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No. 322745

So why does Joy Sparkle BS keep getting SO MUCH hate despite her constant claims she's completely innocent and the big bad internet haterz are just children picking on her for no reason? Most of it has to do with her constant lies, the hypocritical way she says one thing and does another and the abysmal way she treats people who are no longer useful to her. The anons in this thread have very valid reasons for criticizing her and back it up with proof. If you are new please read the first 5 threads before you post:

#1 >>>/snow/246848
#2 >>>/snow/278466
#3 >>>/snow/285785
#4 >>>/snow/304769
#5 >>>/snow/312880

We don't support unsubstantiated rumors so be prepared to give evidence of anything you claim is truth or you'll get called out like the moron you are….and remember to sage if your post has no milk ya dipshits.

No. 322750


>We don't support unsubstantiated rumors so be prepared to give evidence of anything you claim is truth or you'll get called out like the moron you are

Yes. Good. Thank you OP.

Carrying on from where we left off, RE: today's YouTube stream: listening to her suck the shit directly out of Take Down Man's asshole in that stream was sickening imo. Do you think she knows the reputation of her "total sweetheart" friend or nah?

No. 322751

Most of it was pretty boring but here's some highlights from tonight's YT livestream "Going liiive" with Lysa D., CodyLBlake, CyThatNerd, and Katernal

-Again the claim 2 separate therapists told her to do YouTube.

-says the "bandwagon" against her is all baseless rumors

-Talked about someguy827's new video and said it seems like he got all his info straight from lolcow such as "my roommate is not real, I'm in a Jehovah's Witness cult, I'm a Mormon or a polygamist or I bankroll" when NONE of that was reported on lolcow as fact…or at all.

-still claiming she's waiting to speak on the drama "when the time is right" and the case is over…she's probably banking on the fact that by the time that happens everyone will have forgotten about it given that custody battles can take years.

-claims she just barely figured out when Andy brought it up yesterday that her making a million videos on one topic seems like she is spamming everyone's feed and that makes it look like she was just about profit

-claims the screenshots from Rose saying she's uncomfortable with her videos and just wants attention are news to her because she had just gotten some very nice emails and texts from Rose thanking her and they had been emailing back & forth so until she hears from Rose or Tim directly she's not going to believe the screenshot because she's not even sure that's Rose's real account.

-says she's never made as high as $1500 in a single month

-says she wasn't aware of how Angel was trolling lolcow, and Angel asked her to troll with her but Joy "doesn't do that," she claims she used to keep up with the thread but doesn't anymore…and she says of course she has the texts to prove it all, then says Angel blamed it all on her…and claimed she was keeping it all quiet to protect her privacy but is going to talk about it now because Angel was never her friend

-her mods were telling people "Lolcow is a dumb gossip site." and "it's not a credible source of info, smarten up people" and "lolcow is a bunch of no life anons that like to dig up info on people like they're the FBI."

-Some crazy idiot in chat named ZOLFNER was dropping tons of cash on her because he was drunk, I think it went over $150 total. Joy offered to return his money tomorrow if he wakes up with a hangover and doesn't know where his money went.

-now Cy is talking shit about Angel and how she called her a boy, told her Joy is a snake and to never give her money. Cody says he gave Joy his birthday money but wasn't conned into it, that he can spend his money how he likes because he's grown.

-her and her guests are mocking her critics who they claim are "coming at her for donating to charity"

-again says she didn't realize the large number of videos she made came across as spamming

-Cy is claiming all Joy's critics are children or acting like children and someone else said it was like high school drama

-Cody was bitching about Martin Louis' video on Joy vs Konstigo being 2-3 months late and not in chronological order…and Martin Louis had arrived in the chat just in time to hear all this. Joy tried to stick up for Martin in a sorta half-ass way by saying she respected him for at least asking her questions…Martin didn't say anything & quietly left

-says Takedownman told her the owner of YouNow may be into some "pedo stuff or pedo sympathizing stuff, possibly NAMBLA" and she's not about that so it's part of the reason she's no longer doing YouNow, the other reason is that it's so glitchy

-says she thought she up was to 5 or 6 threads on lolcow but claims she had to have someone else explain to her what that meant. WTF Kati, you KNOW what multiple threads are, you were obsessively following more than one for quite a while, probably still are. Your clueless act fools no one.

-her mom found out about her channel & lolcow and thinks Kati is "famous on lolcow" and that's where you go when you are famous on the internet so she was about to post on lolcow because she thought we are Kati's friends and she wanted to give us the right information and "help us understand" but Kati and her sister convinced her not to do it by explaining we are "like hackers, almost like internet criminals, like internet pirates" so her mom says "oh ok they're like pirates" but says her mom still didn't quite understand and thought we have "car pirate ships" so we can drive around her neighborhood and break into her house like actual "land pirates." She kept trying to explain that no we just "steal information" To me this sounds like she talks to her mom and sister and has an ok relationship with them and her mom seems to care about her…so why is Kati saying she is completely estranged from her horrible emotionally abusive family (especially her mom) who doesn't care whether she lives or dies?

No. 322757

>Do you think she knows the reputation of her "total sweetheart" friend or nah?

Probably not, I doubt she bothered to google him and she has probably only seen his most recent videos, the ones he sends to her. She really only seems to care if someone is nice to her for her to call them her internet friend….but she's especially up their ass if they are nice to her AND have a lot more subscribers than her that she can eventually poach off them.

sage for speculation

No. 322759


The "I didn't even realise posting 8 videos a day could come across as spamming until Andy pointed it out to me yesterday!" thing was fucking astonishing.

As was her denial of knowing about/reading her threads until Angel showed her the site. Even after all this time, Joy still manages to floor me with some of her bullshitting.

No. 322760


Agreed. All it takes to be a great person in Joy's eyes is siding with her. Tdm is almost, if not just as delusional as she is though.

Eg:http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Takedownman and his fairly decent ED page. Man is a cow of his own, they're a match made in heaven.

Sage for OT.

No. 322765


Takedown man has 100k+ subscribers. She'd crawl up his ass even if she had to knock his 4yo victim aside to do it.

No. 322771


> -says she's never made as high as $1500 in a single month

It was not as high as 15k in a month in response to a video that was using the highest estimate from socialblade.

No. 322773

>says Takedownman told her the owner of YouNow may be into some "pedo stuff or pedo sympathizing stuff, possibly NAMBLA"

This is very misleading and disengenous. The owner of YouNow Adi Sideman directed the award-winning 1994 documentary "Chicken Hawk" about pedofiles. Takedownman made a video where he is saying Sideman crossed a line & is an accessory to the pedophile's crimes because in order to make the documentary he had to stay with these men and film them and as a result witnessed crimes but did nothing to stop them and that being a journalist doesn't excuse him. I linked an interview above with Adi Sideman which explains in his own words why he made this documentary. He doesn't approve of these men's activities at all, he was molested at 8 yrs old by a pedophile so it's something that was very personal to him and says he was shocked and disgusted when he heard about NAMBLA. He admits the making of the film was controversial but in order to create a documentary that properly exposed what was going on it was necessary to get a window into these guys lives. Towards the end of the interview someone askes the question if he witnessed any crimes and if ever he felt like he needed to stop what was going on but he said that no, he never felt like he was witnessing a crime taking place and or like he needed to stop filming (he goes into further detail about this in the interview.) He said that people who haven't seen the movie might incorrectly assume he supports pedophiles but says by the end of the film it's extremely clear what his position is. If you want to see the film it is on YouTube. "Chicken Hawk" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uez_yUeoGv4

Only Takedown man could take a film director who only wanted to expose pedophiles and was himself molested into a "pedophile sympathizer" Neither TDM nor Kati did proper research about the situation before taking a strong stance and condemning an actual victim then encouraging a boycott of a business he owns. Great job you two.

sage for OT

No. 322777


Honestly… She saw the money Warski's got on that stream and that's why she's not going to be on YouNow any more. She's just looking for an excuse that doesn't sound like "hey, I can rake in a shit ton more on Youtube!"

No. 322784

Thanks, I meant $15000 I accidentally forgot a zero, not intentional. This happens at 39:12 in the video if anyone is unclear about it.

Sorry guys, it's late at night here, I deleted the duplicates.

No. 322823

File: 1495890119878.png (210.32 KB, 1396x642, tdm.png)

His video where he accuses the owner of YouNow of pedophilia guilt by association was uploaded on May 6, 2017, it has been up for at least 2 weeks. I don't now how much time he spent on research and filming/editing but it couldn't have been much, certainly not for research it's obvious he didn't even bother to watch the documentary. If you read the comments section he claims his moral outrage is the reason why he won't go back to YouNow but it's also full of him slandering this poor guy like the example in the screenshots I included. He keeps saying in various different ways that the documentary's director committed a crime because he filmed these pedophiles actually having sex with young boys but kept watching & did nothing about it. I watched the documentary, nothing like that happens, what kind of film does he think this is? Anyway, I also saw one commenter suggest to him this video is the reason YouNow refused to give him a partnership and TDM agrees that he may be on to something. It looks like THIS is the reason he's not going back to YouNow, they wouldn't give him a partnership so he can't make any money from streaming, making it a waste of time for him.

Sorry to get into a bit of an off-topic tangent there but bringing it back to Kati…TDM has obviously known about his for an absolute minimum of 2 weeks so either he waited until now to tell Kati or she knew about it 2 weeks ago but couldn't be bothered to stop YouNow until it become about earning more money from YT superchat. Even if she just found out yesterday there's no way it was solely for moral reasons and bc YN is glitchy. It's no coincidence she saw how much money Andy raked in with his stream the day before and then she just so happens to switch to streaming on YT the very next day. I say fine, make money however you want…just don't pretend the money isn't a big reason because we know it is.

She also said she wanted to dig into the YouNow owner story more because it sounds like she might do a video about this. We all know how poorly she researches things, if she does do a video it'll probably follow in the same vein as TDM's and she'll end up slandering the director too…we'll just have to see where she goes with it. I doubt she has the spine to go against TDM's interpretation of it, if she somehow manages to come across the truth (like by reading this thread) she'll probably just chicken out and scrap the video idea in order to avoid alienating TDM and his 100k subs she dearly wants a piece of. Go on, I dare you to report the truth instead Kati.

At the end of her livestream at 1:55:15 someone suggested she should split all the superchat money up evenly between the people she guested and she practically fell all over herself to not look greedy and say "sure, that's a great idea I just hadn't considered it" but her voice got unnaturally high and fake when she said it and then Cody swoops in and claims the entire amount for Katernal for her to moving expenses to move in with him (not sure about their relationship but I gather that is his gf) and Kati doesn't sound super excited about that, she just says "we'll talk about it later and figure something out." If Kati was anyone else I'd feel sorry for how Cody used public emotional manipulation to get her to consider giving over $200 that she initially thought were her earnings to his gf instead….but Kati is who she is and if anything deserves just as much manipulation in return as she gives out.

No. 322836

There was a point on the stream where Kati, Cody, and some other wheelchair chick were literally on there all begging for money at the same time. And then the others started up too, saying they need to buy someone a class ring. All the sob stories and passive aggressive requests for money literally were overlapping and causing audio issues. What a group of spoiled cunts.

Kati says a lot about how she has no idea what a class ring is/etc and I have to wonder if this is because she's too old or because she never graduated. (Though, at my school they handed out the catalogs sophomore year)

They're all honestly so money hungry and then hide behind the word "charity" even if what they're working for they could get themselves/ is trivial. (I heard something about Disney?) Expenses to pay for your gf to come move in? How about she gets a fucking job like the rest of America? Sage for rage, Cody is pathetic and needed to shut the hell up more often.

They're all circle jerking and doing shit like using cigarettes to be edgy. Cody says shit like "I gave my birthday money to joy, I'm grown" as his voice cracks all over the place.

Kati… surrounding yourself with a bunch of children (and it's weird that you spend so much time talking to minors online, if you were a male you'd be on To Catch A Predator and YT would be calling you out) to make you feel big and important? The "cream of the crop" from your cult is… them idiots? LOL.

Fuck, the amount of smug on the livestream almost killed me.

No. 322840


> Cody says shit like "I gave my birthday money to joy, I'm grown" as his voice cracks all over the place.

Cody has graduated high school. He talked about that in the stream. So, the better question is… Who the fuck over the age of 18yo talks about getting "birthday money" that definitely sounds like a tweener or something.

Class rings have been around since the 50s or even earlier. ALL high schools do them even as far back as the 60s (wearing someone's ring on a chain was big back then). Jewlers basically setup an agreement with the schools, then have the rings made w/schools' logo, etc… then sell them. This has been true since the 60s.

No. 322877

>one commenter suggest to him this video is the reason YouNow refused to give him a partnership and TDM agrees that he may be on to something. It looks like THIS is the reason he's not going back to YouNow, they wouldn't give him a partnership so he can't make any money from streaming

Wait a sec…so he made this video exposing the owner of YouNow as a "pedophile sympathizer" and AFTER THAT he requests a Partnership and is turned down? Why would he want to stick around on YouNow AFTER he finds out the owner is "so horrible"…oh right, money. So it's only become about moral outrage now that he can't earn those sweet YouNow tips. I see. Lovely friend you have there Kati, I totally understand why you two would get along so well.

>Kati says a lot about how she has no idea what a class ring is/etc and I have to wonder if this is because she's too old or because she never graduated.

I'm almost a decade older than Kati and class rings have been around a very long time. I chose not to get one for HS or college personally (I don't wear rings and thought it was just an expensive cash grab perpetrated by Balfour that most people only bought because of tradition) but I still sure as fuck knew what they were. How do you miss them?

Yeah they all wanted in on the free money train….especially since that one rich drunk guy was handing out cash every couple minutes. Not sure why her guests thought they were entitled to an equal share much less Cody hijacking the entire thing for his gf to move in with him, drunk guy was giving his money specifically to Joy, not them. The way that girl was talking it sounded like she already had the trip planned out and was already going to be moving in with him, she didn't seem to really need to money to get there so I wonder what he thought she needed it for. I think she started to say but then cut herself off saying no one wanted to listen to her sob story.

Why would he give his birthday money to Joy anyway? Didn't she continuously tell people she didn't need or want people to give her money? So why would he get the idea to give Joy his birthday money and why did she let him? If anyone knows the full story there I'd like to find out.

No. 322894

"The videos aren't monetized"

But, you are getting an audience from them. That audience is the one going into streams (whether on YouTube or YouNow) and giving you money. If you hadn't done all the attention seeking videos, it would have been less money because there would be less of an audience.

(And, of course, subsequent videos which were monetized would make more money.)

It's like people have never heard of the long con before… You do some shit in the beginning which may or may not be profitable so you can profit ultimately in the end. All the while, she's virtue signaling ad infinitum so no one thinks twice.

No. 322904

Is anyone else bugged by the phrase 'I'm grown' or 'you're grown'? It just sounds wrong to me. I've only ever heard people say things along the lines of 'I'm a grown adult'. Is it just a common turn of phrase in the US that I am missing or something?

No. 322975

I've only ever heard it as ghetto slang. Given how lame these people are, I'm guessing they think it makes them sound cool.

No. 322984

Nick Monroe just posted this. It's the abridged version of Joy talking about the Angel and the Angel/lolcow thing. Her likely skewed version of events.


No. 322985

For every 100 times she says she has proof, she only shows it 5 times.







No. 322988

I don't even know what to think of that whole situation anymore. I have no idea who to believe. The only thing I'm concrete on is that Angel did a very stupid thing, posting all that shite and then begging the admins to prove it wasn't her only to have it come out that it was all her. Whether Joy told her to do it or not is unknown.
I don't think she wasn't a friend to Joy at the start though, unlike what Joy is saying. I used to see Angel quite a lot in the anti-o tags on tumblr and since Onion is how Joy became big it would make sense for Angel to have gravitated towards her at the start.
But anyway, it's an old story and I don't think we'll ever know 100%.

No. 323023

So exceptionally graduated e-begging plus cash incentives for those that follow her narrative now..self serving greed on wheels. Let's call an ace and ace. She wanted on Youtube to appeal more directly to her subs as a whole and get money from them direct. She wants the money. YouNow doesn't provide that..so suddenly "evil Younow supports pedo" in order to justify it.

It has nothing to do with YouNow and everything to do with getting as much money as possible from the suckers in her audience. Now she's bought the loyalty from 'guests'. She only guests who she approves and who buys into her bullshit.And they now get rewarded with cash to hook them in further.

How many of these criteria does she fit now?

No. 323036

after all is said and done, i don't think her end goal is an actual cult per se. i think she's just amassing people to defend her to the death as she fights all these pointless and dramatic online battles. because what the fuck else does she do all day. but also, who knows what lunacy she's capable of the more she spends time online.

this girl is becoming terribly trite and boring to me now. she's rude, vile, greedy, and a drama queen. she's obsessed with wanting to help others yet thinks she's above people offering her the same courtesy. there's no point in watching someone spin their wheels this much anymore imho. it's just exhausting. i'm out. wake me up when Kati moves in with TDM and creates the JoysusOCult youtube channel.

No. 323058

>Now she's bought the loyalty from 'guests'. She only guests who she approves and who buys into her bullshit.And they now get rewarded with cash to hook them in further.

While she does approve who she guests and last night it was only those in her inner circle despite having promised the guy who dropped over $200 on her a spot after but didn't follow thru, SHE wasn't buying their loyalty or rewarding them with cash to hook them in further. It wasn't her idea to give them any money at all. It was brought up in chat for them to split all the tips and although she said she hadn't even thought about it, she still tried to make it look like she was cool with it…. but by the way she talks and puts on an overly perky facade you can tell it's an act and she didn't really want to part with her earnings. Then Cody railroads her into giving the entire amount to his gf by framing moving expenses to come live with him as some type of charity. Joy didn't seem like she wanted to hand the money over at all, it was a complete surprise to her, but she just kinda grudgingly acquiesced by saying "we'll talk about it and figure something out." What else could she do and not come across as greedy?

No. 323080

Kaitlyn isn't Cody's gf. I think they're just really good friends because her and her bf are both moving in with him.

I honestly can't believe someone was so stupid as to give her $5 at this point, much less $200, drunk or not. I also agree with >>323058 about her NOT using money as a tool to buy their loyalty. It was clear when Cody hijacked the money she was definitely not happy about it at all. I highly doubt anybody but her is going to see that money and she's going to make some bullshit excuse up, as always.

Honestly the stream last night was a complete train wreck. The one going on right now (as far as I'm aware it's still going on?) isn't much better. I clicked in for about 10 min and they were once again bitching about already debunked rumors and shit talking. At this point she's just talking in circles.

No. 323085

At this point, i'm not sure who was greedier, her or Cody. Lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas. >>323080
She might part with it just to save face. If it keeps going like this she may have to backpedal and go back to YouNow..if its more money she's after and she's splitting or giving it to her guests, either she is going to stop guesting altogether (for 'safety reasons') or go back to YouNow to ensure she keeps raking in that money.

No. 323137

File: 1495925404215.png (336.92 KB, 619x893, FlMuiFE.png)

For some reason Joshie is getting off the crazy train.

No. 323147

Some more keywords.

AndyWarski LIED TO WHO LIED & WHY I Interviewed With Him Snakessss
andywarski gay

Anorexia Mental Health and England! Jenn Friendman Interview
eugenia cooney anorexia

Onision Uses Manchester Uk Arena Ariana Grande Concert Attak To Make Fun Of Deaths
onision pedophile

lol. Sorry if you thought she cared about you guys but you're nothing but a keyword to her.

No. 323189

Joy in Geekthulu live stream, called out by people like Tonka Saw

No. 323191

File: 1495931065523.jpg (82.67 KB, 683x613, joywarskitags.jpg)


These are the keywords Joy used on her video. The video is about her Andy Warski livestream interview and how she is blaming Based Mama for apparently messaging Warski to tell him that Joy was talking shit about him during a livestream.

But she took the tagging way too far. "andy warski gay" "andy warski abuse" "andy warski cringe" and my personal favorite: "andy warski milk" because we all know Joy always has lolcow on the brain. Nice of her, huh? She's calling this marketing btw.

No. 323195

File: 1495931247256.jpg (112.39 KB, 935x680, repzionwarskitags.jpg)


This is gonna get Kati's 4 day old panties in a twist.

No. 323203

She's so creepy with her tags, it's gross.

>This is gonna get Kati's 4 day old panties in a twist.



No. 323206


that was hilarious. after she left there was a long pause, and then..

failure: "i don't…i don't like her."
tonka: "i tried to like her but she kept talking."
geekthulu (the cuck): "she's nice but she kinda talks too much and turns the room against her."
tonka: "she's a nice lady…a not so truth-telling lady."

No. 323208

File: 1495932480873.png (194.83 KB, 640x603, 111.PNG)

No. 323210

File: 1495932511262.png (68.99 KB, 642x552, 222.PNG)

Dumb bitch isn't even trying anymore

No. 323214

File: 1495933027592.jpg (47.8 KB, 901x189, dimwit2.jpg)


typical overdramatic shit. so tiresome.

No. 323226

File: 1495934561572.jpg (255.3 KB, 553x681, O0fKZJg.jpg)

I just reported the video with the tag calling onision a pedophile.

That video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpr5AhVqDyo

The tag says "onision pedophile"

No. 323227


Um… did she even mention jaclyn, eugenia, or blaire white in that video? That's totally false tagging.

No. 323229

File: 1495934927213.jpg (91.54 KB, 853x745, resume.jpg)

On today's live stream she tried to say the rumors about her resume being fake are ridiculous…and her little group spent a lot of time laughing about it and rolling their eyes. There are several things I'll go over in this post but first I've included a pic of her resume and here's a link just in case anyone wants to claim it isn't real. She deleted her original LinkedIn resume within minutes of it being posted here >>>/snow/276729 but once something is on the internet there will always be traces of it somewhere. https://pipl.com/search/?t=NGU2OWY3Y2Q2NTkzMjAwYTMxYzliMjljNGY2ZWZjYjFjZDgxYWUwMTI1ODk5OTZh&in=8&q=kati+marie+smith&sloc=&l=&avatar=avatar-1&avatar=avatar-1

Her resume says she has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in vocal performance from University of Missouri-Kansas City. While it does say she attended from 2002 to 2004 it also says she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and the way it's written implies she either transferred credits from elsewhere or managed to earn a BFA in 2 years which is very difficult but possible. In her videos she has said she went to college for a year and dropped out but this can also be confirmed from the ad she made for voice lessons https://t.co/I18NJiT1cA
There's a twitter conversation https://twitter.com/JoySparkleBS/status/863069302886457345 where all this is brought up to her and they ask if she would like to comment and she says "she's already addressed this before" and then the people questioning her tell her that she hasn't done anything of the sort and that just saying she addressed it doesn't clear anything up…so she blocks one person and ignores the other.

She also made a fake resume for Phillip Schlicher, a former real-life friend of over a decade https://t.co/rzRXc24jD3 and his fake resume reflects a lot of the same things found in hers, adding a bunch of marketing and marketing management jobs all within a very short period of time and not only did she claim he had all these jobs including being a touring manager for several different things in one year which presumably would require him to travel frequently, she put that he did all this while still holding down employment as assistant manager for 2 grocery stores. I don't know about you but to me that seems highly unlikely. Just compare the timelines on each resume. While this could mean she just patterned his fake resume after her own real resume, this next bit of evidence refutes that is the case. In Phil's video "The lies some people tell" https://youtu.be/87dfqdNZCiA (the relevant part starts at 1:17:40) he shows actual text conversations he had with her regarding his resume. He talks about how uncomfortable he is about lying so much especially when it can easily be checked and probably will be. There's a particularly damning section where she says "I've worked all over the country and they never check as long as you do a good interview or worse case scenario they don't higher you." and "to get the jobs, you have to learn how to bullshit unapologetically. it sucks but its what u have to do." Now how would she know they didn't verify her resume unless it has false information on it?…and she readily admits you have to "bullshit unapologetically" on a resume to get the job. This isn't about stretching the truth a little in order to compete with others also doing the same, she says she is flat out lying about her qualifications in order to get hired.
So Phil tells her that due to the laws where he lives before any interview is given they usually check qualifications. So she replies that they only ever check the top reference so instead of putting his employer's number he should put hers instead so she can lie for him if they call. He makes a very good point that she is telling him to commit fraud here and she says "you are being too good a guy about this and you are thinking about it way too hard. you have to sell yourself. In 10 years I think my resume has been checked twice because I gave a stellar interview" then he tells again tells her that he's uncomfortable doing this because the resume she made for him is one big lie. She responds "It is…but it's to get your foot in the door. Then we'll build you up from there." then she says "I'm telling you I can get any job I want I've done it before so I know what I'm doing here." Again she is admitting she lies on her resume. Then she says "If you don't learn how to present this shit the right way without fear it'll be difficult to ever get you highered." then says "I know what employers are thinking, they want to be impressed. they want to see you can handle management, they want to feel they are highering someone they don't have to check up on or check references so think of it as sales, you are making a sales presentation but you have to make it bullshit and flowery to get them to sign on to higher u. As long as u know u can go in there and learn on your feet and can get the job done you'll be fine. and regardless even if it's management places will always train u" When someone asked her on Twitter about Phil's video and her conversations with him, it went from "you have no evidence of this" so they showed her rsume and screengrabs of the conversation from Phil's video, to "resume in a way that sells you but the rest is conjecture" and accuses the person who posted it of being untrustworthy…so they post the same conversation but show it linked from Facebook and she responds "what does that prove, it only shows I helped a friend in need and that makes me a horrible person how?" and the twitter thread continues on quite a while but it's well worth a read, it shows how she does mental gymnastics when confronted with something she can't put a positive spin on.

There was a picture we found of her working one of these "national touring manager" marketing jobs she claimed to have had and it is literally her working a booth at a fair where they handed out samples of Hostess cakes. This job is "marketing" only in the very lowest sense of the word, anyone can work this job…it is a temp job that requires zero skills and usually pays right around minimum wage. You can see the pic here: >>>/snow/307197

No. 323244

on her recent stream, she mentions that she's a college dropout!!! her fucking resume says she has a bachelors degree!

No. 323245


This stream is motherfucking INFURIATING. After dancing around shit for 90 minutes straight when Tonkasaw and others politely ask her questions and tell her why things seem shady, she decides to pull them "I'm depressed and suicidal" card because she gets backed into a corner. It's her fucking go-to every time lately and it's tiring as fuck.

Not to mention the comment about how she'll be going through months of torture due to medicaid cuts. TORTURE? Yeah, a person going through agonizing pain that makes the suicidal on a daily basis (her own words, people) is also able to film youtube videos and stream 3 times a day. Shut the fuck up already.

No. 323254


Yeah… she started pushing the "I'm getting death threats!" angle and they said, "Well, personally, I would quit if I were getting real death threats" and her response was along the lines of "I'm so depressed, I just want to die anyways, so it's okay." … HA! Their response was like W.T.F? She came off as a totally crazy lying piece of shit.

No. 323258

This morning, Angel went live. During that time, Joy went live. Angel's dad was on there trying to ask Joy why she's lying about his daughter. He asked four times, and every time his chats were deleted and he was blocked from chatting,

No. 323273

File: 1495939275536.jpg (792.37 KB, 2494x2148, IMG_1539.JPG)

Here's why.

No. 323276

File: 1495939833764.png (87.89 KB, 645x648, neverhearditbeforetho.PNG)

No. 323277

File: 1495939846614.png (72.34 KB, 672x641, contradictionnumber6343245.PNG)

No. 323280


Regarding the drunk dude who dropped all that money on her… At one point she said something along the lines of "oh, honey, you don't have to keep donating! I don't want you to have regret in the morning. You know what, DM me tomorrow if you need any of it back and I'll send it back, I'm serious. Just DM me."

Donator dude says "nah it's okay, I have a well paying job I'll be alright" in the chat, and continues to donate throughout the stream.

Firstly, she obviously said the "I'll refund it" thing to virtue signal, knowing full well a person's pride wouldn't let them ask for their donations back.

Secondly, do you think she got out of sharing her money through guilt tripping with some "I have bills for my health/car/rent," story, or do you think she might say something like "the guy who donated was drunk and asked for most of the money back/I felt so bad I sent it all back," and then proceeded to give them all 20 bucks out of "her own pocket" to keep the seeds of mutiny from being sown.

We'll know if she had to pay up or not, because if she did she won't have any of those people back on as guests again.

No. 323286


Angels dad is just as insane as she is. He needs a wheel chair strapped to his head so it doesn't scrape along the street when he goes outside.

No. 323295

File: 1495941263011.png (100.38 KB, 750x1046, IMG_2265.PNG)

Self explanatory. Now, we wait to see if there's REALLY any valuable screenshots of Joy pulling her typical bullshit.

No. 323297

Oh god, and Angel's making fun of Jessi Slaughter? Joy, you dun goofed.

No. 323298


As someone new to Joy but not new to lolcow, even to me reading 5 threads just to get familiar with the situation seems like a bit fucking much. I do appreciate the sage reminder as I know it can annoying when anons post unhelpfully in threads like Dakota's, but I feel like at this point someone should make a summary or something.

No. 323304

yes and that's what the OP is for.

No. 323305

File: 1495943258830.jpg (138.17 KB, 750x1078, IMG_2270.JPG)

1 of 2

No. 323306

File: 1495943295207.jpg (106.7 KB, 729x1102, IMG_2271.JPG)

2 of 2

No. 323307

Heard her trying to explain about the keywords she uses on her videos and how she uses the top tags that come up in a search even if they don't really describe what's going on in the video like the "andy warski gay" tag. Yes, she was talking about Andy in the video but she admits there was nothing about him being gay in her video. While some may see that as kinda slimy it's really a gray area. The real issue is how does she explain using big YouTubers names as keywords in a video that has absolutely nothing to do with them like she does here: >>323226 She didn't get those from a keyword search, she wrote those herself on purpose. It's blatantly using misleading/false tags to promote her video and that's against YouTube TOS.

Angel has her own thread post that shit there, we really don't care about her. As for this post >>323295 it's completely pointless, wait until you have actual milk on Joy to share your screenshots.

No. 323321


If you have an issue with a post report it or apply to become a farmhand. Those three posts didn't derail the thread so settle down.

No. 323322

Anyone who missed it must watch that vid. Joy was very obviously uncomfortable and out of her element, surrounded by other YouTubers who see right through her facade. She couldn't get out of there fast enough, and seemed to resent not being the center of attention. I'm sure she's hoping it gets buried, never to be heard of again. KEK

No. 323329

File: 1495945809285.png (271.48 KB, 1621x585, howtousefind.png)

I understand reading all 5 threads is a bit daunting but at the very least read the thread before this one (#5) so you get caught up on current events. There's just so much shit, a summary would be somewhat difficult but like >>323321 said you can also read the original post that starts out each thread to help you get a better sense of things.
If you are new coming in and just want to know if we've said anything about a specific topic or event that happened you can use the "Find" feature in your browser to search each thread for related keywords. Where the "Find" feature is located differs depending on the browser but Ctrl-F usually works or in Chrome you just choose it from the main menu as per the pic.

No. 323343

File: 1495949160131.gif (1.32 MB, 316x368, hLTxqHv.gif)

Just got this uploaded.

Joy gets triggered and decides to scream & rant incessantly about Chambers & Nick Monroe (again) & calls Chambers a cunt, a bitch & a snake. Joy calls Nick Monroe a pussy & a "lap dog puss." This is basically the followup to that epic meltdown she had before about Nick & Chambers.

Joy Sparkle BS YouNow Livestream 5/24/17:

Part 1: https://vid.me/8SOD

Part 2: https://vid.me/QESR

In response to the rumor that Chambers asked people for a picture of Dom aka "roommate", Joy "hypothetically" presents the idea that she could send her fans after Chambers' husband & family but of course would never do that. She does this 3 different times at:

Part 1 @: -17:50, -6:25
Part 2 @: -19:35.

Joy talks about lolcow many times but addresses lolcow directly in Part 2 @ -20:30.

Joy says multiple times in this stream that someone was going to chop up and edit clips together from this stream. Sorry Joy, no cigar! Your unedited crazy is fucking gold all on it's own.

Warning to all farmers: don't play any drinking games during Joy's streams. If you take a shot every time she says "I'm done!"; "Ridiculous!"; or "Jeeeesus Christ!" you will certainly die of alcohol poisoning.

No. 323345

At about 21:30 Joy references the e-mail from Tim where he asks everyone to stop. The e-mail is dated May 7th, yet she continues to say nobody ever said anything to her?

No. 323347


She's also referencing an unnamed attorney who was going to go to court and laughed about all this stuff… want to be that was Leonard French? He's from Philadelphia area. I'm so disappointed that he's hooked his wagon to her. I unsubbed from his channel.

No. 323351


Someone needs to tweet these two videos to Warski!

No. 323359

File: 1495952561659.gif (1.14 MB, 310x359, jDBqrVv.gif)


This is the gif I meant to post before. Posting anyway because 1) it has many more frames of her making weird faces & 2) there can never be enough gifs "showcasing" (Joyterm) Kati's erratic behavior.

To all newfags: this is what we've had to deal with during Joy's live streams :(

No. 323412

File: 1495967947956.png (128.3 KB, 939x832, bpiVrvv.png)

Because Joysus is going to defend her keyword stuffing because "all the YouTubers do it!" … it is against YouTube TOS. The image is for reference.

No. 323438


I don't understand why the fact that she is in friendly contact with her mother has not raised more attention on here. I specifically remember her begging a family member not to tell her mother that she had been in touch with him about the GoFund me for the relatives that died in the car crash. A screenshot of that conversation is in one of these threads, I will try to find it but this is the first post I've ever made, so I'm still working things out.

Anyway, she definitely said she hadn't been in contact with her mother and didn't want her mother to know she had contacted him. She speaks about her family disowning her constantly, made a "Kathi" video, yet here she is playing happy families?

So what's the truth here?

Sage for not having a clue what I'm doing

No. 323477

This is why anons are being told to read all the way back to the beginning. Her family relationships were discussed to death. We're going in circles now until the newfags catch up.

No. 323500

I have read all of the threads, I've been lurking since thread 3, there's just so much has happened, everything is blurring.

I found this from a Philpost in thread 4 post No. 308800

"Hoo boy. She has always been on bad terms with her folks. Last we talked when she was in KC, her mom was trying to provoke her to find anything to get at her with to use to get her committed. Given everything as it is now..its hard to say who is being truthful and lying between her and her folks. But if what Kati has told me about them is true, then the apple doesn't seem to fall far from the tree."

So everything she said in the stream is the first time she has tripped herself up about her mother. Every other time it has been negative.


No. 323517


I've been hear since thread one and I was also under the impression that all Kati-family discussion had been to do with her saying she had a bad relationship with them and had little to nothing to do with them

I'm just as surprised as you at her recent mention of her seemingly getting on with her mother. And I am also of the opinion that it confuses things based on all the previous discussion of how she is about her family.

No. 323548


Kati Marie Smith.. initials kms which is what she will do if you criticize her yall!

No. 323585


it might be just another one of her attempts at being relatable to every circumstance…or vice-versa (she either thinks it's relatable to have bad family relationships, or that it's relatable to have good family relationships)

or she's just temperamental

No. 323670


I've spent the afternoon going back through everything to refresh my memory and this is the first time that she has said anything that implies she has a normal relationship with her mother. Everything else on here was repeating the abuse and disowned claims. Not that it's important, as you said she's just throwing out more confusion and lies. I thought maybe she had been abused and that would explain why she's the way she is but now it looks like that theory is out of the window.

Anyway I'll stop banging on now, I just thought it was worth noting.

Saged for samefagging.

No. 323688

Anon you aren't wrong. This is actually useful information as everything else has made it seem like her and her family just don't contact each other and want nothing to do with each other. But then she comes out with this funny story about her, mama, and sis having a gay old time together. Kind of odd to reconnect and get in each other's good graces just because they found lolcow.

Thing is, we can't do much with this little blip of info at the moment. Give it time, I'm sure the rest of the pieces to this one will come out eventually.

No. 323689

I wish someone would time stamp this shit, honestly I'm 2 hours in and not much interesting has happened other than the spreading of cancer. What a bunch of fucking morons holy shit.

No. 323712

Someone in the comments of the video posted the time of when Joy appears and when they start discussing Joy's shite.
For future folk who don't want to scroll, they start discussing Joy at about 1 hr 37 mins, going by the comment I read.

No. 323872

File: 1496010471203.png (62.99 KB, 447x584, IMG_1540.PNG)

Saged for OT.
Her channel tags are so random and fucking hilariously the complete opposite of her actual content posted.

No. 323888


Not sure where it pulled those channel tags. The actual channel tags are

<meta name="keywords" content="&quot;Copper Toxicity&quot; &quot;Heavy metal poisoning&quot; Fibromyalgia Onision IUD paragard &quot;paragarrd IUD&quot; mirena &quot;mirena IUD&quot; sociopath &quot;borderline personality disorder&quot; gaslighting &quot;gas lighting&quot; narcissist Lainey Laineybot">"

&quot = quotation marks. keywords are separated by spaces.

Which plug-in is that?

No. 323927

No. 323996

File: 1496016891438.png (91.97 KB, 612x568, ciz1sVY.png)

Read from bottom up. All at Nick Mon.

I'm betting that she has nothing and before "the case is over and the children are safe" she'll claim they all magically apologized so she's not releasing any of the "receipts" because she wants to protect the privacy of her friends.

No. 324012

I've noticed that she often says things like "I gave you the opportunity to own up and apologize" like she's done absolutely nothing. It comes across as controlling and not a genuine want/need to make things better. Especially the "I gave you" like she's granting people the privilege to appease her.

No. 324023

Nicks just as bad her and lying about a few things but it's hilarious that her little minions are nowhere to be found in the comments sticking up for her

No. 324039


OMG.. Nick is leading this cow through the milk shed big time! This is so funny! She spewed her garbage in public, but now wants to take it private to emails? WTF?

No. 324042


> her little minions are nowhere to be found

it's after 9pm.. past their bed time :D

No. 324044

File: 1496020824461.png (53.34 KB, 600x372, FHCxTLn.png)

We need to create a catalog of her excuses.

No. 324049

File: 1496021021325.png (54.9 KB, 609x378, IX76w6K.png)

I officially hate Nick for holding back on milk!

No. 324052

File: 1496021223842.png (129.42 KB, 504x834, SSN1fQ0.png)

Someone needs to smack that fox :D

She's so desperate to get in last word that she can't seem to stop herself. And, now she throws out "It'll all make sense later when I show muh evadunce!"

No. 324053

File: 1496021399717.gif (499.37 KB, 500x246, giphy.gif)

>i like everything that comes this way

No. 324054

"wishing them well and happy"

"i'll pray for you"

No. 324059

She truly can't stfu. She has no impulse control.

I swear Nick, Chambers, and Joy are all just the same. This feud is making them all look dumb as hell, and I love it.

No. 324077

File: 1496023746032.png (135.62 KB, 1233x320, p5vg0GZ.png)


Just watched a video repeating the claim that Kati Marie Smith earns $15k/mo from YouTube. This is not true, please STOP using this false information.

The $15k/mo came from socialblade.com ( https://socialblade.com/youtube/channel/UCObCOwqrwbBKVwL_VivgYUQ ) pic of current status to the side for reference. In the past, her estimated monthly earnings was higher and at $15k. SocialBlade creates estimates based on a range of POTENTIAL earnings/1000 views (CPM). The default is the range of $0.25 to $4.00 CPM. EVEN BEFORE the adpocolypse, the average YouTuber was earning around $1.25 CPM. A PewdiePie type would be earning $4 or even higher CPM. But, a newbie, nothing YouTuber like Spergleberry would have been in the $1.25 range.

After adpocolypse, she claimed she was making 25% of her original earnings. So, that puts her at probably $0.35 CPM. So, for 100K views, she would earn roughly $35 [ calculation is ( Total Views / 1000 ) x $0.35 ].

In addition to her ad views revenue, she would also be earning from anyone who has a YouTube Red subscription and happens to watch her videos. YouTube Red subscriptions are not the majority of most people's earnings.

Also, SocialBlade does not pay anyone, it is basically ESTIMATING her ad revenue earnings based on view counts. So, the values on SocialBlade are not added on top of anything. The values are estimates of what her Goolgle ad revenues are.

PLEASE STOP SAYING SHE IS EARNING $15k/MO. There is plenty of other real issues with this cow, no need to keep following bad information.


No. 324093

You forgot based lol to add the shitpot

No. 324094

File: 1496024561301.png (182.8 KB, 582x406, IB2CZ2F.png)

Joysus retweeted this…

So… has this been her plan all along… to implode the lolcow universe through hypocrisy so extreme that it sucks the entire universe into a black hole of stupidity?

No. 324102

Well no wonder she can afford to own Special Spaces if she's making 15K a month. I hope AussieGuyShano makes a video about it.

No. 324109


Reported for pushing false information. (see here: >>324077 )

Either learn to put indication of snark, or these spergleberry posts will be reported.>>324102

No. 324111

You guys are really starting out this thread with a shit load of paranoia.

Obvious sarcasm is obvious.

No. 324118

File: 1496026673462.png (300.44 KB, 1641x1033, BStags.png)

The channel tags I got with TubeBuddy

Copper Toxicity,Heavy metal poisoning,Fibromyalgia,Onision,IUD,paragard,paragarrd IUD,mirena,mirena IUD,sociopath,borderline personality disorder,gaslighting,gas lighting,narcissist,Lainey,Laineybot

It's all about her illness and Onision
and then there's this part:

>sociopath,borderline personality disorder,gaslighting,gas lighting,narcissist

I doubt she's this self-aware and she probably meant them to describe Onision but they also describe her and her channel pretty well.

>It may be tempting to use popular terms or names in the description or tags to increase views but if your metadata includes names or words unrelated to your video, you may receive a strike and your video will be removed

She says she does a keyword search for the most popular terms for the main topic of her video but the problem with that is that it includes names or things that have nothing to do with her video, thus breaking YouTube TOS. In the pic you can see tags for 4 different videos and they all include names that have nothing to do with her video at all. Putting "Onision Blaire White" on an Onision video is still a violation if Blaire White is never mentioned.

The "Re: Forced Positivity" video is a response to pewdiepie's video and I watched the entire thing to make sure, she never mentions Onision or his channels. This BEFORE she started doing that keyword search thing, you can see she purposely added "Onision, Onision Speaks, UhOhBro" to the tags even though the video has nothing to do with him.

The other video "Onision Attacks Eugenia Cooney Pt 3…" is about Onision and Eugenia Cooney (she does mention Trisha Paytas once in passing so I'm letting the Trisha Paytas tags go.) This is another instance of her purposely adding names that don't belong but this time it's after she started doing the keyword search thing. At the bottom you can see she added Blaire White and Laineybot even though neither are mentioned in the video. Their names are not associated with any other keywords, she had to intentionally add them herself, it wasn't just what came up in a keyword search and she copied & pasted. The other names she added, (which may or may not be from a keyword search) Blaire White, Taylor, Lainey, Jaclyn Glen, & Social Repose all have absolutely nothing to do with this video. She's just using all these people's names in an attempt to get views despite them not being mentioned in any way in the video, again breaking the YouTube TOS.

There was a conversation on Twitter >>323208 about her using questionable tags on her video about the Andy Warski interview. I checked today and she did finally remove "Andy Warski gay" from the tags. While doing this fixes that ONE video, it doesn't fix the overall problem of her repeatedly violating the TOS by including things in her tags that don't belong there.

No. 324125

thanks Nick, but we can follow without you boosting yourself.

No. 324130


That was me, good farmer. You can ask admins to check but these are also me:


I'm not Nick. Today was fun to watch, but I'm not a NickFanBoi either.

No. 324138

While most of us may have recognized >>324102 as obvious sarcasm, not everyone is going to pick up on it, and as you can see this anon >>324108 didn't get the joke. The reason they are so paranoid is because Joy and her little crew of idiots have been taking our snark seriously, the most blatant example in the last thread was when they took an obvious bit of sarcasm and turned it into "OMG lolcow anons are posting death threats? Hey everyone, I'm getting death threats now!"

No. 324147


Is it possible she got those threats from somewhere else besides here? Lolcow is a great place for information but I wouldn't call it the only source that those may have come from.

No. 324156

She specifically referenced lolcow posting death threats in a livestream the same day that comment was posted. She never mentioned getting death threats before that. However, here was another stream within the last couple days where someone asked her why she blocked young girls who idolized her and she said she blocks them because she has to, because they threaten to "slit her throat and come fuck up roommates life." Again this was all mentioned in the last thread, #5. I suggest new people read it so they can get caught up.

No. 324160

Considering her tendency to take petty circumstances and inflate them into something enormous I'm going to believe she's lying, as she so often does. If she received any real death threat she would make damn sure everyone on the internet saw it.

She started claiming death threats were made hours after a comment was posted jokingly saying she needs to die.

No. 324161

Yeah I've thought of that too, nobody knows what she receives and to that it was one comment seems foolish imo. I think a lot of drama youtubers receive nasty emails and comments

No. 324163


Death Threats are not legal in her state or anywhere in the US. Soooo… show the police report Joysus or GTFO.

No. 324166

Oh she loves to conflate shit. In one stream she said that people by extension were making fun of Cody by BasedMama saying "She could go die in a fire for all I care." because this is something the kid said a lot in the Do5 videos. So anyone who uses that expression is mocking Cody, somehow.

I love that stream where all those people saw right through her bullshit and called her on it. No wonder she won't do group chats anymore. Does this mean Geektulu or whatever has finally jumped ship too or..?

And sorry farmers, but I think you guys are trying really, really hard to have something to say when it comes to the tagging thing. I guess it breaks the ToS, sure, but it seems kind of desperate. I know milk is dry right now but …I guess I'll wait for something more damning than off topic tagging.

No. 324171

I fucking loved that vid. She got BTFO. Nah I think Geekthulu is still up her ass trying to benefit from her subs. I tried giving him a chance, but he's proven himself to be a cuck time and time again.

No. 324173

File: 1496030348042.png (13.95 KB, 404x90, UAlI2U0.png)


Psychopaths are only estimated to be 3% of the population and it's disputed if it is a genuine mental disorder since CEOs like the guy that buried Enron are considered examples. On the other end, combined with aggression, you get serial killers like Ted Bundy who not only killed, but had sex with their corpses long after they were dead.

I'm beginning to wonder if Kati is an example of psychopathy combined with low intelligence?

SAGE FOR SPECULATION (for the Joytards in the group)

No. 324179

File: 1496030861922.png (108.07 KB, 616x752, wLfzhNX.png)

SOoo… Joysus is officially contagious. Tipster Gamming who said he was out of it… SOooo out of it that he posted pics of DMs with Angel earlier today to show he's out of the drama and going back to his gaming stuff… is now complaining about the drama again!

This is beginning to look like that zombie fungus that infects ants and causes them to self destruct so it can plant its spores in their dead carcass.

No. 324180

Nah, nothing that complex. She's just an immature woman with very little self awareness, and a low-average IQ.

No. 324182

She'd probably just respond to that the way she did in the Geekthulu livestream "I'm so depressed, I don't value my life right now, I want to die anyway."

Her biggest pathology seems to be pathological liar aka unapologetic bullshitting

No. 324184

At one point Failure Accomplished made a brutal remark on her always wearing sweatpants, and she responded in the most inappropriately overblown way possible. Something like,

"Yeah well life is hard when you have a terminal illness and all you want is to die all the time."

Followed by complete awkward silence.

No. 324195


Nah, Cuckthulhu is still firmly planted up her ass. In that stream of his she was on the other day, every time Tonka or someone else would challenge her on something he'd interrupt to try change the subject, to the extent I think it was even annoying Joy.


I know we all armchair psychoanalyse Joy, but this doesn't sound right to me. I don't think Joy is of abnormal intelligence, I think she's pretty average, nothing remarkable. And I remember listening to a psychologist podcast ages ago about ASPD, in which one of the doctors said that high intelligence psychopaths tend to be law abiding and gravitate towards business and management, wheread low intelligence ones are the ones that become serial killers and career criminals. I believe it was this episode of Psychology in Seattle podcast iirc: https://youtu.be/tCeE2Q4BTNM

My armchair opinion of Joy's condition is Histrionic Personality Disorder. I had a best friend in college who was basically exactly like her, and that was her diagnosis. Pathological liar, faked illness for attention, BPD-ish rages and angst over perceived betrayals, delusions of grandeur, that kind of shit.

No. 324198

File: 1496033158093.png (42.71 KB, 600x259, uzmie5h.png)

If this is true, that Rose is emailing her behind the scenes and fine with Joysus… that really does make you wonder about Rose's decision making skills. If it were my kids, the only thing Joysus would hear from me is VERY LOUD and VERY PUBLIC demands that every video with my kids in them were removed from her channel immediately. I can't imagine what those kids will have to face every time their class mates stumble across those videos.

No. 324203


You'd still be beating your kids for views, not worrying about what anyone else thinks

No. 324206


Are you saying that Rose beat the kids? What the hell?

No. 324208

I would diagnose her with spoiled, lazy, selfish bitch. And that's the kindest way I can phrase it.

No. 324209

File: 1496034085128.jpg (38.66 KB, 1210x358, DA-AiSQUwAAR_ay.jpg large.jpg)

No. 324210

File: 1496034176747.png (107.03 KB, 605x589, v3VAQOs.png)


more context

No. 324211

I can't believe any mother would allow those humiliating and extremely personal videos to remain posted without raising hell. Rose is fucked in the head for having anything to do with Joy, who has proven that she has no compassion for children or vulnerable people.

No. 324216

File: 1496035244682.png (105.3 KB, 640x756, IMG_0686.PNG)

Wow. Glad someone is putting Joy in her place. At the same time, though, Nick is a major creep. Would not hang out with/10

No. 324217

best way to fight cancer is with blasts of radiation

No. 324235

No definitely not the same. This is Kansas City, Kansas. She's from Kansas City, Missouri and from what we've determined she actually lives in Norman, Oklahoma right now. Besides, Katie, Marie & Smith are all extremely common names it's not hard for there to be several in one large city. Her legal name seems to be Kati spelled with an 'i', however, and while that is a little less common it's not unreasonable for there to be more than one Kati Marie Smith in Missouri or Oklahoma. When we find something on 'Kati Marie Smith' we try to make sure there is more than just the name linking it to her. As for the age, she had been saying she is 32 whenever asked but in a recent livestream she said she was 33. Maybe I missed it but I hadn't heard that she had a birthday recently, I could be wrong about that.

No. 324250

Allowing those videos to remain resulted in a $600 donation to Rose's gofundme and Joy has promised more to come (who knows if that will really happen but Rose probably believes her) I don't know how hard up Rose is for money but from what I've heard fighting to regain custody of her kids has been expensive even though the lawyer is representing her pro bono, mostly because she has had to take off from her job to stay in a hotel in another state for an indeterminate amount of time minus a regular income. From what Chambers said on the livestream with Based Mama & Rose the gofundme has stalled due to speculation Chambers is taking money from it for her own use (Rose made it a point to say this is definitely not true.) Perhaps Rose really isn't happy about the videos showing her children being abused and does plan to ask Joy to take them down eventually but for the time being she is making the difficult choice to allow the videos to remain up and play nice with Joy, regardless of how she actually feels about her, so that the donations keep coming and she can continue to fight for custody. It may be "blood money" in a sense but I think she values getting her kids back over all else and will do whatever is necessary to make sure that happens.

sage for speculation

No. 324267

I kind of think that Rose's recent change of heart is probably because her and Chambers are pretty tight. She probably was taking the same route Chambers was up until recently, trying to stay out of it and be chill/not say anything to stir the pot. Rose seems to have changed her tone since Joy fucked Chambers over again, and I think that was probably the last straw for Rose.

If it was me, I would've lost my shit the moment Joy went behind my back and got info from a leak in the courtroom - which she admitted in that stream with Geekthulhu the other day. Bitch was already getting her inside scoop from Tim and still went ahead and shoved her potato nose into the court. Rose should've lost her shit at that disrespect and never looked back.

Seems Chambers reads these threads: yo, tell Rose she can file privacy complaints on all the videos that feature her children if/when she wants to, particularly if she or the counselors feel their existence could harm the kid's recovery.

No. 324270


Rose has spoken about being in receipt of disability benefits as she is unable to work due to her mental health condition.

In the UK any additional income you receive while in receipt of benefits would effect your eligibility, is it the same in the USA?

Hopefully the lawyer has found a way round this & that could delay things.

Saved for further speculation.

No. 324317


Yes. In the US there are two types of disability. One is based on your prior work. So, if you were earning $100k/yr and were suddenly disabled, your income would be based on that prior earnings. In that system, EARNED income is counted, so if you start earning more than about $1k/mo you go into a review to see if you're still disabled. BUT that is only for EARNED income. Getting handed something from GoFundMe is not earned income.

The other disability is "needs tested" and if your disability/income is less than roughtly $1k/mo you qualify for supplemental disability (SSI) of roughly $700/mo. Because it's needs tested, they look at everything you have in your accounts or even in vehicles beyond your first car. That is needs tested EVERY MONTH in my state. So, win a lottery for $1k or get handed GoFundMe money, and the SSI is turned off for any month where your available assets (funds) went over the threshold.

No. 324355


I don't even believe that she has these "recent emails" and that's based on her frequent lying, especially about her always claiming to have shown receipts for everything when she very rarely does. In Warski's stream with her, she mentions the patreon deal and the email response from them, and adds that Patreon said "you're good, we like you" then told Andy that she will send him the receipts. The email she tweeted never said "we like you" so it goes to show that she will literally lie about everything. Even if Rose did email her recently, Kati is so fucked up and only sees/hears what she wants.

This applies to her showing Andy her bank statement as well. All he said was he could see that she donated but didn't get further into it. The $600 to Rose's GFM isn't really the concern. It's all the other donations she has claimed to make and there's no way Andy could have confirmed that by looking at a bank statement for a min.

No. 324358

>creates ~90 videos crucifying D05 for posting videos of child abuse for money

>leaves her vids of the same child abuse posted for money

If you use or support the use of the suffering of any child in any way for financial gain don't fucking have kids.

No. 324361

Chambers definitely reads the threads. Anything that could possibly contain a morsel of attention for her she's there, hoping she's important. She's not. Lol

No. 324368


THIS. At this point, Rose can get on a stream , but can't make a public statement denouncing Joy and asking for the videos to be taken down?

And that someone thinks it's because she (Rose) needs the money? ( source: >>324250 )… Um… Do5 himself claimed he did what he did because he needed the money. This makes Rose on the exact same level as D05 himself as far as I'm concerned. Profiting off the abuse of those kids is profiting off their abuse. Joy could have avoided ALL of this shit by just NOT MONETIZING those vides… but she was definitely into it for the money. That Rose would allow it to continue for the money? Wow. Maybe once the spot light is off of them, Rose can stick them on street corners to sell drugs…. for the money.

No. 324369

I never said that was her motivation, I made it very clear I was just speculating on possible motives for her not asking for the videos to be taken down. Another possible reason may be that she doesn't like confrontation or doesn't want to start a big war over it, who knows. It has been pointed out that she contacted Chambers because Joy's videos had begun to concern her. Rose has seen the way Joy has vilified Chambers, Based Mama and Nick, people she used to say were friends. Perhaps she is afraid of also being drug through the mud if she confronts Joy and what possible effect that could have on her custody case. Again, this is just speculation. I have no idea what's going on in Rose's head because she's kept fairly quiet and that might have been the best route to take for the situation, we don't know the whole story.

No. 324384

You have no idea how it words here do you? You speculate something, someone else comes along and highlights your post adding the word fact, thus turning your speculation into a known fact.

No. 324386


Or some may find it repugnant that Rose is now going on live streams (even asks to go on them per Based Moma), but can't be arsed to put an end to this aspect of Joy's drama whoring by making a simple public statement.

No. 324388

Two days ago in the Warski video, Sperglebutt said she was going to put the associated YouNow livestreams in her Spurpinkle Bow channel. Has anyone seen it up anywhere… Is Joysus pulling yet another "I have the receipts, I'll show them" then just move on w/out actually showing anything? That's weird, because how hard is it to put up two videos when you just need to download from one place and upload to another? (She says she'll put it up and have links everywhere at the 5 min mark in the video.)

No. 324393



No. 324394

File: 1496067744513.png (159.72 KB, 807x799, H6B2hBf.png)

On a side note… as a PR professional, Kati Marie Smith has managed to really do a great job on her own reputation. Hehehehe… maybe she needs to hire the Falston Group to fix this if she ever wants to hold a job again.

No. 324398

That's actually terrifying. She better hope she becomes a big YouTuber, and that it starts paying again because otherwise she will be forced to continue mooching off roommate for the rest of her life.

No. 324399

Are you kidding? Either roommate will get married or his fiance will start interrogating him about letting a fat crazy adult woman mooch off of him, whichever comes first. I would LOVE to see what happens when she's homeless, that could go so many entertaining ways. Karma is a bitch, right?

>inb4 "they want me to be homeless and dead"

No. 324401


She could have been set for life with Joshie, but she blew that one. Leonard French has been publicly caterwauling online for a mate… maybe she'll lock him in. :P

(I'm actually happy that Joshie got out of the cult. He seems genuine and like a nice person.)

No. 324403


Even if it does start paying in general… I'm going to go out on a limb and say advertisers are not likely to want to advertise on content riddled with profanity that would make truck drivers and long shore workers blush. This woman takes foul language to nuclear levels. She has a larger vocabulary for vaginas than anyone I've ever seen.

No. 324404

I'm surprised she doesn't already have a sob story about having to sleep in her car for 5 years, and live off the land hunting squirrels and large grubs.

Is Joshey the weird guy who offered to let her stay at his house, and begged to fix her car? Red flag!

No. 324407

She thinks it makes her look tough and like one of the guys when she says shit like "Don't get your dick in a twist" and "Come at me Puss" Makes me cringe so hard. >2edgy4me

No. 324408

You're reading too in to it. She's just white trash.

No. 324413

I have a really petty confession that I feel kinda bad about concerning why I first stopped liking her. I have all my proper reasons that are to do with her behaviour and views and I've been following these threads since they started.
But I have this petty reason which is that I had this totally different idea of her when she did her very first videos, the ones of just her face. So when she did the full body ones and she was older and fatter than I had been expecting I felt a bit duped in a way. (I'd thought she was a sort of wee cute tomboy sort around my age who was passionate but not in a crazy obsessive way.) Now, there us no reason for those things to make me feel negatively, but they did. I have nothing against people her age (I think she's about 8 years older than myself?) or heavier people but the inconsistency between how I thought she was and how she actually was rubbed me the wrong way for some reason I can't quite put my finger on.

Hopefully she won't use this as 'people hate me because I'm not young and skinny and beautiful!!!!' because the legit reasons I have against her are far more important than this one. It's just that this one was sort of the spark that caused me to initially think bad of her and thus find out about what was ACTUALLY bad about her.

No. 324416

Or Joy could be lying about getting recent emails from Rose, maybe she did send an email or two at first but ceased contact after she started getting concerned. Maybe Rose is too nice a person to call Joy out for lying and just doesn't want to publically embarrass her, especially after Joy told everyone under the sun how much she cares about Cody & Emma and how much work she put into trying to help her & her kids. (seen from Rose's perspective, not mine) Now, for the idiots who have trouble discerning what could and maybe mean, this is just speculation.

I feel incredibly sorry for anyone else with the same name as her trying to compete with her bullshit for Google ranking, geez. When I googled my name I only found one other person in the entire world with my same first and last name and although they are mildly famous I have the better Google ranking :)

No. 324429

She has said she lived in her car in the SJW Rant video. At 5:30 she says "You are talking to someone who has lived in ghettos, in trailer parks, in their car, alone. I have been homeless more times in my adult and in my later teenage years than I have been housed."

No. 324436

Go figure! LMAO

No. 324438

Wonder what she considers "homeless" and does her current situation count based on her criteria?

No. 324441


These attention/sympathy seeking types always have very wide criteria for what constitutes 'homeless'.

No. 324448

Holy shit, if I googled a potential employee and found that I have some serious reservations even giving the person an interview (well, I might out of curiosity) but one look at the kind of stuff she puts on her channel and no thank you, lady you seem to have issues. Maybe she's banking on the channel making it big or thinking she'll never work again because she's so "ill" why does it matter. Or if she does ever need a job, maybe she's just hoping she can talk her way out of it "I was a successful YouTuber, they all have forums dedicated to hating them, it's all lies & petty observations."

No. 324463

She'll have to change her name, no amount of "unapologetic bullshitting" would get any employer to offer her a job. She pretty much seems to be able to become whatever the situation needs her to be anyway,or rather what she thinks they need her to be, so a name change wouldn't bother her.

No. 324468

Most applications and background checks have a section to put previously used names. So even if she changed her name she would still be fucked. She could always lie on the application but the background check would pull up her old name from he social security number.

No. 324480


Actually… as a potential employer… you just quietly slide it into the "rejected folder" and never acknowledge it… even if the position has to go unfilled for months. That sort of Google result screams Lawsuit Waiting To Happen on so many levels. You would not want this person anywhere in or near your offices for any reason.

No. 324482

Oh but according to her employers don't check on you if you give a stellar interview. She said her resume had only been checked twice in 10 years, maybe she's hoping that's still a thing in the future.

No. 324484


Well, if you're hiring a chimp to stand around a car swap for a day handing out food products… I could see them not giving a shit what is on your "resume" as long as you show up and don't spit on the customers.

No. 324485

And even if she somehow was hired, a coworker would eventually end up googling her. Just out of curiosity or because of the tall tales she spews. Then it would the subject of gossip and it would get around. Then, the company would just need to find an excuse to get rid of her. Maybe get rid of her position or suddenly take it's own rules seriously when, in the past, they haven't. Maybe engineer some sort of dispute to make her react.

That would be a shame.

No. 324506

Saged for OT.
That's bullshit. As a business owner I've never not at least google searched/social media searched a potential employee. Given I only own a bar and restaurant and the only positions I do full background checks for are management positions.
I've been burned quite a few times in the past by employees that nailed their interview so I can't imagine what it's like for employers in the line of work she thinks she's qualified for.

No. 324517

Well who knows how inaccurate her resume >>323229
is but it shows her having a lot of different positions in a short amount of time with 7 different positions listed for 2013 alone. I don't know about you but for me this would raise some serious red flags. While some appear to be at the same places, it looks like she has either quit and gone back & forth between businesses or she was promoted in the same company and the resume weirdly jumps around in time. ….or it's all a poorly crafted lie. I have trouble believing an employer would see this resume and not want to do a background check at the very least.

No. 324521


It's because they are all Craigslist temp jobs. The kind that are for a specific purpose and once that objective is met, the position is no longer required. Like, for a specific event.

It's funny how this puffery is from the bottom of the barrel positions. You answered some ad on Craigslist and suddenly you are a Marketing manager. lol. Bitch cray cray.

No. 324523

Same poster from >>324506
Absolutely if I saw her resume with 7 jobs in one year I would toss it right into the round file.

Saged for OT.

No. 324602

File: 1496084173289.jpg (91.41 KB, 649x797, philresume.jpg)

This is the super fantastic & amazing resume she made up for Phil. She put 8 imaginary marketing and field manager jobs for 2008 and 3 touring manager jobs for 2009 while he was seemingly able to hold down a long-term asst. manager job at Publix from 2006 to 2011 at THE SAME TIME! Even if this was physically possible to pull off, as unlikely as that seems, I'd question why someone had 9 jobs in one year, especially if these are all manager level jobs. She also did this for the other long-term job listed, giving him 2 extra "marketing management" jobs in 2005 while holding down an asst. manager job at Kroger from 2005-2006. This resume is practically beating you over the head to make you notice there's something really wrong here. Good that Phil was smart enough to have not gone along with this pitiful charade. I don't know how Kati managed to get hired anywhere with resume writing skills like these. Maybe that's why she kept having to work those Craigslist temp jobs that don't usually ask for one.

No. 324618


Speaking of "PhilS": His recent video.. hell all of his recent videos and many of his recent tweets are extremely condescending. Most of us agree that those who went apeshit wild with the Special Spaces things are fucking idiots. Let the fools make fools of themselves and let it go. Who appointed this guy leader-of-those-going-after-Kati? He's acting like the finger wagging school teacher and that shit is getting old. Kati-much? Maybe stop being so condescending. It was getting old a while ago.

sage for o/t but on topic.

No. 324622

Why do I think that 90% of posts are by Phil?

No. 324624


His posts tend to be self-congratulating and lecturing at the same time. Because you know he's the leader of the anons, etc. As of today it appears he's having a shit throwing fest with Kimmycat over on YouTube. It's hilarious. He's pointing out the idiocy in others while doing so in the most idiotic way possible. Nothing like saying "you guys are making stupid mistakes!!" by starting drama with Kimmycat of all people. durp!

No. 324628

What's his Twitter and YT?

>keep it Joy related

Sweatpants, pizza, needs conditioner

No. 324633


twitter: ThatPhillipSGuy
youtube: NichiStateum

The video "Let's talk about recent events" (long) is him lecturing the people who ran with the Special Spaces thing. And he's right, sure, but you'll see how ridiculous it is. KimmyCat rants about this video in her "the special spaces debunk.." video. Phil's recent video, also ridiculously long (what's new?) shows him lecturing some more and KimmyCat responded with one or two more videos. Drama from the speshul side of Youtube.

I love it every time he says in a video or tweets something like "just because we both dislike Kati doesn't mean we're gonna be friends!!". Because we're all dying to be your friend, Phil!

Joy related: 90's sales rack walmart shrugs in every color imaginable, Subway, and a quote: "diarrhea makes me lose weight."

No. 324637


Daymn. Never seen such a shitty CV in my life. Just looking at it makes my eyes hurt. Clearly, Joy knows all about marketing - especially self marketing!

No. 324646

No one else found his Twitter page dedicated to Kati with 500 tweets a day odd? He's had some valid points but when he tries to tell you he's not obsessed it's hard to keep your eyes from rolling right out of your head.

No. 324647

I can't remember if I've said this already (I checked and didn't see anything so), but this has been driving me crazy. I was in the Chamber/Aussie chat that day, and the only reason Dom was brought up is because the chat brought up the rumor that he doesn't exist, and Chambers began co-signing. People in the chat said that he does exist and you can see him in one of Kati's videos. Iirc, the way Chambers was talking she just wanted to see the picture as confirmation that roommate is an actual human and not just something Joy is making up. Said she's need to see it to believe it.

So because of >>320487 Joy has latched onto some shit that once again was just pure speculation that was shot down seconds later. You'd at least think that when the cult came here to poke around that they'd read the fucking posts that's directly after it calling it out ass bullshit.

No. 324649

Lol agreed. Though he has valid points Phil is a lolcow himself

No. 324651

I thought he was mentioned because chambers speculated in stream that he could have been in the courtroom

No. 324653

No. I was there as well (not the same poster as >>324647) and Chambers had simply asked if anyone knew if a picture of roommate aka Dom existed. Someone ran to Joy when they saw >>320487 and due to that ONE post Joy went apeshit. You can see her bring this up three times in these videos >>323343 ..the post even highlights where she goes apeshit over this rumor in the video. Not the first time she went apeshit about this btw.

But this has been covered already guys, please let's not rehash this again.

No. 324656

Yeah, he can be a bit peculiar but I still like Phil. I can see why other anons would have a bit of an issue with him though.

No. 324659

Well, he lives for drama, and where there is none he creates it. Anyone who could tolerate Joy for ten years has problems themselves.

No. 324665

No one appointed me leader of anything. Including me. I am not a leader of anything. I'm not anything close to a big deal, let alone interesting. I see things, I point them out, and people like or don't like them from there because hello, that's the way of the world.
I don't think I really said anything in that video that wasn't stated on these boards outright. As far as me personally? Again, nothing major here. As per my own vid "I'm just a dude in front of a webcam, that's it."
I don't know. You could probably ask Kati that same question.
What's weird is, even though I keep telling folks it doesn't apply to the community as a whole, people still don't get it. I certainly don't think everyone's 'dying to be my friend' Good lord. And again, as I outright said..some people that don't like Joy..like Aussie and Jamie..and so on..these people are FLIPPING MENTAL. During my philposting bit, other anons even stated" Be careful who you talk to, so your message doesn't get distorted/skewed." Not every person that hates Kati is going to be together upstairs. Those people i'm not going to get along with. If this doesn't fully clarify that, I don't know what to tell you. (I also spelled this out for Kimmy, but apparently it somehow is all about her and everyone is out to get her. )

Gee, its almost like certain people came from Kimmy's page..fine, I had something to say about your 'idol' but Kimmyfans = Joyfans.
How? With what? For the most part I was silent after, aside from that Parody vid. Even my livestreams after all that is aside….we do other things. We spend the rest of the night with Jackbox gaming. I simply called someone out on their shit that could have been avoided if they read two short comments.

But apparently being silent for days is living for and creating drama? Spelling out interactive positive things I want to do with my channel is creating drama? You have a really strange definition of these things.

Sage for eye roll.

No. 324666


This wasn't predictable.

No. 324668

I wonder how long before we get a Phil post explaining in detail how great he is. We still like you Phil, your a great source of information. ah, he beat me to it. kek

No. 324682

File: 1496093465629.png (87.93 KB, 626x582, IMG_0687.PNG)

Geekthulu, you pathetic little beta bitch boy. Even your friends hate this cow. White knighting isn't getting you laid. Lmao ..

Actually, it might as long as you provide her a place to live, food to eat, and drive her around. So, proceed.

No. 324709

Or Nick has a crush going on Phil. This isn't the first time Nick's gone apeshit on someone and made an ass of himself. He's got the right target but the brain power of AussieGuyShano

No. 324716

Or we put both in a cage match and watch who comes out more obsessive, the winner gets an autographed pic of Kati holding a dildo

No. 324717

I know. He's a nerd who thinks he's a big guy. At least he serves his purpose of entertaining his audience.

No. 324720

seems like everyone who ever associates with Kati is a drama queen themselves. she's bringing out the petty in everyone and it's not a good look. i get it, calling her out feels good because she's pretty predictable and obvious at this point. it's like you snap your fingers and find a fuckup. but see how her threads always seem to get derailed with all the name dropping? it's cuz Kati can't keep anyone's name out of her mouth for a second. it's pretty funny to witness. sage for no1curr

No. 324724

You messed up the quote, should be "diarrhea makes me gain weight"

If that's all it was why did she say it was SO "important? It's not hard to tell Kati has a human living with her, not sure what a picture would prove. I doubt very much he's her best friend/nursemaid who does all these nice things for her but he does exist.

Another example why the anons in this thread are so paranoid their posts will be misinterpreted and twisted into something else. The Joytards don't seem to understand what speculation and sarcasm are.

In this case, he made one video complaining about people jumping the gun by making videos about the special spaces rumor without checking its validity first. Kimmycat sees this video and incorrectly assumes it's about her so she posts some nasty comments towards Phil. Phil replies trying to explain & clear it up but she still proceeds to make a video just sperging the fuck out on him, cursing & spitting like a cat dunked in water. In response, he made a rather harsh video cutting ties with her because his initial attempt to clear up the misunderstanding was ignored. It seemed like a logical course of action to me, the video may have been a little long and preachy but its purpose was to stop drama rather than create it. Now if he continued to respond with comments or videos poking at Kimmycat then you could make a strong case he's seeking out drama but so far that doesn't seem to be his motivation.

No. 324727

There's a more effective way of dealing with trouble making people than making a video cutting ties with them. It's to cut ties with them without making a video.

No. 324729

I'm calling it now: Nick's next stalking victim is Kati and Phil switches sides to defend her honour, then they all reconcile and become a polyamorous threeway and live shittily-ever-after in BasedMamas trailer park making seven hour live streams and collecting Roses' donation bucks

/sage for speculation

No. 324736

Oh God I'm crying

No. 324737

Yeah. The logical side of my brain screwed up the quote because the original quote makes zero sense.

Phil, you're writing paragraph long arguments all over the comments on kimmycat's videos. You're making long videos about idiots that you should just stop acknowledging. Let it go. Making videos to and about those idiots just encourages them some more. You know this.

Shhh. You're not the boss of the non-existant anti-kati brigade. Shhhhhhh.

No. 324743

HA. Funny idea for a sitcom. I'd absolutely support that as a parody cartoon or something. But no, in real life terms..it will be a cold day in hell before I switch sides and support Kati ever again. And if the cold day in hell arrives, I still won't go down that road. That bridge is burned….but…thank you for the laugh! I think for that kind of a sitcom i'd throw in a patreon for a dildo startup or a recurring gag involving…I don't know…soft shelled tacos. Or llamas. There you go, everyone gets eaten by a llama in the end named Geronimo. There also needs to be a shark with horse legs in a bomber jacket, and a hamster that thinks it is a pimp.

Totally agree. I absolutely dropped the ball there, lesson learned, done with that. If trying to reason with them once didn't work, it won't work further. I'm done with it, and i've told people in the comments to lay off it as well. And i'll take that as a lesson going forward, too.

I don't want to be a boss of any brigade, LOL. NOPE NOPE NOPE, forget that.

No. 324755

How dare you, don't you know I'm the boss of the non-existent anti-Kati brigade? We have 35 chapters in 22 states now!

Do I really have to point out this is sarcasm? Yes, probably.

No. 324768

File: 1496099194916.jpg (31.07 KB, 901x166, barfbucket.jpg)

not sure if i should grab a bucket of popcorn

or a bucket to puke in.

No. 324772

I wonder how many 'rumours' covered will be one off speculations taken the wrong way and blown out of proportion, seeing as that's what they all have been so far.

No. 324800

Hmm I don't like Kati and I think she gets what she deserves as for what she puts out but watching this drama unfold I can't help but see the 'game' and manipulation being played by nick and based mama not too sure how involved chambers is right now. Makes me question some things I guess.

I'm just curious watching this play out.

No. 324810

Yeah they're definitely stirring shit up. That's why they're no better than her. But don't make the mistake of feeling sorry for her. Because as soon as you do she will do something else vile and disturbing to make you dislike her again. That's what happened with me anyway.

No. 324831

File: 1496104380042.jpg (607.67 KB, 578x1313, N87KsBR.jpg)


I had a feeling that she was referring to the whole keyword thing and lo and behold… she's deleted all the keywords but her own username.


No. 324833


correction: some still have keywords (like the andy warski video)

but she did edit them.

No. 324847


I hear ya, anon. All three of them are manipulative. Chambers is definitely a cow - just look at her twitter. Anytime she's mentioned whether it be here or over on Kiwi, she gets excited & posts a screenshot of it on twitter with some sort of (non) witty line. She'll probably cum her panties over this post too. Nick has a weird history of stalking chicks online. Just do a search on "PressFartToContinue" and you'll find out he's a whole weirdo unto himself. Nothing like watching 3 lolcows have at it. I can't speak for other anons but I'm not rooting for ANY of them.

No. 324865

She almost looks like a guy. I think I'm sexually attracted to her..

No. 324867


Sometimes, I think I spy a stache. I bet she shaves it. :D

No. 324873

File: 1496107273559.jpg (525.94 KB, 810x2292, Screenshot_20170529-201138.jpg)

I believe this is why she deleted the tags. This user runs in the same circle as Suityourself, and joy kisses his ass, she probably doesn't want to be on his bad side.

No. 324898


Could also have something to do with these posts and how one anon said they reported a video for using 'pedophile' in the tags

No. 324903

If you look at his Twitter page it's not hard to figure out he's a 12 year old sending secret messages to himself kek bed wetters aren't that scary

No. 324906

Why hasn't she posted any vids lately?

No. 325001

Silly anon, she is terminally ill. She needs her Downs time!

No. 325007


April's Ad Revenues would have finally made it's way to her bank account yesterday or the day before… she's probably out shopping for a new bra. (Or we can only hope!)

No. 325107


This is comedy genius!

Saged for adding nothing but lols.

No. 325121

File: 1496137805789.jpg (60.84 KB, 960x720, JSBS.jpg)

How could anyone see everything that has been going on around her & still think she's someone you'd want in your life?!

Like flies around shit.

Saged for being just another enabler.

No. 325150

File: 1496142537363.png (9.27 MB, 3600x2400, Miss_Joyus_Sideshow.png)


Oh… oh dear. I had no idea Nick was PFTC, I must have missed this detail. Crikey. But, part of me is glad this is the kind of person Joy has calling her out on a public platform. Dude is unhinged. No wonder they found each other, they're a match made in heaven.

Joy may be unemployable at this point, but at with her ability to attract cows en mass, she could always become the ringmaster of her own traveling freakshow.

No. 325152


this is fucking fantastic anon I LOVE YOU

No. 325203

Hahaha Nice.

No. 325235

File: 1496153779921.png (106.64 KB, 1080x451, IMG_20170530_151437.png)

Oh for goodness sake!

She is STILL at it.

This needs to stop.

No. 325251


This kind of shit is why people say she constantly perpetuates drama. She can't let shit go. She has to make silly unfunny comments on every criticism thrown her way (whether or not the criticism is based in reality is a whole other issue) but then she acts shocked when people say she's a dramawhore.

No. 325274

Or maybe she's buying more XXL gray sweatpants and a dozen more XXS shrugs in every color of the rainbow

It's already monumentally idiotic for people to turn to YouTubers for help with their life problems like they're some sort of therapist or guidance counselor but how fucked up does this person have to be to think Joy is the best person to get life advice from?

LOL, that's amazing. Love it.

Her at 80 in a state-run nursing home yelling to the nurses: "Don't you know who I am? I own Special Spaces!"

No. 325276


replace 80 with 35
replace nursing home with mental hospital

No. 325279

Not every criticism, just the ones she can easily disprove (and anons already did before she jumped all over it). We all know how she conveniently just doesn't see legitimate criticisms.

No. 325283


It was beyond frustrating to see one of the cult making comments about how whenever she asks for proof people disappear because they have nothing.

Seriously? How selective can you be when reading?! They disappear because Joyous either completely ignores them when they come at her with proof, if she does respond it's to tell them to confront her privately or she blocks them.

How can they not see this?! How?! Wtf is wrong with these people?

No. 325295

File: 1496159922447.png (125.61 KB, 603x639, my0DQ03.png)

And, she continues to be a disgusting person. Imagine that you're a kid who just graduated high school and some old lady on the internet is joking about having raped you? OMG, that has to be totally creepy to be in that kid's position.

No. 325302

File: 1496160258474.jpg (25.71 KB, 480x514, FB_IMG_1491291280304.jpg)


People are going to take everything she says and make it a rumour? The complete lack of self awareness is astounding.

I answered my own question about selective reading.

No. 325330


Wait, is this aimed at her or us?

No. 325334

She's aware the word is going to offend some people but says it anyway. She's so Fucking edgy. It isn't a "rumor" if you actually did it dumbass, that just makes it the truth. And that means you are mocking people who tell the truth because it's such a ridiculous thing to do, right Joy?

She's aware of what she's doing, she can't easily explain something away so she answers with word games, cherry picking or just completely ignores it.

No. 325335

File: 1496162375441.jpg (30.34 KB, 727x131, tablefor1.jpg)

Pity Party! Table for one!

I mean HOLY SHIT you weren't able to release a video for a few days? POOR U

Speaking of "content", this has probably been said before but I'd pay good money to see idubbbz do a Content Cop on Kati.

Pretty sure the anon meant Kati and Kati's fans.

No. 325342

>I'd pay good money to see idubbbz do a Content Cop on Kati.

Regardless of good attention or bad attention if relevant YouTubers make content on her it generates traffic to her channel. People need to stop putting her in the spotlight.

No. 325348

She'd probably cream her nasty drawers if idubbbz acknowledged her, even if it was negative, it's still attention from a huge YouTuber. She's much too irrelevant for him to bother with.

No. 325349

File: 1496163012630.jpg (494.83 KB, 1600x1184, IMG_0338.JPG)

You forgot Phil so I took the liberty

No. 325353

Yeah. I just want to see her humiliated and exposed for her bullshit beyond repair. It's a fantasy u guise.

HAHA excellent!

No. 325362


It's aimed at her and her cult members, anon. It was in reference to the post I made before that at

No. 325368

Another video, another series of lies. "I'm still new!" "I take criticism!" "I didn't realize it could seem like spam!".

And lots of Warski ass kissing.

No. 325376

Latest video…. The Warski Interview … yeah, she's still pushing that interview.

Miss PR Professional had no idea that 9 videos in a day is spammy… cuz… well, just google her name to see what a PR pro she really is. No one before them had pointed it out… Guess that makes MundaneMatt, Mr Repzion, and a shit ton of her commenters no bodies.

She had no idea that spamming videos that exploit tragedy was growing her subscriber count! MAKES definitive statement that ALL funds from videos is going to Rose. She didn't intend it to grow her channel and when she shows stuff LATER(TM) you'll understand.

Plays Bearings' statement that fuck em' keep the money… Neither Bearing or Warskis are aware that she'd previously said she didn't want to make money from child abuse during her Onision days and had said that she wasn't monetizing the Do5 vids at first, then cagey about how much she was earning or that she's had her April earnings report since May 3rd and had not shown how much she earned (the RECEIPTS!) to end the speculation.

You gois… ANYTHING she does could be turned into a rumor and embarrass her new cucks (the Warskis' and Bearing)! People are mean and she has the sadz! She's gonna do what ever the fuck she feels in her heart to do and fuck da cucks! People don't respect her and are not kind to her!

No. 325380

File: 1496164826352.png (128.58 KB, 617x690, N4NIgMy.png)

And… now she's moved up from "nearly raped" (in France) to actually raped. Damn… the universe hates this woman!

Makes is even more sick that she joked about raping a just graduated high school kid.

No. 325381


Oh bullshit. What BULLSHIT. Fuck off Kati.

This bitch wants to get paid for being a professional victim.

No. 325385

File: 1496165117050.png (50.78 KB, 609x347, wc7is8k.png)


I'm guessing Nia is a rape victim. This is responding to her.

Apparently the Internet has sub-basements that allow for new lows all the time.

No. 325386


nothing like rape jokes and mocking the disabled to show what a brilliant sense of humor someone has.

No. 325387

I want to kick her right in the cunt.

No. 325389


You know the Joytards are going to say that's a death threat, right?

SAGE FOR HUMOR (Joytards, it's a joke… yes, there's no rape involved, but adults rarely joke about raping underage boys and girls because we're not old creepy ladies in the Internet trolling for kids as an audience)

No. 325390

Her using humor to cope excuse is such bullshit. What she's doing isn't coping (or humor, for that matter), it's just lololol i raep u so funneh!!1

No. 325392

Alienate the supporters you have left to spite your haters. "Marketing"

You think you're edgy, but really you have no class, taste, intelligence or decorum.

That is what separates George Carlin from Andrew Dice Clay. One says intelligent things using bad words, the other just uses bad words for shock value. You are Andrew Dice Clay.


Remember this post when someone inevitably makes a joke about raping her.

No. 325393

What the actual fuck lol who would confess something like that in a friken twitter comment

No. 325396


No, Kati. Your feelings aren't important here, not if those feelings are 'lol rape hurr duhrr'. People who aren't 13 year old boys tend to know that rape jokes aren't funny.
What people like her don't seem to get is that there are legitimate things to be offended by. They just think 'lulz all the sjw hurt feelingz' as soon as anyone is offended, when it is nothing to do with 'the sjws'.

Kati proving to be OniSheon as per uzh.

No. 325398


I guarantee she will just spout some bs about how she wasn't emotionally ready to tell the world she was raped. But now that she needs it to excuse her "humour" she is suddenly ready to reveal all on Twitter. How convenient.

No. 325399

Reality check: You're a 30 year old woman who calls herself "VoldeQueef" tweeting rape jokes to the world wide web.

Is this what you wanted to be when you grew up?

No. 325420

funny how she berates people for not showing enough "compassion" to her but speaks this way to an alleged rape victim. she's so unbelievably selfish and disgusting.

No. 325421

File: 1496169165865.png (104.09 KB, 631x697, fLvSord.png)

Only 17 videos in the last two weeks… that's not counting how many YouNow streams.

No. 325423

File: 1496169413682.png (956.21 KB, 1358x600, 7WWfzwV.png)


the Receipt!

No. 325427


Wow! In Joyous' warped world 17 videos is almost none!

She's really been playing the sick card today hasn't she.

No. 325430

What an attention whore lmfao

No. 325432

did joy livestream last night

No. 325434


That Nicole has no subscribers to speak of, so why waste her time. There's nothing to be gained.

No. 325437

Yep, a real rape victim got offended so how does she get out of it?? Does she act like an adult, own the mistake and apologize…no? No, she goes with "uh I was raped too guys" to give herself a license to say whatever the hell she wants and if you don't like it that means you hate rape victims, you asshole. Because defending a flippant Twitter response is totally how you reveal to the internet you were raped.

Of course, Joy has the time and energy to give Andy Warski a last minute interview for nearly 2 hours but this girl with 3 Twitter followers and an insignificant YT channel is shit out of luck. Come back when you have enough subscribers for her to mooch off of, honey.

17 videos and how many livestreams in 2 weeks "almost nothing"

No. 325441


Maybe her heads so far up her ass that she has no choice but to view the world through her "poon" … did you ever think of that? Huh? No… cuz your just mean! /s

No. 325450

It is both hilarious and frustrating how much of a blatant lie this is from her. Not very many videos…her saying that…when people can literally go and look up how many videos she has done in her stated amount of time…and see how many there are. It is so easily debunked as an as awful excuse. I can hardly believe it.

No. 325471


- every 12 year old on the internet, ever

"I've been raped, too" smacks of this.

She uses unfalsifiable claims like this quite often.

No. 325472


I agree but at this point she is so confident that her little hive will take whatever shit she spoon feeds them without so much as checking a single thing out, that she just spews the first lie that pops into her head.

And the most frustrating thing is that she is right!

She doesn't care less about what anyone outside her circle think because if we confront her we will be ignored, or it will be turned around onto us with a "oh look, see, they take everything thing I say and twist it" and she will use her previous spamming to back up her bull shittery because 17 compared to 80 is a big drop.

Honestly, it's the most frustrating thing I've ever witnessed.

No. 325494

This livestream is pure insanity

No. 325503

Someone in the chat told people to go to lolcow but it was only the one and nobody responded to it so hopefully it will amount to nothing.

Also, Joy talking about Europe and 'the rapist immigrants' from when she was living in France is annoying. Totally over the top scare stories. I don't want her pontificating on Europe like she's an expert just because she lived there for a bit a decade ago. But, of course, she's an expert on everything, isn't she? Uuuugh.

No. 325511

I really hope someone is recording this stream because she is making so many claims out of her ass

No. 325512

File: 1496178766961.jpg (31.92 KB, 727x131, cuckthulu.jpg)

I haven't been watching, but someone should tell Cuckthulu that streaming with Joy isn't what makes someone a pariah.

Being afraid to ask tough questions and succumbing to her sweet talk is what makes someone both a pariah and a cuck.

For instance, Tonka Saw streamed with Joy. Not a cuck or a pariah. You were there, Cuckthulu, you know what I mean.

No. 325514

I seriously can't figure out how she managed to charm Cuckthulu. Is it some sort of white trash fetish?

No. 325515


you know those rumors about crazy girls in bed, right? they're true.

No. 325516


Nah. Joysus just admitted on her last stream that she's painfully conservative in bed.

She just smells so no one wants to bang her.

No. 325519


Ha. I missed it. What did she say, exactly.

No. 325523


At about 35:00 in on the "JSBS Live Show" recent stream on Youtube. That's where she starts talking about herself and how conservative she is.

A bit before that Geekthulu admits he likes getting his balls stepped on. Cuck confirmed. And Joysus makes a fuckton of rape jokes around this point as well. But, you know, we found out today she was raped so - all good!

No. 325525


Aaaand Tipster Gaming just gave her $10. Cucking it up over here. His "tip note" said she only listen to good criticism.

This appears to be her latest attempt to weasel into the "skeptic community" I guess by having Irate Bear on her stream. On the livestream she did over on Failure's channel the other day (where she made a complete fool of herself - if you haven't seen it I highly recommend it) she said she was part of the skeptic community on Youtube. The other people were like "wahhhhh?"

And now she's back to calling other women basic bitches. Why is it always the most basic of bitches who use that term to describe others?

No. 325533

Nicole Vultao, the IDIOT who ran with the Special Spaces rumor & mad a video that really set the rumor off did a livestream with Chambers of boring. The whole thing seems to be about Joysus. Nicole plz stfu and stop trying, you aren't good at this.

No. 325544

Just so you know. I don't remember making a video about special spaces? I do remember making a video on joy but i removed it due to her fans coming after me.

No. 325564

Failure Accomplished made it crystal clear that she's not part of the skeptic community when he told her that she has a drama channel, and all of her fans are cat ladies and housewives.

Cuckthulu was charmed by her only because he's never had his penis touched by a girl, and he wants to leech off her subs.

No. 325573

This is the video that started the Special Spaces rumor by taking the livestream out of context. The channel name is 'MissBitch2u 2017' and the relevant part starts at 3:35. The video was posted here and we shot it down as bullshit within minutes. The next day AussieGuyShano made his own video saying Joy owns the charity she donates to in order to scam people. He hadn't found this thread until about a week ago so he probably got the idea from the original video. Someone posted his video here and everyone agreed he was reporting false information. After that the rumor started showing up in Joy's YT comments and from there everyone seemed to be repeating it.

I know everyone is sick to death of hearing about the stupid Special Spaces rumor but I have to say this just to make it absolutely clear: If anyone still thinks she owns Special Spaces it's NOT TRUE. Google is your friend, look it up.

No. 325645

I'm pretty sure you made mention of Joysus "owning" a charity in your deleted video.
Thanks for clarifying, anon. Some of these people who ran with unresearched rumors are so alike they seem fairly interchangeable to me.

No. 325648

Why shouldn't people come here? I think it's a great place for people to learn the truth. I think everyone should check this thread out.

No. 325662


it was probably meant in a "go over there to muck up the thread" sort of way, not as "go over there and educate yourself"

No. 325665

Yes, the entire point of this thread after milking sweet lulz from our Joycow is to help people find out the truth. The only problem with new people finding out about this thread from her livestream chat is that it brings in a higher than usual influx of trolls, Joytards & clueless newfags that make a mess of the thread and derail the conversation.

No. 325689

No. 325694

I could only tolerate five minutes. I don't get the whole livestream thing. Does anyone really find enjoyment hearing dumbasses yap to each other about nothing in particular.

I did find it hilariously convenient that the whole 'addressing rumours' thing got forgotten about

No. 325702

OT but Paris can actually be a bit scary with the way some guys act. Getting followed, harassed or groped in the street or on the train is a real thing. (Not a defence of Joy, of course).

No. 325712

welcome to any large city.

No. 325719

she looks like weird al. needs to fix those brows and slap on some mascara, damn.

No. 325738

can you record from a different angle? I'd like to mock your vids, but I can't focus when I can see right into your nostrils. I'm serious.

Thank you.

No. 325744


That's her looking down her nose at everyone. The queen gets to do that you pleb. Get over it. /s

No. 325778


WTF? The entire "Nicole Vultao" seems to be gone from twitter and from youtube?

No. 325780

She deleted it shortly after I pointed the finger at her for being one of the many idiots to get emotional and go out of control regarding baseless Joy rumors.

No. 325783


Thanks fellow farmer. Good thing I pulled down a copy of the "interview" :P

BTW, it is boring.

No. 325822

File: 1496204762099.jpg (79.95 KB, 775x583, typical.jpg)

Joy has announced she's going to be debating an alleged pedophile. I find this amazing because she just discovered this person existed less than 15 minutes before she posted this tweet. She found him through Suit Yourself's twitter and got the alleged pedo's email contact from Suit. I find it unlikely that the pedo agreed to debate her within 12 minutes of receiving the email.

As usual Joy is railroading people who we all agree are bad in an attempt to be a hero. You know what would be a real challenge, Joy? Debating someone FOR REAL. A real person. Not someone we all agree is a shitfuck.

No. 325841


Actually, she's mentioned him before. BUT, it is interesting that she's pulling a "GERG" and putting out demands in advance in order to "cancel" the debate that she just asked for. Omnipolitics doesn't care, he'll show up on stream. It isn't like he's trying to hide anything. He's been actively doing live streams for months now with YouTubers far larger than Sperglebutt. BUT, Sperglebutt sure is setting up reasons for the debate to not happen after all. Want to be she just keeps pushing him with demands until he misses one of them (even by accident) and she declares herself the winner as she flounces out because he didn't comply with her demand.

All Joysus has are a massive pile of profanities. She's not a bright person. Omnipolitics has been promoting his ideas for a very long time now. I predict he'll make her look like a sperging donkey.

I in no way agree with Omnipolitics… but that doesn't change the fact that ranting like a drunk long shore sailor isn't a "debate tactic" and it comes off looking very bad.

No. 325842

File: 1496206398382.jpg (162.04 KB, 1053x576, pedobandwagon.jpg)


Quick summary: YourselfSuit was approached by some pro-pedo idiot who asked to debate Suit. Suit declined. Joysus jumped in, announced the debate was happening before the pro-pedo person got back to her (check out her tweets & replies) and she then posted this on twitter.

Just in case it isn't clear to everyone: This is Kati jumping on yet another popular topic on YouTube. The whole "Hearts Progress" thing has been quite the hot topic with people and I'm seeing a lot of discussion and videos regarding that in the "Skeptic" community. And since she considers herself part of that community…

Again, if it isn't clear: she doesn't care about kids. She cares about views. As with everything prior, this is only to make herself look good. Joy wouldn't be doing this if it weren't such a hot topic among YouTube and the "community" she desperately wishes to be accepted by.

Yeah, I'm sure she has mentioned him before. Hating pedos is en vogue right now. eyeroll.

No. 325845

File: 1496206585496.jpg (24.73 KB, 680x160, shocker.jpg)

No. 325847

File: 1496206754171.png (68.91 KB, 625x492, Z4CFh6m.png)

And the backing out excuses begin. She just wants to be known for being willing to call him out.

No. 325849

This bitch spends all day online either demanding apologies from people or "granting" people the "opportunity" to apologize to her. Fucking cow, in physically and figuratively. She cannot even keep up her classy "love" facade anymore.

No. 325850

File: 1496206839895.jpg (86.52 KB, 680x421, great.jpg)

No. 325855


Does anyone really expect her to go through with it and NOT back out? She's posturing for views on her eventual videos where she tries to make him out as "just too rude to debate against!" She'll accuse him of dis-respecting her (she's trying to taunt him into it already).

No. 325861

File: 1496207098010.jpg (21.65 KB, 680x117, lolherewego.jpg)


Here we goooo. Joysus to the rescue!

No. 325869

see, Kati? this is why people hesitate when you say to DM or email you so you can talk out things further. information and discussions that are only meant for two parties has a funny way of coming to the surface around you.

she acts all moral and taking the high ground but in reality she's just as much of a shithead as the rest of us.

No. 325876


She knows he can't get on livestream "now" and is now on livestream saying if he doesn't get on there NOW and appologize to SuitYerself NOW she's cancelling because he was RUDE… RUDE muthafucker, RUDE!

No. 325885

OMG… she's going into physical representation of child genitals vs adult genitals. That's her NUMBER ONE argument… this woman absolutely views the world through genitals.

Not supporting Omnipolitics at all, he's a dick. But my god this woman is so disgusting.

No. 325888

Did she just call a black guy a monkey? She said "If we put a suit on a monkey, isn't it still a monkey?" Holy shit!

No. 325889

Inb4 "lolcow anons support pedos!"

No. 325895

This. fucking. bitch. I have said it before, but just when I think I couldn't be any more repulsed or furious with Kati than I already am, she somehow makes more fuckery and sinks to a new low. THIS IS FUCKING DISGUSTING.

No. 325896


Um… she's the one joking about raping kids among groups of kids and defending her right to (as a 32 yo woman) joke about raping children… so, that would be like pot calling kettle black. :D

No. 325915

HA! Suit is saying he doesn't want an apology, others are saying forget the apology… but she's insisting because she knows that the sick pedo will destroy her in a debate because she has no logic skills and cursing like a mental patient only gets you so far.

No. 325924

I'm friken dying of laughter An apology from a pedo? So she won't talk to him if he doesn't apologize yet she will talk to him (him being a pedo) right… makes sense lol

No. 325945

What the fuck? Urinary Tract Infections is her go to? She gets them when she has a partner because the penis rubbing on the vagina walls causes infections no matter how clean you are? Sex puts any woman's life in danger. When he has sex with a child, even for the first time (he's a virgin) will infect his partner. Women get UTIs within a week of their first sexual experience. What the fuck? This sounds like crazy church teachings.

No. 325947

And SHE KNOWS she's right about this. She's so uneducated about sex that it makes my head hurt.

No. 325950


That piece of work is off her trolley. Tries to pass off as the all knowing yet basic sex education has been lost on her. Whack job.

No. 325954


How skank do you have to be to believe that getting UTIs are a NORMAL part of having sex?

No. 325956


I've always thought she was a thicko but this off the wall.

No. 325957

She doesn't wash her nasty ass after sex. While it's possible for a female to get a UTI after sex it isn't nearly as common as she is making it out to be, it's preventable and even if a woman does get one it certainly isn't life threatening (Then again she thinks a Candida infection nearly killed her, lol.)

Also, why would anyone tell their employer about their sexual preferences, no matter what they are? That's none of their business, that's such a stupid question.

No. 325961


If her video appearances are anything to go by then if she doesn't bathe after sex it wouldn't be a total surprise to me. She always looks rancid to me.

No. 325973

"Do you know that you could give someone an infection with your dick?" was her argument to a pedophile sympathizer and virgin. What the fuck.

This was all about some internet friend vendetta, anyway - and she gets away with it by making an example out of an acceptable target like a pedophile.

No. 325975


This had to be one of the bigger shitshows put on by Kati. Every time I heard her say "fucking children" I wanted to punch her in the fucking face. Why is it so hard to clean up your language a bit when talking about such a delicate topic? Kati you claim you're covering this because you care about victims. But then you use really horrific language that can actually be quite upsetting for victims of pedophiles.

I'm super tired of her crusading bullshit. Who appointed her advocate for all victims of everything ever?

Her approach to this was such a fucking mess. I can't believe she started to describe the physical dynamics of what goes on with pedophilies. As if describing the damage that occurs to children would somehow turn a pedophile off. Newsflash, Kati, that's like..the majority of the attraction.

Next time you feel like crusading 15 minutes before bed time…just go to bed. Asshole.

No. 325976

Holy shit. Joy actually believes she's a skeptic channel at this point. Debating pedos is one of their big things atm due to Salon and co. pro-pedo articles being published.

I also like her saying that Suit "has been a good friend," not that he is a good friend. It's almost like she expects him to fuck her over and is demanding an apology to try keep his trust for longer, but she's just made herself look like a psycho in front of Suit and stolen his story. Bitch can't do anything right.

No. 325978

Some pedos are like that, they enjoy the power over children and hurt them for fun but some claim they are in a reciprocating romantic relationship with the child, that they love them and the child loves them back. They think the child fully consents and they do not think they are hurting them. They get offended if someone suggests that is the case. If you watch the documentary "Chicken Hawk" it goes into this type of mindset.

No. 325979

septic channel.

No. 325981

For someone that was so sick earlier today and talking about slow schedule because she keeps getting sick… she's streamed for 4 hours today + recorded and posted a new video full of faux rage at KYATHEEE Griffin.

No. 325983


Hmmm… maybe her handle is mis-spelled and she meant "MoldyQueef" ??? That would explain all the UTI issues she claims to have.

No. 325984

File: 1496214942225.png (74.2 KB, 617x584, eil4cR4.png)

from before the stream even started. She was seriously trying to get out of the debate by forcing his hand and it didn't work out. So, now she's stuck with the debate unless she finds another excuse. Guess she could go to the ER again?

No. 325996

Underrated post.

No. 326000

Wow! I've woken up to a major shit show this morning!

Why would anyone want to debate with no notice? That's asking to fail, that of course is if you have any intention of debating them at all.

I agree. She will call anyone who criticises this a paedo sympathiser or a paedo and do this publicly (I'm saying nothing) she really is lowlife scum.

A lot of people are talking about that stupid Jen video where she defends paedophilia, this is Joy just jumping on the controversy train yet again.

It has the bonus of linking to children and we all know she loves using "I'm doing it for the kids" to hide behind because she loves children more than anyone else in the whole wide world and only she can protect them.

Insufferable wanker.

No. 326007

Sick my arse. Her stock excuse for everything.

No. 326024


When I saw someone saying to come here it was definitely written in a jokey way, not a 'find out the truth' way. Sorry, I should have made that clearer.

No. 326025

I'm calling it now, at some point when the heat gets too much, she will claim that she was sexually abused as a child.

Saged for speculation.

No. 326027


Yep of course she will, goes without saying.

No. 326032

While doing the DO5 videos she said several times she was never sexually abused and that the abuse she endured was all verbal/emotional but we've all seen how she embellishes her past depending on the situation. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if she now began claiming she was sexually abused as a child in order to relate to molestation victims since her new focus seems to be anti-pedophile videos. Maybe her 'I was raped' story is just a lead into her new 'I was molested' story and she's going to claim it was the same event.

No. 326047

those memories can come back in a flash anon, wait and see…

No. 326072


I agree and again despite all of the previous statements she has made she still has the get out of jail free card of "I wasn't ready to share my full story" so again, it doesn't matter what utter BS comes out of her mouth, she always has an out.

I do think it will give us yet more contradictions though. I think her little drip of lies and contradictions get accepted so easily because they are just that, dripped, in manageable amounts. Now if we were to list every single one together since day one, the truth might finally hit them tsunami style.

It's like the frog in boiling water analogy.


No. 326077

I wrote in the chat, if you want to see the truth about Joy check out her thread on lolcow. I didn't intend to send people over here to derail the thread. Just to educate.

No. 326081

There must of been someone else in the chat who mentioned lolcow that you saw because the comment I made was to educate people on how much of a mess Joy is. Either that or you're retarded cause I don't see how my comment was 'jokey'

No. 326108

Calm down, I don't doubt there was a serious one, but that wasn't the one I saw. I assume we are talking about two different comments and it isn't that big of a deal. People have been sent over here in a 'hah hah' way more than once so those comments do come up now and again from Joytards, as well as people saying it seriously.

No. 326122

watching her latest video (serious responses to a troll video) and thinking she needs a gofundme for shampoo

No. 326129

File: 1496238793888.png (39.04 KB, 540x294, iv2VuqN.png)

comment in latest video where Joysus takes on performance artist because she thinks she's (Joysus's) a "Skeptic" now. Hard to tell what part of her video is the most stupid.

No. 326133

File: 1496239177779.png (42.59 KB, 523x277, wqdfH2Z.png)

No. 326135

The best part of her new video… the stuff she's making fun of Coppercab over, especially his demand that people "show your face" stuff, is exactly what she said to Omnipolitics just last night! What CopperCab said is nearly word for word what Joy wrote in the email with the list of demands. So, I'm guessing that the demand that Omnipolitics show his face is now off the table because she just gave justification why that was an unreasonable demand.

No. 326152

Has anyone downloaded and reposted the Coppercab video? I want to watch, but don't want to give her the clicks.

No. 326153

Oh no, she's back at the awful, exaggerated, mocking impressions every five seconds. It was really fucking annoying with the Do5 business and it is still annoying now. Those facial expressions. It's awful.

No. 326160

File: 1496241481182.png (24.5 KB, 573x119, oNHw4dM.png)


Not all of the joytards are amused with it either.

(Although, I have to admit that most of the Joytards were absolutely jumping on the making fun of the guy for various superficial things like his looks or his clothes… hmmm…. spreading that Sparkly Love and Joy there folks.

No. 326163

She says it right in the beginning what skeptic channels have in common "they weigh all evidence out there, they use science, critical thinking & reasoning for what's going on & still keep an open mind" which proves she doesn't belong in the "skeptic community." Her videos are full of conjecture, unsubstantiated rumors and misinformation…and when has she EVER cited a scientific study? Research? What is that? She makes drama videos, shits all over easy targets and sometimes pretends to be a news reporter with the efficacy of an 8-year-old.

No. 326172


I agree think this is exactly what we need to do to get through to people. For everything she has ever said about someone else, or demanded from others, etc, she then contradicts herself, it doesn't matter what it is. Her little fanclub clearly aren't bright, so I think your idea is what they need to see for it to sink in. I just don't have the video editing skills.

I've been putting her tweets together, the ones where she preaches one thing, then does or states the opposite.

I haven't watched the latest video either, could anyone give a summary? Why are people calling her transphobic?


No. 326205


From latest video about CopperCab:

03:50 - Joy makes fun of stuttering. She does this a lot in her videos and it really pisses me off because both my dad and I stutter. Anyone doing that "t-t-t-today junior!" shit just pisses me off. If you've never stuttered, you have no idea of how fucking mean people can be over it and how they treat you like you're not very smart. FUCK THAT BITCH for every time she uses that phrase or pulls out that video clip.

04:10 "Wait a minute, you're telling other people to man up when I thought you were transgender and your name is now Claire even though you look like a dude? So, it's okay for you to tell people to man up, but we have to respect your pronouns and what ever you decide to be from one day to the next and how you feel about sex, but you get to tell everybody else to man up because logic and hippocracy, right?"

<rant about pussies and feminism>

05:10 "And, I'm not saying trans people are mentally ill, even though many of them have body dismorphia or disphoria that is a real thing. Don't think I"m saying this about all fucking trans people. I'm saying it at you and showing you what a hippocrit you're being with that statement." (the statement "man up")

man says "stop hiding behind avatars"

05:35 "But hold on now, we could say that you're hiding behind your dress and your makeup and hormone therapies and all that. We could say the exact same thing to you because what if these people truly identify as their avatars. What if Bearing truly identifies with being a bear?" << she's not joking, she says this with serious face! She thinks she's pwning him here. >>

"So, we're supposed to respect how you identify and how everybody else in YOUR community identifies, what ever the fuck they want to identify as, but we can't respect the skeptic community for possibly wanting to identify as a fucking cartoon. Why not? I mean, hey do the rules only apply to you guys?"

06:20 Joy makes fun of speech impediment.

08:10 Tries Hard(TM) to white knight for Bearing.

08:40 Feigns uncontrolled laughing saying "This motherfucker is a straight up entertainer right?" She's belittling him by laughing at him saying "How can you take this person seriously?"

10:00 Makes fun of speech impediment again.

It is 100% clear that she has absolutely no idea that CopperCab is a comedian. Most of her video is her repeating what he just said in a bitchy/snarky tone. She genuinely thinks she's belittling him by laughing at him.

No. 326208


What's interesting. CopperCab dropped one, maybe two F-bombs (they were aimed at Bearing) while Miss Kati Marie Smith, Public Relations Guru, can't get through even a single sentence w/out lobbing an F-bomb.

No. 326211

Wow. I go away for a few days and this shit happens. What pisses me off most is her calling what pedophiles do "fucking", rape is not a sexual practice, it's an act of violence. This dumb bitch, I swear…

No. 326222


Thank you for the summary anon, much appreciated.

Where do I begin, so she expects people to respect her "brain fog" moments and wants people to be understanding (btw, as someone with MS, what she has are brain farts not fog) yet it is OK for her to take the piss out of someone over something they have no control over? This again just confirms that she doesn't have brain fog or the utter frustration that accompanies it, otherwise she wouldn't be so flippant towards others. That's also why I don't believe she was raped.

She compared transexuality with an avatar? Transexuality that has actual scientific data backing up it's existence with an Avatar?!

My child has better debate skills than she does. She relies on Strawman logic and when that fails she resorts to childish tricks.

No. 326223


She's like strawman inception because none of the core skeptic community actual claim to identify as their avatar. Even actual skeptics would not use that narrative because it is beyond childish and stupid.

They openly admit that the avatar is part of a persona and some use them to protect their privacy for various reasons. But none have "identified" as their avatar.

Then you read the comments in her video? Pure stupidity. The Joytards are all onboard for trans-bashing and name calling over physical attributes and other bullying tactics. I've never seen any video with so many gleeful bully comments on it. Her Joytards must all be tweeners, I can't imagine adults jumping into a bullying mob like that so easily.

No. 326229

though you'd love to think it had a lot to with you. It didn't. It had to with my own preferences and whether or not I should be on youtube. As for before somebody pointed out that I didn't make that video about special spaces.

No. 326231

You're exactly right. I don't believe she actually knows what "critical thinking" is yet she mentions it so often. She is nothing but ignorance, hate and manipulation.

Sage for blog::

She has always blabbed her opinion on things while claiming it all to be facts, as she is an expert in everything and has first hand experience with people like whoever her target is at the moment.

She has already said that aside from everyone being so jealous of her, another reason why she gets so much hate is because she reminds haterz of of someone they know and have had a bad experience with, so that's wrong of them to judge her based on their experience with another person, yet that's what she has created a channel around, doing the same thing. I've never seen a disclaimer on her videos, stating everything is just opinion and speculation. She just pounces on a trend and goes off without doing any research at all, because she is so desperate to be relatable to everyone and look like one of the cool kids.

There's never any proof for her accusations against others and there's never any proof to support her defense when she "debunks" all the rumors about her.

No. 326246

Do you think she is targeting the trans community to get the attention of a certain bigger YouTuber?

She needs her next big name to leech sub's off.

Saged for speculation.

No. 326249

>penis rubbing on the vagina walls causes infections no matter how clean you are

Um, what? That's not how UTIs happen from sex.
That is THE weirdest argument against pedophilia ever, it makes no sense. By her logic, no female should have sex ever because they can get an infection & possibly die. And it doesn't address young boys, UTIs are uncommon in males.

These are all examples of just how awful she is at coming up with reasonable arguments. Besides Miss I-have-experience-in-debate's love of poorly crafted arguments and strawmen, she seems to mostly rely on stupid ad hominem attacks against Coppercab. Towards the end of the video she says something like, "this can't be real, he can't be for real" and for a second she almost almost seems to get that he's a troll but then she just goes right back to making fun of his lisp. She really goes off on his speech issues like it discredits him somehow.

Do you mean Blair White? Because I doubt Blaire will fall for it, she's already said she thinks Joy is weird.

No. 326263

File: 1496250739756.png (785.65 KB, 884x621, XAAuPHO.png)


> penis rubbing on the vagina walls causes infections no matter how clean you are

YOU don't understand, Joysus is an Indigo Child with a calling to save the planet.

(Photo reference: From the Stephen King movie "Carrie" who's mother was a serious religious nut case prone to magical thinking like Joysus.)

No. 326275

Even looks like nutbag Joy

No. 326288


Yes Blaire, that's her name, thank you. I can remember BS making a video using her name before but I think it was Onion related.

In fact I might go and have a look for that, I wonder if she was being so derogatory when she was kissing Blaire's arse for popping off at Onion.

No. 326293

File: 1496253375963.gif (2.53 MB, 303x270, mQ8c6Aq.gif)

No. 326305

I don't fuck with this bitch's drama but I had to stop scrolling when I saw this. Great work anon.

No. 326328


Brilliant. You managed to embody all of her crazy in one gif.

No. 326336

No. 326362

Fuck Vegan Cheeta just made a video about Kati.
This bitch doesn't need anymore spotlights!

No. 326379


I understand what you mean but it might turn out to be a good thing. The more people who call her out for being the blatant onisheon she is, the better. There is only so long she can keep blaming onion and DO5 fans.

No. 326382

I just watched her video about Kathy Griffin, and it is possibly the most irritating video I have watched all year, because of her need to curse every few seconds, claiming something is illegal when it isn't, and her "KYATHY" voice. I love how she complains that everyone is too sensitive, but gets offended by some lackluster comedian, as if people have never used dead president imagery for shock value before.

No. 326398


She's saying people are too sensitive these days? Haha! I have one response to that…


No. 326419

Classic Vegan Cheetah- "She had pedos and retards on her stream"! Hahahaha I tried so hard to hate no, at first, but he won me over for that. He knows damn well how many people hate her guts too. I hope he anilates her. Hahahahahahaha

No. 326468

Actually, the more people who ignore her the better. In her mind any attention is good attention.

No. 326477

OMFG I can't. Her calling everyone "Boo' is on my fucking nerves!

No. 326514

For me it's her obnoxious random-ass laugh that she inserts mid-sentence in completely inappropriate unfunny places, it's almost like it's nervous laughter but not quite, she tends to do it when she's about to deny something like she knows she won't be believed.

No. 326527

No. 326537


Based looks hot af in that vid.

I think out of all of the conspiracy theories Joy has concocted the idea that she's being attacked because people are jealous of her is the most ridiculous. I hope one day she wakes up and the realization suddenly hits her, "Oh, it's because I'm a bitch, a hypocrite, and a horrible person!"

No. 326558

Of course it’s jealousy, she’s practically Royalty :S) – looks, charm, articulate, well-groomed, educated, experienced and above all else lovable.

No. 326572

That'd fine and dandy mamabase brain, but you must accept that the "you do you" is over now. Once Joy & the Joytards start using anything you should automatically know that it's "out".

No. 326617

In Andy Warski's livestream he had with Blair White tonight he again talked about how he endured severe abuse and teasing due to having a bad stutter when he was younger and how much it affected him. Wonder what he'd think of the way Joy repeatedly made fun of Coppercab's speech impediments, especially his slight stutter "t-t-tuh-tuh-today junior. Get it out. Get it out, ya know what I mean?" She even admits it was a low dig at him. Oh, but she'd NEVER make fun of someone for something they can't control…because "we don't do that on my channel guys."

No. 326622

I'm so happy she made the CopperCab video because she makes so many transphobic comments, and her audience is most likely full of tumblerinas and special snowflakes, (Since they're all 14 and/or "broken" in someway) that I'm sure she's gonna turn at least a bit of them away.

She's too retarded to see that he's just fucking around, despite it being pretty obvious by the video alone even if you've never heard of the guy before. But she honestly believed him to be transgender, and even did a "He, I mean she, it, whatever" in the video. As a trans male, most of the other stuff she was saying just made me perk my brow and smile since I know some people will take her words straight to the tit and bawww for days, but regardless, calling a trans person "It" usually crosses the line for the vast majority of the community. And it's really hard to spin words when SJW's are the official leaders of the word police and she's said almost all the phrases that trigger them into instant rage.

I'm waiting for this milk man. It's been slow, y'know? Lol, she wants to play with SJW's (2 years late to the party) and I'm just hoping whatever battle of the crazy comes from this will be oh so sweet.

I'll admit, I tried to make Joy an ED page since these lazy assholes aren't going to go through all the threads. An ED page would compile it all into one nice organized shitball for them to digest. However… I've never made one before and it's more daunting/ difficult than I had anticipated….

No. 326699


I have followed Joy from day one because she was a cow in training and I am frigging impressed she has come this far in 6 months. I took Darksidephil like 3 years to become the prime cow steak he is today.

As for Joy, I honestly think she has not spoken a word of honesty in her life and especially on youtube, she is worse than gerg because hey at least that guy admits he lies frequently or doubles down. She is a disgusting liar and not for a second I believe she was raped because she doesn't have any of the signs of a victim.

As for Suityourself, Suit is nothing but the retarded judas at the end of the intellectual table trying to suck off Sargon who in all honesty is pretty much the best as his research is great and whilst he can be a tad bias, see Corbyn I understand why.

No. 326758


I think you should hold off on the ED page thing. One will eventually be made about her at this rate, and it is my understanding that the ED users don't tend to allow articles from new users to just go up unchallenged. Plus I always got the impression that they aren't fond of outsiders coming in and trying to create articles, due to the massive amounts of vendetta articles that have had to be pulled over the years.

And they just have a certain style and tone that they write to, so they'd probably prefer to have a regular user write it so that it meshs with the overall voice of the site. Just as we don't like newfags coming in in droves because of derailing risks, the ED lads are equally protective, I'd say.

If anyone here is an experienced ED user, perhaps they'd be willing to help. Otherwise there are other options like creating a wikia or something, or if Kiwi were to take more of an interest in her they might add her to the lolcow wiki. Either way, she'll eventually get her ED article, don't you worry.

Sage for hideously OT.

No. 326777

I started going through her craziness from the very first video yesterday & I agree, it is very daunting. Her first few videos are when she appeared to be reasonable but watching back knowing what we do now, everything she mocks or picks at onion for is exactly what she has been guilty of and what she continues to do.

I also started going back through her tweets and I'm editing direct contradictions from her own mouth next to each other.


What is ED? Before BS I had never followed internet drama. It was Joyous and her maddening behaviour that led me here.

That puts her theory of only Onion, do5 fans being haters, no Joy, I actually thought you made sense initially but your own behaviour made me question you. I'd never heard of do5 before the child abuse scandal.

It was interesting to see her reaction to getting a single dislike in her early videos, she got really excited, saying she had a hater yeeaahh! This means I'm legit on the internet. I'm starting to think ignoring her would be the best way to deal with her.

Saged for blogpost. O/T

No. 326790

ED = Encyclopedia Dramatica

No. 326866

Sage for being childish,
Catchy little tune though

No. 326868


Holy shit, I think that's my new favourite song right there.

No. 326876

No. 326885

Has anyone noticed that when she gets called out for something she tends to upload a video calling someone else for doing the same thing so to try make herself not look as bad by demonizing others.

No. 326895

don't namefag

No. 326909

Anyone watch her new video yet? I'm not sure I can stand listening to her about the topic she picked for today.

No. 326924


YES. A game of verbal hot potato.
I swear she takes notes of negative criticism, literally, not for any other reason but to use on someone else. Her videos almost always sound like she is just ranting about herself.

No. 327000

in her new video @ 18:16 - did she burp in the middle of her sentence and redo the line 3 times? LOL

No. 327076

I saw that livestream too, I've seen him mention a few times about his problems dealing with his stutter growing up. When I saw Joy taking the mick out of Coppercabs speech I instantly thought about Warski, and she was literally on his stream the other day..

No. 327115

Her latest video was actually a good move. She picked a topic that is catastrophically worse than she is in every way. By picking a universally morally wrong topic, no one can say anything negative about her. Although some still do.

No. 327127

Well, that's the thing. I am "glad" you were able to find something nice to say about anything she does, even if it's backhanded… lol. I just can't. I find her so reprehensible at this point that she could become a martyr and I'd still find her utterly deplorable.

It's like a bad ex. Someone you cannot stand so badly that even the sound of them breathing enrages you. Haha.

The fact that anyone still has not seen through Kati's shtick is baffling. It's worse that I absolutely adores the Warski's and now I question their intelligence completely. How Andy couldn't see right through her crap from the get-go is amazing to me. If she'd ever watched more than a few of his videos she'd know exactly how he felt about the stuttering problem he suffers from. As well as sexual abuse. Yet the day after she interviews with them, she makes fun of someone else's stuttering problem. And the rape jokes are atrocious. If Blaire White ever interviews her and falls in line with her I'll completely give up on the rest of my favorite YouTube personalities. Especially after the crap she said about Trans people.

Nasty bitch. Kati, we don't hate you because we're Onision fans, DO5 fans or because we're jealous. We hate you because you're a nasty cunt with the moral compass of a rabid hyena.

And what is there to be jealous of? Your ability to shove your fingers in your nose for thousands to see? The fact that your hair looks like you haven't washed it in months? Or that you leech off of other people because you're too damn lazy to get a real job? No thanks.

I LOVE this.

No. 327140

I, too have lost a little respect for the Warski's, I just can't believe they fall for her bullshit.
I heard that Blaire thinks Kati is a weirdo so hopefully she wont fall for it too.
The thing is I think a lot of her 'haterz' aren't even Onision or Do5 fans, I know I'm definitely not.
I just can't stand how she thinks she's being ~edgy~ when she makes her idea of a dark/offensive joke.. No, you're just being distasteful and annoying.

No. 327159

I heard that Andy owns Special Spaces

No. 327171

I'm tired of this claim/joke and will be reporting any future mention of it. Js.

No. 327176

I don't think I've watched a Warski vid since. He lost credibility. However, I believe that it won't be long before other YouTubers see Joy for what she is, and she becomes the female Onision of the YT community. I was also fooled by her at first. Mr Repzion already hates her. I'm not a fan of his, but I believe he's pretty smart.

No. 327178

You've got a stick up your ass, it was funny and I seriously doubt anyone but you is going to take issue with it. Unless we can get that Aussie dude to make a video about it, that would be epic.

No. 327181


Does she not already have a kiwifarms thread? They'd actually be interested in her crazy ass. I can see the fuckers in /cow/ on 8chn catching on too.

No. 327194

>Does she not already have a kiwifarms thread?
She does, yes, but it hasn't gone far. No one there has taken too, too much interest in her tbh.

No. 327239

And reported.

No. 327240

Joysus is currently live on "Negative Talk Radio."

No. 327242

The big problem with the Warskis is that they don't keep up with her so they just assumed she was telling the truth when she framed her "big controversy" and of course she only brought up the silly rumors she was able to easily disprove that we already knew were false. So to them, it seemed like she was able to show the people criticizing her were just full of hot air. Andy and Chris might have thought they were being tough on her with their questions when by her own admission they were lobbing softballs at her. Even if they had asked her something more difficult she's really great at diverting tough questions. She has this way of making it seem like she answered a question when she really didn't or she suddenly gets conveniently distracted by something else or has "tech problems." She's been a pathological liar for many years, she's very practiced at wriggling out of confrontations.

No. 327246


Today she tweeted to a patron that she "had to" postpone tonight's Patreon Stream.

It appears she actually postponed it because she wanted to be on this irrelevant show instead. Joy and Stay Negative just said they decided on doing this stream only last night. Joy also said that she's not doing any streams or collabs "due to health stuff" unless they are "really really important."

Nice of her to choose this over doing a stream for her fans who are paying her. Monthly.

No. 327251

They're having a nice old bitch about vegan cheetah right now

No. 327262

She's acting outraged about VeganCheetah saying that she had "retards" on her stream. Ironic for her to lecture about how wrong that is because then there's this clip of her mocking Onision by acting like a "retard" herself. I challenged her about this particular clip and she didn't respond.


starts at about 2:25 in. clapping her hands together eratically and saying "you know how to do emails!"

Haha they just bitched about kiwifarms and lolcow.

No. 327284

Thanks just did!

No. 327296

She's told the story about her step-father making sexual jokes before. She says he never touched her, it was only jokes…but she found out they weren't actually "jokes" later. She's said more than once she was never molested so she probably won't say she was now…but with Kati you never know.

No. 327310

OT ofc, but I've never liked Andy anyway {my first encounter was a video vs Franny where he just jacked himself off for 18 mins} but sorry these excuses don't fly with me. You can't be over here like "I'm all about logic, reason, and facts but I couldn't google this bitch before bringing her on my show" I mean if you type in Joy's name on youtube all that shows is her video and then a shitload of videos against her. He didn't even try at all and took her for her word, even though it was nonsensical. The other people in the other stream {Tonka?} called her out immediately. Sorry, Andy doesn't get a pass for me on this one. He's keeps boosting her channel by being ignorant.

No. 327326

I don't really care for Andy Warski either and agree he could have done a much better job researching her before bringing her on stream but it was a rush job. He found out she was "talking shit" about him and almost immediately asked her to come on stream to talk about that. She's the one who turned it into "everything everyone says about me is ridiculous, boo hoo"

No. 327331


late but this pissed me off too. that movie was instrumental in getting the faces of some of these perverts out there so they were more widely known. it became a lot harder for them to hide after the making of the film. to say that ari is one of them is gross.

sage for film spergery

No. 327336

she tries soooo hard to be funny. yikes.

No. 327365

File: 1496370473766.jpg (Spoiler Image, 37.31 KB, 1136x139, 6117.jpg)

i was scrolling through the comments on Kati's hilariously misguided CopperCab video, enjoying the overwhelming amount of critical comments bashing Kati for her complete & utter stupidity when i came across this.

spoiler'd to protect the innocent amongst us.

No. 327378

OMG She's still harping on that stupid UTI angle being some type of amazing argument against pedophilia. She also seems to focused on penetrative penis in vagina sex when that isn't necessarily what these pedos do.

Before any Joytard turns my comment into "lolcow anons are pedo sympathizers!" I want to make it absolutely clear I do not support or sympathize with pedophiles in any way. I just think there are MUCH better arguments against it.

No. 327410

She's just mimicking rape now to be an asshole and entertain men. She really is one of the most, disgusting, vile, barbaric, woman that I've ever encountered! How does she sleep at night? Or look at herself in the mirror everyday? Oh wait, she probably doesn't? Hah! That would explain why she looks like a sloppy, hotmess, all the time!

No. 327419

When/where was she "mimicking rape"? I'm not saying she didn't but you need to add a source to back up what you are saying.

No. 327422

Listen to the end of the stream with Negs when they're saying their goodbyes.

No. 327450

File: 1496384316257.jpg (477.85 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_0427.JPG)

Saw these earlier, they are from someone named jazzy. There are more on her twitter.

No. 327455


No. 327487

Not finding these on her page. What's the context here? Did they have a falling out?

No. 327488

you need to tell us the twitter name if you're going to say stuff like "there's more on her twitter".

No. 327501

Sorry to make you specify, there have just been too many unsubstantiated rumors floating around (which ends up helping her in the long run) so we're trying to be very careful to show where all our info comes from.

I think this is what you are talking about at the end where you said she was mimicking rape victims (do you mean mocking or mimicking?) At 1:49:27 she talks about the rape joke she made on Twitter (see screenshot) >>325380 and how it made some people mad, including one person who responded because they felt personally offended, due to having been raped themselves. "Well, you shouldn't say that because I've been raped" so Joy said she responded with "And I get that but well, so have I." Then she goes on to say "As with most women…if you've been a sexually active woman you've had something fucking weird happen at some point. This is just my way of dealing with shit. I just gotta joke about dark shit. Might as well. And I know some people can't and that's all right, you do you…and I'll do me and I'll forcefully do other people who don't want it as well."

She says being raped = having "something fucking weird" happen. First, that's a huge trivialization of an incredibly traumatic event…which leads me to believe what she is calling "rape" in her case is probably just an exaggeration of a minor event…if it's based in reality at all. Second, her assertion that MOST women have experienced something like this is inaccurate. RAINN says 1 in 6 American women have experienced a completed or attempted rape in their lifetime (14.8% completed, 2.8% attempted) https://www.rainn.org/statistics/victims-sexual-violence
Even if you take the highest percentage proposed (by a CDC study which has been criticized for having flawed methodology) of 1 in 5 women, that's still very far from being anywhere near something the majority of women experience.
(I tried to find stats for women who have been raped worldwide but the best I could come up with is 35.6% from a 2016 WHO report but this estimate includes physical violence, not just rape so the percentage of rapes worldwide would be much lower than 35%…still not something most women have to deal with) http://www.cnn.com/2013/06/20/health/global-violence-women/
Third, she goes from saying she understands why someone might get offended and how some people can't joke about "dark shit" the way she can and how that's okay…right into another rape joke, "you do you…and I'll do me and I'll forcefully do other people who don't want it as well." It's one thing to make a tasteless but funny rape joke in the company of people you know won't mind but the way she does it is kinda disturbing. Not sure what it says about her mentality exactly but it's almost always her saying she's raping someone else, making herself the rapist…in a way that isn't funny and to a very public audience, which includes people she knows won't appreciate it….but says it anyway. The original rape joke she made on Twitter was to Cole, a young man who is having his high school graduation photos taken in a hospital room, she says "This is sooo smexy Cole and now ive said that, ive just raped u,just to be clear" The "joke" is that calling someone "smexy" = rape. Apparently, trivializing rape is funny to her. It doesn't help that Cole is half her age and just barely a legal adult. If he was female and she was a man this exchange would be easily recognized as creepy.

No. 327510

Her gross, perverted mind loves to refer to men as "hard-ons" whenever she's mad. I call Tom Follery on her getting raped. No way in hell would anyone think of her as a female unless she got raped by a farm or zoo animal with out a mate. What's with her pathological lying? She mirrors every psychopathic moron she's ever done a story/s on.

No. 327515

I just spent the past few days catching up on these threads and this cow, I only knew about her tangentially because of Onision but wow is she a scheming, manipulative bitch. She might even be worse than Onion in some ways. So fucked.

obvious sage

No. 327535

>>327501 no no no you're absolutely right. I meant to say mocking. I have a silly little back story involving those 2 words. So every time I hear the word mocking I instantly think about the word mimicking. But thank you for clarifying that, because I'm new to posting and couldn't figure out how to edit my comment.

No. 327541

You can't edit a comment once you post it but you can delete it and try again. You have 30 minutes to delete your comment once posted, to do this click on the checkbox on the top left of your post. This will bring up the option to delete or report a comment. There will already be a password in the blank, you don't need to do anything, just click the delete button.

No. 327575

File: 1496408655139.jpg (130.47 KB, 567x867, in8kvYq.jpg)

No. 327589

In reference to her rape "jokes" and it being her way of dealing with her own experiences. I wonder if it's her next bait so she can say "see! Now they're questioning whether or not I've been assaulted! How dare they!" Just smells fishy. Or it's just her I'm smelling.

No. 327612

File: 1496412159878.gif (376.98 KB, 311x403, Vap72PG.gif)

Vegan Cheetah did a live stream last night.. He reacted very entertaingly as he watched Joy talk major, major shit about him when she was on Negative's stream yesterday as seen here: >>327240 (begins around 11:00)

Lots of hilarious speculation & criticisms by Cheetah. He also ends up talking about, visiting & reading out loud our very own Kati/Joysus threads here on lolcow.

VidMe Links:

-Part 1-: https://vid.me/fMYy

-Part 2-: https://vid.me/VmBC

-Part 3-: https://vid.me/R9mW

-Part 4-: https://vid.me/G3qg

Joysus herself makes an appearance and joins Cheetah's stream in Part 3. I won't give away details - you must see what happens for yourself, anons. Enjoy :)

The entire Cheetah stream ended up being very triggering for poor Kati. She ended up ranting and raving about Cheetah on Twitter. He reads & responds to her tweets about him in Part 4.

Joy was not happy to be in a YouNow stream where the majority of the room was against her.

p.s: I narrowed down the footage to just video of Cheetah talking about Kati. Irrelevant parts where he talks about other stuff has been cut out which is why there are jump cuts.

No. 327614

Thanks, based anon. You are amazing for doing this!

No. 327616

File: 1496413066740.jpg (32.3 KB, 360x284, 214Pfie.jpg)

>>327612 Is this "Lupus" thing new? I don't recall her ever claiming that dx, though I wouldn't be surprised.

No. 327617


nah, i think he was confused. sounds like he knows of other people like kati and they claim they have lupus.

No. 327658

File: 1496419016086.jpg (151.87 KB, 1440x1440, IMG_20170602_113634.jpg)

If Patricia Krenwinkel from the Manson family was actually dead, I would believe kati saw herself doing horrible things in her past life lol.

No. 327660


So, she looks like a crunchy, no-bathing, drug addled hippy from the 60s? Not a hard look to replicate, just never go to a hair stylist, never wash your hair, and walk around with a big stick up your ass about "The Man!"

No. 327666

Pat Krenwinle went by the name 'Katie' when she was with the Family.

Manson' girls were all encouraged to participate in Free Love as women's liberation. There were many babies born at the ranches the Family hung around.

Tin foil hat time! How old is Joy anyway??? Lol

No. 327668


<pull on tin foil hat, synchronizes frequencies> HA! Joysus being a Manson off-spring would be beyond hysterical! </puts tin foil hat back in protective case>

No. 327671

On the second video, the video overlap stops at about -14:00, iirc.

she is so butthurt about lolcow. lol.

also, she does the same thing onision does with focusing on one error to discredit the whole thing instead of addressing individual points. how's that shorthand working out for you?

the indigo stuff is something she doesn't believe in anymore yet she still conducts herself as she does. "saving the chillun"

her posting on twitter while he was still streaming was such obvious damage control.

in some video she said she believed in psychic power (loosely, not referring to any specific aspect of it) because we "feel" it when someone stares at us. i guess animals (generally speaking here) are psychic too because they too will "feel" it when someone stares at them. the evolutionary instinct to survive is actually psychic powers, yall.
this kind of logic is "really stoned guy" meme material.

also, vegan cheetah, stop bleaching your hair. dark hair and BIG blue eyes is striking. take advantage of that.

No. 327677

hahahaha, wow. when i first saw her she immediately reminded me of the manson girls.

No. 327680


This "we "feel" it when someone stares at us" has been scientifically disproven many times over. It's a nice self-delusion, but if you're in a survival situation and relying on this sense, you'll end up dead. So, if anything, this is Darwin's way of weeding out the gene pool. The appearance that animals have this sense is because they have much stronger senses of hearing, sight, and smell. For example, deer rely on sense of smell followed by sight for movement. So, if you are upwind and don't move, a deer will actually walk within 5 feet of you and not realize it. BUT, if you make just a small move, their reaction is VERY FAST (unlike humans that would stare for a while trying to make out WHAT is there.)

Also, she was pushing a difference between grey and white brain matter in relation to pedophiles. Would really like to see what study that is coming from because it isn't like grey and white brain matter are swap-able.

No. 327696


And it doesn't take into account all the times you didn't "feel" it because you couldn't because you didn't know you were being stared at.

Also, I wasn't saying it's relied upon or even a primary "sense"; The animal thing was just an analogy.

Idk, maybe you're right. But I swear I can feel when my cat is staring at me. I'll be doing whatever then all of a sudden… I look over and she's just sitting there staring at me.

Interesting stuff: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychic_staring_effect

No. 327698

File: 1496423158708.jpg (163.44 KB, 1440x1440, IMG_20170602_124231.jpg)

Ok, last one lol. I just can't with the similarities between these two. We have kati's long lost grandma (grandma katie). Or….. Kati and her visions of herself in a past life doing horrific shit like butchering people, both happen to go by Kati, both love cults, and both like to surround themselves with a bunch of crazies and weirdos! I think we're on to something here lol. Talk about conspiracies. Yikes

No. 327704

>>327696 My dog stares me awake from being in a deep sleep, so I'm with you on this haha.

The Manson Family photo is creepily accurate! I wonder if BS believes in reincarnation, she looks like her, she's into mind control and manipulation, it all adds up.

I've been going through her twitter for the past few days (when I've had spare time) getting screenshots of all of her contradictory statements, along with other stuff as far back as her twitter goes. It's not new info but there's something about seeing her contradictions from her own words right next to each just makes it stand out even more. So does the convenient sickness pattern.

Anons do you think I should post them here when they are finished? I just thought I should check as it isn't new milk, it just puts a different light on what we already know.


No. 327715

Yes, looking forward to seeing what you put together.

No. 327745

Oh you knowwwww that bitch believes in reincarnation. She can channel Angels for fucks sake. Surely her powers extend to being able to see and remember who she was in her past life. Is it past life or past lives? I don't have those powers, so I don't know how many times you're able to be reincarnated over. Or if there is a cut off limit after…. I dunno 3? Seriously though I swear I remember her talking about who she was in her past life, and that she had visions of herself doing horrible things to people (maybe like butchering someone for your cult leader) idk lol. She said something to that effect though. So anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 327748


She told about her past lives in the "I'm scared" video because she was afraid if she got any power in this life, she might also… ????

<donning tin foil hat!> that manson family connection is looking better and better! </ puts tin foil hat back into protective case >

No. 327754

File: 1496427797756.png (131.29 KB, 618x677, CZK2UjA.png)

Called out for making fun of stuttering and now she knew all along that CopperCab was a troll…. I call BS on that one. She had NO CLUE.

No. 327757

File: 1496427930767.png (122.49 KB, 625x885, Qbrs8B5.png)

And the spergleberries are defending their asshole like champs!

No. 327760

File: 1496428041311.png (97.56 KB, 614x764, htaeLBH.png)

No. 327764


I'm getting fed up with the "it's just a joke" excuse, how is this any different to the "it's just a prank brah" excuse that she slates people for?

No. 327768


I'm pretty sure someone who's willing to joke about raping kids is going to be fine with joking about anything that crosses her dumbass mind. The thing is, making fun of people who stutter is a shit thing to do without regard for if the person who stuttered is joking or not. It's still normalizing making fun of people who stutter and treating them like they're not as smart as other people. BUT, then again, she talks to Dylan like he's an infant or a puppy or something. So, she's very comfortable treating other people like they don't count.

No. 327784

The only thing comical about that video? Was the comment section!

No. 327787

After hearing her say that in the Negative Talk Radio Stream >>327240 I was trying to figure out where she got the idea pedos have brain abnormalities such as having white matter in places they should have gray matter (14:20) and how they tend to be left handed & 2.5 cm shorter than average (38:48).

I kept coming across articles that said pedophiles have deficiencies in their volume of white matter but it can all pretty much be traced back to this study by Dr Cantor. It says after controlling for alcohol-related problems they found no difference in gray matter or cerebrospinal fluid volumes but did find lower white matter volumes in the temporal and parietal lobes.

I also found one recent study that found some abnormalities in gray matter but found no differences in relative gray matter volume in the brain specifically associated with pedophilia. They did find that non-offending pedophiles have a higher volume of gray matter in their right temporal pole than offending pedophiles. https://www.nature.com/tp/journal/v7/n5/pdf/tp201796a.pdf?origin=ppub

However, I think this is the article she is referring to, it says pedos tend to be left handed and 2.3 cm shorter and that there are abnormalities in the white matter but doesn't specify what they found. However, since they are interviewing Dr. Cantor (the same one from the first link above) you can probably assume they are referring to that same study I linked. He said he expected to find differences in gray matter but was surprised to find the differences in white matter instead because "nothing is ever in the white matter." He said he also believes there is a cross-wiring in the pedophile's sexual response & parental nurturing. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2543933/Paedophilia-IS-illness-An-abnormally-wired-brain-causes-predatory-behaviour-claims-expert.html

So what she is saying that pedos have white matter in areas where there should be gray matter makes no sense, white matter is connective tissue, like the other anon said it is not interchangeable with gray matter. The information I found says pedos actually have a decrease in volume of white matter, not that they have it in places where gray matter should be.

No. 327788

joy: righteous indignation because she thought dyllan was insulted for something he can't control

also joy: calling me out for making fun of a speech impediment is reaching

No. 327790

What is she spiking the kool-aid with over there in Joystown? Those lil fuckers attack on que! JOYSUS!

No. 327804

From her livestream:

Takedown man now has no videos listed under his channel. He claims a pedo group from the "deep web" have flagged the shit out of his channel and gotten all of his videos taken down. He's posting in her chat that her channel has also been posted to some deep web forum to be flagged down as well.

OH… and OF COURSE she knows CopperCab is a troll, she just "jokes really hard" and sometimes people can't tell that she's joking. I totally call BS on that one.

No. 327806

From Livestream: Joysus has been studying brain scans… she's now a neuro-scientist and going to pitch the argument that actually is used to defend adding Pedophilia to LGBTQP. This is going to be interesting to see her try to walk that line of not justifying that pedophilia is a natural sexual preference the same as homosexuality.

No. 327817

lol. She's justifying all her tasteless jokes by saying "I have gay & disabled friends" how is that any different from when a person makes awful racist jokes but says they can't possibly be racist because they have black friends?

No. 327819

Ive tried confronting her on her live youtube streams and just end up getting attacked and made to look dumb

No. 327832

How many times have people said not to update the livestream on here? Just wait and make a summary post instead.

No. 327836


People are going to post how they want, unless it's against the rules posts are going to show up. Remain calm.

Sage for not being 8 and not needing another Anon telling us how to post

No. 327846

That's her version of "it's just a prank bro"

No. 327856

This is bullshit. She wasn't making fun of him for mispronouncing a word, he tripped over a word and she said "t-t-t-tuh-today junior. Get it out. Get it out" which is a reference to the movie Billy Madison where Adam Sandler makes fun of a kid for tripping over words while reading. She was very clearly making fun of Coppercab for stuttering and even admits this was a low dig at him…so her claim she wasn't aware of this is just her playing dumb again.

No. 327865

Joy said she needs a haircut, a good 2-3 inches.

She finally says something that makes sense.

No. 327895

File: 1496438257450.png (84.15 KB, 599x496, r4SPvWG.png)

No. 327902

The stream was quite a bore. Basically just the same people kissing her ass and giving her money.

Started with her saying how much she loved vegan Cheetah, she can't even be mad because the things he says are so ridiculous. Then throws shade at him, then back to loving him. The most laughable part of this was her saying he is a narcissist and another onision, and he should make better use of his time, but he probably can't get a job because of his past. She on the other hand doesn't have anything better to do because she is sick.

Talked about how she kind of is a drama channel, because of what OTHERS see and say about her.

Joked about her rape joke, which had tons of responses in the chat, lots of people saying they were raped too and it's ok to joke!

LOTS of pedo chat.
LOTS of telling the mods to block her friend Erin, because Erin kept giving her money, so she would announce how she hated Erin for all that money donated and kept telling other mods to put her in time out, even though they weren't able to.

Her birthday is Sunday and she is going to be doing lots of filming. Yay.

No. 327921

File: 1496440613058.jpg (88.23 KB, 960x720, BS Allegedly contradictions.jp…)

Here is the first comparison, they are in order of the date they were posted, so we have her earliest post at the top, followed by the rest at later dates.

It's funny how her view changes dependant on whether it sits her needs.

I'm done for the night but hopefully I will have some more to add tomorrow.

Saged: For not being fresh milk, only organised milk.

No. 327924

more like 6 inches, at least. those ends are split to high heaven.

No. 327934

She makes fun of Vegan Cheetah for get this "reading the forums wrong" on her stream when in fact he was just reading the lolcow forum out loud. Did she ever think that since she is such a cow, and a bunch of Joytards keep posting inane shit that the posters are the ones writing things wrong in here?!

No. 327965

We mostly post in here because it really irks you guys and your fun to laugh at

She because OMG I like Joy

No. 327990

>your fun
>I like Joy

yeah. at least you saged your bullshit.
and way to continue to out your moronic drone selves. it's not a badge of honor to have six threads on this website.

No. 327994

Please don't derail.

No. 327997


That may be true, and it has taken allot of people's time to gather all this information on her. To go through all her videos and tweets, to make all these memes has taken allot of people allot of their time. We enjoy her content and think allot of what she says is funny, if we come across a video of hers we don't like we hit the next button. You guys devote hours of study, work and hate to her and the hilarious part is, and your going to love this, out of all of us, she's the only one getting paid LMAO

Sorry >>327994 just pointing out why this has gotten ridiculous.

No. 327998

It's as if some of us have forgotten how to ignore idiots.

No. 328000


> she's the only one getting paid LMAO

because she's the only one motivated by self-interest.

didn't think that through, did you?

No. 328001

nice to know at the end of it, all Kati cares about is money. the gerg comparisons just keep on piling up.
sage for derailing but what even is derailing this thread at this point?

No. 328012


Actually I did think that through, she's stated repeatedly why she is on YouTube. Do you know any person on the platform doing it for free? You guys are down to commenting on her cutting two inches of of her hair, these posts aren't going to throw the whole conversation into a tail spin. My point is people who like her get her content out of being involved with Joy. Joy gets to put her views out, entertain and inform some people and make a paycheck. You guys put in way more work than all of us, and I've read every post on here so I know you guys have worked hard, what do you get out of it? Settle down >>328007 that little rage ball is only making you uglier, but still fun to laugh at. Oh, want to buy Special Spaces?

Sage for hanging out on the farm

No. 328014

A lot of time? No honey. It takes no time at all. And it's easy to open a single video, any at random, and find a shit ton of things wrong with her.

I was the anon that posted >>307045 and it took me a whole 5 minutes tops to make. Most of which was spend just loading up Photoshop.

Here is a thought - take your own advice:
> if we come across a video of hers we don't like we hit the next button
Go on ahead and click the X button on the top of the browser and don't come back. Don't pretend that you just click away from things you don't like while at the same time commenting here because you don't like what we have to say.

> out of all of us, she's the only one getting paid

Yay! She's the only one getting paid to exploit children, give fake angel readings to gullible people desperately seeking answers, interviewing children young enough to be their mother, giving pedophiles a platform to give their ideas and reason behind the rape of children, make fun of handicap individuals.

I'd rather not be paid to do that stuff. Thanks. And unlike her, I am not too damn lazy and whiny to get a job that pays me. I don't have to exploit the weak and gullible to earn money.

And damn excited and proud that the other anons are not getting paid to exploit people either.

>inb4 claims of her "illness"

I have a degenerative form of arthritis (which happens to be a REAL autoimmune disease) which can, at times, cripple me with horrible pain and immobility (I qualify for a handicap tag but refuse it because there are people worse off than me), extreme social anxiety disorder, I break out from head to toe on occasion with rash like patches (psoriasis), and am a true life autist… yet that doesn't stop me from working.


No. 328016

May make me uglier. But I'll never be as ugly and vile as Kati Marie Smith. So doesn't bother me at all.

No. 328020

Yes, let's keep trying to normalize rape jokes. That makes everything better.

I usually don't go all sjw sperg but jfc, she really has onion logic.

No. 328021


Congratulations, you made a meme and yelled at your computer. Feel better? Does your screaming that she's ugly seem to be working?

No. 328025

It's not actually a meme. A meme implies it's gone viral to some extent. That's simply a silly Photoshop. And I wasn't boasting it, simply proving a point. No time was invested in creating it at all.

Did defending a psychopathic pathological liar pedophile supporter and screaming that I am ugly make you feel better, Honey? :) Hypocrite cow says, "Mooo".

And about the pedophile debate, why are any of us surprised by it? It's not the first time she's given a platform to them. Plus+All the rape jokes, all the vulgar jacking off talk, including passes at DO5 jerking off to his children… Kati has some serious fetishes going on.>>328021

No. 328036

Watching her squirm and TRY SO VERY HARD to act like it doesn't bother her when someone brings up the angels and/or whatever the issue du jour is made it time well spent. :)

No. 328043


Ok, you haven't spent much time on her but if you'll look at the research others have done it took them some time and effort. I know from talking to some of the OP on here what their motivations were but now it's just Twitter gossip without a like button

No. 328050

Hmmm…I'm the original poster of all but 2 of her 6 threads and I'm damn sure you've never talked to me.

No. 328053

File: 1496455552002.gif (9.62 MB, 388x268, RZJo1q8.gif)

anons stop replying to attempts at derailment. when you respond you're more guilty of derailing the thread than the spergs who make a single post. just report attempts at derailment and move on. every time someone has to tell you to just report it, that adds to derailment. including my stupid post. p.s shit like this also derails:

also please stop pointless back and forth shit like: >>328025 or >>328043 or stupid shit like "what do you get out of it?" >>328012 - what do you get out of blah blah blah? you're down to commenting on what people comment on. see how stupid that sounds? i'll let you all in on a little secret: kati isn't on youtube for the money.

No. 328056

No, she's definitely in it for the attention. She has designs on becoming "famous" she's admitted this in relation to her singing career, that doesn't go away just because she's changed her focus to YouTube. Do not believe her fake "Oh I never thought I'd get to X number of subscribers, I'm so humble" bullshit. She's practically counting on it, she's pretty much completely ruined her reputation for any other type of employment.

No. 328064

File: 1496456343595.jpg (69.08 KB, 857x510, charlesincharge.jpg)

words of wisdom from vegan cheetah? who'da thunk it.

agreed. she doesn't care about the money as much as she cares about the fame and attention. this is a woman who is in love with the sound of her own voice. she likes to hear herself talk and believes the rest of us need to hear her every single thought too. let's not forget the possible munchausen by internet angle as well. people who have munchausen's don't do what they do for financial benefit according to the DSM 5. it's an attention thing. last night during Vegan Cheetah's stream Joy was watching & once Cheetah changed the subject and stopped talking about her she absolutely had to bring the focus back to her again. he started talking about something else so eventually she sent him "50x likes" (it pops up on the screen for everyone to see) multiple times. on twitter she was acting like he was absolutely ridiculous for talking about her but once he stopped she grew unhappy and wanted/needed it to continue. she thrives off of any type of attention. i'm tired of people arguing the whole "she's in it for money!" angle because they are just simply wrong. as handy as it is to be able to say someone is in it for $$$ that simply is not the case with kati. that doesn't detract from the fact that she's a shitty person, though.

No. 328071

In today's stream she contradicted herself when talking about cheetah's stream, she was all badass and said how she kept giving him likes but also said she wasn't going to give him any attention.

She for sure is mostly in it for the attention. Writing in a blog about going to heaven, with angels talking about you being famous kind of says it all.

No. 328075

Can I get the context of this gif please? It's revolting.

No. 328078

It's from the Coppercab video. He flicked his jacket after getting upset so she mocked him by doing the same…but at the end she gets some hair in her mouth and has to take it out.

No. 328118


Since I'm Anon you can't really tell if you've talked to me before or not.

No. 328120

No. 328121

No. 328158

in all this thread there has not been any revelations. You are talking about her making fun of rape over and over.

Maybe dont post till there is something on her so the special snowflakes here dont get all butthurt when a person gets some misinformation. Thread 6 when it could be all in one thread.

No. 328165

Just report the derailments and the goons trying to muck up the thread or steer it off course. Arguing with them won't get anywhere. This is deliberate.

No. 328171


Anon is right! We need to focus on exactly how much hair she needs to cut. You know, the important stuff.

No. 328182

File: 1496466973619.png (95.13 KB, 620x586, garbage1.PNG)

Fuck you Kati. (1/3)

No. 328183

File: 1496466997620.png (55 KB, 645x336, garbage2.PNG)

No. 328185

File: 1496467024399.png (35.72 KB, 579x262, garbage3.PNG)

No. 328202

Honestly I don't care about this vegan cheetah guy. Anything he comes out with will of course be rehashed, he's an attention whore just like Kati

I'm interested in seeing the debate tomorrow though I'm betting something will go wrong and she'll have to cancel.

No. 328205

File: 1496469006479.png (135.88 KB, 710x814, Screenshot_20170603-064604.png)

What is her obsession with people having boners?!

No. 328207


If that's​ you VC GFYS. Your an idiot. I hate Joy but your even lower on my scale of people I can't stand.

No. 328226

Joy lurked in Cheetahs stream again and when asked to guest she typed in the chat "I'm here to enjoy the show tonight" then proceeded to give cheetah 1000 x3 likes ……Nice, so she throws her Joytard money away on other people's streams. Thing is: Cheetah admits why he's there and doesn't try to win people over that do not like him, oh and he's not gross to look at either like Joy and her open nostril nose that she constantly picks.

No. 328238

Seriously? Lol he looks like a meth addict

No. 328243


Do something useful, go wash your hair and brush your teeth Kati.

No. 328251

We all have our reasons for participating on the lolcow threads, some out of boredom and probably some because they do get off on hate.

Personally i don't hate Kati despite some of my posts here, in fact I actually dislike some of her detractors more than her, one being Phil. However saying that I do think it's important to call people on their bullshit and she has done a lot imo that is questionable and needs called out on.

As for the petty things you mention I don't care about her appearance or hair etc. Those things mean little to me as for her being a crappy person.

I also find entertainment in watching train wrecks, yes perhaps I'm morbid to some degree but it's no different from watching reality tv.

Sage for explanation to a joytard why I post here.

No. 328252

Hardy, he always takes his shirt off and looks nothing like a meth addict. He may be cocky, but he's nice looking. I'd like to see your version of good looking then.

No. 328253

Hello Vegan Cheetah!

No. 328254

This is getting ridiculous. MODS please report and ban 328251 for breaking the rules of post. This thread is deliberately being derailed.

No. 328260

Her referring to men as "hard ons" is her pathetic way of telling people she wishes she could have one in her since she hasn't gotten laid in so long that she has moth balls corroding in her, hence her rape jokes not being jokes but an actual mating call during her menopausel rages.

No. 328262


She's already "rescheduled" because something came up that is more important and she wants time to do her research.

No. 328276

So….admitted Joytard, which special ed one are you, are you that 400 lb lesbian heffer, or that one with the retard looking face named Cy, or rather what illnesses do you have that you would like a cow like Joy and just how much money do you stuff in the cows granny pants? Remember girls: a cow's milk is made for the sole purpose of growing a 5lb calf into a 500lb heffer! MOO!

No. 328299


Straight after a post showing her bullshit in her own words that can't be argued, a load of Joytards show up & derail to start talking about two inches of hair. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Couldn't defend the truth so instead ignored it and focused on a small issue. Training complete.


No. 328370

Jesus Christ, why is this thread shitted up to hell and back. Not only joy fans ruining this thread, but definitely PiercedAngel, Jamie Leigh, etc & those WK's joy guests with on the reg. It's so blatant Angel is posting here, she can never stop talking about herself/comparing herself every now and then in posts about joy and munchie chan. And joyfags don't know how to post. Ugh can a mod get up in here?

No. 328372

If you wanna talk about Vegan Cheetah solely please go to
Please shut up if it is not directly related to Joy and Vegan Cheetah together or related.

No. 328395

Have we figure out how long her hair cut should be? This is important stuff anons. Once we figure out the length we can move on to shampoo and conditioner

No. 328474

If she's in it to become infamous.. I mean famous, then she's prob using YouTube as she did her resume, complete with bullshit.


If I was motivated, I would go back and see when and how she mentions her "credentials." Are they a natural part of the video or is she shoehorning them in just to mention them? Alas.

Regardless, the point would stand.

No. 328493


No. 328495

Do the male Joytards get hard ons, and if they do will Joycunt make them castrate themselves?

No. 328509


You don't even know how to post here and your calling anons out?

No. 328542

Sometimes reporting isn't enough when a cow is as big as this one

No. 328557

Vegan cheetah is roasting the fuck out of her on his livestream. It's hilarious

No. 328564

How are you fucking up this bad

No. 328580

File: 1496523221064.png (302.35 KB, 748x632, 7f04eap.png)

She can't stop watching!

No. 328583

File: 1496525228415.jpg (447.03 KB, 1440x2481, IMG_20170603_171932.jpg)

Her most recent video cap, with part of the description. Remember her message about being shitty to other people, "we don't do that here" <3

Kyati is obviously not above using a friend's​ cerebral palsey for views.

No. 328587


Your hilarious, now leave

No. 328590

How loooooow will she goooooo?

We all know you're just attacking Vegan Cheeto because he dared to question you, because he EMBARRASSED you when he brought up the whole angel thing (You thought you talked to angels and went to heaven. LOL.), because he TRIGGERED you by using information from lolcow.

You're not fooling anyone, sweetie.

No. 328593

she can't even spell "Dyllan" correctly in the thumbnail. man that fibro brain is really doing a number on her. way to take the high road by calling him a cunt, Kati. this bitch is infuriating.

No. 328594

File: 1496527650199.jpg (315.33 KB, 1440x2032, IMG_20170603_175538.jpg)

She can record herself tearing into staff at a car dealership but can't "defend herself" face to face with vg? Scaredy cat !

No. 328595

Lol she will never enter into a heated discussion with someone smarter than her because she knows she will look like a fucking moron.

No. 328597

her video on vegan cheetah.

No. 328598

VC is no smarter than the animals he refuses to eat. A "debate" between these two would be a trainwreck, two tards beating their heads together.

No. 328599

Funny, a lil while back she was guesting him and he talked about being bothered by his name being misspelled

No. 328603

I am absolutely not saying he's smart. It doesn't take much to outdo Kati in intellect. VC is pathetic himself.

No. 328605

London Bridge vid coming to Joy's channel within 15 minutes I predict.

No. 328606

That's exactly why they should stream together. Joy would get super exceptional and it's a perk to watch her squirm

No. 328623

File: 1496531860781.png (244.04 KB, 834x273, why.PNG)

Can't stream with him but you'll make a 40 min video about him. Pussy.

No. 328625

I'm sorry but he most defiantly anihilated her in that stream. He had 440 ppl there all agreeing how she is using this kid as a propigator for her MO, and to further her agenda. She got twisted to the blond bimbos benefit plus he made her look like a coward as she lurked on and off the full 3 hour stream which needs to be posted here. Is he an asswipe? Yes, who gives a fuck anyway. He made her look like who she really is and as transparent as he is, which he admits score points for the Vegan Cheetah oxi moron name that he is. Much milk. The best part is when he was watching her video, directing it all and gets to the part where Joytard says he has a hard on for her and he just about threw up. Out of the two-she trumps him in the scum factor any day…..unless of course you forget who's thread you are on. He full on proves she is every single thing she called him blow by blow and is even easy on her fat ass, while she sits and marinates in her over flowing yeast basket of a vaginal oven cooking bread wilste sweating from her menepausel flashes, meanwhile dying from fibromybullshit.

No. 328637


Maybe the reason the angel thing irks her so much is because she knows she was lying when she wrote that shit and didn't/doesn't believe any of it. It puts her in a double bind. Either she can admit that she was lying and be dubbed a liar (and as corrupt as who she has deemed corrupt, profiting off that racket) ORRRR she can own it and look like a loon. Either way, she loses.

No. 328640

File: 1496534497651.png (106.67 KB, 604x738, oOxZJLx.png)

Okay.. is this like her rape jokes or is she actually shitting on someone who has explained that he finds the way she talks to disabled people offensive? Look at her last tweet in this image.

No. 328644


Interesting how she goes from 'I hate him! and I'm going to do a series on him!' to 'he's so silly!' when she gets offered a chance to guest with him multiple times while she's lurking on his stream.

No. 328648

She's live on youtube

No. 328652

She looks like a homeless man.

No. 328654

File: 1496536125823.png (272.82 KB, 527x535, s1dNHSL.png)


She's rockin' that unabomber look

No. 328655

I can't with that voice anymore so I look forward to the kind anon who provides a summary.

But in the bit I did watch she severely understates how much she made on Younow, forgetting she has posted a "receipt" from that one stream where she was going to donate but didn't because she said it wasn't working for her.

It was ~$30.

No. 328657

Uhh anybody else watching this shit show?

No. 328660

She's got a guy with severe disabilities and an obese gay guy talking about beef in his cum as guests on her livestream. She's in her element.

No. 328661

That is not an obese guy it is an obese female Joytard cow! Lmao and it's funny how she sensationalizes Cheetah as being an "attack" when he was going through her video insult by insult of her "attacking" him. I hope someone posts his steam in here because it was so funny!

No. 328662

"Summary Anon" here.. I've been watching but nothing has been important enough to transcribe. She's basically just on there like "haha VC so dumb hahaha dick joke rape joke haha I'm too good for this shit" and then she guested Dyllan and Jayden on so the 3 of them could circle jerk about how dumb he is.

You could get this same quality entertainment from 11 year old girls gossiping at recess. Their jokes are literally "lol he ugly".

No. 328663

Don't forget the part where she looked into the camera and tried saying "VC, we all want your dick so bad" trying to be sexy but coughed up a loogie instead. This woman doesn't have an ounce of seduction or feminine charm in her.

No. 328665

Joy announces she's going to change her name to DumbleQueef. Original and exciting. And Cuckthulu is in the chat begging her to notice him "NOOOO change it to Sparklethulu!"

Lmao he's never going to see a vagina.

No. 328666


she really is extraordinarily condescending

No. 328667


She's max triggered. I think that's why she's pulled in a bunch of people to try to be super disgusting. This stream is making me genuinely sick with all their talk about twats and dicks. This isn't a response, this is a bunch of socially retarded idiots trying to be edgy to deflect from the fact that vegan cheetah handed her ass to her.

No. 328668

She lives in a delusion that cheetah won't recognize her with a hard on and that huge woman cow with a beard is upset that we call her a cow in here. She just now told Dyllllann to not go "full retard" on her, or ever. She is constantly making fun of vegans and vegetarians thinking that Alina left vc because she misses meat. Wow that's funny. Making fun that vc called her a SJW. Now ANA the girl suing vc is on her stream so they can now joke about how everyone wants him.

No. 328671

I'm the other anon who does summaries and the only thing of note other than "Vegan Cheetah is ridiculoussss blah blah blah" was when she was talking about the amount she made on YouNow "For every 100 bucks you make $10 or $20, you don't make anything. Where on YouTube…most everything goes to me." That's one hell of an exaggeration, she's saying YouNow takes 80% or even 90%…if that were true hardly anyone would do it. I looked it up, YouNow takes 30%….which when you compare to what Google takes from Adsense, 32%, is similar and what I can find so far about YouTube Super Chat seems to be around 30% also…so there really doesn't seem to be much of a difference (unless I'm reporting the numbers wrong, this is just what I found from googling it.) Regardless of how much it is, it's nice that she gave confirmation she switched to YouTube for the money.

A while back didn't she say she had vegan friends and was almost completely vegan herself at one point?

No. 328673

I can't bear to listen to her talking CONSTANTLY about handling men's genitalia EWE! There's no way she's been in contact with any men in the past five yrs. I shudder to think what man would touch her but maybe a pedophile.

No. 328674

She's far too old for a pedo, and she's obviously butthurt that VC is repulsed by her as a woman.

No. 328675

She looks waayy too old for any pedo to be interested in her. She reminds me of those old ladies who talk about dick constantly because they haven't gotten any in years so they are always reminiscing about their slutty days.

No. 328677

She's trying to take the moral high ground saying VC is bad somehow bc he admits he's just in it to get views and create drama…like she isn't a drama channel herself talking about drama RIGHT NOW and is only in it for the attention and views.

No. 328678

Her stream is like infested literally! It's like a locker room toilette, it's full of sexual and inappropriate name calling equipped with the word retard over and over used by Joy. I'll call her fan base the wheelchair circus now. To hear those ppl talk about sex is gross!

No. 328680

She was surprised to find out VC has 50,000 fans, lol. Now she's watching his Moments…where she's watching him reacting to her reacting to him reacting to her, it's like drama inception

No. 328686

Fat girl with beard just said she's a bodybuilder that's too muscular to have a brain. LOL Where does Joy find these people?

No. 328692

Mod already said no direct links.

No. 328694

Because Cerebral Palsy is more important than his name, or even spelling it correctly in the thumbnail. People are more than their disabilities, I'm sure dude knows he has it. She's using this shit to look better as a person, because she cares so much right?

No. 328702

-In the livestream, she says that in 2009 she had a non-cancerous inoperable tumor in between her neck and jawline. Says the "oxygen thing" was something she tried in 2013 right around when she started getting ill with what she has right now and it had nothing to do with the tumor she had years before. And it wasn't an "oxygen chamber" but liquid food grade hydrogen peroxide. Says people keep mixing up facts from the radio show. Says she used to be a vegetarian almost vegan before she got sick but it was damaging to what's going on with her health right now. Says she loves vegan/vegetarian diets if that's what people want to do but it doesn't work for every body type or every person's body chemistry in that moment. Everybody is different. Says she healed her tumor in 2009 with a combination of diet changes and herbs. She had to do natural medicine because it was inoperable and she didn't have insurance so she tried different things and that was what worked. In 2013 when she started getting sick with what she has now that's when she tried oxygen therapy with "vegetable food grade hydrogen peroxide" tells everyone to google it to see what she is saying.

No. 328711

Did she mention she meant "inoperable" in the sense that she was afraid to die from the anesthesia vs the tumor itself being surgically challenging ?

Lawd knows she can't get through five minutes without telling a lie

No. 328714


>"Ms Smith, it is not necessary to operate on your unusually large pimple"

>"OMG GUISE Doc says it's inoperable!"

No. 328773

File: 1496561187850.jpg (153.79 KB, 870x574, tumorexcusetwitter.jpg)

I know this has been repeatedly talked about previously, mostly in thread #3 and #4 and a little in #5, but I'm doing a summary for those who might not have heard the whole story or haven't put the whole thing together, there's a couple new things in here too….her non-cancerous neck "tumor" was either a paraganglioma or an abscess that was killing her. She took antibiotics for her abscess (which she threw a tantrum over bc though she thought they would kill her) and she says it was "inoperable" because she freaked out when she was given local anesthetic and "almost" passed out but was eventually able to cure it with diet, meditation, and herbs.

I'm going to go into the entire story about the tumor but first I do feel like I should also summarize the radio shows since some people seem to be confused about their content and she talks about some weird stuff we haven't really discussed yet.

She calls into a radio show twice, the first time was in 2013 the second time in 2014. Her tumor happened in 2009, the oxygen therapy has nothing to do with the tumor, she took that in 2013 for chest pains.

Paradigm Shift Radio #78 from 2013 (Click 7 Kati)

She says she is really big into homeopathic remedies and at one point she had a tumor that was "inoperable and was told it that it could not be cured" but she was able to cure it herself with herbs (in 2009.) Then she jumps ahead to the present and says for the past few months she was having what felt like minor heart attack symptoms like a fist constantly squeezing her heart, pain going down the left side of her body, jaw pain, and several other things like issues with her stomach. A friend told her to try food grade vegetable hydrogen peroxide. She says oxygen therapy is based on a science that says "nothing negative can live in your body if it's got oxygen." The hydrogen peroxide treatment consists of taking X amount of drops 3 times a day so it oxygenates your body, she claims "it will kill viruses, it kills bacteria, it kills infection, it cures cancer, it does a host of things." She started the treatment yesterday and after only 1 hour she didn't have any more heart pain whatsoever. It's day 2 and she feels amazing like she is floating, she says she feels light-headed because she has more oxygen. She then claims that so many times in her life she has had a doctor tell her "this is what you have, you will either have it for the rest of your life or you will die as a result and you can't do anything about it." Then she says that is BS you can cure anything you just have to have the will to find the resources for it.
Then she starts talking about the tumor again. She says she took herbs and cured a paraganglioma she had on her neck that had been there for 8 months. "They tried to operate on it but it was a mess, it was a nightmare." So she took a regimen of garlic, olive leaf, oregano, and several different things and what she had for 9 months but wasn't able to cure after taking these herbs in 2.5 months it went away, it literally just shrank over a week period. She said herbs, food, and exercise are the best medicine. At the very end of the call, the guy comments on what a sincere, sweet nature she has in her voice. She jokingly tells him he doesn't know her & shouldn't judge her, he has no idea, she can get really irritated…but she's just kidding. If he could only hear her now.

Paradigm Shift Radio #87 from 2014 (Click 2. Katie)
She gives an update on her situation, how she's been well for 6 weeks, how much better she feels and how happy she is she can finally work again because she beat whatever she had. She talks about the chest pains and how they felt like a mini heart attack so she would keep going to a "subpar" ER but they would never find anything wrong. Then she says no matter how much or what she ate it felt like her body was not absorbing nutrition so she started gaining weight. She said the hydrogen peroxide therapy she talked about last time worked for her chest pains even though she wasn't able to finish the protocol because it was so rough on her. The chest pains & digestion problems got better then worse so she says she talked to a random nutritionist she found online & even though she couldn't afford their services they still diagnosed her with thyroid problems so she needed more magnesium and zinc. She says that worked and she lost 10 lbs. Now regarding her tumor, at 27:28 her exact words are "I had a tumor one time that I had for a year on my neck that was killing me. I was told it could not be operated on I would die. If I didn't get rid of it I would die. I had all these crazy things happen with my physical body. I have learned from these experiences you literally can heal anything. You have to get to that breaking point and go inside of yourself to say ok what's actually going on here and of course, from what I have learned for myself it always ends up being emotional. It always ends up being some emotional thing, that you are not are not looking at that ends up manifesting. And that's what it was for me." Then she talks about having anger issues & being pissed she can't levitate like she saw in Peter Pan when she was 3. She said she knew it sounded silly and people would make fun of her for it but she really wanted to be floating around/flying. Later she says you can go on YouTube and watch Shaolin monks actually levitating and how that amazed her but she's not smart enough to put the science together to manifest the ability to levitate. She goes back to the topic of being sick and she said people she knew were also going through this but she said she felt like she was having symptoms of radiation, she said it felt like she was in a microwave. She and her friends got an "intuitive message" even though they weren't talking which was that in an energetic way they were taking on radiation in their cells and transmuting it on a level they weren't completely aware of because the planet is being inundated with it…and in the process the radiation is activating stuff, so in sense it's kinda making us mutants.

Her tumblr page http://imgur.com/a/qGNrb which she talks about her experiences in present tense including her abscess so from this we can pretty safely infer it was written in 2009. She says she has an immense fear which has slowly been killing her and that her fear manifested in the form of a neck abscess and fungal infection that almost killed her. She was given antibiotics for the abscess but says she couldn't take the medication without falling on the floor shaking, screaming and crying "I don't want to die, I can't take this antibiotic…I don't want to die" Her boyfriend spent hours trying to talk her out of her fear the antibiotics would kill her but he eventually gets tired of her bullshit and leaves. After he stops giving her the attention she was seeking she has this moment of peace where the room got all bright and has all these "revelations" that give her the "courage" to take the antibiotics. Two hours later she's writing that she's had no bad side effects and feels amazing.

Her story now as per her Twitter, you can see screenshots I attached is that the doctor was going to operate but she had a reaction to the local anesthetic and "almost" passed out then had to be woken with smelling salts.

So in 2009 when this happened she goes from it being a neck abscess caused by a fatal manifestation of her fear that she took antibiotics for…to 2013 where it's an inoperable tumor she was told cannot be cured/a paraganglioma that they tried to operate on but couldn't because it was a "mess" but cured it herself with garlic, olive leaf and oregano…to 2014 where it was tumor that would kill her if left untreated but could not be operated on or she would die and was caused by an emotional thing manifesting in her…to May 2017 where she wasn't sure what it was because her doctors were in disagreement/didn't know what it was but they were still somehow able to know that they needed to operate or she would die so they tried to operate but her body went into shock from the local anesthetic, she "almost" passed out and the had to put her legs over her head in the chair and stuck something under her nose to wake her up. (It has been pointed out that smelling salts are not used as part of a protocol for a patient feeling faint/passing out, it's basically just a movie trope.) She maintained she cured it with meditation and herbs (she said this in a livestream)…to today where it's a non-cancerous inoperable tumor she had to heal herself with diet and herbs because it was inoperable and she had no insurance.

While going through the previous threads I came across this post where it says she claimed to have paperwork and video of the tumor on her neck in a livestream.

No. 328787

Jesus fuck she is such a batshit munchie!

No. 328794


And you said people don't spend allot of time working on this stuff.
328773 is a pure Joy hate fan to put that much effort in, well done Anon

No. 328795

File: 1496565599675.gif (302.63 KB, 342x472, cv9nRNR.gif)

Vegan Cheetah watched & reacted to Joy's video about him on YouNow yesterday, Saturday 6/3.

Needless to say it was once again very entertaining.

VidMe Links:

-Part 1-: https://vid.me/EEKx

-Part 2-: https://vid.me/WWc2

-Part 3-: https://vid.me/V8lC

-Part 4-: https://vid.me/XPkU

Predictably, Joysus joined the chat (4 separate times) but would not guest. This first happens in Part 2 around -10:00 but also happens in 3 & 4. She tried to be witty in the chat but failed miserably. Cheetah trolls the ever loving FUCK out of her, it's way too funny. Her chat & joins are highlighted in the video.

And lest anyone forgets, this is why Joy is a hypocrite for criticising Cheetah for using the word "retard": https://vid.me/4Mwo

No. 328809

Meh, It really didn't take as long as you'd think. I type fast, I already knew the story and where all the evidence was so I didn't have to research anything. The longest part was listening to the radio shows but each clip was only a few minutes long. All in all, it took me less than 17 min total (I know exactly how long it was because I was waiting 20 min to let hair dye develop and was done well before my timer went off.) The reason I put the effort in wasn't out of hate, I actually kinda like Joy in a twisted sort of way. Mainly it's because she needs to be called out on her bullshit…but also to help clear up all the confusion. Drama is fine and all but it's just one of my hangups that it irks me to no end when I see people repeating stupid rumors that have no basis in reality…especially when the truth is a lot more interesting.

No. 328813

File: 1496569629118.jpg (72.53 KB, 960x720, BS evasion.jpg)

Joytards, when we spend anyone amount of time researching the many inconsistencies, lies and failures of your dear Joyous, we are only doing as she tells us we should.

So save your breath when trying to use that as some kind of insult, it would be stupid not to spend time making sure we are right. And here it is in her very own words, although she cracks this out when she is evading questions but if you aren't the hypocrites she is, it should apply in this situation too, shouldn't it…

No. 328820

File: 1496572574564.jpg (77.41 KB, 960x720, BS wants facts!.jpg)

BS demands facts, despite pulling the piss out of Onion for demanding the very same thing.

But Joyous, there are kids starving in Africa! Think of the kids!

Should we start a Gofund me to buy a fax for Joyous, with a target of $1000 to cover postage & packaging?

Saged for not being fresh milk.

No. 328823

File: 1496573370576.jpg (141.09 KB, 960x720, BS do5 hypocrisy.jpg)

What is JoySparkleBS for 100 Alex? She did describe herself as media after all.


No. 328906

Stop using this thread to teach newfags. Take it to /meta/ if you have questions about using the site.

No. 328965

File: 1496593232762.png (23.5 KB, 544x123, EYcYJMa.png)

A comment on her most recent video (where she attacks a buzzfeed straw man about men) … WTF? This doesn't sound cult like at all… nope, not at all.

BTW: Isaac Watts has been a long time, unabashed white knight for her.

No. 328971

She he's the worst punctuation, actually she doesn't even use punctuation at all and she has the spelling sense of a four year old RETARDED, white privileged, loser. Someone really needs to check on her alleged college degree. No way did she do four years with out a straight D/F average.

No. 328978

And doesn't she ignore the fuck outta Isaac? I've seen many tweets of them trying to get her attention.

I think everyone can agree she hasn't so much as completed one (1) semester of college, community or otherwise.

No. 328981

Wasn't her video on beta males? Ironic.

No. 328985


At the 35min mark she starts a rant about "friends" that were nice to her face and as soon as she "left" they shit talked her…. made me think that Geekthulu is now fucked because of that livestream on his channel where she participated and as soon as she left, they said "I… uh… I don't like her"

Also, that whole video was just old church lady creepy… am thinking maybe the fact that Vegan Cheetah said he wouldn't "rub one out" to her got her pissed off enough to try this passive aggressive master fail of a video.

No. 328988

Sage for blog/forgetting to click reply after writing this earlier

New video up of her responding to a Buzzfeed video on beta males dating. I tried to bullet point as I go along but girllll, she makes it hard af.
The original BF video is 7:15 while her response to it is 36:51, much of it not making any sense.

She is definitely better at being a crazy obsessed stalker, when she can just keep pounding away the same shit over and over. She is dipping into other topics and it's painfully obvious that she has no idea what she is talking about, making it difficult to understand or even follow what she is talking about and as usual, lots of contradictions. I get that she is "new to this" and may be trying to find the direction she wants to go in with her channel, but she will always be a sloppy hot mess if she doesn't have honesty. Regardless of agreeing with her views, I could at least respect her if she were being true.

I had to take a break from her video after around 15 mins in. The dude in the BF vid is on his first date and is shown checking in with a hostess who says he isn't on the list. He isn't pleased with that, tried to look at the list himself, it gets awkward and his date says to just go take a stroll instead. Kati gets really worked up about this scene, ranting about social awkwardness/society then randomly adds that just because she is social and can speak,that apparently makes her a scam artist.
Ummm what??
She briefly continues on about this culture and generation before referring back to the awkwardness with the date and hostess and saying if they say your name isn't on the list, you demand to speak to a manager and you have words, and if you have to, you have strong, stern words until you get what you need, thats part of asserting yourself in life, nobody likes to do those things but that's part of life - you can't expect to have a woman and use her for sex, but not have the ability to assert yourself to at least protect the night you're having-what does that say about who you are as a man and if something happens to her as the result of you just wanting to use her for sex.

Talk about blowing that scene way out of proportion. Can you picture a first date with someone and shortly into they launch a verbal assault, screaming like a maniac to humiliate someone just doing their job, and while in public? Briefly watching her car dealership made me so uncomfortable, there's no chance in hell I would give a shot to someone that aggressive. Imagine what they are like behind closed doors. NOPE.

It's concerning that not only does she believe that is normal human behavior, she also encourages it. I have no expectations of her actually ever apologizing for anything or even admitting being wrong because she is clueless.

No. 329010

DSM-5 criteria for narcissistic personality disorder include these features:

-Having an exaggerated sense of self-importance
-Expecting to be recognized as superior even without achievements that warrant it
-Exaggerating your achievements and talents
-Being preoccupied with fantasies about success, power, brilliance, beauty or the perfect mate
-Believing that you are superior and can only be understood by or associate with equally special people
-Requiring constant admirationHaving a sense of entitlement
-Expecting special favors and unquestioning compliance with your expectations
-Taking advantage of others to get what you want
-Having an inability or unwillingness to recognize the needs and feelings of others
-Being envious of others and believing others envy you
-Behaving in an arrogant or haughty manner

Saged for being too obvious

No. 329032

1st of all, you didn't actually sage it
2nd of all, what does trying to pin a diagnosis to her prove?
3rd of all, who fucken cares?

No. 329057


Interesting. I wonder what he said/did? Anytime I've seen him (well from his shoulders down because his head is firmly wedged up her arse) he has been the whitest of knights.

She will no doubt say he hurt her deeply & although she forgives him she will now have to distance herself from him in a bid to protect her "intelligent heart". He will start throwing more money and favours her way to try to claw his way back into the fold.

No. 329067

Thought it would be obvious that both VC and JSBS are crazy in the same way. It's like Clash of the Titans except pathetically funny.

No. 329220

Joy is on stream right now talking again about how she HAS to eat greasy pizza that she "f*cking HATES" to make her stomach better… PLEASE. That's such bs.
As someone with diagnosed Crohns disease, EATING PIZZA will in no way help with stomach issues Joy! You're deceiving yourself and others. She said she even "tested" it by eating other things, but she must not try hard enough with her diet.

I've just never met someone who expresses unhappiness about their weight and then in the same sentence expresses their unwillingness to change it! She could eat smaller portions or exercise or both.

Joy, DON'T just accept something you're unhappy with. You can change it! Also if you lurk here, happy birthday.

No. 329222

File: 1496622134767.png (786.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170604-192043.png)

She's live on youtube guesting with "roommate"

No. 329229

Well, he isn't the first one I've seen. There was Joshey(?) I get secondhand embarrassment watching these men plead for her attention and when they don't get it they turn against her lol.

No. 329235

I'm waiting for the day that one of them is actually attractive.

No. 329247


This is fucking pathetic. Someone in the chat just asked why he's in disguise and Kati responded with "because people on the internet be scary."

Nobody cares about "roommate" that much. Once again she's turning people's curiosity about her roommate into "omg there's a league of stalkers obsessed with me & roommate - death threats!!!!." From everything I've seen it's her fans who ask the most questions about him. Not her "haters." And even then the questions are few and far between.

The more she keeps trying to prevent people from knowing who he is/what he looks like, the more curiosity it creates. As if there's something there worth hiding. It just makes people want to look into him that much more.

In reality there's nothing happening on her channel. If this is all she's got.. it's pathetic. It's like she just looks around the room and whatever her eyes land on becomes the subject of the day. Today it's her roommate, tomorrow her new can opener. Booooorrrriinngg.

No. 329260

I have a suspicion it isn't roommate. It's female first of all unless roommate was, I thought roommate was male

No. 329261

They were using a voice changer as far as it seemed. They used a couple of different ones but the main one did sound female. I think it was just them making their voice higher though as part of the disguise.

No. 329273

How does having a small gossip channel
On YouTube suddenly make you think you're someone needing witness protection from Don Corleone or something? It's not that serious.

No. 329282

Vegan Cheetah absolutely wrecked her. Yet Kati will not admit her true intentions and just admit shes in it for the dough.

However this is Sceptic plus is Joy and Laci Green. Look what happened to Atheism plus and the wall street drama and Ketchup. Joy is this she is not at all critical and shows nothing illuminating.

She has all these weird views that everyone is inclusive like wtf was that guy Dylan with cp as he is hard to understand and it was just disgusting that she used it for money. Then the gays. Yet she tries so desperately to try and get in bed with the sceptics yet she has no criticism whatsoever.

No. 329301

My favorite parts were the awkward silences when she or someone in the chat said something about them dating or getting married.

"I'm not using him, I'm paying electricity"


Maybe all the secrecy is because we've already found him. Maybe he's in one of the pictures that were posted previously…

No. 329306

Her pizza reasoning is as stupid as it sounds. She eats like a pig and has been on stream dumping greasey potatoes chips down her throat several times.
Funny how she talked about how a Dr told her there is no cure for fibromyalgia and she got all worked up and said to not take that shit from anyone because she is going to will herself better. She has cured herself of so many other things but for some reason can't get her shirt together, literally.

No. 329365

Oh, but she's an indigo child who's undergone an angelic ascension…her body doesn't function like regular humans. She requires excessive amounts of grease to stop her from mutating due to all the radiation her cells are taking on. Salad is poison to her, guys…it grows in the earth so it's absolutely inundated with radiation. Pizza and potato chips might not be the ideal food for an ascended indigo child but after her angels stopped giving her mana from heaven, it was the closest thing she could find. Besides being rich in grease, pizza has generous amounts of garlic, olive oil, and oregano…it's literally the only thing on earth that can prevent her emotions from manifesting into fatal inoperable tumors. Because pizza is only a shallow substitute for heavenly angel mana it gives her chronic diarrhea…and because she has such a super unique metabolism, diarrhea causes her to gain weight. Doctors can't possibly diagnose what is really wrong with her because they assume she's a normal human, they can't "heal" her because they are limiting themselves to science-based treatments and reason instead of what indigos really need - pseudoscience and Google.

sage for obvious hyperbole and sarcasm.

No. 329367

Top keks, love this anon!

No. 329386

File: 1496642647298.gif (1.93 MB, 720x404, blahblahblah.gif)

No. 329391

You have captured the very essence of her channel! Brilliant!

No. 329453

Her birthday stream was a major joke. Roommate is most definately a special needs case you can see right through that dumb disguise. Now that we know who he is she won't have that over anyone's heads anymore. Lmao. Also getting banned for non integrating is hard when you have a bevy of different IPs to choose from and never mention getting banned! MOO!

No. 329481

File: 1496664474713.jpg (95.51 KB, 960x720, BS Paedophile hypocrisy.jpg)

So she was aware that by debating a paedophile, she was giving this cretin an open forum which he could use to to manipulate the situation to his own benefit.

She knows that a lot of her audience are young and vulnerable but she gave him a platform anyway.

And she still thinks she is better than Onion.


No. 329496

Not when you make it this obvious every single time.

No. 329521

File: 1496672409982.gif (1.52 MB, 720x404, triggered.gif)

No. 329534


She is describing herself so perfectly here, I can hardly believe it! Bloody hell, the lack of self awareness is so extreme here that it seems like a joke! Except we know she has no self awareness so she's being serious. My goodness, this woman. Jeeeeeeeesus.

No. 329569


I know but after sitting reading through thousands of her tweets and YouTube comments I'm not shocked at the void where her self awareness should be anymore. I'm more shocked when I find something that hasn't changed.

Some of the things I found today while going through her first few videos compared to now is like looking at night and day. It's like she has gone through a personality transplant, only I could see it happening, as her subscribers grew so did her ego and the real BS started to appear, instead of the peace, love and kindness hippy she pretended to be.

I'm trying to get things put together as quickly as I can but she has made well over 3000 tweets and everyday there is more to add! Her YouTube comments run into hundreds too, more at the start of her channel and almost everything she said then has been contradicted ten times over by now. But I will just keep posting them when I can. I'm pretty sure I'll need some brain bleach once this is all over.

Saged for blogpost.

No. 329570

In all seriousness, if what she says is true, then she is actually making herself worse and may do long term damage to her intestines. All the pizza cheese and bread will back up in her colon and cause blockages and pockets in the lining of her intestines that become inflamed and possibly infected. Continuing to live on pizza will build up but the liquid and softer part of the stool will pass through and around, being diarrhea. It would explain the weight gain as well, as the bulk isn't being eliminated.
Toxic mega colon or a prolapsed rectum will show her how great of an idea living on pizza is.

Either way, I'm calling BS on her ass, she said that the pizza was an experiment she tried this month, but she most definitely said the same exact thing months ago. Someone in chat asked if she was tested for diabetes or celiac, her response was yes - as far as she's aware. How would she not be aware of either of those? When something is that bad and you think you are dying, you would surely remember.

No. 329578

I know what you mean. I'm the anon who used to record her YouNows before she decided to stop streaming there. Keeping up with her insanity is fucking exhausting. I've collected/archived a lot of footage on her (goddamn there's a lot) as I'm considering doing a video about her but it gets tiring as hell because each day brings out more bullshit from Ms BS. Probably best to go with industrial solvent vs. bleach ;)

No. 329587

Copper mentions Joy at the end, around 20:25. Small mention.

Joy has jumped on it of course and just asked him on twitter for a "debate/discussion."


No. 329589

The easiest way I've found to look for her posts that contradict each other is by keyword search. Using Twitter's search engine you just type in @joysparklebs keyword …because trying to read through all her idiotic word vomit in chronological order is a daunting process indeed. For her Youtube comments, you can do a username/keyword search using Google to find the video, this video goes into detail how https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGM5pspk-pU once you click on the video you can sort by top comments to get ones with replies nearest the top, immediately scroll down to load as many comments as needed then you can use the 'Find' feature on your browser (usually Ctrl-F) to search for her screen name and a keyword you know is in the comment.

No. 329590

File: 1496683152306.jpg (64.44 KB, 854x406, joycopper.jpg)

No. 329604


He called her out as an example of how the "skeptic" community is going to shit content wise.

He says "…act like it didn't happen (ref his video), but it did happen and it's still happening. By that, I mean the degrading of your community. And, it's going to keep happening as long as you let channels like Bearing inspire the community until it starts creating channels like… oh, I don't know, Joy Sparkle… look at her…look what she's doing (shows clip from her vid where she made fun of his stutter and then another clip where she made fun of him for wetting his lips with his tongue.)


Not sure why CopperCab would want to debate or have a discussion with a person who's primary communication seems to be through guttural noises, grunts, and sexual gestures.

No. 329609

>>329589 Thank you for the tips, I had no idea I could key word search. I wish I had known before I started. It will definitely come in handy for her future BS because she does suffer from verbal diarrhoea.


I think you had it worse, I hit mute and just screen grab comments, I think I would have gone over the edge if I had to listen to her screeching for longer than a minute.

>>329604 He probably wants to debate her because it's an easy win. Her research skills don't go any further than asking other people to find information for her.

No. 329614


Why would he? He has 300k+ subs and "debating" her would almost be like slumming. Bearing and crew play to his character. Kati can't even figure out that he's a troll and was online yesterday explaining how she didn't know what "beta male" was until the day before. She's genuinely stupid. Hard to have a good conversation with someone who is that stupid and fills in with foul language. (Notice that CopperCab doesn't curse anywhere near like Kati does.)

No. 329621

It's just like to her ask for a discussion after making a video on him where she spent the entire thing mocking him. Her formula seems to be working.
1. Find larger YouTuber in a semi-related category to make fun of/talk shit about in a way she can later claim wasn't serious
2. Larger YouTuber notices & posts or talks about it
3. Uses this opportunity to get featured in some sort of content on their channel & tries her best to pile on the charm/sound interesting
4. Subs increase

It isn't a bad thing to find ways to self-promote and get your stuff out there to find more subs…that's just a normal part of being a YouTuber, but the way she does it feels so disingenuous & manufactured. She's completely ruined any chance of being respected as a genuine personality so she's going with the Onision 'I may be infamous and generally hated but it still pays suckas' style of YouTubing (that's probably not a word but I just made it one.)

He's awfully generous to include her as part of the "skeptic community." Just because she says she's part of it doesn't make it so. She isn't even a bad example of a skeptic channel (such as Steve Shives) she's the complete opposite of a skeptic channel…what she has is a drama channel, her content is full of gossip & conjecture and her arguments are based on emotion, it's nothing like what those in the "skeptic community" typically put out there. She's hardly sophisticated enough to be seen as a voice of reason…grunts, guttural noises, and sexual gestures indeed.

No. 329629

You're welcome. Just a couple more suggestions…instead of hitting mute you can just immediately stop the video, that way you don't contribute to her watch time. I don't know if the YT algorithm still takes it into account like it used to but it might in the future. Also, you might want to put in an ad blocker if you don't already have one, no need to contribute to her ad revenue either. There are lots out there, I use the 'AdBlock for YouTube' extension for Chrome.

Yep, her "research" boils done to lazily asking other people to do it for her. On her livestream yesterday someone in chat said they heard Omnipolitics was in jail and that's why he couldn't debate her. (Huh? Wasn't she the one who rescheduled the debate?) Anyway, she jumped all over the rumor but instead of trying to look for herself she just asked the person to find out for her. She then mysteriously alluded to information she has on his situation but won't be releasing at the time for reasons….she isn't trying to protect his privacy, he's a pedo and she says she doesn't respect him at all…was it just to create drama so the people watching the livestream, all 60 of them, would want to watch the video she makes about it later? I dare say they would have watched it anyway.

She's trying to pretend she knew all along Coppercab is a troll and her beta male video…yeesh. She took that video way too seriously too. She's so freaking dense, how does someone go through life being that oblivious?

No. 329639

This isn't necessarily milk, but worth noting as it pertains to her relationships and is good to have on record for when her stories change

6/4/17 birthday stream:

In the first 20ish minutes, she talks about the night before, falling asleep crying after receiving a message from her ex fiance. He said happy birthday, he didn't want any drama and to not respond. She mentions not needing to hear from him trying to be polite and that she gave him so much but couldn't trust him to help keep her alive.

She wakes up to a message from her mom:

Happy birthday, Mike says you aren't getting my texts but I don't have you blocked. I hope you have a wonderful day. I'm very sorry you feel the way you do about me, but You're an adult, with your own opinions, which drastically differ from mine. I hope you are well, you must be, by the way you act online. Even though I disagree with your behavior, I still and always will love you.

She goes on to say her and her mother are on complete no speaking terms and she wasn't pleased with the jab in that message, knowing that her daughter is very sick.

Gets into a bit about her upbringing:
Says it would be one thing if she came from a horrible or bad environment or bad people, if her parents had drug issues or abuse or a hard life. But she grew up middle class with the illusion of upper middle class. They both did really well but didn't give a shit. Both would look at her and her siblings at holiday events and say they wish they didn't have kids, having kids ruined their lives.

No. 329644

> I still and always will love you.

This differs drastically from her claim she has no family support and they don't care if she lives or dies….what is probably going on is that they don't support her 'I'm too sick to work' story because she's pulled stuff like that in the past and they just don't believe her.

No. 329654

Right, she painted a much different picture and who can forget her frequent claims of white trash.

Dealing with her likely requires more patience and time than anyone in the world can provide. I can see them distancing from her to protect their own well being. All the lies and manipulation are enough to crack anyone, to have your daughter or soon to be wife insist she is dying every day and say they won't help her while Drs repeated tell her it's anxiety has to be hell. Similar to the person you love being an addict, you try to help in every way imaginable but you can't force them to get the help they need. All you can do is tell them you love them and will support them getting better, often cutting ties.

No. 329695


I do have Adblocker Plus but I didn't realise that time spent watching helped her in any way, so I will hit pause from now on, thank you.


That differs from the little story she told a week or two ago about her mother finding lolcow and wanting to talk to us because she thought we are her daughter's friends. She had a giggle about how her and her sister had to convince her mother not to talk to us.


I agree, any relationship, whether it is friends, or even just former subscribers, seems to crash and burn, that is something else that is very obvious when reading through all of her guff. She used to have friendly relationships with quite a few people that she has since publicly fallen out with or they have completely disappeared.

I bet in her mind it is always their fault, never hers, she is too simple to realise that she is the common denominator, can so many different people really all be wrong BS?

No. 329764

Didn't she just get done blasting VC for having a record and a drug problem and came from a good family, essentially implying if you don't come from a minority group of her choosing with a problematic upbringing of her choosing it's completely inexcusable for anyone to have complications on their life, that can be normal for any demographic?

In that case, what excuse does she have?

No. 329785

During the entire DO5 thing it was "I know white trash mentality because I lived it, I was emotionally abused too." Her biggest example of "abuse" was how she would wake up to her mother screaming at her for a half hour and again when she came home from work. My mother did something similar but I haven't ever considered it abuse because I understood how hard it was to raise me, I was an obnoxious little shit but my mother still loved me very much and would have done anything for me. I am not a morning person, if she tried waking me nicely I'd just ignore her, roll over and go back to sleep. Once up I dragged ass until I'd make us both late unless she was constantly on my case. The screaming when she got home was mainly out of frustration because I hadn't done my chores or homework and the house was usually a huge mess. For someone like Kati, I can only imagine what she put her mother through, I truly feel sorry for her.

Yep, she was going after him because he was a middle class suburban white kid and a "failed" musician…even though that's exactly what she is.

No. 329822

I'm glad I'm not the only one that noticed her "I can only eat pizza diet" BULLSHIT! I couldn't believe she actually said that outload. My god her fans have to be the most gullible, slow, sad human beings on the Internet. I'm at the point now that I don't even feel bad for her fans anymore. Because if they haven't caught on to the inconsistencies and lies by now. Then there's really no hope for them at this point.

No. 329962

I'm on an ice cream and cookies diet. No idea why I'm gaining weight. Must be the diarrhea! /s

No. 329968

Sh'es live

No. 329970


She logged on YouNow under the guise of talking about whether or not she should quit YouTube or at least take a break.

It's just another pity party. She just said that all she deals with is never ending abuse and every day brings new "knives in her back". Because Lord knows she doesn't bring any drama on herself, ever.

No. 329973

She's talking about her mom being on lolcow on younow rn. Dropping names

No. 329977

So I'm listening in to her live on YN and she is crying, no blubbering talking about how her mom has "found her people" in lolcow and she does not believe Joy is sick at all but if she did happen to be sick she wouldn't be able to deal with it. She just said younow is a huge scam and that if you give her 50 bux she would only receive 5 when we know they only take 22-30%. She also can not debate the pedo Omni politics now because of something she found out about him. Now she's back on her mother, saying her mother wouldn't believe would not believe how her husband talked dirty to Joy. Zorkmind has his nose stuck up her broken down vaginal walls now to. She's also telling everyone she maybtake some sort of break because youtube is not her friend. Joys grandma is her only parent and she should have never ever told youtube about her health and she has fibermybullshit and youtube doesn't believe her. Blubbering hard now she is saying she has no family again.
To Joytards mom: why do you keep harassing your beautiful daughter? If she has no family, how do you even exist?
Joy thinks you must have insurance to see a doctor. I guess cash doesn't work. Her stream is labeled "mental illness is hard"! or some crap like that. More talk of that tumer again the one that she almost died from the Anastasia ……. MOOOOO!

No. 329979

I think the stream is titled something about thinking about quitting Youtube. It's cut off for me. Round 2 here we go.

she looks like she's been crying or something, a chatter says her eyes look puffy and she agrees.

She's having a pity party about what people have been saying about her and of course her illness shit.

She doesn't know who she is anymore.

Said she and Omnipolitics planned to debate Sunday but she's learned new information about him so she's decided that she doesn't want to do it. Ofc she can't talk about the information because of how it will affect other people.

Claims to of done research on something. Lies as usual. She's also playing up the "I'm so new and stupid" angle and her soft voice "Don't give me monies goise…" shit.

Claims Omi went MIA for about a week and rumors circulate that he's in jail for something.

I'm so sick, can't be me, can't build my channel under all this sickness and pain. Blah blah blah.

Doesn't trust men to touch her body in a setting such as receiving a massage because she's been in bad situations with men before.

Said she's got 3 or 4 knives in her back and that Youtube isn't a place you go to make friends. She went in naive and new blah blah people are mean to her and she's not strong enough. Can't trust anybody. Triggered by her birthday.

Claims that she's no longer be consistently uploading if she doesn't just quit. Roommate is her only stability.

She thinks her mom has guilt over being a shitty parent and that's why she sent her the birthday thing. (Something like that, it froze for a second) Says she was arguing with her mom over e-mails and that her mom is happy she found lolcow because she believes us and agrees with us, doesn't think Kati Marie Smith is sick, and sent her nasty e-mails. Sent her something like "Looks like I have something in common with Lolcow" So I guess the mother feels vindicated and validated having found this site. Says it hurts that she doesn't have a family and that she loves her mother.

Said she's tired of fake people using her online. I can't remember how it was worded but it basically sounded like she felt she wasn't getting in return what she should for doing things to help other channels.

Her mom "desperatly wants to believe" that Kati has all these mental illnesses. She's selfish because her mom would only help if it helps herself in the end. If Kati is mentally ill then Kati can still do whatever her mom wants her to do but if it's physical then she can't so then she has no value to her basically.

Says that if someone sends $50 over Younow then she'll only get $5. (fact check?)

More bawwwing about insurance and being sick.

-Younow app crashes on me-

Something about how her mom was white trash and when Kati was 8 her mom decided that basically as long as you have a roof over your head your good. Said her grandma is a saint and she has a good relationship with her but her grandma is going deaf so it's hard to speak with her. She gets a little teary talking about her grandma. Says she's also sick. Even writing letters would be too difficult. Says her grandma was the only parent she's ever had.

Says she stopped talking about her illness and such and put on a brave face but she can't handle it anymore because of the internet's constant complaining.

More excuses about why she can't treat her fibro. Tries to play up how hard it is to be in pain all the time.

Said random people have set up GoFundMe's for her and she's shut them down.

Blowing her nose all kinds of in view. Gross Kati.

Says she can't get disability because there have been a lot of cuts and she can only get on it if she goes to a therapist and gets diagnosed with a bunch of shit she doesn't have. But she's only depressed because she's sick.

Had her tumor checked by med students, they stuck a needle in it and pulled shit out, looked at it under a microscope and they went to operate but they gave her the kind of anesthetic you use so she can still be awake and she had a bad reaction and because of where it is and all the ligaments and shit it's in a hard place to operate on so they said they can't.

Doesn't take DM's or PM's anymore because people are scary. Death threats that get really creepy.

Complains about "What the fuck are they doing that everyone is so sick with everything" specifically speaking of autism.

She went for a pee break, so I'll call this part 1.

No. 329980


Yeah, she just said her mom emailed her and told her about lolcow. That people on lolcow finally understand Joy in the same way that her mother does. Then she said something about her mom reading off "threats" from lolcow. Because there's soOoOo many threats..right?

She's also bitching that her mom wants to "desperately believe" that Joy is mentally ill vs physically sick. If her mom "realizes" that she's physically sick, she would have to "step up and help her."

Kati says that her mom stopped wanting to be a parent to her when Kati was 8 years old. More whining about "white trash mentality".

Talking about how she might take "big breaks." Says she's having trouble being consistent in terms of uploading videos. lol..how many videos has she uploaded this week?

More bullshit about being "always in pain." So much pain that she doesn't want to try pain medications (because she doesn't want to be "doped u up") as we've heard time and time again.

People are giving her tons of suggestions in an attempt to help her but as always she's shooting down every single suggestion no matter how reasonable. Like always this is literally nothing but a pity part. More talk about death threats which are very likely exaggerations.

No. 329982

Part 2 is short, she ends it soon after coming back so:

Boring commentary on vaccines.

Her patreon says she teaches but she's realized she just doesn't feel well enough. (I think I missed a bit of context here, sorry)

Uses CBD oil for pain.

That's all.

No. 329985


She said she's ​tried using CBD oil for pain but it only works "half the time." Her story is constantly changing regarding what has or hasn't worked for her apparent pain. A few weeks ago it was "CBD oil worked once, maybe." And we've all heard the "pain meds only ever work for 2 weeks!" thing.

No. 329992

Also, she hinted at "being on the spectrum" which is a new one.

No. 329997

lmfao she seems surprised that you can't just walk into the social security office, scream "I'M DISABLED," and have them throw money at you. her issues have nothing to do with "cuts." she needs fucking documentation, which she doesn't have, or else she'd be approved. ssi is FEDERAL, so ~state cuts~ wouldn't affect it. yeah, the state pitches in some money, too, but that's only AFTER everything's been approved. and lmao kati a therapist can't get you that documentation, you uneducated scumbucket. you'd have to see a psychiatrist, who is a licensed medical doctor. shocking!! and paying out-of-pocket for an appointment isn't even that bad. i'm on ssi and i pay out-of-pocket because my psych isn't covered by my insurance. like. this isn't difficult. this isn't something a 33-year-old woman should be having any difficulty with. at all. ever.

(note: non-ssi disability is still federal. i don't think she'd qualify for that though, even with documentation.)

i'm not even touching on the tumor thing again. i can't handle it. i've had it. officially.

"fibermybullshit" gave me a good chuckle.

No. 329999

Wow! So just after this is said about her previous mother story.


She changed her story back to match exactly what was written about what she had said originally about her mother.


And after pointing her hypocrisy out here about her calling out Onion for possibly exposing his audience to a paedophile, yet her doing exactly that, she cancels the debate because super secret reasons. Those reasons being she saw what she said in the past and knew she couldn't justify it.


And after her middle class vs white trash comments were clarified by an Anon here, she also covers it in this stream.


And she calls others out for reading and following lolcow when she is focusing her streams and the things we point out around lolcow. And is now making and breaking plans dependent on what is posted on here.

No. 330007

This is horse shit Kati.
My brother had REAL cancer in the same place, and they they were able to surgically remove it.
The cracks are showing through all of your lies.

No. 330008


Thank you so much for such detailed summaries, sweet anons. These were perfect. Hope recorder anon was able to snag this stream too.

So… do we think Mrs. Smith finding these threads is real, or a complete lie to make the audience feel bad for her, and us feel bad for being big meanies? Because I think it's bullshit, personally.

No. 330025


I think it's complete bullshit too, she literally just read through the most recent posts on here and created her live stream narrative around what she saw here. It's no coincidence that everything she talked about matched up and covered everything said here.

I don't feel sympathy for her, her views are dangerous, she scares people, she milks money from people, she manipulates young and vulnerable people. All in the pursuit of V-fame and validation.

I think she is cracking now because she has been in this situation a thousand times before, where people question and doubt her only this time she thought she was in control, that nobody would know her history so she could build a pretty picture of herself and prove all those people in real life wrong. Only that's not what has happened, history is repeating because she can dress herself up with a sunny personality but she's still the same hugely flawed person she always was underneath all the sparkle. And this time it is on a bigger scale than just friends and family.

No. 330031

File: 1496741435605.jpg (55.48 KB, 805x307, wahhhhhhbulance.jpg)

Call the waahhhhbulance.

Ah yes. I've noticed this type of thing before. If some inconsistency in her story is highlighted on lolcow you can be almost sure she'll address it on a stream. Always happens without fail. She's glued to these threads.

No. 330034

I don't think she has actual CBD oil. She's shown a bottle of hemp oil several times, which is not at all the same thing. One example, when her friend on YouNow DustyBalls was talking about marijuana she said "hey I have a bottle of hemp oil!" and showed it…now if she actually had CBD oil wouldn't she have shown that instead or at the very least mentioned it?

>they went to operate but they gave her the kind of anesthetic you use so she can still be awake and she had a bad reaction and because of where it is and all the ligaments and shit it's in a hard place to operate on so they said they can't

Like another anon said this is complete horseshit. There's nowhere on the neck that's inoperable because of "ligaments and stuff." She acts like delicate surgeries are not done on a routine basis….doctors do spinal surgeries on neck vertebrae to fuse them together, they can freaking take a person's heart out of their chest and replace it with another one for fucksakes, if she had a visible "tumor" on her neck and they were using local anesthetic it wasn't that serious. This is a video of a surgery for a lump on the neck under the chin where the doctor isn't even sure what it is and she states there are important structures underneath so she's being careful but she still does the surgery no problem, she sends out the tissue after the surgery to find out what it was. https://youtu.be/OIXkigcsqAA
Sticking a needle in to pull out fluid and look at it under a microscope sounds like they were confirming it was an abscess or some type of inflamed cyst which is what Kati said on her 2009 Tumblr page she wrote at the time, she had an abscess and was given antibiotics…she's just morphed it into something more serious and exotic over time. Like in the radio call she said it was a paraganglioma but if that were the case they wouldn't have given her antibiotics to treat it, it would have had no effect. Now regarding the local anesthetic, they wouldn't just give up and not try a different anesthetic if one caused a reaction (if that part of the story is even real.)

>Says that if someone sends $50 over Younow then she'll only get $5.

Again the claim they take 90%, really? I guarantee no one would put up with that shit when there are other alternatives. I looked it up, they take 30% which is similar to what YT superchat takes out. So out of $50 she'd get $35.

>"always in pain." So much pain that she doesn't want to try pain medications (because she doesn't want to be "doped up")

If she was really in that much pain everyday so much that she considers suicide, being "doped up" wouldn't matter…it's not like she has anything important she needs to do. That "doped up" part doesn't even last that long when you have to take painkillers on a regular basis, your body gets used to functioning like that. Many people take extremely large doses but are still lucid, you wouldn't be able to tell they take them unless they told you.

No. 330035


She can't afford a wwwaaambulance, damn government won't insure her. Send her some cheese to go with her whine instead. I'm sure roomie will pay for it.

I hope the lolcows who rushed out videos spreading complete BS now see why it is better to play the long game.

No. 330037


As coincidence would have it, I've just been screenshoting some older comments she made about CBD.

She said she only used it once but it got her high so she didn't take it again. When people pointed out that you can't get high from this oil, she started spinning it. Then there was another comment about how CBD oil and medititation are her life line.

Complete confliction within the same set of YouTube replies, it is the "why my brain is sick video".

Saved until I organise the screenshots.

No. 330038

File: 1496743894111.gif (184.1 KB, 246x288, Y7JtEI3.gif)

Tonight's Stream. Joy titled the stream "Thinking about quitting,taking a break?"

Vidme Links:

-Part 1-: https://vid.me/W7F1

-Part 2-: https://vid.me/xCwY

Kati tells us in Part 1 that she might call off the "debate" with Omnipolitics. As usual she has reasons & superduperspeshul information that she can't tell us about because reasons.

Kati discusses lolcow & how her mother sent her emails that recited "nasty" (read: likely true) things about her posted on lolcow. Her mom likes us because she's found other people who clearly see the same crazy she's always dealt with in Kati.

This starts aat -6:30 in Part 1.

Direct quote:

"She now feels justified for everything she's ever done in my life because she's now found lolcow. And she believes that she's found people who agree with her and understand her and she now feels a sense of victory and justified."

Kati then claims her mother said "Looks like I found my people. Looks like I have something in common with lolcow." while emailing her "several nasty threats from lolcow." Kati then reacts to this (lots of whining) and says we're all just awful shit talkers.

Meanwhile in the chat you can see fools saying shit like "lolcow are trying to reach your mom and sister." Because that's very true..NOT.

Personally I'm still curious about these "threats" since she keeps saying they exist but I have yet to see a single one. I'm sure she's taken some shitpost extremely and completely out of context & turned it into "omgz death threats!!!!11" in her histrionic mind.

Also plenty of bullshit lies about her health and excuses in Part 2. Reiterates that she's not depressed (pretty much says she doesn't have mental problems) and that any mental problems are caused by her physical condition. I beg to fucking differ.

>>330004 She first addresses your questions about the "inoperable tumor" at about -10:40.

No. 330048

File: 1496745967674.jpg (86.95 KB, 960x720, BS CBD BS .jpg)

Here are the CBD screenshots.

I have some about the "tumour" too but I'm still collecting more of those.

No. 330049


May the talking angels bless you, anon, you always come through for us.

No. 330055

Boo hoo :'(
Her YouTube career can easily be turned around if she admitted her lying and stopped it then of course apologize for being an ass. Here and there she will say "I'm not perfect and mess up" but the thing is that she doesn't actually say what she was specifically wrong about, she chooses to make up another lie and then another to cover that one.
She would rather pull her victim card and continue to tell lies like the one about disability.

We know she is here refreshing her page all day. She could easily use the information here to work on herself, especially since so much of it has been mentioned directly to her in comments and streams. Being a delicate little snowflake is somehow more important to all 5 of her personalities.

Today she will go back to being a super bitch and bullying others. Her terrible videos will continue on because a parasite of that magnitude doesn't just go away .

PS- roommate, if you're out there, stop enabling kati. You know deep down that she doesn't want change

No. 330058

File: 1496749021822.jpg (245.8 KB, 1440x1286, IMG_20170606_072345.jpg)

We've been down this road before. We've seen these stages, like that of a beautiful butterfly. Only this metamorphosis ends with the emerging of an angry, murderous wasp

No. 330080

File: 1496754585603.png (217.47 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-06-05-13-38-51…)

I'm the one that has been calling her out on tumors. She says my name so its apryl. In last nights & Fridays stream she said it was a inoperable tumor but not cancer, and she cured an inoperable tumor with diet and peroxide. I kept trying to ask if she even knew what the word inoperable means (incurable) and that all inoperable tumors are cancer. I guess she thinks everyone watching her channel is as moronic & slow as her lil minions that have trouble putting together a time-line. She told me that I heard wrong and she did not say those things. No bitch my hearing is just fine. I was literally yelling at the screen. But of course she had to go.I also sent screen shoots linked below. I'm pissed she tried to make me look like an idiot. Not gonna happen.

No. 330083

File: 1496755047284.png (353.91 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-06-05-15-37-16…)

She ended up blocking me last night when I started asking questions about this.

No. 330100

Spoke too soon didn't ya?! Now that's a joy sparkle bs move if I ever saw one. Do you research before you comment little snarky remarks that make you incompitent. Tootles

No. 330103

What in the world is she talking about at the end of the first video and beginning of the second, when she said about her mom helping her?? I get the part about her mother being selfish and not wanting to help unless she benefits (that sounds awfully familiar) but she's in her 30's so what could she expect from her? Even if she truly is too sick to work, roommate likely does everything in the apartment and she even said herself that he will drive her places and even help her bathe, so
what else does she need ? It's not like she needs IV fluids or meds, a tube feeding, to be put on a bed pan or simply repositioned. Is she really that lazy that she wants someone to wipe her ass?

Her mom probably apologized for upsetting her on her birthday, but not for her opinion of her, hence her claim of "a half assed apology."

No. 330144

Go after her for her bullshit about a surface tumor on her neck being "inoperable," great…but make sure you get the entire story right because she will use any inch she can to dispute you. She doesn't claim to have used peroxide to cure her tumor, if you look at the summary of the calls to the radio show here >>328773 you can see she claims to have used a regimen of herbs garlic, olive leaf, oregano. (She later has said diet, herbs and meditation elsewhere.) She took the hydrogen peroxide for her chest pains in 2013 not for the tumor in 2009. She jumps around in time at the beginning of the call making it a little confusing but they are definitely two separate events she's talking about.

No. 330167

File: 1496766328388.jpg (53.72 KB, 960x720, BS -tumour-.jpg)


I don't know if this will help in any way but this is from one of her earliest videos, it is the first time she mentioned it but didn't go into details. I will keep an eye out for more references.


No. 330186

File: 1496770218643.png (12.07 KB, 619x73, hcLKdxs.png)


From wikipedia on paraganglioma… so, she's actually claiming to have cured herself of a cancer then?

Also, she described them doing as a minimum a needle biopsy (if not aspirating the cyst) on this thing and "they didn't know what it was"… notice that the cell structure of a paraganglioma is described as "easily recognized" and it's hard to imagine that a physician hoping to remove a cancerous growth would make one attempt, then go.. well, fuck it. That would be a situation for a law suit.

No. 330188

File: 1496770563275.png (136.51 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20170606-183346.png)


From what I have found they can also be benign, so while they can be cancerous, not all are. I'm not sure if she has ever described them as malignant? I will keep looking but I don't think this is the case?

No. 330190


That was my mistake… sorry… I take back the cancer comments. But, the diagnosis doesn't look like it's very difficult, so why would the not know what it is ALSO why would they have given anti-biotics for something that it has nothing to do with infection.

No. 330204

the film is on fandor,which is a pretty good streaming service that handles art films and the like. check it out. it's disturbing as hell but it shines a very bright light on these assholes and there is zero sex with young boys happening in the film.

No. 330231

I don't get it. First she said her mom thought lolcow was like a fan site and that we're her friends + wanted to post here and now she's all serious with "I have found my people". The f?

No. 330237


No one in her family cares if she lives or dies… she doesn't talk to any of them anyway… well, except for the emails and calls and her mom supposedly wanting to talk to her "friends" on here and all that stuff… but they don't care is she lives or dies and if she ever went "home" they would attempt to physically hurt her that hate her that much!

No. 330349

File: 1496789104336.png (43.33 KB, 535x401, tumor.png)

This is all documented further up in the thread.

In your YT comment from 5 months ago >>330167 and the 2013 radio show >>328773 she says it was a paraganglioma they tried to operate on but couldn't remove and was told it couldn't be cured. In the 2014 call she says it was a tumor that could not be operated on bc she would die but if she didn't get rid of it, she would die. On a livestream 3 days ago >>328702 she says it was a non-cancerous inoperable tumor and on her Twitter on May 11 >>328773 she says "had something near my beck/jaw line for months, went to docs, their was disagreement as to what it was, they werent sure" and in yesterday's lifestream >>329979 (video here >>330038 it starts around -8:20 in part 2) she said med students did a biopsy with a syringe, and it wasn't cancerous but they didn't know what it was so they tried to remove it but she had a bad reaction to the local anesthetic (she said she didn't know which one but specified it's not the kind used for a toothache) and then told her after re-examining it they decided they couldn't try again because it was by all these "dangerous ligaments and things" making it too dangerous to even operate there and therefore, it was inoperable. This all differs from what she said in 2009 on her Tumblr (see pic for screenshot) written at the time she had the thing, that it was an abscess and she was given antibiotics but she threw a fit because she thought they would kill her but she did eventually take them and felt okay.

A couple of things about what she said in the livestream yesterday, doctors most commonly use lidocaine usually with epinephrine (sometimes without) for local anesthetic. Sometimes the epinephrine can cause a panic attack in people already susceptible to them, this is not an allergic reaction though as it's not possible to be allergic to epinephrine. Dentists also use lidocaine when filling teeth… unless she's referring to nitrous oxide but "laughing gas" is not used anywhere but the dentist, it wouldn't make sense in a free hospital full of med students. There's nowhere on the neck too dangerous to operate because of ligaments or whatever…unless these med students were just feeling it was too complicated for their skill set and wanted to refer her to a more experienced doctor for the surgery. Even of that were the case, it still doesn't make the thing "inoperable" or incurable, that just means she would need to go to a different doctor.

So we've got two sources saying it was a paraganglioma, two sources saying her doctors didn't know what it was, and one source saying abscess…and everywhere else she just refers to it as an "inoperable tumor." Her miracle cure for this "tumor" was a regimen of herbs: garlic, olive leaf, oregano. To me, this sounds like nice seasonings to put in an Italian style spaghetti sauce.

No. 330376

Holy Fuck that is a mouthful

Basically Joy suddenly realises that the net is closing in round her and most of the internet dont believe her BS anymore. Andy Warski has probably realised she bitch be crazy as soon will suityourself as for some reason he has befriended Joy but will soon realise she is a social justice warrior.

No. 330383

>>330349 WOW you're my hero lol. Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

No. 330455

She's truly ugly.

She's blaming her illness for not putting out any quality videos, but it's obvious that there is a pattern in her life of quitting everything simply because she's lazy.

No. 330467

Annnnd this is why I can't stand this bitch. When thread #1 was made about her I pretty much felt like most posts were just there for the sake of nitpicking, but it didn't take long for actual shit to surface.

It's really cool that she can cure inoperable tumors with garlic. I admire her ability to control a "knife like sharp stabbing pain" in her head and munch down on pizza minutes later. She's a trooper for enduring angel induced diarrhoea. I mean. IUD toxicity. No, wait, I meant fibro. PTSD? Shit, Kati, you're all sorts of messed up.

No. 330483

Don't forget my favorite "weight GAIN from Diarrhea" (not pizza). Just think all those anorexic & bulimic girls on the Lifetime network had it backwards.

No. 330511

>could not take medication without falling on teh floor shaking and crying screaming, "I dont want to die…I cant take this antibiotic, i dont want to die.." Even after trying to mditate and breathe through my fear..

But she doesn't have anxiety, right guys? It's definitely not anxiety. All the doctors and the people closest to her who have said it's anxiety are wrong! Also joysus christ has this bitch heard of proof reading?

No. 330563

this really begs to question remember when she went to see that doctor guys; sounds like she was garnishing sympathy.

literally 100% of her videos at this point are fucking pity parties but its OK guys she has fibro and ptsd and anxiety and metallic poisoning.

No. 330591

that sounds more like straight up paranoia.

No. 330595

as someone with both paranoia and anxiety, yeah, sure sounds like paranoia. which isn't to say that she has paranoia as a disorder, i don't know that, but that's not just anxiety. anxiety makes some kind of rational sense, that's just ridiculous.

No. 330613

She admits she has anxiety and panic disorder but what she thinks are manifestations of the disorder are really minor symptoms…and she has deluded herself into believing that because she is mostly ok when she's slightly upset/a bit nervous, it is some sort of special amazing super power to be able to mask all symptoms during a "full-blown panic attack"…but when she's having a real panic attack she completely denies that is what is going on, thinking her chest pains, shortness of breath and "almost" collapses are symptoms of some mysterious fatal disease instead because of lame reasons like "but I also have a fever! that means my body is fighting off some sort of infection!" or "I'd really like to believe my symptoms (that sound exactly like a panic attack) are just anxiety but I have a low resting heart rate." Like wtf? How does either of those eliminate that its a panic attack? A racing heart may or may not be part of a panic attack and raised body temp doesn't immediately = infection. If you watch her earlier videos she acts extremely insulted and angry that doctor after doctor kept telling her that most of her symptoms are caused by anxiety & panic attacks…but Miss one-semester-college-dropout thinks SHE knows better than several different doctors all saying the same things…even after they run multiple tests and find nothing wrong with her heart. But IT CAN'T BE ANXIETY because she thinks she knows what anxiety & panic attacks feel like and is certain this is different. She has to be really dying guys, nevermind that's exactly what a panic attack can make you feel like is happening. But most people who have regular panic attacks (such as myself) understand this is a completely irrational voice in their head, they know they really aren't about to die even if it feels that way at the time…but Kati is so dense and has so little self-awareness that she just accepts it, if it feels like she's dying then that is what is really happening…well that and it plays into her attention seeking behavior/victim complex. Accepting a common diagnosis like anxiety isn't nearly exotic or serious enough for her.

I put forth a hypothesis a while back (meaning it is conjecture, I'm just guessing here) >>>/snow/277609
that the reason she started denying she was having panic attacks was due to a guy. I came up with it after listening to one of her videos where she talks about a breakup with an ex where he said he was leaving because her anxiety was out of control and he never wanted to see her again unless she got treated for it. The way she paints the picture is that she was really sick with another episode of her "mystery illness" but he didn't believe her, he thought it was just her anxiety again like the doctors had been telling her. But no, he HAD to be wrong because she had been having fevers, dammit and was about to have a "collapse" right then and there because she felt really weak and couldn't walk. She desperately didn't want to admit he was right in any way so she convinced herself those symptoms were from some serious fatal illness and he was leaving her because he didn't want to submit to all her demands that in her mind were "keeping her alive." Kati can't ever admit fault, it's always the other person who is wrong, they fucked up and she is always the poor innocent victim of their horrible betrayal.

>has this bitch heard of proof reading?

Nope. Every time I try to post a direct quote from her, Grammarly flips out on it. She blames her "typos" on her brain fog. She would have to have brain fog 100% of the time for that to excuse to fly. No, she always writes like a cross between a 12-year-old girl with an infatuation for random unrelated emojis and a semi-retarded howler monkey who learned English by watching uncensored Jerry Springer shows.

No. 330642


Brilliantly put together Anon! (I'm screenshot Anon). Now the Anon confronting her has everything they need, there is no wiggle room now. Although no doubt she will develop her selective blindness but at least the few people still defending her will see it & might finally wake up.
This summary is amazing, thank you.


I agree a lot of it did look like nitpicking but it's when you put it altogether it is an absolute shit show because there is nothing she won't lie about, nothing! Yesterday I saw her comment that she hadn't worn make up since she was 13, which we know isn't true due to the "model" shots but the reason she lied about it was because the man she was speaking to was championing women who don't wear make up. She will say anything anyone wants to hear.

And I think this is where she went wrong, she has assumed small lies would fly by unnoticed, or that she has left herself a way to spin it. There is no way she can spin the "tumour" story, so she will play the victim and illness card instead.

Saged for blogpost.

No. 330648


I've had a few panic attacks in my life and the fever she uses to dismiss it being a panic attack was always one of my symptoms. I would burn up from my feet to my head and cold sweat would pour from me. Along with my heart racing, pains in my left arm, chest, neck, jaw, I would gasp for air, convinced I'm having a heart attack and going to die. It also made my stomach go crazy, which is normal due to the surge in adrenaline.

When the paramedics (it got the best of me that day) the ECG on my heart, my heartbeat was irregular due to the palpitations. I had to take beta blockers.

Everything she describes falls under anxiety and full blown panic attack. Thankfully I haven't had a panic attack for years at this point. But as long as she keeps denying what it is, she will never get any sort of control over them. It's like a battle of wills, your subconscious is telling you that you are dying while you consciously try to talk yourself down, she's not doing that.

No. 330669

The first time I ever had a full-blown panic attack was on my 18th birthday after getting into a fight with a friend. The bulk of the crying and freaking out lasted about 30 min but I eventually calmed down & seemed to be fine so I went to sleep. The next night my chest started to hurt really badly and it felt like I was having a heart attack, complete with pains down my left arm. I had no idea what was going on and knew nothing about panic attacks nor did I connect it to the night before so it was absolutely terrifying. It felt like I was dying so my bf took me to the ER where they confirmed I was not, in fact, having a heart attack but they kept me for observation because I had been having severe stomach pains so bad that I couldn't eat or drink anything without severe pain & vomiting and was getting dehydrated by that point so I had to be put on an IV. Since I had no history of anxiety or panic attacks and I'd completely forgotten about my freak out the day before it started, my doctors were totally puzzled as to what was wrong with me, nothing they tried was helping and all tests were coming back neg. This went on for about 10 days where I was not able to even drink water because my stomach would cramp up so bad/I'd vomit everything back up involuntarily. It was just a chance occurrence that a nurse overheard my conversation where I mentioned getting really upset the night before this all started so she suggested to the doctor my symptoms could be anxiety related. They gave me a Xanax and I was miraculously better 20 min later.

What she is describing, the chest pains, shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat, chronic fevers, pains in her head/neck/back even down to the chronic issues with her stomach and diarrhea can be all explained by stress & anxiety disorder. Just because you keep having pains/other symptoms after you calm down from the main panic attack does not mean they aren't part of it. I had severe symptoms for almost 2 weeks after a single panic attack. If I was left untreated and continued to have as few as 2 to 3 panic attacks a month it would be quite possible for me to have symptoms constantly. For someone who seems to believe in the power of the mind to influence the body - even down to believing she can cure things by meditating and repeating mantras that her body is healthy & whole, she sure seems convinced these symptoms have a physical rather than a mental cause. She keeps insisting her only mental disorder is depression but only because she is sick….when it's super obvious to the rest of us that she has something mental going on. Even people who are on her side & actively trying to help her have suggested she see a psychiatrist or at the very least a therapist. But her excuse is she already has and they just told her they couldn't do much because her depressed feelings stem from her being physically ill…which is complete bullshit because that's just not something one therapist would tell her much less two. She acts like chronically ill people get no benefit from therapy or support groups, when it's suggested for them all the time precisely because it's so hard to deal with. I think the real reason she doesn't want to go to therapy is that they quickly see through her bullshit and she can't charm them into playing into her delusions which she simply doesn't want to let go of. And of course, she always shoots down everyone's suggestions for improving her life situation no matter how reasonable or easy to implement….it's like she wants to be this way and nothing can fix it for her except herself.

No. 330679


I agree with the theory put forward by >>330613 I think she doesn't want to admit what it is because an ex left her because he couldn't deal with her refusal to do anything about it. It was after he left that her story changed from owning her anxiety to chronic illnesses. She has turned it into a chronic illness that she believed you cannot do anything about, that does not have a cure. She thinks people would be more sympathetic if they believed it was out of her control, however even with a chronic illness there are some things you can try to help the symptoms but she has an excuse not to try anything that could alleviate the symptoms.

I also have a theory myself, all of these family members and exes that she claims to have been narcissists who are never wrong and would gaslight her and make her think she is crazy, were really actually mentally sound and were merely trying to convince her to seek treatment and refused to believe all of her illnesses and her histrionic behaviour but instead of seeing herself as the problem, she has projected it onto them. In her mind they are wrong and in trying to convince her of what we can all see is true, she labelled it as gaslighting and them as having the personality disorder. Again everyone else in her life is wrong, only she is right.

I see her twitter activity has been very quiet too, she knows people are finally seeing the truth. And honestly I hope she finally sees it herself and gets the treatment she actually does need.

Saged for speculation.

No. 330681


I'm sorry, but I've watched her go through three cycles now and her biggest problem is that she's a malingerer. She blows anything and everything way out of proportion to fit her victim story. I'm guessing she did have a panic attack once, maybe even twice… but that doesn't qualify as an anxiety disorder. Her biggest problem is that she wants to be catered to as if she's rich and famous and she is neither.

No. 330696

She claims to have social anxiety too. If you have social anxiety you do not act the way she did toward the employees at the car dealership. She's a bitch who makes up excuses so that she doesn't have to drag her fat ass out of her roommate's house.

No. 330700

as someone with social anxiety, i second this. i can't even send my food back at a restaurant if they get it wrong. it would be physically impossible for me to pull what she pulled at that dealership, even on my angriest day. i felt so uncomfortable even watching it.

i mean it's possible that she's anxious in crowds, but not with individuals?? idk man who knows.

No. 330701

I'm the anon who wrote >>330613
I completely agree that most of the time she is not experiencing the symptoms she says she does, she may have some of those things happen occasionally but she completely exaggerates what is going on…we've never seen her have an actual panic attack but I don't doubt she has irrational crying fits/tantrums around people she knows very well like the one she described when she had the abscess and was scared the antibiotics would kill her…the way she described her bf trying to talk her down for hours and eventually giving up out of frustration makes me think that was a real event. She definitely goes through cycles, we've seen those…manic->gets called out->defensive->meltdown->depressed->pity party->repeat

She does not have social anxiety, no way. She's a social butterfly, she loves being the center of attention. And you're both right, people with social anxiety tend to avoid confrontation like that at all costs. She's just saying she has it because a lot of the people she talks to online suffer from it and you know how much she likes to borrow symptoms from others so she can commiserate.

No. 330702


I'm sorry but what you're calling "makes me think that was a real event" are what people in my area call tantrums. Yes, most people learn to quit throwing tantrums at around age 3yo… but there are others who continue to get their way with them. Now that she's no longer as young or as thin… she's getting away with fewer and fewer tantrums outside of her sycophant followers.

No. 330830

My social anxiety is pretty severe and just the thought of having a calm conversation with people in public makes my chest tighten. I can't even entertain the idea of having disagreement with someone I don't personally know and even then its really hard for me to deal with.

If she's got social anxiety…damn I want that kind. Talking to people with ho hesitation would be wonderful!

No. 330840

>I'm sorry but what you're calling "makes me think that was a real event" are what people in my area call tantrums.

Yes, I think it was a real event and I also agree that it was a tantrum…that's exactly why I called it one in my original post:

"I don't doubt she has irrational crying fits/tantrums around people she knows very well like the one she described when she had the abscess…"

I only suffer from occasional anxiety & panic attacks now that I am taking medication for it and no longer have issues with social anxiety like I did when I was younger but damn, I still would NOT be able to confront someone as agressively as the way she did at that dealership. Just the thought of being that much of an ass to anyone…no matter what they did or how wrong they might have been (I don't necessarily think they were in the wrong, just saying), makes me cringe & shudder. That is not how you get problems corrected and childishly venting your frustration at them only makes you look like the idiot and possibly gets you thrown out and/or the police called.

No. 330968

I agree with your theory about her family and ex's being of sound mind. My mother is the same way (she's a narc, depressed, with anxiety and paranoia), she will fo into fits of thinking people are trying to kill her or whatever but whenever someone suggest she needs meds (me, my father or her nurse sister) she flips out and says we are trying to make her look crazy etc. The way Joy acts when people try to give her good advice makes me think she is one in the same.

Sage for blog post

No. 331009

Notice how she says both of her therapists said they couldn't help her because her depression stemmed from being ill AND they both said she should do YouTube because they thought she would be good at it. It's like she's doubling one lie in an attempt to give it credibility…but instead of making the story sound more plausible it made people immediately question how either could be the truth.

No. 331087

File: 1496883796308.jpg (25.08 KB, 420x294, 7a6807117f864220ac3be4698c340e…)

Yes! Do her fans not think its strange thats she's never around actual real human friends or family? Especially after the car dealership shit-show? This is just a little life advice I like to live by!

No. 331089


Hadn't thought about that. If that's the way she treats complete strangers that she's trying to get something from (her car fixed or replaced)… imagine what she would do to her family or friends.

No. 331092

I apply that with everyone including family, friends, strangers too. And Kati loves to say her entire family is horrible or crazy, and her internet friends are amazing and she loves them so much in the beginning, but after a couple of weeks when the real person comes sneaking out and they dissassociate, they're then snakes. So I hope I hope kati sees this and realizes that its her, and not everyone else!>>331087

No. 331095

I have I kno its her. She's the problem its impossible for EVERYONE else to be. Im glad I found that pic in my old fb album because it puts things into perspective with people like kati. The friends and family never being around has always been a red flag for me! I mean not 1 friend not 1 sister or cousin, only "roommate" and he's obviously embarrassed to be associated with her as well because he doesnt even want to reveal his face on camera.

No. 331101

I just cannot imagine a therapist recommending that. Now I can imagine kati throwing out the idea (because she's said b4 that she always wanted to do YT) to her therapist and them agreeing it would be a good outlet and hoppy to maybe fill up all that free time she spends sitting around on her fatass doing nothing all day.

No. 331108

I doubt one therapist said it much less two…I actually doubt she's even seen a therapist because she has claimed to not have insurance for a very long time. If she won't pay out of pocket for a doctor she supposedly desperately needs, a therapist would be secondary to that. She said she had no insurance on the 2014 radio show so it's been at least 3 years according to her. Your idea that she would bring it up and they just kinda agree is a more plausible scenario but that isn't what she said happened. The way she phrased it was that they suggested it to her. Also, no therapist would tell anyone who was depressed because they are chronically ill that there isn't really anything they can do for her…this is the biggest reason I believe she has not seen a therapist (at least not in many many years) or is lying about what they said.

No. 331112

This is the truth about Kati Smith and her motivation behind saving children. Her ex fiancé was in the sex trafficking business in France and Kati was 100% involved.She literally moved to France with him because the sex selling industry is way more relax overseas. Her "business" and "marketing" background is from selling women to horny men. She's a total fraud and a nasty, vulgar bitch that is now trying to make up for the fact that she helped sell women for sex in France. She's disgusting and Im done hiding all that I know about her. I know some of the other people that know all this and more read these threads. Im done sitting back and not saying anything and I really hope you all will do the same and show who she really is(???)

No. 331113


Sorry, but you're going to have to post some evidence to back up claims like that.

No. 331118

So her ex Taho was into sex trafficking? he was also part of the whole indigo child crap.

No. 331120

The therapists "suggestions" literally makes me smile to think about it, I just keep hearing her say to Andy Warski she has her *trusty receipts" she can show him for the email she received from Patreon regarding her inappropriate perks and that their response was "you're good - we like you" and it kills me. Sure Kati, Patreon staff are major fans of your dumb ass

No. 331123


From the Geekthulu live stream, she provided a time line of (my time estimates):

(Apr/May 2016?): A friend was really big into YouTube and said she'd be good at it. The friend helped her pick out and buy the equipment.

(May 2016): Two weeks later she got really sick and roommate had to come pick her up. In other live streams she's talked about an ER visit in this time frame. PhilS has put roommate picking her up to move in with him at the end of May 2016.

(Jun 2016 - Dec 2016): After moving in with roommate, she's seen two different therapists who told her to do YouTube. She ignored the first therapist, but took the advice of the second therapist. Her YouTube channel was created on Dec 20, 2016. [[ I agree, no therapist would advise a depressed person to start a YouTube channel. More like Kati brought it up, including how well her friend was doing on YouTube and the therapist didn't flattly shoot it down. ]]

She's also claimed that FOUR doctors have diagnosed her with fibromyalgia (something that was not on the radar in May 2016)… so, that's four more doctors.

She had another ER visit earlier this year and showed a patient wrist band. So, that's another doctor.

Then she made the trip to see the "paid for by a friend" doctor who treated her for free on a Sunday, including calling in four other doctors, who gave her Lyrica that quit working after 2 weeks, so she stopped going to that doctor rather than titrate up her medication. So, that's another 5 doctors that she's seen.

So, as an uninsured person, she's seen quite a few medical professionals over the last year and, given all that, is still not eligible for disability despite the fact that she was reportedly earning BIG BUCKS shortly before getting sick.

No. 331124

She's live on coppercabs livestream right now

No. 331126

This is an outright lie, and more obvious trolling from the Joyfans.
While Taho was part of IndigoAbuse, he was never involved in any kind of trafficking, unless you count trying to market his music..which wasn't exactly a warcrime, kek.

No. 331137

She's really sitting here having a Q&A with him asking about trans stuff. They both just sound so dumb, but of course she's dumber.

I usually summarize this kind of shit but this is irritating to watch, and the above pretty much says it all. They're beating a horse that everyone else has already liquefied at this point.

No. 331141

File: 1496890457430.png (335.13 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170607-215000.png)

Tells her fans she's not gonna do a livestream cause she needs to work in herself.

Goes and does livestream elsewhere. And doesn't tell anyone.

No. 331144


He has 318k subscribers… she'd lick his butt hole on live stream if he asked her to.

No. 331148

She pretty much has been the whole time.

I like camron so far. He's making some valid points. It'd be nice to see her get all pissy again, like with Tonka and Failure.

No. 331153


OMG… Cameron is pinning her to the wall about being mean and she's wiggling around trying to throw it off onto other issues.

No. 331159

I can't listen to her bullshit anymore, it's probably going me higheblood pressure.

They dropped talking about why she made her coppercab video and every five minutes, she keeps bringing it up, trying to talk her way out of how much of a hypocrtical bitch she was in the video

No. 331162

Samefagging, it actually got good for a moment:

Random Brit guy is asking Joy about how hateful she came off in the Copper video, and he's not letting her dance around it. She's trying to say she was just being playful in the video, she tries to derail into a bunch of other shit and says she apologizes. He's having none of it, and keeps bringing her back to his main question.

Brit reads a comment out loud to her, one of her fans saying she seemed like a bully.

Now she says she not a skeptic and doesn't want to speak for the community, and that she's new and still trying to find where she fits in. She goes into some SJW rampage, and then Brit brings it back to the same question again. "You're doing the same exact thing in your videos by complaining about the people you talk about."

She falls back onto talking about how she uses humor to deal with dark stuff and brings up some video Copper made as an example and he shuts her down saying basically it wasn't a joke and he was going through a lot of shit at the time. I don't care if he's trolling or not I am loving how his over the top reactions basically have her sitting there frightened and confused.

She's probably going to leave soon if Brit keeps going in on her tbh.

She brings it back to using humor to deal with darkness and brings up how she does charity to help people too, it's part of the "balance" they're basically trying to teach her about and she's trying to act like she already knows.

She keeps saying she thought it was just jokes and Copper keeps shitting his pants and scaring her saying the video wasn't a joke and it pisses him off people think it is. I think he said something about wanting to punch people in the face who say it.

Back to a bunch of idle chatter…

She's also brought up a couple times that she's had health issues with her heart before. I don't know if she means her fibro shit, as she lead into the second time bringing it up, or if she was trying to "barrow" from him as she does with everyone.

Part 2 coming if it gets interesting again.

No. 331165


RE heart issues… CopperCab said he quit HRT because it was affecting his heart, so Joysus said birth control (hormone based) screwed with her heart too and so she could back him up on having heart issues related to getting your hormones off balance. She's basically mimicking his illness issues.

No. 331174

So now she says she has been such a big fan of copper, she was just being playful in her video, she can't stop telling him she loves him over and over and asked to say hello to his memaw, because she loves her too, and she was raised by her grandma as well.

So now if she recently said her family was good aside from her parents expressing they should not have had kids, is her grandma the white trash she loves to talk about?

No. 331184

She didn't say hormonal birth control messed up her heart. She said she knew women who got heart problems from their birth control…because of course she does, she always knows someone who went through whatever if she didn't go through it herself. She did say she had "similar issues" from birth control meaning her Paraguard IUD and how she thinks it caused her fibro. That part yes, she was trying to commiserate with his issues.

No. 331189

Samefag, want to clarify that she did say she had "heart issues" (not from hormonal birth control) but probably meaning her chest pains. She's said repeatedly that all the tests doctors did on her heart came back negative, there is nothing wrong with her heart. Like many have said, if those chest pains were real they were probably caused by anxiety issues.

No. 331207

Since you people are incapable of providing links..

This is fucking hilarious. She's trying so hard..she doesn't seem to know how to react. LOL Joy you fucking idiot. I love copper.

No. 331211

the Joy part starts around 35:00 in. i <3 her dumb, dopey fucking face as Copper trolls the living fuck out of her.

ok first she got angry about coppercab and made a video bullying the fuck out of him to try to fit in with the skeptic community on YT. then her fans told her that she looked like a bully and made herself look terrible/stupid because he's an obvious troll & he's playing character. so then she tells everyone "oh, i knew he was a character! i knew he was a troll all along you guys! i was just trolling him back!"

and now in this stream she's saying

"i genuinely thought you've been trolling this whole time." and "once i did the video, people told me you have a genuine stuter and stuff. i didn't know that. i would never make fun of something someone is struggling with"

it's fucking hilarious how quickly her story keeps changing. bitch you are so fucking fake it's incredible. her voice also goes up about 20 octaves when she's being fake as fuck.

i swear to god Copper is mocking the hell out of Joy at 41:30 when he talks about being agoraphobic, afraid to leave the house & having really bad anxiety in the car when driving on highways.

she's such a buzzkill. she literally sucks the funny out of everything. she's trying so hard not to make a misstep that she..missteps. over and over. of course she has to relate to everything copper says he's gone through. gross.

No. 331233


Proof or it didn't happen. Do you honestly think we are going to pick that lie up and run with it without a lot of evidence to back it up?

I'm pretty sure she has removed or hidden her earliest few YT uploads. I'm screenshot Anon and I went back in to check the titles of the videos I took comments from and I can't find them. They contain her most hypocritical BS too, as they were written in the sunny personality, spread love, don't be mean days.

She's really going into damage control mode. I wonder what other stuff she is trying to clean up?

Saged for speculation.

No. 331239

I'm watching the stream (kind of) and it really bothers me that she speaks to him like he's a retarded child. How condescending can you be, Kati?

No. 331240

You are absolutely right. She's deleted a bunch of her original videos. I can't find those 2 or 3 videos she made about meditation & positivity.

There's such a clear contrast between who she was then and who she "became" later. As in..who she really has been all along.

No. 331250

File: 1496911002448.jpg (94.05 KB, 960x720, BS legal hypocrisy pt 2 (1).jp…)

The Hypocrisy chronicles continues, today, legal threats.

It's strange how when it comes to others, everything is sad, pathetic or funny but not when it comes to BS personally.

BTW BS, this child that you were being abusive towards wasn't doing anything illegal either! Children aren't allowed to enter into legally binding contracts until they are 18, as you yourself have said on many occasions, the brain doesn't fully develop until 25, so they find it difficult to process consequences…

Saged for not being fresh milk.

No. 331251


Thank you! I thought I might be going mad after weeks of reading through her insanity. Well the joke is on her because I already screenshot everything and I mean everything BS, I was only going back to check the titles of the videos to put with the posts I make. So she hasn't really achieved anything by removing them.

No. 331253

File: 1496911325383.jpg (93.78 KB, 960x720, BS Legal Action hypocrisy pt 1…)

Sorry, I thought I could upload more than one file at a time, which is why there is a part 2 but not a part 1.

Here is part 1.


No. 331254


She is taking her delete as a sign of guilt, yet she is the one demanding she remove everything. You can't win in Joy's world, either way she will stitch you up like a kipper.

And blatantly denying she threatened to take legal action two minutes after making a string of threats for legal action. Lol.

No. 331268

jfc I couldn't watch that because of that guy screaming constantly.

No. 331327

File: 1496928935636.jpg (109.28 KB, 960x720, BS convienient illness.jpg)

How can she not see that her and Onion are two sides of the same coin?

How can her fans not see this cycle for themselves? It is so obvious, look through her twitter history, look through her Youtube history, she pulls this crap every time it gets too hot in the kitchen.

Of course she will probably go and delete the most incriminating tweets and videos, like she did with her earliest youtube videos. And what was it BS was saying about deleting things being the biggest sign of guilt?

Saged, for not being fresh milk.

No. 331330

File: 1496929419086.jpg (74.81 KB, 960x720, BS profiting from abuse hypocr…)

Did she ever clarify just how much a "majority" was? Either way she went from condemning profiting off child abuse, to donating all profits, to donating an unspecified amount. That is still profiting from abuse you hypocrite!

Saged, for not being fresh milk.

No. 331333

File: 1496930106723.jpg (105.46 KB, 960x720, BS it's just a joke brah pt 1.…)

It's not ok for anyone else to use humour and jokes as a defence for being mean and hurtful. But of course it is perfectly acceptable for BS. Everyone else is supposed to take the feelings of those on board and grow with wisdom, don't be dismissive of the feelings of others. But not Joyous, it's just a joke brah!

Saged. Not fresh milk.

No. 331334

File: 1496930186488.jpg (155.74 KB, 960x720, BS It's just a joke brah pt2.j…)

It's just a joke brah pt 2.


No. 331356

"So technically I am homeless."
This bitch. That is not homeless. You have a roof over your head, a room to record your godawful videos, a bed of your own to sleep in. Don't even try that "I'm homeless" crap.


No. 331373

Her newest video "my interview with coppercab" she gushes about how it was great to be apart of his stream "much love to you " (I hate sugary sweet fake voices). she has clips of her being oh so helpful to copper as he figures things out on livestream. of course, she neglects to put in any clips of camron asking her questions and what her responses were.

No. 331378


I like her qualified apologies… "if you were genuinely hurt, I apologize" …for the rest of the people tired of seeing those with a stutter made fun of… go fuck yourself.

No. 331379

Here's what annoys me about this. If she thinks it is wrong to make fun of someone for something they have trouble with, it shouldn't matter whether she thinks they're joking or not. Making fun of it makes it look like it is something she thought was funny. Like if she was to make fun of someone hand flapping because she thought they were pretending to be autistic and then was to reel it in and say she'd never do that if she knew they were genuinely autistic. Except she would have already made fun of it. So she would think it was funny. I sure as hell wouldn't be pleased by that kind of backtracking if she did that to me. The same thing applies to this stutter situation. It also harks back to the 'disabled is such a horrible word' business with Angel. Tells you what she actually thinks about disabilities as far as I'm concerned.

No. 331386

Samefag as above, but there are plenty very intelligent people who either can't understand a joke or understand it too well for it then to be funny. Her statement that it is unintelligent people who can't take jokes is absolutely ridiculous considering the people I have always seen screaming 'just learn to take a joke!' are the actual unintelligent ones.

No. 331398

File: 1496945572693.jpg (77.9 KB, 865x520, nickmon_joy_article.jpg)

Nick Monroe wrote a long article detailing the drama surrounding Joy involving him but he also delves into her fucked up history including those videos she made about her step-nephews who died.

Link: https://nickmonroestuff.wordpress.com/2017/06/07/my-response-to-joysparklebs/

No. 331401

>This is coming from someone who has been homeless for years (living off the kindness of an ex right now, so technically I am homeless

We now have an answer to this discussion:
It was exactly as predicted. Her claim that "You are talking to someone who has lived in ghettos, in trailer parks, in their car, alone. I have been homeless more times in my adult and in my later teenage years than I have been housed." is of course, a bunch of lies and exaggerations. Miss I-was-raised-middle-class never lived in a ghetto or trailer park and being "homeless" to her means living in a nice house with everything she needs but not paying her own rent.

>I know sleeping in a car thats not yours…Ive lived that life for weeks.

Living in her car for a few weeks while still being employed seems to be the worst of her "hardship," poor baby.

>I know hunger/not knowing when u are going to eat or if you can

Having an eating disorder, being "sick", temporarily being out of groceries or skipping a meal or two doesn't qualify as "knowing hunger" Kati. When you use the phrase "know hunger" it means someone is so poor they cannot afford basic necessities for extended periods of time so they regularly have to go without food and usually have to depend on some sort of charity like a soup kitchen in order to survive. This.is.not.you.

>some young ashole kids who bitch about things and u know they dont know REAL pain, that can border on just discomfort due to selfishness

Honey, you are talking about yourself again.

>if you don't believe its suffering, who are you to judge someone suffering? who has made you the executioner of what someone's feelings are and aren't? Bc there are things ive gone through that u couldn't face in your lifetime and there are things youve faced that I mightnot be able to get over or overcome, that doesnt mean someone isnt experience pain, just bc u dont see it as a weakness. Definition: suf-fer-ing

First, off I think she means "executor" not "executioner." Second, notice how she is so confident that she has gone through some terrible hardship he could not possibly handle but she qualifies it when saying he might have had a life experience she can't handle. Third, he doesn't seem to think whatever she described before, maybe >>331334 is suffering…so she freaking defines the word for him. That's an Onision defense if I've ever seen one.

The thing is she made fun of people without knowing if they genuinely had that problem, for all she knew they did. For her to say she just assumed they didn't have that condition so it was okay to make fun of it is a cop out.

No. 331429


It also clears up the confusion about whether he was an ex or just a friend.

I have plenty more to come, it's just a nightmare organising her thoughts and placing it with contradictions.

You are correct, I hadn't looked at that part of it, I was too focused on her berating him for his comment. So what do you think triggered that epic tantrum towards the person who said ghetto? Was that the first time she had ever really been criticised? Or was it just her mask finally slipping because she couldn't be arsed to keep repeating her "I invite criticism, it is how we learn and grow" bs?


No. 331468

File: 1496953938433.png (75.37 KB, 489x203, Wording101.PNG)

Personally, given the time frame, I think she was trying to show off and it backfired on her, as do many of her plans. She was still new at the time and people weren't running away scared, I think she was using that video to show off how "tough" she is, probably thinking she's convincing people that "she a'int the bitch to be fucked with" and that "it's onion chopping time" or whatever. This is one of the first videos where the comment section had a lot of criticism in it for her being so over the top. I'm pretty sure she soon after made the Past Lives video. At the very least they're close to each other's post date, it was these 2 that made people look at her different.

So take this theory and combine it with (pic related) and I think you're onto something. But I think most of us have already assumed the falling out went something like this. And then in regards to that convo she had with the relative when the 2 boys had died, how she conducts herself and the kind of shit she says, It seems like she's the one with all this disdain for her family since they didn't play into her delusions, and now she demonizes them just like everyone else from her past.

Sage/Old news

No. 331487

Oh sorry, I was trying to say it was a cop out on her part, sorry if that didn't come across properly.

No. 331533

Just dropped back in this thread since some of the other threads I follow are currently silent. Just wanna say that now tha the DO5 drama and all has ended (thank fucking Jesus), I'm just patiently waiting for Joy to become irrelevant and her channel to die out. What is she even making videos about anymore? I keep seeing them pop up in my feed but I scroll past them because listening to her is so goddamn boring.

No. 331534


Yes that makes sense and again just shows how irrational her thought process is. I also think it is another example of her trying to be whatever she believes the majority wants her to be and a lot of the Onion haters were baying for blood. So in her mind she needed to be the bad ass? I have a screenshot of someone saying they want to attack him with a baseball bat and she laughs along saying she would pay to watch that.

She'd invested all that time into appearing like she was all zen, forgiveness and love and it was working. If she had only stuck to that the shit wouldn't have hit the fan as quickly as it did.

Another thing that has become even more apparent is the amount of fans she has lost. There were a handful of the same faces commenting constantly, defending her, etc and they are nowhere to be seen now, other than Russian and Cy who were there in the early days too.

She's a psychiatrists dream, or nightmare.

Saged. For speculation and old milk.

No. 331556

She put out another video today "what's been wrong woth me… Why I'm MIA", which "explains" why she hasn't made videos (?), she was "too sick to edit" , much anxiety, teasing of new info about d05, probably gauging to see what she should do next and how many viewrs she can keep hostage before she releases said video. Claims she's an empath, but I'm pretty sure she doesn't understand the definition of empath. So much bullshit like "[She's] trying to take in all the criticisms" but only names warski as if he's the only one who has shown concern…

No. 331618

Are you shitting me, she's still talking about do5? EMPATH? Kati, you silly wacko.

No. 331623

File: 1496971687852.jpg (30.55 KB, 805x142, korismithtweet.jpg)


Been reading through this. I noticed an interesting tweet by a "Kori Smith" defending Kati against Nick Monroe. The original tweet thread where I noticed this account is archived here: http://archive.is/h7z4A

Kori Smith is the name of Joy/Kati's sister. It's unlikely this person defending Kati also happens to share the same first name & maiden surname as her only sibling. Besides some spammy auto-tweets, the account only appears to have really been used as a means to defend Joy during the Nick/Based/Chambers drama.

This particular tweet (in the screenshot here) seems to back up that the account was/is accessed by Kati's sister, specifically "one of the only people who can verify anything about you."

Pointing this out because it's more evidence that goes against Kati's bullshit narrative that her family "doesn't care whether I live or die."

No. 331643

The biggest reason she went off on the person that got upset at her use of the word 'ghetto' is that she has always wanted to be part of the "skeptic"/anti-SJW community (in her early videos she would talk about how she wanted to start a series on SJW bullshit) and this was basically her bumbling attempt at making her first anti-SJW video, that's why the title of the video is 'SJW Commenter Gets Rant." She was just looking for some SJW thing to get all fired up over and this just happened to be it. The other reasons people have suggested also contributed but this seems to be the main reason.

Coppercab's video was a commentary on how the "skeptic community" is cowardly because they hide behind avatars and she was responding in a misguided attempt to defend them… probably mostly because CC had specifically called out Bearing who had been nice to her in Warski's livestream (and you know how she will rabidly go after anyone who attacks a larger YouTuber that seems to be on her side.) Besides sticking up for Bearing, this was also another bumbling attempt to associate herself with the skeptic community that she desperately wants to be part of. Even if Coppercab was joking with his video why would she think the stutter was part of the joke? He didn't exaggerate it in a way that would make anyone think he was using it for humorous purposes…it just sounded like he tripped over his words for real. And remember, she thought the video was a real attack on her "friend" until someone told her he was trolling, then she went with the "it was just a joke" angle when talking CopperCab because that is how she always excuses her bad behavior. No, she really did make fun of his mannerisms, his lisp and his stutter. She only apologized to him after she got called out for being a bully and because she didn't get the acknowledgment from the skeptic community for defending their honor that she apparently expected. Coppercab had only seen that one video she made about him so he didn't have any background information on her that would cause him to doubt her story. He just took her apology at face value.

sage for some speculation

No. 331656

File: 1496973995268.jpg (30.35 KB, 480x304, _20170609_030144.JPG)


Wow Nick! That was a long but informative read. And the funny/sad thing is it could have been ten times longer with all the crazy she has unleashed.

And how did I miss the " inside source lolcow admin" interview she had? Lol.


No. 331667


Could it just be an account BS has set up herself? I know it goes against things she has said in the past but we all know when it suits her she changes the narrative and having a supposed relative defend her looks better than her usual cult members defending her?

Saged for speculation.

No. 331685

Re: saving the world from onision

I will start by saying just thinking of Greg almost makes me vomit, I am so not a fan. But there's something kind of disturbing that goes on in her chats where a bunch of her fans will repeatedly bring him up when there's no discussion of him at all. Some of our favorite dipshits that defend her are often guilty of it. They will even stir up shit like saying he is in love with her or is so desperate for her attention. It's super creepy and always reminds me that these are the kind of weirdos ​in her personal army.

No. 331687


Always possible.. but in my opinion, unlikely. Kati tends to be very careful when it comes to indentifying her immediate family members. I've seen people try to get her to admit that her own mother's name is Kathi but she never responds. I've seen people make mention that her, her mother & sister all have "K" names -
something she's also ignored during livestreams where she responds to virtually every other comment and/or question. She's super careful even when discussing old stories from when she was a child. During some of the livestreams Recorder Anon has put up, Kati has said things like "one of my siblings" and "my siblings and i" when talking about her family..but then recently during at least two different streams we heard her referring to a single sister when talking about their mother discovering lolcow. Also in one of the 'Family Tragedy' videos I'm 99% sure Kati says she didn't live or grow up with any of her step siblings from her mother's marriage to the "abusive" step father. All public records seem to indicate she only has the one "full" sister, Kori, and didn't grow up with anyone else. I've just seen her be so careful regarding her family..but of course in the midst of the intense drama where she felt she was victimized, she could have thought it a good idea to come to her own defense while posing as her real sister. Still..I have a feeling she wouldn't have been happy with just a few tweets if her intent was to paint herself as a normal human being according to her "sister".

No. 331727

Haven't seen mention of this today..

Martin Louis made another video on Joy. Another poorly executed, boring (imo) video. And he claims he's looking into "2 more things" regarding Joy..so it looks like he'll be making a future video about her as well. Meh.


No. 331736

AND…she's on LIVE RIGHT NOW ON COPPER CAB'S LIVE STREAM. Looks like her break doesn't apply to her social ass kissing.

No. 331746

File: 1496982711745.jpg (26.37 KB, 311x409, dopeyfuck.jpg)


Look at this dopey idiot. This is the same look she would get on her YouNow streams any time a guest she invited on would steer the conversation topic away from Joy & Joy's life.

If it's not about her, the bitch gets bored. Her stupid face is so annoying. Once again her voice is about 5 octaves higher than normal because she's being fake as fuck.

Cameron just asked Joy what she's been up to and of course her response had to be about pity partying. Talking about how she's been anxious/dealing with anxiety and that Copper pulled her out of anxiety yesterday. LOL

No. 331752

Anyone else notice that if the topic isn't about drama or her and her 'illness' she really has nothing to say.

No. 331783


Jesus Christ. Copper just ended that stream by saying "and um, I think Joy is really cute - ok bye" before cutting the stream off suddenly.

How does this bitch manage to manipulate so many different people? Even if you don't know her history, she seems fake as fuck.

No. 331815

>>331687 Strong points Anon, thank you.

My further thought on that tweet is if it is her sister, how on earth does she think she could possibly defend her actions? I think it is safe to say she at least has mental illness to contend with but that isn't a defence to everything she has done, it makes it more understandable but doesn't absolve her of responsibility. She is still having a dangerous influence over people. I have given up with those still lodged firmly up her arse, they are as bad as her but she is still sucking in new victims.


That's because she is a narcissist, she's been like that since day one. Her entire campaign against Onion revolved around her own experiences, anyone she interacts with about anything she has been there got the T-shirt and had it worse than them.


No. 331838

File: 1497009747878.jpg (100.61 KB, 960x720, BS Charity Shield.jpg)

The Charity Shield.

This screenshot shows another trait that BS has, she seems to think that charity is a shield to hide behind, she regularly shuts down any criticism by throwing out the charity card and letting it be known that she donates her OWN money.

She's so selfless and caring, how could anyone possibly question her? She should look into the tainted altruism hypothesis.

The screenshot in the top left corner was addressed to Onion, it shows that she does think charity is a form of attack or defence and that for some reason you can't have an opinion if you don't raise money for a related cause.

You have really hit a low when you use charity to excuse shitty behaviour.


No. 331844

For someone so poor she doesn't qualify for Medicaid and is in desperate need of health insurance so she can get her horribly painful illness diagnosed and treated properly so she no longer wishes for death, she seems to be able to afford to give a lot of her own money away. Now if it was just the amount raised from others I could understand because she has no claim on it but she is throwing in her own money when no one expected her to….and it's pretty obvious that besides virtue signaling she's using it to hold over critic's heads and hide behind when she does something awful. Only someone incredibly naive would believe she was just doing it out of the goodness if her heart….no one with that sort of motivation would produce those tweets.

No. 331863


Exactly Anon, she always has to broadcast that it is own personal money too, it is beyond virtue signalling with this nut. I think her charity streams are down to virtue signalling but when it comes to her personal money, it is her defence against any wrong doing. That is the line she cracks out every time she is questioned. Then when that doesn't work she starts playing the victim, when that doesn't work she pulls the sickness card, when that doesn't work she threatens to leave YT. It is the same cycle, lather, rinse, repeat.

It is another well known narc trait.

Btw, did anyone else read through the Konstigo DMs? She really strung her along for months, then while she was being threatening and abusive about her on Twitter, she was messaging Konstigo at the same time trying to say she was talking about someone else. And she calls other people two faced snakes!


No. 331875

Absolutely agree. I feel like she knows she is a grubby creep and uses her charity shield to convince herself and everyone else that she is the most wonderful and caring person in the world. Her giving her own money makes her even more bitter towards everyone. People that are really good people don't have to constantly remind everyone.

No. 331904

Small YouTuber(not sure if small or big) The Egocast, made three videos commenting on her commentary of the buzzfeed beta video,basically saying what a dumbshit she is.

Part1- https://youtu.be/uV5IDRend94
Part2- https://youtu.be/3k81xVxnl2M
Part3- https://youtu.be/7WkKR-K9CEs

No. 331915

File: 1497026956915.png (322.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170609-113547.png)

God! Her spelling is so atrocious. I really don't see how anyone who graduated high school can follow her or watch her "content". In the video she put out today she put text in her intro that said " onision wants to be YOU'RE financial advisor" and then this tweet.

No. 331928

Someone give this girl some chapstick. I can't stand looking at her dry flaky lips.(sage this. read hellweek rules)

No. 331955

She put out a video yesterday stating she's too sick to make videos and edit them, then does a livestream, then uploads two videos today. But of course she can't have a consistant upload schedule because… Why again? All she would have to do is not release all her shit in one day.

Her second video today is about the pedo Jenn and how she kills bunnies.

No. 331957

clearly it can't be blaire white cause they don't even timestamp the original tweet.

No. 332005

Oh look right on fucking q

Joy has not uploaded a couple of videos meaning she must be sick EVEN THOUGH SHE HAS DONE LIVESTREAMS. FUCKING REALLY, it's classic narcissistic behaviour thinking everyone is dumber than you.

You are fooling no one you get a bunch of criticism, your comment boxes are full of people seeing right through you and from on high Joy comes in doing her pity party bullshit. I want to end you, you fake freaking biatch, there are people with actual diseases who freaking live their life like its their last day.

No. 332010

Nope. That's just Jayden trying to connect with Blair white on a trans level.Kati probably only replied because she wasn't mentioned in Jayden's tweet, when everyone is supposed to know that joysparklebs is the center of the universe, 'the only one doing good and protecting the children' and exposing these pedos. Kek

No. 332026

I hadn't watched her original video but I actually liked his breakdown even though it was waaay too long. He makes it clear she has NO understanding of social anxiety disorder whatsoever and how condescending she is to people who suffer from it…she makes it seem like the problem is that they are just immature and haven't grown out of an adolescent phase. This just shows she doesn't have social anxiety disorder nor the empathy to understand it, fuck her for claiming she has the disorder because she clearly doesn't. He also highlights how little she thinks of men, assuming they think a certain way. She's constantly reading into things that are just not there. There was also some humorous parts in there. I laughed when he pointed out how she mistook Patrick Bateman for Jason Bateman then continued to throw Jason Bateman under the bus later in the video. He shows how dense she is when she misunderstands the text advice from online idiots to be things the guy is thinking in his own head when it's very clear that is not what it is. She actually seems to misunderstand the entire point of the video. Anyway, if this guy can figure out how to shorten his future videos I think I would enjoy watching them, I like his style of commentary.

No. 332082

I completely agree. Its unbelievable that so many people in the comments of her video blindly and wholeheartedly agree with her as if she is the one and only truth. Its disgusting and no wonder our world is going to shit…

No. 332203

File: 1497061660967.jpg (392.83 KB, 810x1734, Screenshot_20170609-211810.jpg)

Wonder why??

No. 333205


I've been wondering that too… sort of like milk-ception or something. Checked what I think is latest Onision thread and she's not self posting there (although she has returned to her first stalkee in today's videos).

No. 333214

Not positive but my best guess is that maybe it has something to do with her livestream with a person who claimed to be the "admin of lolcow & kiwi farms." >>331656
Kiwi Farms is run by Null/Joshua Moon http://www.kiwifarmswiki.com/index.php?title=Joshua_Conner_Moon
Pretty sure this is not the same person as the admin here, whom I believe is female. (I think it used to be someone named Ian a while back but I think it changed hands at some point. I could be wrong, not super familiar with the chain of command here.) It wasn't a real interview anyway, the whole thing was just stupid.

No. 333225


That was Joysus getting trolled, she let him on because he claimed to be lolcow admin, but then he basically just kept REEEEEEing and promoting his YouTube channel.

No. 333229

Yeah, he was just a stupid imposter who lied to her to get in front of her audience because she was trending at the time. It was just a scam he pulled in order to promote himself. The way Nick worded it seemed to be poorly communicated on his part because he didn't make it clear this person was a troll.

No. 333230

That's not what I got from Nick's most recent article. He used it as an example of her hypocrisy because in the same stream only minutes earlier, she was slamming him for "lolcow journalism" and acting as if the site was so absolutely ridiculous. But the second someone proclaimed to be an admin from lolcow she jumped on the opportunity to "guest" them. Likely hoping to sweet talk the "admin" into taking her threads down. He could have pointed out it was a troll but that wasn't as relevant to his point. The picture/screen shot speaks for itself, really.

No. 333233

If someone who had not seen the livestream were to see the pic out of context in this post >>331656 it could appear like she/her audience believed this to be the real lolcow admin & not an imposter. I could see the admin wanting to make sure no false info was spread.

No. 333280


Sorry Anon, that was my screenshot, I thought I had worded it in a way that made it clear I was laughing at such a ridiculous "insider" claim.

I suppose I should know better, she can twist anything.

I can't delete it now though can I? Should I self report it?


No. 333287

Surprise YouNow stream. At fucking 5am.

She's just doing her pity party "I'm so done I've been systematically screwed over and I'm a new person now so no more collabs, I'm so done I'm a victim sobsob none of the people i was friends with were my friends sobsob fuck everyone I'm a new person now but I'll still be myself but I'm no longer Mrs Nice Gal but I'm done and people are gonna be scared and when people learn the truth blah blah blah."

It's a mix of pity and ego stroking actually. Clearly licking her wounds here. It's the weird thing she does where it seems like she's trying to be humble but she's actually bragging. I'm sure you know what I mean.

I gotta sleep though guys so I can't summarize the whole thing tonight, but she's probably just gonna keep repeating the above for an hour or two anyway. It's the same exact shit she's been saying for weeks now. Doubling down on the same old lies we know she's telling, spinning the same stories she desperately wants us to believe. ("I was just playing along with Copper" for example. It didn't work on the stream so I guess she thinks that repeating here over and over will validate it.)

I think someone just taught her the word "systematically" though, she keeps dropping it all over the place like it makes her sound smart. Oh, Kati… please.

"I'm gonna do what I feel is right and I'm gonna do it unapologetically" "I'm a new Joy" Admits that she needs to use multiple videos to "build up the momentum" on her channel so she can actually gets views. (So admitting to the bait-y way she goes about shit is 100% intentional and not that bullshit about "not knowing it was spamming") Starts saying shit like "sorry I'm good at the Youtube system" etc. Cocky lil thing..

She said to come for her, and mentions that people refuse to use her name as if she's Voldemort. She says to say her name, it's Joy Sparkles BS or Kati Marie Smith and admits she's never dropped her full name out there before.

I think this bitch has honestly broken at this point. Mask has slipped to the floor and she is stomping all over it. Probably knows as much and is why she's doing the preemptive "I'm a new person" shit. I think anons (myself included) predicted this near the end of the last thread, lol.

The way she says she is going to "non-stop keep helping people" actually sounds like a threat and it's crazy how she can take such a phrase and make it sound so awful.

She ends it with saying crap about how new rumors will be popping up tomorrow about how she was talking shit on everyone. She mentions something about how "today they were systematically tried to shut me up" and other paranoia-laced similarly worded sentiments, but will not specify who "they is" but says anyone following the drama knows who she means. (Maybe some drama went down earlier that nobody picked up on cause the thread is slow? Maybe she just caught wind of Nickmon's new post? Idk.)

SOOOOO… I suppose this means she isn't leaving after all. I am. Shocked. So very shocked.

Guess I did end up dropping it all anyway lol. She wasn't on too long.

Night folks.

No. 333288


It wouldn't surprise me if that wasn't set up by Nick. That's the same kind of douche bag thing he did before in his PressFartToContinue days. He'll do anything to keep himself involved.

No. 333294

No, just leave it. It wasn't your fault. If this is why the admin tweeted her then they are already aware of of the post.

No. 333299

File: 1497094564370.jpg (31.37 KB, 600x268, Humblebrag-Header.jpg)

1. Humblebragging is indeed a thing…and she's extremely guilty of it.
2. Good to know she was fully aware that posting multiple videos per day on the same topic was spamming but didn't care because it = more views.
3. "I'm gonna do what I feel is right and do it unapologetically" - looks like she finally decided she should just go with Bearing's advice after all.
4. Which group is not saying her name? It's not us, we call her Joy or Kati all the time. We do have nicknames for her & her fan base but they aren't used in the same context she's implying here.
5. What does she mean by no more collabs? Does this include livestreams or do they still not count as videos?
6. "they were systematically trying to shut me up" I have no idea what she's talking about there and I do follow her drama pretty closely.

No. 333312


Ok, thanks for the advice. I thought it had already been revealed and that I had missed it on here. In fact how did she get this past us? Another stupid o'clock livestream? Or a Patreon? I've never known her get a livestream past the Anons before.


It's strange how he is aware of this and has been the only one to reveal it. But I suppose he has done a lot more digging than we have and he has ex-fans of hers contacting him with info. That being said I had never heard of him before this, so I don't know his history, other than the odd comment saying he is slightly unhinged himself.


And no more nice BS? Only a new scary BS? I'm sorry but when has she ever been genuinely nice and she's been a fright since day one, that's not new. So in a nutshell she won't be hiding her true self anymore. And who the feck does she think she is? She behaves as if she is someone we should all be terrified of. Sorry Joyous, you might be able to scare the young and vulnerable you sink your manky claws into but you don't scare me. I'm the same age as you and see through all of your little minds, which is why you hate women your own age so much, we aren't intimidated or fooled by you.


No. 333313

Why does it seem she's trying to drag another "mystery" party into her drama? We know the Chambers/Nick/Based group Aussie guy any of them have no problem speaking her name. It's as if she's eluding to the YouTube illuminati or something lol The only one not bein forthright at the moment is her. Perhaps some gas lighting. Trying to get some pity by making it seem more people are coming after her or as she likes to say "there's more to the story, you don't know the whole story". We never do in any situation you're involved in do we, Kati.

In regards to her not doing collabs anymore. Who cares? How many times has she threatened things like this and 5 seconds later she's turned around and done what she said she WOULD not EVER do again. And probably with terrible spelling and grammar ?

No. 333324

File: 1497099532376.png (140.2 KB, 557x922, 2SBevci.png)

This is related to part of her rant and why she was talking about living in Europe again. I'm guessing people told Tyler to steer clear of her and maybe he took their advice.

No. 333344

I feel deep disappointment that Joy is too stupid to realize just how horribly she was trolled in that Coppercab vid. Hardest I've laughed in a long time.

No. 333357

CC is a troll, and incredibly smart. He didn't accept her apology. He did his research and subtly negged her through the entire vid.

Many times he encouraged her to embarrass herself (rapping for example) and when he would almost laugh at her he would start screaming at ppl in chat to cover it up. He and Cameron convinced her that PewDiePie was asking about her in chat, and when she got really excited and started attention whoring to PewDiePue (saying she would show her tits but he'd have to pay her) they dashed her hopes admitting it wasn't really him. You could see the light in her eyes die in that moment. Glorious.

No. 333370

Her weighing in on the multicultural issues in Europe makes me very angry because she buys into all the scaremongering and spouts it like it's fact because she 'lived it' a million years ago. Yes, there are problems, but she makes it sound like the Rotherham scandal is going on everywhere 100% of the time. Most people aren't raping teenagers or ploughing through peds with a truck.

No. 333373

File: 1497108100016.jpg (129.07 KB, 859x819, DB6d_ZyVYAAm69L.jpg)

I think the "they" BS is referring to might be the DO5 fan group.

The last comment of this conversations names Based, Chambers but then refuse to use Joy's name but refer to her as that other "c@@t". So that fits with VS saying those who won't speak her name.

Saged for speculation.

No. 333376

To me this just sounds like she is mostly irrelevant to their discussion and refer to her as "whoever that other cunt is." They aren't afraid to speak her name because she is some huge villain like Voldemort, they just don't care enough about her and mostly seemed upset over the way Nick portrayed them in some article. This is just another example of her having delusions of self-importance.

No. 333377


> It's strange how he is aware of this and has been the only one to reveal it.

Everyone saw her get trolled because she THOUGHT it was a lolcow admin willing to spill stuff… but, no one cared to mention it because, aside from the annoying squealing, it really is a minor thing compared to her genuine stupidity.

No. 333384

To those of us that saw it, it was pretty irrelevant, the guy was an idiot. Nick only made a big deal out of it because he was butthurt over the "lolcow journalism degree" and wanted to show she was hypocritical for it. The thing is that really shouldn't be an insult, the majority of the long term posters in her thread require evidence to back up what is being said, we have a higher standard of reporting than Miss OMG!-DO5-is-on-the-run.

No. 333408

File: 1497114544913.png (265.48 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170610-120541.png)

Well, there's this to look forward to today.

No. 333410

Meh, same shit different day. I can't watch her vids anymore out of boredom.

No. 333421

In this screen shot, they are bitching about a livestream that Based Mama was hosting at the time. The stream was called "Do5 update" and there were a few people including Nick, Based & someone named Melinda discussing recent non-developments involving Rose's custody situation.

"Brandy Cooper" was watching at the time. When she posted this, the only person she could have been referring to is Melinda.

This had nothing to do with Joy. Contrary to her own beliefs, not everyone is talking about her 24/7. Just want to clear this up as I was watching the stream at the time Brandy Cooper posted this.

No. 333422

File: 1497116299308.png (102.01 KB, 617x743, FBorhWi.png)

Joytard worried that she fucked up. Not a cult at all… nope, nope, nope.

No. 333435

>done with clickiness and hypocricy on here

If only she was referring to herself.

Lol, it had even less to do with her than I thought. I didn't see the original stream so I was just going by the OP's assertion they were referring to Joy "as that other cunt" in their conversation. My original point still stands tho, the reason they don't use her name isn't out of fear (lol) but because she is completely irrelevant.

>when you here that you feel bad…I was told twice there's no hard feelings and still feel like shit

Damn, that's some serious insecurity there.

No. 333458

Due to the huge amount of information that is now out there about her and her antics, I swing between thinking her cult are absolute morons who at that this point deserve losing their money by throwing it at her, deserve the headaches that go along with constantly having to defend her and will deserve it when she turns in them too and feeling sorry for them.

I can't decide if they are really that stupid or are they just so lonely in life that they will cling to the attention of a minor YT drama queen.


No. 333491

File: 1497126758860.jpg (52.03 KB, 842x409, shocker2.jpg)

A rant video? Major shocker.

I doubt she'll use any names or identify who she's talking about because although she wants to start drama, she doesn't want to get her ass handed to her.

No. 333495

Oh look the bitch is click baiting AGAIN this time slamming trans and bronies even though the guy clearly was like schizo. MPD etc. She has no shame

No. 333520

Hey Joytard! The whole community hates you dumbshit. Your rant is stupid. The whole online social media hates you and your fans, not just content creators. How dumb are you? Hey, JOYTARDS MOM- can you get her to go to a mental hospital please?

No. 333522

See even her mum dislikes her though. She deifies herself so fucking much its unreal. Everything revolves around her and now people are not listening to her and that really fucking rustles her jimmies.

She is looking especially crap today

No. 333523

At first it is aimed at based mama and then it really goes south. She gives her typical she is sat on so much even though its just her lumpy ass and then she thinks she is warning and helping people and they are not listening to her.

Basically she wants to start drama. I have a funny feeling she is aiming at Blaire as someone over on kiwi said Blaire called her crazy on twiiter I will try and find it.

No. 333524

File: 1497131047321.jpg (288.53 KB, 869x1775, joy_preston.jpg)


Joy has uploaded her newest "rant" video.

She keeps repeating this bullshit about how naive she is/was going into Youtube. How she joined to make "friends". Keeps repeating that she's "DONE!". How she doesn't enjoy making videos most days.

Says she won't go into details about what she's talking about. LOL surprise surprise.

But then she basically goes into it without naming names. She's basically just rehashing the stuff she's said before about Based Mama etc. How she "shut up" a long time ago blah blah. Joy says other people killed "the topic"..the topic being DO5. More saying she's "sitting on so much evidence." Redundant whining.

She claims that she's still "helping behind the scenes." That's basically saying she's helping Rose and her children. But I think we can all safely guess that isn't true at all.

Now, this screenshot is what triggered this newest "rant" video is about. This is the rest of the twitter thread that started with this screen shot posted here: >>333324

She screams and shouts about this about 6:35 in her newest video.

The fact that Mundane Matt said what he does in the screenshot, and Based Mama's reply is what got her going all over again. She doesn't mention names and says if she did, they would "probably get a boner if I did."

She claims that's she's a "lone wolf now."

Joy also names a bunch of people like Rob Novak, Bloody Fissures & Blooddance Darkmoon as "content creators". These people aren't content creators. They are obsessed minions and literally nothing more.

No. 333527

File: 1497131355257.jpg (86.84 KB, 1134x438, rose.jpg)


This is the "behind the scene help" she was humble bragging about in her newest video.

Real nice of her to pin this tweet so everyone knows she's a "good person." Remember folks: genuinely good people who help others out of the real kindness of their own hearts don't do shit like this. They don't make sure everyone knows how good they apparently are.


Please, PLEASE sage your posts. Type the word "sage" in the email field. You aren't providing milk, just commentary, so sage your posts.

No. 333532


This sort of re-enforces my belief that Rose should not be awarded custody of the kids. I think Rose is not capable of making good choices and the kids need a solid home instead of the shit they've been through.

No. 333534

File: 1497132246063.png (74.08 KB, 855x417, 6hA3ZnL.png)

She's NOT a drama channel… but look at her tags.

No. 333543

These are the YouNow moments people captured from today's early morning livestream rant. Joy fluctuates ranting about different drama but she's mostly ranting about Mundane Matt & Based Mama because they told Tyler Preston that he should avoid collaborating with her as seen here: >>33524

There's also lots of bragging and jutting her chin/face into the camera with self righteousness.

Kati claims she's handed over many opportunities to be in the spotlight to others. Check out 2:15 for that. Just how many would that be, Joy? The only one I can think of is the BBC thing with Chambers.

I captured the moments and uploaded them to YT as people tend to delete them, especially her fans when they hear their moments are being used as evidence of her behaving like a nutcase. I'll probably just upload the captures of her Younow streams to YT from now on. I was using Vidme before because I thought she'd get the videos striked but I see other people uploading YouNow captures to YT with no problem.

Thanks for this. Her streaming 'schedule' is all over the place. As someone who has actually dealt with some hardcore agoraphobia, I have no quams saying this: bitch needs to leave the house from time to time.

No. 333544


Not there to "slander" people? She started her channel slandering Onion constantly. And yes, Onion is also a pos but she was constantly calling him a cult leader and his fan brainwashed cult members, you know, saying the same things about him that she considers slander when people say them about her.

She threw out the paedophile tag long before Omni and Jenn came along, which isn't a label you throw out lightly. She has wrongly reported things on a regular basis because she has been so desperate to get the word out first she doesn't bother fact checking.

She has fallen out with almost everyone she gas come into contact with in just a few short months. But she's not a drama channel.

She has ranted, slated & lied about how many people on twitter and livestreams? The reason she isn't naming names now is try to appear like she isn't starting drama because it gives her the "I wasn't referring to them" defence, another Onion tactic she used to point out.

When is she going to stop lying to herself?


No. 333567

Re: HYPOCRISY of Youtubers & Manufactured Drama & Slander! I'm DONE!

> I don't care; I'm done.

> Video is ~20 mins long

> calls people who don't say her name cowards

> doesn't name who she is talking about

She does the same thing Onision does, saying things ad nauseum until they become "true."

Lots of projection about "getting the story out" which is laughable coming from the person who made literally ~100 videos about d05 WHEN IT WAS A HOT TOPIC (ie not now). To quote Joy "Do you have any idea how stupid you look right now?"

Again, minimizes the amount of videos made. It wasn't a little excessive, it wasn't a lot, it wasn't too many, it was BIZARRE.

Also, getting really sick of the pollyanna act. The way you came in, the way you WORKED IT LIKE SOMEONE WHO KNEW HOW IT WORKED and the gains your channel made… Congrats on having really stupid, gullible fans who actually buy your bullshit. But, that's another way to work it, isn't it? The low hanging fruit of the lowest common denominator. Lotsa views there, innt there?

No. 333588

The trolling copper did was freaking exquisite. He played her like a deck of cards and really shown how dumb she was. GJ CC

No. 333592


Rob Novak; is easily the biggest cuck I have ever listened to the fact he is "married" probably to some cow is beyond me.

Whatever happened to Geekthulu not seen anything from him in about 2 weeks? You think he realised you can't stick your dick in crazy for too long?

No. 333595


She accuses Onion of being a pedo even though she needs to do her research. He displays Ephebophilia which is 15 - 19. He says about boobs and stuff etc etc

No. 333604

Copper and Cameron both made her look like a fool, and she was completely oblivious and out of her league.

No. 333609

I hear Cuckthullu offed himself when he realized Joy would never spread her legs and offer him her musty cavern.

No. 333625

One of my favorite parts was at the beginning (35:37) when he yelled the first time and surprised the freaking hell out of her with his signature 0 to 100 anger and she just about jumped out of her skin, she was so not expecting that, lol.

No. 333626

I think Joy has branded him a back stabber. In one of her streams (The one where she mentions having 3 or 4 knives in her back) she talks about how right after the stream "people were talking shit" and since he said something like "she's nice but she has a way of turning the room against her" instead of "How dare you motherfuckers say anything against our lord and savior Joysus" she's probably tossed him in the dog house.

I saw upthread that someone posted screen shots that showed him also not licking her asshole. (Or, maybe it's buried in Nickmon's newest post, things are blurry) so I assume that has something to do with it as well.

I think he's very slowly opening his eyes, or he plays the fence too hard. Either way I think he's gonna be tossed in Kati's garbage pale soon.

No. 333645

She's fixing to stream soon

No. 333653

okay it's one thing to make videos on people who can fight back like onision and vegan cheetah. But it's another thing to make videos on people who can't like that transgender man randy stair or keep bringing up the DO5 case in a very conspicuous way. Other people haven't talked about her but she has kept talking about them. She says they killed the story? Honey you killed it when you talked about it 500 times a day!

No. 333654

Randy Stair is a murderer who just killed 3 of his coworkers & himself in Pennysylvania on June 7th. I doubt anyone feels any sympathy as to whether he can "fight back" when it comes to Joy making videos about him. Just sayin'.

No. 333672

File: 1497154993614.png (1.64 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_7942.PNG)

She's livestream if again
But I'm confused.. I always that Shoney the Bear was on our side, but seems like she's in Kati's from time to time.

No. 333673

Livestreaming again*

No. 333697

LOL I let her know to see how she would react seeing as how her rant video was because she thought TylerPreston20 decided not to collab with her. Not sure about these other "time to times" but you probably shouldn't call out other anons or people known for criticising her regularly. You neglect to mention the two times she got riled up..like when I mentioned the "diarrhea makes me gain weight" quote.

sage for duh & extra durpy-ness.

No. 333702


Thanks fam. I think he has slowly become aware and thats good. Have you noticed her subs have not changed much btw? I think she is pissed because she has lost so much traction and as Nick said in his video she says "I am sick of these damn kids"

No. 333703


Thanks fam. I think he has slowly become aware and thats good. Have you noticed her subs have not changed much btw? I think she is pissed because she has lost so much traction and as Nick said in his video she says "I am sick of these damn kids">>333626

No. 333729

>How To Get Attention video tag
Kek. While the financial trainwreck that is Onision instructs you on money management, allow manipulative and ever scheming Joy to expound on how to get the attention you so desire! They both need to fall in a deep pit where all they can hear is the screams of each other's voices.

No. 333878


SAGE for side topic. Based Mama put out a video ebegging for Rose and describes Rose as profoundly shy and not wanting to talk publicly… yada, yada, yada….

BUT, in a different live stream w/Based Mama and Chambers, Rose was described as asking to be in the live stream.

Ms Shrinking Violet also posted the public thank you to Joysus on her recent drama video.. and that's after she was supposedly concerned about all the drama going on.

I'm begining to think that Rose is a fat assed lolcow herself and needs to be considered one of the herd. Yes, Kati is good at talking people into stupid stuff… but Rose is in the middle of having her decision making and credibility questioned and the outcome will determine if she ends up with custody of the kids or if they stay in foster care. Rose can't be that stupid or that gullible.

No. 333882

That live stream they're talking about where Rose wanted to join was the original livestream where she first reached out and spoke about her kids.

Nah, she's just a mother with clear learning disabilities who wanted her publicly abused kids back to safety.
She said thank you to Joy for paying the hotel I don't see any gushing comments on her do5 videos from Rose.

No. 333895

Has anyone else watched Issac Watts' videos that he's harping on joy about? I seriously thought he was a child, but he's a grown man? During her stream last night I thought it was weird that joys mods were deleting his messages even when they weren't rude or accusing. Especially when they left some comments that were accusatory. In Isaacs video he's begging for her forgiveness but says he doesn't derseve it and it crying over it. Here's the most recent from after the stream last night.

No. 333923

What. The. Fuck. That guy really is a man child. Why are so many of her fans mentally disadvantaged?
I feel embarrassed for the guy, where's his carer?!
Was just thinking, could it be likely that Rose was forewarned about Joy's temperament and was advised perhaps to thank her? Just seems odd, of all the videos Joy's done on the whole situation she comments on the one where Joy's clearly starting to lose her nut and the cracks are showing in her facade.. and as Joy has made us aware a billion times Rose has her number so couldn't she just ring her and say thanks?
I think somebody is worried that there's gong to be 85 'Why Rose SHOULDN'T have custody' videos made, we all know how quickly Joy can turn and she's seething that she didn't get the recognition she craves for putting the do5 stories out there.

No. 333925

File: 1497207211077.png (124.13 KB, 840x749, uVSgNpy.png)


The comments on that video are even more creepy. Her group of followers sound like unhinged zombies. Notice how he apologized for stuff, including "being rude" to her? She uses that "being rude" and "don't come at me with respect" a lot… like I could totally see her running Jonestown II somewhere in South America.

No. 333940


Holy shit! He's an adult?! From reading his constant arse-lickery I thought he was a young teen!

Someone posted a screenshot further up showing him begging for forgiveness for something, he's been trying to insert his head back up her arse ever since.


Exactly, when she accuses people of being rude, it's usually because they have asked a question she doesn't like or have an answer for.

I bet manchild asked a simple question, he will have done it in the most polite, worshipping type of way because he has a jelly spine when it comes to BS but because she didn't like being questioned by a cult member she has wiped his existence from her imagined kingdom. Which is another manipulation tool cult leaders use to control, the rest of the herd will witness his expulsion from the inner circle, see how he is being ignored or insulted and become too afraid to question her themselves due to fear of the same treatment.

O/T I read somewhere else that narcissists don't like to take pain medication because they don't like the loss of control that they can give you. Joyous really is a textbook narc, they should use her as an example in psychology 101 lectures.

Saged for speculation.

No. 333957

File: 1497211091018.png (67.4 KB, 809x541, SIGH.PNG)

No. 333972


And, this is why I hope the state of MD keeps those kids in foster care as their final solution.

No. 333980

Yep I knew she was a moron incapable of properly caring for children.

No. 334000


Instead of hearting that comment, Joy, you should have deleted the comment and told her she probably shouldn't be posting shit like this.

Nice priorities, there. Because you care about the children, I'm sure.

No. 334017

File: 1497217709802.png (38.64 KB, 1080x300, 20170611_163643.png)

So checked the discussion part of her youtube and looks like hearts progress is going to take her down lol…

No. 334047

File: 1497221499322.png (816.51 KB, 1038x500, s4SE8iJ.png)

Well, the whole herd's jimmies are officially rustled.. just need Chambers to check in to have all four of them in a full blown quadra-milk-shake effect.

No. 334071

File: 1497224073284.jpg (551.37 KB, 810x2298, Screenshot_20170611-182116.jpg)

Chambers has already attached herself to another cps case. She posted this recently, although chambers is irrelevant imo, she has an inflated sense of self importance as much as joy.

No. 334091

The fact chambers thinks she is in the skeptic community is fucking hilarious. She sounds like she was beaten with a bag of bricks and has the personality of a brick but hey retards have gotta try.

No. 334095

File: 1497227046978.png (62.04 KB, 863x433, roseplea.png)

I just watched her DO5 "update" which was again not an update but her whining about the same shit she's been repeating this whole time. The entire video is all about her and how she's done nothing wrong and everyone is out to get her and oh btw, please donate to Rose's gofundme - which she said was the entire point of the video but was just brought up at the end for a few seconds…nevermind that her description made it seem like the entire video was all about Rose and the hurdles she is facing in pursuing custody (see pic.) Joy is still saying she has super double secret amazing info that she's been sitting on and could have released for views but didn't do that because she's so honorable. Yet she still hinted at what the biggest "secret" is…which is apparently info that is already out there (what she really means by "keeping it secret" is that she hasn't made an official JoySparkleBS(TM) video releasing this info)….that Rose doesn't actually have custody right now, the kids are with CPS until she can prove herself responsible and just has visitation for the time being and the other "receipt" she says she has an email and voicemail from Tim Conlon asking everyone to stop attacking each other…even though no one has been disputing that this email exists https://twitter.com/nickmon1112/status/868196541705707520/photo/1 and then she wrote this http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1spte33 and posted to her Twitter…neither of these things exonerate her of anything the way she thinks it does. This is not groundbreaking information here but it is pretty ironic that they are fighting over an email that asked them to stop fighting with each other, lol.

No. 334101

File: 1497227377266.png (112.31 KB, 855x708, 7uSkQMq.png)


She was just looking to stuff tags… how many of those tags are accurate? Not a hell of a lot of them.

No. 334103

See secret info is that she has been sat on roomies dick the entire time.

No. 334107


neither of them are "skeptics" or in that community…. they bonded over their shared onision hate boners and are both onision lolcows.