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File: 1539021929217.jpg (368.48 KB, 409x671, c0rPgJH.jpg)

No. 706778

First thread: >>451148

Maurice Yandiorio, aka TheJoshVlog / The Josh Show / Josh Mori / Josh Ek / Mauro Furia / Family of Two / Chef Fanatic / Neal Century / Torriatte / Torratte / Tom Motto / Operawork / Nick / Jonny / Chef Fanatic / Kolla / Tsunami / One Way Japan News / Japan Speaks / Mikado Shimbun / LIVE ARCHIVE / Exhibeo / Know Now / AnonTrustedUser / Juliette Naville / Sandra Almen / Needle In The Eye / Mellisa Knits, owner of 8chan boards /serialsocialharassers/, /socialmorons/, /internetharassers/, creator of thejosh.org, onewayjapan.com, japanspeaks.com, anonymousharassers.com, thezealots.org, and much more, has risen from the great beyond to smite his e-vendetta nemeses with a fresh cornucopia of extremely transparent Twitter, YouTube, and website fronts.


>TheJoshVlog (TheJosh for short) is most widely known for his videos criticizing Onision and jumping onto any bandwagon possible to push himself higher in views and social standing

>Has a history of plagiarism, harassment, sockpuppet accounts, vanity, threatening multiple parties with false lawsuits, and blatant scamming

>Can’t provide proof for any of his claims against Onision (tracked down and physically assaulted a “hater”, kissed a minor on a plane, raped a minor in Scotland)

>Claims to be able to trace IPs through twitter and obtain GPS location from said IPs (while showing zero proof)

>Claims to be a part of British MENSA and went to Cambridge University

>Self posted on lolcow, reddit, etc, wrote his own YouTube Wikia page as well as attempted to write several other ACTUAL wiki pages chronicling his previous failed career paths before they were deleted for being too unknown

>Suspected of using bot followers on multiple social networks for his various “personal projects”, but most notably on the Facebook page for his English cooking channel Chef Fanatic

>Claims to have unlimited resources/boasts of being a millionaire yet begs people to pledge to his Patreon account - this same Patreon page is where he makes the ridiculous claim of having 10 MILLION followers

>Has a habit of getting random Twitter users to do his research/dirty work for him without pay while also claiming to have 30 employees at his "business"

>Notably self posted in previous thread as farmers started to question videos relating to his daughter (he had uploaded a video of himself wiping her ass)

>Once some shady videos were called into question, TheJosh fakes his suicide causing distress to many, specifically Ready To Glare who informs the public of his “passing”

>Strangely, all social media relating to TheJosh is removed causing onlookers to be suspicious of his apparent suicide

The Resurrection

>One year later, suspicious new sites emerge specifically targeting twitter users in order to blackmail them into “apologizing to people they’ve harassed”

>AnonymousHarassers website seems to be tailor made to put Onision on a pedestal; site is rife with “Joshisms", or similarities to JoshVlog's autistic style of sockpuppeting as seen in thread 1

>At the same time, The Zealots appeared propping up Joy Sparkle BS and giving her positive articles

>Notably Rachael Reed was added to the AnonymousHarassers database, raising some suspicion that JSBS is working alongside TheJosh

What do you think anons? Is it all coincidence or is Josh at it again? New thread in case our hypothesis is wrong, it's been awhile.

No. 706785




TL;DR Maurice / Josh is a long-term conman who is relevant to us because
- after many failed attempts at conning his way to fame (e.g. plagiarizing Queen and editing himself into their Wikipedia article, then threatening to sue Wikipedia for not deeming him relevant)
- he inserted himself into Onision drama by stalking the family of a minor he suspected of being the victim of sexual assault by Greg
- offered Sarah money for an interview about her living situation with the Onions
- then doxed and threatened several girls who he argued with on Twitter
- then faked his own suicide while still posting on lolcow and calling his former ally a druggie
- and now made an entire website dedicated to doxing and threatening farmers and other "cyberbullies"
- also claims to have the dox of the admin of Prettyuglylittleliars.net and announced to post them within 24-48 hours (posted GG Admin's purported dox instead)

No. 706789

File: 1539022865116.jpg (109.81 KB, 994x512, 2GawPSl.jpg)

Josh believes Null is the admin of lolcow

No. 706792

File: 1539023031576.jpg (45.2 KB, 619x776, bullism.jpg)

From the anonymousharassers website, the term "bullism".

No. 706793

File: 1539023060174.jpg (226.35 KB, 433x540, 1537774599457.jpg)

Compare to this statement posted by Josh under his own name.

No. 706795

File: 1539023078050.png (460 KB, 930x672, infograph2.png)

No. 706940

File: 1539035620797.jpg (18.29 KB, 268x394, japan.JPG)

Livearchives twitter was connected to a younow. The younow had Japan as the location

No. 706942

File: 1539035678019.jpg (175.11 KB, 1080x1558, j.jpg)

Here is LiveArchive talking about harassers

No. 706943

File: 1539035888864.jpg (45.84 KB, 789x364, 23848423823.JPG)

After someone called out Anonharassers twitter for being Josh a page for the person that called him out was made on the site

No. 706947

File: 1539035957572.jpg (273.45 KB, 1080x1822, anonharass.jpg)

The twitter was deleted after being called out and a page was made for the anonharasser twitter on the site.

No. 707015

this fuck hasn't necked himself yet? jfc maurice.

No. 707068

File: 1539046912775.jpg (16.07 KB, 539x539, crowJudge.jpg)


Thinking Null owns LCF

No. 707216

Wait, he tried to out his own twitter account as a "harasser?"

No. 707273

yeah kek
He probably thinks he can get get away with doxing people

No. 707280

File: 1539071497629.jpg (33.75 KB, 502x640, V8hW01W.jpg)

>report it to us and we will:
>1) assess the account/user in question is in violation of state and/or federal laws;
>2) report the account to the proper authorities;
>3) terminate the harasser's account
Big promises there, Batman.

No. 707585

File: 1539105440707.jpg (200.71 KB, 1080x826, 20180921_141353.jpg)

I noticed this a while back. I wonder if he's going to do an interview with RSN.

No. 707878

File: 1539116684421.jpg (272.95 KB, 1242x1682, newtwitt.jpg)

still using "harassers"
RSN followed him at one point

No. 707885

File: 1539116968884.jpg (95.53 KB, 1354x764, following.JPG)

Djoshshow twitter is following who he continuously rips off, The BBC

No. 707891

Jesus christ why can't he just give it up, He ruined his youtube "career" for himself. What a little bitch.

No. 707895

File: 1539117494303.png (66.27 KB, 1302x309, jash.png)

atleast he said hes unbiased

No. 708086

File: 1539125917605.png (2.24 MB, 1125x2436, 8727F462-674B-4E88-AD29-6B6081…)

He was sperging out about lolcow too. Hiya Josh

No. 708102


>>unbiased noticed

>>subscribe pls

No. 708115

File: 1539127030931.jpeg (297.01 KB, 1125x1801, 0F80ECDE-FA97-4594-A6D3-3B4E0B…)

On The Zealots Facebook page the number of likes is also way higher than the amount of subs the YouTube channel has. Another telltale Josh behavior. If I had to guess, this page used to be his ChefFanatic page.

No. 708153

File: 1539128176973.png (113.82 KB, 1463x566, chef.png)

its the same page. he just renamed it

No. 708197

>>708086 someone tell Josh to show his face on his Live Archive account to prove he's someone else. if he's not willing to do that then he's also a chicken.

checkmate Maurice. everyone here knows you're lurking but u don't have to acknowledge it. if u had kept ur samefag mouth shut the first time u could still have ur online career.

No. 708253

File: 1539132177927.jpeg (120.34 KB, 1118x902, 76CA91AA-A56C-4B8C-84AE-E1992E…)

Its obviously email.com, you can’t keep hiding, Maurice. It’s getting pathetic at this point.

No. 708331

File: 1539134780875.png (1.68 MB, 1482x2269, 1539134440866.png)

I noticed that @sandratheAlmen acct on Twitter was very suspicious too.
• was one of the very first accounts to follow his live archive account after he made a new one
• created 'her' account back in 2017 September but didn't tweet until September of this year

• her first tweets are attacking those critical of JSBS and doxxing them

• went after OWL hard and defended Truthfully Trisha. Who in thier right mind would defend TT?

No. 708543

yeah it's definitely him. Sandra Almen was also named in the OP.

No. 708655

Can't wait until KF notices.

No. 709443

ok? what's this supposed to prove
anon you're tinfoiling here you claim a lot but offer no proof but one misspelled word
I've read owl and there's something off both threads reek of vendetta
the zealots is definitely him
josh name was pushed into a couple of threads recently honestly like 80% of these posts sound entirely like vendetta shit come back with solid proof more than flimsy theories

No. 709465

File: 1539219504903.jpg (183.41 KB, 1017x1043, Notmaurice.jpg)

I bet the email is info@anymousharrassers.com

No. 709468

Someone isn’t a lolcow regular or else you’d know to sage your shit. Hiya Josh, back to your old ways, eh?

No. 709478

File: 1539219858745.jpg (101.25 KB, 1080x406, Joshisgay.jpg)


No. 709560

File: 1539222342085.gif (467.93 KB, 336x206, 6874654.gif)

Aw, still haven't necked yourself yet, Joshy?

No. 709564

he already did last time, his ghost is posting

No. 709572

File: 1539222854706.jpg (19.8 KB, 517x227, kek.JPG)

>>709465 he updated the email

No. 709578

>>709443 the op mentioned that much of the new thread might be tinfoil. calm yo dick.

No. 709579

If this isn't PROOFS idk what is

No. 709607

File: 1539224385062.jpg (53.93 KB, 1080x761, borg.jpg)

No. 709618

Knows how to change his email, but not a diaper.

No. 709847

File: 1539241634475.jpg (81.91 KB, 454x453, 0504 - v8nbzHG.jpg)

No. 709913

learn how to sage, faggot.

No. 712792

File: 1539554406076.jpg (83.93 KB, 1061x1039, Masterdoxerjoshy.jpg)

Uh oh Joshy is gonna dox the farmhands.

No. 718372

File: 1540161490545.png (86.66 KB, 720x589, joshisaneutralparty.png)

saged for old milk but josh's grudge against lolcow can be found throughout his live archive channel. i hope null eventually catches wind of this and nails thebauldieshow.

No. 724165

File: 1540948450560.jpeg (403.7 KB, 1125x2283, 88365310-5454-4BC9-88A3-6C1925…)

Well howdy Josh. Literally not hiding it anymore, hm?

No. 724174

Only a matter of time before baldy puts on his fedora and fires up his camera.

No. 725060

maurice is never going to reach any sort of relevancy other than level one lolcow infamy. given the drawing im guessing yandioffspring is still in his care.

No. 725117

File: 1541117013444.jpg (308.76 KB, 768x1032, SmartSelect_20181101-120635_Ch…)

How is this accurate. Josh doesn't have hair.

No. 725153

>>725117 true, but little mauricia made josh's arms just plain back, because the hair to skin ratio is 100:2. points to her for getting that right.

No. 726250

I found a Neal Century song on YouTube. NSFW, the video has a nude model.

No. 731730

File: 1542149899073.jpg (99.1 KB, 1037x1235, SmartSelect_20181113-165831_Yo…)

He's back. No videos yet though

No. 731792

Oh no. What's he gonna do? Make a "hey i'm not dead" video?" that'll be fun.

No. 731797

File: 1542158895566.png (920.96 KB, 1115x1915, 1542158848394.png)

Pls Josh. And while you're at it, make sure to explain why you said all those awful things about ready to glare and made everyone think you're dead.

The channel is also old.

He's too big of a coward to come back and show his hairy ass on the internet again.

He posted this picture on Twitter the other day.

No. 732019

Celebrating veterans day a day after veterans day. Good to see he hasn't gotten any smarter since the last time he was active online. Wonder why he's back, did he forget he's supposed to be dead by suicide?

No. 732021

File: 1542209148869.png (66.29 KB, 597x395, Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 10.2…)

>>every time someone is threatened they are around
Apparently he's been not dead since August.

No. 734217

File: 1542553862623.png (192.42 KB, 583x538, Screen Shot 2018-11-18 at 10.0…)

No. 734221

Vendetta chan nobody cares and he's correct

No. 734229

Hi Joshchan. Or Maurice Yandario or Neal century or whatever your name is today.

No. 734256

Look up "rape by deception," retard.

No. 734274

sage your shit

No. 734588

File: 1542606389502.jpeg (480.31 KB, 1125x2264, E0A59565-BBF5-4F26-8543-42FA79…)

Live Archive just followed Josh. You can’t make this shit up.

No. 734590

the fucker has already been exposed for talking to himself and bottinh. who's surprised that he'd try to boost his numbers the cheap and easy why by following himself? good milk, anon. maurice loves outing himself more than anyone here does.

No. 735024

File: 1542677524226.jpg (194.4 KB, 667x628, Ipodtouch5photo101.jpg)

Looks like ol' Maurice isn't in Korea like he said after all.

No. 735596

The fact the softcore porn video is no longer available is irrefutable proof Mauron still lurks the thread. Shame. The song actually wasn't too bad despite being autotuned to hell and back.

No. 735598

He must be embarrassed by his bad music.

No. 735615

File: 1542771925542.jpg (193.9 KB, 1034x548, 20181120_214359.jpg)

I noticed he deleted this tweet. Wonder why.

No. 735830

Probably because he's encouraging cyber harassment of complete strangers and he could have been reported for inciting a witch hunt, or because the bitter bald one has no idea what he's talking about.

No. 736102

File: 1542857219632.jpg (159.85 KB, 663x877, Djoshshowtumblrtweetutc.jpg)

Nm he reposted it… Again

No. 737304

File: 1543080028420.jpg (211.75 KB, 1080x769, 20181124_111443.jpg)

No. 737305

File: 1543080063366.jpg (232.63 KB, 1052x947, 20181124_111305.jpg)

No. 737306

File: 1543080233674.jpg (52.09 KB, 1080x534, 20181124_111400.jpg)

This one is a little more milky because this is the video Maurice had removed. I did some digging on the name Bahijah on Facebook. The name can be used for men, but it's usually used for women.

No. 737400

Ek,eh? As in Josh Ek? He's such a coward he can't even claim it using his real name.

No. 737636

>>737400 right? You'd think by now he'd be less of a pussy by now.

No. 737788

File: 1543124392016.jpg (107.39 KB, 1080x1041, 20181124_233825.jpg)

samefag, but here's another one of Maurice's socials.

No. 738074

File: 1543174524604.jpeg (166.57 KB, 1125x2319, 042342F5-22E6-407D-A92D-968CE0…)

Looks like the Instagram is now following more people and came off private.

No. 738086

"Some just can't identify an approaching tsunami." What does he even mean by that

No. 738115

File: 1543180280691.jpg (72.26 KB, 670x507, Mauriceedgelordbio.jpg)

"Some just cant identify an approaching tsunami. They think ifs business as usual.
When d ocean recedes unusually rapidly, that water hits back unusually hard."
New bio on Twitter

No. 738118

If he’s trying to plot revenge, he’s not being very subtle about it lol

No. 738122

What's Mauron going to do? Come back and complain about his "harrassers" via yt? He'll have a hard enough time coming back after what he pulled last year.

After the shit he talked about Ready to glare and made her think he was dead, he's going to have a hard time getting his old fan base back.

No. 738155

He's probably gonna suck up to news people considering he's using anonymousharassers to go after KF, I predict he's going to suck up to suicide-baiting sjw troons next since thats kiwis bread and butter.

No. 738163

Yeah considering he didn't have the balls to actually dmca using his real name, which is btw, Maurice Yandario, he probably won't do anything.

Maybe he'll make some more diaper videos.

No. 738208

I wonder if Maurice Yandiorio is still the dude's name or if he had it legally changed at some point. The latter is highly unlikely, because he's an immigrant in Japan. I don't know how willing the Japanese government is about letting their non-Japanese civilians switch up their identities, and that's assuming that Maurice is legal, probably via marriage.

I think the only audience Maurice can appeal to are the pedophiles he was pandering to initially. He'll probably try to explain his way out of the fake suicide, humiliating his toddler for predator views, and try justify the doxing in the same fashion Onionboi does. But whereas Greg has easily influenced, future tween school shooters on his side, Maurice is desperately trying to appeal to the Anti-Joys.

No. 738291

File: 1543202374579.jpg (469.59 KB, 809x2209, Maurice_Yandario_Twitter_repli…)

You're right, he has been aligning himself with the anti-Joy crowd lately. I wonder why he's no longer stanning Joy.

Pretty sure the person responding to him is anti Joy.

No. 738298

File: 1543203219338.jpg (405.32 KB, 794x1411, Twofacemaron.jpg)

Double post to show more of what I was talking about.

No. 738306

Kek at Mauron for drawing the line at child porn when the sick fuck fetishized his kid's poop.

No. 742311

File: 1543725901176.jpg (312.27 KB, 953x714, Primetwitteronision.jpg)

I'm tinfoiling a little bit here but since most of this thread is speculation, I think this is ok.

I'm getting a Josh vibe from this email onision got from one of his ex patrons.

"Hi Greg, Yes… I would happily support you n you were willing to make a change. I would like you to stop tryind to stir up controversy and negativity. I would love to see
you use your platform to spread lm, kindness, and poaitlvity. Try lifting others up and
reaching out to help others. Stop mking everything a debate or black and white
facts…. people and situations are worh more of a gentle, kind thought and much more
complex then the "facts', You can choose to tear people down or build people up. The
pettiness Is not a good look on anyone. You have the power to change your llfe and
channel for the better now. I think you have great potential and you could be the best
comeback story YouTube has ever seen.. Just turn the negativity train around and
focus on the positive and best In people. Best wishes-AmyJ "

The weird elipses are definitely giving Josh vibes. Unfortunately, Josh deleted everything and I can't find the specific video but I recall him saying he thought onion could be a "good YouTuber" if he dropped the negativity and he wanted to help onision.

No. 742766

Maurice is full of himself so it wouldn't shock me in the least if he tried to dictate Greg's behavior but considering the wookie has been spending all his time at the beach lately, does he really have the funds to bribe Greg?

No. 742769

I've wondered about his vacation being real because it really seems like he's flexing how wealthy he is. If it is, he's probably got a sugar daddy or something.

No. 742785

That's possible. Maurice probably has another alias he uses to creepier stuff we don't even know about yet. Maybe the long beach trip was to meet up with his boyfriend.

No. 742981

File: 1543852921627.jpg (475.19 KB, 810x1759, Joshislivearchive.jpg)

He liked his own picture on Twitter

No. 743001

yuck. i can smell his pathetic bitchass from here. dude is trying to lick his own balls. it's like his wikipedia spergs all over again.

No. 746583

File: 1544403513612.jpg (314.93 KB, 810x1311, 20181209_185456.jpg)

I've noticed this weird troll a while ago on onision's stuff sometimes. It never occurred to me that it could be Josh until he said mi instead of my. What do y'all think?

Here's the Twitter:@nakedmoelester https://twitter.com/NakedMoeLester?s=09

No. 746652

File: 1544410065947.jpg (302.24 KB, 4000x1997, 088743.jpg)

You might be on to something…

No. 746677

I'm not saying it's not him, but that's the preset for every account on Twitter.


No. 746727

File: 1544420128771.jpg (178.4 KB, 1080x1158, Screenshot_20181209-233203_Chr…)

Yeah, I don't think that's very convincing evidence. Josh is a creep, but I doubt even he's pathetic enough to create a sock puppet account just to tweet out the cringiest humor and sexually harass everyone. The account also bodyshamed some random person. I remember Maurice used to shame Greg for his constant bodyshaming and Maurice also had a small group of chubby lesbians follow him. It would be especially bizarre for him to start judging people based on their body types now. He's an asshole, but can he be that bad?

No. 746811

File: 1544448577849.jpg (665.17 KB, 1080x1388, Screenshot_20181209-213000_Gal…)

Josh didn't have many scrupples. He did upload a video of him whipping poop into his daughters vagina to YouTube.

I've noticed this troll also watermarks all of his shitty memes. Josh recently started uploading photos to his Twitter with watermarks too.

No. 746855

That's a pretty solid counter-argument you have there anon. I can't say I'm fully convinced yet. What does Maurice have to gain from verbally harassing so many different accounts?

No. 746875

It is definitely different from his other behavior, considering until now most of his troll accounts were just used to dox people who harassed Joy.

But for some reason, he doesn't seem to be defending her anymore but instead he's following people who are openly critical of Joy.

I'm not sure it's him, but I have a pretty good hunch it's him.

No. 748323

I still find myself a little skeptical. Maurice has a tendency to pick out usernames that are in reference to villains from Star Trek and He-Man. NakedMoeLester appears to have picked up the nick from the TikTok scandal.

No. 748367

File: 1544669666696.jpeg (335.7 KB, 1123x1669, 0D2B6A99-2D09-475F-8598-781473…)

He’s fucking quoting himself, I can’t

No. 748373

File: 1544670302920.jpeg (118.65 KB, 1125x1085, 954E7DFF-C718-4DB0-8FDF-D4DD5A…)

Saged for tinfoiling, but the email of NakedMoeLester could be livearchive@gmail.com

No. 748375

File: 1544670545447.jpg (216.85 KB, 853x1014, SmartSelect_20181212-210727_Ch…)

>>748367 oh pls Maurice. You're smearing your own name like you smeared poo into your daughters vag.

No. 748482

Oh thats just fucking rich coming from you maurice.

No. 748917

lmao. didn't he call the girl that was sobbing over him a "pill user" and contact her as some sort of counselor? the proof is there, mauriciopath.

No. 748921

Yeah that was ReadytoGlare. She was one of his biggest supporters. But I'm sure he'd gaslight his way out of it. He needed to hide from a big bad stalker. But he also was ok with posting his daughters most private moments on yt.

No. 748991

Looks like Mauron is revving up his engine to doxxx his "harassers" and is trying to playact as the victim with his deprushun. He may not get angry in the video, but he's going to spend the entire time proving everything we said about him is true. He's a doxxx-happy yeti with a victim complex. Bring it on, Maurzarus. You're going to single-handedly resurrect yourself and your thread.

No. 748993

File: 1544766273602.jpg (683.17 KB, 1074x1605, 20181213_234400.jpg)

Look who's trying to come back

No. 748997

>>748993 he's literally confessing he's gunna dox people, lie to whatever audience that bothers to watch it, twist the story around, and pull up poorly faked screenshots. all the while he was supposed to have been hiding from a stalker. so basically same-old same-old for joshie.

No. 749031

Any receipts you provide dear Josh will most definitely be altered so idk why you would even provide them. The only way anyone would take you half way serious is if you admit to every lie you told. As if that will ever happen. Lmao!

No. 749103

File: 1544794771045.png (192.84 KB, 885x1037, army.png)


No. 749105

"If my life depended on a job I was employed to, I would have probably lost it by now."
Is he saying he doesn't have a job?

"I started TheJosh Show to keep my head busy, I never made a penny out of it(as I have to Pay for time, people and research) and I'm not really planning to, but now I'll be making Videos for fun.
The format won't change, but we've hired someone you'll love, to make The Josh Show,
this time, unique (I believe we'll be the first ones in our community)"

Now he's hired someone. While he has no job unless he's self employed or has some kind of inheritance.

No. 749110

File: 1544795261352.jpg (309.64 KB, 1080x1101, 10000000.jpg)

Not saying it's not him but I don't think he's ever used an iPhone to tweet. All his sock accounts seem to use "Twitter web client" I don't think he has a phone.

No. 749138

Probably life insurance after his wife's suicide.

No. 749163

It's unlikely this account belongs to him. The English and grammar here is better than Mauron's and I doubt he's hip enough to use "sheeple" off the top of his head.

Kek. He's still trying to act like his channel was the collective work between him and thirty employees and that he's still a billionaire.

No. 749168


Oh, ok. Sorry about that.

No. 749170

>>749105 wait a sec. did mauron just admit that the story about kuckian/lolcow calling his imaginary company is fake? he admitted there was never any job for him to be fired from.

No. 749190

I think that came from a Twitter account that was potentially him. I don't remember him saying that officially. But for whatever reason he was trying to spin a lie to make himself look like the victim.

No. 749322

>>749190 in the last email on >>456508 on the previous thread, mauron wrote to the admins stating that people had called his company. an impossible feat when he confessed there was never any company to call.

No. 749343

Holy shit you're right. He also says it would effect his ability to find a job.

There funny thing is he also mentioned he didn't say his supposed blackmailer(s) name because he didn't want them to lose thier job. But Mauriciopath came here and doxxed a bunch of people. So yet another lie from the great liar Maurice Yandario.

No. 749352

thats what im thinking to. theres already discrepancies within his comeback announcement. maurcisist cant keep his story straight to save his life and if he could there would still be the matter of his actions speaking louder than his lies.

No. 749358

Right. Now he's implying heavily that he left because of blackmail? If it was, why not say so? Blackmail is illegal.
If he has said receipts, he could have released them them. Instead he faked suicide and upset all his most devoted followers.

I think in the year he's been gone he found a way to fake receipts or made up a new story where he's the victim again.

No. 749366

You're right on the mark, anon. Josh's comeback video is going to brim with nothing but falsified images and lies he's managed to weave over time, but he's already proved he's untrustworthy by faking his suicide and accusing RtG of pill popping. Ultimately, Josh's ego has been and will always be his greatest downfall. It seems that in a year he hasn't learned much from his mistakes, just how to magnify his deceit

No. 749370

He can't fake a suicide again though. What's it going to be this time? Him trying to sue lolcow admins? Him threatening to doxx them (that would be hilarious since he thinks null owns lc)

No. 749372

Mauron is probably gonna do the whole lawsuit show and dance all over again in attempt to scare his so-called blackmailers and the rest of lolcow.

No. 749554

File: 1544890714481.jpg (286.22 KB, 1080x1177, livearchive joshTwitter.jpg)

Look who's samefagging again on Twitter. I guess he'll never change.

No. 749557

What are you talking about? Null does own Lolcow. He owns Lolcow LLC, Lolcow.wiki, Lolcow.tv… Please Josh, do sue Null. Our Admin deserves it. Truly

No. 749561

It's Wikipedia all over again. Live Archive even spaces his phrases in the exact Josh/Moelester do.

No. 749568

I really want to see him try to take down kiwifarms. Pls Josh. You said xmas is about giving back.

No. 749590


I still can't believe KF doesn't have a thread on him, especially with his new site.

No. 749674

No. 749776

File: 1544934202880.jpg (660.16 KB, 1055x1328, Screenshot_20181215-221753_Chr…)

Nice try, Mauron, but bear in mind that you deleted the video yourself, not anyone from lolcow. You're also the same person who decided to fake a suicide. If the video is innocent, what was the point of the commotion and drama you caused all by yourself? By all means, upload the video again. Let others see the grotesque display of you whoring out your toddler for pedoviews. Humiliate the poor girl by showing off a private moment that should have never been thought to be filmed.

No. 749782

How does he explain allowing comments from obvious pedophiles on that particular video? Doesn't matter if he blurred it, he literally filmed wiping shit into his daughters vag. He knew there was an audience for it, he didn't write weird titles for no reason. Most pedophiles disguise their video titles the same way Josh did, he knew what he was doing.

No. 749785

Wait wait. How could her privates be blurred and not facing the camera and also not have happened. Seemed like someone is lying again.

Who edits a video where they're blurring out thier kids genitalia and thinks "hmm I should put this out for the world to see." The very fact he blurred it out shows he knows he did something wrong and was invading his child's privacy.

He railed against onision for showing less in his videos rating kids, but nah, Josh gets a pass.

Also it being on yt for 8 months says nothing. Daddyof5 was on yt for much longer. YouTube is pretty bad about removing stuff.

And the video doesn't have to be illegal to be wrong. It's in poor taste and exposed little Joshina to

No. 749791

Doesn't Josh live in Japan? Isn't their pornography notorious for blurring out genitals? They're called private parts for a reason, Mauron. They're meant to be kept private and not be shared around for everyone to see. You think you would be hyperaware of this fact after exploring Onision's forums and interviewing a pedophile.

The fact that YouTube itself didn't remove the video or have it flagged down is a pointless argument. As Anon pointed out, Do5 was around for months and he was shutdown only earlier this year. There were also all the Elsa-Spiderman videos, ISIS beheadings, Logan Paul's Suicide Forest video put on trending. If you're wondering why it wasn't manually flagged, then I think you forget where all those views came from. You empowered pedophiles. Why would they want to get rid of their content? If you're also wondering why it wasn't flagged down by the people bothered by it, you didn't give them the chance. You deleted quickly once it was mentioned on lolcow.

No. 749832


Thanks, anon. It didn't come up when I searched for josh vlog.

They're really missing out. They enjoy nothing more than laughing at cows who threaten to take down KF.

No. 749881

>>>Accusing of a crime is a crime itself.

didn't mauriciopath spread a rumor greg made out with a minor from scotland?

you may have gotten false info from a disgruntled ex-discord mod, but you still aired out fake news in attempt to be the guy that took down onionboi once and for all and make him your bitch. you knew the story was going nowhere when you couldn't find any sort of katie duncan to interview. you admitted yourself that you kept the story going just to ruffle his feathers and get free pr from his audience. but you tried to shed any accountability of you spreading those rumors by saying you were just "reacting" to the information given to you by onion's ex-mod. people here reacted to you smearing feces in your daughter's vag and how many views that video had and their assumptions didn't turn out to favor you.

you + reacting to information - evidence = innocent

lolcow + reacting to a video = crime.

ok. gaslight your "slanderers" all you want. you're still a cow.

tbh. i hope one of rsn's questions is "why are the people at lolcow more concerned for your daughter's privacy than her own father?"

No. 749895

He has a PULL thread now thanks to his failed attempt at doxing their admin:

No. 750046

File: 1545000134350.png (1.84 MB, 1594x2109, 1544999503142.png)

I've noticed this @ursofbust Twitter interacting on Twitter. It doesn't say much but there are a lot of coincidences

One it uses Google short links like Josh does. Google short links allow you to see how many people click them and when/what browser or refer they clicked your link from. Weirdly, the short link in the screenshot from Busted's Twitter was created the exact same day Josh's short link containing his YouTube was created. On the 16th of November. Which is odd because busted didn't use that short link until the 26th.

Next the account mostly focuses on criticising Joy. But for some reason, it decided to also make a video on ready to glare calling her a scammer for using a clip from ABC in one of its videos. And he included a nice little jab with the pill Emojis. I wonder if Josh is going to drag her too.

It also is followed by Nakedmoelester and interacts with him a lot. Kinda weird how he found that Twitter considering it only has 15 followers.

It also watermarks all it's memes like Josh and Moe does.

No. 750054

That's the same logo template that was used on AH.com.

No. 750064

File: 1545004438080.png (1.42 MB, 1111x2269, 1545001599244.png)

Yeah it does

No. 750076

File: 1545007171172.jpg (232.08 KB, 777x2886, 1545007127188.jpg)


No. 750121

>>750046 thats some good detective work, anon. i wonder why mauron is bent out of shape over rtg? she never said anything horrible about the dude from what i remember and she still hasn't said anything mean.

No. 750125

I really wonder how he's gonna get out of calling R2G a pill user and lying to her about killing himself.

Is he going to say he was hacked by some anons? I really love it when cows say that.

Will he completely ignore that part?

Will he some how say he was blackmailed into samefagging.

There really isn't an excuse for his behavior last year.

Now he's claiming that he's going to be hurt or killed. Mauriconnaise, why are you on Twitter and coming back to YouTube if a bunch of anons shit posting is a threat to your life? And claiming you were going to dye last year didn't go so well, considering you're still here alive and shit posting on Twitter.

No. 750132

A moment of silence for Maurice and his dead careers if you would be so kind… pause

Okay, now that's over with, I love that Mauriconnaise is desperately trying to claw his way out of the grave. I predict he's going to call the people on lolcow a bunch of liars like he has been for the past year of his doxxxing schemes. He's not going to take any responsibility and he's gonna blame his "stalker," "harassers," and "depression," all of which are figments of his imagination.

Kudos to Queen OWL for giving RSN some sage advice and supporting RTG. I stan.

No. 750143

Mauriconnaise needs a Christmas song.

Something a long the lines of

Last Christmas I faked my own suicide but the very next day I gave it way.

I'm not sure what the rest of the song should sound like, any ideas?


No. 750273

File: 1545064901519.jpg (71.07 KB, 816x658, jspremiere.jpg)

Apparently real stream is premiering his video interview with Josh right now instead of the 20th. I just started watching a few minutes ago but it's been going on for over an hour. Just now he denied smearing around poop on his daughters vagina during the diaper changing video.

No. 750276

>>750273 kek. then why did he feel the need to play dead and delete everything if he did nothing wrong?

No. 750278

File: 1545065831185.jpg (62.64 KB, 733x255, cowscommiserate.jpg)

> i hope one of rsn's questions is "why are the people at lolcow more concerned for your daughter's privacy than her own father?"

I wish he would ask that question but RSN feels personally slighted by lolcow too because we had the audacity to comment on the rape claims against him. He's going to feel sympathetic if Josh scapegoats lolcow for his freak out.

No. 750280


>he was not AH.com

>has a new website about his harassers which just happens to look exactly like AH, built with the same provider and host
>plagiarism happened because he had to "spam as much as possible" to establish Neal Century
>also accidental plagiarism bc it was the time before the internet
>he will upload 1 new website every christmas to give back to his harassers

No. 750284

He never even talked about the same fagging and RTG stuff lol.

No. 750290


I like how he edited this hour and a half video for RSN.

No. 750301

Has anyone got the video of him wiping his kids ass and saying "we need to wipe de poop out de vagina" I know it exists, I've seen it, it was on YouTube for months before he took it down it had tons of comments from pedos He's posted on Twitter denying it ever happened. Let's prove the creep wrong. Imagine crawling back out of his hole a year later, has he been festering all that time over crap he brought on himself, does he feel justified faking his own death because he stupidly posted videos of his child in a very private situation on YouTube? It's beyond pathetic what's worse is he's suckered RSN into believing his bullshit because he's only hearing one side of it. RSN is playing a dumb game getting involved, he's got no idea of the depths Maurice will go to when shits not going his way but thats up to him. I don't know what Maurice is trying to achieve but it aint gunna end well for him. Let the games commence.

No. 750303

It's against the rules here to post children; that's why it was censored that and anons here actually care about his kid's privacy.

Maybe if an Anon has it they could send it to the admins? But either way, if nothing is wrong with it he should just reupload it. (Though I could see him editing it)

That's not what I wanted to know about. The samefagging and shit talking ready to glare was really fucked up and I don't think he even talked about that.

No. 750311

I’m curious about the fact he’s still only wearing that one outfit, hat and wristbands from last year. Like was he buried in that and he’s just been dug up?

It’s utterly bizarre that he’s edited this feature length video for RSN’s channel. The comment section looks like it’s being cleaned too, it’s pretty tame. Unless no-ones really watching it.

No. 750317

It wasn't a very thorough interview. There so much information that was not addressed or skimmed over, such Mauron's stalker. He shifted the discussion and blame elsewhere, but there was no mention of the alleged murderer that was released from prison and tried to track down Mauron, Mauronica, and little M. Josh himself wrote to the admins about this story.

Craig probably wouldn't bring up plagiarism because then he'd have to admit that stealing from the Blargh is bad.

Overall, Maurice going through his same characteristics. He's lying, he's playing the victim, he's talking to himself via socks, and he's doxing, without holding himself accountable for being a bully and exposing his daughter to the internet despite the alleged stalker and now murderers on his case. Fucking idiot. The same shit he pulled on Twitter and his previous thread.

And one more time, since Maurice is deaf: no one called you a pedophile. You were dubbed a "pedo-baiter." Explain those 80k views, Maurice. Explain the weird, creepy comments. Explain the blur filter you confessed to using even though you supposedly never exposed Mauricia's nether regions? Explain why you deleted the video and offed yourself if you did nothing wrong. Go ahead. We're all listening.

The likelihood of Maurice of ever telling anyone the full truth is limited. He's just going to edit everything to death, scapegoat, come up with new diagnoses, use crocodile tears for sympathy points, gaslight, and lie. I feel bad for anyone falling for his deceit.

No. 750352

File: 1545077326245.png (20.94 KB, 622x233, jayisjosh.png)

Samefag, but I have my suspicions that Jay is also Josh, but I just wanted to point out that this person claims to have seen the video and his daughter's private bits were blurred. It's an odd discrepancy from his own fan if this isn't him.

>>>There was nothing wrong on that video, but if there was, he blurred it out!

Logan Paul blurred out the dead body. It doesn't mean he should have uploaded the footage to YouTube or thought to film it.

I apologize for the samefag. I thought this was interesting.

No. 750354

Yeah exactly Anon. If him blurring her out made it ok, then so does onision's underwear forums, which Josh famously reported to the FBi. Nothing was shown! It's not illegal.
Even onision wouldn't expose his own kid to the internet anyways.

That's not even the main focus of the thread. The OP shows what an imposter Maurice is. How he constantly sock puppets and then threatens people with legal action, or doxxing when he's caught. He's still doing so.

No. 750391

>>750354 i don't believe mauriciopath comprehends that a vagina is a vagina even when a blur filter is slapped over it. regardless, it was still a seven minute video of the dude wiping shit into his daughter's vag while she played on an ipad. the camera angle doesn't matter neither does the blur filter. the viewcount matters. the creepy comments matter. the hard, cold truth he subjected his toddler to pedos for eight months matters. the fact he should have never filmed her in such a vulnerable position not once, but twice (when he showed her peeing via toilet) without any foresight into the type of people watching matters.

would anyone here want to be filmed while using the bathroom? i doubt it. would josh film himself taking a shit when his ibs acts up? no. so what made him think exposing his daughter to complete strangers is justifiable?

maurice doesn't get where the criticism for him and the concern for his daughter is coming from. he just wants to be internet famous. the little girl is a pawn for him to get ahead and convince everyone uwu what a good person and victim he is uwu.

No. 750407

Since Josh has no qualms about exposing his little girl (to quote Maurice himself "I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH IT. HAVE YOU?"), here's the video he's been practically begging to be uploaded.


Never forget "poopoo in the vagina".

No. 750409

That’s a really gross video. Why would a dad film and upload a video like that? And the way he carries on, she’s gonna have all kinds of mental health issues.

No. 750430

>>>was it painful? was it hot?
>>>bad smell poopoo. look.
>>>repeatedly wipes up into her vagina
>>>there are definitely parts of the video where she's not being blurred out.
>>>plays kiddie music over the entire video.
>>>says he needs to watch a youtube tutorial even though he's said to had melody all to himself since she was a year old.

what the fuck maurice. im gonna be sick.

No. 750440

File: 1545091566509.png (94.68 KB, 1365x603, 20181218_000412.png)

100% samefag. Come on man 😂

No. 750446

I don't know much about kids but she looks a little on the older side for diapers?

No. 750447

So The Jerk chose a suspected rapists channel to do a comeback?
That's so apropos.
He's got friends in low places.

I can smell those filthy wrist bands from here.
He makes my skin crawl.

No. 750470

File: 1545095083100.png (74.63 KB, 1110x494, hellodarknessmyoldfriend.png)

No. 750471

File: 1545095157870.png (324.08 KB, 703x834, noonesbuyingitmauron.png)

how can it be "targeted harassment" when you gave us permission to upload the video, mauriciopath?

No. 750475

Ok I don't understand how this is a blackmail/slander or wherever he's calling it today. It's literally the video, the one he said nothing was wrong.

But really Josh? You didn't think uploading a video where you talk about your daughter's genitals could be taken the wrong way? In the context of what he's doing, fine. It's innocent.

But making a video? Why? What's the point? Why does the world need to see you wiping your daughter's privates?

No. 750477

No amount of context (or lies in Maurice's case) makes the video look good. It should have never been filmed, edited, or uploaded to the internet.

Maurice asked for the video to be re-uploaded. He probably hoped VideoAnon would upload to YouTube so he could swipe their details. I don't see how it's blackmail when "Jay" said the video was innocent.

The video doesn't need context. It's creepy. Nuff said.

No. 750482

No, Josh. A normal parent doesn’t upload a 10 minute butt wiping video of their daughter to get help from mms online. And carrying on, telling her and “the camera” how “smelly” it is, is absolutely disgusting. And showing the crap? Like that was necessary? I feel so sorry for your daughter. If you really love her, never ever film her for some sicko purpose again!

No. 750485

I clicked to read the comments and the thumbnail makes me want to vomit. You know your video is inappropriate as fuck when Liveleak users want it deleted.

No. 750494

I still don't get it. Maybe someone can explain it to me. Maurice is Mauricia's father, yes? Even if his wife had been dead for a little while, he still would have changed the kid's diapers at least every once in awhile and or at least been around to watch the mother get her cleaned up? Shouldn't he have had a grasp on how to change M's diaper? How could he have been a father for three years at that stage and not know how?

Was he implying Mrs. Yandiorio looked after M all the time and he wasn't even in the same room when she was being changed?

Show of hands. I'm also curious how many parents filmed you being changed and showed strangers?

No. 750505

I've never thought of doing this ever

No. 750609

File: 1545151119449.png (546.57 KB, 733x935, whatevermaurice.png)

I don't know why he's so mad about an innocent video being uploaded to liveleaks. By this man's standards, it's perfectly okay and safe for work and not at all creepy. It's probably ll's most innocuous video.

No. 750611

File: 1545151364918.jpg (194.01 KB, 534x2048, CatfishEverywhere.jpg)

Mauron's sock accounts and RapistStreamNews are right. The video wasn't so bad after all. You're welcome, Josh. Your names have officially been cleared.

No. 750618


How many of his socks claim to be from the US? We don't say "nappies" here.


>smear campaign

The only person smearing shit was you.

No. 750629

The amount of people defending the video is astonishing. You can tell none of his supporters are parents, or parents with a brain. Filming your daughter, having close ups of her legs spread, barely censoring her private areas and describing to people what her feces smell like? Let's not forget the comments on the original video he uploaded AND the description he wrote. He knew he was pedobaiting, just look at the damn title. If this were anybody else people would be pissed but somehow middle aged women with too many chromosomes feel the need to defend this sad excuse of a man.

No. 750644

I agree the video's ok so who spread the rumor I wasted 10 minutes of my life it's fucking boring

No. 750659

I wonder how he's going to try to weasel out of shit talking ready to glare. He probably will just ignored it or some how blame LC.

No. 750673

>>750659 it was mentioned briefly in his interview with rsn. josh claimed his depression compelled him to act out of turn and he did things that truly regretted in the aftermath. depression and poor mental health are detrimental factors, and often manifest in anger and mania.

kek. except marcissist has no concept of long game. he contacted rtg through a phony therapist when he saw that he could use her as a pawn to push his suicide and then tried to defame her by calling her a pill user in the same day.

lots of people have depression, maurice. that doesn't mean they'll throw their friends under the bus.

No. 750683

File: 1545161573146.png (191.63 KB, 915x698, UhRZKJT.png)


Hi Josh. How many sock accounts do you have? This is 4D sock puppetry, I'll give you that.

No. 750687

His sock account didn't even defend RSN and bypassed the sarcasm to twist it into his narrative. Dude has all the wit and smarts of Donald Trump.

No. 750716

So instead of saying "I shouldn't have shit talked a friend that just mourned my death that I lied to her about" he just goes "Muhhh depression!!!" What a despicable person.

No. 750741

This thread is 50% "hi josh" and 25% whats happening and another 25% cringey twitter users stalking josh

No. 750762

how does someone stalk a public profile newfag?

No. 750771

This thread reeks of vendetta from joytards. If anyone is doxxed and shamed by Maurice then they're most likely an idiot. Maybe not stalking but heckling some rando online when you have your real name attached to your Twitter isn't a great idea.

No. 750786

>>750771 this thread has nothing to do with joy, joytards, or anti-joys. 'sides, if that was true, josh wrote the zealots article that was pro-joy so joytards would be happy to have mauresus christ back.

No. 750798

From the child's perspective - how is she going to feel when she sees he uploaded videos like this to the internet? He's not going to be able to hide it from her, if that was me and my parent did that id be mortified. It's bad enough your parents pulling out your baby pics in front of your friends but to have a kid (Three years old in diapers) In this situation, viewing this and everything that's been discussed around it when she's a teenager isn't going to be fun. Whilst i understand for clarity (and his denial of its existance) why the video was reuploaded it's really sad to think that poor kid will one day find out about this. He would be better off leaving YouTube and focusing on his real life, he's not going to make this situation any better for himself. What's he trying to prove? All the evidence of his behaviour is out there. Maurice for your daughter's sake stop and think about what you are doing, doesn't she deserve a normal life? Put her first for a change and not your ego. She deserves better.

No. 750812

vendetta chan you made us believe the guy was a pedo GTFOOH I've watched the video you've uploaded and the guy seems like a nice father WTF is wrong with you?

No. 750826

pls go whiteknight your beloved maggot chow on twitter.

mauronald yump doesnt have an ounce of integrity, compassion, or consideration for others running through his bones. he'll make excuse after excuse why he did what was okay, but the context doesn't matter. she's still a little girl and this is still the internet. the comments on liveleak echo the same thoughts and they're a community of their own. they don't know who maurice is and they don't care. but there he was, spreading his lies and shit.

maurice, you don't have any loyal stans. you tried to play that same game in your original thread. just stop. someone here actually bothered to give you some real sage advice. take a breath for a sec and just think about how humiliating that video is going to be for your daughter one day. think about her, her future, and her feelings instead of your self-pity and vengeance.

it doesn't matter if she was one, two, three, or took a trip straight out of the birth canal when you filmed the video. you still fucked up. you still exploited her for your own personal gain. your child should not be treated as a pawn in your scheme to be internet famous so stop already.

No. 751061

What a bunch of pathetic retards you lot are.
You complain the video is so shocking and exploitative then upload it somewhere else ?Contradictory fools.
You are all pathetic clowns.
This board is a joke.

No. 751066

The only people taking you seriously are yourselves because you are all brain damaged losers with zero social skills and no friends.
Get a life . Get counselling.
You are only proving how pathetic you all are and that is how you are being viewed.
You are all just a bunch of clowns.
People are laughing at your 'skills' and your 'facts'

2018 yEaR of tHe LoLCoW CloWnS

No. 751067

Well, Maurice wanted it reuploaded. He sees nothing wrong with it so why are you bothered? The video itself doesn't show any vulgarity but it's the premise behind it. He knew he was baiting paedophiles, the way the title was written for a start. Go throw your tantrum somewhere else.

No. 751068

"She's still a little girl on the internet"
You fucking hypocritical CUNT.

Which fucktard here uploaded it to LiveLeak if its so awful?
Go fuck yourself.
And your mother.

No. 751073

You are a pathetic piece of trash.

And deep down you know it.

You can't vilify it one moment then support the fact it was reuploaded the next.

Keywords for pedos..
Only mentally challenged fucktards could come up with that.

And tell me you maggot,what kind of sick fucks hang out on liveleak?




No. 751074

🎉2018 YeAr Of tHe LoL CloWnS🎪

No. 751079

"Exploiting her for personal gain"

"Think about how humiliating that video is going to be"

"A pawn in your scheme"

Are you fucking kidding?

The hypocrisy. . The complete lack of self awareness in your little rant is astounding.

Go fuck your mother too you emotionally inept cunt.

No. 751080


"The video itself doesn't show any vulgarity but it's the premise behind it."

It was a fucking YouTube channel.

What is the premise behind uploading it to LiveLeak you rancid maggot?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 751083

sage your posts you absolute waste of spunk.

No. 751084

File: 1545228530062.jpg (398.59 KB, 994x973, 2018-12-20 01.06.07.jpg)

2018 yEAr Of tHe

No. 751086

it's almost midnight josh, it's past your bedtime. go the fuck to sleep.

No. 751093

You asked for it to be uploaded Maurice. You specifically said

"eef aneeone has de video of me wiping sheet into her vageena den prove eet as eet doesn't eexist"

so someone uploaded it. You can't have it both ways.

Nighty night momo.

No. 751095

This is such a shit thread full of deranged vendetta chans and probably maurice

No. 751097

the fact he said it doesn't exist and people proved him wrong should show he's full of shit

No. 751105

What he said was that there was no such video of the perverted allegations made here.
That is what he said.
And then he asked for the disgusting video that YOU all claim exists to be uploaded.
And the best you could do was upload the one from his youtube channel which was and always has been blurred and shows a clumsy man trying to clean up his kid.
But you all just had to twist it you sick fuckers.
Don't even try it.
You gotta know you are talking shit at this point.
And I'm not Josh.
Neither were the other 25 thousand people you tards all reeee'd about either.

You fucking LOL CLOWNS

No. 751111

As for RTG and any alleged sock puppets you want to carry on about like the hysterical nonces you all are-what the fuck did you expect a man to do when hes being accused of such disgusting things?

Any sane person would want to defend themselves and their kid.
And you cowards block every cunt that disagrees with your sick chain of thought AND THEN act like there are rules in this filthy shithole so YOU CUNTS CANT GET OUTED FOR YOUR APPALLING BEHAVIOURS.




No. 751132

The allegations were -

He uploaded a video of his daughter in a private situation (something the majority of sane parents would NEVER even consider) would you like a video of you posted online with someone cleaning your own backside at 3 years old, describing every intimate detail and referring your vagina throughout?

He proceeded to wipe fecal matter into her female genitals. This causes urinary tract infections. Google it.

He used tYpE CaSe LiKe tHiS - a well known tactic pedos use to identify their videos to others

So tell me, which one do you refute as they are all blatantly true?

If he can't understand he was wrong to do that then no-one can help him. Not even his sock accounts defending him.
If say, Greg done this, you'd be all over it like a rash accusing him of all sorts. Admit you know it was wrong.

No. 751133

RTG isn't here, Mauriciopath. You can continue to throw her under the bus and put her on blast, but I doubt she'll be fooled by you a second time. You should probably apologize to her when you used her as a pawn to further you fake suicide. She mourned and cried for you and all you saw was a tool to take advantage of. That's a shitty thing to do to someone who cared about and who was on your side.

But you wiped feces into your daughter's vag, exploited her, and you still think there's nothing wrong with it because you're a sissy narc who jacks off to how depressed and special you are.

Take the L and go play Hangman with it.

No. 751138

Really unhealthy obsession you people have with little kids and their genitals.

Truly sick.

No. 751140

Lol. You're the one who filmed and posted the video to begin with, ding-donh. If I'm sick for showing concern, you're sicker for showing it to strangers from the get-go.

No. 751144

for the love of god if you're going to sperg sage your fucking posts. stop bumping the thread with your retarded posts. no one cares what you fucking think.

No. 751146

Fuck your board.
Fuck your rules
Fuck your saging.
Fuck you too.

No. 751148

Everybody is Josh arent they?
You dumb fuckers are so paranoid.

It is a sign of your guilt.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 751149


Could not agree more.

No. 751158

We weren't the ones filming children in private situations. It sounds more like your guilt at knowing it was wrong, and being in denial, is feeding your anger. Thou doth protest too much.
So again, i will ask, if greg had made that video would you have given it a "like" on YouTube? Nah. Thought not. You'd have salivated and made a video about it accusing him of similar.

No. 751160

It doesn't matter if you're Josh or not, you're still retarded.

You should also sage, because you're bumping the thread. More people will see what's going and want to dig into your identity. If we're all such liars here, is this really the community you want to fuck around with?

You're just as anonymous as we are. Why don't you just state your Twitter handle if you're such a brave bleeding heart, spergatron?

No. 751162

have fun getting put out to pasture then. you're only making yourself look more retarded the more you post.

No. 751266

File: 1545257468313.png (Spoiler Image, 389.69 KB, 774x446, doyouwipeshitintoyourtaint.png)

No. 751277

"A soft bunny diaper filled with creamy and warm poop"

Remember that Maurice? Who wrote That?

You did. In the description for the video.

No. 751302

lawl he's always talking about shit, which makes you think he has some sort of scat fetish, his obsession with feces is suspicious.

it'd make sense as to why he has pictures of shit saved onto his computer and the diaper video consisted of him looking at and showing shit smeared baby wipes to the camera, plus that description describing his daughters mess.

No. 751344

We were wrong all along. He didn't bait pedos. He baited scat fetishists.

No. 751352



"I'm attracted to look at my own poop.
Once I'm done, that little peek can bring up so much satisfaction." What kind of joke is this….

No. 751388

A sick one.

This is a glimpse into the mind of a man who showed strangers on the internet dirty wipes and said he thought changing a dirty diaper would be "funny" content.

No. 751389

If it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck…
Degenerate men always out themselves.

No. 751550

You degenerates certainly have.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 751604

Poor Maurice.
Either he's self-posting in his thread and proving his retardation or his "fans" are trying to whiteknight him and proving how retarded they are. Maurice certainly deserves better.

No. 751626

Oh go sperg somewhere else. if you really were loyal to josh you'd want the thread dead, instead you're making it active by bumping it to the front page which will only get more people interested in you and your precious coprophiliac Maurice.

No. 751637

As expected, Maurice hasn't apologized to RTG, or taken accountability for his actions. And there are real people defending his pretend suicide. Apparently his "counsellor" left RTG a voicemail after Maurice's "suicide."



No. 751652

Apparently to his number one dick sucker it's alright he faked his suicide as he was "under pressure". Doesn't matter who you are, nobody fakes their suicide unless they're hiding something.

No. 751666

File: 1545334082151.jpg (230.73 KB, 1080x1631, Screenshot_20181220-131255_Chr…)

This one I find to be really interesting, the "sorry not sorry" thing because that does sound like classic Mauriciopath.

I could almost understand the fear of being called a pedophile. That is a very dangerous name to casually throw around, but it never was. If Maurice says his intention of the PIV video was to be funny, fine. I can't prove his intentions weren't exactly that, but the moment he saw the amount of views and exactly where they were coming from in the comment section means his intentions changed from innocuous to despicable. If he was just stupid or didn't notice the oddities from the audience of that video, then he's ignorant and arrogant. But it doesn't end there. He's STILL defending it in spite of everything pointed out by it by a totally different group of strangers. Maurice doesn't want to accept when he's criticized because he's such a fucking victim and he's so perfect.

But the fact will always remain that he faked his suicide, in spite allegedly having a wife who actually killed herself. He ran away with his tail between his legs and tried to defend himself in the same breath. For someone who wanted so desperately to disappear, he did a poor job of it and fucked it up for himself.

If he felt he was so innocent, his actions don't mirror his words. Innocent people don't talk badly about their mourners behind their backs.

I wish Maurice would just tell the truth for once and take responsibility. Personally, I would have a little more respect for him if he just humbled himself down, stopped with the ridiculous scapegoating, and told a semblance of the truth.

No. 751680


Look at how far he’s gone to defend himself. Have you seen his K_ A_ site? There are zero receipts for this supposed blackmail attempt by KA. All he shows are two short clips of that chick talking about Onision. He feared for his life so much that he threatened and pretended to kill himself but doesn’t have any proof of the extortion and blackmail. Meanwhile he’s capable of calling the BBC and some random museums to dig up dirt on John Kuckian. Get the fuck outta here.

To me it seems like he chose this random girl to target in order to build this grand conspiracy theory in which EVERYONE’S OUT TO GET HIM! I doubt that girl is aware of his website. Fucking creep.

No. 751688

The interesting thing is he's using and doxxing this girl to "clear his name". Except when you search his name, Maurice Yandario, this thread is one of the first things that come up.

Wouldn't it make more sense to make a website with his name? He keeps trying to distance himself from his real name. And Maurice is 100% his name. That chef he took pictures for credited his name.

No. 751696

Wow. Youve just hit the nail on the head… he WANTED this to happen. Baiting Greg didn't bring him the mainstream attention he craved, neither did his "Family of 2" channel (unless attracting pedophiles was his aim).

He's milked this self created situation for all its worth, his period of absence and apparent (according to his "interview") self reflection must have been torture.

Sockville is a lonely place.

Dragging out a tale of blackmail, false suicide and heroic return, based on a couple of minutes edited audio and screenshots, for over a year now… whilst attempting to ruin other people's lives in the process… bravo Maurice, bravo. You could not sink any lower.

No. 751720

Let's not forget Maurice has promised to create new websites to doxx his critics and videos explaining what a victim he is every Christmas for YEARS to come, rather than spend the day with his daughter.

If those actions don't spell out "vendetta-chan," nothing does. No wonder he's obsessed with feces. His head is up his own ass.

No. 751770

File: 1545347454894.png (470.2 KB, 1988x1619, kiKQ33L.png)

Proof that Maurice is behind thezealots.org and @dzealots (suspended).


No. 751811

Good find, anon. How does the anti-Joy community feel about him writing an ass-kiss article about her?

No. 751834


It's my understanding that Maurice was buddybuddy with Joy on his main account but his socks were shit talking her. And then he and Joy had a falling out after he told her that he made an expose video on her and interviewed her close friends. He can't even be consistent about who he hates.

It's also really fucking sick how his Live Archive account has a clip of RTG reacting to Maurice's fake suicide.

No. 751835

Didn't it have articles written by a bunch of different people? More evidence of his sock puppeting.

No. 751844

File: 1545356271114.png (44.29 KB, 720x374, lookatthedates.png)

If Josh wanted to be buddy-buddy with the Anti-Joys, he probably shouldn't have attempted to dox Moral Virus and his girlfriend. The dates are so close together. Both individuals also had lolcow threads made on them and had profiles on his AH website, so I chose to censor their names out of respect for their privacy.

P.S. I didn't click on the Zealots webpage because I don't trust Josh not to steal my IP.

No. 751850

File: 1545357253635.jpg (374.9 KB, 1056x1444, Ready2Glarelivearchive.jpg)

eah you're right. It says he had a nervous breakdown. I wonder if this is what he told ready to glare when he tried to contact her. That he had a nervous breakdown and that's why he shit talked her on here after she cried on YouNow for him.

I'm sorry but if you see a friend crying because they think you're dead and you shit talk them right after, you're a sociopath.

No. 751853

Sorry, but can I add something to that?

If you see a friend crying because they think you're dead, you try to sucker them into the illusion via a phony counselor, and you shit talk them right after, you're a sociopath.

I'm also starting to believe that Jay girl is the real deal. I don't know if she's actually a woman or not, but I don't think RTG is easily fooled. Maurice has to have some sort of accomplice in all this and "Jay" has to be it.

No. 751858

File: 1545358942631.jpg (76.35 KB, 1080x620, Ready2Glare councilor call.jpg)


She mentioned here that a phony counselor even called her? How fucked up do you have to be? Wow that's some pathological shit.

No. 751862

>>751858 r2g if youre lurking, pls make a video about what actually happened between maurice and you. i know he's psychotic and not worth the hours of recording, editing, and uploading, but pls.

No. 751877


I think Jay is a real person too. I looked thru her tweets before she cleaned them up. But who the fuck would stoop that low to help Maurice do all this stuff? Unless his wife is alive and well. If he can lie about his own death then he’s not above lying about hers.

No. 751899

Wait a minute. What is this? >>457491 Has anyone watched this video? Was there ANOTHER diaper changing video?

No. 751900

The whole story about his wife was confusing and still makes no sense. He had to spam Wikipedia to make Neal century to intimidate his wife's boyfriend who she was paying money to.

Why would he need to spam Wikipedia for that? And then argue them a few years later about deleting his article for not being relevant? Also Wikipedia/deletionpedia keeps all records of poster's IPs so we probably could figure out where he was when he wrote all the Neal century bs.

No. 751904

I believe all of the articles were translated from Italian to English, so I'm confident the Neal Century/Work/StopnGo stuff places him in Italy about a decade ago. Unless they met through the internet, I don't think they would have known each other at the time.

No. 753026

File: 1545577934694.jpg (270.7 KB, 1519x1926, JgMUGrZ.jpg)

Since it's almost the one year anniversary of Maurice's death and subsequent resurrection, let's honor his legacy by remembering what a piece of shit he is for doxing a little girl, and openly seeking help with doxing said little girl's mother and friends.

Oh, and now he has an entire website dedicated to that teenager which he links to on all of his social media. I hope people remember that when they watch his new videos.

No. 753043

Indeed. I'm pleased Maurice has graced us with his presence yet again, and rose from the ashes of his defeat like a phoenix with one too many chromosomes. No matter how much he protests it, he'll always be a lolcow, along with his precious Kuckian and Onionboi.

No. 755331

File: 1546025930439.jpg (106.13 KB, 1029x782, Screenshot_20181225-193452_Chr…)


No. 755357

File: 1546029456171.jpg (209.2 KB, 750x1095, 3L577Fo.jpg)


And all his socks post via Twitter Web Client

No. 755360


Kiwifarms made a new thread about him, updated with all the doxxing and AH stuff. This should be good.

No. 755368

File: 1546030998638.jpg (12.65 KB, 480x360, joshibs.jpg)

Mauron has minimal self-awareness. I'm pleased KWF pointed out the bs of him denying his involvement with 8chan and the AH site, which ends up meaning nothing, because the current site he's running has the exact premise of doxxing, harassment, and fabricating fibs for the sake of humiliating his critics. Even if AH was run by a completely different person (note: that's not the case), Josh proves he behaves in the exact same passive aggressive pussy-ass way, is fucking insane, and doxxed the same people.

P.S. Given Maurice's obsession with feces, being diagnosed with evidently perma-IBS must be miraculous to him.

No. 755371

Considering Maurice's past sock puppetry, he never admits to it unless he's caught red handed, like by the Wikipedia mods. Then he spergs, comes up with a bullshit excuse like he did the last time and fucks off.

This is quite literally exactly what he's doing again. He can't take any criticism and immediately starts making threats.

Why should anyone believe a man who used a fake suicide to garner fame that he so desperately wants?

No. 755375

File: 1546031972435.png (807.98 KB, 1519x657, jvtyWwd.png)

No. 755385

File: 1546032808629.png (849.69 KB, 1530x1011, fIBc4iD.png)

and here's just one example of his plagiarism on thezealots.org. straight up copied and pasted.

No. 755407

>>755385 can someone explain his history of plagiarism to me? with the neal century stuff, he claimed that he conjured the stuff up to intimidate some man who was blackmailing his wife before they were married (the dude sure does come across a lot of blackmailers) and extorted money out of this guy. But how does that excuse his history of plagiarism afterward, like with OWJ, Japan Today, and the Zealots stuff?

I'm aware it's all bull shit and whenever Mauron is caught taking credit for others' work, he blames it on an elusive blackmailer, but it bemuses me that RapeStream didn't ask Darth Plagiarist about his other personas and plagiarism shenanigans.

What confuses me even more than that was how openly CJ just bought into the blackmailer story. Mauron lied about having a stalker, suicide, having lolcow call his imaginary company, made someone call R2G as a counselor, and he, himself, came up with the pedophile story when no one here ever called him such a thing. Is CJ really dumb enough to believe he's important enough to Maurice to get the real scoop when R2G was supposed to be his little darling? Is he that blinded by Josh's kissassery?

The blackmail story makes no sense if anyone bothers to think about it all. Why would Maurice go on and on about how straight he is in a Wikipedia article to intimidate some random guy? Why would he threaten the admins with lawsuits and create sock puppets to create some illusion that he was famous to trick someone? You'd have to be retarded as Mauron is to fall for his crap.

No. 755423


It doesn't excuse his plagiarism but we're the only ones that call him out on it. Look at what he has on his "music" channel:

>About the lyrics: very likely inspired by "lonely people" by America. I have no idea when and how… it happened when I was a teenager, more than 20 years ago, but it seems like I have started giving a vocal melody using 2 sentences of "lonely people" and then changed them a bit.

The way I see it, either: a) CJ is just fucking stupid and didn't do his research; b) CJ knew there was something off about Maurice but didn't care because he wanted he knew he wouldn't have to put in any work editing that video anyway; or c) CJ did ask more questions but Maurice edited them out. Notice how Maurice is speaking into one camera but being filmed from another.

No. 755428

It's even funnier he ripped off CJ with his Live Archive account too.

No. 755466

Maurciopath would use a dollar store version of a swatstika, wouldn't he?

No. 755498

File: 1546041612471.png (456.73 KB, 1641x726, WrIiaVU.png)

josh using his @ChefFanatic account to look himself up in his "blackmail" "proofs" video.

No. 755502

Good catch! Where is this video, Anon?

No. 755508


It’s on his K….A…. site. I don’t want to post the link because I’m pretty sure the person he’s doxxing with it is a teenager but he links to it on his YouTube account and twitter.

No. 755510

Good idea Anon. He probably uses tracking cookies and watches for refers from sites like LC. It's best to use a VPN and block cookies, ect. But thanks for digging this up

No. 755515

Is there any way the video can be downloaded and reuploaded on a video streaming website like VideoAnon did with the Poopoo video? I'm curious about what other slip ups he's made.

No. 755520

If he's doxxing a teenager in this it might not be a good idea to give him a bigger platform to doxx her.

No. 755522

File: 1546044635878.png (347.35 KB, 847x525, Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 7.50…)

He's uploading again

No. 755524

Why is he just re-uploading old content from last year?

No. 755533

Can anyone give me a rundown on how these blackmail allegations started? How tf does Maurice know some little girl? I read the archives of his old website but I can't understand his broken english.

No. 755558

It seems like all the "proof" he has is the audiofiles of K talking to him about the "rape claim".

And then a completely anonymous email just saying 30k or something. I think he explains it (albiet poorly) in Real stream's interview.

No. 755566

>>755522 what's the purpose of a sign language interpreter when the videos are subbed?

No. 755582

File: 1546050968390.jpg (166.99 KB, 1899x1320, oUSH6lu.jpg)

So apparently those kids wanted to expose Maurice for doxing Onision by telling him lies about Onision having sex with a minor. Maurice found out and got pissed and threatened to sue K. I think the "blackmail" and "pedo" allegations Maurice keeps claiming might be from K telling him to fuck off or she'll expose him for harassing a minor.

No. 755585

Jacob "Tallvideos" is where he got the info about the rape claim. I might still have that video where Josh tells Greg to "bend" over.

No. 755592

File: 1546052299672.png (354.39 KB, 774x446, TallVideos.png)

I can confirm that TallVideos was the one who originally stirred the pot.

No. 755596


Do you have a link to the video?

Hm, I guess I took that person's first tweet about exposing Maurice for doxing Onision out of context. I apologize. I can picture Maurice threatening a lawsuit after getting his feelings hurt though.

No. 755603

I don't have a download link but I have the video on my laptop that I got from one of his fangirls, Cmarie. I also have the video where he goes into depth about his "blackmailer." From what I could gather, because he explains it very poorly, Maurice was on a mission to find a Katie Duncan from Greg's discord and KA wouldn't give up the info because the actual girl was a minor and didn't want to speak to him. Josh misconstrued the entire interaction as betrayal and flipped his fedora.

No. 755712

I really want to see that blackmail video.
Sweetest anon, is there any way you could upload them so we can watch/archive them?
If you need help finding a site to upload the vids on just holla.
But that would be amazing if you could, or at least clips of it. That’s lucky as shit you got those, since maurice is such a serial baleeter.

No. 755726


Please upload it if you get the chance!

No. 755821

I'll try to provide a transcript of the video at some point, but I want to wait for Maurice to upload his first video on the situation to see if his stories change at all.

No. 755933

Are farmers intentionally saging milk?


You can save time on transcribing by downloading the subtitles. You can upload the video you have and make it private.

1 Download the subtitles using http://www.downsub.com

2 Change the file extension to txt and open it in a text editor app

3 Strip the html code using http://www.zubrag.com/tools/html-tags-stripper.php

4 Strip the srt code using http://www.gopetsamerica.com/webmaster/srt-to-text-online-converter.aspx

5 Edit the text for word accuracy and to add punctuation and numerals (numbers are stripped in step 4). The auto generated subtitles are surprisingly accurate, depending on the person's enunciation. You may not even need to listen to the video.

No. 755965

File: 1546117078630.jpg (129.53 KB, 939x579, Thejosh bm email.jpg)

In the RSN video, Josh explains that he got an anonymous email from his website. He just blames K for this without any evidence and admitted the email was anonymous.

I watched the OG bm video and he mentioned this too, but also admitted that his website didn't track IPs at the time.

Anyone could have sent this email. Even Josh to himself.

It's at 37:45 in the real stream news interview. I'm not linking it because fuck CJ.

No. 755976

File: 1546117956583.png (614.16 KB, 1470x412, blackmailvideoemails.png)

I skimmed through the blackmail video to find the emails and he says repeatedly that he can't prove or disprove where the emails came from. He's just pinning the blame on this girl because she didn't want to help him. He also said that he gathered information on this girl and her friends, and he was going to contact their parents and the police. Big time kek.

Thank you for the help! I don't want to give Josh any hints around re-shaping his story, so I think I'll still wait to post the transcript if he ever releases his new and improved harassment video about KA.

No. 755991


Good idea. I noticed he fixed the social media links on his joshshow website. Still lurking here in the shadows.

No. 756029

I remember the minor Josh was talking about in his video where he mentioned the kissing of a minor. Unfortunately, Josh baleted everything, so I had to do some digging.
Onision made a response to Josh's "onision kissed a 14 yo" or something similar and Josh mentions this mysterious girl he had a "claim" about.
It was called "I will not delete this video"
Onision addresses Josh's accusations against him and mentions this mysterious girl he apparently doesn't want anyone to know about.

He talks about this girl at 4:00. It really shows how shitty of an investigator Josh is.

No. 756080

As much as I love Maurice getting his ass roasted, it's bittersweet that Greg is the one dishing out the common sense.

What I still don't understand is why Maurice was so fixated on Jacob's Katie Duncan tale. He said in his "ONiSiON YOU ARE B1TCH" video that it was a win/win for him. If the story was false, it would have reached Onision's audience and that's free PR. If it's true, then Onision's channel would be destroyed. (Hey, Momo. Your buddy, RapeStream, admitted on camera that Amber said no, and his channel is doing just fine.) Any true investigator worth their salt wouldn't come out with a story of that degree before they actually had any evidence to support it. It was a manipulation tactic to scare Greg and get his name buzzed about, which is just scummy. How did something so stupid and non-important make Josh go off on KA?

He's so juvenile and egotistical.

"Smear campaign." Maurice, you're the one who spread a rumor that you knew wasn't true about a man who is fairly easy to hate. You said you had evidence, and then admitted that you never did. Your whole career on YouTube is a fucking joke.

No. 756081


Funny part is he paid Tallvideos to promote his “expose” video.

No. 756091

>>How did something so stupid and non-important make Josh go off on KA?

My guess is Josh simply doesn't like being called out as a fraud. If you look at his response to the Wikipedia admins, his response is similar. He legally threatened them for taking down his bullshit article.

Josh absolutely cannot take any criticism what so ever. He breaks down and attacks whom ever calls him out. My guess is KA was probably the first person to call him on his bullshit.

No. 756092

You're most definitely in the right. I doubt most people could guess that when you try to criticize someone, that the person in question would go on a narc rage in return. It honestly makes me wonder what other petty, maybe even dangerous, things Maurice could be capable of.

No. 756093


Are these videos still up? I can't find them lmao

No. 756098

His 8ch board was fucking foul. Doxxed the living shit out of a random twitter girl for saying mean things about Onision. They had her elderly parent's photos and fb links, I think they tweeted at the girl's job too.

No. 756246

I've decided to release the transcription after all, after remembering Josh's current KA website. It's not a perfect transcription. The audio clips were hard to listen to, because the volume was so soft and my current volume only goes so high. I apologize for any confusion, but I tried my best. So buckle in kiddos. It's a long, repetitive, and confusing ride.

>>Maurice: This is going to be my first scandal before I hit my ten thousand views. Crap. (plays teen bop music he was “inspired” to use from iDubbz' channel) Today we're going to talk about me. Me and my blackmailer. I cannot actually tell you their name here in case they would try to remove my video, so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna link the full reports description down below and you can have a look. Now this video is not prepared was not prepared in advance. We just made it because our blackmailer after months and months has decided to release the audio she's been blackmailing me with. The problem is I don't care. I don't care because I've done what everyone should have done years and years ago. Now we're talking about a rape claim from 2011. The rape claim is about Onision. The rape claim started in 2011 came with Adrienne. She claimed he forced himself on her. Is this the right expression? Uh, sorry, there will be no subtitles on this video because it's not prepared. So then that claim was disproved, then proved again with the letter, and then disappeared for a couple of years, then it came back again in 2014, and then disappeared, and then again appeared this year. This year I was contacted by three people. (In the corner of the video, Maurice remarks “They will not be named”). All of them gave me one name, which I will not repeat, because the rape claim is false. (It would be more accurate to say: “We cannot prove/disprove it). We published our report on our website on the 25th of September. So they give us this name, her name and surname and location, which was her name, surname, plus the United States. Then it turned out to be Canada and then we understood that there was something wrong with the whole thing. So, we tried to contact… We didn't want to talk about this, because it's a rape claim, so we just didn't want to talk about it. So they told us to call certain people. We call all of them. There was nothing to it. And we spent too much money. And every time we call someone, we send a gift box with uh with uh with goods to apologize and we called eleven people that matched the name. No, ten people that matched that name. One of those was given us by a so-called Anti-Onision, which I did not know nothing about, but she is nineteen. (Which I believed 25-30 from her Facebook Picture… she looks 25-30. No shaming here… Being honest! In fact as you can read at the end… I recognized that fucking attitude in 1999 Josh. “…how old are you? … 19 she replied! I wanted to die!) But she goes around saying she's fourteen, but she's actually nineteen. She told me she would have helped me or she told me what I found is a contact. Her surname did not match, then matched her age I found out during when I called her I found out that their age did not match because we were looking for someone eighteen today and this contact was fifteen today, so it did not match, but we learned that when we actually called her. So this person gave us this contact. We contacted this woman. This girl. This kid, actually. And we found out that it was just a wrong name, a wrong contact. It was in another country. It was a wrong age. (I wonder why she gave me that contact LOL) Wrong name. Wrong everything. And that's it. So, we ended the phone call. We apologized. We offered a box of goods. And we called this Anti-Onision person back (We Told her Both on Twitter and Facebook To Make Sure She Got the Result) and told us look, “We think the claim is false.” So, we just end it. And that was the last claim we wanted to look into as I told to WhatAmI. (CONV. W/ WhatAmI AVAILABLE ON OUR WEBSITE. Published: 15th Sept. 2017). WhatAmI is believed to be Greg. We contacted it. We posted our conversation on our website. We posted everything because we are not planning to contact him again. And we've been very kind to him, very nice to him. We told him, “Look, if want help, we can help you. Or if you want advice because your channel is dying, it's okay,” if we believe is Greg as well, and we told him, “Look, if you… All we want to do at the end of our conversation,” which you can see here (points to right-top corner of the video) we told him, “All we want to do is prove or disprove the claims. We don't hate Greg. This is nothing to do with hate. We just want to prove or disprove.” And those are the only two claims we wanted to look into. So we did all our phone calls. We report everything. We reported everything on our website. Links down below. We just couldn't find anything. One claim made by Onision's ex-moderator of him kissing a fourteen year-old kid (That doesn't mean it is false, Just that we cannot Prove/Disprove it). We were just never able to find the person. So we just wrote it. We were not able to prove or disprove the claim, but we believe it's false. We posted that publication on our website on the 15th of September. Then the day after talking to Sarah, we decided 'Okay, that's it.' That was our last chance to find out whether this claim this rape claim is true. Nothing. There was never… We contacted 11 people. The only matches we could find. Um, ten, plus the one this contact gave us. The wrong one. And we've never been able to find doubt, anything, so we believe is actually false. We believe is false for one important reason. We've wrote it on a website. We've wrote. We've wrote that we believe claims, criminal claims (ONLY THOSE CLAIMS REPORTED TO US) are made against Onision because teenagers are exposed to an adult drama that they cannot filter out. They got attached to it. They start talking about this. They start imagining things and slowly without realizing it just spread it. And everything has been on our website for months. Now this happened in September. In October a month later this person that gave us the wrong contact called us back and told us, “Oh, if you don't do this and you don't do that, I will release this audio, because I recorded you.” And at that point, I could not remember who this person was because it was an old contact a long time ago. We closed the claim (AND… I never stay in touch with people I have nothing to share with… I was researching on that claim because I was asked by three different claimants and nothing else). From that claim, we only had two claims that we had to look into and from there, we wanted to move from the claims to the social aspect of Onision's video. So we found out the claims were mostly all made up by kids and in fact if you noticed from September to to now we haven't done any claim anymore. We can talk about claims if they are out there, but the rape claim was out there. We just didn't want to talk about because it is a serious thing and we wanted to find first the real person the alleged victim we've never been able to find. So, this person, this blackmailer, she started sending us emails, a voice recording with her saying, “Oh, I'm gonna send this one to Greg. Fuck you. Oh, I'm going to do this. Fuck you.” And we have everything. (Audio: Maurice: Um, my contacts told me that he believes to have been sexually assaulted by BLEEP. KA: But where is she even from? Like how how how would she have been assaulted by him? Maurice: Well, she was very young. She was fifteen when they had sex. KA: When they had sex, Josh. Did you fucking hear that? Second clip: KA: But where is she even from? Like how how how would she have been assaulted by him? KA: Oh, okay, so this isn't even about BLEEP. Oh, so this isn't about BLEEP, and then he goes into talking about BLEEP. Did we skip to that part? Maurice: She was fifteen.) (At this point in the video, Josh puts up another annotation: She was supposed to have found an 18yo woman (TODAY 18yo) this proves she understood nothing.) (Audio clip: KA: By the way, she was not fifteen three years ago. She's fifteen now. Maurice: I have no idea. I don't even know the relationship. KA: So this means a now fifteen year-old girl is now eighteen is having sex with BLEEP not the girl who kissed him on a plane. That is a whole different story. We will get to that also (Josh's annotation: Final F word as usual… because she has been raised by elegant people). You're not getting the audio because BLEEP I'm not sending it to you.) The video resumes as normal. So we told her, “Look, you gotta stop this otherwise I will sue you.” And at the point she told me, “Oh, you're not going to get anything, because I live in government money. If you talk about me, there are jobs at risk.” Now all the conversation we have is down there [gestures to the description] is in the report. Now one thing I want to say that this person actually recorded us, but in her state (The BLACKMAILER'S State follows Federal Guidelines regarding Call Recording which states that only one party needs to consent. But ADDS that “if one of the parties involved in the recorded conversation is located in a nother State/Country (the person recording) is also subjected to the laws of the state they are calling”) so by recording me actually she committed a crime. She doesn't know because she's an idiot. Now I believe I believe she planned this she planned to do this with Onision. (If I find any proof… That Will Be Sweet! He finally got involved in a crime. Blackmail, extortion, Death Threats…) but I cannot prove this. It's just in her family. Her family has been involved in fraud, identity fraud. I don't know, like five or six frauds in the last few years. So she has learned this from someone. I believe her family. Once she told us, “So, there are jobs at risk. There are jobs at risk. You are not going to get anything from us because we are with government money.” (I WAS WILLING TO FORGET ABOUT IT!!!) So we said okay. Just leave it alone. Leave it. We are not gonna care. We just forget it. She will just get bored and it will just end there. But it didn't. It didn't stop there. She carried on harassing us, sending us emails, and then starting involving minors (Which we have identified and will eventually inform their parents). She involved minors from this Anti-Onision community. (This community is made up of nice people too. This is just a case of a few people making a whole community look bad) Like two or three harassing us and other people online. We contacted, got their phone numbers, and details. They've been very nice. And they are. They will. I don't if they are being called or what. They are our witnesses, because this has been going on for too long. Now we also received emails and messages (We also received 9 emails in total already given to the police) asking for thirty thousand dollars. We cannot prove or disprove who this person is but never happened. It never been the reason to do that until we refused to bend over our blackmailer. So we refused everything. We tried to be nice. We explained what was going on even after she blackmailed us. We did what we had to do. We did not talk about our claim that was already out, but we just did not talk about this until we were 100% sure that there was a real claim. In fact we called everyone. We did what we could and we published on our website for everyone to find that claim. We believe that claim is false. That 2011 claim was false. That's our belief. We posted out there. We posted it on our website because in three years in four years when that claim will come back because it comes back apparently every three to four years. There will be another Josh or another Mr. Repzion talking about this, and they will find our that webpage. So our belief. I think we've wrote it. I don't remember because I haven't actually read it. I think we've wrote that most of the claims are false or impossible to prove. And we cannot just believe that they are just made up, you know about Billie and Sarah. Some people say they are paid for a job. We believe that's the job, just to create drama. So we basically stopped talking about Onision's drama or claims. Now we actually stopped talking about Onision's claims because we believe there's nothing to it. Now this person blackmailed us (We Have Made Legal Requested to Know Who Uploaded the File on “uploadfiles.io” and informed the Authority. The Blackmailer might have shared the file with someone else. We want to know WHO is involved). (Public!!! We downloaded it. We Never Had This Audio Before. Now we can also prove her intent. It seems she's talking to someone… You will here it in a minute… validating our theory she was working to frame us with someone else) She finally posted the whole conversation. At the end of the conversation, there was basically me talking about “Look, my contact told me…” Well the most important part of the whole conversation is my contact told me this person alleged victim she believes to have been raped which is the exact same thing Adrienna wrote in 2011 in this open letter, um which you can find everywhere on the internet. (The Blackmailer recorded herself before contacting me… Who is she talking to now?) (Audio clip: KA: How do I unmute audio discords? Notification app. There we go. I'm gonna mute this other discord I'm in. So I don't know if you're in here. I don't know how this works. I don't know if you can hear my other discord going off. I just muted my mic. But for the audio recording purpose, he's telling me) (Now she wants to document what's going on) (I just gave him my name and we're going over to Facebook. If he does dox me, I swear to god bitch. He sent me a friend request.) (I was looking into a serious request…and she is playing this game) (Josh, if you come after me you piece of shit, I will beat your ass.) (Apparently I'm the piece of shit here….mmmm….) (He sent me a friend request. Boy, Imma dox you!) (No comment!) (Wait. How do I… Is this still recording? Yeah, it is. Okay. Oh. How do I do this? (We might release more data on our website. Totally up to us at this point. We want everything available on Google. Everything must be searchable. We have plenty of data and still collecting. We'll see how it goes.) I believe this person has either acted with her mother, because this mother has a lot scams on her court record. We checked everything. I think in the description down below you will also find her family. I'm not sure if they put her up to it. Or this has been orchestrated by Onision himself because Onision actually hates me. Onision doesn't understand that I'm his most valuable critic because I don't hate him. Well, I hate the things he says, but he tried. Well, he wants to discredit this channel, and I understand why because I'm annoying. But I am his most valuable critic because I do my research. That claim came back to us with names. We looked into it and we found out there was nothing to it. And we've wrote everything on our website. It's been there for months. We've done nothing wrong. We've been blackmailed, harassed. They tried to… They because we don't know who but it's obvious. We've been asked to pay thirty thousand dollars, but they they we talked about it because we didn't want to put the audio out there but we do it with other people so why are we not doing it with ourselves so we can prove it. It's basically me talking about the claim. I don't see anything wrong with that. If you think we've done something wrong by not looking into the claim before talking about this talking about it, let me know and I will be happy to stop this channel. If you think we've done nothing wrong, we've done what we had to do and not bend to our blackmailer, which is named on our website, because I don't care anymore. We're not gonna stop looking into stuff only because we've been blackmailed once. We are still gonna do this. We talked about the claim in good faith privately. We've been recorded for one single reason, to destroy this channel. This kid is mentally is not not mentally stable or her mother is behind this or Onision behind this. Either way, they recorded me saying something talking about a claim that is six years old and he will probably use it in his next video saying, “Oh you wanted, oh you tried to send me to jail.” You know how Onision is. Problem is I'm your most valuable critic because we do photo ops on our website so you and everything is public. We don't hide anything. Well, we don't hide a lot of things. Now, what else do I have to say. Let me check, because I have here the reports, so I don't know what else it says. Yeah, that's all basically. I personally see nothing wrong with what we've done. Call. Well, we called eleven people. Ten plus this wrong contact. Wrong contact for a reason. When this person told us about this contact we said, “Okay. We will try to call her.” She said, “No, no. Call me.” So I called them in good faith. I called them and that's when she recorded me. We talked for about thirty minutes. The call lasted for about thirty minutes. It was nothing wrong. I'm gonna show you the message we left and the message we this family, the family we contacted, the wrong one. We were like, “We were gonna send you. We apologize. We're very sorry. We're gonna send you a the good.” And they were like, “Yeah, Japanese food is good.” We actually never sent the box to them because they did not really want to release their address to send a box to. So yeah the conversation ended pretty peacefully. There was nothing to it. It was a very peaceful conversation. At first of course they were pissed because nobody wants to be called by a stranger of course. (PLUS, the blackmailer contacted the mother first and told them we were talking about their 15yo daughter… Although we told our blackmailer that we were looking for a 18-19 yo woman otherwise we would have never bothered to contact them… but that was the blackmailer's plan) But we have to do it. If you want to talk about a claim, especially a rape claim, you have to make sure you find the person and the person wants to talk about. In fact what we told this contact that was blackmailing us that when she tried to blackmail us was like, “We don't care what you have. If you want to release your audio, do it. I don't care.” [lol. So you consented for her to release the audio, did you, Mauron? You can't sue her then] “I don't care because we've done nothing wrong.” We took the name. They gave us names. A name and surname and we looked into it. We did what we could to find the person. Even if we found that person even if we found that person but this person does not want to talk about it we cannot talk about it. We told her. There were like a few stages. We got the name of this very very old claim. We called all of them. We cannot find their any move and even if we did the second stage was have her to either report to the police or um talking about this publicly, otherwise that's… In fact, we never released a video talking about this claim. (INSTEAD, our Blackimailer… and also accused us of other things that we are not gonna comment because at this point it is simply MENTAL. We have been following everyone's activities for months and collected everyone's details and internet data to make our case stand and stronger.) This is an old claim. It's been around twice already. And when in September we wrote nothing to it. So, yeah, tell me what you thin and you thin we've done something wrong by looking into it, then this channel this will be my last video. If you think we did what we could, we were just frame, they tried to frame us, then yeah let me know. Yeah, we will carry on talking about the social aspect of Onision's videos which is the hardest one. This is why we've done the claims first. The social aspect of his videos are harder because we have to talk about you have to talk about the people and everyone has a history. Everybody is hurt, so that's that's hard. It's not lie I'm having fun actually talking about Onison because I cannot really put jokes in, but yeah yeah at least this is over. For me, this is over. Onision, if you want to use this file, be my guest. Again, our report has been there for two months. Yeah. Do whatever you want with it. Good luck. Because I really don't care. And I think we've done the right thing trying to find the person before talking about this and we believed that we have disproved the claim, so good for you. All the photo ops are in our website in the link in the description down below. We don't do photo ops on videos because unless there is really something going on photo ops are actually boring. We just close the thing and the video. We talk about the video and say, “Okay, we believe this one. We don't believe this one. That's it. It's over.” There's not really a video. We can't make a video out of it and say, “Oh, we talk about this. It's over.” It's gonna be a video. A one minute long video. I'm Josh. You've been updated and I'll see you soon. (outro plays.)

No. 756256

Thanks so much for doing this, Anon!

No. 756304

Thank you anon for the hard work. So it seems like what the ‘blackmail’ boils down to is K threatening to release the audio of him looking for information on a 15 y/o. And as usual he’s speaking with his chest out with all that “release the audio I don’t care lul” bs.

No. 756351

Basically. There are so many discrepancies to unpack in those four plus pages of text, but the biggest ones to me is him trying to dance around the fact the rape claim is not about Katie Duncan, the blatant lie of "you are subjected to the audio recording laws to other states and countries" (I could find no such thing stated in the Federal law he sited, and Japan appears to operate under a similar guideline according to a Reddit post I found) which means he only came up with that bull shit to scare her, and Maurice claiming he does his own research when KA's initial conversation involved her trying to tell him the information he was given by TallVideos was wrong.

No. 756419

The scammer finally got scammed… by a bunch of teens. Nothing warrants pretending to commit suicide, especially not over a damaged ego. His old stans probably would’ve defended him against the AnOnYmOuS BuLLiEs, and very few people would’ve known about his seedy past had he not pretended to die.

His plan to regain his audience by attacking John Kuckian, public enemy #1, isn’t working. His views are absolute shit. He was hyping up some new, original idea for his channel which ended up being a sign language interpreter when he already has subtitles. Nothing he does makes sense.

No. 756452

File: 1546206929662.jpg (117.84 KB, 810x810, Slaughterhseonefollowersonisio…)

So I checked out the Slaughterhseone account Josh mentioned in the RSN video. I noticed that it was being followed by onision's account.

I went to archive it's followers. Archive said it was archivedtwo weeks ago.

No. 756465

Here's something that confuses me about Maurice's explanation of Slaughterseone: He says he thinks the account is KA because it messaged her with a link to the audio file, but in his OG bm video he never mentions this at all. He said KA contacted him as herself, threatening to release the audio.

How, when, and why did that story change from KA being herself to her allegedly using a sock account? And why did he not mention this account in the original video?

Chose not sage this, because that's a huge, milk-worthy hole in the story to me.

No. 756483

Right and if KA had the audio file and Josh knew it, why go through the trouble of using an old sock account to send him the audiofile? What's the point of posting it on Twitter like that anyways?

No. 756526

File: 1546216582651.png (41.46 KB, 695x469, G39wrv4.png)

Since when has twitter @'s ever been black?

No. 756538

File: 1546217566666.jpg (173.51 KB, 1064x532, Joshvlogdeadhandleexample.jpg)

It's usually when the account is gone.

The weird thing is
1. You can see his thumbnail in the screenshot.
2. That tweet no longer exists
3. The account changed its name to Melisa a few months ago. That SS is old but not old enough for Josh to have taken it with his new resurrectited account.

No. 756565

Assuming the tweet was actually made for the purpose of threatening him, I doubt it would've been left up for long. He even claimed the "blackmailer" was going to release the file the next day. I'm tinfoiling but I call bs on this tweet.

No. 756614

I'm pretty certain the tweet is somehow fabricated. The only way Maurice's main account could appear to have taken the screenshot is with his new main account, a whole year later, but that tweet doesn't seem to exist anymore and probably never did. It's "proof" he recently came in contact with, otherwise he would have shown it off in his older BM video.

My guess is that his motive for creating the sock account was to do some dumb "See? KA creates sock accounts too!" ploy, but that directly contradicts the things he's shown off and said a year ago.

No. 756705

File: 1546237612758.jpg (132.63 KB, 1080x627, Screenshot_20181231-001530_Chr…)

Samefag and credit to KiwiFarms for archiving this jewel.

I'm sorry, Maurice. You'll have to excuse me for not trusting a single thing you ever say, because I know how far you're willing to go to make your lies seem truthful. You tricked a grieving friend into speaking to a fake counselor after you made everyone believe you committed suicide.

And you're an absolute idiot if you think audio can't be faked. You could have very well chopped, spliced, and edited the original recording to suit your cons. It's not a difficult feature to perform, Josh. As a video creator, you should know that. Recordings are taken out of context and edited frequently to force agendas, you fedora-tipping TMZ wannabe.

No. 756906

Could it be that the Slaughterhsone account didn't actually tag @Joshvlog but tagged @JoshvIog since a capital i and lower case L look the same on Twitters default font?

No. 757083

>>756906 nope. the font appears to stay the same size and font. my guess is that when maurice was photoshopping this image together, he fucked up the @ text.

No. 757624

Japan 360 is another one of his alts.


It's a shame he's such a shithead because I actually enjoyed these videos.

No. 757641

File: 1546404160044.jpg (311.8 KB, 1074x1122, tipsfedorajosh.jpg)

Fedora spotted

No. 757655

Oops. Mauron forgot to credit Wikipedia's page for Yurikamome when he copy and pasted all the informative text into the description.

For that matter, click on any random video and copy and paste the description into the Google search engine. Every single one of them are taken from various articles and blogs. I could not find a single video where Mauron gives credit to the original author or a video where he comes up with his own description of the sites he's visiting.

No. 757707

Anon credits are under the text I've checked all 130 videos

No. 757722

It does say "read more" after the description, but it could be more clear that it's not something he wrote.

No. 757771

File: 1546443390252.jpg (518.04 KB, 1188x5596, bc8JSWl.jpg)

Just to show how few tricks he has up his sleeve: Maurice has been using the same sock account to defend himself against naysayers and pat himself on the back. He commented with his Lovebug account on his ursobusted channel, with 69 subs, defending his video about RTG. Then he goes and uses the same lies and Joshisms to defend himself on every recent video about him ("We don't know if he lied, "I heard someone was blackmailing him," "You can tell that man is in distress/hurt," "evidences," "You investigate everything").

He also puts this creepy animation over RTG's eyes pointing to her breasts when she pulls her shirt up. Fucking pig.

No. 757778


>>455767 "Everything seems wierd" from Josh's post history

Then from love bug
>>"everything's very very weird and I'm intruiged"

Also the piss poor excuse about something happening between him and R2G. She thought you were dead. She cried for you and all you have to say for it is "Something must have happened". If this is how you treat the most loyal of your friends, you don't deserve any.

About the boobs thing. I remember her doing a promo for him and saying something like "Ugggh! Josh stop zooming in on my boobs!"

No. 757781

Busted's a woman you can here her voice in her last video and the animation's about her eyes not her breasts, RTG has strabismus.

No. 757782

I think he probably ripped that from someone else’s video.

No. 757795

File: 1546448895648.png (59.84 KB, 713x116, mjFKXX2.png)

All of his socks title their videos the same way.

No. 757797

"She" never narrates her videos. The "disclaimer" had nothing to do with the video. It easily could have came from somewhere else. But that's interesting touch.

No. 757798

>>757795 this is what he means when he says he runs multiple businesses

No. 757799

And without provocation he brings up how the baby poop situation NEVER HAPPENED NOPE NOPE

No. 757807

So, Maurice was poking fun at her eye control? Wow. What an absolute jerk he is for doing that.

Why did he animate the lines to go all the way down to her breasts then?

Busted is definitely Maurice. There's no doubt. The same, scathing humor, the pleading for likes and subscribers, the people he chooses to talk about in the videos, the dumb emojis, the fact he showed Faust Wittenburg's (another Maurice sock account) criticizing Onision, NakedMoeLester (yet another sock) also follows Busted's twitter account, and let's not forget their favorite topic in the world: shit.

No. 757809

File: 1546450506030.jpg (412.63 KB, 1080x1832, Screenshot_20190102-113315_Chr…)


No. 757816

File: 1546451169903.png (997.83 KB, 1440x1230, 20190102_163908.png)

No. 757822

File: 1546451634253.jpg (191.28 KB, 1497x968, J9lQQJQ.jpg)

No. 757828

File: 1546452774793.png (1.12 MB, 2051x1640, Mauricesockpuppetfaust.png)

About that Faust account.
It interacts with the NML account
It claims to be a onision fan of 5 years until October '18, despite this was a Josh stan and awaited his return.

Maybe don't samefag with your socks, Maurice.

No. 757830

Lol. Faust seems to use the same Twitter Web Client like all of Maurice's other socks do. He's also encouraging himself to whine like an itty bitty man-child about his depreshun.

Poor Maulester. Lolcow hurt his feelings.

No. 757836

Maurice's account on Liveleak, the "SITE FULL OF GORE FREAKS AND SICKOS" >>751073 (I suspect that comment was from him) https://www.liveleak.com/c/TendonMan

Same videos from his Know Now channel.

No. 757844

File: 1546454847737.png (237.98 KB, 1249x536, Tendorman.png)

Dead on, Anon. Know How is also listed in the OP, so we already know it's Mauriciopath, but now Tendorman can be added.

No. 757845

File: 1546454900061.png (590.24 KB, 924x571, knownow.png)

This one is just to give you a sample of the same titles.

No. 758250

Why are people still bumping this shite thread? The only people who care are the socialmorons

No. 758367

Recalling your 8chan glory days, are you, Maulester? Or am I speaking to your attack dog Jay?

No. 763670

File: 1547390019034.jpg (539.38 KB, 1440x1450, Screenshot_20190113-142631.jpg)

Maurice must be kicking himself so damn hard rn as so much shit going down and he is privvy to none of it and there's no way on earth Plainey is gunna spill to him. Douchbag.

No. 765116

Joshua Bitch Pathetek better keep dreaming. Laizy is never going to spill her guts to the likes of him. She's got her own shit to deal with. Being interviewed by a fellow child exploitationist is not going to do her any favors. It's kind of like how he went to a rapist to clear his name. It's low.

No. 840489

Have you guys seen all the mess he is involved in with the other youtuber ImAlexx?? Also hes going around saying his diaper videos and fake death were all a smear canpaign. I have no words lmao

No. 900124

File: 1575223493200.jpg (246.89 KB, 810x1137, Joshshowthreats.jpg)

The best way for him to stop all this is just to re-upload the diaper changing got video in question. Seeing as how it's so innocent and all, it's strange he won't do that.

No. 900172

He's been showing his more gullible audience of middle-aged hags the diaper video. Mauron might as well re-upload the video since he's re-uploaded almost all of the videos from his FoT channel except the one(s) where he changed M's diaper. Weird how he thinks the video is too inappropriate to be uploaded on liveleaks. One might even say that's quite telling of how vile the video really is. Even the community of "gore freaks" thought it was a gross video.

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