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File: 1535752716086.jpg (140.36 KB, 1280x720, f1aRf8r.jpg)

No. 677403

Kati has thrown that pesky “nice person mask” aside or it split apart as she ballooned out through it. She has gone full bore, bat shit crazy! Crazy! Crazy! Crazy! She’s promising a milk tsunami because this time she’s in it for the money! There’s no one she won’t harass and no low she won’t $toop to for that click bait Ad$ense content. (__Remember we do not link her vids here, kind anons have been providing bitchute links__)

- Lets just start by addressing the elephant in the room. She’s not here to give anyone a boner, so what would it matter what she looks like! She has not sat around gorging herself on junk food, she’s sick with the crotch copper, everyone knows that makes you magik fat! You people are sick, boyfriend Dom is not a feeder!

- She’s made “The News” on a “news” website owned by fellow lolcow and child porn producer TheJosh >>451148

- She’s harassed (read that “desperately tried to piss someone off to get response videos from them) a 14yo child, the DaddyOFive children, Mundane Matt, Moral Virus, and Zebraskin. She even made a lolcow thread on Zebraskin that fell flat as vendetta thread and filled up with Kati memes instead.

- She’s making it her mission to suck off the ePeen of any YouTuber with large subscriber numbers. So far, she’s been slurping Keemstar’s balls the hardest, but is willing to make time to slurp even second tier child abuser tubers like KidBehindACamera.

- The anon who wrote at the beginning of the last thread: “This thread is to keep her history together because I have faith in lolcow’s inability to resist sperging out. Kati will be back sooner or later. There are still major victim bucks out there to be had.” Has been fully vindicated!

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Temp thread from when site was down: https://temp.lolcow.farm/pt/243

Unrelated Kati drama having to do with her sycophantic sperglefucks belongs here: >>336585

Social Media:
Spurpinklebow 2nd channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNvtGycBq2RwqPnblRG_GSg/
Joy Sparkle Eff It 3rd channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7kUp3c-o7OtYoaV65zkzHA
Joy Sparkle BS former YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCObCOwqrwbBKVwL_VivgYUQ (Leaving this here. Just in case.)

Twitter https://twitter.com/joysparklebs
YouNow https://www.younow.com/JoySparkleBS
Patreon https://www.patreon.com/JoySparkleBS (She says she’s not bringing this back… don’t believe it!)

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•Do not try to use us as your own personal army to go after Kati or anyone else, we are not your attack dogs. Thanks!

No. 677417

The prior thread still has 50+ posts possible, so continue to post there. This is ready and waiting for when the final warning is given in that thread. Until then, SAGE posts (put the word "sage" in the email field) to keep this thread from being bumped.

No. 677447

>>677403 Very good and concise summary Anon.

A few days ago she changed her 2nd channel's name from 'Spurpinkle Bow' to 'Joy Sparkle BS'.
Essentially that is her main channel, although she is so lazy and stupid the channel banner still says Spurpinkle Bow.
It's funny because her original channel had that PhotoShopped into the Uncanny Vally picture of her for a channel icon and no channel banner.
Her new main channel has a now unrelated channel banner after the rename and no channel icon; and her 3rd channel now has only 1 video that instructs you to subscribe to 'Spurpinkle Bow' which basically doesn't exist anymore.

She is an incredible moron. Still waiting to see if she ever fills out her channel's 'About' page, my money's on 'No'.

No. 677798

File: 1535801753441.png (1.28 MB, 2048x1536, CEACA0B3-86C7-4C7A-A565-0C3D76…)

I wonder if this comment on her latest trash talk video will stay up. A lot of her newer or “ transient” subs may not know these things about Katy.

No. 677858


No. 678019

Video one of the day. 56 minutes of clickbait. Bitchute link.

No. 678043

Thank you anon!
I'm only 30min into this and it's pure rambling bullshit. She's explaining why she's near death and only needs treatment by a vitamin peddler. Oh, and she's magik fat, not over eater fat!

No. 678057

Why are people taking Cy is an alcoholic junkie drug pusher at face value? Where is the solid proof? Joy's spergleberries who are notorious for doing their master's biding isn't solid enough to believe what they said one way or another.

We all know how Joyous works when one of her former clingons see the light and jump off the crazy train. She uses other people to help her drag them, so it looks like she must be in the right if so many people agree with her.

They could have had that set up convo before she fell out with Deb and filed it away for future use. They say they have talked to Cy about her issues and she doesn't want help, so where are the screenshots of Cy doing or saying the things they accuse her of?

To clarify, I'm not saying Cy isn't any of those things but I can remember when a creamier standard of milk was needed on here before people would talk about it like it is a fact & use it to support more tinfoil.

I wish Cy would grow a pair and spill the full fat milk, she has to know pretty much everything that has gone on with Shamoo. Or is that what those screenshots were posted here for Joy? To warn Cy to keep her mouth shut? It is funny how she hasn't dared openly savage Cy like she has everyone else too, just got her minions to do it, wtf does Cy know?

No. 678061

all those namedrops

i know why and you know why but don't say why in case it isn't why.

know what i mean, vern?

No. 678069

File: 1535841356205.png (208.18 KB, 1080x1710, IMG_20180901_172738.png)

Interesting. One of the cult asking if removing the DO5 videos will screw up a "creator's" algorithm on YouTube…maybe there's going to be progress in getting those off the site? Not holding my breath. Figures that Kati will only do the right thing if it doesn't cost her anything.

No. 678080

A miracle has happened and Katie doesn't have fibromyalgia anymore. 43:00 It wasn't supposed to happen but it did. She doesn't have it anymore. She also doxxed her mother's full name. She's a good girl.

No. 678086

File: 1535842454569.png (27.72 KB, 321x409, Screenshot (812).png)

No. 678093

File: 1535842681487.png (260.98 KB, 1241x669, temp.png)

No. 678098

File: 1535843033176.png (38.1 KB, 1364x91, fibro tags.png)

Did I Cure Fibromyalgia? or Joy is absolutely not a medical expert

-Getting better

-She shouldn't have to apologize for assholes

-She is going to start uploading 1 old video a day (Yes, please Joy more lies for us to go through!)

-Battling mystery illness for 6 yrs March or April 2013

-It has gotten better. She wanted to vlog her experience. She wanted to help people.

-Blah Blah Blah everyone is so mean. Family is toxic and dangerous. More family vids are coming.

- started heart issues and collapses. People told her it was anxiety. She knew they were wrong she had anxiety before. (Didn't she just say in another video she never had depression or anxiety until the haters started harassing her?) Seems to know a lot about anxiety to know the difference

-Symptoms a couple years earlier. Progressed to fevers, progressed to flu, had rashes in delicate places thought it was a STD because what else was she suppose to think?

-One Dr finally said she had something that mimicked a std Had 13 tests

-She was working, making a fuck ton of money marketing, working towards her dream of being a singer with a producer She thinks it was with sony and interscope. Awesome producer started to slowly gain weight. Lots of inflammation,felt like she was in a microwave getting electrocuted, sweating helped make her feel better. That went out for a couple yrs. She was in KC then went to Ok City because she had a contract through the NBA with another company (Pretty sure she is a idiot. She would have had a contract with another company who had a contract with the NBA that is how contracting works you marketing expert you!) Managed a footprint. Managed a fashion show with a top NBA player.

-No family support…most toxic people in the world. Her mom decided nothing was wrong with her she is mentally ill. Then says her family is mentally ill.

-A month into contract she met roommate. She was kinda stable. Tried a neuropath it was a scam. Healthcare system sucks. No one understands chronic illness. Was worse in times of stress. Had flare-ups. Her blood wasn't flowing correctly. Totally in tune with her body. Wasn't anxiety because of fevers. Drs who didn't know what they were talking about said anxiety as a fallback

-NBA over. Next contract with younger people. Very stressful. Ok has scary weather elements. She was just getting sicker but still able to maintain weight. She never knew what her body was doing. She was a hard core vegetarian at that point. Effected cognitive abilities. Wasn't always thinking rationally or clearly. What she has mimics mental illness.

-Lived in France for 2 years before this. She packed up and went back to France to get medical care. she was rolling in money. She had wrong visa because of law changes and had to come back to US. Was offered a Job before she came back. Less sick in Europe. Food and water is much different there.

-Hates flying coach. Has never sat in first class. Wishes she had money to (She just said she was rolling in money. Shit I am middle class and I fly first class. Not rolling in money but I still can afford the upgrade.)

-Got new contract for a couple months while trying to fix visa. Contract was hell. KC is not right market. Broke up with roommate. Gifted him old NBA job and helped him go back to school

-In KC everything bottomed out. Late 2015 early 2016. Started having bad stomach issues. Felt like stomach bug that never went away. Cold she couldn't get rid of. Heart issues made her fight blackout spells while driving. Happened over 20 times. Like a blood sugar problem, took food to help, wasn't blood sugar though. Jan-June 15lb weight gain.

-Decided not to go back to France. Knew she was so sick she couldn't get on a plane. Had 6 months of a apartment paid for she never used (She just said a few minutes ago she was there a couple months but I guess she didn't stay in her apartment she paid for while she was there?) Had a lot of fuck you money (But not enough to get a first class ticket. What is alot of money to her?)

-Roommate went to get her. She had Asthma when she was young but overcame it naturally. It came back. Got so weak she couldn't walk. Pain was extreme. Thought she was going to die. April she was hospitalized right before Roomate came to get her. This is when her mom (She just doxxed her mom again.) Mother of the year went on lolcow. Her mom told everyone she needed a mental hospital. Dr seen fever knew something was wrong. Something effecting her heart. Dr wanted her to do infectious disease she didn't have insurance or the money. (She just fucking said she had a lot of fuck you money. Could she only spend money if she had saved for a medical emergency?) Her family wouldn't help her. Couldn't get to Dr appointments. She is still working but Roommate insisted on getting her. Contract ended shout out to staff.

-Roommate a godsend. Weightgain healthfood backfired. Phil is a fucking asshole. Tried to dox her old address. Nasty cuck possible pedo. Assumes Phil watches her obsessively and he is scum of earth. He deserves his mental illness. She hopes he doesn't get better until he fixes himself. Rommate kind and loving. Found a wonderful Dr worked with her from a distance. Had to fix collapses first. She did a bunch of testing. Major vitamins low. Copper funny. Got a bunch of meds. Helped

-Found out it was para guard IUD. They believe it was the catalyst of issues. She found out after reading a interview with Hugh Hefners widows article about Breast implant sickness. Had the same symptoms. Can happen with any foreign object in body. (Found facebook post here dated Jul 19th 2016 https://www.facebook.com/CrystalHarrisHefner/posts/my-breast-implants-slowly-poisoned-me-intolerance-to-foods-and-beverages-unexpla/1120201251379469/) Roommate said she had all the symptoms. Dr said it makes sense. From there they worked on copper. Didn't want to be aggressive. Had to fix other stuff first. Type A personality. High pain tolerance. Move mountains to succeed. Started working on it. Living off savings and got depressed (She just said a few videos back she never had depression or anxiety until the haters.) chronic illness brings on mental health issues. Not because you are mentally ill it is because of being sick. (What the fuck does this bitch think mental illness is?) Gets irritated when people say someone is mentally ill when they are sick. Doesn't mean there is something wrong with their mind there is something wrong with their body. Caused depression. Hasn't been to a restaurant in 2 years. (Didn't she do a livestream from a restaurant when she broke down getting to her Drs appointment last yr?) She can't go do shit. Can't leave house fighting collapses. PlannedParenthood got out IUD. Roommate had to carry her in PP. The moment they took it out she felt inflammation vanish. Symptoms subsides. Flare ups still. It is a progression. Got out IUD in late July. Depression. Decided to do youtube. Always wanted to do it but it wasn't planned. (She use to say 2 therapists told her to do youtube.) Just randomly did onision videos and sent them to friends. they told her to do youtube. She thought she could be good at it.

-Now for the update. Worked with that Dr and got to where the collapsing was under control. Scary mess. What happened She deleted her channel because of harassment. Before then in July she decided she needed more help. Rep teased a video that he was going to prove she wasn't sick and destroy her life. Brought on stress and symptoms. why she looked unstable. She finally got a dr in her area really wonderful. Is Still her Dr. Worked as a gyno. Put her on presazone. Joy deleted Channel. Thought it was a few different things. Had markers but couldn't figure out what was going on. Her Dr. was amazing but told her besides a colonoscopy you are out of options. Told her to try alternative because she didn't want pain meds.

-Joy though naively that the little tricks got rid of the copper toxicity. For a wonderful specialist to work with. Did a hair test. When channel grows will do interview with specialist. Skeptical because she met alot of scam artist in natural medicine. Western medicine failed to trying alternative. Hair test copper aluminum and mercury high. Infections in body. On a aggressive supplement program. Waiting for supplements to come she was going to do it on her own. She was stupid. Going to do a story time about that. Crazy but it helped. Her Dr doesn't recommend it. Dr says go slow. Building up deficiencies. When you are heavy metal toxic you can't absorb stuff correctly. Joy doesn't do things gently. She went more aggressive and she doubled when she could. The process was more painful then fibro. Been through this with the tumor and knows it sometimes has to get worse before it gets better. Not like Jilly Juice she wants to do a video on Jilly juice. Just building immune system. To severe for Chelation therapy (Funny that is what real drs do to get rid of heavy metal poisoning) Her program builds up her system. Not 100 percent better. She thinks she is beating fibro. Not suppose to but she is. Not saying the way she is dealing is the way others should. Still gets brain fog. No more weakness. Heart pain gone. Started program on Christmas. Turning point came in March or April. Mostly painfree. Still gets flare-up. Fibro headaches. in-between spine and head. No longer spreads. When she has a flare up her body gets rid of things. She doesn't want to come out with everything right now. Has accepted the weight gain. Bad inflammation. Now saying she had depression and suicidal feelings in her teenage yrs. When you have physical pain way different. Mostly fibro free. When she came on youtube she wanted to make friends and make Onision videos. Then decided she wanted to help people in her situation. What she is doing is very affordable. Decided to wants to get certified like her specialist. Fixing stomach stuff too. Will talk about that later. Weight still an issue inflammation from body healing. A little easier to keep up. If she seems happier it is because she feels better and can be more of herself. (I knew that nasty attitude and being a complete cunt was the real you!) Now she can show personality and be her. Will not be talking about it much. A few months. Wants to eat healthy food. If you have mystery illness she encourages people try heavy metal test. Health is a puzzle. (Drs never think about that) She is getting rid of stuff that is why her asthma is back.
-If her family actually loved her it would have been different. She wouldn't have gained weight. They are jealous of her and her success. Jealous of her being able to do stuff. Spiritual shit something put her on path for a reason. Maybe so she could get on youtube, grow an audience and talk about this stuff. Journey to help other people. Brings back up past life video. Has overcome the new age belief. She is now a critical thinker. She thinks she has had past lives but can't say 100 percent. Has had odd spiritual experiences. Always felt like she had bad karma from past lives. No more guilt about her spirituality. Missed opportunities working with huge recording artists, living in France, alot of money opportunities. Something has to be done first and wants to be a voice for Chronically ill. More live streams. Hit that notification button.

Do you think she told all those people who showed her test results as proof that they were from a "natural" dr and not her actual dr?

Long as fuck but here is the summary. I am sure there are spelling and grammar fuck ups but I think it can be figured out pretty easily.

No. 678110

I am falling for this anon! TY

No. 678118

File: 1535844884648.jpg (598.87 KB, 1080x1711, 20180901_161453.jpg)

>>678110 :) I think summarys will make it easier to go back and call her on her lies….I always had problems before finding her vids when I decided to make a Twitter to tell her off or argue with her nasty fans. I am not the only one who posts them though. The past few I have but thanks to other anons too….might make it easier because she brings up so much in 1 video.

After the summary and seeing this tweet I realized Joy uses Mental Illness a lot to degrade other people. I think this is one of her biggest issues. She looks down on mentally ill people so of course she is way to good to be mentally ill. Her issues are because of being sick or because people are mean to her. I wonder how she can look in the mirror and think she is better then anyone. Not just her looks but the way she acts. It is sad.

No. 678121

>"jealous middle aged mothers or losers who have never accomplished anything"

Literllay no self respecting person is jealous of you kati. Not even a little bit.

I've birthed four kids and it looks like you've eaten them all.

No. 678122

What I don't understand is why, if she was such a baller, it seems she always lived with someone/had a roommate. Her mother, her sister, her grandmother, her father, someone who was possibly her cousin, Dom, the ex boyfriend of hers.

No. 678123

File: 1535845665884.gif (490.94 KB, 260x146, 1486086996614.gif)

Damn anon.

It's not your fault that it's so long. Joy talks so much that I'm surprised this summary isn't longer.

No. 678125

She also left out that it was her ex-husband (possibly still husband?) that she was trying to use to go back to France. So, I'm guessing he was not willing to keep providing her a green card and she had to go back and get a tourist visa and a tourist visa doesn't give you health benefits, so that's what happened to her "apartment in the south of france" deal.

What gets me is that she held a job, was a baller, had the funds to move to france, but was still dependent on her parents to drive her to doctor appointments? WTF? Just move into town where the taxi's actually run. And, I actually live in the middle of no where and we still have taxi services. It isn't cheap, like a min $20 to go anywhere, but they do exist and cover the middle of no where.

No. 678127

You are a gentleman and a scholar, sir!
There needs to be a whiskey fund for you blessed people who can sit through 1-5 hours per day of her mindless drivel, for the one or two things she might actually say that have any value.
Does Fibromyalgia have a cure? OF COURSE! It is simple to cure, when you never had it! I cured my inoperable brain tumors by never having had them! MAJI-KAL!
She accuses anyone who disagrees with her of having "admitted mental illnesses". She leaves out the fact that most of her "haters" are the legitimate chronic illness sufferers she started out exploiting, who caught on and called her out. See how chronic illness can cause mental illnesses? And just like that, her haters are all verifiably insane because she drew them a picture to explain it away.
She's a gud gurl!

No. 678131

Everyone around Kati are some sort of scum. Mostly old drunk guys ogling the young dim witted girls she manages to pull into her circle. But, if you think that Cy wasn't using that crowd for extra income… Do you really think that Cy was pushing Kati's stories because she was in love with her or something and not that she was making bank on selling prescription drugs to the people who Kati was telling how awful doctors are? Much more believable that Cy was converting all those meds that would have been around the house for her sick father.

No. 678135


Excellent post, greatly appreciated especially after having to catch up on all this nonsense again. You reminded me of so much bullshit.


I'm someone who posted about Cy possibly doling out pills. I don't take it at face value. But I do think it should be discussed and looked at, especially given the fact that IF she was indeed engaging in that..someone could have overdosed or worse. CY hangs around a lot of vulnerable young people with little to no life experience. Prefably the discussion should stick to whatever evidence that may come about, otherwise it's just more posts that push the important shit out of sight. There is some merit to discussing it even if it remains simply a rumor, though I intend to make it clear from now on in any possible posts that it's simply a rumor at this point.

No. 678142

For curing her fibro, she was just too sick 'all week' to do a simple YouTube interview… not that she found out that guy was a lolcow himself and not going to help her gain subscribers.

No. 678151

File: 1535849439726.png (64.43 KB, 568x620, temp.png)

aw, diddums. the mask is slipping

No. 678161

Joy's fibro fog made her forget her whole life when she was doing the video We Made The News and whenever she gave the fake reporter the info for the article.

In her "we made the news" where she is trying to score victim points and says she never had any mental illness until she dealt with the haters. That is when depression and anxiety kicked in. It is around the 11 minute mark.

In her I cured fibro video today she said multiple times she knew what anxiety felt like because she had it. (4 minutes in) Said she was depressed and had anxiety when she started youtube. (at about 32 minutes) Also said she had depression and suicidal feelings as a teen. (46 minutes)

So her whole victim act in the We Made the News video and the info in the article itself was a bunch off bullshit from Joy. She has had depression and anxiety sense she was a teen so it wasn't caused by the haters. The Fibro video is so fucking long but I think her rambling like that makes her slip up. It is the same thing she does in live streams.

No. 678196

File: 1535857063172.jpeg (312.19 KB, 1242x1345, B4F348E3-2BC0-46F3-B5EB-17331B…)

So, who exactly is threatening her? And isn’t “go die in a fire” a little over the top?

No. 678198

Based mama said something to the effect of "If Kati quits with the videos, she can go die in a fire for all I care"… that's the source of "They want to kill me in a fire!" … it was either said in the video based mama posted or in a tweet shortly afterwards (so, May of 2017) and it was definitely "she can go die in a fire for all I care" and not any form of threat or even wish.

No. 678206

That was a fun day on Twitter.
Joy and the SpergTastics were out in full-force.
Literal indifference made into death threats.

No. 678213

File: 1535859447226.png (35.38 KB, 174x275, 1535841356205.png)


This is here: http://archive.fo/1V8K6 in case anyone needs it for future reference

No. 678226

Why is she even asking this? Joy already said the videos were up because of the haters and as a F you to Rose and her family. Oh and to recoup her loses. Katt is so fucking weird. If Joy is the one who always said she could have made all those views and subs off from another topic, but she did all those videos for Tim. Now we see that the kids are with Rose and Joy is a liar. She knows she made her subs, views and money off the backs of kids and she would never had done it if it wasn't for Daddy O Five she never would have blown up like she did. Pathetic. They live in this false reality where Joy isn't the nasty bitch she is.

No. 678231

Kati has already admitted she's more than happy to make money off the abuse of those kids. She was giggling with glee over making money off of them… off of CHILDREN who'd been ABUSED. Kati doesn't want to take the videos down, I bet that's Katt going off the reservation trying to convince Kati to quit being the cunt that Kati is.

No. 678236

In Joys video she said her "specialist" with a certificate put her on supplements. She also bragged about doubling doses and trying to do it herself. Can supplements make you pack on weight like that? I know she eats like shit but she started them at Christmas and it seems like after that is when she started putting on the weight really quick.

No. 678238

Only supplement that makes you pack on pounds like that is sugar and cheese pizza.

No. 678241

What kind of sense does the video make when she literally contradicts herself? If her pain is so bad, then what would make her even consider being cured. The way she talks about fibro leads me to believe she hasn't even really discussed it with a medical professional because she doesn't seem to have an understanding of how it really works, but then again, she seems to define the world and everything in it via her delusions.
Of course she has to point out that she doesn't want to talk about it a lot because because she knows the majority is aware she is a liar but she still needs the sympathy.

No. 678242

And the giant can of salt residing on her living room coffee table next to her leftover slop

No. 678243

I remember many threads ago, an anon made a comment about a "Kati-shaped dent in the couch" and it making me laugh back then.
Since none of us could have predicted her actual landwhale potential back then, that anon's foresight still comes to mind every time I imagine what that awful nasty room and that dent in the couch must really smell like.

She got half of her fibro knowledge from dr Google and the other half from her comment sections.

No. 678245

Yeah, in that video she describes what sounds like jock itch (a bacterial thing) and says she had doctors test her 13 times for STDs like some really aggressive form of herpes. She said she demanded the tests because of false negatives (so she was CONVINCED she had herpes) and the doctors ended up saying you wouldn't get 13 false negatives. Sounds like she was hoping to accuse her ex-fiance of giving her herpes and didn't want to accept that she was just not washing herself properly.

No. 678247

File: 1535863015132.png (267.87 KB, 720x1218, 20180902_003559.png)

No. 678250

Some corticosteroids can cause some weight gain and fat deposits, but long-term steroid use is almost never done unless there's a low functioning organ or a prolonged chronic disease, like Crohn's for example, and even then it's only prescribed until symptoms are under control. In order to be steroid dependent, she would have to have a real diagnosis of a real and verifiable chronic disease. (Which if she had such a diagnosis, She would be tweeting that out like mad and making 40-50 hour long "EVIDENCE!!!!!1" videos all about how she can prove how sick she is.)
I actually have fibromyalgia, diagnosed and everything, and none of my specialists has ever prescribed me steroids unless I have an infection, and then it is usually a Zpack along with antibiotics for a 7-14 day cycle, just as an example of how steroids are usually prescribed for those who are not steroid dependent.
Even if she had been on steroids this entire time, had her weight gain been caused by steroidal response, she would have been weaned off of them or had her prescrption changed to another medication or mode of delivery by her doctor in order to avoid further health issues, and healthy diet and exercise programs are recommended to avoid them. Her specialist would have given her the same speech my specialist gives me every time he prescribes me any steroids. Patient bill of rights requires patients to be made aware of side effects and how to mitigate negative ones.
"Make healthy choices during therapy. When you're taking corticosteroid medications for a long time, talk with your doctor about ways to minimize side effects. Eat a healthy diet and participate in activities that help you maintain a healthy weight and strengthen bones and muscles"


No. 678252

I don't think she usually sees real Drs. Her video made it sound like when she sees Drs they tell her things she doesn't want to here so she goes to natural medicine. That shit fucks people up. A lot of those "cures" hurt you worse then whatever you have.

I think so too! She says her pain is mostly gone and that was always her excuse before when people made comments about her not taking care of herself. It was to much energy to shower. Now she is out of pain and still looks dirty and like she doesn't take care of herself.
Now that you said that she said she had to get a steroid shot every month for her asthma. she said it was cured but it came back because she has aluminum in her lungs.

Her specialist isn't a real Dr though I don't think. Joy said when she was better she wanted to get a certificate like her specialist to help people like her. I don't think she meant med school. It is that Natural medicine stuff.

No. 678253

Yeah, also diagnosed w/fibromyalgia and was put on steroids once for an infection. Steroids cause weight gain through increased appetite, they are not a magic extra 2000 calories/day… they increase appetite and cause fat distribution to odd places. She started the steroids back in late summer (long before deleting her channel) and now claims to have been on them 8mos in that video. So, she's been off them for many months now as a minimum.

No. 678255

I cannot speak to every doctor, but I have never met one who is prescribing ling-term steroids willy-nilly, with no diagnosis.
That is incredibly dangerous.

No. 678257

She seems to have shopped around for a doctor (prescription pad) that agrees with what ever she wants to a certain extent. But, her "being on steroids for 8 mos" could have been those ER asthma shots too. She's so full of shit, the only thing we know is that the doctor has refused to go along with her fibromylupus mystery illness shit, so she's back with a vitamin pumper.

No. 678258

File: 1535864675143.png (587.06 KB, 887x1250, 20180902_010125.png)

Where is Macie?

No. 678268

Spirulina and Chlorella is what she mentioned by name for the supplements she is taking.

No. 678270

File: 1535865589369.png (246.03 KB, 1080x1169, 20180902_011754.png)

She's sending smoke signals.

No. 678271

"Yeah let's choose Spirulina next since the Fibromyalgia thing didn't stick. The general public knows even LESS about that!" - quote from a Munchie wired brain.

No. 678272


Don't take this bait anons. Please. It's so obvious. She's not going anywhere.

No. 678274

File: 1535865816438.png (59.14 KB, 524x475, shots.png)

She says she is still getting the steroid shots in the video so she has been getting them for over a yr now?

No. 678276

To give you an idea of how dangerous that is, Chlorella was looked at as a daily food source in the 1940s-50s. Spirulina was looked at as a sole daily source of food for the space station (and still might be because of the nutrition profile). The only danger they pose is that if you take insane amounts of it, that would be a lot of protein for your body to process… but even then, you'd have to be taking nearly pounds per day.

No. 678277

Might be drug seeking behavior since the doctor quit her prescription?

No. 678278

File: 1535866253176.png (227.86 KB, 1045x1322, 20180902_012235.png)

But wait.
Oh this is making perfect sense now.

No,no it isn't Katie Kakes.

Anybody that watched her video and actually has fibromyalgia,will surely know she does not have fibromyalgia.

Am I right?
Can I get a witness?

No. 678279

Baiting based mama? Lol.
Tbh, some days I wish based mama was online again. It was always nice to see Joy tweet at her, and she would always reply with a plea for Joy to get mental help, and Joy would sperg out. Good times.

No. 678280

If she gives herself copper poisoning, then she'll have copper poisoning! See?

No. 678281

File: 1535866637621.png (128.88 KB, 874x237, Ch.png)

Giving herself the inflammation too! Under risks and side effects


No. 678282

Yes,yes I do see.
She really pulled the wool over my eyes. KEK

No. 678283

Remember that no actual licensed doctor has ever diagnosed elevated copper in her. Only her speshulizt's hair test has seen that.

No. 678285

Going to Kilroy would require several things Joy will never do:
-getting off the couch
-buying 2 seats on an airplane
-paying for a hotel room
-paying for a ticket
-being allowed to disrupt the business of both kilroy and the venue.
-paying for her own food. (A hefty bill I imagine)
She's not going, but I'll be honest as much shit as she has talked about bm "facing her like a real woman!!", it would be an infinite source of milk to see BM kick the shit out of her, live on YouTube.

No. 678289

Judging by her size and claimed physical activity… i'm guessing she'd need one of those Walmart electric carts to get around and that would be insanely funny!

No. 678293

Phil didn't drop that address. It was searchable.

No. 678297


fucking precisely anon. go to sleep Kati, nobody took the bait you uncreative land whale.

and stop mocking christians if you expect to ever, ever find a section of society that might accept you. you've fucked up with all the other ones, even junkies like Cy, and christians might be the only ones willing to forgive your sins.

No. 678299

File: 1535867931973.png (84.92 KB, 1711x736, HM.png)

I wonder if this was why she had high heavy metals in that paper work she flashed around earlier in the yr. She started this shit around Christmas so maybe she bought a bad batch.

Her natural medicine and cures are the only thing making her sick and the reason she feels like shit!

No. 678306

Just stop It's all Bullshit on a stick!

No. 678307

They've done studies on that hair testing and even when the same subject was used to send multiple samples to the same lab, they got wide variations in what was detected. Basically, hair testing is complete woo when done on the commercial level. (There are reliable ways to test, but they're not what you see these idiots using. They're more expensive and typically used for forensics purposes.)

No. 678308

>has been fully vindicated
pat yourself on the back some more for being correct about the easiest prediction ever made, OP. glad that was more important than a proper summary.

because this thread went off the rails ages ago, and now we only need a whiff of a suggestion to get something going. hey, did I ever tell you about that fake charity that Kati owned?

it was probably more about exerting control over people, anon. pretend helplessness as part of the manipulation.

lol tinfoils like this are cancer. 'Cy was selling meds to joytards' - how? via the comment sections? get a little postal thing going?

nice blog

No. 678311

Piss and Moan all you like. Some of us are newish and aren't going to go through the 17 other threads to catch up on drama. We just need to know her patterns, her lies and why they are lies and how the patterns are established.
Summaries and rebuttals help with that.

No. 678312


well thank fuck for an irreverent anon to put pesky wordy posts in their place



Indeed, it is widely accepted that hair tests should be a last resort for most conditions due to the wild variations in the results.

No. 678314


You're new so you'll run into anons like this who don't care about results, just milk. But the good news is there seem to be a few anons who have kept track of the important shit and make sure to repost it regularly. It does suck about the 17 threads but a lot of the beginning, deeper conversations that are revealing happen around threads 4-7.

No. 678316


I think people watched "Weeds" one too many times. I couldn't suspend my disbelief for that either though.


She needs a Dramatica page. There was talk about it but nothing ever surfaced. Not that I am complaining or blame anyone…

No. 678318

Sorry to write such a long post. I am new and am trying to figure this whole mess out.
Someone told me to look her up because she had fibromyalgia and that I should watch her content. I can only assume they meant her earlier content because what I have seen so far has been quite shocking in its virulence. I thought I would find a kindhearted, kind of a hippie with fibro but instead I found an unmedicated mental patient

No. 678322

Welcome,just remember you can check in but you can never check out.

You catch on quick ;)

No. 678323

Same shit different day. I’m feeling the heat so I cry sickness. She’s so predictable.

No. 678332

Thank you. I am trying catch up, and it's quite a rabbit hole to go down.
I never thought a person like her existed in real life. She's like a cartoon villain or the evil nemesis of a daytime drama. Normal, healthy well-adjusted people do not blackmail suffering mothers and profit from their children's abuse.
How a human being can stop so low is incomprehensible.

No. 678337

I know this is snow but I wish we had a thread like with Onision in General that went through each thread, gave a good summary and maybe for Joy a link to some of the crazier videos.

No. 678339

File: 1535871744824.jpg (151.25 KB, 720x1111, 20180902_025954.jpg)

She's clearly doing somthing Twitter disaproves of.

No. 678342


After a while it's all too comprehensible.

We need Fresh Horses

No. 678346

>>678098 Holy shit, this isn't even revisionist history. She just completely lives in delusions she invents on the spot.

She's claiming her mother went on lolcow to call her mentally ill in 2016? a year before she had a thread? She said her mother did that when Dom picked her up from the hospital to live with her.

If anyone is new or at all curious we are watching mental illness ptrogress here. She is not physically ill, compulsivly lies about everything, and seems to have a Cluster-B personality disorder with strong narcissistic tendencies and an anxiety disorder.

Someone asked about the double dosage of her naturopath vitamins, those pills contained high levels of zinc. Go look up the side effects of excess zinc, one is it blocks copper absorbtion, another is. . .diarrhea, she was most likely copper deficient, many of the effects of copper deficiency are things she attribute to fibromylupus.

I'll go back and look for the posts but near the end of January she said her doctor was putting her on a half dose of her Prednisone to take her off it, she specifically said 2.5mg per day (her original dose was 5mg per day). She then seems to have went back to the Naturopath who 'saved her life' by selling her the 'copper toxicity from an IUD' delusion she just so happened to sell pills(multi-vitamins) that 'cure', and got a hair test. Oh, gee, what do you know she has not just elevated copper but mercury and aluminum levels. . .now, currently. . .from a hair test. . .because that's how a hair test works.

Everything this cow says is some batshit delusion she made up, even when showing 'receipts' she tells you the batshit interpretation she came up with. The only thing she needs is anxiety medication and a therapist, and about a 6 different doctors have refused further treatment until she does this. Oh, and she has had a health insurance policy this entire time that her grandmother pays for, notice how she doesn't talk about how much those ER visits or hospital stays cost her. Kati doesn't use it because the insurance company keeps a record of all this shit and she can't show up at a doctors office and pretend to be a new patient with no records and just invent what her medical history is.

She claims to have fibromylupus but when prescribed Gabapentin last fall (300mg 3×per day) she only took 1 pill 1 time and then told Twitter she was dying all day.

No. 678355

I was just thinking about that myself. That was the day of her downfall with me. Guess I'm going to enjoy hell because she wants me in a fire.

As for being middle aged hags for the most part…. I help run a business. I do it from home or out in the day depending on what needs doing. My flexible scheduling allowed me to watch her antics and hissy fits until it stopped being funny. I hope she has legal representation because with this this new I don't give a shit attitude she's going to need it with how much she slanders and has been doxxing lately.

No. 678383

For new anons.She has been complaining of illness since 2006
(her Angelic Ascension period) NOT 2012. I don't know where it is here but you can refer to Repzions Joysparklebs video for deets.

No. 678402

>>432477 On YouNow in January she talked about going off Prednisone. She hasn't been on it for 7 months.
>>432469 Back to her Naturopath with the heavy metals toxicity BS
Kati's Patreon posts admitting her new doctors are done with her >>442216 >>442217 >>442219 >>442222

Some other gems. Kati made the #MeToo movement about her >>440209 >>440272 Part of Kati's pathological lying is that everything is about her, or she's always had something worse happen to her.

I know it sucks but when I was new here there were 10 fucking threads to read through, but over a two weeks I would read 1 a day to catch up, it takes maybe two hours to read a thread as a lot of them are 1 liner posts or opinion pieces that you can just skim, like people explaining the qualifications and aspects that define a cult. There is a decent amount of genuine entertainment though, for example did you know that Kati blew off her second semester finals of her only year at college because she contracted Scabies? >>429979

No. 678408

Wow I didn't know that. when she mentioned herpes and mono I said to myself, no Katie it was probably scabies. I didn't want to write it here because scabies just really a disgusting thing to get. Eew

No. 678421

File: 1535884861646.jpg (40.25 KB, 678x181, bullvit.JPG)

Sound familiar?

No. 678461

YES. I'd be willing to bet that any symptoms she truly has are a direct result of her own doing, like the variety of on/off supplements(she can't seem to get those stories straight), poor diet, being immobile, favorite past times like chugging Pedialyte and vegetable grade hydrogen peroxide. Not to mention the fact that she is always "pissed " and raging, add that to her obsessing and hyperfocusing on shit.

I think she gets off on lying to everyone and it wouldn't be surprising if that and her evil ways eat away at her.

Its also interesting that she suffers w/ so much pain yet doesn't take supplements often recommended by rheumatologists.

No. 678462

File: 1535895435325.jpg (595.27 KB, 1440x1770, Screenshot_20180901-185537_Twi…)

Probably this.

No. 678515

File: 1535899824196.jpg (453.37 KB, 1909x1239, youtube.jpg)

Wonder if/when this comment on her Curing Fibromylupus vid will be deleted. And of course only two people could have made such a comment…

No. 678539

If someone in my family came to me saying they talked to angels, cured a tumor with garlic and cured fibro with algae I would tell them they had mental health problems. Throw in how nasty and manipulative Joy is and they wouldn't be in my life. The fact she is always playing the victim when she is the toxic individual is pathetic.

She said in the interview when her channel gets bigger she is going to have her specialist with a certificate on. I am looking forward to seeing the two headcases talk about the miracle cure of algae.

No. 678633

File: 1535909932160.jpg (906.82 KB, 1080x2472, Screenshot_20180902-113443_Twi…)

Now the DO5 videos are monatized again. What a piece of shit. Apparently DO5 this is the hill she's chosen to kill her channel on.

No. 678641

They were monetized when she took them off private….or maybe reuploaded them according to the tweet… then youtube age restricted some of them. >>666254

No. 678652

>>678539 Well last I heard her family has officially disowned her and refuses to have anything to do with her.

I found myself wondering today why the elderly abused dog she adopted has been MIA since it was heard whining in the background of that 3 hour livestream. Has anyone heard anything about her dog Macy since Dom finally came home near the end of that livestream and told Kati that Macy had pee'd in the hallway?

Did you know that Kati has abandoned 3 different dogs on 3 different continents before this one? There was one in Russia, one in France, and one in Missouri that currently lives with her sidster. I wonder if it's 4 now. . .I can't imagine if the dog died she wouldn't have milked that for sympathy. . .or made a monetized video about it.

No. 678653

If she sang like a bird I wouldn't care, knowing what an inner bitch she is she'll always sound like a broken record to me.

No. 678659

Video 1 of the day. Listen to the beast sing a song from beauty and the beast. Bitchute link.

No. 678663

I'm going to just assume that this is how Katie and her flying monkeys signal each other.This is their special form of humor. ha ha ha ha
Once you're in the Inner Circle you get talked to like crap. The same way she used to talk to Cy.

No. 678665

How do you figure its been 3 dogs. I've only ever heard about the one that was left for days in an apartment in Missouri that her sister has now.

Do you have anything to back up your claims of the other 2 dogs? If not please don't post about it.

No. 678675

Gawd, that warbling goat bleating of her's gives me a head ache. There's a reason REAL singers don't pull constant vibrato, it makes is seem like you're covering up that they can't hold a note.

No. 678680

File: 1535913265857.jpeg (11.63 KB, 275x183, youshouldknow.jpeg)

I still don't understand how if she's been diagnosed by so many different Drs how she still isn't aware that fibro is NOT an autoimmune disease since she's always tagging and describing it as such.

No. 678682

So she admitted to monetizing her videos when she said she would never make money off child abuse? How are her fans justifying this to themselves?

No. 678683


She re-uploaded/monetized those Do5 videos as a means to stand up for herself?

How, exactly, is uploading video of children being abused (and making a profit off of their suffering) a means of defending herself? I want someone to ask her how that works - and how doing so shows she gives a damn about those kids.

No. 678684

She just popped out another video. I don't know if it's possible but it looks like she's gained 10lbs since yesterday.


No. 678687

When she got caught monetizing them, she was indignant that people hadn't given her time to explain WHERE she was going to donate the ad revenue from those videos ( @ about 45 videos in)…

Eventually that turned into ALL the add revenue goes to the BioMom of the kids and she made a $600 donation right before going on Warski Live so that she had "proof" that she'd donated something.

After that her credit card quit working and all sorts of excuses about how complicated it was to add the numbers from those videos up and all. Until she deleted her main channel hours before she'd promised to show the analytics to prove that she'd donated all the revenue from those videos.

Along that process… "I'd never want to make money off of abused kids" became "I'd never PROFIT from abused kids" (and in theory the profits were given to biomom) and now she's at "I'm in it for the money, fuck your abused kids"

No. 678694


Yesterday she beat fibro.Today she is giving a trigger warning that her fibro is in full swing and kicking.


No. 678700

Honest to god, she's like the nigerian prince scam. Anyone who continues to support her have to be a special level of mentally disabled. She didn't just "beat" fibro yesterday, her video was that she "cured!" it… so, this must be a whole new fibro infestation going on.

No. 678710

Ahaha Goddamn…that is terrible. A bathroom sessions album composed of her toilet splashes, diarrhea and flatulence would be more pleasing.

No chance in hell was she about to be signed by sony or the other big label she claims. None.

It was important for her to add in the video description that it was recorded 2 days before her health downward spiral. I guess so she can blame aluminum in her vocal chords for causing her to sound like a feral cat in heat.

No. 678713

In the video description, she also claims to be 105 pounds… look at her waist girth compared to the stool seat behind her. She's not 105 pounds, she's more like 125. She's not fat by any stretch of the imagination, but she is also not even remotely "tiny." For that being such a happy time (as she claims in the follow on video), she looks sullen and morose, even while standing in a Sun room! I can't help but think she learned that song when she did that high school thing at Disney and that's been her "go to song" for decades now.

No. 678714

Video 2 of the day. bitchute link.

No. 678720

File: 1535915663592.jpg (10.03 KB, 480x360, joyfatc.jpg)

You reminded me of the line from 'Hotel California'
"Relax," said the nightman. "We are programmed to receive. Why you can check out anytime you like but you can never leave."
-The Eagles may have been talking about drug addiction but the same line is so fitting re: 'These Are The Days and Lies in Joy's World.'

No. 678721

File: 1535915668811.jpg (175 KB, 610x787, 20180902_131405.jpg)

No. 678730

Wasn't she engaged to the guy who ass raped her for 5 years in 2013? She's saying that her mom had to kick her (as a fucking adult!) out of her house. Hey, Kati, here's an idea… get a job and get your own lease or buy your own house and then you don't get kicked out. But, she was also running 3-4 full time jobs and a "baller" at that time? And, she was somehow living her dreams? Being ass raped by a fiance, kicked out of her parent's house, singing like a goat in heat that's about to be signed by Sony Records, doing her glamour shots modeling.

This is first "openly crying" video… in the past, she seemed to pop these up ever 45 days to keep people from unsubing.

No. 678743

She's going on about how hard it was to record that video of her singing which doesn't make any sense for someone with record label offers. I'd think that she would have to submit something to them on top of a live meeting before they would even consider her. Oh wait, nvm, she is very eccentric and has a lot of life experience so they must have simply chosen her through word of mouth promotion.

The cracking herself up is creeping me out. I watch a lot of different channels and have never seen anyone cackle at themselves nonstop like she does.

No. 678754

In the latest video right after 21:00 she says she isn't in pain, doesn't feel great, but has no pain. Last night she said she is in pain soooo?

No. 678760

File: 1535918970683.jpg (52.62 KB, 787x437, orange.jpg)

Ooh she has a third hoodie, good for her! She seems to prefer the white one though.

In the beginning she talks about how weird it feels to talk with the extra fat on her face and later on she mentions snapping her fatter fingers, is this hate bait? Last year she used to talk a lot about she was teeny tiny and would say critical things about overweight relatives who got that way strictly by being glutons, I guess she's leaning into her current appearance as evidence of being super ill.

>The cracking herself up is creeping me out.

The cackling is persistent and super inappropriate in contrast to some of her subject matter, I'm trying to figure it out TBH. Is she overjoyed by being so slanderous to the "haters" or is it because she's back in the youtube spotlight despite how much she rejects that attention whore label?

No. 678783

File: 1535920529213.png (17.43 KB, 1242x123, crybaby tags.png)

About the Song or God wants me on youtube

-Going to ramble and stutter because Fibro

-All ready forgot what she is doing. Laughing like a insane person

-4 am She feels cold in her soul and video will be emotional

-The song video before Joy was in a chronic illness frame of mind. So much pain and scary symptoms. Feels like she is in a fat suit and can't get use to her fat face.

-Go watch a ton of videos so that this one makes sense (Seen them, summarized a few, guess what? Shit still makes no sense. You can't make sense out of nonsense Joy no matter how hard you try)

-I am not sure if she is asking her tear ducts to make more fake tears or less.

-She was really really really happy in her singing video. So happy tears.

-You would think her seeing herself looking so cute….she literally went from that to talking about earthquakes because she heard a door close. (Get a script crazy lady!)

-Thanks fracking!

-You would think she feels sad because she doesn't sound like that anymore. 2 weeks of practice and she would be back there.

She isn't sad she is happy seeing tha video. She is proud. She use to walk around with so much shame. She isn't mentally ill but eccentric. She liked things before everyone else. Holds up a starbucks bag.

-When she was 10 8-10 seen a story of a woman who died and came back. Changed her life. She has had spiritual experiences but a critical thinker. Doesn't know if it is real. Doesn't push it. Has similar to near death experiences. You get a life review. Looking back is overwhelming. You learned something from good and bad. She was going through a difficult thing when she filmed that video. (crying) She has a lot of hope. She was conditioned (thanks her mother using her full name) everything was her fault. Had a weird stage mom. Talk about it one day. Singing was a passion mom was a stage mom but wanted to keep her regional. Wanted to take credit.

-Video was 2 days before she got sick. For a month before that video she wanted to and felt a pull to start youtube but was scared. Phil brought up again. She decided she wasn't going to be the norm. People don't always understand. It doesn't make her a liar she has proven that. (No you haven't last video I found at least 4 or 5 lies and that was just from memory. You have proven you can manipulate and talk so long people give up on trying to explain to you what a lie is and how you lie all the time.)

-No equipment just a camera and her phone. Grandmas camera. Filmed 3 days practiced. Took 1 day to do 3 songs. Outfit changes! She did song in one take.

-She never felt like she belongs. She can fit in but doesn't belong. Learned at 8 she was a unwanted pregnancy from her divorced parents. Was told by her parents not to ever have children it was the worst decision they ever made. Her sister is a different story she was wanted. She was good at everything.

-Now we are diving into another topic. there is one person she has been jealous of. He is well-known but you guys won't know who he is. Most talented person. When she sees something people have that she wants that inspires her. Everyone wants to tear her and her channel down because insecurity. Huge crush sunshine person. He is a fucking prodigy. She will never be as good as him. That is positive. Found out a few yrs ago he had a crush on her. Right before Dom and her got together. She said she was to sick but he wanted to help her. (This chick is always crying and whining no one will help her then talks about people wanting to help her.) Won't figure out who he is. She doesn't get jealous just inspired.

-Feels weird for her to snap fat fingers

-(this is about her first youtube not JSBS we are back to talking about the singing video for a sentence or 2) wanted to be a singer all her life. 3 occasions where it was in the palm of her hand. each time illness got into way. Finally said Fuck it and started youtube. Staying with mother at the time Got kicked out over dumb shit. Lets drug addicts and criminals stay but kicks out sick daughter. (well no wonder Joy had Fuck you money at the time….Fuck you I am not paying any bills but I am balling motherfuckers!) Boomer argument. Going to do a story time (She probably could have just told the damn story and it would have taken less time then all that. )

-She was sad about her mom. Didn't fully heal until she found her family on lolcow. Intense crying. Processes quickly. Broke and freed her. She doesn't miss them. She knew it was done with her mom. Being fearless. Made videos. Sat for a long time. 2 days after videos she got really sick. copper toxicity and stress…she is shaky because she is nervous….the last time. She doesn't feel like she belongs knows a lot of people feel like aliens who aren't on a planet they belong to.

-Wishes she could have went back and told herself to do youtube sooner and blown her channel up then.

-At that point she was modeling, singing, getting ready to work with interscope and sony, everything ready and health failed.

-Can be hopeless or god decided a new path. Needed to be sick to be stronger. Always been direct but she was naive and scared

-Had panic attacks over being on youtube.

-When people meet her they love her. Culture shock being on the internet. Had adventurous life. Living her dreams. Grateful to be alive. Not in pain just the fog. Her blood is flowing correctly.

-Camera issues she for some reason needs to explain. Said for the millionth time she needs to have roommate help her with camera.

-She is no longer scared to show herself and talents to the world. Seen the worst the last time. Overcome so much. She was happy then but not secure and strong. (this deeper meaning shit is so weird. Like maybe shit just happens to people and we have to deal and make the best of the life we got.)

-Facing it head on with no family. She is hopeful and happy. It is a good sign she looks like hell. Homestretch. It will all go away and she will be a better person for it. She isn't sad about the video she is proud of that person. She wanted to start channel with that video. Now she is overcoming. Thanks for being on journey with her. Crying. She is proud of where she is at. Where there is a will there is a way. a reason she didn't put up demo or get signed somewhere. God has a better plan. Joy has ability to make miracles happen! She can create opportunities. She can do it all again. MJ was magic. confident she will sing again. To get the result you want you have to go through shit. You are not a mistake even if people don't want you. There is somebody who loves you. Grew up around crazy mean Christians so doesn't like the word God. (uses it anyways) You are never alone. Love is everywhere in cells and molecules. Had pain so bad she told Roommate if someone put a gun to her head and pulled trigger she would be relieved. This to shall pass. Reading song lyrics. (needs victim points) Mean evil people being awful We will get through this.

Uhhh at the end there she must have totally forgot about what a nasty bitch she is to anyone who disagrees with her. How she runs around thinking she is better then people and everyone is jealous. Minipulate away Joy!

No. 678794

Good point about the cackling. It's also really easy to picture her flying off on a broom in a cackling fit

The whole video is a sympathy grab, she has to touch on being fat, how terrible Cathy, Cori and dad are to her, not fitting in anywhere, having bad friends, a big deal world performer wanting to hokk up with her but having to deckine due to being sick, oh and a boyfriend, and so many things happen to her, yet this innocent young girl found her voice and she was soooooo happy that all was right in the world, until, dun dun dun, illness happened and then she created her channel and people attacked her. Conveniently leaving out that her channel was nothing more than attacking others, profiting off child abuse and the occasional personal creepy story. But she wants to show how despite being jerked over by life and everyone, she is here and victorious and has all the happiness and laughter to prove it.

What a hero and true inspiration claps

No. 678796

Holy shit she really has evolved into Jabba Joy.

No. 678800

File under: facts
> She isn't mentally ill but eccentric. She liked things before everyone else. Holds up a starbucks bag

literally fucking ded rn

No. 678804

BITCH used Phil as a reference to her "eccentricity" her life was filled with so many characters and if you don't believe her just see Phildo the wizard.

I'm almost sure that she misses Phil. He was probably one of her only loyal friends.

No. 678806

I know the Starbucks cake sack when I see one. At least she's eating and keeping it down.

No. 678815

She ends the video with an emotive thank you to those who treat her with kindness and love. I think about her supportive coven, the reprehensible things they do and say in support of this bitch, and I wonder where the kindness is. I think about the fact that this evil bitch desperately trying to profit off the backs of abused and exploited children and I wonder where the kindness is. I think about her showing pictures of an innocent little girl on a live stream, because she hates her mother, and I wonder where her kindness is. Kati has no sense of morality or humanity. She is virus, a parasite who simply wants to exploit and take. And when she is held accountable she runs. Her life, her reality, is it’s own worst punishment.

No. 678829


Was there ever any evidence to confirm Kati (and by extension, her stans) claims that Rose had asked Kati to make those videos/give her the money from said videos?

No. 678832

>She's going on about how hard it was to record that video of her singing which doesn't make any sense for someone with record label offers.

To be fair to Joy (COUGH! COUGH! HONK!), if you're out of practice; if you've not got a decent studio or microphone; and if you've put on weight, yeah, it's going to be difficult. I say this as a singer, is all. None of this is to detract from the fact that her claims of singing brilliance seem entirely overblown, because even a singer who's out of shape would sing better than that, but at least let us not be entirely unfair. If you're not singing regularly, your voice is going to reflect that.

No. 678844

File: 1535925864933.png (1.59 MB, 1080x3514, joy1.png)

She cries about how mean people are and tweets this shit a little while later.

No. 678845

File: 1535925896401.png (751 KB, 1080x2011, joy.png)

and this

No. 678852

As a singer.If you please, tell me what orifice that sound came out of?

No. 678857


> What I don't understand is why, if she was such a baller, it seems she always lived with someone/had a roommate. Her mother, her sister, her grandmother, her father, someone who was possibly her cousin, Dom, the ex boyfriend of hers.

I'm not going to post the info here because it's not allowed BUT if you cross reference her previous addresses, and there are a lot of them, 99% of them lead back to a family member or boyfriend.

No. 678874

It's grim all right, but just out of her mouth. Sorry not to be more colorful. It's the voice of someone who could have potentially been a minor talent, but who never bothered.

No. 679374

The Jeff holiday tweet is just embarrassing. It's pathological.I don't know why I ask this but why would anybody put that out into the public world? Does anybody know why she is including Suityourself in these tweets? Is it like bringing a bodyguard to a tweet?
I don't know how to properly Twitter.

No. 679381


No woman in her right mind would take looking like Billy the Fridge as a compliment.Would they?

Oh, in her right mind. Got it.

I hate it when I answer my own questions.

No. 679382

>appreciated anon

You're most welcome, Anon. It's going through her nose, and she's forcing her vocal chords rather than using her diaphragm (no no, not an IUD, the one in her chest) and air to produce the sound. It sounds choked and strangled as a result.

(At the risk of blogging, I hasten to add I'm no Frank Sinatra m'self, but good lord, that's some painful singing.)

No. 679394

but… but… billy the fridge worked with onision.

No. 679395

>Has anyone heard anything about her dog Macy

She mentioned her dog in a video about a week ago, saying she needed to make a video 'introducing' her - erm, which she did before she deleted her channel. So yes, I think Puppers is still around. (Give me an hour, I'll find you a link.) However, I agree with >>678665 Anon - could you possibly provide evidence from the last half dozen threads to support your statement about the other two dogs you mention? I'm not trying to be a dick, just saying that Lolcow is at its best when everything is meticulously documented, and at its worst when speculating.

No. 679401


Not the worst singing I've ever heard. Yeah there's too much vibrato and she's a bit pitchy and inconsistent, but pretty standard. I can tell she's had singing lessons. (Was in them for a long time as a kid/young teen and there's just this certain sound to someone who's had them- good or bad.)
IF she could figure out how to translate all that into something teachable she probably could've made a semi decent living as a vocal coach for kids whose parents are convinced they're the 'next big thing.' At least in a rural area where no one understands exactly what 'the next big thing' means or what really goes into that.

But that was before she began openly broadcasting her racism and inappropriate behavior involving kids. Even people in rural communities at least do a google search on someone before they let their kids spend any time around them in a setting like vocal lessons.

Also new anons in the thread: try to read the rules before posting. Anons here will be much less hostile if you aren't flagrantly breaking them constantly.

No. 679403

Somewhere on the internet I've read her family's dog died under mysterious circumstances, this is why she never talked about Onion's dog. Can you find more information about it?

No. 679404

>I can tell she's had singing lessons.
Absolutely, anon, I agree. It's just that they only went so far, and she's extrapolated those well beyond their effectiveness - like her belief she's a star debater (because her sister was), a journalist (for high school Broadcast Journalism credentials), etc etc. If she'd persisted and persevered, she might have been a half decent singer and possibly vocal coach. ANYhoo, enough about that. Sorry, everyone.

No. 679458

Well, I'd love that "family story time" video.

No. 679459

wasn't elana the one who called in the wellness check on joy? i think she gave the missouri address?

No. 679463

No that wasn't her.

No. 679474

File: 1535941788256.jpg (361.17 KB, 1440x1189, Screenshot_20180902-202532_Twi…)

Anyone have the video were she accused DO5 of sexual abuse of the kids?

No. 679476

No, that was a Canadian girl called Nicole. Joy dragged her with Geekthulu, back around thread 16. See >>533544 ff.

Elana is a whole other bag of wrong, a nobody who champions Joy without question -erm, except for the video she made and deleted about how Joy was 'beyond help,' documented in the Herd thread at >>367543

No. 679482

She's back to championing for Kati. For some reason. I like to compare her to Isaac the only difference is she's not in a wheelchair like that dumbass. But they're both dumb as a sack of hammers.

No. 679483


If she still has that Emma abuse video up, it should be in that one.

No. 679484


Ah, ok. Thanks.

I love the false equivocation between her videos and other people's. Then I realized… most of her followers probably can't even count to 100 so they can't possibly be expected to quantify the difference. If they are so challenged that they can't count to 100, you can't possibly expect them to understand the difference in intention, either when being able to quantify the difference is one of the main factors in determining the intention.

Bless their little hearts.

No. 679528

I wonder what is with the abrupt about face and dropping of the mask. Is it just good old fashioned American greed or is there some reason she needs money quickly?

Could be either, really.

No. 679537

I liked the singing video, not going to say it sucked just because it's Kati. If this was suppose to be her "crack at Youtube" she has royally fucked herself. It still could have been instead of the Onion videos. It's kind of sad ( until you remember who she is and how she behaved and blah blah blah things that myself and other anons have repeated plenty of times )

No. 679540

I doubt it's her needing the money quickly. She's probably switching gears to try and better fit in and leech off the audience base of people like Tonka and Andy who she is trying to get buddy with. It's her trying to suck up to the Skeptic community all over again.

No. 679543

For new anon's a sample dragging by Katie, featuring some of her flying monkeys.

No. 679544


>>668488 Here she brings up the oldest kid

Here she doesn't actually accuse them but brings it up reading definitions.
What-The-Psychologist-Said https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5wp2qo

Talks about him masturbating to the abuse here. https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5wksiz

There are tons of her videos here if you wanted to look around some more. She made so many nasty remarks throughout them all.

No. 679551

File: 1535948711201.jpeg (6.41 KB, 300x168, Joy_I_Dont_Wanna_Die.jpeg)

Bless you and may Our Lady Of Couch and Frito Lay be with you.

No. 679555

Does she really not know that Billy the Fridge and all of the people in that photo have been openly friendly with each other for about 2 years? Even I knew that much and I admittedly pay very little attention to that whole crowd as I don't care for gaming or commentary channels. If she was in so good with Jeff Holiday like she seems to think she was, why is this new information to her?
Oh well, I guess she's going to abandon pole dancing for the skeptic crowd, and just go full bore into the attention whoring drama crowd. I agree with her that that's a better fit for her.

No. 679569

Technically, she should be thanking Repzion for her way more than 10k subscriber boost when she was whining about Onision's cease and desist letter.

No. 679596

Joy is so stupid. The skeptics she shit talked so much where a huge part of the reason her channel grew so much in the beginning. After she started coming out with her bullshit medical stuff and acting all crazy Jeff got a ton of shit for not calling her out.I think the worst he said was she had anxiety or something. Now Joy has spent months kissing the asses of a group of youtubers who have went at Jeff pretty bad. She is going to get that nasty with him after he took a lot of shit to be nice to her. All because he wouldn't answer her email after she shit talked Kilroy and him to an extent when she was talking about Based Mama.

I don't understand why she thinks she can tell anyone to get off from youtube. Is that a thing with the Kumite group or is she just the boss of youtube now?

Oh and it was Onision who got you both tons of subs. Maybe Joy should write him a thank you letter. Then she can write one to the Martins. Then maybe take down the child abuse videos and make a apology video to Emma and Cody for making her pathetic youtube fame off from their abuse.

No. 679606

I really do not understand her bizarre obsession with based mama.
From what I have read so far, based mama wasn't fooled by her and was not shy about expressing her perspective of Joy in public and in private. She was consistent the entire time that she saw Joy as a mentally ill, obsessive attention seeker. I haven't seen anything in the last 17 threads to discredit that view as unfounded. In my view, based mama was far too kind in her assessment, given this new attitude she has.
Maybe I am missing something, so if some kind anon could inform me of anything that I may not have seen or is no longer available since her channel is now gone. Perhaps she was overtly abusive towards Joy, but I haven't seen that as yet.

No. 679609

One of joys videos (could be on any subject like Bridezilla: “Based Mama, Based Mama, Based Mama, vengeance on haters & harassers, Matt Jarbo, Matt Jarbo, Matt Jarbo, more vengeance on harrasers & haters, I’m cured of Fibermylupus, geekthulu, geekthulu, geekthulu, my fibro is really bad today, toothless sex worker, toothless sex worker, toothless sex worker, more vengeance on haters and harassers, moral virus, moral virus, moral virus, that darn pesky lolcow, muh family doesn’t love me, muh hurt feelings, reeeeeeee, roomate, roomate,roomate, I’m gonna get those darned haters if it’s the last thing I do”! All other videoes: rinse & repeat X 100.

No. 679610

Nope. When Kati released that google drive (it may still be there, not sure), the one thing it proved was that Chambers of the Heart was more deceptive than people gave her credit for and Based Mama was much smarter than people thought.

I think part of Kati's ass burn over Based Mama is that Chambers opted to go with Base Mama over Kati and that pissed Kati off to no end. Since then, Kati has been trying to piece together some conspiracy by Based Mama that just doesn't seem to exist. Kati knows that Chambers is an idiot and would not be able to manage a "campaign" against her, so needs a credible enemy to have "ruined" her life… Unfortunately, Based Mama just never gave a real shit about Kati one way or the other.

No. 679613

I have gathered that the obsessive aspect of her behavior extends to anyone she feels has slighted her. It doesn't make her seem any more mentally stable.
Is this the Google drive that was meant to present evidence that proved her innocence that, I think her name is Arianna, referred to?
Again, apologies for my newness, but trying to follow this involves trying to create several mental timelines. The actual timeline of reality, and the three or more that come from Joy herself. It's quite an effort to keep them all straight.

No. 679616

Yes, the drive that she said proved her innocence. Not sure who has referred to it in what context.

No. 679620

No. 679621


Understandable. Not the anon you responded to, or the one who filled you in, but I want to remind you that you can do a search on here. At the very least CTRL F in your browser can help you skip to posts about topics you're looking for. I'm telling you this now because I wouldn't want to see you get chewed out in the future, since there are a few of us who have been here since day 1 and not everyone appreciates unnecessary thread bumps. Not that every question is a an unnecessary thread bump (and I'll be deleting this within the next few minutes as we have a 30 min allotment to delete our own posts) but the more new people who are interested ask questions that are searchable, the more the important stuff gets pushed back which is why there are 17 threads at all. I am personally working on a long, long summary that I will have hosted elsewhere for the new waves of people that come on (we get waves of new people whenever she acts out) but of course it's a lot of information. I want it to be accurate and I only ha e so much non working time, but hopefully that'll help future new anons when I'm able to finish it accurately.

No. 679623


I don't know if this will help with the Based Mama question. something happens between Katy and Based around the 3:20 mark. she ruffled Katie's feathers.
something I'm sure other's noticed, Katie reared her ugly head when the Kilroy calamity was all the rage. She came online to yell about how BM had stolen $100,000 or whatever. So why is everyone mad at me? go after based mama and leave me alone! That's what I got out of it and she still bitches about it.that GD $1,600 that Joy donated.which in the grand scheme of things is not a whole hell of a lot of the money. I'm sure I went insane today thinking I should give her some money to take the goddamn videos down. Then I thought, no you're crazy, you're crazy, stop it Kek sure am glad I was able to have that conversation with myself kek kek

No. 679626


Her obsession with Based Mama is because Joy never felt she got the satisfaction of "owning" Based since Based won't engage her. When she has previously, Based ate her alive. She wants people to tell Based that she's coming TO Kilroy. This is NOT going to happen and I would warn against taking such obvious bait, since she wants people to continue to talk about it. She's as transparent as the bottoms of the multiple fast food bags surrounding her at all times

No. 679627

Remember that she suddenly had to speak out three days before Christmas… I'm 99% certain that was more of a collecting Christmas $uperChat$ thing than anything else… she even made a second stream to collect some more.

No. 679638


Yes. And she made Dominique stay home with her last year at Thanksgiving, when he apparently usually visits his family for the major holidays. Last Christmas, of 2017, she claimed at one point to be spending the holiday alone but I'm gonna call bullshit. Early on in her YouTube videos, in particular the "I'm sooooooooo sick and alone!" ones, she would talk all about how awful it was that she had to MAKE "roommate" stay home instead of going out with his friends.

He'll never be able to take another woman home as long as that slug is attached to his couch

No. 679649


Who knows what Dom is really like.

Maybe HE feeds her to KEEP her home.

Maybe HE has Munchausen's by Proxy.

Saged for Flights of Fancy late at night.

No. 679651

Not going to make too much speculation since it's Kati's thread not Dom's but the guy is clearly fucked in the head one way or another.

No. 679658

did you have a stroke, anon

No. 679671


It was just a near stroke,followed by a near heart attack anon.

No. 679679

>>678665 >>679395 My apologies. I misremembered this post >>415407 As saying she 'had left a dog in Missouri and left one in Russia and Europe' when it was actually about possesions and 1 dog 'left a dog her sister eventually had to get. (Full stop) She has left things all over Europe, Russia, and Tahiti.' I got that mixed in with her travels as well >>415557 and >>415642

Still fucked up that she abandoned a dog in an apartment and her sister had to pick it up, but the dog was locked in alone for 5 days because her sister was out of town >>429302 >>430187 >>532521

There's so much shit with this cow sometimes, so I appreciate you two setting the record straight. I'll make sure to find what I'm talking about first next time.

No. 679682

File: 1535964526197.png (927.58 KB, 1044x1120, 20180903_044557.png)

She tweeted this to Sinatra 22 hours ago.Soon after the question where is Macie was asked.

No. 679688

File: 1535965526774.png (382.41 KB, 1075x1646, 20180903_045422.png)

No. 679716


I knew she had oddly short legs but DAMN!
Imagine what her body looks like now with another 150 elbees because she's said repeatedly she gains more in her legs and butt!!
Considering what chest up looks like right now is she shaped like a gord? Can she even see her feet?

No. 679752


Bets on her blaming her fibro fog on those 'forgotten' moments?

No. 679787


I hope Macie is okay. That could be an old pic that was stored on her phone. We'll never know because it's not time or date stamped.

What was the story about her hurting a previus dog?

No. 679789

Anon are you okay? Did you take to twitter immediately with your symptoms and get medical advice from "Dr" Dexter Morgan like any normal person would have done if having chest pain? I hope you didn't think about emergency services when twitter was right there. Anon I'm quite concerned; were there any near collapses or near seizures? If so, especially re: the latter we seriously need to talk. Forget tonic-clonic because all the research and money in neurology is now finally being appropriated where it should be, to discover more about these "near seizures" and what they entail. It's odd cuz most people I know with seizures can tell you immediately what type they have but it's really the "near ones" you have to look out for.

With the near heart attack and near stroke I'm afraid you are highly at risk for polyfibromyluposclereumaticavasdeferens and you should take a bunch of quack supplements from a McDr and forget about chelation therapy (or "Chell-ation," as our omniscient expert on all things pronounces it and one would think since "it was previously recommended to her by her Dr" I'd hope the Dr would have known how to pronounce it,) much like that goshdarn "en-do-scope-ey" she was going to see if she should have done kek (again cuz that's how it works today: the pts recommend what tests they think they need lulz.) Just forget the fact btw BA, MD, FACS, residency, internship, and fellowship Drs studied for approximately a meager 15 years, notwithstanding CMEs and yearly licensing hours, and then go on to practice for X # of years but what do those pesky real Drs know anyway lol? Suspend your disbelief and forget the fact that chelation treatment is the main treatment for copper toxicity (yet for some reason her Dr said her CT was "too aggressive to use chelation therapy.") <oo>

Also anon bear in mind the disorder you're very much at risk for as mentioned above, I'm thinking if we put you on a course of prednisone, and it works we'll definitely know for sure you have polyfibromyluposclereumaticavasdeferens (cuz that's always how modern medicine works lulz… it's always wise to take a generic med that helps with numerous disorders and if we get any result then we know you'll have that one specifically "
cuz your grandmother has it.")

FFS it's a damn amusement park ride replete with ups, downs, drama, screaming, tantrums, junk food, loud noises, bitching and complaining, being nauseated, and the occasional vomit that ends up in your mouth after listening to her rant for 45 min.

No. 679791

Does Joy want the "debate" on the kumite so it won't be just Joy V whomever? It will be anywhere from 5-10 people decimating the person correct? Has to be cuz if all she wanted was a debate what's wrong with youtube or younow?

No. 679792


Oh, here's hoping it happens (unlikely, though. Kati will claim she's having a flare up and bow out).

No. 679797

I'd love to (after spending a little time reading the earlier threads) but my thinking is she wants it there so she can have an attack army so the other person won't even be able to get a word in cuz remember Joy's excellent debating argument? She "can scream louder than…" However you're right, even if she did set it up her "non autoimmune fibromylupus" (remember that hadn't been brought up in months until she started saying it all the time so she could rehash drama from nearly a year ago so she could wave that victim flag high,) would have a flare up, which makes no sense because it's not autoimmune nor is there any inflammation associated with the disorder, so I'm not sure what she means by flare up. Is she referring to pain and calling igt a flare up? I honestly always wondered.

No. 679804

I really hope she does show up on kumite, they need the content and I need a good laugh at work

No. 679833

Oh fuck me running. I gathered up my supplies, a jug of salt, a pound of sugar, a bottle of fiber my lupus dramatica (herbal blend) my pouch of spirulina and electrolytes in a natural casing especially made for pescatarians.I went out to my car and turned the heat on full blast,even tho its already 98 degrees in the shade.
I'm still in here, I'm having a lot of pain between my brain and my spine. Luckily I'm meditating through the near blackouts."If that makes sense".
Thanks for your concern.

When I get back inside I'm planning on taking a nice long Mercury bath followed by a Starbucks coffee enema.
Any and all suggestions are appreciated and carried out.


No. 679906

>>679620 Thank you very much! Agreed, did not in any way dispute her guilt and based mama is not half the evil bitch she's made out to be, so good to know, as after having viewed this information it seems that very few people on YouTube had any real interest in helping those children. (I understand that no one is innocent, but from the drive and the video linked, it seems Chambers of My Heart was also not in it for the best interests of the children, which is both pathetic and depressing.)
Thank you for the streaming video.
It was long, but in the end I came out of it with a fairly high level of respect for based mama. She would not be manipulated and she would not give her an inch of ground to try to manipulate anyone else. She has more stamina for Joy than I could ever muster.

No. 679907

Video one of the day. Bitchute link.

No. 679915

Took her less than a minute to bring up based momma. Le kek

No. 679928

Is there a thread about kilroy?
She keeps calling it a scam, but it was put on and it seems people who went enjoyed it and that another one is planned for next year, so what is she talking about?
Thanks in advance.

No. 679929

She sounds insane in this video. Her pronunciation of skeptic is so cringe.

No. 679930

She's desperate for a fight and is shouting random insults and lies hoping someone will call her out

No. 679945

"They don't give a shit about what dirty shit they do to other people. … And why? Cuz they're little asshole men… just tiny dicked asshole men. And you know what, D size doesn't really matter to who you are but in these people's mind, it does."

So you're using an insult that is generally perceived to the world at large as an insult because the subjects think it's an insult and not because it is generally perceived to the world at large an insult?

lolk. Tell me another one.

No. 679961

Well, Kilroy was a scam and was a fucking shitshow. But out of all people, joy is not one to speak. Glass houses.

Based mama doesn’t have a thread, she’s included in the tradthot thread, but barely, and it was made well after Kilroy. Maybe yt skeptics thread or something? Joy spergs a bit about how based doesn’t have a multiple LC threads like herself.

TL;dr the funding for Kilroy was misused, some went magically missing, and shady behavior regarding the PayPal account the funds went in that BM had in her name, all the YTers that we’re promised and advertised werent even invited/had knowledge of event, coming, kicked off the list, and left after it went south, treated poorly, replaced with a few randoms, and barely anyone that was advertised was there, the pictures are sad, barely any audience, cancellations, money problems, event problems, etc. everyone pretty much regards it as the same quality of failure of tumblr’s dashcon.

God someone needs to photoshop her as a Joy-Cookie Monster hybrid or Jabba the Hutt

No. 679963

File: 1536000449271.png (233.19 KB, 376x507, Screenshot (819).png)

The truth is scary enough without Photoshop

No. 679968


This is a cursed image

No. 679975

File: 1536001737056.png (7.36 KB, 840x63, Blah.png)

Mundanematt, Jeff Holiday, Rezion, & Chris Ray Gun Mock Those Flagged At Pax or I could have been on Dr Phill too

-Kilroy is a scam

-Talking badly about Jeff. Didn't before because she didn't know the full extent of the doxing server

-Always nice to Jeff. Hoped it wasn't true. (I can't figure out what she hoped wasn't true)

-Critical of everyone at Kilroy. Everyone who went profited off a scam. Jeff hasn't taken kindly to her criticism of Kilroy

-Jeff is sleazy. Joy wanted to believe he was a better person. He made a Joke about Matt. Matt flagged her redemption stream. Matt was a pussy who didn't show up.

-They are mocking everyone. They think it is funny because they are a group of little D sized men. D size doesn't matter to anyone but them. (Why do YOU keep bringing it up then?) They think they can be critical of others and stop others from making money. (She keeps saying D instead of dick. F instead of Fuck.)

-She is disappointed Jeff would act that way. Can hang out with Matt but She approached him to do something that would help a lot of people. She didn't shit talk Jeff but will now.

-Jeff is mad she called out the butt buddies. Jeff can't handle that. Jeff is riding high on his ego. Joy could have been on Dr Phil and Pewdie Pie. She didn't go that route because she isn't a attention whore. (I am crying right now funniest shit ever!)

-Jeff will have tears flying when his channel takes a hit (Didn't he already go through that when Tonka and them went at him. Not a huge fan but I seem to remember he just carried on and found new opportunities. I do remember Joy's fits over losing subs though.)

-More autistic wonderfulness coming (her words not mine)

-Shows another picture. Matt tried to fuck up people's lives. It will happen to them. Karma

-Shows picture of dinner.(Billie,Rep,Chris,and Matt are in pic) She adores Billie the Fridge. Joy believes he doesn't have a clue about the people he is hanging out with. People say Joy looks like billy it is a compliment. 3 people where involved with doxing servers and hit pieces. All for egos and tits. Poor sweet Billy. Don't you dare mess with Billie (using full cuss words now Watch Out!) Bottom barrels. Pisses her off. Literally harassers.

-Laughing about Roommate putting on his headphones because he doesn't want to hear her rant

-Tried to get people fired. Out of their minds? No they are assholes. They will always be assholes. Keem made fun of them too. Keem is a angel of youtube. Joy supports him.

-She just had to add more to her rant.(Pretty sure she edited in more after filming) Matt said there are no friends like youtube friends. What he means is no friends like the ones that will accept you for the nasty things you do. Lay in bed with same thing. They aren't friends just in bed doing same shit. Will stab each other in back. Matt doesn't have friends on youtube. Rep likes Matt but not her. Rep changed name of video to JoySparkleBS Files. Rep apologized to Keem. Rep is a asshole with no conscience. Becaus he left relgion he thinks he doesn't need a soul. No sense of goodness or kindness. Candid bullshit. Matt keeps giving and giving. Chris Ray Gun is a asshole because he took a pic with Rep. All in bed together. Chris made jokes about Matt flagging on twitter. He is aware and still hangs with them. They put down her and Tonka. They do illegal shit and should be yanked from youtube. They will hang with Matt but not with her because Based Mama lied to them. (Oh the jealousy in this video is strong my friends.) A wizard told them shit. Horseshit! Pisses her off.

-She got mad. She contacted Jeff to do a collab. Helped get Jeff subs off Onision debate. Jeff tweeted her they were splitsville. Joy critical about kilroy. Jeff doesn't want anything to do with Joy when it will actually help people. Fuck you Jeff. Reading her own rude ass tweets. Jeff is a pussy who blocks her because she calls people out. Hurt his fee fees. Can't handle criticism. Keep doxing and flagging. Deep down that is all they had. Never accomplished anything outside youtube. Jeff has a ego problem. It is worse because he was on Dr Phile. She could call in a heart beat and be on Dr Phil. Joy has the right personality for attention. These people don't have it. They don't love it all about ego. Think they are more important then they are. GET A GRIP. Hate Tonka for calling out actions. Joy called them out before. People think she is crazy because how she looks and sounds. She is tired of it! Jeff looks like a jr high kid who never left Hot Topic. Rep foot fucking everyone. Matt not autistic just a asshole.(Including herself with the Kumite. )They think we are jerks.They think we are crazy. They justify stuff in their minds and little egos. Atheists don't have responsiblity outside themselves. At some point they will have something to answer to. Rep has battled depression cause he does asshole shit like this. Same to Matt. Does stupid shit and wonder why they are mentally Ill. Not on a path for best and highest good. Bullshit from butt buddies. They all network and do shit together. misogynous . Change of perspective on feminism. Like,sub and comment. Like early and she will reply!! Fucker Chris Ray Gun goes to dinner and is a attention whore. Can't stand the bullshit. Joy is standing up for the people fired from youtube. When is somebody going to pull the plug on Matt's channel? Will youtube do it?

Joy is a little jealous in this one. Doesn't seem to understand some people just don't like her or want her drama in their lives. Everything is everyone fault but her own. Oh and she keeps bringing up Tonka. I watch the Kumite sometimes and Tonka has been saying over and over it wasn't a doxing server and he doesn't like Jeff because Jeff lied. Also seems to think she is part of the Kumite now…I thought that was a Tonka and Failure thing but whatever. Maybe they are adding her to the mix? Or maybe I am misunderstanding what she is saying.

No. 679978

If you don't understand how businesses operate and the laws that apply to them, don't post about it.

No. 679992

On today's Kumite Tonka said he was out of the business of hosting fights between You Tubers unless both parties had a significant following. So Kati against the world will probably never happen unless the other one is a prominent You Tuber, and otherwise all of the crawling up his ass won't get her one. I can't see anyone with a significant following taking her up on that challenge. Tonka's still talking about how stupid picking teams is and that no one is getting a defense from him. YMMV as far as how much that applies to Kati given that she and Vamp are such beasties, though.

No. 679994


but what does Tonka consider to be a significant following?

No. 679996

Whoops, meant to say "besties" but the other probably applies too.

No. 679998

He mentioned Ralph from the Ralph Retort as an example but otherwise wasn't specific.

No. 680004

It's more likely that his reticence for hosting fights without significant followings is for his monetary benefit more than anything else. Added bonus, he doesn't have to be caught out, defending Joy by hosting any fights between her and anyone else.

No. 680006


Unless notices the ploy and calls him out on it; thus making Tonka her new target.

No. 680019

So other youtubers are doing a lot of this shit to so I am not saying it is just her, but Tonka is calling out a lot of stuff that she is doing. The Sub buying may have been her. Other things also Screaming she wants to take fuckers on the Kumite and then he says he doesn't want to host them anymore unless certain criteria is met. Team Sports and how gay they are. It wasn't a doxing server. Kissing other youtubers asses and believing everything they say. Not having evidence to back up your accusations. Ect.

While he is saying all this in todays video she is bringing him up, saying things like we when talking about him and bringing up drama Tonka seems to be over.

I don't think Tonka wants people like her on the Kumite anymore. He just seems kinda done with it all. So she is kissing his ass and trying to tie herself to him and he just seems to be moving away from that stuff. Maybe he is still talking to her but it seems like he is done with all the shit she can't stop talking about.

No. 680052

File: 1536007781239.png (98.37 KB, 612x753, CU98YuW.png)

EPIC BURN! Not only that the "millennial woes" woman at the table turned out to be his girlfriend, but she put Kati in her place!

(Millennial Woes is a man, not a woman. Kati had NOTHING to do with this crowd, she's just trying to shove herself into it because they have subscribers)

No. 680067

tl;dr you need a nap

No. 680069

No. 680071

File: 1536008634229.jpg (396.94 KB, 1156x2048, 20180903_150031.jpg)

That's odd. 5500 plus subscriber drop in one day. Hilariously the day after she mirrored her "I'm back" video to that channel.

No. 680073

Almost like the new vid after so long caused the YT system to check for fake subscribers, huh?

No. 680075


It's both hilarious and incredibly sad just how easily people can goad Kati into reacting to their comments. This Maya person is clearly baiting her for a reaction, and Kati is falling for it each and every time.

Oh, but Kati's not obsessed; everyone else is.

No. 680079

Girl is hitting Joy with the truth. For being a insecure man with a small D Rep got himself a cute girlfriend. So while Joy sits around yelling at camera all jealous, the people she is shit talking are out having fun living life.

No. 680080

File: 1536009315833.jpg (481.3 KB, 1078x1669, 20180903_141148.jpg)

No. 680082

So true. She's gotten disgusting.

No. 680087


Maya is on a roll with her sick burns.

Kati is in way over her head.

No. 680089

Right? Lmao. She'll never recover from this.

No. 680094


Kati is trying so hard to be just as smarmy; and is just failing horribly.

She really thinks she's just as sassy as Maya, doesn't she? (oh, that's just sad).

No. 680097

Wow, a lot of jew hate targeted at someone who isn't Jewish and who also orbits alt-righters. Internet aut'right faggotry at it's finest.
And still no evidence that it was a scam. I would say thanks for the link, but it's all the same bullshit from the chan tards. All surface, no substance and a lot of made up bullshit.
Did Joy put this together all by herself?

No. 680108

I don't think that's Maya, she can't be that shallow, come on. Looks like Jarrod's fake account.

No. 680109

Hi, Elana.

No. 680111

File: 1536011516948.jpg (52.96 KB, 534x638, wut.JPG)

Joy 100% totally burned the skin off her with that last response!

You must be new to ED… Should probably tour the site a bit more. Tends to be decently factual but rather racist/homophobic/etc etc etc. That's ED for ya!

>>680082 >>680089
Don't use your email address. Put sage in your email address line instead. It will automatically put you as "Anonymous" without bumping the thread or doxxing yourself.

Speaking of which, the influx of newfags is astounding. People should read the rules before posting.

No. 680112

It had a lot of factual errors on the face of it. Every single criticism of kilroy I have seen ignores entirelu the original organizer/planner who was in charge of the NDAs and contracts and schedule that everyone is bitching about. Did nobody pay attention?
No wonder this stupid cow can keep prattling on about she knows nothing about when she can easily reference another "good" site that is complete shit.
God damnit ED, stop enabling retards!

No. 680137



No. 680141

I think she was referring to repzion being the child. At least that's how I took it.

No. 680143

Sage please.

No. 680147

Or people realized they hadn't unsubscribed from her channel. A lot has come out between then and now. Her audience seems to be split between idiots who actually buy into her bullshit, with the other majority being people who are just watching the trainwreck.

No. 680151


She's referring to Repzion in that weak comeback remark.

Honestly, someone who acts as childish as she does is the last person to call out anyone on their own supposed childishness.

No. 680159


My mistake. It's just that with her history, anytime I see the word child I get as triggered as Joy when her Uber Eats order is 3 minutes later for delivrry. She always has to mention kids, even total stranger's. Thought she was doing her usual.

No. 680180

Businesses? You mean the LLC based got in her name days before announcing the event? I was referring to misuse of crowd funding funds and false advertising of speakers attending, treating speakers poorly, and low audience turn out, with lame events. And it is a fact that the PayPal account was handled suspiciously, including being locked down, and ghosting for several days when people wanted to know what was occurring with the PayPal funds.

If your going to vaguepost about how someone’s wrong, about something that’s pretty widely agreed on (that the Kilroy con was poorly planned at the least, which even the people running it admitted it was) at least give a reason or explanation why you think so jfc I was just giving a commonly held view/summary of how the event went, to the anon that asked, chill.

>and the laws that apply to them

…tfw you didn’t even mention laws applying to businesses

Oh, and sage your bullshit.

No. 680186

File: 1536018080373.jpg (191.43 KB, 781x2048, IMG_20180903_173826.jpg)

Kati is too fucking stupid to figure out that she's being fucked with at this point. I wonder if she realizes that everyone in that photo that she was making fun of from her last video is sitting there laughing at her stupidity over this.

No. 680192

opinions on kilroy are derailing.

(deleted prev because i'm a dummy who used the wrong word.)

No. 680202

You know Kati was salivating at the thought of having a livestream $uperChat topic that wasn't the same herd of dead horses that she's beaten into dust. Too bad the girl isn't stupid enough to go for it w/out getting paid.

No. 680207


She needs to make a weeks worth of videos first
2 a day for 5 days
Can't waste it on just one live stream

Aren't her 2nd and third videos for the day late? She usually has them up by now

No. 680218

There, now you can cry into the ether about it like Joy does.

No. 680225


Kati's too busy trying to upstage Repzion's gf on Twitter. For all we know, Rep's gf will be Kati's next ranting post - Kati, of course, claiming Maya's a coward for not agreeing to a debate.

Side note - who else is loving on Rep's gf? The girl is a master of zingers.

No. 680237


She's great. Joy hates any younger female who is more attractive and more clever than she is. This is why she surrounds herself with uggos. Cy, CJ Trex, Rainbow Unicorn, Elana, the other unicorn idiot, Erin brownage. The list goes on. Maya is everything Kati's little friend group is not.

Gee, wonder why. And she's too goddamn blinded by her misfiring, cholesterol-addled brain to figure out she's being trolled left and right.

P.s Up until recently, I'm convinced joysus thought of herself as the charasmatic pretty one. That's the whole point of surrounding yourself with people who are far more intellectually inferior than you yourself are. Wonder if her recent weight gain has changed that way of thinking seeing as how an industrial meat scale is what is needed to properly measure her true weight. Unlikely.

No. 680238

Maybe she's only doing 1 video today. It is labor day so I'm sure people are grilling out. Can't let a side of ribs go to waste!

No. 680249

Some thoughts after reading Joy's twitter conversation with Maya….

She's reminds me of the frumpy old lady at work who will make your life a living hell if you are a woman, young, and not hideously overweight or deformed.

She just comes across as so jealous and bitter. Its uncomfortable to watch but I can't look away.

No. 680254

Literally not Elena, but I've been reading your childish rants and this tells me who you are

No. 680256

File: 1536023853126.png (98.53 KB, 628x528, Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 7.16…)

Oh great now she's dragging Jeff's wife into this. Time to make some popcorn… this is going to be fun.

No. 680260


I'm going to assume you think that anon is Jarrod.

No. 680263


Wait…I thought she was fine with the fat jokes? Is she cracking?

No. 680264

lol anon, haven't you figured out why there is one particular sperg getting triggered over Kilfail and offering a bunch of vague excuses about it?

No. 680273

File: 1536024710670.jpg (348.17 KB, 1080x1134, 20180903_182853.jpg)

She is going at people for liking tweets now? Fucking pathetic. Joy needs to sit down and get over herself holy shit.

No. 680276

Maybe someone should tell her tha Kraut and Tea has his channel back up. She can make a hundred videos about that now that her holy saint keemstar helped the evil doxer friend of Jeff get his channel back.

No. 680281

The idea of "Labor Day" or work of any kind has likely sent Kati into an allergic near death event. She's prob at the ER getting pizza injections.

No. 680284

Wait, didn't that one video say that fat jokes helped her to heal and that she is totally fine with them?

No. 680287

Um, Kati was defending Jeff's going to the Kilroy before she found out that he wasn't her bestie any more. This time last week, Jeff was A-OK with her and she liked him.

I would love to see Billy the Fridge tweet her to tell her to get off his dick.

No. 680290

'You don't just defend your friends when they're doing horrible things just because' - says the lady who ignores the questionable behaviour of anyone who's been nice to her…

No. 680292

File: 1536025754511.jpg (451.27 KB, 1043x1441, 20180903_184759.jpg)

Is she suppose to leave her husband over some internet drama now?

No. 680296

How many times has Kati flagged people's videos? I want to see her flag history.
How many times has Kati sent her freaks to flag and harass people she doesn't like?
Show recipes, Kati!

No. 680302

Has she forgotten that she's only getting pennies from youtube too or did she get memory fog again?

No. 680304


she's really cute, too.

joy blocked maya. lol.

No. 680305

Oh in her video today she was calling Jeff a pussy for blocking her after she randomly started going off on him on twitter. Now she blocks Maya because she can't handle talking to someone who won't just take all her shit talk. I thought Joy wanted to debate her. Joy is such a pussy and a hypocrite.

No. 680315

Can we take bets on whose fault everything will be (and every one of her future health complaints), since we know it won't be shady Kati?

She's really making enemies, aka harrassers, even faster this round and the party is just getting started.

Will it still be bm's tits?
And who will prepare thy queen's Google drive while She's elbow deep in Frito lay?

No. 680317

File: 1536027949897.jpeg (230.6 KB, 771x531, Screenshot_20180904-031756~2.j…)

No. 680319

Just waiting for her to make a video about it. It's okay when she blocks people for harassing her, but never okay to get blocked by people she harasses.
Round and round on the kati-go-round!!

No. 680350

Okay, she wins the Interwebz for this month! That made me almost choke from laughing so hard.

No. 680351

Even the Kumite crowd doesn't go after Memorie, just Jeff. Wondering more and more if Tonka's soliloquy on the Kumite today about blindly following people and having "team jerseys" really did refer to Kati herself.

No. 680375

Must suck for Kati that Repzion's gf defends him (and with a lot of grace and humor)… Jeff's wife supports him w/likes… and Roommate doesn't even want his name used and she has to scrounge old FB pictures to do a "reveal" of him as if she's some sort of creepy stalker.

No. 680384

joy sparkle bs is mentioned on the cuntstream's new channel the snatch cast

No. 680389

More than a mention… title: "Welcome to the SnatchCast - Memz and Jeff Holiday talk Joy Sparkle"

No. 680404

Good stuff starts at about 50 minutes in.
Special appearance by 'one of the many Sestras' from the much hated kilroy.
Tomorrow will be a video about how it's all a conspiracy because people are friends with other people, but not with her.

No. 680411

Jeff addresses getting "burned" by JSBS

No. 680463

She’s now live on younow.

No. 680488

No doubt weeping and wailing about how mean everyone has been. "I shook the hornets' nest, look how I'm a victim!"

No. 680509

That was pretty much it. All her "positive intentions" are getting blocked by the haterz! (And she said "positive intentions" SEVERAL TIMES… someone needs to get that woman a fucking dictionary!)

No. 680546


Well, yeah - because when Kati harasses/bullies people, she's defending herself. When her targets give her the same treatment, it's cyberbullying.

Don't those bottom feeders know that when Kati waddles in to display her superiority over them via a verbal throw down, they're supposed to take it like the beta bitches they are? I mean, did they miss what her Twitter handle says? They're supposed to bow down to her, damnit! /sarcasm

No. 680555

Younow summary:
Mostly rambling. Talked about mental health, touched on repzion & Jeff & twitter exchanges with their girlfriend & wife. She blocked a few “haters,” one asked legimate questions, in my opinion. They wouldn’t guest with her so they were blocked. Someone asked about Geek, her response was something like “I think he’s in hiding I don’t really care.” Something around those lines. Was asked about the vitamins/supplements she is currently on but “she’s not ready to talk about it.” Then she told a secret: she got a new dog. Supposedly this dog was stolen from her 10 years ago & she just got it back. She was very hush hush because she plans to do a video about it. And finally, if anyone finds her channel to have disappeared, it’s because of the false flagging because the haters have bots they are using to report her videos over and over. ‭

No. 680557

as much as the milk is funny to us, Rep's gf is a retard for responding, as is anyone else who buys into it. Fatso rages hardest when she gets ignored, and has to make up content which of course ends up being even more insane than usual. Responding to her validates her and invites more bullshit from both her and the stans.
also, since Rep is getting mentioned: obligatory memory of when he hyped up his OMG SO EPIC video about Jabba, and after being delayed several times it was pretty much nothing. good times.

No. 680558

Spot on, Anon. If anyone had the brain power to ignore her, she'd fade away like Trelane, whimpering about how she would have won. "I WOULDA! I WOULDA!!"

No. 680560


The only person who thinks responding to Kati validates Kati in any way is Kati herself. Hell, the initial comment that Rep's gf made wasn't even inflammatory; Kati just immediately went on the attack, simply because it was Rep's gf.

The only thing that was validated in the whole interaction is that Kati is stupidly easy to offend. Like, you don't even have to try and it sends her into a tirade.

No. 680562

File: 1536061304608.jpg (203.26 KB, 1439x977, _____3vNlIqGH.jpg)

Has she forgotten or misunderstood the plain English reply she got from team YouTube?

No. 680563


Gosh darn it; her fibromylupus brain fog has struck again!

No. 680568

Worse than that, Ricky Berwick is making fun of her. She's a complete laughing stock. She's now officially an insane cunt to be made fun off


No. 680570

Because ignoring her worked out so great for Rep, Matt, Jeff, Based Mama, etc, etc.

She holds onto grudges better she does the take out bags from her favorite fast food joints. There is almost no way she quiets down when ignored.

No. 680571


Addressing this to Kati; because we all know she reads Lolcow.

'Did I say you were defending me?'

Considering how you enthusiastically agreed with his 'you're fat; and I'm crippled' comment - yes, you most certainly thought he was siding with you (i.e. - coming to your defense).

'Why would a statement of a fact offend me?'

The fact that you replied to his 'I'm not defending you - sorry!' twice shows that yes, you are offended and are doing your best to prove otherwise.

No. 680572


Nope, she just gets louder and does whatever she can to get a rise out of them.

In all honesty, I hope those folks continue to ignore her. All she's doing is making herself look more like the unstable mental case she really is.

No. 680573

Wow, Joy has pretty much declared war on a lot of people at once; especially some of the Skeptics. Honestly, she's causing way more trouble for herself than what is necessary. Who else is she going to add to her list? Any bets?

No. 680575

>hope those folks continue to ignore her. All she's doing is making herself look more like the unstable mental case she really is.

It's like jiu jitsu: use the weight of your opponent to your advantage. She'll scream and scream but eventually she'll run out of steam. With no attention, no new insults thrown, those old grudges are just going to look more and more ludicrous until even the most devoted Stan won't give half a fuck. It's not like she has a meaningful number of fans anyhow, esp not on Twitter (half the number her YouTube subscribers, if I recall, of whom maybe 20 bother to like her tweets regularly?) May as well whisper it to a dead tramp, as Malcolm Tucker once had it.

No. 680576

File: 1536064042281.png (26.33 KB, 468x283, WpHbXpn.png)

> Who else is she going to add to her list?

Some moron posted a link to her YouNow stream on 8chan and they could care less about her (or even know who she is), so I strongly suspect it was either Kati self posting like she did here or someone in her crew thinking she could get in with the chans since she is now anti-Jeff Holiday.

No. 680590

but that's exactly what I said? ignore her, and she spergs out all the worse. and since she is widely known as a cow, who gives a fuck how many videos she makes? Like I said, she flails more, and that's good for everyone.
Look at Onision. His channels are dead. So, what does he do? A bunch of 'edgy' bullshit about black people. Now he's getting reaction vids that keep his name alive and drive traffic to him. He doesn't give a fuck it is all negative. It was and is all about getting attention - any attention. And he didn't even put effort into it.
The minute anyone gives Joy attention, she's won. She can drag them down with her because they look retarded for buying into her shit.
Look at this thread. we still have cunts 'proving' she doesn't have fibro, even though, you know, we fucking established that 10 threads ago (at least)
tl;dr joy is a tar baby and these tards 'owning' her are brer rabbit.

No. 680591

This is a REAL Fibro patient, and knows what she's talking about. This confirms Kati is full of crap.


No. 680592


But that's the thing - they're not buying into her shit by replying to her; they're fueling the BS by doing so.

Whether people ignore her or not, Kati looks like a raging moron, regardless.

No. 680594

Are we to assume she's had a ToS strike on her channel or is this a delayed reaction to tweets over the weekend?

ToS strike 1 - No live streaming for 12 weeks
ToS strike 2 - No uploading videos for 14 days
ToS strike 3 - Channel removed

No. 680597

File: 1536067134076.png (19 KB, 747x435, Screenshot (825).png)

Her last live stream doxxing and slandering has been removed

No. 680609

As far as my understanding, this: >>680597 means that she has incurred a strike. I think if youtube removes a video for harassment, that's an automatic strike. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

Could that be why she ran off to younow when youtube streaming is more lucrative? Or is she still trying to keep that younow partnered by streaming on there just long enough to collect some dollar$$?

No. 680625

Once you get the strike, you can't do superchat for a while, two weeks or a month maybe?

No. 680626

SuperChat is only available during live streams so that will be gone for 12 weeks too

No. 680648

anybody record the younow stream?

No. 680688

this. sometimes it’s funny to bait people into falling flat on their own faces. just gotta know when to rein it in and when to cast out that line.

No. 680705

>>680555 How did her Shih Tzu get from Missouri to Oklahoma? Did she just make Dom drive there? Did she make her sister, who has an infant, bring it down? I suppose anything Kati can do to be a raging bitch to her infant niece she will, but damn. . .well, I guess the comments coming at her about how she abandoned that dog and it was alone in an apartment for 5 days will be funny to see her get triggered and REE at.

No. 680713


But does she still have Macy?
That last picture of Macy looks like a post-mortem photo.


Would somebody please clarify which video was struck down?
I couldn't find any videos that have been stricken in my own search.
TY anons

No. 680716

"Confronting a Harasser with a SUPRISE twist!" live stream

No. 680728

Thanks anon.
She allowed this dick rider to upload it. How can I get this one down?

No. 680738

Use YouTube report. Report for harassment/bullying at the timestamp where the abuse is taking place. It may help to link to the original video (if you have it) which was removed for ToS violations

No. 680759


You know she's just going to deny those claims, right? She'll say that her sister made it all up in order to make her (Kati) look back.


Why is she taking in another dog, anyway? You can't just bring in a new dog when you already have one (provided Macy's still alive)- as there's no guarantee the dogs will get along.

She doesn't even take care of Macy, as it is. She doesn't take her for walks (even old dogs need exercise), she doesn't clean up after her (didn't the dog pee in the hallway and Kati left for Dom to clean up when he got home?). The living room looks an utter mess, so Lord knows what junk Macy may have eaten off the floor, as a result.

Hell, she doesn't even take into consideration the dog's special needs (didn't she say that Macy came from an abusive household and is terrified of loud noises/screaming? What does Kati do all day, every day, but scream/shout at a video screen?).

The woman can't even take proper care of herself; yet she expects people to think she's a suitable pet owner.

No. 680820


Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WW8X8Wn3gm8

And I see that video has been removed by the user. You can still report videos, even privated videos, just provide them the URL of the video. As long as it's on their system, it can still be flagged.

No. 680823

File: 1536087455607.png (41.13 KB, 914x598, rTmxhQM.png)

This is "DaddyOFive Invisible Ink ABUSE prank Part 2" … seems to also be removed.

No. 680829

That's strike 2 - No uploads for 14 days
One more and that account along with her are banned from YouTube

No. 680830

Does spurpinklebow backup belong to Joy as well? It has all her old spurpinklebow videos on it but I do remember there was a point when Joy allowed her fans to upload and mirror her videos. Anyways for people looking for Daddy O Five videos they are there too.

No. 680831

>No uploads for 14 days
How are we going to survive no new videos for 14 whole days? Just when shit was getting entertaining.
Good on YT for pulling the Do5 video though. All of those should be removed to give the kids privacy.

No. 680833

She still has Twitter and younow.

No. 680834

She has the eff it channel.

No. 680837

Are we sure that do5 removal gave her a strike though and wasn’t just a take down removal? It doesn’t look as ominous as the other removal notice on the stream that got taken down.

I guess we will see if she doesn’t upload a video to the channel in the next 24 hours…..

No. 680839

File: 1536088777913.png (16.06 KB, 941x150, LOCJefz.png)

This is what I have as "status" for my channel, so I think all community guideline strikes go into same bucket.

No. 680840

File: 1536088834478.jpg (168.5 KB, 745x626, Screenshot (832)_LI.jpg)

same notice here, edited to protect my bookmarks

No. 680875

YouTube's judgement cometh, and that right soon…

No. 680889

File: 1536092616265.png (238.93 KB, 720x1232, 20180904_161658.png)

She self admittedly couldn't even bathe herself, now is so limited in energy that she can't brush that filthy rats best. Really unfortunate for macy and god forbid if she has an additional one.

No. 680892

Is she able to comment/reply on her videos on a ban?

No. 680898

>>680830 No, 'Spurpinklebow backup' is not one of Kati's channels. A frantic fan made it when DO5 fans got Spurpinkle Bow taken down. They uploaded a bunch of videos in 2 days and the channel has been abandoned since.

Kati was asked by the fan for permission to mirror the videos during a livestream and Kati dismissively said, 'Yeah, sure, whatever. Stop bothering me.' There's a comment on one of the videos from the channel creator saying, 'Can someone let Kati know this channel exists?' I get the feeling they didn't get the ass-pats and attention from Dear Leader that they expected and just moved on with their lives. It's a zombie channel now.

No. 680919

File: 1536094462275.png (471.29 KB, 1066x1675, 20180904_164748.png)

random recent Twitter drivel

No. 681075

Regarding the picture of Matt trying to steal the boulder in Jeff's picture and she made a whole video about it, well didn't she herself say that she laughs and jokes at inappropriate times because that is how she handles and gets through bad situations? Maybe, just maybe, that is how Matt is dealing with his whole shitty situation. He is owning it. I could be wrong, maybe those rules only apply if you call someone a shitbaby, tell a 12 year old to rape their bullies, or any other number of shitty things she has done. I'd love to call her on this, but I disagreed with her on twitter so therefore I'm a hating harasser and I'm blocked. If anyone isn't blocked please feel free to ask her, her logic on this one. I would be interested in her word salad of bullshit answer.

I guess every single time she chats with Jeff she is going to mention "But I gave you 10,000 sub increase" But of course we all know that she doesn't look at numbers and those aren't anything to her. Anyone that has ever received of an increase of subs because of her, are forever tied to her and in debt to her. You can never disagree, its kinda like a gang once your in, you can't leave. I guess cult is also a term. The way she looked up the likes of that picture and went after his wife, is EXTREMELY DISTRUBING! Even she, surely, has got to know that, that isn't a normal behavior of a mentally sane person. Then to go after Chris Ray Gun simply because he knows them. I guess everyone is supposed to shun everyone that she dislikes and doesn't agree with. If you talk to them, then damn you all to hell, you are just as bad as them. I guess everything single one of her friends never made a mistake, LMAO who am I kidding we know she doesn't have any friends, what I meant was everyone that she talks to must have never made any mistakes. Remember we are supposed to put a Scarlet Letter on these people like they raped someone or advertise child abuse (oops I didn't mean to take a dig at her like she advertises child abuse on her channel) The more weight she gains, the uglier her actions become!

No. 681111

This is a woman who has such an ego that she also claims Repzions channel had a huge sub increase with his “hit piece” on her when he had half a million subscribers to her measly 58,000. Pfft.

No. 681116

She's forgetting that Repzion gave her a SIGNIFICANT sub increase when he played her Onision cease and desist video on his channel. He might have doubled her subscribers. So, she can go fuck herself w/those "I gave you subs" shit.

No. 681144

File: 1536114206883.jpg (563.84 KB, 1440x2449, Screenshot_20180904-202228_Sam…)

Does she forget that she was steadily losing subs daily before she deleted her channel.

No. 681162

You know she does, lmao. She is: Katie the wonder YouTuber with 60(not 58 and losing or anything) thousand subscribers! Dear lord she “effing” irks me.

No. 681168

look like she deleted some of her tweets from today

No. 681170

unless you go to her replies you won't see anything(sage)

No. 681197

does anybody know why Katie has glommed onto Billy the fridge? Shes like white on rice calling him "my Billy the fridge"

did I miss something in the development of this fine friendship between these two refrigerators?

I Now Pronounce You…
Fridge and Fridge.

No. 681225

File: 1536119869123.png (21.59 KB, 735x133, CD4pSPG.png)

Kati is defending KidBehindACamera despite him being complicit in actually abusing the youngest boy in the Do5 situation and has gone after two 15yo children over a pizza prank ( here
>>672446 and here >>674504 ) …

Want some other interesting facts about Micheal (aka KidBehindACamera)? Pic related… turns out, only about 9 years ago.. NOT 16 years ago like a person she keeps trying to drag, this was only 9 years ago…

Michael (KidBehindACamera), as a 21yo, dated a 15yo… and it wasn't one of those "I'm waiting for marriage to have sex" relationships (like was the case with a certain person Kati keeps trying to drag down)… it was the two of them having sex and they've even published a video about it.

Source: http://angrygrandpa.wikia.com/wiki/Bridgette_West

So, Kati… yes you are a pedophile and child abuser supporter.

Worse, you attacked a 15yo child on twitter to defend him and then another 15yo child in video to defend your idol Michael aka KidBehindACamera.

No. 681227

It was posted shortly after her return that she looks like him + he has a large sub count that she's drooling after.

No. 681237

New to Joy and read a majority of the threads over the last couple of days, they’re all kind of blending together, so sorry if this was covered already!

Do we know if her marketing job she brags about so much was her last job before she was “too sick to work”?

No. 681242

Billy has been on YouTube for a long time. He's too smart and experienced with YouTube drama whores to have anything to do with her.
Given Billy's style, if he does acknowledge her publicly, he will probably do a parody video of himself as Joy and I don't think she would handle that very well.

No. 681243

OMG… that would be epic! he would do a great job of it.

No. 681346


OH please Oh please!
And please do so now when she can't upload to YouTube!
Her YouNows after would be Epic.

If this happens, and she goes ballistic, I hope somebody grabs it and puts it on Bitchute!

No. 681368


She'd probably make the excuse that the 15 year old was of legal age within her state when they were boning.

Kati likes to make exceptions for people she's trying to ally herself with - it's a common practice with her.

No. 681371

In the bridezilla video, Kati berated the couple for getting together at the age of 14yo because the girl had "barely passed an egg through there yet and had no business having sex" (when, it wasn't even clear that they'd had sex at that age. they'd met when she was 14yo and were getting married as early 20-somethings). So, I guess at 15yo, she's managed to pass as many as 12 eggs 'through there' so that's all good if the guy has a big subscriber base that she can hope to leach from.

No. 681392


Kind of disturbing how Kati immediately connects dating with sex, isn't it? Like it's impossible to be involved with someone without sex being involved in some capacity.

No. 681403


She has always connected everything with sex and vice versa. She used to constantly always bring the topic around to anal sex last year during those Alex and Benji (lol those two) streams. She has said so many odd things about sex. I'll never get over how she insisted that sex/intercourse in and of itself was dangerous simply because you could get pregnant and subsequently die from complications.

No. 681423


She constantly brought up anal sex or "butt sex" last year. She had a conversation with Mikenactor where she asked him, as a gay male, to describe anal sex in detail and asked pointed questions.
She had a conversation with Martin Lewis where she tried to discuss the same, however, Martin steered the conversation elsewhere.
And let's not forget the Poo Babies fiasco.
Which is bizarre by itself but Kati said she was "processing“ she'd been analy raped by her ex (first once but then became multiple times).
She was calling it rape but also said she'd agreed because she felt pressured and wanted to make her partner happy so she did it willingly.
So according to Kati if someone willingly has sex and doesn't say no yet thinks about it later and decides in retrospect they didn't really want to it's rape.

Kati also has(had?) another channel where she was improving a scene of some sort of break up and her improve was telling a guy that she'd fallen in love with someone else who put his dick up her butt somehow resulting in pregnancy..

She constantly makes reference to boners, anal sex, butt holes, etc.

No. 681438

barf. she’s a pervert. not like any of us are angels (maybe) but sharing your perversions with the entire internet is just gross. doesn’t make you “one of the guys,” Kati. it makes you Onision.

who’s keeping the tally of Gerg/Joy similarities because boy howdy are they piling up

No. 681441


What makes it all the worse is that she knows that a good number of her audience are minors; and makes no effort whatsoever to - at the very least - tone down the sexual content.

Do you remember the time she wanted to invite that 11 year old kid into a livestream - provided he got his parents permission. But, when asked why she didn't ask the parents herself (being that she is the adult running the stream), she refused to do so because 'it would be weird' for her to do that.

How is covering your ass in that kind of situation 'weird'? It's weirder that she trusted an 11 year old when he said his mom said it was okay (I think someone showed up in the chat stream, claiming to be his mother; but it was never confirmed).

No. 681448


On YouNow she knows it's a younger audience and the language she uses (boner, butt hole, etc.) is Their language.
What other 30+ year old woman talks about boners? I don't know any. I honestly can't think of one adult I know who has ever used that word yet here's Kati using any and EVERY chance she gets.
She's just putrid.

No. 681455

Ok, you're an angel. She's vulgar but we all know users here are just as bad if not worse than Kati. Please don't play the saint card.

No. 681464


No, adults use that language all the time among their own peer group just as much as the kids do in theirs.

I will agree that she is putrid, though; and really no better than those she labels as child predators (her own actions in regards to minors make her look far worse).

No. 681506

Should I ask him if he would the next time he’s live on discord?

No. 681522


Ask who about what?

No. 681527

IIRC, no. I do believe she got "sick" after her trip to Paris which was after her "marketing" jobs. While she was there she had another "job" to be some weird medium/spirit guide to help other Indigo Children.

I could be remembering wrong. She tends to go back and forth with a lot of her stories. But she was "siiiick" during her time as an Indigo child, and blamed it on her Indigoness, which is also right before/during/right after her Paris trip.

Her marketing jobs, however, were merely standing at booths at events to get people to try/buy products. Nothing more than that. Sort of like what you'd see at a Radio Show get together or outside a mall during Summer break, etc. They pay minimum wage and are not often full-time permanent employment.

No. 681591

Apparently someone named CRD MGTOW is demanding an apology from Jeff Holiday for him and Kati, otherwise he's going to physically assault Jeff and rape his wife.


No. 681606

Someone mentioned how epic it would be for Billy The Fridge to do a parody of her since she’s been riding his cock so hard for his subs.

No. 681616


Anyone know who this crd mgtow guy is? i don't have time right now but a cursory search on google or youtube didn't yield any results (maybe it was my fat fingers)

also, strange for a mgtow to white knight.

No. 681628


Yes, she was doing her Marketing work right before she got sick according to her current story. Summarizing these videos is a mess because she goes back and forth on topics but according to her current timeline She had the contract with the NBA (actually if you listen to what she says it was she had a contract with a company who contracted with the NBA to sell shit at their games. She assumes everyone who watches her videos is stupid and hasn't done work in business or marketing. Most likely she sold souvenirs or hot dogs.) when it was up she went back to France for 2 months and had Visa problems. She came back to the US got another contract and somewhere in there got some setup and she was getting ready to do some big singing contract with sony and Interscope. For some reason while she was balling and had Tons of fuck you money she was living with her mom. She got kicked out of her moms house over a boomer argument (whatever that means) She had some symptoms but she started the almost collapsing and almost blacking out, went to the ER and couldn't make it to Dr appointments because her family doesn't love her and wanted her to go to a mental hospital. Sometime after is when roommate came and rescued her. She seemed to think being in France made it better because according to her the water was cleaner.


In the current timeline she leaves out all of the indigo being sick back then. She just talks about her timeline after France and doesn't seem to be tying those two together anymore. She says she had some symptoms before but she doesn't go through the parasite story or any of those issues. She now seems to be going with it is all because the US has dirty water. I am pretty sure she is all about the Heavy Metals causing all her issues now. She may go back to that though. I watch some of her videos from last yr and she seems to cycle through x is my issue but Y doesn't work to fix it. Then new issue new fix. All of it ends up going back to the Natural medicine and supplements BS though.

This is one of the main reasons it gets so confusing. She changes her stories, issues, symptoms and problems a lot. Copper Toxicity does seem to stick in all of them but she has went from fibro to thyroid to heavy metals to crying on younow about Lupus. It is impossible to keep her stories straight because she lies so much about big and little details.

No. 681653

This thread has some crazy shit in it. People are starting to think this person is Kati herself


No. 681664


yeah. i wish they would click the three dots on the right then choose show original and post a screenshot of the email.

No. 681669

I convinced Jeff to Pastebin it


No. 681671


Is there any way they can track the email/Twitter/whatever and have the authorities deal with this clearly unhinged looney?

As far as 'does this sound like Kati'? Reading the tweets Mundanematt shared, it sounds an awful lot like her - especially with the mention of Repzion, the shit list, the 'can't sue me because I'm poor af' line, their channel getting flagged and deleted, and facing them 'like a man'.

Oh, and demanding they 'apologize to Joy' of course.

No. 681688


thanks. the ip it gave as the sender was that of the email provider. (Protonmail) After looking at their website, I'm not surprised it didn't include the senders ip.

No. 681709

File: 1536177476858.png (159.73 KB, 720x743, Screenshot_20180905-145529~2.p…)

Jeff is hinting that the email person is female. Translation: he also thinks it's crazy Kati.

No. 681728

File: 1536178708718.jpg (291.18 KB, 1055x1123, denial.jpg)

And we're off to the races…

No. 681729


And she's immediately making connections to Repzion, seriously?

No. 681730

is pastebin a bunch of gobbledygook? I couldn't make heads or tails of it.

No. 681733


same fag

I also want to see the emails she got that were anywhere near identical to what Jeff and his wife got. And the evidence clearing her name, while she's at it.

No. 681736

It's encoded. You can use https://www.base64decode.org/

>Remember me Jeff? CRD MGTOW? During the whole Angry MGTOW beef you posted a tweet about me and sent your fans to harass me.

You false flagged my channel and got it taken down. I am no longer a MGTOW and I think Angry MGTOW went too far trying to get your kid taken away through social services. With that being said I'm still coming for you bro. Tell Memorie I am gonna take that ass.

A guy that checked your ID at the Liquor store doxxed your ass on Angry MGTOWs server. I didn't do anything with that info like other bitches would. I just put the word around looking for you before that guy came forward. FYI, I walked right past you in a parking lot. You are so lucky I had family around me that day. You are damn lucky you also had your kid and wife around. Since I am about 2 1/2 times your size.

I aint about seriously hurting anyone. With that being said I'm going to rip down into your pants and give you a fucking wedgie so hard your kid is gonna feel it. Maybe you can be like Repzion and sell it on ebay because I'll have someone film it for proof. You can be like TheQuartering and crowd fund your lulsuit.

Here is the thing though I aint got no money and I've got plenty of restraining orders / protective orders on me. They do absolutely shit and wont stop you from getting the massive wedgie of your life while being filmed. If you don't want this maybe send Memorie to the hotel so she can give up that ass. HaHa She use to hitch hike all the time so no big deal for her. Maybe thats why Angry MGTOW got under your skin with the homeless women videos. lol.

I am so very very sad I couldn't make it up to that conference you all were at. I would have really enjoyed bullying you nerds, especially Repzion and Mundanematt. Maybe that faggot Raygun for fucking some disease ridden feminist Lacy Green. I have friends and family in Brookings, Eugene, and Grants Pass.

Maybe if you make an apology video for me and Joy Sparkle BS I'll let you slide. Otherwise I'm coming for dat ass.

If you want to get dirty again with the flagging and doxxing just remember I know where you live bitch boy. I've looked over that fense in the yard you hang out in. I should have jumped over it and gave you your wedgie then.

No. 681755

>"has nothing to do with me"
>email demands an apology to Joy


No. 681756

Why do her replies always have to make her look so much worse? She could have just said I had nothing to do with this stupid shit but nope she has to go on and on. Joy isn't a victim of anything except her own actions and reactions.

No. 681757

File: 1536180000615.jpg (473.6 KB, 1067x1382, 20180905_133612.jpg)

No. 681761


Did she ever show these supposed threats she got? The closest I saw was BM saying she could care less if Kati died in a fire - but that's hardly a death threat.

Show receipt or stfu, Kati!

No. 681769

File: 1536181237740.jpg (303.71 KB, 1101x1389, poppie.jpg)

Meanwhile, within the last few hours, Rose Hall's father has made another appeal to Joy to remove the DO5 videos (and another series of tweets to YouTube).

No. 681772

Phil said "You better watch out Joy or that bus you keep throwing everyone under might end up parked squarely on your head" and Kati claims that was a death threat. Given that Phil isn't able to drive at all and SHE KNOWS IT… She's just full of shit.

No. 681785


How does anyone consider that a death threat? It's literally just another way of say 'do unto others as you want them to do unto you' kind of thing.

it baffles me that Kati would consider it a death threat; and that she'd have so many butt kissers agreeing with her.

No. 681791


Thanks anon.

That escalated quickly.

This is the kind of sHite that Katie
keeps hidden under those dirty hoodies.

No. 681796


You know her version of "receipts" is making teaser and misleading videos that clock in at least 45 min-1 hour and have fuck all to do with "receipts" and more with her pissing and moaning about her being attacked and shit…

No. 681797

File: 1536182814940.png (19.3 KB, 540x142, Capture.PNG)

it's because all she has are words. she has nothing to back it up. look at how many tweets she has where she has to let everyone know over and over again how wronged she was in the past. there's never a moment where she considers the amount of vitriol and bitterness she's spooged all over the internet for the entire time she's been here. that kind of hatred and anger can't possibly return to you, no siree.


yeah. truthfully I don't think she wrote it. i think one of her followers did. but boy did s/he capture her voice to a tee.

ps this attached tweet is so goddamn irony-ey i may explode.

No. 681798

I've been following and contributing to this thread from the get-go. On one hand, I can see Crazy Kati writing the email herself to try to stir up drama to make herself the victim even further. On the other hand, I can also see one of her psychophant uber-tard stans sending the email on her behalf for asspats. Either way, I have serious doubts she was completely in the dark about the situation.
She doesn't condone harrassment or bullying - uploads many videos harrassing and bullying Mundane Matt because he's a big meanie that was messing with her money. Also keeps child abuse videos up on her channel as a fuck you to an already traumatized family because Rose didn't fit comfortably enough under her thumb.
I sincerely hope she gets flagged to the point of termination and can't come back again.

No. 681814


Just when I think she can't project any harder, she posts shit like this.

JFC, the lack of self awareness will always leave me bewildered.

No. 681819


She doesn't walk around like an e-celeb because she can't get off the couch and out the g*ddamn fuking frontdoor.

No. 681820


I agree - I don't think she'd be stupid enough to send the email herself; but I do agree with another anon that she was aware of it, to some degree and said nothing of it until it came to personally bite her in the ass.

No. 681822

This doesnt sound like Kati to me. Or at least, she didn't write this and merely dropped the idea to one of her little minions who then took it upon themselves. Not one of the autistic ones though, but maybe one of the fat inbred harpies she hangs with… (CJ?) but I still dont really buy that tbh. They're usually really obvious when they're up to something.

Even with that said, this doesn't fit Kati's MO at all. Why send a threat to someone else when instead she could send it to herself and cry victim? If shes mad that Jeff mentioned her for 6 seconds on Memorie's stream, she'd just take to twitter or younow.

I cant think of someone who's both a Kati stan and outraged by the dox server drama. I dont follow the sheep to know who's "skeptic" enough to care about the Jeff contraversy.. but I do see Elana trying to push it onto lolcow, and Janus seemed to have just re-entered the twitter wars…

The only thing I can't place is Kati's reaction on twitter. If it really had nothing to do with her she would be on younow shrieking about how dumb the haters are to make up this rumor or that the haters are pretending to be one of hers in order to make her look bad (Remember purple mattress) but instead shes in deflect mode which to me says she knows something about this, even if she herself is not directly responsible. I hesitate to say she overheard the plan and is just keeping quiet for them, or she'd be saying she has proof she cant yet reveal.

This is all very bizzare.

Tinfoil, obviously.

No. 681825

There are no sender IPs in those headers. All the headers with IPs are the exact same headers you'd see in all emails. They just contain information about sending and receiving mail servers.

Nowadays it's pretty uncommon for providers to add the sender IP, especially a privacy-centered provider like Protonmail. It's usually in a custom "X-" header; typically X-Originating-IP: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X-Originating-IP

No. 681826


Speculation: D Wolfe comes to mind.
He is THAT nasty.

No. 681827

I'm like 95% convinced this is Kati socking to try to have drama to REE about because she can't upload for 2 weeks, so she goes after the only people who have actually said her name on YouTube.

It just reads to me exactly like Kati RP'ing how she thinks a dumb angry kid would talk, but it sounds miles away from how an actual dipshit would talk. It's inauthentic sounding. The point at which they are mad at fucking ChrisRayGun is where I became convinced this is Kati. That and specifying 'protective order' along with restraining order.

Until someone actually produces the supposed Tweet Jeff Holiday posted about this 'guy' I'm assuming this is Kati trying to remain 'relevant' and keep her name in people's mouths. Her and her stans were just all over this waaay too fucking quickly when no one was actually mentioning her. Like they forgot that they were supposed to wait until people were talking about her and they just flew in early assuming she would be all anyone could talk about, but no one actually talked about her at all before they all showed up in full drama-queen royal-ball gowns huffing and puffing.

No. 681832

I was bored one evening so I went back through here to the screen shot of her positive ANA test. In order to have lupus authenticated it has to not dilute to around 100. Hers diluted at 40 on the lab results. That indicates that there was inflammation somewhere in her body at that point, but does not indicate lupus. Thyroid disfunction and anti-seizure medications can cause a false positive. (Lyrica is an anticonvulsant so if she was still dipping into her stash when she got the ANA test it would likely cause a false positive, especially since it diluted so early.) I also contacted my own personal doctor because I do have a family history of lupus and was told the same thing.

saged for samefagging

No. 681835

I didn't think it was Joy or that Joy had anything to do with it until she started tweeting about "documenting" it all. Joy will do anything to get those clicks and views. I think she is the one who bought some subs for Matt to get some videos out of it. I also think she had something to do with the emails. If she thought they would react well she gets 5 more videos out of just that so she will be good. Just another way for her to shit talk and try to make herself a victim.

No. 681836


> Nowadays it's pretty uncommon for providers to add the sender IP

when did this start? man I miss the old days…

my personal theory about the email is that joy wrote it with someone else (doubt she knows about weapons) and had that someone else send it. this is conjecture, obviously.

No. 681843

>Even with that said, this doesn't fit Kati's MO at all. Why send a threat to someone else…

You realize that when one of Kati's 'followers' went off the tracks early on and asked the wrong questions, SOMEONE sent that person an email intended to get them to commit suicide because it had information only known to the group and was sent to an email address that only Kati (and not the group) had.

I think Kati never intended the email to get public exposure and so is now freaking out that it was made public instead of kept as a private threat. Why else would she be freaking out on Twitter? Who in their right mind sees a threat like that and goes "Good for you! You deserve it!" …. only the original person sending it and a fucking moron w/no social skills.

Also, KATI… show even two of this massive amounts of threatening emails that you get… even two of them w/headers and all like the one dumped by Memorie…till then, fuck off with trying to claim you got threats like that. Those emails sent to Matt, Jeff, and Memorie are actually actionable by law enforcement.

No. 681854

File: 1536186095818.jpg (311.09 KB, 1440x1416, IMG_-tjunhd.jpg)

But how? She can't upload for 2 weeks.

No. 681861

File: 1536186948617.jpeg (353.9 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20180905-233340.jpe…)


No. 681863

File: 1536186983892.jpeg (292.37 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20180905-233400.jpe…)


No. 681874

Has anyone who actually bought tickets/donated money to Kilroy bitch as much about it as Joy? It seems like Kilroy is just something for her to bring up so she can talk about based Mama and her tits.

No. 681896

File: 1536188718249.jpg (651.31 KB, 1440x1759, Screenshot_20180905-170240_Twi…)

Took her longer than usual to mention Based.

No. 681919

In my uninformed opinion, this does not appear to be written by a woman. Women tend to use contractions, whereas men tend not to. Of course, if a woman knew that, she could just refrain from using contractions.
But also the phrasing and intimidation language used also points to a male.
I believe this was written by a male and I believe that Joy knew of it and likely approved of it, due again to linguistic markers indicating a familiarity with Joy and the situation, as well as an overly defensive position of someone other than themselves.
Total speculation but it sounds very much like the speech type of one of the older men featured in an Angel Zones livestream. I apologize that I do not know his name because I do not follow AZ in any way.

No. 681925

No. 681947

I think she is just using it as a deflection from her many scams, and as a way to validate herself because in her mind, skimming money off your nephew's funeral fund and extorting a mother in the midst of a nasty and very public custody dispute is the exact same level of disgusting as incompetently fucking up a first-time convention.

No. 681986

File: 1536195199778.jpg (133.85 KB, 1080x1008, PeziBo2H.jpg)

If in doubt blame Lolcow

No. 681988


a. it sounds like someone impersonating her
b. someone who is impersonating her would attempt to sound like her
c. it sounds like her



No. 681993


And if that dingbat took a moment to pull their head out of Kati's ass crack and actually paid close attention to her nonsensical ramblings, they'd realize just how crazy she is and understand why the suspicion immediately focused on her.

No. 682003

File: 1536197364513.jpg (319.84 KB, 1206x2048, aaaaa8w3oRpM6.jpg)

It's lolcow, confirmed by a second idiot.
Must be true?

No. 682010


Yes, never believe anything that people speculate - unless it's from Kati or one of her salivating joytards; they're the only ones you can trust.

Pretty sure Memorie isn't as stupid as Elana seems to think she is, though.

No. 682015

Whoever sent the death threats once posted a video at this URL
And was using this youtube channel

Both are scrubbed. There is a potential link to an Amazon wishlist. There is a paypal link, but I'm keeping that for myself for now.

No. 682017

wait wtf. I dont lurk these threads but see them in the catalog. Didnt she used to be thin? what the fuck happened, she became a balloon

No. 682029

That was a year, 28 illnesses and 10 threads ago lol

No. 682040


Can you please learn to sage? Thanks.

No. 682045

she's the patient 0 who infected thespoony1 i swear

none of those links seem to exist anymore? what was there?

No. 682046

Wtf is this? Why would you post two dead links and hint at other shit that's not going to be shown? Bait much?
It's hilarious that they're trying to blame farmers for the email. We don't have to send stupid shit like that. Kati supplies plenty of milk just being herself.

No. 682075

1)Anyone from this group would know enough not to write some stupid email threats that can be traced with a request from the local PD.
2) They would also know that if they wanted to impersonate Kati, they'd have to make at least 85 spelling errors to make it any way believable.

No. 682077

And how exactly could you know that they posted at those dead links? Do you have confirmation of who sent it? If so, please share something that makes sense or stop trying to bait.

No. 682093


this is D Wolfe.he said one of Neg's
stans calley his job to try to get him fired because he was driving while streaming.here he threatens Negs.


No. 682096


This guy does fit the description:

2 and a half times bigger
than Jeff Holiday.

I'm not saying he is the guy, just that he fits his own description.

No. 682157

That screename for younow though….. does she have some kind of fetish for sexual deviants?? JF…. Kidbehindacamera…. her forum. It's either too far one direction or another that I find it extremely disturbing. I'm waiting for the late night twitter/younow fit about the email. We all know it's coming.

No. 682164

It's more that sane, mentally healthy people move on and don't waste their time being her "fan" leaving the mentally ill, likely also drama whores who like her message of self-victimization. There's no better way to get free drama and victim points than to claim to be a sexual deviant of some sort and make that you're entire personality. Look at Kati, her ENTIRE personality is "I'm a victim!"

There are plenty of people with non-standard sexual interests, but they have actual lives and that's not their entire personality.

No. 682186

Actually, her primary victimization is that she's not treated like the Disney princess that she is. She tried to be an Indigo guru and was bounced for being a THOT. She tried to be a marketing guru and I'm betting that her crass ways got her bounced. She's constantly lived off of other people (her friend, her grandmother, her mother, her sister, multiple men). She's determined that she is owed a life in the manner that she wants to be accustomed to and until that happens, the world is treating her badly and she's a victim of "them" because THEY are jealous of her.

No. 682211

File: 1536222689117.png (237.77 KB, 1061x1094, 20180906_042908.png)

mundanematt is kind of funny

No. 682255


In order to be considered a stan, you have to be a fan of someone to the point where you never challenge/question them (i.e. - you see their argument as the gospel truth). Ergo, Negs doesn't have stans, as his fans will debate/argue his viewpoints if they disagree with him. Kati, however, is surrounded by stans - as they agree with everything she says and will get into fights in her name when people dare to challenge her.

As far as D.Wolfe is concerned, he deserved to be fired for streaming while driving. I don't care how competent a driver he thinks he is; part of being a trucker means you need to keep your attention fully on the road in order to avoid potential accidents - and you can't do that if you're repeatedly distracted by looking down into a camera, chatting with people online. It only takes a second of distraction to cause some real damage that could cost numerous lives.

No. 682376

Major tinfoil, so forgive me.

I think it's totally possible that the email could have come from Truthfully Trisha.
Bear with me here.
Trisha is always going below the belt to destroy haters (kind of like Kati) and digging in both feet to tear them down.
She's been fighting with Real Stream News.
Real Stream News has been trying to cockride Kati.
Kati blew off RSN.
Trisha takes this opportunity to create the email, send it to folks Joy is fighting with, and will bring it up that she thinks RSN is behind it. Because she knows as soon as she says RSN did it, Joy will lose her shit on him and Trash can sit back and laugh.
She's done shit like that before. She doesn't care who she brings down, she'll take the world with her.

No. 682386

As extra strength tinfoil theories go, that's not bad. May even be true, who knows. But I figure you've earned yourself a pizza with extra black pepper on it - and you can use the tinfoil to wrap up any leftovers.

No. 682402

The thing is, the reference to CRD MGTOW is odd. I talked to Jeff about this and he barely remembers the dude. A google search really didn't bring up anything either. It's rather specific.

No. 682415

It sounds like a name that someone would make up on the fly to try to sound like someone capable of sending a threatening letter. It could have just as easily been Angry MGTOW and would have had the same effect.
A kind anon above pointed out that Kati jumped to the defense before they even called her out. I didn't notice that, but she totally did. That tells me two things - either she's reading here religiously or she knew about it ahead of time.

No. 682422

>mundanematt is kind of funny
going to need some proof of that

No. 682423

lmao this is better than the usual psych armchairing. "I don't know anything about this but here's my diagnosis anyway." this thread attracts the finest retards.

No. 682428

File: 1536256206730.png (174.87 KB, 720x771, Screenshot_20180906-124717~2.p…)

Another plea from Poppie

No. 682429

File: 1536256232841.png (168.63 KB, 720x810, Screenshot_20180906-124732~2.p…)

Plea pt 2

No. 682430

File: 1536256252771.png (167.05 KB, 720x874, Screenshot_20180906-124740~2.p…)

Plea pt 3

No. 682435

Thanks, Anon. I hope someone listens. Anyone with half a brain at YouTube ought to be able to distinguish between Joy's videos on the subject and those of Philip DeFranco, Dr Downvote and even Joy's favourite, Mr Metokur, without wading through any of the bullshit of the last twelve months.

No. 682436


Is he @ing this at Youtube/whoever's in charge of the site? Because, if he isn't, he's just shouting into the wind.

No. 682442

He is, and has been for a week (or more?). They've simply age restricted some of the videos that were being flagged.

No. 682443


The fuck, Youtube!

Think DeFranco may be able to get through to them?

No. 682447

The poor old guy has been @ing them for days now. They're just totally ignoring him. I feel so fucking bad for this dude. His legit concerns are being ignored. They could give a fuck. This type shit makes me rage at Kati so much. Fuck you, Kati. I hope your platform is taken from you and you can't ever come back. It's fun to watch you act like a hypocritical fuckwit, but you're causing real-world pain and suffering by being a fucking cunt.

No. 682450

>Think DeFranco may be able to get through to them?

You'd hope. I just looked at Poppie's Twitter feed for the first time, and see he asked DeFranco politely to remove his video on the subject, and thanked him for bringing the situation to wider attention. And fair enough, any perpetuation of the abuse of his grandchildren is awful. However, he can appreciate the difference between well intentioned reporting and - well, whatever Joy felt she was doing… Metokur's video is excoriating and uses clips from DO5 judiciously, as did Dr Downvote's. No one wallows in abuse like Joy. As the Supreme Court had it in the 60s, her videos are without redeeming social importance, and worse given the vendetta she's pursued since last May.

No. 682478


Respectfully Anon I believe you mean the vendetta she's pursued since over a year ago in May (2017).

And yes to new anons just now becoming aware of Joy's Shit Show (meant both figuratively and literally since many explosive bathroom visits have been explained by Joy in gross detail);she's been going on and on about all of this since May 2017. Even when a gag order was put in place she kept jabbering on and on about this same Shit.

No. 682514

I don't mind the new anons at all. As a veteran of this thread from thread 1, the more newfags means more folks are opening their eyes to the shitshow that is Crazy Kati. Just remember to sage for posts with no milk, don't bait, and keep the armchairing and tinfoiling to a minimum. We aren't about rumors and shit. We need proof. Don't let this thread become what she claims it is.

No. 682552


Read the tweet cranky.

No. 682585

She's going live on Younow in thirty mins if someone wants to rip it or summarize. I have a feeling we all know what she's going to say. Someone needs to ask her why she's not uploading to YouTube. Even though we know why.

No. 682587

File: 1536276034411.jpg (176.26 KB, 1440x368, Screenshot_20180906-171554_Twi…)

Spoiler. That surprise is that Kati's sister gave her back the dog that she abandoned in an apartment for days. So kati that cant even take care of herself now has 2 dogs. That should end beautifully.

No. 682588

Kati is going to be dragging Peter Monn for being a racist…

No. 682589

No. 682591

File: 1536276340477.jpg (844.56 KB, 1080x2408, Screenshot_20180906-171506_Twi…)

No. 682597

Don't worry… she'll get "sick" again. It's her standard MO.

No. 682630

She's live on younow

No. 682631


And she still has the audacity to claim that all these other people can't let thing go/hold grudges.

Hypocrisy - thy name is Kati.

No. 682643

This is glorious. The chat is getting very salty that she's calling Peter Monn a racist. She's turning people very quickly. She also literally said, "Someone I know died…" And then in the most upbeat voice, "Here's the thing!" and fucking giggled. She's a goddamn psycho. Apparently her friend committed suicide and she's talking about how she could also commit suicide because she's in pain so often.

No. 682647

She's talking about that attorney/political guy from the UK who committed suicide and acting like they were BFF. His family should be disgusted by her playing this up for "content"… this is disgusting.

No. 682648

She's talking about that UK lawyer Kalvin that was going to do pro bono work for her that committed suicide. That was months ago. They obviously weren't very good friends if she just found out. LOL

No. 682649


What friend? She has no friends.

And even if he did; who laughs when a close friend dies?

Jesus fucking Christ, Kati - have some fucking tact!

No. 682650

APRIL 20th… He's been gone since Apr 20th and she's just now getting all upset about it? She was such a close friend of his that she didn't realize he was gone for 4 months! But, she would have taken a break to grieve over him. WTF!

No. 682652


What's the chat stream saying about any of this?

Also, any sign of the dogs (either of them)?

No. 682653

anyone know who zach is?

No. 682655

Admits that she got two strikes this week and can't upload. Didn't want to give the satisfaction of us knowing. Daddy O Five vid was struck, Mundane Matt doxxed the child vid was struck.

No. 682656

Sorry for the doubleposting, trying to hit the important bits while I can. She shows another dog that isn't Macy, will not show Macy but says something about "both girls" getting a bath. Chat is still pissed that she's calling Peter Monn a racist seriously. Many have noped the fuck out.

No. 682658

Cunt blocked me, someone else must take the reigns lmao

No. 682665

nice 30 minutes in and she finally brings up the entire point of her stream

No. 682671


I'd be demanding to see Macy. I'm worried about that dog.

No. 682675

File: 1536281308780.png (126.4 KB, 375x275, Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 6.45…)

how does one go about getting a fat roll on their forehead?

No. 682677

I hope Peter Monn completely ignores Kati. She so desperately wants a response to make her relevant.

No. 682682

Can someone please explain to Joy how generations work? Maybe it's nit picking but her calling him a boomer is grinding on my nerves.

I wouldnt be surprised if he shows up in her stream unfortunately.

No. 682683

Hey… at this rate, Kati will be a baby boomer soon. She is so stupid on so many levels, it is best to just accept that she's mentally ill and not expect her to have an intellectual level much above feeding herself w/out an assistant to keep her from choking.

No. 682686

This fucking cunt is so eager to try and destroy someone's reputation that she's using YouNow. Why? Because she was so busy try destroy others reputations on you tube that she got suspended. I hate this fucking cunt. She will go after anyone if it puts her in the front of a camera. This fucking cunt can't be gone soon enough.

No. 682689

Why was AZ doxing Kati's address in the chat? I thought she and AZ were back together?

No. 682702

File: 1536282769868.png (92.69 KB, 1192x859, temp.png)

No. 682704


Did you timestamp those videos so those lazy moderators can see why it's important they look into this matter?

No. 682706


some of them.

if they don't do anything, i'm just gonna keep reporting them and not necessarily from the same account.

No. 682730

round 2 live on younow.

totally not triggered though

No. 682736

File: 1536284425108.png (263.15 KB, 1080x1153, 20180906_213816.png)

Incoming ,who did she apologize to?

No. 682740


She looks filthy…gak

No. 682744

She's going to be debating Petty Paige on why Paige should go after Peter. This could be amazing, as Paige is very thorough and I think she can own the bitch.

No. 682746

She's guesting Paige.

No. 682751

I love that name petty Paige. She is well spoken and I don't think she will let joy manipulate her. Go petty Paige!

No. 682759

She was crying in a video because the Repzion video was about to come out. She wasn't crying about calling POCs poo-babies, she was certain Repzion was going to hammer her on it in some way.

No. 682761

Lmao she's rewriting the Poo Baby story right now. The look on Paige's face is all I need right now. She don't look like she's buying this AT ALL.

No. 682762


What is she saying about the poo baby story now?

No. 682764

i love how shes just like nodding at the crazy lady rambling then speaking sense.


She's still forwarding her usual spin on it.

No. 682767

Peter Monn gave a genuine apology w/in a week from what I can tell. Kati didn't cry until the Repzion video was due out MONTHS later. She even blew off Petty Paige's suggestion of using People of Color instead of "brown" for black people.

No. 682768


Petty Paige saw that video, right? The Poo baby one?

No. 682771

I don't think so. Petty Paige had her on over the black vs brown racism stuff with LadyThriller. The poo baby came later.

No. 682780

File: 1536286434166.png (180.88 KB, 475x316, Screenshot.png)


Lol her face really says it all.

No. 682783

did you notice the pivot where she changed her tack and tried to act like she was an ally?

No. 682787

she's such a hypocrite. She lacks self awareness so much

No. 682788

No. 682789

She's acting like the poo baby thing was because of her sickness and how it "messed with her cognitive abilities" and how she cried her eyes out on video and apologized on so many videos blah blah…. How she was OH SO SORRY yet can't get a pass :(

Also saying that Lady Thriller was threatening to take down her channel waaaaaaaaaaaay before the poo baby thing, she's just after her. Blah Blah.

She seems to forget that PAIGE WAS HERE AND REPORTED ON THE POO BABY STORY. She's trying really hard to act like she's innocent and dindu nuffin. AS usual.

Paige just really is not here for this. She doesn't want to be Kati's mouth piece, Kati wants Paige to go after Peter for her. "Debate him" and Paige is like "I don't see a point in doing that at all, he apologized" and she's clearly trying to throw shade at Kati's stupid story, telling her that people should put their egos aside and admit when they're being hypocrites. I think Paige thought she was getting through to Kati, until Kati opened her mouth again and Paige's face dropped like "Oh shit… it went over her head"

She's trying really hard put this distinction out there "Peter HID his skeleingtons in his closet!" THAT MAKES HIM AN EVIL HYPOCRITE.

Paige is calling out her shit logic now. Basically telling her "So because someone has something in their past they can't call out when someone else does something….?"
"He's still entitled to his opinion at the end of the day"
"I dont think he needs to apologize to every single person to tell them theyre sorry like people can unsubscribe if they want and just not watch"

Joy is not getting the hint that Paige may call herself Petty, not psychotic.

God every time I go to wrap this up she says something else stupid as shit. KAti is trying to make this into a "Peter is HARMING THE PLIGHT OF BLACK PEOPLE" …lmfao Paige's face is saying "The actual fuck… I hope this bitch did not just…"

Paige basically told her she's rather hear that from a black person.

Paige is clearly at a point where she is no longer holding back and is just cutting KAti's points down with common sense and logic. Paige basically keeps trying to de-escalate saying that we all make mistakes and there's no reason to go after him so hard.

Someone send Paige the video of Joy singing that "I really love my nigga" song.

Also the chat is calling out her clear vendetta.

Joy is also exaggerating how many videos Peter made about her and the stuff said, trying to make it sound like he crawled up her ass and screeched RACIST at her every second of every day.

Joy tried to call out Paige being a hypocrite since she won't be her attack dog against Peter. She's trying REALLY, REALLY HARD to make this black woman get offended and razzled so someone of the right color can come after him.

The chat is turning away faster and faster.

Sorry if this isn't well written, I was typing as they were going. Now she's just bitching about "The haters" in the chat telling her she's doing too much.

No. 682792

She constantly holds grudges over the smallest of things. Its pathetic.

No. 682796

>The poobaby joke wasnt racist.

excuse me what? Saying black people were a result of anal sex isnt racist?

No. 682807

Paige is so fucking much more brilliant and tactful than Kati. She finally got tired of her shit, you could hear it in her voice. Someone needs to point Paige this way so she can see what she's dealing with and not fall prey to the lovebomb bullshit Kati always does. Though, I do think Paige is entirely too smart for that. She's a good egg.

No. 682808


(pt 2- I might as well finish since she got off shortly after)

Funniest shit in the world is how she spent so much time trying to drag Peter saying that he didn't apologize correctly or he's a hypocrite for having skeletons in his closet while calling out others, or how he needs to have a mockery made of him the way one was made of her, how she's never said the N word (The N word and F word are banned from her channel!!! except when its not kek) but Peter has said things that are OH SO BAD blah blah blah… then when the chat starts calling her out suddenly she's talking about how you shouldn't go after people and nit pick at them and how tired she is of SJW's? And a bunch of other nonsense. She jumped on a high horse and started going on about how SJW's are on college campuses fucking everything up?? I'm sorry she lost me at this point, I can't remember how these 2 thoughts connected in her manic brain. I just know she's run off to lick her wounds since Paige wasn't buying her bullshit and shortly after the chat wasn't either and too many people started bringing up Poo Babies and her shit "I'm sorry if you were offended" apology … while she's complaining that Peter's apology was bullshit and how he needs to make a video specifically addressing every individual person he's ever hurt with his words. (Herself)

I think she's just mad that the chat, Paige, or fucking anybody is trying to be outraged on her behalf. She's saying things like "I like Paige too but… I think she's a hypocrite for not calling him out but she called me out" If Paige wasn't black I'm so sure we'd be on stream #3: Revenge of the Banshee, and Joy would be adding her to the list of evil people who ruined her life.

Ok I think I'm done samefagging now.

No. 682809


Plumeriapeeps captured almost 70 moments! with labels! She so crazy.

No. 682810

I guess she thinks that if she starts shit with Peter and Petty Paige, everyone will forget about the email trail.

No. 682818

Email trail? Did I miss something?

No. 682825

File: 1536290570290.jpg (79.92 KB, 960x720, sHjzkhA.jpg)

No. 682830

I couldn't watch the whole stream but it was hilarious how joy was grasping at straws with petty Paige. I don't know why joy is so worked up about Peter monn. He wasn't even that critical of her.

No. 682832

What is this about an email trail?

No. 682848

File: 1536291907836.png (572.35 KB, 1080x1068, FkMYf8w.png)

After Kati's last video against Jeff Holiday, he and Mundane Matt got threatening emails. Memorie (Jeff's wife) posted the email contents and told the person to fuck off…

Part 1/2 of what was tweeted by Memorie

No. 682849

File: 1536291943176.png (578.69 KB, 693x1200, OYwejMH.png)

Part 2/2 of what was tweeted by Memorie

No. 682851

File: 1536291982348.png (389.53 KB, 679x721, iCWTjiD.png)

Mundane Matt also posted what he'd received.
Part 1/3

No. 682852

File: 1536292013019.png (431.48 KB, 705x993, 0rJROVx.png)

Mundane Matt part 2/3

No. 682853

File: 1536292041023.png (124.16 KB, 388x505, utnN7fM.png)

Mundane Matt pert 3/3

No. 682876


If I was the subject of that email I would call FBI.

No. 682892

File: 1536293980613.png (220.56 KB, 1065x787, 20180907_001733.png)

No. 682900

Weren't his tweets back when Kati was still pining after young boys? >>668373 >>668338

No. 682930

File: 1536297857427.png (166.84 KB, 644x921, yeXPGOF.png)

A description of the poo baby incident writen at the time it happened. The EOBS channel is one that Kati and her joytards submitted strikes on until it was closed by YouTube. The information is from this archive of the video: http://archive.is/hkW3E

Kati claims the poo baby joke was because she was responding to people calling her racist… Funny how she doesn't mention the haters at any time and only was joking about her boyfriend being "brown".

No. 682949

No. 682961

File: 1536302243451.png (133.07 KB, 563x861, oUFA6IY.png)

Her new persona is wearing thin really quick.

No. 682972

File: 1536304602826.jpg (Spoiler Image, 758.13 KB, 1053x1415, 20180905_204113.jpg)


No. 683003

Wow, Kati's jumped on the wrong drama… Remember Kati's Gheto Bitch rant where she went off on that person who asked her to not equate gheto w/bad. Kati had said something to the effect of "don't mind my gheto laptop here" and the person took exception to the use of the term gheto. Kati made a 8min+ verbal beat down on the poor girl about how she knows what gheto is and has lived gheto for most of her life.

Does anyone have a link to an online copy of that video any more?

The reason I ask… MOST of Peter Monn's offending tweets are tweets where he used the word gheto in them.

They've also took exception to him using the term "fag"… except that he refers to himself as a fag.

Here is the beauty guru thread that eveyone is telling Kati to look at. https://gurugossiper.com/viewtopic.php?f=569&t=34169

I think the Irony Gods are working overtime or something. Would be nice if Kati's gheto video got tweeted to Peter Monn.

No. 683005

The title of the video was "SJW Commenter Gets Rant" It was in Jan 2017 time frame.

No. 683006

>>682807 Petty Paige doesn't need to be directed here, she is well aware of what Land Whale is like, she has spoken to her in the past over "poobabygate".

No. 683011

And let's not forget the whole 'speaking brown' fiasco from around Thread 10…

No. 683016

She acknowledges that she might be addressing an 11yo and all she had to do was apologize in the comments, instead she made a 20min video dragging this person and refusing to apologize for using the word ghetto. She rants about doing all this "have you done x, y, z good in the world" but Kati has never done any of x, y, or z herself. It's a scary video and highlights how entirely hypocritical she is. It would be a shame if it isn't still online.

No. 683017

File: 1536314207366.png (624.33 KB, 1080x702, 20180907_055356.png)

Did Paige add "Pedro" while I was sleeping?

No. 683019

No. 683023



Sjw update
There are many of interest at daily motion.

No. 683036


I want to see these death threat tweets/emails/etc that Kati received.

No. 683041


I think it was that video that got me paying more attention to what she was saying instead of having her just as background noise while I worked (she was rabid in that video - Holy crap!). It wasn't long after that that I had unsubbed from her channel because her manic, repetitive BS was more than I could stand.

No. 683048


There were nine adults on that panel, one of them the moderator of the stream. The stream blew up, yelling (literal cap locks, so very hard to miss) at the panel that the guest was a minor - who specifically said she was about to start middle school.

Is that airhead really trying to convince people that nine adults were all oblivious to the fact their guest was a minor?

No. 683054

No. 683073

Kati sure does love opening cans of worms.
Suck it up fat bitch

No. 683075

How crazy is it that she brought up kilroy when talking to Paige about peter?! Like the event has anything to do with peter also being a garbage person. Kilroy is really doing a number on her.

Tbh I'm glad she is calling him out, she isn't wrong about him and he shouldn't get a pass, not to mention he is a mega creep. I'm actually surprised she hasn't already done a chain of content on his pervy self and history of barely legals. And to be fair, he only "wanted to help" her before for the traffic her name brought in. They're equally manipulative and basically the same person, just different moves in the asshole department.

No. 683079

Good lord I stopped paying attention to joy shortly after her 'debate' with onionson. Somewhat shocked to see her so bloated and laden with milk..

No. 683100

Slightly tin foil.

I think she is so obsessed with kilroy and saying Based ripped off all these people,because it's what Kati would have done if she put on the event. She's just pissed that she didn't come up with the idea herself.

No. 683110

How many times has Kati lost her shit over The Great Fibromylupus War of 2017? According to her, you don't use illness as the butt of a joke! On the other hand, calling people the same as shit skins… that's not racist at all, nope, nope, nope. /snark

No. 683131

Little Miss Kunti "Sparkle and Joy" Smith, the poor love. She just can't keep her mouth shut. Her own words are destroying her again.
Should be glorious.
Ready those milk churns and heat up the popcorn

No. 683132

It is a common trait of Kati's to overload people with so much info they forget all reasoning and believe in whatever she says. Petty Paige has been around enough to not fall for that and kept it on subject dismissing her manipulation tactics.

No. 683136

It's a very common trait af con artists and grifters.

No. 683179

I see the Paige/Peter Monn situation has brought in a bunch of newfags. Before you get your heads ripped off for common newfaggery, LURK MOAR. Read through the previous threads. Those of us who have been here a while don't want to spoon feed you Kati's shit. Find it for yourself.

No. 683194


20 minutes in she talks about "super brown powers"

Don't shoot the messenger.

No. 683234

Paige has some crazy amount of patience for not just telling Joy to fuck off and hanging up on her.

Just imagine being on your honeymoon and some crazy chick who you confronted about her racism a year ago demands your time to talk about Peter Monn and FUCKING kilroy as if Paige gives a single fuck about any of it. My condolences Paige. You didn't deserve this.

No. 683236

does anyone have a link to her full younow stream from yesterday?

No. 683243


Wait…Paige was on her honeymoon during this?

Paige should have told Kati to fuck right off and keep her out of her petty arguments.

No. 683254

I do hope Kati congratulated Paige on her wedding before ranting?

No. 683255

File: 1536345457901.jpg (617.84 KB, 1080x1920, 20180907_113203.jpg)

This was Joy's response to Paige when she found out she was on here honeymoon. I think Paige just wanted to squash it so she didn't have to deal with Joy's bullshit. Joy is so entitled she thinks she runs other peoples channels now. Can you imagine being such a nasty bitch you tell someone what they need to post and when they need to post it?

No. 683264


If anyone can tell who's being racist and who isn't, it would be a POC.

Besides; if Paige were to agree with Kati that racism is racism and you can't play favorites based on who says what and when, that would mean Kati would have to accept the fact that her 'brown people were born from residual anal sex' is pretty fucking racist.

No. 683273

Is she trying to be Onion with the whole "debate me then!" approach? Cause that didn't work for his whiny ass and it won't work for her fat, whiny ass.

No. 683297

Haha, Joy is so immature. It’s like when you’re a kid meeting up for a fight “meet me in the playground after school sharp”.

Paige should just ignore her crazy ass, along with any other youtubers Joy try’s to start beef with. Nobody is going to give a shit about any of this racist “Peter” stuff in 2weeks time anyway. At least he apologized. Kati still “stands by her poobaby joke”

No. 683298

She also seems to forget that Paige said to her during their younow chat that yes what she said was racially themed but that did not make her a racist. The real problem she and others have is the shit apology. Joy as of yesterday says she still stands by her garbage """"joke"""" and her dumpster fire of an apology.

She's too dumb to realize how bad this will backfire. Paige was here for the original drama, re-writing the story is clearly not going to work so idk what she thinks is about to happen. Off the top of my head I can list 5 occasions Kati said something racially charged and that's not including all the edgy jokes she makes when livestreaming with her group of invalids.

No. 683300

And let's not forget the time she told a black guy he can't say the word nigga because "its banned" but then 5 seconds later everyone put up proof of her letting some white guy say the word on stream uncontested.

Good times.

No. 683310

File: 1536350393946.png (66.28 KB, 715x287, Screenshot_20180907-120747~2.p…)

Kati's response to the poor baby joke when that Sharika chick was going at her hard.

No. 683311

Doublepost to edit poo baby joke

No. 683316

That’s right Kati, we already know you think #nolivesmatter. You proved that time and time again, while making money off the backs of abused kids. Instead of taking the videos down for respect to Cody and Emma, you keep them up to say a big FU to the family. You have never cared about those kids, and you don’t care about kids at all. You’re an internet predator towards children.

No. 683323

Reading her twitter feed is like watching someone repeatedly punch themself in the face.

Also its really fucking gross to tell a black woman to "sit down" when she is talking about what is and isn't racist. Wild thought but maybe the person who has experienced blatant hateful racism is a bit more of an authority on it than you.

No. 683325

this is at least the second time.

are you guys seeing what i'm seeing?

No. 683328

No. 683332

wow Paige has always been pretty but it's especially striking seeing her next to Joy

No. 683340

Is anyone saving these livestreams

No. 683344

They will be on bitchute shortly

No. 683366


Tinfoil Gak

She is saving any balls she can get her chubby mitts on to drop in the ball pit at Kilroy.

No. 683379


Kati announces her good friend and UK based lawyer has committed suicide 4 months after it happened
She attacks Peter Monn and shows off her flea bitten mungrels


No. 683381


Oh, so she did show off Macy. Good to know the old dog is okay.

Though - no guarantee those dogs are going to get along. And hardly fair that's one more dog Dom has to look after because Kati can't be bothered to look after them herself.

No. 683383

god bless you

No. 683412


Kati tries to get Petty Paige to go after Peter Monn.
Petty refuses and argues that Peter gave an honest apology,
Unlike Kati's "sorry you were offended by my poo babies joke, not sorry I said it"


No. 683421

fuck i wanna listen to this on 1.5 but I cant understand a word manic old joy is saying at this speed.

No. 683436


7 minutes in and I'm triggered. People that are terminally ill with cancer etc.and are under a doctor's care have a PAIN MANAGER.They are usually prescribed strong medication to deal with pain. I'm not saying he wasn't still in pain.But to claim without knowledge that he killed himself because he could not handle the pain is beyond stupid. Katie is stupid she's dumb dumb dumb and crazy crazy crazy.
I don't know what it's like to cry silently for 3 days.Katie has never done anything silently.Maybe it's her word choice or maybe she is just as dumb as a post. I can't handle it when she talks about mental health.
She needs a psychiatrist.

No. 683445

He'd been blogging his health problems on the UKIP Party Manchester website. His last post was December 2017.

Kati, as always, is making things up to fit her narrative and gain sympathy point. She will exploit just about anything.

He committed suiced a few days after an election, he came a poor 3rd but was expected to win. It was the second time he'd failed to be elected.

No. 683447

File: 1536361613495.jpg (142.14 KB, 1124x658, _x2Esiwe.jpg)

His last blog

No. 683451


So now Joy has done stand up comedy too? WTF? So she was some angel channeling freak, A baller marketing cupcakes, working 3 jobs, and a comedian. All while she took classes for journalism and she was a model. Oh and she would have been doing projects for Sony and Interscope but she got sick the day before or some shit….but for some reason while she was working on the contracts recorded herself singing to post on youtube.

This bitch has just done it all.

No. 683485

that's not patience, that's retardation.

No. 683500

Late to the party on the Peter Monn thing:

Wow…she is fucking salty…plus he's a FUCKING MEMBER OF THE LGBT. HE CAN SAY THE HARD F WORD, JOY.

No. 683505

Sweet fucking Christ. Now she's even more of a victim because she didn't have the "privilege" of being a drug addict.

No. 683507


She's the Bizarro version of Barbie; except she lack the sex appeal and fails at everything she tries.

No. 683541

So after watching this and she gets back on YT (and she will) I'm gonna bet my hat Joy demands an apology from Petty Paige for "siding with Peter Monn" when all she did was be the fucking voice of reason…

No. 683559


And they blank her. kek

I don't even know what's going on with this Peter Monn
(racist?) thing.
Would a generous anon please tell me, does she have a leg to stand on? Or is it just another irrational,self victimizing
Screech ?
I appreciate you

No. 683560

Kati shoved her foot in her mouth and is attempting to stomp out the few brain cells that remain. See here for a start as to why Kati is 10x worse than Peter Monn and she's flung herself at the wrong mole hill.

No. 683564


I never had a Barbie that remotely resembles Missy Mashy. But if you say so, I'm easy.

No. 683566

No. 683572

File: 1536374338553.jpg (657.21 KB, 1079x1692, SmartSelect_20180907-215923_Tw…)

Kek, knew Paige was ganna be the next one Kati set her eyes on.

I'm so here for a debate between Kati and Paige. Hope Paige has all the receipts since Kati wants to be all "My problem with Peter is he was trying to call out other people while he has skeletons in his closet!!!" Like her closet isnt the fucking catacombs.

No. 683593

For reference, peter monn's guru gossip thread of some of his tweets, one of a million things she's pissed about and has her torked up.


He may be the lesser of two evils here but is far from worth defending. I adore Paige (and she doesn't deserve to deal with joy)but it's apparent that the drama channels are being quite hypocritical in his case.

No. 683599

I don’t think they are being hypocritical. Keep in mind his tweets are 6 years old (2012)…It’s really old stuff that’s being brought to light. He apologized at least. Kati still stands by her racist remarks.

No. 683601


Thanks for the link…. and no he doesn't get a pass for his language. I can to an extent understand him using the slang he did but there is not even a pass there because a black lgbtq community member would still rain thunder down on him for cultural appropriation. Some things are okay, some are not. I facepalmed when I read that because I didn't there was ever a point where he could be that rude with liberal usage of the other f word with such ease. I haven't known of him long on youtube but I definitely expected better.

No. 683603

stands by them & sees nothing wrong with them. She insists its the fault of others choosing to be offended by her words and that's all she'll apologize for that people "chose" to be offended by her obviously not at all racist "joke."

No. 683604


Understood, he shouldn't get a pass for it… he did apologize yes, but Kati still doesn't for the poo baby joke and other streams where she has used stereotypes to make fun of people of a different ethnic makeup than herself. She has used the n word with an A before and so have a few of her fans. I'm a former stan of hers with a very good memory. I smelled the bullshit over a year ago though so she doesn't really know who I am anymore. It was mid Do5 when I couldn't stand it anymore and felt bad for the kids being exploited. I reported the videos back then and they never came down.

No. 683642

Sage for OT but I read those tweets and it just seems like some butthurt snowflake triggered because muhsoggyknees and all the other tumblr buzzwords. These tweets are only *~problematic~* now that everyone is offended by everything under the sun.

Anyway I guess that's why she's been going for the SJW angle here. I was wondering why the fuck she was suddenly the #1 advocate for social conciousness, regurgitating the same old shit people were saying 2-3 years ago…

No. 683667

File: 1536385681216.png (291.78 KB, 1841x542, 20180908_013906.png)

Katy included this screenshot in a video named "do5 is striking and false flagging my channel".

I found it on
spraypaintyourboat backup.kek

No. 683741


That's why I said she's the Bizzarro version; she's the opposite of everything that Barbie represents.

No. 683744


Am I the only one reading these tweets and not seeing them as particularly racist? (ghetto and black aren't racially charged words). And the way he used the 'N' word wasn't delivered in a hateful manner.

No. 683750

>>683744 I don't see it either anon but then again I never bought in to this culture of manufactured moral outrage.

I figure just let people have their fun of being triggered and pretending they are morally superior because they didn't say something that's problematic in a context they invented instead of derailing the thread further, if that's what they want to talk about.

Just let people do their cringy moralfagging and we can move on and at some point remember this thread is about Shady Kati and not debating the ostracization of a tangentially related literal oldfag.

The funny part is how Kati is obsessively deflecting from a year of consistent, unquestionably racist remarks that she still refuses to apologize for and she still stands by, by going after someone who talked about her like twice and said some mild shit that they unequivocally apologized for.

No. 683814


One of Kati's sycophants shares a tweet Monn made about having a meeting with some monkeys and immediately calls him a racist for it. And, of course, Kati's going to address it.

It's like it never once dawned on these morons that calling someone a monkey is more in reference to how the person is rambunctious/unruly; and not necessarily about their supposed skin color.

There's some racist bullshit going on; but it's largely coming from Monn's accusers for seeing racial slurs where there really isn't any.

No. 683857

Joy tried to tell PP that Perter was talking about his clients. I seen no evidence that the tweets had anything to do with his counseling job but she has a angle. She wants to ruin everyone who ever spoke critical of her. I don't think it will work with Peter. He has given an apology and already shown he has changed. Joy on the other hand has doubled down. I do wonder though if this is what keeps other youtubers from calling her on her shit. She is fucking crazy and her fanatics are worse.

No. 683894

One of the tweets he put up (that I saw) was talking about a client where he said they asked about what type of gay men he liked.

Another was saying he lost a client. And another saying he was waiting on clients. Aside from that if I missed anything else… I don't know.

Joy wants people to attack. She's gotten so big headed due to her ability to manipulate her spergs and previously, before she was seen for what she really is by them, she was able to rally larger YouTubers as well. She's pissed off that she wasn't able to turn Paige into another attack dog for her, and even more upset that Paige did not accept Joy's apology while she did accept Peter's.

I don't understand why it's so hard for her to understand why her "apology" was not accepted by anyone with half a brain. "I'm sorry if what I said hurt you" =/= "I am sorry for what I said."

Maybe her mother is to blame here. When you teach a child to apologize, you teach them to say sorry for what they did "I am sorry I bit you." Not "I am sorry that it hurt when I bit you." You apologize for what you did, not JUST the outcome of it.

No. 683948


But the key point is that there is nothing indicating that his clients were PoC - Kati is just assuming they are because 'she' associates certain words as racially charged; making her the racist for assuming these words are specifically reserved for PoC when they aren't.

No. 683973

Gotta be honest. Most of the things Peter said, were not even that bad given when he said them. This new PC/SJW culture destroyed a lot of things that people used to say freely (such as calling anyone monkeys) and honestly, a lot of gay people I knew growing up said things like "ratchet" or "ghetto" on a daily basis. The more flamboyant gay men were very "queen" like and used a lot of the same language that black women did.

He said these things YEARS ago. He never hid them (they were STILL THERE!!) however, Joy said this RECENTLY… after the PC culture and massive SJW butthurt white guilt came about. That's another huge difference between the two. Joy thought because she said the "token black friend" she'd be able to get away with saying whatever she wanted. Of course when it didn't work out, she was more than happy to turn against him when he did 'wrong'. I'm betting that if her black friend association kept her out of trouble she'd have defended him after what he'd done. But he was no use to her so she did what she always does… destroys anything with no JoyValue.

While I don't believe in the entire white privilege garbage, if I were… I'd say that considering the cast system used, Peter being a male is cancelled out by him being gay. Joy is pure white woman, she has more white privilege than Peter and therefore, should be more mindful of what she says if she "cares" so much.

Her new SJW angle is more annoying than when she tried to be a part of the skeptic community. Haha.

No. 684037

please write another 5 tweet long screed about how you're not stressed. lol.

No. 684043

Correction, Kati's apology was "I'm sorry that you're too fucking stupid to understand sarcasm" and "I'm sorry if you were offended" but then went back to the original one and really stuck there for the longest. When people tried to tell her that it's not even the joke that has them upset, but her apology, they're referring to her absolute inability to stop screeching "I'm not racist!" Long enough to understand that people were only calling it a dumb joke until she became so adamant in defending herself by saying it's not racist in any way at all ever.

As usual, her problem is she cant open her ears and shut the fuck up.

No. 684047

Samefag sorry- I will say the monkey comment can be offensive to the person on the receiving end of it, I'd be kind of in my feelings if my counselor tweets that right before our session lol. But I'm sure Kati wasnt his client so she should stop.. and sometimes in his videos he'll say "Like this client I had who" and tell a story but tbqh as someone whose been in and out of mental health, I haven't met a counselor who doesnt reference other clients in that manner.

No. 684053

File: 1536439976563.png (396.23 KB, 1536x2048, B9568D87-E532-4C48-8875-C331DE…)

Omg…what a dingbat, lol! She also made a bunch of tweets harassing Deb.

No. 684056

File: 1536440022621.png (485.72 KB, 1536x2048, B139B8DF-CE34-4E49-A89A-B90965…)

No. 684059

File: 1536440096042.png (1.47 MB, 1536x2048, B408EB66-8E2C-4AB3-98F4-4E41FE…)

No. 684063

She must be a bloody genius then. I wasn't going to take the screen grab because I was unsure of the context which I know either way is rude. Natural medicine is not going to cure a neurologic disease. She calls the people that talk to her enemies r-tards the connotation is there and I laugh at her because if she only knew… how many people actually hate her and watch her videos for amusement, not because they're actual fans. She's going to crash and burn going after bigger youtubers and if she keeps up her loveliness end up with that final strike. That shouldn't take too long.

saging for possible samefagging

No. 684095

Sure, it doesn't bother her. That's why she keeps making tweets insulting the people who criticize her, and holds streams that last for hours on, repeatedly shit talking about her 'haters' and how much better she is then they are.

You care, Kati - you care loads. Otherwise, you'd be an adult and ignore your critics (you know, taking the high road, like you always said you did) instead of acting like the grade schoolers you surround yourself with.

No. 684102


Anybody that Joy attacks, and they happen to have a child/children she just loves to use that as a weapon. Bring their kids into it, belittle their parenting and accuse them of being poor parents for using the internet from time to time.

Hello Kati, you don’t have children yourself, and I hope you never do. You have no business bringing other people’s children into your pysco drama, and thinking you have any idea what parenting is about. Just because a person has a child doesn’t mean they can’t find time throughout the day to go online once in awhile. Stick to caring for your dogs, and be sure to not abandon them this time!

No. 684116

File: 1536444750633.jpg (59.03 KB, 630x587, loon.JPG)

Kati really does not understand sarcasm. it's her new get out jail free card >>684043

No. 684127


Who are you kidding? She doesn't even take care of Macy.

Those are Dom's dogs, now. Kati's just the person to talk at them when the mood strikes her.

No. 684181

File: 1536450623965.jpg (534.67 KB, 1080x1807, 20180908_164549.jpg)

I really don't understand how anyone can have any respect for Joy when they see the way she treats people. She doesn't argue peoples ideas she just goes straight for the low blows. If Deb is putting out shit that isn't true argue that but holy fuck her hatred for any woman who has had a child is disgusting. Just because someone has a kid doesn't mean they can't call out someone else on their bullshit and she didn't seem to mind when Deb was all over the internet defending her and helping her while Joy lied about getting lawyers and taking legal action. Now that Deb has seen through Joy's shit she is a bad mom? Fuck off with that bullshit.

No. 684265

File: 1536462040365.jpg (475.47 KB, 1076x1499, SmartSelect_20180908-225731_Tw…)

Yes she does Paige. I've never seen someone eat through so many relationships in such s short time. And it really shows, too.

No. 684272

File: 1536463144504.jpg (143.13 KB, 720x1136, 1536462212696.jpg)

She's dropped the alleged part from calling Phil a pedo.

No. 684273

File: 1536463196190.jpg (134.92 KB, 720x905, 1536462301225.jpg)

No. 684275

File: 1536463270322.png (235.45 KB, 716x1094, Screenshot_20180908-221449~2.p…)

Goddamn this bitch is disgusting.

No. 684281

File: 1536463615632.png (20.37 KB, 404x226, Screenshot_89.png)

that was me. she told me to "drink gasoline" and "mix it with mms and hydrogen peroxide right from the bottle" and then reported me to twitter. look
she reported that. im appealing. im on lock for calling her out telling me to kill herself. LOL?! wtf? oh well off to play star ocean. =]

No. 684285


she is rly mad at you for posting here. lol

also, i reported her lol

No. 684295


She's clearly scared of being reported. She talked all big and bad, but she deleted the tweet where she actually told her to drink gasoline and MMS/Hydrogen Peroxide.

Oh wait… Kati Marie Smith is HIDING things from the internet?? Deleting tweets she doesn't want other to see?? Oh wait, while she complains about Petermonn, she's been doing that for years. LOL like her channel before she had to show the receipts!?

No. 684304

File: 1536465649349.jpg (780.65 KB, 1440x2061, Screenshot_20180908-215848_Twi…)

But kati is just goofing. LOL kati is such a piece of shit. Maybe she should drink bleach or perhaps huff raid.

No. 684307


Give it time…somebody on here should make a montage of her saying "F@ggot" multiple times right after her multiple times of saying "I would NEVER say the F-word because I'm an ally of the LGBT!"

I would, but my video skills suck.

No. 684308

or it's like they know how to bait and smear.

no one cares about your autism or your touching the shit.

No. 684309


She certainly enjoys accusing people of being pedos/apologists/friends….projecting much, Kati?

No. 684312

She was pretty adamant last week that she never called Phil a pedophile. I guess that's out the window. LOL

No. 684330

In one of her new videos I can't remember which one, I'm already numb. She calls Phil a pederast. She even states it as if she knows what it means,she doesn't know what it means!
She is well and truly a FAT HEAD.

No. 684339

File: 1536469814008.png (247.55 KB, 954x1234, temp.png)

forgot to suggest not posting this image on twitter unless you're using a throwaway account because it might get you limited.

No. 684392

File: 1536481211005.png (208.93 KB, 559x805, JmdF5bR.png)


No. 684394

File: 1536481334168.png (314.4 KB, 671x948, iFKTo3I.png)

Kraut again

No. 684452


Oh, but she was saying it sarcastically. She wasn't being serious - we're just taking it way too seriously.

She's just being funny, guys. Chill!


No. 684481

She wouldn't knowingly keep pedo friends around… Except when she does. For a decade. And only takes issue with their relationship after she feels slighted by them.

No. 684500

She protected the pedos that were hunting children on her forum by deleting the forum when it was found out.

She also was tight with Takedown Man who has a shady fascination with pedophiles and he was in with her fan base that's mostly kids.

Then there's The Josh that both Kati and her BFF Mikenactor supported till he got too hot to be associated with. She promoted The Josh's scam to collect email addresses from her fan base.

Then there's that creeper DWolfe Howels. Not to mention the ever stable Richard Stiles.

No. 684550

File: 1536508827086.png (1.02 MB, 2048x1536, 79ED8CFD-936C-44BE-BCA2-20411D…)

Ummmm…yes Joy does go after children and use them against parents. Children happen to be her main theme on everything. Keeping the videos up of the DO5 videos as an “ FU” should be clue enough about how little she cares about the kids and how it effects them. Exploiting the mother of those children while going through custody, and making accusations against her with her parenting. She even did a recent video on a 14 year old, using his image and mocking him, when the issue had zero to do with her. Now that Deb has seen the light, she is now attacking her parenting. What about Denise her other little lap dog? She has a child too. Joy isn’t after her for being online and doing her dirty work, is she? Don’t forget how Joy used her own family for attention when her nephews died, and talked shit about the parents while they went through a very difficult and private time.

No. 684555

I'm always amazed at how seemingly easy it is for Joy to find new idiots to be her attack dogs. One group wises up and gets out, and in comes another group of idiots who can't wait to defend her unconscionable behavior. If anything in this situation causes me to lose faith in humanity, it's that.

No. 684557

File: 1536509656410.jpeg (212.22 KB, 750x846, 1536505949524.jpeg)


Can't wait for this shit show, She's going to cream her yeasty panties over senpai onions attention.

No. 684558

Oohhhhh….this should be gooood! Lol!

No. 684571

"ONISION CALLED ME MENTALLY ILL!!?!?!" should be the title of her ( first ) video, considering what Onion said at the end.

No. 684586


JFC Onion makes sense.

No. 684614


That Elana person is particularly disgusting. At one point, she said that if the Kati's 'controversial' critics didn't want their kids mentioned in online drama, they shouldn't have their kids 'all over the internet'.

As if 'the haters' using social media to show pics of their kids to family/friends justifies others using them in petty arguments. Her logic is royally fucked up!

No. 684616

File: 1536516627978.png (64.27 KB, 720x301, Screenshot_20180909-130848~2.p…)

Here's the one where she tells the girl to drink bleach. She's so sweet, trying to help others /sarcasm

No. 684620

Not sure if Elana has her own thread or if she's lumped into the Spergleberry one… but she's a cow in her own right.

She's just crawled so far up JSBS' backside that she cannot find her way back out. I think Elana is one of the few spergs that Joy probably won't turn against… they have a very weird parasitic relationship, and Joy doesn't seem to really give her much attention either way.

No. 684624

File: 1536517141085.png (472.32 KB, 1054x1712, 20180909_141516.png)


Autism bashing needs to be addressed.

No. 684642

File: 1536518133015.png (138.39 KB, 1080x691, 20180909_143244.png)


Her twitter will go down soon.

Saged for tinfoil

No. 684646

File: 1536518423982.png (91.6 KB, 720x391, Screenshot_20180909-133849~2.p…)

This needs to happen. JF is a fucking disgusting human being. But she rides his dick hard.

No. 684649

File: 1536518645427.png (355.58 KB, 1060x1082, 20180909_143919.png)


Katie is in her element. That's not fat on her body it's compounded misdirected hate.

No. 684651

gj on getting that mask to slip all the way off.

No. 684663

Funny how she shit talks lolcow when it comes to her thread. Did Joy forget just a few days ago her dumb ass was sending people to lolcow to check out the desperate attempt at a thread for her "harassers"? Just like everything else with her and her fanatics. If it has anything to do with Joy and her nasty ass it is totally fine. Anyone speaks against her they will find some desperate and pathetic way to excuse the disgusting behavior of their favorite youtuber.

No. 684665

KidBehindACamera even has a video online about his 15yo girl friend at age 21yo. So, he also needs to be drug for months on end. See: >>681225

No. 684669

File: 1536521070055.jpg (284.44 KB, 2145x820, elana_vital.jpg)

Elana was a recurring Special Guest Star in the Spergleberries thread, but really only because of her video effectively denouncing Joy - long since deleted, after she changed her mind and returned to the fold like the sheep she is. >>684555 Anon claims to despair of humanity for the number of new followers Joy manages to attract, like satellites to a big fat planet with a huge gravitational pull, but the Spergleberry who breaks free and then returns, that's pretty ghastly.

I don't think Elana is interesting enough to support a thread in her own right - indeed, I'd argue that she'd love it, because it would give her the attention 1,255 YouTube subscribers on her interminably dull channel simply isn't proving satisfactory. but if you look up her dreadful book on Amazon (ECLIPSYS: Through the Darka - Book 1, Haunted Minds*), you'll see in the first author's note that she describes herself as suffering from an 'undiagnosed mental illness.' Well, quite. But this raises the question: wouldn't you choose to have it diagnosed and _treated_ if you suspected you had one….?

*Seriously. A subtitle, and Book 1?! What the hell is it with Fantasy fiction that attracts nuts like this who think they're going to be the next Frank Herbert cum Neil Gaiman? Joy's former supporter Richard Styles wrote crap like this, details of which you can find at >>405413 in the Herd thread.

No. 684678

File: 1536521518226.png (620.71 KB, 1045x1530, 20180909_152346.png)


Katie has pedophilia on the brain.
Is it possible that she had a real pedophile abuse her when she was a child?

pardon me if this is samefagging

No. 684686

jfc kaily stop

No. 684688

>>684678 Nah, Shamoo tends to have the deepest hatred for those she once latched onto in the past, desperately wanting to join them but then losing her shit when she gets rejected.

It is her MO, you just have to watch her timeline of craziness on these threads to see the pattern. This isn't straight up tinfoil either, we have screenshots from her paedophile hosting website days where she was shitting on about banging little boys.

Thin grade tinfoil, just because I don't outright label people paedophiles like Shamoo. So file this under speculation…

No. 684693

its not kaily posting it others have seen her mask fall and are documenting it as is done on here. not unless kaily has multiple computers she is doing it from, see the difference in some of the screenshots that are not just the tweet cut outs. a mod can confirm this from ips. plenty of people have seen last night's meltdown and commented on it. its not just one person. dont be a kati with the narrow focus it must be all this one person, all their fault. jfc

No. 684694


i was talking about on twitter. calm your tits.

No. 684695

then why post here? go tell her there. jfc.

No. 684697


did you think i was literally commanding her to do something?

No. 684703

omg this board is not for you messaging someone from twitter go there. unless there is milk on kaily you wish to document go there. this is spam.

No. 684704

No. 684726

Lol does anyone have a clue what clips she says that word in or might it be in the threads. I’d be happy to make such a splendid video (just need an idea of where to look for f words and how she’s “so pro LGBTQ+” all of a sudden.)

No. 684732

Come on, Kati. You're 34. This is turning into a cringefest. Probably the point where she actually needs to be medicated for everyone's good.

No. 684756

I posted several from her Kailey spergout, myself. I'm about to upload an imgur album of all the really shitty tweets I found last night, mostly centered on her racist bullshit. There are a metric shit-ton. We all hate Crazy Kati and her bullshit. She had an all-out fest last night and the majority of it (at least thirty tweets) were aimed at that Kailey chick. She also went balls to the wall on Rep again, as well as Mundane Matt, and Memorie Holiday. The whole time claiming /sarcasm - you guize just don't understand my sarcasm! It was intense and seemed never-ending, each tweet more hateful than the last. She also loves to tell people to be more productive. That is a fucking gut-busting bit of irony.

No. 684760

File: 1536527920709.png (116.79 KB, 1074x860, 20180909_171405.png)


I doubt mikecantact will be bailing her out this time.

No. 684762


I posted some tweets,I'm not lisa my name is julie.
this is what assumptions do

No. 684768


it's funny because i posted the ones with the urls and the timestamps. you guys may want to consider doing the same.

but your responses are my fault because the context was temporal and admittedly unclear.

No. 684784

File: 1536530306502.png (19.5 KB, 560x184, temp.png)

No. 684788


Thank you for the information. Is it my cropping? how can I include it? I'm not Twitter savvy. I just look for stuff and crop it.Would you pls give me some help here anon? Ty

No. 684790


The imgur album sounds great
I can lay off Twitter completely with no problem. Maybe I did post too many. Apologies anons

No. 684791

it's live

No. 684801


Not sure if srs but…

Click the timestamp of the tweet to show the individual post. The individual post will have the timestamp of the ACTUAL date and time instead of the RELATIVE time it was posted. (ie. actual date = 12/3/45 6:07 pm vs. relative time = 1hr)

This is just a suggestion, of course. I'm not your boss.

No one posted too much. It was fine.

Jesus, sorry to cause such confusion from my thoughtless post. Truly, sorry guys.

No. 684804

>>684760 It's so funny to me how he always pretends he's the only one in the world who knows the 'Real' Kati. . .oh wait, he only calls her by her fake YouTube name. . .and that no one knows her better than he does, an easily manipulated(his description) guy who literally lives on the other side of the world from this narc that love bombs him. All the while there are several dozen people who hate her that she has spent a lot more time with online and were held much closer in her confidence than he ever was or is.

I highly doubt he looks at any of her shit outside of his direct facetimes with her. It just makes me laugh watching that dimwit claim he knows her and everyone else doesn't, and then describe the fake mask she used to put on, like in her 'Magnifying Gratitude' video, as the 'Real Joy'.

No. 684806

She's live and talking about Rep and Rep's gf on Younow

No. 684810

Isn’t that what onision does? Seperate his “real self” from a character and claims innocence from whatever his character does??! Why is this same excuse dismissed so easily for others (as it should be) but they can use it for themselves?

No. 684815

We've now also hacked her and spent her money. LMFAO

No. 684816

We did kek?

No. 684817

Can't make this shit up. She said Lolcow doxxed her, tried to get people fired, we hacked her, we spent her money, and just tried to ruin her life.

No. 684821

She still believes we all hacked her PayPal account sometime last year. Like late March or April? Of course there's never any receipts for these claims.

No. 684834

We what?! LOL, wow. Just wow. I hope someone's recording.

No. 684847

i had to turn it off when he started talking politics to keep my head from exploding at the unabashed display of pig ignorance…

however, i did learn that she actually thinks hypocrisy is like a valid argument and she isn't using it as a manipulative tactic.

if i shoot a guy. then in an unrelated incident, you shoot me. we both still shot someone. the bullet doesn't go 'hey wait. the person i'm heading towards shot someone else. better poof myself out of existence!" an appeal to hypocrisy appeals to people's feelings of justice. it serves no other purpose and doesn't address the core issue at all. and i thought she was part of the realz before feelz crowd.

reminds me of the quote "Nobody is a villain in their own story. We're all the heroes of our own stories."

No. 684849

Funny how she was called out here for hating on rep's gf and being envious of her for being attractive, as well as other women, and now, and more than once in this stream, made it a point to say that just because she is fat, she isn't one of those women that are shitty to more attractive women, plus she has been on the recieving end of that when she weighed 105 so she knows what that feels like.

No. 684851

She started off the stream by going hard at Kailey Bear and her autism. She was called out by many, many folks for being a fucking cunt and picking on someone autistic. She doubled down and told everyone they didn't understand, she CHOSE to be an asshole, she just happens to be autistic. But continued to beat the autism factor into the ground.

No. 684853


remember all the righteous indignation towards vegancheetah when she thought he was making fun of her friend with cerebral palsy? but that's different because the guy with CP "was always nice to her"

No. 684855

File: 1536536740589.png (50.03 KB, 560x384, QGvKDyP.png)

The weird thing is that in the stream Kati said that Kaily keeps bringing up MMS… the truth is that Kaily brings up (brought up) the peroxide stuff… it is Kati that brought up the MMS and brought it into the conversation.

No. 684858

I was surprised she told the stream that she isn't allowed on her channel for two weeks, due to harrassers of course.

But I'm even more surprised that (1) alex/shrubtime was viewing. Did that dude learn nothing? And I thought she was done with him for his "lying" about getting fired that she was "unaware" of. As well as (2) billy the fridge gave her a "shoutout" on drunken peasants. I don't follow the dude but that doesn't seem right.

Also, she apologized for introducing phildo to everyone and says she didn't know about "the 13 or 14 year old" gf of his at the time.

No. 684860


1:52:00 "shoutout"

No. 684861

It wasn't a shout out he was making fun of her trying to be nice to him and said does she not know who my friends are. It lasted less than a min. It was around the 1:50:00 min mark of last night's stream

No. 684864


But, none of this bothers her; not at all. /sarcasm

No. 684869

LOL. I believe it you guys hacked me and stole my TV and favorite lazyboy. All through the interwebs. LOL

No. 684873

File: 1536538612366.jpg (187.4 KB, 1440x812, Screenshot_20180909-181521_Twi…)

She's going live again in 30 minutes give or take. What a dumpster fire this stream will be.

No. 684876

Oh FFS. Someone needs to do a real-time counter on how many times she says autistic in a derogatory manner in this stream. Pay attention to the chat, folks. People are genuinely getting tired of her shit. She hit a nerve making fun of that girl earlier.

No. 684878

File: 1536539480269.png (67.22 KB, 617x378, analytics.PNG)

I just found a gem… Remember when she couldn't share the analytics from the DO5 vids because she wasn't sure whether Youtube would allow it or not and she didn't want to get terminated? And then she deleted her channel immediately before the promised sharing of the analytics? She continued to tell people she would share them, "If it was allowed…" Welp… Straight from her Twitter feed.

No. 684879


Exactly what is she going to debate, anyway? How none of what she said to Kailey was remotely rude and that the girl just need to recognize sarcasm?

How is Kailey going to get a word in edgewise if Kati has a nasty habit to screaming over everyone else?

No. 684880


That's really nice, Kati, but nobody is asking if you're making money off of the Onision videos anymore (TMK), THEY WANT RECEIPTS FROM YOUR DO5 VIDEOS.

No. 684881


Didn't she - supposedly - share those analytics with her patreons (i.e. - people who paid her)?

No. 684882

I was pointing out that she previously shared her analytics on Twitter. She had no qualms with it then.

No. 684888

The two spergleberry farm videos brought those up in Aug/Sept as well, right before she deleted her channel. the videos even showed an easy (no math) way to show the analytics. Kati decided to delete her channel instead.

No. 684889

>>684878 Literally the 5th, 6th, and 7th posts in th first thread were these Tweets and pointing out it was bullshit because she just waited until she had a decent sized audience before monetizing everything.

>>246875 Monetizing Onision videos
>>246880 On YouNow claiming to never make money off Onision and to call her out if she did
>>247213 Self-posting her videos on Onision's lolcow thread
then once she thinks she sold a good enough fake YouTube personality mask she probably expected to be pulling in tens of thousands a year and be the internet's sweetheart, but like a true narc she never thought about that she's an insane cunt and a terrible actress.

No. 684890

Well fuck. Here I thought I did something good. I'll go crawl back into lurking again. Imgur album will be up soon. There's a fuckton to go through.

No. 684896

>>684878 It's also concrete proof she was getting a $1 to $2 CPM post Adpocalypse which means she likely owed Rose between $6,000 and $12,000 for the 6 million views that disappeared when Kati finally deleted the videos featuring the kids; and not the $1,700 she claimed was the final owed total for those 6 million views indicating a CPM of $0.28.

No. 684900

>>684890 No shade anon, that specific Tweet hadn't actually been posted before. The one from the 1st thread was the same analytics screenshot, but was the 2nd time Kati had Tweeted it, your's was the initial Tweet she did. You did good.

No. 684917

And, she's a no show as usual. Standard Kati M.O.

No. 684927

I believe that was her tweet that announced the stream she did at 7ish, given the tweet time was just before 6, and not her saying she would be doing another stream ?

No. 684929

File: 1536544297374.png (38.53 KB, 647x217, 9Yax4oF.png)

No. 684933


Why would Kaily want to "debate" someone who's only gonna go straight for the jugular with nothing in her satchel but ad hominems and non sequiturs?

No. 684939

Ah that makes sense, thank you kindly, anon

No. 684950

She doesn't want to debate anyone. She just wants to screech over them and prove her dominence by pissing everywhere and demanding her dominence and that she's right.

No. 684952

Love again. Apparently the debate is on

No. 684968

I'm a little bothered that she invited an "autism expert"…it makes me wonder if she's using the info for future use to manipulate people with Autism or act like she's an expert now? Surely I'm not the only one who thinks this, right?

No. 684970

This woman Joy is talking to is a idiot.

No. 684975

She (the autism 'expert' Kati is guesting) verbalizes like she has actual brain damage or something.

No. 684980

What has been said so far? If any kind anon wants to make a quick summary for us who aren't able to watch rn that'd be amazing.

No. 684990

File: 1536549242156.jpg (286.24 KB, 1440x2718, Screenshot_20180909-211243_Twi…)

But she doesn't bully or harass people. Twitter sure as fuck thinks you do cunt.

No. 685002

File: 1536549684830.png (204.27 KB, 703x566, eyOLNgI.png)

Repzion's tweet.

No. 685028

Pretty much nothing. She gave an open invitation to any harrassers to come debate her while kaily is trying to get tech issues worked out. Moral virus said he would but she has him blocked and she won't unblock his account, so she is currently guesting her friend puffin until moral virus or kaily show up. Literally the rest has been her screaming "jowwed" (moral)while mocking his gf for pronouncing it that way instead of "jared."
She also mentioned none of her haters having balls to face her. Dom went to bed and she mocked him as well, as she had him take both dogs to bed with him.

It makes sense why she wanted to get on stream again though, I mean aside from being attention starved, because her last stream is trending and now she is #5 in girls on this stream.

No. 685034

She wants more YouNow bars because people aren't as quick to give those bars unless they're amped up by some sort of drama. Even with her manufactured drama, she's still not making much money off of this.

No. 685037

She needs to see his face so she can tell what of her bullshit is or isn't working. She's such a manipulative cunt.

No. 685038

Moral is on with her and she keeps interrupting him saying she can't hear him, tells everyone to put a 1 if they can hear him or a 2 if they cant, it was ALL 1's except for puffin, and she keeps saying she can't hear him lol. God she is such a dick

No. 685042

Yeah she keeps pulling the "ITS GLITCHY CAN'T HEAR YOU" any time he calls her out.

No. 685045

She has two other YouTube channels, why doesn't she use them like she used to when she got strikes before? She still has the new JSBS channel that she created after she deleted the original one and she has the JSBS Eff It channel.

No. 685051

PayPal would have restricted her account if she had been hacked. Any proof of that? No, there never is.

No. 685054

It's more likely that she attempted to buy subscribers from a shady website that offered a cheap price and she ended up getting the account abused. All she had to do was dispute the claim, so she didn't loose a single cent. That's why no one uses paypal.

No. 685055

wow this is the most autistic guest session in the history of younow

No. 685056

Its funny to me that she's laughing about morals audience and saying he's a nobody online.

Onision said the same to you Joy.

She's really turned into him.

No. 685057

She's asking him why HE is giggling like crazy, as she giggles like crazy. Now, I feel like I'm going crazy.

No. 685058

this stream sucks

No. 685071

OMG, she's taunting him by saying Jawwod pwease over and over while he's trying to talk. And of course she's bringing up his girls teeth and asking if she's out stripping right now. This is grade school tier attempts at derailment!

No. 685073

She’s childish and annoying. How does she think this make her look good.

No. 685074

OMG… she is losing it.

No. 685081

File: 1536557023121.jpg (31.58 KB, 374x270, shrubtime.jpg)

For some reason Alex (shrubtime) is still on the Joy train, that's sad. Also she's pushing that Jarrod guy into having a real debate at another time, she says it's so she can have a video of it because she finds this whole thing funny. The guy is saying let's just talk now.

No. 685085

She's getting really close to "little Kati" personality on there. No wonder her family hates her, she's obviously mentally ill.

No. 685087

File: 1536558461764.jpeg (165.12 KB, 1242x1132, 92D7C7C3-8FC4-4946-9FD3-7CC20C…)

She’s upset she actually has teeth lol

No. 685088

YouNow Moderator Removed Jarrod from the guesting stream? The Joytards must have reported him or something?

No. 685089

File: 1536558741902.jpg (99.35 KB, 891x501, removed.jpg)

Yeah her people must've been reporting for her. She is cackling at an ear shattering volume, and she wants him to come back with another account.

And she still wasn't satisfied, then she wanted a full face pic. He asked her for proof that his girl doesn't have teeth, rest assured Joysus will still refer to her as toothless she doesn't care about facts.

No. 685091

File: 1536558878192.png (316.32 KB, 647x542, jYPwVZs.png)

Kati's joytards at work. They were likely pissed because most of the chat thought Kati was being an idiot and they were getting more and more vocal about "I'm a fan of you Kati, but this is stupid."

No. 685100

Kati is saying food grade hydrogen peroxide is "ingestible" and safe….

Reg hydrogen peroxide (that she says Kailey was wrong to reference) is 3%.

"Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide" that Kati is saying she took and is safe is 12%. It is literally 4x more dangerous to use!

Kati is an idiot.

No. 685103

I got muted in the livechat ah well

No. 685106

These women are stupid cunts. It's called Food Grade because it can be used on foods, like bleaching flour and sanitizing vegetables.

No. 685108

Its shitty how its 2 of them going at this girl

No. 685114

They' re saying this is old news from 5 years ago. Joy called Kailey obsessive and said she looks like a whackadoo for talking about this. So to summarize if you bring up Joys behavior with proof - obsessive. If Joy goes on a tirade against people who have been critical of her from over a year ago then she's just taking a stand against the harassers.

Honestly I appreciate her efforts but it's not even worth it to attempt to hold her accountable at this point she's a literal crazy person on the internet and it's beyond obvious she's delusional.

No. 685121

Eeez okay anon,thanks for the info
I appreciate you

No. 685122

No. 685125

I don't know if she's going to post the the Stream. I'm going to put just one more moment here from plumeriapeeps.if you want more let me know. I don't think anybody really needs these? let me know if these YouNow posts are useless here anons


No. 685126

I recorded I'd say about 80% of the stream. I think I started when she was already about half hour in and ended I guess 10 mins before she ended it. I just have to figure out how to piece all this shit together and post it somewhere. I was just running a screen capture and frankly have no actual clue what I'm doing.

No. 685130

thanks for the effort anon I don't know how to do what you're doing either but I appreciate you. looking forward to whatever you post. There is a quite a bit on younow but younow is such a pain in the axx.

No. 685143

The whole ‘autism’ joke as an insult is another thing Joy has picked up from Tonka, Mr Metokur, Andy Warski and that lot that she so desperately wants to be involved with.
They would make the odd insult maybe once a week out of hours of live streaming like, “how bad is your autism?”.

Yes it’s still in bad taste, but because Joy says it twenty times in a forty minute video, combined with her previous pretend-virtuous personality, it really stinks.

It’s like when a kid discovers a funny word and won’t stop saying it. It’s funny the first time, but by the four hundredth time, you want to pull your hair out.

No. 685172

Onision's video about Kati's return. Kati had denied seeing it in the YouNow stream and now I know why. He was mostly positive towards her (or as positive as someone who's been stalked by her could be).

No. 685183

Holy God. I just watched the YN video with Jarrod. She is completely mentally gone. The "Jawid" stuff is so childish, and her manic state shows she is beyond out-patient help.

Dom needs either a pair of earplugs to live with that slug everyday.

No. 685206

No. 685232

Issac Watts left a comment on Kati's twitter that Moral Virus threatened Kati.

Considering the source, I highly doubt it.

No. 685233

I'm really pissed her sister, who knows how she 'cares' for her animals, gave her back a dog she treated terribly to begin with. And that she did so after it had a family life for 10 years, essentially traumatizing the animal, while also knowingly placing it in a home with a screeching wretch. All of that is terrible.

No. 685234

How did she get the dog back though? I only saw on the thread that she did - but never a mention of how?

Did she kidnap it? Steal it? Strong arm it back? Threaten legal action (A Kati Fave)?

I do my best to avoid watching her videos for the most part because her voice gives me a headache. So until I know how/why Kati got that dog back, I don't want to judge too much. Remember, Kati was gone for quite awhile and who knows what she did during that time (aside from getting fat as a semi-truck). She could very well have manipulated family during that time. It's not like that is unheard of when it comes to Kati the Cow… I dunno.

No. 685236

Kati's sister gave her the dog back. Apparently the dog bit her sisters kid a few times. So she gave the dog back to kati instead of the humane society like a normal person would. That poor dog would be better off on the street then with kati.

No. 685237

I forgot to mention last night, but before Jarrod got on, someone in chat brought up joy doxing his girlfriend and child. Joy initially ignored it but finally acknowledged it, then pussyfooted around it saying she didn't know the child was in the photo she got from Facebook when she shared it and that this is what happens when you harrass people and get called out, referring to it being the gf's fault for harassing & for having her kid in the photo.

Like that makes any sense at all, but typical abusive behavior from joy. Doing something shitty to someone and it's their fault, never taking responsibility. Many in the chat were ticked off, to that joy responded with the gf being a harrasser and she didn't care that she brought the kid into it.

Her fans should be ashamed of themselves for defending this shit, especially puffin, who was guesting during it and is either a piece of shit herself or too much of a coward to stand up to joy and tell her she is in the wrong, rather than just being the sheep she is and agreeing with joy for doing it.

It was also pointed out that since joy was initially denying that she knew the kid was in the pic when she shared it, her video was referred to where she apparently openly said that the kid was in the photo.

But ya know, whats one more lie. Before she even finally got into the doxing, she had to dig up an unrelated story from a long way back, about how she casually mentioned her modeling photos and people went and dug them up and doxed the photographer, who had died from cancer and it was the wrong photographer. (I'm so lost here and don't know which photographer died.)

So much for her having "an adult conversation" she always preaches about, considering she heckled him majority of the time he was on stream. Just like her debate with onion, just one more hypocrite moment.

I had to tap out because it made me really uncomfortable to see her treat someone that way. I will even be honest and say that I actually felt bad for her when she came "back" to YouTube and saw how much weight she gained and thought about how messed up in the head she is, but fuck all that, it didn't take long for me to see how rotten to the core she is and this stream was more of that. She cares more about hurting people than she does helping or caring.

A great moment was when he brought up her self posting her video on onion's thread when she started and he pulled up screen shots and pointed out that the vid was shared there 16 hours after uploaded. She FINALLY stopped cackling and her face became flat and red af. She was obviously uncomfortable and it's clear by her reaction that it was her self posting. She then went on about only ever posting on the site one time and said that he didn't have proof so he needs to contact a farmer and get them to check the ip address to verify who it was, as well as referring to Angel being busted that way and at the time, before she told Angel she didn't want any part of coming here to troll. He said that roommate is tech savvy and could figure out how to get around the ip address and she just laughed hysterically.

Seeing what some of her loyals say in the chat is interesting. Reminds me of Idiocracy, especially Russiabunny, who couldn't control herself and repeatedly wrote "jowwed" every other minute, the whole time. You can easily imagine her sitting in front of her screen, pointing at him, rehearsing her new word. Must be a fulfilling life for this critical thinker.

I truly feel sympathy for her family, exes, coworkers classmates, etc, that have unfortunately had to deal with joy in real life. What a monster.

No. 685238


Pay in mind, this is what Kati claims. For all we know, she's lying through her teeth…again.

No. 685239

I missed it but part of its on her younow moments, where he said "if I was there I'd strangle you," which she continued to hysterically cackle saying "hahahahaha someone file a police report hahahahahha."
But, I'm sure she will add it to her inventory of death threats.

No. 685249

He said he'd like to strangle her if he could reach her. This was after about 30 minutes of her using circular argument and gaslighting to try to confuse everyone. I don't know if anyone caught the stream for bitchute, but it's one of the worst times I have personally seen where she has been downright vile and unhinged. When asked if she could consider it a threat he was irritated and said idgaf take it as whatever. When asked if he actually would in the stream he said no. I honestly don't know how he held his temper for so long considering the harassment and baiting by her fans. When she couldn't win her "debate" easily she resorted to name calling him and Vivica like an elementary school kid and her fans did likewise.

No. 685250

Iirc she was saying vile shit about his gf when he said it.

She said a lot of vile shit in general

No. 685265

But if the dog is registered to Kati. Her sister can't just give th dog to the humane society or Kati would then have a legal case to retrieve the dog anyway, and without proof of animal abuse like police reports, there isn't any way to prevent her from taking the dog.

No. 685266


Is it, in fact registered to Kati (like, it's been chipped, and everything)?

I just find it odd that, after so many years of minding this dog/bonding with it, they would just give the it back because Kati wanted it back. They could just as easily legally fight to keep it, seeing as Kati did abandon it.

No. 685268


same fag

What pisses me off even more about all this is the fact that this is yet another responsibility thrown on Dom's shoulders; because we all know Kati isn't paying for dick all when it comes to the pets necessities.

It's just a question of how much more BS is he going to put up with before Kati finds herself forcibly evicted from his home.

No. 685269

Eh, I don't feel sorry for Dom at all, he chose to be in this position. Who knows what he's actually like. The dog I do feel sorry for.

No. 685274


Dogs now - she has two, remember?

And it's easy to say Dom deserves the shit he got himself into; but anyone who's ever been in an abusive relationship can tell you it's not so easy to just end things with the toxic partner.

No. 685279

Will the streams be uploaded on bitchcute?

No. 685298

>>685266 I don't find giving the dog back to Kati that odd in and of itself. The family anon who had the dog was pretty certain Macie would be 'fine'/not harmed due to Dom being there to take care of it.
Who knows if they were even a dog person in the first place, the dog was just another of Kati's messes left behind they had to clean up for her after it was abandoned in an apartment for 5 days before they were back in town and able to retrieve it.
Plus now they have a newborn they are caring for, so if Kati wanted it, or it was any kind of a difficulty with the newborn I can see giving it back to Kati now that she's planted in a fucking couch feeding off Dom.
I'm just interested in how it got there. Who drove all day and back to bring an elderly dog to her? The husband, Dom, or her sister? Or is there some oddly specific pet freight service?

No. 685300

We don't know what kind of a relationship it is, though. We don't know anything about it, so I'm not branding Dom as a victim of an abusive toxic relationship. I'll hold that off unless she or he decides to share any milk. For all we know he might as well be just the same as she is.

>I'm just interested in how it got there.
Really interested in how this exchange went too.

No. 685308

Who cares about Dom. He's an enabler. He allows the sloth to sit on his couch all day and cause drama online. He's stood by her when her online presence, supposedly, nearly cost him his job. He cannot get a girlfriend or start a family or be with his family for holidays because he caters to the cows every whim. Stop feeling sorry for him - he's where he wants to be.

Yup. Like I said before, Kati was gone long enough to do god knows what else. Since we are not hearing any other persons side of the story we don't know exactly how she got it back. There is a real chance Kati manipulated her way into somehow getting the dog back. Perhaps after the sister complained about the dog biting, Kati offered to give it to Dom and they agreed. We don't know.. and cannot take anything Kati says at face value.

Heck, maybe it was a situation where she told her to take care of her own damn dog. Like how parents get fed up with caring for their kids hamster and finally tell them to take care of it.

No. 685314

Her Roomate is hard to read.

No. 685331


When did the dog bite anyone, though? Who claimed tat it had?

No. 685333

>>685314 This is what Dom's voice sounds like, from last year. You can hear him say 'video' at the start. He has a soft, higher toned voice.

No. 685334

Her sister Kori said that is why the dog was given back to Kati.

No. 685343


But where did she say that - was it here somewhere and I missed it?

No. 685351

A few anons talk to Kati's sister out side of here. That is were it came from.

No. 685366

Speaking of the dogs, Kati demonstrated her responsibility and caring nature during the last stream while moral was on. She abruptly took off the headphones to go check on them after saying she thinks she hears a crying pupper that needs help getting off the bed. She quickly returned from the false alarm, saying that it was actually Dom watching anime and what she heard was actually coming from the tv.

Let the record show that after two years, she has finally been somewhat-almost-near productive for approximately 4 seconds.


No. 685441

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1EykLda6SWsPsU3E_mGp2kUNDo5xp0dQC Most of Joy's livestream from last night. Be aware that it is a little over three hours.
She starts talking to Jarrod around 1 hour in and ends around 3 hours in.

Prepared to be annoyed by her jaaaaaarweeeeeeds.

No. 685484

Thank you very much, anon! Here's to 3+ hours of her cackling.
I'm 15 minutes in and the energy levels she's displaying…I don't have that if you combined a few months. It's so bizarre watching it.

No. 685497

File: 1536621470621.png (34.69 KB, 633x276, hypocrisy12.PNG)

Here's to never…

No. 685524

When Onision's fans are more literate than your own…

No. 685530


So, when Kati act like an asshole/being rude to others, what does that make her?

I simply can't stand the double standard mentality she has.

No. 685547


Can Rose perhaps sue YouTube for not listening to their pleas to remove videos of her children, especially the ones where they are being abused? Maybe even sue Joy? It’s disturbing that YouTube has done anything about this yet. Even more disturbing having a crazy woman make money off them.

No. 685571

Possibly, but it would depend on what grounds. It would also be an interstate case so she could file in NC or wherever she's living now, but OK might have different laws about civil actions. In NC, she would have to file under tort law because NC has Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress as a basis for invasion of privacy suits. Given Kati's tweets and videos about how she put the videos back up as a fuck you to Rose and to intentionally make money off of those uploads is probably enough to file a suit against her for it.
I'm not a lawyer, so I can only go on what I can find readily available online. If there's an anomaly with tangible knowledge, please feel free to correct me here.

No. 685584


Interesting…I’ll have to look into this as well. Maybe even Rose contacting YouTube and telling them this could turn into a legal matter, might be enough to make them pay attention and finally remove those videos or remove Joys channel altogether. Her harassment spree is out of control and seriously needs to stop.

No. 685585



Or Rose could go to the news about it, and expose Joy for what she is doing with her kids on YouTube. Including the harassment. That would bring some major attention, and YouTube would have to remove the videos.

No. 685588

I would think Rose could just file a privacy complaint. I know there was a video when everything went down where Joy talked about how Rose wanted the videos down with the kids and she was fine with that. I think it was younow but someone had it posted. Anyways Rose is the mother and has custody I see no reason why she couldn't report and do privacy complaint.

I think Tim and Joy has some sort of plan to sue youtube….at least that was why Joy said she was keeping the videos up…to make them a lot of money. I am not sure what happened with that but I am glad Rose is away from Tim. He was such a jackass. Maybe it was Tim and Joys plan to sue youtube who the fuck knows.

No. 685599

I doubt they'd get more than a small settlement from YouTube with all manner of conditions and restrictions,if they even got that far. Tim and Joy are both idiots of they think they can successfully sue YouTube for millions, but Tim might have been aiming for a settlement anyway. Who knows? We can only speculate about the "plans" that may or may not even be real. The only reason I would give Joy's claims and credence is because Tim has shown that he's a giant sack of crap.

No. 685635

There's no basis to sue Youtube. If it were an unrelated person, it would be like suing the phone company because someone has an offensive answering machine message. But, since it's Kati, it would be like suing the phone company because YOU have an offensive answering machine message on your own phone. Youtube is a carrier and nothing more. There is now way Tim ever thought he could sue Youtube. He is dumb as a brick, but not that dumb. That has always been Kati's made up, hinted at excuse for keeping them up because they drove traffic to her channel and pushed her other videos up the algorithm. They were 1/3 of her views and over 300k views/mo on her channel in Aug. I'm sure over the summer they'd been over 500k views/mo.

No. 685681

Around the 2hrs 17 min it starts turning into a Snapped episode lmao.

No. 685708


Angel here - can confirm, all my posts were labelled as me posting.

I did not post that video, she was selfposting. I've just kinda lurked here in the shadows and I'm kinda pissed she's brought me up again - I checked in here once I noticed her youtube was back up.

She's completely lost the plot, I'm surprised she is not in an insane asylum, she is completely mental, how people don't see how unhinged, psychotic and manipulative she is is beyond me.

I've gotta say, I love her bullshit excuses for her weight gain. Nothing to do with the fact she shovels down pizza and doesn't exercise.

No. 685709

File: 1536645118173.png (326.62 KB, 1074x1569, 20180911_014617.png)

Ironic Joytard tweet of the day.

Pure Joy-think kek

No. 685796

>>685708 Angel, I'm not sure how wise it is to put yourself back in her firing line, as you said, she's unhinged, I have no doubt your life has been better without her in it. She probably brought your name back to bait you because other than Moral, barely anyone else is taking her bait anymore. People are finally grasping the worst thing they could do to her is ignore her, not feed into her drama.

No. 685861

She won’t be getting at me anytime soon, this is the last post I will be making about this; my life has been wonderful since I cut her out, I’ve even adopted 2 parrots, who are more social, intelligent and loyal than she ever will be.

I am no longer on twitter since she got my account suspended a long time ago & I rarely even use Instagram anymore, she’s going to have a hard time contacting me to drag me back into her claws.

I hope moral stops feeding into it, and that his girlfriend is well - the rumours joy spurted about her to the group behind their backs were disgusting.

I am going to say though about Joy claiming she wanted “nothing to do with the trolling” - she actively encouraged me to go onto the forums and derail, she also went as far as asking me while on voice call to forge chatlogs in our skype chat. I will always stick by my word on that, she is just as guilty as I am for the derailing.

I’m going to go back to lurking now. Have a wonderful day farmers.

No. 685926


I am happy to see you are well Angel and have moved on to a better life. We're well aware of her tactics, some of us here are former fans that came after you left. You were being watched as well by other people associated with Joy that were also her fans. She is unhinged and I hope she gets help before she destroys herself and other people more than she has already done. Have a wonderful life :-)

sage for old milk

No. 685950

This post is a little too ‘literate’ for the Zones I know. 🤷‍♀️

No. 685964

You don't know squat Newfags jumping to conclusions. kek

No. 685994

File: 1536690170816.jpg (137.39 KB, 1433x807, Screenshot_20180911-122151_Twi…)

This could be interesting. She'll certainly sperg out if its about her.

No. 686006

Oh this must be about her cuz although she “doesn’t care” about his vid she hasn’t stopped talking about it and has been a total
C U Next Tuesday to Rep and his gf for no reason cuz they didn’t bother her. She starts everything. She brings it all on herself and then, while frothing at the mouth, waves her victim flag as though something was done to her; then she rallies her flying monkeys to go screw with whomever it is. She is scary legit; she truly scares me cuz I have no doubt she’s a psychopath.

No. 686097


Remember the last vid, when her so-called "Lupus" dx came in handy with the Rep video….she was so upset but too the time to fix the camera so she was in the frame.

Let's start a pool….this time,ahead of the Rep part 2 vid, she is diagnosed with: hysterical blindness, the black plague, leprosy, prostate problems (I know…but see if she picks it up….we know she comes here…) and scarlet fever.

And the hysterical screeching will start in 3….2….1…..

No. 686110

File: 1536705171378.png (204.47 KB, 1076x885, 20180911_182626.png)

Was she false flagged?

No. 686115

Hell no. She was struck for the DO5 abuse video and the video where she was going in balls to the wall on Moral Virus and his girlfriend. She was rightfully struck. The DO5 video was for child abuse and the Moral Virus video where she doxxed an actual toddler was struck for bullying/harrassment. Bitch deserved it and deserves more than that.

No. 686117

^INB4 she starts claiming her "harrassers" are now posting more death threats on lolcow for "…she deserves more…" KEK

No. 686120

File: 1536705842101.jpg (240.64 KB, 992x2048, ___________2Eh8LYKv.jpg)

There is not such thing as a false flag

No. 686133


Appreciate the clarification anons. I'm not familiar with the system.TY

No. 686152

This was funny.
Katie called Kalie a whackadoo a few seconds after I called KATIE a Whackadoodle in chat.

Katie want a cracker?

No. 686159

Is she seriously still trying to act like her videos did anything for the DO5 case? We all know the courts didn’t use her shit! Not only that, it still doesn’t give her a right to have the childrens abuse showcased on YouTube. Not her kids and she was told multiple times she did not have permission to use their images on YouTube. People need to show YouTube where she bragging about keeping them up as a big FU the the kids family. It’s incedibly inappropriate. She is as nasty as DO5 for exploiting these kids for money. Sick abusive pos she is…

No. 686164

Jeff Holliday is going to be on the Non Sequitur show tonight talking about Jilly Juice.

How frustrating it must be to shout so loudly (and shrilly) and be so completely, utterly ignored.

No. 686171

>>685950 Wrong Angel, Anon, if you go back to the first few threads you will learn about this Angel. She was an early puppet of Joybesity's & an early victim of the Joybesity MO for what happens to cult members when they fall out of favor.

Glad you are doing well Angel.

>>686159 Did she tweet about putting the d05 vids back up as a FU to Rose? Or was it yet another rant in one of her streams? Either way I think it should be put in her ass kissing tweets to YT, let's see her backtrack on that shit. "I put them up as anti abuse clips" fuck you, Joybesity you beyond fat fuck.

No. 686174

Jeff Holiday has managed that mainstreaming fame Joy could never achieve and now he's watched her go insane for over a year and will not notice her. She must be losing her mind over this even more than she already has.

No. 686176


She tweeted it, scroll up towards the start of this thread

No. 686185

File: 1536712337220.jpeg (166.84 KB, 1750x643, EB5E006E-868A-4F84-8DB8-7B2A72…)

No. 686200

For clarification, this is a different person than Zones. This poster was the from the infancy of Joy's lolcow thread. Since it's old milk I will leave the clarification at that. I don't believe this particular person has been aware of the situation until recently, which is why I wished her well.

sage for old milk again.

No. 686202

File: 1536713940527.jpg (633.02 KB, 1068x1899, 20180911_174730.jpg)

If he just calls her on the lies in her newest videos it would be worth it to watch her flip out. I kinda hope he is just trolling her though so she will freak out.

No. 686214

She's live on younow with one of her new snuggies on talking about repzion

No. 686233


Maybe someone ought to tweet this to Youtube; let them know the real reason kati has those videos up.

No. 686241

>>686120 It's soo funny seeing her trying to use her same old manipulation tactics, on the fucking @TeamYouTube Twitter account of all things, of trying to get one of them in a private conversation with her. The exact same as she tried to do to Phil in those DM's he showed where Kati kept trying to be sweet but wouldn't discuss her lying further unless he called her on the phone.

That's why she really hates Phil, because he demonstrated and broke down exactly how she tries to manipulate people with one-on-one private and/or verbal communication, and proof that she is an habitual liar.

Also to reiterate, Repzion has never communicated with Phil, and all of the information in his video was her own direct words.

I'm just lmfao hearing Kati in my head like, 'Oh, TeamYouTube you guys are so great and hardworking, can you just call me on the phone so I can explain to you? You're just not understanding, text is sooo confusing, and there is misunderstanding from the get go because of text. Please call me. . .No, I can't just explain it, call me, or let me call you. Please just call me, you won't understand!'

No. 686247

God, it really takes nothing at all to get her going, does it?
"You're so vain, you probably think this part 2's about you, you're so vain!"

At what point can she be institutionalized? Some meds might turn her into a fairly normal person. If she really wanted to be happy and put an end to all this bullshit, she would take a little time out and get properly medicated for whatever the fuck has gone wrong in her head and continues to worsen without treatment.

saged for lol, that will never happen

No. 686248

Not really important, Just thought it was funny she was complaining about bed bugs and fleas all over their home.

No. 686257

File: 1536719293728.png (296.75 KB, 1543x752, zbkyUFx.png)

34yo person claims to love dogs and has no idea what fleas are? I call bullshit.

Pic from her tweet cuz she's captured her inner self perfectly. A crabby old woman.

No. 686259

Doesn't she just have a small 2 bedroom apartment? My cousin got fleas in her 3 bedroom house and it took us a day to clean it. How the fuck is it taking them so long in a apartment even if it is messy?

Girl is damaging herself with lights now. She seems to think the lights irritating her skin is a sign it is working. No wonder the dumbass never gets better. She seems to think you have to be worse or having something bad happening when you are healing. No one should feel sorry for her roommate. He has to be just as crazy as her to be putting lights all over the bathroom so she can fuck up her skin and sweat out all the toxins. Shit like that is such bullshit.

No. 686272


the whole roommate aspect is so weird. it's like, at what point do you decide enough is enough? when do you have that eureka moment when you realize this is all fucking insanity?

besides the mystery illness stuff, would you think you would be able to find someone to tolerate all the internet drama and constant screeching? would you tolerate that from someone else? wouldn't you feel kind of embarrassed for that person as well as dating that person?

it's like she did with him what onion did with lainey where he kinda engineered it so she would just dig in her heels.

No. 686278

File: 1536721109405.jpg (286.24 KB, 1013x896, Ewok3.jpg)

Reeeeee…Repzion Video Part 2!!!!

No. 686283

My cat brought home fleas once, we have a 10 room (total) house. Took us 2 days to get rid of the fleas. There is no excuse to let fleas go on.

Flea baths, comb out the pets, powder carpet flea killer, vacuum, wash bedding, spray beds, sweep hardwood/tile floors and you're good to go. It would probably only take as long as the carpet flea powder takes to set to do her apartment. Why she so lazy for?

No. 686289

That long ass story and claiming to not know what fleas are (and having to get "medicine" to treat fleas!)… for some reason, I kept thinking… no, bitch…the apartment complex manager threatened to evict you for roaches and that's what was going on there. The only time I've seen people bust ass to clean like that is when the manager has threatened to evict them OR when CPS has been through. And, she doesn't have a kid.

No. 686309

Why she doesn't give the dogs a flea bath and flea collars before they come into the house?
And they're as bad as they are because roommate works for her living and she's too fucking lazy to properly care for herself, let alone dependent animals.

No. 686320

Has MrRepzion actually confirmed that the Part 2 video is about Joy or she I just assuming it is?

No. 686336

File: 1536726050221.jpg (64.54 KB, 600x450, IMG_6423.JPG)

Good grief. She looks like an old fisherman. Like Captain Ahab and Moby Dick at the same time…

No. 686342

File: 1536726854757.jpg (Spoiler Image, 192.04 KB, 1075x1030, 20180912_000501_20180912002945…)

No. 686352


No. 686357

File: 1536727977803.png (236.19 KB, 1068x1025, 20180912_005022.png)

I think I may have taken this out of context. It was there. Now it's here. No clue what's going on here. send help kek

No. 686364

File: 1536728348599.png (13.42 KB, 617x146, n4XjuTN.png)

No. 686369

File: 1536729364203.jpeg (165.35 KB, 800x449, Screenshot_20180912-060824~2.j…)

That tweet followed quickly on the heels of this one, directed at Repzion. As far as i know, he's not mentioned who or what his Part II video is about, but it's sure triggered Joy. As another anon suggested, it would be brilliant if he's talking about Fortnite, or his dogs, welding techniques, etc. Even if he has made a Joy video, he should put up another one…

No. 686372

this is the stuff she was talking about in case you were wondering


i thought about using this stuff myself because i didn't want to use chemicals but it seemed like it'd be too much of a bother.

and she might think she got some small victory with moralvirus re: that whole strangling comment but, really, what she's done is undermined every claim she's ever made about harassment, death threats, etc by taking his comment seriously. it just makes her look like the histrionic professional victim people claim her to be.

No. 686373


… her and fucktards taking shit out of context and omitting that he said "take it …" in RESPONSE to her asking "is that a thread"

now you guys just look dishonest. good job, all around.

No. 686393

hey I have a bag of Diatomaceous Earth in my shed. I use it in my potted plants it has very sharp edges on a molecular level and thus kills hard bodied Critters like Beetles and nematodes…I didn't see the younow ,it does help with fleas you have to sprinkle it all over your house, it's a white powdery substance. It would make a hell of a mess. I suppose if you have a vacuum cleaner, a good one, it would work.
diatomaceous earth is sometimes used by humans to worm themselves.I have never considered this application but I have heard that some people do this. (never needed wormin I guess)

No. 686399


Thank you anon.We need a PSYCHOSIS rubber stamp. But that would be redundant.
Heavy sigh

No. 686402

For those not familiar. This is a fine powder substance and totally safe to be around and consume. It's used as thickener in things like milkshakes. It absorbs a lot of water, so can dry your skin a bit.

Remember, she's a life long asthmatic. She's asking you to believe that she opened a package of fine powder and proceeded to put it everywhere in her entire house and even inside of the protective cover of her bed. This is not what any sane asthmatic person would do. (It would be along the lines of someone with peanut allergy scattering a bag of peanuts through the house).

Apartments can evict you for attracting and allowing bugs… as in cockroaches… in your apartment as a public safety issue since they then start invading the apartments of your neighbors. It is far more likely the apartment complex checked her apartment and saw what a pig sty it was and demanded it be cleaned or they be evicted.

No. 686409

tin foil
I'm not clued into the apartment manager angle.are we sure one went to her abode?

if they did most likely they would not notice fleas but what they would notice was the pungent smell of dirty dog, shit and urine that will give you away every time. GAK

heavy duty tin foil

No. 686412


Agreed, but I didn't think diatomaceous earth was sharp enough to pierce roach shells. I have only known use for it by people with flea or bedbug infestations when they have issues with chemical sensitivities.

No. 686420

Shed lady here I don't think it would work with cucarachas they are too big it works on small Critters like fleas small beetles,nematodes etc. to kill a cockroach you would have to submerge the entire creature into the substance.I can only think of a glassful.(wouldn't be prudent)I was given a large bag of it from another gardener. it works on the molecular levEl making tiny Cuts in the exoskeleton.
BTW she would need quite a large bag perhaps a 5lb bag of this powdery sniffle stuff if she plans to do a two-bedroom apartment.it is a chemical-free solution but so so messy.

No. 686435

I'm saying that if you are so asthmatic that you seek ER treatment on a monthly basis and are using a nebulizer, would you seriously spread a fine powder through your entire apartment? I don't think she did.

She has not said anything to indicate that the apartment manager was at their house or the mega-deep-cleaning was at the request of anyone else. I speculated that the true reason for the cleaning like that (at a break neck speed) was to avoid getting thrown out. My speculation is based on a long term friend's experience in managing an apartment building. They let stuff go (almost required by law) until there are pests involved. Then they start formal eviction process and that starts with a 'clean everything by x date' or eviction starts. 'x date' is w/in a week because the neighbors are actually getting infested by the roaches.

DE is not sufficient to kill roaches, it will deter them, but not kill them (based on my friend's experience in same apartment building). I use DE for a lot of stuff. For fleas on a cat that lives outside most of the day, I just rub some on his fur every couple weeks. I have no fleas in my house even though I know my cat cavorts with flea infested raccoons on a routine basis. Drenching your entire house in DE over seeing a few fleas is an insane over reaction. An asthmatic person drenching their entire house in it would be nearly suicidal.

No. 686495


Is she actually saying there's something wrong with people who watch porn? Or does she somehow think that Repzion watching porn while dating his gf is a sign he's not sexually satisfied with said gf?

Either way, I'm just amused as fuck that Kati seems to be implying there is something unsavory about someone watching porn.

Also, Kati seems to have forgotten that Repzion's gf found it amusing to troll her; so probably has no issue with Repzion doing the same (and is she trying to make the gf jealous by saying Repzion is supposedly spending more time on Kati than his own gf?) About the only thing that's going to accomplish is cause his gf to bust a gut laughing her ass off at Kati's expense.

No. 686503

Takes me back to her losing her shit over the purple mattress mystery powder, despite not having one / nor planning too. So much danger

No. 686533

I'm calling bullshit on the fleas.
How many times have we heard Dom complain about the dog pissing on the carpet because she can't get her lard filled ass down the stairs to walk the dogs?
More chance it was a neighbor complaining about the stench coming through the walls.

kati's unwashed, hirsute, obese body mixed with stale pizza boxes,subway wrappers and dog piss.

No. 686555

SHE has had Pets her entire life and now those dogs are getting bitten constantly and she’s not doing anything. Those dogs would be treated much better in a shelter.

No. 686579


I'm surprised no one (as in her neighbors/landlord) had called animal control on her, yet.


Was he actually heard on stream saying that, though?

No. 686583


I don't know, nor do I care to know, what Dom does for work. Just picture the hell he's living through - he works all day and comes home to a pigsty, probably has to take the dogs out for a walk, cleans up any dog crap, and I'm betting she never fixes dinner.

It would be different if they were an actual couple and she was home with the kids, trying to run after them all day while keeping the place clean and cooking dinner - and I'm speaking as a stay at home mom.

All this and he has to provide everything from shelter to the massive food bill.

If he was smart, he'd kick her out and live a better life.

I feel so bad for those dogs - she doesn't care about them at all.

No. 686595

And once again, who cares what Dom is going through? He is choosing this life. I think they still might be dating, honestly. He has to be getting something… and if he's not? Then well he's a beta male and is deserving all that he gets. His choice. He's an adult. He can make big boy choices. He chose to have Kati live with him.

Plenty of women stay at home without kids, so not really a valid argument there, tbh. But her not cleaning up around the house is on her and Dom.

But, I am wondering if her coming "back" to YouTube and trying to get money off of the DO5 videos and of course her return to cashing in on YouNow videos had something to do with Dom wanting her to earn money. Think about it. She made bank off of all her drama before, slowly tapered off of YouTube/YouNow and her Patreon cash started dwindling. She leaves, gets fat off all the pizza she ordered, ran out of money and came back for more.

The only ones who should get any sympathy are the dogs. They have absolutely no say in their life.

No. 686666

File: 1536775959615.jpeg (200.79 KB, 894x1214, 0CD569A1-FFAA-4BF5-B75B-7C4104…)

Apparently YouTube has no plans on removing the videos Joy has on her channel, of DO5 children being abused. I’m appalled that Youtube would support this.

If Poppie and Rose mean business, and want their babies from being exploited with their abuse and shown off for the world to gawk at, plus the painful reminders to their family…I would seriously consider going to the media at this point. One last time Rose would have to speak to media, and finally have this all behind them, so they can move on in peace. I believe this would outrage people to find out what’s been going on since DO5, on YouTube. Especially with “Joysparklebs” profiting and harassing the family to no end. I recommend bringing in Joys tweets as proof as to why she really has them up…an FU to the family. If Joy wants to have her 5 mins of fame…here’s her chance!

No. 686672


Not the Anon you were addressing but I have mixed feelings about Dom. She's a manipulative, vindictive, vicious, lovebombing gaslighter. Imagine how many knots she can tie him up in? Nobody really knows anything about his personality so speculation warning but he allowed her to move in with him, went and collected her, housed her, fed her, sent her flowers, took her to medical appts, has missed worked, dropped going home for holidays with his family for her crazy ass. He has all the makings of a perfect host for a parasite and we know she can pick out the perfect victim, all predators can.

If this was the other way round and he was the parasite and she was the host, people would be screaming domestic abuse and would be more understanding about how it ain't that easy to get free from a blood sucking, mind fucking leech.

The bro's ģot to be fucking sick of his pitiful existence by now. And he has seen first hand how fucking nutty this bitch is when you get on her wrong side.

I wonder if his family has any idea about this shit? He doesnt seem to have any friends, he's either at work or hiding in his room while she's going off on her latest rant. He needs an intervention, he should pack up his stuff, cancel everything that's in his name,get a new number,run and never look back, no forwarding address. It's the only way he will be free from her & safe from whatever fresh hell she would try to unleash on him.

No. 686684

My own mother is a pretty domineering and manipulative woman. I used to feel bad for my step-father considering everything she put him through. But after awhile (like 20+ years) they got divorced and he started paying her rent (thank God he didn't give her the house A+), hired her a maid and cooks meals for her and drops them off at her house while she refuses to work. He still isn't allowed to see his family whenever he wants and she has access to his bank account. And yet he defends her when any of her children get upset with her behavior. She is legit incapable of feeling love or empathy but loves to be the center of attention, especially negative attention.

Dom and Kati's relationship reminds me very much of this same situation. Therefore, I just cannot feel sorry towards anyone who sticks themselves into that situation and willingly stays there. There is absolutely no possible way Dom does not know what type of person Kati is. If he's foolish enough to stick around, that's on him. People like Dom, there is no getting through to them. They have to do it themselves. Family, friends, co-workers, nothing they say will get him to stop catering to this vile heifer. My dad is a beta-cuck male, and I think Dom is too. It's like watching my parents relationship from their younger years LOL

No. 686691

I'm conflicted on whether or not to feel sorry for Dom. On one hand, he's a grown man who should be able to make his own decisions and tell her to leave if he wants her to leave… on the other hand I know that emotional abuse is a real thing and I don't know how I would feel if the roles were reversed and Kati was the one being taken advantage of because he was possibly abusive.

Of course…it's also possible that he's into this. For all I know he's an uber trad type who wants his gf to stay at home but usually those types of men expect the woman to do things around the house.

PS Did anyone get a recording of that stream yesterday? I was at work and missed it.

No. 686705

When it comes to abusive relationships, it's always easy to say the victim chose that life and not feel any remorse for their ordeals. The thing is, abusive relationships don't always start off as abusive - it gradually becomes one over time and, by the time the victim notices they're in a toxic relationship, they're stuck - as, in that time, their abuser has made them alienate family and friends in favor of them; making it insanely difficult for the victim to have someone to turn to to help them get out of their mess.

Look how much Dom has given up/puts up with, just for Kati. I have a very hard time believing he's genuinely happy with the setup he has.

No. 686713

I used to wonder if Dom helped her with her videos. The graphics, intros,outros,editing etc.
When she came back recently,her videos had no bells and whistles. Just speculating if they discussed her coming back to YouTube. Maybe he said, have at it but I'm not helping you with that crap anymore. Thus we get the chopped up blur.Maybe just maybe he put down his foot on that.

Saged for tin foil

No. 686747

I do feel sorry for Dom.
Can you imagine initially having your own place,life may be boring but it's going along fine.An old friend an old lover calls and says help me help me and you help them.
Overtime things change the woman you knew changes, You have never lived with her before and now you are a prisoner in your own apartment. Sitting almost directly across from her she begins to make videos about another man she is obsessed with.She smiles at you continually while telling you to keep your mouth shut. She lies about you.She creates a whole mystery around you.She tells everybody how she could not possibly live without you.Still you're sitting across from her watching her and hearing her constant screeching.Obviously you also hear her lies, her back stabbing,her back tracking her foreshadowing her bullshit her constant bullshit.But she has these major illnesses and she throws them at you continually. Help me help me I'm dying I don't want to die, you're the only person that loves me, help me help me.And you help her,you must. Her character grows as the illusion of Fame infiltrates her weak mind. You shrink, you fade away, you disappear as much as you can. You go to sleep at night wondering how this all happened, hoping she will just disappear somehow. When you wake up she's still there, It's crushing you.
Eventually it just becomes the condition of your life, it's just the way it is. You grin and bear it and try to be polite.So fucking polite.

There will be a straw that breaks the camel's back.
I've been there.

No. 686766

>>686713 Near the start of her channel I formed this opinion too, that Dom must do everything for her besides filming the videos, and I thought I remember her blaming shitty editing on Dom not being available to 'help' her.

At the start when she was only doing 3 videos per week because she was "in danger of collapsing after filming just 1 video and had to be really careful managing her energy levels' her videos seemed like Dom would do everything required except filming them, but when she started shitting out 3 videos a day it seemed like she started doing it herself after Dom showed her how to finish the video by adding title cards and music.

She knows how to do this shit, she's just lazy AF and doesn't care.

No. 686767

I'm kind of disappointed that she got those strikes. I've been enjoying her hate-filled diatribes. I enjoyed them more than her pretending to be super nice videos. She'll be back soon I guess. I want to see her battle it out with repzion.

No. 686805

File: 1536788492093.jpg (610.41 KB, 1080x2017, Screenshot_20180912-153604_Twi…)

And we're back to Mundane Matt. Who has her muted. So she is tweeting at no one.

No. 686809


Now HIS friends came for her? Who hasn't come for her? kek

Next: PewDiePie comes
for JoySparkleBS!


No. 686810


I thought she disowned her family? Which is it?

No. 686819


Maybe she means Dom (doubtful), her dogs (highly doubtful) and her salivating stans (highly probable).

No. 686831

Joy told everyone last yr sometime that her grandma's house got swatted. I think it was when that Nicole girl called for a wellness check after Joy's video about suicide or something like that. Anyways the cops showed up and nothing happened. Joy turned it into OMG my grandma got swatted.

No. 686836

Time to have Kunti Kati committed for her and everyone else's safety

No. 686878

MundaneMatt, MrRepzion and Nick Monroe had basically nothing to do with each other until Joy decided they were all in a sooper secrit cabal to destroy her. They made a joke tweet about "plotting" against her to make fun of her and she decided to make it into a conspiracy theory.
No one went after her family. No one. Nick Monroe didn't. He wrote an article based entirely on things she said and did. MrRepzion didn't. He made a video explaining why he personally did not like Joy. MundaneMatt definitely didn't. He didn't even make a video or write an article about her. MundaneMatt's crime against her was to criticize the amount of videos she made about do5, saying it would desensitize people to the plight of the children involved because she spammed videos and sensationalized them for views.
Anyone who criticizes Joy is of course involved in a huge secret society that only exists to take down Joy. If anyone wants to take Joy down, it is due 100% to things she has done to others.

No. 686901

File: 1536797706667.png (275.55 KB, 1059x1319, 20180912_201038.png)

the lack of self-awareness. the irony is so heavy.
she must have very rare iron-y poisoning.

No. 686972

File: 1536804625034.png (327.19 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-12-22-08-08…)

Confusing tweet dejour

No. 687072

Katie is on a tweet storm with Kaily bear again.there's a lot there but I kind of lost interest after a while.Just a heads uP

No. 687089

Yeah, she seems to be having an Irony Toxicity flair up right now. Must be all those shards of logic falling out of her tiny IQ head. Nearly everything she's been tweeting perfectly describes herself. Far more closely than it describes anyone else.

No. 687091

File: 1536817737009.jpg (126.54 KB, 585x610, yeahokay.jpg)

She's showing no signs of stopping. She posted like 35 tweets in the past hour alone, so I'm not going to ss all of it either. It's mainly calling Phil the pedo wizard witch and a back and forth with Kaily.

No. 687098

Guess she's forgetting her full bore support of a pedophile who is ACTUALLY a REAL pedophile… KidBehindACamera didn't just date a 15yo, he had sex with her, including oral sex when he was 21yo.

No. 687172


Oh, I'm sure she's got some bullshit excuse that completely exonerates her buddy of his own actual crime; probably something weak like 'she didn't look/didn't tell him she was 15; so it's not his fault'.

No. 687179

Doesn't change the fact that Kati Marie Smith of Oklahoma is using her JoySparkleBS persona to protect an actual pedophile and it's not the first time that she's done it. She ran a forum for IndigoAbuse and when they discovered pedophiles were using it to hunt children, instead of getting law enforcement involved, she deleted the forum so as to "not hurt their reputation" (her own words from her Aug 20, 2017 2am livestream.)

No. 687191


Oh, I'm not saying it does; I know full well how fucked up she is. I'm just saying she's always got some weak, bullshit excuse up her sleeve to 'explain away' why she's not a rampant hypocrite.

In Kati's bullshit bubble, the rules that apply to the rest of the world do not apply to her and her salivating stans.

No. 687240

File: 1536846691705.jpg (97.27 KB, 675x1200, Dm9StEAXgAEQg8N.jpg)

That Kaily girl posted some ss of her DMs with Kati. I found this one hilarious.

"Go get help for your obsessive tendencies"

- For starters, did her "autism expert" not tell her that autists tend to be obsessive by nature? lol

But the real kicker is that she is so clueless. Who has the real obsessive tendencies?

100+ DO5 videos, 100+ Onision videos, still talks non-stop about Philip even though he has not been seen on social media (publicly) since January and it's been even longer since he posted on Lolcow. Constantly tweets "letters" to the Deb chick even though she has her apparently blocked. Over the top obsessed with Repzion… the list goes on.

Please, Joy, go get help for your obsessive tendencies. LMAO

You know, Kati, you'd be a lot more interesting (and believable) if you used your actual illnesses to garner sympathy. "I just saw a psychologist! Am I crazy? Let's find out!" Then talk all about your battle with your obvious mental illnesses. I dare say, for once, you might be an honest person.

No. 687265

Do you have any idea where I may be able to find this stream? Thank you

No. 687274

File: 1536851114788.jpg (342.64 KB, 1440x859, Screenshot_20180913-084815_Twi…)

Always bringing up peoples kids. Like the piece of shit that she is.

No. 687281

Just reading a bit https://psychcentral.com/blog/separating-the-narcissists-delusion-from-reality/ it seems like Kati obsessively keeps people on the line and in her revisionist 'dialog' with herself because she really expects at any moment people are going to apologize to her based on the delusional, revisionist, narcissistic self-talk she invents; and when she's telling former friends to 'get help for being obsessed with her' she is really revelling in the fact that you are still so hung up on her.

THE WORST THING YOU CAN DO TO KATI IS IGNORE HER. There are no 'answers' you are going to get from Kati. There will be no concessions on her part. The worst thing you can do to her, and the best for yourself, is to completely ignore her and move on. She loves that you want to keep talking to her on Twitter, that's why she's Tweeting 35 times an hour, she is living for the attention you give her.

When she says, "You're obsessed with me. Get help," she is really saying, "You are so in love with me, and I am such hot shit, that you need professional therapy to get over how hung up on me you are." There will never be an apology from her for anything, the only 'clarification' will be more narcissistic delusions.

If you really want to hurt her, tell her she's very boring and uninteresting, and you're sad how much of a pathetic loser she turned out to be. Then block her and never talk to, or about her where she can hear, again.

No. 687314

I don't know if it's online anywhere.
Sometimes about.that.clip@gmail.com can help with videos.

No. 687336

No. 687388

That is a terrifying read, anon.
Each type of behavior outlined there we have seen and seen documented in these threads.
The narcissist as benefactor example got to me, since that is what she did to Rose and hurt an entire family in front of the world. And when she got called out on it, she screamed about how Rose must be working both sides and is the slyest of manipulators, even though Rose is the same person who couldn't see that her lawyer was using her to salvage his flailing career.

No. 687395

The benefactor narcissist.
This one gives a lot of money and time to others, whether that means to charity or personal acquaintances. But they’ve never given anything without the whole world knowing about it. They aren’t altruistic, so they can’t accept making a sacrifice without praise. If they gave to charity, everyone in their social circle would know exactly how much and when.

agreed anon…above,quoted from the article. the Rose situation to a T

No. 687465

Thank you very much anon.

No. 687543

Between this and her old indigo forum I'm really starting to think that she is a pedophile herself.

No. 687554


She projects so much vitriol it's getting to be a little glaring. Think about it…anyone who slightly disagrees with her is a pedo/friend of/apologist/somewhere-in-between…

No. 687565

gee, no shit. if only someone had already pointed this out a number of times, without the armchairing.

more excellent armchairing.
it's a lot more likely that she is going for the nuclear-grade slur. of all the things you can accuse someone of, pedo is the most damaging and most likely to stick / get attention.

No. 687723

File: 1536883066950.jpg (59.48 KB, 700x700, Sage.jpg)


Please read: https://lolcow.farm/rules & https://lolcow.farm/info

But yes, I do agree, there is a lot of armchair psychology in Kati's threads. A lot of people are new to this thread (which is insane) and are spouting a lot of the same info/speculations/"diagnosis" that have already been said 100+ times in her 18 threads. Anyone who's been following this cow already knows what characteristics she has. We're not doctors and while we can speculate and assume, we cannot diagnose.

Either way, please read the rules and info on new users. When you don't "sage" the thread gets bumped to the top of the front page, and with no new information related to Krazy Kati it's annoying for other users who don't haunt this board. This site wasn't made just for her (as much as she wishes it was, I am sure).

No. 687731

File: 1536884333302.jpg (96.19 KB, 1080x673, Tu9-T5Yc.jpg)

This is Kati at her best.
Anyone saying she deleted any tweets is a liar because Twitter forced her to delete the tweets….
so she did delete the tweets? WTF LOL

No. 687753

Tweet gathering anon here. If this crazy bitch doesn't slow down tweeting her spergs, I'm never going to finish the Imgur album. I'm up to August 2017 and already have a metric shit ton of disgust. If I wasn't such an obsessed harrasser, I'd give up. Kek

No. 687757


I'm not an Imgur expert, but IIRC, don't be afraid to split those tweets into several albums if you become overwhelmed.

No. 687772

File: 1536888400821.jpg (132.17 KB, 1073x1252, yFKEPHHc.jpg)

The spergs are just as vile

No. 687778

Good old grandma Taunee. Maybe if she spent as much time with her grandkids as she does up kati's ass she would have a fulfilled life, and wouldn't have to fill it with kati's drama and bullshit.

All she has to do is ask herself how would she feel if someone did to her grandkids what kati is doing to Rose's kids.

No. 687817

Delete this.

We're not Joy, we don't go dragging people's kids where they dont belong.

No. 687845

File: 1536895355235.png (416.03 KB, 1068x1473, 20180913_231814.png)


No. 687847

File: 1536895398179.png (473.03 KB, 1066x1686, 20180913_231927.png)

No. 687850

That image is disturbing and confusing. I agree it should be deleted. Please

No. 687875

Remember that Kati's spergleberries will do anything to support her, so for all we know this is Katt herself posting here and on the other thread. This is exactly the type of shit that Kati and her crew would pull. Remember that Kati made false DMs with PiercedAngel. Kati made a false $20 donation DMs and Paypal receipts with Cy. This is exactly Kati's MO and is more likely Kati's minions doing it.

No. 687883

Those images need to come down. I'm not by any means a Joy stan but bringing pictures of someone's kids/grandkids and putting them here is wrong. Isn't there any way to find staff here to do that?? I've had unwanted photos of myself leaked before. It sucks and feels violating and as angry as some of us can get at Joy, targeting Kattscratch's grandkids… just doesn't sit well with me.

No. 687888


click on the box next to the word anonymous in the message and send a report.

No. 687891


Clever anon, it very well could be. I was really surprised to see it, it didn't fit the mission. Kek

No. 687893

Report that pic since that "anon" doesn't want to/can't/won't. That's not fucking cool. We don't do shit like that. Also, no one curr about Dom, so stop beating that dead horse. You're just going to give the cow more fuel for her pity party fire. "Lolcow is saying I'm abusing Roommate! Faxxxxx!" Leave it about the raging cunt, take the spergleberry shit to the spergleberry thread, leave innocent children out of this fucking dumpster fire and let's get back on track, eh?

No. 687910


Sound like a plan. ;)

No. 687918

File: 1536905635031.png (371.96 KB, 1072x1590, 20180914_021146.png)

Why you always lyin?

No. 687919

File: 1536905714158.png (414.68 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-14-02-10-27…)

she's building bras with Gabe? why has she come around to Gabe again

No. 687935

He's been weighing in on the Twitter spat with Kaily et. al. about drinking hydrogen peroxide, so she's having a go. Anything to stir up more shit since the big fish aren't biting.

No. 687939


She likes to use a speargun on minnows. if I had scrolled up I guess I would have known. I can't go through them all.
soon Isaac will show up and say a kind word. Kek

No. 687941

I was watching "did i cure fibromylupus"

Katie talks about her hair test.Given by an "Angel Person" She says it shows copper aluminum and Mercury. She goes on to say anddddd

"there were signs of infections in my body" then stutters around about infections in her body. Well, I'm not a doctor but I looked extensively into hair tests, hair testing and nowhere did I find that it tests for infection. Infection would only be in the hair if you had folliculitis. So the infection in her body found in her hair is debunked.


very light duty tinfoil

No. 687942

There are some credible hair analysis related to forensics. But, none of these woo places are anything close. Also, no credible doctor treats heavy metal poisoning with YEARS of fucking vitamins. That "speshulist" that Kati is seeing is making bank off her stupid ass.

No. 688042

Is there any news on what Repzion's video is about or when it's dropping?
If this one is a part 2 on Kati he needs to do a better job and go for the throat

No. 688050

Just wanted to say that I am thankful that the photo of the children was removed. Well done and thank you. I reported it and and am so happy I was not alone.

No. 688053

I did too and I'm glad to see it was removed. This needs to stay about Kati, not pull in all her spergs and their private information. As much as Kati and her fans hate us, at least maybe they'll see that there are anons that even though we do not like Kati we did the right thing.

No. 688059

Right on!
We must be better than her and her attack dogs. The high ground is always the better way to go.
And, if, they try to pull this thread down and make us look nasty, we fight back. Looks like we are.

No. 688062

It's good that that picture was removed. That was an extremely disgusting thing to have posted. It honestly makes me think it was Kati that posted it or one of her stans. Since no one is paying attention to her she needs something to sperg about.

No. 688063

I do not disagree.

No. 688171

I agree with the anon that brought up how it would be awesome if he dropped a video that has nothing to do with her. Then she’ll have sperged it over nothing.

No. 688206

Hopefully Repzion will do a video about the recent comeback showing the DO5 videos up again, Rose's message to have them removed to protect the kids from bullying, and include the tweets Kati made saying a big F you to that.
It would be even better if he also included the grandfather trying to get them taken down via YouTube with Their response.

Throw in the facts about the IndigoAbuse forum and Kati finding out pedophiles were using it hunt potential victims along with her Aug stream response about taking it down because she was concerned about their reputation instead of contacting law enforcement and BOOM everyone's a winner!

The complete illustration of Kati the pedophile sympathizer who makes money off of child abuse and doesn't care about little kids being Bullied because of her would be perfect.
The best thing about it? Kati speaking for herself about what a POS she is and doing all the dirty work on her own.

No. 688363

File: 1536961371463.jpeg (237.38 KB, 1242x2208, 8AE5E781-0D77-4C94-9BB2-A06325…)

Kati is saying she never told anyone to commit self harm. Twitter disagreed

No. 688398

File: 1536963598295.png (39.05 KB, 605x674, temp2.png)


More than once on two different tweets (See >>688363)

No. 688429

If he does, he should @ Patreon as well as YouTube and younow. They should all see what they are not only allowing to stay on their platforms, but also supporting in their refusal to remove her accounts.

No. 688540

Y'all know no accounts means no milk right?

No. 688541

File: 1536979869007.png (90.02 KB, 720x469, Screenshot_20180914-214905~2.p…)

Yeah. Harrassers false flagged your channel. You lying ass bitch. Always the victim, Kati. You know good and damn well those videos that got you struck were very much against YT TOS.

No. 688542

Her Twitter is still up. I hope it doesn't get nixed before I finish my album. I just made it to 2018 today.

No. 688543


I see other anons post such things often enough; but is anything ever actually done about it? (last I knew, despite Twitter agreeing she's in violation of their rules on so many occasions in the past, she has yet to get her account suspended).

No. 688550

I think you need to reach a certain threshold of previous actions taken against your account before they hit you with a suspension. Not sure,but I think that's how it tends to work.

No. 688555

File: 1536982966485.jpg (684.3 KB, 1080x2073, Screenshot_20180914-214103_Twi…)

These are the ramblings of a 34 year old woman.

No. 688556

File: 1536983231495.jpg (618.56 KB, 1080x2105, Screenshot_20180914-214459_Twi…)

More ramblings of an insane 34 year old woman.

No. 688558

File: 1536983329748.jpg (529.61 KB, 1080x1542, 20180914_214846.jpg)

No. 688566

So it was about a week ago Joy made her video where she was whining her mom kicked her out over a boomer argument. Joys current timeline would put her at about 30 at the time her mom got sick of her shit and kicked her out. She has no right to shit talk anyone living with their parents. She was a pathetic 30 yr old living off her family then when they got fed up she moved in with Dom and his dumb ass takes care of her now. She has never been some sort of independent person on her own. She has always taken everyone for everything she can get then moved on to the next sucker.

No. 688607

It's actually based on what you are hit for (and of course how often).

Which I find quite strange in some cases. For example, racism or attacking (bullying/harassing) a protected class (mental disability, race, etc) will get you an instant perma ban. While encouraging someone to kill themselves, in Joy's case, gets you a "remove this tweet". Which makes no sense to me… but whatever.

Joy is a child predator. She really clings to the younger kids. And she's one to talk. She sits on her fatass all day, using her friends house and internet making him suffer her evil while he takes care of her. LMAO - Honestly I think that is worse. Mooching off a friend seems so much more disgusting than off your parents.

I bet she was the type of kid that went to neighbors homes and casually begged for their food instead of going home and getting something there, like a little leech.

She really has this projection thing down packed.

No. 688608

She is a filthy minded, depraved Blue Giantess with major mother issues.
In the meantime and in the in between time, I found this fascinating, sorry if it's snow.


No. 688638

Kati is not munchausen or anything close.

She's just a lazy, self-centered bitch who has become too old to have guys support her based on her attractiveness and now uses "muh sicnezzz" to avoid getting a job and supporting herself.

No. 688646

File: 1536996281853.jpeg (389.23 KB, 1080x1245, Screenshot_2018-09-13-23-52-43…)