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File: 1510704685188.jpg (261.25 KB, 705x700, kati.mashed.jpg)

No. 424115

The gift that keeps on giving!

Joy/kati has claimed to have had a hard, horrible, abusive upbringing. Claiming that her parents were verbally and physically abusive. That her step-father's actions bordered on sexual abuse. Not only that, but she said she lived in "ghettos" and "trailer parks". If that wasn't bad enough, all her health issues that have plagued her since childhood, still haunt her today! Poor, poor, neglected, abused kati. Feelsbadman. Oh, wait! No it doesn't because it was all a lie! SURPRISE!
here's some highlights from the previous thread >>399109 :

>deleted her JoySparkleBS channel, claiming too much bullying & harassment, but was due to show analytics from do5 videos.

>still calling and texting rose, bio mom of do5 kids, reminding rose that she gave rose money and rose should be fucking greatful and should kiss her ass til the end of time.
>played peek-a-boo with her Twitter account a couple times, to get the joytards in a tizzy.
>joy and cultists drag shrubtime for (((lying))) & (((scamming))) people.
>"family" anons decide to join the discussion after fall out with shrubtime/alex/red towel head
>All namefagged post by "family" anons: >>415132 >>415237 >>415377 >>415407 >>415428 >>415432 >>415435 >>415498 >>415513 >>415517 >>415545 >>415557 >>415565 >>415587 >>415591 >>415593 >>415604 >>415618 >>415642 >>415657 >>415703 >>416161 >>416292 >>416359 >>416363 >>416710 >>416715 >>416719 >>416738 >>416770 >>417007 >>417008 >>417011 >>417013 >>417017 >>417024 >>417472 >>417655 >>418522 >>418716 >>420466 >>420508 >>420541 >>420971 >>420976 >>421040 >>423665 >>423709 >>423715 >>423933 >>423942 >>423965 >>423987 >>423991 >>424009
>old photos of horrid childhood >>416671 >>416675 >>416676 >>416680 >>416699 >>416703 >>416758
>requires paying patrons to show face, photo id, and voice confirmation to join patreon streams.
>as of writing this post, she isn't fulfilling at least 3 tiers of patreon rewards.
>also, hasn't streamed on younow for almost two weeks.
>finally admitted that her and dom/"roommate" are "together".
>denies using emotional manipulation to get money from her fans.
>mystery illnesses still holding her back in life.
>says she can't afford health insurance, info comes out her Grandmother has been paying for insurance that won't cover anymore visits til she gets the psycholical help she needs.

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Temp thread from when site was down: https://temp.lolcow.farm/pt/243

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Joy Sparkle BS main YouTube channel
(Leaving this here. Just in case.)
Spurpinklebow 2nd channel
Joy Sparkle Eff It 3rd channel

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No. 424147

I have a question for family anon. What was Kati talking about her mother being a “stage mom”? Is there ANY truth to that, or is this another of Katie’s “tall tales”? I bet on the latter…. also, I too am very greatful for your family anon input and I’m appalled at anyone being rude and apologize on their behalf and kindly ask them to please be appreciative of any good family input.

No. 424151

Top kek at the thread picture.
My god is she hideous.

No. 424157

This is how Kati exaggerates and blows everything out of proportion. Kati was in various plays around our area and at school. She also took (expensive I might add) voice lessons and was very talented. Her mom paid for lessons and took her to practices and programs. Her mom never discouraged her but encouraged her. If that is what a stage mom does, then her mom did do it. It was no easy task being a single mom and taking her everywhere, including music lessons as well. Mom definitely didn't do it because mom wanted it. She did it because Kati wanted to do it. Kati was given every opportunity in the world. Most parents want their children to be able to do the things they weren't able to do but doesn't mean they are jealous of them. That is called encouraging them and allowing or permitting them. (Still seething over one of her videos.) Also, she had dance and gymnastics lessons. That is how her energy was directed, also. I hope this answers your question. Another person gave info about involuntarily committing someone that I would like to address. Those are not the same rules as in MO. When she lived her we called police numerous different times. She would go. Then sign herself out. She never made a follow up visit or was prescribed anything. Kati goes off into rages. She rants and raves for hours. She would scare some of us. Then she would stay in her room for days at a time crying. But this did not happen until in her 20's and very late teens. In Mo once a person gets to be 18 they can sign out, etc. Thank you for your kind words. It is appreciated. 2nd anon family member

No. 424186

Here’s a question. Not really important tho. Has Kati always had such a vulgar mouth on her? Or do you think that too is all just for show, and she thinks she sounds edgy, cool, or funny? Her way of showing off to her friends? Her jokes and mouth are so trashy.

No. 424219

I had asked this before but I know there's been a lot thrown at the family anons so they may not have seen my post.

I'm curious about her history with animals. How does she treat them? One of you mentioned that she had previously left a dog behind - could you fill in some more details regarding that?

There are some of us who have concerns about her newly adopted dog. I'm hoping she adopted the dog because she wanted to help it rather than as yet another token to prove to the internet that she's "such a good person."

Thanks again for your insight thus far. It is greatly appreciated!

No. 424236

I am trying to think when that use of language began but I think it was during the time frame after high school that she became this "other" person. I think it is more of an attention seeking device. Kati comes from a family of college educated people. Kati did not finish the freshman year and I think it is a mechanism to make her feel special. 424219 I am so sorry we failed to answer your question. The dog will probably be fine. There are 2 people to watch it. 2nd anon family member

No. 424238

Did she self harm/take drugs/abuse alcohol/pills at any point ( that you'd know of )?

No. 424240

>The dog will probably be fine. There are 2 people to watch it.
This sounds like if it were just her there would be issues? Has she harmed or neglected animals before?

No. 424251

>> 285338

"Even from the first encounter with my abilities I was forced to shut down. I had awoken one night with the ability of clairaudience. My third ear was turned on and cranked up on full blast with the sounds of energy moving and ghosts wanting to connect with me. I ran downstairs to my mother’s room screaming my head off and frantically crying, not able to understand why I had suddenly gone crazy. Days later, my mother found out from a friend that I was just psychic, and that it was okay; however, she warned me to never tell anyone about my ability or I would be put in a “crazy house.” Before my spiritual growth could even start, I was stunted on the spot.

Even though I heeded my mother’s warning, a bigger part of me felt I needed to connect with those around me. When I was thirteen I tried to open up to two classmates about some of my experiences. I explained to them that I had a team of angels I worked with and how I had a past life with one of them. Less than a day later it was rumored all over the school that I was a witch and that I talked to the devil. I had people throw bibles, crosses, and spit on me as I walked by. I was even called into the principal’s office about the rumors. I broke down, crying in front of the principal, and explained to her that everything is okay. I was spiritually-socially heartbroken. My heart remained in this unprepared state for many years following this incident."

True or nah?

No. 424266

No drugs or alcohol to my knowledge. When she was in Canada she took something that scared her but I don't know what it was. 424251 I have never heard any of this crap before. Oh my goodness!!! 2nd anon family member

No. 424268

Thank you very much for answering, family anon. Was there anything in her life ( again, as far as you can tell ) that you could point your finger at and say 'yes, this might be the reason that she's behaving this way, maybe this traumatised her'?
You don't have to go into the specifics of the event, I'm just genuinely interested in why she's behaving the way that she does.

No. 424271

Dang she really hates her classmates I guess. I am 100% no one threw bibles or crosses at her. I am 100% that she did not ever get called to the principals office for something like that or at all that I can remember. This is very strange to me because I don't recall her having such hard feelings about her peers. As far as I could tell she was well liked.
All of the other stuff appears to be grossly exaggerated. Now that I think about it though I have seen her writing before and she always exaggerates. One million became 10 million in one story she wrote that stands out in my mind.

No. 424273

I forgot to sign that one family member anon OP. I didn't want to delete it and change it because last time I deleted a message it messed up the other posts.

No. 424277

No but we sure wish there was something we could pinpoint. I personally saw the manic, hoodie wearing, frizzy haired Kati for the first time when she was 19, right before she dropped out of school and moved (ran away as she would call it) to Europe without telling anyone and married Taho. Prior to that she never looked really stressed and she kept up her appearance really well so I was concerned she had some sort of mental breakdown. ~~~family member anon OP

No. 424278

Not really anything that should traumatize her. Parents divorced but many people come from divorced parent who do not act this way. Relatives on both sides have minor psychological issues but are well controlled with medication. Kati possesses all of the charactreistics of narcissism. But she also was very hperactive as a child but it was controlled with diet and other means. She was allergic to many things and had asthma, which is why she never smoked or took drugs. Alcohol was never something that Kati would ever consider. She was too much into natural things–not shaving, natural bathing products, vegan food and products. She wouldn't have money for basic things but go to expensive stores to buy organic food instead of places withing her means.
2nd anon family member

No. 424281

Were there any significant changes in her personality before and after her marriage to Taho/time in France?

No. 424286

Interesting point to note here. Dropped out of school and married Taho.

How did that start, and how long did it last before she ran off? Did you ever see any interaction between the two of them? Would you say it was a relationship..or more of a business arrangement like she has claimed?

No. 424287

To add to the above…Kati had claimed (to me at least) that she was practically homeless and had met Taho online and hit it off from there. That it was sort of romantic but more of a business arrangement than any actual marriage.

No. 424290

Didn't she sing the National Anthem during her high school graduation? If she were that bad to her peers I don't think she would have been asked to do that. I think things became more exaggerated after David. They always said it was a business arrangement, but Kati says that about everyone. She didn't drop out to be with David. She didn't go there until 5 months after she quit school. Yes, we did see them together. David was here for a while living with our family. David appeared to be very smitten with Kati. But back then, Kati was extremely charming. She could walk into a room and everyone would notice her. Kati was never homeless. She may not have wanted to follow rules, she may have been asked to go calm down, but until she accused someone of horrible things she was never kicked out. And even then there was a place for her to go. Kati met David online. She went there to work on music with him. They fell in love and married. She has gone back there several times. They would fight and not talk then get back together. When Kati became the worse was when she was with another guy. She claimed he abused her also. We were hopeful she would get better by going to OK because she would be away from this guy. 2nd anon family member

No. 424292


Well, I can clarify a bit of her claims towards Taho. I think the worst thing the man ever did whenever I spoke with them was raise his voice. If anything he was quiet and more focused on whatever he created. Kati did NOT treat him well. She always talked over him, cut him off and talked down to him. It was more of a control thing than anything.

When I visited her in KC when she had the loft (You guys said that you paid for that, correct? Or was that someone else cause it sure wasn't her.)..she had openly bragged about publically humiliating the guy. He wasn't the abusive one..it was the other way around.

As far as going to OK..that seems to have been the one piece of advice she had taken because I was worried that she was going to wind up meeting a bad end at the rate she was going. Her 'contacts' had dried up and she had hinted that the people she had been around were unsavory in some form or other. Between that and her ex Daniel..it just seemed better for a change of locale and starting over. The thing that always stuck out in my mind..whenever it came to any kind of possible improvement she avoided it. Whenever it looked like she'd have to pay her way…she avoided it. (Like when she said that she was going to come down and visit, for instance.)

The more of this that comes out the more it sucks to be Dom. Hope he's got some sort of a backup plan for his own sake.

No. 424295

This might have been touched on at some other point, but just to confirm very clearly: are you saying that Kati never (at least to your knowledge) spent extended periods of time living out of her car? She has repeatedly used this claim to give her 'street cred' and support her claims of a hard knock life that gives her the authority to advise people (one-up people) when they're having a hard time.

No. 424299

Was there a death in the family at that time, something along those lines? ( personal experience, I went completely off the rails when I lost a family member I was the closest to and being a teen at the time didn't help )

It feels like a 'no easy answers' situation. There seems to be no obvious reason as to why she would lie so much and to this extent, plus her general behaviour and the things she pulled. Because, I mean, these are some serious claims. Being homeless, trailer parks, abusive parents, being bullied/disliked by her peers…These are things that could mess someone up, but they never happened to her. As well as her health claims, some situations are so unbelievable that it almost ends up sounding comical. I guess it could just be her personality mixed with some underlying mental illness/narcissism.

It sucks to know she bragged about humiliating the person she was dating.

Well, these are all the questions from my end - again thank you very much for answering family anons ( and Phil, if he's itt ).

No. 424306

Yes, you are correct in your description of David. He always seemed to ground Kati. Daniel on the other hand was dark. Yes, we did help her with the loft. 424295 Kati has NEVER lived out of her car. If she spent a night in it, it was by choice. Her car looked like someone lived out of it since Kati never puts anything away or throws any trash away. 424299 Kati's grandfather died when she was 6. Other than that, no deaths. And I agree with personality disorder and narcissism. One family member said she was crazy like a fox but this was several years ago. Kati thrives on drama even though she comes across as a sweet innocent kind person. It is all an act. 2nd anon family member

No. 424307

i believe she never cleans. i have seen many streams where she shows the place and it has garbage everywhere. Also heard her many times saying Roomate is cleaning the apartment now. She never says I cleaned she always said he cleabed.

No. 424316

To family anon, I’m the one whom asked about the stage mom thing… in no way at all is what her mom did considered any type of “stage mom” behavior. What Katii’s mom did selfless acts that loving moms do for their children all over the world. Many children would have a mom like that. Kati was lucky and she is an ungrateful c-word.

No. 424320

File: 1510724218223.png (36.34 KB, 644x169, 0RJY29D.png)

So, per the twitter box… Kati is getting her very own "no contact order" from a judge in MD… hehehe… she should frame it as it may be the first of many.

No. 424321

Question. By default, does this apply to those that closely associate with her as well? I could see her trying to wiggle her way out of this by having her nutjobs do the dirty work as usual. Then plausible deniability.

No. 424330

File: 1510725230539.jpg (25.08 KB, 559x159, Capture.JPG)

No. 424331

File: 1510725268950.jpg (57.04 KB, 548x568, Capture.JPG)

No. 424334

File: 1510725601940.jpg (18.61 KB, 563x127, Capture.JPG)

is this true?

No. 424335

Didn't Kati say that Dom paid for everything and just had her pay utilitys? If it is true that would be a big slap to him. to say she paid them but had it in his moms name.

No. 424336

I wouldn't believe it unless there's something to back it up listed. Never just up and believe things over the internet. Especially if it looks like its trying to get a reaction.

No. 424337

True Why I put it here to see if anyone could debunk it or not.

No. 424339


Is it true that Kati is finally homeless and can blame it on the haters and she's choosing to not spend 24/7 online via her "latest and greatest apple phone" ebegging over it and telling people to tweet her story her story to Dr Phil so she can save others from her same fate??? Hmmm…. let me think….

No. 424353

>>424115 LMAO You meme'd the fuck out of that picture. Props to you threadmaker anon. Well done on the summary too.

No. 424358

>>424307 Kati herself listed as one of her 'Angel Ascension sickness' symptoms over a decade ago in the article she wrote not being able to clean up after herself, being absent minded, not being aware of messes you have made.

I'm assuming this is literally Kati if you ask her to clean anything.

Also to sage your posts please type the word 'Sage' in the e-mail bar.

No. 424361

I've known many hoarders, never known one to think their hoarding and uncleanliness was a sign they were a heavenly being, that is so hilarious. Her delusions are unrivalled on this earth.

No. 424362

>Not really anything that should traumatize her. Parents divorced but many people come from divorced parent who do not act this way.
That's straight-up projection.

No. 424369

How? This is more of a generalization. Psychological projection is taking a statement and putting it out there that applies to the person themselves. (Projecting their qualities onto others) This isn't projection at all.

No. 424373

Seriously, where is the joyster?

No internetting in an entire work-week.

Cy, can you confirm or deny her whereabouts?

No. 424380

Katie was asked on stream why she didn’t pay for utilities since Dom(roomate @the time) wouldn’t allow her to pay him rent, or any bills, and she answered that she offered to pay utilities but that every time she offered, he wouldn’t accept it from her. So imo this is a situation where she is being 100% supported, like many wives and girlfriends are in. There’s nothing wrong with that, as it’s been happening since the beginning of time, and many men (or partners) are old fashion and chivalrous, which brings me to my issue of her lying, by crying broke, unable to work because of her mysterious illnesses, and bottom line; not needing money since she clearly had her own means. Another huge issue is this: many you tubers and younow or twitch broadcasters make tons of money and have lucrative careers but you never hear them speaking of their personal issues. There would have been nothing wrong with her making videos and/or broadcasting and making money, like any other personality, but she didn’t need to lie by incorporating her whole “poor me” bullshit in her act. She’s an idiot. She deserves everyone prying into her business since she talked about it all the time.

No. 424408

>>424380 she did say that but she also stated she does contribute by paying the utilities. It was when she was justifying not making payments she claimed she would make.

You have to right off anything she says unless there is proof because her responses aren't about truth, they are about fitting the narrative and change along with the narrative.

No. 424420

Samefag @ >>424408

I have a question for Family Anons, if they are still willing to share.

Kati accused her mother of raising her to behave in an overly sexual, highly flirtatious way with all men to get her own way. She blamed this for being inappropriate to male friends and she only recently learned that this behaviour was wrong. I believe she also connected it to her stepfather being sexually suggestive towards her.

I think I know what your response will be but the more accusations that can be cleared up the better.

I honestly can't believe you are in a position where this is even necessary. I really do feel empathy for you all, especially Kati's mother who has been on the receiving end of some of her worst lies. It must break her heart.

No. 424422


Please, sage your posts (add sage to the email field).

And, of course Dominique cleans - Kati's too sick to clean, dontchaknow.


Knowing Kati; she's probably think texting doesn't fall under either category.

No. 424424


If anyone is in contact with this guy; can they please tell him to make Rose block Kati's number, if she hasn't done so, already?

Sweet natured woman who can't see the cruelty in others or not - if Rose is being harassed by Kati, there's nothing stopping her from blocking Kati/changing her number to help in stopping the unwanted contact.

No. 424434


Same fag

Forgot to add; don't be surprised if Kati claims that his message wasn't addressed to her because the father @-ed the wrong twitter handle.

Also, sorry for neglecting to sage my own earlier post. That'll teach me to post before having my morning coffee.

No. 424436

If restraining (no contact) orders are the same as they are in the UK, I will check but every time I have the laws are very similar then it should also include wording specifically stating that Kati cannot make any contact with Rose, or her family, whether it be directly or via third party (ie asking other people to contact her on her behalf) and must not ask/instruct/ imply others contact or harass Rose.

If any of that happens it will be on her, so it looks like she will need to get her nuttiest spergs to behave themselves.

No. 424443


LOL - good luck with that!

For all the grief her lot gave the Do5 fans for making Rose (and her children) life a living Hell throughout the court case; Kati's followers aren't any better when Rose doesn't bend over backwards to appease Kati's self serving whims.

No. 424444

Link with further info. Just to clarify it looks like what we do over here, one is family related and can be obtained in family court but this one wouldn't be family related, we would call it civil over here, I'm not sure about MO. Anyway don't put too much stock in anything family related as it won't apply to Kati.

It was interesting to see breech of the order could be a felony.



Finally, the most accurate as it covers civil matters. It confirms what I stated, it covers third parties too.


No. 424468

Kati was never raised to behave in a sexual manner ever! She was not allowed on a date in a car until she possessed her own driver's license. She didn't even date or have boyfriends until 17. Her clothes were not suggestive. She was always treated as a little girl. As she grew older she started the outrageous language and joke and be flirtatious. But never raised that way. There were no Playboys laying around. No sexual content in television. She would have been kicked out of all of her choirs and solo positions if she were that way when in high school. All of this started after she came back from France. Please don't ask about this again. It is very upsetting. Her own mother is an independent single woman who is very assertive in nature but also nurturing. She would never raise a girl to act that way. In fact she was raised to be a strong independent woman who should get an education so she would never be dependent on anyone including men. She got this way ON HER OWN! She was raised by a woman who applauded Gloria Steinam and Jane Fonda! 2nd anon family member

No. 424478

People don't understand how someone with a normal family can turn out so messed up, it's easy if you think of it in terms of rebellion. Everyone knows teens rebel, but for some reason they're shocked that someone could turn out differently from how they were raised. I think that's why you're getting a lot of questions regarding her character growing up and her treatment of/from family members.

To be clear, I don't think that anon >>424420
was accusing anyone. I know it must be very upsetting to hear these things, but these are awful rumors that Kati has flung out on her own, and repeated to her followers until they believe them. I believe the anon's intention was only to have you refute it so that if her spergs end up on these boards, they can see how many of the things she said were lies and slander against her family. From the way they worded their post, I don't think it was accusatory.

I apologize for all the intrusive questions you've been asked. The sad reality is that she has spent almost a year slandering her family, so naturally there are a lot of painful topics and hard questions that people are curious to hear the truth about. It's not often we would get this sort of chance to hear anything other than speculation from other farmers. Please don't get upset or answer anything you don't feel comfortable answering.

No. 424482

I am sorry if I appeared to be offended. It just hurts to hear all of this. We were aware of some of it but had not idea the extent. If anything can explain her behavior is that she was more indulged than abused. But for a feminist to hear that this girl is spouting how to depend on a man is quite appalling. No offense. Plus, as someone said earlier, not enough coffee. lol 2nd anon family member

No. 424494


Thank you, you have my word that I will never ask again. I will refer anyone else who does directly to your post.

I do appreciate your response as I don't doubt just how hurtful this is for you all.

No. 424495

File: 1510755613973.png (159.13 KB, 1875x948, Screenshot 2017-11-16 01.14.16…)

The scumbag who lied about donating $400 to Alex is on a blocking spree. Apparently Joy and Mike is behind it.

I called her out for doing what Joytards do best Saying sorry and expecting instant forgiveness.

No. 424499


She probably lied in the first place after being prompted by Kati to do so (whether it was to lie about Alex owing her $400 in order to make him look worse than he already did or to lie that he owed her anything in order to get people to leave Kati alone - due to the negative backlash Kati got for not proactively coming to this one girl's aid).

Either way - this block spree shouldn't surprise anyone.

No. 424501


I feel torn for asking such intrusive questions. On one hand I understand how painful this must be, having to defend your family over insane lies that are the complete antithesis of the reality. But as you stated, the family also deserve a chance to clear their names, these aren't little lies, they are extremely damaging. And the fact they come from someone they love makes it worse.

As for Kati, I don't believe she is the way she is for any "reasons" as such. I think she has a personality disorder, along with true disordered narcissism. There are plenty of disorders that kick in during the late teens, early twenties. The fact she was spoiled and babied has most likely done nothing more than enable her behaviour for longer than most would have put up with the behaviour but I highly doubt it is was lead to her problems. But this is my speculation and the truth is I doubt she will ever allow herself to be professionally diagnosed.

Has she ever fallen as close to rock bottom as this before though? Maybe the fact that this has been so public might force her hand. This all went down on the internet, it's not like she can run to a different state and start over again this time.

No. 424513

I don't envy the hole she has dug for herself. Any prospective employer or real estate agent, friends or whoever she might meet in future, all it takes is one google search of her name and they will run for the hills. Her only real option to turn her life around now is to get professional mental help and start working at building a better reputation, but we all know she won't do that.
I wouldn't put it past her to be running phone and email scams on the elderly within a year or two.

No. 424524


Or she'll do the same as she tried to do this time… she'll start operating under a false name. Only, next time, she'll work harder to keep her new marks from finding out her real name.

No. 424579

There’s absolutely no way that would work for more then a month. Someone from here or one of her “haters” as she calls them would find it and shit all over her new identity with information from here.

No. 424601


I have a feeling she's setting up a big dramatic "reveal" of some sorts. She's going to come back claiming that she had a huge health crisis, or Boyfriend had some sort of trauma. Her little minions will eat it up and she can play the victim card if anyone tries to defy her.

No. 424608

No she has not always been so vulgar. That started after high school to my knowledge. I think she does it for shock value–another way of getting attention.
I trust Dom
It was described to me as a business arrangement.
Yes she avoids any improvement. And always an excuse. It is exhausting. I also saw her treat the ex that begins with a J in the same manner. It was more verbal/emotional abuse.
Yes that is correct. To my knowledge, Kati has never ever lived out of her car or been homeless. Even if someone would get tired of her messes and behavior, she would either move in with a different family member or back with an ex. Once she claimed I kicked her out and I didn't. I just asked that she be quiet so I could get a good night's sleep before my flight that morning for work. She does this anytime she is asked to modify her behavior.
you should have seen the nightmare of a mess she leaves at every house she has ever stayed at. It sucks being the people who have to clean it up after she takes off from someone's house. But its a multi-person job and so its easier if there is more than one person doing it.
~~~Family member anon OP

No. 424612


If I recall correctly, in one of his latest uploads, Phil's guess was that she'll come back claiming that she's pregnant or that Dominique broke up with her.

I'm betting on the former - only because, this way, she can add pregnancy complications to the slew of medical issues she has to suffer through.

No. 424615


I will have to check out his videos, both of those sound plausible. I sincerely hope she isn't pregnant. It's vile that is so easy to picture her pretending to be pregnant and lapping up her viewers concern/money.

No. 424628


Preg would be handy…she could lose it around the 5mo mark and get double bonus victim points on it. (And, honestly… if Dom gets her preg, then he is a total idiot.)

No. 424631

The idea of her having a baby right now is frightening. She won’t even leave her apartment for more than an hour, can’t keep her place clean, lives off pizza, refuses to get herself mental care. She can’t take care of herself let alone a child. It’s bad enough she got a senior dog with disabilities. She should just stick to caring for their new pet.

No. 424636

she said she couldn't get pregnant. Even if she lied about that. I don't think we should speculate about her getting pregnant unless it happens.

No. 424641


Do you have a citation? In two diff videos she's said that she doesn't want a kid unless she's independently wealthy and can afford to fend off custody battles by the father (I'm rephrasing it). One of the vids was the one where she cries about roommate wanting kids and wanting to get a job in CA.

No. 424645


I’m more interested in what is taking Kati so long to stream and address what’s been going on. Like, what is her take on the family anons defending themselves from her lies. How is she going to spin this? What is she going to say about the fact she never even met the children from the family tragedy? How she talked poorly of that’s part of the family, while at the same time pretending to be concerned. How she was never homeless, and freeloaded off family and whomever else would take her in. Etc..etc..etc…There is so much! What does Cy think of all this? Also, where is the apology to her “haters” for accusing them Of having Alex fired. Or how about the fact her family was not swatted? It was stated by family anons the afew months ago there was a wellness check on Joy, when she was getting suicidal thoughts, but Joy no longer lived at the address they went to.

No. 424648


We're probably in for a long wait… she might be willing to scrap the YouNow account and try a new channel w/a new "look" after the first of the year.

No. 424656

I feel the family anons have answered most of the important questions we have had. It’s time for Kati to come out of hiding, and take the mic. Your turn Kati…we are all waiting…

No. 424660

>What does Cy think of all this?

Theory: Cy will not weigh in on all this at all. She has invested too much of her time and identity in being Kati's mouthpiece and enforcer. The cognitive dissonance will be too great for her to overcome, so she will double down on defending Kati and supporting her. I do not think she will address any revelations at all.

No. 424669

File: 1510771719663.jpg (848.11 KB, 2560x2285, IMG_20171115_133904.jpg)

I may have added this on #13 but I think I couldn't find it when I went to upload it, anyway, Kati mentioning "side hustles and other work" that always struck me as odd, given the extensive work history, qualifications, and expert level at everything she has always claimed.

No. 424678

Here is a good question for Cy.

Cy, you are quite the young chicken. Why are you hanging out online with a 33 year old woman, that doesn’t leave her home, is dishevelled, exploits people’s tragedies, and lies about her family? Why do you keep this kind of company? Shouldn’t you be hanging out with people more your age, with lots of life in them, experiencing the world in a positive way? Involving yourself with stable people, who will add positivity, and a healthy outlook on life?

No. 424681

Aren't we getting pretty close to when Kati said she had to wait until to get health insurance? I know that was like 4 months ago and part lf her narrative as to why she couldn't get any type of coverage or seek out any medical care so it was all just blatant lies anyway. I was more wondering if any of her braindead fans remember this claim. It would be funny to gently bring it up if she ever streams again and see if you can jog her fans memory and get them to ape it

"Joy, how are you feeling that you'll finally be able to get on health insurance once December starts? Relieved? Excited?"

"Joy, should we plan on donating extra since you are going to be paying a health insurance premium starting in December?"

"Joy, you should buy the best policy you can with your Patreon because then you can get a lot of medical treatments in 2018 for cheep."

Speaking of Patreon, her Patreon is dropping fast. Looks like she just lost like 8 of her $3 Patrons, a couple of her $2 Patrons, and maybe another of her $20 dollar Patrons in the last 2 days or so.

No. 424703

>>424636 I will look to see if I can find it. i don't off hand remember which video so might take me time. But in a video she was sad saying it was unfair for her to bring roomate down cause he wanted kids and she couldn't give him any. and she talked about how he and her tried to remove her birth control themselves but couldn't so got a Dr. to do it. But who knows if she was truthful.

No. 424709

her video my brain is sick. her talking about how the Dr.s all say it is just anxiety.

No. 424710

Enrollment is right now. She has no excuses here but I'm sure she'll magically not be covered for some stupid made up reason.

No. 424711


Please, learn to sage (add sage to the email field).

Also, look up the video called 'I don't wanna die' - that's the video where she admits to getting into screaming matches with doctors and nurses because 1) she feels they have a God complex and 2) if they were real doctors, they would have cured diseases by now.

No. 424738

What is it like for cost in the USA for mental help? Say for a psychologist? Joy doesn’t exactly need to commit herself. She could easily find a good psychologist, that would be able to help her identify any mental issues or disorders she may have. Then prescribe her whatever she needs with continued therapy, and monitoring of her meds to make sure they are working correctly. With whatever she may be diagnosed with, she can also find support groups that suffer from the same ailments. That way she doesn’t feel alone in her struggle, and they can share with each other.

With all jokes aside, mental illness is very serious and can also cause physical symptoms. I personally hope that Kati finds the correct help she needs and takes serious steps toward a healthier life. She’s not old by any means, and has every opportunity to turn a new leaf, and even possibly make amends with her family. They say they love her, and just want her to get help. It’s never too late. You can fix this Kati, if you really want to. I’m sure your family will be very supportive of you, while you get help.

No. 424749

She has been told to get mental help and she says she doesn't have mental problems and she is physically sick not mentally. IF anyone tells her she is mentally sick she screams and yells at them. She is in denial.Cost for mental help is thousand of dollars.

No. 424751

Just for meds here is hundreds to thousands a month. The mental professionals cost hundreds to thousands each time you see them.

No. 424752


Please, unless you have something new to share, sage your posts (add sage to the email field).

As for mental health treatments costing thousands of dollars - having a legit ailment that requires medication can cost just as much.

No. 424773

depends on if you decide to look into what your particular state has to offer as far as mental healthcare. plus, add on that plenty of medications that with mental illness have programs to help specifically with payment assistance, it really comes down to if you decide to put in the effort or find the help you need.

No. 424783


You mean this video.

No. 424785

File: 1510782372489.jpg (32.59 KB, 596x356, ItOKKPi.jpg)

Was advised by another helpful anon to also post this here because I dropped it in #13. Mikenactor reuploaded his Why I Dislike MrRepzion video, and here's Joy in the comments.

No. 424828


If only Mikenactor had the balls to leave up all the comments his video received; I doubt Joy would have felt safe to leave that BS comment if he had.

No. 424836

Hopefully some anons screenshotted them!

No. 424867


Tbh, I'm surprised he didn't. He is such a drama sponge and it seems negativity would just get Joy's supporters more rabid.

No. 424887


I don't understand why people think Kati is going to address the 'family' anons. Her fans don't read here, they've been conditioned to think this is all rabid, blind hate (and tbh, sometimes it is, these threads get exceptional) there is no advantage or reason for her to do it, so don't hold your breath.

No. 424896

I'm not sure if you mean Jason or Jamie/Jaime..but in Jason's case yeah, no kidding. She tried to pull "little Kati" on us both and she got ripped a new one by me and kicked to the curb by him. And of course..then it was his fault.

She won't until she finds a way to spin it or people keep asking about it over and over again. She will have to address it and other things eventually because the counter-allegations are basically cruise missiles into her foundation. The only way she can choose to completely ignore them is if she's prepared to not come back at all…and given how some of her 'fans' are little more than rabid attack dogs..they'll gobble HER up if they get hungry enough.

No. 424922


It may take her some time, but she can’t ignore it forever. Some of her followers have already caught wind of it on twitter. I’m sure they will have their own questions. If she starts deleting those questions on her streams or blocking people for asking, it sure won’t look very good. Then again, most of the things Kati says or does “doesn’t look good”, and her Spergles don’t seem to care too much. They are too busy defending her and telling people to look the other way.

No. 424928

What were some of the thing she would say or do as "Lil kati' ?

No. 424970

File: 1510794391295.jpg (704.43 KB, 1072x1918, SmartSelectImage_2017-11-15-08…)

Just leaving this here..

And Joy is lurking hard, she comes around to block people lol. And the thing with all this mental illness talk… maybe she's just not a very good person. I mean, clearly she knows she is wrong or she wouldn't be hiding.

The spergles may not see this thread, but it's referenced on Twitter often. She really only has like 3 people defending her over there, even after Ross's dad explicitly told Joy to fuck off. At this point it's whatever, you can't fix stupid.i really wanna know how Cy plans to spin this. I really wonder how Cy looks herself in the mirror.

Oh and don't talk about Russianbunny here or harass her or anything. She's a minor.

No. 424981

File: 1510794822907.jpg (407.4 KB, 1055x1113, SmartSelectImage_2017-11-15-20…)

No. 424997


Russiabunny, though a minor, is a Joytard and deliberately lied to feed into Joy's narrative because she was mad at Alex for making problems for Joy.

I agree that harassing her would be a bad idea; but I'll be damned if I'll ignore her own stupidity in support of Joy, just because she's young.

They won't learn shit all from their mistakes if you baby them. All you need to do is look at Joy for a prime example of what happens when you enable shitty behavior.

No. 425004

It's against the site rules to post about minors. Yes, she lied nd it's known. Now we move on.

No. 425023

Ya don’t bother her, but it does go to show what kind of influence Joy has on her young viewers, and it ain’t healthy or positive. She’s the last person anybody would want for a child advocate, or for youth to follow in her path.

No. 425026

I agree what Russianbunny did was wrong but watching her in the younow stream you can clearly see she is unstable. She was shaking and crying and looked very unstable. So unstable I don't think it is a good idea to harass her. I think it would take very little to push her over the edge and so think we should leave her alone.

No. 425037

I really think she lied because she wanted Katis attention. On the stream she kept saying you are making me feel better talking to you. and seemed to be fan girling. She is really unstable or a good actress and I don't think she is a good actress.

No. 425053


Please read my post carefully. I never said she should be harassed - because, that wouldn't be right; but I'm not going to turn a blind eye to her bad behavior, just because she's a kid.

This is one of those moments where a parent should be contacted to inform them what kind of people their daughter is getting mixed up with and how it's affecting her.

No. 425055

I'm likely the minority here by saying that I believe she is more asshole than anything. There's no doubt mental illness but not the great level that so many assume. I believe she had a family that treated her not only very well, but so good that she demanded that and more from everyone else while giving nothing in return. I also believe she had talent and at one time it made her very happy but she became bored with it and tested the waters creating aliases online and that gave her the power to be so many more things. She became an instant expert in everything, complete with super powers. Part of her mental illness is not having the lightbulb go off to say, yeah I'm doing some dumb shit, abort.

She definitely needs psych help but is no where near a place where anyone can do anything either way. You have to be a major direct threat to yourself or someone else. She could even say she will kill people, then 911 is called, they ask her are you going to harm or kill someone, she says no, they leave, case closed. It's unfortunate but true. Or like mentioned earlier, there's enough to get involuntary commitment and hours later she can sign herself out.

I think more than anything, she is a scammer and is lazy. Why pour blood, sweat and tears into a career singing when the unfortunate reality in life is that she will get more attention if she acts like a dick hole on YT. She knew she wanted an easy way to get attention and money and went for it, and it worked, but she's a greedy piggy and wants it all. She wants the attention and the pity and knew what to say to get it all until she took too much and started messing up while trying to be the hero and the villain.

Things she has said, like her language explanation for example, where she states she spoke properly but basically wanted to be more relatable to peers so she adapted more of a foul mouth. Yet had also said she grew up as white trash and that's just how they do. She's calculated in most every step.

I just think too many things in the world get blamed on mental illness, and that's also what she wants, rather than calling a spade a spade.

Her and onision are quite the pair of smug-selfish pricks, stomping on anyone to get what they want.

No. 425057

Her Dad was on the stream off to the side. Because she was crying and saying she was scared and Her Dad said are you ok? which if i was her Dad I would say who are you talking to why are you so upset get off the computer.

No. 425065


It seriously has to make you wonder how often she acts like that for the father to just wander off after she says 'I'm fine'.

In any case, dropping the topic out of respect for everyone else. Besides - this would be better off in the spergleberry thread.

No. 425104

As little Kati? Basically she would talk in a higher pitched voice like a child or like she was trying to act like a child. The rest of the stuff was largely a guilt trip. She was trying to get Jason to feel sorry for her and excuse how she treated and talked about guys..claiming some sort of undefined childhood abuse. Jason thought he was helping her or trying to anyway, and since I knew her he reached out to me and we spoke a bit about it, then we both spoke to 'lil Kati" and it all was really off. Mainly because my part of the conversation it was that she was upset with me and obessing over apologies and she was really hurt because she really loved me and all this other crap. (Yeah, she said that.) Jason and I talked privately and compared notes and he later sent me a conversation we had. That was when I got exceptionally pissed and ripped her a new one…largely for the same tactics she is pulling now.

That was one of the biggest red flags that helped me realize that she hadn't changed at all and that it was the same schtick all over again. In fact at one point I even told her "You're giving your critics ammunition and some of the things they're saying you're starting to prove right." Same head games.

Anyway. Back on topic it wasn't long after that he kicked her to the curb. He has moved on with his life since and he hasn't had anything to do with her in some time. You'll know him as the Jason from the Tumblr posts. He was in general kind of shy and reserved but a very intelligent dude with quite the creative side. He's always treated me with respect and I honestly don't have anything bad to say about him. He picked the wrong chick to shack up with but he's paid enough for that one.

No. 425154

File: 1510801961922.png (84.95 KB, 745x570, Screenshot 2017-11-16 14.08.08…)

Poppie is going off at Kati and Tim. She thought they were friends, he is putting her in her place. Go poppie

No. 425191

Good for him. I am grateful that someone is taking her to task for her behaviour that she can't just wave away and say he's a hater.

I wonder how long she's going to hide.

No. 425209

File: 1510808320133.png (111.51 KB, 657x648, mYx98l6.png)

Awwww… Joysus wants to buy Keemstar a Christmas present! (I'm guessing that it's really her top fan and bestest wallet Coding that will pay for it… so, ask away Keemstar! Coding's got Kati covered!)

No. 425223

Woah woah woah…hold up! What does she mean by “I know exactly how that feels? Is she suggesting that Rose took advantage of her? Cause that’s what it looks like to me.

No. 425224

She is too busy to help her fans out when they need someone to talk too. She won't take time to tell Stiles to chill out. People are asking her to answer questions she don't have time too but she has time to try and kiss keemstars rearend.

No. 425225

I’m thinking she may be sulking and feeling bitter or sorry for herself because Poppie ain’t playing her game.

No. 425227

So making YouTube videos to raise awareness and help others (as she put it) and donating the money from them because she won't profit from abuse is the same thing

No. 425232

So I was looking at the first thread last night and some of the very first posts are Joy Tweeting out her analytics to prove her Onision videos weren't monitized. Fucking KEK


Also on her Spurpinkle Bow channel 1 million of the 1.1 million channel views it has gotten were from Do5 videos that she took down. Lucky girl that she still has those analytics for approximately 18% of the Do5 videos. Now all she has to do is show that on all those videos she was getting 23¢ per thousand views. Just based on the 6 million view that went down during September when R asked for videos to be taken down and the $1,400 total she said was the entire amount owed R. And she still hasn't donated the extra amount to R after she says her cult helped her figure it out in private.

No. 425234

Has it been determined that Joy actually deleted her YouTube channel, or is it in fact hidden? She still has her YouTube channel linked on her twitter.

No. 425235

Soo…is she implying Rose/fans are begging her for money, or?

BTW - is her 'past lives' video re-uploaded anywhere?

No. 425244


The vid title is "I'm scared, Onision, & 4500 subscribers" from Jan 23, 2017. Don't know if it's been mirrored anywhere, but that's the vid where she talks about having been some sort of minor royalty that killed people for fun and some person who was repeatedly poisoning some old guy that worked for her… again for fun and to fuck with him out of boredom. Basically, if she had a grand father die of anything that seemed "normal" when she was a kid, I would exhume him and do chemical analysis… she sounds like a total sick fuck in that video.

No. 425249

Yes, I remember what it was about, I just really want to see it again. Hopefully someone has a link to it! In a sense it's a shame she took everything down, because some of her videos are true re-watching gems, a window into who she is. I got bored with 500 Gerg/do5 videos, but her 'personal life' ones…Daaaamn.

No. 425256

I can’t find the video you were talking about, but this channel has loads of Joys videos. At least the last 4 months of them. So it’s not all, but there is plenty.

No. 425266


BEGGING YOU for money?! bitch, people have been DONATING MONEY TO YOU

Is this deluded woman seriously expecting anyone to believe this blatant lie? Surely not even her retarded spergleberries are that fucking dense.

Joy, YOU'RE the begging, grifting conwoman here.

My god I wish she would have a stroke or something

No. 425271



This is the video where she claimed that she was monetizing the Do5 videos because she thought she could do something good with the money. Like, donate it to a charity, but was not sure where to donate it at the time. At the same time claiming she needed to find ways to make money for herself, to find ways to “get better”. Then gets into talking about opening a Patreon account.

No. 425274

That one's not there, sadly ( or I'm missing it due to being half asleep ), but thanks regardless anon. I'm going to definitely re-watch a few of these.
I'm wondering when she's making an appearance again - surely parts of her miss is.

No. 425295

File: 1510815607031.png (132.69 KB, 720x858, 20171116_005450.png)

Of course they believe it! Lol she can do nothing wrong.

>Alcohol was never something that Kati would ever consider.


No. 425328

Probably because archangel Michael didn't give her the green light to do so.
( Family anon said she went out of her way to buy all ~organic~ even when it went against her budget, so she probably thought of alcohol as poisoning her body )

No. 425334


100% working on that health… if she can't get insurance because she had to get her patreons to buy keemstar a new car… well… in the end, that 100% was for HER health vs the drain it would be to go live and explain herself to the people who are asking questions.

No. 425367

Another rumor debunked by Kati herself:

In the video it is plain to see Joy/Kati has a cold sore.
What are cold sores or fever blisters?
Herpes Labialis

Google "what is a cold sore" heh heh(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 425374

Ongoing she has said she doesn't have insurance.
We now know (Thank You Anon Family) she's always had insurance and she doesn't even pay for nor has she ever paid for it.
The entire "health issues and No Insurance" has been her main shtick since.. January? Or even her 1st month on YouTube - December. smdh

No. 425382

I spy with my little eye a hellkat who hasn't read the posting rules

No. 425388

File: 1510822327145.jpeg (841.14 KB, 1242x1627, 10E148F3-C234-4615-9E6B-060115…)

Oh for the love of mashed potatoes…

No. 425413


Weird.. she just offered to have her patreons buy Keemstar a Christmas present, but I don't see any donation on their GoFundMe guess she's one of the many anon donors.

No. 425454

Ok after spending the last hour trying to decipher the threads on twitter, can someone provide a summary? Has the flow of milk caused a flood?

Would be helpful for non-twitter nonnies too. TY in advance!

No. 425456


Everybody knows you should always cater to the rich and 'powerful' before helping out the down and out commoners.

Clearly, Kati has her priorities straight.

No. 425521

Yeah, I took screenshots of everything and was gonna slap some tweets together but it got to be too much too fast.. I'll do it from memory best I can but Idk how close to chronological it will be.

So starting from her slip up on YN, people took to Twitter to ask her why she lied about being homeless. These people are swiftly blocked and she postpones her previously announced stream, then later it's cancelled all together. Haters and Joytards continue to demand answers, and a lot of them are angry that she's not working harder to try and help RB after the hysteria at the end of the livestream. In fact, she couldn't give a shit less about that girl, and when Cy is questioned she gives this flippant answer that pisses people off more. (It was basically like "oh yeah so I'm supposed to just drop what I'm doing and not spend time with my family yada yada; which in fairness Cy is/was? At Disneyland for a week.)

Meanwhile, Geekscucktoo, Stiles, and Kekistan start the first wave of playing attack dog. There's a lot of back and forth but the main takeaway is Kek offers to dox someone for Stiles in case Stiles wanted to pay the guy a visit and shut him up for good, and how they know Joy would like that. This pisses off Phil, whom makes the video linked in the last thread. (Oh and, shortly before this Stiles had been banned on twitter for 24 hours and then posted that video about the girl's suicide, plus him throwing out more threats at "the haters". Phil uses some of the clips from this in his own video.) Of course these are captured and used against him.

Stiles decides he needs to come back and "collect evidence" against the haters to send to the FBI and create a report showing off the "targeted harassment" of Joy so he came back even more unhinged, screen capping stuff with #Collected. (Nothing he collected even remotely fit his narrative..) He got himself banned at least twice during all this so I can't recall what is where, but the point would be he's now throwing out more threats, being extra crazy, and talking shit about Rose; accusing her of being an alcoholic and on dope and saying that's where all the donation money actually went.Other notable Joytards like Kattscratch and Janus start calling him out. (On the side: one of Janus's cats had passed so there was this moment of compassion between him and haters that really seemed to make an impact against the whole us vs them thing, everyone shared cat photos for a bit)

At some point someone calls the police. Twice, actually but idk where it falls in the timeline here.

Now people are even more angry because Joy will not call him off or disassociate from him, despite how she had just dragged Alex for something so minor compared to what Stiles was up to. Even the other Joytards are telling Stiles to fuck off and he's gone too far, but Joy is playing silent though lurking and blocking people still. Eventually she makes some posts that are the equivalent of sarcastically whispering "whaaanooo hey…stawwwpp" in a corner and essentially praising him for his efforts and saying the haters are not worth it.

People get angrier. At some point RB tweets that she had lied about Alex owing her $400, she had never donated all that and lied because she was angry. This obviously doesn't help things. Joy crawls back into the gutter.

A lot more back and forth goes down but the sum it up: Joy is losing patreons and some of them share their experiences on Twitter. 1 details how she finally opened her eyes to all the bullshit while another talks about how Joy was rarely actually there for patreon streams anyway.

The stuff fam canons say here gets capped and pushed around. A user Melinda, a rl friend of Rose, puts out caps of texts and emails that show Joy is still bugging Rose to this day. The gem of "I give you all my proceeds from the videos and this is how im repaid?!" Is posted. More outrage.

Unfortunately at this point VHS and Ebonard begin to just make shit up and throw it in the mix. Something about how Joy was running an identity theft ring by having people show their name and face before allowed on the patreon stream and VHS is pushing this idea that Joy is using Dom's mom's name to pay utilities. (The screen shot provided doesn't even begin to suggest that). But they also help debunk other lies such as Jon's claim to have never pimped Alex's PayPal. (Meanwhile, Alex can be found in the comment section of another video wherein he's admits to not knowing what to believe anymore since Joy said 1 thing but VHS had the proof against it.)

Somewhere in this mess, StayNegative's son dies but I don't know how or anything. Joy takes this time to virtue signal that "regardless of the nastiness we should send him positive vibes and healing" or whatever disgusting shit she said.

Now there are just receipts flowing like crazy that show off how Joy lies and manipulates. Clips and tweets from the horse's mouth that show off her scam. There's only about 3 Joytards still trying to defend her now. Mr Repzion calls her out for making patreon show their faces and she blocks him.

Anyway, the greatest moments is when Melinda and Rose's father come out the outright put Joy in her place and let her know they dont fuck with her. The Joytards prove that they are indeed actual retards, as somehow this message goes over their heads and they continue trying to grovel to the man about how it's the haters who are wrong, not them, they're just here to help. I forgot to mention that Melinda had been e-mailing Joy about a C&D against her from Rose's side but I don't know what happened with that.

Joytards continue to make it seem like calling out Joy is somehow related to Rose, even the father comes out denouncing this. However, he does want the fighting to stop. Still, evidence against Joy continues, esp since he revealed that she never had anything to do with the case, the shit about the evidence reels were a lie. (Shocking absolutely nobody..)

That's the basic jyst of it all I believe. The milk was flowing in ALL directions honestly, really was a sight to behold. As I type this, the evidence against her continues to pour out, she's still hiding, and all and all it looks like the game is completely over for her. She hasn't streamed in about 2 weeks now and that was licking post to Keem is the only thing she's put out in about a week. Diligent anons can find Joy and Cy leaving comments on other stuff, such as Mikenactor's latest attempt to be relevant.

I'll add more if any of major kek worthy events come to mind. I imagine this is already rather long. And yes, I know there is a spergleberry thread, however, all the fighting was ultimately on Joy's behalf so I think it related. Every so often a couple minions pop up and shit the pot again and it's even speculated that they're letting Joy use their accounts to come fight but remain low-key. Oh and there's this Warrior of Light Twitter alt that screams "I'm Richard" in every way possible bit it goes around denouncing Joy and agreeing with the haters and I do, it's just odd.

No. 425522

Interesting that she still hasn't been jsbs on YT for a full year, yet was able to do so much damage and chaos. She's dangerous and a great example of the kind of person that is not capable of doing the right thing, and shouldnt have any kind of power or authority.

No. 425523

Samefag, just saying sometimes my auto correct changes Joy to Jon and Rose to Ross. I didn't proofread after a while, not gonna lie.

No. 425534

File: 1510845397036.jpg (32.73 KB, 586x341, dK4SGzV.jpg)

Proof that Joy's evidence reels were nothing more than busy work from Tim Conlon?

No. 425571

>>425534 as we saw giving Kati "busy work" is ineffective as she delegates to minions and that takes all the credit.

It is nice to see everything we stated on here has been backed up by someone with acknowledge knowledge of events. There is a strict chain of custody when it comes to obtaining, verifying and collating evidence, there was no way on earth anything used came from Kati or her minions.

No. 425591

Being proved right about everything feels so satisfying. We all knew she wasn't some Super Speshul asset to court proceedings, but it is extra nice to have it properly confirmed.
Along with all the info from the family members and her most recent ex-fans - the whole thing is wonderful. With all my following of lolcows, rarely does one get their comeuppance so comprehensively. For once I'm not frustrated whilst on here, I'm just pleased.

I'm also astounded that this whole rollercoaster of a rise and fall has managed to take place in under a year. I mean, with Onion is has been a decade, and following that gets exhausting. I have never witnessed someone achieve a similar level of drama and manage to have the whole saga play out in such a short amount of time.

That Richard nutjob, what age is he? I feel like I have missed something here. I was looking through his tweets and replies and someone was saying he was 70? Surely that can't be right?

No. 425594

It’s interesting to note* that cult leaders often times give their followers “tasks” to keep them busy, and make them feel they are doing something good or productive for the group. They strive to please their leader, as well as the feeling they belong to something important working together for whatever “cause”. I recall Joy recruiting her minions to download and send any material she could use to put together for the court case. Keeping them all busy. After all that she continued to play along as tho, the videos that she put together (if any at all) were the smoking gun in winning the case, and her followers stood by her believing this and defending her tooth and nail. Glad to see that Poppie exposed the truth to this lie, so she can now shut her mouth about it and stop bragging as tho she was the one who saved R and the kids.

No. 425604


Richard Stiles or as he’s actually known (Charles Richard Stiles) is 53.

No. 425613

Nice summary. I've been following the various Twitter feeds too and this really covers the lot!

Charles Stiles… Mystery Diners…? No, no, not that…

No. 425626

>>425594 I know we have long since concluded that she is running things like a cult. Well "like" doesn't quite cut it, exactly is more apt, you can run through the FBI cult checklist and tick every box. So my question is, is this just a coincidence? Or has she actually gone through some "how to be a cult leader" program, possibly via Indigo, it just seems too 101 for it not to be something she has studied.

I can recall her saying she learned certain sales techniques, such as the "does that make sense?" Which is a trick used to manipulate the listener into thinking you value their opinion, etc. So would it be a stretch to think she looked into a way to mass control, rather than just being that way naturally?

For me it is an important question because if it is actively learned, that would suggest she has far more control over herself than I have given her credit for. I have leaned heavily on her being someone with a form/s of mental illness but that would make me think twice. As someone said further up, she's more arsehole than mentally ill.

Speculation alert!

No. 425824

File: 1510864330194.png (20.72 KB, 583x173, 1.png)

*I know what it's like to take advantage of people.

Fixed that for you, Face Herp.

No. 425826

File: 1510864429585.png (15.63 KB, 592x129, Screenshot.png)

No. 425827


I completely agree with you here.

When it comes to cult leaders, you will find that they are narcissistic. That’s how the whole thing starts. It’s a group all about the leader, while the leader pretends (at least at first) it’s about some kind of goodness , cause Or spiritual enlightenment of some sort. Once the leader gains trust and feels the followers are conditioned enough, the requirements and info gets deeper. They are essentially ready for more conditioning and screwed up crap. I don’t know much about this stuff and have been looking into it because of this scenario with Joy. It all fits her to a T. I don’t think anybody argues that…just kinda trying to really put it in place, and look at it myself for what it is. It’s interesting…as I can’t imagine doing something like this myself. It’s a study for me, and learning. What makes these people do this?

Now I am tossing back and forth if she is aware of what she is doing, or is this very calculated and she has looked into this stuff, and actually went forward with it. Her manipulation tactics are extremely strong. She knows how to get what she wants through emotion and other things. Just because people follow her doesn’t make them weak minded, or unintelligent. Any person can find themselves swept away in a cult and they don’t even know it. I feel bad for her followers. They are shunned if they question their leader. It all says cult. It’s scary… anyway, enough of my ramblings.

No. 425830


Samefag…It’s interesting to watch a fresh cult grow, from its seed and how far it has escalated in such a short time. Just look at how much she still continues to gloat about how kind and good she is, all while she won’t answer one legit question regarding anything happening right now.

No. 425835

>I've also given gifts to fans

Who? When? What?

Knowing how kati loves to brag about very little thing, her giving something to someone would have been broadcast far and wide. I don't recall hearing or reading anything about her giving gifts to fans. And we know the charity thing is bullshite.

No. 425858

Raising money for charity is considered being taken advantage of ? Umm ok. And as if all that money came out of her pocket. Lolz
People weren't asking her to start all her bullshit with raising and donating, that was all her, as part of her act to be the hero.

I love when she destroys herself like this, it's evidence that all her kindness and compassion was an act and for bragging rights.

No. 425866

She's obviously latching on to keemstar for his badguy status, hoping to rope in some of his fanbase. Kati has proved time and time again that she cares for nobody but herself. Like she actually gives a damn about his Xmas gift bs.
I'm also curious as to what gifts she has given to fans

No. 425870

Holy sheet. Glorious. Thank you so much anon!

No. 425920

File: 1510871259610.jpeg (974.34 KB, 1242x1731, 069D11A2-9239-40C9-BF4F-523384…)

Is this true, Joy copyright striked Richard Stiles Youtube channel till it was terminated?

No. 425942

Gigs don't give her any ideas

No. 425955

I knew her stupid claims about creating evidence reels that won the court case made no sense but the joytards acted like I was stupid for even suggesting that a good lawyer wouldn't be asking random you tubers to create evidence reels. Ugh.

No. 425958

Yes if she was actually telling the truth which again this is Kati we're talking about but if she was telling the truth then she would be able to purchase health insurance this month. I'm not sure about next but definitely November and it would kick in January 1 (again Kati.) However like the other anon said it would be interesting to bring it up "since she can FINALLY get health insurance" especially with all that Patreon $ for doing absolutely nothing and completely violation TOS with "her rules."

No. 426008


Clearly, she's referring to that fax machine she got Onision.


No. 426028

I think Kati is actually just an awful person. (Sorry, family anons, it's just how I see it) and that's because she clearly knows what she's up to. Compare her to Onision for a second: He does not back down, he just knows when to try a new angle. There is never any remorse or guilt, he just works the crowd. He actually believes the shit he spews and narc injury is the only thing that gets actual emotional responses out of him. Kati on the other hand clearly knows right from wrong because she wouldn't run and hide whenever she gets exposed. Or poison wells. If she were actually that mental she would just stand by her shit and keep spinning, instead she runs off like a coward to let the tards take up for her, she knows damn well what she's doing is scummy or she wouldn't feel the need to evade stuff. Onion boy at least acknowledges stuff and then twists it up in his head to spit out his interpretation of events as "the real troofs".

Does she have qualities of certain personality disorders? Absolutely. But above all I believe she's just a con. A bad one. Like remember that stream when she got confronted by 2 people from her inner Circle? She was all self- righteous until she realized who they were and her face dropped and she looked like "oh shit. I've been caught!" And had to quickly recover, being live and all. Huge tell, imo. It's not always mental illness, some people are just rotten eggs.

The cult stuff I think kind of happened? It was a joke at first but… hey, maybe when she had been stalking Onion back in the day she did some looking into cults after finding out he had one, just like some of us are now doing the same because of her? Plus carry over shit from the indigo days, which seemed really cultish anyway. Wild tinfoil, ik.

"Cult leaders give members busy work to feel included" they also do it so the member doesn't have time to sit and think critically about anything. It's one of the steps to shutting down their ability to think.

She's said on a couple occasions that helping do5 was a waste of time for her. Rose not showing enough gratitude or licking her feet is what she calls "being taken advantage of" cause y'know, she's twisted like that.

No. 426030

Does anyone have an archive of the stream she did with Benji when she was welcoming in her ‘haters’ and answering questions?

No. 426035

Try to search "joy + ridgemont or dyl monster". I'm pretty sure I saw a couple before, haven't looked recently. Her five hour stream were horrendous.

No. 426037

File: 1510880381966.png (19.92 KB, 585x176, Screenshot.png)

She spewing more of her "my videos helped convict them" bullshit.

No. 426054

File: 1510880774958.jpg (59.66 KB, 555x510, Capture.JPG)

No. 426061

Apparently she cant stream, there was some shit with YouNow and she has shut down her YouTube channel.

She is also going on a mass blocking spree and getting her followers to do the same. Anyone who she deems a hater (aka anyone who questions her and shows evidence) is blocked.

No. 426097

she pretty clearly has a lot of problems with mental illness. otherwise, she would've been able to control herself and play things a lot smarter.

this cult shit is really a stretch. she's an abuser and a manipulator, but there is no unifying theory to rally around, any hierarchy is loose as fuck, she doesn't use 'corrective punishment' - it's either all love or gtfo because you did wrong. I could keep reeling off reasons but you get the idea.
If you want to loosen the definition that much, youtube is infested with 'cults'.

No. 426149

File: 1510887648009.jpg (73.81 KB, 561x630, Capture.JPG)

Caught lying again.

No. 426154

Dear anons….
I have a tinfoil suggestion on how Joy will play this once she is oneline. I’ve been holding back because I don’t want to give her ideas…but from everything I’ve seen so far….it’s already unfolding before my eyes.

No. 426168

Out with it then! Say what you want to say.

No. 426183

Her behavior frustrates me so badly. She acts like the evidence reels she made are the only form of evidence in existence. I bet it doesn't even cross her mind that they could have gotten testimony from the actual children involved, for instance. She truly has deluded herself into believing that she's some savior.

She's actually getting called out on twitter for always saying shit like, "These are lies!!", but never showing any receipts or even stating what exactly the lies are. One of her former fans is saying that it was one of the reasons she got tired of Joy because she never directly addresses what the so called lies are. My mind goes back to the Peter Monn situation when she was saying he got so many things wrong, but when given the chance to clear things up, she really wanted him to know that she doesn't make 15 videos a day, she makes 3.

No. 426186

She says she don't want to be involved any longer. What about all the videos she kept making and was told to leave it be but she kept it up. She thinks she can pick and choose when she is no longer involved but didn't give anyone else that option.

No. 426191

Ok, I’ll spit it out…

No disrespect to family anons ok?!

My tinfoil:
Kati’s reply to family anons may be:

A: This is why I have nothing to do with my family. They are abusive and out to get me. I go online to speak about my story, and my family comes on to hurt me more. My story is real and factual, and everyone else in my family try’s to hurt me. They always have, They are crazy, not me. They made me who I am…etc…etc..etc..

B: You fools! You believe all the shit talk on lolcow and twitter! Bunch of Shit talkers you are…all getting on the hate bandwagon! Those are not my parents and family on lolcow…ignore that and believe me. No more questions now, I’m getting emotional just thinking about it. Going to bed now…good night. Oh yah..I have something really cool for you next week…please pay to find out!

No. 426208


Hehehe… well, now if she pulls that stuff… then she'll have to explain how lolcow PREDICTED what she would do. :-D

No. 426213

D05 scenario

Poppie made it clear as day that Kati had no part in rescuing R’s children. It was Rose herself! Rose is the warrior in all of this. Not Joy, or any other youtubers…I can give some respect to “philip defranco” as he called them out with his large platform. I personally seen Do5 before it was exposed and tried to report it. I was showing my husband and saying..this is abuse! And he thought it was all an act..and I argued it wasn’t. Well didn’t I prove him wrong, lol! (My husband)

She has her kids close to her and is doing what a mom does. If anyone is going to donate…don’t do it through a-holes. Donate directly if you want to help.

No. 426243


“Like remember that stream when she got confronted by 2 people from her inner Circle? She was all self- righteous until she realized who they were and her face dropped and she looked like "oh shit. I've been caught!" And had to quickly recover, being live and all.”

I must have missed this in all the crazy. Please be kind and elaborate?

No. 426245


It will start off as A and quickly spiral into B.

No. 426270

I can't seem to find this persons age, but the rule is if they are under 16 they are not to be posted here. Under 18 personal info such as full name ect.
There is no exception if they are under 16.
You can check the rule page when it comes to things like this

No. 426272


Except we have been accurately predicting her next move and excuses from thread one and it has never stopped her from using them anyway and it she is still never held accountable by her spergs, they won't question it at all.

>>426097 Cult is a strong word, so I will downgrade to cult like tendencies she fits far too closely to the tactics to be described as anything else. And she has used corrective manipulation on many occasions, there have been many spergs who were deemed "out" for questioning her or speaking to someone completely in her out column, she allowed them back "in" once they have been in timeout for long enough and once they have begged and pleaded enough. Strangely enough they have gone on to become some of her stronger allies who now dare not question her directly or to anyone else in case she finds out. That may not be physical punishment but it is punishment nonetheless, basically adapted from real life situations to that of an online situation.

I wonder if there have been any studies about the evolution of this behaviour since technology has no doubt made it easier to build a base.

No. 426278

>>424306 Family anons please don't take this as rude I do not mean it in that way. Can I ask why you chose this platform to speak about Kati? What do you hope to happen from everything you have shared so far? What would you say to her if you had the chance right now?

No. 426285

Family anons - quick question.

Were there people of color in the region you grew up in? I ask because, during the whole Poo baby fiasco; Kati had claimed that - growing up in the midwest - she never met a black person/POC.

It reeks of BS - but, to be sure, was she lying?

No. 426297

I'm having a look through some old videos of hers and dot-pointing the main points. Is anyone interested in seeing it? Has someone already posted a list?

Also, fuck Kati for her "3 family members died in 24 hours" video. She's so cruel about it to her family, holy shit.

No. 426299

Id be interested. Kati’s ten-month spell on YouTube is truly fascinating for me.

No. 426302

3 family members die in 24 hours

Link: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5uybfq

>Says she only just woke up

>Three family members die within 24 hours
>Death of the children “unnecessary”
>Has a step-sister? On one side
>Step brother on the other side. Car crash, “kids were ejected”
>Says this is why she rants about “white trash” and is very angry
>“Kids were fucking innocent”
>Grandmother died a few months earlier
>Still unwell and can’t travel, can’t go to funeral
> “I have a small group of friends on youtube; they have the information, they know.”
>“I already don’t have much family”
>Implies brother in law was intoxicated on drugs/alcohol
>“I know what it’s like to all of a sudden have everyone and everything taken away from you”
>Thanks everyone for love and support
>Says she’s “really big on the first amendment” and asks for no hate in the comments
>“Maybe there’s some good in this, the kids aren’t suffering anymore. I don’t know if they were suffering”
>Lots of deaths in the family over the last five years
>Says there’s good in everything even if she can’t see it, then “I don’t know what good comes out of kids dying and their parents being on drugs, I don’t know”
>Says she might never have kids [note: we can only hope] because she might not be able to give them everything
>Says again she only just woke up
>Says she won’t talk about them again

No. 426303

Snow White saved my life!

Link: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5uybvf

(she’s super manic in this one)

>“Guess who’s doing social media-ing”

>Birth of her Twitter
>“Onision is fucking nuts and dark and I don’t want to do do,” says talking about herself is lighter
>She’s a “Disney whore”
>Snow White “is my bitch”
>Watched it on VHS at two, had a musical on tape
>Talks in the third person about it, then talks about talking in the third person
>Talks about Snow White’s skin and how it’s so light so she won’t age, then says she can’t say that because “black don’t crack either”
>“All my beautiful black brothers and sisters and my brown people y’all got melatonin y’all can’t age either”
>“Anyway, she looked like me, she was just gorgeous, she’s beautiful, she has the dark hair, she has the skin”
>“But why was I connected to her?” Talks about other Disney characters being hot bitches
>Likes Snow White because “she’s got her Prince Charming coming to save the day, plus [unintelligible noises?] she’s pimpin’ on the side, gettin’ her to clean and shit. That’s a smart bitch. I don’t care who you are, that’s a smart bitch. She’s a businesswoman. And I liked that, and I saw that when I was little.”
>Picture of her when she was three, talks about how cute she is and how she fought her mother to wear it to school
>Snow White got sick then she got better
>B-B-B-Brain fog
>Theory about how Snow apparently got better because the dwarves worked at the mines with coal, like charcoal, and that detoxes you?
>Apparently her cleaning helped her after the fact?
>Talks about shitting a lot
>“As you guys know I’ve been going through copper toxicity, which is a bitch”
> “When detoxing there’s very little I can do because the copper did so much damage to my body, we have to be careful that what I eat doesn’t fuck with my adrenals, my blood pressure, and my blood sugar. And one of the only safe things my doctor said I could do when it’s bad is take charcoal.” [reach more] “And charcoal has been a lifesaver for me and I swear to God it’s helped me get ten times better. It ain’t for the faint of heart, ‘cause when you’re gettin’ rid of heavy metal poisoning it hurts and will make you go crazy. But! It has helped me massively.”
>Says she feels like her two year old self was watching herself in the future
>Says Snow White is her bitch again
>Extreme close up of her photo again, says something like “LOOK AT IT LOOK AT THIS BITCH”
>“I can’t handle anymore Onision”
>Pimps her FB and Twitter again

No. 426317

Family tragedy update

Link: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5uybfr

>“The situation has really, really been hard for a lot of reasons. If I look numb [exhale] Almost all day, on and off. You reach that point where you have a headaches in your eyes?”

>“What’s happened is I’ve shared some information about it on here, and I didn’t realise how easy it was to look up. So, it’s out there. And uh, I wanted to avoid this happening”
>Says people found the article, then says she’s put the article in the description… despite people not wanting to see it.
>Says she shouldn’t be making a video but she is because she wants to share
>Donation link in description
>Has 19,000 subs at time of posting
>Says there have been three deaths but pls watch the first video, which she’s linked
>Two of them were children
>The person doing the YouCaring, their brother, she’s reached out to him. She explained the situation [Kati, what] and got his permission to talk about it
>Stepfather’s son was the one driving the car. Girlfriend was there? On their way to the St. Patrick’s day parade.
>Hit a car, fender bender, didn’t exchange info as he had warrants out for his arrest and was DUI
>Hit and run, then into a pole
>Talks about what happened to the kids [I’m not mentioning in detail–family anons don’t need to see it]
>“Parents were also under the influence, so didn’t have any awareness of what was even happening”
>Lots of eyewitnesses
>More about the children
>Step sister on the other side died, but doesn’t really talk about it
>Got information from family (implied–she says she spoke to the family, then got more information) about the children and the accident, but isn’t going to “repeat too much,” but it’s “horrifying”
>He wasn’t meant to be driving, on suspended license, had warrants out, they’re both in hospital previously critical now stable
>There are older teenagers who have to take care of things because “their parents are in hospital and probably going to prison”
>“I don’t want to make this about me, but”
>Doesn’t want family to know about youtube
>“My family is very toxic for me”
>Had a falling out with family last year because she “saw what was going on with the children and the family and I spoke out [I think she says she became ‘public enemy number 1’?] and I’ve been shunned. Which is fine because I’ve distanced myself because they’re toxic people.”
>Feels guilty like she should have done more
>Negligent parents, “these kids have been in and out of–not much to say, not much to say”
>Says that part of the family left her for dead and don’t care if she lives or dies. “And they’re connected to my mom who’s really toxic, and I’ve been really scared about… about having anything to do with her.”
>Put the video up because she’s upset and it’s selfless
>Not the first time alcohol had been involved when driving or with the kids involved
>Talks about the older kids and what they have to do
>Has seen drugs and alcohol and so many people die
>Doesn’t want to deal with her family but the “passionate, empathetic side of me really wants to help”
>People are telling her to go to the funeral, but she spoke up a year ago and was told not to come back, then puts on a voice and says that if she comes back “they’re gonna kick my ass”
>Is “not scared” of “kindergarten bully threats, schoolyard threats”
>No one will beat her up because they’ll go to prison and they have kids they can’t take care of
>“Really toxic, toxic situation”
>Doesn’t live near the funeral, lives far away
>A plane ticket is expensive and she can’t fly anyway because of Her Body and pressure changes, she gets sick
>Can’t walk into a place with toxic people who want to beat her up
>Will help in the distance
>Didn’t know people would find it
>Decided to make a video after it was discovered
>Decided to embrace the situation because “it’s out there, what are you going to do? Let’s do some good, let’s make some money”
>Reached out to YouCaring creator
>Reached out to family
>One time he trashed her room, spent holidays together, etc
>Explained situation and what they were doing to them but asked them not to tell the rest of the family
>Asks again for people to donate
>Doesn’t know if they’ll live or not, so donate but keep it anon from their channel
>Asks Onision fans to do it to
>Putting aside her own safety and pride to step up and help, even though that side of the family hasn’t been nice and has put her in harms way
>The victims are children who had negligent parents
>This is why she talks about it
>More about the kids?
>Pls be sensitive bc kids
>Last video she’ll make about it, didn’t mean to wake up and find all this out, is a pathetic person rn with not a lot of friends, younow and the video are all she has
>Thanks people for donating and listening to her
>Really sad situation
>People make rumours saying she isn’t related and that she’s doing it for attention
>She thinks it’s sad because people do that and so people should question it
>Pls respect everyone's privacy (named everyone with their full names earlier tho?]
>won’t be a depressing channel
>names the kids again
>Gives advice on how to drive kids anywhere. Keep saying they should have been in car seats [multiple times throughout the video] whilst also saying they were five and nine years old?
>Pls don’t use drugs, get help if you do especially if you have kids
>Says drugs and alcohol have been a theme in this situation for many years “and it finally caught up”
>recaps the accident
>Apologises for not being there but she needs to be there for herself and she can’t be around toxic people
>More donate pls
>Blah blah general wanking
>Try to make lemonade??? Out of bad situations???

No. 426326

No disrespect taken. Thank you for being so kind.
We chose this platform because there is no reasoning with Kati. She has us blocked from every way we have to communicate. We chose this way to protect a fragile family member.
We would say the same thing we always have. Seek mental health treatment and therapy. Wake up and see what you have done to yourself and everyone who comes in contact with you.
>>426285 Yes, there were people of color at her school. That is a lie.
Kati does indeed exhibit "cult like tendencies". We have noticed that on her videos. I would say she developed those over the years. See had one marketing job at the very beginning of this where she was selling something–can't remember what–and it was like a pyramid scheme. And I am sure where learning alot of this from selling things. We used to say when she was younger that she could sell ice to and someone in Alaska. But she evolved. You all have been remarkably spot on with your descriptions and analysis of Kati. Every now and then it is far fetched but that is another reason we chose this. For years this has been observed by one family member then later another one and another one, etc. and to see all of you agree with us validates us in what we have been thinking. Kati is a fast talker. She can spin a yarn. Kati has talked her way out of numerous things that most people would not get away with. That has reinforced this behavior over the years. Also, Kati is big on apologies. We have apologized for things numerous times and it is never enough for her and it is generally something she has blown way out of proportion and we just apologized to get her to shut up. Kati pays lip service to people and gushes profusely about how she appreciates things but she really doesn't. It is only a means to get you in deeper with her. Here is something that helps explain Kati. It is from iheartintelligence: The Victim Narcissist

– The victim narcissist is the sneakiest of the bunch. These people are master manipulators who use affection and emotion to keep you close to them. They are very skilled at playing the underdog, and will often create or seek out situations in which they can do so effectively. A victim narcissist will have perfected their sob story. They will easily convince you that the world is out to get them, and that none of their misfortune is their own doing. A victim narcissist rarely takes responsibility for their own life and actions. They use blame and guilt to get what they want from others, often asking for unreasonable favors and handouts. A victim narcissist will become deeply hurt when other people can not – or will not – solve their problems for them. There are several other types of narcissist. But this one is predictive of her next steps as in >>426272 and >>426154 You have just been dealing with her behavior for 11 months. We have 15 years of this. We hate it. We don't want it this way. We love her–or the way she used to be-but we cannot condone this behavior nor can we have a relationship with her due to her manipulative and crazy (no other appropriate word available to me without more coffee) behavior. But when Kati put all of her behavior out in public for the world to see, we had to say something. When she made unfair and damaging accusations against family members, we had to address it. Please keep your digging. Another thought is that when Kati puts this on video, she can't slide out of it when confronted. It is there. No smooth talking. No trying to make the other person they didn't see what they saw. You really have helped us out and we appreciate it. Oh, btw Good morning.2nd anon family member

No. 426329

Good morning. Thank you again for taking the time to speak out.
>Please keep your digging.
Don't mind if we do.

No. 426344

This would fit on tempcow more, but you might not see it there, so I'm posting it here.
I, too, agree that Kati is highly narcissistic. I'm aware you're her family, but please see her as a person first, not as a daughter, niece and what have you. What I mean by that is that Kati will eventually be crawling back to you, regardless of how much she was bashing you in her videos - because all narcissists do.
Whether it be when the money dries out or any other time.
So when that time does come, put that family love that you no doubt have for her aside and really insist that she gets therapy/help because otherwise you're just opening the door for more emotional or even financial hurt.

No. 426391

Seconded, I seem to have missed this too? Or maybe I'm just having difficulty remembering this incident from the description given how much has gone on in the past year.

No. 426393


I would just like to point out that Copper is an essential nutrient that is absorbed from our food by chemical processes occurring in the stomach and small intestine, not in the uterus or through the uterine wall.
It is recommended that you get 1mg per day with an upper limit of 7mg per day. Above 20mg in your system it can be toxic and above 150mg it can be fatal. If this occurs your body will naturally excrete up to 5mg per day through your bile and there is no detox to control this rate. There is chelation therapy, but that is different.
A Paraguard IUD contains 176mg of copper. Even if her body had absorbed all the copper from it through her uterus in a week her body would have naturally dealt with that in a month and I'm pretty sure the doctors would have remarked, 'Holy shit! Where did all the copper go?' when they removed her IUD.
If you look into the side effects of having mega doses of zinc in your system besides causing many of the symptoms she described it inhibits your bodies ability to absorb dietary copper. She was probably copper deficient! One of the things copper deficiency can lead to is rheumatoid arthritis!
Taking megadoses of nutrients is not healthy for your body unless directed by a doctor for specific conditions. A Naturopath 'prescribing' zinc supplements to 'detox' from excess copper is complete quackery. So is developing Fibromyalgia after recovering from it. It does not 'cause damage' on the way out. You can't 'stop your body from dumping' excess or 'be really careful about detoxing it'. It is essential for all oxygen breathing lifeforms.

No. 426422

This is interesting.

Socialblade for Twitter:

She's trickling away followers but she's also unfollowing defectors. lol.

No. 426434

It seems that when she doesn't tweet, she gains followers. When she actually tweets, the more she does it, the more followers she bleeds. She could try to spin it and say that maybe it's like the Youtube bug, but I think it's more that when she tweets, people remember that she exists and then they question why they're even still following her.

No. 426438

File: 1510934571289.png (150.97 KB, 836x1096, joysparklebs-twitter.png)

Keeping in mind, follower(s) refers to those following joy and followed refers to those joy is following.

Follower = ppl > Joy
Followed = Joy > ppl

This is obvi, I know, but it's a detail one might overlook when looking at this image which is why I'm pointing it out.

No. 426474

This isn't a rude question and its a question I've seen people asking on twitter.
We have been trying to talk but everyone that covers her that we could reach out to is a cow or they hang with cows (see spergs thread for all the examples). The only person I could have seen us reaching out to was Peter Monn but to be honest, he doesn't seem invested. Which is fine and he is smart actually for not getting too deep in.
Kati really painted Phil as a stalker very well. It wasn't until recently that I "got it" with Phil and understood that he wasn't so much a stalker as he was ringing the alarm bells. Also, her followers would not have listened to us if we were to say interview with him or go on his stream. She could way too easily paint us as associating with her "stalker."
So that left us with this forum. Sure there are idiots here too, but we figured if we could get Phil to confirm it was us and dropped a little milk to start that we would be vetted publicly so that everyone would know it was truly us.
Also, our family does appreciate the anons here that have invested alot of time into debunking her. We have learned alot from outsiders looking in and making objective observations.
Finally, lolcow allows us to anonymous.

My original goal was just to get her off of social media, and to defend my family from her accusations. I sincerely hope that she gets medical treatment for her mental illness, but I've not been able to convince her to do that. You all have seen how she is, complete denial. No matter how you explain it to her, she will find an excuse. If she can get on medication and get the right therapy, she may be able to figure out if there is something truly wrong with her physically. She may one day lead a relatively normal life. That is what would be ideal.
~~~family member anon OP

No. 426486

Unfortunately, its going to be next to impossible for her to achieve a normal life. The sad truth is that she's created too big of a footprint. No matter what bleach you scrub that down with, its the internet. Any job searching will find it. Its going to follow her for quite some time.

Not that I don't feel>>426326 here. You had 15, I had 10..and it really does take it out of you. I don't honestly feel that she's ever going to change..10 years, 15 years..it paints enough of a pattern by now. This is..for lack of a better phrase..her true self. Wherever she can, she will con. If she has half a chance..she will be back at it again. Even if she can't do social media..she'll just go back to stringing guys along and playing them..hell, maybe even women too considering how things are now. I can see any number of ways that it might end..none of them are pretty. Just kind of brace yourselves as best you can for when that day comes.

Keep in mind that she could just throw any label at you and her diehards will simply accept it regardless. I had plenty of people that never met me go postal just on her say so. Didn't care to speak,just wanted to be ridiculous because they'd be seen as defending Joy and the rest of the herd would praise them. Everyone's favorite crazy Stiles believes she's sent by the light to fight the dark souls..and she encourages and attracts these sorts. (Something that has always bothered me.) Just the same, if you think the flack you have got in here was bad..live on stream or just the internet in general can be 10000000% worse and you have to figure that her lil cult will come at you simply for speaking, period. In their mind..if you're not with her you're against her and whatever they do your way from there is automatically justified because of that. So, perhaps its better that you've been sticking here for now.

Just keep in mind..its not going to go away. She's never really going to leave social media..and these cons are never really going to end. The end that comes to people like these even WITH intervention is never a good one…and all it takes is one of those crazies she associates with doing something dumb (which is likelier to happen by the day) and that's that. She'll con the wrong person, they'll get nasty..and she won't be able to talk her way out of it. I hope i'm wrong there.

And thanks..no, i'm not a stalker. >_o I was ringing the alarm bells as loud as I could to keep as many people from getting suckered in and hurt as possible. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the writing on the wall. Hell, had she left me alone..my vid would have never been made or released and i'd have never even signed onto Twitter. But..it just isn't that simple when it comes to Kati i'm afraid.

No. 426494

>Sure there are idiots here too

Why, hello there.

No. 426518

Quick question for the family member anon’s.

Do you know anything about Kati’s bankruptcy? She has said it was do to medical debt is that true?

No. 426527

She wasn't speaking to me when she did that so I'm clueless on the bankruptcy. Her medical debts though must have just been ER bills because she would never go to a real doctor back then. (this was her hydrogen peroxide "therapy" time period if I remember correctly) The first real doctor she saw for 10 years was the doctors at the hospital when she was admitted a year and a half ago. ~~~family member anon OP

No. 426533

I've seen the judgement. There were some medical debts, and a smattering of other things - clothes, car, odd phone bill if I recall. To say more feels too intrusive, even though it is publicly available information.

No. 426599

No. 426633

File: 1510951541993.png (16.86 KB, 511x241, Capture.PNG)

This is her response to fans asking for answers about the 11 months of lies and the nasty attacks from her Spergles.

"I'm sad I shutdown my YouTube channel. I do care. I really, really, really, care." She plans on pulling this same shit forever.

No. 426637

"Of course I don't care. I do care about your money and emotional validation, but not about you. I closed down my channel because too many people were on my shit and manipulating you all got harder. I will be back eventually, once enough people forget about the shit I've pulled, although now that I'm having sex with Dom again I'm financially taken care of, so I'm not too concerned with that. Later, naive fool. <3"

No. 426647


Thank you Family Anon. I'm glad you feel vindicated. Do you have any kind of "digging" in mind? I am an OG Anon and did a huge amount of digging before tapping out. If you have anything specific in mind, I may already have it. I think the reason a lot of us have been so accurate is because we are/were professionals in related fields. If you have seen one narcissistic, compulsive lying manipulator, you have seen them all.

>>426486 Phil? I'm not convinced that it is going to be "next to impossible" for her to clean the slate ready for the cycle to begin all over again. I agree that as far as online life is concerned but I don't think it will be too difficult for her to slide back into "normalcy" offline. I don't really want to give her ideas by saying why but it really wouldn't be that difficult.

I think the real question is whether she is prepared to go back to conning and scamming offline. I know her spergs currently give her money for literally doing nothing but look at all of the shit she gets from the rest of us. This is surely the most stressful period of her life, at what point will it become less of an effort to walk away and actually get a bloody job?

The more difficult we make her attempts at a comeback the better because despite her life being far more stressful and negative now, she still seems to be trying to hang on in there. She is still lying, deflecting & plotting her comeback.

One thing that has really pissed me off is I noticed the fact that she has been insured this entire time, funded by her grandmother, only because she is terrified she will be landed with Kati's bills, like she has in the past, seems to be passing the spergleberries by without much notice. I will never understand wtf is wrong with these people!

No. 426656

Thank you so much family anons. I have been here since thread 1 because Kati's cultish like behaviour honestly made me realise she did not deserve a platform then the "I'm sick" video came out and it cemented what she pretty much wanted to do. Grift and exploit ever since I have spread info to the mainstream people on social media and people have come to me realising.

Thank you so much for speaking in confidence and pretty much providing enough evidence for people to turn away from Kati as it has made some of her oldest followers turn away. Thank you and stay well.

No. 426662

Have the Family Member Anon’s thought about contacting IC3 and file a report about Kati's on going receipt of funds through deceptive practices. The people signed up to her Patreon genuinely believe she has long term serious physical illnesses, she came from an abusive home and all the other lies she's told. That's fraud and a report from family members might hold more weight than one from someone else. https://www.ic3.gov/complaint/default.aspx/

No. 426713

I say this with complete respect, but I don’t think all anons, myself included, completely believe you are really a family member if for no other reason it’s stupid to trust anyone on the internet.

You have definitely confirmed the general conclusions most anons have drawn.

No. 426721

Its always good to be skeptical. You would have to assume
1. we tricked Phil for over a week
2. her real family has stated they read lolcow…don't you think they would let you know if we were imposters?
3. that we gave permission for admin/mods to verify our IP's were coming from areas that fit with the information already posted and bet that they wouldn't check.
4. We were able to get photos of Kati as a teen on 3 separate trips to Europe that no one else has.
~~~family member anon OP

No. 426727

TBH, if they were all fake I don't think Kati could contain herself from making a 6 hour stream on these 'fake haters spreading rumours.'

No. 426736

File: 1510960501767.jpg (2.34 MB, 4032x3024, 20171105_120023 (1).jpg)

Believe me us now? ~~~family member anon OP

No. 426737

If we were imposters, you would be seeing videos this entire time by Kati. She knows we called her out and she knows it is us. We began this two weeks ago about the same time Kati has gone underground. We answered every question you asked even the ones that were hard for us to answer. We informed you how all of the tears shed were phony since she never interacted with the two boys who lost their lives. I guess we could provide birth certificate and shot records. lol. 2nd anon family member

No. 426741

You guys have provided overwhelming evidence that you’re related to Kati. She’s going to put her back out reaching to refute you claims. The fact that she’s ghosted since you started posting says a lot. Kati did a great job with poisoning the well early on. Her history of sending spergs to create deliberate confusion and cause derailment fuels any doubts myself or others have.

That said, for what it’s worth, I’m 99% convinced. As you say, skepticism on the internet is healthy.

I would like to know what Kati was like as a teenager. Was she a bully? I’ve always felt that she wanted to be a “popular” kid who never quite fit in but didn’t stop trying.

No. 426746

File: 1510961322460.jpg (55.73 KB, 480x640, 23666485_10155758426804647_180…)

I forgot when her crappy father and evil stepmother took her on a two week vacation all over the southeastern US. ~~~family member anon OP

No. 426752

It's beyond a shadow of doubt clear that comparing to many people she came from a place that was financially pretty well off. Lies about trailer parks and ghettos…I can't even comprehend it all.

No. 426763

Family anons - another question (your recent 'baby Kati' pic actually reminded me of this).

Did Kati ever suffer from an eating disorder, that you're aware of? Other anons can correct me; but - during the time she was defending Eugenia Cooney from the Anorexic rumors, I'm pretty sure she (Kati) claimed to have suffered from eating disorders in her younger days (her way of confirming that EC wasn't anorexic - because who would know better than a former victim?)

No. 426764

Because Kati was so talented in music and in theater, she was popular. She didn't have many close friends but no enemies, either. Life has always been a stage for Kati. 2nd anon family member

No. 426770

I’m sincerely sorry if I have offended you. Myself and everyone else on this board is extremely grateful that you have come forward. The sheer number of theories you have confirmed is not only disturbing, overwhelming and disheartening but also deeply shocking and thoroughly repellent.

Kati’s previous methods of distraction has influenced the culture of this board and helped to develop an extreme level of skepticism about any claims made here. Couple this with the fact that this is the internet and it is understandable why anyone may still hold reservations. Again, I did not mean to cause offence nor would I ask to see any personal documents.

While talking with us is a great first step, think if you would like to reach a wider audience, you may want to look into contacting some smaller YouTubers. I would suggest someone like Battening, who has done a few good, in-depth “expose videos”; Failure Accomplished (more a streamer but talks about “YouTube community” and was involved in the D05 debacle early on, also he is associated with people like Andy Warski, Ranting Monkey and Irate Bear) or Dead on Dave (podcaster and associated with people like Leon Lush, WildSpartanz and ImAlexx) as a way of getting the story “up the chain” (so to speak).

Food for thought.

No. 426778

to family anons: i read in earlier threads that Kati has a sister, and was wondering are/were they close, or did/do they fight a lot? did Kati ever get along with ANY family members?

No. 426787

So Peter Monn threw shade at Katie in his latest video over patreon.

No. 426788


Highlights, please?

No. 426791

it's just a quick mention of people who dont work and use patreon as an excuse to be lazy. Something about him making a play

No. 426834


Did Kati reactivate her youtube, or did someone take her name?

No. 426835


That's strange because you need a certain amount of subs to get one of those vanity urls and that account only has 7 subs.

No. 426837


Her social blade. It says she is trending and popular, so maybe it is her that reactivated her channel with all subs gone and vids?

No. 426838

No, he was making a joke about writing a play and listed her in the middle of half a dozen names of people who have Patreon and don't work for a living

No. 426845

File: 1510973563792.png (117.33 KB, 820x873, youtube-customurl.png)

No. 426848

Looks like someone took the name:


USER CREATED: Oct 7th, 2017

May have just taken the url recently though.

No. 426853

If you go to her twitter, the link she has in her bio still goes to a dead channel. Not the same one. She never had a custom url.

No. 426868


Unless someone was stupid enough to buy it for her as a gift.

No. 426872

File: 1510975528151.jpg (73.75 KB, 721x432, 3483476.jpg)

No, but she HAS logged on to Joy Sparkle Eff It and deleted the most recent stream from it. Must have done it within the last day or two; I check regularly for activity.
What was on that stream that she wanted to hide?

No. 426877

File: 1510975762789.jpg (118.53 KB, 846x404, ssssss.jpg)

Samefag, here's an old cap for reference.

No. 426878

There appears to be 3 videos that she deleted.

No. 426883

At least.
I only clearly remembered the most recent one because she looked so horrific in the thumbnail, and I suspect that she deleted the Test Results stream a while ago, because it wasn't on the page before I refreshed it. When I refreshed, I only saw the videos move one space up from the top left being deleted. It's probably not that noteworthy, other than proving that she has been active within the past 24-48 hours so she may be wiping unsavory videos before her return. Imo she'll be back on youtube by the end of the month.

No. 426890

before she admitted her and dom were dating, i had a theory (i don't think i posted about it here) that whenever she was wearing that white shirt that looked like it was 3 sizes too big for her (it happened a few times. see screenshot above "hanging out 8-28-2017"), it was actually dom's shirt and they had just gone "done" (when she did wear it, it was on late night streams) She also looks like she has some sex flush going on there.

No. 426918

Isn't the top left one when she threatened to release roses text messages if she didnt clear kati's name?

No. 426926

How much does a custom URL cost? I have a suspicion about who did it.

No. 426930

I would agree but remember how weird she was about sex? She said she hated it a few times. And the calling her vagina mashed potatoes thing? Among other weirdness … Certainly gives the impression Dom isn’t getting any.

No. 426933

From stories that have gone around by people who have known Kati for a while, she has had lots of sex and enjoys sex big time. This whole "I am asexual" thing she is spewing is utter lies and honestly, I think just a guard to make her fans she flirts with think sex won't happen.

No. 426934


idk, I think it was a put on so people wouldn't think her and Dom were a couple.

No. 426947

my youtube has a custom url and it was free.

No. 426949

She probably doesn't know how to do it. She can be pretty inept with "tech stuff".

No. 426953


I think that was a put on too. It's not difficult, but posting/editing videos takes some know how. Not something your parents could do. lol.

No. 426957

Given that she has failed to edit out some really embarrassing stuff (nose-picking, phone calls, just to name a couple), I believe her when she says she's a tech retard. It's about the only thing she has ever said that I believe.
If she wanted that stuff in there, she wouldn't have lied about it later.

No. 426958


ok but i think those are exceptions, myself.

No. 426961

I think there's a difference between being a lazy idiot who chooses not to learn how to edit, and being terrible at tech in general. It could be that she's just decided to not learn how to edit properly and is using that as some sort of proof of ineptitude in other things, because saying she doesn't know how to tweet properly or whatever (idk, who can keep up) buys her time to come up with excuses and shit.

No. 426978

Then again, she also pays (or doesn't pay) multiple people to manage her channel, which anyone with under a million subscribers can easily do by themselves. I can't personally see someone as narcissistic as her sharing that amount of control unless she really thought she needed the help.

No. 426987

She's out of hiding live on Younow atm.

No. 426988

She's live

No. 426993

I hope someone is able to record her stream!

No. 426995

Apparently she's signed back into her Youtube and her analytics are still there…? But the channel is deleted u guys

No. 427001

"I signed in but there's nothing there." So, after claiming the channel was deleted, she just admitted that she signed in and its there. Just the analytics are there. Caught in another lie.

Alright, this one is speculation. Could she be preggers? A friend of mine whenever she got preggers her face would get that weird glossy look. Add to that weight gain and mood swings.

And she's spinning everything by claiming she has no idea what is going on. Still associating with Kek who made threats and with Richie. This is circling the wagons and grifting the few marks she has left. The chat is cancer. There are some trying to get her to open up and be honest but they're getting ignored. She's also ignoring any comments on Stiles or anything.

And now she's going over to Jaclyn's channel to "show support." We all know what that means.

No. 427003

File: 1510993281540.jpeg (372.12 KB, 1212x2194, 7E29178E-C3CF-44AF-8594-A3D6F5…)

Didn’t catch much of the YouNow stream but she’s going over to Jaclyn Glenn’s stream now. Also I thought I’d share this for everyone to enjoy.

No. 427005

File: 1510993518792.png (431.45 KB, 887x451, cy01.PNG)

Cy's comment lmao

No. 427006

Her face looks like silly putty.

No. 427007

>Still associating with Kek who made threats and with Richie.

Kek kept asking about Ritchie. Favourite comment: 'What happened to Richard. He got me in trouble.'

LOL. A big boy did it and ran away. Just who offered to dox someone for Richie to shut up permanently?

No. 427025

I'm going to call it for what it is. She only popped by to suck up to Jaclyn Glenn because she saw that after that bit with Social Repose that Blaire and Shoe were all BFFs. She wants to be able to hide behind that..and if she's saying in June she wants to make a new channel and so on..I think she's looking at that as an opportunity for a new con, new backers, and new people to hide behind. Plus a new sub pool to grifter and con. So she's shopping for larger platforms to hide behind to keep the crazy coming and this is just the opening game of Round Two.

No. 427031


it doesn't look like she got to guest w/J.Glenn?

No. 427035

>>427025 I don't think Jaclyn would be stupid enough to associate herself with Kati, no way. I think the only reason she never spoke out about her was for the sane reason as most people, nobody wants to deal with the mania she unleashes. That being said, now would be the perfect time for Jaclyn to make it very clear that she has no interest in associating with her, while she isn't churning out upload after upload and no longer has a huge tribe of unstable to set on her.

No. 427043

She just came into the chat and said a few nice supportive things and dropped some likes. She wasn't guested or anything, and quickly left.

No. 427048

I've been wondering for a while if she would pivot and go into the skeptic / anti-sjw corner of youtube. It would make a lot of sense; the market is already overcrowded, but those folks will subscribe to anybody (esp female) that spouts what they want to hear. She could talk her head off about the same shit all the time and still end up with a large supporter base. And instead of getting trouble for stuff like the 'poo babies' joke, she'd be praised for it.

No. 427056

June? That's making me wonder about her being knocked up now too. I was pregnant this time of year last year, due in may and was just starting to show around this month. I'm a chubby girl too. Not like Kati, more evenly proportioned but if she's a month behind what was last year she could be starting the show and would explain her stepping away from youtube for a bit. My face got all glossy and chubby too early on it would come and go. I dunno. She could be knocked up or wants to cause speculation she is knocked up too get more pity and possibly fake a miscarriage. Fuck her if she does try that honestly but it's weird she's avoiding coming back to YouTube for 7 months and has been gone already for a month.god bless is Kati shows up late June with a baby and crazy ass "my birth story" videos. She'll probably claim all the male doctors made her uncomfortable because they were so attracted to her mashed potatoes. Ew
Family anons please let us know if she call she in a month or so to announce she's knocked up!

No. 427057


She has to give a "return date" to keep the patreons hanging on, otherwise, they're paying to hear her bitch about the same health shit as all of last year… worse, no onion or d05 content to break it up with. She's pushing it out as far as possible hoping that the Interwebz forgets her.

No. 427069

I don't think she is pregnant, unless pizza babies count? She has blown up because she stuffs her face with junk, she is tiny in height like me, so we tend to blow up all over, including our faces. Even a little weight on someone as tiny as us is noticeable.

I just don't like giving her ideas that will lead to her receiving any form of sympathy.

No. 427070

I do not follow these people, could someone summarize what the story is with JG and Social Repose etc. and why it is relevant to Kati?

A fam anon wrote:
>The dog will probably be fine. There are 2 people to watch it.

This sounds like if it were just her there would be issues? Has she harmed or neglected animals before?

No. 427071

Really, its not so much that its a story..its that Kati sees an opportunity or potentially emotionally vulnerable person and moves in to try and make a mark out of them. Its telling enough as to who she really is..but that she's looking for people with numbers is even more telling.

No. 427076


She's already burned Repzion and AndyWarski who are sort of in that group and not total tards like Jeff Holiday. I don't see her having an easy time among any "skeptic / anti-sjw" groups because they're not into malingerers who sit around bitching about their health.

No. 427078

Most of them openly despise her, I don't know what this anon is on about. I'm only peripherally aware of the community and even I've heard them tearing her apart. She doesn't appeal to anyone except the already mentally unwell. I think she's more likely to use her token minority friends to edge her way in to a different crowd, maybe use Cy to shoehorn her way into the trans/LGBT community?

No. 427095


I think it's more along the lines of trans/sexual identities being trendy among the younger crowd right now, and saying she's asexual makes them relate/like her better.

Could you really put it past Kati to pull a stunt like that?

No. 427097


Let's not kid ourselves - we know she's not going to be able to wait 'til June.

No. 427112

The skeptic side is all about tearing apart what someone has said in order to make then look stupid. They live to find contradictory statements in someone's bullshit, and she's already tried squeezing in there before but all she got out of it was "big names" saying they think she's crazy or scum, and… Coppercab.

I'm pretty sure they all know who she is via Onision, their shared enemy, but there's clearly a reason they don't talk about her.

Btw Cy isn't LGBT I don't think? At best I think I've heard her say she's asexual but… I won't go there.

No. 427113

I thought I'd heard her say early on that she was nonbinary or something like that, but her voice annoys me too much and I don't care enough to go back and check.

No. 427122


Nope - just asexual, from what I know. And there are so many of the younger generation who firmly believe its an umbrella term that falls under the LGBT category.

I can't even with today's generation.

No. 427137

This is for the Family Member Anon’s

It’s obvious at this point that there’s no stopping her for anyone but the family members. If that means involuntary commitment or reporting her fraudulent activity to the authorities.
I’m sorry to say it it but it’s time to shit or get off the pot Family Member Anon’s.

No. 427148

You're in luck. (Thanks, Melinda.)

No. 427150

>>427137 JFC this thread is turning into a broken record of bleeding heart crusaders. They've already addressed the involuntary commitment thing multiple times. She's not a physical danger to herself or others so she just signs herself out. It's been done. As far as reporting her for fraud you would have to demonstrate people's specific reason for giving her money, most it's because they actually like her, and then you would need concrete evidence that proves she is lying.

There are currently about 30 people who pay to be in her private streams, only about half of which show up, and less than 100 show up for her YouNow streams. The prevailing opinion about her is disdain, disgust, and disbelief at the levels of lying, conning, and 'vitral' this idiot produces. She's not going to have some fairy-tale rebirth and if she tries people will laugh at her, hold her accountable, and not let her hide. Stop trying to recruit a personal army to take her down from the board.

We are here to laugh at her dramatics, not make our own to stop her.

No. 427153

I've been curious about this as well.
I believe her protect Eugenia phase was the first time she brought up her ED history and mentioned it a few times around then and again later on. One of those times claimed it began in her early 20's.

It definitely sounded like some BS, especially due to one of her biggest traits, spreading misinformation, in stating that most women suffer with an ED in their life. Then again when shitalking plainey for her pro ana phase as well as when she spoke of her family all being naturally heavy, so she had to work so hard to lose weight and began eating healthy that resulted in her being the smallest woman in the family.

No. 427164

>>427148 Summary of the entire stream: Still says she's chronically ill, still says she's in constant pain, says she's on a course of antibiotics to fix her stomache, interested in any supplement that gets mentioned. That is all.

No. 427171

Hey faggot how about we let law enforcement decide if a crime has taken place. You artistic fuck.

No. 427175

So, the new page that has the custom URL was created on Oct. 7th, didn't she "delete" her channel on the same date or very close to that date? Could be a troll, or she could of done it because her original really was terminated and she wanted to keep her old channel name. I don't understand how she got it without 100 subs if they don't let you transfer custom URLs??

No. 427198

Get off lolcow if you’re gonna act like a spaz.

No. 427200

File: 1511026701931.jpeg (84.75 KB, 1360x350, B950F05C-4C33-46A7-9A41-2CDA19…)


This comment on twitter is interesting. Joy very well may have tried to use this new account, to try and prove/trick people into thinking she can no longer show analytics.

No. 427204

If you hide a channel, and then re-activate it will it have a new created date? I thought she did have a custom URL before but that could be wrong, I'm looking through old screenshots to see if I have a shot of it or not.
Tinfoil–she could of reactivated it and deleted everything on it to show false analytics, she said in her stream that They were still there (which would prove she didn't delete it) but did she show proof? If reactivating it shows a new user created date then that explains how she was able to get the url. Or, she created it and sub botted to get the the url to keep her name when she comes back. I don't see a troll getting the url not to upload and videos or mirrors of her deleted vids.

No. 427209

File: 1511027550283.jpg (60.19 KB, 486x309, 1418602939254.jpg)


No. 427219


It wasn't that long ago that she was advising her followers not to take medical advice from strangers online; and yet, here Kati is, seeking health care advice from her fans instead of seeing a real doctor who can give her an accurate prescription.

No. 427234

Thank you! So, she is going for the rumours, haters, liars, conspiracy theories, angle I see. Yet, she doesn’t bother to address these so called “lies”, acting like she hasn’t even noticed what’s been going down on the internet. Blocking people asking her questions about family, lol! Aren’t her followers even just a tad bit interested on why her family has come out in their defence?

No. 427266

File: 1511032586094.jpg (590.46 KB, 1072x1742, SmartSelectImage_2017-11-18-14…)

Literal. Fucking. Retards.

No. 427267

I think that anyone who still supports her even after all the recent facts that we've learned will always stick by her. Either they're unable to accept that Joy told so many lies or they're too stubborn to admit to themselves that they got conned. I no longer feel bad for them though, in fact I have a few bridges I'd like to offer them for an incredible price.

No. 427302


So, in that Joytard's head, the family anons should stfu and let Kati slander the family - because, it's more important to play along with Kati's narrative than it is to defend themselves against BS?

Seriously hope these morons aren't breeding.

No. 427346


Someone's already alerted Joy that it's been uploaded.

No. 427452

bye bye now, joytard

No. 427454

>>427450 why shouldn't the family defend themselves? Nothing they have shared has shown them to be like Kati in anyway. Clearly, you didn't read it since you don't know how to post. You are just a joytard that is trying to make them look bad to discredit what they say because you are too afraid of knowing the truth about your precious Joysus!

No. 427457


Not that I expect an answer from a Joytard; but how about you explain how your 'fearless leader' can shit talk her entire family - without evidence to back up her claims - but her family isn't allowed to defend themselves.

Because I'd REALLY like to know why that is.

No. 427459

Her family has every right to defend themselves from her slander and lies!! What an asshat you are! You think it’s ok for Kati to talk trash and lies all over the internet about them, while you joytards feel sorry for her, throw money at her, and enable all her disgusting behaviour. Exploiting children for her gain. It’s been proven as well that the courts never used any footage Joy may have tried to provide for R’s custody case. She lies, and lies and lies. Joy has never been homeless, but mooches off poor saps that will take her in.

No. 427467

Looks like the Joytard ran and deleted their message, lol. Did anyone get a screenshot of that? Omg..

No. 427472

Have to skim this again, but someone on Twitter has pointed out a bit where the issue of her offer to buy Keemstar a Christmas present was raised, and that she understands his predicament, having bought gifts/done things for her fans too. someone asks if she'd buy them something. Oh, wouldn't she just love to be in a position to do so, "I would love to do stuff for you guys," let's move swiftly on… KEK.

No. 427475

Edit of a comment I made to the Joytard:

Perhaps Kati’s family should sue her for all the slandering she did to them online for the world to see. She said some pretty awful despicable things about them, without any evidence. Just her word and you all believe every stupid thing that comes out of her mouth. Guess what? Remember that family tragedy where children died and she made a big scene crying and sobbing? She hadn’t even met those children who died, and she also slandered that part of the family too at the same time. It’s Kati that has no respect for people’s lives or their privacy. She can’t even respect death in her family. Wake up already.

No. 427477

File: 1511049308737.jpeg (51.13 KB, 394x225, D08B26FC-B18F-40C0-AF54-C271FA…)

No. 427481

please stop clogging up the thread

No. 427498

File: 1511052027145.jpeg (204.55 KB, 780x1066, 27A6B00F-6349-40D3-A0AC-9F5A4B…)

Oh, Joysus! The kid can’t even be classy enough to give her friend a decent compliment. How embarrassing for Cy…She can’t help herself tho, cause she grew up in a “trailer trash” home.

No. 427501


Most people who insult something before complimenting it aren't being sincere when dishing out the compliment.

Sorry to break it to you, Cy - but Kati is passive aggressively insulting your sense of style.

No. 427507

I think this is the second time I’ve seen Joy insult Cy on her fashion. The last one was making fun of her sandals as she thought she was wearing socks with them, but it was just the style that kinda made it look like that. She even insulted her being queer then too I believe, and her fashion sense. Meanwhile Katie at home, sweating in her boyfriends hoodies, and wearing her pink onesie all day, with greasy hair.

You really shouldn’t talk Kati. Even if your joking around, as it’s to easy to point at your sense of fashion. Going for the homeless “look”.

No. 427519

In the last hour or so, Joy's just blocked one of her stalwart supporters and (until recently) patrons, snake_adia, on Twitter for calling her out over the Roommate lies and the rest. Snake has a sense of honour and loyalty enough, however misguided in this case, to claim she will not be sharing potentially damaging DMs. I respect the integrity there, but by not speaking out she's just going to enable joy to lead others down the same path - and there are a couple new wannabes coming out of the woodwork on Twitter to take over, too.

As for Cy and the sweater, that's just a bit cruel. She's obviously very pleased with it, even tweeted about it before she bought it to see what everyone thought, so of course joy has to kick her just to take the shine of her enjoyment and keep her down. I'm sure we've all had friends like this we've had to escape from, but that takes a modicum of self respect and esteem in not sure Cy has, such is why joy glommed onto her.

No. 427522


And what she said about the sweater wasn't even remotely funny, despite trying so, so hard.

The sweater is hideous but it wasn't like she asked Joy's opinion. She was just expressing how pleased she was with it.

> I'm sure we've all had friends like this we've had to escape from

For sure. If you have a friend like this, run. Find friends who lift you up and don't bring you down. It's better to be lonely, even.

No. 427527


Unfortunately, Cy is young; and doesn't understand that what a backhanded compliment is - so liked Joy's veiled insult, thinking it was a genuine compliment.

As for the sweater - I kinda like it. Price is a little steep, though (oh, to have that expendable income).

No. 427554

File: 1511061230604.jpeg (145.14 KB, 706x503, 95AF361B-69C1-45B3-A088-FD9480…)

Poor illiterate Charles Richard Stiles posted in thread 13 because he’s to god damn retarded to use lolcow.

No. 427555

File: 1511061260039.jpeg (71.71 KB, 655x578, 91AAC937-7C1B-426A-91EC-7285E8…)

Same fag. Here’s the image from his post.

No. 427556

File: 1511061623206.jpeg (65.51 KB, 773x341, EBC907E2-CCBF-4EF9-998C-B50BE4…)

What do you expect from someone that’s so fucking stupid that they doxx themselves on YouTube.

No. 427572

Richard is mentally unstable and is best to not feed into him. It is a matter of time before he takes it too far and i for one don't want to contribute to it. It is sad how kati only has people like that on her side and she knows it and takes advantage of them. Issak watts too it is sad she is preying on the mentally weak like she is. Someone is going to get hurt eventually.

No. 427584

thank you for being one of the few people in these threads who understands what this site is for.

I missed the fun of the joytard, but got a hearty kek out of this
>Nothing they have shared has shown them to be like Kati in anyway.

and this
>You artistic fuck.
(from yet another of the personal-crusade fuckwits)

why don't we just leave it to the 'family' to handle, since they've done such a good job so far.

No. 427599

He doesn't even live there. It's a past address. Bet you anything this sick fuck is hoping someone will go there looking for him, just so they can get busted trying to harm an innocent stranger.

No. 427630

Sure Richard

No. 427633

File: 1511083703799.jpeg (164.69 KB, 1149x578, E8142FC4-C236-4620-A427-EB3D58…)

No. 427640

it's against TOS to make the claim from a fake address, so he played himself.

No. 427655


It's so funny to me that all of Kati's Klingon's first instinct is that people posting about her on an anonymous image board are doing it for fame and attention. It's really telling as to the type of idiotic blind sycophants who buy and cosign her BS.

It's really funny when they post their verbal diarrhea here without reading the board. Like, Richard we know you think Kati has mental issues, we posted where you said as much. Apparently to Joytards correcting someone's lies, slander, and personal attacks equals 'talking shit' lol

No. 427657

>"I consent to the jurisdiction of the Federal District Court for the district in which my address is located, or if my address is outside of the United States, the judicial district in which YouTube is located, and will accept service of process from the claimant."
YouTube Help > Counter Notification Requirements

No. 427663

If the family anons are still here, I was wondering if Kati has tried to contact either of you yet? Stay safe.

No. 427666

>>427640 I mean we have to wait for Eobard to confirm whether Dick gave him an old address on the claim or what looks to be a current address as the screenshot Dick posted doesn't contain that info >>427555 it's just speculation.

No. 427670


Got to love how that arrogant fucktard thinks it's all because of him that the GFM page was relabeled. It never dawned on him that the original title was used when the kids were still in the martins custody and the new label is because the kids are safe and Rose's family wants CPS to let them come home.

No. 427673

Anons, please stop posting the addy Stiles posted in his hissy fit posts!

Whether he still lives there or not, someone is still being doxxed. And leaving out the zipcode doesn't count for shit when the rest of the address is listed.

No. 427685

So which joytard are you? Because you use the word doxx yet don’t know it’s actual meaning and that’s a quality I’ve only seen with Joy and her joytards.

No. 427697

Stiles declared war
Let him take the bullets

No. 427706

Except that doxing is against board rules, so learn how to lolcow, learn how to sage, and fuck outta here with your personal vendettas. You're embarrassing yourselves.

No. 427713

Any information published by the person themselves is okay to post.

No. 427731

My mistake, I wasn't aware that posting it on another site made it ok to post it here.
Carry on then.

No. 427756

It is quite obvious that Kati is incapable of caring for herself. We can safely assume she could only take care of another living thing with assistance for someone else.
We have tried to involuntarily commit her. She just has not done enough for that to stick and we are all in different states now. We do not want anything bad to happen to Kati, just that she gets the emotional help that she so desperately needs. The people who have been conned out of money should be the ones to sue who for fraud. If it ever comes to that with us, we can do so. We want people to be aware of her schemes and to defend ourselves.
Thank you.
That is always a possibility for the future.
>>427663 No. No contact at all. Thank you
Kati always has mental breakdowns in June and Christmas. It has been that way for over 10 years. You have no idea what Christmas has been like in the past for us. And several family members have birthdays in June as well as Father's Day. She has a way of making everything that occurs in that month about her.
>>426778 Yes, she has a sister who is entirely normal. As children they were close. Kati has chosen to not get along with all of her family members except for one.

For the person who said her family is disgusting my response is Go to Hell. You have no idea what we have lived through if we were creating equal drama we would have done this from the beginning.

For the person who suggested Bipolar–you are correct. (I can't find that post.) And yes personality disorder greatly describes her behavior as well as the article I posted about Narcissism. 2nd anon family member

No. 427777

As always thank you for taking the time to reply to questions.

No. 427788

You are quite welcome.
2nd anon family member

No. 427805

I’m tired of seeing these assumptions made on this thread, this is an anonymous board and anyone can post here as long it follows the rules. Can we stop with calling people Joytards or fans of Kati because their opinion differs or they don’t think something should be posted. It’s not an echo chamber so stop trying to turn lolcow into one.

I’ve been called a joytard a few times all because I spoke up about the derailment that keeps happening, it’s ridiculous

also, the spergleberry thread is active and Stiles should be posted there.

No. 427844


Different fag.

I have been called a Joyfag, Cy, Joy herself, Phil (by Joy lol) since thread 1. For example, some threads back, I was called a Joytard and jumped on because I pointed out a quote someone took from Joy was out of context.

Not every time someone accuses of derailment or someone being a Joytard it is actually a derailment or a Joytard. Sometimes it is used just to discredit the poster and make them stop posting under the thin guise of board rules or whatever.

It unfortunate that some people want to control the narrative and be exactly like that which they are criticizing. This is not unique to her or Lolcow; it's just usually how it goes.

No. 427855

>I have been called a Joyfag, Cy, Joy herself, Phil (by Joy lol) since thread 1. For example, some threads back, I was called a Joytard and jumped on because I pointed out a quote someone took from Joy was out of context.

Ironically, the ones who call everyone else a joytard look like the biggest joytards of all because they're helping her do exactly what she wants done to these boards: infighting, spamming up the threads with nonsense derailment that buries the milk, and to make us all look petty so she can discredit anything we post. I try to report those sorts of posts but people just keep responding to them and helping them to achieve what they came here to do. Please, if you aren't adding to the milk or commenting directly on the milk, just keep your accusations to yourself if you don't want to be doing Joy and her spergs a favor. I'd delete this post for being hypocritical, but I'd rather the chance that a few more newfags see it and take a hint.

No. 427858


Not a Joytard; can't stand the bitch. I just think it's incredibly stupid to be sharing addresses on the LOLcow forums.


Self doxxing, or no - you have no idea if the address being supplied is actually the address he's living at. For all anyone knows, it's a random address he posted to bait anons.

No. 427864

I can tell you for a fact it is 100% his current address.

No. 427865


And how would you know, for certain?

No. 427871

One you can google his real name (Charles Richard Stiles) and that comes up. Plus the dumb cocksucker doxxed himself on YouTube not even 2 weeks ago. So unless he’s moved out of the hovel in the Tennessee woods he paid $35,000 for in 2005 it’s still his current address.

No. 427878


That's alot of assumptions, though - thinking it's his real name, let alone his real address.

The anons here are supposed to be smarter than Joy's ensemble of mental cases. Instead of automatically believing a word that comes out of that nutcases mouth; maybe use some critical thinking and ask yourself if his information should be trusted (the answer is obvious no).

Dropping the topic now; as it's way off topic.

No. 427914

>>427756 I can only imagine how bad Holidays were. Kati has talked a few times about holidays with the family due to being asked by fans, especially regarding her 'my family doesn't care if I live or die' comments.

The tales she's spun are: It starts out fine then every single person there turns on her, gangs up on her, attacks her, talks shit because they are jealous of her success and that she made a bunch of money as a rockstar businesswoman and they all expect her to buy them presents but why would she after the way they all treat her and never give her anything. They're all just selfish, jealous of her, and completely toxic so it's not even worth going, even though she would love to but. . .etc.

From what we know of Kati and this being the story she tells I can't imagine the unholy terror that the Holidays were with her. You definitely have my sympathies.

I do find it kind of fascinating that she does this type of shit every year in June and December. Thanks for sharing. This year during June she started telling everyone that her Ex had anally raped her frequently and then she started telling rape jokes constantly and the whole 'poo babies' fiasco kicked off. Last December she launched her channel and ranted at Onision for a few dozen videos (which turned out to basically be her shouting at ex-boyfriends), and made her 'My Brain is Sick' "I Don't Want to Die' and a few depression videos.

No. 427941

This thread is going to shit. It's not even fun to read most of these posts

No. 427970

She is live on YouNow.

No. 428021

Someone ask her why she has PTSD since she wasn't military. Hurry while she is live!!!~~~family member anon OP

No. 428032

She mostly talked about health again, something about high aluminum levels, and mercury? Then jokes about tinfoil. There were questions about family, and they again were quickly brushed away or ignored. Briefly said something like, “I don’t go on lolcow, so I don’t know much about the rumours of family or anything” That many of the rumours going around are ridiculous, but doesn’t say what rumours are ridiculous…I’m paraphrasing here the best I can from the stream.

She also said that she will only be allowing “The to upload her streams on her channel. I find that funny as she was so against copyright strikes while she was on YouTube. When she was using Onision clips, etc..Now she is singing a different tune. So, to the youtubers who upload her streams…I guess you should be expecting strikes.

No. 428034


“ The blarg” is the only one she will allow to upload her streams.

Sorry, I’m having issues with typing for some reason. It’s been leaving words out and don’t know why. Very frustrating.

No. 428039

You forgot that Joy claimed that medical professionals, her doctors, prescribed her to get a coffee enema…. which is totally something doctors do (they don't just in case someone here actually thinks that).

Family of Kati's, you can have PTSD without being in the military. It's not just a military diagnosis.

No. 428044

She most definitely goes on lowcow. Did anyone notice that as soon as gave evidence that she has gone underground since we started talking that she came back??? I know I noticed it.
True, however, she has not had a stressful life except for the stress that she has caused herself.
2nd anon family member

No. 428045

Yes, I caught the tail end of that convo, and didn’t mention it as I had no idea why they were even discussing coffee enema. Now I know, and you’re correct, a doctor would never recommend that. Unless it was good ol Doctor Google that advised her.

Oh, and she howeled with her dog, and spoke about getting her hair cut and donating it.

No. 428050

Oh, she definitely goes on lolcow. She is aware of everything, but is playing dumb. When family questions began to pop up, she was beginning to get ready to leave the stream. She didn’t chat too much longer after that.

Looks to me like she is hoping that if she ignores everyone’s questions long enough, blocks people who question her, begins erasing any evidence of her streams and history on YouTube, that she can start all over with a clean plate. Start a new shtick, and bring in some new followers.

No. 428051

She didn't say a Doctor told her to. She just said someone and was ridiculing it herself.

No. 428060

Yes, I recal her saying she didn’t want to put anything up her butt. What weird conversations she has.

No. 428072

I only hung around until she started explaining coffee enemas. She talked about how her GI decided to treat her for "post-infectious IBS" while stressing she has not been diagnosed with anything. She said there are no plans for a colonoscopy or any other tests yet because she has no insurance (kek). Wasn't she talking about how she was going to have a colonoscopy done a few months ago? Guess it never happened. She also said she had a hair test done that showed stored copper, mercury and high levels of aluminum. Doctor recommended coffee enema and "makeshift sauna," she says she'll be increasing her vitamins and minerals instead of the enemas. All in all she claims a ten day round of flagyl has made her feel much better. Also she's now referring to Dom by name.

Also, family member anon, PTSD can be diagnosed for a variety of traumas. Domestic violence and sexual assault are two of them. I don't doubt those are the reasons she's using to claim to have/had PTSD.

No. 428073

I had to type that really fast so I couldn't explain then. I wanted you all to hear from the horses mouth why she believes she has PTSD. I thought phrasing the question that way it would seem more innocent and she wouldn't automatically assume it was a hater but rather a curious fan. Fail but worth the try.
But yes thank you for bringing that up because I did not mean that you can't have PTSD from other events than military combat. So sorry I would never want to offend someone who actually has PTSD.
Kati told her family that she has PTSD for a reason other than "abuse." I wanted you all to hear her say it herself. She told us she got it from being kidnapped. Phil did she tell you this too?~~~family member anon OP

No. 428088

Uhh … Kidnapped?

No. 428091

When she said that shit I immediately assumed she was seeing another naturopath.

No. 428106


Can you think of any other kind of doctor who would suggest a coffee enema? Because, I can't see a trained medical professional even considering such an option.


Awww…Richard Stiles must be crushed to hear that; after he had uploaded Joy's stream (with her blessing, mind you) for the last several months.

I wonder how he took the news.

No. 428109

File: 1511142776822.jpg (30.13 KB, 589x140, joysus.jpg)

Any idea what this is about?

I've never seen a person mention poop ( or anything to do with anal/butts ) more times than her.

No. 428114


There's nothing to that other than Kati thinking she's being clever/funny and failing miserably.

No. 428115

On that note - family anons, do you have any idea what's her fascination with poop? Was this something she ever talked about or mention any stomach/IBS type of issues?

No. 428119

Another family member has stomach issues. So you know Kati, she takes on whatever someone else has. 2nd anon family member

No. 428120

File: 1511143179245.jpg (23.52 KB, 554x238, Capture.JPG)

She posts random stupid stuff like that once in awhile because she thinks it's funny.

No. 428122

She makes us so proud. lol That kind of stuff is just disgusting. Why someone would do that in a public forum is someone who has no filter. Geeze 2nd anon family member

No. 428127

I was just watching some of her old videos on vidme just out of curiosity. I watched like her 3rd video Magnifying Gratitude(which is split into 2 parts) and found it interesting. She mentioned that she did have a female doctor at that time which of course contradicts everything her later videos said. (Also claimed this doc was getting thyroid "supplements" for her and that would get her back up to good health) But, she also mentioned that she went the ER trip during Christmas that we know about. Also, she spoke about her Grandmother that she said she did speak to during Christmas, and that her Grandmother gave her 50 dollars and also gave Dom 50 dollars for taking care of her. I wonder if Family Anons know if that was true or not? Also, that her Grandmother would tell people that Kati was "her ride or die Bitch" to the people that came over to the Grandmothers house for voice lessons from Kati, I wonder if either of those have and context or validity to them. Lastly, that she had another friend that got her gifts to "help her health" for Christmas and I wonder if Family Anons knew if that was Amanda, or perhaps Phil?

No. 428137

That is not the way Kati's grandmother speaks. She does pass out 50 dollars at holidays but not sure if Kati was here last Christmas. She definitely would not send cash in the mail nor would she give someone money for taking care of Kati. It has been years since Kati gave voice lessons–before she went to Oklahoma. She did go to a naturalpath dr who was female. As soon as Kati's money dried up, the lady was gone. Gifts for her health sounds like something Amanda would do. Amanda did try to be a good friend to her. Don't know if it was Phil or not. Is there a date on this video? I don't think it happened 2016 Christmas. 2nd anon family member

No. 428150

Whoa whoa whooooa…this is news! WTF?

No. 428178

What do you mean she claimed to be kidnapped?

No. 428180

>>428178 yes. She claims her ex drove down south and rescued her from being kidnapped. It looks like its the same guy she is accusing of anal rape that rescued her from being kidnapped. Did second anon or Phil ever get told this?~~~family member anon OP

No. 428187

Do we know any more details? Kidnapping is a serious allegation. I would assume that this is something one reports to the police at the very least?

No. 428191

I'm sorry but I literally laughed so loud when I read she claims to have been kidnapped. Not that kidnapping is funny and I borderline hate her but wouldnt wish that or any kind of tragedy on her. I'm sure we would have had several videos from her if true

No. 428192

I've been a nurse for 10 years and not only have I never heard a Dr of any kind recommend one, if mentioned, the Drs basically all rolled their eyes and most had no idea that it's even a thing that people do.

No. 428256

She’s on Tonka Saw’s Kumite atm and it’s funny AF.


No. 428268

aussie anon here, and we kind of know about it because of a wellness blogger who died of cancer because she went with that shit rather than actual medical treatment. most of it is standard woo but the coffee enema bit grabbed attention because of course it did.

No. 428271

They are verbally attacking lolcow hard if people want to go and defend the pasture?

No. 428273

why? let them sperg, who cares?

No. 428307

So why is this still an issue after all this time? You'd think something that was all 'about the children' would get much less dirty.

No. 428313

Kati's pretty much making fun of you, family anons. Manically laughing at "lolcow evidence."

No. 428317

File: 1511157501049.png (36.53 KB, 1069x582, katicitation.PNG)

Family member anon, do you know anything about this citation from 2008?

No. 428319

File: 1511157592894.png (441.76 KB, 688x504, lumina.PNG)

Also, do you have any recollection of these videos she posted with her ex?

No. 428336

Based just read that bitch to hell and back, omfg

No. 428351

(let's be real, there hasn't been any evidence, and as I've said before - this is the worst possible avenue for them to use, especially since they waited until her YT channel went down etc to bother saying anything. they're so late to the party, it's pretty pointless now)

No. 428357

Well, they did post pics we've never seen before. I'm not sure how anyone else could have gotten a hold of that, especially pics of her early years ( unless she's willy nilly sending them to everyone ).
I'm also sure Phil would say something if there was anything off about it.

As of now I'm just enjoying reading what they have to say, but if it turns out that it was all a hoax, then no value lost. We already knew she was a shitty person prior to all of this and I think a lot of her former fans kind of opened their eyes too. There are always going to be the extra delusional ones, but what can you do.

I do think she'll be back on YT, eventually. Hoping for it even, I miss her private life craziness.

No. 428371


Not Phil but the kidnapping causing her PTSD isn't new, although it was a different version if events. She spoke about this in her early days and details will be in earlier threads, I can't search on my phone.

Anyway she stated it was an attempted kidnapping which happened while she was in France and she blamed immigrants. She wrongly stated that France is dangerous because of "all the immigrants" which isn't true and stated she would never go back.

So kidnapping not new, but a different version, which is her usual MO, changing the narrative to suit her audience.

No. 428381

I've seen a lot of what they are saying that filled in some blanks and tied in with things. By now given the language used and the reactions it is actually pretty easy to tell who one of the family anons is. That person at least is definitely a family anon and they know the other person.

At first I thought it was either Kati herself or feeding one of her fans to do this, or Amanda because of the line about the credit cards and such. Enough has been stated to at least for me verify they are who they claim.

As far as this kidnapping stuff goes, none of that sounds legit.

Not exactly hard to do. She called it out pretty well. Most of the rest of it was a shitshow.Gotta give Tonka mad props for even trying to reign it in and not going NOPE and running.

No. 428388


Why would Tonka even talk to Kati? I thought he loathed her.

And is there a time stamp for the Based rant?

No. 428389

It was after the halfway mark at some point I think. (At least around 2:15:00 mark. Might be sooner as well because it got down and dirty.) Chambers in Tonka's words could have defended herself better but it was two on one. So they were looking for someone to help Chambers out..and Based came in. Joy was not a fan of those super chats either…but we weren't a fan of her telling everyone how they were the reason she took a nosedive on YT.

None of the parties involved really made themselves look good, but Based Mama really tore Joy a new one and gave her no wiggle room..and Joy and especially her "fans" in the chat lost the most. They made themselves look horrible above and beyond the usual before they got shut down.

No. 428390


Did Joy leave the stream suddenly? Or was she an adult and stayed til the end?

No. 428394

She stuck around for a good deal of it. She backed off quite a bit after two of those SCs. Best money ever spent. Her and her cult really humiliated themselves tonight, outright.I don't think they even realize just how much.

Tonka on the other hand was just expecting Geekthulu and Chambers. Most of us did. You can hear him on the stream saying as much and trying to reign it in. Oh, I remember what the hashtags were now. #playingthecrowd and #perpetualvictim or something like that.

Never let it be said I never said anything to Kati's face. :P

No. 428410

Samefag @ >>428371

I forgot to add the kidnapping story was also one of her stories that got upgraded from kidnap to attempted kidnap.

I realise it isn't that important but thought I should clarify. Plus it is another example of how quickly and easily she escalates or downgrades things.

No. 428412

Based was glorious. Saying to Kati what I would love to say; namely that she is a lying cunt who talks in circles. One of my favorite parts was when Kati said she couldn’t continue the conversation IF BASED CONTINUED TO SWEAR. It was surreal.

No. 428426

That's hilarious considering how much Kati will cuss and belittle anyone that speaks outs against her on her own stream with her little cult. It's funny how she wouldn't address these rumors on her Younow, but did it on a stream she thought no one would notice.

I know Based is probably a cow too, but she won't back down like Kati.

No. 428427

File: 1511184083526.png (259.25 KB, 1080x1211, IMG_20171120_131943.png)

Am I missing something? Am I at the wrong video or is it just that it hasn't been long enough since the stream ended?

Sage for stupidity.

No. 428430

>couldn’t continue the conversation IF BASED CONTINUED TO SWEAR.

Well, quite. There might be twelve year olds in need of strangling, or who need to rape their bullies, listening in who'd be offended by such language. Won't someone think of the children?

No. 428435

File: 1511185271720.png (152.38 KB, 720x725, 20171120_133800.png)

Twitter storm a-comin'. Apart from what other anons are pointing out from the Tonka stream, I'm in the dark, but Joy is still the victim.

No. 428436


> Manically laughing at "lolcow evidence."

She literally has no other defense. It's to be expected.

No. 428440

Many years ago Kati was upset with everyone because we weren't feeling sorry for her so she took a marketing job in a southern state. It has been so long I can't remember which state. We all told her not to do it because it sounded shady. But she went anyway and then cried and said these people were kidnapping her. We didn't fall for it but her ex before he was an ex did.
>>42817 We told her if they did in fact kidnap her she needs to file a police report which she never did. That led us to believe it was bogus.
>>428313 I don't care. We will just give evidence to anything she says about us.
>>428317 Never seen this before but it doesn't surprise me. She has had tickets for speeding all over the country. I looked her up on CaseNet yesterday and found some things I never had seen before.
>>428319 Yes, I have seen these videos. They are real. But they are from 2007-2008
>>428371 Those are two separate incidents. The France situation she was more referring to was more recent. It was in the south of France. Probably the one of the last times she was there. Before going to Oklahoma.
>>428381 You are correct we are in communication with each other. The kidnapping was not legit but her story about it is.
>>428412 That is so typical of Kati. She issues ultimatums when she gets in sticky situations that she can't slither out of.

Kati's family never thought she was some kind of rockstar nor did we ever expect presents from her. We don't need nor want anything from her except for respect. We all have lots of money and make our own way in the world and would like for her to, also. We didn't respond to this for so long because we didn't feel the need to defend ourselves until we found out just how much she was saying. To those of you who don't believe us, I respect you for thinking critically but you are wrong. And I am certain you have figured out who I am and that is fine. 2nd anon family member

No. 428444

I recall this now, and her mention of an "attempt." This is the kind of stuff that makes me think she is just an attention seeking jerk. Just like her claims of heart problems(and other problems) that aren't real but according to her "almost"and and "near" problems count as a diagnosis.

Is this the same event that she later stated she was almost raped or there was a rape attempt ? I don't recall her stating they happened together but may be wrong.

Apologies if I've echoed anyone, the site isn't loading for me and I can only see a handful of posts.

No. 428460

A victim my ass. I shouldn't even be shocked that she's trying to spin it that way. I came in late to the stream, but people in the chat were saying that she wasn't even invited on. She kept sending super chats for attention and eventually got pulled in because she was asking to.

A thing that came out is that Rose played both sides because she was telling Joy one thing and then Chambers and the others another thing. It was pointed out that it could be that she was caught between a bunch of strong personalities and was scared. Joy, IIRC because I've slept since then, admitted that could be the case, but now she's playing the most victim of it all. She was supposed to show her text messages from Rose, but Based Mama said that might be illegal. Joy was supposedly looking into that, but then suddenly, it's so late and she has to go because wow, she didn't realize the stream was going to go so late. Joy and I are in the same time zone. It was about 1- 1:30 AM our time. She's been on YouNow streams yelling about things way later than that, but it was her chance to escape without ever showing any evidence and because Based Mama handed her her ass. Based Mama fucked up by telling her that sharing the text messages could be illegal because it gave Kati room to pretend to research if that was true and then make a million excuses for not showing them.

I loved the part when she kept yelling that Based Mama needed evidence of things, and Based kept referencing 14 fucking threads on lolcow and said Onision doesn't even have that many. Joy was like, "Oh, oh. So you don't have evidence." And then someone in the chat,I think it was Kattscratch, claimed that the texts on here are faked. It was a shit show through and through, but the things that Kati got called out on weren't just Rose either, but also for calling Alex's parents and telling an 11 year old to rape her classmates with Cy claiming that was her fault in the chat. Kati won't hear that her channel went down because she's a gross, toxic person. Instead, she's going to play this Rose thing for victim points the best way she can.

No. 428463

Thought the same thing, especially after her saying "I lost so much trying to help" as if she was ever asked in the first place. It was her idea to monetize them because "I won't profit from abuse" and by saying that, she had an excuse to keep going and a way to defend herself against ulterior motives accusations. If she gave a single fuck, she wouldn't be so shitty about it all. Shady Kati didn't want to miss that opportunity to make money off of those kids being traumatized while everyone was talking about it. I'm honestly surprised that she doesn't define herself as a non profit org at this point, I guess she's realized majority know she's a selfish creep under her abuse hero cape.

No. 428477

>It was pointed out that it could be that she was caught between a bunch of strong personalities and was scared

I believe this is most likely the case, not for everything but at least majority. She seems very shy and awkward, i am too and am a human doormat basically. I can't stand confrontation, am terrible at communicating and am almost paralyzed when stuck in between conflict. So while I don't think Rose is completely innocent, I do see it as her doing her best despite making some poor choices, contact with joy being the first one. Joy is the kind of person that listens and stores information, even small talk, so it may be later used as ammo and you'd be wary to even disagree with, as you'd have a real nightmare on your hands. Obviously nobody is exempt from her shit talk, not even Dom.

Joy seems to be going in a direction that she was scammed so she can try to convince the world that the shady person was rose all along and blame shift.

No. 428496

I'm 5000% surprised Joy isn't having a breakdown somewhere right now. Maybe the fact that the entire chat was calling her a lying cunt (minus her usual 3 or 4 spergs making fools of themselves) hit her too deep. Don't think she expected so much concentrated hate. Must have been a real culture shock compared to her usual echo chamber.

I need that video to hurry the fuck up and be posted in full if it hasn't already, if anyone missed it you're really gonna wanna see what went down. Oh how grateful I am that the shit was on a 3rd party's channel.

No. 428499

I don't think Rose is innocent either, but I doubt she's some mastermind that was planning to play everyone against each other all along like Joy and her spergleberries are trying to spin it. I think she was just a scared woman who just wanted her kids back and who reached out to anyone that she thought could help her. Knowing how she lost the kids in the first place, it's not surprising to me that she would end up falling for more manipulation.

I don't think she's going to breakdown because she still has her Joytards on Twitter saying shit like Based Mama was at fault for not saying anything about how Rose was scared of Joy. She can also use the spin that she doesn't have to show the texts from Rose because it's illegal, so now we'll never see proof of anything. She also has Cy taking the blame for what happened with the 11 year old girl. Joy is gonna be fine. She'll probably pretend to cry a little on YouNow, but it's already been spun that she's a victim in all this and it's everyone's fault but hers.

No. 428501

Samefag. Still getting used to posting here. I meant to quote >>428477

I usually just lurk, but the more this goes on, the more pulled in I get. It's funny because Joy thinks everyone hates her and her career went under because of D05, but even I started as a fan, though not a huge one.

No. 428518

Family anons,
are there any keepsakes you have with Kati’s name on it? Like an old school report card or certificate earned, metals/trophy etc…? Of course blurring out any private info, like teachers names, addresses and stuff. Nobody else would have that kind of stuff besides her family, and I think that would be good extra proof that may make Kati sit up and take you more seriously. Just a suggestion.

No. 428524

File: 1511196980052.jpg (2.49 MB, 4032x3024, 20171105_115729.jpg)

Yes. We are reluctant to show this because the certificates are fill in the blank and hand written. I can show those too but people will just say we wrote it in. You can't really change a trophy though. Kati played for 2 different basket ball teams in elementary school. Is this enough so that we can move past the "are they her family" discussions? ~~~Family member anon OP

No. 428526

File: 1511197157066.jpg (3.13 MB, 4032x3024, 20171105_110958.jpg)

Here is where she played for the Warriors.~~~Family member anon OP

No. 428527

The funniest part to me is that Kati was the one screaming and yelling in defense of Rose. Swearing that she knew she was a good mother and that she was the one that deserved to have the kids. Now that she wants to say different she's putting it all on Rose. As if Kati wasn't the one telling people to donate to her and bashing the Fallston Group and anyone who said Rose may not be the best choice for those kids. If the kids were in danger going there, doesn't that make her just as liable to going to bat for her and bashing anyone who said otherwise.

No. 428528

I think that’s perfect! Thank you family anon. There is no way anybody but family would have a trophy of Kati’s. I don’t doubt you are the real deal. Kati is being slippery tho as usual.

No. 428530


The basketball pic is nice proof to go along with the trophy. Well done!

No. 428532

Fine by me. I was on the fence but as i've said before you've proven enough that you are who you say you are. Its also pretty easy to tell who one of the family anons is if you think about it.

All in all, I doubt Joy will respond to what you're saying, and her spergs have demonstrated enough they'll defend whatever she says or does. I think given her reaction to it popping up on the Kumite that she IS taking it seriously..she just doesn't address it unless she thinks she can 100% spin it or wiggle out of it.

No. 428533

As usual, the family anons are going above and beyond, and I share their exasperation at them constantly having to prove themselves. Anyone else that wants to bring it up clearly hasn't read the threads, and should be ignored or directed to the multiple posts of evidence.

Thank you, family anons.
May I ask - have her videos ever circulated in the family? I'm sure rumors have spread enough, but for you to see her videos with her talking this shit out of her own mouth must be something else. Watch party for Thanksgiving?

No. 428536

Unfortunately for Kati's ego she won't be the star attraction or topic of conversation at this year's holidays. Her niece will be which I promise is bothering her jealous ego to no end. ~~~ Family member anon OP

No. 428538

She knows who we are. She probably knows which one of us by name.
>> 428533
No, we are not sharing these with the rest of the family due to embarrassment. Everyone knows she isn't playing with a full deck. If certain family member actually saw her videos, they would hunt her down and stomp on her. We are protecting people. Like I said, they know she is "off" and saying things just not the actual video. And no, the baby will be the center of attention.
2nd anon family member.

No. 428544

I also feel they have proven enough of who they are, but I asked them to do this, so there is no more wiggle room for doubt. An anon said previously here that there was no evidence. People have been trying to say it could be anyone with these photos for evidence, lol…which is bs. I have read the forum thanks and seen their evidence, and didn’t doubt.

Now there is absolute evidence it’s them, and that can shut up the nay sayers, and Kati and her fans have no more room to deny who they are. Much respect to the anons. Thank you, I understand how upsetting this is for you. Especially with the holidays around the corner.

No. 428552


No,seriously - anyone who is in denial on who you are after these latest images have got their heads firmly wedged in the sand.

Thank you for uploading these.

No. 428553

Thank you! And yeah it is upsetting with all of this going on with the holidays. This will be the first holiday without those children and her stepfamily is STILL completely devastated with the loss of those two children. Showing them what Kati has said would just be cruel. Some may not agree with our decision not to show them, but I just don't see the point. I've already had to calm them down from hunting Kati down after she went on a letter writing campaign and sent some of those letters to minor children dissing their biological parents. ~~~Family member anon OP

No. 428554

I totally get that decision. I sincerely believe that if one of the family doesn't hunt her down, one of her former 'fans' on the deranged track will when they realize they've been had and take it sore. Its a matter of time.

No. 428598

File: 1511206417371.png (92.02 KB, 750x734, IMG_3137.PNG)

Dom made an appearance in her most recent livestream.

No. 428600

>>428553 She actually sent minor children letters dissing their parents. that is awful.

No. 428603

Yes. It was terrible. Absolutely disgraceful.
~~~Family member non OP

No. 428612

I called it her "farewell tour". She said good bye to everyone and told them every nasty thing she could about them or their parents. We had to go around apologizing for her. She pissed everyone off. Kati has a way of burning her bridges every where she goes. She never leaves any place on peaceful terms. 2nd anon family member

No. 428630

That is disturbing, I feel bad for you all. I really do. Joy really needs to stay away from minors.

On another note*

The stream that happened on Tonka saw was interesting. Based mama going hard on Joy about family being on lolcow, only for Joy to laugh it off as nothing.
I find it far too convenient for Joy, that they are choosing now to battle out the Do5 drama and what happened behind the scenes. Perfect distraction for Joy, so people are not so focused on what’s really important here. The lies she has told her fan base for months.

No. 428640

Was Katie bullied in school? Because from the looks of her during her adolescent years, she looks like a total target for bullies. Poor thing is getting so heavy now she’s beginning to look like the Oompa Loompa girl who blew up! Just like that basketball photo.

No. 428642

No, as I said earlier, she was well liked due to her music ability and her older sister.
2nd anon family member

No. 428666


The best part for me was the ending; where Tonka (or was it AP?) voiced his annoyance that Kati was specifically invited into the stream to provide all this incriminating evidence to prove Chambers was lying - only to provide jack shit. It was also a relief to see both Chambers and Based Mama demanding Kati (and Geekthulu) to put up or shut up when it came to their accusations against them - but neither Kati or her Joytard could provide anything but heresay (best line was Geekthulu saying he had history to back up his claims…because that's how evidence works).

I hope these people keep on Kati's ass to finish her 'research' and upload all those incriminating texts.

No. 428668

I was just checking out some of her recent YouNow moments after not having watched her in a while and I'd forgotten how annoying her hand movements are when she's trying to make a serious point. Yeah, this is a petty observation but just everything she does is annoying. Her entire vibe is offputing and irritating. I can never understand how skin-crawlingly annoying folk get popular.

No. 428726

Just listened to part of the stream Last night with Based and Chamber. Around the 3:33-3:35 mark Joy says she didn't know that deleting her channel would mean that she could access her analytics and that's she's "still working on how to get them"
1. She says in that same clip that she showed her Patreons so, how could she show them and not be able to show everyone else??
2. Didn't she say in her last Younow stream that she was able to log into her channel and that her analytics were still there??
I didn't see the Younow stream but I remember the post on here that an anon said that she could log into it proving that she didn't actually delete it.

No. 428728

Couldn't that's she couldn't access

No. 428748

I believe the lie she had tried to spin was that she signed in but there was nothing there.

But you can't sign into an account that doesn't exist

No. 428754

If I remember the lie correctly, she showed the analytics to her patrons in a stream. The Joytards in the chat last night were claiming to have seen them.

No. 428758

I bet whatever she showed them is more of that non- proof she loves so much. Probably why she's freaking about "leaked info", I'm sure whatever it is is some obvious bullshit only her patreons would eat up and doesn't want it out there so it can be torn apart by people with actual brains.

Sidenote:Looks like that Nathan dude has completely crossed to the other side, he was talking shit in the chat yesterday.

No. 428763

File: 1511219840252.png (68.92 KB, 1080x553, IMG_20171120_231141.png)

Can anyone here grab a copy of the stream? It isn't currently available in all regions and Tonka said this.

No. 428764


Which was a pointless endeavor - as her Joytards didn't need the analytical proof, as they already believed her claims.

And making people pay to see said proof is utter BS.

No. 428769

She said in the stream that this ( Rose and the drama back and forth with everyone involved ) was one of the worst - corrected self - most stressful times in her life.
You'd think this would be nothing compared to growing up in trailer parks, ghettos, with abusive parents, being homeless, raped, almost kidnapped, nearly dying several times, escaping a terrorist attack in France…LMAO.

No. 428778


I found it 'hilarious' that Kati actually admitted that she made Rose - a single, working mother with two kids, a job and health problems - make video after video 'clearing' Kati's name until Kati approved of the final product.

The fucking balls Kati had to admit that on stream - with countless people listening in - and think people would believe her when she said she didn't blackmail Rose.

No. 428781

She’s up to something. There’s only 4 videos left on her Joy sparkle eff it channel. She’s obviously trying to hide something.

No. 428794

Gosh, you're such an abusive trailer trash family, keeping her trophies and having her pictures neatly framed and most likely hanging up on a wall.
When making a new thread don't forget to include the links to these two posts, because they're undeniable proof ( & we had proof before, some just refused to see it ) that it is her family and that she's a massive liar.

No. 428883

I apologize for being late to the party but Joy has definitely used corrective measures as the previous anon said; another example of this would be that Alex has to have his Twitter open to Joy and Cy if he wanted back in because of his “insurrection.” He even defended her taking over his Twitter by saying because he lied he deserved it, and this is clearly something one under cult manipulation would say; he’s apologizing and saying he deserves whatever she gives him cuz he lied. Who tf is Joy to tell anyone “what they need to do” to get back in her good graces and ffs he had an out and didn’t take it, which should illustrate just how brainwashed her spergs are; she’s not the one to tell him what he needs to do to rectify the situation to get back in her good graces. If an apology and time to show you can build that trust back up again aren’t sufficient nothing else should be, especially opening your Twitter to two we’ll known liars and assholes.

No. 428902


I don’t care what others may think, Kati is running an internet cult, whether Kati knows it or not, or certain anons thinking it’s far fetched, or her fans think they could never be caught up in a cult. Nobody in a cult thinks they are in one. Till they try to LEAVE! Kati and her followers make it a point to shun people who were once dedicated fans, and now have changed their mind. You can’t ask her a question that is uncomfortable without her a)calling you a hater b) blocking you c) ignoring you all together.

Joy can do no wrong…in her eyes and her brainwashed followers.

Joy on that Tonka saw stream….she demanded respect, like she is the boss, telling people to be respectful and watch their language, or else. What a hypocrite! She’s called people cu#t’s how many times on her streams to people? Loved how Based put her in her place, that she doesn’t deserve respect for the way she has behaved!

No. 428915

>If an apology and time to show you can build that trust back up again aren’t sufficient nothing else should be, especially opening your Twitter to two we’ll known liars and assholes.

Pretty much. An emotionally stable ( or at least half stable ) person usually feels like crap after being lied to, may need some time to process and decide if they still want to be in contact with that person to talk it over and such.
You have to be off your rocker to ( at her age mind you ) demand someone over a decade younger than you gives you access to their account. & let's not forget that this is all going down online, they've never even met.

I laughed at her 'please be respectful so much'. It's like she can't decide if she's this "kind sweet angel" with "prayers and love <3" or this 'tough bitch' with "bitch you don't know where I'm coming from, cunt, poop." I guess it's whatever she decides might make her look better at that moment.
She also used "you automatically lost an argument because you got upset" ( something along those lines ) which is complete Onision logic. That's not how it works.

No. 428917

Covering for her own lies is stressful. So so so stressful! It’s easy to make shit up, but to do that that you need more lies to cover for the lies, until it all comes crumbling down.

No. 428945

She is insane. Funny how the thread just had mention of her grandma reference, "my ride or die bitch," yet Kati is so offended. I've honestly never seen such a hypocrite

No. 428965

I don't buy into this Rose was playing all sides bullshit. All the things Rose said could have applied at the time she said them, reacting to whatever was happening at the time. The whole thing was a shitshow so I don't find it to be impossible. If I say "Joy is getting on my nerves" it's understood it's in the present tense and I'm not saying "Joy always gets on my nerves."

Plus, you know, women. You know how some can be.

Honestly, I think Joy took what other people said Rose said about her and told people that Rose said that about other people.

Wait, wut?

People told Joy Rose said X about Joy.
Joy said Rose said X about other people.

But.. am I missing something here?

Not really a fan of Chambers but I think she did pretty well on that show. Didn't get defensive, didn't get emotionally invested. In fact, I think it was an example of HOW TO handle it.

No. 428997

Let's also not forget the car dealership meltdown. How many cusswords were uttered there?

I would have love to see Based be less emotionally invested when it came to the Lolcow part.
Cue Kati manically laughing ( she does scare me when she's screaming/laughing like this, it does sound crazy ) and doing the "where's your evidence, lolcow, manic laughter" and when Based said she can easily contact her family ( which I'm pretty sure she meant here, not fucking calling them or anything like that ), Kati said something like how Based is 'threatening to contact her family', right?

At that moment Based should have just calmly said "No, they're posting on Lolcow and very kindly answering a lot of questions, they have also provided evidence and you have been exposed for lying about so many things."

I do understand it's probably hard being calm when directly talking to her crazy ass, though.

No. 429021


Yes! Earlier on in the stream (before Based came on) when Joy and Geek were mocking Chambers for mentioning lolcow, I was waiting for her to mention how her family is on here debunking so many of her lies. In general, this is where a lot of her lies have been called out, so it’s actually not crazy of Chambers to have mentioned it.

I’m not the hugest fan of Based, but it gave me so much glee to hear her rip into Kati. In fact, Kati reminded me of Onision in the way she was spinning and manipulating everything. It was nice to see Based finally get to put her in her place.

No. 429043

Wow the hypocrisy is real because she even talked about how cool her grandmother was for not only calling her “her ride or die bitch,” but how she “also calls Kati the C word.” You know? In a joking fashion like all grandmothers do. JFC what parallel universe am I living in? And to just cement her exuberant admiration for the C word, she also called her grandmother the C word, but in a loving way, like I’d say to mine if she still were alive… what in the effin eff? It was something like, “I love my grandmother, she’s such a C word,” as if the C word was one of endearment.

No. 429051

I have never heard her grandmother say anything like that. She doesn't cuss that I am aware of. ~~~Family member anon OP

No. 429056

Family anons–what were Kati's grades like in school? The reason I'm asking is because the two family anons in here seem a lot more literate. She misspells a lot, and often uses the incorrect word when screeching. I'm wondering if this is new (so she looks more 'relatable' or something, idk) or something teachers pointed out when she was still in school (or if they mentioned whether she needed to focus on things more).

No. 429063

Oh family anon I didn’t believe it for a second! I was just demonstrating more of Joy’s hypocrisy. I didn’t believe her grandmother called her either or those names and I would hope that she’d never speak to an elderly woman like that, but to say such things about her grandmother and then admonish others for their language is such a cop out (I’m guessing she couldn’t think of anything to say, got flustered, and attacked the only thing she could, which was Based’s language.) With all of her discussions of her vaginal-looking mashed potatoes, poop, b-holes, how anal sex works, telling 11 year olds to “rape their bullies,” and telling a 12 year old to “come for me bitch,” among other things (and those are just a few of Kati’s hypocritical highlights,) who tf does she think she is telling anyone to curb their language? The bitch never ceases to amaze me.

No. 429065

Hey again, family anons. Did Kati ever scream at you, whether it be when it came to an argument or otherwise? ( both face to face and telephone conversations count )
If so, did that ever scare you?

I'm asking because - no offence - she was honest to god scary when she did that on Youtube. It always reminded me of a crime reenactment show right before someone got stabbed.

No. 429103

It's actually extremely stressful talking to her. She does all that talking to trip you up and if you even give her an inch she will run with it and spin. Especially if she's got a tard hanging around with her. You just have to stand your ground and keep her from going off topic, but the way she gaslight and details that's nearly impossible. I'm sure making sure you get frustrated repeating yourself and hearing her non answers is just part of the game for her.

No. 429125

This was just posted- Rose speaks out about JSBS

No. 429126

10 minutes in and I already have a hubdred questions.

No. 429127


This is hard to listen to. I really feel for Rose.

No. 429133

15 min in here and I'm visualising Kati getting punched in the face.

No. 429134

She had been badgered about her gofundme so much, she is now justifying buying toys for Emma and Cody as though it would be considered a waste of the money.
This is making my heart bleed.

No. 429138


I knew this would be bad, but not this bad. Fuck I hope some of the bigger youtubers pick this up, if only so more people know and Rose doesn't feel so unsafe/Kati's inevitable slander will be drowned out. Her behaviour has been, and is, abhorrent.

No. 429140

Wait until you get to the 37ish minute mark and hear Rose justifying buying the kids toys.

No. 429145

Can someone give tone Stamps if points of interest

No. 429151

59:00 now and Rose states that her lawyer, Tim, stood over her to type messages to Joy asking for chambers and Nick Monroe's addresses for cease and desist orders.

No. 429154

1:05:00 Rose relates her idea to try to get information from Joy to see what information she supposedly had on Chambers and Nick. Rose says Based Mama and Chambers knew aboit her plan. Rose and Melinda agree that it was not a good plan and that talking trash about Based, Chambers and Nick to Joy was to get in her good graces.

I can see chambers going along with this, but I doubt Based or Nick would think that Rose playing spy was a good idea. They may have known about it, but from the way Based talked about it on Tonka Saw's stream, it didn't come across to me like she was a big fan of the scheme. Just my 2 cents

No. 429155

Forgot to timestamp, but Kati was apparently asking for Rose's bank account records?

No. 429157

1:06:00 begins there. Kati asked Rose to do a stream to raise funds and wanted to establish a new gofundme for Rose. Kati asked for Rose's bank account information and passwords to accounts (not sure if she meant email or online banking)

No. 429163

1:08:00 Rose explains Joy's multiple blackmmail attempts to compel Rose to do what she wanted Rose to do for her. Joy threatened to release texts, emails and recorded phone calls. She also threatened her with exposure for 'almost' breaking the gag order when Joy called Rose on a 'bad day' when Rose was already very upset.

No. 429164

Around 1:06, Melinda asks if Kati asked Rose to do a charity stream with her after the gag order was lifted, and Rose says "she wanted me to do one, yes". Melinda asks how that went, and Rose says Kati was demanding 'everything' ("she wanted my passwords, she wanted my bank account information, everything").

Melinda asks if it was so "she could do the stream and try to save your gofundme?" and Rose says yes, and that Kati wanted Rose to donate (?) her own gofundme so Kati could make one in her name.

Melinda asks what happened when Rose refused, and Rose says that Kati got "really pissy" with her, called her a liar, because she wouldn't give her all her personal information. She's had threatening messages trying to figure out where the kids are, and people have been following her and the kids (apparently a group was while they were trick or treating).

Melinda asked if the slander started when Rose refused the stream, and Rose says yes, she started getting pissy and demanding when she wasn't getting her way and started blackmailing her.

Melinda asks how Kati blackmailed her, and Rose says Kati was threatening to release her texts, conversations, etc. Melinda asks if there was anything else, and Kati threatened to say Rose almost broke the gag order on a bad day. Apparently Rose stood up for herself about it and called Kati crazy, and told her "I was only talking to her because I was being forced to talk to her."

Melinda asks what Kati said about that, and Rose says Kati apparently didn't care, she wanted Rose to make the video for her (four attempts, pressuring Rose, telling her what to say, etc). Apparently she was talking to Rose one way on the phone, and another way via text.

No. 429165

File: 1511259951123.png (52.95 KB, 566x411, LzlJTk6.png)

before patreon status… lets see if the joytards give a shit about joy being a scamming witch.

coding2011 has spent $675 on bars and given $100 in patreon to both Kati and Cy…she also sent the $300 fitbit… over $1k in support of enabling a manipulative, lying, con artist.

No. 429166

Melinda: Why do you think she was being so demanding?
Rose: She has a mental illness.

No. 429167

1:12:10 "Joy has an issue she needs to adress. She wouldn't such a bad person if she was medicated."

Too honest not to say it plainly.

No. 429168

That is some hardcore harassment. I wish she would have reported it to the police to get a C&D letter at the very least.

No. 429173

So when Joy was always saying she was sitting on more info, that was code for she had to go harass Rose for some?

No. 429176

Or to wait for Tim to do it for her.

No. 429177


I must be super old fashioned, then - because I grew up respecting my elders; and calling them foul names defeats that purpose.

If I ever called my grandmother a cunt; I'd probably end up getting smacked for being a disrespectful shit.

No. 429178

File: 1511261874360.png (44.92 KB, 917x620, twitter.PNG)

And her twitter stats.

No. 429179

It does make a lot more sense now.
Rose was being routinely pressured by Joy to do certain things with Joy backed up by her own attorney!
She had no allies except for Based and Chambers and Nick. Who were all apparently "harassing" her lawyer to get his shit together and work his client's case, as well as cut ties with Joy. The lawyer wanted to maintain the relationship with Joy against Rose's will.
I cannot imagine being under that much pressure, dealing with do5 crazy fans, a gag order that stops you from venting about any of it, cps down your throat and up your butt, making demands that you keep a job that they keep you away from, so you end losing it. Now add to that a narccisist lunatic who wants to sacrifice you and your children to the view count gods, child welfare be damned!
I'm now honestly just surprised Rose hasn't hired someone to Nancy Kerrigan Joy, just to give her something else to be concerned with! I wouldn't want this loon near me or my kids!

No. 429180

About 1:12:00 Rose says the reason It's donations wouldn't go through is because she was purposely putting the wrong credit card number. Melinda was the one who pushed Rose to get the rest of the money from Joy. Rose was afraid to ask Joy cause she's crazy. They had gotten into a fight before because Joy was blackmailing her and Rose stood up for herself, but all the anxiety had made her sick to her stomach and she was afraid of it happening again. Rose didnt really want the money anyway because "nothing is free with Joy" and she knew it was just something she could use to get more information out of her.

No. 429185

As bad as joy looks in this, rose shouldn’t have been so candid just yet. She still doesn’t have the kids and Tim might not like some of the stuff she said.

No. 429187


This was actually brought up in stream (telling the 11 year old to rape her bullies). Kati tried to defend herself (and the panel) that non of them were aware that she was 11 years old. BM pointed out that the chat of that stream was literally blowing up at them, screaming that she was a child/underaged.

Kati's only argument to that was that non of the ten people in the panel noticed.

Ten people (well, nine - as one was the underaged kid) didn't take notice of the enraged chat - not even Cy, the moderator of the stream, who's sole purpose is to manage the fucking stream?! - took no notice?

I don't think Kati realized just how incompetent she made that entire panel look with that weak ass excuse.

No. 429190

>>428883 Thank you for a further example, Anon. I was the one who made and defended the initial comment.

I think people wrong assume that all cults must be Waco, Kool Aid level but that isn't the case. I'm going to be looking into this more, to see if there have been any studies about the effects the internet has had on this. I know it doesn't seem important to some people but for me, the answers I find will change my opinion about Kati. A lot of her behaviour is written off as someone with mental illnesses/conditions/disorders but I think she has more self control than people are affording her…

No. 429191

I'm just at the beginning of the Tonka stream.

>>429185 Tim wants to be grateful that Rose didn't take my advise to find herself an actual family lawyer (with many Anons confirming they would donate to a new GFM to pay for) and get the new lawyer to file a complaint about his mishandling of this case. His behaviour would land him in deep, license stripping shit, so if he's a fucking thing to Rose, they know what to do. That slimy little prick should be down on his knees kissing Rose's feet for not reporting his klinker covered arse!

Family law is my area of expertise so to see the way he has behaved towards Rose, knowing it goes against every code of ethics and client privilege, truly boils my fucking blood!

Saged for rage.

To clarify, rage towards Dim, not the Anon who made the post.

No. 429192


More aggravating is the fact that Tim Conlon knew this shit was going on - and let it happen.

Just because he's working pro-bono doesn't mean he has the right to abuse his client. JFC - he deserves to get disbarred for allowing this to happen.

No. 429195

He didn't let it. He encouraged it.

Rose said Tim was the one who was spreading the rumor that Chambers was the mole. He tried to get her to stop talking to Based, Chambers, and Nick, but at the same time he was talking to Joy and ignoring Rose's requests to stop.

That cunt could have ruined the entire fucking case. I am livid.

No. 429199

Samefag @ >>429191

>>429195 Exactly! I already had serious issues with him, listening to all of this shit has confirmed everything and then some!

As you said pro-bono means nothing, it doesn't adjust any contract, or give any wiggle room when it comes to ethics and client/lawyer privilege, none whatsoever.

Rose's poppy, you need to take out this trash, I will find the original post I made as it contained lots of information, advice, links to sites explaining how to report concerns about him. He shouldn't be allowed to get away with this.

No. 429204


Why hasn't Rose gotten herself a new lawyer after all of this? I get that she's a sweet natured person who tries to see the good in everyone, but,it's insane to keep working with him after all of this!

No. 429226

I found it, there was a lot of calling out Tim and his shady dealings with Joy and his own YT channel from the start of the temp thread.


>>7964 #

>>7966 #

>>I'm UK family law Anon so I can't give an exact plan given there may be differences but whenever I have shared info on here the laws have always been similar.

>>Step one. Rose should instruct Tim to prepare a cease and desist and serve Joy. If she no longer trusts Tim, I'm sure she could manage to type up her own. If she can't I'll do the bloody thing and she can copy paste it. It doesn't matter if it comes from a lawyer or an individual, both are valid. The cease and desist should include Joy and her pack of hyenas.

>>Step two. I would start looking into getting a new lawyer, use the GFM funds raised so far. After the way Joy has publicly treated her, I think it could kick start donations.

>>Step three. If step one fails, I would make an application for an injunction. This is literal harassment, with all evidence needed all over the internet and in Joy's own fucking words, literally threatening Rose into releasing a statement supporting her version of events or she will release private, protected by law, correspondence.

>>This should be walk in the park if it is handled correctly. Joy has served herself up on a platter, in front of the internet, she has used abused children for views and money, she has refused to comply with the wishes of their parent. It's open and shut. A judge would have to be insane not to grant an injunction.

No. 429244

We have discussed that, also.
We also have discussed her hypocrisy. I believe it is one of the characteristics of narcissism.
She has scared her family, also with this maniacal screaming/laughing. She has been escorted from our houses due to it. That is when she was kicked out. But she blew it out of proportion–it was just so she could calm down–not move out forever.
Kati's grandmother would NEVER use that word. It has never come from her mouth. My goodness!
Kati's sister is extremely intelligent. She excelled in all academic areas. Kati was an above average student but lacked conventions and would not always focus. The two family anons are college graduates. Both with bachelor's degrees and one with a Master's plus another 60 graduate hours. Most of her family has college degrees.
>>429051 That is one of the reasons we decided to speak out. There are children in our family which Kati will never be allowed to visit due to this language.
>>429065 Yes, Kati has screamed at us and it is scary especially when she did it to a 90 year old lady.
>>428997 I agree Kati is stressful talking to her. Our blood pressure increases just by the sight of her car in our driveway. You have pinpointed it exactly what it is like to have a conversation with her.
>>429163 We have made the same statement hundreds of times.
>>429043 Why do you think family members want to stomp her?
>>429063 My expression has always been give someone enough rope and they will hang themselves. That is one of the many reasons we waited to speak out. We assumed it would come out about how she is.
>>429190 I will look that out about cult behavior also. We have been wondering this also.

No. 429249

>>429051 I find it interesting that Kati has accused her family of abuse when in fact the things she is telling children is abuse. Another way of her projecting her own behavior onto others. Are their parents aware that she is telling their children to do these things? I, for one, would press charges. 2nd anon family member

No. 429251

I am so sorry I forgot to tell I am 2nd anon family member. I don't know how to edit the post.
2nd anon family member

No. 429267

>>429251 You can't edit posts once they are posted. You have 30 minutes from the time you post to delete your post, just click the box to select and hit delete. If you are unhappy with a post the only way to edit is to delete it and retype it.

No. 429268


When it came to that one kid that she wanted to invite into her streams (the one she pimped out to her follows - can't recall his name or her reasons for doing so), she said she wouldn't contact his parents to get their blessing because it would be 'crossing the line' for a 33 year old to ask a 13 year old's parents for permission to let him partake in a NSFW stream (she claimed she was going to keep it clean - but when she'd refer to the kid as 'a little shit' when pimping him to her crowd - it's a safe bet that wasn't going to happen).

No. 429274


I've wondered about it ever since she stated she learned manipulation techniques in a marketing job. I've observed a lot of manipulating behaviour with her, the "does that make sense?" Which is constant, the clapping of her hands after making a statement, how she exploits weaknesses in people, expecting instant responses or "evidence" off others, (pressure tactic) yet always needing time when similar is expected of her. Hitching her wagon to sympathetic or powerful causes, to be her shield. The excessive praise and love bombing is one of her favourites. We have gone into these things in depth in earlier threads and you have years of up close and personal experience, so I will stop here.

I just can't work out if these are manipulations that come naturally to her based on experiences, or if it is something she has made an effort to learn. I don't know a great deal about the Indigo Movement, other than what was posted here, I have seen things calling them a cult but I'm not sure if that is officially recognised? Anyway, it could be something they expected members to learn to recruit and she has brought these techniques with her.

I'm leaning more towards narcissist personality disorder and that is it, I don't think she has anything else. It is everything she is, including the up and down moods that can often be mistaken for bipolar.


Saged for speculation.

No. 429284

Kati has way more self awareness then she leads on; she may not be academically intelligent but that what she lacks in that department she completely makes up for in her ability to read people, quickly con them, and knows exactly what to say in order to get them to do what she wants.

My second primary focus of study was cults and cult like behavior. If I can get some time I'll look for my notes and drop a primer here on the behaviors cultists share, but trust me, Kati shares a lot (even some like that crazy Christian militant army, Freelove Ministries with this scary AF bitch named Deborah Green,) and she's exhibited many of the same tactics (punishment, shunning, getting made fun of in front of the group, being given busy work so not only are they always working for her, they're constantly busy, and 24/7 are reminded of their leader (kind of like Jim Jones did with his constant sermons blaring on the speakers from dawn until dusk,) the amount of love bombing that bitch uses is tantamount to any other cult leader (in the beginning she lovebombs the f out of you until she knows she has you, you start giving her money, and the lovebombing ends,) and like other cult leaders who demanded all the possessions and money from their members Joy accepts gifts, demands money under the guise of being "chronically ill" while simultaneously playing the Polly Anna archetype (i.e., "Oh gosh golly gee guys you don't have to, what am I gonna do with you guys" etc.,) and even takes money from minors!)) If the aforesaid doesn't scream "cult" then idk what does.

Like the other anon said: you don't need a Jonestown, Shrinrokyo, Heaven's Gate, or Wako etc., to show something is a cult; they're just examples of extremely destructive ones so logically they're what come to mind when one typically thinks of cults and cult like behavior.

Cults serve their own purposes, which is solely for the purpose of the leader (sound familiar?) Additionally in cults the end will always justify the means so for Kati that means that if her "friends," -err she comes out on top, it doesn't matter what needs to be done or who needs to be stepped on to Get there. Notwithstanding there is generally complete authoritarian control which Joy definitely has over her spergs, she's use deception (muh "chronic illness") in order to recruit recruit members, uses untruths to get members on her side (she's lied about her past, all of her supposed illnesses, and the angelic ascension which, logically, is where all of her symptoms come from.) She's even added her own pseudo religious aspect by calling herself Joysous and telling her members to do the same and the spergs talk about "the religion of Joysous." She even put her face on a crucifix refs! Seriously, nj I've been suffering through her streams, and everything I've said has come directly from her or her members.

Furthermore she uses the two most primitive manipulation tactics (fear and guilt,) and she has such a hold of the over these people they're not free to think for themselves, and if they do think critically they're blocked and then shunned, so they fear thinking critically because they're afraid of being kicked out. She induces guilt by constantly enforcing how "sick" she is and how she's in so much pain that no med will touch it yet she can mask it much like her anxiety (both are physiologically impossible,) how she's almost died, fears she's going to die soon, and she's not going to be able to get either health insurance or treatment. With all of her "near heart attacks, near strokes, and near seizures" it's completely understandable why she's guilt tripping these morons into giving her so much money- I mean she is literally on the verge of death right? In Joy's own words, "At least cancer patients have it better off because at least they're getting treatment."

She also has come to let her members depend on her for everything, including how THEY're feeling, because how they're feeling depends on how their fearless leader is feeling so I imagine that must be one hell of a ride (see how her spergs are losing it without her.) Another way she induces guilt is by exposing other members' weaknesses in front of others like she did with Alex's lying about his job (as if she had room to speak about calling anyone out for lying.)

She drills it into their heads tha she not only "understands from an empathic level but intellectually as well," and others' inability to understand her, which makes sense because Joy is an expert on everything, even the brain which she described "as this big electrical current," which was absolutely funny AF.

She even has her own "lingo," which is specific to the group and uses those code words she posts on Twitter so only those in the know will know when there's a live stream. This way it's not only private but feels exclusive to those who are in the group and know the lingo, so they also feel closer to the other members who share the same knowledge while simultaneously feeling superior to those who are not part of the group, which makes the others feel left out so they'll do anything they can to get in. If you look at Scientology as an example, where there is so much loaded language and acronyms, you'll notice that Scientologist really only spend time with other Scientologists (this is in part because they're encouraged to do so among other things,) but also because they find it to be annoying speaking with non-Scientologists who don't understand their "Scientologise" (i.e., KSW, PSP, AD, and orgs, etc.,) and even refer to non-members as "wogs."

Members are prevented from learning that their world is an illusion and the leader will do anything in order to prevent his or her members from breaking free of their delusions and learning the actual truth; it's impossible to get her spergs to believe she's done any wrong regardless of how much proof has been thrown in their face. Now if that doesn't show that one needs to be deprogrammed I don't know what will.

TL;DR: Joy's running a mother effin cult!

No. 429288

If someone could do a summary of the Rose stream, I'd appreciate it. I just… can't listen to it.

No. 429289

She's not only done that but she's also told in streams videos how she's screamed at doctors, telling them they didn't know what the F they were doing (basically because she wasn't diagnosed with what she wanted and was told she only had anxiety,) and she also encouraged her fans to do the same, saying, "Just cuz they have a piece of paper (right cuz they only attended school and residency for approx 15 years kek,) they think they're Gods. If you have to scream at them to make them listen scream." Some of the people in her chat said if they to spoke to their Drs like that they'd drop them. Joy's advice, "No that's what you need to do. I always get them to listen!" This is the vomit she's spewing to her young fans!

No. 429293

>>429284 Epic post!

Was Deborah Green the one who forced one if her followers to bring her ailing mother to live with them, putting her to work until she died?

Or was she the one who banished anyone who would launch them in a shed to live, away from their children, if they so much as blinked the wrong way?

Sorry for going OT Anons but this fascinates me. Anon do you have a sock email I could contact you on? I would love to go into more detail about this without spamming the boards.

Saged for O/T

No. 429296

I have seen the ups and downs of bipolar with Kati since she was about 18 but the narcissism tendencies have evolved from about the age of 21. I do believe she is both which from my research is quite common.
I agree with Kati's self-awareness. She is also quite creative which feeds into what she is doing. It is unfortunate that she doesn't take these skills and get a real job. The cult thing sounds right, too. I think there is alot going on with her.
2nd anon family member

No. 429299

She's the crazy militant shed lady. I don't have a sock acct but I can create one. Will post when done, thanks.

No. 429302

Yes. She treats us like how she treated the people at Ford except a little worse. I have even seen her grandma verbally abused and her throwing things all over her house. That is the type of shit she does where we have to step in and tell her to leave to calm down. Her grandmother is 90 years old and doesn't deserve that.
She also verbally abused me throughout my first pregnancy. She was verbally abusive toward me for just trying to deliver her a W2 that went to her grandmother’s house when she was in this area to go to Metro Ford and I was 7 months pregnant. In one of her screaming fits the day after Metro Ford she admitted she was jealous of my unborn child (as someone called it on lolcow that she was acting our because I got married and was having a baby) because it would have a better life than she ever had. WTF?!?! That is your unborn niece, and she can hear you screaming. Babies can hear in utero and my husband and I always kept that in mind. Her former dog was also in the car at this time (she was abandoned at my house by Kati when I was out of town for work and I ended up just keeping the dog), extremely excited to see Kati because she still remembers her and she was hiding in the backseat on the floorboard because she thought Kati was yelling at her. As if she isn't already messed up enough from being abandoned by her.
When I was 40 weeks and 4 days pregnant my mother-in-law was driving me home from a sonogram to see if they needed to induce me that day and Kati called. I answered the phone and she screamed at me that she had Lupus, and for me to call her mother and tell her it wasn’t all in her head and she isn’t crazy. I think that same day she had a livestream too talking about lupus and a few other illnesses. To find out later, it was just a high ANA test. She didn’t ask me how I was doing, or how the baby was doing…it was all to get me to call her mother and tell her Kati had Lupus. My mother in law was right beside me and hear the whole conversation. It was so embarrassing because you all know how manic she gets.
~~~Family member anon OP

No. 429307

I remember that. I’m sad and scared…totally weirding me out…no words.

No. 429315

She posted this to Facebook.

No. 429317

She is not getting near that baby!!!
2nd anon family member

No. 429320

Can you please take out the names!!!

No. 429324

Thank you for this anon. It’s everything I’ve noticed too. It’s important to know cult like behaviour. It’s got to be one “hell of a ride to be a member, I’m glad to be knowlagble enough to see the signs.

A cult does not have to be a religious or spiritual. Cults are specifically designed to worship the leader. The narcissist. This is what I see with Kati. As much as I hate saying it, or thinking it, this is the truth. I honestly can’t imagine what her family feels. I’m crying myself…I have a couple family members that are trouble, I’ve delt with a lot. This to me is just so sad..cause I actually can relate in a sense.

Some advise for family anons…. please take time for you this holiday. Don’t even look at this thread for a couple weeks before Christmas. Be happy and enjoy yourselves. You’re allowsed to do that! Hugs *

No. 429325

I think, with all this stuff coming out about how she treated Rose, that Joy's never going to come back to youtube. She is finished. Her whole story about how much she wanted to help Rose and the kids was clearly bullshit.
She now only has a small group of people who believe anything she says and I bet a lot of those people will be wising up soon. This whole thing has been a disaster and she made it all happen by not dropping the do5 issues.

No. 429326

I’m on my phone. So if someone else wants to please do. But all those names have been posted here before.

No. 429327

No they have not.

No. 429329

You mean to tell me you were learning whether or not you were going to be induced and the bitch actually had the nerve to bother you? And yes that was on a livestream where she was hysterically crying cuz her ANA was 0.02 above the normal range. 0.02 ffs! Not only that but she said she took to livestream cuz she “didn’t have any family and didn’t want to be alone at a time like that.” God I am so sorry. Words cannot express the empathy I have for you cuz I’ve been through something similar but she was cut out a long time ago. I’m so sorry you have to be related to such a thing.

No. 429330


Saged for OT

No. 429335


The name of the baby niece has never been disclosed, nor that of her sister's husband. Please delete the comment and edit the names out before posting again.

>>429330 Thank you Anon. I will email you within the next hour.

No. 429340

Please do not give my daughter and my husband a digital footprint.
Thank you moo moo for taking it off twitter. We are anticipating the release of you video! Please someone get a farm hand in here! I beg you!~~~family member non OP

No. 429342

I've reported the post, hopefully it gets their attention.
I seem to remember that screencap being posted here or on tempcow before, but I can't remember if the names were blacked out last time. Apologies for that anon's carelessness.

No. 429343


Please don't start any of that self-diagnosis shit. Psyhfag here and do you have ANY idea how much it takes for a mental health professional to make a diagnosis of personality disorder? Ethically, we're taught not to do that since that type of diagnosis can really eff up a person's life. Say she's a manipulator and a narcissist, just don't assign any diagnosis when you have never done an assessment or know how to diagnosis for something.

Sorry for sperging, armchair psychologists make me REEE like nothing else.

No. 429349


Everyone should report that post. Hopefully it gets removed.

No. 429352

I don't mind if you deduce who we are but I have to think about safety and job protection and its not just people following this issue that can see our names. This internal struggle is part of the reason I didn't speak out from the beginning. ~~~Family member anon OP

No. 429356

File: 1511287190069.jpeg (138.63 KB, 1024x740, 11921555-46F1-40DC-9B05-2E68EA…)

Original OP of this post. I do apologize I was pretty sure that had been posted here before. I apologize to the family member anon for posting it, and thank you to the farmhand that deleted it.
Here’s an edited version of it.

No. 429359

Thank you!!! I know that harm wasn't meant. ~~~family member anon OP

No. 429374

Stop reporting an image that has already been removed.

No. 429375

File: 1511288981347.jpeg (240.7 KB, 1024x918, 8214DDA9-1FC7-4331-A93B-98C916…)

Speaking of Kati’s Facebook. I forgot about this gem.

No. 429378

>>429343 I think her family members are entitled to wonder what the hell is wrong with her. Nobody is taking clearly marked speculation as a diagnosis. And yes, diagnosis is a long road, longer still when you can't get them past the door.

No. 429384

To the family anons. It doesn’t really matter that some know precisely who you are but my question is: what is your objective for being on here and participating in these threads? Is it to solely to debunk all her lies, that would be a given- but I have to ask: is it sort of a way of “getting even” or per se putting Kati in check- because it looks like you guys are fofilling both, but what would make you stop? Katie apologizing, or getting mental health, or something else?

No. 429386


I sincerely doubt it has anything to do with malicious intent; but more to defend themselves against the ever increasing lies that Kati loves to spread about her family.

No. 429391

>>429384 They have answered that exact question numerous times throughout the thread. Rehashing is against board rules.

Here, these address your question.


No. 429394

We discussed this before but things have since change a bit. Our original objective was to get Kati off of the internet and defend ourselves. Since it appears she isn't going to do that, we can at least try to provide the information needed to get her young fans from giving her money or influencing them. We would absolutely love to see Kati getting mental treatment from a real physician. We have been trying to get this to happen for over a decade but there is always an excuse or a new quack doctor or alternative treatment instead. This is why we have had to resort to trying to get her committed instead of outpatient therapy. Everything that was in Repzion's video was accurate. I saw not one inaccuracy in his video. And I do believe that her Indigo days that she hasn't really discussed with me was where she became anti-doctor and anti-mental health. It took his video for me to figure out where that came from. ~~~family member anon OP

No. 429405

File: 1511292199177.jpg (47.99 KB, 600x600, d3iIlpS.jpg)

Also speaking of Kati's Facebook. Holy hell.

No. 429409


I think Indigo appealed to her ego too. As we have seen Kati can never "just" have a none extreme problem, everything has to be the worst extreme. To the point where a cyst she actually had becomes life threatening. Am I remembering correctly that you stated she had add or ADHD? Well that wouldn't do for Kati who likes to go to the extreme as if it makes her more special than others and a huge part of indigo was that children were being misdiagnosed with add/ADHD by quack doctors and that add/ADHD was actually symptoms of angel ascension, proof that a person is special, can channel angels, etc. That would be a huge pull to someone like Kati.

She seemed to get fed up with the movement because they had strict rules about the year of birth and Kati was born either a few years before or after their cut off date, so they wouldn't accept her fully as one of them either.

What are your thoughts about that Family Anon?

No. 429416

Actually, I can comment on that. The more things went on she didn't actually seem to conform to any rules. Taho wasn't really present most of the time, but Kati was. She had this big schpeal about cities of light and creating change…but then it was a lesser version of what you are seeing now. Love bombing, trying to get a crowd to follow her..and finding the worst people she could get her hands on..having them close to her. Many of whom I couldn't stand. (Destra in particular with her whole we should respect ritual satanic abuse and praise those that did it for enlightening us crap. I WENT OFF on that bitch for that bullshit.) Ultimately, Kati just didn't care until she thought things would affect her image.

No. 429428


>>Many of whom I couldn't stand.(Destra in particular with her whole we should respect ritual satanic abuse and praise those that did it for enlightening us crap. I WENT OFF on that bitch for that bullshit.) Ultimately, Kati just didn't care until she thought things would affect her image.

Wowser! That's a new one! I'm certain it is anyway, does Destra ring any bells with other Anons?

So she was good friends with someone who was pro-satanic abuse? This may fit with a theory Anons had about why she takes such a hard-line stance over paedophiles. Obviously a majority of people are against this but she took it to a completely different, obsessive level.

No. 429434

Pretty sure i've brought it up before. Destra claimed to be a awakened person and a star seed. In general she's one of those weirdos that looks for groups like these to see how many impressionables she can rope in for whatever screwed up crap she's selling. My big issue with that was that the doors were open to vulnerable people and Kati made it worse by not kicking that bitch into the wood chipper where she belongs.

In general, at first Kati wants reputable people around to make herself look good. After a bit, she either removes them, they leave, or there are falling outs…and then she replaces them with people like Destra or Zones or Stiles,etc. If and when they go mental…she can easily dub them as crazy and discredit anything they say..plausible deniability. If you look back this is something she has done quite a bit. Again, Indigo Abuse was basically a very small scale version of what we have now. She wanted THIS back then. Now that people seem to be more ruled by reaction and emotion..and we have people agreeing with and cheering on things today that would have been atrocious then..she sees it as ripe for abuse.

No. 429435

None of that rings a bell. Sorry. ~~~Family member anon OP

No. 429460


This was new to me but I haven't followed it all for a while, I came back when I was informed of family Anons, so the Destra thing may have flown under my radar.

I agree with your assessment of her MO and of course it makes it easier for her to throw the "crazies" under the bus than it does nicer, or obviously vulnerable people like Rose, not that it has stopped her from trying.

I wonder if Stiles has anything to say about the copyright claims and how only The Blargh will be able to upload her streams. He was warned but he went off on one anyway.

No. 429473

I just saw the video made about Kati by Repzion. He is spot on. Kati does play the word/ mental gymnastics. AS for the Indigo stuff I do believe that was something she picked up on in France. I do know that she never used a microwave after going to France. She would act like it was going to hurt her. Now I know where that came from–radiation. Also, when she and David lived with a family member he didn't want the family member on the cell phone because he could feel the "waves". And yes, Kati goes to the extreme on everything she does. AS I said in earlier posts, she takes everything and blows it out of proportion. The things she believes in is just plain crazy. She needs to get off of the internet and crawl under a rock. How disgraceful! It's one thing to have a screw loose, but another to broadcast it all over the internet.
I have no idea who Destra is. Never heard of that person before today.
2nd anon family member

No. 429481

Pretty sure it wouldn't ring a bell with family members as you seem to not be much aware of her Indigo abuse bit. Since I was there, I would know about stuff like that for the most part.

No. 429486

File: 1511297591167.jpeg (Spoiler Image,220.04 KB, 1217x1157, 5FB475FB-A1B8-4C0C-BFEC-822CD6…)

Way too easy!

No. 429519

Annnd you have perfectly captured how I imagine her when she's either screaming or manically laughing, anon. She just naturally gives off that scary vibe that makes you wonder 'do I have the 911 on speed dial and where is my pepper spray'.

I really feel for you family anons, especially since you said her screaming is worse than what we've seen in the car dealership video. Plus, yelling at/around a 90 year old woman? Way to go, Kati, you witch.

No. 429550

One of the rare things that can cause both laughter and nightmares.

No. 429553

File: 1511301468050.jpg (87.53 KB, 480x810, IMG_20171121_215509.jpg)

I see she has been a tweet deleting spree again, she has deleted or hidden everything going back to the 7th of November. What is the point?

No. 429557

Re: the laughter

She was trying so, so, hard to appear her jimmies weren't thoroughly rustled. That unnerving maniacal laughter, however, tells a very different story. Along with the moral grandstanding deliberately trying to annoy Chambers that backfired and Joy, at one point said Joy was no longer going to talk to Chambers. lol. Such a fool, she is.

No. 429565

That is why when I see he tweet something I screenshot it and post it here. She can't delete it here. lol

No. 429575

>>429553 It's the responses from people holding her to task and clocking her in those threads that she wanted to remove from her wall. More damage control. After today a lot of the people still with heads in the sand will be taking a closer look and reading the replies those Tweets got would be one of the main sources as she has very little presence on the internet besides Twitter right now.

No. 429579

>>429553 They're all still there for me though.

No. 429580

No. 429656

Rose says something that can't be true.
When Rose talks a meeting that she can't say what happened in, she says both Joy and Chambers contacted right after the meeting - suggesting both knew about the meeting. Rose goes to say that it had to be Tim that told Joy about the meeting and says the mole email was to blame it on Chambers.
But that can't be true.
The mole email was an email that was sent from Tim to Joy.
If Tim had told Joy the meeting was to take place, he wouldn't blame Chambers and Joy finding out about it on Chambers. He'd know that Joy found out from him and, for Chambers to find out about it, Joy had to be the one who told Chambers about it.
Yet his email - an email that was just between him and Joy - opines about who knew about the meeting beforehand and blames Chambers….

You know…
All though this conversation, they talk about different schemes they participated in. Then, the day after Chambers is called out, Rose decides to do a tell all.
Listen at 12:00. You'll hear Rose give an impossible explanation for the mole email that was written by Tim Conlon and was sent to Joy.
You guys screwed up bad cooking this one up

This is just another Chambers scheme.
That email makes it apparent and, because Chambers hates Tim, she doesn't even care if Rose loses her lawyer in her want to burn Joy.
I mean,, there is an email where Tim Conlon says that if Chambers/Nick don't stop, he'll drop Rose. Well after this interview - where rose shows YT gossip is more important than her case - he has very good grounds to drop her and, because of the accusations she ( and they ) are making against him, sue the whole lot of them.

no, I am not a Joytard. I think she has lied about many, many things. But what is going on right now? Just another scheme those ladies are running.

No. 429659


Why did Rose think Tim told Kati? Is that what she guessed, or was she told by someone? By Kati?

Rose is only saying what she thinks to be true. Can someone give me a summary of this part of the phone call?

No. 429663

Listen between 9 minutes and 12 - where Rose talk about a meeting, both Joy and Chambers calling right after, and how the mole email comes into play
Tim sent the mole email to Joy and, in it, he talk about Chambers knowing about stuff, which Rose says is the meeting.
Rose and crew are trying to say that it was Joy who knew about the meeting because Tim had told her. If that was true, Tim wouldn't have sent the mole email to Joy as he would know how Joy knew about the meeting. He would know Joy was the one who was talking and wouldn't have a reason to opine that Chambers was, somehow, tracking Rose's activities.

The story doesn't jive. It outs that this is just another Chambers and crew scheme
They screwed up their newest scheme.

No. 429665


I mean, tinfoil but if that's the case, couldn't Tim and Joy have organised that email to preemptively clear Joy and incriminate Chambers? Something along the lines of "email me and I'll post it later"

I mean, if you're claiming one conspiracy (Rose, Based, and Chambers) then it's only fair to entertain another (Tim and Joy).

No. 429667

No, the email was months before shit hit the fan - well, months before anyone could predict the situation today.

No. 429668

Are you saying that it's impossible for Tim to have told Joy about the meeting and then claim that he didn't and that Chambers was the mole?

The email is that Chambers is supposedly a mole because five minutes into a secret meeting, Chambers called Tim 3 times. Why is Tim emailing Joy about this? What does she even have to do with the case? That's sketchy enough right there.

I typed what I could catch, but I am missing a few sentences here and there.

"Tim yelled at me because Chambers started calling me and Chambers was concerned about me. I called Based Mama crying because I got yelled at because of Joy and Chambers calling right after the meeting. He said that I told them about the secret meeting, which I did not tell them about the meeting. It's just a meeting I'm not supposed to talk about."

"He literally yelled at me about the meeting. All she wanted to know was how I was feeling tonight."

Later, she goes on to say that Chambers was the only one who called her with concern, while Joy just wanted info on what happened and to set up interviews. I'm not hearing what was impossible.

No. 429669

Also, these are people who admit they have ran few schemes in all of this.
There's no way that email was preemptive.
It would have mentioned the meeting and/or been specific in some manner. It's way too vague to be a CYA email and that doesn't even consider how one would have to know the future

No. 429670


That's what preemptive means. I mean, it's a shitty lawyer trying to cover his ass.

I'm just saying that all conspiracies should be entertained. I don't think Rose would intentionally risk losing her kids for YouTube drama.

No. 429672


Thank you for typing that out. I'm not sure what's impossible either…?

No. 429673

Then why, when her lawyer tells her to stop YT, is she on YT doing an interview like she is?
This video only hurts her
She says things that put her legal representation at risk - big time. Accusing her lawyer of things that…

But there she is, running her mouth about YT drama

No. 429675

After listening again, I might agree with you.

I will say that Kati being a cunt and Rose being shady aren’t mutually exclusive.

No. 429676

We all act like we see right through it; when we all know we are addicted to it…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 429677


Dude, she was slandered a lot the day previous and Kati has been running her mouth for months. Rose hasn't said a thing because of the gag order. And Tim was also pressuring her to talk to Kati and wouldn't stop talking to Kati on Rose's instruction.

Why don't you hush for a while and look at the information instead of jumping wildly from conclusion to conclusion.

No. 429679

I'm trying to find the part where she shows the email we're talking about, and her voice… I want to stop having the ability to hear.

No. 429680

This ( along with the 3 phone calls )
>>> "Tim yelled at me because Chambers started calling me and Chambers was concerned about me. I called Based Mama crying because I got yelled at because of Joy and Chambers calling right after the meeting. He said that I told them about the secret meeting, which I did not tell them about the meeting. It's just a meeting I'm not supposed to talk about." <<<

How the hell does Chambers know when Rose is with Tim as well as know to call Tim when she does?
If it was because Tim told Joy about things and she told Chambers, he would have let Joy have it. ( we know he was mad as Rose says TC screamed at her about the Chambers call ) Yet he doesn't accuse Joy of giving Chambers information he told Joy. Instead he bounces his suspicions off her and, as we know, continued to speak with Joy?

Rose and crew - you are obviously reading. You need to stop this shit before Tim drops Rose. You might not think that would be a big problem; I suspect it is your goal. But no one - NO ONE - is going to pick up this case after they ask for records from Tim and talk to him for a bit.
You are placing your YT drama and battles between people over the welfare of 2 children.

No. 429685

>But no one - NO ONE - is going to pick up this case after they ask for records from Tim and talk to him for a bit.
No need for such dramatic statements.
Sage goes in the e-mail field.

No. 429686


Didn't Rose say Chambers was just calling to check on her? Couldn't it just be that Tim assumed it was about the meeting when it actually wasn't?

No. 429688

>>429673 Where did Tim ever tell Rose to stop YouTube? The last thing Tim said IIRC is for Kati to keep up all the Do5 videos for some reason that Rose still doesn't know and that has something to do with some deal between Tim and Kati and future projects .

Chambers called Rose during the meeting. Chambers was calling her a lot to offer emotional support, called during the meeting, then called after probably because she thought she got Rose in trouble or something. The whole point was that Kati called Rose asking how the meeting went when no one had told Kati about the meeting. So either Tim told Kati or Kati had someone following Rose. Tim was only upset that Rose was talking to Chambers and has always had nothing but the best to say about Kati.

My guess is the main one we've always had which is that Kati managed to get Chambers to put her in contact with Tim when Kati was cut off and from there Kati just gave his ego the biggest blow job and spun him all kinds of tales of the great publicity she could give him and all this fake shit about her professional career and shitting on the other people trying to help and Tim bought all of it because he's a slime ball who has without a word dropped cases and refused to take calls to explain why.

No. 429689

It was said that she called Tim three times DURING the meeting. It could be possible that she was calling him to try to get information OR, it could be possible that she didn't know he was in a meeting in the first place, which makes sense. If you know someone's busy doing a thing where they likely can't talk, why would you keep calling them? That makes no sense to me. I'm sorry.

You saying that Tim would let Joy have it is pure speculation on your part. You don't know what Tim would do unless you're the man yourself, do you? So all we are right now is a bunch of assholes speculating. What we do have is a series of patterns. Patterns that involve Tim working with Joy and emailing Joy about a case that has nothing to do with her, other than she made a bunch of videos about it and donated some of the money she made off of them to Joy and made evidence reels that weren't even used in court. In other words, the dude is a shit lawyer. No professional should be outsourcing work that he should be doing to a Youtuber. So we've established a pattern of favoring Joy and unprofessional behavior, haven't we?

Also, you keep threatening that Tim is going to drop Rose. GOOD. If she even needs him at this point, because what is being said on Twitter is that the kids are back with Rose, and they're now just working on getting home from Maryland.

No. 429694

I thought Poppy confirmed Rose isn’t getting custody til March?

No. 429695

We also know that, early in, Chambers harassed Tim over stupid things like Rose's Facebook account
Chambers ranted in the Tonka stream - calling TC a slew of names ( like her infamous "Tim Mother Fucking Conlon ) about how Tim didn't heed her calls about the status of Rose's Facebook account ( and other ridiculous things ) - angry that he didn't do things when Rose was more than capable of being an adult, not needing a custody lawyer to attend to her Facebook, and deactivating the account. But where would the drama be in taking care of the issue with one click?

That right there shows how social media and the drama was quite the priority and how Chambers line of thought was oblivious to Tim Conlon's only and true role - representing Rose in a custody manner. ( not to mention that it couldn't be more obvious that TC doesn't know shit about social media )

IMO Tim was on to Chambers so she started turning Rose against Tim. The climax being what we heard Rose very foolishly saying about Conlon in that interview.

No. 429702

>>429695 Tim is an awful lawyer. Tim needs to be called out. He needs to lose his license.

No. 429703

Tim is no doubt a very shitty lawyer. When the info about wanting to work with Kati on 'future projects' came out everyone here was wondering if he lost his marbles.
He displayed unprofessional behaviour many times.
I'm not sure why that ( new ) anon is behaving like Tim "dropping Rose" would be the end of the world & that no one else will touch this case. Like, come on now.

No. 429704

Looking into it, I misunderstood what was going on. Rose has been declared fit for custody.

No. 429709

So are we arguing that Chambers is a drama whore? Because I can agree on that. However, being a whore for drama and saying stupid shit doesn't prove that she's some kind of mole that knew Tim was in a private meeting.

Meanwhile, we have Joy over here going, "I know things, but I can't tell you guys what I know, but I know things!"

No. 429712

If rose won’t have custody until March, nothing is concrete yet. She shouldn’t have given that interview until she had the kids back.

No. 429713

If anyone else would touch this case, they already would have

No. 429715

No sage. Hardcore defending Tim…which not-so-anon are you? Joy? Tim? Joytard?

Also, this is bordering on dingleberry thread subject matter.

No. 429718

LOL. Defending Tim?
That's just funny.
I called Tim Conlon out a long time ago and got my ass chewed for it because you all were his cheerleaders at the time.
Pointing out Chamber's and crew's scheme and Tim's horrible ( and, IMO, unethical ) are 2 different things that can exist at the same time and don't exclude the other.

No. 429719

What if I told you guys accusing someone of being Joy/a Joytard/Cy/Time isn't an argument?

No. 429720

I was wondering if any family anon could confirm the following: did Kati ever use an alias at any point in time?

No. 429726

File: 1511317726339.jpg (17.44 KB, 624x177, Dfx1SlI.jpg)

I'm trying to find out exactly what's happening. So far, I've gathered that there's another hearing that will happen in December, but it's not a custody hearing.

I agree it's getting to be more about Tim, Chambers, and Rose than about Joy. I'll leave it alone after this.

No. 429744

I love the fact the both family anons says that MrRepzions video was 100% spot on, but Kati says she "could" tear it apart to pieces. Which of course she never did.

Family anons or maybe Phil, do recall Kati ever charging for her physic readings? I understand she might not have had too customers in all if the ghettos, trailer parks, and cars she had to live out of, I'm just curious. Thank You for being here and confirming the picture of the puzzle we have been trying to put together.

No. 429750

Kati herself admitted to charging two people for her Angel Channeling. I remember her saying that in a stream.

No. 429751

>>429718 Learn to sage newfag. Instead of just sperging out why don't you link to earlier posts where you were calling Tim out and "we all were acting as his cheerleaders " if you want to make your point? You do know how to search the board right?

>>>/snow/336585 here is the link to the board where you can post about Chambers, Rose, and Tim if that's what you are interested in discussing. Otherwise your off topic rambling speculation is unnecessary. You are replying on an anonymous board as if people give a shit who you are KEK

No. 429758

Yeah, I remember that, I'm just curious if it was a bigger ordeal than just those two though. I don't believe a word Kati says.

No. 429762

She may have used Kati Jacopin.
Not to my knowledge. My trailer park doesn't allow a business. heehee Sorry I couldn't help it.
2nd anon family member

No. 429766

100% agree.

Joy has proven to be shady Kati, time and time again. People too often forget that she is a manipulator and go with the idea that if joy said she did it all for the children, it must be true. Ummmm no, not true.
She is a liar and the gears in her head are always turning as she stores all information she hears, even in smalltalk, to be used against one or as a bargaining tool.
Even simply asking someone how they are is an opportunity to manipulate a conversation or cherry pick details to apply them to herself.

So yes, joy could have easily planned that out in advance and had Tim email her that because she is shady and planned on making bank off those kids, just like her whole channel was planned long ago. Personal opinions of Tim aside, that recording of him months ago, saying he's looking forward to future projects together was so inappropriate. He's the kind of person that would certainly participate in something as shady as a planned email of that sort.

Another thing often forgotten is the fact that joy was getting a ton of hate over the exploitation of d05 child abuse and was frequently being accused of negatively affecting the situation, before all of that drama happened with the group, then all of the sudden she flipped the script and accused the others of the same things. Realistically, she could have easily been the catalyst for the personal drama to divert the negatives attention from being on her.

No. 429776

>I have to think about safety and job protection
so stop posting here on a gossip board? seems pretty straightforward that the more you put out, the more attention you'll get.

No. 429789

They are trying to help stop Shady Kati.

No. 429791

if no one stands up for whats right Kati will only get worse. They have every right to defend themselves and others. Without people trying to shut them up.

No. 429797

you can't control what other people do. They were given the risks and they chose to continue, and then there is you…

No. 429807

I think what some people may not understand is that there are no good choices here for us as a relative of a lolcow. We didn't chose this, it was forced on us at the worst possible time for almost everyone involved. We could have kept being quiet and how many vulnerable people would have given their hard earned money to a fraud based on falsehoods? How many more custody battles would she insert herself into? How many more lies would she tell about her exes or us? How much better is Kati getting by us being quiet? How much worse can it get? She just said on Sunday that she was planning to launch a new youtube channel in June. ~~~Family member anon OP

No. 429813

i for one think you are right in trying to stop her lies and get her help. I hope she can get help but I really don't think she will ever get help.

No. 429823

Of course but at the end of the day, it is your choice to expose her. I just find it annoying that there are tolls trying to scare you off. I guess they are doing their job right; getting under people's skin. I understand why you chose this route and I do think it is very noble, especially continuing to post. I do hope your influence will do the most positive. (I do encourage you be careful with your language 'cause safety first)

But those goddamn toll joytards…

No. 429827

Kudos to y'all.

She betrayed her family and her viewers by claiming they and her ex "left her for dead over and over." That's a big deal and she should be ashamed of her self and apologize but instead dgaf.

No. 429843

You know what I have been wondering ever since the family anons started posting - and especially when it became a 100 % clear it is in fact them?

To the few supporters she has left ( and Dom as well ) - what in the holy hell is she saying to them to still keep them on her side? I don't for a second believe that she hasn't seen these posts or that they haven't seen them. Do you think they even questioned her about it or are they possibly too afraid or too blinded to speak up? After all of this, out in the open, what can you possibly say to someone to convince them that you're right and that everyone else's lying? My brain can't really process that part, even though I'm familiar with tactics of manipulation.
There has to be a line somewhere, especially since all of this is happening online and providing somewhat more of an emotional distance than a RL contact would.

Family anons - I'm pretty sure she probably manipulated you as well when you were in a more regular contact and "sharing a trailer together" ( dear lord ). What kind of manipulations tactics was she using on you and how long did it take you to recognise that she's basically bullshitting you? What were some of the things she lied about the most? How did she react when being confronted?

No. 429848

lol @blindly trusting the family anons. who's to say she wasnt the black sheep of an abusive family.

inb4 joytardXXDD

sage for speculation.

No. 429851

I guess that answers the logic she's most likely pushing on everyone around her. They have proven she lied about a lot of things. You can speculate about 'them being abusive and her the only sane' one, but she still has tons of lies to explain to her followers.

No. 429853

I don't ever recall her charging for psychic readings..which is a good thing because she was never psychic she just tried to convince people she was. Especially at the time, if she had tried to charge anyone for that..especially teens and young adults she would have found herself in hot water fast.

This is true, there are no good choices out there. However, you folks have stated she more or less knows who you are. Its out there, on the internet. Its never going to go away…there will be fallout no matter what path you choose. I can't really disagree with your decisions..i'm just asking you to keep in mind that the internet is very much a different kind of jungle. Your input has already turned quite a few heads across the board and sent shockwaves in the right places. Expect fallout and probably expect it soon. The only reason she hasn't called you out is that she's still trying to figure out how to retaliate. I'm not trying to scare anyone, but Kati is a very unstable, mentally unwell person that has no limits to how low she'll stoop if she feels she can get away with it.

No. 429854

yes I get that and hey, why not. but they want it both ways - to be involved and to not be tarnished. internet drama being what it is, that's an unrealistic expectation.

I'm not trying to control what they do? I'm pointing out what should be blindingly obvious.

No. 429857

At least sage your post noobie

No. 429860

There’s that chance that the family anon sibling and or momma (not really certain who, just sayin general relatives) could get Katie even more sympathy from but yet even more joytards because: “WHAAAAH, look what my own family is doing to me! See how mean they are by obsessively posting in lolcow? WHAAAAH”! Sage for speculation only.

No. 429861

Not very likely to happen. And the more she draws attention to it, the more she draws attention that she lied about her trailer upbringing and other things. Some have already quietly jumped ship as a result. She's quickly running out of options.

No. 429863

Does the name Robin M West ring a bell by any chance?

No. 429866

Considering the horrific things Kati has said about the family they have every right to defend themselves. Not that we believed it before they confirmed but if we were to believe Kati we'd think they're horrible, abusive, narcissistic monsters who never gave Kati the attention she needed… except when she was being beaten of course (i.e., the vid in the hotel room where she was "relating" to Emma and Cody by saying both her mom and stepmom would beat the crap out or her over and over with "that hairbrush and how her mom would scream at her and her sister etc.,) and if that wasn't despicable enough, she also used the deaths of family members she'd never met for financial gain while simultaneously disparaging that side of the family. If those things were said about anyone they'd want to defend themselves because not only did we only get "1/2" of the story, we just got stories she made up to manipulate others into giving her money.

Since it's an anonymous board unless someone doxxes them (against the rules) they'll stay anonymous; Kati is the only one who could call them out and say who they are, but if she were to do that she'd be confronted with the truth and have to take accountability, and Kati never takes accountability.

No. 429867

I'm not trying to argue but I do remember Kati saying she and Taho charged for "Angel channeling." When asked if she charged for tarot readings she said she didn't charge but she did do online readings.

No. 429870

In addition to Kati's near strokes, near heart attacks, near seizures and having been left for dead, she's had terrible luck in the medical department. Let me know if I've missed anything:

Copper toxicity, fibromyalgia, anxiety, IBS, PTSD, depression, asthma, allergies, suicidal ideation, full body candida, anorexia, anemia, hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue syndrome, and polymyalgia rheumatia. However she was lucky in that she was able to cure her "tumor" -err abscess with oregano (she likes to leave out that she also took antibiotics,) and hydrogen therapy (oh and she also "goes inside herself to meditate" so she "can regulate her body," whatever tf that means.

No. 429871

So I was just watching this video ( http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5z89rw "EXTORTION How Nick Monroe Threatened Tim Conlon Myself Why My DaddyoFive Story). Old milk, but Kati says (at around the 10:20ish mark) that she has situational depression, anxiety, and ptsd (which she's apparently worked through).

This whole video is wild after listening to Rose's interview. The best bit is how Kati says she has insider information, but also that she hasn't made a deal with Tim.

Which is it? I mean, if she had insider information despite the gag order, was Tim just giving it to her and breaching it? Or wasn't he? Did he give it to her on the proviso that she not speak about it, because that constitutes a deal, doesn't it?

She can't have it both way.

No. 429874

Family anons–did Kati go to school for broadcast journalism? (vid related, it's mentioned at 5:00)

No. 429875

defending themselves … to a bunch of anon lurkers on an imageboard who already hate Lati and doubt everything she says? OK, sure. I mean, she only spent like a year talking shit about them, and they waited to do this 'let's get her help' bit until after her channel died in the ass, but sure. They went from being terrified kati would know who they were to not caring about that but think of the children!1! in a matter of hours. they talk and post like farmers, instead of sticking out like newfags. Great.

no-one gives a single shit about their dox. it's the changing stories, willingness to spoonfeed whatever we want to hear, and all the changing stories that people like me are interested in. Milk dries up, thread nearly dies … and oh, here comes the family cavalry. Rightyo.

No. 429878

Got to hand it to them though. They are really fighting for their cause. Though Katie is one hell of a cunt if it were my family …. well I guess that’s why Katie disowned them. Who really knows which came first, the chicken or the egg.

No. 429882


u guys, we know Kati's full name and what state she lives in. We know half her history because of the shit she talks about and how often she talks shit. We all know who they are because we know who she is. Maybe they want to defend themselves against the accusations in case someone they know irl decides to google Kati one day and stumbles across her madness.

They've said a few times they want to defend themselves, to try and prevent Kati hurting anyone else, and to try and get Kati help. They don't know what to do, so they're doing what they can think of. Maybe be a little less critical and give them an alternative, since you both seem to have everything worked out.

Btw–maybe they post like farmers because they read the rules?

No. 429883

>>429875 to me it makes sense that they would wait until her channel died. She has gone from having a large group of spergleberries down to one or two hardcore morons who would defend her if she punched a baby in the face right in front of them. I know I would rather deal with a couple than an army of the idiots.

The MO has changed as they have learned more about her lies and schemes, a lot of which they weren't aware of. And no doubt for the first time in their lives they actually feel empowered against Kati because they feel vindicated. That and so far Kati hasn't retaliated, which they were expecting her to immediately do. It's like skydiving, taking that first step out of the plane to jump is the most terrifying, once you are in free fall you start to relax a little.

I would be willing to answer anything after learning about all the damaging bullshit my family member had been saying about me and the people I love, after everything they had already put me through over the years, all in the name of making money.

Healthy skepticism is good but I believe them, they have asked farmhands to check their IPs, Phil has verified them, an Anon I trust and know outside of lolcow has verified them, they have childhood things that nobody other than family would have. They have posted photos of her on foreign trips, none of which could be found on the internet prior to that and contradict her trailer park life instantly.

And we have had the likes of Stiles and another spergleberry come charging in trying to shut them down, why would they do that if Kati wasn't convinced that it is her family?

They have lurked here before, so they know how to post.

No. 429891

My parents disinherited and disowned a sister for much less so can you blame them?

I think they should qualify for sainthood for not only having to deal with her for so long before she moved out (sorry I meant was kicked out of the trailer park and "forced to live homeless in the cold with nothing but her car until roommate rescued" her JFC,) but to essentially have their hand forced to come on some message board to defend themselves against ruthless allegations is ridiculous, but I think it got to a point where they've silently sat back, hoping it would stop and she'd get help but that clearly didn't happen, and they'd been bashed so much it got to a point where they'd had enough and needed to somehow vindicate themselves, even if it is on Lolcow.

I see where you're coming from re: the suspect timing but there's no way they aren't who they say they are because:

1. With all they've shared typical Kati would have already taken to younow flipping tf out, saying how "these supposed family anons are just haterz spreading disinformation to make me look bad so people will hate me when all I want to do is help," (like when she was hysterical because her ANA was 0.02+) or when she felt like she was having a heart attack and instead of going to the ER like most would do, Kati thought it would be good not only to take to Twitter to discuss her symptoms and get medical advice from "Dexter Morgan" (when ironically she constantly tells people not to take any medical advice from people on the net and will even call a health professional "Dr. Google" but she listened to that jackass? The hypocrisy kek!) As she told her "story" of hate and retribution she'd wave that victim flag with pride showing the world the martyr that Joysous really is; she "needed to go to the ER and she would have gone but Dom needed his sleep cuz he had work in the morning and he already does so much for me already. I can't wake him up just cuz I'm having chest pain and difficulty breathing." Seriously you know that's how she'd spin this if they weren't who they say they are.

2. They've proven themselves more than a handful of times. We may not know which family members they are but the info and pics they've provided is just too much evidence to dismiss.

TL;DR: The family anons have more then proven themselves to be who they say they are but if you assume they aren't, there's no way in hell that Kati wouldn't be all over younow playing the victim card, "cuz the haterz are so mean they're even pretending to be family members, and cuz they've sprinkled in minor details like where I lived and went to school, they almost sound believable but they're lying f**ktards! See how much hate I get? I've talked to much bigger youtubers and even they say they've never seen anyone get so much hate. Now don't you see how hard it is being me?"

No. 429899


Because abusive parents are keen on isolating the abused child in order to hide the fact they're being abused. They don't tend to take pictures of their abused children, take them on international vacations, or allow them to participate in social activities (sports/dances/etc).

Speaking from experience.

No. 429902

This is a good point. With a larger base, its harder to tell how many active culties there are, and that means X amount of people could start trouble with you at a moment's notice simply because Kati said something. Even from the few outward crazies we've seen some messed up stuff..you have to consider the crazies that are not acting in public but privately.Now that her stats have taken a nose dive it is much easier to speak out. This may not have been the best route to go with..but I can understand why they chose it.

They've been verified enough. I don't think it makes them Mother Theresa, but it doesn't discredit what they are saying.

No. 429903


In a matter of hours? More like a span of several months.

It's amazing how much shit a person will put up with before something causes them to finally call bullshit and react.

And you think all newfags are easy to spit? You are aware some newbies are capable of GASP reading the forum rules before posting anything, right?

No. 429911

there are many ways to sever the child's connections though. the goal is the same but the methods can vary. my family could surely produce pics of me on holiday with them but those pics don't speak of the horror that went on. this is not to WK but for the sake of braoder thinking.

No. 429927

Joy can release whatever texts she pleases - regardless of state - to knock down claims of family anon and/or Rose.
Texts are legally treated like letters in that, after they are sent, they are property of the receiver.
So if Joy wants to address any of the recent claims made about her, she can.

No. 429929

Family anon -previously you mentioned that Katie's grandmother had purchased and maintained health insurance for Katie, but that insurance would not cover any medical visits after the hospitalization due to a physician ordering mental healthcare. IIRC, Kati said the hospitalization was a couple years ago. How long ago was it, as in do you know the month and the year of the hospitalization?

No. 429958


I honestly think that if Kati were to be asked to have family validate her abuse claims; she'd be hard pressed to find anyone who would do so. And I have a very hard time believing that an entire family would deny abuse claims.

Also, those photos prove Kati did not grow up in a ghetto/had a trailer trash family. If she lied about that, why not lie about abuse?

No. 429960

And yet, she doesn't - she chooses to hide behind why she can't reveal anything. It's always 'when the time is right'; which usually never pans out and, when it does - the 'evidence' is insignificant.

Also - sage your posts (add sage to the email field).

No. 429975

No she took broadcast journalism in high school. No college journalism. They don't even let you into a journalism school class until you complete a year of prerequisites.
I'm the one who went to a few J-school classes and decided it wasn't for me. She is basically stealing my story here. Also, it doesn't make any sense to anyone from this area. The Univ of MO has several branches. The branch that has a well known J-school (one of the top in the country) is not the branch she attended. If she went to school for this, why would she attend the wrong branch? You can also tell she never had formal journalism classes because she doesn't even care to learn how to pronounce names of world leaders correctly. There is a video where she is reading a news article and over and over she mispronounces the president's name. It shows that 1. she doesn't watch news. 2. she has no training in journalism.

Yes we post like farmers because we read the rules. If you go back to the beginning you will see that my first post I didn't sage correctly and I abbreviated anon incorrectly for quite awhile annon. Also, we have been lurking since April.

The insurance doesn't control her care like that. She was prescribed outpatient psycho therapy through the low income hospital when she went to the ER. They think its anxiety like all other physicians have said. Like she herself admits. So when she went back to the ER, they would ask her, well did you do your therapy? And of course the answer was no. So they would say, well we can't find anything wrong with you so we are going to again prescribe outpatient psych therapy. She never would go to the therapy and instead she would swallow hydrogen peroxide or whatever new age/alternative treatment she could find on the internet. The hospital for her inpatient stay a year and a half ago is a totally different hospital. They couldn't find anything either. They asked her to follow up with outpatient care (one of which was infectious disease) which she never did. ~~~family member anon OP

No. 429979

Thank you.
Thank you. I have finally spoke out and it is cathartic, therefore, as Tom Petty would say, I won't back down.
Thank you so much.
Good question. Kati uses something that has been around for a long time. She divides and conquers. She keeps people away from each other by making up things that the other one supposedly said about them. I have been aware of this for over a decade but could not get everyone else to see it. She always had one person to go behind her cleaning up her messes. The turning point was being jealous of the baby and never questioning how a pregnant family member is doing and the hideous video she made in regards to the boys. When I heard about that I was willing to respond but needed support. Kati lies about conversations and events. There is always a spin to the negative on everyone's part except for mine.
Kati was never a black sheep. Kati was the "baby" of the family and we all doted on her until all of this came out and we saw her videos. We all have clean records and there has never been any investigations regarding abuse. Plus, look at everything she has on videos. Anyone in their right mind can take a step back and see how she spins things and how she lies, gets confronted about them and then spins a new tale. I have confronted her and she would run to a family member and sing the poor old mistreated Kati song instead of stepping up and admitting her wrongdoings. She is always innocent.
Thank you but one person's has been on lowcow and someone had law enforcement sent to her mom's house due to her suicidal threats. So we have received some fallout before we ever posted. We have really been given no other choice but go public to defend ourselves, warn others and hope she will hit rock bottom and finally get the psychological help she needs. Now that I have seen how she followed Indigo and what they are all about I sincerely doubt she will get help. Our biggest fear is that she will end up being a little old lady pushing a grocery cart all over the city with all of her worldly possessions in it.
I think that would have been done by now. She knows she has been exposed.
Never heard of Robin West before. Kati has had period in her life where she excluded us. That is why there are gaps of information pertaining to her.
How correct you are.
That was one of those periods where she wasn't communicating with us. So you might be correct. We just were not aware of it. The more I read and the more videos I watch I realize how much Kati did hide from us.
She took a broadcast journalism class in high school. But no other formal study of it. She went to college for one year and only received about half a year's worth of credits. That was mainly freshman required classes with vocal music. The reason she only received a half a year's credit was because she got scabies from an apartment and didn't go take her finals. She was even given an extension but never finished. (characteristic of adhd)
I was not aware of her You Tube channel drying up. We have evolved as we have learned more things Kati has said and what she has done. We are not dumb people. We can read the directions of how to post and follow the examples set before us. Sorry you feel this way. If you will read all of our posts, 90% of our posts are answering questions to other people's questions or commenting on your posts.
>> 429878
The tide has turned, we now disown Kati. This has definitely changed. After all that Kati has said and done and we are learning new things by the hour, I no longer wish for Kati to get help. I just want her to shut up–by the way–she has done this since we began posting.
We had hoped this would fizzle out. But so much has been said that we had to respond. Wouldn't you if you were in our position? Thank you for understanding from where we are coming.
Thank you.
It was prior to her going to Oklahoma the second time. Maybe summer of 2016? Kati grew up in a very nice home. One of the nicest homes in her neighborhood and school.
2nd anon family member

No. 429989

We whole heartedly approve of the VHS video posted last night. Seeing her actions and then our words I wonder how I have put up with her crap for so long. ~~~family member anon OP

No. 429996

Yes, seeing that video really hit me in the face at how manipulative she is. TBH we laughed until we cried. I anxiously await part 2. And I agree how did we put up with it for so long???
2nd anon family member

No. 429999


I waited for fam anon to post answer. Am not fam at all, but in Apr 2017, Kati commented in video that it's been "almost a year to the day" that she'd been hospitalized. This would put it either late Apr or early May. I THINK the video was a video about being depressed that contained the story of how "roommate" wanted to get married and have kids and how that wasn't going to happen with her.

(Added timeline: based on Phil's video, Kati moved to OK end of May … I'm thinking on Memorial Day type time frame. And the 3 day hospitalization was definitely before that)

No. 430004

I believe you are correct with the date. I couldn't remember if it was summer or spring and Memorial Day does ring a bell. Sorry but so much has happened I tend to forget.
2nd anon family member

No. 430016

Has Kati tried to contact you or anyone else in the family since you started posting here? I'm sure with Rose's interview with Melinda and the latest news from the family, she is just going to disappear for another couple of weeks in hopes everything blows over. She has done a lot of really sick and twisted crap, but it really bothers me what you all said about her writing letters to minors bad mouthing their parents. That is sick (as Kati would put it creepy and disgusting). Who does something like that, or even thinks of doing something like that.

Unrelated…It looks like Stiles is no longer supporting her either.

No. 430024

Not to our knowledge. We have had to have the parents of these minors monitoring their social media and private emails to make sure she doesn't continue to talk to them. ~~~Family member anon OP

No. 430063

It was May 29th, 2016 that she moved to Oklahoma. Dom came by to get her and her things. This was around the time she kept telling me how she was too sick to even go outside and sit on a bench or do basically anything so she wanted to be somewhere where someone could "care for her and take care of her needs." In hindsight, its pretty easy to tell what she was shopping around for. She was doing the whole "I'm tired and I want to go home" (allusion to suicidal) bit too..that's probably how she roped in Dom in the first place.

No. 430078

>>429979 Good lord, was she not living at home when she went for her first, and only, year at college? As far as I know the most common way to contract scabies is from prolonged skin-to-skin contact (+10 minutes) from someone already infested with the mites. To get it 'from an apartment' would mean she was sharing a towel, clothes, or bedding with someone who had an infestation in their skin without washing and drying those items first. The mites only live 2 to 3 days max when not on human skin. So she was either wearing someones dirty clothes, using their dirty towel, or using their dirty sheets when they had an active infestation of the mites possibly with red bumps and tracks on their skin and were itching themselves frequently? Or she was too embarrassed to say she was physically intimate with someone with an active infestation possibly showing symptoms. So literally as soon as she was living on her own she contracted a disease most common in the 3rd world and tropical climates?

Wow! lol Well there's a new one for illness tracker anon, it's rare because it's something she actually had lmao

No. 430083

I often wonder if Kati's relationship with Dom is like this except with Kati not being as well dressed.

Actually, I have a kind of personal question for the Family Anons. Does it bother you when people here refer to Kati being unattractive? The reason I ask is because, no matter what they did, I think I would still feel a little defensive of my family member if I saw people talking about their appearance the way we kind of do here. I know Joy kind of brought it on herself, but I was still kind of curious if there are things we say about her that might be hard for you to read?

No. 430085

She was living in the dorm and there was an outbreak. Kati just used that as an excuse to not follow through.
Yes, it does. This is a very painful process. I do not like to see her run down with her physical appearance. Kati has always been cute and attractive. It is her behavior that is in question.
2nd anon family member

No. 430087


Um… unless scabies mandates quarantine or she had full body oozing rashes going on… who would blow off finals for that? You've studied the entire semester (and even 2 weeks away would probably flush what hold you have on the materials)… and you flush it all over something that's little more than a rash? (Yes, it's contagious, but I don't think you're legally banned from society for having it)

No. 430090

I totally agree. Who in their right mind goes all semester and not finish? I know scabies should not prohibit one from taking a final unless you need an excuse because you are unprepared. 2nd anon family member

No. 430098

Beauty is relative to the eye of the beholder. Commenting on Kati's aesthetics says all we need to know about that person and their system of values. Like I said in an earlier post any Joe can post here anonymously. We usually just ignore the type of posts where people make fun of her weight or eyebrows and move onto the questions. I really wish that some people would stop posting about her alleged apartment name and where her roommate allegedly works because her roommate is a good person and doesn't deserved this. It also hurts the case against Kati when her "haters" as she calls them do things like this. It allows her to point to you and say look at how horrible this group of people is but I'm not going to tell someone else how to behave on the internet. On the other hand though, her appearance as far as her hair, her dirty shirts, her pjs to me are kind of fair game because those are indications of how bad her mental illness is. I think what some of Joy's supporters may not understand is that some of her haters may not have the best tactics but they are actually looking out for you. They have invested alot of time in showing you who she really is. ~~~family member anon OP

No. 430101

Her ugliness on the inside radiates and makes her outside ugly. It's nothing to do with genetics; I would agree that she was a very pretty young woman in her twenties, but for sure the crazy has had an effect. It wouldn't hurt her to bathe once in a while. Don't be too offended by us calling her a hideous pig, it's all her own doing and nothing reflective of the family.

No. 430103


Sorry you have to read things like that. To be honest, I think a lot of the hate on her appearance comes from how disheveled she looks. In her earlier videos with her hair brushed neatly and wearing clean clothes, she looks cute. Makeup doesn't make a person, so if she does not want to wear it, that's not a problem. It is just a huge shock to go from how she looks in the photo of her in the pink shirt, eyebrows filled in, full makeup, and stylish windblown hair to the state she is currently in.

No. 430144

Thank you for responding to my question, family anons. I'm sorry if it seems like a petty or shallow question. To be honest, your responses was kind of what I was hoping for. The reason is because people are painting you both as obviously horrible abusive people that don't care a lick for Kati and are just shit talking her anonymously. I think your responses illustrate that you do still care about her to a point where you're even willing to get a little defensive of her. I'm an older sister myself, and watching you all respond sometimes makes me think of how it would hurt me so badly if this was one of my sisters we were talking about. That's another reason I wanted to ask. Again, I'm sorry if I might have pushed a hard button for you guys.

I've seen the older pictures of Kati. She was very pretty. I think that's why some people have commented so harshly on her appearance because it's not as though it's something that can't be helped. She's doing it to herself because she hasn't had any real reason to keep herself up. She doesn't have to go to work and she's not trying to impress a man, so it's work she doesn't have to do. It's probably to her benefit that people do call her out on how she presents herself on camera, especially on other people's streams. It's one thing to do your own videos looking like that, but if you're going to go on with like Jaclyn Glenn, it feels so disrespectful to not brush your hair and frame yourself so your dirty pajamas aren't showing.

No. 430151

Thank you, thank you! I think if you look at it as an older sister still fighting to protect her younger sister you will see the dilemma I have been put in over the past 6 months that I have known about JSBS. Add that in with being pregnant, working full time and the tragedy last spring and its a wonder that I'm still sane. I've made some mistakes…I've judged people based on their fingernails. I've accidentally attacked people not understanding where they were coming from with Kati. But I can't completely let go of her of that feeling that I need to protect her. But she is 33 now, and no matter how much I want her to change she just isn't going to. ~~~family member anon OP

No. 430156

Was she accepted to Julliard and the other prestigious school she claimed she was accepted to? I apologise if this has been answered before and I missed it. I kind of think she may have addressed it around 6 months ago but don't think she gave a solid answer.

No. 430170

No. I thought I had addressed this but its not something I was able to pull up by searching this thread or thread 13 and I wrote it so I will answer again. Kati had never even been to NYC until her mid twenties and it was not to audition for Julliard. I believe you must in-person audition for acceptance to Julliard–at least it used to be that way. Interlochen she auditioned but to my knowledge wasn't accepted and it was for more of a specialized high school than higher education from what I understand. ~~~Family member anon OP

No. 430183

I would like nothing more than to have the free spirit, kind, loving, reasonable Kati to return to us. That is why mental health has been repeatedly requested for Kati. She was beautiful. But to see her now, it is not the Kati that I know. It has taken a toll on her. Thank you for being so kind and understanding. It breaks my heart to see her like this. However, I have come to the realization that unless Kati sees she has problems, it will not change.
2nd anon family member

No. 430187

I'm watching twitter right now and Deb…do I really have to post a picture of Kati's former shih tsu as a baby with Kati's ex and then a picture of the dog now with me holding a newspaper with today's date? I have 5 Thanksgivings to attend in 3 days with an infant–I just don't have time for that. ~~~family member anon OP

No. 430189

If you're talking about Deb, she's tried to bully people a few times. Shes not very…stable. Don't worry about trying to prove anything to her because much like some of these others (Taunee and such)..they'll make excuses for Kati even if she told them to her face that she lied and suckered them all.

This is going to be hard to hear, but the person you knew is gone. The best you can do is prepare yourself for the inevitable..it will make it easier when that day finally rolls around. She has become someone that for a long time enjoys being like this and she has known a long time where that road leads. She doesn't care. I'm sorry that that's the way its going to be for all of you, this is hard enough as it is without having to bear that in mind.

No. 430192

You don't have to do anything you don't want to.

No. 430198

You've done more than enough to prove you're the real deal. If anyone doesn't believe you after all you've done, then that's their own problem.

No. 430220

Is her twitter showing new tweets to other Anons? Yesterday I posted a screenshot showing she had removed tweets going back to 7th Nov. I saw another Anon state they could see the recent tweets, I just assumed she had made them public again but I just checked after reading family Anon's comment about delusional Deb and her latest demands and the most recent tweets are still showing as 7th Nov to me.

Family Anon, even if you jump through the hoops she suggested, it won't make a blind bit of difference, she either won't believe it and claim Photoshop, or she will accept it but she has long since been conditioned to believe you are all evil abusers. You can't win.

No. 430225


Archive copy of her current tweets & replies: https://archive.is/KCZsD

(are you looking at tweets only?)

No. 430237

File: 1511385019758.jpg (81.45 KB, 480x807, IMG_20171122_210837.jpg)

>>430225 how strange, I have no tweets & replies option available. This is what I'm seeing, pic related.

Maybe it is because I don't have the app downloaded. Anyway, thank you Anon.

Saged for O/T.

No. 430244

Try clearing your cache out, maybe?

No. 430245

No. 430349


You're not the only one - I have that same issue. (last tweet I see is the one saying 'Where did I go?'

And, yes - to anyone wondering - I cleared my cache.

No. 430356

I think you might be looking at the wrong twitter. It looks like that one has the dumbass profile picture of her face on an owl.

No. 430385

Her twitter name is: undercover skunkerton, not face herp or herp face, maybe that’s why?

No. 430393

yeah she thinks it is funny and clever to call her self Herp Face. I think it makes her look disgusting. Who would want to call themself GHerp face?

No. 430407

Isn’t it her attempt at “making fun” of the fact people said she has the herp? Idk if she has it of the genital persuasion, as was alleged, but since this has been brought to light she’s been spouting off some mentally gymnastical word vomit re: becsuse she has a cold sore, a form of herpes, she has herpes (and clearly having face and genital herp are the same in Kati’s Xenu-like mind,) so it appears as though she’s not only “admitting to the rumor,” but she’s completely cool with it (so you know she’s cool and relevant AF kek,) and in typical Kati fashion, she had to go that extra mile by using that disgusting name her twitter handle. Uggh I feel dirty.

No. 430412

Do the Family Anons know anything about Kati having the herps? Because rumor has it…

No. 430414

I couldn’t imagine anyone being mean to this lil old gramma. I’m not family but it’s pretty easy to find photos of the whole family online.

No. 430479

Sorry to bother you again, but can you recall anything from those videos or do you even have a copy of them (which I doubt)
I'm just curious.

No. 430588

Or, if you hadn't figured it out yet, Joy was the mole because she was having Rose followed and was telling stuff to chambers to prove how much she knew. Remember, we saw evidence that she was enlisting local fans to track Rose for her. If Joy had boots on the ground as well as Tim, why can't she be the mole?

No. 430657


Nope - even under that name, I'm still getting the tweets from the 19th.

No. 430691


Why d'you say Dickie the Nutbag is no longer supporting her?

That looks really chippy - sorry, I don't mean it to, just whatever words I use it comes over all EXPLAIN YOURSELF! But I don't do Twatter and coupldn't watch a livestream without chewing off my own foot even if I were in the right timezone, so what have I missed? And isn't he the real looney tunes bloke? Good luck to her if she has alienated him. .

Family anons - like most here, I really feel for you. You're stuck in these situations; either let the family mentalist drag you down whatever path her inner penguins dictate, or answer and get fried as "disloyal." This must be incredibly painful for you all and, even if nothing else comes from this, I hope you at least feel you've been heard. I'm so sorry.

No. 430708

File: 1511454047676.jpeg (653.98 KB, 1242x2836, 70324653-CE0A-479E-9157-9BE3DF…)

That’s a god damn shame for Kati if true. LOL Marry Christmas kati.

No. 430785

File: 1511463298092.jpg (515.96 KB, 1055x1413, SmartSelectImage_2017-11-21-12…)

I think you're right. I remember her often saying to the effect of "the gag order was only for those involved but the courts were public, i even had a lawyer friend say he was going to go down and sit in but he got busy" and knowing how she lies, and new info from the others, it sounds like that was basically a half truth. She probably asked and the person said no (which is what Based said on Tonka's stream) It always sounded weird but she kept going with it as a defense for being called on putting out info.

Not that anon but yeah, I took note of it as well. Plus I'm still certain the Warrior of Light account is him, and that account points out her shit and keeps talking about how their mind continues to change the more crap he sees from her, how it keeps getting harder to defend her.

No. 430791

Sinatra Says is on Tonka Saw's channel asserting that it's all Rose's fault for all the do5 drama with Joy.
Sinatra makes assertions about things that have already been disproven (chambers go fund me for car repairs) and basically gives no evidence for anything other than maybe Rose was confused by all of the "strong personalities" and completely ignores all of Joy's insanity and attempts to totally control Rose and her finances. He asserts that Chambers scared Rose into freaking out about Joy, even though we all already know that Rose was panicked because she thought Joy was having her followed.
This guy is an idiot drama whore. He doesn't know any of the reasons people became concerned about Joy's unstable behavior, he just makes conjecture about things already covered, yet he presents it like it's all new information and he is the only one who has the real scoop.
I would say don't waste your time, but Cognitive Thought is pretty funny today.
Happy Thanksgiving, American Cows!

No. 430796

i remember a stream Kati did and she was asked if she knew stuff she shouldn't. She said yes I have a source but don't want to go in on it.

No. 430807

You know, I wonder if this is a key to how people still support Joy. There's so much bullshit that comes out of her mouth and that she ends up involved in, that I honestly forget about a lot of things that happened. I do remember her mentioning her mysterious contacts that were telling her things about what was going on in the hearing, but I had forgotten about that until you mentioned it.

Sinatra is a drama whore, but at least he admits it, unlike Joy. He never plays the, "I don't like drama. I don't want to be involved in drama, but let's fan the flames of the drama" the way that Joy constantly does. He's also called out Chambers a bunch because it's true that where there's drama, there's Chambers finding her way into the middle of it. I felt like we should mention that here because Joytards on Twitter are whining that Joy gets called out for spreading drama, but Chambers never does. No, Joytards, Chambers has been called out by multiple people for it.

No. 430811

Rose mentioned in her interview about the man that was in the court room that was taking pictures of Rose. She also mentioned that Joy said she knew someone in Maryland, and Joy knew all the information that happened in that courtroom thay day. I always though it was Tim feeding her this information but now I wonder if that guy really was someone Joy had spying on her. Joy really doesn't have any friends so I wonder what connection she would have to someone in Maryland?

No. 430812

a fan.


No. 430814

Joy CLAIMS she doesn't have friends. She also claimed she didn't have any family, but then gushed on Facebook about how she was going to spend so much time with her niece turning her weird.

No. 430829

That's true too but the way she isolates her family I'm sure she can't have very many life long friends left. I guess a fan makes the most sense, just seems odd that it wasn't some young teen or some really old disabled person like the ones she preys on. (That's alteast the impression I got from Rose, I could be way off).

She also can't strike any of her Younow streams. Younow owns those and gives permission for anyone to post them in the TOS. If she posted it to her channel first she could strike, but since she isn't anyone can post them. She doesn't own them, Younow does and she would own them if she posted it to YouTube but she isn't. That's why the blargh doesn't get striked all the time. It's also why some people like Jaclyn Glenn sometimes posts hers that she knows will get views first so that no one else can.
Also, she gave the Blargh permission but I don't think they have posted a single one she she did that. Kek, maybe they are done with her too.

No. 430832

Kati will not set one foot near her niece. The family will not allow someone who admits to introducing weird ideas and discusses anal sex and lies about her family around that little girl. She might as well find a different circus! No one was ever that way to Kati when she was a baby and she will not be that way around her niece.
Why would she have friends the way she treats her family.
That is why she has "internet friends". She can keep them at arm's lenght so they cannot see her for how she really is. She does indeed prey upon elderly (her grandma) and young teenagers. No one in her age group would have time for this nonsense. Most people in their 30's are working like crazy on their career or their home or their children. Very few have time for this circus. I am sorry to sound so cruel but Kati wrote this script to this whole fiasco. I have put up with this for way too many years. Happy Thanksgiving.
2nd anon family member

No. 430846

You're not being cruel at all. One of the biggest reasons I started posting here is because I don't like how Kati uses her influences on young people. She's got young women terrified of what could be a perfectly fine birth control option for them, and it probably has not crossed her mind that Cody and Emma will NEVER forget D05. I hope they never decide to Google it when they're older. I think they'll find more drama and insanity than anything about what happened with the actual case.

No. 430862

What did you all think about the 'astro birth chart' idea as a gift for a newborn? Did she gift it? To me it's a really weird ass gift for a newborn ( won't go into anything else about that post because it was pretty tasteless )

No. 430890

File: 1511476391189.jpeg (453.09 KB, 1242x1152, 11787616-3DAD-4F84-8E29-C83D2D…)

What is this shit? Some kind of secret code she created for her patreon’s/cult members so she can tell them to go out and harass people with out actually coming right out and saying it.

No. 430903

Sounds like someone has really lost it. Eventually it will catch up with her. SMH
>> 430832
One of the many reasons she is not stepping near that baby!

No. 430909

File: 1511478192775.png (24.99 KB, 586x249, 56654654.PNG)

Reposting this because of the similar… language. God this is so stupid.

I'm loathe to say she's using poorly chosen codewords because they should be subtle and not so totally obvious and stupid, but it's possible she is.

God damn it, she's a fucking child.

No. 430924

>>430862 Funny to me is that casting a birth chart is literally as easy as typing a date into a search bar. It's like, 'Happy Birthday I typed something into Google and printed it out, so it's handmade."

I doubt anyone here is interested but after she let her birthday drop and claimed the casting of a birth chart for her niece thereby proclaiming belief in Astrology I cast her birth chart and it's actually really fucking funny. I could make a long post going into all the ins and outs but the TL;DR is that she's basically a self centered, shallow, needy, stingy person who has relationships that are too unconventional to work, likelihood of troubled marriages, etc. . .I just found it incredibly funny looking at because if she believes in it than she should be aware of how bad it is but she does nothing to work against it.

No. 430946

It is rather funny that she claims she doesn't believe in these crazy things anymore after the Rep video yet was talking about an Astrological chart and her first few videos she stated "I have some new age beliefs that I will get into later". The way she said it was like she was planning on getting a cult like following and then introducing these "new age" beliefs to them. Obviously that's just tinfoil but it's like she wanted to introduce more people to these said "beliefs". Also, she said in an old video that "where she grew up was deeply religious but the word God had bad connotations". Not sure many areas thay are both religious but that the word God are negative outside of Scientology and Indigo.

No. 431007

File: 1511491090645.jpg (47.98 KB, 479x639, 1.JPG)

No. 431008

File: 1511491120645.jpg (31.88 KB, 459x223, 2.JPG)

No. 431015

>I hope we can find some cures soon
I know this is a nitpick, but given Kati's personality, it's so telling that she words this in a way that implies she's helping find a cure, kek

No. 431049

File: 1511499177265.png (23.6 KB, 588x259, uh.PNG)


No. 431057

There’s a YouTube glitch/hack going on and
Kati wants to be relevant. A lot of channels have gone down even big ones eg Dramaalert, iDubbbz, mrrepzion though YouTube is restoring channels as I type.

Sage but just putting this here to prevent derailing and tinfoil.

No. 431062

I thought she got rid of it? lol

No. 431091

It looks like she may have deleted that tweet in a rare act of self awareness - or at least recognising that guffawing about naturopathic cures (which ordinarily she embraces, but not around Dr Anna Scanlon, to whom she's tried to engage before to seem relevant) and then showing platitudinous concern for a stranger's loss could be considered odd…

No. 431125

"Why d'you say Dickie the Nutbag is no longer supporting her?"

Its easier if you just read his Twitter wall. You don't have to have a Twitter account to read it. https://twitter.com/C_RichardStiles/with_replies

These are some of his post/replies:
-Talking to VHS about Kati
"At the core, it's because the haters vilify me for bullying them back. If she's okay with me, she's okay with a bully, by hater logic, which she does give credence to. That, I can kind of understand, but believing lies that she should've known better of me = one-sided friendship"

"I didn't see a screnshot, but Joy told me in messages that she takes back her permission, then told the world on YouNow that she only permits Blargh. Blargh only posts Joy's relevant zhit. It didn't even post the last one where Joy disavowed me. I have it, but I ain't posting it.
She'd told me in messages, it was the second time she freaked out over rumors that were blown out of proportion, the first one I didn't have anything to do with, it was 100% made up. She said if I don't stop she can't associate with me, so I said why should I associate with her.
Saying she's only letting Blargh to do it is the same as disavowing me, without saying it plainly. Also you can see in VHS's video how many times she read a name, then saw the comment was addressed to me or addressed to her about me, and she opted not to read the comment out loud"

"I'm very disappointed in Kati. I tread close to, but I never crossed any lines, but I get under the haters' skin probably better than anybody. So they exaggerate, spin & lie me the rest of the way over the line, and Joy's first reaction is to believe it. It's very disappointing."

-He is chatting with Snake_Adia (She was a big Joy supporter that no longer is. She is extremely nice and respectful to everyone, pro Joy and Anti Joy)
"I don't defend Joy anymore…. You don't realizYou believed that gaslight shit about me threatening Josh that keki framed me with. Did you find anything of an actual threat from me? Joy did worse that insult me, she belittled me, and valued me less than less creative "creators" who haven't fought for her as hard as I have.e that the number one Joy hater is Joy. She doesn't fight them, she pleads her case to them. She needs the approval of"disapprovers."
"Adia, I have distanced myself from Joy, because of issues with her that I don't like. But that doesn't make the haters right. What positive thing can ever be accomplished with hate? I'm disappointed in Joy to the point of it hurting a little, but I wish her the best.

That's all I'll copy and paste, here is a lot there. Come to think about it, why aren't ou on Twitter? Next to this place, its the best thing to read up on what havoc her and her couple of brain dead minions are doing. Word of advice: If you plan on being honest with Kati or asking her legit questions that don't cater to her narrative of being the most self righteous person in the world, you will be blocked by her.

No. 431135

Does anyone have the video or a link to the video where Kati was being a real "badass" in one of her most maniac rants about a commenter? I think she was wearing a pink long sleeve sweater with black horizontal stripes. She talks about being homeless, it was something to do with her using the word ghetto and a commenter left her a message and she was super triggered (super super triggered), I think its the worst I have seen her act. It was extremely cringey (as is all of her videos, she is the queen of cringe) I'm curious if the family anons has seen this video, and if the way she was flipping out was something they encountered regularly or if she was worse in that video than in person. I know I sure as hell wouldn't want to be around anyone that was acting like that in person. I thought I had it downloaded on my phone, but can't seem to find it.

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and to those over seas, you have a great weekend!

No. 431148

Here's a link to screenshots of her twitter dating from today back to late June https://imgur.com/a/SuDBn. I tried to go back further, but her twitter crashes my browser lmao.

And in case something has been deleted in the last 24 hours, here's the album link for screenshots of her twitter (late August -
yesterday) https://imgur.com/a/nDRKx

No. 431151

Why does everyone love that one so much? I think the one where she shows her bra funnier.

But I’m here for the lols so ….

No. 431166

>>431135 I think I have that video uploaded on my BS Detector channel on Vidme. I'm on my phone atm, I will check on my laptop. I'm sure I posted it on here in previous threads, because I thought she came across as foaming at the mouth, wetting her knickers with the excitement of what she considered a total takedown of a Kyyathy over a single Facebook comment.

It was called my fight with kyathy, or Kathy, something along those Libes.

No. 431167

Here is a link to SJW gets rant, family Anons shoud watch this as she makes a bulk of her homeless claims and trailer trash, abusive family claims in this video. This was triggered over a single comment on one of her videos, someone stated she shouldn't use the word trailer trash as it is offensive, this was her overreacton to that one comment. She got a lot of heat over this video so initially deleted it and issued an apology.


I'm just uploading the video where she talks about her argument with Kathy, I will drop the link once it has finished processing.

No. 431168

>>431135 Here is the video you are looking for.


If it doesn't play straight away, it may need another few minutes to process.

No. 431169

YES! Thank You! This is the video https://vid.me/TTzYn I'll have to rewatch the Kathy one to see if that rings a bell. Yeah family anons, if you haven't already watched it, check it out. Is that how she would act at home? If so, I cannot even image the amount of patient you and your family have. She would have been homeless if she acted out like that in my house or if she did that around me towards another family member. Yeah is was a reaction (overreaction) to a simple comment. This one video, screams mental illness.

Thanks for the help to the other anons!

No. 431180

Just curious but does anyone remember her follow up to this? I sure do since I was so thrown by her rant and then she posted a vid claiming she and the commentator had hashed it out and were good now …
but guise she’s hard hard done by right?

Just wondering if I’m remember properly or no. Sage for irrelevance

No. 431182

I don't remember, this was before I started watching her. I would like to know the majority of the viewers reaction, and how she spun it to make it look like it wasn't her fault that she was acting like a 7 year old.

No. 431192

Oh sweet Jesus! YES This is exactly how Kati did indeed act when living with us. I can't watch it all due to my PTSD–lol–I just can't be around it. But I did take notes as I watched it. First the hand clapping. That is a diversionary tactic. It distracts you. It is also intimidating because it leads to you thinking you could be pancaked between those hands. Second Kati has never even been close to a ghetto let alone lived in one. Kati has not been homeless except in her head or right before she went to OK the last time because none of us would permit her to live with us. Would you after seeing this? Normal people would get their own home when they are 30 years old but not Kati. Third this is so typical of Kati setting the rules. That way she can control the situation. Fourth I don't know why her speech contains y'all. This was not in our vernacular nor hers until I heard this. Fifth Kati is saying she does not object to criticism. What a joke. That is why she is going off like this. Someone actually made sense and put her in her place. I agree with the critic. She is being blatantly racist. She did not come from a family of racist. We are all liberal democrats. Sixth she gave a hint as to why she is so upset when she mentioned this critic must be a peer or someone in college. That is because those people can't be intimidated by Kati and mind f**ed. That category of people can see through the bs. Seventh Kati is just being a bigot. How shameful. Her family is definitely not that way. This is exactly why we have come on lowcow to defend ourselves from this vile venom that comes from her mouth. Thank you for allowing me to see this. BTW I had not seen this until you posted it. The other family member may have but I never viewed her stuff directly simply because I never wanted to encourage her and I knew she would get money from views and I did not want to contribute. Sorry if I have run on sentences but I am livid!
2nd anon family member

No. 431199

Awesome, thanks for the clarification on this. I'm pretty sure all of us here already believed everything you said about this, its so wonderful receiving some validation to what we were already convinced of. Yeah, this video is disgusting to say the least. I cannot believe the rest of the family doesn't have mental issue after having to deal with that crap and then having her come on the internet to paint you as abusive. Just think (or maybe don't) of all of the other 400 videos she deleted that you don't know about. Thank You for being here and sorry you had to see that and deal with C R A Z Y!

No. 431203


So…no apology for making an incredibly tasteless joke after people have stated they knew a loved one who died from it.


No. 431212


I'm the anon who uploaded the videos, this video here (the first one I posted SJW gets rant) is what made a lot of people finally wake up to her. To this point we did have the threads as we knew something was off but this was when the mask truly slipped and we got to see what really lay underneath.

She ended up removing the SJW Rant video from her channel and ended up posting an update, I think I have that too. Basically she screamed this poor person into submission and a lot of her still hardcore followers did too, as they knew who she was talking about. So she put out an upload looking smug, telling people it had been settled, leave the commenter alone. And as I said when I posted it, all the poor commenter had said was maybe stop using the words trailer trash.

This is why I truly empathise with you, I can completely understand why this triggers you. I can't stand to listen to her anymore, I documented a lot of her stuff so I've listened to her a lot in the past and I just can't anymore. I get an overall sense of dread the second I hear her. And I could choose to turn it off, I can walk away, you had to live like this! I honestly don't know how you managed to maintain your sanity and health, she is an emotion vampire, she sucks every ounce of feeling out of people. I don't know how you did it, you are a strong person.

And thank you for highlighting why she dislikes college educated people, you have confirmed another theory.

No. 431216


Sorry, ghetto was the trigger, ghetto, not trailer trash. As you can see, I don't watch the videos anymore, her voice triggers me too much.

No. 431279

Random thought.

I wonder how Kati feels about Cy these days? We see how passive aggressive she is towards Cy, which is nothing new but Cy's position in her life has changed. She does everything for Kati, I bet she knows a lot of shady shit about workings of Kati's inner circle. She started off as an outsider, a loner who was bullied, had few real life friends and along came Joy Sparkle BS. She made her jump through hoops to get into her inner circle and now it is to the point where she does everything for Kati, to the point where Kati was lost while Cy was away with her family.

That must be seriously pissing Kati off, someone she once thought her underlining now does so much for her she is an equal, if not in a stronger position. That has to be seriously pissing Kati off.

It's a shame Cy will never see the light and expose Kati. Maybe if Kati keeps publicly insulting her fashion choices… It could be a Christmas miracle.

No. 431329

>>431279 'It's a shame Cy will never see the light and expose Kati. Maybe if Kati keeps publicly insulting her fashion choices… '

Cy would need to be capable of understanding how backhanded compliments work, first.

No. 431370

Here is the rant update video some of you wanted to see. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5v340j

No. 431371


The baby voice. UGH. The lack of self awareness is still astounding to me.

No. 431376

At the end of the video, she talks about how she was taking double her vitamins by mistake and that is why she was sick.

No. 431415

File: 1511564679984.jpeg (76.54 KB, 576x436, 97AA2C9D-FCA9-4D74-B910-45F4AA…)

No. 431434


i know it's been done to death but it will never cease to infuriate me how she can claim such devastating weakness and suffering while ranting so fucking energetically for THIRTEEN MINUTES without a single pause, flailing her arms and smugly dancing around.

No. 431439


Maybe she was having one of her 'good days' at the time.

Funny how none of the Joytards who believe her illness claims don't question the fact that she has more good days than bad ones.

No. 431512


I wonder, did Katie ever had any health issues as a child and did she ever went to college

No. 431530

>>431512 Read the board, and learn how to sage already. This has been gone over so many times. All she ever had was asthma. She was only in college for part of a year, not a lot of chances to come down with anything. This was literally just discussed. She contracted scabies. This isn't Twitter. Click on the icon in the upper left corner that says 'Rules', read them, lurk more, and please stop clogging up the board by rehashing. Also please learn grammar and punctuation. Were you asking a question? You didn't use a question mark. Were you asking if she went to college, or if she ever contracted a disease while she was there? It was very unclear.

Honestly what is with people asking family anons the same question for the 4th time in a row? Read what's already been posted. This isn't a websearch bar, it's a place to post new information regarding the cow. Hit Cntrl+F and type in the term 'college' and it will show you any posts containing the word college.

No. 431534

File: 1511583183986.png (533.07 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-11-25-00-43-48…)

No. 431630

To anyone about to post about Kati’s tweets re her channel: as a previous anon said read the board. Check out this post.


No. 431642

Tinfoil af:

–The squash is very peppermint today
-Shit is going down, I'm still being called out.

–I wish the flutterpinkies would fart sable so we can focus less on tartlets and more on diarrhea
-I wish the haters on Twitter would fuck off so we can focus less on haters and more on the bullshit that errupts from my mouth

Peace Pavilion
-i want peace and/or telling the cult to retreat

–Speaking of turmoil TP in the gutter gazebo. Everyone reconvene
-Possibly saying there's a cult member acting up, causing internal conflict. Cult meeting on Rabbit.

–Emergency on the flutterpinky front
-Crisis on Twitter.

–So much squash continues to peppermint and they can't even see the everfler (do5 reference meaning "overflow") that needs a terlet.
-Someone keeps posting proof everywhere that I'm an awful person (Squash could be a specific "hater" like VHS or EOBS, someone known for showing receipts) and doesn't realize they need a bunch of hate(ers) themselves.

–We need more fart sabling today. GET TO WORK!
-We need to make them fuck off. Get to it, loyal members.

removes hat

No. 431645


It's like the last words of Dutch Schultz. Only he had an excuse…

'Come on, open the soap duckets. The chimney sweeps. Talk to the sword. Shut up, you got a big mouth! Please help me up, Henry. Max, come over here. French-Canadian bean soup. I want to pay. Let them leave me alone.'


No. 431658

Thankfully so much has been documented here, I pulled up some of the links I had saved for my favorite bullshit YN moments and she's since deleted them.

I know a lot of the times she was "taking a break," she was just not being as active posting online while she cleaned up her accounts. Unfortunately for her, she can delete all she wants, her bullshit is here forever.

I bet she didn't even bother self watching her chronic cringe, but instead made cy or some other minion do it

No. 431666


Sorry, my internet's been fucked. Thanks for this.

Twatter drives me nuts - if it can be said in 21 characters it's very often not worth saying. And St. Joy of The Fruitcakes would block me immediately anyway, as she has the ability to say nothing useful in hours and hours of mentalist ramblings. You lovely anons pick out the best bits without me having to chew my own intestines. Ah NEEDS you guys!

No. 431679


Sorry… but there isn't anything deep to those tweets… she's gibbering like a crazy person for attention… the crazy shit is going to be her cover in the future to say "I was doing that on purpose and now they're calling me crazy because they can't take a joke"….

While she is fucked in the head and needs mental heath treatment, she's not so fucked that she doesn't know what she's doing… she's only fucked enough to not be able to control it and she knows she has no control of herself, so she lays these 'traps' to excuse her disgusting behavior. Just like her perpetual "Oh, look, now the keyboard warriors with make a new conspiracy theory <paws air and lays out stupid 'conspiracy theory'>"

She's clearly been mentally ill for a LONG TIME and has learned how to protect herself from intervention. She's determined to remain mentally ill at all costs. Paying attention to her diversion tactics only feeds into her ability to avoid the mental healthcare that she clearly needs.

To Fam Anon… this is not shade on you, you did nothing to create the creature that's been feeding off innocent, mentally and medically fragile people. She is responsible for her own actions and she's fully aware of them and how inappropriate they are. If she were not aware, she would not see any need to defend them.

No. 432072

File: 1511670332559.png (121.84 KB, 750x815, IMG_3222.PNG)

Umm. When did she ever say it was just put on private?

No. 432103

Anyone know who this is? I don’t recognise the name

No. 432105

She never had. She actually closed the account.
If she put her account on private, the videos she put up would still be accessible by URL. Since the videos are gone, she has closed the account.

No. 432188

After watching Deb on twitter this weekend, I totally understand why she isn't worth the effort. Honestly, I don't know how a lot of these people attacking a woman going through a child custody battle sleep at night. Clearly no real world experience like Kati. Its really just a shame that its online for anyone to see. I'm so sorry to bio mom and her family that they got spun into this web. No one deserves this on top of what she is going through right now.
Yes that described our dilemma perfectly. And although this is emotionally difficult, it does feel good to be heard. Thank you for your kind words.
Her influence on young people is scary. Almost every guy she gets with or friend she makes she convinces to them to quit their job. She doesn't participate in society the way a normal 33 year old does so she doesn't know what she is talking about. I'm worried these young people may take her extremely dangerous medical advice.
No Kati doesn't give gifts, but if she had given me this it would go in the trash with the rest of her "new age" advice.
I don't think I was paying much attention at that time. I saw the update video I believe. I've had time to watch it now. As far as I know, Kati has never even been to a "ghetto" or trailer park. Kati has never lived out of her car. It appears to me she is acting here and yes cringe. Her videos like Metro Ford are where she isn't acting and she is just manic.
>>431679 I agree this is what 15 years of untreated mental illness looks like. My working theory is much like yours, she has built up walls around her to keep her illness from being treated. From fear of Western medicine to conspiracy theories about the government–its all to keep her from getting the mental health care she so desparately needs. I also agree that she does know what she is doing. Its so hard to differentiate the two things because her terrible personality and her mental illness can overlap so much.

I want to clear a few things up so the correct information is out there. Kati doesn't have doctors in her family. I brought up the masters degree with her parents to illustrate that she didn't come from "white trash" as she claims. The incident with the dog wasn't two years ago, it was 8 years ago. That is one reason we didn't immediately answer the question because it was a long time ago.
~~~family member anon OP

No. 432210

>>432188 I found the point about Kati trying to talk people into quitting their jobs interesting.

It was only a few months ago when she was trying to talk Mikenactor into quitting his job and the idea seemed to be that he would be her sassy gay sidekick online for a living, I think the only reason she keeps him around is she thinks he adds an air of legitimacy to her wild bullshit and he's been manipulated into backing her up 100% on anything she says ever. Mike has made claims before of being an abuse victim and that he's very easily manipulated, and I think Kati saw easy prey. He's admittedly extremely lonely, look at him describing random internet drama with Alex as he is 'grieving the loss of a friend'. Mike fell for her constant lovebombing and within a week of saying he was going to keep his 'friendship' with her offline he flipped entirely to saying he was going to publicly defend her and attack on her behalf forever, and now he abuses people on behalf of an abusor. I wonder if Mike is even capable of seeing the truth about her through his brainwashing.

This seems to be a definite pattern of behavior Kati has that involves holding power over people close to her by being able to claim responsibility for their livelihood. We have her trying to give Phil a doctored resume with her as the contact. She's always saying how she got her boyfriend his current job, and she hired him herself on the job with the OK Thunder. She has talked about how she got Amanda jobs when she was trying to discredit her. There was the video where she was crying about Daniel's job not paying him enough money to support 2 people and a mystery illness, and I wonder if the frustrated tears she showed us had anything to do with her trying to get him to quit his job and him refusing? We have the comments she made telling everyone who watches her to come to her if they ever need a job.

If you have any insights into what drives this behavior from her, i.e. specific goals she might have, reasons she has tried to get people to quit jobs only to 'get' them new jobs, etc I would find that interesting from people who have known her. It certainly demonstrates how extremely manipulative she is towards everyone in her life.

No. 432216

>>432210 I'm not a family Anon, however there are more examples of this type of behaviour. She doesn't just use jobs as leverage, she does it with money too. She used money against Phil, she uses the money "she" (her followers) donated to Rose, whenever she was streaming on Benji's channel she would open Social Blade and constantly interrupt him to comment on how his sub's increased crediting herself for this, she did the same when he was receiving superchats. She would note the exact sub increase and superchat amounts and made sure to claim responsibility for them all, to the point where Benji was crying about how grateful he was and how he owed her so much. I could give more examples but you stated it yourself, it is about power.

It is a well known con manipulation technique. You make an individual feel like they owe you big time, the bigger the value of the "gift" the stronger the hold she has over them. She gets many benefits from this type of behaviour, their loyalty, she initially looks selfless, like an altruistic person, it is a shield to hide negative behaviour behind, at some point she can call in the favour and the person on the receiving end feels like they can't say anything against her. If they still eventually turn on her she uses her "gift" to paint them as the bad person. It is the most effective, easiest way to get yourself into the power position, hence the reason lazy Kati uses this technique on everyone.

No. 432260

You are so correct! Also if you study narcissism like I have done, it is very common to do something considered nice only to gratify herself and making her feel powerful. As for getting people to quit their jobs I believe she does this so that she can justify her inability to hold on to a job. It all goes back to stroking her ego. She has to feel important and if someone can do something she cannot then once again it strokes her ego. I agree with everything anon family member op stated earlier. Thank you everyone for all of the support and understanding. It is refreshing to see that other people can see through Kati, also. She tends to turn things around and makes you fee bad if you give her any advice or awareness.
2nd anon family member

No. 432282

My personal favorite, her carrying on when the DO5 children were removed from the home, "WE DID IT!!!" As if she was primarily responsible and went on to thank her subs for their help.
She is gross.

No. 432296

YEP, YEP, and YEP again.
God, that resume was horrible.And worse, because I didn't accept it she acted like I was the most ungrateful thing in the world and went on about how I should apologize. I told her to get bent.

The only real things you need to understand about Kati is that she operates on a triangular axis of money, power, and control with control being the big one. Control over image, control over fans and how they view her, control over money, control over environment or those in her environment. Control of power dynamic..that means starting something with others to prove to herself and others that she is the Alpha. Her interactions with both Nick and Onision are exactly this..and that is why anytime the bit between her and Onision has been questioned in any way that paints her as the loser..note that this is when the obsession re-emerges. If you've seen even a year of it, it should be enough to actually see what is right in front of your face unless you have an unhealthy attachment to her and refuse all information put in front of your face.

I kept telling people that's how I can tell who the "hidden Joytards" were. It was that obvious. They'd come in with the lil PR niceguy routine and on a dime flip and we'd be like "Well duh, of course you were. Old news. Next?" (Hidden is a bit of a joke, carrying around a neon sign is about as obvious as you can get.)

No. 432321


Wait - why would she convince any guys she knows/any friend she makes to quit their jobs? What's the story behind that?

No. 432338

Read the posts between that post and your post.

No. 432376

File: 1511733854178.jpg (533.56 KB, 1077x1567, SmartSelectImage_2017-11-26-17…)

No. 432384

I don't know what the hell she's doing, but a bunch of the videos are back on Eff It now, after she privated almost all of them. I don't know if she has made edits or why they disappeared and reappeared.

No. 432393

File: 1511736118832.jpg (288.09 KB, 1078x1103, SmartSelectImage_2017-11-26-17…)


No. 432399

>>432393 She use to try harder to lie. Now she doesn't give a single F about trying to even make her lies even half believable.

No. 432419

File: 1511739692376.jpeg (484.64 KB, 1242x1221, DC9F1085-7417-40E1-81A9-EE3426…)

No. 432427


No, seriously - how can anyone make any sense of that gibberish?

No. 432435

Her word salad is more like word diarrhea.

No. 432439

She’s live on YouNow.

No. 432449

she never gets her point out. So hard to watch. she says oh let me tell you something then oh hey let me talk about something different oh wait where was I oh look a bird oh look I have ADHD. ugh just get to the point lady.

No. 432450

Anything interesting? ( I can't watch and I'm not sure if anyone's recording either )

No. 432452

Shes talking about the stream she did with chambers and tonka. saying how they were lying about her and how she got on there and proved how she was right and every time she proved her point how they got mad a swore.

No. 432453

Now she's bad talking Rose. but she doesn't want to talk about it because she wants to move on from it.

No. 432466


If any anons are in that stream - ask her why she hasn't yet provided that evidence she said she had in order to be invited into that stream, int he first place.

No. 432469

She got an IBS infection from Europe. But now her stomach is perfect two weeks no stomach problems lost weight but then gained a little back. Eating more healthy lost weight but had a flare up so had to eat heavy foods again. Now she is 192 pounds. Thinks a lot of it is water weight. Her goal is to be healthy weight in a year. She is working out an hour on the treadmill three days a week. she almost passed out from overdoing it. her asthmas rarely flares up. she doesn't think she is coming back to youtube. If she does it will be different because she doesn't want drama. She claims she helped the Onision drama and Rose but now it is toxic because people are mad because they want money and that is why they hate her. She is high in aluminum heavy mercury and still has copper. changed her soap and deodorant. Repzion doesn't know how to read blood tests and doesn't really want the tests he just wants views. She doesn't trust him. She wants to put her tests out with a bigger youtuber like jacyln Glen.

No. 432472

Someone asked her if the family were really on lolcow. says she don't know but she don't think her family would really come on here. She doesn't come on here but but if there are bad stuff on here to message Cy and not her. She just said she hopes Cody and Emma goes to a safe happy place. She didn't mention She hopes they go to Rose. Is that her way of throwing shade at Rose.

No. 432476

If I have an upset stomach/digestion it helps to eat light foods, if I ate heavy carbs ( pizza, pop corn and whatever else she eats ) I'd be in a lot of pain.
As for water weight, I think up to 5 kg can be normal ( roughly 10 pounds? ), so that'd still make her 182 pounds. How much water weight does she think she has?
I know some of this has been discussed before, but I just can't believe she is still peddling this mentality. Just say you eat pizza because you like it, damn.

>she don't think her family would really come on here
Why not? The 'my mother said she found her people' came from her own mouth. I don't believe she hasn't read any of this ( or Cy for that matter ), kek, not at all.

No. 432477

Her thyroid is getting retested. going off predisone. her iron is on the low side. Aniemia runs in her family. her stomach is shrinking wants to be 105 pounds in 8 months. is detoxing heavey metals.

No. 432478

That is her way of saying it is not them but without saying it is not them.

No. 432480

Yeah everything she said makes no sense.

No. 432488

I bet she was a pain in the ass to play Scrabble with as a kid. All of those words, then wants to spin it to make up her own rules. Family Anons, I hope you at least threw a couple of those letters at her!

No. 432492


… and aimed for her eyes

No. 432521

>>432469 Aluminum and Mercury aren't things you would be 'high' in. Your body doesn't use either of those elements so any is pretty bad, let alone 'high' which would be poisonous. Mercury would give you severe sensory impairment and Aluminum would basically just kill you if you had it in your circulatory system. Both are only treatable through chelation therapy. Also not something your doctor would see on a test and just say, 'Oh, well we'll work on that. It's fine for now. See you later.' They would want to know where the fuck you are ingesting poison from so more people don't get poisoned. It's some of the most complete bullshit nonsense she has uttered to date and this is the second stream she has claimed to have high levels of Aluminum and Mercury out of the blue and she's talking about copper toxicity again. This is some padded cell throw away the key levels of schizophrenic delusional shit and anyone who still finds her nonsense convincing is a complete moron. If she said any of this shit to a doctor her next appointment would be with a psychologist.

Sage for rant in disbelief humans exist who believe her BS.

No. 432522

Yup and she said she got organic soap, laundry detergent, deodorant, shampoo etc. So her levels would go down. She didn't claim she ingested it she made it seem like she got it for using non-organic soap and stuff.

No. 432523

We all know she is lying or crazy or both.

No. 432526

She wants to put her tests out with a bigger youtuber like jacyln Glen.

strange how she couldn't think for one second that perhaps JG might have enough shit of her own to deal with? and she might not give a solitary fuck about joy's goddamn blood tests? what a cow!

No. 432532

Actually, I think that's exactly why she said Jaclyn Glen. Jaclyn has her own shit to deal with and won't be bothered with Joy's bullshit, so Joy can go, "Oh, well I wanted to show my blood tests on Jaclyn's channel, but she's too busy/upset over Richie, so oh well! Can't show my blood tests! Thank you for the 50 likes. Thank you for the bars! Love ya, girl!"

I wish I wasn't late to the party, or I'd ask someone to suggest she try Jeff Holiday. Since he's always making those videos about debunking pseudo-science, it would be interesting to see what she says just about the suggestion.

No. 432534

My sentiments exactly, aside from the fact that she goes on about how toxic YT is, so why bother? She only embarrasses herself by saying such stupid nonsense.

She won't go through with it, even if jg agreed to read them, it will be some story of how they somehow disappeared, lost at sea with her analytics. Plus we know how joy interprets test results, claiming to be high or low when her result is in the normal range.

No. 432537

File: 1511756560251.jpg (524.54 KB, 2455x1353, IMG_20171126_230455.jpg)

Found this in my Shady Kati Catalog, related to her recent keemstar tomfoolery. She's dusting off her hero cape as we speak, cy will give it a good pressing and scorch away the scabies as she prepares to save Keem's christmas, despite being scorned from all the people that have taken advantage of her.

Here's(possibly) one of those people?
I don't recall ever hearing anything further about it, and we know Kati loves to talk about how generous, kind and compassionate she is.
The person apparently left her first comment when she started her channel, prompting kati to offer her a prize of some sort.
How cool would it be if that person was here now?

No. 432625

File: 1511770236374.png (472.29 KB, 750x1334, 8BE97EBE-DC25-4340-9DF7-5B200A…)

Since we know Kati gets all of her “symptoms” from the web (certainly not Pete reviewed journals kek,) and prefers holistic medicine (so she won’t have to confront psychiatry in the west,) perhaps this is where she’s getting the mercury and aluminum BS?

No. 432631

>>432521 I have to put out the fact that the medical field do use both these elements in things such as vaccines in small doses they say are not harmful. Mercury was also used in fillings until the early 90's also.

No. 432646

>>432625 All the meanwhile anyone who looks into it realizes Kati is most likely copper deficient. Anemia can be a symptom of copper deficiency as well. In fact many of her claimed issues could be related to copper deficiency.


No. 432652


Yeah, but doesn't Jeff Holiday have his head firmly up her ass, as well?

No. 432679

>>432469 Since when does Kati have a treadmill? Are we supposed to believe the place she lives has public ones and she is actually leaving her apartment to use one?

No. 432690

RE: treadmill, she mentioned in a live stream not so long ago that her apartment complex has a fitness center. The name of the complex appeared here briefly and it's true, it does.

No. 432704

File: 1511790236399.jpeg (79.03 KB, 960x540, 2936ADFB-4EDA-44FD-8AB0-A0954C…)

Her apartment complex has an exercise room.

No. 432743

But she needs Patreon money. Df?

No. 432744

Yes his head is shoved very high into her rectal cavity.

No. 432839

It's really no wonder she "snatched" ( I can't think of a better word ATM - I think Dom's an idiot for being in a relationship with her ) Dom - she gets a decent apartment, exercise room within the complex ( that's not even a thing where I'm from ), he's paying for most of the shit, she gets Patreon money for…basically nothing, sitting on her ass, doing jack shit but eating pizza.
She sure made it from living in ghettos and trailers. /s

No. 432930

One time I tried to get Kati to go to the dr and get diagnosed for her mental illness so that she might qualify for section 8 housing since she claimed she could not work 9-5 kind of jobs. But she refused saying she was too good for that. So much has happened with her that I had forgotten this but seeing her exercise room in her apartment complex jogged my memory. This was before she went to OK the first time.
2nd anon family member

No. 432959

So Kati is literally only doing 1 Patron stream per month. The last one was October 17th and this one was announced November 25th. It boggles my mind that people pay her for Twitter follows and 1 live groupchat per month.

No. 432998


I'm pretty sure it's hair tests that she's had, not blood work. At least for the heavy metals stuff.

No. 432999

Not to mention there has been patreons who have said Cy starts the streams for her and she shows up an hour later and will leave in the middle for 20 minutes at a time to do stuff. and when she is there she lets others talk while she just sits there and occasionally with say something.

No. 433002


She's bee ODing on zinc for nearly a year…that's bound to fuckup her copper levels. Just like swigging pedialyte like it's a soda is a lot of potassium on top of all the potassium you already get in your food.

No. 433003

>But she refused saying she was too good for that.
That's not surprising to me at all. She definitely comes across as 'too good for stuff' even though she has not much to show for it, intellectually or otherwise.

Do you believe her when she says that she's not reading what you're posting here? ( Cause I don't and I think every anon here would agree )

No. 433128


That's one of Cy's jobs. Read here overnight and present a precis to Her Maj at 9am SHARP! And no, there are no days off.

Her spergs are nuttier than she is. I'm reading that thread for the first time and hooooly fuck. I hope Cy's research includes a defence for when one of 'em goes postal and Kati gets done for incitement.

Cy, include this in today's precis. It's better to have no friends and retain your dignity than pay AND slave for a manipulative nutbag. Who lies to you.

Adding to her latest medical rubbish is "coming off Prednisone." That is absolutely, emphatically NOT how it works with RM. Well, not for people who actually have it.

I really am seriously bemused by how she has any supporters left. They must be as thick as mud.

No. 433145

She is reading here because not much time passes when she mentions stuff on here. So either she reads it or has Cy report to her.

No. 433159

File: 1511822288488.jpg (8.47 MB, 8274x2792, MOTspread1.jpg)

Thanks for confirming that it was Eobard aka Donavan. He denies it, of course, tried to blame it on Kati using his name to frame him. I find it ironic that someone said I'm retarded for not knowing how to work lolcow. The irony being, well, if you don't know what the irony is, carry on lollers. You're lolling your life away. I maybe a couple times on Youtube posted my address to keyboard warriors threatening to dox me, because I actually don't give a shit. Are you so devoted to your lame cause that you'd take a road trip and risk things not going your way once you got here? You really got nothing better to do with yourself? The only thing you lamoes would have the balls to do is false reports to the cops. But these cops know me, some were my classmates, including the chief detective. I told him he might get crank calls about me from internet trolls. He said don't worry about it.

I wasn't wrong when I white knighted Joy, because I thought I was right at the time. It is perfectly right and proper to defend someone who's getting picked on. I changed my mind when I realized she's not against what you're doing. She likes it. She feeds the trolls to get them to feed her drama. She's playing you just as much if not more than she's playing her sycophants. Another reason I changed my mind is because she tried to treat me like someone she owned, and I honestly was sincerely just taking up for someone I thought was being unjustly picked on. I won't join you because what you do is a waste of your lives. I'm not against Joy, I'm sad that she's wasting her potential. She could've been so much better than this.

I used to ship from that Copperhill address. I'm still there, but my shipping is handled by CreateSpace now. If you send a fifteen dollar check to that Copperhill address plus 37317, I'll dropship you a book. Just for US residents, because I don't know the international shipping rates. So, foreigners just get it from Amazon, I guess.

No. 433168

Oh stilesy…if you thought you were right at the time, but you're not now..then guess what? You were wrong to white knight her. Basic, simple logic.

Considering the lengths you went to..she barked, you yipped..its hard to say she didn't own you. Are you or are you not still paying into her Patreon? So, by vote of your money, you are still supporting her antics regardless of your little speech there.

You didn't think she was being unjustly picked on. In your own words, from your video "being a white knight gets you pussy." You're not misunderstood, you were and are a bully. One that is no better than Kati herself. Also your words as you are both "insecure egomaniacs."
(I have the screenie of that too, so please, by all means tell me I didn't see that.)

Thank you for not joining us. You're more damage to any cause you join than you are a help, and one less crazy is a welcome thing. ALL of you could have been better for this, you just act like idiots and come up with the most outlandish excuses. Don't worry though, I don't care about your address. Other than trying to rile up the others I could care less about you or your hotbed of neurosises.>>433159

No. 433171

Wow. A self milking cow?

No. 433186

Takes 8 days to perfect a response,
8 days later, still retarded.

No. 433191

Don't be so impatient, you'll get there.

No. 433195

Did you … just try to shill your crap?
Richard my dear, you are CLASS. Thanks for the lols.

No. 433196

I'm sure this is going to get deleted - but before it does - what exactly is wrong with you, Richard? Why are you posting here, no sage and all?
I'm glad you're not supporting Kati anymore. Thanks for confirming that she pays more attention to us than the people who actually support her and seeing that she likes to own and control people ( even though we all knew that anyway ).

No. 433201


The fact that you would proudly boast about white knighting - anyone, not just Joy - is just sad.

You do know what the purpose of being a white knight is, right? I'll give you a hint, it has nothing to do with defending the 'innocent'.

No. 433202

For the low price of 15 bucks, you can have 304 pages of material to pick apart and show how lame and untalented I am.

No. 433205


The free cover art you supplied served that purpose just fine, thanks.

No. 433208

>>433205 How much would you charge to make me a better cover?

No. 433209


LOL - you actually believe him?

The fact that he's here, trying to warn us about how Kati is playing us (as if the anons had no idea) is just a way for him to get her 'haters' to lay off of her.

He claims he's done with her - we all know he isn't. He wants them mashed 'taters.

No. 433211


Why would we need your address for international? Surely your publisher sells it through worldwide bookstores?

No. 433212


1) You couldn't afford me and…

2) I don't illustrate for shitty content.

No. 433213

And yet that's easy to do in most of your tweets and videos for free.
Interesting idea, but a shiny cover on crap is still crap no matter how you wrap it. You didn't learn that from dealing with Joy, so I doubt you'll get it now.

No. 433215

Which was the crappy part? Since you apparently already have it, do a critique on it. Tell me what I did wrong.

No. 433216

Oh Dickie do you think antagonizing the person you claimed got you channel terminated is a good idea. You truly are a full blown retard aren’t you.

No. 433218


Nor, at a guess, do you do so for vanity publishing. And my publisher holds it in equal disdain.

Awww. Poor Dickie. We're supposed to be impressed.

No. 433219

No. 433221

TBH - I'm not sure if I believe him, but if that's his genuine opinion that's still one more person who saw through her crap. At the end of the day that's a good thing, even though Richard seems ( is ) pretty crazy and a massive attention whore.

If he still wants her mashed potatoes ( kek, anon, that made me both laugh and barf mentally ) then he's just an incredibly sad individual. If this is an attempt to 'shut the hate down' it's not going to work either.

No. 433223

Hey, fellow anons - maybe move this little shindig over to the Spergleberry thread, where it belongs?

This is Joy/Kati's thread, after all - no reason to have her desperate white knight clogging it up with his self important rambling nonsense.

No. 433224

It's about my address being posted, man

No. 433226

Keep laughing asshole.

No. 433230

You posted your own address on YouTube. Or did you already forget that retard.

No. 433232

"Fear the power of anonymity!" I might, if I had fear.

No. 433233

Stiles, buddy…remember the insecure egomanic part? Throw projection into the midst. Thats basically your works, comics included. You're a sad, sad little man and you have my pity.
Agreed. Is it a bad idea to post the link in here and send him on over?

No. 433235


Lol? From a supposed AUTHOR? Fuck, that's funny…

Why is your superhero made of Lego? Ah, what did we do before Amazon Publishing came along? How many boxloads of your masterpiece are in the shed, pet? At least VP is relatively cheap now.

Bored. This is like shooting Joy in a barrel.

No. 433237


Hey, genius - this is where you belong.


Now stop mucking up Kati's thread with your ineptitude.

As for your address - it probably isn't yours to begin with. No one is that stupid/pathetically desperate to check it out in order to verify it.

We're not deranged Joytards, after all.

No. 433242

No one here wants to buy your comic book.
I'm glad you've seen through her bs though. Good for you.

No. 433245

The only two comics I've published are out of print. But there's a 304 page novel on Amazon. It might be full of Joytardedness. Get it and see.

No. 433246


Why pay for Joytardedness when we can get oodles of it for free on Twitter and Youtube?

No. 433320

it was all part of kati's plan to delete her youtube channel, guyz. ha. don't you feel dumb?

No. 433340


Yeah, she's like SPECTRE. We'll never be able to follow the workings of her giant mind.

What was that bullshit about putting her channel back for "analytics?" We know that's utter shite, but d'you reckon she was fishing to see what would happen? Sitting there expectantly awaiting 80,000 subs….gets 31!

No. 433360


So the joytards don't want you, we certainly don't want you and your Twitter feed seems pretty pathetic, might be time to buy a puppy, they love anybody.

No. 433364

>>433340 That's almost the exact number of Patrons who pay for her Patron only streams. She only has 2½ dozen people who will keep taking the blue pill for her. Not even her doctor will keep giving her pills. Probably put her on those as a munchie detector and she failed miserably and didn't even take half her prescriptions.

No. 433389

Holy Batman! Stiles is posting here now? Wow it really has come full circle… #Spergtastic

Sage for non con

No. 433399

JFC I need to get on ish stat. We're talking clutch material here. ???
Thanks Richard!

Sage for non con

No. 433408

He already has a shit load of dogs he abuses and lets shit all over his house. He doesn’t need another. He needs someone to turn him into animal control.

No. 433417

Can we all Ignore Richard unless he brings fresh milk about Kati? He belongs on >>>/snow/336585

No. 433423

I don't belong here at all. I'm where my address was posted. I wasn't browsing and happened to find it, someone told me it was here.

No. 433427

Nah, you belong with your soulmate Angel Zones. I'm sure you two would be a match made in some form of Heaven/Hell/Whatever.

Oh and go with the thread link >>>>>>/snow/336585

..since your stuff is up there and all. So just follow that rainbow and have run with that.

No. 433432

What, there's more shit about me? Why? Tapped out of Joy material, you get it wherever you can? How much do you get paid for all this time and effort?

No. 433437

Or, you could go look and see for yourself. I mean..its not hard when you put yourself out there as much as you do. You made a spectacle out of yourself..what did you think would happen? You wanted attention, you got it.

No. 433442

Putting myself out there? I'm waiting for some cookies and saw a (1) on this tab. I'm really not interested in this beyond somebody posting my address. What else could there be about me, that would interest me? Is somebody making fun of me for being weird? I'm not ashamed of being weird. I'd be a hack if I wasn't. Show me an artist and/or writer who's not weird, and I'll see a fraud. And even if you had something real on me, or anybody else for that matter, there's no one more lolly than fulltime lollers. People without lives centering their lives around people who at least have enough going on to give you something to talk about. You could be making cookies, like I am.

No. 433447

you posted your own address you turbo retard.

No. 433448

Not here I didn't.

No. 433451

How are you not out on the pasture yet. Stop treating this as a chatroom, come on. Goes for Richard and anons.

No. 433452

I don't really care, but if it's gonna be there, I'm Gonna tell people to send 15 dollars and I'll dropship you a book.

No. 433456

>I'm not ashamed of being weird. I'd be a hack if I wasn't. Show me an artist and/or writer who's not weird, and I'll see a fraud.
Richie boy is some top kek, that's for sure. USI up the ass, this one.

No. 433459

I am proud as can be, to not know wtf a USI is. Get a life.

No. 433463

Ffs, where's a farmhand? This thread is getting derailed bigger than shit and something tells me that was PRECISELY his intention.

No. 433464

My intention was to turn Eobard's dox into an ad. It's a good book. You should get one.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 433481

No one doxxed you expect yourself, You fucking retard. Now kindly fuck off Charles.

No. 433485

Somehow he and Kati follow the same dumb shit Bible, where they have special rules, regs and definitions that only apply to them. They put out their own personal information and once someone copies/pastes it, they have been so wronged.
Onision happens to follow that same shit Bible but was wrongfully accused of doxxing Kati when Kati posted the address in question in her own video yet still has the balls to lie about it, despite screen shots that show it on her special magic channel that disappeared.
These are the kind of freaks that shouldn't be allowed to internet

No. 433487

Would I be able to find said screenshots with a Ctrl F search?

No. 433490

File: 1511847130168.jpg (140.93 KB, 1440x812, IMG_20171128_002805.jpg)

This is from her video on her main channel, the title included "ONISION demands an apology" and she shared their private messages, that included him saying he had her address. She ended up blocking her address in her video with a picture of Dwight shrute, but didn't block it out the whole time so the Dwight photo faded out, revealing the address and dox she claimed.

No. 433493

Try thread 7, particularly post >>341465

No. 433494

Just to add to that, the address being visible on her video was pointed out over and over and she never pulled or edited the video, but continued to blame him. That's not to say he wouldn't do it to her, because he would, but those assholes love fax and the fact is she lied about it

No. 433497



I have no idea why the fuck farmers are humouring this asshole.

No. 433504

You want milk. I remember this one time Joy asked me to have sexual relations with one of my dogs on livestream. I was so embedded in her “cult” as you people call it. I actually thought about it. I was actually going to penetrate one of my dogs, not the nice ones but one of the mean ones.

Remember $15 gets you a copy of my novel.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 433526


Thank you kindly anons. I've been tracking Kati's lies, inconsistencies, and attacks etc., so the more info I can collect, the better. Thanks again cuz your tracking, not just of Kati's BS, but the others' is beyond impressive. Damn you guys are like the freaking CIA!