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File: 1513611368097.jpg (305.47 KB, 2648x697, goodbye.jpg)

No. 446617

20 December marks the first anniversary of Joy Sparkle BS on YouTube, who burned brilliantly like a comet before burning out entirely. We're down to powdered milk, as Joy has largely gone to ground with her echo chambers of 50-odd Patreon supporters and a handful of rabid Twitterati. Still, better to have at thread and not need it than need it and not have it. Would the last person to leave the thread please turn off the lights?

Summary of Thread 14:

The last thread began with a few posts from Family Member anons about the first emergence of "the manic, hoodie wearing, frizzy haired Kati" around the age of 19.

Robert 'Poppy' Hall asked Joy to fox-trot oscar and intimated that a no contact order was being prepared. (And after all she did for them. No good deed goes unpunished, I guess.)

Mikenactor reposted his 'Why I Hate Mr Repzion' video, prompting Joy to post in the comments and declare her departure from YouTube as the result of targeted harrasment, threats, toxicity - the usual - and a renewed interest in Getting Better (TM).

It was revealed Joy drifts in and out of her Patreon streams, largely leaving the faithful to chatter amongst themselves. Joy took to YouNow largely as an excuse to drift into Jaclyn Glenn's stream and blow smoke up her arse, hinting that she might reveal her Medical Tests (TM) on a channel like Jaclyn's, and that she may create a new channel by June 2018 (by which point she hopes to weigh 105 pounds). Mercury and aluminum run through her veins alongside copper, she's having her thyroid retested and has decided to get off the Prednisone.

Everyone's favourite charity case, who'd be bankrupt (again) without the support of her patrons offered to by Keemstar a Christmas present because she too understands how it feels to have people take advantage of your generous and selfless nature. Bless.

While Cy was enjoying a well earned holiday, irritated fans took to Twitter to challenge Joy's contradictions, and various 'you and what army' threats were made. Everyone's favourite spergleberry Stiles managed to get himself banned from Twitter and excommunicated from the Church of Joy, RussiaBunny quietly admits to lying about Alex cheating her of $400, a real shitstorm. Great summary at >>425454.

Confusion reigns: Joy continues to believe her videos were instrumental in the DO5 case, others quite sensibly believe she was given busy work to keep publicity alive. (See >>426037 ff.)

Tonka Saw hosted a Kumite between Joy and Chambers of the Heart. Geekthulu weighed in on Joy's side, Chambers wallowed like the Bismarck but was rescued by the intervention of Based Mama. Joy laughed and laughed about Lolcow, where there is no evidence, proof or FAX there, boy…

Around this time, the Joytards on Twitter migrated to the thread, clogging it up with attacks on Family Anons. They first claimed they weren't who they said they were, whereupon photos of her high school basketball trophy were posted as proof, and then it just degenerated into attacking them for having the temerity to defend themselves against Joy's continued attacks against them as inbred rednecks.

Family Anons mention the terrible accident in March that claimed the lives of her young cousins. Joy allegedly went on a letter writing campaign, attacking that side of the family.

Melinda interviewed Rose in a video that detailed her side of the story, including Joy's threats to release emails, texts and recordings if she didn't get her apology. Many questions about personal information and access to the GoFundMe account were raised.

Richard Stiles made a last hoorah before his formal rustication, thrashing about the thread trying to flog his book, ranting about lawsuits and saying that Kati would be serving her family with summonses on Christmas Day. Which is totally how it works.

Spergleberries again ran rampant, trying to derail and generally flapping about like severed limbs who don't realise they've been dismembered. They also seem to be allergic to Sage.

Joy took to YouNow again to bemoan her ruined YouTube career and those who've wronged her. She just got involved with the wrong YouTubers, is all. She hops on the #metoo bandwagon with repressed memories of near assaults in various jobs - casting calls, hotels, a restaurant freezer. Intimates she might try to revive her Spurpinklebow channel to help someone campaign.

A rare and lengthy post on her Patreon account shows she's come full circle and is banging on about mystery health problems and Fibromylupus. (See >>442216 ff.) Copper toxicity proving insufficiently interesting, Joy's on about aluminum and a teensy bit of mercury poisoning too. She's been doing Research (TM) and needs to see if her theories about her health prove correct, but she won't be documenting anything as she's not a doctor and doesn't play one on television. She does finally gets her benighted doctor to understand her speshul conditions and is cured of a stomach infection from ten years ago with Flagyl, suggesting stock prices in Domino's and Subway are likely to drop. Her 100% focus on her wellness will take all her time and energy, meaning she'll be gone for 2-3 months. (How long's a month on Mercury, again?) She thanks her Patreon supporters, without whom she'd be bankrupt, for their continued gullibility and patience.

Posts platitudes about change and creating something beautiful on Twitter. "Youtube isnt a place for positive changes and open discussions to take place," she wails, "its become a place to tear anyone down to the death." One is tempted to opine that what you get out of it depends on what you put into it, but there you are.

>Patreon Watch: 68 patrons and $634 a month at the end of November, 57 patrons and $550 as of 18 Dec.

Previous threads:
#1 >>246848
#2 >>278466
#3 >>285785
#4 >>304769
#5 >>312880
#6 >>322745
#7 >>338199
#8 >>345917
#9 >>351741
#10 >>359606
#11 >>367358
#12 >>376873
#13 >>399109
#14 >>424115
Temp thread from when site was down: https://temp.lolcow.farm/pt/243

Unrelated Kati drama having to do with her sycophantic sperglefucks belongs here: >>336585

Social Media:
Joy Sparkle BS former YouTube channel
(Leaving this here. Just in case.)
Spurpinklebow 2nd channel
Joy Sparkle Eff It 3rd channel

•Frequently brought up topics linked here: >>354796 please take the time to look them over as well as the summaries at the start of each thread. •If it's your first time posting read the rules: https://lolcow.farm/rules and usage info https://lolcow.farm/info •lurk moar
•Do a keyword search (Ctrl-F) to first check if the topic has been discussed already, we try to avoid rehashing the same things over and over.
•If you have important factual information to share (aka milk) be sure to back it up with evidence such as links or screenshots. Attempting to pass off unsubstantiated rumors as truth will only get you laughed at and ridiculed.
•newfags: Always leave the Name and Subject fields blank when you post. If it's not new milk put "sage" in the email field to ‘sage’ your post…if you are not sure if your post is milk sage it anyway. •Not saging correctly is a bannable offense. If you make a mistake on a post you can delete it within the first 30 min.
•If her channel happens to come back, do not directly link her videos to the thread.
•Do not post about Kati's family or exes or try to contact them. You can talk about them if Kati brings them up but do not refer to them by name.
•Do not try to use us as your own personal army to go after Kati or anyone else, we are not your attack dogs. Thanks!

No. 446630

That header image is one of the best yet. Good job anon.

No. 446726

Fuck man, you're easily pleased.

No. 446970

nicely done OP. not sure why we need another thread but OK.

small point of order (lol) the 'family' anons faced questions about their claims and motivations long before the spergs showed up. they also made it pretty clear that while Kati is an exceptional case, they are cut from the same cloth.

No. 447275

goddamn OP, that summary is beautiful. thank you for your hard work.

No. 447569


And you're high maintenance, apparently.

Also, learn to sage or gtfo.

No. 447668

Once again feeling grateful for another thread, thank you all thread anons, the mash banner is brilliant.

Potata kati will be acting up again soon so good thing theres a new spot ready for her next temper tantrum.

No. 447841

or her best friend AngelZones will come here and try to stir up shit without realizing one of her friends is a Judas.

No. 447934

File: 1513718938595.jpg (100.57 KB, 700x700, SuperPhoto_171219161250.jpg)

No. 447942

No. 448429

File: 1513779018497.jpg (552.2 KB, 1439x1390, IMG_20171220_070948.jpg)

No. 448643

File: 1513805681238.png (115.32 KB, 561x865, temp.png)

No. 448665

Ah yes, this pertains to a tweet - now deleted - by a user called ImAnEggPeeps saying s/he wished Joy et. al. were dead. The Tweet has been deleted, and there is much suspicion that it wasn't posted by Joy or others within her coterie in order that she A/remain relevant and B/prove that there are "threats" against her. Honestly, unless someone turns up like James Garner with a Sherman tank on your front long, who cares what internet random says "I wish you were dead"? It's absurd - and yet sure, no one should ever say such a thing, but there are threats and mouthbreathers, surely?

No. 448677

File: 1513808299084.jpg (88.38 KB, 1439x976, IMG_20171220_151710.jpg)

Kati left her location on in one of the tweets.

No. 448678

File: 1513808492595.jpg (517.88 KB, 1439x3533, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-nIok…)

Here's the rest of the tweets.

No. 448683

Oh, I begin to understand the fuss! Thanks, Anon. I came to the party late and everything had been deleted but the subsequent commentary.

No. 448684

"Not Oklahoma City itself! […] And if you get bored in Oklahoma City, you can always go over to Tulsa for the weekend!" (a CLASSIC film, btw!)

No. 448686


In the first tweet, I noticed there were two spaces between kati and marie smith (It may not be evident in the screenshot; I noticed it in the initial tweet) . Could have just been a typographical error but my initial thought it was an attempt to thwart search engines from returning it as a result for "kati marie smith"

…Who, by the way, is originally from Kansas City Missouri and Raytown Missouri and currently residing in Oklahoma City Oklahoma. Her mother's name is Kathi King and her sister's name is Kori. ;)

No. 448701

Kati is trying to start fights in the chat on Some Black Guy's stream.

No. 448703

Probably just an error from fat fingering her keyboard. I don't think Kati or her merry band of joytards are smart enough to try and use a double space so it wouldn't show up on search results.
Then again I could be wrong.

No. 448705

What stream? And can you get some screenshots?

No. 448707

I don't have the screenshots but she's posting on the someblackguy stream calling based mama a immoral liar that destroys families. Posting from her "Deleted" joy sparkle bs YouTube account!

No. 448710

It's a stream about the Kilroy free speech event that she knows nothing about. Repzion was a mod in the chat, too. She said she was glad Based mama was finally being proved to be a liar and that she didn't know why people believed her lies about Joy. I thought she was being bullied? Why would she pay so far 10 dollars to confront based mama?

No. 448714

File: 1513811937785.jpeg (385.61 KB, 1242x1991, B3DF933B-F2D2-462C-B54C-7C859C…)

The chat is moving really fast, so I haven't seen everything she's posted, but this was a fun one.

No. 448718

Good work, anon. I leave it up to experts to explain about the YouTube screen name from an account she deleted but was late last month able to access to see there were no stats or other figures available.

No. 448721


Furthermore, why is she poking a hornet's nest when that nest isn't bothering her and has moved on to other things?

…. ohhhhh right ….

No. 448724

File: 1513812316848.jpeg (172.96 KB, 1920x1080, F9DBE779-B5E5-49E6-83FB-103B79…)

Someone put this on Mister Metokur's Twitter too.

No. 448726

Yeah, I find it funny that when she commented on Mikenactors video about about how "bullied" she was that she did it from the backup channel and not the main channel she was using today. So, the account clearly is still up and she can access all stats if she wanted. Also, she was only in there to send 2 super chats. She clearly wanted to just start drama. You can't find her channel I don't believe so she has it hidden. Or, she was behind that one from about 2 or 3 threads ago that suddenly appeared with her header and picture? I wouldn't put it past her to go in there just to get posts back up here because we know Kati has to have the drama and attention. I guess Dom isn't giving her enough by working everyday to support her being online stalking her enemies all day.

No. 448728

Sage for tinfoil but:

Suddenly these "death threat" tweets show up today and now she's reappearing on her main channel to start a fight with Based Mama?! Hmmm..

No. 448740

File: 1513814305736.jpg (320.12 KB, 1439x1191, Screenshot_20171220-165700.jpg)

She admits it was her. Now if she'll admit to using her original YouTube account.

No. 448809

File: 1513821660707.jpg (69.53 KB, 455x419, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-aAFq…)

And 2 more. LOL $20 to try and start shit with people and she gets ignored. She's doesn't even realize how irrelevant she is. How pathetic.

No. 448883

>>448726 The channel she made with the same name and channel icon to try to access her analytics, which is the stupidest thing I've ever heard but apparently she's legitimately so stupid she thinks if she makes a new account with the same title it will give you access to a different account, is still up. Just do a channel search for 'Joy Sparkle BS' on YouTube and it's one of the first results.

It's been established that she prefers negative attention. Look at her minions spurging out at the end of the last thread when no one posted for 3 days after the system lock message. Her and her inner circle feed off negative attention.

No. 448916

Her minions like AngelZones, Kattstratch, Denise and Janus. They are a sad sorry bunch.

No. 448917

Her whole “I deleted my channel” bullshit. Why is it the Joy channel that I subscribed to originally, about 9 months ago still on my list? I never unsubbed or erased it but it’s still on my list of people I’m subbed to with that same icon. She is such a fucktwad, spending her hard earned patreon money to be seen in a stream lol

No. 449088

She is currently sperging out on YouNow. Among other things, accusing Rose/Melinda of doxxing her phone number. Ironically during her rant about Rose she said “how about get a full time job instead of living off of donations.” Pretty rich coming from her. Otherwise, she’s just continuing to beat a dead horse.

No. 449091


The narcissistic injury is so real in this stream hahaha

No. 449103

What is she going on and on about “the josh” about? What did he do to her?

No. 449136

File: 1513876022673.jpg (48.03 KB, 796x424, PSX_20171221_165659.jpg)

Thanks for the heads up, anon. I see on Twitter she's hollering about Based and Kilroy, and claiming to be sitting on a mountain of evidence regarding her duplicity - evidence which no doubt we'll see one day, and it'll totally exonerate her and everything… Noted that she plans to be back in the next day or so on YouNow, and this gem of a tweet…. She looks like Ralphie in his bunny outfit in A Christmas Story.

No. 449137

File: 1513876087404.jpg (91.85 KB, 646x483, Fullscreen-capture-12232011-11…)

>He looks like a pink nightmare.

No. 449167

File: 1513878755934.jpg (726.34 KB, 1439x1816, Screenshot_20171221-095429.jpg)

And Repzion. She's trying her hardest to start shit with anyone but what's hilarious is the only people who are paying any real attention to her is the joytards.

No. 449187

File: 1513880254915.png (61.68 KB, 750x633, IMG_3705.PNG)

Catching up on her Younow moments. She is so unhinged it's actually scary.

No. 449280

She literally doesn't even know what she's complaining about. Lol. Arizona is conceal carry state.. Also the issues of has nothing to do with Repzion. She's reaching so hard right now. If she's so bullied why is she literally putting herself in the middle of drama that has nothing to do with her? The only thing worse than being hated is being forgotten. She was utterly ignored on all the streams she went on trying to stir the pot. She is literally Onision right now. I wonder if family Anons are still lurking here? It's kind of sad because it's clear she's having some sort of mental break. For all the shit she talks about haters stalking her social media and keeping up with everything she does she proves she is doing the same.

No. 449288

It's the same channel Anons found a few threads back that also had the custom URL although it didn't have 100 subs like YouTube requires AND the creation date was the exact same day she deleted the other. If someone could explain how any of that is possible would be great. Something doesn't add up with that… She also claimed on Twitter it wasn't hers and and that no-one could prove it was. Is she that caught up in lies??

Side note: Doesn't Rose have custody again of the kids? Why does Kati think any of this Rose drama is still relevant or matters at all? Nobody is still talking about this but her.

No. 449302

Yes still lurking occasionaly. It is December but this is nowhere near a mental break for Kati. We want to stay out of this but attacking R and family is a red line for me personally.~~~Family Member Anon OP

No. 449308

File: 1513890684688.jpg (674.16 KB, 1080x5760, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-zB0X…)

She's blown $15 so far today to try and stay relevant/start shit with people. She's so fucking retarded she can't even realize how irrelevant she is.

No. 449332

I like how she thinks they are doing it on behalf of her. Joy, no one gives a crap about you. Go crawl back into your irrelevant cave you came from.

No. 449345

She's been crying (aka brainwashing her patrons) about all the toxicity and how she was chased off of youtube and how bad those people are yet is so fucking desperate to weasel her way into something.
In other words, doing what she does best, being a big fat lying loser that continues to destroy her own reputation and I am loving every second of it. Pretty soon she will hate herself right off the internet.

No. 449356

>>449288 Okay, I'm not super familiar but apparently you can get a custom url without having 100 subscribers by using your websites domain name if you link to your website through both the YouTube channel and your Google+

This came up when I Googled 'Joysparklebs.com' https://joysparklebs.com.cutestat.com/ it says it is 3 months and 3 weeks old.

If you go to the website http://joysparklebs.com/?reqp=1&reqr= it is registered by GoDaddy.com

Also that channel no longer has a custom url on it. I have no idea what any of this means necessarily but if someone more familiar has a better idea. . .it looks like she registered a website 5 weeks before she deleted her channel?

When I click on 'would you like to buy this domain?' it takes me here https://www.godaddy.com/domains/searchresults.aspx?ci=85892&isc=GPPT02K500&checkAvail=1&tmskey=dpp_dbs&domainToCheck=joysparklebs.com where it offers to attempt to negotiate the purchase of the domain 'Joysparklebs.com' from the current owner starting at $69.99 + commission, so someone definitely owns 'Joysparklebs.com'

No. 449357

She was on with kumite again and she is apparently going live on spurpinklebow tonight (i think she said at 6), didn't specify time zone. She claims she needs to warn people about some bullshit.

It's sooooo toxic on YT but she is just so selfless that she will make her way through the sludge just to help people. How incredibly kind and compassionate

No. 449362

File: 1513895638800.jpg (422.25 KB, 1435x1126, Screenshot_20171221-152928.jpg)

I'm pretty sure the fat cunt lives in central time zone. I could be wrong but it's what ever time zone Oklahoma city is in.

No. 449372

Godaddy just means that it’s for sale, so she never registered that domain.
She says she is reigniting her spurdinkle bow channel to do a live stream tonight around 6pm central time.

No. 449381

She's going to use this topic as a reason to fully come back to YouTube. 'I need to warn you guyz about all the bad people.' I think it's hilarious how manic she gets and triggered Based Mama makes her.

No. 449425

>>449327 No, if you follow the links it is an already bought and maintained website where they purchased the domain through GoDaddy and it's being maintained by GoDaddy. GoDaddy will also negotiate on your behalf to purchase the domain from whoever, Kati I'm guessing, owns the domain. For example I can purchase the domain 'Joysparklebs.net' directly from GoDaddy for $1. Someone purchased 'Joysparklebs.com' 3 months and 3 weeks ago through GoDaddy.

No. 449464

What's the tl:Dr on this kilroy shit? Repzion, Mundane Matt and Andy Warski are having a pathetic slap fight on Twitter and now I see Joy trying to be relevant through it? How does it relate to her in any possible way?

No. 449465

Registry Domain ID: 2155439267_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
Registrar WHOIS Server: whois.godaddy.com
Registrar URL: http://www.godaddy.com
Update Date: 2017-08-21T01:50:18Z
Creation Date: 2017-08-21T01:50:18Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2018-08-21T01:50:18Z
Registrar: GoDaddy.com, LLC
Registrar IANA ID: 146
Registrar Abuse Contact Email: abuse@godaddy.com
Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.4806242505
Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited http://www.icann.org/epp#clientTransferProhibited
Domain Status: clientUpdateProhibited http://www.icann.org/epp#clientUpdateProhibited
Domain Status: clientRenewProhibited http://www.icann.org/epp#clientRenewProhibited
Domain Status: clientDeleteProhibited http://www.icann.org/epp#clientDeleteProhibited
Registry Registrant ID:
Registrant Name: CORTEX Media Services
Registrant Organization: CORTEX Media Services
Registrant Street: 928 N. San Fernando Blvd.
Registrant Street: Suite J261
Registrant City: Burbank
Registrant State/Province: California
Registrant Postal Code: 91504
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Phone: +1.7473336242
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Fax:
Registrant Fax Ext:
Registrant Email: webmaster@cortexmediaservices.com
Registry Admin ID:
Admin Name: CORTEX Media Services
Admin Organization: CORTEX Media Services
Admin Street: 928 N. San Fernando Blvd.
Admin Street: Suite J261
Admin City: Burbank
Admin State/Province: California
Admin Postal Code: 91504
Admin Country: US
Admin Phone: +1.7473336242
Admin Phone Ext:
Admin Fax:
Admin Fax Ext:
Admin Email: webmaster@cortexmediaservices.com
Registry Tech ID:
Tech Name: CORTEX Media Services
Tech Organization: CORTEX Media Services
Tech Street: 928 N. San Fernando Blvd.
Tech Street: Suite J261
Tech City: Burbank
Tech State/Province: California
Tech Postal Code: 91504
Tech Country: US
Tech Phone: +1.7473336242
Tech Phone Ext:
Tech Fax:
Tech Fax Ext:
Tech Email: webmaster@cortexmediaservices.com
DNSSEC: unsigned
URL of the ICANN WHOIS Data Problem Reporting System: http://wdprs.internic.net/
>>> Last update of WHOIS database: 2017-12-22T0:00:00Z <<<

No. 449478

File: 1513904516515.jpg (213.47 KB, 1439x834, Screenshot_20171221-175922.jpg)

Looks like she's trying to preemptively drum up attention/sympathy before her big YouTube live stream tonight.

No. 449486

she's live on spurpinklebow. i'd post the link but idk if it's allowed

No. 449495


Someone needs to tell her that the hoodie up look makes her look even fatter in the face. W/that pink thing pictured above, she looks like a genuine pig cartoon.

No. 449503

That giggle she's doing sounds like Umbridge from Harry Potter

No. 449507

She is such a joke. She was late to her own stream because she was on younow, then blabs about nonsense, mentions she will be ranting about the josh and scammers having an event, then proceeds to message mikenactor to get on stream, then back to blabbing about nonsense. Boring.

No. 449509

but at least she's making bank on those superchats

No. 449520

File: 1513906660647.jpg (527.54 KB, 1439x1106, Screenshot_20171221-183355.jpg)


This was within like 20 minutes.

No. 449525

She's coming unhinged again on YouTube live

No. 449530

File: 1513907069485.jpg (48.4 KB, 590x331, n.jpg)

these people are retarded.

No. 449534

How are what happened with Joy and what's happening with Kilroy related? Other than based mama's involvement? Maybe I'm not paying enough attention to the whole Kilroy thing.

No. 449545

it doesn't have anything to do with her. she saw based mama's name and saw red immediately, she just wants her chance to say she told everyone so. she's also quick to drag bm for being part of the doxxing server, but wants to give jeff holliday the benefit of the doubt even though he was proven to be active and involved in the doxxing and bm wasn't. as usual she just wants to scream about how right she was about bm, but not admit she was wrong about jeff.

No. 449573

Can one of you twittertards spread the info that she's lying about melinda and rose doxing her phone number. her phone number was dropped a long ass time ago.



No. 449594

the way she's pimping out the ugly men in the stream is so gross.
"dom, would you twerk if someone sent the right amount of money?"

No. 449600

she made sure to say twice in a row that dom is "living in her house for free" oh thank lady joysus that she's here to keep her man well!

No. 449642

"ruin lives"

Did you lose your job? …oh wait.
Did you lose a child? …oh wait.
Did you lose your husband? …oh wait
Did you lose your house? …oh wait.
Did you lose money? …oh wait.

Bitch, you don't have anything to ruin.

No. 449649

talking about other people being petty and makes a stream just to gloat about based mama. lol.

No. 449656

File: 1513912719275.png (47.67 KB, 750x400, IMG_3713.PNG)

I can't take her seriously. Kek. I think it killed her ego that no one was begging or even remotely asking for her to come back so once she felt like she had an in she took it.

No. 449667

People in chat were crushing on Benji so joy made it a point to say how much everyone loves he and mike, then immediately after said nobody loves cy and while I don't feel sorry for cy for being Joy's slave, that was rude af. She's the kind of nasty bitch that is intentionally mean spirited

No. 449691

Theyre moving into hour 3 so joy is talking about probably going to do a part 2 tomorrow. Our Lady of frito lay will be back in full force in no time

No. 449701

My god, just the point that joy pimps that Beni moron makes me not like him.
And chambers you may be a cow, and lurk in here all the time, but how could you let her treat you like shit? She say to chambers “I don’t make fun of your autism” and “if you are sorry I want you to delete your channel and denounce based mama”. Wow how belittling. Also ranting and raving about how rose doxxed her and going to make a part two tomorrow night. She’s made at least 400 bux, about 250 from dummybunny alone so it’s obvious why she came back right before Xmas. God she makes me sick! She’s the most repulsive cow ever! Delete your life fatso!

No. 449704

I didn’t finish the sentence she said it chambers.. “I never made fun of your autism, why are you talking about me and my family on lolcow and on the down low” or along those lines.

No. 449724

File: 1513917240802.jpg (32.18 KB, 621x221, Capture.JPG)

No. 449725

They're still streaming. Someone said Rose Halls dad had a message for Joy. Predictably Joy sperged out hard and told him his daughter is bad because she said she didn't have any family to help and good luck getting a lawyer!

No. 449730

unlike you, joy, people aren't so single minded and focus on more than one thing at a time.

No. 449741

Is this her admitting that it is in fact her family on here ? I for one believe it is 100% her family and it would also make sense why she was so quiet "getting better" and after things quiet down here, she is up to no good again.

There was quite a bit of "oh no joy, you should go off stream, there's threats of people coming after you and killing your immigrant boyfriend" but nobody was actually going into any further details like who or where. I can't help but wonder if it was just to make all the haterz look bad and so terrible to poor joy.

No. 449743

"I miss hanging out with you motherfukers and getting paid to do it"

I'm nauseous

No. 449747

Benji James drank the joyjuices ewww how does this happen?

No. 449751

He’s always been a top sycophant. He sure disappeared when the pot got hot though, so did mikenfreak. Her family, two family members indeed have been on here if you read the last thread, and proved it. They are welcome here always. It was joy tarts that jumped on them, but they were strong held their ground and answered all the questions, and joy knows it by the way she acted tonight for sure. God she pisses me off! Now she’s going off thejosh, who imo is another Onision hater-cow too. Claiming he threatened her with a documentary he made including interviews with her friends and family that he would drop unless she helped him, yeah right. Where do these Onision love/haters come from? She keeps saying “no one has been through as much harassment as I’ve gotten” like she doesn’t deserve that level. She is Onisheon and her level of narcissism may even supersede the cucks himself…..

No. 449752

Goddang, the echo chamber has given her so much confidence rn, she says she "doesn't want to toot her own horn" but really cared so much about helping people, shouted people out just for fun, and that social repose deserves the shit he's getting, she's seen Tana mojo say the n-word, and the worst thing she's done is make a sarcastic comment, not even a joke, because she was mad abt being called a racist.

No. 449759

Jfc now she is saying everyone around her was also doxxed. And she approached Andy to give him an exclusive story, with all her medical records except for her Dr and Ss#. This cow is going nowhere, ever

No. 449763

She said ..she donated "one months salary"

No. 449765

She’s such a horn tooter that she toots out her ass, so much so that her asshole is prolapsed just from this lates stream. And her echo chamber is telling her not to explain herself over and over, “but you don’t understand.. muh hurt feeeeelings, I’m different I didn’t deserve all the hate, they threatened Dom, my exes, threatened to have people fired…” but she quit for her health…. she quit cuz of the threats, the threats, the health, the threats , the health back n forth… does this make sense to you? It’s down to a joy asspat contest between the weird guy vampire freak, and her stripper boy benji.. but it’s still not ending.

No. 449766

No. 449775


She went on cognitive thoughts channel live stream offering Andy warski her full medical records which will show she has been diagnosed with copper, mercury and aluminium toxicity. She also claimed she was so severely asthmatic and had allergies as a child she was tied to a nebuliser from ages 8-15. Hasn’t she claimed to have been a gymnast as a child? Sorry I can’t post the link but it’s the most textbook stream on his channel, she jumps on about the 5h 20m long

No. 449779


Samefag, most recent not textbook! Don’t know where that came from!

No. 449786

Hahaha I believe her family dispelled that gymnastics bs. Family anon op, or 2nd will you confirm, if your still around? Now would be a good time for them to show since she’s going to be on again tomorrow night too. She’s STILL ON and it’s going on five hours! She just said “Benji, do you look at your brother and get a hard on” my god the mouth that shoulda been truck driver is so darn disgusting! She thinks she’s such an edge lord with the way she talks but she sounds like a low life ghetto soccer mom. Who the hell uses the word- boner?

No. 449790

They had been talking about ending the stream long ago. I left the house for about an hour, came back and these fuckers were still at it! They just ended the stream after 5 hours.

No. 449793

File: 1513924572921.jpg (464.46 KB, 1049x1249, SmartSelectImage_2017-12-22-01…)

No. 449800

Run along Joytard, you are late for a glitter party.

No. 449821


See thread 13 >>417655 : "Kati was in gymnastics but did not compete."

No. 449826


Thanks anon, there’s probably loads more she said in that live stream this morning but I couldn’t listen to her for more than 20 minutes. I’ll give it another go later

No. 449868

Good luck with that, Anon. Your sacrifice is appreciated.

No. 449875

File: 1513940133538.jpeg (810.42 KB, 1242x1829, 8049CE68-A856-40D7-9A97-0BEE08…)

I'm assuming this has to do with the Kumite stream. Does anyone know what she supposedly debunked?

No. 449879


I heard her talking about this on the part of the stream I listened too this morning on cognitive thoughts channel. She was going on about the claims in reps video about her claiming to levitate and the curing of the tumour with onion and garlic. There was a super chat saying she doxed Alex and got in touch with his mum, she denied the dox accusation and said she got in touch with his mum as there was a chance he was a minor. They’re probably referring to the giving ‘medical advice to children’ accusation as that is what she was raging in the chat about first of al before they sent her the link to come on

No. 449888

same, anon. hers is still there for me too, but other channels i’ve subscribed to that were deactivated or terminated have their icons deleted, with their names left intact on the list. if her channel was actually gone then her icon would be too.

No. 449904

OT but is "thejosh" she keeps talking about the one who kept self-posting?

No. 450023

File: 1513964921248.png (564.04 KB, 1439x1076, DEXATI20171222104559.png)

Here you go.

No. 450024

One of the first thing’s Andy asked her on Cognitive Thought’s stream was whether or not she actually cured her tumor with garlic and oregano (and whatever else). She claimed that she apparently went to a friend that was a naturopathic physician, who gave her that advice. The tumor apparently went away after six months of that regimen. She also made a dig at Repzion about how he was mocking her for trying/believing in natural medicine when he is a strong supporter of medicinal/recreational marijuana- which he claims is better for people do to it being found in nature. The others sort of agreed with her; even Andy, who I’m pretty sure smokes recreationally. It was an unusually peaceful stream, for the most part. Then they started talking about how attractive Lauren Southern’s sister is and I got bored.

No. 450037

Okay, backup backup, she just changed her story big time!!! I thought she was living in DOM'S apartment and was crying about how she feels bad that she can't get a job and contribute towards bills and he works to cover everything. Sure she confirmed recently he is actually her boyfriend but now she's claiming that SHE lets HIM live in HER apartment, how did anons just skim over this fact.

No. 450060

>>450037 I don't think people are skimming over anything, it's just not that interesting. It's just a constant verbal diarrhea of delusional pathological lies made up on the spot that anyone with 2 neurons to rub together can tell is a lie by looking 5 seconds into the past. No sense over-analyzing it. It demonstrably was and is a lie. OP actually said her claim was letting Dom live in her House for free, as if she owns a house or wasn't just complaining about neighbor's smoking weed and it seeping into her apartment through the shared walls.

No. 450063


… it …
… was …
… a …
… joke …

No. 450084

File: 1513971736279.png (133.11 KB, 750x605, IMG_3768.PNG)

Wahh wahh wahh. She's JUST like Onision. Everyone better hate who I hate or you can't be in my inner circle.. which won't last long because when the time is right I'll just throw you under the bus.

I like that she says her family was doxxed when they've dispelled that here and Joy
Has never ever once shown proof. You know if she had it she'd be flaunting that shit.

No. 450090

Superb! Bravo!

No. 450113

She's on Tonka's stream right now. She won't shut up. Kek.

No. 450327

So she streamed 3 times yesterday for hours from morning until midnight roughly and she's back for more again today? That's fucking impressive for a chronically ill person plagued with fatigue and brain fog. Manic as hell, she never ever gets satiated from all the ranting she does. I wonder if she's considering making her full come-back now?

Also I saw this video and it's a great summary of nearly any Joy stream…

No. 450372

'family' lol they didn't prove shit. they just waited until everything was over and then stirred it up again.

No. 450374

File: 1513992441928.jpg (68.94 KB, 1026x255, SmartSelectImage_2017-12-22-01…)

Just sayin'

No. 450390

Go away Kati.

No. 450441

I can’t believe how embarrassing she is for herself. She went on a keemstar style Twitter rant today accusing chambers of doxxing her for that stupid ad that she put up advertising for her singing service or lessons whatever the fuck. It’s been online forever and tweet after tweet about how people are after her, and her boyfriend, and her family, she’s so ridiculous and transparent at the same time. It’s so obvious how she wants to get people to go after Based Mama and chambers for her own personal retribution. Oh, and people seemed out the pound that her dog came from, found the old owners of the dog and threatened them. WTF IS THAT BITCH ON ANYWAY? Go back under your rock Katie FFS!

No. 450445

Kati, if you are going to post anonymously, at least try to get your grammar right.

No. 450595

All this Saint Joysus on the cross shit is thanks to those of you on Twitter who made it more visible. Good job!

No. 450742

File: 1514024470755.jpg (88.02 KB, 795x510, PSX_20171223_101250.jpg)

Embarrassing herself indeed. Thinking of nursery school, here she is crying to teacher because someone jokingly posted under her doxing accusation if anyone would be interested in joining him on a visit on New Year's Day, then. These kind of jokes don't help, of course, because the spergleberries believe joy when she says they're all out to get her for reelz ( St Joysus stuff like >>450595 says). But it is amusing to see her reaction, nevertheless.

No. 450748

File: 1514025299342.jpg (31.41 KB, 363x191, PSX_20171223_103352.jpg)

Tidied up this screenshot with a filter called Defog…

No. 451221

Where there is no shame, there can be no honor.

No. 451243

Part 2 of her one night only stream is tonight at 7pm central. LOL I look forward to parts 3, 4, 5, 6 and so on as well.

No. 451286

Shes live on younow if anyone even cares

No. 451289

And now she's live on sprupinkle bow

No. 451290

Live on spurpinklebow for a "LAST STREAM EVER!"

By which she means come tell me how bad you want me to be back on YT so I can appear to be so well liked and as always, innocent. Spam me folks, and don't worry, I am obviously never ever going to leave, ever.

No. 451293


Her look in that hoodie makes the case for circumcision! Guess she's in her big dick mode tonight.

No. 451294

She also cancelled her Patreon stream tonight to do this stream. Because her paying Patreons who don't get shit in return are top on her priority list.

No. 451356

the way shes talking about warski she's making it sound like he's never played poker and doesn't know what a bluff is.

No. 451360

It's so funny how she says shes gonna prove shit and only actually proves like 10%.

Also how she spins stuff to be the other persons fault. ie "I would talk to repzion but he's not ready" blah blah blah

She will only show "proof" to selected people because it's our fault. But she's partially right, because we didn't just accept the proof at face value and looked at it critically. She's banking on the fact that the people she shows won't be as critical, skeptical or smart.

Same shit, different day

No. 451362

And, the obligatory diarrhea discussions. OMG, this stream is disgusting. Everyone involved seems mentally ill or seriously stupid.

No. 451399

So, Phil just released the convo between himself and Joy where she says she got herpes.


No. 451402

File: 1514089887329.jpg (109.44 KB, 889x544, herp1.jpg)

I'll bring them over here and trim it up so everyone can see it better.

No. 451403

File: 1514090059145.jpg (125.55 KB, 892x543, herp2.jpg)

Now we can see why she shuns traditional doctors, they told her that herpes in incurable and can't be eradicated from the body. Take Valtrex and manage outbreaks? No thanks!

No. 451404

File: 1514090216687.jpg (114.53 KB, 899x548, herp3.jpg)

Herpes can't be transmitted from hugging but OK Kati.

No. 451405

File: 1514090343933.jpg (117.96 KB, 895x553, herp4.jpg)

More birth control and weight gain complaints in this convo for some reason.

No. 451406

File: 1514090459919.jpg (111.99 KB, 901x551, herp5.jpg)

More natural cures to try including our old pal coffee enemas!

No. 451409

File: 1514090677165.jpg (117.04 KB, 908x566, herp6.jpg)

Kati is such special snowflake her body is caffeine resistant! Maybe try some metals for treatment too.

No. 451411

Ok I misread part of this in my hurry. She's not talking about birth control but she is complaining that her snowflake body puts on weight when she's sick

No. 451511

Monoatomic Gold sounds right up her alley. In addition to curing all diseases (including cancer), it purports to boost psychic awareness, give you the ability to communicate with angels, transport yourself to other dimensions and - with luck - become a Light Being, "capable of levitating and capable of bio-locating." (i.e. teleportation!).

Like other monoatomic elements, it is also conveniently unable to be detected or examined using Conventional Science - which makes it all the more incredible that this alchemical substance, known to the ancient Sumerians and lost for millennia, was 'discovered' by a cotton farmer from Arizona in 1975. So there's your EVIDENCE.

She'd better use it carefully tho. I've also read it can harm Indigos by destroying ten virtual strands of DNA we all possess in the fourth dimensional vibratory plane, detectable in the blood of Blue Indigos (i.e. Millennials), to prevent their accessing higher spiritual awareness and telepathic abilities. All part of an Illuminati plot, I gather.

I'm not making this up. I've done my research.


No. 451517

>>451403 I like how she's blaming Daniel when both Herpes (HSV-2) and Genital Warts (HPV) usually lie dormant for years after transmission, and from what she's told us if she got them from Daniel she wouldn't just be complaining about bumps on her genitals.

A severe amount of breakouts is 4 to 5 in a year, so her claims to have 6 in 3 months are either the worst case I've ever heard of, an extreme exaggeration, or something else entirely.

She showed us her prescriptions on her patient portal and she is not on anything to manage herpes. Interestingly enough on the ParaGuard website it says to consult a healthcare professional immediately if you are experiencing genital sores. The emergency room is to make sure you don't die on the spot, you still need to follow up with a doctor for diagnosis and treatment options.

Again, here we have megalomaniacal Kati who's going to find the cure for HSV-2 all by herself by Google searches + trial & error. I guess at this point we should just add medical research scientist to her list of pretend professions.

No. 451540

So accurate, anon. User is operating at 10%.

It's hard to believe she's in her 30s(or 20s) behaving like that. Everything is always everyone else's fault and to this day, she will point the finger at rose, repzion, based and chambers for ruining her channel (insert bragging of 60k subs). I don't like any of them nor believe she is trash as a result of anything they've said or is in any way related to them, she is just a terrible shit person in general.

If she would actually show her proof then people would believe what she's saying, but yes, it's our own fault. I am sick to death of her oregano tumor story but even that, if she would stick to one story, preferably the truth, then it would be the same story. What's so hard about even saying she accidentally referred to it as an abscess or vice versa ffs. All her stories about everything are never consistent and I think along with analytics is a big part of why she removed her channel since it was so easy to find her plethora of contradictions.

She was "chased" off by bad guys n' bullies so naturally her first move is to come back to stream and go on a shit talking spree. And she said that she was only streaming the first night to warn people about kilroy, since helping people is clearly in her nature, so why would it need another part? She somehow wasn't able to make her point in those first 5 hours? Someone's debate team expertise is very dusty.

I personally believe that she royally screwed herself in her 20s with her indigo scamming days and invested her time into selling people lies, far beyond anything she is willing to admit. It was easier than going to college for any of the stuff she claims she did and it got her more attention than singing. She's just a nasty, bitter and scorned woman who has no interest in doing anything about it. Plus she is lazy as all hell.

No. 451550

I think if Kati plans on streaming from her Spurpinkle Bow channel that would be the perfect time to spam her with requests to see the analytics from her 1 milliom Spurpinkle Bow channel views from the Do5 videos she deleted from there since she already promised multiple times she would show them, and since they represent 18% of the total views she deleted in September when removing Do5 videos it could be a good way to shut her critics up.

Just appeal to her need to be vindictively nasty to anyone who criticises her and suggest they would have to 'apologize' to her after that kek

No. 451618

File: 1514135511579.jpg (1.09 MB, 2560x2129, IMG_20171224_120518.jpg)

Snatched this from her "Last stream" comments. Someone claiming to be a high school classmate shares their experience with joy:

No. 451628

File: 1514137702045.jpg (171.64 KB, 768x1024, joshey_bury_the_hatchet.jpg)

Apologies, this may have been better in the Spergleberries threat, but Joshey C decided to release the email he sent to Joy asking her to have a word with her minions…

No. 451702

Jesus, she's ridiculous. She's ruining people's lives with her drama

No. 451721

Wow everyone that associates with her she ruins. That Josh guy was on her side for a while and she ruined him too.

No. 451893

No surprise there. She reeks of toxic and not copper, aluminium or whatever the shit kind of toxicity she has this week. Merry Xmas anons, wish you absolutely no Kati types IRL for 2018.

No. 451918

That Josh guy is a massive liar though. Take everything he says with a grain of salt. He is this sides Link

No. 452011

Childhood genital herpes fag -

I got herpes from touching a cold sore on my face, and sleeping with my hands between my legs, when I was about the age of 4-5 every time I got run down, or ill I would have an outbreak of herpes, and I still to this day remember the fucking agony it caused. It BURNED, it was itchy, it was red down there, it was uncomfortable. They went into remission by the time I was 11, i haven't had an outbreak in years, every time I DID have an outbreak, it got less and less severe, I'm not sure if that's because I was a child or not, but still, I am calling ultimate BS on her "herpes" situation, it wasn't just "bumps" that came up, they were blisters, nasty, oozing, blisters. Herpes can't be cured, BUT it can have periods of remission. I've been lucky I've been in remission for over 10 years.

Sorry if it's TMI, but I feel as though it's relevant to her claims.

No. 452012


Once when a was younger, I found a bump down there and thought I had an STD. Turns out, it was just an ingrown hair.

Do genital warts hurt, burn, ooze, whatever or are they otherwise asymptomatic? (I could google this but I'm hoping to get a better answer than the generic answers google would return.)

No. 452084

Her claims of not accepting to have no cure makes her seem less credible. Like just about everything else she talks about, she doesn't make sense. She's so determined to be cured of things she doesn't even know she has and if she would have actually seen real Drs, maybe she would have a solution rather than her "back pocket" of bullshit. Like mentioned, ER Drs are to stabilize patients in urgent or emergency situations. Anyone that is almost dying all the time and in her situation would see a Dr routinely, it's common sense and she was likely told that all the time. It has to be incredibly exhausting to be her irl friend. I'd imagine she probably had several of the same chats going with different people, complaining about non-existent health crises to anyone that would listen.

No. 452092

A very Merry Christmas to you all, fellow anons. Tidings of comfort… and Joy.

No. 452125

Merry Christmas everyone, and a happy holidays to all of you that don’t celebrate on Christmas either… that being said, how much you wanna bet that ol’ “brown roomate”(only being said because she referred to him as such in a stream) thinks of the old, fresh, fit Kati that he met when he “makes love” to, instead of the now disgusting, toilet mouthed, truck driver obese creature that she is now. Hey Kati-cat, if you even think you are going to get thin again, think again. You have become who you are because of karma, and you will remain this way physically. Mark these words, and check back every year: you are what you deserve to be forever.

No. 452185

>>452125 Well it sounds like Dom's Christmas present was either Herpes or Genital Warts LMFAO

No. 452197

KEK. The gift that keeps on giving! How thoughtful of Kati.

No. 452280

Woah, woah. Miracle mineral solution? Kati drinks bleach? I'm impressed. I've been away from the thread, mostly because I think Kati is a retard but it amuses me to think of her digging through her shit looking for 'liver flukes'. I can't believe that Kati does MMS. It's so dangerous.

No. 452385

OMG you're right I just read this article about it:https://www.theguardian.com/science/2010/sep/15/miracle-mineral-solutions-mms-bleach

From the article there was this quote by the FDA…
>"The product, when used as directed, produces an industrial bleach that can cause serious harm to health…High oral doses of this bleach, such as those recommended in the labeling, can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and symptoms of severe dehydration."

If she is still giving this poison a try she's making herself sicker than she ever was. I've long suspected that the weird treatments she's so willing to try cause most of symptoms.

No. 452641

Live on YN

No. 452646

OMG she's trying to say that Peter Monn tried to set her up for drama and that he wouldn't hear her out. John Kuckian has made ugly accusations towards Peter very recently and now Joy is using this as an opportunity to say he needs to do some soul searching and rethink how he talks about people in the future. She said she knows what it's like to be called out falsely. Just had to get on younow late at night to talk about someone who was critical of her. He wasn't even harsh towards her, he was offering to find affordable treatment in her area.

No. 452647

attacking Peter Monn is the most tone deaf thing she could do right now. anyone who doesn't know why, check out the John Kuckian thread >>>/snow/274963

No. 452648

File: 1514277206451.jpg (162.65 KB, 946x951, joy-mess.jpg)

disgusting as always

No. 452654

She said Dom got to see his family this Christmas and she insisted on it, I'm assuming she didn't go along. Last year she was in the hospital so Dom had to miss Christmas with his family.

No. 452666

Joy’s right about the bullying. It needs to stop including bullying of her. She’s someone’s daughter and sister. I hope she gets her mental health better and I hope everyone here takes a deeper look at their conscious.
Love and prayers to all.

The ghost of Christmas sage.

No. 452668

fuck off, idiot.

No. 452671

Joys still streaming so this probably isn't her, maybe one of her spergs though…

No. 452737

Your post number says all there is about your bullshit. Run along and $end Kati your hard earned cash and loyalty, you are just a moronic joytard who’s lost their way in life, probably from some form of disability. Maybe you are even that Gina Baptisma who’s channel’s content is nothing but joy hate bashing who decided to apologize to her on stream last night, what’s the matter did you relapse on Dope last night or something? By the way you were apologizing and kissing up to joy you may just contract that herpes she’s admitted to having…..

No. 452751


In all honesty, if Kati wants the 'bullying' that comes her way to stop; she needs to set the example by stopping her own form of bullying (that BS that she passes off as personal opinion) and kicking out any of her fans that bully others in her name.

But, that would require Onisheon to acknowledge that she's been just as bad - if not worse - than her 'haters'; which will never happen in her current mental state.

Ignoring her behavior will not help her get any better; the lack of opposition will only enable her - especially when her fans support her actions.

No. 452837


You can tell that she wanted to use Peter as another "See, Karma bitch!" hate train and the people were having none of it. She SO, SO, SO wants to gloat over that kid attacking him and the "fans" were all but screaming to NOT DO THAT! because it will cause a ton of shit to fall on her head. I loved watching her trying to get the group to agree that Peter deserves it so she could throw the Karma card. I SO WISH they had because then she'd have gone onto YouTube gloating over the attack on him and gotten her ass handed to her.

No. 453733

Holy shit she is stupid. Peter literally has the entire "beauty community" behind him. Anyone that says anything anti-Peter right now will be practically burned at the stake and here comes innocent Kati to put herself in a situation that doesn't involve her and try and make herself the victim as always. I wonder if anyone on Twitter has seen this yet, she will be crucified. Him talking about her drama(much of which she creates) and that she lied to her audience at one point claiming Peter ignored her DMs doesn't mean he deserves to be labeled a paedophile. He said yesterday that he would call out anyone that still support John, including companies and anyone that subscribes to him. She just had to make a huge "drama" situation somehow about her to be perceived to be the victim at all times. This should backfire in her face big time. This is why she will always be a cow.

She infuriates me to no end but damn I love when Kati screws herself up. Kek

No. 453792

Here’s what she DID say about peter monn, hopefully someone like the Blargh recorded it so he can see it, although I do notice how the blargh kisses her fat ass- hear that Blargh? Your known as a fucking joytard.
She said, and I quote: that peter lied about her, spread false allegations about her, called her a scammer, said she wasn’t sick, didn’t wanna talk to her because she’s a known manipulator, and she kept saying that if kukian was wasn’t lying about her that she hopes he gets his karma, no he deserves karma anyway for the way he treated her because he bullied her- unquote.

No. 453828

>>452666 Do you see how someone (Peter Monn) telling their truth (I never refused to talk to anybody) and offering support (You've been sick for a long time with no diagnosis. It seems like there's something going on there. I will put all my resources behind getting you to a doctor and on the path to wellness) gets turned into Kati talking shit and inventing horrible and/or disgusting lies to attack and slander someone when they are already being attacked? Fuck her, and fuck you for supporting her.

Don't state you're invoking the spirit of sage and still refuse to sage faggot.

And seriously, why the fuck does Kati start foaming at the mouth and chomping at the bit like the hungry greedy horse-face she is the second pedophilia gets even the flimsiest most tenuous of mentions?

No. 453860

She should contact Kuckian then because he's literally the only one who would take this well. That is a mess I would like to see.

At least keep up on current events, Kati.

No. 453942

File: 1514341041361.jpg (801.03 KB, 1080x2598, 20171226_191154.jpg)

Kati admits the poo baby's comments were never a joke.

No. 454008

Anyone else seen this? It's a half hour snippet from one of Joys recent streams on spurpinkle bow where Chambers is on. Joy berates Chambers and demands she use the disavow in regards to based mama. She outright verbally abuses her and Chambers is really calm and tries to clarify some things while Joy basically steamrolls over her!

No. 454061

File: 1514356673913.jpg (207.99 KB, 1080x631, Screenshot_20171227-012256.jpg)


Don't know if true but if so it makes me feel even worse for Chambers, specifically when she was saying she was going through a lot right now and Joy just screeched louder. She may be a cow according to some but i've yet to see her be malicious and i don't think she deserves the treatment Joy always shows her. Even back when Nick Monroe showed texts between Chambers and Joy, Joy always takes a particularly abusive tone with her.

And fuck Joy for those, lets call them subliminal jabs, at Chamber's autism. "Other people make fun of your autism but i don't do that" as she berates the girl for half hour knowing Chambers basically freezes up during confrontation. And by the way Joy, you made yourself look worse by tossing that out there, that you're being super aggressive to someone you know is on the spectrum while your gang of tards just sit there and watch. I knew Cy and Mike were pieces of shit but for some reason I had thought better of Benji- whom looked like he was contemplating his life the entire time. I hope he was reevaluating his choice in friends really.

At least the comment sections under her recent appearances are a good read. She's still so convinced her channel and reputation went down because of Chambers and BM and its glorious to see the comments from people who just can't stand her because they see how deranged and vindictive she is.

No. 454063

File: 1514356767881.jpg (1.41 MB, 1414x2048, 1514352392269.jpg)

No. 454071

Thank you for the nightmares anon <3

She's such an unfortunate looking person.

No. 454130


Last stream ever…for 2017, maybe.

Come 2018, she'll be streaming, again.

No. 454148

Who gives a fuck about Chambers? She's as big of a cow as Joy, quit defending her.

No. 454189

If the beauty community see her as a target the "hate" she's been getting so far will look like a preschool argument in comparison.

So please anyone with a Twitter spread the word. Maybe then she'll actually shut up.

No. 454195

fuck yes. how quickly we forget.

take this shit to pull or gg. not your personal army, dickhead.

No. 454215

Yep! I'm curious as to how she would try to spin that narrative. Would she try to play victim again? She's just a repulsive human being. There is nothing good or redeeming about her. She's a jealous vindictive woman child.

No. 454239

Goddamn. If one photo had to represent her as a person, that would be the one.

No. 454272

Who gives a fuck who gives a fuck, fucktard, the reason people bring it up is to show the transparency in Joys vindictive behavior, d.u.h. That’s a major way to look majorly horrible. She blatantly called Chambers a retard in the manor and words she spewed out. This is the place where joy is to be called out at. She calls chambers an autist in front of 300 people, calls ol’ blue eyes Peter Monn a bully, and most of all she very obviously tried to get her joytards, and anyone else who listened to gang up on them. NOWS a great time to edit out a video of these recent diariah of mouth mishaps, to laugh at and to document the magnitude of her ways. Unfortunately for Chambers her lil plan worked because I saw a bunch of people getting down on chambers, but if they saw how she tried to dog Peter Monn…..oh, the outrage in the community!

No. 454319

Thank you anons who have enjoyed "my work" It's so easy to express how I feel about her using her own face.

No. 454581

Shes on ReadyToGlare younow nd RTG has said TheJosh has gone missing and someone said he might be dead.

Naturally she used this to talk about how ~the haters~ have been so mean to her and how TheJosh tried to use her for views blah blah. She literally can't even pretend for a second to care, she's laughing at shit about how people are trying to start rumors about how evil she is.

The chat hates her, as usual.

No. 454589

Omg. That was psycho! Someone was posting possible info and she kept making it about her. So someone wrote that kukian called thejosh shows work, said a bunch of shit then josh deleted his channel, but I do not know if this is true.

No. 454596

No. 454628

Omg. She literally makes me sick. She only cares about weasling her way into people's personal lives. It's clear as day she doesn't give a shit. Even her tone of voice. I hope roommate kicks Joy out one day soon and she'll have to eat some humble pie. Girl is straight evil.

No. 454710

Her behavior was absolutely disgusting, and I honestly hope nothing happened to TheJosh. But if it did couldn't her most recent YouTube streams be considered a contributing factor that led him to kill himself and she could be charged for that?

No. 454910

File: 1514448724885.jpg (658.23 KB, 1152x2048, 1514448058035.jpg)

Mined from comments.Pricked up my ears. Can it be so?

No. 454957

there's a difference between bringing it up and painting someone in a sympathetic light. you seem to have forgotten why chambers is considered a turbo retard, and how much drama she herself contributed. So why not go back and read some of the early threads instead of chimping out here. then you would realise - people have been getting down on chambers since she appeared, because she earned it. joy's flailing has very little to do with it.


great, more rumours for the mix.

No. 454981

I didnt realize i needed your permission to feel sympathy for someone who's sister just died.

Calm down anon. Again, I know people believe her to be a cow but i still disagree with the way Joy takes advantage of the fact that she's an easy target and how aggressive she gets towards her.

As the other anon said, my commentary is more about Joy jumping on an autist rather than defending Chambers' irrelevant ass. Funny how butthurt you are about it though.

Tbh, it doesnt sound like the dude is really dead. Sounds like the kind of stuff catfishers pull when they need a reaction and then "their relative" tells someone on the internet whats "going on." However, it's very telling that Joy & Co are trying to silence yet another smaller channel/figure with a public hanging but then act oblivious to the impact of their actions. Lowkey hope she does try to kick up something with Peter Monn just to see her torn to shreads by the drama & makeup communities.

No. 455034

>Again, I know people believe her to be a cow but i still disagree with the way Joy takes advantage of the fact that she's an easy target and how aggressive she gets towards her.

I'm right with you. Chambers has done plenty of stupid shit, is a cow and deserves to be called out for her shit but joy takes it too far. It fits in with her same ol' same ol' trash behavior that doesn't reflect the kind and compassionate person she always claims to be with her statements of how to effectively communicate with others, that includes no bad language and presenting facts, not involving emotions, no drama, no toxicity, only "came back to YT to warn others about the Kilroy scam" yet is dipping into any shit pond she can to be a cunt and cry victim, etc. Bitch does not take accountability, does not practice what she preaches and has shown to be verbally abusive.

Most people lose their shit at times, including myself, but she is 24/7 car dealership kati and can fuck right off with demanding apologies and sympathy.

No. 455048

Hahaha of course I believe that’s true! It’s hilarious to one, AND IT FIGURES. Too bad the joytards ran the family anons off, they may have been able to assist us in that one!
Fucking asshole good for nothing joytards!

No. 455051

Hahaha of course I believe that’s true! It’s hilarious to one, AND IT FIGURES. Too bad the joytards ran the family anons off, they may have been able to assist us in that one!
Fucking asshole good for nothing joytards!

No. 455114

I still lurk. This story is completely false. I was sure the original comment was false but was giving the commenter the benefit of the doubt that she/he might have misremembered some details but the followup comment tells me its made up.
Joy never lived right next to a local library. The closest library was at least 6 miles away. Joy never wore turtle necks nor would her classmates describe her as frumpy. As I have said earlier, Joy did not become the frizzy hair sweatshirt loving maniac until her late teens. In school she dressed up everyday. Cy is not Joy's cousin. ~~~Family Member Anon OP

No. 455229

Thank you for clarifying family anon.

No. 455584

Kati was never quiet in school. She entered a room and everyone knew it. She would never sit shyly like this person said. As soon as I read that I knew this person was a phony. I should know as every report card and parent teacher conference I was told how Kati is talkative. 2nd anon family member

No. 455596

>>455144 TBH it didn't take a family anon to know everything about that comment was a fantasy tale that had more plot holes than a chain link fence. It's just another one of the excruciatingly weird commenters than her channels attracts LARPing. My favorite part was the whole 'having to go to the library together' thing. As if you can't check books out of librarys or call people on the phone to talk to them.

The whole thing sounds like it was written by a 10 year old. I thought people were highlighting it just to lol at the insane people that seem compelled to hitch themselves to that sinking ship. I didn't think anyone was actually seriously entertaining it as legitimate info lol

No. 456226

File: 1514559002226.png (198.95 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2017-12-29-05-14-36…)

Joy just tweeted referencing the "cousin" allegation which was that Cy was her cousin but she tweeted it at The Blargh. What a slip since Cy has been rumored to be The Blargh and Joy pretty much just confirmed it's her.

No. 456232

This may have gone completely over my head somehow but how does this prove anything? It looks like she's just fucking around.

No. 456279

File: 1514562189906.jpg (46.86 KB, 750x330, IMG_20171229_084215.jpg)

It has to do with this comment.

No. 456342

A “Sassy Kat” started that bullshit in a comment, is this you Sassy K? I don’t believe for a second that Cy or Joy is the Blargh, there’s way too much to prove it’s not, but if you want to post here learn how to sage dear…..

No. 456352

She was telling Blargh that her and cy were cousins. Get a grip. Family anon said that wasn’t true that cy and joy are related anyways.

No. 456495

oh well if 'family' said it … kek

I can't believe we're back on this Blargh bullshit again. we went through all this a couple of threads ago.

No. 456504

File: 1514582352160.jpg (134.63 KB, 839x932, IMG_20171229_141620.jpg)

Poor CY being a dumb cunt thinking she can boss people around and tell them they can't upload Kati's YouNow streams. Little does she know that they can't even strike those uploads since it's not against YouNows TOS to take and upload other people's streams.

Makes you wonder what Richard knows that they keep attacking him and trying his Twitter account banned.

No. 456586

Mr. Stiles. Kek.

No. 456626

Bleeeurgh. I thought this ghastly old bag had finally self-imploded but nope. She found some drama to insert her foul old hoodied head into for absolutely no reason anyone can ascertain. She's like a bloody cockroach; she'll survive the sun engulfing the earth.

However, I have a question. It's one of those tree-falls-in-woods-who-hears thingies…

Does Cy The Pathetic continue to exist if St. Joysus of the Frizz-ease is not there to be publicly prostrated in front of? Or does she just retreat into a puddle of beige until someone else requires a snivelling, subservient pile of pathos to use as a slave/ear/human tissue?

Just wondering…

No. 456627


If they were, the family tree would be a weeping willow.

Or stinkfruit tree.

No. 456663

I see that Cy has been taught well by Joy. I wonder if they think that if they leave a compliment or well wishes as the last sentence when they are bitching to someone, then they are walking away as the bigger person, or if it means that they came at you politely. Both of them deserve each other, they really do.

No. 456681

Suppose some of that Peter Monn stuff might be in the streams Mr Stiles is making public? I see two videos posted with a promise of about half a dozen more, and an invitation to others to mirror them. Probably mostly just the same old fibromylupus, everybody hates me, may as well go eat worms stuff, but I have yet to dive in…

No. 456867

Cy delusionally sees herself as a walk in, fuck shit up kinda person rather than the dipshit she truly is. I initially had higher expectations for her but at this rate, she'll also be a dirtbag scammer in no time.

This is getting awesome. Now he's having a go at drunk Deb.

No. 456962

This is pretty juicy, that guy used to white night for her so hard. I wonder what pissed him off?

No. 456968

File: 1514627851621.jpg (201.18 KB, 771x726, rs.jpg)

samefag… This is his caption from one of the recent stream uploads. It seems the final straw for him was a lack of appreciation, not her repeated horrible behavior to others! He is right though that he catches things the haters miss because it he's always in her streams.

He says he has recorded the streams through the 26th so the one where she was shady to Peter should be included!

No. 456974

he is awful sanctimonious about uploading someone elses work. lol. reminds me of joy or idubz. yapping about other people shouldn't be anyones claim to fame. and if it is at least let be be hard won. this guy is just reup loading.

No. 457023

>>456974 He does add shit to them. If you haven't watched any of them they are unedited with full streamchat captures, then he adds text over the screen at certain points with messages generally aimed at making the 'haters' look dumb if they just reupload the video from his channel, which was always strange because if they did that he would just copyright strike them anyways.

No. 457482

As he always wore wrist bands I assumed he had cut his wrists and wore them to hide his scars. If my assumption is then he may have actually told the truth when he said that he suffered from depression.

No. 457488

File: 1514676961960.png (100.88 KB, 833x604, K1FQ1nF.png)

Looks like Richard is no longer in love.

No. 458158

Happy New Year's Eve everyanon…May the coming year bring no mo Joy and Sparkles bla bla ba bla oh feck. Love to all!

No. 458160

Happy Joy less New Year. Sparkle and BS is so 2017. She has nothing left to offer 2018. Long may she be truly irrelevant.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 458283

File: 1514769592031.png (280.19 KB, 1025x821, vTloGJT.png)

Happy New Years from Richard.

No. 458414

File: 1514779421448.jpg (231.88 KB, 1439x1079, IMG_20171231_210136.jpg)

She looks like a fucking teletubbie in those nasty hoodies her fat ass wears.

No. 458627


Munchie-wunchie, the oh-so-tewwibly sick tellytubby.

You'd think, for a perfreshnial writer, Dick the Nutbag would've heard of paragraphs. It's like a stream of dementia.

No. 458728

That is fuck8ng amazing. Lol.

No. 459017

Anyone can pay to have a book published. His ramblings look like a schizophrenic episode. Anything he says you have to take with a grain of salt because the dude is batshit crazy.

No. 459200

Anything Joy says, you have to take with a grain of salt because it has been proven she is batshit crazy.

No. 459216

Everyone she deals with is.

No. 459371


Oh, I take them with a whole lorry-load of salt, don't worry!

He'll never get published, it's all delusion - seeing him rattling on about having to protect his reputation made me hyperventilate with laughter. That boat sailed LONG ago; even if he could write, no publisher would touch him because nobody wants someone with such an aggressive, frightening online footprint on their roster, not even if he were the next Grate 'Murican Awfor he seems to think he is. Fucking nutter.

But what is crazy Kati going to do when one of her pet nutters really loses it? She didn't distance herself from PsychoDick when he was knighting for her (via the medium of threats all over the internet) then is all surprised he behaves like a complete fucking madman when she shuns him? And even then, she hides behind Cy, who is as strong and effective as soggy tissue.

Granted, creators can't be held responsible for the actions of their fans. But Kunti actively encourages their behaviour, effectively green-lighting their crazier exploits whilst trying to hide behind a wall of faux-serenity. Then she's all surprised when, having run their usefulness to her, she tries to blackball them and they won't have any of it. She played Dickie like an out of tune fiddle and now he's pissed off. Not least because he wants to be seen as this Alpha male with huge intellect and he was easier to manipulate than putty….by a brain-dead whackjob in a filthy hoodie!

No. 459650

File: 1514913910131.jpg (136.75 KB, 1434x2048, IMG_20180102_102117.jpg)

LOL. She's lost 3 patreon's and $106 since last night.

No. 459923

Guess that means Richard finally pulled his $100 off then

No. 460038

basedmama & the reptile cunt are getting their just desserts now too

No. 460230

>>459923 No, Richard was one of her $20 Patrons. He's said he donated as his way to give her the YouTube ad revenue generated by posting her YouNow streams on his channel. She's lost like half of her $20 Patrons in the last month lol

I think that's just Patreon displaying weird shit due to the changes or something. She has actually only lost maybe 2 of her $2 Patrons and maybe 3 of her $10 Patrons recently.

If you just go add up her tiers she still has 3 $100, 1 $50, 5 $20 , and 16 $10 Patrons which is already $610 so its just due to Patreon's display pages being fucked up. She has lost probably 5 Patrons recently though.

I think in Patreon'ss recent changes they made it so your pledges get charged immediately and recur on the 'anniversary' of your pledge date, so if you pledged on the 16th you get charged on the 16th every month. I'm wondering if until those charges are made for some of them they might not show up in the total amount? Who knows though, just counting up her tiers it says she has 59 Patrons while the top only says she has 48. Not sure how Patreon works at all or why her dropping total and Patron count isn't equivalent to the displayed tier donators.

No. 460254

>>460038 Wrong thread. Neither of those people are Kati. Go post your feels in their threads if you care that much about your opinion of them being heard and stop shitting up this one, and learn how to sage faggot.

No. 460297

And here it is, the stream where she talks about Peter. It's starts near the beginning.

No. 460355

OMFG I am only 8 minutes in and I am livid. She is such a fucking fake. She has her mind made up from the get-go. Every time the chat communicated facts against Kuckian, Joy is like "I don't know him" but "I have a right to defend myself." BITCH IT ISN'T EVEN ABOUT YOU! Ugh I can't!

No. 460365

I am calling it, she is going to try to insert herself and defend Kuckian. I swear she is building up to going there.
She is full-on exhibiting a classic narc trait: someone who she perceives has 'wronged her' in the past is suddenly in the middle of a controversy and she so wants to drag him for it even though this has absolutely NOTHING to do with her. She gives it away by going on this whole rant about "I have a right to defend myself!" It's not about you bitch!
I also love how she keeps saying she has no opinion, she doesn't know, and then saying she has a right to state her opinion! You go on with that doublespeak hypocrisy, cray-cray.

No. 460494

We all want Crookian to get fucked over for being a little shit. Maybe being knighted by Kunti is beautifully appropriate! Can't think if anyone more deserving to be in his corner…

No. 460510

Typical Kati. Whining over and over and about how everyone is so horrible to her and how people try to ruin her life. She keeps going in pity-me circles because she can't stand that people in the chat are defending Peter. Just like with medical records and analytics, she regurgitates the same shit without any proof, knowing that the dum-dums will go on to back her up. She's playing stupid about him, using the opportunity to embellish their short interaction (or lack thereof) while acting so unaware

She's so obnoxious when she denies watching videos or following something, like how she used to always say "someone sent me this onision video," as if she hasn't watched every single second of his content, the moment it's uploaded. Lately she's been saying she hasn't been on YT , then she has, then just a bit, then she hasn't. Bitch quit lyin'.

No. 460517

File: 1514986055108.jpg (288.81 KB, 2559x1440, IMG_20180103_080917.jpg)

(12:02)"Let me know in the chat, have I yet said anything that is bad against Peter? Have I in any way put Peter down with what I have said?
In the chat put 1 if yes, or 2 for no"

She is ridiculous lololol

No. 460540

>Can't think if anyone more deserving to be in his corner…

What was it Oscar Wilde said about fox hunting? The unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable?

As a champion debater, you'd think she knows that defending yourself means addressing specific accusations and charges, not smearing someone by proxy or apophasis (e.g. 'I'm not saying my opponent is a wife beater…')

No. 460543

she can sit back now and laugh at the based mama bitch and the reptile cunt experience what she has been through

No. 460772

Hi angel zones!!!!(read the rules)

No. 460781

Billie won't respond to you. She's to busy molesting old people and throwing glitter parties.

No. 460856

not her actual name

No. 460942

There is a Joytard wanting to find a way to shut down lolcow legally. They dont want lolcow to get away with making up lies about JSBS.

No. 461317

File: 1515045681638.jpg (352.48 KB, 1440x2693, 20180103_225429.jpg)

Aww I wonder if this is why Kati the teletubbie has been so quite on Twitter. LOL

No. 461387

Just curious, what TOS did she violate on Twitter?

No. 461401

About time twitter said something to her. But do you know what exactly she did to get in trouble with them. She has been reported so many times and nothing ever amounted to anything and I'm curious what got them to finally do something.

No. 461411

File: 1515051561157.jpg (36.14 KB, 476x518, Capture.JPG)

She better get to making up more fake illnesses to get more money before she loses all her patrons.

No. 461429


Dont like it? Dont come here.

No. 461633

She was tweeting about insest and it got reported.

No. 461667

Is there a screenshot?

No. 461670

I didn't take one when I reported it. But someone else might have.

No. 461673

File: 1515085349556.jpg (141.5 KB, 1080x1142, IMG_20180104_100139.jpg)

Got it.

No. 461776

Are you the same "classmate" that claimed she lived next to a library and said she didn't do her class project?

No. 461779

I find it odd how that got Kati in trouble and her bullying people didn't. Twitter has a weird policy.

No. 461796

she didnt bully on twitter

No. 461806

>family anon #3

twitter doesn't want to have to actually address shit like harrassment because it's too complicated - even the fucking US president abuses it.

lmao of course she didn't /s

No. 461822

She didn’t do her project. I wasn’t lying about it. She just was very lazy in school.

No. 461855

Big fucking deal

No. 461862

It’s a very big deal. She didn’t help me. I end up getting a F in that project. I did my part.(samefagging)

No. 461873

Hi, Kati.

No. 461938

1. You have to write sage in the email section. 2. The family Anons say you are lying.

No. 461952

Are too. We know who they are too. They have proven who they are, case closed.

No. 461984

The person above is really the roommate. Do your research or don’t accuse people.(samefagging)

No. 462024

Well said

No. 462074

All these fucking same fags(learn 2 sage)

No. 462087

whatever happened to that chambers cunt? is she still a stupid bitch?

No. 462105


Hi Angelzones

No. 462107

Her name is Billie. Make sure you use it.

No. 462178

Her name is Glitter Party. No wonder she was attracted to the Sparkles.

No. 462432

Too many two faced Joytards trying to dispell rumors without proof. They got their tinfoil hats shoved up their asses.

No. 463559

So this thread turned to shit real fast. So is it true she got a twitter ban?

No. 463570

>>463559 idk but the ost she got in trouble over is still up.

No. 463571

Read the fucking thread(sage)

No. 463572

File: 1515267002683.jpg (41.55 KB, 583x295, Capture.JPG)

>>463559 She tweeted yesterday so probably not banned.

No. 464040

can't believe I'm addressing someone who uses 'are too' unironically but ok - the only thing 'the family' proved is that they are as bad as Kati is (and just as cowardly)


lol yeah, such a big step down from the quality of previous threads /s
so many people wanted Joy to be over and now she is, yet the thread lives.

No. 464259

Quick question to the family anons that are lurking. There's been an account or two claiming to be you on twitter. Not openly, but messages have been sent. Could you verify that you have reached out? No details needed on who was contacted or what was said.

No. 464293

Exactly. Kati's online presence is dead. Maybe it's time the threads are locked to keep the joytards from coming in and trying but failing to derail them. Another thread can be made if need be, but I think this cow is milked dry.

No. 464374

File: 1515357568344.png (34.2 KB, 562x253, Untitled-1.png)

she liked these tweets. she's just mad that logan paul is encroaching on her territory, using tragedy for personal gain.

No. 464384

I think this is a good idea. And to the family anons: thanks for providing evidence on being real family, don’t let the joytards get to you. I hope this thread can be locked until she farts out another spaz. Katie your mouth reminds people of the nyc sewer systems, but even more smelly.

No. 464574

Hi, Billie (glitter party) angel zones.

No. 464582

I wonder which Joytard it is? Billie? Denise? Shannon? Tommy? Which Joytard sucks Joys ass the most?

No. 465011

File: 1515423397883.jpeg (399.45 KB, 2048x1366, 560011A7-43B9-4FE0-95FB-84D2B0…)

Joy, with all her stans watching her…

No. 465055


'You know, I never noticed it 'til now, but you kind of sound like a woman. Almost as if you were gay, or something.'

Now there's some stereotypical BS right there; as if a telltale sign of one's sexuality can be determined by the lilt of their voice.

And Mikenactor doesn't sound remotely like a woman; so what is she even talking about?

No. 465713

File: 1515474361826.jpg (138.92 KB, 1439x1803, IMG_20180108_220252.jpg)

LOL. She keeps postponing her patreon streams. Either she's just trying to string people along so she doesn't lose anymore patreon's or Dom is home and not going out so she can't rant and rave and be the vile piece of shit we all know she is.

No. 466103

I'll take a wild guess and say the excuse will be "I'm focusing on my health," once again, because only a vile person would dare question the validity of one's health claims, so she feels safe behind that shield. It makes no sense either way, considering she isn't actually producing any content and she is just chillin on her dent in the couch during streams so there's absolutely no effort and nothing that would effect her "health focus."

It's a perfect example of taking advantage of a platform and people, imagine the kind of unknown/secret shit she does when this is openly available for the world to see.

Even if it were true that she is so sick, a decent person would have terminated their patreon by now, especially knowing that they almost die all the time and can't fulfill commitments when they can't predict their health, knowing it's going to take time to heal and knowing that patrons would feel too guilty to email her for their money to be refunded, as she suggests.

No. 466166

File: 1515525888627.png (489.89 KB, 801x891, 20180109_141616.png)

Feeling better

No. 466741

I know it's a dead thread but I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents at the end.With Katie so into the dangers of birth control.Why has she never once mentioned being on the rag? Has anybody else noticed that Katie never mentions getting her period? It may be a moot point. But why? All women talk about cramps, blood, grumpiness, at least once a month. Why not her?

No. 466787


Because it's gross and even women who can relate to the topic don't want to talk about it? And how would she even handle the topic, anyway?

'Hi, loves! It's me, again!

Wow, the last few days have been motherfucking fun! My period is super heavy and for the last few days, it's been coming out in literal fucking chunks! It's so gross! They look like mushed cranberries!'


No. 466891


I mean she talks about her diarrhea, her butt and vaginas being mashed potatoes so it's not really a stretch to think she wouldn't talk about her period. She also mentioned she had a small vagina which is gross and weird. No one wants to know that. Kek.

No. 466956

That's actually a great point. There's no tmi with her, like ever. She obviously enjoys talking about bowels and is no stranger to other anatomy declarations or random mentions of buttholes, buttsex, poo in dickholes, draining the lizard, etc. Not to mention her regular need for sympathy. You'd think she'd regularly tell us how her period almost killed her or how aunt flow often assaults her.

No. 466965

Why the fuck would she talk about her period?

No. 466982

Why would she talk about Herpes, poop, bug, vaginas, and the other gross stuff she does. Because she is nasty.

No. 467016

Exactly anon! I don't understand why people think her talking about her period is beneath her. She's talked about some of the nastiest things that would make period talk seem mild.

No. 467055


No. 467081


my button is bigger and it works.

sure, don. they make little blue pills for that.

my vag is small.

sure, kati. don't go without underwear or you'll stick to the shit you sit on like a suction cup.

No. 467212

precisely Watson nothing is below her except her rusty, bloody vag.for those that answered "it is gross" run along and tell Katie we're talking about her spuds. Go on, Beat It, you bother me kid.
if you ask me she's savored the mention of numerous stool samples of the future.c'est la vie, we may never know. it quite possibly could be a taboo subject to her. Have we finally found her Achilles heel?

No. 467566

People pay monthly to Kati Patreon just to have a random talk to each other just like YouNow for free. What do people gain from Kati nothing but her lies and her bs.

People should invest their money on their family & friends who can be trusted and helping people in need in their own community and not wasting their money on stranger like Kati on Internet that constantly talk about her mystery illnesses but never show any evidence like her medical records or vlog about her visit to the doctor.

Kati can cover up her personal information and show her medical records to the public on Kati own YouTube channel not only to Andy Warski.

No. 467946

>>467212 Simply? Yes, that is what her whole 'mashed potaters' thing is about. She thinks vaginas are absolutely disgusting. Shit? Oh that's just something natural and hilarious that everyone does and we should all freely talk about because life's too short for pretensions #Relateable Anything related to vaginas though is sooper cereal, life threatening,and gross; add in on top of that that she has untreated either Herpes or Genital Warts and yeah, she thinks her own vagina is disgusting.

Maybe she did talk about it in a Patron stream. She recently lost one of her $100 Patrons and several from all the tiers including and below the $10 tier kek

No. 468152

People should invest or spend their money on whatever the fuck they want and you should mind your own fucking business.

Medical records are private and she shouldn't reveal them to a bunch of wankers on this site who will never be satisfied anyway.(wk)

No. 468168

Exactly. They've got fuck all going on in their lives so spend all their time on here judging others.

No. 468324


Like Kati does in her streams, right?

People in glass houses, and all that garbage.

No. 468472

Right, they must not have ever been to any of her channels or they'd know that 99% of her content was judging others. The other 1% just random lies and pity seeking nonsense.

No. 468515

Oh hey Kati! Nice of you to stop by.

No. 468517

Kek. You're joking right? Kati will spend 5 hours on one of her streams just shit talking the same person over and over and over again. Like wut?

No. 468742

>>468152 lol, someone sure is triggered about Kati's rapidly dwindling Patreon support.

No. 468787

i know there's fuck all going on right now but let's not let the joytards hijack this train. who drive dis train? we drive dis train!


No. 468851

I think we can officially say that she's dead.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 469231

That fucked up. You should take that down.

No. 469255

I hope I don't come off as a pissbaby, but can this be taken down? One of her fans can come along and take it as a threat against her.

No. 469256

Done, you're right. We don't want to give anyone the idea that this is what lolcow is for.

No. 469293

You have some issues with common sense and I hope you can figure that out someday

No. 469296

Next threads header?

No. 469300

Yikes. It's disturbing that you can't process how disrespectful this is, on so many levels.

No. 469302

Sorry farmhands, again, can this be deleted? This is ridiculous. Guys, do you want people coming to this thread and sperging about us posing death threats to Joy? Come the fuck on

Thank you

No. 469315

It's not just about the fact that they can say that lol cow is issuing death threats to Kati and cy. It is also that the content of these images is horrendous and is being used as a ' joke'. It's disgusting behaviour all together

No. 469326

Yeah, it's pretty awful, but it's what to expect on the internet. I'm more afraid of some of coming forward and saying that lolcow is endorsing death threats and somebody going to the police or something.

No. 469332


nice concern trolling, asshole.

No. 469401

They ran out of steam and their attempts to discredit people or the site have failed.So now its between attention grabbing and trying to get the site shut down. Cheap bullshit.

No. 469436

Please move on from this subject now, thank you.

No. 470010


Can you be more specific pls?

No. 471553

File: 1516065511349.jpg (825.51 KB, 1080x2704, 20180115_181647.jpg)

So it would appear that this Twitter account just admitted to being Kati herself.

No. 471556

File: 1516065552447.jpg (238.29 KB, 1440x1048, 20180115_180942.jpg)

Second screenshot from Kati's sock account.

No. 471615

You people should stop spreading false rumors. That’s not Kati Sock account.

No. 471620

1. Be a Joy sympathizer and post wrong information to lolcow.
2. Point out the incorrect information, attributing it to the farmers instead of admitting it is deliberate subterfuge by a joytard.
3. ????

The first thread called, wants it's tactics back.

No. 471632

I can’t help it. You’re fucking retarded.. It’s clear, it’s a different person.. You’re tactics are very stupid. It is false information.

Get a god damn brain..(infighting)

No. 471639

It’s hilarious. Y’all are making fools of yourselves. Keep on spreading lies after lies. It’s fucking funny.

The person NEVER said, their Kati..Lmfao!! I’m fucking laughing.

No. 471780

Where is the admin or farmhands? This thread man, people need to be put out to pasture.

No. 471813

File: 1516078113800.png (709.81 KB, 600x878, 4bd.png)

No. 472107

File: 1516088256004.png (43.54 KB, 750x802, IMG_4362.PNG)

Can someone explain why she ALWAYS makes this face? Is it a tick that she has? Like when she knows she's lying her face outs her with this face?

No. 472166


That's the reflex face of a disgusting attention whore has who sniffed their own farts so long that they no longer realize how repugnant they are to the general population.

Let her rot in her leeching off the mentally disabled and medically fragile. I hope she gets genuine and permanently disabling health issues visited on her 10 fold as karmic payback for the vile waste of human flesh that she is. And, may all her sycophant ass lickers be right there and equally disabled next to her.

No. 472177


Kati is dumb as a rock and writes like a used up truck-stop lot-lizard.

The person on that account spells a lot of words correctly and hasn't talked about body fluids hardly at all. So, it can't be the famous sleazy skuzzy Miss Kati. Still and honest mistake since like attracts like and Kati sure does attract people who are just like her.

No. 472292


It was so clearly a plant by an outsider; probably trying to prove that farmers would believe anything someone claims.

So, Kati lurkers - there's your proof; no one here fell for it.

No. 472433

Has anyone else noticed that Phil is on a mission? He keeps telling people to stop talking about Kati but he wont shut up about her or her joytards? I wonder if the Joytards are right in the fact that he is obsessed. This site is about putting the facts out there not feeding his obsession.

No. 472487

No, that is not kati. That is Shannon Trap, aka Devilsdepths, aka the idiot who wants this site shut down, aka The BIGGER fan 101. Her friend Billie is the Biggest.

No. 472574

Hey, Joytards, I know you are desperate for this thread to be revived but please talk about and amongst yourselves in the thread made for the spergleberries. Nobody here actually cares about you.


No. 473104

why do you think it's joytards? no namefagging or anything so what is the point? they've been trying to bury this since thread one.
on the other hand, there's a few committed anons who haven't wanted it to die, so I'd be looking at them.

No. 473476

So, Kati' been quiet for about a month, right? No streams (that I'm aware of, anyway), and no new tweets. That's a new record for her, isn't it?

Part of me wonders if Dominique got fed up with her constant drama BS and simply disconnected internet access at their home - essentially forcing Kati to get the Hell off the internet, like she kept promising she was going to do.

Regardless - the silence on her end is blissful.

No. 473902

I heard through the grapevine that she was streaming earlier today. Dragging Phil. Anyone know?

No. 474165

>>473104 There are a couple of toxic garbage cans left in her community who who are only there for the negative drama that desperately are looking to stir up a turd flinging fight wherever they can. From what I've seen to most anons she is irrelevant at this point and they have moved on.

>>473476 Kati did an all Patron stream a week ago and has a $10 and up stream planned for Saturday (probably will delay it a week because even her 'fans' don't check in with her kek). She hasn't Tweeted since Jan 1st or streamed on YouTube for 3 weeks or YouNow as far as I can tell.

>>473902 6 hours ago on her Spurpinkle Bow channel she subscribed to both The Geekthulu and NichiStateum (Phil's channel) so it wouldn't surprise me if she was in the chat in Phil's stream doing her banshee routine demanding apologies and shit, but I'm pretty sure no one cares. She's a dry cow who just lost another $20 Patron since her all Patron stream last week.

No. 474166

She was on geekthulus stream

No. 474171

Joy on Geekthulu's stream

No. 474172

Not sure if this belongs here but she was on a stream in cuckthulu’s channel. They played a video of Phil’s where he is ranting that the reason trump got in is because we’re castjbg spells incorrectly? Idk but I knew the dude was arrogant and batshit so this was the cherry on top. it goes on for three hours so I was skipping around but apparently there’s going to be a part two stream tomorrow.

No. 474177

Same day. Sorry hit enter too quickly.

Nothing new going on just the usual “I can give a health update and things are getting better”. She claimed that repzion delayed his video because Phil was a source and when repzion realised what a loon he is, he had edit him out of the video. (Iirc rep said he was late to upload because his dad was taken to hospital just before the video should have been released … pretty sure that might cause a delay.)

Other tidbit: She went on and on (again) about how she doesn’t enjoy orgasms and is so shy that she actually hates sex.

Good lawt. Also I can’t believe I forgot how screechy her voice is …

No. 474283

Always preaches she's not racist.. geekthulu calls asians "slanty eyes" and she cackles… around 1:30:31

No. 474300

The girl… or couch monster is crazy. She knows why the video was delayed. She even tweeted Repzion about 'sending well wishes and love' to Rep and his family.

No. 474302

Kek. She is a broken record at this point. She literally just says the same things over and over again. It's neat to see that she can no longer draw a crowd and people finally see her as the mental woman screeching from her living room. I absolutely despise Onision. He is scum and honestly him and Joy are one in the same. But, I just think it's a little funny that her whole mission and goal was to take him down or to at least get him to 'change.' She accomplished none of that and instead ending up taking her own self down. Kek. What would be the cherry I top to all of this would be Onision crawling back into the cave he came from.

No. 474303

I can't stand Geek. Which is a shame because his video and critism on her in the beginning was spot on. I don't know what the heck happened but now he's one of her biggest mashed patato licker. He's like a dog with rabies when it comes to defending Joy. Geek, what the heck dude?

No. 474304


If you always have to say you're not racist, chances are, you're racist.

No. 474307

Rose can be a liar, basedmama can be a cunt, Phil can be crazy. None of these things make you sane or less of an opportunist. lol.

No. 474318

I enjoyed the stream. It was good hearing her laugh at that fucking lunatic Phil.

No. 474319


Sup Geek? I know it's you because only a lunatic would enjoy that witches cackling laugh.

No. 474333

Actually aside from the cackling it was pretty funny. It's about time someone talked about what a freak Phil is. Everyone acts like just because he talks shit about Kati that he's off limits or something. He deserves his own thread all together. The dude is legit crazy.

No. 474336

Kati laughter is scary… ?

No. 474343


The only thing interesting about this is that Kati can only get on with a low brow, doxer with a tiny channel. No one else is willing to touch her scuzzy ass.

Geekthulu is a failed but-inski just like Kati so they're a great match. Kati probably has him thinking that she's going to blow his channel up big-time! I hope he never wises up. It's fun to watch Geek slurping up her shit and doing her bidding.

No. 474504

When you look at all the lunatics like Based Mama, Lizz Reptile, Phil, Chambers and the rest taking advice from those people. Doing everything in their power to ruin a lawyer working for free. Every one of those people have shown themselves for what they are. Dishonest, incompetent fools pretending they know it all.(derailing)

No. 474558


this thread is about kati… no1currrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

No. 474698

Geekthulu calls asians slanty eyes. He is a racist stuttering cuntface.

No. 474709

Joytards be like "We hate lolcow! Why cant haters see that? We dont like to start trouble!"
Then they all go on geekthulu and make fun of Phil.
Dumbass hypocrites.

No. 474816

Phil, the grubby, scamming cunt never paid back hundreds of dollars he borrowed from her. I'm surprised she kept to herself for so long while he talked constant shit.

No. 474883

Joy, go away and take a shower.

No. 474887

Hey Kati! You can throw Phil under the bus all you want but that will never take away from the vile human garbage that you are. Try to deflect all you want but no matter what you have completely tarnished your reputation and that is by your own doing. :)

No. 474949

Aww. Poor Kati and the joytards trying so desperately to stay relevant.

No. 474961

Boo hoo hoo! Why cant everyone give JSBS a chance to get to know her without judging her!Boo hoo hoo!

No. 474991

I feel like they are trying to clear the waters for her return. Let's make Phil look like he's the crazy one and it will completely discredit anything he's said about Cunti! Joy, you're batshit crazy. Like the scary kind of crazy. Nobody is running a hate or smear campaign on you. You can scream that all you want but we all know that your downfall was because of YOU. You have only yourself to blame. If you weren't such a deceiving little witch maybe people wouldn't have started to question who you really are as a person. You can sit here and claim you want to help but the only person you want to help is yourself. You are a terrible person with an awful heart. I think she's doing these livestreams to see which group she can weasle in for her return. I'm a little sad that Tonkasaw welcomed her on his stream because I actually thought he was hilarious but if her being on his stream is something that will continue happening then he pretty much lost a fan. I cannot handle her screechy voice and over beaten topics about 'muh illness' and haters.

No. 475049

You just don't want to look.

No. 475055

I'm sure he'll be devastated by losing you.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 475095


Kati was pegged as a slimy cuntof a con artist long before the money or break up with Phil. She was already a lolcow and Phil even attempted to "help" her on the lolcow threads.

Kati, you really are not smart enough to be a con artist… you should stick to your tarot card reading instead.

No. 475136

Tonka is just a big a cunt as Joy.

No. 475142


Since you're so far up his ass Geek, why don't you tell him I hope he gets over it soon. <3

No. 475304


I think he's trying to be edgy but he comes off as just a stupid cunt allowing her to use him. She keeps claiming that she helped him with some stuff 'behind the scenes' so, who knows, maybe she's managed to get information that she can dox him with. Either way, he still looks like an idiot for buying into her shit just because he's pissed at based mama and the kraut crew. After all, Kati is still standing beside dox-holiday last time she spoke about him.

No. 475491

looks like things aren't going like you'd hoped. lol.

No. 475800

Awww, some JoyTards aRe no fun. Block All you want and keeP your Twitter hidden: You are still a Pathetic two faced cunt. That will never change.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 476109


1 - learn to sage

2 - Unlike Kati, Phil showed receipts proving he paid that money back.

No. 476137


1 - I don't do sage.

2 - I'd like to see him admit that since he has so intention of paying it back. Falling out with someone does not excuse a debt.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 476698


Well, now that Joy is basically dead and gone, what exactly was her "I'm lying" face anyway? I thought this was her "I'm a badass" face or are they one in the same?

Farmers didn't want to point it out before since it would tip her off but i don't think it matters now. Not like she has enough self-control to contain herself regardless and it's the 1 thing I haven't been able to pinpoint in the midst of all her manic movement.

No. 476763

He owed her no more than 3 or 600 bux, I forgot which one but he says it on his video AND no he hadn’t paid her back and said he would rather put it to better use. So you are wrong. Fuck her anyway, she’s the type who most likely pushed it down his throat.

No. 476782

It depends on you point of view. Most people would pay what they owe before their falling out. Phil just thinks because she is disliked on here that he can keep the money and nobody gives a shit.

No. 476815


In the Skype logs, which he showed, she clearly tells him not to pay her back. She gifted him that money and he doesn't owe Miss Piggy anything.

No. 476816


She should just take it out of the money she still owes on her DO5 scam. :-)

No. 476888

Exactly, and in the first place, she gave him that money for herself, not for him. She did it so she could convince herself (and others) that she isn't an evil slag. It's a pat on the back for herself and one of her calculated moves to buy loyalty and so she can always say how she helps people. Plus I think that all happened around the time she started her "random acts of kindness" bullshit.

No. 476930

Ditto! That has been bugging me since it was first brought up. I understand why other anons didn't want to tip her off to the fact that people here knew one of her tells, but yeah, not that she's gone, I don't see any harm in it being pointed out - if it's different from the face in the post you are replying to. This is the last bit of info I'm curious about seeing as the milk has looooong since run dry.

Apologies for spergy issues with identifying facial expressions.

No. 476963


As someone had already pointed out; he provided logged Skype chats showing that she specifically said he didn't have to pay the money back. I.e. - he owes her squat all.

Kati is being a straight up Indian giver by demanding that Phil owes her compensation for something she gave him as a thoughtful gift.

No. 476971

Woah, did Dom make a video about Kati? It's definitely her fashion sense. I guess his pet name for her is Loki? Make sense as Loki was a liar. Seems like it could be pretty frustrating for him being her caretaker.


No. 477002

Ha I totally support this.
Kati is absolutely a couch monster. If only Loki had greasy hair, picked his nose and sniffed his fingers

No. 477562

This is more like Joy, or more for Dom depending on who is more offended by her living on the couch…

No. 477570

She doesn't owe any money from DO5. Rose was lucky to get as much as she got what she did with all the shit she caused with her stupidity. Listening to a bunch of drug and drink addicts who thought they knew more than the laywer.

No. 477574

Chambers was probably the most competent out of them all. Looking at her Twitter and YouTube channel shows she's shit for brains.

No. 477581

I hope Based Mama's accounting for $85k gets as much scrutiny in that genuine fraud case.

No. 477588

>>477570 When Kati finally deleted the Do5 videos featuring the children as Rose requested 6 million channel views disappeared. For her claim that $1,400 was the total amount that she owed that would mean she is claiming to have made 23¢ per thousand views. It would also indicate that from her 13 million total career channel views she made $3,000.

A few weeks after the deletion when she kept running her mouth about how YouTube wasn't worth it she repeated many times that, 'It isn't worth the $20 to $30 dollars I make per video,' and this was in reference to videos that were getting between 10K to 15K views max. This would mean she was receiving $2 dollars per thousand views. That means on 6 million views she would most likely have made $12,000 dollars.

Luckily for Kati 1 million of those views were on her Spurpinkle Bow channel that she still has the analytics for, and since she already promised to show them there should be no issue with her putting this idea to rest at anytime.

No. 477858

File: 1516647860917.jpg (78.68 KB, 1274x2048, IMG_20180122_120251.jpg)

What will Kati do now that Geekthulu is permanently banned from Twitter. LOL.

No. 477967

Oooh, that is glorious. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Although I assume he still has his channel, in which case Kati can still get the tiny wee amount of exposure she got through him. The fuckers deserve each other.

No. 478005

Calm down and learn to proofread and sage before posting. It's nobody's fault here that you guys have to pay for jsbs to be your "friend," so she can talk to you about illnesses she doesn't have, how unfair life is or how toxic YouTube is, ironically where she spends all her time.

No. 478010

I realize I'm very late to the party and am just catching up (thank you guys for helping me cuz I have no idea what's been happening.)

I believe there was a question re: the kumite and how Joy just suddenly appeared. Geek literally asked in stream verbatim, "I was wondering if Joy and her fans could dig up some 'schadanfreude' on chambers so I can…" So I guess that answers that one, but even better he couldn't even spell it right (I'll have to watch again for as.) Do any of them have even just one nanobite of original thought or is it just regurgitated word vomit that isn't true? Wait why did I even bother asking.

Saged for having hope in humanity… but not anymore

No. 478070


Kati is like that creepy aunt that's always bitching about being sick and talking about her 'lady issues' and they're actually paying for the pleasure of listening to the same stuff puked up again and again and again. There's something really sad about the people who are paying for her peep show.

No. 478104

>>478070 Kati is literally that crazy aunt you get left alone in a room with for 5 minutes and then starts telling everyone you tried to sexually molest her.

No. 478995

However, we don’t know the situation with her lifestyle. We only know what exactly we heard from others. Some of it maybe true.

Kati(Joy) may have a serious mental disorder. We don’t know.

No. 479478

Joys patreon is running out of steam and is down to $323; as a $100 donor quits.

No. 479481


I'm sure she's made an account on one of those BBW (big beautiful women) sites for chubby chasers and pulling in the big bucks from there now.

No. 479571

And that retarded fucker cuckthulu keeps making new Twitter accounts to defend Kati and they get permanently banned from Twitter just like his original. LOL

No. 479764

>may have a serious mental disorder
>we don't know

gtfo. we might not know what it is, but it is plain as day that it exists. Kati is female. Kati has brown hair. Kati is seriously mentally ill. All obvious at a glance.

No. 480031


Sorry… being an entitled mooch, happy to live off the hard work of others, isn't a mental illness… it's the product of being a disgusting low life who's accustomed to talking her way out of the shit she creates. She's not mentally ill, she's just your average wallet leach who's now aging out of the prime market and has to chase "muh illness" bucks now instead. Won't be long till she's a serial "cancer victim" online for the bucks and LOLs.

No. 480043

Joy did another stream tonight. I'm glad to see back on YT. Even if it's just guesting. Ridiculing that tramp Phil was funny.

No. 480070

It's interesting that even though she is so terrified of online threats that she quit YouTube, she still is participating in live streams on YouTube.

No. 480103

Which channel?

No. 480105

I haven't watched the streams and probably never will because kati is the one with the thread on this here board, not Phil but I've seen bits of them.

I think it's funny how she gets other people to criticize Phil for things she, herself, would be crucified for if she brought them up. For example, his living arrangements (something about a room on Craigslist or something). She COULD bring it up but she would look pretty damn stupid considering she's sponging off Dom. These people, who do her bidding thinking they are helping without realizing WHY (and that they are being used, just like Dom) are the very definition of useful idiot.

No. 480132


Geekthulu's channel. I think he will do a couple more on Phil.

No. 480140

>>479478 Wow, she lost another $100 Patron, now she's down to just 1. She lost another $20 Patron this week too.

No. 480144

Being a guest here or there once in a while does't mean she's back on Youtube.

No. 480211

I didn't say she was back. I said she was participating in live streams. Which I wouldn't be doing if I were afraid for my or my family's safety.

My point is that she is clearly lying about how scared she is from all the hate and death threats.

No. 480237

Just because she's scared of online death threats doesn't mean she has to put her whole life on hold. She loved doing YT and streams but forced to stop because of the lunatic fringe on both YT and here. Some people need a good look at themselves in the mirror as they delight in destroying her at every opportunity.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 480263

I didn't say she had to put her life on hold because of online threats. I said it was strange that she deleted her channel out of fear but she has still streamed on one of her other channels (twice)and regularly visits other YouTubers streams. That is extremely inconsistent with her story of why she left.

No. 480284

She has always said her health goes good and bad all the time. Guesting on a stream doesn't put as many demands on a person doing it solo.

No. 480303

I am not talking about her health problems. I am talking about her claim that she deleted her channel out of fear.
Nice moving of the goalposts btw. Smh

No. 480336

Not only is she continuing to to the very thing that she made her so a-scareded, she ONLY comes back (not literally, mentally challenged kati stan anon who can't read which is, unfortunately, par for the course for Kati fans) to deliberately stir shit. With Rose, with basedmama and now with Phil. That's pretty much the opposite of what one might do if they were so a-scareded.

No. 480341

She's playing the damsel in distress, exaggerating the distress, and you all are being used as white knights. Dopes. lol.

No. 480359


There's also the possibility that, being a guest on someone else's stream, people will be less likely to leave criticism/hate comments because they don't want to offend the channel owner.

I.e. - Kati is using her hosts as personal meat shields.

No. 480388

I've never once spoken to Joy. But I see so many lies and exaggerations retold so many times that they become true.

The family members on here posting shit to a bunch of children on this site. If any of my family publicly humiliated me like that I'd disown them without a second thought.

No. 480390


Nice bait.

No. 480452

Wow dude really? I realize joytards can’t think for themselves but could you be any more glass?

Her family only came on here to clear their names after nearly a year of being publicly maligned by Kati with her fake abuse and trailer trash stories etc., so what were they supposed to do? Continue to just sit back and let Kati lie about them- sorry strike that: lying and conning are the only things Kati knows.

And to the anon who posited Kati is more comfortable streaming on others’ streams since she can use the hosts as “meat shields,” you’re spot on. Tip of the hat, tip of the hat.

No. 480473


If you never once spoke to Kati (meaning, you don't have a clue who she is - even in passing); how do you know lies and exaggerations have been made about her?

No. 480476

I followed most of her streams and videos.

>>480452 She told stories as Joy not Kati. It had fuck all to do with her family. I am not a sheep and never have been.

No. 480485

The family bitched about her not having a job. She finally got something she could do. Along comes the family to help destroy her income.

The family members posting here at one point are obviously scum.

No. 480498


But what makes Joy the honest party and her family the liars? Why is her word valid, but there's isn't?

Also, sage your posts (put sage in the email field).

No. 480501

"As Joy, not Kati" Denise please go away. You Joytards just keep rehashing the same old nonsensical talking points and it's tiresome.

In other news, Tonka and Vamp are apparently team Kati now. They "spoke to her and realized she's actually really nice and not so bad" lol and Konstigo made an apology video. I guess these people have already forgotten what she did to Rose and how every word out of her mouth is a lie. What the hell does she do to people once they slip in the dms? It's like they've stepped into a brainwashing machine and come out cucked on the other side.

No. 480504

File: 1516836672760.jpg (1.09 MB, 1434x1421, Screenshot_20180124-162806.jpg)

I present to you Geekthulu, and before anyone claims doxxing this picture and many others are on his public Instagram.

No. 480508


1) sage your posts

2)who really cares what he looks like?

3) wrong forum - this belongs in the spergleberry thread

No. 480517

Who really cares who talks to her or supports her. Seems phil is the one who has been outed as the disgusting person he is for dating a 15 year old when he was 21 and the fact that there are even anons posting on here right now deflecting that information is disgusting.

Sorry phil, but youre a piece of shit too just like your friend for ten years, you’re both mental and disgusting people.

No. 480522


He looks like Keith Coogan. lol

No. 480532

People are finally coming to their senses.

No. 480537


You don't think all these unsaged posts aren't Kati trying to keep her own damn thread alive so she can feel relevant?

No. 480541


No, I don't. It's someone trolling and too many other someone's taking the bait. lol.

No. 480542

Rose got plenty of money from Joy. Rose is easily manipulated. She chose to listen to a couple of old drunks and drug abusers (Lizz Reptile and Based Mama and a retard (Chambers). With them offering advise to the likes of Rose it's no wonder the whole situation is a mess.
Also I see Poppy her dad has money to spend suing Kati but fuck all to support his own family. Just take advantage of all them stupid fuckers donating.(ban evasion)

No. 480619

>>480501 No, they just see the view count boost facilitating the delusional drama of an insane screeching REEEEEtard gets them. Some like Konstigo and Cuckthulu it's the only time anyone paid any attention to their content at all; then you have people like Chambers who keep buzzing around the asshole of Kati's carcass, she had an exclusive live interview with Rose and still struggled to break 3K views because she's fucking unbearable.

No. 480626


It's hard for me to listen to Chambers because she sounds like an air traffic controler and I keep expecting to start hearing tarmac instructions start at any minute.

No. 480628

Wow. The Joytards have come in full force with Geek as the ring leader. Clearly he's trying to get some of Joy mashed taters which is gross. Waiting for the day Joy throws you right under the bus Geek. I won't even feel sorry for you because you knew exactly who she was and decided to ignore it. So it'll be a glorious day when she no longer has a use for you and you're done to her. It'll happen. As for Joy, she's trying to weasle her way back into YouTube but she doesn't want to come back on without a group of youtubers backing her. If she can get in with Tonka and his crew then she thinks she will be golden. She's losing money and losing ass pats.
I'm grateful for her family. They came in here poised and respectful. They have every right to come in here and defend themselves after the disgusting and slanderous comments she's made about them.

No. 480640


YUP, the ultimate parasite. Now she's using cuckedtutu to worm her way into Tonka Saw and he's going for it big time. Going to be funny to watch her crash and burn them the way she's done to everyone else that she's managed to leach into.

No. 480644

KEK! It all makes sense in why he's so hung up on Kati now. They are both on the same level.

No. 480797

She annoys me too. She's gullible as fuck and a total bore. She involves herself in practically every drama situation

No. 480828

Phil is threatening suicide on Twitter.they want his address so they can do a welfare check. Does anybody on here have information for Philip?he's having a bad day. Can anybody help? I don't tweet.

No. 480843


This is handled and no longer needed. It's been handled for a while now.

No. 480845

It seems he likes to dish it out but can't take it. Loser!

No. 480847


> It seems he likes to dish it out but can't take it. Loser!

Ladies and gentleman… the high ground. lol

No. 480851

Just attention whoring because he's getting a bit of attention he doesn't like.

No. 480854

I find people who pull these suicide stunts talk too much. Most people who commit suicide just get the job done without needing to make a song and dance about it.(derailing)

No. 480856

they're wrong. let them be wrong. don't take the bait.

No. 480858

Who cares. Phil caused this drama on himself..


No. 480863


How was it handled? I don't know his twitter @

No. 480878

go fuck yourself Jeremy

No. 480900

@ NichiStateum twitter

No. 480931


That's his YouTube account. His Twitter is "ThatPhillipSGuy". Although surely this is spergleberry discussion, if anything.

No. 480962

Geek and Tonka are using joy as much as she is using them so they are perfect for each other. They know she will bring traffic from haters and fans alike. Sheep like Drunk Deb and Denise drop money in his chat so he is willing to get some hate to get that coin and traffic. I skipped to after 25 mins in his stream since stream intros are always boring, and right away hear geek talk about waking up to over 500 messages, I'm guessing over drama w/ Phil, but still relevant to joy, as if he wasn't whitecucking for her, he would not be involved in that big ol mess. Haters make him feel like a cool badass so he will surely suck Joy's ass for the rest of time since the rest of time.

Everyone is responsible for their own actions but it's interesting that theres so much real bad shit going on(and has gone on) and joy is always the center of it. I've never seen so much crazy shit that far exceeds typical yt drama.

No. 481535

She's so afraid yet won't stay the fuck away or even do ANYTHING about that 'scurrry harassment and mass stalking.' If it was that bad she'd legit keep a low profile online and or get the police involved but she's done neither. Waiting for the day Tonka and crew dump her. She will really lose it then. Also, I wouldn't doubt some of these posts that are derailing are Joy and definetly some are some Cuckthulu. I also gagged at the thought of him sucking her ass because with her hygiene I cannot imagine how awful that would be and I know without a doubt he'd do it. Kek.

No. 481767


Tonka Saw won't dump her. She gens up super chats from people wanting to be heard. She brings in hate watchers. She's a loud mouthed, loathsome bitch… exactly what he wants his show to be full of. Tonka Saw don't care that he's the ONLY one willing to give her a platform to continue to take advantage of medically and mentally fragile people the way she had. Oh, no, fuck dat! She be bringin' da crowd to da ring!

No. 481772


So did she get banned from Twitter? If she set her account to private would it say it doesn't exist? Or did she delete her Twitter?

No. 481775

Most likely she temporarily deleted her Twitter due to backlash from the Phil incident.

No. 481783


It's set to private (as in SHE took it off line) because that would be how a weasel works. If she'd been suspended, there would be a screen like cuckthulhu's screen that just says "Account suspended"

No. 481840

So… another person is screaming suicide after JSBS & Co decided to go after them for a while.. And they've chased a couple more off the internet all together or gotten mobs to "bully" sick people until the person wrote out long letters begging to be left alone, with the exception of Chambers whom didn't care that Joy was screaming "delete your channel"… got a couple teens/YA laying low after hurricane joy came thro their lives..

But somehow these people think they're heros. Lol it's just so baffling that a bunch of 30+ year olds have nothing better to do tham try to actually ruin people.

No. 481891


All one can do is pray these 'heroes' don't start breeding.

No. 481943

Kati is too narcissistic to have a child. It would take the attention off of her.

No. 482253

File: 1517011013519.jpg (121.87 KB, 767x994, DQtbMMXVAAACavB.jpg)

i'm just going to leave this here so it's saved. idk if it was in another thread and i'm just not ambitious enough to try and find it.

No. 482298

Not that it would do any good. But her deleting/deactivating her Twitter could be reported to patreon since she can't fulfil some of her obligations now.

No. 482305


that's not why i posted it but thx

No. 482331

File: 1517018613579.jpg (463.11 KB, 1439x1980, Screenshot_20180126-190105.jpg)

Not worth it. She lost a $50 patreon. At this rate her only revenue stream will be dried up by April. LOL

No. 482543

File: 1517048349947.png (84.51 KB, 790x324, rvk7uUR.png)


I love that this cow ghosted on her crew of joytards as soon as the shit hit the fan.

Does she even once say "Hey guys, this is serious, lay off Phil" … nope. Fuck that, I bet she's telling them that Phil is just hiding offline to make her look bad. Admit it Joytards, that's what she told you and you believe it.

Kati, they are YOUR CREW that are continuing to libel a person on YOUR BEHALF. It is YOUR CREW of Joytards that are acting like a pack of hyenas for the last two months, and ten times worse now that they smell blood.

If Tonka Saw or any Youtuber ever has your disgusting ass there show again, then they are every bit as disgusting as you are. You and your whole crew of joytards are just vile people.

Thank God at least SOME of the Joytards set their twitter accounts private so no one on the rest of the Internet has to see their filth.
Now, if the rest of you Joytards could take a hint from them and set your accounts to protected… or better yet… ghost out like your slimey precious Kati… that would do the entire world a HUGE favor.

No. 482562

So TL;DR the drama; Kati & Friends bully a guy until he's suicidal? Then Kati ghosts her shit and all her most vicious jackals keep attacking again demonstrating that her and her acolytes are the most toxic idiotic pieces of shit on the internet, and people decide to stop giving her money to support this behavior? Does that pretty much summarize the last month for her?

No. 482568


Well… you know what Kati says… if you don't have anything to hide… but, then again, she now has cuckedthulhu and tanked saw carrying her water while da wamenz (term used lightly) of her cult hide in their cloaked cloister telling the menz what to say. Not sure if it's sad or hysterical to see tanked saw hitch his wagon to that fetid tub of lard.

No. 482593


How long before she starts charging people to guest her on their streams - if she hasn't been doing so, already?

No. 482609


I'm sure tanked saw is paying her, she brings in the joytard wallets for his superchats. Bet her joytards pay far more than cuckthulhu's 9 followers. (Cuckthulhu, boy, you are not funny and you're not very bright. I don't care how far up Kati's ass you get… you still ain't going to be able to quit that cable job and live off of youtube.)

No. 482794

Do you think she deleted her Twitter because it's tax season and her W2's from YouTube, YouNow and patreon are rolling in, and she's hoping if she just disappears she won't have to pay taxes?

No. 482824


??? Ummm… "Roommate" is obviously going to pay her taxes for her… you think having that scuzzy skank ass on his couch comes for free? Oh, hell no!

No. 482918

>>480504 Geek says on his recent livestream on YouTube this picture is not him.

No. 482980

File: 1517088463460.jpg (451.48 KB, 1439x1454, 1516898009379.jpg)

It's not. Easy mistake to make. This is his picture.

No. 482998

File: 1517088906777.png (331.81 KB, 843x756, 7Uovzql.png)


And, here's the live action toy that was made from our Navy squid (cuckthulhu)… no wonder he was able to worm his way into Kati's inner circle.

No. 484942

File: 1517207732871.png (514.24 KB, 941x654, PLk4iL5.png)

April 6, 2017 Kati streamed on YouNow under JoySparkleBS to hold a Tarot Card fund raiser. Mercedes Dupont read the Tarot Cards and Kati praised her ability to give accurate readings. A 15yo boy asked a question and became upset at the reading and it was feared that he would kill himself. Mercedes left the stream temporarily because it upset her and she needed to get herself back together and Kati hosted the boy. During the @ 45 min conversation, he was clearly upset saying things like "I'm shaking so bad" and he said he'd already been treated by several professionals for mental health.

Through the course of the conversation, Kati never once said "Tarot Cards are just for entertainment and they mean nothing"…. Instead she said that the reading meant that he just needed to let stuff go. She talked to him about how she'd been suicidal as a teen and even as an adult. But, at no time did she ever even hint that Tarot Cards are only entertainment.

After the boy left the guesting, Mercedes guested back in and they did a couple more readings.

After the readings, Kati guested other people in the guest queue.

The images are from that stream to show the postings of the boy before Mercedes left to allow him to be guested in.


No. 484945

File: 1517207784638.png (462.01 KB, 930x644, I7kHt6w.png)

Look at the user Gamerset09


No. 484946

File: 1517207815747.png (471.7 KB, 932x647, qKL2wd6.png)


No. 484947

File: 1517207850023.png (508.31 KB, 936x642, r6qFMIy.png)


No. 484963

OH MY GODDDD!!! How horrible of her!!! She spoke to a 15 year old suicidal person on a stream and had someone do a tarot card reading for them?? WOW she should be in jail! That's so much worse than being a pedo like Phil!!

Speaking of Phil… look how he talks to a 12 year old about suicide! His name is Azarel: http://archive.is/5yCd7(derailing)

No. 485041

#1 If you actually read the ENTIRE thread carefully, this Azarel person is calling out a plot by other members to get him kicked, knowing a "cry for attention" post would get under his skin. #2 Yes, this person could easily be posting to get attention and "Phil" (We don't know for a fact it's him yet) is calling them uot. If that's fucked up, then you have to admit saying that "Phil was just looking for attention!" is fucked up too. Either it's okay to call out people for thinknig their suicidal, in which case Phil gets complete slack for it, or B: Joy is super fucked up for saying it was just for attention. Pick one Joytard.

No. 485045

>>484963 Wow! Look at that! He comes in and does the exact same thing I've seen every moderator everywhere say, which is to say "this isn't the appropriate place to discuss suicide, nor is it ever cool to casually post about it, and if you are serious you need to get IRL help and not post your cry for help on a random internet forum.'

You realize the kids own posts clearly demonstrated he wasn't serious, is a huge asshole just out to troll people, and the entire post was a huge b8 for attention that he shut up about after getting called out about it. . .much like I'm guessing you will do.

I r8 your b8 Joy Sparkle/Cunt which is to say MEDIOCRE.

b8 harder you pathetic fucking loser. You're posting in the wrong thread, no one gives a shit. This is the thread to post about Phil >>>/snow/336585 and maybe consider cutting back on the paint huffing.

No. 485096


You do realize, theoretically, both Kati and Phil can be pieces of shit in their own right, right?

Another simpleton binary thinker. Read a fucking book.

No. 485130


Iirc, and I could be wrong and be getting streams mixed up, but they let the dude guest so she could talk to him more and he was doing that thing where you don't want solutions, you just want to complain. It really bummed the stream out and frankly it was annoying. It wasn't the time or place and I couldn't tell if he was trolling or not since it was all very bizzare. Who hijacks a stream to have a breakdown? I hate to say it since I never thought I'd defend this cunt but Joy was actually trying to console the dude but it was like walking on eggshells because he would start yelling at her when she'd try to say something helpful. I remember him saying stuff about having tried to get help before and how it didn't work. This was before her final transformation into the megacunt we know today so it may have just been for show but she did take the time to try and help the dude.

This was brought up in a previous thread, I remember talking about how this Mercedes chick doesn't even know wtf she's doing. Even if you think tarot is all a bunch of bullshit, idc that's your opinion and that's fine, but regardless there is still a method to it and she didn't know what it was so she was giving off misinterpreted readings. That's kind of the only milk here, that Joy allowed an amateur to read people (through a computer, somehow), they gave false info and it upset someone. At best, the most that can be said is it was slightly irresponsible considering her audience of retards and 15 year olds.

No. 485156

I just think that this is being read into too much. This is the kind of shit that gives our friend Denise the kind of ammo she needs to say that lolcow will take anything and put a spin on it to make her look bad.

The only thing you've got here is that she didn't handle it the way you would have. In reality, you don't need to have a PHD in psych in order to lend your ear to someone. Just because you denounce tarot doesn't mean she is obligated to do so too. If she just gave him a suicide hotline then went back to streaming without trying to keep tabs on him, we'd be here screaming that that's proof of how heartless she is.

I'd drop this one. I don't disagree that she's a virtue signaling waste of human life, but an argument can easily be made that she was just doing the best with what she could at the time. Besides, it's stale milk from like 10 months ago.

No. 485157


Joy is not a trained psychiatrist and had no business trying to eases a potentially suicidal teen. Inviting him into the stream to try and talk him down was a pure form of exploitation on her part.

One of the best ways Joy could have helped in that situation was to reassure the boy that tarot readings (or any form of psychic reading, for that matter) should be taken with a grain of salt - as they are very rarely accurate, if at all. And supply the number for the suicidal hotline, for good measure.

Instead, she held firm on the belief that Mercedes' reading were incredibly accurate and brought him into the stream as a means to make herself look more pious in the eyes of her drooling sychophants by showing how much she 'cared' for the kid's well being - even if she had to be his verbal punching bag to do it.

No. 485165


Fuck Denise and her interpretations. She's shown she's just as mental as the other Joytards and will spin whatever we say to fit her BS narratve. If they can't be bothered to ask for the context; that's on them, not us.

Regardless of the reasons Joy did what she did, you do not bring a suicidal person into a live stream to talk about their feelings - making that person a spectacle for your audience, just so you can look good/feel good about yourself.

Actually caring would be to give them the suicidal hotline; or, if she insisted on talking to him, she could have asked him to DM her so they could talk privately - sparing the kid any embarrassment. Instead, she invited him to have a breakdown on livestream for her fans to watch in real time? Fuck that self important cunt!

No. 485192


If Kati received any YouNow bars during that stream, Oklahoma law makes it a misdemeanor to either pretend or profess to tell fortunes for a charge or to receive any gift or donation. The maximum punishment for fortune telling is six months in jail and a $500 fine. http://m.newsok.com/okc-psychic-sentenced-in-rare-fortune-telling-case/article/5568555

Be a real shame if someone turned her in.

No. 485222


Unless you're willing to report her yourself; don't post shit like this in the hopes that someone else will.

No. 485228


Um… the kid went suicidal because of the reading, not the other way around. And couch monster never once thought to say "Hey, Tarot is just entertainment and doesn't mean anything" Kati even sold how accurate Mercede's readings were AFTER that point saying that everyone should fan her and get readings for $10 each.

IF there were nothing wrong with what happened there, they why is it that those two YouNow moments from Mercedes' account just happen to be deleted but not others? Kind of fishy that you'd delete your self as a professional doing a charity fund raiser, isn't it?

No. 485340

File: 1517248772916.jpeg (443.46 KB, 1242x2080, 6A4823BA-C374-4D2A-B1CB-AC52B0…)

It is Phil, just to clear that up(derailing)

No. 485347


Wrong thread. take it to stampeding spergleberries.

No. 489015

Kati own words she says people doxxed her and now people knows Kati address where she live. With new technology these day, once you put out your picture on the Internet for everyone to see they will find out who you are.

People who knew Kati from school, work and of course her family says Kati is a shady person full of lies.

No. 489166

File: 1517482454078.png (104.95 KB, 1265x494, ZJlchtR.png)


when she posted and monetized the video about the death of two children that were distantly related t her, she doxed herself to 40 people in a private chat/hangout to justify why she was monetizing videos on the death of children. that was 40 people who she told her real name, her address, and her family's addresses.

AND…oh, yeah… she never showed how much money those videos made or proved that she'd donated even a single cent to the gofundme for the funeral of those kids.

If you look back on the threads, the family members said that Kati had never even met those kids. And, even her own video (the second one) made it clear that that family had not asked her (or even contacted her) and she was inserting herself into the situation.

That was the first time she was willing to climb up on someone else's REAL LIFE pain for those views, subscribers, and drama bucks.

So… once she's self doxed to 40 people… do you really think all 40 of those people are still close with her an she hasn't thrown any of them under the bus along the way?

No. 489178

File: 1517484556102.png (111 KB, 975x845, bRvz6c1.png)


From the very first thread and why she self-doxed.

The first thread: >>>/snow/246848

No. 489215

File: 1517492796559.png (28.45 KB, 307x474, K1w0Z5m.png)

At least some of them are no longer willing to pay her to do nothing at all, not even to ask her Hentai Butt Plug Cuckthulhu to back off.

Kati, you are truly the scum that we all knew you were a year ago. Thanks for proving us right!

No. 489290

File: 1517500191915.jpg (146.25 KB, 1430x1372, IMG_20180201_084702.jpg)

A break from what? Sitting on her fat lazy ass with a feed bag of chips strapped to her face.

No. 489341

File: 1517502795569.jpg (440.32 KB, 1439x1816, Screenshot_20180201-093028.jpg)

LOL. They just keep dropping. She's going to have to switch from dominos to digiorno at this rate.

No. 489371


Nah… I don't buy tards wising up en-mass… she's switching them all over to direct paypal payments. Her herd of retards are 100% USDA retarded. They're just paying her to be their friend through another means.

No. 490782

Kek! Wonder what she's doing now - now that she literally has no social media presence. I can't imagine Dom will stick around her long enough if she continues to squat on his couch.

No. 490887

File: 1517608404644.png (597.95 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180202-155217.png)

Cuckthulu is live on his secondary channel right now after announcing on Tonka's show he was going to "rip apart someone on lolcow" - Rogue Nox according to the stream title - whose stream he downloaded before it was deleted. Cuck's lisping through the entire thing "debunking" it with the usual suspects cheering it on in the chat. Interesting that not only is he on Anti-Kati Watch 24/7 but also jumps higher than her poor pupper ever could when summoned by not so little miss mashed 'taters.

No. 490897

>>490782 Kati still streams privately on her Patreon. Kati will never leave social media she lurking around quietly like a snake she is.

And I wonder Kati allow her boyfriend Dom invite his friends to the house?

No. 491005

Oh god. I hope if his friends are allowed at the house they at least tidy it up and she showers. I can't imagine how bad they place must smell with her mess and… well.. her.

No. 491240

https://m.twitch.tv/americannightmare76 link to livestream for American Nightmare's (moralvirus) Twitch, live with Billie, Cuckthulu, and Taters herself talking about Rose and that video…again. She's doubling down that it was justified while Billie yammers on about why she's an unfit mother. I wish I could say I was kidding.

No. 491345

She's trying to pass off never showing the analytics as "That's in the past, it shouldn't matter anymore"

Cringe AF.

No. 491346


Kati is totally losing her mind. So much screeching.

No. 491382


No. 491390

The stream was basically Kati screeching in a corner to deflect any points brought up while all the usual ass kissers from Twitter rallied around and spoke for her. Eventually Tonka and friends came in triggered as fuck. All Tonka did was make turkey noises and hurl insults at the top of his voice while repeating that Rose is a fat retard.

They all made such asses of themselves.

No. 491513

When Kati minions says Kati can't show her YouTube analytics main channel because Kati deleted her main channel.

Then Kati says she show her analytics to Geek and Tonkasaw recently. Huh… I don't get it. 😕


No. 491726


Wasn't Tonka defending Rose after Kati blackmailed her into making that apology video.

WTF happened that he's suddenly coming to Kati's defense?

No. 493966

And yet again right now on the Kumite they're playing the audio from Saturday's Twitch stream and kissing Kati's ass again. Cognitive Thought is clutching his pearls about her real name being used by moralvirus who "leads a group of stalkers that follow her around around everywhere just to cause trouble." Says that Kati kicked moralvirus' ass because he couldn't produce evidence (when 8+ on one were dog piling him). The entire Tonka group has been brainwashed/fallen in love with Taters.

No. 494025

Considering how sudden the change of heart was; I seriously wonder if it isn't all an act on Tonka's side - pretending to be her new best buddy in an attempt to get some damning evidence out of her without her knowing.

But then, hard to tell with some Youtubers - as some will do anything for views.

No. 494741

>>494025 I assume he just sees it as good for business having an autistically screeching venomous shit-stirrer that's already been laughed off YouTube in 9 months in his backpocket.

Seems like a natural choice for someone who's business model is to present internet drama for laughs. She's has the emotional maturity of a toddler, strings foul language together to impress people, will throw anyone under the bus, backstabs her own family, consistently say the dumbest shit anyones ever heard, and gets baited easier than a cocaine addicted rat. She's just bread and circuses for the peasants.

No. 494992

It's embarrassing how serious Tonka takes himself and his little show that nobody watches. He acts like he's some tough guy not to be messed with but at best all he can do is scream over everyone and repeat what someone has said in a mocking voice, much like a child would do. I just had a look at his channel, these videos are all 3 to 5 hours long or more of a bunch of nobody youtubers fighting over petty middle school drama. "Respect the kumite" lmfao good grief, that ego. I took a look at the views and unless he puts someone like Andy Warski in the title, the video only gets around 11-14k views. Shit, even with Warski it only gets about 20k. The one with Joy only has 3.6k views. I'm sure the numbers while the stream is live matter a lot more, as I'm sure I've heard him say Joy's was the one with the most live views but he also claims all that stuff doesn't matter anyway, this is fun to him and "fighting it out on kumite" is the most serious of buisness.

I can't explain the cringe I feel when these people act like their little shitfest is an actual wrestling show. Imagine acting like hot shit because you host a daily show where grown people squabble like children for up to 8 hours.

Anyway, yes, it would make sense that he's just using Joy for views but he also goes out of his way to arrogantly defend her on twitter and twitch too and I think he takes it all way too seriously for it to just be an act.

No. 495015

>a daily show where grown people squabble like children for up to 8 hours.

It's the perfect medium for a bullshitter like JSBS. "Find the evidence," she huffs. Like the old adage: Where does a wise man hide a leaf? In the forest. Bless you anons who wade through these things… I've done a bit over the last dozen threads, but after a while your ears just start bleeding.

No. 495119


I hope she never demanded evidence in a Kumite stream; because - according to Geek - such things as proof/evidence aren't require to support ones argument in these particular online debates.

No. 495357

Tonkasaw needs his own thread. He's a mega-lolcow leading lolcow live tv and now decided he's going for 100k subscribers.

He is 100% joytard material and not even remotely sophisticated enough to be playing along as a 'business decision' of any sort. If he hadn't gone on that twitch.tv stream to ape chimp noises like some 2yo in defense of Kati, he wouldn't belong in this thread at all and should be in the joytard thread instead.

The only thing interesting is Kati has wrangled in two new idiots (since Failure is stapled to Tonkas asshole) to her joytard herd. They'll bring their tribe of ass lickers just like germy brought his. Eventually, the entire group is going to make Tumblr look like a mensa club by comparison.

No. 495675

Kati and her herds they all talk and screaming at Moral Virus but none of them show any evidence. Kati says she have all the evidence but Kati never show it to the public. Kati only show the evidence to her herds.

Moral Virus have no problem show his YouTube analytics publicly for everyone to see on Twitch stream unlike Kati she making so many excuses when comes to show her YouTube analytics publicly on her main channel before Kati private her JSBS channel.

On Twitch stream Kati said what is her crime. Kati your crime is that you're a liar and you have anger issues.

Kati lie so much like the car dealership meltdown Kati said "I'm not driving you guys I don't do this driving thing" but clearly Kati in the driver seat.

Kati lie about her "roommate" the whole time Dominique is Kati boyfriend.

Kati said on her twitter she gave gifts to her fans but Kati never did, when Kati fan asked her for a Xmas gift, Kati turn down her fan request but Kati happy to buy Keemstar a gift.

Kati humiliate Shrubtime (Alex) publicly.

Kati rants yelled at Chamber of the Heart and records private conversation without Chamber knowledge.

Kati constantly talk about her mysterious illnesses for years but never show any evidence.

People tweeted at Kati asked for their money back but Kati blocked them and now Kati run and hide with the money… and there's so many more of Kati lying and acting to fool people for money.

No. 495737

Rose got her fucking money. END OF STORY!

No. 495806

>>495737 If Kati wants the story to end all she has to do is show the analytics from the 6 million channel views from the Do5 videos with the kids in them to prove she was making a CPM of $0.23 like she promised she would. Sending Joytards to autistically screech on lolcow will not push the narrative at all, it never has.

We have new minions saying recently that she showed them the analytics so it appears it was a lie she doesn't have them. If she doesn't though she still has the analytics for the 18% of those views that were on Spurpinkle Bow. Just show those analytics like she already promised she would and it's over.

It's not like using someone's abused children for views and then not giving them thousands of dollars you promised you would give them would make her look any worse at this point lol

No. 495810

Rose got her fucking money. END OF STORY!

No. 495815


Face it, Kati was more than happy to make her channel and her money on the backs of those abused kids. She's never going to show the analytics because she pocketed the money. She was paid out monthly, if she had even a remote intention of sticking to her word or the promise she made in May, there would have been reports in June, July, August, September, and October. Instead, she probably spent the money of delivered pizza. Good on her, but then she has to admit she was just fine with profiting from the abuse of those kids.

No. 495823


And, Kati is fine profiting from child abuse. END OF STORY!

No. 495932

Current Joytard meeting featuring the Queen herself. Chambers the slug has joined too.

No. 496592


TL/DR: Another two hours of Kati getting everyone into a pissing match about Rose instead of asking Kati about her lack of transparency. This whole group is so gullible. Screw Rose. Kati could have donated the money to a child abuse charity… instead, for all we can tell, she pocketed it and spent it on herself. Kati was happy to build her channel on that situation and happy to pocket at least some of the money from it and has her joytard band well trained to distract from that and get everyone into yet another pissing match about Rose.

No. 496623

>>495932 So did Kati join the stream from that channel she remade that has 112 subs or from her old channel? Pretty funny she's talking about how she deleted her old channel when she joined the stream with that channel name.

Just pushing the goal posts. It's gone from Kati's Patreon helping her figure out the total she owes Rose is $1,400 and she still needs to send her $200 but er 'card keeps not working', because she was purposefully entering the last 2 digits wrong to now Kati claiming to have given Rose $1,700. And Kati's talking about everyone elses story never being consistent lol

No. 496706

Talk about a persecution complex. Joy: "I've lost my channel, my income and my good name…"
Timestamp is 45:42 for when she talks about how everyone hates her for no reason. She has no criminal record and she's "a decent fucking citizen."
She's completely delusional.
Oh and she does plan on releasing more evidence to support her story in the future. She is a complete drama whore.

No. 496731

That whole stream is quite insufferable.

I got tired of waiting for someone to make a point and skipped ahead to around 40 min mark, just in time to hear Ms delusional herself mention people thinking she had a lot of pull but in reality she only did a little bit of help, which is a far stretch from what she previously said about herself as a hero in the do5 case. But it's nice to hear the truth from for a change, even if only as a result of her evidence reel saving the day being debunked.

Had to skip again and heard them discuss chaos in the chat and blocking people, comparing it to the great amount of hate poor joy got in her streams, followed by her chiming in to say "I'm so glad to be away, it was nonstop and was too much,"….um she is literally on a stream saying this and has been streaming quite a bit so obviously, she isn't away. Hiding her channel til people forget about analytics is not being away.

That was about all I could tolerate before I saw a name of another lady on the stream that may be the pervert glitter molester so I peaced out rather 5hwn give that pig a view. If by chance it wasn't her, it was likely more of the same from joy anyway

No. 498388

Looks like Kati is in Damage Control. Kati "deleted" her main channel because Kati do not want people to see her analytics profiting from child abused using Rose kids. Remember on Cy livestream Kati said she doing YouTube specifically for the Money.

I'm sure Kati desperately wanted to be on YouTube again involves in other people business create the same drama over and over again. That's why Kati
Kiss Ass with Geek, Tonka, VampKandy etc. So these people can promote Kati return on YouTube.

Kati only show up on livestream when Kati minions was there to defend Kati. Kati easily manipulate her weak-minded minions with Kati's lies.

I'm glad people exposed Kati for who she real is. To let people know that this 34 years old woman is a Liar, a Con Artist and a Faker, scam people for Money.

No. 499692

File: 1518269493824.png (28.35 KB, 315x471, kt7LIpD.png)

Kati must have juiced those joytards hard in her last patreon stream (same # bigger bucks)… You squeeze those $ out of dem tards there Kati… now that your "good name" (OMG, ROFL!) has been ruined their Lady of the Couch is relying on them for her delivered pizza funds. Only they can keep the tumors at bay because her boyfriend is too cheap to pay for that life saving Hurbal technology.

I can't wait till she talks TankedSaw into paying her to come on his show and have slap fights with more people… only problem is, no one gives enough of a shit to have a slap fight with her now that Chambers has done her apology and penance streams.

Look for Kati to start trying to pick fights with new people in hopes of getting onto Da Lolcow Live TV (Kumite) again. Maybe she'll make an emotional connection with Zeph and draw Lizz Reptile into a cat fight… that would be eardrum rape squared.

No. 499967

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARmaE-qpwVM&sns=tw via @youtube <~Blooddance Darkmoon on Joy’s livestream.

No. 500030

>>499692 If you go add up the pledges on her side-bar it's $441. The front page fluctuates now because the total doesn't process all at once now. Pledges are processed on whatever day of the month you initially pledged on now. She didn't gain any Patrons since I last checked, it looks like she may have lost a few $2 & $3 Patrons. No one has upped their pledge, all the tiers from $10 and up are exactly the same as I last checked.

No. 500809

File: 1518386182989.jpg (881.01 KB, 1439x1734, Screenshot_20180211-145350.jpg)

Look who's back on Twitter. I guess the lack of attention was just to much for her. The message she sent to Tommy C makes sense now. Apparently she's been messaging all kinds of YouTuber looking for a platform to shit talk people.

No. 500810

File: 1518386245043.jpg (35.69 KB, 720x1280, IMG_20180211_145710.jpg)

Here's the DM she sent Tommy C.

No. 500841


HA! Like she isn't muted by everyone with more than two brain cells to rub together…

She's lucky that Tonka bashed his few brain cells out long ago or she wouldn't even have the Tonkatards to join up with what's left of her Joytards.

No. 500895

File: 1518393321707.jpg (317.57 KB, 1080x1368, IMG_20180211_165202.jpg)

She's completely insane. Now she's blaming Rose and her father for what she left YouTube. This cunt needs some help.

No. 500950

So. . .she can't stand the "continued, relentless harassment that is just too much to bear; that made her fear for her and her loved ones (so still just her, kek) life," so she's releasing the 'sooper secret info that totally 100% clears her name of everything, for all time'; but she has also said for months, "I have info I could release that would clear me, but everyone would hate me for it.

So to end the hate and 'harassment' she's now releasing the info that will make everyone hate her. . .who the fuck is even paying attention to this NPD case study right now anyways? Like 10 fucking people?

This is going to be exactly like all the other 'BOMBS' she's dropped where the narrative she tries to force won't even come close to what is indicated by whatever she releases, everyone will point this out, she'll retreat to her hug-box with her sycophants while claiming exultant victory as everyone with 2 working neurons to rub together laughs at what a crazy bitch she is.

No. 500973


It's clear that Kati is having a tantrum and apparently there aren't enough joytards to feed on so she's slithered back out into the light (hey, Stiles, you still there!)… She'll make a few threats hoping to bait people into responding, then slither back into her cave and go back to sucking on the husks of her remaining joytards. Good thing she has fresh meat in Tonkasaw to feed off of. I bet all those mentally feeble children were getting too old for her tastes.

No. 501019

File: 1518402805660.png (498.95 KB, 994x883, Untitled-2.png)

No. 501042

Well when you orchestrate the whole thing with your retarded and elder molesting followers you have to make sure you have a front row seat.

We aren't exactly dealing with geniuses here.

No. 501379


She keeps saying she's going to release all this proof/evidence to show she's being wrongfully 'harassed/slandered'; yet never publicly provides anything to validate her claims.

Put up or shut up, you cunty bitch! Post this supposed evidence publicly instead of only showing your patreons (i.e. - people who have to pay you).

No. 501395


same fag

But then, given that this recent tirade seems to be about Rose - a woman who has temporary custody of her children after finally getting them out of an abusive household; and that temp custody was only for a year, which is almost over - posting that evidence could very well negatively affect Rose's custody case.

But no, Kati - let's not even consider what publicly labeling this woman as a scam artist and liar could do to her case - no, clearly, your online reputation matters far more than the welfare of those children, doesn't it?

Fucking disgusting cunt. Get your fucking priorities straight!

No. 501540

Where dem analytics tho?

Even if rose did lie about shit, Kati's whole deal was that she wouldn't profit from abuse. She never said "I won't profit from abuse, unless the person I give the money to is a liar."
It's always been about her and nobody else. She's just treading water over those analytics, hoping that everyone will see rose as a bad person and Kati as a hero who should not be questioned. If rose was using her kids to make a profit, at least they are her kids, Kati is still worse because she used a stranger's kids to profit.

I know her delusional ass thinks Barbra Walters is at home with fingers crossed, waiting to get that big, top secret info interview, but she needs to give it a rest already. Nobody will ever see her as anything other than the evil trash she is, as a result of her simply being her evil trash self.

No. 502070

Kati still wanted to talk about Rose the same topic over and over again. Enough is Enough Kati STOP talking about Rose requested by Rose father Robert.

I'm worried about Rose kids Cody and Emma gets bullied in school.These days kids share what they watch on YouTube with their friends and making fun of them.

When Kati and her minions talk nonsense about Cody and Emma Mom Rose and how Kati disrespect their grandfather Robert.

I hope Cody and Emma do not take revenge on Kati when they grow up as a teenagers because of Kati put so much stress on their mom and embarrassing their family.

No. 502165

Proving Rose lied to her or whatever is not going to make any one else like her more. The Do5 situation is a sad for anyone and no one is going to like her going after Rose and very few people will side with her over Rose. Doesn't Rose have some kind of disability anyways?

No. 502549


This. Sorry, but I don't give a flying fuck about rose.

Kati was called out for building her channel and making money on the backs of abused kids. SHE said she would not PROFIT from that and would give it away. I don't care if Kati gives it to the Salvation Army… Kati has not shown the receipts (like she said she would) and so has shown that she was quite happy to build her channel and to make profits on the backs of abused kids.

It's only Kati that people are worried about becuase ONLY KATI went on Warski Live and said that she would show receipts and give any revenues away. Kati's mouth wrote a check that her ass was not willing to back up. She clearly always intended to build her channel and make profits from those abuse videos. She's a vile human and those that are funding her are just as vile.

No. 502863

File: 1518639620517.png (83.65 KB, 585x616, Screenshot.png)

Someone sure is starved for attention.

No. 502870

So she's posting from a dumpster?

Also the lady of the couch will be on younow at 5pm. That should be good for a few laughs to see her all manic.

No. 502874


kati is finally embrasing her true self. going to leave the boyfriend for her true domain… the land fill. :-D you go kati. admiting your the problem is the first step.

No. 502925

>>502863 On Valentine's day like today Kati and her Boyfriend Dominique should having a romantic day but the same old Kati it's always about herself and her manic BS drama.

No. 502940


You must be new… Kati getting to cry about how mean the world is to her in front of 30 tweeners YouNow IS romance to Kati! Just think of all those hearts they'll be able to buy for her! She's prob already got her super stuffed, all the toppings, delivered pizza ordered for delivery.

No. 503098

She's streaming…


She's already told someone to go fuck themself for giving her a gift

No. 503180

File: 1518655998124.jpg (55.1 KB, 478x612, unholyunion.jpg)

Sorry for samefagging but the big reveal will happen tomorrow. On Kumite 11 am Central time. She guested with Chambers and they are buddies once again united in releasing text messages. Joy also called out Melinda Gail and Based Momma.

No. 503200

The only reason Joy is even speaking out about whatever bullshit proof she has and so damn smug about all this is because she has finally been able to round up an army behind her. An Army of tards but an army nonetheless. Joy can't face anyone on her own. Ever. She always cowards away and blames it on her illness that's nonexistent. She looked like absolute shit on her younow stream today. Looks like our heifer put on way more weight.

No. 503239

With those two fat fuck and I'm sure cuckthulu will show up. It should be called The Battle Of The Bulge instead of the Kumite.

No. 503248


I don't know… I like tampon thursdays… let all the whiners on the rag come out and grind their axes… like anyone gives a shit about rose any more.

Kati, you were happy to build your channel on the backs of abused kids. That has nothing to do with Rose. That was all you, you fat heifer.

No. 503257

File: 1518660145852.png (224.72 KB, 450x408, Iv7992C.png)

Tonka is collecting himself quite the hefty herd of lolcows for that show of his. The slap fights will be seismic!

No. 503354

File: 1518667541021.jpg (641.44 KB, 1439x1773, Screenshot_20180214-205720.jpg)

"Meet me on kumite" LOL you stupid fucking cunt. No one takes you seriously when you're threatening an 80 year old man. Get the fuck out of here with that shit.

No. 503357

File: 1518667804860.png (587.58 KB, 636x748, aLQgPw5.png)


Maybe they'll all wear matching burger king head sets! One drive thru, no waiting!

No. 503361

File: 1518668160229.jpg (244.36 KB, 1439x1380, Screenshot_20180214-211509.jpg)

And there it is. All of this bullshit over the last week was for her comeback.

No. 503376

I think she's a nutcase but sometimes I suspect she is smarter than she seems. This has been very well orchestrated.

No. 503417

File: 1518671878217.png (55.25 KB, 750x504, IMG_5735.PNG)

Joy is a cockroach that just won't leave. Although I'm sure the bug has better hygiene than skills than Joy. Also, Joy, you are sooooper big and tough calling out a Grandfather and in previous videos talking about strangling an 11 year old Onion fan. She's going to eventually wear Tonka's crew down because she's fucking manic and can never let anyone get a word in. The moment Tonka's crew does something that Lord of The Couch slightly doesn't like, she will throw him under the bus too. Joy is her own demise. It's not because of Rose. It's because of you Joy. You exploit tragedy and pain for your own damn gain. You reek toxicity and I'm not talking about your made up copper toxicity.

No. 503432

I'm glad to see her back once in a while.I always felt she was bullied off.

No. 503436

It's time that bitch Rose was exposed. She just gets a free pass from everyone else.

No. 503439

jfc, chambers.

though i totally agree with what you said about the family.

this is my opinion based on right now. we'll see what happens when she shows the "evidence" tomorrow. (keep in mind this is the woman who tried to pass off her self-reported complaints and what they were testing for based on those complaints as a "diagnosis" when neither were AND said she was TOLD they were a diagnosis. (Spoiler: she probably wasn't.))

rose talking shit about you all to each other. wow, women taking shit behind other womens backs? i'm sure that's never happened before! also, whoooooooooooooa the sky is blue today! such a fucking nonissue in the grand scheme of things.

don't you see she's just trying to explain away why she didn't give all the money earned from those videos to rose? she's backsplaining and spinning her own narrative on it.

rose asking for money… you mean, the money kati said she would give her? was she supposed to be like "BITCH, WHERE'S MAH MONEY?" and then threaten her with her pimp hand? (i just visualized it. haha. if i had any photoshop skills…)

don't you see she's just trying to explain away why she didn't give all the money earned from those videos to rose? she's backsplaining and spinning her own narrative on it.

have you ever lived in a hotel? have you ever lived in a hotel without a car? i have. it's fucking expensive. not just the rate for the room, but because you don't have the things you take for granted in a house/apartment. no stove, no full size fridge, no washer and dryer, no space you can trust to be clean/pest-free and, oftentimes, no easy access to fresh food or even the simple goddamn things like soap and toothpaste. you have to take a taxi (back in MY day, we didn't have uber, etc) because in merica we don't believe in public transport, we get around by pulling our bootstraps so our public transport blows goats.

don't you see she's just trying to explain away why she didn't give all the money earned from those videos to rose? she's backsplaining and spinning her own narrative on it.

as for "the grand conspiracy," these threads started before daddy of five. it's just a way for her to shrug of her responsibility for the criticism she's received.

don't you see she's just trying to explain away why she didn't give all the money earned from those videos to rose?

chambers, you said something to the effect of that a lot of people have taken advantage of you in the past. maybe part of it is because it's really important for you to see yourself as "reasonable" Maybe you are very reasonable but not very discerning. Not trying to be mean.

one more time, with feeling

don't you see she's just trying to explain away why she didn't give all the money earned from those videos to rose? she's backsplaining and spinning her own narrative on it.

No. 503445


Kati chose to cut and run rather than show her analytics… Kati made her channel off the backs of bullied kids and was (as it turns out) proud to do that.

She wasn't bullied… all she had to do was show the analytics and if she didn't like Rose, she could have given the money to a charity. As it was… it looks like it all went to drive through and pizza delivery.

No. 503449

She uploaded the whole younow stream to spurpinkle bow. Interesting that talked about uploading the streams but never did so before now. And she said that this wasn't the beginning of a comeback lol.

No. 503450


Nope, she's an opportunistic cockroach… there's not 'smarts' to it or 'orchestration'… it's just waiting around for a time (and a channel dumb enough) to shove her fat ass back into the mix and start screeching about something no one cares about any more.

No. 503461

wow, she's even bringing up nick monroe.

this stream in a nutshell (no pun intended) look over there, a squirrel! look over there, a squirrel! look over there, a squirrel! look over there, a squirrel! look over there, a squirrel! look over there, a squirrel! look over there, a squirrel! look over there, a squirrel! look over there, a squirrel! look over there, a squirrel! look over there, a squirrel! look over there, a squirrel! look over there, a squirrel! look over there, a squirrel! look over there, a squirrel!

No. 503477


She's desperate to not make it Tampon Thursday on the Kumite… I can't wait to watch the chat react to them on there whining about shit most of them don't even care about.

No. 503517

She also managed to create quite the little army for herself. A whole bunch of minions who will tear anyone who is even remotely critical of jsbs into shreds and now she is back. I know that she preys on vulnerable people but, my god, such loyalty.
Maybe she's been lucky but at one point, I was starting to actually believe she really was going to leave. Ha ha, I was stupid to think she would surely never turn on rose and that all her fans would be cool with it. I can't imagine how she has convinced them that rose is deserving this. Even I'm wondering what this evidence is going to be like and whether she's going to make a fool of herself.

No. 503539

just wanted to point out lolcow called it even before it started to happen openly


September 5th

No. 503540

Kati she's such a coward she needs her minions to back her up and defend her that's why Kati on Kumite and not her own YouTube channel.

I don't believe any evidence that Kati gonna show on Kumite because the evidence can be fake with the help of Kati minions like Angel Zone, Denise, CJ, xdiamonddebx, Pud Stuffin etc.

Kati and her minions plan a trap for Moral, Repzion, Based Mama, Robert Hall, Nick etc to come to Kumite. Tonka, Geek, Angel Zone, Kati will definitely screaming and yelling like bunch of monkeys that they are and deny the truth as usual.

No. 503558

Also just tossing out there how convenient Kati's timing is. She went into hiding because her cronies almost drove Phil to suicide, but he's back now on the discord I'm sure she has someone watching and wouldn't you know, here she is crawling back out of the gutter right on time.

It's almost as if she runs away and leaves her minions hanging every single time shit gets too real and she can't handle the backlash she's stirred up. How very shocking that she'd done it again.

Looking at the comments and I'm just so very confused. How the hell can anyone be a fan of her "content" though? A fan of her as a youtuber or whatever, I mean. It's baffling as hell. Even if you ignore every shady and fucked up stunt she's pulled, who the fuck is genuinely excited to see her get on and ramble for hours about, literally, the same exact topic that she never got off of from 10 months ago ? Who sees her little promos and says "Yes finally! More old ass drama and essentially a reupload of every sinlge previous video since April of last year. Yes. This is the quality content I've been missing!" Not to mention her toxic personality has taken a hold of her looks…plus that grating voice.. what the fuck is even the appeal?!?

No. 503561

Remember when the shadowy cabal was "Onision fans" Remember after that it was "DaddyofFive fans" Now it's basedmama and .. ROSE? Who else is out to get you, Joy? What do the voices tell you?

No. 503632


NOTHING will be shown on screen on the Kumite that hasn't already been shown (or it will be shrunk so you can't see shit)… We're going to be asked to believe the word of sycophants who go "yup, yup, I ser it muhself" The Kumite is a bunch of babies whining about their loaded diapers.

No. 503636


Judging by that extra chin and neck roll going on, clearly the voices say "double pepperoni and extra cheese next time"

I loved that her weight is due to "slow oxidation" … honey, you fat because you sitting around eating all day. Ain't no "oxidation" mystery about it.

No. 503653

It would be great if this bitch could finally back shit up. How many times is she going to pull the "that's it, I'm clearing my name, not taking anymore bullying, dropping major bombs, it will all make sense later/now" game? I suppose as long as there's at least $20/month patron loot coming in. It's always more of the same with her, with no actual new info. At this point, she's done more of these moments than she has created actual content that isn't her bitching and moaning. Not that I don't love the drama, just worth noting, as Our Lady of FritoLay frequently reminds all that she is a kind and compassionate person, out to help others .

I also love how she it's still more of the same ol with her health. Not too long ago she said how she was all figured out and better, til she found out she again has her heavy metal poisoning, + mercury, so her stomach was all messed up. Now that's all better but her fibro is all bad again. (I won't elaborate any further about it, lawd knows she gets her health update ideas from here and Dr Google.)

Her mention of Geek confirming her illnesses because "he used to do medical coding and knows the codes," is nothing less than hilarious. She was right in saying the codes are used for billing but that doesn't confirm her health claims. You can walk into your first Dr appointment ever and give them illnesses you weren't diagnosed with and have those added to your medical history. Besides that, I don't recall her showing codes to verify all of her diagnosis claims. Regardless, she lies even in the rare event receipts are presented, like her bloodwork results and saying what was abnormal when some were completely in range.

I wonder how long it will take her to disappear again to "focus on her health" or get away from "SYSTEMIC" bullying.

No. 503664


Her parteon is bleeding $$$ … she's trolling for new idiots to support her pizza fund while she works on getting the right mix of toppings to cure her fibromylupus, now with slower oxidation!

We should be grateful that there are any joytards left willing to keep baiting this idiot onto the interwebz for the free entertainment. The whole herd of cows seem to be having spring fever right now and they're all gushing milk.

No. 503673

File: 1518705161876.png (36.62 KB, 343x539, BYSAEdb.png)


Bet she didn't think that call for subscriptions would work out as well as it did!

No. 503675

File: 1518705416944.png (22.04 KB, 894x176, KDb6RTF.png)

For anyone who thinks those Do5 videos weren't the bulk of her sploogy channel views.

No. 503718

LOL. She's irrelevant and just dosent realize it yet.

No. 503723

While this cow thrives from mostly attention, I imagine her return being influenced by money and bet she is super fucked with 2017 taxes, needing to pay in.

No. 503734

So all you sweaty, greasy, smelly neck beards ready to be proven wrong?

https://media.giphy.com/media/LBXeeU8PPpOWA/giphy.gif(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 503741

File: 1518711059053.jpg (166.06 KB, 598x770, IMG_20180215_090635.jpg)

This statement from Milinda Gale is intresting. Whether you like Rose or not. Kati having her pack of retards contact DHS is disgusting behavior.

That tweet to Rose's father from last night makes sense now. She know he wouldn't do anything because of the court order. So that made her all brave. Kati truly is the poster child for why abortion is a good thing.

No. 503750

File: 1518711587285.jpg (55.19 KB, 839x472, DWDFFRmWkAAjFmO.jpg)

This reminds me so much of when Onision "explained" the email from A, making her "say" things she didn't say by simply suggesting she said those things.

"A lot of people are, hun" isn't a confirmation. People were calling her crazy before Daddy of Five. Not because of some shadowy cabal, but, in part, because she behaved… obsessively. So, yeah, a lot of people are, hun. Not because people were playing a long game, but because … that's how she fucking behaved.

"There's a good 40 people gathering to take her down" Um, so? It doesn't speak to whether their intent was valid or not. Nor does it speak to whether their criticisms are valid or not. All it says is that they organized.

No. 503757

Kek. Go away Joy.

No. 503764


friends come and go, joy, but enemies collect. your shit behavior caused 40 people to want to do something about it. it isn't a "conspiracy," it's a consequence.

No. 503766

They started over 15 minutes ago and she hasn't showed yet.

No. 503796

File: 1518713655973.png (781.88 KB, 1133x1218, temp.png)

No. 503801

She's so tuff harassing people that she knows can't reply because they would get contempt of court charges.

She really is a raging dumpster fire.

No. 503808

It's cringey and embarrassing how seriously they take their stupid 'show'

No. 503826

She's going to be so manic on this stream I kind of can't wait. Then maybe Tonka's crew will dump her ass.

No. 503829

She's on and already talking super fast and cackling like a witch.

No. 503830

Ok she's finally shown up! Chambers got there a few minutes before.

No. 503832

Not as long as they're getting views and super chat $$$.
I think it's obvious now that tonka's crew is in it for the clicks. They eat their own as soon as it becomes the thing that's popular.

No. 503846

Chambers needs a sign that says "Please love me! I'm super important!" She is so desperate for attention, it would be sad if it didn't have the capacity to do so much damage.
But you know, it's really all about the kids!

No. 503886

Can someone post a play-by-play?
I'm at work and can't watch

No. 503888

So far, no evidence. Joy's ranting about various people.

No. 503897

Kati I know it must have been torture for you when Chambers spoke for 5 whole minutes uninterrupted!

Yeah Joy is shouting out for everyone she feels slighted by to show up. Based, Nick Monroe, Repzion…

Chambers said after the stream they will drop a link with what they call evidence so any who can't listen now probably isn't missing much aside from Joy ranting and raving in real time.

No. 503899

Jesus she's losing it. Screaming and cutting Nick Monroe off. (He literally just came into the stream and she started screaming before he could open his mouth. Now she's demanding an apology and that he removes the articles on her. Fuck off Joy.

No. 503908

ugh how long is this supposed to last?

No. 503909

As long as the clicks keep coming in. The trouble with having joy on the kumite is that she's not in the chat paying $20 every five minutes, demanding to be let on to rant. Tonka gave hee that for free.

No. 503911

So Nick offered her an apology and Joy refused to accept it unless he removes his article. The other guys (don't really know them) are also pressuring him to remove or add a retraction to his article.

No. 503916

Apologize for what?

No. 503918

>>503916 For printing an article Chambers gave him with info she shouldn't have had.

No. 503921

Plus he phoned the lawyer threatening all sorts.

No. 503923

That is chambers fault.
The lawyer thing, yeah, but the aeticle info was chambers doing. She could have said no.
Damnit, I wish I wasn't working right now

No. 503926

It was Chambers fault but Joy trusted her to keep it confidential. She ran straight to Nick Perv with the info who published it all.

No. 503930

Also I think accepting Phil as a source for some things has her pissed off too. They're making fun of Phil for thinking he is a wizard. Yeah that's really fucking loony but is he any less loony than Joys indigo kids I can talk to archangels crap? It makes perfect sense that these 2 were friends for a long period of time and as such he has plenty of personal info on Joy. Joy is also calling Phil pedo a lot, I don't know the whole backstory on that nor have I seen proof.

No. 503936

Joy doesn't keep anything confidential and secretly records conversations, but yet she expects others to keep things confidential? Don't be a viper and then get mad when a snake strikes.

No. 503942

I'd record all conversations if I had been constantly misrepresented or lied about. She does keep a lot confidential. It's taken all this time just to find out about Phil.

No. 503946

There isn't much misrepresented though. She peovided the proof herself. It was her words, her videos.

No. 503948

She was entirely misrepresented through the whole "threatening Rose" thing.

No. 503951

Tonka, Geek, Kati, Chambers, Sinatra vs Nick.

5 vs 1 not fair discussion.

All of them must listen to Kati at all times.

No. 503953

Yup! And when they talked about bringing Based Mama in you could tell Joy was a little shaky in her voice. Luckily for Joy, Based is at work. You know, like normal adults.

No. 503961

Hard at work scamming for Kilroy.

No. 503963

It can't be a scam if it's still going on. Are you another alt-right autist too?

No. 503965

Refunds are blocked by Paypal because there account is "locked". Paypal would have no possible reason to lock an account that long. If it truly is locked then upload the fucking requested documents and it will be released an hour later.

No. 503966

Not to mention false advertising people who pulled out once they saw the shambles it was.

No. 503970

I got my refund in 2 days. Paypal hasn't blocked anything. Click "did not receive item", moron.

No. 503974

I want to hear Kati and Nick conversation without Geek, Tonka,Sinatra, Andy and Chambers interfering.

No. 503975

No. 503976

I'm talking about the people who directly ask. I wouldn't be stupid enough to go to such an event in the first place so I did't need a refund personally.

No. 503978

Lol, then why take such an interest and derail an entire thread?

No. 503981

The things are still going on even if I'm not directly involved. I've seen enough complaints from people.

No. 503983

The streams been going on for over 3 hours and now Joy is (possibly) ready to talk about Rose Hall and this so called evidence.

No. 503985

So you thought you'd derail a thread about kati to take up arms on behalf of others and bash BM because you insist that it's a scam when there's only unproven heresay?
Get off the thread or get back to the subject.

No. 503987

Learn to sage(how about you stop being a wk)

No. 503992

Aren't we still waiting for the evidence from the last stream?

No. 504000

She said that this stream was going to be about the evidence and so far no they haven't shown anything substantial. It's mostly Joy ranting at Nick Monroe right now.

No. 504005

Aside from my own morbid desire to see Katie step in her own shit again, I don't see why anyone gives her the satisfaction of even responding to her.
I'm just watching to see how much more crazy she is than last time and reconfirm that chambers is a drama whore who will attach herself to anything she can so someone will pay attention to her, even if it is the Maury Povich show of youtube.

No. 504019

The family tragedy videos:

First one: (no fund raising) https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5uybfq

Second one: (she went to the family to ask them to raise money for it) https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5uybfr

No. 504021

Tim CONLON broke the gag order – So says Kati. This is why he was kissing her ass to high heavens and fucked Rose in the videos situation.

No. 504025

I have no idea why anyone entertains her either. It's all ranting, cursing and throwing other people under the bus with her. This isw an ancient issue now and she won't let it die without her getting the last word in to be the victim. Now she's saying that Tim Conlon is the source and that he wanted her to apply pressure on CPS with her videos.

No. 504026

Kati, people simply wanted to see the analytics on your main channel because Kati said she will not monetize abused kids but Kati "deleted" her main channel and run and hide and now blame everything on Rose and Rose dad?…

Also Kati says she have fibromyalgia nerve pain thingy somehow Kati can stream almost 4 hours now and when Kati rants she remembers things no brain fog at all.

No. 504027

Kati seems to have accidentally recorded every phone call ever… so, if you've talked to her voice, you're fucked and that's why she was always pushing for voice conversations over text communications.

No. 504031


Exactly… all she ever had to do was show the analytics and that she'd donated the money SOMEWHERE… she built her channel and profited on the abuse of those kids.

Kati changing your name is a public record… you may as well save your $500 because you are a horrible person willing to profit from abused children.

No. 504034

Kati doesn't show even a single tweet where here address was "constantly retweeted on the Internet"

No. 504037

KATI - YOU RUINED YOUR OWN LIFE by putting your disgusting drama whoring for the world to see what a selfish bitch you are. You are WORSE than Onision by a country mile.

No. 504040

Her dog had been whining in the background for awhile. Joy said she had no idea why and that roommate would be home soon to tend to her and also she had been sick lately. I guess it didn't occur to her that she had been sitting there for 4 hours and the poor dog probably just has to go to the bathroom.

No. 504050

HA! Nick is sticking up for the article and there really is nothing wrong in the article for him to redact. His article: https://nickmonroestuff.wordpress.com/2017/06/07/my-response-to-joysparklebs/

She's been bitching about hard feelings so there's nothing to redact. He's done actual research beyond her claims and included that information.

I hope he sticks by his article.

No. 504060

He gave copious citations, so if he printed anything inaccurate, she has had ample time to correct it, but she isn't. She's crying about how mean everyone is, as usual.
How long til she goes after evil mastermind, Rose?

No. 504061

Kati is now trying to say that the boyfriend was molesting the male child? WTF?

No. 504062

I like how Joy is demanding people to let her finish yet she cuts everyone else off.

Classic Kati.

No. 504063

Thank god she isn't a mother. Her children would all die of neglect or embarassment

No. 504064


Sounds like dog has finally pissed in the hallway or something.

No. 504068

Kati has REPEATED confirmed the family members posting here were her family members, otherwise how did they have her baby pictures?

No. 504076

OMFG… now "I'm sick" is her excuse for being a total cunt.

Kati, you built you channel on abused kids and never showed the analytics. THAT is what people got pissed about. You can beat Rose and her situation into dust, it doesn't change that you were happy to profit from abused kids.

No. 504078

Joy and Chambers had showed Nick and others in the chat messages that say Roses current BF used funded money for weed. Also that he is abusive and that Cody doesn't like him.

Joy said that the BF sleeps in the same bed with Cody when Rose has custody. She din't say he molested him but it is extremely inapropriate. They said Rose sleeps with Emma and that she locks the door to keep away from the BF.

No. 504084

So why wait until now to show it? Why didn't they show this stuff when they got it??
Oh, because it wasn't advantageous for them back then

No. 504085

I feel like there was a whole lotta truth in that article Nick wrote about her because she is houndinr him to clear her name and remove or change the article.

No. 504086

Now she wants Nick to give her cover to go back to work? UM… a future employer has a right to know the bat shit crazy that Kati represents.

No. 504089

>>504076 Can someone tweet Nick about this. It about the analytics Kati not monetize abused kids.

And why they just show their evidence to each other not to the public?

No. 504091

Chambers said she didn't know about all that until November. I have no idea idea why they sat on this for so long. I don't know when that info was current or if Rose still has that guy in her life.

No. 504093


SO how is that justification for Kati dragging Rose and Chambers for all summer of 2017? Kati said she didn't know it till last week. So, Kati was a cunt all on her own personality.

No. 504095

OMG… Cuckthulu tells about how he pissed his pants one time and had to walk home in wet pants… and he was not a toddler at the time. These people wonder why people think they're disgusting.

No. 504097

Yeah they're talking about their drug stories for some reason why they try to get Melinda Gail in the chat.

No. 504098

I stopped watching an hour ago but I'm just wondering anons… did she make you feel like you owe her an apology yet? do you feel like getting a gnosh on some crow? we're 4 hours in. if not, how many more hours do you think it'll take? 4 more? 8 more?

No. 504102


Not here… she's drug Rose through the dirt, but I quit giving a shit about Rose back in June.

Kati is still a drama whore who stepped on her own dick and is now desperately trying to throw shade elsewhere so people don't look at the fucked up cunt that she is.

Kati had 50 videos out on those kids before she even acknowledged Rose existed. Even then, Kati wasn't sure that's where the monetization would go. Kati monetized those videos long before Rose even spoke up.

No. 504104

O/T reply. Sorry.
Paypal will seize control over an account if more than 3% of purchases receive refund requests.
If I sold 100 items and 3 people wanted refunds, paypal can and does take over the account and there is nothing the merchant can do. They did this to a friend of mine who sold t-shirts on etsy.
It takes a really long time to go through their process to get your account straight, especially if the account isn't immediately listed to an individual.
The merchant has to submit a lot of paperwork, which has to be manually reviewed and applied by many different people at paypal.
Additionally, BM could have contested refunds by labeling them as donations, but didn't.This ia how Joy can keep hers, despite her obvious scamming. BM did approve refunds until paypal took over the account, which would follow what she and the other lady said.

As to speakers leaving, that was because there were contracts, which most of them freely admitted. And in doing so, showed how little they know about business or their own interests. A business has a lot of legal protections already. A contract would assure a speaker that the business would deliver on their promises.
No contract means the speakers could have done their jobs and the business owed them nothing and had no obligation to give them anything for their services. Anyone who would fight a contract instead of negotiating one is an idiot.
End Rant.

No. 504105

When will Kati shows the evidence and her medical records to the public already 5 hours stream. Come on!!!

No. 504107


Kati has them on the standard rabbit hole of bitching about Rose.

She's yet to prove that she even donated the money from her dead relatives, she's never shown analytics for those Do5 vids, do you think she's going to give up her primary cash cow of "muh invisible illnus that's about to kill me!"

No. 504110

Why does she need to go back to work? If she has a confirmed diagnosis, she can get on disability

No. 504115


Because disability actually does demand to see evidence of illnesses… that's why she doesn't even apply. You have to have (a) held work in the past 5 years and (b) have an actual illness that's treated by REAL doctors (and not homeopaths).

She was told to seek mental health over her complaints by actual hospitals and doctors and she wasn't happy with that.

No. 504119

And presumably never got the mental health help.

No. 504125

Geekthulu is a real class act. lol.

No. 504126

Because she owes a shit load in taxes for all her internet earnings.

No. 504127

She finally admitted in her stream last night that she has depression and anxiety but she said it was "over this". Meaning that she's blaming the DO5 shitstorm for her issues when she had problems long before. And like you I'm assuming that she hasn't gotten any kind of help.

No. 504129

Kati clearly doesn't have the tweets that she was told about… she's desperate for Melinda to open her tweets up so she can look for them.

No. 504130


Oh.. honey… she said in another livestream that SHE had anxiety and PTSD over Phil trying to commit suicide… Phil was suicidal and Kati got PTSD from it!

Kati is a cunt beyond measure!

No. 504141

If I were melinda, I would delete my twitter just so she can't.

No. 504143

Melinda Gail finally got in the stream she said Roses BF wouldn't work regularly and didn't help out financially as he said he would. Towards the end he was getting physical with Rose and she had her father drive the now exBF back to another state because a bus wasn't good enough. So Rose was a victim of an abusive relationship during the custody battle and Joy has since called her a "lying sack of shit" and a "lying bitch". The only details she's let out about Rose are really sad I'm not seeing a mountain of evidence that she's some lying monster who manipulates for the fun of it or whatever. Then she started shrieking at Melinda about doxxing her and childhood pics, calling her fake. This stream has predictably turned into a rantfest for Joy and is scant on actual info.

No. 504144

Melinda got involved a long time after Kati's info was out. Even a long time after her roommate/boyfriend/meal ticket's info was out.

No. 504145

Holy shit the couch monster is unhinged. This is hilarious.

No. 504151


Lest we forget - that dog is supposedly a rescue dog and hates loud noises. If Kati was shrieking all that time, that's why the dog is whining. And, instead of checking in on the dog, herself (like a responsible pet owner would); she's saying Dom will deal with it when he got home?

And she wonders why her critics made the claim she was an unfit pet owner. Way to prove people right, Kati!


And then she'd milk the tragedy for views.


And who sent her those texts? Rose herself, or someone else?


Because, according to Geekthulu, evidence is not required in Kumite streams.

No. 504162

How long is this stream 10-12hours?

No. 504174

The phone conversation they are playing right now between Rose and Joy is actually making me sad for Rose. She's in the middle of a custody battle and she has a screaming couch cow shrieking in her ears.

No. 504183


Please tell me that it's not a live call.

No. 504191

rose sounds scared in the phone call. Joy is making herself look bad.

No. 504192

And they're fucking saying she sounds off and implying she might be high. She can't be exhausted and not in the mood to deal with Joy and her demands? Rose felt she was between a rock and a hard place and had to cater to Joy and make a video to protect her reputation and now Joy is throwing her under the bus.

Nah, it's a recording of the phone call between Rose and Joy where Joy wanted her to make a video in support of her. She wanted the videos of her kids down and Joy was sweating about her views.

No. 504193

Kati said she is sick she have lungs problem but she seems fine screaming at Nick and Melinda.

Kati have fibromyalgia nerve pain how she have the energy to stream for 5 hours.

No. 504196


Only to sane people who know better.

Kati's sychophants will see it as evidence that Rose was being manipulative.

The fact that Chambers would stand behind Kati on this particularly sickens me; as wasn't Chambers the one who initially got involved with Rose?

No. 504198

Is Rose disabled in some way?

No. 504202


I think she suffered some brain damage when she was born; but that's about the extent of it?

No. 504206

Yeah kinda, it's been brought up in the past but she had a head injury after she was born. She was receiving settlements for medical negligence until she cashed it out for lawyers fees. I think she did well enough in school and at that farm hand type job she had in her home state but she pretty much always sounds like that. I'm sure there are more details about that in previous threads.

No. 504207

Is this thing…still going on? I wanted to watch the stream and apparently…it's still…going? It's been 6 or 7 hours.

No. 504208

Sorry, I should have searched the prior threads first. I apologize.

No. 504209

Yes, it's still going.

No. 504217

Thank you, because for a minute I thought I stepped into the twilight zone and not the 'hey this might be actually interesting' one.
Also, Kati talking about other people's anger issues/how quickly they get angry. LOL, bitch.

No. 504219

No, seriously - what ever happened to kati doing it all for the kids? Does she not care what happens to Cody and Emma, now?

No. 504222


She had neonatal hypoxia (so was brain damaged by temporary lack of oxygen) and has been on disability as a result of it.

So, yes, her slurred / slow speech is a result of a disability she doesn't control.

No. 504224

OMG Joy called Melinda a jealous middle aged woman who's taking out her issues on poor Joy. She then called her a Kathy! That's an insult of the highest order truly. She's also called her a cunt and Melinda is still trying to speak at a normal volume.

No. 504228

That was hilarious!!

No. 504229


funny coming from the person who said calling people cunt was all basedmama has in her wheelhouse.

No. 504231

How the hell do they know that Rose spent $100 at a Japanese Steak house? These people are creepy as fuck.

No. 504237


When will you learn that - in the world of Kati - she is the exception to the general rule?

No. 504238


sorry. i'm not a mastermind like rose.

No. 504239


I just learned that I'm a drug dealer because I carry $1k cash in my car because it's older and sometimes I just want to buy stuff.

No. 504242

Joy said she spent $80 on the steakhouse meal and $40 at a sub shop for lunch. I have no idea how they know this and why they're the arbitrators here. Like I get that's not the best use of the funds but Joy has been teasing for months about those analytics that will never see the light of day. This comes off like she screetching to look at Rose so we won't get to ask Joy tough questions.

She's making comments about Roses employment but first off CPS will decide if Rose is suitable or not and who the hell is Joy to look down on someone working even part time? Joy is a full time couch monster who streams for hours in the middle of the day.

No. 504243

Night job clears everything up because no one ever has to sleep!

No. 504244

OMG! Kati "She's sitting on her fat ass and playing everyone for money"… Pot. Meet. Kettle.

No. 504249

We can't all be super genius villains like Rose, but apparently Joy has no trouble tracking Rose's expenses.
That is beyond creepy. Why do they know how much she spent on anything?

No. 504259

I have managed to go to work, get off from work, pick up dinner and dry cleaning while these idiots have spent their day feeding the psychosis of a lunatic.

No. 504262

No. 504276


Why isn't anyone asking that question in the stream?

Don;t they answer questions asked by the crowd?

No. 504280

Why isn’t her medical crap in that “EVIDENCE FILE”? Is it supposed to be anywhere?

No. 504282

As expected, a reupload of everything that has already been seen and gone over a hundred times. I don't see anything there that is new.

No. 504289

Hi Based

No. 504293


Even if it was Based; does it change the fact that the 'evidence' is nothing that hasn't already been shared?

No. 504295

Hi Based
citation needed when was this crap shown? proof?

No. 504301

Not based, just not stupid.

No. 504302

Hi Based
citation needed when was this crap shown? proof?
whatever you say. Way to dodge my question though. Two big thumbs up

No. 504304

I have to be honest in saying I didn't see half of this, especially the texts. However Kati did get exceptionally boring so perhaps it was me who didn't read everything.
Perhaps some other anon can quickly confirm if all of this was indeed already posted.

No. 504305


Stop derailing, would you? It's pitiful.

No. 504307

I would like confirmation too

No. 504309

What question?
Where is the evidence? Your guess is as good as mine.
Again, not Based. She hasn't even been active on twitter or youtube for months. Now she's here, and in possession of my body to do her bidding. I knew she was evil, i just didn't know she was a true blue witch

No. 504321

Can you imagine if Tim conlon showed up to part 2 tomorrow? Dying at the thought.

How exactly did Melinda get Joy's photos? I heard her bitching about it and she dropped a childhood pic in the chat, saying it was one of them.

No. 504322

So you can't back up your claim then? Actually look what's in the drive more than just assuming. Half of this shit wasn't exposed.

No. 504323

Melinda tweeted the high school basketball pic that was posted here along with the rest of Kati's pics. So, Kati is now officially using lolcow material as her "proof!"

No. 504324

I'm looking through the texts now. Not seeing a lot to vindicate Joy. Based hates joy. Shocker.

No. 504325


So far the "evidence" in there doesn't prove anything? I'm not seeing where the "bomb!" is in all this shit.

No. 504327

There's a lot more in there. Rose gave a different story to Joy from Chambers and visa versa. Really? Anyway, I gotta go look at the rest. There's a crap ton of videos in here too.

No. 504329

When it's helpful, she denies the validity of lolcow, but when it helps her in any way lolcow is totally valid.
Her irreligiosity offends me.

No. 504330

All the videos are ones I've already seen. Unsurprisingly, the ones of joy are missing.

No. 504332

Vidme wentdown and took those with it

No. 504333

We already knew Rose wasn't telling kati the whole truth from at least 2 streams ago.

No. 504338

Honest to God… Chambers believed Kati's "The Falston Group Responded to My Video" shit… this is like seeing into the lives of the truly stupid (as in LowIQ stupid) people in the US.

No. 504344

Oh ffs. Anything to be the victim.

Anything to distract from all the shitty things she has done. You'd think she was forced to upload all those videos about the kids and held at gunpoint to fork over the money . She thought there was shadiness from rose way back yet she still made the choice to keep going along with it. It's so bad that she had to run off the internet, yet here she is jumping back in. If she thought/knew early on that rose was being dishonest and misusing the money, then why continue on? She's such a bad bitch and certainly wasn't forced to. Wouldn't that mean that joy herself was intentionally being dishonest with her audience?

No. 504345

So this is all the "evidence" joy has been talking about for almost a year now? None of it puts her in a better light.

Side note: chambers is fucking retarded.

No. 504351


Funny, it was that exact video that finally convinced me that Kati was a self absorbed egomaniac.

Honestly - the only reason Kati thought they were responding to her was because something they said in an article vaguely sounded like something she said in a video.

No. 504353

It does make Rose look bad in some ways. The phone call makes it seem like Rose was lying to everyone, but in my opinion, Rose was doing whatever her lawyer told her to do which was probably to lie to everyone.

No. 504354


Like something she and thousands of other Internet busy bodies were saying? Um… remember there was a vid put out by PhillyD on the topic that riled up tens of thousands, if not more people. His individual videos got far more views than her entire library of 100+ videos.

So, yes they posted something because they're a professional PR agency. It isn't rocket science that they don't take on mother Teresa as their clients.

No. 504355

I'm still reading the texts. 61th in ( RH/Kati exchange ). Not much of interest yet happening. We an probably agree they're all stupid AF for even allowing it to escalate this far.
( I appreciated the milk along the way, but this really did escalate into a snowball of major stupidity. Hope at least the kids are blissfully unaware of this. )

No. 504358


I've never seen this much stupid corralled into such a small space w/out paid care takers involved… this is like a glimpse inside retard institutional housing.

No. 504369

I was honestly hoping for a file with DMs of negs or Tommy C, but there isn't.

No. 504391

I found the DM between Poppie and Chambers where the boyfriend bought pot. UM… Poppie drove up there to pick up the BF and return him to his own town. Rose found out he'd bought pot and "went crazy" .. so, from that, as soon as there was a problem, Rose dumped him and her father actually went to pick him up and transport him two states away? I don't see anything about the boy in his bed or any mention of the boy at all? I must be missing something here? Boyfriend fucked up, Rose threw shit fit, her dad hauled his ass out of there?

AND that conversation was Nov 28th with Chambers who said nothing until this last week about it? Really? If Chambers was SO CONCERNED why wasn't there a police report made? Pot isn't legal in MD or even in her own state, so not like she didn't understand that pot was not legal?

Instead, she sat on this until it gave her leverage to get back in with Kati?

No. 504395

I'm still trying to figure out how any of this 'evidence' is meant to make either of them look less shitty.
What I can see is that Joy is still Joy and Chambers is actually kind of a bitch.

No. 504414

I just wasted 2 hours on "evidence" that doesn't prove anything we all haven't been saying for months.

[Get out your tin foil hats]

Does it seem to any other anons that maybe the lawyer was using all of them the entire time? Rose doesn't seem capable of operating this level of conspiracy so the only person involved who could have and would have is the lawyer.

No. 504440

Will an anon post a screen of the 'why I'm doing this' file? It won't open on my device.

No. 504451


Same here… I'm though about 80% of this and this is nothing more that has been said over and over and over for the last six months. There is nothing new here except that Rose kicked the BF out for buying pot.

This makes Kati look like an idiot… where is the PROOF! that she promised?

AND, for those thinking she was going to prove her death's door illnesses that keep her fat ass glued to that couch… not there. Not even remotely there. Apparently, she's still using the "Listen and Believe" approach on that one.

What is interesting is that the tonkatards think this proved anything at all?

She bald faced lied about the videos when those kids were killed (actual videos linked above so you can see for yourself) and they believed her now revamped story? WTF?

She monetized the Do5 videos (and was called on it) long before Rose even showed up on the scene, so she did NOT do that to help Rose out at all. She did that to feed her pizza habit and was called out on it.

She has never shown receipts for donating to the funeral of her family members… as far as we know… the monetization of those vids went the way of pizza delivery.

She was being called out as early as Feb 2017 for being crazy. That was not a Do5 thing, that was a bitch went crazy on MULTIPLE kids at different times thing.

No. 504457

I wasn't referring to rose. I was referring to joys dumb ass.

No. 504463

Let this be a lesson for anyone who thought the kumite krowd weren't just another group of mind numbed robots on youtube.

No. 504464

"You guys are legit retarded. Ever run a donation campaign? Geesh…….."

What the fuck does that have to do with anything?

The money was donated into the Go Fund Me and then deposited into her bank account which YOU helped her to set up. There is no "Go Fund Me" credit card.

The only way you got that information is if you got it from Rose herself (or possibly Melinda. but most likely Rose.)

She could have managed it better, and she could have spent it on hookers and blow. But none of this changes the fact that Joy is trying to distract from her wrongdoings and you are falling for it hook, line and sinker.

No. 504479

File: 1518747681353.png (40.75 KB, 436x122, fgVySvH.png)

Remember Kati screming "She spent $8000 on the hotel in the first month! That's INSANE!"

Bitch, your own EVADUNCE shows the $8000 was for THREE months.

Bet none of the Tonkatards are going to even bother reading this bullshit and just by what these idiot are spouting off instead.

No. 504482

Didn't Chambers The Monotone Burger King Headset Lady have Rose's banking information so she could help her out with setting everything up?

No. 504484

Cuckthulu the wise has already confirmed that the kumite is not for educational or informational purposes. Entertainment and hysteria only.

No. 504487


Chambers was blowing her importance up in that case. In the US, everyone who's ever gotten a check from you has your bank RTR and account numbers. Anyone can take the account number, walk into any branch of that bank, and deposit cash. It's done all the time. The bank isn't going to refuse the money and your bank RTR and bank Account number is completely public.

No. 504490


she didn't need to be able to login to Rose's account to set up the GoFundMe deposits, all she needed was the routing and account numbers. Just like, you know, direct deposit at work.

also, the "proof" isn't a bank statement. it was a text file. A TEXT FILE.

No. 504496

Rose can't set up her own GFM and needed help from chambers, but she can play 4D chess with joy & co. when it is convenient to joy & co. to play victim?

I thought joy paid some of Rose's hotel bill, so why doesn't joy know how much it cost? She mentions her generosity often enough, she must have the price memorized by now.

No. 504497

File: 1518748582162.png (23.73 KB, 180x91, pLUufMU.png)

In Kati's shit for brains "Jun 21 breakdown" where she was going over her finances (OMG, it's like a fucking idiot made that docuement!)… Kati has the fact that Rose has (or had) income from disability… you know, Kati you cunt… disability that is only awarded to people with proven issues that prevent them from working full time?

Fucking cunt is bitching that Rose isn't holding a night job + part time jobs + what ever else for her kids and the woman was officially disabled when this all started? Who knows if the State of MD picked that back up because disability is a state by state thing. But, holy hell… Kati is a massive cunt!

(Number blocked out by me because I'm not going to throw a strangers personal info out on the web like Kati and Jeremy like to do)

No. 504510

Let’s not forget that Kati had no intention of donating the bulk of that money (raised by OTHER PEOPLE IN STREAMS) until moral finally said, “wtf, when are you giving rose that money?”

Chambers is despicable. She will align herself with anyone, throw anyone under the bus, if it puts her front and center. Pathetic, needy, attention seeking.

In one of her rants Kati blurted our that the lawyer (Conley?) was “going after google”. So did Conley plan on suing YouTube for allowing the videos to be posted? Is that why he was so eager to have them stay up? Was Kati in on the “deal”? Was this all a get rich quick plan?

No. 504513

So if Rose had a job, she wouldn't get disability? Or she would get partial?

No. 504514


Based on the EVADUNCE Kati paid a week of hotel, not the 10 days that she's been claiming… who would think that Kati would exaggerate her contribution! Wow, a am shocked!

No. 504517

It seems like the kind of thing kati would want in on. She keeps the videos up to prove negligence by YouTube…could rake in a lot of fame and a lot of money.
No wondee the phone calls with the lawyer aren't in the drive.

No. 504518


Kati's videos had no impact on ANY litigation (except if someone wanted to use them to commit her to a mental health facility or to sue her for violation of the privacy of those kids). You don't get to just take your butt hurt into a court and they pay out like some slot machine. Any litigation would have had to show REAL damages or violation of REAL laws.

Kati's 100+ videos were just violations of human decency and lacked any respect for the privacy of people going through a horrible time. There's a reason the the actual NEWS doesn't pull up videos and make wanking motions while they speculate on how the adults were getting boners out of abusing children. It's called basic human decency … something entirely foreign to Kati and her crew.

No. 504524

Kati would do it for the fame of shaming another platform she's on. Maybe she can call the CEO of you tube a pedophile and get loads of clicks

No. 504527


HA! You mean like how Kati's BFF Takedownman called YouNow's CEO a pedophile and Kati went along with it 100% and left YouNow over it until her YouTube got too hot to handle?

Here's a hint… Kati LIKES YOUNOW because 75% of them are 25yo and younger. YouTube has an older audience who don't give a shit about YouNow and don't want to go onto a platform full of 13yos livestreaming from their bedrooms.

The reason the YouNow crowd is so much nicer there is because they're all kids who have no clue and believe everything she says.

No. 504534

Hi Joy.
Bye Joy.

No. 504536

This may be old milk …I didn't know Katie made ABC News


She's @157:00

Good for anyone that may have forgotten the sadness of Do5

No. 504540

@1:57 ;(

No. 504553

Can someone timestamp the phone call with Rose? Joy's mania is anxiety inducing and I'm not gonna listen to 7 hours of screeching for it.

Also none of the "truth bombs" explains away the fact that shes a cunt who used, and continues to use, a tragic story of abuse in order to gain relevancy. It's almost as if it was already proven that she did that. Y'know. Cause i watched it go down with my own eyes.

Try harder Joy. No matter how much shade you throw, you still did that, and that's what people are mad about. I dont care if you can prove that Rose is a herion addict who sells her kids as sex slaves daily to make ends meet. It will never change what you did, because people have the ability to think that at best you're both shitty people. It won't let you off the hook.

No. 504566

Now I remember who Joy reminds me of! There was this old soap called sunset beach, and this chick ran around with a turkey baster full of her ex husband's semen for like 2 weeks, and planned to get herself pregnant and accuse her ex of rape and take all of his money.
That is who Joy reminds me of. Not a real person, a crazy person from an awful soap opera

No. 504570

Exactly why this is all so interesting to me, I didn't think those lunatics existed in real life until I ran into her channel. And so they do.

No. 504574

Go to about 5:35:00

If you go a bit earlier Joy says it's all lies and that she counted 70 lies, wow!

No. 504585


Here's the screenshot you forgot about from your family regarding your videos on YouTube about the death of those two boys.

No. 504586

She's nutz…today she has only lowered her standing in eyes that can see.
She's the kind of person that installs an IUD and bitchez about that stupid choice for eternity.
she is now so full of heavy metal there is no way she can remove herself from the couch.And there she will stay pontificating on the Series of Unfortunate Events that for all intents and purposes are the only thing that anybody should ever be thinking about.
ugg…I can't believe I watched the whole thing. no bomb, no crescendo, no climax, all bulshit.
sounds legit!

No. 504602

If only she would fall off a horse and get amnesia!

No. 504616


Hard to fall off something that you've beaten into a puddle of pulp. Kati is apparently going to make the rounds based on this evidence in the coming days… she's determined to beat the horse beyond death.

No. 504617

Second call go to 6:08:00

No. 504618


On disability, if you can earn $900 or more/mo, they start reducing it until you've been able to hold a job consistently (a lot of times people relapse)… if you can keep the job for 5 years, then your disability is closed out and you're not longer considered disabled from that perspective (many disabled people hold jobs w/out disability and are still disabled, but it just hasn't prevented them from working).

No. 504628


More clarification: As an example, a person can be blind (so disabled), but not on disability (there are plenty of blind programmers out there who earn good incomes). Rose seems to have slow thought processes and be prone to anxiety… that would make holding any job hard for her because she likely gets flustered easily and probably has trouble following instructions. These would be common among people with neonatal hypoxia brain injuries (statically, most people with that die at birth or very young). Employers who provide accommodations for disabled are often compensated by the state, so it's possible her original state made it financially attractive for that Walmart to employ her, while MD might not offer the same thing. Also, Wamarts allow employees to transfer between sites. MD is a VERY LARGE military area, so military spouses often use Walmart jobs as a way of having stead employment while the military members transfer around… that means that MD is a highly competitive job market in the lower types of jobs.

No. 504650

File: 1518757814947.png (257.13 KB, 1108x757, ZH8dY4U.png)

Going through the tweets by Poppie… here's an example of those vicious threats he makes /s

The only threats I've seen are to litigate against Kati. Sorry, dear… but that's not exactly life threatening when you don't even have a pot to piss in.

No. 504653

They have also posted a list of their "harassers" which is basically just anyone who has expressed disapproval. Are they 12?

No. 504658

File: 1518758379045.png (124.06 KB, 1157x498, gNyoaqI.png)


This is in their evidence of harrassment… they're not even 12yos… they're just not sane.

No. 504660


No, she thinks she's richard fucking nixon. …it fits, actually.

No. 504664

File: 1518759065252.png (300.12 KB, 965x961, SNJER4N.png)

Holy shit… Poppie is clearly insane… doesn't like people using the C word and has an attorney in the family…

So, out of one of the evidence files… Not a single threat, multiple times Poppie has said Kati had nothing to do with certain aspects and REPEATED Over and Over and Over again for Kati to leave Rose alone.

No. 504696

File: 1518762626660.png (564.55 KB, 592x1500, temp.png)

No. 504698

I'm SHOOK…poppys a loose cannon

No. 504699


Kati is having a cow! The world has not bowed down to her. Now, people aren't even allowed to have private opinions I guess.

KATI … where are those analytics? Or else you have to admit you were happy to build your channel on the backs of those abused kids.

No. 504701


wonder if chambers is gonna make fun of her for "sperging out" because that's exactly what "sperging out" looks like.

No. 504704

I am disgusted with her Twitter at the moment I can't believe she is attacking old man it is truly pathetic she is… she's dead to me

No. 504708


Yep. She's raging after Poppie. Chambers is probably the one sending her screenshots as I see Poppie follows that slug.

Harassing an old man online isn't a good look. As always, it's Joy's own behavior that makes her look fucking crazy. Ain't nobody gotta do much to help.

No. 504709

File: 1518763401009.png (455.14 KB, 1113x827, hQlQyDN.png)

This is what set her off… and I have to admit, after reading all that shit… Based Mama comes off as the brightest bulb on that crazy tree.

No. 504710

File: 1518763423291.png (1.26 MB, 1183x2189, temp.png)

No. 504713

OMG… can you imagine, she's probably pulled the joytards into a private hangout so they can soothe the massive ham beast with offerings of paypal donations, pizza coupons, and chants of "you are prefect in every way."

No. 504727

File: 1518766877319.png (126.19 KB, 631x766, Vrco6uV.png)

This isn't reeking of cultism at all… noooo… not. at. all.

No. 504804


So, which is it, Kati? A picture insulting your weight or a maternal/ptotective image? Because it can't be both!

If someone has a Twitter and tweets to Poppie, tell the man to report Kati for harassment - because that's exactly what she's doing right now.

No. 504810


Same fag.

Also loving how Kati's sycophants are criticizing Poppie for quoting 'The Sound of Silence' - claiming he has no idea what the song is even about; completely oblivious to the fact that they're the ones who haven't a fucking clue (including their Mistress of Couch Pototatoes - who seems to thinks the song is about depression).

Here's a segment of the wiki article about the song - it has nothing to do with depression.

'Garfunkel once summed up the song's meaning as "the inability of people to communicate with each other, not particularly internationally but especially emotionally, so what you see around you are people unable to love each other."'

Hell, these idiots want to talk abouthow Poppie omits certain song lyrics - here's the one they conveniently forgot about.

'And the people bowed and prayed
To the neon god they made
And the sign flashed out its warning
In the words that it was forming
And the sign said:
"The words of the prophets are
Written on the subway walls
And tenement halls
And whispered in the sound of silence."'

What do they make of that part, I wonder.

No. 504812


After spending the night going through that drive.. his tweets were all asking for he and his family to be left alone, him asking for her to be left alone…

Honest to God, I don't see how this can be anything other than some sick stalking and targeted harassment campaign being carried out by Kati and her crew… For all the foul langage on Tonkatard's Tampon Thursday show… the "evidence" shows a person repeatedly asking to be left alone and for people to stop fighting.

Frankly… Tonka is just as disgusting as Kati for doing this shit. If Warski and others pile in, then they're equally disgusting cunts.

Rose is not a public figure, Rose can't even comment because of her court case. Poppie needs to get rid of the moles in his twitter account so he can communicate with the people he wants to without everything being passed out to Kati.

Face it Kati… you tried to make your channel and make money on the backs of abused kids and it bit you in the ass. No amount of trashing Rose or her family is going to change the fact that you're a self centered cunt.

No. 504815


Tweet by one of Kati Minions
Pud Stuffin
Looks like the Moron Virus got his twitter suspended.

Well, I'm sure the Queen of Liar Kati and Kati minions laughing insanely at this tweet known Moral Virus Twitter got suspended.

Why people do not report to Twitter about Kati bully an elderly man Robert Hall. Kati Twitter should get suspended too.

No. 504817



I've seen Moral Virus' tweets prior to his second suspension - and the suspension was well deserved, in my opinion.

However, Kati is actively harassing an old man who asked her - point blank - to leave him and his family alone; and she's doing nothing but dragging them through the mud.

Either someone needs to encourage him to report her to Twitter for slander/harassment or someone needs to do it for him (I would - but I deactivated my Twitter months ago).

No. 504823


People need to screenshot Kati twitter ASAP before Kati delete the evidence.

Because now Kati has a new minion named Chambers reading here on Lolcow like Kati other minions and sent Kati private message to delete the evidence on Kati twitter.

No. 504870


She's been reported. Hopefully Twitter will do something about it.

No. 504896


No. 504906

It probably set her off because Based Mama was never taken in by her bullshit. Melinda Gail wasn't either and that is probably what makes her so crazy about both of them. Her wiles and victim status don't fly with them and it probably drives her crazy that people generally respect others who don't conceal their opinions about manipulative bitches, even if they are bitches themselves.

No. 504928

Sounds like Onision in a nutshell. It's called narc injury.

Except she's worse than him. Speaking of, did Maury ever get back to us about the DNA results of these two? Kek

No. 504954

it's funny how she tries to disprove that rose was afraid of her while acting like the very sort of person rose should be afraid of.

No. 504955


I can't believe you assholes would make fun of her sooper cereal disease!

Maybe you should watch part of this documentary about it and educate yourselves instead of just shit talking your slander and lies!

You'll all be sorry when she's dropping literal bombs on your asses after she finishes her metal mutant transformation!


No. 505043

File: 1518804068896.png (1.11 MB, 1039x861, jsbs.png)

No. 505068

File: 1518804870776.jpg (342.4 KB, 1576x1004, DWLLxSwVwAETRhS.jpg)

No. 505097


1) Projection much? JFC!

2) She was NEVER the top supporter, because a) all the money she donated came from people who donated to her to support Rose and b) even if she was the top supporter, she lost that title the moment she started to slander Rose.

Good God! The fucking audacity of this rabid bitch!

No. 505104

File: 1518806203105.png (460.82 KB, 624x841, RAURmG2.png)


OMG… bitch is losing her fucking mind! This is hysterical!

No. 505108

File: 1518806451595.png (185.79 KB, 1151x302, ng3zzFO.png)


This is the tweet that set off that crazy ass wall of text and the threat tweet and she drug up two nothing tweets from Nov… but this is the one that set her off.

OMG, I've never seen this level of bat shit crazy before. Pretty soon she's going to be threatening people just for using twitter at all because it will some how offends her… Maybe she'll decided to go after Trump's account and gets a special Secret Service hello basket.

No. 505110


For the love of puppies - anyone who has a Twitter, report the bitch for harassing the old man.

So many other get their accounts suspended for abuse - she should never be the exception.

No. 505120

Never go full Kati should be the new version of Never go full retard.

No. 505124


That needs to be a thing; LOL!

No. 505126

File: 1518807530875.jpg (15.11 KB, 225x225, IMG_20180216_115827.jpg)

Ask and you shall recive.

No. 505131


i don't understand why people take her seriously when she uses such obvious hyperbole. like "ruining my life" did someone take your couch away? what WAS this great life you had when you were claiming you were sick for 4 years before even joining youtube? she just sounds like a silly person who shouldn't be taken seriously.

No. 505135

File: 1518807768331.png (234.35 KB, 1040x222, lqxGghH.png)

Does anyone else suspect that the hentai butt plug is goading Kati into this melt down… would be hysterical if he's got her running around barking like a fucking seal for the sake of FINALLY getting someone to stream with him on that lame ass channel.

I can't understand how he can have his head so far up Tonka's ass and not manage to break 1000 views on his livestreams. Good on you Cuckthulu… you might finally break 1000 views if you can manage to get your tech right while your barking seal is screeching out all those obscenities.

No. 505138


My hero! <3

No. 505143


Honestly… she sounds like that bag lady with a shopping cart who stands around screaming at the telephone poles. It's going to be hysterical to watch Geek roll his couch potato around the super chat circuit.

No. 505147

Does she realize that people can counter-sue for her slander and libel? The legal system isn't a one-way, pro-crazy bitch system.

No. 505166


2 min preview of Kati's next week.

No. 505171


The Lady of the Couch needs to have funds to hire an attorney to even sue before you can counter-sue. Maybe butt plug is going to hire one for her out of his "Lolcow Wambulance Foundation" GoFundMe money.

No. 505181

With the help and support from Tonka, Andy Warski and Geek.
Kati feels so fierce and badass.

But actually Kati is a coward…
Kati can never defend for herself she always need her minions to back her up. Kati can't even stream on her own YouTube channel.

No. 505197

File: 1518809810107.jpg (86.23 KB, 579x411, harassers.jpg)

Hey we're getting 2 more streams about the bad people who've done her wrong! I guess releasing all that "evidence" didn't make her feel vindicated enough.

No. 505212

File: 1518810185169.png (165.98 KB, 414x416, CLOb4Yv.png)


How dare you! The Lady of the Couch has been wronged! People had opinions that she did not approve of. Many of those people are MUCH SMARTER than her and refused to buy the shit she was peddling.

(That and she really needs to get her pizza Patreon pitty bucks back up there before Dom makes her get of her ass and get a job!)

No. 505301

Joy is going to get herself sued if she keeps this up. I have a twitter account and I have reported her for harassment against Robert Hall.

Someone else already suggested it but I just wanted to repeat that it would be great if people on twitter reported her account as harassment because the Halls do not deserve this. I am disgusted.

No. 505313


If any of you going on Geek stream at 4pm.

Ask Kati about why she deleted her main channel, people simply wanted to see the analytics because Kati said she will not monetize child abused if she did so Kati will donated it accordingly.

No. 505327


Cucktard is desperate to get people on his livestream so he can make dat big YouTuber buck$… who the hell would go on that shit show? Fucking ear rape squared between Kati's ranting and geeks inability to master basic technology.

No. 505388

I also reported her. This is disgusting and the only reason she feels like she can bully all these people is because of her tard army behind her.

No. 505394

She's on cucktarded's stream… and she is triggered as fuck! She's throwing cunts, whores, and pussy all over the place.

"You think you're so smart because you have extensive vocabulary and can put the words together, but you're so dumb" – Kati trying to throw shade at Moral Virus around the 32m mark.

No. 505440

This very thought occurred to me yesterday during that kumite mess. Chambers and some of the guys on the show were both really encouraging Joy to release that info about Rose and talking about clearing her name and that kind of bullshit. The whole thing has been a disaster and it seemed like they were getting her hyped up about this and of course Joys outrageous behavior will get them some views.

Larry Hogan is the governor of Maryland! She is full on delusional passed the point of return if she thinks he will ever acknowledge her existence in a positive way.

No. 505496

She is so fucking stupid.
She might as well kiss her future goodbye, a potential employer, a bf, or basically any other relationship can easily see what a liar, scammer, all around malicious and terrible person she is. They'll pump the brakes when they Google her name and see what horrors she is capable of, via her own actions. No amount of bullshitting through an interview or fluffing a resume will change that. They can even see that she lies her way into jobs lol. Any reasonable person will not see her in a positive light, in any way.

And she just keeps on going. Pretending to "clear her name" to be such a badas. She thinks the channels that are hosting her breakdown are backing her but they only care about the views and traffic she brings as a one-man-shitshow lol.

No. 505498

OMG she's unhinged that I would actually be terrified to be in the same room as her. And not in an 'oh she's a bad ass way' but in a this couch monster could possibly stab me in my sleep kind of way.

No. 505504

Best part of the stream so far is this staged phone call from Australia. It just happens when she's live bullshit. It's a Ser up so she can go see guys people are constantly harassing me.

Get the fuck out of here with that shit you couch monster your numbers been on the internet for years. No one buys your bullshit.

No. 505505

I am scared of Joy and her insane fans. Seriously I don't want to tweet anything regarding her because I don't want to be the next person doxxed.

No. 505508

Bitch if fucking insane! She's mad that Nick wouldn't let her walk all over him… and now she's going to PAY Bearing to let her go rant on HIS channel… what the fuck, this bitch is sideways bat shit crazy!

(Ref Cunthulu's stream)

No. 505517


I don't blame you. Not gonna lie, when I saw that excel sheet of "haters," I rushed to see if I was on it. I wasn't. I guess I flew under her radar.

Clearly, she's missed a WHOLE lot of people. heh.

No. 505523

Kati family said the truth about Kati mental illness.

No. 505545

HA! People are getting smart and blocking her crusty ass and laughing at her and she's losing it with her herd of joytards. This is premium US Grade A retardation going on there. They have about 10 spergleberries on the stream sucking her ass so hard. Chambers needs to steer clear of automobiles, because she could suck the chrome off a bumper as hard as she's sucking up to Kati.

No. 505550

The truce with her and Nick didn't last longer than 24 hours lol. And that's a great thing because he wouldn't kowtow to her demands without question. She wanted access to ALL private DMs with numerous people and he refused in order to protect his privacy. He also wasn't going to remove that article about Joy. Good for you Nick!

No. 505554

God she's toxic. Running to everyone and everywhere to just scream at her haters. That's really all she's doing. If she does plan on coming back to YouTube and start making videos her attitude and shadiness will once again be her own downfall. Kati, you don't sound tough at all. You sound mentally unhinged. Go get some help, sweetie <3

No. 505572


We need to start a betting pool to see if she'll have a probation officer or a case worker first. My bet is on a case worker supporting her as an outpatient under close supervision.

No. 505574

File: 1518826211526.jpg (108.95 KB, 591x650, nickmon.jpg)

They're back to blocking one another again.

No. 505576

File: 1518826273151.jpg (127.01 KB, 1200x780, DWMeINfVoAAiZFu.jpg)

No. 505581

File: 1518826559447.jpg (72.29 KB, 576x288, okjoy.jpg)

Now he's been challenged to come to another stream and get shouted at some more.

No. 505594

Like….. I uh… I really have no words. She's so fucking demanding. You can't just demand things from people like that and expect them to gladly hand stuff over.. unless you're Chambers.. kek.

No. 505599

The hilarious thing about this is that while her haters ignore her or don't bow down to her ridiculous demands it only fills her with rage even more. There will come a day when everyone will move on from this shit show minus Joy. She will still be talking about duh haterz.

No. 505602

Here's the stream from today. At one point Chambers said Poppie (Roses dad) had deleted his twitter. Is that true, did he get harassed off of twitter or was she finally blocked?

No. 505606

Looks like she's lost another three of her $2 Patrons and two or three of her $3 Patrons this week.

The sidebar says:
10 $2 Patrons
12 $3 Patrons
15 $10 Patrons
4 $20 Patrons
1 $50 Patron
1 $100 Patron

No. 505610

File: 1518827916948.png (238.65 KB, 585x899, temp.png)

"He's so insecure… by the way… MY E-PEEN IS BIGGER."

Actually, in context, sweetie, he was disproving your argument, not comparing e-peens.

The only one comparing e-peens is you.

So insecure and pathetic, indeed. Not him, you.

No. 505620


She's got one foot firmly planted in the "crazy homeless lady w/shopping cart, ranting at total strangers" future.

No. 505637

there's something really obvious point to make regarding the tweet with the screenshot of the email from a "harasser."

don't make it. don't help kati.

No. 505647

>>505610 Of her 13.3 million total channel views between her main channel and her 2nd channel approximately 10 million of those channel views occurred during April, May, June, July. It is no exaggeration to say that 80% of the views and 67% of the subscribers, the lion's share of exposure and $ generated, were directly 'drama ghouled' off the back's of Rose's children.
How this insane screeching harpy thinks harassing and attacking people is ever going to make that something to be proud of is beyond me.
It's literally exactly the thing she claimed she would NEVER do, and in the end it was just about the only thing she ever did.
She's certifiable and all the people who keep feeding into her insanity in hopes of riding her coattail's to relevancy or for their own sick amusement are beyond reprehensible.

No. 505687

File: 1518832572899.jpg (41.58 KB, 590x254, retracted.jpg)

Nick Monroe has added an update to this article: https://nickmonroe.blog/2017/06/07/my-response-to-joysparklebs/

He added that Tim Conlon was Joys source about what happened in the courtroom, he mentioned that stuff about using Phil as a source and then posted the messages he had with Joy today. Joy did not get her personal retraction or removal of the article!

No. 505693


Nick doubled down on "Drama Goul"… that was EPIC!


No. 505697

I think Nick Monroe is my new hero!

No. 505705

Omg she is a fucking clown lol.. the screenshot of her “harasser” is her doxing that person?????

No. 505720

File: 1518835105289.png (139.37 KB, 1037x606, dGutLta.png)

HA! I would pay good money (earned money, not Kati's pitty bucks) to watch boyfriend Dom's face as she demands money to hire an attorney to go to court and clear her "good name"

Kati, you fucked your name by:

- Putting out 50 videos on Onision in less than a month.

- Hounding after 16yo girls for interviews because they "dated" (oh, wait, that was a click bait title when you wrote "exclusive interviews with Onision Exs") Onision

- Hounded a mentally fragile boy because he talked to someone you were having a fight with.

- Manipulating a 20 something disabled girl to shit post on lolcow to distract while you tried to clean up your Internet foot print, then calling HER a liar and a con artist.

- Sucked up to an 18yo for a "colab" so you could go on a fishing expedition to see how much Onision info you could pump her for.

- Monetized two videos about the deaths of family members where you called those family members every foul thing in the book as a "PSA" … bitch, you knew they were hurting and you couldn't wait to rub salt in their wounds.

- Pretended to have an Onision debate in March for click bait.

- Thrashed a what you thought was a 12yo commenter on one of your videos because you wanted to go all "gheto" on her ass because she pointed out that she would prefer that people stop using the term gheto as synonymous for bad.

And, ALL of that was before the Do5 Situation even started and you tried to monetize those vids and got called out on it.

This vid is long, but gives Kati's Do5 claims in her own fucking words. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNNiADvj7CE

No. 505722

File: 1518835226473.png (38.57 KB, 680x383, 297 (2).png)

…while everyone else rolls their eyes.

No. 505875

File: 1518848368117.jpg (124.61 KB, 621x839, patrons.jpg)

This person is freaked out about being a former patron of Joys. Naturally this is a great offense to Joy so she tweets about it.

No. 505894

I just have to comment that during geeks stream yesterday Joy was going off on someone leaking her “ childhood” photo. Someone asked what photo it was an Cucthulhu said “ the one where she has the LITTLE basketball uniform on. I dunno but I saw that pic and 10 year old Kati was not little!!! They must have special ordered her uniform.

No. 505903


OMG… when I saw it again, I forgot what a bulldog looking kid she was. She looks like the bitch that isn't bright, so has a 'circle' by way of being a bully.

No. 505908

This whole issue is a complete cluster-fuck of shit that doesn't even matter. It's all a bunch of childish stuff that only elementary or middle school aged children care about. It would all go away if both sides just let it go and shut the fuck up. No one cares about Katie's reputation. No one cares about Rose, Chambers, Rose's father, Tim ConMAN, or anyone. No one gives a fuck. Yeah, the drama is fun to watch, but, it's getting to a point where it's just sad. They are all just destroying their own lives and reputations without even knowing it.

No. 505917


This is a fucking joke. They are all a bunch of losers. I clicked on the link, saw how long the stream was and just laughed. They all need to do something constructive with their lives instead of ranting about nonsensical shit on YouTube for 7+ hours. Losers…

No. 505929


Right now, the Kati-Cuck duo are over 10 hours streaming and Cuck is rolling his crusty potato all around the circuit this weekend. All for the views. These people have no jobs, no lives, they're just sad bitchy people. Her joytards even had an after hours stream w/cucktard in that one too…

No. 505963

Are you kidding me?! These streams go on for 4-10 hours?! Who has the time?

That is nuts!

No. 505967

I'm just coming back to this topic after a month away. How can Joy not see that this is madness?

Who are her supporters?

I know this is OT but wanted to vent my frustration.

Who are her Patreons and why? This is nuts.

Joy is weird and demanding.

I just don't get it.

Also, how is Dom, who we now know is her partner, okay with this?!

What a nightmare.

No. 505968

I came back to check if this shit show was still happening.

Its kinda disappointing that it is and entertainng that it isnt at the same time.

Poor Poppie, btw.

No. 506017

Amazing how someone with Fibro an Brainfog can rant for 10 hours on a stream

No. 506035


She's going to pay Bearing to be on his stream?

If I was a fan of hers, I'd be pretty pissed that she'd be using the money that I paid her to take care of her immediate needs (rent/groceries/pet care) on paying a Youtuber to rant on his stream.

No. 506045


Got to love how she brags about how quickly her channel grew in the span of six months; but fails to recall how quickly she was bleeding subs in the span of a single month; where she had to deactivate/delete her account in order to freeze the number while it was still in the 50k range.

No. 506058

Correction - Rose and her family are staying out of this mess (mostly for legal reasons).

Just because Kati is dragging that family through the mud in order to salvage her own imploded reputation doesn't mean that family are actively involved in this mess.


I don't use Twitter; but looking up his name the other day, Poppie's account was set to private (approved followers only. Checking today, his name doesn't even show - so, educated guess would be that the account was deleted.

And, in all honesty, I can't blame him. He set his account to private to keep Joy and her merry bad of drooling fantards from harassing/bullying him and his family; only to have someone within his privated group leak tweets he made and send them over to Kati - where she'd spin it to make it seem like Poppie was attacking her (even though said tweets never mentioned her name or even remotely alluded it was about her).

It's scary how easily her fantards will believe anything she claims.

No. 506068

People on Kati list are heroes they have the courage to tell the truth.

They are the ones that exposed Kati many lies and warned others to stay away from Kati.

Without them people will still believe in Kati never ending lies.

No. 506071

Since that last schreechfest, there are now a few ex-patrons on Twitter openly asking if anyone knows how to get a refund from Patreon for funds donated to Kati under false pretenses. Whether or not that's possible, I wonder if there will be more after the Tommy C stream…

No. 506105

I'll just leave this link to file an IC3 report on her here. I've filed one as well as reported her for tax evasion maybe it's time more people do.

No. 506188

Tinfoil, but, there's no way Dom doesn't have a side piece, even just an emotional relationship without it being sexual. I'd imagine that spending such an amount of time with someone so repulsive, in every way, would probably shrivel up his genitals. He probably does cartwheels on his way to work, in pure bliss and joy to be away from her.

In truth and aside from all her terrible behavior and actions, as a person she literally offers nothing and even on her good days, can't stray from telling lies or talking about how she's been wronged by every single person in her life. Her streams are nothing more than fabricated and contradictory health updates and shit talk. She doesn't leave the house, ever, and has no hobbies or interests at all. She is so lazy that she won't even get off her fat ass to even let her poor dog out to pee. Even her tards don't say otherwise.

It's blatantly obviously that any of her rare friendliness and donating are nothing more than a to-do list for her to gain support so she can have back up to demonstrate that she is a somewhat decent human.

No. 506223

Kati said she wanted to focus on her illness to get better.

But actually Kati gathering information from her minions to get revenge. Kati such a vengeful person.

People need to remind Geek to stop insult and bully people because Geek a family man, he should be a better role model for his kids.

Geek please focus on your family more than Kati. Let Kati defend for herself.

No. 506246

File: 1518891658105.jpg (130.32 KB, 1439x1312, IMG_20180217_111724.jpg)

Yay another kumite. The only reason she's doing it there and at that time is because she knows it will be to late for Tommy C to do it and because she can have all of Tampon Saws group of retards support her while she shit talks Tommy C for not showing up.

No. 506259

She's doing it at that time because that's 3pm EST, which is when Tommy does his own show.

No. 506266

Wait is that for today, am I reading that correctly? So she streamed several hours on Thursday, a couple yesterday, has plans to stream on Sunday and now another round of ranting today? She is so fucking manic it's ridiculous and what's wrong with all these people encouraging this. Anything for views I guess.

No. 506270

She's planning on doing two streams on Sunday. Kumite and then Warski.

No. 506274

Wouldn't that be like 9 or 10pm his time? I thought he didn't do them that late any more.


No. 506278

File: 1518893221069.png (152.87 KB, 725x642, 5FKUikw.png)

SO.. am working through that drive… Went through everything "based mama" and especially wanted to see this "campaign" that she was running.

there is nothing there that wasn't already said in the videos that based mama posted. NOTHING. No planning meetings, no you do this, i'll do that…. the closest i found was a message (pic provided) where she was aware that "There's a good 40 people gathering to take her down". This was on May 10 when Kati was still squawking about being media and being allowed to say what she wanted but she was CHOOSING to not say anything. She was saying that she had inside information that she'd release when the time was right.

To say that's based running a campaign to make her look crazy? For all I can tell, everyone was just DMing everyone else and she knew there were a lot of people pissed and planning videos… BECAUSE there were a lot of people pissed that she wouldn't shut up and was just making up more shit to vlog about.

Sooo…. this drive dump, unless she puts more up there… is looking like Kati is paranoid as fuck and has been for a long time. She started the "they have a campaign to make me look crazy" in May. She said it on Warski's show (May 24th?) that there was a major campaign against her and she had "proof!"

No. 506288

This fat cow blocked everyone on her “ hater” list so hadn’t the balls to talk one on one with anyone. She’s putting out her manic tweets with no reply’s except her echo chamber. The 🐍is scouring around twitter catching screenshots from people who don’t want anything to do with her. Get off your couch you fat cunt ( and don’t hurt the dog trying) and maybe have a shower ( it’s only 2 months I’m betting). Unblock those people you are calling out you piece of shit!

No. 506290

File: 1518893654894.png (623.47 KB, 928x598, mUSCApF.png)


This is Kati's main channel at that time. Notice how she's started to do side commentary and, then again, there's the ever present click bait titles.

In several of the videos she was saying shit like "And this isn't done, I'm going to stay on this until I know those kids are safe!"

She was splooging all over the place in weird topics, like the video about how BBC did but didn't interview her. They were just weird videos that took what most people might say in a single tweet and made them into rambling 10 minute tirades.

No. 506294


I think she's trying to distract from the massive nothing burger that's sitting on the google drive.

No. 506303

I wonder if there has EVER been a case like with Katy where Previous PATRONS are threatening to sue. This deluded fat POS thinks that everyone has wronged her…dozens and dozens of them but she has done nothing. Laughing at the fact she says she won’t go back on YouTube until she gets her body back. Bitch is almost middle aged, unmarried, childless and pretty hopeless. It is pretty doubtful she will ever look like she did at 22 😂😂😂 Maybe that’s why she was trying to age shame that Melinda person. She was literally calling her out to get a life. It sounded like the lady did have a job, kids etc. Don’t think I can make it listening to her shrieking voice for even five minutes so hoping to get a play by play from here 😂😂😂

No. 506305

File: 1518894424504.png (3.62 MB, 1920x4327, LuFbfxW.png)


Here is her videos page archived at that time. Notice the massive number of just ranty videos about speculation that she either came up with or read on the twatters… and that's where the archive site doesn't "scroll down" so who knows how many were in just the prior week? She reached over 90 videos in only two weeks time.

(I'm trying to work through Kati's claims to sort the evidence to support them. This was a "quick" one since there was nothing there. And, frankly, if you've watched her shit show and the live streams and videos she's done… there isn't much new information in this shit. But, I DO encourage you all to look for yourself and not take my word on it!)

No. 506309

File: 1518894713856.png (335.22 KB, 1921x784, kNjm7Sz.png)

The boyfriend sleep with Cody evidence. Chambers knew June 16 and thought it was a fine idea. Here we are 7 months later and suddenly everyone is clutching pearls and heading to the fainting couches?

No. 506312

Just to clarify some things for people who don't understand how it works.

Deleting the YouTube channel does delete analytics and they are not recoverable.

YouTube Adsense and regular plain old Adsense are the same but separate.

Adsense DOES give information about YouTube earnings but not as a running total, it adds it all at once on a date after the month is through.

Adsense does not give YouTube analytics such as views, minutes watched, subscribers, etc. ONLY the amount earned in the way specified above.

Adsense sends a 1099 by mail for tax purposes so the YouTube analytics are not required for that purpose.

No. 506323

Phil should consider talking to a lawyer to see if the pedo accusation stuff is actionable. Also, if there is a statute of limitations on slander/libel/defamation (She's written it on twitter and I'm sure she's said it on a stream). May not be worth it to act on it now but it may be in the future. But IANAL so what do I know.

No. 506326

And yet Chambers said in the stream that she had only known since November, interesting. Basically Joy found that out recently and felt vindicated and wants to publicly throw Rose under the bus thinking that will clear her rep totally. I bet if Joy heard that those kids had been removed from Rose and permanently dumped in the system she would twirl and dance on stream. Fucking disgusting!

No. 506327

File: 1518895483428.png (110.83 KB, 1127x554, vyKA4TR.png)


I'm guessing this was because Kati posted pics of an email thread (not able to date if it was in October, December, Jan or Feb) where she was asking for weekly breakdowns for taxes. (you don't even need that for US taxes, you just need total earned)… and she was not even asking for per video, so that wouldn't have helped her case in showing that she hadn't earned more than she claimed. Pic is one of about 4 of the email chain and it is all the same.

No. 506328


What could he sue her for, though? The shrieking nutter doesn't have a dime to her name (outside of donations).

No. 506329


That's why I said the bit about statute of limitations and in the future.

No. 506330


Anything on twitter is false information and targeted harassment and the tweets should be reported.

No. 506334


No, guys. Give her enough rope and she'll hang herself with it. See: the last 3 days.

No. 506341


Hence the reason why people should be reporting her every time she tweets something insulting/berating towards others - especially if it's directed towards the Hall family, as they have told her - directly - to stop talking about them/dragging them into her drama.

Kati won't be hanging herself if people stay silent as she continuously bullies/harasses people she deems as her 'haters'.

No. 506344

File: 1518896259966.png (176.97 KB, 1279x954, zS3w2aG.png)


Yeah… about that tiny tiny 105 pounds… when she was registered for star search, she claimed quite a bit more than that.

No. 506346


Look at the milk cucktarded splooges over a 12hr time out… could you imagine the tsunami of milk Kati would produce if her twitter got suspended?

No. 506347

I love how repzion isn't responding to her despite her constant tweets to him. Does she not realize he doesn't do youtube full-time anymore and works? The fact that she is going after all these people over twitter just shows how much of attention-seeking piece of shit she really is.

No. 506354


Well, I agree if it's directed toward the Hall family.

The best way to discredit her is to let her do it herself. Outside her little hugbox, I don't think anyone is taking her seriously. She's not collecting supporters by the way she is behaving, only losing them. This is just the way I see it, maybe I'm wrong.

No. 506361

I also agree. I went ahead and reported her twitter for the things she is saying about Rose. This woman is one of the most toxic people I've ever seen. The stuff she is doing and saying can and may get her twitter suspended. It needs to happen

No. 506366

File: 1518897318480.png (942.67 KB, 1280x720, f3gT75P.png)


In crazy town, if you keep screaming something long enough that makes it true.

She has truly become Onision only without the talent or the sanity.

No. 506371

That's saying something given he has negative amounts of talent and little sanity. Kati makes him look almost like a reasonable YouTuber in comparison. And I hate to type that.

No. 506430

File: 1518901343976.png (92.86 KB, 780x580, RmUJa1X.png)

Kati claiming that she's doing this shit fest "for the children!"

BITCH, if you have concerns, then wouldn't taking them to CPS be the correct way to inform them instead of running around YouTube ranting like a hyena about "da haterz!" and looking like an unmedicated crazy bag lady?

Remember when Onision told her to fuck off and she did that stream and GoFundMe to buy/ship him a glittered up fax machine? This is clearly that level of stupid 50x over.

No. 506436


And yet, if CPS has been involved with Rose all this time and thought she was an unfit mother, Rose would have lost custody of the kids months ago. And haven't the kids been seeing a counselor since leaving Do5's house of horrors? If the counselor found anything that remotely told them the kids were being mistreated while under Rose's care, they'd also intervene without hesitation.

Nice to know that Kati thinks she knows better than CPS - or trained counselors - when it comes to the welfare of Rose's babies. But then, she' also the same person who says doctors don't know squat and a person can heal themselves via meditation/prayer; so I shouldn't be surprised she'd think she knows better than trained professionals.

No. 506442

File: 1518902438239.png (104.71 KB, 763x554, nJxM9Xg.png)

Um… this isn't crazy stalker sounding shit, now is it? Guess now that poppie has made a different twitter account, she's going to stalk other people. Holy fucking shit does she sound unhinged and dangerous now!

No. 506444

File: 1518902641130.png (127.5 KB, 766x736, MmIbYYi.png)

Kati's supporters trying to calm her down… this is hysterical. Someone above posted about a parole officer or case worker first… I'm taking parole officer. This bitch will probably body slam some poor soul on the streets because she decided they looked at her wrong.

No. 506446

File: 1518902850801.png (145.14 KB, 768x839, HJy4kGK.png)

These are her supporters.

No. 506447

File: 1518902859164.jpg (522.69 KB, 1622x1170, IMG_20180217_121959.jpg)

Here's the letter she wrote Luna Blarp who she's also convinced is Eobard Thawne. Yet all the screenshots she has of Eobard Thawne and the account she tags are the account that Denise or Angel Zones made. That's some great detective work there Nancy Drew.

No. 506449

File: 1518902944504.jpg (262.19 KB, 1168x2048, IMG_20180217_142901.jpg)

No. 506451


I saw her using her own supporters accounts for "Eobard" … she's so unhinged she's tripling down on the stupid w/a big dose of cray cray. At least it's Saturday and Dom should be there to bounce her back in bounds if she goes completely bat shit insane.

No. 506456


Good God! The sheer projection coming from her - it burns the retinas!

No. 506460


I'm pretty sure the man lives in fear of her.

Honestly, what other kind of man can stand living under the same roof as a woman who acts the way Kati does on a daily basis?

No. 506475

File: 1518903978540.png (256.15 KB, 1463x279, 7VUFXGH.png)

So, this is the infamous threat about Kati's boyfriend's work. It was made in response to her harassment campaign against someone else.

And, Kati's harassment campaign against that woman was because she tweeted a JOKE on twitter in response to a tweet by Negs.

No. 506480

let's not forget the animosity towards rose started when she asked for the videos to be taken down. this is all revenge for that.

No. 506498


If I were rose, I'd be terrified right now… Kati is seriously unglued and beyond giving even one fuck about the fact that she's making herself look like the worlds biggest cunt.

No. 506513

I like that she says she can't work for 6 to 9 months, due to her various problems with metal toxicity. So her health problems change in nature but remain enduring. 11 years of airing her various ever changing symptoms and diagnosis's but never a cure. No wonder she
never applys for disability as its not paid to malingerers or neurotics.

No. 506517

So no stream today? Tommy C VS Kati

No. 506521

Can you imagine how pleasant a person Kati could have been if she simply accepted the fact that she has anxiety disorder and got proper treatment for it?

No. 506538


Kati says "the p-word is the worst thing you can say about anyone!" and is now painting everyone you can imagine as either a pedophile or a pedo-sympathizer. She's had an EXTREME thing about pedophiles for her entire YouTube Karear (ha!)…

YouNow demographics are 75% under age 25yo and many of them are 11yo-15yos… she's been trolling that platform since Jan or Feb of last year.

She admitted that her old IndigoAbuse forum had pedophiles in it and they did nothing about it except shut it down. That admission came when she thought Repzion's video would contain serious 'bombs' (remember her massive crying fit that tots was not because she thought Repzion's vid was about to ruin her?)

She is totally giving off a vibe like the 'Preacher hates fags and they'll all go to hell!' right before the good preacher is found snorting coke off an underage call boy.

She is just entirely TOO fixated on the pedo thing. At one time, w/that Omnipolitics guy she was arguing that it was a brain abnormality and sounded like she was almost supporting his position.

No. 506540

Kati so ungrateful towards her ex Patrons who have support Kati with their hard earned money paying Kati monthly on Kati Patreon. Kati such a vile 33 years old woman.

No. 506555


She could still be a shit, although a less anxious one. The thing I wonder is what would have happened if she'd chalked all this up to experience, let it go, taken a break and made the content she kept claiming 'muh fibro' was preventing her from making. You know, cheap uplift of a crunchy, quasi spiritual sort and shallow, ill informed, banal commentary on today's events. She'd have possibly lost her core Pateon demographic of mouth breathers cheering on the school bully moments before he gets thumped, but I bet she'd have found a benign, fluffy audience (that nightmare girl unicorn liar, for one) who'd lap it up, and her approbatotors would vanish. But no. Not our Joy.

No. 506560

Sunday 3pm EST

No. 506567

The Tommy C vs Kati isn't happening at all on Sunday. Tommy has a regular show he does every Sunday at 3 PM EST. It is going to be about her but not with her. She chose that time because she knows he can't be on the other stream. If she was so looking forward to facing her "haters" she would just go on his show and do that. I'm not sure why anyone would really want to face her right now, all she does is interrupt, yell, and mock people. No one gets to say what they need to say to her, she is still in her safe circle were comments and opinions are censored. The other shows she has been on allows her to do this and doesn't give the other person a chance to speak without her yapping over them.

On another note it's very interesting that she claims she was away from Twitter for so long and didn't know anything about the Richard Stiles freak out yet she has every screenshot anyone has ever talked about her. Maybe I can believe she was away, which I don't, I would still believe that someone in her circle would have told her about him immediately, since she even says "everyone brings these things to my attention.". I bet she has recorded phone calls all the way back to telemarketers, Dom's calls, and even her own families.
She is pretty brave on Twitter for calling everyone out, when she has half of Twitter blocked.

No. 506625

Raw dump in reverse chronological order of 3019 tweets by JoySparkleBS:

No. 506663

File: 1518914884957.png (122.76 KB, 671x800, xC1zKcj.png)

I really can't tell if Kati's herd of joytards are LARPing as morons or genuinely this retarded any more. If they have IQs above 50, they are the best LARPers I've ever seen.

No. 506674


I'll take both for $200, Alex. Jesus, what a moronic cult of mouthbreathing sycophants.

Okay, once in English - regardless of what that list was named, its purpose was most likely not for Taters to send holiday greetings.

Otherwise, why would there be a need to display a list used as "evidence" if not to "punish" those she had her goons identify on Twitter as those evil haterz (TM) and then siccing the cult on them via DMs?

No. 506682

Raw dump of 160 JoySparkleBS retweets

No. 506701


I read this earlier and at first I read this and went.. wut?


But after mulling it over (got stuck in a very line for a long time)…

If she were a beard for Dom (a Hispanic man who uses the feminine spelling of the name ) who is from an Hispanic family, so would likely be pressured to be hetero-cis-normative… (and now I'm wondering if they're trans in some way?)

The pedo stuff on her own forums that was not delt with by the police at a time when the police were whole hog going after pedos and the "to catch a predator" thing was in vogue…

Her trolling a website geared at kids, that just throws them into random rooms. Her syrupy voice affect at them. I've seen her give birth control advice to someone she thought was 11yo (think about that… would you as a 32yo advice someone you thought was 11yo on birth control?)

Then there's the just plain weird "mashed potatoes" shit…

If she were, like I wrote above, just a beard for Dom and she used her free time trolling/grooming tweener girls… that would not surprise me at this point.

The beard thing (threat to out him to his family) would totally explain why he hasn't booted her ass and lives with the constant screeching going on.

The lesbian pedo grooming thing would explain why so many of her audience are people of non-conforming nature and stick by her even though she's as insulting as fuck to them.

I would also explain why she has other predators like Takedownman and Angel Zones in her circle of friends.


No. 506748

File: 1518921382008.png (300.3 KB, 1181x693, Q8iDxsC.png)

Piecing it together anon. Kati claimes she's owed money, Phil disputes this. Here is the reason it's in dispute.

SO JOYTARDS BE WARNED!… KATI will play nice and helpful then use that shit against you. Kati sure has been howling like a muthafucker saying she's due money!

No. 506774

Shes on cucky's discord screeching at people.

No. 506777


Which discord, I'd love to lurk and join.

No. 506786

File: 1518924940678.png (29.79 KB, 531x389, download (5).png)

Well, it looks like it went thru. She is currently locked out of her account for a certain amount of time. Good job guys. She can only be toxic for so long before it bites her in the ass.

No. 506790

I'm not sure if the people that are commenting about reporting her tweets as harassment know how Twitter works. 95% of us can't report those tweets, because we are blocked. Her and Tommy C would be awesome to watch, because he can yell and talk over people just as good as she can. She is just like a new aged feminist. She thinks whoever yells the loudest, whoever makes the least sense, says the most off the wall claims, wins the argument. It was either here or on Twitter, but as someone suggested, if she can put together such a document together as that google drive, she could get a pretty decent job.

No. 506791


Shes yelling at ExtraSpoon about the "harassing tweets"

No. 506793

File: 1518925045141.png (108.74 KB, 750x1093, IMG_3705.PNG)

No. 506826

Yeah just leave the pedo alone. Kati is so much worse

No. 506833


It's too bad he wouldn't sue her. His little vacation shows the distress it caused him.

Furthermore, the information wasn't exposed because of genuine concern. That's one of the many common shields Kati uses to deflect criticism (Others include illness, feigning ignorance and confusion, for example). If it was genuine concern something would have been done a lot earlier. It was done out of pure malice.

Destroying your opponents credibility doesn't give you credibility. Likewise, proving your opponents insanity doesn't prove you to be sane. Sorry, not how it works.

No. 506838

I'm surprised she kept it to herself so long. She tried to help him, gave him money and he shit all over her.

No. 506845


Before their falling out, Kati had been BFF with him for over 10 years… I saw her comments on his facebook posts. His girlfriend on the YouNow streams certainly wasn't even remotely young.

Now, suddenly Kati knowing him for 10 years and just now finding out that as a High School senior he dated a freshman? And, she's so shook about the 16yo relationship that they have no evidence of any sex happening in… and she took her a week to get over it?

MY ASS! Kati flirted constantly on YouNow with 12yo boys. Look at how she flirted with that kid that made a video about her and even DWOlfe made creepy comments about how attractive that kid would be when he grew up… That's as 33yo flirting with 12yos… is anyone running for the fainting couches over that shit?

No. 506849


And he tried to help her but, alas, she is beyond hope.

No. 506852

How the fuck could that retard help anyone? He's not worked for years and lives like a tramp.

No. 506856


Who, Kati?

No. 506857

File: 1518928566803.png (221.86 KB, 783x535, X4eUlux.png)


More proof that Kati knows she hasn't got squat to prove Based Mama organized anything. This is her demands from Nick the day after the Kumite and the day after the drive drop.

Also… once again, sounds totally paranoid.

No. 506859

No Phil the wizard of course. If he could magically clean himself up and stop taking an interest in children he would be a quarter normal

No. 506867


Ohhh, I thought you meant Kati. It seems like she's moved a lot. France, Canada, Washington, Colorado, Oklahoma, Missouri, just to name a few. She also hasn't worked in years. That's why I got confused.

Hey remember when Kati was all flirty with that Cole person? He was high school age (the one that couldn't attend his graduation because he was in the hospital) joking about raping him and how sexy he was? Weird, right?

No. 506875

File: 1518929533167.png (448.53 KB, 1748x2560, j7mf5BP.png)

TWITTER THREAT made toward Kati by ImANEggPeeps account tweets that are shown

Here: >>448677
And Here: >>448678

That account made the threats in Dec 16 2017 and clearly hates Kati enough to go way beyond the pale. This is one of the death threats against Kati that she routinely talks about.

The threatening tweets were called out by people from all sides with the anti-joy people telling the joytards to try harder (paraphrased)…

But, what was that account doing earlier?

On Nov 28, it was full on joytarded and and haranging people who had hurt "Joy" (pic related)

Archive of the google cache result: https://archive.is/Ysb9z

No. 506892


Rogue Nox is just as big of a joke as Joy. They both have half of twitter blocked. Rogue has had me blocked since at least October and I have never interacted with her that I know about. I have always called Joy out on her lies, so Im not sure why she left the need to block me but she did. Geek had a stream breaking apart her video that she deleted, she was in the comments and would not go on there to defend herself. I cannot stand Joy but I will call out anyone on their BS. Rogue has the nerve to comment about Angel Zones blocking her. That is just as funny as Joy calling out everyone privatizing their Twitter accounts.

No. 506894

96 tweets from BEFORE (chronologically) the last dump


No. 506921


Thanks for these, they're very useful!

No. 506945


yw. there's still more to come. when i think i've gotten all i can, i'll collate the whole lot.

No. 506966

Lots of people like to travel around for a couple of years.
She was earning money from YT which is a job once you reach a certain level.

No. 506968

File: 1518936164943.png (173.03 KB, 2048x1536, 4511F6F5-39C3-4578-AB67-1CBEB3…)

Hopefully this will help shut her up for awhile. She hasn’t posted for a few hours.

No. 506973


Those weren't just trips, she lived in each. You know, like a tramp.

SShe's living off Dom, not YouTube. lol

No. 506980

So she made a sock puppet ass kissing account (like her twin onion) and then decided to switch to threats to boost her claims of epic harassment? Sounds about right, she's decided to claim victimhood to save her unsalvagable rep.