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File: 1526841405901.png (1.51 MB, 1284x967, ClassicCraig.png)

No. 589468

RealStream News (RSN/Craig Silva) is an autistic amalgamation of The Blargh, Vexxed, and Ice Poseidon. He is an alleged rapist and has been known to take recordings from here and The Blargh. He is known to lurk and post on his thread. Currently has beef with The Blargh, Ragreynolds, Masked Babe, his alleged victim, Amber, and Onion flakes Beck, Maxie, and Allie.

>Fairly harmless from the start

>Starts taking content and recordings from youtube and lolcow
>Spreads his tinfoil about Sam and Greg being friends again
>Releases a video about Maxie and how she was treated by Lainey for having her card decline during a stream
>Caps of him “complimenting” were Maxie’s nudes released. “This tits tho” memes ensue
>Starts selfposting in his thread to keep it alive >>521035
>Beef with Ragreynolds starts after his “interview” with Rag. Rag mentions an addiction to heroin and CJ denies ever being on drugs.
>DMs between Sam and RSN were released by The Blargh (Surprise, he’s a pushy asshole)
>Rag hosts another stream with RSN. RSN falls for bait about Rag being a rapist.
>Face reveal! He’s ugly as sin.
>Begins interviewing active onionflakes, starts off with Poopbeck
>Takes more content and selfposts more
>Interviews Allie
>His channel RealStream News gets copyright strikes and taken down by Onion, starts a new one called Real Stream which is owned by “Forever Scene Productions” aka RealStream News
>Opens a discord server
>Bans Masked Babe for recording a conversation and posting a video about it
>Discord continues to be a mess
>Flies out Amber, has a stream with her drinking while she was underage
>A few days pass and Craig and Amber go on stream about how they hooked up, Amber is in tears, stating she said no twice
>Grandma helps him get the fuck out of dodge, CJ proceeds to livestream and post videos about how he didn’t rape her
>Stays offline for two weeks (though posts “evidence” on lolcow) recordings of his discord VC were released
>Comes back with edgy video disproving absolutely nothing and opens a new discord server
>Streams everyday complaining about the people he has beef with and how he’s planning to sue
>Revealed that he was lying about his previous history with drugs

Social Media:
Main Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCI0YOHMWVVLGsHiZ5zIHjw
Secondary Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyxtwYinbxgSayVOajMkHJQ
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/craigsilva28
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RealStreamNews

To keep the thread on topic please talk about the onion flakes here >>>/snow/432327
Previous Thread: >>>/snow/520070

No. 589535

File: 1526844737977.jpg (18.57 KB, 216x256, receipt.0145412001526844519.jp…)

receipt of bropics donation(ban evasion)

No. 589552

File: 1526845498389.jpeg (536.52 KB, 750x1291, B4D01F18-8202-405B-8C6C-2AC03C…)

That is not what PayPal receipts look like, but please be less obvious than “fakereceipts.us” next time

No. 589553

No PayPal receipt looks like that, try again.

No. 589576


lol fuck both ya'll

No. 589657

File: 1526851204014.png (125.68 KB, 656x913, 20180520_171707.png)

What made him change his mind?

No. 589672

lol yesterday he threatened on ruining herchannel

No. 589673

>there's a big reason I'm not saying much
Great joke Craig. Also peep dat blackmail, what a fucking scumbag.

No. 589683

He's streaming. Let's see how long he goes without talking about MB, since last night he talked about her a solid 70-80%

No. 589723

File: 1526853939363.png (15.48 KB, 657x199, colombiner.PNG)

I guess CJ is in the true crime community, not surprising since his soundcloud username is HeyyElliotRodgerHere E.

https://soundcloud.com/heyyelliotrodgerhere-e His soundcloud is empty though.

No. 589725

he's so scared of masked babe's video, lol. he spent last night's stream coming up with conspiracy theories about sock puppet accounts + bringing her up at every opportunity. it's obvious he watched the video but now he's claiming he's not. he's so afraid of what's going to come out in part ii that he's trying every way possible to try to silence her. that just makes him all the more suspicious.

that, and he changed his story a few times on what happened. lol

No. 589727


I've been searching like crazy for his Facebook but can't find it(ban evasion)

No. 589732

Hes streaming with his brother and he's in a band or some shit but they make for some shitty musicians i don't mind saying.(ban evasion)

No. 589747

File: 1526854844301.png (201.32 KB, 618x408, pills.png)

Pill bottle aesthetics.

No. 589751

File: 1526855202990.png (20.58 KB, 901x224, wewlad.png)

What a swell guy.

No. 589824

File: 1526860685503.jpg (985.82 KB, 4384x1304, RealJunkieNews.jpg)

So, not only does Craig think Statutory Rape isn't real, but he also contacted and spoke to Ambers other Rapist. Why he would think it a good idea to talk to an actual Paedophile and form some sort of Rapist Social Club is beyond me.

No. 589828

File: 1526861011953.jpg (19.1 KB, 832x163, Gross.jpg)

Apparently dinner with a woman you've only just met means sex is expected and owed.

No. 589830

Craig thinks a minor isn't at fault for getting raped? If anyone ever had doubts that he is a scumbag, I sure hope they are gone now.

Craig should chat up LGH, they obviously have a few things in common with their moral values.

No. 589834

samefag. can't delete I obv meant "Craig thinks a minor is at fault…"

No. 589844

Craig was the one who linked the article about Taylor Burt in the last thread. >>583369
He wants to paint her in an even more negative light, of course he doesn't give a fuck about the 13 year old age gap or the fact that she was a minor. CJ is scum.

No. 589846

Gross that he stans a paedophile and thinks him getting convicted somehow 'proves' she accuses people 'falsely' of rape.

No. 589857

Can all his posts in the last thread be marked like the earlier ones? He's broken rule 4 pretty seriously.

No. 589858

I made a typo spelling his name. His name is Craig Silva, not Silvia

No. 589896

> believes it's a-okay for a grown man to fuck a child, blames the child for it
> uses a woman's statutory rape as a child to claim she's lying about rape now
> keeps pretending like the original livestream didn't exist because he sure as hell never said anything about "it was playful", a "rape fantasy", or etc
> acts like he couldn't possibly have raped her because he got her nails done and she still has them on (they're expensive to remove + acetone doesn't always get the job done. i know. i've had my nails done a few times and removal was a bitch)

jfc. craig is just the walking definition of a fuckboy and it's becoming more and more obvious that he's guilty as shit. how does he have any supporters????

No. 589898

Craig showing off his cripple hand, showing his medication and saying he isn't a drug addict. Cute show and tell

No. 589899

That Holly as his damn personal attack dog. Jesus. Fight your own fights, man.

No. 589971

man he's just trying to win us over isn't he lol
too late for that craig

No. 590000

you forgot the part where he revealed he was emailing admin sama on behalf of the onion whores including gingerbeck and allie, probably the reason they kissed his ass so much before ambers weak pathetic allegations

No. 590016

File: 1526879654488.jpg (1.88 MB, 1770x1505, twi.jpg)

I wish megan cooper would stop involving herself in a desperate attempt to prove she really cares about these girls

No. 590030

File: 1526882114801.png (516.98 KB, 1059x592, tempsnip.png)

Since CJ is reporting videos for copyright infringement now I'm reposting the last stream he had with Amber.


No. 590044

>but Megan is easily a worse person than Craig.
Check the past thread, you obviously missed it if you actually think this is true.


>If you take the element of assault out of rape, what she did was arguably the equivalent of serial rape to these girls.
Your autism is showing.

No. 590065

show us your crack pipe instead, craig


please go back to your home planet

No. 590083

There’s a thing called “blocking” that Craig could have done to Megan if he felt the need. Like she did to you. Might wanna think about that.

Also, no, Craig is easily a much bigger peice of shit than Megan. It was morally wrong of her to post their nudes, but you seem to be much more pressed about it than they are.

You can claim you aren’t trying to deminish what Craig has done, but that’s exactly what you’re doing. Take a seat.

No. 590115


jesus h. christ you guys really are banhappy here aren't you? you guys will ban any nigga at the drop of a dime

No. 590117

i'm amazed anyone still manages to post here, you got like half the internets ip range banned for the dumbest reasons(ban evasion)

No. 590399

File: 1526932021117.png (596.22 KB, 750x1334, 8614F6B1-23E2-46D1-944C-DDBB8D…)

She’s so annoying. She tells people to look up the definition of slander and addiction recovery but she should take her own advice. Spoiler alert: methadone is a narcotic and addictive. It can help in recovery, but is not recovery. The amount she tweets about Craig is a bit concerning.

No. 590518

File: 1526939996414.png (Spoiler Image,659.77 KB, 656x430, 1010.PNG)

Here's a few clips from last night's and today's and stream. He the kind of dude who thinks false allegations are very common, especially now. It only happens between 2-10% of the time.

Source: https://www.nsvrc.org/sites/default/files/Publications_NSVRC_Overview_False-Reporting.pdf

All his fans are obsessive mentally ill chicks and dudes who wanna suck Ice Poseidon's dick.

No. 590521

Stigmatizing mental illness and drug recovery isn't helping making a case against RSN. Just sayin'(no one cares)

No. 590535


it affects a person's credibility if they've admitted to shit like snorting cocaine, doing heroin, robbing people, cheating on your gf, and all this other shit

his credibility's going down the crapper since he thinks kids are responsible for grownass adults sexually preying on them, or most rape cases are false allegations, or stupid shit like that

she said no, he agreed she said no, now he's changing his story about the details

quit sucking his dick

No. 590548

Let's not forget he got in contact with the paedo who raped Amber and is now in cahoots with him, saying he did nothing wrong.

No. 590609

Methadone is 100% not recovery. People abuse methadone as bad if not worse than opiates. They literally let the admitted drug addicts choose when they want to go up in dosage or go down. Most drug addicts turn to going to methadone clinics as a way to get high legally, and much cheaper than buying heroin.

No. 590644

Lol no ones stigmatizing addiction recovery. As I said, methadone isn’t recovery. I’m a heroin addict that is actually in and works in recovery. Craig is the epitome of what people think of when they think of a junkie. I wouldn’t have even brought it up if Holly didn’t tweet about it in his defense.

I agree with you, I was just trying to give some people the benefit of the doubt. Craig not being one of those people, he’s done nothing to convince me he wants to change which is a pretty big part of recovery. It’s just legal heroin to him.

No. 590757

File: 1526957035525.png (41.26 KB, 606x204, 7885jh57657.png)

No. 590790

Her username should be @AllieLovesLolcow because she's always posting on here, kek.

No. 590793

Allie isn't in his discord lol.

No. 590879

he's live talking about the amber situation "for the last time"

No. 590928

File: 1526980505039.jpeg (179.43 KB, 750x730, 7607BAB6-E201-4E29-8CE3-BBD691…)

Masked Babe’s stream for anyone who is interested. Will probably be taken down soon. https://youtu.be/2IGR8vxxS1w

No. 590954

File: 1526986634275.jpg (178.55 KB, 1300x958, young-couple-arguing-kitchen-a…)

No. 590958

File: 1526988727295.png (665.82 KB, 766x909, lean.PNG)

Posted on March 30th

No. 591084

What is that?

No. 591117

file name………..

No. 591119

No idea what lean means in the context of the picture.

No. 591150

Lean is adding codeine cough syrup with soda to get a high, but let's not speak ill of this person who's totally in recovery lol.


No. 591165

How could no one know what lean is lmao

Speaking of lean isn’t there anyway we could have a thread about souncloud rappers?

No. 591173

TOO POO(R)/ Layla Shapiro #9/ SoundClout General
We have one.

No. 591186

can I ask where this was posted?

No. 591188

File: 1527010680055.jpg (85.81 KB, 960x958, 29597909_1988568814728390_6670…)

His facebook.

No. 591198

His magnificent rebuttal to MB's well thought out and nicely argued stream. He either didn't watch it, or he's too stupid to understand the arguments she made.

Bonus meme: you can see him scrolling through lolcow via the reflection in his glasses.


No. 591207

>0:15 Complains about people talking about him saying he couldn't get her pants off
>2:13 Starts talking about Amber's rapist
>3:05 Starts defending her rapist "How was he supposed to know how old she was?"
>3:41 Admits to reaching out to her past rapists
>5:00 "Her mom's in on it"
>6:24 "Why you reaching out to famous people?"
>6:34 "You wanna say that dude's disgusting, so is her fucking mom!"
>10:15 Sperging more about her mom dropping her off at the club
>10:38 Claims that the other situation is the same as his.
>10:51 Says she ends up in these situations because she's "trying to come up"
>11:30 Starts sperging hardcore about being accused of looking at lolcow
>13:12 Starts playing Masked Babe's video
>13:25 Amber says she's trying to get famous and he goes on a tirade
>13:57 "If it was such a joke then why was it 'unless you piss me off' I'll threaten you"
>14:24 Starts implying that she wasn't raped because she posted pics from the back of a cop car. Says he's had "many past girlfriends" that were raped and they didn't want to talk about it. Claims she wouldn't have left on her acrylic nails if she was raped. Then says she wouldn't have gotten them in the first place if she was really raped.
>16:29 "Not unless you piss me off, really fucking bad" plays. He parrots it.
Mockingly repeats some other things she says. Makes a bunch of really stupid faces, as if this is his "gotcha" moment.
>17:46 Starts talking about his warrant and claims that she's falsifying the rape because he has a warrant
>19:28 Implies that it's only rape because everyone told her it was in Discord. During all of this, he's playing the recording of Amber and her mother talking on the phone.
>21:11 Amber tells her mother it wasn't rape. He starts sperging of course. "Should I have worn her out? No I probably shouldn't have in retrospect."
>21:40 Begins going down a list, saying she faked cancer and tries to garner money and sympathy out of people. 21:52 Tries to lay out the possibility that "Christina's" mom is "dying" and told her she better come up with something or she'll be "fucked". He basically is still dragging out the idea that her mom is forcing her to say it was rape.
>22:10 Says she's retarded if she doesn't know she was being recorded the whole time she was there. Mentions how she signed a contract when she got there.
>22:50 Talks about how he's been clean from heroin for a long time.
>23:53 Says his lawyers are taking down the videos.
>24:28 Says that if someone says their raped, it "doesn't matter what the guy says, what kind of evidence he has, what she's done prior, how many times she's done it prior. The guys is just FUCKIN GUILTY"
>25:28 "She had a rape fantasy"
>26:00 Someone mentions that Amber could die tomorrow and he spergs hard "Motherfucker, I almost killed myself over this! Suck my dick dude!"
"I have NEVER thought about killing myself before this! NEVER!"
>27:24 Replaying the events again of that night, I'll spare you the details but he says she wanted to be bitten or choked so she could show it because she planned this all along.
>28:25 Claims since she never fought him off, she wanted this to happen.
>29:17 Says he "doesn't know what to do" besides move forward with a lawsuit (talking about Masked Babe I guess?)
>29:32 Says he never changed the details and didn't bring up all the details because he was in bed for three days thinking about slitting his wrists.
>30:16 Says he's not being sued, but says someone is being sued and possibly MB if she "doesn't shut up".
>31:55 Hardcore sperging over his LC thread again.
>32:57 Spergs because he spots Maxie in the comments

No. 591210

You are a treasure

No. 591213


his face is becoming more and more punchable by the moment. he should stop talking about this because he just keeps incriminating himself further

No. 591218

I watched the stream live and it was painful

No. 591232

Lmao what I use this all the time, it used to be the first search result in google for “fake receipt generator” before it got banned from several countries.

Lmao “CJ doesn’t hide under anonymous handles on lolcow he is soooper upfront and honest” what…. he has ….and still is (ban evasion) posting here, so is his stan, whose greentexting on Twitter like sh0e. They both have. I agree with >>589857 CJ’s post should be marked by admin or mods since he’s violated many many global rules so far, fingers crossed he gets an adorable “RAPE STREAM NEWS” banner.

No. 591239

File: 1527014743936.jpeg (339.86 KB, 1280x2052, 1DC0D99F-3B4E-4249-B578-AF55D7…)

Of course he’s an incel, it’s the weak chin.

No. 591369

Is he stood outside of the women's toilets?


No. 591393

>"They're gonna be like 'Oh man, you like reached out to a paedophile.' Urm no joke if someone like- if- yanno if someone like- if somebody is like falsifying rape allegations, you know what you do? You try to get all the information you can, and to get that. Yanno what I'm saying? 'Cause anybody with half a brain would do that. Right?"

Yeah because everyone gets in contact with paedos and CONVICTED rapists to dig dirt on their victims right? The way he talks sounds like he has half a brain.

No. 591402

File: 1527026207215.png (33.48 KB, 602x326, cjtheincel.PNG)

No. 591406

Also, Rag released an interview today with a woman CJ harassed before any of the Amber stuff went down. The situation they discuss in this video occurred in February. Just extra proof that he's a scumbag.

No. 591414

Damn anon, I just posted the same video a little too late, lol >>591409
Time to delete.

No. 591474

File: 1527032809343.png (172.45 KB, 587x758, s23254dfg4.png)

Craig tried saying that he never worked with any one before but he has said before that he has multiple people working with him. Before the whole Amber situation he was claiming the "trolls" in his stream was CJ.

No. 591884

He's streaming. Unconfirmed but looks like he's on something.


No. 591899

Did you get anything from it? It has been removed.

No. 591938

File: 1527088936666.png (254.48 KB, 395x407, yeahh.PNG)

No. 591982

There's just no way he's not on something.

No. 592033

jesus christ how horrifying

No. 592054

File: 1527098089745.jpg (26.46 KB, 743x192, Amber Curious Cat.JPG)

Amber answering a question on Curious Cat

No. 592070

From 4:18 to 4:36 he full on nods off. He's high as fuck during this stream holy shit.

No. 592082

File: 1527099631608.png (71.86 KB, 1080x652, 3457yho9bg4534.png)

this is a longer vid than the vimeo

he has to be high as fuck, just has to. he nods off around 4:20 here.
he's just bitching about the typical shit here.

No. 592157

No. 592312

Nerve pain medication has the side effect of making you very tired. So, that doesn't prove much.

No. 592320

Nerve pain medication doesn't make you nod out at 9 in the morning. Considering he's admitted now to being a recovering addict and Rag interviewed a woman who he admitted to being on methadone to I'm not really sure why you're up in here white knighting him. It's sheer ignorance at this point.

No. 592327

You've obviously never been on nerve pain medication. It's prescribed off label to help people sleep. Methadone doesn't give you euphoria either. It blocks it. That's why people were so up in arms about it being used, because of heroin overdoses. People would take more heroin because they couldn't feel its effects on methadone. Talk about what you know, and I'll take you seriously.

No. 592328

I will never understand RSN whiteknights. I however find it hilarious how triggered he is that people voice he's a scumbag. He is. And so is anyone that supports him. Y'all whiteknights are like flies to a shit.

He is really pressed about this first livestream he made with Amber with her consent. It's the only one in which we are all aware of the context. She said no twice. Then she exasperatedly uttered "whatever". She was coerced. Is he a rapist? I can't say for sure. Is he vile? Yes.

He's really paranoid. His videos get barely any views and he's on his soapbox everyday talking about rape and interviewing anyone that's been intimate with Amber. he needs to calm down, lay off the substances and have a big think.

And any girls that fancy him need to catch themselves on. Wtf

No. 592340

File: 1527117147710.png (161.37 KB, 1828x680, hmmmm.png)

He was high as fuck my dude, I'm sorry.

No. 592344

Methadone blocks the receptors in the brain that are affected by opiates such as heroin and prescription drugs, enabling users to gradually detox from opiates without experiencing painful withdrawal symptoms.


No. 592345

Methadone still gives you a high dude.

No. 592384


Name the medication(s) he is on.

No. 592402

File: 1527121420508.png (33.03 KB, 736x442, Gabapentin.PNG)

I would understand giving Craig the benefit of the doubt if he wasn't known to be a liar. I doubt he'd be nodding out like that if he took his recommended dosage. If you took meds that are known to make you drowsy why would you stream after taking them?

No. 592403

He's a drug abuser. Even without knowing he's a liar, he's still a drug abuser.

No. 592407


Yes, it is used off label to treat neuropathic pain. But what meds is he on?

No. 592422

There are a lot of junkies near my office and this is is how they look/behave just after they’ve scored.

No. 592427

Not true, people get high off methadone and suboxone.
He's obviously nodding if you've ever seen anyone use opiates, that is what it looks like.

No. 592433


>Talk about what you know, and I'll take you seriously.

Well good thing I know quite a bit about addiction, recovery, and especially heroin. Uhm, yeah methadone definitely gets you high. It’s a schedule II narcotic.

You claim Craig is nodding and looks like he does in the video because of nerve pain medication. You may be right…at least that he’s on medication for nerve pain, since the most commonly prescribed nerve pain medication also acts as a way to extend the high of opiates and is widely abused by opiate addicts for that reason. Nerve medication alone wouldn’t cause Craig to nod or his eyes to be half closed. My ~educated~ guess is that he’s either using heroin or abusing his methadone. Talk about what ya know, which clearly isn’t opiates.

No. 592443

Methadone does not impair mental functioning and is not sedating or intoxicating.
Patients on methadone are able to work, drive, feel pain and normal emotional reactions, and go about their ordinary activities.

Look it up. The link was already posted.

No. 592445


Methadone doesn't impair PATIENTS.
Meaning it's given to you in a controlled environment, with a controlled amount. Watch that video, and say that that person could go to a job without getting fired.

That is a not sober person, that is someone abusing some sort of medication.

Methadone, heroin, or his nerve medication, who cares? He's not sober.

No. 592449


Don’t know who you’re talking to but if it’s to me, I don’t need a link when I’ve actually done it. Sorry.

No. 592460

File: 1527127254431.png (103.34 KB, 588x473, Screen_Shot_2018-05-24_at_02.5…)

Apparently, we doxxed Holly. Spent money to do it, too. Because she's that special.

No. 592462

No. 592464

Where? Craig just attracts crazy bitches who love to lie lol

No. 592465


craig and his white knights mirror onision and his fans, lol. all of them are really hungry to feel special and to get attention.

No. 592468

Some "Amber M" chick saying she was doxxed as well. Unless proven otherwise, these girls are insane.

No. 592474

now he's creeping on some domestic dispute like its some reality show on TLC

No. 592479

Yeah there is a clear argument in the background. Someone told him to call 911 but ol' RS here said no fucking cops and that they'll probably be fucking in a couple of hours.

No. 592518

File: 1527131958909.png (6.19 KB, 364x50, 3750908964.PNG)

No. 592550

A subpoena is being issued against a few people and websites, including this one. Leaking personal information will not be tolerated. This is your final warning.

Doxing is always illegal, whether it is done against a federal employee, a state employee, or a regular person. … With regular citizens, doxing falls under various state criminal laws, such as stalking, cyberstalking, harassment, threats, and other such laws, depending on the state.(lel)

No. 592551

Hi, Holly

No. 592553

File: 1527134941937.gif (6.84 MB, 300x300, G6qzoJ1.gif)

No. 592556

Holly is not a part of this investigation. She will have to open her own case, in her own state.

No. 592557

Ok, Holly

No. 592561

Feel free to email admin and stop shitting up the thread.

No. 592567

Can someone point me to where anyone was “doxxed”? Because I’m super confused.

No. 592577

where's the proof that anyone was even doxxed? it's no where on this thread, on the discord, or on twitter. get over yourself, holly. lol

No. 592584

Please stop engaging the sperg.

No. 592632

He keeps adding these randos that want his dick as mods and one of them went on spree of deleting a lot of people. His discord is going to be bare, I'm just sitting back and watching it all. They've definitely kicked a few legitimate fans, but Craig's so busy doing pointless drugged-out streams to realize he's burning his own bridges.

No. 592657

File: 1527150105996.png (82.29 KB, 1343x619, 45456457989.PNG)

No. 592658

File: 1527150126127.png (79.66 KB, 1319x699, 56464587745644.PNG)

No. 592659

File: 1527150138091.png (51.12 KB, 1298x568, 79878789787.PNG)

No. 592660

File: 1527150197291.png (46.74 KB, 1269x491, 547646768781.PNG)

No. 592677

He’s trying to say he can’t see his kid because of an accusation?
That doesn’t make any sense at all. It seems like a lot of things he says don’t really add up.

Also worth noting, at least one of his mods were posting pictures of Amber on Twitter and making fun of her. They screech about being “doxxed” but they’re bullying the girl that really none of them should be talking about. Craig surrounds himself with people that encourage and participate perpetuating his problems. He can’t move on and they won’t let them.

No. 592698

He was saying in the stream last night that people were leaving because they were being threatened with being swatted and doxed. He also mentioned one of the people who left was "a part of Real Stream" so who might that be? Kek

No. 592704

Lost his job over this? Bitch, you live with your grandma and were online 24/7 and streaming. What kind of job did you have exactly?

No. 592852

I'm pretty sure he said that he quit or at the very least cut his hours before the whole Amber thing went down. He probably actually lost his job due to "spending 3 days in bed wanting to kill himself," if not his history of robbery and drug abuse.

No. 592894

Who called? No one knows him or cares about him. He's using all of this as an excuse to e-beg and not work on getting a job.

His content is non-existent. He doesn't know what it is to begin with. He's begging his hugbox to figure it out for him. Reviewing cows, interviewing randos, e-beg dares etc.

He can't take anything. He loses his shit any time anyone confronts him and almost goes into a crying fit. He's "under the eye of the public" of a hundred people, at best, and he can't cope save for substance abuse and hugboxing.

This is not even an impending trainwreck. It's a dumpsterfire.

No. 592932

No. 592937

His mods are banning anyone who is a “hater” so it’s boring as fuck

No. 592946

File: 1527190412547.png (26.54 KB, 723x102, reeharder.png)

What're we going to do guys? The authorities are looking into us!

No. 592947

File: 1527190727909.jpg (78.68 KB, 878x692, glasses.jpg)

Anons pic related is why you must wash everything you buy at the store before you use/wear it.


In addition to what you said he could have had issues at his job for nodding off like he did on stream. He really should try to get another job because streaming his mundane daily activities and bitching about his troubles will not be profitable for him lol.

No. 592961

File: 1527192180351.webm (3.76 MB, 1280x720, Are You Sure About That CJ.web…)

No. 592986

'When I really want to.'
Ya mean like rape? We all ready knew that.

No. 592993


Ragreynolds streaming with BroPic about RSN

No. 593009

Bropic just admitted he was the one who posted about giving RS &500 >>589535 but that was the only thing he lied about. Rage said that makes him a liar though as that was one of the main reasons he wanted to interview him.

No. 593032

Jfc, that fat piece of shit needs to stop inserting his greasy, wheezing, oversized ass into other people’s drama. Fucking retard. He is annoying as fuck.

No. 593036

I don't know, I don't hate him completely, he's just a bad troll. If someone's gonna give commentary I'd rather watch him than Craig's ugly as fuck face.

No. 593078

He really gets under Craig’s skin, so I welcome it.

No. 593105

I know that “nod off” all too well. I watched it every day with my ex. I hated it! That’s the opiates/heroin hitting you not no methadone or subs. Anyone who’s had a problem or has been around someone with an opioid prob knows! Whoever is up in here saying otherwise is fooling no one! That’s one high mofo! Not judging but shit he shouldn’t lie. Oh wait. Junkies are habitual liars too. Their stories never add up.

No. 593106

I'm indifferent to him tbh, but he does rustle his jimmies, so that's fine.

No. 593124

File: 1527208509947.jpg (37.85 KB, 232x275, 1515457688673.jpg)

this is the form she used to report us

No. 593196

RSN gets rejected, but swears he has game.

No. 593202

Oh, forgot. Says everyone on lolcow is below his league, and we can all suck his dick. So lets get to it ladies!

No. 593206

no one wants his self-proclaimed meth dick, especially not us lol

No. 593216

File: 1527214565837.gif (926.62 KB, 498x286, e99r98.gif)

If he didn't have a kid I'd think he was an incel. All the way down to the desire to rape women.

No. 593245

File: 1527216956775.webm (11.28 MB, 1280x720, gimp hand.webm)

No. 593418

I laughed so hard at that. He’s a damn mess.

No. 593428

It's these kinds of unnecessary lies and changing stories ("yeah, she said no, but it was a playful no, guiz!) that keep trickling out which made it clear he's a fucking creep and likely did rape her.
Liars often have a hard time keeping their stories straight over time and often add insignificant and easily debunked details like this in a misguided attempt to seem more truthful.
I can't believe he still has supporters. Even if they don't believe he raped her, he's shown himself to be a complete dipshit and a massive douchebag.

No. 593430

The biggest surprise in this retarded shitshow is that Rag, one of the biggest twunts on YouTube, has somehow emerged as a voice of reason. It's unnerving tbh

No. 593561

File: 1527256260463.jpg (99.58 KB, 960x958, realstreamugungetraped.jpg)

The boy now has his own ED page:


No. 593745

irrelevant bitch don't deserve it

No. 593799

No. 593800


nice try, no cup of methadone

No. 593842

I'm glad someone said it. he's such a fucking retard. getting sick of his self-posting shit too

Craig's skin is so thin it's almost non-existent. we don't need this fat fuck, a light breeze rustles Craig and is a lot less annoying

No. 593853

His stream so far is him bitching about ragreynolds harassing his mods.They talk about being hacked and doxxed but show no proof of anyone doing so.

No. 593870

Here is a quote form Realstreamnews Encycolpediadramatica:"Lucky for you anon kept all the relevant videos saved and backed up on floppy-disk for prosperity so you sick fucks can all point and laugh and lick the tears off of your monitors." Who still uses floppy disks????? hahaha I am thinking this is written by middle age RS nemesis OhBro. The writer also calls 29 year old RS a kid.

No. 593885

You must not be too familiar with the writing style that's norm over at ED. Are you a RS fan?

No. 593912

No, not a fan of RS, but I am a fan of OhBro's awful jokes. Anyways, who else would call RS a kid and still use floppy disks?

No. 593937


I think you mean bro pic. yeah he said on the stream earlier that he wrote the ED page

No. 593944

He stopped streaming on youtube and immediately began streaming on younow. He couldn't get the sound to work and now he's back streaming on youtube and started bitching about not working. Lol and now he went back to younow to guest with people. Professional streamer here!


No. 593961

File: 1527288090445.jpg (105.12 KB, 899x503, rsn.jpg)

update: Rag Reynolds has joined the stream and RS accused him of harassment.

No. 594013

Here's his chimp out on younow.

No. 594036

He's turning into quite the cow. His live streams are so boring and he talks them up like he is as big as Ice Posiden.. in reality, there's 5-10 people watching. And I'd say most those are just curious to what he is going to do next. I've a feeling that's his goal, to be an Ice type of character. It's so cringey. He's going to fuck up hard again soon. Not the brightest.

No. 594137

Its all mods in his chat, you cant say anything without getting banned.

No. 594154

Kek he's so predictable and so easily triggered it's comical. He totally ignores the few viewers he has left to engage with people that are fucking with him every time.
You can tell it's going to turn into a 30 minute sperg when he squinches his face all up and screeches "What are ya TALKIN about dude?" It's like clockwork.
I used to find his streams mildly entertaining when he discussed Shreg, but now I pop in just to watch his mantrums.
He's convinced there are only like 3 people posting here, I think he'd be surprised how many ex-viewers of his are actually here.

No. 594182

File: 1527314666828.png (2.99 MB, 2880x1440, doxxing.png)

Did anyone else happen to catch his "bus stop" stream tonight?
He ended up meeting and "interviewing" this dude at a bus stop. He talked to this complete stranger about "eating pussy", being aspiring musicians and other shit. He told his viewers to send nudez to this guys FB and bragged about all his fans being female.
He also insinuated that he receives nudez from them but plays it cool and keeps it to himself.

The stream took a turn when his new friend started blabbing about where they were, and when Craig told him to stop, he started yelling out the nearby street names and Craig quickly left the scene, clearly rattled.
It got worse from there, when someone put his phone # in the comments. It got deleted, but not quick enough. Also that HollyDead person kept screeching something about "doxxing herself" and we'd all see her vag pics soon. No idea what that's about, but she had a good ol' fashioned sperg.
Craig was excited about his new bus stop friend and wants to stream with him regularly because he's less boring than himself, but he expressed his fears that once this guy googles him he won't be interested. Poor Craig.
I'm sure he'll take this down soon, but just in case: https://www.hooktube.com/V0ttqfH-FI0

No. 594224

File: 1527320881813.png (668.15 KB, 745x430, smashorpass.PNG)

A bit from today's stream. Someone asks if he's smash or pass JG.

No. 594261

Literally puking and laughing at the same time looking at the ED. The glass dildo is not for the queasy stomach indeed.
Maybe Holly saw it and thought “doxxing”her own pussy would turn Craig on and she can be his next interviewee. After seeing her sperg that’s all I can think of.

No. 594360

File: 1527347418234.jpg (245.62 KB, 1406x710, keke.jpg)


It looks like its recently been updated with moar fax and lulz

No. 594362


Kind of a moot point, he'd fuck anything with a pulse.

No. 594443

That bus stop stream was funny. He's a magnet for all sorts of degenerates both IRL and online. Imagine trying to explain all the goings on to someone who doesn't know. They wouldn't believe people like this actually exist.

No. 594585

File: 1527367550855.png (1.36 MB, 1440x2321, what the fuck.png)

He's doing a 12 hour stream and wants people to donate to him and he'll do what they ask. I couldn't fit all his "suggestions" in my screenshot, he also had an option for $25 to read his ED page. Jfc.

And $5 to call someone, tell them they're pretty and get them to "come over"? Gross.

No. 594599


how much for him to an hero?

No. 594674

Wolfgang just quit as a mod

No. 594709

Honestly, her music is good.

No. 594752

the burning question!!

No. 594863

Does anyone know if there is a court date? What is legally going on?

No. 594876

Why are you linking her social media? RSN is the cow here, don't encourage doxxing of randos, it's douchey.

No. 594878

When will this fucking sperg mongrel realize he is on YouTube and not Charurbate? That list is like a camwhore tip menu. The desperation is repulsive.

No. 595272


what i don't get is why the stupid mods would remove that shit. theres all these dumb self made up rules shit about lulz. in the old days we'd just dump fukken' everything because its hilarious.(ban evasion)

No. 595345

Because, Bropic, this is not 2002. There are rules in place to protect the site itself and to protect innocent people from ridicule. As funny as it might be to see Amber sperging out about this thread she is totally irrelevant and having her posted about here/her social medias posted here is validating her psycho concerns about being doxxed. Plus, it's off topic and other than her sperg outs, she's not actually all that interesting.

Anyway, CS is no longer streaming on RealStream, he's now going to start putting his personal shit on his even dead-er channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyxtwYinbxgSayVOajMkHJQ/videos

No. 595385


not bro pic, but whatever, CJ.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 595552

Funny how Bropic considers himself an expert on this topic and wrote the post but couldn't even tell Amber and Allie apart

No. 595762

It wasn't even about Amber, just some member of CJ's Discord that nobody cares about. These aren't 'lulz', nothing of interest there. I hope he stays banned.

No. 596111


wtf are you even talking about?!

No. 597127

File: 1527636541390.jpeg (53.58 KB, 487x567, B3D48FCC-5C57-4EE9-BD15-6D20DF…)

CS has 3 warrants confirmed, he plans on “trolling” people with retraction papers.

No. 597128

File: 1527636544306.jpg (74.75 KB, 664x474, dead.jpg)

Guess who's back to nonsense streaming? He's on his dead face channel.

No. 597239

Twelve viewers, wow.

No. 597594


yeah well if you block everyone, like they do here, eventually you'll have no visitors left.

No. 597768

File: 1527706645146.jpg (46.77 KB, 638x460, stream.jpg)

He was streaming again on the deadface channel and deleted it immediately afterwards. I got there a few minutes before it ended and he was bitching at the trolls.

No. 597853

I can never get over how ugly he is.

No. 598098

blobfish keeps banning actual fans top fucking kek keep at it

No. 598908

File: 1527809010898.jpg (22.82 KB, 222x241, ghosts.jpg)

He's streaming again advertising it as a ghost hunt but he's sitting on his steps right now in daylight bitching about his problems. He seems to think the constant streaming should be helpful because he's transparent and letting people get to know him and see his daily activities. So far he's complained about GingerBeck calling him a creep, said this was a very hard month for him and that he's trying to put everything with Rag and Masked Babe behind him. So if you want to listen to this cool, regular guy who's totally innocent complain about lots of things he's live now lol.

No. 600528

He lost two of his biggest supporters in one week. That's interesting. Now one of this mods declared herself the "blob queen." Is it possible to die of laughter? Also, what do they do behind the scenes to make their dwindling supporters run off like that? Classic case of a snake eating itself.

No. 600573


they keep kicking everybody unless you're a part of a pre-approved 3 person group chat, it's still hilariously shambolic there, self proclaimed "mods" are pseudocrying over "doxxing" despite nobody EVER having been doxxed EVER and reeee-ing on twitter about ~muh super serious anonymous threats~ to gain senpaicj's meth'd out attention. I swear this whole shitshow has to be a fucking setup for ~reasons~

tl:dr cj's fucks himself over yet again. much hilarity ensues.

No. 600760

How does this guy even have supporters? He isn't interesting. He doesn't have any talent. He has no entertainment value beyond hate watching. The fact he even has these "mods" backing him up is bizarre.

The guy thinks because his case was closed and he didn't get charged that everyone who watches his poor quality stream uploads are going to flock to his boring ass livestreams when he has his mods muting everyone who even tries to type in the chat unless they are sucking on that methdick too. He went from overfeeding trolls and making it so easy for haters to get into his pathetic discord server to the polar opposite of banning everyone he finds sus.

Does he even know how many actual fans he has banned at this point? Probably an equal amount of fans and "alts" of his "crazed haters" like MaskedBabe and RagReynolds. Ironically, Rag has his server on lockdown as well. All his new members go to a locked channel called "autism containment" whether they are his supporters or not. Everyone who joins us grilled by all his members about posting "proof" they aren't Craig or one of his mods.

When did this trend of having initiations for membership in a YouTuber's server start for these two? It is pretty ridiculous and only shows how paranoid they are. If you have nothing to hide and don't care what they haters say, why even bother screening your new server members? Rag and Craig have lost fans over this whole ordeal.

No. 600867

I'm convinced Craig is just Rag dressed up in a blob fish suit. Neither of them are interesting. Both think they have a bigger influence than they actually do. Most of the hate watchers got bored… so now they attack their own people. Do either of them even have legitimate fans anymore. I'm doubtful.

No. 601088

Excellent theory, with one flaw: Craig is obviously brain damaged from all the drugs, which explains his bizarre bullshit (to some extent) Rag is just a greasy neckbeard who stole someone else's meme, got a small amount of attention for it, and went into ego overdrive because of that.
They're both fuckwits, but at least one can blame the junkie lifestyle. The other has no excuse.

No. 601176

Drinking game

Take a shot every time he repeats words and phrases three times. His streams should really be a third of the length they are. It's all the repeating making up the bulk of the streams.

No. 601238

See, I'd love to participate in that game but I'd be dead before the end of one stream.

Also, why do his "fans" give him any money knowing he is a set addict who pays no child support and lives at home? It looks like there are only about 3 mods left and a couple trolls watching.

No. 601698

junky rapist boy's 15 minutes are up.

No. 601797

He's desperately trying to make a comeback with more stolen content, directly ripping off other creators.

No. 601968


he was so happy with 13 new subscribers, thanking lolcow, i think we know what has to be done….

starts with u ends with nsubscribe(newfag)

No. 601976


learn to integrate, you fucking faggots.

No. 601992


angry CJ is angry.

No. 602386

File: 1528210944622.jpg (25.35 KB, 418x386, goodtimes.jpg)

you don't need meth to have a good time

No. 602564

File: 1528225071339.png (604.58 KB, 823x635, pls stop.PNG)

The idiot is "reviewing" lolcow threads.
10/10 premium content, buy his shitty merch.

No. 602567

File: 1528225264033.png (76.39 KB, 647x524, merch3.PNG)

Said shitty merch. Pretty sure he's not selling any yet but he's thinking about it lmao.

No. 602731

I hope he's smart enough to have that logo officially designed for him. He's gonna spend a lot of money to the rightful designer if the crown is just an image from google and the original creator finds it.

No. 602798

File: 1528239935148.png (382.32 KB, 569x322, minion reports.PNG)

From CS's stream today. Besides him bitching about being called a beta and how much of a failure he is, one of his minions brought up Amber's curiouscat.

No. 602990

anon, CJ is one of the most retarded cows on the whole board. he's barely smart enough to dress himself.

No. 603236

In case his autistic followers still believe he's sooper honest and genuine…

>He said he never did heroin.

>He said he "messed around with drugs here and there"
>Admits to doing heroin after fagreynolds posted his interview with "CJ" his "ex-associate"
>but he's on methadone nao guiz

>Craig says his imaginary lawyers are the ones who took down Masked Babe's videos, not Craig

In his reaction to rag interviewing bro pic (link in the ED page)
>Craig says Masked Babe is just butthurt over him taking her videos down "for legitimate legal reasons."

Thus the contradictions of his story continues.
Oh and since he lurks here so obsessively…
Keep streaming and repeating the story in different versions, Craig. Your credibility is surely going to clear your good name.

No. 603251

are there seriously people who would buy this? how does he have fans? what the fuck

No. 604910

In tonight's fascinating installment of the shitshow that is RSN on his deadass deadface channel…

>53 minutes in, he starts talking about his ex "wife" (allegedly common-law marriage) and her current boyfriend screening his calls.

>He says, "If I told her to dip, she would."
Yeah, we totally believe you, Craig. The sperging and reeeeing continues until…
>Around the one hour mark, Craig says his son is two and that he is her child.
>Of course, the boyfriend of his ex is immediately blamed for Craig not being able to see his son.
>Chat suggests he should fight for his visitation when he suddenly changes the subject stating, "Look guys, I don't want to talk about visitation or anything like that."

So he expects us to buy into his pitiful claims that he lost his poor BMW and his "wife" over this car accident he supposedly almost died in but REEEE don't ask him about his situation as a parent? He is so triggered that people ask these questions when he was the one who blabbed his blobfish mouth to his pathetic count of 11 viewers. He won't talk about his visitation rights aside from very heavily implying the boyfriend is keeping him from his son… Why throw the dude under the bus if you are supposedly in "good standing" with your ex on a public platform if you are not prepared for the braindead RSN stans to rage war against this guy, potentially corrupting that relationship with his babymama? As the mods in chat spergs about how he could fight for his rights, we can't help but wonder if he even wants to do that when he could rather be streaming his boring autistic sperg outs instead of going to court… Oh, that's right, he still has three warrants so going to court to "fight for visitation" would be met with lulz galore from any sane judge and he could possibly be arrested to serve off those warrants.

Back to the exwaifu situation before I wrap up this post: I wonder if this is the same chick he talked about in his "Girl Troubles" stream the day before he launched the infamous shitshow that was his Discord server…

No. 605097

He obviously doesn't want to put the effort in for his child. Its probably a blessing since who would want this blobfish as a parent…I'm not sure I would want a smackhead around my child/step child.

Also why does he keep talking about stalkers? Who the fuck would stalk him? Nobody cares about him lol this thread is just about dead because he's such a low tier cow.

No. 605773

File: 1528525382248.jpeg (148.34 KB, 750x451, D5B9D274-266D-4BD9-A2E6-B97A83…)

Why would anyone lie about the case being closed against them when it is actually being investigated further? He is so stupid.

No. 606193

just a heads up anon, if you watch his streams and he says dumb shit, record it. He's prone to delete things that put himself in a bad light.

No. 606201

File: 1528579536550.png (146.56 KB, 1050x1472, gfm.png)

Looks like he's gonna try to get his band of old hags to raise him 5k to sue Amber.

No. 606546

Lmao, who the fuck would fund him for lawyer fees? What's he going to put in the description: 'Hey I'm broke because I'm on trial for Rape and now have no pennies because I spent it all on lawyers. Pity me.' Yeah sure, people will sure give to this heart felt cause. Idiot.
Pretty sure you can't sue someone just for pressing charges against you, if the court ruled her to be a blatant liar then understandable and winnable for blacking his name (We all know this won't be the case, especially as he said she said no publicly on stream and sperging online to antagonise her). But if they drop the case just because lack of clear or concrete evidence, then he would be wasting his money yet again taking it to court to sue. Furthermore, the case hasn't even been closed or had court judgement yet so he can't do anything.

No. 606562

He'll spend it on drugs and won't be able to go near a court without having to pay his fines.

No. 607310

I like how he completely ignores the people saying to talk to lawyers to get a quote or to see if they can do it without charging upfront.
That doesn't seem suspicious at all. No, he just wants to test the waters instead and see if people will just fork over cash without asking questions. Yikes.

No. 607444

File: 1528714177647.png (101.31 KB, 654x409, 9348033804.PNG)

Craig Silva's been lurking and he's angery about us calling him for what he is, a fucking idiot.

No. 607479


yeah CJ, how DO you function in society?

No. 607566

What a greasy loser. Why is he trying to sue someone he victimized instead of ebegging for money to go see his child? If he spent as much time focusing on sobriety or personal development as he does on drama, he might be something other than a greasy rapist.

No. 608196

File: 1528768709869.jpeg (54.32 KB, 793x709, E4BCA00D-50CD-4337-89E0-FDF0F0…)

No. 608199

File: 1528768800799.jpeg (82.59 KB, 482x642, 9FB2C747-DD00-4F1F-A91C-D7E064…)

Looks like he’s finally paid off his warrants
Good job dumbass! We still think you’re a gross rapist!

No. 608207

File: 1528768968375.jpeg (70.66 KB, 458x610, 5F9D0E5C-4FCD-4F5B-ACFC-0556C1…)

He posted a third warrant cancellation but it was the same as the first one he posted.
His gaggle of cunts think this makes him not look like a bad man but they forget that not only is he a predator, he is also a thief, a liar and a cheater.

No. 608237

Craig Silva? No one thinks you’re on the run anymore, put down the pipe and learn how to read okay?

No. 608249

how do people function in society, asks junkie rapist. might be a legit question.

No. 608393

So proud of clearing up his old fines after he got a rape charge scare. Totes adult of you Craig!

No. 608850

File: 1528832759254.jpg (166.72 KB, 1228x689, whysoscabby.jpg)

Craig got his original channel back today so he's streaming there for some reason. He's looking really scabby and asked the chat for advice about talking to some girl at the restaurant he's at. He's also being salty about Rag Reynolds and Masked babe while jokingly boasting about being the #1 streaming in Rhode Island, he has such a limited range of discussion topics. He's out with his dad and brother, he showed them both on stream. Even with the full beard it's extremely obvious that his brother is way better looking lol.

No. 609688

File: 1528916754681.png (1.1 MB, 1440x1374, rs blues.png)

After making a long, incoherent rant video on LowkeyLoki this morning, accusing him of grooming underage viewers, RS continues to show how stable he is and how much he "wants to move on".
He's currently livestreaming and acting totally unbothered as he waves his hands around and repeatedly screeches the same things over and over.

No. 609699

File: 1528917049946.png (880.05 KB, 1440x1744, Haha.png)

Looks like he's already taken down the Loki video, but I managed to take a few screenshots this morning.
Found this one particularly interesting. He's such a coward, it's honestly sad.

No. 609707

File: 1528917431346.png (871.82 KB, 1440x1391, REEEE.png)

Another screenshot from the LowkeyLoki video. I don't know when I've seen Craig so triggered. Interesting he spent so much time on this, then immediately took it down.

No. 610074

File: 1528940705596.png (190.28 KB, 590x430, craigisbootyblasted.PNG)

This is probably why he went on his quickly deleted sperg. I'm interested to see what Loki has to say about it.

No. 611252

Since Craig wants to have MB's stream deleted, I recorded it just in case.

No. 611308

REALSTREAM NEWS edited version:
"Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing"

"Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."

He forgot something.

No. 611888

His most recent streams have been him bitching about Amber, Masked Babe, Ragreynolds, as well as us lovely lowlife losers here on lolcow.

Remember, all of the info here is false while simultaneously having all of his information out there.

His streams are incredibly repetitive but yesterday he claimed that Amber tried to kill her mother twice. Gotta throw that in his stream to discredit her even further.

P.S. Craig, you're a flake, not a cow. Don't make yourself bigger than you actually are.

No. 612177

File: 1529122956180.png (762.15 KB, 1190x744, waaaaahmaskedbabe.PNG)

He made a video bitching about Masked Babe again. He talks about her so much, he should just admit he liked her and she broke his poor little druggie heart.

No. 612180

No. 612195

File: 1529125862574.png (7.59 KB, 352x70, mark.PNG)

Mark, a stalker of an onion flake, is in contact with Craig. How pathetic.

No. 613170

He doesn't understand that associating with a stalker as well as a rapist (Amber's attacker) makes him look like an all around terrible guy, and that's BEFORE his own accusations.

Guilty by association is a real thing, Craig.

No. 613556

Mark's posts on here and Kiwi Farms literally proves he is a creepy ass stalker. Craig must know exactly what he's like as he frequents both of those sites often and religiously (at least used to) keep up with Onion Flakes. Most people would cut off creepy ass people even if they are a viewer just out of principle that you don't agree with the acts they've done. Next he will be pen-palling Rose West because she didn't molest or murder him so where's the proof right?

No. 613626

Craig is now talking to #realtits through discord on stream, he's asking him about allegations.

No. 613643

chat dragging both of them til realtits dropped out. meanwhile, CJ is too stoned to deal with any of it coherently.

No. 613648

Notice how realtits had to leave once Maxie showed up in chat, he tried to use his current girlfriend as an excuse.

No. 613654

yeah, "she insisted" he defend himself. the crowd was on the fence til maxie showed up, that really shifted the mood.

No. 613672

for those who missed the shitshow:
realtits spent the whole time he was on trying to gaslight maxie - she's the psycho, she stalked him, etc. CJ tried to play at neutral, but it was pretty clear he wanted to brush off anything bad and paint it all as vague bullshit.
meanwhile, the chat got increasingly pissed off that maxie was getting dragged over stuff like personal mental health issues.
maxie turned up in chat, sounding about as upset as you'd expect. realtits took that as his cue to get the fuck out.
RSN's mods sperged irrelevant shit throughout, with Marie insisting that none of it mattered because Maxie's parents allowed it for a year. A personal highlight was seeing some troll getting silenced in the comments, but their shit was still appearing on the stream screen because CJ still doesn't know shit about streaming. (it was basic troll stuff, but hilarious because it got silenced in chat, then kept showing up next to CJ's head)
finally, after 20-30 minutes of people saying how fucked up it was the Maxie was having her mental problems aired out by her stalker to excuse himself, as well as other personal information, CJ finally got it through his crack-addled brain that this was not a good hill to die on, and decided to kill the stream.

he started a new stream and is mostly just vaping while reading the chat. gripping stuff.

No. 613685

His hands are so small.

No. 613689

File: 1529278404601.png (7.68 KB, 341x68, okaymarkl.PNG)

It's already the flakes thread Mark. We don't care, you're a creep who reached out to CJ to shit on Maxie.

Also 23-19=4 so, there is a 4 year age gap dumbass. Learn how to count retard.

No. 613709

She said he wasn’t a paedo as she was worried that her stating truth would have set him off. Telling an abuser or creep they aren’t what they really are is a defense mechanism so not trigger them to do worse things by pointing out their bad behavior and angering them.

No. 613751

File: 1529285330531.png (271.56 KB, 882x582, mvsrsnstalkers.png)

So, here we have proof of Craig knowing about Maxie's stalker, Mark. Yet, with this knowledge he chose to continue with a stream chatting with him about Maxie. Good guy, eh?

No. 613761

File: 1529286793366.png (Spoiler Image,217.44 KB, 1305x1220, mvrsnstalkerbs.png)

The following caps will be a lovely display of Craigory attempting to get Maxie to come on stream and have a nice chat with her stalker. Please, remember your barf bags.

No. 613763

File: 1529286917679.png (Spoiler Image,222.76 KB, 1320x1162, mvrsnbs2.png)

Yes, you associating with known stalkers and supporting men with charges/allegations against them regarding violence against women doesn't look any sort of way at all.

No. 613765

File: 1529286985839.png (Spoiler Image,85.27 KB, 739x585, mvrsnbs3.png)

Come to my discord, where your stalker is and let's have a chat!

No. 613766

File: 1529287187849.png (138.77 KB, 1108x898, Impartialaf.png)

"I'm not involved, tell me about it". You do realize by associating with her stalker and prying into her personal life as well as airing all of this on your shitty stream, you're implanting yourself into the situation? You're a genius Craigory.

No. 613767

File: 1529287334221.png (Spoiler Image,178.94 KB, 1224x949, ThataVendettaCraig.png)

No. 613768

File: 1529287423983.png (Spoiler Image,114.4 KB, 846x585, nomeansnocraig.png)

Still doesn't understand "No."

No. 613769

File: 1529287526981.png (Spoiler Image,146.1 KB, 750x1334, HEYCASHCOWGIMMEMILK.png)

hurrhurr, he haz rites hurrr

No. 613782

Honestly, the fact that this dude still has supporters after all the shady shit he’s done says a LOT about them as well. I know her history but it still sucks Maxie has to deal with these creepy fucks.

No. 613837

Double post but if Craig giving him a platform he is letting him speak on stream bitching about a girl he dated like 3-4 years ago. He isn’t JUST a viewer. They’ve talked on streams before. He’s brought up Amber on streams before. Mark literally admitted that he wanted to ruin Maxie’s life on the flakes thread and kiwifarms.

No. 613873

They never dated. He's been stalking her for 6 years. It's clear that he supports Mark, though.

No. 613973

File: 1529321194853.png (340.51 KB, 543x485, mouthbreather.png)

For those who missed him talking to Maxie's stalker: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tqt2vueji2kg54q/Mark%20is%20A%20Creep.mp4?dl=0

Craig doesn't support bad things yet tries to get information about Maxie from her stalker.

They can lie and say they rarely talked about her but it's obvious that he only started watching Craig because they had a common enemy. His username being #RealTits made that really clear.

In case you didn't catch it, the creep states he's going to get himself trouble for speaking about her. Should have thought about that before speaking to Craig, right?

He also brings up it's wrong to bring up family but he himself has brought Maxie's family into her drama before. I guess they're fair game huh Mark?

No. 614010

Why is he saying he would never involve family when he actually posted the link to her deceased father's obituary on the flake thread and the kf thread?

No. 614152

I swear Maxie has a restraining order against Mark yet he does shit like this constantly to bug/harass and stalk her online?

No. 614658

I don't think he's a bad guy first off, but it would be much easier to understand whats going on during his stream if he would stop with the constant repeating of filler words like um you know what I mean? I don't know I don't know.

He's always talking about irrelevant girls from his discord but if asked about the drama he gets defensive and shuts his viewers down telling them to shut the fuck up and get the fuck outta here! Disrespectful way to speak to and about your viewers and wonders why they farm. Everyone is going to continue to speak about it as long as he is

No. 614663

Craig is absolute trash.
He's a garbage human being, he knew all about Maxie's stalker and still gave him a platform to talk. He's also a supporter of abusive men. Today he was defending Xxxtension, saying he wasn't an abuser of women or a bad guy.

No. 614759

File: 1529383383422.png (74.73 KB, 1218x305, goodguycraig.png)

Guess he couldn't get this warrant expunged. Both events in the caps happened in 2013. Looks like Craig is a lady abuser as well.

No. 614768

>verbal and probable sexual abuse of women
>gravitates towards other abusers and stalkers, like actually seeks out the company of these guys
>wks them and by extension, himself
>smear campaign against a young woman
>abandoned kid with 1000 excuses why
>career opiate addict with all the shit that goes along with the 'lifestyle'
He's a bad guy, actually.

No. 614782

how could there be any doubt at this point? >>614768 offers an elegant summary, but really, it shouldn't be needed. he's obviously a piece of shit, and he knows it.

what a surprise. am actually surprised he doesn't have a longer rap sheet of abuse.

No. 614865

Mark's defense is that he's never been arrested or even stopped by the police, then he goes on to say "I guess you could still stalk somebody without being caught." Kind of like how he has been stalking Maxie on the internet? The issue with that defense is that he never denies stalking her and he doesn't mention whether or not a restraining order exists. He keeps saying he's making a video to expose Maxie (which has been rumored and spread about by RSN himself to his batshit discord chat) and also says he isn't releasing her full legal name despite her releasing his… But we already have evidence of him doxxing her on KF. He insists Maxie is a dramawhore for posting when he has posted numerous times himself? Irony at its finest, folks.

In regards to Craigory, he is so desperate for "content" (as if anyone would actually call it so) that he is interviewing random discord members. This isn't the first time, either! Remember he stated on multiple occasions that he "interviewed" bro pic and never uploaded it? He goes under the guise of a reporter but barely allows anyone to speak over his sperging. He started out posting caps of YouNow broadcasters and the channel actually was content. Once he noticed it was taking off, he made to retarded decision to start streaming in a mask and quickly progressed to what we see before us today. As entertaining as it was to watch his spergouts in the spring, his content today is just utter trash. There is zero entertainment value whatsoever until he pulls some dumb shit that winds up posted here.

RSN "bringing you the news that matters" by sperging out on trolls, constant repetition, incessant asspats from his braindead mods and interviewing irrelevant shady characters.

No. 615113

>Has been lurking his thread
>Fails to mention that the girl yelled at he had a protective order issued against him
>Feels bad about talking to Mark but only because he got called out for it and it makes him look bad.

Honestly, if no one pointed it out, Craig would still be talking to Mark about Maxie.

No. 615173

Craig, no-one thinks you're a bad person because you're ugly or because your heroin scrambled brain can't help but repeating itself 50 times "WHAT DOES THAT MEAAAN DUDE?"
People think you're a bad person (people are right to think this by the way, because you actually are a bad person) because you for starters have a criminal history.
You were addicted to heroin for 9 years and during that time apparently cheated on your long term girlfriend, robbed people and fucked over dealers. You then went on to outright lie about this heroin addiction instead of simply saying you didn't want to talk about it because it's a private issue that you're battling yourself. You spent 60 days in jail that we know of, god knows what else you've done. You had a protective order placed against you for shouting at a woman! That's not just "oops, I yelled at someone once!" You were a threat to her, hence the protective order. You abandoned your child (which might be for the best for him, tbh) and claim that your BM is fighting you for custody on him, but she's somehow chill enough with you that she apparently agreed to be on your channel? HMMMM
You tried to split up a woman's relationship with her husband, even changed your name on FB in order to get closer to her. You even pursued her to the point she was uncomfortable enough to back out and totally ghost you. You fucked up a BUSINESS TRANSACTION because you couldn't keep it in your pants, holy fuck. Then you went on to slander her by saying that "she's just mad because I didn't want the mask anymore." and dismissed all of your horrible behaviour as "being a single guy."
Let's move on to Maxie and begin with the rest of the flakes. You brought up Maxie's NUDES. Which yes, they're posted on here. But you then went on to bring them up to her, in the midst of business related talks with her. You were asking her to feature on her channel as an interviewee and then BAM! This tits though! Like what the fuck dude? Do you understand that you don't bring up a person's naked body to them unless you yourself have been shown it by them? It comes off (and is!) predatory as fuck because the only reason you even went after Maxie was because her nudes are out in the first place. That's not to mention the fact you're giving her stalker a platform to continue to emotionally torture Maxie, claiming he's innocent until proven guilty. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that he's got a restraining order against him. You might want to actually look into who you trust before believing that every guy to ever have allegations against him is secretly a sweetheart deep down.
Then we move on to Allie, who surprise surprise! Also has nudes out! You were asking to interview her etc whilst simultaneously asking for free versions of her gross home made porn. You were asking her to fly out to visit you and all sorts, whilst trying to maintain a "business" relationship. That does not sound like business, Craig. That sounds like you're a perverted creep who singles out girls almost 10 years your junior in order to get your hole.

Before we get onto the main event, you understand what all of this is right? Your previous behaviour sets up a precedent, there's a predatory behaviour that's pretty evident and is inexcusable. Your own behaviour is the reason people believe Amber blindly. Because you are such a creepy fuck.

Alas, we come to Amber. One of the many moments you fucked up your life beyond repair. I don't even need to go in depth on what you fucked up with Amber, because duh, she said no twice. Irrespective of what you think went down, a woman saying no is not an invite into her vagina. It means no. What you done was at best sexual coercion, but something tells me your brain is too fried to even understand what that says.

I was going to say I'm happy you're fading into obscurity but… You're never going to be anything more than some loser with <5k subs, bitching about whatever shitty drama happens with your hick mods in your dull discord server. You'll never be a real father figure, you'll never be rich or famous, you'll never even be as good as the blargh. Just some weirdo who depends on his grandmother to pay his way through life (because you have a suspended license, right?) and give him lifts places.

No. 615339

Allie's "gross homemade porn." So you've checked it out have you? That's very big of you. All in the name of research. lol

No. 615430

File: 1529452156658.gif (54.97 KB, 300x200, 9c9.gif)

it's almost like her nudes was posted in the flakes thread or something. Way to miss the point though.

No. 615445

If that's all you took away from that post then rip

No. 615574

It's a regurgitation of EVERYTHING that has already been posted on Lolcow. Save me the fucking sermon and bring the tea

No. 616585

File: 1529567136878.png (38.07 KB, 597x306, likesgivemevalidation.PNG)

No. 616586

File: 1529567397744.png (416.92 KB, 584x581, okaycrurg.PNG)

Craig, you'd have to file a police report if you ever wanted to take Amber to court. You'd also have to have money for a lawyer but, seems like Grandma doesn't want to support you anymore.

No. 616646

yet somebody pays for his patreon pledges to Gregma and Complainey so he can hate watch, leak paid content and post "reviews" on YouTube…and somebody pays for his 10,000 cigarettes to smoke on his boring streams…but he can't afford a lawyer? hm.

this upload confirms his pledges to them:
>5:13 "I get hate that is actually criticism that is actually useful and I use that to improve my channel."
>Spergs about Onion flagging his videos before leading to his old channel being shut down for a period of time because he leaked "paid content" from Patreon
>Boasts about Onion never being able to figure out who he is on Patreon in the comments

He thinks he is some sort of genius because he uses a fake name to pledge to Onion. I'm sure it wouldn't take long for even Gregma to figure out who Craigma is on Patreon and ban him. Then what will he "review" besides the posts on these threads? Craigma. Kek.

He contradicts his fake attitude of being so much tougher than Complainey dealing with hate
>"If Lainey can't handle hate in her-shit-THEIR comments she-I did it again-THEY need to get off the internet."

Methdick, "the best streamer in Rhode Island." Very gripping stuff, guys. I don't know why anyone would dislike his videos. Surely this very well edited and thought-out original content is like-worthy by all.

No. 616652

It's that nobody wants to know!

No. 617818

In one of his streams the other day he was talking about trying to get a job. Apparently being the "#1 streamer in RI" isn't as lucrative as he had hoped.
When asked what kind of work he was seeking he said metalwork and welding-type jobs because that's "what he does".

Interesting that he's capable of doing metalwork with his fucked up hand when just a short while ago he protested that he couldn't possibly have raped anyone because his hand is so damaged he is literally unable to pull anyone's pants down.

Metalwork and welding generally require two functional hands, so which is it? Are you lying about the functionality of your hand, or lying about looking for a real job? Who are we kidding here, he's probably lying about both.

No. 617956

Lest we forget he still hasn't released the super incriminating recordings he claims to have that prove Amber lied about him raping her. He claimed several times he has far more evidence than he put in his comeback video yet we have seen and heard nothing of this evidence being posted. Why? Because I would bet he was lying about that as well.

When is he going to figure out that nobody believes anything he says because he never gives any "proof"? I doubt nerve damage alone would cause his fingers to not open fully. I am no doctor, but I am pretty certain nerve damage causes you to have less sensations in the damaged nerve rather than paralysis which is what he appears to be claiming to have. Since when do you need to hands two remove someone's underwear or pants? Slide one side down, then the other side, etc. Supposedly, he can't dress himself yet he can put a mask on himself with "one hand" and hold his ipad/phone with one hand to stream yet he can't dress/undress himself or anyone. If he truly had nerve damage that severe that he couldn't move his fingers properly, he could and likely would be on disability therefore deemed unable to work by the government in order to receive monthly payments. Let's be honest here, he doesn't want to get a job because he would actually have to do a job other than sitting on his iPad 24/7 trying to be a YouTube streamer.

No. 618468

File: 1529703576192.jpg (160.3 KB, 1245x698, basic.jpg)

He's streaming in Walmart on his dead face channel muttering about nothing interesting, quality content folks! He bleached his hair again for some reason.

I thought he told Rag Reynolds that his most recent job was as a forklift operator before he spazzed out post rape accusations and didn't show up for days. He may have been a welder before his hand got messed up but who knows with this lying creep.

No. 618577

That blur filter though.

No. 618793

He told a few of his Discord members he was a "sound engineer" way back when the first server opened. So which was it? Kek.

Apparently, his server is getting hella chaotic again with him refusing to listen to even the elderly alcoholic attack dog. I guess he let Phoenix back in and everyone sperged in the server until she had the most spergy of spergs herself claiming she's being stalked irl because of CJ condoning her being doxxed. I cannot lul any harder with that nutjob. First, she goes after MB and then she goes after CJ then after his mods and then CJ again. What even is this shitshow coming to?

No. 618824

File: 1529731846369.png (892.88 KB, 1440x2587, RS Chat.png)

I managed to screengrab this from tonight's stream where his mods were upset that he's been ignoring their pleas to get rid of that weirdo Phoenix person.

I caught one a week or so ago where a few of them were ready to quit because he refused to boot her, claiming that she has been really supportive of him and deserved a second chance. Looks like that's biting him in the ass kek.
He consistently makes terrible decisions.

No. 620489

i havent been here since he was still 'on the run', this guy seriously has… fan girls? or something? i dont get it


dont compare a work of art to a goddamn cafepress mug circa 2003 or earlier

No. 622745

File: 1530105792234.jpg (Spoiler Image,682.9 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180627-081614_Chr…)


Hey Craigma, we can see your likes on Twitter. I see you are still creepy and thirsty AF.

No. 635993

File: 1531558608598.jpeg (475.87 KB, 750x941, 90C73CEF-A602-49B4-BBC2-42EFCD…)

No. 636002

File: 1531561891656.jpeg (246.1 KB, 750x453, CB82C4B8-7925-4990-8B11-A88B70…)

His response. He forgets that he still has a thread. There’s still information about your behavior torwards women here. No one has forgotten what you’ve done.

No. 636381

File: 1531598967535.jpeg (18.67 KB, 336x521, 9E140138-89D8-412B-BFB4-44D362…)

He posted this in his server with the girl’s Twitter handle attached, so his gaggle of cunts are probably trashing her.

No. 636521

But… this only makes him look bad for women having this reaction to him following them. Why did he screenshot something that normal people (I say normal, but normal people aren’t sexual predators) would find embarrassing to have been sent.

No. 639120

steal stream news leaks his drama to stay relevant

No. 639231

The picture looks like a man who doesn't want to be followed at 2:05 AM

No. 641861

Real Stream assault video recorded with iPhone victim: [[REDACTED]]

No. 641865


No. 641896

Nice IP grab tool and samefagging. Try harder next time.

No. 643812

Shit stream news fabricates drama to stay relevant

No. 650874

File: 1532935199525.png (54.72 KB, 1128x472, stealing shit again.png)

Looks like good old Craig is taking content from people again.

No. 650934

File: 1532945248590.png (48.34 KB, 517x394, silly craig.png)

Craig just can't stay away from his own thread.

No. 651020

he's probably excited someone remembered him.

No. 670813

It's creepy how his team of losers constantly obsessively talk about Onision and Lainey. Get a life.

No. 673633

File: 1535290477018.jpeg (228.52 KB, 750x413, 990EB4F9-4957-46EF-854A-1203A4…)

Looks like the deep sea creature is getting himself involved in drama again. How unpredictable.

No. 673640

The Oil wife life deleted her channel suddenly a week or 2 ago, this was related to Truthfully Trisha as she had done a video on her. So good old realstream decides to get involved. he spoke with Oil wife and then interviewed the woman Trisha harassed from the pizza place. Craig has really fucked up now that he's decided to tangle with that wreck, she'll attack anyone and doxx them. Just yesterday Trisha had a stream where she was crying and calling him a rapist.

No. 673869

File: 1535315324991.jpeg (288.17 KB, 750x909, 0A89FBE6-D921-4232-86EF-65D3A0…)

He has a gofundme page for “legal counsel.” Because scamming people is easy if they think it’s for legal reasons. He’s been on about suing people since the beginning of the Amber situation. Sad.

No. 673971

He couldn't even bother to proof read this fucking mess. What a fucking scammer.

No. 674386

File: 1535382293998.png (25.54 KB, 599x212, Untitled.png)

He apparently wants to sue Amber.

No. 674508

lol he’s been claiming he’s gonna sue Amber for MONTHS. Now he comes up with this gofundme? Which one of his dumbass hags told him to start one? All he’s gonna use the money on is cigs and other drugs. I’d feel sorry for the people who donated if there wasn’t proof that this dude is a scummy pos all over the internet.

No. 674616

File: 1535408667293.jpg (47.75 KB, 517x365, Lollcowwwwww.jpg)

They're obsessed with Onision

No. 674618

File: 1535408834600.jpeg (65.59 KB, 576x771, Lolcoww.jpeg)

Creepy how his team of losers obsessively talk about Onision and Lainey get a life.

No. 674619

File: 1535408852643.jpg (14.02 KB, 600x124, LLolCow-.jpg)

No. 675340

File: 1535507980933.jpg (26.91 KB, 640x249, c.un.t.jpg)

Attention seeking c*nt

No. 675440

File: 1535522939753.jpeg (23.96 KB, 600x276, hagblob.jpeg)

they fck

No. 675482

File: 1535529630241.jpg (25 KB, 322x410, moron.jpg)

I can't stand him, he's 2 faced. he's trying to make her look bad

No. 675877

File: 1535578013615.jpg (576.7 KB, 3264x2689, lookuglymightdeletelaterx.jpg)

Are you new or just underage? You do realise you don't have to censor yourself on here, right?

Some bonus kek attached, though. He's like a fifteen year old girl in constant need of validation. I suppose getting high off of attention is better than heroin, though.

No. 675882

File: 1535578199462.jpg (1.29 MB, 2560x2560, blobulation.jpg)

He's also currently chimping out over caps from his discord being posted on here, threatening to delete the whole server or mass purge users. Then in the same breath admits he doesn't care about the server.

No. 675925

What is even the point of him having a server if he gets butthurt about everything?

No. 675930

File: 1535582067401.jpg (23.28 KB, 491x410, takedwnblob.jpg)

Proof our Craig has bullies for mods

No. 675932

File: 1535582100709.jpg (19.2 KB, 410x410, Takedwnblob2.jpg)

Proof our Craig has bullies for mods

No. 675933

File: 1535582129964.jpg (11.58 KB, 244x300, takedwnblob4.jpg)

Proof CS has bullies for mods

No. 675934

File: 1535582169852.jpg (27.97 KB, 513x411, takedwnblob3.jpg)

more proof our craig has bullies for mods. lol be mad

No. 676129

didn't he once tell people to search lolcow real stream news? if you don't want people talking abt you, why tell them where to go? idiot.

No. 676203

in tonight's live stream RSN said he is going to make a website like low-cow AND like 4chan but better.Real Stream News was supposed to be a visual version of the type of content on these sites. kek

No. 676226

lol wat? Good luck with that Craig, keep proving to everyone what a cow you are.

No. 676806

No. 676810

currently RSN its live streaming he said he has opened a go fund me for $4,000 to raise money to sue truthfully Trisha. he is bringing up old garbage about her bloody livestream, wasnt that like a year ago? He says she has slandered him on Twitter with rape allegations and he is definitely going to sue her.He is also slurring his words, doesn't seem sober just talkin really slow and sloppy my opinion is that he is not going to sue TT but is just using his Subs to make money because he is so desperate and despicable and a puny individual.

No. 676846

absolutely something he would do.

No. 676957


Remember when RSN was sperging over Masked Babe and RagReynolds?

No. 676959

Who's the chick who sounds like Plankton's wife? She calls Masked Babe a "fat latino" @ 3:37.

No. 676960

His Mod HollyDead lol

No. 676969

File: 1535694892072.png (139.38 KB, 706x340, racism1.png)

This the kind of shit he and his mods allow.

No. 676971

File: 1535695158730.png (464.45 KB, 720x738, Screenshot_2018-08-30-20-57-50…)

Even his mods are posting racist shit.

No. 676975

File: 1535695827049.png (154.92 KB, 439x357, racism2.png)

No. 676976

File: 1535695893636.png (287.11 KB, 789x696, racism3.png)

No. 676977

File: 1535695910762.png (119.74 KB, 488x320, racism4.png)

No. 676981

Ironically, they have rules against posting racist shit but no mod or Craig reprimands people for posting this shit. Really shows what his priorities are.

No. 676987


Wow. Good luck getting far in your youtube career mr. craigory.

No. 676992

red text is mods? holy fuck. hes an idiot for letting them act and post whatever they want. does he not know that 99.9% of discord communities dont do this shit?

No. 676993

File: 1535699553733.png (22.76 KB, 255x233, MOd Motherfucka.PNG)

Red usernames are mods.

No. 676996

File: 1535699939508.png (24.47 KB, 241x216, mod2.PNG)

This is the mod who called Masked Babe a fat Latina.

No. 677006

File: 1535701858346.png (Spoiler Image,79.13 KB, 425x425, wow racist.png)

someone posted this and then he had the audacity to ask if it was racist? apparently someone was also posting pictures of black people getting lynched.

No. 677014

File: 1535703024717.png (173.05 KB, 720x1235, 20180831_040839.png)


No. 677015

File: 1535703121852.png (115.2 KB, 1000x573, lelwownice.png)

"I don't condone racism"

No. 677022

wonderful holly is mods with someone she hates and spoke bad about before now their bffs. holly is disappointing and fake af. i heard she framed her friend for something he didn't do to get him kicked out. what a cunt.

No. 677023

What do you expect when a drug addict runs a discord he gets nothing but fake af bullies af people to run it with him. fake being a good person all you want Craig Silva. You cant run from the shitty person you REALLY are. I pity you.

No. 677032


"I let racist people mod my discord and I don't ban racist people, but I'm not racist guize!"

Ok Craig. Get fucked you racist piece of shit.

No. 677039

Exactly. His discord has always been a mess and he says he doesn't care about it. Then why have one? It's full of mentally ill drama whores who sit at home all day and start fights and post fucked up gore and racist shit. He can't say he has nothing to do with it when his name is attached to it. It's his community. That's what you get when you make every idiot a mod and don't engage. He just doesn't learn.
Also his obsession with lolcow is ridiculous. He says he doesn't care but does a whole react video every time his thread is revived, which is feeding the trolls but at the same time he complains that everytime he's getting big (lol) people are trying to ruin it. Lmao

No. 677043

why do you think he needs his own safe space, anon? of course he knows

No. 677052

File: 1535713010050.jpeg (110.08 KB, 769x485, 545449F0-E24D-433A-B68F-AA7F47…)

What’s the point of having rules if you don’t even enforce them? Makes it seem like he doesn’t give a shit. He’s banning anyone who is calling him or his racist fans/mods out.

No. 677058

someone needs to call cps on that carla lynne a racist cant raise a baby(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 677219

File: 1535738658887.png (419.53 KB, 1265x1017, RealJunkieNews.png)

New video where he talks about being a heroin addict. Says he never tried to hide it even though he denied being a junkie before he was outed. He also e-begs at the end of the video and wants people to go to his gofundme site because he wants to sue Trisha and Amber.

Also these fucking tags! He tags his videos with "rape".

No. 677283

There’s literally posts about him denying he’s an addict in the last thread. He tries so hard to manipulate his idiot “fans” to discredit his thread but these are words he’s said or done on his own. He was even trying to claim that people were “manipulating” people to believe he’s racist yet his mods only started deleting racist shit after people called them out or it was posted here.

No. 677328

man his fans look crusty as fuck. half of this chicks look like they do heroin themselves.

No. 677481

File: 1535758235125.png (13.4 KB, 584x100, cry.png)

lol cry some more BitchStream.

No. 677621

File: 1535769346650.jpg (7.39 KB, 275x275, 1534576235700.jpg)

Implying this thread isn't a reflection of him and the people in his discord.

No. 677663

File: 1535776048649.png (21.49 KB, 229x247, mahmanipulation.PNG)

They made another racist a mod.
Nice to see what company you keep Craig.

No. 677701

No. 677739

File: 1535788873014.png (226.48 KB, 500x612, 6787845.png)

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1SWlenpIwm6RyJ4UYioPgJdynz9LVMLEa (Masked Anal Defender speaks out Against Craig)

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1uGS44AL0KLyv-PEcMSqQ0UJK5gN1I9fu (Meek the White Supremacist)
2 minutes in he talks about race memes, 4:10 he says the N word. Totally not a racist server. (Sorry for the autism)

No. 677742

>my image

yeah, would be a real shame to taint that junkie rapist image, hey.

No. 677760

Nice white power discord server you running there RSN.

No. 677766

GG Craig, Your super racist mod got rid of actual supporters of yours because they spoke up against the racist memes.

Literally a white supremacist server at this point.

No. 677869

File: 1535817478648.png (218 KB, 984x679, uggo.png)

No. 677973

Wow. I'm glad I never joined that shitshow of a discord again.

No. 678065

File: 1535841176679.png (28.81 KB, 1216x155, itwastrollz.png)

Craig blaming trolls for posting racism and gore in his server, despite the fact that it was his mods that did it.

RealSwastikaNews having a rough time covering up his racist server.

No. 678090

>Be Craig
>Complain about people painting him as a racist
>Allows people like >>676957
>To mod his server
>Still associates with Maxie’s stalker Mark (Masked Anal Avenger) who posts gore/people getting lynched in his server
>This thread ruins my reputation!!!
>Bans people for calling out said racism
>Blames said racist shit on trolls knowing his band of idiots don’t know how to read.

No. 678145

File: 1535849206860.jpeg (Spoiler Image,77.11 KB, 593x1059, E3FC2951-ACC4-4A87-9611-F24615…)

Posts like this are pretty common in his server.

No. 678179

The only mod they had in there that deleted any of the gore, or racist,or porn like stuff, they chased off, because holly wants RSN all to herself.

No. 678182

I saw holly accuse a girl in a live stream of being obssesed with RSN!
But the girl apprently has someone

No. 678422

Does he not realize that his "trolls" are literally the same obsessive onion stans and anti-onions he started out with? You can clearly tell by the caps. Same old shit nobody cares about anymore. No new milk. His mods aren't even worthy of the label of cows. Come back when there is real tea.

Not sure where there is any milk left in this thread as of late. This guy could not be more irrelevant right now but looks like he pissed off the wrong "OG" Sperg to get this thread revived.

Is that AllieLovesPain I hear? Kek.

No. 678460

No that’s not her, not any of the onion gals from what I can tell.

No. 680318

File: 1536028093898.png (Spoiler Image,1 MB, 1080x1080, Photo_1536027911703.png)

Lol(Go away, Craig.)

No. 680367

Why does he have a pic of her ID?
Also she’s not deleted social media and I doubt he has a case strong enough to sue… seeming as he plied her with drink underage and admitted she said no twice on cam.

No. 680413

File: 1536036277882.png (89.84 KB, 720x1234, 20180904_003456.png)

she turned 21 3 or 4 days later and he said he has up to 8 or 9 recordings of her admitting everything…If hes moving forward he has a case.

No. 680415

File: 1536036342686.png (66.28 KB, 720x1237, 20180904_003924.png)

No. 680425

She deleted those 2 then made another twitter protected. Hmm is she getting hate?

No. 680537

"I know I gave a minor alcohol, but she turned 21 days later your honor!"


No. 680566

This is gross. He has absolutely no case against her lmao. He's not going to bother suing anyone, he simply doesn't have the money to and no-one cares about him enough to donate anything substantial. Plus whatever money he is donated will probably be used on heroin or more gimmicky shit for his horrendous livestreams. Not to mention that this kind of threatening behaviour could and would be used against him.

Craig, you're a retard.

I highly doubt her deleting her twitter and re-making is anything to do with Blob. These e-thots love the attention they get from new accounts etc.

No. 680593

oh well, if rapestreamnews said it, it must be true! poor amber must be shaking in her boots.

No. 680706

You guys are just delusional at this point.I guess Amber would have been able to make better decisions 4 days later at 21. Why do you think the police never charged him for giving her alcohol? Or for rape? Or for even sexual assault or misconduct?? Explain any of that. This looked bad at first but Amber wanted it to look that way and as recordings and evidence came out its obvious what really happened. He spoke to the police and gave his "evidence" so he isn't going to jail. I remember seeing a stream he said they asked if he wanted to press charges? He said no at the tims obviously he changed his mind. He has recordings of this it wasnt illegal if the police consider it evidence. If you are still posting here saying he is a rapist you are delusional. If he does sue still he will probably win obviously the evidence brought to the police was enough to instantly drop the case. The detectives who deal with this type of thing arent stupid so they must know something we don't.

No. 680724

A judge isn't gonna give a fuck if it was just 4 days before 21, is what I'm saying.

Oh well if Craig said that he talked to the police then it must be true!

No. 680933

He recently showed the card he got after seeing the detectives he folded it up to block the name but yea he's obviously been. He puts out multiple vids daily and streams every other day. What world would the police let someone they were looking for do that daily? Its been almost 5 months I think since he said he went. Ive been following this closely without saying anything because of things ive been through personally. Imagine how stupid the police would look if Cj hadn't talked to the police with him online daily. Thats not possible sorry. Oh and if the police didnt charge him for the alcohol. A judge in a lawsuit wont be looking at it as a factor because well he wasnt charged for it so Amber would have to prove he brought it. So its kinda looking like she's screwed. I dont know why he is suing I dont think she has money. Unless its literally just to make a point. That makes me think even further he was set up by her.

No. 680938

>That makes me think even further he was set up by her.

That's some great retarded tinfoil there. I would expect nothing less from a RSN stan.

No. 680976

Well you revived a dead thread trying to make him look like a "snowflake" when there hasn't been milk for months. So i dont expect much from you. Keep stroking that hate boner.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 681016

File: 1536102549470.jpg (61.41 KB, 1202x570, congrats on getting scammed.JP…)

some poor gullible idiot donated $300 dollars to him. sucks that that money is going straight to cigs and blow.

No. 681183

I tried watching his completely unstructured and amateur stream this evening.
CJ is really a despicable individual who says he wants to help TT but it's obvious he only uses bigger YouTubers for views. When he's not talkin about her he literally has 3-4 people in his chat. it's pathetic . He's not easy to watch either, he constantly has his fingers pawing his screen. It's hard for me not to imagine those paws all over somebody that didn't want them all over them.(wink wink nudge nudge) He can't control the volume like he can't control anything in his life. From his mods to the girls he invites to help him with rape scenes. A real professional set-up he's got there.I'm still trying to figure out why anybody appreciates his content. Until then, I will listen to his limited vocabulary: no no no no no no no in that annoying girl tone and
I dunno. I dunno. I dunno.



No. 681360

I like how it's tagged under "emergencies" like he hasn't had months of e-begging donations from his psychotic stans. What's so urgent about the case 4-5 months later? How is it an emergency now, Craigma? Nice pity bait there.

Officers and detectives give their cards out to everyone they meet. This is not evidence at all. He can't post a business card and say, "LOOK GUIZ I GOT DIS AFTER ME INTERVIEW WITH THE POLICE SO IM INNOCENT NAOW!" Sperg all you want, but there's so many business cards from officers I have personally accumulated just from greeting an officer or giving information for a report on the scene of an incident. They give you their card and say to call if you remember anything else that might be important for their investigation, not because you're all clear. You'd think he would have some valid documentation dismissing the case or papers from the department with every detail of the report. You always get a copy of that stuff. If his case with Amber actually was dropped, no doubt he would have documents stating "unfounded" or "insufficient evidence." Until he shows those papers, I'm still skeptical any of his claims are accurate or truthful.

On the other hand, there has been next to no updates from Amber since this all happened in regards to her pursuit of the charges. I remember she was claiming the case was NOT closed and that Craig was under the radar of the police for the sexual assault allegations. Since then, I have not seen her mention anything about it. I find it a bit suspicious considering her nature of oversharing and sperging constantly about her sooper hard lyfe… She's just as sketchy as he is. Who knows who is actually telling the truth here? Not me.

No. 681366

File: 1536141269639.jpg (Spoiler Image,74.49 KB, 640x1093, image0.jpg)

Aparently he did email files to police he was in contact according to this and yes police do email if they have to.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 681979

Blobfish so worried about how people treat him, but if anyone says anything in his discord, that is harmful to anyone 0 fucks could be givin! it's onision 2.0

No. 682163

If Craigory were actually suing you'd think he'd shut up about her and stop selfposting in his own thread trying to discredit his alleged victim.
Show us the reply from the detective if the case was actually dropped Craig Silva. Impress us.

No. 682230

File: 1536226919467.png (607.13 KB, 900x1529, 20180906_052038_1536226331900.…)

This isn't rsn so don't ban me losers I was told to post this he's tired of being called a rapist. Here ya go.He said these correspondence between him n the detective were after the case was closed just about possessions left at the hotel. He said he isn't giving emails directly discussing the case.

No. 682232

File: 1536227293604.png (436.34 KB, 900x1461, 20180906_052743_1536226272501.…)


No. 682236

File: 1536227680669.png (263.04 KB, 1017x510, Screenshot_2018-09-06 Image Em…)

>don't ban me losers

And how cute that Craig is sending his retarded fans to post in his thread.

>Uses his RSN e-mail. Refers to himself as "RSN" in the e-mail subject.
>Detective using ellipsis in the e-mail.
>Google result confidentiality notice

Yea this totally looks real.

No. 682237

Saw this browsing randomly. Such confidentiality clauses are quite standardized. It's normal that a lot of places have very similar notices or same ones fyi.

No. 682241

Why would this idiot go by RSN instead of using his legal name. Dude is fucking retarded.

No. 682290

File: 1536238460160.png (63.22 KB, 456x496, rsn is a rapist.png)

I feel so bad for Craig. All he did was ply a girl with alcohol and coerce her into sex despite her repeately saying no, and now everyone keeps calling him a rapist. He's very sensitive, dontcha know. Just because he raped some chick doesn't mean we should keep reminding him of it.
And just look at those super-convincing screencaps that were provided by totally-not-Craig. Yep, we should definitely just pack up and go home and stop pointing out that this junkie raped someone.

No. 682593

Ngl but having dealt with officers over email myself, some of them write very unprofessionally.

No. 682594

do they also use .com instead of .gov domains?
Because both the police department of Boston and the city where Amber's hotel was/is have .gov emails.

No. 682703

Not being a US citizen I am not sure what email domains are of common usage for police, however in my country they all have official email addresses linked to met police and not a .com address.

No. 682708

Craig is known for lying so I hope you can understand why we're suspect of the screencaps. Especially when almost all government emails have .gov addresses here.
I don't believe that he actually went to the police for "false rape allegations." He got the girl drunk and had sex with her in a motel room in a town none of them are from. It's a shady situation regardless.

No. 683015


You understand that a emails are not a verified legal document dismissing the case, right? Craigma, I don't think you are understanding what we mean by legal documents but e-mails about items you left behind is not valid proof. The letter received via snail mail with the details of the disposition of the case is what we mean here. Email, especially an unverified and blacked out screen capped version, is not a legal document. This proves absolutely nothing aside from an email asking about missing items left behind at the motel, if that. Pathetic attempt at proving innocence!

No. 683024

ngl the fact that he's on his thread trying to prove his "innocence" is pretty pathetic. Even if he was innocent he's still a ugly lying druggie begging for money.

No. 686784

File: 1536786157410.png (379.72 KB, 591x374, obs64_2018-09-12_16-02-37.png)

Craig is bitching about Madison live.

No. 686789

File: 1536786779237.png (67.92 KB, 720x808, yikes craig.png)

No. 686791

File: 1536786955107.png (274.77 KB, 723x659, chrome_2018-09-12_16-14-49.png)

Yes, so fucked up. Telling someone they didn't doxx you is so shitty lel.

No. 686807

File: 1536788776535.png (422.42 KB, 1382x1022, Screen_Shot_2018-09-12_at_11.2…)

He's still talking about Amber in his server. Sorry you got rejected by her and could only get it in when she was drunk lol

No. 686912

File: 1536798617428.gif (2.46 MB, 480x262, tenor.gif)

lol he's so mad!
He's also super butthurt about his thread showing up when you google "RealStreamNews".

Too bad Craig, get fucked!

No. 686919

File: 1536799316014.png (541.69 KB, 905x529, the little boy who cried haras…)

No. 687087

Omg, That ankle biteing chiwawa of a mod of his, seem's everyone fights with her, Who runs the show there, Craig or her, she must have dirt on him because that bitch gets away with murder

No. 696237

File: 1537833835320.jpg (50.52 KB, 778x438, yeahlooksstupid.jpg)

Craig a single father who must raise money to bravely fight for his good name against slanderous haters was putting on glow stick necklaces in front of a dollar store so he can hang out at a graveyard tonight. He asked the stream if his outfit looks stupid, he's streaming on real drip if anyone is interested.

No. 702360

Masked Babe uploaded a new video about Craig. It's a mixture of both old and new info.

No. 702512

no1curr about your shitty video

No. 702652

Wtf is going on between them? I just watched her video and scrolled through the comments and people are pissed at her. People are saying she said she wasnt going to make another video but I dont remember that being said when following the drama.

But its been months since anything has happened with Realstream so Im confused on why she even posted a video. Is there drama going on behind the scenes or something?

I feel like the milk is dry with this cow lately so wtf…..

Sage for being slightly OT.

No. 702815


He has attracted a small regimen of bitches and hoes in pit bull suits.
I have heard him claim that MB said she would not make another vid on him.I don't know if she ever made that claim tho.

He tryshard to produce milk but it's "udderly" ridiculous.

If you haven't been around for months then you did miss some garbage. There's not many posts here. You have to watch him to get the garbage and it's just a bunch of sour cream.
there's the rub I don't, I can't tolerate watching the grease ball. Only if I'm feeling, I don't know, somewhat greasy myself lol

No. 703049

File: 1538544889970.png (437.21 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-03-01-30-52…)

Maybe he is done but who knows.
There's some irony here.

No. 703271

Her viewers said they were sick of the forced RSN shit that was her bread and butter for a while, so she laid off. But she struggles for content otherwise, so she tried to manufacture some new drama and failed.

No. 709299

File: 1539213287649.jpg (32.79 KB, 638x647, tatt.jpg)

Craig was streaming in the graveyards again and he showed a tattoo he got to commemorate his channel. He chose to get the RSN logo on his arm over the crown design which would have been the less shitty choice.

No. 711100

File: 1539359624498.png (361.88 KB, 1146x870, Screenshot_2018-10-12 LAINEYBO…)

"I don't want to have a fake story out"

He says while presenting dms from a girl that obv isn't Maya.
Fuck off Craig, you are a true scumbag.

No. 711114

Did he even bother looking at her page and see if it was her or not? He’s so goddamn thirsty.

No. 711121

File: 1539362173239.jpeg (179.9 KB, 1017x1017, 5C9D337A-BF20-4482-BA50-E1B986…)

No. 767922

File: 1547855116111.jpg (46.84 KB, 785x443, soupy.jpg)

Anons I know he's fallen off but he's been getting more views lately due to the Onision streaming. Anyway the other day he said if he got a $100 donation he would take a bath in ramen noodles on stream and now he's actually doing it. That's probably his grandmothers tub, I feel sorry for her. He also still talks about how he's going to sue A.

No. 767928

File: 1547855251073.jpg (48.15 KB, 621x289, menu.jpg)

And there are more options for further embarrassment. He didn't add all the flavor packets btw.

No. 767973

File: 1547859784698.jpg (73.98 KB, 782x441, lainey.jpg)

He's still at this. The donations have mostly dried up, he only got more because he said he would do a Lainey impression for another $8.

No. 768055

fuck off posting your friends on here nobody is falling for it

No. 770234

File: 1548216225367.png (25.92 KB, 632x284, UnbiasedLolcow.png)

He's infected with JoySparkleBs super sperg aids after having her on his channel for the 2nd time in 2 days

No. 770267


Lol. He's about as unbiased as Jeremy Kyle or Jerry Springer. That's what he gets for trying to stir the shit.

No. 771387

Looks like RSN is still being a creepy fuck.

No. 771448

I think he meant bias kek
He has been going around commenting on every video about the alligations against Greg. He is as big of a sperg as Joy.

No. 771464

Usually when this thread gets bumped, it's by rapekitnews himself. Hoping that isn't the case here.
Anyhow, what are watching for? What's the draw? Please tell me it isn't just more omg jsbs! a la >>771448

No. 771656

This isn't news anon. Rapekitnews has always been creepy.

No. 771762

Apparently Riena thought his modding sucked between Blood and JSBS. She gave him her opinion, and he didn't like it. It just snowballed from there.

No. 772685

To be fair he took everything jsbs said without question or proof.

No. 772837

bump(Don't do this)

No. 773753

File: 1548895205848.png (113.17 KB, 320x181, groooooooming.png)

JSBS on the stream tonight with her lesbian friend Rena.
Stream got deleted just like others with JSBS on them.
That woman is poison

No. 773822

This guy thinks he has content but when hes on stream he never has ideas of what to do or talk about, and his guests are boring when theyre not crazy like the JSBS ones recently. And hes constantly praising himself. Is his ego really this big?

No. 773824

Also this dude watches sam pepper and ice poseidon, and he still thinks hes a good guy lmao. It says enough about him.(lrn2sage)

No. 774342

RSN made a new discord so that newbs can't see the post history. Like his old lady fans trying to doxx (and failing horribly) masked babe.

No. 774419

What is this now, his third or forth new discord?

No. 774658

Third, I think. He's scared of Rainey getting ss from his discord and sharing them, even though his hags talk shit about everyone and anyone… Like when Demmy was mad that Ayalla didn't want anything to do with CJ because of the rape allegations.

No. 774709

im glad rainy and cj kind of squashed the beef. hopefully rainy realizes that this amber phoenix retard in her ear isn't good for her. we all know what happens when that lunatic gets involved.

No. 775612

File: 1549475117163.jpg (90.6 KB, 773x532, journalismpro.jpg)

RSN the supreme journalist is at it again. He just put up a video about Eugenia Cooneys possible death using that site that was debunked as a source. To add to this he included news footage of the discovery of a womans dead body found in a suitcase in Greenwich Connecticut. The only personal info given about the woman is that she's believed to be between the ages of 18-30. RSN just had to throw that in a video because apparently some people thought that might be Eugenia, but is she even in Connecticut right now??

No. 775757

File: 1549517953415.png (797.49 KB, 1080x1920, 20190207_003548.png)

this was in response to the question why RSN deletes streams.any input Anons?

No. 775758

File: 1549518006006.png (562.87 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-02-07-00-31-40…)


No. 775858

File: 1549556142889.jpg (539.45 KB, 1080x1857, Rsncriesaboutdislikes.jpg)


He's crying on twitter about bought dislikes. As if he didn't deserve them for his shitty half-assed "research".

No. 776462

File: 1549747392782.jpg (446.3 KB, 1080x1288, Cjsdoxxingdiscord.jpg)

But not. His catty old grandmas are allowed to break his discord rules and post personal pictures of Rainey and her child. He acts like he has no control over them when he can ban the people who do this. Except without old fat hags like Marie, Demmy and Heaven, no one would be in his discord.

No. 776705

Needle Dick the bug fuckery uploaded a half assed
"documentary" about Grooming.
All i ever hear is his saliva, slimmy, smacking whining flapflop lips complimenting himself.
I dunno, I dunno…you want this?

No. 777760

remember when he went full psycho with his mods and started kicking random "fans" out of his public discord server because they all thought they were sent there to spy on them(sage)

No. 778601

Rips on repzilla saying he only has views for his "pretty" face, not realizing that actual effort and content helps. Also was saying he wants people to join his stream and talk to him, even if they disagree with him but he blocks anyone who disagrees.

No. 778840

He doesnt understand what conspiracies are & he doesnt seem to believe that women could be human trafficked even though it happens every day & she literally looks scared & the fbi is involved. He also seems to not believe women unless he gains from it.

No. 778863

This is a guy who doesn't listen to women when they say no, so I'm not surprised. Also him being jealous of Repzilla is hilarious. Sorry, RSN you have a very unfortunate looking mouth.

No. 778994

Hey annons RSN Hooks up with another fan girl…(cool story, where's the proof?)

No. 778998

Unfortunate news. Her self respect must be non-existent or shes disabled in some way.

No. 779007

"She has no interest in RSN. He harasses her because of it. Get a hobby M33k. Your little "raid" yesterday was pathetic"(namefag)

No. 779008

How do we know they hooked up and shes a fan? Not surprised tho.

No. 779009

She isn't a fan, and they didn't hook up. M33K just wants a fight. Ignore him.

No. 779066

hi guys cj here, just wanted to confirm that me and amber phoenix are dating but i am asking you all to please stay out of our private lives thank you

No. 779073

She wants nothing to do with him. KEK. You're just looking for an excuse to post her picture and get a rise. Get a life. She isn't the cow here, retard.

No. 779074

File: 1550465611287.jpg (25.11 KB, 531x276, 1548245802088.jpg)

No. 779075


nice damage control bird lady

No. 779077

File: 1550466153149.png (156.86 KB, 712x433, youtried.png)

maybe not a lolcow but definitely a cow nonetheless. get some rest, love

No. 779078

Craigma isn't a bright one, but it's highly doubted that he'd get himself further involved with Amber Phoenix as he knows she's highly unstable. This girl has a history of attempting to manipulate his viewers and haters. She's an absolute fat mess crying for attention and playing cry-bully

No. 779084

The only thing I don’t get is if cj is dating this fat chick then why is this reina girl dming him nudes?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 779086

yikes. next level trash. bitch just popped out a baby, didn't she? also, pretty sure rainy snaggletooth and phony phoenix have been fighting over bloberino lately. not sure tho

No. 779088

did she really send him these? that's sad. i liked her. she seems sweet.

No. 779092

… you're completely unaware of his fanbase, aren't you? They're all highly unstable. Also, this is a guy who was desperate enough to fly out that ugly pedonision stan for an 'interview' / rape session and dumb enough to broadcast it.
amber phoenix sounds perfect for him.

No. 779100

she never sent them he stole them off her twitter page and passed them around saying he get's nude's it kind of sad really

No. 779101

anyone ever notice his haters are all former fans and they’re just as crazy as his current fan base? it’s not like ex fans came to the realization that Craig is a creepy scrub. It’s just a mashup of >victims and wannabe trolls (meek, amber phoenix, and rainy retard)

If rainy doesn’t want to attract slimy fucks she should probably keep her clothes on in her selfies.

No. 779105

wow, that's super sad. i feel for her. i think she thinks she's more mature than she is, which makes me afraid for her. she seems kind of a mess having kids and posting that kind of stuff on twitter? she's in for a rough time. men are going to abuse her big time with this kind of stuff, and not just craigma. craig needs to leave her the fuck alone. fucking creep.

No. 779125

she's an adult with two children having these twitter and discord exchanges with RSN. she is not a victim. they're both infantile scum putting dumb shit on display and they wonder why people point and laugh at them. they're both pitiful rubbish.

No. 779129

posting herself semi nude for body posi whatever isn't a twitter exchange with rsn, and she's a young vulnerable girl. he's trash and so is his discord/whole community, but she's a fairly simple, naive girl that will end up abused. she's nowhere near his level. he's horrific as are his community of psychotic 'fans'.

No. 779130

regardless of the intentions of this 23-24 year old's twitter retardation, she should expect backlash for her former behavior and encounters with the rsn 'boolies'. don't post the lewdies if you're gonna get salty over someone reposting it, ya twit. it's common sense, little miss body positivity. kek

No. 779141

File: 1550494527531.jpg (102.62 KB, 470x301, 2019-02-18_07.35.04.jpg)

Holy shit it's been a while since I've really looked into this thread. Its honestly become pointless and reaching. RSN is a spergy dumbass but he was cleared of the rape Allegations but that's all that's talked about. No the police have it all wrong n of course random fucktards on lolcow got it right. Starting to think this thread is run by Amber Phoenix or Rag Reynolds after they deleted pictures of Amber Phoenix n her Puppet Rainy Retard. That girl is a fucking moron she has her kid in the background while she talks about all this shit then cries when someone shows a pic of her baby daddy who she says isnt her bf n btw if you two aren't together that just makes you a hoe. 6 days after having a baby n you are posting lewds on Twitter n already talking shit about this dumbass RSN. This thread has gone way off the rails n has zero purpose. I don't know how it can be any more obvious that RSN didnt rape that girl n even Masked Babe is friends with him now. Its literally just Rainy Retard n Amber Phoenix talking to each other while Amber has her hand up her ass to control her so really its AP talking to herself lol I vote new thread for "AMBER PHOENIX N FRIENDS"

No. 779145

File: 1550495482040.jpg (109.65 KB, 675x939, image0 (1).jpg)


hey cj your shitty free vpn mustve dropped lol

very humble calling yourself a dumbass but you're still a rapist

No. 779146

File: 1550495747498.png (Spoiler Image,151.68 KB, 383x427, ligma.png)

P.S. i think this lumpy retard is trying to get into the thot olympics posting nudes on twitter 6 days after she has a baby

is there a thot special olympics? runny reina may have a chance after all

No. 779147

See this is the dumb shit I'm saying. No arrests nothing but you call him a rapist. You have no knowledge of what happened.

No. 779148


yeah because no one has ever gotten away with a criminal act before

nice try again though craig

No. 779149

It's not like he slipped the cracks you moron they review all the evidence it was n actual investigation n they chose to close it oh why? Because evidence shown proved that girl planned everything. That makes it fake Duh. Was he dumb for ever dealing with that girl absolutely. I'm pretty sure he learned his lesson.

No. 779150

Craig… how have you not learned by now? hide

your fucking IP, you mong.

No. 779153

File: 1550497425974.jpg (151.8 KB, 1079x498, Screenshot_20190218-134342_Twi…)

we get a shout out too!

No. 779158

so what? she's not milky and hasn't done anything wrong?

No. 779159

File: 1550502277790.jpg (35.88 KB, 640x360, crtYhRF.jpg)

but if you have a gander at her fb, youtube, and twitter, the low IQ dunce has full potential to be milked dry.(derailing)

No. 779161

This isn’t her thread, and learn how to sage newfag. Stop shitting up the thread with irrelevant girls who were vaguely involved with CJ.

No. 779162

File: 1550503547227.jpg (38.13 KB, 491x417, image0 (2).jpg)


a few things

1: who said that person wanted to sage in the first place? not everyone is an autistic lolcow addict who feels the need to tip their sage fedora in every post

2:you don't get to be the arbiter of what is shitting up the thread and who gets to post what, stop mini modding you big crybaby

3: even if a person is "vaguely" involved with craig they have business being in this thread. This person is much more than vaguely related

your little sperg out makes me think you're personally invested in this drama which is pretty pathetic lmao. wonder which obsessed shut in i'm typing to?


No. 779166


god you sensitive mods with nothing better to do sure do ban people fast and for no reason. Autistic with all the time in the world on their hands, its a perfect storm lololol.

good thing vpns are like $2 a month(Ban evasion)

No. 779218

The rapist using his own lolcow thread to harass women. How unironic.

No. 779230

>gives alcohol to an underage girl
>keeps pushing her for sex, she keeps saying no
>literally broadcasts this

"hurr durr you dun know nuthin."

This is like a PSA for the dangers of heroin addiction.

'Anon', she chose not to pursue it further. Why don't you run along and photoshop some more Official Docs showing you totally aren't an (admitted) rapist. Or take some language lessons in basic English.

No. 779236

Sorry, but lol, who the fuck pays money for a vpn

No. 779307

Except he admitted she said no on stream.

No. 779321

Presumably people who don't want their VPN to drop. This is how farmhands always IP grab Amber Phoenix and Craig when they think they're being slick. lol

No. 779329

Or people who don't know about cookies.

No. 779356

Or people who want to torrent and not deal with bandwidth caps and speed throttling? Clearing cookies will not help these limitations and not everyone only uses paid VPNs for playing on lolcow.

No. 779367

Quit sperging over your VPN, no one cares. Back to Craigma. He threatened the women he is posting about here in his stream today, but backed out at the last minute. Probably a good idea, considering dragging women on your stream just because they rejected you makes you look really scummy, and backs up the rape accusations against you. Not that the sickening streams of you both admitting she said no twice wasn't enough.

No. 779371

Wow. Either CJ or his gross old jealous bitches posted this here to shame Rainey. No one cares, Vendettachan this isn't her thread.

No. 779391

you and lupuschan care so it's funny. lol

No. 779412

How many times are you going to keep ban evading? Thread is autosaged because of spergs like you, any other vendettachans can go back to discord and take their autistic schemes there.

No. 779422

File: 1550576890437.gif (2.27 MB, 398x498, tenor.gif)

imagine taking your job as a farmhand so seriously, you sit there tagging posts for 10 minutes and 5 hours deleting shitposts and you still manage to fuck it up lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 779471

Is this sperg arguing with themselves?

No. 779493

File: 1550599878469.jpg (230.36 KB, 1080x1681, Rsndiscord.jpg)

No. 779518


so what? it was a public twitter post. JustEatingTush and rsn are kinda right in their comments, as it is obviously attention seeking masked as body positivity post. Can’t relate. Nice little screenie tho triggerlord.

No. 779520

Because sending this to rsn isnt attention seeking behavior? lmao. Some people are dumb, and a lot of them tend to hang around this creep.

No. 779524


Pointing and laughing at a retard is attention seeking behavior? Do you realize you are saying this on a site dedicated solely to pointing and laughing at retards?

No. 779531

Yeah, this girl wants validation from rsn and i see it as attention seeking. next.

No. 779538


A person sharing a screenshot with a friend is much different than posting nudes on twitter to hundreds of people and asking them to say positive things about your body. You don’t even make sense. Not to mention that person didn’t even @ rsn. take your almond brain and goblin body back to lupuscord lol. Next.

No. 779543

Yes, it's a different scenario but it doesnt mean it is not attention seeking. lol. Shes dumb and this conversation is boring.

No. 779561


Of course RSN and his saggy-titted crypt keepers would think a young mother being proud of her post-birth body is "attention seeking." If anyone got a look of those ugly hags naked, the poor onlooker would puke. They're jealous harpies who want to suck off RapistScumViews. Their brains barely function, the poor things.

No. 779613

File: 1550621049313.jpg (2.57 MB, 810x8856, Rapestreamnewstwittersperg.jpg)

Rsn sperging about bought likes on Twitter again.

No. 779666

Can he just not fathom that people dislike his videos because he's easy to hate?

No. 779705

when you’ve got a steady stream and contant like / dislike proportion and 500 dislikes appear out of nowhere when there aren’t even that many viewers it’s pretty obvious. Plus the fat lupus faking cunt is crazy enough to make 27 accounts and make up entire personalities for them, she would easily drop $10 on dislikes.

on top of that, how do you people explain the fact that YouTube confirmed it and deleted dislikes on my streams and videos? oops let’s forget that happened lmao

No. 779706

P.s. wolfsnickers on Twitter is Amber Phoenix, she must’ve switched accounts since she accidentally outed herself on her bandit account lolol(This is an imageboard )

No. 779735

has anyone else noticed that rainy reina's baby looks like craigma? hmmmmm

No. 779739


She says herself in the video that the baby always looks like the dad. guess rsn gave reina the old interview-switcheroo and put a baby in her lol no wonder its so fucking ugly

literally looks like an alien baby

No. 779752

When did YouTube confirm it? RSN could easily be dropping the dislike ratio himself. There are tons of ways for him to get the dislikes down by buying them off or going into a command prompt. It's not that difficult to figure it out.

Could you stop shitting in the thread? You're clearly unhinged and delusional, hag squad.

No. 779755

File: 1550677166525.gif (897.49 KB, 280x215, RapidYawningChickadee-max-1mb.…)


>buying them off

>going into a command prompt

this fake hacker jargon lmao stfu you don't know what you're talking about

on topic he posted screenshots

No. 779756

People do it all the time on YouTube. There are hundreds of videos that you can look up yourself about getting dislikes down. It's not that much of a challenge, even for a rapist like Craig.

But it's good to know his fans are sexist rape apologist hags who also make fun of babies. All of you are off your fucking rockers.

No. 779760

I dunno where you get your info, vendettachan but you're way off the mark on this one

No. 779957

File: 1550707933342.png (534.02 KB, 698x450, Stan_Beals.png)

RSN looks just like the Exterminator from the ant bully

No. 780012

proof or gtfo

>going into a command prompt.

Fucking dead.

No. 780088

Accurate. RSN acts like him, too. They both think their shit don't stink.

No. 780097

File: 1550722032816.jpg (79.83 KB, 1137x427, rsndislikes.jpg)

No. 780141

Rainy: ples do not post screenshots of my kid ever I will hire a lawyer and soo u all

also Rainey in the same video: ps who wants to see my newborn baby? No one? Ok here you go!!!

>shoves it’s face into the camera

you can’t make this shit up

No. 780204

File: 1550765302942.jpg (364.39 KB, 1422x823, fakedislikes.jpg)

Easily faked screenshots by simply editing the page.

No. 780224

Anon, you clever beast. I'm surprised RSN's band of wicked bitches haven't figured out that screenshots can be cropped.

No. 780387


>google how to change text in a web page

>omg Im- I mean you’re such a clever beastly hacker wow

As if you can’t just click any other video that was affected and see the dislike ratio. It genuinely wouldn’t surprise me if amber Phoenix actually spent the time logging in to 400 accounts rather than paying $10 lmao.

Either way all her money or effort being deleted by YouTube is hilarious, checkmate lupus faking bird cunt

No. 780466

Are you legally braindead? Crop Anon just proved that RSN can go into his own likes and dislike ratio and change the numbers however he wants for free. No cost. That's way more likely than his rape victim wasting money on his lard face. You crusty hags need to get your head out of the sand.

No. 780548

No you can't. You guys are retarded, inspecting element doesn't give you permissions to actually change the page.

No. 780566


You can't just edit youtube's website. LOL

No. 780635

File: 1550905656479.jpeg (25.11 KB, 400x400, 47D0A307-01B7-45BB-BAA2-0F1515…)


I’m torn between wondering if it’s possible for a troll to be this obvious for or a person to be this stupid

No. 781201

but you think someone's botting dislikes for his fat ass? sure jan.

No. 781488

RSN put himself in the shit with the drama commune.
The future looks dark.
Poor needledick the bug feker.

No. 781886


Rainey admitted she knew who was doing it on accident in a stream. I have it recorded. She will never say who it is though.

Also amber Phoenix is actually that nuts, lol


No. 783116

File: 1551672267825.jpg (75.89 KB, 782x519, playlist.jpg)

RSN went to Orlando to attend Playlist. Interesting choice from someone who had a gofundme to fight for justice and wants to move out of his grandmas house. The girl next to him goes by minty oreos, don't know her but I hope she wasn't rooming with him.

No. 785240

Look at the junkie rapist "moving up" in the world!

No. 795290

No. 798839

Hey real stream I have something of yours I will be in touch soon

No. 799279

File: 1555819772262.jpg (327.98 KB, 1080x1203, Rsnexstans.jpg)

Anyone know what's going on with RSNs stans? His biggest fans seem to have turned on him.

No. 800504

Last night RS got on stream and seemed agitated, he started bitching about getting a lot of dislikes. For some reason getting a high ratio of dislikes really triggers him, I've seen him halt the conversation for 5-10 minutes to rant about this before. He always blames this on people buying dislikes to get at him. He then said he had nudes of some people the viewers might recognize (there were about 180 viewers) and he was going to blur them out but if people donated $40 he would show them. He ended up showing them anyway with no donations. there were 3 women, witchy whose face was fully visible, someone called tush and a third girl whose name I forgot. One of them is married with kids and another I think is in a relationship and he threatened to show the nudes to their significant others. Of course this was something that originated from his messy discord, I don't even know the issue that started all this. He's since deleted that stream of course, today he posted this stream to try to explain things.

I don't even know but he is constantly dropping people and accusing them of things shortly after he claims they're such good friends. It's a revolving door with him.

No. 800523

File: 1556295683946.jpg (9.33 KB, 417x57, Just Eating Tush.jpg)

Women on stream are talking about taking RSN down. They are coming after him with torches

No. 800565

Here's the nude leaking stream. He threatens that every time his chats get more dislikes he's going to repost the nudes.

No. 800589

Here he is playing the victim again

No. 800590

File: 1556311995243.jpg (22.15 KB, 312x190, hospital.JPG)

No. 800641

I bet laurie is really sad CJ wouldn't ask her for nudes

No. 800647

File: 1556325762363.jpg (116.4 KB, 882x645, rag comment section 1.jpg)

No. 800655

File: 1556329976442.jpg (92.23 KB, 790x493, getwellsoon.jpg)

He got out the hospital, he's now streaming and calling everyone fake as fuck. He rejected the suggestion to apologize to his supporters by saying he only has 2 of them. He's just being his real self basically.

No. 800703

This whole stream:
>waaaah waaaah! nobody cares about me! waaahh! where's my support?!

No. 800965

File: 1556471287191.jpg (20.39 KB, 216x230, wc.jpg)

So apparently there was a wellness check. He's been streaming constantly on his channel and others for the past day and a half shouting and trying to get pity so it might be a genuine wellness check if it actually happened. On his own channel he seemed entertained when the police got called over a family situation earlier this week.

No. 800968

File: 1556471911064.jpg (27.38 KB, 364x140, josh.jpg)

Well it seems it did actually happen and the Josh show was the one who called. Wow, when cows collide!

No. 800992

File: 1556479650399.jpg (414.65 KB, 1066x1542, 20190428_141401.jpg)

Josh believes that he can play both sides, when the truth is he pulled the same shit RSN did, but with his own daughter. But remember, these men think it doesn't count as porn if it's blurred! The cows have to stick together! CJ did help Josh come back, and in the most vile way possible.

No. 801087

File: 1556511654823.png (56.31 KB, 712x586, Screenshot_2019-04-28-21-16-14…)

Imagine having the hots for CJ to the extreme of going out of your way to post the same nudes he showed. Before someone checks out the link, she deleted the nudes and backtracked by saying she was unaware. His loyal lard knight is out there really fighting the good fight for someone who doesn't give a shit about her. (Mind you, the man is repulsive. Why someone would feel for him is beyond me) He really does need these insecure ladies. Otherwise he'll crumble.

No. 801184

Hope she's ready to go to jail for spreading revenge porn for him.

No. 801247

RSN Admits to being on the phone with his drug dealer on a live stream

No. 801384

Is this CJ's real personality or is he being manic? His erratic speech reminds me of someone who's on drugs.

No. 801562

so why is masked babe cool with him?

No. 801589

Here's a long stream from a couple of days ago where a lot of the women went on to discuss the things CJ has done. It's a long stream, at 52 minutes is they show messages between CJ and Maxi. At around 2 hours, 18 minutes in Maxi shows up to talk about what happened to her. If you've forgotten CJ had a stream with her stalker about a year ago and you can probably read more about that in the first thread. She's one the girls from the Onion discord that he tried to perv on, he contacted like 5 of those girls around that time.

No. 801598

Here's the continuation of the stream with the girls. CJ shows up at 1:06 to try to defend himself poorly. The really interesting part is at after 1:50 you can hear Masked Babe leaving a message for Amber/her family impersonating an FBI agent(poorly), it gets played a second time at 1:54:30 more clearly. They said this happened on Easter. CJ says that they shouldn't be playing that on live and warns them that it's best to stop the stream and talk to him in private about that.

That's a great question, how insane and vengeful is she to harass the girl who accused him of rape and this long afterwards? I remember about a year back when she made videos with clips of those streams with Amber and then leaked voice convos from his shitty discord. She's known that he is a piece of shit for long time and now she's helping him harass girls he's mad at!

No. 801605

Original owl seemed kinda friendly towards him until he streamed those nudes and she criticized him. Here's part of a deleted stream of CJ trying to fling some dirt at her by showing a clip from an old Dr. Phil episode, that woman on the show clearly isn't owl.

No. 801643

File: 1556735306343.jpg (890.49 KB, 810x3955, Joshshowplan.jpg)

Josh apparently helped him/told him to do all this shit screenshot was leaked by Laurie

No. 801653

CJ keeps friends in low places, but I'm not surprised Josh would help him with something as trashy as this. He wanted to be CJ's hero, because Josh knows that if CJ's reputation is flushed down the toilet, his own might inevitably might be flushed down with it, but he tried to be snakey about it and Laurie outed him. I love CJ's community of fellow cows and snowflakes imploding in on themselves. Couldn't have happened to a worse pos.

If this isn't proof that CJ is as high as a kite all the time, I don't know what is. Owl and that woman look nothing alike.

No. 801654

Samefag, but my bad, Josh. I just noticed you were the who uploaded this video on your YouTube sock account. I'm sorry for not noticing earlier, you fucking snake. Lol.

No. 801672

Masked Babe is just giving him the benefit of the doubt and being an idiot while doing so. She forgets that he threatened to leak her (fake) nudes a while back.

No. 801715

Former friend calls in wellness check. Guess they're not friends anymore?

No. 802082

File: 1556935840092.jpg (24.76 KB, 356x126, tillnexttime.jpg)

I watched todays stream so no one else here has to. Tush, one of the girls he released nudes of is back in his community and is a chat mod again. Some people were upset about that. Within this past week a girl named Marie said CJ asked her for nudes so he could trust her(future blackmail), she refused and was kicked out. Today she's back in his chat and was a mod. CJ said Josh is banned, I'm assuming he's still upset about the wellness check. Josh is really grimey but CJ didn't care about all that because he is too, it's the wellness check that went too far!

No. 802101

File: 1556946208991.png (103.61 KB, 379x585, tuush1.png)

iM sUcH a ViCtIm

No. 802102

File: 1556946256061.png (122.34 KB, 378x561, tuush2.png)


>ive always had CJs back and he has always had mine

No. 802104

File: 1556946415053.png (137.38 KB, 380x496, tuush3.png)


>im going to be the next amber pheonix

cant relate

No. 802105

File: 1556946513802.png (123.54 KB, 371x533, tuush4.png)


doesnt this count as revenge porn? i dont think this professional victim would have blurred them either kek

No. 802106

File: 1556946653332.png (43.33 KB, 273x133, tuush5.png)

one minute she is crying about feelers, the next she is lItErAlLy incapable of feeling anything


No. 802277

File: 1557012300735.jpg (68.93 KB, 572x465, Cj gross.jpg)

Craig,can you tell us something about yourself?

No. 802288

File: 1557015472380.jpg (61.95 KB, 573x393, CJ lawsuit.jpg)

Craig Silva scared that Amber might go on panel and talk about the night he fucked her. He uses her full name (side way threat) and promises to keep the money (junkie, no joke?) and sue her. Take care of your son. YOU FuCKIN MORON

No. 802353

did anyone see blobs stream where tush of ALL PEOPLE called Callie a flip flopper? hahahahaha TUSH AND MARIE of all people callin Callie flip flopper oml

No. 802516

it's disgusting how tush, marie, and demmy crawled back to rapedreamblues after promising they'd no longer associate with him. either they're all trolls with no morals, or they're abuse victims who had their morals beaten out of them by their shitfaced daddies. either way, fuck them. fuck masked-babe. fuck anyone who defended him. but fuck him especially.

No. 802561

There's another livestream happening right now with some woman talking about this. Masked babe is in the chat and wants to come on. I wonder how she'll explain calling Amber and impersonating an FBI agent

No. 802595

File: 1557123664692.jpeg (33.6 KB, 1100x1100, 95BAA867-D464-418B-BFB6-7A2DDE…)


no one cares about a prank call from over a year ago lupus-chan

No. 802807

File: 1557206759527.jpg (72.88 KB, 882x627, MB FBI Agent.jpg)

>>802595 Masked Babe admitting that she impersonated an FBI agent with her usual POC memes. Listen to RSN protecting "Mary" Babe from embarrasment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1t4Q-0StlbE&feature=youtu.be&t=6629

No. 805177

File: 1557567611263.png (25.6 KB, 630x278, RSN the rapist.png)

Craig The Rapist Silva posted this but forgot to tell he's claiming Negative Reactions videos this guy's a fucking pathological liar.

No. 805604

NEGZ's publishing his videos everywhere LMAO

No. 806571

confronting CJ he deflects

No. 808006

Famous troll "imaredhead420" confronts CJ!


No. 821651

File: 1560429650225.png (686.02 KB, 2120x780, 45 bucks.png)

So I'm not sure if anybody wants to talk about this douche anymore but yesterday I saw on Twitter that he has beef with this Marie chick again and he asked her for $45. Isn't that a suspicious amount of money? If I'm not wrong that's the same number I often saw in the Luna threads when she was begging for heroin money. No matter if it's for drugs or not, he is a pathetic loser for asking his fans/cult members for money and he'll never change. All I ever hear from that community is ongoing backstabbing and I think that's hilarious.

No. 821769

File: 1560452003611.jpg (40.12 KB, 648x635, foto_.jpg)

It's not only Marie, he is asking other mods for money too and he tried to make them sign an NDA.

His ex-mods streamed last night and they shared a screenshot of him being arrested for violating a protective order and yelling at a woman. This cow knows how to treat dem ladies!

No. 823930

File: 1560929733905.jpg (86.74 KB, 536x953, 20190618_063056.jpg)

CJ needs to stop making fun of my keds, he knows my ked is seck and he needs to pay back my best friend Laurie he's such a dumb fuck

(when he does enough ass kissing I will forgive him n go back to his server)


No. 824048

stop self posting you egotistical loser. maybe instead of self posting on lol cow you should be out working to make sure you get laurie the remaining $55 you still owe her.

No. 824195

i don't know what you are pulling but i'm cutting it off before it starts. It's obviously not a self post, but a rsn stan attacking those that are calling rsn out. either that or rainy, she is going nuts lately, its surprising she doesn't have a thread yet.

if a mod could please remove the picture? its more than a little too far for someone not an lolcow. Please and thank you if you do.

No. 824197

RSN EX MOD talks to Onision about RSN on YouNow


No. 825350

File: 1561245386943.jpeg (85.7 KB, 590x958, 9B556B0E-76A6-49F1-AF31-597906…)

Guess who used their sick grandmother for content?

No. 866944

isn't there a new thread?

No. 866945

rags a two part video on rsn. Here's part 2

No. 889001

File: 1572912073398.jpg (136.94 KB, 902x1792, tush.jpg)

No. 889005

File: 1572912241514.jpg (198.42 KB, 902x1792, tush2.jpg)

Roo aka tush aka Shawna is RSNs biggest fan! Like him she is also broke! Please refer to the pictures of her wearing panties with multiple rips in them! >>889001

No. 890589

This thread is a joke literally a masked babe aka Geissell Morall n Rainy Retard playground.

No. 890807

File: 1573248385385.jpg (Spoiler Image,235.29 KB, 606x860, Screenshot_20191108-142422_mh1…)

Perhaps The Graig Milk has just begun?

No. 891008

lol Shut up Allie nobody cares

No. 891741

File: 1573460324628.png (167.38 KB, 414x401, Screenshot_2019-11-11-00-03-53…)

Never forget that cj resembles Rick Berwick.

No. 906844

Hey so rsn may be, probably, going to jail.

What is going to take him there out of all the crap he has pulled???

Remember harvard chickie that he took money from? She took him to court as part of it she set up a restraining order on him.

He then took his phone with calls showing it was from harvard and claimed she was calling giving him death threats etc and so cops went to her. She showed from her service provider she had made no calls to him. He had used a spoof app to falsify call logs and took it to police. He falsified evidence. He committed abuse of litigation. This cow is now dead subject cuz well jail.

No. 908547

>>889001 anon thats what happens when you wash your panties what's so milky about that?

No. 911529

No. 926305

Today RSN was reminded of the conditions of his hpo and threatened with 90 days after that was his civil case and Harvard won he has to pay 250 a month or he faces 30 days in jail after being sternly reminded about breaking his hpo. justice was served

No. 929736

Wha's Amber clements current twitter or insta account? I used to follow her but I can't find her accounts anymore

No. 986711

I'm so surprised that this thread is essentially dead. RSN is the epitome of a lolcow and since he's not capable of ignoring anything that even resembles criticism, when his thread is active - hilarity ensues.
Everyone is so hung up on his creepy rape allegation that they don't even notice what a true wealth of cringe he is. And since no one cares enough to bring attention to his more recent escapades, that blobfish made of foreskin is becoming increasingly smug because he thinks he's a successful master manipulator.
I'd love to remind him that he is the joke of youtube and that's the reason other youtubers don't acknowledge him unless they're publicly distancing themselves.

RSN is the cringe factory we need during these tough times

No. 1030346

RSN just got dragged to filth in augieRFC’s stream holy shit. Tipster, edwingeneration, maxi from onision discord, repzilla, nick deorio, Tommy c, and bowblax, etc. were in the stream yelling at him and calling him a rapist.


No. 1045712

Just posting this here too for completion, I know this belongs here but RSN have been sperging out in the anti-o snowflake (wrong) section. Here goes:


Here are files that Rape Stream News loves to DMCA. Just download all 5 parts, use WinRAR to unrar them, and enjoy.
They sat patiently on my hard drive and will continue to do so, I love to archive stuff on lolcows to enjoy at my own leasure as well as post from time to time, like right now.
Feel free to post them anywhere else, of course. The reason I did it like this is because it will be much harder for Craig to DMCA 10 different file hosting companies.
And no, I won't explain to you how winRar works, or how to download, it should be self explanatory (its quite easy actually)
I noticed RapeStream News his ED page was gone, I might put some effort in to bringing that back. Musta been due to the move of ED.
This is what spergin' out about being a lolcow and having a bad rep, trying to correct it will get you.
Have fun.

No. 1050678

I guess amber and rsn are on good terms, maxie and the others are very outraged and feel betrayed. Amber apologized to RSN for the whole rape allegations. I'm surprised no one has posted about that on here.

No. 1050755

File: 1601731906434.png (609.45 KB, 946x2048, 9S99lAK_ (1).png)

Amber Clements Accuses her ex gf of rape as well.. Heres the Video of her Ex Reacting on twitter. https://twitter.com/theprincesscult/status/1308940604357763072

No. 1050758

File: 1601732016406.png (430.09 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshots_2020-09-25-19-53-1…)

Maxie Has Had enough of Ambers Lies. Amber says Craig is her x gf fun fact rsn was never dating her. Go figure looks like rsn was telling the truth about this whole thing.

No. 1050759

File: 1601732111456.jpg (142.7 KB, 720x752, 20200929_224637.jpg)

Rumor has it Amber has been telling Craig everything all his "haters" were telling her. They video chatted yesterday morning I guess??

No. 1050770

So Amber made peace with realstream & asked him to call her. Shes following him on IG and twitter. I cant fucking believe it. After all this time this was just a game to her. Obviously we know why Craig wasn't arrested because he really did have evidence…

No. 1050813

Literally no one cares + learn2sage.

No. 1050909

Guess we have blobfish "his BFF" here to defend him. Look we all know he's a rapist and we all know he has stolen money from women too. Like that one lady who couldn't afford chemo because of a loan that junkie rapist never paid back.
Fucking stan someone nice, you fuckers are no better than Onision's stans.

No. 1050965

File: 1601753566398.jpg (62.43 KB, 680x383, EjaK4zcWAAESX48.jpg)

jesus fucking christ who is that tired old haggard beat hooker on the right? I mean the one in the string bikini not the other old tired haggard old whore with the poor discount drug store henna job in her hair.

No. 1050972

I guess being a whore truly is the oldest profession in the world. RapeStream's tired old fans prove it, they where the worlds first working girls. I bet the lady with the librarian glasses actually had Moses as one of her clients.

No. 1050986

If I were RSN I'd be real careful. He already has rape on his rap sheet, don't want to add necrophelia to it.

No. 1050994

um that ain't no string bikini. its a normal bikini of which most of it got lost in her gut cunt and fat folds.
i guess this is the type of audience CS attracts. The truly desperate that figure "hey he's a tweaker rapist maybe he can clean the pipes for me."
Don't worry ladies, I got you covered, here's what you do: Before you meet potato head just put an 8-ball of cocaine inside your pussy. You know like the Nigerians do at the airport. Then just lay down, spread your legs for him and tell him to go look for it. Chances are he can already smell the crack in your gunt.
Success guaranteed. Good luck!

No. 1054171

>>1050986 Last Night Realstream had Raven Amber Clements X Gf On she exposed ambers fraudery. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvUu3PMF5Ug

No. 1054174

>>1054171 Amber Clements then reached out to Cj since she was getting exposed by her x gf she asked him to come on stream. he had her on while Justeatingtush calls amber out for the fake rape accusations. This was golden.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5kllD7--4o n If Cj really raped her she wouldnt have been on his stream for 40 mins. Amber talked about her mom faking stomach cancer for a gofundme. Cj asked Amber why she asked for money after the whole rape fiasco when she had 300-400$ in her pocket?? She said she needed "that" money for her trip to lond0n. So all these girls like Gingerbeck & Lowkeyloki got scammed by scamber go figure!

No. 1054175

File: 1602144975737.png (37.76 KB, 596x621, Ejxj3hdX0AMnCbK.png)

Rumor has it Amber Clements reached out to RSN to ask him if he would press charges if she admitted he never raped her. She then sent this DM to him stating that he never raped her an that her mom was controlling the situation and she didn't know what to do and she is sorry. WOW So RSN was telling the truth. Scamber then liked and Retweeted the message when he posted it.

No. 1054253

File: 1602162015751.jpg (321.67 KB, 1280x720, rsn_is_a_rapist.jpg)

cool story, bropic. were it not for the fact that in the infamous video where they stream the day after, as well as another video in this collection >>1045712 , you can hear ambers mother trying to calm amber down and trying to rationalize things numerous times.
it was rape, her mother did not coach her in to jack shit, she said no twice and you can't change facts, blobfish.

No. 1054261

Its funny how he tries everything to distract from it like the cancer crowdfund thing. hey jackass: that doesn't matter. it doesn't matter what amber did before or after you met her, or what her mother did. SHE SAID NO, TWICE. YOU RAPED HER.

No. 1054354

its hysterical how none of these dumb shits ever heard of the streisant effect.
tamara will always be known as the dog fucker.
royalblack will always be known as the mother who let her kids be molested by a pedophile.
and CS rape stream news will always be known as the rapist.
and notice how in all of these cases its absolutely 100% true. there is no changing the narrative, not in this world. not on the internet. once something happened, thats what you're known for. just look at michael jackson, OJ simpson, gary glitter, jimmy saville. you can't change that. you can jump up and down and try and spin your story any way you want, you can keep posting in the wrong threads and make a million more videos, its to no avail. hell michael jackson wrote entire songs proclaiming his innocence and look at what thats got him. ask anyone on the streets they go oh that singing pedophile? except for a few retarded fans still trying to change the narrative. you can't. you won't. and its both futile and hilarious to see you try. so keep on trying, you fucking rapist junkie.

No. 1054583

How the fuck can the mother coach Amber in to anything when she said no twice? Is he trying to claim she was going for a baby with this crack addict and then sue for alimony? That it was all some sort of big conspiracy? Get over yourself, you're a youtube nobody tweaker with not even two dimes to scratch together. Funny how you mention Amber's mother cancer scam considering RSN scammed a cancer patient himself out of all her money, after which she couldn't get chemo.
gg fag.

No. 1054895

File: 1602230505524.png (32.75 KB, 398x178, unknown (7).png)

Amber Literally Retweeting Videos saying "Realstream News Innocent Amber Clements Admits She Lied" You guys are just delusional at this point.

No. 1054930

I'm sure she's pressured in to saying that by him. Fact remains that she said no twice and that CS confirmed that she did.

No = no.

Rape = rape.

No. 1054935

maybe rape stream needs to stop obsessing over the poor girl that he raped and stop stalking her.
good idea? yeah?

No. 1054936

File: 1602240321239.jpg (30.84 KB, 608x409, explode_in_ur_face_lol.jpg)

Ah I see that its back firing in your face. Nice. Good.
Keep it up.

No. 1055575

She's In this Vid Saying "No it wasn't Rape and No It wasn't Coercion" She said yes. After RSNs Stream she admitted he got up walked to the bathroom came back and she said can you can still go? Before they even hooked up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXZrPn5JCUg She's Inviting him to go to LA?? Rape victims don't do this type of stuff sorry.

No. 1055658

File: 1602329928220.png (69.6 KB, 398x496, they_do.png)

Actually, definitely-not-cs, they do exactly that.
specially if you keep stalking them like a creepy drug addicted attention whoring freak.
two things for you to look up:
1. the streisant effect.
2. sage.

No. 1055664

File: 1602330614127.jpeg (198.33 KB, 750x473, RealStreamRape.jpeg)

why don't we liven things up a bit in this boring thread by posting some leaked conversations of rape streams discord getting scolded by his own fans?
this is after he raped Amber.

No. 1055669

File: 1602332006016.jpg (15.28 KB, 603x134, rapebanana.jpg)

Well look at who's coming to brown nose with CJ after being puked out by the Anti-O's >>>/snow/1020155

It's bad banana!

No. 1055857

File: 1602355647285.png (186.85 KB, 592x443, 65468612.PNG)

>bad banana puked out by newbies
He should get better analogies. Almost as bad as Onision. When something gets vomited out of the human body its usually toxic or undesirable. Oh wait, nevermind. Thats a PERFECT analogy.
He cries that lolcow is full of idiotic women yet he checks up on /snow and /pt daily… if not hourly. The ultimate FOMO. Fear of missing out on those same women making him look like a sad mama's boy. 3 likes KEK! I remember when he could get double or triple digit likes. Must suck being persona non grata now.

No. 1055876

File: 1602357640161.png (862.37 KB, 828x1792, 03893EAB-C4CF-4909-B57F-38FE61…)

Looks like the little mama’s boy is buying subs.

No. 1055899

File: 1602360778382.png (97.41 KB, 1200x542, NeglectedBananaopentabs.png)

He lives with his parents. He's never spoke about being in a relationship with a woman or hanging with friends pre/post pandemic. Bad Banana spends all day being a racist incel on Twitter. I don't blame him for tricking out the one thing that consumes his whole day by buying followers.

I can only guess what tabs are open on his browser 24/7.

No. 1055901

I love how both of them are too retarded to realize that this screenshot only makes it more obvious that he pressured her to say exactly what he wants (she can't even spell coerced) because otherwise he'll interview her most recent ex who's on a warpath (which he apparently did anyway)

No. 1055907

Rags take on this was similar to how I look at it. Potato-Face fucked up his own defense by letting it slip that Amber had said no twice until he pressured her to say yes. If he had kept his mouth shut there wouldn't be this proof he coerced her. Does Craig really think people are going to apologize and forget about all the other creepy shit he's done to his female fans?

No. 1055912

File: 1602362444861.jpg (123.4 KB, 1916x893, BrokenDiscord1.jpg)

bad banana is not only a sad wanker but a gullible cunt too if he believes mr potato head.
With crimes cops always take witness statements. Sure you can pull that witness statement but you can't change it. If you ask me his stalking made Amber afraid of him. He's been obsessing over her after he raped her for YEARS now. He even got her to recant and not pursue legal action. I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up raping her again one day.
If you ask me he does it to "prove the anti-o's wrong" about "how popular he is." imagine how hollow and empty his life must be. he seems to be even sadder than Greg and Kai combined.
Exactly how are the anti-O's newbies? if anything most of them have been in that game for many years longer than he has.
typical johnny come lately type thing to say.

Lets leak some more classic RSN discord arguing: https://voca.ro/1c2KD6p8zMcM
can't recall what that was about but enjoy.
fuck RSN and fuck all he stands for.
and fuck bad banana too.

No. 1055914

Apparently, he has two old hoes checking on the site and taking screenshots for him. So, hello to the old hoes. Shouldn’t you be on your corners?

No. 1055918

ah yes the cunt committee. what a bunch of sad losers.
pastebin dot com slash FYCuVecW

No. 1055990

ohhhh i now realize why they're on about that, its because bad banana was banned here and can't read nor figure out a proxy! haha what a dumbass

No. 1056012

dumb shit nad banana closed his twitter again.

good. hang your head in shame, you dumbass.

No. 1056029

File: 1602373772317.png (49.01 KB, 1011x341, 548365_7105_95645.PNG)

Keep crying behind a privated account. Ask mommy to massage your abdomen. Maybe she can make your balls drop.

No. 1056033

File: 1602373995056.jpg (61.06 KB, 500x500, birdsofashitfeather.jpg)

Birds of a shitfeather flock together, Bobandy.

No. 1056046

File: 1602374862179.png (1.27 MB, 828x1792, 62F166EB-1B86-438F-B580-BE5998…)


No. 1056056

File: 1602375502307.png (426.84 KB, 598x601, tamarathedf.PNG)

well werent badbanana and tamara the dogfucker chummy? you can tell a lot by someones friends

No. 1056112

How is he going to properly fail-troll people? He makes racist and misogynistic replies to random people who dont follow him so being private means hes screaming into the void.

No. 1056261

Bad banana is a typical incel. Hates women and hates the darkies because they have a bigger penis than him.

No. 1056491

File: 1602439694951.jpeg (83.9 KB, 828x807, 9C5DFB67-8900-4619-B228-798544…)

We’re obsessed. He’s pretending that he’s not butthurt about being called out for defending an “alleged” rapist.

No. 1056613

The only reason we mentioned you is because you're defending a rapist, buddy.
But sure, we're obsessing. Such a gracious Greg-like thing of you to say.

No. 1056642

Well, they do say the longer you obsess over someone, the more likely they take on their personality traits.

No. 1056659

Hates women? »Check.
Racist? »Check.
Buys bots to fake popularity? »Check.
Unwarranted self-importance? »Check.

Well he does have a lot of similarities..

No. 1056671

Also, dude comes off as a boomer trying to pretend he’s still young.

No. 1056675

File: 1602460656536.gif (6.39 MB, 500x336, OnionOedipusComplexGIF.gif)

you forgot one
Unhealthy relationship with mother. Check.

Im thinking thats the reason for BadBananas hatred of all other women. Mommy put it in his head that they're all whores and unworthy. Mommy is the only one who can love him right shudders

No. 1056680

File: 1602461002421.jpg (19.84 KB, 258x305, sarahdearmond.jpg)

I don't know enough about him to comment on that, BUT I am taking your word for it. I notice Sarah DeArmond being absent from his twitter these days, wondering if the e-love died down. I do theorize she wouldn't like him defending RSN all too much, I think she also hated him back in the day.
Maybe her elderly husband wised up and threatened her to cut up all her credit cards if she didn't stop e-cuckolding him online.

No. 1056685

I assumed mommy found out banana was sharing lewds with mrs. dearmond and put a stop to it quick.

No. 1056687

His two hooker pals and that retard Gayzar or Layzar ran her off the platform.

No. 1056878

"my son bad banana is a young boy, only 47 years old. stay away from him, you old hag!"
it was bound to happen, the way she was going good grief. sure you were fat once, and you lost the weight, kudo's. but that doesn't entitle you to GOTIS all over the place and romancing anything with a cock.
then again I read she also has BPD and an array of other psychiatric illnesses, so no doubt she's on a flurry of different meds.
her husband needs to put her in a straight jacket and administer more. always more.
please, by all means, shoot her full of haldol and keep her away from the keyboard.

No. 1056881

oh, apparently she's bi-polar:
well there you go.

and she was fat once. congratulations, we're all very proud of you.
no, really.

No. 1056882

>Sarah also has Asperger’s Syndrome and was diagnosed when she was sixteen.
oh and aspergers, she has jesus though:
>She has had one-hundred percent support from her husband, mother, and her Savior.
>Sarah DeArmond lives in Calera, Alabama
again, we're all very proud of you.

No. 1056889

File: 1602496903961.jpg (75.28 KB, 901x501, EAB-D94CF-4909-6C170-38FE61.jp…)

>my son bad banana is a young boy, only 47 years old
>dude comes off as a boomer trying to pretend he’s still young.

I assumed the rare photos banana provided to the girls he was trying to woo were real. And I took him at face value when he says he's 19. It made sense because he doesn't seem to have much life experience. Even the basics you learn in high school and college are foreign to him and when people prove him wrong with that common knowledge he rages on Twitter for hours to try and counter it.

No. 1056892

File: 1602497713231.png (105.51 KB, 179x572, unknown (8).png)

Amber Clements Liking RSN's tweets calling out Repzilla about not correcting his claims on RSN & Amber. Sure looks like shes on his side.

No. 1056894

>>1056892 In case you missed Amber Clements also straight up coming on Realstream News to say it was not rape or coercion. But yea go ahead and act like somehow any of you don't seem delusional at this point. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXZrPn5JCUg

No. 1056906

You're trying way too hard to convince anons that really don't care. We're here to laugh at the cows not be persuaded that they're innocent. Seeing him franticly try to prove he didn't rape Amber and not changing one single persons opinion is hilarious and worthy of this ongoing shitshow. Amber is just as much of a cow as Craig is. Let them both spin in circles while we enjoy the spectacle.
Craig is a creeper with all the girls in discord. He's been inappropriate with quite a few of his female fans online. The only difference with Amber is he saw her in person and got her in a room alone. Give him time and he's going to try and fly another girl out and coerce rape his next victim.

Friendly advice- if you saged it wouldn't be so obvious who you are.

No. 1056914

File: 1602499882957.jpg (30.79 KB, 527x512, junkie.jpg)

holy shit this is hilarious. so.. you follow a junkie rapist that scams his own fans out of their money and then not pays them back and drags them to court, yet we're the braindead ones?
Here are some highlights of RSN's "career", and I use this phrase very lightly here:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RK7Viismcwk [DL][Archived Copy]
Harvard chicky, his own fan whom he stole money from had to hold a FUNDRAISER just to be able to still pay for her cancer medication:
and then of course he tricks his own users out of nudes just so he can later blackmail them when they inevitably fall out with him. oh and he also has girls sign an NDA (thats right just like Greg) before he flies them in and rapes them.
but by all means, tell us again how we are braindead for not believing the words of your glorious leader, oh wise one.
oh and realize all these are just highlights, as im sure i left tons out. keep at it, we're all laughing at you, you are very entertaining.
for his victims in sure RSN is less entertaining, however very easy prey by the looks of it. lord only knows why since he's a greasy UGLY J-U-N-K-Y and if you threw him against a wall he'd stick, he's that grimy.

No. 1056926

I don't care who the fuck you are, but you have to be a literal retard to defend Craig at this point. The dude has ZERO redeemable qualities and quite frankly I don't even get what these old fat spinsters want with him. Dude is so ugly he actually makes Bad Banana here shine in comparison >>1056889
Now if he had a nice personality, maybe, sure, but just motherfucking look at the shit he's done >>1056914
How in the hell does this dude, small as it is, still have his tiny platform? He needs to fuck off, seriously.

No. 1056929

Well then, guess we found Kristen Schaal's illegitimate brother. Dude has even less chin than leafyishere and thats saying something.
those photo's have to be real, since no guy in their right mind would ever sent this if they were trying to woo someone.
dude looks like he's about two steps away from stalking some actress in Glee or some shit.
That kid DEFINITELY has a body pillow, and he watches animu religiously. he HAS cosplayed at some point, and is a brony. I'm just calling all this right now, i'm sure someone here can tell me i'm right.
dude has a head rounder than my left tit.

No. 1056937

File: 1602503645596.jpg (15.01 KB, 275x183, download.jpg)

How drunk do you have to be to let this chubby crackhead Freddy Kruger mount you?
No really?
Just how drunk was she?!
She must have been border-lining a delirium

No. 1056940

File: 1602504068271.jpg (132.99 KB, 525x602, 76edf56b1c9fec73f947d1974.jpg)


why do the ones who promote the superiority of the white race always look like theyre inbred or the runt of the litter

No. 1056942

File: 1602504219165.jpg (105.61 KB, 1024x683, Paris_Tuileries_Garden_Facepal…)

No! no! no! no! don't be a racist retard as well! I guess his father and mother where brother and sister too, long line of incest, which totally explains him having no chin.
"Out here we prefer keeping it in the family! White power! Hurrr durrr"

No. 1056944

Wait that didn't come out right, I meant Bad Banana when I said "don't be a racist retard as well", not you the poster of his autism, of course.

No. 1056980

Is that really him?! He looks the banjo playing inbred from Deliverance. What’s his go to pickup line? “You sure got a purty mouth.”

No. 1056989

No. 1056991

Ah. A Boy Band reference. Even better. Banana boy is probably a closet homo.

No. 1057002

That boy Bad Banana is probably so far in the closet, he's finding Christmas presents.

No. 1057028

I wonder if Bad Banana is a plant sent in by Greg, one of his most loyal fans, to spy on the other anti-o's. Even his name is suspicious, banana, thats how the fans call themselves.
After all Greg often brags about how he knows everything going on with the anti-o's and that "he's told everything".
It wouldn't surprise me at all if Bad Banana is a plant.

No. 1057032

With how much he hates the Anti O’s and with some of his friends, that Heezy chick, is now defending Greg, it honestly wouldn’t surprise me.

No. 1057042

His first time was when he “accidentally” sat on his mom’s strap for a prostate massage

No. 1057096

Forgot to ask…. what’s the sauce for this picture if you don’t mind me asking?

No. 1057100

Nevermind. Found it. Poster was being a cunt and shitposting. It’s just some retard Youtuber.

No. 1057102

Took me a sec to find this, but come on. Way to be a fag. https://www.youtube.com/user/sscan99

No. 1057107

Sage your posts. Edit and delete so you don't have to samefag multiple posts.
Learn to integrate.

No. 1057159

Probably was Banana boy. Don't worry Banana boy, we will find out who you are eventually. Just look at Royal Black, Tamara, etc. Its only a matter of time.
Just keep doing what you do..

No. 1057456

File: 1602576095627.jpeg (149.84 KB, 828x1267, 1A5F30B7-97CB-4323-A0BF-F1AFF2…)

Still being a rape apologist. And don’t worry guys, Banana ain’t racist, his brother is half Black, so that totally exonorates him.

No. 1057576

Is this the new "I cant be racist, my best friend is a ni… black."

No. 1057589

File: 1602595976757.jpg (445.47 KB, 828x1267, moron.jpg)

No. 1058423

File: 1602667023137.jpeg (177.71 KB, 828x623, 186A9C7F-1A14-4BF4-9D4E-6AB273…)

I’m honestly curious if OedipusBanana is starting to warrant his own thread at this point. Because he’s starting to become a lolcow all his own at this point…..

No. 1058479

He's not interesting enough. He's boring.
I can't wait till people find out who this assclown is and plaster his stupid face all over this place. I'm positive his real life is autistic as fuck.

No. 1058481

File: 1602678569196.jpeg (268.88 KB, 828x941, 51F8770F-FBDE-4B02-BE83-13E885…)

That’s fair. Yeah, he’s either a boomer pretending to be a young teen or a teenager who has a boomer mindset. Both equally cringe.

No. 1058492

File: 1602680920971.png (112.28 KB, 300x255, Amberbooze1.png)

his ED page is back, restored to its former glory


"Drink till you want me"

No. 1058824

File: 1602707217782.jpeg (361.56 KB, 828x1129, 9AA5131D-8344-474C-886E-5B5083…)

This retard really wants us to believe he went to college at 14? Tries to pretend he’s grown when all he does is refresh lolcow to look for any mentions of him so he can bawl and insert himself in conversations trying to come off as an intellectual when all he does is look even more retarded and racist

No. 1058861

File: 1602710347325.jpg (65.37 KB, 640x480, 640x480.jpg)

I think he mistakenly took this reply from Luna >>1058481 as a compliment. Like she's saying
>OMG you're so mature for your age. You have the wisdom of a well traveled 60 year old man.

He must be autistic that he didn't catch that she's saying he's out of touch and his life views are ancient and pinching out.
I'll bet you anything that his father and mother had him when they were late 40's early 50's. Old sperm + old egg = Autism or Down Syndrome. And since the other kids didn't want to play with him because he's "the weird kid" he spent all his time hanging with ole dad. Fathers racist, ultra right conservative views rubbed off.

No. 1058866

When bunch of retards doesn’t know what”Boomer” mean? 🤣🤣😂😂have to go on Lolcow to act tough. Eeeerrrr, I’m tough guys.

No. 1058869

Eerrr, what’s a boomer guys.. Eer, I’m so tough on Lolcow, guys. Eerrr, I’m so funny everyone, eerrr.

No. 1058872

These comments are so Cringy. It gave me brain cancer. All your grammar is terrible. Please, stop typing.

No. 1058878

All we can say is autism. Like we know what that is. Everyone we disagree either have”Autism”, “Down syndrome” or”Retarded” we just can’t think anything intelligent.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1058906

so you expect us to believe that you are some sort of child prodigy and yet you spent your days (for years now) as an anti-o every waking moment, instead of making mad bank.

boy that college degree sure is coming in handy!
cool story, bro

No. 1058950

File: 1602717486421.png (41.44 KB, 753x178, hicow.PNG)

He's hanging on every post made here. For someone that says he doesn't care what a bunch of "old ladies say about him" he sure seems to be pressed.
Countdown to when Mama's Boy locks down his Twitter again?

No. 1058967

File: 1602718654836.jpg (218.1 KB, 856x1200, 856x1200.jpg)

pfrt he reminds me of that Navy Seal Copypasta:

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I'm the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You're fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "clever" comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, kiddo.

I'm sorry I can't help but laugh at Bad Banana's misfortune. All these outrageous claims, please go on tell us how you're a military kid with an over 9000 IQ.
the plane! the plane!

No. 1066198

Onision Apology to RealStream News Once He found out she admitted she lied about being raped. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTD_qPP1JTA&t=6s(rapestream news)

No. 1066250

Just goes to show how gullible Greg is..
No = no.

No. 1066255

Notice how Greg calls RSN gross, disgusting and putrid and then just tries to use this to his own advantage. "if he's wrongly accused and so was johnny depp then so must I, right? right you guyz?"
No. RSN isn't innocent and neither are you.
She said NO twice.

No. 1066852

File: 1603523615908.png (546.43 KB, 1280x720, 1.png)

Wow Ive never seen people so fucking stuck on something. The people who orbit RealStream really are retarded. Amber was recorded years back admitting it wasn't rape. She said she said yes years back. Yes is consent. 3 Years later Amber Clements Accuses her current X GF Raven of forcing herself on her so yea Amber has done this a few times before. Then Reaches out to RealStream an then becomes friends with him again and admits on 3 different live streams that she lied and was never coerced or raped. She said her mother told her to do it. Im sorry but you losers dont decide if hes a rapist or not. The only people still on this thread is Geissell, And that Slut Junkie from boston who is obssesed with RSN and posts on her twitter daily about him when he hasnt mentioned her in forever. You guys on this thread are literally retarded. You dont like RSN but that doesn't mean he is a rapist..HC Masked babe & Repzilla just tryna keep this lie going. Its official the people who orbit RSN are officially retarded.

No. 1066907

File: 1603538468657.png (74.29 KB, 300x168, Rapestreamnewsi.png)

All that is fine and dandy and tl;dr, but Craig Silva is still a rapist, he raped Amber.
He also stole 4500 dollars from a cancer patient fan of his, who needed this money for chemo and now she can't get any, just so he could supply his meth habit.
Craig Silva is a junkie rapist.

No. 1066909

nobody orbits Craig, he keeps spergin' on the internet and he needs to leave. nobody cares.

No. 1066924

File: 1603540695935.jpg (38.08 KB, 197x256, mongo.jpg)

So you RSN fans look like this >>1050965 and yet you post this >>1066852. Right. ok.
Wonder how RSN feels about his ED page being back online in its former glory.

No. 1066931

She is not a cancer patient and we all heard the recording. She is a fentanyl junkie. She said he didn't owe anything and RSN was never charged and amber admitted she lied. Sorry you dont decide someones a rapist because you got your fee fees hurt and he didn't fuck you. Amber said she lied. You are big mad and its funny. We all know who you are and we all laugh at both of you. Go make another diss track. KEK

No. 1066934

So you have one junkie loaning another junkie no less than 4500 dollars?
cool story, bro.
again, no one wants to fuck RSN, thats why he resorts to rape.
he's a greasy junkie. no one is mad here, we're having fun at your expense, you rapist junkie you.

No. 1066935

>We all know who you are and we all laugh at both of you. Go make another diss track. KEK
Actually, you don't. Nice guess though, rapist.

No. 1066937

hey you should tell your fans who we are during your next stream that nobody watches, good times.
free content for you, you won't have to steal anything, you came up with it all on your own.

No. 1068619

You don't need to lick RSNs ass to know that Amber is a cow who cried rape for tickets to london.

No. 1068806

No = no.
Amber said no twice, RSN confirmed this in the next day stream. So it was rape.
All other shit is irrelevant. Rape = rape. RSN is a rapist.

No. 1069479

RSN And Amber Both said this that she played hard to get then yes. He came before anything even happened he left the room to get cleaned up and came back she asked him if he could still go. They hooked up after.Thats her confirming twice. Yes is consent. Look you can think whatever you want but Amber admitted she lied about the accusations. She admitted her mother told her to say what she said to police and others. She was recorded 3 years ago before then admitting it was not rape. Again Facts are no charges were ever brought against RealStream. Shes been asking him to fly to Los Angeles recently to hang out. You are delusional if you are still calling him a rapist. Its actually looking sad. When even Onision is apologizing and that was Ambers friend. He blocked her and apologized to CJ even though he hates him. If you don't like Cj fine thats one thing but you cant lie. You dumb shits still on this need to get a life. You tried ruining this mans life its time to stop.(rapestream news)

No. 1069581

tl;dr. rape is the girl playing hard to get now? thats rich. she said no twice. stop defending this junkie rapist you assclown.

No. 1069647

So it's all her fault? You are a rape apologist.
Also, sage your posts and gtfo, you scrote.

No. 1078982

File: 1604968053700.jpg (103.75 KB, 592x688, 1604966964854.jpg)

to quote another famous lolcow:
thats what you get, bitch, thats what you get.

Once a rapist, always a rapist.

No. 1084689

This is really sad. Amber says it wasn't true and said her mom told her to say it. She tries to get Realstream to come to LA and you people still say rape….You are retarded…Of course he hasnt talked to her in years but its definitely Stockholm syndrome lol. I know what you have if you are still on this rape shit..Its called down syndrome guys. He was never charged or anything and now she admitted openly it was lie. Get a life for real. Nothing will ever be enough for you losers. Keep going K and Gei.(Rapestream)

No. 1086191

File: 1605797350915.jpg (132.7 KB, 720x1175, 20201118_160155.jpg)

way to be a junkie rapist douchebag, fag.

No. 1087293

O.k. I'll explain it one more time so maybe your autistic, drug ridden rapist brain can understand it: It doesn't fucking matter that Amber recanted her fucking statement. Why? Because you fucking admitted to it yourself that you raped her. In the stream the following fucking day. She said she said fucking NO twice, you fucking agreed that she said fucking no fucking twice.
The fact that you forced her in to recanting it, after fucking hounding her for fucking years doesn't mean jack shit.
The fact that you now blame her fucking mother for "coaching her" in to claiming it was fucking rape is horse shit because we all seen the videos, we heard the mom on the phone, if anything the mom tried to rationalize the whole fucking thing basically saying "are you sure it was rape?" it was Amber that said it was. And she said NO twice. Theres no coming back from that, you're a rapist junkie, you're a scumbag, you stole money from people and you keep fucking people over. I pity the kid you have I hope its not a daughter because you'd probably rape her too, I bet you're the kind of deadbeat dad to one day bother your own kid and steal money from them too.
There's no changing the fucking narrative. Specially not in your case. I bet you're a pube length away from landing in to prison one of these days you junkie piece of shit. And then you'll finally be gone.

No. 1087537

It’s sad that so many people on this thread are backing Amber. She’s a narcissist, a sociopath, a pathological liar, and a drug addict and by backing her you’re all feeding into her delusion. She lied. Just admit you all were wrong and deal with it instead of supporting a serial abuser and a predator. Don’t let your hatred for RSN blind you to the truth. She’s gotten away with far too much and you’re just letting her get away with something else. Stop falling for her wounded gazelle gambit.

No. 1087823

File: 1605966751455.png (115.95 KB, 500x376, wherever-i-am-i-must-also-rape…)

We hate RSN because he is a rapist.
No amount of mental gymnastics or you posting here will ever change that.

No. 1087840

I hope Amber will read this. I hope she reads that.
So you been stalking her for years now right to say "it wasn't rape" and now that she does finally say that for you, but it ain't working, its back to Amber being a "narcissist, a sociopath, a pathological liar, and a drug addict". Which is an awesome self projection by the way, what you said there about Amber.
No really, bravo.
You really are scum.

No. 1088160

Hunny, I don't know who you think this is but I don't care enough to stalk that crazy lying cunt. Lmao. I've also never done drugs in my life. Amber is a menace to society and you're all acting like goddamn cult members backing her. Stop drinking the flavor-aid and open your goddamn eyes you brainwashed pieces of shit.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1088189

So, lets go by your word shall we? You're a fanboi/girl of this aspergers suffering rapist junkie out here defending him.
Me, I just post here in a lot of different topics and subjects and I just go by that video I seen where she said she said no twice, and thus don't believe the junkie rapist.
You are a fanboi/girl here defending him.
And yet somehow, as if by magic, I am the one drinking the Kool Aid? Is that what you are trying to say here?
Just.. wow.

No. 1088792


I’m not an RSN fan. Any adult who runs a drama channel on YouTube is probably a sleaze bag and everything I said about Amber is probably true about him as well. Besides, I could never be a fan of anyone who makes nice with someone who falsely accused them of rape. He probably has raped someone, just not Amber. She makes it incredibly hard to believe anything that comes out of her mouth. Everything she says is either a blatant lie or a fabrication of the truth to make sure she’s always seen as a victim. It sucks that so few see through her facade. There’s real rape survivors out there that need support, Amber is not one of them. She lied and blamed it on her dead mother because Amber’s little miss perfect who can do no wrong and is never at fault for anything.

No. 1088931

I could read your entire post, sure. And then I could type out a whole well thought out reply, but for the past whatever everyone has been doing that to you.
Here's my thoughts on your autism:

You need to shut the fuck up, and go away.

Craig is a fucking rapist, fuck him, and he should overdose on some cheap brown already.
Fuck off.

No. 1089364

The problem with the majority of you. You were not there but you make a judgement like you were. You saw a 20 second out of context clip. What really happened and this is what police said and what Cj said to police was. She and him were playing around flirting she said no twice playfully then when he asked again she said yes. Then he got up went to the bathroom cause she said he was cleaning himself up before sex he was gone for maybe 10 mins. He got back and she asked if he could still hook up. Thats 2 times she said yes. that is CONSENT. Women change their mind and women can play hard to get for a second. Sorry but its consent. Its the reason he wasn't arrested that as well as the recording of her mother pushing her to say that on the phone while Amber told her no and to shut up. This recording now happens to go well with Amber c's new story of the mother forcing her to claim rape. She has recanted and no charges ever came even before she recanted. Lets not forget the recording of Amber saying I cant call the cops "IT WASNT RAPE". I think people dislike RSN so much they don't care that it was consent and you just want to troll him. Its honestly disgusting. He may make some questionable content sometimes but he is no rapist. Again most of you haven't done a lick of research on the topic. Amber C and Onision were friends and he believed her when it happened. He has now publicly apologized to RealStreamNews and written Amber off and blocked her. This situation is crazy I mean she even recently went on RSNs panel 3x in a month…Why his panel after he has ignored her for 3 years??? Because it never was rape…Amber said it herself a month ago. It is time to move on from this made up situation. It is time to focus on real rape victims that need help.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1089391


Your post didn't work.
Craig is still a rapist.

No. 1092554

RSN defenders are just as retarded as he is

No. 1095131

This is just sad at this point. Amber confirms what she originally said on that recording from 3 years back a month ago again and you morons still hold onto this. Why didn't MintyOreos or any other girl RSNs fucked with IRL come forward if he is so terrible. Im not an RSN stan but really reading back on this thread the amount of made up stuff or self posts with lies is really astonishing. The made up court dates for charges that never came and all that. The trolls against CJ really are sad lmfao. Go ahead and say im RSN or put me out to pasture cause you don't like being told the truth. LOLLOLOLOLOLOL WHOEVER MODS THIS YOU ARE A SAD SAD SAD SAD LIL BITCH.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1095690

"sad lil bitch" oh how uncomfortable those words must lay on your meth stained potato lips.
was that what you told amber after you raped her? or is it something people often say to you? quite frankly I can't imagine anything sadder than a junkie rapist. its really the lowest form of life, the only thing that would make RSN even sadder is if he were a pedophile too. but hey, give him time. he's already a scammer so he has that going for him.
its like, you're scamming your own fans to score meth. and then you try to score with them, granted they have a skirt. its sad really. the only thing sadder than RSN are his fans. they're just completely desperate lonely fat middle aged housewives and grannies.

No. 1098551

I just wanna congratulate the junkie rapist for making BFF's with the most notorious pedophile of youtube.
you did it, you fag, you got an interview with Greg when he's at his lowest. Well, your level that is actually, the lowest!

No. 1099967

Hey just wanted to say I have been on these threads for a long time. I have never seen a funnier thread than this one. Court cases that never happened, Sexual assault charges that never materialized, Scamming allegations that cant be proven. Oh and they had cancer btw hahaha. Why cant anything said here ever truly be proven?? Who runs this thing anyway?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1099993

File: 1607167633043.jpg (19.97 KB, 323x313, Fatjenkins.jpg)

"Hey just wanted to say I have been on these threads for a long time. I have never seen a funnier"

Sure Jan.

No. 1100162

You know just because so far you've gotten away with all your shit doesn't mean you will continue to get away with it. Sure, so far you seem to have weaseled your way out of it because you know how to choose your victims well. I assure you though, Rape, that one day you will be sitting in your prison cell with a sore anus, thinking about this very post you are reading now.
Even OJ got his eventually.
Nasty shits like yourself always get caught in the end, always. And you know why? Because its inevitable. Sooner or later you're gonna pick the wrong victim, or the cops will catch up with you. They could be watching your pasty chubby junkie ass this very minute.
Like I said, inevitable. Society will have you.

No. 1100172

..or Harvey Weinstein, or R. Kelly, Gary Glitter, Bill Cosby..
its too bad Amber let herself be forced in to claiming that "it wasn't rape", now this ass clown keeps parading it around. oh well, better luck next time.
I agree he will get caught, if not for rape it will be on any of the other many charges. fraud, drugs, you name it this mongoloid looking motherfucker has done it all.

No. 1173433

File: 1614622081316.png (600.5 KB, 444x619, QTceV5OnbS.png)

We’re obsessed. He’s pretending that he’s not butthurt about being called out for all of the bad shit he has done and he hangs out with Ron Swanson. Who is addicted to watching, downloading and re sharing child porn. Birds of a feather, all flock together.

No. 1342862

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