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File: 1503367128380.png (91.27 KB, 275x257, 1502013409238.png)

No. 376873

Our seeker of joy and sparkles in all the bullshit of the world is still as vulgar and manipulative as ever. She's desperately trying to distract any and all from seeing the truth with her continuous web of lies. The rabbit hole goes deeper and she is the on who keeps digging it.

On the previous episode:
> Joy cut her youtube break short because she HAD to speak out about free speech.
> old user name, new to the fram, MissDevicDoll, popped up. Old indigo post showing she is much the same now as she was then.
> Do5 gag order was lifted, open flood gates for 4,8693 videos about all the shit she's kept close to the chest for months. She can finally share all the sooper seakret info.
> as of this post repzions video has not been posted, and despite joy saying she will not make a response to the video, she has already addressed it numerous times.
> Joy tried to pass off her reported symptoms as a diagnosis.
> we have witnessed a miraculous recovery from all her ailments with a couple low doses of prednisone.
> says she's transitioning to other platforms. Vid.me and bitchute.com

Previous threads:
#1 >>246848
#2 >>278466
#3 >>285785
#4 >>304769
#5 >>312880
#6 >>322745
#7 >>338199
#8 >>345917
#9 >>351741
#10 >>359606
#11 >>367358

Social Media:
Joy Sparkle BS main YouTube channel
Spurpinklebow 2nd channel
Joy Sparkle Eff It 3rd channel

Many of the topics brought up in previous threads are linked for your convenience, >>354796 please take the time to look them over as well as the summaries at the start of each thread. If you don’t want to look foolish/get banned the first time you post it will do you good to read the board rules https://lolcow.farm/rules and usage info https://lolcow.farm/info and to lurk a while just reading before attempting to post so you learn how things work. Please do a keyword search (Ctrl-F) to first check if the topic has been discussed already, we try to avoid rehashing the same things over and over. If you have important factual information to share (aka milk) be sure to back it up with evidence such as links or screenshots. Attempting to pass off unsubstantiated rumors as truth will only get you laughed at and ridiculed. Always leave the Name and Subject fields blank when you post. If you are not contributing new milk/just giving your opinion please ‘sage’ your post. We are very picky about this and can usually spot a noob a mile away because they never sage their dumb comments. To do this put the word sage in the Email field…if you are not sure if your post is milk sage it anyway. Not saging correctly is a bannable offense. If you make a mistake on a post you can delete it within the first 30 min. Do not direct link to Joy’s videos we don’t want to give her extra views, linking to anyone else’s channel (except Onision/Lainey) is fine and encouraged. Try to find a mirrored version of her video to post instead or at least include the name of Joy's video in your post so others can find it later. Do not post about Kati's family or exes or try to contact them. You can talk about them if Kati brings them up but do not refer to them by name. Do not try to use us as your own personal army to go after Kati or anyone else, we are not your attack dogs. Thanks!

No. 376878

Thanks for the new thread. Appreciated.

No. 376881

Thank you for making a new thread, anon - you rock! Hopefully there's going to be less bickering then by the end of the previous one - we're all here to mock Kati and her antics after all.

No. 376892

nice intro, short and sweet.
here's hoping repzion hurries up with the video so we can start this off right (optimistic, I know)

No. 376896

So are we not talking about joy and based fighting on Twitter for a reason or…? Jw.

Honestly, I dont think I even read the last thread's intro, it was basically the whole thread over again, like legit word for word. Very long.

No. 376907

File: 1503370972569.png (130.65 KB, 720x667, 20170821_220049.png)

She's still sucking kidbehindthecamera's ass.

No. 376908

File: 1503371292244.jpg (79.06 KB, 800x723, IMG_20170822_035903.jpg)

Rose's lawyer apparently trying to correct his omission of Joy from the list of those being thanked for their help in his video. Some on her Twitter feed question her instrumentality, given the Twitter handle he's used…

No. 376909

this should be labelled Thread #12

No. 376910

File: 1503371755967.jpg (173.37 KB, 800x878, IMG_20170822_041453.jpg)

Leaving the DO5 nonsense aside, the tumour rumour has come up again on Twitter. "Prove i claimed to have cancer. no worries, ill wait.not my first rodeo" And so it goes…

No. 376913

So I was looking up specifics about Borderline Personality Disorder because something kept nagging in the back of my mind regarding how Kati is always describing her period as 'some type of suicide button' and I came across this:
https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Premenstrual_dysphoric_disorder Almost every single one of Kati's symptoms and the list of symptoms associated with PMDD are identical. Everything fits. Age of onset, the cyclical nature of it, it could have been individual periods that were especially effecting her and then later become most or all. On WebMD it even lists low doses of steroidal anti-inflammatories such as Prednisone possibly effecting the joint and muscle pain associated with it.
She talks about having unmedicated 'Good Days' but seems to mean mostly symptom free days, not just days that are easier to bear. PMDD could effect you as many as 17 days out of a 28 day cycle and she could be spending several days just acting pathetic on top of that. Honestly reading the exact symptoms for PMDD is literally exactly what Kati has been subjectively describing.

No. 376920

Sorry, My bad. Next time I'll wait for someone else to make it.

No. 376923

Thanks for creating the thread, anon. We were cutting it a bit fine on 11!

No. 376935

I prefer your thread, more straight to the point, so don't sweat the forgetting a number thing.

Sooo…has Rep posted anything yet? Unable to check YT atm. This thing is getting kinda drawn out.

No. 376942

Video showing part of when Kati guested with Phil on YouNow on March 2, 2017 when they were still friends and she only had around 12,000 subs. She started off with a "cold" that according to her made her voice sound so bad she said she couldn't make videos but then miraculously gets better after a few minutes when she forgets to keep up the act. She proceeds to dox herself when she confirms she lives in Oklahoma. Then she wants to name off all the states she has lived in but Phil tries to stop her from releasing additional personal info. She tells a little story about how her and Roommate were looking for a new apartment and she wanted an extra bedroom so she could have a room for YouTube stuff/filming but he thought it was unnecessary to get a 2 bedroom apartment. Of course, he ends up giving into what she wants, like always. This pretty much confirms that at least up until March they shared a bedroom, possibly still do. (On a recent livestream someone in the chat asked if they had separate bedrooms or shared and she declined to say claiming she didn't want to disclose that info because it was private.) She then shows said messy ass YT room and her closet full of hideous sequined/fur/rainbow colored clothing and shoes.

The full guest spot can be found here, it's over an hour long: https://youtu.be/OiBmKCmfBpM?t=2h27m12s

No. 376955

If Punky Brewster grew up to become a prostitute, she'd dress like Joy.

No. 376958

Speaking of Phil, he made a new video about Joy. (He doesn't actually start talking about Joy until at 2:30 min in) Topics: her claims his 3 hr long video was a 10-year-old conversation from the distant past, claims of her attempting to mend fences is bs, the mindset of her followers and how she hides behind the chronically ill community and why, more lies & manipulation, Konstigo, Amanda Smith, social engineering, enabling, crocodile tears, victimization & excuses, timely bouts of depression/illness, whiteknighting for DO5, how she doesn't do her own editing or research

No. 376978

She is on younow.It started 16 mins ago.

No. 376995

Anything interesting happened?

No. 377015

Not a whole lot of interesting stuff happened on this YouNow 8/22/17 12:22 am. I went through the moments and picked out a few. Mostly claiming she's almost completely better except her stomach and making fun of stupid rumors.

She's laughing over a video someone made that claims every time she lies her nose itches because when you lie it releases histamine that fucks with your nose & makes it itchy, like an allergic reaction. She says no, that's really reaching. Instead it could be that "I have long hair and the strands get in my face, or because the way I talk, the resonance from my face, because I'm a singer my nose just naturally itches or you know allergies aren't a thing."
Literally pooped her brains out today…but what you are seeing now lately is her real personality: "hyappy" a tongue tied cross between hyper and happy
She debunked a couple stupid rumors/accusations…like the one where someone claimed she was lying about being Rose's top donor when someone did out-donate her 5 days earlier but she hadn't checked. Then going on and on about people being confused her tumor was cancerous and she cured that cancer with herbs, so she challenged them to find a clip of her sayig it and they did find one where she said it but it was out of context. She clarified that no she never had cancer but she did have a noncancerous tumor she cured with diet and herbs.
Says she's had the worst stomach stuff today, everything went right thru her in 30min so she was drinking Pedialyte
On her 2nd bottle of Pedialyte which is helping her stomach. She's not in any fibro pain, no more fevers, no brain fog. The last step is to figure out the stomach stuff.
Has a brain fart where she forgets a word…but she just got done saying she hadn't been having brain fog so she tries to explain it away "Oh come on, brain. This is just me being tired see my memory still gets affected but it's not like brain fog, it's not like the cloud. I just can't access parts of my memory."
It's so hard when people accuse her when she's sick but it's ok now that she's better…she's not making a mockery of cancer, she never had cancer people made that up
She's got her health so not much can bring her down now that she can function. She's kinda fat but she can function! Has anyone, like Chambers tried to apologize? No.
If her stomach is ok tomorrow she's probably not going to jog but she's gonna walk cause she's gonna be by herself in the morning.

No. 377032

Still no video from Repzion
At this stage i am well over waiting and pissed off at his delay tactics.
The only pleasure i get is knowing that joy is sweating on it worse than anyone but geezus h krist
All this hype for a no show.

No. 377040


I think it's funny people are pissing and moaning about the video being late. It's only been a day, ffs - have some patience! He did say there may be a delay due to his dad being in the hospital (family comes first; as it damned well should) and his school/work schedule. When a week goes by and there's still no video - then feel free to start bitching. Just saying.

No. 377041

He's at the hospital with his dad who has cancer. From a recent tweet (sorry can't screenshot on this phone) it looks like he was there with his family all night "currently has an infection, IV came popped out last night when we were watching him and he lost a lot of blood. he just started walkin tho!"

He also responded this to someone who said they were beginning to think there was no video "Think that all you want. You end up wrong and embarrassed, that I promise you. Family comes first atm"

He did say he hoped to have it out by the 20th, that wasn't a promise written in stone. He has his priorities straight, his dad is much more important than a video about crazy Joy.

No. 377042

I notice Joy has updated her channel intro with a butterfly logo reveal. It is stolen from a preview video for an After Effects logo template from VideoHive. You can tell she has not paid for it because the compression is so bad and the website (Envato) logo is hidden behind Joy's title text.

One of her "crew" probably made it for her, but still. Piracy is piracy kids.

No. 377043


I'd say someone should contact Conlon and ask him if that is his legit Twitter page.

It just seems so grossly unprofessional for a lawyer to seek help from someone who's not only a small fry Youtuber (he wanted the word to get out about this controversy? Still with the Youtibers with millions of followers); but who has also shown just how unhinged she is.

No. 377048

No. 377050

So what?
He gave a date hyped it and missed it.

No. 377051

File: 1503400976125.jpg (112.56 KB, 500x376, 1502889678251.jpg)

i hope his father dies(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 377054

He also warned of possible delays.

Now kindly practice some patience and stop derailing the forum (this is my last comment on this topic).

No. 377064

>Says she's had the worst stomach stuff today, everything went right thru her in 30min so she was drinking Pedialyte

There goes the 6 lbs she lost in like 2 days. It probably added 10 lbs back on, since she has a special hero GI tract that works opposite.

No. 377066

File: 1503406819173.png (14.78 KB, 567x118, m9pMq5T.png)


I'm amazed at how she pounds that much pedialyte when she does nothing to actually need it. That's a lot of potassium and salts to be sucking down all the time.

No. 377127

Maybe she drinks it to keep her story somewhat accurate? It reminds me of those worthless price of shit mothers who make their children sick on purpose just for the sympathy.

No. 377128

File: 1503415627427.png (39.33 KB, 663x226, a2hD7HR.png)


If she is over doing potassium on a routine basis… she could be playing with fire.

No. 377131


I agree. I have been on this 'Joy milk bus' for months… but am getting so sick of it now.

Whether or not Rep. has a video or not it has become so annoying…

So many stop/starts in this drama.

Think I may move on… a storm in a tea cup.

Good luck, hope things eventuate but am sick of it all now… got caught up in it…

but there are so many other important things going on in the world other than this irrelevant chic.

Wishing you luck!

No. 377132

May the milk be with you.

No. 377163


I don't know what makes people think he's going to say anything we haven't gone over other than the hope he might use his "fame" to collect information that we haven't been able to get. We have a novel worth of threads dedicated to her and have exhausted every avenue to dig into her past and have posted all findings. The only way his would be different is if someone who wouldn't talk to us talks to him, or someone like Amanda Smith, but she's apparently a cow herself so think about how low the chances are of this being some breaking video? I'm only looking forward to it for two reasons: another larger YouTuber compiling shit into one video and that he's putting it out at such a great time. Joy's back to getting mostly positive feedback. Her followers "believe" her now about her test results. This should knock her down a peg or two, at least temporarily. Hopefully he gets around to posting it soon.

No. 377164

Samefag but also people keep saying he interviewed JLF which I'm nervous about, I really really hope he has enough sense not to do that.

No. 377180

I think that repzion is re-editing his video. It should have been out by now. Whoever he "showed" the video to obviously found some flaws in it. Who know, maybe joys recent vids counter his claims so he needed to update it.
I wish he didn't hype it so damn much because now no matter what he does it will look bad and these delays only make it look worse.

No. 377204

Part of last night's stream. What I wasn't able to catch was just her being hyper and manic.

About halfway through part 1, she starts talking about Angel..again. And she accuses people in the chat of being other people.

Addresses people saying that Joy had previously said she cured cancer with herbs.

Part 1: https://vid.me/YWmcw

Part 2: https://vid.me/zKnEp

No. 377213

it's all well and good to talk about family first and etc, but he tweeted 'almost time' and then 'let's get ready to rumble!' knowing there was still at least 10 hours before the video would be live. it fits with his previous pattern of hyping the shit out of it, which made people less interested.
Rep is a twat and this video is going to be shit.

this would not surprise me at all. she probably told him her real name is amanda smith kek

No. 377230

Jesus christ he sounds awful and based off the feedback there, he seems like the kind of guy that would take Rose's case solely for the attention. Maybe he and joy can open a YouTube law firm, given all her second hand law knowledge that was received via her family member.

No. 377237


Maybe Conlon will become her new roomie/sugar daddy when the current one finally wises up and kicks her out.

No. 377244

File: 1503430744511.png (1.19 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_0534.PNG)

Wow that predisone is really doing wonders, she can run, has little pain anymore, and it's evens apparently inspiring her to take showers and not look like a scuzball! I better go get some for myself!
Seems like all the comments on her gross appearance are finally getting to her, ain't no amount of makeup can hide that disgusting personality Joy. And believe me the ugly always shines through.

No. 377262

>>377164 Rep hasn't had any contact with JLF, he confirmed this himself on twitter, a screenshot of this was posted in the last thread. He hadn't even heard of her and after being informed of what a cow she is, he stated he had no intention of talking to her.

No. 377287

File: 1503435436110.png (180.18 KB, 1220x1056, IMG_3175.PNG)

Mundane matt is arguing with Joy on twitter

No. 377289

File: 1503435498858.png (267.85 KB, 1242x1713, IMG_3176.PNG)


And she quickly replied

No. 377290

File: 1503435533312.png (153.21 KB, 1241x1007, IMG_3177.PNG)

No. 377299

File: 1503435915515.png (219.73 KB, 1125x1166, IMG_2933.PNG)

Chronicling these responses before she deletes them- these are on her video about Chamber's statement


No. 377302

File: 1503436070240.png (512.84 KB, 1125x2001, IMG_2930.PNG)


#2 Joy's First response to Mundane Matt

No. 377303

Maybe it's the m-m-moon shine, over the c-c-cow shed, or maybe it's the three drinks I've had at the Korova Milk Bar. But I gotta say, fellow anons, I'm feeling very optimistic this thread might slowly be getting back on track.

Saged for loving you guys.

No. 377304

File: 1503436144075.png (520.34 KB, 1125x2001, IMG_2931.PNG)

#3 Joy's 2nd response to Matt's original comment

No. 377306

File: 1503436229951.png (508.72 KB, 1125x2001, IMG_2932.PNG)

#4 Mundane Matts response to Joy's previous two comments

No. 377309

File: 1503436304021.png (266.13 KB, 1242x1494, IMG_3178.PNG)

It's a pretty good back and forth over on the twitter, now she is pissed at him cursing at her!

No. 377311


Sages for pettiness but I hate Joy's passive aggressive little "<3" and "be blessed." Like…who does she think she's fooling with the "oh look I'm even nice to the haters" act.

No. 377314

Her followers don't seem to know what the word "patronizing" means. That's what Joy is doing and it's just flying right over their brainless heads.

No. 377336

File: 1503437157097.png (338.67 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_3179.PNG)

More Twitter row screen grabs, trying to post in order but it's moving pretty quick so apologies if they're a bit out of order

No. 377337

these recent videos are a really good way of showing how she acts when she really does have privileged information (or "entitled information" as she called it) or has any sort of solid evidence to back up a claim.

No. 377338

File: 1503437303850.png (342.34 KB, 1242x1797, IMG_3180.PNG)

No. 377339

File: 1503437329419.png (292.67 KB, 1242x1739, IMG_3181.PNG)

No. 377340

File: 1503437374182.png (269.33 KB, 1218x1316, IMG_3182.PNG)

No. 377341

The fact that she has the nerve to act all pious by donating all the money she got out of her fans is a big [art of what males her garbage.

No. 377343

D-Does she not realize that she basically described herself?

No. 377344

This day in history: Arthur Godfrey effectively destroyed his popular radio career by attacking singer Julius la Rosa. 'He had no HUMILITY.!'

No. 377347

Is this supposed to be scary, Joy? You don't threaten 'making a video' on Youtubers with a metric fuckton more subscribers and connections than you.
>I won't make videos on the haters because they just want the attention from me
>Watch out Mundane Matt, don't piss me off or I'll make a video on you!

I wonder if she knows how transparent she is, or if she legit thinks she's cleverly outsmarting all these people.

No. 377352

Joy is notorious for being blind to her own self-projecting.

No. 377356

File: 1503438064332.png (237.92 KB, 1240x1168, IMG_3183.PNG)


She's outsmarted them all AND declared the argument won, fucking lol!

No. 377360

STFU about tags, Kati. You had no problem putting 'Onision pedophile' 'Onisions stalker' etc in videos that had nothing to do with said topic. I don't even like Gergles, but don't pretend every tag you used was somehow justified.

No. 377361


When you think you win every argument but you're actually just flailing around and spewing word salad

No. 377366

She'll be on younow shortly claiming victory and saying she's "got receipts" over the mundamematt thing,
Why have a twitter spat when you can cash in on it right Kati?

No. 377368

yeah, she has a long and sad history of tag-stuffing, but she knows youtube don't care so she keeps it up.

given that everyone bigger was ignoring her, I wonder what has made MM decide to go after her.

No. 377371

I love this thread because OP is a cow in their own right and most of the shit that goes on in here is boring af.

No. 377373

Obviously you are not a golfer.

No. 377375


Agree with this one hundred percent. Rep is a snide little shit who thinks he's all that. 'Let's get ready to rumble'? Seriously? Fuck off with that nonsense, you little faggot.


Mundane Matt is also a sperg and a loser, but he does have more viewers than Joy so who knows why she would bother going after him. They're not pre-teen idiot Onion viewers, either. They're people who will fuck with her royally and will go after her just to fuck up her life.

Enjoy kicking that hornet's nest, Kati!

No. 377378


+1 for pop culture history, anon. I got this one.

No. 377380


I actually think baseball and golf are on par.

No. 377388

Thank you, Obi Wan, you're my only hope!

No. 377394

Mundanematt has addressed her about this before.

No. 377403


I'd say you're off base…. ;)

No. 377419

Who do you think the OP is?

No. 377422

So how long before mikenactor does a mundane matt video now?

No. 377436

Yes mundane Matt also has a circle of youtube friends who she doesn't want on her badside.
Can you imagine if Sargon did a video about her. OMG now that would be someone she should fear 2000 times more then repzion.
Personally I don't think Matt would directly engage her but the brain trust of his fans and friends would bury hers.

No. 377456

An idiot?

No. 377471


I giggled, nonnie. Sadly I have no pun to respond with. You have bested me!

No. 377508

I take it back, joytards do know how to sage. Learn something new every day.
Sage for enjoying poor quality bait.

No. 377581

VHS archive compiled screenies of the spat between joy and mundanematt.

VHS Archive: "JoySparkleBS vs Mundane Matt"

No. 377655

File: 1503460461322.png (148.67 KB, 720x921, 20170822_225122.png)

Joy is do5. Where ..wha…how does she thinks that this make a sense.

No. 377676


I was thinking that as well, Maybe he is one of the people Rep showed his video to?

Sage for speculation

No. 377678

>none of the videos you've done in the last few days even were about Do5
>It was absolutely about Do5…it was the story of what happened to ME

No. 377715

It's always about her.

No. 377731

File: 1503469730731.png (72.51 KB, 708x613, Screenshot (417).png)

It looks like Patrick is false flagging again.

No. 377732

File: 1503470353348.jpg (126.93 KB, 800x920, IMG_20170823_072319.jpg)

Part of an old chat with Joy that Melinda Gail posted on Twitter a couple hours ago, wishing her 'peace'…

No. 377734

File: 1503470436202.jpg (25.95 KB, 324x461, DH5G0PPXgAA-MN-.jpg)

And again from Melinda. I don't know much about art…

No. 377737

No. 377743

File: 1503471352454.jpg (111.14 KB, 800x653, IMG_20170823_075112.jpg)


@MelindaGail69, don't know much about her, but she's a Twitter commenter who was questioning joy about D05 accusations at the time. She's joined the Mundane Matt fray, and seems to be revisiting rumours that Joy's roommate was in Maryland at the time of the trial, and her secret source of info.

(Aren't you glad I'm not Joy, though, yelling at you to do your research and calling you names?)

No. 377751

Melinda Gail occasionally does live streams with Based Mama.She was even in the live stream that Based Mama had Roses sister Crystal on and Nick Monroe.It is private now but the title was called….Friday Live Show:DaddyOFive/Rose Hall Custody Case Update.

No. 377777

Joy getting upset about tricksy phone calls, oy gevalt….

No. 377791

File: 1503478416897.gif (854.72 KB, 400x224, sawwynawtsawwy.gif)

No. 377792

It's a fucking hour long. It better be worth it.

No. 377794

I'm watching it right now

No. 377795

No. 377798

oh fuck he has screen shots from Rose talking with him 05:33

No. 377800

grab it while you can. I'm down loading it now

No. 377801

OOhhhhhh shiiiiiiit bitch. Just got up to that part.

No. 377803

maaaaan, this is going to be a bomb! At least, I hope so! Rep do not fail us!

No. 377805

Should someone be writing notes on this vid? Or should everyone just watch for themselves? Man I hope it has some fullcream milk in it!

No. 377806

I'm only time stamping important stuff

No. 377807

Reposting to make it clear for everyone scrolling through.

No. 377808

Holy fuck! The rambling from the old radio show is legit cancer!

No. 377810

Indigo shit 07:40-18:25 old recording of the old radio show

No. 377817

This was just a long-winded rehash of topics covered here. I am disappoint.

No. 377818

Who cares? A LOT of people do not come here… there are a LOT of people getting their minds blown on twitter right now. It's called more attention to her bullshit. This is a GOOD thing.

No. 377822

I'm honestly just so glad that he gave his input to a larger audience. That's all I personally wanted from his video, just having a larger amount of people hearing exactly what we have all been thinking for months on end.

No. 377823


That was the first thing I said when her first video came out (that it was all about her). Not only was I called a liar trying to spread hate (they claimed I didn't watch the entire video; I told them to watch it themselves and point out how I was lying); but one fan actually had the gall to ask me how the video was about her when she was just telling her side of the story.

No. 377824

File: 1503483113350.png (311.31 KB, 751x751, rosetext.png)

Best part of the entire video, at least for those of us who've been following this shitshow for quite some time, is this text that purports to show that was Rose was indeed scared of Joy and her instability.

No. 377826

This is actually really sad. I didn't think Kati could possibly come off as an even more shitty of a person than she already has.

No. 377829

>>377824 Didn't Based Mama and A Mad Woman Muses both confirm this (rose being scared of Joy) when they made videos calling Joy out for potentially jeopardizing the case by releasing privileged information?

No. 377831

Absolutely scary and sad. Demonstrates the detrimental effect Joy's 'selfless' actions were having on Rose/the kids and the legal case. I can absolutely believe that Joy is not someone to be messed with, especially with her suspected mental health issues.

No. 377832

Mikeinactor's twitter post about rep's video and the replies from fans are absolute cancer. They focused on the new age shit instead of the fact she has contradicted herself. On top of that they are complaining about the vid being an hour long. ummm hello joy's vids are usually an hour long. They also don't seem to care about the do5 situation, on how scared rose was.

No. 377834

I agree. It's terrible that a mother accepts help from someone in good faith ( Rose comes off as a goodhearted type, shy and probably slightly naive ) and then ends up fearing the online psycho. Kati obviously has a plethora of mental issues and she's not in the group of sensible people who commit to therapy and acknowledge their problems, so I can only imagine she's going to get scary-psycho-aggressive worse in the future.

No. 377841

A rehash BUT i would love to see joy address her history of bullshit ilness and spontaneous healing.
Wonder if she is only ever sick enough to make bank and then moves on elsewhere

No. 377848

I don't think it's very likely that she's tried to make money off her illnesses before; she probably just used them for attention in the past (or because she's legit mentally ill and doesn't fully realize she's doing it, but I do think that a lot of her actions and lies are deliberate). I believe that her using them for financial gain is relatively new - the main reason is because if she had years of practice of this already, you'd damn sure hope she'd be better at it than this.
This reeks of a seasoned con trying their hand in an unfamiliar territory of conning, and failing hard because of easily proven inconsistencies and lies. She's definitely got a long history of lying, but I think she only realised pretty recently that sympathy points can be cashed in.

No. 377867

Whether she's aware she's doing it or not ( I personally think she is, although I question if sometimes she crosses a line into really believing her own lies - the line probably gets very blurry after so many years ), she has glaring mental issues. What kind specifically we'll probably never officially know.

No. 377868

File: 1503491244956.jpg (33.01 KB, 412x172, 4096093860958.jpg)

>People saying she looks heaps better now she's on medication and she finally looks like she's taking better care of herself

Bitch WAT

3 weeks ago vs now, I don't see a difference.

No. 377884

Seeing lots of comments that are supportive of Kati on Reps video. I have to agree that it really wasn't well made. Too many are focusing on her angel shit in a sense of don't attack her beliefs ( lol ) and not on the Rose situation/anything else mentioned.

No. 377885

Maybe they meant that she has more energy…

…oh, wait…

No. 377887


But the thing that's important about mentioning her indigo past/angel crap is that - despite her claims that she doesn't practice this shit any longer - Joy does still preach the same rhetorical nonsense she was spewing back in the day. Hence why Repzion added those videos where Joy is going om about healing herself through prayer/meditation and to not believe doctors when they tell you what's wrong with your own body.

He's pointing out her blatant lies about still believing in the Indigo nonsense - which her fans readily ignore.

The fault isn't on Repzion; it's on her fans and their blind faith in her rhetoric.

No. 377888

File: 1503495736821.png (18.79 KB, 257x291, Zk3ssm1.png)

13k views in 4 hours. She's not uploaded any new video (that's when she usually loses subs, when people are reminded to unsub from a video showing up in their recommended/feeds) The only diff in the last 4 hours has been Rep's video.

No. 377899

Well, here's Kati's first (of likely many) reaction

No. 377902

File: 1503498473774.jpg (58.24 KB, 616x353, DeI5Lq7.jpg)

Well, here's Kati's first tweet about it.

No. 377903

well that was a waste of a sped up hour. Did he completely remake the video in the past 48 hours? What happened to the interview with Amanda? What happened to the indigo child sex ring and all of the really juicy shit he alluded to? We waited 3 weeks for what was essentially a reading of lolcow's greatest hits and some videopasta.

No. 377904

The difference? Makeup

Sage for speculation

No. 377906

File: 1503499383926.jpg (157.61 KB, 1360x768, IMG_20170823_093940.jpg)

Bankruptcy claims. Not sure of the exact date she bought her car but the amount she field for is awfully close to said sticker price she claims to have paid.kek

Pic from reps video, moral posted to Twitter

No. 377908

File: 1503499745582.jpg (54.69 KB, 604x315, lyvXaK4.jpg)

Tweet #2 from Kati, who is not responding by… responding.

Saged because no one will be surprised.

No. 377913

File: 1503500451550.jpg (70.25 KB, 624x505, WzancNH.jpg)

More bollocks

No. 377917

File: 1503501624877.png (43.04 KB, 750x405, IMG_3083.PNG)

Joy is so bothered by this video. If she didn't care like she said she wouldn't pay it any mind or feed into it. She posted a status a few minutes ago saying that she would do a livestream response to his video in the afternoon… but she's so triggered by it that she couldn't wait till the afternoon and has to speak about it NOW. Admit it Joy.. his video got to you.

No. 377920

I wish the bitch would fuck off to Youtube instead, because Younow is always weirdly glitchy for me. I am looking forward to her making videos on this, more crazy material the better. I'm on the joy train.

No. 377923

File: 1503503470213.png (Spoiler Image, 136.75 KB, 750x1063, IMG_3133.PNG)

She hasn't even watched the full video yet and she already has a response?! Lol. But she doesn't care about it and won't respond to it by… responding to it. She looks like shit in her Younow stream right now. Almost as if she's been up all night constantly hitting refresh on Repzion YouTube channel.

No. 377924

Such an unfortunate pig face. I swear she looks like a Manson girl who tripped and fell into an ocean of crazy while already being crazy.

No. 377928

>>377902 I'm confused, what part of Rep's video did lolcow supposedly debunk? His information seemed to match with everything that has been discussed on here. He didn't touch on any new ground but I can't remember him saying any misinformation either? His information was accurate. Or did I miss something?

>>377903 >>What happened to the interview with Amanda?

He never stated that he would be interviewing Amanda, other people put two and two together based on a comment she made on YT.

I agree this wasn't as big as he seemed to believe but at least it brought her pattern of behaviour to a bigger audience.

No. 377929

Welcome for the views? Girl, you ain't shit lol I swear this bitch always looks so disheveled because she has to forcibly pull her head from her own ass.

No. 377934


Joy doesn't seem to know what the word 'debunk' means.

No. 377948


i think she's just pissed off and grasping…don't think anything he discussed was debunked here that I recall (especially since most of his observations and questions were left open-ended)

No. 377952

Well repzion video is here and it will probably do nothing.
The only viewers joy has now are true believers and hate/drama viewers. This vid does nothing.
The only thing that was a "revelation" was the message he got from "rose" it explains why rose was a bit two faced with joy. If you are terrified of someone when they confront you you won't admit talking about them.

Sad part is Joy has the answer to this Rose's lawyer. This lawyer basically gave her carte blanche to be a crazy person. Personally I wonder if it was more that Joy basically was giving this lawyer free advertising in every vid that motivated him to "defend her". I think this lawyer is a fool and thank god the kids are safe but him defending Joy is her defense.

The indigo thing has all been talked about. It won't affect her at all except for possible new age fans to join her more.

Bankruptcy and car thing is speculative. Sure there could be something there but it's still speculation.

Sadly she actually might get more viewers from this as some repzion fans who don't watch Joy will tune into her "response " video

Repzion obviously had a "different" video planned based on his comments. Some of his "sources" obviously were compromised which was kinda speculated here. This is the cause of his delay imho.

No. 377953

File: 1503505962399.png (455.51 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170823-173034.png)

Stumbled across this in the comments. Reply comment is Rep himself so I guess we can hope for a part 2 that covers some more of it all. Better not be so damn long tho.

No. 377956

I sure as fuck hope so cause that stuff sounds more juicy than his video. Would be nice if he showed more of Joy's true colors.

No. 377957

He is giving her an opportunity to correct all her shit. She probably won't, but he's left it open for her to be truthful. Despite the fact that there was nothing truly juicy about the vid, he brought up questions that maybe, big huge maybe, the sperglefucks might think about and question themselves.

No. 377960

guys you need to check her recent younow moments. Its such horse shit. Shes apparently going to make a 3 part video. She said Rep didn't do research LOL, I don't think she knows what that means.

No. 377968


Total monthly income: $600
Net montly income: $10


90% of what she's said is utter bullshit mixed in with 10% of truth so people give her the benefit of the doubt.

No. 377971

File: 1503507430266.png (228.89 KB, 1242x1752, IMG_2120.PNG)

This is my favorite comment. It's on a mirror of MrRep's video on emphasis on bs YouTube channel. It really shows how smart the average joytard is.

No. 378005

She definitely looks more orange, and has in the past said that she wont wear makeup because she looks like an oompah loompa. Because, ya know, even her skin is special and there's no makeup in existence that matches her rare skin tone.

She had been saying before that she dgaf to put on her ring light so she prob mustered up the energy to hit that switch and start using it again.

No. 378017

File: 1503510894659.png (127.86 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Repzion is right, though. He did point out how she has certain behaviors that repeat over and over. Like forming an online group, and getting them to worship you….. and make comments about brown people.(circa 2009)


No. 378065

>>378017 Right yes, new info, no.

No. 378070


You're right. Apologies, annon.

I had trouble finding the screenshot and/or link in the threads before, and thought others might, too, with all the autism running rampant around here, and all.

No. 378072

his video wasn't made for the cows, simply as that. everyone on the yt comments saying how it has nothing new are the cows or the joy fanatics, but his video was made for the clueless ones always commenting on Joy videos asking why everyone hates joy and asking for explanations imo

No. 378076

Bleck >.< She threw up a video about h3h3 winning their lawsuit. Always on the coattails of someone else. Fucking dilettante.

No. 378085


She better not start latching onto Ethan and "Heel-a"

No. 378086

I think it would be Ok if she does. It'd be lulzy to see of they respond.

No. 378100

Leonard French has been following it. He tweeted/livestreamed about it 3 hours ago… her video went up about an hour ago… so, she got the info from Leonard's tweet.

No. 378102

File: 1503522112942.png (151.12 KB, 395x385, optimism.png)

your first mistake was taking one of joy's claims at face value. obvious deflection was obvious.

this pic is for you

No. 378125

File: 1503523074048.png (246.06 KB, 547x855, K908Xmy.png)

No. 378127

File: 1503523173791.png (89.91 KB, 720x607, 20170823_161526.png)

In the words of kati, "this is where I'm confused?" Which part, or parts according to the almighty angelic seer, did he lie about?

Hey, I fecken tried k? Gave me a giggle tho…

No. 378135

"Maybe if I throw bunch of ad homs, no one will notice I'm not addressing any of the actual content of the video because my fans are gullible and stupid."

Yawn. Same shit, different day.

No. 378138

File: 1503523961986.png (356.35 KB, 624x624, Untitled.png)

No. 378140

File: 1503524099644.jpg (48.91 KB, 616x410, Capture.JPG)

No. 378142

File: 1503524128538.jpg (42.67 KB, 616x408, Capture.JPG)

No. 378150

I just want to say it's fucking hilarious that reps video, as of this moment, has over 30k views. Videos of her's from three weeks ago don't even have that many views except her "goodbye" video, which everyone was eager to see her go. Fucking ha!

No. 378153

File: 1503524841193.png (91.73 KB, 612x645, ssF9vT4.png)

She's in full cunt mode.

No. 378154

File: 1503524936913.png (273.52 KB, 368x642, vlcsnap-error980.png)

she could and shouldve written "i hope his dad gets better asap"

u can tell shes just being an annoyed bitch.

No. 378155

File: 1503524979320.png (36.08 KB, 345x517, HGktS8v.png)


Right now, she's at -139 subs for the day.

No. 378156


Well… she is YouTube Famous! (said in Peter Monn's voice) … ain't got no time to worry about the little pee-ons and which family member it is that's in critical condition, don'tcha know! (the second part is Joysus… Peter Monn would never be so crass or ignorant)

No. 378170

In Joy's new vid about h3h3, her smile at the beginning looks so forced. If it's not, I bet she's only happy she has some excuse to upload and ignore the shitstorm. But I doubt that because she was teasing a response at the beginning and end of it.

No. 378189

I steen some1 ask this before but there wasnt a response. But what happend to Benji? (Saged)(read lolcow.farm/info)

No. 378202

You fucking saged wrong. Go check the spergle thread where you might get an answer.

No. 378203


Easy answer. He outlived his usefulness; so Joy cut him loose.

Either that, or he wised the fuck up, saw Joy for the blight on humanity that she is and finally severed contact with her and her cronies.

No. 378204

I doubt it was intentional on Benji's part, otherwise she would be shitting on him, saying he betrayed her, etc.

No. 378248

No. 378261

File: 1503537394188.jpg (28.18 KB, 593x238, J88d0A4.jpg)

Her socialblade is awfully satisfying to see rn

No. 378265

anyone see her stream about the Rep vid? her and the joytards are criticizing him about focusing on her new age bullshit, but they don't understand that he brought it up to showcase her scamming people with her angels and "privileged info"

No. 378407

Joy's response live stream.

No. 378411

The psychos on is guesting on Jaclyns younow

No. 378413

Jaclyn is so over Joy's crazy shit, you can tell by her expression as Joy rambles on

No. 378414

the question was "did you get paid for your woo"

rambling for 10 mins

It was a fucking yes or no question. And the answer was yes.

No. 378417

Jaclyn can see through her bullshit. Joy is talking in circles and is getting so frantic

No. 378418

This is more fun than Rep's waste of a video.

Hope recorders are still around for this one, though it seems Emphasis jumps on this shit pretty quick these days.

No. 378422

Is any kind anon recording?

No. 378423

Nvm guys, Jaclyn is over here swimming in the kool-aid and saying shit like "Ok so she's inconsistent? And?" Like being a liar isn't a good enough reason to have critics. Even defending the laundry list of illnesses and honestly letting the point fly over her head.

Nothing to see here folks.

No. 378428

She said she got sick twice this week with "polymyalgia/fibro stuff"….are they the same thing to her now?

No. 378429

Claims her Dr thinks her stomach problems might be a parasite she picked up in Europe.

No. 378430

Yeah, really disappointed. I thought Jaclyn was smarter than that.

No. 378431

"do you guys think I should partner with Younow? it probably would be bad though 'cause I'm always like 'don't give me stuff'"

That didn't take long.

No. 378432

Remember though a lot of these guys tread egg shells round her to avoid getting her to latch on to them. When you know someone is unstable and aggressive and obsessive as fuck are you really going to rile them to have a bunch of retards clamour your videos.

Blaire did this, Warski did this and I want to believe Jacelyn does this.

Anyway the more videos Joy makes on person x it puts them down in the search algorithm

No. 378433

She confirmed she is only taking prednisone so far. Backtracked and said that CBD oil didn't make her high but she "felt funny" the first time she took it. Now she's considering partnering with YouNow, she probably saw how much VeganCheetah is profitting off it and wants a chunk for herself.

No. 378434

"I only make about $20 a day on Youtube, and only about $10 a day on younow."

Absolutely what.

No. 378435

Entire YouNow guest spot with Jaclyn Glen 8/24 regarding Repzion's video.


No. 378436

As an European, I scoff at this, scoff I say. Then again, perhaps she resided in a really filthy rat infested place? Also, was this before or after she nearly avoided a terrorist or some sort of a life threatening attack?

No. 378437

It probably was between almost getting raped by Islamic extremists and narrowly missing the Paris terror attack.

No. 378439

Don't you know if an American goes to Europe (just Europe, no specific country…they're all filthy 3rd world cesspools) they will automatically get parasites? They give them out at the airport.

No. 378440

I kind of get that impression from them too. She's crazy. Like legit crazy and I think they all see it and know it. I don't think any of them are fond of her or even consider her a 'youtube friend.' I think they are just trying to not get on her scary manic side while also keeping her at arms length. If she were to disappear from YouTube and the internet as whole I don't think any of them would be concerned or even miss her. Lol. Might actually be a relief for them.

No. 378448

These "big name" Youtubers really just need to fuck off tbh. Like Jaclyn didn't even watch the video but had so much to say against it? Thought "skeptics" or w.e she calls herself loooove to research first and come to their own points? (Well, it is Jaclyn so maybe not)

She missed the entire point and focused on the angel stuff, which btw thanks Rep for giving Kati the angle to play on, and was honestly sitting there saying Rep was just being a bully, and the stuff he was saying was obviously off since Jaclyn asked Joy herself and Joy clearly has no reason to lie, right? Cause she'd actually just come right out and say she's full of shit, sure.

Kati wasn't even on the stream anymore when Jaclyn was over here trying to equate curing cancer with onions to her inability to choose better men to date. Yeah, totally the same thing there. Wonder how much money Jaclyn makes spinning the "I'm chronically bad at dating" story on her youtube, compared to how Joy uses her illness to do the same.

Oh wait.

I'm over these "big youtubers" jumping on this and being so uninformed while doing so. Shit, I don't even think Matt has been reading into the chick and he was able to see what's plain as day and call it out, meanwhile Rep is over here on last year's irrelevant news. This shouldn't be so …stupid.

It's too bad, the smaller channels have all the content needed to make a point while the big names have the pull but make rushed, shitty videos that change/ add nothing. I'm so sure that that video Rep put out isn't the original one, I'm thinking he was fooled by her illusion of having Do5 proofzz and he scrapped it all. He left comments on other videos, like the one Logic Takeover(?) did and said he would use some of their footage in his own video. That didn't happen.

The best thing Kati has going for her is that the only people who care enough to call her out are nobodies or fucking cows in their own right. Lol, just like how Onion's vocal critics are too insane/ milky to be taken seriously.

I'm so irritated. This is not the milk I was waiting for, and my expectations were already 6ft below going in. As predicted, this shit backfired and all that was achieved is a new shield for her to hide behind. "Spiritual beliefs are persooooonal uwu". PFft. Has absolutly nothing to do with what a lying fame whore this scam artist is, but now we get to have 100 videos about angels to distract from the 1 huge glaring critique that every "hater" has against her: The sheer amount of lies.

At this point, the blind support is more obnoxious than Kati herself. She could pull an old KKK outfit out her closet and joke about how she used to lead a section of people and her moron fans will come back with nonsense about people picking on her fashion choices and trying to shame her.

Ugh. Sage for rage.

No. 378449

What people seem to be missing about the Indigo bullshit is that is showcased every symptom she has complained about recently but stated it only started four years ago.

She made it very clear to Angel in the conversations she dumped in an earlier thread, that she hadn't been ill since she was a teenager and that was asthma related. She said she was healthy for years apart from the odd asthma episode and then suddenly just FOUR YEARS ago, she got ill again, let's say five years to give credit for time elapsed since then. But the Indigo, Angelic Ascension symptoms where from 2009 onwards.

The symptoms that can be attributed to anxiety are literally the only thing she has been consistent about, only what she attributes them to changes. First it was Angels, then it was the governments are poisoning us with the food and water and immunisations, then it was scientifically impossible copper toxicity (via IUD to clarify) and she adds new symptoms to match whatever narrative she is following this week.

I wish he had spoken to Angel and got those screenshots of that conversation and showed it prior to the Indigo bullshit, then they wouldn't be so hyper focused on the fact she is a new aged and focusing on what is really important about that information.

No. 378451

Kati's life is just so god damn interesting that I can't keep track even though I'm here since thread 1! Terror attacks, angels, anal trauma, indigo, near heart attacks, heavy metal poisoning, fibro, what if lupus, ANA tests, one week she can't walk, now she's jogging outdoors! It's a miracle - a beautiful miracle.

Right you are, anon - we even gift wrap tape worms to go!

No. 378481

Such a thing exists, we had it in some major cities of Australia for a while, can confirm it's awful. https://ecdc.europa.eu/en/publications-data/figure-3-reported-confirmed-giardiasis-cases-age-and-gender-eueea-2014
But as usual, Joy takes a real thing and applies it to herself, only in fatal form.

No. 378484

Is someone still tracking her list of ailments?
+ Giardia infestation.

No. 378493

Does it also last for years? Iirc she went to France a really long time ago.

No. 378496

Answering my own question:
>Giardia infections usually clear up within a few weeks. But you may have intestinal problems long after the parasites are gone.
>For those who do get sick, signs and symptoms usually appear one to three weeks after exposure.

She was experiencing her 'angel symptoms' ( where she mentioned diarrhea ) prior to this.
I have to admit, I laughed upon reading that one risk factor is anal sex w/o protection. The anal trauma's real.

No. 378502

From the Glenn younow we can add the locals when she was growing up thinking she was a witch and spitting at her,
Poor Kati, Her life has been and continues to be so tragic

No. 378506


But, didn't Joy 'return' to Youtube for the express purpose of making money to pay for her expensive medications/tests?

No. 378507

>>378432 They placate the unstable psychotics by enabling their delusions as a means of avoiding the negative backlash from said psychotic's equally unstable fanbase. However, by doing so, it makes the enabler look like a fucking dumbass to their own fanbase - as they question why they'd support someone who is clearly unhinged.

Either way - the enabler is shooting themselves in the foot.

No. 378512


>>Is someone still tracking her list of ailments?

+ Giardia infestation.

Yes, I'm still tracking illness claims.

Goes back to lurking

No. 378542

Exactly it is just playing dumb for the sake of it look at Blaire's call after the debate pretty much that, this is why I don't put too much stock in it because as you said the enabler fucks up they get way too confident and because their narcissism they cannot see it as a sleight.

No. 378543

She did indeed and solely for it but we know how she twists things to make an agenda

No. 378550

So in Joy's younow livestream, she mentioned that something happened between her and "roomate." Total speculation here, but I wonder if it has to do with the rep vid and maybe him realizing her manipulation? Or it's totally possible that he's had enough of her and wants her to move out.

No. 378553

>I wish he had spoken to Angel and got those screenshots

That wouldn't have helped anything. Joy has already painted angel as a liar and snake. The same way she does with anyone who has had personal conversations with her, if they turn on her. Like she did to phil also.

No. 378562

>>378429 Is this why Kati was asking if sperm is a parasite?

No. 378564

File: 1503580717546.jpg (456.51 KB, 1366x768, Untitled.jpg)

Attempted to sharpen the screenshot of the texts between Joy and Rose… How many 'Give me a call when you can. This is important.' texts has Rose received prior to this, I wonder. Either way, I guess I feel sorry for her being dragged into all this, even if she has been disingenuous to both sides.

No. 378569

Joy could just leave it alone. I am sure Rose is already stressed out enough. But no, she has to keep baiting her back into it. Which is pathetic. Because it's all about Kati. Not anyone else.

Like, say that SS is real and Rose really is afraid of Kati. Kati reaching out to her this way only makes it worse, and Kati knows it. This is like saying, "I know you're talking shit about me" while smiling.

As someone who is extremely non-confrontational in real life, I feel Rose's pain if she really is in this situation. Reaching out to others because she's afraid of Kati, only to have them put her on blast repeatedly which inevitably gets back to Kati who can't freaking leave the poor Lady alone.

You could see how easy it is to walk all over Rose in the latest update with Tim Conlon's video. She's being told what to say and is painfully uncomfortable in that video. Kati takes advantage of Rose's insecurity and vulnerability to make herself out to be the good guy and in the right.

Kati, you really suck. Get a life and leave Rose to her own.

No. 378571

File: 1503581762298.jpg (140.96 KB, 1137x642, IMG_2712.JPG)

No. 378572

If Rose has been disingenuous to both sides, it's hardly surprising. Not that it's the right thing to do. Still the blame is on Joy because she cannot leave well enough alone. I think at this point, Rose needs to stand up and make things clear where she stands. And in public, none of this messaging behind the scenes. That way everyone knows what is or isn't real and Kati can't lie.

No. 378574

if rose dare say anything against joy, joy will go BATSHIT on her. make 20videos saying how she just wanted to help and how ungrateful rose is etc. that bitch is a loony.

No. 378581

>>378553 >>That wouldn't have helped anything. Joy has already painted angel as a liar and snake. The same way she does with anyone who has had personal conversations with her, if they turn on her. Like she did to phil also.

The words came from Joy herself, the conversation was verified, it doesn't matter what opinion people have about Angel in this context, they were Joy's own words. And whenever she has been confronted with her own actual words, she pretends not to have seen it.

>>378575 I agree, what are with the pictures of the random lad at posts. >>378577 >>378574

No. 378584

Um, read the forum rules. Posts are meant to be kept anonymous and no avatar-fagging.

Saged for why does this even need explaining

No. 378594

Well said.

There are things that reflect very poorly on rose and she should have been more vocal about things but still, in the big picture, joy has been a vulture, circling rose, waiting to go in for the meat and any opportunity to make a family's tragedy all about herself.
It's been months and she is still putting out videos, digging up old drama to have any way to tie herself into their life. What kind of person uses child abuse to self promote? That is so incredibly sick.

Look how well joy can manipulate someone when talking one on one, then imagine the vulnerable position Rose was in with her children on the line. Good thing she didn't give into her requests for phone calls, they would have been recorded for sure then blasted all over the place

No. 378617

Yet another critique of Joy

No. 378619


I'm unsure if Neg's is still friends with Joy; but he's most certainly fed up with her bullshit and is removing himself completely from the JSBS shitshow after this stream.

Here's hoping he keeps that promise.

No. 378629

File: 1503587815073.jpg (303.79 KB, 1402x1954, IMG_20170824_110739.jpg)

Throwback to joy saying YT has given her "a purpose in an otherwise boring and painful existence" in the bio of "I don't want to die" aka I need your pity and while you're at it, get your wallet out. Ya know, back when she joined "to help others."

No. 378632

Has Kati ever heard of proof-reading? That was painful to decipher.

No. 378646


Like everything else in her life; Joy is just being lazy when it comes to her sentence structure/grammar.

No. 378655

Later on today she can sob on and tell the world how mean and cruel we are to attack her brain fog writing errors while not-begging-begging for bars.

I recall her early ramblings against the "medical mafia" and believe she does actually believe her conspiracy theories of us all being poisoned and all that jazz, but it just occurred to me now that it was also a tool in her manipulation, so when confronted about not seeking medical attention, she has it already established that healthcare is so corrupt and part of why she wasn't regularly seeing a Dr

No. 378712

remember though that they don't actually have to go anywhere near her! if they're going to appear in her radius and pussy out, then wtf is even the point, it just helps her.

a-a-are you me … ? did I type this in a brain fog?

No. 378927


Thanks for posting. That video shows the complete difference between JG and Kati. JG took the time to make herself look nice, while Kati looks like a homeless person.

There's a huge difference between not caring what people think of you and taking pride in your appearance.

Then again, maybe that's why Joy has never been in Playboy.

(let that sink in. sweet dreams, everyone!)

No. 379027

JG was throwing Joy life rafts left right and centre. Joy just wouldn't stop talking long enough to let the info filter through her fibro fog. Asking Joys beliefs on the super natural, then saying if you truly believe it yourself, you're not scamming people. I'm so please Joy is so busy talking herself into a hole she misses the help people offer.

No. 379054

It wasn't with her roommate, did you even watch the stream? Roommate was sleeping right behind her, Kati mentioned that something happened with someone she thought was her friend not roommate. Tired of the false info here

No. 379181

File: 1503630945743.jpg (280.1 KB, 618x1790, 258749682749867248976487928.jp…)

It seems our friend Link doesn't like that his brown-nosing has gained him some notoriety online. Oh no, where's that tiny violin I was keeping for moments like these?

No. 379189


Poor Patrick Daye. Gaining quite the Joysus related reputation.

No. 379194

the guy is like herpes. You find his white knighting ass everywhere. He just won't go away.

No. 379242

File: 1503637451984.png (377.32 KB, 769x538, FanofJoy.png)

No. 379268

she looks like she has more life in this photo. She actually looks joyful here

No. 379277

>the definition of Uncanny Valley

No. 379289

blogpost but i have to say it. just had a nightmare about joy sparkle ASMR. back to sleep now.

No. 379293

>saying if you truly believe it yourself, you're not scamming people.

>saying if you truly believe it yourself, you're not scamming people.

Funny, just read your post after reading about a watchdog group looking to sue Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP site for misleading medical claims and questionable advertising. This includes the infamous jade vaginal eggs, crystals that cure infertility, claims that walking barefoot “cures insomnia” and that the company’s signature perfume “improves memory” and can “work as antibiotics”.

If you really believe in some form of quackery personally but don't monetise it or try to sell your snake oil to others, that's your right. Stuff all the jade eggs you like into your vajay-jay.

Believing you can astrally project yourself to heaven any time you like, have a beer with your angels and receive whatever healing you desire is your right too, but if you're charging others to channel angels - a question she evaded, above - then you're a quack, a charlatan.

I really truly believed I was under the drink driving limit after 6 Martinis, but try telling that to the judge when you're up on DUI charges.

No. 379299

She's live on younow

No. 379301

>joy sparkle ASMR

Well, her voice does make my skin crawl. I guess that counts.

No. 379302

She's live on Younow talking about how she's never met anyone who has never liked her. Everyone she meets likes her and if they don't at first eventually they will.. but poor Kati says that's not how it is on YouTube. She honestly cannot handle people not liking her… she's a lying, manipulative malingerer. It's not anyone else's fault that they don't like her.. it's her fault. She is an incredibly unlikeable person.

No. 379303

File: 1503643996214.jpg (81.88 KB, 800x449, IMG_20170825_074822.jpg)

Couple of gems from the Twitter post announcing her latest YouNow broadcast (1/2).

No. 379304

File: 1503644030824.jpg (76.8 KB, 800x384, IMG_20170825_074911.jpg)

No. 379305

Joy is so full of shit. In Jaclyns stream last night Joy wouldn't answer the question directly. She danced around it and was just spewing shit that had nothing to do with the question Jaclyn was asking. Joy said she wasn't dodging Jaclyns questions she just didn't know how to answer them because Jaclyn wasn't being clear as to what she was asking. She's delusional. Jaclyn was crystal clear in her questions and when Joy would start going off on a tangent Jaclyn would reel her back in. You're a liar Joy. You lie about every little thing. The reason why you never answer any kind of questions is because you've lied so much you can't even keep your stories straight.

No. 379307

"If that makes sense" lol

No. 379311

I suspect she confuses people who genuinely like her with polite indifference. If I met her at a bus stop and she started nattering at me about angels, daddy o five, and poo baby jokes, I'd probably smile and nod until the bus came to avoid any unpleasantness, but that's not the same as liking someone. As four those who grow to like her, they're the ones who can swallow countless gallons of Kool Aid. She's forgotten the other demographic: those who decide they don't like her and criticise her, who are either smart enough to distance themselves or branded traitors and wished into a corn field, all Twilight Zone style…

No. 379318

Aside from that, I've never met a person in my life so fucking vain as to think that every single person they ever came into contact with thought they were a great person.
Everyone has people who don't like them. You don't even need a corrosive personality to not be liked - for fuck's sake, some people don't like you if you're happy and bubbly! Sometimes personalities just don't mesh. For certain, someone as crude, unfunny, and corrosive as Joy has met plenty of people who thought she was a total cunt.

I wonder if she counts those poor lads at the dealership as people who met her in real life and liked her?

No. 379319

File: 1503649296252.jpg (8.08 KB, 200x148, Punition.jpg)

"I don't like them.
They didn't like me. I hate anybody like that. I hate anybody that doesn't like me. You're a very bad man, and you keep thinking bad thoughts about me!"

Wish it into the cornfield…

No. 379328

>>378550 She was referring to Negs, see spergleberry thread for details.

Believing everyone she has ever met has liked her is shot full of instant holes.

What about your family Joy?

What about your exes, whose lives you made miserable?

Where are all of your longterm friends? Oops, that's right, you have none.

What about the poor employees at the car dealership? I bet they still break into a sweat at the thought of you returning.

You aren't a nice or likeable person, maybe those of limited emotional intelligence initially fall for your act but a lot of people can see under that mask.

No. 379337

I suspect she's full of shit.

No. 379339

Negs is no longer following her on Twitter

No. 379366

She is "done" again guys… Perhaps someone should tell her what done means.

No. 379373

I suspect you're right.

No. 379380


She's stated a long time ago that roommate was looking for work on west coast (CA area). It might be that he's gotten a job offer and she's not going with him.

No. 379383


Try reading posts that follow the one you're replying to. It's been confirmed that she was talking about Negs (StayNegative). After Kati's behavior following the Do5 conclusion; he finally severed ties with her; as Neg's refuses to support people who exploit children.

No. 379384

This anon >>379054 already clarified she wasn't referring to an issue with her roommate, but a different friend.
And this anon >>379328 said the friend Joy is talking about is Negs (Negative Talk Radio or @mrontheborder on Twitter) as was detailed in the Spergleberry thread with screenshots. >>378817
As of yet, her roommate has not realized how much she leeches off him…or at least that's the way she has painted the picture so far.

No. 379392

>>379384 'As of yet, her roommate has not realized how much she leeches off him…or at least that's the way she has painted the picture so far.'

Speaking from personal experience here; I wouldn't be surprised if roomie is well aware of just how much Kati's using him; but is either trying to convince himself it isn't as bad as it is (Hey, roomie! In the off chance you may be reading this - it IS as bad as bad as you think it is), or he's non-confrontational about it because he fears on how she'll react to his complaint.

Even if roomie is outright telling Kati that he's fine with the arrangement they currently have (where he covers everything to lessen her stress/burden); he actually isn't. Unless they're a parent, no one - ever - is happy with footing the bill completely when it comes to handling rent/bills; especially if the other roommates are perfectly capable of getting gainful employment; but make excuses why they're not.

The only way this toxic arrangement is going to end is when Kati finds someone new to leech off of and casts roomie aside like a used tissue; more than likely speaking ill of him once she's settled in her new environment.

No. 379393

There's no way he'd put up with everything she puts him through if they weren't fucking. As gross as it is to imagine anything going near her cheesy mashed potatoes, maybe he's just as gross as she is.

No. 379394


Not true. I lived with someone for two years who treated me the exact same way Joy treats roomie (refused to get a job, made countless excuses why she wasn't getting work; forcing me to cover everything to keep a roof over our heads) - and the person I was living with wasn't my fuck buddy.

No. 379398

You are an exception, not a rule.
I'm telling you they're fucking. She's hinted at it a bunch of times. She said they're sharing a room, that they've boned, that he's "so pretty and brown" and didn't she do a whole segment of a video on how he's learning to be romantic and bought her flowers? Come on anon, it's beyond obvious.

No. 379410


She has admitted they were an item once; doesn't mean they are friends with benefits now.

No. 379447

My brother was only 2 when our mom died and he really gets attached to women, and will absolutely give every penny of his paycheck to his girlfriends and when not on a relationship, even female friends. There are people that will foot the bills and do almost anything asked of them.

I believe that joy probably leads roommate on. More than once she has stated how dangerous sex is and that a woman is risking her life by having sex, has even said she doesn't care if she ever has it again, so between that and being "so sick" she could easily use sex as a tool, or say she can't because she's not well enough. There's also a rare chance that he doesn't want to have sex. He could look like a ken doll below the waist for all we know.

She is absolutely taking advantage of the guy, no doubt about it.

No. 379463

I wonder if Joy will ever really address the angel channeling/Taho thing. Jaclyn directly asked her if she charged for her psychic services, and Joy basically just said once for a birthday party with Tarot cards and once for a lady from Craigslist. I wish Jaclyn had bugged her more about that question…she seemed to really have Joy squirming a couple times.

No. 379480

is there a mirror of the "Feeling Very Done" YouNow stream? I looked on VHS Archive but didn't see it. Maybe it isn't up yet.

No. 379583

she also has a history of oversexualisation and fixation on sexual subjects. and she bullshits all the time. I agree that she is using him, but come on … they're together.

No. 379590

Joy Sparkle BS YouNow Stream 8/25/17. 1 am.

Joy tells us she's SO DONE..again..with YouTube.

Other content creators make YT toxic.

Says she doesn't make jack shit on YT so it's not worth sticking around.

Also says Jaclyn Glenn didn't understand the questions she was asking Joy.

No. 379599

She says she is done with youtube but then says she is only half way done with the DO5 videos and she is not sure if she will make videos this week. Which is it?

No. 379601

As usual she's writing off things like the "pretending to be a child to talk to older men online" as a joke - Once she'd acted dumb about it and the person in the chat gave a citation

No. 379603

Thanks. I saw this last night but had to go to bed. Interesting to see that she was only planning to stream for 10 minutes then this happens.

No. 379605

as usual, contradictions galore …
remember how she totally wasn't it for the money, didn't care about the money, and so on?
now it's 'I came back so I can afford to stay alive.' and claiming she would have taken a longer break otherwise. this bitch …

No. 379606

And she "should have taken a longer break"

Joy, for the millionth time, you never took a break. It's all been documented here, a break never happened. Stop. lying.
Where's the "happy go lucky kati" with the big grin, galluping through nature ?

No. 379618

My main issue now is why did. Joy allow her channel to become toxic, and attract it?

Had she read and tried to understand the criticisms posted here, she wouldn't even have a fraction of the criticisms else where.

There would have been one, three threads max, with praises on how she turned her channel around. She could have set a better example to other youtubers.

This site has actually played very little part, as most people who criticise her admit to not even knowing this place exists. Plus many Anons here have stepped back quite a few times.

It's the questions from other youtubers, her inaccuracies, and her behaviour towards viewers that has prompted this backlash.

Many were questioning her even before the first thread here.

No. 379621

So now Jacklyn Glenn is incapable of comprehending the questions that come out of mouth on Jacklyn Glenn's face…
Nice Joy

No. 379639

before someone gets cranky with you …
it's an imageboard, not a forum.
put sage in the email field
read the rules / lurk more.
you have 30 minutes from when you post to delete your posts, so I'd suggest doing that and trying again.
and welcome lol.

No. 379645

She came back to YouTube not because she cares about money but because she "has to stay alive" and "needs finances to stay alive." JFC with the over-exaggerated melodramatic histrionics. She says she's paying utilities because she "wants to" and using the "leftover" money for medical bills…doesn't sound like the medical bills are a priority. Even if the money was primarily to pay medical bills none of her alleged illnesses are terminal or even that serious, she wasn't dying before and prednisone isn't "keeping her alive."

She wants to know what horrible terrible thing she has done that makes her the worst person ever and get the level of hate she's receiving. I don't know Kati, could be the nonstop lying & manipulation, constantly playing the victim, exploiting kids for your own benefit, the clickbait tabloid content you make and the absolute hypocrisy you display…all that combined together makes people seriously question your motives and integrity…but that isn't "hate" as you call it, just a whole lot of extremely harsh criticism and doubt that you can't handle. When you attempt to address your critics you talk in circles and word salad, go off on tangents, play dumb, concentrate on the insignificant parts. You actually tried to say Jaclyn didn't understand her own question? What? And then you were trying to play dumb regarding what is considered supernatural and therefore claimed you couldn't answer properly.

No. 379647

In Joys recent stream "I'm so done" (I haven't watched the whole thing) there were a lot of people commenting about andywarski. I was curious if anyone knew if he addressed her in any recent stream, maybe after the repzion video dropped- because I know he has talked about her in streams before.

No. 379653

It's clear she's in dire need of psychological help. Her mood is jumping like a yo-yo. It's just getting weirder and weirder with every "goodbye" video. ( I'm not saying this is an excuse for everything, because it obviously isn't. )

No. 379658


I don't know. Threat of withdraw is a narcissistic technique to back people down and regain control. I agree she needs professional help, but I don't see that happening. I also don't see her leaving the YouTube/YouNow/Patreon scenario unless she's kicked off. She's pulling in $1200+/mo for bitching about her life. Now way is she going to go back to peddling cup cakes at swap meets instead.

No. 379660

Of course not, I don't think she's going to get it either. The only way I see this happening is if she could turn it into a story for the Youtube $ ( this might happen eventually ). Just saying, though, she's in real need of professional help, lol.

No. 379671


Not to draw attention to you, Anon, but what a sweet guy. More of this and we won't wind up in a similar state as the last thread.

No. 379678

Love her slip up in the steam, "I didn't like that so I had to move onto the next thing".
Speaks volumes.

No. 379695

I wish someone made an auto tune version of Kati.


>I'm sorry it's only fibro fog, fibro fog-fog-fog
>poo baby joke
>it's fibro fog, it's fibro fog-fog-fog
>I'm leaving this toxic enviroment
>I'm back, yay HAPPY TO BE ALIVE!
>fibro fog, fibro fog

No. 379710

Her slip ups are so telling. Notice when she tries to lie she starts/stops many sentences before choosing which lie to go with and …well, she's messy.

If we had an anon as dedicated to her illnesses as they are her Freudian slips we'd probably be able to piece her actual truth together lol.

But fuck that shit

No. 379717

You have a few extremely dedicated anons on the Illness front.

No. 379726

>>379590 'Says she doesn't make jack shit on YT so it's not worth sticking around.'

But…I thought it wasn't ever about the money; that the money didn't matter because she wasn't making this content for financial gain - denouncing anyone who claimed that she was only in this gig for the sweet sweet ad revenue.

No. 379727

'Where's the "happy go lucky kati" with the big grin, galluping through nature ?'

The prednisone stopped working.

No. 379732

>>379717 Thank you Anon.

>>379710 It's coming, trust me…

No. 379805

I don't get it, she is losing subs like crazy and now is in the green. She or one of her moron fans have to be buying them.

No. 379810

Damm I fucked up that sentence. I meant it the other way around; If someone was as dedicated as keeping up with her slips as they are her illnesses…

"I couldn't give [Jaclyn] direct answers because I …didn't know what she wanted."

She outright tells on herself half the time. She couldn't think up a story fast enough past that bullshit of doing it once at a party. Half-truth at best, so she fell back on playing dumb.

Is it ironic that her early videos aka The Onion Chronicles: Recognizing Manipulation either taught her fans jack fucking shit or they weren't really listening? And the ones who were actually listening ran for the hills?

Idk, I think about that a lot. Either her fans are all literal retards, or they aren't actually paying attention to what she says AT ALL but white knight into the horizon anyway.. her critics are only able to be critical because they're the ones actually paying attention. I wonder if Joysus here even comprehends that. Wonder how insane it makes her…

No. 379813

After watching the part of Repzion's video where he has the clip from her "My brain is sick" video I noticed she claimed she was in "extreme pain" and "no pain medication could touch it"…she hadn't been going to doctors so what pain meds did she even try to know none worked? If she was telling the doctors she had fibro (I doubt very much any doctor diagnosed her with it themselves, if anything they just accepted her word that a "previous" doctor already diagnosed her) then why hadn't she tried any of the meds for fibro? She had never tried Lyrica or gabapentin. According to her 3 or 4 (which is it?) doctors had diagnosed her with fibro..so after they diagnosed her then what? They didn't give her anything for it? She claims they said it wasn't curable and she was just going to suffer with it for the rest of her life…but fibro is treatable and Lyrica have been around for many years. Lyrica came out in 2005 and was FDA approved specifically for treating fibro in 2007. And gabapentin has been around far longer. This is a recent diagnosis according to her, she only got sick 4 years ago and didn't start claiming she had fibro until maybe 2 years ago at most (kinda fuzzy on the exact date.) Not only that but she says she didn't have insurance at the time and couldn't get extensive testing so how could any doctor diagnose fibro without doing labs to rule everything else with similar symptoms out? No part of her fibro story makes sense.

No. 379814

They didn't earn "Joytards" for no reason

No. 379816

>Is it ironic that her early videos aka The Onion Chronicles: Recognizing Manipulation either taught her fans jack fucking shit or they weren't really listening?

I believe that's why she "reports" on the topics that are already considered wrong by the general populous. I.e. child abuse, pedophilia, Greg. She uses those so when she fucks up like the poo baby thing or she "misspeaks"(As she says) then she can say "at least im not beating children!"

They are blind regardless but that's just why I think she picks those types of topics. They're visceral.

No. 379821

She recently said she hadn't been properly diagnosed with anything until now with the "receipts" she showed (that weren't even diagnoses). She's switched between "officially diagnosed with fibro" and "they suspected I had fibro" at least a thousand times by now. Notice in livestreams she lets slip fairly often phrases like "suspected" "tested for" and "diagnosed" as interchangeable, even though they obviously represent 3 entirely different concepts.

She has also confirmed multiple times in livestreams and videos that she refuses to be medicated (whether regularly or otherwise - remember she got hysterical even about taking antibiotics). She says she doesn't medicate but has "learned to mask the pain really well" and the only thing that she was willing to take was CBD oil but she even gave up on that.

She has no idea what she's talking about.

No. 379919

Not only that but her "CBD oil" was actually a hemp oil supplement that contains so little CBDs that it's worthless as the treatment for anything. Real CBD oil is highly concentrated and has to be purchased from a legal medical marijuana dispensary…she was able to buy hers online and get it shipped to a state where medical marijuana is still illegal. What she had was basically worthless and even if real certainly wouldn't have gotten her high…any relief/high feeling she claims to have felt from it was purely placebo effect.

No. 379970

>>379618 Thank you Anon. I see so many people whinging that Repzion's video contained no new information.
To the people saying that: it didn't contain new information TO YOU.
Most of the people in Kati's audience have never heard any of that shit, and the number of people who follow her lolcow is small, with the number who have read every post even smaller.
Anything that helps get the word out to keep people away from this pathologically lying, manipulative, insane person is welcome.
The video Repzion made was for the large part of her audience that casually follows her. Not the Joytards or the critics. The couple thousand cult members she has are complete brainwashed idiots and the few thousand people who hate her already know everything there is currently. Why would he make a video for either of those groups?
How weird would it seem to people for him to dive into new information with no backstory?

No. 379973

File: 1503725911333.png (739.32 KB, 1019x1239, SmartSelectImage_2017-08-26-01…)

This is from her "I'm leaving again" stream..on Emphasis.

She is physically becoming so fucking…well. Anyway, someone asked her about a family tragedy (Joy brought it up as an excuse and got caught off guard having to follow the story through) and she gets this look on her face and starts staring off into the distance as she again contradicts herself and implies she's on good terms with her family…

That look… she literally goes cock-eyed (I'm mobile and this was hard enough to capture) multiple times around the 47ish mark (well, that's when I was actually paying attention, she could be doing it the whole video for all I know) and it's like…holy hell it's unnerving. Legitimately frightening.

She's only been here about 7 months and she's already on Onion levels of rotting from the inside out. Was she always cock- eyed with a lopsided brow featuring flying eyebrows…so pudgy and pale… I know the hair has always been shit.

Maybe it's just in my head, but there's no nice way to say it. She's gotten so fucking ugly and those psycho eyes are out of control. And those teeth..she and Onion have fangs, is it a narc trait? Like she wasn't a 10 before but she was… decent.

Goddamn it Joy, take a break.

I know you guys hate when people bring up possible drug use but.. it's hard to really shut the lid on that theory completely. Watching her is like the first half of Intervention…

No. 379987

So is she legit gone now or do you think she will be back in a few days?

No. 379992

Maybe this is a tactical "I'm leaving" as she knows she's about to be hammered by the new youtube rules?

Feels to me like she's been setting this up for a while and slowly migrating over to younow

Think about how much complaining she's done about the lack of $$'s from youtube - Has the patreon in place, has collected a loyal band of joytards,

Saged for tin foil hat

No. 380014

Anyone think there's any weight to what Egocast said about her pretending to be a kid with pedophiles?

No. 380015

Read the threads please. This has been discussed extensively.
Ctrl+F "little miss kati" or whatever the fuck her 'little girl' alter-ego was called.

No. 380022

In the stream she was asked why she doesn't have Keiser Fleischer rings…her answer? Because not everyone gets the same symptoms. Except that isn't exactly a symptom, it's just what happens to the human body when one is chronically exposed to high levels of copper over a long period of time. If it was collecting in all her other tissues as she claims it was, so much that she was having "copper dumps", how did she somehow magically miss having it collect in her irises too? It absorbed into all her tissues except her eyes?

When asked about the "indigo movement" she claimed it wasn't a movement, then totally downplayed her involvement as "just a concept she looked into for 2-3 years." Besides totally buying into it, she claimed to have special powers…angels talked to her and took her to heaven to be healed, she said she was psychic, she was hired by that record company as their official "angel channeler," she tried to produce a documentary on indigo children and even started the indigoabuse website and forum for indigos - which she promoted by spamming all over the internet her little story about how she channels angels and arch angel Michael has been talking to her since the age of 12. The reason she gave for leaving? Because she thought it was silly that they were so strict about the year children with pure indigo auras started appearing in the world, from 1988 on. Although the idea of indigo children has been around since the 60s/70s and there are other generations included as "indigo children/adults", she wanted to be part of the most special group. She said they were very elitist about it and she took issue with what she thought was an arbitrary date…basically she wanted to be the most super special but she wasn't being accepted into their little club because she was too old.

She was asked "So the angels stopped talking to you" and she told the person she had already answered the question, to go look at her Moments. Yeah except she didn't exactly answer that specific question phrased in that way. She said she has had "experiences" and would like to think it was angels but doesn't have proof. That answer doesn't address this question…when did she stop having these experiences or does she still have them? That has not been addressed.

She also claims she was just exploring "spiritual thoughts and concepts" and didn't con anyone or take anyone's money. She represented herself as an official angel channeler and on another stream she did admit to selling her services twice. She literally tells the person "I thought about addressing it at some point but that stuff I've gone over as well." So did she go over it or just think about it?

She also tried to downplay her psychic claims saying "I believe everyone is intuitive, some people are just more sensitive than others." That isn't how she framed it before.

Gaslighting her audience seems to be one of her favorite tactics.

No. 380054

SpergleberryFarm on Do5 monetization.. response to Kati's response.

No. 380096

It was a great video full of important information. So many of her subs don't search her name or even watch videos from other YT channels, they only watch their scripts. A lot rarely or never read the comment section so it is major news to them. They go by Joy's word so the best thing she could have done is talk about him and not-talk-talk about the video, basically advertising it. So many of them literally need it all spelled out for them. Adding the paradigm audio was so important, as they can hear her distinct voice, her words of BS, many people wouldn't want to deal with searching for it and finding the minute she starts.

Over on the herd thread, anon pointed out that pride is a big part of why so many continue to back her, they don't want to admit they were wrong in defending or supporting her. After watching his video is a perfect time for many to finally step away. They all won't take his word for it so it's important for other channels to continue sharing the truth about her, despite her road block attempts, referring to it all as a "witch hunt" or "trend."

I personally would have loved a juicier video but ya gotta start somewhere. She has only been Joy Sparkle for 9 months and look at the turmoil,she's been this person for 30+ years so there's going to be way more than we can imagine unfolding. There's things scaring the shit out of her, that she knows will come out sooner or later, otherwise she wouldn't be on the fence about leaving YT.

No. 380097

Her pretending to have multiple personality disorder with an alter ego named "little Kati" while talking to her bf and then to Phil on the phone for an hour in order to manipulate/get attention is different than what Egocast is referring to. There are screenshots of posts she made on an indigo forum of her saying that she is in the business of conning rich white men into giving her money for good causes <<368633 and at <<368647 she makes a joke about being into little boys and being evil as fuck.

No. 380103

Either way, it has been discussed in the threads so it's a drag to constantly rehash sour milk for the people who can't be bothered to check.
Not gonna watch the Egocast video to see the specifics because the guy rambles like a motherfucker and is quite honestly boring af to watch. But both "little Kati" and the Indigo pedo shit has been brought up multiple times now. Not that it isn't seriously disturbing, not that she shouldn't be railed nonstop for that. But simply asking "has anyone seen this yet?" is a dumb thing to ask without checking.

No. 380115

as much as I agree about discussing the same shit all over again, there's 11 other threads of sperg to sift through. ain't nobody got time for that.
this pedo shit is the worst of the speculation. that's about as serious as it gets for shit slinging and since there is fuck-all evidence to back it, it should have been dropped on its head the first time it came up. there's plenty of other stuff to nail her for without going fucking pizzagate on her.
(yeah, yeah, I know bad shit happened on the forum and there's hearsay about who knew what etc. still nothing and still makes us look creepy af rather than her)

No. 380125

All I'll say about that is that it's suspect as fuck that everyone she find herself going after just happens to "have pedo ties" or is a "suspected pedophile or hephebophile" … It's been mentioned many times by many different anons that she seems to have an extremely guilty conscience about pedophilia for whatever reason, and I think there's merit to that.
However you're entirely correct that until/if there's ever something concrete on that front, it's best to let the conspiracy theories die out because as you say, it does make us look like tinfoil hatters. And we all know that if we use up all the tinfoil, there'll be none left for Kati to use to stop Big Pharma from rotting her brain with airborne psych meds.

No. 380224

I'm happy to see more & more videos calling her out with Facts. Because i get how people might not pick up on what is right in of Them. She talks really fast but doesnt say anything (im not gonna into detail now but says something sort of related in a generalised way and claims she is gonna go into that more in the future. Afterwards she claims she's already adressed it) Also people form emotional bonds with her over her "illnesses" and major traumatic life events, that messes up your judgement. The sad part is she targets vulnerable people and Will no doubt do a lot of damage.
Personality i think that in private she guilttrips people into giving her money. I cant prove it but i think she does.
Whenever one off her Friendships Goes wrong and speak up she discredits the person.
It's not even funny anymore.

No. 380329

Some youtubers (ex friends of Joy) are talking about Joy and her toxicity

No. 380375

File: 1503779718047.png (36.53 KB, 1069x582, katiarrested.PNG)

Was there any more information about this citation from 2008?

No. 380388

would be interested aswell, only found this, maybe her relatives' facebook could offer some juicy stuff(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 380389

Don't be doxing family members.

No. 380399


Might wanna delete this.

No. 380426


Yes, not even a quarter of the way through Rep's video I understood the point.

It wasn't to bring forward new information, but rather bring the current information (Or should I say huge inconsistencies) to a larger audience.

And it relates to other youtubers, not just Joy.

Joy is just a more recent example of where viewers/users have perhaps been taken in, when normally they would be sceptical.

Me, and others have said it before. Many viewers wouldn't even hand over money to random people who ask in the street, even for charity.

Yet here on the Internet, as it's quite a new phonomenon, a lot of people seem all too happy to. Without even questioning, like they normally would.

It's not like selling something, as that is a product which is in exchange for money. This is going off what a person says only. Not even content that makes the viewer laugh, or something many enjoy watching.

Just because it's the Internet people need to still be weary, and apply things that they do in their day to day lives to it too.

There's nothing wrong with wanting money's worth, better content, to be treated with respect. After all without their support youtubers wouldn't grow, and YouTube wouldn't be here now.

No. 380428

File: 1503786422047.png (126.25 KB, 750x862, IMG_3430.PNG)

That Fibro fog must be messing with Kati again.

No. 380441


The stream was sarcasm? A Joke then?

This just confuses her viewers more, and sort of backs up what many have been saying: The lack of consistency, and not being very clear.

No. 380444

We all knew she wasn't leaving. She is so full of it. She knew what she was doing. She just made that stream so people would kiss her butt and say oh no don't leave we love yu.

No. 380463

the point of rep's video as you describe it is very different from how he described during the lead up. it was meant to bring new info and interviews with people who knew her, not a greatest hits album in an indigestible 1 hour format. getting her a larger audience is pretty much the opposite of what we want.

wow she didn't even last a day this time. gj kati.

No. 380467

And now, one of Joy's fantards is trying to start drama with The Egocast; telling Joy that he slandered her in his Repzion video - when he did no such thing. If anything, he defended her (somewhat).

Joy, being someone who shits on people for buying 'bullshit' claims made against her without fact checking, immediately believes the fan's claim without bothering to watch the video first.

No. 380504

File: 1503797880422.jpg (50.46 KB, 1071x257, Capture.JPG)

I just found this channel and thought the Profile pic of Joy as the exorcistgirl was funny.

No. 380527

the egocast left himself wide open for this by spreading nonsense that people left in the comments. now he's getting burned for it it's like oh you shouldn't believe everything you hear. and since this guy has done a ton of videos on joy anyway, it's hardly 'starting drama'

No. 380563


He constantly criticizes other channels for talking about Joy a lot..but he continues to talk about Joy after saying he was totally done discussing her. Just another self righteous hypocrite. He's just less of an asshole than the rest.

No. 380568

she is, but she's just talking in circles about nothing from what I've seen

No. 380569

But doesn't she always.

No. 380570

ah so that was him … thank you anon, thought I was confusing him with one of the other mini-joys.

No. 380572

Ok to be fair, his audience was begging him to do a joy video after he said he wouldn't. So he decided to do the repzion video reply. His recent video was only in reply to joy finds out about his video. The only reason he even talked about the pedo thing is there was a video where repzion alluded it was going to be in his video but wasnt.

No. 380578


Even so, he takes digs at other people who talk about Joy while continuing to talk about Joy. And doesn't take into consideration THEIR reasons for talking about Joy..while he has his own. It's just annoying when people like him or Stay Negative constantly criticise others for talking about Joy only to turn around and do the very same thing. As if their reasons for criticising her are somehow more righteous and worthy than other people's reasons.


She is live. She's travelling with Roommate but managed to hop onto YouNow. Can't go without that echo chamber even when she leaves the apartment and/or state. She always swears she wasn't saying she was leaving the other night and said someone edited her stream to make it seem that way. I assume she's talking about Emphasis On BS. I don't think they edit streams. As usual she's just lying again. Joy also said she wants to "take back her channel"..as if she isn't already in full control of it. She indicated that she would be having her mods delete more comments and pretty much said the reason her channel is toxic is because of the comment section.

Someone in the chat asked Joy about her skincare routine. As if she even changes her pillow cases let alone scrubs her skin on a daily basis.

No. 380585

>She indicated that she would be having her mods delete more comments and pretty much said the reason her channel is toxic is because of the comment section.
That's hilarious. There's a reason other Youtubers don't get this level of hate and she's too arrogant and thick-headed to get it. The toxicity doesn't just spontaneously arrive on people's doorsteps, she had to invite it with open arms and a plate of warm cookies.

No. 380586

Good luck playing whack-a-mole with the comments,
Still not going to be able to deal with all the response video's and comments on them

No. 380590

of course she knows why it happened. as if she is going to admit her mistakes.

I'm wondering how much moderation will increase. I have a suspicion a lot of reasonable criticism will be deleted and some of the most trolly comments will be left so the joytards can get their feeding frenzy on.

No. 380593

All she had to do was ignore the comments and videos but she won't do that because she can't do a drama channel without drama.

No. 380603

>Joy also said she wants to "take back her channel"..as if she isn't already in full control of it

Astonishing deficit of accountability ffs. Perhaps she can give her dipshit mods piece rate for comments deleted, or I dunno, maybe disable comments? But then she would have less proof of how mean and unfair everyone is

No. 380617

MoralVirus has dropped some Skype calls from June. Topics include the fax machine fundraiser, comments on her videos, Isaac Watts, Patreon and MCNs. Two more to be released shortly. Lots of obfuscation, fuzzy dates and claims of jokes misunderstood, but I haven't heard any real bombshells yet. Emphasis on BS comments to say that this kinda puts paid to Joy's claims that MoralVirus was a creeper, since she very much seems to want his good opinion and advice.

No. 380623

She complains that Moralvirus recorded the calls without her knowledge but she did the same to Chambers. When I heard he recorded her without her knowledge I was on her side but she turned around and did the exact same thing.

No. 380624

File: 1503813111753.jpg (16.66 KB, 436x183, Capture.JPG)

Rep commented on Morals video

No. 380680

>>380578 Would be interesting to see how her moderators handle shit like her H3H3 video where 95% of the comments told her to fuck right off.
You would think a marketing genius like her would realize that's just going to rile up the people who don't like her more and piss off fans that have a concern or criticism and their post gets deleted.
She would in no way be able to pretend she is for free speech either.

No. 380704


Egocast and Stay Negative are just the next Joys in line, making their name and coin off her back like she did off Onision and Do5.

Of course Joy has another tragedy to deal with, but it did seem that she was blaming Youtube for whatever is happening.

No. 380741


Really not seeing the comparison; as, though they do mention her (by name or in passing) they don't have have dozens upon dozens of videos - one after the other - talking about her, specifically; nitpicking even the most minute of things about her, just so they can keep talking about her.

No. 380870


Egocast has made 10 Joy related videos in the last month, several after making a big "I'm not going to talk about Joy anymore announcement" and mocking his viewers who were interested in Joy. I'll rescind about Stay Negative where the Joy Saga is concerned, but he's still a clinger.

No. 380874

Agreed, however that's how yt drama works. Everyone piggybacks off one another so tb fair saying one is less hypocritical than the other is stupid but kati's channel exploits child abusers so…

No. 380880

He isn't mocking the people simply interested in Joy, he admits he has been interested too at times…he's saying the people who are overly obsessed maybe should look at why and hang back a bit because it's not healthy. He does keep saying he doesn't want to talk about Joy anymore but that is how he got a majority of his audience and those are the videos they want to see. He's trying to please them while at the same time making it clear he really doesn't care about a lot of it himself and wonders why it matters so much. His latest videos are mainly a response to Joy calling him "gross and disgusting" after a Joytard misrepresented what he said about her telling Joy she was being "slandered big time."

No. 380896


He made a drama channel to get views, he's admitted that. We'll just have to agree to disagree about the rest.

No. 380908

Can we go back to jou instead of egocast?

No. 380914

Agreed, it's starting to get off topic. The Egocast is already being discussed in the spergleberry thread so if you want to keep talking about him you can resume the conversation over there instead. Easy peasy. >>380754 >>380786

No. 381045

2nd phone call with Moralvirus

No. 381052

Did anyone here catch Negative Talk Radio's recent livestream? I guess Joy came on to the chat and started to harass everyone, which made him have an anxiety attack and block her. I only caught the tail end after everything happened so I was curious if anyone here caught what happened. It does not appear that he saved the stream to his youtube account after stopping it mid rant / anxiety spell.

No. 381075


I was late to the stream, but I don't think it was Joy who popped in to cause a ruckus (and, really - when has Joy ever attended someone else's stream to stir shit up with the host - that's what her minions are for).

I think the one who was causing the problems was some other crazy chick Neg's used to be associated with.

No. 381115

1) We need a big YouTuber to cover her shit, once its out to a massive audience her reign will be over and she can fuck off for good. Philly D would be good but i'm sure there are others.

2) So she hasn't left YouTube but she hasn't uploaded in 4 days (Longer than when she "Left" YouTube.)

3) Is VHS Chambers? I've noticed their writing styles are similar.

No. 381118

where are people getting this idea more exposure will hurt her? it's just going to give her a chance to collect more spergs, more views, and more $
did we learn nothing from cunts like Onision?

eta: I'll never understand these threads. every other thread is like, don't touch the shit, don't tip the cow, enjoy the flow of milk. these threads are like the interfering grannies at gurugossip, obsessing over ending the subject because Serious Business. let this bitch dig her own hole and laugh while she does it.

No. 381148


Thank god someone else out there sees this. I thought I was alone in the world. The people in these threads who follow Joy are just as bad as Joy. I can't read threads about her without cringing at 75% of the posts.

On topic, I don't believe any major YTer should give Joy any attention at all. Even the Rep video was stupid because it massaged her ego. Ignoring her is the best thing for Joy, it would kill her to be forgotten.

No. 381171


I third this now.

At least for me, it's gotten to the point where I don't see the point in giving her anymore attention.

This is what she's now wanting, the attention is now attracting people, and not doing the opposite.

And I also don't see the point anymore, and personally am tired, of explaining to some people that not everyone on the Internet is truthful or trustworthy.

If some people want to believe that the Internet is free from the people who lie to gain something. Even when it's explained to them. That's sort of their problem.

No. 381254

Well it looks like Joy has truly become onision then. He critics are silent now. She has moved on to try and salvage her YouTube career but abandoning it( onision going to a pay channel and joy to just do younow streams and link them on her channel.)

Without her drama I see what she will do? What she did in the past. Go all new age and try to add some doctrine to her church. She's tested the waters in her previous streans Now she will have her fans circle the wagons as she cultivates her patreon and becomes an obscure cult leader till she truely hurts someone.

But yea it's just being obsessive making vids about joy

No. 381263

fourthing this! nice to know there are more here.

No. 381293

Right quick, in the first Data Dump video with Virus, she says people were showing up to her house and shit. Does anyone recall her ever saying anything about that in a livestream? It sounds like she pulled this out of her ass.

No. 381421

Was Just looking through the top moments of her last livestream, i noticed her singing excercises.
Whats next singing lessons?
I can't…

No. 381423

Singing lessons were one of the things offered to patreons
$300 still gets you a duet with her

No. 381439

How the fuck can she teach singing when her voice makes me want to jam sharp objects through my ear drums. Sadly there are fucktards who are paying the $50 and $100 so some moron might throw her $300 to try and get a sniff of that mash potato and yeast infected vag.

No. 381446

The EgoCast Andy is name fagging in the spergleberry thread. Trying to "Defend" his videos.

Saged for samefagging

No. 381447

No way! A part of me wants to see a duet out of morbid curious.

No. 381451

>>381447 or you could put the money on the ground, bend over, pull down your pants and take a hot steaming shit over it. It will serve the same purpose.

No. 381562

nah. imagine the flake trying to dodge releasing a mess of autotuned yowling for a 'duet' that still went horribly wrong. Kati and the Wizard Link Mountaineer, singing My Flag For You, M'lady.

No. 381627

File: 1503929495347.gif (240.71 KB, 300x300, Triggered.gif)

>Kati and the Wizard Link Mountaineer, singing My Flag For You, M'lady

You triggered me, Link Mountaineer is such a cuck. He is literally cancer

No. 381632

File: 1503930021630.png (83.23 KB, 900x596, Screenshot 2017-08-29 00.16.52…)

Samefag, looks like Joy is buying subs again. After being non active for 4 days her sub count is going up.

No. 381644

You guys really need to stop pushing this thing about buying subs. It's hard to prove but without proof we're just going to look like dickheads pushing a narrative. Plenty of youtubers get subs when they're not active, in fact most do.
Please stop unless you're going to bring fax; aka actual milk.

No. 381748


28 new subs in the span of four days is laughable. It's peanuts compared to what she would have normally racked in a few months ago. hardly proof that she's been buying subs.

I do find it funny, though - that whenever Joy's quiet, her sub count grow a little. But, the moment she uploads a new video, a decent amount of folks unsub from her channel. Maybe if she keeps her trap shut; Joy can get herself back to her previous 62k.

No. 381771

So, tonight is her Patreon livestream. Only 30 are paying enough to get in (It's a $10 min and that's an insane amount to hear her screech about 'da haterz' for three hours!)

Wonder if she'll meet her narc needs through that stream, when they've already paid, so super chats or anything like that aren't as likely… Or if she'll be on YouNow later to top off the tip jar.

Did anyone catch her YouNow from last night/this morning?

No. 381807

The journey background was very calming.

No. 381863

Tip from the inside: Within the next 48 hours Joyus and Cy are going to be going to be uploading all her streams to that stupid eff it channel she made when she was banned (damnit, why cant she still be banned), and are going to file copyright against anyone who has the full streams uploaded. So if there are multiple of them you'll get strikes and termination. Anyone doing this should beat her at her own game and private your videos at least temporarily. I love me some VHS archive and Emp on BS but you guys are at a huge risk right now….ughhh

No. 381865


Save yourself, my darling VHS! This is the worst time to be posting streams, she's publicly said (and I got confirmation of it) that her, Cy and the minions are going to be striking these channels. She wants full owner$hip of her streams. Gotta find another way like Vid.me

No. 381867

Fair use protection. For the purposes of Criticism,etc.

No. 381874


Not trying to be rude (like I said want to help because I love these channels and wont give joy my views), but absolutely nothing about that is Fair Use. For criticism? Where does it contain any commentary or altercation to the video that has criticism? There are SOME videos I've seen on one of the channels that does take past videos of hers, use clips, then in text format discuss them. But uploading full live streams doesn't constitute fair use. If any of the channel owners have questions I'm more than willing to help if they are worried about getting srikes and how to modify certain videos so they ARE fair use.

No. 381878


To add to this… private videos can still be struck by the contentID system. I don't know if she'd qualify for using that system, but if she does, they will scan ALL videos for matches without regard for the publication status. (As an example, if you upload your favorite artist's songs as private, they will still get hit)

No. 381884


"To add to this… private videos can still be struck by the contentID system"

YES! I completely forgot this! As long as she has the URL saved (she can just go back to her browser history if she watched it), she can still file and strike even if it's been privated. So the best option anyone with these channels can do right now is rework from the ground up. It's going to suck, but I'm looking through the channels now and the vast majority are, sorry to say, totally within the realm of what would be a legit copyright takedown on her behalf (and if her and the minions stick to their word and start going through the channels to file and strike tomorrow – which I think they will since this is obviously about her not making money off streams on other channels and why she's now going to putting them up in their entirety on her channels), combined with the fact she's upset about the comments on them - a few channels will be terminated.

Again, the best and pretty much only thing that can be done is to turn the videos into formats that could fall under the Fair Use defense. There's a ton of info online. There's pillars they need to fall under (including the video cannot be substitute for original work, which uploading a full stream is pretty much the definition of this), the amount of original work is factored in, as is how transformative it is, such as added criticism (think of a movie reviewer using clips from a movie when talking about it, that's basically what it must be like be classified as Fair Use under criticism, so taking clips of Joy's streams then talking about the clip, lather rinse repeat is what needs to be done to fall under that pillar).

Really, really familiarize yourself with copyright law. It's no joke and Youtube takes it seriously. The fact the most recent stream upload says its transformative because they added in background pictures and videos shows that you guys don't know copyright law, because that does not make it transformative with the full stream still up there- it would be like taking a movie, putting it in a box and changing the background. Would that be taken down? Of course. Sorry this is so long but you guys CANT LEAVE US!!!! We depend on you and love you. Move everything to vid.me for the time being…they are more lax on copyright since they're still small and I dont think Joy will take the time to go after them because they're not making money on vid.me……

No. 381907


So, clearly, they need to start teaching "be aware of what you're wearing when broadcasting on the Internet" in high school, if not in elementary school. What ever she was wearing… it looks like the worn out stuff my grandmother used to wear… just… NO! don't do that. Take a few minutes and crawl back into those sweat shirts if nothing else.

No. 381929


can you email spergleberryfarm@gmail.com for a private question?

No. 381936

Upload full vids she'll strike you down - Edit them and she'll claim you took her out of context, Is this the single smartest move she ever made?

No. 381939


Actually, now you can provide links to her YouNow streams so people can see how "out of context" it is. I don't see those streams staying online long because she'll get upset that more people will be able to use them for comment.

No. 381944

We need to nominate a sacrificial lamb to give her bars on YouNow then take her up on the "send me your paypal and I'll give it right back" statements. I'd do it, but I'd rather hand money to a cocaine trafficker on the street first.

No. 381946


Thank you so much for the advice. Would you be able to email me so we can discuss this further? I have a few questions. emphasisonbs@gmail.com

No. 381954


Why on earth would you even consider giving her any money at all? Are you fucking retarded?

Wait, wait. Forget I asked. You're all retarded.

No. 381958

If she starts claiming everyone's streams, please go balls out with promptly announcing it, just like she did when it was happening to her videos

Her god awful clothing style always falls under one of the following categories:
-late 90's/early 00's walmart clearance rack
-born again christian sexy
-bratz doll
-cyberXgoth (tops)
-meth head formal (hoodie & jammies)

The little white long sleeve shrug is my personal favorite as it reminds me of two nice stuffed hoagies, when her arms are flailing all over the place.

No. 381965


Fuck. You just ruined hoagies for me for ever.

She does seem happy with her prednisone, so am waiting for her to get moon face and hump back… that will look GREAT in a shrug!

No. 381974


fifthing! kati lives for this. i feel like a lot of the posters in these threads are all ex-gomi or something. it's almost like a group of forty year old soccer moms who genuinely believe that to get milk, you have to be actively involved with the cow. that touching the poop is the way to get milk. if you really loathe joy, then you let her do the work on her own. why would want any contact with her in any way? you're helping her achieve her goals. and then you have the original OP who flounced and still bitches about how to run the thread? come on. that's cow-like in and of itself. the whole thing is so cancerous.

>Please stop unless you're going to bring fax

please stop talking like you'd love to hop on greg's dick?

No. 381985

>bitches about how to run the thread

Meanwhile, you're constantly bitching about how this thread should be run. You bring it up every chance you get. Take a lesson from Joy's bad example, do not become the very thing you hate.(stop)

No. 382125

>"this shit is so cancerous"
>adds to the cancer tenfold

404 error - selfawareness.jpg cannot be found.(you too)

No. 382218

Right which one of you fags are going after roommate? None? Kati is making shit up again? Kool!

Apparently we are going after Roommate according to Kati

No. 382331


>>Upload full vids she'll strike you down - Edit them and she'll claim you took her out of context, Is this the single smartest move she ever made?

Nah. Vidme exists and they don't give a single fuck about copyright. They are too busy trying to lure disgruntled YT users, they won't start taking action like that until they are big enough to take the hit.

No. 382366


Going after roomie in what way?

Closest I can recall to such is anons assuming they were lovers and others assuming he knows he's being used; but is either in denial of it or too nice to call her out on it.

So, attacking roomie? No. Speculating on roomie? Most certainly.

No. 382390

some anons fucked up last thread posting info about him and got called out pretty quick.offending posts got removed.
she keeps bringing up old shit, it's like she reads a cached version of these threads from a week previous or something

No. 382391


You've just reminded me of something, I think I know what post she is referring to and twisting. Just give me some time to find it because I don't know how to do the search on my phone without a control + F option.

Update. I've sifted through all of the posts on this thread and I can't find what I'm looking for. I'm going to check the last thread but I could have sworn it was on this one. Maybe they removed it.

Can any other Anon recall someone posting a photo of roommate without obscuring his face, they also stated someone should contact him and let him know everything that is going on with Joy because they doubt he watches every video she puts out and he isn't as active on twitter since she became such a nightmare. I specifically remember these posts, I just can't remember which thread it was on. However, they were quickly put in place by other Anons, they were told doxxing was against the rules and they were told that contacting people who haven't inserted themselves into her drama was also against the rules and they would be banned if they did contact roomie.

I think Joy is running with those couple of posts vs the many telling them what a shitty idea it was.

I'll see if I can find it in the last thread but I will have to read through everything, unless someone with the control + f option is willing to check?

No. 382394

maybe she takes a 'morning briefing' from spergleberries. or weekly.

No. 382405

Believe you'll find what you're looking for from >>375445 following.

No. 382419

>>382405 Thank you Anon.

No. 382421

De rien!

No. 382480

New video is up - about Joel Osteen not opening his church up for texas flood victims.

We know joy loves a good tragedy. Gotta make that hurricane coin.

No. 382494

File: 1504019741830.png (22.93 KB, 285x349, lUftxrG.png)


I love when she posts videos!

No. 382497

File: 1504020141949.png (73.05 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20170829-161917.png)

Is this true? Is this person confusing the information from the indigo site as something Joy said?

I can't remember her ever saying this? But I haven't been paying a lot of attention to live streams lately.

This was the response they gave when asked to provide evidence.

Saged for speculation, unconfirmed information, therefore don't repeat without reading on to see the conclusion.

No. 382514

Amen to that

I don't remember her saying children should not get medical help. I do recall, a while back, her talking about not agreeing with children being medicated for mental health related diagnoses like ADD / ADHD.

It wouldn't be surprising if she did say it,though, as the Indigo movement dismisses mental health issues. That explains why joy refuses to accept Drs diagnosing her with anxiety

No. 382536

I think wires are being crossed here. To me this relates to what was talked about in Repzion's video about how The Indigo Cult works. They believe things such as, Autism, ADD/ADHD and so on are not actual mental illnesses requiring doctors and medication, rather they are an evolution of the Indigo mind, therefore, (which is what IndigoAbuse was somewhat hinting towards) these children are often abused or medicated when they don't need it and turn to things like drugs, sex, etc. (This was the primary basis of the Indigo Abuse website)

Kati DID have these beliefs. However, with the IndigoAbuse taken down and it mostly being in Flash, it's hard to connect her actual words to these things ever being said by her. I certainly would not doubt she's made these claims… but there are no (that I am aware of) evidences out there to prove she did. Therefore, hearsay and speculation at best.

Now, she does still carry many of the distortions and beliefs the Indigo Cult brainwashes into these peoples heads. So yes as >>382514 said, Joy still dismisses mental health diagnosis except now, rather than give it over to her being a super special human evolution, she claims physical ailments.

In my darn near, year, of following KraziKati, I have never heard/seen her say that she does not believe children with ADD/ADHD should not get professional help. But she often hints are her own diagnosis of mental health as being incorrect (the anxiety, as an example) and that it must be something ELSE.

No. 382552


That's what I thought, I could remember it being part of the Indigo info but she's never said it. I don't even think she is stupid enough to say something like that, she's intentionally vague about what her beliefs were/are for this reason.

It's shit like this that gives her an out. Hopefully the fact they haven't provided any evidence will be enough to stop other people from running with it but this is the internet…

No. 382586

File: 1504025354869.jpg (92.91 KB, 720x1214, IMG_20170829_184755.jpg)

The link to a fundly page in her last video does not seem fishy whatsoever

No. 382591

Pfft. And it just had to be an Amanda, too… Watch the crazy theories fly.

No. 382612

No. 382618


What is this? If you drop a link you should give a description.

No. 382640

looks like a link to tommy c's stream. he's interviewing repzion, but it doesn't start until 2pm central

No. 382662

I'm not sure that she was speaking particularly about the the threads here in regards to roomie. There has been several tweets to her about roomie, including one with his picture and twitter name, as well repzion commented on a twitter post about roommate being manipulated and a loser and I believe she was referring to those things

No. 382706

And a other new boring video drops, with joy wearing her best mumuu, to tell us that despite getting angry at times, she has been too nice and will no longer take people's abuse.

Some comments of constructive criticism will be allowed but due to so many comments saying the n-word, the f-word or kill yourself, the mods will be removing the bad stuff. she wants to allow freedom of speech but it ain't happening. A lot of comments weren't removed by her before, they were reported for abuse and that why they disappeared. People have told her they want to comment on videos but they are afraid to be attacked.
People complained she wasn't responding to criticism so she did and it backfired on her so she will probably not respond to it anymore. Those haters just want attention and a reaction.
People want to destroy her and have been uploading her streams without editing and will no longer be tolerated. She is in talks with YouNow and streaming will be there from now on, then uploaded to her eff it channel. Nobody is permitted to upload her streams without her permission.
Her health is her priority. She feels almost 100% better and is still on The Prednisone. Hard copies of medical records will be picked up at the Dr for her to display and put the health shit to rest.
She hasn't uploaded these past few days but never said she was leaving. One of her hate channels put the word out that she was leaving.
Two videos a day will resume tomorrow with more DO5.


No. 382708

she mentioned a security threat with her patreon? Is there something I missed?

No. 382712


Are there any other threads that go into such fucking spergery on Kati's life? Not even the two or three people who post about Joy at KF are as retarded as this thread, who the fuck do you think she was talking about?

But by all means, keep spoiling the milk with your filthy hands.

No. 382714

>People want to destroy her and have been uploading her streams without editing and will no longer be tolerated.

Didn't she just say the other day on YouNow that those streams are heavily edited to make her look bad? Now they're not edited at all? Pick a story, Kati.

No. 382715

Status: told, I guess? You are the autism.

What a fucking day, why more D05? There's nothing left to talk about on that front.

No. 382716

File: 1504035291240.jpg (148.4 KB, 533x800, Young Kati.jpg)

The credentials to Kati's old myspace account is in the myspace database dump from 2012. Should I post it?

No. 382720

>>382715'What a fucking day, why more Do5? there's nothing left to talk about on that front'.

Sure, there is! Though, it'll more about Kati being 'attacked' than it'll be about anything Do5 related.

But, because it took place during the Do5 fiasco; Kati feels justified calling it a Do5 update.

No. 382724

The stream went down not long after it started, and someone in the chat said "damn, must have been Joy with her psychic powers"

No. 382727

kek she still dresses somewhat the same when she's trying

No. 382732


They were suffering from some serious lag. So, I think the interview is going to be handled in a private setting.

No. 382738

Three missing videos:
Il Dolce Suono
She's Out Of My Life
Home- Beauty & The Beast

No. 382740

Scrolling by, thought this was maxmoefoe.

No. 382747

When Joys channel got taken down and her main channel had strikes she told everyone they could re-upload her videos. Now she is going after them. Just wanted to point out another inconsistency.

No. 382757


Yes. Joy is much like the rulers of the Western world in that she has a cabinet, and needs a daily update from them before she can proceed to start shitting up the place.

plz go.

No. 382761


That does look like a plumper Maxmoefoe with a Good Times hat. Kati has a fascinating wardrobe.

No. 382779


And tag stuffing the ever loving fuck out of it, I'm sure. ngl, I love her retarded tags (pretty sure what that says about me) but whatever.

I'm tempted to go through her vids and see exactly what she's using these days? Luckily this thread is topped off with autists so I'm sure it's already been done. Anyone have an "I am Kati's Unnecessary Tags" link, if so?

Do you think Greg felt blasted when Shit!Dad! zoomed straight past him on Joy's milky road to jailhouse infamy? I think papa Martin is kind of at the pinnacle of Kati's tagging stuff-o-rama madness.

Kati, since we all know you sit here and refresh obsessively (you dumb cunt) please start tagging your vids with good shit like 'yesiamhuffingglue', or if you're feeling especially low, maybe pull out that tried and true standby, 'shitbabies/shitskins'?

Ah, goodness. What a time to be alive!

No. 382797

File: 1504042351057.png (32.37 KB, 257x526, p7HISUU.png)

Can you guess when today's two videos posted? And, she says on twitter that she's posting a part two to the church video.

No. 382827

>>382716 Ugh, she has such an unfortunately shaped head. In all her 'beauty' shots to 'smile pretty' she keeps her entire face still and expressionless and just peels her lower lip down and out to expose her teeth in some kind of weird half duck-face. She literally has no upper lip and her face gets crunched up like a gnome if she smiles at all.
Also this seems to confirm that in the past she had regular eyebrows. It always looked to me like she has some scarring between her eyebrows from obsessive plucking. Looks like she plucks a good ½ inch off her eyebrows from the middle.

No. 382866

File: 1504055282938.png (376.65 KB, 427x467, BdIFsMh.png)


Clearly you're just jealous of her raw beauty!

No. 382877

I find it crazy that she's trying to act like a saint in the flood videos and she cares about everyone. The joytards are lapping it up completely oblivious to the character whitewash taking place before she leaves for vidme. ( first time posting hope I did it right )

No. 382881


please do, there's nothing else going on and i'm always game for old kati. this way she can look in and see that she used to be a manageable weight, and now she's just a fat sow.


No. 382898

File: 1504059316263.jpg (128.53 KB, 600x399, Young Kati 3.jpg)

4895F25D44CA5BF2C3AC38F4E27786B90EF6A29A > 4uide!x
Keep in mind this password is from like 10 years ago, so I doubt she uses it on anything today.

No. 382905

She's got the 70's Farrah Fawcett blowback and poorly color-matched "Good Times" hat paired with late 80s/early 90s rainbow tank top and early 2000s cropped hoodie. It's like she's a horrible clashing mishmash of different decades.

No. 382907

if you Google Kati@lumina.ws you find other crazy Indigo shit like this blog : http://crystal-life-lumina.blogspot.ch/2006/05/proposal.html

No. 382908

There's also this gem

No. 382909

No. 382923

It's like she was an extra in The Facts Of Life Goes to Paris….

Saged for being old enough to have seen that the first time around… And Good Times… Next time anyone makes fun of Joy for being so juvenile on social media at her age I'm just DUHN! What they pay me on Lolcows isn't worth it. DUHN!

No. 382928

Sounds like they wanted to film the story of Kati. Its pretty parallel to what she has mentioned about her life. The main character "meets the love of her life" and that's where Kati was in her life at the time, and that's where the story ends. The only fiction being telekinetically destroying the medicine, a metaphor. All that's missing is the buttsecks

No. 382929

Lawgivers, help!

Is this really ok, farmhands? Has this happened on other threads? Passwords for old social media accounts, no matter how obsolete, sets a potentially dangerous precedent - not least when there is still talk of hacking her PayPal account. Not looking to get in a fight here, nor cast shade on the Anon in question, who found it in a leak and didn't hack into the account.

I submit to the will of Landru.

No. 382942

File: 1504064526064.jpg (23.03 KB, 640x480, hzhufb6c1jzeibs9yhxj.jpg)


No. 382961

that email address don't even look valid. How the hell did you get those? Do they even work?

No. 383013

I'm loving all the fucking hate she is getting on her latest videos, people are calling her out.
I'm so glad people have seen the light. People ive not seen before are so mad that they are commenting about her being a scammer.

If she is really leaving youtube she will be forgotten in no time. Watch her patreon go down and her subs plummet.

No. 383023

Do you guys really not know that's old milk? That's from the 1st and 2nd thread. Have you read the threads before posting like it asks you politely too?

No. 383067

File: 1504097215471.jpg (118.53 KB, 846x404, whywouldyou.jpg)

Shhhh, it's funnier if we don't tell them …

The more I step away from this cave-beast and her drama, the more I wonder why anyone would waste their time watching garbage like this. An ugly, haggard trollbeast yapping madly at her camera trying to get attention on the internet. It's repugnant. I can't even hate watch her any more, it's not entertaining now, it's just …… sad.
I've never watched someone get crazier in real time and let themselves go so much in less than a year. This most recent thumbnail is kinda the end of the road for me. It's so clear she's extremely mentally ill and only getting worse, and this just isn't fun any more.
Not wasting any more precious hours of my very finite life watching someone else deteriorate.

No. 383077

Wow, these last several post are just really mean. In my opinion, these types of posts make you lose a ton of credibility in the eyes of others. Advice would be to stick to valid reasons to post here and to not resort to bullying

No. 383079

Newfag ^^^

Agreed, there is something wrong with her. Its kind of getting to the point where its just sad. She has no friends, no family and if roomie gets sick of her shit no roof over her head.

I see her being locked up or ending her life. It's sad so say.

No. 383080

She has family, they even contact her regularly from what we've seen. She says they don't care if she lives or dies, but her mother and sister have called/messaged her during livestreams before when she's shown her phone or taken a call so it's pretty obvious they are present and active in her life.
Just another lie to make herself seem more lonely and pathetic and helpless, another ploy for sympathy.

No. 383119


I'm sorry, but for a mentally ill cavebeast, she sure does play the YouTube algorithms like a fucking pro, not to mention how she plays her "fan base" and is up to likely $2k/mo solid income off of her "deteriorating mental health."

Just because someone has no shame in the pursuit of attention and money, it doesn't mean they aren't sane.

No. 383127

cunning doesn't mean sane. she doesn't play the algorithm like a pro, she tag stuffs and clickbaits. Her fan base does half the playing themselves, since they're as fucked up as she is. and sadly enough, lot of cows making a lot of cash on patreon.
the 'ermagherd institution' bit is too much, sure, but no argument that she's touched in the head. the manic behavior and compulsions for an easy start.

No. 383145

Nobody said anything about an institution.
That would imply she is getting some semblance of help for her mental issues.
That would imply there is hope left in this world.

No. 383148


see >>383079
>I see her being locked up

No. 383192

There's no way anyone with a right mind in their head is going to read through eleven Kati threads, filled to the brim with grannynons obsessing over the most boring shit. I for one appreciated the pictures.

No. 383230

Is she packing on weight? Maybe just lighting high lighting the double chin more than normal? Can her dress make her look that much heavier in her most recent video (1hr of chambers fake apology video bitching).

No. 383235

but like where does she gets those ugly clothes from?
does she still believes she's "hot" like in her """modeling""" days? no one wants to see her cleavage jfc

No. 383245

She should be titling these videos "When cows collide!" OMG… most recent video is nothing new, just a bunch of ass burn over the fact that she thinks chambers listened to based moma instead of her (Joysus).

No. 383267

File: 1504118311961.png (165.98 KB, 414x416, CLOb4Yv.png)

Well… after watching that chambers bitch fest… all I can think is "What have you got to say for yourself? HUH! Chambers?" (snark)

No. 383272

WOW! Omg, that's perfect! I was trying to think what it reminded me of, but you beat me to it!

No. 383282

In her "DaddyOFive My Story : Chambers Of The Heart Fake Apology Video" I kept looking at her tits weirdly moving apart and I threw up in my mouth a little. Is 'tits out' going to be her next attempt at cash grab?
It's something I wouldn't normally notice, care for, comment on, but this is Kati and her personality, mannerisms and everything just makes it look….well, not appetising.

No. 383283

File: 1504120730017.png (36.44 KB, 600x263, tyKEw2m.png)

The irony… how it burns!

No. 383287


And it makes my heart happy every time Kati uploads a new video; not because she's saying anything relevant or making valid points about anything; but because it's fun to watch her sub count tank on Social Blade.

Keep up the fine work, Kati- your self victimizing bullshit will get you to 55k in no time.

No. 383300

>>383129 None of those posts were in reference to the pictures from her MySpace account.
They were links to a post about the Indigo documentary she was trying to make, the video on her defunct YouTube channel, and another post about the Indigo documentary that were posted in the first 2 threads after someone posted her real name and people typed it into Google.
This is maybe the 4th time I have seen them posted as milk. This is one of the exact why these threads are so clogged up.
I understand what a monumental task it is to read every single post, trust me, but that's also why it's suggested that you at least skim through them to see what milk has been posted and look at some of the larger indexing posts that some kind Anons worked on. If people can't be bothered to do that or Cntrl+F a link they are about to post the thread gets spammed to shit with redundancy. Which is exactly what Kati would want so no one dan be bothered reading all the spilled milk. It's also why her minions post meta bitching and personal attacks that are bizarre and stick out like a sore thumb on an anonymous board.
I also liked the pictures from the MySpace that were new, but then we had people post as equal amount of sour milk.
Lurk more. At least skim the previous threads and be somewhat up to speed.

No. 383306

K, her Based mama video's up. Is this ever going to end? These bitches are still arguing over something that was suppose to be 'all about the children', not them.

No. 383317

Her last video around the 12.45 she says:
"so guys eventhough i'm blocked from based mama, you guys arent. But im letting you be aware, if you aporoach her (blablabla)"

But dont go attacking people on her behalf, her Chanel ain't about that. The hypocrisy

No. 383318


Fuck, I'd been watching the social blade and she was down 12 before the vid dropped… she blew out an added 13 subscribers in a matter of a minute or two by dropping that vid.

No. 383320


Yup.. that was a pretty straight up call to harrass… based moma should strike the video for that little stunt.

No. 383326

File: 1504124144889.png (45.42 KB, 590x335, rmfmvUg.png)

I wonder if it's too much to hope for a hat-trick… one more video would be sooooooo nice.

No. 383330

Almost 100 comments deleted off her new Chambers video in the last hour. I wasn't able to see what they were.

No. 383332

Samefag, now from 685 down to 470 and still going.

No. 383337

Such a Pity the comment section is so funny

No. 383339

File: 1504125189904.png (90.7 KB, 621x751, ZginLWW.png)

a booby fight is breaking out on the twitter tubes!

No. 383341


Nope - just Kati. Near as I know, neither Chambers nor Based Mama have been making videos in regards to this fiasco.

No. 383351

File: 1504126886208.jpg (23.25 KB, 800x175, IMG_20170830_215918.jpg)

Quite! At least this one has survived the cull…

No. 383356


All comments are being mod'd… that means they get held until Cy approves them. There won't be any more milk there… no sense adding to her view count hoping for something that's going to be killed in the crib.

No. 383361

File: 1504127756837.jpg (196 KB, 800x906, IMG_20170830_221211.jpg)

Hotting up on Twitter… (1/2)

No. 383362

File: 1504127781652.jpg (176.66 KB, 800x967, IMG_20170830_221438.jpg)


No. 383381


Joy: I put it in my description that people shouldn't attack anyone!

Bitch, who the fuck reads descriptions these days?!

No. 383393

>because she will attack
Not because it's morally wrong. Am I just being harsh in thinking this is a staggering level of hypocrisy?

No. 383406

File: 1504131067709.png (299.67 KB, 640x844, s3WHRHl.png)

SNAP! You know you're gone off the cliff when DaddyOFive schools you on bullying!

No. 383407

Oh my god, Kati, just stop. I swear she has the self awareness and morality of a potato.
>I can't be a bully because you're a bigger bully!

No. 383408

File: 1504131215239.png (200.83 KB, 502x828, OxvJlQB.png)

and, his response to her response…

It would be HIGH-LARRY-IOUS if he took down her channels for bullying or copyright.

No. 383412

File: 1504131622428.png (98.41 KB, 618x737, M08XjQJ.png)

DaddyOFive "Kati'd" her ass! Can't wait to see the video she makes about him now… oh, wait… they have a larger subscriber base… she won't touch that with a 10 foot pole… she'll stick to bashing people with fewer subscribers than she has.

No. 383417

File: 1504132051998.jpg (25.19 KB, 480x313, IMG_20170830_232552.jpg)

She's posted a short PSA telling everyone not to bully, attack or harass anyone… That ought to do it!

No. 383421

File: 1504132392336.jpg (93.54 KB, 800x716, IMG_20170830_233203.jpg)


No. 383425


She's made herself into a meme… and, honestly… it couldn't have happened to a bigger asshole. Wallow in that self-pity Kati as the entire Internet learns what a scummy piece of shit you are.

No. 383437

You got your hat trick. 59,466 at time of writing and dropping, channel now downgraded to B- in the last hour or so, I think.

No. 383449

File: 1504134812527.png (39.38 KB, 589x276, tcQhwUV.png)


Snoopy happy feet dance!

AND… this woman has some fucking gall… she's poking at him just so she can make a video about, just watch… and you know why… because she has nothing better to do with her life than to ride those kids for views. Calling it now… look for a "Kati reads tweets outloud" video soon!

No. 383452

File: 1504135713258.jpg (90.2 KB, 800x484, IMG_20170831_002643.jpg)

Here's the coda…
Maybe Joy could learn something about cow tipping?

No. 383455

Kati has ZERO self awareness. She's constantly screaming that they don't bully on her channel.. when in reality her ENTIRE channel is built upon bullying and harassing others. She just tries to disguise it as 'I'm helping the children' or 'I'm raising awareness on Onision's abuse!' It doesn't take 100 fucking videos on each topic to get that message across. Just admit it Joy, you're just as ugly inside as you are outside. You take pleasure in harassing and humiliating people. So glad people in masses are starting to see straight through her. She can delete all the comments that are not kissing her ass but that dislike to like ratio speaks volumes on how people see her now.

No. 383457


What are the chances that the Do5 account is a fake one that one of her inner circle ass kissers created in a desperate attempt to make her relevant/justify her profiting off of child abuse?

No. 383458

Has anyone considered daddyofive is actually baiting her? I mean I would think his channels and views have suffered since what he did? So if she makes a video and he responds with a vid of his own a lot of people who will never go to this guy's channel will actually get him better views,also since she has basically single-handedly created the evidence reels his supporters would love him going after joy. If she responds in a video she's just been played.

No. 383463


shhhhhhhhhhhh, dammit

No. 383471

It's 100% his account.

No. 383473


OH, I think he's definitely baiting her and I'm all for it. She's so stupid, she'll make those tweets into a video with her toxic spin on it and leave herself wide open.

No. 383475


If that's a fact; I hope this interaction comes to bite her in the ass, as a result.

I loathe Do5 and everything he and his disgusting wife stand for; however, Kati is no better than they are by profiting off of the victims of their abuse.

Edit: forgot to sage earlier - sorry

No. 383476

I agree with this guy, guys shhh she might be lurking

No. 383478

cause I would really want to see this happen, lmao

No. 383512

You know Joy keeps saying. There is a reason she is keeping up those daddyofive videos. She will share all when the time is right. The answer is obvious to me, the lawyer Tim said for her to keep them up because he gets free publicity at the end of most of her videos and he probably gave her some bs excuse that they may need to reference them later in the case blah blah. So she is waiting til the criminal case is done but really is just the lawyer getting free advertising,
What do you think?

No. 383514


No attorney is going to reference her vile videos. They'd be disbarred over it. The original videos were likely collected from YouTube and are available to all involved. To introduce a video where she's air wanking and f-bombing all over the place would be grounds for having the attorney who introduced them sanctioned.

No. 383515

Peter Monn posted a new video about his thoughts on Repzions video about Joy.

He's a former social worker in addiction/mental health, and basically mirrored my thoughts as someone in the same field so I am loving it.

No. 383516


Wouldn't doubt it at all. He's a shit lawyer with a shit reputation (look up reviews) and he'll take any "positive" attention he can get.

No. 383517


Tim Conlon's "rate my lawyer" page was posted earlier. He's a full fledged idiot and has been one for YEARS. He might think this is getting him 'free advertisement' but it's going to end up making him a lolcow along with the rest of the herd.

No. 383530

File: 1504148431177.png (122.41 KB, 750x1240, IMG_2229.PNG)

I just looked him up and just realized he works about 20 minutes from me in Frederick, MD. A shitty town with shitty people.

No. 383551

Dude is straight up trash. I think she keeps those videos up because the topic benefits her. Otherwise she wouldn't put up the stupid garbage videos that were uploaded earlier. ( Aside from her having to play a victim and be a dick of course. ) There's no reason for her to link her personal drama with DO5 in the title, it's all using abuse as a marketing tool.

At the same time I still believe Tim would be ok with the videos remaining up, just not him behind it. Nobody in their right mind would want to be associated with joy on a legal representation level, or any professional level for the matter. He is a slimeball and relayed info to her for self promotion, though. Like her older video where she mentions DO5 and mo5 not giving the kids meds to the police when they were picked up, her saying "I'm The only one with the info, Tim gave it to me and said I can share it, so I gotta promote him," as she has his info in the description and across the video. It was so inappropriate on so many levels.

I watched some of those older videos recently and was more horrified than the first time around. It was so new then and I was upset to learn what those kids were put through and didn't acknowledge how much of a sicko she is.

No. 383592

Her tits are so gross, why did she think she could pull off sexy? Her latest videos are not only unwatchable because of her voice but now she puts her tits in them

No. 383604

Captioning helps kill two birds with one stone (or three, if you think about it…).

No. 383678

MST3K revisited: does this make her(You)Tubular, Boobular Joy?

No. 383715

JS BullSHIT IS EXACTLY LIKE THE PEOPLE SHE RAGES AGAINST. I saw it from the very first video of her and the way she takes apart the D05 videos…it's more than obsession, it's a weird twisted part of her that enjoys raging at people.

She hates people who are white trash or what not because that's where she came from but I have a feeling she out-white-trashed everybody in her town and they were relieved when that little punk left.

Now she's putting her crazy all over YouTube acting like her shit don't stink and she's so holier than thou but she has absolutely 0 self-awareness.

Kati: No good person behaves the way you do. DUH!

When you start calling other people out, you lose my sympathy real fast.

Jesus says to love your enemies and you have made yourself YT's enemy number 1.
Consider this message tough love.

Shut up. GET A REAL JOB AKA DONT BE SUCH A LOSER. Learn how to be a better person.

I'm sick of it.

Saged because I'm just sick of it all.

No. 383719

Anyone wanna take bets for how long her alliance with Mikenactor and Cy will last?

They get quite a lot of backlash for sticking up for her…

Can you feel the sage?

No. 383722

Learn how to actually sage or don't bother commenting on the fact that you've saged.
Read the rules before posting. How many times must it be said?

No. 383727


The rules are right there at the top of the page, for the love of joysus the word sage goes in the email field, everything else you leave blank.

No. 383746


Mike and Cy are in it for the long haul. Melodramatic Mike thrives on the drama and attention and Cy is loser who has nothing going on in her own life, this shit makes her feel like she has a life. The only time they will no longer be in her life is when they are no longer useful to Joy, they know it too, hence the reason they make themselves as useful as possible to her.

She wasn't white trash, she had a normal upbringing, in a decent home, in a decent neighbourhood, as shown in childhood photos. She just hates her family, like she hates anyone who doesn't fall for her shit and will say anything to discredit them.

Leave the name field blank. Type Sage in the email field, the rules and user guide are at the top of the thread if you are still unsure. You don't have to announce every sage either, I tend to only doing it when I'm being sarcastic or on a rage, it's more for comedic effect than necessity.

No. 383765

Cy Will be there for the long run, she has no backbone. (Easily manipulated with silent treatment)

As for mike i give it 6 Months. He is likeable, at some point she's gonna feel like he is stealing her spotlight. When that happens expect a miniseries providing "evidence" of his "betrayal".

Pure speculation though.

No. 383769

File: 1504196009009.png (175.46 KB, 579x386, KPbHQGR.png)

Mike Martin posted twitter video of reaction to Joysus' "we don't bully" video. https://twitter.com/MikeMartin1982/status/903258355178856449

No. 383772

File: 1504196406065.png (54.67 KB, 750x412, IMG_3555.PNG)

I thought you could only DM her if they were both following each other.. which they are not. Hmm.

No. 383775


Um… her DM's have been closed for months now cuz "people are scary" … so, not sure how he could DM her even if he was following her. That stinks of pure bull shit.

No. 383776


Notice how she doesn't actually tag his twitter handle… no sense making it easy for the little minions to find it and see it… much better they THINK it was a horrible video where he drags their queen.

No. 383778

Don't suppose anyone caught her 'Friendly Hello' YouNow broadcast earlier today? Wonder if there's a correlation between these things….

No. 383792


I'm conflicted.

On the one hand, Mike Martin is the last person to look down on anyone for being a bully; on the other hand, I do agree with his expression on his face (the 'what bullshit is this?!' look that so many of us have no doubt had when listening to Joy preaching from her high horse).

No. 383794

The only way this is possible is if they had active DMs open between them before she closed her DM. For example, if they had messaged each other during D05, even if both of them locked their DM, unless they blocked each other that communication will always be open.

Anyone remember her ever mentioning they had 'come at each other in private?'

No. 383799

"Come to me in private with respect" is one of her many catchphrases

No. 383810

File: 1504198939550.png (111.77 KB, 626x854, FLLF7iy.png)


She must have been DMing him like you said! Hahahaha… she hates his guts, but left her DM to him open… talk about two faced!

No. 383813


He's doing to her exactly what she does to her victims! "I want to see Greg improve, I really do!" –This is funny as shit!

No. 383815


Better question for Kati

Why the fuck are you associating yourself with the man who abused the children you said you claim you care so much about?

No. 383816

Him trolling her like this is amazing. I can just see her fuming and aggressively typing out each tweet to him.

No. 383817


not a fan of Mike Martin at all, but it's funny to see him treat her the same way. hope it wakes her fans up to see how shitty the things she's done are

No. 383818


Clearly, that heifer is willing to do anything to get views! Bet she was just HOPING that he'd come at her angry in the DMs so she could splash that all over her damn channels in parts 1 through 12 of how "threatened" she felt because he said words in the DM! (He's lucky he only gave her a confused look… had he 'air wanked' at her like she's done about him 100 times over, she'd be on the phone to the cops reporting her "mental rape!" of her!)

No. 383821

File: 1504199536286.png (116.9 KB, 634x776, t9Fa0zy.png)

Honest to god…roommate must have to dress her in the mornings… i've never seen some one so stupid. He's playing her like a fiddle. His response to her "fan" is another one of her standard go-to approaches! Fuck, what a shit time for the server to go taking a nap!

No. 383828

I hate to admit it but this twitter video was so.funny. I hate this guy but his comedic timing in this video was perfect. Hopefully he actually does continue trolling Joy because when she replies it will be gold.

No. 383830


just waiting for an "oops, i meant 'her tweet'"

!!! lol

No. 383832

File: 1504200452481.png (128.31 KB, 638x307, VORpYVO.png)

The best part… he's prob among the most hated people on twitter / youtube / etc… and his tweet pulls interaction numbers that she could only dream about!

No. 383834

Watching joys latest video , omg she jumped on the mike Martin thing. She actually is going to get this guy exactly what he wants? It's just a line at the end of her latest rant video but you know she's about to make a video about it. Get the popcorn out

No. 383844

File: 1504201833773.png (88.96 KB, 750x693, IMG_3578.PNG)

Comments under her newest video: ' My Daddy05 Story: Chambers argument via text and skype logs dump'

Exposed Youtubers comment is absolute gold. Haha.

No. 383848

She's like an animal in a fairy tale, the cow that kept producing golden milk.

No. 383860

File: 1504203163834.jpg (39.56 KB, 509x322, T-Minus-59,398.jpg)

"They say you only reach this many subscribers twice in your career: once on the way up, and once on the way down. So it's good to be back!"

No. 383862

Just when you think Joy can't do something dumber than the last thing she goes a head and proves us wrong.

No. 383863


I think she's reached levels that would even make SJWs cringe so hard! This is so funny to watch her think this lame ass bitching back and forth some how vindicates her for being bat shit crazy.

Nope, Kati, you need to get professional mental health assistance.

No. 383864

Joy is being incredibly stupid, addressing Mike Martin; especially considering the fact she's been bragging how much supposed direct involvement she's had in the case against him and his wife.

For Rose's sake (and especially her kids), I hope she's keeping far away from Joy.

No. 383865

After all the shit she has said and done no one in their right mind can say she is mentally stable.It is ridiculous the length she will go to stay relevant. I bet when she saw him comment she got a boner. She probably was jumping up and down because she got new material.

No. 383867

Yes if she truly cared for the kids she would not comment back to him. but like the attention seeker, she is she doesn't care what damage it does.

No. 383869

The way he mimicking her is absolute genius on his part. I almost forgot he is a child abusing piece of shit for a split second. Panic over, I'm back to thinking they are both twats.

Maybe they passively aggressively go at each other until some form of vortex opens up and swallows them both. When twats collide.

No. 383872

Am watching today's 1st video… holy shit, she's getting scary level crazy. she just cannot stand that she didn't get her way and force chambers to bend to her will.

No. 383874

File: 1504205112557.png (28.28 KB, 282x430, aDFxzGR.png)

fuck… guess when that video was dropped!

No. 383879

File: 1504205752787.jpg (78.72 KB, 670x377, oz.jpg)

"Do you presume to criticize the Great Joy?! You ungrateful creatures. Think yourselves lucky that I'm giving you an audience tomorrow, instead of 20 years from now. Just come at me with respect in private."

No. 383900

And another video, about 30 min ago. "Based Mama threatened me," this time. Sub count continues southward.

No. 383901

Does anyone have a copy of the do5 twitter video? Looks like it was taken down.

No. 383907

These videos are useless rants now. I don't get the purpose. So what these were because chambers made that stop bothering rose video? People were mean to me on the internet boo hoo.
And her condescending grin like she's frigging Walter Cronkite breaking some major story. Ohh a tweet where someone shit talked her. Oh look someone said she should be in jail. How evil they didn't kiss her ass.
I have never seen such a clueless person in my life. Losing massive subs with each video and smiling about it like she's getting her revenge. It's like getting back at an attempted car theft by burning your own car.

But no she's not crazy at all. She has receipts

No. 383911


Shhh… this is glorious to watch on SocialBlade… I'm hoping that she drops another vid tonight. Let's see how many triple digit days she can sting in a row. She's definitely disconnected from reality and is in her bast shit crazy zone. Let her have fun because she's fun to watch.

No. 383916

fuck, she's putting out more tomorrow… by the end of the week, she's going to be in straight jacket territory! Good thing the cops already have her address associated with her name/channel. I could see her destroying some poor passing stranger because she thinks they looked at her wrong.

No. 383929

Her 30 day subscriber count is down by 148.8% a total of -909 sub loss and for all it states 30 days, a majority of those losses occurred this week and still falling. Her view count is down 45.1%

Everyone's work here is done, we all just get to sit back, soak up the milk, while she single handedly destroys her own channel.

I feel like I say this a lot but just when I think her complete lack of self awareness has reached it's maximum capacity, she somehow still manages to outdo herself. I'm going to nominate her for a Guinness Book World Record because if there's one thing she truly is talented at, it's having zero self awareness. And we all know how much she loves been the bestest (sic) at everything in the world, this is something she can official.

No. 383942

File: 1504211816493.png (409.53 KB, 759x431, Screenshot.png)

She's looking more and more like an old crone every day.

No. 383945

File: 1504212503800.jpg (7.6 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


This meme is getting a workout today.

A spoiler would have been nice! What did my poor eyes ever do to you?!

No. 383946

File: 1504212613464.png (Spoiler Image, 402.33 KB, 724x436, Screenshot.png)

Here's one more because I couldn't help myself. In case you want to shield your eyes ;)

No. 383947

Samefag at >>383945

After I posted it, I realised there is a resemblance going on between the two pictures. All Joy needs is some blood to spew from her eyeballs and given the way her sub's are tanking her blood pressure will be going through the roof.

In before her eyeballs bleed!


No. 383950

File: 1504213169832.jpg (212.86 KB, 800x628, a_face_in_the_crowd_posterlarg…)

Amen, brother. It's beginning to feel like the final act of A Face in the Crowd (1957). Something else you can watch on YouTube, now I think of it…

No. 383953

VHS Archive is live on youtube (for some reason - It looks like they are just browsing youtube)

No. 383954

Right now they're showing Joy's YouNow stream from last night.

No. 383962


on that stream, Joy says she thinks she has a parasite. guess she must have the worst luck ever when it comes to health problems /s

No. 383963

Has or is?

No. 383970

File: 1504215580786.jpg (635.78 KB, 795x513, YlnfazT.jpg)

No. 383991

I laughed way too hard at that

No. 384002

Tags on her latest Based Mama video: daddyofive,daddyofive mommyofive,mommyofive,daddyofive abuse,daddyofive child abuse,mommyofive cries,daddyofive tablet,daddyotive ytp,daddyofive pranks,mommyofive beats up daddyofive,daddyofive gaming,based_mama,based mama,basedmama,nickmonroe,nick monroe,nickmon1112,chambersofmyheart,chambers of my heart

Saged because Mundane Matt pointed this out before.

No. 384013

>>either Hmmmm.

Now I realise that Mike no longer has custody of his children (thank fuck) and I'm assuming the year long restraining order will stay in place until it lapses but does he still have any parental rights?

How does the CPS thing work in America and that state? Do they just supersede parental rights but those rights are still legally in place? Or are parental rights completely terminated?

The reason I ask is due to the advice given to Rose on the last thread. A parent is able to report anything that contains footage of their child/ren, even in cases where former consent was given. The report is considered revocation of previous consent. Rose didn't do this, obviously because they are still up but he most likely would. He doesn't give a flying shit about Joy.

To be clear, I'm not suggesting this because I care an iota about any adult involved in this shit show, I'm suggesting this because I care about those children. And I care about them being able to recover from their ordeals and the last thing those children need is consent reminders of the time Joy acted out wanking over their abuse. They don't need future school friends seeing that shit either. I challenge Mike Martin to do the right thing for the first time ever, put your children first, report all videos on any channel you find them on. And while you are at it, report Joy for using your name in every video she churns out, tag stuffing, despite the fact it has nothing to do with a thing she says.

No. 384040

He can't see them while the restraining order is in effect. Once it is over then they go back to court to see if the court is happy with any progress if any was made. Depending on what the judge finds he may or may not be able to see them. I doubt he will see them again but yet again you never know it depends on what kind of Judge they get. CPS here varies state to state. some take the kids for no reason and some don't take the kids soon enough and bad stuff happens. It all really depends on the Judge.

No. 384075

Are we back to using this board then?
It looks like the temporary board got deleted or moved, so here's an archive of it in case it's actually gone. The second snapshot from the 9th September is the most up-to-date one. I tried to archive it one last time but it was gone by then.

Welcome back, lolcow!

No. 384077

It's still there for now - you can find it at [Tempcow], left on top of your screen. Welcome back, anons, was a blast. Hopefully someone makes a little summary ( I suck at those ) - not that much happened. Kati's on 'stress leave', but what else's new!

No. 384085

Oh ok, they've changed the URL, the old one now gives a 404, now it's just a bit different. What a relief! I came to really like that thread, we had some good times….

Anyway, I'd be happy to do a summary if nobody else has one handy. Maybe we should save it for the start of thread 13 though? I don't see much point in doing a summary mid-thread. What do you guys think?

No. 384137

I'm going to miss the live typing, it was fun to have real time conversations.

A lot of milk needs to be addressed on this thread. The most important being Joy threatening and blackmailing Rose into making a video backing up Joy's claims, otherwise Joy would release all of their "private" conversations.

That is the lowest thing she has ever done and I've been following this cow since the start of these threads.

No. 384148


And there's no taking Joy's words out of context, either. She clearly stated in that particular YouNow stream that not only did Conlon tell her to do as Rose asked (take down the vids), but Joy admits that she made Rose say what she had in that second video (because Joy wanted more than just Rose thanking Joy directly and/or confirming Joy's claims that she had been working with Rose and Tim this entire time).

It amazes me that people still support her after that stunt.

No. 384149

File: 1504997414317.jpg (106.23 KB, 768x1024, 1504315705085m.jpg)

i need the live typing back, ugh!!! :(

No. 384166


The video Rose made reminded me of a hostage video, you could tell she was terrified and teary.

It's getting late over here, so I'm going to hold off finding the relevant links until tomorrow. If someone hasn't already posted them by then, I will do it.

Joy's YN stream, as you stated, so she can't say the context has been twisted, along with Rose's hostage type response and Joy's tweets digging her hole deeper. And those sweet recent social blade stats now the abuse videos are finally down.

I'm not surprised by her spergleberries at this point, an Anon once said she could murder a baby on a livestream and they would find a way to justify it, they are right. She did lose a lot of the fence sitters though, I've seen a few recent videos of fans who said they are done with her after that.

Her insistence on receiving direct donations and her many excuses why should also be included. She tried to jump on yet another tragedy to further her own agenda.

I can't think of anything else that is major milk?

No. 384168

Someone needs to re-upload the Rose video with someone holding a gun to her head

No. 384169

Here's the emphasis video with the clip from Joys YouNow stream where she was blackmailing Rose. For anyone that hasn't seen it.

No. 384174


I can't think of anything else that is major milk?

I heard that she was planning to do a YouNow charity fundraiser for the victims of Hurricane Irma; but she received another strike, which prevented her from streaming. People had also asked her why she didn't simply link directly to the charities associated with relief efforts; and - from what I understand - she came up with some BS excuse that she doesn't like doing that because there are so many bogus charities out there.

No. 384184

she also fucked up taking her meds and blamed the internet for her mistake. lol. possibly to deflect from the whole, you know, blackmailing Rose thing.

No. 384186


That was something else, LOL! One tweet, she says not to listen to any medical advice you get online; and, in that same thread, she's taking advice from people claiming to be MDs and linking to online medical sites.

No. 384187

Wait, did anyone actually believe she fucked up her meds and was having genuine side effects?
I thought it was an obvious lie…..

No. 384190


You're too nice, giving her the benefit of the doubt. I guess it depends on whether or not you believe she is that stupid. lol

Joking aside, you're right. I should have said "fucked up taking her meds"

I think it's understood by now, though, that pretty much everything out of her mouth is Joy Sparkle's bullshit. :>

No. 384194

Isn't part of the issue that Ms Kati lies so often and about so many things she has zero credibility and we can't believe anything she says?

No. 384196

I don't know about you anons, but I know the first thing I do when I OD and get chest pains is to whine passive-aggressively about it over Twitter.
Yes, she is stupid enough to do that, but she would also jump at a chance to have something actually wrong with her. She'd be in the hospital before you could say "munchie" and then not shut up about her "near heart attack to death" for the next 18 livestreams.

No. 384198


Oh, clearly, she was lying to get attention. Most people worried that they had accidentally overdosed would be seeking immediate medical attention; not going on twitter to talk about how it was the internet's fault because they wanted her to take all her meds at once. She also said that the mix up was the reason why she always got her friend to write labels for her pills - so she knew what to take when (these are supposed to be prescription pills - ffs! Did she honestly think people would believe they all come in unlabeled bubble casing?!)

The part that made me laugh the hardest was when she said she wasn't going to go to the ER because roomie had work the next day and needed his sleep. Oh, how noble of her! Potentially sacrificing her very life so roomie can get a full night's sleep. You can't tell me all those other times she had to be rushed to the ER coincided with one of roomie's days off - so why does she suddenly care about getting him up to take her to the ER?

No. 384201


same fag

That part about the roomie - it honestly came off (to me, anyway) that she was placing blame on roomie for not seeking medical care. Did anyone else get that impression? Or was it just Joy painting herself as a considerate friend?

No. 384203

There have been hundreds of comments on various platforms about what a dick she is for making roomie jump through so many hoops for her (taking days off specifically to drive her to appointments, taking days off to help her google, putting up with her being a loudmouth leech day in and day out, etc etc). Maybe she finally took some of that to heart (or whatever blackened husk she has in place of a heart) and to alleviate some of the criticism, thought it wiser to pretend she gave a shit about someone else's welfare. Of course, it backfired as lies usually do, and made both of them look worse for it.

No. 384209


I (not so secretly) hope that it's a case of roomie finally having had enough of all these unnecessary ER visits and told her not to bother him against unless she knew for sure it was something serious.

No. 384223


How long has she been living with him, anyway?

No. 384239

Anon please. Once a doormat, always a doormat. Roomie is the biggest wussbag doormat on God's green earth.

No. 384263

learn to sage before you go requesting special features

No. 384324

File: 1505023826609.png (697.39 KB, 1257x805, Joy Shit The Bed.png)

So either she demonetized all her videos or social blade hates her.

No. 384332

File: 1505026324092.jpg (116.22 KB, 800x660, IMG_20170910_075105.jpg)

She shed nearly five million views between Wednesday-Friday last week when she deleted the Daddy O Five videos, and it dropped her to D-. It was noted in the temp thread on Wed, but good to have it here for reference.

No. 384333

No i mean her money, it says she isnt earning anything

No. 384334

Oh yeah, sorry - half blind before my first cup of coffee.

No. 384627

so no joy drama today

No. 384633

Spergleberry Farm just uploaded a video about the threats. Pretty helpful since I haven't been able to keep up with Kati's streams the past week, and Emphasis/VHS haven't been able to upload them to their channels.

No. 384637


thanks stephen.

so what killed this thread?

No. 384643

The cow's been quiet after the backlash on her hurricane Irma video

No. 384660

yeah, I figured, but her being quiet never stopped anyone before. that's why I wondered what was different this time.
(also weird Joy has been quiet, she gets backlash every video and never gives a shit)

No. 384679

Here's a link to a few of the streams she's done since mid August.

No. 384684


She's probably staying quiet so that when she finally returns, she can claim she was out of commission due to her recent BS health scare (doctor forced her to take some bed rest - or some similar garbage).

No. 384711

PettyPaige was on younow earlier and talking about someone being mad at her for doing the Joy interview (only caught the last bit so not sure who) I think some ppl shared some moments from it.

No. 384742

Aha, so this includes how 'she risked her life'. Can she be any more dramatic? JC, how far she has fallen from her first videos.

No. 384801

File: 1505104303390.jpg (67.63 KB, 529x444, 57637864.jpg)

Anybody else feel like this absence is her building up to faking her own near-death again? Her second-last tweet was her having "heart problems" so I wouldn't be surprised if she is going for the dramatic health crisis storyline. Why, she's probably been in hospital for near a month by now!

No. 384808

yes. she needs to rebrand, and that would give her both an easy pivot and defense. Not sure what her new angle will be, just feel pretty sure it's coming

No. 384809

I think this was a YouTube glitch. I was watching keemstars snap chats at the same time and he was filming his realtime YouTube sub counter alarm clock thing and it kept flipping from 2 mil to 0 over and over and he said it happened to others and YT said they fixed the glitch.

…but I just checked social blade and it's still $0 but the glitch was fixed so….? What's happening?

No. 384825

I can only find it on hers, i wonder if she has taken all ads from her videos? Maybe YouTube has found them all not suitable for ads?

No. 384862

My question is why did she start taking Gabapentin when the 10mg/day of Prednisone had already miraculously cured all her pain issues? That would be like getting yourself hokked on Oxycodone when Naproxen had fixed your pain issues simply because it was prescribed to you. That don't make no kind of sense.
So she says her pain issues are fixed. . .then starts taking her chronic pain prescription.
She says the only thing left are stomach issues. . .but doesn't take the prescription she has for that except for 1 time when she took the Levosin, Gabapentin, Levothyroxine, and Prednisone all at once and accidentally taking a double dose of the thyroid medication because she's too lazy to read the prescription bottles. Instead she's continuing taking the thyroid medication and pain medication but specifically not the gut medication because reasons.
It was actually one of her dumbass minions who told her during a YouNow stream the best way to take your medications is to take it all at once in the morning, instead of just following the directions on how to take them. These are the calibur of minds that are left in her cult. . .

No. 384878


My question is why did she start taking Gabapentin when the 10mg/day of Prednisone had already miraculously cured all her pain issues?

Because the internet told her to - d-uh!

It's the sole excuse she gave when she started on this whole recent health crisis BS; with the addendum of 'Don't listen to advice you get online because those peeps aren't doctors/only you know you're own body' horseshit.

It's a ploy to make people sympathize/empathize with her instead of being pissed at her for what she had done to Rose and for trying to cash in on Hurricane Irma.

No. 384911

File: 1505135643484.jpg (46.66 KB, 600x300, B4itOhiCAAIWQ5r.jpg)

>what she'd done to Rose and trying to cash in on hurricane Irma

Response to this post in the voice of Link Mountaineer:

No. 385043

Saged for slightly OT but so everyone knows:

The Maryland couple, whose “DaddyOFive” YouTube videos featured them pranking their children, were found guilty of child neglect on Monday and sentenced to five years supervised probation.

Mike and Heather Martin, of Ijamsville, each entered Alford pleas to misdemeanor counts of neglect of a minor.

In an Alford plea, the defendant doesn’t admit guilt, but acknowledges prosecutors had enough evidence to convict them. Frederick County Circuit Court Judge Teresa Adams found the couple guilty.


Let's see what JSBS makes of it…

No. 385052


Wouldn't put it past her to claim if her videos remained up; the verdict would have been more severe.

No. 385069

File: 1505160949138.png (749.08 KB, 2500x1288, SmartSelectImage_2017-09-11-16…)

Guess this is why Joy didn't want to take the videos down. Makes the math that much easier. (I think the number is a little low but hey)

She has no choice but to hide right now. The if she really doesn't come back this this, I wouldn't be surprised.

No. 385076

Here's a link to that video.

IDK if it's accurate or not but the one thing i agree with FOR SURE is that she was making WAY more money that she let on. The tell is the amount of videos and how she whiteknuckled that subject and wouldn't let it go. That was more than a bit much even for someone who was "concerned" (or feigning concern in this case.)

Maybe you should try for a job at Backpage, Joy? You guys seem to be on the same page (See I Am Jane Doe docu on Netflix.) Both human garbage who don't mind capitalizing off suffering and victimization of children.

I don't know how you sleep at night. Being the grifter you totally are is one thing, but this is some next level shit.


No. 385080

She recently said that she only makes 10-20 dollars a video and asked if all the backlash she gets is worth it. I wonder if it's true about 10-20$ per video….

No. 385087

File: 1505163200726.jpg (43.27 KB, 641x355, Capture.JPG)

No. 385099

'When you have a job and get paid for it; you get to keep the money. That's how the world works'

Yes, but most people who have paying jobs don't proclaim that they'll be donating all the money they made to charity. And when that person welches on their earlier proclamation or makes excuses why they can't follow through, people have every right to call them out fot being a disingenuous cunt.

No. 385110


She's probably barely worked compared to other people her age. Craiglist odd jobs ("marketing"), "channeling angels," "modeling" and singing. Her puffery is LAUGHABLE. Especially when you consider she didn't get very far with any of them. :D

No. 385128

I bet joy comes back to make a video about pewdiepie.

No. 385139

File: 1505169354423.png (567.53 KB, 1366x768, 21682721_1498049926953224_8152…)

No. 385142

File: 1505169525340.png (564.26 KB, 1366x768, 21684593_1498051483619735_7355…)

Someone said they had to go to a counselor because of Joy.

No. 385143

The video where i got the screenshots https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEZs8Y1OSD0

No. 385181

>Joy said … wonder if it's true

taking a quick look at those screen shots, I am pretty sure the person saying they needed 'a counselor' post-Joy is a cow themselves. Possibly even quite literally a vulnerable adult.

No. 385183


Cow or not, vulnerable adult or not - no one should be used as someone elses scapegoat.

No. 385185

fuck this thread is autistic sometimes.
some dopey cow wanted her piece of the action, now cries that Joy made her do it all, including 'got me in trouble with the admins' … that poster did that just fine on their own. and during their posting flurry, this I'm so victim bit was what drew a lot of attention. But hey, take their word on events, sounds good.

No. 385199

I sort of agree with both of you/can see both of your points in regards to A.
It does say a lot about what kind of people our Kati attracts, though. The spergleberry thread's riddled with….very special people.

No. 385401


These screenshots are old milk, they are from Angel, she used to be Joy's #1 spergleberry. This all happened in the very first threads, I think she finally saw the light and copped to everything in thread four or five.

You really need to look through earlier threads, if this is a revelation to you, you will be disgusted to see what she did to Tim who suffers from PTSD.

I understand it is a lot to go through so here are some keywords to search.

Control + f on thread four/five search Angel, Tim, PTSD.

No. 385402

I have a feeling >>385143 IS angel.
good on you for the search hints, though

No. 385406

Regarding the video with Tim's voicemail, the very first thing I notice, which I found extremely odd is that he refers to her as, "Joy," when, in fact, her name is Kati. Would a lawyer, who should be professional, refer to someone with the wrong name? Most lawyers I've worked with in the past like to keep things "tight-knit" and polished in case they have to refer back to the voicemails for any reason.

No. 385416

We've had little to no evidence of any professional behavior from him, Including wanting to use Kati for "Future projects"

No. 385421

>>385402 hmm, noted Anon.

The Tim incident still really sticks with me. That was the first time I stopped constantly laughing at her and her little cult and started thinking this cow is an actual liability to people. To this day I think she got away with that shit far too easily, especially considering she defended herself by throwing others under the bus and claiming PTSD herself. It was a sign of her now normal cycle.

People were shocked she blackmailed Rose, when anyone who saw what she did to Tim wasn't surprised in the least. You have to be hollow inside to find triggering someone's PTSD amusing.

No. 385439

>a sign of her now normal cycle
>now normal
Lol, guess you haven't been following along when her old friends have come out and said she has been following this cycle for at least a decade.

No. 385522

File: 1505236032436.jpg (958.5 KB, 677x344, JSBS FB (2)_LI.jpg)

She's an aunt for the first time! Yay.

I guess the two dead step-nephews didn't count, unless it was to raise $$ for herself.

No. 385524

Oh my god this is brutal, anon
I shouldn't be laughing as hard as I am

No. 385549


omg…hopefully her fans pick up on that

No. 385553

File: 1505240634781.jpg (98.79 KB, 736x858, DJOdBaXVoAA2g_T.jpg)


I was referring to her online cycle, Anon. I am well aware of what former friends have said. Not to mention it became obvious prior to that information, thanks to her over sharing.

Everyone in her life was a villain, everyone, her family, her exes, former friends, etc. She had always given them everything, without ever wanting anything in return and yet they all stabbed her in the back because they were jealous, just like every single one of us is jealous (I know you are still looking in Kati, that was called sarcasm before you get your mashed potatoes in a knot thinking an Anon has admitted to being jealous of you). As the saying goes, if you fall out with a couple of people, you have a problem, fall out with everyone in your life, then you are the problem. This was a big red flag long before Phil spilled his guts.

Anyway, seeing as it is quiet on here, I've brought the game of Joy bingo over from the temp thread. I think we could add more to it?

No. 385558

"does that make sense?"
"you don't know the full story"
"i'm doing this for rose, tim, and the kids"
addresses "rumors"
"i have receipts!"

No. 385589

"(you didn't) come at me with respect!"
"get at me in private, gurrrl"
"could you send the details through to my email?"
"because LOGIC, right?!"

Just thinking of how many of these catch phrases she has is making my skin crawl. I hear it echoing in my head, anons!

No. 385622


"I'm confused."

No. 385677

>>385522 Is that from this year or does she have another defunct YouTube channel we don't know about that wen't nowhere?
It seems strange for her to be talking about the astrological birth chart of her nephew when she's trying to disavow her 'New Age' beliefs.
I'm laughing at the idea that she's possibly kept launching a series of failed YouTube channels and deleted them to try again until this one finally caught on, and was spinning lies about her health the whole time.
It's also funny how laborious she makes her 'gift' to her nephew sound when literally all you have to do to cast a birth chart is type a date, time of birth, and latitude into a website and hit enter. Then she only mentions the kids Sun sign. You don't need to cast a chart to know the Sun sign. It's like when she's playing 'journalist' and just verbatim reads an Info wars article then rambles nonsensically. She just says the most surface level shit about his chart then mentions Leo is a Fire sign. Thanks for the deep insight there Kati.
Everything I ever see from her just illustrates another facet of what a complete moron she is. Her only marketable skill is her ability to continuously lie, even though those lie make zero sense when examined. She's literally a grifter.

No. 385716

Has anyone caught her last younow? She said that she never had a gag order keeping her from saying anything about the dO5 case. A story than she normally tells.

No. 385728

The date is 16. Aug. 2017
On the same date she posted this:
I've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, hypothyroidism, prior to that I had copper toxicity we are we testing, and the big one is poly myalgia Rheumatica.

Sorry, I can't make a screen shot at the moment - maybe some other anon can.

I'm all for believing in anything you want to as long as it doesn't cause harm, but I think gifting a new born with an astro chart, especially her doing it, is strange as fuck.

No. 385732

File: 1505257633023.png (103.54 KB, 750x526, IMG_7019.PNG)

I took a screenshot earlier of her status update. I thought she said they didn't know what was going on with her thyroid? Did I miss something..?

No. 385744


Edit: sorry anon, I just saw where you posted about not being able to obtain the whole screenshot.

She's claiming hypothyroidism even though her test results showed she was in the normal range. Higher in the normal range..but NORMAL.

Bitch, you don't have fibro. You don't. And bitch, you clearly don't know how silly it is for you to claim both fibro and chronic fatigue. While those are separate illness..the fact that you claim fibro pain, which you've never described besides it being "mainly in your head and neck" is what makes you claiming both so fucking silly.

God her family must fucking despise her.

No. 385751

Thank you for the screen shot, anon ( in case if she deletes it eventually ). You're not the only one missing stuff - I apparently missed the whole ' poly myalgia Rheumatica' thing. In one of my tempcow posts I wrote that she says so much stuff about everything that it's hard to keep track - it seriously is. Hats off to anons who write down her every 'diagnosis'.

I'm still lost on her claim that her eye colour changed from dark brown to green, for example. I have heterochromia ( the non exciting sectoral kind ), so I did some eye research in the past. As far as I recall it usually only has to do with lighting, injury or glaucoma ( LOL, giving Kati more diagnosis fuel ) - you're free to correct me, because I'm genuinely curious.

No. 385752

I'm the anon who can't make a screen shot at the moment, the part that says more is:
"myalgia Rheumatica. I now have a new medication regimen and within day one I'm seeing amazing results. In the last four years of being is ELLIS I've been I've done more than I thought I ever could. Thank you to anybody who is kind, compassionate, and stood by me. If I can get better I can get my life back. And it doesn't stop here. I want to fully recover from all of these things eventually.Onward and up word."

No. 385767

File: 1505261311981.png (193.98 KB, 750x989, IMG_7021.PNG)

Ah sorry! I'm the anon who took the screen shot of her status. Totally spaced and didn't realize there was a 'read more' in it. Here's the whole thing!

No. 385852

Is Robert Santellan Tipster? That profile pic looks like him.

No. 385853

File: 1505276939234.png (262.62 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2017-09-13-05-23-23…)

Her Twitter feed says she gave an update video on YouNow about eight hours ago. Did any recorder anon catch it? Now she's burbling on about boners like Beavis & Butthead (so much alliteration) while apparently trying to hitch her wagon to novelist, Vegan Cheetah litigant and lupus sufferer Anna Scanlon. I know we've been wondering how Joy might reinvent herself, so perhaps this is a vision of What Kati Did next…?

No. 385854

Seriously, this woman has no class. Just yuck! If Joy is trying to give Anna a pep talk, she's doing a horrible job!

No. 385855

It all makes for weird reading, considering Scanlon's education, career and background. Like putting Gloria Steinem on the Ricki Lake show…

No. 385859

>What Kati Did next

Fiction being stranger than truth sometimes…

>What Katy Did is an 1872 children's book written by Sarah Chauncey Woolsey under her pen name Susan Coolidge. It follows the adventures of a twelve-year-old American girl, Katy Carr, and her family who live in the fictional lakeside Ohio town of Burnet in the 1860s. Katy is a tall untidy tomboy, forever getting into scrapes but wishing to be beautiful and beloved. When a terrible accident makes her an invalid, her illness and four-year recovery gradually teach her to be as good and kind as she has always wanted.

No. 385888

File: 1505286266788.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.77 KB, 640x480, 10427214_10153350918387339_591…)

For the people still doubting that there are mental health issues there look at this. This was Kati, so young, so full of life and beauty. Now watch one of her videos and see the difference. Her mental health has destroyed her looks.

She needs real help

No. 385892

File: 1505287059187.jpg (384.84 KB, 1828x2043, Frazzled Joy.jpg)

Damn she looks really out of sorts here. I think this is the worse that I've ever seen her, this condition. This is a snapshot from her most recent younow stream. She repeats the same shit she's been saying for awhile. "Everyone is jealous so that's why they attack me." I think we're seeing the stages of her breakdown.

No. 385896

Thanks, anon. Sure it'll turn up on YouTube in due course, but did you notice any mention of the DaddyOFive sentencing? Even by way of closure, you think she'd have an opinion before closing the book, no matter how badly she's pissed in that particular pool. That said, it's better for everyone if it's never spoken of again.

No. 385897

that may just be the first time I have felt something other than contempt for her. fuck.

No. 385898


Not the Anon you were referencing but yes, she does have previous YT channels. It was new age, weird shit, NA music and clips she did with one of her exes. It flopped.

>>385767 I'm illness tracker Anon, thank you for the information.

No. 385899

"I'll have Cy or one of my mods check it out."
"Y'all are snakes, I'm telling you."
"Do you have proof?"
"All the haters are so jealous because I grew so quickly."

I wouldn't bother feeling anything other than contempt. She knows she's mentally ill and has refused to get help for more than a decade, thereby making her rapid and ugly decline mostly her own doing.

No. 385900

File: 1505289018653.png (125.92 KB, 719x698, 20170913_084857.png)

Answered my own question. Recent Twitter exchange. That's an end to go that. Phew.

No. 385901

Lol, we forgot "wish u the best" on the bingo card.

It's odd that she chooses now to resign from the situation, if "everyone getting attacked" is why she is choosing to do so. I call bullshit, she's been the one starting & egging on the attacks for months.

No. 385903

File: 1505290577396.png (76.69 KB, 720x392, 20170913_091348.png)


Maybe it's some belated self awareness setting in. People only criticise her with the hope that she'll grow and become a better person, after all. (BINGO!!!)

No. 385908

I agree. Everyone needs to go quiet about it now. And yeah, she remained quiet on the sentencing. Who knows, she could be bullshitting again. We'll have to wait and see. I just hope she doesn't bring it up again and actually leaves YouTube this time.>>385896

No. 385909

Like I said, we'll have to wait and see. I hope she means it

No. 385915

>politely resigned
she always adds some self-praise into these kinds of statements.

No. 385925


She went quiet once the advice of a cease and desist was brought up. She had non-stop talked shit about Rose, do5, how she was a victim, right up to the very day that an Anon confirmed they had passed C&D and other advice onto Rose.

It seems more than coincidence to me. Even Kati must have realised she had said and done enough for Rose to easily take action against her. I'm not saying she received a C&D by the way, I'm just speculating and commenting on the matching timeline from when Joy finally shut the fuck up about it.

She publicly threatened Rose with what would have been an illegal act had she done it. And she did it publicly, on video and twitter comments doubling down on her threat. Meanwhile Rose never addressed her directly, despite the fact this bitch still had her children being abused on her shitty channel, there were hundreds of hours of footage. Joy wouldn't have had a leg to stand on, so she had no choice but to zip it.

>>385900 If she has really stepped away because bullshit excuses, then why answer this? Oh that's right, she can't resist an opportunity to play the victim.

Saged for speculation.

No. 385927


'Everyone would be attacked' = Joy would be attacked - because I can't seriously see anyone else getting negative backlash for sharing an opinion on the verdict; probably because they wouldn't make a spectacle out of it and/or try to make it about themselves, while doing it.

There's also the fact that Rose has made it abundantly clear she doesn't want vids about herself or her kids uploaded to Youtube (she wants her family left out of the drama); and seeing as Conlon has told Joy to do as Rose says, Joy is legally forced to oblige to listen.

You know she's desperately itching to make a video; as Do5 is one of her only main sources of real income. Being prevented from doing that must be driving her up the wall.

No. 385928

Meh …. I don't disagree that she needs serious mental health treatment, but, I don't see that photo as a representation of it. Tbh she looks evil as fuck in that photo.

I believe that she has always been who she is now, there was never the happy go lucky kati she often refers too, not for a long time (probably a young teen). She knows that she gets more attention without putting any effort into her appearance, as she is putting on a big show for everyone. It works out well because in addition to being a manipulating liar, she is lazy.

If she wants all that $ympathy to roll in, she must continue to present herself as too sick to perform basic grooming and put it out that she needs someone to help her get a bath or shower.
She will occasionally brush her hair and put on a mumuu with a dash of boobage to show she is feeling better, or like when miraculously healed, the jogging photo. It makes for a better dramatic effect when she is feeling extra sick again, appear sloppy and the crowd goes "aww poor joy" :'(

No. 385929


So, now that a verdict has been reached and the case is officially closed; does this mean Joy will finally give Rose the rest of the money she owes her (as Joy claimed that - for whatever reason - she wasn't going to be giving the rest of the funds until after the case was closed).

No. 385931

You're too cute for this world, anon.

No. 385932


Yeah, I know.

I'm well aware that Rose is never going to see the rest of that money; but, did Joy ever give a reason why she wanted to wait that long? I mean, it makes zero sense that she would withhold funds that were meant to help Rose and her children out.

No. 385934

I could give the only conceivable maybe acceptable excuse here, but I won't give her and her cronies any ideas, as they pilfer enough from us already.
iirc, the only reason she ever gave was that she needed time to do the correct calculations on her earnings (and she also wanted to figure out what percentage she could keep without maximum backlash). I thought the "when the case is over" bit was about telling her version of events, but as we know, she didn't even wait that long anyway.

No. 385969

File: 1505309763645.jpg (104.2 KB, 881x735, 01JAN2017-JSBS.jpg)

>"Onward and up word." (sic)

Which reminded me… A New Year's wish for all!

No. 386047

Hope I'm not too late but you also missed the hilarity of "how the Dr is diagnosing the poly fibro rheumatica." Her Dr said "Because your grandmother had it then if the prednisone helps the inflammation (what inflammation + a completely normal CRP) we'll know you have poly fibro rheumatica too." Since when have Dr's started diagnosing severe disorders based upon whether a medication, a typical steroid used for a plethora of things no less, works? Even the dumbest layperson should know this- it just sounds like BS yet her spergs lap it up like my kitten when he gets milk as a treat. I don't get it. I'm so confounded.

Saged for being utterly perplexed

No. 386172

"See, here's where I'm confused…"
"See, this is where I'm frustrated…"
Repeats question slowly as she thinks of a lie
"All I've tried to do is help…"
Nothing if interests happens "Oh here they go, now here comes the rumors that I'm …"

No. 386224


Her doctor presented a row of pills to Kati and told her to meditate on which ones she felt the most healing from. Kati chose the magical Poly Fibro Rheumatica combination.

No. 386251

But of course <insert bad Grey Poupon ref here.> No but seriously of course she went with polymyalgia rheumatica! It's the most serious thing she's said she has. #fibromylupus just isn't enough anyone regardless of the fact she's never actually been diagnosed, but what do I know?

No. 386327

> says CRITICS are jealous

> made 'crazy exgirlfriend who won't move the fuck on already for the love of christ' amount of videos CRITICAL of Onision and Daddy05


But you got me. I am totes jelly of you. You believe me, right? I mean, why WOULDN'T you? ;)

No. 386356

>Her Dr said "Because your grandmother had it then if the prednisone helps the inflammation (what inflammation + a completely normal CRP) we'll know you have poly fibro rheumatica too."

LOL, that sounds like something from a bad sitcom. I refuse to believe this is how the conversation went IRL.

No. 386370

File: 1505363252847.jpg (648.85 KB, 883x927, Joy is in deep shit.jpg)

This is either is massive troll or Joy is in deep shit with 4Chan.

Saged For Speculation

No. 386371

That comment was taken for Joy's Hurricane Irma Video "Hurricane Irma : 2 Dead in Virgin Islands. How Can We Help? Prayer & Help"

No. 386379

It reads like complete BS. We'll see, I guess.

No. 386384

File: 1505366560263.jpg (109.98 KB, 960x540, 1008-MWBZ-faq-q1.jpg)

"This future exposure of epic proportions"

No. 386387

LOLOLOLOL! Now how many times have we heard that? Ya know how many "expose" videos there are of Kati? I've lost count.

No. 386406

troll. spergy troll, at that. and late to the party :') (and I'd hardly call one person 4chan kek.)

No. 386413

Still interested in the night walker comment though

No. 386417


The night walker comment caught my interest too, as that isn't the first time I've heard that accusation.

No. 386420

meh. I too am a nobody with zero following, so I can sling some random accusations at her as well, if you'd like?

No. 386423

File: 1505374774397.jpg (49.24 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

LOL. Maybe this Red Sec group Chambers was recruiting for had its first annual general meeting..

As other anons have observed, I'll believe it when I see it. Two pints of Bossy's best, please, milkman, just be sure you deliver. However, as a wiser man than I once remarked, "if you have to shoot, SHOOT, don't talk!"

No. 386428

With Kati it's good to talk first - Just look at the meltdown Repzion managed to cause for weeks before,
I think he may have also delayed the release deliberately as it was too much fun seeing her constant mooing about it

No. 386431

It was fun to watch her scurry, I guess, battening down hatches for a storm that never really came. But if you've really got something devastating, why muck about? There was even a persistent suspicion that Rep had to edit his video because he was preempted by JSBS' flailing. But hey, it's all part of the show, and maybe this intermission is coming to an end…

No. 386433

rep delayed the release so he could attention-whore and bignote himself.

this is what I hated about the repzion video, actually. it gave her too much time to plan ahead, obfuscate, etc. if he'd blindsided her, she'd still be in full meltdown mode today.

I'm amazed she has stayed quiet so long, I literally didn't think it was possible.

No. 386436


That is what is making me think there is a troll in the dungeon. If she has already pushed them to breaking point, why warn her? If she has pissed them off that much and they meant it they would have just let it all go if they have nothing to gain from it.

The only reason to warn her is to hope she will go into meltdown mode again and trip herself up the way she did over Rep's upload. They are relying on her opening her own floodgates because they've got nothing. Or they are hoping she will retreat to back under the rock she came from.

The night walker comment is something that has been vaguely discussed but got buried under bigger things, so it gives them credibility in that people who have gone digging have heard it but nobody has gone really digging into it. So it's obscure enough to sound credible at the sane time as being nothing.

No. 386440

and why wait until it's all over? her family wants to expose her, and couldn't find any other way before now? these awesome researchers couldn't take 5 seconds to validate the 5150 claim and realise Angel is just as cowish? and so on.
It reeks.

No. 386448

Yeah, it would have been mentioned on the boards of 4Chan I believe as well as something would have already been done. I do agree that it could be someone trying to freak her out again seeing just how easy it is to do. As for her staying quiet, maybe she's taken a hint or something. One can only hope.

No. 386493


What is this 'night walker' rumor? This is actually new to me (if it was mentioned in previous threads, which one should I look through?)

No. 386498

I wouldn't know what search term to start with, to be honest with you.
I've seen everything from identity theft rumors, to prostitution, to pedohpilia play with a schizophrenic twist on these boards. They could be referring to her claims of a bankruptcy lawyer soliciting sex – I mean, companionship from her one time, or any number of other messes she's rumored to have been in.

Just so we're clear, at this point I'd believe one or any of these rumors, given the content of Kati's character. But as far as I know they haven't been definitively proven. The only one she's even talked about is her own accusation against the lawyer - which reminds me - weren't some anons here chasing up the validity of that claim? I'd be interested to know how that panned out.

No. 386522


See thread 11, >>368633 (Miss Devicdoll ca. 2006, conning white men for money) and thread 8, >>349761 (wherein she reportedly said to her bankruptcy lawyer who suggested she might be something of an escort, "Honey, I don't suck or fuck dicks for money.")

(Credit where it's due: The Anon who posted >>372191 put these two together.)

Otherwise I've been searching threads for any likely synonyms for 'night walking' - unless that's an Ironic Byronic reference: "She walks in. Beauty? What a fright!")

Who knows what to make of the first claim… Same with the second, really - short of ringing the lawyer in question and asking. (The thing about bankruptcy filings, like all court documents, is they're available on PACER.) But that's both idiotic and just plain evil.

No. 386553

–skip sage health post with powerlevel info–
I think you're right. I immediately thought hormone disorder due to her looks. The skin color. Powerlevel but I have fibroids and I turn that same color due to anemia. Being around other women who have disorders tell me she suffers. Its very hard to treat. Nuvaring gave me blood clots, the shot gave me a cycle for 3 months and another shot gave me a cycle for 3 months. Pills made me act like kati. I cant take any hormonally rx. Then I statted taking vitex, iron pills,coq10, multivitamins from cvs/ritaaid and a few other.
Why im a writing all these. Because in some people pmdd brings psychosis- and/or hyperspeech which joy does. Plus its so misunderstood that I like to tell people to find nautral routes instead of hysteractomies which drs love to push on women.
Yams are a great soother. If you eat a few wedges and start craving them you may have estrogene problems. I took salt out of my diet and for years I didnt know I missed it. Adding salt helped me lose weight.

No. 386566

"The PACER service provides on-line access to U.S. Appellate, District, and Bankruptcy court records and documents nationwide."

* not county level records

No. 386591


facepalm My very own post said it WOULD be there.

My contention was with the idea that ALL COURT DOCUMENTS would be on PACER.

Hence the "* not county level records"


No. 386592

Doesn't matter how accurate it might be for Kati, and I'm sorry it's genuinely hard to live with. But you know she won't consider something like that to be debilitating enough or dramatic enough for her (again, not saying it isn't, just that it's not all glamorous and snowflakey like she'd love it to be). She has to go for something that could be life-threatening or degenerative/eventually fatal (MS) or a combination of other, vaguely-defined conditions that she can get away with having no proof for and are generally hard to treat because they're so broad (chronic fatigue, fibro). Anything that is actually treatable to the point where you can live a normal life with adjustments, she'll just ignore. Yes, even if she actually has it. If it's treatable, she can get better; if she can get better, the $ympathy dries up.

I'm legit waiting for her to fake her own death. If it's never happened before, it might soon enough. She'll have ticked every Munchie box by then.

No. 386597

Sigh, and equal facepalm. You appeared to be drawing attention to an exception which doesn't apply here, but you were just being contentious. I can live with that. Apologies.

No. 386608


Actually, it's because this person has made this claim before AND has been corrected before.

No. 386625

don't state you are saging, it's not the norm
powerleveling is kiwifarms
saging doesn't excuse you from the rule about blogging

No. 386711

Oh anon I have no doubt the conversation didn't go like that which was why I couldn't believe she'd even say that let alone that anyone of her spergs even believed it. Although I realize she is their messiah there has to come a point where they realize the indoctrination must stop, right?

Saged for hope

No. 386759

>>386553 It reminded me of when people post the behavioral traits Histrionic Personality Disorder or Narcissistic Personality Disorder and people are amazed at how accurately it describes the behavior we see from her.
It just amazed me that there is a misunderstood disorder that has all of the exact physical syptoms Kati describes. I think the fact that she hasn't claimed to have PMDD after it was posted here is interesting. It can be an extremely debilitating disorder if untreated and not something you are just 'better' from after treatment. Besides trying to regulate your diet and hormone levels the only current treatment is SSRIs which are usually classed as anti-depressants, so would fit in with her refusal to seek any kind of mental health care.
That said, her physical symptoms are things she claims. She has not demonstrated any of the physical symptoms she describes. This was during a time when she had been desperately asking people to search the internet for her and tell her what she has, after claiming her list of self-reported symptoms was a list of her diagnoses. I thought would be funny if she started claiming a disorder that was posted here. It's pretty clear listening to an actual sufferer such as yourself that Kati doesn't have that shit.

No. 386817

+1 for some kind of Warrior Kati story coming up. new source of videos plus get out of your past free card.

No. 386841

It seems we lost a major sperg / samefag from these threads in the transition to tempcow and back. It's been a blessing.

No. 386924

There's been another response on the cyclone irma vid from the person vowing to expose joy with their dossier of information
I cant c&p as im on my phone.

No. 386926

File: 1505470590170.jpg (93.63 KB, 803x300, good_day.jpg)

Got your back, Anon. Thanks for pointing it out.

No. 386927


So, they're proposing that Joy was part of a pedo-ring while galavanting in France?

Here's hoping they have some hard core proof to back up such a serious claim and not just claiming it based on supposition.

No. 386935

>first be released on 8chan
troll confirmed.

No. 386963

Anyone notice her social blade is still show $0 revenue. At this point i'm thinking YouTube has flagged all her content as non advertiser friendly.

No. 387008

I don't doubt that she's done terrible things far beyond what's already been discussed and hope that what lies deeper becomes known to all but that poster reeks of another cow.

There's no reason to put out those statements, if there's significant info they have then they need to drop it and link it.

I support rep's video but wasn't fond of the hype leading up to it, but at the same time, with him having a much bigger audience than kati and a bit of personal history, it did shake her up.
Whoever this mystery cow is, won't get that same reaction and will probably be seen as an empty threat by her and just another troll.

I hope I'm wrong about them

No. 387076

The nightwalker comment is interesting but the big comment to me was the art gallery thing. I remember seeing someone with a screenshot of her trying to do something with that in st.louis. anyone still have those shots? i dont know this one spergs a bit too well to be a troll. i hope it pans out. is mspionage the "M" poster on the chans? if so then joy is seriously fucked.

No. 387108

File: 1505491074640.png (207.67 KB, 1234x1483, IMG_2754.PNG)

Looks like Miss Kati is finally on Metokur's radar. Please, internet gods, grace us with an Internet Insanity on our precious malingerer.

No. 387115

File: 1505491266898.png (150.16 KB, 1224x894, IMG_2755.PNG)


Saw these next two after I posted that

No. 387118

File: 1505491291578.png (88.34 KB, 1242x577, IMG_2756.PNG)

No. 387121

I will literally die, he is the best.

No. 387127

Looking at his Twitter, I think there's a damn good chance of this happening.

No. 387129

mspionage is just a sperg. they've tried this shit before with others and failed.

I wish this had happened sooner.

No. 387200

Oh my god! This just keeps getting better and better. Prepare to receive milk from the promise land my fellow anons.

No. 387210

How autistic are you to police lolcow??
The person can say they saged to stop people from telling them to sage.
Powerlevel is not unique to the kfarms.
I cant believe people study to become a farmer. You sound like kati.
There is a mechnicism to not see saged post. Use it.
Saged for schooling. Lol.

No. 387221

Announcing your sage is unnecessary though, just fyi. You can tell somebody has saged from the colour.
But back o/t, I haven't heard of this Metokur person before, is there a chance we may have a decent exposure video in the near future?!

No. 387222


Unless something new comes out about Joy; it'll just be more of the same; which is getting tiresome.

No. 387230

Mister Metokur is very thorough in his videos. I wouldn't exactly call him an "expose" channel, but one could, I suppose. I definitely recommend checking him out though. Particularly "Internet Insanity" or "Hugbox Chronicles." Either way, if he does a Kati video, it'll be a treat.

No. 387296

Trust in Jim. Jim will deliver.

No. 387508

You couldn't be more wrong, anon.
Metokur is extremely well-presented and has more entertainment and charisma in his pinkie finger than everyone who has tried to "expose" Joy so far, put together.
Even if he rehashes information we already know (I'd be somewhat surprised if he managed to find anything that we haven't covered at some point, but then again, he is an internet sleuth extraordinaire), he will still do it in the best way possible. Apart from giving further attention to Kati, which is always a letdown, if he actually does a video on her it will make my year.

However, until/unless it's confirmed or released, I wouldn't post too much more about it, lest we hype it up as much as Repzion's was and end up disappointed in the case it doesn't come to fruition.

No. 387512

uhm, that anon was saying it's probably going to be a rehash of Kati's greatest hits, which you then agreed with. I get that you're a raging fangirl, but for those who've been here since thread one (or even like 5 or 6) it's going to be boring. we want new milk, not repackaged old milk, especially since he is so damn late to the party. when's the last time Kati even did anything?

No. 387539

I agree that unless we get a 'new player in town [with info ]', we're not getting anything relevant.
If there's a video and it's well presented ( I didn't think Rep's was ), I'll give it a watch, for sure, I'm not otherwise familiar with this guy anons are taking about.
Might open even more peoples eyes.

Apart from her loyal spergleberry ding dong club - she must really be dribbling them hard in private, calls and dms, because I can't see a rational reason as to why they'd still be on her side/follow her blindly.
She doesn't have fame on her side ( lots of people lose focus and defend someone blindly because of this factor alone ), she isn't a supermodel ( same rationale applies as before ) and as far as her personality goes…we've seen beautiful cringy displays of it that wouldn't make a normal person go 'yes, this person is soooo pure and trustworthy.' I understand people who relate to her ( mostly nonexistent ) health issues, if they're the type who're simply subscribed and don't follow her actively, thus being completely clueless about everything that went on.

No. 387545

Forgot to add - the last big thing was definitely the Rose extortion. This one shouldn't be forgotten - I appreciate people mentioning it, even if it's an otherwise LQ video.
Last cringy thing would be posting about boners on Twitter. I guess she's just gross in this way and her humour is still at the level of a 12 year old.
The cringiest content video wise was the 'prayer' in the Irma video. If there are anons here who appreciated the thought, that's completely cool. I personally couldn't stop laughing because it reminded me so much of those 70's faith healer types. Sweet jeebus, that was almost torturous to watch.

We are in need of some new updates, though, that's for sure. We're worried about your health, Kati. & your poop samples. Please share.

No. 387553

Does anyone know if there's a video where Joy admits to owing Rose Hall money and is withholding it for BS reasons? I know I've heard these rumors, but can't seem to find the video/tweet to validate the claim.

No. 387558

started digging around for you (think the video you want was somewhere between thread 5 and 7), got distracted by this:
-says Takedownman told her the owner of YouNow may be into some "pedo stuff or pedo sympathizing stuff, possibly NAMBLA" and she's not about that so it's part of the reason she's no longer doing YouNow, the other reason is that it's so glitchy

so glad she stuck to her guns and didn't spend most of her time on YouNow since saying that.

No. 387591

Why have none of her recent streams been posted here?

And I've been looking like mad, maybe I've missed it, but where is the full Extortion stream? I think it was hosted 9/4 but I can only find probably a stream she did before or after it. But she wears that fucking sweatshirt in every video so other than the angle she's sitting at they all look the same? I've skimmed thro the 9/4 I've found and it doesn't seem to be it…

Now that there's been a change in who's uploading the streams where, and her erratic stream schedule, it's kind of hard to keep them chronological.

Did tempcow kill this thread? Lol.. She's been streaming but it's not being mentioned. Odd.. Think we lost some of the more… "invested" anons at some point..

No. 387599

Samefag, but that old gay dude made another video on her

No. 387622

her last stream afaik was on the 12th, and was discussed here briefly. think it was just a nothing stream, and no-one bothered (or was around to record)

No. 387671

Here is the stream on the 12th.

Also, remember Erin Brownage was supposed to visit Joy? Guess that never happened.

No. 387862


Who was Erin Brownage again?

No. 387948

her going silent seems to coincides with when mspionage made that post. not a peep out of her since that was posted and she usually never shuts up. i looked into that art gallery thing they mentioned and looked at a few of the facebook pages mentioned with her. three of the five i looked at have public crim records relating to prostitution and two of the three had charges from minors


maybe they really are on to something with that "night walker" and art front thing. anyone know anything more on that yet?

No. 387956

Erin Brownage was/is her friend and admin.

No. 387957

File: 1505613458037.jpg (69.58 KB, 494x483, Capture.JPG)

No. 387981

>three of the five i looked at have public crim records relating to prostitution and two of the three had charges from minors

this reads like a selfpost btw.

No. 388048

If you can find info on around when she donated the $1200 months ago, here or her twitter or even the GFM, there also may be a "receipts" video from a while back, but when she gave that amount, she had said that the amount from the DO5 vids didn't equal 1200 but she was giving that to cover some of the earnings in advance and would donate again down the road.

I don't believe any of what she said aside from giving that amount. I know that's likely not helpful but may help narrow down a bit as there's knee deep bullshit all around her.

No. 388081

she was quiet before that. also, that info is old af. 3/10, bait harder.

was that the receipts video where she showed Nick (I think?) to confirm she had given $600 and 'other donations'? like, she flashed her bank statement at him or something.

No. 388085

You mean Andy Warski's stream?

No. 388110

>>387671 Yeah, that guy is uploading her YouNow streams to his channel for her so he can DMCA channels for her and the severe mental illness on display in them can be hidden on an irrelevant channel that isn't even hers.
It's preety funny that her streams get to rub shoulders with this dudes Flat Earth videos. If you want it's pretty funny to draw him out on the batshit he believes in the comments. It's funny having comments from the channel owner under her streams shouting pseudoscience and paranoiac demonological conspiracy theories about existence.

No. 388253

i really don't believe she was a ho.

but tinfoiling is fun so… maybe if she was, those "modeling" pictures were for the backpage ads. maybe that's what's with the half-open-mouth-trying-to-look-sultry-but-really-just-looking-like-a-mouthbreather pics.

No. 388374


If she had been a prostitute at some point in her life; I wouldn't hold it against her. If you're on your own and need to make ends meet, you do what you can to survive.

If she was also on hard drugs to get through it, it would most certainly explain that glassy/dead look in her eyes in those photos.

No. 388406

It seriously does.
>"Kati is Pizzagate"
>link to random, unrelated image
Ok bro.

No. 388528

File: 1505693894810.jpg (120.62 KB, 561x825, Wst9yST.jpg)

No. 388637

I think what she meant is that those egotistical asshole Drs and nurses told her "I'm very sorry to disappoint you, but your test results continue to be normal, and yes, you still have to pay for them."

No. 388781


So, back to the herb and spice supplements, I guess?

No. 388783

>>388374 "That was a girl who was very afraid, and thought the only thing she was good for was sex." -Kati Marie Smith 2017 regarding those old 'modelling' photos.

No. 388947

On one of the most recent streams, she responded to someone asking how she has been feeling and she said she's been ok.

I've begun to use this quiet time to catch up on her YouNow moments and there's been some treasure in there, nothing significant, but still amusing. Based off the moments alone, she is not going to change any time soon. She will always be rotten to the core.

On YouTubers:
"A lot of what happens on YouTube is jealousy."
"Everyone's out for attention and a buck, and I will never be like that."
On DO5;
"Daddyofive is not a topic I want to approach."
"I was asked to respect privacy and I did."
"You know how many people apologized after I took down the vids? Zero."

Of course her crying is entertaining in itself. She knows to really put on the waterworks when in the hot seat, anyone who dare criticize her is a horrible person for being mean when she is down.

Crying about bad people stopping her from doing good with $uperchat and constant spewing of how toxic YT is, also entertaining.

Then there's the bit of complaining about other tenants in the building that smoke pot and it affecting her because it "induces asthma." So stupid. Having her as a neighbor has to be close to how horrible it is to be related to her.

No. 388985

She's live on YouNow right now.

No. 389046

Thanks for the heads up, anon.

It's basically more of the same stream we've been seeing from her, pity party for 1!
She's crying about being born and nobody wanting her, boo-hoo, and nobody cares if she lives or dies, boo-hoo, and she just wants to help others but people are bad, boo-fucking-hoo.
I almost forgot that "Yt has become a place where bullies make money." So I guess she is still sticking with denying that she is one of those bullies.
I will spare blogging but just say that I could only wish to have had so much of what she's had in her life. She needs to grow up already and realize how good she has it. When was the last time she has actually had to work hard or even work at all ? (For the record, I support many YT'rs in their content being their job, she's nothing more than an asshole with a camera and ring light.) She's in her 30s and dicks around on her computer all day, doesn't pay bills, has a personal chauffeur and almost literally has someone wiping her ass.
Yes Kati, please continue to tell everyone how hard it is to be a lying scam artist every day.

No. 389065

File: 1505767684077.png (94.42 KB, 750x730, IMG_7507.PNG)

She's such an unfortunate looking woman. She looks like she smells so bad and has gained a bit more weight. I think she broke her 'silence' and jumped on Younow to shop for more patreons. Someone said she's been uploading and doing streams there with them. I have a feeling that she may just continue to focus on her patreons and drop YouTube because at least in her Pateon her echo chamber is secure and she can easily block out trolls or people who question her.

No. 389127

I think she has a quota to fill on YouNow and that's why she comes on for precisely one hour every time. I may be wrong but I heard Veegan Cheetah say that Joy Sparkles was a partner on you now, when he was on one time, and they do have some sort of quota. She doesn't have a sub button though. I wonder if anyone knows how thta works around here because she must get the money from the bars and likes she gets.

No. 389215

>>388947 lol, her roommate is one of those people in the building who smokes pot. The fake medical issues are the only thing she has to talk about now and she saw how bad it went last time trying to spin negative test results in the normal range into debilitating illnesses that excuse her last several years of being a lazy, malingering, e-gegging scam artist and claim her complaints were her official diagnoses.
I'm honestly surprised she's claiming a medical issue she may have actually had at one point.
I guess when she Tweeted she's 'starting from scratch on health' she meant she doesn't think she can come back until she figures out some new fake medical issues.

No. 389220

"her roommate is one of those people in the building who smokes pot" <-Has that been mentioned before?

No. 389307

Yep Phil mentioned in one of the comments on his videos (or maybe here - I can't keep it all straight … or maybe it's my fibro fog lol) I'm on my phone ATM so it's had to check and can't completely verify this but I believe he said something like "roommate is a nice guy but might get into 420 a bit too much". I'll try and comb and return with a screenshot.

And my god Kati is looking AWFUL. I actually pity her (then I remember all the shit she's done). She reminds me of myself when I went though a pretty bad mental health period. I gained about twenty pounds, stopped brushing my hair and teeth every day and sat around in track pants all day. It's classic signs of mental illness.

No. 389443

Hey sorry to be so OT but does anyone have an idea where I could search for Kati saying she wouldn't do younow cuz TDM told her the owner was a pedophile so wouldn't support the site as a result?

Saged for being totally OT

No. 389445

No. 389461

The owner of you now made a documentary in 1994 called Chicken Hawk, imo it seems sympathetic to pedos so I don't blame anyone for not using you now for that reason alone.

No. 389463

I haven't seen the documentary but I assume it puts pedophiles in a sympathetic light then, for people to boycott Younow because of it?
Otherwise, it's rather immature and unfair for Joy to be saying that he's 'linked to pedos'. That would be like calling Louis Therox a Nazi sympathizer for making his 'Louis and the Nazi's' documentary lol…

No. 389465

Theroux even

No. 389467

your opinion is a bit shallow. the film was specifically made to let those pieces of shit from NAMBLA hang themselves out to dry, which they did. if you think it was sympathetic rather than an expose, you weren't paying attention.

No. 389470

Ah, thought as much. Typical Kati, making something out of nothing. I think it's very unfair to call him a pedo or a pedo sympathiser just for making a documentary on the subject!

No. 389519

File: 1505852885105.png (402 KB, 1536x1841, IMG_6271.PNG)

She's such a POS. That Nathan dude (the one she's bullied previously iirc) has been tweeting that he's overdosed his antidepressants and somebody else started trying to contact Joy, cy and Alex. Crickets.

Of course when Joy finally responds, she claims she's been having trouble breathing for the last five days and wah wah DONT JUDGE ME. Gawd. She claims she "didn't know about this until now because she's been off social media lately because muh illness" but the she had been active only an hour earlier.

Oh Joy. You're a gangrenous cunt.

No. 389520

File: 1505852944675.png (394.57 KB, 1531x1846, IMG_6272.PNG)

Thread continued

No. 389522

File: 1505853055076.png (388.66 KB, 1536x1930, IMG_6274.PNG)

Sorry for samefagging but this screenshot shows she had been active an hour earlier. Joy, please throat fuck a hairbrush. Thaaaanks.

No. 389523

File: 1505853341301.png (370.41 KB, 1506x1711, IMG_6275.PNG)

Sorry forgot this one. Joy makes everything about her "health issues" (read: pizza shortage?)

No. 389543

File: 1505856768291.jpg (69.6 KB, 640x920, 051a8fd6e086a3237539b110bd9317…)

saint joy, patron of victims. why is she such a horrid bitch

No. 389561

The guy, Nathan took 25 Valium, that could turn into a suicide unless he is used to taking those all the time. She is such a self centered moron. Jeez, with friends like her……you know what they say""

No. 389574

Warski Live today with Tommy C. They all start talking about and tearing Joy apart around the 39:00 mark.

No. 389670

You can watch it on Youtube. It does not put them in a sympathetic light. He spends a lot of time interviewing them and let them talk about what creeps they are. He made it because he was abused himself.

No. 389672

what do any of her illnesses have to do with breathing. none.

No. 389673

sorry, ""illnesses"".

No. 389674

Well anon she does have near strokes, near seizures, and near heart attacks quite often so it might be 2/3 previously mentioned "attacks" plus there's no way she could possibly be held accountable for something so anything to save her ass, whether it's making up chest pain or throwing friends, and I use that word lightly, under the bus.

Saged for sarcasm

No. 389675

Anon thank you so much for saving me a lot of time with searches! Much appreciated.

Saged for appreciation and butt munching

No. 389726

It's fucking gross that Joy is trying to slander him for that…Like is she fucking retarded or something

No. 389741

I watched the documentary and also the Q&A that is also on YouTube and it is VERY clear that Ari was NOT sympathetic in any way. He was addressing a taboo topic and let the fucking creeps put their own neck in the noose and hang themselves with their own deviant sick ass beliefs.
YT link to the film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ygrd29-_O3I

No. 389745

Q&A: Ari shares his perspective in making the film.

No. 389746

TL;DW: Joy probably just ran with a rumor as a cover for moving to YT for the bux. Are we surprised? Now she's suddenly back on YN? Strong convictions there Joy…

No. 389766

"Pedophile bux are fine but only when you're totally desperate" - Joy Sparkle BS

No. 389772

So just finished watching the doc. Joy is such a scaremongering dickhead, it's clearly meant to expose the guys, it's not sympathetic toward pedos at all.
Really demonstrates a lack of intelligence from Joy's end, you shouldn't go running your mouth about the owner of a pretty big company calling them a pedophile based off petty rumours.
I can't get my head around the level of immaturity and narrow mindedness some people must have to link being a director of a documentary on pedophilles to actually being one.

No. 389776

Apparently Rose has contacted the Warskis so she can come on their podcast? This is HUGE news. Joy is going to flip out when she finds out.

No. 389829


How did you come across this?

No. 389906


Same fag - nevermind; Warski mentions it himself in that stream at the 44:45 mark.

I honestly hope that it's a ruse; because look what happened the last time Rose got involved with a foul mouthed Youtuber. Not that I think Warski would treat Rose the same way Joy had; but why take the risk?

No. 389947

idk I'm kinda interested in what she'd say…We may come across some fresh milk.
Warksi may be just another foul mouthed ultra edgy alt right clone Youtuber, however we know he's not likely to beat around the bush about the Joy sitch, plus he thinks Joy is a nutjob as well, he may be able to coax out of her how she really feels.

No. 389952

The very fact that she has approached Warski is milk in itself - he has criticised Joy on many things so it would appear that Rose is in agreement with him.

No. 389957

Just imagine Joy's reaction if Rose came on Warski live and it turns into a mega hate-Joy stream, everyone bitching and discussing her crazy antics.
I'm envisioning 50+ videos being made, the craziness coming off her in waves, hair crackling and getting more and more static and frizzy with each video as she loses the plot entirely.

No. 390030


There's also the chance that- as retaliation for the ultimate 'betrayal' on Rose's part - Joy will release some private texts that Rose was foolish enough to share with her and cost Rose custody of her children.

That's what I'm concerned about - Joy is unstable and won't hold anything back if she feels she's being attacked. She's already proven she could care less about Rose or those kids; so what would stop her?

No. 390060

According to Joy those texts only contained what Rose had said in the video defending Joy, that she had helped etc. It's still very wrong to threaten/blackmail a naive women who evidently has a learning disability.

No. 390274

Sorry but this bugs me, its couldn't care less. But back to the show kids.

Rose is stupid if she has shared shit with Joy, Rose has sat on the fence too long and too much has happened. I honestly don't see her ever getting those kids back. Joy pissed in that soup, she has soured it and now Tim is eating it all up.

No. 390286

All Andy said was that Rose feels comfortable with him because he's the one who actually got the Do5 story to Defranco (thus propelling it into the limelight).

Something else he said that was interesting-ish was that after he tweeted that thing about Joy giving medical advice nit being cool, she blew up his DM's. His guest said that one if the reasons Rep made his video was a way to pubically distance himself from Joy, as he felt bad for having promoted her months back. I believe Andy echoed the sentiment.

I stopped watching when they seemed to get off into talking about that pedo dude so unless more was said after that I don't get how you got the idea Rose feels that way?

No. 390301

File: 1505980725789.png (53.24 KB, 720x386, 20170921_085706.png)

Another YouNow broadcast announced an hour ago on Twitter.

No. 390305

File: 1505981956608.png (170.1 KB, 1427x1463, IMG_6278.PNG)

Caught some of the latest JOYSUS YouNow broadcast. Some of the tidbits:
-She's about to have a her colon examined and is happy
- She has sprained her rib from her excessive exercise
- She's so sad because she's not going to get to go and be in nature (I threw up in my mouth)
- She's gained ten pounds over the last week
- She's not going to talk about D05 related stuff
- She's thinking about leaving YouTube for good (again)
- roommate was asleep on the couch next to her

Tinfoil: either they're fucking or she has some serious dirt on the guy. Just a feeling I got. Who would do so much for a friend?? I know there are good people out there, but to act as nursemaid/knowingly enable/swallow all the crap she spins there has to be a serious incentive. If she's bullshitting as much as we have concluded, there's no way he would be oblivious. Hi fucking way. He's been in the room when she's rambling far too often (even if she does fake some of their interactions) not to have at least a hint of doubt about her. I'm wondering if he's "in on" her act …
okay, end tinfoil!

Damn she's looking rough.

No. 390313


She ran with that rumour based on second hand information she got from Takedownman. He told Joy about the paedo "connection" but that didn't stop him from applying for a YN partnership, which he didn't get, which, coincidentally was when he started getting vocal about the false paedo sympathiser bullshit.

The full story is at the start of thread six, I remember because I went looking for a clip of Kati saying she won't be using YN anymore because the owner has nambla connections, she said she would go into more detail on another video. But that never happened because by then TDM and her dangerous, slanderous bullshit got completely shut down before she had the chance to dog her hole any deeper.

The real reason she was "leaving" YN was because she had just done a stream with the Warskis and was salivating over how many superchat payments they received. She thought she was going to be rolling in YT coin, that was her real reason behind it all.

No. 390323

File: 1505985897059.jpg (392.14 KB, 1440x1679, Screenshot_2017-09-21-05-23-10…)


No. 390324

File: 1505985987219.jpg (98.84 KB, 1031x495, moonface.jpg)

>excessive exercise
>gained 10 pounds in a week

Must be all muscle. Lol.

No. 390341


Guess she doesn't have to worry about that 1 pound difference between obese and overweight any more. I know last week she'd put a number of 175 pounds to it and was claiming to have just gained 10 pounds then as well. Gotta love that prednisone.

No. 390348

>175 pounds
How did she weigh just her jowls?

No. 390349


> She has sprained her rib from her excessive exercise

Um… she's gone on two walks, each a mile or less, and ran a total of 10min during those walks. How fucking bad does she run if she sprains ribs doing it… that would take some seriously flab bouncing to manage that even if you were trying to. Are you sure you didn't mis-hear what she said and it was actually "I had spare ribs" (by the bucket)?

No. 390357

she's short, is she's pushing 180lb that's a hella hefty weight for her height.
How does one gain 10lbs of actual fat in a week? Whilst also doing enough strenuous exercise to sprain a rib? I bet there were people in the chat telling her its muscle gain kek

No. 390363


she claims 5' 2.5"

Putting on pounds isn't uncommon for prednisone from what I heard and it also causes fat redistribution to the face, back of neck, and shoulders. And, for some reason, weight gained on it often tends to be 'sticky' and not come off as easy as other weight gain.

No. 390364


Which means she'll be having a colonoscopy. Considering what you have to go through in order to prep for that, and the procedure itself, if she did her research, she shouldn't be happy about it.

Please, the next time she holds a stream discussing this; someone ask her what she's doing for prep and what it's like; because that's an experience no one enjoys.

No. 390368

All I hear in my head is this.

No. 390370

Anon, are you forgetting who we're dealing with? Ofc a munchie like her would be happy/excited for any medical procedure, no matter the discomfort or risk etc.

No. 390372

File: 1505998109173.png (3.12 MB, 2208x1242, IMG_0020.PNG)

Predictions for Joy's next video title and thumbnail: (Spelling/grammar errors included.)

I had a Collonoscapee! Am I HAPPY? Howd id it Go? MEDICALL UPDATES!! :D

No. 390373

okay… she already had that weird preoccupation with pooping and butt sex… anyone else think she's expecting the orgasm of her life out of this procedure?

No. 390374

No doubt Katie will find all the joy and sparkles in the bullshit of the experience. ?

No. 390375

kek anon you got the spelling errors and random capitalized letters down to a t

No. 390382

File: 1506000438557.jpg (299.49 KB, 1305x1351, IMG_20170918_125704.jpg)

I expect to see some wicked crying streams, possibly even an ER visit, during the colon prep, and being that diarrhea makes her gain weight, she will be adding like a 100 pounds from all that pizza cheese evacuation. Better grab a 5 gallon bucket of Pedialyte.

Adding in an old screenie of her mentioning birth control "destroyed" her life as it makes me wonder if she is using the weight gain as proof(we all know a bitch loves proof and fax) because there's really no visible symptoms from her complaints, and having gained that much weight is very noticeable physical evidence. It brings more sympathy, especially with her overall haggard appearance. There's no chance in hell that she happens to be fortunate enough to live off slop and not gain weight, because science, in fact it would be a symptom of a metabolic disorder or some other diagnosis.
Ultimately, she destroyed her own life and actively works on destroying the lives of others.

Good on warski for speaking out against joy again. I'd feel like shit, too, if I promoted her but at the same time, he was getting tons of negative feedback about her long ago and giving her a pass when she was on his stream was a bad idea. Plus backing her on proof of donations when she showed him her bank statement was fucked because it only showed $600 but nothing for all her other donation claims that never went anywhere.

This is a great example of why you don't promote someone solely off hate for someone else or at least not while they are so new. She still has a bunch of die hards that only support her because she goes hard on onion and that's all they care about. It's ironic in itself, as she is the same asshole he is, and while he deserves to be called out, they dismiss her being a terrible person.

No. 390387


Because puking and watery shits for 12+ hours, followed by having a tube fed into your butt and you colon/intestine being inflated feels oh so good!

I swear to God, if Joy describes her experience as being anything less than horrible…

No. 390392


same fag

Sorry for not saging the last post; I tried deleting it and reposting with a proper sage; but for whatever reason, the thread won't delete it.

No. 390397

then we know she's a full blown munchie

No. 390431

I bet she "fails" the colonoscopy prep. She'll spin it as an adverse reaction that "nearly killed me, guys!And I twilaf fectme fo rlife I can onlye at pixza from now un tiloreVA whatdo ihave t odo tog eta conemepetent docto r?"

Q: what's the deal with the kids? I keep seeing contradictory info; Rose has them/hasn't/temp custody/fostered. I can't watch St. Joysus of the Munchies without punching screens in, so has anyone endured the babble to know? Thanks

No. 390490


I'd laugh my ass off if she had no idea how liquid laxatives worked (which are mandatory for the prep work), thinking they were your run of the mill stool softener.

'OMG, guys! I haven't downed half of the stuff and I am puking and shitting water! I can't keep anything down since starting dis stuff! i dunt no whut do I do?! HELP!!

No. 390519

They call it "dynamite" here for a reason >:-)

No. 390556

Had it done 8 years ago and the prep was brutal. I'm not sure why Kati's even getting it done, apart from wanting to "find something" ( aka having something to tell the interwebz and spergleberries about ). Since angels gave her the runs, then metal poisoning did, what will it be this time?

No. 390570

Yea I'd love to ask her cuz it was miserable… I don't want to say in what ways because then Kati will say the same thing (and I'm not referring to the prep or its intended effects.)

Have fun with your colonoscopy Kati! They're a blast.

Saged for rote hilarity

No. 390642


Had them more than a few times, myself - and though it's easy to do some online research on what is involved, they never go into real detail on what both prep, procedure and after care is like.

Someone ought to ask her to show them the laxatives she was directed to take.

No. 390705

That's exactly what I'm thinking; when they gave me the directions on my first one I thought, "You have got to be shitting me," no pun (ok pun intended.)

As you said you can find out a decent amount but not what one really experiences during and for me (even on the way to the prep) so I cannot wait to see her say they told her to "Double the dose on the Dulcolax label" cuz that's what you do of course.

Saged for just being pissed the f**k off

No. 390707

Y'all are talkin 'bout it, now she knows what you want to hear.
gg no re

No. 390708

As far as I'm aware, Kati has said she will no longer talk about the do5 stuff and the last I heard from chambers/nick/based party that the kids are in temporary care

No. 390715

Can you not spam?

No. 390773

i wouldnt be surprised if she would enjoy a colonoscopy. she talks about anal and assplay often.

No. 390830


Thanks for this. Something that drove me demented about ALL of these idiots was their self-appointed arbiter status, deciding the children should be with Rose whilst knowing fuck-all about her.

I hope she's learned how dangerous trial by internet can be. These cackling witches and her useless lawyer have really damaged her - family courts especially hate these things being discussed in the court of public opinion, and the fact not even a gag order closed it down will be a serious black mark against Rose. How can she protect her children if she can't even prevent the continuing publication of the vids that started all this? I think, if she gets any more publicity, however well-done or well-intentioned, it will be the final nail in her coffin as far as proving she can make reasonable judgements regarding the children. This playing out in public can only harm them and it's bad enough that she didn't stop it. Even if that meant tearing fucking Kunti's tongue out.

Maybe the next crowdfund will be towards suing Joysus for this shitshow - now THAT I would contribute to. But if Warski really wants to help Rose, he'll tell her to keep it private.

Poor kids. Thank god their care placement has had the nous to keep quiet.

No. 390835


All Rose had to do was submit privacy complaints against vids w/her kids in them. As far as I'm concerned, Rose is a shit parent. She didn't have to make any public speech…she just had to click a few links and fill in the information and hit submit. That any of the vids w/the kids are still on line is her fault as far as I can tell. I hope the kids are never put back with either parent. Let them get on with their lives in a stable environment away from all of that.

No. 390836

This morning's pity party is on YouTube - all 52 minutes of it. Favourite but so far, 6:25 onwards:

"I'll tell you the thing that's caused anxiety is YouTube, so eliminating YouTube from my life has really really done wonders!"


From about 15 minutes in, she talks about haters who are outright lying or don't have/care about Evidence; a suggested break of two months (watch this space) for her to get well without the constant stress of being attacked on YouTube "from a situation I just stepped into just to try to help, and it's been a nightmare," but she's done with it - um, except for all the Evidence she still has and didn't present. "I had other bombs to drop, and I didn't, I just walked away!"

Colonoscopy talk throughout, lots from 18 min. Thyroid issues in the first few minutes for medical anons may be of interest, Prednisone and contraindicated herbs at around 27 minutes (garlic, turmeric, ginger were her standbys, intermittent dandelions and milk thistle to clean her kidneys…). Descends into self vindication on many fronts, and an expression of love for the respectful debate she can enjoy in her YouNow echo chamber, where I think she received some 1600+ bars and likes (what's that in real money?)

Anyway, that's about as much as I can stand.

No. 390882

Well for someone who recently got all triggered because of long-term, traumatizing anal rape that she had somehow just forgotten had happened, the fact that she's so excited for a procedure that will involve some degree of insertion, and a lot more exertion (didn't she say she hated having diarrhea for the past 2 years? Why would she even need cleaning out before the procedure if she can never have anything solidify in the first place?), I think she's quite literally full of shit.

I know none of us farmers believe she was anally raped in the first place, but for the poor gullible sods who do, aren't alarm bells going off even more now?

No. 390884

>>390363 On the medical papers from her doctor she showed us it say's she's 5'1". She has said in the past in her Indigo forum posts as MsDevicDoll she is 5'2½" first thing in the morning before gravity kicks in but otherwise is under 5'2". She is 5'1".
>>390357 It takes 3,500 extra calories to gain a pound of fat, so 35,000 extra calories to gain 10 pounds of fat which for her height is 4 times the calories she should be eating in a week on top of her normal amount. It's possible for your water weight to fluctuate that much. As far as we know she's put on about 40 lbs since February when she reported being 140 lbs. This is about a 1½ lb gain per week which would mean she is eating around 5,250 extra calories/week. At her height with no exercise she should eat 1,400/day max or 9,100/week.
Things that cause water retention: eating heavy carbs, eating salty foods/too much sodium, not drinking enough water, not eating enough foods with high amounts of water (raw fruits and vegetables), hormones (in women a 5 to 10 lb gain can happen the week before menstruation then drop back down after it begins, which is normal but Kati would of course report it as some government space disease), cortisol (elevated by psychological stress, lack of sleep, strenous exercise which could include simply walking for Kati).
Things that can reduce water retention: regular exercise, avoid large changes in salt levels ( basically Kati's alternating diet of heavy carbs, cheese, cured meats, chips one day and then trying to eat vegetables and light healthy things the next). Her diet alone almost guarantees consistent diarrhea from water retention.
>>390373 She's been oddly fascinated with shit in posts going all the way back. See her posts on the Indigo forum as MsDevicDoll where she brings up shit being funny and gross but interesting and necessary completely Non Sequitor as if it made her sound deep. See her angels blog post where her angels tell her why she has diarrhea and that she will keep having it. In literally almost everything she posts she talks about her shit.

No. 390937


Neither of us had gone into any real detail on what it's like.

You can do all the online research you want on the experience - but what you'll find doesn't come close to describing what it actually feels like.

No. 390939


Especially considering that Mike Martin seems to know where Rose lives and sends friends of his to harass her on a frequent basis. That fact alone should cause some concern for the courts.

No. 390954

The point I was making was that it's ridiculous to believe she gained 10 lbs of actual fat, not just water retention or food weight, in under a week. I know this because of having to put on weight under medical supervision. Everything she says is bullshit, pretty much. (Sorry for blogpost)

No. 390979

I don't know why but I'm still shocked that not only does she actually have Patrons, but also that those people are paying her for nothing. She's never created content, its all the same over and over and its all lies. Every stream is the same and she rarely steps outside of the routine subjects: onion, DO5, health, bowels/poop, haters, child abuse. Those paying need to be honest with themselves and acknowledge that there are far better ways to spend their money, I'd sooner cut my dollars into confetti and throw it into the air. She doesn't have a single redeeming quality and is awful to look at, especially during the terrifying baboon yawns when her mouth opens and deepens to a giant black hole.

Let the record show that "heart flare ups" can be added to her medical history. Another bit of mystery, given that there's no such thing as a heart flare up, unless she has CHF, which she has never stated.

No. 391035


And now that you mentioned CHF - it's only a matter of time before she claims the doctors diagnosed her with it.

No. 391151

JFC that's 16 even without including the seizures, near heart attacks, and near strokes? Someone get House in here stat!

Saged for being surprised she's not on death's door (oh wait she is.)

No. 391173


Pretty sure she's mentioned she's had EKGs done in the past - ad they were all normal.

But then, what do doctors/nurses who have trained in the medical field for years know about CHF? They've been clearly lying to her just so she can get sicker and sicker; while laughing at her expense.

Honestly, it's amazing how hard she shits on people in the medical field; simply because they won't diagnose her with something medical science proves she DOESN'T have.

No. 391203

Exactly anon! She hates all three Dr's diagnosed her with anxiety but she absolutely loves the naturopath who gave her Lyrica and the clinic she's going to now because they're not only giving her attention and testing, they're even going to shove a camera up her arsehole, which probably has her mashed potatoes quivering something fierce.

It truly is despicable how she treats anyone who doesn't give her exactly what she wants like shit (car dealership meltdown or "this Dr is stupid cuz they said all I have is anxiety and I kept saying it has to be more than fibro (no prior Dx/) and I was right.") However it's even more loathesome how she tells her stans that she screams at Dr's "if she has to" to "make them listen."

She stated ever so wisely, "Don't you ever tell me what I can and cannot do with my body! I am of the mindset I can heal anything. I just have to meditate, pray, eat right, and regulate my body a certain way…" Sure because praying for diseases to go away has been working so well for Christian Scientists all these years kek, but even worse, she advocates her stans to do the same (one said something to the effect that if she spoke to her GP that way they'd drop her as a pt.) I'm not familiar with the Midwest but don't know many practitioners who would tolerate that type of behavior (the majority I know would boot her right straightaway and if she was lucky she'd get a referral.) Who does she think she is? Saged for being irate!

No. 391216

>they're even going to shove a camera up her arsehole, which probably has her mashed potatoes quivering something fierce.

I just needed this quote to be here. That's all.

No. 391431

".. her angels tell her why she has diarrhea and that she will keep having it"

I don't think I have laughed that hard in over a year. Angels discussing her shitting issues.

No. 391493

File: 1506184688353.jpg (309.87 KB, 640x640, IMG_9626.JPG)

But it's the Archangel Shistiel!

No. 391603

I agree she's thrilled to the heart of her munchie bottom that she's having an actual, real medical test.

Except I don't think she'll get that far. There's nothing to suggest she's ever had mild discomfort, let alone pain (she does NOT have RM and if she did, steroids deal with it. Always) and she'll bail out of the prep when she realises its pretty uncomfortable.

However, all her lurkers can suggest this instead; Joysus absolutely needs a lumbar puncture. Not only will it tell her ABSOLUTELY what is "wrong" with her, it's worth lots of munchie points and is actively pleasant. Really, Joysus, ask for one. Please >:-)

No. 391677

She's on Younow

No. 391681

She ran hard for 5 minutes and then she couldn't breath good for a week. she used to be a dancer and gymnast. and overworked herself for 3 days.
The Dr. told her she messed her lungs up from overdoing it and strained her chest muscles.

No. 391682

She has to get physical therapy because of her muscles are weak. lol

No. 391685

But she can't afford physical therapy so she is going to exercise at home.

No. 391686

She still has to eat heavy foods and she hates it. She treated herself with a salad. Within twenty minutes she got the poops and it messed her up.

No. 391687

She is having a hard time because she gained so much. She is 180 185. She is emotionally strained because of her eating disorder.

No. 391690

OMG she was so sad because she can't have salad and has to eat heavy food. She hates taking showers because she hates looking at her body but yesterday was able to take a shower and say ty body for living.

No. 391692

I recommend saging if you're going to be posting multiple replies as a play-by-play.

That being said, she mentioned something about IBS again and seeing a dietitian.

No. 391693

She wants a dietitian to help her with IBS. There is no smoking gun but many things. Her copper IUD and stress set it off. THS was 3.5 a month ago and the meds made her at a 1. But her gut has something else trigger it all. she is mentally ill from all the stress and is praying the GI finds something.

No. 391696

"sage" goes in the email field.
Honestly I can't wait until she gets the colonoscopy. Solid test results would be nice, for once, rather than her constant blathering.

No. 391698

She just claimed she used to work 3 full time jobs at the same time. LOL that seems a little fishy to me.

No. 391700


She's 180/185 - as in pounds? Wasn't it about a month ago that she said she was just over 140?

So…she gained 40lbs in a month?

No. 391711

sigh Mentally challenged does not = dumb Joy.

No. 391712

She just compared herself to Christina Grimmie. She thinks if she does a meet and greet that could happen to her…

No. 391721


Broke 160 Jul 22nd and floated in that area for quite a while. She broke 175 about a month ago, before the prednisone. If she's breaking 185 now, she'll be breaching the 200s by end of Oct and could be breaching 230s by end of year.

At 5'1", 185 is hefty, 200 will be waddle terriorty, 230 will be definite waddles-ville, especially pounding it on at that rate. She doesn't need professional physical therapy, she needs to just get off her ass and walk more while pounding down fewer pizzas.

But, honestly… It couldn't happen to a more deserving person.

No. 391723

Anon I think I'm in love with you! Although I must admit my first LP was MUCH scarier than I'd envisioned but it's not exactly a good time so please Kati you definitely need a spinal tap! You are so sick anda true medical marvel; some CFS would really help kek… Damn these munchies to the bowels of hell.

Agreed anon there's no way she'll make it through the prep. I barely did and don't want to say too much but because of what happened the doctors were afraid they wouldn't be able to do the colonoscopy. Nonetheless I pushed through it and then there's wimpy Kati, who needs to wake roommate up to go to the ER for a paper cut. Can't wait until she tries that shit (pun intended.). Saged for Kati being obsessed with her arsehole.

No. 391725

Did she say when she's getting the colonoscopy done?

No. 391730

Ha. Did she really? Does she genuinely think someone's obsessed with her enough to do that? I know she thinks unrealistically high of herself, but damn.
Her M &g would consist of 3 spergleberries and everyone else going 'who's that, Kati who?'

No. 391733

No please anon tell me she didn't. I honestly didn't think she could go any lower. I am thoroughly disgusted with this indigo Amish wench!

Christina Grimmie had talent, was famous and on 'The Voice,' and had a reason to have meet ups. Joy doesn't have any talent; all she does is blather on about her nonexistent medical illnesses, rape, and poop jokes.

I'm in shock she even believes she should have a meet up let alone compare herself to that poor innocent sweet talented girl.

Kati I know you lurk here so I'm addressing this directly to you: I knew you were low but I never could conceive of something as foul as this. You really are a piece of filth; the poop in my cat's litter box has more class than you ever will. Saged for absolute disgust.

RIP Christina Grimmie

No. 391749

I like how lately when she's been saying a "family member" also "has" polymyalgia rheumatica and purposely omitting this "family member" is her grandmother.

Hmmmm… wonder why? ;)

No. 391760

She claims she used to work 120 hours per week (3 full time jobs). This bitch lies about everything.

No. 391761

File: 1506219590785.jpg (45.28 KB, 496x267, newhere.jpg)

>I honestly didn't think she could go any lower.
>I knew you were low but I never could conceive of something as foul as this.

That comment was obscenely far from the lowest thing she's said.

No. 391763

>If she's breaking 185 now, she'll be breaching the 200s by end of Oct and could be breaching 230s by end of year.

It's like her weight gain is inversely proportional to her Social Blade projections…

Roommate had better get her a chain block hoist and a Rascal scooter for Xmas, just to save his back. And maybe a pressure washer, considering.

No. 391786


an average human remains ambulatory well into the 300s… but then again, the average human isn't so deconditioned that they pull chest muscles trying to walk. She must have some serious boob fat going on to do something like that.

No. 391852

>>391763It's like her weight gain is inversely proportional to her Social Blade projections…

Speaking of her Social Blade projections; anyone else notice her D- is now a B-? How does that work?

No. 391853


when she privated those videos, her stats went underwater. NOW, those stats are aging out. Once they fall off of the 30 day window completely, her grad will go to a steady state.

No. 391857

>She must have some serious boob fat going on to do something like that.

Well we know she doesn't wear a bra. Those bad boys were probably flying around so much, it pulled her chest muscles.

No. 391858


No. 391933


Poor, poor Kunti. But at last medicine is Taking Her Seriously, thereby opening up the Munchie Bonus Box - no more messing around with non-intrusive stuff like EEGs, they're giving her access to the good stuff.

Anyone whose actually been through these tests knows she's talking utter shit. And she doesn't even research her munchie nonsense, or she'd know something about whatever disease-of-the-day she claims to have. She has no idea what she's in for…and I notice we're all being very careful not to tell her exactly what that is.

Here, I gots us popcorn. I'll shuffle up, come sit on the blankie for the show. Don't worry…i gots us waterproofs too >:-)

No. 392002

Anon I noticed that as well and wondered the same thing. In many streams she mentioned her grandmother had PMR; in fact she powerleveled her bullshit by stating her Dr said "because her grandmother has PMR if the prednisone works they'll know she has it as well" kek. How does anyone believe this crap? Lately it's always "a family member." What is with that? Saged for confusion.

No. 392088

She said her Grandma died. I remember two different times. She said she was so sad because her Grandma died. IT was the same time her step nephews died in the car accident. Then a month or two later she said she was sad because her other Grandma died.

No. 392109


I'm guessing the family doesn't like her spewing her grandmother's private information to the Internet and told her to knock it off.


She told a story about her grandmother that happened since she started at this clinic and her grandmother was alive at that point.

No. 392126


I'm the one who pointed this out initially. Up there somewhere ^^

I think it has more to do with the fact that it's a grandma disease that rarely affects those who aren't grandmas and she is trying not to draw attention to this fact.

(Grandma used here obviously isn't literal and used to generally mean "geriatric person/geriatric-american/whatever.")

Having (ailment) run in your family /does/ make you more prone to (ailment), but not /necessarily/ (ailment) at an age which is atypical for (ailment). It could be at an age that isn't typical for (ailment) but it's not necessarily more likely.

All of the conditions, instances, symptoms, whatever, etc of her shit is so special snowflake, i don't know how she hasn't burned through all her "benefit of the doubt" credit yet.

No. 392221

Richard Stiles has set himself another Sisyphian task, posting her latest YouNow 'for Good People only' on YT and flailing to delete negative comments and block critics - a digital version of Whack A Mole.

10:05, she talks about a friend with health problems, claiming IUDs cause fibromyalgia. She wants to remain "a big voice for that" so when women see their doctors with mystery ailments, pain and heart problems, they'll bear this in mind instead of talking about anxiety. Mentions test results of eighteen months ago with clear indications of autoimmune problems (no receipts) and while she isn't angry with doctors and nurses for failing to understand, wonders why they aren't trained to know about IUDs and fibromyalgia. Does that make sense? Won't cite sources and doesn't have her research notes to hand, but what research she's read suggests we'll be hearing much more about birth control and health issues because science. Not that she's against birth control, y'unerstan.

From about 13 minutes, mentions that one family member she loves, her 'ride or die bitch,' and her rheumatoid arthritis. Recently phoned said family member to apologise if she had been patronising in past, but now understands what she was going through.

No. 392249

Between about 15-17, attacks Big Pharma. Has friends who are doctors who tell her research is a joke. She's spiritual but believe in science (you need both) but at least in the US there is so much of what she calls Fast Food Science - no evidence or sources, just talking off the cuff - "and so as much as I love science, we gotta clean up science and how we go about shit."

18:25, firmly believes that if YouTube is something she's meant to do, she can build up her channel when she comes back… But she wants to give everybody the best of herself.

Lots more blether about heath, how YouTube is toxic, big channels becoming gossip channels, how she got so much hate for getting so many views just turning up in pyjamas with unkempt hair and didn't do the mainstream thing. Rolling up to 1 hr 5 mins she asks Roommate if it's ok to tell a story involving her grandmother ('I love this bitch!') who loves Roommate and thinks Joy should get back together with him, even though he's brown and there's a lot of hidden (sic!) racism in her family. What follows is a long, tedious misunderstanding when Grandma asks if Roommate is a Dreamer who may be sent back to Mexico and Joy, who appears never to have read a paper, confuses her by babbling about Roommate's hopes and ambitions. Grandma reportedly offered to adopt Roommate, if it would help, even though she's 90. Roommate, a third generation Mexican American, politely declined the offer. Then a couple days later, all fibro fogged in the waiting room of her immigrant-heavy clinic, she loudly teases Roommate about it and his Dreamer status, ha ha ha. Roommate suggests she may wish to be aware of their surroundings, show a little sensitivity and shut up.

No. 392256

>"we gotta clean up science"
One of the greatest minds of our generation, Joy Sparkle Bullshit, 2017

No. 392260

File: 1506317297099.png (69.17 KB, 750x661, IMG_8243.PNG)

No. 392266

In this stream …
… she says: 17000 x 2 = 32000
… she says: 400 X 20 = 6000

It's somewhere after 30:10 starting with the volcano and the other is during Russians bombarding her with likes.

I know, I know. Brain fog.

No. 392308

she's still equating fibromyalgia with autoimmune, I see.

No. 392448

File: 1506365562074.jpg (108.41 KB, 1183x1241, IMG_20170925_144314.jpg)

Kyathy videos are pure shit and make me feel embarrassed for her. She recently bitched about her family "that doesn't care if she lives or dies," aka threw a full blown temper tantrum like a child.

Sibling must be getting all the attention right now, best way to handle that ? Publicly humiliate and shame your mother, while taking the high road and sending love and light, of course.

No. 392564

Kek but in the 9/23? Stream she goes on about her cousin being her bestie and how the cousin has the same thing Kati has so they commiserate together. She said the cousin had it first and Kati would like pull her leg about it I guess, I forgot what word she used. But the cousin was like "Nobody understands what it's like unless they have it", which Kati fully understands now.

She's trying to basically reset everything, it seems. Like she thinks vanishing for a bit then coming back with a new paint job on her sickness schick will make everyone forget that she's a terrible person.

I didn't finish the stream tho. At least before This climax here she cycled through the same 4 topics, but now she's left with one and guys I just can't do it. The milk dried up and an hour of muh illness isn't worth it. I kinda think this cow is dead ijs.

No. 393182

File: 1506465731094.jpg (40.77 KB, 626x445, Capture.JPG)

No. 393188


She's so fucking lazy. She claims YouTube is her job but can't even do her own research. She always relies on others to get the info for her. Your phone and computer are already glued to your fat hands. Is it really the much more work to click a couple buttons to find the video yourself, Kati?

No. 393250

She should make a video about it. This cow has been out on the pasture for so long ( in internetz time ) that she's going to be irrelevant when she does decide to return. Perhaps for the best.

No. 393301

NEWSFLASH: She has been irrelevant and was only relevant 60,000, of which most likely half of those subs are hate watchers. In other words, if that's the type of person you find relevant you must not have that fofilling of a cyber-life. (Which isn't nessarily a bad thing)…

No. 393311

File: 1506480538265.jpg (70.02 KB, 639x637, Capture.JPG)

No. 393312

she is the Pot calling the kettle black.

No. 393365

Relevant as in to make fun of, jeez. If she stays away for longer regardless of what crazy diagnosis she returns with the milk will have dried up.

No. 393460


There she goes; projecting again.

No. 393483

So here she is testing the waters, like there's any chance in hell to revive her channel or "brand." lol
She destroyed her own image and channel by being herself because she is a shit person. The only way to make it work is for her to change herself, which is impossible to do overnight or a few weeks. She's been this person for at least her whole adult life and will need the help of a professional for any chance in hell to thrive online and in life

No. 393499

But I thought lost uninformed "I don't know how to do youtube Kati" didn't know anything about algorithms??? Saged

No. 393577

Probably the 'brain fog'…
just fyi you don't have to announce your sage, everyone can tell when it is/isn't saged without it being said.

No. 393598

File: 1506533128943.jpg (44.57 KB, 321x236, IMG_8959.JPG)

Saw this posted in the Onision thread. That right photo gives me the creeps.

No. 393618

File: 1506534107311.jpg (36.76 KB, 395x528, Louis_Philippe_morphing_into_a…)

JFC, it's a portrait of Dorian Grey, or a Daumier caricature come to life…

No. 393837


They're both equally awful. The more recent image looks like she's just stopped giving a shit about her appearance; but the one on the left - with her glassy dead eyes and poorly applied eyeliner - makes her look like a painted/posed corpse.

No. 393849

File: 1506552582461.jpg (68.35 KB, 746x378, lBdem4h.jpg)

No. 393864

File: 1506554578855.jpg (136.17 KB, 1279x627, Capture.JPG)

No. 393869

She probably deleted her twitter to remove evidence. She will be back.

No. 393880


evidence of what? did i miss something? i was REALLY busy for a few days.

No. 393902

Fascinating. It appears that someone posted a recent video by Don't Get It Twisted (Is Joy a Coward, wherein she rants at a 12 year old fan of Onision for attacking her in video comments) on Twitter and a loyal fan of Joy's kinda woke up, asked her to explain herself, and v soon the account was gone. Posting some screenshots for reference below.

No. 393903

File: 1506558228222.png (222 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2017-09-28-01-18-11…)

No. 393904

File: 1506558268309.png (227.71 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2017-09-28-01-18-22…)

No. 393905

File: 1506558354591.png (188.99 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2017-09-28-01-18-40…)

Joy's replies gone, but you can kinda read between the lines…

No. 393908

File: 1506558853625.png (109.55 KB, 531x899, vnzVyot.png)

No. 393917

She's totally love bombing that Nikki girl. One of her loyal followers is questioning her and Joy can't have that. She's bleeding subscribers and some of her fans are finally waking up. So she's trying to suck as many as she can back up into her asshole. That video was disgusting. If anyone thinks she is actually for 'the children' then they are fucking dumb. There is no taking what she said out of context when she literally said a handful of times that the girl was 12 years old. How she still has followers is beyond me.

No. 393921

File: 1506560331517.jpeg (157.65 KB, 592x1024, B652E1D6-157A-4E41-A61A-229190…)

No. 393938

I bet when her twitter goes back up it will be missing a lot of tweets.

No. 393939

File: 1506562213343.jpg (23.55 KB, 533x364, Capture.JPG)

she made sure to charge for it too.

No. 393942

There’s a nice glitch in patreons system that lets you pledge but not get charged tell the first of the month. I’ve been doing it to her patreon for awhile now. I just use a pre paid debt card with nothing on it. Patreon doesn’t run the card till the first of the month as long as the pledge is under $50

No. 393980

You can't delete tweets when your account is deactivated js >>393869

No. 394005

Talk about a picture being worth a thousand words, sad to say but out of town two, I prefer to left as the older one is down right terrifying and I'd imagine all of her ex's must sleep with one eye open for fear they'd wake up missing a limb or important appendage.

She is trash. Of course like always, anyone dare question her and they are the mean bullies. That fibro fog and heart flare up must cause her to forget that she has been a mean asshole for over 30 years.

No. 394048

File: 1506574114411.jpg (467.57 KB, 1993x1236, IMG_20170928_004420.jpg)

Joy's greatest hits
File under :
protecting children / kindness & compassion

No. 394049

File: 1506574318260.jpg (281.75 KB, 1151x2145, IMG_20170928_002148.jpg)

Additional kindness, btw this and the one above are all replies to different people

No. 394051

That last sentence is RICH coming from her.

No. 394089

File: 1506591726286.png (479.81 KB, 581x561, Capturesdfsf.PNG)

Had a quick look at the cache for her twitter. She posted this and a link to some video the Blargh posted with Onision (Onision Talks Jaclyn Glenn's Influence on Fans (YouNow Clip 9/23/17)).

No. 394103

So should we complain to patreon that one of her tiers are not being fulfilled. She should automatically refund them the money for her following them on twitter.

No. 394106


Twitter is how she summons the joytards when she needs to feed on $oul$… it won't be down for long.

No. 394115

And when it is, I don't doubt the very same video (and perhaps some of the invectives against a 12 year old posted above) will be reposted by a concerned citizen, and the Twitter battle will commence… if indeed that provoked her abrupt departure. May you live in interesting times, as (apocryphally)the Chinese say.

No. 394119

File: 1506604360991.jpeg (145.63 KB, 686x1024, 8967ED62-96E2-41A1-9BEB-9E4051…)

This has to some how be a violation of patreons TOS. Making people give their names and show their faces.

No. 394121

Jeez… Will Kool Aid be provided? And just where is Fegelein?

No. 394139

She's using Rabbit? It's been a while since I used that, but I'm pretty sure it automatically wipes the chat log as soon as the stream ends/the room closes. I wonder if that's why she wants to use it.

No. 394145

I can guarantee that’s why. She extremely paranoid.

No. 394207

Sees most likely doing that so if she suspects anyone is a troll she can send her joytards to harass them on their private accounts. Probably thinks trolls won't want to show her their face.

No. 394258

She is going on younow soon.

No. 394260

File: 1506621244007.jpg (18.88 KB, 590x117, Capture.JPG)

No. 394284

Shes saying she proved how little money she made on the daddy of 5 videos to her patrons on rabit by showing her analytics… AFTER SHE DELETED ALL THOSE VIDEOS WITH ALMOST 5 MILLIONS VIEWS.

So, all the analytics FOR THOSE VIDEOS ARE ALSO GONE.

No. 394291

Wait, so she reactivated her Twitter?

No. 394292

File: 1506624939503.jpg (150.6 KB, 752x391, ypBiqJc.jpg)

No. 394299


Further, she says all the money has been accounted for (The money she's given, the money she still owes.) But it's counted ONLY IN THE REMAINING VIDEOS. NOTHING is accounted for in the missing videos with the 5m views.