney/
It says there that she is a NABNE board-certified Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine.
So from there I did a bit of digging to find out what being a "Doctor" or Naturopathy actually means. Well, there's a lot of propaganda out there. I went to the NABNE website and looked through their exam information and so on, found a bulletin regarding "NPLEX PART I - BIOMEDICAL SCIENCE EXAMINATION" and gave that a quick read. On page 6 they mention "Approved naturopathic medical programs" and following is a list of institutes that offer these "approved """medical""" programs." Interestingly, the first-listed institute here is Bastyr University. That's funny, because I had JUST read an article written by an ex-naturopath who attended Bastyr and had very unfavorable things to say about it. She seemed to think it was running some sort of scam. Weird. Here are two of her articles talking about Bastyr and naturopathy being a scam in general:
This second article is much more in-depth of what kind of training naturopaths undergo, with references and even follow-up articles linked at the bottom. This is reading for the anons interested, because I found it an enlightening read, and may be useful when Joy or her Tards try to tell you that just because Kati's "doctor" is a naturopath, doesn't mean she's not medically qualified. Straight up, she isn't, and if Kati really had done a 5 minute Google search and 20 minutes of reading, she would have known that.

((Attached pic is related, it shows the subtle deceptions Kati's "doctor" practices, knowingly and deliberately deceiving the public about where she received her "education" - tell me, if she's so proud of studying naturopathy, why deliberately omit part of the name of your OWN SCHOOL to make it sound more medical and less like a school of naturopathy?))

The thing I found most revealing about all this is that Kati in that video describes Amanda Chaney as her doctor - as in, her current doctor, that presumably treats her long-distance. These naturopaths, as revealed in the articles I linked, are taught to doubt vaccines and pass on that information to their patients. Kati is supposedly still seeing this lying cunt fuck of a "doctor", who would be feeding her vaccine misinformation. Reading the stuff these quacks are taught explains a lot for Illness Anon in particular, to be able to start tying together all these seemingly random "diagnoses" that Kati has been getting. Literally all of them are just picked at random by naturopaths.
This all explains a lot, really. So thanks for constantly complaining about stupid shit, Kati! It's all pieces to your BS puzzle.

No. 353963

You'd almost have to flip a coin to decide who is more pathetic in joy vs cy : the literal biggest loser

Joy also happens to be evil af so probably her, but then again, cy can't be that blind to not see that. Cy still continues to basically work for joy for free every day. I can't imagine spending my summer being a lackey for a scam artist. When she is Joy's age, she will look back and regret allowing herself to be part of it, and all for a few moments of attention.

The verdict: joy is and always will be the biggest loser. She is the adult here and should not have cy participating in her dirty work.

No. 353965


Altho Cy dresses like some tweener angst monster… she's an adult. Not a real fully formed adult (per Kati's beliefs), but an adult in the eyes of society. I think she's in her mid 20s.

No. 353967

We had already found & discussed this naturopath in previous threads…since Kati had specifically named her she was easy to find. This is the "doctor" responsible for her "prescription" of "high powered" vitamins that were supposedly helping her detox from the "excess copper." Kati alluded to this person as the one who diagnosed the problem with the IUD in the first place, long distance & over the phone (she also said she talked to a "nutritionist" over the phone and even though she couldn't afford their fees and didn't pay anything they still diagnosed her with "thyroid problems" and also suggested she take a course of vitamins that Kati again claimed saved her life) …and later Kati claimed she & roommate tried to remove the IUD themselves because she "heard" gynecologists might be reluctant to remove it at her request…whether she heard this from the naturopath, googled it or made it up in her own head who knows.
The majority of Kati's illnesses are all self-diagnosed..either she got the idea from someone else and applied it to her situation or she googled it. Like the inflammation thing she started recently claiming was something Anna Scanlon suggested in a livestream, Phil said the fibro was something similar…it was suggested to her as a possibility and she just ran with it. I don't think she's talked to the naturopath recently, the last "doctor" she saw was supposedly a fibro specialist, "the best in the country" according to her and was somehow able to diagnose her with fibro after one visit after giving her some nonexistent "fibro test."

No. 353970

Very obviously a fake - even before she starts talking about the cult and Joy being an Amish witch who placed a psychic muzzle on her during the stream.

Cy actually gives away the lie within the first few seconds of the video. As an 'actress' who was trained on how to spot a liar, she should have known to avoid it at all costs. (Sorry, I won't say what it is - as, if she and Joy are reading this, they should 1) already know what it is, both of them being trained 'actresses' and all, and 2) if they don't, let them figure it out for themselves. It's more fun that way.

No. 353976


The Egocast did a livestream the day before yesterday and he talked about Joy for quite a while with 2 different guests, Melinda and Nicole, starting at 38:40. Their discussion goes in starts & stops for a while but if you stick with it they do get to a lengthy discussion about her. They are very critical of her and point out a lot of her questionable behaviors…nothing we don't already know but it's nice to hear we aren't the only ones who can clearly see her manipulations.

No. 353977


Illness Anon here. Thank you Anon, we did discuss this in earlier threads. She credits Amanda for saving her life lol.

As Anon at post >>353967 states, we got a few lols out of this milk. And the naturopath is definitely responsible for enabling a lot of her bullshit. The naturopath apparently diagnosed Kati with thyroid issues but never specified what those issues were supposed to be, only that the copper had messed it up and needed to be purged with vitamins. Which isn't medically sound at all. I'd clarify but I don't want to give Kati more ideas. As she does pick up on the symptoms and diagnosis of others and runs with them. Only she does it in a way that makes no biological sense, which is another reason why she is so easy to debunk. That along with mixing issues that don't belong together.

No. 353979

With respect, did you read anything I linked?

"Some diseases were very common in the teaching clinic. To the best of my memory, these included irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, food allergies, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, chronic Lyme disease, chronic mononucleosis, chronic back pain, and esophageal reflux."

"The patient intake also included information thought relevant to naturopathic diagnoses, like toxin and heavy metal exposure, use of plasticware in cooking and eating, birth history, pesticide exposure through eating non-organic foods, food intolerances, religious affiliations, and a host of subjective assessments relevant for energy therapies (homeopathy, flower essences, UNDA numbers, etc.)."

"However, the differential could have also included possible naturopathic diagnoses such as IgG food allergies/intolerances (gluten!) or systemic Candida overgrowth. Lab testing and imaging was also considered during this discussion."

"… naturopathic medical care is like picking treatments out of a magical hat."

At least half or more of the random shit mentioned there is hard-to-diagnose invisible illnesses that sound rare and complicated enough that most people who want to be sick for attention can choose to be "diagnosed" with.
I know it's been discussed in previous threads, but almost nobody is as anal as I am to go back and read every thread (even if I did miss the greater discussion on this naturopath, which I apologize for), and the medical lies are one of the biggest things that are opening people's eyes to what a fraud she is. Remember that we have newbies coming every day linked from her Youtube and Twitter and general gossip around the web, as well as older anons that might need a memory refresh or may have missed something earlier on. This is very interesting reading even if you did already know she was relying on "diagnoses" from a naturopath - for example, was it mentioned before that her naturopath basically lies to make it sound like she continued her education at a proper medical school? People miss stuff and it's valuable to repeat it - much more so that continuing to talk about the retarded video Cy did - please shut the fuck up about it, noob anons. Nobody fucking cares, and she self-posted to derail, which you're letting her succeed at.

Hi Illness Anon, your work is much appreciated.
Half the reason I posted this at all was because her pathetic lackeys scouring this thread for shit-talk might actually learn something about where she gets her kooky and dangerous medical ideas and anti-vax propaganda from.
The medical lies are the single biggest problem I have with this fucking snake, so I do think it bears repeating as in-depth as it can be. And of course, that means you're one of my favorite anons because you rehash her different lies and inconsistencies in every thread.

No. 353983

Samefag from >>353967
I forgot to mention that it's possible the "nutritionist" and the "naturopath" are one & the same considering how similar each of the stories is regarding them.

I did look over the links briefly but I am already fully aware just how full of shit naturopaths are. Yes, we did discuss the naturopath's questionable education some before but it is good that you are bringing light to it again in this way for the reasons you stated. I was not implying that you should not have posted the info, it is helpful.

No. 353997

Sad fact, though - as educational as those links are and how it proves Joy's diagnosis is entirely bullshit; I sincerely doubt that Joy's followers have enough of an attention span to actually sit down and read any of it.

Besides, they have a stubborn habit of refusing to accept facts/truth; even when it's repeated bitchslapping them across the face (case in point, one of Joy followers denying the fact that she was two-faced and having proof presented to him to show that she was; thanks to an audio clip that was posted of her doing just that - against him, no less. Instead of being upset with Joy for speaking shit about him behind his back, the fan was upset with the person who leaked the clip because they shared it without her permission.

That is the joytard fan logic - ignore the proof/evidence; trust in Joysus's word alone.

No. 354000

Whaaat? Well that changes things then and she may actually be the biggest loser. Unless she is under 25 of course and that brain is still forming.

No. 354001

If you want to continue posting about how retarded Cy is go do it in the spergleberry's thread >>>/snow/336585
where at least she is a named topic…if you continue to post about her here it is off topic derailing so stop.

No. 354004


I believe this is what Joys illness is

No. 354010


Her spergleberries are completely blind to everything. They demand I prove she doesn't have any illnesses, which as you know is impossible, you can't prove a negative. She is making the claims and it is the claimant's responsibility to provide evidence. But what I have done is debunk everything that is available to us at the moment and I have provided medical and expert information which back up my statements. Yet they continue to support her.

I do agree it is important to have reminders out there, as a memory refresher, or for the many who don't go through all previous links, quite a few don't even go to the top of the most recent thread and people who like her but aren't full blown spergleberries are more willing to see the truth.

I will go back through the threads and make a post of the links to the relevant posts, that way there is a post on here that will link to everything discovered and debunked so far and then we can link that one post for future references.

No. 354012


Joy needs to be careful with the "Thyroid issues" I know that ilnness inside out. So far she's shown zero symptoms.

No. 354013

>Besides, they have a stubborn habit of refusing to accept facts/truth; even when it's repeated bitchslapping them across the face

> Which isn't medically sound at all. I'd clarify but I don't want to give Kati more ideas. As she does pick up on the symptoms and diagnosis of others and runs with them.

FMS annon out of lurk for a brief moment to add, I often post links and info so annons can have proper info for argument or to be properly educated if they need it themselves. If someone dealing with CI is getting info from JSBS they could end up in a worse state than necessary. I see it as killing many birds with one post.

I agree it's an important addition to argument, however it dominates the thread every time it's brought up. If it's felt that great of an asset, perhaps a separate thread, so it's not continually detracting from the rest of the thread, cause the list of diagnosis alone is looooooooooooonnnngggg.

>Or Joy is literally making drama to make videos but her idea makes no sense as her views alone are poor so some random mod is going to achieve nothing.

I wonder how it feels for Joy knowing that she has no major drama to insert herself into. Her "YouTube shut me down" drama is over, Onision is busy, Do5 is doing what he does and no one else seems to be taking the bait. Not even lolcow is buzzing. She overdid it a bit when she drama spammed everyone last week.

So even when you self post a troll video made to stir up drama no one cares. What a low point. This was her plan to build her channel off other people's drama, and there's no more for her. Guess it's back to sleeping in her car.


Kati's MH had been discussed at length. Please see previous threads for info to keep from derailing.

No. 354041

Exactly, she isn't like Chris Chan or Darksidephil who generate their own misfortune and are the gifts that keep giving.. Joy on the other hand;

anon wants her down because her fake ass and people on youtube have clued on that she inserts on their shit. I bet wednesday she will try and get in on Blaire White's debate with Onision its a given because she is so nigh on fucking predictable.

No. 354059

In the interest of keeping information accurate, I recently had the pleasure of rewatching her video about her IUD, specifically the one where she mentions Dominic's involvement. I am almost certain what she said was "roommate helped, with the internet." I think what she meant was Dom researched ways to remove an IUD. She didn't say he actually did the removing. Not as much fun, I know, but there's plenty of other absurdity to entertain.

No. 354062


>>I agree it's an important addition to argument, however it dominates the thread every time it's brought up.

I agree, which is why I'm hoping that once we have a post/s loaded with post links to relevant past discussions, we can from this point on refer everyone to that post so they can read through everything that has been said about her illnesses to date and that way we should (fingers crossed) only get new milk brought up.

It really has been every thread to date and it is mainly the same things getting rehashed.

I'm waiting to see what the general consensus to this idea is before posting them. I'm trying to think of somewhere else everything could be posted off lolcow instead of yet another kati thread?

I will say that while I have been going through thread 1, I found these posts which I had forgotten about >>250647 & >>251903 These two posts from early in thread one first hit on the anti-vaxxer is she/isn't she. Apparently Kati was going to do video about this, which never materialised.

I just thought these were more relevant given her latest unclean vax nonsense.

No. 354086

File: 1500307835329.png (461.48 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1899.PNG)

Christ, the joytards are even stalking me on YouTube now. And it's always the same joytard.

No. 354100

Just a bit of speculation and tin foil hatting here. Is there any possible way the roommate could be either her sugar daddy or in a relationship with Kati? I honestly can't see some random guy, even an ex, supporting her and all her special ""requirements"". He financially supports her, he helps drive her about when she suffers to leave her den, and even "calms her panic attacks" on the daily. The only person I could see that would want to do this for her is either a family member or a person in a relationship.

No. 354103


I'm almost convinced that roomie is actually a she and is probably a family member; not an ex boyfriend.

No. 354109


Actually, I think he's just who they've said he is. He's an ex who felt sorry for her or thought he could flatter her into a second chance or something, and let her stay with him for a few weeks. Now a few weeks has morphed into until he grows the cajones to tell her to gtfo. Whether he doesn't because he's bought into her fake illness and is too kind to, is too passive of a personality to confront the issue, is there rarely enough that her problematic behavior doesn't effect him enough to be worth the bother, or is afraid of her reaction and is quietly making plans to pack up and leave in the middle of the night is anyone's guess.

No. 354131


When she moved in with him, he had "dating potential" (per PhilS) and they dated a while, but it didn't last long. So the "ex" part has come AFTER she moved in. I kind of get the impression that she met him online and trolled him for free place to live.

No. 354144

I didn't see that video, I know you can't link it bc that is against the rules but what is the title so I can transcribe exactly what she said in the correct context for future reference to the IUD removal thing.

No. 354156

> I kind of get the impression that she met him online and trolled him for free place to live.

MoralVirus also gave the impression that she used to manipulate men to get things. A place to live wouldn't be out of the question. Especially if he's a major beta male? Any female attention, they'll allow someone to walk all over them, depending on their background. And she's well versed by now. It's not far reaching to assume that's exactly how it's played out.

No. 354168

my theory is they met during one of her craigslist jobs, the oklahoma thunder job.

No. 354173

Kati I dont think has a roomate.If she does it is not the roomates place.It is Kathi's place.Look them both up they have the same address.

No. 354178


What apartment complex is going to sign a lease with an unemployed person only three years out from a bankruptcy? Generally, professionally managed apartment complexes pull credit reports before they approve a lease. Also, PhilS said that roommate was one of several options and that roommate came and picked her up from where ever she was at the time to move her into his apartment.

No. 354179

Get out. This "nonexistent roommate" nonsense has been debunked so many times you are just a waste of space on this forum. Sage yourself for being a fucktard, noob.

No. 354181

Her roommate is an ex called Dominique. This was confirmed by Phil.

Phil was a friend of Kati's for over ten years, if you go to thread four about halfway down you will find the start of his posts. He spills a lot of personal milk about her, her past relationships, friendships, etc. You will gain a lot of insight if you read through those posts.

I have put a link to one of his posts in the post I'm creating with the illness related links, as he states it was him who first suggested fibro to Joy, however that won't be ready until tomorrow (GoT is more important). So if you don't want to wait, thread four, halfway down, he let's you know when it's him posting and they are always really long posts, so they stand out. His posts continue into thread five.

No. 354184

She did say that her mother encouraged her to tease and flirt with men to get what she wants.

That's probably how she gets her foot in the door and after that she plays her victim card to excuse her terrible behavior and guilt them into not only staying with her, but also taking care of her. Destroying their lives isn't bad enough, she isn't done there, she has to go on and accuse them of abuse while she was dying.

One could probably write a series of novels to cover the hell they endured

No. 354188


Phil confirmed that she made the lives of her then bf and even husband, miserable and it took them a long time to recover from her head fuckery and financial leeching, Taho paid for everything. All expect one ex called Daniel who was apparently every bit as unpleasant as her and then some.

No. 354205

Are you >>354178 ? I wasn't talking to you. I was talking to the anon who said "I don't think Kati has a roommate."
After all the bullshit going on in here since Cy posted her own stupid video, there are a lot of people saying retarded, already-debunked shit. If there's no new milk, they should not post dumb statements, or at the very least sage so they can be ignored. How many times are we supposed to bring up the irrelevant roomie? Unless he provides milk, who cares about him? He's only relevant in as much as he's a demonstration of Kati leeching off other people with no regard or consideration for their personal needs, which has long been established.

Smfh at all these people (not you) who can't take the "quietly observe" idea as a life lesson.

No. 354222

Did kati ever mention what classification of indigo child she was? Are any of those videos still up?

No. 354229

If Joy was ever able to "manipulate" anyone it must have been thanks to the Internet.

No. 354243

Looks like Sy the moderator's vid didn't get enough views - Or "Joy" felt the need to cash in on the bullshit too - New video "Another Friend Turned: My Moderator Cy Screws ME Over"

No. 354256


Yep it's on her main channel and is the exact same video judging by the thumbnail.

Either this is for those who aren't here, or it's another attempt. Of course the real aim is views and money. Pretty sad really.

No. 354259

File: 1500329688225.png (125.47 KB, 1242x768, IMG_1903.PNG)

That's adorable.

No. 354264


So, why didn't she just tweet out the vid to her rabid following?


Well, that's interesting. Wonder if the good pastor has been following Joy's education in butt plugs on her streams? Guess he's fine that she's starting butt plug topics while a 12yo is watching her hoping that his mom will approve him coming onto the live stream?

No. 354266


Exactly, she didn't tweet about it because it is fake.

And I agree, I doubt he would be pleased with her content. And at 30 odd who runs crying like that about Internet drama. Drama she's created herself at that.

No. 354276

File: 1500332371712.png (272.91 KB, 1242x1694, IMG_1904.PNG)

He obviously doesn't care.

No. 354284

>>354276 Doesn't care - or hasn't bothered to watch any of them. I'd test him on a random video - see what he says in response to it.

Or, he could just be another Joytard looking for brownie points from the Matron of Bullshit, herself.

No. 354287


He's a joytard w/no reach. Your response to him is actually increasing his reach. I'd personally drop it.

No. 354292

File: 1500333968179.jpg (700.47 KB, 1242x3296, IMG_1907.JPG)

I dropped it when Joy started liking all he's replys and that piece of shit Elena Vital started posting.

No. 354300

Seems like he means well. He probably has no idea what is she really is or what he may get himself wrapped up in by being associated with this clown. Hopefully, people don't come down too hard on him. He's a pastor after all, so I guess being supportive is kind of his gig.

No. 354301


He's also from her hometown.

No. 354302

I noticed that as well.

No. 354311


She dislike Christians. We all know this. How many times has she ranted and raved about Christians? A lot.

This guy is an idiot.

No. 354312

>This guys an idiot
But oh so useful ;) This tard comes complete with backing of the LORD AND SAVIOR himself.

No. 354313


Poor Elena - she's still living in the delusion it's only Onision/Do5 fans who don't like/agree with Joy.

Just like good sycophant would.

No. 354315

This actually makes them both look unprofessional.

Joy is a "public figure" she knew she would face criticisms before starting her own channel.

And the gentleman in question should not be so quick to label said criticism as "hate". The hypocrisy is showing there to say the least.

No. 354361

Dropping in on a long standing thread, not to mention issue is far from supportive. His being a pastor doesn't make him a moderator, and it doesn't make his opinions any more important than mine. Or yours. Join the conversation, sure. But keep your proclamations to yourself.

No. 354368

>He's also from her hometown

He's also not a real pastor. Hello. Anyone can call themself reverend or sir or Joy. Doesn't make it true. Check the credentials.

I can't think of any legit church that would allow their pastor to be on Twitter all day acting like this. Not sure who he is exactly. But he's not a member of the "organized" cloth.

Edited for more explanation.

No. 354378

Isn't it odd that she hasn't been on much in the past two days other than to post two videos? Maybe she's realized we're right(laughs quietly to myself) Who are we kidding this is Kati we're talking about

No. 354386

I'm calling it now. She'll come out and say she had a health flair up. That's why she's been quiet. Even though she released 3 videos today.

In reality I think she's been quite because her channel is slipping according to her social blade. So look for a few Onision or DO5 videos in the next few days.

No. 354390

The whole 'inner circle' is quite. No cyunt, no Dwight, no mike. Maybe they are all in a secret chat.

No. 354416

I wonder if it has anything to do with Neg$ (Ron) ripping into her about the constant videos, complaining about her undiagnosed illnesses and accusing Onision of being a pedophile without any evidence on his last two livestreams.

No. 354422

File: 1500350524581.png (112.54 KB, 720x640, 20170717_225842.png)

I wonder if he'll do a proper video on her?

No. 354427


Oh so that's why Cy's video was about, distracting from mron?

No. 354429

He kinda did on his last two livestreams.

No. 354438

I mean a more consice one, without all the shootin the shit. A nice little 10-25 min vid of just him, all at once, instead of 4 hours of material and irrealavent conversation. I heard some of what he said on his 'is onison a victim of targeted harassment?' Last night

No. 354482

>>354422 I've clearly missed the moment when Negs came to his senses, the last I heard of him he was defending her, giving her the botd. Welcome to the light Negs and yes, her faking illness for personal gain is fraudulent and damaging to those of us with actual, diagnosed health problems.

No. 354492


I think it's too early to make a call too. It could always be more fake drama.

Either way, judging by the few comments I've seen, it does appear more and more people are beginning to question Joy's actions.

No. 354497

Seeing many more people bring up my point about the "evidence" that was claimed.

Joy surely didn't think no one would bring up the fact that she made claims with said "evidence" as proof and yet failed to inform the appropriate authorities?

I've also noticed how all those questioning Onision on that have now fallen silent.

No one is saying to ignore situations of that nature, but making potentially false allegations only hurts genuine cases.

No. 354516

Here is the post with the links to relevant illness discussions.

Please check through these before posting about illness, as you can see this subject has been repeatedly talked about and debunked.

Naturopath & vitamin & hydrogen peroxide treatment
>>277515 >>277592 >>278871 >>278905 >>248517 >>252059 >>307263

Allergies/Asthma >>317005 >>317541 >>344057 >>344067 >>344081

Tumour/abscess talk. >>278905 & >>277920 >>300532 >>300552 >>304948 >>328773 >>330167 >>330349 >>344658 >>344915

Fibro posts >>281999 >>282535 >>282524 >>282827 >>294098 >>294105 >>294118 >>294617 >>298187 >>299915 >>299943 >>300027 >>301122 >>319165 >>319385 >>337969 >>338379 >>338588 >>339081 >>339086 >>339098 >>339108 >>339317 >>340433 >>340879 >>343873 >>344603 >>346053 >>346077 >>346088

Contraception/sex claims. >>252601 >>341121 >>341191 >>341193 >>341201 >>342141 >>344330 >>344604 >>344636

Pregnancy/Miscarriages >>342080 >>344664

Heart & seizure claims >>284956 >>287377 >>304802 >>304814 >>343839 >> 343852 >>344099 >>344196

PTSD >>296993 >>296997 >> 339944

First mention of Raynaud’s disease 03/02/17 >> 261715

Steam recaps that relate to illness . >>269415 >>291929 >>302206 >>337761

Life threatening candida >>344665

The angelic ascension symptoms . >>277515 >>344208

Anxiety/Panic attacks >>277609 >>296882 >>296895 >>296914 >>330613 >>330679 >>331108 >>342244 >>278004

The Paradigm Radio phone call >>277857 & >>277907

IUD & Copper toxicity claims/debunked. >> 282011 >>278201 >> 282011 >>282022 >>282120 >>284956 >>342113 >>344587 >>344677

Cancer treated naturally claims. >>282136

Random >> 278202 >>316848 >>316890 >>340474 >>340521 342121 >>342137 >>342215 >>342292 >>344083 >>344108 >>344211 >>344226 >>344261 >>344303 >>344321 >>344513 >>344667 >>344773 >>344783 >>345175 >>346023 >>346036

Archangel Michael is her personal angel >>278325

Link to Joy doing a headstand on livestream >>291998

Meds >>294028 >>294080 >>294486 >>294515 >>294545 >>294626 >>298143 >>298156 >>298164 >>298189 >>298199 >>298214 >>298647 >>298667 >>299601 >>299608 >>300555 >>300568 >>301087 >>307261 >>319045

Mental Health Speculation >>343359 >>343423 >>343452 >>343480 >>344624 >>344721 >>345611 >>346191

The Looong list of illnesses & ailments to date >> 344191 >>344192 >>344197

I would highly recommend that any new Anons go to thread four, about halfway down, you will find a lot of interesting milk spilled by a former friend of hers called Phil, he knew her for over ten years. You will get a lot of insight from what he has to say. He also informs us when her fibro claims first started, after he suggested it as a possibility. That specific post is here >>308661 but he spills a lot of milk prior to this if you scroll up.

Random ode to Kati written by an Anon, this should not be forgotten >>335593

You can do your own searches using the cntrl + F method

No. 354517


I think, in this case, it's legit. He makes certain not to mention any names, so as not to direct more of an audience her way - in his satire videos, at least; but anyone who knows about the situation knows who he's referring to and hint at it in their comments to him; which he largely faves (confirming they're assumptions are right).

My only question is how he can still like her as a person when he dislikes much of what she's been doing/claiming.

No. 354520

File: 1500373978157.jpg (103.64 KB, 480x749, IMG_20170718_113055.jpg)

I've looked into Begs criticism. I don't think he has completely seen the light, he's just not being a hypocrite and he's calling out her own hypocrisy.

His problem is that she endorsed Josh in his behaviour.


No. 354521

File: 1500374014938.jpg (75.55 KB, 480x820, IMG_20170718_112944.jpg)


No. 354522

I'm not sure how I feel about this?

On one hand Kati has talked that much trash about her family, why shouldn't they have a platform to respond.

But on the other hand, if Onisheon is to be believed, her mother and sister are well aware of everything she has said and they read lolcow, her mother likes us, according to Joy, so if she wanted to speak out in defence of herself, she could have. So I'm taking her silence as not being interested in getting involved, she doesn't have to really, she knows a lot of people see through her daughter and the spergleberries will continue to believe her no matter what Kathi has to say because Kati did a great job of setting her up as the big bad in her life.

That being said, Joy changed the story about her mother and lolcow, at one point she claimed her mother was clueless and thought we were Joy's "pirate friends" and she wanted to come and say hi but Joy and her sister had to talk her out of it and they had such a giggle. However that was after she had claimed to have no contact with her mother or sister at all, so when she was called put on here for what sounded like a friendly relationship, when she previously claimed she had none, then she changed the story, no surprise there. Her mother became the big bad again who contacted her on her birthday to be abusive, who knew what lolcow was, reads it everyday and who thinks we are great for seeing through her bullshit, just like she always has.

So maybe I am putting too much stock into her mother knowing what is going on? Either way it seems strange for random people to reach out to them.

No. 354524

File: 1500375433599.jpg (24.96 KB, 480x216, IMG_20170718_114345.jpg)

I definitely attached the screenshot so I don't know why that didn't post too?

No. 354527

You're a bloody beaut, mate.

No. 354532


Cheers, Anon. The plan is whenever someone goes down the well worn illness route, we can link them back to that. >>354516

It better bloody work!

It's worked out handy for me too because I'm Illness Anon and now I have links to all relevant live streams to help me finish getting the video clips of her health BS together.

No. 354533


I personally would leave the family out of things, unless they themselves choose to be involved.

It shouldn't surprise anyone when Joy flip flops, especially about her family.

I have no doubt they know what's being posted here, and elsewhere. Joy is a grown adult and this behaviour falls on her.

Most people have had a difficult life, many worse than Joy. The difference is they seek assistance/support and move on as best they can. Not act like this. Once we're adults we're fully responsible for how we come to terms with our past.

No. 354535


Not a farm hand here, but involving people soley because they had the biological misfortune of being genetically close to a lolcow is against the rules. So, be careful of anything that might even suggest that they be contacted or disturbed. They can't help how the genetic lottery turned out in their life.

No. 354543


This has come from Twitter, it's nothing I'm involved in, just to clarify I'm not suggesting anyone on here does this either, I was just sharing what I saw.

As stated, spergleberries will continue to believe her anyway. It will make Joy look like an actual victim, which will drum up support and have the opposite effect to what I'm assuming they want. And honestly, I'm not really sure what they think they will learn that we don't already know.

No. 354547

>Link to Joy doing a headstand on livestream >>291998

Thanks linker annon. Nothin like a fresh mouthful of bile from seeing Joys giant cottage cheese ass ballooned in my screen first thing in the morning. Lol

It should be noted. This annon does not condone the involvement of family members of this party, whether it be reposting screenshots from Twitter or photos from FB. This could be perceived as lolcow consigning in this behavior, and this annon does not. lolcow is accused of death threats and child's abuse, let's not add to the list.

No. 354557


>>It should be noted. This annon does not condone the involvement of family members of this party, whether it be reposting screenshots from Twitter or photos from FB. This could be perceived as lolcow consigning in this behavior, and this annon does not.

Exactly, thank you. I will think about this prior to sharing off board things in the future.

For the final time lurkers I advise AGAINST doing this. Nothing good will come from this. And her family are aware of her behaviour and the many people who speak out against her behaviour and could have spoken out at any point yet have chosen not to. DO NOT drag them into her craziness.

No. 354573


it shouldn't have been posted, imo. it just gives the joytards more ammo for charges of stalking etc. and these threads about joy have a history of being exceptional for tipping, reporting everything all the time, etc. this is just going to bring trouble.

No. 354579


It's not the end of the world, it was a in reply to one of Joy's Tweets, she will have already seen it and it is clear no Anons endorse it.

Constantly talking about it is bringing more attention it to.

No. 354580


I agree, in future certain screenshots like these should be left out.

Also: Most screenshots need editing, unless it is from Joy and co, or another public figure. I think it best if anons here at least edit out profile pictures and handles/names of the general public, if their posts must be used. There's no need to bring people who aren't publicly known into this.

No. 354599


If you are referring to her family names all have been repeatedly brought up by Joy herself. And posted about on previous threads. As for twitter profiles, they put themselves in the public eye when they tweet at her.

This is a complete overreaction and the only people turning this into a bigger issue are some of the Anons.

This is getting ridiculous.

No. 354619

Discussing Joy's sister and mother is a non issue. I don't see what the big deal is regarding that. Let's all remember that Joy's little character is named Kathy, a variation on her own mother's name which is Kathi. That's no coincidence. Not to mention Joy has talked about her mother many times. Also we've discussed them before.

Her sister wade into the fray on her own using her first and last (maiden) name which can be seen here: >>331623

Joy talks about them. We can talk about them.

If anyone is going to contact them privately, don't associate yourself with these threads. We don't need further (as of yet unfounded) accusations distracting people from the very real shit we've covered. No shade to the person who posted the screenshot as I know you were just posting what you saw.

Anything other than that? They're open for discussion. As they have been already.


Problem with this is editing screenshots doesn't usually fly here.

Now that we've successfully derailed..

No. 354624

>Now that we've successfully derailed

>it shouldn't have been posted, imo. it just gives the joytards more ammo for charges of stalking etc.

Whether she has or has not talked about them sporadically is a moot point. Pics, and attempts to contact them is a violation of boundaries and lolcow rules. I can't imagine the farmhands would want to continuously have to be dealing with ongoing issues in here. It leads to banned subjects etc to keep joytards from baiting, by dropping little things like this.

It's not necessarily about something being blown out of proportion. It's about avoiding potential bait, not trying to force the farmhands hand, and deterring any potential joytards. And keeping the focus of Joy. She's the asshole. Not lolcow. She's the stalker. Not lolcow. She's expoiting children…

No. 354627


Right, which is why I will repeat:

If anyone is going to contact them privately, don't associate yourself with these threads. We don't need further (as of yet unfounded) accusations distracting people from the very real shit we've covered.

But it also needs to be clarified: We can talk about them if Joy talks about them. We can't post pictures of them and we should NOT contact them, nor brag about contacting them.

I think it's pretty clear now. If this continues to be discussed for another day then it just adds to the fuel for the Joytards that we're hoping to avoid.

No. 354642

File: 1500397535397.gif (1.27 MB, 420x237, wut.gif)

No. 354651

LMFAO! Love this one!

No. 354717


The retarded seal clap.

No. 354721

Does anyone have a copy of the livestream in which Joy was calling Chambers a snake?

Apparently she brags about having raised $4000 in that stream and I'm trying to gather together as much info about her dodgy "donations" going back to day one.

No. 354731

IDR off the top of my head but you might want to try CTRL+F "snake' or "livestream" in each JSBS thread and see if you can find a reference?

No. 354732


She's done that in at least two streams.

These are just part 1, but go to the uploader's channel and you'll find the other parts.

Ego 'N Snakes: https://vid.me/k2Ja

Loses Her Mind: https://vid.me/LwSo

If anyone is ever looking for ANY of the recorded livestreams that Joy won't upload herself, just do a search on Vidme.

Speaking of livestreams: Anyone know if she did that Patreon Stream yesterday? She announced she was doing one on Monday 7/17.

No. 354745

>>354599 >>354599
The board rules about family members has already been clarified in the /meta/ thread >>>/meta/4382
The family member has to be willingly and publicly involved for us to talk about them…Kori posting about Joy on Twitter would qualify her as involved, her mother on the other hand has not done this and should not be posted about, if Joy brings her up fine to mention that but do not mention her by name and definitely DO NOT post pics or identifying info nor should we try to contact either of them in any way or brag about doing so, besides being against the rules it's weird and creepy.

No. 354748

Oh here we go. She's made a video titled "Exposing My Spirituality: Am I An Indigo Child? Talks To Angels? Cults?"

Prepare for a load of bullshit.

No. 354751

Your post is super helpful anon, it looks like it took a long time to put together…however did you notice that every other link is broken? You can't list post numbers in succession like that with only one space between them, you have to either put two spaces between them or put one per line. Since one per line would make that post impossibly long, I'd recommend spacing them out with 2 spaces like this >>354527 >>354532

No. 354760

She also made one about suicide on her Spurpinkle Bow channel. It begins with crocodile tears.

No. 354763


Yeah, I'm watching it. She keeps getting distracted because she's anxious but keeps blaming it on her undiagnosed Fibro.

I hate this cunt.

No. 354765


In the Suicide video on her Spurpinkle Bow channel, at around 15:30 she claims that when she was a Teenager she needed counseling but was told "you're not gonna get it."

But according to Phil S/Nichistateum, her mother tried desparately for YEARS to get Kati to agree to some sort of counseling or psychiatric help. And pretty much anything Phil S has said about Joy has been proven to be true.

Just pointing out that whenever there's an opportunity for her to lie for sympathy, even on the very serious subject of suicide, she'll do it.

No. 354767

File: 1500403330750.png (209.65 KB, 1242x955, IMG_1910.PNG)

I really do enjoy fucking with her. I actually did join her patreon that's the funny thing.

No. 354770


You can post from your patreon account to her community page w/your twitter account? What else are you supposed to provide?

No. 354778

I miss typed didn't join. Not yet anyway. I think it might be worth the $2 though just for the info I can provide for the thread. I'll do it when I get home.

No. 354783

>>354770 She's trying to trip them up and get closer to their real identity.

>>354732 Thank you Anon, I've just sat and read through over three thousand of her tweets, I think I will save the videos for tomorrow before my head explodes. Lol.


Yes, it took a long time to go through all of that, I had wondered why some of them hadn't highlighted. I will edit the post and repost it.


I wonder if she talks about how she still believed in all of this angelic bs until quite recently. Not long before she started her Onion themed channel she would still talk about the angels to Phil. She used to blame the angels for all of her life choices and her behaviour, now she blames brain fog.

No. 354788


Didn't some anon post that they'd seen at least three joytards expressing suicidal thoughts. And many have been worried about Isaac's state of mind.

No. 354794


Does anyone think she's feeling cornered? Putting out a Indigo Child "come clean" vid (that ommits a lot of shit) then putting out a weepy suicide vid to distract and keep the crowd subscribed out of sympathy?

No. 354796

Updated to activate all links, please refer any future illness questions to this post. Thank you please.

Here is the post with the links to relevant illness discussions.

Please check through these before posting about illness, as you can see this subject has been repeatedly talked about and debunked.

Naturopath & vitamin & hydrogen peroxide treatment
>>277515 >>277592 >>278871
>>278905 >>248517 >>252059

Allergies/Asthma >>317005
>>317541 >>344057 >>344067

Tumour/abscess talk. >>278905 &
>>277920 >>300532 >>300552
>>304948 >>328773 >>330167
>>330349 >>344658 >>344915

Fibro posts >>281999 >>282535
>>282524 >>282827 >>294098
>>294105 >>294118 >>294617
>>298187 >>299915 >>299943
>>300027 >>301122 >>319165
>>319385 >>337969 >>338379
>>338588 >>339081 >>339086
>>339098 >>339108 >>339317
>>340433 >>340879 >>343873
>>344603 >>346053 >>346077

Contraception/sex claims. >>252601
>>341121 >>341191 >>341193
>>341201 >>342141 >>344330
>>344604 >>344636

Pregnancy/Miscarriages >>342080

Heart & seizure claims >>284956
>>287377 >>304802 >>304814
>>343839 >>343852 >>344099

PTSD >>296993 >>296997 >>339944

First mention of Raynaud’s disease 03/02/17 >>261715

Steam recaps that relate to illness . >>269415 >>291929
>>302206 >>337761

Life threatening candida >>344665

The angelic ascension symptoms .
>>277515 >>344208

Anxiety/Panic attacks >>277609
>>296882 >>296895 >>296914
>>330613 >>330679 >>331108
>>342244 >>278004

The Paradigm Radio phone call
>>277857 & >>277907

IUD & Copper toxicity claims/debunked. >>282011
>>278201 >>282011 >>282022
>>282120 >>284956 >>342113
>>344587 >>344677

Cancer treated naturally claims.

Random >>278202 >>316848
>>316890 >>340474 >>340521
>>342121 >>342137 >>342215
>>342292 >>344083 >>344108
>>344211 >>344226 >>344261
>>344303 >>344321 >>344513
>>344667 >>344773 >>344783
>>345175 >>346023 >>346036

Archangel Michael is her personal angel >>278325

Link to Joy doing a headstand on livestream >>291998

Meds >>294028 >>294080 >>294486
>>294515 >>294545 >>294626
>>298143 >>298156 >>298164
>>298189 >>298199 >>298214
>>298647 >>298667 >>299601
>>299608 >>300555 >>300568
>>301087 >>307261 >>319045

Mental Health Speculation >>343359
>>343423 >>343452 >>343480
>>344624 >>344721 >>345611

The Looong list of illnesses & ailments to date >>344191
>>344192 >>344197

I would highly recommend that any new Anons go to thread four, about halfway down, you will find a lot of interesting milk spilled by a former friend of hers called Phil, he knew her for over ten years. You will get a lot of insight from what he has to say. He also informs us when her fibro claims first started, after he suggested it as a possibility. That specific post is here >>308661 but he spills a lot of milk prior to this if you scroll up.

Random ode to Kati written by an Anon, this should not be forgotten

You can do your own searches using the cntrl + F method

No. 354802

I repeat, you're a bloody beaut, mate.
Appreciate you!

Now I'm about to have a crack at sitting through her 2 new vids. Wish me luck! I can't really afford to lose too many more brain cells!

No. 354816

A thing of beauty indeed. Thank you for this incredible effort!
Saged with admiration

No. 354819

People are unsubbing now and that to her little narcissist is screwing with her greatly. It seems a lot of her Youtube "friends" have abandoned her too as she has little growth in the past 2 weeks and now she is resulting to mind games.

If someone says they are suicidal you pity them but anyone with experience just see it as a call out for attention but for people like Joy, Onision even Darksidephil they use it for emotional manipulation.

She will put a false video up in a day saying she tried to or thought about killing herself I guarantee it.

No. 354841

Happy to help guys. >>354802

I'm finding, or not finding is more apt in some respects, a lot of interesting information about her charity/donation history.

The claim to proof ratio of actual donations is well off balance. Lots of claims have been thrown out, proof, not so much.

Contradictory claims about how she never shows receipts, then always shows receipts. The amount differences, etc.

I realise this has been on the radar since day one but there's something about putting it all together from day one that makes it look more damaging.

I'm withholding for now just in case she has ever shown actual proof (rather than repeatedly stating she has until she convinces people she has) in any of her live streams which I'll go through tomorrow. I've had enough for today.

Does any of the earlier Anons remember that Tarot reading girl she did a stream with? I can't remember seeing her comment on any of Joy's stuff recently?

Saged, not final findings, still need to check live streams.

No. 354849

>And many have been worried about Isaac's state of mind.

She did say they were worried about his mental state. But apparently not enough to feel the need to quit fucking around and just leave him alone when he was at odds with the group for whatever it was. You'd be an idiot if you weren't worried about this guys mental state.

>She also made one about suicide on her Spurpinkle Bow channel. It begins with crocodile tears

>She will put a false video up in a day saying she tried to or thought about killing herself I guarantee it.

There was also a LS on younow where she said she was suicidal. Two actually. One was May 22. She was asking people to treat her like a human being, or maybe she wasn't a human being anymore, she didn't know. Then there was the one where she was getting mad telling people to stop being pussies and follow through with the death threats. That was after the Nick Mon article dropped I think.

But they aren't serious, you guys. She knows this stuff. She had a suicide button related to hormones, happens once a month. It's normal to want to kill yourself and her doctors know. If she were to go to the hospital they wouldn't do anything about it. It's not a big deal.

Because there's no law for doctors saying they have to address it if they think you are at risk of harming yourself or anything. Jesus.

No. 354857


Yes, she calls it her "suicide instinct" which she attributes to PMS.

It's funny how she was taking the piss out of Onion for implying he felt suicidal, yet again Onisheon just can't help herself, the rules don't apply to her.

No. 354863

You are a treasure anon, I have not seen anything of the Onision stream donation. There has been no proof for what I know neither her roommate who "paid the difference because of the percentage" I am really surprised nothing has ever came of that or even why Jeff Holiday has not challenged it.

saged for where are the "donations" from onision debate

No. 354908

So, when an angel took you to heaven, was that… uh… finding wisdom in yourself or however the fuck you try to explain it away?

Also, raised Catholic explains a LOT about her views and ignorance on her own body and the topic of sex. idk if there are any other Catholicanons out there but some (#notall) Catholics wield guilt and shame like a sword and certain topics like anything to do with sexuality, it's a hammer instead.

No. 354916

That's THE STUPIDEST THING! Suicide isn't an instinct, survival is…what. the. FUCK.

Yesterday I was reading up I indigo children, she still firmly planted in that "idea" as she wants to call it in her new video, on her main channel. I really hope someguy827 makes a rebuttle for the what she said in that one. In his video he has links for reference for the claims he makes.

She also says "when you feel someone staring at you, that's you intuition", according to psychology, that is a survival instinct that humans, and prey animals, are born with. That video was such shit lol.

No. 354933

I know I'm late to the party but I just found this site today so if I do something wrong but please tell me.

I know Kati is obviously lying about her illnesses and there's tons of proof (i.e., her vitamin "script" bottles, and if lyrica doesn't work on her (which I highly doubt,) why hasn't she tried Gabapentin (usually they try that first but that would be the next logical guess, etc.,) but what I'd really like to know is if she really has or even had copper toxicity why doesn't she have the stereotypical Kayser-Fleischer dark rings around her irises (copper deposits,) which are formed which copper isn't properly metabolized… these don't go away and she has no signs of them.

No. 354937

you don't use a nickname or your real name(you leave the name section blank due to being anonymous) and in the email section you write sage if it's already been said. Subject is also left blank generally(I made that mistake the first few times).

No. 354940

i was raised catholic and i don't view sex the same way she does. I believe your body is sacred and you should value it but that doesn't mean you can't be human and have normal experiences. (btw I learned about the birds and bee in catholic school in grades 7 for where babies come from and for safe sex in high school) Her being so crude about those topics makes me sick because there are things that should be kept private even if you're comfortable with your body. It's social etiquette.

>>354916 You're right. Survival's an instinct but she's so sick mentally she can't see that. There are depressed people that look for help and when they see her video they're like oh it's okay to do that. I was in a dark place too at one point and what got me out of it was my family being loving and helping me. I am in therapy still.(I don't have depression but anxiety).

No. 354946

I'm a long time lurker, but have never commented before so I'm hoping I'm doing this right?

I work in addictions/mental health, and suicidal ideation is taken as no joke, even when I knew they were empty threats from my clients with attention seeking behaviours.

When it came to threats of suicide as a means to monopolize attention, I didn't hesitate to have the person hospitalized for the mandatory observation period. After 2 separate visits to the hospital via an ambulance, he never again made baseless suicidal threats. I swear, all she needs is someone to call 911 in her area and ask them to do a wellness check! I would be dying!

Also, anyone remember where I can find the video/stream where she went on and on about addiction being a choice? I know it was around the time she was getting into it with vegan cheetah, but with 9 threads, I don't remember where to find it. I'm debating ripping her a new one on that…

No. 354947


"Some catholic priests diddle kids.."


lol. k. thanks.

No. 354948

Currently there's a few people on twitter going on about how they never got their money back from her stupid fax machine go fund me campaign.
And then you have the joytards telling them it's not that bad because go fund me has been used for a lot worse.

No. 354953

i saw that and she should refund them because that fax machine shit is so fucking stupid. Or at least report her for fraud. At this point this is legally a fraud.

No. 354954

Yeah that does happen. I just mean she can't use religion as a crutch because she's forgetting that a majority of the world is religious. Yet they don't act like her. They know how to act in society and she doesn't.

No. 354955

Shouldn't gofundme have issued refunds when the campaign got shut down.

No. 354959

Where does she live? Suicidal threats shouldn't be taken lightly and if she's making them she should be sectioned. That's some serious stuff.


No. 354960

I want to say Norman Oklahoma.

No. 354963

File: 1500422318691.jpg (139.85 KB, 715x352, 3bn2Smu.jpg)

Joy's first period.

No. 354965

File: 1500422487330.png (202.96 KB, 720x1020, 20170718_185743.png)

Have to read from bottom to top, if she has an email, why not screenshot and post?

No. 354968

File: 1500422806025.jpg (357.42 KB, 1330x2048, IMG_1912.JPG)

Apparently if you ask her for your money back, you get nothing.

No. 354972

File: 1500423058324.jpg (188.03 KB, 1434x391, ANHijxZ.jpg)

Kati and Kathi

No. 354975

She's going crazy on twitter because there's people asking for their money she scammed out of them back. She said it's apparently go fund me 'glitching out'. She is so full of bs

No. 354977

File: 1500423439866.jpg (1005.51 KB, 1242x4988, IMG_1919.JPG)

Here's the actual post and replies that screenshot is from. Sorry I'm not that great ant combining multiple pictures.

No. 354990


Woah wait a minute here… So Joy kicked off when Onision thought he had her address, accused him of doxxing her. And now she's demanding personal info as proof from others?!

Hahaha! Thanks for the laughs Joy, I needed that after today.

Joypocrisy the gift that keeps on giving

No. 354991

Re: Normal, OK.

Having done my grad studies in clin psych I don't take suicidal threats lightly, especially if they aren't true ideation and just someone hyperbolizing for attention, so I will call 911 and ask to be rerouted to the Norman, OK dispatch if that's where she is the next time she makes idle threats. There are people with true ideation and that's not cool; one 72 biz hold will make her stop that really quickly.


No. 354997

*Norman, Oklahoma.

No. 355001

File: 1500425274827.png (105.89 KB, 852x608, midwestbs.png)

I found these comments on her latest video about "Exposing her Spirituality" both people claim to be from where she grew up and are calling bullshit on her claims that it's a very conservative area or that people from there call everyone "honey" & "sweetie"
(I blurred the names/avatars of all the posters for privacy)

She did post a receipt for the $600 donation to DonorsChoice and we acknowledged this in the last thread…it's even in the thread summary on the header post for this thread. >>351741
>Unnecessarily stalled giving the $600 donation to DonorsChoice she raised during her Onision debate charity stream. Claimed she would do it live on a stream but says she “forgot” the charity Jeff Holiday chose, continued to put it off for days then claimed she forgot YouTube took 30% from superchat so she announced her roommate was donating the difference so she could give the $600 she originally promised. She eventually did make the donation after many excuses and delays.

One she never posted a receipt for even after promising she would was her charity stream on YouNow for roughly $30 where she posted a pic showing she was 'having problems" making the donation but then she didn't mention a word about it after as far as I know.

The fax gofundme was already shut down for fraud by gofundme itself after several anons reported it. She found out it was shut down on a livestream and then came out with her "big surprise" that she had been planning on using her own money to send it and donating the gofundme money to charity…if this was the case how come she never went thru with sending the fax machine, if she was going to use her own money and all? The person who donated $100 posted about it on one of her videos (the screenshot of this is in a previous thread somewhere) asking where their money went and it was suggested to them they contact gofundme to ask for a refund since they shut it down.

No. 355005

File: 1500425666983.png (934.09 KB, 1004x1305, qhiLDtB.png)


So, googled Norman, OK out of curiousity and this was a top news item presented. I think her angels are giving you a sign!

AND, OMG, it was SO HARD to not alter that from "man" to "woman" and change the location to her apartment complex!

No. 355020


While this annon does not condone utilizing Public services when their are those that might actually need or benefit, nor should lolcow be reputed as a place to do so #1. They are correct in that depending on your title or other extenuating circumstances, if a person appears to be at risk of causing harm to themselves or others you are obligated to take measures to report it #2. The arguments for making contact with professionals on Joys behalf carry more weight that the evidence presented in most of her Onision arguments.

Perhaps Joy should really start weighing the outcome of her choices beforehand. Take a lesson from Marina Joyce.

No. 355022

File: 1500428249124.png (121.71 KB, 718x857, 2017-06-28-23-08-15_crop.png)

yeah..joy needs to be careful about what she posts…

..because thanks to this screenshot taken from a younow moment, i know precisely where she lives.

get triggered, kati.

No. 355024


I think that's exactly what anyone with any concerns should do. Especially as it was through Go fund me, and not Joy. I personally don't think anyone needs to send Joy their personal information.

Why she would even ask for their information is odd to say the least.

No. 355026

Honest question, how can you tell anything from that?

No. 355027

Joy is incredibly impulsive and driven by emotion rather than logic…even if her own Joytards gave her this advice in the nicest way possible she would make excuses then still do whatever she was going to do anyway…that's just how she is, she has no self-control.

I agree with your opinion on calling 911…emergency services should only be used for someone in genuine need. If an anon really feels the need to call the police to request a wellness check they should call the nonemergency line instead and definitely shouldn't involve lolcow nor brag about it here later. Calls to action to punish/go after cows are not really what lolcow is for & is against the rules. It was recently brought up in the Joytard thread and in /meta that we are not supposed to use lolcow as a personal army or as a means of vendetta. HOWEVER, if she is making suicide threats online she shouldn't be surprised if a viewer gets concerned and calls the police to check on her.

No. 355028


I don't think anyone here is interested. This thread is more to point out inconsistencies in regards to what Joy says and posts.

I don't think it's about making anyone feel uncomfortable, or unsafe.

No. 355031

> Doxxing is no longer allowed.
I know some people will disagree with this, but please consider that we never allowed or encouraged cowtipping anyway, so the information gives cows and unintegrated users ammo and invite vendettachans without being of much value to threads. Most of it can be found online anyway.


No. 355033

Her apartment complex was already identified in a previous thread, this is nothing new. Telling her in a weird creepy way that you know where she lives like you plan to do something about it isn't what lolcow is for. Like >>355031 pointed out, doxxing is no longer allowed. It used to be but the rules were recently changed so do not post that information if you have it.

No. 355049

File: 1500430925897.png (276.32 KB, 1242x1463, IMG_1920.PNG)

And the low key racism continues.

No. 355052


"is it racist bc u said it, and u are brown?"

She really can't get any more ignorant.

No. 355055

Something has finally snapped in the twitter community and people are finally coming at her. It's so awesome to watch!

No. 355059

Firstly, great big thanks for your service here and I truly admire your organizational skills. Much love, anon.

The beginner tarot reading shitstream gal was Mercedes Dupont / Mercedes moon. It appears as though she continues to tweet joy but she doesn't respond. Which isn't really a surprise as her friendships are on a revolving door basis and she just uses people as tools to promote her "kindess."

No. 355060

File: 1500432456817.png (107.55 KB, 548x939, triggered.png)


She really lost it tonight. And this is just a snippet.

No. 355061

I still think her last 2 videos were a subconscious shit test to weed out the loyal ones and for her to attach to because the responses people with reasonable criticism is fervent, the same robotic response. It is actually really spooky as my uncle used to be in a Christian end times cult and its the same types of responses.

saged for speculation

No. 355062

File: 1500432598691.png (79.21 KB, 548x868, triggered2.png)


I absolutely love you, Jesswaz.

No. 355065

She is so desperate to be funny and edgy, it's pathetic.

Even if she werent racist trash, which we all know she is, it's been pointed out so many times that her "jokes" are inappropriate, especially coming from someone that claims to have so much "compassion." Yet she is still a crybaby over onion talking shit on her hair and she had to turn that into him having a problem with long brown hair when she knows damn well that wasn't what he meant. Either way, she is choosing to look sloppy and admits to being lazy when it comes to her appearance so you'd think she would be a bit more respectful to the people that are hurt by her attempts at humor

No. 355068

Re: To the anon who posited her last two vids were to weed out the true cult followers (like when Jim Jones first tested people with the unspiked koolaid to see who'd blindly drink and who'd balk,) that supposition was brilliant and I couldn't agree more if I wanted to. ???

No. 355071

File: 1500433706645.jpg (660.4 KB, 330x248, a9kdpm1.jpg)

Here are the outtakes from Joy's last video

No. 355080

She starts out by saying she is no counselor and isnt on YouTube to tell anyone what to do. Isn't that why she started her channel? She started to help others and Jfc she is experienced in anything and everything, right down to her saying to listen to her because she has this magical tool call critical thinking and she her debate skills are so damn good because she comes from a family that did debates . Lol I didn't even think it was possible for her to be any more full of shit. She really must believe her own lies and has no recollection of most of the garbage that comes out of her mouth.

No. 355131

The Egocast made a Joy-like Onision video to make fun of when she thought Onision was waiting by his computer 24/7 just watching for her to post videos he could copyright claim. The shade…lol

No. 355142

Heh, that's great. I got a little chuckle out of it. I've always liked his sense of humor.

No. 355158

This isn't a contribution but I fucking really loathe her for the suicide threat. I know I'm not the only anon in here that's attempted it and been hospitalized for it. It's a mental illness with a really fucking high and real mortality rate, not a marketing strategy. It's hard enough when you have real trauma and a severe chemical imbalance and can never talk about it to anyone for support because they might see you as "attention seeking", because of people like Joy.

It's so deeply stigmatized how the fuck do you really do something like this my mind is fucking blown. Like you can't even ask therapists for help sometimes or psychiatrists to work with you to prescribe medication to save your life because they're scared to work with you. And then there's this bitch using it as an obvious ploy for what, sympathy? Is that how pitiful her life is?

Fuck I'm livid

Edit to add: If you're suicidal you don't make a video, you contact professionals or people closest to you, not whine about it to strangers on the internet or your narcissistic supply of very emphatic and vulnerable people, who they themselves are mentally ill.

Did anyone notice how when we started talking about Isaac being suicidal or whatever, and that a lot of her fans are suicidal, she comes out with this shit???

No. 355167

Depends how she set it up and what she did during the "campaign" (ie, whether she took out any money before it was shut down) and whether the people involved bothered to check GFM's Terms and Refund Policy.
If any of them are lurking, it's here
and here is access to the form you need to fill in to get the money from GoFundMe

GoFundMe doesn't look like it issues automatic refunds, so either she still has access to whatever was donated, or it's in a locked pool that can only be accessed by people seeking refunds - I would hazard a guess that there's a time limit to claim them and then GoFundMe gets it instead. I could definitely be wrong on that though.

No. 355169


Thank you Anon, if she is still tweeting at her I doubt she has ever publicly commented about receiving money from that stream. Joy is ignoring her, no surprises there, she didn't need her Tarot cards to tell her the future in this case.

Yes she did donate the $600 from the Onion stream, after a lot of outside pressure and a lot of excuses. I will try to get everything put together today because I might need help working out which receipt belongs where.


Thank you Anon, I'm illness tracker Anon and this actually is new information to add to the list, thank you. I never looked into the symptoms of copper toxicity because it is impossible to get copper toxicity from the miniscule traces found in an IUD but any new info is appreciated it, the more we can debunk the better.

Wow! She really is on the edge of a fullblown sperg out isn't she? I always sleep through the best bits.

I did have a comment from someone saying they donated $100 to the fax machine Gofundme and never got it back after it shut down but I agree with the Anon who said that is surely a problem with Gofundme, rather than Joy?

No. 355183

Can we revisit the pedo allegations from her indigo child days? The comments (indigo child vid) are full of the allegation that she let pedos mod the forums of indigoabuse, and stuff about grooming kids? I remember this being touched on in thread 2 I believe but I don't think anything "concrete" came from that? It'd be a bigger, more damning thing than the tag stuffing bulls hit at least…

Did I miss something that specifically ties her to pedos?

No. 355185


It got dropped because it was just a random comment with absolutely no supporting evidence to back it up at all and that is not the type of rumour that should be stirred up without proof. They wouldn't even cite a source for their information.

No. 355187

>I did have a comment from someone saying they donated $100 to the fax machine Gofundme and never got it back after it shut down but I agree with the Anon who said that is surely a problem with Gofundme, rather than Joy?

Joy is sperging out on Twitter saying the only donations she ever got were 3 donations of $10 each and that any other screenshots circulating were "proven to be fake" - is this true? I know a bunch of anons independently verified the page while it was live, did any of them archive it? Is GoFundMe even archivable?
If there have been other verified donations made and she is blatantly lying about them (funny how she keeps saying she's "looking at the emails RIGHT NOW" but doesn't provide any screenshots of them?), this is even more evidence that she's being shady and fraudulent with money.

Even if she did provide screenshots of emails at this point, there's no guarantee those are all the emails, or that she didn't edit them anyway, since apparently that sort of shit is commonly faked, isn't it Kati? Can't say that other people are faking their screencaps of donations, then expect them to take your screencaps as totes legit 100% cannot be faked prooferoonies.

No. 355197


archive for the ppage https://archive.is/CNHBL

No. 355199

Removed previous comment due to not seeing the archived gofundme.

So this matches with the YT comment I saw, they weren't happy, they said they had trusted her and were disappointed and they still hadn't received their refund.

I will try to locate the screenshot of this, it might take a while because I have thousands.

No. 355203

A few of her earlier uploads which she removed (must have privated) have now returned to the playlist. Interesting, I wonder what she did to them before making them available again.

No. 355209


I have zero sympathy for those people. If they were stupid enough to give a stranger money to buy an expensive new fax machine to send to some jackass on the internet (as a joke, even!) when going to a thrift store and buying an old one for maybe $10 would have sufficed - they deserve to be parted from their money.

Joy scammed them, and she's a bitch for doing that; but these folks are a special kind of stupid that I simply can't pity. Hopefully, they've learned from this.

No. 355210

The Kayser-Fleischer rings were mentioned previously in thread #2 >>282120 as an indication of excess copper often seen in people with Wilson's disease but yes that would also apply to any cause of copper toxicity. The post also listed the symptoms of copper toxicity and noted that she wasn't displaying them nor was she being treated for it in a way that would do anything.

Yes, someone did donate $100 and they posted a YT comment wondering whatever happened to their donation. The screenshot was posted in thread 4 >>312123 and then in thread 5 someone referenced it >>320052 explaining how the gofundme was shut down and suggesting they ask for a refund.

It was repeatedly noted she could have bought a used one from a thrift store and she even acknowledged she didn't need all that money to do it. In the post >>320052 they talked about how she bragged to Mikenactor in a YouNow livestream about it. Also, she initially asked for $250 but then lowered it to $150 because "she found a better deal for shipping."

No. 355212

OMG you genius
So HOW exactly does she get off repeating over and over publicly on Twitter that she NEVER received more than $30 in donations?!? It clearly says, 5 donors - 3 donations of $10, 1 donation of $100, and 1 donation of $5 bringing the total to $135. She claims over and over there are ONLY 3 donors and all of them donated $10.


This is not a mistake you can just make unless you're deliberately lying.
I hope any of her retarded little shitstain spergleberries lurking here can actually open their eyes to her BLATANT scamming and lying when it comes to money and "receipts" - there is literally NO excuse for her to have lied about this donation. And you can't "fake screenshot" when it's an archive, she's fucked.

No. 355215

She 100% tweeted "we are only $15 short of our goal so if she is saying that she only raised $30 then she is a liar for the millionth time over.

I never understood why she would want so much money for one, the only thing I can think of is for painting it all sparkly and then shipping it to him, so to cover her sparkle supplies and for it to be shipped again.

I can't believe I even typed something so stupid here. Like I have to ask myself, "is this life real?" That there's a lunatic in her 30's, hating and scamming all over the internet, and there's other people that encourage her stupid ass.

No. 355217

File: 1500463735286.png (688.06 KB, 900x608, Uhb4LD1.png)

No. 355218


Sadly, you can cram the truth/facts down their throats and they will still defend the shit out of their false Mesiah.

Case in point - the guy who denied the audio file exposing Joy for being two faced; choosing to side with Joy and condemning the people who exposed her for sharing a private chat.

No. 355219


her spergleberries won't care, but I hope whoever is confronting her on twitter about that takes a copy of everything just provided.

The name on the YT comment matches the name of the $100 dollar donation.

I'm going to see if I can work something else out which I will keep to myself for now.

No. 355221

I've noticed that on the days when she is quiet, she is editing her channel. Making bright and shiny new thumbnails and editing out parts of old videos so she can pretend she never did or said certain things.

No. 355223

>her spergleberries won't care

I'm just looking forward to the mental gymnastics the bitch is going to have to pull to try to justify this. Inb4 she does a video on this, I'll give it 3 days before she has a fucking meltdown on Youtube and ties herself in knots trying to defend these receipts.

Interesting. Are any anons logging these changes? I have screenshotted her channel from time to time, but not for quite a while. Could be notable to compare old and new.
She can edit whatever she likes, I'm quite sure enough of us archived her channel long before she became self aware enough to to hack jobs. Whatever she edits now only makes her look worse because we have the originals to compare whatever she's trying to hide. kek

No. 355227

File: 1500465333621.png (407.5 KB, 1200x320, kayserfleischerrings.png)

From this screenshot from a Jan 16 video "Killing Henry" you can clearly see she does not have the copper deposit rings in her eyes that would indicate actual copper toxicity. This was in January when she claimed she had massive amounts of copper in her system that was so severe it "almost killed her." If she truly had that much copper in her system she would have the rings.

No. 355228

I've found the original comment on the original YT upload, I have taken screenshots of the full conversation of 26 replies. This person was asked 3 weeks ago if they ever heard back from Joy and they have not responded to date.

I don't know if I should say which video it is, just in case she removes it? I am downloading it and will put it on vidme but the more separate screenshots we get the better. What do you think?

No. 355229

File: 1500465922632.png (106.05 KB, 491x843, qtGTlKA.png)


I really, really worry about him. This is what she set up by preying on the young and disabled.

No. 355230

>>355229 I agree, which is why I do this. I think a lot of people underestimate just how damaging her behaviour can be.

Part of me would like to talk to him but he sees us as the enemy now, he doesn't think we might be genuine and that we aren't using her fans to try to get to her, it's her fans that a lot of us worry about, she's a predator and they are the perfect prey.

No. 355233

>feeling like shit for not doing enough

Why does he think he needs to do anything for her? Especially financially when he can't even support himself. This is the type of attitude that worries me about Joytards…the sheer idolization when it's so unfounded, this is such cult-like behavior.

Yeah, they're so far into her that nothing we say, no matter how much evidence we have, they aren't going to listen because we are the enemy and think we are either mistaken, fabricating it, or putting a negative spin on it because we are just "haters." I agree, a lot of other YT's do see her craziness but they think she's mostly harmless. They don't see how she cultivates these extremely vulnerable people for her own use then ditches them when they are no longer useful.

No. 355238


OMFG! I have never watched that video because it just looked too horrid to waste the bandwidth downloading (I don't watch on her channel ever). OMG, the level of stupid in that video is off the charts!

No. 355239

File: 1500468183459.jpg (69.89 KB, 960x720, BS funny recommendations.jpg)

I'm finally listening to her indigo bs and the recommendations have given me a giggle.

Family from hell, cults, etc. Joyonion's life summed up in a few recommendations.

She must be tag spamming to the max again.

No. 355251

>Are any anons logging these changes?

I have TONS of screenies that include video uploads from a few months back, but i haven't been doing too many on the newer stuff since there's so many more people now that aren't buying her bullshit and are saving everything.

After going back and watching some of her first videos, the real crazy thing is that almost every single thing she says is contradictory.

>This is the type of attitude that worries me about Joytards

I don't understand why they don't get it, it's absolutely cult like behavior. Someone doesn't have to participate in sacrificing a goat to be involved in a cult.

Him thinking that way is terrible and a big part of my problem with her. She has to refer to all her donation claims to convince everyone that she is automatically a good person for donating as well as she is somehow better than others for giving when they didnt. Even if she gave 100% of the video earnings, she is still a bad person and all the YouTube money in the world will never change that.

No. 355260

File: 1500471284047.jpg (25.71 KB, 480x514, FB_IMG_1491291280304.jpg)


>>I don't understand why they don't get it, it's absolutely cult like behavior

It's called Cognitive Dissonance, I've said in the past that sociologists would have an absolute field day studying the Joytards. They are a perfect example of it.

And Kati is a perfect example of how cult leaders recruit, you would think she was following the ten step guide straight from the "how to start your own cult".

Step one is set up a big bad enemy to make you look victimised, step in Kaaythy and Onion.

Step two, speculate to accumulate. You scratch someone's back so you have something over them that you can cash in on later, her " donations" to charity fall under this rule too. Joy is so selfless, she has nothing to gain from bring soooo nice. Nothing except joytards, subscriptions and formation.

I could go on but you really should check both out if you haven't already. Every move she makes has a reason behind it.

No. 355329

Damn, you are so right on.
A field day, indeed. She could even be used as an example in education materials that would go on to aide in record setting 4.0 GPAs. That's the fame archangel Michael mentioned to her

No. 355498

The best thing Kati could do for Isaac is cut him off. Block him, even. He is incapable of distinguishing between grifter attention from joy, and what he perceives as friendship. Nothing will ever be enough for him. And now it's to the point where he has become a sideshow attraction. It's very sad to watch, knowing that this couch bound young man is laying there waiting for any attention he can get.

No. 355502


The problem is it's the Internet, so it's difficult to tell from the real obsessed, and the fake trolls.

I see a bit of both in Joy's "fanclub" There are clearly trolls posting as "fans" And they're winding up the rest.

No. 355565

I have just been reading through her twitter and my god it's so frustrating to see what's going down over there right now! It's an absolute shit show!

Someone has claimed they made a €20 donation to the fax machine GFM and never got a refund. We know from the archive ourselves this cant be true, there is no $20 something amount and that is considering the euro to USD exchange rate. Converted into dollars would make it approximately $23.

In response to this claim Joy correctly stated that she only got three $10 donations. This is an accurate statement, she did only get three $10 donations, there was no $20 donation as we can see ourselves in the archived GFM.

Her statement has been interpreted as she was saying that she only got three $10 donations in total and that is disingenuous, she didn't say that, not from what I have seen anyway. She was just pointing out that there is no €/$20 donation.

Newer Anons may be wondering why I seem to be defending her in this instance but longer running Anons know, that's because this is exactly the kind of thing that makes our valid concerns and criticisms so much harder to gain traction. By taking what she said out of context when it is either obvious that is what is happening, , or cannot be proven, you are making her look innocent in general. So now when we present valid concerns, backed up with researched evidence, which other Anons tend to check too, people are automatically going to side with her without looking into it properly because they will remember this, the time she proved she was right.

No. 355567

Thanks for this, anon. I still seem to recall the person who donated the $100 being repeatedly ignored and/or called a liar though - and Joy has never defended this person or helped them to retrieve their refund from GoFundMe. Maybe that's not her responsibility, but so far it looks like that person's concerns are being totally ignored by the person who let them piss away $100 on a joke, and that doesn't look good on Joy either.

No. 355579


Yes, I do agree that needs to be addressed. I wonder if the date on the partial email she released was visible? If that comment was posted before the email date, they might have been refunded by now. They were asked three weeks ago if they received a refund but they haven't responded to that.

She should make the date of the refunds known, especially if she is being completely honest, she has nothing to lose by showing the date and can clear up any outstanding questions about the largest donation.

No. 355623

Completely agree, it could always be Joy fans trying to throw a spanner in the works but that is tinfoil hat.

Joy has been INCREDIBLY quiet even twitter side. Benji and copper have not spoken of her in sometime almost 2 weeks and the backlash on her recent video wow… that is one heck of a reaction to the double down. over 50% dislike and the comments are pretty enlightening just seeing through her mostly with logic and most saying you crazy girl.

My theory still stands I think she done it as a shit test to weed out the true fans and I think she is either going to a) create a spoony like echo chamber and block people like her streams or change her content to suit them and then the crazy shit starts.

However she is not completely dumb she knows people like Jaclyn Glenn, Repzion (who lurks her comments sometimes, he really does not like her.) Andy Warwski will go after her at this point she really has nothing to lose though her viewership is dying her comment section hates her and her streams are starting to fill with people calling her out.

She is on 62.109 and her OWN content scrapes 7k and has overwhelming negative results. Her recent Onision video got 29k views after 4 days and her recent subs are mostly from this video or others who really want to see the trainwreck. We know now though that subs mean absolutely nothing.

So at the moment she is really caught between a hard place but she is incredibly predictable as a few anons and myself saw this coming but at this point we are at the end of the party, she ain't no darksidephil who kept it up for 8 years because her channel has no actual content we just want to see this shit show get off youtube,

saged for progress report

No. 355643

It's not exactly news because Blaire has been throwing shade at Joy for a while, but she flat out just called Joy "fucking crazy" in her debate with Onision Lmfao
It's nice that Blair White and Onision can bond over their mutual disgust of Joy.

No. 355648

Blaire just called Joy a psychopath too, lol.

No. 355653


She's having a bit of a meltdown about it on twitter. Joy says it's a "bitchy, shitty judgement" to make and that since Blaire hasn't met her she doesn't really know her.

Kati, you are nuts. Just because you can't take Blaire aside "privately" to manipulate her into thinking otherwise doesn't mean she's wrong.

No. 355659

File: 1500502578006.png (66.81 KB, 542x704, joyblaire.png)

No. 355660

File: 1500502720688.png (40.57 KB, 584x447, joyblaire2.png)


What makes you crazy is your obsessive behavior and poor choices, you nutcase.

No. 355661


I already liked Blaire; but she won so many respect points for saying that in her stream. :)

How soon before Joy starts making hate videos on Blaire for 'shit talking' her in her Onision debate?

No. 355662

Probably real soon since she's livestreaming now.

No. 355664

So Blair can not judge joy because they've never met? So how is that any different than the videos she makes? Has she met Greg in person? so she has the "right" to judge him and accuse him? Has she me mike m.? Keemstar? Like um, ok… cant wait to see what happens after this debate lol

No. 355667

1 hour calling it and Blaire has a large fanbase so guess what we have a new leech

not upset "so angry" k Kati

No. 355668

>I have no issue w her

Of course you don't, she's hugely bigger than you, dumb shit.
Everyone knows plain as day that if Blaire had 1 subscriber less than Joy, she'd be making a tonne of callout videos and sending her spergs on the attack.

I'm sure a lot of us have our own issues or disagreements with Blaire, but ffs she knows a crazy, manipulative bitch when she sees one. I kinda hope Joy does try to start some shit, because Blaire won't take one fucking second of Joy trying to cutesy up to her. LOL

No. 355669

Blair wasn't being sh*tty, just honest. Joy has taken things way too far.

And tweeting about Blair's (popular) opinion doesn't do Joy any favours either.

Joy could actually learn a thing or two about Blair's debate, it was much better than hers.

No. 355675

wtf was she saying about the nerve endings in her bfs penis? i missed that part

No. 355683

Well excuse you very much, I think you'll find Joy is VERY LOUDLY taking the high road and being the mature person (implying Blaire is an immature drama whore) lolololololol

No. 355684


IUDs can be used as after the fact abortion if inserted w/in 5 days of unprotected sex. Wanna bet bf didn't want to wear condom and she worked herself into a freak out and got the IUD to avoid spawning? I personally applaud her for not spawning! BUT, can't wait to hear details of how she spins it into the BF's fault.

No. 355687

HOLY FUCK!!! she thinks she did it out of kindness to send people to her stream. So delusional.

No. 355689

Blair is in her chat

No. 355690

samefag Grab the popcorn Blaire is coming

No. 355691

Blaire's about to come onto Joy's stream.

No. 355693

She is the hero Youtube deserves preys for savagery

No. 355694


I came in late but I'm capturing the chat, this might get fucking wild

No. 355695

"I'm a huge fan, I love your content, I respect you" Joy's pulling the same manipulative shit as Onision.

No. 355696



No. 355697


blair appologized to her

No. 355698

I am crushed fuck sake Blaire

No. 355700

Blaire just lost my respect. Fuck.

No. 355701

Omg she's already making it about her illness fuck this I'm out

Blaire you fucked up

I don't care if you're drunk, this is so disappointing. Blaire doesn't fucking apologise for being savage. Fuck this.

No. 355703

Joy bringing up her illness. Shocker.

She's sperging out because Blaire apologized because she's happily drunk.

No. 355708

How. The HELL. Did Blaire get so worked up against Crazy Hair, and won't stand her ground against Joy?
Does Joy have some stanky vagina magic that as soon as you get in a call with her, you crumple into a gooey complimentary heap?
It's disturbing!!

No. 355710

Okay so this Blaire White is another retarded Onision Perl Clutcher? WTF, is this whole part of Youtube filled with idiots?

No. 355713

She might of done it to stop her tweeting her.

No. 355716

Thanks Blaire now she's totally fucking manic and acting crazy.

Good thing is that she's never gonna take this stream down now because SENPAI FINAWWY NOTICED HER

I guess acting like a rabid fucking dog does get you what you want. I'm disgusted.

No. 355717

No, not just that part :)

No. 355718

incoming "roommate reveal"
dipshit is wearing a fucking mask. didn't say a word.

No. 355724


I'm going to blame the booze for Blaire's lack of judgement (in regards to apologizing).

No. 355725

Joy's going on a rant about how the rape drawing was a "joke", etc. I hate Onision as much as the next person but that's not cool no matter how you slice it. I bet you ANYTHING she'd throw a giant fit if someone did that to her.

No. 355727

It feels like that whole, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."
In Warski's newer video about the Blaire / Onision debate before it happened, Andy brought up Joy and how Onision is the reason she lost her channel.
I don't think these bigger youtubers have truly dug that deep into Joy. They only go by what they see on the surface, or take what Joy says as gospel truth. Tunnel vision.
Since they all hate Greg so much, it just feels like a whole lot of confirmation bias going on.

Saged for the beginning of the Twilight Zone happening now.

No. 355728

Even thought she's just watching the same stream we just watched and now adding her manic screeching over the top, I'm glad I'm capturing the chat. Her fuckface mods just banned a chick who said she is a rape victim and thinks Joy needs to get a mental health check - wasn't rude or anything - and she got timed out for 300 seconds. You can see the message before it got deleted and the message on Joy's screen saying the person was banned.

No. 355729


Seriously… if the Oniontard has to get drunk to debate him… well, she's not exactly any different than that drunk idiot Jeff Holiday's "rat a tat tat" rant. If this is the best of the crew challenging Onision???

I personally don't give a shit about this high school BS that they're going on w/him. He's a fucking emo. BUT, at least he makes original content and they're all drunks reacting to him?

No. 355730

Let more people flood in because the more people watching her, the more people who will eventually see what a lying piece of shit she is.

No. 355731

File: 1500505827986.png (65.1 KB, 750x469, IMG_2411.PNG)

Lolol so wait. Onision isn't allowed to be mad about a drawing of him getting raped but she can say that Onision pushing her to do the debate was like him being andatw rapist. She's so fucking vile. I wish her YouTube career would crash and burn already.

No. 355732

I think this whole meme of "need booze to put up with conversation with Gerg" is pretty unprofessional and if you're trying to get the upper hand on him in a debate, going in drunk all the time (or fucking crazy, in Joy's case) isn't the way to do it. These "skeptics" are making themselves look like goddam clowns. Playing right into his hands.

No. 355734

The drawing is not okay. If someone did a drawing like that of Joy I'd say that one isn't okay. Though I'm really curious if she'd treat it as a joke if someone did one like that for her. I make a living as an artist, and if I didn't find it so fucking repulsive I'd do it myself.

No. 355737


She actually brought that up again in this evening's stream. 'I didn't want to debate him; but he kept pushing and pushing - so I finally said I would'.

All she had to do was stay firm in her decision and continue refusing him. She can't even use his empty threat of suing her a sa reason for caving because she was begging him to do so in that stream.

The only reason Joy agreed to debate him was because she realized how much money she could make off the stream - so 'relented'.

No. 355740

I cannot believe she apologised.

Well, at least we know who to avoid if they're fans of Joytan.

If they can't see the manipulation Joys doing more fool on them.

No. 355742


That's the only thing I could agree with Onision on - that picture was out of line, and - if the roles were reversed - he'd be crucified.

And, again; I hate it when people make me agree with Onision.

No. 355743

And to add, Joy has promised to do MULTIPLE livestreams on tonight's "debate".

Dear mother of gosh

No. 355747

But of course. The attention.

No. 355748

File: 1500506345037.png (372.93 KB, 376x610, B891x29.png)

So sick of the "12yo in her underwear" shit. The girl was wearing work out gear that covered more than the woman in the picture. I personally worked out that way in public on a military base for years and years. That is not "scantily clad"

No. 355750

She also just dragged up the Onision debates she did before and how "she hasn't actually gone through them so more videos incoming!"

Does she have any shame in the fact that she said she's DONE talking about Onision? Like, 400 times?

No. 355753


I'm not going to hate Blaire because she apologized to Joy. Remember, the girl is drinking; for all we know, it's the booze talking.

Apologizing doesn't make Blaire an automatic Joytard; it makes her an adult for apologizing for being catty.

However, it'll be interesting to see what happens if Joy starts acting like she and Blaire are best buddies, after the fact.

No. 355755

The ONLY reason she has even a little bit of "fame" is because of Onision. Really fucking sad when you think about it. He's essentially paying for her pizza and chips she stuffs her fat face with

No. 355757

She wasn't even a part of it! Holy shit she needs to control her damn obsession with the guy.

No. 355758

Okay… this woman's ability to rattle off all these details of his life… WTF? There are TV shows that I love and have watched in reruns for years, so have seen each episode probably 50+ times easily and I couldn't rattle off that much about the characters. This woman is scary in her obsession.

No. 355760

I don't think Blaire apologizing makes her a Joytard. She's drunk, having a good time and probably doesn't want Joy making videos about her for the next 6 months like she has Greg.

No. 355761

She has said she's been "studying" him for 10 years.

No. 355762


But, she's not obsessed; she's 'passionate'.

No. 355768

Joy obviously doesn't have a social life any real friends so outside of this drama she has nothing else to talk about.

No. 355769

"He literally looks like a 12 year old popped her cherry on his face, he looks like she had her first period on his face."


No. 355771

Out of the blue: "Aw, it looks like he's popped someone's cherry all over his face. She had her first period all over his face." What the hell? Where did that thought come from?

No. 355773

I can't believe she just said that. Joy is so manic right now.

No. 355774

Regarding the roommate thing in the debate thread… this might be reaching pretty far but fuck it. do yall think its possible she has a live-in carer or nurse of some sort? That would explain soo much

No. 355776

Her old friend Phil already confirmed he's an ex, I believe. It's been gone over again and again. No point in rehashing.

No. 355780


Nope. He's straight up cucked. PhilS helped her pick which man she was going to live with (she had a couple offers and sounds like she was getting kicked out of her current place)… PhilS said roommate was least scary of her options. Roommate drove to Kati's town and picked her up and helped her move. PhilS said "Roommate had romantic potential when she first moved there" implying that she (my interpretation) fucked her way into a home, then quit giving it up once she'd gotten herself embedded… sort of like a parasite.

No. 355785

No surprise she's willing to essentially whore herself out to get what she wants.

No. 355786


That's a very disturbing thing to have thought up, let alone utter on a Livestream.

Maybe the anons who question why she's obsessed with pedophilia are onto something. Just sayin.

No. 355788



How can ANYONE defend that line of thinking?! Kati, you vile piece of shit, read this and actually let it sink in.

You CANNOT be raped over the internet! Did you fill your quota of calling people pedophiles? I was a victim of rape. It has taken time, but I consider myself a survivor now. Learn a new word and stop exploiting shit you know nothing about.

How dare you block anyone for speaking their truth? The world doesn't revolve around you and the indent you've left on the couch. Greg has asked you to stop, but you won't. Can you follow that line of thinking?

No. 355790

Blaire doesn't actually like her and only apologized so that joy can stop going after her. She actually doesn't like her because in a previous stream and in other streams before that she did say that Joy was nuts. She still stands by that but she has to save her own ass

No. 355791


Seriously! I hate pulling that card but if that so effortlessly comes out is just concerning at the very least. While she's in a manic state and doesn't have much control over her emotions, at that.

No. 355795

But what does Blaire have to fear or to lose from calling Joy out for the crazy cunt she is?

OMG she just said she's gonna make a whole new video about how her and Blaire are besties now.

No. 355798

Apologize to the crazy lady and back away slowly, Try not to make eye contact and no-one will get hurt..

No. 355799


Let her - I'm sure Blaire will be thrilled to see that (not really - Blaire will set the record straight on that one).

Joy needs to learn that being civil =/= besties.

No. 355800

Please tell me other anons are recording this and the chat. It's morning here and I gotta go do stuff today so however many consecutive streams she does to cover this debate, I'm not going to get them all.
It's so important to include the chat, as you'll see when I upload and show you the message that this girl got banned for. So fucked up.

No. 355801


I'm sorry… but Blaire can get tanked up and take on Onision, but can't be honest with Kati? I'm not buying it. All these Oniontards are either drunk or crazy or both. It's no wonder he's playing them all like a string orchestra.

No. 355802

I think it's more of the fact that Joy spammed her for the past fifty minutes and Blaire is just appeasing her. So that's why she is probably apologizing.

No. 355804

I'm not saying it's an excuse. It could be possible that blaire could be lying about being tanked to use that as an excuse for joy that way she's again appeasing the crazy lady.

No. 355812

She's gonna do multiple streams but remember guys… she's totally sick.

No. 355816

The bs exchange btw Ron and Kati on her LS…. Way to backtrack there dude. I'd say everyone saw his LS the other day as a trash joy fest. Even if you call if criticism, after an hour straight, with more than 3 people gigging together over your belief in angels, and you're not even there to defend yourself. That's just criticism, sure. Whatever. And we can get along, sure. Kati gets along with everyone.

Even though, most people addressing her go about it in a far nicer way, in a singular manner, with actual criticism other than general shit talk. How come this guy gets a pass? I wonder if anyone else from the stream would get the same treatment? Because I've never seen a single person be treated in the manner he was, especially after carrying on like that. Not saying it shouldn't have happened. He can and should do as he wants. And she should too. But the blatant hypocrisy! In front of your face, Ron! After you just spent hours shit talking about it! Now you're gonna turn around and cosign it?

I wonder how the rest of the people from that live stream of his are feeling now.

No. 355822

Prior USMC anon here… her army guy is not correct in what he's saying. Am so tempted to make video to clear this shit up. I think the problem is that he's probably a grunt (e.g. his duty in the army was to be front line fodder).

No. 355831

Can't wait to splice together these clips of Joy saying she's triggered as shit by Onision's claims that a depiction of Blaire raping him was offensive, that he triggered her PTSD "as a rape victim" and then contrast that to all her rape jokes, her mods banning a rape victim for saying Joy triggers her and is offensive to rape victims, etc.
This is going to be brilliant.

No. 355832

Joy says "cy is a professional cosplayer, she gets paid more than you or I to fly around the world and dress up" What a load of HORSE SHIT

No. 355834

Joy talking about the few times she's had alcohol, which is funny because she's said before she's never had alcohol.

No. 355835

I gotta go out, someone *please& take over the recording the screen and chat for the next stream; she says it'll be tomorrow but you never know with her manic shit if she doesn't start in 15 minutes. It'll be greatly appreciated if someone can take over, maybe Recorder Anon? Haven't seen them for a while though.

No. 355837

I'd do it but I've never done it before. Hope Recorder Anon comes to the rescue.

No. 355838

File: 1500510281083.png (95.75 KB, 502x792, ZGCt2ze.png)

from bef blaire ooozed onto her live stream

No. 355840

File: 1500510390793.png (84.36 KB, 473x632, QMyyUMg.png)

No. 355842

if she wasn't offended she wouldn't have went on and on about it. such a child.

No. 355852


Thank you, I'm so glad someone sees it.

I just can't stand those who condone bullying and are riding Joy's back for exposure.

Joy and her fans are hypocrites.

No. 355858

it could be possible that blaire was lying that she was drunk as an excuse to joy to just to get her to stop messaging her

No. 355861


I'm sorry but when they were bonding over their Onision hate boners… Blaire said something to the effect of "yes, joy you're weird, but so am I. I mean, I'm a man running around in a dress for God's sake." Sorry, but why am I supposed to respect the pronouns of someone who is just a man running around in a dress? And, had he not been running around in that dress, he would not have had any platform to get into a debate with Onision in the first place because conservative women and conservative men don't exactly do very well when their entire platform is bitching about other youtubers. He/she(?) would still be down around 50k users w/out the whole trans thing they were spinning. So, drunk or not… Oniontards are just a bunch of idiots that make Onision look better every time they open their mouth.

No. 355863

Agreed completely. Blaire white shames trans people with bullshit statements like that.

No. 355899

okay but she could of said that to get joy off her ass because she actually does think the bitch is nuts

No. 355902

Watching Joys stream. Not finished yet. Highlights so far:
Blair enters stream 27:03
Roommate "says hi" 38:08
Negative Reactions arrives 1:17:02

No. 355911

several anons have mentioned that before. too bad what goes out on the internet lives forever and is up to the watcher to interpret.

this 'debate' was nothing but a ploy for views that gave gerg the attention he wanted, made Blaire look like a mean girl, and gave Kati even more of an excuse to be an annoying drama whore who will cling to anyone's asshair for a whiff of attention. what a mess today was.

No. 355936

Am I the only one that actually thought Joy's debate and Blaire's debate were pretty fucking similar? Instead of grossly shoving her face with popcorn, Blaire was obnoxiously sipping on vodka with her awful uneven lip injections while forgetting her points, interrupting Onion, and throwing petty insults. It was dumb to also retweet a very childish offensive drawing of Onion right before the debate - come on. He's a textbook asshole and creep, why is it so difficult for someone intelligent to debate him who isn't extra or sloppy as fuck?

Joy was manic and Blaire was drunk and extra. Yeah Blaire shut him down but it was obnoxious and she had so many chances to bring up legitimate evidence and didn't. They both suck and I'm glad Blaire is, for whatever reason, kissing Joy's ass. Joy is being a punk though and I wish she called Blaire out for being as two-faced as Lainey apparently was. They're all so hypocritical I can't stand it, but that's the nature of these narcissists.

No. 355946

This is why I cannot understand how so many people turn a blind eye to Joy and her bullshit. Blaire said far worse shit than Lainey did. Yet Blaire is entitled to her opinion, but Lainey isn't? Blaire's apology was fake as fuck too.

Blaire has her fair share of people who come at her daily. Simply because the topics she talks about are hot button issues. She has always owned up to her opinions and refuses to apologize if they offend anyone.

She has been asked about Joy in previous livestreams, and I've never heard her take any of what she said back.

None of these bigger youtubers care about what Joy says or does. Because they all push the same narrative that Onision is a monster, Joy can do what she wants, because obviously it's all Onision's fault.

No. 355959

Ironically I fucking hate Onision but now I hate Joy and Blaire so much more they're so fucking dumb and sloppy how do you debate the most hated Youtuber manage to come off as more dislikable

I have absolutely no idea why Blaire apologized. That's extremely fucking weird. From what I've been seeing these "skeptics" actually try to distance themselves from Joy, specifically because they hate Onion and don't want to be associated with her by default- which is why Blaire said Joy was crazy in the debate to begin with. I have zero understanding of what would posses Blaire to apologize after all that, drunk or not, Joy has nothing to offer. Joy has a much smaller following and even if she made hate videos they would just be pathetic.

Sorry I'm rambling I legitimately do not understand these idiots.

No. 355960

File: 1500530351880.png (632.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-07-20-15-55-27…)

No. 355961

File: 1500530415741.png (758.54 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-07-20-15-55-46…)

No. 355965

File: 1500530492561.png (758.95 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-07-20-15-56-01…)

No. 355982

>why is it so difficult for someone intelligent to debate him who isn't extra or sloppy as fuck?

I asked myself ( and anons ) the same after the Joysus debate ( although we all knew that one's going to be a train wreck ). It's weird as fuck that no one goes into this well prepared, calm, researches every bit of the topic they bring up ( with dictionary definitions no less, because Gergle has a boner for those ), etc. The horse I bet on in the past was SMG827, because I thought for sure he's going get it right and even that was 3/4 a shit show.
As for Blaire apologising to Kati, that was just weird.

No. 355990


This person is giving her more credit than she deserves. I don't believe for a mad minute that Joy had an abusive childhood and she was the Onion in her relationships with all expect one, Daniel and apparently she enjoyed the challenge of trying to control and break him the way she has in all previous relationships, only it didn't work with him. Her husband, David and Jason had a terrible time with her not the other way round.

She is right about one thing though, it is projection and that is because Onion is Joy, Joy is Onion and as Joy said herself that sometimes the things we hate the most in the world are the same things we see in ourselves. That and the challenge aspect of having any power and control over someone like Onion.

Joy just turned on her family and others because they got sick of her shit. We have seen her turn once close friends into her creepy stalker weirdos once they see the light, it's a pattern of behaviour she has cycled through her whole life.

I started reading through these with faith that by the end Blaire would have woken a lot of people up, boy was I disappointed!

No. 356011

Disappointed as I am it's clear why most people suck up to Joy.

She relentlessly attacks them in snide ways should they fall off her bandwagon.

She's also clearly found people to pull the already loose strings at YouTube. This gives other youtubers the illusion that Joy is an all powerful being.

She definitely appears to be aiming to break Onision. And anyone else should they cross paths with her.

She cannot stand us here as her tactics fail, we won't be manipulated, and call bull when we see it.

No. 356017


So they are cowards basically. Absolute cowards who won't stand up for what they truly believe just because they can't be arsed to hit the block button on her antics. That is literally all they have to do to take away this imagined "power" block, mute, ignore. Block her twitter, allow your much bigger following to deal with her squad of Joytards and don't respond to a single thing she has to say. It's pretty simple really.

And the other thing is it takes just one, just one larger YTer to call her out for her shit and the rest will soon follow and even her maniacal behaviour can't churn out the amount of videos she would need to have a pop at all of them.

Just because people hate Onion doesn't mean they can't call her out on her shit. That's the equivalent of ISIS and the KKK going at each other, just because you hate ISIS doesn't mean you support the bloody KKK, they are both scum and having a pop at the KKK doesn't mean you support ISIS, yet this seems to be the train of thought these morons have with Onion and Joy. Yet she is doing more to make Onion appear a victim than she is damaging him. How is this not maddening to Anti-O people? I feel sorry for Onion, she makes him look reasonable because she's that unhinged, stop worrying about appearing like you are turning on one of your own when she's doing more damage to your cause than good.

I just had to unleash that, it's so disappointing that all of these seemingly intelligent people fear her and back down or say nothing st all. The amount of information we have dug up that they could use on their far bigger platform but choose not to. Cowards.

Saged for rage.

No. 356019

Joy is streaming on Mikenactor's younow, bitching about Blaire.


No. 356020

It's all about the money, guys. These people don't have ethics, principles, morals, etc. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. Sorry to burst your bubbles but you have to grow up sometimes.

No. 356023

I wish they would stop being so fucking racist it is just disgusting.

No. 356028

I literally can't even watch her for more than a few minutes. Here we go again with her telling her hilarious racism story:
brownpeople+gingers+Mexicans= hardy har har. Her friends are so lame and don't have the balls to tell her that she is being trash. Even a simple story doesn't make sense, she was asked if she saw mean girls and says that she was fat and didn't have friends until she was 16, it was before she got sick and she wasn't into watching much, not much could keep her attention. Couldn't a simple "no" suffice? Of course it was before she was sick, it was over 15 years ago and she isn't really sick anyway. Her circle is so starved for the attention that they just ignore the red flags, like that one right there, because she had to throw in the sick bit to convince us and herself that she is really sick. The interesting part of that is her saying she didn't have friends, now that I totally believe. For whatever the reason, I don't think she has ever had friends. She probably enjoyed pulling the wings off flies, killing cats and dogs and playing with matches. It doesn't seem like she has had really much life experience at all either. She is just a bored liar that enjoys her bizarre life of torturing people. I had to tap out of the stream because she can't seem to cover her mouth when she yawns and her face is literally terrifying, like an angry baboon. Honest to goodness terrifying. And CyThatTard in the chat repeating what joy says, you can't even watch the chat because her busted parrot ass doesn't stop typing and her and Joy's videos blew up GuYZ derpp derp

No. 356034


"Nothing could keep her attention…" Interesting. An Anon once pointed out that a lot of Indigo children are actually suffering with ADHD but their parents don't like that label so lump them in as Indigos instead.

It also explains why Kati's mother would be constantly annoyed with her.

No. 356035


she discovered she was indigo at 20yo (she's self diagnosed) and there has never been any evidence that her mother had anything to do with the indigo stuff. The closest is her weird story about someone saying that she wasn't crazy and was just psychic at the age of 12yo? 13yo? when she woke up hearing voices of the dead.

No. 356039


One thing that is for sure is as long as enabling continues, she is going to be on a slippery slope and things aren't going to end well for her. All these people that cheer her on are helping to fuel a major breakdown that is bound to happen, that she may never recover from.

She has no purpose. She certainly isn't living, only existing. I don't think anyone actually believes she is helping anything or anyone but herself. Shit talking DO5 is not actually helping, in fact it's adding to the problem and breeding hate. There's no real content on her channel, it's all just shit talk that makes her look like a fool and even that won't last forever and is already boring.

No. 356047

She also had a good laugh at roommate's expense, joking that she was going to have mikenactor move in with them and pay his rent too. Of course she will say it was a joke, it's always just a joke, brah. The thing is, she is laughing at him.

No. 356050


> All these people that cheer her on are helping to fuel a major breakdown that is bound to happen, that she may never recover from.

She's a narcissistic con artist, there is no breakdown in her future. If this fades, she'll be working a new hustle without missing a beat.

No. 356052


She's been throwing out a lot of nesting noises…. I wonder if roommate is going to finally move because she's been "low key" signalling for new digs. Like that whole "you move in with me and roommate" shtick sounded like a set up for "I was willing to let you move in with me!" in an attempt to wheedle into a new housing situation.

No. 356061


No, I don't think her mother did have anything to do with indigo, I think her mother knew it was ADHD but we know Kati doesn't like mental health problems, she likes to be special. So I think that was why she herself was drawn into the Indigo thing. And even then it was a reach because she was considered too old, there was a certain DOB needed and she was too old for it but she grasped at it anyway because heaven forbid she has "just" ADHD.

Saged for tinfoil. Speculation only.

No. 356066

I know you are tinfoiling but I do think that sounds plausible…it's never "just" anything with Kati. It's always some bizarre & incredibly unique explanation for what she's going through…like her "chest pains" can't possibly be caused by something as mundane as anxiety…it has to be a "mystery illness" that stumps medical science and can only be cured by some fanciful "crunchy" pseudoscience that she doesn't even do correctly like the hydrogen peroxide thing.

No. 356084

I believe this too. The heart thing is such bullshit. A heart attack can be confirmed in something as simple as blood work, including her "near" heart attacks. Her heart mystery would have been followed up with an outpatient cardiac catheterization since her EKG was "normal" according to her. She chooses to have this mystery along with all the indigo nonsense and fibro because there's no visible proof or signs to anyone around her.

Nothing makes sense or adds up in her world but being so anti mental health issues really has a juicy history that she is hiding. Like I have a few mental health disorders diagnosed and who cares? I'm in my 30's and couldn't care less about it even if I had a neon sign over my head that flashed "I'm crazy." If others are diagnosed and do care, that's ok too. She admits to having panic attacks that she "masks" so why is it such a bad thing to have a diagnosis? Panic attacks are mental health so wouldn't she have mental health problems?

No. 356104


I think it will always remain a mystery with her. Because if she ever gets an actual diagnosis that means action can be taken to help recovery, or at least alleviate it. A diagnosis can be treated, be improved, medicated, counselled, etc. She would no longer be able to claim the same level of suffering.

It's also why when she has had diagnosis in the past, such as the tumour/abscess, they are never straight forward, they always have to be almost fatal versions because having a bog standard abscess doesn't garner the amount of sympathy she requires to function.

Anyway, that's the last of my tinfoil.

No. 356109

give it up. you thought blaire was going to go godzilla on her, and she pussied out. 'saving her ass' from what? some toxic little shit that the entire community avoids? blair's fans would crush the joytards effortlessly.
Blaire didn't have the guts to stand by it, simple as that.

No. 356111

Can we just take a moment to appreciate all the shade she tossed Blaire White’s way during her “coverage” of Onision and White’s “debate"? “She called me a crazy bitch, if that’s the person she wants to be-“ “That’s how people on youtube are-“ ect. So while she’s undercutting Blaire’s character she’s trying to convince the chat she’s the bigger person. It was honestly hilarious to watch.

No. 356114


Apologizing for acting like a bitch is never a bad thing; no matter who the apology is directed towards. It's called being the better person and acting like an adult.

And apologizing for calling someone a name/derogatory term doesn't necessarily mean they support the one they insulted; it could just be they're apologizing for broadcasting their opinion to the public instead of keeping it to themselves (alcohol will lower a person's inhibitions; and, outside of private streams, Blaire has never publicly thrown shade at Joy).

No. 356116


Was this before or after Blaire apologized to her? Because, if it was after, wouldn't that make Joy the shit talker?

No. 356119


After, and yep. Joy was seething at her until she showed up with that fake ass apology.

No. 356127


I wouldn't have called it seething; but, despite what she said, she was clearly bothered by Blaire's comments. Otherwise, why start a stream where the first thing she addresses was what Blaire said - and immediately replying to an offensive tweet that Blaire supposedly tweeted at her ('Thanks, Bitch!', I think - I never saw it, personally).

No. 356145

Video: Onision & Blaire White Debate

“She’s young and maybe over time she’ll apologize, but she has every right to her opinion.”
“There are things she got wrong about the situation, but that’s okay! That’s okay.”
“I do think it’s funny that called me weird and crazy before… You’re a conservative transgender who goes after transgender people…”
“It does feel very judgemental coming from somebody, I’m assuming whose gone through judgemental shit. Not everybody is going to have compassion for somebody else.”

Someone is chat: “Blaire talking shit is just her being naive. Be strong gurl.”
Joy: That’s what I’m saying. She’s young, she does alot of stuff for comedic value, and she does shit talking sometimes. I’m not someone who wants to shit talk, that’s not me. I’ve been through enough in my life, why make more fucking negative.”

“I have no beef with Blaire White, if she has an issue with me, that’s her issue. In my opinion, if she was a mature, respectful person she would come talk to me. Let’s play devil’s advocate, if she thinks I’m crazy why would she want to talk to be, but that’s where it’s a bitchy judgement.”

“Hold on just a second, need to take out some trash” - her referring to a criticism in the chat. “I love creepy fucking people.”

“Someone says Blaire tweeted at me, I didn’t see it, I kind of just don’t care.”

“I’m going to try to be peaceful and respectful because I have no issue with this person.”

“She wrote ‘you’re welcome, bitch” and again if that’s who she wants that’s fine.”

-Diatribe about going to people who have an issue- “that’s what you do when you’re a mature, respectful, compassionate human being. I’m not just going to talk shit to make drama, that’s not in my nature.”

“I don’t think I did anything, it’s just her opinion of it.”

“And she just wrote that to be, it wasn’t like a reply or anything, what am I supposed to do with that?”

Someone in chat: “Says she’s not upset about it, bitches on livestream”
Joy: I love it, I’m not bitching about it, I’m talking about it, because I’m not upset with it she has every right to feel the way she needs to feel. That’s fine. But I’m trying to do the MATURE thing, and if there’s an issue, talk it out. This may just be a situation where she wants to make drama right now.”

timestamp 20:30
She has been talking about almost exclusively Blaire so far.

“It probably won’t go anywhere positive, however I’m going to try however she wants to react - shakes head- that’s her way to react.”

“Even if the other person isn’t respectful, because then you’ve done your part.”

“I’ve been helping people this week who have shit talked me. And I defended them, I defended their right to criticize me.Just to give you guys a heads up.”

Blaire joins at 26:00, all shit talking ends and the ass kissing begins.

If I were in Blaire’s position I would have said it was a joke too, just so I didn’t have to deal with all that insincere nonsense.

No. 356156

Then on Mikenactor's livestream, she talked about how much she respects, admires, and looks up to Blaire, and how she was shaking with nervousness that Blaire wanted to come on stream to talk to her. God, she's so fucking fake.

No. 356157

>Ironically I fucking hate Onision but now I hate Joy and Blaire so much more they're so fucking dumb and sloppy how do you debate the most hated Youtuber manage to come off as more dislikable

Bingo. Seriously, they are pathetic and more alike than I had ever imagined. I almost gave Blaire a pass, I can see being the better person or taking the high road, but for Blair to say to joy it was "more like a sister" ….the fuck ? Really? Nope, that was unnecessary and is actually ass kissing. Blair is a pussy and I am sorry I liked her before. She could say she was sorry for the name calling and leave it there and I would respect that. No wonder why joy thinks they are bffs

No. 356168

I'm sorry I'm a child but joy reminds me of the movie Idiocracy. She talks fast so it's hard to catch it but the way she talks is just awful and it's all the time. An example is at 3:39 in the Blair stream and she mentions being worked up and says "to make you understand why amped up I am" and I can't stop laughing.

No. 356177

It's exactly as I said earlier, everyone is terrified of Joy and her fans, no one has quite gone as far as she and her fans have. Onision's are tame by comparison.

I predict it will only be smaller youtubers (about under 1000 subs) who will discuss Joy, larger youtubers will ignore the situation.

No. 356179

I don't have a YT channel, other than for watching. I've never had any interest in showing my face on camera, or having sub's, or people hanging on my every inane ramble, I'm just not interesting or inclined but I honestly wish some big YTer would let me take over their channel just for a single day, even just a single stream, just so I could finally confront her face to face with everything we have accumulated over the last six months.

I've dealt with worse than her, bigger than her, better than her, she doesn't intimidate me for a second. I would rip her a new arsehole and leave people in absolutely no doubt as to who she is.

Then I'd slip back under the Anonymous rock I crawled from, never to be seen again. Just. One. Stream…

The problem is she doesn't like other women of a similar age and it has nothing to do with "being bitchy and dramatic" Kati, it's because we have the life experience to see and cut through your bullshit. I wish I could predict the winning lottery numbers the way I can predict you.

No. 356183


Actually there’s a really telling moment where Joy was insisting she isn’t ass kissing (30:25). “That’s not what this is-“ to which Blaire responds with "girl, I know what it is. I know what this is. I casted shade at Jaclyn too, I’m just a shitty person”

to me it came off as Blaire was just taking the piss to not have to deal with Joy’s bullshit. I don’t think Blaire is intimidated by her, came off as more she just didn’t want to deal with her at all.

No. 356188


Unfortunately that won't happen, the bigger youtubers only care about one thing. Money.

I think another disliked youtuber put it perfectly: No one on there can be trusted, they all want to make money, they are all fake, possibly even acting, and they aren't viewers therapists.

This definitely applies to Joy fans, they would do well to keep an open mind. We've all said it countless times here but it Joy was so nice and out to help, she wouldn't have a Pateron or super chats open.

No. 356196

>Unfortunately that won't happen, the bigger youtubers only care about one thing. Money.
I disagree. If they only cared about money, they would ride that neverending drama train right to the bank, because that's what kicking up shit with Joy would do. It'd be an endless mine of her making hate videos on you that you could exploit and drag out past Christmas for views. If they wanted money, the kind of drama Joy creates would be their ticket.

I think it's much more likely that many have considered it, then realised that getting trapped in that cyclical, personally boring-ass drama would actually be a death sentence to their motivation and content, and decided against it. Think about it. Kati would love it, the viewers would love it, it could be milked for epic drama, but would you wanna be stuck in the shitshow that Onision currently is, trying to drudge up lawyers just to make this bitch shut up? It would be so soul crushing. Not to mention that some of them have spent years building up their platforms doing a certain type of content that would be dramatically altered by repeated back-and-forths with Kati. They'd lose the respect of their own subs for getting into it, they'd be a joke in the community for "pussying out" if they didn't - and you KNOW it wouldn't be just one callout video and Kati would leave it there, she'd be making literally hundreds of responses to this Youtuber even if they never replied to her again … there's no way to win with someone as horrible and obsessive as Kati.
You almost couldn't pay me enough.

No. 356198


Exactly my point, it could end up costing Onision money, it probably all ready is. And it's hitting his sub count.

No other big youtuber wants that. Even some smaller youtubers have said something similar. Joy ignores them as they're too small. And they don't have to worry about the hit to their subs and revenue.

No. 356206

>"I don't believe for a mad minute that Joy had an abusive childhood…"

Even if she did, as abuse doesn't have an income bracket, there comes a point in everyone's life where you have to take responsibility for your own fucking actions. If you don't like something, you have the power to change it or to relearn a behvaiour that you may have been brought up to believe is OK, but now that you're an adult, you see that maybe not everyone acts that way. She could believe that she was abused or neglected, within her persoective, becuase maybe kori wasn't mean and all over the fucking place and parents tend to favor those children over others who act like little shits. Hypothetical example: kori got an A+ kori, most likely gets postive reinforcement; kati cuts kori's hair, kati gets negative reinfocrement. Kati will take any kind of attention, regardless of postivie or negative.

>"That's the equivalent of ISIS and the KKK going at each other, just because you hate ISIS doesn't mean you support the bloody KKK, they are both scum and having a pop at the KKK doesn't mean you support ISIS, yet this seems to be the train of thought these morons have with Onion and Joy."

Yes, this is their line of thinking becuase Kati picks topics that are deplorable to begin with, such as pedophelia, child abuse, sexual grooming; then when you have an issue with the way she presents her message it's,"you're a pedo sypathizer?!", "oh, you enjoy child abuse?!", "you must be an onion fan." If your're aganst their high and mighty Joyous, then you're with the despicable people she covers.

No. 356213


They wouldn't have to fall into that cycle. They could do just one or two, exposing her properly, then never mention her again. It would give them a small boost but wouldn't detract from their main content. She could sperg out to her heart's content, they don't have to dive into the mud with her. They have nothing to lose and could possibly gain.

Then if every bigger YTer just did one of their own, the word would finally spread and they really don't have to respond to her, who cares if she keeps trying to stir the pot, she wouldn't be able to grasp at straws with them the way she does with Onion. She twists everything he does into being about her but she couldn't do that over people who've never directly engaged with her and who immediately return to their own content afterwards. She couldn't milk it anyway near as much as she does Onion. It would be even better if that YTer had a reputation for being reasonable and trustworthy.

This is why I don't understand why they are so afraid.

Block exists, the ability to ignore exists and their fanbases are ten times the size of hers, so other than having spines of jelly, there is no excuse.

I do know that an Anon, I don't know if they are still here but they announced a few weeks ago that a big YT collab against her is in the works. They are just taking their time, doing it the right way and trying go include as much of the important milk as possible and presenting it in a way she can't shit holes in it. I've pinned my hopes to that.

No. 356214

Don't pin your hopes to anything, anon. Hope is for people who don't do.

No. 356220

I find myself caring less and less. I still think she is a cunt, a thief, a liar, a narcissist, etc. I recognize she is scamming and making money off people. But that's on them. In a month or a year, they are going to realize they gave money to a grifter, a charliton and I'm sure that won't feel great. In the meantime, imagine what a miserable life, what an unsustainable life she is living. She has no job, no education, no family, no LIFE. She lives in a shitty apt, in a shitty room, and never changes out of a shitty hoodie. I have no doubt she is riddled with anxiety, and given her lifestyle probably feels like shit all the time. Her YouTube career is not sustainable. Her fans will grow tired of the constant drama or will simply grow up and go off to college or lives of their own (except maybe cyunt). As desperately as she wants to be the next Phillip or even keemstar she doesn't have the talent. She is a sideshow attraction, making a few bucks admittedly, but not much; maybe enough to buy pizza and chips, or pay repair bills on her shitty little car.
I laugh (and sometimes wince) at her and cy, and isaac, and all the Russian thugs and they are welcome to their teetering house of cards. I'm grateful that unlike these pathetic losers at life, I can walk away.

No. 356222

Blaire might have thought Kati was friends with Warski and the others and didn't want to burn the bridge with Kati, not because of Kati, but the possible fallout from it and the other bridges it may have possibly burned. A Venn Diagram of Blaire the people she thinks may be friends with Kati probably have overlap. In the case of Warski, considerable overlap.

No. 356226


This is exactly what I said in another post. Joy is responsible for her actions, she can't blame them on her past.

Sure we carry with us the impacts from our past, but most of us try to treat others how we wish we were treated. Joy is doing the complete opposite here, and it's having real impacts on others.

Onision is a person, and I've seen signs it's becoming too much. I bet my big toe he was being genuine when thanking Blaire for the fairer debate.

Maybe this will change him a bit, but last thing anyone should want is for Joy to destroy him and his family. Something she's clearly obsessed with doing.

No. 356229


^^ This.

It won't happen, this is the type of drama they wish to avoid. An exposed video won't help them, they will just have tonnes of people to try and block, it could impact revenue with certain advertisers. And an obsessed Joy to deal with.

No. 356235

And now she's started the Blaire Withe videos. Her latest upload is "Blaire White Calls Me Insane"

No. 356236

On the contrary, I was implying that if you want something done (right), you should do it yourself instead of hoping someone else does it to your liking.
I do still think that colab is probably in the works, but I don't care. Colabs are difficult to organize and even worse to edit and release. Many get dropped for one reason or another or turn into solo projects. It could be months, it could be totally irrelevant by then.
I wouldn't hinge salvation on one video that might never come out. If someone wants to effectively compile all the shit from here and do a well made video on it, do it and don't wait for others.
So far everyone that's stepped up has been beyond fucking incompetent.

Editing to add, actually I think doing it by colab might be the safest way to expose Joy; we all know she struggles if the hate can't all be directed at a singular target at a time (bullying using her fanbase against an individual being her preferred method by far), and even if she sent her spergles, the hate would be spread across a few or many targets. Strength in numbers could be their plan. But alas, colabs on Youtube is like herding cats, the more people involved the more unreliable a project it is. That's my worry.

No. 356263


Well this Anon can't do anymore than I already have. I'm not even a little fish in the big pond, I'm a floating microscopic piece of algae. Someone with a bigger platform, who she hasn't already turned into the next "big bad" is needed.

There is one thing that I keep thinking back to and that's her bankruptcy. We only have her word that it was for medical fees and her word means absolutely nothing. I think there is more to that than we know. I don't know how bankruptcy works in the US though. In the UK you have to announce in a newspaper and in the local registry office that you are applying for bankruptcy. You then list your creditors, this is to enable anyone else you owe money to add their name to the list for the official receiver. Does anyone know if it is similar over there?

No. 356306

File: 1500579880618.png (117.55 KB, 720x726, 20170720_140555.png)

For chapter 7, from post >>349816, it doesn't look like she would have to do that.

Link to US bankruptcy legal jargon:

No. 356314

And now, she's made a video proclaiming that Onision said she won their debate.

Joy? Obsessed? No - surely, we're imagining things.

Whatever happened to her wanting to change her content? (like any of us actually believed her when she said that).

No. 356324


Clearly we are all hallucinating here. Joy's only made 100 videos on Onision, and here we are all thinking it's more like 150.

I don't see how she can believe she "won" the debate. Unless she means she won by rambling about nonsense, and not making any serious points.

No. 356325


> Whatever happened to her wanting to change her content?

She has nothing else to offer. This is the best she can do.

No. 356327

Any time you talk about something from one of her videos please name the video and include the timestamp, if you can include an exact quote that's even better (don't link to anything on her channel as that's against the rules but you can upload it elsewhere and link that instead.) Doing this helps people locate exactly what you are talking about, this is especially important for people who are reading this thread in the future, they'll have no idea which video you are referring to because the post will say something like "2 months ago" and not give the exact date. I noticed this was a problem the other day when trying to find the origin of a quote in an earlier thread, someone just said "it's in today's video" but because it was posted "3 months ago" I had no frame of reference to find it.

Is she pretending all those videos she's been deleting never existed? Because the number of Onision videos on her channel might be at 100 right now but yeah, she's actually made more like 150 and deleted a good portion of them.

No. 356329

Well she said in her latest video she has many more Onision videos to make.

No. 356335


Same Fag

The video in question is titled 'Onision admits I WON the debate!'

As for the time stamp - right from the very start of the video. She even sings it! 'Motherfucker admitted it; I WOOOOOONNNNNNN1'

No. 356352


Same fag

Also - this 'admission' that Joy is referring to takes place at the 3:16 mark; where Onision admits he wanted to confront her (via the debate) and it didn;t work out as he planned.

I.e. - Onision never admitted to anything; she's just choosing to interpret that phrase to match her own narrative on who won that farce of a debate (her).

No. 356354

File: 1500585524644.png (301.42 KB, 1242x1696, IMG_1953.PNG)

She literally can't help herself when it comes to the Onision videos.

No. 356362

File: 1500586053004.jpg (94.73 KB, 844x374, n95jNMB.jpg)

Applies to Joy, too.

No. 356365

File: 1500586369978.png (257.55 KB, 717x1415, Adobe_20170720_163135.png)

Her joy sparkle bs Facebook page is gone

No. 356367

Something big or interesting? To who? Oh, her. She will keep making Onision videos, but her reasons for doing so will get thinner.


No. 356371


If she almost never goes on her FB page, why would she care if it's been disabled, or not? She should count it as one less thing to worry about and move on.

No. 356382

She'll make a video talking about how much she loved her fb page and will urge all her spergleberries to incessantly tweet to get it back.

No. 356390

Next vid upload: "Onision Shut Down My FB Page! Receipts!"

No. 356392

File: 1500588670815.png (128.63 KB, 720x844, 20170720_171001.png)

Looks like her fans want to blame do5 fans.:/

No. 356403

This is why I eventually started disliking the early anti Gergle FB pages/groups, OTL and the likes. It pretty much went
>Gerg farts in the wrong direction

You can passionately dislike someone and still behave like a rational human being/acknowledge that not everything that person does is milk, drama, stupid, relevant, etc. Kati is basically all of those pages x 100. Like you said, nothing big or interesting happened that was related to her, nothing. With every video she comes off as more and more psychotic.
She also promised to make one more video on this and have a stream. What, even.

No. 356415

So Joy and her fans are attacking people on Twitter.

They're using some extreme mental gymnastics to explain why it's okay to suggest people delete their accounts, and attacking them for wishing to not use their real names. Even lying and accusing people of harassing Joy. Even though one of them doesn't use their real name themselves.

Oh dear

No. 356419

I assume you're referring to that piece of shit Dan the Strawman?

No. 356437

Exactly. She acts like she's a bonafide journalist giving us the deluxe you heard it here first scoop on Greg. Except she will use rumors and unfounded accusations instead of that pesky shit called truth.

For someone who claims they want the best for Greg and that they don't hate him, she sure loves kicking him when he's down.

She also acts like tons of people want her to do this tell-all. These people don't exist. She is victimizing Greg at this point. Doesn't matter if you like the guy or don't, she is well past the point of going too far. There are far worse people pushing an even scummier agenda on YouTube.

No. 356452

File: 1500598547354.png (174.24 KB, 1242x1224, IMG_1954.PNG)

Apparently we dox people and plan harassment campaigns. LOL.

No. 356454


[Citation needed]

No. 356456

lolcow is a mirror and they really do not like what they see.

No. 356468

Sorry. It's a twitter conversation about Joy constantly making Onision videos. Someone asked what lolcow was and of course the joytards have to jump in and offer their miss advice.

No. 356471


Not you. lol. ELANA! Elana needs to cite her source.

No. 356480

It's actually against to the rules to dox people or plan harassment campaigns, see rule #4
One person recently tried to use lolcow as their own "personal army" and after they were reported >>>/meta/4460 the mods gave them the spanking they deserved >>353809 because that is NOT what lolcow is for.

When Kati was initially doxxed >>276710 it was apparently by one of her own followers, Jazz something, who was butthurt about some internal scuffle in which they were feeling they weren't getting as much attention as another Joytard and posted Kati's full name as revenge. At the time doxxing wasn't against the rules but we didn't do that and aren't responsible for what her idiot followers do out of spite. Some of the anons even commented it was an asshole move. >>276775 >>276866
(That's if you take what happened at face value, there was also some speculation it was Kati who doxxed herself as a means of proving some of the things she was claiming were true and to get more attention for her channel but it ended up backfiring on her because she didn't realize just how resourceful the internet can be. Interestingly, it was Angel, her right-hand Joytard at the time, who started the idea that Kati doxxed herself >>278053 ) Harassment campaigns have always been against the rules.

Because anyone can just find this site and post whatever the hell they want, we do occasionally get some newfag assholes in here trying to pull some shit but they are usually shut down fairly fast by the mods because the regular anons are quick to report them.

(deleted & reposted to fix links & add something I forgot)

No. 356481

I'm watching a replay on MikeAnActor's YouNow when Joy was a guest at FIVE AM this morning. She said at 11pm she decided to film a couple videos which ended up turning into nine?! (I want to go back and pull exact quotes but I can't find any rewind option). What I found funny is how she JUST made a video talking about her past strange beliefs and how they are a thing of yesterday, but here are a few things she has said:
- Discussing how Mike lives in Australia and there is a cruise ship that goes from Tasmania to Antartica.
- Joy asks if there are penguins in Antartica and if Mike has ever been there.
- Mike has not. Joy says something about the water/cruises freaking her out because there is no oxygen, laws are different, we don't even know what is in the water, and "I learned from Ancient Aliens that UFOs can swim" (Err..Joy..UFO means 'unidentified flying object' and can be in reference to anything. Assuming you mean 'aliens' (lol) can swim? Great source, BTW!).
- Discussion of how creepy it is that Antartica is at the bottom of the earth and how weird it would be to go there knowing that, gravity, etc etc.
- Joy states that Nazis and aliens live in inner earth and airlines will not fly over Antartica because "the pilots say it's too cold" but she heard it was a big conspiracy…that Antartica is actually "paradise" but it is the portal to inner earth.

No. 356486

She's trying to get Mike to quit his job and do YouTube full time. She said she used to work as a telemarketer from home. She would answer the phones for infomercials and take people's orders and was so good at it she "netted three grand a month". BULLSHIT. Those aren't commission positions. You're taking orders and inputting the data. That has to be an 8 to 10 dollar an hour job.

No. 356487

She's so full of shit. I sit tech support for Apple from home. And I only made $16hr. There's no at home telemarketing company that pays that much. American Express pays like $23hr but that's about it.

No. 356489

Wonderful and accurate explanation, anon.

It must suck to be so gullible and believe everything joy says, even though her actions in her own videos show things much differently than she claims. For instance, her claiming she is so calm and reasonable, plays devil's advocate, encourages people to bring up concerns and criticism. In reality, she screams, curses, loses her shit and blows everything out of proportion. From the very beginning, she has been the center of all her problems and the whole dox bit was on her end, she really did underestimate what she started there.

No. 356490


If she was working that home based job, where the calls were so infrequent that she could sit and play SIMs while waiting on a call, and make $3k/mo… why the fuck didn't she stick with it? She would have been easily qualified for the health exchange in her state on that amount of income. I call bull shit on the $3k/mo and even if she managed to hit that once through massive upselling bonus, does she think the mentally slow and perpetually stoned sounding Mikeenactor is going to make sales like she did? Even his videos are like a slomo torture of camp over acted emo shit. It's just another one of those "I got contacts! I can get anyone a jerb!" … UM… why didn't Kati prove that and call in some markers and get Rose Hall hooked up with a $3k/mo job? For the kids and all!

No. 356492

>What I found funny is how she JUST made a video talking about her past strange beliefs and how they are a thing of yesterday

It's hilarious that she is pretending it was so long ago, and she suggests it was a brief phase in her early 20s, especially since the paradigm radio clips are less than 5 years ago. And what is also funny about the radio clips, she started out referring to how long before that day that she had certain symptoms, and went on to say that she doesn't pay attention to time. Then proceeded to talk about time and still does, because she is a liar and just mentioned the whole time thing to convince herself and others that it's true as well as cover her ass in advance for when she brings it's up again and the time frame doesn't match. Things like this show exactly what a sneaky and manipulative snake she really is.

No. 356501

File: 1500607201365.png (1.17 MB, 744x1626, potato.png)

Not your best angle, potato head.

I know this is petty.. but holy shit she's gaining weight rapidly.

No. 356503


jowls and 2 chins. hawwwt.

No. 356504

I've worked tech support, sales and customer service positions for several telemarketing companies at different points of time. Tech support is a skilled position, it generally pays more than a customer service agent taking orders since that requires only the most basic computer skills. They'll generally hire anyone with a high school diploma and most entry level telemarketing positions only pay minimum wage or slightly higher if you are lucky. The only positions that offer commission are sales where you are the one calling the customer (cold calling) or on the saves team (where you convince customers not to cancel their services.) Sometimes a company will offer a small commission if you can upsell a customer calling in but meeting quotas to receive those bonuses is often very difficult. You have to be able to convince a customer to buy extra products in a very short amount of time on a regular basis…sure she can talk fast but Kati's roundabout word salad way of speaking to people is not conducive to meeting time quotas.

If she can just sit & record videos for as long as 8+ hours now then why is she not able to sit and talk on the phone doing customer service for a job? Why?…it's because she has always planned for YouTube to be her job, I just don't know why she isn't honest about that like most other YouTubers who have decided to do it full-time.

It's a lot more recent than 5 years ago. The latest radio call is from 2014 and Phil said she was still saying her angels talked to her almost right up until she started her channel.

So much for claim her pizza diet is "working" and not causing her to gain any more weight in months. She looks like those old cartoon characters with the mumps.

No. 356506

What is with her skin she is only 33/34, this is really bad ageing right there. Also notice the receding hairline on Joy.

The last 6 months have really fucked her up like I cannot believe how pale she is and she used to be like a high 5 borderline 6

No. 356523


> sure she can talk fast but Kati's roundabout word salad way of speaking to people is not conducive to meeting time quotas.

Remember, that Kati was the one doing the data entry on the call… I would not put it past her to add items to the purchase w/out their consent. That would explain why she "walked away" from a $3k/mo job… it would take roughly 2 months to pin that shit on her enough to fire her.

No. 356524


If roommate took her to a groomer, she might not look as bad as she does. She could probably also use a flea dip to take care of all her scratching stuff.

No. 356552


While he's at it, he should consider getting her spayed… and her anal glands expressed.

No. 356559

File: 1500611501257.png (629.31 KB, 1134x366, chipmunkcheeks.png)

No. 356567

File: 1500612040032.png (51.38 KB, 564x373, doctorfatass.png)


you self diagnose yourself every single day, doctor kati.


No. 356572

This was really stupid and just makes people against Joy look bad.

Her weight doesn't fucking matter. We all know she has mental issues and leads a sedentary lifestyle while eating very, very poorly. She's not a cow because she chooses to eat like a dude, she's a cow because she's genuinely a shitty and manipulative person.

No. 356574


She leads a sedentary lifestyle by choice. She's fat by choice. Not because of her fibermybullshit.

She's a mooch and a leech and a lazy twat on top of it.

Eat like a dude? What does that even mean?

No. 356576

Yeah no shit she chooses to eat like a dumb shit. Where the fuck does it get us to make fun of her gaining weight, it makes us look like little bitches. Fuck off this is so unintelligent and irrelevant.

No. 356580


Lol @ "us". Team DEFEAT JOY!

You know what makes someone look like a little bitch? Overreacting and making a huge deal over pretty much nothing.

You're on lolcow, you know that right?

No. 356581

The thing is Kati's life is completely by choice and no one else's fault but her own. Don't make yourself look like a white knight Joytard because your "She's not a cow because she chooses to eat…" Go delete your comment and educate yourself and don't white knight for people like her because every time I see a comment of that your structure I will call you Cy

No. 356582

samefag reporting this is clearly Cy trying to get in Joysous' books or Rob Novak because he wishes Joy was his wife; his fat cavernous vadged wife

No. 356600

Bitch I've been here for a minute this is so dumb. I clearly stated I do not like her it's just weak as hell to bitch about her weight. You think that honestly won't take away from the very valid points against her? You're fucking stupid.

No. 356618

File: 1500613716009.jpg (40.76 KB, 500x433, logoff.jpg)

Because you throwing a fit doesn't distract from anything. Get a sense a humor and considering logging off for the night. "BITCH I BEEN HERE A MINUTE" = time to hit the power button.

No. 356623

You are an insane cunt, wow I'm sorry I hate Joy but found you insulting her weight gain (even though no shit it's by choice) to be fucking unintelligent and absolutely regressive.

No. 356625

Wrong anon, superior intelligence anon.

No. 356635

File: 1500614251476.png (257.94 KB, 743x392, pizzadietmyass.png)

This is what 6 months of sitting on your ass with a feeder bag of chips strapped to your face and pizza for every meal does. While it might not matter what she weighs ultimately, it's what she puts out there that really matters….like how great her "pizza diet" is working as some sort of "treatment" for diarrhea/IBS and how she hasn't gained any weight in months …that is obviously not true and could be harmful if someone with IBS took her at her word and tried it themselves.

No. 356637


Someone w/actual IBS would know that pizza is going to screw them up royally… they can take the word of others or can just try eating it for themselves. That's the problem with having real medical conditions… you don't get to skimp on the symptoms when you're not in the mood for them. :(

No. 356638


Exactly. And that she has no say in the matter because of her mYsTerY iLlNeSs. It's just another manipulation tactic for sympathy. Meanwhile we're supposed to feel bad for her and hold her up as a positive example of people living with Fibromyalgia/chronic illness etc. Nah, fuck that.

No. 356647

File: 1500615118887.png (90.43 KB, 496x607, PGbJNI1.png)

1/3 woman standing up for joysus

No. 356648

File: 1500615157109.png (99.02 KB, 497x813, Ev2fGP3.png)

2/3 woman says hey, y u never get back to me… get's joysus boot.

No. 356649

File: 1500615191072.png (53.18 KB, 490x460, 6qJanoU.png)

3/3 some farm reader attempts education of joytarded woman

No. 356650

Its really sad though she used to be somewhat attractive in her 20s, she is starting to have hair problems, her skin is so pale and all she eats is carbs and stuff full of trans fats. You can see in her videos that she has gained weight on her arms and shoulders. I would not be suprised if she has gained 60lbs at least.

No. 356651


She claims to have gained 60 pounds herself. She's said she's clinically obese now, so that puts her at 165 pounds min.

No. 356653


While she doesn't say it directly here, Joy likes to claim that Fibromyalgia causes diarrhea. That woman apparently has a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia - so when Joy is responding to this woman sticking up for her as a fellow Fibro sufferer, Joy saying "for me it's diarrhea" is her once again making this association. Sorry but a disorder of the nervous system isn't making you shit your crusty pajama pants, Joy.


booboo is 1000% on it. Joy doesn't seek help for her alleged chronic pain AT ALL. But yet she claims it gets so bad she's suicidal. For those of us who actually know that feeling, you don't sit around whinging about it online. Because you can barely think straight let alone type. No. You seek help no matter the cost because it's unbearable. I fucking hate people who lie about living with chronic pain. While it's generally not my style to wish pain upon someone, people like that legit deserve their wish.

No. 356654

Yep, you can see that in her tweet when she says "make fun of someones body and health issues"…she just had to throw in her health issues to try to convince the person her weight problems aren't her fault and they are supposed to feel like an asshole for picking on her. If it was just that she was fat & admitted it was due to her own poor choices…and not try to claim her fabulous pizza diet had stabilized her weight/cured her diarrhea no one would care

No. 356658

She was saying she gained 50-60lbs several months ago…how much she's put on since then who knows, she stopped admitting she's still gaining weight.

No. 356660


You would think by now that she would have invested in a bra that fits properly. Her boobs still look weird and distracting judging by some of her recent videos/younow moments where she's not covered in a sweater. It was about 2-3 months ago when she claimed she only recently (back then) could afford a new bra. Despite the fact that at Wally World, a decent bra is as low as $3.88. Either way she's made plenty of bra money since then.

No. 356663

Did someone record this? Tell me it's going up on vidme!

No. 356670

She's live on YouNow talking about a therapist breaking confidentiality.

No. 356682

Thats rich coming from DarksideJoy

No. 356689

Talking about anal rape. This shouldn't be public.

No. 356692


Remember that this is a person that joked around and even brought up butt plugs on a repeated basis. She was all sorts of curious about the details of butt plugs and has joked about anal sex repeatedly. Would someone that traumatized by anal rape be that fascinated with butt plugs in a fun, joking way?

No. 356696

Sorry… but, I don't buy into any "rape victim" willing to allow the rapist to continue without any consequences.

No. 356697

Is there info on her being married, this makes no sense at all

No. 356699


She was married to the Taho guy that she went to France with.

No. 356703

Oh shit she was married to the Toho guy for like 5 seconds thanks for reminding me anon

No. 356712

"Theres no family to call" Well you dragged them through the mud Kati because they stood up to you. She uses younow as a counselling stream and in all honesty to indoctrinate her loyalist fans.

No. 356716


Yeah… I think her lodging situation is getting choked off and she's low level trolling for a new host to leach from (or trying to guilt roommate).

No. 356718


Recorder anon here. Missed the first 25 minutes unfortunately. Recording now though. She's bitching about how many people contact her. Idiot.

No. 356724

I think Roommate finally clocked her and asked her to pay up. It must be like the ninth circle of hell living with her bare in mind its like 2am there and she streams at 5am too and she has no soundproofing.

Tbh you have not missed much at all it is a therapy spring bored her viewers have dropped a lot on younow considering she used to get like 300 - 600 she has 120

No. 356727


Same anon. Can anyone summarize what she said about being raped etc? Since I wasn't able to capture it.

No. 356728

but apparently we are all wrong and liars - totally not culty at all. Freaking gaslighter pro over here

No. 356729


This would match up with that three day hospital stay around May of last year. Not because of the date, but because hospitalization for three days for a person who is medically stable is really, really, really weird in the US and really x50 weird for an uninsured person. Her claims of doing stress tests while hospitalized are beyond strange because that would say she was medically stable.

No. 356730


Samefag… three days is a common stay for mental health (suicide) stays in the US.

No. 356733


Yup. Typical of a 5150 hold.

No. 356734

Well she is going on about pizza diet and how she has Lupus /facepalm.

personally I think she tried to kill herself and was not raped. Joy loves vedgetables but cannot eat them because her stomach BULL FUCKING SHIT. "it goes right through me and I gain weight" what the actual fuck

No. 356736

On my god. Once again she said fibromyalgia caused inflammation.


Now she's saying stuff about auto immune. Ugh. It's not.

More excuses about not seeing that fibro doctor.

No. 356737

for the record (for joytards), inflammation is not weight gain. Any weight difference is NO WHERE NEAR 60 pounds. That is pure bullshit.

No. 356739

Says her family is jealous because she's a successful business person.

No. 356740

My interpretation of current ranting… I tried to leach off of my family and they told me to go pound salt. I know someone that is a waste of protoplasm and has this exact same line about their family. The family doesn't care and is jealous… says the person who's a professional couch surfer and won't hold a job.

No. 356742

Sage for slight off-topic, but I have IBS and pizza makes it so much worse. I'm a glutton for punishment and will have it for a treat, and will have to brace myself for the stomach cramps and diarrhoea after. So Joy is quite literally full of shit.

I've since found that peppermint oil helps with the symptoms, but they're still there.

No. 356743

Same. I drink peppermint tea and it helps me some.

No. 356746

"If someone goes extreme, there's something going on there"


No. 356747

I'm getting Joysus induced IBS… she's going on about how Greg probably secretly loves her. I don't think peppermint anything is going to ease this shit.

No. 356748

"My kids wouldn't have grandparents and that would be awful FOR ME"

No. 356749

File: 1500623162073.jpg (29.34 KB, 336x280, lupus.jpg)

No. 356754


I have old screenshots of all her Onion videos before she started deleting them. I will post them after reading through all of last night's madness.

>>356574 Exactly, I have MS and I'm having a shitty time lately, I have only been able to leave the house once this week (for an appt with my ms nurse because sick people actually try to get themselves better Kati) and I have lost weight but I don't eat like a fucking pig, which has a huge connection to it. Stop blaming your fabricated illness for your multiple chins. If you become more sedentary, you adjust your calorie intake to balance it out. I'm so sick of her being the poster child for chronic illness. It's difficult enough to be understand by outsiders as it is without her making them think we can do handstands while being in agony and thinking we just sit stewing in our filth because of illness. It's so disrespectful.


Yes! I've just said the same thing. I'm responding as I go through all of last night's posts.

BTW. Does anyone have a clip or screenshot of her now claiming it is self diagnosis of FMS? Because I have old screenshots of her responding to a detractor saying she was diagnosed by "four doctors." These can be used to show the bullshit to her twitter audience.


She has Lupus now? I'm sure that's a new one, although it's difficult to remember everything. I'm positive lupus isn't on my list?

No. 356755

That pic on the right…WTF. She looks so incredibly insane. She would be perfect as an extra for a One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest remake.

No. 356759

Did she seriously say she has lupus now? Cause…some anons here suffer with fibro, I deal with lupus. In case she starts rambling about this topic, providing a whole bunch of fake insane info like she did with fibro ( and everything else health related for that matter ) I'm going to be genuinely disgusted…or even more disgusted, if that's possible with Kati.

No. 356761

She stated in her livestream she has Lupus I do not know how she has it though as in diagnosis she never leaves the house

No. 356762

She's insane. Not in a laughable way anymore either. List anon, please add lupus on the list of her medical insanity. Oh my god, this is disgusting.

No. 356763

I'm fairly certain she did not say she has lupus. Maybe I'm wrong. Please hold judgement until recorder anon kindly provides the recording.

No. 356764

Alright, will do! Sorry for getting heated - the thought of her mindlessly adding yet another serious diagnosis on her list would be just too much at this point.

No. 356765


I will withhold before adding it to the list. Surely even she wouldn't add something like this to her multitude of symptoms and illnesses, surely?!

No. 356769

In one of her more recent tweets Joy (Obviously reading here) repeated an anon here and finally acknowledged she's not a therapist nor is she certified to help people.

While that is true, and good she's finally acknowledged that. She's contradicted herself, her past claims were that she set up YouTube to help people.

She also claimed she's ended multiple streams less than an hour in due to her illness. I've yet to see a number of her streams that ended in an hour or less.

What Joy fails to understand is that even 2 hour streams are still too much for someone who is ill. Even a video a day is too many.

I couldn't get someone I know is genuinely ill to even stream for 15 minutes. They would refuse point blank as they're too ill to.

No. 356773

Did anyone catch her comments on the livestream with mikenactor about how brown people are made through anal sex and poo being caught on the end of the dick and bam! Brown people?
She actually said that.
Not sure of time stamp
Anyone else catch it?

No. 356778


I refuse to watch anymore. That being said, I really hope this isn't true.

Joy you're not a comedian, people who are funny etc, get told. They don't have to tell everyone themselves first.

Seriously rethink your "jokes". If you can't see why people are offended with a lot of what you say, I suggest you research properly.

No. 356783


She's such an edgelord, pathetic.

No. 356786


This sincerely pisses me off - moreso for the fact that there is video evidence of Joy - a 'fibro' patient - doing a headstand. This person tries to educate this woman on Joy's bullshitting - but why don't they share the link to back up what they're alluding to?

Don't play coy! Shit, or get off the fucking pot! If they're still in denial after vieo evidence confirms Joy's bullshitting - then that's on them for being idiots.

Saged for mini rage

No. 356789


No, this is a true fact, to a point. People who suffer from IBS/crohns have to stay away from veggies that are highly fibrous, because it's murder on the system (they can't digest such foods properly).

However, not all fruits and veggies are high in fiber. There are some exception, so Joy really has no excuse to avoid them entirely

No. 356790

>>356786 I agree, it's time to start backing up valid comments with evidence, then watch the joytards squirm as they try to spin their way out of what is right in front of their very eyes.

Everything is here, ready to be taken and used.

They can deny she did a headstand when you are just using words, they can't deny a clip of her doing it. Or even if they are stupid enough to try, plenty of the fence sitters who don't quite know who to believe will see it for their own eyes. It is undeniable.

Just thinking to myself, I'm going to check the date of her headstand and see if she made any of her chronic pain claims just before that headstand took place. It's already great proof but it would be bulletproof if she'd just been complaining about pain just hours prior to that.

No. 356791


IBS anon here, you are absolutely correct. My IBS is triggered by white flour in things such as pizza bases, white bread, cakes and pastries. My cousin, also has IBS, but she cannot have high fibre veggies or wholemeal bread. We basically eat what's bad for the other cousin.

THAT being said, my cousin definitely couldn't eat pizza and lose weight. Especially if it was all she ate along with a fuckload of other junk food.

No. 356792


Her whole digestive illness is weird.

She's said that she can't take probiotics or has to be "very careful" with them because they mess up her system. ?? I've only ever heard of people saying they have no percieved effect. I've never heard of them messing up your system.

She "loves herbed fish!" but saddly can't eat it any more because it makes her ill. Um, fish is among the easiest to digest protein sources out there. Certainly easier than cheese on a pizza.

She sucks on pedialyte like it's going out of style despite the fact that she clearly does not exercise at all and if her diarrhea were that bad as to affect her electrolytes for that long (months now), she'd be hospitalized. The only other group of people who suck on it that much are people who get hang overs and she doesn't drink.

No. 356793

Just make life easier when I get back from searching, this is the link to the post with all of the links to older stuff (headstand).



No. 356799

>>356754 These may help, maybe?

The first video is called 'Storytime: My Brain Is Sick'. It includes how the IUD rusted inside her, which caused the copper toxicity, how she was diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder by several doctors (she denied their findings) and how she was diagnosed with fibro - via correspondence with the naturopath she found online.

Time stamp for all of the above is within the first five minutes.

The second video is titled 'I don't want to die' - not sure if it'll help, in this case; but, it starts off with Joy describing symptoms that coincide with anxiety disorder, whining/crying about how she doesn't have the money to afford health care, and it include Joy saying doctors/nurses don't know shit about what they're talking about - despite their years of training/experience in the medical field (this particular part takes place at the 16:20 mark).

No. 356807

File: 1500644191996.jpg (45.29 KB, 960x720, BS headstand livestream.jpg)

Ok, I have found her announcing the stream on twitter. It is the 14th April 2017 at 1am livestream. I'm going to see if I can find a vidme copy of the full stream, there were only a couple of moments captured and they are pointless, other than the headstand.

She did a further live stream at 10.30am, so that will weaken any argument that she did suffer after doing the headstand.

So now I just need to find comments she made on this day complaining, as how can she argue her way out of saying chronic pain to the point of not being able to bathe herself one minute, then headstands the next. She can't, this livestream correlates with a lot of her Dr David Lao, United Airlines YT uploads, so I've downloaded copies of them (too late to delete them now Joy) and I will see if she makes any of her sickness complaints in them.

Any help finding anything along these lines would be great. We can tie her up into a knot trying to defend this.

Here are screenshots for the relevant livestream. (pic related).

No. 356808

File: 1500644352361.jpg (131.23 KB, 960x720, BS Onion vids pt 1.jpg)

>>356799 Thank you Anon, I appreciate your help.

For the Anon yesterday who was asking about which Onion videos had been deleted, I have had a chance to look myself but a few weeks ago when I was doing a count of how many Onion videos she had made, I took these screenshots. You should be able to work out how many have gone from this. Not including the few she had already removed before I captured these.


No. 356809

File: 1500644376985.jpg (131.2 KB, 960x720, BS Onion vids pt 2.jpg)


No. 356810

File: 1500644399739.jpg (132.41 KB, 960x720, BS Onion vids pt 3.jpg)


No. 356825


This is a classic manoeuvre by liars, they will delete appropriate comments etc.

This is to dismiss our claims of 100 plus Onision video's. She knows people can forget, and is playing on that.

No. 356835

Jesus that is a lot she has cleared through. Trying to make herself look less obsessive and take out the comparisons I bet.

No. 356837


I haven't yet through them yet, have you done a proper comparison or did you just have a glance through?

She had already removed a few before I got this too, she messed up and left parts 2 or 3 of certain videos, with no previous parts to be found, so it was obvious she had deleted or put them on private.

No. 356843

Joy could easily have a vitamin D deficiency, which can easily be diagnosed and treated with a simple blood test and over the counter vitamins. It can cause a shit ton of symptoms and an overall lousey feeling. Being that she doesn't go outside and doesn't eat right, I would be more surprised if she didn't. She can think all she wants that pizza is her only choice and doesn't cause her weight gain and all the other ridiculous claims but there's not a single physician, nutritionist, naturopath, etc that will agree with that for a second. I used to live on pizza and McDonald's for years with no problems but now that I'm in my 30s my body can't handle that, such is life.

But of course we know that would be too easy and she doesn't actually want to feel better.

No. 356847

File: 1500650628884.png (319.52 KB, 1242x1634, IMG_2224.PNG)

Reading through her Twitter. Too many stupid comments to sift through, but this one made me giggle. "She was diagnosed by a doctor." Yeah, mashed potatoe, don't you remember when she got the fibro test? Ya know, the one that totally exists?

No. 356866


I litterally don't get her and her fans logic.

So it's okay for them to troll, no one else.

It's okay for them to be anonymous, no one else.

It's okay for them to question and poke fun of illnesses, no one else.

So it's okay for them to play victim, no one else.

A saying me and a friend uses comes to mind: You can't argue with stupid

No. 356869


>>A saying me and a friend uses comes to mind: You can't argue with stupid

Because they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

They are all raging hypocrites. And Idiots, actual, certifiable idiots.

No. 356874

File: 1500653244639.png (84.54 KB, 720x550, 20170721_105722.png)

This is fucking rich! Is she really going to pretend that every sub is a different person? Even when she asked, repeatedly, for people to sub with their second, third, fourth channels?? (>ლ)

Not that many people @ you kati, I've looked. You could handle it. You Just don't want to. You don't want to mingle with the "common" folk, or the people who are just as crazy as you are.

No. 356875

File: 1500653607463.jpg (87.73 KB, 800x581, IMG_1958.JPG)

This gem from twitter. LOL

No. 356882

So, she pretty clearly stays up all night making lame YouTube videos and trolling twitter (and eating shitty food), and sleeps all day. What a sad shitty life.

Saged with pity

No. 356883


Oh, God! I almost chocked!

However, Joy keeps up with her pizza diet, and it won't be long before this picture becomes a reality.

No. 356894


I have to agree there, it ends up becoming a pointless argument and running around in circles.

They haven't really been able to make any substantial points, they've just accused others of doing exactly what they do.

No. 356895


Lol! All that's missing is the giant Starbucks cup she's always slurping from.

No. 356897

>You can't argue with stupid

I feel ya. I'd like to add to their logic,
It's ok for them to diagnose others, no one else.

It's ok for them to use a second account, no one else.

After some of the vile and disgusting things joy's fans were throwing at me for simply disagreeing with her DO5 stunts and her pedo debate before she cancelled it, I'm done using my first and last name to speak out against her. I don't need to have her psychos accuse me of being a pedo sympathizer when I dont support giving that pedo dude or jen a platform, same for her gaining from child abuse. She is sick and twisted yet somehow they don't see the big picture and always turn it around. So yeah, I will continue to use a second channel and name because so many of the weirdos can't have a conversation and can't see that she does more harm than good.

I can't even imagine how many accounts joy has, she is the biggest samefag of all and she is blocked from Greg and doesn't watch his videos but conveniently has all the details of everything he does, right that minute. The only other explanation is that she is sitting outside his window watching his every move.

No. 356899

Her fans are just as bad as the DO5 fans. So far I've been accused of being Onision, a pedo and I've had a few of her fans stalk me across multiple platforms just to call me all those things.

No. 356904

This is why I think Blaire apologised with her with some of her issues in the past with SJWs she has said you just cannot reason with them and I think this is her approach to Joy just appease the bitch and not have 1000 hate videos or Joytards. She tweeted her the same thing twice in 2 minutes ffs.

As for vitamin D agree she is translucent, all she needs to do is go out for 20 minutes and that is her RDA, she is so unaware of biology and nutrition and spouts it as fact.

No. 356906


Her fans are insane and some of them strike me as possibly dangerous. They take their cues from Queen Manipulate so I don't hold it against anyone who chooses to criticise her under an anonymous account.

There's pros and cons when it comes to calling someone out by using an anonymous account. One of the pros is that they can't use your personal life/opinions/actions and twist them as an argument against you. When they can't really do much more than say "omg sock puppet!" (Elana Dipshit anyone?) then your points end up being digested by at least some of the herd.

No. 356914

That Elena is the worst of the bunch.

No. 356925

She also forgets that her subs aren't actual fans. While everyone in the world will have haters no matter what they do, that's not the case with her. Hating on her isn't a trend or a witch hunt or even nitpicking, people have legitimate concerns and proof, and she can think she is a hero all she wants but the truth is that she is one of the bad guys.

She's like the high school bully who is cheered on by many just for shits sake and drama. At the end of the day, they are still the bully that has no real substance and no friends. It just so happens that she is also a bad guy in her home life too, one that really hurts people and sucks the life out of them.

Sooo much of her views are hate watchers. Whether disliking her personally or just enjoying onion torture, or looking for a current hate trend. There's nothing else there. The only way there will possibly be any longevity is for her to keep going balls out into nasty drama and even that won't last. She may be able to rope people in with her manipulation but it's not enough and she doesn't have a likeable personality. Either way, she has to drop the "I'm here to help" BS because it works against her. And for fucks sake pick a reason for the obsessive onision collection. It can't be bragging about calling all his bullshit and her just defending herself from him, it has to be one or the other.

There's definitely not over 80k individual fans LOLOLOL and there's definitely not anywhere near 80k people thinking to themselves that she is great creator or a decent person for that matter

No. 356929

Her videos the past 2 weeks have really opened the floodgates, looking at it though the origin is after the Onision debate and that is when a large majority cottoned on to her.

So here is the state of her channel;

without mentioning Onision, Blaire White or a celebrity she will not even get 20k views in 2 days after that those videos gain 5k.

The videos about her life gain about 10k views after 5 days if she is lucky a lot are floating at 7k.

Her video comments are overwhelmingly critical to her at about 60 - 70%

Her like to dislikes are about 60% negative to 50%

I can see her pulling a bullshit move and her disabling her comments, at this point I will personally mirror them and post them to allow discussion.

However doing this will crush her viewerbase and her subs will sink and the backlash will probably create a larger commentary community.

No. 356940


Thank you for adding those. I forgot.

I agree there, no real names or pictures. We are allowed by both YouTube and Twitter to use aliases. Which is fair.

So far I've seen 95 percent honest and polite criticisms and suggestions to Joy on her content.

There is a wealth of topics to choose from. If she doesn't like her channels shut she should respect Onision's right too. Enough people give him the same criticisms and suggestions too.

No. 356948


You raise some fantastic points. I wrote something similar myself.

And vitamin D plays a larger role than most think.

I was feeling ill and when a blood test revealed a huge deficiency in D I was given vitamin supplements.

It made a huge difference to my health.

As Joy says she doesn't go out alot she must be lacking in that key vitiman. And she does appear to show some of the signs.

She could try some over the counter vitamins (they are at least here) no different to prescribed supplements, and dedicated places will be able to suggest the best type.

No. 356962

I don't understand why she isn't in contact with the county welfare office to get Medicaid and SNAP. She can even get housing. As long as her earnings are under a certain amount she will get practically free healthcare and prescriptions. Medicines that Medicaid won't cover, which are mainly name brands, can be obtained through the manufacturer.

If she is disabled, why is she not applying for SSDI or SSI? There are so many things she could do to improve her situation but she doesn't even try.

No. 356971

There's a very simple answer to that. She isn't disabled and she knows it. If she gets help or improves her situation she can't keep throwing huge pity parties for attention. She claims she already tried to apply for Medicaid but due to "budget cuts" she was denied. For some reason, she says she is waiting until December to get health insurance, she says she needs some sort of special super expensive insurance to get all her diagnostic testing done…nevermind that multiple Joytards have offered to pay it for her. Anytime someone suggests something totally reasonable to improve her quality of life she immediately shoots it down with some lame excuse…and if people tell her she has a defeatist attitude she says they are being judgemental haters.

No. 356974


she would need a doctor's diagnosis to get on disability, she DOES NOT have a diagnosis! Did you read the other threads?

She is a single woman, no kids, she won't get shit for snap, she is an able bodied person who can, and should, get a fucking job!

No. 356984

Right. Her "fibromyalgia" is self-diagnosed. She claims she recently went to a doctor who confirmed this diagnosis on the first and only visit by giving her some nonexistent "fibro test"…when that isn't even close to how fibro is diagnosed, it takes a lot of time and testing to rule everything else out before any doctor, especially one of the "best fibro specialists in the US" would even consider that for a diagnosis. She's full of shit, she isn't disabled. She has far more energy & stamina than many healthy people do. She's been planning to do YouTube as a job for years, she got the lights and equipment a good 2 years before she started her channel…why she can't admit that like any other YouTuber who does it full-time I have no idea, people usually respect that kind of honesty…the only reason I can think is that she thrives off the attention & asspats she gets from claiming she's disabled and homebound.

No. 356986

Hey there Anon, I am from the UK so unaware of insurance I assume its like any insurance where you apply for at any point and keep paying. Why would she have to wait for insurance in December? I assume she is trying to pull a fast one on that since we know she is a scammer.

She has no disabilities though I am pretty sure she could not claim for anxiety you cant in the UK it has to be part of a diagnosis.

As you said she is fucked and it sounds like her living situation is going to get cut off soon too.

No. 356991

The best is her saying she can't fill out the papers when asked why she isn't on Medicaid months ago. She was able to create a YouTube channel and pump out 50 onision videos, including all her tag spamming and whatever she did with adsense that she owed them $200. But those dang forms were so hard.

No. 356992

File: 1500664281913.jpg (60.39 KB, 480x637, IMG_20170721_200125.jpg)

This is a small thing in the pathological liar scale but I couldn't help but snort with derision when I saw it.

There is literally nothing this cow won't lie about, nothing!

I've been growing my hair for years (I'm going to be donating it) anyway it reaches my arse, it is a lot longer and thicker than her hair, yet I can straighten my hair no problem!

Dear God you're just a lazy mess, own it, stop trying to lie your way out of every little thing. JUST STOP!

Oh, as for your other be tweet about how you're so sick some days you can't mange to stream or upload videos. Name these days please? In the six/seven months you've been streaming, name all of the days you haven't uploaded or streamed at all.

Your crusty arse must get jealous about all the bullshit that spews out if your mouth. And that's really saying something considering your highly publicised bowel issues.

No. 356993

Bull fucking shit I am legally blind and had hair to my butt and could do it no freaking problem she is sickening

No. 356995


'Hair is too long to straighten and hold now btw'

Then… just cut it off?

She doesn't even need to go out and do that. Just tie the hair back into a ponytail, get a pair of sharp scissors and cut through the hair on either side of the band. Done.

And if she can't even manage that - she can get her doormat of a roomie to do it for her.

No. 356996

She doesn't, she can get insurance at any time…what I think she is waiting for is the Obamacare marketplace where you can apply for tax credits to supplement the cost of insurance if you make at least $15,000/yr and don't go over the max amount (not sure what that is)…maybe she's making enough from YouTube to qualify for tax credits and all but if she's really in such severe pain she would do whatever it took to make it stop now…including paying out of pocket to see doctors/accepting help paying for insurance from one of the many Joytards who has offered it to her. Because she doesn't do anything about it only cements that she is either highly exaggerating how severe things are or completely making them up for attention.

Yeah, that is a damn lie thanks for pointing that out. What won't she lie about?…sigh. I also have longer/thicker/curlier hair than her and can both curl and straighten it and have it hold all day. She's just lazy and doesn't want to do it anymore…even so there are still ways to make hair look nice and presentable without having to curl or straighten it, the fact that she just lets it do whatever shows she gives no fucks about her appearance.

No. 357007

Thanks anon; so basically she has a choice - get insurance now for what $300 a month plus or wait 5 months of "pain". She is getting probably 2k a month minimum socialblade is not so accurate for earnings but thats more than enough to cover her expenses.

No. 357011

File: 1500666256019.png (198.46 KB, 1242x1964, IMG_1963.PNG)

Oh no joy blocked me for calling her fat. But it's okay for her to make fun of people's appearances.

No. 357014

It's weird how her hair doesn't look greasy (Idk, to me whenever I see it but I do avoid her videos generally) so that means she must at least shower? I'm not someone who thinks women have to always do their hair, it actually looks healthy and it's cool she doesn't feel the need to always style it to be accepted.

With that being said, as a hairstylist, her wearing her hair naturally would look a thousand times better with some fucking highlights. The texture and thickness is nice and it would bring out her light eyes. It's also un-dyed, virgin hair, and I fucking personally would nearly kill someone to get my hands on it.

Please Kati I now you lurk this and hustle your followers for money anyways, save that shit and go to a high end professional and get your fucking hair done. You don't touch it and just let it grow, let it be untouched and growing out with a great color. It will obviously only help your shitty brand and my wellbeing tbh.

No. 357018

Well looks like she is starting the blockade gotta keep that echo chamber alive. Calling her to disable comments by next week.

No. 357020

It's hard to believe she showers on a regular basis when she does things like wear the same grubby hoodie for 5 days straight (this is not an exaggeration, it's been documented.)

I have hair of a similar texture but mine is actually quite a bit longer…I don't use a curling iron or straighten my hair because the heat is so damaging but I can still make my natural hair look well kept and presentable…that is the main argument, that she doesn't give a fuck about her appearance, it only adds to her homeless/crazy cat lady aesthetic.

No. 357029

File: 1500668321820.png (134.15 KB, 992x679, Suicide 1.PNG)

So I emailed the police of norman, Oklahoma about her suicide videos/crazy behaviour. Here's 1/3 images

No. 357031

File: 1500668418696.png (178.16 KB, 1237x625, Suicide 2.PNG)

Image 2/3 Lt. Cary Bryant responded to me immediately

No. 357032

IF you wanted to remain anonymous it may have been wise to blur out your email address and name…

No. 357034

File: 1500668510888.png (33.11 KB, 1197x409, suicide 3.PNG)

Image 3/3 I respond back so here's my final reply. The email Normanpd@normanok.gov or you can go to their website

No. 357035

Oh, goody - a new video where Joy pokes fun at Onision taking offense to that image of him getting buttfucked by Blaire White. Video is titled 'Onision claims Blaire White raped him…over a drawing'

It's funny (in a sad/maddening way), if the roles were reversed, people would be out for Onision's blood; but, because it's Blaire doing the deed to him, it's okay and Onision is overreacting?

No. 357038

yeah i don't know how to do that. I tried before and besides I'm not scared of her because I have other email caps of her calling me names I haven't posted yet. Reason for not doing so is because I don't like dragging people down but if she tries anything i can post them. It's only a week old.

No. 357039

>>357014 for me it's not that she doesn't bother with her hair. Sometimes I can't myself, it's the fact she lies about it. Just own it, just say "look, I'm not going anywhere, so I'm not going to bother with my hair, I'm letting it rest" but nope, another lie. She's pathological.

>>357038 are you sure you don't mind your details being seen? I could save those, blur your details out and repost it for you? You only have 30 minutes from posting to delete it.

No. 357041

Have you seen the picture? It's from the chest up and only depicts Blaire standing behind Greg…the rest is left to your imagination. Blaire was saying it was not showing rape, just sex…I can see the argument there because it largely depends on what the original artist intended rather than Greg saying he wouldn't have consented…he isn't the drawing, there's no way for a drawing to consent. The whole thing is stupid and blown out of proportion. If he tweeted the same picture only with him standing behind her, no I don't think she would have been offended by it the same way he was. He IS overreacting…that being said that doesn't mean her making a useless video about it is justified, a tweet would suffice…what else could she possibly say other than what she already communicated in the title?

No. 357062


What the fuck kind of emo selfposting is this? How is this relevant? She replied with what, three sentences to your run down essay on how she mistreated you uwu.

No. 357064

File: 1500669858022.png (139.73 KB, 640x851, 0fdRNLS.png)


for your reference

No. 357066


And it wasn't meant to be LITERAL. It was a figurative representation.

No. 357077

Fuck sake what is with all these casuals invading LoL?

No. 357092

only the police ones are there because i couldn't black those out. If anybody wants to black my name out be my guest. But i don't care if this particular email's out there. It's been out there before when I had my youtube channel

No. 357095

She tried it's too late. Maybe a mod can help out?

No. 357096


The point is, Joy's supposed shit talking about this person caused her fans to seek out and attack this person/their family and Joy's only response is 'Too bad for you - don't be a bitch to me next time, lol'

If anything, it shows Joy could give a rat's ass what kind of harm she causes to people who don't agree with her. It's shameful.

No. 357098

I would DELETE THEM. Someone already edited out your name and tweeted them out to Joy.

No. 357100

it's been past the forty minute mark for the police thing. I already said for them to keep it up there because i can't black it out. If the farmhands want to black it out and repost it. Go ahead

No. 357106

Its a rule that mods will not edit/delete the posts - even if they're asked to.

No. 357109

nobody knows who i really am and my email is a professional one(for job hunting, etc) so it's public anyways. I have a private email i don't use. But I've tried the MS paint thing and it didn't work.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 357113


It's not that hard to find out who you are and what kind of work you do, Anon. From my understanding you have autism and wew, it's really showing.

No. 357114

No i get it. But this is just an example I posted for what happened as proof with the police thing. >>357101 don't have twitter.

No. 357118

Apparently this person doesn't care if Joy knows or not who reported her. That video was scary and I do not blame her for reporting that video at all. Perhaps others will do the same or already have.

No. 357119


Yes I deleted those posts but i only posted this to show the proof I had. That's all. In fact i hardly post at all but mostly read

No. 357120

thank you and any tips for future screepcaps? I don't want to run into this problem again

No. 357121

personally, Kati is in a manic phase right now, so it was not the right time to report her. BUT, I do think it is a good thing if the police identify who she is and where she it. She does have extreme mood swings and this is at least the fourth time she's been suicidal in the last six months. The fact that the police figure out where she's living now might actually save her life in the future.

No. 357122

If the person has autism isn't even a thing here. The point is she is unhinged and it's good the police know her presence. I'm surprised she hasn't been swatted for Christ sakes. Maybe she has, idk.

No. 357125


I wouldn't post any more screencaps if I were you. Also, you should sage your irrelevant posts so other anons doesn't get pissed off.


>if the person has autism isn't even a thing here

Okay, Nicole.

No. 357128

I don't advocate swatting but I would giggle like a school girl if that happened to her during one of her all night livestreams.

No. 357130

File: 1500671758830.png (16.8 KB, 755x374, suicide 4.PNG)

This is the final response the police gave me. They are going to do a welfare check on her. Image 4(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 357132

She's banned for a week. Hopefully she learns about cowtipping and cropping screenshots in the meantime.

No. 357138


You didn't even get the apartment complex right, dipshit.

You're really good at going after Joy in completely the wrong way, Nicole. Wasn't it thanks to your stupid video that people thought she claimed to own Speshul Spaces?

No. 357139

Oh its that fucking Nicole… piss off, learn to fact check and never come back

saged for outrage

No. 357140

Let the shit show begin…. I wonder if we will get a stream or a video about this. And yeah a swatting in the back ground of her stream would make my life much better tonight!

No. 357141

The one jacking off to the idea of Kati being SWATed should be banned too. It looks like this is the same person who was giving Nicole buttpats.

Did a fucking state mental institution just close down and let all it's patients out or what?

No. 357143

Kati getting swatted? Wow, what a concept. Like that would be so so horrible! FFS(calm down)

No. 357145


SWAT events are expensive to the community and DANGEROUS to EVERYONE involved. If you don't give a flying fuck about Kati, at least consider the officers that would be involved and the expense that would be incurred. This SWAT talk needs to stop. This isn't a chan board.

No. 357146

Video saying "I've got big news" followed by -

I didn't mean to stream today, But onision had me swatted, It's made my fybro worse so I can't shower, I've got receipts! I'm talking to 3 dozen lawyers tomorrow, He's So gonna get seewweedd, Be a joy and sparkle (blah blah)

No. 357148


Now it makes sense!

O/T I was just looking through the updated board rules and the ban on posting direct links to Joy's shite is listed in the board rules, not just the the thread rules. Along with Onion and Lainey. I'm probably late to notice this but I thought it was worth a mention, as we had a direct link posted earlier today.

She's going to milk the Nicole issue for at least 50 tweets and two uploads and a live stream.

No. 357152

Looks like she is on a blocking spree, been blocked too. She is going to capitalise on this like a mother fucker.

No. 357161

I never made that video. It was missbitch2017. I knew she didn't own special spaces

No. 357163

Did fact check that's how I found the apartment in the first place.(Ban evasion, take a fucking hint)

No. 357164

We do not permit any real life harassment, especially if it's swatting, which is incredibly dangerous to everyone involved including the instigator, as swatting is extremely illegal. It's also extremely over the top. End of discussion.

No. 357165


Well, at least she's finally getting off her lazy ass and is actively trying to stop people from bothering her instead of whining about people 'harassing her all the time', but doing shit all to stop them.

No. 357172


Wrong. I saw your video. You made sure to delete it after we told you and the other morons that it was a non issue. Regardless if your fellow moron made a video about it first, your video was the one that kicked it all off. And you gave them her old apartment. You're terrible at fact checking. Go away.

No. 357181

File: 1500677483430.png (554.76 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_2392.PNG)

So apparently it's ok for Joy to laugh at the picture of Onision being raped "it's just a prank, brah"

And not ok for people to comment on the way she looks and edit photos. She's such a hypocrite!


No. 357185


I have to agree there. It only took Joy six or seven months to finally realise she can use Twitters block hammer.

In the mean time all heck has broken loose and Twitter is in a meltdown over the photoshopped pictures of her.

If it's that much for her maybe she should take a break from Twitter.

No. 357188

Oh yeah Joy really use the good vs evil rhetoric, its fucking twitter not the bible.

No. 357192

Joys logic is that it's ok to make rape jokes, especially for her because she claims she was raped. She gets a free badge that allows her to do this.

But, don't comment on her appearance because she is sick and that is a horrible thing to do. Rape jokes ok, apperance jokes not ok.


No. 357206


To sage a comment, type sage in the email tab.

In regards to the comment - the hypocrisy is bad enough; but what's worse is when a rape victim voices disgust at the rape jokes; and they get shat upon by Joy and her Joytards for not being able to take a joke.

Not even a meager apology for upsetting a fellow rape victim (assuming Joy was actually raped); nope - the other victim is completely in the wrong for not allowing Joy to cope with her own trauma using really shitty humor.

No. 357210

There's been 2 people posting here today. Me and Nicole who has been talking to herself ALL DAY LONG.

No. 357211

Thank you! I'm new to this, going to go over the rules once again. I read all the threads as well.

I agree with you. I think pointing out her hypocrisy on this "joke" thing is important because it truly shows who she is and how one sided she is.

No. 357213

It isn't a "health issue" that's making Joy fat, it's her pizza and chips diet coupled with sitting on her ass all day…she shouldn't be surprised that people notice her weight gain and comment that her diet/lifestyle is the cause…it would do the same thing to anyone regardless of health. In the original comment the poster did not say anything that wasn't true nor did he say anything mean or pick on her, he simply commented that eating pizza and chips is not doing her weight any favors and that she should stop…and showed her a screengrab to get the point through. (I admit the chipmunk one he showed next was a bit mean but that isn't what she's referring to in the comment.) She's in huge denial when she says she hasn't gained weight in months….someone has to tell her, the Joytards aren't going to, they keep kissing her ass telling her she isn't fat & looks beautiful.

No. 357215


This entire exchange and aftermath is so bizarre and obsessive sounding. I'm sorry, but you're coming off in a similar vein as The Joytards.

No. 357216

Just caught something.

Was watching one of her videos.
Daddyofive, My feelings at MommyoFive

She claims to have panic and anxiety.

“I’m at the point where I believe I have some chronic anxiety and panic issues.”

Didn’t she recently claim she was DIAGNOSED with PTSD? That’s curious, huh? Just something I thought I would share.

No. 357219

If that's really the address I feel bad for her roommate. Joy is trash but that is his home, she's just a guest there. What would be the point in swatting her? She'd just get way more known because she'd blow it up or someone could get really hurt. It's dangerous / a huge waste of resources.

No. 357223

The admin already warned everyone to stop all discussion on the subject. >>357164
Drop it or you'll find yourself banned.

No. 357228

Her claims are always changing…it's part of why we don't believe she's really chronically ill. Sometimes she admits she has anxiety/panic attacks but then says all sorts of incorrect things about it, sometimes she denies that is the cause of her problems, saying how clueless doctors are bc every time she goes to the ER with her "chest pains" they tell her it's anxiety….sometimes she likes to call them "near" heart attacks, "almost" collapses or "near" seizures.

No. 357231

Heres a cute little video about joy. My favorite part is the end.

"Critical thought with joy sparkle bs" by laurel Kinsley

No. 357238

Exactly, it not health issues, it's her diet.

I wonder what she would say if someone were to mention, "Well I'm fat, so it's ok for me to address your appearance and make fat jokes because that's the way I deal with my issue." Or "it's ok I make a comment about your weight because I have lots of overweight friends".

This is the exact way she try's to get around her inappropriate jokes and justifies them. Don't get me wrong, I'm not making fun of her weight issue, just trying to point out her hypocrisy when it comes to her insensitive jokes.

No. 357328

File: 1500694585073.jpg (762.52 KB, 3840x4145, IMG_2398.JPG)

I bet Joy will really like this new version of the Onision rape joke, since she thinks these kinds of jokes are so hilarious.

No. 357335

lol…the opposite going on would get her off more I think…we all know she has a thing for Onion boy

No. 357351

True, I did think of that but didn't want to give her the satisfaction. Lol!

No. 357353

True, she'd probably tweet that everywhere like the hypocrite she is

No. 357383

So according to Joy's number one Twitter defender Joy has been crying on YouTube and Younow over the picture she ranted about on Twitter.

Again the logic is outstanding. Joy poked fun in one of her livestreams at people who wear makeup. Seriously Joy? You can't see why this is two faced?

It is becoming more clear that her original goal was to suck up to fans until she felt she became a "big" youtuber. As her ex friend said. Fans first: Done. Money later: Now.

Sure she's not their therapist, but seeing how coldly she tells fans "I don't have the time" and yet is clearly on Twitter, sharing her email address still, doing videos with very little effort involved due to next to no editing, etc…

I won't give her the answer, but there's much more professional ways of handling this.

And reality Joy, you havent even hit one million subs. You're still a small youtuber. Even then most youtubers have less as it's second accounts, etc.

No. 357384


>>I wonder what she would say if someone were to mention, "Well I'm fat, so it's ok for me to address your appearance and make fat jokes because that's the way I deal with my issue." Or "it's ok I make a comment about your weight because I have lots of overweight friends".

This is genuinely great suggestion but she's seen it now, so it probably won't work the way it would have.

I thought it was going to be a crazy read this morning after what was said last night but I take it she's actually had a quiet night?

No. 357389


>>I have to agree there. It only took Joy six or seven months to finally realise she can use Twitters block hammer.

It's no coincidence that she "discovered" the block button after Anons advised those confronting her to start backing up their comments with the vast amount of evidence that can be found on here. Isn't that right predictable Kati?

You didn't want to block while easily deniable comments were flying your way, it makes you look like you are being wrongly bullied, so it works in your favour. But you can't have irrefutable proof showing up on your timeline can you. Propaganda, Kim Jong Joy.

No. 357396

Mikenactor uploaded the livestream real talk featuring joysparkles bs and cy
From the 1:19 mark thereabouts joy spews vile racism regarding where "brown people" come from including anal sex and from fecal matter on the end of one's penis.
Appallingly disgusting and racist.
Just a joke..
Mike clearly looks uncomfortable on more than one occasion but is just not forthright enough and too much of newb/nice guy/embarrassed to say anything about her weird comments.
He seems nice.. i do wonder where and how their faux friendship will end. Mike is not of white European heritage himself so it must strike a chord somewhere deep inside him to be both a party and a host to this crazy whores narrative.
She really does have a sick and slanted view of sex and sexuality.
I feel bad for Mike.
This will not end well for him
Wish i could transcribe but only have phone available at present.
Anyone willing to type her racist fecal diatribe up?

No. 357400


Is that the live stream where she may or may not have stated she has lupus? I've been waiting for that stream to be uploaded.

I don't feel bad for Mike anymore, I used to, as I agree he seems nice, it seems like his head is screwed on the right way. He sees through Onion, yet he can't see through Joy? I don't believe that for a second, so I no longer feel bad for him. He has chosen to hitch his wagon to the crazy train despite his insight.

No. 357404


Exactly I don't feel sorry for any of Joy's friends.

They're all practically another Joy channel just showing the same streams and harping about Onision.

No. 357406

Didnt catch it all so she may have mentioned yet another illness
Was prattling on and on about brown people and poo infected babies
Its mikenactors latest upload

No. 357414


Thanks Anon. I think I'll wait for Recorder Anon to put their copy on vidme, that way I know it isn't edited.

I can quickly transcribe the racist diatribe if nobody else is planning to?/

No. 357415

Mike is a person who genuinely wants to believe in people he shouldn't waste his time on.

No. 357417

I'm a little over an hour in and no mention of lupus yet. I'm grossed out that Joy yawns constantly without covering her damn mouth. We can all see down her throat and up her giant nostrils.

No. 357420


Yeah… Mike is trying to be a Joysus 2.0 It's either he's watching and learning from her or she's coaching him.

No. 357425

Well here it is, the transcript of one of the most derogatory conversations i have ever had the misfortune to listen to. I need to go and work over my punchbag now…

"So roommate was playing South Park and there's a video game apparently and he's having so much fun because I'm watching over his shoulder as I play the Sims and it's so much fun. And so he like, just to make me laugh because I've had a down night, so he gets to make his own fucking person in the game and he's brown so he made it brown and himself a big orange Afro. And we were laughing about and I said are there Mexican gingers and he said you mean gingerkins and I said is this a thing and he said, i don't know and I was like it needs to be a thing, wait, since you're brow..you brought it up and you named it does that mean I'm racist for telling the story and I said or does that mean you're racist, I said no I think it goes because you're brown you have some kind of right to say it. So I put it on Twitter and a lot of people called me racist and I was happy fucking gingerkins."

Lots of giggles and smugness. "#Gingerkins"

"And apparently there's a, I guess there's a boxer from Mexico who's pure ginger but I guess he came from a brown and a ginger but he came out motherfucking ginger but he speaks fluent brown it's amazing. Speaking brown is a language you know that is, that's anything that I don't know how to fucking speak, they speak brown."

Mike tries to save the conversation saying "what is brown? Brown is the colour of chocolate which is awesome" Joy interjects…

"OMG Yes it's chocolate and turds my two favourite things I like eating chocolate and I like taking a poop because you always feel better it's like if you do it if it's, if it's, if it's a healthy poop it's like a massage for in your insides."

"So true, it's kinda like butt sex" - Mike.

"Noo wait because wait that can't be true because butt sex because it's like making friction with the poo, where when you poo it's a release of poo, you're like pushing in the poison, then it gets on your wiener then your wiener hole gets infected then you go try boof (not quite sure if this word is accurate?) a bitch and then you get her infected and then the baby gets infected with poo, it's got shit in it, it's going to be a poo baby and that's, you know what, that's hashtag… inaudible due to sound interference races of brown people were about people butt fucking and getting poo in their dick and in their wiener hole and they got stained. Confirmed."

Uncomfortable laughter from Mike, smug look from Joy for achieving a laugh, even if it is clearly one of nervousness.

"Mike we need to do a whole history lesson of how brown people came to be and have the internet hate us." - Joy

"Yeah, let's make a video about poo babies, just about poo babies because I really want to know what that is." - Mike

"Somebody else just said 50 shades of poop" - Joy reading comments

"My roommate is a poo baby he comes from a long line of poos."

No. 357426

Here's the livestream from the other night. Unfortunately I was unable to capture the first 20ish minutes where she went into detail about being "anally raped."

Plenty more health claims although I don't believe she claimed to have lupus during this stream. She does mention lupus in response to someone, though.

The chat is interesting specifically because we can see how her former supporter JosheyC has really come around. He openly questions her about some things. He also makes offers to help her out financially when it comes to obtaining medicial help. He even says something about having a neurologist friend who would see her for free, I believe. JosheyC has made these and other offers in the past but Joy always turns him down. Judging by the tone it could be argued that he made these offers the other night in the chat to see if she would still turn them down - perhaps as a way to confirm to himself that her health claims are fishy. Just speculation but you'll see what I mean.

JosheyC has also recently "liked" some posts over on Twitter that are critical of Joy. Some screenshots were posted a thread or two ago that showed him being outraged that Joy had claimed she cured a malignant tumor with pizza herbs. Unlike Isaac and others, JosheyC is clearly still questioning Joy.

Also posted on Vidme though as of now it's still processing: https://vid.me/ugGYo

No. 357430


Thank you Anon, this is the one I've been waiting for. Thank you for your efforts.

No. 357433

Holy brown anon! This is true dedication to farming. Nobody should be subject to this EVER, your poor poor brain witnessing such horrors… Saaaaahluute.

No. 357435

I went ahead and isolated the part of Mikenactor's stream featuring Joy where she spewed racist nonsense. Image is flipped to try to get around any content claims. I also threw up the more egregious shit she said in quotes in the video, but what this anon >>357425 did is even better. You have the patience of a god.

I'm not sure if posting this counts as self promotion. I apologize if it does. My main intent is to make this clip available so people don't have to find it in Mikenactor's 2+ stream.

No. 357437

Its weird because it appears Benji, Cam and Cy have abandoned Joy as they have not livestreamed together atleast Benji for almost 2 weeks now. She is only streaming with Mienactor most of the time now and he is his own topic alone.

Whats happened you think because something has happened?

saged for speculation

No. 357439


Cyunt is still around. She's in the chat during Joy's recent YouNow stream: >>357426

But I wouldn't be surprised if Benji got tired of hosting juvenile streams featuring Joy. I don't regularly watch his stuff but it seems like he enjoys talking about world events etc. Not so much "butt stuff" like Kati. And as for Cameron..wasn't the last stream they did together the one where she later got worked up because Cameron disagreed with her about Onision? And he made that video where he explained he wasn't upset with her and believed her when she said she became ill and had to leave?

No. 357441

There was one about 4 days after but he was very quiet in it as for CopperCab though, nit him and Cam do a lot of content together cus Cam edits for him so Cam can influence him. Her world is tumbling and she tried to get in the skeptic community around the Warwski period but that went well.

No. 357446


What happened is that Joy got her strikes removed and her channel reinstated. Benji's use to Joy became obsolete after that.

No. 357448


If anyone is a by product of anal sex; it's Joy. It would explain how she grew up to become such an intolerable shitstain.

No. 357451

Thanks for transcribing that low brow racist filth
Mike seems very uncomfortable.
She has the intelligence of a 10 year old boy telling a very bad joke to his cousin while amped up on sugar
I also think she firmly believes that poo is used as lube for anal.i think that is actually her take on it.
She is so clearly ignorant and sexually immature.
Tbh i wonder if she is still a virgin.
Her sexual experiences seem limited to what she calls finger banging and poo sex

No. 357457


The last one I can recall Cameron attending is the one where Joy actively argued with Cameron and that Llama dude about Holland and Norway being in two separate countries (Cam and Llama were adamant that they weren't anywhere close to each other, while Joy was convinced they areas were only an hour's distance from one another). And, amusingly enough, that whole convo started after Joy brought up the folktale of Sinterklaus and his white midget slaves, who he had dressed up in black face to reek havoc on townsfolk (yup - more racist shit from her because the bitch didn't properly research the folklore she was talking about).

This was the same stream where the whole shitstorm occurred over the $75 donor question that Joy gave a non answer to; then refused to refund.

No. 357459

I may be wrong because I've never seen Benji, but isn't he the patron The Egocast shouted out in his most recent video? The name was Benji James. If so, I think that's kind of suspicious, because The Egocast has been pretty critical of Joy in several of his videos. So if Benji supports him on Patreon, I think it's pretty good evidence that he's over her shit.

No. 357462

Benji appears to still support Joy, judging by a haters Gif.

I cannot believe she claimed to cure a tumour. Why doesn't she bring that claim up to a DR or specialist? Oh, I know why…

I really wish she'd close her mouth with the whole "sly" jabs at people based on their skin. We're all human Joy, get over it and treat all people with the kindness you claim too.

Is this the sort of content YouTube approves of?

No. 357464


Pay in mind that not all of Joy's fans support everything she does, without question. There are some who are actively critical of her and what she says/does, but still (somehow) like her as a person. Which I personally never understood - because, if a person's action reflect what kind of person they are, by liking them as a person, wouldn't that mean you support their actions?

No. 357467