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No. 278466

Joy Sparkle aka Kati Marie Smith is a YouTube personality who randomly appeared to insert herself into Onision drama and got 21k subs in 3 months after being noticed by larger YouTubers who also hate him.
She makes lengthy one-take rant-y videos about various drama on the internet, but mostly centers around Onision, she has made 50+ videos about him in less than 3 months. He has called her a stalker, sent her a fake cease & desist letter and blocked her on all social media.
Her life also seems to revolve around getting attention from her fake "fatal" health issues which have been diagnosed by medical professionals as anxiety disorder, but that's not a special enough diagnosis for her so she adamantly denies that's the cause. Recently uncovered information reveals she thinks angelic guides and the Archangel Michael talked to her from the age of 12 on.


No. 278472

"Joy" was recently revealed to be Kati Marie Smith of Kansas City, Missouri. After an extensive google search the following links turned up:

An article she wrote in 2006, revealing just how nuts her New Age beliefs are and she was "ill" even back then:

A blog where she was attempting to make a documentary about indigo children of which she believed herself to be:

Another link about the documentary:

Tumbler pg1

Tumbler pg2

Tumblr pg3 : https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjCyb3UlvXSAhVE6YMKHZtBByYQIAgfMAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwebcache.googleusercontent.com%2Fsearch%3Fq%3Dcache%3AdmupVzrpEOsJ%3Amisskatismith-blog-blog.tumblr.com%2Fpage%2F3%2B%26cd%3D1%26hl%3Den%26ct%3Dclnk%26gl%3Dus&usg=AFQjCNFErjOujXVaD6u-fmV4Wiod4sooDg&sig2=Wk18-GSiYKV7yPMAXTwXDg

Tumblr pg4 : https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjv1PujlvXSAhVm5oMKHcNUAtIQIAgfMAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwebcache.googleusercontent.com%2Fsearch%3Fq%3Dcache%3AM2wphNwvD2wJ%3Amisskatismith-blog-blog.tumblr.com%2Fpage%2F4%2B%26cd%3D1%26hl%3Den%26ct%3Dclnk%26gl%3Dus&usg=AFQjCNFlhjc3LhuoTuzeM7000gVryVu81A&sig2=KnyUYHWRHwAIZkxeNMryYg

Paradigm Shift Radio 87 - Mysteries of Our Universe. Group Discussion
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsZFgUwiBvM [DL]
(Click 2. Katie. Overcoming challenges. Healing the self.)
This is from 2014.

Paradigm Shift Radio 78 - Conscious Community Call In Spectacular
(Click 7 Kati Benefits of Oxygen Therapy)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzWzzWs-8sY [DL]

Old youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnTHRm7C0UoSYdv-a4nCVKA



Backstage profile

No. 278483

I used to be a fan of Joy's but I started noticing so many inconsistencies in her story. I rewatched some of her earlier videos and noticed some very definite patterns:

1. When she talks about her illness in her early videos she will pause dramatically to take a breath & collect herself, like it was just too painful for her to go on. However, she doesn't do that in any of her livestreams or other videos no matter how long & unedited.

2. She gets really fired up when she talks about how the doctors think she has anxiety disorder, how they have to be wrong….nevermind that her symptoms sound EXACTLY like severe panic attacks.

3. She tries to explain away any doubts you are having by addressing things she knows will be questioned as "internet conspiracies."

4. She spends a lot of time talking about being positive, being the better person and raising money for charity to make herself look extra virtuous so you feel bad for questioning her.

No. 278485


Sigh Her beliefs are nothing new on the internet. I have looked at this stuff, whenever I'm browsing, for shits and giggles at 14-17 years of age.

No. 278487

Thanks, anon, for making a new thread.

She also performed vocals on:

From Highlands to the Sea
Pierre Arrachart, Cédric Cohen, Frédéric Dubois

Also, available on Spotify.

No. 278488


So, you gonna unsub, yet check in to see what's new with Joy? 'S what I sometimes do.

Or are you just getting bored of the things she does? I can relate to that.

No. 278490

I don't know yet. I do feel really betrayed right now, I used to defend her wholeheartedly.

No. 278496

It's obviously her singing but how the F did you find that out? It doesn't credit her anywhere on that page.

…unless this is Joy again? we know she reads her thread & likes to promote herself.

No. 278509

Yeah how the hell did you even find that?

>1. When she talks about her illness in her early videos she will pause dramatically to take a breath & collect herself, like it was just too painful for her to go on. However, she doesn't do that in any of her livestreams or other videos no matter how long & unedited.
That's so manipulative and weird. It's not out of the ordinary for youtube but it really rubs me the wrong way when people are fake but build their audience on the guise that they're genuine. Also brings to mind the videos she made recently about those kids. She was stilted as hell. It felt more like a distant family member pretending to be hurt and affected for sympathy. I wonder if she was raised southern baptist.

No. 278524


She mentioned in on the Tumblr

No. 278525

>"A song I did on Origin Label in Paris, France back in 2005. It was a celtic album entitled, "From Highlands to the Sea.“ Sooo pretty…. LOVE the work they did!"

Ah, I see. Just a tip when posting milk be sure to explain how you got the info, it helps assure your credibility

No. 278534

If you've been following her for any significant amount of time then go back & rewatch her earlier videos it becomes obvious what she is doing & how manipulative she is when shaping her narrative. What disturbs me the most is how young & impressionable the fans she befriends are. They take anything she says to heart, they haven't developed the critical thinking skills yet to spot a phony. At the same time, she has the audacity to criticize Onionboy for being fake & manipulative.

No. 278540

Is it okay to reference the first lolcow thread on Joy?

Joy and her followers have been actively engaging in trying to muck up the last thread and damage control after Joy tried to get information and was refused. I guess she thought she could hide the milk in all the muck, but it didn't work.

No. 278546


That site will show the transcript of the chosen video. Replace [YOUTUBEVIDEOID] with the video id, obvi.

No. 278556


I'm not 100% if the person trying to mess up the other thread is a fan or a pissed off stalker who's been told to fuck off by joy.

No. 278558


It's baaaaack. lol

Ignore pls. Thanks.

No. 278559

Great idea, anon.

Part 1 thread
I would urge any fans of Joy to read this thread with an open mind, especially the posts that break down the videos where she talks about her illness

There's a lot more important information in the original thread with her own words to back it up, it is not specuation. It basically shows she has had these same symptoms for many years, as early as 2006, long before she got this IUD but attributed it to different causes such as on oncoming "angelic ascension."

No. 278563

I completely believe that she has some sort of chronic mental illness.

No. 278564

ive heard from a reliable source who knows joy irl n has done for 10 yrs or so that she faked cancer

No. 278567

'ive heard from a reliable source' that there are Joy fans shitposting. Trying to mess up the other thread, trying to play both sides..not very clever.

No. 278568


You still suck at samefagging. Jebus H. Christ you are dumb.

We want real proof, not "I've heard from a reliable source" bullshit. Your milk is sour.

No. 278572


Is there no way to ban people here? relatively new, but I'm getting super annoyed at this person trying to deviate off topic on purpose.

No. 278573

>>278572 dont think so unfortunately. just ignore their comments

No. 278578

No. 278579

yeah tbh can we just ignore whatever retard (Joy) is doing this? that will have more of an effect than us all trying to debunk them and call them out and mucking up the clear abundant milk even more. let us not bite the titty that feeds

No. 278583

The thing that saddens me is that I doubt Joy's fanbase even knows of Lolcow. I wish someone >>278483
could direct all of them here to enlighten them of her craziness.
Yeah, I noticed that too! She will act like she's in pain only when she's referring to her illness. And I've watched so many of her livestreams, she streams for hours at a time with her only breaks being maybe 1 min long.

No. 278594

The more they try to muck, the more there's milk shes trying to hide. Its really shitty that she is using her fans like this.

No. 278596

hi angel

No. 278614

No. 278788

A lot of us used to be fans, like you I also defended her from people accusing her of lying & attention seeking. I suffer from an invisible illness myself and I know how much it sucks when people think you are faking your symptoms because you look "fine." However, I started noticing little things she said that made me pause a bit but I would always give her the benefit of the doubt and frame it in the best possible light. After a while, I realized just how often I had to justify her actions to others in her comments…I was doing it everytime she released a new video. So, I rewatched a lot of her videos with a more objective mindset and finally realized what was going on. I too see how she uses the tactics you pointed out to shame anyone who questions her. I felt so dumb for believing her.

No. 278804

I remember one time I got all butthurt over someone, my feelings were hurt, my oh so self important ego was bruised and my special snowflake certificate got a rip in it. I decided to grow the fuck up and move the fuck on instead of crying like a bitch to strangers on the internet about it. Awwwwwww, The internet lady did something I don't like and I don't agree with, kill yourself if your life is so wrapped around someone you don't even fucking know dumbass.

No. 278807

While the doxing led to confirming many of her stories as true such as working in marketing, living in Paris, being a professional singer and voice teacher, it also confirmed she has done this "illness" routine for many years, always denying it is panic attacks even though multiple different medical professionals have told her that's what's causing it. The only difference now is she has a different diagnosis from a naturopath even though those same symptoms were occurring long before she got the IUD she's blaming them on. This naturopath has her taking "high-powered" vitamin supplements containing zinc and vitamin C to "detox" her from "copper poisoning"…giving her excessive diarrhea that just happens to coincide with the amount of time she's been taking the supplements.

Sure she could just be very mistaken and in complete denial about the cause of her "illness" but the thing that really started me wondering how truthful she's being is how her list of diseases keeps changing, how she exaggerates certain symptoms when it's convenient and just the sheer amount of time she spends explaining and justifying her actions.

No. 278832

>>278807 while I agree that her story is confusing, I feel as though you have no right to judge someone with a chronic debilitating illness. You have got no idea how badly it can fuck with someone's mind. I feel as though all of you should get a chronic illness and everyone should say you're faking it, see how you like being accused of lying about something that has literally ruined your life.

I have ehlers danlos syndrome. I have streamed with joy, and for the last 10 years of my life, my body has been fucking with me in multiple ways, from giving me kidney stones at the age of 15, to my hips collapsing at the age of 19 amongst various other things, my joints dislocate multiple times daily, and you know what? In person I don't say a fucking word. I vent on the internet, it is a coping mechanism and I can direct you to hundreds of other chronically sick people who do the same.

Until you know EXACTLY what it is like, to sit there in fucking agony, and not say a word, hide it with a smile, until you know what it is like to be in so much pain you physically can't move from your bed to get a bath/shower for 3 days, until you know what it is like to be wide awake at 3am crying because the pain is worse at night when you're trying to sleep, until you know what it is like to be so fucking fatigued you can't make yourself a fucking meal and have to ask for help, until you know what it's like having someone help you in and out of the bath and having them help you wash, until you know exactly how fucking guilty you feel and how much like a fucking burden you feel like you are to those around you…. and feel like you can't say anything about it when you're having a shit day at risk of being called an attention whore, or upsetting someone who loves and cares for you…. don't fucking speak badly about joy.

You people haven't got a clue what she's going through with her illness and you probably never will. I don't have a clue, the only thing I know is chronic illnesses are worse than most people think, most of you here won't understand and I hope those that do now feel like complete cunts.

No. 278833


tl;dr. This isn't your blog and no one cares.

No. 278835


Oh, the one that tried to muck up the last thread is back. Ignore the child. Guilt trip manipulation is really obvious.

They're just trying to distract so here's the recap thread. >>278614

No. 278838

I'm fully aware this isn't my blog. I'm just here to defend my friend, not muck up the thread. As for saying I am guilt tripping that is fucking hilarious.

No. 278839

I'm sure thats what they say in every cult.

No. 278846

Don't mind me just sitting in the bath fapping to the drama. Keep going with the abuse it's making me so hard

No. 278850

Angel, I also suffer from a chronic illness which is part of why I stuck up for her so much in the beginning. I don't deny she does a lot of good such as promoting charities, she even raised money for you to get a wheelchair, if she did something like that to help me with my illness I'd probably have rose colored glasses for her forever too. The very fact that you suffer from a serious chronic illness should piss you right off when someone pretends to have one in order to feel special. I know I feel that way when someone does this and exaggerates minor symptoms thinking it means they know what you are going through. I'm not telling you not to be her friend, just be careful and pay closer attention to what she says and make sure it all adds up, don't make excuses for her.

No. 278856

No. 278860

Sigh. Didn't mean to send a blank message.

Anyway, every time I Skype with her, or anything like that, she never mentions it. The only time she mentions it as far as I am aware is if she is having a bad day for pain or a flare up, I have spoken to her while she's been shitting her guts out and seen her in the worst states that she makes an effort to hide from the internet. Like she's spoken to me when I've been shitting blood from endometriosis flare ups or tearing my bowel because of weak connective tissue.

I guess you people don't see her that way because you don't talk to her 24/7 like I do. I am normally very careful with who I trust, and joy is someone who has never done me wrong, I doubt she will do me wrong. She is a kind hearted person being judged for trying to open up about her illness.

She has ended streams multiple times without directly saying "I'm about to go shit my guts out" because she is a polite human being. She's called me straight after and idgaf how weird it sounds, we have had Skype calls from our bathrooms…

For the things joy has done for me, and the things I have done for her, I will continue to defend her, until she personally gives me a reason not to.

As for saying I am only this way because had people help raise money for my wheelchair, I would have still been defending her the same had she not.

No. 278863


Not to point out the obvious but in the last thread you were raging so hard about your name being dropped that you didn't see that the person that did it then turned around and counter posted claiming to be opposition.
You got thrown under the bus as a distraction tactic, and you're defending the very one that did it, kek. Can't even see you got played. Other than the shitposting you've been doing since..no one cares. You see what you want to see, just like someone right out of an actual cult.

Recap post: >>278614

No. 278865


Honestly I doubt it was joy that threw me under the bus, mostly because I know there's a group of people that hate me with a passion who try to suck on her tits at any chance they get, which even she finds hilarious.

As for saying I raged so hard, I was pissed, yes, right up until the moment I realised what people were saying about her. There's a lot of two faced cunts in the world and the person that doxxed her is one of them. I bet you're also one of them.

As for saying this is a cult? You sound like a salty onision fan, what's the matter? Did daddy onion not give you attention, so now you've got to say joy is a cult leader instead?

Praise joysus almighty

No. 278867

This is who you're dealing with, in case you were wondering: https://twitter.com/PiercedAngel96/

No. 278869


Maybe you and Joy can share the same padded cell. Onision is out to get me! Everyone's out to get me! The haters are out to get me!


Don't care. This isn't a thread for her brainwashed cultists. She's an eager distraction but not a very good one.

No. 278871

She herself said she started having diarrhea at the same time she started the treatment from her naturopath, which seems to be a massive dose of vitamins…a very common side effect of which is diarrhea. She seems to think this means she is detoxing out copper from her body instead of a vitamin overdose. This treatment is causing her more harm than good, she doesn't have copper toxicity from an IUD, her symptoms were happening long before that. There isn't enough copper in the IUD to cause toxicity in the first place and when copper oxidizes from being exposed to a moist area like the uterus it forms a waterproof patina that protects the metal inside, it can't leach out into the rest of her body. There was even a scientific study checking to see if this could happen to women and all they found was a slight raise in the uterine tissues that touch the device, which is how it works in the first place. Regarding her nonspecific pain, I'm sure she knows just how much to show you to convince you she is telling the truth. Hypochondriacs are often very good actors, which is why I didn't see what she was doing for quite some time.

No. 278873

"It's not a cult!"

-signs it Praise joysus almighty

No. 278877

>Honestly I doubt it was joy that threw me under the bus

Coincidental but awfully suspicious that those posts started less than 5 minutes after Joy posted here asking for the IP address of the person who released her name and was denied. It looks very much like a distraction technique to get us talking about something else so her personal info got buried in the middle of the thread.

No. 278878

Did your mommies not hug you enough when you were little? Did the first girl to see your dick point and laugh? Joys a faker, Joys not real, Joy wouldn't show me respect, Joy wouldn't use my pronouns… Any one of you fucktards been more than 20 feet from mom and dads basement? Did someone make a play at Joy and get turned down? Get his little man feelings all hurt? Going to show how tough he is from a keyboard, that will teach her not to laugh at a small dick. Fuck you, fuck your feelings. Maybe the harder you type the better your jerking off hand will feel, cause that's all your going to get until you grow up little boys.

No. 278879

I believe it's called extracting the urine, AKA Taking the piss,

Out of what you ask? Out of the fact you actually think that joy is running a cult.

No. 278881

Oh congratulations, you found my Twitter, I am so proud of you.
Do you want a cookie?

No. 278882

Ok yeah I can see that being suspicious, but I personally don't think Joy would do that. The only people I can think of who would even consider throwing me under the bus are a small group of people who don't like the fact me and joy are friends, because they tried to go all out SJW on twitter and I threatened to whip out the amanda Todd memes.

No. 278884

Finally another human being on this thread that sees sense! Holy shit. There needs to be more people like you here.

Is it bad I spat my coffee out at the "joy didn't respect my pronouns" comment. Fucking transtrenders man.

No. 278886

>Joy wouldn't use my pronouns

Red flag right there, no one in this thread said anything like that and you'd only know that was a thing if you followed her pretty closely. Sounds like someone is super butthurt. Why even take the time to comment then?

No. 278887

Great idea, Angel. Keep proving the 'haters' right with that charming personality. Nothing screams psycho more than…every one of your posts. Like really does attract like, kek.

GEE. "Another human being that sees sense!" …and talks EXACTLY like you do. What a coincidence!

I think she's just shitposting now to derail the thread. Time to ignore the screaming child. Save it for her future /snow/ thread.And since multi-posting to muck up the thread…RECAP: >>278614

No. 278888

Is anyone else noticing how Joy's sycophants act eerily similar to Onision fans? DO NOT QUESTION OUR LEADER!!!1!! HERP DERP!!1111

for fucks sake.

No. 278890

See I am not 100% sure on copper toxicity.

I've been deficient in vitamins D + B and the pills I were taking for that literally turned my shit into tar, so I'm not sure exactly which vitamins she is taking, but I was on about 17-21 pills a day, until I boycotted my pain meds because they were doing more harm than good.

I don't know exactly what meds joy is on, I've never asked because I don't feel the need to, but if I asked I am sure she would tell me and even show me the packaging on skype with her name on it, because every single time I have asked her for evidence to counter the things people come out with, she's shown me straight away no questions asked.

I have seen her official medical diagnosis of fibromyalgia, like she's seen mine for ehlers danlos syndrome. Joy and I don't really hide anything from eachother, since we are close friends off the Internet, of course I'm not going to get her fibromyalgia diagnosis and post it here, but I've seen it with my own two eyes, with hee insurance numbers/details from when she HAD insurance.

I have no reason to disbelieve anything she says because I've seen the medical evidence paperwork, and I'd believe that over random people talking shit on the internet any day, but you know… once someone's minds made up you can't change it I guess.

You people on here want to believe that she's lying because you don't want to feel like a complete cunt because of all the nasty shit you've said about her.

No. 278891

Not sure if this is her because it was filmed on a potato, but I think it is.

Also, pro-tip, if you're using more energy than the person/people you're "trolling," you're doing it wrong.

But, please, don't let that stop you from bumping the thread and giving your "friend" more attention. snicker

No. 278892

Oh no, red flag right there! Yeah, red flag, problem bitch? You going to start another thread and cry some more? Fucking cucks. See that neat little x up in the right corner? If you click that your feelings won't get hurt anymore and you can get back to petting your cat or jerking it, whatever the fuck you do.

No. 278893

No darling, I use the word "mother" or "mum" because I'm British. I speak proper English and correct spelling.

You seem really riled up over this though, it's hilarious. Is the little no lifer getting mad?

I'm only on here because there's nothing better to do at 3am.

No. 278895


What do we have here? Not so subtle attempt at emotional manipulation and guilt trips. You're only posting to spin the situation and spam up the thread. Then when you don't get your way, you flip out.

Angel and Joy = Onision and Lainey. Will you be giving yourself quizzes next on air to see if you're sociopaths?



Compare with her original outed post here:

She's just running interference for Joy and spamming the thread now. >>278893

No. 278899

Oh sure joy and I can take sociopath quizzes and I'll send the results here shall I? How pissed will you be when you realise we are not "sociopaths" and are actually rational humans.

I mean are you a qualified psychiatrist? I don't think so. If you are I'd love to see your qualifications & how fast I can get you fired for the shit you've pulled here

No. 278900

Wow, shit for brains figured out people aren't being subtle. Dr. Fucking Phil is in the house.

No. 278902

Kek I completely missed that post. What a dumbass. Joy must be really bothered if she's having her friends come tell us to grow up and then call us cucks. I love it.

No. 278903

Yeah, cock smoker that started this wasn't a whiney little bitch, not him LOL. He's a big man except for that one part, that one tiny tiny part. Temperature could drop three degrees and he would go through a full transition.

No. 278904

File: 1490667405682.png (143.52 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3514.PNG)

Oh dear looks like you're wrong about me. Go choke on a horses cock, bitch.

No. 278905

In her videos she has said she's taking zinc and vitamin C in large doses, both of which just happen to cause diarrhea. I don't know which doctor she got the fibromyalgia diagnosis from but she's been seeing a naturopath Amanda Chaney who does not have a medical degree. This is the same person that told her that bullshit about having copper toxicity from an IUD. Also, a fibromyalgia diagnosis is not hard to come by if you know what to say, there's no tests to check for it and a doctor determines a person has it from self-reported symptoms, making it so easy to get a piece of paper that validates your hypochondria.

No. 278907

Now now dearest, what have I told you about insulting the size of a mans penis?

The poor guy thought he had grown 3 pubes, til he pissed out of one.

Karma is a bitch and will bite him in the ass for his actions and what he's done to Joy. I'm sure.

No. 278908


Just like Joy's perfectly valid diagnosis that's 'tween you girls.'

So, you're publically admitting you're posing as multiple people on here in order to try and look credible. Did you come up with that one all on your own or did Joy consult with you first?

And since she's just doing this to spam the thread now for her master..psychooo!


No. 278909

I believe a medical professional can tell the difference between hypercondria and genuine illness, hence why there are only certain types of doctors who can give an official diagnosis, a GP can suspect it, but they'd have to forward a referral to a professional to make it an official diagnosis

No. 278911

didn't you guys make fun of onision for taking an online iq test

No. 278913

File: 1490667842412.jpg (36.99 KB, 600x528, fortykeks.jpg)

It's like watching a monkey throwing it's own shit at a wall. This is wonderful. Stay forever. Be our monkey.

No. 278914

no there's definitely two of us. We're talking in private messages elsewhere and laughing at how convinced you are that it's one person, an autistic 5 year old could tell the difference between two peoples texts and the fact I'm not even assed about hiding my name says it all.

No. 278916

You're like a more vulgar Joy…did she finally snap? Maybe she can add multiple personalities to the list of 'illnesses'?

So you're saying Joy has a group deliberately spamming the thread to detail. Thanks for clearing that up.

No. 278918

Apparently so, I did it to take the piss out of the person calling me a sociopath, the quiz probably has more of a idea than that idiot.

No. 278920

He'll get butthurt by the next woman who talks to him and do the same shit to her. Fucks like him are always the same, shooting in their pants thinking they are the shit because someone is nice to them. Figuring out he was just some guy, nothing, NOTHING SPECIAL so he takes it out on her. He's going to live a lonely life and die a virgin. But hey, he's got lots of his real friends in here, raise your glasses boys, to your king! King of the fuck heads!

No. 278924

Who in the fuck are you even talking about? Is there a schizophrenic in this thread right now?

No. 278925

Well apparently it's one person spamming the thread. But there's a few of us.

As for saying I am a more vulgar version of Joy, I'm going to take that as a compliment because she is a lovely human being, but honestly vulgar is exaggerating a bit, this is actually quite tame if you ask me.

No. 278926

They're talking about the person that doxxed Joy, and I 100% agree with what they're saying about him, he is a complete prick and it will come back to bite him in the ass

No. 278927

Wow, I take a long break from this thread and what do I find, when I come back?

I see another thread's been made. And we have a visitor as well. Hello… Angel, was it?

No. 278928

Oh honey no, that's all kinds of wrong. Any doctor can give any "official" diagnosis they want, even a naturopath can give you a piece of paper with a "diagnosis." No a real doctor would't be able to tell the difference as long as the person says all the right things (only a google search away) especially when there's no test for it and the only thing they are basing that diagnosis on is what the patient tells them.

No. 278930

Hey, I've just come to defend my friend and a couple of others who are pissed about people accusing her of faking it are here to rip some people up too. Sorry for the mess I've made, I'll pay a Mexican to clean it up later.

No. 278932


Joy always seems to attract such wonderful "fans". Birds of a feather flock together.

A complete psychotic would take this kind of behavior to be lovely.
Obvious bait is obvious. Joy still isn't getting what she wants..but she's giving us what we want. Please, keep giving us more milk.
She's been spamming the thread since yesterday. Joy has a SJW squad now, kek.

Psycho AND Racist? I can't wait for your lolcow file. I need more popcorn.

No. 278934

If that is how the medical system works in your country then it is fucked! There's only certain types of doctors here that can diagnose certain things.

EDS can only be diagnosed by a rheumatologist here in the UK. Your diagnosis will not be made official until it has been seen by one of 3 specialist doctors in the country.

Similar procedure for bone fibromyalgia, crohns and a few other illnesses

No. 278935

Oh I see. It's a pretty fundamentally shitty thing to do but it would have happened eventually anyway. Karma's a bitch.

Naturopathy is not based in science. Detoxing is not real. Her "treatment" is basically placebo, except that they're very real minerals that you shouldn't be fucking with unless a real doctor prescribed it. Either it's doing nothing or it's doing harm.

No. 278936

Oh by all means start a lolcow thread, I don't think that's going to happen. I'm way too irrelivant for that.

racist? You don't say.

No. 278937


…Great. You aren't wrong with thinking popcorn pairs well with these types of situations. May as well relax.

No. 278939

Popcorn sounds wonderful right now

No. 278942

Stop derailing the conversation.


No. 278944


I've read you harassed a kid, Angel. That sounds pretty appalling and immature as fuck.

No. 278945

Thanks, Anon. You're a lifesaver.

No. 278946

More or less than her posts, kek?

No. 278947

What is your goal here, exactly? Just shitposting until the end of time?

I should have been saging a few posts ago, sorry guys.

No. 278948

I don't know really, it's 4am and I have nothing better to do than shitpost people who are shitposinf about my friend.

No. 278949

I harassed a kid?
That's bullshit. I said I couldn't give a shit if someone killed theirselves after the shit they pulled blaming their actions on being triggered by PTSD, yet they had told someone else something completely different, but please, continue with your lies and slander.

No. 278953

Yep, the US medical system is fucked all right. There's no procedure of any kind to get a diagnosis, you could even get one from a doctor who specializes in something else & knows nothing of your condition. Naturopaths can even diagnose people with cancer with no sort of test whatsoever….totally messed up. I'm betting her naturopath diagnosed her, they love to give the type of diagnosis, like Fibromyalgia, that can't be tested for & therefore questioned by a real doctor. Naturopathic medicine is not evidence based, it's basically handholding & placebos for hypochondriacs.
>>278935 <-This person is right, the large doses of vitamins she's been given are turning panic attacks into something that can actually harm her physically.

No. 278954


Tch. I'm not slandering you or lying to you. I don't know who the fuck you even are.
So, yeah, I'm not going to get a proper impression of you if all I have is hearsay.

Jeez, give me some time to catch up.

No. 278955

Almost all the shitposts I've seen in Joy's threads have been from her exceptionally stupid fans. Your friend's got a mental illness, you should go support her.

If you're going to sperg at least learn to English. The vague understanding I have of that word vomit is you're probably a cunt. Care to clarify?

No. 278956

Oh god… :S they should really put procedures in place so that doctors can't just go off diagnosing everyone with everything, that is well and truly fucked, I'm
Guessing anything said by a doctor over there must be true, if that's actually how it is I have got very little trust and faith in your medical system.

I mean the British medical system is fucked, the NHS is fucked, but it's not often they misdiagnose or throw out random disgnosises without getting 2-3 opinions from different specialists/consultants in that field first :/

No. 278957

Where did you read about me harassing a child anyway? That's actually funny as fuck.

The child got triggered because I said someone can go and kill theirselves for all I care. I never said anything directly to said child, and never said the person should kill their self, I literally emphasised that I couldn't care if they did.

No. 278958

You forgot to put the name Angel in this time, samefag.

No. 278960

Oh dear my name appears to have vanished I didn't even notice, thanks for telling me.

That should be corrected now.

No. 278961


The first thread on Joy. I'm reading it from the bottom to the top. Newest post to old. Not the best way to read things, I know.

Not going to bother pointing it out.

No. 278962

Oh i don't think I saw that
Fair enough, it never happened, joys twitter followers made a group and got pissed off that she was talking to me and not them, then some shit went down, I ripped some new assholes and now they have it in for me, which I find hilarious because all I have to do is crack a dead baby joke and they run off crying.

No. 278963

You can't wait till they start a lolcow thread on someone else? WTF? You think lolcow is the fucking CIA or something? You guys sure are scary, I better lock my door before lolcow shows up in my yard. You fucks are nothing more than basement dwellers with Google and the only reason you've gotten the shit you have so far is because of a jealous little man who is getting revenge because his dick will never get wet.

No. 278964

File: 1490670791395.gif (325.53 KB, 732x400, IMG_3483.GIF)

O hai you're back. Message me.

This is getting more and more funny by the minute.

No. 278965

Wut. Damn. I never knew I've suddenly grown a dick instead of the clit I've always had.

No. 278966


That's a yes, then. You're just shitposting and derailing.

Would you care to back up your words and link the post here where you were accused of doing this exact thing?

I look where you were spoken about here: >>>/snow/278047 …and we realized it was a shitpost segment from one of Joy's other minions here: >>>/snow/278132

Thanks to your shitposting, I will agree with this statement: >>>/snow/278095

I think you're trying to figure out who said shit, and Joy is still mad cause she got turned down. Kek, what a bunch of kiddies. She cries, gets turned down, a group of you shitpost, nothing, and now here you are trying to fish for details.

This is the funniest Joy tantrum yet.

No. 278967

Oh dear. Someone assumed your gender, such a special snowflake, please be offended by the fact they called the person who doxxed joy a man.

They weren't talking about you. Idiot

No. 278968

Our medical system is that way because it's run by capitalism & pharmaceutical companies have way too much power, they bribe/pressure doctors into prescribing X amount of their brand of medicine and can even call the pharmacy to make sure they follow thru…so doctors will often give a diagnosis that's a stretch sometimes (like depression) just so they can give out more of a certain pill (such as SSRIs). There are doctors that care about their patients instead of money or bribes and stick to their values but sometimes it takes a while to find one. This is why so many people turn to naturopaths & alternative medicine because they spend a lot of time listening to the patient but their remedies are either laughable or dangerous. This is why medical tourism is becoming a thing, people don't trust they can be reliably treated in this country.

No. 278970

The post being referenced was >>278957. Angel's being a little too specific.


No. 278973

That is completely fucked.

If that's how it was here in the UK every teen with tumblr would be diagnosed officially wirh BPD, bipolar, schizophrenia and gender dysphoria and whatever else teenagers in this day and age claim to have :S

No wonder there's so many Americans with a mess list of medical diagnosises that just don't make sense :s

No. 278975

Stop derailing the conversation.


No. 278976

Stop samefagging for attention you idiot we all know you're angel giving yourself abuse

No. 278977


What. I thought I was being sarcastic.

M'kay I'm confused. Apparently a lot has happened.

No. 278978

samefag detected.

No. 278979

Yeah a lot has happened and it's all a bit of a mess. It seems like this one person is getting really pissed off that I am here trolling the thread and it's fucking amusing to watch. Totally worth being up at this hour for.

No. 278980

Yes you're a samefag. Congratulations.

No. 278981

Samefag detected

No. 278982

By what, recapping a derailed thread? Try harder, k thx.
Shitposting confirmed. Its been fun but I think its time to put her out to pasture.

No. 278983

agree, this one is drying up fast and running out of things to say. zzzz.

No. 278984

You're a samefag, I'm a samefag, we're all samefags!

No. 278987

>every teen with tumblr would be diagnosed officially wirh BPD, bipolar, schizophrenia and gender dysphoria and whatever else teenagers in this day and age claim to have
>No wonder there's so many Americans with a mess list of medical diagnosises that just don't make sense

Yep, that's exactly what happens. The US medical system is a hypochondriac's dream come true….which is why we are very skeptical of people here who claim to have a disease just because they have a lot of nonspecific symptoms. It's in fashion to have a long list of things wrong with you…and some doctors are all too happy to oblige them the delusion because it means they get more kickbacks. When someone has a real chronic disease it's usually easy to tell, I believed you do right away….Joy has my haunches up.

No. 278988

WOOO GO SAMEFAGS. Let's all be samefags then we will never know who is who

No. 278990

Welp. That explains why Joy like Tarot cards. New age stuff seems to be connected with that.

No. 278991

Sigh, the American health system is disappointing. Like I said, I believed it straight away because of the states I've seen her in on Skype calls and because she showed me the medical evidence.

I can't really sit here saying I doubt her when I don't, but after all of that has been said, yes it's concerning to see how easy it is to get diagnosed with things over there.

On the other hand, I don't see why anyone would want to have a chronic illness, it's really not something anyone should want to have. It's potentially life ruining, which is why part of me can't bring myself to doubt her.

I mean shit, before I got sick I played guitar, but my hands have gotten way too sore for that. I used to horse ride, ice skate, rock climb, go walking, always be out with friends, I'd give anyhing to have that back.

Why someone would lie about an illness like fibromyalgia is beyond me, I really don't think joy would lie about it.

No. 278993

re: Joy's fans in here trying to 'defend' her

you're not making her look better by proxy. you're being right cunts because it's "funny." guess who else does that? Joy should know, she's made enough videos about him.

you don't sound tough. you're just annoying and encouraging more people to do even more digging into this woman. mission accomplished, shitstains.

No. 278994

Please continue to dig away. She has nothing to hide

No. 278995

And if clit cunt 278965 is who I think it is, no worries, you'll be a suicide by 28 you imbecilic piece of shit

No. 278996

That was a bit harsh, no?

No. 278997

Kekeke. My fucking sides. Who do you think I am? I just got here.

No. 278998

except for her name and life before onision.


No. 279001


Anyone can and will lie about everything, especially on the internet. Onision's fans also really don't think he is lying to them, but he is.

If you find yourself having to believe someone is what you need them to be, that says plenty. Some are outright bastards, and some manipulate with charm.

If you really believe that, you wouldn't be shitposting to spam so people won't see the information, and you wouldn't be fishing for information.

LETS HEAR IT FOR JOYS FANS! They're so sweet and wonderful and…….they're cancer.

I think they got triggered, bruh.


No. 279002

Life is harsh, this is fun, and if little miss clit girl is who I think then she should go feed worms. I'll even be nice and refrain from pissing on her grave.

No. 279003

Learn to reply or gtfo

>On the other hand, I don't see why anyone would want to have a chronic illness, it's really not something anyone should want to have. It's potentially life ruining, which is why part of me can't bring myself to doubt her.
It's called hypochondria which is an actual illness. It's a type of anxiety disorder where people stress about being sick or having a specific illness. They can have psychosomatic symptoms, which basically means she's so deeply stressed about a symptom that it causes it to become reality. I worded that terribly, I'm not a psychiatrist, but you can look for yourself. It's a real thing backed by medical science. All of her symptoms can be explained by anxiety. It makes a hell of a lot more sense than the unscientific IUD bull. I feel sorry for Joy. I don't believe she's faking it on purpose, she actually believes she has copper toxicity. Her fans, and people like you, are only enabling her illness. She needs to have an intervention or something but I don't know that she even has that many people in her real life.

No. 279004


Sigh Just say who I supposedly am. Instead of dancing around it like a sugar plum fairy.

No. 279005


Fuck it. Do you think I'm Joy? Or Angel?

No. 279006

279001 Joy can be nice, I don't have to. Your not manipulated by my charm? Damn, I guess you can fuck off like the rest of them then. And idiot, cancer is cancer, get some.

No. 279007

It's unfortunate that people do lie and can get away with it on the internet. It's a piss take, but at the same time, all the things that are just text and pictures could have been posted by anyone,
Not in this case I don't think it was, but in other cases people have beeen accused of lying and it's Been a case of someone setting them up or impersonating them, so please always keep an open mind when you see a blatantly fake story on the internet.

I know a girl it happened to. Someone was posting using her pictures claiming to have cancer. When the girl was confronted with it she had no fucking clue what was going on and people were accusing her of faking cancer.

No. 279008

>On the other hand, I don't see why anyone would want to have a chronic illness, it's really not something anyone should want to have.

You'd think so, but unfortunately, it's quite common for someone to fake an illness for attention especially on YouTube, lolcow is full of them. You see how she absolutely lights up when she's the center of attention?

I don't doubt she is having horrible diarrhea considering the sheer amount of vitamins she's taking. All her other symptoms she's had for much longer than than the IUD and she's been told repreatedly not only by medical professionals but also by some of her fans that what she has sounds exactly like panic disorder. She's dismissed this as possible in the past because she said she was also having fevers (it's not uncommon for someone to have a rise in body temp because they are stressed) and recently in a livestream because her resting heart rate is too low…I don't know why she thinks that excludes panic disorder because it doesn't.

No. 279009

learn to reply, kiddo.

No. 279010


With everything going on in here Joy knows she screwed up. Narcissist personality disorder much? She really IS as bad as Onision..listen to her responses. Its always the fault of the illness, or her tech, or the haters…everyone is always out to get her. Even her tumblrs show her talking bout paranoia. READ THE INFO.

No. 279011

Well considering I am Angel I don't know how you can be Angel. So you must be joy. And if you are joy you can confirm it by messaging me on Skype and letting me know, if anyone's pretending to be Joy I'm afraid I'm going to have to rip them a new asshole.

No. 279012

and she's built a little cult of true believers. its incredible how parallel she is to onion.

No. 279013

It's funny (and depressing) that she allegedly had narcissistic parents, too. Maybe I'm just unlucky, but every person I've met with narcissistic parents turned out to be narcissists themselves, just ones that blame everything on their parents. I don't think Joy is the exception here.

No. 279015


That would mean I'd know what your skype info is and what Joy's is.

Sigh Goddamn it. I'm Falseface (on Youtube).

No. 279016

Oh come on, get the fuck out. Just go away.

No. 279017

Oh no thank you, ladies first. Give it a whirl, let us know how it turns out.

Well what do you know..JOY is one of the shitposters. Kek.

And we have a third, Falseface. Way to reveal yourself, kek. Pretty bad when you try to shitpost and lose track of who is who.

BUT! They're not a cult everybody!

No. 279018

In my case with my body temperature being all fucky. I get random
Hot/cold sweats and it's only ever when my stomach flares up or I've got a migraine, how she has the energy to keep going despite shitting her guts out is beyond me, I mean when my stomach is on one i am sat on the toilet naked sweating like a blind lesbian in a fish market, it's a fucking horrible feeling and on days like that I won't upload anywhere, I won't Skype people, I won't do any of that because I feel too physically drained to deal with anyone

I am truly bewildered as to where she gets her energy from :/

No. 279019


With her/your issues it will happen, I'm sure you'll talk about it endlessly like you do about everything else before you do and no one will care, like the other issues you have, so not naming names. Outing you would out me and I'm not that stupid

No. 279021

How many YouNow streams is she unusually energetic for someone that can't move around? Manic, even. How many YouTube videos? Pull them up. Do a tally.

One of you already did. We also know Angel is shitposting and so is Joy. All the positive you idiots like to talk about is just an act, isn't it?

No. 279022

Okay If you're who I think you are drop me a message in private because you know who I am.

No. 279023


(Falseface here)

Siiigh This is why I don't like commenting.


This is all me.

No. 279026


Time for the admins to put the children to bed.

No. 279028

>I am truly bewildered as to where she gets her energy from

Because she's not sick the way you are. With her it's a mental issue…maybe she's overdosing herself with vitamins or maybe she's exaggerating about how much diarrhea she's having to get your sympathy & comradery.

No. 279030


Yeah, that's going to happen dumb ass

No. 279032


Fine. I'll take your advice. Good night. Returning to silence.

No. 279035

So what you're saying is joy is a compulsive liar and manipulating someone who's genuinely sick?

No. 279043

I'm gonna fuck off to bed mate it's 5am. Any posts from here claiming to be me are Not me,

And to the person pretending to be me. Nice try but you fucked up a bit.


-Angel ?

No. 279047

A narcissist compulsive liar that gets extra views from people that sympathize with her 'illness'. Add manipulative to the list, because if you're someone that's going through similar..YOU WANT her to succeed so bad it hurts. If she rises, you rise, and if she falls, so do you.Then you get so attached you just can't let go, and she owns you.The more she gets your sympathy likes..it gets her hits and more.

THAT is how she is using her fanbase. The more lies she tells, the more she has to twist things in order to keep up with the lies. The more she has to be in control. It is ALL there in her own videos, her own words. You're looking so much at the smiles and giggles that you can't see the fangs behind them. She really is a monster, just like Onision..maybe even worse.

Her 'cult' may have started off as some sort of a joke, but if you look at the actions her and her followers have pulled in here and the statements they have made, they've turned that joke into reality.

No. 279056

Thank you, very well said. Joy knows her "illness" is just panic attacks but that won't get her near as much attention as a serious chronic illness. She has tons of energy, can livestream for hours and uploads videos everyday yet can't work any kind of job? Bullshit. Don't think for a second she isn't doing YouTube as her job and wants to make it big so she's concentrating all her energy towards it, doing everything she learned in marketing to promote her channel. It works too see how fast her channel is growing? If you ever see a lull in subscribers I guarantee she will find a way to cause some sort of new drama to jumpstart it again.

No. 279059

That isn't going to last forever. Onision has done it for years, sure, but I can actually sit through his videos unlike Joy's which is fucking saying something because his videos are horrible. His content appeals to people though. Not just people but preteen girls, the most obsessive and dedicated people on the planet. Joy doesn't have that appeal. I don't see how she has any appeal at all. Her videos are so boring and directionless. Every single video has at least 2-3 minutes of rambling at the beginning before she gets to the topic. Who wants to sit through that? It's going to get old with her subscribers pretty quick, partly because a lot came from better channels that made videos defending her.

No. 279061

Blah blah in my opinion she blah blah cult blah blah. I read a book and blah blah. My mom says blah blah blah blah. Now if we look at the research of Dr. Blah blah blah, you'll see that blah blah blah. Those followers just blah blah blah and blah. I've never been with a woman but blah blah blah blah blah, so I know what I'm talking about blah. When she says blah I feel she means blah blah blah. One time I accidently touched a tit but blah blah. My mom was so mad blah blah blah. Look back at blah blah and you'll notice blah blah. Blah blah Onision blah blah.

No. 279062

If you see her streaming now, she was just shitposting and being vile, and her she is acting sweet for the camera. Look how peppy she is again!

No. 279064

Does she realize that when you lose your voice you really don't whisper that well?

No. 279067

Whispering for long periods hurts your throat. And when she livestreamed yesterday she got much louder when she was excited to the point where she sounded normal for a little while even though she started whispering just like she's doing now.

No. 279068

She says she lost her voice. I don't believe it. She's whispering about a great conspiracy, kek. Paranoid and shifty af.

No. 279069

Just listen to her bullshit. She's so scared of….advertisers? Advertisers pulling out? Its hard to hear because she's milking the voice loss. This is not a sick person. This is a person that is sick in the head.

No. 279071

Why even livestream if her voice is so bad?

No. 279073


Sympathy views. Look at me, i'm sick and helpless! Feel sorry for me, i'm being picked on by heartless people! Appeal to the gullible.

No. 279079

She was a voice teacher, she can make her voice sound however she wants it to.

No. 279090


Your right, it took her years of training to teach herself to whisper. How does she keep fooling us?

No. 279092

I wasn't referring to the whispering, rather that weird growly voice she was doing later after everyone complained they couldn't hear her.

No. 279095


I missed that part. Are you saying she's trained her voice so well that she can go from wispering, and if people tell her they can't hear her she can somehow raise the volume of her voice and it sounds growly? Was she able to make it crack or revert to a whisper once in a while, like someone with an actual voice issue?

No. 279097

She supposedly had this issue yesterday too, starting the broadcast whispering much like this one. However, she sounded completely normal after a while, getting especially loud when she was excited, like she forgot to keep doing it and then remembered and got quiet again.

No. 279099


Now wait just a damn minute. First I hear she's trained her voice to fake an injured voice and now your trying to say that she can pretend that as her voice warms up it can come back a little. I'm not buying it, she can't be that good. I don't care what kind of voice training you've had there is no way she could do that.

No. 279100

Unless you're Bruce Wayne.

No. 279101

God bless her. (And I mean that in the Southern way, not literally.)

No. 279103

It would be amazing if we had another chance to check her voice, just to test out how sneaky she can be. These powers of here are almost super natural.

No. 279105

>>279100 LOL Exactly, lots of actors can do just that.

No. 279108

I can't believe it. She was just on with someone I can't remember the name, it's on here somewhere but you are right about the voice. It's sounds 100% like an actual injured voice but that can't be possible. It's her training. I saw a guy in Vegas make a tiger fly one time so I know how this stuff works. I wish I could do that for work some time kek, the voice, not the tiger.

No. 279120


I don't mean to point out the obvious but Bruce Wayne was not an actor. Bruce Wayne is an American billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, and owner of Wayne Enterprises. He was played by many actors, the first of which was of course Lewis G Wilson in 1943. It's funny to compare him in this instance because one of the main complaints against his portrayal of Batman was his high pitched voice. He was followed in the roll by Robert Lowrey. His time in the bat suit was short lived though as he wanted to move onto more serious rolls. Next came William West Anderson, better known as Adam West. Adam West played Batman for several decades. After Mr. West was Michael Keaton. Michael Keaton starred in 1989s Batman and 1992s Batman Returns. For 1995s forgettable performance it was Val Kilmer in the Bat Cave, his first and last time in the city of Gotham. Now who could forget Bat Nipples? George Clooney couldn't in 1997s Batman and Robin. 2005 gave us Christian Bale in Batman Begins with many saying this being the best representation that Batman has ever had. He reprised his roll in 2008s The Dark Knight. Will Arnett of course supplied the voice of the Bat in 2013s The Lego movie and expect a stand alone Lego Batman movie sometime this year. This brings us to our current Capped Crusader, Ben Affleck for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. These are the actors who through the years have portrayed Batman. Can we say they have the voice training of Kati? Perhaps some have had some training but I doubt they would be able to hit either the range or pitch that her voice allows her to reach. Now, let's cover the hundreds of voice actors that have loaned their voices to the multitude of animated features of our favorite Super Hero, or shall I not?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 279122

Stop derailing.

No. 279123


He brought it up, if your going to bring up Batman, bring up Batman. If your going to bring up Bruce Wayne, being up Bruce Wayne. If your going to bring up actors don't bring up fictional characters played by them. Yes, some actors are trained in the vocal arts. None of the actors who portrayed the character Bruce Wayne were. Bringing up either them, him, or Batman is an invalid argument. If anything it's that individual who was trying to throw the conversation into a tailspin by bringing up the subject to begin with. If you can provide any source material proving that any of the actors that I named have had training in the classical arts I would like to see it, please provide it if you can. If you can't then don't try to deviate what I was saying.

No. 279124

I wonder why this has her so riled up. It's piqued my interest…

No. 279126


The Bruce Wayne thing? I know I'm pretty upset by it. It's a great story line but some of the actors they've chosen over the years are just so, I dunno, off somehow.

No. 279130

I'm not the kind of person who usually does this but holy shit anon

No. 279131


I didn't even realize I was doing that, thank you so much for your help. Let me practice and see if I've got it right. You're an asshole! That's so much better

No. 279136

Time to start banning the trolls. Shitposting just to derail.

Recap post.

No. 279144

I agree, people who post things like comparing actors to Kati without source material. People who's only contribution seems to be correcting others spelling errors. People who know absolutely nothing, and this party I find really hard to believe, about Batman history. How are we supposed to figure out the mystery of a girl without having knowledge of other things? Come on people, focus. Things to figure out, How did she do that whispering thing and then talking quietly with the voice cracking. I personally think it was an electronic effect. Another thing to figure out, how come she had ideas earlier in life and now they seem somewhat different. That's just weird, ideas never change as you get older and learn things. There's more, more mystery, more intrigue, more adventures ahead. We shall prevale! WE ARE SPARTA

No. 279151

Maybe we should start a new page, name it something they can't figure out. Maybe Oyja Arklespa, that would fool the hell out of them. We could use code words and signals, ideas?

No. 279154


Just ban them. Even snow has rules, and they'll rage without the ability to shitpost anymore.

No. 279158

You can report posts that are off topic & derailing the conversation. Shitposting, trolling, and samefagging are allowed but Joy posting in here covertly playing both sides to get herself attention is not. To report a post click on the box of the upper left corner and it will give you the option to report on the lower right, giving the reason you are reporting the post. Make sure you read the rules & usage info so you have a good idea what they will & will not delete.

No. 279174

You do realise admins will check the IP and figure out that none of us posting are joy, right? Then your assumption is going to make you look like even more of a retarded no life then you already are. Go cry to your mommy some more, kid.

No. 279178


Doesn't matter if it is or isn't Joy. You're still associates and you're still spamming the thread. If you're trying to 'defend' her, you're achieving the opposite and making her look crazier.

No. 279188


Every cow has idiot fans sperging out about them, just report the posts and enjoy the mental retardation

No. 279191

You're wasting your time reporting them they're not technically breaking any rules unfortunately

No. 279193


Derailing is against the rules though.

No. 279231

not true at all.

No. 279255

This is starting to feel like a Princess Luna of Invitea on crack negative self publicity campaign, I wouldn't be surprised if we get a Keekweek style exposé after mods let the cream rise to the top.

No. 279268

i doubt it since the person posting the shit they're saying to derail isnt the person they're saying they are. that or theyre denying all knowledge of lolcows existence publicly

No. 279296


Not trying to derail, but that's just funny

No. 279318

I'm I reading this right? I'm one of you. I am trying to help. Just because I may go off on tangents once in a while is no reason to try to ostracize me from the group. Someone brought up Bruce Wayne, and I'm sorry if my passion for the Bat got the better of me. I know allot about Batman. Is this a reason to draw and quarter me? Should a person be sent out into the Badlands just because he wanted to make sure the distinction between JoySparkleBS and the infamous Batman wasn't in any way misconstrued? How do I make amends? What must I do to prove myself to the group? Please, please don't hate me. I'm begging. I'm just… Trying

No. 279322

Your autism is showing

No. 279330


Did you know that on March 27, 2014, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released new data on the prevalence of autism in the United States. This surveillance study identified 1 in 68 children, 1 in 42 boys and 1 in 189 girls, as having autism spectrum disorder. Autism is a fascinating condition. Here is not the place to bring it up though, if you do it again the group will get upset and will want to report you. I know this from personal experience. Did you not just read what happened above? Learn from my mistakes, please. Try to do better in the future. It's ok everyone, I got this one.

No. 279332

this thread is literally the biggest shit string of cancer on the boards.

how have mods not gotten involved?? people are passing over the fact shes been "doxxed" if you can even call it that bc retards are clogging up the thread, oh my god, it's actually poisonous.

i felt bad for joy when i saw that she used to be attractive and talented and seemed to be raised by a shit family in a stupid religion. but this shit of acting tougher and more vulgar than she is, acting like she knows more than she does, and the bullshit she's perpetrating on this thread while up on her high horse pretending to laugh about it????

this retard has a whole new place of hatred in my brain and my god tbh i'm not going to let this go

No. 279336

admin-sama please take out the trash. this thread now reeks of self posting, samefagging and derailing galore by "friends" of the thread's subject. thank you.

No. 279338

Is retardation really the term we are using?
“Intellectual disability” (previously known as mental retardation) means that an individual mentally develops at a below-average rate. These people can have learning difficulties and trouble socially adjusting. Intellectual disability (sometimes called “cognitive disability”) is not a disease or a contagious condition. You can challenge your friends to reduce stigma around disability. Sign up for We Are Able. This type of disability (which differs from person to person) can be caused by any condition which impairs development of the brain before or during birth or in early childhood. More than 250 causes of intellectual disability have been discovered.
In the US, roughly 4.6 million people are identified as having an intellectual disability.
One known cause of mental disability is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) and is totally preventable. Children with cognitive disabilities may develop slower than other children in terms of speaking, walking, and taking care of themselves (showering, eating, dressing). About 25% of cases of mental disability are caused by a genetic disorder.
A BBC poll conducted in the UK concluded that “retarded” was the most offensive disability-related word. The majority of individuals affected by these disabilities show only mild symptoms and, with the right support, can greatly improve, learn, and develop.
92% of adults with mental disability live independently or with family members, while 8% live in an institution or group home.
In about 25 to 33% of children born with mental disability, the cause is unknown.
So I don't think we are using the right terms.

No. 279345

We might as well move this thread to /sty/ at this point. Unironically kill yourself.

No. 279346

I think it's max 2 people samefagging. Maybe even Joy contributing, because some posts' level of being 'so random xD' seems very much like her.

I'm suprised no one has been put out to pasture yet. launching Bat-Signal

No. 279351

amplifying bat signal this shit is gonna be bulldozed to sty even though it had some quality potential, sigh. seriously is there anything that can be done about this?
this shit wasn't even this bad with kooter

No. 279352

Here's the problem. You think you're "trolling" us and rustling our jimmies, but you're backfiring. All you're doing is making Joy look even more batshit insane than before, and turning people against her that may have been on the fence. Excellent work, geniuses.

Here's why Joy's minions are mad/ Recap:

No. 279354

Rules are rules guys. You bring up a subject, comment on that subject or state a viewpoint on said subject and I am allowed to refute said statements. It's not my fault that some responses are long and hard reads. Your allowed to have your ideas and that's the great thing about lolcow, I am too, so guess what? We get to live together like roommates from hell. If we don't agree that's fine. I've read the rules, I understand the game, let's play

No. 279358

kek at newfags telling us how lolcow is run. tell that to the many people who tried exactly what's happening here who are now banned.

No. 279360


See that's where your wrong, I'm just someone with allot of time on my hand who likes to talk to people, and I can talk, allot. On many subjects. I can go on and on. It will make me look like a loon but that's fine, I don't care what any of you think of me, you don't matter in my life. Joy is someone I see on YouTube, she's not some omnipotent God controlling my fingers here.

No. 279362

No, that's not how it works. You have to stay ON TOPIC, this thread is about Joy not batman, autism, or retardation. You can disagree all you like IF you stick to the subject of the thread but that's not what you are doing.

No. 279364

don't feed the trolls, honestly guys it's time to s t o p
let's just do our thing while ignoring them until they get banned.

No. 279366

excellent idea.

No. 279367


If you'd read a little closer you could see that I am doing exactly that. Might not be in a way you like but I've responded to others ideas and comments in this conversation moving it forward. I'm actually quite helpful. How many of you would have known who the first Batman was if that OTHER poster hadn't brought up Batman

No. 279370

I want to find those marmite commercials she's in assuming they exist. Anon who posted about that should come back.

>See that's where your wrong
>I don't care what any of you think of me

This might be Joy based on the illiteracy alone.

No. 279371

I think Joy and her fans found this by the Onision thread when people push her posts out. Worst part is Onision isn't this bad with his weird fans. Her videos suggest she reads that thread and 50+ videos in a 3-4 month period with the other day making 3 on him plus 1 live stream is a bit insane. We get it you got a lot to say but this borderlines obsession. Then again I think that line has been crossed.

No. 279380

>I want to find those marmite commercials she's in assuming they exist. Anon who posted about that should come back.

This was in the first thread? I didn't see that post.

No. 279381

What the hell is marmite?

No. 279382

Not much to go off. I'm American so I've never seen any marmite commercials.

Marmite is a yeast spread. You put it on toast.

No. 279386

Catching up on this thread is a nightmare. I've reported all the obvious derailing posts, but man that was so annoying trying to sort through disgruntled Joy-fan maniacs spewing random facts. The good thing is it only made me more determined to sort through for the real milk.

But seriously WHAT does it take to get admin action in here??

No. 279387

>Her videos suggest she reads that thread

I think she reads the Onision thread too just for any new milk she can report on, otherwise she'd have to obsessively watch all his channels and read his forum (not ruling that out.) We know for sure she's been reading her thread for quite some time.

Marmite is an incredibly salty spread commonly eaten by Australians and the British. It's an acquired taste, it has a notorious reputation for tasting nasty.

No. 279388


If only some form of technology existed that would allow someone to record videos and save them. It probably sucks for her to have to make all of her videos on the same day and release them that day. Million dollar idea: Some form of magnetic drive that could somehow record and hold information until it's ready to be used and released. I'm going to make bank.

No. 279390

I think I'll take a pass on the marmite, sounds disgusting kek

No. 279391

She makes usually releases videos everyday and does a livestream several times a week, at some point she would have had to do multiple videos in one day.

No. 279396

Well if an admin checked to see if the videos her stuff posted in that thread are similar to ips in the last two might help. Thing is most of her only topics where she gains attention is mostly based on Onision.

I think in reality some of symptoms might be from OD on vitamins and some of them from the drops of peroxide someone in the last thread said she took.

Same people who defend her at one time maybe defended Onision when they were his fan. You can fall for the same trick twice if you aren't looking. Just packaged differently.

No. 279406


I'm not a YouTuber, you tuber? Whatever. So I wouldn't know. But I would assume that anyone trying to make living on YouTube would work at it daily. I put in 8 hours a day and an hour each way to and from work so it doesn't seem that odd that someone trying to work at home would put some time into it. I don't always agree with her topics, Onision is a dead horse with whip marks a plenty, just look at the guy. If that's not external pressures getting to him he's going through the youngest midlife crises I've ever seen.

No. 279412

>drops of peroxide someone in the last thread said she took.

I don't think she takes it now. That post was in reference to a radio show she called into in 2013 to talk about hydrogen peroxide "oxygen therapy." She said she just started taking it the day before and it fixed her chest pain in 1 hour.

Paradigm Shift Radio 78 - Conscious Community Call In Spectacular
(Click 7 Kati Benefits of Oxygen Therapy)

No. 279415

>She said she just started taking it the day before and it fixed her chest pain in 1 hour.

Yeah she definitely just has anxiety. Get some therapy Joy. And go back to school.

No. 279419

Yes, Youtube is the only thing she's doing for work and concentrates all her effort on it…which is fine and all except she says she has a debilitating illness that prevents her from holding a job. It's hard to believe that someone who puts so much effort into a YouTube channel couldn't do some sort of computer job instead if she chose to. Like I said it's fine to do YouTube as a job if that's what you want but she was claiming her illness is so severe that it prevents her from leaving the house or doing normal activities.

No. 279420

>But seriously WHAT does it take to get admin action in here??
Are they in Australia or someplace where it's currently the middle of the night?

No. 279423

>And go back to school
Before she deleted her LinkedIn page I saw that she attended college and I could have sworn she finished a degree in some sort of music-related thing but I could be remembering wrong. I'm really not sure, I only skimmed through her resume once.

No. 279434

I doubt it. They just haven't cared to moderate Joy's threads very much. We had similar problems last thread. Moderation has been pretty lax since Admin-sama left.

That's really disappointing. She's apparently a capable person, and at times she seems intelligent, but she honestly thought drinking hydrogen peroxide was curing her problems. You have to be an ape to drink hydrogen peroxide in the first place. I wonder if she used drugs and caused brain damage which made her stupid and crazy. Maybe she had an accident that cut off oxygen to her brain or something. I don't want to believe people are born this stupid.

No. 279442


I had a relative that sick before though. Took something like a year of rehab, not being able to do anything but stay in bed. I don't know what she had but she was sick as hell. Maybe she's getting better? Hell I haven't watched enough of her videos to know that much about her. I've heard of the hydrogen peroxide thing before, I'm also pretty clueless on that, I need to do some reading before I comment on that part.

No. 279452

I reported posts yesterday, probably about 16 hours ago so the reports were there during the day, however, they might have some backlog to work through first.

No. 279458

She mentioned her new age beliefs, indigo children and making a documentary in her livestream with takedownman but she was trying to frame it in the best light possible so she failed to mentioned she thought she was an indigo child with angel channeling abilities

No. 279460

What the fuck is she doing with her voice in the new video?

No. 279462

oh god. takedownman is one of the biggest frauds on youtube. of COURSE she'd give him the time of day. like attracts like.

No. 279463

She says she lost her voice on Sunday.

No. 279467

Of everything you could lie about, why this? I'm baffled. She's not even trying to make it believable.

I forgot about takedownman. What a weird combination. Makes sense I guess.

No. 279470

I think she realized she wasn't pulling it off well because she did a much better job in her livestream yesterday. She whispered for half until people complained they couldn't hear her so she did a deep man voice the rest of it.

No. 279476

I'm amazed by it too, the first person in history who's ever stressed out her voice. I think I saw an infomercial once on how to change your voice like that, but I may be mistaken.

No. 279493

Guys, she JUST put out a video about storms in Australia. This brings up a whole new set of issues. How is she controlling the weather on the other side of the planet? Why does her voice sound like it's getting better? What the hell does she think she's doing by being nice and bringing attention to a storm that she clearly created just to be the center of. This has got to stop, next thing you know she's going to bake someone a cake, and that's where I put my foot down. NO CAKE!

No. 279494

It's very easy to pretend your voice is hoarse/"gone" like that, so I don't know why anons are treating it like some impossible feat. I can do it as well. It's relatively easy, honestly.

No. 279519


She has a Bachelor of Arts in Music, IIRC.

>> 279494

Because they've never heard anyone whisper or do an impression of Froggy from Little Rascals, apparently. :D

No. 279521


That has already been brought up about her Bachelor of Arts, but thanks for the input.

No. 279534

>every single time I have asked her for evidence to counter the things people come out with, she's shown me straight away no questions asked.
>I have seen her official medical diagnosis of fibromyalgia

Not saying I take this girl at her word but it's incredibly easy for anyone with a computer and printer to type up a paper showing an "official" diagnosis with their insurance and doctor's name. In fact, you can probably find a template online to help you make it look very professional & official looking.

No. 279569

Jesus fucking christ this is pathetic.

No. 279574

What's with the Angel girl? At least give us some fresh milk.

No. 279596

There's no milk on Angel, she's never actually posted on lolcow someone's been pretending to be her and as a result someone has doxxed her

No. 279599

Lunatic, vulgar joyfan. Gonna laugh when her and Joy butt heads. This is becoming Narcissist Death Match.

Another joy fan. Can you lie a little less obvious? We only have..the entire yesterday. Her and several others. You Joy fans really want to believe those lies. (They even outed THEMSELVES..how stupid can you be..)

No. 279601

Some Anon told Angel they couldn't wait till she got her own lolcow thread and apparently someone made one…stupid because other than being Joy's obnoxious disabled friend she's fucking boring. No one here cares about her.

No. 279602

Could not agree more. She's literally just a disabled kid who plays runescape. She's boring as fuck.

No. 279603

I think the person behind the thread on Angel is the person who was saying they couldn't wait for the thread to be made

No. 279607

She's psychotic, but I agree on boring. She wanted the attention, not surprised that she got it. A few found her antics funny, and she wouldn't shut up. This is the internet…it is stupid to shittalk and shitpost and act like nothing will happen.

If you're looking to fish, get a rod and find a pier.

No. 279613

that's the thing though, the admins are currently trying to confirm it wasn't her posting here, she's been in the discord today and spoken to them because someone's been impersonating her using the fact she is close to joy to ruin their friendship

No. 279614

joy definitely lurks on here/was posting last night she's on younow and went "well sometimes i have two different long pause tones come out of me, here come the conspiracy theories"

No. 279615

I bet money it was joy posing as Angel

No. 279616

She was literally screeching and called it a "hidden talent."

No. 279618

I saw that. She's fucking ridiculous

No. 279619


I've found our Batman Anon, it's someone on YouNow with the screen name of KinaAxian. Her followers are so stupid.

No. 279646

I'd laugh if it was true. There's something suspicious. Joy tried to get the IPs and failed. Then the spam. Then we had several people in here, at least one that outed themselves. (Falseface) And now ANGEL is asking for IPs..but for herself…"she" was so full of herself last night..and now this. If they confirm it was her…she's in trouble.

If its confirmed its not and its impersonation…The Joy Cult is going to meltdown. If it IS Joy…

No. 279661

Joy's livestream is a fucking train wreck.

No. 279674

Well i am actually feeling bad for Angel, I hope it is Joy or one of her little cult members posing as her then she will see exactly what joy is like and get as far away from that psycho as possible.
Angel is being accused and is guilty by association because of someone saying that they're her, which is fucked up on so many levels.

No. 279701

Sure, Angel.

No. 279703

Believe what you want. I'm not Angel.

No. 279716

Who it is doesn't even matter anymore.
If it's angel: meltdown.
If its not angel: Cult meltdown. Butthurt fans spill everything.
If its joy: Kek, major meltdown.
If its joy and angel doing some kind of setup to have something to go nuts about: Internal meltdown.

Get your popcorn ready!

No. 279751

update: as of 12:24AM EST, the great Joy Sparkler Bumblebutt is making continuous rape jokes on her YouNow with her guest even though she would definitely be the first to berate anyone who isn't in her posse to do the same.

No. 279754

repeating yourself? hmm >>279524
>she's just a really boring girl, guys. no milk.

No. 279760


What's worse is all her followers watching, laughing right along with her pretending to have a good time not even understanding what they are actually watching. They have no idea they are being indoctrinated, led by the nose like sheep to the slaughter, it's disgusting to watch the power she holds over those people.

No. 279765

What all has she said pubically about being doxxed though? Not gonna sit through all her talking just to hear it, if anything at all.

P.s. 2 joy threads raided by rabid children, out of the 2 that exist. Says a lot.

No. 279770

I'm sorryt that I ddin't grab screencaps on my way out. Also this may seem to be off-topic but give me a second.
I've seen this Angel bitch go berserk-batshi crazy on people. This is releveant because JOY FUCKING GNORES IT OR PRETENDS ITS ALL ONE BIG JOKE! You can'y pretend you represent peavce and love, then let shit like that slide! The fact they're still buddies is proof that Joy is full of shit. If any of ehr former fans have screencaps of chat, please post them.

No. 279778

Joy guesting on AzureDakota's younow (1-2 hours ago):

> "hey bitch hey"

> "pretty brown mother fucker" referring to Rubasworld, that nice hint of MO racism bleeding out
> Joy asking ppl to harass her, sry got distracted by staring at my wall and don't remember whether she was referring to being doxxed or wanting Rubasworld to be sexual with her
> Azure Dakota looks somewhere between 12 and 16 (and has her new super cute bird, i love birds)
> Azure claims she's 17, Kati says she's 32, speaking of creepy age gaps
> cute cat in Azure's bg holy crap

going deeper down the rabbit hole brb
on Rubasworld younow (two hours ago):

> "look at my white trash little turd" about her hair

> crap ass ghetto white girl accent, you know the one
> "here i am whitchu booboo"
> Rubas worked w the O Network or something and does music, Joy's dick is auto-hard for the fame
> starts licking his asshole with her words
> i'm over this, let's move on

on Joy's younow (four hours ago):

> Connor Hiatt told her to seek out an exorcism, probs joking, but turned into a discussion about Kati being the Messiah + "i want you to let me rape you in the butt"

> pretending to not be able to sing at one point by making weird pteradactyl screeching noises; i'm just saying that when u sick but u a singer u use your fucking head voice, and she's a trained singer so i know she knows that, so she can miss me with this fake ass Mariah Carey on a terrible day bullshit
> she has a clip on her nose? she's fucking nuts

all-in-all, avoiding the topic of being doxxed i think

No. 279787

Thanks anon.

No. 279824


If she had any intelligence at all the only thing she should talk about is being doxxed. This is serious and she damn well better start taking it as such. I missed the broadcast you're talking about and it sounds like such a trainwreck that I can hardly follow your description but she needs to stop. Was she really acting like a dinosaur? Who does that?

No. 279835

Could it have been as bad as the hour and a half long livestream of her laughing her ass off at queefing?

No. 279839

>Joy is a wonderful human being, who to me is harmless for the most part
>I don't see you shit talking Jehovah's witnesses
Obviously you haven't read the thread, otherwise you wouldn't be spouting shit that's already been addressed and refuted. If you're here to mindlessly suck Joy's cock because "she's such a great person", which is what it looks like, you're in the wrong place.

No. 279847

She hasn't mentioned the doxing directly but she has alluded to the information released such as having New Age beliefs like in indigo children and even wanted to make a documentary about it but when we said she was being vague in order to make it sound more normal she clarified saying she although she wasn't raised this way, she was convinced she was an indigo child herself for 2-3 years when she was in the "I think I know everything" phase teens go thru (she was in her early 20s) but then eventually came to her senses & realized it was "horsehit" she used to make herself feel superior over others. It's fine that she changed her mind for the most part but she does still believe in the supernatural. She has called several people "empaths" including a "medical empath" (humans have empathy and intuition, some just might be more observant than others, nothing supernatural about it) and has praised the accuracy of her tarot card readings (which sounded like generalized platitudes, stuff the girl already knew about Joy, and what Joy just wanted to hear.) She also says she believes in aliens (so do I due to the sheer size of the universe but do not think they are visiting earth in spaceships for that same reason) and has claimed to have seen UFOs (to be fair she says she can't identify what she saw so can't say for sure it's aliens or not) She also says she does meditation and at one point thought she saw past lives of hers but also thinks the medititation can heal illnesses (must be doing it wrong because she's been sick for many years.) She also believes in alternative medicine as she thinks a naturopath "saved her life" (panic attacks are not fatal, but this naturopath's treatment of "high-powered" vitamins might actually be doing her harm, it has given her chronic diarrhea.)

If she mentions the doxing directly it only brings more attention to it & gives more people access to her doxed info. Right now it's only people that have been to lolcow that have her full name & location. I thinks she's hoping it will stay that way but I can guarantee it will eventually become common knowledge to her fans & anyone who does a google search for it.

No. 279875

It's been established that Joy's fans = Onision's fans

No. 279885

>she attended college and I could have sworn she finished a degree in some sort of music
That college must've taught her to channel angels through her singing too. kek

No. 279938

File: 1490794652283.png (125.55 KB, 640x1073, IMG_3543.PNG)

1/3 joy has admitted to pretending to be angel I had these screenshots sent to me via twitter someone who knows her has asked her and the result.. well im laughing at it

No. 279939

File: 1490794687527.png (137.94 KB, 640x1082, IMG_3544.PNG)


No. 279940

File: 1490794809174.png (121.65 KB, 640x1097, IMG_3545.PNG)

It took her a few minutes to reply to the last one because she figured she's been caught she begged the person who caught her to keep it quiet but they have said they don't think it would be reasonable to do so since her actions have resulted in quite severe consequences and they're about to get worse for her

No. 279952

What the fuuuck.

Too fucking late, Joy. I (Falseface) know what you did now. You're in so much shit.

No. 279954

She's fucked in the head dude. I thought she was scum but not scum enough to fucking pretend to be her disabled "friend" and give herself shit online

No. 279974

How many people has she thrown under the bus? List

No. 279977

The Greg similarities just keep piling up. If this is true, its sickening. Kati needs a long, long break from the internet.

No. 279978

I have actually lost count of how many people she's done shit to

I can believe it, anyone who she's spoken to will be able to confirm she is renowned for begging people to keep things between them. Looks like this time it's backfired, and I honestly don't blame the person for exposing her for what she's pulled

No. 279979


Yeah, you either faked those or your "friend who knows her" faked it. Both correspondants type the same way and Joy/Kati makes a shit ton of spelling mistakes in all of her discussions (twitter, her DMs, comments and even on her blog that has been linked previously).

Please try to be more of a sKepT1k next time.
Still likely she did pretend to be Angel though, but those messages? Yeahhhh, pretty sure they're fake.

No. 279980

There's something called auto correct on a phone.

No. 279982


There's autocorrect on browsers too. Doesn't change the fact that the typing style is drastically different from hers. You'd need to bring forward some sort of proof that it ACTUALLY is her responding, and then I'd get off this case.

No. 279983

Actually, I don't need proof, evidence would suffice.

No. 279989

joy admitted it in a group chat

No. 279990

No. 280010

Queef and Desist‏ @JoySparkleBS
Sucks bc I enjoy helping others and the like, but I will do it to my detriment if I am not careful. But STILL charities on my mind!

Queef and Desist‏ @JoySparkleBS
sigh I am trying to do too much for other people. Its a HUGE weakness. Have to continue to reign back in my energy and focus.


No. 280011


Caps? Post? Anything? Please?

No. 280044

Well joys pretending to be Angel has had people outing Angel as a munchie cow if anyone's the munchie here it's joy

No. 280099

This is damage control for any of her fans who decide to come read this thread. She needs to frame what we found in a way that's excusable, concentrating on "Oh I used to have kooky beliefs but I'm fine now guys, lots of people believe in the supernatural so everything's cool, right?" but says nothing about how we found she's had these exact same "fatal" health issues that are definitely not panic attacks for more than a decade but always has a different highly far-fetched explanation for what is going on….because she's just mistaken right? She's not trying to use her "chronic illness" for sympathy and attention at all, that's why she doesn't mention some health issue in every conversation. She's not using her illness in a manipulative way at all….because asking for money or donations is all a deceptive person would do and since she refuses those all the time there isn't anything she's gaining from it, right???

Her story surrounding her illness always makes sense, right? It doesn't change nor does she add or subtract diseases from a long list that just so happen to be currently fashionable. When she first talks about her illness in her early videos those long pauses to collect herself when the pain is just too much to handle are totally real and we see her do it other times right? no?

And IUD copper toxicity is totally a thing because a naturopath said so, fuck the scientific study that says it's not because copper can magically rust now. Haven't you seen how the Statue of Liberty is rust colored? …she's green you say? …and copper holds up to the elements well because that patina is waterproof? Huh, no that has to be wrong because a few people with no medical or scientific education said copper toxicity from an IUD is totally real.

No. 280106

Hi guys, how is everyone today? Roommate from Hell here. Those screenshots are fake. I am friends with both Kati and Angel and have spoken with them AS things were going on in here. Joy has never pretended to be Angel and as others have pointed out, that wasn't even close to how either of their chats look. Just keeping the conversation moving forward and on subject, have a super day.

No. 280107

Oh, now the roommate is posting? This sounds like a distraction. More damage control.

No. 280108

Hey guys. Joy's cat here. Guy who said he is room mate isn't room mate. Room mate is busy cleaning my vomit out of his shoe right now. Heh heh heh. Wait til he sees what I left in his bed.

No. 280109


Oh? This shit is juicy.

No. 280110


Not her roommate dumbass, read back, I'm YOUR roommate from Hell playing your game by your rules talking about your conversation and not derailing you one little bit. Why? Are you feeling derailed?

No. 280112

We knew they were fake as soon as they were posted, dumbass. Run along now.

No. 280115


Please don't try to change the subject to running

No. 280118

More believeable than the guy that wants his privacy, never shows up on camera suddenly making his appearance in here.

Doubt you're my room mate, kek. PAY YOUR RENT.

Recapping for newcomers.

No. 280121


When I was reading the rules of lolcow I didn't see anything about rent. Are there any fees that are due with using this site? Did I miss something? Your help to a new user would be appreciated and thank YOU for bringing up rental fees.

No. 280132

It's one of the shit posters from last night, just ignore and move along

No. 280145


Not one thing I posted last night was shit. It was on topic, informative, and kept the conversation moving forward. We all learned more about JoySparkleBS/Kati but more importantly I'd like to think we learned a little about ourselves. I think this whole thing can be used as a tool to help us bond as a cohesive unit and improve conditions for all of us. Ignored me if you must, but I think we can all become better cows, producing better milk and in the end, better butter. Thank you.

No. 280149

the ghost video she just put out seems really out of sync with her usual style of video (length-wise). She says that she has experienced sleep paralysis but then goes on to describe this experience where she woke up and saw a ghost running at her with a knife & screaming…and says she's not sure if it was a real ghost or not….

No. 280152

File: 1490822289754.png (122.83 KB, 1102x685, IMG_1731.PNG)

random comment on newest video not sure whether to KEK or barf

No. 280164

Youtube comments are a special kind of cancer. The 5 likes are great.

No. 280168

She admitted she saw this when she was in the state between sleep & waking and knows about sleep paralysis (which can make you hallucinate some crazy shit while feeling awake) but still wants to leave the open the possibility what she saw could have been a ghost. She also says going with the most logical & rational explanation is an "extreme" stance. I've experienced sleep paralysis hallucinations myself and they are just as she is describing, a kind of white see-thru figure that may have drippy or deformed facial features and quickly dissipates….classic sleep paralysis. You have to ask yourself what's more likely, was your brain playing a trick on you in a way that's well documented & extremely common or did you have the incredibly rare opportunity to have an actual ghost demon play chicken with your face for no apparent reason then disappear never to be seen again?

No. 280169

The comment contradicts itself, how is someone who "swears like a trucker" also a "lady in the streets"…unless you are referring to a prostitute? That's not typically what's meant by that expression.

No. 280173


Joy's future job prospects after the illness gimmick wears thin.

No. 280189

It seems as though there is no fresh milk. Will Joy get away with it? Is Angel really Angel? Stay tuned…

No. 280197

No matter what there is going to be a meltdown. I think Joy doesn't really care either way. If one or two fans leave, she still has the rest of the fan club to sucker over. Then she'll demonize any defectors to maintain her appearances.

No. 280214

Joy is pretending to be Angel. Confirmed.

No. 280215

How was this confirmed? Did the Admins verify the IP?

No. 280239

There's nothing to confirm yet

No. 280251

Don't post this shit without proof.

No. 280271


I am officially confirming that I am me, no proof needed because I am admitting it.

No. 280301

Regarding Joy's health problems, I want to play devil's advocate here for a sec. A lot of them (actually, ALL of them) are characteristic of lupus and similar autoimmune diseases. Autoimmune diseases can sometimes go undiagnosed for decades despite someone's every effort to get help, since a lot of doctors write the issues off as anxiety and never look further.

Bowel/bladder problems, dizziness and vertigo, fatigue, muscle and joint pain, anxiety, memory problems and even erratic behaviour are characteristic of SLE. Even odd fascinations with religion or new age type ideologies aren't uncommon if it's wrecking havoc on the central nervous system.

I agree that she can sometimes act strange and her behaviour changes frequently, but I'm unwilling to concede that she's just a nutjob or that there's nothing wrong with her. At the very least, she has one hell of a crippling anxiety disorder, but I somewhat doubt that's all, since that's the most obvious answer and I'm sure treatment for that has already been attempted. If that's all it is, she'd be feeling better by now in my humble opinion.

No. 280307

File: 1490835489149.png (135.07 KB, 633x1094, fake.png)

If you are referring to the shitty screenshots >>279938 >>279939 >>279940
they don't confirm jack shit. Those are easily faked in photoshop or with an app, there are tons of apps available to fake text conversations. It took me 5 min to download an app and make a similar looking chat myself…it doesn't confirm shit. I'm all for laughing at Kati's bullshit but I want real proof this actually happened.

No. 280311

Pathological lying and faking things like voice issues. (That livestream…so fake)…cannot be explained by what you are saying. That is closer to narcissistic personality disorder than anxiety, lupus, or an autoimmune disorder. You can tell she has some knowledge what she is doing is wrong. Lies ontop of lies.

No. 280337

It's legit. I've spoken to Joy on Skype tonight. She's said she didn't want to pretend to be Angel but felt she had no choice but to do so because she was feeling insecure about being doxxed and needed a distraction while she tried to get rid of whatever she could off the internet

No. 280339

File: 1490837349211.png (106.68 KB, 640x1097, IMG_3557.PNG)

She's pissed, joy lurking. Confirmed.

No. 280340

And we should believe the random stranger with no proof why?

No. 280343

Proof, please.

No. 280344

Since the other anon doesn't seem to be here:


No. 280346

Holy guacamole. I took a few days off from reading and all this comes to light.

I knew she was cray.

No. 280349

And who are you? If this is as true as you claim, then she's already pissed at you and you have nothing to lose leaking your identity.

While you're at it, you can be a good little songbird and sing sweet milk for us. Put up or shut up. Twitter stuff, chat stuff, email stuff, everything. If what you're saying is right, then you have plenty to share and nothing to lose.

No. 280354

>>280349 I can give you milk but I wish to remain anonymous. I've got plenty of milk to spill. You're going to have to wait 'til tomorrow though it's 5 in the morning where I am. Alas, I must sleep.

No. 280355


I've just spoken to Joy on Skype too and she says nuh huh, your a lier. See how easy that was? She also knows that everything is already out and now people on here are just rehashing old information and talking about her voice and younow broadcasts. Whatever damage there was to be done has been done. Now you guys are just gossiping amongst yourselves. Have fun.

No. 280360

Don't be so sure… :) That was just the start.

No. 280366


If you have plenty of milk to spill, you just announced it public on lolcow. The thread we know Joy is watching and her cultists have tried to derail. You would be a huge liability to her and an immediate target. Fuck your anonymous status. There is nothing to tell me that your 'milk' isn't another distraction, misinformation, or a false flag run.

We also call attention to that what people are saying about her is being proven right. The ones that come in to defend her that aren't lost in lala land can see for themselves.

No. 280370

>>280311 Yes, it's the lies that are an issue, plus…

I'm willing to admit there's something wrong with her even if it's just severe panic attacks. Anxiety disorder & panic attacks can be difficult to manage properly, SSRIs are hit or miss and benzos work better but are highly addictive. Sometimes there's not a good solution. Also, she tends to deny anxiety could be the cause of her symptoms for little insignificant reasons like a fever or having a low resting heart rate, neither of which would exclude it. She seems to want it to be something much more serious. Even if it is something else, being mistaken about her diagnosis isn't really a problem, if that's all it was I'd let it pass. It's more the way she over exaggerates what's going on into "I almost died" with her "near" heart attacks, "almost" collapses and "oncoming" seizures that never actually happen. The dramatic pauses to collect herself we saw in the videos where she talked about her illness but never did again. The manipulative way she uses her illness to get attention & sympathy so she feels special. Turning the Joysus cult thing from a running joke into something that's actually starting to resemble a cult which is especially worrying considering so many of her audience are easily led, young, impressionable kids who often have some sort of mental or physical ailment. We've also seen how self-absorbed and ego-driven she's become since her channel blew up so quickly, there seems to a personality change from the first few videos where she has good rational counter-arguments. We know she obsessively reads and worries over the contents of this thread daily, she's constantly mentioning something in her videos or livestreams that was only brought up here. I'm sure there's more milk on her besides what I listed, this is just what bothers me the most, the main thing being the manipulation and lies.

No. 280372

She's already sending them to do her dirty work, too. How many of her guests are underage or close? Or special needs? Or having some sort of health issue that can be called projection? The scary part here is that this is deliberate manipulation. She knows what she is doing.

I worry that at some point someone is really going to get hurt or killed either because they found her out for what she is or because of any other twisted sister stuff shes doing we dont know about yet.

No. 280392


I have noticed that allot on here. There have been countless times she says something in one of those so called "videos" she makes and the next thing you know it's milk. There has to be a connection. Her followers don't seem to be able or willing to wake up. They watch her on younow talking about whatever and they make me want to throw up because they just laugh right along with her. They have no idea they are going to wake up in a jungle in Gianna one day drinking Kool-Aid. Those fools.

No. 280421

According to her YouNow, Kati is supposedly 'leaving to get medical treatment.' That she got an offer she is considering. Is it me or is this really suspicious given the timing?

No. 280425

Note once again how peppy and lively and healthy she is in front of the camera. SUCH A MIRACLE that a nearly wiped out voice is perfect health so quickly. Not even a scratch. What a fake.

No. 280431

That's 100% damage control. We brought up how a diagnosis from a naturopath means fuck all and how IUD copper poisoning isn't real. She's also seeing she's losing fans that used to be 100% on her side are realizing they were manipulated and lied to and that scares her because it means she can lose her entire fan base if they pay attention to her actions close enough.

No. 280433

>they are going to wake up in a jungle in Gianna one day drinking Kool-Aid.
(but otherwise EXCELLENT reference)

No. 280434

She's addressing her past beliefs and why she doesn't cover Onion's cult…she KNOWS she'd be called out as a huge hypocrite if she did.

No. 280435

Joy is currently discussing how she doesn't want to critique Onision's old cultish religion, claiming that her own "old beliefs" were "too far New Age-y." She is now "at peace with it" because "you can change for the better no matter what."

I'm taking this partially as a response to her fans, and partially as a passive way of dismissing the people who have found out about her life as Kati Smith on here. I just don't think she understands that the consensus on here seems to be that her past as Kati Smith is more interesting and genuine (though still insane) than the person she's presenting herself as now. But she sees it as a change for the better or whatever.

No. 280439


I noticed that too, there is no way in hell she could have healed, that is not humanly possible.

No. 280440

On the topic of her potential sabbatical from YouTube/YouNow and the medical treatment:

> Joy has been offered an opportunity from "one of the best doctors in the country" at some great facility

> They're offering to "fix everything for free"
> Not established what "everything" is, may be a cure for her "Copper Toxicity"

No. 280443

Sounds like she's lying out of her ass, been caught out and now needs a sudden magical cure. What better way then to make up an unbelievable story about a magical doctor healer. What kind of fantasy MMO is this bitch living in?

No. 280447

I've been sitting on the fence until this very moment because I honestly wanted to believe that there was some truth in some of what she was saying…but this right here has basically finally forced me to accept this all must be fake. There's no way a doctor would promise a patient to be able to "fix everything" if all the symptoms she had listed were being accurately represented

No. 280449

File: 1490849738122.png (95.12 KB, 640x1078, IMG_3560.PNG)

just to clear something up about the screenshots, I've cut out my current time and service provider on all of the screenshots to protect my identity to some extent.
If Joy wants to doxx me she can I'd like to see how long she can hold her tongue before throwing me under the bus or sends her cult after me to doxx me, take it as a science experiment. I want to see how much control she truly has over her cult.

No. 280452

bit weird that Angel still follows Joy on twitter if this is to be believed, no?

No. 280454


I guess you missed the message about posting fake screen grabs. We're going to need a little more proof than that.

No. 280455

Thats useless since she follows the thread and will see every post and KNOW who sent it. She KNOWS who she would have talked to in that message. ANYONE that she associates with will know. How dumb can you be?

Didn't you say hours ago it was 5 am so you couldn't post? At least try and post better lies, kek.

No. 280458

>She won't talk to me and it's all your fault

This is the logic of a child, a small child. Like a 5 year old. I'd like to believe Joy is smarter than that. Post actual proof. This isn't the first time people have faked screenshots. After the milkchan incident, nobody is going to take this seriously.

No. 280460

I just woke up. She sent that while I was sleeping. If joy watches this thread. That's fine. I'll just wait for one of her little cult members to expose me. I just want to see how much I can spill on her before they do.

No. 280462

Could anybody give a recap on her current livestream? My flash player isn't working

>using flash in 2017

>younow is this shitty

No. 280465


Your a special brand of stupid aren't you? Posting lies for attention won't get you outed by anyone. If you're that desperate for it just tell us who you are, well do the rest.

No. 280468

Joy is the kind of person who thinks she is more intelligent than others,and would think she's pulling one over on people to control and alter drama. But there's no way those text screenshots are her, autocorrect or not, but I think she would enjoy feeling like she is a "step ahead" of "haters" by planting something. It's all so irrelevant whether it's her or not. There is enough to analyze and discuss that is proven, and I think it's more likely that things that seem to be a distraction or shOckinGG1!!1 posts are planted. Let's just get back to analysis and triangulating her views.

No. 280472

File: 1490851324822.jpg (126.07 KB, 640x1128, IMG_3561.JPG)

From one of her many fake Facebook accounts.

No. 280474


Triangulating her views? What the hell does this even mean? This has been nice and milky so far but triangulating views??? Explain that please.

No. 280475

(addition to this post) she is the kind of person who prides herself on controlling opinions of her because she is motivated by approval or impressing others. The only posts I trust as having nothing to do with her are fact-based, link-based, ignoring LITERALLY who cares about tiny social disputes or screenshots that can't be proven or other people involved, and written clearly.

No. 280476

Post proof dipshit. How many times do we have to say it?

No. 280479

I mean it as the definition of the word, to separate and locate truth about something from provable sources. I and many others are here to learn what she believes and how it came to be and how it relates to what she says. The goal of the posts that are on a linear track are actually not to dox or even expose her, but to clarify things she has actually posted or done or said and make sense of it all, whether in a critical or a supportive or a neutral light.

No. 280481

I know I for one do not even care about her real name or anything in her past she did not directly post herself that's easy to find online. I just want to know her publicly expressed beliefs (before and after youtube) and what she does now as a public figure. All of the posts about certain guests or arguments about distractions are making the thread unreadable and missing the point imo

No. 280486


What I saw of it was

>> Joy says one of the best Doctors in the world has offered to "fix all Joy's problems for free"

>>Therefore Joy might ghost for a while
>>She says she won't discuss Onision's cult because he doesn't persue it anymore
>>But also because she has weird beliefs
>> Goes off on a vague tangent that she's not who she was in the past and she's not ashamed
>> Joy guests a girl who's from South Korea originally and acts like Joy acts like she wasn't aware that North Korea is a dictatorship with no internet KEK
>> Guests Tarrot card girl again and they talk about a charity stream.
>> Just general underage cringiness
>> Joy blocks someone in the chat for spamming about how everyone believing her is stupid.
>>Basically says COME AT ME BRO to any haters

That's what I saw- anons feel free to correct me if I missed anything or got something wrong

No. 280489


I stomached my way through another detestable diatribe of hers on younow and she clearly said that allot of the things she's written and talked about were ideas she had when she was younger. Not sure if I buy that or not but it does make sense, I was an ass when I was younger so… Still she drives me crazy because she's too damn nice to people. That's got to be bull shit, no one is that nice for no reason so the cult idea stands. She blocked one of us because we wanted to go on with her and tell her followers the truth, show them the light so to speak. Some people in there kept talking shit to whoever it was until Joy blocked her. Fucking cult.

No. 280491

I think if she can distance herself from her old posts, it makes sense that her views can change and her younger views were more bizarre. What I find interesting is if and when she tries to hide them (posts from 2006 sounding like she had the same issues and impact from them as now but at the time said it was supernatural) or specifically doesn't bring things up or talks about them in a different way to make it look different. I believe personally that she still believes she has supernatural powers and is meant to be in power in the world in some way, and that's what it most interesting to me to try and figure out.

No. 280495

I agree. What's disturbing about the old posts is not that she had all these supernatural beliefs but rather that these symptoms/illnesses she's claimed have gone on much longer than she portrayed in her original story- exposing the IUD thing as a fabrication.

No. 280499


I don't know you or your past but if you had this many people searching for every ounce of information and turning even the good stuff into poison wouldn't you try damage control too? I think her followers are all future worm food and would throw themselves off of a cliff at her behest but I don't blame her for going into a panic.

No. 280504

No, because I haven't offered advice or guidance on anyone's life or relationships or spirituality or career publicly on YouTube as a source of guidance for those things. If she wants to be a beacon, people (especially those who like her and want to see her as a good source of analysis) will examine her credibility.

No. 280515

YES! This 100% She has had the same symptoms going on since 2006 but back then thought it was caused by an oncoming "angelic ascension." Then in 2013 she calls into that radio show saying hydrogen peroxide cured her chest pains and again in 2014 with an update saying she was sick for months with chest pains, loss of energy, issues with food & digestion and started gaining weight went to the ER but they could never figure out what was wrong. Then she saw a nutritionist who said she was having thyroid problems & put her on Magnesium & Zinc supplements and she says she's been feeling much better for 6 weeks. Now she says the same list of symptoms are from her IUD but a naturopath put her on zinc & vitamin C supplements for her thyroid & to "detox" the copper from her body. Sounds like she likes to find exotic causes/cures for what's likely something very common - anxiety/panic disorder. Now she's supposedly taking a break to see real medical professional who will "fix everything for free" because she got caught in a lie and is trying to do damage control, sloppily I might add because that doesn't sound believable all all.

It was interesting finding out how deluded she used to be regarding her New Age belief but I didn't hold it against her because lots of people believe crazy illogical things regarding religion or spirituality. And people can & do change their ideas over a decade…not the issue.

No. 280516


All of this. I don't think any of her New Age beliefs lose her credibility. She seems like a passionate person who is perceptive in a lot of ways and does want to make a positive change. What the issue is to me is if she is pretending now that her belief system is mostly science and rationality, but secretly still feels that she is meant to widen her fanbase for a karmic purpose. I would like to decide that from the information to know whether or not I should watch her with a grain of salt, or watch her believing she is doing her best to be rational.

No. 280517


I know the ideology is questionable, it's the doxxing and the original intentions of the person who started this. I for one could care less who knows about anything I've done in my past because I'm a nobody, but if my family and friends were dragged into something because someone got their feelings hurt I would be pretty pissed off. I'm not siding with her, I'm talking about myself here. And settle down everyone I'm not trying to derail anything. You can tell from the first posts that whoever started this was someone who knew her and she pissed off, in my opinion that person is a petty fucktard. But this cult bull shit has to be stopped, maybe it will die down when she does this medical thing she talked about, I hope so.

No. 280519


You can't make your own decisions as to why or why not to watch her? Are you sure she's the one who needs help in her and your personal relationship whatever you may think that is? Whatch her or don't it's not that hard of a choice.

No. 280527

I've already made the decision to watch her….I want to know as much as I can about her which changes how I watch her….and what I learn from other people's opinions is the information by which I make my own decision……? Not saying I follow her advice in the slightest, I just want to gauge how credible she is.

No. 280529

You misunderstood the original post wtf

No. 280532


You're still asking us to think for you. Read and make up your on mind, this isn't another cult looking for followers. You've got to be one of her fucking children.

No. 280533

Actually I'm pretty sure that person came from Joy's last livestream. They asked how to find the lolcow threads in the youtube chat. This is the caliber of intelligence we're dealing with here.

No. 280538


Great, now we're going to have posts about feelings and queefs and whatever other crap that woman feeds her sheep. Attention Joys Cult members. Read, keep your comments to yourselves unless you have milk about Joy. We want information we can use to stop the cult she is building to save those children from the danger they do not know they are in. If you are here to protect her you are not welcome. Fucking cult

No. 280572


Recap post, since it got lost in the sludge.

No. 280586

I think it's good that a doctor is going to look at her and check out her illness. Maybe once she gets some more answers she'll share them with us all and clear up any confusion.

No. 280591


The rest of this she's covered. As far as comparing her to Onision, that is a stretch at best. He rates underage bodies and does goofy skits, she talks about her opinions on why rating childrens bodies is wrong and then about her experiences. Her beliefs in the past have changed with age, like every human on the planet. I think this cow is running dry. I'll be back if you find anything interesting.

No. 280593

I didn't mean other people's opinions, that was unclear. I mean other people's posts connecting things she's said and also people providing links. The only thing I'm asking anyone else to do is google for me or to have caught a stream I didn't or remembered something she said I didn't connect to something else. I already have opinions on her, but for example seeing the tumblr links or someone pointing out she referenced something inconsistently on a livestream impacts if I find her benevelont and delusional or plotting and dangerous. Maybe the original post was unclear.

No. 280594

Look, its time to stop seeing only what you want to see. Here are the facts. Theres some illness Joy is supposedly dealing with that in her own words went from random to cyclical…even though no illness in human history has EVER done such a thing. She has dealt with this for a very long time, but in the past according to this has attributed it to an angelic acension.

And now, she went on YouNow and said that she expected to be gone about three weeks due to treatment from some sort of doctor. JUST IN TIME as criticism is mounting from ALL sides that she can't answer to.

Three weeks is an awful specific time frame to self diagnose for something like that. In this same livestream she goes on to tell someone her voice is almost better…even though…her voice sounds 100% fine.

It takes a certain kind of gullible or willful ignorance to believe lies that obvious.

Since you need it broken down for you:
-You want to believe her.
-She is lying about her illness.
-She did lie about her voice going out.
-She is way too peppy for someone that is sick and can't move around. All. The. Time.
-Her past shown here so far shows that she has tried to paint herself as some crazy new age guru….she has simply changed her tactics.
-Her persona changes depending on criticism and the target audience, but is based on EMOTION. Most criticism is being passed off on the illness…and its kinda sad. Not EVERYTHING is the illness.
-Every time she talks on her streams, and in most of her videos…its about the attention she's getting or woe is me illness. She doesn't care about what Onision did. She doesn't care about anything except herself. How she looks, and whether everyone is following her bullshit.
-When pressed for criticism, its voice problems..internet issues, 'fibro brain'..there is always an excuse. It is always something or someone other than Kati.

See the above. She hasn't covered any of that. Comparing her to Onision isn't a stretch. The comments of her fans are proof of this.
You say that her beliefs changed with age…according to what? Her sudden livestream to do damage control? OH, Joy says she's different now and even though she is a pathological liar she's totally different cause she said so! WITH FEELING! Do you even listen to yourselves in your little world of self delusion?

Its hard to say that you're past that and go on a several minute rant AFTER that to talk about….New Age like beliefs. Contradiction, that is! This kind of stuff is why people say Joy really has a cult. Its disturbing that people can be so willfully ignorant.

A blind man in a blackout could pick up on this stuff.

No. 280598

IF and that's a big IF her story is true and she's really going to be checked by a doctor then absolutely, it's great and will do her much good…HOWEVER, not only does the whole "I was contacted by a friend of a friend's doctor who will perform extensive testing & provide medicine completely free so I'm leaving for a little while" story sound highly unlikely to begin with, the timing of this oh-so-convenient development just happens to coincide with the doxing & uncovering of lies surrounding her illness. No, I do not believe she's going away to see a doctor, it's just more damage control. She's taking a break so people won't talk about her as much, hoping they forget the specifics of the information released. She's panicking because she was caught lying and maybe thinks she can still save her reputation with quick enough action before ALL her fans find out.

No. 280601

New age guru changing her tactics is the best summary. That's what she's afraid is going to come out because she has knowingly planned to be a "positivity peacemaker" in a neutral way, grabbing onto the drama of a clear antagonist that was just asking for a mediator and trying to change him through kindness, while growing a fanbase of vulnerable people who buy her fake kindness as she thinks she will laugh to the bank and have an ego boost. As much as she talks about how much she respects youtubers or how she may seem humble, that's the biggest act and I would guarantee behind doors she says that YouTube is an easy scam and she is so gifted in convincing people that she can be the next big thing by spreading east-to-agree-with positivity and playing good cop against YouTube's many nutcases. But her delusion and inflated ego kick in when she got subscribers, justifying her grandiose view of herself and sparking her into believing she can control her destiny to become powerful and is meant in this life to have influence. Hence the spiral into bizarre actions and the scramble to cover the past to preserve the "innocent internet boob bringing a dose of positivity and guidance" image.

No. 280602

Noob not boob

No. 280606

Agreed. Her and her cult minions have been in both threads attempting to spin, derail, or muck up the information so that no one could get relevant details. The more info that comes out, the more suspicious the actions that happen around the same time.

This is not the actions of a sane person. If it was just a random nutjob, that wouldn't be much. The worry factor here is this nutjob has a following that wants too much to believe in someone that is using them. This nutjob has demonstrated that she is willing to use these kids to come in and do her dirty work. THAT is the biggest concern here.

Its also best to add that in one of her YouNow streams she told a fan that the best way to deal with a bully is public humiliation. This says alarming things about her character given her obsessive and almost manic tendencies. Consider that this is also telling someone advice that COULD VERY WELL ENDANGER THEM if the bully has violent tendencies.

Someone like that started a 'cult' as a joke. It has as the days go on looked less and less like a joke given the responses of her fans and what they seem willing to do for approval. I can't even say for certain who was going at who or impersonating who over the last few days..it really doesn't matter but it shows behind the scenes the real face of Joy's group..the real face that is sneaky, decietful, without morals, and highly toxic.

I don't believe a word of it. I do not believe she has the connections she claims. In one of her streams she said that she's been living rent free…would not at all be surprised if she's worn out her welcome. The last livestream she woke the guy out of a dead sleep to kill a bug…then asks "do you want some help?" …before looking weird at the camera and starting to act like she's afraid again.

Its all an act. There's a sucker born every minute and she's found a bunch of them.

No. 280607


Did you honestly just say you wanted other people to Google for you? Does your internet not come with Google?

No. 280609

Fully, fully agree, and I started out as a fan (during her like…first five videos). I don't see why the kids can't see that she's inconsistent. Do they really want attention or to be guested or mentioned so badly? I watched one stream after something sad idr what and a girl was rambling on about "joysus" and trying to be funny. But if they think her thinking is st all stable or altruistic, it's not a joke anymore. They'll support her as she slides by more and more very questionable ways to handle things. They see her as a friend but she's not a teenager and she's not new to the internet. That to me is the worst lie, that she acts like she has no clue how people will react or what they'll say. I think Tana Mongeau does that also, faking overly humble and earnest to avoid ever being the problem.

No. 280618


Fucking cult. Every time I think about it the madder I get. These kids, with their stupid faces pressed to their computer screens hanging on every word this false prophet says waiting on instructions. Can't younow do something? They have to be able to monitor their own software for just such things right? If not, how do we stop an actual cult from forming before to much damage is done?

No. 280621

I was a fan in the beginning, I loved that she was passionate and spoke plainly and rationally about what Onision was doing, many people had covered his nonsense before but I enjoyed her approach…then I found myself defending her from criticism with increasing frequency to the point it became ridiculous. I had to stop and realize that I wanted to believe her so I accepted her constant excuses and was explaining away her actions not only to others but to myself. I was still on the fence when I read both threads here and at first was okay with her having strange New Age beliefs in the past, even if she believed it now, because many people have crazy religious beliefs but can still act rational and well-adjusted…but then I saw that her illness story did not make sense in light of the new information and not because she was just misled or wrong about her diagnosis, she was lying about it. Then I began to notice other things…how happy and full of energy she is all the time when she claims to be so ill she can't work or leave the house, how she adores being the center of attention, how she constantly mentions not taking donations for herself and giving to charity to make herself look virtuous in order to deflect criticism of profiting off others pain or drama, how the Joysus religious imagery and references were just a joke a first but she has run with it to a concerning degree and since she has surrounded herself with very vulnerable trusting fans she could take it to extremes and they would go along with anything she told them, they already do actually. Considering how far she went with her beliefs before, she certainly has the capacity to do it now. I don't deny she has done some very good things and helped some of her fans who needed it but it doesn't excuse the lying or manipulation.

No. 280627


100% agree! I can't stand the fact that she goes on screen and acts like she's the star, who does that? YouTube and younow are not her personal platforms. People will figure her out soon enough, they'll see her putting out video after video and realize that it's going to be her saying things again. Stupid people will follow her, worship her, lemmings.

No. 280628

Oh honey no, you actually believe her? She's not really going to see a doctor who will provide all testing and medication for free, that story is so far-fetched…it sounds like something that only happens on daytime TV shows. She was outed for lying about her illness and less than 24 hours later she just happens to have a very convenient story to deflect criticism with. She's taking a break to let things die down so she can hopefully keep the fans she still has from finding out. It's simply damage control.

No. 280666

I guess I was a fan, not a hardcore one. I'd still defend her (depends on the situation) but I can also see the bs in the sparkles and out her out on it.

No. 280699

>Three weeks
three is a number people are said to reach for when making something up

No. 280706

Agreed. I think enough is enough, she needs exposing to her fans for being the compulsive liar she is, before they all believe her "miracle" recovery.

No. 280718


Their not fans, their followers. This thing has turned into a fucking cult. Can't you see the signs? She announces she is going to go on younow (her pulpit). Her followers flock to their pews (computers and cell phones). She comes on and indoctrinates, instructs and commands, slowly twisting the minds of the Young to her ways (preaches). And now she's going off for treatment (walking into the dessert for 40 days). This is a God damn cult people! Oh sure, she laughs and seems to be having fun on younow and her followers laugh right along but that's just their programmed response to cues she's fed into them. Some may snap out of it while she's gone but the others concern me. I personally think she is planning some form of cultist retreat so no one outside of her followers will notice her absence. They are probably going to meet somewhere for some weird Joy healing ceremony and then plan for either expansion of the cult or worse, mass suicide.

No. 280719

No. 280730

I agree she's fucked in the head and yes I think what she's doing with the religious symbolism is very concerning, some would say blasphemous. I'm an atheist so I don't care if it is but what does bother me is how she's got her followers on a path that's easy for them to accept because it's just an escalating "joke"…right?? She's taking advantage of the most vulnerable of her fans and it's disgusting but I don't think she's gotten quite to the point you are describing…yet. Not ruling out she's capable of becoming like that, she did once think angels talked to her on a regular basis.

No. 280741

She tried to excuse having New Age beliefs as a lack in critical thinking skills but she had a actual job that paid her real money to channel angels….so one of three things happened there: she was actually hearing the angel's voices in her head as she was claiming and has a mental disorder like schizophrenia, she had convinced herself of the delusion she could hear the angels so fully she was lying to herself and others without realizing she was delusional or she damn well knew she was lying about hearing angels but didn't care and was scamming those people.

No. 280767

What do you want to bet she comes back from her 3 weeks of "free medical screening" saying she was diagnosed with something serious and fatal like cancer? I wouldn't put it past her considering how much shit we've given her for exaggerating her illness, claiming she "almost died." She obsessively follows this thread so I know she'll read this so please take my advice, Kati, don't do this. You might think well that'll show us we were wrong about it but that's not what will happen, you'll just get laughed at for being a ridiculously bad liar.

No. 280802

Here's my theory. She has Munchausens disease. She's been "ill" for years, trying to get attention from loved ones, boyfriends, etc. Now her family has given up and she twisted the story in saying SHE left them because they were "toxic." They most likely got tired of her crap and in a spoiled brat kind of way, "left them behind" because she "knows" she's sick. Now she's turned to the internet, and strangers, because in her mind she was probably thinking, "well they don't know my history, I'll get my attention there." It's mostly a subconscious thing. I believe SHE believes she is sick, but needs a certain kind of validation to feel better about herself and feel she is vindicated. She has a very strong personality, so I think having all her symptoms boiled down to an "anxiety/mental problem" isn't gonna fly with her inside her head. Because she's stubborn and doesn't want that stigma or accept that she has a weakness. There is a whole new category of this disorder called Munchausen's by-internet. I think that's what's going on now. There's another thread on here dedicated to people doing this. Seeking attention. It's kind of sad when you think about it. I've been "observing " her for awhile now, not really a fan, but more as a "case study." I'm interested to see how this will eventually end. Anywhoodles, I'm a noob here, so I hope I posted this correctly. Lol.

No. 280816


>Now her family has given up and she twisted the story in saying SHE left them because they were "toxic." They most likely got tired of her crap and in a spoiled brat kind of way, "left them behind" because she "knows" she's sick.

This would explain why she didn't want her moniker associated with the charity for the kids; she didn't want them to out her.

In theory, of course.

No. 280842

She's 100% a munchie and targetting people with actual disabilities to cover her own ass and manipulate them by comparing symptoms with them and acting like she knows exactly how they feel. Technically enabling herself by using actual chronically sick and disabled people to "validate" her claims in comparison to someone else's illness

No. 280847

I have within the last 48 hours received now multiple accounts from my viewers of my channel of Kati Marie Smith (Joy Sparkle BS) accepting money for various illnesses, causes, charities, etc. over the years online, and they said they came to discover it was used personally by her for bills and not what they thought it was intended for initially. They have all shared various "evidence" with me, as I am sure people here are only interested in, and I have just saved it all unsure if even it's my place to share what they told me. After 4 people reached out to me in a day with the same story, it got a bit weird, and I felt a slight responsibility to look into this further and put a warning video out there just in case others feel tempted to donate money to her without being certain about where it ends up.

Honestly, I have no interest in this person whatsoever. Yes, I made one silly parody video, another funny hater video after that, I expressed my views and opinions on her, the very same thing she does with others, and most YouTubers do… but after the one video I made pointing out her hypocrisy in obsessing and continuing to make videos when others said to please stop - and refusing - she has continued, and also, they have told me she is asking again for money for various things, and it seems to fall into that similar pattern. They have said she would reference specific charities in order to get people to watch her, get views, do something live, which I admit am very ignorant to, how that works, etc so I can't really follow it, but I have saved everything they have said, showed me.

The asking for money and it being a scam as they see it, and putting charities out there for personal gain or use is what I have an issue with, and anyone with logic would as well. That is what I have an issue with if it's true. Again, this is what others have shared with me and have held back and debated making a video on, until now.

I am only me, but it's wrong if true… I am filming my video about this all and hopefully posting it tomorrow on my channel. It's my opinion that it's wrong, and I have a right to express that after my viewers haven't stopped contacting me with the same story each time. One, you dismiss, 2, even after 3 I ignored it… but more than that… maybe there is something there.

I respect any YouTuber talking about drama, people's private lives as long as it doesn't directly endanger anyone, any minors, etc. for views, etc but to me, the money issue is the line crosser, and my viewers and fans writing me with similar accounts is alarming and I feel worth speaking out on as a caution.

I am fine with being hated, or people questioning my motives, however in this situation, I would gladly endure that if it means helping others be cautious with who they give money to over the Internet. Huge problem.

No. 280849

>>280847 weren't you banned?

No. 280850

Isn't this an established cow?

No. 280851

I believe so initially. I posted a video I believe, photo, it wasn't allowed and I completely understand that.

No. 280853

I am not sure what that even means, but I definitly did post a video or my own image at some point to share regarding this person, and I wasn't familiar with forums, rules, etc and rightfully was blocked I thinked. Completely the right thing to do then, and won't happen again. Rookie mistake. It was all in regards to the same person however, and I felt a follow up on this issue was good.

No. 280856

Wtf is with this thread attracting irrelevant cows who self- promo teasing that they have milk?

Either post it or gtfo, stop trying to gain fame and views thro lolcow. As you said, we arent interested in "I may post my evidence" We just want the actual thing. With actual proof tbh, for credibility, since people keep sitting up this thread with fake bullshit and other time wasting posts.

No. 280859


Yes indeed, there's a reasonably extensive Kiwi Farms thread on her.

No. 280864

You are fair in your assessment of me and my motives, however, I still feel this information is very important to come forward with as you all seem to be heading down that path anyway. I do understand your doubt of me however, and that's fair. Still, it's something that's important and needs to be out there.

No. 280865

honestly, girl, you are making a fool of yourself. just be quiet for fucks sake no one cares about you

No. 280868

Kiwi? I loved that place! It was a social experiment. No regrets. It's ok you know if people share their channels, etc on the net, anyone who is on YouTube loves attention, a bit of the point. If you noticed however, I did not include my channel link in that message about my viewers writing me, but did include my name as I have nothing to hide. Again, I understand your doubt.

No. 280870

That is fine. This isn't about me. This is about people being scammed of money by Kati Smith, aka Joy Sparkles. Only reason I am here sharing this. I respect your opinion.

No. 280871

Then put it out there or go away. Nobody here wants to watch your videos. You could have done it on anon, but you didn't. That says enough.

No. 280875

That's a fair point, however, again - this isn't about me, but Kati Smith, a woman who my viewers have contacted me about repeatedly over the last few days sharing a story about giving their money and finding out they had been duped. My video was about that, this post is about that. I am staying to the topic at hand, but again, respect your views.

No. 280877

I don't know what an Anon is, sorry. I am putting it out there. I the video goes up tomorrow on my channel, but I will not post it here as that's not allowed, I made that mistake the first time and apologized. Simple.

No. 280883

>I don't know what an Anon is

Okay. We're definitely being trolled.

No. 280889

Is that a bad thing? I admit again, incredibly ignorant when it comes to forums, things like this. I was initially told about this page by my viewer who suggested to find out more information regarding Kati Smith, it was compiled and organized well. I researched to see if what my viewers shared with me was similar, and it was a good resource. I understand you question my sincerity and motive, but I assure you, it's not worth wasting my time unless I felt something good could come from what they are saying. Even if false, it's a good cautionary tale not to give out your money just because people on the Internets ask for it.(stop)

No. 280899

No. 280902


she needs to use a steamer to fix the hanger lumps in her shoulders…

No. 280969


No. 280974

anynone notice since she threw angel under the bus shes tried sucking up to her on twitter?

No. 280983


No. 280987

No. 280988


She didn't really say anything of substance.

She starts off doing a general introduction about her channel (how long it has existed, how she did a lot of Onision videos) before going into what I assume was the actual point of the video. She's had a bad couple of weeks and she's been angry and has cried but is now choosing to not be angry. She also now knows to be more careful about the sort of people she befriends, but she forgives anyone who's fucked with her. There weren't any specifics though.

No. 280990


That doesn't sound like onision at all…

No. 280993

Well she threw angel under the bus by pretending to be her and now shes sucking up to her and angel is just ignoring her completely

No. 281016

Yeah, sure Joy. Forgiveness. Lie about everyone that you have a disagreement with, then make a video to look great. Hope no one notices your bullshit. That is ABSOLUTELY not all about your public image. There's enough spin here to put tops out of work.

Which is what we call a public relations cop out, with the nice face plastered across it again. Just like Onision's change ups in his I'm fake video..this is the same thing.

She's her own worst enemy, and even here she is blaming everything but the major cause of her problems: Kati herself.

It does sound reaching but it would not surprise me. This is a manipulator that tries to appear like everyone's best friend. All about that image.

No. 281045

If we had actual evidence that Joy impersonated Angel it wouldn't be reaching. Although I have to question her motives behind asking publicly if she's okay. Like, gotta make sure my fans see me "supporting" someone instead of just messaging them like a normal, genuinely concerned person.

No. 281047

i don't know it just strikes me as odd that screenshots have come out that joys claiming to be angel and then suddenly joy is all public up angels ass asking if shes ok i can smell a cows ass from a mile off

No. 281051

I think it's odd too but that anon never supplied us with any proof which they could have assuming it's real. It feels dirty to defend Joy. Milk-chan fucked me up. Just wish anon would come back with whole milk.

No. 281055

At this point the only thing we can establish is that Joy/kati's community is as toxic and delusional as she is, but that they will accept whatever she does as long as they get that random shoutout or breadcrumb.


Being skeptical about information is NOT defending Joy. For all we know she is playing deliberate misinformation, false flags, anything she thinks she can do or use to throw everyone off the trail. If she will bait her own community looking for anything to have a problem with…it is safe to say that she can and will pull that at some point to cover her ass.

No. 281120

No. 281148

word has it joys going to try and get lolcow taken off the internet for the amounts of suicides and doxxing the cyberbullying from this site has caused

No. 281149



Better recap. Screwed up a number.
That's about as likely as Joy telling the truth.

No. 281151

"Word has it"? You're such a newfag and you aren't even trying.

No. 281152

File: 1490919202304.jpg (61.88 KB, 640x480, image.jpg)

so far the suicide count is zero. anyone dead referred to on this board was killed by a cow (rip monty etc).

No. 281154


Wow. What a SJW cuck. tongue firmly in cheek

No. 281165

I find it hilarious how obsessed Kati is with this thread and how much time she spends explaining & giving excuses for the milk on her. The idiot doesn't realize if she didn't keep mentioning this site and just ignored whatever was uncovered, way less people would find out about it and she wouldn't constantly need to do damage control.

…and even though I know she's going to read this message is she going to take my advice? Hell no, she almost can't help it.

No. 281168

There's a particular anon that's started posting in here that I'm willing to bet my best tinfoiling hat is Joy. I'm sure the other anons know who I'm talking about judging by the anon's tone and misspellings.

Sage for tinfoil obviously since it's just my gut feeling from reading the threads.

No. 281174

I've gotten the exact same vibe. Glad to see someone else senses it.

No. 281175

She pretty obviously basks in the attention. On her last stream someone brought up Stevie and she went "someguy mentioned me?!" in such an excited tone. It's nauseating. I would have never expected her to turn out to be such a cow. Is there a single youtuber who's made more than 1 video on onision that isn't as crazy as he is?

Her non-existent impulse control keeps the milk flowing so I'm not complaining. This is my favorite thread right now, as shitty and derailed as it gets.

That's the most weight I've been able to put in to the Joy impersonating Angel theory. That person was the most obvious samefag I have ever seen on a chan and the rest of their posts have bizarre grammatical errors and typing patterns. With the occasional old lady phrase like "word has it". Where the fuck do they think they are?

No. 281177

Does it really count as doxxing if a reverse image search could've turned up her name to begin with? Releasing her name may or may not have been a scummy move but…wasn't all this stuff out there anyways? Why not make a better effort to hide it all before anons started searching? Or did she drop her own name herself to add more confusion and drama?

No. 281183

Yeah this whole thing just gets more bizarre the deeper you dig into her past- what's publicly available anyways. If THIS is the public stuff then….I don't even want to know what level of weird the private stuff is/was.
I expected the milk to dry up early on…

No. 281185

I guess technically it's doxing but people have been making too big a deal out of it. It's almost a bit odd that you and I are the only people I've seen make posts like this. The person only leaked her name, which we would have found eventually anyway. Everything we found was discovered by googling her name. It's her fault that she A) didn't cover her tracks, B) gave someone her real name and C) did fucked up shit that understandably upset people enough to have stuff leaked. She continuously pokes the bear and then acts like a victim when she has to face consequences for her actions. I don't feel sorry for her in the slightest.

No. 281210

Why not ask? Farmhands can we get an ip check for an anon from Kansas City, Missouri who maybe shitting up this thread?

No. 281212

You know what I find personally strange about the doxxing itself? The person knew we could bring up all this info by just searching her name.
They could've just linked us to one of the articles themselves but they want other anons to uncover stuff on their own. Isn't that a little weird? Like this wasn't just a last minute revenge tactic- they knew releasing her name would do the amount of damage they wanted. Otherwise they would've given more info to make sure all the damning evidence could be found. Who puts that much work into digging up dirt but doesn't post their findings themselves?

No. 281222

If you go back and look at the post >>>/snow/276710 and joy/angel sperging in this thread it seems like he had at least a somewhat personal relationship with her. They didn't really strike me as someone who spent hours digging for her name or anything like that. That's the impression I got anyways.

No. 281223

Everything uncovered so far could have been easy to find. Yet there is more bs to miss sparkle, screenshots some don't want to expose, etc.

No. 281224

Tinfoil, but I deadass think Joy doxxed herself. I mean, it did prove that she isn't lying about past jobs, and she's already covered the fact that she used to/has weird new age beliefs. Honestly I don't even see the links as damaging, it's more like a missing link we needed in order to see who tf she is considering she's been kind of a mystery that appeared out of nowhere, til now. Out of it, all we really got is that her illness has gone on forever-whatever it may be. Now this thread is actually active, and she knows we're watching, and we know she watches us. She's probably lurking, gassed to hell and back from the reactions of "all the haters and conspiracy theorists" who have been calling her delusional/ a liar.

Milk about screwing people over, now that would be damaging. But the two people claiming to have receipts would have to actually deliver. At some point. Any fucking day now, guys.

No. 281225

I think joy doxxed herself and has tried pinning the blame on one person thats failed so shes pinned the blame on some vulnerable disabled chick thinking people will go after the disabled chick and not go after her.

No. 281227

In that case she outed herself as fabricating the IUD story and lying about how long she's had her illness. I don't think she would have done that. You never know with these attention whores, though.

No. 281229

She has exposed herself and tried to blame a few people

No. 281230

the copper toxicity can be proven as bullshit with a simple google search theres not enough copper in an iud to cause toxicity if that was the case thousands of women would be reporting it not just one psycho with new age beliefs

No. 281231

i couldnt agree more but how low can she get whats next pin the blame on someone whos been in a coma for 10 years it really does strike me as the ridiculous shit she would pull.

No. 281232

Same fag sorry, forgot to mention that I would bet actual money that Joy was posting in here. I'd love that shit exposed. Even that'd be damaging.

No. 281234

Plus the evidence of and from the people she has tried to blame.

No. 281241

Her twitter is just aggravating as hell. It looks like a 13 year old's twitter. She acts like a fucking goon.

No. 281246

she acts like that here too. im sure shes the one posting trying to throw the thread off.

No. 281247

It is just a little ironic that her head has been photoshopped onto an abomination known for being a icon of insanity. One that..even MORE ironically is known for having a grouping of deranged, mindless cultists that worship its very utterance. Is she bragging now?

No. 281248

she's doing a live stream right now, acting all sick and shit because she's "getting rid of copper"

No. 281249

Amazing. A few posts about how peppy she is all the time. A few posts on her voice faking. Now all of a sudden she's sick. Except she's still as lively as she was yesterday..and well enough to livestream two or three times a day.

She needs to confuse her brain with "the copper" and have it removed. A lobotomy would save the world.

No. 281250

she's guesting angel?

No. 281258

I can't watch anymore. I'm losing too many brain cells.

No. 281259

So this is Angel? She doesn't look tired. She looks pissed. And sounds pissed. Those eyes. Crazy eyes. This lady talks like a future serial killer.

Oh here we go.
References to the chat. "Might get up and walk." "Don't forget your wheelchair" (So she can toot her own horn. I'm calling it now. Angel was the real deal in chat, and her and Joy both collabed on it to have more drama to distract.

These two come off so similar its creepy. And Joy's whole 'i'm sick' is gone too.

No. 281261

I went back to her "I don't want to die" video, wondering if shes ever mentioned having something predate the iud. She says she's had mystery illnesses before, "she collects them" or something. I may be reaching, and I really ain't about to watch all her videos to find out, but does she solidly claim the copper shit is the root cause of everything or is there room for the interpetation that she means it's just why she's sick /now?/

Cause then, doxxing herself wouldn't hurt too bad. Personally, everything with her is so bizzare and surreal.. at this point I'm just a lot more curious than I am "ha! Finally got her!" Tbh. I really think she has something that makes her believe she's sick, though.

No. 281263

Her complete disregard for science and medicine deeply upsets me. It would take about 20 minutes, maybe less, to research where "alternative" medicine originates from and why it's not real. The only way someone could take naturopathy seriously, after being informed of what the practices are and why they are myth, is if they don't believe in science. If you don't believe in science you are simply a stupid person and should not have an audience of uneducated impressionable preteens.

Joy I will personally teach you about this and make it very easy to understand if you stop spouting this dangerous uninformed bullshit. You are actually killing yourself. It's depressing. I'm not denying your illness but you are NOT sick for the reasons you think you are. It's _impossible_.

No. 281264

Kati is so damn immature it's no wonder the kids flock to her. She acts just like one. She doesn't resemble an adult whatsoever in personality or responsibility. Has she ever even had her own place where she's not leeching off some guy? Those ridiculous voices she makes when she is being condescending are extremely annoying and childish.

No. 281266

Oh here we go.
"Angel: How do you deal with stalkers? Cause i'm dealing with them out the …right now."

Yeah, both of you are being picked on.

And referencing the chat just confirms my suspicions. I'm REALLY sure that Kati and Angel were both playing out the situation in here.

These two are really immature. I never thought cancer had a face but it looks like it had twins instead.

No. 281269

This Angel girl is showing off her perfectly normal wrists as if she's deformed.

No. 281270

I didn't think it was possible to get cancer from watching a livestream, but apparently it is. And it left me a note to tell me that this only happened because it felt like it was doing me a favor.

No. 281272

I have mirrored every action she's done and it looks exactly the same. I'm just a normal person. Who does she think she's fooling?

No. 281274

>>281269 they look like they bend further forward than mine do i tried putting mine to the angle hers went and it was painful

but youre right the stream was cancer

No. 281275

i agree she looked and sounded pissed but it goes to confirm that someones bullshitting because those two are clearly still friends

No. 281278

that or joy has convinced her shes not impersonating her at all and shes believed it she seems dumb enough to fall for that

No. 281279

Did admin ever prove that it wasn't Angel posting?

No. 281282


i dont believe so but i wish they'd hurry up and find out who is faking being angel because from the way ive just seen her talk and act i have serious doubts its her

No. 281283

As far as i'm concerned, hearing the livestream tonight it matches the tone of the person that was "Angel". I have no doubts that it is her and she has referenced things a few too many times to be coincidence.

I think both her and Joy planned this out to see who within their ranks was on the fence. It IS a cult after all.

No. 281284

i dont think she was aiming for that, but did you notice how joy squirmed when her shoulder came out? i dont think that was fake

No. 281285

I missed that thank fuck

No. 281286

im personally having my doubts and still believe its joy behind it, although it is a possibility its both of them

No. 281287

her shoulder came out of it's socket, gnarly as fuck, pretty sure it's on her page since she guested with joy, itll be saved so you can watch it back and see if you think its fake or not from what i saw it didnt look fake

No. 281288

It was Angel.

No. 281290

someone captured angels shoulder dislocating and joys reaction is priceless i like watching her squirm

No. 281291

Most of the stream just felt like the two of them trying to bait the thread. The chat didn't even seem to get the references. Solidifies my opinion that the user posting under Angel was most likely her. If not then the imposter does one hell of a job impersonating Angel's tone and attitude.

No. 281293

as it currently stands no one knows who it is, its all speculation but my suspicions are saying its joy and her cult members
the whole stream seemed very scripted

No. 281294

This thread is straight up just Joy and her friends making shit up to generate hype for the Joy Sparkles BS YouTube page. She's playing y'all. I'm willing to bet that every mention of Joy being "dangerous" or having a "cult" is Joy herself trolling us.

No. 281297

angel made a joke about mass cult suicide.

angel lurker confirmed

No. 281298

And just how many suicides has this site caused, Joy?

No. 281302

But how would people feel if Joy were a 30 year old man spending this much time talking to minors on the internet? Skype and dms and guesting ALL THE TIME… She openly talks to kids all day, Onision tries to do it in the shadows at least somewhat… these two are long lost twins man.

No. 281304

i agree. well done lolcow users, we played ourselves, right under joys bridge where her inner troll lives

No. 281307

i think angel is like 21 so shes not a kid, but i do admit the other kids she does talk to that are like 16-17 does strike me as a bit odd and if it was a man itd be concerning as fuck no doubt

No. 281308

We know she's doing it and why. Negative attention is still attention….which is why celebrities sometimes leak controversial stuff they did themselves… because it keeps them in the public eye.

No. 281311

Well, that's kind of what makes her a lolcow in the first place.

No. 281312

The sexual jokes between the two of them were uncomfortable. I have no idea how old Angel is but…Joy is guesting and talking with underage kids all the time while she's in her 30's. Maybe I'm making too much out of it…still it just strikes me as off

No. 281314

angels in her 20s confirmed by her twitter

No. 281316

Well that at least makes the whole thing a little less uncomfortable I guess

No. 281321

did anyone else notice joys subtle dig at joy about her copper toxicity
i cant decide if she was being serious or joking

No. 281323

You mean Angel? Got a timestamp for that?

No. 281326

somewhere in the live stream where she guests with joy. i cant find it again, ive just watched it back for inconsistencies if i watch it again ill post the timestamps of any moments that need pointing out
something about mass suicide and mixing punch with cyanide was said.

No. 281328

No time stamp (I can't watch through that again) but towards the end Angel made a comment about not being able to stand people who use their illness for attention and Joy's face was completely blank but soon after she needed to end the stream

No. 281329



Joy and Angel were deliberately trolling the chat with the outright cult references. Its similar to how Onision did the whole "Am I a sociopath" quizzes to 'determine if he was crazy.' They have already made it clear they both watch the thread.

I absolutely believe that Joy and Angel tried to set up the idea that they were against each other to find out who was on the fence about Joy within their own ranks. A fucked up loyalty test, and more drama and sympathy manipulation for both of them.

No. 281331

i noticed joy didn't seem impressed by angel going off over people using their illness for attention, she seems like a more positive person about her illness than joy, which makes her seem more genuine to me.

No. 281332

i dont think angel is the one doing the sympathy manipulation she seems pretty genuine, joy acting sick before angel came on the stream seemed a bit odd, considering it suddenly vanished when angel got on the stream with her. that stream was cancerous though

No. 281348

So I missed another stream, I take it?

No. 281354

You didn't miss much other than Angel dislocating her shoulder and making joy freak
And Angel clearly pissing joy off by pointing out the fact she can't stand people who use their illnesses for attention online, stating that if she dislocated a joint she puts it back in its place and tries to continue with her day and doesn't make a huge issue about it, she seems like the person to just laugh and shrug her illness off
I think this pissed Joy off since she feels slightly shitty with "releasing copper" and comes crawling out of her hole for attention.

Oh and something about mass cult suicide and stalkers

No. 281358

All I got from their stream is that they probably can't talk about anything except for lowcal and health problems.

No. 281361

Don't forget tentacle porn

No. 281365

I was just going back through her livestream moments and noticed something…she was wearing the same gray Nike hoodie for 5 days straight. She seems to have changed into a gray Aeropostle hoodie as of at least 7 hours ago, but still that's nasty Kati, change your clothes more often.

No. 281367

She has a really awful sense of fashion in general. She dresses like a 5 year old, or ironically, a "kathy".

No. 281373

That's fucking vile. I know she showers every day or so but what good is showering if you're wearing the same clothes forb5 days straight

No. 281404

Well even if she somehow managed that, All her sources for onion info would be dry. lol

No. 281462

Sadly this thread really looks like Joy ( or her fans ) may have inserted themselves into it quite a lot so she could stay relevant.
( Who is Jamie?! Her videos are pretty schizo, there's no way fans of Joy are approaching her with milk )
As for Joy, she's a pretty big disappointment. She went from a person who made a few Gergle videos that were actually watchable and enjoyable to…well, this >>281329
Bless you for posting these recaps, anon.

No. 281470

I wish she didn't know about this thread. But which posts are people thinking are by her? I can't find any with bad enough proofreading mistakes.

No. 281477

I feel like Joy & supporters have just come into the thread, taken info here and over-exaggerated it to the ridiculous to make us all lose any possible credibility to her fans.

No. 281479

There is so much confusion even with good recap posts.

No. 281482

Which means she has plenty more to hide. No one goes to that much trouble and manipulation unless they're trying to throw people off the scent. Someone must have really got close on one of these leads.



No. 281485

Agree that she cares too much about "haters" in a way that is suspicious or at the very least revealing of her goals. If she was focused on giving YouTube commentary and was solid on what she says are her current views, people would forgive a few bizarre posts from ten years ago, and she would feel secure in that if she really has changed her views. No one wants their myspace scoured and many people got into weird ideals at some point. People understand that people change and go through phases and would be forgiving if she could support that she has actually changed the views that lead to people thinking she's scamming and faking all illnesses/avoiding mental health treatment. But for her to even abandon focusining on her channel to sort this out means it's deeply important to her and whatever her true cause is for people to see her as flawless and a brilliant and gifted intuitive mind. She could have easily blown this over by going "hey, people found things online that said I believed x y and z. That's from when I was young and I found a good outlet for my passions etc. Now I want to do commentary and I've learned from those views but now I believe _____. That's what happens online, now let's focus on commentary." And most people would believe it…..but to go to such lengths to manage and control this info is a big signal to me that she still buys it 100% but just knows no one else will listen if she admits that.

No. 281488

T h i s. But most peoples' old MySpaces might have a phase of "I'm a wolf" from age 12…she was saying she was hired to channel angels….to channel….angels…..she believed she was born with the ability to hear angels……to believe you have a gift others don't (why didn't any family or friends tell her it might be another problem??? Did they believe her or enable her to say she hears angels????? Why didn't anyone stop her/was it her family who confirmed her ability in her mind???? Still questions there) is hard to reverse. She was an adult with those beliefs. Maybe she was a late bloomer and just stayed in that phase past her teens but I think it's way different than just embarrassing high school MySpace posts.

No. 281489

I never thought of that. What environment at home would allow her to believe the voices she hears are angels? If she grew up traditionally Christian, most denominations would not support it and definitely wouldn't as a new age thing. She was with the record label and the guy there who all seemed to believe she could hear them but I don't think you just wake up one morning and "realize" you hear angels and believe yourself and base your life around it from there without wondering if you're sane. I think her parents must have supported the indigo child thing OR that's why she never talks about them is because they don't. I enjoy milk but I have sympathy for her because she is at best confused, and at worst desperate for help. Even if she's fully scamming and knows it's all bs (which I don't think she does because believing she is indigo and gifted makes her feel good and makes sense to her) she is doing it because she is not happy deep down. I know this is dark but I think she wants to give out forced love and sparkles because she wants to force those around her to do the same so someone can be nice to her for once.

No. 281496

It's why she's isolated from her family. Chances are they don't exactly buy that she is the magical reincarnation of a Spanish monarch. And you know she wouldn't budge on it. What I always wonder still is how did she find a real record label that believed it? I wonder what a "channeling" of hers actual entailed.

No. 281497

I just read through these past two threads and when people on the onion thread felt like joy was a cow and deserved her own thread, i thought they were over-exaggerating, but holy shit. At first, i thought people were being harsh on her here, but once this shit became joy and her minions obsessively posting, it just got more ridiculous than i thought. I thought she was vaguely normal but a little annoying, but what a surprise, shes insane and wanting to bump up this thread constantly so people pay attention to her. It's really true that anyone who obsessively makes anti-onion videos is just as crazy and narcissistic as him. Hopefully her channel dies along with onion's dwindling channels since that's what shes hoping to continuously get her subscribers/views from.

No. 281499

What if Joy actually got her start on here and started her own thread after seeing his and now posts with bad spelling on her social media because Joy sparkle bs is a social experiment LOL.

I want it all to be a social experiment because the onion thread fans are right, it's a mess.

No. 281502

Joy and angel posting is breaking the fourth wall I never wanted broken. That's when it went to shit. And Jamie Fischer.

Like wtf I was laughing so hard at her posts I've never seen such desperation at a chance at relevance but it's the best kind of train wreck. These people have no shame.

No. 281506

Today in her ricegum video she referred to him as a bigger youtuber in a way to suggest she is a "big" one in her fake humble voice. She also said she wouldn't know what happens at youtuber parties because she doesn't get invited. Does she expect them to invite her….it sounded like she does lol lol lol She also said "who are gabble and ricegum" as if ppl don't know about 2mil subscribers but should know about her.

Also I can't wait for her commentary "friends" to wake up. Secondclancy made two videos on gerg's cult, but she's friends with suityourself and mrrepizon and that's all getting too close together to not have them figure it out. They expose exactly the kind of stuff she's into. They might think she's an outspoken refreshingly earnest commentator but I think they'll figure out she's not rational. I think she's not new to any forums and anything internet but pretends to be to seem focused on spreading love, but they'll pick up on it like they did with gerg

No. 281508

>She says she's had mystery illnesses before, "she collects them" or something.

Her "collection of mystery illnesses" all seem to have the same exact symptoms and are always diagnosed by doctors as anxiety disorder, which she denies, so instead finds some other unusual cause to attribute it to instead. How do the same symptoms have a different cause every time?

No. 281512

I think she believes anxiety is a weakness, but why admit a weakness when you can just say you're hearing angels?!?! ~ <(-.<) ~ (>.-)> ~

No. 281515

The difference between how she tries to be and how she is is astounding.

No. 281517

Like what tho? What could even be weirder?

No. 281518

I ( naively ) gave her the benefit of the doubt because I dealt with something in the past that was shrugged off as a "psychosomatic illness"/anxiety by a few professionals and in the end it turned out to be a really fucking common thing that only required surgery. Doctors definitely make mistakes. However, when I read that she's literally been experiencing these symptoms for over a decade now and attributed it to fucking angels giving her the shits, she pissed me off. Riiiiight and she nearly died too, why sure, completely believable.

No. 281519

LOL the single best post of the whole thing was the one about the post where she said diarrhea is very common during angelic ascension.

No. 281521

She's got a good number of people that are willing to do anything for her, no matter how fucked up it is. All she is concerned about is getting attention..and she's shown in here that she will lie, spin, and manipulate to try and get out of her own garbage heap.

That tells me two things. The first is that she knows what she is doing is wrong and she thinks she can get away with it. The second is that with someone like that ANYTHING goes. She is a monster that changes her face to match her audience. I forget the psychological term for that, but if this is the stuff on the surface there is no telling how fucked up it gets in private.

No. 281522

She said it was the body releasing the lower vibrational energies.

This is who children are worshipping. Poop your low vibrational energies out, kids.

There's new age and then there's comedy.

No. 281523


Its all fun and games until one of her 'fans' follows her advice and winds up hospitalized.

No. 281524

Right? That list of generalized symptoms totally means you are ascending to angel status

She also said she cured a neck "tumor" (which she later admitted was just an abscess) with meditation and it was caused by "fear manifesting itself in her" (you mean anxiety/hypochondria?)

No. 281525

Her streams are scariest to me. I know she's trying to make her guests comfortable but after the first insufferably awkward and shy guest who took an hour of cringey time to explain five minutes of content, she should have stopped guesting. Because now jokes on her, we all see that she changes to be super nice when clearly the guests aren't camera-ready and aren't saying things she's even interested in but she's still fake acting like she loves them and inflates their ego in a patronizing way fake gushing that they're gorgeous or something. It would be nice for her to help people with their confidence on streams but to do that AND encourage the weird joysus stuff is beyond me.

Also, she was recently featured on a suityourself video and she was mean and insulting on it. The subject matter was laughable, but she definitely wasn't spreading positivity there. She made a joke saying "I thought you were a lesbian, you should be better at strumming and plucking" (paraphrased) about someone's guitar skills. It wasn't in a funny way, it sounded crass and mean. She dropped the sparkles act.

No. 281527

Does she give advice???? I watch her streams at times but I've never heard her give medical advice…please tell me she's not

No. 281529


On at least one occasion in her livestreams she told someone (I don't know if this was a teen, I can't fucking tell) that the best way to deal with bullies was public humiliation. Tell me if you think that's fucked up and potentially dangerous.

I haven't heard a lot of other advice..its hard to sift out what shes saying sometimes..but considering how impressionable her fanbase is and the lengths they go to in order to defend her insanity in their own minds..do not be at all surprised if one or more try to emulate her behavior..or her 'cures'.

No. 281532

> the best way to deal with bullies was public humiliation.
Solid advice. I can't see it making the situation worse or escalating to physical violence.

You're all troopers for sitting through her live streams. I tuned in for 10 minutes when she was talking about queefing and I had to promptly gtfo.

No. 281534

Lol she has had two completely insane livestreams and I managed to catch part of both of them, one time she guested a guy named Clay and spent over an hour hysterically laughing about puns people were sending in about his name when he CLEARLY did not think it was funny and was highly uncomfortable. He was even like "I have to go" and she said he couldn't.

No. 281535

I love how she makes her twitter "Queef Head" as if everyone talking about her is so ridiculous, meanwhile she believes she is diarrhea-ing into another dimension.

No. 281537

Art imitates life….or deranged youtuber imitates priest

No. 281541

She was SINGING about queefing. Like, a medley of songs she changed to be about queefs. Honestly fuck commentary, she should just post that kind of song. Like a new Pentatonix.

No. 281547

She is the kind of person to claim everything IS something and stick to that story forever until someone professional can prove her wrong, and then she'll run away from that and claim angels.

No. 281549

>until someone professional can prove her wrong

She wouldn't listen to them anyway, she prefers whatever narrative she's constructed as the cause…because she's more special than that.

No. 281639


>She is a monster that changes her face to match her audience. I forget the psychological term for that


No. 281658

She's already attacked some of her fans

No. 281665


No. 281666

She's a complete cunt people believe she's been pretending to be Angel in order to troll and bait us

No. 281667

I'm not sure really she seems to be completely psychotic if you ask me I hate how she manipulates people with disabilities because they're vulnerable and easy to manipulate to her since she fakes being sick and they feel bad for her

No. 281692

I actually just changed my mind on her. She is streaming now and said "people take one tiny bit of information about my health and think they know the whole story."

No one is really being unfair to her, that I have ever seen. I've seen some mean speculations, yes. But to think people are just being "haters" after hearing she is doing an angelic ascension and now she acts like she is the victim because people have questions…no. Just no. She is manipulating all of her listeners and acting. I used to have sympathy for her and think people were being too mean with too little information (and I still don't believe in doxxing her, but things someone willingly posts online is not even doxxing so I don't see how those claims are valid).

She can't act like people are attacking her with no valid concerns.

No. 281694

People don't believe that, Angel.

No. 281695


No. 281706

Joy was streaming and typing when this was posted. I was watching both.

No. 281709

I feel like her mask slipped quite a bit in that livestream. Reminded me a lot of her attack on that sub for correcting her use of the word "ghetto." That's around the time I begun to feel something was off…

No. 281710

Oh shit, I'm Joy, you caught me.

No. 281712

So true. Exact same for me. That's her real personality. All else is to manipulate others and she thinks she's pulling the wool over them easily.

No. 281715

where is the lie tho

No. 281734

I missed the original stream but I did watch the moments, man she's pissed. She's way too obsessed with this thread. She herself puts this information out into the public then when people notice her story has inconsistancies, of course, they are going to have questions. To see this is how she responds says a lot.

No. 281737

No. 281741

>She's way too obsessed with this thread.

Definitely. Kati, seriously stop reading this thread for your own mental health, you should know this already but when you've made yourself a public figure there are always going to be people picking apart everything you say, you won't be able to win everyone over either. You seem like you really want to please everyone and have everyone love you but that's just not going to happen. When you have to constantly explain yourself it sends up huge red flags and it's all I see you doing lately on your streams. Maybe you need to take some time off to clear your head because the way you are going I can't see a healthy outcome for you.

No. 281743

I second this.

Either she did not understand what she was getting into online and expected everyone to be nice (but how could you after reading anyone's comment section ever, even the most loved YouTubers have awful criticism all the time), or she does know and it only is bothering her now because she wants to manage how much people can find. But unfortunately, she posted things online before and even if someone didn't find out her name, the old posts would have turned up eventually, especially ones with her photos.

It comes with the YouTube territory, but criticism is not (at least should not be) threatening personally. I don't agree with it if it is. But as far as criticism for her ideas and even values and beliefs about her own life, that comes with putting herself out there.

No. 281744

Joy's getting a whole new influx of followers because she's guesting on someone's YouNow right now

No. 281745

One thing I've noticed about Joy is she does champion love and positivity, but just listen to how she addresses people. She calls them "bitch" or says "you're so pretty, I hate you" a lot. It's as if she's expressing her anger about basically being a frumpy shut-in through other people. She does try to play it off like "sometimes I say things that sound mean but they aren't" but it doesn't sound like a joke. Maybe I'm reading too deep into this and sage for tinfoil but it's something to look out for.

No. 281747

Not too deep at all, I think you're right. One time she said something about not being onion's type and it sounded like she was angry about it. I think she's the type who has negative opinions of everyone else but expects no one to politely not be interested in her. And she thinks her superior social intuition should grant her everyone liking her. When it doesn't work, she's angry about it, and she definitely resents the success of others and says she doesn't like it pains her a lot. I think you're totally right.

No. 281750

The moment I realized she was not what she seemed was on stream when she was going to sing and took like 20 minutes to build up to it. I thought I was reading too far into it too but I was like why is she nervous about singing on stream if she is used to performing? Then I realized it's because she NEEDS from a deep need to control her "image." She is trying to make sure every talent she shows or every story or attribute she lets her audience see is shockingly great, and she expects them to be blown away. She doesn't want to be herself and have people like her for her, she wants people to fall at her feet and be blown away by her, and I think that distinction is along the lines of what you're saying and is an important part of her personality.

No. 281751

She's guesting on WinkietheTwinkie's YouNow and she just sang some parody song of Britney Spears…voice was good but…the song was about anal so…

No. 281753


Why does he think she's a lesbian? I mean sure she looks like she could be but from what she's said she's only dated guys.

No. 281755

Every time she is with anyone else/in another video/on a stream with others she is so much more vulgar. I wonder if she keeps herself clean in her vids and streams for her young fans or what because it seems her real personality is negative, clinging to drama, saying she is being positive rants for an hour on how she is sad and everything sucks give me sympathy wallowing, bitter, vulgar, and deeply impacted by others so much that it throws off her whole day and life. That's not even me trying to be rude…it's observable.

No. 281759

I hadn't noticed her keeping her videos and streams any cleaner, she's always vulgar…which bothered me because much of her audience is very young…not that teenagers don't curse themselves but she gets excessively raunchy in a way that's really 18+.

No. 281760

All of her emotions BUT anger are acting if you look really closely.
The cheery cheer is obviously fake, and the sadness is very forced also. She will dramatically pause and make forced sad faces to make something seem very sad. She's been actually sad a few times and it's a much different tone and expression than her pity parties. But her rant video that she apologized for, that was the candid moment.

No. 281761

She just mentioned onion and said she's gonna put up a new song about him.

No. 281763

If she goes after Onion again with all this info that's been leaked…Onion could "expose" her. Isn't he infamous for stalking threads that have anything to do with him?

Sage for slight OT/tinfoil

No. 281764


She needs to choose serious commentary (he must be stopped he is disgusting and doing immoral things and it's a serious problem) OR playful disdain (a song about him and memes of her shooting him with lasers or whatever tf is all over her twitter). It completely invalidates her trying to get anyone to take seriously the damage his forum and videos have done when she plays along completely by memeing all of it and stooping to his level.

I'm actually mad she hasn't kept her composure about it because her first videos on him were spot on.

No. 281767

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh my gosh. Imagine a video of him going over her old tumblr.

No. 281769

I am so torn on the idea of this. I think it would be a little low for him to use really old info when his old info is equally insane and I doubt he would fuel her fire, but he has no shame and he could completely stop her career. Actually, no. I hope he doesn't do it, because then she can garner sympathy from thousands of other people who hate him already. I hope they become best friends and date and get married so they can both just stop.

No. 281772

It sets up huge red flags because she is mentally not okay and likely never has been from the information release. People just fall for her act. This seems to be more about control than anything. Control over her fans, her image, even the whole Onision obsession make a LOT more sense when you think about it.

OMG. That's messed up. She wanted to control Onision, and Onision didn't go along…making her even more obsessed. Might be onto something here. And the more he doesn't give in..the more the obsession grows…she literally CANNOT stop herself.

No. 281774

Oh it would be completely low of him but like you pointed out it's pretty on par with his character. Honestly I hope he doesn't but his views are low right now and we all know, including Joy, just what lengths Onion will go to for views.

No. 281776

The way she was fired up when she showed pics of herself being skinny just a year ago shows how obsessed she is with her image. If she was going to start a YouTube channel she thought she needed a good excuse for why she gained 50lbs in a year and doesn't have a job. She knew people would comment about not having a job, the weight however is in her own head, she's not obviously fat just not as thin as she'd like. She thinks being seriously ill is the perfect excuse. I've been watching her a while and with the frequency and length of her streams, how she always appears to be full of energy & vigor, and the amount of videos she puts out sometimes twice a day - there's no way her "illness" is as severe as she says it is.

No. 281777

a clash of cows would be hilarious and a welcome distraction right now but then again we're dealing with two unstable people and i sincerely don't want anything bad to happen. sage for pettiness

No. 281778

I agree and I think the good news for her is that she's not as sick as she thinks. She is probably actually fine and could get back to whatever state she wants to if she can address the mental things. I think things in her life went unexpectedly/wrong and she was so shaken that she needed an answer and being sick gave her that answer, then the feeling of the sympathy and excuse became so powerful that she got hooked and made it worse and worse until now she really does have an issue.

No. 281781

If onision did go through her old blog and such, it'd probably be pretty effective garnering "bigger youtuber goes after little youtuber" and petty revenge righteous indignation. Her new bffs would probably fall right in line. A win win for the Onion man.

No. 281784

But even her YouTube friends always go after weird beliefs and they tend to be on the logical/agnostic side. Idk if they could defend angel ascension. They could defend privacy…but then she has gone after onion in so many ways…I think defending her would put them in a hole.

No. 281786

I disagree. The released information shows that she has probably always been like this. She has just over time learned how to lie better. She has bragged a few times about sales and marketing…she very likely knows exactly what she's doing and gets a thrill out of seeing how many people she can get away with fooling.

Agreed. This situation is disturbing. Its just a matter of time before someone is hurt trying to follow her advice, or does something based on her general sense of paranoia.

If these threads are any kind of a clue, like people within a cult the more impressionable kids or gullible types will defend anything she says no matter how extreme. That's one of the worst parts…they are enabling her insanity and feeding the cancer.

No. 281872

No. 281909

Livestream meltdown.
-Complete sob story, now said medical treatment 'may not happen'. Did we call that or what? More will it or won't it hype.
- "black hole type of person" that brags about having haters. Doesn't get that she is exactly the same.
-says she doesn't go snooping around on Onision, then hypes the info she has while saying she doesn't want to release it. I think we all know better by now.
-"If this person gets more attention than me, something is gonna happen"
I would say that sounds like a threat.
-This is complete cancer. Waterworks and emotional manipulation to get the sensitive people in the crowd to feel sorry for her.
- "i scream for everyones rights" …no, you scream for attention. You have only cared about yourself with every stream, every video.
-Talks about freedom of the press, pulls what she did in here.

Some of the highlights before I just had to close the livestream. I don't understand how people can fall for this shit.

No. 281923

HOLY FUCK. she is giving a fan advice on treating cancer ~~naturally~~ ..

fuck this cunt. SERIOUSLY.

No. 281924

And she's saying now the "illness" has thrown everything off. Once again, its all the illnesses fault but she just announced..wait for it…more Onision videos.

No. 281929

Oh dear God! She is going to give some girl advise in alternative cancer treatments. This loony bitch is going to end up killing someone.

No. 281933

fucking agree. she's awful.

No. 281951

Wow. She's really laying it on thick talking to Gina.

No. 281961


Would this be what Joy's talking about regarding Copper toxicity?

No. 281973

Why TF is lolcow and pretty little liars switched and why are the posts fucked?

No. 281980

Apparently, it's an April fools day prank but a day early?

No. 281985

i just wanted to post about Yumo King and this is what is happening.. This is just annoying more than just a prank?

No. 281986

Yes, I think it's an April fools day thing and I agree it's annoying as fuck and I don't know if everyone will catch on either.

No. 281988

Oh no the Apricot Muffin and Robert Pattinson pics are back…is this an April fools thing too? because that's even worse than annoying if it is, it's going to trash up this thread forever.

No. 281992


This is maybe a bit petty… but if she supposedly has experience with business and marketing, why do her videos look so terrible? What with that intro she has and the thumbnails. Her presentation leaves much to be desired, both on YouTube and off.

No. 281995

I've always wondered that. She seems to be allergic to editing her videos…so they end up a rambly repetitive mess.

No. 281998

Does she definitely have experience in marketing though? I know it said that on the LinkedIn but couldn't she have lied when she wrote it or does it not work that way on linkedin? I found her private Facebook and added some people, 33 accepted. She's friends with many people involved in marketing but so far all those I've spoken to have said they know of her because she added them, but theyve never met her.

No. 281999


b4 I post this, tldr: if she thinks this shit is true, she's crazy, and if she's just saying it's true, she's an easily proven liar

If Kati's basing her evidence for her illness off of this organization's "research" (or even this general school of thought), there are some big red flags:

1. I know she claims to have fibro, and I know fibro is a genuine illness, but it's also one of the most common Choice Munchie illnesses there is, which is suspect enough given her personality and everything else.

2. In the case of this particular claim regarding toxicity, she would be implying that the "copper toxicity" from her IUD (which we have already proven via actual medical research to likely be false unless she had undiagnosed Wilson's Disease) caused her fibro, therefore also rendering her fibro to be a (most likely) false claim. Womp, womp.

2a. Not to mention that fibro is generally considered by recognized health professionals, including rheumatologists (to whom patients with a fibro diagnosis end up going) as not having any specific or known cause… let alone any vitamin/mineral related causes.

3. The references used for this page are questionable at best, harmful at worst, and include use of W.G. Crook's research, who promoted the use of antifungals to treat "yeast overgrowth in the intestines" which he believed could be caused by (insert drumroll) birth control (among other things). If you search for Crook or his research on any certified/notable medical database, generally the only thing you will find is papers rejecting anything he's ever claimed (or nothing, because nobody with real medical credibility gives two shits about his research). Some of the sources listed also list Crook as a source for their research within their own respective materials.

4. Another source here is an L Wilson, who, iirc, had his medical license revoked after going to court for a 250k lawsuit because the meds he was giving to a patient of his presumably led to her dying of a heart attack because she didn't actually need them.

Now, I don't know if this particular website is what Kati and her "doctors" are basing their beliefs about her health on, but I would like to point out that these sources being referenced on this website are also very widely referenced in the world of pseudoscience in general. Take some time to research some things like Candidiasis Hypersensitivity, Wilson's Syndrome (not Wilson's Disease), Rope Worms,and Leaky Gut syndrome, and you will find these people talked about at least once in your research, just like Kati probably has… and they're basically confirmed frauds.

Saging because I wrote a lot, but I just wanted to try to help prove that she's wrong, sorry.

No. 282004

Ah, Thanks for the insight. It's one of the links I've seen on the first page when I searched Fibromyalgia and copper toxicity together.

No. 282006

con·cern trol·ling
noun informal derogatory
the action or practice of disingenuously expressing concern about an issue in order to undermine or derail genuine discussion.

No. 282009

Hmmm. What have we not discussed?

No. 282010

Anyone know?

No. 282011


This is one of the scientific studies done on the copper IUD to see if it raised blood serum levels in the body but they found no statistical difference in serum levels between the active & control groups, they only found increased copper localized to the uterus and fallopian tubes which is part of how the IUD works.
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No. 282021

Her new video is actually coherent with valid points. Not that I agree with it all, but she seems to have her points together and her train of thoughts is back to being clear.

No. 282022

The one study that did find somewhat raised blood serum levels of copper for women with a copper IUD. Normal range is 80-163 mcg/dl, while the study found a mean level of 216 mcg/dl but you don't start seeing side effects until around 286 mcg/dl. The only conclusion they reached is that more testing needs to be done. They only had a sample size of 86 people with an IUD and 8 without. You generally need a bigger sample group than that in a study for the statistical findings to mean anything.

She claims to have been tested for copper in her blood and was found to have raised levels. However, copper toxicity is treated with chelation therapy using a molecule that binds to Cu metal ions such as EDTA. It is not treated using Zinc (another heavy metal) or Vitamin C the way she is claiming.
This is me, All of me and I want you in anyway I can. That I love you.

No. 282023

No. 282040

>Some people, legit, do NOT have lives… holy shit! The amount of CRAZY out of some people is so scary its just funny. Have fun loons!

Mmmhm. How many livestreams have you been on today? Just wondering.

No. 282043

Her new video on Onision is SO annoying. She is saying he's being "overly dramatic" about his channels and that she is giving him "sound business advice."

If you haven't seen it, watch it. Ultimate milk and cringe.

Why is she so willing to give only him "compassion and forgiveness" and say she loves him as a human in almost every video, but she goes off the handle on haters. She gushes over him positively for the small thing and her crush is getting so hard to cover. Anyway new video tldr is that she is the expert in internet, business, and youtube and he needs to calm down and listen to her.

No. 282084

File: 1491018303633.png (75.64 KB, 635x635, tipper2.png)

Some dumb cunt is going around tipping the cows.

No. 282086

File: 1491018343452.png (20.34 KB, 585x137, tipper.png)

You're not doing any favors, faggot.

No. 282092

oh, fucking GREAT.

No. 282095


Oh my god. Couple this with the current prank, this is gonna be a pain to wade through. grabs a helmet
"for every dream shattered another comes true, but when my dreams are broken yours are broken too."

No. 282099

Don't worry about it, that post was 7h when anon posted here.

No. 282120

File: 1491021769964.jpg (68 KB, 288x191, Kayser-Fleischer_ring.jpg)

Acute symptoms of copper poisoning include vomiting (with or without blood), low blood pressure, lesions, black "tarry" feces, coma, jaundice, and gastrointestinal distress. Chronic exposure to excessive amounts of copper can result in liver or kidney damage. The treatment of choice for copper toxicity is with the drug penicillamine and the chelating agent dimercaprol. There is some evidence alpha-lipoic acid may be a mildly effective chelator for tissue-bound copper. Unless you received a toxic dose of copper in a short period of time or a have genetic issue like Wilson's disease that interferes with the normal metabolism of copper, any excess amounts of copper will be removed by the liver into the bile and excreted. People with Wilson's disease or those chronically exposed to excessive amounts of copper will often have visible deposits in their irises called a Kayser-Fleischer ring.

Even if you could get copper poisoning from an IUD, Kati isn't displaying the known symptoms nor is she taking the treatment for it. If she really did show elevated levels of copper in her blood, a medical doctor would have immediately tested her for Wilson's disease. This is part of why seeing a naturopath isn't a good idea, they don't have the medical background to understand what their tests might be indicating…either that or Kati is making up she was tested

No. 282136

NO, NO, NO…"natural" cures for cancer don't work. This is so dangerous to promote. Patients might think they can try a natural cure first but when it doesn't work they finaly run to get medical treatment and by then it might be too late, the cancer has spread and there's nothing that can be done to save them. The treatments themselves can even be harmful.


No. 282141

There are treatments for fibromyalgia, doctors do not just say "You're fucked, there's nothing you can do and push you out the door" the way she is claiming. Some of the more popular medications are Lyrica, Cymbalta and Savella.

No. 282153

She says she is not kati smith but there is an old myspace with that name and her photos on it
+++ Ehlers-Danlos/Hypermobility Syndrome +++ autistic and proud +++ PC gaming

No. 282154

Honestly that could've been a stage name.

No. 282157

Her rape jokes on younow were bizarre. She kept going on and on and people said they felt uncomfortable. If Onision had made those jokes she would have made a video complaining about it
+++ Ehlers-Danlos/Hypermobility Syndrome +++ autistic and proud +++ PC gaming

No. 282158

No. 282159

There isn't enough copper in an IUD to cause problems. If that was the case I would be sick as I had one in for 15yrs. Due to depression I never went to a doc in 15yrs

No. 282168

She mentioned that her roommate is her ex

No. 282169

Guess she never thinks dude might want to move the fuck on away from her and stop leeching off of him.

No. 282170

No. 282181

If she thinks her excuse that she has had two mysterious illnesses in the past explains the info we found showing she's been this sick before she's mistaken. It would make sense except for one thing….why do all her illnesses have the same symptoms? And each time her doctors say it's anxiety disorder but each time she thinks it's caused by something different, something very unusual that's not supported by medical science. Her story has too many inconsistencies but she wonders why people think she's either exaggerating or faking. The story about her getting free testing & treatment from "important friends" of course falls thru after we pointed out how ridiculously unlikely it sounded. Maybe she realized how difficult it would be for her to keep up that ruse, how much research she would have to do to come up with a convincing diagnosis to bail her out. We didn't believe her copper IUD toxicity story, whatever she came out with would have to be much more convincing, maybe she decided it was too much work so just backed out instead.

No. 282191

Honestly I don't know if it's that thought out on her part. She could actually think she's sick, but I think she has a serious mental illness that's causing this. Maybe she's a hypochondriac, who knows? I don't know if she is deliberately coming up with all of these stories to elicit sympathy and attention or not… if she is, she needs to be bitch slapped. However, I think she needs some serious psychological help.

No. 282211


You understand that these 'best in the world' specialists could be crackpots she met online, right. She hasn't said she's going to a Mayo clinic.

No. 282213


"Theres some illness Joy is supposedly dealing with that in her own words went from random to cyclical…even though no illness in human history has EVER done such a thing."

Mental illness?

No. 282214


best typo ever.

No. 282236

She didn't specify Mayo clinic but she did say "one of the best doctors in the country at one of the best hospitals"…now that could mean anything from the Mayo clinic to some crackpot she met online that's promising her things they actually don't have access to just to get her attention…or she's making the whole thing up.

No. 282247


when building a cult you need an enemy to cause the plebs to rally to your defense. would make sense for her to drop her own name cuz ya'al were not getting to it fast enough. she foreshadowed that she expected to be doxxed early on in a video where she said she wanted to keep her privacy as long as possible. the doxxing is part of the narrative. look for miraculous healing with associated divine callin message when her 'treatment' terminates early (cuz rent will be due)

No. 282319

Yay, she has a new video up.

No. 282324

Onision got a lot of attention for being depressed.. guess she decided to try that. :/

No. 282325

anyone pick up on the fact that she is pretty much trying to make her roomate feel sorry for her? "as soon as you meet the right person I'm gone" wow… way to make someone feel like shit

No. 282326

that was total cringe. someone needs to get her committed.

No. 282327

she is actually trying to keep him from finding anyone by saying shit like that to him

No. 282329


I bet ex noped the f out of there and am willing to bet roommate is running to CA to get away from her. those types don't leave w/out police escort and they know the system to avoid triggering such things.

No. 282330

Her roomate is her ex
"Behind every brilliant mind there lies a Monster..."

No. 282331

i took it that there are 2 ex-s. one she wants back with and roommate who's just a way-station kind of thing.

No. 282333

Could be. Honestly I feel sorry for her roomate… if I had to live with her I probably would've eaten a bullet by now tbh

No. 282342

Now she posts a depression video right after she tore apart gerg for the same exact thing. They are so similar but she doesn't see it. She says he wants attention but when she does the exact same thing it's fine…

No. 282346

I think she really does think she is sick but also think she wants to be sick. Otherwise she would have at least tried the anxiety medication that all the real doctors said she needed. But no, anxiety doesn't garner her enough sympathy attention so it can't be that…
Promise not to tell on me...
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No. 282395

I am friends with her and I am getting sick of her shit. It's constant lies and I want to confront her but can't bring myself to.
I just think she needs to grow the fuck up and stop lurking around 12 year olds. I am 30 myself. I find it odd that she is constantly mongering compliments and sympathy from people by acting sick. At first I thought this forum was full of completely psychotic idiots who had no idea what they were talking about but now I see it this way and it's disgusting. I feel bad for the people she's manipulating
Vegetarian [somewhat] - Dx: Social Anxiety/Depression/Bullimia - Pansexual - dd/lg - I like Offensive memes and Joji

No. 282406


Then tell her that anyway. Unless, she doesn't mean that much to you?
"for every dream shattered another comes true, but when my dreams are broken yours are broken too."

No. 282413

She's just told someone she has cancer
Kudos to whoever called it!

No. 282414

Where? What the fuck?

No. 282422


She "has" cancer or she "is" cancer?

No. 282427

She HAS cancer apparently

No. 282431

Lol, if true I was the one who called it but where did she say this? She hasn't streamed in 18 hrs and her last video was about being depressed and didn't notice her saying it there, so…? For now, this seems like gossipy bullshit but I'd love proof.

No. 282479

She just put up a new video again. In it she says she doesn't have insurance because she can't full out the forms but she doesn't want to burden her roommate with asking for help with them. But sure by all means leech off of him and invade his home but don't asknow him for help with something that could UNBIDDEN him from you.

Every video she posts is damage contol now and that's all she talks about on younow. It's so obvious she is covering all the lies.

She does think she is sick but not as bad as she says and she doesn't want to get better because then what could she use for attention and a meal ticket. She is a disgusting leech that I wish would fall in a pile of salt.
Promise not to tell on me...
He said to me, "I know where you've been, I already heard you binge and you purge" - Hole, "Old Age"

No. 282487

Still not sure where she says she has cancer?

No. 282489

the damage control is real, her videos are pathetic. She's clearly lying out of her ass and trying to cover her own tracks
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To defeat the huns

No. 282490

She's starting to remind me of emilyispro.

No. 282491

Confirmed joys cancer claims.

No. 282496

I agree. She says she won't apply for disability out of pride because she doesn't want to see herself that way yet spends an inordinate amount of time talking about how serious her illness is and how helpless it makes her. Her latest video seems to be damage control and an attempt to shame people for questioning her because "we weren't really listening." No honey, the problem is we were listening too closely & noticed the inconsistencies in your story. She's spending so much time defending herself against the questions and negative comments that it makes what she's saying sound even more suspicious and ends up bringing up even more questions. Because she spends so much time trying to counter what we are saying in this thread it confuses the fuck out of her casual viewers so even they start wondering what the fuck is going on with her. This obsessive need to prove her "haters" wrong is not at all healthy.

Btw…What TF is a "near" collapse or an "almost" blackout?

No. 282512

Polite? She is far from polite.She has a disgusting mouth. The other day on younow she kept making rape jokes and people were saying thry felt uncomfortable. If Onision had done that she would have went crazy on him

No. 282514

screencaps? anything? no ones gonna take a baseless claim around here

No. 282524


Doctor told her that hospitalization might diagnose something that would make her uninsurable in Feb 2016. UM… no doctor would do that, especially with a potential heart condition. That is a basis for law suit. In 2016, in the US, most people are mandated to have health insurance. The ability for insurance companies to not insure based on pre-existing condition was terminated in about 2014. So, that conversation was wildly irresponsible on the part of the doctor who should have at least known that pre-existing conditions were no longer permitted as a reason to deny health insurance.

Fibro alone is not a good chance of disability because MANY MANY people live and work with it. I was one of them. Also, if she's not held a job for long enough, she wouldn't be eligible no matter what her "illness" is.

FOR ANYONE WITH THE INSURANCE ISSUES IN THE US… there are county offices and they will sit down with you to go through the forms. I had an issue with comprehension and the local office sat down with me to go through the insurance forms. For disability, most counties have social security offices and they offer the same thing. They even do it over the phone, so you don't have to leave your house. (My county office w/the health insurance also does that over the phone).

ALL COUNTY OFFICES have at least knowledge of medical transport services to cover their entire county. IF YOU NEED TRANSPORT call them. Under certain income, it could be for free. Over that level, it is very affordable and you just need to schedule it a few days (usually at least three) in adavance. They'll tell you how much it's going to be if you're going to be charged. They pick you up at your door and drop you off at the doctor's office, then do the trip home. This is a service that has to be in place for disable and elderly citizens, but anyone can use it if they schedule their appointments.

Fibro is not a "life sentence" they way she make it out. There are ways to treat it and manage it. And, it does go away for some people. She does not look like a person with fibro because the body pain has a tendency to cause you to not bounce around any more than you have to. On my bad days, even breathing was something that I would have preferred to avoid. AND, I was still working a physical job at that point.

I wouldn't push for her to leave her apartment because mental illness is far less stable than fibro.

No. 282534

It's weird, if she were 40yo I would think she was peri-menopausal with they way she acts and the things she describes. Vegitarianism, extreme diets, and similar things can trigger early menopause?

Also, she had 2mo in a hyper mode and now seems to have crashed… like a bi-polar disorder. Her entire channel looks like what someone with histrionic personality disorder would produce. Especially the constant younow streams.

No. 282535

Thank you. I had posted earlier that the way she portrays fibro is inaccurate. Doctors do not tell you you'll have it for life with no cure or treatment, you just have to deal with it & push you out the door the way she claims she was told. There are several medications approved by the FDA specifically for the treatment of fibromyalgia. A medical doctor would have gone over the treatment options with her, insurance or not. There are programs to get medication free if you are uninsured & can't afford it. I used to work for a doctor and would fill out the forms for these patients to receive free or discounted medication directly from the pharmaceutical companies - they would mail it to us and the patient would come pick up their 3 month supply. And yes, there is all kinds of help for elderly/disabled/shut-ins who need government assistance of some kind, many programs can even be applied for over the phone if you need help. She's not as "fucked over" as she's making out….which leads me to believe she is exaggerating at least some of her issues.

I feel bad for her poor roommate who seems to be too nice for his own good, he allows her to take advantage of him in a way that's not really fair. The fact she would tell him she'll take off suddenly in the night if he ever finds the right person is one hell of a guilt trip, she seems to specialize in those and "feel sorry for me" pity parties.

No. 282540

"Thank you. I had posted earlier that the way she portrays fibro is inaccurate. Doctors do not tell you you'll have it for life with no cure or treatment, you just have to deal with it & push you out the door the way she claims she was told."

Yup. My poor doctor had to go through a ton of shit with me because I would come in to each visit with a list of "potential stuff" (other than fibro) to rule out. I went through an entire summer trying to figure out why every fiber in my body hurt like hell on a continuous basis. We tried different drugs. Some worked, then quit working. Some relieved the pain, but destroyed the rest of my system. Many made it hard to focus to work, so there was that issue too. BUT, I'll give him credit, he was very willing to work with me in trying to figure out what was going on. I was not insured at first, then with ACA was able to get on extended medicare.

People bad mouth the government, but if anyone reading this is having problems… yes, they're understaffed and it'll take forever to get an appointment… but once you get the appointment, they are very good at going through the various programs that you might not know about. Ours has a great food bank. AND, they are accustomed to working with disabled people. I've always found them to be very nice and very understanding about when you need help with stupid stuff like forms.

No. 282541

You know I hadn't really made the connection before but I think you might be right about the bipolar thing. Her channel does seem that way with her livestreaming as often as several times a day and the constant manic ranting in her videos interspersed with depressive lows where she gets really down on herself. I don't think she's been diagnosed with anything other than anxiety and panic attacks but it wouldn't surprise me to find out she's bipolar too.

No. 282548

File: 1491109466622.png (162.75 KB, 841x653, i2JBIEy.png)

"Life is but a dream for the dead."

No. 282550

periomenopause isn't early menopause exactly, it's just the long, long stretch of time before menopause (which is the date one year from your final period). you're right about how if she was older it could be that, but she sounds like she's got untreated issues going back to her teens.

No. 282551

Well, looks like Joy's viewers are either giving her advice, calling her out, or sharing their own troubles to her.


No. 282579

Wow, really? What kind of rape jokes? I'm really sorry I'm asking that but I just can't imagine Joy doing it. I thought she was crazy but sensitive, well, in a way.
"Man may have discovered fire, but women discovered how to play with it."

No. 282648

After watching the entirety of her new video, I'm honestly getting sick to fucking death of her whining… and looking at her comments… a lot of others are too. I hope this means the demise of her channel.

No. 282662

Aren't we technically defeating the object of making her irrelivant by giving her attention here.. we all know she lurks here.. and we all know she thrives off the attention… so why are we doing this? Doesn't it seem a bit pointless? We all know she's full of shit. If we leave her to it I'm sure her channel will collapse in on its self eventually

No. 282664


Her dad has bipolar. She mentioned this in earlier videos. I don't think she has it though. Her moods change far too quickly (multiple times a day). Seems more like BPD or another personality disorder.

No. 282675

The reason I've kept up with this thread is because I used to be a fan and defended her on a regular basis. I remember how betrayed I felt when I figured out I had been lied to & manipulated…so I stick around for her other fans who might be going through the same thing and want answers now.

No. 282685


Agreed… the multiple swings a day make me think of the histrionic personality disorder. But, look at energy level between 10 days ago and last few days. She does have a larger swing going on. Like she built up to bat shit crazy streaming and with the vulgarities… then went "pop"… could just be the deaths affecting her too.

But, she definitely needs mental health assistance.

No. 282699

I'm new just here from Jamie Fischers videos on Joy Sparkle BS . The convos which were revealed by a friend of Joys to Jamie made me uneasy. It looked like joking but if it was for real, wtf? if she actually believes Zaldarf or whoever is speaking to her and telling her to cleanse the soul with it. Telling other people this is very alarming too. This just seems like a joke. But, if Joy Sparkle BS is trying to tell people to use hydrogen peroxide to cleanse themselves then she needs to be stopped.

No. 282701

No. 282712

Can somebody who's watched this provide a synopsis?

No. 282714

Wait I actually watched her video and the part about asking for money for a "cult" is obviously a joke about the cult, but if it's a real text, why was she actually asking for money when she says she refuses to do that? And why would someone who gave her money turn on her so fast? I'm trying to stay fairly neutral but that raises more questions. I wish I wasn't giving a few to Jamie tho.

No. 282718

It's scary if it's true or not. It's a series of "receipts" on texts between Joy and fans, where she allegedly asks for money to feed imaginary cats and explains that she followed a cult called "Zorlafians of the Free Minds." One person explains to Jamie via text that she was a fan but when they privately skyped, Joy showed her that she actually bought cat food for her imaginary cats and that she is actually starting a cult, and asked the fan to come meet her and her roommate. The fan said she felt bad for Joy. It all looks ridiculous. If it's true, I'm disturbed because it's weird. If it's not, that's actually stupid and unnecessarily trying to upset Joy. I stay fairly neutral but faking something to try and make her look this crazy is just rude. Idk but it just rubbed me the wrong way because at the end of the day Joy is just one person and she's obviously suffering with several things. I'm all for being critical and trying to get to the bottom of someone who puts herself out there but this is a different kind of unsubstantiated attack if it's fake screenshots. The video is unsettling.

No. 282719

Yeah. I didn't watch it that closely, tbh, but it smacks of personal vendetta rather than "objective investigation" or whatever.

No. 282722

I'm just gonna post this here since Joy's DMs are closed and we all know she reads here anyways
What she's describing sounds like it could be dysautonomia and I wonder if she's looked into that, a lot of doctors don't know what it is but it's fairly common and has a broad range of symptoms that can range from mild to severe

No. 282724

That video deeply unsettled me. I don't really know why, but it makes me actually feel protective of Joy…which shocked me because I've always been critical of her. It's just that while Joy might be attention-seeking, delusional, wallowing, and fake— Jamie comes off as fully insane, vicious, unbridled, and completely unaware of reality yet deeply confident. It makes me want to keep her away from Joy and I've been here dying of laughter about even the mean posts on Joy for weeks.

No. 282725


It's a lot of nothing-burger. The text convo posted earlier in this thread + more text convo and a screen capped image of $20 supposedly sent to Joysus. Any or all of it could be real or could be fabricated.

It doesn't take away from the fact that the girl (Joy Sparkle BS) is bat shit crazy and in serious need of professional help. I do believe people are sending her funds behind the scenes. Not sure if those YouNow streams also net her money or not (a lot of those streaming sites provide tipping systems).

Long story short, she (Joy Sparkle BS) is begining to look like the crazy lady that stands on the street corner panhandling. Ebegging has been around for a very long time, so she's not the first. Mentally ill people suck in big bucks because they trigger that empathy in people who feel bad for them.

Is Joy Sparkle BS a fraud? She'll probably head down that road if she's not netted and institutionalized first. That just seems to be the way it goes with these types. (Notice how she avoids anything with public accounting like Patreon and stuff?)

No. 282729

The idea of her saying publicly that she won't accept money but she is leeching it from likely teenagers privately is so disturbing. I agree that it seems like she would accept money privately. But it's just a feeling.

No. 282735


Look up mirror neurons. Her straight on, face forward videos openly wailing are very effective in forcing a feeling of connection in any one open to it. (e.g. your disgust doesn't over ride it) It's a very good technique to pry those $20 bills out of pockets. Think of it like the baby that gets hurt and cries openly, reaching out for consolation.

Then look at the other woman's videos… face down, to the side. That's a protective / defensive posture. Your limbic system reaction is to distrust that which is not openly "trusting" you. Think of it like meeting a human from another tribe type thing.

Of the two… Joy Sparkles BS appears to be the more effective con artist. Some are effective through training (Irish Travelers are a culture built on this idea), others are just natural manipulators. People often call them psychopaths, but most of them are just varying levels of narcissists that understand that getting people to feel small degrees of compassion for them (e.g. List a bunch of stuff beyond your control, then say "it was my own stupid fault") will bind people into eventually defending the most heinous shit imaginable in the long run because you get entangled in "confirmation bias."

Look at Jim Jones. He got people in poverty to "connect to him" and built that through "the big mean gubmint!" until he had over a thousand people that offed themselves to "show the man!" that they didn't want to be controlled by gubmint!

The best way to start such things… do a small favor (or be seen doing a small favor) for someone out of the goodness of your heart and for "no gain." It's in all the marketing courses. E.g. give the "customer" (aka mark) a free pen to keep.

No. 282740

This is exactly the clarity I was seeking LOL thank you!!! That's definitely it. Something about Jamie is just SO off. And Joy definitely knows how to manipulate.

No. 282748

Damn! She must be obsessive about this thread. She's already streamed about it and now she has new symptom of "trouble breathing" that causes pain. Hmmm…. someone just mentioned that above somewhere….

Apparently, the person who sent the money for cat food was an "accidental prank that went to far." She's allergic to cats, so can't live with them. Didn't catch the part explaining why she'd show cat food in the house, but am sure it was for an elderly neighbor who's having a worse time than she is. :-)

No. 282757

honestly i keep hoping she'll be hospitalized or some shit and do videos in the hospital and we'll finally have proof she's actually sick because it makes me really sad to think there are people out there that can make shit like this up.

No. 282761

I just wish she would stop manipulating disabled people.

I want to see hard cold evidence she's actually sick, so part of me wants her to be hospitalised or show a second opinion diagnosis from
Someone who isn't her "neurologist"

No. 282762


Haven't you seen the mother that shaved her kid's head claiming the kid had cancer? There was a waitress that did something similar claiming that she herself had cancer. These scams stretched out over long periods of time until they got exposed. There are people out there who are just crazy and want attention any way they can get it.

Bat Shit Joy was an "indigo kid" hearing angels at 12yo and later a paid Angel Channeler. She's been attempting to "counsel" people since 2006, healer that she is. It sounds like her parents might have tried to get her treated, but failed. She has delusions of grandeur and this thread only confirms in her mind that "The Dark Forces" are threatened by her goodness and her life purpose. Plenty of people will get swept up in that shit. Even if they net her and haul her off for treatment, there will be a remaining group who will believe that she was the person who was in the right and that everyone else just didn't understand.

No. 282763

I have severe Asthma, and I have Crohn's disease. I deal with chronic fatigue all of the time, and I have literal -days- where I can't eat anything. I've been hospitalized repeatedly for my disease. For anyone faking shit like this, I hope they get what's coming to them. I hope they get exactly what they're dishing out and end up really screwed up health wise. Because there are those of us out there that are truly sick, who would give anything to be able to live a healthy, normal life, and you've got people like her lying and taking it for granted. Her getting on Youtube and making up things is a slap in the face to anyone facing a true illness. I work a full time job and take care of my family, there are millions of people who do it… she needs to use the energy she puts into whining into getting a job and getting her shit together. I don't care if she used to work… she is leeching off of her ex and her audience by making up these fake ass ailments for attention and sympathy. There is but one thing this girl needs and it's not donations, or fake doctor consultations, or more help… it's a foot in her ass and a reality check.

No. 282769


Sorry to hear about your situation. I agree totally with you. I fought a diagnosis of "fibromyalgia" because so many people use it as an excuse to not work and sit on their ass complaining. In the forums of people with chronic pain, you can see the people looking for solutions and who are trying to hold onto their jobs despite unpredictable pain levels. For her to sit on that couch bouncing around like that claiming to be experiencing pain makes me very angry. Especially when she throws her head back to swig the last of the crumbs out of a bag of chips right after claiming breathing problems that cause pain. She is so full of shit. When I have a flair, it makes all body movement HURT… I certainly am not throwing my head back over potato chip crumbs! At times, I'd be walking down a hallway and have to steady myself on a wall while I wait for a pain spasm to stop. That bitch has never had the pain she claims or she'd know what a piece of shit she's acting like.

No. 282770

Many hugs to you. I absolutely agree. She's acting like a complete cunt in the eyes of anyone legitimately dealing with poor health, and I wish these kids she's being worshipped by could understand and see what horseshit all of this is.

No. 282776

I just watched her video and yeah it was just a lot of speculation on her part, it did seem more like a personal vendetta than an objective investigation. She showed the faked screen grabs that were posted here and a conversation that seemed like a joke but she took it seriously. She claimed she was sent much better receipts like bank statements but she didn't want to post them to protect privacy (she was able to censor personal info in the "receipts" she did post so I don't see why that's an issue.) I'm all for exposing fakers and con artists if you have actual proof, part of why I like this thread is because we demand definitive evidence of claims and don't settle for unsubstantiated gossip, which is basically what Jamie's video boils down to. I agree that Joy is full of shit but Jamie's video doesn't do anything to expose that, if anything it does the opposite, making the people who call out Joy look like they have nothing real to base it on and are just petty, gossipy haters. Good job Jamie, you just made it look like Joy is an innocent party you are picking on out of spite.

No. 282796

Agreed. The bit about the cult was obvious misinformation that seems to have been 'leaked' to her in order to derail her later, and she fell for it.

On the note of the other stuff, it is really strange. Has anyone else noticed this? She surrounds herself with sick people, and then after they tell their stories she matches HER illness and HER feelings similar to theirs.

Then when anyone criticizes her, those same people are the first to defend her, as if they were the ones that got criticized.

No. 282802

100% yes. She matches everyone's misfortune because she is desperate (genuinely or for the sake of her channel) for people to believe she is suffering. I tread lightly on being critical of her seeking sympathy because I think she might be suffering from something and genuinely feel like she needs help and wants to feel better. But if it's proven she is accepting money secretly I'm done being sympathetic.

No. 282805


If you look at the comments in her YouNow, her fans keep begging her to setup a GoFundMe for her "medical bills." Its all too convenient. Plug the illness, muster sympathy, and when the fans beg you enough put something up and go "Hey, they begged me to do it."

Easy scam setup. Nothing showing her bills, either. She's already mentioned she's living rent free. (How many months?) Its an easy meal ticket with any critics being 'heartless monsters'.

No. 282815

I actually think she's been planning to start asking for money forever. If you listen closely to her older videos even she repeats "I won't accept money now but some day I might be in a very difficult financial situation and it's always good to help out." So many times she has said that in one way or another. It's like someone on the playground saying you don't HAVE to give me that bracelet of yours that I really like, but, I really like it and I always think friends should be open to sharing……

No. 282827

Yes, she is way too active and bouncy to have the pain she claims to. I have a very good friend who has fibro and she is very careful & deliberate with her movements there's no way she'd be able to do the things Joy does. The breathing problems seem to be a "new" symptom she's complaining about but in one of her latest videos, she said she had been experiencing this all along, as early as last year when she says she was hospitalized. Feeling like you are unable to catch a breath while having a tightening of the chest is yet another symptom of a severe panic attack…it literally makes you feel like you are having a heart attack and actually dying. It does feel different from a less serious panic attack, but that doesn't mean it's caused by something else. Stress is able to cause all sorts of physical symptoms, combine that with being prone to exaggeration & a serious attention-seeking syndrome and you have Joy. I do believe she is having some of the symptoms she claims but not that they are severe enough to prevent her from working, she exaggerates what is going on for sympathy. Just a tinfoil theory but it could be possible she is unable to leave her house due to agoraphobia, rather than the reasons she gives, she seems terrified of doing certain things like driving and won't leave the house even when she says she is having a good day & feels better. When my friend has a rare good day she takes full advantage and does as many things as possible that she couldn't previously do when her pain physically prevented her….she doesn't sit at home on the internet stuffing chips in her face.

No. 282835

I had also noticed that when I rewatched her early videos, she says don't give me money, I don't need it now but adds in that she might in the future, leaving open the possibility. Because asking for money is the one thing that usually tips off most people someone is a con artist, she instead goes out of her way to turn it down, and gains their trust instead so when she does coincidentally fall on hard times (and she will when she thinks she has enough supporters willing to give) she can point back at how she never asked before and wouldn't unless absolutely necessary…resulting in her getting a lot more money than if she had just solicited donations from random strangers from the very beginning. It's basically a long con, don't fall for it people.

No. 282838


There isn't much of a flock there to fleece. It makes sense that she'd wait until they're roped in good and tight and there are more of them. It's also helpful if she has a boogie man to drive donations… like the ebil haterz makez her haz to move NOW!

No. 282853


Are you saying she's even planned us? I knew she had the cult thing down but she can't be this good can she?

No. 282869

Sure, not to an exact degree but ALL Youtubers have haters.

No. 282880


I don't think it's planned so much as I've seen mental illness create this repeating cycle. Person seeks attention, gets some of it, need for attention increases, behavior gets extreme, at some point money becomes a form of the craved attention. See Briana Wu as an example. She very much rode the "I'mma victim!" wave to a substantial monthly income over an extended period of time. She even fomented and eventually faked "attackers" to continue her attention and revenue stream. Now, Wu is running for congress.

No. 282885


Now the younow things are starting to make sense, she's making fun of us. She knows that the Jamie chick is insane enough to swallow any bait you dangle and played her and she's done the same to us. She may or may not be sick but apparently she's some kind of evil genius

No. 282888


Honestly… i would bet that the jamie (blond chick in car?) thing was originally genuine and then the person who disclosed fessed up to Joysus who concocted the "joke" angle to cover it up. You'd be amazed at how narcissists can twist shit to their advantage. It isn't like those texts (if they were real) wouldn't have been recognized by joysus when she saw them. A narcissist takes pride in keeping people "close" and forgiving them and getting penance is a big boost to their psychie.

No. 282892


Another example… just look at Onision demanding that tattoo and wanting to chain that girl in the basement.

No. 282896

Nah. I came up with it. Joy just went along because I was bored and Jamie is annoying. So we went back and forth and I screen capped and sent them to Jamie. It was hilarious to me.

No. 282906


Well, there you go… straight from the disciple's keyboard. Although it does put a bit of a chink in the ol' Joy Sparkle BS integrity armor…. but, hey… was good for a laugh and who doesn't like hauling someone out for some good old fashioned ridicule after you've set them up. Good on Joy dumping that "hollier than than" act and getting down to good old fashioned bitchiness. :D

No. 282909

File: 1491180562532.png (136.65 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7766.PNG)

Yeah I was literally bored. Joy just went along for the ride

No. 282910

File: 1491180751998.png (138.46 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7767.PNG)

No. 282915

File: 1491181289336.png (122.28 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7768.PNG)

No. 282922

File: 1491181942647.png (150.69 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7769.PNG)

No. 282924


Who else thinks Shenision has a second phone and is doing these text conversations to her "inner alien self" angel that's "guiding" her on how to defeat the "Bad Forces"?

Can't believe the bunch of fucking idiots that follow that dumb bitch. Who know diarrhea fetishes were so wide spread.

No. 282925

She was definitely mocking Jamie because that bitch was stupid and just believed random screenshots. However, when it comes to us she gets extremely defensive and feels the need to constantly explain herself in light of the information we've dug up. Very different reactions so you absolutely know what's real and what's not just by how she responds to it.
We know screenshots can be easily faked using photoshop or even an app so we require better proof than Jamie, what a noob.

No. 282927

I'm trying to keep myself anon as to not get Jamie Leigh Blowupdoll backlash but if you need me to message proof to the mods that I'm not Joy, I will.

No. 282928


I know :-) These guys come up with a conspiracy, they say it first and are positive Joy said it before they did. She teases them about it on younow and Twitter and they get confused in here. But back on topic, Joy is crazy?

No. 282929

TBH the other person in those texts sounds like CyTheNerd (I think that's her YouNow name, they just call her Cy.) She was the one calling her Joythulusous in a livestream recently.

No. 282930

Nope! I'm not a youtuber, I'm not anyone of consequence. My biggest following is one my Instagram page I have for my cat.

No. 282931


That's Joys Twitter name, allot of her followers call her that

No. 282933

Joy and Cy came up with the name together on YouNow, she's now using on Twitter but that was the origin of it.

No. 282934


oops, ooops… the author of the texts was just on Shenision's livestream to ridicule blond lady after they set her up. You're not sticking to the script there alien-angel-guide.

Better check with your otherkin before you post again. :P

No. 282937

I'm at the laundromat. Not on a live stream.

No. 282938

Also, she never credited me and I wouldn't claim credit on any of my accounts to avoid the backlash. I have no "otherkin". You sound like you're 12.

No. 282942


"You sound like you're 12."

Yeah… I'm a bit old for the Shenision diarrhea worship crowd… but, I'm sending my allowance to her as soon as mom gives it to me and I get off restriction from the Interwebz.

No. 282952

You assume anyone who speaks to her worships her. I do not. We started talking when she was low in followers and we are just friends. I really don't understand what you are gaining by calling yourself old. Age does not denote level of maturity. You are just making yourself out to be an ignorant bully. I just came on here to try and show that Joy didn't come up with this as she it literally the furthest thing from malicious.

No. 282953


Wait… you come on here, claim to have faked the texts sent to blond lady and provide proof by posting more texts and think anyone is going to believe you? The diarrhea is deep with this one.

No. 282959

So you are saying you are the malicious one, not Joy? Well, Joy not only went along with it, she thinks it's hilarious so going with your own description of the act as something that is malicious, that means both of you are guilty of it. Not that I'm defending that idiot Jamie, cause I think the bitch was stupid. She was too wrapped up in getting revenge to realize she was being played.

No. 282961

Joy pretty much admitted this is what happened on her livestream so I don't think there's a huge incentive to fake those texts.

No. 282963

Ah~ Interesting.

No. 282972

Thank you! I was just bored and wanted to have some fun since Jamie blowup doll is annoying. That's the worst I've even called her, blow up doll. I felt like having some harmless fun and Joy decided to indulge my boredom. Sent her $20 on PayPal (which she sent back as soon as I screen capped) and made it look like a different date in ms paint (lol). I just wanted to see if Jamie would believe me and actually use the fake conversation Joy and I had and take it as fact.

No. 282974

And who the hell doesn't know who Hubert Cumberdale is? Did no one watch Salad Fingers as a teen???

No. 282982

Other than getting views for her pathetic channel, I can't really figure out why Jamie Leigh Fischer is so fixated on "exposing" Joy yet does such a poor job of it. There's tons of good believable evidence out there but Jamie instead uses questionable screenshots and something that was obviously a joke thinking what she has is some kind of "exclusive exposé." She just took this one person at their word and ran with it. It's so easy to fake screenshots, this person just admitted they did it with MS Paint of all things >>282972 Jamie should have done a lot more research and fact-checking and for fucks sake VERIFIED HER SOURCES before she released her shitty video.

No. 282990

This is really disturbing if this is what Joy is trying to do. Aside from gaining attention & sympathy, which I know can be reason enough, I didn't quite get why she was always playing the illness victim card so heavily….she uses it as an excuse for everything, from why her life is in shambles to little mistakes like pausing for too long or forgetting a word (which are things everyone does.) At first, I also thought her denying money was a good thing and made me think she was probably on the up & up but you are right, she's just denying it right now and has probably always planned to ask for money when her savings runs out. Sneaky bitch.

No. 282998

She's a huge fan of Onision, which says a lot about her intelligence and moral compass. That alone gives her reason enough to try to expose Joy.

Personally I think Joy should just move in with takedownman, then they can both be complete frauds together and live happily ever after, living off the money of people stupid enough to donate to them.

No. 283035

She's livestreaming now and she's in defensive mode again. She keeps saying that people who haven't gone through a serious illness don't understand what she's going through…what about the people who do have serious illnesses especially fibromyalgia that are calling you out? Do they not know what they are talking about too?

No. 283039

She called viciously out trolls in the stream. When can we move Joy's thread to /pt/?

No. 283040

I don't really follow this whole thing but she seems like more of a dull sad crazy person than a cow. She'd probably like the promotion to /pt/ just for the attention though.

No. 283042

She shamed the hell out of the lurkers in the chat, the poor things are posting trying to defend themselves saying they lurk because they are shy or just watching but it doesn't mean they are out to get her.

No. 283043

Her paranoia is showing. More damage control, more guilt trips, more emotional manipulation. I'm surprised how people can follow this lunatic.

"All lurkers aren't bad but some are snakes." Yeah, I know, like the woman calling herself Joy in the chat.

No. 283045

She responds to hate by constantly bringing up how she doesn't respond to it. Yeesh.

Joy might actually benefit from tumblr tier spoonie illness-is-my-identity shit but she seems to view those people with derision.

No. 283046

She doesn't believe in New Age indigo stuff BUT suddenly says that wait for it…she does still believe in it. WELL THANKS FOR SORTING THAT OUT FOR US.

No. 283047

Stress can all sorts of physical symptoms, including yes, even a raise in body temp. You are overworking yourself and no, doctors won't completely rule out a panic attack if you are having a fever. It could be just a temporary raise in temp or there could be other things going on at the same time….you are stressing out your mind & body and that also stresses your immune system which makes it that much easier for you to get sick from bacteria & viruses that are around you all the time but don't usually affect you.

No. 283048

she needs to get off the internet for a while, she's losing it.

No. 283052

Oh no. She's lost it. Need to get off the internet and into a psych ward. The more she's criticized, the crazier she gets. And now from the above we know she's trying to throw out misinformation as well. So she knows she is in the wrong.

No. 283053

Joy just defined "catfish" incorrectly.

No. 283054

agree. this is the most culty thing i've watched in a while. she's lovebombing some fan and asking everyone else to join in, while also proclaiming that assholes (outsiders) in the chat do not deserve love.

No. 283055

And now she's talking the suicide approach, saying she doesn't want to do it, but she wants to be cured or out of her body…because THAT isn't emotional manipulaton, everybody!

No. 283057


Your full of crap, I'm watching too and she did not say that at all.

No. 283059

She said that earlier in the stream. It's a very bizarre thing to say.

No. 283060

Breadstix from the chat here. I am living for her flip out LMAO… so much for not giving haters attention amirite? It's THAT easy to make her butthurt. That is my contribution to you guys tonight, hope you enjoyed.

No. 283061

Sorry for the lack of clarification, it was early on in the stream.

No. 283062

>Just a tinfoil theory but it could be possible she is unable to leave her house due to agoraphobia, rather than the reasons she gives, she seems terrified of doing certain things like driving and won't leave the house even when she says she is having a good day & feels better.

After reading this is I'm sure why she decided to tell everyone on younow she drove around the block. lol She dwells so hard on this thread and tries so hard to counter everything said here that it just makes her look worse.

No. 283063


Not sure if you noticed but she made you look like an idiot. Seemed like you helped her do it too.

No. 283064

>tipping cows

No. 283065

She made herself look like a hypocrite. She just got finished saying she wasn't going to give any attention to "haters," and boom… there it is.

No. 283067

lmao i was wondering if that was someone from here, you tried, but unfortunately you doubted joy's leadership. i guess that happens, kek.

No. 283068

"Leadership" is not a word I'd ever associate with Joy lol.

No. 283069


Or you were being an ass in her younow and she put you in your place?

No. 283070

Lol, if you consider calling her out being an ass, then I'll be an ass again to her. She needs more people calling out her bullshit.

No. 283071

You see the difference in how she reacts to this thread & Jamie LeFishface? She mocks & laughs at Jamie and her accusations don't seem to bother Joy in the slightest but she is obsessively defensive and sensitive about the things said here, constantly shaming the people who question her. I agree she included that part about driving around the block just to counter the agoraphobia theory…which was just wild speculation on my part so it seems weird to me that she felt the need to respond.

No. 283072

Being a dick to her in front of all her dumbass e-gifting fans just gives them more reason to hugbox Joy.

No. 283077

Or, maybe someone on there will see, yeah… there's something not right there. This thread isn't exactly hard to find and there are plenty of people on here that are dicks to her, so, same logic. You either support her lying to people or you don't and you call her on her shit… there's not much room for in-between, sorry.

No. 283079

the guy she's guesting (dylan) talks about trouble with relationships and then she goes on about how she understands how he feels because she's sick, she doesn't have family, etc
in what universe could she possibly understand the struggle someone with CP is going through??? I would never again be able to talk about myself like she does without feeling like complete crap

No. 283080


She laughed harder at fishface because that was a direct setup to make Jamie look like a bigger fool than she already is. This has gone from good, reliable information on her to a doxxing and then onto a rambling gossip site. New information on her can apparently be made up with no research and the only confirmation needed is to type CONFIRMED at the end. Is this lolcow or the Ellen show?

No. 283081

Easy one to figure here. More emotional manipulation. Steer away from the guest, get the attention back on her, and aim for pity again. She's fucked in the head.

No. 283083

She didn't mean "catfish" in the conventional sense of pretending to be someone you are not in order to trick someone on the internet into talking or being in a relationship with you, she was referring to "Catfischer" which is a nickname she gave to Jamie Leigh Fischer, this crazy lady with bad makeup who makes poorly constructed & unsubstantiated "exposed" videos about Joy using poor or fake evidence. Joy was laughing at her because she and a fan made up a fake cult scenario (involving a $20 payment to feed an imaginary cat) in order to bait Jamie - who fell for it and put it in her video.

No. 283086

She had all this super duper success, was making sooo much money that she has all these savings to live off but remember how many jobs were on her linked in? It was because she was at a lot of them for under a year.

No. 283087

if she has so much savings etc then why not live on her own? she feels so guilty about staying with roommate but doesnt seem to be in a hurry to move out. i'm sorry but she's not an invalid, she could live alone

No. 283089

YouNow = Moaning for Money?

No. 283090

How dare her, she's going to try to connect some handicapped kid with his favorite musician. Just who does she think she is being all nice. CONFIRMED

No. 283091

She's using this kid to make herself look better. When this falls through (and it will) and the kid is upset, then what? You don't make promises you can't keep.

No. 283092

Just because someone posts unsubstantiated bullshit gossip with CONFIRMED at the end doesn't mean the rest of us believe that person, in fact, I believe we called them out asking for proof of their claims. Even when people post screenshots here, we take them with a grain of salt because they are so easy to fake, one person even admitted their screenshots were faked. The part where I posted about her possibly having agoraphobia I prefaced by saying it was only a tinfoil theory, making sure everyone understood I had no evidence and it was just wild speculation. We still require real evidence here before we accept something as likely.

No. 283093

The act is kind, yes. In isolation. It doesn't erase her shitty acts. Sorry to break the news.

No. 283099


You prefaced your post, I remember it. Countless others have not. This has turned into a gossip thread. is what she's doing in real time on younow really milk? We already know what she does, how she acts, her M.O. Chatting about every word that comes out of the womans mouth belongs on messenger, or Dr. Phil. This pasture is full of tourists.

No. 283102

>is what she's doing in real time on younow really milk?

It depends, it might be milk or it might not. If it's new information or contradicts something else she said, possibly yes. If it's more of the same or just bitching, probably not.

It's really wonderful that she's trying to cheer up Dylan by trying to get him in touch with his favorite musician, she's really not all bad but no that's not milk.

No. 283110

Some of this thread has turned into pointless gossip but it comes with the territory. The point is we generally don't accept baseless accusations until believable evidence is given. Most of us have been pretty good at calling others out when they make some outrageous claim without proof or qualifying our own speculation as a "tinfoil" theory. Unfortunately, not everyone has been around long enough to understand the culture here. The bumbling noobs & Joy sycophants attempting to play both sides fuck it up pretty bad sometimes.

No. 283122

See the thing is, they enjoy fucking it up and so does joy, she loves it in fact because it's giving her attention. The more attention she gets the longer she stays relevant. Doxxing her clearly isn't going to stop her, I mean you tried, look how that panned out… so I now believe this thread is pointless for the simple fact she sends her minions to troll the shit out of it.
I feel like the thread should be let to die for a few weeks while people gather milk, take notes and see what she does when people stop giving her attention on here.

No. 283128


Nice try

No. 283132

Not trying anything I'm just hoping if we let the thread die a bit she will pull some next level marina Joyce shit

No. 283133

her meltdowns seem to be highly influenced by these exact threads, so stopping them would be the least effective farming technique.

No. 283136

>She laughed harder at fishface

No, Joy certainly laughed her ass off at Fishface but she was not laughing at the info uncovered in this thread at all, she was defensive and took a lot of time to give excuses and explain herself.

>This has gone from good, reliable information on her to a doxxing and then onto a rambling gossip site

It was good reliable info until one of her own butthurt fans came here and doxed her out of spite (which many of us agreed was petty but inevitable) then turned it into a bunch of rambling nonsense gossip precisely because more of her idiot minions came here to derail the conversation away from the doxing - they played both sides (badly) and posted obviously fake information to make it look like the people questioning her are just haters who will believe any unfounded rumor about her. Don't blame us for her damage control, we aren't responsible for the bullshit she and her little group of groveling lackeys produced.

It's giving her lots of negative attention and many have told her the way she obsesses over this thread is extremely unhealthy. I think she does see it as a way to stay relevant as long as she is able to manage it with damage control and minimize the loss of fans who find their way here. However, the main reason to keep up this thread is for them not Joy, it has turned around many of her previous defenders who were finally able to understand how they got used and manipulated by her after reading it. I'm willing to put up with a lot here because I used to be one.

Yes, exactly. She has been the source of nearly all her own milk…provoking a response will only result in more.

No. 283154

she says she didnt qualify for food stamps because of her savings, thats bullshit, they will still give you stamps even if you have small savings (which she claimed her savings were very little) some of the lies she tells are so easy to fact check

No. 283158

Who knows what she means by "very little" savings. Trump thinks 1 million is a "small" loan. However, since she said her savings wasn't enough to be able to chip in for rent, just part of the bills, it probably isn't all that much. And it depends on your state but since we think she's in Missouri I checked what the regulations were there. For one person they can receive up to $194/mo depending on income, the max income allowed for food stamps is $1,276/mo and you are not allowed to have resources more than $2,250 total at the time of application. If she has more than that she really didn't need to apply yet but she can try again when she has a lesser amount of savings and they will give her emergency food stamps for a short time. Even if she can't get food stamps there are lots of programs where they give you basic food items if you need help such as food banks & churches that have food programs, they have a website that shows where she can get help in her area feedingmissouri.org There are so many resources for people who need it if they just look, there's even a website to help you see what you qualify for http://mocor.mo.gov/

No. 283162

https://beta.groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/THEPENDULUMFORUM/conversations/topics/74439 when you get to the bottom, click 'show message history to read all about how her angels showed her an image of herself, as a famous singer. How from then on, she knew it was her destiny to be famous.

No. 283167

So silvermoon22@aol.com appears related to her, as well as her gmail email.

No. 283171

"Performed on stage at Disney world in 2001 and 2002" I call massive bull >>283162

No. 283173


Source for this?
Kati Smith is the broken image name "kati_smith_bio.jpg".
Regardless, it's a fairly common name and there's not much worth in even finding her anyway.

No. 283174

it's written from Paris and talking about angels and indigo children, do you think it's a coincidence?

No. 283175

It has the same topic & bio as another page https://anony.link/http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/forum/topics/don-t-feel-guilty and it's already proven she owned the website indigoabuse.com which is mentioned in the bio.

No. 283176

Has it ever been confirmed that she performed at Disney World?

No. 283177


Actual links are preferable. All I could find was a 100x100 image that looks "somewhat" like her in eyeliner, there's a chance it's her. A slim one.

No. 283178

She would have been around 16 or 17 at the time

No. 283179

She had the alias 'msdevicdoll' on a site called xanga or something, can't remember the spelling. She used msdevicdoll to write comments stating who she is, promoting her indigoabuse.com website. Google msdecivdoll.

No. 283184

That's absolutely her. She looks a lot better cleaned up… not sure what's up with that expression in the photo, she looks lifeless.

No. 283185

File: 1491225604149.jpg (3.7 KB, 100x100, 2b01bf3.jpg)


A LinkedIn profile matches to 25 year old, living in Cullowhee, North Carolina

No. 283186

Check out the links & attachments added by user silvermoon22, it appears she was heavily into conspiracy theories

No. 283187

I don't think that's her LinkedIn profile, we found the link to hers a while back but she quickly deleted it.

No. 283188

I got no results for "msdevicdoll" with google, did you spell it right?

No. 283189

That is definitely her picture though, it was also on her backstage profile

No. 283192

Not sure that's worth anything tbh… the Kati Smith on there is listed as being 25. JS is 32.

No. 283193

Sorry I don't know how to reply quoting your message, I'm a noob.I'm the one who posted the link to silvermoons post and also about msdevicdoll. I can't remember how I found it, I was playing around with her email and other details in google, but I'll have a look in my search history this evening (UK time) and let you know. If anyone could explain how to reply to messages quoting the message number I'd really appreciate it! Apologies for not being great at this :)

No. 283195

Its me the noob again. No, it was definitely 'devic', not devil.

No. 283196

for me its as simple as copying the little number by the "anonymous" post you want to quote, put it in your comment and attach >'s in front lol

No. 283198


You can click on the post's # link or you can type it in manually, works either way

No. 283202

>>283196 >>283198 ah great, thanks guys.

No. 283206

So pretty much her family saw how batshit insane she is and she left because of it?

No. 283209

Okay when you google that silvermoon email the name Sheree Kren pops up, wtf?

No. 283212

Lmao how do you know that's hers now? source?

No. 283221

would this not be doxxing??????

No. 283225


you're right, I deleted the info.
It was all directed by her backstage information and national census records and address sites. It wasn't difficult.

No. 283228

like why would you go looking for that, thats creepy and stalkerish??

No. 283235


I'm sure you were here for the rainbows and unicorns.
Especially considering you showed up pretty quick along with the doxxing.

No. 283238

If it's public record it can be posted here according to the site rules, they even allow addresses and phone numbers. They don't allow things like SSNs, bank or financial records.
Whether you feel comfortable releasing that info is up to you.

No. 283245


To qual in my state it has to be under $600. Also, at this point, she would not qualify. If you look at her socialblade page, she's admitted everything is monetized (all new stuff), so she's getting around $650 - $900 /mo from YouTube and if she's averaging $150/YouNow… she's making well over $1500/mo if not over $2k/mo. That is not "disabled" and that is way over anything that would qualify a single person for public assistance. She's prob bringing in at least $1k/mo off the YouNow stuff alone.

No. 283256

File: 1491231298332.png (845.3 KB, 913x636, 2215.PNG)


I suppose this is why Onion boy's stuff was allowed up. Thanks for that info.
It was all found through public records so anyone can find it with her name alone.
She likely lives at 2215 N Salem Dr, Independence, MO 64058.

No. 283267

Her socialblade says between $163-$2,600 in the last 30 days and it's usually much closer to the lower number. Not sure where you are getting $150 per YouNow, that goes by tips & premium gifts which are purchased with bars. I added up the bars she got from her 10 biggest donors in the last 30 days and came up with 71,167 bars which are around $10 for 1,200 which comes out to around $590 total but YouNow keeps a large percentage, I think it's around 20% so that means she only kept $474 of it. In MO where we are pretty sure she lives, her monthly income would need to be below $1276 to qualify for food stamps which is certainly possible.

No. 283270


Looks like a nice place to live in.

No. 283273

I remembered wrong, YouNow actually takes 30% so that means she only kept $413.

No. 283275

Well sure, when her roommate is the one paying the rent and she's been living there for free for months.

No. 283281


YouTube $1-$1.50/ thousand views is like entry level. Larger Youtubers w/premium ads average $2-$3/thousand views, sometimes more. This is including the effect of ad blockers. She has over 600k views in last 30 days.

I'll admit I don't know squat about YouNow, just thought I heard HER say she'd only gotten $300 from her last YouNow stream at one point, so halved that as a guess.

Either way, she if very likely earning too much to qualify for public assistance.

No. 283282

Reviewing the content of her videos is one thing, posting her address with a photo of her house is another.

Most of us are critical without wanting her to come to physical or psychological harm. You don't know which random crazy person could show up to 'punish' her.

Think of how many people lurk these boards.

No. 283284


She'd also be earning too much to qualify as disabled too.

No. 283286

Anyone who had her full name could find her through public records if they were that determined to cause her harm. I admit posting it here made it a step easier for them but that info was already public.

No. 283287

If you disagree with the site rules, please take it to /meta/. Also, sage posts that don't focus on the thread subject in a relevant way.

No. 283289

File: 1491235095575.png (94.55 KB, 478x763, Screenshot_20170403-150537~2.p…)

I didn't pay to sign up so couldn't read everything, but truthfinder suggests these are possibly her relatives. Pretty sure that's the correct kati smith.

No. 283297

She's still considered a small YouTuber, not sure she'd be netting any premium ads.

No. 283304


Agreed. That's why at $1 for 652k views, that's $652 at $1.5 that's $978.

If this ( >>283273 ) is close and she made $413 on YouNow. Then she is very close to if not exceeding the $1276 mentioned here >>283267

Long story short, the public assistance and disability issues are not valid because she doesn't qualify for either at this point. So, any whining going forward is just that, whining.

No. 283312

I'm no fan of Joy's but posting her address and possible relatives is just fucking wrong.

No. 283322


Whelp. Feel free to report it.

No. 283326

She'll be fine.

No. 283329

They can try but it won't do shit. It's within the site's rules, a moderator (Farmhand) already said as much >>283287 This site allows posting anything that is publically available including addresses & phone numbers.

No. 283335


Also, she might be getting royalties from her singing work since they seem to still be available.

No. 283337

Agreed. Even if some crazy person tried to visit her she can call the police if it's an issue just like anyone else can.

No. 283340

100% agree. Even if it's "easily searchable" it's irrelevant info and doesn't need to be spread. People who mean well won't care, people who are nosy could have lived without knowing, and people who don't need to know, don't need to know. I don't see the reason for it and I think it's too far.

No. 283342

Yeah, apparently no one else cares though. Its gone a bit too far.

No. 283370

oh dear, it seems someone on twitter is threatening to hack her. i hope shes shaking in her fucking boots

No. 283391

where are you seeing this?

No. 283401

There's nothing there. Just the usual false bravado so she can get her 'fans' riled up.

She mentioned in one of her streams that she lived in MO at one point. Since she has moved in with the roommate (moved in= taken over like a parasite)..it is unlikely she lives there now.

You're not wrong. Considering how many people she is angering lately, and how many people are starting to wake up and see her for what she is…I can only imagine the worst of that crowd. At the same time, she shouldn't be trying to do what she's doing too. Eventually, everything is going to come out.

No. 283409


The noobs are repeating now without reading the entire thread.
She was defensive about the original information and the doxxing. This latest whatever we're calling it is a running punch line. I'm all for milk, we've determined that she's not sick or not sick with what she believes she has. We've determined that we don't trust what she does with these charities she speaks of. We figured out, and were told that she made an ass of that blonde chick. Now we're repeating that she goes on line and talks about this thread? She comes on and reads something, someone watches her younow and comes here saying she's acting just like we said and it's a revelation??? She's leading the dance, she picked the music and we're all just playing HER game. I'm out. This cow is dry.

No. 283459

i think at this point it's impossible to tell whose game it is anymore. Joy does pay attention to the 'haters' more than those who care about her, and with this new information release i can see why. i ddin't see the part of the stream where she called out trolls but all that negativity is counterbalanced with these isolated acts of charity.

however, imo, it's more about how it makes her feel rather than doing a nice thing for another person. she implored her fans to tweet at every big youtuber they know in order to get this Dyllan person on Ellen. it would be a nice thing, but it's almost as if she expects him to bring her on the show too as the person who springboarded the entire venture, and get the most praise heaped.

at this point, Joy is like a female and far less malicious version of gerg. i have to believe in my heart her intentions are in the right place, even if they are askew as fuck. it's fine to be charitable and want to help people, Joy. but for chrissake please think about helping yourself first. stand on your own two feet as a woman. you were successful once, there's no reason you can't do that again. these 'illnesses' seem to be holding her back and sometimes there's no shame in admitting you need help. it's much better than sitting around the house all day plugged the fuck into the internet.

sage for sort of off topic but who the fuck even knows anymore

No. 283466

Smells fishy.

If people are bailing, THEN they are playing her game. If she is going to great lengths to cover her tracks, spam the thread, and now deliberately spread misinformation…then people are close to something and she doesn't want people to notice.

Repeating information shows a pattern, if the pattern keeps happening then its solid proof how she acts, what she does, and why she appears to be doing it.

She keeps coming here BECAUSE people are getting closer to something. She also knows other people are coming here and word about her is getting out. THAT is why she is doing nightly damage control on her streams. That isn't a dry cow. That is a cow trying to be clever.

Every one of these streams she leaks more information while trying to cover herself or she confirms something that was questionable before.

She is very clearly manipulative. "The Nice Guy". Serial killers have been "nice guys."

GEE, ALMOST AS IF the whole thing was entirely about her, manipulating the crowd to make herself look like some awesome person that is being picked on. Less malicious? No way. Cold and calculated. There are many kinds of con artists, scammers, manipulations and all around fakes out there.

People in here should expect or be ready for anything.

No. 283482

I'm still trying to give people the benefit of the doubt. until information comes out that Joy trafficked a teen across state lines in order to have sex with them, i will maintain she's less malicious than Gerg. He's a proven dirtbag. right now, she's only circling the internet dredge drain but will plummet straight in if this baiting bullshit continues.

No. 283486

Guilt trips, emotional manipulation. Paranoia. Lies and deception.Baiting both her fans and her critics. Greg is an asshole but he's an obvious one. She tries to cover it up with a smile, and she is taking advantage of and making a mockery of people that have very real problems. Its not trafficking kids, but it is preying on them in a different way. Kids and vulnerable young adults.

Then we have the acts of charity to damage control even more. Spin the situation to look nice to everyone. We have someone that is really mentally unstable giving advice to teens and young adults going through emotional lows. Are you going to say that this isn't dangerous to someone?

No. 283490

No, I feel you on that. Definitely see where you're coming from and how what's she's doing is potentially dangerous. but unlike gerg, there's more of an intervention here with her because she's so engaging with this thread. Maybe that's where I'm placing my sentiments.

No. 283496

I would agree with you on that if she took even a shred of responsibility, but it is always someone else's fault. Anyone that criticizes is a hater that doesn't understand her illness. The levels she goes to in order to cover herself tell me that she knows what she is doing is wrong..she only cares about being caught. This is the most vocal place against her, and she can't control that..so this is why she engages us here. Just like with Onision, she wanted to try and control him, and it backfired. Now she is doing the same thing here. She becomes obsessed, and now she is 'obsessed' with her 'haters'.

No. 283574

I am not a fan. But what irks me about going after her so hard is that we are for the most part still unclear on many of her motives and good questions and observations remain unanswered.

It's still open as to whether or not she is accepting money, scamming, or lying about an illness for gain. If any of this can be proven outright, then I support the efforts to expose it even if she reads it and sees it all, but I feel like when there is still the chance of her having a serious issue and not intentionally scamming, the fact that she reads the thread makes it cruel to go in circles with that interaction and avoid the real questions.

I've been part of both threads and have fluctuated in my view of her intentions, but I the thread was peak valuable when trying to find the truth behind her inconsistent claims and creating a full picture of what she's put online. So many people had good observations and connected dots in a way that helps viewers see the truth. Even many of the posts attacking her for various things I felt were warranted and brought up valid questions. But knowing that she interacts with the thread makes a weird situation in which I wish we could get some actual answers to the VERY valid questions the people who have stayed consistent in analysis on here have had for her and had to recap and repost many times. Idk I think the direction of "exposure" has gotten too ridiculous with the fake things and with her involving herself. Now I just want answers to what she's put out there herself, for example, more info on her diagnosis. If someone is going to ne open about their struggles and health and it doesn't make sense to a lot of people, there should be an explanation. Joy has been open with her diagnosis and health, it's not like she asked for privacy about it. It's different than for example, Eugenia Cooney. Questions people have for what she's said herself are so valid, especially if she's trying to "spread awareness" and give advice. For example, I would like to know why she had the same symptoms way before the IUD. So many people have had good and fair questions on her content here that a public figure should be expecting, and I wish the focus would go back to that and away from distractions and actually unsettling and irrelevant prying. It's so frustrating to have the valid issues dismissed because people want to "dig up dirt." The old tumblr? Valid dirt because it's very relevant to now and was left public. Her possible address? No need.

No. 283600


There's an old Stephen King movie called "Carrie." This woman totally has a "mother of Carrie" vibe going on.

It's fascinating to see a middle age woman swing so violently between being a vindictive misogynistic bitch to all "I luffs everyone!" while chasing after children.

She definitely doesn't have body pain, it's obvious. But, she is (99% certain) in need of mental health assistance. That doesn't mean she won't turn into a great con artist in the long run, but a con artist will still beat her rounding up a bunch of the vulnerable kids she's playing to into some "inner circle" of "trusted followers" who end up as a Koolaid drinking death cult.

No. 283607

This is Jamie Leigh Fischer, first time here today despite what some may think. Not that invested. Seems odd I know. I am here for attention, etc. etc. Sadly, again, I respect what anyone thinks or believes, hate me, all fine, my intent here is actually legit and completely credible. A few things. I will say regarding anyone questioning the person who was a joke and spoke to me pretending to be a friend, I saw the screen caps, etc. It's not surprising to me in the slightest as that individual immediately blocked me after our conversation. What I included in the new video was what I felt for right now, was the safest things to send as they are all over the web. I stand behind everything in my video. Also.

Takedownman Heads up folks. Takedownman, aka Dale Franklin Gill is a convicted criminal. He is the one posting messages in my comments, on my twitter, etc. attempting to pull the wool over your eyes and pretending this was all some huge joke narrative? Perhaps one conversation, which even then - really? Who does that who doesn't have anything to hide? They were getting nervous so they went to these ridiculous extents. She's a sick person… But, really? Joy Sparkle Bs, Kati Smith sure knows how to pick them. You know that saying the company you keep? Hope they got a nice laugh. Extremely pathetic. If you have nothing to hide folks, do as I do, post HERE UNDER YOUR REAL NAME. Boom. Done.

Back to the guy. Just be real careful of him too. This is a man attempting to spin this all because he's for some reason, convinced that individual does no wrong - at all - ever. They never met in real life like most of Kati Smith's current "defenders". I don't know. Call me crazy, many do, but if you are a logical, rational person capable of thinking for yourself and not being brainwashed by a mob mentality of what's more popular to think, you will go with me and this video. A convicted criminal vs. me, I'm gonna say I have the credibility and truth on my side. Again, he, or others will attempt to spin this or change the narrative. I stand behind this video, my opinion, and who I feel this person, and these people are. Of course, unlike him however, I will leave it to you to decide. This man apparently likes to try and threaten people he blindly stands behind, scare them, bully them, and he realized it didn't work with me. He failed. He doesn't scare me in the slightest, in fact, I find him comical as he clearly isn't aware he is a living cliche of Internet keyboard warriors and white Knights who actually have a real life public criminal record that is easily accessible to anyone willing to do the work. He's upset because he realizes his typical tactics failed… and that a woman isn't backing down from his bullshit. Sorry Dale. I'm not a woman who is pushed around.

The reason the "evidence" I have - which even today I am still getting tons of things that Kati Smith won't be laughing about unless she watches herself, as they were actually bills, financial statements, etc. and I made one serious video on this person and I just didn't feel that was appropriate. At least coming from me right now as a YouTuber. I was shocked at what they said, and if true, she's a disgusting person who deserves to be exposed. Trust me. Including random texts or things others send me was the safest way to go the first time in my video. Then, if she keeps at it, those people may refuse to let her con any more people out of money and allow me to share their story. This isn't my first time exposing someone, you need a strategy and can't just go all in. Having said that, this rabbit hole I fell down and felt out of responsibility for making a silly parody video and all these people contacting me, I owed it to them to check it out.

Also, I have no personal malice toward her, I don't want any hard to come, but the sheer fact that clearly, she is getting actual enjoyment and entertainment out of this, then flipping to empathy for her health, to then going after complete strangers on YouTube viciously hauling accusations… she has no idea who she is, or what she is setting herself up for. People are watching, good people that she has given money to and been conned out of. Period. Honestly, it feels silly having this on the Internet, but in a sense, it's perfect for her, as it's her last place to hide in plain sight.

Mind you. I am fully aware of her games and you all should be to. She is LOVING THIS attention, thinking she's fooling everyone, having fake people contact me to expose stuff about her (again, what sane rational person even NEEDS TO DO THAT on the INTERNET… lol), but it's also an excellent chance because the more she is out there, the more people that know this woman in REAL LIFE (that's the key here… not internet random strangers she talks to all day since she has no one in her real life that wants anything to do with her aside from her roommates…)

Hang in there.
I'm fully aware of everything, and am proud of that video. One of maybe a few to come, we'll see how these people feel. It's them, not me this is for. No one deserves to be conned out of money for ACTUAL CHARITIES, ACTUAL TRAGEDIES, PERIOD. It's only a sick individual who not only does that, but GETS OFF ON people trying to figure out if she does or not.


Thanks for listening. Have a good night guys, sorry so long.

No. 283620

Jamie, Jamie, Jamie. (I know we usually ignore stuff like this, but this is my one attempt.)

Going to attempt to talk to you here. If this is your strategy, you're just going to find yourself banned. You're going to turn people away. Yes, I understand a lot of what you are saying but lets be reasonable here.

You took any information you were given and ran with it, even though to the average person it was a setup. It was bait. You got a bloody nose there and she made you look like a fool. You are just too centered on particular information and you may be reading this thread but you seem to be missing the majority of it. There is so much that has been showcased..but you choose to tackle one facet in a way that is highly obsessive…you think that's going to gain you credibility or fans? Especially here?

We could care less about takedownman. This is a thread about Joy. And there isn't enough evidence to back the financial side. There are PLENTY of other disturbing pathways with this one. If you can't figure that out, don't bother coming back. Explore those, get with it already.

No. 283645

The poster who has been samefagging about Angel is, unsurprisingly, Angel herself. Usually I wouldn't out such a lazy effort at selfposting, but Angel has been bugging me persistently over the past week to investigate her "impersonator" so she can take legal action.

Her posts have been marked; please use >>279314 to discuss.

Some interesting ones:


No. 283646

Everyone knows takedownman is a fraud. It's been mentioned. Please read threads before blogging up a storm. As >>283620 mentioned, this is not about him. It's about Joy.
This is also not about you or ANY Onision fangirl with a vendetta spewing already biased nonsense. It's about Joy.
Kindly lurk more before posting or gtfo.

No. 283648

THANK YOU ADMIN! lol no wonder.

No. 283667

Fucking called it. Her and Joy set this all up to make it look like they were at war. Its a fucked up loyalty test. Then they find out who the critics are and who thinks they walk on water. Fucking cult bullshit.

Well, this one isn't completely a lie…you did give us milk…

No. 283674

This is what joy is having a tantrum about

No. 283702


Why is she freaking out about it? I watched the whole thing and nothing seemed at all controversial.

It did feature a bit of her onion-praise though, which I can't stand. Which is on the petty side, I know. 'Oh. I like to hive credit where credit is due…I think something really good could come out of all of this' etc. The fact she gives such gushing praise to him and about him over the tiniest little non-abhorrent thing he does is so annoying. The problem with him isn't just that he's a perv, Joy, he's a horrible person in general.

No. 283704


Give, not hive.

No. 283705


Because that other chick said something Joy didn't like (no one is being specific), Joy didn't release the video. It was on unlisted.

No. 283708

I hate to say this, but it seems like the girl felt slighted that Joy never used her interview in a video. Understandable for a young girl to feel that way but pretty boring as far as milk goes.

No. 283709

if anyone cares to watch and speculate, Joy's tweeted that she's going to try to go live on YouNow in 10min

No. 283711

Are you the girl in the video? You linked to the lolcow thread in the youtube comments and its your channel, so you obviously are. Why did you talk to joy if you're an onion fan? I'm confused at the point of this interview in the first place. Are you mad she didnt release the video so onion could see you defending him?

No. 283731

The person replied with something along the lines of "No, internet detective." to you and then deleted it. Considering the upload date and that she was pretty much posting comments 2 h ago, it would be fair to assume it's a self post.

No. 283736

hahhaa. like it takes that much detective work. Just click on the video.

No. 283740

Derailing. I care less about that and more about this juicy steak right here.


No. 283746




LOL good riddance! if you talk shit, dont expect to get help from the person u talked crap about. Sorry, life lessons learned. delete!

11:53 AM - 3 Apr 2017

If you are a small channel, and u want to do a collab, and u turn around and talk shit on me, i am in NO WAY obligated to put up said colalb

5:11 PM - 3 Apr 2017

Stealing videos is not cute, be lucky I am letting it go. Don't talk shit and be rude to the person helping you. Lesson learned. Good luck

5:12 PM - 3 Apr 2017

Every week I work to promote a channel that I can help, bc I enjoy helping. But i WILL not allow myself to get taken advantage of. Bye!

5:13 PM - 3 Apr 2017

LOL everything is ok guys, children being children. You gotta let people be. They will eventually learn their lessons. Let children tantrum

5:15 PM - 3 Apr 2017

Dont you love it when people steal your work, then turn around and call you a con artist and talk about morality? lol.Tantrums and triggers!

5:16 PM - 3 Apr 2017

No. 283749


I did think it was to do with those tweets but I did't know what the actual fallout has been between them to cause the tweets.

Must just be that she didn't put the video up and the girl wanted the exposure since she's a smaller channel and was annoyed that it didn't happen.

I do enjoy that in the video Joy's like 'I keep forgetting you're only 17, you're so mature' and then they fall out and it's 'child! Such a child!'

No. 283752


That is funny.

No. 283754

Did she give a reason as to why she didn't put this as listed?

Theres a video coming on that soon. Its because we had an argument where she completley overeacted to me outing her on something she lied about

Konstigo oh okay. I did not understand what happened. I am a fan of hers and don't understand this situation.

Konstigo I'm curious as to what she had lied about…

1. Lied about putting up the video

2. Lied; saying she was debating and messaging Onision when she in fact was not

3. Lied about her identity. >>>/snow/278466

4. Lied about her illness. Link above also works.

5. Lied about giving money to charity also using that link. Other YouTubers have found her out too. Her real name is Kati and shes a con artist from moussouri

I guess we will find out when she makes the video explaining the situation.

No. 283766

This is just embarrassing. I wonder if Joy will mention anything about her "friend" posting such heinous shit on here. I guess shitty people will attract shitty people.

This girl is really pushing for attention. From us. Another one.

No. 283770


So, you think she staged the whole fallout with Joy for our attention? (This is a rhetorical question. :D)

No. 283771

a bunch of joy related spergs are definetely self posting

We know y'all lurk.

No. 283776

File: 1491276037185.png (101.98 KB, 680x555, ryankon.PNG)

found this on our li' detective's twitter lol

is it just me or does this ryan kid give off lainey vibes
"I thought u wanted to b muh friend billay"

No. 283783


It's just you because the rest of us can read for context.

No. 283784

Pretty clear that Angel is a snake. You don't have to be a Joy sperg to catch that one.

I can't tell if Jamie is a drag queen or not.

No. 283790

context is pretty clear, looks like yet another onision fangirl desperate for e-fame. How pathetic must it be to call a chap interview with joy a collab.
Honestly the second jamie said she unironically thought onision was a great "comedian", I lost alot of faith.

No. 283791

Wish granted dumbass

No. 283798


Another person used by Joy for her own advancement and thrown to the side. How many is that now?

No. 283836


I'm convinced that Jamie is the second coming of Shay Saint John or something, the way she presents her content is so odd.

Different note: Joy got on YouNow and guested a guy named Dyllan-Mills Harten. He has Cerebral Palsey and he likes music (makes instrumental music under the name DJ Enabled Life), and he seemed really sweet. Knowing what has been (validly) speculated about Joy on this thread… I just really hope she didn't stream with him for some ulterior motive.

No. 283961

This is fucked up.


No. 283977


We already knew these were fake screenshots as soon as they were posted but now it's been 100% confirmed they are fake since we have proof they were posted by Angel herself. For whatever reason Angel tried to make it look like Joy was the one impersonating her to distract the thread.

So now it looks like both of the points Jamie focused on to "expose" Joy were planted and the dumbass fell for it anyway. I don't know why she would use those screenshots when we immediately pointed out they were likely fake and then the ones they emailed to her about the imaginary cat cult were some of the clumsiest obvious bait…yet, she didn't pick up on it. Then Jamie posts here claiming she believed it because "WHO DOES THAT?" Hello?…how long have you been on the internet Jamie? People can and do lie about everything under the sun. Plus, Joy has already proven she is willing to do some devious things, why would that be beyond her? Worst "investigative reporter" ever.

No. 283985

aaand over in the Angel thread, we have someone who still thinks it wasn't Angel. fuck's sake.

the idiocy brought here by Joy and her hanger-ons (Angel, Jamie etc.) is really entertaining.

No. 284000

Joy on Younow bragging about her 20K subs and putting down smaller channels. Kek.

No. 284003

Shes complaining about the girl uploading her video and then saying how shes the bigger person and letting it go…but cant stop talking about it. lmao

No. 284007

The "success" is definitely going to her head. "She screwed up! I could have benefitted her so much!!" Pls Joy. She's a kid. You're grown, act like it.

No. 284016

Well, as they say, pride goes before the fall.

No. 284050

File: 1491291428020.jpg (74.1 KB, 560x960, 15338764_1095070173938503_1477…)

She gets super excited about receiving attention from people, that's why she can't stop talking about it. I bet every night she falls asleep with a smile and dreams about her face in other peoples' thumbnails.

No. 284052

I explain more in the thread started on Angel. They are wondering why Angel would beg the admin to find her "imposter" even though she was the one posting the whole time. I have 2 theories for why she would do this:


No. 284056



If any of you missed her livestream here's the clip where she talks about this girl & what they said to each other.

No. 284061

She's so quick to put that girl down and boast about what could have been if she hadn't dismantled the relationship. Textbook abuser shit. Textbook Onision shit. She comes across as such a narcissist.

No. 284069


Its been discussed on in earlier posts whether or not she is a narcissist. She certainly has all of the signs and it would explain her obsessive tendencies. All she had to do was let it go and there isn't a person even in here that would have given it a second thought. But then she had to livestream and OBSESS over it.

This is what she does to people she ISNT close to…what does she do with those she IS close to?

No. 284070

honestly believe she would do the same thing to onision lol

No. 284073

Anyone think this shit with Dylan will actually happen or nah?

No. 284080

In her recent livestream she told Dylan that Seamless already got back to her & approved a Skype call so it looks like it's going to happen.

No. 284083

She had even offered to pay Seamless for his time but says he accepted to do it for free.

No. 284099

Lol pay him with who's money?

No. 284108

She said she would pay for it out of her own pocket. According to this person, >>283245 and looking at her socialblade, she's possibly making enough from YouTube & YouNow to no longer qualify for public assistance (who knows how close that estimate is.) However, she doesn't pay rent so she probably could afford to drop a couple hundred on something like that if she really wished. Just tonight, she gave 15 batches of 400 likes (about $15) to WinkietheTwinkie on YouNow just to get the person guesting to "motorboat her moobs." She spends a similar amount on Winkie every time he comes on, which is pretty much every day (granted she just discovered him recently but if she continues to spend that much every time it will add up to around $450/mo.) Apparently, she is not hurting for money right now. Maybe she should think about getting that health insurance she used to want so badly instead of a month's supply of virtual moobie motorboating?

No. 284112

Lol shes doing these "good things" to boost her channel/popularity. She probably hopes she can make the news or something. I saw her tweeting at the ellen show about it. How great would it be for her if her video got picked up by some big show/news source showing what a great person she is? Did she really need to make a video on her channel about it and try to get people to promote it lol?

Why not just contact the guy first? Looking at his twitter, he only has 5k followers and his channel is not that big. It's not like shes trying to contact some huge celebrity. And that's obviously why it was ridiculously easy to talk to him and already have to agreed to. But she had to make a huge video about it for views of course.

No. 284113

Yeah, that's what I mean. She says she has little money for helping roommate but will offer to pay people online for trivial e-beef.

No. 284127

Absolutely, it's another marketing technique. Lots of companies make a big deal out of attaching their brand name to a charity or sponsoring an event in order to associate the brand with something positive and to get more people to see it. However, there's a tasteful way to do this…OR there's what she did. If she only cared about getting Dylan the meeting she could have emailed Seamless directly or just tweeted at him like you said, he's not that big a YouTuber & doesn't have a super large Twitter following. He would see her request, no hype needed. The video was totally unnecessary, as was asking fans to share it everywhere, that was clearly for views. The only point of attempting to get Ellen involved was for her own publicity, dreaming of possibly getting on the show herself. Seamless simply needed to be asked by Joy directly, this didn't require exposure from a huge celebrity to make it happen. She made a much bigger deal out of it than necessary. It's nice that her efforts granted Dylan's wish, I'm truly happy for him, but it's disgusting that she would take advantage of his situation for her own gain, turning a simple act of kindness into something of a circus to get herself views and promotion. It shows she is always thinking of herself most of all.

No. 284129

I'm probably going to sound like a big asshole, but… she has these disabled people on her streams and talks down to them so it makes her look so compassionate and so caring. She probably doesn't give two shits about them tbh, and probably could not care one bit about Dylan. She's exploiting this kid for views, and knows if it DOES happen (which, it probably will, because as it's been said, dudes not a huge celebrity so not hard to contact) she'll get all the credit and therefore more views, more praise, and just all around more attention. She knows exactly what she's doing. She's not the innocent person everyone thinks she is, and at this point I don't even think she's just absentmindedly being a shrew. I think she's every bit as manipulative as everyone says Onion Boy is, but the reason she gets away with it is because she pretends to be so nice and hides behind her "illnesses", not to mention she has a bunch of kids as followers who don't know how the world works yet, so it's not too hard to get away with being a wolf in sheep's clothing.

One thing I'm unsure of is their talking about Onision getting smoked in the debate, I thought he never showed?

No. 284145

In her video about it, I thought "wow this is really nice of her, she didn't have to drop her video plans to do this," UNTIL I heard her say "no donations. None of that. We just have to promote this video. Tweet it out, share it," people could have just tweeted at Seamless after watching, no middle man involved. She has very much made herself the middle man knowingly as a marketing ploy, and that video was made with such false humility. Yes, she can genuinely help him because of it, but my bet's on her hoping that whoever could step up to help him would help her too. I think what she wants from it is "Generous Small Youtuber JoySparkleBS Made Gay Disabled DJ's Dream Come True," everywhere.

No. 284147

(Same) and I just realized she's going the EXTRA extra mile of self-sacrifice, false selflessness and martyrdom by saying not only do people not need to donate to her or him (which he probably could use but people are starting to get annoyed for her asking for money and she is aware of perception of her to a degree) but that SHE will pay for it "out of pocket," reminding anyone who knows about her that it's a big sacrifice for her. She is incredibly manipulative and thinks everyone will fall for her constantly laying herself down for good causes as she soars past 20k. She'll get angrier and angrier and more unhinged as people don't offer themselves up to her like she does for others or return the favor.

No. 284178


>>One thing I'm unsure of is their talking about Onision getting smoked in the debate, I thought he never showed?

i think that was said as a joke. he wasn't there

No. 284192

Who the better devil here, someone that might have taken money or someone like Jamie Leigh who has been confirmed as a liar along with her deadbeat husband David Dillion Clark Fischer. These two idiot mooch off her Moms SSI and live with her.