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File: 1612790211277.jpg (177.53 KB, 2115x1079, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-pzAU…)

No. 1155803

Use this thread to discuss the neverending saga of Kati's perpetual last videos and statements on the matter.

Recent Milk:

>laid low on all Joy channels while she started a new stimulus channel under Kati's Insights

>made a goodbye video on Kati's Insights to pursue her main Joy channel the day the 2nd stimulus package passed (after non-stop creating multiple clickbait videos for months on end)
>baited for ana-chan attention on her main Joy channel when she returned - she's currently in-between sizes, btw
>began unleashing a torrent of pro-Shane, anti-Trisha videos when the Shane/Trish/Jeffree drama began, using her classic clickbait titles such as 'Trisha Paytas RAPES her fiancee?' and 'Trisha's fiance CAUGHT with MINORS?'
>Trisha reacts to this on frenemies, mentioning Kati's Joy channel by name
>currently creating videos on how much she hates Dustin Daily in-between her Trish seething

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Social Media:
Joy (original 2nd channel/current primary channel, previously Spurpinklebow and Joy Sparkle BS [HIGHLY ACTIVE]) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNvtGycBq2RwqPnblRG_GSg/
Kati's Insights (previously used to clickbait stimulus updates [RECENTLY INACTIVE])
Joy Sparkle BS (created when she deleted the original channel [INACTIVE]) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6crg67UmHh_RHCUGqlWCUw
Joy Sparkle Eff It (3rd channel [INACTIVE]) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7kUp3c-o7OtYoaV65zkzHA
Socialblade for her original Joy Sparkle BS YouTube channel https://socialblade.com/youtube/channel/UCObCOwqrwbBKVwL_VivgYUQ/

Twitter https://twitter.com/joysparklebs [DELETED]
YouNow https://www.younow.com/JoySparkleBS [INACTIVE]
Patreon https://www.patreon.com/JoySparkleBS [INACTIVE]

No. 1155815

File: 1612790967493.png (5.44 MB, 1302x3904, joysparklesbs.png)

Thanks for the new thread!

< Videos from the Kati's Insight

No. 1155820


those tiny checks photoshopped into her hands kills me every time - her thumbnails are absolutely insane, and I can't stop laughing.

No. 1155830

File: 1612791961174.png (12.83 MB, 1297x9368, joysparklesbs.png)

"Joy (original 2nd channel/current primary channel, previously Spurpinklebow and Joy Sparkle BS [HIGHLY ACTIVE]) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNvtGycBq2RwqPnblRG_GSg/"

No. 1155845


holy shit, nearly half of that 2 year timeline are videos posted a month ago or less.

No. 1156159

File: 1612815591926.jpg (79.99 KB, 1080x792, 20210208_141852.jpg)

I had no idea how she would 1-up her sad face thumbnails, but editing the bald head did it for me.

No. 1156201

File: 1612818521319.jpg (499.8 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20210208-145927_You…)

showing off her 'covid cut'

No. 1156365

Ugh this bitch still.

Ngl, I wish Ethan hadn't talked her out of suing her on Frienemies. I'm so sick of youtubers straight up lying for clicks and getting away with it.

Shes like Katie Joy or whatever her name is, she needs to be sued for all she is worth so she learns how to be honest. I watched her during the Onision saga but holy fuck did she go off the rails after that.

No. 1156615

Ugh this bitch again. I hope the thread dies off, she doesn't warrant the attention. Just another spammer babbling on live.

No. 1156666

I don’t see how someone who claims they are so sick with all these illness’s can find the energy to produce all those videos. Holy hell. I Read a comment on one of her videos that said she is not bubbly she’s manic. I think that’s where she possibly can get the energy to create these videos.

No. 1156668

File: 1612849797810.jpeg (372.27 KB, 1124x1519, 8FEBB965-E9CE-4096-9A88-D700A1…)

Has she ever mentioned being groomed before?

No. 1156678

No, but she's claimed she's been raped before. The usual. No evidence, probably some ex, and usually the moment they stopped being useful.

But since they're saying "he's done a ton of massive changes since then" ..it would have to be the music producer guy she accused of raping her.

It's like everything else. It's just another bold faced lie so she can test and see what she can get away with and where the line is.

No. 1156680

I think when she said ‘he’s done a ton of massive changes’ she was talking about Shane. (Of course) People in her comment sections on her Shane videos have been telling her the reason why people are holding him accountable is because of his inappropriate behaviour and comments with children, his blackface and racist jokes.. but she keeps reiterating that ‘times were different back then.’ No times were not different. You’re just a racist and shitty person. I saw her and MikenWhatevers younow stream of her poo babies joke and forgot how awful it was! It’s not directly linked to her or Mikenstupids YouTube so if I’m allowed to link it I will! They both should be called out and cancelled for that alone.

No. 1156681

Sorry samefag but it’s interesting how she keeps saying that Shane has changed or should be given the chance to change but won’t offer that same grace to Trisha.

No. 1156702

File: 1612856303853.jpeg (94.4 KB, 1124x602, 42F1F2B3-43A7-4107-8AB0-52BA47…)

In her ‘I’m going bald’ video at time stamp 20:30 she mentioned she now has health insurance and thanks roommate for it. I may be dumb but if she’s under his insurance does that mean they are married?

No. 1156706

this is kind of weird. Joana Ceddia posted a video 5 days ago about how she’s been hiding her health condition from her subscribers for months now and her hair has been falling out due to a condition she has developed.

like i don’t know if she directly copied her but it’s strange that Joy posts a video about her also serious medical condition that is causing her hair to fall out too just a few days later.

No. 1156769

I was actually thinking the exact same thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if Joy took from Joanna’s video and made it to fit her own story. I remember before Joy left last time a lot of people she talked to with chronic illness said that she would take a lot of their stories like symptoms they had, issues medications and stuff and create her own story with it. So this wouldn’t shock me in the slightest that she watched Joannas video and created her own narrative.

No. 1156797


No idea who this person is, but I've been keeping up with Kati's channel ever since she started uploading again. Her hair has been a messy disaster the entire time, and she started mentioning the hairloss directly about a week or two ago. I assumed comments were getting to her, but I wouldn't be surprised if she binge watches sick youtubers for content inspo when she's not manic-posting videos.

No. 1156801

Because don’t you know Trisha has been on a mission to sabotage joy from the start because she’s jealous of Joy’s success!/s

Seriously though I don’t get how a person that takes a break from the internet and spends more time in the real world manages to somehow get more delusional and unhinged. Most cows and people who take a break will come back a little bit smarter and a bit more quiet but Joy truly came back swinging, as manic and sick as ever.

No. 1156817

Joy is a grifter in her DNA. That's her only true skill. She's managed to grift her way to having a "roommate" that will put up with her chronic illness bullshit. Don't underestimate her, not because she's smart and can make good decisions but because she's absolutely shameless in her grift. Back when she had her "my guardian angels and vegetables cured my tumor" blog she was shockingly even more unhinged with her claims. Its toned down once she realized pseudo science religious shit doesn't pay as well as lambasting onision to smooth brains.

I think Kati pushes the limits of what she can get away with both irl and online. When she gets flack for being a greedy liar she falls back on "muh chronic illness" and disappears only to reimurge when the heat is off (because who gives a fuck about JSBS to keep up to date with her) and she sees a new way to quickly make money. Here we see what makes a real grifter so poisonous. If Joy was even 5 percent more charming, made 2 videos a week instead of 25 and showered she'd be the chronic illness dramatube kween.

No. 1156855

File: 1612872461255.jpeg (29.03 KB, 423x406, 0A81D941-67EB-44EB-B0C5-960F17…)

In Joys video - Trisha Paytas attacks me and lies to you video around the 24:34 mark Joy says that her channel is protected by a good group of people on the business end. What the heck does she mean by that?

No. 1157283

Fuck..the little wrist curl in half of them..the slow progression from "stimulus coming! stimulus almost here! stimulus for sure soon!" to "we got the stimulus!" immediately followed by "goodbye" fucking god. Probably one of the most unintentionally hilarious things I've seen on this site

No. 1157352

File: 1612908604745.jpg (369.75 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210209-160412_You…)


Some of the comments on the goodbye video are pretty funny (she also baited for sympathy over her health, so there's a lot 'uwu focus on your health' comments.)

No. 1157355

File: 1612908907466.jpg (309.75 KB, 1080x1872, 20210209_161251.jpg)

She's jumping on celebrity gossip now (her deranged face-making is absent from the thumbnails after the hilarious bald edit, kek.)

No. 1157485

No matter what the topic of her video is, she finds some way to make it about her. In her video on Dustin daileys apology video, she keeps claiming that she apologized for the poo babies incident repeatedly but she never actually did. She later in the video is ranting away about how people have different types of humor and you can't be offended by humor just because it's not your type of humor. She's clearly still trying to argue for why her poo babies remark wasn't offensive but pretending like she's just defending Shane. It is bizarre.

No. 1157574

If she starts to get popular that poo baby video will come to light again and I can imagine she’d be ‘run off’ the internet again. That joke and video was absolutely disgusting and she can’t use the excuse that it was from a long time ago.. it was literally just a few years ago. She’s trash.

No. 1157638

Years ago someone said her face looks like mashed potatoes and honestly thats still the best way to describe whatever the fuck is wrong with her… everything

No. 1158671

File: 1613010089625.jpg (89.73 KB, 1080x784, 20210210_202021.jpg)

Kati recounts a repressed memory in a walmart xs hoodie.

No. 1158690

Not only does her face look like mashed potatoes but no matter what angle the camera points at her, you are forced to look right through nose because of her big ol’ flaring nostrils, just like a pig. Ms Piggy comes to mind except Ms Piggy is kinda cute while Joy is disgusting.

No. 1158709

She's still bitching about Phil in her videos. Does she ever let anything go?

No. 1158717

Am I the only one who thinks that she looks perfectly normal? Not especially bad or good. If she just put on some make up and did her hair, she'd probably look decent.

No. 1158739

Sorry this is my first time in her threads for a few years now- what the fuck is happening with her tit in the OP

No. 1158755

Nope. She’s just like Onision in that department. Cross her once and she will forever hold that grudge and make a million videos on you. It’s funny how similar they are in a lot of things.

No. 1158756

In her video it kind of just plopped out and was like that for a few minutes before she tucked it back in. I think she did it on purpose.

No. 1158769

It's interesting how she keeps claiming that she was run off the internet by sjws but that's actually what she did to Phil. Her minions are still claiming that he's a sexual predator. It's vile.

No. 1158873

No I agree. There are times when she puts in a bit of effort and she looks cute. I go back and forth with her. Sometimes she irritates the heck out of me and other times I just feel sorry for her. I think if she got the proper mental health help she needed she wouldn’t be that bad of a person. She is obviously intelligent and sometimes she can be funny. I don’t know what happened to her in the past or how much of it is true but she clearly needs help mentally and I feel like if she got it she’d be a decent person. I also think if she had a life outside of YouTube she wouldn’t be so angry at people she’s had falling outs with on the internet. But since her whole life is on YouTube then any small thing someone says to her that’s negative then she’s on the war path.

No. 1158949

She looks like a pitbull

No. 1159031

I just watched that video and she basically acknowledges at the beginning that her tit is going to fall out then coaxes it all the way out by wiggling around and leaning forward.


No. 1159117

Which video was this?

No. 1159133


I definitely just stared at her boob the whole time trying to understand the mechanics of how someone's tits start eating their sweater.

No. 1159134

I sorta wonder if she watched it back and masturbated to that tiny act of exhibitionism

No. 1159211

File: 1613075574256.jpg (434.79 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20210211-143105_You…)



she keeps pulling down her sweater dress the entirety of her newest video 'my father tried to kill me'

No. 1159279

Damn everyone’s tried to kill her.

No. 1159295

I feel awful for saying this but I’m not so sure I believe her. I think she’s seeing that people are not very welcoming to her returning and she’s trying to play the sympathy card. I noticed in almost all of her videos she can somehow relate to her subjects. Shane with past abuse, Britney Spears because Joy was supposed to go far in the entertainment business before she got sick, Eugenia with her eating disorder. I don’t really believe any of it. She’s a scammer and a grifter. She will do and say anything. She’s not a nice person and if you have a falling out with her she can’t just move on, she will drag your name through the mud forever.

No. 1159358

This woman can't style herself. The clothes she wears are awful. Almost everything she wears is gaudy and outdated.

No. 1159413


She dressed like a 13 year old character on a 90s tv show.

No. 1159424

Yeah, who would’ve thought a psycho bitch that doesn’t leave her house and spends every waking moment talking to herself doesn’t look well groomed

No. 1159646

So glad you see though her. I do too. She’s just got new people now so it going to take time. Give her about 6 or so months. This time her channel won’t grow as fast as the last one. She will have to make 3 videos a day to make any money. She once said that each video makes anywhere between 10 - 30 dollars so she made 3 a day. I’m probably off, but that’s what she said once. And everyone that knew her antics from before will notice that she adds on to, and sometimes changes her old “stories”. She is also acting like “her generation” was so harsh- she is just so fucking full of shit! She “irks” everyone and gets under their skin! I noticed Cecil Mcfly making fun of her today on Twitter, I really hope she makes a video on her. She really belongs in that “BOYT” (bottom of you tube) group of people that includes MFW and all those gross rejects. Shane put her in the beginning of one of his video intros, and it was just a 3 second clip inserted into a montage of like 20 other channels, and then HE WENT BACK AND ERASED IT! Because right after that she made that horrible poo - baby joke, that will fortunately stick with her forever- and that her connection to Shane. Can you imagine having a channel that’s growing for whatever reason, and then in the hight of it making a disgusting racial joke comparing, as she says “people of color are brown because of anal sex” and then refusing to this day to apologize. To this day she will only say she is sorry to anyone offended but she has “dark humor” so it’s ok. Fuck that. She needs to burn for that joke, and for standing behind it. I can not for the likes of me see how people can defend her. She fucking lies about everything.

No. 1159760

That poo baby joke was awful. There is no excuse for that at all. She will never truly apologise fir that because she doesn’t think she’s wrong.

No. 1159963

It turns out that her father actually threatened to kill her. He did not actually try

No. 1160505

File: 1613203571118.png (51.81 KB, 985x812, weaseling up to negs.png)


Well what do we have here. NEGS is commenting on her and Trisha…and in the comments section..here she is crawling in like a snake, with her usual gang of dipshits in tow.

Remember when she tried to weasel up to Tommy C and then went unhinged when she didn't get the response she wanted?

You would think that man would learn.

No. 1160514

I wish so badly I got a screenshot of it but in the Frenemies #19 video this youtuber Sloan commented and said Joy reached out to him and asked for a shoutout. She said she’d pay him $100 for it. I think he may have deleted the comment but I honestly don’t doubt she would do something like that at all. She thinks she’s a business woman but wasn’t it debunked in earlier threads that she just worked these temp jobs? I’ll have to go back and look.

No. 1161233

Everything in her resumes is a lie. I forget when but in an earlier thread she had an updated resume posted that listed her as having manager positions that she clearly didn't have during that time period.

It is safe to assume that most of if not all of anything she puts on a resume is a lie.
She knows she can basically say whatever she likes and no one's going to say or do anything about it.

No. 1161349

I remember she got confronted about it by one of her tranny friends on an old livestream on her channel I think and she responded with the most bs apology.

No. 1161732

Says she has been diagnosed with PTSD at 22:38

No. 1161985

Omg guise Joy is missing! She had been regularly shitting 1-3 videos a day out her ass, and now nothing! Do you think someone close to her tried to kill her? You know because her last few videos she’s told us about a few close calls with death. One by her father! OMG! I’m kinda worried about her. I’m scared! Oh boy maybe even attacked by a POO BABY!! Everyone say a prayer for her today, please……

No. 1162004

Joy said she is on Dominicks (roommate/boyfriend) work insurance plan. I don’t know of any corporate insurance plans that offer spouses of employees coverage unless they are married. I think there could be a “partner” plan posssibly but does anyone know how that works? Or maybe Joy got extremely lucky and got him to marry her “for insurance purposes”….

No. 1162152

File: 1613393116512.jpg (195.29 KB, 1908x1013, 20210209_184535.jpg)


I'm wondering if it's a common law marriage thing, because they've lived together so long - maybe they were able to get her added through a technicality like that?


Kek - she'll come back with 20 videos on how she was too sick to turn on her camera.

No. 1166042

There’s a funny rumor going around that Queen of Spades (who really needs to be a lolcow) kidnapped her….

No. 1166745

oklahoma, like texas, is having issues due to the cold snap. may be the reason for her disappearance.

No. 1169694

Well I don’t think it’s that. I think she finally realized what a moron she looked like and disappeared.

No. 1169732

File: 1614208282544.png (537.77 KB, 768x5597, joysparklebs.png)

JoySparkleBS / Joy Sparkle BS / Joy / Spurpinklebow / Kati Marie Smith originally from Kansas City Missouri has updated her Linked In.

Kati Smith
100k+ Subscribers in 3 months on a company channel. Multiple successful youtube channels created.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Area
172 connections

University of Missouri-Kansas City


I’ve been working on my #productphotography over the past year or so … adding this plus my CDL to my resume was my goal ! #TourManagement Still…
Liked by Kati Smith

Remote work is the future—and we recognize it! When we say work anywhere, we literally mean it. Even though we may be miles away, we're closely…
Liked by Kati Smith


Youtube Channel Owner
Jan 2017 - Present
4 years 2 months

I build personal and brand channels for YouTubers and companies. I can build a channel quickly by either directiong where it needs to go, or building the content myself.

VIP Ultima Inc
International Marketing and Sales Director
Jan 2008 - Jan 2017
9 years 1 month

Aix-En-Provence Area, France

GMR Marketing
Market Manager
Nov 2015 - Aug 2016
10 months

Kansas City, Missouri Area

Jay World Wide -Us Cellular - NBA
Regional Marketing & Tour Manager
Aug 2014 - May 2015
10 months

Oklahoma City OK

Managed and partially toured with US Cellular sponsoring NBA player Russell Westbrook with a foot print at the Chesapeake Arena for the NBA. Had an augmented reality system where consumers could take pictures and videos with top rated NBA player Russell Westbrook.

-Managed and coordinated a Fashion show with Russell Westbrook called "Why Not?"

-Broke records for the most leads generated, most impressions, photos, and videos taken.

Regional Market Manager for Justin Timberlake's Sauza 901
Mar 2014 - Oct 2014
8 months

Kansas City, Missouri Area

I was the market manager for Justin Timberlake's Sauza 901 Vodka. Hired and managed a staff of 20 to sample, promote, and sell Sauza 901 in 30+ locations in the Kansas and Missouri area.

* Most individual drinks sold in one night out of 10 other markets nationally.

National Training Manager for Hill's Ideal Balance
Mar 2014 - Oct 2014
8 months


Was promoted from Regional Manager to National Trainer through CrossMark- Marketing Werk's Hill's Ideal Balance campaign.

Marketing Werks - Hill's Ideal Balance
Regional Marketing Manager
Jan 2014 - Oct 2014
10 months

Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska

Regional manager of over 50+ employees over five state for Hill's Ideal Balance through Marketing Werks and Crossmark.

-Consistently in the top 3 markets out of over 30+ markets nationally.

*Was promoted to national manager

Xyience Energy Drink
Regional Tour Manager
Apr 2014 - Sep 2014
6 months

Kansas and Missouri

Set up sampling tours through gas stations and grocery stores where consumers tried the product and we pushed sales.

#1. Market out of over 30+ markets for sales
Broke the world record for amount of Xyience cans sold in one day (605 was the winning number)

The Marketing Arm - State Farm
State Marketing Manager
Mar 2014 - Aug 2014
6 months

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Area

Was the number one market for lead generation out of over 30 national markets in the state of Oklahoma.

Encore Nationwide
Regional Touring Marketing Manager for Windows 8.1
Jan 2014 - May 20145 months

Kansas and Missouri

National College Touring, Market Coordinator, Digital Marketing Manager
Sep 2013 - Dec 2013
4 months


Managed a national college tour for UBQU wherein we showed the social media app UBQU to college students and had them download and use app.

Marketing Werks
Regional Tour Manager for Hostess "The Sweetest Comeback in the History of Ever!"
May 2013 - Sep 2013
5 months

Kansas and Missouri

8 days a week Events
Marketing Field Manager for Castrol Oil MLS All Star event
Jul 2013 - Jul 2013
1 month

Kansas City, Missouri Area

Premiere Marketing Group
National Marketing and Sales Director
Feb 2012 - Nov 2012
10 months

Kansas City, Missouri Area

Freestyle Promotions
Marketing Tour Manager for G2 Gatorade
Feb 2009 - Jun 2009
5 months

Greater Seattle Area

Liberty Tax
Director Marketing
Jan 2009 - May 2009
5 months

Greater Seattle Area

Forte Promotions Group
Regional Tour Manager for Laughing Cow Cheese
Jan 2009 - Mar 2009
3 months

Greater Seattle Area

Lumina Records
Marketing and Sales Director
Dec 2004 - Dec 2008
4 years 1 month

Paris Area, France

Event Pro Strategies
Market Manager Vera Bradley Bags
Sep 2008 - Oct 2008
2 months

Kansas and Missouri

Beloved Experiential
Field Marketing Manager for Seinfield Mobile Tour
Sep 2008 - Sep 2008
1 month

Kansas City, Missouri Area

AMP Agency
Marketing Manager for Library Check Out Promotion
Mar 2008 - Aug 2008
6 months

Market Manager for the Kansas/Missouri Public Library Campaign aimed at getting children to read called "Check It Out."

Market Manager for Lowe's
Jun 2008 - Jun 2008
1 month

Kansas City, Missouri Area

Ain't It Good Productions
Regional Director
Dec 2006 - Dec 20071 year 1 month

Kansas City, Missouri

Director of the Midwest Branch of Ain't It Good Modeling, Acting, and Talent Agency.


University of Missouri-Kansas City
Vocal Performance and Broadcast Journalism
2002 - 2004

Volunteer Experience
Fire Fighters
Market Manager with The Marketing Arm- State Farm
Jul 2015

Social Services

Catered dinner to firefighters in Oklahoma City


SOLUTIONators.org Innovation Network for Personal Development, Marketing, Social Media, Sales & Life

Experiential Marketing and Brand Experience

Social Media Marketing Group by Connect365.io

Field Marketing Professionals

Brand Activation: Cutting Through The Clutter

TOUR MANAGERS & SENIOR LEVEL MANAGERS In Experiential & Relationship Marketing

No. 1169733

File: 1614208345291.jpg (343.05 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20210224-171134_You…)


yeah, her last thread was on autosage, so I think maybe she didn't realize any farmers were keeping up until the new thread was posted

No. 1169735


that glamor shot she uses for every profile picture is absolutely hilarious

No. 1169891

sorry for ot mods but anyone know where to get that hoodie?

No. 1170144

Why on earth would you want it? Yuck.

No. 1170407

I seriously doubt it but I really hope that it has something to do with Trisha Paytas. You can't just say something that reputation damaging and feign sincerity when making a leap no reasonable person would make. What I gathered from the clip was it was a joke about how sexually aggressive Trisha is or something to that effect. If you know anything about Trisha, this wouldn't be a revelation. Trisha can use clips from her own video catalogue to prove that my conclusion is reasonable to assume. Joy's "opinion" can be proven false by Moses by simply stating he was not a victim of SA. Joy's past videos on Trisha can be used to prove malice. Whether or not this would play out in Trisha's favor though, IDK bc IANAL.

No. 1170657

I like it too. I don't like her content but I love some of her clothes.

No. 1170669

JFC at all those gigs that didn't last more than a few months.

No. 1170686

I’m honestly thinking her absence may be something more then the weather messing with her electricity. Someone mentioned in her comments that Joys updated her Jefree Star playlist within the past few days so she’s obviously been online. I’m curious as to why she’s so quite. This is definitely not like her. Also it frustrates me when people call her out about her obsessive videos she says ‘well what about all of Trishas videos on Shane, Jason Nash, David Dobrik.’ First off just because someone else is doing something wrong doesn’t mean you get to as well and second all those people Joy lists have had relationships/friendships with Trisha. Trisha knows these people on a personal level. She’s spent time with them and built memories with them. Joy doesn’t know any of these people and it’s absolutely creepy how she makes it seem that her and Shane are best buds that she’s sticking up for when he probably doesn’t even know she exists.

No. 1170766

Just like her YouTube channels.

No. 1170781

Shane used a clip of one of her videos in a montage or like ten other clips for a beginning of one of his videos, so she equates that as them being best buddies- but what the sow probably didn’t notice that after she made her infamous “poo baby joke” that he edited out her segment and it’s no longer there anymore. Lmfao!

No. 1171585

Documents from the lawsuit with NAA: https://www.pacermonitor.com/public/case/36168706/North_America_Association,_LLC_v_Smith

Some interesting bits:

Tue 09/15 3:03 AM
RESPONSE to6 Motion for TRO by Defendant Kati Marie Smith. Replies due by 9/22/2020. (Austin, F.)
Att: 1 Declaration Kati Smith,
Att: 2 Declaration N. Raina (Elite Alliance),

Raina. That name is familiar.

Wed 10/14 10:28 AM
MEMORANDUM to30 Motion to Strike by Plaintiff North America Association, LLC. (Rinehart, Steven)
Att: 1 Exhibit Message Board Post

The Onision Stalker moniker on the NAA website leads me to believe this is from Kiwifarms as that was part of her thread title.

Thu 10/15 4:07 PM
NOTICE of Bankruptcy by Kati Marie Smith. (Austin, F.)

Mon 12/21 2:28 PM
NOTICE of Voluntary Dismissal by Plaintiff North America Association, LLC. (Rinehart, Steven)

So "the judge kept siding with me" was granting motions she made and denying the ones NAA made.

And the "win" was really her avoiding being held accountable by declaring bankruptcy. It's like saying you won the chess game by tipping the board.

No. 1172376

>>1170669 My favorite is how she claims to have had 8 jobs concurrently in 2014. Although the way she calls every single job she's had "Marketing Manager" is also hilarious considering what many of those jobs actually were.

Also she didn't go to college from 2002 - 2004. She was enrolled in college for 6 months and then she stopped going because she contracted scabies. She begged her family for to money to go back, but then she just pocketed the money and never went back.

If I remember the "modeling, acting, and talent agency" she lists was also just a company she invented and it was just her.

No. 1172687


Has a family member returned?

What do you mean by "hilarious considering what many of those jobs actually were"? What were they?

No. 1172848

They were from the gigs section of Craigslist. One of them was working at a Hostess cup cake stand at a flea market.

No. 1173025


Ok. What about the other ones?

No. 1173508

They were all Craigslist gigs. I honestly don't believe she's ever had a real job. She lives her life looking for the easy way out, the get rich quick schemes/grifting retards out of money. But she's not smart enough to pull it off for more then a few months at a time.

Just like last time she'll disappear for 6 months to a year and be back to grift money from retards again with some bullshit sob story about her "chronic health problems"

No. 1179587

File: 1615242252733.jpg (274.41 KB, 810x2322, 20210308_162033.jpg)

new video - she's changed her youtube name to JoySparkleShine, and created tiktok/snapchat accounts with the same handle.

to the anon's that don't think Kati's style is that bad - pls love yourself more.

No. 1179625

She looks like she just crawled out of a frat house basement window.

No. 1179691

Just looked at her tiktok and she looks rough. Also if she thinks the bullying and harassment are bad on YouTube she will not survive tiktok. Tiktok will eat her alive.

No. 1179825

File: 1615261074326.jpg (57.96 KB, 412x768, 20210308_213642.jpg)


wow, idk what i expected kek

No. 1179871

Same! Hate and untreated mental illness ages you. She looks deranged up close. Something is so off putting about her eyes. And why is she so red? I’m so interested to see how tiktok is going to go for her. Once Gen Z gets wind of her poo baby joke she’s done.

No. 1179872

Samefag but what is her obsession with poop and bodily fluids?

No. 1180026


She better hope tiktok kids don't notice her.

No. 1180028

File: 1615295938948.jpg (666.73 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210309-061831_Tik…)


right?? if she wants the 'poo baby' joke forgotten, then why continue to make a bunch of poop shit lmao?

her tiktok previews look even more insane than her youtube thumbnails.

No. 1180031

File: 1615296205741.jpg (72.82 KB, 1080x604, 20210309_062025.jpg)


i just noticed she isn't using her usual glamor shot yet, either

one more cap from her newest yt video - her face matches her gown blouse

No. 1180158

I cannot stand that face she makes in the third video. She does it all the time. I don’t think she’s mentally well at all. Something seemed so off in her new videos. More off than normal. She looked a lot more disheveled and out of it. And of course she never gave an update as to why she was gone. She just said she will talk about it in another video. This woman drags everything out. Kek. (Her ‘Trisha got me banned from YouTube for a month’ was clickbait of course.)

No. 1180159

She looks terrible! I don’t understand why this woman just won’t do the bare minimum when it comes to taking care of herself. She doesn’t have to get all dolled up but damn girl brush your hair and wash your face.
It’s literally the minimum of what you can do.

No. 1180348

File: 1615325858092.jpg (451.73 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20210309-153304_You…)

another trish video today

>"What really happened…" in the title

>says 'i'm not going to go into extreme detail on this' in the video
>talks about her menstrual cycle and shows off her hair some more

No. 1180382

File: 1615328511901.jpeg (49.82 KB, 573x615, B47C9CE9-B669-4ECB-A05C-00A996…)

Anyone else feel like she’s in the middle of a mental break? I know she doesn’t really give a shit about how she looks but she’s been looking really bad lately. I don’t know if she has some type of filter on her YouTube videos but when I saw her up close in her tiktok videos I was shocked by how terrible and older she looks. Her hair is an absolute mess, her facial expressions are crazier then usual and she just looks really off. I have a feeling that’s why she was away for a month. I don’t believe for a second any of her physical ailments. But I 100% believe she’s suffering from something mentally.

No. 1180398

File: 1615330500638.jpg (124.03 KB, 1080x905, 20210309_165336.jpg)


holy shit, i always thought her extreme lack of self-awareness was possibly unbridled autism, but she's straight deranged.

her latest trish video was her saying she's too sick for youtube, so that leaves her with tiktok (and she's practicing singing for it.) i can't tell if she's more sadcow or horrorcow at this point.

No. 1180409

File: 1615331145155.jpg (222.11 KB, 1080x1454, 20210309_170244.jpg)


if this is the only kind of content that her 'super serious illnesses allows her to produce' then yeah, she's pretty much out of her mind.

No. 1180431

She’s also going to start rapping on Snapchat. Kek.

No. 1180438

In her newest Trish video towards the end she’s complaining about how she cannot make YouTube videos anymore because they require her talking for hours and she just cannot do it. No one asked for you to make these long winded videos Joy. Even her fans in the comments will ask if she could just get to the point and if she wants to talk about herself and her health then she should make a separate channel or video. So her solution? Tiktok! Because apparently it’s only on that app where she can talk straight to the point. It would be hilarious if someone caught wind of her poo baby joke and made a TikTok video on it tagging her. The fact that she refuses to apologise for the joke is disgusting and shows she is not sorry for it at all. Her tiktok ‘career’ would be over.

No. 1180504

She keeps saying that she doesn't want to be in the drama community and making drama videos yet she continues to use Trisha name. Twice. And her stupid followers believe her.

lol @ the video bragging about her TikTok success. Wait for it… wait for it… You think YouTube is bad. You ain't seen nothing yet.

No. 1180523

Oh god I pray that someone make a poo baby tik tok! It would be hilarious! Have one side of the screen with the actual video but cut out dumbshit Mikenactor and replace him with a generic Shane video, as if she’s telling him the joke. I’m sure there is a plethora of ways to make a hilarious one. Anyways patiently awaiting her shit show on other platforms. High time comedy and entertainment!

No. 1180721

In the description part of her YouTube videos she titled this as her ‘viral tiktok video’ and attached the link to it. I think it only has a couple hundred views. Kek.

No. 1181004

What career. She won't get anywhere on there and crawl back to youtube.

So, we learned nothing from last time. It would give her the boost she craves, sure there's lots of cancel kids on TT but there's also plenty of edgy fucks. The only people who give a fuck about the poo babies is us. Anyone else would need an explainer on who she is and why they should care. Just let her flounder in obscurity.

No. 1181060

File: 1615405870734.jpg (407.18 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20210310-134757_You…)

which is worse?

>kati's ugly blouses

>her growing b&bw collection on the table corner

No. 1181125

File: 1615410480065.jpg (711.76 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210310-150305_Tik…)


she really did use that same old profile pic, but with added (lens) flare kek

No. 1181126

File: 1615410594139.jpg (234.78 KB, 1080x1472, 20210310_150511.jpg)


i feel like she prefers tiktok, for the face-making

No. 1181139

How can someone have absolutely no redeeming qualities about themselves? She’s trying to duet the bigger names on Tiktok to get noticed. Joy says she’s leaving YouTube and going to Tiktok because her sickness/nervous system won’t allow her to make these long winded videos on the tube. I don’t believe her. Kek. She’s pissy and throwing a fit with her month long break and videos threatening to leave because she didn’t get the attention she wanted from YouTube. I think she expected to come back and for people to welcome her willingly. She’s mad because the only times her views are ‘decent’ is when she clickbaits.. but even with decent views her comments are tearing her to shreds or making fun of her. I think she thinks Tiktok will be where she ‘breaks out.’ In her ‘You guys did this’ video she’s boasting about a couple hundred views on her videos when that’s a drop in the bucket in the Tiktok world. She’s never going to make it big on Tiktok like she wants but it’s going to be hilarious watching her try.

No. 1181141

Can you imagine roommate or anyone in her life for that matter having to see this face? Nightmare fuel. She is really an unattractive woman especially when you put her next to someone who is attractive like Bella. Yikes Joy.

No. 1181227

File: 1615419157575.jpg (106.93 KB, 1080x1075, 20210310_173137.jpg)


full res, lol

No. 1181228

File: 1615419237796.jpg (251.26 KB, 1080x1474, 20210310_173111.jpg)

more butthole content from the most ill woman to ever exist

No. 1181265

God she is an ugly woman. Why do I feel like roommate is actually her paid caretaker. I find it so hard to believe someone would choose to be with her.

No. 1181651

OMG this is too funny. This should come with a dislclaimer that says you should not view this while swallowing food or drink.

No. 1181663

She has started off every single video since her coming back from her hiatus with ‘I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be on YouTube.’ Girl just go. What are you waiting for? Is she trying to guilt her supporters into sending money to her? Is that why she’s whinging at the beginning of her videos about not being able to make YouTube videos because of her nErVoUs SyStEm but then proceeds to make a 50 minute video with her crazy babbling. In her newest video about her abusive ex coming back she mentions around the 14:45 mark about how roommate is the one whose keeping her alive. A few seconds later she says her abusive ex played a part in her nervous system issues. I think Kati Marie Smith manipulates and guilts people into staying in her life and I think that’s exactly what she’s doing with her YouTube audience with her ‘I’m leaving! Nevermind I’m staying. Just kidding, I don’t know how much longer I’ll be here.’ I truly believe the reason she’s so alone is because of how manipulative and abusive she is. Hopefully one day when roommate kicks her out he will give us a tell all. Kek.

No. 1181670

Ya know what’s hilarious? In her video ‘my abusive ex is back’ at 32:51 she talks about how her ex chose the other woman and she doesn’t understand why because she knows he’s not attracted to the other woman. It’s so rich coming from a woman who looks like this.

No. 1181677

Interesting that she's, once again, trying to migrate to a platform filled with teens. Remember her very first video that was entirely focused on mid-teens? I bet her Youtube videos are getting demonetized.

Her latest video sounds like she tried to crawl back into her ex-'s wallet and all he wanted was a roll in the hay. She admits that she initiated contact with him "by accident." Then w/in a week they're talking about hooking up and "getting a place together?" This is the guy that tried to kill her, that she claimed butt raped her for years, and that left her for dead when she got "sick." Yet, somehow, she accidentally texted him?

Is roommate getting tired of carrying her ass? When would their 1yr be up on the lease where she is now?

No. 1181940


The music producer guy that she claimed raped her, but then he was seeking therapy so it's okay! There always seems to be that trend of what happens when she is removed from someone's life. The person is always hardcore smeared in some way and she is always the poor, innocent victim that everyone has to believe.

Now, she initiated contact with an "abusive ex". (If they are abusive, why contact them at all?) So now is she hitting up exes in general having burned all her other bridges? Anyone that's ever known her should fucking run, kek..imagine being a follower of hers and having to change what you believe daily or even hourly depending on whether or not she says its okay.

Maybe they should house her instead, since they seem to like her so much!

No. 1182005

Just like her favorite Onion boy. No one gets to leave their lives unscathed. I really hate to doubt any kind of abuse but it’s honestly so hard not to doubt her. In her latest video about her ex she claims she cannot remember the timeline of how things went when this just happened a few weeks ago. She’s falling back on ‘I can’t remember timelines because of muh illness’ so when she’s called out for her story not adding up she already has an excuse. How are her fans falling for this?

No. 1182068

What has bothered me since she started about her looks-wise is that anytime there is a close up of her face you literally see through her nostrils right into that big bloated, pasta faced face! And you have no choice at all due to her nostrils.

No. 1182144

File: 1615501786346.jpg (854.62 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210311-162545_Tik…)


she has onion's cursed red face too, kek

i feel like we're in a renaissance with kati, after the golden era of the fat years

No. 1182153

File: 1615502103646.jpg (43.45 KB, 400x1034, eyechart.jpg)


those are some terrifying yang sanpaku eyes she's making over her stupid rainbow sweater

No. 1182200

Look at that. Right through her nostrils. I think I can even see a Joy Sparkle buger on the right side. Yikes!

No. 1182223

Nah, don't put poo babies on Tik Tok… yet…

No. 1182499

Wait till she gets a good amount of following and drop the poo baby video to stop that momentum. Also remember when she told an 11 year old to rape her bullies?

No. 1182500

Kek Anon! Agreed. Have you also noticed how fidgety she is in her videos? Constantly rubbing her nose, brushing through her hair, moving her hands. I absolutely hate that nose thing she does where she crinkles it and bears her teeth.

No. 1182647

File: 1615548618830.jpg (366.74 KB, 1080x1960, 20210312_052822.jpg)

from #makeuptips and #fashionista

No. 1182648

File: 1615548826025.jpg (340.5 KB, 1080x1953, 20210312_052639.jpg)


to #hairlosstips that are ranting past the beat drop, mostly just saying 'stfu BITCH i'm CHRONICALLY ILL' and misusing a brain brush tag

No. 1182655

File: 1615549665057.jpg (291.37 KB, 1080x1954, 20210312_054737.jpg)


i think, the only way she can conceptualize how she looks, is in front of a screen and making faces so extreme she can feel them with every muscle in her body

No. 1182761

File: 1615560338171.jpeg (76.57 KB, 1124x610, B03D3093-F516-4026-A0BA-C8FEE8…)

Im starting to wonder if Joy got fat on purpose to give herself legit health problems. Im wondering if roommate may have been hinting at them finding their own separate place to live and Joy got nervous and decided to try to give herself some actual physical Health issues to guilt him into staying with her. Their dynamic to me is so weird. She’s just a crazy girl on the internet and yet we see right through her bullshit. I can’t imagine actually living with her and believing all her crap she spews. Also she got really big really quick and I can’t help but wonder if roommate may have been catching on to her faking and Joy needed actual proof of an actual physical ailment so she got fat in a short amount of time in the hopes it would fuck up her health. She also lost the weight quit quickly too which can’t be healthy either.

No. 1182780


i feel like she started trying to bait 'haters' with roommate when she returned right off the bat (having roommate bring her food off camera, etc.)

here are some things she's said since her return
>roommate is an ex that she can only stand to hug sometimes
>sometimes fwb
>she's on his health insurance
>they're in missouri
>she bring up that he agreed with her whenever she's trying to make a point

i speculate roommate was a classmate from midde/high school days, or a distant family member (like a cousin, or something through marriage.) he has to be a massive chump or an idiot to hang around kati - maybe an elementary 'ex' that went gay, but has the same awful sense of humor she has (but enough sense to keep far far far away from the camera.)

No. 1182893

File: 1615577884933.jpg (308 KB, 1080x1959, 20210312_133420.jpg)

ugh, she needs to wash her face

she's stimulus posting on tiktok today, kek

agreed. she needs some time to build notoriety and catch onto something 'organically' so she can be exposed with the poo baby stuff when the tides are big enough to turn

No. 1183377

That is some straight up meth look there.

> She also lost the weight quit quickly too which can’t be healthy either.

All her hair fell out, sounds like classic disordered eating effect, even if she did it on purpose.

No. 1183865

File: 1615673934731.jpeg (280.31 KB, 1124x1665, 80F028D1-6322-4960-8F21-7A686C…)

Joy forget to login to her burner account to leave this comment for herself? Kek.

No. 1184354

File: 1615740534981.jpg (313.65 KB, 1080x1957, 20210314_114613.jpg)


yes, holy shit - the way she talks about her weightloss is textbook disordered eating reasoning.



that's hilarious - her comment counts are so low kek

No. 1184387

She erases so many bad comments that I once saw 10 actual comments but yet it said there was 30 something.

No. 1184581

I was wondering why I never read any negative comments with the type of cringey content she makes along with her deranged looks. Kek. I read one comment asking if this was the girl who supports Shane so much but other then that I don’t see any negative comments. She definitely deletes them.

No. 1184583

~Viral video~ she thinks way too highly of herself. Her YouTube videos were already half assed at best and her Tiktoks are just low level garbage. This lady puts zero effort into absolutely everything she does then gets pissy when she’s not successful. Start with brushing your hair and washing your face Joy.

No. 1184708

Faces of meth

I can hear this picture

"I'll suck your dick… I'll suck your dick for a dollar, I'll say I love you for two"

No. 1184859

Omg- her comments were the reason I even went to her videos. They were so bad, and so funny it was classic. Then she started erasing all of them. Pity, now there’s no reason to even look at her video. Seriously, they were comedy gold….

No. 1185223

File: 1615836291658.jpg (233.36 KB, 1080x1968, 20210315_130838.jpg)


damn, i wish I'd caught some

No. 1185318

File: 1615842769150.jpg (312.78 KB, 1080x1944, 20210315_161201.jpg)

lip-syncing to cardi b

No. 1185321

File: 1615842847772.jpg (353.93 KB, 1080x1959, 20210315_161334.jpg)


cuts to a fat pic during the n-word kek

No. 1185322

File: 1615842949361.jpg (350.64 KB, 1080x1953, 20210315_161545.jpg)


profile shot

No. 1185400

Did anyone else get weird vibes from this video when she was trying to smile in the end? It was so weird like she almost didn’t know how to. Also does she have fake teeth?

No. 1185401

File: 1615848876021.jpg (306.57 KB, 1080x1956, 20210315_175128.jpg)

I wish I knew how to share videos - she's singing in her latest tiktok

No. 1185402

That’s because she prefers the word ‘poo babies’ instead.

No. 1185403

File: 1615848902155.jpg (319.74 KB, 1080x1957, 20210315_175158.jpg)

No. 1185406

File: 1615849013077.jpg (325.47 KB, 1080x1955, 20210315_175218.jpg)

No. 1185409

File: 1615849144353.jpg (309.49 KB, 1080x1955, 20210315_175234.jpg)

No. 1185410

File: 1615849277196.jpg (309.18 KB, 1080x1958, 20210315_175252.jpg)

No. 1185412

File: 1615849607901.jpg (308.75 KB, 1080x1952, 20210315_175326.jpg)

No. 1185414

File: 1615849776327.jpg (305.68 KB, 1080x1956, 20210315_175345.jpg)

No. 1185415

I was honestly wondering when she would start talking about her super real illness’s. I’m surprised it took her this long. She wasted no time on YouTube telling her fan base all her medical conditions, family drama and telling her audience she’s only in it for the money. Can’t wait to see her try to gaslight her new Tiktok crowd.

No. 1185416

She looks like she’s putting on weight again.

No. 1185475

File: 1615859638840.webm (7.37 MB, 576x1024, lmao.webm)

No. 1185478

File: 1615860198710.webm (2.84 MB, 576x1024, fullkek.webm)

No. 1185522

She said she hasn’t been able to sing for six years but this livestream of her singing was in 2017. Why does she lie about the smallest things? And she will probably fall back on ‘she has bad memory because of her super serious illness.’

No. 1185539

Her vibrato at the end is straight up psychotic. That was scary. Lol

No. 1185541

she's absolutely batshit crazy thanks anon

No. 1186664

>>1185321 Holy shit, she got up to 270? She's 5'2", that's a BMI of over 49.

To get her weight down she must have been doing some serious dieting, like at least a 600 calorie deficit per day which starting out at 270 is like 33% of her basal metabolic rate.

Based on the rate she used to be gaining before she left, and the amount of excess calories she had to be eating to gain at that rate, I had guessed she would top out at like 240 to 250.

She was developing a legit buffalo-hump in that profile shot.

No. 1187068

File: 1616027705486.png (567.98 KB, 479x1762, joysparkleshine.png)

These are the strangest ratios, aren't they?

The first one is an example of a video that would conventionally do well on TikTok. Also a few days old so it's a video that's already run it's course.

The second one is her most liked video. Almost the same amount of comments.

So funny that she humblebragged on YouTube about buying likes and followers on Tiktok.

No. 1187118

The thing about Tiktok is it’s easy to get a viral video but it doesn’t mean that every video will be viral. Joy does not have the personality, creativity, or even the looks (she makes herself look so terrible) to maintain any kind of career on Tiktok. There’s a cleaning lady I follow on Tiktok who has over a million followers and actually puts effort into her videos and she even says the payout is not much when it comes to Tiktok. Ive noticed Joy hasn’t complained to her Tiktok following about how she needs to pay the bills like she does to her YouTube following. I think she’s trying to sucker a following in and then she will guilt them with her health shit. She’s absolutely nasty to her YouTube following but she’s playing it nice on Tiktok. It’s only a matter of time before her true colors show. She’s a nasty person and she can’t keep the facade up forever.

No. 1187172

File: 1616039509351.png (278.78 KB, 610x1071, joysparkleshine.png)

she's "gained" 100 followers in 3 hours.

No. 1187200

There is a guy whose profile picture is of a cartoon wearing a mask that comments the same exact thing with the same exact emojis on every video. I’m wondering if it’s a bot she purchased. Every video it’s the same comment.

No. 1187537

File: 1616090636629.jpeg (283.29 KB, 1124x1734, 76ACBD1E-42E1-448A-8D2A-9D4E25…)

A comment on one of her Tiktok videos. This is such a rich comment coming from someone who absolutely refuses to apologise for calling people of color poo babies and saying the language they speak is ‘brown.’ When people of color told her that her joke about THEM was offensive she said they can’t take a joke and don’t understand her dark humour. I think Joy knows she can’t get away with her racist and ignorant bullshit on Tiktok and that’s why she’s latching hard onto supporting Meghan Markle. It makes her look ‘woke.’ So transparent Joy.

No. 1188532

File: 1616194641978.png (1.37 MB, 1692x2093, joysparkleshine.png)


Astroturfing support. Just like her hero Shane did when he first started. Her stats are as real as her resume.

No. 1188540

I think that guy StevenLuv39 is a bot. He comments the exact same thing on her videos.

No. 1188729


She seems to be defending people of color and Meghan Markle hard in her Tiktok videos. Makes me wonder if she’s had a change of heart or terrified that her poo baby joke will resurface and Gen Z will run her off the Tok. It’s just interesting how disgusting she is to her YouTube followers. Yelling at them and saying she’s only here to make money.. but on Tiktok she’s playing it all sweet.

No. 1191105

The videos like this where her tits are spilling out all over the place are some of her more successful videos. She always chases the views too, I wonder if she'll start doing this on purpose even more.

Remember the YouTube "reply girls"? Lol

No. 1193449

Did yall watch these story time videos of hers? Lmao.

"My Boyfriend tried to kill me" & "my father tried to kill me" are so wild. Sounds like she spent the night watching a bunch of 90s comedy movies, absorbed them, then spat out a bunch of nonsense. Now she's got a heart condition?

>Met her bf in film class. Singlehandedly put her school's paper on the map, and has won international awards for her work. Was recruited into higher level classes and all the older kids were jealous of her. Was only 14 in high school and college classes for prodigies because she was so good.

>Everyone was elitist and jealous and mean to her meanwhile she was the nicest angel and couldn't understand why.
>Was also well known and well loved and could fit in anywhere
>The guy she was dating was a weird goth senior with an even weirder Jr friend. The friend had a camera and one day crawled under the table at school and took panty shots of her.
>On a Sunday the guy messages her on AIM and starts being weird. Blackmails her. She didn't even know he took the pictures. He threatens to show the whole school and sell the pics.
>would do 16-18 hours days at school cause she was so driven and involved with everything.
>brain fog moment

>mom wouldn't let her skip the class. Her mom ends up seeing the AIM convo. Her mom calls the school. Kati has to go to the principals office. Guy gets pulled from class and they rearrange his schedule so they won't be near one another. Kati was embarrassed.

>Whole class now hates Kati
>Once Kati and another girl were doing broadcast news for the school and the girl went off on Kati for whatever reason and they broadcasted it to the whole school just to be mean
>Best friend of Guy that got kicked out is the only one nice to Kati and was a support for her. They start dating.
>Was 16 dating this dude (I thought she said 14? Idk) everyone tried to warn her about him. Even his parents.
>He randomly stops talking to her, came back, then pulled outa school. Was cheating on her. Shows up at HS dance with new girl. She was 15 (???) and he was 18. Tries to make it sound like he's a predator for that age gap.
>Was taking asthma medicine that made her suicidal (Sinqular?)
>She starts dating him again her sophomore year. He lives in a camper on his parents lawn. He has a friend that's into Satanism. Friend knocks on camper and tells boyfriend "You're coming with me" after bf saying he doesn't have something yet
>Left her there that day

>Eventually guy gets a shit apartment and has her over one day. Kati isn't used to the drug scene cause of all his disorders and illnesses. Also had an eating disorder. Someone suggested she try meth. She said no

>One day a man IN A PURPLE SUIT, HAT, CANE AND CAPE shows up at the door. Guy gets mad and makes her boyfriend go somewhere with him. She's left with all these people. He asked to use her car and they go somewhere.

>Forgets to mention that her bf lived with her for a while and her mom was a shitty parent for allowing it. Her mom had helped him enroll in college but he wasn't going to classes so he got kicked out the house.
>Finds out her bf was a dealer and she was just so confused and lost. She was mad because she had school in the AM.
>She tries to break up with him so he says "not if I wreck this fucking car" and tries to drive into a house
>Kati jumps out the car and runs but he hops out and chases her down
>Kati is locked in the car and they drive around for a while

>Kati wraps it all up with some babbling about caring about equality

What a ride.

No. 1193502

Joy seems to be working her ass off on Tic Tok. I don’t follow anyone yet on TokTok, nor do I plan on it but I am curious if she is doing well or not on there. Does anyone know how well she is doing with the views she gets compared to others? Like is she on her way to being the Pewdiepie of Tik Tok, or is she just “bumping her gums” on there, anyone….?

No. 1193511

So she went on and on, and on about a story that was actually boring but made it sound like an episode of Batman. Wow, what an exciting life Katie led when she was a teen. So “edgy”. Lmao

No. 1193516

File: 1616743486779.jpeg (213.4 KB, 1124x1293, FDB8CEFE-4DEB-4E64-9B3D-90A31A…)

She just doing the same thing she did ion YouTube. Picking a subject and obsessing over it. Right now it’s Britney Spears and people are already tired of it.

No. 1193517

File: 1616743649480.jpeg (239 KB, 1124x1552, 239CB441-F7DC-4B30-887D-D576A6…)

WE are trying to help. Kek. Also since when does she care about women’s rights? We’ve seen how she talks about women. If they are not bowing down to her then they are just ‘jealous of her’ and all her success per her videos of Trisha.

No. 1193535

Britany, I’m sure is now feeling much safer now, since Joy Sparklesheen is on her case.
Anyone know how the monetization works on there? She hasn’t come back to YouTube so I wonder how well she is doing on there?

No. 1193621

I don’t think she’s making any money on it right now. I follow a cleaning lady on Tiktok. She has over 2 million followers, puts a lot of effort into her videos, family friendly and gives out a lot of useful tips. She joined the ‘Creator Fund’ which is like monetisation on YouTube and she said she barely made anything. Joy puts half assed videos up with her chapped lips and crazy eyes while yelling at a camera. The only way Joy will gain a following is because people like to watch a train wreck. But just like her YouTube it’ll get old and people will move onto something else.

No. 1193954

File: 1616783133698.jpeg (295.88 KB, 1125x1563, 9567E7DF-CA95-4257-A615-67AB48…)

Her views are low. I don’t think she will make it on Tiktok. She’s just not a likeable person and that’s all her fault. She could try to put herself together, stop talking in that god awful fast speed high pitched voice and actually make interesting or decent content. But her content is so self serving. Right now she’s obsessing over Britney Spears and shit talking her ex. Tiktok is a bit more informal then YouTube but you still have to put out interesting content for people to watch. Tiktok is so low effort and Joy still manages to put even less effort to make a somewhat interesting or decent Tiktok. She’s just lazy and expects money to fall into her lap without doing any work. She’s playing nice on Tiktok right now but once she realises people don’t give a crap about her she will start bitching to them like she does to her YouTube following about how ‘she just can’t do Tiktok because she’s not making money and her iLlNeSs’S’ difference is.. on YouTube she actually has a small loyal fan base who will kiss her ass. On Tiktok she will just get eaten alive. Kek.

No. 1194436

File: 1616838945716.jpg (888.69 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210327-045539_Tik…)

#makeup #fashion

No. 1194519

In her new YouTube video ‘I gained all the weight back.’ She’s completely delusional about Tiktok. She talks about how YouTube is toxic and Tiktok isn’t. Tiktok is a cesspool. She just hasn’t been on the app long enough for people to get a wiff of her shit. It’ll happen and she will come running back to YouTube crying about all the bullies on Tiktok. Also, YouTube is toxic because of you Joy. You can’t slander and trash talk creators and expect not to get any reactions from it. You create negative content so you will attract negative attention. It’s not hard to grasp. She also said Tiktok supports their creators. Which again shows her lack of research. So many Tiktokers have complained that once they joined the ‘Creators fund’ (which is basically monetisation) the views on their videos immediately tanked and they no longer showed up on anyone’s For You Page. Once they removed themselves from the creators find their views went back up. A lot of creators suspect Tiktok doesn’t want to f pay their creators fairly so once they join the monetisation Tiktok removes their videos from the For You Page. (For You Page is where you can go viral.) Joy has a tiny channel in comparison to most Tiktokers but she thinks she’s hot shit already. I’m glad she joined Tiktok because it’s going to be hilarious watching her fail.

No. 1195422

Ugh her new video “I Gained All the Weight Back” is so reminiscent of her insufferable quackery and complaining she did on her original channel. It’s the thing I hate most about her- the complaining about her “illness”. Whether the “illness” is real or not doesn’t affect how insufferable these whiny videos are to me. I’ve got a literal CHILD who has been sick his entire life like severely sick needing dialysis and transplant and he hasn’t complained about his condition in the 10 years he’s been alive collectively as much as Joy does in one video. Yes, I’m sure you’re “practitioner” totally directed you to sing pop music instead of classical music?? Her pointed use of the word “practitioner” gives me the impression she is still just seeing some all holistic woo woo quack instead of an actual physician 🙄

No. 1195427

File: 1616916388256.jpg (105.3 KB, 1080x770, 20210328_022348.jpg)

in kati's newest yt video, she baits for eating disorder speculation under the guise of being a medical mystery

No. 1195494

Of course she’s just seeing a holistic quack because if she was seeing a legit doctor they’d tell her to cut the crap and put her in some anxiety meds.

No. 1195496

I’m just wondering how her overweight fans feel about her making thumbnails like this. Knowing they are fake and used to mock. She’s such a vile human.

No. 1195813

File: 1616953579288.jpeg (242.67 KB, 1124x1594, 9FB26AB8-8D12-434A-A9E8-619D23…)

Kek. People on Tiktok are catching on. She does the same thing as on YouTube. Draws things out and gives no real new information and now she’s starting to test the water with her ‘health issues.’ This was from one of her many many many Britney Spears videos.

No. 1196244

This video popped up in my feed the other day. Who remembers this? Hilarious!

No. 1196646

File: 1617033719659.png (508.56 KB, 830x965, joysparkleshine.png)

No. 1196713

File: 1617038156766.jpg (175.38 KB, 1080x1103, 20210329_121618.jpg)

huge fucking kek - this is almost 4 years old, and it's still so spot on

never change, kati

No. 1196739

File: 1617039935033.webm (7.57 MB, 576x1024, neverchange.webm)

here's her newest tiktok (less than an hour ago) for comparison - just add some shitty music cutting out halfway through her rant, and it's exactly the same

also, the color of her blouse matches her face, kek

No. 1196904

I was coming here to post this. I’m shocked she showed roommate. I also think she’s buying Tiktok followers and views. Her content is so low tier there is absolutely no way she’s accumulated that many followers in a short amount of time. Joy half asses everything and never puts in real hard work. I would not put it past her to beef up her following by purchasing them.

No. 1196979

File: 1617052970479.jpeg (219.8 KB, 1111x1209, D8B6207D-AAB3-41EE-8D03-88A025…)

Their house is filthy. What do you guys think is roommates deal? Think he actually cares for her? Feels bad for her? Or has she manipulated him so badly that he feels he can’t leave or else she will ‘die’ from her non lethal illness’s.

No. 1197033

He looks like he might be related to poop babies.

No. 1197094

He is. He’s Mexican I believe. She said in the poo baby stream that she was actually talking about this joke with him and asked since he’s ‘brown’ if she says this joke out loud does he find it racist as a brown person. She kept emphasising the word brown. I can’t wait for this video to bite her in the ass. She’s taking a women/minority saviour stance on Tiktok when we know she’s the complete opposite.

No. 1198384

File: 1617199725049.jpg (870.79 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210331-090657_Tik…)


she's getting more bold with posting roommate

No. 1198386

Their relationship fascinates me. I’m trying to see what he sees in her or if he’s just as bad as she is and that’s why they are together. I can’t figure it out.

No. 1200606

File: 1617403270606.jpeg (164.74 KB, 866x1275, 2B27E4D0-3867-4D25-8CF8-4948F0…)

She is definitely buying followers for Tiktok. Just yesterday she had 11k and today she has 14k but her interactions and views are so minimal.

No. 1201611

File: 1617551122536.jpeg (226.1 KB, 1125x1251, 81B0BF70-F3A7-493D-9D75-21DDA4…)

On her Robin Williams Tiktok she talks about how it’s a conspiracy on how he died and the media is trying to push depression. She talks about how he died from an aggressive form of dementia (which pretty much everyone who was a fan knew) but she talks as if she’s the only one who holds this information and she’s gifting us with it. A lot of people are calling her out especially on her tone of voice. Some comments said they feel like they are being scolded by her.. another said she talks in a Karen voice. Kek. One guy also said her videos would be okay if she would stop getting angry in them. It’s funny how she moved to a different platform with a different set of viewers and yet the same complaints.. and of course her go to comment in the pic attached. ‘You don’t do your research.’

No. 1201616

File: 1617551476389.jpeg (214.13 KB, 1124x1343, AD07BB5F-2C7F-4C99-9717-667F9F…)

About 90% of her comments on the Robin Williams Tiktok are people telling her this is a known fact and she keeps commenting that not everyone knows. Kek. I feel like SHE just found this out and since she is the only one who exists in Kati’s world that it means no one else knew about it either.

No. 1201624

Now she has about 24k. She’s def buying followers. Even people who put out interesting content don’t get that many followers in such a short amount of time. I wonder if you can still get paid on Tiktok with bots.

No. 1201930

He died from suicide. The unusual / little-known form of dementia wasn't discovered until post mortem, and the media covered it extensively.

I don't think it's ever been about getting paid for her. She's in it for the attention and sense of power.

No. 1202047

I get that same feeling from her too. I’m just curious as to how she’s getting money. She’s referring to roommate as ‘boyfriend’ on her Tiktoks now so I’m sure he’s footing a lot of her bills. She’s probably incredible at manipulating him for him to have stuck around this long.

No. 1202203

File: 1617637604962.jpg (332.96 KB, 1750x2500, gNb-njRSDuR3OoFl8JFB8fXs_k-_la…)

>>One day a man IN A PURPLE SUIT, HAT, CANE AND CAPE shows up at the door.

It's these details that really bring out the autism in her fairytales kek

No. 1202613

It’s obvious her roommate supports her, and perhaps he’s one of those guys that supports his spouse, for which I think they are a couple. They may be an on and off again couple and she has referred to him as a bf before. She may just want to leave him but can’t because of money, oh and her “health ailments”. She’s actually lucky if she has him footing all her bills. To be on someone’s insurance from work you have to be in a relationship, so maybe that’s another thing that keeps them together.

No. 1205569

File: 1618097809709.jpg (310.56 KB, 1080x2111, 20210410_183451.jpg)


up to 44k, now - she's definitely buying followers, for whatever that's worth, kek

No. 1205572

File: 1618097937120.jpg (314.75 KB, 1080x1957, 20210410_183412.jpg)


she made a video about d'angelo wallace deleting his shane dawson 'documentary' already

No. 1205573

File: 1618098018704.jpg (246.85 KB, 1080x1258, 20210410_183206.jpg)


>#frenemies kek

anyway, i had to check myself it was actually deleted

No. 1205607

File: 1618102997337.jpg (504.38 KB, 960x907, dangelo.jpg)

He already explained why he did it, it had nothing to do with being sued.

No. 1205828

She’s such an unfortunate looking woman. Also I was wondering when she’d start sucking Shane’s teet. Surprised it took this long.

No. 1205829

Of course she never does her research. The woman is too far up her own asshole and thinks she’s above any kind of deep research and it honestly shows in the quality of her videos. She thinks people watch her because she’s interesting but they watch her because she’s a train wreck and it’s hard to look away.

No. 1207818

File: 1618361215748.jpeg (249.06 KB, 1124x1743, 4F959774-D546-4719-BCC8-833FCA…)

Joy may just cancel her own self on Tiktok. She started her series on Shane Dawson and how she will defend him against people trying to relentlessly cancel him for ‘dark humour’ People are not having it in the comments.

No. 1207826

File: 1618361805055.jpeg (212.24 KB, 1124x1351, 21309168-A47F-4938-A965-0FC175…)

Why is she so obsessed with defending Shane? What does she get from this?

No. 1208302


Hey family member.

So from looking into her history I noticed that it looked like she temporarily moved in with a member from an Indigo message board. What happened there?

No. 1209804

File: 1618579362599.jpeg (49.67 KB, 357x423, 5FAD685E-500D-4A00-82BF-D32DD3…)

Is she going to start attacking everyone who criticises Shane? Also I swear her teeth are fake.

No. 1209806

I think once you reach 10k followers you can monetise your account. If her followers were fake would she still be able to monetise her account? There is just no way she’s gained that many subscribers with the crap she puts out. Her views and comments also do not match her subscriber count.

No. 1209838

she's going so, so hard on the tiktok angle of overexpressing, like all the creepy thots who overdo their facial expressions since they stare at themselves in the viewfinder 24/7, or that guy who is very angry-positive who she dueted in the past to try to soak that kind of audience.

No. 1211236

File: 1618753649062.jpg (325.83 KB, 1080x2116, 20210418_080859.jpg)


over 50k now, lol

No. 1211240

File: 1618753880492.jpg (505.95 KB, 1080x1862, 20210418_081124.jpg)

kek - she's now obscuring her deranged face with clickbait shit

No. 1211283

Oh god, are we already back to cosplaying her family again

No. 1211416


No, I was addressing the family member. But I think they didn't want to be called out.

However, they may not have known that the guy was from an Indigo message board. It was when she moved to somewhere in Illinois. I think it was near Chicago but I'd have to go back and look.

No. 1211767

Which one? Couldn't be Indigo Abuse, she didn't keep up with anyone from there and no one wanted anything to do with her after a bit.

No. 1211844


Indigo Society

No. 1215335

File: 1619231092838.jpg (780.29 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210423-212236_Tik…)

She says in this tiktok that she had to put her dog down.

Does anyone remember if she still had the 2 dogs? Or was it just one since the comeback?

I imagine it was the special needs dog that had to be put down. I'm surprised she hasn't made a whole song and dance about this on youtube.

No. 1216135


Holy shit, she looks terrible.

No. 1216225

File: 1619361513565.jpg (285.99 KB, 1080x2117, 20210425_093419.jpg)


is she crying in that vid? i haven't kept up with her dogs, but that's fucked up, if true.

her hair really has bad and terrible days, but never any good.

No. 1216460


Of course it was going to happen. She doesn't even take care of herself. Why would she take care of some animal other than to parade it in front of others for attention?

No. 1216630


She's also said that an immunization injury (from immunizations required before school admission) caused her chronic illness. And, of course, the Paraguard IUD.

No. 1216946

File: 1619453121556.jpg (309.91 KB, 1080x2113, 20210426_110418.jpg)


fuck, i wish the tiktok kids would start exposing her alreqdy. she should hit 1mil views fairly soon, if she keeps going at this rate.

No. 1220587

I doubt they even know about this place, let alone about anything that happens outside of Tik Tok.

So what happened to that "oh don't worry, she will crash and burn on her own?" thing that keeps happening? If you want to do the honors, by all means..

No. 1220753

I’m sure majority of her followers are fake since her engagement does not match her following and she jumped in followers within days with shit tier content. So she’s not really thriving on this app.

No. 1227385

She blessed everyone with an appearance on fb today. Another me, me, me thing again. She had to tell everyone how her health journey started (as if she hasn’t 100 times before). Says she’s making 2-3 cents per 1000 views on tik tok, makes 100,000 views on at least 1 video a week, and one of her vids hot a million views. 100,000 subscribers and is happy/brag about that. The whole thing was about her health and how good she looks. Oh, and beware because she will have to be too skinny for awhile so don’t be scared. Says her hair is growing in, but it looks the same. Has a very red face but isnt opiates. Talked the same crap about how everyone on YouTube is out to get her/ same ol same ol, and told the story of how her dog passed away - which is quite sad actually. So in a nutshell- nothing has changed, it don’t worry guys when she feels better she will be back in youtube.

No. 1227386

I meant youtube not fb. Sorry.

No. 1235559

File: 1621653892944.png (249.88 KB, 612x608, joysparkleshinebs.png)

"104k" followers, 1.5k views.

Don't fake it til you make it, kids. Because if you get caught out, you look incredibly foolish.

No. 1236741

So the narcissist has reached such a rock bottom point that they are LARPing an alien to get some attention, any attention at all.

This is what desperation looks like.

No. 1241574

File: 1622332779652.png (1.66 MB, 1920x1080, joyonision.png)

a clip from kati's youtube channel was used in the newest episode of the onision documentary lol

No. 1241604

File: 1622335998056.png (1.61 MB, 1920x1080, bbwbb.png)

>lavender candle got a feature

No. 1271026

Anyone know how she’s doing on tic-tac?

No. 1273304

She seems to be doing decent. Middle of the road content. The format seems to suit her better than YT did.

Also, if yall didn't know: someone is making a multi part series on Joy on YT. "The Tale of the Turbo Drifter" hahaha


This brave (and bored, obviously) soul seems to be combing through these threads to realllly call her out with the full story, the way we were hoping someone would like… 3 years ago.

No. 1274352

Cecil mcfly is awesome and she just did part 2! :)

No. 1274386

cecil is fucking obnoxious and i’m shocked she doesn’t have a thread here considering how hard she promotes the site. she has videos about every famous cow and directly quotes the threads

No. 1274402

she'll have her own creepshow art downfall someday, mark my words. they're both annoying obvious selfposters who keep bringing attention to this site.

No. 1274472

she hasn't uploaded since the middle of may. i guess she's too sick to even post there, kek.

also, did she ever end up rapping on snapchat?

No. 1274477

All this bitch does is read off kiwi farms and I've always found it so obvious and annoying how that makes her feel like she's somehow contributing. Really wish there was a thread.

No. 1274574

if a thread was made, i bet she'd make a 4 hour documentary on herself kek

No. 1275293


There wasn't much to part 2 except a very summarized rehashing of events in 2017. Cecil left out a ton of events and information. This looked like a rush job. Many topics were just touched on and narrated but not really explained. A let down.

No. 1286366

Starting at 52:49, Onision talks about JoySparkleShine in a livestream with RSN

No. 1291890


Like we needed any proof that RSN and his audience are a clusterfuck of total morons. You can look in the chat comments and you can't tell who they are sucking up to more, her or Onision.

No. 1363685

we are blessed today. her hair looks like she got a perm, and she's trying to funnel everyone to her Katie's Insights channel.

No. 1363823

New video of joys

No. 1363826

Joys video on insight

No. 1365718

Joy is back check her channels(sage)

No. 1373112

File: 1637518726038.jpg (161.9 KB, 1080x842, 20211121_121046.jpg)

kek, i thought kati kept saying she was supposed to teeny-tiny by this point? anyway, she's back to photoshopping money into her hands.

No. 1373114

File: 1637518834226.jpg (153.56 KB, 1080x676, 20211121_121723.jpg)

she's currently more active on kati's insight, talking about cryptocurrency kek.

No. 1377297


has she gotten any of her friends to lie for her and say they got money from her yet?

No. 1387346

She looks much thinner to me.(no1curr)

No. 1391217

File: 1639340219257.jpg (384.06 KB, 603x884, 20211212_131616.jpg)

Looks like she's back on Twitter and making friends.

No. 1391912

She is targeting dead children too on Twitter.(sage)

No. 1393444

hope the kids get over it

No. 1394094


I thought this was fake tbh so I went looking for the source but she has since deleted her twitter.


Guess things aren't going as well as she hoped and all those fake comments aren't boosting her like they used to. Maybe they need more emojis. lol

No. 1400180

File: 1640279701096.png (1.2 MB, 1536x1571, ohnoanyway.png)

>literally pic related
wtf, she's so out of touch and erratic kek.

No. 1401756

> "I don't do this but I'm gonna do it now"
> "not like other girls"
> "I reconnected with a family member serious face but I'm alone. there's no one to call if I need help"
> claims had a fallopian tube removed
> roomie is gone, gone gone.
> "I have no income but i do have this cryptocurrency portfolio I've been bragging about and been ordering Panera for three days straight"
> "I went through federal court and won" lol
> "Joysparkle about finding the light," all the content was about dark topics
> "I dont want stuff" thanks people for sending her gifts
> bragging about mediocre statistics on channel

No. 1401919

kek, merry christmas nonnas.

No. 1533590

Kati disappeared for a month to come back about 3 weeks ago to announce she is doing video content for bitcoin-analogue CatCoin on Tiktok. I checked on it a few times between then and now so I don't know exactly when it happened. But when I checked yesterday, I noticed all the content was deleted.

No. 1533655

she probably had all her money in LUNA or whatever that crashed to 0.00000000kek amount.

No. 1542897

She's back again and more people were sabotaging her marketing vision.

They weren't going to pay for her marketing and didn't want her on the team at all.

No. 1544767


Dylan Mulvaney camera angle, haircut, and clothes.

No. 1547234

She claims she hit a million + views in the latest sperg-out, oh and also a million views = ten dollars on TikTok? Has anyone witnessed her million view videos/plural, or are those part of the ones that got taken down? Seems sort of sus. She is a better actress than Scamber though, she did produce full on tears lol

No. 1580958

A new joy vid

No. 1581836

I guess it’s back again with trending topics. I just wanted to point out that her first video back, well second because who cares about her scam coin crap. Anyway out of a 12 minute video about her twin vs Depp she took half the time telling the audience about a million health issues, psych issues, and just personal crap that should really have a different title. Seriously, you would think she would have kinda learned her lesson by now. I sware, her Qos, and Scamber Heard are all the same person.

No. 1581840

Can you stop giving her views and sage your shit ffs?

No. 1582365

- [ ] OH MY GOD!!! So I was checking out her video today and it’s hard to not notice that she is having a manic episode. Full of sunshine and rainbows! She was in the middle of profusely thanking everyone who watched her video yesterday. She was so incredibly excited to tell everyone that her first day back she got a whole whopping 10-12,000 views on her first day back! I remembered thinking that there’s no way her video got that many views. Of course it didn’t. When I went back to look I noticed that she has posted about 10 of her Tic Tok videos as YouTube shorts. So when she says she got a ton of views her first day back, it means she counted her 12 videos to get that sum. WHO DOES THAT? It reminds me of how she used to spam at least three videos a day everyday…..WHO DOES THAT? The whack a doodle is back, fun times ensue……

No. 1582599

What's with the weird monoboob?

No. 1582836

Idk about that but in todays video about AG she looks like she’s wearing a gigantic old fashioned white sanitary napkin pad with straps. So Katie, since you admit to reading lolcow please stop with the weirdo outfits/costumes. You are loud enough without the loud clothes and no make up looks.

No. 1600842

she retells an abridged version of the high school journalism club story.

reaches out to a guy on facebook to process something that happened during their teenaged relationship.

No. 1600968

File: 1659065350280.png (4.32 MB, 1000x12014, joy.png)

So she's been uploading 20-30+ videos a day, duplicates and sometimes duplicates in the same day.

I highlighted the duplicates for 7 days.

No. 1768344

Joy is literally spamming out tik toc video shorts every day now trying to hit a viral video. She’s done literally 100 reactions to Jordan Peterson crap and in every single one she does the same exact body movements, and weird facial expressions. She never talks and looks the same in every video. The only thing different is her clothes.

No. 1768345

I forgot to add that these tik tok vids are on her YouTube channel shorts.

No. 1904981

holy shit, how is this lady still around? i don't usually watch these h3 stans, but this video popped up and catching up on this milk is insane.

No. 1905510

This is completely unsurprising but also seriously? JSBS in 2023? Recycling the same exploitation tactics as last time?
What the fuck.(sage your shit)

No. 1905519

It's incredible. And seeing them find her for the first time is so entertaining. Ngl

No. 1960423

File: 1706485601867.png (364.22 KB, 1269x2886, joysparkleshine.png)

JoySparkleShine 's new grift is selling courses on how to be tiktok famous.

No. 1960655

wtf is she talking about, she built algorhitms? kek in what universe

No. 1960659

These scams are always fun.

>got a system

>gonna use to create competition for myself
>inflated results (that still look shit) and huge claims
>can do literally everything in the field

It's shame it won't go anywhere. She had such a cultish following for a while. If they came back and boosted this … They all seem to have split. Even whats-her-face who rented a studio apartment up Joy's ass. So now she's begging for a new audience AND wants to get paid for it topkek.

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