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File: 1500948746779.png (1.52 MB, 1655x1463, poobaby.png)

No. 359606

Joy has been really busy being a giant mutated dairy cow with sore bloated udders giving us many a bucketful of milk this last thread.

Summary of thread #9
Joy got on a livestream with Mikenactor on his YouNow and proceeded to make vile racist anal sex jokes about brown people being shit stained poo babies that originated from anal to vaginal sex and how any language she doesn’t speak is “speaking brown”. Clip of the livestream https://youtu.be/q3P9lLayv8Y The entire livestream https://youtu.be/yixdgEW_jLc Transcription of all the jokes >>357425 Many people were offended and her subs took a dive as a result. >>357724 >>357725 >>357735 >>357736 social blade showing subs dropping >>359161

She proceeded to livestream all night long and well into the next morning going between YouTube https://youtu.be/NzGLfbpm7GI and YouNow https://youtu.be/ukJAXr-0l8Q then back to YouTube https://youtu.be/dR1Z__jvIVQ attempting to defend herself from accusations she is racist because of this. Transcription of some of what she said in the first stream >>357872 and >>357873 She spent hours, with the support of several of her followers, repeating the same thing over and over, basically that she isn’t racist because she was joking and that the people who were offended were just stupid and socially inept because they didn’t recognize they were jokes in the “correct” context. She “apologized” several times in a very insincere and disingenuous way, saying she was sorry that people got offended but they were basically the ones at fault because they are choosing to be offended and too sensitive. She says she was spouting the most over the top racist things on purpose to make fun of the racist claims against her…but she also says she was just being silly and having a good time…and she also says it was her “coping mechanism” for dealing with the trauma of years of anal sex she says she consented to at the time but has recently decided was actually rape because her ex recently contacted her. A few hours later she says she regrets apologizing and again blames the people who got offended. In the morning she goes back to her disingenuous “apologizing” claiming that everyone was upset because her jokes were taken out of context and heavily edited in a 37 second clip to make it look a lot worse than it was. (The clip was actually 6:37 and contained the context, it was not edited other than to insert quotes of what they said) Completely missing the point, she says the offended people didn’t recognize them as jokes and took them literally like she was saying it in hate. She also claimed the “brown people” expression is a Midwestern thing and that she preferred to use it over “black people” because she thought it was less offensive. She refers to Hispanics and pretty much any other nationality other than white European Caucasian as “brown people” and has been referring to them as such and making “brown people” jokes for months, it’s not this one isolated incident.

Response to Dyl Monster who directly asked about the poo babies joke >>357911 He also asked about her “speaking brown” comment and she replied that it was a private joke between her and her Hispanic roommate and his ability to speak Spanish >>358111 More quotes from that stream >>358121 He did a great job of calling her out in general as did Ridgemont. Quotes >>358137 Clip https://vid.me/6wED1

The streams where she attempts to defend her actions are full of racist, sexist, and homophobic jokes like she just can’t help but say awful things and lets her guests do the same. During one of the streams she started into anti-Semite jokes like #GasChambersForEveryOne! and how she wants them to manage her money because that’s what they are good at. Asking what an “Uncle Tom” is along with more racist jokes from her and her guests >>358228 https://vid.me/sqVrG and another clip with Joy telling her guest to be racist when he asks if he can sexually harass her other guests, tells Joy he wants to cover her in shoe polish to fuck her >>358236 Clip https://vid.me/Kuvhq

She made a formal apology video for the N-word being said on one of her streams by a guest and says she privated the video so it could be edited out. She had lashed out at Dyl Monster when he said the word telling him “we don’t use that word in my stream” but then it was pointed out that she had allowed it just the night before and no one said anything. She’s claiming ignorance of it happening.

Still claiming that it wasn’t racist of her to assume that Sharika, the black journalist who called her out on Twitter, is a member/supporter of BLM and tell her she should “go burn down a city” even though the opposite is true, she speaks out against BLM and this was stated early on but Joy misinterpreted what was said because of her own bias. Sharika was not impressed with Joy’s “brown people” jokes she tweeted out. Joy dared her to start a national campaign on how racist she is and called Sharika a “female Tariq Nasheed” >>358692 and >>358693 so now Sharika is attempting to do just that.

Blaire White called Joy “fucking crazy” & “a psychopath” during her debate against Onion. When she was informed of this she went into meltdown mode on Twitter.Joy stated Blaire had no right to judge her because Blaire doesn’t personally know her. Post of Twitter meltdown can be found starting here >>355659 Blaire appeared in Joy’s livestream & ultimately apologized to Joy losing respect points as a result. https://vid.me/iVp49

On a YouTube livestream she told an 11 yr-old looking for advice because she was being bullied at school because she is gay and has self-harmed and is sometimes suicidal that she should rape her bullies. Quote >>358055 Clip https://vid.me/SCkme

Joy exploited yet another child for her own benefit (mainly to virtue signal) when she promoted an 13 yr-old kid’s YouTube channel and got him almost 2K subs, he responded in a highly emotional manner and didn’t seem to be able to handle all the increased attention that well…she made a video about it congratulating herself. He went on her livestream where Joy talked about subjects like pedophilia & racism along with sexual comments and cursing like a sailor as usual because she can’t be assed to tone it down a bit in front of kids.

On 7/21 she did a YouNow livestream https://vid.me/UbWff where she gushed about how great her pizza diet is “working” and is totally not causing her to continue to gain weight. Again claimed fibromyalgia is an autoimmune disorder and wondered if it was just a “long-term type of virus” because she says she’ feels like she constantly has a bug she can’t kick.” Oddly claimed Wilson’s disease (where the body can’t get rid of excess copper) needs to be diagnosed by an infectious disease specialist (What?? It is actually easily diagnosed by checking for Kayser-Fleischer rings in the eyes that indicate when someone has had a toxic dose of copper their body can’t flush out, these rings are permanent >>355227 …and as you can see she doesn’t have them.) She said her health issues like asthma, allergies and colds started at 6 yrs old immediately after she got a round of vaccines and thinks that could be the cause, she said she knew she’d get hate for it but didn’t care. >>352296 When she was confronted about being an antivaxxer on Twitter she backtracked and said she wasn’t, she just wanted “clean vaccines.” >>352404 >>352498

Livestream from 7/21 https://vid.me/ugGYo where she talks about her health some more and her tumor/paraganglioma again and how she’s never seen any specialists for her fibro. (This is the stream where she talks about her traumatic “anal rape” for the first 20 minutes but unfortunately, the person who recorded the stream missed that part.)

She had a strike on her main channel that prevented her from livestreaming and her second channel was terminated for a few days but after whining about it to YouTube and contacting larger YouTubers like Keemstar (he said he sent an email on her behalf) she eventually got the strikes removed. Now she is free & clear on both channels…so much for breaking YT TOS, apparently if you complain enough that doesn’t matter. She made a video just gushing on Keemstar for helping her. Joy’s Facebook fan account was disabled, which Joy attributed to DO5 fans. >>356365

Besides complaining about her illness again and extolling the virtues of her “pizza diet” that made her lose a whole 3lbs. Joy’s short 5’2” ass claimed she was a professional model in her ‘I don’t know what I’m doing video’ but we’ve seen her not-so-impressive “modeling” photos before. >>353178

Onision had been claiming her videos using his clips using the YT content ID system so to get around that she took the inane advice from SuitYourself to show the clips by holding up her laptop Kimmycat style. >>353030 Claimed Onision is staying in a hotel due to an IRS audit and basically gloated about it during the entire video like it was some sort of karmic retribution for his behavior. He adamantly denies this and made a video from his backyard making fun of Joy for reporting it when she didn’t have evidence to back it up. Joy has been deleting older Onion and DO5 videos to enable her to continue churning out more without the numbers going too high. Comparison >>356808

Constantly bragging that she has over 82K subs combined over all of her channels. Completely ignoring the fact that a majority are the same subscribers using multiple accounts at her repeated requests. Or haters just there to watch the shit show.

Joy was trolled for GoFundMe refunds from the fax campaign that was shut down. Anons do NOT do this. Only use REAL information, there is plenty of real world scum to be used, don’t dilute it with made up crap that sours the milk.

Several of her followers have recently told her they are depressed and/or suicidal so she made a video “My advice on suicide” on her Spurpinklebow channel reversing her “suicide instinct buttons” claims. Apparently, someone requested a wellness check because of the video. Kati claims she had to file a police report against this person for being a "creepy hater."

A Skype call in which Joy badmouths one of her most loyal Joytards, Isaac Watts, was tweeted to him but typical of their cultish behavior he refused to watch it, blocked anyone who tried to convince him otherwise…even people expressing sympathy for him and accepted her explanation that everything was fine between them now. >>353276

It was established yet again that her roommate, Dominique, is real & they dated in the past. First date was coffee then to his place because she feared being in the dark of a public theater with a stranger that might grope her, they banged boots on the second date, but no longer together that way, he provides her free room, board, chauffeur, and errand boy services to avoid the guilt of leaving her to die in the streets.

Apparently pulling a Jamie Leigh Fischer, Joy claims she just narrowly missed being a victim of the Paris terror attack. It was noted that she appears to be collecting “tragedies” >>358124

Joy keeps getting multiple offers to pay her medical insurance for her, she ignores all offers.

Joy claims the reason her hair is always such a hot mess is because it is too long to straighten, this was quickly debunked but just shows there is nothing she won’t lie about.

Her naturopath was brought up again, with more detailed information posted at >>353955

The first nine threads:
#1 >>246848
#2 >>278466
#3 >>285785
#4 >>304769
#5 >>312880
#6 >>322745
#7 >>338199
#8 >>345917
#9 >>351741

Social Media:
Joy Sparkle BS main YouTube channel
Spurpinklebow 2nd channel
Joy Sparkle Eff It 3rd channel
Joy Sparkle BS Official Facebook page:

For new people, please read!
Many of the topics brought up in previous threads are linked for your convenience, >>354796 please take the time to look them over as well as the summaries at the start of each thread. If you don’t want to look foolish/get banned the first time you post it will do you good to read the board rules https://lolcow.farm/rules and usage info https://lolcow.farm/info and to lurk a while just reading before attempting to post so you learn how things work. Please do a keyword search (Ctrl-F) to first check if the topic has been discussed already, we try to avoid rehashing the same things over and over. If you have important factual information to share (aka milk) be sure to back it up with evidence such as links or screenshots. Attempting to pass off unsubstantiated rumors as truth will only get you laughed at and ridiculed. Always leave the Name and Subject fields blank when you post. If you are not contributing new milk/just giving your opinion please ‘sage’ your post. We are very picky about this and can usually spot a noob a mile away because they never sage their dumb comments. To do this put the word sage in the Email field…if you are not sure if your post is milk sage it anyway. If you make a mistake on a post you can delete it within the first 30 min. Do not direct link to Joy’s videos we don’t want to give her extra views, linking to anyone else’s channel (except Onision/Lainey) is fine and encouraged. Try to find a mirrored version of her video to post instead or at least include the name of Joy's video in your post so others can find it later. Do not post about Kati's family or exes or try to contact them. You can talk about them if Kati brings them up but do not refer to them by name. Do not try to use us as your own personal army to go after Kati or anyone else, we are not your attack dogs. Thanks!

No. 359611

I messed up and didn't delete the last post in thread #9 time, it was right at the 29 minute mark and it stalled out while I was trying. I'm sorry :( but you're all smart enough to find this thread on your own. I spent sooo much time trying to fix this thread, I had to edit out a lot to get it to post. Thanks so much to the two anons who helped, making this thread was way more complicated than usual and your contribution was much appreciated. OMG I just realized I was working on it for nearly 12 HOURS straight…I'm gonna burn out if I do that again.

No. 359612

File: 1500949499494.jpg (80.82 KB, 735x729, eRrS8bi.jpg)

Thanks, Thread Anon. GJ!

Also, the ratings on the latest video just keep dropping…

No. 359617

Well done with the thread description anon, you really put work into it.
Side note: I feel like there should be a 'Kati is only making racist remarks ( "jokes") because of anal trauma." in every thread. It's not only super meme-tastic, but we can probably all agree it's one of the most bizarre reasons given out ever.

No. 359627

File: 1500951032550.jpg (98.61 KB, 877x646, yumthedislikes.jpg)

The like/dislike bar is very visually appealing.

No. 359629

File: 1500951442653.png (253.17 KB, 507x479, RacistAnal.png)

Thank you anon..I made this meme just for you.

No. 359631

Anon, you are awesomeness personified!

No. 359638

Bless you, anon, you've done extremely well summarizing this.
At what point do cows like Kati get moved over to /pt/? I've seen people in /pt/ who are barely on their second threads, and Kati's on her tenth already. Lort.
I have a feeling shit's gonna get real real soon for dear little Kati. Can't wait for that high quality thickened cream.

No. 359643

She is fucked at this point her apology was hollow and her narcissism prevents her being able to accept her fault. She gained 1 sub though guiz

No. 359644

Well she does have a thread in /pt/ but it only has one post and it's locked so no one can post new replies. >>>/pt/350922
Only farmhands can make new threads in /pt/ so if I want to continue making new treads I'd either have to apply to be a farmhand (I don't really have the desire or time to moderate the board) or send my summaries/pics to one to get them to do it for me, which might take a while idk…considering how active this thread is and how often a new one needs to be made I'm suspecting they keep it here so we can continue to take care of it like always.

No. 359661

Fair enough, I wasn't sure about the rules regarding that. Thanks!
Still slugging through her videos; it's so hard to catch up with the shear amount of streaming and videos that are way too long for whatever the boring topic is that she's covering.
Slowly coming to the realization that I have spent more time hate-watching Kati than I've spent on hobbies the passed few weeks. Not that she gets the benefit of the watch time, but I've still wasted hours of my life I will never get back.

No. 359670

File: 1500955912510.jpg (19.35 KB, 572x108, joytweetshashtagcrazy.JPG)

Poor girl has "done lost her ever loving mind"!

She has lost 304 subs today.

No. 359672

onisionpleasemakeaparody onisionpleasemakeaparody onisionpleasemakeaparody

that would be the proverbial cherry on top and she would love her ever loving MIND.

No. 359673


No. 359674


Actually, him ignoring her and letting her stomp her own brains out (foot in mouth disease)… would be the greater pain to her.

No. 359685

On one hand it's a form of entertainment…no worse than watching a marathon run of trainwreck level bad movies….on the other I've thought of dropping this a few times because she isn't worth it but now I don't see it as a waste of time if we are able to prevent people from making bad decisions based on her example or advice…especially all the horribly incorrect confusing medical info and pseudoscience bullshit she puts out tbere…that could legit hurt someone. She has a lot of impressionable/gullible youngsters in her audience that probably don't know any better and are too enamored with her to question what she's saying on their own. They need a little help to see through her. That's why I stick around.

what does #doyouwantouporvereal mean?
I don't get it.

No. 359687

Maybe "Do you want to prove real"? I am not sure. We all know her spelling/typing skills are atrocious. Maybe it's the new covfefe

No. 359690

"do you want soup or cereal" ?
I tried to google it to see if google's autocorrect suggested search could decipher this train wreck, but it just came up with a bunch of pages in Portuguese about cereal.

They speak brown in Portugal don't they?

No. 359695

It very clearly says "do you want ouporvereal?"
What's not to understand? I love Ouporvereal.

Actually, I think >>359690 is correct. "soup or cereal" is a play "I'm super cereal" which has morphed from "I'm super serious." It's a South Park thing.

No. 359707

File: 1500959432276.jpg (40.49 KB, 597x179, concise.jpg)

Going through the comments on her recent videos, it's like 80% criticism.
This one comment though:

bitch wat

No. 359712

Stay negative's video was great, concise and tbh I have heard of him before but he puts effort into his work and he is somewhat funny. He advised her to just say sorry properly and back the fuck away what does Joy do.

Say shes a free speech channel and completely the opposite of what a comedian, he actually does comedy work and an elder who goes against the echo chamber.

I thought you were a marketing genius Kati/ P.s. she is officially down 1k subs

What is more interesting though in what these means for Kati because her strike and previous deletion though restored already an MCN would not really approach her but with this well she is in the doghouse with this one because they would not touch her with a barge pole. It seems stay negative is backing away from her and I cannot blame him as someone rational you do not want to be associated with her at all.

No. 359722

She said in her YouNow from the 21st that she tried to partner with SocialBlade and they turned her down. Shocker!

No. 359723

She's on YouNow

No. 359734

Can't tell if she's manic or what? That rocking she's got going on is pretty weird. She's doing a massive, massive history re-write.

No. 359738

I honestly think she is panicking now because so many people are against her but importantly clocked her. Guess what she still does not get it but do you know what she is rolling with this narcissism train.
She is still claiming to have copper poisoning and says it will go eventually even though copper poisoning is about 15 days max. Managed to get a good look of her eyes and no copper rings. This is a mess

No. 359744

guess she clocked her YouNow hour for the week to keep her partnership active.

No. 359774

No Lives Matter was an Onision thing awhile back. She's literally copying him now kek

No. 360006

File: 1500998465853.png (211.27 KB, 559x788, Screenshot_2017-07-25-11-55-32…)

Roommate is real. And 'brown'

No. 360023

The difference in her is shocking but he is just as bad for enabling her, if he was a good friend he should sit her down and say look. Get offline its giving you these false friends that enable you and have allowed you to get to this state. She has easily put on like 40lbs in the past 2- 3 months alone as her face looks completely different and that is the last bit to go up in weight depending on genetics of course.

No. 360048

He completely enables her. If you look at his twitter account he's somewhat active so I'm sure he knows about her manic behaviors on twitter.

No. 360050

He is following her on twitter, maybe he has her muted?

No. 360057

He might. If you look through his twitter he was a lot more active before she started her channel. So maybe he's just using it less so he doesn't have to see her bullshit.

No. 360061

Yes, I did notice that also.

No. 360065

She looks pretty healthy in that picture. What health bs was she claiming at this time (March 2015)? The caption reads "Thunder Up" and the logo in the background is from the Oklahoma Thunder basketball team.

No. 360077

File: 1501006147533.jpg (34.95 KB, 430x521, kFwXeTn.jpg)

that image has been out there since before she started her channel. in the interim, this thread has come to be and it's clear people have been digging and finding all sorts of info about her. you'd think he'd delete it if he was so concerned about his privacy. so, clearly they aren't that concerned and all the masks and secrecy is manufactured bullshit.

it continues…

that video may not be the most disliked video ever but it's somewhere in the rankings. would love to know exactly where.

No. 360080


Thank you threadmaker Anon, amazing effort.

Joy needs to look up the actual definition of free speech, it has nothing to do with allowing racist diatribes. It is related to government, not the internet, you plank.

Even if I woke up in an alternate universe and free speech did equal right to be hurtful con artist, you would be a raging hypocrite. You mod, delete, block, ban any comment that opposes your pea brained view, no matter how politely they voice it. So as usual you claim to be pro something only when it is convenient for you.

The YT like/dislike ratio is a sight to behold, as are the comments. Nobody that has any sense believes a word you say anymore. They've finally got your number, you're as transparent as glass.

No. 360081


She has repeatedly claimed she became ill about four years ago. However the radio call showed she was complaining about most of the same symptoms back in 2008, only she attributed them to angel ascension, it switched to fibro and copper, etc four years ago.

No. 360089

I could be wrong in saying this, but hasn't she said she's been getting slightly better in these past couple months she's been on youtube? Wasn't she not able to leave the house/drive/in the process of dying in about March 2015 and here she is at a basketball game looking healthy af?

No. 360092

Joy spackle sb: "I apologize…for you being hurt by what I said…"
Here's a more concise, more honest, version of her apology. Imo

She looks healthy now. The only difference between then and now, is she used to leave the house once in a while.

No. 360098

She never clarified any of the things that would all make sense later, either.

No. 360104


I forgot to sub to them. They're acting is amazing. They portray a male Joy, and capture her well. Future YouTube parody account potential right there.

I also agree with another anon. Joy is being enabled. By roommate, fans, and other youtubers who clearly don't have anyone's best interests at heart.

No one here wants anything bad against Joy. In fact many criticisms are helpful, and while they appear negative (context here too) they are actually good advice on how to best improve her content.

It's a shame she won't listen, but then most other youtubers don't.

No. 360110


I imagine this is what life is like for Joy's exes… constantly having nightmares like that video. We probably have some anons who are also beginning to suffer the early stages of Joy Sparkle BS Fatigue as well. Remember anons to take breaks, go outside, and value the honest people out there. Her bull shit will still be there in the morning. She's ain't going anywhere as long as she can sucker fools into supporting her lazy, non-working, never-served-her-country but happy-to-whine-about-no-free-handouts ass.

Semper fi!

No. 360123

File: 1501009588748.png (129.9 KB, 720x775, 20170725_140132.png)

Maybe I'm misunderstanding this but, what? When she said "go burn down a city and call it justice", didnt she only say that because sharika was black? She never said anything about blm before the sharika Twitter feud.

No. 360142

Her apology video reminds me of the apology that Do5 did. "We are sorry, BUT we did this for the kids. The kids wanted to make YouTube videos and the pranks were all their idea" Taking the blame off themselves.

Joys excuse " I'm sorry, BUT it was just a joke. I've been anal raped so I made that joke. I have a brown friend and it was his joke that I repeated. If you are offended then you are stupid".

She takes no responsibility for her actions. Her apology was meaningless.

No. 360146

She can use this as an opportunity to think how she made Onision feel. The guys a dick but at least he admits it and when you got some crazy with a fanatical group hounding you constantly for over half a year that is something only the truly depraved deserve. The stuff raised had no real evidence and sure he has some real effed up aspects but when Onision looks good in contrast to you. Well damn Joy you have truly ascended from what you hate.

We know what going to happen now from her livestream last night she has learnt fuck all and she surrounds herself with enablers. Grats Joy you have a small 150 audience of the composite of an empty room which howls back your same exact opinion constantly.

You wonder why the skeptic community laughs at you.

No. 360151

@1:13:30ish warski and friends discussion turns to joy and her sperge about rascism and the stream where she told the kid to rape their bullies. Ft. Jeff Holliday

Warski live #74: youtube saints

No. 360155

File: 1501011506688.png (213.87 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_2409.PNG)

Some more ass pats for Joy from her fans.

I guess people who didn't appreciate her joke are "haters" and Joy once again proves how NOT sorry she is for what she said. Proof she doesn't care

No. 360172


Sharika was explaining who she was and she told Joy to google her name and BLM and something else which I can't recall.

Had Joy done as suggested she would have found that Sharika is anti-blm and has spoken out against them a lot. But this is Joy, she expects everyone else to do her legwork for her, so instead of googling she immediately started using BLM slurs against Sharika, because she is black Joy automatically assumed that she is Pro BLM and a lot of her spergleberries continue to say Sharika is Pro BLM and "racist against white people" despite the fact that it has been repeatedly pointed out that she is not.

No. 360176

>>360155 "most of us know they're wrong" lol! Selective blindness, nope, you are definitely in the minority now, most people know she is wrong.

No. 360177

Censor Cynt is on full force deleting comments.

No. 360179

wrong way round anon. joy bought up blm first. sharika told her to google it and her name to show she is a critic.

No. 360184

File: 1501014214292.png (128.99 KB, 720x793, 20170725_144923.png)

She is a strange bird. If an ex, a friend or a roommate called me a shit stain, context isn't going to matter. Calling someone a "poo baby is calling them a piece of shit. There's nothing humorous about it. I don't call my friends peices of shit as a joke. Bitch, dick, asshole, sure. But never have i called a friend of piece of shit as a joke. Saying someone was conceived from shit is in no way funny."haha you were mad from shit, ha ha, thats funny!" As human beings, we understand what words mean. what I'm getting is because she said it while laughing, and a light tone in her voice she thinks it's ok. Like when you are happily telling a dog they're dumb but they still wag their tail because they go off the tone of your voice not your words.

No. 360187

What is Joy even talking about?

>I said something racist to show you how ridiculous you are for calling me racist

No. 360188

But she recently said that her family wanted nothing to do with her around a year ago when she was "on her death bed" so … I think she's claiming she was extremely sick at this time.

No. 360194

>>360184 why is she pretending like this was some premeditated troll? You can see she was making it up as she went along, evolving the guff with Mike's responses (although I do think he was actually trying to lead her away at one point, he didn't try hard enough). The worst started after Mike tried to equate brown with chocolate "which is awesome" but she brought poop into it at that point. This wasn't a rehearsed statement, not even loosely, so she can fuck off with that BS and when she gets there she can fuck off some more. She thinks she's so clever with her gaslighting and narrative spinning.

>>360179 Sorry Anon, I've obviously misunderstood. I had no doubt it was due to Sharika's skin colour anyway, this just cements that.

No. 360195

Again her history makes no fucking sense it constantly contradicts herself.

No. 360197

This reminds me, did anyone else notice in her two videos about Jake Paul's eviction, she basically put herself and Scarce in the same league? She repeatedly does this, she says stuff like "another big Youtuber" and "me and Pewdiepie" as if they're comparable at all. This time she said in one video that "me and Scarce were the only ones not fooled, me and Scarce called it, well …… Scarce did the research, but then I did some digging and it doesn't add up."
Then in the next Jake Paul video, she says "me and Scarce" without the addendum that Scarce actually did the legwork, again trying to make it sound like she is somehow on the level of Scarce, holy shit it's embarrassing.

No. 360211

Wow, scarce was Mia for a long time, and I don't ever remember her saying anything about scarce before either. Like if they have so much in common, its kinda weird that she never mentioned him before. But I guess that's from "muh brain fog"

No. 360214

File: 1501016310427.png (2.15 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_2410.PNG)

Joys new video on women's wage gap.

She lifts her hair and shows us her boobs and bra! Like girl, pull that damn shirt up! Holy my eyes, my poor poor eyes…

No. 360221

Jesus christ I am glad I am gay, that is just monstrous

No. 360223

can you all not let her conflate the issues of saying brown people and saying brown people come from shit? she's trying so hard to confuse things. just like onision.

No. 360224

Holy fuck! Spoiler that shit anon my fucking eyes!

No. 360227

She's on a livestream on younow right now with PageChristieUK apparently they will be discussing her poo baby video.

No. 360228

Oh my lort AGAIN?

No. 360230

How do you record anons or us recorder anon on. I like how she is doing it on younow to avoid it being flagged

No. 360232

There's heaps of free screen capture software out there, just search for it. I can't do this one because I'm not getting a fucking younow account just to watch her. I hope someone else has this one.

No. 360234

I don't think it really matters if this one doesn't get recorded, we could literally write the script for it. she's so fucking predictable

No. 360237

Using a chrome extension should work… touch wood

No. 360240

>>360227 I wonder which narrative she will push this time?

>>360228 She'll keep talking about it until she finds an excuse that calms enough of her audience down to stop hemorrhaging subs and collecting dislikes. Or she will keep stirring it up until she is under continual attack which will make her look like the victim, just like she did with the Nick, Chambers and Based scenario.

No. 360244

the minute she uploaded she lost and bunch of subs, almost back to 60 lol

No. 360248

Trying to appeal to the anti sjw crowd, what is she thinking? those aren't her subs.
one of those angels she speaks to should tell her she's fucking up every angle

No. 360250

Apologies cannot find a good enough screen recorder in time without taking chunks out shall research tonight and write a report after its done.

No. 360269


All I can say is that Joy could seriously use some new outfits herself. She's also not very good at this anti sjw stuff either. I think she believes if she swears hard enough and yells loud enough, that she may come across as intelligent and knows what she's talking about.

No. 360277

Holy F the report for this is going to be hard as hell. Jesus just blah blah blah

No. 360291

No. 360308

She needs to sort out those janky-ass headphones first. Damn they're dirty and ugly.

Jamie LF, honestly can you just fuck off? You're as bad as Joynision.
For context for the anons reading this later, she's in the live chat pimping her Joy response videos. Nobody cares, nobody wants to watch them. Shoo fly.

No. 360313

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfTOjuiWOfc our livestream(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 360335

A weekly stream like this sounds fun, but I can't imagine many anons would go on a public live recorded stream. Some of us have families and jobs to protect from her disgusting fans.

No. 360394

Apparently this is her roommate? Not confirmed though(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 360397

Can anons stay anon please? It's so disappointing when you broadcast how boring you actually are. At least on the boards you can come off as slightly intelligent, but it's hard to pull apart Joy's streams when you lack the slightest pinch of charisma. Apart from Ridgemont, who genuinely seems like a good person with an ounce of intelligence, the rest of this stream is so sad.
At least I can hold out hope for the anons who don't get involved in these things.

Can we all stop trying to dox her roommate?? Ffs the rules are not to involve or dox anyone who doesn't involve themselves.

No. 360399


Nobody doxxed him. Stop whining. It's..boring.

No. 360400

You're actually breaking the board rules, so it's not me whining.

No. 360402

agreed … this stream is pure cancer.
why the fuck are people still dragging up this roommate bullshit? he's not the cow. if you must, how about actually confirming it as something of worth.

No. 360403

Vid for Sceptic Llama who thought that people talking about "socially inept" were referencing him. I don't have a twitter account and can't make one right now. Can someone tweet it to him at @llamasceptic ?

For everyone else. She'd deleted the vid where she called the people calling her racist stupid and socially inept. This video provides those clips from her 5am livestream that was deleted.

No. 360404

It was sarcasm, I've not doxed anyone, get your facts right, you'd know if you bothered to actually look at it

No. 360406

I'm not watching it because either it's her roommate being doxed for no reason, or it's some fucking faggot self posting their own retarded parody videos again. These threads are full of people self-posting their own shitty videos thinking they're hilarious, so either way I'm not interested in clicking the video.

No. 360407

Why are you so angry?

No. 360411

For anyone who doesn't care to watch it. It isn't her roommate, nobody doxxed him, it is a parody video. Towards the end of the video this is made very clear.

No. 360412

Confirmed self-posting faggot.

No. 360415

File: 1501026867044.png (95.18 KB, 749x1105, IMG_8512.PNG)

She no longer has 61,000

No. 360423

I hate how she says her hair is too long to straighten. If she'd throw out her 2005 fashion she'd realise now her natural curl can shine through… Her hair could be so beautiful (not straight!!!) and it is just wasted on her. I hope she pulls a Britney Spears and shaves it all off to donate for wigs for poo babies.

No. 360425

Omg this is hilarious, they posted all their links here looking for asspats, and when we didn't pat them for not liking Joy, they start whining about lolcow being humorless basement-dwellers. Sorry you don't get a medal for the bare minimum of calling Joy a liar, at least be entertaining while you do it. At the point where you're cackling at a single sub loss, maybe you should evaluate your lives. Streaming for 2 hours and yet to make a single point or get through half of one of her videos.
This kind of stream is exactly what Joy wants. Her "h8turz" showing exactly the kind of boring, obsessive people they are.

No. 360428

not just that, they're contributing to the misinformation. they haven't managed to get even the most basic details right and it's fucking frustrating.
and yeah, calm down, she lost one sub, wow. desperate much?

No. 360431

Peter Monnn called her out, and I heard Petty Paige is working on a video too about her!

No. 360438

Joy just did a livestream with Petty Paige.

No. 360446

Why is Jeff under the impression she takes anti-anxiety meds? or any meds for that matter? She took Lyrica for 2 weeks and possibly Bentyl for IBS (she's not mentioned anything about it since saying she got a sample of it, now she says she eats pizza to fix her stomach/gut problems) but that's about it. He seemed to want to blame it all on a "bad day with her meds messing her up" and because he fucked up royally while drunk one time he's willing to forgive it because he thinks she just had one bad day and that it would only be a problem if she did things like that repeatedly…you know like she's been doing, there was a reason she was being accused of being racist in the first place that these jokes were supposedly a reaction to.

No. 360450

Same anon who posted the Peter Monn video, my bad, totally skimmed the comments too fast and missed the part about Petty Paige live streaming (saw her talk about working on a video over twitter). Checking the stream out now, she managed to get the drama channels after her so this should be interesting…

No. 360461

Jeff needs to stop being nice about it because they're friendly/on good terms. He's a nice guy and I'm sure he doesn't want to rock the boat, but he's willfully being ignorant about the real problem with her, just like she is. Who knows what goes down in private, she probably tells all her "big youtube buddies" that the only reason people hate her is because she makes a lot of videos (as we saw her do publicly with Blaire/Andy/Bearing/etc) and that she'll admit to that, but she doesn't think it's a problem that peoplea re making it out to be.
No. Her nearest and dearest subscribers have a problem with her making too many videos. Everyone else takes issue with a myriad of other things, including the spectacular health claims, the way she talks to & about children, the way she treats people of other races (fetishizing or being bigoted by OTT complimenting people to avoid being called racist, not treating "POC" like normal human beings), her lies and shady dealings regarding money, her suddenly surfacing rape claims against her ex, it goes on and on and she never adequately addresses THESE points.
Add to that the fact that she constantly says she'll "talk it out in the dms" or "come at me privately" so she can then say it was sorted out privately and explained perfectly, away from prying eyes that can't call her out for moving the goalposts.
I've spoken to her in private, it's all lovebombs and compliments to manipulate you into liking her first, then she might try to explain stuff and play dumb and be completely ignorant of whatever you're saying, hoping to confuse you into thinking she said something. Then because she's said how much she loves you and you've exchanged compliments first, you're left in one of two positions:
1) You actually fell for her compliments and "charm" and forget your problems with her or accept her explanations
2) You still have issue with her but you can't say so publicly because now she'll try to say you were "friends" and the only way to defend yourself is to release dms, which pretty much everyone thinks is a crappy thing to do.

She thinks she's really clever but it's so obvious to those who can look at her behavior objectively and not fall for her silly games.
Again, I feel bad for Jeff because he's loyal to a fault, but it's no excuse to go against his very public principles of being against pseudoscience and fuckery.

No. 360464

Maybe he's got a crush on her

No. 360478

This is what's frustrating. Seeing as Jeff, the Warski's, and Blaire all hate Onision, they don't give a shit what Joy does.

Both the Warski's and Blaire have stated that Onision was the reason Joy lost her channel. No mention of Do5 fans helping to make that happen.

Like I've said before, the enemy of my enemy is a friend. They bend over backwards to make excuses for Joy, but will collectively vilify Onision over any little thing. Would they give the same excuses to Onision if he said the same exact thing? Nope, they'd be hypocrites.

No. 360485

File: 1501032364800.png (173.58 KB, 720x1029, 20170725_201459.png)

It's this type of ignorance and idiocy that is appalling. I know that it has been explained to her multiple times, maybe she just chose not to actually read it or listen.
how can she not see this is exactly the same as mike Martin's apology. "I'm sorry if this was upsetting to you, not sorry for how i bahvaed or what I did wrong, I'm just sorry I got caught" even in paiges live stream it was explained to her and she said she stands by what she said before, that it was joke, not racist, not apologizing for what she said, her intent wasn't malicious. I think Petermonn put it well that it's not up to her to decide what to call it.

And her key phrases piss me off too, "here's the thing…", "…does that make sense?", " that's where I'm confused…"

No. 360495

It looks like Joy may now understand how her comments may have upset people.

A very polite person on Twitter took the time to explain why Joy's comments upset them.

Joy seemed shocked at what had happened to them in her replies. She apologised for the hurt her comments may have caused.

I am not taking sides, I am just trying to relay what I saw. I thought it may interest some.

Unfortunately I'm on a mobile and not the best at editing pictures to keep privacy.

However it's easy to find with a search using Joy's YouTube name.

No. 360500

I was watching the Petty Paige stream and she still doesn't admit why she was wrong with the "go burn down a city" comment to Sharika. She said it's about her not liking BLM, not about her just assuming Sharika is a BLM supporter because she is black even though it has been repeatedly pointed out to her she's not. Because Paige didn't know the story, Joy spun it to make it seem like just about her being anti-BLM.

Jeff admitted he really doesn't know her all that well and did say that giving out medical info is bad and needs to stop, they were critical of her actions but they seemed to want to excuse a lot of the behavior as her being overwhelmed by social media fame and losing her mind temporarily or a reaction to her meds when she's been acting this way for a very long time.

Paige repeatedly told her that her "I apologize, but" apology wasn't a good way to handle it and she needed to actually admit what she said was offensive but no, Joy said she wasn't sorry for what she said and stands by it. Joy said that she's going to sleep on it and get some advice before she decides what action to take, I'm not going to hold my breath that she learns anything from what Paige said.

No. 360502

I was just watching her livestream and she did say she was also going to make a video too

No. 360512

File: 1501034469535.png (1.33 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20170725-214830.png)

Thanks for the link and stamp.

I'm glad warskis touched base on some of her shit and hope they wise to her ways now.

They mentioned her anxiety and holiday said "I know she has to take meds for her anxiety" and gave her benefit of the doubt as she has a lot of stress and maybe was having a fucked up day with her meds. I'm curious what he meant by the comment about anxiety meds and if she has stated to him that she takes them.

No. 360515


That's weird. It's likely Jeff Holiday hasn't delved into her shit because most people don't/can't deal with it. He is likely making an assumption but then again you never know what Joy will say to someone "in private" to assure them she is not crazy etc.

No. 360524

Anxiety meds calm you down, she could still potentially go on a Twitter sperge, but you would be able to notice in her videos/livestreams if she was taking medication specifically for anxiety. If she has been prescribed it, then she is not taking it when she needs it.

Having a bad day with your meds is more related to anti-depressants and mood stabilizers, not so much anti-anxiety meds.

No. 360526

Anti anxiety meds do not explain her schizoid behavours between her uploads twitter and livestreams
Hey ladybugs sweet face placid passive face
Yo motherfuckers yall stupid suck my dick
Thats not about medication its been going on for days

No. 360530

File: 1501036717532.png (73.96 KB, 860x274, kOiucnC.png)

PSA for anons… someone is spamming a link on her vids. Do not click it. It is suspicious that it has a hard coded IP address ( high lighted in the pic ) I would not be surprised if something attempted to infect your computer on the other end of that link. Never click long complicated links unless they've come from someone that you know and even then ask them to get you a better link first. Links like this look like stupid script kiddies, but there are tool boxes out there that do actually work sometimes. It is better to just not risk it.

I've been reporting the link (and similar ones) as spam, I've seen it posted at least three time so far.

No. 360533

I have some experience with this personally and with people close to me.
If you overdo anti-anxiety meds like Xanax or other benzos they lower inhibition and can make you act like an ass very much like being drunk…and they can produce even more fucked up behaviors in bipolar people (like being such a danger to yourself and others you need a 3-day psych hold until the drugs leave your system and you calm down.) This is what I think he's referring to because he's admitted before to taking LOTS of different drugs in his past. While it would explain doing something really dumb one day >>360526 is right, it would not explain the way she's been acting for quite some time…also, you can tell when someone is intoxicated on those types of meds, I know what to look for & she looked sober to me. Last night she claimed she was "slaphappy" from not sleeping.

No. 360534


I think she really wants to throw the mother of all tantrums and demand that people put her back up on her pedistol, but she knows that if she lets herself do that… it's the end of the free ride. How else will she earn $1k/mo for bitching at a camera for an hour or two each day.

No. 360535

I do think Joy should stop putting her medical health out there. She could have just tweeted "No video's today" or "Taking a small break".

And as much as it pains me, I have to say that yes anxiety can cause some people to act out.

It depends on the type, and having given it some critical and long thought myself, it does happen.

Thats not to excuse Joy, if she does have a certain anxiety she should take extra care to avoid making videos or tweeting at those times.

Again, we've all pointed out multiple times that those around Joy are feeding off of the drama, and are in a way encouraging Joy to not be self aware, and take a moment to stop and think.

No. 360543

I'm finding it hard to believe that she is on medication at all for anxiety or any other mental illness, you have to see a psychiatrist to get those meds and they strongly encourage patients to get counseling/therapy, to help you get the tools you need in life, to get off the medication,and therefore to be able to deal with and live your life. Psychologists don't want people to be on medication if they don't need it(any good, ethical one that is), they are trying to get people off benzos, like Xanax, because of their addictive nature and other long term side effects. Even if she only went in for the initial assessment she would, usually, get a 30 day supply and have to go back in for reassement to see how the meds are working and if any adjustments need to be made.

No. 360545

Benji's about to stream - it probably won't be interesting (because it's Benji) but he mentions Egocast in the title, which probably means they're going to talk about Joy. Might want to keep an eye on it in case she shows up.

No. 360550

I'd watch it just to see Andy (Egocast), I genuinely enjoy his videos…and unlike Joy he knows how to apologize when he fucks up and does something contrary to his ideals…I liked him before, but huge respect for being able to admit that even with no one pressuring him to apologize…Joy gets huge backlash for her fuckup but she can't even admit she might have been wrong for saying what she did…instead, she apologizes DaddyOFive style.

No. 360553

Been dealing with severe panic / anxiety disorder for 21 years now, and have been on xanax for over a decade. Taking more than is necessary should really make you just tired. If you take it sporadically, your body won't build up a resistance to it, and you'll feel a mellow high.

With how Jeff was saying it, it comes off as her taking anxiety medicine on a fairly regular basis. If that were the case, the body will build a resistance to it, and you can't just quit cold turkey. You have to be weaned off. If not, withdrawal will start. I've dealt with that before, and I can tell you this, there's no way you could sit and make videos or stream for hours. You can't eat or sleep right, your mouth gets extremely dry, hot and cold sweats, projectile vomiting, etc. It is hell. I don't see any of this behavior in Joy.

No. 360556

Yep, he's talking about Joy and how it's none of his business or his responsibility to call her out. Lol.

No. 360566

Yeah, I've been addicted to a variety of substances before including Xanax and at one point heroin (I know I was stupid, been sober for a while now) but withdrawals from a long term Xanax addiction are the worst hell you can imagine, it makes heroin withdrawal look like play time…and for 2 years after I got off the Xanax I had seizures that I had to take meds for…there's no way she could possibly function in any capacity if she was ever going through benzo withdrawals, I very much doubt she is taking them. She's neither displayed the behavior of someone getting high off them/withdrawals and she's always complaining about how she doesn't have enough money to see doctors to diagnose her excruciating pain and maybe find relief (if it's even real and not just a tactic to get attention)…and said she saw therapists but not recently, even so a therapist can't prescribe meds unless they are also a doctor. While she could be buying them off the street usually that's not super reliable and those people go through random periods of withdrawal when they can't find them so there would be days of her not functioning if that were the case…she can't leave social media alone even when she says she is going through "illness stuff."

I disagree that benzos only make you tired if you take too much, that can happen yes and probably does in your case especially since you have a resistance to them but there's a reason people take them to get high. I've had quite a few friends who have done some really idiotic things while high on Xanax so yes it can make you act stupid/say stupid things.

Andy isn't on the panel (at least not right now), maybe he's just a topic they plan to cover.

Yeah, basically he's taking the same stance as Mikenactor…"I can't control what she says but she's still my friend because I don't always have to agree with her"

No. 360571


Benji was shouted out by Andy (The Egocast) because Banji is a patron of his. He just explained that is his real account and that he does like Andy's content. That was the big thing about it.

No. 360573

She's on benji'so stream now

No. 360574

Joy's on. Hope someone's recording.

No. 360578

she's super quiet because they aren't talking about her or a topic she's interested in (like boners or butt plugs)

No. 360586

She just left the stream

No. 360589

lol yeah they weren't talking about her
so transparent

No. 360649

File: 1501049189227.png (533.17 KB, 1602x428, racistsarcasm.png)

No. 360663

Lol, more tech problems? Tbh hee little visit was creepy. It's like she just popped on to make sure no one was talking shut and to let it be known she's watching, and then she was gone.

Don't know if the second n word video came before or after this.

No. 360676

I saw in the onision thread that he apparently talked about joy and her racism in his livestream. It's my first time posting so I'm not sure how to do anything yet but could maybe another anon check it out post a link?

No. 360678


You did well not to post it, we don't link to Onision/Lainey/Joy on these boards. Maybe if it's of interest, an anon can take an excerpt and mirror it on vidme or something so Onion can't strike it down.

No. 360682

Oh! Okay thank you! I deleted my post and am gonna sage this one too. I'll have to look through it later.

No. 360683

Thank you for the link, anon! The archive link doesn't work because it was archived before the stream was encoded (also, archive.org doesn't save videos anyway).
It should be working on this link

If anyone can post a timestamp for when he starts talking about Joy, you'd be hero right now. I can't stand to listen to him for that long, so …

No. 360695

-39:02 He starts talking about Eugenia and how he's not allowed to talk about her but if he hadn't promised not to he'd be on video 45 by now and then she'd call him a stalker and then he'd stop for a while but then do it again, because "that's what you do." Then he reads a comment from someone in chat that says "that's what Joy does" and he laughs & calls her "Voldemort" and he reads some comments about her.

Is when he gets into the talking about Joy being racist…it's not that long and he doesn't even know what she said, just that it was bad

No. 360698

This bitch really said she went to France and didn't understand why joking about Hitler was offensive.

Thus second apology video of hers is a mess. She uses Onion logic (people aren't talking about stonings in the middle east but they can be mad at me) and is deflecting so hard she goes off into like 20 different topics I shit you not. She's grasping at ANYTHING to try and justify herself and.. well, the comments are finally a true delight to read through. It's always like 98% critics with only sprinkles of Joytards near the end (always sort newest first!) that make it a point to be the first to come kiss ass.

No. 360704

"I apologise BUT"

"Everything before the word "but" is horse shit." - Ned Stark.

Even a fictional character has more savvy than Joyous. Lol.

I have no idea where the idea she is taking anxiety meds suddenly came from. Maybe from a private conversation with Joy?

She's certainly never mentioned them before. The anxiety claim is a strange one because she started saying she had anxiety, then as the fibro snowballed she started denying she had anxiety as she didn't like it when people were attributing her symptoms to "just" anxiety. Then after speaking with Lainey and seeing how much sympathy she got from people for her anxiety, Joy suddenly decided to own it again.

So there have been a see-saw if does she/doesn't she claim anxiety this week. But not once has she claimed to be medicated for it, she hates "chemicals" she doesn't trust "doctors who think they are gods". She made a huge deal about taking and stopping Lyrica after two days. The anxiety medication excuse is weak.

No. 360718

Jeff sure seemed positive she takes meds for anxiety, he also said he had talked to her privately a few times but didn't really know her. It's quite possible she told him she takes anxiety meds…not sure where else he'd get that idea and confidently repeat it as fact.

I agree with your assessment, she's said many times she doesn't drink or do drugs and doesn't want to take pain meds because they make her feel dopey, she's also stated that CBD oil made her high which she didn't like (she backtracked after it was pointed out it doesn't get you high.) Remember, this is the same person who threw a fit over the idea of taking antibiotics for an abscess because she thought they would kill her. Even if they gave her a prescription for the anxiety I doubt she'd take it…she claims ALL meds stop working for her after 2 weeks.

No. 360728


I'm having a little giggle to myself. I'm going through Joy tweets, now going through Onion tweets, I was going to edit out profile information to see if Anons could guess which tweet was Onion and which was Joy. However, going through Onion's twitter it would appear that he has done a complete 180, he's apologising constantly for past statements, he's being all peace and light, etc. He's apologising for insulting tall women, he's working on being honest without being hurtful, he's praising his fans for supporting him and taking on any criticism they have, etc.

So well done Joy you fool, you've made Onion look like a reasonable person and given him a perfect opportunity to overhaul his image. He has seen how you've been dragged over your insane behaviour and has taken it all on board and adjusted his own behaviour accordingly. It's like he is going through the "what Joy shouldn't do handbook" and he is taking that advice for himself.

I doubt it is genuine but the point is she created a perfect PR opportunity for him. Sympathy for him has never been so high and he is using this to overhaul his image. And it's all thanks to Joy's deranged behaviour. I suppose she achieved her public end goal, "I only want him to change for the best" (privately she just wanted to destroy his channel) only not how she expected, she thought she'd be the hero of the piece, instead she's the villain. And she claims to be a marketing expert. Lol!

No. 360758

File: 1501065499228.jpg (66.48 KB, 465x379, brain fog.jpg)

It's almost like she was on his side all along … ((pic related))

Thank you!

No. 360812

File: 1501075073099.png (1.2 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_2545.PNG)

No. 360813

File: 1501075098617.png (1.18 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_2546.PNG)

No. 360814

File: 1501075114055.png (1.17 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_2547.PNG)

No. 360815

File: 1501075128974.png (1.18 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_2548.PNG)

No. 360816

File: 1501075144572.png (1.17 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_2549.PNG)

No. 360817

File: 1501075158268.png (1.22 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_2550.PNG)

No. 360819

File: 1501075187490.png (1.17 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_2551.PNG)

No. 360821

File: 1501075201232.png (1.27 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_2552.PNG)

No. 360822

File: 1501075215237.png (191.95 KB, 1536x1379, IMG_2553.PNG)

No. 360823

File: 1501075235178.png (1.21 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_2554.PNG)

No. 360825

Basically the screenshots posted show that many people explain that ADHD is not an excuse to be racist and say nigger Santa. In fact it means that he has to have it in his vocabulary often and had to think of it first. One screenshot shows that he and joy have talked about the joke before. They've joked about it before. Constantly apparently. He outed her out without knowing I guess that's part of his ADHD. Joy knew how he was and how that story was gonna go they joke about it all the time in private. Her defending also shows that she herself thinks it's funny also and feels violated for her racism being called out.

No. 360828

A channel called brokegirlproblems has a couple of very good vids on joy and her bottomless pit of lies and deceit

No. 360831

File: 1501076354129.png (422.88 KB, 720x613, Screenshot_2017-07-26-09-32-12…)

I hope you don't mind I made a change to your meme.Its my horrible attempt at Photoshop but I couldnt resist.

No. 360832

Mikenactor is treating his comments section like north korea
Joy has really fkd it for him but he just cant see it

No. 360834


You have to remain anonymous. Not use your name. Leave the name blank and put sage for email to post

No. 360839


The fucking 'nig' Santa…i.e - Sinterklaus.

When they brought that up in one of Joy's streams, I did some basic research on the topic to see if they got their facts rights- and, surprise! it's nothing like they described (i.e. - it's not a cruel white man who owns midget slaves, who he forces to dress in black face before sending them out to wreak havoc among the villagers).

Honest to fuck - where are they getting their info from?

No. 360840

From a fucking skeptical llama.

No. 360841


Worse, she brought it (something done in the Netherlands) because she was talking to Sceptic Llama, a person in Norway, and she didn't realize that Norway is not the Netherlands, then that they are not next to each other. BUT, even though SL kept saying he didn't know about it, she kept going back to it again, and again, and again… like out of no where, she'd go back to it.

No. 360842

Sorry I used a fake name for the post anyways I hadn't realize don't there were rules! My first time posting, is there a way I can edit my post or do I delete them and post the screenshots again?(read the rules)

No. 360849

File: 1501078477607.jpeg (570.52 KB, 1320x4000, 1501077913671.jpeg)

Just uploading again since I didn't put myself as anonymous and I don't know if admins will delete the post that I didn't put as anonymous. But basically this is that skeptic llama dude admitting to him and joy joking about hat racist story about "n*gger Santa" before he said it in that livestream and blaming it on ADHD and the rest are people responding to his claims and calling him out basically meaning he was thinking and has that mindset by default in order for his ADHD to make him say it. He got comfy, and said it because him and joy joke about it constantly. She knows he's like that, her claiming she had no idea is bullshit.

No. 360850

File: 1501078502570.jpeg (487.67 KB, 1000x4000, 1501077976554.jpeg)

No. 360851

File: 1501078529369.jpeg (535.3 KB, 1000x4000, 1501078046847.jpeg)

No. 360854

Holy shit stop spamming the same thing. Go read the forum rules before posting anything else. Jesus.

No. 360855


Who, apparently, can't do proper research on his own country's folklore.

Now that's fucking sad.


That dispute was a thing of beauty (in a sadly hilarious way). Joy arguing that Norway and Holland were only about an hour apart from each other while Llama and Cameron - who either live in the areas or close enough to them - that the places were in entirely different countries and were a good days worth of travel apart.

They had to resort to using google maps to prove their claims; and, even then, I think Joy was still in denial because she grew up with the belief that, when living in Europe, all countries are within an hour's reach of each other. And she lives briefly in France; so she'd know!

I feel my brain rotting just by recounting that nonsense.

No. 360857

File: 1501078726355.png (270.79 KB, 1536x1532, IMG_2560.PNG)

She's lurking

No. 360860

Obviously I said why I posted again don't get salty I was correcting my actions because I was informed to make myself anonymous, don't like it? Oh well.

No. 360863

It does apply to joy because he basically outed her out on accident. Stay mad. I don't really care I corrected myself and you're still angry about it let it go.

No. 360865

not the same anon but you fucked up all your reposts in the same way. no, your posts won't be deleted for you. you have 30 mins from posting to delete your own posts. please read here before you post again: https://lolcow.farm/info

No. 360866

yet, you still did it wrong, so don't get salty for being called out. There is big red/black text at the top.

Also, this thread is about Joy, not the Joytards. There is a thread for the Joytards, that stuff doesn't need to be posted here.

And, if you don't follow the rules you'll be banned. So, enjoy. And I am correcting you. No need to cry so much. We're not here to hug and cuddle you into learning to post.

No. 360867


Funny how she shares it - and agrees with it - before slamming it.

Joy - an experienced comedian could have made your joke funny. However, you're not a comedian in even the more minute of ways. Your joke was tasteless, you gave a non apology for saying it and are now facing the consequences for your action (1, 160 loss in subs - and steadily dropping).

This is on you, kiddo - nobody else.

No. 360868

And I appreciate you informing me that in a calm manner.
I just came here to post the screenshots and see updates
Didn't cross my mind that there were specific protacals as I had just woken up and am still drowsy and was informed that I should share my findings here.
I appreciate it

No. 360870

Sure, but I had to lurk and learned how it all worked back when I joined, and there was no 'info' page to guide me. Take a minute to read the page.

No. 360872

Yeah I just did right now. I think I have a clear understanding, thank you very much.

No. 360876

FUCK! Please stop spamming. If you lack as much intelligence as it initially appears, don't bother posting at all. Honestly, you've been warned. Namefagging, not reading rules, just woken up 'excuse'. Are you a relative of joyous or what? Sage for rage and astonishment.

No. 360878

I know this will be unpopular here, but all I see when I look at Kati is an extremely mentally ill woman who is going down fast in public, and dragging a lot of people with her. I feel pity for her but I also want to slap her and tell her that she needs to accept that anxiety dx and get herself on medication and in therapy.

All of this was prompted by watching the 'story time: my brain is sick' vid, which is an ironic title in more ways than one. I don't think she realizes how lucky she is to have that roomie, most people would toss her out on her ass in a heartbeat. I get angry because she uses her 'fibro' or copper toxicity or brain fog or whatever the fuck to excuse literally everything, including this garbage about the poop babies–which is as disgusting to type as it was for her to say.

I mean, goddamnit girl, you're not living in a third world country and anxiety is treatable, for fuck's sake. I feel that she's this close to a breakdown and needing serious care and she doesn't want to hear that, because it seems like she's ashamed of a psych dx and would rather be physically ill. She stigmatizes mental illness a lot, I think, and that pisses me off too. I don't know. I dislike her so much, and she's clearly struggling–badly overweight, manic, almost looks to be agoraphobic–but she won't get off the internet for two seconds and go to a real doctor instead of some quack who she doesn't even need to see in person. I feel like if she were on meds, she might realize that she doesn't need the internet for whatever she's using it for.

I mean, she had a life once, fucked up as it might have been, but at least she was out in the world. I even think she was pretty. Now she's fat and housebound and ruining her life for…what? She's an epic cow but I also think she's in genuine pain because she's not treating the real problem, and I have no idea why she won't, and it drives me insane. Honestly I'd love to see her get treated and disappear from the internet.

Sometimes I wonder if she's still in love with roomie, and thinks this is the only way to stay near him?

Sage for venting. I mostly lurk here, but I wanted to say thanks to all the nonnies who stay on top of her shit so that the rest of us don't have to completely immerse ourselves in the garbage.

No. 360881

>>360878 Only speaking for myself here; but I also somewhat pity her - as she distinctly reminds me of ChrisChan; if only for the fact that she surrounds herself with an echo chamber that is actively helping to destory her, while critics - who genuinely want to help her - are considered vile people. And anyone who knows ChrisChan's story knows how badly that fucked him up.

It's frustrating as fuck that she stubbornly refuses to see this; but what can you do? You can try to make her see reason and, if she refuses (like she has been), the best you can do is warn others so they're not dragged into the mess.

You can't help someone who doesn't want the help.

No. 360882

No remorse she does it all to herself. She knows damn well she can get help, but refuses to.

No. 360883


Greg doesn't get sympathy from anyone other than deluded sixteen year olds and deficient losers like Tomato. "All-time high"? Put the pipe down. Both Joy and Greg are assholes, but posters in this thread seem to think that it makes for better vilification of Joy if you feel sorry for Greg.

It just makes you look stupid. He's an emotionally abusive, narcissist idiot who deserves zero sympathy.

No. 360884

File: 1501081022192.png (36.25 KB, 614x297, E2hqw1C.png)

Someone needs to tell Kati that "dark humor" does not mean making fun of black people. It's probably a midwestern thing… but in the rest of the world ridiculing people of color isn't called "dark humor" it's called racism.

No. 360891

She legit called brown people shit, yet she thinks she gets a free pass because ~muh dark humorrr~ If Onision were to say this you bet your ass she would be on it with those 50 videos in one day. The only reason she isn't mass producing videos is because all her recent ones are getting more dislikes than likes. Stop showing remorse to Joy because she did it to her damn self.

No. 360893


Honestly, it's less pity than frustration! I get burnt out watching her vids, I have no clue how she can maintain that level of energy without losing it completely. She is a bit like Chris in that you'd like to see her get real help and get the hell off the internet, but I doubt either of those will happen unless she has an actual breakdown.

No. 360894

I had a friend just like Joy
I tried to help her she was obviously mentally unwell but far too spiritual and enlightened to even consider seeking mental help
She killed herself
Suicide as a performance.
She pilled herself up, put a bag over her head and slit her wrists.
Her 11 yo son found her.
She was kind enough to leave him a note
I genuinely fear Joy will self harm
She is in a downward spiral.(blogging)

No. 360895

Okay… But why did you have to post this here? go blog about it.

No. 360897

I am posting here because it is relevant

No. 360898

Joy isn't going to kill herself or self harm and you know that. She craves too much attention to just off herself. She's getting backlash for a racist joke chill. She deserves the backlash.

No. 360902

The only thing Joy is going to kill is her channel and I'll be watching from the first row as it happens

No. 360912

Sadly, even then, it probably still won't help her - because her ass patters will still be there, blaming everyone else for her misery and not holding her accountable for her own stupidity.

No. 360914

File: 1501083822653.png (246.41 KB, 498x662, 2017-07-26 16_43_07-YouNow _ P…)

Paige is on Younow discussing Joy again


No. 360915

lol @ the vultures making a name for themselves on joy's shame.

No. 360916

No one ever knows what another person will do.
It is the consensus she has mental issues.

No. 360917


Hey, it worked for Joy when she used Onision - so, why not?

No. 360918

Paige has been building a name for herself fine without Joy's help, she's been rapidly building her channel and getting 33k subs in under 6 months

No. 360921

why are you attempting to whiteknight Joy so much? who fucking cares about her mental illness. She sure doesn't give a fuck about anyone else.

No. 360922


so are we supposed to pretend that this will have no affect on that growth? lol no. sorry.

No. 360929

>>360884 She still doesn't get it does she? When have any Anons used the colour of someone's skin as a punchline? When have any Anons reduced people down to a pile of shit based solely on their skin?

I think she needs to go and check out the definition of dark humour, that dense cow probably think dark means "brown". Our humour revolves around the actions and behaviour of people you know Joy, things they have control over and could change.

No. 360933


Exactly. It's poetic.

I wish someone had made a "series" on it they way she does. THAT would have been art.

No. 360935


She's definitely referring to Andy Warski and Jeff Holiday in that tweet, she must have caught their live stream. The Warski's have backed her up in the past and she's probably butthurt at them turning on her.

No. 360940


And who's fault is it that she came to the conclusion that they were her friends to begin with? Certainly, not Joy's! /sarcasm

Someone's really got to hit her with a clue by four and make it sink in that politeness/civility =/= instant best buddies.

No. 360942

1. A murderer says murder is wrong.
2. Murderer is hypocrite.
3. Therefore, murder is right.

Brilliant logic, Joy. Please more.

No. 360946

The warski's didn't actually turn on her, they called out her some of her shit and said she needs to stop giving medical advice to people. They still like her, they just think she needs to calm down. But I guess in kati's reality because they voiced criticism, they must be haters now.

I think people should stop promoting the board. Yes it's good for people to be informed of her shit, but advertising this thread opens the door for people to come in and spam/derail even more so than before. Anything that people want to warn others about all have a primary source that they can be directed to.

No. 360951

File: 1501086164413.jpg (74.84 KB, 593x713, GoZWQr1.jpg)

"We cannot unlock our child from the closet because if we do, she will want to roam the house. If we let her roam the house, she will want to roam the neighborhood. If she roams the neighborhood, she will get picked up by a stranger in a van, who will sell her in a sex slavery ring in some other country. Therefore, we should keep her locked up in the closet."

Did she think this was an actual argument?

I don't understand why the "skeptic" community rejected her, she'd fit right the fuck in.

No. 360953

I just went to look at her Twitter and wow! She still can't let it go, she cannot stand the fact that barely anyone agrees with her. She's just trying to rant people into backing down and at least pretending to agree with her.

There are a few helpful replies to some of her guff but she's ignoring that and choosing to continue with more spinning and ranting.

Her social blade 30 day subscription is down by 54.2℅ compared to previous. People are trying to tell her it's because she won't drop this and secondly she's declared herself a comedy channel, so they are rightfully pointing out that is not what a lot of people subscribed for, she was meant to be about sparkles and unicorns.

She seems to think she is the only person in the world to be called out for her shit. She'll always be a victim and I doubt she'll be able to let this go because it's killing her that her manipulation isn't working.

No. 360957

She's also inadvertently throwing the "skeptic" community under the bus in her attempts to defend herself. lol.

"skeptic community" #notyourshield lol

No. 360963

She's now claiming she's a comedy channel? Since when? First, she's a skeptic channel and when that doesn't fly she's trying the Onision defense…"but it's a comedy channel, don't be dumb & take it seriously." Got screenshots of when she claimed this? (Not everyone wants to go to Twitter to hunt it down. Also, it helps back up your claim)

Petty Paige has Sharika as her guest talking about Joy. I like that she's trying to get more than just Joy's side of the story…especially since she tried to spin their encounter into something it wasn't and turn that whole "burn down a city" comment into it just being about her being anti-BLM.

No. 360971


Seriously Joy stop using capital letters like that, it's a manipulation tactic that is obvious.

And I thought you may have finally understood, judging by these contradictory tweets you're in some alternate universe where only you are allowed to make offensive jokes with zero repercussions.

And yes Joy all the other youtubers you mentioned did in fact receive the same criticism for their "dark humour jokes" as they are offensive to many.

In fact one was dropped by a company, and rumours are another was severely warned that they too were at risk of being dropped.

Just because a confused YouTube is silly enough to allow you on there does not automatically make you right.

Either get counselling or turn off your Internet. You're a liability to yourself.

No. 360972

I can't believe you are so fucking stupid you need the shallowest of nuance to be explained to you, Kati.

The difference with the Pew Die Pie thing is that JEWS were NOT the punchline. The people holding the sign were. That's why it wasn't anti semitic.

However, in black people come from poop, black people ARE the punchline. That's why the joke IS racist.

How can you claim to be a comedian and not even know how to interpret the anatomy of a joke? Furthermore, how can you claim to be a sentient 30-something year old woman and need this explained to you?

No. 360985

>And yes Joy all the other youtubers you mentioned did in fact receive the same criticism for their "dark humour jokes" as they are offensive to many.

Also, not every youtuber is as vocal as she is. She has to air every fucking minute detail about what is going on, as long as she can get some pity points out of it.

No. 360991

File: 1501088428433.png (515.04 KB, 720x1014, 20170726_115839.png)

This is directly in response to the warski stream from "the youtube saints" episode

No. 360996


Thank you for adding that, that is correct.

Most keep things like that private for themselves and the privacy of others etc.

She should have really studied certain youtubers who are more professional than herself before starting a YouTube channel. In fact all involved with Joy should have.

There's exemplary examples even in all areas.

No. 360997

File: 1501088741448.jpg (45.56 KB, 583x466, pBehTP6.jpg)

No. 360998

File: 1501088754765.png (47.51 KB, 625x460, 2017-07-26 18_05_12-Andy Warsk…)

No. 361013

File: 1501090468923.jpg (84.29 KB, 480x749, IMG_20170726_183329.jpg)

I think he is referring to her advice to the child, the one she told to rape their bullies.

No. 361019

File: 1501090932425.jpg (21.39 KB, 622x618, 5sS9xdd.jpg)

No. 361021

> Lots of people are angry at me

lol. As you would say "Good luck in life"

No. 361036


And, of course, her loyal joytards are blowing hot air up her ass; encouraging her meltdown and making the situation even worse.

Truly disgusting human beings; the lot of them.

No. 361038

File: 1501092554998.jpg (89.73 KB, 960x720, BS Dark Humour defense.jpg)

It's just not sinking in, which is not being helped by her spergleberry fans!

She is being told to shut up because she is not listening, she demands answers from people and when she doesn't like their perfectly reasonable, valid responses, she hits straight back with another demanding question.

There has to be a compromise from her. She's just ranting about the same things over and over, learning nothing. Had she just given an explanation, apologised without insulting people and without adding a get out clause to the end of it, had she moved on, none of this would be happening right now. It's that simple!

If you aren't going to take our advice Joy, at least listen to the people who seem to like you for some unknown reason, stop digging your own hole!

No. 361041


The problem is, the people that Joy believes are the ones who truly like her, are the ones who are encouraging her to act the way she is.

Joy's thoroughly deaf to the reality that her 'friends'' are the ones who are destroying her; not the supposed 'haters'.

There is no reason in arguing with insanity.

No. 361043

File: 1501093270305.jpg (89.65 KB, 480x822, IMG_20170725_212008.jpg)


I don't think her spergleberries are loyal to her in the slightest, a few maybe but most of them are there for a front row seat to the shit show.

I spotted something yesterday and I wasn't going to share it on here because I hate giving them the mentions they thrive off but it's relevant and confirms that one of her biggest defenders, strawman Dan, is only there for the drama. He confirmed he isn't a fan and he thinks she is crazy. The other person he was referring to was Onion.

He is one of her more vocal "defenders" so it makes you wonder which other "fans" think she is nothing but freak show entertainment.

Or this in itself could be a troll but I don't think it is…


No. 361044

File: 1501093290250.jpg (67.1 KB, 480x817, IMG_20170725_211939.jpg)


No. 361052

New video, back onto the sjw train

No. 361054

File: 1501094330705.png (206.9 KB, 720x535, 20170726_133746.png)

This gave me a giggle

No. 361057

She pissed her new followers pretty fast

No. 361064


This person too is extremely odd, they don't like Joy yet actively stalk annoy with an ounce of common sense.

I've mentioned this before:

They need to take their own advice, and leave people who disagree alone. Ganging up and using multiple accounts to which the main one admits it's weird to say the least. They contradict themselves with every tweet, and seek friendships from YouTubers who too join in on harassing, when they should be impartial and not in turn suck up to "fans" who say what they want to hear. Youtubers shouldn't need their ego's massaging, that's just insane.

They're probably screen grabbing messages from Joy and and the group, and should they change their minds expect leaks. They are a bunch of attention seeking odd people with next to know no lives, they thrive off of Internet drama. They are nobody's. They are making Joy look worse, not better. How they can't see that is hilarious to say the least.

The only way to get the message across is to ignore them completely, starve them of any attention. Here, Twitter, YouTube etc, block and mute them.

No. 361066


TFW your "drop the mic" moment tweet gets pwned by typos :(

*'medical' and 'soup or cereal'

No. 361067



And Joy needs to take a long long Twitter break, like now. She's doing the opposite of "damge control" here.

Shes contradicting herself again and again. And is looking increasingly unpleasant, unprofessional and over emotional.

No. 361069


Kati's drug of choice is attention. This is her "hold my beer" moment. She's swimming in the soup of her own creation. Cereal, let her have at it. It's what lolcows do best.

No. 361070


She has no self control so that's likely not going to happen. Let's remember that her previous breaks from twitter lasted about 26 hours, tops.

Also I'm a bit lost. Who said gave MEDICAL advice to specifically children? Or did I miss something?

No. 361071


She is this close to losing it entirely. She cannot stop sperging, everyone sees it, most are critiquing her/laughing at her and it's making her even more insane.

Go take your Klonopin, Kati, and step away from the tubes.

No. 361072


She may be referring to those who are concerned with her giving medical advice to people (i.e. - telling people that a pizza diet did wonders for her IBS or don't believe doctors because they don't have a clue what they're talking about).

No. 361075

Okay… it's kind of sad and kind of funny that the KKK has better PR sense than Kati. She's going on day 2? day 3? of fighting the Internet for her right to be a racist sounding asshole. Will she manage to do for white supremacists what she's done for Onision (as in make them look less bad)?

No. 361078


I agree here.

She can't even listen to the majority, let alone politely disagree.

Instead it's worse than someone who has found social media for the first time.

I couldn't manage a blow out like that, I would be embarrassed and ashamed once people pointed out I was in the wrong.

This isn't a case of who she likes, I never think people should be ashamed for who they follow, it's Twitter for goodness sake. This is a case of her poor knowledge on jokes and offensive terms.

Nothing a quick search wouldn't have revealed to her before she opened her mouth, but no Joy is the only youtuber exempt from doing any real research, or showing a slither of humanity.

No. 361094

In the warski stream( >>360151 ) timestamp 1:20:01 Andy says " but the medical advise to children? … that is beyond racism…" at the time in the conversation he was also talking about when she told the kid to rape their bullies.

Earlier in the stream he only said "people", not "children".

No. 361099

I could see her buying subscribers to prove to others that she's totally fine and is clearly recovering from all of this.

sage for tinfoil

No. 361106

That's actually something I could see her doing as well, not that it would matter because it wouldn't do anything for her view count or rising negative comments. I don't know what youtube subscribers cost, but twitter followers are cheap to buy.

No. 361107

We've received requests to move Joy's threads to /pt/. As it is, she attracts too many new users who refuse to familiarize themselves with the site rules and make the threads terrible. Once Joy's threads become more focused, less derailed, and new users read the usage guide and rules, she can join /pt/.


No. 361111


Stop with the bullshit about Onision being lesser than in comparison to Kati. It's fucking autistic and they both suck as human beings. They are both pieces of shit. If you want to flick the bean to Greg do it somewhere else, you are gross.

No. 361143

Chill out, why do you have to get so pissed and create arguments about what things people mention in relation to Joy.

No. 361156

I've been thinking this as well. It's difficult to believe that even 1/4 of her subs can actually tolerate her to begin with.

No. 361161

File: 1501103741982.png (450.63 KB, 690x993, unabomber.png)

Check out the unabomber. I know there's gotta be an anon who can improve on this.


Cool. Maybe us anons should take this as a hint not to entertain attempts at derailment and perhaps ignore n00bs who post about old shit that we've been over. Even though Kati does plenty of shit, I know we're all tired of needing to start a new thread every week due to oversaturation/discussion of older issues which is just another form of derailment.

No. 361210

Holy shit anon, that's creepy looking. I could probably fix the skin tone to make Joy's features blend in better but I'm not sure I really want to see the end result…the way it is now makes me uncomfortable enough.

Yeah, I think he meant people and just misspoke but didn't realize he did it when he said th medical advice was specifically to children, he seemed a bit distracted and had to keep looking at his notes to remind himself what the issues were, he probably added in the "to children" part because he confused it with the "rape your bullies" advice she gave to a kid. Even if he did realize what he said later, it's a livestream so it's not like he could edit out mistakes like that before the whole world sees it. That's just my impression of what happened anyway.

Well, I don't see that happeneing any time soon, new users have always been idiots who do dumb stuff because they can't be bothered to read the rules or even the thread's intro post. The only thing that would change that is if new users stopped coming around but that sort of defeats part of this thread's purpose in educating people who are starting to question her/on the fence. (And true to form the thread immediately derails with infighting after a farmhand posted that.)

Lol. I think she wears the hood up like that when her hair is extra gross and even she can't stand to look at it.

I don't know that we can prevent noob idiocy but not rising to obvious bait or spending 5 or 6 posts trying to correct morons on board ettiquite is a good start.

No. 361211

Lack of accountability, yet she demands from others the very things she refuses to do.

Like when she was on the Warski show, and they brought up her incessant vid posts. People were pointing out, even then, that her Onision vid count was high.

She did everything except apply the criticism to herself.

Things she said, like how the Warski's spam their channel with Franny videos, but it's fine for them and not her. That she totally didn't want to make another Onision video, but people were blowing up her Twitter and email with his videos, asking for her take on them. Now, it's everyone can make dark comedy except for me!

She's the victim, it's never just all her fault, everyone else has the problems, not her. Deflect deflect deflect! That's her game.

No. 361222

Anyone else notice Joy's been radio silent since the Petty Paige and Sherika livestream earlier.

No. 361224

The Egocast made a video response about Joy but did it using Joy Spackle's video and still made lots of valid points against Joy. It's genuinely entertaining.

No. 361250

File: 1501115445665.png (50.16 KB, 639x395, deletedtweet.png)

Sharika said Joy tweeted at her something about not allowing her son to be around white people and Sharika told her she lost her mind and not to bring her son into it…during the livestream sometime Joy deleted the tweet. I can't show you the exact wording of the deleted tweet because I didn't know about it until after the fact but Sharika promised to send it to Petty Paige and I believe she will include it in the video she's working on right now. Will show an updated screenshot then.

No. 361254

File: 1501115975277.png (97.97 KB, 720x511, 20170726_193814.png)

This is what joy said. It's still there

No. 361258

I don't know what Sharika originally said/didn't say, but boy do I love her reply. Completely calm, a nice virtual slap in the face vs. hysterical Kati.

No. 361267

Dark humor =/= racist humor
It's just not the same thing and she's trying to confuse the situation by saying it is. Sure she can say racist jokes if she really wants to, it's her channel/image but she shouldn't be surprised that there are consequences for doing so sometimes very harsh ones…it happens to other YouTubers too (I don't know why she's claiming it doesn'tm saying she's being unfairly called out) they have to deal with things like internet backlash or advertisers wanting nothing to do with them too. She KNEW this would upset people, she said so right in the middle of the poo baby joke but now she's acting like people are upset for no reason & that they don't understand her "dark" humor or the context it was used in.

Even though Petty Paige attempted to explain, Joy doesn't seem to understand how ignorant sounding it is to call any race that isn't white "brown people"…she literally refers to Hispanics & blacks…even Aborigines, etc in this manner as if they are all one people, grouping them all together by skin color….and then fetishizes them as exotic unknown things she wants to fuck because they are "pretty." I don't think she understands that is also a form of racism, it's not always about hate or thinking a race is "lesser" it can also include reducing someone's identity down to the color of their skin and sorting them into one of 2 groups "white" or "brown" in an "us vs them" mentality.

No. 361276


Sharika admitted to reporting Joy on Youtube after she (Joy) released info on Onision's military career (or something along those lines).

Joy's been out for Sharika's blood ever since.

No. 361280

Thank you, anon. It wasn't there when I checked.

Indeed. She doesn't get to decide what is and isn't offensive to people.

No. 361284

Sharika herself is a cow so it's pretty entertaining to watch them go back and forth like schoolchildren.

No. 361291


Off topic, but may I say you perfectly explained it.

If Joy sees this and still doesn't understand, then there's nothing that will help her to.

I feel like what Joy said in that livestream and on Twitter has now been well covered. And unless Joy says or does something else entirely new or major (Which I hope doesn't happen) I'll go back to lurking.

No. 361300

Thank you for saying so anon, I grew up in a very racist area of Texas and have lived in the state my entire life…if I can grasp the concept so can she, her "I grew up in the Midwest" excuse is bullshit and has actually been debunked in a previous thread when a YT comment was posted from two people who grew up in the same town as Kati…they said the town was nowhere near as backward or racist as she was claiming and it wasn't a thing there to call people "honey" or "sweetie" in a pandering way…that's all on her.

No. 361308

File: 1501120961864.png (98.86 KB, 1536x733, IMG_2575.PNG)

How long do you think this will last?

No. 361319

Her max has been what 26hrs. I give it till tomorrow at the latest.

No. 361321


She'll go sit with herself in the shower and be good as new by Friday night in time to livestream for those sympathy superChat bucks.

No. 361327

She put up a video about sharika, encouraging everyone to not call her names and big surprise, not even 10 mins I'm and she is crying and had to mention that she knows how it feels to be attacked. Of course the video is just titled to get attention and then cry about how mean everyone Is to her. I literally have to put my ass to bed for the night because if I don't I will be unloading 1000 comments on her video and make myself look extra-extra. I never have rage but she is really the worst

No. 361365

>How long do you think this will last?

Wasn't the last time she threatened a break(during her ear infection/vaginal secret incident, I think) it was only an hour before she just HAD to tweet something out. It was a thank you or a health update or someone got locked up or she had a heart transplant. So an hour. It'll last an hour. Her "breaks" simply mean she'll be tweeting less from maximum dramatics. And then have a live stream to get more money, but hiding that claiming she just needs emotional support since she has none in real life.(maybe if you took a shower people would be more inclined to hug you)

No. 361370

You have to give her credit. In her latest vid "Don't Attack: I Don't Want to Hurt Anyone…" She massively doubled down on her poo baby joke was perfectly fine to say, but tried to make is sound like an apology / standing up for others who are getting hurt. All that weepiness over "don't attack someone for something they can't help" (being brown) … but, not one single hit of "that poo baby joke sucked and I shouldn't have been so casual about making fun of black people" ← something SHE certainly CAN HELP if she wanted to change.

She's also changed her video categories from "People & Blogs" to "Entertainment" … so I guess she thinks this is entertainment now?

That whole video screamed "stop being mean to me!"

No. 361371

Soooo, is she going to address that she told a kid to go "rape her bullies"? I'd love to see how that one would go.
The new video's pathetic.

No. 361390

Even though it's been explained to Joy a million different ways, the dense cow is still trying to convince the world that her jokes in the correct context aren't racist.

It isn't so much her using the words "brown people" but to whom & how she applies it…you know that ever important context she's always going on about. She knows how to identify obvious racism like calling someone the N-word but jokingly saying races of brown people are poo babies that come from shit stained semen escapes her…apparently to her anything goes if she's just joking, it would only be racist if she seriously told someone that.

She may be taking a break because while watching the PP/Sharika livestream she supposedly just discovered one of her supporters had called Sharika the N-word twice. According to Sharika Joy liked both of his comments and this is what really upset her…that while Joy didn't say it herself, it still seemed like she was ok with it because she read the tweet, liked it and didn't say anything against the guy until just now. I never saw those tweets and couldn't find them when I looked (I did see Sharika referring to them) so I don't know if Joy really liked them or not but if she did she skipped over that part in her apology video.

I know exactly how it would go if she did:
1. But it was a joke and the kid knew I was joking because she laughed
2. I didn't know she was 11 when I said it and I kicked her out as soon as I did.

Nevermind that there were huge clues she was 11 like saying she was going from Elementary school to Middle school….but Joy wasn't really listening to this girl or her very serious, very real problems that Joy treated like a huge joke. She was bored with it…prior to that Joy had been repeatedly daring her trolls and haters to come on so she could make a big spectacle out of talking to them and when she put the girl on that was what she was expecting, she was in "talk to troll" mode when she invited the kid on so when she quickly found out the girl wanted serious life advice she sorta just tuned out, you could hear from her voice how disinterested she was, just waiting for the girl to stop talking so she could make a stupid tasteless joke…that didn't help the kid in any way, not that she should be giving life advice to anyone much less someone that young. She kicked the girl out almost immediately after without any sort of disclaimer that it was just a stupid joke and she shouldn't take it seriously.

No. 361393

Not sure this is gonna blow over, Joy.

But can't blame a girl for using some last ditch tactics.

No. 361401

No disclaimer but she told the girl to DM her. Besides being not possible because her DMs are closed, was she planning on advising girl in private instead? She's not a therapist nor should she pretend to be one…very simply, she should make it very clear to people that she won't give out life or medical advice because she isn't qualified and doesn't know the situation other than what that person claims so anything she suggests could actually end up being harmful, so don't ask her. She's said something like that before when she was just starting out but after her channel got "big" (to her) I guess she forgot she shouldn't do that?

No. 361410

iirc she did say that her streams were generally 18+ due to mature topics and that she'd have to kick her, but there were no hard feelings

No. 361425

You know if I was a cynical guy I would say in joy's latest vid she is doing her own Falston group thing here.

She does an "interview" just like daddy o five for damage control Then here she is with the tearful "apology"

And now just like Daddy o five. she is going to take a "break" while she figures out how to change her brand.

hell she is even blaming "youtube" like he did, saying it got out of hand and he went too far and lost sight of things along the way. Kinda the same thing she is saying isnt it.

She laughed at the "crocodile" tears of them but if we say she did the same thing are we the bad guys here.

fyi I detest daddy o five but I think its funny to see the similarities from this apology and hers it's almost like she actually thought, how can I apologize and save my channel and she looked at what daddy o five did and said ok I can do that just better and no one would notice.

No. 361427

In Kati's reality "look at my joke in context" translates to "please ignore how racist it sounds"

No. 361433

I said earlier that she was apologizing DaddyOFive style >>360550 but dang, I didn't realize how accurate that assessment is, she's following their script to a T.

No. 361443

File: 1501137528300.png (43.8 KB, 1224x228, IMG_2596.PNG)

That break didn't last long

No. 361446

Since the beginning of her YouNow she's been victimizing herself and giving excuses about how she didn't know the girls age and that the girl looked older. She says that if you want the whole live stream to ask her and she will give it to show (most likely edited parts to take heat off her) she's claiming she won't be guestjng random people on her livestreams now and is talking about her fibro and stomach issues and saying they got worse this week but how whole last month they weren't affecting her. Said that her voice is weak and she won't be able to talk for a while. Basically all bullshjt damage control

No. 361464

I can't stop laughing. Typical Kati.

No. 361467

File: 1501144593715.jpg (38.89 KB, 600x602, BS Allert.jpg)

>>361446 Pic related.

As well as trying to deflect the blame onto bigger YTers, she also threw Chambers under the bus yesterday (screenshot on phone will upload later). She tweeted that Chambers allowed the N word to be used on her livestream. This was quickly debunked as Chambers has only been involved in two live streams recently and neither of them were hers. She did this in defence of being called out for liking to comments with the N word, on her live stream.

She has such a childish mindset, she reminds me of a five year old trying to get out of trouble "but they did it first" "they did it too" trying to apportion blame to lessen their responsibility. Only they are children, you expect it from them, not from an adult in their 30s.

This continuous victim mentality convinces me all the more that she wasn't emotionally abused as a child, she just takes any tiny criticism as an all out attack.

No. 361474

Yep, I saw that screenshot. She only brought up Chambers because someone tweeted her, telling her that Chambers agrees her joke was wrong, iirc. Was that the epic dragging Joy promised to do?

Joy seriously cannot comprehend that if you have to continually explain yourself or keep telling people you're a good person, that you are wrong and you are not. There's truth in the saying, the more you tell yourself a lie, the more you'll begin to believe it.

No. 361475

File: 1501146991615.jpg (11.97 KB, 481x441, JSBS.jpg)

Snatched from the latest younow stream,
Text is more interesting than the pic,
Hope someone recorded it as there are a few bits on her phone she let slip before I managed to grab them

No. 361477

On the same younow stream she played a few bits of music that she sang on - Managed to shazam them,

"From the Highlands to the Sea" by "Stone Hedge Trio" and "My love has gone" from the same CD

No. 361494


She knows her streams are 18+; but wanted to invite Kooligan in, provided he got his parents permission (because she's willing to trust the word of a pre-teen instead of seeking their permission herself because, in her own words, it would be crossing a weird boundary). Then, she's inviting a minor to discuss her sexual orientation/identity in private.

How does Joy - or anyone within her inner circle - not see how sketchy that is?

Also she lost another 200 subs, overnight. Fuck, Joy - what did you do, now??!

No. 361496

File: 1501152608000.jpg (28.73 KB, 814x449, PSX_20170727_054403.jpg)

the poo baby video is gone on the Emphasis On BS channel..

..but still up on mikencuntor's channel.


sorry, i can't provide a link as it doesn't give me one to share in the YouTube app on my tablet.

No. 361497

No. 361499

No. 361506

About that minor thing, she wasted the first 5-15 minutes complaining on her YouNow that she didn't know they were underaged and she would take precautions next time. Also that she wouldn't guest strangers anymore, oh Joy contradict yourself more in just one live stream. Talking about these adults things and a udneraged minors sexual identity and fantasies is disgusting. We might just have a predator on our hands fellas.

No. 361508

File: 1501154273366.png (189.54 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-07-27-07-08-51…)

Is this Elana person playing both sides? Or trying to make themselves relevant. I ask because she took a screenshot of lolcow and that post is no longer there. And im pretty sure the name spelling was Elena before correct me if I'm wrong

No. 361510

File: 1501154293889.jpg (67.92 KB, 480x822, IMG_20170727_121312.jpg)


That explains this tweet (pic related).

If it remains on Mike's channel, it could be that Mike has submitted a copyright claim, as it is his stream?

YT are hypocrites themselves. I hope they are appealing this removal.

VidMe seems to be the safest place to upload these videos but they don't get as much exposure. It's ridiculous, what happened to fair use?

This is going to add more fuel to the tinfoil theory that Joy is a YT plant. Lol.

No. 361511

File: 1501154316656.png (211.99 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-07-27-07-08-47…)

No. 361512

File: 1501154346500.png (221.17 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-07-27-07-08-40…)

No. 361514


It's always been Elana as far as I'm aware but it's very strange that the post she is "complaining" about is gone.

It looks like she is trying to make herself look relevant, probably because nobody really engages with her anymore.

No. 361515

I find it funny that she thinks she's so important that someone would fake a YouTube account just for her. Who is she? Jesus the fact that she was looking for the thread makes me think that she self posted herself to seem clever

No. 361517

Did I read that correctly? If so, WTF does it refer to and what else did the text say?

No. 361528


It looks like it's gone from his channel, too. So, at least Youtube isn't playing favorites, in this case.

No. 361534

File: 1501157893601.jpg (2 MB, 2560x3524, PhotoGrid_1501157070956.jpg)

Just peeped her YouNow moments from the last stream and she is clearly out of gas. Her manic episode has ended and she is wiped, that's why she said she wouldn't be around for a minute. She wants everyone to feel sorry for her so she suggests she will be down to reflect but it's just that she needs to recharge. Just like always. Then she will put out a few videos titled something like "I left YouTube where did I go" "why I quit YouTube" "I gave up on my channel"
and talk about it over and over. She always creeps on streams too, she has to make her presence known when she is "taking a break."

Verification she is once again full of it?
Her last YouNow moments, they alone make it obvious. The best quote: "Even my Ex's, you will never hear me say a negative word about them because I care about them. I do."

She can't even go a few hours without lying and will never change unless she steps away from the internet or someone slaps parental controls on all of her devices.

No. 361536


nope it's still on his channel. he unlisted it.


obviously this was a team flagging thing to try to erase all evidence

No. 361539


Can you report a privated video? Or, is it exempt from deletion because it's privated?

No. 361544

Well she has hot herself in the foot if it is confirmed to be a copyright strike because that confirms it came from her or Mike, yet we all know how strongly she feels about false flagging.

No. 361547

File: 1501160415847.png (231.73 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-07-27-08-54-15…)

Yeah. This joytard is definitely trying to stay relevant to Joy

No. 361561

Exactly. Elana did it herself. Like others have pointed out no one interacts with her unless she starts shit with them. But as soon as she posted that Joy tweeted at her.
I would honestly bet she orchestrated the whole thing herself just to get belly rubs from joy.

No. 361564

No. 361567

Aw how cute, a joy copycat. Like it's not obvious that she did that herself, she has to play pretend that omg guyz the bad guys are after me. She also does heavy ass projecting so all that is missing is some crying videos. Poor thing has been desperately trying to make it on YouTube for years with no luck so she has enrolled in the joy sparkle school of bullshit to learn from a pro

No. 361570

You should see her twitter feed, it's hilarious. She's screenshoting lolcow posts and replying to them on twitter since she was banned for self posting.
She's also harping on about sending emails to the owners of lolcow about this and how she's going to the cops because its identity theft. LO fucking L

No. 361571


oh so that's what it is. some misguided scheme to take down lolcow. lol. good luck with that.

No. 361574

I would just ignore her. She's getting the attention she set out to get by self posting, the fact she is banned from posting here again proves that.

Plus she doesn't belong in thread, she's a spergleberry.

No. 361575

What a loser! Together her and joy will make a difference in the world, together they can make a change.
Apparently she also wears many hats. Together they can also do literally every single job in the whole world, you name it, they've done it.
All she is doing by sharing tweets, is showing everyone that she does self post.

Good luck with the police when you file a report for bad-mouthing yourself online !

No. 361576

Take this shit back to the speregleberry board. Everyone knows elana is a delusional sycophant.

No. 361586

File: 1501166530176.png (425.17 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20170727-092455.png)

This was taken from and edit of the debate between onision and joy. It was when onisoon said lainey was going to come and talk to her and he called her a horrible bitch. She looks so sad that he got up and walked away. where as in the beginning of the debate, she lit up like a Christmas tree when she got to face him.

No. 361597

Cannot stop laughing, this is so bad
She was a voice teacher was she? lmfao

No. 361636

Joys got a new video up already about "muh illness" let the pity party begin. Some break she took, I couldn't sit through the bs and don't know how to upload so if someone wants to grab it and reupload it for the thread please and thank you.

No. 361648

The sub flight had slowed on social blade and this vid seems to have put the wind back in the sails there.

Comments are not buying her shit https://archive.is/REt3C

No. 361654


Doctor working in a "hospital" (what Kati called the place where she went) was cool with the CBD oil, but said she probably needs to be taking MORE of it… this to a patient on first meeting when she'd only just ordered the labs she would need to make any diagnosis.

No. 361660

The new video is hilarious, just like we called it, she is saying she is going to get the help she needs because she hasn't been herself. She doesn't miss a beat begin for sympathy.

She still can't take accountability and admit she acts like an ass and treats people like shit. Instead she will play her sick card. She isn't sorry for her recent behavior, not in the slightest.

Big surprise, the place she went to was close and affordable for her, and somehow they missed it. Months ago it was because she needed a ride, but theres no way to get a ride and there's no taxi or Uber service. Then it turned out that she actually had her own car, but didn't mention her car til she decided it was a death trap after driving it for years and years. Then the excuse was the paperwork is so hard or she doesn't have the money. She needs to give it up already with this fake ass health so story.

All the testing she said she is having done is routine, except the copper level. I can't wait to hear what her next excuse is.

No. 361696

She's suppose to be on a break. That was her goal.
I know an entire day is pretty long for her but she needs to go longer than that

No. 361698


That, if true, could be a positive thing, everyone needs support at times.


Completely agree, she needs to take a longer break, that way nothing can be made worse, and some of the trolls on all sides can hopefully calm down.

No. 361700


Remember, that break was announced 7pm last night. Since that time, she went on YouNow starting around 11:30pm and going for about 3 hours… so until roughly 2:30am. She went to bed to cry and maybe wake up roommate? It sounds like they actually do share a bedroom because of recent comments like "we have a spare bedroom" etc… So, he takes the day off work, finds a place, and gets an appointment, she goes to the appointment and comes home, films a video about it, all from start of work through noon (or not long after noon) today. Free and low cost clinics are typically very busy places and appointments on the same day are usually reserved for emergency situations. So, she's either claimed an emergency to that clinic (who for some reason did not tell her to go to an ER) or she went to an ER again and is recasting it as a clinic supporting a lot of illegal immigrants that she's going to someday donate to those types of places.

No. 361702


bet she's looking for a way to get out from under the "I'm so sick" narrative… watch a magik pill make it all better so she can start doing stupid skits outside of her house or something.

No. 361722

I think she needs to write off the illness claims too. She was already trying to distance herself from all of her complaints, she has spent the past few weeks going on about how much better she feels. Of course this has thrown a slight spanner in the works because now she needs it to invoke sympathy. The problem is too many people are seeing the pattern and are putting it together themselves, it used to be people who had read things here but now it is people seeing it for themselves which is far more effective.

People barely used to question her illness as it's normal for people to automatically trust others but because her masked slipped during Joymagedon (does that work?) They are now questioning and doubting everything she has ever said or comes out with and she knows if they go looking they will find the truth about her fake claims and there will be no coming back from that.

She is going to phase all physical illness out but I think she will double down with mental illnesses, as I think she legitimately has mental health problems and could get a diagnosis easily.

No. 361741

A chronic illness anon here. In the new vid, she said professional people told her to just wait until she had insurance, you can't do anything without insurance. UM… PSA… that is bullshit. I didn't have insurance because I was self-employed and insurance was more expensive than I could afford (pre-Obamacare).

IF you're sick or need assistance, many (most?) communities support 211 services. Simply dial 211 and a county level operator will help you find resources. Once I wasn't able to work (so had no money and no insurance) I went to the county for assistance with heating in the winter, not only did they help me there, they actually found a place to provide me medical help and assured me that some agency in the county would pay for that visit while they sorted out my situation to get me on public assistance. I'm so sick of people acting like the people that work at the county assistance office or at medical facilities are goons just looking to steal your fucking money. They are people who are willing to help and they do know where the resources in your area are.

HAD stupid ass Kati gone to her county assitance office when she was first having trouble 100% they would have known of this magical clinic that roommate seemed to find. That is their job to know where these resources are.

No. 361749

File: 1501187703146.png (92.23 KB, 446x767, ebguW0c.png)

The CBD Hemp SUPPLEMENT that she showed in the video. Notice that this is a supplement only (see highlighted area)

No. 361750

Just watched the video and I'm going to call bullshit here. She mentions she has been 'tested for lupus' and my question is when? I dealt with anemia, my kidneys are whack, I have severe sun sensitivity ( body, not only face rash ) and I could go on with the symptoms - and it was still a debate for a while if it was lupus or not.
So, seriously, how has she been tested for lupus, lyme, etc, within what, a few days? Oh and they "do already know it's fibro."
She doesn't even look genuinely emotional, it looks fake as shit. ( re-post for typos, she irritates me, kek )

No. 361753


I think she originally claimed those tests were done during her ER visit turned into three day hospitalization that happened around mid summer last year.

[snark] After all, my hospital routinely thew my uninsured ass into their spa treatment facility to do simple out patient testing because it made them feel good to give away thousands of dollars of service to my uninsured, medically stable, self. :D [/snark]

No. 361758

File: 1501188193592.png (394.84 KB, 481x662, yEzM82j.png)



No. 361760

>I think she originally claimed those tests were done during her ER visit turned into three day hospitalization that happened around mid summer last year.

On my god, I must have somehow forgotten about this, but major facepalm. Those three days must have been magical if they were able to do all that, if only I went to the same hospital!
I also like how she slipped a positive commentary on 'brown people' in the video - totally not making it completely obvious that she's hardcore back peddling.

No. 361762

File: 1501188470216.jpg (55.4 KB, 600x327, Joymageddon.jpg)

Is meme maker Anon here? Or anyone who could improve on my shoddy editing effort. It would look better trimmed up or having her head on a meteor as it hurtles towards earth.

No. 361763


In my area, the only time uninsured people get a three day hospital stay is for mental health (either voluntary or involuntary)… so, take claims about what happened in the three day hospital stay with a grain of salt, she could have been 100% delusional at the time for all we can tell. :D

No. 361769


That was suggested by another Anon (unless it was you then too?) Apparently a 72 hour hospital stay is standard for emergency psychiatric assessment.

Saged for speculation.

No. 361783

No. 361800


This is Petty Paige's video on Joy

No. 361802

I KNEW IT!! I had said before that the hemp oil she had shown in a previous livestream (the one with Dusty Balls) is actually the "CBD oil" she claims she is taking…it's NOT the same thing at all, you can't buy real CBD oil over the counter at a health food store, you have to go to a medical marijuana dispensary/buy off the street to get it. While there is an initiative on an upcoming ballot, medical marijuana is NOT legal in Oklahoma yet nor are there are any dispensaries in the state…so no, she isn't taking CBD oil because that bottle of hemp oil supplement she's holding up isn't it. Amusing that she once claimed she got high off it (and quickly backtracked once it was pointed out that wasn't possible.)

You need to explain what the link is if you want anyone to watch it, anon. When we see a link sitting alone like that we tend to assume it's from a self-posting idiot trying to get traffic for their dumb parody/crappy call-out video that no one would watch otherwise. Petty Paige's video differs in that it is actually well put together and a number of anons have been waiting for it to be released.

No. 361821

Holy shit. I pick up a few extra shifts at work and I come back to see that we are on #10 now and Joy is calling people "poo babies". Fucking hell Joy.

No. 361823


Otherwise, great video. This video is doing better damage control than Joy herself did. The whole sand analogy was brilliant.

No. 361844


I think Paige handled her the best way you can to get results. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar and all that jazz.

I don't think she will get through to her to her core, she's too much of a narcissist to inherently change, she might on a superficial level in that Joy will be more careful about what she says in public and for me, that is the most important thing. As long as she is not hurting innocent people
I don't give a shit what her private thoughts are.

On top of that people have woke, so she's not going to get away with other hurtful behaviour anymore either. Only her most loyal spergleberries still believe her and at this point they choose to live in ignorance so let them. It was the people who only catch her hippy happy rainbows videos once in a while, or the vulnerable, that I worried about, as they haven't got a clue they are being played but now people are more willing to educate them because they aren't in the minority anymore, so they don't have to worry about coming under attack from the rabid joytards without back up.

She's dropped giving "medical" advice. She's dropped allowing children on her streams.

All that's really left is for her to drop the malingering and fake illness claims and that's it for my involvement.

That's what she should have grasped in the beginning, people had genuine concerns and criticisms and it shouldn't have taken all of this for her to see how damaging she was being. Once she stops most of the heat will be off her, of course she'll always have detractors, which YTer doesn't but it don't be as bad as it has been. Hopefully these changes will last…

No. 361857

I can't believe I'm saying this, but she has now gone beyond Onion sperg levels. I am genuinely concerned for her mental health as she is so obsessive and manic - and very much not fatigued or any of the usual symptoms of a chronic illness. She is obsessed with being online, with getting into arguments, with being righteous and laying down her form of justice.

I liked her way back in the beginning, I thought she was legitimate in her case against Onion. But then the DO5 stuff happened and she's just spiralled into the behaviour we see now.

Joy, please. If you or your flying monkeys are reading this thread, get off the internet. It is not good for you. Find a hobby, get out of the house, get some healthcare and see a therapist. Something is faulty in your upstairs and you need to get yourself back on track. If the people who follow you truly cared, they would have the decency to tell you that you're making a fool of yourself and losing your online presence as a consequence.

No. 361869

I can say with 1000000% certainty that this is her. Jesus christ, anyone who'd pay for voice lessons from her is a damn fool. Couldn't carry a tune in a bucket with a lid on it.

No. 361873


These videos have been pulled now.

Bad luck Joyous, I just googled the song titles and found them somewhere else instead.

I hadn't listened to them until the Anon here >>361869 mentioned them.

"I feeeeeellllll blah, shreik, blah blah"

Good luck in getting them pulled from the entire internet.

No. 361876

I have to agree in a sense that Gergle never told an 11 year old to rape her bullies ( although a long time ago, he did make a very young fan cry by having her account banned from his old forums ). He never extensively lied about a serious medical diagnosis or treatments. They have both proven that their humour can be on a level of an edgy 12 year old sperging online. They're both hypocrites. They do the same kind of crap recycling - e.g. Gergle fucks up, after passionately defending his ways, he then promises to change and it lasts for a week. Kati fucks up, passionately defends her ways and then suddenly falls ill/is doing worse health-wise.
I wouldn't even be comparing them like this, but after all she did gain her platform from his content, made a few good videos and then spiralled into showing us she's a shitty person as well.

No. 361886

What the heck are you talking about?

1. The videos are all still there.
2. She's known for quite awhile that we found them (this isn't news, it was posted many a threads ago) if she was going to try to take them down it would have been done a long time ago….
3. She owns no rights to those songs/videos at all. She's merely the voice used in them - many artists do this, the vocalist is rarely, if ever, credited and has no claim to the music. Including having them removed….

No. 361888

File: 1501199604836.jpg (36.98 KB, 480x824, IMG_20170728_005250.jpg)

No. 361889

Not the same anon, but the videos are definitely gone.

No. 361890

File: 1501199865545.jpg (68.81 KB, 906x746, mylovehasgone.JPG)

Not for me. I even opened it in a new browser, refreshed it, gave it a thumbs up.

No. 361891

File: 1501199986675.jpg (41.76 KB, 900x577, notheyregone.jpg)

This is weird.

No. 361893

File: 1501200176302.gif (102.4 KB, 480x173, multiplechoice.gif)

No. 361894

Like I said, I'm not the same anon. Perhaps someone else can confirm if they're still up and you can go give her another like.

No. 361895

This is pure brilliance.

No. 361901


This is fantastic.


Doesn't matter. This is how derailment happens and this is why the thread isn't in PT.

No. 361902

Same Anon at >>361888 the second one isn't there either.

Maybe it is a licensing thing? Sometimes certain videos aren't available in certain countries.

I'm in the UK, where are the Anons who can and cannot see it?

No. 361904

EU located as well. I did listen to it on another website and x'd it fairly quickly. For other anons who also can't listen to it, you're not missing on much of anything.

No. 361931

I've gotta say honestly I'm beginning to feel bad for her. She has done a lot of shit that pisses me off but I do think she is mentally ill and her channel is basically her life, I don't like to see anyones life come crashing down. She obviously has issues and is using youtube to cope with them, and it's becoming an unhealthy addiction to her. And even though it's interesting to find out shit that she does, I ain't a complete dickhead, and I don't want to drive her to a complete breakdown, she is human afterall, and she cannot handle criticism. I'm thinking we go with maybe an 'advice' approach. I know others are beginning to feel the same way. I used to be a fan of hers, I just wish she would sort her head out.

She is completely unaware of her own actions. I'm beginning to think that she actually has some serious problem that involves delusions and psychosis. Especially when it comes to her speaking to angels, the illnesses she believes she has, her constant switching between mania and depression. Seriously she seems bipolar.

I'm now thinking how long can I sit laughing and joking about her, it was entertaining and funny at first. Now I'm like 'yo, she seriously needs help with her mental health.' I really hope this new doctor realises that.

No. 361932


She wants you to feel bad for her. This is what she wants.

Sorry, she is aware of what she's doing. Joy does know right from wrong.

No. 361941


why not both, anon? joy's entire youtube 'career' has basically been one long mental health episode. she clearly can't control her behavior, and could be a completely different person when stable, ie if she ever got the meds + treatment she needs. I know this thread likes to act like she's literally hitler, but she's not. she's just a schizo in need of a 72 hour rest stop and some new 'friends' afterwards.

No. 361945


She is no more schizophrenic than the local evangelical. She just charged people for doing what evangelicals do for free. Let's not go attributing things to her that are just flattly not supported by anything known about her.

Now, had you said Narcisist Personality Disorder… there is plenty to support that. NPD is not cured by meds and NPD people are very unlikely to seek treatment. Their "friends" are of their own making, as they are simply fodder to support the lifestyle that the NPD person thinks they are entitled to.

No. 361947

I agree with >>361932, she wants sympathy and for people to feel bad for her, that she has such a rough life. Do you really think she went and saw doctor? Really? I honestly don't believe She has a physical illness, as has been brought up many time before. She definitely has some sort of mental problem and needs medication and/or therapy. She only said those things because that's what is in her comments and what is being tweeted at her now. Most of those things were kept here, until recently. We already knew she lurked, she's been reading every bit of advise, criticism and what not that has been posted here. She can deny it all day, up down and side ways that she doesn't read the theeads. There were times she "had to address something" that was only being discussed here on these boards or kiwi farms.

No. 361954

I agree, she's loopy but if you actually question why she does shit then you realise her intentions are not to hurt anyone, but to get attention. Selfish she may be. But evil, far from it.

I feel she fears people hating her or abandoning her, and this is where all the manipulation and attention seeking comes from. Obviously something has gone on in her upbringing, she defiantly did not get the attention she needed.

She is unaware as in, she doesn't see her own hypocrisy. If she did, she wouldn't openly be so hypocritical.

I don't wish any harm to her, and I don't want to be someone that has contributed towards her breakdown. I just wanted her to sort out her head.

We can all agree she must have a mental illness, and with most mental illness comes suicidal tendencies, and although she could be putting shit out for attention, I have no doubt in my mind that all this is hurting her, so I'm gonna take a kinder approach, because I don't know if this may push her over the edge.

I mean what is this thread here for, at the moment all we are doing is hating and bitching about her and it's not achieving anything other than send someone into a complete mental state.

I know all of us here were once fans of her and I think shit like pulling up videos of her music and all going over to dislike it is ridiculous. Ask yourselves why your here, to express your opinion, or purposely hurt and upset her. I mean, if you enjoy that then you're no more better than her.

I came here to talk about my views on her, my experience. I'm not gonna lie, I've done my fair share of photoshops and name calling. But now I'm genuinely concerned.

I hope that she can come here, read what we have to say and take it on board.

No. 361956

I do believe she actually saw a doctor, reason is because she wouldn't lie and know her roommate can easily watch her vids.
She said her roommate organised it and took her.
So either she actually went, or her roommate is in on the bs too.
I honestly believe she thinks she is ill, but I don't believe she has anything other than a mental illness.

No. 361972

First, she lies about EveryFuckingThing.
3.They've been living together for around a year right? Eight months was her making videos non stop. He probably watch a couple of them but he's more into video games and sports.
3. You can muse all you want about her upbrining, its not our job to make her realise what her problem is.
Last. You must not have been here that long when you dont sage your non-milk shit.

>I know all of us here were once fans of her

No. I was never a fan of her. Ever. Two videos is all it took for me to see through her shit.

>I came here to talk about my views on her, my experience.

This isn't group therapy.

No. 361976


I understand what you mean. It's a very difficult one.

I feel like it was never to hate on Joy, sure she annoys me with some of her uneducated views.

However a lot of YouTubers are making money off of cheap content, mentioning parts of their lives, some even of off fake staged content. Also others youtubers have made offensive comments, some lost business, but most are still on YT.

The problem grew worse not necessarily due to Joy herself, but the people she surrounds herself with. Including so called fans and other youtubers who didn't once stop to think how their behaviour may reflect on Joy.

Because after all it's not their potential career they're helping to ruin.

I like others here never intended to bully, but rather point out where she had gone terribly wrong.

No. 361977

>HAD stupid ass Kati gone to her county assitance office when she was first having trouble 100% they would have known of this magical clinic that roommate seemed to find. That is their job to know where these resources are.

FMS annon here and I've been saying this for several threads. If anyone is to believe anything she said in her video here's the thing.

If she had actually filled out paperwork for disablility and Medicaid or food stamps, she would've had to go there eventually, too. Your county Children and Family Services office often has tons of resources, not just relating to health and food. She obviously didn't look too hard, or it would've popped up.

If she went to a sliding scale clinic, how did she get in so quickly. I go to one for my fibro, as I am unemployed AND uninsured AND, get this, live in the Midwest, and it takes me a month to get in to see my primary doc. To get a phone call returned from them usually takes a few days minimum. Clinics designed like this fill up quickly, and have people lined up at the crack of dawn for walk ins in case there's a cancellation. I'm calling BS on the sudden "I got you in at 8am" story. There had to have been someone with a more severe problem that Katis chronic diarrhea, unless they lied.

She's had people offering for months to pay for her insurance and refused and suddenly is so bad she couldn't wait any longer. Ignoring the maturity and common sense of her decision making on that. Randomly, like a miracle, this place had an opening. The Angels are speaking. And she's rather go to a free, non specialized, crappy ass clinic, with mediocre doctors, while simultaneously taking services from people, "Browns" who probably actually need it, rather than accepting the gift from people who would pay for specialized care out of their own pockets.

She even said the doctor said if the tests show abnormalities her doctor will refer her to the best of the best or something. Does she think that will be free??? Does she think she'll get in to that Doctor over night? She already was seeing a doctor, allegedly, that was the "best of the best" for free several months ago and she fired him after one or two visits, claiming he couldn't help her…

She said her problems are not her mental health. Dealing with chronic health problems has caused her to be depressed. This is true for most people. I'll buy that. But then says she does have PTSD. Hello! Have we forgotten the major "poo baby" scandal already? Do you know anything about PTSD? Studies show it doesn't get better as time goes on, it actually gets worse if untreated. If you do in fact have it, you probably have a serious MH problem by now.

I agree with what everyone else is saying about her phasing out the health issues pity party angle of her scams. Too many people are sniffing around. If she did see a doc, she's had the appointment for a minute, and they won't tell her anything but what we already know here. She's got mental health issues.

No. 361984


It does appear like Joy does suffer from an untreated MH issue. (Not that I know for certain of course).

She should definitely listen to a Dr's advice, and at least try, that way she'll know for certain if it helps or not.

Medication for MH illnesses can sometimes take years to fully work, stopping them after a few months, and without the Dr's "okay" leads to recurring problems in most people.

No. 361985


The other thing is that she was in so much pain that she laid down crying and woke up her roommate and then, he found her a sliding scale clinic with an appointment that morning that she went to… and she rushed home and made a video before she had anything more than the information that she'd gone to a clinic that had ordered the standard blood tests that any new patient has ordered for them.

If the night before you were that physically wiped out and you'd already announced you were taking a break and the whole of the Internet was out for you anyway… why not get home and just relax. Why the fuck would you rush out a video at NOON… not even like she sat on the information until later that night… she rushed out a video that makes it really hard to believe she actually went to any clinic at all.

No. 361986

Didn't that 3 hour video basically show that a lot of what Joy does was premeditated?

Even though there is no way to predict how the public will react, Joy knows exactly what she's doing. She is Ms. Hector Projector. Everything she calls out Onision for could easily be applied to her. Remember, she admitted to watching his videos for like, a decade.

Instead of slowly building up, she went after the lowest hanging fruit. Again, she has stated in her I'm scared (I believe that's the name of it, it's one of her earlier videos), that she can see through Onision because she used to be like that, that she has accidentally hurt people as well.

I don't buy the whole, feel bad for me crap. She's not living alone, and it's not like she just makes videos and doesn't interact with anyone that cosigns her behavior. They all turn a blind eye because she knows how to work people over.

No. 361987

For the record. The video "Getting Help…" went live at 12:12pm CDT. That means that she had to record, edit, and upload it prior to noon. Per the video, roommate work her up at 8am saying he'd found the clinic and had an appointment for her. So, in a 4hr period, she dressed, went there, had the appointment, drove home, recorded, edited, and uploaded that video.

No. 362010

Likewise here, Psych is typically 72 hours and chest pain is either released from ER or overnight stay for observation at most and that is for someone insured. If her blood work and EKG we're normal, like she said they were, they wouldn't even keep her overnight.

She again spoke negatively about the hospital health care workers in the new video and that's a major red flag. It's always that they are egotistical or snotty or some other attitude problem.

They have probably had it with her shit while trying to actually take care of sick and injured patients and see her as either attention seeking, drug seeking or lawsuit seeking.

She shares everything, even used to literally talk about her shit all the time. She claims to have almost died so many times yet she never goes into details about it. Even if she truly does have fibro, it's not critical or terminal. She will at times say the fibro is a result from her copper to but everyone knows that if she had even one near death experience, there would be hours and hours of video and details. Instead all we have a is a demented "my brain is sick" video that was filmed after she was up for two weeks and needed to gather all the sympathies to take back to her crypt where she has a bank of all the life she sucked out of people to keep her cozy while she slumbers.

No. 362013

Thank you
I agree.

No. 362015


$80? Wow, okay. I always wondered if she truly believed her tales or if she was a flat out scam artist. It's clear that she's not a FLAT OUT scam artist, but also legit fucking nuts.

No. 362019


I hate to even suggest a diagnoses, but yeah. I grew up with a bi-polar mom and her mania manifested itself in religious delusions of grandeur, a lot like Kati's. A lot of people don't have any idea what bi-polar is. It's actual psychosis, not just intermittent shitty attitudes.

She really has no self-awareness and can only classify other like-minded people as logical which is evident by how fucking fired up she gets at anyone questioning her. SHE KNOWS she's right.

No. 362025

She is absolutely aware of her actions. That's why she is crying about her recent nonsense, not because she hurt people, but because she isn't getting away with it. Then she pulls the poor me card and conveniently decided to get help all of the sudden. There's been plenty of us and plenty of her friends offering support and even begging her to stop but she doesn't. She has just been doing it so long that she knows how to get away with it.
Every move she makes is calculated. She is very careful with her wording even. One of the recent uploads she talks like she is acknowledging that she was wrong and made mistakes and wants to change but at the same time she isn't sorry and hasn't made mistakes and she will continue to say whatever and never censor herself. This way her haturz hear what they want and her fans hear what they want. It's master level manipulation. Nobody can take her word at this point. She wants to be the hero and the villain but that's not the way it works.

No. 362030

File: 1501216925649.jpg (393.26 KB, 1057x2221, IMG_20170728_003728.jpg)

Repzion comment on her last video.

(Did the best I could putting them together so pardon them being crooked)

No. 362031

36:07 Andy warski and friends discuss joy a little more. Failure accomplished is there along with Tonka saw, vampkittg and Ian miles cheong.

Warski's issue this time is Jamie Leigh claims that joy issued a privacy complaint on Jamie's video and now Jamie has a strike because of joy. Andy thinks it's hypocritical of her to issue that complaint because she has done it to onision and complained about when she though he was manually reporting her videos.

Failure is pissed that she is saying she is clinically obese by one pound and using body positivity. Failure also says he thinks that joy just likes to collect disabilities to be able to use then as excuses.

Someone in the chat says "@andywarski complains about someone backstabbing him in a pod cast, proceeds to backstab @joysparklebs"
Andy:"me and her aren't, like, best friends. And… she…fucked up on a few things and I'm just mentioning it. I don't give a shit. I don't give a fuck."

They bring joy up multiple times after the 36min mark. In between the two time stamps above, warski makes an open invitation for joy to come on the show and talk to him.

No. 362040

File: 1501217790980.png (87.64 KB, 587x518, b242XMV.png)


her fans are cunts.

No. 362046

File: 1501218349039.jpg (311.59 KB, 2560x1379, IMG_20170728_010045.jpg)

Re: body positivity
Time stamp in her new video where she states "I feel like I'm fat enough where I could look at somebody and be like, I'll sit on you."

So are fat jokes ok now or…?

No. 362050


honestly… if "brown people are shit stained" is a common derogatory statement against people of color…. "don't sit on me" is a common derogatory statement against obese people. That bitch is so, completely low brow. I wish people would stop calling her 'white trash' because white trash are no where near as ignorant as she is.

No. 362067

She is just pure filth.
She probably had a post it note hanging there by her camera, to remind her to insert her fat joke. It will help support her "humor is my way of coping / it's just a joke, bruh" bit she has been using. This will aid in reassuring that she stands for free speech and and is not a hypocrite.

No. 362074

Looks like someone filled in the blanks where the audio dropped out on those calls between moralvirus and Joy.

No. 362080

Failure was referring to her "I'm obese " video and how she says "after reflecting on it [she] has come terms with it and is ok with it." Andy does an impression of joy saying, "guys, I'm one pound over and now I'm obese." Tonka says "and she's already ok with it! It hasn't happened yet!"

At 42:48 failure says,pretty loudly, "fuck that cunt because she's saying she's obese. Fuck you! As an obeae person…" It trails off when everyone starts talking.

No. 362103

I knew I loved Repzion for a reason.

No. 362118

god that would be a nightmare. I think jeff is pretty attractive imo but god…..i would loose virtually all respect for him if thats the case lmao

No. 362125


I hate posts like this. This thread is already a shitshow between dumbass posts asking back & forth about the mostly irrelevant Celtic music videos showing up for people or not. And then there's posts like yours.

Literally nobody here has suggested she is evil or akin to anything like Hitler. Based on many things you've said in your posts, it's clear you haven't read these threads. We criticise her. We don't demonize her. A good majority of us would be extremely relieved if she got help. STFU and learn how to sage.

If you're so worried about "achieving" something regarding Kati, I hope you keep us updated when you achieve whatever the fuck it is you think the rest of us should be doing.

And I was never her fan. If you think she's going to take anything "we" have to say "on board" then you're a bigger noob than I thought. Fucking puss.

No. 362129

fucking ew. do you also love onion just because he's less shitty than joy? smh, anon.

No. 362130

>>362040 thank you Rep! Thank you! Yes, she is doing all invisible/chronic illness sufferers a huge disservice.


She's going to enter into meltdown mode pt 2 once she sees Rep's comment and learns what Andy has been saying. She has been trying to get the Warskis on side from day one. She already got aggressive over the medical advice comment, ignored Andy's tweet calling her out for the "rape the bully" comment to the child. And now this.

I think she will keep the meltdown private this time, I don't think she can risk going public with another rant, as it was her kicking off that lost her subs.

If she says nothing it indicates she can help herself, she can control it because she's lost her mind over a lot less on numerous occasions. Mental illness wasn't why she went into meltdown, she was angry that nobody was falling for her shit and she thought she could verbally beat people into submission with manipulation. She knows that didn't work, so I can't see her risking losing more by going nuts over what Rep and the Warskis said.

No. 362132

It would tickle me greatly if Rep was actually an anon all along. Epic post!

No. 362145

I'm getting fed up of hearing about lolcow demonising Joy and comparing her to Hitler, that is the biggest pile of BS. Look back through the first two threads to see original intent.

Yes these threads attract recently pissed off former fans who come here to vent about the tiniest things but that is what most of us call derailment.

It should be noted that since her latest incident has now died down, so have the comments on here. That is because longer running Anons agreed to stick to lurking until relevant information or criticism is warranted and then go back to lurking afterwards. And that is what most of us do because we aren't here to be petty, we have genuine concerns and nitpicking does nothing to help get those concerns heard. In fact it damages genuine claims because people look at the nitpicking and think the entire thread holds these views, which isn't true.

I can't recall an Anon ever wanting to "destroy" her, that's not what lolcow is, it's about seeing potential and hoping they will take it on board and improve.

I hope newfags take the above on board, yes you have a right to post relevant information, the fresher the better but think of the impact you could have, some of us have put a lot of time and energy into researching relevant information and debunking terrible medical claims, financial claims, etc and all of that is being lost to what her hair looks like, or other petty things. Or things we have discussed and are being rehashed over and over. Please read the the threads before posting, or at least the headings for each thread, if you have a specific topic, perform a control + F search to see if it has already been discussed.

You risk doing for her what she has done for Onion, in making people think we are going to hard. We have already lost our p/t status thanks to newbs running in before being able to crawl.

I'm concerned to see people falling for her latest woe is me act, so I will put something together about her history with this behaviour, it is a cycle of her usual behaviour, I will show you this and ask you keep it in the back of your mind, don't rush to forgive so quickly, you should be wary.

Afterwards I'll go back to lurking until real milk is spilled.

Saged for pleading blogpost.

No. 362148

Once again she's on YouNow addressing "too many rumors"

No. 362154

>"my brain is sick" video that was filmed after she was up for two weeks and needed to gather all the sympathies to take back to her crypt where she has a bank of all the life she sucked out of people to keep her cozy while she slumbers.
Top kek, anon. There's some clever writing bastards on this forum.

No. 362160


The thing is, countless of people have gone to her with a more 'advice' approach; by and large, she either ignores them, or she deems them haters because they don't agree with what she says/does.

It's a little harder to sympathize with someone who doesn't want to hear anything outside of their narrative.

No. 362193

I'm the Anon at >>362145 I'm going through her videos to get together all the proof to show this sympathy seeking behaviour is a part of her usual cycle.

>>362154 She has removed the "my brain is sick" upload, along with a few others. I can remember there being two why I left YT videos, now there is only one. The my brain is sick is gone, along with another I can't remember the title for.

The ad news for joy is I have previously downloaded these videos, as she has a habit of deleting past videos to cover current behaviour. I will get them uploaded to vidme now and I will hopefully find the other missing videos in my download library too.

She is just making it worse for herself, at this point she has to know that we document almost everything, so she is only proving that she has something to hide when she removes certain uploads.

I will drop the links once they are uploaded but does anyone have a screen shot of when this was in her library that I can have please?

No. 362195

I just remembered, one of the uploads she removed seeking sympathy were after she went on that abusive, threatening rant against Konstigo, the 17 year old. She go called out for it and reverted to sympathy mode.


No. 362198

File: 1501244098278.png (1.16 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170728-081416.png)

No. 362202

File: 1501244428426.png (1.11 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170728-081949.png)

No. 362207

File: 1501245727702.jpg (846.4 KB, 1934x2560, IMG_20170728_082856.jpg)

My brain is sick
I'm scared
I don't want to die

Onision pedo test, which isn't really necessary here but I've been meaning to share it because of her reaction in the thumbnail. We know how she lights up when she talks about him and the dry heaving is more about humor and is her goofing off. But worth noting because of when she was going to debate Omni the pedo. When she was briefly talking about him for a bit, she would do the same dry heaving but that time it was supposed to be serious. I caught it when I went back to watch older videos, and slap myself in the face for buying her BS when it was all right in front of my face. Anyway, her fake reaction to Omni is weird. Why all the extra? She was trying to convince us she wasn't careless about the children after her D05 $pree or wanted us to believe that she wasn't debating Omni for views or whatever, but the oh my god, the child abuse and pedophilia make me vomit act was another manipulation tool.

No. 362215

>>362207 Thank you Anon, this way I can work out an approximate upload date to connect it to her sympathy seeking pattern. I have the "I don't want to die" and "I'm scared" uploading at the moment, along with a lot of others as apparently she is going on a delete spree according to comments on her YT.

I finally watched her latest upload this morning and she still refers to POC as brown people! After everything Paige said, I knew sh wouldn't really change but I thought the daft bint would at least pretend to but no.

It was when she was explaining her alleged clinic visit, she said their were a lot of hispanic people, a lot of different "brown people" illegal immigrants.

Anyway, I've grabbed that too and her her claims onto the illness list.

Here is the "My brain is sick" upload from vidme.


No. 362217


>>She was trying to convince us she wasn't careless about the children after her D05 $pree or wanted us to believe that she wasn't debating Omni for views or whatever, but the oh my god, the child abuse and pedophilia make me vomit act was another manipulation tool.

We think her change of heart was brought abut by her reading the thread. We were comparing how hard she had gone in on Onion for exposing his young fans to paedophiles and that it was is responsibility to police his channel and ensure it is a safe space. She said paedophiles would be able to go through the comments and cherrypick the young fans and contact them privately. So it was pointed out that she was going to be doing the exact same thing by bringing a paedophile onto her platform when she was aware of having young viewers.

Lots of information backing this up using her own past claims against Onion was posted and lo behold! Not an hour later she was cancelling the debate.

She has responded to lots of things brought up on here.

No. 362220

Ha! She's still responding to this thread, guess which uploads are back…

No. 362238

Not exactly someone who is in pain 24/7…


No. 362268

>it's about seeing potential and hoping they will take it on board and improve.
not really

No. 362281

has anybody been recording her last younows?

No. 362306

part of this morning's younow stream… would be nice to get the entire thing w/comments.

No. 362325

it's funny that both sides use the same 'reasoning' and come to opposite conclusions

joytards say she can take criticism because of this time and that time and that other time she took criticism

farmers say she can't take criticism because of this time and that time and that other time she reacted to criticism

i think she KNOWS that how you come at her will influence how she reacts and THAT is why she demands respect. she knows about this chink in her armor. i think this is also why she wants to deal with issues in private, where things won't snowball because of other's reactions.

No. 362335


Yes but the examples they use are few and far between and there is usually an underlying reason as to why she appears to have taken it on board. There has to be something positive in it for her to take it on board. One of those positives is that she can then use them as an example of how she does listen lol.

She plants the seeds too, she always claimed to never be about money, she had no interest in making money, she would never open a Patron, etc but she listened to her fans and that's the only reason she monetised, opened a Patreon (before releasing a video asking if she should open a Patreon) and started streaming for money. But now she uses the suggestions of others as her defense and an example of her listening. She did the same thing with video length, a few people asked for shorter uploads but she saw that "criticism" as an opportunity to help her, she inflated how many people were suggesting it when the majority liked the longer. But she spun it to make it sound like it was the opposite and says it long enough that people believe her and start parroting her when others complain about the much shorter uploads with a higher daily release rate that she makes more money from.

We have seen repeatedly that she won't take criticisms that mean she has to actually make an effort and gain nothing from it.

Paige was beyond understanding with her and even spoke in her defence by saying she doesn't think she is racist, yet Joy hasn't taken a word of what she said on board, she reverted straight back to saying "brown" people.

Andy was nice to her about tag spamming but she still does it and never stopped.

No. 362343

It also has nothing to do with respect. Joy has treated people the opposite herself.

And as for speaking in private, that has many factors, and isn't really the point here.

Even her own fans have complained about being ignored, and how she doesn't listen to polite suggestions/criticism.

(Not aimed at anyone in particular) However I do think some people on all sides take it too far, there's no need for name calling or things like body shaming

No. 362346


I wasn't drawing a conclusion either way. I left it open that way on purpose.

I think you guys may be missing the point of the last bit. It was to give possible (Don't want to be presumptuous. lol) insight. For discussion purposes on this board only, of course. ;)

No. 362360

>THAT is why she demands respect.

She can try to demand it all day. Respect is earned, not given. When she wants to call people "cunts" and "fucking dumb" for calling out her bullshit, that shows she not reciprocating it back. Respect is fickle that way, once you lose it, it takes twice as long to earn it back.

P.s. not fond of the kati style typing. (•_•)

I still think she is insignificant, the world doesn't care about her and it owes her fucking nothing. no one but her delusional fans are jealous of her.

No. 362361

there's more than one anon making these criticisms. also, top kek at your idea of what lolcow is - and you call others newfags? jfc.
you don't remember the times people were falling over themselves to try and report her for the stupidest things? or the vendetta-chan posts that come back thread after thread, including that stupid 'I know where you live' bullshit? perhaps you recall all the times she has been described as 'evil', since that is a popular descriptor for her? or all the hand-wringing about how she is destroying lives? come the fuck on.

the reason this thread will never get back to pt is the same reason it will never achieve its supposed goals of helping her change; the real milk as brought by a few dedicated anons is lost in the maelstrom of everyone else pulling in different directions. some want to see her burn, some want to see her get help, some want to derail or self-promo, and about 6 million fucking nobodies want to ride her coattails. these threads are far more gurugossiper or pull than lcf.

if you want to spare the milk, compile important shit into a pastebin or dedicated containment thread or something. then it's one quick link to find everything in one place. or just keep trying to herd cats. whatever.

No. 362372

File: 1501267353969.png (60.61 KB, 653x449, F9cXdzQ.png)

She's trying to make an inventory of "the haters are tellin' lize 'bout me!"

No. 362373

What is with her question marks. She just talked about the whole "rape em" thing less the 24hrs ago on her younow livestream.

No. 362376

File: 1501267608616.png (54.92 KB, 628x457, SqyZiQB.png)


Less than 12 hours ago… thank you very much.

No. 362390

File: 1501268671907.png (149.85 KB, 720x853, 20170728_140344.png)

Nice how she's only giving answers to the obviously fictitious ones. (>ლ)

No. 362471

Is she really playing dumb about all of this? Didn't know how old she was? I suppose it's normal for middle schoolers to be 20 or something?

No. 362590

Joy's uploading a new video and doing a livestream in half an hour (2-3 hours) to address accusations.

No. 362599

File: 1501290997589.png (60.8 KB, 720x389, 20170728_201621.png)

No. 362603

she's live

No. 362604

Now, is she going to address the actual 'rumors/lies' or is she going to just focus on the jokes her asshole 'friends' asked her?

Also, nice to see she's taking a break. /sarcasm

No. 362606

She's not going to use "POC" unless specifically asked and then only face to face. OMFG, she's a bitch.

No. 362609

Well, some people don't like that term because they see it as too similar to "colored". I refer to people how they want to be referred to. Can't fault her there.

No. 362610

How many streams has she already had about "addressing" this type of shit? She gets off topic, talks in circles and then it ends up becoming a bunch of shit heads talking over each other, laughing like idiots at the word "poo", and trying to make up trending #joysafuckingcunt.

No. 362613

she's not getting even a single superchat so far, even after pimping for it.

No. 362617

someone said she doesn't exploit children since she "donated" all the money. that's funny considering she hasn't even shown the receipts like she said she would

No. 362618


Wait, no one is giving her money, for once?

Bets on how long the stream will last if no money is flowing in?

No. 362624

She got a couple little ones before I left about ten min ago.

No. 362666

I'm watching Joys livestream right now. Wish I could record it but I can't with what I have.
At the moment Joy is not letting anyone on that would like to ask some good questions that others would like answered. A person donated $5 to get her attention and asked if he/ she could go on. Of course Joy declined the offer. This is a big ass pat party for Joy. People blowing smoke up her ass…

All of them all so hypocritical.

No. 362671

On her live stream… we're into the "all of joy's guests tell people in the chat to fuck themselves and go to hell" portion of the night. That's a lovely way to run a live stream.

No. 362675


It's posted here >>362040

No. 362680

Is the stream any good/did she address anything significant? Unable to watch atm.

No. 362681

Joy read out Repzions comment out loud for everyone a little later in the stream. Her buddies were all gasping in disbelief, lol! They are bashing (as usual) anybody who disagrees with them. Like, haters, no lifers, etc…

No. 362682

SunBuns or whatever her name is just tried to imply that Joy's sub loss is just another one of Youtube's glitches, that the likes/dislikes glitch a lot too.
I bet the hundreds of comments she gets calling her out for very specific reasons are just glitches too. Lol these people are fucking beyond delusional.

No. 362684

OH JESUS she's comparing herself to kids with cancer, saying at least they're getting help if they're in hospital but her frustration comes from her not being able to get help, my sides

No. 362686

>that the likes/dislikes glitch a lot too
Yes that was my hand glitching when I pressed the dislike on her previous videos, lol. I hope some kind anon is going to cut up the video and put the important bits together ( if there are any ), because I'm sure 3/4 of the stream is going to be rambling and 6 hours long.

No. 362687

It's legitimately awful. Although someone in the chat just said to Sunbuns something like "seems you don't know why Joy keeps you around." and she replied "You don't know our relationship." and then seconds later skipped out of the stream.
She monetized this stream addressing criticisms about her being money-hungry. My sides may never recover after this.

No. 362693

She was just asked why she doesn't look into medical loans and said she's never hard of medical loans.
Someone who is legitimately afraid and constantly going to hospital ER and scared of heart troubles will look into any way to get money/loans/borrow money from friends/ask online for help if they think their life is at risk. It's extremely hard to believe that she wouldn't have tripped over that suggestion, been informed by doctors or clinics, or otherwise found it during web searches for help for her issues. What a dirty liar.

No. 362697

This medical insurance thing is crazy. People have offered to pay for it for her (recent past) and she ignores them. This is just her excuse for sympathy. Why do people continue to entertain her with this garbage? Giving her advice, what she possibly could have, or obtaining med insurance somehow.

No. 362701

Now they are talking about wanting Joy to start up a music channel and they all get very excited with the idea. Joy says it would take a couple months of practise and with her "illness" it's just not possible right now. Yet she yells and hollers, flaps her arms all night in stream and videos.

No. 362703

I Think we are just embracing her STFU for a week while resting her voice

No. 362706


YAAAASSSSSS QUEEN! STFU for TWO weeks… rest that voice!

No. 362746

That was seriously so ridiculous that I had to tap out when they were just orbiting her ass for their chance to kiss it.

Its really creepy how they light up when they have the opportunity to praise her. You can still have a close friendship with respect and admiration and not have exchanges like that. I guess technically it isn't an exchange because it's all about joy as she is the only one important. So it's less of a friendship and more of worship, I suppose. It's actually sad that this is what normal is to them, that all her nonsense isnt an issue.

Like, helloooooo she isn't your friend, she has you on stream because she knows you will dote over her and say good things about her. You're nothing more than a prop or a tool to her

No. 362753


I tapped out when she pretended she would help Emphasis On BS with their apparent community strike for hate speech.

No. 362757

OMG… I'm still there… I'm recording… don't abandon me :(

No. 362766


You are the strongest amongst us. Do farewell my brave anon.

No. 362783

File: 1501308675724.png (10.55 KB, 355x96, joy1.png)

her fans need to stop

No. 362784

can anyone hit me with a timestamp for when they talk about Repzion's comment? I can't possibly listen to that cancer just to get to the one part

No. 362785


Holy shit… five fucking hours! I'll look for the start, but it is drug out over about 2 hours because she reads it, then "goes through it line by line" and that's mostly them kissing her ass. It's just ended. I need a break, so not sure I'll be getting the timestamp this morning or not.

No. 362792

rep has improved, most porblematic thing he's done is lie about onion debate and be a cringey beta at most/ gloriyfing suicide due to depression for a bit.

Sure the blackmailing someguy was fucked but he is not at the level of these cows

No. 362793

One of the girls in the stream said she'd never heard of Onision until she saw Joy's vids. So, she started watching them and she didn't have problems with them… then, later… she said she'd made an account on his forum to check it out. She uploaded a pic of herself and Onision put it in a vid immediately. She said "I'm not sure if it was the same day I uploaded it or the next day" it was a vid about "On first glance" and she said she was making a scowling face in it and that was his only comment on the pic. I wasn't near the computer and Joy's pic was small… but I bet Joy was fuming inside (with jealousy!) to have such a traitor in her midst.

No. 362808

Joy's "line by line" analysis/discussion of repzion's comment begins at 1:12

Seems to go on for a while. I'll see how long I last and try to out up timestamps for any relevant parts. If I last that long.
God watching this stream is painful. It's so gross how people are crawling up Joy's hairy fucking ass. I'm too sober for this.

Sage for OT

No. 362826

thank you, kind anon

No. 362829


>She monetized this stream addressing criticisms about her being money-hungry. My sides may never recover after this.

I see her spiral away from self awareness deepens. Lol!

>>362783 I don't think this person understands that having all of those problems is probably why they have no problem with her. No social awareness, as they are perfect bully fodder so will happily accept other "misfits."

Did she bring up what Warski said about her medical issues in his own stream?

No. 362835

JFC, I was joking when I said her stream is going to be 6 hours long again, it's 5 hours. I wouldn't be able to sit like this, talk and yell at the camera for an hour, being sick. Shit, I don't think a lot of people could do that when healthy, lol. I really can't wait to see how her hospital/health updates pan out, it's surely going to be a shitshow of "nooo, did she really lie again?".

Going into the shitfest, I'll let you know if she mentions Warski ( I hope other anons watch/ed, cause sitting through this is going to be exhausting ).

No. 362843

I sat through it all when she was live and don't recall her mentioning the Warskis. She brought up Repzion and Jamie.

No. 362889

Theres a new video up. Guessing by the title it's probably about the 11 year old and the rape 'joke'.

No. 362912

Yes - she's lying in it, too. She's saying none of them knew her age, even though she talked about being in middle school/transferring schools. How she can lie this much is beyond me.

No. 362919

I think Joy is being truthful in that she didn't know the girl's age at the time…but only because she wasn't really listening to her and was bored with her as a guest…which is why she made her answer an innappropriate joke based on what Cy and the others were saying. Joy had been daring her haters and trolls to guest with her right before and that is what she expected when she put this girl on…so when she hears the girl has an actual real problem she just sort of tunes her out. Then she tries to make her answer "funny" to liven up what she perceives as a boring guest. If she had been listening she would have known the girl was super young, she said she was going from elementaary to middle school…but Joy wasn't listening because she really doesn't care about some random guest's bully problems.

No. 362922

File: 1501338327187.jpg (72.58 KB, 480x613, IMG_20170729_152236.jpg)

She must have alluded to what he said. I didn't think she had the balls to confront him now that he sees her. She jumped at the chance to speak to him the first time because she knew he didn't know a lot about her.

I'm surprised she said anything about Rep. I wonder if she wants to create a new drama train now that she's getting called a cry bully over Onion.

No. 362923

Oh, I completely believe that she wasn't really listening, however to say that none of them caught it while the girl gave several hints and the chat is full of people mentioning and questioning her age…That's just being dishonest. Perhaps they were all having collective fibro fog, though.

No. 362927


>Joy wasn't listening because she really doesn't care about some random guest's bully problems.

But Joy truly cares about all children. All children should be respected and protected, especially when they are crying out for help and anyone who doesn't agree is a paedophile Onion DO5 sympathiser. Lol.

No. 362929

File: 1501338684795.jpg (248.74 KB, 758x1453, adpEeEA.jpg)

No. 362933

Ultimately the girl's age isn't the biggest problem….she shouldn't have told anyone to rape their bullies, even as a joke…because she has no idea how the person is going to take what she said. While it's unlikely someone would take it seriously, some people are very literal and don't recognize sarcasm or jokes, she can't know the person will understand her intent or what they will do with her "advice." And if it was inappropriate for her to talk to an 11 yr old why did she tell the girl to DM her? Is that any better?

No. 362934

File: 1501338928539.jpg (124.25 KB, 580x783, CwF81P7.jpg)

No. 362936

Yeah remember when she tried to justify Repzion & Suit's using the derogatory word "nig nog" as the name of the black character…and she read and believed the Urban Dictionary definition…that it's what black people call "egg nog" Not only does that make her sound really dumb but that tweet doesn't help convince anyone she isn't racist…it looks bad.

No. 362938

I completely agree - she shouldn't have been saying it at all. However, to that she would say "it's my stream, cusswords, my kitchen", so you know… She seems to be one of those people who simply can't admit to a mistake, without giving some silly explanation ( the race thing went from anal trauma, to us being dummb, to all POC are brown to me - that's very telling ) or flat out re-creating the reality of events.

Exactly - lol, she's a true champion for human rights, especially children.

This is very soothing to look at, thank you for posting, anon!

No. 362940

I just listened to her latest video "did I know her age?" Everything she has ever said about Onion and do5 is coming back to bite her in her mashed potatoes.

She is using the exact same excuses she dragged Onion for. When he said they looked older, that wasn't good enough for Joy, according to her it's his channel his responsibility to police it, his responsibility to ensure it is a safe space, his responsibility to ID check because kids lie about age, etc.

She really does need mental help, she is completely blind to the obvious connection between the standards she expects from others vs the low standards she holds herself to. She doesn't grasp that everything she has ever said is forever, for all to see, why continue to lie knowing this? It's pathological, I used to think she just lied for personal gain but the fact she continues to lie when it is to her detriment shows how deep her problems go.

Roommate needs to organise an intervention. Change the router password mate and don't give her it until she takes steps to sort herself out. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.

At this point I feel like I've paid for a ticket to Bedlam. I swing between the need to see her be held accountable and wanting her to get sectioned.

No. 362955

>She is using the exact same excuses she dragged Onion for.

It's be cool to see a video comparing her "did I know her age?"video To her criticism of onision for the underage girl in his video. She would be cririzing herself for being what he was/is.

No. 362977

new name for her "Hate Baity Kati"

No. 362984

File: 1501346185668.jpg (507.63 KB, 1440x2470, IMG_20170729_121148.jpg)

Her latest rape joke may technically be sexual harrassement. Perhaps I am alone in thinking that but it's not something that should ever be said to anyone, let alone a kid. I know it's a joke and majority of others do as well, but like mentioned above, many people don't recognize sarcasm.

Aside from that, her approach to handling situations is all together wrong and she is rarely rational. She's the worst possible person to ask for advice as she obviously can't get her life together. She had the opportunity to actually really help someone and prove her critics wrong but instead she proved them right.

She cares about nobody but herself and Greg and her intentions are about getting sympathy and money.

No. 362987


Lack of inclusion is EXclusion.

She is so ignorant she doesn't even know what she is resisting.

No. 362989

File: 1501346440692.jpg (71.75 KB, 960x720, Two sides of the same coin pt …)

>>362955 I have lots of screen shots of her making comments along those lines but I've never edited any footage together. I can pull and make clips but I've never then put them together before. If someone would put it all together.

This reminds me, I meant to post this the other day,I call it two sides of the same coin. Some of the comments are Onion, some or Kati, can you guess which is which? Lol.

I'll go and put together the screen shots of the excuses she once condemned but now embraces.

No. 362990


What gets me is that that group is just making for POCs the same experience she gets, but somehow lets all laugh at it? AND the other people on there laughing along are also assholes. Her spergleberries suck as bad as she does.

No. 362991


You have to admit… were a guy to make the rape jokes she makes with the same frequency… he would be considered a complete asshole and there is NO WAY a guy could get away with that any place outside of his own home.

No. 363000

Can tell which ones because Gergle's still better at spelling. That said, the 'lying ones' made me laugh so much.

No. 363025

File: 1501354075036.png (147.7 KB, 720x828, 20170729_132739.png)

This is a comment from her "did I know her agr?" Video. I went back to the live stream and the kid is clearly visable for a good couple minutes before the whole screen is blurred.

No. 363032

I really don't see the issue Joy has? All the girl did was start a website with pretty harmless custom content. The reason it was focused on black people is not to spite or exclude anyone but because the creator couldn't find enough CC to suit her needs and created it herself. I might understand Joy's annoyance if the woman had just whined about it or made unreasonable demands but she all she did was make an observation and then fix the issue herself, no biggie.

No. 363034


<dons tinfoil hat> It's almost like Kati is jealous that the woman that made the Black Simmer got attention. </neatly folds tinfoil hat back into my pocket>

No. 363045

I can agree that Joy is a least becoming borderline sexual harassment when it comes to her subscribers. She knows very well that she has some very young viewers watching her, and she continues to make crude sex jokes, talk about vaginas (including her own), anal sex, dicks, rape, race jokes (poo babies) and now onto NIG NOG. She says her channel is about helping kids and yet she makes all these sexual references. Really gross and twisted. Don't you see what you are doing Joy?

No. 363074

"Nig nog" is an old thing (notice how her tweet is from March 18th.) It was one of the first indicators of her mindset…at the time we just thought she was incredibly ignorant & didn't research its meaning properly before trying to defend others using it as a derogatory nickname making a complete fool of herself as a result…but considering her more recent "jokes" it seems to be part of a pattern of behavior.

No. 363085

File: 1501362863691.jpg (132.97 KB, 960x720, BS do as I say not as I do log…)

>>363000 Yes Onion's ability to form coherent sentences gives it away but it shows how similar their thought processes are.


I can add another child to that list, there was the Bloodclot stream where Joy just sat looking bored (because it wasn't about her) when Bloodclot paraded her child on stream while pointing at her and saying "this one's sperm donor is a paedophile". Along with a more inappropriate conversation about her other child's father. Joy said nothing and didn't blur the child's face, an Anon on here did. She has form.

Here are the screenshots of her dragging Onion for not protecting children. And while the situation is different in that she isn't putting photos of children on her platform, she certainly isn't protecting them, she is exposing them to things of an adult nature.

Part 1/2

No. 363086

File: 1501363046144.jpg (161.73 KB, 960x720, BS do as I say not as I do log…)


I like how high and mighty she gets over people being rude to her or swearing, how many times did she call Ridgemont a cunt while her fellow bullies laughed and tried to intimidate her?

These are just a few of the the things she has said. For every excuse she has ever used to defend her own actions and behaviour, I have comments from her dragging other people for the same thing. She needs to keep this in mind.

No. 363089

Goddamn, Joy has zero understanding of damage control. Her entire bubble is up in flames, and she just pours more gasoline on it. Because it's liquid, like water, so it's all the same, right? That is her logic.

Petty Paige was beyond civil with her, and Joy did her usual nodding and acting like she understood what Paige was saying. She has now demolished the image she hoped to portray. Bravo, Joy, you debunk yourself.

As for the video about the 11 year old, her last resort accusation towards Onision was that it was illegal to use a minors image without parental consent. Also illegal to profit from. Was this video monetized?

Joy is a messy bitch. Plain and simple. Any attention is good attention. She has her puppets and as long as they're around to kiss her ass and fall on their swords for her, she will continue to be a hypocritical, lying, calculating, zero fucks given, the world revolves around me AND owes ME, sack of shit that barely passes for a human being.

People will get hurt, but you better believe Joy won't be one of them.

Saged for long rant.

No. 363093

File: 1501364312952.png (14.63 KB, 677x96, Cm5SsWm.png)

Grab your popcorn y'all

No. 363095

File: 1501364540944.png (99.96 KB, 720x539, 20170729_163653.png)

Wildgooses reply made me giggle

No. 363100


Hey lovebugs. There's a rumor going around that I shit the bed. That only happened once many years ago when I was very sick back when I had Mad Cow Disease. Otherwise, I shit in a toilet just like everyone else. gotcha look Bye, loves. Remember to be find the joy and sparkles in all the shit in the bed… i mean in all the bullshit in the world.

No. 363101


Which completely nonexistent rumour until she or her spergleberries made up, will she "debunk" now?

Does she not realise how transparent this all is? Putting out purposefully ridiculous claims that nobody else has heard just to make it look like she isn't hiding from the situation.

She needs to stop concentrating on bs "rumours" and start dealing with the very real things she has said and/or done.

Could that Tipster Robert guy be any further up her arse if she tried? It must be difficult to squeeze up there with Cy. His first contact with Joy was calling her out over the stupid Special Spaces claim. Because she was able to prove he was wrong about that (should have read through here before you made a fool of yourself tipster, it was debunked instantly) he is now her cheerleader when she is completely in the wrong. Just because you were wrong once doesn't mean you are beholden to her when she is guilty. Grow a spine and stop making me dry heave over your "supportive" tweets.

No. 363103

I don't know, maybe it's because of where I grew up, but I don't expect anyone over the age of 25 can truly claim they don't know the meaning of that word. And for someone who is in their 30's AND supposedly coming from an extremely racist community and family wouldn't know the meaning (or at the very least, the racist connotation) behind it is fucking lying.

She knew damn well what that word meant when she said that.

I do have to say, the most racist people I'd ever met in my entire life (an entire family of white racist assholes) Hailed from St. Louis, Missouri.

This video of her using "she's black" is a true gem, though. It totally puts a huge dent in her "I use Brown because" narrative.

I fucking LOVE the Sims! And I get a lot of CC from websites that cater to ONLY fantasy/medieval era content… Because, a lot of people choose a specific idea to create and collect CC for - she wasn't bitching because the content was only catering towards a specific type of theme… She was bitching because she's RACIST and it was catering to BLACK (sorry, poo baby, I mean, brown…) culture.

No. 363110

UGH… I'm going through the stream where the 11yo was on… she keeps saying "this is going to be a night of trolls" and is claiming to be sending links to trolls… yet, so far, only Dyl has been on and everyone else let on is so far up her ass that they've actually given her money. Like Daniel gave her a butt load of bars on YouNow and is on as one of her "new favorites."

CAN ANY TROLLS confirm if they've ever actually gotten a live stream link from her when she claims to have sent them? You don't have to out yourself, just admit being a troll that she claimed to have sent a link and did you get one.

No. 363113

> No one knows that term anymore"
> Uh, you and Suit seemed to. Weird!

Oh yeah?


Some of these posts are from this very year, 2017.

It's known but usually only a certain type of person uses it. Usually the worst of the worst who who belong to certain organizations or post on the Stormfront forums.

You're ignorant and you should be embarrassed. But you're not. You leave that task to the rest of us who feel second hand embarrassment for you.

No. 363117

I'm in my 40s, grew up in Texas and have lived in the state my entire life but I had never heard the word "nig nog" until Repzion's video HOWEVER I was quickly able to understand it was a derogatory name and what it's short for without having to google it, it's pretty self-explanatory. Even if she is super slow and had to google it, her using the urban dictionary definition of it being "what black people call egg nog" does not make any sense at all in the context…it was being used as a racial slur…if she had looked for an actual definition maybe she wouldn't have been so quick to defend it (if she isn't racist like she claims)…so either she's monumentally stupid or the excuse was a cheap cover for defending her new big YT buddies casual racism (some might argue Suit gets some sort of "pass" because he is half black but he was still calling a black character this name repeatedly which seems unacceptable to me no matter the race of who said it…and Rep, who said it first, is lily-white and was definitely using it as a racial pejorative.)

Right, that word came from somewhere, if it isn't used anymore then why did 3 different people say it and laugh about it?

No. 363119

I'm from Europe and even I know the term nig nog. Kati has no excuse especially knowing that her family is racist. She knew what that meant.

No. 363126

I'm canadian and I didn't know what that meant. But i went to look it up. Jeez kati like give your channel a god damn break

No. 363132

Even if she didn't somehow come across the term in her life (I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt as I know some very racist people including someone who regularly posted on Stormfront but had not heard the word until then) she still googled it and what, she couldn't be bothered to read the second entry that clearly says it's a racial slur?

No. 363133

>>363119 Well we only have Joy's word that her family are racist and her word means Jack shit. I feel so sorry for her family and the picture she has painted of them.

That being said, it doesn't take three digit IQ to work out that word is derogatory. I'm in the UK and we don't have the same history or sky high levels related to racial tension as the USA (far from perfect though) but even I know that is only a word used to be derogatory.

I don't believe Suits excuse about not knowing because he comes from AU either, stop trying to excuse your ignorance with where you came from, not in this day and age of unlimited information and where the world seems smaller than ever due to social media, TV shows from other countries being broadcast, etc. Not to mention the image it pints to others about anyone from your country, it's damaging.

No. 363134

File: 1501368521683.png (77.68 KB, 313x219, EEIHiLF.png)

New video is up

No. 363135

Suit's excuse is bullshit, we know perfectly well what that term means.

No. 363137

File: 1501369104424.png (13.46 KB, 333x80, Fab0lfc.png)


Best comment so far on it… I nearly choked when I read it.

No. 363138

He said he didn't know the meaning? That's utter bullshit, listen to the first few minutes of his Suit vs Nig Nog video…he specifically says "What you don't like the term nig nog? Oh shit, I thought it was your name, mate. I thought it was your name, I mean fuck me we got quark we got nom we got nog, then we got nig nog, you look ferengi, just with small ears, oh no quick take me to court, go on take me to court!…find out that I'm black! then what are you going to do? That's what I thought, nothing." So if he didn't know the meaning then why did he excuse his use of the term by saying he was black?

No. 363139

Archive if you want to read the comments… they're the best part of her videos now days.


No. 363162


Some of those comments are gold.

"Just rape them."

"I'm just here for the comments."

Followed by

"And to post how I'm just here for the comments."

Those two comments shouldn't have been so funny but they made me giggle.

Her comments section is finally full of what I consider to be joy and sparkles. Her delusional supporters bring the bullshit.

I'm so relieved that the majority finally see her for the manipulative narc she truly is. Let's hope it stays this way.

In other news, over on twitter she has reverted to form, gaslighting, strawman arguments, putting words into people's mouths. "Why not ask me like a decent person, oh because I'm the devil" not verbatim but you all know how she rolls. She makes anyone asking her a question feel like they are unreasonable, rude and plays the victim card to make it look like they were calling her Satan. I'd post a screenshot but my phone memory needs clearing. It's the same old, same old anyway.

No. 363171

Re-watching her past lives video. Seems hilarious now how her whole demeanour changed from "I'm here to uplift, even if I'm coming at you it's from a place of love, crycry, love, I want to be the best person I can be" to what we're seeing now. Wow, what a far cry.
As for her 'past lives', I guess she decided to be an asshole in this one too, kek.

No. 363172

File: 1501372394652.png (36.91 KB, 520x118, 3NN5ZuV.png)

The irony of her tweeting this.

The funniest joke Kati ever made was her life.

No. 363174

File: 1501372473770.png (55.59 KB, 720x300, 20170729_185208.png)

I'm exciterated about this!

No. 363176


Man… she pissed in his Wheaties big time. Didn't he signal boost her cease and desist video?

No. 363178

Fuuuuck I'm here for this. I HOPE he's read these threads and has all his facts ready because one little mistake will allow Joy to rant about how he's wrong and how she's such a victim, and spin it by telling her fanbase to not attack him and make her look like the good guy.

No. 363180

FUCKING YES YES YES. Watch… she will lose her shit over this!

No. 363182

Yeah, they were originally on good terms and he gave her advice on how to handle Onion because he's another person that Gerg called a stalker…but Rep didn't fall for her bullshit for long.

No. 363187


Though part of me is looking forward to seeing what Repzion is cooking up; I'm also disappointed that he's working on something - only because he's a much bigger Youtuber (not in the big leagues; but far higher than Joy) and his making a video on her would just be giving her more attention than she really deserves (which, like Onision, is what she wants).

No. 363190

The outcome of the video really will depend on how much dirt he's got on her. If he's exposing her with backed up facts, he could make her lose more subscribers. If he does a half assed video on how he hates her, it could send traffic her way and get people to subscibe out of pity or something. Which is the worst case scenario. I enjoy watching her sub count go down daily.

No. 363193

She's the "drama channel" equivalent of kanadajin3. Permanently disgraced.

No. 363194

I wish him the best of luck, as the anon who's made a majority her threads I know how much mind-numbing work it takes to research and verify her BS…and I'm just summarizing threads.

He's frustrated, I can understand him wanting to do something about it..sure, it's giving her exposure she wouldn't have had otherwise but it's negative attention that won't get her new subs IF he does it right, like >>363190 said, if he fucks it up and gives her inch to spin a sympathy-evoking narrative it can backfire and get her pity subs. I really, really hope he's done his research.

No. 363195


I'll admit, I find myself addicted to watching her sub count drop (almost 1.7k loss, as of this post). What I find hilarious is that her ass kissing echo chamber has her (and themselves?) convinced that the sub drop - as well as the dislikes ratio - is due to a Youtube glitch.

No. 363196

File: 1501374390136.png (70.01 KB, 639x292, EtFdBWH.png)

No. 363197

>>363196 A little over two weeks time? That's promising - it means he'll be putting some real effort into this little project.

Less worried, now - thanks for sharing, anon.

No. 363198

>>363174 I have mixed feelings about this. This will get her a loooot of attention, it will most likely be negative but she thrives off negative attention.

He's a bigger, better YTer, she will use that to play the victim. Also I believe anyone who can be convinced about the real Joy, is already convinced, the only people left supporting her are her most loyal spergleberries and they obviously enjoy rolling in the mud with her. There are a few who feel sorry for her and this might send them back to defending her.

He is right, she will make goodness knows how many videos about him in response, which people will watch just to see what she has to say about him which is all money in her bank.

Lastly, I pray to the altar of YT and hope beyond hope that Rep doesn't make the tiniest mistake, even over the tiniest insignificant thing, which she will inflate to epic proportions to try to damage the credibility of all of the content.

I think Rep has her number, he's been dealing with Onion for a long time, he knows all of the gaslighting, manipulation tricks that will be employed.

Not going to lie though, after seeing his amazing comment, this should be epic. I'm excited for the video but worried about the fallout.

No. 363199

She learned the mental gymnastics from her one sided crush Gerggles lmaoo

He's doing research! Aw yiss, now I'm hype.

No. 363200

Let's hope by the time it's Aug 20th her channel is so dead that even the small amount of views she'll get from his video will only be enough to buy her one large pizza.

No. 363202

>>363196 Brilliant. I actually breathed a sigh of relief.

>>363200 Lol!

Well I'm leaving the thread happy tonight.

No. 363203

File: 1501375290623.png (82.59 KB, 740x91, rJMBvBB.png)

Joy's response to Repzion's comment

No. 363206

I don't think she really believes that…why else would she make video after video and livestream trying to dispel all the latest rumors, sure she's done it before but not in such a concentrated manner.

Agreed, the fact that he's taking his time and not rushing out a video like some have cough Aussieguy cough is reassuring. It also makes me suspect he may be an anon or at least read this thread because we were just posting about how concerned we were on how he planned on handling it…minutes later he posts the Twitter comment showing him taking his time.

Now she's playing dumb? She knows what his concerns are, he's only been tweeting them at her for months.

No. 363211

OMFG, she beat me to it. I was about to type 'just watch, she's going to reply with 'dm me sweetie, I'm confused, let's talk.'
I seriously hope he doesn't fall for it.

No. 363213


Wait… is that a comment on a video? I thought she didn't read the comments on her videos? Does that mean she's reading HERE to see it?

No. 363214

Kati's about to "go live" - Looks like the last video didn't work, subs are still going down and sheckles needed today..

No. 363216


'You are welcome to make videos, I will not be responding'

That's bullshit, Joy. You know it, Repzion knows it, the whole fucking world knows it.

And, because Repzion isn't going to fall for your obvious manipulation ploy (emailing you so you can 'hash things out' in private); you'll openly offer to debate him on a livestream - a superchat one, of course, so you can accept donations for yet another undecided charity.

No. 363218

I don't care how well it is researched and presented, this repzion video will be a mistake. joy thrives on attention good or bad and this will give her a whole lot more than she's getting. also, let's keep some perspective here - she's a fucking nobody, and her channel has peaked and started to decline already. any mention by repzion or any other known name is just going to help her get a bigger name for herself … you know, that whole thing she has always wanted? And all the monetized videos and streams that will follow.
If exposes and evidence of shitty behavior meant anything other than shekels for that slice of youtube, onision would have had a dead channel years ago.
besides, joy has been doing just fine with burning down her own house so far. the more time goes by, the more she fucks up, and then the more she has to deflect / distract.

sage for ominous foreboding

No. 363219

File: 1501377858105.jpg (12.14 KB, 590x259, streamfog.jpg)

Darn brainfog strikes again!

No. 363221

I kind of agree, but at the same time isn't it even just a little bit satisfying that this will be her legacy? Even if she destroys her own channel and ends up taking it all down and disappearing, the worst that will happen is that the internet forgets. If she is made an example of, however, people will not only associate this horrible manipulation with her name, but she will serve as a warning to future generations that this kind of behavior does not go unnoticed, even if you do dress it up in ugly sparkles.

No. 363225

No tbh. I mean, have you looked around lately? there's a million little joys waiting in the wings, eagerly trying to emulate her or ride her wave. there won't be any warning, so to speak, because it's self-evident. there will just be a neon sign for attention whores saying yes, you can too …
(and once again, who even is she? barely anyone from the current generation has even the foggiest idea she exists, so even if she does fall, the only people who are going to notice are going to be the people who hated her anyway)

No. 363226

We know she reads here, she's responded to a number of things that we've brought up…and boom, a few hours later there's a video addressing it.

I don't think it's a mistake per se…if he wants to call her out let him…while he does have 500K subs they are generally the type that sub to skeptic channels…not really the type of audience she attracts. So while he may be exposing her to a lot of new people, any new subs she gains will probably be there just to watch her crash & burn and fill her comment section with criticism. The comments tend to be what turn most fence sitters around.

No. 363227

While that could be true, just look at how she handles herself when she gets big bumps in subs. She loses touch with reality even more and thinks she's even more indestructible. Yes she may profit some from his video, but she will spiral faster afterwards. She can't help it either way.

No. 363229

Just think of the glorious milk, anon.

No. 363233

Also, remember that he already made a video about her promoting her with the whole cease & desist thing a few months ago, his subs have already been exposed to her…so she's already gained most of the new subs she was going to from him, this might actually convince those subs they share to drop her or at least to understand why he changed his mind about her.

No. 363234

Are recorder anons at the ready? She should be live any minute

No. 363240

she's live

No. 363241

The second the camera goes on, we see her frantically touching her nose and wiping it like the nasty, unhygienic compulsive liar she is.

No. 363252

OMG… she's on the phone to Erin in live stream (they can't hear Erin's part)… Erin was too busy last night too. This is so lame.

No. 363257

she mentioned nig nog. lol.

you forgot to mention how people still use the term though. not surprised in the least tho.

No. 363258

this whole "i don't what understand what words mean" seems so staged. hahaha. so desperate

No. 363259


She's vamping for time. Is she waiting for someone to come on? Or is this just to drag out her view minutes to max out the YouTube Red money or something?

No. 363260

You called it. She's about to bring her "new love" on.

No. 363267

File: 1501382791202.png (2.78 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_2442.PNG)

Lol, so I go to check out her live stream and her thumbnail at the moment is her literally wiping up at her nose!

No. 363268

Did she just drop the stream key into the chat?

No. 363271


so much for not letting randos on the streams any more. they're all laughing like idiots over it.

No. 363273

They sound like a bunch of laughing donkeys and pigs snorting right now, hahaha!

No. 363283

She is talking about Repzion in her stream now. FYI.

No. 363284


For future ref, started around 20min into the stream.

No. 363285

"If you block me and don't want to talk to me, I'm gone, I'm gone quick!"

Ummm… Onision blocked you, ya dumb cunt

No. 363292

Novice tarot card reading for her channel and woman is reading from the book. (time mark - @40min cards pulled, @50min woman finally has book open to read it)

Past card was boring person who is a bully.

Present card over indulgance, too much socializing, putting on weight, unhealthy, likely to want to spend too much money on self, financial and emotional over ??? (doing?)

Future card most peacful card in trouble suit, leaving trouble behind and moving forward into diff phase, worrying period drawing to close, urges travel/journey, end of a hard time, restorative, peace and balance renewed upon return from trip (a short holiday possibility).

Issues coming to a close combined with travel? Hmmm… maybe a prison sentence :D

No. 363293

She thinks Repzion is making the video about her solely to get views because of who she is…she's certainly got an inflated sense of self-importance, she's nobody. The first video he made about her was promoting her but it was based on Onision's name in the title & only got 86K views, which is quite a bit less than what he usually gets for an Onision video. I'm assuming he is making this video because he's frustrated with her bullshit and making videos is what he does.

No. 363295

Pewdiepie be putting Joy's name in his mouth for views.

No. 363296

She's ending the stream soon. I guess the rumors she was going to cover was a rehash of the repzion comment from last night?

No. 363299

I think her saying that "he's only trying to get views," is to plant that seed in her fans head, so when they see the video, they will already be less open minded about what's actually presented in the video, or to subtly say that they shouldn't watch it?

She did the same thing before the onision debate; she declared that Greg was jealous of how fast her channel had grown in such a short time.

No. 363300

>>363295 >>363299
Pewdiepie and Repzion are totally jealous of her rapid channel growth and are making devious plans to get the attention of and subsequently steal all 60K of her subs…all YouTubers are, they all make drama videos about her because everyone knows who she is. They put her name in the title to rake in those views, dammit…they're all rolling in that Adsense cash from just mentioning her…she's Logan Paul level famous, didn't you know?

Keep dreaming Joy.

No. 363301

I recorded the first stream. I didn't realize she had changed streams. Is someone recording the second one?

No. 363305

She's trying to make herself look innocent and like he's just picking on her for no reason and that it's totally out of the blue…like he hadn't been calling her out on a number of things for months and apparently had her blocked (and she knew this). She's trying to make it seem like this video is totally unwarranted and that she's a bigger better person than him because she tried to resolve it politely first, then lamented on her livestream that he ignored the request but he's in his rights to criticize her if he wants she won't be responding because that's just giving into what he is seeking, for her to make tons of videos about him to get attention and gain views/subs. This is such an obvious manipulation tactic to get sympathy and an attempt to make him feel like an asshole if he goes on to make the video…she can say she doesn't care but it's obvious she does otherwise she wouldn't have spent so much time responding.

It's on YouTube, as long as she doesn't delete it you can watch the entire stream even if she makes it privated if you have the URL. You can restart it from the beginning even while it's still livestreaming by clicking the start of the progress bar…the only problem is you won't get the chat in real time (you can scroll back some) The first stream is up still too if you want to watch that later, just open it in a new tab so you have the URL saved to watch it at your convenience.

No. 363306

Mikenactor joined the stream and it's taken some sort of mental gymnastics twists that I can't even follow… Fanchesca Ramsey (sp?) doesn't cover the "real racism" and is just click bait and ??? OMG, the reasoning in this is insane!

No. 363309

I record the streams because the most interesting part of any Joy stream is the live chat. What she reads, what she chooses to ignore, which commenters get banned for saying what, it's probably one of the biggest tells of her whole operation.
Livestreams with chats included are invaluable.

No. 363310

Mike says the Warski's/skeptic channels are going after her right now because it's a business decision, she's a hot number right now and gaining subs….what? And then Joy agrees and says she thought they were friends and how YouTuber's in the community go around backstabbing each other…so because they were "nice" to her at one point when they later publically disagree with her actions that's "backstabbing"…then she immediately says they have a right to criticize her…huh? Let me try to understand Joy logic…"friends" have a right to criticize you but if they do it in a way that you don't agree with/can't refute easily that's backstabbing and a business decision?

No. 363311

I haven't felt this much cringe since this random white guy at a Phish show informed me that he had mold in his dreads.

No. 363315


This demagoguery is what passes as "logic" in the "skeptic community." MUCH SKEPTIC. SO RATIONAL.

No. 363319

>or to the crazy farm

No. 363321

Nobody mentioned in >>363310 is a "skeptic" anyway.
That's just a name people like Joy associate themselves with because they mistakenly think it makes them sound more respectable, when the truth is that anyone who uses that label is automatically a joke. Same with anyone who uses the word "logic" as much as Joy does.
>Onision logic
>because THAT'S logical, right
>does that makes sense?
>LOGIC! Right?

No. 363322

Nobody mentioned in >>363310 is a "skeptic" anyway.
That's just a name people like Joy associate themselves with because they mistakenly think it makes them sound more respectable, when the truth is that anyone who uses that label is automatically a joke. Same with anyone who uses the word "logic" as much as Joy does.
>Onision logic
>because THAT'S logical, right
>does that makes sense?
>LOGIC! Right?

No. 363325

I don't know about it applying to the "skeptic community" so much as to "Joytard community"
Her channel comes closest to being classified as a drama channel it is nothing like a skeptic channel nor is she a skeptic and her feeble attempts at having intelligent discussions on serious topics are laughable (anyone remember her amazingly stupid UTI argument against pedophilia?)…she just befriends so-called "skeptics" because that is what she wishes she/her channel was but she is far too dumb/ignorant/lazy/incoherent to pull it off.

No. 363329

Oh. I thought Warski was part of that nu-skeptic community and that's why she befriended him because she so desperately wanted to be a part of it. She followed around Bearing like a lost puppy dog for a bit, too. lol

I wasn't implying that Joy was a skeptic. Bite your tongue for even suggesting it! lol. I mean, she's a loon who believes any crackpot who tells her what she wants to hear. Indigo children, sketchy homeopathy, etc.

No. 363341

Speaking of which, on her YouNow livestream the other night she said that if going the medical science route doesn't work she wouldn't just give up and die, she'd start searching for homeopathy cures…because sugar pills and water (aka the placebo effect) totally cures fatal mystery diseases. https://www.younow.com/Claritey/27159292/35775257/b843cfxy/m

That stream (from 7/28) has other fun moment clips if you want to look them up (too many to list all the links here) just check out the latest stream: https://www.younow.com/JoySparkleBS/channel

For those that don't want to listen to her whiny, grating voice this is pretty much the gist of what you'll find there:

Her claiming the reason she initially had problems with the IUD is because she "wasn't big enough down there", claiming her doctors didn't tell her the side effects of the IUD so when she started getting sick she didn't immediately think it was caused by the IUD (of course they aren't going to tell you about copper toxicity as a possible side effect dummy, it's not a thing), she thought she had an STD for a long time despite getting repeatedly tested because she got hives around that area, she can't take mint because of the "heart stuff" or tumeric because of the "stomach stuff" it gives her diarrhea, she's claiming haters say she she's crazy & isn't sick because it isn't normal to be depressed and anxious when you are chronically ill but her doctor said it is normal so take that, haters! (conflating things again), bitching about how much going to the hospital costs (even though her going to the ER for things like ear infections is a huge reason this happens), showing the meds she got from the clinic visit (there were 2 different pills if I recall correctly one for pain and one for her diarrhea, she showed a blue prescription bottle and a green pill with 40 on one side, in the clip she is reading the informational paper the pharmacy gave her for hyocyamine, which slows the GI tract & treats loose stools) and gushing about how she's glad she finally found the "right" clinic and she hopes they find something but not something horrible, talked about how her copper toxicity is better because she isn't collapsing anymore and how her previous dr fixed her adrenals, talking about how she can't take how her streams are inappropriate for kids and she's for free speech and she's ok with criticism but wishes people were more moral & kind about it, saying she could have handled the criticism for the poobaby joke better and she shouldn't have said people who didn't get it were stupid but she was angry at some of the haters who were "somewhat dangerous"

No. 363346

samefag…I know we can't direct link her YT videos but am slightly unclear about direct linking her YouNow profile/moments…she'd get a few extra views but so do the people who captured the moments…but because she doesn't directly profit off YouNow views like she would on YouTube because of the ads I am going with it being ok to direct link things like her YouNow and Twitter. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Yes, skeptics take the stance of not believing a claim until evidence is given, she's far too accepting of things that have no proof or evidence backing them..besides homeopathy there's the whole copper toxicity thing, claiming oregano and garlic/other herbs cured her tumor when it's more likely it went away on it's own, Tarot cards, saying she's an empath and that sensing people watching you is a psychic power, etc

No. 363400

>>363203 Haha! As predictable as ever. When someone with less sub's calls her out, they are "fucking dumb" or "jealous" or "a hater" when someone with more subs calls her out she goes into sweetie DM me mode. Rep won't fall that shit Joy, give it up, concentrate on painting yourself as the victim like you usually do.

I keep meaning to get the timeline of her fibro claims in order (I'm illness Anon) but I need a little help. I have comments from her claiming she was diagnosed by four different doctors, I have comments linking the "diagnosis" to the naturopath quack but I have seen a lot of comments from other people saying she flipped the script again and stated a doctor told her there was nothing wrong with her so she self diagnosed fibro. But I can't find the point when she said that. Does anyone know if that came from a stream or YT upload and the approximate date?

She has pissed Rep off over the past few months for the same reason she has upset a lot of people but it is very obvious from his comment that his red button issue his her numerous fake illness claims. His father is genuinely ill and genuinely in pain and genuinely struggling through day to day life, cancer treatments cause more pain and sickness than the cancer itself. To see his father fight through life, while Joy uses her fake illness to seek attention, money and sympathy is what has finally pulled his trigger Joy. You're that self centred you have no idea how much damage you are doing to those of us who battle through illness every single day and our loved ones who have to helplessly watch. So to see you make a complete mockery of it is maddening and it's always been my red button issue with her too.

Her spergleberries take her at face value because they think it is rude or immoral to doubt someone's illness, they have no idea just how many people fake illnesses. They have no idea about her many inconsistencies, her claims that are scientifically impossible, so maybe seeing them presented in a way that leaves no doubt she is a liar, will make a few more see sense.

No. 363403

File: 1501412830639.jpg (82.08 KB, 480x659, IMG_20170730_120616.jpg)

It looks like Rep is going pre YT with this.


No. 363405

File: 1501412858870.jpg (79.74 KB, 480x753, IMG_20170730_120602.jpg)


No. 363411

This is long, but very worth watching. It provides a ton of her pre-YT days.


No. 363433


I'm curious if Rep finally dug into her KC days and found why she doesn't want anyone talking to her friends or family there. Or her exs. The fact that the area she lived was actually primarily white, and middle/upper class. Or if he got some good dirt on the charities she ran like the Indigo Child web page. I don't think it would be too
hard to get info on any of it if you had the energy and a few basic connections.

> (I'm illness Anon) but I need a little help. I have comments from her claiming she was diagnosed by four different doctors, I have comments linking the "diagnosis" to the naturopath quack but I have seen a lot of comments from other people saying she flipped the script

Which illness annon. This is FMS annon. Do you have an email drop? I may be able to help in some ways. Maybe. Just don't want to clog the board.

No. 363441


I'm the one with MS, I'm the one who has tracked, compiled and posted all of the lists and videos of her sickness claims. Along with keeping post numbers of new references on here for people to find more easily.

I've clearly missed something somewhere with this "self diagnosis" business, everything I have going back to her Angel Ascension days states the opposite. Was the heat turned up when she flipped the script?

My email for this is BSdetector@mail.com

I'm going to be busy for the next couple of hours with personal stuff but I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you for your help.

No. 363486

In a recent YouNow moment, she talks about high costs of medical treatment. While they are, part of that is due to people like her, who abuse the ER by frequent visits for non emergencies. It wastes staff's time and causes delays in treatment for those that actually need immediate care.
She doesn't agree with what they are telling her so she keeps going back and doesn't pay the bills for the visits and all the unnecessary testing, which adds to the rising costs for everyone else. The worst part is that ER crowding can add to people actually dying, like dead, not a case of someone that doesn't want to be a normal functioning adult kind of dying like her. I hope she feels good about herself, knowing that someone could die every time she goes there and dicks around. Maybe the Drs and nurses actually are rude to her like she claims, they could be dealing with guilt of someone that didn't have to pass away or lose a limb while they were telling her that her tests are negative as she goes on a terror rant like at the car dealership. She gets that angry about not getting her way with her car, imagine the rage she has when it's about her body.

Early on she said that she wanted to file a lawsuit against paragard but no lawyer would touch it. We see how "passionate" she is, it doesn't make sense that she would settle for that and not continue to attempt to find an attorney. I'm sure her response to that would be that she wanted to save the children first, by talking about butt toys and telling rape jokes, obviously. She has opened up more about her medical history, how she almost died, how sick she is and all because of her IUD. There's more information but it all makes less sense.

No. 363500

She gets that angry about not getting her way with her car, imagine the rage she has when it's about her body.

They'll need a tranquilizer dart and she'll wake up in a padded room.

No. 363512


Wonder if she hasn't been marked as a drug seeker and that's why she perceives people as being rude?

No. 363515


There is another IUD that has had a class action law suit. I would bet anything that she tried to get in on that one, was told she didn't qualify because she has a different IUD and then went on her copper toxicity rampage because that's about the only thing her IUD had.

There are so many things about her stories that could have other explainations. Like the anal sex… if her boyfriend hated condomes, then anal sex is safer to avoid getting pregnant. An IUD is also a "plan B" effect if placed w/in 5 days of unprotected sex. So, I could totally see her twisting things up into a new story him "not feeling things." And, I'm sorry… if a guy I'm with slips up and does anal sex, he only gets to make that "mistake" 1/2 of one time. AND, I certainly am not getting engaged to a guy too stupid to manage sex.

No. 363531

File: 1501435003576.jpg (49.07 KB, 266x706, 0D4Fxk5.jpg)

59k is right around the corner

No. 363532

>There is another IUD that has had a class action law suit. I would bet anything that she tried to get in on that one, was told she didn't qualify.

She doesn't want to be a productive member of society. That is one of my biggest qualms with her along with the constant lying and malingering. She said in her mopey, crying younow stream a while ago that she doesn't feel like the world cares about and she's fucking right. It doesn't care about her, because she isn't doing shit for the world but be a wart on society. She has no intention of actually getting a job that gives back, in any way. She wants free handouts for her sappy web of lies.

I'm a single mother of four, was in an abusive relationship for 7 years, homeless for three years after I left, stayed in homeless shelters that helped give me the resources I needed, tried working full time in a factory +OT, and still couldn't make ends meet. So now I'm furthering my education so I can start a career that will both support my family and be helpful to society,all while dealing with my own health issues, divorce, and trying to raise four other humans by myself. And I don't fucking bitch about it to every and anyone who is around me.

No. 363536


If any of you would like to look through reminders, you can find all of her earlier IUD claims linked to this post >>354796 it also links to other illness claims.

No. 363557

O/T but I'm watching Mister Metokur's latest upload about TGWTG and everything he is saying applies to Joy, everything.

She is digging her own hole because she labels everyone who has a criticism as a hater or troll, including her own fanbase. And by making sweeping statements like that she is labelling her own fanbase as a troll or hater which then turns them away from her. What he is talking about with Angry Reviews is exactly what she is doing, you would think it was aimed at her if he didn't keep saying Joe.

No. 363572

In Joys latest stream : Boonk daddle NIH got me like thicc

Joy begins to bring up the race joke again with Mike. She mentions the gingerkin remark and that people didn't "understand" her joke. She fails once again to mention the "poo baby" remark being the joke that was most offensive and insulting to people.

Here are Joys words:
"I'm sorry, and here's the thing that bothers me is that and I know you get this, nobody even understood the joke. Abbie Ike's and i got to the point where I did enough streams I explained and I said I'm done. I'm like this, I recently a couple days ago I did a video and I said this is the last one, I'm done. People didn't understand that like the joke was that my brown roommate who's Mexican said and came up with the phrase gingerkins. And the fact that I said brown people had people screaming I am a racist. The joke was not what I said the joke was saying something so crazy and silly to show people they're being silly. And then they took that Aaahhhgrrr…you're racist and and that's the one thing that I did apologize for when I did self reflect, was if anybody saw that 37 second clip and they judged and didn't see anything else, I could understand if they didn't know you or I were the hate on my channel why they could have misinterpreted, and there were times I was like you guys are fucking stupid, I didn't apologize for that. But I'm still, i don't care how many subs I lose, Im not gonna back down, Im not gonna apologize for being a racist, cuz I'm not. And I'm not gonna apologize for saying a racist thing because to me it wasn't racist."

There you have it people…she refuses to talk about what really upset people (poo baby joke) and apologize for saying something so offensive in front of assortment of her viewers, because in her mind it wasn't racist. She also try's to reflect by placing the whole joke on her roommate. Even if the whole joke was what her roommate said, Joy obviously thought it was hilarious enough to share and laugh about it publicly. I fail to see how this is supposed to teach anybody how silly these acustations against her are. Comparing people to shit (which is nothing new in the racist world) is extremely offensive/insulting. She doesn't like to be the blunt end of a joke, yet she thinks it's ok to make a whole lot of people the blunt end of her sick jokes.

I know this race joke thing has been talked about to death, but just wanted to show how she is still defending herself without a guilty bone in her body. Her apologies are insincere (she can never do anything wrong) and she doesn't care one once of what people feel about this.

Another note…she continues to say "My brown roommate who is Mexican", why can't she just say her roommate? She has a serious thing with the colour of people's skin. Half of my family is Mexican, but I don't feel it's necessary to mention their skin colour while having a conversation with someone. It doesn't even cross my mind. I rarely even talk about the fact they are Mexican…because , well who cares? They are people, they are my family and that's all that truly matters.

No. 363609

File: 1501446463943.png (444.51 KB, 609x866, 0pAlPcl.png)

No. 363616

UGH I can't stand her. She always pretends to be stupid. Can't wait for her channel to fucking die. I'll be having a small party when she hits 59k and I'll have my cup ready to scoop up her tears.

No. 363656


When her sub count started dropping; I joked that, if Joy tried hard enough, she's reach 60k in no time. I didn't mean it literally.

Whelp - new goal, Joy! Let's aim for 55k!

No. 363661

I have not seen us discussed so I hope it's ok to bring up. Early on Joy disclosed how her step father made. Inappropriate sexual jokes around her and subsequently she embarrassed her family and herself by bringing up sexual topics or jokes and having to be told that it was inappropriate. I remember her talking about this several times. Seeing how she had this problem in the past and even talking about them one would have to wonder why the hell every..single..stream ends up with her talking about weird sexual subjects ( mashed potatoe genitals, queefs etc.) So much so that she goes on and on encouraging her " friends" to egg her on. It is so disgusting. I am not a prude and neither are the majority of the viewers that find her gross and nasty. If anyone says anything then she makes them seem like they can't take a joke. It's got so bad that she now has 8-9 in her echo chamber just laughing hysterically and encouraging her bizarre sexual content while the people in the contents just watch the spectacle. If you are reading this Kati..,you are still that trailer trash kid being inappropriate but now you have given yourself permission to do this, Sage for my long assed rant about this pig..or ..cow

No. 363662


Joy's right about that - she can listen to the advice; but she doesn't have follow it.

Since she's made that abundantly clear; I better not hear a Goddamned word coming out of her fucking mouth blaming anyone else for her own loss in subs.

But, of course, she will; because the incorrigible twat won't accept the fact that all the problems she's facing is due to her poor lack of judgement - nothing else.

No. 363675

UGH I can't stand her. She always pretends to be stupid. Can't wait for her channel to fucking die. I'll be having a small party when she hits 59k and I'll have my cup ready to scoop up her tears."

Can I be invited to that party?

No. 363689


No. 363692

Why yes, yes you can. Lets all enjoy the glorious moment of her hitting 59k, and the shitshow of mental gymnastics that will be going down after.

No. 363736

Wow this is so funny. saying you don't "listen" to criticism doesn't "literally" mean you can not "hear" the words. it means you don't accept it. so her response to this was. I "listen" but don't accept it. that what the tweet said you are not "listening" to the massive amount of criticism.

No. 363760

What ever happened to Kooligan? He was watching the Saturday Night Racists stream (7/15) and Joy was trying to contact his mom for permission for him to come on stream and she seemed to have found the woman's account and sent a message. Has anyone seen Kooligan mentioned since that time? That was about 2 weeks ago.

No. 363764

Yeah he's been in the chat and was given a shoutout each time for the past couple streams.

No. 363767

Would have been funny once or twice and better cut together, but eh. Kinda lost effect after the 35th repeat.

No. 363775

Her newest video about privacy complaints and false flagging is so fucking funny and ironic. I can almost bet money on it being Link Mountaineer that went around flagging people, and he's been called out for doing that multiple times before by dozens of people in the comments.
Link Mountaineer is a fucking cancerous little cunt. He proudly goes around false flagging for Joy and reporting back to her for asspats. If she wants to pretend she doesn't know who's doing it, or doesn't give approval - she's a god damned fucking LIAR. She shouted him out in the chat of one of her livestreams just yesterday.

No. 363778

Kooligan put out a video advising Joy to take time off

No. 363783

File: 1501464770527.jpg (Spoiler Image, 224.93 KB, 960x640, IMG_20170730_212244.jpg)

No. 363789

OMG anon, why did you do that to us? Please delete and repost with a spoiler…if any photo ever needed a spoiler it's that one.

No. 363792

Jesus Christ. Delete that and spoiler tag it.
On another note someone's already posted it to twitter tagging Isaac watts and Joy for some reason.

No. 363793

File: 1501466107053.jpg (52.04 KB, 499x346, IMG_2043.JPG)

Picture for the next thread maybe.

No. 363800

File: 1501467296030.jpg (76.75 KB, 613x505, ruhroh.jpg)


This could be really interesting. I bet this is what Rep dug up and why Kati is shitting herself over his video. Oh boy I can't wait

No. 363803

If she was unaware of her actions she wouldn't fly into damage control.

No. 363805

File: 1501468810392.jpg (90.73 KB, 617x385, called it.jpg)

Samefag from >>363775
Looks like I should have put money down after all. Of course it was Link Mountaineer, that little worm chode.

Maybe he's an anon and he's been playing our side all along, that's the only reason he'd deliberately and repeatedly crawl so far up her ass that he makes her look legit deplorable for shouting out and giving asspats to fans who false flag on her behalf. She knew about this months ago because anons were talking about this particular sperglefuck in thread 3 or 4. There's no excuse to have not distanced herself from him or reprimanded this behavior publicly. Her silence proves she is complicit.

No. 363818

Even the kid can see what she's doing is quickly becoming more and more toxic. But apparently, she thinks "taking a break from YT" means taking a 1 hr nap.

Until I see some actual proof not going to hold my breath for some random rumor posted in her YT comments.

No. 363833

It's interesting because it would fit in with the hints that Repzion was dropping regarding him revealing stuff from her past that has never been discussed in a video before.
Still, it would be kinda funny if he didn't do his research and got it all totally wrong when he 'exposes' her.

No. 363834

Emphasis on BS YT channel has around 711 subs and averages somewhere between 1.5k-6k views fudged average.

The OGJSBS had 60k fudged average and hasn't held a 20k viewing average for over a straight week period, hell for over two videos in a row length period, in I'm not sure how long ago… Someone do the math on that, cause my mind just got melty on how hilarious it is how many more people would rather watch the reuped deleted videos and spilled tea than the original bitch herself. That's gotta burn.

And yes, I understand the difference btw hundred and thousands. But when you stop to think how many people are probably just hate watching Joy anyway(as is shown by the amount watching Emphasis channel) LOLZ it's great to watch her circling the drain like this. Ain't no water wings gonna save you down there honey. But at least you'll finally get a shower of some kind.

Sage for the plain stupidity and joy I got from this rant

No. 363838

Link is legit autistic or something. He takes everything literally, tries to fight every troll, and is always babbling about defending m'lady. He's real, unfortunately.
he had a tantrum in the chat of a stream the other day because he was fighting one of the trolls and the mods put them both in time-out. He just could not get over it.

No. 363839

Link is legit autistic or something. He takes everything literally, tries to fight every troll, and is always babbling about defending m'lady. He's real, unfortunately.
he had a tantrum in the chat of a stream the other day because he was fighting one of the trolls and the mods put them both in time-out. He just could not get over it.

No. 363840

Sharika posted part 1 of a 5 part series on JSBS on her twitter. https://twitter.com/LadyThriller69/status/891863132179537921 No idea of how to get the vid to post here, so you'll have to go to her tweet.

No. 363842

File: 1501480954309.jpg (113.9 KB, 493x753, JKBSDhb8381.jpg)

What you mean is that they treated her respectfully but critically, she fawned all over them because she saw them as her in to the "skeptic community" - and then when she realized they don't 100% buy her bullshit and aren't afraid to call her out (aka not sucking up her ass like her little manipulated spergs) she flip-flopped and decided they betrayed her and she was victimized. Oh, the humanity!

No. 363866

Amanda? Is this the same Amanda Phil talked about. I'm off to look back through.

No. 363872

Here are some quotes from old Phil posts, it appears to be the same Amanda.

>Supposedly this was not just to meet but for me to take a bit of a breather. That and she had some intuition from her "angels" to supposedly help and all this other stuff. (She was talking about her angels til about this time last year, so she's lying there too.) She worked at the School of Rock in Kansas city as a voice coach…I never saw her teach, but I did see the facility all of once. She was gone long periods of time, so for a visit..wasn't much of one. Then shortly after a lady (Now former friend and total SJW) named Amanda came to visit. They had had a falling out before, and i'm not sure what the purpose of that was. But I went driving with Amanda, we visited some crazy mormon 'capital' (Which, I might add, was the creepiest thing of the whole trip)…etc. David/Taho didn't like Amanda much, but he said "Eh, you never know..sometimes people change right?" In general, David has always been kind of a quiet, brooding thinker type. Some anger here and there but otherwise he's generally been the one to reign things in until he got fed up. (She did not treat him well, especially near the end.)

>So, its late one night bout maybe close to 1:30 to 2 in the morning. I'm on the couch trying to sleep, Kati is talking with Amanda. And she's basically asking (loudly) Amanda how she can get my attention and if a relationship would work out. Me? I'm like "Um..i'm going to pretend I didn't hear that.." and i'm acting like i'm still asleep. But she just keeps on going on and on about it.

>Cue her and I near the end of the trip driving, with Amanda in the car. Her and Amanda get into it, and I think she wanted me to get involved but nope nope, not going there. More of the same stuff, and it was clearly a power trip. All about her trying to dominate Amanda.


No. 363873

Samefag at >>363872

I wonder if we are finally going to get the truth about the bankruptcy. Saying it is medical just doesn't sit well with me. Now having to repay fraud, etc, that would bankrupt someone.

It's going to be a long 2-3 weeks but I'd rather wait for the perfect bulletproof info, than an incomplete picture she can manipulate.

Sage for speculation.

No. 363884

Link said in that same thread from >>363805 that he has two college degrees and is in graduate school (this was in response to someone calling him a retarded kid or something). I call bullshit - usually the most uneducated are the first to tell you just how very educated they are, and use it to "win" the conversation - I don't know if he's autistic but you're right about the weird mannerisms. He's overly defensive, thinks he's logical somehow, and won't drop something once he's attached to it (which in this case, is defending Joy against any and all perceived "attackers"). He's like a pathetic little lap dog.
But I'd very much like to see Joy defend her encouragement of this little sperg in particular, because she definitely knows about his false flag behavior and had still made no effort to distance herself from him or make it known publicly that this one in particular acts against her wishes. Because he doesn't act against her wishes. She fucking loves that he does this. She's just hoping nobody notices.

Inb4 next video/stream "Link plz don't attack others in my name"

No. 363885

In before she starts painting Amanda as some kind of untrustworthy, backstabbing lunatic.

No. 363904

So joy just did a short stream where she said she was taking a break from YouTube because of her health. Same old. She did say three things of interest: she said her biggest sadness about YouTube is content creators stabbing each other in the back for profit (she mentioned this a lot), and she said she was worried about something coming up that she didn't know how she was going to deal with it. She ALSO said she had people in her past who were so jealous of her and were trying to sabotage her success. She was playing the victim card HARD, and was clearly trying to do some preemptive damage control from repzion. So transparent I was embarrassed for her.
Sage but not really

No. 363925

Joy's latest YouNow stream. I only caught half of it:

Link: https://vid.me/kxnsV

No. 363936

>>363904 I knew I would have to get in quick with the prediction but that was fast even by her standards.

This reminds me about a post she made about Onion one time, she stated that he will never really take a break, something really big would have to happen before he would do that.

I'm stating to think she is a seer, only she has been reading her visions wrongly and the entire time she was making predictions about herself.

The problem for her here is that if she has been involved in criminal activity, there will be official reports of that. There will be solid proof that she cannot deny.

she is taking a break to try to work out how she is going to recover from this, this is step one.

I think she will go the partial ownership of behaviour. She will own up to certain smaller aspects but not the major things. She will blame someone else, make out she was pushed into whatever it was, she was weak and fragile at the time, blah, blah, but is sorry for being bullied into whatever it is. And afterwards she decided to cut all of those negative evil people out of her life and make amends by being all for helping people and spreading the joy. (Ignoring the fact she denied that just a few days ago).

The world's smallest violin will play the world's saddest song in the background.

And the sadder thing is there will be people out there who will fall for it.

Saged for accurate prediction, sorry I mean speculation.

No. 363949

Yuk she keeps wiping her face and smelling her hands.
So damage control before rep drops the vid hey joy?
She may well be better off just backing away right now.
At one stage she says she handles her anxiety then goes on to say she cant manage the anxiety
She talks like shes on a palliative care ward.

Sympathy for the devil.

No. 363950

File: 1501510302266.png (112.49 KB, 720x599, 20170731_090903.png)

This was posted on MissBitch2u 2017's channel under the video "joy sparkle bs: a wolf in sheeps clothing"

Link to video for reference:

No. 363957


excellent milk, anon

No. 363961

New Martin Louis video on Joy

No. 363964

Is it just me or is she gaining subs again?

No. 363967

It's not the end of the day yet she'll probably lose them later on

No. 363971

>>363964 She's up 17 so far today but it was the same one day last week, plus it states live, so that might just be from the livestream she just did and they will drop again. After her 17 subs last week, she then lost over 200 the next day, so I wouldn't worry about it.

No. 363977

This is pure speculation. But in this livestream and a few others she's done she puts off the vibe of someone that's high on benzos/opioids.

No. 363992

I was just checking her Twitter Social Blade stats and she has actually gained more followers than she has lost during this manic episode. I'm going to assume that is due to people not wanting to miss the shit show rather than because they like her.

I will say reading through a lot of the stuff she gets in her replies, a lot of it is really petty, or still saying the same things they have been saying for what, two weeks solid now?

I understand why they are doing it but I don't know if they have thought about how risky that is, they could be making her look like the victim we know she desperately tries to be.

I'm already seeing a lot of comments and a some videos (Spackles and Egocast spring to mind) where people are saying they understand why people are angry but enough is enough, you're a bully.

By keep raging on things that have been raised and rehashed, you are starting to look like you are there just to have a pop rather than because you are concerned with her behaviour.

You have to take into account that the majority don't know her patterns or her history, they only started paying attention in the last two weeks. From their POV they don't like her or what she has said and done but they don't like bullying even more.

I hope some of you are reading here and take this on board. This is a great position to be in right now, the majority have opened their eyes to her, YTers with bigger platforms are speaking out against her, the last thing you want to happen is turn the tide of public support back in her favour.

I'm not referring to new information, only repeating the same things that have already been said over and over and jumping on every comment having digs that add nothing to to people's understanding of her.

I'm just aware of just how manipulative this cow is, someone who has known her for 20 years has alluded to the lengths she will go to, she is beyond Onion levels manipulation which is why she can read him so well. Don't give her anything she can use to her advantage.

No. 363993

There's been more and more speculation about that, considering the constant nose scrarching/rubbing. But she has said, in the past, she doesn't like to take them because she gets high, so if she is taking them there's another contradiction on her part.

No. 363996

No, Kati, your roommate doesn't 'understand the situation better', he's simply more manipulated. As for the benzo speculations, I think she's simply burned out. All of that hyper behaviour and screaming on cam, you have to crash for at least a few hours.

No. 363998

>You have to take into account that the majority don't know her patterns or her history

Yea it won't take them long to figure out. This is like a monthly cycle for her.

No. 364000

Jeff Holiday has said he knows she takes anti anxiety meds which are most likely benzos.

No. 364003

This video starts out with her saying she doesn't leave the house because she's afraid of collapsing…but didn't she just say in the livestream right before that because the copper is flushed out of her system she's no longer having collapses? So what's her excuse for not leaving the house again?


She also seems to think that the people who have been critical keep missing the point she was trying to make…that she was trying to say something so ridiculously racist in sarcasm to show people they are being silly for saying she's racist…what? I'm not racist and you saying I am is stupid so I'm going to prove that by telling a racist joke Like Martin Louis said, not only does that not make sense, it sounds like an excuse.

Yeah, but we were wondering where the hell he got that idea from…she's never said she's taking them publicly and to get that kind of script she'd have to see a doctor/psychiatrist regularly which she's repeatedly said she doesn't….so there's a lie in there somewhere. I don't think she looks high on anything in that video, just tired/burned out a little.

No. 364005

She probably self-diagnosed and gets them off the street, it's not too much of a reach to think she self prescribes considering her past actions

No. 364007

While she could be buying them off the street she really doesn't look high…the main thing that gets people thinking she's taking something is the constant scratching of her nose…that's an opiate thing, not a benzo thing. Regardless, that's still a stretch to assume she's on anything because of that. She could just mess with her nose a lot because she's gross and doesn't know what tissues are for.

No. 364009

who is to say it isn't both? opiates for pain relief?

No. 364010


I'm inclined to think it's the latter. Kati has multiple gross habits. She never covers her mouth when she yawns. Ever. Also, opiate itch tends to go away after long term use and not everyone gets the itch to begin with.

I've also never seen her show signs of withdrawal..one that affects everyone is a runny nose. If she were abusing opiats it's unlikely she'd ALWAYS have enough to avoid the beginning stages of withdrawal.


She's not in the type of pain she claims so unlikely. Just the other day on a livestream she claimed that her "fibro" was "mainly in my neck and head" which is 100% unlike fibro. The worst pain she has is probably typical tension that any person who is hunched over a computer/laptop all day experiences.

No. 364012

yawning is actually a sign of withdrawal from opiates, I would know, I've been through it multiple times

No. 364014


While true, it's also a sign of everyday life. It's not like she yawns incessantly. If she did then I could see good reason to suspect opiate abuse. I would know as I've also been through it.

No. 364017

So even her roommate thought the joke was in poor taste but let it go because "he knows her"

That's still pure speculation based on what exactly? That she messes with her nose a lot, looked kinda tired on one stream, and may or may not have lied to Jeff that she takes "anti-anxiety" meds. Unless there's better proof than that I'm not inclined to think she's on anything.

No. 364021


Is she wearing a shrug with nothing underneath it??
There's sloppy and then there's… that.

She lies so much and she knows it'd be a pain in the ass to prove some of those things and no one wants to be bothered.

Off topic but I was googling for information about benzos (Wow. Sounds like really nasty stuff.) and found some website for a "drug free world." The whole thing smacked of Scientology. Sure enough https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foundation_for_a_Drug-Free_World I wish I could give everyone my Scientology-radar.

No. 364022

I don't believe she takes drugs. That's not an uber narcs MO. They thrive off control, controlling others, controlling situations, but most importantly control of themselves.

Joy has already stated she doesn't drink alcohol, she stopped taking CBD oil because it made her high (which is scientifically impossible as it contains no THC which is what makes you high? She doesn't like painkillers because they make her feel funny.

Put her own statements together with the fact she is most definitely a narcissist of the highest order states I would put money on her not being a drug taker. She won't like anything that makes her feel like she isn't 100% in control of herself and everything else by proxy.

This is why she is as manic, she has lost control of the situation and that is the worst thing that could ever happen to her. It's why she can't take a break or advice because that means someone is controlling her actions. I realise I'm banging on but I can not overstate just how much control means to her.

No. 364028


Another example is how she always says she "lets" people talk shit, etc. Obviously she isn't letting them do anything, it's just her way of making herself think she has control over the situation.

No. 364040

I'd be really cool if anons stopped tinfoiling about drugs/meds, until there's some actual proof. It's just derailing.

No. 364057

> She worked at the School of Rock in Kansas city as a voice coach…I never saw her teach, but I did see the facility all of once.

Requote from Phil post full cut quote can be read at post >>363872

> Then shortly after a lady (Now former friend and total SJW) named Amanda came to visit. They had had a falling out before, and i'm not sure what the purpose of that was. But I went driving with Amanda, we visited some crazy mormon 'capital' (Which, I might add, was the creepiest thing of the whole trip)…etc. David/Taho didn't like Amanda much, but he said "Eh, you never know..sometimes people change right?"

Requote from earlier Phil post

>>363800 link to annon post screen shot where someone mentions Amanda smith

>>363950 link to annon post with Amanda smith comment on Missbitch YT vid

>I'm curious if Rep finally dug into her KC days and found why she doesn't want anyone talking to her friends or family there. Or her exs. The fact that the area she lived was actually primarily white, and middle/upper class. Or if he got some good dirt on the charities she ran like the Indigo Child web page. I don't think it would be too

hard to get info on any of it if you had the energy and a few basic connections.

Quote from annon in thread #10. There has been posts in the past threads eluding to this same premise. Any simple googling can confirm basic things like geographic locations and demographics from prior released info.

If this info is even partially correct this isn't just shady, it's possibly fraud.

Not saging and not apologizing

No. 364061


Face covering, especially mouth covering, can be an unconscious thing some people do when they lie.

No. 364063

>gets them off the street

Be careful with speculations this wild. These types of accusations make us look bad.

That would be extremely illegal. Also, getting them off the street is expensive. If Kati cannot afford to see a doctor/insurance, and she has no job, no source of income, I just don't see her taking the leap to buy them off the street.

Also, I don't know how opiates affect others but I've taken them a few times post-surgery… and saying her constantly itching her nose is related to that seems off… When I had to take them and my face would itch, I wouldn't be able to get away with a single swipe, I'd be rubbing it like mad! They had other horrid side effects I hated as well, (upset stomach, facial numbing) I hated taking them so much.

She's just not a lady, at all. She has no manners. That (in my opinion) is all you're seeing here. She's gross with no manners.

No. 364065

Seriously, please stop with the opiate/benzofagging. Inb4 she makes a video blaming everything on her newly found "drug addiction" thanks to you guys.

No. 364067

I am so tired of seeing this bitch using "first to call her out" as her claim to fame.

First, people were questioning Joy before her stupid video was ever made, and let's be real, her initial video called out, really, nothing.

She's riding on Joy's coattail, as a more annoying, less popular mini-Joy. Spamming her fucking links to every dark and dirty corner of the Earth she can find.

If that Amanda Smith is legit, and the same Amanda that Phil spoke of, she's going to get the Joy interview treatment from this crazy Bitch, JLF.

No. 364084


Fucking agreed. Not only everything you said, but she also "called her out" with obviously doctored screenshots.


No. 364090

Phil describes Amanda as a "total SJW"? Perhaps her & Kati's falling out is why "Joy" is now very "anti-SJW"…have you seen the look she gets on her face when she starts bitching about SJWs? When I first saw her do it I thought there had to be a real-life experience/person she was basing this of of…much like how she used her "Kyathy" character to covertly make fun of her mother, the way she rails against SJWs could be digs at this former friend, Amanda Smith…this is HEAVY speculation, idk if any of this is even close to reality.

>>364005 >>364063
There's speculation/tinfoiling and then there's trying to make something stick even when there's no evidence…this seems to be the latter. Even after I repeatedly told this person why drugs didn't seem to fit the behavior and the evidence for it was lacking, they still kept at it. She doesn't look high, she looks tired and she's been doing the nose rubbing thing for months

The "she's doing drugs" rumors are not new, it's actually something that started as snarky but innocent comment in a livestream chat and then Joy ran with it & kept playing it up as a strawman of the ridiculous & baseless rumors her "haters" come up with…she would say they claim she does coke because she's constantly sniffing/rubbing her nose, she used to bring it up nearly every livestream…it's basically a red herring to throw people off the real issues. Sometimes Joy or one of her Joytards will come to this thread trying to start stupid baseless rumors in an attempt to derail the conversation, especially if we are talking about something uncomfortable for her that she wants to distract us from.

I agree with >>364063 all it shows is that she has no manners, it goes along with her unladylike & raunchy personality. She picks her nose/rubs/sniffs her hand on camera frequently and sometimes wears the same dirty hoodie for 5 days straight…she's just nasty.

No. 364104


>Perhaps her & Kati's falling out is why "Joy" is now very "anti-SJW"…have you seen the look she gets on her face when she starts bitching about SJWs? When I first saw her do it I thought there had to be a real-life experience/person she was basing this of of…much like how she used her "Kyathy" character to covertly make fun of her mother, the way she rails against SJWs could be digs at this former friend, Amanda Smith…this is HEAVY speculation, idk if any of this is even close to reality.

I personally don't think this is major tinfoil, I think you're onto something. We've seen that most of the things she strongly hates or obsesses over are always things she relates to herself, always.

Not just Kathy either, we have Onion, which is totally her but according to Phil, her ex Daniel, had a lot of problems and displayed Onion-like tendencies and Joy enjoyed the challenge of trying to control him but she failed miserably.

Then we have her dislike of Doctors and traditional medicine because every doctor she has ever seen has told her that there is nothing physically wrong with her. She champions alternative medicine because those snake oil salesman will diagnose her with anything she wants as long as she throws money at them.

There are probably more that aren't springing to mind yet.

No. 364106


> Phil describes Amanda as a "total SJW"? Perhaps her & Kati's falling out is why "Joy" is now very "anti-SJW"…

Remember that Phil got his info from Kati. I am distinctly NOT an SJW, but I find her poo-baby fiasco completely disgusting. Kati is a narcissist and dehumanized and demeans anyone that she feels like for the sake of her own benefit. If I were to spend a few hours with her, she would think I was an SJW because it is disgusting to be around someone that is THAT big of an asshole. So, I would put money on the fact that when people call her out for her being a low brow asshole, she's made it up in her mind that they're just being SJWs.

That leads me into the whole speculation about her buying drugs on the streets. I can tell you that there is no way that's happening. Drug culture is full of some hard core assholes, but they are not the level of ignorant that Kati is. She would have been cut off long ago, if not killed, as a result of her ways. There is no way she'd get away with attempting to cow them like she does to those kids on the Internet. And, there is no way that her mouth wouldn't get her ass in a crack. I could see her attempting to "negotiate" price even in her first buy.

No. 364108

Agreed. Any info that Phil got just from Kati is suspect. Like the 40k nest egg thing. Total BS.

While I also cannot see her purchasing narcotics on the street, I could potentially see her buying them online. But then I'm not convinced she's savvy enough to figure out how to do it.

No. 364113


Speaking of how to buy narcotics online, whatever happened with that "deep web hax0r" friend of hers? What was his name?

No. 364117


Takedownman. he's super l337.

No. 364121

I agree with your assessment that she's likely to call anyone who is disgusted by her raunchy humor/disagrees with her an SJW and that any info coming from her is highly suspect BUT Phil met Amanda in person >>308543
…so that may indeed be his opinion of her rather than it just being filtered through Kati.

No. 364123

He also said she wasn't hurting for money and was able to lend him several hundred dollars when he was between jobs and couldn't pay rent…that she told him he didn't need to repay…until they had a falling out, then suddenly he owes her that money. Amanda's post accuses Kati of identity theft & stealing money…so if she does have that nest egg she bragged about perhaps that is where it came from rather than from her "marketing" jobs. She has bragged in videos that she knows how to make money. /end tinfoiling-ish

No. 364138

Joy changed her Twitter handle to 'Thicc Boonk Daddle'

WTF does that even mean; other than using stupid slang to prove how non racist she is?

No. 364143


The interesting thing is that she held those jobs where she talked about selling items for under $10 and it sounded like they were at fairs and flea markets… people are stupid and will hand over debit and credit cards to those vendors (that is a completely stupid thing to do, please just pay cash!). So, the whole identity theft/stealing money thing is possible because over the course of a year of doing that stuff (I think she claimed to have done it for two years?) she would have handled a lot of debit/credit cards.

No. 364150

Not sure about the "boonk daddle" part but she titled her recent livestream "BOONK DADDLE BIH GOT ME LIKE THICC" which seems to be inspired partly by the "one thicc bih" meme https://youtu.be/YL7Y1rWBNdc basically it's stupid….like usual.

No. 364153

Anyone else noticed she's gained 40+ subscribers in a matter of minutes?

No. 364154

How does she not feel utterly cringy? We typed "liek dat" when it was popular 10 years ago. Kati, stop it, you're an adult.

No. 364161

Yes people are noticing, its probably joy or one of her spergleberries creating socks to up her subs again

No. 364162


This from the enuciate! person who keeps using "terlet overflered" ? What a two faced bitch.

No. 364164

File: 1501536274011.png (11 KB, 896x85, C3sAhGf.png)


She's trying to ride someone else's views and subs.

No. 364166

File: 1501536428840.png (423.63 KB, 803x431, HvRobsN.png)

Meet Boonk

No. 364178

File: 1501537391951.jpg (16.5 KB, 244x451, a3sf7hJ.jpg)

No. 364199

See this is what happens when the older, more intelligent anons agree to lurk and not post unless there's significant milk. We get speculationfags starting back up the drug shit for no reason, and the return of Phil, who can't stop namedropping himself in the third person. Jesus Christ, what an embarrassing mess the last 12 hours has been. Going to try to avoid the tinfoil, but I find it very suspect this thread was derailed quick fast after we started talking about Amanda Smith.

Ffs, the twitter and stream name changes were from her misreading stuff in the chat (daddie became daddle) and people spamming her with "boonk" and saying "you're not obese, you're thicc." This isn't rocket surgery.

Now kindly stfu unless you have something creamy to add.

No. 364200

Do you think their real subs or bought ones by either her of a joytard? Because gaining 105 subs in half a day when she's been on a steady downward spiral seems a bit fishy to me.

No. 364203


They got their work cut out for them if they plan to get her back up to her previous 62, 108

No. 364215

No. 364217

I'm not the anon who posted that but to me that definitely seems bought. That +57 rise in subs at 17:00 is suspect as fuck. She's been losing subs steadily, has comments criticizing her all over her twitter and her dislike ratio on her videos is laughable. Where would these mysterious subscribers suddenly come from when all the signs show that people still hate the bitch. You'd think she'd know not to buy subs like that so obviously by seeing how Gerg gets called out for it.

No. 364222

File: 1501542184223.png (120.37 KB, 270x1129, TZD9XIG.png)


Yeah I definitely call bullshit on her gain of subscribers. You can see as soon as 0:00 hits, she starts gaining subscribers, while before she was dropping in subs just like the days before.

No. 364226

My guess is that they're bought subs and today was a trial run to see if it actually works. If we see a mass influx in the next few days we'll know that she is definitely buying them.

No. 364227

File: 1501542874085.png (30.33 KB, 585x351, 2017-08-01 00_14_13-DarthRepti…)

No. 364234

Can't fucking wait, ahh 3 more weeks.

No. 364330


Alright, going to clear the air on a few points.

I haven't posted on here in quite a while and had actually stepped away from all of this. So no, its not me dude. Only reason I popped back up today is someone emailed me asking about Amanda Smith (or UhManduh,etc) saying SHE popped up on the scene. And good lord to that…so no, this is the quick return and quick exit of Phil and I haven't been namedropping myself.

Second point: Yes, Amanda is a total SJW. When she visted, she was decent..but she started to go south reaaal quick over the last couple of years. I broke off all contact with her well before her falling out with Kati. There was some weird argument and she was publically threatening to message all of Kati's business contacts and so on…the way it came across it didn't do her any favors. Hurt her more than Kati in the long run…don't really know any details ot that little train wreck, though. Now, with the nest egg? Someone messaged me and sent me a copy of a bankruptcy claim she made. Right around the time that she apparently filed this..she was calling me and messaging me wanting to see about coming to visit. She never mentioned a bankruptcy. In short, she was seeing if she could mooch off of me like she is Dominique right now, and thankfully my financial situation was really shaky then. Anyway, that kind of kills the whole nest egg thing..and I still don't know what to think about that. Anything that comes out of her mouth is untrustworthy.

Anyway, its been fun guys and gals, but i'm done with all of this. Good luck dealing with the trainwreck, but if you're thinking from hereonin that its me posting, its not. I got tired of all the crazy and decided to get going with the whole moving on thing. Some days are better than others, but she's someone else's problem now. She seems to feed off of any attention, good bad or otherwise, and there's really nothing more for me to add, say or do..I mean…sheesh. She does more damage to herself than anyone else ever could. So..good luck, have fun, may the milk be with you. See you on the flipside.

No. 364345

New video From Chambers https://youtu.be/W4Q4NwTq3TE

No. 364354

As someone that has heard the exact same thing from someone more trustworthy then Chambers about a month ago. I actually believe what she says in that video.

No. 364358


TL/DW: Filmed by Chambers only w/no one else.
Chambers states:

- Kati is harassing Rose and Rose wants it to stop.
- Rose is not going to take any money from Kati
- Kati is pushing for inside info (and pushing hard)
- Kati got mad and accused Rose of jacking up the GoFundMe amount
- Chambers called Kati's channel a dumpster fire and said to leave Rose alone because she wants nothing to do with it.

No. 364360

Another video by Chambers. If this was already posted, let me know and I'll delete it; I didn't see it.

No. 364369

File: 1501561883246.png (63.62 KB, 831x307, ro2wjXp.png)

Seems that those earnings aren't being passed on to Rose after all?

No. 364375


Holy crap. This woman is even more of a sick opportunist then I thought. Harassing Rose after all the shit she went through. What the hell is wrong with this woman?

I'm thinking when this gets out more she will have to do some some seriously sick crying i'm dying video as she tries to character assassination on chambers.

All her little cheerleaders can just get up her ass as she has just been outed stalking a mother who has gone through hell as she watched her kids abused.

I feel so sorry for Rose, This woman had to fight to get her children back from an abusive household and try to help them live a more healthy life in the face of crazy daddyofive fans and now she has to deal with this nutcase.

Jesus What the heck was joy thinking. She truly only cares about herself and this is proof positive. I used to laugh at her stupidity now this just makes me angry.

No. 364377

It seems Kati might actually be stepping back now, now uploads for 17 hours. She is deffs buying subs because she knows she has fucked up

No. 364386

JOy is on Younow about chambers vid

No. 364387

Yet, you magically appear as soon as your name is mentioned.
I too go through phases where I wonder if we're wasting more time that it's worth, given all we really need to do is sit back and drink the milk, as she's perfectly capable of milking herself. Thank you for the clarification about the nest egg, hopefully that can be well and truly buried now as well.
Whatever it turns out Repzion's unique source is, I just hope it's kept under wraps until he releases the video and other people don't spill the milk before it is properly matured. If it is regarding Amanda, I'm sure there are plenty of these vulture-like Youtubers trying to grab her for an interview or information so they can release shitty, rushed EXPOSE videos. If any are reading, I would urge you to not do that. I'm not a fan of Repzion, but at least he's taking his time (hopefully) in order to do it right. Other people have repeatedly rushed in and shit the bed on us before and it's a bad look. Just as sloppy as Miss Bullshit Artist herself.

No. 364398

It appears she is using a bot to add subs to her channel? Idk if this is indeed the case but this is what it appears and what others speculate because of the tremendous losses with regard to sub counts and then the obvious sudden surge of adds … if she is regaining subs out of the blue this is one for the ages … so per a rumor is this indeed a bot or is this indeed true that individuals are adding or readding joysparklebs I'm aware I'm nothing in the grand scheme of things and certainly nothing with respect to what you think I am in your world but I do have a background in advertising and multimedia and I do feel somewhat affected by this channel negatively and would love to know if there is some falsification taking place here or not? Can you please let me know your thoughts thank you kindly and good day ?❤️(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 364401

Oh my god kill it with fire

No. 364403

Joy on Rose: "Anytime I've talked to her I told her not to give me any details."

No. 364405

on the Gofundme/Rose:
"I gave 1200 to Rose. I will do another payment when enough accumulates. There isn't enough."

"Every time I tried to help I had people screaming at me."

"There's no harassing going on because there's no talking going on."

No. 364406

"I can PROVE it"
Doesn't prove it.

"I messaged her saturday and yesterday"
"There's no harassing going on because there's no talking going on."

No. 364409

She completely refused to even acknowledge the tons of people in the chat asking who Amanda is. "Well, if no one has any more questions I'm gonna go."

No. 364412

Fuck right off with that.

No. 364413

Younow stream felt like she was just testing the water to see how bad the backlash in the chat will be,
That it's one of the shortest younow's I've ever seen her do - I think her worst fears are becoming realized
Saged for speculation

No. 364414

She noped right the fuck out when people started asking about Amanda Smith and pointing out her lying. She's starting to crumble.

No. 364416

Chambers posted this video with Rose's sister.

No. 364418

The best line from her last younow was something like:

"People can have any opinion they want of me. doesn't make it true. doesn't make it false either…."

That was humor right there.

No. 364419


I almost posted the same thing… she's fishing to see how people respond to different tactics.

No. 364420

Don't worry, some pointed people to this site to get the info they needed on questions joy refused to answer.

No. 364421

I know Smith is a common last name and everything, but is there a chance these two are related in same way?

Same for dumb curiosity

No. 364422

I wondered the same thing

No. 364423


She claims to come from a heavily Mormon area (Mormons founded by a guy named Smith) and the Mormons are into multiple wives… so, it wouldn't surprise me if they're all inbred to a certain degree and that Smith would be a common name. </folds tin foil hat neatly back into pocket>

No. 364424

Facebook account of the person Chambers was having the conversation with. Checks out fine. Not sure why Rose was staying in a hotel and needing donations when her sister lives in Maryland?


No. 364425

File: 1501568442079.png (104.76 KB, 900x738, L8KvDbT.png)

I can say with full confidence that Kati is buying subs. 100% sure. I left the graph of Kati's subsriber count open overnight to check her increases with timestamps. She had a couple of hours gaining jack shit, then suddenly in 6 seconds, she gains 14 subscribers.

No. 364426

Shes kind a dumbass when it comes to the internet, I have a feeling she wouldnt know how to do this.

No. 364427


who ever has that account is FROM Baltimore but LIVES IN North Carolina.

No. 364431

As someone who works in advertising and multimainstream media she is definitely buying subs I work for a very well known company one you all know for sure and I'm not tooting a horn here but I'm making a point that I log data daily with regard to this type of information and when you see a surge such as this especially when it has escaped the negative it has usually been tampered with and never lasts for long because it will get caught I am not sure what type of security measures YouTube has in place for this but it will certainly be interesting to see what the next 48 hours uncovers lol

No. 364432

File: 1501569001531.png (157.91 KB, 657x906, onLgr72.png)


It doesn't take a rocket scientist… just a paypal account

No. 364433

God damn bitch, sage your autism and learn how to use punctuation.

No. 364434

I know how to punctuate and this isn't a dissertation so figured I didn't needed to and I won't spread hate here I think Joy hate done enough of that herself my friend so I will wish you well and let it be ?

No. 364435

No. 364437

Funnily, I have another screenshot from April that I took the first time I opened her real time sub count. I kept it open for a few hours and within the first 10 minutes there was a 100 subscriber jump within 10 seconds, then it was basically climbing extremely slowly for the rest of the time I had it open.
I didn't say anything at the time because SocialBlade isn't perfect and can glitch out on occasion, so even though I kept the image aside, I didn't think too much of it. It's not exactly proof of foul play. But to anyone thinking these "jumps" in subs are new, it's been happening for months. I'll try to find the image and post it if anyone's interested.

No. 364438


anon is trying to tell you to put the word sage in the email field of you post.

No. 364441

Is there rules on YouTube and twitter for the buying subs? Cant YouTube and Twitter ban her?

Proof is needed so she can fuck off. Have you noticed she has all these subs and followers but its only like 10 people who really interact with her.

No. 364443

Read the damn usage info on how to use this board https://lolcow.farm/info and the new user info for this thread at the bottom of the first post >>359606
You're gonna give the regulars an aneurysm if you keep up what you're doing or even possibly get perma-banned. Stop putting your name and email in the fields, that's a huge no-no, everyone is supposed to be anonymous…and learn to sage your posts. You can get a temporary ban for large blocks of text with no punctuation or paragraph breaks…it happened to me once and I should know better.

No. 364444

Why is that being posted here?
It's not relevant to Joy's thread and it's an uninvolved party's dox. Stop.

No. 364445

and maybe stop namefagging

No. 364447

File: 1501570080347.jpg (9.92 KB, 165x115, 1324326045001.jpg)


No. 364448

Completely agree! If you've ever looked around at her followers or defenders they are the same people they are always the same avatars these like anime weird stuff they talk the same act the same and often stick up for one another I think they are sometimes the same person it's weird I think joy makes fake accounts someone said she makes twitter accounts the other day on some comment thing but I've often wondered about it on her YouTube too pay attention sometime it's just odd and who knows what's going on with all the time she has on her hands lol

No. 364449

They are involved. They are the person telling Chambers that Rose is being harassed by Joy. The ID was clearly visible in the video.

No. 364450

File: 1501570279855.png (79.35 KB, 227x719, 75cnWCJ.png)

Usually I would hold back on saying someone's buying subs too. But this woman has been steadily dropping in subs for the past week. And not just small amounts, but losses in the hundreds per day. Not one person is going to convince me that after steadily dropping near 2000 subs in a week, suddenly as the 31st of July knocks on the door she starts magically gaining subs. As if. Could the sudden subcount increase be a glitch? Sure I can admit that. Is her subcount increase in general a glitch?L-O-L. No. That's her buying subs. No spinning around that. She gained over 100 subs, and hasn't been in the negative numbers since the 31st. Coincidence? I think not.

No. 364452

Thank God! You are with me lol yeah I knew I wasn't alone lol

No. 364456

Can you read the rules or leave, please?

No. They are not involved with Joy directly, and Chambers had no business doxing her either. If someone else is throwing molotov cocktails, does that mean it's not shitty when you do it too?

No. 364460

The thread's gone to shit real fast tonight, boys.

No. 364463

You already asked for it to be removed. Stop namefagging. If you can't use common sense then fucking leave.

No. 364464


No. 364467


it't timed out so i would suggest deleting these before you hit 30 min so that you don't draw even more attention to it. this will be deleted in a few minutes, not need for anyone to respond to it.

No. 364481

File: 1501574053154.png (54.33 KB, 670x156, tdfU0t0.png)

I was scrolling through the discussions section of her youtube page and noticed this comment. is this true, I've looked through the summaries of the previous threads but haven't seen any mention of this. I have no idea how to check this as I'm not from america, and don't know which website this information would be available on. But it'd be nice to know if this is old milk, or just a troll.

No. 364482

So just like that the thread was derailed by two cunts.

Furthermore in her shortest and latest stream she said she is deciding if she wants to leave YouTube. I honesty don't think she will, i think it was her trying to garner sympathy from her 10 real subs.

I do think however she has realised how badly she has fucked up and with a video apparently coming of some Amanda broad she is shitting bricks.

No. 364502


Well, she's been cut off from her standard suicide video for fear that the cops will be asked to do another welfare check. So, the only threat she has left it YouTube-icide.

She's not going to walk away from the $480/mo on Patreon + a likely $1k/mo on YouTube while there is any chance at all that she can still pull out of her nose dive.

No. 364510


The Egocast hosted a livestream with Bearing a few hours ago and they talked about Joy starting at 24:05 and then at 32:03 and again at 59:05. So nice to hear Bearing didn't get fooled by her saccharin sweet nonsense…I had been wondering if he knew anything about her other than what he heard on the Warski livestream. They also talked about how people have been asking what Joy thinks of The Egocast and she pretended to not know who he was…despite her being subbed to his channel since he made his first Onision video but then she unsubbed when he made his first video about her. They laughed about how she hasn't responded to any of his videos because what's she going to say…he didn't understand?

No. 364515


In Phil's defence I'm the Anon (Illness Anon) who first brought his old posts back into with links to his old posts mentioning Amanda. As people were questioning if Amanda was even real. I could remember Phil talking about her and at that point we didn't have a surname. And I have to agree, that's a worry, I hope she isn't getting harassed. If she is reading this, if you haven't already get yourself a second account and don't log into your own for a while.

I don't know who then posted the exact same information later in the post, which did seem pointless considering it had already been done earlier.

I also shut down the ridiculous drug talk.

And I'm not responsible for the rest of the shit show either.


>Don't worry, some pointed people to this site to get the info they needed on questions joy refused to answer.

Don't worry?! Did you see what happened once they got sent here, derailment! Not following usage rules.

Do not post the thread URL anywhere without giving us prior notice and most importantly without giving instructions to firstly read all of the rules and thread heading, at least the day's worth of the thread and lurk if they still aren't sure how to follow the bloody rules. It's not rocket science!

As for the bot and sock account subs, yes there is something that can be done…

No. 364518

It does appear like fake subs could have been bought.

The system will randomly, purposely and unevenly dump new subs usually starting exactly on the hour. I only know a brief explanation, but I may look into it further.

This has happened to multiple YTers who have been in Joy's position, and the fact that this keeps repeating itself with multiple YTers is highly suspicious.

There's no way they've all just been lucky enough to have an immediate turn around of subs. Especially when the drama is still ongoing.

No. 364520

The problem is that even if fake subs are being bought, it appears all you need is a channel URL and a wallet. Correct me if I'm wrong, of course. But it does seem to me like any of her retarded little spergs (looking at you, Link) could have bought her subs as a "present" to save their queen's image. Until there's some sort of evidence that she has done it herself, or knowingly accepted bot subs from someone else, I really think we shouldn't get too loud with sub-botting accusations. Unfortunately, that kind of evidence may never eventuate, but in my opinion we have more than enough on her straight from the horse's mouth without adding shit that we can't prove.

Just my two cents. I would like as little dishonesty in these threads as possible.

No. 364525

Whats the fucking deal with Link? I see him say he is a 24 year old with two degrees but he acts so childish and immature. There is no way this joytard is enrolled in any form of higher education.

But i agree, im sure the few fans she has are buying her subs. Even on the latest stream she told people not to donate to her and yet they continue. She was even called out saying she herself could turn it off and she said yes she could but she never did… People are so blind to her

No. 364537


Zolfner (some Z name) claims to be almost finished with his PHD in psychology and he claims to have already worked with patients. He's a fucking drunk and does not strike me as very bright.

No. 364540

I wonder how Google would feel paying out Ad Sense on fraudulent views. Just saying.

No. 364543

So, the livestream w/the 11yo girl is no longer available.

No. 364547


The views would be one thing; as it's against Youtube's ToS to artificially inflate views.

However, a sub count has no affect on views. If she's got all these 'new subs', and her view count stays the same, she's not making any more money than before.

No. 364550


Saged, but YouTube's ToS also prohibit buying subscribers. If they can figure it out is another questions…

"Services that attempt to boost YouTube subscriber numbers through automated means or via a marketplace violate our Terms of Service, such as:

- Purchasing subscribers from third-party websites
- 'Sub4sub' exchanges and services from third-party websites that subscribe you to multiple channels that then subscribe to you in return."


No. 364554


The best that can be done is to get in touch with someone at Youtube and direct them to her social blade, to show how she's suddenly getting all these subs after an almost 2k drop over the last week.

At least, that way, they can investigate things to make sure everything's legit.

No. 364561


Thank you, I hadn't considered that, Anon.

>>364554 I wonder if the same people who helped her get her second channel reinstated are willing to assist with this, now the truth of who she really is has been revealed.

I'm not confident that YT will do anything to help, we have made multiple legitimate complaints about her, yet as we have seen, it never works, or it never sticks. I'm not confident that they will be interested in further concerns, despite them being genuine.

Someone with a stronger connection to YT needs to be willing to pull a few strings with YT, the way they did when it came to reinstating her channel.

No. 364566


Or maybe get in touch with that Youtube Hero of hers (their Twitter handle should still be available; unless she's deleted that tweet) and see if they're willing to offer some assistance/suggestions on what to do?

No. 364578


It might be worth a try because YT aren't going to listen to us alone, as they have already proven repeatedly (as have Patreon). She has already planted the seed that every report she gets is nothing more than false flagging, when that is far from the truth.

I'm not sure if her new like to dislike ratio, with dislike being the majority, will be a help or hindrance to us?

I think we should try to reach out to anyone we think could help make a solid case, I think people should hold off on reporting anything until we have as much information as possible. Any reports she is currently getting might be getting filed under the false flag banner, so will be ignored without being looked into and that helps her to look like an innocent victim.

She has received too much inadvertent help by people rushing in. I will gather up as much info/asst. as I can.

If anyone would like to or think they can help in some way, here is my sock email.


No. 364581


I just took a peek at TeamYoutube on Twitter, and the sudden drop in Joy's sub count may be in relation to them removing spammy accounts on Youtube that they had only just caught up on the other day.


So, that would explain the sudden drop in subs. Thankfully, she can't claim all the dislikes/critical comments came from those same spammy accounts.

saged for edits

No. 364601

chambers put up a video with roses sisters tweets to her

(took out the facebook names to protect their identity now)

IT sounds from the texts that chambers might even have "more" info" she is holding back from rose. Though I'm sure even if Joy gets caught she would just feign ignorance.


No. 364648

Last night's livestream. Missed the first 7ish minutes.

Link: https://vid.me/HqymF

Keep an eye on the chat. It's essential to watch because Joy is actively ignoring any and all mention of Amanda.

And there's a lot of people asking, including her own fans. Joy was unable to mask her reactions as usual.

No. 364650

Not to mention the fact as soon as Chambers released to video with the chat logs Joy abruptly ended the stream.

No. 364652

Am I the only one with enough morbid curiousity to want to see what Joy looks like naked?

No. 364653

Yes, you are.

No. 364654

I think she's waiting to see what is going to come out. Let's face it joy is a reactionary person so right now she's just waiting to react.

The only premtive thing I saw in her livestream is her saying she did things in her past that she "wasn't proud of" or something like that. I think she will play the that was my past and I was in a "bad place" because of all the typical excuses she makes. I was sick abused etc etc so don't judge my bad behavior then.

No. 364655

childe all of the people who have been feeling sorry for Joy and feeling torn due to her sympathy tour now see the full truth. This is part of a long established pattern. She had one when she messed up and caught heat after she interviewed young girls claiming they were Onion's exes. She then latched onto Faith Kids but didn't get a lot of attention for that, she then latched onto DO5 and when that went tits up she pulled the sympathy card again, as well as throwing others under the bus. This is just her latest.

You understand that the time she has spent claiming she was self reflecting and feeling poorly, has in reality been spent harassing Rose in a bid to divert the attention from herself and back onto this case. She has tried to use these children to get her views and like/dislike ratio and sub count moving back in her favour.

That is part of her pattern, she grinds a subject into the ground, screams about haters, plays the sympathy card when that doesn't stop the criticism, then she finds a new subject to try to get people on side again. And it is always a highly emotive subject, universally despised, such as sexual abuse, emotional abuse, child abuse, paedophilia. She does this so she automatically has people on her side and she does this so if anyone speaks out against her she can attack them with accusations of not wanting to protect children, or being a paedophile sympathiser.

It is human nature to feel empathy towards others, even shitty people but she knows this and is playing you all like a fiddle.

The entire time you have felt sorry for her, thinking she is suffering, she has been harassing and emotionally blackmailing Rose. Is that the act of someone who feels sorry, is that the act of someone who claims they are in extreme physical pain?

No. 364656

>>364652 Oh dear god you need help!

No. 364659


this is an essential post to read for any idiots who are pitying joy right now. essential.

No. 364673

You do realize that the her first name is spelled Kati and in the news article it's spelled Katie right. I'm not saying it's a different person because the age is the same and it could just be a typo but better to be safe then sorry.

No. 364674

Not Kati

No. 364678

It's definitely not her, I would recommend deleting it before someone just sees that post and runs with it before fact checking. It is definitely not her.

No. 364684


I think they were her step-nephews. She brought it up in a vid and was raked over the coals by the father, saying it was not her business to tell everyone family busines..

No. 364709

I would recommend that Rose files privacy complaints to YT on the videos that contain her children.

I understand that Rose is considered a vulnerable adult and therefore YT may accept someone else doing this on her behalf.

Please note I am suggesting this action be taken against all channels that use footage of her children.

As for Joy, she has been directly asked to remove the videos and she has the most videos, yet she has still chosen not to, despite being informed that Rose wants no more money from Joy. Joy can no longer claim that she is only keeping the videos to raise funds for Rose and the children.

Apparently YT take claims involving children very seriously and these videos could have a detrimental impact on their lives if seen by school friends, or even set back their own progress if they see them themselves.

There is now no excuse to keep these videos up, if Joy who follows this thread doesn't remove them, then Chambers, who seemingly follows this thread, please ensure this information gets to Rose. Enough is enough, Joy's behaviour has been made public now, so Rose shouldn't worry about further harassment from her.

These guidelines also confirm that if Rose agreed to this in the past, it does not mean that consent is permanent, the privacy complaint is accepted as a revocation of previous consent, so that can't be used as an excuse by anyone either.


No. 364743

I'm not sure what Rose will want to do. I'll run it by her though when she's avaliable.

No. 364744

emphasis made a video about joy taking down her video

No. 364749

>emphasis made a video about joy taking down her video

>that emphasis channel… Jesus

Such a small channel causing so much trouble for you, joy?

No. 364752

Youtube thought it was hate speech. I guess they just didn't understand, either.

No. 364766


I couldn't believe that when I saw it. Is Mike's original still up?

YT are making dicks of themselves, no wonder she gets off lightly with them, hypocrites stick together.

I hope Team YouTube who helped her get her channel reinstated have been informed about this?

No. 364780

She's got the worst poker face.

No. 364785


Yes, it's still up - just set to private.

No. 364789


Sly POS. Well good luck ever making that public ever again, the internet never forgets…

No. 364836

No. 364846

I don't think she is buying subs, I know what's happening. People are unsubbing everytime she uploads a vid and they see it in their sub box or recommeded. She hasn't uploaded in two days, so new people are subbing from watching her old vids, and less people are unsubbing because she hasn't uploaded any bs in days.

The moment she uploads a new video subs will drop again, why do you think she isn't uploading and is onlu streaming on younow? She knows this too. Which is why she is avoiding youtube.

No. 364849

Yeah… Patreon billed out today (on the 1st) and her patreon took a hit.

No. 364851


Speaking of pateron, has she ever done the other rewards where she has patrons? Like "Name In The Credits" or "A personal video JUST FOR YOU!"

No. 364866

She charges $100 to receive a recorded message from her.
I'll let that sink in.

No. 364902

Whiteknights for Joy:

Sunbunz is a dramatic liar. She's not banned and he didn't threaten to destroy her, crazy. Calm down.

Original: https://twitter.com/MrRepzion/status/892422596687405056

Archive: http://archive.is/Rt9Xh


Archive: http://archive.is/lARtL

No. 364904


Wow, I was just going to ask this last night. As to my knowledge, no she hasn't.

No. 364914


Whats this about her patron taking a hit?

also what the fuck is this about her being banned?

No. 364921

She is quite the avenging angel. She's been around for just a little while but fancies herself joy's white night. She is completely uneducated on what the issues are.

No. 364929

I think she means that Repzion blocked her from twitter.

No. 364951

Holy shit. Look at all them tweets over the last 6 days. The consider that the topic 95% of the time is Joy


No. 364954

This is so mind boggling. I wouldn't pay a $100 to my favorite vocalist I've listened to for 15 years to send me a message, let alone anyone on YT, a small nobody like her or bigger names. At the end of the day, they're just people, if you appreciate their content or not. I hope no one pays her that much, because they're going to cringe at themselves for years when they mentally grow up.

No. 364962

She has Isaac Watts syndrome.

No. 364972


Just recalling something an Anon found three months ago in thread 2. Miss Kati's first publication in the now defunct Children on the New Earth magazine, 2006:

"I had this overwhelming urge to help others and speak my truth, but it wasn’t an easy task to undertake. I knew the repercussions were high. I never wanted to feel the type of social isolating backlash that I had in my past. So what did I do?

I became an angry person. I was still happy, fun loving Kati, but there was a burning, destructive, defensive part of me that was ready to attack anyone who called me “crazy” or who wanted to shed darkness on my beliefs of the spiritual and the world. I was slowly becoming the people I intended to fight. I was becoming my enemy."


(Source for ref. http://www.neutrinos.ca/2015TheAngelProductions/generations/reordered-not-disordered/inside-the-mind-of-an-indigo/)

No. 364979


>hi, my name is miss Kati and I'm and indigo.


Some annon needs take that quote from the article and super impose some pic of her with a towel on her head with Miss Cleos body STAT

the lolz

No. 364983

Before we get too excited about her sub loss: according to keemstar, there is a sub glitch ATM and lots of other youtubers are bleeding subs too. JS.

Sage for speculation

No. 364985


Could be. Something similar happened in Feb.


Sage for further speculation.

No. 364991

File: 1501647443976.jpg (19.94 KB, 596x124, Capture.JPG)

No. 364994

File: 1501647592845.jpg (33.21 KB, 633x260, Capture.JPG)

No. 365006

File: 1501648661642.png (137.05 KB, 1419x798, SmartSelectImage_2017-08-02-00…)

LOL, fishing are we?

No. 365014

> I felt at times I was living this staggering double life: Happy, easy going, fun, artistically talented Kati by life, and spiritually thirsting master in training by astral and inside my head. I had this overwhelming urge to help others and speak my truth, but it wasn’t an easy task to undertake. I knew the repercussions were high. I never wanted to feel the type of social isolating backlash that I had in my past. So what did I do?
>I became an angry person. I was still happy, fun loving Kati, but there was a burning, destructive, defensive part of me that was ready to attack anyone who called me “crazy” or who wanted to shed darkness on my beliefs of the spiritual and the world. I was slowly becoming the people I intended to fight. I was becoming my enemy.

Just leaving this here because holy shit was she self-aware before

No. 365016


It's great there's someone willing to make an proper exposed video. But at this point the baiting is getting a bit obnoxious. Its just adding to the "he's doing it for views"fodder. Ffs I hope not.

No. 365037

I also sage all this weirdness

No. 365061

Maybe you're right, but her twitter growth stalled at the same exact time, though.


No. 365068


Her Patreon numbers are going down.

No. 365071

File: 1501658768892.png (553.45 KB, 725x787, N8hifWZ.png)

No. 365073

File: 1501659194734.png (307.2 KB, 1274x1116, Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 12.2…)

I did a little digging and found out that Link Mountaineer is a guy that goes by the name of Patrick Daye, as evidenced in this screenshot. I haven't had a chance to do any more research on him, but he slipped up at some point and used his real name in the thread before changing it to Link Mountaineer.

No. 365079


Can you post that in the spergleberry thread. I have something to add, nothing mind blowing but he needs to go in that thread, rather than Joy's.


She has never done any of her Patreon rewards. I submitted an extensive report to them, including evidence in support of everything I said and they did nothing.

This is following signing up to her Patreon just to give me a stronger cause for complaint.

I researched that heavily and made sure to choose the right wording as per their own tos and as usual, it didn't work.

>>365061 Sunbunz also doesn't belong in this thread, she is a spergleberry and belongs in that thread.

Including information that is based solely on the activity of spergleberries is considered derailment.

No. 365088

I was just verifying my email on VidMe and realised I made a cockup, I have given you the wrong email, for some reason i popped an extra c in the email line, so my email has an error.

The actual email is BSdectector because I'm an idiot. I would appreciate it if you are still willing to help FMS anon.

I'm still trying to form a solid timeline of her changing the diagnosis story.

No. 365097


I'd like to think he's doing it more to see Joy squirm; because you know it has to be driving her up the wall, wondering what info he has on her.

No. 365113

File: 1501671780301.png (61.39 KB, 1118x691, 2017-08-02 12_02_40-Joy Sparkl…)


She has gone down from $422 to $337 per month since yesterday, losing 15 patrons

No. 365126

48 hours and not a word. Is our long national nightmare finally over?

No. 365133

>>365126 nope. She's just trying to lull you into a sense of false security. This is all part of her cycle. The longest she has stayed quiet is a week but she might stretch it past that this time, considering this is the biggest shot storm she has created to date.

She is letting emotion calm down, she will then release uploads addressing why she "left" YT/Social Media. She will take responsibility for small things and things that aren't even issues but she will make sound like they are.

She will play the illness card.

She will play the bullying card.

She will say she made mistakes in the past, again cop to smaller things, to make it look like she is being honest but will push most of the responsibility onto someone else. She will probably claim she was manipulated by them into doing these things. As she has already planted the seed of being a victim of narcs in the past.

She will try to drag Amanda through the mud, paint her as the jealous enemy out to ruin her and will say they aren't friends anymore because Kati broke it off because Amanda is evil.

We will have tears, we will have a flat tone, deep sighs, fibro fogs, victim, victim, blah, blah.

Hopefully people will see it for what it is but I don't hold out too much hope, people are strange and you're banking on that aren't you Kati.

No. 365134


no she has done a younow stream, she will continue to do them she has said.

No. 365135

File: 1501677450989.jpg (29.46 KB, 627x221, SHBBKR8473.jpg)

I rofled, but someone please give this girl a hug.

No. 365162

Thank you for this, I'm just getting around to watching it now. Anyone wanna put together a compilation of every time she lies and touches her nose in this video?

"I like younow streams because I can hang with you guys, youtube is better for a bigger audience …" touches nose

"who is that, what is that, I don't know anything about that." touches nose

"what do I think about Onision condensing his channels? I don't have an opinion… he seems to be doing better touches nose and I hope he becomes a better person, that's it."

She actually did acknowledge one message about Amanda Smith, it was the one from Llama Skeptic at 14:36 of this recording, he says "amanda is the secret god" and she laughs and says "llama skeptic"
All of the messages surrounding his comment are all asking about Amanda Smith, and she had just said if nobody else wants to ask anything, she's gonna leave. She gets a flood of "WHO IS AMANDA SMITH" and ignores them, except for Llama's, and someone named Khrysaliss who says "Amanda Hugnkiss", which she snickers at too.
Muy interesante.

No. 365167

Stop it with this stupid rumor and learn how to sage. This has been debunked a hundred times.

"I wasn't in a cult!" touches nose

No. 365169

She might be using opiates for pain but I doubt she addicted to them. But when ours under the influence of any opiate you legitimately can't yawn because your muscles are too relaxed. I know from experience. The only time you yawn is when you're in the first stage of withdrawal.
It pisses me off so much because I legitimately have fibro. And I am an active person. It actually helps the more active you are. I also have an autoimmune disease. She shows no symptoms of having either and it's bullshit she's claiming all of this.

No. 365171

File: 1501683749737.jpg (15.02 KB, 480x345, FB_IMG_1498030378619.jpg)


I'm actually surprised it hasn't dropped a lot more. Do you think automatic card payments could be the cause and people have forgotten to cancel?

Or are there still quite a few idiots willing to pay this cow.

I saw this today Kati and I thought of you.

No. 365172

Stop it with the opiates stuff. She's not on drugs. I kinda wish she was on something for her obvious mental issues, but she's not. She has repeatedly talked about not even wanting to take anything as harmless as antibiotics, and believe you me, that was not a good move on her part because it did not make her look good.

"I'm just gonna try to get better…" touches nose

God, if this was a drinking game, we'd all be dead.

No. 365181

That's my point I don't think she's really on opiates I don't even think she's on benzo either because she physically wouldn't be able to produce the amount of content she does and she's way to manic

No. 365201

File: 1501686469814.png (262.97 KB, 720x924, 20170802_100409.png)

>She has never done any of her Patreon rewards

She has started listing her patrons in the descriptions box, but not a lot of people read those…

Pic from "Jake Paul apologizes on drama alert"
They are not listed in her "am I getting people to false flag" video.

No. 365221


At the time I reported her account she hadn't even bothered with that.

It truly annoyed me because I put a lot of time, effort and research into that report.

At the time of my report she hadn't posted any content to Patreon in over a month, she only started to do that in July when she couldn't fleece people on her live streams because she was banned due to the channel termination. The only reason she has continued to post there afterwards is to try to cover her obvious tracks, as people pointed out how she only showed interest when she had to.

My report went into a lot more details which I will withhold for now, along with evidence to back up every claim I made and every claim went against their own tos which I made sure to quote.

The report in itself was bulletproof and if Patreon took their own rules as seriously as they claim they do, they would have pulled the account. But they are just like YT, as long as they get their cut they don't give a shit.

I have kept copies of everything for future reference but there is a part of me hoping that they may not have got to it straight away, or are investigating everything that was said.

I would like to say I'm waiting for any supporting evidence Rep's video may contain because that could give us the strongest ammo against the Patreon account to date.

No. 365232

File: 1501689981816.jpg (120.67 KB, 354x500, 51j5GzHq3aL copy.jpg)

Coming soon to a theatre near you…

No. 365253

File: 1501692961763.jpg (150.77 KB, 1786x1548, PhotoGrid_1501689081446_1.jpg)

Beautifully explained and accurate, anon.
She lurks here enough to know that we are often one step ahead of her and yet she continues to prove us right. The walls are really beginning to crumble.

>"paint her as the jealous enemy out to ruin her"

She totally will give the "jealous" business. It's really something that her whole family and real life friends, as well as anyone that disagrees with her, all are jealous. It's one of the most ridiculous things she ever said and continues to say.
Jealous of what exactly? She literally has nothing. She may have gained a lot of subs fast but that's not exactly anything to brag about and certainly isn't anything to be jealous of considering she doesn't even have any solid online friends or good personal attributes. You can initially think maybe a good work ethic for putting out videos, but that is immediately scrapped because she isn't in any way creative or doing anything special, in fact, her approach is very unhealthy and she is obsessively ranting and losing her shit and all of her videos are centered around negativity. Almost anyone can build a channel like hers but it's difficult to commit to making bad choices every single day. She has nothing so there's nothing to lose by being ruthless and an all around bad person. So if there's others in that same position then they can easily do all the same shitty things and have the same following.

(Intentional wrong use of their in tribute to shady Kati)

No. 365336

File: 1501698598059.jpg (155.64 KB, 354x500, 1501698547645.jpg)

I fixed who's playing the leading roles

No. 365338

Interesting, he has people helping him…I sure hope he's fact checking anything they tell him but most of all I REALLY hope JLF is NOT one of those people…anytime she gets involved things tend to go south.

Have you considered that the reason she recently started thanking patrons in her description is because she got a warning from Patreon due to your complaint?

(Sorry about the first time this was posted, my cat decided to jump up on my desk and "help" me write that last part then managed to post it herself.)

No. 365339


Brilliant! Il miglior fabbro!

No. 365354

>>365232 Lol!

>>365338 I'm hoping at least one of the people he has helping him are farmers. I don't think he would want anything to do with JLF. And I'm confident he knows what he's doing. The fact he is taking his time is a good sign.

It is a possibility that they warned her but if that is the case and they have been in touch with her, then she has to provide them with proof of her medical claims and if she doesn't they will pull the account. They don't release this information to the public, or the original complainant, they will just pull the plug. Not just claims she has made on Patreon btw, on any platform that the funds made on Patreon support, her YT channel for example. And we know for a fact she can't give them proof of her most serious claims because as she has said numerous times, she self diagnosed. I submitted evidence in support in this area too.

I think it has just slipped through the net, she may have also played the victim card with them the way she did with YT and made it seem like all complaints are baseless, so they have never bothered to really look into them. I just can't be sure at all. I don't call her Teflon coated for nothing.

I think her thanking of Patrons is just down to how much heat she got over not fulfilling her obligations until she could no longer live stream, as Patreon money wasn't worth the effort for her until she didn't have those superchats rolling in. And now she will play it out a little longer to try to shield herself from those claims.

Do you know if she has thanked Patrons in every video or just the few she released on Patreon before YT? After months of her shit I can't stand her voice and I only watch her videos if other Anons confirm it contains illness claims.

No. 365358

File: 1501700860174.jpg (502.3 KB, 1242x3086, IMG_2054.JPG)

JLF is not one of the people helping him, thank god.

No. 365363

When she started naming them it was only in the description. Nothing on screen, Same shitty long ass outro and her annoying ass voice over it.

No. 365365

File: 1501701172563.png (13.43 KB, 586x141, 2017-08-02 20_12_07-Tweets wit…)

I don't think anyone has posted this tweet yet

No. 365374


Thank god, i can't help but be paranoid about that psycho popping up everywhere and shitting in the pool.

Also reps for sure an anon, so I'm feeling pretty good about this.

No. 365390

Found the cat owner.

No. 365450

She's on YouNow and says she is going to release her test results from her clinic visit. (For those who were doubting, she did apparently go…she had prescription bottles of 2 new meds that she showed on a previous stream.)

No. 365452

She was crying and says it's confirmed she either got Lupus or sclerosis or something else (I didn't get the name)

No. 365453

I think the third one she said was scleroderma but I could be wrong.

No. 365454

She says she got the test results and was diagnosed with LUPUS!!! She was crying and freaking out and telling everyone how scared she was and that she knew she didn't just have fibro that it had to be something else (don't know if that means she's still claiming fibro or not and not sure about this but didn't she say she was tested for lupus before and it was ruled out?) She also kept saying that she might not return to YouTube period because she doesn't like what she's become and that she doesn't care about the Repzion video because this is so much more important. (sounds to me like she cares very much what he could uncover and needs something big to distract from it.) I'm gonna go look through the YN Moments and see if there are any interesting ones I can share.

No. 365456

File: 1501712058588.png (294.89 KB, 600x437, IMG_2057.PNG)

No. 365459

>She says she got the test results and was diagnosed with LUPUS!!!

Even if that's true, to think she could've started treatment already if she had accepted the NUMEROUS offers from people wanting to pay her insurance/doctors bills. She can whine all she wants-lupus is a terrible disease that is life threatening-but she had the opportunity seek answers and treatment and didn't. And if she was really that concerned, rack a bill up! Who Effin cares. They can't squeeze money from a turnip….or someone that has none.

Quit deflecting, Kati. Even if you are truly sick, some of us know the real reason you're hiding. But playing a poor sick person is a flimsy disguise for the bigger truth there. Take everyone's advise and go dark. Take another trip to Paris.

No. 365462

It's not a definitive diagnosis, she said she had a positive ANA test and it could be Lupus or MS…or it could be nothing. There was also something about a fecal test that I didn't catch.

No. 365465

So her AHA Test is showing inflammation - Whatever.. Could be a million things - something or nothing,
Looks like she's been rubbing onion-boy on her fingers as we got an actual tear!
I had no idea her acting skills were anywhere near that good,
Time for more pizza toppings to cure whatever it is (boo-hoo bitch)

No. 365466

I don't believe shit. She could be crying because her test results are negative. Either way, there are false positives and until she shows some kind of proof, she still doesn't have anything, and that's her own fault for lying so much. She still talks about almost dying so many times so she is still a liar. Six months from now she will be pumping out videos about how she almost died on August first. Actually, when she started out, she said she almost died six months prior so this is just the time of year when she almost died, nbd.

She is going nowhere. This is just more acting out and with all the attention on YT, she won't settle for just roommate's. We are stuck with her til the end of the internet. If I'm wrong about that, I will create a YT channel and accept a double dog dare.

No. 365467


She has repeated claimed to have been tested for Lupus… not once, but tested several times. I could swear that she's claimed to have been tested three times for Lupus in the last two years. AND that she's made that claim on multiple occasions.

No. 365468

Lupus anon here, I'm about to barf if she starts proclaiming she has it. How low can you sink.

No. 365469

File: 1501713299427.png (37.02 KB, 488x368, Ue6kkJl.png)

No. 365470

I hope she is not sick. I don't wish ill will on anyone. However, I think she is crying like this to get Repzion to not do his video. I think she is scared of what he has on her.

No. 365471

A positive ANA does not mean someone definitely has Lupus.

No. 365473

File: 1501713438677.png (41.4 KB, 480x410, HgFxCWR.png)

No. 365474

Anon, this is not how you get diagnosed with lupus, lol. I can with a 100 % certainty say that they wouldn't diagnose her within a few days, it takes longer than that and other symptoms have to be present. ANA alone can be meaningless. Yes, she is sick ( I don't know why she's downplaying her own mental health when it's clear it plays a big role in how she behaves ), just not in this way.

No. 365475


I think that's exactly her intention; to make Repzion look like a tool for 'attacking' a person with a 'terminal' disease.

No. 365501

I may be mistaken but didn't she say she'd had a call and had written it down?

No. 365502

I believe joy stated somewhere she was taking medication that can be used off label for pain that is an anti epileptic medication
Am i wrong here?

No. 365504

just watched her Younow moments so I'm not aware if she actually showed paperwork or not. But how convenient of her to have finally found answers now that Repzion is carefully working on a video to expose her illness claims. I just don't believe any of what came out of her mouth in that Younow stream. I feel like she's desperate so she's trying this pity party one last time to see if it'll work. I hope for her sake she really isn't sick because living with those illness's are not fun. But until she actually shows paperwork I think she's full of shit still.

No. 365505


Life is terminal.

I don't buy it for a hot second. So she doesn't have Fibro, how does that explain the Fibro fog? Brain farts happen, but she's just an idiot.

No. 365507

Yes. I heard her say a few times that she was writing the things down he was telling her over the phone. Is this something that would be discussed over the phone though?

No. 365508

The doctor office called her and SHE wrote it down.

No. 365512

Joys YouNow stream "Results are in" to whomever missed it.

Recorded very quickly, by Missbitch2u
I'm glad she did because I missed it. Was a very fast, out of nowhere, stream and I only seen the very ending.

No. 365514


She went to some low income clinic. If it isn't associated to a physician, they might tell her stuff like that over the phone. BUT, honestly, I would expect them to simply say "Your ANA was positive, we need to schedule more tests"… it would be very unprofessional to start guessing diagnosis w/out any more information.

I go to a doctor. And, even the nurses in his office will not discuss lab results with me beyond printing them out and handing them to me. No one discussing lab results except the doctor himself. I'm guessing that's for insurance purposes since I see an internist. But, they won't even say "it's all normal" to me. They print off the results and point to the normal ranges to make sure I understand them.

No. 365516

Relevant YouNow Moments 8/2

Her AHA is positive for "information" (she probably means "inflammation") & says the results mean she has Lupus or sclerosis or scholardema (scleredema?) she thinks she wrote that last one down wrong she doesn't know what that is but she's really scared and she's been saying something is wrong and it's more than fibro

If you don't see her around this is why, it's not good for her health and she doesn't like who she's become on here, she just wants to be herself again

She knew it was more than fibro, do you guys have any idea what it's like to go through this all the time and have people tell you you're lying and it's just so hard to get out of bed.

Now that she has answers she can work towards getting better, it's just really really scary cause she doesn't know what all this is she just knows it's not a good thing…and if you don't see her again..

She's angry no other hospitals or doctors caught this and that people said it was fibro but she knew there was more going on.

Saying people were telling her not to leave, she can turn her channel around but is something is wrong, she can't until she gets better. She just can't.

Happy that at least she has more answers now but she's going to be very MIA and this is why.

She can't breathe right now but she'll be fine or she won't and maybe it's her time to go, she doesn't know but she's very scared but thanks for the support.

She got her test results and it's kinda confirmed what she's been thinking that she's gonna leave YT but her test results came back and she took notes

She doesn't know how this happened she did yoga, she was active, she used to have such an active lifestyle, she just doesn't know how this happened.

She's not telling her family because none of them care but thank for the support, she's gonna have a panic attack until her roommate gets home

Laughs when someone calls her a moron

Got a call from someone she didn't want to talk to, they didn't even know she got the results back (how could they) but she texted her roommate if he can come home early because she just can't stop crying

She's really upset, maybe she's being overdramatic (yes you are) but it doesn't sound very good so she's upset and doesn't know what any of this means yet

No. 365518

File: 1501716813823.png (59.65 KB, 750x395, IMG_2762.PNG)

This is from her 'Tests are in' tweet. F*cking love that smiley face at the end.

No. 365521

So she could have gotten the medications that make a positive test before she took the test to make it positive?
Munchousens then right?
Personally i do think it's weird and with her history can't trust her.

No. 365527

Was fibro confirmed then? She said she knew it was 'more than fibro', but I can't recall her ever being officially diagnosed.
This was really bizarre to watch, this situation gets messier by the day.

No. 365529

The Stream tweet says "the results are in"
If they were really in there'd be a van with men in white coats heading in her direction,
Where's the receipts? I call bullshit until we get them..

No. 365531



If they found something serious in those tests, she'd have been called into the office so they could discuss the findings in person.

No. 365533


> Is this something that would be discussed over the phone though?

My doctor won't even give me negative (all's fine) results over the phone. Very, very irritating to deal with.

No. 365534

Pump the breaks, Kati….

If I'm wrong, please correct me. Didn't she say the test results were expected back on Friday? And Wednesday night she gets the phone call?


No. 365540

>>365516Got a call from someone she didn't want to talk to, they didn't even know she got the results back (how could they) but she texted her roommate if he can come home early because she just can't stop crying

Roomie must make some serious bank if he can drop everything at the drop of a hat because his mooch of an ex feels sad and wants him home.

Fuck right off, you selfish cunt!

saged for severe annoyance

No. 365542

You are overthinking things…we only have her word that her doctor told her over the phone she got a positive AHA result. Even if true could mean one of several things or nothing. She's overreacting and milking this for all it's worth because she's worried about Repzion's video…she also said multiple times she's leaving YouTube because she doesn't like who she's become or where her channel is going.

Exactly, the test doesn't mean anything. It's not a definitive diagnosis, and if she was getting one they'd do it in person so they can discuss what that means and possible course of action.

She's gone between "4 different doctors diagnosed me with fibro" to "I don't have an official diagnosis but I'm seeing this amazing best of the best fibro specialist"…who she claims diagnosed her in one visit with a nonexistent "fibro test" to "I've never seen any specialists for my fibro" but Phil said that he had suggested it to her as a possibility and she just sorta ran with it as her diagnosis without ever getting confirmation from a doctor, when she did she doctors it was always the ER and they don't diagnose anything, if they suspect something they refer you to see your regular doctor.

I believe she said that some tests would take a couple days, others a week or more….if she said something different in another stream, idk.

No. 365545

Reps video might be out before Friday. Got to speed things up.

No. 365547

This is how I remember it too - always very adamant she has fibro, never diagnosed, but now it's 'at least she knows it's more than fibro'. This is seriously getting so weird.

No. 365549

That isn't how it works. Typically when you take any lab tests they will give you the furthest possible expected time for the results. This is based on the type of lab or how backed up their lab techs are (and if they have to send it off site for testing). However, you can get labs results the same day sometimes. Just because they were expected Friday doesn't make it weird that she received news of the results on Weds.

I get a lot of test results via phone, never any serious results but it's not uncommon or unheard of. For example, when I see my Rheumatologist, I have to get various tests for inflammation each time to test the levels and see where I stand. I always get a call back within 1-2 days to give me the specifics of my CRP and ESR.

Yet, my first mammy (history of family breast cancer so i got my first at 30) showed abnormalities and they wouldn't say a thing over the phone only, "We need you to come in" talk about a terrifying experience! But since then I get them every 6 months and over the phone they have told me, "Nothing has changed, so we're not worried, see you in 6 months."

So, IMO it entirely depends on the situation and type of lab test/conclusions and the clinic/doctor.

No. 365551

She's not leaving YT no fucking way. She'll come back with "omg you guise I have lupus AND fibro AND muh copper and anal rape makes me racist!" She'll figure out how to spin Repzion's video and her spergleberries will help.

I'm a bit worried. Repzion isn't exactly unassailable. One of his Patreon rewards is foot photos ffs. I do hope his video is everything he is implying otherwise he is going to look like either a complete fool or a complete asshole. Or both. If he doesn't come through with some extra-thick cream, his snarky tweets make him come off like a high school bully. There's something really smirky about his comments and I'm praying it's not spoiled milk (can you imagine if he says she owns special spaces or something? The cringe.)

Sage for blog

No. 365552

>she'll be fine or she won't and maybe it's her time to go

Only Kati can turn a positive test result that could mean a usually nonfatal disease (90% of lupus patients live a normal lifespan) or could mean absolutely nothing into "maybe I'm gonna die soon."

No. 365553

File: 1501719025297.png (383.35 KB, 712x670, Screenshot (391).png)

Here is what chambers just posted Joy texting Rose

No. 365556

This whole thing is just so weird. They call you, tell you a lab was positive and she now has only 3 weeks to live or something? Instead of going on a google rampage to find out more… you jump on YouNow even to the point of blowing off a phone call from someone? She didn't even know what the other disease was because she has her heart set on lupus.

Worse… as she's choking out her goodbyes… she just throws in Repzion's vid? If I just found out I have less than 2 days to live, I wouldn't give a shit about his video, certainly not enough to bring it up while I'm saying my final farewell speech.

Honestly, had she done the same level of crying and whinging but been saying "I'm shutting down my YouTube channel" that would have been entirely believable because her "82 thousand people all watching you all the time" was a significant point of pride to her.

I really think she's just had it and is ghosting and threw in some googled up test to sell it better. As Kati says "gotta respect the hustle!"

No. 365565

Yes - and all this over an ANA test? I just can't. It's like they told her 'look you have 5 distinct symptoms, we'll have to take such and such into consideration upon your further visit, but it might definitely be one of these three illnesses' - but even then, from personal experiences, this wouldn't be it, the process is longer. All in all, when you're capable of doing a handstand like it's nothing, you really don't have a reason to cry like you're dying in half an hour. I don't know what's wrong with her at this point, but it's getting uncomfortable.

No. 365568

She is really annoying. I have a positive ANA and I am only diagnosed with fibro. Having a positive ANA only means you have inflammation. she's being extremely dramatic.

No. 365569


And, THIS (little spergleberries) is the reason so many people called bull shit on ANY mental health professional telling a new patient that starting a YouTube channel sounds like a great idea. She's likely having a "fuck, I screwed the pooch hard!" realization and that's the basis for this melt down.

This is the time to be glad that the local police know her name and location in case she goes on YouNow with threats of self harm.