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File: 1493941552689.png (164.39 KB, 465x359, joyface.png)

No. 304769

This malingering attention whore originally grew her channel by obsessing over Onision drama, making an insane number of videos in a short period of time but has now branched into obsessing over the most current hot topic in the news, right now the DaddyOfive scandal which she seems to be exploiting for money, subs & views. Between her two channels she has made over 80 videos on the
topic in just 2 weeks, churning out up to 12 videos a day in addition to doing livestreams on YouNow and constantly updating her Twitter yet she claims to be too ill to hold a real job. If anyone questions her she will blame you for being stupid or her "near" fatal mystery "illness" she believes was caused by her IUD. She has a long list of symptoms and claims to have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia & IBS despite having boundless amounts of energy and being able to move around in ways that should be too painful like doing a headstand. She uses "brain fogs" to excuse just about everything even though they seem to mainly consist of losing her train of thought for 2 or 3 seconds or forgetting a word temporarily. Admits to wearing a "mask" so you can't see her suffering from her super duper invisible illness. People who actually suffer from the illnesses she claims to have are constantly calling her out for being a faker.

Previous threads #1-3

Social Media:
Joy Sparkle BS
2nd channel Spurpinkle bow

No. 304790

Good god, that image needs a spoiler. I think you're going to scare off anyone from posting here now.

No. 304798

File: 1493943756794.png (173.26 KB, 754x830, K3kMIUz.png)

she single handedly saved those kids! screw the bigger youtubers that reported on it before she
did. screw the people that found the attorney or gave the bio mom gas money!

No. 304800

For those who haven't seen this stuff yet, some additional links to check out:

Current Stuff

Her Patreon, which she claims has not been officially released:

Joy Sparkle BS Official Facebook page:

Social Blade for Joy Sparkle BS

She has a thread at Kiwi Farms:

And a thread at Guru Gossip:

Anti-diary page:

Old stuff under her real name Kati Marie Smith

Copy of old Tumblr from a decade ago, she deleted the original

Article she wrote in 2006

A blog where she was attempting to make a documentary about indigo children of which she believed herself to be:

A radio show she called into twice:
Paradigm Shift Radio 87 - Mysteries of Our Universe from 2014
(Click 2. Katie. Overcoming challenges. Healing the self.)

Paradigm Shift Radio 78 - Conscious Community Call In Spectacular from 2013
(Click 7 Kati Benefits of Oxygen Therapy)

Backstage profile:

No. 304802

you forgot all her "near heart attacks" and her suicide "instincts" that aren't thoughts or hormones or a mental thing and how having the iud removed caused it.

No. 304814

I thought about including all sorts of stuff but that would have made the post super long & I wanted to keep it short as possible.

She also has "near" seizures and "almost" collapses and has the superpowers of:
1. Being able to localize pain to her head & prevent it from spreading to her body
2. Ability to completely mask a panic attack so she can remain perfectly calm the entire time
3. Can mask severe body pain so effectively she shows no symptoms
4. Can heal fatal inoperable tumors with herbs & meditation (even though she admitted on her old Tumblr page it was actually an abscess that was cured by taking antibiotics but don't you dare question her memory of the event.)

Did I miss any?

No. 304816


Channels angles for money.

No. 304821

That damn IUD is responsible for ALL her problems…her suicide "instincts", her Fibromyalgia (sometimes she says it was caused by being abused as a child), her anxiety (nevermind she's had anxiety for years prior), her diarrhea and stomach problems which she thinks are caused by the excess copper from the IUD getting dumped from her system.

No. 304823

Joy describing her personality. So spot on!


No. 304825

Twitter anon, any more beef on there?

No. 304826

Let's not forget that Joy has both gone to school for and held many successful career positions in:

-Marketing and Advertising
-Legal this and that ("it's muh thang")
-PR Work (because it's totally the same as Marketing)
-Broadcast Journalism
-Opera Singing

So if you can't tell she knows what she's talking about by the professional way in which she markets her channel, makes deals with major advertisers, handles her own PR and manages the legalities of her many successful journalistic investigations then ur just a hater.

No. 304856


YouNow where Mercedes is guested and they start speculating that Emma was molested by her step-brother Jake because her room had "easy access" and Jake is going thru puberty and "who knows what he's found on the internet"…. because that totally means he's raping her. And Mercedes is an "internet empath" extraordinaire so her gut feelings have to be based in reality. Joy says she's going to do more research because this is such a good angle for a video. How sick is that?

And then this girl Rachelochs thinks HER channel subs (all 11 of them) are completely responsible for getting not only Joy's strike removed but also removing Suit Yourself's channel strike and gives her email so that others having trouble with strikes can get theirs removed. Her fans are just as delusional as she is.


No. 304870

This person is clearly mentally handicapped. I can't hate on that woman at all. She felt like she genuinely helped and did a good job.

She reminds me of a family member with a mental handicap who tries to be helpful and thinks good things are because of how super helpful she was. And is extremely gullible.

No. 304876

The issue is more that Joy attracts these types of people, gullible sometimes with mental or physical issues. This wouldn't necessarily be bad but Joy uses them to her advantage. At least this time she didn't do anything more than thank the girl but the potential was there for her to take advantage the way she has in the past, by getting them to do her dirty work.

No. 304893

Didn't Joy say the lawyer told her the reason Rose was so scared to get on camera is because she has a speech impediment?? ….but when you watch the interview she speaks normally so…??

No. 304907

Was just watching this old video about "Kathy" but if you compare it to the way she talks about "Kathys" now it's completely different.

Also it's really apparent how far her mask has slipped over the Do5 stuff.

No. 304919


??? She totally shits all over a non-profit who was doing a fund raiser? This has to be one of her most cunty videos. This is also evidence of how she is one of the most misogynistic people I've ever seen. She absolutely hates women who are not children or disabled. She hates them at a pathological level and especially women who haven't sat around leeching off of men all their lives.

Wait till she decides that the DaddyOFive attorney (a woman) is a Kyathy… she'll be going "HAM" on her too.

No. 304924

I finally looked at her You Now and the posted moments, hoping to find clips of a recent stream to verify something she may have said. I watched the stream live through her YouTube, I'm thinking it was at the end of last week, when she was asked about healing a neck tumor and it sounded like part of her response was something like "i don't have to answer that because it was posted before I was joy sparkles." Did anyone catch her response to confirm?

No. 304925


When you watch this… imagine being the psychotherapist sitting across the desk from that freak. Of course it would be in a in-patient institution, but imagine you had to spend an hour with that 2-3 days a week and try to get that hyena to some semblance of normalcy that could justify cutting it loose on the streets again. I think I'd just start job hunting.

No. 304927

She frequently uses that as a counter-excuse on Twitter, even though she hasn't provided any real evidence other than shit talkers, haters, or I told you already. From what was going down on Matt's twitter replies earlier..her followers are about as crazy as she is. One of them even accused Mundane Matt of being jealous! (Of what? He has more subs, credibility, and basically anything than her.What is he supposed to be jealous of, that she can be less of a human being than him? For shame.)

No. 304928


In the call in show listed above (the higher numbered one) she describes it as an "in-operable tumor" on her neck that she had for a year and physicians wouldn't operate on it because they said she'd die. She claims to have cured it with herbs. That video was posted in 2014.

I don't remember her talking about the tumor in the last YouNow stream clips. She did seem to be bitching about the person who'd challenged her on twitter but didn't show up to the live stream a couple days ago, but the clip was cut off short.

No. 304933


I do not recall her saying "neck tumor" verbally/out loud in the stream. I highly doubt she did. But she did mention that the twitter user (who was asking the hard questions) had asked her about an article (that was the word she used, though the question asked by twitter person could have been about a blog post) that "i may or may not have written". I do believe she continued the sentence with something along the lines of "before I was Joy Sparkle BS". I believe she was referencing the blog post she wrote about the tumor, if not that then about the indigo children shit, but she called it an "article" in the stream.

No. 304948

I saw the YouNow stream and I was the one who said she called it an abscess on her Tumblr…when we reread that post it was noted she cured it with antibiotics. But she was originally responding to someone named Tracy in the YouTube chat (I posted the screenshots of the entire chat) who asked her how she was able to cure her neck tumor. Joy confirmed that yes she did have an inoperable tumor she was able to cure herself.

No. 304966

this brings up something that i'm really uncomfortable with. i've been inpatient, i've also been outpatient, i've been through so much therapy and so many meds and i know tons of people who've been in the same position. i've been in programs with people who seemed untreatable due to psychotic disorders, and i've struggled with my own psychotic disorder.

i don't know what it is, but i honestly believe that there's something going on with her, mentally. i don't know what, and i could be wrong, but that's my perspective. and i would usually have nothing but compassion and empathy for that. but there's a huge difference between being ill and being willing to manipulate, lie, and take advantage of people. even when i had no connection to reality, i never even dreamed of using any of my delusions to mess with other people.

no matter what is or isn't wrong with her, she's making a conscious choice to do all of this and she has no excuse. she's disgusting. even if she gets help, she has to choose to be a better person, and i honestly don't think that she has it in her.

sage for ot/blog. this whole idea has just been bothering me. (not your post, anon, just the general topic.)

No. 305173

Video today, and queue the personal problem stuff. At the very start of her video she says that more pressing matters have happened that she "might explain later".


She also claims it's 1 AM. But… the lighting in her home says otherwise. Maybe I am just retarded but it seems like natural light to me.

No. 305187

LOL @ her "I go at it hard for a while then I take a week off.' Her downtime consists of 2 or 3 videos a day instead of 10, she still livestreams (maybe not every day), and she never leaves her Twitter alone. I wish I had "downtime" that productive….but I actually have a serious illness. When I overwork myself I'm done, I can't even get out of bed, and I don't sit in bed cheerfully updating my social media…because it's not just a loss of physical energy, I'm drained of mental energy too.

No. 305192

UGH. She just released a video saying how she was contacted by the BBC directly but so selflessly gave the interview to Chambers of the Heart. She even says in the video it hurts her to do it. You can hear the pain in her voice that it's not going to be all about HER. Why even make the video? Just to brag about how amazing you are, huh? Well newsflash bitch, you are a joke. You will be exposed soon. People will see you for the fraud that you are…there is no doubt in my heart about that. You are going down Kati.

No. 305201

File: 1494002680108.jpg (59.48 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I think she has a ring light that most of these sit-and-talk youtubers have. Pic related.

No. 305204

How do you give an interview away? How hard was it to do the interview then tell BBC "hey you might want to talk to Chambers of My Heart too, she did a lot to help Rose"?

No. 305211

You know…it's probably just her way of spinning whatever really happened into something positive that makes her look selfless….because we all know how she loves to do that. Why else make the video? She could have just kept it to herself if it didn't matter that EVERYONE knows she was contacted by the BBC. It's obvious she's jealous.

No. 305243

"I can't take credit…"

"But I'm helping!"

Cognitive dissonance. It's a bitch.

No. 305249

Any news station worth its salt will do research on those they want to interview. Sage for tinfoil but it's possible a BBC reporter/producer looked into Joy's videos and decided it's probably not a good idea to give her a platform. Joy is such a bad example of journalistic integrity so I hope this is something that occurred.

No. 305259


Hmmm… Joy has zero first hand contact with anything and Chambers has actual first hand contact and actually did help the bio mom. Hmmm… Wonder why BBC doesn't actually need to interview a gossip monger who has nothing to do with the story?

No. 305264

Um… on Mon or Tues she distinctly said she was traveling for her health again at the end of the week didn't she? These vids are from roommates home and she was supposed to be on the road on Thu if not sooner?

No. 305269

Today's court date was for the PFA. Weird that they managed to get the custody case moved that quickly to also get it today? You'd think that would take quite a bit longer. Is this Joysus, "I know muh shit" confusing the PFA hearing with the custody issue?

No. 305282

Just watched the video where she claims the attorney is actually feeding her info and has looked at her videos and is fine with them. I'm calling it now. The kids are going to end up in the primary custody of the father. There's a reason this attorney called back after looking online to see what the case was and I don't think it had anything to do with "being a good Christian."

No. 305288

Did we ever actually confirm the attorney really was talking directly to Joy? I checked the other thread but can't find that info. How do we know she isn't making this up?

No. 305300

She's live

No. 305301

The only "confirmation" is that Heart chick saying she gave Joy's number to the lawyer. He probably called and said "Hey, do you mind fucking off?" And then it translated in Joy's crazy head to "You are so special and beautiful thank you for single handedly saving these children. I think they would be better in your care Joy, as sweet and perfect as you are, so I'll be keeping you up to date on all the details of the kids until arrangements can be made."

No. 305302

File: 1494012187905.png (46.45 KB, 927x345, chambersoftheheart.png)

The only confirmation I found was a comment from Chambers of My Heart who said she can confirm Joy did talk to the lawyer because she was the one the gave the lawyer Joy's phone number.

No. 305303

File: 1494012568734.jpg (309.38 KB, 668x630, gehJIHB.jpg)

jesus christ

No. 305314

Meh, 4 videos in 5 hours is normal for her at this point. Her record is 12 videos in 24 hours, I'll be impressed if she manages to beat that.

No. 305317

re: the livestream rn & gines in the chat

fucking go, girl.

No. 305318

Some one send her a brush. Hav u seen her hair

No. 305327

Her trolls and "cultists" are still trying to harass Mundane Matt and MrRepzion over twitter. They don't know when to quit! Great job guys, show the world what Joy REALLY is.

No. 305338

- I talk to angels
- I'm sick
- I care about the kids

Con artists gonna con.

No. 305341

Dont forget hiding behind mindless fans for plausible deniability. Making or letting them do the dirty work for her. OniSHEon is really out of control. But I agree, she is a con.

No. 305343


If you care about the kids, why are you contributing to continuing the circus instead of keeping watch and advising the birth parents and other people involved they should probably let things die down and they should just FOCUS on the shit IRL? How is exploiting these people helping the kids?

No. 305344

Because she doesn't care. DUH. And MrRepzion and MundaneMatt on twitter have BOTH outright stated that breaking up one point across 10 vids is done with ad revenue intent in mind. She tried to argue the point with them mildly, and her 'fans' are attacking both of them calling them salty, jealous and all of that.

Like them or hate them, both of them have more experience and credibility in their field than Joy ever will. I think the only reason she's not directly targetting them is because the backlash would crush her like an insect.

No. 305345


Yeah… those kids will end up with the dad as primary custody. That attorney is as disgusting as everyone else in this whole sad situation.

No. 305346

"To show I care about these kids being abused and exploited, I'm going to exploit these kids tragedy."


No. 305347

You're right. Her zeal for attention and to be known as some savior figure is going to cost those kids and the case. Even then its going to be blamed (probably on us or the "haters") or there will be some excuse. Even with people warning her THIS COULD HAPPEN…she just doesn't care, which says a lot about how much she really and truly cares.

JoysparklesBS: "Its okay as long as i'm the one doing it." (Not a direct quote but that should be her motto.)

No. 305349


These people don't get the difference between "media" reporting on the case with different slants and THE FUCKING ATTORNEY for one party going to a GOSSIP MONGER to have information about the investigation made public. This makes me question Rose's capacity to make good choices for her kids.

No. 305351

Rose seems kinda gullible and she's not very legal or media savvy, but that doesn't mean she can't be a good mother.

No. 305352

First she said she's not making long videos because people complained. (Citation needed.) (Also, shhh. don't help her.)

Now it's because she's sick and short videos are all she can handle. Which obviously isn't the case if you're making 5+ VIDEOS A DAY.

No. 305353

Oh damn… Queen Joysus is laying down the cult etiquette for how to "come at" her.

AND… she's doing "dangerous stuff" taking on "news organizations" … ummm… that is hilarious levels of hyperbole.

No. 305354

Did you notice that concern troll disappeared when Joy started to "ignore us"

Yeah, called it.

No. 305355


I've heard of this stuff… ummm… videyo editun sofwars or sumtin that can put video together from clips.

No. 305356

Did she just throw out a suicide threat again? I was distracted.

No. 305359

Sage for Prediction.
-MundaneMatt and MrRepzion wind up eating Joy alive after her fan harrassment continues. (She already posted calling people that said the SAME stuff as him shit talkers..so she IS without outright saying it calling him a shit talker and being outright sneaky.)
-Joy winds up costing the kids the case, and ruins everything. Makes excuses for her actions. Winds up facing legal action from the mom and probably many other parties.
-Kids wind up with the dad again after the case gets thrown out, OR the kids wind up in foster care system after the case is thrown out or declared a mistrial..with the lawyer facing being possibly disbarred.

Told you, guys. It is all about control for her. That is Joy, through and through. But hey, ITS NOT A CULT, GAIZ!!1! Yeah yeah, the world revolves around her, its dangerous stuff…and she can REALLY take on a news organization when she can't even take on her own lack of self control. She's a full on lolcow, now.

No. 305410

Mike has gotten WAY too much attention as an abusive parent, I think it's unlikely the kids would go back to him no matter what….I think it's more likely they would go in foster care before they gave them back to him….but since there's a parent that does want them and hasn't been found to be abusive they will probably give custody to Rose. And of course Joy is going to revel in HER big win & she's going to make a big point to tell everyone I told you so!

No. 305412

Latest Video "What the psychologist said" Joysus makes claims that attorney showed stuff to a licensed psychiatric profession type (says may have been court appointed) and that the psychiatrist diagnosed narcissism, sociopath, and sadist.

UM… this is why attorney is going to her. No news agency would report a second hand diagnosis like that with out a first hand interview of the professional. This attorney is using her to generate more hate so the crowd is in a frenzy… I can only think that w/that and the fact that they keep talking about all these "constant" CPS appointments and requirements… that there are serious concerns about the biological mom's ability to parent these kids. Remember, in the US it is VERY RARE for a court to award custody to a father, especially a farther that was absent for 6-7 years. No matter what she signed, someone would have verbalized that agreement for her to state she understood what's going on.

No. 305413


There are the grandparents still in the picture as well.

No. 305419

Now she has a new vid about being up on BBC. All of this just keeps feeding her ego.

No. 305424


I like how she thinks getting interviewed by BBC is some sort of "resume" thing and it hurt her to turn the interview over the Chambers? She has such a twisted view of the world.

She also double talks saying SuitYourself talked to them first and told them about Chambers before her… then she said they didn't know about Chambers until SHE told them and INSISTED that they interview Chambers instead. She can't even keep lies straight in a 5 min video.

No. 305427

Rose claims it's because she's bipolar. Even though she's taking medicine for it the courts do have a very dim view of parents that have a mental illness and might have awarded custody to the father simply because he could provide what looked like a stable 2 parent household and at the time it seemed like a better choice than a single bipolar mom who was gullible enough to sign the wrong paperwork or whatever tf happened with that.

No. 305431


In the first interview w/Chambers, Rose also talked about cutting herself and other things. She has more than simple "bi-polar"… what ever it is, it is bad enough that she's qualified for disability. SO, it is bad enough that professionals have determined that she's not able to hold a job.

No. 305432

Someone needs to throw a clip together of her new video where she is saying "I don't know about the sexual aspects and I'm not trying to make any comments on that" with her other clips where she constantly says stuff about Mike Martin getting off on it and making those sick hand job motions.

I'd like to see, thx.

No. 305435

Thanks! That is interesting. That is really the account of the Heart person by the way if anyone else was wondering if it's someone pretending, I went to the comment and checked. Awful situation if this is the case. Hopefully it's not an Joy is making it up for views. Hopefully Joy really isn't taking advantage of this situation for her own gain the way it appears she is.

In Joys most recent video she says that Rose said that CPS said ("first hand from the source" of course) after watching a few videos that DaddyoFive is absolutely a sadist… that sounds like very unlikely, emotionally driven language for a person working in child protection - a government related agency - to use. It all still doesn't really add up to me.

It makes me sick how Joy smirks whenever she alludes to being in direct contact with Rose or the lawyer or being the only one to have this information.

No. 305440


Chambers of the Heart went onto Joysus' live stream and confirmed that she (Chambers) had put the attorney in touch with Joy among about 5 other YouTuber people.

Chambers is totally fine with and supports what Joysus is doing from what I watched on the live stream.

These people are so determined to fight this "monster" for the sake of the "poor oppressed bio mom" that they're sort of batshit crazy. I went on the archive of the D05 channel and watched about 10 videos pulled at random. Some with kids names (espec Cody and Emma) and some just picking the "7th one down"… and they are fucking BORING videos. The stuff they show in clips in the news… that is the HEIGHT of it from what I can tell. And, even looking at the condensed stuff… it doesn't rise to child abuse. The only thing that comes close is the invisible ink prank and IF that were happening 5 days a week… yes, that's abuse… but one time? No, it's a fucking prank whether you like it or not. The family is a very loud group of people… there are plenty of people who are loud like that. I personally can't stand them, but it isn't child abuse… it's just … well, their personality.

Sage… cuz, I rambled a lot to say that I think the kids will end up with the dad and that might actually be the better place for them.

No. 305442

File: 1494022760538.png (51.84 KB, 631x353, Humgv84.png)

And, now she's a surgeon… or is that sturgeon that she smells like… :P

No. 305446

I subbed to these people a while back after a rec from a friend who wanted my opinion on their behavior. Pretty sure I've watched at least 98% of their videos and I have to agree with you. Joy wants to paint these people as monsters but no, they are like her…People who don't have the common sense or intellect to know when they are being morons and taking things too far. She wants to think she's helping but she couldn't be farther from it.

Having gone through the family court system and foster care, being represented by shitty lawyers and everything…yeah these kids are either going to end up back in the dad's care or broken up into the foster care system.

No. 305447

Which video does she say she's not going to comment on sexual abuse

No. 305463

Acute or obtuse?

No. 305486


Here you go, Anon.

No. 305490

Andy Warski was talking about Joy Sparkle BS on Warski Live. More people are calling her out over the Do5 videos.

No. 305491


There's been a lot of online whinging about him and calling him everything under the Sun, but remember, that family was investigated over videos on that channel in October and they didn't take the channel down and there were no charges filed. So, what? 6 months ago, they were not doing anything bad enough to warrant really anything? No charges, no monitoring, no "take your channel down", nothing. For the state to put them in foster care, they would have to prove some form of abuse and back it up with more than edited youtube videos.

I don't see Rose getting them. She is on disability, so her ability to support them is going to be a stress on Rose herself. In one video interview she talked about cutting herself. In another video interview she talked about how Cody was on six medications and sat around like a "zombie" "staring at the wall all day" and that's what made her get in touch with Mike because she hoped "a change in scenery" would perk him up more. So, it doesn't sound like Cody was doing that well with her before all this started.

Now, she may have the resources to stay in the area and fight this in the courts, but people are not exactly flooding that GoFundMe and, to be honest, she should not be relying on a GoFundMe for the basics for herself and especially for the kids. I think she is a very sweet person and don't wish her ill… but she does not seem like someone who has the emotional strength to deal with an ODD type of child. I've known those types of kids… they are horrible, horrible creatures far more often than anyone would like. Cody is only 9 or maybe 10 right now… He could be an extremely hard child to deal with as a teen.

No. 305493

File: 1494026080270.png (53.57 KB, 415x406, 98jw3289.PNG)

the live chat

No. 305494


It wasn't the "sexual abuse" just that she wasnt going to comment on him getting off sexually by the abuse he causes. When in previous videos she commented on it how she said things like, them getting boners, or that he jacks off to it etc. Previous thread had a few clips of her nastiness. So I found it freaking crazy she said that at all in this newest video.

No. 305499

How is it not child abuse? Emma says she's going to kill herself multiple times because of the "pranks", cody self harms and is screamed at for it, the older child is always filmed physically abusing the younger ones. I admit i havent watched all of the videos and i've obviously seen the worse ones, but i was pretty distressed just watching them and i imagine being in such an environment is very disturbing for the children who dont want to go along with the channel (seemingly emma and cody).

No. 305504

I am curious about the person who is posting this shit. I get being annoyed by Kati's bullshit, but to defend DO5 for his abhorrent behavior screams something else…

There was way more than enough videos on his page to show how fucked up that entire family is. And Rose being disabled has doesn't mean she cannot have the kids. The amazing thing is, CPS will do everything they can to help her. Yes, she struggled with the kids at first. A lot of parents with special needs children do. That shouldn't disqualify her from having them. She just needs the right help. Sadly for her, she tried to get help from their father and look where that landed her.

No. 305507

What do you mean you've "known these types of children"? You've obviously never worked with them in a professional setting if you would refer to special needs children as "horrible horrible creatures". Your whole post sounds very suspicious.

No. 305514


No I didn't deal with them professionally, I had two different friends with kids who had that diagnosis. My goal was to support my friends and that meant that when the kids melted down (on a very regular basis), supporting the parent by not reacting to the kids and not getting in between what they were trying to do. One kids was bad enough that an "average outing" entailed 5 minutes pulled to the side of a highway while the parent tried to deal with the kid who was flipping out and I basically stood on one side to keep him from getting to the road while she was on the other side trying to get him into a state of being in control of himself. AND, the entire episode (that was scary because of how out of control the kid was) was over the fact that we hadn't stopped to get him an ice cream cone. Yes, these kids can get extremely out of control and they are horrible when they're in that state.

No. 305515

Are you insane? There is nothing in that post defending DO5. If anything it sounds like quite the opposite.

No. 305518

My adoptive sister has ODD and even with help my parents had a hard time handling her. You're right, being disabled doesn't mean a person can't parent, but in the eyes of the court system it does make it a lot harder for them to grant that person permanent placement. My aunt is bipolar, has bpd and chronic depression. She has two children that are the products of rape. Even though she is on her meds and in therapy, she hasn't seen either of her kids in years. CPS and family court don't always do everything they can to help people and they sure as hell aren't great when it comes to parents with disabilities.

No. 305521

Not sure which poster you were anon, but I was agreeing with >>305499
Related to the person here >>305446
>Joy wants to paint these people as monsters but no, they are like her…
Who was agreeing with this moron >>305440
>The only thing that comes close is the invisible ink prank and IF that were happening 5 days a week… yes, that's abuse… but one time? No, it's a fucking prank whether you like it or not. The family is a very loud group of people… there are plenty of people who are loud like that. I personally can't stand them, but it isn't child abuse…

Soooo… what?

No. 305557


And Joy descends into madness and projection. It looks like she's talking to herself on twitter now!! Quick, screencap it before she deletes it!

No. 305574

CPS said that they were not aware of the channel & had not seen any of the videos the first time this family was investigated. I've seen quite a few of the DO5 videos myself and besides the twisted pranks, a lot of it consisted of pitting the children against each other and laughing about it. I saw plenty enough to really question what kind of father would do that do his kids. I don't know what kind of family you grew up in anon, but this really isn't normal behavior, fucking with kid's heads like that will really mess them up.

Rose is taking medication for her bipolar disorder now but regarding the cutting she may be referring to a time when she was not properly medicated. It's actually quite common for people who are bipolar to also self harm in some way. It's possible Cody is also bipolar which would explain why he needs so many medication and why he would react like a "zombie" while on them. That's an effect those medications sometimes have, this is not Rose's fault. We just don't have much information on Rose's medical issues to make any sort of judgements on her parenting skills and frankly she shouldn't have to share her personal information with the whole internet just to make a few nosy people happy, she wasn't the one who made this public. CPS is fully aware of her situation and will be keeping an eye on those kids for quite some time. This case is extremely public so CPS knows they are being watched, they will do everything they can to make sure the kids are in the best situation possible.

No. 305621

File: 1494036786367.png (15.66 KB, 589x113, delu.png)

jesus she's so delusionally obsessed

No. 305644

Am I the only one that will be happy when she winds up locked in a bubble and unable to film anymore? (Or a psych ward?)

Oh, the status mentioned in >>305557? Regarding someone posting a video calling her out. So now, if you speak out against Joy, all she has to do is cry to her fans so they'll try to issue takedown notices. (Based mama, in this case.) She was called out, and within 2 hours of that being posted, the video is down.

She IS OniSHEOn. This has crossed the threshold of obscene.

Of other note: https://twitter.com/nickmon1112/status/860661212283064321
In his words: Joy is not his friend, and he does not support her or her actions, some of which he finds inappropriate.

No. 305648

What time? I skimmed through and it all seemed to be about racism or some anti sjw bull.

No. 305649

File: 1494040038872.png (96 KB, 613x734, OEbdCsr.png)


ref nickmon

No. 305653


Start around 29:00

No. 305661

File: 1494041302562.png (82.43 KB, 604x455, shocking.PNG)

Of course

No. 305663

File: 1494041442805.png (53.5 KB, 596x339, pt2.PNG)

No. 305665

So backing out of donating…what, exactly? If she is talking about the money from the gofundme, that's a picture not from gofundme but from YOUNOW…that does not make sense.

No. 305666


According to this, she is now bilking 47 people out of their money for $247 a month. I wonder how much of this money she's giving to roomie for rent? Or help with anything?

One person is paying 50 a month for a VOICEMAIL GREETING. 21 people are paying three bucks for…get this..to be added to or hang out with her on social media. That is what they are paying for. Joy's fans really are a special kind of stupid to pay for that kind of stuff.

No. 305667

Her videos:
- 6 hours ago
- 9 hours ago
- 11 hours ago
- 13 hours ago
- 13 hours ago

Who uploads like this, kek?

No. 305680

Any word on where those children ended up after this last court hearing that was suppose to be happening today? Joy seems to be leading and playing games but not coming out and saying anything. Thanks!

No. 305686

I would rather her just tell us what the new, "news or developments" were instead of dragging it all out into all these videos. More monies for you Kati god! Don't say you don't info that only who know and making a
Video but magically you're gone.

No. 305688


Based Momma made a video and took it down later? I'd been secretly hoping she'd come out and say something. Can someone give some details regarding what she said about Joy/Kati?

anons, please try not to clog up the thread with posts debating whether or not DO5 is truly abusive or not. there's tons of others places to do that. the posts need to be regarding joy sparkles in some way.

No. 305692

She said Joy was a crazy fame hungry psycho who is going to hurt the case if she doesn't shut the fuck up already. She called her out for making money of course and told her many, many times to get help and to stop using YT for therapy.

Basically, she said what we've all been saying.

No. 305693

not a huge youtuber but i'm glad to see others are starting to churn out videos criticizing her. the more posted, the more people will see through her shit.

No. 305699

Mundane Matt in hangout talks about Joy Sparkle BS (as an example of a bottom feeder). Start around 23m to understand how he leads into it.

No. 305701


for those wondering who don't know where the joy talk starts, they begin discussing joy at 29:25.

No. 305702


same anon, accidental repost of video. sorry!


the warski video starts talking about joy at 29:25.

No. 305704

Watch out joy has been watching this thread and telling her fans to send hate to these videos

No. 305707


If they go after either of the hanouts, they'll get their asses handed to them because both are supported by major youtubers who already view her as milking this situation for cash.

As for the little guy, I gave him an upvote and I don't see anything in there that they could report him for. If they report him, then ALL of SpergBurger's videos need to be taken down because they're far worse.

No. 305710

File: 1494047905709.png (763.86 KB, 1440x2392, Capture _2017-05-06-06-17-30.p…)

No. 305711

File: 1494047932793.png (558.02 KB, 1440x2392, Capture _2017-05-06-06-17-36.p…)

No. 305712

File: 1494047953602.png (526.63 KB, 1440x2392, Capture _2017-05-06-06-17-44.p…)

No. 305713

lmao, let her. she doesn't have as many rabid fans as she thinks she does. she might be onisheon, but she doesn't have greg's following. i'm waiting for the smackdown that shows her how insignificant she is.

No. 305716

File: 1494048106152.png (772.39 KB, 1440x2392, Capture _2017-05-06-06-21-21.p…)

No. 305719


Can you tweet at her and ask her to post it on vid.me?

No. 305722


Interesting that her "new information!" came out just as Nick made that post… Hmmmm… Read his post and I'm willing to bet that her new vid with the NEW INFORMATION! will be sourced from his post.

No. 305723

File: 1494048517021.png (61.71 KB, 620x359, J66yDTq.png)

Wonder if someone yanked her chain hard enough to shut her up. Will suck if this cow's been shoved into dry dock for the time being. :(

No. 305725


HA! "when it's time". Now she's trying to play it off like she deliberately makes sane and sound judgements. Kati you're so full of SHIT.

No. 305726

nah, probably just the beginning of a ~bad episode~.

No. 305727

I would have LOVED to see that video! Did Based Momma take it down herself or was it strike? Either way I hope it gets put back up, the more credible people call Joy out the better. So glad MrRepzion & MundaneMatt are taking a hard stance on this & not backing down.

Joy is trying to say she's donating "the majority" of the money she makes off the DO5 videos to the Gofundme for the kids but last I heard she meant just the videos that contain footage of child abuse. Looking at her videos it looks like less than 1/4 have clips from the DO5 videos. The videos where she was being called out the most for unecessarily splitting into a series to maximize ad revenue DON'T show any DO5 clips so presumably she's keeping the money from those. I don't know if she's changed how she is going to split the earnings up but she could still do a 51/49% split and still call it a majority. The amount she was reporting she made from the videos keeps changing but she could make up just about any dollar amount then donate that and be able to show "receipts."

Speaking of receipts, what is this supposed to prove exactly? That she made $38 from the livestream but wasn't able to donate it because gofundme "wasn't working" according to her. This isn't a receipt of anything, we know she made money from the livestream…we all saw people giving her bars. Is she not going to try donating this to the gofundme again or is she just hoping people think this proves something and forget about it so she can keep it? Screenshots showing an error message on the gofundme site would have been more convincing than this.

Your summary of these interviews is weirdly twisted in some places. Where are you getting that Rose is on disability? In the interview with Chambers of My Heart, she talked about working at Walmart and later mentioned she paid $10,000 for a lawyer that ended up screwing her over. This sounds like she was working and spent lots of money trying to regain custody. When she referred to cutting she wasn't saying she did. Where that came from is when she said Heather got Emma to lie in order to get emergency custody by saying Rose was punching holes in the walls, cutting herself & didn't have food in the house but Rose said this was all completely untrue, it was just Heather manipulating the situation. As for the medications Cody was on she said the doctors were too quick to give him lots of different medications and she didn't want that for him, she didn't want him to be a zombie strung out on meds. However, she did says he had him in therapy because he is special needs and has ODD. The change in scenery thing came from a different part of the interview, where she said Cody had some behavioral issues and she thought maybe a change of environment would help him. She also said that the kids look really skinny now, they had lost a lot of weight since they went to live with Mike & Heather. You can see this is true for yourself. She has a video slideshow of pics of her kids looking happy and well fed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZ0dWNdMinw&t
Did you not notice how many of the DO5 videos show Cody with some sort of healing injury like scabs & bruises on his arms, legs & even on his face?

Rose said she signed temporary custody for Cody for 6 months and she said she had visitation rights but then got a paper in the mail saying it was permanent custody so she went to court to try to get that fixed. She said when she saw the copy of the custody paper signing over permanent custody it wasn't her signature. When she reported Mike & Heather to CPS for child abuse they told her the investigation just showed the child abuse was considered "corporal punishment." When people on the internet started calling CPS to investigate the second time, CPS said they were not aware of the DaddyOFive channel and would be looking at the videos to determine if they constitute child abuse.

sage for partly OT
(I know one anon asked us to stop debating the DO5 situation and I will but I wanted to clear up some things that the other anon misrepresented. I did include my opinions on Joy in this same post instead of samefagging a bunch of comments so please forgive the length.)

No. 305735

File: 1494049656676.jpg (229.68 KB, 505x878, chambersstatementjoy.jpg)

Chambers Of The Heart posted this "Statement" regarding Joy. She is foolish to back up Joy in any way, even if Joy has been Chamber's "corner" before. She is directly involved with Rose so by condoning Joy in any way at all, she is giving Joy more fuel to believe that the videos she posts are harmless to Rose's situation. I'm sure she's been stressed and under a lot of pressure (as she says herself) so perhaps she hasn't been able to watch many of Joy's so called coverage on DO5 all the way through. I want to believe that if she had, she would have distanced herself from Joy. Not excusing her but seriously there's no better time than NOW to stop feeding her information. This shit is really going to affect Rose in ways many of us probably don't realize.


No. 305736


Apparently there's been a Gag Order issued by the court in the DO5 case. That's likely why she tweeted that. Shocker, it took a real threat of legal problems to shut the cow up.

No. 305737


How do you know that? A gag order is actually a pretty serious thing since most states hold the right of the public to know what's going on as a higher concern that the reputations of the people involved.

I can't see Tim asking for a gag order since he was the one feeding information to Kati (Joy)…. If the attorney for Mike(? Do5) did it, she probably used the privacy of the children as the reason (A VERY GOOD REASON TO DO THAT!). Pretty fucking sad if it was Do5's attorney that asked for it.

No. 305738


Chambers of the Heart just tweeted it out. I believe her since she has first hand knowledge of what's going on and is direct contact with Rose. I agree, it seems more plausible that DO5's people would have asked for it. but the judge likely did issue one.

No. 305740

YES! The Based Momma video is back up! This is GREAT!

No. 305744


I found it reported in a credible news agency. So… interesting that lolcow wasn't clued into that at all?

No. 305745


Oh, shit! That was a great video!

No. 305746

I've calculated the total amount of videos she has made about DaddyOFive and it's roughly around 66 videos.

Jesus fucking Christ.

No. 305751


aw, u mad bro? If you're going to post here as a Joyfan, at least post links or sage your pissy posts.

No. 305759

Does it make anyone else uncomfortable that Joy is talking to Rose? I don't mean any offense to the woman, but she seems easily manipulated and gullible. We've seen how Joy is with her kid audience so it makes me uneasy. Joy could easily have this case thrown out. Obviously all the parents involved in this are not the sharpest crayons in the box, but Do5 has shown himself to be an unfit parent which makes Rose the best choice for these kids as far as we know. It would be tragic for a fucking youtuber to spout off bullshit that gets the kids handed back to Mike and Heather.

Please stay the fuck out of it, Kati. Having been under investigation by CPS as a child, it was humiliating enough for my classmates to find out. I would have been absolutely devastated if a stranger was making dozens upon dozens of videos about me and my family, making horrible allegations and posting it on the internet for thousands of people to see forever. She needs to step back and actually look at what she's doing. She's phenomenally reprehensible. Of every thread I read, Onision and Joy are the only cows that make me rage. Sorry for blogpost. Fuck, though.

She's very pretty and I like her no bullshit attitude ba dum tss. I hope she sticks around.

No. 305760

File: 1494052667967.png (3.94 MB, 1312x2996, 3bnMgfe.png)

66 vidoes on her main channel (one of which is a mirror)

No. 305761

File: 1494052715931.png (1.24 MB, 1290x1191, s8K4BCs.png)

22 on her backup channel. (one of which is a mirror)…

So, that either 88 videos or 86 depending on how you want to count them. And, that's over the course of 18 days (apr 18 through today)

No. 305766


I absolutely feel the same. People like Joy are predators and can smell their prey from a mile away. I get the impression that Rose could be taken advantage of. She might already be being taken advantage of by the lawyer and I base that off of how incredibly unprofessional it is for him to be giving Joy any info about anything regarding the kids. I honestly do believe that Joy's videos could be used as ammunition to attack to attack Rose in cour or depositions etc. especially the videos where Joy/Kati talks about info she received from Rose and the lawyer. I've read comments from others who have been involved in custody cases, including Based Momma, and they think these videos could be seriously detrimental.


that is fucking frightening.

No. 305769

File: 1494053467994.jpg (28.75 KB, 700x300, 7994_5-700x300.jpg)

How could she see herself as anything but obsessive and greedy? I hope to be so delusional some day. Her life must be roses when she's not literally about to die from her anxiety disorder.

No. 305771

Oh god. Joys fan. Sounds like a 'Eugene' lmao. Can't be having this

No. 305773

>it really is bothering me to the point of crying

Oh christ, Joy and Joy's whiteknights are one and the same. Isn't it tiresome to be so melodramatic?

No. 305774


If that doesn't sound like a cult member, I don't know what would. He even admits he has concerns but is leaving it up to her because she knows best. Maybe that because he's 13yo or something… but WOW! Just WOW!

No. 305780

he seriously sounds like he's crying at some points during that vid. what the actual fuck.

and comparing joy to a news station?? even fox news?? saying that they'd "do the same thing." um, no, a news station would put effort into putting together a comprehensive story for a short clip, giving just the facts and nothing more. that's journalism. joy is NOT a journalist. tbh she doesn't know a goddamn thing about journalism. this just blows my mind. this kid is an idiot.

No. 305782

sage for speculation:

So… if she's shut her yap on the Do5 stuff… what do you think was able to yank her chain that hard?

(a) Bio mom's attorney realized what a colossal screw he made.

(b) Do5 camp had her served with a protection order.

(c) She got a cease and desist letter from a real attorney and is no longer laughing at such things.

(d) She thought it through and realized that she was on a wrong path and has changed her ways of her own volition.

Either way… expecting a bout of severe illness soon… that means more intimate stories about her bowel movements… yeah!

No. 305784


Oh… come on… I've seen FoxNews talk about boners and toss out the F-bomb ever other word plenty of times. Heck, even CNN is big on making rude gestures imitating wanking off to child abuse. That's how they roll in the media biz!

No. 305790

File: 1494055113283.png (46 KB, 553x322, t9AiiM5.png)

No. 305794


She's desperate to not admit she is cut off. Look at the views on any of her other stuff… they're pathetic. Now, she'll have to try to get the crew interested in her mucking up a fax and sending it to Onision.

No. 305805

I don't think this is really the thread for this. He's obviously young and/or handicapped in several aspects. Confirming age is probably a good idea.

No. 305816

Oh, with people like Joy that cow isn't running out of milk any time soon. She's gone full blown cow.

It was originally taken down as harrassment and bullying under TOS as it said on the video. Its back up now.

This doesn't sound like its supporting Joy. If anything it sounds like trying to back off as gracefully as possible. I doubt they haven't noticed what happens with the lunatics she calls fans and she's probably trying to avoid that. (Nick also used the 'don't bring drama to my door' response.) That is what this looks like.

Joy doesn't give a damn about a gag order. She would be the kind to go "I'll risk it for the fans!" for the opportunity to play it like she's a martyr. Watch. She will have more vids incoming. She already has them ready to roll according to her twitter. What she doesn't have is self control. No gag order is going to stop her.

Joy prefers people that are gullible and easily manipulated. Just someone else for her to use later….just look at her fans!
She isn't shutting her yap. She said she has videos in the wings. She is hyping up everyone else to get them to beg her to put out the info..which has already started with her replying with ' ;) ' She's not going to honor that. Hell, she may even milk more videos over the gag order and claim its personally against her.

No. 305817

>Hell, she may even milk more videos over the gag order and claim its personally against her.

I would love to see this. The only time her grandiose delusions could even feasibly be true (but probably not).

No. 305819


Joy had Chambers on her YouNow earlier today. On Joy's YouNow page, the first saved "moment" is an extended clip. She defends Joy multiple times in it. She wouldn't have gone on her YouNow to confirm stuff Joy has said (regarding the lawyer, etc) if she didn't "support" what she was doing, even just a bit. Like I said, NOW is the time to stop feeding Joy updates and slowly back away.

No. 305823

I agree with you, it certainly is. I think slowly, those that had been working with her are starting to back away. More and more of them are saying "she isn't my friend, I don't want your drama." She is burning her connections left right and center as far as bigger Youtubers go…maybe even in record time.

No. 305824

I have never seen anything so counterproductive to their case done before you're even in court! Rose and Chambers had better pray that the presiding Judge does not get a look at Joy's videos or find out that in any way they've encouraged or are conntected to her in making them.

Like every bit more I read about their pre-hearing antics I want to scream because Joy is poking holes in their already complicated custody case.

No. 305827

Was it ever confirmed that those two kids that died in the car accident were actually related to her?

No. 305830

Just wait for it. Kids are going to wind up in foster care. Mom is going to lose the case. Its going to be because of Joy's shit…and then..what? Everyone else's fault again. That happens and we will see the internet explode. There isn't enough milk in the world for the meltdown Joy is going to be caught in then, and there will be nowhere for her to hide.

According to the last thread with the three imgur files, she is related to the family but doesn't really interact with or know them very well. She's the black sheep and such. (I wonder why) They don't talk with her or interact with her and barely know her. (Is it really the only time Joy has ever over-exaggerated?)

No. 305849

I seriously applaud these two for making a video on it. I hope more people wake up to her BS…and it's not even lying about health issues and angels here, it's about her being potentially damaging to these kids case. What she's doing with it is obsessive and sickening.

No. 305884

Sage, I guess?

I'm sorry, but what in the fuck was that interview she just posted? I thought Chambers was… well, not that smart already, but wow. Everything she said in that video was garbage. That really pissed me off. Can't wait to see you all talk about this bullshit.

No. 305896


If the Do5 attorney asked for the gag order, you know Joysus' video catalog was exhibit (a) for why it was needed. And I'm sure the Joysus videos advertising the attorneys' information will be brought up as well because Rose gave permission for that stuff.

No. 305902


Sounds like Chambers bonded with Joysus over hate boners for Onision. Also, Chambers' statement "CPS has been being a douche" at the very end … hmmm… sounds like CPS doesn't view the biological mom as the perfect angel that everyone else does.

These people don't seem to get it. IF Joysus was not monetizing all those videos, she's just be an average lolcow… all the hate Joysus is getting is because she's monetizing the videos. If she pumped out this many videos with NONE of them monetized, I don't think any of the mainstream YouTubers would give her the time of day, but they also wouldn't talk about her either.

No. 305904


>> Joy doesn't give a damn about a gag order. She would be the kind to go "I'll risk it for the fans!"

The problem is that if Rose or the attorney tells Joysus something and Joysus goes blathering it all over the place, it's either Rose or the attorney that will get hit with the Contempt of Court charge, not Joysus. As a minimum, failure to follow court orders is not a winning strategy for a custody case and people do end up with time in jail over Contempt of Court charges.

No. 305918

File: 1494083317791.png (68.86 KB, 1080x503, IMG_20170506_160601.png)

The Joysus cult sickens me.

This was on a bunch of perfectly civil and sensible comments disagreeing with Joy. They weren't hate comments, they were criticism.

I can't believe these people.

No. 305931

I'm that Brittany girl and they're now going to my channel, where I uploaded personal videos so I wouldn't lose them if something happened to my phone, and comment bombing me. They're saying my content is shit and whatnot. Lol I recorded a couple concerts I went to. That's content?

No. 305936

Just ignore them. It's really cringy she has people ( kids and teens, I guess ) doing this. Kati clearly has deep psychological issues and her followers are brainwashed sheep.

No. 305940

They're honestly as bad as, if not worse than Greg's followers. How are you SO hurt by someone criticizing someone you don't even know? I was never that crazy, even when I was an insecure teenager.

No. 305943

File: 1494086222449.png (59.82 KB, 613x381, bdyJFaF.png)

Bet she's consulting with Angels over this and they're telling her to "go for the ka-ching baby!" Will she twist out 5 more videos today or won't she?


No. 305946


Now she's just milking her own controversy.

Grifters gonna grift.

No. 305951

So the photos and videos underneath the blurb on her twitter page are back. But the old receipts from her donations are missing. Meanwhile, she is overstating how many times she has donated (There was no receipt for the family members donation, there was a receipt for the donation to the charity that had the word joy in it… I can't remember the name… and I think there was another one but I don't remember.) and there's no way to check her claims.

She HAS donated to charities but not as many times as she claims she has. I think it was twice, MAYBE three times, but definitely less than 5.

No. 305952

A Youtuber has said he can't release second part of his series because of the gag order. He points to Joy Sparkle BS as a source of information. First comment is from A Mad Woman Muses. Looks like she is not on the Joysus train and she is the other of the three people (Chambers, Based Moma, and her) who have been working hands on to progress the bio mom's side of things.

No. 305953

File: 1494088847051.png (14.48 KB, 525x88, gSzOF8K.png)

No. 305955


The time she worked with the place that does rooms for ill children, she claimed over a thousand (like $1500?) in donations but only ever provided a receipt for $100. She also claimed the entire amount donated on GoFundMe for the family car accident, yet that GoFundMe was linked in local news papers and stuff, so hard to believe that Joysus actually drove that entire amount (I think it was like $2500?). She definitely has fuzzy, fuzzy math skills.

No. 305965

To the person who had videos of the livestreams and was looking for a place to upload them, how about Dropbox, Google Drive or a torrent?

No. 305978

File: 1494092396856.png (61.54 KB, 560x426, LhburJp.png)

DeFranco explicitly stated that his video was not monetized. Her fanbase is desperate to keep their queen on the throne.

No. 305981


Notice she does not correct the idea that she is NOT donating ALL of the money?

No. 305983

Acccctually, Keemstar in general has a very negative reputation and people have criticized him. PhillyD is MUCH more reputable but did get a lot of criticism over it also. Even still…PhillyD did not in the words of MundaneMatt…make 80 videos over two channels with one point being drug out on the rack over a few videos at a time. BIG difference here.

No. 305985

Even if De Franco had monetised all of his, De Franco and keemstar only did a few videos though, not 60-85. Bloody hell.

No. 305986


For accuracy, by my count, she's up to 90 videos. I count the one in the top right of that pic (so that was 89) and the one so far today, so that's 90 videos.

No. 305988

Well I'll make sure to prepare for the 100th Video Celebration

No. 305989

So she released a video today, after the gag order then?

No. 305990

Observation. I'm going through her back catalog to make a compilation. (Much alcohol is involved!)… but, she's ranted against media several times over saying how she hates the media and doesn't trust the media…. BUT, she never claims to have been a Journalism major in any of them. That seems to be a new expertise since MundaneMatt tried to explain the difference between what she's doing and what a journalist does and the protections allowed.

No. 305991


She posted her YouNow stream with Chambers from last night when they were waiting for word about what happened in court. It's showing that Chambers supports what Joysus is doing.

No. 305995


Nice catch.

She also said she had extensive experience with debate, too. Clearly, this is untrue. :D

No. 305998

Well, sucks to be Chambers. She ought to take the cue from everyone else and quietly or forcefully bail out while she still can. Once that trial goes down she does NOT want to be associated with any of that. (At least I can say that HER heart was in the right place, but she will pay for it regardless.)

Oh wait. As of EIGHT minutes ago another court case update. Even with the Gag order she just can't shut the hell up.

No. 306000

Link for reference. TL/DW: She's not going to comment on anything Do5 for speshul reasons… nothing at all… guess her donations will have to be left to the winds.

Wonder who yanked that bitch's chain hard enough to shut her up? Too bad it comes at a time that lets her totally dodge out of proving her earnings and donation amounts. I'm guessing that YouTube might pay on the 15th and she didn't want to put that up.

No. 306001


Zero mention of the gag order.

No. 306004


Chambers is butt hurt that she and her channel are not getting more attention. So, she deserves to be right next to SpergBurger in what ever boat on shit creek.

No. 306007

File: 1494096846851.png (59.77 KB, 612x375, Ea7Xn6S.png)

Talk about a 180 from 7pm last night!

I'd bet a week's paycheck that her videos (especially the ones from the attorney) were used for the gag order and attorney was told to rein her ass in or face court fines.

No. 306010

So much for she knows the law and no one can touch her, huh?

No. 306013


The thing is, the gag order doesn't affect her. The people involved in the case are not allowed to talk to anyone. That's doesn't prevent Splurgzilla from continuing her ranting even about the case. She just can't expose that people involved in the case are talking to her (and if that attorney were smart, they wouldn't be talking to her at all)

No. 306014

I am absolutely living for the vast amounts of criticism she is getting for this 'update' video that isn't an update of anything. So many complaints in the comments, the best hate to support ratio I've seen on one of her videos so far.

It's beautiful.

No. 306015

File: 1494097727373.png (137.16 KB, 557x870, yaSlKBh.png)

New estimate of earnings… not even $1 per video.

No. 306016

Tell that to socialblade and the estimated yearly earnings. I don't know if this accounts for recent ad revenue changes but still..its not a dollar by far.

No. 306018

some of those videos have 100,000+ views. If they were monetized, how could they have made less than a dollar?

No. 306019

Holy shit. She is being absolutely destroyed by fans and critics alike on that latest video.

No. 306020

Not even a $ per video?
Social blade for now says:
>estimated monthly earning: €658 - €10.5K

No. 306023

No, I'm pretty sure the socialblade estimates are based on the old model rather than the new.

It doesn't even matter how much it is. As an analogy, stealing $10 is more than stealing $1, but that doesn't change the fact that it's stealing.

Also, if your concern is about 'WON'T SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN' and NOT views, why are you bothering to break them up to appease the people who were allegedly complaining about long videos?

(And if they were complaining about the length, what they were really complaining about your tendency to babble because you love the sound of your own, shrill, grating voice.)

No. 306026

This charity stuff is kind of pissing me off. If she wants to donate to charity she HAS to do it like cr1tikal did it. Post a screenshot with every single donation showing the date, amount, and charity. Otherwise people are fucking stupid to think she's actually donating anything. And she's even more despicable for falsely claiming to donate. Bitch better show some adsense screenshots, too.

No. 306029


Social blade uses a range. On average, prior to the recent stuff, the actual was coming out to about $1.25/1000 views. Her views for the last 30 days were 2,890,515. So, that comes out to $3613 and she has said multiple times that she's now getting 1/4 of what she had been getting, so that would make it around $900 if that were true for the entire 30 day period. So, she's likely averaging around $10/video if you go by what she's said.

No. 306031


AND, she's gained over 15k subscribers, so she'll get increased revenue going forward as well.

No. 306033

An ACTUAL lawyer most likely (Tim doesn't count because he's made one of the dumbest choices in leaking info to an unstable YouTube) or the judge himself. The thing most Judges hate more than anything is a trial being turned into any sort of media circus- and Joy's had her clown costume on from day one.

I can't believe she's still going to be uploading anything about it at all after the gag order- prerecorded or otherwise. If she slips up and reveals something (even just by random speculation) that's going to impact Rose's case since she's been in contact with her frequently (according to Chambers). Chambers had her out but chose to hitch her buggy to Joy's so she's going down as well.

No. 306035

Re: Socialblade

Quite right. Thanks for the breakdown.

No. 306037

Spurpinkle Bow channel is at 674,184 views for last 30 days, so comes out to $842.73 at the $1.25 rate, then if 1/4 comes out to $210

No. 306038

I am so irritated by her YouTube display picture and I can't put my finger in why.

I don't know if it's just because of knowing what she's like making her face seem extra annoying and that is influencing how I view that picture but it's just super irritating. Is anyone else bothered by that damn selfie and her expression in it?

I know this is the height of petty BS but I have nowhere else to comment on this.

No. 306039

Samefag - should be 'finger on why'.

No. 306040


It's a bad photoshop to make her look thinner, but by doing that the face is distored enough to put it in the "uncanny valley." (look it up, it's an instinctual negative reaction). If her skull were really that shape, she'd have mental issues going on as well since it would be a sign that her brain hadn't developed to the point of expanding the skull properly (between ages 0-1yr).

No. 306041

Is this lawyer guy one of those tv lawyers whose commercials play during the day during the talk shows?

I keep seeing Aileen Wurnos' first lawyer in my head… lol


No, you're not the only one. It's a smug expression. Similar to Onions when he thinks he's made a gotcha.

(And what >>306040 said.)

No. 306043

it's because she doesn't look like that, really. its also taken at a weird angle. in one of the previous Joy threads someone mentioned how she criticized Onion for using pictures of himself that make him look much younger than he actually is in an attempt appeal to young fans. they pointed out that her youtube profile picture makes her look much younger as well. it has always annoyed the fuck out of me because it makes her look slightly innocent, coy and/or meek. none of these things = kati. and i had thought it was weird even before i realized just what a shitshow of a person she truly is.

No. 306046

Sometimes in Joy's most manic moments she reminds me of Aileen Wurnos. Those moments where she goes from relatively calm to screaming about something.

No. 306048


speaking of joy being a total nutjob, anyone notice that instense look she gives to the camera after declaring she's "doing it for the kids"? she does this is practically every video on DO5. often multiple times. she stares into the camera, gives a hard stony-face look and always makes sure to pause to draw it out for effect. i know and believe she is a conwoman and is doing this mainly for herself, but there is definitely a part of her that at least halfway buys her own "altruistic" bullshit.

No. 306050

No. 306052

OMG. Her more rabid fans are begging her to ignore the gag order and keep going. That ALL we need, great job stupid cult people.

No. 306056


Thanks guys, that all makes sense as to why the picture's annoying.

I think the coy/meek/innocent business with it is the main thing that bothers me about it but I couldn't quite articulate it.

No. 306057


I think she thinks that's "good acting." If you look at her facebook thing, it looked like she was subscribed to every modeling or acting group available. Maybe she thinks those intense smoldering looks will get her discovered. :D

No. 306059


I'm sorry, after he called Joysus an "Independent Media Personality" I just lost it. He's a Joysus fanboi with no more credentials than Joysus.

No. 306066

He also seems to not understand why a judge would issue a gag order, for all his 'it doesn't affect this at all." I doubt custody will go back to DO5, but Rose won't get them either. Foster care.

More like learning how to manipulate better. Subconscious appeal. Her collab with Repzion, where she had herself crowned in a halo. Barack Obama was often criticized for that same tactic ..putting the subconscious appearance of saintly stature into the minds of those viewing it. The fans would then defend their 'savior' more, and the critics would be percieved as picking on a 'godly' figure. This also fits in with using the Joysus name (Joysus/Jesus)..all of it low key manipulation through imagery.

So when you see her subbed to all of these different modeling or acting groups, it appears more like she is trying to learn how to be the best manipulator around. A professional con artist.

No. 306083

"I'm helping!"

"The videos won't affect anything."

Cognitive dissonance, it's a bitch.

No. 306084

File: 1494104848695.png (73.48 KB, 783x500, woww.png)

hahahaha what a two-faced piece of shit.

No. 306089


She refuses to utter the words "gag order" and is trying to make it look like she's in the "inner circle" when she's not.

No. 306090


And Twitter time. Matt blasts Chamber of Heart. Milk for days, everyone.

No. 306093

No. 306099

File: 1494106019755.png (55.61 KB, 563x315, 8Yt9Sgn.png)

No. 306101

File: 1494106075902.png (58.89 KB, 552x315, amw7kjF.png)

Does this look like some CYA here? Why suddenly tweeting this stuff?

No. 306104

On the Based Mama videos, which she is definitely reading all the comments over obsessively, its being called out what her fans generally do, and the nastiness they have tried to address. More of the usual damage control "Oh, they are ALWAYS connected to the people close to me, but its not me! No way! i'm innocent!" Hell, she can't even express her own views or critics respectfully..who does she think she is kidding?

No. 306109

definitely some cya. she wants to look like the bigger person. she's taking a "stance" with ~doing the right thing for rose & the kids~ so now she has to take a "stance" with the fans that harass people. makes her look squeaky clean.

No. 306110


Remember the Do5 crew claimed to have been harassed and threatened in real life. It may be more than posturing.

No. 306112

Another joy fan trying to paint any exposed videos on her as ridiculous by creating this troll parody video. Sorry who is calling Joy a peado? I've not seen anyone. I think most people who have called joy out are rational, and don't need 'evidence' to support their views because the evidence is all over her channel.

No. 306113

File: 1494107098039.png (273.31 KB, 585x412, joy2.png)


It seems like Joy has been through YouTube drama enough times that she now knows how to safely navigate in without making a complete spectacle of herself. Boring.

No. 306114

Of course it is, but this isn't directed at us or anyone other than the gullible among her fans. The ones that want any little tiny thing to claim that OniSheOn is being picked on and misunderstood.

No. 306116


Here's the thing… this pedo stuff came up in passing from some unsubstantiated tweet then was dropped because there was not support for it.

Why the hell would she be cuddling up to an account that suddenly gets fixated on this topic in a way to make it look like a joke? In her last YouNow stream, she talked about that account as if it were a troll that she had no idea of who it is… since then, she's been cuddling up to it pretty darn hard.

There's something a bit sick about the whole situation and she doesn't seem to get how joking about pedophiles is not a laughing matter. They actually do great and lasting damage to their victims. But, she thinks it's funny for some reason?

No. 306120

She's stated several times that she used to be a model. While that sounds hilarious, she really did say it.

No. 306123


But that the thing, she really is attractive enough to be a model when she puts herself together and she has a charismatic personalty to boot. And yet this is the best she can do with her life, famewhore on YouTube all day and leech off of an ex-boyfriend. That really puts into perspective how fucked in the head and pathetic she really is.

No. 306145

I don't like Mundane Matt in general, but all of this is making me love him… Temporarily.

No. 306149

she's really not though. i'm reasonably attractive and i'm not even deluded enough to think that i could be a model. there isn't enough makeup in the world to make that face pretty.

list of things joy seems to think are funny: rape, incest, pedophilia, harassment… i've lost my train of thought but she's made it clear that she has no decorum whatsoever, and no concern for people who have had to deal with that kind of shit.

No. 306151

File: 1494111644728.jpg (47.94 KB, 533x800, 508ec2e1-98bf-4307-914f-6d1464…)


B-but just look at the picture on her Backstage.com portfolio.

No. 306181

FaIlstonGroup != fallstongroup

No. 306182


oh fuck yes, she's gonna blow up over that no doubt. moo cow.

No. 306184


ah, i can still see her or her minions running with it cuz derpy derps

No. 306188

It's a fake reply. This isn't the real Fallston Group, it's a troll account. It was created May 2017 and has 27 tweets starting about 1 hour ago with only 1 follower.

No. 306191

you're triggering me.

No. 306196

That's…really stupid. That Stinky Hillary is always on Joy's feeds joking around with Joy. They're going to try to feed Fallston deliberate info like they did with Jamie and it is going to explode in Joy's face.

Okay, slightly disregard the above. This is another Joy doing stupid shit move. Throwing out a professional name to mock them with a troll account…GEE. Who bets that the real group is going to have something to say? (Possible harrassment of someone connected to the case, connected to Joy, after a gag order and before court proceedings, and Joy with her NOTICE ME COURT SENPAI 80+++ videos. NO WAY that's gonna backfire guyz!)

No. 306203


She said she had several videos planned for today in the quote-unquote update video but hasn't posted shit. She must has videos already recorded on her hard drive with some of the unknown court case info and other things Tim and Rose have told her.

No. 306204


She had an interview with the ex-wife that she was trying to get help on fixing the audio on, so there's that already done. Also, she tweeted last night that she was making video of NEW STUFF! right at that moment.

Someone has yanked that bitch's leash hard. I just wish we could know who it was, maybe send them a box of chocolates or something.

No. 306209

JoySparkleBS channel tags:

Copper Toxicity, Heavy metal poisoning, Fibromyalgia, Onision, IUD, paragard, paragarrd IUD, mirena, mirena IUD, sociopath, borderline personality disorder, gaslighting, gas lighting, narcissist, Lainey, Laineybot

Tages on DaddyOFive : Rose(Mother) Interview On Good Morning America! Part 2 on Spirpinklebow:

daddyofive,daddyofive mommyofive,mommyofive,daddyofive emma,daddyofive cody,daddyofive emma cody,daddyofive custody,daddyofive loses custody,daddyofive lost custody,daddyofive boogie2988,daddyofive keemstar,daaddyofive keem star,daddyofive scarce,daddyofive mrrepzion,daddyofive mr repzion,daddyofive philip defranco,daddyofive andywarski,daddyofive suityourself,daddyofive joy sparkle bs,daddyofive joysparkle

Look at her trying to bite others views. lol.

Similar tags on DaddyOFive : Court Case Update! on JoySparkleBS.

No. 306215

Oh wow! Can you screen shot the tabs for evidence. Using scarces name?? Wtf. And using her illness…. Wow

No. 306216


Jesus Christ all of those phrasing variations. I wish my brain was that efficient and naturally processed things at the speed of someone freebasing crack.

No. 306218

File: 1494118806403.jpg (656.14 KB, 1280x691, 0ZA66T9.jpg)

The extension is called TubeBuddy.

No. 306222

File: 1494119029903.jpg (110.6 KB, 1478x455, tags.JPG)

You can also view the source as well. Although, others might claim you "faked" it. But if you only want to see it for yourself, view the pages source code and look for the tags. It will look like the picture included.

She's a shady bitch. Even to use names she talks shit about or that have called her out. Shameless, money hungry, nasty woman.

No. 306235

File: 1494120777540.png (226.4 KB, 1437x1304, Capture _2017-05-07-02-30-13-1…)

What do you think she means by this? Has basedmama had to explain Joy to a court?

No. 306236


She's talking about her past personal experience in going to court for child custody.

No. 306237


She's referring to her own custody battle over her daughter that has apparently been going on for years. In a group livestream A Mad Woman Muses uploaded that features Rose (DO5 cody emma bio mom) she talks about how she has experience with an "inter-state" custody battle.

No. 306239

No, she's referring to her own custody battle. She said she lost custody because someone she hardly knew couldn't keep their mouth shut & spread a lot of gossip…that is why she is so upset with Joy.

No. 306240


No talking about her own battle in court

No. 306278

No. 306285

So, I was thinking about it today. And, I bet the "emergency custody" was simply extended on Friday and Rose didn't get full custody. Had custody been awarded, why would a gag order be required, the case would be essentially over.

Also, would be interesting to know if the protection order was given or not. To get that, she would have to show that there was a credible direct threat (as in he made a threat of violence at her) and it doesn't sound like there was even much chance for that to happen.

No. 306289

No. 306290

File: 1494129258652.png (39.17 KB, 1084x144, epCOjTJ.png)

No. 306291

File: 1494129326157.png (21.51 KB, 1058x119, teKmxQa.png)


Hmmm… Would love to know what Fallston Group really think about the PR queen.

No. 306292


Notice that they responded to that on a Saturday. :D

No. 306293


This was a suck up video by one of her fanbois.

No. 306295


Should someone pose as a reporter and give them a ring? What's the procedure on that, just give a news outlet name and a professional name and you're good to ask away? (someone let me know if this is considered crossing the site's rules and guidelines, and I will delete the post if so. New to this specific imageboard).

No. 306298

I don't know the site rules but an anon called the lawyer a couple days ago posing as a reporter.

No. 306301


If you're talking about the gag order, those involved in the case in any way are prohibited from talking about it to anyone not involved in the case. So, that would cover all the agencies, witnesses, and plaintiffs (and their attorneys).


The anon called Conlon (?? spelling?? Rose's attorney) in an attempt fish for information, but I forget exactly what information it was at this point beyond that it was something in relation to SpergBunkleButt.

No. 306306


I believe they were inquiring if Ti was actually in contact with Joy and if so why would he do that. And iirc they never got an answer.

No. 306508

Just saw that mikenactor uploaded a video defending her. I love mike and even if I don't always agree with him, I appreciate his evenhanded and pleasant demeanor, but god does it infuriate me that he can't see through Joy's bullshit

No. 306521


Interesting how these defense videos all admit that she's obsessive. Aside from an obvious subscriber grab attempt, his entire videos sounds like it was fed to him from Joysus. Notice that he questioned her and after PRIVATE conversations, she explained it to him, but he did not (or was not able to) explain why it made any sense. This sounds like classic psychopath manipulation to isolate individuals so the psychopath can "relate one on one" (as in tell a lie specific to that person) and get them bonded.

Look for more shills to come out, then a "I'm sick gois!" video to get the flock back under control while she figures out how to suck up to some other big YouTuber for a "collab" opportunity.

No. 306560

I find it hard to believe she's been abused and goes balls deep into this whole controversy.

I've kind of been avoiding it because it's been pretty triggering for me.

I get that people are different but you never completely heal. You just get distance from it. And people don't generally run into triggers, whatever the degree of trigger it would be.

No. 306565


Honestly… I would be willing to bet that the reality of her "abuse" was that she didn't get her way enough times and that everyone telling her that she'd be a famous singer didn't turn out the way she expected. In the 2014 call in radio show (linked near the top), she describes having tantrums because she couldn't levitate (like she'd seen in a cartoon) as a child and at that time (2014) believed that she still couldn't levitate because the people around her didn't believe that she could, so their negative energy was preventing levitation among the many people who would actually like to levitate.

No. 306569

Even if she was abused, it doesn't explain her behavior. You don't see other youtubers like Warski and Repzion uploading 70+ videos on the topic like lunatics, and unlike her, they didn't only begin to talk about their abuse when it was convenient for them…

No. 306572

I like Mikenactor a lot too, he's usually very perceptive but I don't fault him so much for trying to stick up for Joy right now, he's just trying to be a good friend. Loyalty seems to be a core part of who he is…to the point he'll even let it override his gut instinct. I guarantee that won't last too much longer though, he's already asking questions, there's only so many times he will accept bogus answers before he realizes his loyalty has been misplaced…and you know how Joy is, she'll do plenty to make that happen in short order.

No. 306583


Fer sure. I'm saying her behavior doesn't jibe with what she's said, too.

When I saw Cody, frustrated and upset, I could feel his utter powerlessness as if it were my own because I've been there. Let me tell you, of all the feelings one could have, I'm not sure what other feeling could even compare. Nothing compares in it's depth. It's not something you want to relive and, if you've been there, you will watching these videos.

Anyway, so on to other things, now.

No. 306591

You left out the 20+ videos from her 2nd channel Spergbungalow. Even the most prolific crazy uploaders don't deal in the volume Joy does, with 90+ videos on one topic in 2 weeks (there's at least 15 more on other topics in that same time period) she's on a level all her own…no one comes close to touching her heights of insanity.

Right? She had to watch those videos over & over again to edit them…there were even times she slowed the footage down while repeating it 3 times for the audience. You'd have to have some kind of special ability to block emotions out to be able to watch those clips that many times without it deeply affecting you. I would have had to stop for my own mental health miles before her….but then again no one thinks she's sane.

No. 306612

Definitely. I've physically cringed every time I've had to see Cody get hurt (especially the video of him getting slammed against the bookshelf… just… the noise 0.o) Don't know how she can upload video after video showcasing the abuse and claim it's for the sake of the children.

No. 306617

File: 1494176752835.png (73.07 KB, 628x549, KQKtuh9.png)

No. 306620

File: 1494176927554.png (59.29 KB, 615x401, 1XJOMP8.png)

No. 306624

File: 1494177053221.png (124.83 KB, 563x762, XJVV0Ix.png)

Included as part of Joysus' mob, but sage because not Dear Leader herself.

No. 306630

>slowed the footage down while repeating it 3 times for the audience.

The way she did it reminded me of an instant replay in sports…did you see how fucked up that was? let me slow it down & replay it x3 so you can see the abuse frame by frame.

No. 306674

Hmmmmm…GEE..more that sounds like a cult.

Joy just posted a new video, and here we go again. Clickbait title with DO5 in it to get in the views and cry about 'the illness' where after two weeks the meds lose their effectiveness! Right into manipulating the audience AGAIN. "The last few days..they've been hard for me.." BITCH GTFO. You say that shit EVERY time the criticism mounts. Blank face, blank expression, even the tone in her voice is carefully regulated but entirely FAKE. "I feel like from the get-go i've been upfront and honest about everything." (Not going to attempt to comment on this one because that would be TL;DR trying to comment on every lie and contradiction she's told in the last week ONLY.)

Annnd the rest of it is throwing shade, trying to play emotional for the audience, and what's this? A low key threat? "To those of you making videos..when I release the information I don't want you to be embarrassed.." Okay. Sure. Nice attempt at scare tactics. When you release the information…back to "mysterious information' again. Annnnd shit talking. Only been up close to 40 minutes and its already turning into a comment frenzy. OniSheOn is still at large!

No. 306676

AND she still doesn't mention the effing gag order which is the reason she had to shut up in the first place. NOPE she's just doing this out of the kindness of her heart because she's nothing but sparkles and rainbows. What a load.

No. 306683

File: 1494185118529.png (36.8 KB, 552x282, HCbWvnw.png)

From latest video about click bait titles, etc.

No. 306692

File: 1494186685397.png (27.64 KB, 542x196, hayPMEB.png)

No. 306694

File: 1494186764885.png (17.15 KB, 598x142, 0JxDhUt.png)

No. 306701

>cry about 'the illness' where after two weeks the meds lose their effectiveness!

Amazing that when she first got her meds she was able to predict they would stop working after EXACTLY 2 weeks. Guys, she must be psychic. Her list of super powers grows every day!

No. 306703


Nah, the angels told her. snicker

No. 306705

Love the total change in demeanor in the last two videos… 3 stars for working that "contrite" angle there. The kiddies and low IQ crowd will lap that shit up! They'll see their Joysus "hurting" and all crowd round with cyber hugs and promises of eternal devotion to their queen.

No. 306707


Gotta give her credit. She rammed the "I'm sick gois" and sucking up to bigger YouTuber into one video. Bet her tagging was insane.

No. 306711

She's got a few fans making 'joy exposed videos' that are purposely trolling and youtubers supporting her. 2 new ones just out

No. 306712

Can someone mirror/w.e the bbc video? https://youtu.be/OkovKMhg6FI

It's just so telling of what her intentions are. "It's always been a dream but I don't want to take a great story from someone else, my chance will come.." she forgot to pretend she cares about the kids and just full blown exposes herself…

No. 306715


Notice how low the views are on these supporter videos? For how many "fans" she has, none of them are bothering to watch the shill videos.

Just watched some goul looking idiot try to tear about Based Moma over her daughter. AND, Joysus has thanks that idiot profusely. What happened to not hurting people? Do you think calling someone a whore for having a big chest and then accusing them of being the reason the girl is suicidal is not hurtful? Joysus is a fucking piece of shit and her shill fans are worse.

No. 306716


I have a copy, do you want it on some specific platform?

No. 306718

File: 1494188800641.png (72.48 KB, 553x333, GaaFBHN.png)

Joysus thanks fan for making video calling Based Moma a whore for having big tits and accusing Based Moma of causing her daughter to be suicidal.

No. 306719

Anyone seen chambers of the hearts new video. Seems she is just as bad as joy

No. 306720

File: 1494188861308.png (87.87 KB, 561x468, kL0sWET.png)

No. 306722

File: 1494188934834.png (59.61 KB, 523x235, aF5H91o.png)

Joysus retweeted same video… get that exposure… make sure that vid gets out there.

No. 306724

I think that vid.me? Link people often use will be fine, as long as it's somewhere if/when she needs to do damage control.

No. 306725

But nah, Joy doesn't condone bullying AT ALL and remember SHE'S SICK GUIS
Love that her illness conveniently kicks in when she starts receiving backlash for her obvious lies

No. 306726


Look at this bitch break. She has literally just proved to everyone that they are in it for the 'credit' and 'fame'

No. 306727

"people are mad at me for releasing a video with a misleading title saying next to nothing, better release another video saying next to nothing! don't hate the player, hate the game!"

No. 306728


So, Chambers is all in on Joysus. Screw her along with Joysus. No one cares about De Franco until SHE bitched that her channel was over looked because of his stuff. And, yes, she did 'bash' "the public" for not paying her more attention.

No. 306729

"Yep it's everyone else's fault not mine, I can never actually admit to being wrong, remember I'm doing this all for the sake of the childrenzzbsjfnalfjeos"

No. 306731

If you pull up the video that Based Momma made and look in the comment section, there's a Bloody Fissures in there between bullying, shilling and harrassing. But gee, Joy ain't bout that guyz! Totally not a cult, but everyone that backs her is awesome and anyone that criticizes her is a shit talker!

Can anyone in here remember a time when she DID take criticism without going back to an excuse? Anyone at all?

No. 306733


She and Joysus are getting tore up in the comments. :D

No. 306735

File: 1494190082566.jpg (238.64 KB, 1080x1587, IMG_20170507_213912.jpg)

To go back a wee bit, this person here was saying to everyone commenting on her 'court update' video criticising it with some variation on 'gag order', sometimes with more of a rebuttal. They were being critical of the folk saying there was no update and that the title was misleading by saying the title wasn't misleading because there was an update and that update was the gag order. Except she made non mention of the gag order and so people's comments were justified. All Joy had to say was that she wasn't able to release more information for legal reasons. But she didn't. She said she DECIDED to stop talking.

Her fans are something else. If the 'update' isn't included in the video or in the description and is only being added to multiple comments by one fan, the video title IS misleading!

No. 306750

File: 1494191521198.png (51.77 KB, 617x357, skHJAAP.png)

Comment by Joysus in the video comment of the video by zombie idiot (Bloody Fissures?). So, no way Joysus can say she didn't see the video.

No. 306753

This Stella person posted "Gag order, durrrr" on tons of similar comments. Like they were idiots for not automatically knowing there was one…because Joy sure didn't mention it.

No. 306757


Yeah, the Stella person was who I was meaning.

There was no 'duuurrrrr' about it since Joy said nothing about it, but there they were, on their high horse against the 'haters' regardless.

No. 306760

File: 1494192356471.png (168.26 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0248.PNG)

Bordering on???

No. 306763


"Disrespectful" is the cults way of pointing and yelling "Witch! Witch! Witch!"

So sweet how they're developing their own language. Her little cult is off to a good start. :P

No. 306765


It's also a very convenient way to KNOWINGLY dodge any points they made.

"Tone policing (also tone trolling, tone argument and tone fallacy) is an ad hominem and antidebate appeal based on genetic fallacy. It attempts to detract from the validity of a statement by attacking the tone in which it was presented rather than the message itself."

No. 306783

Sums up the nicer of Joy's fans perfectly. Shannon mentioned above is one of the nicer fans, but usually one of those making a LOT of excuses for Joy. You can see the same on a few other folks on Joy's twitter. Even when you GET them to admit that what Joy is saying doesn't make sense..they still make excuses for her.

Right? They are SO quick to dismiss or call shit talker on ANY opinion that doesn't conform with the group narrative. Even if they DO take it into account..what's the first thing they do? "Well now we have to run back to Joy and see what she says on the matter." Yeah, because Joy is going to admit that she's done ANYTHING wrong and not just…oh..blame everyone and everything else like she always does. Also…JUST LIKE A CULT.

No. 306797

I don't understand why they have to use these underhanded tactics if she's doing nothing wrong. Wouldn't you just be able to reason it out?

No. 306799

File: 1494194690116.png (89.58 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0249.PNG)

What I really can't stand is when her fans make this comment. Over and over. No matter what criticism they're responding to…

No. 306801

They don't even have their own opinions. They have Joy's opinions. LOW IQ doesn't cover this at all..they're just brainwashed. Or acting like it.

No. 306813

Back in the early days, within the first couple weeks of starting her channel, Joy claimed to welcome any and all criticism and sort of attempted to follow through. I posted a very polite comment pointing out a typo in a video title (such innocent times, LOL) and got jumped all over by her fans for being "too critical" and "too harsh." Joy herself basically accused me of being heartless for not giving her a break when she had an illness that caused brain fog & memory lapses. Undeterred, I suggested that if it was such a big problem she should download Grammarly or something similar to help her with spelling & grammar and that it would be especially helpful for her Twitter since it seemed to be riddled with errors. I even offered to walk her through the installation process if needed. She didn't bother to respond again but I did get a few more comments from her attack dogs telling me to lay off. I was super polite throughout the entire exchange, it was honest constructive criticism framed in the nicest way possible but it's obvious she didn't do what I suggested, she still writes like a semi-illiterate 10-year-old who just discovered cursing.

No. 306819

Of course it was her motherfucking illness. It's always that, or people just "not understanding her." No, bitch. We understand you perfectly.

No. 306826

Yes I noticed that. They still claim she's donating ALL the money even when they've been repeatedly corrected she isn't. Her story regarding the money and amounts she has claimed to have earned have changed so many times it's hard to say what she's going to do but she NEVER said she'd donate ALL the money from those videos.

No. 306828


Was on the GoFundMe page and no $38 donation in the last couple days…. guess the GoFundMe site is still have problems.

No. 306830

Yep, I knew she'd conveniently "forget" about that $38.

No. 306832

Even that was weird. Her PROOF was $38 on a screencap…..but the screen wasn't a gofundme screen with names, donations and so on…it was her YOUNOW screen which doesn't even add up. Even then..didn't she claim she donated way more than $38 or am I getting that wrong?

No. 306839

It was just proof she made $38 during the YouNow stream, that's all. She claimed she couldn't make any donation to the gofundme site because it wasn't working…if that was the case she could have posted an error screen from gofundme but more likely she is probably hoping everyone just forgets about it.

No. 306870

File: 1494200417951.jpg (121.78 KB, 540x960, IMG_20170507_183748.jpg)

Chambers of the Heart just dropped Joy. She's running out of bigger supporters.

No. 306890


Hmmmm…. could it have been Joy fawning over (three tweets + comment) a video that was vile about Based Moma? I don't care what Based Moma did or didn't do, calling someone a whore for having a big chest is beyond ignorant. Accusing them of causing their daughter to be suicidal? That should have been soundly slammed with NO wiggle room… but Joy thanked the edgetard several times over. Joy moved to a new level of disgusting with that one.

No. 306897

File: 1494201760737.png (43.09 KB, 558x266, H0O6XAB.png)

Wow… something must have happened to break their shared Onision hate-boner bond.

No. 306903


So apparently Joy deleted the tweets? Anybody get screen caps? And is the video still up on YouTube?


No. 306905


Which tweets are you looking for? The tweets referenced in that message are already posted above. Start here >>306718
and scroll down. All three are posted + a comment from the video itself.

No. 306906


Those tweets are all still on her twitter feed???

No. 306912

Good on her for distancing herself from Joy.

No. 306938

Snowflakes n' Queefs‏ @JoySparkleBS
Im gonna make a statement soon, until I do, PLEASE DO NOT ATTACK ANYONE ON MY BEHALF, EVER. Or you are not welcome here. Let it be. thank u

"I'm gonna make a statement" Self-important much?

No. 306939

and then proceeds to praise a video harassing Based Mama mmmh the hypocrisy

No. 306958

File: 1494206914612.png (63.2 KB, 633x378, K98oVMX.png)


This was posted AFTER those posts for the video that talked about Based Moma.

No. 306959

As much as I want to say, "Joy won't be around much longer, YAY!" The realistic part of me knows better than that. Sadly, she has such a strongly devout following of simpletons that she'll always have an audience.

What we are seeing right now is merely anyone with half a brain distancing themselves from her, publicly. However, as you see, the gullible monkies with developmental delays are attacking these people left, right and center.

So, while the bigger YouTubers/Twitter Accounts and the YouTubers/Twitter Accounts with any intelligence in them are walking away and condemning her, she'll still have her lap dogs and strays.

She doesn't even seemed phased by it for the most part. She's so delusional that even after being called out by multiple people she still treks on as if nothing happened at all. For the most part, I think, at least, her credibility will go out the window. She can keep the hordes of lunatics like herself, though. So it's still a partial win.

No. 306961


Do you really think that after the "high" of her run on the Do5 scenario, she's going to be able to go back to her Onision hate boner and her crowed of anti-Onision fans?

I'd love to know who shut her up Sat morning (if it was an attorney threat or actual law enforcement action)… but she has to be going through withdraw symptoms in a major way right now. She went a 24hr stretch w/no social media statements… She's only posted 2 videos in the last two days.

No. 306967

Yes, I do think she'll keep going. Whether it is Onision or she tries to just make videos like she had between Onision drama and DaddyOFive drama. She has enough of a following that licks her boots that I honestly don't think she'll fade away.

But, I do, like I said, believe that when it comes to hot topics like Onision, DO5 and any future YT drama, she won't get the attention from other YTers like she did with DO5 (and in small parts, Onision).

She may be being "attacked" (rather, questioned…) more now than she was previously, but her following is still just as viscous, and sadly, has even grown since some of us began seeing the light.

She is TOO much of an attention whore to fade away slowly. And seems to require a following to feel fulfilled in her life. And right now, YT is the big "in" thing. I am sure there was something in between her Inidgo Forum/Blog days and YouTube, too.

No. 306968


Agreed. Her credibility with other YouTubers is toast. She's severely retarded that avenue of growth (shoutouts, collabs, etc.) It's the important ones who are critical/skeptical and the nobodies who are supporting her because… birds of a social climbing feather…

No. 306988

Still hypocritical af
Really hoping bigger youtubers will continue calling her out, and not just on Twitter. Someone (maybe MrRepzion) needs to make a video on this psycho
>>306982 thanks

No. 307001

Snowflakes n' Queefs‏ @JoySparkleBS
Hey guys, unfortunately right now I will not be liking many tweets, may be quiet for a bit, sorry if it seems rude. forgive me in advance.


No. 307002

File: 1494210658597.jpg (133.92 KB, 783x936, nickmonjoy1.jpg)

This status thread is long so I'd have too many screenshots. Here's the link to see the entire conversation, including response by Based Momma. Glad to see Nick Monroe addressing the issue of her insane fanbase.


No. 307004

File: 1494210821061.jpg (37.28 KB, 588x277, joyparaonisnick.JPG)

And this?

No. 307005

File: 1494210834374.png (74.39 KB, 1082x278, SzLmrze.png)

Just for info

No. 307008


you beat me to it :D this rules! let the word spread she's a terrible person.

No. 307011


which video is Chambers talking about here?

No. 307012

One where she cry babied about Phil getting all the credit and her getting none…

I assume anyhow, because that was the video she deleted. Unless there was more than one she had deleted. But that was the only one I saw gone.

No. 307014


She did that in the JoySparkleBS "They Exposed Me" video too. (That is a YouNow stream) and it's still up on Joysus' channel.

No. 307015

Holy fuck. I'm just catching up with Nick Monroe's twitter now. He's been exposing Youtube's resident angel channeler all day long. For those of you who might not be caught up with all the happenings on twitter, check out his tweets for the last day. You will enjoy it thoroughly.


No. 307017

Ah, I did not know she had it on her channel as well. Crazy thing is, if she hadn't take it down, OniSheOn probably would have reported the video anyhow.

No. 307018

I know, right? Nick Monroe has become my new favorite hero. She could learn a thing or two from him, honestly.

No. 307019


Totally agree. I liked his fact-checked coverage on the do5 situation, good articles. When he first tweeted about Joy's bizarre behavior a few days ago I thought that would be the last of it. I have major respect for the guy for diving a bit deeper down the rabbit hole and showing what he's found. The bigger names involved in this DO5 situation, even non-youtube (I consider him a voice in this because of the two extended articles he's written re DO5) the more people will see what we've been saying all along.

No. 307020

On the Failston Group account.

Joysus was among the first 4 accounts to follow the Failston Group account ( archive http://archive.is/S0ZJt - scroll to the bottom, the lower the follower is listed, the earlier they followed)

AND Joysus was among the first three accounts followed BY the Failston Group account ( archive: http://archive.is/Pd1Cu )

No. 307021

Personally, I think the Failstone group account may have been Angel's. I can't prove that but considering her track record… I think it's a safe bet to say it was her.

No. 307022

Samefag - that or the StinkyHillary person.

No. 307023


If so, Angel is still playing both sides. She tweeted out some type of statement (dunno what to call it) yesterday or the day before about Joy where she slams her for fucking with disabled people.


Yeah, I'm more inclined to think its that StinkyHillary joy-obsessed idiot.

No. 307026

Well, I did not get a screencap, but, at one point Angel was one of the accounts early followers.

No. 307028


i believe you, and i'm not surprised. the kid is a mess. as all joysus fans tend to be.

No. 307032


Tried to go to the account on twitter and it's gone? The timing on that is interesting.

No. 307033

File: 1494213017043.jpg (64.45 KB, 785x530, basedmamajoy1.jpg)

Been going over Based Momma's twitter. Just came across this. I wonder what she knows, and if this is in reference to Conlon or Joy. Joy pls pls pls

No. 307035

It's been down for awhile now. After they began tweeting some pretty terrible stuff, more people reported it.

No. 307037

File: 1494213253059.jpg (114.16 KB, 779x684, basedmamajoy2.jpg)

No. 307038

File: 1494213329272.jpg (61.95 KB, 758x451, basedmamajoy3.jpg)

No. 307039


The rest of that thread is her minions trying to defend her. This is crazy. (archive: https://archive.is/8IXOR )

No. 307043

File: 1494213827459.jpg (60.55 KB, 716x323, basedmamajoy4.jpg)

these replies were posted a few hours before the tweets in the screenshots above. i don't think i can see what exactly she's responding to, but it makes me eternally gleeful when i think about what she could be saving her videos for. especially considering what she tweeted about later: orange jumpsuits, someone going to jail. curious curious.

No. 307045

File: 1494214075693.jpg (189.9 KB, 560x823, joyroughdraft.jpg)

Personally, I think she makes a good Pennsatucky!

No. 307046


just gotta say. i love this. "with abandon" hahaha that's putting it mildly



No. 307047

Aw, anon, please don't ruin Pen for me.

No. 307048


Joysus can't blame the Lyrica… she was the way she is long before she got her meds.

No. 307049

I honestly respect Pennsatucky wayyyyy more than I respect Kati. At least Pennsatucky is funny, Joysus is just grating on my nerves -_-

No. 307051

I don't understand why there's talk of jail, though?

No. 307055


too true. but the more people point out her weird behaviors, like pouring controlled pills into a vitamin bottle, the better. and don't get me started on her having Lyrica. just because you duped a doctor into giving you lyrica doesn't mean you have fibro. malingering 101.

No. 307057


well, i'm guessing it has to do with Joy talking about things that Conlon (supposedly) told her and spreading them around on the internet, potentially fucking up Rose's case. a lot of people believe Joy played a big, if not the biggest reason, in why an attorney involved in the case (doesn't matter which side) asked for a gag order.

No. 307058


samefag. let's also remember that based mama has been involved directly with chambers & rose from day 1. it looks like she is still 100% friendly with chambers, and likely knows if there's IRL talk about Joy causing problems and the potential legal repercussions that could be heading joy's way.

No. 307064

Do you think the reason why Chambers stopped backing Joy earlier today was because of potential legal actions that may be taken against Joy over this?

Maybe she didn't want to be associated with Joy, when Joy went tumbling down?

Also why all of her responses went from full support to "I cannot confirm or deny"?

No. 307066


All of the "I cannot confirm or deny" stuff were questions related to what happened in court Friday or since. So, IF she knows anything, then someone would be in trouble for violating the gag order.

No. 307067


yes. i absolutely do. that's the very strong vibe i've been getting from both the change in tone from chambers (including the "cannot confirm or deny" responses) twitter activity today, and based momma. it's definitely why joy has been slightly more silent (there is no such thing as true silence from her) but of course she's still acting as if she consciously made a decision to stop talking (even though she didn't really stop talking) and making videos about the do5 for the sake of the childrenz. that altruism she's so famous for! everything she does is coming from the best place. nah, she knows there's a downfall heading her way. i think there's legal shit coming.

No. 307069

File: 1494215567655.jpg (60.95 KB, 726x339, nickmonjoy3.jpg)

No. 307071


She's already blown Rose out of the water and there's not basis for legal action from their side at all because it was all with their permission and there was plenty of time for them to have those videos taken down, but they didn't.

NOW, if Fallston Group / Do5 / Do5's attorney were to take action (and they have some basis) none of it would end up in jail time unless one of her minions went off the reservation and didn't brag about it on line. (And, I could totally see that happening)

No. 307074

Chambers Of My Heart's deleted Video, where she proves she is just as bad if not even worse than Joy Sparkles. This video makes me wonder if Rose has been manipulated my Chambers, or is too anxious to say no when chambers is hounding her for answers.

And since it was her that got Joy in contact with the lawyer, and seems like she has been telling Joy what to make videos about, honestly, I know this may sound stupid, but I am beginning to question whether Joy is just an obsessed idiot and chambers is the one using this to her advantage.

No. 307075


Has Conlon himself confirmed he gave Joy permission? If not, I'm not entirely sure there's no basis. All I've seen is Chamber's "confirming" she gave Conlon's number to Joy, but she wasn't on the phone with both Tim Conlon & Kati at the time the two of them spoke. So how can we be entirely sure Conlon said "you can say this, but don't say that (even though I've told you that) and she went ahead and DID say "that"? I don't think we can. I can see him sharing things she shouldn't know because he seems like a low rent type of attorney. All we can do is wait and see. But I don't believe it's entirely out of the realm of possibility seeing as we know she's runs her mouth when she shouldn't.

No. 307077


awesome! thanks, anon. if it gets taken down, you might want to consider uploading it on vid.me ..yeah, chambers be jelly. no wonder she deleted this video. she looks like a fool.

No. 307078

No. Joy has never given proof that Rose or Tim Conlon gave her permission to discuss ANYTHING. She only says they did.

Yes, she spoke with them. But whether or not they gave her permission is entirely only known by Joy, Rose and Tim. And neither Rose not Tim (that I am aware of) has ever said anything about it.

No. 307080

All of these youtubers at this point are fucking idiots. It has turned from what was a necessary action in exposing the shitty things Do5 was doing to OMG NO I DID IT FIRST! My god they are all attention whoring and all wanted to have a hand in the behind the scenes so they could take credit for it later.

No. 307081

File: 1494216351101.png (44.47 KB, 556x307, 9mNiN3b.png)

No. 307082


Yeah… Chambers is as slimy as Joysus as far as I'm concerned.

No. 307085


MD privacy laws require the he NOT SAY ANYTHING at all. So, if he said it to Joysus… it doesn't matter if he made her pinky swear to not say anything first or not… his duty is to bio mom and he cannot say anything UNLESS bio mom approved it. So, unless he can prove Joysus really is psychic, he's responsible for EVERYTHING that Joysus knows from him and Rose.

No. 307086

I think she originally really wanted to do it with sincerity, but the "fame factor" went to her head. She began getting jealous of other people involved. Where as Joy's intentions have always been clear from the get go. She wants attention. Kati cares about Kati.

What I find the strangest is that Phil DeFranco got the word out there, same as he does with all stories he talks about, and left it up to the community. If it wasn't for Phil, the story wouldn't have gotten as far as it did. Yet, she behaves as if Phil is making a video a day bragging about his good deed.

No. 307088


ADD to that, the blatant advertising embedded in those videos… that is not a good thing for an attorney to have going on… gossip monger claims HE provided her information and, oh BTW, here's his contact info, make sure you call him with all your legal needs!

No. 307089

I've believed there is a bigger possibility than most realize that Joy could get in legal trouble for this. Didn't know that about MD law - that's good to hear. She deserves to get in legal trouble for potentially fucking up the case for Rose.

No. 307090

I just find that a day or 2 ago chambers releases a statement backing Joy and says there's no problems with what she's doing. Soon as chambers fucks up she throws Joy right under the bus to try and save herself. Which is really shitty for a person considered as a friend too do.

Chambers herself also mentions at some point that Rose did the interview with the news channel byt didnt want too because they came to her and she got scared. Which makes me believe that Roses anxiety extends to the point where she feel like she can't say no to people even when chambers is hounding her for info.

Also remember who the first youtuber was who contacted Rose, who has clearly proven in her vid all she cares about is the fame, which had nothing to do with Joy, so why delete the video and make out like it is???

I'm not saying Joy is an Angel, I'm saying that I think chambers had a bigger part in this exploiting rose than anyone thinks. I mean listen to her tone when she talks to her audience, it's so patronising. She speaks as if everyone else is an idiot and she is all knowledgeable.

No. 307092


Joysus would not be in trouble at all. It would be (a) the attorney for being unprofessional and giving his client bad advice and/or (b) Rose demonstrating poor decision making skills at a time when they are being scrutinized.

Joysus will not get into any trouble. It's not her fault that the attorney talked to her.

No. 307093

I'm not saying anon is Joy….I'm just saying that if I were Joy, I'd be in here trying to make Chambers look like the bigger villain.

No. 307094


let an anon dream, will ya?

No. 307095

This is why I'm confused on the jail talk. It's either
- she has done something actually fucked up we don't know about
- there's nothing more to it that we already have, so mentioning jail is weird

No. 307096


:( Sorry… you're going to have to hope that Fallston Group / Do5 goes after her for slander… that will cost money, but not jail time unless she fails to show up for court.

No. 307100


This is what I mean. There could be something Joy has done that we don't know of, or realize.

No. 307101


The only "jail time" I can see from what's available is that Mike/Heather have basis for stalking charges, possibly inciting violence or threats. Fallston Group may or may not have basis for civil action, but not criminal that I've notice.

No. 307105

If this goes pear shaped, I hope she gets the attention she so desperately wants.

I'd rather it not go pear shaped, but if it does, I hope she is tarred and feathered. I hope people give her the same discretion, moderation, thoughtfulness and forgiveness she has given to Daddyo5. Just for the poetry.

No. 307108


I think it's already pear shaped :( I think that's why Chambers kicked her to the curb. SOMEONE had to ask for that gag order. Why would the attorney that was feeding Joysus ask for it? If those videos were played to the court that contained stuff like "bio mom" (forget her name) said it's okay, attorney said it's okay… that is not going to speak well for bio mom's decision making process and attorney cannot say he did it on his own because then HE'd be up for sanction and possibly thrown off the case. Where is bio mom going to get another free attorney from?

No. 307111

is he calling Kati a "thot"?

No. 307112


She credits JoySparkle with "doing the foot work" in this story. She was 100% backing Joysus right up until she didn't.

No. 307114

yeah, he's saying thot; it's just a meme though lol

No. 307115

File: 1494218292266.png (22.59 KB, 590x175, AjRiQgu.png)

No. 307166

File: 1494228521559.jpg (112.66 KB, 746x877, basedmamajoy5.jpg)

Just spliced 2 images together because I couldn't get it all in one screengrab.

Still gonna have to wait and see..but I wonder if Based Mama knows something.

No. 307168

nothing would make me happier than watching that ratty-haired wench go to jail. it would be gratifying to watch the legal system work against the ~legal expert~. i doubt that anything like that is going to happen, but it's nice to think about.

but then i think about the inevitable "FREE JOY" gofundme and i want to vomit.

No. 307173

more people talking about her crazy obsessiveness, etc. they also talk about how her fans are total fanatics. the joy talk begins at 1:04:50 in.

No. 307174


It would be nice, but did you watch that video that based mama put out? I love that she's anti Joy but I get the feeling she's just as unhinged as the whole lot of them.

No. 307178


she could be unhinged, maybe. but of the 3 of them she seems the most down to earth and not involved in it for glory. she's not clamoring for attention like joy and chambers. based mama's video rules because she says exactly what we've all been thinking..and in the tone that we've been thinking it. many of us have been thinking "shut the fuck up bitch" for months. she gets props from me for that.

No. 307179

i'm not a fan of based mama, but i don't think that she's unhinged. she's pissed because she was in a position similar to rose and someone similar to joy screwed up her custody case. i think that she was just venting her anger at the situation and she didn't pull any punches. i get her frustration tbh.

No. 307180

File: 1494231255881.jpg (647.45 KB, 1103x1043, zVD8KfJ.jpg)

No. 307188

File: 1494233625589.jpg (51.6 KB, 407x604, yj9hRBv.jpg)


No. 307189

File: 1494233841202.jpg (69.67 KB, 960x640, qXndx7U.jpg)

Those "modeling" shots were taken by someone that would pass for a professional photographer in Flyoverland USA. They were part of a shoot with 2 or 3 other girls. The other girls… were not attractive. The "shoot" consisted of one half passable pics, and one half stupid shit like this.

No. 307192

File: 1494234491368.jpg (245.32 KB, 640x2972, yupBKFb.jpg)

Last one. Sorry, hope no one minds this minidump.

"Photo shoot" If these were the ones released to the public, I wonder what ended up on the cutting room floor.

No. 307195


On a whim I did a little poking around and found out that based has claimed in the past that she's CIA and works, sorry worked for The Department of Homeland Security. I still love the ass chewing she gave Joy but I also think she's a little nutty.

Sage for OT

No. 307196

she used to be so pretty. it's a shame.

No. 307197

File: 1494235067245.jpg (102.27 KB, 960x720, JGtEFz0.jpg)


No. 307199

File: 1494235316367.jpg (71.56 KB, 1133x1000, nFzeyZy.jpg)

She did claim she was an actress, didn't she?


No. 307200

She looks like she's related to Gergle in this pic.

No. 307206

Sploogpinklebow likely is behind that, the "tits out" is a dead giveaway. From the very beginning of her channel she has been creating inventory of her negative comments and immediately using them to describe someone else. A game of Hot Potato, if you will, where she has to pass the negative comment to someone else. When she was first being called out for being a narcissist and psychotic in her comments, her next video would include her shrieking them towards onion. The other day someone kept calling her salty and the next video she called someone salty, recent comments about her lack of support for her gals flopping around and of course now that's directed at based mama. It's a pattern as consistent as her lunacy.

At least we can confirm that she has never made good choices in clothing.

No. 307234

All this is strictly tinfoil:
I have been thinking over this last night, what could she have possibly done that would land her in criminal court? I have a theory that one of the lawyers most likely Do5 served her with a real Cease and Desist in addition to the court's gag order. Violating a C&D will land you in criminal court and could carry a small amount of jail time. Do5 would probably have a pretty strong case for a C&D because Joy has begun revealing private medical info about the kids.

No. 307237

File: 1494248321860.jpg (17.24 KB, 467x315, 0NDsAud.jpg)

The resemblance is astounding.

No. 307244


A C&D is a letter from an attorney saying "quit it or I'll take you to court"… violating them just lands you in court. You can violate them all you want, but it will go against you in the court case.

Criminal things that could be in play are long shots:

(a) A court may have issued a protection order against her protecting someone. Violating that would be contempt of court + possibly other things.

(b) Someone from the Do5 side may have filed a stalking like complaint with the police who would investigate it. IF founded and the DA decides to prosecute, she could get booked (and likely released on bail) and that would go to the courts.

I don't think there is any sort of criminal/court action going on because they would likely demand the prior videos be taken down and none of her videos are taken down.

No. 307259

Chambers seems to be her own special level of lolcow. YouTube is now recommending "Chambers of My Heart" videos. This is from Jan 2017. It seems Chambers and Joysus are more alike than different.

Sage - No Joysus content but a prior response to Joysus' ex-BFF Chambers.

No. 307261

Just like many have predicted here, her health is so bad again and she was sooooo close to getting better. Conveniently when more people are calling her bullshit.

She mentioned lyrica in her last video and that it has stopped working for her after a week. Ive taken the same dose, based on what she showed on YouNow, which is 50 mg, and I've been on it for four years and it still works the same for me as it did in the beginning. It actually works so well for me that I don't take it as often as the Dr wants me to, which is three times a day. One of the best Drs in the country would have explained to her that a dose adjustment is common and would probably start her off on one or two a day then increase the dose or frequency if she isn't getting relief. Now while she may not have the effectiveness that I have, there's NO way that it worked so great last week and now she's suddenly hit a wall. She was either lying then or now (probably both) and doesn't actually want to be better. For her it's better to be a victim.

No. 307263


The woman cured daily/constant heart palpitations that felt like "a fist squeezing her heart" by taking peroxide drops three times a day and it worked in less than a day! And worked so well she called into a talk show to talk about it.

To say this woman is prone to placebo effect is an understatement.

No. 307268

Ah yes, it's probably our fault.
We don't believe in her enough for her magic to work in healing her as well as levitating her. It's also Daddy o'five's fault because she had to stop what she was doing so many times, so she could update us and work on saving the children

Sage for foil

No. 307298

File: 1494257776133.png (71.5 KB, 628x567, vgSqXu3.png)

did she tell the minions to stand down?

No. 307315

File: 1494259962569.png (127.38 KB, 617x611, 49TX5ST.png)

Can't you just feel the steam coming off of Joy's head as she struggles to not post a foul mouthed commentary on this event and try to make it sound like it is something that she found through "research" rather than just being subscribed to Nick?

No. 307331


No. 307345

what's up with her front tooth in that 3rd photo?

No. 307350


She must have an "I'm a robot" thing as her "hustle" … those videos are so dead looking that I can't believe the photographer made them publicly available anywhere.

No. 307357


This has kicked up a whole herd of lolcows.

No. 307361


Before you anons get lost in your fantasies of Joysus in jail. Joysus, even if she has information from the trial, is had not done anything illegal and does not have "illegal information"… I can hear the moaning, but lolcow3 is just wrong there. There are very few forms of information that are illegal to possess. They include government classified information (outside of authorized spaces) and in SOME states, information that can be used for identity theft… Like in PA, having a list of peoples' names with social security numbers is illegal (if you don't have a proven business need for it) because they have a law specific to that explicit that.

This video IS BAD. She's making it public that someone has violated the gag order. She is trying to throw that onto the Do5 side, but ??? that just doesn't hold water. Joysus' only contacts are Rose, Tim, and people on their side like the ex-wife. I will donate $5k to a charity of this group's choosing if an officer of the court violated the gag order. That's just insane.

That means that someone on Rose's side violated the gag order (if the claim is true) and to date, Tim and Rose have not shown good judgement. Tim for talking to and allowing Joysus to promote his business. Rose for a lot of things, but also for aiding Joysus in her "witch hunt" of the father.

At the end, this woman says she's calling the sheriff to notify them, so they'll know soon enough that the court order has been violated. But, this is a major mess for Rose's side of the case. If the ex-wife isn't willing to take the fall (and potential fine/jail time for contempt of court)… then Tim and Rose are kind of screwed unless Joysus produces another informant.

No. 307375


So, with all this new found down time, seems like Joysus could work out the earnings on those videos and just post a screen shot of how it all breaks out to her twitter if she doesn't want to make a video on it.

No. 307379


Remembering to add the 30-something dollars from the livestream the other day when she couldn't donate, of course. Because that money, as far as we know, hasn't been donated either.

…and she could put ALL the screenshots of ALL her donations back up. Because, you know, you kind of have to put your money where your mouth is (apt aphorism not intended, but welcomed.) when you scream at other people about RECEIPTS.

No. 307383


I count 19 GoFundMe donations in the last 2 days… so, GoFundMe must be working again. Of course, it still doesn't work if your bank account is lower than the donation amount, but that's not GoFundMe's fault. :D

No. 307402

This is one of Joy's lapdogs that was attacking MundaneMatt and saying stuff to Nick until he posted showing her screen name. There are a couple of Comrades running around and they all practice the same behavior. Sucks when they've got you in screenies doesn't it bitch?

Don't forget that gofundme takes their cut..so if its $38 the actual donation could be closer to 30-34 or something like that. Not sure what you mean about the bank account though?

I HIGHLY doubt Joy is going to jail. I would not at all be surprised if one or more of her followers went to jail for doing crap in her name…but so far (and I hope it doesn't happen) that hasn't happened yet. Her channel is likely to be around a while too..just look at Onision for example. I would not at all be surprised if she either has a meltdown or starts up a 'commune' for her devoted fans and goes full Charlie Manson.

No. 307437


>> Not sure what you mean about the bank account though?

If she's flat broke, she can't make the donation. Even if YouNow sent the money the same day as the live stream, most US banks will take 5 business days to credit that to your bank account.

No. 307448


I've been looking at some of her "lap dog" twitter accounts and a lot of them are created since the beginning of the year. Kind of strange that she's attracted so many new twitter accounts like that. They're definitely people separate from her… but it's still a weird phenomenon since so many of them are younger people who should have had accounts long before Jan 2017 given their rapid uptake on the twitter skills.>>307402

No. 307456

File: 1494271359705.png (95.32 KB, 628x664, IuHcBJF.png)

Okay… this looks like chan work to me… if they take interest, life could get interesting :D

No. 307471

Can we some how remove the Joy fans posting on here. It's annoying.

No. 307484

They tend to get removed quickly. Every attempt they have made to muck up these threads has only backfired on them and Joy. Some of the bigger critics in here were by their own admission former fans that saw information they weren't getting otherwise.

No. 307507

File: 1494274434896.png (97.34 KB, 564x688, EhUuGJq.png)

Chambers confirms statements in Based Moma's video are true.

No. 307510

That's what happened to me. I was. Afan, I began seeing through her fake nicey nice act, and saw the shit she was putting out. Came to lolcow and saw more shit she was doing.

No. 307517

File: 1494275033877.png (114.01 KB, 506x899, FnKwgjt.png)

Based Moma getting called out on her shit. But also saying that the Protection Order was put in place was only "part" of the privileged information.

No. 307520

File: 1494275266487.png (98.54 KB, 555x738, 7H5dbcK.png)

Based Moma claiming Joy has more information than just about the protection order.

I bet Joysus just leaves a shit show in her wake most of the time.

No. 307560

i'm pretty sure that based mama is technically right about the POSSIBILITY of jail time IF illegal information was obtained, but it won't happen either way. (i'm not going to pretend to know what happened though. this is all so complicated.) however, it is VERY likely that rose's case is shot. my guess is that they'll call a mistrial. tbh i think that's best case scenario. it's definitely possible that she could lose the kids to the state over all of this. i hope with all of my heart that she doesn't, but she's in a precarious position right now.

No. 307612

Too little too late. The damage is done.

No. 307634


No. 307656

Has this been posted? I don't remember seeing it. Sorry if it has.

Also part of her Linkedin can be seen here: https://pipl.com/search/?t=NGU2OWY3Y2Q2NTkzMjAwYTMxYzliMjljNGY2ZWZjYjFjZDgxYWUwMTI1ODk5OTZh&in=8&q=kati+marie+smith&sloc=&l=&avatar=avatar-1&avatar=avatar-1

No. 307672


Wow… 3 hours, but only a short way into it… NOT realted to Do5… this is a guy that's known her a "decade" and this was just posted April 20th. She has a total other crap fest running that we don't know about.

Hehehe… he mentions the "lolcows" hehehehe

No. 307680


Yeah, this is the guy she mentioned once how he's known her and had access to information on her Facebook for 10 years.

She blamed him for the post about the celtic album because "no one else would know about it" and "who else could it be" when it was actually… me. I loled.

Sorry, dude. Didn't know that was gonna happen.

(Change the video speed to 1.25. :)

No. 307694


KEK, that's the OP for this whole thing. I was semi friends with him back then and I thought it was funny as hell why he was doing this. She's sorry now hahahaha

Sage for having to buy Phil a beer

No. 307729


i've seen him in the youtube chat when joy has livestreamed from younow previously. i've also seen comments he's left elsewhere, and his twitter account. he definitely posts on here regularly.

No. 307731

what is his twitter? this is really good stuff.

No. 307733

No. 307736

ty anon

No. 307738

File: 1494293514972.jpg (69.89 KB, 761x429, repzionjoy1.jpg)

No. 307740

File: 1494293574581.jpg (90.34 KB, 780x589, repzionjoy2.jpg)

I know a bunch of you anons are following the drama on twitter. plz don't forget to post milk for the rest of us.

No. 307744

File: 1494294008425.jpg (102.85 KB, 761x581, basedmamajoy_1.jpg)

Like anon >>307456 mentioned 4chan, and I know Based Mama is e-pals with 4chan people..I'd love to see them go after Joy. Ugh it's been a long time coming for Joy to get her ass handed to her. Months ago before all this DO5 stuff I was hoping she'd make a big enough fool of herself and piss off the wrong (right) people. Hope that time is now :D

No. 307762

I was right, she did have Marlboro on her Linkedin. What is weird is she lists 7 different jobs 2013, that's some serious job-hopping. Especially for what are supposedly managerial roles. Seems fishy.

No. 307779

Sauza 901 is also alcohol. (a brand of Tequila by Justin Timberlake)However I think her jobs shown are all just fluff to make it sound better than it was.

A lot of these things are stuff you'd see booths for at local fairs, like the shit local radio stations set up. I am pretty certain they all go back to the dinky shit you see in the above image of her working at the Hostess Booth.

Again, I think her career in Marketing is all bullshit, and since she technically just ran booths for a bunch of different companies, she thinks she knows how to market products.

No. 307781

File: 1494297108187.jpg (396.83 KB, 1412x1172, Screenshot_20170508-222950.jpg)

D05's ex wife had this to say about joy on one of baseds' tweets.

No. 307821

No. 307825


fucking full milk geyser going on!

No. 307827

File: 1494300321383.jpg (30.65 KB, 605x303, man-drinking-milk-605x303.jpg)

No. 307830

wow. she is going full blown onision.

No. 307831


No. 307833


hope somebody saves it and cross-posts it

No. 307836

please someone update us on the stream. she'd recognize my name and bitch at me and i just don't have the energy rn.

No. 307838


She's going off her head calling everyone who has been critical of her a liar and being angry about defectors (top cult behaviour) and acting like she is the only person in it for altruistic reasons and it's actually everyone else who is in it for fame and attention.

She said that if people think that they can 'walk all over her' because of her 'kind nature' than they better think again. Hah hah.

No. 307839

If someone could sum up the livestream once it's done, that'd be great. Too tired to stay up and watch

No. 307842

they think chambers and everyone else is just jealous lol

No. 307843


Samefag, sorry.

'It' being the DO5 situation.

She's also saying that whilst she's been quiet everyone else has been being super 'manipulative' about her. She is projecting HARD.

That's a very brief sum-up mind you. Hopefully someone else can do a better one but I can only put up with her smug self righteous screeching for so long.

No. 307846

she's saying crap about Chambers' Christianity and claiming she stopped believing new age stuff 12 years ago..didn't her tumblr contradict that timing?

No. 307848

Fuck, I keep trying to watch but I can only take a few minutes of her at a time before I start wanting to throw my whole damn computer out the window.

No. 307858

The shrill is so real. Holy shit. About to pull out my eardrums with a rusty spoon.

No. 307861

she just name dropped lolcow lol

No. 307863

anons, just logged on and started recording. right when she logged on. geekthulu is asking her questions. I'm so sick of her saying "no disrespect". also her tech does suck. here comes the "I'm siiiick" shit.

No. 307864

TL;DR: Boring bitch fest video blaming others and refusing to answer actual questions.

The entire video was basically, she did nothing but take the advice of others (Stopped talking about it, and privated videos per Chambers suggestion) and then everyone else began talking about it [DO5 case] and Chambers used her privating her videos as a "See! She privated her videos!!"

Continues to say she will show receipts for her money made off of all of her videos.

She is now trying to justify her ties to the Indigo Child thing, by saying it was merely her trying to understand her feelings regarding spiritual views. Saying she was merely TRYING to get guidance from her Angels, but says nothing about them actually speaking to her (which she claimed they were doing in the past). Claims Chambers is just as bad because she is a Christian and believes in God. But now she's better because she no longer believes in any religion and is an atheist.

After bitching about Chambers endlessly tells her cult to once again not attack others.

Dodges questions. By saying, "If you ask me questions…. everyone else goes quiet", saying others refuse to give answers but she's willing to answer questions but never actually answers the question.

>>307846 She says 12 years ago, but in reality she was a part of this Indigo cult as little as 6 years ago according to the most recent "articles" she wrote online.

She is mad because people are lying about her and being manipulative and slandering her.

She won't address the questioning on whether or not she has someone feeding her information that should not be being fed to her. In fact stated she will not be correcting anymore rumors.

She is guesting Geekthulhu. Saying his video sounds like some lolcow stuff. Says roommate isn't actually her ex.

Crying about how she WILL passout. She WILL blah blah I am sick.

Anyhow, I can't keep going.

Sage because I am a terrible court recorder, here.

No. 307865


sanefag. I've started recording after she logged back on. she really thinks if you pause and don't say something for 10 seconds, her internet will magically fix itself.

more I'm siiiick. geekthulu is being way too polite.

No. 307866

I agree. He's being very nice, quickly retracting previous statements. I think she has her hooks in him.

Why is she wasting her time with this shit? She could easily sucker some old dying rich man into marrying her and leaving her a fortune.

No. 307870

eh, i don't think he's retracting. he's dredging up the same kind of statements from Joy (no bullying on my behalf!!!) and he's being kind enough to keep her talking. Joy has said she responds to "compassion" more so I think he's trying to kill it with kindness. sage for no one curr

No. 307871


She's very good at Gish Gallop to turn conversation to different direction. She's come "this close" to actually answering about 5 things so far, but rambles her way into something different just at the last moment before she actually answered.

No. 307872


she has a way of manipulating in a super friendly nice way. I'm not sure he's backing down on his view of her. he's guesting on her stream in a room full of her hardcore fans. she also keeps hitting him with the "I'm sick" shit which is a great way to make him look like a terrible person if he disagrees or questions said sickness.

she's now shifting blame onto Nick Monroe, based mama, Chambers, etc as people who are putting more strain on Rose's case. LOL

No. 307873

Sage for samefaggery

Live stream recap:
Lots of BS, lots of blame

Lots of complaining about Chambers, based mama, and nick, who have been slandering her and they better be prepared to defend the lies and apologize to her. They are jealous of her and she helped some or all of them by giving shout outs.
The gag does not apply to her, only to rose and Tim. She is currently quiet because of what the others are saying, as it can damage the kids.
None or them had the balls to say anything to her directly. Basically nobody has the balls to say anything directly to her.
This isn't the first time she has dealt with these kind of people.
They keep saying she is profiting but where have they donated ?
She is going to post the profit from this stream to twitter and donate it.
Asked about indigo children, claims she saw through the bs and moved on, all she basically meant was she, just like everyone else, had psychic abilities.
Asked directly about talking to angels, basically responds with not answering, instead talks about it being the same as Chambers being a Christian and she doesn't deserve to be attacked for her beliefs. She then mentions people digging up her past and says for people to go dig on Chambers, based mama and nick, to which she was immediately called out on and said she never said that, what she said was to go dig through twitter comments to see what people are saying about her(joy) . Next she promptly mentions having to do another disclaimer to not dig on the others that have turned on her.

Geekthulhu chats in, she says his video info was almost completely untrue, as she mentions it to roommate and tells him to go bone his fiance then points out his face palm that was just heard.

So that's what I got before I couldn't take any more of her shit. I had to type like a mofo so pardon any spelling or punctuation errors, I just wanted to relay what she was blabbing about in case any info was missed because bitch is hard to follow.

No. 307874

LMFAO. no one says anything to her directly?? i did and got fucking BLOCKED because i wouldn't talk to her in private. she's so full of shit.

No. 307876


Yeah, like when the first time they went silent, wasn't she in the middle of answering a question? Then when they decided to start speaking again, she told him to "go ahead."

No. 307877


thanks Anon. she really is hard to follow. like others have said, that's a big part of her manipulation. i decided to start recording her a streams recently because a lot of the manipulation she does happens there. raw, unfiltered manipulation and malingering. I've missed her last 2 streams and half of this one because, unlike joy, I actually have fibro and work a real job.

No. 307878

OH… chambers is there…. gonna be a double geyser going on :D

No. 307882

shocker, she "freezes" when geekthulu poses a difficult question. bet she's just disconnecting her internet per usual ;)

anons, if she moves her Livestream somewhere besides YouNow plz be sure to link so i don't miss recording it!

No. 307883

File: 1494304989626.jpg (35.88 KB, 780x429, nickmonjoylol.jpg)

No. 307884

I observed this livestream that she is good at redirecting when she gets asked a tough question. like what Onion does but more subtle

IMO based Momma and chambers both seem like lolcows to me…but the battle between them all is kind of like trying to watch two tiny godzillas take on a mecha-godzilla (in terms of milk)

No. 307885

No. 307887


on it, thanks Anon. geekthulu just subtly shaded joy by saying he's"one of those youtuber's that only uploads when they have something to say". I liked the silent pause from Joy after.

No. 307889

File: 1494306406967.png (163.85 KB, 720x1280, 2017_05_09_00.04.47.png)

No. 307891

uh, did anyone hear her say that the gag order "is not over the entire court"? and it just applies to rose & Tim? She said this in response to Geekthulu telling her wherever she is getting her information from, it's bad because of the gag order. the way she said it..made it sound like she's saying that to cover her ass.

it almost could give credence to the idea posed by based mama that joy could have an inside source from someone involved somehow in the case.

No. 307895

She just called Chambers a snake, and believes Nick Monroe, Chambers and Based Mama owe her apologies. Which she says she probably won't accept. She is upset over the "disrespect". Unbelievable.

No. 307897

Yeah, her twitter has sparkle army going around, and i'm hearing that they're tearing Chambers up in there. Doesn't even take a day for Joy to start backstabbing, does it?

Wait a minute…doesn't all this sound EXACTLY like Onision towards her (Joy) and Keemstar?

No. 307898


As much as I dislike Joy, all of these people coming against her are also idiots. Chambers being jealous of other people getting attention for covering DaddyOFive is pathetic and her art is absolutely horrendous. Nick Monroe's articles are written at high school student's skill level. Lolcow potential all around here.

No. 307899

Notice how on her 1st stream she says that she told chambers to distance herself. And just now she saus that chambers should've spoken to her 1st? How does that make sense

No. 307900


They are idiots. But to act like she deserves "respect"? Apologies? Typical self righteous shit from Kati.

No. 307901

Hey Joy.

Did you go to Onision first to clarify things before you made you videos?

Why not?

No. 307903

Unholy Jesus tapdancing fucking CHRIST! Dis milk! Thank you based anons who are reporting her livestreams. I am following every post in here and appreciate you all so much. I can't fucking take Joy. The only thing 'psychic' about Joy is that she's a psychic vampire. She sucks the very life out of everything and everyone, memememmememM ME ME ME ME ME I I ME ME MY! Fuck she makes me rage.

No. 307908

File: 1494308696012.png (129.07 KB, 540x453, LopKQzT.png)

No. 307912

Joy is getting owneddddd

No. 307913

She is guesting a woman named Liz who is calling her out BIG TIME. Liz asked Joy why she thinks everyone involved in the case has distanced themselves from her. Kati deflects. And while I can't be sure if the stream is breaking up because of one side or the other..it's amazing how it always manages to break up when she's put on the spot. Also this Liz person appears affiliated with A Mad Woman Muses, maybe Chambers and Based.

No. 307917

Omfg that was incredible thank God I'm recording. now she's gonna melt down.

No. 307918


That woman seriously needs to quit smoking. She sounds like a 100 year old with terminal throat cancer and can't speak more than 2 minutes without phlegm getting caught in her throat.

No. 307920


She has some sort of really significant disease that makes her body sort of fall apart-ish… she's been dealing with it a long time (years) and is apparently getting better over time.

No. 307921


What's her YouTube handle? I saw part of one of her vids before but cut if off after 5 seconds because the production quality was such shit.

No. 307924

No. 307927


Okay I recognize her face, but I've seen her smoking on some group chat, so I'm going with it being her fault that she sounds like that.

No. 307932

I think she had the idea that she was going to bring them on and put them on display as a power trip. Instead it only blew up in her face and gave her critics more credibility.

No. 307933

She's going crazy on twitter now

No. 307934

So…this is pretty much Konstigo part two then, is it?

No. 307935

File: 1494311069560.jpg (79.5 KB, 761x501, chambersjoy.jpg)

she's losing it on chambers. this manic bitch is going full blown ape.

No. 307936

oh my god this breakdown is amazing.

No. 307937

File: 1494311152722.jpg (83.44 KB, 767x568, chambersjoy2.jpg)

No. 307938

She's lost the fucking plot

No. 307939

File: 1494311259038.jpg (124.83 KB, 784x766, chambersjoy3.jpg)

i can't take these screenshots fast enough to keep up with kati's crazy.

No. 307940

File: 1494311365025.jpg (69.94 KB, 726x258, joycrazy5_9_17_01.jpg)

No. 307941

File: 1494311470496.jpg (139.09 KB, 726x650, joycrazy_on_chambers_5_9_17_02…)

No. 307943

File: 1494311584379.jpg (154.71 KB, 730x643, joycrazy_on_chambers_5_9_17_03…)

No. 307946

How does she not realize that she acts exactly the same as Onision when he gets called out.
People are mostly repeating the crazy stuff Joy herself said or did but she keeps yelling 'LIES LIES SLANDER!!!'

She's not a snowflake anymore, she's Onision-level lolcow.

No. 307947

File: 1494311762259.jpg (32.2 KB, 724x125, joycrazy_on_chambers_5_9_17_04…)

omg she legit thinks other people could make her look bad. honey, you did that all on your own and newsflash: this makes you look crazier. you are perfectly highlighting your crazy for EVERYONE to see. like, way to just hand it up on a silver platter to everyone lol!

No. 307948

The only one of these people who seems to be intelligent and articulate enough to take on Joy seems to be Based Mama in my opinion and she said she wasn't going to be addressing the subject anymore. Geekthulu seemed to be take by her superficial charm and LizReptile was a joke hanging up like a child like that.

No. 307949


geekthulu definitely fell for her bullshit. sad, he had potential. she suckered him in big time. he'll realize that later and kick himself for being another person to get suckered in by joy on one of her streams in front of her cult audience. she just used him big time and he fell for all her deflections.

No. 307950

File: 1494312247882.jpg (84.24 KB, 756x574, joydavictim.jpg)

she doesn't even have to make herself look like a victim anyone. her audience does it for her, and she thanks them for it. they don't get that she's actually thanking them for supporting her perpetual victim narrative.

No. 307953

even the aussies say STOP YOU LUNATIC

No. 307955

YES. Nailed it right on the head. She hides behind her audience knowing they will support whatever stupid shit she pulls.

No. 307963

Link to where they picked up on Youtube after younow kept fucking up. I recorded it just in case she didn't upload it, and I'll upload the small amount of the younow stream I caught though I think I missed the most interesting parts.

The drama with Lizzreptile officially begins at 1:02:25 but for the juicy stuff go to 1:14:40 , when Lizz hangs up Kati really loses it.

No. 307969


I like this guy. "I've got flu, so this could become a snuff film at any minute." :D

No. 307973

File: 1494316079924.png (469.99 KB, 627x361, goqC8QW.png)

No. 307975

File: 1494316515381.png (65.52 KB, 551x463, b3kfM8M.png)

You have to admit that Chambers is at least two faced if not more. Just wow on that point.

But, good on iwastaken!

This whole meltdown is a show for Joysus' followers and a power trip that she's trying to pull over the "rude people".

No. 307977

there are a LOT of missing receipts. she says that she has them, but hasn't shown them, for some reason. put up or shut up, joy.

No. 307979

From the YouNow stream of Joy and Geekthulu earlier tonight:

Part 1:


Part 2:


They had been streaming for about 45 minutes prior to this but I missed it..so it's only part of what they talked about tonight. I wish I had caught the first part because in the past I've noticed Joy tends to spill her guts and how she really feels in the first 5-10 minutes of her streams. Totally unfiltered, then kind of reels back a bit for the duration of the broadcasts.

*the choppiness is on her end, not mine. her connection is shit and she's terrible at figuring out how to fix it.

No. 307980

File: 1494317517182.png (107.98 KB, 535x682, ZzOVssd.png)

New player on the field? Taking bets… will this be lolcow or bullshit?

No. 307982


interesting. i've seen that name around before. hard to choose a side but hopefully milk will be spilled :D

No. 307983


I just love how she's all 'I don't care if people don't like me and I will talk to them but they MUST be polite and respectful to me!!! They have to be nice to me!!!!!'

Coming from the woman who, when they don't like someone, is super disrespectful and mocking. I don't like Mike Martin, but I sure as hell don't condone her CONSTANT making fun of his accent and social class and her making disgusting jokes about him masturbating to his pranks.

Never mind how she talks about women she doesn't like!

Bloody hell! The hypocrisy!

Also, yes, the Liz woman was silly to just hang up, that was petty. But what she said wasn't particularly nasty, it was just a statement and yet there's Joy saying it's 'disrespectful'. Apparently criticism is disrespectful. OneSheon indeed! That Cult of Joysus.

And that damn laugh, look to the side and clap she punctuates her speech with constantly… Her mannerisms really get to me.

Sorry about the rant, sometimes she just really riles me up and I need to get it out somewhere people aren't all up her arse.

No. 307985


sage for petty observation

damn, those be some clown looking eye brows going on in that video!

No. 307988

Says she doesn't delete videos….deletes her stream

No. 307993

File: 1494320759307.jpg (29.66 KB, 726x125, joycrazy5_9_17_02.jpg)

by "nastiness" she means when LizzzReptile came onto her stream and gave her point of view. Lizzz did not attack or say anything remotely "nasty" to or about Joy/Kati. but Kati was certainly nasty herself and went apeshit afterwards, and calls Chambers a "snake" in the stream. Chambers might be a lot of things, i personally think they are both weirdos, but Chambers has been very civil and has talked no trash on Joy. in the stream she deleted, she talks mad trash about chambers and is the only one who showed any "nastiness". tl;dr: she deleted it because she's ashamed and is trying to hide the evidence.

don't worry kati i'm already uploading it now.

btw how long do you anons think she's been up for? when was the last time this paranoid bitch slept? at least her paranoia makes a little sense this time.

No. 307998

TY anon! She is totally on a manic spergfest. I bet she does this all the time and her 'sickness' is when she crashes from lack of sleep.

Does anyone think Joy does hard drugs? Like IDK her craziness seems like meth-level paranoia.

No. 307999

I don't see any evidence of drugs and I'm personally glad. Joy is fucked up enough in the head without adding drugs to the mix. Now if you excuse me, i'm going to go to bed and have nightmares now. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

No. 308002


She might be on supplements that are affecting her, but I think she's just an untreated mentally ill person in a manic phase.

No. 308004


this is how she's always been. some of you may be newer to these threads on joy because of the recent drama. those of us used to her bullshit can pretty much tell you this is what she does. she goes through these cycles. she definitely has some type of mania going on. i don't see any evidence of illegal drug use either. if she is on lyrica, and is taking it as directed etc it could be affecting her..but to tell you the truth I don't see ANY difference in her personality now vs 1 month ago, 2 months ago. this is just how she is and how she behaves. one of the first thoughts i ever had about her was "christ, this chick talks faster than a speedfreak" but it seems to be natural. there's a lot going on there naturally.

sage for no milk added.

No. 308005

i just want to remind everyone that even severe mental illnesses don't make you an awful person. that's still a choice. i'm mega sick in the head but it is still always my fault if i treat someone badly, not the illness's fault.

i don't know if she's mentally ill or not. all that i know is that i've been in many manic phases and i still had control over my actions. i even had control over my actions when dealing with psychosis (not my thoughts or feelings, but my actions). i didn't make all of the right decisions, and that was on me, NOT on my disorders.

i just wanted to put it out there that, no matter what's going on with her health, she's making the ACTIVE DECISION to be like this. sick or healthy makes no difference. this is who she is. everything else just amplifies it.

No. 308007


totally agree. i've experienced mania firsthand, hardcore, and i was still in control. i should have written that better before.

i'm just saying this is generally how she is, and she cycles in the sense of:

1)"my thoughts and opinions come from an altruistic place"
2)"here are my opinions and views. you dont like them? fuck you! fuuuckk youuu!!"
3) people start speaking up against her bullshit.
4) she starts shoring up her minions around her, has them attack her critics.
5) she goes hyper manic attacking others on twitter with her followers. hyper manic angry videos etc
4) either realizes she's in the wrong (and wont admit it) or that she has no other recourse to fight back with
5) "its muh sickness" pity party goes on for days
6) gets love and support from fans, milks it for days
7) feels vindicated, safe that the negative attention has died down
8) rinse, repeat

i don't think anyone here thinks that if she has a mental illness, that's what makes her bad. i think we can all agree it's the clear decisions she makes and goes through is what makes joy = lolcow. if i honestly thought she was simply just someone who was mentally ill and had problems making rational decisons, i wouldn't be here. imo she is making clear, deliberate decisions to malinger, lie, scam, famewhore and fuck with people. she's a garbage person.

No. 308016

oh absolutely, i wasn't trying to sound accusatory, i'm sorry. your cycle is dead on. there's just a tendency for people in general (not necessarily people on here, just in general) who don't struggle with mental illness to think, hey, [insert name here] is crazy, that's why they're doing [insert bad thing here]!! but more than correcting that perception, i REALLY wanted to just point out that, like you said, she's a garbage person who is doing all of this on purpose. this can't be pawned off on any kind of illness. these are conscious choices that come from who she is at the core.

also, as someone currently stuck in bed with a chronic physical illness, i'm not happy with her trying to use a similar illness to get out of any and all responsibility, either. :))))))

No. 308026

This is the stream that Joy deleted earlier from her Youtube. Guest Starring: Geekthulu & (most entertaingly) LizzzReptile. Lots of bullshit spun by Miss BS and a triggering episode in Parts 3-4.

Part 1: https://vid.me/NGER

Part 2: https://vid.me/0hZ0

Part 3: https://vid.me/Wl13

(LizzReptile stuff starts at -15:21 in, the part where Lizz triggers Kati begins about -3:40 in and continues into Part 4)

Part 4: https://vid.me/5j4A

Enjoy, anons.

No. 308028

Yay I was waiting for this! Thank you anon!

No. 308065

File: 1494335220062.jpg (225.45 KB, 1380x1884, IMG_20170509_081214.jpg)

Grabbed this gem from Nick Monroe's tweet. It's apparently from her long time ex-friend Phil, when she helped him with a resume that was full of lies to get him in the door for an employer to "higher" him.

There's a few more slides on his Twitter, one of them showing she claims to have a "Bachelor of Fine Arts from University of Missouri" though I could have swore that she has stated she couldn't go to college because of the cost? I may be wrong about that, but I recall in one of her onion videos, she comments on his sponsorship for a website that cheats/ writes up papers for students, and she talks about education and I could've swore she said she couldn't go to college.

No. 308072


her college/education story is always changing. yes, she has said she didn't go to college because of the cost. that changed to taking a few classes but not completing them because of the cost. then she "went to school for" marketing. then opera. then both. then it was just solely broadcast journalism. when she said she "went to school" for these majors, she didn't necessarily say she graduated..but she makes sure NOT to say she didn't. when someone says they "studied broadcast journalism" (she has said this in a livestream and in at least 1 DO5 video…the BBC one) it sounds like the person actually graduated. since i began following her videos and streams about 2 months ago i've noticed her college story change multiple times to suit whatever bullshit lie she is trying to back up with her uber knowledgez. this is what joy does to make herself sound credible. it comes as no shock that she lied about this stuff on her resume. after all let's not forget her lectures to Onision on how marekting & advertising works. as an anon above earlier showed via pictures and from what we've seen on her linked (which is highly questionable given what you just posted), the extent of her marketing is working booths at tradeshow fairs. as someone who genuinely has a real life connection to the marketing and advertising world, i can tell you that those tradeshow booths are the lowest tier there is in marketing. literally anyone can work those booths. handing out promotional items does not make one an expert on the advertising industry. as a "professional" (lol) youtuber and social media personality (lol kill me) kati makes rookie mistakes when it comes to marketing herself. for instance she hasn't even filled out the About page on her Youtube profile! no marketing genius would ever fuck that up, and she's terrible at promoting herself in a likeable way. marketing 101 shit.

when she bashed the fallston group in a video or two, she smugly said "PR is my world" to let us know that she's apparently dealt with PR before. except she hasn't, and grouping PR in with marketing & advertising is fucking hilarious because these are different industries with a different focus. but since her audience doesn't know better, it all sounds right to them.

when she lies about her experience she has a tendency to pick careers that a good portion of people just aren't in. marketing and advertising, specifically the higher level stuff she claims to have sooo much knowledge in, is very specific and not many people can challenge her on it. same thing with the broadcast journalism and PR bullshit. how many people who watch her are involved in either? given what we've seen of her regular audience i think it's safe to say not many. those who have watched her and are involved in those fields are likely flybys, or just don't care enough to bring it up. this is typical con artist behavior. i guess that's the one thing she does know about marketing: know your audience.

No. 308075

So she basically admits without admitting out right that someone other than Tim or Rose has given her information.

If she wasn't being fed information she would have said "No. I am not." Just like she said about talking to Rose and/or Tim. It would have been that simple. She didn't. So, someone IS giving her information.

Now, I know she said no one is giving her information she shouldn't have. However, I am inclined to not believe her. Only because of the way she words things seconds later. Not to mention how many times she (remember Friday's tweet, OMG I HAVE BIG NEWS GETTING READY TO TALK!!) but she was shut down before she was able to tell the world. And she continuously says, "The things I could say, the things I could tell you!" As if she's privy to information NO ONE else has. If she has information NO ONE ELSE HAS, she has information she SHOULD NOT HAVE.

No. 308103

I watched that 3 hour monstrosity that Phillip S made and let me just point out a few things:

1) We now have actual screenshots of Joy admitting to lying about her many "careers"/ padding her resume
2) The stuff Phillip releases spans a good amount of years- proving that this isn't just "brain fog" these are just things Kati does
3) The screenshots make a strong case for her doing this solely for the money
4) He's confirmed Anon theories about her living in Norman, Oklahoma and that roommates name is Dominique.

1) Phil is just as much of a Lolcow as Joy because he spends a majority of the video screeching: SHE STOLE MY WORDS
- Phil, most of the things you claim she stole are platitudes & a wide majority of people use them. In other words- they weren't stolen from you.
2) He takes weird swipes at Lolcow when anons here didn't need an entire decade to recognize her BS. Also the posters here are called FARMERS not LOLCOWS. Lurk moar
3) I'm pretty sure he posts here regularly because he speaks the way he types. Pretty sure he was the Anon encouraging other Anons who are ill and have a life to sit down and make exposed videos about Joy.

In conclusion: the video has good info but it's basically unwatchable due to Phillip's constant screeching about how he's been wronged.

No. 308110

She made fun of Onision asking for FACTS when here she is… "WHERE ARE THE FACTS?!"

The transformation has taken place.

No. 308111

These people's lives are completely revolved around the internet, if you ask me all of them need to go outside and get a fucking life

No. 308119

Thank you, seriously what the fuck is wrong with these people they are ALL cows as far as im concerned.

No. 308131

File: 1494343261254.png (281.39 KB, 505x446, Hr6DSs2.png)


There is an old sitcom (Sandford and Son) about an older black guy and his 30yo son that run a junk yard. He'd (the older guy) pull shit and when the son caught him he'd fake a heart attack, even yell "Stella I'm comming to meet you!" (deceased wife, mother of the boy)…. Suddenly, now Joysus makes me think of him. :D

No. 308146


Respectfully disagree.

While I agree about your points about Phil, I won't go so far as to draw the conclusion that it is unwatchable. It's actually probably the best video about her made so far.

One important thing you missed is how he painstakingly breaks down her methods of manipulation which must have served her well because she continues to use them today. He draws parallels between private conversations with her and current events to show how what he's said relates to those current events and show isn't just like a one off deal, it's a pattern she uses both publically and privately. It's a pretty good primer not just for her, but for other people like her as well.

It also demonstrates her need to control the narrative by getting people to talk to her one on one so she can spin. How she redirects or redirects through distractions. Other examples include the mystery illness flaring up at really convenient times.

It articulates exactly why this whole thread was started and why people had that feeling that something wasn't quite right.

No. 308165


You forgot to mention how good looking and smart you were in it.

No. 308167


Sorry you're taking my addition to your summary so personally. :)

No. 308172


Can't decide if Geekthulu is a natural cuck or if he should go hire on with the local police department.

The first time I listened to it, I definitely thought "wow… Geekthulu folded like a cheap suit" :(

But, just listened to it again and he really reminds me of how cops ingratiate themselves with a target and he's really good at it. If you listen to it as two predators trying to "each trying to hook" the other, he really did reel her in and out quite a bit. (And she did the same to him.) He needs to go to his local police fraud department and sign up to be an under cover cop.

No. 308186


You should cut your nails.

No. 308190

wow I was going to say the exact same thing, you beat me to it anon

I still appreciate the video but dang boy those nails

No. 308213


oh phil. i watched your video when you first made it, and saw plenty of you in the youtube chats. not to mention your twitter feed. if you're going to post here while pretending not to be you, at least disguise your very discernable style of writing a bit better. i have to agree with my fellow anons that you are quite the lolcow. i also saw that younow moment (still on joy's page) where you and joy lulz it up about lolcow. it's kinda cute that shortly after that was recorded you became a regular milk spiller. p.s i'm not telling you to go away, we appreciate any and all joy milk from every source, but ffs try not to be so obvious. also gotta agree with my fellow anons - those nails have got to go boi.

No. 308220

omg she's streaming and totally losing it on chatters on YouNow!! i missed the first 20 mins but I'm recording. she clearly didn't sleep last night. omg she's screaming at chatters.

No. 308230

she is fucking losing it on younow

No. 308235


No. 308236

She's tripping over her words because she's so fucking angry lol.

She said "heckling Kens" about 4 times instead of "cackling hens"..calling based mama, Chambers and Nick monroe that.. whatever it means.. crazy chick. She just mentioned lolcow lol

No. 308238

I've seen her go batshit before, but this is INCREDIBLE.

No. 308243

It's projection theatre!

No. 308250


heaping helpings of paranoia going on!

No. 308255



No. 308259

She keeps name dropping lolcow tsk tsk

No. 308260

sniff she's throwing shade on lolcow.farm snif she has every single "receipt" (in reference to tweets)… she's not very bright.

No. 308261

"Fucking lolcow journalism!"
"You do you lolcow."

No. 308262

3rd lolcow mention. she says she doesn't read lolcow.

LOL she just said people on lolcow are "defending" her against shit people say. she's insane.

way to name drop Joy :) literally no one here is defending you, silly moo.

No. 308265

she just said that shit here has gotten sooo crazy that people here are defending her.

she was "told" of course. because if someone else tells her, she can't be held accountable for just making shit up.

No. 308268

File: 1494351249492.png (200.7 KB, 483x451, KpPjYPb.png)

edgetard shrieking what a fuctard!

No. 308271

he lured joy into getting himself guested by saying "I know admin of lolcow and kiwi" lmfao

No. 308272

She talks like a scam artist. "I appreciate the hustle" She's always talking about "the hustle" or "your hustle" … this whole thing is her hustle. She's seeing her $40k nest egg dwindle and desperate for a hustle to find new marks to suck off of.

No. 308273

I personally thought it was hilarious.

No. 308278


This whole thing is like putting 3 mentally handicapped assholes into a mud pit to let them fight it out. This is what happens when you let lolcows group up into herds.

No. 308279

she will not address any fucking criticism

No. 308283


she just wants to spit venom at her 'haters'

No. 308285


I was just going to say the same. Talks like a duck, walks like a duck…is a con artist lolcow.

Btw was anyone watching when she was slamming MrRepzion? I logged on 20 minutes late so couldn't record it. MrRepzion is looking for a recording of it. Anyone able to summarize?

lol another lolcow mention. she's calling based and Chambers "crazy women". cuz you know, she's neither crazy nor a woman.

No. 308287

HA! … so, cult language…

"Being disrespectful" = pointing and screaming "Witch! Witch!"

"Where's your evidence" = They are not true believers! (and wow, isn't that what she was making fun of Onision for?)

"I just don't want you to be embarrassed when I finally do talk!" = I need more time to pull my ass out of this crack here.

No. 308288

Oh fuck… delusion off the rails she stated "I am media, I can say what ever I want"

No. 308291


cult-tard defending lolcow "Social Media is Media. Duh" (paraphase)

No. 308292

I love that she calls herself a journalist. I guess all it takes anymore is an internet connection and a webcam.

No. 308293


Samefagging but earlier in the stream she was making fun of people for using lolcow as a resource but when all her Onision shit was going down she pulled directly from the tumblr blogs. LOL

No. 308295

she's talking mad shit on Philip S, and just called Nick monroe a pussy. he's watching and responding on Twitter. the milk is incredible.

No. 308297

Social Media IS Media… but it's not the same thing as MEDIA, like News Media.

Social Media = media disseminated through social interactions
News Media = mass media focused on communicating news

They =/= the same thing.

>>308292 Her being a journalist is only on par with National Inquirer. Just not as entertaining concerning her topics, only concerning her.

No. 308300


Um… National Inquirer has standards that she doesn't actually meet. She is not a journalist in anyway or form. She's never been published beyond her indigo marketing materials (and that's not journalism, that's huckesterism pitching a con)

No. 308304

How do I know? I SAW IT!

Yeah I couldn't find it. I haven't seen it.


No. 308306

Onisheon lol.

No. 308307

chambers is there… watch her totally ignore that.

People are calling me OniSHEon… ha! waves hi Kati!

No. 308312

Subscribe, stay tuned… it will all come out when it's over. It will all come out.

Hmmm…. it probably won't be "over" until she thinks everyone has forgotten about it.

Does anyone think she's pumping this slap fight up as a distraction from the fact that she has her earnings statement from last month already and has had it since the 3rd of the month?

No. 308322

well that was enough delusional whining for me today

No. 308328

she's finally done. for now, at least.

No. 308329

was she streaming? can anyone sum it up?

No. 308330

>Does anyone think she's pumping this slap fight up as a distraction from the fact that she has her earnings statement from last month already and has had it since the 3rd of the month?

That, plus the attention and ass pats it gets her.

No. 308331

Samefag, but it's killing me how she can talk about THE FAX in one breath and then "not understand" why people are calling her OniSHEon.

No. 308333

Lol, she's so mad about Mr. Repzion and Chambers turning on her. I captured what I thought were interesting moments on her livestream, here:

>Talking about chambers


>Talking about Mr. Repzion


>do5 court case


>do5 court case again


No. 308334

gonna take me a bit to break it up into parts and upload, but i'm on it anons. missed the first 20 minutes but otherwise got almost 2 hours of crazy.

this is by far the craziest we've ever seen her behave. at least on stream.


excellent work anon!

No. 308338

File: 1494354917842.jpg (644.71 KB, 1080x2470, IMG_20170509_193244.jpg)

She's on a wild re tweeting spree of her supporters just now.

It's nothing of particular interest, just her proving she has backup.

It's pretty pathetic.

No. 308350

No. 308351


Gosh, I don't understand why people compare her to Onision. It's not like Onision has done the exact same thing in response to criticism!

No. 308352

Anons who are reporting the play-by-play in here, thank you so much, you rock!

No. 308354

They're saying Based Mama called the cops on Joy over this. What a shitshow.

No. 308355

Yeah, I'd like to see proof of that. If she did, congrats on being retarded, if not… omg lies! Slander! etc etc

No. 308357


Based Moma has herself claimed to have reported Joy to the county sherrif or county police. She said it in her video and I've seen tweets where she makes the claim. She said she was reporting that the gag order had been violated. (Although, lolcows being what they are, Based Moma calls it "joy has illegal information!")

Did she actually do it? Who knows. All these lolcows seem to live in another reality.

No. 308360

Part 1 of the Meltdown Livestream on 5/9/17:


Part 2 of the Meltdown Livestream on 5/9/17:


the chat is included. i did have to blur a section to mask my popups for privacy, but it doesn't affect the milk.

more parts to come. enjoy the crazy, nearly 2 hours of Joy going totally apeshit. she had been streaming for 20 minutes before this..she probably said her initial comments on MrRepzion during that time, but she says more on him towards the end.

No. 308366

File: 1494357252791.jpg (29.56 KB, 726x139, joygoesfullonision.jpg)

she's gone full Onision fo sho.

No. 308369

sage for blog but I honestly feel bad at laughing at her at this point. I mean shes obviously has a mental disorder… I bet shes one of these patients that have no insight into the sickness and it looks like they're just stuborn and stupid but the truth is it's the brain disfunction (anosognosia) - they're just incapable of seeing this. She needs to be medicated, but she'll never agree to take meds… Who knows if she was diagnosed in the first place…That just sad.

Fuck Im leaving this thread, I feel like milking the kid with down syndrome - mental illness is not for lols.

No. 308370


you are way off base. get out of here with your self righteous bullshit and holier than thou bullshit. learn to sage, fag.

sage for responding to newfag who couldn't handle the milk.

No. 308374

How do these people not notice, she generally doesn't even address the points made? Instead goes off on little tangents to distract or attack the person personally or act like she just doesn't understand? How do ALL THOSE PEOPLE NOT NOTICE THIS?

No. 308375

THIS. Fuck it makes me rage so hard.

No. 308377

Part 3 of the Meltdown Livestream on 5/9/17


Part 4 of the Meltdown Livestream on 5/9/17:



Bye. You're equating mental illness and down syndrome (not the same thing at all, you utter dipshit) with someone playing the long con.You were mucking up the thread with newfag bullshit anyway. I saw your little post asking for people in the YouNow chat to type "piranha" if they were from lolcow. BAI NARC

No. 308381


Notice she's not doing it… she's just about ready to do it because she's so innocent. This is 100% roping the sheeple in tighter and distracting them from asking about her earnings in April. The earnings that she's had the finalized information on for nearly a week now.

No. 308385

Angels must be exploding, she looks pissed.

No. 308386

she noticed people comparing her to Onision in how she was handling criticism and drama and yelled that she's not like him because she doesn't exploit teenagers… except oh wait

No. 308388


The funny thing with that is, even if she didn't also prey on the young, that isn't the only thing wrong with Onision! There is far more to him than that that is comparable to her.

No. 308392

yep, she just instantly reacts in a way that covers her ass without bothering to actually process what the other person is trying to tell her.

No. 308393

File: 1494358689340.jpg (448.61 KB, 575x1276, 2LH4KnE.jpg)

Didn't she say she didn't understand what happened with repzion?

If you haven't watched the videos yet, can you keep an ear out for when she says this and post a timestamp?

No. 308395

donating revenue doesn't negate how fucking insane you look, joy.

No. 308398

>lolcow is calling out their shit
Where? I mean, sure, a few anons said Chambers was just as bad but there was nothing else. Where's she getting this?

No. 308404


she claims she heard it through the grapevine from one of her fans. we know kati reads this thread and i'm willing to bet it's always open. i think she took some posts like:


etc and twisted them in her head to think that because we slam chambers for her lolcow behavior, we are somehow backing joy up in some way.

No. 308407


Hey, just because we eye another lolcow on the sidelines don't mean that Joysus is any less of a lolcow. Joysus is prime grade Jersey with a whole group of dingleberries hanging off of her ass. Joysus sperges like a well trained idiot and is a one woman campaign for that old sign "Hire the handicapped, they're fun to watch!"

No. 308410

HI THERE. Accctually I tend to think of myself as a funny looking guy, more in jest than anything. Intelligent tends to depend on the topic at hand.
Yeah, it is a monstrosity. Yes, my editing skills suck. Etc,etc. I am seriously surprised that as many people have slogged through that monster of a video that they have. (I do feel bad about that.) Future Youtube star i'm definitely not LOL. Not happening.

1) Ick. That bad? Pretty sure it wasn't the entire vid. Really sure of that. You could make a fair point that I still could have dialed it back some so i'll give you that much.
2)Talking bout the swipes at the anons, in the beginning yes. I've also defended much of the recent content after the first thead. FARMERS though, i'll keep that in mind, thanks.
3)I post here from time to time. Its no huge secret. Anons are by no means dumb on here as they have proved MANY, many times over.

By the way, since I just woke up…you all have been telling things to some other anon. But hey, you do you.

That was a month ago. I did! Those evil things tend to grow long. Same with my hair/beard. Though they are not as annoying.
I'm not going to pretend to be anything. O_O We've all seen in here just how well THAT goes.
And yes, I was VERY critical in the earlier stages of lolcow because a bunch of the stuff didn't add up. Its kind of weird because as I kept following what y'all were saying..well..it started to add up more and more..and I told her "You are proving your critics right." I included the bit with lolcow and such because i'm not even going to try and hide it. (If I did i'd just get called out on it anyway LOL) I used to regularly defend her, I called her on her shit, and here we are. If I saw things on here that were garbage, i'd still call them as such..but when I see facts and a lot of them, i'll call that as such too.

Regarding regular milk spiller, gee thanks? I've just confirmed a few times what's been put out. Its freaky what people can find super fast, but that's what happens when you challenge the internet. I will say this though, and so far its been respected and I thank you for that…Taho, Jason..all of those guys put up with enough being around Kati. Please leave them alone. They've gone on to have great lives since getting away from that one. Jason (from her Tumblr) profile..REALLY got it badly in that relationship and he was a very shy, intelligent person. As far as i'm aware he and the others don't know about the current drama..I haven't talked to them in a while but I see their facebook updates, that they're doing well and I leave it at that.

She reads lolcow. She only comments on it all the time. eye roll
What's funny about this is Jamie actually tried to contact me over Twitter. That didn't work out very well for her. She didn't seem to enjoy being referred to as Jamie vs Joy = Joy Vs Onision. I referred to all three of them as a narcissist battle royale.
Oh yes. I remember that whole "Since i'm going to get criticized anyway, I might as well do stuff regardless." Great strategy. Let's all give a round of applause to the captain of the Titanic as he plowed into the iceberg.
Really? I haven't opened my inbox yet to get deluged in stuff, but i've only publically warned her multiple times to lay off. This ought to be good. Exactly how did she try to spin her own words? (What's really funny is..she knows all about the video. She saw it, unsubbed. Then resubbed, then unsubbed again. Her two busom buddies joined her shortly after.) The more shit she talks like that, the more backed into a corner she is. This is only going to backfire. She is showing the rest of the world who and what she really is.

I just saw Nick's tweets. Damn, that dude is on fire!

Huh. She is DEFINITELY obsessively watching over everything I say. She didn't care a bit about that until I tweeted calling her OniSHEon last night. Well, that confirms that suspicion.
I knew she was paranoid about me before, but holy black on a popo!
Yikes. Yeah, she did. I personally disagree with that, but it doesn't excuse the points she made. Like that Konstigo business. Konstigo is a wreck of a different flavor..BUT..she made good points on Kati and what Kati tends to do. I don't know that Based Mama did, but i'm not in any kind of regular communication and I personally do not believe they would have acted on it. (Also, if she called them on Kati…where exactly did she send them? Doesn't add up.)

I keep asking myself that. More often than not with everything right in front of their faces. In one of the Comrade's case..its the fake altruism. Doing something for them now to rope them in for later. (You have to spend money to make money.) I still want to know where all that money went that she's hurting..and I STILL don't know what she was thinking with that Patreon. Holy cows and milk that was shit.
That is exactly what it is. Set them up now to profit off them later. Patreon, these livestreams..its all a test to see who is 'loyal' to her. What she can get away with. But considering she's currently proving her critics right full steam ahead….well, I still find it weird that getting the attention she wanted is what is damaging her the most. NONE of us can do any more damage to her than she is doing to herself.

Exactly. Once you see through the patterns it is very one-dimensional and easy to spot from there.
Yes yes. There is always mystery info no one knows, some sort of strange intuition, some mystery person or place or think that is always coming soon…sensationalism much?

No. 308415


good post. thoughts on when she mentions you at least 2x during her latest younow rant (posted above)?

No. 308417


Thanks for that, dude. I think you're a good insight into Joysus and her shite. It's appreciated.

No. 308418

Love how she said she only ever told Philip to be confident as if she didn't plain out tell him to lie his ass off. So much lying in that stream

No. 308419

In the stream she references the time she tried to "help" Phillip by telling him he needs to be confident and reflect that in his resume which is hilarious because in the same message she continues on to talk about how important it is to con your way into a job and she could work anywhere she wants by lying on her resume. She really is good at what she does unfortunately.

No. 308422

File: 1494360989780.jpg (119.59 KB, 782x700, nickmon_joy_chambers_skypelog2…)

this is gonna make spurdipshit go even more apeshit. image 1 of 2.

No. 308423

Nick just posted slides of private conversation between joy and Chambers. Dude deserves a handy

No. 308425

File: 1494361066042.jpg (77.31 KB, 844x669, nickmon_joy_chambers_skypelog1…)

this is gonna make spurdipshit go even more apeshit. image 2 of 2.

private skype log with chambers where it appears joy spilled something she probably shouldn't know.

No. 308426

Just woke up. Been asleep for like 10 hours. Can some one give me a brief update. This has been my entertainment for the last week

No. 308427

Joy had a stream where she flipped out, it's been linked up at the top where someone recorded it. The usual bullshit victim boohoo me thing she does to death

No. 308428

File: 1494361368302.jpg (75.13 KB, 840x668, nickmonslide0102.jpg)

follow up to the last post. all 4 slides that nickmon posted of private convo between joy and chambers where she spills beans, possibly illegally.

No. 308429

File: 1494361389767.jpg (67.2 KB, 837x659, nickmonslide010203.jpg)

No. 308430

File: 1494361421536.jpg (74.48 KB, 846x659, nickmonslide010204.jpg)

No. 308433

I haven't heard the rant. In the last two days i'm getting a ton of messages, but if you've heard one rant… (Or one rant over a decade)..then you've heard them all. I'm not exactly holding my breath considering even her excuses are a decade old. Probably more of the same shit. Is it sad that my first response to hearing about this is "Gee, how am I the AntiChrist THIS time?"

If she were to play a drinking game with water over her lies and contradictions, people would die. O_O

Regarding being confident..well, she says that to everyone. When she starts talking to someone, she sweet talks them, tries to find out as much as she can about their personal information, and then uses that later. It is always about how much she can use them later. So if she's helping someone with medical issues, its because she knows they'll be diehard loyal to her and she can use that to hide behind when she's criticized.

Then, since most of the people she does this with are either at some emotional low, going through troubled times, etc..she can demonize them, claim they are unhinged, etc. So she walks away looking amazing and they are the 'evil one'. She wastes no time demonizing them depending on if they can fight back.

LOL, she was NO help at all during that time. If anything, the best way to usually take her advice is to do the opposite and follow your gut. I mean, why follow HER advice? Her life is a train wreck in slow motion. RUN, run away far and fast. (She should take advice, not give it.)
Nick comes off to me as a very focused, driven individual. We've spoken. He's very to the point, no nonsense at least from that conversation. And he isn't taking shit from Kati…she really fucked up trying to bite him. Same with Repzion, same with Chambers. (I'm not saying any of the above is a saint, but way to again prove the critics right..)


This is important. Begging her not to put that up. And as usual, Kati has zero self control. This is strange to see from the outside, because during the Onision stint where she reacted to his vids we had a very similar conversation…it just didn't involve legal action.

Sage for Philpost. (Should I just put that after to make it easier? Better than anons pointing fingers and whathaveyou.)

No. 308434

Anyone managed to record her lastest stream and upload it. Id love to watch the whole thing

No. 308436

File: 1494362002579.png (89.76 KB, 565x541, bbJ985z.png)

No. 308437

Its up there, scroll up, someone recorded it

No. 308438


dude its on the thread in the most recent posts. learn to scroll newfag, and enjoy! :)

No. 308445


it's all good man. i saw your video when you initially made it, slugged my way through and you described her to a T. that was almost a month ago and she's lived up to everything you described..ten fold. your decade of insight into her is appreciated. she's repeating the same bullshit lies in the livestream about how you owe her money (but somehow she doesn't know the exact amount. funny that.) even though you showed the gofundme evidence AND the evidence of her telling you to keep it and that she didn't want you to pay her back. she turned on you because you called her on her bullshit and she couldn't handle it. it's incredibly sad that she directed her minions your way. i never really saw any of them talking to you, but i've seen mention of you. she tries to play it off like you're the weirdo when at the end of the day it's always. been. her. calling you a stalker is lulzy. she calls anyone who shows the plain truth on her a stalker. wahhh victim.

No. 308446

File: 1494362363775.png (98.93 KB, 497x700, mloO0oJ.png)

The spergleberries must all still be in school today?

No. 308448


you can delete that previous post of yours where the image is broken. attn oldfags and newfags alike: you have 30 mins from posting to hit the check box (upper left corner of your post) to delete it incase of double posts etc.

No. 308449

Someone with Twitter please tweet FAAAAAAAAAX at her.

No. 308451

File: 1494362751554.jpg (75.09 KB, 795x502, joyhypocrite.jpg)

coming from someone who blocks people who challenge or disagree with her all day long..

coming from someone who can only aspire to be considered tabloid trash..

lol the transparent projecting is crazytrain level

No. 308453


I am sorry if you specified this already but I didn't or couldn't find it and if it's personal you don't have to answer but I was just wondering how you met Kati? What happened ten years ago that brought us where we are today?

No. 308454


i'm curious about this too, and how you were able to/why you stuck it out so long.

No. 308455

File: 1494362970158.jpg (26.02 KB, 640x476, FAX.jpg)

Close enough?

No. 308458


maybe we should make a fake gofundme to raise $250 so we can send her a fax machine as a "joke" and list it under the medical needs category.

except not even farmers would do that, kati, you twat.

No. 308462

Kek, awesome anon!

No. 308464


Wow, she is really taking the cult accusations badly. Hah hah. That makes me feel good for bringing it up often in a couple of her chats.

She isn't getting that it's not just supporting her by itself that makes her supporters cult like. It's the way they attack even minor criticism, treat her as some perfect special being and report back to her about every little negative thing, like spies. Plus, the way she acts with all the paranoia and dismissal of anyone being remotely critical of her.

She'd never address the actual cult accusations though. She will just continue to devalue it by conveniently getting the wrong end of the stick.

No. 308467

File: 1494363931319.jpg (230.83 KB, 773x796, loldisbitch.jpg)

gotta love it when i see an image like this that doesn't necessarily have an origin amongst farmers. spread dat shit, pub-lic!

No. 308474


Her fans are keen on saying 'we appreciate all the videos, it keeps us updated!' (about shit that is none of their business, and with loads of videos of Joy repeating herself) or 'it just shows she's really passionate about helping those children!' It's frustrating. They say anything to back her up.

No. 308478

File: 1494364435778.png (688.06 KB, 900x608, Uhb4LD1.png)

No. 308480

Oh, i'm a stalker now? Gee. I mean, I understand her refusal to pay rent to her 'roomie'..but she's going to have to find alternative ways than me. Like cashing in her nest egg. eye roll

I can't apologize enough on the video length, though. Anyone that manages to slug through that, even if we disagree at the end certainly has my respect as it tells me they at least thought for themselves, listened, and took it into account. I can't ask for more than that.

Hoo boy. Well, lets go there. Where did I meet Kati? Off an old journal blog. I was going through some REALLY dark times, and I'd gone through a lot of bad stuff with my parents. So at that point, I had ZERO in terms of family, was going in and out of depression and strugged with all kinds of self worth issues.

In waltzes Kati with all this talking you up stuff, a lot of Indigo nonsense too. Mind you, i've seen a LOT of weird unexplainable stuff but what she was talking with all of that didn't make a lot of sense. But hey, I made a new friend and she seemed nice enough, and at that point I hadn't met a lot of other screwjobs or seen the stuff she's pulling. Crazy talk about Indigos rising up, Cities of Light and all of that. WELCOME TO INDIGO ABUSE. That's where that started and I was a mod on there. It very quickly turned toxic and at one point I walked. Wouldn't be the first time either. There was one point that we hadn't spoken in about a year because I was so fed up with her mess, and then I let her back in simply because I didn't want any lingering burned bridges….HA. Was that ever a stupid mistake on my part.

As far as why I stuck around so long..I felt sorry for her. She could have become a tremendous force for good and done really awesome things, but it always came back to her, her ego, and trying to rope in as many as possible. shaking his head For a while after that, it was because she was completely alone. She'd burned all of her bridges, and the person she was with at a time was more screwed up than even she is. (Daniel, he was/is a mess even worse than her.) As far as I was concerned, no matter how screwed up you are, no one deserves that, let alone to being alone for that. And repeatedly over the years I tried to help her to get her life together. Even with this business, I tried to help her. She had me convinced that she was in it to help those girls. (I tend to be very passionately against abuse, especially child or spousal abuse. Very much so.) And then I saw it…the arrogance. The bit with telling people about public humiliation. The more fans she seemed to get, the more that what I had seen prior just crept right out. I don't have to really describe what happened after..its out there.

This is a very summarized account. Its hard to put ten years into a small space. Emails, phone calls, private messages, texts…and yes, I even visited her in person…THAT was such a wonderfully awkward experience..

No. 308481


i don't know how they don't get fucking exhausted keeping her story straight. when i'm a fan of a person i tend to pay attention to their story because i'm..their fan. a lot of the ones batting HARD for joy (you know the ones we've seen everywhere, everyday, all the goddamn time) are either willfully ignorant or too afraid to ask questions. i think we can safely say the support for her has dwindled significantly in the past few days. there's been a lot of fans who've supported her since the do5 thing started, and i think a significant portion of them have seen a lot of the bullshit so they abandoned ship. i've noticed her most die-hard fans are people i saw hardcore fanning on her wayyy before the do5 thing blew up. but even people from back them have jumped ship. her circle is getting smaller and smaller as the hole she digs for herself gets wider.

No. 308489

During last night's stream, she stated that as soon as she logged off, she would tweet a receipt of what she raised during that stream, showing that it was all donated to Rose. As of a minute ago, there's no such tweet, no such receipt. It's something that could easily be verified by anyone on twitter, yet there's no follow through. This is just a tiny part of why others get irritated, because she lies all the time and makes her self look like a fraud, without the help of anyone else.

No. 308495

she ALMOST NEVER posts receipts. she hasn't proven any of her claims. but people still blindly believe her and don't even blink when she yells that she's verified ALL of her claims.

also, should i be offended that i called her out bigtime twice and didn't even get a mention from her?? i'm joking I'M JOKING i don't need any more interactions with that nutter butter good lord.

No. 308499


interesting. that's the hard part when it comes to messes like kati. a lot of the time you can absolutely see the manipulation, but it's the sheer fucking sadness of the mess they are that can draw you right back in. they feed off of the kindness other people show them and then abuse it endlessly until it's been exhausted. people like her actively seek out empathetic souls, proclaim to be exactly the same and then drain you of every emotion you've got. generally in the pursuit of ego boosting disguised as returned empathy, altruism, etc. utterly exhausting. someone needs to come up with a name for the type of personality kati has because it's a special mix of all sorts of fucked up traits. she's a special kind of terrible person.

but of course now we're gonna be mega curious about what it was like to meet her. there's more of us than ever so your audience has grown haha. consider it yo!


ah yes, kati and her receipts. always screaming about having receipts to prove this and that, but never actually has one legitimate financial receipt to prove all these so-called alleged donations she's apparently made in the past. before the whole do5 thing. do you guys remember that tweet from the other day about how she was contacting her bank because there was a "glitch" when she went to make a donation? never followed up with that. she seriously knows her fans are dipshits and won't really press her on it, so she doesn't put that much effort in to prove these donations. she knows that her fans will believe her if she gets on younow, juts her chin out in a "i'm super serious u guise" way and stares the camera down intensely.

"well i mean..why would she lie?" ←-typical joysus cult thinking. i saw a comment the other day on youtube that literally said "i've known joy for 2 months now and i just do not believe she would lie about this."…because you can definitely "know" someone, esp a random youtuber, is telling the absolute truth and is uber trustworthy just by having watched their videos for about 2 months. the stupidity is beyond.

No. 308510


btw, you can see the exact same manipulation tactic she used in the chat logs you showed (almost word for word) in the screenshots above that show joy talking to chambers. "text is stupid" and the begging to talk on the phone. when i saw you point that out in your video it reminded me of times i've seen her pull the exact same thing on streams. with people she can't sweet talk on the phone or in a private stream/skype..she just drags them to DM. she's nothing if not incredibly, incredibly predictable.

No. 308526


Thank you for taking the time to share that, if you ever want to share more you know we will be interested haha

No. 308532

Seriously, look up psychic vampires anon. Not the ~*magickal kreature*~ thing but the type of person. Katie absolutely is one and does what you describe to a fucking T.

Advice to her fans:

No. 308543

Yep, it establishes a pattern and shows exactly how she operates. In a decade it hasn't changed. At that point in the conversation I was really getting mad. I mean, REALLY? Call em out on it and they still do it. Ugh, that woman.

Okay, so lets go there. The meeting. Wow. I went to meet her in Kansas city, staying at the loft she was in, that her husband David/Taho was paying for. (No surprise, but her exes have generally tended to foot the bill.) The ENTIRE time she couldn't make eye contact. Not even once.

Supposedly this was not just to meet but for me to take a bit of a breather. That and she had some intuition from her "angels" to supposedly help and all this other stuff. (She was talking about her angels til about this time last year, so she's lying there too.) She worked at the School of Rock in Kansas city as a voice coach…I never saw her teach, but I did see the facility all of once. She was gone long periods of time, so for a visit..wasn't much of one. Then shortly after a lady (Now former friend and total SJW) named Amanda came to visit. They had had a falling out before, and i'm not sure what the purpose of that was. But I went driving with Amanda, we visited some crazy mormon 'capital' (Which, I might add, was the creepiest thing of the whole trip)…etc. David/Taho didn't like Amanda much, but he said "Eh, you never know..sometimes people change right?" In general, David has always been kind of a quiet, brooding thinker type. Some anger here and there but otherwise he's generally been the one to reign things in until he got fed up. (She did not treat him well, especially near the end.)

So, its late one night bout maybe close to 1:30 to 2 in the morning. I'm on the couch trying to sleep, Kati is talking with Amanda. And she's basically asking (loudly) Amanda how she can get my attention and if a relationship would work out. Me? I'm like "Um..i'm going to pretend I didn't hear that.." and i'm acting like i'm still asleep. But she just keeps on going on and on about it.

Mind you, she's still married (and i'm not sure if that ever changed btw since she always dodged the issue) to David/Taho. I leave it alone for the time being, but during trying to find a file on her computer for the Sims, I stumble across a weird text message. To David. Basically chewing him out and getting into some weird control bit. I close the file since that waaaas not what I expected to find, some crazy marital vent session..and I just left it alone.
We go out to eat later on..and she brings up about how someone pissed her off and she publically humiliated them. Yeeeeeeeah, not at all creepy to see someone basically gleeful and salivating over that..oh wait, YES IT IS.

Cue her and I near the end of the trip driving, with Amanda in the car. Her and Amanda get into it, and I think she wanted me to get involved but nope nope, not going there. More of the same stuff, and it was clearly a power trip. All about her trying to dominate Amanda.

Afterwards she kept trying to push a relationship. I refused..I don't do married or separated. No way, no thanks. I confronted her about her hello..being married. She said it was just a business arrangement..that its just a social contract, a piece of paper..it was clear that it didn't matter so long as she got her way. It was like I was talking to a spoiled child.

I refused and it did not get pretty. Pretty nasty maybe. Now, i've been through some stuff but I wasn't having it or putting up with it. So, cue poor Jason. He was really sweet to her and tried to help her. I'm very surprised to get a message from him with Kati claiming to have a multiple personality of a little girl. I get a phone call to talk to this little girl, and it comes off as super manipulative..trying to guilt trip me. (And this is the weirdest thing. I've called it the Siren's song a few times..she's especially at her most manipulative through her voice.)

I'm already tallying the red flags when Jason sends me a message that has a conversation between him and 'little Kati'. It was basically the same weird stuff and I said..no way. Not happening. And Jason and I had a very long talk about it. We both decided to drop her like the bad habit she is, and right off the cuff she started demonizing poor Jason. (What she alludes to in that Tumblr you posted up.) I hauled off and blasted her up down, left, right and side ways..she tried to do pretty well what she's doing now with her critics and I line by line let her have it. That was when we didn't speak for about a year.

AGREED. This is the strangest thing i've noticed. When she's in direct communication with happy people and such..she tends to suck it right out of them. When she's no longer actively in their lives..they get much better. Its happened in pretty much every case of someone she's been close to and burned, me included. (I don't know about Amanda, but in some cases people are going to royally do themselves in regardless. I'm not at all defending her, but I use her name to give you an idea. And we're also talking a different Amanda than the one you recently posted a pic of, to clear that up.)

No. 308555

"I get a phone call to talk to this little girl"
Wait wait, so you talked to "little Kati" yourself? She actually has this split personality?

No. 308557


No, she doesn't have this personality and it was all an act to try and guilt trip me and Jason both. To my knowledge she does not have multiple personalities, just a whole lot of issues.

No. 308559

Yeah, I agree. Anyone who would act like that is a few fries short of a happy meal.

No. 308565

Anytime I say anything, in any regard, she goes into meltdown. Hell, she's been aware of my vid for the month it was up, and she didn't care until it gained traction when Nick and others shared it. NOW, because it is her own words and such..she has no control.

The less control she has over something, anything, the more she meltsdown. Paranoia, shit talking, the whole nine yards.
And to clarify, yes, I did have an hour long phone call with 'little Kati." Unfortunately.

No. 308568


I was just thinking about how absolutely ironic and unfortunate it is that she has gained any monetary momentum through her videos that she gained attention from through the horrible abusive things Onision has done. Corrupt breeding more corrupt.

No. 308569

All she could say is that she helped you and you were now shit talking etc. She never actually addressed anything in the video.

No. 308573

She tried to again claim that I was butthurt about her not taking advice. Do you have any idea how hard I laughed at that? One of the very things I put up a video to defend…with her own words and chat logs.

And she's still. Still telling people that shit. But hey, if she wants to validate my vid, more power to her. (Philpost)

No. 308584


Have you ever seen her be violent? Is she a physically dangerous person?

Was this conversation with "little Kati" 10 years ago or more recent?

Who is the ex-fiance that supposedly wants her back? Did that not work out because she might still be married to the David/Taho person?

No. 308592

I have never seen her be violent, simply because anyone that she tried to do that with would probably very easily whip her like her fanboys are whipped over her. She is not a physically dangerous person, but she is a very dangerous person in terms of mental and emotional manipulation. She knows how to get her hooks in, adapt to a crowd, and play up a crowd. I'm sorry to say as I said in my vid I wound up helping her get better at her craft..and I still do feel very badly about that. I don't think it would have changed what she's doing now..but at LEAST somene who's been around can talk about it and she can't wiggle out of it. However, I did enable that..and I am HUGELY sorry for that.

Conversation with Kati was right around the time with the jason stuff. Right before her Tumblr posts over it.

The ex fiance? Hard to tell. She's had a few of those. Until they get fed up with her using them and kick her to the curb. (With the exception of Daniel. OMG that guy.) I will clear up one thing, though. Lumina was all Taho's baby. David gave her a singing position and such so she'd have a part to play and would actually DO something.

That's in regards to how a record company would pay anyone to channel angels. eye roll And its weird because she blamed all of her life choices on said angels. Only nowawayds it seems to be on fibro brain and all that crap.

Regarding her marriage, she doesn't seem to tell her boyfriends about that to my knowledge, and I generally try not to pry for too many details, just brace for impact.

No. 308610

I've been talking to someone that is going to make a full on exposed video on Kati. Not just the DO5 stuff but EVERYTHING. I have been looking and I can't find where Kati talks about her inoperable tumor. I know she has claimed to heal it herself with meditation. I just can't find it now. Send help.

No. 308612


Listen to the radio call in show linked in one of the first 5 posts on this thread. It's the call in show with the higher number on it. She specifically claims she had the tumor for a year and doctors would not operate on it because they told her she would die from the operation.

No. 308614

(Philpost) I can help you with that. Its right here in Joy's chats with Angel. http://imgur.com/a/h2Ujt

Yeah, I know, Angel. We've spoken on twitter and for the most part a pleasant exchange. Her actions are her actions, but this is a legitimate conversation that went on between the two. I can't speak on her reasons for it, and I have told her that even if she regrets certain actions, she still did them and is responsible for them. (It doesn't legitimize Angelas a whole, but the conversation is legit.)

No. 308620

File: 1494372535460.png (159.58 KB, 540x978, ylqwiUY.png)

No. 308628

Thanks guys you da best

No. 308637

Off topic, but there is some research on clearing up a specific type of asthma/lessening the symptoms via diet.
It's the same change in diet used to help treat some types of epilepsy, and used in conjunction with chemo/radiation to lessen mortality risk of some cancers.

However, I don't think she's telling the truth because as soon as you go back to eating the way you did your asthma/seizures/etc get worse/come back (depending on what you're trying to treat/manage). It basically works by eliminating inflammatory foods from the diet (meaning most processed foods, sometimes dairy and stuff as well), in the case of asthma, and that sure as hell doesn't include all the pizza and junk food joysus eats.

Just thought it was an interesting tidbit. Sage for not relevant.

No. 308643

Thanks for the info Phil- this definitely broadens the picture as far as her history goes. Any chance you can tell us a bit about this deal with the current roommate? First she said he was an Ex and last night she claimed he was not an Ex. I've always gotten a sense that she might be stringing the current roommate along with something or another…

No. 308658

seconding this. very curious about the current roommate and the dynamic between them.

No. 308661

(Philpost) I saw that. Good lord, the nerve of that woman. She has an ego that would split atoms. I had stuff to say twitter wise about that, too.

I would agree with you. She told me that he wasn't an ex, just someone with romantic potential that never worked out that was going to help her. He came to get her and help her move as of May 29th last year, and she's been there rent free ever since.

That's also why I have her current address and know she lives in Norman. I had that and her phone number handy because no one else was around and Dom couldn't be reached. So I have her emergency contact info from that and know as a result. (She was having another one of those OMG i'm gonna die moments. She had been having them nightly and was claiming her angels were telling her its time to go home.)

Speaking of Fibro, that was when she starting to claim such. The vid shows it, I practically begged her to get a legit diagnosis..that talk about coffee enemas still makes me wince. >_O
But the reason she started on that was she was describing symptoms and myself and others were trying to figure out what it could be..so she could go to a doc and have it looked at. Finally I said, well, what about Fibro..? Since it seemed to match a bunch of them. But she never wanted to visit the doc because it costs money and they're all quacks.

Yet, according to her, as of May of last year she had 40K in savings that she was sitting on from her marketing days. (That I could honestly believe.) She didn't want to use that money if at all possible. When you hear me say probably 30k i'm trying to account for a years expenditures on a large scale..that figure may be off but she is certainly not hurting for money. Not at all. If that 40k figure is false then it is just one of many lies she has told. But it came from her own lips, and its a question others have asked that she has avoided every single time.

Regarding Dominique, from what I know of him he seems to have a wide variety of interests and is all in all a decent guy that seems to like his 420..some times a little too much but eh whatever floats your boat as long as it doesn't sink it. I legitimitely thing he let her stay with him to help her..and it was only supposed to be for about a month..then a couple months..and now..she's basically a parasite until she gets shown the door.

No. 308664


Rare the you get to actually witness the solidification of a cult. She's using this stuff to form her "fortress" of spergleberries to protect her ass.

No. 308672

I wish someone on a larger scale would release Phils video to the public. Jamie has a lot of followers on twitter or even Repzion who has seen it now. I would love to watch her 5 hour damage control younow stream if he tweeted that video lol.

No. 308674


I think a YouTube livestream or interview would work better.

No. 308680

i hope that you're not recommending an interview with kati herself. she knows how to spin. we've seen it too many times.

maybe tweet the video at rep asking for him to retweet it? i know that he's already seen it, but idk it might be worth a try.

i'm too tired to go back through all of the posts and find the direct quotes about "little kati" or how kati uses her voice to manipulate people, but i DEFINITELY noticed that in the audio from last night. i started listening and i was like, this doesn't sound like "normal" kati.

i studied linguistics for a while (i don't have my degree and i'm not an ~expert~ but i do have a little experience) and she definitely uses tone and meter and other linguistic tools to create whatever persona she's trying to pull off. i have no doubt that that's what she was doing with "little kati." i've heard her sing and i am NOT impressed but she DOES know how to manipulate her voice in order to manipulate her audience. to me, it's really interesting, scientifically. in every other way, it's just gross.

No. 308684


No, was talking about an interview with Phil.

Re voice: I was becoming convinced that she was attempting to act and was just really bad at it. Then again, I'm not the best at picking up on facial cues and stuff.

No. 308685

Yeah, she's been trying that for a while. Mututal people between our streams have been doing their darndest not to get caught up in the mess, but lemme tell you what..the way you see some people change on a dime…and its crazy. They don't even have their own opinions. They make and change their opinions based on Kati and her inner circle as a whole. (Some of them seem to have a legitimate crush on her, which she certainly seems to work on with the ladies as well as the guys. Again, its all about control.) This whole setup on hers is a case study on how cults develop and what it does to the people involved.

And i'd like to add that I was around when she first started up that Joysus crap. That was straight up cringe and I didn't like it, I still don't like it. I've had more than a few things to say to Joy's fans..some of them nice, some of them not so nice depending on the person and their response.

I have recieved several messages from people asking for further information at this time, but I'm not sure of what will be done about it. She has already messed up her own rep big time within the last few days, especially with bigger Youtubers. And there are others that either aren't getting involved…or are just watching the situation. I can't fault them for it and I do respect them for that. A very neutral, but responsible stance.

Mind you, i'm not speaking for those Youtubers on how they feel about Joy. That's just an observation based on past events and current reactions. The video is definitely getting notice.

Jamie is very much aware of my video. We have also talked over twitter. I see her vs Joy as Joy Vs Onision..i'm not really willing to merit anything involving her and my twitter is proof on what I feel about her.

Rep actually knows about it. I don't know how much of it he has seen but Nick has been tweeting it around, and Rep commented on the video just to say "Oh shit." So, no clue what if anything will develop there.

She was a decent singer for a while. She's just severely out of practice. Then again, I am also very much out of practice LOL. She did have a Youtube channel up before that where she was doing singing stuff..Phantom of the Opera. She asked my opinion..it was decent enough but she needs better breathing control and to work on that over use of vibratto. shrug

Having seen that clusterfuck she calls a Patreon though, that whole thing is a ripoff. And $500 a month? (A month) for Voice lessons? That's just insanity. Still not as bad as $50 a month for a one time voicemail. That's…what..1100? Good lord no, my math is off. 600 a year. That's an expensive voicemail.

No. 308686


thanks for this. you just explained more that i was curious about. she may have worked in "marketing" but the word covers a broad range of jobs. including working merchandise/promo booths which we have pictures of. after hearing her repeatedly say marketing and advertising were "her thing", i listened closely and discovered she knows fuck all about it. i write more about this here– >>308072 ..i can 99.9% guarantee the figure she gave you is fake. or at least the way she obtained it.

who is this Dom/Dominique person you mention? i only see you mention them twice in this post but no details as to who they are.

how many times has she been married? and is she a serial dater?


absolutely. she is very skilled at changing her tone to suit whatever powerful point or belief she wants to get across. she knows exactly what she is doing and it is likely not a natural part of her personality but rather something practiced over time. i find it quite interesting as well..kind of like how i find botulism interesting but i wouldn't go anywhere near it.


make no mistake: she is definitely acting and putting on a front. but she's been doing this for years, as phil has revealed, so it comes more naturally now than it would have..say 6+ years ago. she fucks up a lot, though, and anyone with experience in recognizing manipulating notices when she breaks character accidentally.

No. 308697

Jesus fucking Christ dude. I am sorry all this went down. Remember that hindsight is 20/20 and you are doing the right thing now. Don't beat yourself up about having compassion or perhaps not making the best decisions in the past. Thank you for sharing with us. People will benefit from understanding who and what they are dealing with when it comes to Katie.

Who the fuck does she think she is?! No one even asked for a fucking conversation with her! GOD she is so unbelievable.

No. 308698


I wouldn't pay a fucking DIME for that shrill voice to greet me each and every day, holy fuck. I've heard her sing over YouNow. She has potential for sure but she is way far off from being an "Opera" singer LET ALONE a professional voice coach. She is often way too sharp and you nailed it regarding the false vibrato. Any vocal teacher worth their salt would never endorse faking your vibrato. Agreed about the breathing control. She might be out of practice, sure, but I've known of singers who gave up for a variety of reasons for many years who were able to burst out powerful notes from their diaphragm. I'm not sure she knows the meaning of the word. She is a fraud and it gets more and more tiresome when she lies about things that some of us actually have experience in. FUCK.

No. 308702

ahhhhh okay, yeah that would be cool. i'm def on board with that.

oh she's a bad actress, but she's better if you don't see her face. on voice alone, she can be convincing sometimes.

she was only ever "decent." not the amazing singer she tries to carry herself as. her voice is okay. i was a singer myself for a while, and i was only okay too, but i never claimed to be ~amazing~. it just annoys me that people fawn over her voice when she's legitimately nothing special. and $500 a month for a voice lesson fucking KILLS me. i haven't stopped laughing about that. i used to see an amazing vocal coach and i think i paid him $60 per lesson, which with four monthly lessons was $240 per month. and he was a very, very special talent.

philbro i definitely think that you should make another video on this, or an interview like people said. i'd message you about it but i legit need to go back to bed. i tried to type $ but typed & and sat here staring at the screen going "that doesn't look right………"

last note tho

she legit doesn't know what she's doing. she's probably had people build up her ego over the years so she thinks she's a pro (she's a pro in everything else, right?). you N E V E R fake or force a vibrato. and the sharpness shows very little control. i don't care how rusty you are, a little warming up should get you back on the right road if you know what you're doing. i could barely use my diaphragm for five years even for BREATHING due to a neurological issue, but i still learned how to control my voice better than her (by chest-breathing and through sheer stubbornness and stupidity tbqh). freaking heck. yet another instance of her reeling in people who don't know any better.

No. 308708


These comments amaze me (she has potential as a singer)… I find her voice so shrill and harsh, it is hard for me to believe she has any control over her voice. I admit, I'm not a singer or into it, and I actually am sensitive to loud sounds so that is definitely part of it. But, it is very hard for me to listen to her without taking a break. That she is filming in that "videos from the institute" way (backed against a white wall in what sounds like a huge empty room w/wood floors)… ugh!

SIDE NOTE TO PHIL: if you do put out more videos, try running them through a noise reduction or something like that. There a hissing in your video and it would have been much better (given the 3hrs) if that weren't there. I wouldn't fix it at this point, but not sure if you noticed that happening.

No. 308719

Ugh, I have the same issue with her voice.

PHIL: Would you be interested in someone editing down that video? I feel that your input is so important and I would be willing to work on it if anyone is interested in a shorter version and you are cool with it.

No. 308721


Not Phil, but would like original to stay available if that happens.

No. 308723


same anon as >>308698 Her speaking/yelling voice is definitely shrill and her singing voice is not much better. When it comes to the "potential" thing..I meant to put quotes around it in the original post to emphasize the iffyness of said potential. So to be clear: she has "potential". In a way, most everyone has potential to be a singer. But that doesn't make them anywhere near good or on even a basic level ;)

No. 308730

Please, what was the name of the place with the word Joy in it she donated to? I think I may have just happened upon why she deleted those images from her twitter.

No. 308733

What i'm most upset about is that my helping her was used for ill means. She took observations that were meant (and learned from dealing with stuff) to help the community at large and used them to fluff her own selfish ego. I enabled a manipulator to be a better manipulator, and now others will get roped into the drama that weren't before because of that. BECAUSE I defended her quite a bit, it also gave her an air of credibility which added to that. It is a very tough pill to swallow at the end of the day, but that is something that I am certainly responsible for.

What do you supposed she really has, then? I have often been curious to that myself. She certainly has enough money to threaten lawsuits.

To my knowledge, she was married once, to David. He went to France and i'm not sure they ever actually divorced. She claims it wasn't legal in terms of the United States and that it was a business arrangement, she'd always dodge the issue when pressed. He moved on with his life and I haven't spoken to him in years. I have heard offhand that he has a wife and a kid and is doing quite well. Good for him! He's awesome and i'm glad things worked out well away from that one.

She hasn't been married since, but she's had a slew of boyfriends and dates. Many of them tend to fall under the same category and it generally doesn't last long. Then the breakup, then she's the victim and they're evil. Rinse, lather, repeat ad infinatum.

The only one i'd agree on that was sincerely an evil man was Daniel. He believed God was talking to him, and it was like she stayed with him because the more that he was a challenge that she couldn't dominate or control..the more obsessed she became. Same applies to Onision and DO5 and why she's obsessed like she is. Its the exact same issue. I wasn't sure what was going to happen for a while with things getting more and more screwed up. Thankfully that was the one piece of advice she DID take and finally got away from him.

She dates like she's approached for criticism. You have to fawn and feign over her, theres the sweet talking and the cringe..and when she doesn't get her way out comes..well, you know where that leads by now.

She had a LOT of potential as a singer and could probably reclaim a lot of it if she started working with her voice again. She's deteriorated in that regard quite a bit..but its a matter of..she doesn't practice, and doesn't put effort into it.

Regarding the video:
-I have had offers to edit that down because "Jesus, you're a noob at this." (LOL, yes I am.) If you want to, go right ahead and feel free to do with it what you will.
-The original will remain available. No worries.
-FUTURE videos: I plan to do a clarification video. Other than that i'm not looking forward to the idea of an obsessive 80+ Kati series, we've all seen where that leads. Its the reason my channel never took off as I never decided what I wanted to actually do with it..and as you all have seen, editing, sound, and all of that pretty well sucks. I can make good points but as far as production skills I am frankly terrible at it and it shows. LOL. But I wasn't thrilled with the Joy rampantly putting up vids on Onision and I really, really don't want to go own that road.

I will however, answer questions, talk your ear off about just about everything, and if you have other video suggestions i'll see what I can come up with. Don't worry, no more three hour monstrosities if I can help it. cringes

No. 308736


Joyful Heart Foundation. spill the milk, anon!


No. 308737


Oh, ok. Thanks. No wonder why I couldn't find it, I was searching the wrong thing.

Never mind, then. Carry on.

No. 308739

I saw in the comments that phil is setting up an interview with someone

No. 308740


I appreciate the well written responses. I'm still confused as to who Dom is?

Regarding what she really has like..financially? No idea. But she has lied big time about her marketing and advertising experience. If she had worked in higher level marketing/advertising, she could have easily made that nestegg in a few years time on top of making good financial decisions. But it's glaringly obvious that she most definitely has no experience beyond those merch/freebie/promo booths which anyone and their mother could work. That's a craigslist job in a lot of places. Given Kati's history with lying and not following through with things..I'm not sure she has ANY money to threaten lawsuits. Lack of money wouldn't stop a naracissist from saying they are rich, etc. She can make threats like that all day but would she, could she actually go through with them? Right now I'd say unlikely. Also it just makes zero sense to me that she wouldn't be paying ANY rent AT ALL if she had a nestegg of that size, which is fairly large for a single woman of her age. I just don't buy any of it.

No. 308743


comments, where? got a link? screenshot? please provide more detail on posts like this. also if you're new, pls sage posts (put 'sage' in the email field) that don't contribute milk..

No. 308746

Dom is her current roommate

No. 308754

Nothing is set in stone yet. A few have approached for interviews. My week tends to be quite busy, so I don't honestly know what for sure is going on, or what ground is going to be covered. But i'll give em their fair say.

OH, sorry. Dom = Dominique. Anons at one point speculated on whether or not that was his name, it is. I still would love to know how they figured out she was in Norman. (Yes, she is.) Not that she doesn't give out enough info, but damn. That anon was on it.

And her financial sense has never made much sense to me, honestly. But she hides enough truth and lies mixed together that its often hard to sift between the two.

Well, if its involving me personally, then i'll be happy to address it. I have had several comments on people wanting to speak to me in private, I know PandaChu recently stated she wanted to do an interview, all of that..its right up in my comments section.

If nothing else, i'll hear them out.

(PHILPOST) (I've been saging all of mine since i'm not really sure what you consider pertinent.)

No. 308760

dunno if I am just stoned or what but I am missing the connection

No. 308762

nah, disregard, it was meant to be about the place Joy collected donation for, however there is more than one place with that name. oops.

No. 308763


I deleted the post because that wasn't where she donated. See: >>308736

No. 308766

Special spaces was she did a charity stream for, at the end of March . Unsure if there was ever receipts posted on her end for that one and I think there may still be a video of the stream on her channel

No. 308767

File: 1494381495992.png (258.91 KB, 1319x2015, Capture _2017-05-10-02-57-21-1…)

No. 308768

(Philpost) Yep! That's what i'm talking about here:>>308754

But that is the correct conversation.

No. 308769


wow thanks for all the milk haha. i got a few questions i'd like to pose to you..

this whole kathy thing. we know it goes back to her mom. i found she's pals on facebook with her, and i'm really curious if they have the awful relationship joy is always whinging about having with her entire family. if things are so bad why are they connected on facebook? they are both active there. are you aware or have you seen any public posts between the two of them that suggests a friendly or at least normal relationship? not asking for specific posts of course. it just amazes me that she chose her own mother's name to use as an insult and thought she was being clever by making the name one letter different. i don't know if you have any idea if her family knows about this but any insight you can share into joy's relationship with her mom..either online or off..would be interesting. definitely not asking for anything personal. i'm just surprised that she doesn't try to hide the apparent contempt for her mother. it's much more glaringly obvious compared to the videos in which she trashes her entire family. her mother btw doesn't appear to be the white trash type that joy has made her "kathy" character into. she's also moaned about her white trash family abusing her endlessly but from what i've seen her mother doesn't really fit into typical white trashness. the potential is there, but i see many signs of a pretty typical middle class person. my main interest is if they are really estranged or what.

can you tell us how she ended up in Norman? what made her move there? was it to move in with this Dom dude?

choose your interviewer wisely. you have a lot of legitimate info on joy that should be recognized and heard, and it would be shitty if it were compromised by a disgruntled ex-fan with an agenda that doesn't necessarily mesh with yours.

No. 308771


holy cow. i'm a bit late. the milk is flowing!

No. 308776

I do it for my fellow anons <3

also anon if you're watching the stream and hear her mention MrRepzion, could you share the timestamp where she mentions him? I'm going through it (again) but fuuuck my ears are ringing from her shrillness. Or if any anon who wouldn't mind helping the resident younow recorder out - much appreciated!

No. 308779

dont forget this masterpiece

No. 308781


sorry tagged the wrong post, >>308375

>>308776 am short of the time right now to watch all parts, sorry anon, hopefully someone else can help out here

No. 308782

File: 1494382519680.png (240.19 KB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20170509-220728.png)

Grab from takedownman's video titled "exposing joy sparkle bs" where he kisses her gross ass and praised what a wonderful person she is and said that she actually added $50-$60 of her own money to make it $100.

No. 308784


Has the entirety of her stream from today been uploaded? saged

No. 308786


whaaaaatt??? that doesn't prove a motherfucking thing! there's not even a username. what in the fuck these idiots need to learn the definitions of "proof" and "receipts". ffs


yes. scroll up. what is with the hand holding you anons want today? look, then ask. shit.

No. 308787

Did she donate this in 2017? Only because from what I see this donation is from 2016? Look in the corner of the post.

No. 308788


Wait… wasn't Joysus never touched booze or drugs virgin … what is that tripping comment?

No. 308793

Paypal's current site still has 2016 copyright marks.

No. 308795

good call ! It would have happened in March or April 2017

They are completely ridiculous. This is probably why she won't post them again. He is creepy af, not to mention shady and there's something really off about him. Probably a good chance he had donated last year and posted that to save her ass

No. 308797

File: 1494383793103.jpg (230.66 KB, 1440x2240, IMG_20170509_223344.jpg)


Sage for OT

Displays 1999-2017 on mine

No. 308800

That's a lie. SHe's smoked weed before, and had a bad trip with that whole peyote alternative. Forget the name..starts with an A. She was hanging out with some people into witchcraft and she had a bit trippy session and it got weird, lol. And she has drunk before, just not much.
HAHAHAHAHAHA. Parody video. I remember when Kati and David made that. Happier times before she went full coocoo on him. David can really be hilarious when he opens up.

I saw where Repzion asked about that, but personally I didn't notice anything on the topic. Now, he seems to have taken a neutral stance on things until he knows more, which is smart. Very smart. He doesn't seem to me to be the sort that really rushes into things. So this has definitely given me a lot to respect in terms of Repzion.

Hoo boy. She has always been on bad terms with her folks. Last we talked when she was in KC, her mom was trying to provoke her to find anything to get at her with to use to get her committed. Given everything as it is now..its hard to say who is being truthful and lying between her and her folks. But if what Kati has told me about them is true, then the apple doesn't seem to fall far from the tree.

How she ended up in Norman. Well, things keep coming to bite her in KC. It was not a good environment, and the way she was going she'd probably wind up suiciding or committed or something similar..that was what I saw developing and I certainly didn't want that. I told her to seek greener pastures a few times, but noooooo…she was going to live the big life as a music star and all these contacts were going to suddenly appear and all that jazz.

Needless to say, didn't happen. Then this mystery illness became a thing. She was saying she didn't even have enough energy to paint, drive, go to the park..i'd suggest positive things to unwind, de-tox and just loose the negative and she'd shoot down every single one. She started running out of options and said she needed someone to care for her constantly (I even offered to put her up in a room at one point because she was saying she'd live out of her car..)…and she claimed to have a few offers….all of them including weird relationships or Exes and Dom seemed to be the most stable choice, so she moved in with him.

I fully agree on the interviewer issue. I can't say i've been approached by anyone super outlandish so far, and Jamie already knows she isn't welcome. But that concern is certainly there. Or that the interviewer is some crazy Joy fan. shudder You never know on the internet.

No. 308806

So this screen shot of her donation is from 2016. But she donated in March-april 2017. Makes no sense. And paypal do not have 2016 on their site. When it became 2017, they changed it as do all sites.
So that screen shot is possibly fake.

No. 308807


No. 308811

(Philpost) I believe that may be it. It was some sort of safer alternative to peyote that can at times make you have an even more intense trip. Supposedly this was more angel advice, spiritual journey and all of that.

No. 308816

File: 1494385185026.png (255.54 KB, 1281x655, iDm9Fzt.png)


Just took this from desktop

No. 308819


Odd. Not the previous anon but when I go to www.paypal.com mine shows 2017. It could be that not all their pages are updated to say 2017. If you go to www.paypal.com, no /webapps/etc it should show 2017..or does it for you?

No. 308821

No. 308823


I don't do paypal. Google might have given me that link because of my business or something??? I don't know.. but at least part of PayPal isn't up to date and that would seem par for the course with that shit show of a company.

No. 308825


Ok, I logged in and it brought me to www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/clickthru which is slightly different from the link in your screenshot. It says 2017 on this page for me. Ah I see the page you're on is a sign-up page. I've flipped through my account and it's all 2017. To me that means if she paid from her ACCOUNT, it should definitely say 2017.


Yeah I clicked that and the difference is that's a sign-up link whereas what I've got is what shows up when you log in to your account.

No. 308826


yeahhh that's what makes it sort of difficult. but i'm inclined to think it should say 2017. hm.

No. 308828

Oh jesus christ. Someone like Joy does not need to have anything to do with DMT. It probably took her to top level craziness.

No. 308832


Okay, just re-watched that video and she didn't say never have done it, just that she doesn't do it.

No. 308850

(Philpost) She was like that before she did that, and also after it. This was when she was still trying to claim she was a psychic. She'd cozy up and sweet talk people, usually the more emotionally vulnerable, get all their experiences out of them..and suddenly start using their words and mimicing them. Trying to pass herself off as some psychic expert. (She has all the ability of a corpse. Mentalist probably is a more fitting term)

If people would call her out on it, as to be expected her fanbase would then rally to her defense because "they're picking on me like they pick on you! Help!" Mind you..that was back in 2006.

Sidenote: I'm actually getting minor twitter flack for talking on here. I find that funny, but its like this. None of you take any crap, you've been nothing but nice considering circumstances…and quite frankly you're a lot nicer than they are…so..I don't know why I wouldn't answer questions…

…and they keep parroting the same stuff she said in livestream. They don't even have an opinion. They just follow the herd. That's nuts.

No. 308852

File: 1494387896301.jpg (141.16 KB, 1437x1960, IMG_20170509_233850.jpg)

Taken a few minutes ago on mobile. Both my desktop and mobile are 2017


No. 308853

File: 1494387960082.jpg (224.23 KB, 1440x2219, IMG_20170509_233939.jpg)

No. 308866

Amazing video. Lets all like this video. Because it is so great. Not

No. 308867

I posted some of these earlier, here are those and the rest.


Not to be petty but I just don't think she's pretty. She's pretty plain and looks like every irish girl ever. (Obviously, that last bit isn't meant to be taken LITERALLY)

I see why she's insecure about her arms though. Looks like good eating after putting it in the crock pot for the day.


No. 308871

The photo of her in front of the moon is photoshopped. As in, that was not the original background.

No. 308872


as an irish girl……i agree. though kati is midwest through and through. lotsa german in the mix of all that plain.

have to agree, she isn't pretty and it seems like people are blatantly lying when they say she is. as a previous anon pointed out there's a reason she doesn't shoot from that angle she used in the Pepsi Ad Campaign review video: she doesn't look good. personally i think she looks like a man in that video.

i'd be insecure about my arms too but then i'd make sure to buy some clothes that fit. she stuffs her arms into those shrugs from 2004 so of course they look like sausages. this has been said 1000x times before but there's seriously no reason, financial or otherwise (LOL) that she can't afford some decent fitting clothes. her sweater collection doesn't count. remember that pity party tweet about how she was only able to afford a new bra recently for the first time in forever? what a crock of shit. stop making excuses constantly joy.

i thought the link you were posting was just going to be those same 3 goddamn modelling pics her fans rave about. tired of seeing those. there's a reason why only about 3 of them exist: she doesn't. look. like. that.

some of these pics i hadn't seen before. why does she jut out her lower lip like that? it's very, very unsexy.

since i'm on the petty wagon i want to know: am i the only one tired of looking up her nostrils and viewing her boogers in every video? it's so glaringly obvious that it amazes me the girl hasn't found a tissue yet. just clean out your nose if you're going to shoot from that angle. i know making yourself look bad is part of the malingering game, kati marie, but this is getting ridiculous.

No. 308873


yeah, the bad photoshop around her arm gives it away. these pics. is it me or does she look possibly underweight in some of these shots? we know how she's constantly fretting about how much weight she thinks she's gain bla bla, but imo she looks a bit borderline underweight in some of these.

No. 308874

In a couple of the photos, you can see where her breasts have been increased in size and her waist/face have been slimmed down. I can clock that from a mile away.

No. 308876

No, actually the moon picture is the original background. google image search the name of the hotel. looks like a pretty neat place.

No. 308877

She may have been to that place, and it may be an actual place, but that was not the original background. You can very clearly tell it's not when you look close enough.

No. 308889

this is definitely petty, but i'm also really self-conscious about my arms. they've always been the fattest part of my body, even when i was underweight. what i don't understand is the obsession with squeezing them into tight clothing?? i wear stuff that's baggy on my arms or short-sleeves that cut off in a flattering way. i mean, if you feel like displaying your insecurity, that's fine, but geez, she's just making herself look a million times worse.

and her excuse about not being able to afford "tailoring." lmfao. i'm poor as fuck and i can still buy flattering clothes. cheap clothes, yes, but clothes that fit my body.

and omg yes no one wants to see those nostrils. no one wants to see ANY nostrils, but especially not hers.

No. 308891

This. I call bullshit. No one with a $40K nest egg scams off everyone for everything including rent and whining about not being able to afford fucking clothes. And why even make a fucking Patreon for piddly money for a cause she allegedly cares ~so deeply about~ when clearly you have enough funds to just donate? It makes zero sense. I don't see how anyone can believe anything this wonderbitch says. She is so full of shit with everything. I can't even deal.

Dis bih is not model material and I am not saying that to be catty. She has ONE facial expression, trying to do a sexy open mouth and it looks like SHIT. Definite shoop on lots of these. I think she has masculine features and her eyes are too small and…I could go on but nope. Anyone can pay photographers for portfolio pics. Sorry, Kyatie. FAIL.

No. 308897

Doesn't look underweight to me.

No. 308904

DEFINITELY not underweight. her bone structure would be jutting out more. i'm 5'8" and was around 100lbs before i got my anorexia under control (not too extreme, but still not good), and it was obvious in every single picture, even when i was trying to hide it (because people had expressed concern). i think that some of the pics are shooped to make her look a little thinner, which is probably why the pictures look unnatural. but i've never seen a picture of her where she's underweight.

clarification: it was obvious that i was underweight until i wasn't anymore, not just when i was at my thinnest. your bones always give you away.

No. 308919

She keeps trying to draw a false equivalence between her angel horseshit and religion.

Let's list the ways the two aren't comparable or other ways this is problematic:

1. Religion generally applies to everyone. You could have a special relationship with a higher power but you recognize this could be the case with other people as well.

Not everyone is talked to by angels. You believe this is a special relationship for you and a selected few. You believe this relationship and by extension you is/are special and unique.

2. Do you really want to compare the angel talking thing with something that requires faith alone and doesn't require hard evidence? (Please don't derail because a debate about religion is not relevant to this thread, ok?)

3. Religion is culturally accepted (as long as you're the right one. right, muslims/catholics/mormons/scientologists?) in these here USA. Talking to angels is, by and large, not.

4. When people (religious or "spiritual" alike) tell others that God/angels/their-dead-grandmother talked to them, it's often with a motive. Sometimes for manipulation (God talked to the politician and told him to do exactly what his party wanted to do which was totes convenient for him. But not as convenient as selling the idea to the religious using God), to shed culpability, to con marks out of money (ie psychics. See: cold reading, forer effect, etc.), etc. Or because of untreated mental illness (and then kids end up drowned in bathtubs or driven into bodies of water.).

No. 308948

Phil is live streaming, talking about Joy

No. 308965

Someone record!

No. 309049

I think that was my biggest gripe about the entire thing. I admit that Joy's past has fuck all to do with her current stance on DO5, but at the same time I do believe it sheds a lot of light on her behavior and mental stability.

Thing is, I don't care if someone believes in crazy shit, whether it is socially acceptable or not. That's your right to believe. When my aunt passed away, my Grandmother swore up and down that she walked into the house, sat down in her favorite chair… said NOTHING, then got up and walked out the front door, minutes later she got a phone call saying she was gone. (My grandmother was raised Catholic, but has since left religion entirely.)

Do I think my grandmother is crazy? Not entirely. We all knew my aunt was dying. And the mind deals with grief in crazy ways.

But what Kati said was happening wasn't moment of grief. But straight crazy talk. I don't even think she BELIEVED the crap she said. I think she said it to fit in, to get people to notice her. To build a following of people who looked to her for advice and found her special. It's entirely the same thing she's doing right now. She's making herself out to be special, to get people to notice and admire her for her strength and insight. She craves that following, that attention and that praise. It doesn't matter what form she gets it from.

But when it comes to, "How dare you question me when you believe in God!" it's just silly nonsense. She makes it seem like she merely had a moment of silly hippy stuff. She didn't. She had YEARS of telling people angels spoke to her. SPOKE, said words. She quoted the exact words Angel's said to her. And not only did they speak to her, but she had special powers. She played it off as saying, "I still think everyone has spirituality, aura's etc" but that wasn't what she was dealing with then. She downplayed it!

That's entirely different than someone praying to God and reading "the good book". Even in the faith communities, people who claim God talks back are seen, by the majority, as mentally unwell individuals. The ones that manage to slip past the majority as mentally unstable end up getting 20+ people to commit suicide en masse.

Ask the majority of Christian based communities what they think about glossolalia. I remember attending church with someone once as a child that spoke in tongues. I was young and I was like, cool, I get to get up there and make "humblomgurgle" sounds! Awesome! Then I was yelled at because I didn't have the spiritual gift from god to speak in tongues! Even as a child, I was smart enough to realize right then and there, that was some weird and insane bullshit and they were full of total crap if that was what it all meant. (This was the same church that handed out insane comic books about the devil….)

Sage 4 Lyf. Sage 4 blog.

No. 309165

Her twitter is incredibly quiet, I wonder what's going on? Because you know she can't resist running her mouth.

Also, yes, did someone record Phil's stream?

No. 309246

Someguy made a 38 min video about how he never trusted joy, the walls around her are crumbling.

No. 309275

Yeah, I saw it last night. He also talks about her hateboner for Onision.

No. 309284

Watching his video now. I get where he is going, but a lot of it's just rambling and sort of misinformation. JoyFans will have a field day with it. I don't subscribe to the guy, so I don't know his video style. Not hating on him, just the facts. But I totally agree with the main idea.

He also talks about Angel. He clearly does not deal with/lurk through lolcow haha. But Angel brought that shit on herself, IMO. She was told to back off and stop acting like a cow several times - she didn't. What can we say? She pretended to be several people at once. Whoops.

Hit enough men and you're eventually gonna get hit back. Doesn't matter if someone else told you to do it or not. You have a mind of your own. And having HFA doesn't mean shit. She's not retarded.

No. 309289


There wasn't any proof at all that Angel was posting because Joy told her to. There was, however, proof in the screenshots of messages Angel posted herself that she was posting of her own volition and motivation.

> She pretended to be several people at once.

And they're tagged like he mentioned so how did he not notice that?

Interesting that Someguy mentions autism (which is probably how she got him to feel sorry for her) and here it was all about her other condition which I can't remember the name of and don't care enough to find.

This video was really disappointing. Someguy used to have some well researched videos (remember the sciesca expose?) In this one, he got the most basic facts wrong.

No. 309299

I'm assuming she told him about it. And/Or he quickly glanced at it, it's not hard to miss the image and you don't need to read the posts to see it at all.

And like I said HFA isn't an excuse at all for anything. If nothing else, a person with Autism should be even less likely to fall for Joy's shit unless they also have some degree of MR to go with it. And I don't recall the other illness' name either. Is she the one in the wheelchair? Hell if I remember it all, Joy has so many fans with mental/physical illnesses they all begin to blend into one super weird being in my head. I do recall getting into a long af argument with one of her fans on YouTube back at the start of Joy's channel… basically like 4th or 5th video she made about Onision, which happened to also be the same time I really began to question Joy's real intentions. And the girl (later on over the Shaytard vid) was saying she had some disability that has her now in a wheelchair and Joy did something to help her and I was out of line for questioning Joy.

When Joy went after Shaytard I lost it. Granted, I was not a Shaytard fan, only ever seen ONE of his videos… but when she began her video with "I am sick so I may get things wrong because I wasn't able to research" I flipped my shit on that. And the same girl came to her rescue with that video.

No. 309300

"Niiiice, a 38 minute video about the BS of Kati!"
>dude talks about the forest and Patreon for half an hour
Dammit, SMG.

No. 309305


> I'm assuming she told him about it.

You're right. I assumed that he saw the thread but clearly this was an incorrect assumption. If he had, his video would have been totally different.

> And like I said HFA isn't an excuse at all for anything.

I didn't say it was. I'm just saying that's how she got sympathy from Someguy. She starts shit then uses her illness as a shield.

> And I don't recall the other illness' name either. Is she the one in the wheelchair?

Yeah, iirc. She's also has Ehlers-Danlos.

No. 309307

Joysus patreon is down from 47 to 43 and down from $248 to $238.

No. 309316

>I didn't say it was.
Nah, wasn't saying you did. I was just saying it again for repeat sake. Sorry, my way of implying I was the previous poster and restating that both her and Someguy using it to excuse her behavior is asinine. Clearly, we see this.

> She starts shit then uses her illness as a shield.

Just like Joy. Birds of a feather.

No. 309327

People talking about videos and stuff. Please can you link them so everyone else knows what you are talking about

No. 309329

No. 309330

joy has now donated 600 to rose.

No. 309341


HA! So, based on PhilS postings, Rose now owes her $600?

Also, based on calculations provided above, that would have been $600 on $1100 income (if the 75% reduction claimed by Joysus was true). Until she shows her YouTube stats on screen (and she can get them on a per video basis)… I don't believe it. If she wasn't hit by that severe ad issue (as a new/small YouTuber)… She was paid near $4k for April.

No. 309342

Does he still lurk here?

No. 309355


Yeah, whilst being autistic can lead you to be a bit gullible, Joy is a sensory nightmare and so wanting to associate with her and being on the spectrum seem incompatible to me (being on the spectrum myself.) Plus, her terrible typing style would also put me off being manipulated by her, I would just get pissed off. I would agree that you'd be less likely to fall for Joy's shit if you're 'high functioning' autistic. I'm not a teenager, though.

It also does not contribute to, nor excuse, pretending to be multiple people and then insisting that someone is impersonating you leading to being outed by your IP. That was just stupid.

No. 309368


New joy exposed video

No. 309448

Im kinda late into this drama so I might missed it but has she ever been to a shrink? Does she have some diagnosis she don't wanna talk about?

Could it be some type of schizophrenia?
I mean hearing angels voices grandiose delusions extrene egotism hypochondria *disorganized speech

It's hard to believe for me that she wasn't involuntarily committed to a psychward at some point in life.

No. 309461


She does sound like schizophrenia IF the voices weren't always so conveniently in sync with her goals and desires. Unfortunately schizophrenia voices aren't always like that. They can "advise" scary or even bad things and are not under the control of the afflicted person. So, I tend to lean away from schizophrenia because of that.

OTOH, I had a friend who was an evangelical christian. She wanted an extremely expensive saddle once. She excitedly told me how when it went on sale for 10% off she felt that was God telling her to buy it and she heard it in her "spirit". Kati comes from an area with a lot of evangelical type churches. I could totally see her merging "speaking in tongues" and "God spoke to me" into what she is claiming in those blogs, the angel channeling, and the videos. Those types of churches are very much into "I feel like I've have a Word from God for you" type conversations where congregants go around passing off their personal thoughts as having been put into their mind by God. They view this as normal. Almost all MAJOR christian scammers use this as the foundation for why they scam people. It's a great con angle because so many people are more than willing to buy into it.

No. 309485

She's been repeatedly told by doctors she has anxiety disorder but she keeps saying it's not that because she has fevers (or sometimes because her resting heart rate is low) and for a while, it seemed like her chest pains were just a manifestation of panic attacks but then later she goes on camera and has what she says is a panic attack yet was able to finish the video while speaking coherently & calmly, if only slightly upset, and claims this was possible because she is able to mask the symptoms of a panic attack so well you can't tell she's having one (not possible, if you can hide a "panic attack" you aren't having one, it's just the nature of the disorder.)

Aside from that, there were some hints in her past writing that she was possibly diagnosed as bipolar although she doesn't outright say so. We do see her exhibit manic-depressive cycles and other symptoms like delusions of grandeur. I don't think she actually hears these angels, she just uses it as a manipulation tactic & to get others to see her as special. Now she uses her "illness" like she used to use "angels"…to excuse her choices & behavior. She also seems to be a pathological liar, her stories are constantly changing, she does it so much she can't keep her own lies straight. From what Phil posted earlier at one point she pretended to have multiple personality disorder and spoke to him as "little Kati" which was a "personality" of herself but younger. She obviously does not have MPD, because it conveniently manifested just that one time, it served its purpose then she dropped the act. Even if she had a disorder like

No. 309489

i have severe bipolar disorder, and while it's possible that she COULD have it, i question her "depressive" episodes. it seems like she's only ever "depressed" when it's convenient for her. she seems to have a LOT of control over everything that she's doing. i'm not ruling it out, i just don't buy her "depression" at all. a disorder that's strictly anxiety/mania-based is more likely.

No. 309492


I also have bipolar and doubt she has it. Her 'episodes' are too brief and reactive.

She has anxiety and some sort of personality disorder.

No. 309500

OT but I have been wondering if she regrets making her sign off so damn long. She probably doesn't regret the twee as fuck sentiment but it is so long and she spits it out so speedy that I wonder if she ever now wishes she'd been more concise.
Although, this is the least concise person on the internet, of course.

No. 309507

A lot of her behavior is far too convenient to be caused by a mental disorder. Symptoms seem to conveniently appear & disappear in relation to how much criticism she's getting at the time.

No. 309513

At this point, it's getting so out of hands that I'm wondering if she's histrionics. No sexual component, tho, but the constant trying to be in the spotlight, making up bigger and bigger stuff when she feels threatened…

No. 309514

yeah, that's pretty much what i was trying to say. i have ZERO control over my multiple disorders and the slew of symptoms that come with them (although, as i've said previously, i can still control my actions, and so can she). her episodes are too convenient. i do think that she potentially has something anxiety-related but everything else seems contrived. everyone already knows that she's a manipulator. i won't call her a master manipulator, because i know way better ones, but she tries her best.

No. 309524

And the proof is… Where? Sorry, I'm gonna need more then just her tweeting about to believe it.

No. 309527

File: 1494452387277.png (60.59 KB, 519x782, I4xYtil.png)


Jesus… do you need a mommy to chew your food for you too? maybe someone to wipe your ass? go to the fucking gofundme page next time.

No. 309531

Or you could post a fucking screencap since this is an IMAGE BOARD

No. 309532

No. 309533

This information is from Rose herself. I can't explain the source, I promised confidentiality. I'm sure others will confirm this at some point too. All I'm gonna say is that she's 100percent donated 600, but what people have to realise is that these videos are still monetized and she'll still be making money from these children in the future. It's a very slimey move from Joy. Rose does not agree with what Joy is doing, I can tell you that. And you'll hear more about this at some point. Although rose and other people do not want to get involved with Joy and her bullshit. Rose has too much on her plate already. But at some point people will speak on roses behalf.

No. 309535

This video is awesome. I love Martin Louis. I had never heard Joy's radio interview before.

No. 309541

OH MY GOD THAT VIDEO! When he was reading her angel blog in that voice…I died. So funny

No. 309542

File: 1494453225110.png (176.25 KB, 1237x1777, Capture _2017-05-10-22-46-51-1…)

This doesn't even cover all the videos shes done… But I think she's made more than 600

No. 309565

Well, she never said she'd donate ALL of the money. In fact, she specifically said she wouldn't! So really, what DID she make to make $600 "Most" of the money she made? I doubt she'll ever release it, but I'd love to see the receipts for what she DID make. Not what she donated without that extra bit of information.

No. 309569

she'll never show those receipts. that would require her being honest.

No. 309590

(Philpost) I agree when it comes to Angel. Her convo was legit, but that doesn't excuse her actions here or elsewhere. We've had that conversation. From what i've seen of her since, she does seem to be getting help and doing her own thing now…otherwise quiet on her end so I don't know what's what there.

And good lord, Joy seems to be going after so many people these days that I just can't seem to keep track.


Someone today asked me a really good question about that. "But what will she do with the income from future earning from those videos?" I think that's a really good point/question. Is it a one time donation and the rest go to her? Will she successively donate over time? I don't know. My position on all those vids is that AWARENESS is definitely already there. No need to have the vids up any longer especially so many of them and she (Kati) needs to privitize them or remove them altogether if it is really 'about the children.'

Regarding whether or not she owes Joy now, well, considering Joy's usual pattern its so she looks good with the crowd for one, and secondly…well, she didn't say that she wanted it back but we've already seen how that BS can change. eye roll

To my knowledge except maybe early on possibly in her childhood years (very vague in that conversation) it hasn't happened. I highly, highly doubt that she will, either…even though she REALLY needs to.

Yep. In that vid one of the slides shows her saying the doc without blinking an eye said anxiety. Then there was the coffee enema nonsense and all that assorted crazy stuff.

Bi polar? Possibly. Manic depressive? Possibly. I'm no expert by far but it wouldn't at all surprise me. The MPD thing was just straight up manipulation..she only stopped that when it was clear it wasn't going to work which was enough to tell me that she knew what she was doing. I ABSOLUTELY agree on Pathological liar..she's showcased that more than sands in a desert.

Wow. This is much better than mine. I'm Jelly lol.
It is interesting to me..I remember her saying she made less than a dollar per vid. Was the donation from other sources or from videos? If it was from videos then she's contradicted herself again.

No. 309612

Okay, I gotta ask–as far as the "coffee enema nonsense" goes, are you saying she actually tried that, or… what exactly?

Coffee and enema should never be put together like that.

No. 309618

Yep. She did try that. And I agree. I cringe and shudder just thinking about it. WTF.

No. 309623

I dated a guy who did that shit (no pun intended.) There were enemas and a bath after. It kind of freaked me out he'd spend 2 hours in the bathroom essentially playing with his ass.

Why not just eat taco bell and cut like an hour off your time?

No. 309624

The Coffee enema thing, I actually had a doctor talk to me about that, in passing, before. It's not uncommon, actually! Both my son and I have issues and when he mentioned I may have to give him an enema (if we cannot fix the problem through other means) I freaked out! :P And he jokingly made mention of people having tried all sorts of weird enemas out there that he wouldn't exactly recommend, such as coffee enemas, being one of a couple of examples.(blog)

No. 309628

But I thought coffee enema were a common thing. But so is black salve..
Okay if she's is actually donating money and not scamming anyone,if she not lying about the physical illness and was actually given Lyrica by a doc, and if she truly is off her rocker can we all just drop all pretenses and admit that she real isn't so bad of a person and that we are just trolling her for the lulz? Since when do anons on an imageboard needs moral justification for harassing someone? The culture of this imageboard is weird.

No. 309638

Kindly gtfo.

No. 309640


>Okay if she's is actually donating money and not scamming anyone

I'll only say she's not scamming people (specifically related to THIS instance) when she shows exactly how much money she has made off of those disgusting videos she has monetized and it comes at least close to $600.

>if she not lying about the physical illness

Some doctors as shady as shit and don't give a shit about their patients. As long as they are paying and getting the hell out of their office they are willing to diagnose you with anything. Also, big pharma peddles their goods through doctors and SAMPLES are actually a great example of this. Samples come from Pharma reps who try to get doctors to prescribe these medications to patients. It's more common for medications such as Lyrica, or other crazy drugs that are harmful and addictive.

> was actually given Lyrica by a doc

Yes, we already know the doctor gave her Lyrica. She proved that already. No one gives a shit about it honestly.

>and if she truly is off her rocker

Have you ever lurked any other threads on lolcow, lolcow wiki, kiwifarms, etc? The off the rocker cows are endless in these parts.

>admit that she real isn't so bad of a person

You can't tell me what I have to admit or feel about someone else. ;) Unless you're Joy… because she loves to tell people how they should feel about people and what they should admit.

> trolling her for the lulz

Uhm, "lol"cow?

No. 309650


No one except you has come to these conclusions. The fact that you have to oversimplify and ignore other factors says it all. Thanks for your post. :)

No. 309651


(a) The woman is batshit insane. 60+ videos on Onision, 90+ videos on Do5, just because her Do5 scam was shut down, doesn't mean there isn't more milk in the future. She'll find another "topic" to be "passionate" about and spin right back up like the nutjob she is.

(b) The woman monetized child abuse. I don't care where she sends what amount of money… the bitch monetized child abuse and was not the least bit apologetic for it. Her profits going forward will be larger than before the Do5 stuff because she jumped on that ad revenue and subscriber draw with both feet and sucked off it like a starving ape. She's disgusting and will always be disgusting for having monetized child abuse. (But, I can deal with sour milk for the lulz)

(c) Until she produces a doctor's diagnosis… she does not have fibromyalgia or panic attacks. I know this from my own DIAGNOSED personal experience with it and from YEARS of working to keep my life on track while dealing with it. She is a bald faced liar about her diseases. Sorry, but that's lolcow 101 - whinging to the public about non-existent diseases for sympathy to cover your lying ass.

No. 309652


Well I've only been following this trainwreck since the beginning of her DaddyOFive coverage. I'm here because I'm totally enjoying seeing her spill milk. I started saving unflattering screenshots from her videos and was thinking about doxing her before I even knew that she had been doxed already or that Kiwifarms and lolcow had given her any attention. I'm enjoying the shitshow just as much as everyone else, I just don't really think she is as horrible as everyone else her does apparently.

No. 309654

Well, you're entitled to feel how you feel. However, trying to reel the rest of us in with that shit isn't going to work out.

No. 309658

>The woman monetized child abuse. I don't care where she sends what amount of money… the bitch monetized child abuse and was not the least bit apologetic for it.

I am >>309640 but this is 100% true. Even by saying what I did, I still fully agree that her monitzing those videos in the first place was a nasty and disgusting thing to do. While she may not have physically touched those children like DO5 did, she exploited them just as much as he did through the 90+ videos she made (many of which included footage of their abuse). She's still a nasty bitch.

No. 309661

The amount she said she made from the videos and how much she planned to donate kept changing over the last 2 weeks. when she was first confronted about the ads her response was "but it's not that much money" like it hadn't occurred to her people would be upset she monetized them. Then it took lots more people pointing out the hypocrisy of this before she claimed she had planned to donate the earnings all along, she just didn't say anything because she was concentrating on her illness. Somehow this prevented her from saying she wanted to donate the money but didn't prevent her from uploading 4+ videos a day, livestreaming and updating Twitter every few hours. Then some time passes and she tries to clarify she won't be donating all the money, just the ones showing clips of the children being abused, which worked out to around 20% of the DO5 videos she had on her main channel. Then more recently she started replying on Twitter that she was going to donate "the majority" of the money, whatever that means. As for the amounts she has made from the DO5 videos, that has gone up & down. First, she said it was around $100 but with adpocalypse cutting her revenue by 75% she should have made over $1000 (the math doesn't make sense, I know.) Then a day later she said $300. Several days and twice as many videos later, it somehow dropped to $150…a few days after that it dropped even further to $30 (maybe this is when she started counting only the ones with footage of child abuse, IDK, but if I am remembering right I'm pretty sure she threw this number out there BEFORE she said that.) And finally, you are correct, just a few days ago on Twitter she did claim she was making less than $1 per video. I find that hard to believe considering many of them have 100,000+ views, her most watched video on her channel with 344,186 views is the one where Cody can't go to Disney with his family. Out of the top 6 DO5 videos that add up to over a million views, 5 of those contain footage of the children being abused so even if she's going by the model of donating just from the ones containing footage of child abuse they are still some of the most watched videos on her channel. She needs to show screenshots of her Youtube income for anyone to believe "the majority" is anywhere near $600. However, even with the $600 donation, she's still keeping a good portion of the money for herself by directly profiting off the suffering of children…something she said she'd never do.

No. 309663


It's fine, I'm not going to go on because I anticipate a ban if I do. Fortunately due to my new borderline-position, I am currently privy to one chat that is private only to her cult-like fanatics and Joy herself. It's been open for a week now but Joy has not really spilled and confidential milk in the chat,she probably knows better than to trust people by now. I'm just posting this now though because it will now be lulzy to see her try to figure out who the bug playing both sides is.

No. 309667

Playing both sides? That's kind of pathetic in itself. Did you not see what happened to Angel? Please just step out, person.

And you're acting a lot like Joy. That's one of her favorite angle lately. "I have information!!!! I have so many information! I won't tell them to you, but I do!!"

If you have information and aren't going to share it, then keep the fact that you have that information to yourself. It's not impressive and no one here will believe you (especially on a Joy thread, where it wouldn't be the first time a fan tried to pull some BS on it.)

No. 309672


>> If you have information and aren't going to share it, then keep the fact that you have that information to yourself.

I second this. Put up or GTFO.

No. 309674

…and she did this after playing the high ground about how she wasn't going to monetize videos re:Billie because she wasn't going to capitalize off the abuse of children.

No. 309677

Phil if you're still here, can you comment on the abuse allegations? I'm not sure 100% what all was said but I know somewhere along the line there was mention of abuse and some family member of hers? Also, why exactly is she estranged from her family? Did they finally say, alright, stop the stupid angel shit? Or what happened there? Sorry if this has been asked before.

No. 309678

File: 1494461281105.png (46.87 KB, 624x524, milk1.png)

I'm warning you guys, there is no quality milk here. I going to capture and post these backwards chronologically because of the nature of the chat room loading slowly.

No. 309681

File: 1494461345756.png (50.05 KB, 623x575, milk2.png)

No. 309682

File: 1494461430605.png (45.57 KB, 621x585, milk3.png)

No. 309683


NotPhil: When that blonde woman was "exposing" joy it seems like someone sent her some sort of vague allegation about Joy and a cousin and the blond woman passed that on as part of her stuff. There was no other allegations that I saw and really, the pedophilia idea was dropped as a false flag.

NOW.. given how the Joysus crew seem to be happy to spread false rumors as jokes… e.g. the stuff the StinkyHillary account has been spreading is an example… who knows, maybe Joysus sent that information to her as a way of discrediting her.

No. 309685

File: 1494461516707.png (49.18 KB, 616x581, milk4.png)

No. 309689

File: 1494461606493.png (46.03 KB, 620x565, milk5.png)

No. 309690

File: 1494461707848.png (43.01 KB, 624x590, milk6.png)

No. 309691

File: 1494461795859.png (47.81 KB, 617x575, milk7.png)

No. 309693


ah, so you're probably the idiot that told her that people on lolcow were "defending" her in regards to things chambers and based mama said. why do you lie to your leader? also ffs sage your posts if they aren't milk. if you're going to play "both sides" at least TRY to make yourself seem less obvious. also thanks, at least, for solidly proving joy has her little inner circle of dipshits.

No. 309697

(Philpost) I'm still here. And WOW. all this posting. I know some of these folks were sipping the koolaid, but I thought Chris was better than that. Well, again, shows what I always know.

But its weird to see the gaslighting and the spin. But hey, they don't watch the chat, lol. NOOOO NOOOO way. But hey, thanks for proving me right Joy, turn right around and basically validate that when she can't get out of it, she will turn around and shit talk people and demonize them publically.

So great Job, Joy. Great job. Thanks for proving right your critics again. See, this is the stuff I would constantly hear about before I made that video. And I publically warned her, MANY times. MANY. But here it is.

Case study in cult behavior.

No. 309704


Weird timing on this donation. Yes, she's had the finalized numbers for April since the 3rd, but won't get the payout till the 21st and even then, it has to be transferred to her account, so that's another week. YET, for some reason she decides to do it today in a very public way to the very same website that she couldn't get her card to work for that $38 donation for the last week?

No. 309705


i heard you livestreamed last night but unfortunately i missed it. did you discuss kati and if so did you save your stream?


excellent points, anon. very suspect.

No. 309709

(Philpost) Both of them should be saved on my Youtube. SHould be. It clipped the stream at one point because hey, YouNow (really weird.) Turned into more about Joy than i'd have liked it. Normally we like to just shoot the shit and then play games over Jackbox, unwind and have a good time. If they want to have a toxic community that's on them.

Of course, given timing that really WAS wishful thinking on my part.

This kind of thing makes me wonder, and i've speculated on this, whether or not some of her releases and even this one are all very deliberate. I mean, I warned her multiple times..she kept going. Even confronted with it, she kept going and triple downed. It does come off since all of this is deliberately phrased towards myself that this is her trying to push my buttons and get a response. Is it a legit doc? Definitely. But my question is whether this is not a hidden release but a purposeful one.

No. 309717


i think you're onto something. i personally believe she is both calculating.. and terrible with self control. it wouldn't surprise me in the least if its all to see if she can rile you up in an attempt to spin it and make you look bad.

also i just looked at the view count on your "lies" video and it's at 1k. wow! it is definitely spreading around. just a week or so ago it was barely 100.

No. 309721


This all reads like stuff JoyFag would post herself. Not impressed and not buying it.

No. 309725

File: 1494463892482.jpg (134.58 KB, 761x636, joyfullofBS.jpg)

Oh Kati. Every single day of the week you are energetically posting and editing (lol) videos. That means you have mostly good days. You've had over a month of "good days". Except you don't have fibromyalgia. You don't understand or care about the type of pain you cause those of us who do with your malingering bullshit. Go fuck yourself you self righteous egotistical twat.

No. 309734

Oh, fuck you, Kati. Of course with chronic illness of any sorts there are good days and then there are bad days and even worse days where you don't even have the energy or motivation to get up. Sometimes you have to explain to people that no, you aren't mad at them, it's just been a really bad few days and that's why you couldn't talk to them.

Then this girl gets up on cam to make 5 videos a day, streams for 10 hours every day, chats, calls around ( orders yummy pizza while having "a knife like stabbing pain in her head", but no worries she has super powers to control it ) and tries to pass it off as "a good day?" Bitch, your every day is a good day.

No. 309737

(Philpost) If it is, she's doing a horrible job of it. It reeks of what she pulled with Jamie. And quite frankly, if her best argument against me is a) Fingernails (They're cut now, thanks LOL)…and validating in word and deed everything I said she was doing, and going to do…well, more power to her. (Her debate skills = my video and editing skills.)

Yeah. 1,500 views last I looked. That's within the last couple of days. O_O Dear lord. Subs jumped from 66 to 131 and it has 75 likes, all of9 dislikes. Link Mountaineer tried to say the video was slander and I was like…how? Did I psychically possess her and make her write those things? Is she slandering herself? I don't get that. He has since deleted his comments. Like I don't see him shit posting on any video that doesn't praise Joy.

Still, I hope they aren't subbing expecting this to be a thing constant with multiple vids on Joy. Livestream I can at least get and go, okay people have questions. But if they're expecting that, they're gonna be disappointed lol. And definitely, DEFINITELY no more three hour videos. Good lord.

Sidenote: No, i'm not going to hide who I am. Why? Saves the trouble of people wondering about anons. And if people are going to talk bout me being in here anyway, might as well just announce it and clear up any confusion.

No. 309743

someone mistakenly called me a joy fan a while back and i identified myself to clear that up (because NO) and i got slapped with a 24-hour ban lmfao. i'm glad that they're letting you philpost though. :)

i don't know if she would love the attention from a whole video series about her, or if that would cause another meltdown. either way, no one should waste that much time and effort on joy.

No. 309756


hahaha link mountaineer is one of the most diehard joyfans. a real delusional one though they all seem to be delusional in one way or another. i made a rather civilized comment regarding joy on a video about her and he proceeded to make a physical threat against me. it basically said "let's take this outside" LOL

don't worry, most of us forgive you for the monstrosity. it revealed a whole lot about her manipulation patterns. one of my favorite things revealed is her attempts to get you to talk to her on the phone. as you highlighted, its her way of attempting sweet (con artist) talk and a way to ensure no one can log her bullshit through text. if you saw the logs nickmon posted from Chamber's skype convo with joy (where she reveals what she shouldn't know but its blacked out) she tried to pull that same shit. the amount of times she asked you to call or talk with her on the phone was unbelievable. "things can be misinterpreted thru text" hahaha RIGHT

No. 309758

File: 1494466629766.jpg (61.72 KB, 600x300, The_Borg2.jpg)

(Philpost) Mainly because its easier for me to post like this, I think. If a farmhand or so has an issue with it, then i'll stop at that point.

She'll meltdown regarding me whatever I do, her paranoia is really off the charts. Still, doing a Joy series comes off to me like Kati doing an Onision series. Or a Jamie series, credibility or not. It just follows the same track and I can clearly see where that leads. Plus,, the more you center on her, the more toxic things become…ten years of that was 1 second too many. At some point, its time to move on. I'm just the guy on the scene that knows all of her tricks..so I get the swirl of attention. But to be honest about it…it is very MUCH just a flash in the pan. Hopefully as I learn more people enjoy my other content and it doesn't make their eyes and ears bleed too badly.

Oh, someone sent me this, I think you'll enjoy it. I've been posting memes on my Twitter regularly. She wants attention? Fine. She'll be a meme.

No. 309760


there is no recent livestream on your youtube channel - make it happen!

No. 309764

may or may not be that interesting but i'm always happy to see another video calling her out. the more the merrier.

No. 309768

Gotcha. I had two of them that…OH. Derp. Dumb move on my part. It saved them as unlisted. I'll fix that here momentarily. Okay, there we go.Had to double check and make sure those aren't monetized. They're up.

Note: All of my livestreams generally tend to be long as I stream for hours on end. USUALLY I like to just shoot the breeze, and then go into games. I didn't bother trying to mess with OBS this time because it kept giving me issues. (Philpost)

No. 309771

This guy sounds like an autist.

No. 309789


No. 309837

Another one down. He's from her Onision days, biggest issue is that she made 70 videos (he apparently didn't count her other channel)

No. 309848

File: 1494471943477.jpg (34.1 KB, 720x540, qdya3vt62yekdeov54gilyx2lar3bg…)

Seriously, have you forgotten what site you're on?

No. 309854

When is Phil streaming again? I don't want to miss the next one. saged

No. 309867

(Philpost) Dude, rather than bug the anons here, you can always message me on Youtube, or Twitter or gmail LOL. I doubt they want to be deluged in a bunch of posts asking about streams. And I'm not really hoping them to be all about Joy either. (Though if we're ever playing games and such, of course you're happy to join us.) As far as tonight goes, maybe after I finish eating here!

No. 309873


Dude, don't flatter yourself. Joy is the only interesting thing about you. <3

No. 309877

LOL. Not flattering myself Joyfan. I've made enough posts on what I think about that particular situation, but nice selective reading. Hell, I commented on it just..what, a few posts up? But I guess that's why Joy likes folks like you..not many brain cells to work on.

Nice scripted talking, too. You realize that's why they call you a cult, right? You guys might want to try working on that. You certainly have enough time on your hands to come up with the most backward stuff. Thank you for playing. thumbs up

PS: Employ better trolls. They keep getting brutalized and running away with their tail between their legs.


No. 309879

Fuck… go to 1hr 30min guested person named something Lotus… she describes Joysus intentionally triggering a person's PTSD

ALSO… commonality among these people coming out of the cult… Joysus is really big on demanding contrition as specified by her (like an acceptable apology, or apologizing to the group)… this is fucking cult tactics.

No. 309883

Coffee enemas are stupid and pointless. Her naturopath recommended it to her, right? Those people should be banned from giving medical advice. Detoxing. Is. Not. Real.

Did anyone catch her comments about Jamie on that stream with lizz and the other guy? After that I'm 100% certain the retard posting about Jamie was Joy.

Stevie does lurk lolcow. He has even recently commented on unlisted reuploads of onion videos uploaded by anons. He's a flake and I wouldn't be surprised if he selfposted. Another onision hating youtuber that acts like onision.

Why be rude anon? This is an imageboard after all, people need to start posting images. Thanks to the few that upload screenshots from twitter.

No. 309885


I was on the chat but missed any Jamie talk. What was said?

No. 309888

Such a flattering picture of my cat. Ah well.
Actually, there was even more to it than that.
Lotus is the Amanda person that was in the picture you posted way back. She went through a lot of hell and people bothering her left and right, being stupid. She tends to deal with high levels of anxiety and has been going through a lot of back and forths on whether or not she wanted to come on and tell her story, how she felt..all of that.

Since my video came out, she has not had to private her twitter, set Youtube to approved comments, etc because the cult won't leave her alone. Its really, really messed up and this girl never hurt anyone.


No. 309895

Phil, was it Xanga?

No. 309896

don't identify every post you make, it's basically namefagging. if you have something pertinent to the relationship between you and Joy, something tangible, sure. but just commentary, no. for those posts you are one of the rest of us, so post as anon like the rest of us.

No. 309898


Here's the timestamp when she brings her up, it's at the very end so that might be why you missed it. The only person that gave a shit about anything to do with Jamie was Joy. No anons cared, they just wanted her to stop namefagging and selfposting her videos. Joy is the only one who cared and she sounds pretty giddy about shit talking her. It must have been Joy, this stream confirmed it for me.

No. 309900

GOTCHA. Okay. Sorry. I'll go back to Anon then so I don't step on any toes. Thanks for the headsup.

No. 309902

I'm wondering what type of a person Kati was in her high school years. I can easily see her as the loner type or one of those girls with a clique of bitchy fake friends ( her I guess being the fakes with her "niceness" ). What do you anons think?

No. 309907

Angel said you said Joy faked cancer. Is this true?

No. 309912


Started watching at the part you mentioned. It's clear Joy got under this girl's skin emotionally through her manipulation tactics. She draws these people in, tells them "personal things" (likely lies) to make them feel special, uses them in some way and ditches them if they question her in some way. It's sad to hear her voice waver like that whether or not she was a joyfan previously. Its just sick to fuck with people like this.

This girl talks about Joy bringing things back to herself when they would have personal conversations. Major shocker there, right?

Triggering someone's PTSD? Oh fuck no. That is fucked. Katie Marie Smith you are legit a nasty ass garbage person. Any pity I had for you for being a major lolcow just went out the window.


stop clogging up the thread, cunts.

No. 309918

I have PTSD and have been hospitalized before due to that being fucked with. It can cause you to go off the deep end, as I did. You don't screw with someone who has something like that. Their life is already complicated enough. You don't just poke them with a stick to see if they blow up. Joy is a complete and total piece of shit, and I can't wait to see her go down in flames. The internet has enough terrible people on it, it doesn't need her.

No. 309937

A little rude don't you think? Anon asked when you were streaming.

Insinuating someone's a Joyfan and being a dick because they pointed out the truth (that your only relevance here is her makes you look like an ass) and stop namefagging

No. 309939

Not being rude. Look at that post. The anon responded to was not asking about that stream.
That was here: >>309854..and I responded here >>309867. I don't expect thousands of people or anything close to bother the boards for stream details, but its general rude to do so even a few times and I simply said reach out to me, which is neither rude or ego based.

Now the post in question was pretty clearly a troll. >>309873
As is this post, or you would have read this
here:>>309758 …which is a statement i've made consistently many, many times now. So much for my ego, but i'm no JoySparklesbs.

Oh, you might want to sage for not adding anything while you're at it. Good game.

No. 309947

probably a lil late in the game but notice she took the video down where she flipped her shit over one negative comment. hope someone reuploaded that somewhere, thats all you'd ever need to see to know she is insane

No. 309948


The SJW rant? That video?

No. 309950

It's still up there… Anons need to stop posting crap. Or at least search first.

No. 309951

"Unicorn" boy has another video posted about how Joy, in his words, manipulated him and it contains screencaps.

No. 309955

>only bigger Youtuber
Soon enough she'll have to be moved to pt, because Kati went full cow, we're long past a flake.

No. 309963

You know Joy will end up posting a 30 minute long video raging. I can't wait.

No. 309972


i'm watching someguy's video now. finally, someone saying what we've all been thinking in the way we've been thinking. not some overly polite bullshit like geekthulu. i lol'd at the "you're fucking selfish, you're fucking stupid and you're only looking out for your own greedy, weird, crazy cat-lady looking self.


in the text logs he shows, kati brings up how based mama is a mother. she keeps harping on that and brought it up repeatedly on the recent livestream where she went apeshit. so i guess if you have a child you're not allowed to have an opinion, or to ask someone to stfu. or call them a bitch. someone let all the mothers in the world know because we have a lot of mothering licenses to revoke! the shit this immature little girl spews is always so incredibly backwards. also is it just me or does it look like she was pissed that Nick Monroe (hi nick!!) tweeted out deets on the protection order regarding mike martin & the kids before she got a chance to make a video about it?

i like how he just turns on her with the "You are a liar." text. hahahaha. i'm also so sick of the way she writes. the CONSTANT fucking capitalisation OF every OTHER word to show how ANGRY or EXCITED she is makes me want to HURL!!!!!

she also pulls that "you think you are entitled to _____" thing. bitch you might have some (read: SOME) subscribers on a shitstain of a youtube channel but you are still literally a nobody. the only person with a sense of entitlement about anything is you, kati marie smith. then she makes sure to question this guys morals..something she seems to do with literally everyone who questions her lies and bullshit. oh kati marie when you stop making money and a name off of child abuse maybe then you can start questioning others morals. and then she starts with the demands for an apology. my god she is so predictable.

i still haven't seen any evidence that chambers has said something negative publicly about joy. she "distanced" herself but did so in a pretty civilized manner. on her stream the other day she said she'll be exposing chambers, based mama, etc. "the dragging i'm going to do." i think she's going to be hard pressed to prove anything. its just more of her typical "i've got the speshul infoz u guise" ruse which will likely go nowhere. she honestly thinks by the end of the court case etc she'll be coming out on top looking like the ultimate hero for abused children.

oh you know i'll be recording dat shiz

No. 309974

File: 1494484188096.png (743.69 KB, 1046x1129, Capture _2017-05-11-07-28-15-1…)

No. 309981


hahahha thank you for it anon, even if it does make me wanna upchuck. thx for exposing joy as Mr Ed the talking horse. aw i shouldn't insult Mr Ed like that. kati marie smith only wishes she could act as well as that horse.

No. 310007

Well, the channel KimmyCat has maybe 7/8 videos on Joy right now, and she said she's deleted one. Nothing really interesting to see, just an old lady in a wheelchair basically agreeing with Joy here and there, disagreeing and calling her out in other places but for weird reasons. {She has this odd perspective that Joy needs to butt out of do5 because outside intervention only makes it abuse worse. I only watched 2, it's mainly her sharing her own abuse story so sage.} But i doubt Joy would ever see these to have a reaction.

Tbh, is it say bad that I kind of want her to get back to Onion and piss him off enough that he makes an "exposed" video as well. Don't know how it would work out but man it would be interesting. Might even tip her, aint like he's doing shit else.

Y'know I've lurked/farmed for some time on here and I don't really know the difference. forgive the newfaggyness. I have been thinking she should be over there with her long lost brother, just don't know what "qualifies" one to be "upgraded" to /pt.

Sidenote/slightly OT: In that video where that gay unicorn kid shows all the convos, was anyone else creeped out at her calling him "son"? Typo? …Unlikely ..but y'know but…them cult vibes man.

No. 310011

spoiler that shit holy fuck.
(for a moment i didn't know if i wanted to laugh or throw up, but throw up definitely throw up.)

No. 310029

what's wrong with these people. I can't imagine living this life of constantly flip flopping between loving and hating people. It sounds exhausting. At about 10 mins in it goes from being on joys side, to calling her a liar, to making a hate vid about her, to deleting it, to wanting to have a talk with her live on stream… seriously? Everyone tangled in this mess is just as desperate for attention and some glimmer of excitement in their life as the last one.

No. 310087


No. 310092

Is there another way to watch this video? The link goes to nothing for me.

No. 310121

File: 1494524667425.png (53.08 KB, 557x383, XcnYONO.png)

doesn't this sound exactly, word for word, like how Joy talks?

No. 310125

I see that person everywhere, sounds like they're obsessed with her. If it were joy it'd have a shit ton of typos lol

No. 310135

File: 1494525757613.png (768.4 KB, 1200x1140, 4916166d-06e1-47a0-a92e-4f741d…)

I didnt make her disheveled enough but to be fair, I drew this in a car

No. 310150


haha nice, i like the ill-fitting grody 80th video sweater.

joy just reposted mikenactor's video defending her on her own youtube channel. what a dumbass.

No. 310152

A++ anon. You did make her look a little too good but I think it's more your drawling style is cute c: Thanks for posting, had a good laugh.

No. 310153

File: 1494526905965.jpg (108.82 KB, 766x659, joyidiot.jpg)

attempting to defend those disgusting comments she's made. shame, shame bitch!

No. 310157

File: 1494527110954.jpg (106.49 KB, 777x681, joyidiot2.jpg)

"its how I cope"

get over yourself.

more double speak. "i'll own up to it, but i won't"

No. 310209

Jade♡‏ @Jadus29
If people have reported Joy for leaking info under a gag order why hasn't she been detained and questioned by authorities? @JoySparkleBS

I have a better question.

If there's NOTHING TO SEE HERE, NOTHING AT ALL why has she gone dark since Friday?

No. 310214

Yeeeeeah, stealing words from Milo isn't going to help that situation. Nor is trying to gaslight Matt. Keep playing games with people that have more clout than you, Kati. You just do yourself those favors!

That's one of the Comrade squad. Any criticism they usually popup. They trash talked Repzion, Nick, Matt..it was actually really funny. This particular one tried to accuse me of trolling, and in the same conversation then admitted she was trolling. I've seen a similar writing style in here to figure that at least one or both of them have been in here trolling or trying to murk up the threads.

I have seen some twitter threads saying something about debatejoy and joydebateseries…which is reminding me a lot of Onision wanting debates and all. (This has been from fans, not her..but its strange to me.) I mean..what would you even debate about? Why?

She had to take some time to circle the wagons and prop up her devout. Find a good way to spin the situation. If this was the best she's got, she should have taken more time. :P

No. 310222

Well, that's weird. I went to link the joy debate series stuff but now I can't find it. Damage control?

No. 310244

She got that somatization disorderrr

No. 310245

and IBS

No. 310263

Here's that Mikenactor video she reposted to her own channel.

No. 310264

Damn, she's really reaching for any kind of credibility at this point. Anyone she can leech onto to appear "the victim." #parasiteolympics

No. 310265


This is same video that was posted above, just now uploaded on Joysus' channel. Trying to equate people disgusted with Joysus as being against free speech.

Interesting that she is still shilling for the attorney in her comments.

No. 310272

Its a shame, Mike is a lovely guy and he's getting played by joy. Eventually she'll fuck him over too. :(

No. 310289

Maybe I'm reading a lot into this but notice that Mike was careful to include that he doesn't always agree with what she says or the way she's been handling things. I think this is his way of saying he doesn't approve of her recent behavior while not completely alienating her so his viewpoint isn't automatically categorized by her as "being a hater." Sure, he's fallen victim to her manipulations just like almost everyone who tries caring about her but he still has his own opinions, he isn't one of her sheep. Mike probably wins the award for "Most Supportive Friend Ever" because that's just the kind of person he is but that shit is so wasted on Joy. I guarantee she takes his friendship for granted but it's just a matter of time before she says or does something so fucked up that no amount of "private chats to explain her side" will help him "understand."

No. 310299

I completely agree. All in all i've got nothing bad to say about Mike. He seems to simply be doing what he feels is right within his perspective, but me personally I have yet to see him really super attack people or get nasty. I could have missed where it happened, but so far I haven't noticed that. Good luck to him, I say..he's gonna need it.

No. 310301

File: 1494538591159.jpg (106.03 KB, 722x562, mmsrosefundraiser.jpg)