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File: 1455290526539.jpg (370.46 KB, 1511x1600, IMG_2218 - Copy (2).JPG)

No. 92221

>The Hartley Hooligans are a pair of sisters, Claire and Lola Hartley, born with microcephaly, a medical condition which is signified by a head circumference several standard deviations below the average.It basically means they are vegetables that won't even react if you flash light into their eyes.
>The sisters, both of whom have various other medical conditions due to their microcephaly, are loved and adored my their parents, particularly the mother. She loved her first microcephalic baby so much, she kept the second on when prenatal scans showed she would be microcephalic too

So anons, would you do the same? Do you think retards should be not only allowed to live and leech off resources, but also to be praised for being 'brave little angels'?

What would YOU if you found out your baby will have this condition?

No. 92222

a number of other conditions that the older daughter suffers from:

dwarfism, Spastic Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy, epilepsy, scoliosis, a g-tube (feeding tube in stomach), Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI), and other issues

No. 92223

Does it really make you a monster to not want children like this? I go on reddit sometimes, and recently saw a discussion on eugenics and how many people these days were opting to abort downs syndrome babies…The commentators were livid that anyone would support such modern day eugenics

No. 92224

File: 1455291277275.jpeg (45.95 KB, 564x376, image.jpeg)

Love them until they die. Thats what a mother is supposed to do. A con is that you probably cant discipline them the way you would do normal kids if they are doing annoying stuff so your anger is cropped up but they probably only do one annoying thing: existing. So I would probably only love them and take care of them. I do understand why others would abort them, but I love my nonexisting children the way white people love their dog: a lot.

Maybe such childeren are just as cool as pugs or french bulldogs… so ugly its cute.

No. 92225

Quite honestly if I knew my child was going to be born with a disorder such as this I would abort. It's not just about how difficult it would be for the parents but think about what type of life the child would have? It would hardly even be considered a life. Sure they probably won't know any better but that's still pretty awful in my opinion.

No. 92226

Honestly this
They are hardly living

No. 92227

i really really despise the mother. those kids are basically dead inside, but she's dressing them up in "funny" outfits like you would your dog or cat. its so fucked up.
if i got preggo and found out this is what's going to come out of me i would immediately abort. this is no life when they can't feel or enjoy anything. there is enough suffering in the world, i think its cruel to bring children like this into it.

No. 92228

File: 1455292328220.jpg (332.47 KB, 1600x1600, 217.JPG)

Exactly. There's already a huge lack of resources in this world, why waste them more? She could be using her resources on her poor healthy child, or she could adopt.

Then again it's her choice. Some people buy flat screen TVs and gold necklaces, she buy 100,000 diapers for children that can never be toilet trained. Her choice and I respect that.

No. 92229

the lobster kid looks fucking dead in this im going to lose my shit

No. 92230

that costume is adorable tbh

No. 92231

there was a good thread about this on fullchan /n/. i'll try to find an archive of it

No. 92232

File: 1455292627123.jpg (33.43 KB, 500x504, ba1.jpg)

No. 92233

found it: https://archive.is/ibWbo
not the full thread before 404, but most of it

the mother is insane. i feel bad for the alive son because his life must suck

No. 92234

The mother is completely nuts and an attention whore.

So sick of Christians acting like they're saints for letting these things live because muh soul and muh pastor said abortion is bad.

No. 92235

And how exactly can your life be blamed on your sisters solely for existing?

No. 92236

And how exactly are you blaming christians for this? There are atheists with a heart.

No. 92237

the mother's rants about the word retarded: https://archive.is/jXj3V

No. 92238

File: 1455293141766.jpg (864.88 KB, 1344x1397, IMG_6471 - Copy.JPG)

>“But they’re like any other girls, they like rap music and watch TV, and they have their own personalities,” continued Gwen. “Claire is laidback and goes with the flow, while Lola is feisty and needy. She wants to be cuddled all the time.”

that's not possible though, they don't have enough brain matter to have personalities
they don't even have enough brain to function properly, or contract their eyes in response to light appropriately

No. 92239

File: 1455293204375.jpg (158.74 KB, 1024x1024, 334.jpg)

they probably center all their time and attention on the twins, a lot of parents with disabled children do this, it's not a novel concept, you should check it out

google " sibling of disabled child"

No. 92240

I wouldn't say an attention whore, she's just dressing up her kids in cute outfits and blogging about them, which is what many mommy bologgers do

No. 92241

File: 1455293373367.jpg (620.91 KB, 959x1204, 2008 (8).jpg)

because your parents pull shitfits like this

>This story, this day, these raw emotions have haunted me for ten months… they have shut me down more than I'd like to admit… broken my heart time and time again. But I need to share this. And I know that we have all grown as a result of having experienced this, no matter how painful it was. And I hope that you can learn from it, too.

>I think part of the reason I have struggled with writing this is because it evokes so much anger and disappointment and intense sadness within my soul. And because it hits so close to home. And because it involves my kids, each of whom are SO important to me ~ such an extension of my own heart. And because it hits me below the belt with my OWN issues, experiences, and triggers in this life.

>The reason it hurts so much is because Cal said the word "retard."

No. 92242

I would blame the mother, not the sisters. All the kids, the healthy one and the disordered ones, are victims of this woman's insanity. Though I'm sure the son feels some resentment towards his sisters. How can he not? It's a normal feeling and he's also just a kid. Kids don't have the capacity to think more altruistically.

No. 92243

I just can't understand why you would want two very sick reptile baby, I just can't.

I honnestly would abort the thing immediatly if I knew I was preggo with one of them.

No. 92244

No, they are Christians. She mentions God and praying to him a few times in her blog.

No. 92245

File: 1455293768231.jpg (226.68 KB, 1600x1600, 253.JPG)

Because she believes killing these babies (abortion) is ammoral, and that hydrocephalic babies are just as good as any other babies

No. 92246

Cal is an asshole

No. 92247

for saying retard? probably in response to a joke about someone being a retard? tumblr pls get out

No. 92248

this video gets me every time

No. 92249

Ugh, the vacant expression on her face. She clearly doesn't even know anything is going on around her.

No. 92250

I am just intelligent enough to express myself without hurting my own mother. ;^)

No. 92251

Quality thread guize

No. 92252

File: 1455294812580.jpg (101.09 KB, 540x500, 452.jpg)

No. 92253

File: 1455294834696.png (643.28 KB, 507x884, cluck.png)

Wtf is this? The parents are like a bunch of fucking clowns I swear.


No. 92254

File: 1455294854624.jpg (41.8 KB, 680x680, f71.jpg)

>Hell, a few months after Claire was born, I was driving in a Dillon's parking lot on a cold winter day when I spotted some harmless Knights of Columbus workers wearing vests which read, "HELP RETARDED CHILDREN" on the back and collecting money for their organization. You'd shit your pants if you saw how fast I jerked my car into PARK (delaying several cars behind me and coming toward me), hopped out of it, and jump-straddled some poor guy's ass for wearing such an insulting slogan on the back of his vest, as if HE himself was the one who designed the damn thing with hate in his heart. OMG! I shouted, "I AM THE PARENT OF A QUOTE RETARDED CHILD END QUOTE AND I DO NOT APPRECIATE YOU WEARING SUCH AN OUTDATED, RUDE, INAPPROPRIATE VEST!!! The PROPER terminology is 'special needs' these days!!!!!!!!!!!" Dude stood there speechless then said, "I'll pass that on. Thanks." I stormed off, got in my car, parked it, and bawled my eyes out for my sweet Claire, for her disability, for myself, for my family and how CHANGED our lives would now be forever – whether she lived or died. It was so NEW… the "wound" so fresh. THIS KILLED ME. I will say, the next year I saw these guys out again, and they had on new vests which read, "HELP HANDICAPPED CHILDREN." For some reason, that actually felt BETTER to me. I stayed in my car this time and after much deliberation convinced myself I had indeed WON. Yes, I DO have issues. :)

No. 92255

File: 1455294873120.jpg (13.28 KB, 200x291, bf2.jpg)

No. 92256

Ikr. I can't snark this. Its so sad. I just feel so bad for that family.

I mean the blog is shit, but imagine being a fly on the wall for one hour in their house.

No. 92257

So you've NEVER said anything that pissed your mother off? Top kek, you're not very realistic. Kids should be allowed to say retard holy shit

No. 92258

you would see things like >>92248

No. 92259

meh she writes pretty well in my opinion, at least she's funny. She's better than most mommy bloggers that's for sure

No. 92260

File: 1455295088863.gif (482.74 KB, 500x221, mn7pb61l0X1ss8oplo1_500.gif)

I'm sure that totally happened.

No. 92261

I don't really "get" mommy blogs tbh. They all have this weird tone…like they're trying SO HARD to show the world how special and happy their family is, when you know they are ordinary people you wouldn't look twice at walking down the street.

I can't wait until the kids who have to endure all the cutesie photoshoots go through their rebellious teenage years. Like, once the kids don't want to make flower crowns, and start making friends outside the house, what are these moms going to blog about?

No. 92262

File: 1455295597658.jpg (12.86 KB, 200x200, Consider_the_following.jpg)

>tin foil hat time

Maybe that's why she wanted these two disabled kids so much. It's all so she can perpetually keep up her mommy blog since they will never grow up.

No. 92263

I think it's like a stepford wife fetish. Wanting to show your best face, kinda like on facebook, but taken to extremes

No. 92264

I feel so torn about shit like this. On one hand, these kids are barely living and seem to be used more as real life dress up dolls by their mom than functioning as actual children. On the other hand, I feel like I can't support aborting a kid just because it may have a problem. I'm autistic and know my mom would have aborted me if she would have known that and had the chance, so being in this place it feels kind of shitty to say that it should be allowed.

No. 92265

the difference is that autists can actually function and do stuff like WALK and TALK, these cabbages can't do anything for themselves.

No. 92266

"i'm also fat but damn tess holiday is too fat its so deadly :((( xd"
Thank you for being honest. As for me, I have a disabled sister (she cant function at all) and my mother took care of me just as much as my sister, but she just handled her different.

No. 92267

No. 92268

It makes me so uncomfortable I can't take it.
Their literally just toys to their parents

Even the way they dress them in stupid costumes… These kids don't even understand what is going on

It really makes me uncomfortable

No. 92269


I'll buy their son's inevitable tell-all book, tho.

No. 92270

The solution is to kill them rite? Thumbz ub pal!

No. 92271

My favorite video of them is the one where they're floating around in a jacuzzi tub like frightened lizards, occasionally grunting or moving from nerve reactions, all the while their mother creates a pretend narrative for them like "Do you like it? She's like, yes, I love it! So sweet!" while these things just mentally drift through a void of thoughtless complacency

No. 92272

You would discard any chance of a normal life to support an essentially non-sentient child's biological functions for the rest of their life?

You would sacrifice every waking hour? How would you work? How would you take trips or vacations? How would you have the time to make friends, to go to the grocery store, to read a book without thinking about them all of the time? You can't say "I'd bring them everywhere lol" because it's just not feasible.

God forbid you'd be a single parent in that situation too. You could never EVER leave them. Care for disabled children is rarely anywhere above "average" quality, and is frequently far less. They're not fucking puppies. Puppies have personalities, they grow up and can do things by themselves.

No. 92273

And christ, she's got TWO of them.

No. 92274

This is obligatory

No. 92275

1- they would have to be alive for them to be killed
2- how is abortion killing?

No. 92276

If a child has no way of functioning on it's own, it's a waste to have it. Everyone suffers, including parents and taxpayers when something like >>92274 this is born.

No. 92277

>that's what a mother is supposed to do
Why? Who says?
Most human beings are not that compassionate, even to their own children. If I had a child like that, I'd abandon it. Then again, I would get genetics screenings first to make sure that shit won't happen in the first place.

No. 92278

Ofc they're christians. Why am I not surprised? My best friend's uncle had 5 children (FIVE FUCKING KIDS) with his wife and all were born with an extreme cause of autism or down syndrome. But they don't believe in condoms and abortion. fuckin christians, man.

No. 92279

That's horrible. And when his and his wife are too old to wrangle retards anymore, guess who will have to take care of their happy bundle of retards? His family.

No. 92280

>Most human beings are not that compassionate
I know that. But thanks for confirming it again. Gives me more reasons to be a misanthropist. And I said its what we're supposed to, not what most "people" would do. Lets say you have a healthy child but she gets a severe accident and is basically a vegetable would you abandon her too?

Keep in mind the mother instinct is stronger than the edgy mindset you have (assuming you dont have children)

No. 92281

Actually lots of people 'abandon' their vegetable child. It's called turning off life support and allowing your child to become an organ donor for children with a chance.

Why do you insist vegetables are the same as people? They're demonstrably not, and you mamby pamby attempt at guilting people over 'morality' isn't helping. It's gracious enough that society allows them to keep these tax and hospital equipment leeches. Back in the day they'd be left on the side of a mountain.

No. 92282

Its killing a baby.

No. 92283

Now I know you're trolling. Get out robotfag, you're no fun.

No. 92284

You have no idea what you're talking about. This is one of the more idiotic things that /pol/ loves to say.

No. 92285

Im a woman.I just have a different option when life is made.I really don't care about pro choice/life debate anymore.

No. 92286

>.I really don't care about pro choice/life debate anymore.

you mean THE pro choice/life debate

see people like you can't even defend their opinions, not to mention type properly

No. 92287

Sure, go have fun with your carrot baby then.

No. 92288

File: 1455307008295.jpg (37.72 KB, 300x400, 080.JPG)

Does this mean that realdoll baby dolls are babies too? I mean technically they'r more human and alive than these babies, since they can be programmed to do stuff.

No. 92289

Yes, because people in vegetative states with NO HOPE of recovery are not people anymore and it's a waste of time and selfish to keep them alive when they have no brain function.

No. 92290

I think the kind of people who want to keep all veggies alive against their familys will are the sort of people who believe in detox and spot reduction. I.e scientifically illiterate or lazy people who vaguely think there's some sort of life in there, or that those people waking up from comas are comparable. Because reasons. Made up ones.

No. 92291

I just find it sad that 1 out of every 50 children born in Brazil today are those Zika zombies.
So many athletes are going to boycott the Olympics this year

No. 92292

ITT: edgy robots or edgy dykes

Its ok robots and dykes, no one wants to reproduct with you. Also since you serve no useful function on this planet I kindly ask you to hang yourself on a noose.

No. 92293


we're edgy because we realize giving birth to vegetables is a gross waste of resources, time, and would be cruel to the kids?

No. 92294

seriously???? that many???? wtf what is brazil going to do with all these vegetables?

No. 92295

>edgy dykes
>unironically calling lesbians SJW morons
Robot detected!

No. 92296

You are not only doing that. You are reposting old forced memes posted by edgy neckbeards.
Each useless thread is literally a waste of money and time for us and admin-sama.

Live life instead of focusing on children or a mother who is trying her best, more than your mother ever did. Cant blame her though she had to raise an insecure whore like you. I feel so bad for her, hope she never finds out what you are writing on the internet I wouldnt want her to get a heart attack. Don't like her kids? Go seek therapy then. You have 0 rights to call someone useless and a waste of space while you are looking for a place to laugh at people who are better than you so you can boost confidence and feel better about yourself, loose hairy warty cunthole.

If you really care about resources, go protest against war or something more useful as they actually have wasted our resources and have caused more damage than these kids ever did. YOU have caused more damage than these kids did.

Have a good day!

No. 92297

File: 1455308878207.jpg (997.2 KB, 1369x1378, 009.JPG)

>no one wants to reproduct with you.
You mean reproduce, see this is why we need to abort retards.

No. 92298

>Don't like her kids? Go seek therapy then. You have 0 rights to call someone useless and a waste of space while you are looking for a place to laugh at people who are better than you so you can boost confidence and feel better about yourself, loose hairy warty cunthole.

Oh my god guys we have a new navy seal copypasta

No. 92299

Only retards care about spelling to avoid confrontation tbh

No. 92300

File: 1455309023701.png (1.19 MB, 1080x1837, xTgrpg0.png)

>Each useless thread is literally a waste of money and time for us and admin-sama.
It's not a waste? I've gotten lots of use out of these threads ranging from tips on fashion and healthy living to life advice. Heck even being entertained is something.

These vegetables can't even get entertained. It's her right to choose to have them, but I don't think we're edgy for wondering WHY she would want to have them.

No. 92301

Only retards can't spell tbh

No. 92302


No. 92303

Have some empathy anon- read this. It's from someone with an autistic son

"I cant help it, my life is constantly terrible. I spend as much time as work as possible. The worst part is that I am supposed to pretend that I am happy about it. When we get together with the other parents and everyone is pretending their kids are as normal as anyone else. They are not. All of us secretly wish they were never born.
I would never dare tell my wife this. She is in total denial. Every time he screams or has a breakdown I just wish he would die. I believe that violence is a lot more common than you think. but my wife and I always control ourselves. I can't stand it though. Why has god done this to me, and why instead of having support are you not supposed to say this. It is terrible, and I did not deserve it yet I am supposed to pretend life is just great."

No. 92304

What a terrible parent wow

No. 92305

>my wife
So its a dad. Typical, men are always bad lel not suprising at all.

No. 92306

I hope you never have to go through the nightmare of having an autistic child. Screaming and attacking you every single day. I hope you never have to go through that anon and know what a terrible parent you would be.

No. 92307

Yeah. So what should we do to make the world a better place?! We farmers have the right to live!

No. 92308

I think the parents project their desired personalities onto the children. Like "This is how they'd be if they were normal". That's actually rather sad. No wonder the mother isn't wired too tightly.

I feel bad for Cal because he's probably not getting the attention he really needs from his mother.

It's not very nice to call your sisters retarded. But these aren't high functioning retarded children. They are vegetables that can't be hurt by words. The mother forced her son into a breakdown for 30 minutes over this?

>Scott and I had a VERY loooooooooong talk about the whole ordeal, what Cal's punishment should be, and why our son would EVER do such a thing. We decided that his punishment would be this: He would have to call each of the other three children involved, apologize for using the word "retard" and explain to them why it is wrong and why no one should ever say it again. Secondly, he would write Scott & me a letter about his own thoughts, feelings and what he had learned – about his sisters, using that word, why it's inappropriate, why he won't do it again, how sorry he is, etc. It needed to be at least one notebook page in length.

If this kid shoots up his school one day I wouldn't even be surprised. He must be so psychologically damaged by his crazy parents.

No. 92309

I don't know, but WHO has declared it an epidemic, like Ebola in West Africa last year. Not only is Zika mosquito borne, it's also sexually transmitted. It remains unsafe to conceive babies for a few months after you recover from the Zika, and most people never know they've been infected due to flu-like symptoms

Hope Solo says she's sitting out this year because she's hoping to have kids. The US state department has issued a travel warning for all pregnant women or women attempting to conceive. The UN begged all tropical countries to make abortion legal for medical defects

No. 92310

I wonder if she knows that the origin of handicapped refers to disabled people begging in the streets by holding their overturned caps out for donations?

No. 92311

File: 1455310661774.jpg (36.81 KB, 576x426, I_dab7f0_4593754.jpg)

Another story to force some empathy on you

"I'm not a parent, but my second cousin (much older, in his 60's) and his wife have 4 daughters.
Let's call the oldest K. K was born with very severe down syndrome, diabetes and as a celiac. They said she had absolutely no chance of living past 5 years old.
The father is a retired surgeon and the mother was a nurse. She gave up her job at 24, when K was born. She raised 3 other daughters, of which 1 was diabetic as well (she was also a huge problem child. Out of control, really). She gave up her life when K was born. She expected to be back at work within 10 years.
K is 43 this year and still requires full time care. She works at a factory that is specifically for down syndrome people. She has to have her blood tested several times a day, which means that one of her parents has to drive for 30 minutes to check it, then 45 minutes home. She is dropped off and picked up by her parents every day she works. They have to measure every meal she eats with a measuring jug to check ensure she maintains a healthy diet and get up three times a night to check her blood.
As is usual with down syndrome patients, the older she has gotten, the more difficult she is to deal with.
I sat with her mother one night drinking wine, talking to her about it. After a few glasses, she broke down. She never got a chance to live her own life because of K. Not in their wildest dreams did they expect her to live as long as she had.
The mother is a wonderful, kind woman. I've never seen someone with so much love.
She looked at me and said "I wish she'd just die already."

No. 92312

File: 1455310797285.jpg (359.13 KB, 1600x1600, Lola-Cal-and-Claire.jpg)

that poor kid. Every birthday, christmas, easter, family event he has to put up with them. Not moving, jerking sporadically, releasing their bowels and their mother's insanity, literal INSANITY in thinking that one of her kids likes rap music, or the other one just smiled. They physically are unable to be human.

No. 92313

oh shit I didn't know that, good one

No. 92314

Do you understand these kids are living dolls? That comparing them to fatter and less fat doesn't sustain? God, you sound fucking retarded.

No. 92315

Pro-lifes and christians sure are stupid.

No. 92316

File: 1455311794407.jpg (294.67 KB, 1067x1600, _MG_8565b.jpg)


for their sake I just hope they don't have enough braincells smeared in there to even be aware of their existence. Because their existence is a nightmare.

No. 92317

Not all christians are pro life, we're not all crazy m8.

No. 92318

I don't ever expect to become a parent, but if I found myself pregnant and the fetus was showing signs of being unhealthy I would absolutely abort it. If the child was born and had some debilitating illness like these girls I would give it up under the Safe Haven law. If the child was too old to give up to a safe haven by the time the illness became apparent I would probably kill it and then kill myself.

This sounds edgy as fuck, but it's what I would do under these circumstances. I've thought about what I would do for years and it's the most humane, selfish, true course of action that I could take.

No. 92319

File: 1455312259262.jpg (15.04 KB, 240x240, 1455226753587.jpg)

That's very noble of you. Not wanting to bring more suffering into the world. Many people with severe mental and physical disabilities suffer. There are only a few exceptions to the rule, while a vast majority are made to suffer because they are so "cute" and look so "funny" and "are human too!". Bah. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 92320

Several years ago in nursing school, I volunteered at the Infectious Disease department of a pediatrics hospital. There was a mother there whose daughter was severely mentally and physically retarded; at the age of 7 she was only at the level of a paralyzed toddler with poor prognosis for the future. Apparently she was a semi-perennial patient due to recurrent respiratory and ear infections.

When the doctor asked at the end of the interview if the mother had anything she wanted to tell us (students), she said that if she could go back in time and tell the doctors not to resucitate her baby. She said that she loved her daughter very much (and would to the very end), but the longer she saw her child suffer in such an existence, the more the mother realised that her decision had been unfair to the child.

I will never forget this encounter, because it finally made me realise what a true mother's love should be.

No. 92321

Look at the parents pretending to be happy. This is a fucking joke. I feel bad for the son. I hope he grows up fast and moves out and lives a normal and stable life away from that.

No. 92322

I feel so bad for the son.

No. 92323

We love our pets enough to not want them to suffer, and not want their babies to live a life of nonexistance and suffering. We don't have as much empathy for our own.

No. 92324

I feel so bad for mothers in these situations. Mothers, much more than fathers are expected to accept their children and love them unconditionally, but when you are given a child with a severe handicap, how do you cope?

People seriously need to do genetic screenings more often.

No. 92325


No. 92326

I learned something new. This is why I love you, fellow farmers.

No. 92327

not everyone with that disorder is a vegetable, many of them are low-functioning but can still talk/express themselves in some way.

pepper from american horror story had microcephaly, for example.

these girls have a million other issues in addition to the microcephaly.

No. 92328

I wonder what would happen to these vegetables if their parents died in a car accident.

No. 92329

True, microcephaly just means small head, it's on a spectrum, from vegetable to low functioning but alive.

No. 92330

Kept in a state hospital, with very expensive equipment to keep them alive. Liberals would have a shifit about eugenics and nazis otherwise.

No. 92331

File: 1455314746119.jpg (20.38 KB, 395x395, fddsffd.jpg)

I kind of discussed it with my s/o already and we decided to abort if the child will have a probability of ending up as low functioning.

but I am scared my 'motherly love' would make me attached to it and id refuse to abort it, so thats that.

No. 92332

But at the end of that motherly love there also has to be some wish and hope that the child will form their own life and at least function on its own when you and your s/o is gone some day, right?

It seems a bit irresponsible to me to bring a person into the world whose fate depends on the kindness of strangers after your gone.

No. 92333

But the thing is, even if a kid could function I feel like a lot of parents would not want it unless it is going to be perfectly healthy or normal. That means no disabilities, physical or mental.

As I've said, I know my mother would have aborted me if she'd had the foresight. I can function in society and I provide for myself but she DESPISES having an autistic kid. And a lot of people are that way. I think that's why I feel so bad about the idea of letting someone abort if their kid is going to be disabled. It would stop a lot of potentially high functioning people from entering the world.

No. 92334

Have some common sense. Do you want a child that will barely function and need 24 hour/7 days a week support even after you die? please, that's the definition of selfish.

No. 92335

I told my partner that when we have kids I'm getting all the tests I can and there's a literal list I have of diseases or conditions called the abort it list.

Why have a kid who's gonna have a shit quality of life and never get to be a regular person?

No. 92336

This needs to be plastered everywhere.

No. 92337

I just feel… nothing when I read all of what's been posted so far. Not even any emotion what so ever.

It's unlikely that I want a kid but for that one chance that I do, I would not hesitate to abort it. I already have arthritis and a shitty immune system so I don't want my child to suffer the same way or worse.

No. 92338

I don't see why people abort down syndrome babies, other than it having a chance of being very low functioning. Downs are just really sweet people, they can get jobs and live their lives and are just naturally so lovely. The only real problem is fending off bullies and protecting them from being friendly to the wrong people. However, I'm still pro choice and understand some parents can't afford to take the risk of complications, especially with the cost of healthcare.

No. 92339


I mean, it honestly depends on how autistic/disabled the child would become. Even high functionin autistic children can be nightmares to deal with even though I'm sure you're lovely.

there's also the risk of giving birth to a high functionin autistic person who's literally worse than hitler. It's a gamble.

No. 92340

File: 1455317688080.jpg (387 KB, 2464x1648, robbierottendepressed.jpg)

>There are people who actually disagree with eugenics and think it's "immoral"

No. 92341

See the fact that they will be picked on, marginalized and seen as lesser by so many people is why I would go for an abortion if my amnio showed downs.

If I didn't know and had a downs kid id keep custody and love the fuck out of it, because I don't think downs is such a big deal and people with it are frequently enormously wonderful people.

I mostly don't wanna bring a kid into the world that I know is gonna have significant challenges beyond the typically expected ones we all have. Ill raise my kids to stand up for the disabled kid on the playground but I don't wanna bring that disabled kid into the world knowing they'll likely need to be stood up for forever.

No. 92342

I'd abort. It's a lot more humane than what can happen in nature ie the nazca booby

>young will commit siblicide (such as pecking the youngest to death, or pushing it out of the nest) during scarce resources

>parents just sit back and watch because it means not wasting limited resources on the weak

nature is brutal.

No. 92343

If you've already discussed this with your SO and know his opinion, you should be prepared for him to bounce if you decide to keep the unhealthy child. You may resent him if you abort and really wanted to have the damaged goods. Hopefully you'll never have to make this decision.

There's no test for autism yet, right? Do you part to not support eugenics by refusing to help with genetic studies of autism if tgat makes you feel better.

I know where you're coming from in a strict morality standpoint, but just take comfort in the fact that you can make personal decisions for yourself and others can make personal decisions for themselves. Some people aren't equipped to be loving, supportive parents of disabled children. It's good for those who know their personal limitations to not bite off more than they can chew.

You acknowledge that there's a chance the child could be low functioning, which means they would probably be unable to support themselves as adults. We all have finite resources. Why choose a child with the deck stacked against them when someone can try again for a child with better chances of being successful at life?

No. 92344

they have heart issues and other problems

and not all are functional and nice like you mentioned, severity varies

No. 92345

Fuck no. Abortion exists for a reason– these girls don't have personalities, thoughts, wants, dreams, nothing. They have no future and aren't even aware to know that. It's fucked on so many levels, and that's why this whole Zika virus thing is scary. I'd be getting an ultrasound every week and aborting at the first sign of trouble, no regrets whatsoever.

No. 92346

A lot of them have massive health issues and very low IQs. They're weak and can't really survive outside without constant help from parents and nurses/doctors. Down syndrome child is definition an abort go for me.

No. 92347

Nah, that anon is just being sensationalist. Less than 1% of babies in Brazil are born with microcephaly, though in 2015 the occurrence was 20 times higher than usual.

No. 92348

File: 1455328198621.jpg (49.85 KB, 620x535, baby-born-doll.jpg)

In the end, you're basically caring for an expensive ugly baby doll. How is this not the same as just playing 'make believe' with their feelings, likes, and wants?

Fucking this. Who would want to live such a shitty life? If my life were to end up really bad at the time my mom got preggo, I wouldn't mind at all if my mom had the foresight to realize that nobody should have to live a life where they have less because of certain circumstances. People like this woman want to seem like saviors for not aborting their kids, but it's pretty fucking selfish to keep up this charade.

No. 92349

I'd rather take part in eugenics personally.
The entire plant is living in limited resources. It seems unreasonable to use them on people unable to live a full life.

When your horse breaks its legs, you shoot it.
When your dog is so old and arthritic its entire life hurts, you put it down.

If an unborn mass of cells is determined to be defective, why not abort? There's low chances of quality or quantity of life with many of the things tested for. Its kinder even than euthanasia. The thing is never even alive to begin with.

No. 92350

Where is this from?

No. 92351

did lolcow used to play with dolls?

No. 92352

>she kept the second on when prenatal scans showed she would be microcephalic too
I would love to see a source on that, OP. Last time I read about them the ultrasound didn't actually show any conditions until it was too late to abort.

No. 92353

Kid in the pic looks like a burn victim. I feel so bad he has to live that way for the rest of his life.

No. 92354

lesbian and bisexual erasure, ofc

No. 92355

I went to a school that had about 20 downies, with the exception of one, and one other about half the time, they were not nice and some were very violent

No. 92356

No. 92357

it says it on her blog somewhere.

the first one was was the one that didn't show any conditions, the second one did on their first scan

No. 92358

That mother is a sadistic monster. Those kids are fucking miserable.

No. 92359

I would dispose of them the way white people dispose of their dog if it's suffering and spitting bubbles on the floor. You sound like a self important sadistic cunt to me. It's not about loving your children, it's about the status and ass pats you get from society for taking care of a miserable retard. Why do you think this cunt makes these videos? She thrives on the attention. Existing must be a living hell for those kids, especially with all the conditions listed in >>92222
If she loved her kids, she would have got an abortion, but nope. She's going to let them live their meaningless, uneventful lives of pain and torment. Gotta love that government money and Christfag donations.

No. 92360

Would you like to live like this?


No. 92361

Wait, then what do black people do with a suffering dog?
Are you implying that black people just let animals suffer? Jfc racist-chan, calm down. I'm sure euthanasia of suffering dying animals isn't just a white thing.

No. 92362

What a crazy bitch. Why would they punish their son for that?? They are mentally retarded. I doubt he was using it as a slur or an insult, he seems like a good brother. She's a disgusting human for having the second kid after knowing how the first one was suffering with no quality of life. Obviously they knew how she would be born and didn't choose to do the right thing and abort.

No. 92363

File: 1455361291523.jpg (23.18 KB, 279x356, EuthanasiePropaganda (1).jpg)

Luckily I don't think they're concious enough to be miserable.

No. 92364

So true. People who aren't aware of just how challenging REAL autism is strike me as really uninformed. I want to take them to the home of an autistic child, or even adult, just for a day.

Autism is on a spectrum, so it can be normal and fine like aspergers or chrischan, the high functioning kind, but low functioning is its own circle of hell for both the parents and the child. The child being literally trapped in their mind, often accompanied by seizures and extreme fits of unexplained anger. Repetitions and routines that manage their lives. Inability to empathise, feel, recognise faces, recognise emotions. Some of these kids will never even speak.

No. 92365

I've got four cousins via two different aunts with autism and they're on the low functions end of the spectrum.
Their lives suck.

K's kids: Two of them had a feeding tube for years and one now has a jejunal tube. None are verbal, and all three require lifelong high levels of care. She's never gonna hear 'I love you mum' 'thanks mum' 'I got a job' 'I'm getting married' none of it. They just watch Disney DVDs and gesture and grunt.

R's kid: non verbal, never toulet trained, only eats fried chicken, only watches hi-5 DVDs, has destroyed his room (holes in walls, paint peeled off, windows smashed, shelves ripped down, wardrobes ripped out, doors broken)

He'd have fits of screaming and thrashing around so violently you couldn't go near him and by the age of 8 he could overpower his mum easily. They had to lock him in his bedroom with bolts on the outside of his door, or he would get up through the night and do bizarre shit like paint the walls with his shit or piss on the couch. Sometimes he would just start pushing people. He ended up in a care home.

No. 92366

File: 1455364729812.gif (1.6 MB, 350x197, Nathan-Fillion-reaction-gif.gi…)

No. 92367

Aborting the second would've been admitting that they should've aborted the first.

No. 92368

Having seen what my severely autistic brother has done to my parents relationship and quality of life. I can say I could abort a disabled child quite easily. I couldn't deal with it, and yes there are some amazing people who can. I am not one of them. My childhood was already affected enough. still, I can't really say until I'm in that situation. Maybe it's not so easy to give up a kid that becomes mentally disabled further down the line.

but yeah I would never choose to give birth to one.

No. 92369

yeah this so much. While I would never say I had a bad childhood.. I never really wanted for anything other than actual love from my parents. Shit like my disabled brother destroying my doll "oh its your fault for leaving it where he can find it" etc. Constantly being put last and made to feel so worthless really. And as I got older they would take out their frustrations with him on me as I wasn't about to lash out and attack them/punch hole sin the walls. It took a long time to realise but I believe its had a long reaching effect on my life even now. I don't honestly know how much I can blame this upbringing for all depression, anxiety and shit but I don't think it helped. And my relationship with my parents is tense and awkward as fuck. I don't exactly blame them. I know they have a hard time but there's no closeness there. and I guess I love my brother somewhere deep down. He is my brother and he can't help his disabilities, but that doesn't mean I should have suffered as a result and as a person I really can't stand him

No. 92370

sage for OT, but this applies to any handicapped family member, tbh.

i had a stint at a social services non-profit (it sucked ass) where i was handed a case involving a mentally ill woman trying to contact her kids. it hurt me to call them up to bug them about their mom, because i knew that she had always been toxic to them and that they were just trying their damned best to cut ties and finally live decent lives. i don't blame them one bit. i wish i could have told them that.

No. 92371

I can understand not aborting children with Downs or some other syndrome similar to it, because that child still has a chance at a conscious and happy life. But these things are not even human. They're no better than plants. I hope the parents had enough sense to list these things as organ donors and won't stretch out their existence unnecessarily. That's the only way their existence will be worth something.

No. 92372

>I am a real-life, damn near Snow F’ing White (super pale AND gifted at dwarf wrangling) from the Midwest who blogs regularly about my kids’ antics, my husband’s sketchy facial hair, and shitting myself. When I'm not cleaning up doggy snot & random bodily fluids (from the kids, pervs!), I find time to share about my unique life raising a typical child & two profoundly disabled children, laughing all the way.

theres gotta be something wrong wiht this woman

No. 92373

I really doubt I could raise a severely disabled child. Something like ADHD or stuff I could work with, but kids like this that require constant attention, medical help, can never live a normal, conscious life etc., I just couldn't do it. It wouldn't be fair to the "healthy" other child or the whole family OR the sick child to live a life completely revolving around vain attempts to try and make it work. More power to the people who want to live a life like this >>92365 but I just couldn't handle it.

No. 92374

You anons nailed it. When my dog was suffering because of a terminal illness and in horrible pain, couldn't do anything anymore etc. we had it put down. I couldn't bear to have him suffer anymore because I loved him so much. It was hard for me to let go but it had to be done. It would've been selfish to have him around for a little longer just so I wouldn't be heartbroken to let him have peace.

No. 92393

They probably just watch it slowly suffer to death or shoot it down between the eyes, unlike we the weak sensible whites…

No. 92416

I think the traditional way is to force it to watch a 4 hour marathon of the black entertainment channel, at which point they peacefully drift off to death.

No. 92417

she seems very chirpy

No. 92449

what the fuck is going to happen to those poor mites when their mother dies? assuming they live until she's elderly of course.

No. 92459

First sign of lagging growth was at 22 weeks; confirmed by 26 weeks. Too late to abort.

No. 92460

I'd say that was unlikely. Its miraculous they've even lived this long. Of course like many they would go straight into the system that spends a fortune keeping them alive and falls short of offering them any kind of quality of life much of the time anyway. The abuse in homes is awful..

No. 92461

meh. Should be allowed in this case but I doubt the mother would have anyway.

No. 92467

In my country it's allowed to abort past 12 weeks if your baby is diagnosed with something like this.

No. 92468

File: 1455393042133.webm (1.25 MB, 304x288, ABORT ME.webm)

House cats are more sentient that these wretches

No. 92469

File: 1455393330523.webm (2.69 MB, 226x400, world's smallest pepe.webm)

No. 92470

Not too late to abort where I live if your kid has a condition like this. It's abhorrent to even give birth to it at this stage tbh

I guess the US is different. You americans have some weird laws. No euthanasia, guns for everyone and no discrimination for being fat. Oh and pizza is legally a vegetable.

No. 92472

Their father and then their brother will have to keep taking care of them of course. As happens with all families with disabled children like this. It becomes a family burden, the healthy children's burden.

No. 92476

These, for sure. I'm a sibling too, and I can say with certainty having a severely disabled family member changes everyone's life in a very strong and distinctive way. And it affects every family member differently, especially factoring in age/gender/relation to the disabled individual. I would not blame her son at all for any resentment or loneliness he might struggle with.

"Taking care" of kids and adults with severe cognitive and developmental disabilities is a relatively new concept- and still foreign to most people. Titicut Follies was made pretty recently– the late 60's. Group homes still regularly abuse, assault, and neglect disabled people of all ages and backgrounds. It is very, very difficult to find some sort of outside placement for kids and adults who cannot survive by themselves, and things hardly ever improve.

So as a parent it's do or die, basically. For them, and for you in a way, if you are unfortunate enough to experience something like this. From what I've seen here, and after skimming through her blog, it seems like she has chosen to do one of the two most common methods of coping: projecting herself and her wishes onto her children to build her ideal family. The other option (if we are avoiding the "die" route) would be to face reality and allow her children's affliction to overcome her and swallow her entire being, which it seems she has managed to permanently deflect with her "teehee! we're fun! we're great! we're soooo happy!!!" attitude.

I never even thought about this. Good point.

No. 92479

File: 1455394030776.png (716.65 KB, 1154x604, ratm.png)

there are the regular mommy bloggers, then there are the special snowflake mommy bloggers

the special snowflake mommy bloggers clearly have psych problems that they're projecting onto their children, like Munchausen's by proxy but with social issues. I like the ones that don't have disabled children, but find other ways of having a fucked up family, like the ones that have "transgendered" 5 year olds or this piece of work.


No. 92483

keeping these things alive isn't compassion

No. 92484

In the US, it depends on the state - some states outlaw termination after that time, in others there are restrictions on whether the life of the mother is in danger, fetal medical issues etc. I don't know where the Hartley fam lives so don't know the local rules, but she wouldn't have chosen to terminate anyway.

No. 92487

you could give birth to a Chris Chan.

think about that.

No. 92489

They say the first girl wasn't fully diagnosed until 3.5 months after birth, although docs told them at birth that she had microcephaly. i'm wondering if she didn't get sonograms done during that pregnancy or if the sonograms somehow didn't catch it.

No. 92490

No. 92495

so there are states where you can't terminate even when the mothers life is in danger, so the mother has to just die?


No. 92497

It's possible, which is why it's best to really overdo it with sonograms and such, even go to two different practitioners for it. It's what my sister did and what I'm planning to do, because nurses/doctors etc tend to notice different things and have different opinions, worryingly enough

can never be too paranoid

No. 92504

that is the face of a man who has been thoroughly cucked

great valentines day gift ideas tho, gotta admit

No. 92506

whats a titicut folly?

No. 92509

File: 1455395474289.png (483.77 KB, 1341x570, 1454226570978.png)

No. 92510

File: 1455395515600.png (1.04 MB, 1048x634, 1454222773998.png)

this is what I mean by projecting

No. 92512

File: 1455395680520.png (705.58 KB, 960x605, East Africa.png)

last one, off topic, etc.

No. 92516

What the fuck, I hate when people imply shit like that, even if it's a joke.
It's you own kid, geez.

No. 92518

Hmm, I shouldn't have worded worded it like I did. I'm fairly sure there is a medical exemption (mothers life/health) for abortion in all states, but I will have to verify this.

No. 92532

File: 1455398391153.jpg (25.12 KB, 255x255, 1441346638313.jpg)


Watching these only strengthened my resolve to get my tubes tied. I don't even want to risk it.

No. 92551

I'm a day late to this thread, but here's my opinion: I'd rather not knowingly bring a child into this world if I knew they were going to suffer from a lot of problems. All that money that I'd be spending on medical bills would be better off in a savings account for them for when they become adults. It's not fair to bring a child into this world if they can't enjoy their lives or have the privileges that a healthy child would.

No. 92586

This, thank you.

It just means most people won't pass down their shit genes. Such cruelty, much suffering, woah. A person not having their own offspring is totes the worst fate ever.

No. 92590

If a child can't have any quality of life, then yes. I quite agree.

No. 92594

I can't stand people like this. The first child is one thing, not much you can do. But having the second one, knowing it will be plagued with the same condition is cruel tbh.
These children will need to wear diapers for their entire life, waste of resources and adding more garbage to the heap.
What a life, what a sweet lady to bring another vegetable to the world.

No. 92604

well you kill a living creature. accept it and move on.

No. 92608

So do you also eat meat, are you just a hypocrite? Look the glaring flaws in your logic in the eye. Face the fact that you're wrong and morality isn't black and white.

You're not better than others just because you, in the comfort of your home, sitting your fat ass on the chair, staring at your computer screen, you say you hypothetically wouldn't abort such a child. That you'd push your sister away if she came to you sobbing, telling you the scans showed her baby will have no brain. That you'd raise a child you have to bathe, change the diapers of an be chained to for 20 or more years. You'd do all those things and keep that shit eating grin you have on right now.

No. 92609

We live in a world where this sort of thing is commonplace. Life is no longer a gift, it's a right. The right of every serial pedophile, vegetable and rapist to have a life.

No. 92611

Holy shit calm down.
You kill a living creature for selfish reasons. Get over it anon. that's my damn opinion.
Unless you have been raped, are under 18 or have a health disease or condition, you shouldnt be allowed to abort.
>do you also eat meat, are you just a hypocrite?
true, i do eat meat but theres a fucking difference between killing a human and killing an animal.

No. 92612

>you're not better
>let me tell you how better i am than you because i kill fetus!!!!!!

No. 92614

also good job at shitting on housewives.
guess working at minimum wage and sucking dicks all the time makes your life truly wonderful right?

No. 92615

>calls a fetus a human

There's no reasoning with this one guys.

No. 92616

File: 1455411537099.jpg (111.03 KB, 638x479, 323-the-holocaust-new-slides-1…)

Exactly. You're better off taking care of an animal from the shelter, than a child like this. Just objectively in terms of the amount of neurons you would be firing off in a positive manner. At least a cat can enjoy eating a meal, at least a dog can bring some joy to people's faces. These children just bring suffering. All the smiles and joy they supposedly bring are fake and strained, just like the farce of a submedical economy keeping them alive.

No. 92617

As long as you get lots of scans, you should be fine. It's the sort of thing doctors should be able to spot, and when they don't it's a freak accident like the womb or even umbilical cord giving the wrong impression of head size or good old fashioned human incompetence.

No. 92619

i meant technically, but i guess if doing abortions because you want to keep your shitty jobs, being a slut and bashing on people for think they're superior while thinking yourself you are superior makes it easier for you to sleep at night, it's all right anon

No. 92621

File: 1455411781756.jpg (53.87 KB, 500x337, tumblr_mskheyOrrq1stxu8xo1_500…)

That's pretty disgusting. That she's sexualising her own children and fetishising another race in conjunction with that. I wonder if she ever gets a moment of clarity where she realises how hypocritical she is.

No. 92623

anon meant as opposed to animals.

No. 92624

You sound upset and unintelligent. I'm very sorry. I hope things work out for you one day.

No. 92625

>fetishising another race

No. 92626

well i haven't killed a living creature to keep my job so i'm alright anon.
i hope you'll be okay if you ever get denied abortion

No. 92627

I guess your mother was a slut then, since you're obviously a failed abortion.

No. 92628

nice samefagging

No. 92629

Because she's boning over the fact that he's black.

No. 92630

12 year old detected

No. 92631

Pro-choice call themselves pro-choice only for abortion. don't try to argue with them. it's pointless

No. 92632

Yeah, both comments are by me actually. We don't have IDs here unfortunately. What's your point exactly?

No. 92633

>made one typo
>gets called 12 years old
you're really desperate

No. 92634

how can you call me upset if you make three posts just to insult me or the way I type? just accept not everyone is pro-choice and move on

No. 92636

So true. They're fine with kids going to shitty schools in rags where they can't even learn because class is a mess, such as in detroit, but muh sanctity of life. I'd like to see them give a fuck about ukrainian kids with empty bellies. This hypocrisy is best seen in the church, where they hate the sinner and not the sin.

No. 92637

also no need to bash housewives. that's very low

No. 92638


You've done this repeatedly, I'm just curious as to why you type like this. Is it because it's easier? Are you a slow typer or just lazy?

No. 92639

so just because they dont agree with abortion means they agree with starving children and such?

No. 92640

File: 1455412226779.jpg (99.34 KB, 638x479, 323-the-holocaust-new-slides-1…)

What on earth are you blabbering on about?

No. 92641

I've only made one post with "i" and how is this relevant?

No. 92642

I'm against abortion unless you have been raped, have a health condition or are under 18, so you obviously can't read because if you would have a child like this, i wouldnt be against abortion in this case.

No. 92643

File: 1455412406903.jpg (36.26 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

I simply said they're hypocrites. These people will preach pro life in the womb, but will walk over begging children. I've seen it first hand since I grew up in eastern europe. I've seen the most staunchly religious anti abortion people treat single mothers like shit, allowing their children to starve and suffer in misery.

read >>92626 and find all the "i" s. I refuse to debate someone who is a liar, so I am not going to respond to your posts anymore. And they're easy to notice since you type like a moron who can't hold a thought straight.

No. 92644

>calling me a moron for making stupid typos
you're honestly just desperate and just because im pro life doesnt mean i agree with children starving and shit. you do know people can multitask and care multiple things at once?
and being raised by one parent is bad.

No. 92645

Also my comment >>92631 didn't support pro-choice. People call themselves pro-choice only for abortion because "its empowering for women!!" but they're against everything else.
talk about hypocrisy.

No. 92648

Can both of you shut up?
This thread isnt about pro-life pro-choice

No. 92650

File: 1455413000676.jpg (113.43 KB, 1024x1024, 001_zps4133bc5b.jpg)

I feel so bad for this family. They're obviously trying so hard to make it all work. They seem like good people, and had these girls been born normal they would have had the greatest mother they could imagine.

She's strong and compassionate, but unfortunately so befuddled by her belief in a patronising god, that she believes he would want her to live a life of suffering. Like this is her cross to bear and god wants her to sufffer. No hun, god wanted you to abort and live a good long life with healthy kids and a happy husband.

It's too late now, she can't exactly smother them with a pillow, so I guess she's making the best of a bad situation at least.

No. 92651

Please, don't remind me. I don't have the most realistic (or pc) views when it comes to the human population.

No. 92652

I feel so bad for the children. they'll be bullied at school and they'll never have self-confidence. this is too sad

No. 92653

reminds me of how jail is shit nowadays.
i wish rapists and killers would get killed. they have no value.
why would you give them a second chance?

No. 92655

>implying everyone who aborts a pregnancy does so because they want to "keep their jobs and ride the cock carousel"
>implying it's unreasonable for someone not to want to spend their lives caring for a human-shaped vegetable that will never even smile and isn't even aware of its own existence
>implying it's wrong to kill a thing that is incapable of wanting to survive
>implying women should be forced to live a life of misery because of a clump of cells that cannot sustain life outside a womb

>implying you're not a bitter robot who hates everyone

>implying you don't hold a special hatred for women
>implying your opinions are not based on resentment

You're living proof abortion should be not only legal but also encouraged, slave morality-kun.

No. 92656

File: 1455413636297.jpg (41.63 KB, 640x480, 131904890733.jpg)


Thanks for the laughs, anon(s).

No. 92657

File: 1455413966454.jpg (4.92 KB, 139x139, image.jpg)

Try harder plz anon.
My husband is hardly a cock carousel, and any reasonable person would rather keep their steer than become a diaper-slave to a shitting houseplant with a 50+ year lifespan.

No. 92658

I guess because of this mamby pamby leftist humanitarian view we have of those who commit crimes. We don't see them as lesser and flawed, instead we see them as needing of help and resources. As children who were abused and thus more likely to commit a crime. There's also a whole system based around them which makes money off their incarceration, from lawyers, judges and cops to paralegals and even manufacturing companies. They need trials, cases and such to have extensive steps, procedures and to be time, money etc. intensive. A quick chop to the neck of every serial killer wouldn't make these vultures as much money.

Also the pearl clutchers would be upset.

No. 92659

For fucks sake, career. Not steer. Unless they make a living off steers somehow.

No. 92660

An animal is a living, sentient thing. A fetus is as alive and sentient as a mushroom.

No. 92661

>implying wanting abortion is the same as wanting slaves
>not realizing pro-life people accept abortion if you have been raped or cope with a life disease
>implying everyone who is against abortion is a man
>implying i am a man
you are officially retarded

No. 92662

Please fuck off.
Anon said he supports abortion in this case. Why can't you accept not everyone accept abortion in every case and fucking move on? Do you think everyone on this earth will have the same opinion? go back to tumblr or some shit

No. 92663

What gets to me the most about this, is that even nature isn't dumb enough to allow this sort of shit to happen. Take ticks as an example. Despite their poor reputation ticks play an ecological role by hurting infirm animals and preventing overgrazing of plant resources.

We need to ail infirm humans, not encourage them to overgraze our fields of finite resources.

No. 92665

you just triggered an extremist, do you really think anon will give up? just ignore it and anon will probably move on

No. 92666

You're right I would have been so much better off if my mum had of stayed with my heroin addict dad, ensuring I had two parents.

Without him around I missed learning vital skills such as self-injection, burglary, battery against strangers and how to discreetly get an overdosing person off your property without involving authorities.

No. 92667

File: 1455414448718.jpg (13.54 KB, 300x300, dam son.jpg)

>wanting slaves
>slave morality is wanting slaves

I don't think I've ever laughed this hard

No. 92668

It's disgusting rapists and murderers are allowed to have a second chance.
Heck, I dont give a shit if they get tortured to death. We passed from Hanged, drawn and quartered to "you killed a whole family and raped tons of children? youll stay in jail forever have a nice trip"

No. 92669

File: 1455414495232.jpg (48.05 KB, 640x480, image.jpg)

I think I got anons triggers. Why are you so mad over cell-masses?

No. 92671

Nobody cares about your family. Stop derailing the thread just because someone disagrees with you.

No. 92672

You're Thartan 2.0 at this point.
Nobody is mad or upset. it's just you going apeshit because someone disagree with abortion

No. 92673

Man, this thread is going downhill

No. 92674

File: 1455414617917.jpg (25.93 KB, 228x275, image.jpg)

>doesn't think fetuses are people

No. 92675

You know those posts aren't all from the same person right?

No. 92676

i called you an extremist because you are ruining this thread and think being against abortion is the same as slave logic or w/e
i guess i must have triggered you a lot for you to write paragraphs though

No. 92677

Your dad would have been great as a skyrim NPC though. Sounds like he was in the thieves guild.

No. 92678

top kek

No. 92679

I'm not the anon who brought up slaves, calm your tits.

No. 92680

File: 1455414787810.jpg (65.57 KB, 768x1024, 085_zpsdf748b81.jpg)

I care about anons family, and it's relevant to the discussion, so why not?

No. 92681

>women should be forced to live a life of misery because of a clump of cells that cannot sustain life outside a womb
because having a child is a misery instead of a blessing right? so much empowerment, you go girl!!! you're the reason why nobody takes feminism seriously anymore

No. 92682

File: 1455414884030.jpg (94.26 KB, 404x472, tumblr_nr8y711qPb1uazh7uo1_500…)

They're not exactly children though. They're forever potatoes.

No. 92684

anon thinks all women should think like her otherwise they're men, you can tell anon is pretty dumb.
anyway, i would abort instead of having those children. this is too fucking sad

No. 92685

im that anon and i meant abortion in general.
im not against abortion in health cases like this though
this is cruel imo

No. 92686

Having a child if you want a child is a blessing. Having a child when you don't want a child is 'a misery'. It just means the ones who don't want it won't be forced to live in misery, it doesn't mean everyone will get mandatory abortions and be forced to hate kids.

'Slave' anon here are you fucking seriously telling me you people don't understand what I meant?
Holy fucking shit you robots and cunts are stupid. I'm getting the fuck out of here before this shit spreads.

No. 92687

and i mean cruel because the children will always be bullied and will probably cope with Body dysphoria or depression as they grow up.
the mother should have aborted at least the second child since or even the first

No. 92688

I brought it up because someone said something along the lines of
>all babbies must have two parents

No. 92689

we won't miss you anon. bye felicia

No. 92690

Births unholy monster spawn that can do nothing but squirm and maybe grunt.
'A miracle!! Thankyou heavens!'

No. 92691

nobody said that tho

No. 92693


>being raised by one parent is bad

No. 92695

Well it's true.
Being raised by a single parent isn't something recommended lol they have higher chances of having mental issues

No. 92696

File: 1455415538806.jpg (438.76 KB, 1600x1600, 137.JPG)

Dude, no offense but please stop derailing. Go start an anti abortion thread or something.

No. 92697

File: 1455415606379.jpg (355.93 KB, 1272x1600, 191.JPG)

>bye felicia
holy shit tumblerina fuck off and stop making this thread more shit than it already is. At least contribute something.

No. 92698

File: 1455415735676.jpg (20.56 KB, 275x275, image.jpg)

So you think they're less likely to get "mental disorders" from living with abusers, pedophiles, addicts, dangerously insane or just plain criminal?

In an ideal world sure, both parents are alive and not shitty wastes of oxygen but how likely do you think that actually happens?

No. 92699

Don't interact with the moron anon, maybe it'll stop posting.

No. 92701

Poor kids

No. 92703

>at school


No. 92704

Students, today we will be learning how to count to ten potato. Stacey? Do you know the first three numbers? Stacey, did that twitch mean one? Great! Good work!

No. 92705

File: 1455416343154.jpg (9.75 KB, 292x215, 1c6b54ef1d6ba10c41f7e217a2ff22…)

No. 92708

File: 1455416661980.jpg (11.95 KB, 300x217, tumblr_niqum9aW7c1s0ow94o3_128…)


they well and truly are cabbages, aren't they? kek

No. 92709

They can't go to school, they will be housebound for their entire life and there is no way they will even be able to understand what is going on around them. Lol at "body dysmorphia", and who is going to bully them? They can't even walk or crawl. They have no quality of life..

No. 92713

They can kinda twitch and swallow though.

No. 92723

>working at minimum wage and sucking dicks all the time

But that's literally all housewives do

No. 92726

File: 1455420855597.jpg (391.05 KB, 1561x1800, bsr.jpg)

Please stop samefagging. Go back to r9k to cry about how women have the choice to not be broodmares anymore.

No. 92727

No. 92728

File: 1455421055050.jpg (29.6 KB, 383x384, image.jpg)

No. 92731

Really though, they cook, clean and suck dick and get a small amount of money from the government. They're like glorified Mexican nannies

No. 92732

If this were all housewives had to do, I'd be one in a flash. But apparently you need to cook and clean and feed the kids, so forget that

No. 92744

Really anon you're going to need a higher quality bait. Nobody gives an actual shit.

No. 92745

File: 1455423533801.png (45.89 KB, 636x347, if men were women, they wouldn…)

holy shit, didn't realize this was the abortion thread

No. 92749

File: 1455423723657.jpg (12.25 KB, 480x360, PABP6f5.jpg)

This tweet makes no fucking sense

No. 92750

it's not, please stop encouraging these people, it's completely offtopic.

No. 92753

File: 1455424076758.png (44.4 KB, 537x239, 1455104266884.png)

men CAN give birth to babies.

Bernie needs to check his cis privilege.

No. 92757

Anything short of complete federal funding for abortions at every stage is apparently a war on women

Says the cis straight old white man

No. 92758

Because the types of people that disagree with it only understanding of eugenics was the extreme mandatory sterilization if you had a slight cough during WWII. Eugenics = Nazis
Also they're usually high and mighty type 'Well if it was MYYY kid I'd keep it and love it forever and it wouldn't be hard at all because I'm not a selfish person.' Despite never having to deal with any of the issues related to caring for a disabled person.

No. 92760

Somebody should just make an abortion general and get these derailers out of here.

No. 92761

Chrischan is like medium at most. He is not a good example of high functioning autism.

Arkansas, the worst state. All states must allow abortion in the case it's harmful to the mother's life, regardless of individual state abortion laws. But there are ways around that, like fuckwad doctors postponing abortion 'consent' until it's considered too late.

No. 92762

this is so depressing

"We were on a trip together, and I was holding her in my arms as I often do. Apparently just the two of us went to run an errand, and while there, I needed to use both hands at the same time. I couldn't do so while also holding Lola, so because there was a counter in front of me, I said, "Miss P, I'm gonna need you to stand up. Put weight on your feet, baby girl. Mama needs to use her other hand." And my girl did JUST THAT. She stood. Her little body unfurled, her back straightened, and she beared weight through her feet. I could not believe what I was seeing. I finished what I had to do, and then on a whim, I decided to try something else…

I gently set my 2 foot tall, 12 pound, 9.5 year old daughter down on the floor next to me, I grabbed her hands, and I watched in awe as she proceeded to take steps. I let go with one hand, and because of how small she was, I bent over at the waist to hold her other hand, and again, she took off walking awkwardly. It was as if she'd been waiting to do so all her life.

Eventually, she let go of my hand entirely. She toddled down the stark, white, relatively empty hallway in front of me, and I literally watched in disbelief as it looked impossible for someone that petite to be walking at all. People all around us were staring with wide eyes. Tears were flowing down my cheeks as I cheered & cried & laughed & couldn't take my eyes off my sweet Lolita.

At one point, she started making clicking/sucking sounds with her mouth, and I realized that she might be hungry or thirsty. A lady nearby offered me a glass of water in a plastic cup with a lid and straw. I told her that Lola was unable to use a straw, but maybe we could take the lid off & I could try to carefully pour the water into her mouth. I was holding the glass with the straw when Lola pulled my hands closer to her mouth & DRANK OUT OF THE STRAW. She then walked off again, this time holding the glass! A few minutes later, I saw her take the lid off & point into the now empty glass to indicate she wanted more. Mind. Officially. Blown.

>I woke up shortly thereafter in complete shock, shook Scott's arm, & told him the whole damn story, giddy with excitement."

No. 92763

File: 1455426430323.jpg (12.79 KB, 294x144, image.jpg)

She called it Lolita?
I'm gagging

No. 92764

Lolita is a very common name in france. She's american though, so iono how it works with you guys

No. 92765

i cant believe that its only 12 pounds at 9 years old… are these babies ever going to grow? how do they even eat

No. 92766

They get tube fed mostly, I believe.

No. 92768

File: 1455427189202.jpg (215.42 KB, 1600x1200, IMG_6148 - Copy.JPG)

> I know that my girls don't have to DO ANYTHING or ACCOMPLISH SOMETHING BIG (developmentally) for them to impact the world around them with their sweet spirits. I already love them with every fiber of my being ~ that happened as soon as I found out I was pregnant with them, and it grew a million-fold once I realized their genes were even more unique than most.

This is all so sad. I want to cry. This poor woman doesn't deserve this.

No. 92769

Cut a hole into its stomach, whack a tube in there and pump nutrient goo in a few times a day.

No. 92770

do they have a poo bag attached too? if they cant move or walk then how can they shit

No. 92771

In places that aren't France Lolita is the Vladimir Nabokov book about a guy grooming and raping a little girl for years. Lolita is what he calls her.

Now women and jailbait dress up as sexy little girls and call themselves loli(ta)

There are only creepy connotations in this, considering her kid sure as shit isn't into the Japanese fashion of the same name.

No. 92772

Diapers probably.

No. 92773

I think they shit on their own, but they could also have colostomies.

No. 92774

File: 1455427649265.jpg (120.58 KB, 1024x1024, photo3_zps1c69664d.jpg)

>"However, this dream was different. I don't know why I was meant to dream it, but this time it felt like such a gift. It felt a little bit like a fast forward of our lives… and as hard as it is for me to say this (I almost don't even want to go there), it almost felt like Heaven – how I imagine it will be when we reunite someday on the other side. I was able to see my little girl in such a different light. I know her heart inside & out already, but seeing her explore her world & delight in the little things felt like a lifetime worth of happiness condensed into one breathtaking moment."

I want to cry forever

No. 92775


"OK, so somehow, Polly Ann Pocket, all 9-10 whopping pounds of her, managed to defecate in her diaper in such a way that it not only filled the diaper itself & perhaps slightly escaped one or maybe even both leg holes… but instead she magically channeled this effortless, non-straining poo out a SINGLE leg-hole with such velocity and force that it actually was bubbling out through her darling, boutique sweater pants onto my hand and jeans and a burp rag in the general vicinity of this caca. It was one of those deuces where you almost don't even know where to start… how to proceed to rectum-fy… oops!!!… I mean RECTIFY the situation.

Scott tried to play it off on me, saying, "Since I'm The Shit Whisperer and all, I end up changing WAYYYYY more shitty diapers than you, so I'm just gonna let you handle this one."

I freak out, yelling, "Ummm, heeeeeeeeeeeeell no, get your ass over here & help me! This is wayyyyy more than a one-person job. I need you – right f'ing NOW!!!!!"

He hems & haws, then finally saunters over, sees the wreckage, and I think, fearing for his truck, decides he might want to help me after all. We both aren't sure where to start, Polly Ann is looking innocent as ever, and we're both in a full lather trying to get her disrobed while also maintaining the safety of the truck, its surroundings, my clothes, the seat, the door, the door jam, the floor, and our dung-covered daughter.

My mind is racing… what did she eat different than normal? OK, that would be NOTHING. Is she sick? Ummm, NO. Has she been really fussy? Not a bit. Did she sleep well last night? Ironically, she HAD. Anything different going on whatsoever? ZILCH. What the F is going on then?!??!? FULL MOON!??!?! F'in A.

I barely know where to touch, what to try to remove, it's all a clusterf*. Scott dives into the skids, carefully pulls the pants down to expose Mrs. Poopypants' blow-out, which by this time has smeared down to her SOCK on that one leg. We act fast, remove the socks, curse some more, make note of Polly Ann's amused look on her face, proceed with pant-removal only to realize it's wayyyyy worse than we thought. FUDGE EVERYWHERE. Smell intensifying. Nausea in waves. I'm in Turd Town, and Lola's the Mayor. "

No. 92782

Maybe she wants to sexualize them so she can sell them off as human fleshlights when they turn 18 and no longer able to make jewtube monies since vegetable adults are just 100% sad and depressing.

No. 92783

>couldn't take my eyes off my sweet Lolita.

okay there, Humbert Humbert.

No. 92786

it's called "failure to thrive" and is a symptom of all sorts of godawful shit


No. 92787

File: 1455429172063.png (26.25 KB, 775x591, 1431306861431.png)

No. 92788

being doomed to an eternity of diaper changing is enough reason to tie them in a burlap sack and throw them off a bridge.

no jury comprised of parents with infants would convict them.

No. 92789

There was a thread on 4chan talking about using them as sextoys.

If I had a dick, I don't think it could get erect within a 5 mile radius.

No. 92790

File: 1455429861361.jpg (31.41 KB, 464x317, image.jpg)

No. 92791

well, the neural "wiring" for sexual pleasure is so basal and primitive that even these things with little more than a hindbrain could probably experience it

might be just about the only pleasure they're capable of feeling tbh

No. 92794

Somebody would put there dick in it and it wouldn't be hard to find.

Men stick their dicks in the my 600 lb life women, animals, newborn babies, dead bodies, etc.

No. 92804

File: 1455440047483.jpg (204.42 KB, 634x1024, rs_634x1024-140724094703-634.p…)

I feel bad for these little ones. They looks scared uncomfortable and confused all the time. What they have is hardly a life. And idk what to think about their mother showing them off so much on the internet.

Also idk if you guys know American Horror story, but there's been a character in a few seasons called Pepper (@ picture) and i read somewhere before her character was inspired by a real person who lived with some kind of disability. I wonder if this was the same these two kids have

No. 92805

If what you're attempting to communicate is that the woman who played Pepper is a microcephalic, then yes. Yes she is anon.
Did her tiny head give it away?

No. 92808

THIS. Fucking stop derailing roevwadefags! Back to batshit mom and her prop veggiebabies!

No. 92811

File: 1455444260884.gif (368.64 KB, 248x131, holyshiet.gif)

Who could even think of something like that what the fuck

I don't want to live on the same planet with these people

No. 92813

File: 1455444864229.jpg (19.51 KB, 356x200, image.jpg)

If you think that's bad then you are in for a hell of a ride.
Buckle up buckaroo.

No. 92814

File: 1455444891985.jpg (63.4 KB, 600x325, pepper.jpg)

Yes she was a real person. She appeared in the movie 'Freaks'. Which is well worth seeing.

No. 92815

Or, he. Fuck now I can't remember.

"one of us, one of us!"

No. 92816

File: 1455445123989.jpg (65.5 KB, 474x310, image.jpg)

So how much brain do these girls have roughly?
Is it just a stem and some simplified white matter or is it less complex than even that?

Pic sort of related, its anencephaly.

No. 92817

No. 92818

>>92814i think he was known as schlitzie the pinhead.
Either him or either pip and zip (Jenny Lee Snow and Elvira Snow)

No. 92821


Ted Cruz comes to mind. All these hard-core illegal zealots are gung-ho about forcing people to have kids that will have no life, and a lot of them will be institutionalized. There's number that say 100% of mentally disabled kids in institutions are sexually abused. There's sickos who flock to care-taking jobs because they have access to the helpless.

No. 92822


And by illegal I meant wanting to make abortion illegal.

No. 92827

File: 1455451525059.jpg (44.88 KB, 480x294, choosen.JPG)

Speaking of Zippy the Pinhead, this woman flaunts her disabled kids like a modern day freak show, whoring them out on insta, facebook and that website.

The kids don't know what the fuck's going on. She dresses them up like twats. Even though they don't know wtf is going on, even they deserve some shred of dignity, no?

If I'd ever been pregnant and found that I was spawning something that was hideously deformed or disabled where they're going to spend a life sat on a sofa shitting in a nappy I would've aborted. The couple had one kid that came out all wrong yet didn't take precautions to spawn again. They should have their asses thrown in jail or smthing. You've got to be really mentally ill or a sadist or MASSIVELY attention hungry to chance another pregnancy.

The woman's mentally ill beyond Christianity. Look at them sucking up all the publicity on facebook. They're loving that attention the Zika virus is giving them.

Fuck, they make me rage.

No. 92828

They have the very severe form, so they have very little brain. They will never walk, speak or even make deliberate movements. They can breathe and grimace when they're having seizures though. Although I think seizures cause involuntary contractions like that

No. 92830

If she smothered them would anybody even bother looking for petechiae and shit to prove it?

Could she just pretend they had huge seizures and mercifully died?

No. 92832

File: 1455452179479.jpg (111.11 KB, 794x595, or is it wind.JPG)

Is this a twitch or is she even capable of feeling smile?

No. 92833

I don't think they can smile since they're not too aware of their environment. Smiling is a reflex action, in babies at least, so there's that. It's a mystery.

No. 92850

Goodness I'm shocked women like this exist. To bring a child that will never have any real quality of life into this world DELIBERATELY is so bloody cruel, then she exploits them on social media! Honestly where are the social services, a mental health team to stop this cruelty?

No. 92851

File: 1455458037911.jpg (353.66 KB, 1192x1600, IMG_7079 - Copy.JPG)

Well since they don't feel anything, it's arguably not cruelty. Also she takes great care of them. The only cruelty is towards herself and her own family.

No. 92852

Yes! In all the photos they look so scared and uncomfortable, there parents hold them like fucking dolls or props. If anything at least they are ignorant to their parents treating them as blog content.

No. 92854

Even if they don't have emotional capacity and are paralysed, they still deserve dignity and care (ie not having their privacy and illness exploited).

No. 92857

Yeah, that's what I said up there somewhere. Some people get weird about dressing animals up in costumes. THESE ARE HUMANS. Okay, they might not be functioning, but talking about their poop habits and forking out for outfits like they're Blythe dolls is sick af.

No. 92859

To be fair, mothers do this to thir babies all the time, so why not?

No. 92864

They're not babies though.

No. 92867

File: 1455459648526.jpg (691.87 KB, 1168x1282, April 5, 2010 -- Claire.JPG)

Well they are developmentally around the level of a newborn (a bit less) so why not? They're basically perpetual babies.

No. 92868


still wrong to dress them up and talk about their poop online 24/7. I get weird when people do that to their babies when it's not Halloween or a special occasion.

they're not accessories, they're humans. (barely, but still)

No. 92911

Holy shit they have nervous responses, stop the presses.
Plants also twitch from time to time and are able to absorb nutrients, but you don't see me putting ridiculous costumes on them.

No. 92915

lol this bitch know she ded inside

No. 92917

but what if we did………….? hmm……

No. 92918

If only it was as simple as that…
At least a baby is aware of their surroundings, they can move on their own and hold you and protest if they don't want something. These kids will never do that, the idea that they're just like babies is mere wishful thinking to soften the blow that you're changing the diapers of a potato sack.
Don't ever say shit like that.

No. 92922

It could kill them, cuz plants are fragile, like the sense of humanity of these girls.

No. 92927

It's like that Brooke Greenberg kid. She never aged or grew and was a perpetual infant until she died.

No. 92928

File: 1455470355600.jpg (52.15 KB, 360x482, sad.jpg)

Pine trees being dressed up at Christmas. Ridiculous costumes. Lack of dignity. Lack of respect for nature.

No. 92940

No shit smartass

No. 92944

I dare to say, at least a steam of tomatoes can be more productive throughout it's life than these cabbage patch kids will ever be.

No. 92962

In newbors (under 3 months old before they can smile genuinely at their caregivers) the smile relfex usually means gas or the bowels are moving.

No. 92968

Wow, just when I thought lolcow couldn't get any lower….making fun of disabled people. Could we get any lower? I think you just hit rock bottom.
Listen…people with disabilities are people, too. Judging by the things I read on all the anorexia/bulimia threads, many of the people here struggle with severe mental illness. People with physical disabilities carry their "damage" on the outside. People with severe mental illness carry their "damage" on the inside, where it's not readily visible. Technically you are no better than they are….you just don't carry your shame for the world to see. People who are born "defective" did not choose it….no more than you can choose your own mental illness. They deserve love and care and compassion.
My hats off to the parents who get out of bed every morning to take care of ALL disabled people….whether they carry their damage on the outside or not…knowing that their lives will be long and painful, that rewards will be small, but in the end they will know that they helped make the world a better place for the child that they love.

No. 92982

The problem here is that the mother is exploiting them. This goes far past any regular annoying mommybloggers.

No. 93040

>people with disabilities are people, too.

this is not a disability, they literally don't have higher brains.

No. 93041

WTF she's not exploiting them ,are you nuts? She's just taking cute pictures of them, and she deserves to get that joy out of them at least for changing their diapers all day, because there's little else they do other than exist.

No. 93048

She's just doing it for costumes.
She'd be exactly as happy with small obedient dogs to dress up.

These poor kids are basically not fucking there, not much going on besides a brainstem and she's just dressing them up and posing them like some kind of garbage pail kid-figurine

She's so addicted to being called incredible and a hero online that she probably thinks she's some sort of martyr.

No. 93049

I agree with you
The mum seems to be an attention whore, but insulting the disabled children is really pathetic.

No. 93061

>you just don't carry your shame for the world to see.
This might be a good point if they could even experience emotion.

No. 93180

i don't understand how babies come out this fucked up and the mothers haven't done anything wrong during pregnancy.
my money is on that she did hard drugs when she was preggers or something

No. 93182

File: 1455516926712.jpg (17.09 KB, 611x458, 7.jpg)

>a steam of tomatoes

I'm usually pretty good at deciphering what was intended when autocorrect fucks text up, but this has me stumped

No. 93183

paramecia are a higher form of life than these blobs. paramecia can feed themselves.

No. 93185

I think anon means a stem of tomatoes. the vine or branch on which the fruits are attached.

No. 93186

File: 1455517355694.jpg (20.14 KB, 268x188, image.jpg)

Nah, microcephaly isn't one of the defects you get in a drug-baby.

Sometimes nature can just randomly throw some fucked up genes into the mix. They'd probably be better off if they had been crack babies tbh.

No. 93187

you don't have to do anything wrong, or necessarily have bad genes. random chance can do this. not all combinations of gametes will successfully result in a normal baby.

a lot of women trying to get pregnant have had miscarriages of nonviable embryos that they thought was just their period. nature isn't perfect.

No. 93208

No. 93209

You do know that you could put them up for adoption, right?

No. 93210

Wow, she can actually move around better than the Hartley meat sacks, thats insane. Her anencephaly looks worse than them too. So sad!

No. 93211

Ill take your anencephaly and raise you iniencephaly.

No. 93220

As a disabled person: fuck off.
We're not talking about down syndrome, with which you can possibly live a happy life.
We're talking about microcephaly, severe microcephaly, they're not even sentient, they can't even experience emotions likely.
Everyone fucking knows that disabled people are people too, but these things are equivalent to plants. They can't feel love, care and compassion, they can barely shit and eat.
Kudos to you if you as an example choose to keep a down syndrome baby, and have the money to give it a proper life, that's admirable.
But this, this is just abhorrent. They're like dogs, but more complacent, like dolls, but just a tiny bit more alive. They are only used for sympathy points and the lulz of putting costumes on, since you can't give anything back to them. They aren't disabled, they are no-abled, not really alive.
You're also pretty fucked up to say that parents DESERVE to get joy out of their children.
Really, fuck off.

No. 93221

Dogs are sentient!

Otherwise, I'm with you. Your analogy of a plant is most probably correct.

Some people, when in a hole, dig deeper. And that's what this woman did, driven by her delusional faith that everything would work out for the best. And where do you go from here? Because being on the same page as Hitler isn't a fun look for any civilised society.

No. 93223

This thread was, I'm guessing, not even to knock the kids. The fuckwit here is the mother.

I've commented already in this thread >>92827 and its even difficult to refer to the kids as anything but two really medically fucked humans whose existence is twitching now and again BECAUSE THATS A FACT. I feel nothing but sadness that they were born and how this woman treats them.

Nobody's taking the piss out of the disabled, Down's kids, people who can actually function. Nobody expects everyone with a debilitating illness to show the genius of Stephen Hawking but these children cant do anything at all. They're not a gift from God, they don't bring joy, its fucking depressing to see them dressed as lobsters. Its not cute, its fucking sick.

No. 93232

True, I was mostly talking about the whole obedient, easily to dress up.

You aren't immediately on the same page as Hitler for aborting something that you can barely call human and which isn't truly alive. There is an opinion in between abort all the disabled babies, and abort non of the disabled babies. Look at it case by case.

No. 93255

They disgust me on such a primal level, I feel such revulsion just looking at them.

No. 93413

Also her baby died after 2 1/2 years so she wasn't stuck caring for it until she was an old woman. Presumably her and her husband can move on with their lives now.

No. 93420

Seems a small mercy considering. I'm still trying to process how she lived that long.

No. 93427

Never gets old.

No. 93428

Two questions:
>how long do you all think these two will live for?
>can they vocalize or react to anything? how do they eat?

No. 93429

tbh if you speed this video up x2 it's kinda funny

No. 93430

File: 1455582091368.gif (500.05 KB, 800x787, 6gPbzpb.gif)

>acrania and anencephaly

she was born with whatever brain she did have exposed to the air. and yet you're right, she was capable of more purposeful movement than the Hartley blobs.

the brain is a weird, strangely resilient thing in some cases.

this is one of my favorite cases, where a middle aged man was found to have a head full of cerebral spinal fluid, and almost no brain. he was only mildly retarded.

that doesn't mean that there's any hope for the Hartley girls.

No. 93433

>>how long do you all think these two will live for?

until they experience some sort of godawful medical complication that results from being a brainless bag of organs. the development of their bodies is obviously abnormal, so I wouldn't be surprised if they developed cardiac or respiratory problems.

>can they vocalize or react to anything?

I don't think they're even capable of crying

they really don't have the brain matter necessary to respond to sensory stimuli. they're probably mostly blind and deaf.

>how do they eat?

feeding tube.

No. 93443

File: 1455584631896.jpg (17.73 KB, 380x247, 1439360145420.jpg)


No. 93447

>there's more than one video where the mom is trying to prompt them to cry

No. 93448

three videos, in fact.

No. 93471

Just some food for thought:
Can any one of you acurately define what a human is and isn't?
Can you decide that someone else's life is or isn't worth living? Can someone else decide your life isn't worth living?
How do you define "sentience"? Is it a spectrum? If it is a spectrum, at what point is a being "aware" and what point is a being not no longer "sentient"?

No. 93482

"Sentience is the capacity to feel, perceive, or experience subjectively. Eighteenth-century philosophers used the concept to distinguish the ability to think (reason) from the ability to feel (sentience)."

No. 93490


If you're going to say that, you might as well include all lives not just human. Don't go all specism on us.

No. 93501

Dear God the photos don't do them justice. Those videos are straight up creepy.

No. 93517

File: 1455597003788.jpg (183.18 KB, 1028x675, image.jpg)

The actress who played pepper on american horror story is a normal person jsyk.

No. 93521

The other anon noted that her character was inspired by a real person, not that she had the defect.
The real person was named Schlitze Surtees.

sage 4 ahs

No. 93527

This can apply to many animals, though.

Humans possess sentience as well as sapience.

These babies aren't sapient and probably aren't even sentient.

This isn't aimed at the children. It's aimed at the mother. She knew she was at risk of having another microcephalic baby, decided to get pregnant, and chose not to abort it even when doctors confirmed it was microcephalic.

Also, they're not just "disabled". They're essentially not human. This is far far worse than autism or Down syndrome.

It's still a sad case, because she's probably deluded herself into thinking they have thoughts and is doing all of this as a defense mechanism, but she's the only one being gawked at here.

No. 93641

No it's not, and the only person I know who has a slightly similar name (Loli) is Spanish.

No. 93647

The mother might know Lolita the novel. It's like the book fave the name a sexual meaning, so you don't go there any more. She might be one of those stupid cows who give their kids names like Tallulah, Princess, Pixie n shit. Idk, my mind just thinks of paedos when I hear the name, especially since I've seen paeds refer to (ugh sorry to write this) "sexy" underage girls.

No. 93648

Gave not fave

No. 93655

Right because orphanages and foster care systems aren't already overburdened with too many unwanted kids that already exist and are up for adoption…

No. 93660


The reactions of the parents in these videos are sickening

No. 93661

This site's tragic http://www.adoptuskids.org/
Loads of them are fucked up mentally or physically and nobody wants them and they're not even an nth as fucked as the Hartley twins. Some of the siblings both have syndromes, so great choice on the part of the parents procreating then getting rid of them.

No. 93666

Their voices are like nails down a chalkboard.

> he chose you as his mummy and daddy because he knew you would love him unconditionally god bless you all

Who the fuck believes this shit?

No. 93672

Over the top reactions to nothing, constantly giggling while saying "yeah!" and "buddy". True madness

No. 93674

The "buddy" thing is what got me most.

No. 93689

File: 1455639051055.gif (948.07 KB, 245x219, okay.gif)

>Mother rapidly shaking the baby's arms at a toy while he looks around distantly and complacently with no actual reaction to stimuli
>"You're such a happy baby, oh my goodness! Look at that face, you're so happy, you love your toy! Yeah!"

No. 93692

This is my favorite Bowie reaction gif of all time. Love that movie. Thank you for this anon. I hope you have an amazing week.

No. 93694

Shit, that cry broke my heart, it's so similar to the one of a normal little girl.
Yet she is less sentient than my rat pet.

No. 93696

That is the face of a son who wants to get out.

No. 93699

Rats are actually highly intelligent, unless you are really that stupid.

No. 93700

umm wow

No. 93701

File: 1455640446149.jpg (99.12 KB, 507x760, our sweet angel.jpg)

No. 93702

What the hell are you trying to say?

No. 93703

Thank you for saying that. Actual disabled people are NOT the same as…whatever these poor babies are

No. 93705


ew, gross.

No. 93706

that's a little rude, they can't help how they look, I think they're kinda cute actually

No. 93710

sentience and humanity are two different things. I think cows and pigs have lives more worth living than certain people.

It would be a complex hypothetical measurement, but I guess it would take into consideration the creature's ability to feel, to respond to stimuli, to make cross connections in their brain etc.

there already is a scale of sentience, and some lives (of plants or fungi for example) are not like the lives of higher beings.

No. 93711

>no it's not
Okaaaay?…I mean it's a google search away. Lolita is more common in france than in the US, where it's just a name, not necessarily associated with the novel.

I mean, matilda was a pedo movie too, but plenty of americans call their kids matilda

lolita isn't so sullied as a name in certain cultures

No. 93713

It really isn't very common, but it is more common than in the US I think, and very few people know about the novel here.
The daughter of a famous singer (Renaud) is named Lolita.

No. 93715

I am a horrible human being for laughing so hard at this

No. 93721

What movie are you referring to with the name Matilda?

No. 93722

I think anon is referring to leon the professional

No. 93730

Leon wasn't perving over Matilda though. It wasn't a paedo themed film.

Best hair in the world ever created, that is.

Can we just quit the DISABLED thing and say it as it is - these kids have NO BRAINS. They show signs of life, but so does mould.

No. 93731

(although some moulds are actually useful)

No. 93740

But what does it hurt us if this poor grief stricken mother decides to project some personalities on them?

Hate the sin, not the sinner. She's a victim of peer pressure and christian mumbo jumbo which made her keep them.

No. 93741

The concept of sin is Christian mumbo jumbo.

No. 93743

I've skimmed most of this thread, it's a mess but I'll share my two cents. As woman who's worked with disabled children and as a woman who's pretty prolife. If I knew my children were going to end up like this while they were still in utero, I would have aborted, not happily but because I know they wouldn't have a quality life. Honestly these girls are glorified baby dolls and their mom having this holier than thou outlook because she didn't abort her vegetable babies, really needs to stop. women like this shouldn't reproduce, she's selfish, stupid, and probably broke because she "couldn't" abort her vegetable babies. I feel bad for her son, I hope one day he can escape and live a normal life.

No. 93744

It's an expression.

Hate the act not who brought it about, because those that do bad things aren't always bad people.

No. 93777

File: 1455653660408.gif (718.56 KB, 250x156, rrrrrrrrrr.gif)

it's funny how the only people who get offended by "retard" are the people who put their lives before their children's
i did some work in the places that take care of retarded children full time and the only people who got offended by the word were the parents that only visited once every 7-10 years while the people who used the "problematic language" would take care of them full time.
sorry i REALLY hate how the very people that get offended by that word are the same people who don't actually give a shit

No. 93778

And then what happens when the parents die? It's not like someone with a Down's Syndrome baby. DS people can live somewhat normal lives despite their disability, but these kids…there's just no hope of a future or anything.

No. 93783

Looking at pictures of her dressing them up disgusts me so much. It's like someone deciding to keep a brain dead relative instead of pulling the plug and then dress them up occasionally for shits and giggles.
Does it make a difference if the family member used to be sentient at some point? They aren't now and never will be, why would you insist on keeping them alive?

No. 93797

Idk if it makes a difference if the person was fully cognizant before losing brain function as opposed to never having enough brain matter to be fully cognizant, but the family probably grieves the situation differently.

One seems like a loss, the other a lost potential.

Sorta OT, everyone in my family knows my wishes about life support, and if I had some terrible accident I would fortunately be taken off the respirator as soon as my organs can be donated and allowed to die.

Would you guys prefer to be kept on life support?

No. 93798

Wow I honestly thought none of those babies could even survive birth. God damn that's sad. I hope the kid couldn't register pain.

No. 93799

Life support for me unless I am brain dead. If I am brain dead, donate all my organs. 65_Redroses changed my life and made me want to be an organ donor. I am also AB+ so I feel like it would be important.

No. 93801

Oh man I was only like 10 when I saw my first 65 red roses thing and its what made me adamant about people having my organs too.
I think if really prefer to be able to be for with any level of brain damage beyond the memory loss I already have. Losing cognitive function is the scariest thing possible imo.

I'm not allowed to donate blood which sucks tbh. The Red Cross ads are trying to sell the idea of donating with the cookie you get afterwards. I think they're really desperate for bloods.

No. 93802

The son, their family and then the state will take care of them.

No. 93803

Eva, Meg and Kina all died. So did Eva's mom D:

I'd love to donate because I am AB+ and we can only give to other AB's, but I am a very hard stick and it usually takes 3-4 attempts to get anything during a regular blood draw. IV's are worse, I have to get them in my hand.

No. 93806

But it's god's little miracle uguuuu anon

No. 93807

If there's a chance of recovery, I want to be kept on until the chance of recovery drops below 2%.

If no chance of recovery and am a veggie, then what's the harm in donating? I won't feel it anyway, so it's the logical solution.

No. 93809

I can't believe all of them are gone wow

I didn't realize AB was so rare. I'm B- i think. But still, given how much blood is needed compared to what's donated the need for all of them is just crazy.

Cheers for donating anon. My sister is alive cause of you donators.

No. 93810

You do realise AB can accept O…Right?

It's nice to feel special, but you're not saving lives that wouldn't otherwise be saved.

No. 93812

Actually your AB blood can give plasma to anyone!
Your whole blood would only work for other AB's, but its still worthwhile since its so rare there's fewer opportunities to collect that blood type, so there's less to go around.

Sorry for OT. Politely saging

No. 93813

AB can accept O but O blood type is still only like 9% of the entire population. There's not a whole lot of universal blood stocked up available for everybody y'know?

No. 93818

Yes, I am AB and can accept from everyone, but I can only give to other AB's as far I know.

No. 93820

Exactly. And there are a lot of people on waiting lists for organs. Not everyone is a donor. I know someone waiting for a kidney but he's an O and I am an AB, it would only work if there were a couple of other people to do an exchange.

No. 93833

i have o negative blood but donating scares me

No. 93835

File: 1455663450557.jpg (118.71 KB, 1024x1024, 548_zpsc5c4e0c5.jpg)

Don't be a wuss. They give you free chocolate and a coffee. I love it.

No. 93836

it sucks being able to donate universally but not being able to recieve any other type other than o-

No. 93841

File: 1455664450011.jpg (49.67 KB, 615x346, image.jpg)

Wow I'm actually really freaked out about the necklace. I can't articulate why, but I picture the mother choosing it and thinking 'oh Claire will love this!!' Because she's still projecting a personality and whatever else on these kids.
Its the first thing to really make me sad about this family.

No. 93846

It kinda looks like an Amber necklace which if worn by babies can help them with teething pain. But I think she's in her teenage years in this pic so probably isn't teething anyway…

No. 93859

How does amber help teething?
Wouldn't she choke if she chewed it? Those things break and spill beads everywhere.

Or is she some crystal clutching hippy who thinks stones and mineral chunks have magic powers and auras and all that stuff retards love?

No. 93872

This is so devastatingly depressing. I don't dare imagine what happens to these kids once their parents bite the dust (if they even make it that far).

No. 93876

It doesn't, Amber is an unsafe myth uses by dumb parents.

No. 93883

It doesn't work. I used hyland teething tablets when my son was teething and upset.

No. 93895

I wonder how many of us are parents (I also have a son)

No. 93941



I wish you'd been aborted. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. In fact - I wish someone had aborted your mother.

No. 97262

These things creep me out.

No. 97428

She got her face and darling dolls on CNN

>>She added that she would not judge women in Zika-affected countries who make the other choice. "Who made her the morals queen of poor countries

No. 97658

I agree with this. I'm autistic (middle of the spectrum to the more neurotypical end on a good day) and I am specifically holding off on having kids until science can predict it in utero. I couldn't forgive myself for letting any child I gave birth to to live in pain. These kids are barely alive, but just because they can't react to stimuli doesn't mean they aren't in pain 24/7. (They probably are, the strain to the muscles of their hands alone must be rough)

I've made it clear to my boyfriend that we are using a donor, surrogate, or adopting because of the high chance of passing autism and the shit that comes with it to my offspring. (I'd rather adopt, less selfish that way)

No. 97889

No. 97909

Ugh, the people and their taxes shouldn't have to pay for these vegetables. Maybe they'll die soon?

No. 97911

Well, her parents pay taxes too, so why not?

No. 97914

Who the fuck cares. they chose to give birth to worthless vegetables and now people have to pay for that? why? No thanks. She should have aborted them, but no, she's a christian and we all know how they love to pretend everything is part of God's plan.

No. 97922

The lawd wanted my cheeldren to suffer and that's just how its sposed to be. Praise jaysus for punishin' babies.

No. 97980

The way I see it, some people choose to blow all their disposable income on their dogs, ugly plastic surgery or cars they ruin within a year. Why not spend all your money on your broccoli kid? It's her choice.

No. 97982

Can these images be retroactively spoilered? Because they freak me the fuck out. This shit is worse than the worst gore.

No. 97984

File: 1456369783840.jpg (270.2 KB, 1234x1600, 313.JPG)

You shouldn't be triggered by human beings.

No. 97987

Except that they're not human beings, so…

No. 97989

You can have a scan to specifically look at brain size, or for the doctor to compare the head size in relation to the body. You will be permitted to have a late term abortion. If it is born like this, it will likely die, and if you allow doctors to, they might mercifully help you make their suffering shorter.

No. 97990

They freak me the fuck out too. I tend to hide all of them.

they're fucking repulsive.

No. 97991

They're not human beings though.

No. 97992

They aren't. They aren't even as sentient as a pig. They're more like breathing meatsacks that twitch and drool.

No. 97993

File: 1456371190607.jpg (578.57 KB, 1502x1600, IMG_7182 - Copy.JPG)

What proof do you have of their sentience, or lack of sentience?

Logically they have to have some brain matter, since they're not on ventilators and can move. How do you know how much brain matter they have exactly?

No. 97995

File: 1456371381639.jpg (215.37 KB, 1600x1002, IMG_2813.JPG)

Oh and you said "aren't even" as sentient as a pig, implying that pigs aren't particularly sentient.

I hope you know pigs have rich emotional and intellectual lives, relatively speaking, and are as smart as dogs, and their reasoning abilities can be compared to those of a two year old child. They're highly sentient animals, so a comparison to plants or insects might serve your idiom better.

No. 97996

I said they aren't even as sentient as a pig. Implying pigs are sentient. Pigs are really smart and you can teach them tricks, unlike the Hartley meatsacks. Breathing is an automatic function. They can't even crawl. Anencephaly means they only have "reptilian brains", mostly just their brainstem.

No. 97998

File: 1456371875060.jpg (362.92 KB, 1600x1600, 215.JPG)

The word "even" implies something is not "even" as good/bad/whatever value as whatever you're comparing it to.

They don't have anencephaly, they have microcephaly.

No. 97999

>mamma mia, that's-a spicy meatball

No. 98000

Wat? I'm pretty sure you know what I'm saying.
Same difference.

No. 98001

File: 1456372397090.jpg (255.11 KB, 1600x1600, 131.JPG)

Yes I understood what you were saying. It was however not the right or best way for you to communicate your point, so I pointed that out.

Kek. That gesture is pretty much permanent for her.

No. 98002

She's soo thin :( I would be worried she wasn't getting enough food. The younger one always looks emaciated.

No. 98004

File: 1456372781409.jpg (93.56 KB, 747x1024, 076_zpsa85f7257.jpg)

It's probably mostly due to the fact that they cannot walk, so there's muscle wasting going on, even with physio.

No. 98005

>Yes I understood what you were saying. It was however not the right or best way for you to communicate your point, so I pointed that out.

The way anon articulated themselves was perfectly fine. It doesn't say anything about a pigs intelligence/sentience except for in comparison to a human's, where it's justified because humans should be far, far more intelligent/sentient than pigs.

No. 98008

I will not repeat myself since this is becoming OT, but just in case you are genuinely unaware

>They aren't even as sentient as…

>aren't even…

"adverb used in comparisons for emphasis.
"he knows even less about it than I do""

No. 98011

File: 1456373359422.jpg (74.96 KB, 564x837, c23b2d9b342c3a36287f1d8039fd8b…)

She does the rotor of a variety of shows, especially with this new zika thing going on. I believe I've seen her included and/or mentioned in 3 separate microcephaly news stories

No. 98012

I'm sure she's really loving all of this fresh attention.

No. 98013

File: 1456373737311.jpg (20.46 KB, 320x240, 100_3900_1[1].JPG)

Has anyone ever seen baby Faith? She was born with anencephaly and her mother selfishly kept her alive for months with a feeding tube. She posted a bunch of videos and pics of her that are really freaky, knowing that she was missing most of her skull. Her blogspot is here: http://babyfaithhope.blogspot.com

No. 98014

File: 1456373811463.jpg (24.03 KB, 320x240, sleeping beauty.JPG)

> She is still blinking them but it's as if the inside of her top eyelids are falling out. The right eyelid needs to be "stuffed" back under and held closed but I managed to prevent the left eyelid from drooping out. As soon as I saw it start to swell up I taped it closed and you know what… it sounds crazy and looks odd but it actually worked.

No. 98015

>Pigs are intelligent animals
>Humans are more intelligent than pigs
>These humans aren't even as intelligent as pigs

You've actually highlighted what I'm trying to explain in your own post. The key here is "In comparisons"

>The dead sea doesn't even have as much water as Lake Superior

Does this mean the dead sea is devoid of water? Or that it's small? No! The Dead sea is fucking huge. The statement tells you nothing about the dead sea aside that it is smaller than lake superior, it's a relative scale.

No. 98016

That's really sad. How is her keeping the kid alive selfish though? She can't exactly suffocate it with a pillow, or just ask the doctors to stop feeding it.

No. 98017

File: 1456374014585.jpg (242.34 KB, 1600x1200, 10-29-03 -- Claire.JPG)

That's horrid. That child must have been in a lot of pain. I can only hope she wasn't aware enough to feel it.

No. 98018

She shouldn't put a feeding tube in it, obviously. It's selfish to keep her alive like that.

No. 98020

Shouldn't have, you mean. The infant is now dead.

Also, it's likely the tube was put in at the hospital, she didn't put it in herself. If she just ripped it out and allowed her child to starve to death she would have had faced criminal charges.

What would you have done in her situation?

No. 98021

Her doctor didn't want to, she insisted on it. I would have aborted it in the first place, obviously.

No. 98023

Ah, in that case she prolonged suffering. And for what? So that an infant can have a few months of painful unconsciousness? It's sick.

No. 98025

Right? I can't imagine what would make someone think that was the right thing to do. It just doesn't make sense. Poor thing..

No. 98030


No. 98032

its disgusting that she's even commenting on it. These women didn't know this was going to happen to them, some probably didn't even know until they had the child. Her 'dolls' weren't the result of an infection and just a regular human body causing birth defect (sometimes malnutrition) that. Zika children will probably have a better outcome as I don't think they have an extensive array of medical issues like her 'dolls' do

No. 98038

Based on her blog the baby only lived for 13 weeks, almost 3 months. That poor thing. She also said she had her for 40 weeks in the womb, which is considered a full term and it needs to come out. I wonder if she prevented an induction of labor (she was past her due date for 12 days so doctors would have recommended it) so she could hold on to the baby for longer since she knew it wouldn't survive long outside

No. 98103

Like many children with anencephaly doctors would rather not go to great lengths to keep them alive. It's very understandable because it is futile and takes resources and attention away from patients who actually have a chance to live.

Back in the 90s there was a huge controversy over this with a child known as Baby K: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baby_K

Baby K's mother was told to abort but refused because she was a christian. She kept fighting with doctors who didn't want to resuscitate her every time she stopped breathing. She had to be moved from hospital to hospital because of this. She lived for two years just constantly being brought back from the brink of death.

No. 98128

I found her son's Instagram. I'm not going to post it here, but he looks really well adjusted. Actually, I'd go as far as to say he's more well adjusted than the average teenager; his Instagram is full of photos of himself and his girlfriend, basketball, and friends and family and he's apparently achieved quite a few things. Kudos to him cause I probably wouldn't have the courage to even acknowledge in public that my siblings were house plants.

No. 98137

You had me going "Aw good for him" but then I lost it at the house plant part.

No. 98373

I like the expression on this poor little girl's face. Like in every photo it's some version of resting bitchface, almost as if she's aware of what her mum is doing and is tired of it already. Ofc she's not actually aware, but it's fun to pretend.

No. 98379

God those kids are nothing more than dolls to their "mother". That woman is disgusting.

No. 98484

If I get pregnant and the doctor tells me my children is going to be like this, I would abort. I'm sorry but I prefer to feel guilty for that than feeling guilty for giving birth and spend my whole life taking care of a "doll". Maybe I'm a piece of shit, an asshole, maybe my husband will hate me. But it's also my life and mental health, I wouldn't be able to handle the situation.

No. 98485

It's okay, anon. Doctors would likely encourage that route anyway. I already have a child and I wouldn't hesitate to abort. It's the logical thing to do.

No. 98494

I'm Catholic (although admittedly a pretty bad one) and I would abort. The idea of bringing a child into this world who is just going to spend their life suffering makes me too sad.

No. 98496

You're buying into the projection. I can't wrap up my mind around the fact that the mom says several in the blog that the older one has the bitching resting face because she's "a teen now and thinking pics are not cool".
Yeah, sure. It's a teenager thing, not a lack of brain thing.

No. 98497

I honestly think that if the mom suddenly wanted them dead, nobody would bat an eye.
It would be so easy. Just feed them less and less until it's over.
It's honestly a miracle they have lived this long. What a fucking waste of ressources.

No. 98498

Honestly I wish someone would just spell out to this mother what a failure of a parent she is. I don't understand why women like her don't seem to care about being failures. You failed your daughters by having them, then exploiting them for sympathy, attention and money, while they get basically nothing in return, not even HUMANE stuff like their dignity, and then as result of all your selfish efforts u have to neglect your son who still should have his mother too. If she isn't a bad person, I honestly don't get what matters to her because she fails at life (i mean come on, its hard to believe this is all worth it even to HER). Its like a never-ending cycle of sadness/suffering spawned by this women. Raising a kid is everything and failure should not be an option for anyone trying to, end of story. Women like her should not be allowed to reproduce just based on their personality traits alone.

No. 98614

>What would YOU if you found out your baby will have this condition?
Abort the fuck out of it. The child's gonna live a shit life and you too. Not "ableist" or anything, but if you can see on prenatal scans that the baby has such a damage, just be compassionate and abort it.
The parents make me so fucking mad, I bet they're praised by "prolife" dumbasses when literally all they do is treating their two disabled kids like circus animals, playing them around for the internet fame. Shitty people

No. 98647

You're right. They're human beans. :^)

No. 98666

if i was her id kill them and then myself.

No. 98684

File: 1456600965526.jpg (102.86 KB, 400x552, 3769577 _f6ba02c64681a8d983531…)

>being egoistic enough to let your own children suffer various diseases just because you're too scared to abort
>do that shit TWICE
>act like you're a strong mother for fucking up that bad
Abso-fucking-lutely disgusting. Maybe she is an undiagnosed retard herself. I feel so sorry for her healthy child.

No. 98687

Wait the little one is older? Because the little one is the one with resting bitchface. The bigger one is just sort of derp. Also i said something like "if they were aware", and I know they're not and that's just how they look. No one's buying into any of this crazy woman's ridiculous projections except for her equally crazy followers.

No. 98688


I know it sounds kinda mean, anyone else just think they're creepy as fuck? Imagine spawning that and seeing it there… watching you with them buggy eyes…

No. 98689

File: 1456602391565.jpg (182.28 KB, 422x637, Felly.jpg)

No. 98690


How the fuck would they know what these things are thinking?!

No. 98692

It's cruel to keep those things alive. If they're even conscious, the only thing they will know is suffering

No. 98702

omfg hahahahah

No. 98937

I'd in all seriousness rather have a kid with any other disability BUT autism. I can't fucking stand autistic people. Not to say I'd want a kid with any disability, but given a choice, autism is the worst of the worst.

No. 98940

You would rather have a brainless kid than an autistic kid? You're dumb.

No. 98943


At least the brainless one is capable of shutting the fuck up and not viciously assaulting me. Who's dumb here?

No. 98953

Let's not talk about the money and energy 24/7 hour care would cost you, then.
I'm guessing you couldn't even put the brainless ones in an institution because they'd kill them in a fucking second.

No. 98956


I'm getting the feeling you're under the assumption I said I'd like a microcephalic kid. Way to misunderstand completely.

No. 98986

The saddest photos are the ones where you can almost see what they'd be like if they were normal.

No. 99001


The defeat in his eyes is all to real here.

No. 99012

Right?? They look like they could've been really pretty

No. 99013

I showed my grandmother who is 60 these two and even she said "You just wouldn't, those two should be put down if anything."

No. 99014

File: 1456703859251.jpg (68.52 KB, 365x531, 2sNvJyE.jpg)

No. 99015

File: 1456704010851.jpg (72.72 KB, 720x872, PaeiC5i.jpg)

No. 99018

File: 1456704487988.png (334.87 KB, 601x508, 1nrOY9F.png)

No. 99019

Good Grandma.

No. 99020

I hate people who think she is brave and strong for keeping them. They're vegetables and she is a selfish prick for not aborting.

No. 99022

File: 1456704902973.png (514.5 KB, 601x885, Untitled-1.png)

No. 99024

What a piece of shit. of course she was christian. Making a child suffer with painful meds and being brought back from the dead over and over… It's sick.

No. 99025


No. 99028

File: 1456705632037.png (340.28 KB, 668x678, thai.png)

No. 99064

Well, they're not capable of being much more, besides she feeds them, changes them, takes care of their every need around the clock. That's being a saint.

No. 99065

Considering that they're being kept warm, well fed and entertained, I don't think they have it that bad.

No. 99066

"entertained" : being costumed while their mother hallucinates them smiling.

No. 99068

Well they can't tell the difference, so what's the issue?

No. 99072

File: 1456717662873.png (660.14 KB, 481x598, harleyhooligans.png)

No. 99084


You can see the cry for help in their oldest son's eyes.

No. 99087


Nope it's not just you. I think they look creepy as well.

No. 99135

Son gives zero fucks, has lost patience with mom's veggiesisters selfiefest long ago, and clearly can't wait til the day he can get AWAY from them! I feel so bad for him. :(

No. 99140

File: 1456746953216.jpg (14.46 KB, 249x202, image.jpg)

Wonder where the brother will be in a few years. Its hard to imagine him at some convention for literal no-brainers when he's 19.

No. 99143

kek this looks like grav3yardgirl

No. 99144

I hope he gets into a good college on the other side of the country, finds a good job in the same town as his college, and never has to see his mom again.

No. 99158

EVERYBODY (kinda these days) deserves the faculty of free-will. The problem is with her, being a normal human person able/with faculty enough to take care of 3 kids, not seeming to understand or possibly doesn't care about this. No matter what she does for them their lives will not ever be worth living because they CAN'T live them. These aren't her kids, they're her puppets.

No. 99326

My mother is O but I'm A+. I feel cheated.

No. 99360

rofl it does.

No. 99361

Imagine going out to a public event and seeing those demented looking trolls. fuck, I'd scream.

No. 99362

I hope the son gets out as soon as he hits 18 and lives a normal life. This isn't normal.

No. 99378

Sides are in orbit thanks anon

No. 99381

She's one of those mom's who is going to beg for a trip to Disney for her darling veggies so they can fulfil a childhood dream when in reality she just want to go and they won't be able to experience any of it

No. 99383

Disney for her would be one huge photo op.

No. 99384

>using your disabled children as human handbag accessories for social asspats and virtue signalling

If you want to love these children, please do, because they are as time consuming and exhausting as any other child, even more so. But that is your own life and decision as a parent and caretaker, not your sob story to tell the world. No amount of strangers cooing over you - I mean, your children, lel - is going to bring you a regular child.

150 years ago these children would be abominations in the eyes of the Lord. Nowadays these people are just being contrarian against science because they think it's some sort of catch-all secular bogeyman that is some sort of existential threat to their religion or what have you.

No. 99449


What would the difference be between taking her daughters to Disney World and being in their lounge room? Can they even process what they're seeing? Do they even know where they are at any point in time? Their brains are literally that of a 4 week old. Even two months old can recognise faces, right? The money spent on taking the kids to Disneyworld would be equally as wisely spent taking a couple of lizards to a theme park - because that's all their reptilian brains are!

No. 99498

>The money spent on taking the kids to Disneyworld would be equally as wisely spent taking a couple of lizards to a theme park - because that's all their reptilian brains are!
That's it. I'm gonna start a kickstarter to take my cat to disneyworld, saying it's been his "childhood dream" to meet the biggest, 2nd most popular mouse in the world. Even a cat would get more enjoyment out of a trip like that than these dolls though honestly.

No. 99503

>The money spent on taking the kids to Disneyworld would be equally as wisely spent taking a couple of lizards to a theme park - because that's all their reptilian brains are!

I'm way more likely to believe that a bearded dragon is capable of love than these sacks of flesh.

No. 99778

Honestly, I think they're GREAT parents… if they didn't have the two girls. They put so much energy and love into those kids, and it's such a pity because many kids don't have that kind of love and attention at home. It seems like such a waste. That's what bothers me the most… The parents are really involved and kind, but it's all wasted on two little ones who don't know the difference.

No. 99796

No need to kill yourself egglord. you could always go through with it and then drop it off at the fire station, hospital, or police station no questions asked.

No. 100037

In all honesty, that picture looks like it could pass as a child photo of Sindypoop.

Grumpy Cat went. So can yours.

No. 100888


No. 104327

>>99778 I agree…I think they are genuinely good parents…the fact that they don't fully face facts about their children's disabilities is their own issue but they're taking care of them and it's their own choice.

No. 104355

judging by how their normal son turned out, they did a great job on him. I think if her daughters were born healthy that they could've been equally as successful as he is. he has all kinds of stuff going for him, which makes it even more frustrating to watch his parents do pointless shit with the daughters.

No. 104357

The flying fuck? If I knew that my children would be born as vegetables, I'd abort. It's not fair to them and they can't even function.

No. 104361

The son's pics show a relatively"normal" kid, but what about his feels? None of us know how all this will affect him in future. He's all Jesus-ed up. Remove his freaky parents and I'm damn sure in future he'll realise how fucked the family is.

No. 104524

File: 1457786107033.jpg (41.38 KB, 573x436, epicsideeye.JPG)

Holy shit I literally hate this woman so much.

No. 104526

>>Both girls' hands smell like feta cheese, no matter HOW many times you bathe or wash them. Lola's are the worst… she is constantly rooting on her fists and sucking on them (even right after a feeding!). She is best known for her entire-fist-in-mouth party trick, which usually pisses her off beyond belief, as it tends to get "stuck" in there & gag her! The combination of saliva, milk, and "got it & gopple"-ing leads to a ferocious, Greek-cheese-reeking scent like NO OTHER. I need a full-on HazMat suit just to put on her "sparring gloves" (AKA hand splints!) these days – NO LIE!

I hate everything.

No. 104547

JESUS FUCKING CHRIST EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW!!! I legit just threw up in my mouth. Dafuq. My olfactory system shudders at the imaginary rankness. And she snuggles/kisses them? Nope. I'm so out.

No. 104552

How can the kid be giving a side eye when they are pointing in every different direction?

Oh well, gotta make the best out of shit on a stick handed to you.

No. 104796


How can she side eye her mom when she doesn't have a personality?

No. 104799

No. 104802

So she can do something that a cat can do?

No. 104813

My cat can do a great deal more than that.
Plants turn to face the sun. This is about plant level.

No. 104850

Why does she call them Mimi and Misty (I think I heard Misty?) in videos if their names are Claire and Lola??

Their mum has 'crazy eyes.' You can tell she only kept them for the sole purpose of making herself look good, like she's suuuuch a great person.

No. 104852

Everything they do for their 'kids' is just something they do for themselves to feel better
jfc just let them die

No. 104979

I feel like such a horrid bitch for saying this but that kid creeps me out. With the way she moves her head and her blank eyes, it's like uncanny valley. What kind of mother would want their child to live that way?

No. 104996


I don't know why you'd feel like a bitch. How we define humanity is subjective and still deep within the throes of scientific debate, but what it essentially comes down to is what separates man from beast, that being not our physical form but rather our mental capabilities.
You can put a dog's brain in a human body and resulting being will still be that of a dog.

The reason these children make people feel so uncomfortable and call up sensations similar to that of the uncanny valley phenomena is because these kids aren't really human - not technically. They're little more than helpless cellular-instinct housed within a vaguely human shell… hell yeah it's fucking creepy.
imo it's fucking monstrous to keep them alive, they have no quality of life whatsoever, their life appears to be one of suffering.

No. 105250

File: 1457946894854.jpg (52.24 KB, 389x391, 047_zpsa7879957.jpg)

oh my god. how can anyone love this, this… thing?

No. 105252

I literally puked. Ewww

No. 105258

Jesus CHRIST! This looks like something out of one of those 80s horror movies like The Puppetmaster. I would've aborted as soon as the doctor told me they'd be born fucked up. They have no quality of life and to just let them live is cruel as hell. Their life is one of nothing but suffering.

No. 105264

never understood how people say aborting a fetus when you know it's going to be born a vegetable is cruel and means you lack empathy. if anything you have empathy. those "girls" aren't people. they're props. their mother has set up an entire blog and channel just to show them off and talk about how HARD her life is, and then in the same breath takes pictures of those things dressed up in baby costumes and posing them in a way you'd see people pose monkeys or cats for postcards. gross. i have no sympathy for anyone in that family besides the son. this is a modern freakshow for christians

No. 105265

I feel so offended by seeing these things, more than anything else. Just utter repulsion. Why.

No. 105347

For a normal child, that'd be cute. "Yeah, we're going to save your chicken!" Instead, they look fucking insane because the "child" doesn't even show up in the photos until 3/4 on the way in, and then they shove the toy in the retard's mouth. Good fucking lord.

No. 105352

The photo is bad enough, but imagine the sounds it must be making to accompany that face. Yikes.

This was wonderfully described.

No. 105354

Euthanize them

No. 105355

File: 1457973670289.jpg (76.73 KB, 668x183, Wtf.jpg)

Sage for samefag but imagine being this father. Imagine having a hard day at work, and coming home to your wife literally screaming at you about a rubber chicken. Like, I get he must be nuts too to go through with all that, but he probably lost it after having to put up with shit like this for too long. Or maybe being able to get away for a few hours helps him not to kill his whole family.

No. 105359

On the contrary, I think he's into it.

No. 105362

>Lola does have microcephaly, dwarfism, reflux (her deadliest weapon ~ our girl can projectile vomit with the best of 'em, topping out at 12 ft. in distance! Based on size, that would be like an average sized adult vomiting approximately 35 ft. in distance?! Our girl's got skillz, yo.)

Put these things out of their misery holy fuck

No. 105365

This thread gave me Cancer

No. 105372

Most of you people are not parents, and it shows. Lemme tell you something about motherhood….you get what you get, and you don't pitch a fit. Once the baby is out, even if it's the ugliest thing you've ever seen, it will be the most beautiful and loved baby ever, because it's yours. Parents are blind to their own children, which is why most parents think their kids are the most beautiful/intelligent/special snowflake ever.

That being said, I would guess most humans have some kind of disability. Whether is be physical, mental, learning, behavioral, chronic illness, immune problem. It is not up to us to decide who gets to live and who doesn't. I have spent a lot of time in children's hospitals because I have one child who was born with OHVIRA syndrome (google it if you'd like) who also happens to have autism. When I see the moms wheeling their vegetables around, I feel nothing but the greatest sense of compassion. I admire their dedication to their children. And I feel LUCKY. Lucky that my kid ONLY has autism, and ONLY has OHVIRA syndrome. Raising a child with special needs gives you a whole new outlook on life. I'm a better human being and mother for having had the experience.

I do think the parents here are weirdos and attention whores. But these children are here, and short of murdering them, someone has to care for them. I give these people credit for being there and raising these kids despite knowing that they will never have anything resembling a normal life. And I can't fault the kids for being here. The brain is a mystery, and if they can cry, eat (swallow), breath without assistance, and have normal functioning automatic responses (heart beats, lungs work, etc) then they do have some brain tissue. They aren't brain dead. We really don't know what they are experiencing. Maybe they do absorb some of the stimulus they get.

It is not for us to judge who is worthy. There are plenty of neurotypical people in this world who don't deserve to live either (sociopaths and assholes) but we don't go around gunning them down either.

No. 105378

Are you lost?

No. 105379

This is some chicken soup for the soul shit.
Don't care.

No. 105384

File: 1457977217305.jpg (4.97 KB, 259x194, 153456851321321.jpg)

Your tumblr is showing. How the hell did you find this place?

Let me tell you something cupcake, I am a parent and I would be damned if I would've done what this woman did. The fact that you're trying to compare your child's autism and OHVIRA to these two is sadly disproportionate. They are basically vegetables and have no indication of even being aware of what's going on around them, let alone have any higher thinking capacity. The worst part of all of this is that this woman was told the high risk factor of passing on this genetic condition and she fucking did it again. Two fucking kids that are little more than moving dolls that eat and shit. It's not even the hardship that the parents are going through that's the issue, what sort of quality of life do these kids have? They feel stimulus sure, like pain and discomfort, hunger and the need to expel. They stare at shiny and colorful things but have no understanding. What do you think is going to happen to them when their parents die? Who the hell is supposed to take care of them? Or will they even live that long? In the meantime they get to live in their discomfort and suffer spasms and seizures. The woman is a selfish cunt who is using her kids' disorders as a means for internet ass pats, period.

Sage for vitriol.

No. 105387

>When I see the moms wheeling their vegetables around, I feel nothing but the greatest sense of compassion.

Calling them "their vegetables" proves you also see them as less than human. And if you think you you'd able to put up with two flesh lumps who have less understanding than an insect and projectile vomit and shit all the time, you're lying to yourself. Oh and did I mention those lovely "greek cheese reeking hands"? Go back to Tumblr.

No. 105394

and this
>I'm a better human being and mother for having had the experience.

Whaaaat? lol.

No. 105402


So you're saying that you don't think sociopaths deserve to live because they're different? At least they have feelings, awareness and the ability to contribute to society, unlike these vegetables. And yeah, I am a mother. I would have aborted these "little girls" because they have absolutely no quality of life and if they feel anything, it's only pain.

No. 105422

You have to be trolling. No one can be this stupid.

No. 105459

I was being facetious.

No. 105461

It's not the choice that I would make, but once a baby is on its way, it's on its way. I can't ever in the world judge a child for being alive. You can hate the parents all you want (I was WTFing at the one video of the kid being made to pop up and down behind the coffee table) but a life is a life. ALL lives have some value, and it's not fair to make judgements about how deserves to live and who doesn't.

No. 105462

^^who, not how

No. 105463

I don't get it. Are they making a parody of themselves?

No. 105469

Have you ever seen the results of animal hoarding? Deformed, sick dogs in a life of pain? They're euthanised because if you have any compassion you don't let them suffer. This is why places like Dignitas exist, to end human suffering.

Unfortunately these kids don't even have the capacity to ask for their lives to be ended. If these were mine and their life was being propped on a cushion, projectile vomiting and stinking of cheese, I'd go as high as I could to get their life medically terminated. If not, I'd probably smother them with a pillow.

No. 105470

(I definitely wouldn't have had a second one)

No. 105485

Not who you're replying to but, I wouldn't have had a second one either.

That's what is particularly fucked up about this, to me. The firstborn is normal, the second-born has microcephaly. I'm sure they basically found their world flipped on end and so they learned all about microcephaly, risk factors etc. Soooo after having her second child, she knew the risk factors etc. and I'm sure somewhere someone could've drawn her a Punnett square to give her a visual of the odds of whether additional children would have the same defect. I'm sure doctors told her it was risky business and discouraged her from having another child… but no, she went and had a third child who also has microcephaly.

I totally get that some people don't want to adopt because "not muh blood, can't love it as much/ baby won't look like meeeee", but she basically condemned the youngest child. She knew the risks, gambled, and the child has to pay. It seems like she wanted 2 perma-babies, except normal infants get to experience more in life than these two poor souls. 2 perma-babies you can pose and do photoshoots with… and since they are not able to survive on their own, they can never leave someone's care re: no empty nest for momma. It all just reeks of selfishness… perhaps more than their hands reek of cheese.

Seriously though, if you find out you have risk factors etc. but want to expand your family, just adopt or maybe find a suitable donor without the same risks so 1 parent's genetics are expressed but in a way to lower the risk of such a horrible birth defect.

No. 105709

I just think of how miserable will be the life of their son. He won't be able to get on with his life when his parents are too old to take care of the sisters or dead. He'll have to take care of them or at least spend a lot of money on nurses that take care of their problems for him.
He deserves a normal life. I bet that if they didn't have him in the first place, they'd conceived another poor soul to take care of the things for them when they are gone.

No. 105729

Thing is, according to CDC website, wouldn't it be extremely unlikely for her to have 2 microcephalic babies? Even so, if you could blame Zika virus for the first child's condition, why is it still a problem for the second? You would think the doctors would strongly recommend her monitor her pregnancy VERY closely or even just not have more kids if the virus could still effect her. Having a second was undoubtably a terrible decision no matter how she tries to glorify it. I honestly can't even just sit back and solely blame dumb luck. This should not have happened again.

No. 106331

According to them, they had a 75% chance of conceiving a normal child after their first microcephalic pregnancy, and they did not receive fetal measurements indicating microcephaly until after they were legally able to terminate the pregnancy in the state they live in (Kansas).

No. 106929

I'm going to hell for laughing as hard as i did at this

No. 107276

> it will be the most beautiful and loved baby ever, because it's yours.
Pretty sure thats the oxytocin talking
It pretty much forces mother to bond to baby
Fun fact its also released during orgasm which is why women form a stronger bond to sexual partners than men do

No. 107341

I don't think the "life" expectancy of the veggie kids is high enough for the parents to die before they do and the brother getting shouldered with the burden. Still, sucky life with parents that crazy.

No. 107345

the brother isnt legally obligated to do anything tho, right

No. 107383

Honestly, I think there's a little bit of "baby forever" going on with the mom. Think about; they'll never grow up and leave her, or disagree with her, or stop needing her help. She'll get to pick them up, and dress them up, and act like they're tiny babies who are totally dependent on her (because essentially, they are.) forever. Every unhinged mother dreads her kids flying the nest, this mom doesn't have to worry about that. They'll be babies forever.

No. 107385

I don't think so: even if the parents made him a legal guardian in their will, were they both to die, he could do whatever he wanted; he couldn't have guardianship until after he's of age though anyway, I think (if they died right now, for example). I don't know what healthcare is like in America, but in England they're so severely disabled I expect you could put them in residential care for free.

No. 107388

Sorry for double posting, but this comment appeared as I was typing >>107385
My mum is exactly like this: she's done everything she can since I was born to undercut any signs of independence and autonomy, and she's managed to make me fearful and anxious about pretty much everything, as well as fostering an intense co-dependence (me and her against my abusive dad) between us. I can't help thinking she'd have been more pleased with someone developmentally disabled as a child, given the extent to which she's tried to turn me into a stunted woman-child.

So many people just shouldn't be allowed to have kids, man.

No. 107395

I know this isn't the same thing, but I definitely see similarities. I almost feel like the mother has some form of Munchausen's by Proxy. I mean, she's clearly not making her children ill, but she is feeding off of her children's vegetative state and intentionally put them into this world for attention.

No. 107398

Question - and sorry if this has been answered previously - but, typically how long is the life expectancy for kids/people born with this condition?
They can't possibly live to adult years, right?

No. 107399

I would love to follow Cal's personal (hidden from his family) blog or instagram or tumblr to get a sense of what he deals with daily and what goes through his mind.

No. 107400


From what I've read, Claire wasn't supposed to live past 1 yr (she's now almost 15). I'm not sure exactly what Lola's prognosis was, but I'd assume similar. She's almost 10.

No. 107407

Not all cases of microcephaly are linked with zika. It's also a genetic congenital abnormality.

No. 107409

File: 1458410025604.jpg (48.3 KB, 300x400, 176.JPG)

It looks so weird, like that nose does not belong on that face.

No. 107411

Their hair is always done up so nicely.

No. 107417

She does dream of them one day walking, of one day being normal and reaching out for things. She writes about those dreams on her blog. She would love for them to grow up one day.

No. 107419

Why the heck are you not allowed to late term abort microcephalic babies?

No. 107420

I'd "accidentally" kill them. With the host of issues they have, just going to the next room and drinking a cup of coffee while they have a seizure on the floor, might be enough. Must be a hellish life for the mother, I can't imagine.

No. 107421

>ALL lives have some value
Even pedophile serial rapists? Cows? Chickens? Where do YOU draw the line anon?

No. 107422

>Most of you people are not parents, and it shows.
That's a logical fallacy. Stopped reading there. If you can't make an argument beyond "You have to go through it to talk about it!!!111" your argument is not very good.

I don't have to have AIDS to know it's not awesome.

No. 107424

I completely agree. People like >>105372 spout that nonsense about true parents and their oxytocin high, but TRUE love and compassion is letting go.

We love animals and old/terminally ill people enough to allow them a dignified death, why not extend that to infants? Why do children have to shit themselves to death over a period of 5 years?

No. 107455

I'm aware. But genetic testing for pregnancy screening has been around a couple decades. Heck, a doctor should have been able see this through ultrasound because BOTH look like more extreme cases of microcephaly (they probably wouldn't even need to wait until late 2nd trimester). She just had so many options. All I'm saying is that she didn't seem to care about having another severely disabled, barely alive baby, when she should have done everything in her power not to have this happen again (like maybe not get pregnant again in the first place, since this was an obvious risk and she already obviously had her hands full with her first veggie kid). Actually, it doesn't seem far fetched to say she LIKED the idea. Whatever though, terrible parent either way and society could do without both HER and her two human vegetable spawns (though it's not their fault they had to be born, so I do pity them).

No. 107460

I read somewhere that she waited until she was past the abortion time to get the ultrasound or testing done

No. 107462

I guess she's a prolifer.

No. 107541

I wonder how bad their breaths smell.

No. 107557


this is fucking revolting

No. 107640

This video is so fucked up. She sounds like an elementary school bully. "You gonna cry, baby? You gonna cry?!" (Plus the "tell me about it" when she literally cannot talk. Christ.) Maybe it's a good thing that these children are vegetables, though it does make me curious about how the normal kid is treated.

And in case the "you need to be a parent!!1!" person responses: most people would say "uh-oh, don't cry" or "ohh you're okay!" or something of the sort in this situation. They don't mock their child for crying; at most, they just encourage them not to.

No. 107645

Yes,or even just express a bit of empathy. Phrases like "I know" "I understand" as to why her child is either completely terrified of the world around her, unable to communicate and make any rational thoughts or that she is in so much physical pain because her mother selfishly wanted a living doll.

No. 107652

I don't know if this was posted already because I've only seen a few posts in here but omg


why this song my god

No. 107653

This is so patronising and horrible. This woman is despicable.

No. 107666

If I'm their brother/sister whatever… I would secretly kill both of them to end this misery…. This is horrible and I wouldn't even care about the consequences.

No. 107775

She's encouraging her to cry because it's the most sentient thing she can do.

No. 107975

This thread reminds me of the Jahi Mcmath case
Someone summarized it here :http://kesselrunin12parsecs.tumblr.com/

tldr; brain dead child being attended to by her mom to keep up the illusion that she is alive after 2 years

No. 107982

I didn't know the mother hadn't given up yet. The poor child looks like a corpse. It's really depressing.

No. 107984

It IS a corpse…..

No. 108642

Make me think about Vincent Lambert in France.
He was a nurse, crashed his car in 2008 and was declared brain-dead.
His position of wanting the plug to be pulled (stopping feeding and nourrishing him here) was known and his wife was prepared to do it.
Except his parent didn't want to, claiming he was still there. They lawered up, doctors pussied out, gigantic shitstorm about euthanasia in France happened.

It's been 9 years and his wife still has to live with the fact that they are maintaning her shell of a spouse and diffusing images of what is basically his corpse to sway public opinion.
Last year, they published this video, exploiting the fact that he still has basic reflexes.
It's sickening, the length people can go in denial.

No. 108932

I don't know why people keep insinuating these kids are brain dead. They eat and breathe and poop and pee on their own. The oldest girl appears to be making some effort to learn to crawl? It looks like even the little one can move around (I saw a post on the Mom's blog about how the kid was left in the middle of a king size bed, and was able to work her way to the edge and fall off).

I have also noticed the condition seems to be progressive. When you look at photos of the oldest girl as a baby/toddler, she looks more normal (eyes are focused, limbs are not crossed/clenched), etc.

To compare them to Jahi McMath is crazy. Jahi is brain dead. She cannot eat or breathe on her own. She can't even open her eyes. These girls may be retarded, have low functioning, and appear to be getting worse as they get older…but they are not brain dead.

No. 108941

>they're not brain dead

but they may as well be. So what if they breathe, shit and twitch a bit? How is that living?

No. 108988

They don't eat by themselves. One of the girls have a feeding tube up her stomach, don't know about the other one and I believe that they don't control their bladders nor their sphincters, so they just flush everything down the moment it goes through their system.
As for crawling - their mother is delusional as hell, she probably moved her herself or pushed her off.

No. 108990

Plants (such as flytrap and sunflower) can also twitch and move. They even process nutrients.

No. 108995

Yes, but do they emit heat? NOPE. These girls are clearly alive.

No. 109000

At least one of them can eat, because the mother has gone on a nutty rant about it. And I mean, they can obviously move, though whether they choose to or not is an entirely different matter.
But I agree with >>108941 anyway: they might as well be brain dead.

Dude, plants are alive even if they don't emit heat (and there are even plants that do emit heat). Please come up with better arguments.
Though the main argument here isn't whether they are alive or not; it's whether their life is considered a human-like life. The answer is no. They will never have desires or dreams of their own. They live by instinct alone. Because of that, they are indeed at plant level. That's also why we compare them to the brain-dead: because it's the closest a human will come to being a rock.

No. 109005


Wooo dumbass, search "Corpse Flower". It's a flower that raises it's temperature to that of a human. Is it alive? No. Idiot.

No. 109006


By alive I mean yes it's obvs a living plant, but it doesn't have hopes, dreams, desires… because it's a fucking plant

No. 109014

File: 1458637196099.jpg (63.95 KB, 540x344, image.jpg)

How does someone get to be an adult whilst thinking plants aren't alive?

There's a whole world between sentient and alive anon. You poor dumbass.

No. 109045

This was sarcasm. Holy shit.

No. 109076

One thing that bothers me about this mom is that she calls them "the dwarves." Why not just call them "the girls"? I do find some of her humor offensive. I think calling them dwarves relegates them to being some kind of object vs. people. Imagine if someone called their kid "The Autistics" or "The Retardeds." Not cool.

No. 109121

They are objects at this point though. They have no brain functions or sentient thoughts of their own.

No. 109122

I feel so bad. Shouldn't the wife have the final say in this? France is some kind of bullshit. He's brain-dead– s vegetable. At least his wife was smart enough to know it.

No. 109371

I compared them to Jahi in the way that the mom seems to be selfish in doing everything possible to keep these girls alive, for her entertainment. Yes these girls can breathe on their own but what else can they do. They will never grow into an independently functional human and will probably continually require medical intervention to keep them alive.
Both families hold the disconcerting belief that their precious children will one day be functional and choose to keep them alive to prove it.

No. 109411

This famous US case has some relevance as well: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terri_Schiavo_case

No. 109430


Like she hates them being called retards but will happily call them dwarves???

No. 109500

This, obviously. Which makes it even worse

No. 109541

well she can't call them little people, because they're not really people.

No. 109548

I suppose daughters or kids is too lifelike for them? She keeps giving them stupid nicknames like any other ugly knick knack or conversation piece that sits in the living room. I feel like she almost avoids calling them people, other than the weird teenager fantasy she pushes.

No. 109564

I thought it was funny sarcasm, too.

No. 109566

"Terry Schiavo is kind of alive-o."

No. 109628

It was awful sarcasm. When literally no one can pick up on the fact that you're being sarcastic, you need to learn to convey it better. Maybe try italics next time. "These girls are clearly alive."

No. 109659

The song should not be in my head but it is. Thanks, anon.

No. 110081

The most expensive plant you'll ever see, anon.

No. 110341

About the crying video: Lola cannot actually "cry" and neither can Claire. The mom (I forget her name) admitted on her blog that the "crying" is seizure-related. :( I feel really sad for their son…

No. 110513

Jfc, that's even more fucked up. So we're literally watching in this video:
Lola: has a seizure
Mother: Baby gonna cry?!
Lola: continues seizing

No. 110839

Back in the "good old days" kids like these would of and should of just been thrown into the river to drown. Harsh, but better to spend resources on humans that will actually give back. Not bottomless pits of living dolls, like these girls are.

No. 110871

I'm with you. Far too many creatures are kept alive these days that shouldn't be. Just because we have the technology doesn't mean it's a good idea to use it.

No. 110884

And this is why you can have an abortion now. Back in the "good old days", abortion wasn't legal and women were suffering the consequences from back alley abortions.

Now, abortion being legal doesn't stop pro-lifers but most people than end up pregnant knowing the kid has little to no chance at life would terminate the pregnancy.

No. 110885


No. 110965

This on the other hand is the modern equivalent of a freak show: parents posting their "Miracle Babies" on the internet for all to see so that they can be hailed Best Parents On Earth and people can gawk at their children doing 10% of what most 3 year olds can. It's fucking sick.

No. 110982

Either something is wrong with his spunk or there's something wrong with her eggs.

They need to stop breeding.

No. 111036

File: 1459025979482.jpg (443.57 KB, 1200x1600, s-l1600.jpg)

These "girls" remind me of those baby dolls that cry and soil their diapers.

No. 111038

File: 1459026253253.jpg (471.06 KB, 2560x1440, maxresdefault.jpg)

It's sad when these toys can do more than her "daughters" ever could.

No. 114354

i hop se get herpes tho .-.

No. 114359


great pos, ano :3

No. 114577

Well, it's not the same at all. This kid was normal and had an accident. I understand it's hard to let him go, especially when he still look normal ans that they have memories of him being normal. He's not an ugly doll without a brain, there's still a chance he could get "better".

No. 116255

George Carlin said it best: "If you're pre-born, you're fine. If you're pre-school, you're fucked!"

No. 116261

The older one is already 13-ish. What school?

No. 116262

fuck accidentally replied to month-old post… sorry guys.

No. 116263

abortions should definitely be normalized in situations like these. most abortions are done early on before it resembles anything close to a human being. it's not good for the child or the parent to really have a kid like this. i can understand disability. i can understand being paraplegic or having a genetic disorder that limits mobility oe speech etc. but like. these kids are missing parts of their brain. their. brain. this isn't a complete human being.just because it has the capacity to be alive doesn't mean it should be? it just sounds so cruel to say it just really comes down to society. i bet doctors loathe the fact that missing part of their brain doesn't prevent these kids from being born. it just has to be torture. but what can they really say you know? they're doctors, and if the parent insists on it then like. well shit. okay then jesus.

this supermom complex goes too fucking far honestly. because really that's all this is. it's the guilt and the pressure that comes from being a mother, and how you have to do reckless stupid shit and go against doctors to save your child. the thing is, actually giving birth to these kids isn't saving them. it's torture for the kid and parent.

the support and praise this woman gets from her blog is probably the only thing keeping her from drowning those kids tbh. i don't doubt in my mind that every day she feels regret for ever giving birth to these kids, in the moments where she breaks character from pretending that these kids are capable of thought, much less love. it's just cruel for everyone involved. and pretty sad.

to answer the question i would abort immediately. if you have the ability to prevent the birth of a child destined to suffer an incurable, cost effective and horrible disease, then fucking do it. wait until next time when you're able to give birth to a healthy, happy child.

No. 119865


I agree. If I had this condition I would have wanted my mum to abort me straight away.

No. 119870


100000% agree with you.

I dont want my own children for a variety of reasons. But some of those reasons would be I would be terrified if I had a mentally disabled child. I also have bad mental illnesses and it runs very strongly in my moms side of the family. I hate to think of bringing another human being into this world with a large possibility that it would live their life with the same struggles I face.

I understand why people have a hard time making the decision to abort unhealthy, disabled babies or to rid them at birth. But have some mercy jesus

No. 119871

File: 1460703289922.jpg (64.84 KB, 615x409, Gabby-Williams-age-6.jpg)

Haven't read through the whole thread but the way these two girls look really remind me of this baby.


No. 120008

I think any possible comment I could make about the children has been covered, but I wanted to mention I think she'd be really terrifying to interact with in real life, whether she had her dolls with her or not. I get this vibe she'd make you feel quite uneasy and would only talk about her freaky kids. Her manic style of writing and the creepy youtube videos make me cringe in horror and question how mentally stable she is. Has anyone ever seen any interviews with her/met her? Kinda intrigued what she's like as a person.

No. 120025

She looks like venus at first glance

No. 121776

You say that now, but as with people who thought they would never want to be paralysed or on life support, people change their minds when they are actually disabled or living like this. Suddenly living as lesser becomes superior to not living at all. Who are we to judge the quality of someone's life?

No. 121829

These girls seem happy at the very least, it doesn't look like they're suffering. I personally think it was irresponsible that the mother didn't abort the second girl since she knew that she would have the same syndrome, but at least they are well taken care of. I agree that it's incorrect to assume that they have a poor quality of life based on their disability alone.

No. 121845

Her veggie garden definitely looks well taken care of.

No. 121847

Isn't it kind of cute how one of these tomatoes ended up with blue eyes and the other ended up with hazel eyes?

No. 121879

I can agree to an extent. I was born with a disability and probably would have been aborted had my parents known about it.

I think conditions like this are just beyond hope though. These girls are hardly people, they just do not have brains developed enough to think or feel even on the level of someone with a severe developmental disability. They are just the slightest step up from vegetables and there's really no reason for them to live. They probably don't even know they're alive.

No. 121904

At least a good thing that came from giving birth to these girls is the possible research and learning that doctors do from them. How they operate, how they're surviving, etc. it's like a real life experiment.

No. 121905

Indeed. I don't think anyone is supporting the argument for eugenics again but cases like these two young women are an exception. They have no quality of life, no chance of progressing and thriving. It's one step away from keeping someone cruelly alive on life support but I would argue this is worse as these young women must be constantly terrified of the world around them .

No. 122005

This video is extremely unsettling to me. Why are they naked?

No. 122019

Ran out of salad dressing?

No. 122045

This is just fucking heart breaking and just…wow. I have no other words. They clearly look like they are in pain, them seem like the have a hard time breathing. Why the fuck would you keep them alive? They won't benefit society in any way. They won't have dreams, they won't have interests/hobbies. I just can't even right now.

No. 122049

They keep having seizures in that video and she acts lik e it's cute.

No. 122052

Jesus, even the fucking dog looks depressed

No. 122053

It's sad because it can't eat the warm meatsacks.

No. 122054

I want to experiment on them. Like poke them with needles and see how they react, burn them, cut off a few fingers, sew bits of them to each other. They would be great replacements for animals in cosmetic testing facilities.

No. 122059

I feel so sorry for those girls. Her selfish mother forces them to have miserable lives in which they are not able to process anything going on around them just so she can feel like a hero.

No. 122095

File: 1461103324621.jpg (21.25 KB, 300x200, image.jpg)

No. 122278

One of my least favourite things on the planet is people attributing feelings/thoughts to things that clearly aren't having them - I'm even one of those cunts who thinks that dressing animals up in fairy costumes and shit is insulting their dignity - so hearing this bitch say, "she's smiling," "she thinks it's funny," is really pissing me off. No, you psycho, neither of them are capable of smiling, nor of thinking something's funny. Stop using them to feed your delusions, they are individuals, NOT toys for you to play with and put on display. If I'd given birth to the first one I think I'd have smothered it, and quite frankly never try for a baby again if there was even the slightest chance of it being born like this.

No. 122295

Exactly. I imagine what they experience most of the time is pain and fear/confusion. This is just like abusing your pet bunny or sth. Except the bunny probably comprehends more than they do…

No. 122373

Yeah, I know it's not the best measure since they have little control over their muscles but their facial expressions almost always convey pain or fear. It's probably terrifying to be thrown into all these experiences that you have absolutely no way to comprehend.

No. 122396

Holy shit, this post is 1 month old by now but I fucking love it. Just had to say it.


No. 122784

No. 126454

the face when a parrot is smarter than the intelligence your 2 meatsack daughters combined


No. 126494

Look up something called 'baby farming', its a colloquialism for infanticide and it was rampant up till the early 20th century. Parents would put their children up with wetnurses/caretakers who fed them watery gruel (if anything) of which the babies would conveniently expire.

No. 126496

In hospitals too, straight after the mother had given birth the defected newborn was whisked away before she could see it and either placed in a home where usually they would die soon after due to poor care, illnesses not being treated or in the hospital the poor newborn would have a mercy death.

All of those processes are cruel, which is why abortion is the more humane way.

No. 126634

Sorry for sounding edgy as hell but I can't help but wonder what their genitalia is like. Or whether the fifteen yo veg is going through something resembling puberty, whether or not they could theoretically reproduce. I'd pay good money to see that.

But that's the thing, apparently these veggies can't even cry. She wants them to, but I don't think they're capable of that.

No. 126651

Wow… so you're saying you would pay good money to see an underdeveloped childs genitals…. i'm disgusted to say the least

No. 126664

I would also like to see their genitals.

No. 126675

I just watched this video

The kid's not even an nth as fucked as the Hartley kids, but she said she would've had the pregnancy terminated if she'd known he'd been born with microcephaly BUT went ahead with a second pregnancy. What is WRONG with these people?

No. 128485

Agreed. Even if she's in denile. Why else would you mommy blog these kids if it weren't for the "you're so strong", "so inspirational", "what a good wholesome Christian family" comments. If she really wanted children and not dressup dolls that she can exploit, she would adopt. What quality of life can kids like this really have?

No. 128556

I had a friend when I was a young child who had downs and went to a special school, she was also autistic but only mildly and she was the sweetest girl but she was severely bullied physically and verbally by a lot of the other kids at her school and had to be removed from the school. She's now in her 30's and hasn't left her house for 10 years due to depression and anxiety from the bullying. I suppose their world is like a regular persons except magnified x1000 and so everything from feelings to senses is much more intense; at least that's how it seemed with those I've known.

No. 128569

You're around 30? :(

No. 128633

Oh no, I'm 22, she had a younger mental age due to her condition and so we evened out when I was about 5 and we were friends for a while then

No. 128634

I don't get this comment. If Anon were 30 . . . so what? We're all gonna get there someday unless we an hero.

No. 128645

I'm around 30. Anon is probably underage and scared of everyone over 20 because tumblr told her that they're all pedophiles.

No. 128662

Don't be silly, anon. It's because it's pathetic for 30 year olds to post on a weeaboo gossip board.

No. 128663

??? ok.

No. 128670

I'm 25. Can't say I know if I'll be on here when I'm 30 but what I do know is that the last 5 years have passed so fucking fast. And the next 5 will be the same.. thats just how it works after 21

But yeah. I can't say my internet habits have changed much in that time. 30 is not as old as it seems

No. 128671

there's plenty of non weeb gossip here too, like this thread.

No. 128677

30 isn't old but come on..it's pretty funny that there's women over 25 here.. I'm not underaged but let's be honest a 15 yearold makes 1000000x more sense on being in this site than a 30 year old lol.

No. 128678

I don't think most 15-year-olds are interested in this snowflake's baby dolls.

Speaking of 15, that's how old the older statue is.

No. 128685

it's only really "funny" and nonsensical if they spend hours every day endlessly scrolling the threads. most people likely just check in every so often when they have some time to kill.

No. 128691


As I stated in>>128633 I'm 22 and don't plan on hanging around here at 30; but because people with downs often have a lower mental age, I got older and she didn't (mentally) and so I lost contact but my family recently told me she'd been stuck in her house that long and it's pretty sad really.

No. 128692

I'm assuming their genitals look like a normal humans. They definitely won't have periods though. When the human body is struggling to maintain itself the reproductive system is usually considered a luxury.

No. 128707

People love gossip at any age. My 90-year-old grandma loves the gossip magazines. This is no different, and 30 isn't old enough to be out of the internet-generation loop.

No. 128719

I'm 46. Chans have been a part of my internet life since I had access. Tastes change because the culture of a board changes (ie half chan /b. Barely visit there now), but it's true that just because you get older you suddenly stop finding gossip and bitching interesting.

Here I hide the weeb threads because at my age, that isn't something I find relevant to my life (although Margo is entertaining). I can still find humour in ridiculous behaviour, so …

No. 128725

you DONT* suddenly stop finding gossip and bitching interesting.

No. 128801

File: 1462758807658.jpg (715.74 KB, 1280x1600, current (4).JPG)

This picture makes me ill.

No. 128802

File: 1462758911541.jpeg (66.99 KB, 350x447, image.jpeg)

No. 128803

The guy looks like he's about to drop the one he's holding and she wants to hit the ground running.

No. 128804


I was actually just about to post that picture. That is their son and his prom date right before prom. I can't imagine how awkward and mortifying that must of been for the both of them.

>Here, son, take a picture of you holding your two nearly braindead barely human sisters with your prom date so I can get asspats on my blog!

I wonder if their son was adopted or something, it's weird that he's so normal in comparison. I can't imagine how difficult his life is, I bet he gets picked on all the time. Poor kid.

No. 128810

Nope, he's not adopted. He was the first born. And yeah, he gets picked on, even by his own mom: >>92237 & >>92238

No. 128816

>The second the finger was pointed, he looked at me, then at Scott, and he immediately threw his head down in his lap and BAWLED – harder than I've ever seen him bawl – for a good 20-30 minutes. Things such as, "I wasn't thinking!" and "I am DUMB!!!!!" were shouted… more tears… "I AM SOOOOOO SORRY!"… SO MUCH ANGER inside of me now… HOW COULD HE??? I remember yelling, "It feels like you just punched me in the stomach!!!" and he cried even harder. My sweet boy! How could he disrespect Claire and Lola like that?!?!?! He loves them SO MUCH!!!!!

Poor kid. This sounds traumatic as hell.

No. 128817

File: 1462762873793.jpg (356.34 KB, 1295x1600, Scan_Pic0001.jpg)

No. 128828

This poor fucking kid. Children with siblings who have special needs already have trouble growing up "normally" from their unusual family dynamic. This letter really shows how much negativity has been drilled into his head. It reads like he constantly has to walk on eggshells.
It will be a miracle if this boy grows up to be a well-functioning individual.

No. 128863

>I feel horrible and utterly worthless.
Jesus Christ.

No. 128874

I really feel for this poor boy. Hope he manages to get away from it all and find happiness.

No. 128877

They're way too pale to be out in the sun without protection. I wonder if they have sunscreen on.

No. 128880

These pictures makes me happy. I used to think bizarre shit no longer existed in our glorious, rational, advanced civilization, but… damn. This is some top tier crazy.

Think future people will look at our current shit the same way we do to witch burning?

No. 128888

>she's smiling
>she thinks its funny

no? you psychotic bitch those are veges they aren't capable of the shit you're projecting onto them. One keeps farting and the other looks like its in severe pain like… this shit is the saddest thing I have ever seen

No. 128893


Nice quads. She has to do that to stay sane. If she didn't anthromorphise them she'd smother them with a pillow

No. 128906

Where's this from?

No. 128908

It's the letter her eldest/normal kid had to write after saying retarded. She made him write an apology and then posted it on her blog.


No. 128919

File: 1462811490626.jpg (128.14 KB, 1600x1035, Scan_Pic0002.jpg)

jesus fuckkkkk

No. 128924

>I hope you forgive me
I may be reading too much into this, but it sounds like he's not even sure if she will forgive him. Most people would say "Please forgive me." Instead, he's hoping she forgives him. It sounds like he feels unsafe/insecure in his own home, like he's not sure she wouldn't dump him off at the nearest truck stop if she could.

I think someone said this much earlier in the thread, but I hope he writes a book someday. I would love to hear his side of things.

No. 128927

The son's date looks legitimately distressed. Can you imagine getting all dolled up and excited to go to prom with the guy who asked you, only to have to go to his house and pose with his freaky half-dead gremlin sisters. There's no way this didn't seriously fuck with their night.

No. 128932

The poor girl appears to be his long-time girlfriend: https://www.instagram.com/calhartley_nlha11/
It's odd to me how in a lot of their photos together, he's standing very stiff and awkward, and she kind of hangs on him.

At the same time, her instagram (https://www.instagram.com/kerby.kelly/) is full of him, but doesn't have a single picture with his sisters. She even has a different prom photo (though I can't blame her at all for that).

No. 128934

Well most normal people want to present the good parts of their life on social media and I can't imagine she thinks her boyfriend's non-sentient goblin siblings are something positive she wants to dwell on.

No. 128936

i don't think you are reading too much into it.

sad that his mom would post about this anyways, she came down way too hard on him to compensate for own insecurities

he and alyrealrecover's brother should write a book together

No. 128959


No. 129037

The younger one is a lot more retarded than the older. Bitch should have stopped while she was ahead. It seems like she loves veggie babies though so she probably likes the worse one more.

No. 129056

Just from looking at the pics here the younger one does seem more afflicted and maybe in more discomfort.

No. 129064

>Scott and I had a VERY loooooooooong talk about the whole ordeal, what Cal's punishment should be, and why our son would EVER do such a thing. We decided that his punishment would be this: He would have to call each of the other three children involved, apologize for using the word "retard" and explain to them why it is wrong and why no one should ever say it again. Secondly, he would write Scott & me a letter about his own thoughts, feelings and what he had learned – about his sisters, using that word, why it's inappropriate, why he won't do it again, how sorry he is, etc. It needed to be at least one notebook page in length.

Holy fuck, that kid needs to move out fast from his crazy mother and her shitting meat bags

No. 129066

Their son at least seems social.
To get away from crazy mother's shit, he probably spends a lot of time out of the house, doing sports, hanging with friends or gf.

No. 129285

For using the word retard?
Waste of oxygen is may be a better term I suppose, I hope that was his response.
I'm sure he has his move all planned out.

No. 129290

Jesus christ those kids look like my cats when someone picks them up and they're trying to escape.

No. 129291

File: 1462928607372.jpg (60.54 KB, 600x600, Capture.JPG)


No. 129292

As if Veggie is capable of enjoying anything, let alone music.

No. 129293

The younger one is "cuter", though. So there's that.

No. 129295

File: 1462929340829.jpg (44.8 KB, 499x381, Peter_Pettigrew_holding_Voldem…)

okay.. I'm going to sound like a major asshole. But I finally figured out what they remind me of.

No. 129306

Its uncanny

No. 129309

#PrayforCal, I hope he doesn't end up crazy, too

No. 129317

No she's not. The younger one has always been the harder of the two for me to look at. She's just so small and pasty and gnarled. At least when I look at the older one I can see where she potentially would have looked like a normal person, the younger one just straight up looks like a goblin

No. 129332

Holy shit anon, you're right.

No. 129343

Lola is a creature

No. 129349


imagine how fucked up this poor guy is mentally. Won't be suprised if he just cuts them straight off after college/hs graduation/whenever he gets the money to

No. 129376

Maybe he doesn't even understand that he has been emotionally abused and manipulated by his parents. Maybe he just thinks all of this is normal, I hope he gets a chance soon to cut them all off and move on with his life though

No. 130124

i'm going to hell even for smirking. fucking a anon

No. 130646

No. 133992

Hay if they wanna throw away there lives let them. All I'm going to say is that I would abort ASAP. 5 years too late? Ha

No. 157692

god, who hurt some of you guys?

^this lovely poster talks like they have some authority… reeeeally don't understand why you would do that. none of us are the authority on the girls. obviously their mom is. fucking DUH.

based on what she's posted on facebook and youtube, it's pretty clear that you're straight up wrong about most of what you said.

yeah, they're likely to be outlived by their folks. and?

the smaller girl is capable of voluntary vocalization and she cries regularly. the bigger girl vocalizes rarely, but she smiles voluntarily. they do have brains, their brains are just very small. they are not suffering; certain expressions and a greater frequency of seizures indicate when they are uncomfortable. the smaller girl has behaviors such as crying and throwing up to communicate when she's upset.

the smaller girl does not have a g-tube. she consumes her food orally. when she's very sick she gets an ng-tube to supplement her food intake.

as for anyone bitching about "exploitation" because a mom is posting like 3 pictures a month of her kids whom she's likely going to outlive: is oversharing on social media seriously a brand new concept for you??? virtually everyone does that. people dress their babies up in stupid, adorable costumes at Halloween all the goddamn time because CUTE. oversharing arguably becomes less appropriate when your kids get older, but these kids are perpetually babies. they can't contextualize their mom's social media posts the way that, say, their older brother can - which is why his mom keeps it kind of vague when she blogs about how overprotective she is of him, and what not. any of us would play with kids like this in all the ways their folks are playing with them if we were live-in babysitters. its NORMAL. get some perspective. ok BYE

No. 157693

Got yourself a tater tot too, eh?

No. 157698


no? i dont have kids. and hey, if it makes you feel any better id totally terminate my pregnancy if i got this kind of diagnosis. im as pro choice as anyone, but i try n, u kno, put emphasis on the CHOICE part: i respect the mom's choice. i dont value life above everything because suffering is bad; i think it's unethical to keep people alive if they're suffering and they're not going to get better. its a waste of resources, and for what?! for an existence of pain? fuck that.

but you guys. these girls arent suffering.

oh, and they're mom isnt crazy. this thread is crazy. if you talk this much shit about someone else's disabled kids, like, i think you might need help

i say this as someone who spent the better part of a trimester in middle school getting stabbed in the back with a thumbtack at my locker and it's crowded hall location by a special ed student. you guys want real talk (TM)? its very easy to love perpetual babies.

No. 157704

I'm not seeing any of that in the image you posted anon(not saying she doesn't, I don't know)
But I don't see anything wrong with her adopting black children or giving her children black dolls to play with unless she's forcing them to only play with those ones or some crazy shit

No. 157708

The difference being a cabbage patch kid can smile

No. 157710

Yes it does? I don't believe it's a good analogy but surely you can tell it's saying "because men can't become pregnant, they can't properly empathize(note not sympathize) with a woman who is forced to carry an unwanted (though rape or otherwise) or unsustainable (i.e medical conditions)"

which is correct on some levels but of course #notallmen blah blah and because it's a shitty analogy being spouted by someone who more than likely doesn't want/know how to discuss the nuances and subtitles of complex issues like this.

TL;DR it makes sense, it's just that analogies for complex situations are literally retarded

No. 157714

Even Brooke at least had a mind of sorts, around a 9 mo old infants and could smile and the like or her own accord and not just reflexes

No. 157717

oh god, these read like SPCA profiles but sadder
>Shantasia would like to help prepare meals with her new family too. Shantasia says that being helpful makes her feel needed.
>Shantasia would like to have contact with her biological sister who has been adopted.

No. 157742

Honestly this seems like a problem mostly because people still have strong religious ties.

No. 157749

well, that's all very specific. hi mom!

No. 157757

>the smaller girl has behaviors such as crying and throwing up to communicate when she's upset.
Wow, what a great life!
>is oversharing on social media seriously a brand new concept for you??? virtually everyone does that.
No everyone does NOT do that.
>oversharing arguably becomes less appropriate when your kids get older, but these kids are perpetually babies.
So that means it's okay to put them on display forever and deny them basic dignity because they'll never mentally mature and can't fight you off?

No. 157870

so with the zika virus are gonna get more of these things cuz i dunno if i can handle that

No. 157881

Pretty sure these two are extra fucked up, have dwarfism and all kinds of other shit too.

No. 157898

Go boil your vegetables Gwen.

No. 158755

ALL OF YOU ARE ASSHOLES! Every child has the right to live. Life is not a special privlege for the fortunate, the planned, and the perfect. You say these children are like babies. But no one makes comments about how worthless and annoying babies are and they should all be dead. It's true, children with microcephaly have the lowest IQs. But they can tell whether they are dead or alive. They can see. They can hear. They can smell. Touch. Taste. Vegtables cannot do any of those things. And children with microcephaly CAN enjoy music. Maybe not to they same degree as a "normal" person, but they still can. They can smile, and although rare, vocalize. They can be stimulized. They can be aware. They can be amuzed. And even if you refuse to believe this and still think that they are "veggies", you don't have to be so goddamn rude about it. It's one thing to politely say that you would abort them so they wouldn't "suffer". (They're not) But you take it to a whole neww level when you call te girls name like veggies and retarded, bitch about their mom and brother, and talk about wanting to burn them, cut their limbs off, stab them, and put them in animal testing facilities. Some one actually said "I want to experiment on them. Like poke them with needles and see how they react, burn them, cut off a few fingers, sew bits of them to each other. They would be great replacements for animals in cosmetic testing facilities." That is literally the cruelest thing anyone has ever said. I think that the person who wrote that should have their limbs cut off!!!!!!! And, when it all boils down to it, Claire and Lola are both someone else's kids. You have no fucking right to talk about them like that. Why? Because THEY AREN'T YOU'RE KIDS!!!!! So fuck you. And before you start with your bullshit about how I'm one of those old southern religious fuckers, I'm not. I live in New York, I don't go to church, I'm not religious, I'm 25, and I'm bisexual. And no, I don't have a "veggie" kid. In fact, I don't have any children. I just apose the idea of physically and verbaly asulting children because of their intellegence and head size. Or their family. It's fucking cruel. And if you do this, you're the retard. Peace out
- Orie

No. 158760


No one would talk about these children if they didn't parade them around on the internet for sympathy points, retard

No. 158761

learn English faggot

No. 158763

plants enjoy music too

No. 158765

the thing that turns them Into aubergines is either zika virus a gene defect or serve alcoholism
so I'm guessing either the mother did infect herself with zika on purpose or drank the whole pregnancy

No. 158767

after neuf months tu est presented with eeeh formidable ratatoille

No. 158990

No. 160377


lol wut

No. 160748

>they do have brains, their brains are just very small.
Are you seriously stupid enough to think that we thought they had no brain in their head? Really? Of course they have physical brains.

When we say they have no brains, we mean that they are not cognizant. Sure, they can express discomfort, but so can a plant (moving out of the shade into the sun). That doesn't make them sentient.

No. 160945

What's stimulizing? Is it like using a cattle prod on them?

No. 161381


>>using your email

No. 161510

>I'm not religious, I'm 25, and I'm bisexual. And no, I don't have a "veggie" kid. In fact, I don't have any children.
Sure Jan, the only Orie Finch I found on fb is a middle aged woman. You type like a middle aged woman, ironically. Anyway yeah, saying that you would cut off their limbs etc. is pretty fucked up but I think the anon who said it was either joking/being edgy or trolling, so there's no need to get so flustered. And yes, these kids are veggies, it's not "being cruel!!1" it's the truth, it's describing a fact. Literally the only thing that keeps people like you blabbering things about "Life is preciuuus they want to liiiive" is the fact that these children can't express their thoughts. We can't even be sure they have thoughts.
Saging for non-contribution.

No. 161525

Jesus Christ do you bitches have any shame? Why is this even in /snow/?

No. 161547



No. 162679

File: 1470180884867.jpg (639.36 KB, 779x939, wpNSROj.jpg)

No. 162680

File: 1470181507930.jpg (80.83 KB, 529x529, 3-taylor-swift-game.w529.h529.…)

the resemblance is uncanny

No. 162689

>pic related

No. 162711

File: 1470192595379.jpeg (172.37 KB, 356x351, image.jpeg)

No. 162736

fucking hell i hate that this made me laugh

No. 162756

Underrated post

No. 162760

why are you namefagging?

No. 162761

This is the kind of shit that keeps me up at night man. Genetic disorders like this make me question their evolutionary purpose for even existing in the gene pool in the first place.

Maybe autism may mutate into something beneficial or at least provide variation in the gene pool but this shit is just as aesthetically horrifying as it is debilitating to see in person. Huntingtons disease is a lethal allele but it persists in the genepool because symptoms for it only show up in later stages of people's lives in their 30s-50s.

Still the fact that this chick had 2 mircocephaly kids is remarkably rare, there must be something really wrong with her to allow these real life homunculus to live like this it's no way to live. If given the choice which they have no chance of even conceiving i can bet you a decent chunk of money that they would never want this horrible fucking life.

I'm very much pro choice because disorders like like exist.


No. 162791

> they can tell whether they're dead or alive

That's not how death works.

No. 162803

Thankfully, these children aren't going to have more children, so at least it hopefully ends with them.
Well, unless their brother passes on the same fucked-up genes… Maybe he'll choose not to have children though.

No. 162842

File: 1470248854882.jpeg (393.19 KB, 692x723, image.jpeg)

No. 162852

This thread makes me sick and not even because of you all. While people who suffer from such disabilities don't typically live into their adult years, there is a chance they will. What if something happens to the parents? Who will care for them? They'll likely be put into a home where they'll have even less of an existence. This makes me so incredibly sad and angry that this woman brought them into this world knowing they would have these disabilities. She didn't think about them. She thought only about herself .

No. 162859

personally this thread also makes me sick
partially because of the reasons you stated but also mostly because i remember that blog entry about how their hands smell of feta cheese

No. 162982

File: 1470282951942.jpeg (166.09 KB, 975x979, image.jpeg)

I can't look away from this family. It's not just the freak show part, strong as it is. A lot of it is the deranged mother and her proudly stupid, selfish antics. A few things she does, according to her:

- When she spots men volunteering to help disabled children, she stops her car and tears into them because their outfit says "retarded" in a way not intended to be malicious
- When told her young son used the word, she brutally chastises him, making him weep and write a lengthy note begging for forgiveness, despite the fact that these two gremlins have ensured this his own childhood is a fucking mess. The mother browbeats him into giving her consent to post this humiliating episode online
- She writes that it is annoying that people treat the girls like babies because they're actually much older, and that the girls deserve dignity. She then posts dozens of pictures with both girls dressed up in idiotic outfits, as well as a video of the teenage one repeatedly blasting ass.
- She acknowledges that when having the third child, she and her husband knew another deformed child was a distinct possibility, and, even when informed that the child would be like her sister, went on ahead and had it anyway, ensuring millions of dollars of taxpayer dollars down the drain, in addition to her son's childhood.
- An entire post about shitting her own pants. Really, a post about how she, the mother, shit herself.
- She tells people that the girls' affliction is "nothing to be scared of" and that they lead "normal" lives, perhaps convincing someone else out there to have such a baby and sentence themselves to a life of hardship and heartbreak.

And the son, man. Imagine being in his shoes. Every minute of every day, the goblins are there. Making weird sounds, their faces twitching constantly, their bowels randomly voiding. How many times has he changed his teenage sister's diaper? Thousands?

Every family dinner, every fun outing to a restaurant or a zoo, every car ride, every Christmas morning, those things are there. Does that house every have a moment where it doesn't reek of the sweet aroma of human shit? And the mom, not content to ruin the boy's home life, insists that the potatoes be injected into his social life as well. She even makes it so his basketball team has to fist bump them every game, and insists that his pretty girlfriend pose with them like dolls on their prom night.

How fucked up is all of this? And the girls themselves, wow. Does either one have even an iota of what could be considered consciousness? This is no way to make a human being live. If they are conscious in any way, they've known no joy whatsoever. Their life is purely a tribute to their parents' selfishness and vanity, as well as society's idiotic tendencies to mistake masochism for bravery.

No. 162996

Fucking poetry

No. 163031

I'm >>162761 anon and i have a severely autistic brother but i still find it funny to joke about autism and genetic disorders, I don't find it sickening at all I find it hilarious like a lot of other dark humor and interesting in the scope of human evolution. I'm actually studying biochemistry in the hopes of becoming a pathologist one day.

We really shouldn't feel uncomfortable about joking about disease and taboos because what may be considered taboo this decade will be laughable the next. It's important to be open and down to earth about things like this and not get swept away in emotion because we're afraid of looking "morally questionable". At the end of the day we're just bipedal apes pretending to have a moral high ground ahead of animals.

Of course this woman is selfish, the information is out there open for her to research she probably noticed implications during her pregnancy but ignored them willingly it would be somewhat forgivable if she had only one microphaly kid but the same shit happened twice. The guilt and burden is only on herself and her partner. It's pure selfishness only caring about the survival of her DNA even if it's in the form of weak and malformed mutants.

I'm so used to seeing fake ass shit this post nearly brings a tear to my eye.

The line has to be drawn when a situation becomes contempt for human life where severely afflicted people with genetic disease who are unable to react to basic stimuli and can barely perform basic living functions without jeopardizing there lives are forcibly thrust into a sad and empty existence.

Really this should be considered a form of passive torture.

No. 163045

>She writes that it is annoying that people treat the girls like babies
What does she expect? People end up treating the girls like babies because they are like babies in certain ways. They need the same level of care and attention. You can't treat them like everyday teens because they're not. Does she want people to sit down and attempt lengthy conversations with people that won't reply?

>And the son, man. Imagine being in his shoes.

I feel so bad for him. I know parents with disabled children will often give a little more attention to the kids with disabilities, but this mother takes it to a new level. It's not like the girls just occupy her time, she forces them to occupy his too.

No. 163046

Brava, anon; you make excellent points, especially the masochism and bravery bit. I did crack up at the line "the potatoes be injected into his social life as well," because … well, what a sentence!

"Passive torture" is right. Where the mother and her followers/sympathizers see 'brave speshul brave Jesus warrior brave sneauxflake', those of us who haven't lost our minds see it for what it is. She's the only retarded one in this situation (except maybe the dad, although I feel like the mother is the head of this little cult more than a co-leader).

No. 163220

There's this famous song called "Lola" about a guy fucking a tranny named Lola, she could be named after it.

No. 163223

File: 1470367758304.png (186.05 KB, 265x291, riptheskin.png)

You'd rip the skin if you tried.

No. 163224

No. 163235

Holy shit this entire thread scares the shit out of me, is it bad that this motivates me to write down that if I ever lose mental ability that the nearest person needs to put me the fuck down? This is pretty much one of those nightmare fuel fears, and the fact that the mum projects personalities onto them like the fact that "Lola" is this typical teenager with real hopes and dreams, snap out of it she will never go to prom shes never going to be able to go shopping with her mum much less even communicate with her its so sick, do you think in her spare time she just sits and has conversations with them? I feel like the mother projects this cheery outwards personality that jumps out of the page at you when you read her writing just because every night she cries her eyes out that her daughters are mongoloids, she probably constantly fights with the want to kill them and then Christian sin that it would be. If anything I feel sorry for the girls but also the mother shes going through some serious issues that she will never seek help for, its only a matter of time before she has a mental breakdown while shes bathing them lets them drown and takes a gun to the head.

No. 163238

People who are born in that much pain, with that many issues, who will NEVER be able to function beyond that of an infant deserve to die with dignity too. Not pimped out in dumb outfits so mommy dearest can score some pity points on her blog. This psycho's got no respect for her kids (the elder, normal one too) and the shit they've got to deal with.

No. 163382

It's so strange how enthusiastically the mom assigns the potatoes emotions and character traits.

"Oh, they love rap!l"

"This one loves Say Yes to the Dress!"

"Oh, look, she's mad, she's giving me side eye!"

The only evidence of any consciousness at all either of them ever shows is when the older one farts, twice, after her mother asks her stupid questions, and even that was probably just coincidence.

No. 163956

>>>>>>>Claire and Lola are the most loved people in my life,<<<<<< and I am glad that I can help them live an interesting, wonderful, and joyful life. My sisters mean a lot to me, and I will always be here for them. Claire and Lola will always be a part of my heart forever. Even though Claire and Lola have Special Needs and can't walk or talk or even see sometimes, they have the most personality and color of anyone I know.

by Cal Hartley, age 12, 6th Grade

No. 163957

I feel so bad for that kid omg

No. 163960

This shit is stupid, I have two kids but if either of them had to live with lifelong stuff like that, just terminate. I see nothing but humblebrags and desperate Facebook points because of how strong and braev they are!!

That family is messed up, the mom is just parading them around like show dogs and no one is even attempting to reign her in.

No. 163961

File: 1470617316996.jpeg (460.84 KB, 653x738, image.jpeg)

No. 163972


No. 163976

>by Cal Hartley
Sure Jan

No. 163977

>Cal, I need you to do me a favor and write a letter about how much you love your sisters.

No. 163980

Moar memes!

No. 163981

File: 1470630861541.png (274.14 KB, 712x533, 1470440099652.png)

god DAMN imagine getting your dick sucked by these little gods mistakes

No. 163983


& the Hooligans appear @ 8:54.

No. 163985

The mother's haircut makes me so angry.

No. 163987

Why does Gwen look like she is trying to blink code herself out of North Korea when holding Claire?

No. 163995

File: 1470636963897.jpg (1.15 MB, 1462x1462, 1470180081499.jpg)

fuck my sides

No. 164024

Jesus christ this thread. I feel bad about coming here but it's like a train crash, you just kind of have to look.

No. 164044

It's like the young hipster version of the "I need to speak with your manager" haircut. Cos she's always trying to be young and hip, but you know she's the sort who needs to speak with everyone's manager for the smallest things.

No. 164234

File: 1470695450346.jpeg (540.4 KB, 768x1024, image.jpeg)

See they have tastes in music just like everyone else

No. 164242

Some Elsa Mars shit right here, parading her microcephalic curiosities around for all the internet to see.

No. 164249



flesh sack.

No. 164274

The younger one is so gross. At least Claire looks like she could have been cute

No. 164275


Claire occasionally demonstrates some sign of a brain, such as crawling or ripping ass when the mother prompts her. The younger one is pure vegetable, no more conscious than a block of concrete.

No. 164284

Claire is a venus flytrap. Lola is a courgette.

No. 164289

I really hope her vegs die soon

No. 164291

As an FUinternetzz the HH Facebook Page today is Cal & Lola hugging, coincidence??

No. 164488

I wonder if these girls are in a sped program at school or something. I remember seeing a documentary on Discovery once about a teenage girl who never aged and was just a babby forever, and looked and functioned as an 18 month old. She went to a sped school and walked assisted and her mum still tried to dress her as a teenager even though there really weren't teenager clothes for her size.
These probably don't go to school or anything. Their life is just all being human props for blog photos and hospital visits probably.

If they outlive their parents, poor Cal is going to be stuck caring for them.

The younger one looks like she's in pain constantly, and like she's just so tired of her mom's shit already. Her face is always contorted into some awful shape like you'd see on a normal child that just realised he bumped his head. And she could've been saved from all this. They knew she would be born this way and could have done the humane thing and aborted. The older one just looks blissfully unaware of everything, which is probably for the best. I mean, they're both unaware, but Claire doesn't look like she's hurting nearly as much as Lola does. If there was an argument for euthanising humans, it's these people.

Just imagine her with her "I need to speak with your manager" haircut giving some poor teenage checkout boy at the supermarket hell because he assumed her girls were toddlers like they look and gave them stickers and balloons instead of flirting with them like the "normal teenage girls" she likes to pretend they are (when it's convenient… when it's not milking their disability for pity points…) That seems like a situation that would go down.

No. 164515

These are the rare taters so far out that they aren't even eligible for school. I've worked with disabled people before and the worst one had it a thousand times better than Claire or Lola.

I wonder if they have ever considered just not treating their next illness. The only thing I can think of in their defense is that they probably never expected that they would live anywhere near this long. Struggling to keep them alive is pure wheel spinning if they're never going to get better, and unlike a senile elderly person, they never had a real life in the fits place.

No. 164546


On the FB page, when asked if the girls when to school, Gwen replied that the don't but have 4 teachers that come out & homeschool the girls.
Reasons: they are afraid of them dying because they re not vaccinated and that they are not ready "socially" to attend school.
Gwen did not go into any further deetz though.
I wonder if these 4 teachers feel like they are making ANY progress teaching these kids for years. If so, what would these gains be?
I feel like this is the sort of shit Gwen should be bogging about, not herrrberrrderr look at this hairbow some dickhead paid me to blog about!!! lemme slap it on the girlzzzz head.. ok - aint they such teenage?!! herrrderr1!! gimmee money buy some blown glass ima martyr herrderr $$$$!!!

No. 164597


"Homeschool." By that she means physical thearpy, waving light-up rave toys in their faces, and putting them in someone's lap while the person dips their hands in paint and smears it across poster board.

If the girls can communicate, I'd like to see her offer them a yes or no question, with them motioning in one direction or another to answer. The fact that such a thing hasn't even been mentioned by mom suggests that they really can't understand shit.

No. 164598

Brooke Greenfield? she actually passed away.

No. 164665

Has the rave lights & hand smearing done anything? If so, what? Is it against some sort of truancy law if the 4 "teachers" don't come out & flip flop the veggies?
Are the teachers happy about what they're doing & think they are making progress, or is all they see is the $$$$?

No. 164667

They must hate working that job. At least special ed teachers can feel they are at least actually helping the children learn in most cases but here it's likely completely hopeless

No. 164673

All the dad can say is that his daughters are "amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing…" even despite that "you wouldn't wish this on your child". Honestly seems full of shit since neither him or his wife can actually describe a single positive quality these things possess.

No. 164679

It's really a burden because those kids are pretty much vegetables and they're going to need 24 hour care once the parents pass away. And the brother may or may not want to take care of them when they're older.

It's so selfish of the mom to have had another kid knowing the first one has some major issues.

No. 164702


It's certainly possible that the PT has helped, as the mom claims their vision and mobility have improved over the years. The question is, why bother if the girls have a level of consciousness of termite?

It's highly unlikely that either truly feels what we consider emotions such as love, anger, frustration, fear, joy, or boredom to be. They can respond to some basic stimuli, which certainly mimics emotion, but so can a fly. Why waste tens of thousands of hours on rehab for a potato?

As for the teachers, everyone is different, but from my experiences with special ed. types, most of them probably think the parents are idiots. They see this stuff more than anyone and are often the least sentimental about it. They're being paid by the state or insurance to be there so they do their jobs, but that doesn't mean they can't tell that the Hartley Taters are a huge waste of time and resources.

No. 164755

Aw. Yeah her. Poor girl. I hope it wasn't anything that caused her pain and she just sort of went. The idea of children hurting just makes me sad tbh.

No. 165092

Special ed teachers are some of the most bitter people I have ever encountered. My mom worked as an assistant teacher in a special ed classroom for kids with behavioral problems and talking with her and her coworkers is like seeing the reality behind those "my kid is a vegetable but he's okay, really!" Hallmark movies. They all know those kids aren't ever going to live normal lives and the parents are actually the worst part of the job, because none of them want to accept that their kid isn't perfectly ordinary and can't live a perfectly ordinary life.
She had a six year old with serious issues who was attempting suicide–as in, he jumped off rooftops and drank cleaning liquid–and his single father wouldn't take the kid to therapy or give him medication because he was convinced his child was perfectly fine the way he was. The social worker in the classroom had to get custody turned over to the state so they could get the kid into a pediatric psych unit.
So those "four teachers" are probably just doing what they have to, but you can bet that the Hartley vegetables are on that "horror stories from work" list for them. I wonder how quickly they go through teachers.

No. 165102

Video of a family who has a child with microcephaly. They are honest with the struggles. Notice how the comment section cries that the mother is such a "bitch"

No. 165173

File: 1471033141845.jpeg (567 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

IRL Sausage Party

No. 165207

I can see why, she seems like such a whiner.
I grew up with a lot of exposure to disabled people and disability rights advocacy, I've come to accept that everyone runs the risk of having a kid with a congenital problem and unless you are super diligent with screenings and genetic testing (and it has a disability that can actually be identified during pregnancy) then it's just a thing that can happen? It's like she never even considered she could produce a retarded child and now she's upset b/c wah life is so hard. You signed up for this possibility when you decided to have a baby.

The Hartly girls are a completely new can of worms, but that lady's son could actually do shit and express emotions and probably bind emotionally with his family.

No. 165213

Imagine hitting those faces with a shovel.

No. 165215

I had a friend with severe physical disabilities with an above average IQ. Half her body was malformed. Many times we go drinking and she'd rage about how shitty it was for her mother to have her. She said it was a curse that she was born with such severe physical disabilities (she had a gorgeous face too) and nothing wrong mentally. She said at least she'd like to be oblivious to the shit she had to go through and how people looked at her like a monster. Anyways, thing is these mothers do it for martyr status or to avoid the guilt of abortion, but most people with a healthy IQ and severe physical deformities are 100% for aborting unhealthy fetuses. Her favorite part was going to the doc to tell him she was in agonizing pain and he'd respond that she's lucky to be alive. People are pretty fucking ignorant about quality of life trumps quantity every time.

No. 165216

My point is if these girls had any self awareness they'd probably wish they were dead.

No. 165219

Augh, it hurts. The pictures of his perfect little fingers and toes. How sad.

No. 165226

This is so sad; Claire was actually cute as a baby, and she looks like she could've been genuinely beautiful when she got older. Strange how Lola's condition must be worse, because she's always been a gremlin-looking little fucker.

I got you. Christ, I hold all sorts of stuff against my parents for passing down shitty genetics that have made my life miserable, so if I was one of these poor little sods and had a jot of self-awareness, I'd do my utmost to smother my parents to death then kill myself.

No. 165227

I see people whining for weeks about some minor back injury and some fucking people think it's okay to drag children around their entire lives to doctors, procedures, surgeries and generally live life doped up. But they're SOOO BRAVE!!! They're not brave, they just have no other choice.

No. 165267

Fucking Christ this whole topic fucks with my mind. I was raised by a disabled mom who works in disability law and I've always been raised to support the disabled… but fuckin hell, I wouldn't want to diliberately let a child live a shitty life burdened with pain… abortion is such a tricky subject b/c the line between compassion and selfishness can be blurred so easily.. and the fetus's prognosis and overall quality of life isnt always clear…

Yeah fuck that. This is one of the many reasons I'm choosing to adopt. I'll never be faced with the "to abort or not to abort" decision if Im not the one having it woo I'll let other people deal with it

No. 166272

No. 166349

The saddest part of this photo is the name "Grayson".

No. 166351

my aunt works with extremely disabled people
the ones with even the slightest about of self-awareness usually tend to off themselves (or atleast try or talk about wishing to die) from what i heard

No. 166352

File: 1471404778959.jpg (50.79 KB, 480x452, 1432795105942.jpg)

the parents always piss me off the worst
they just drop the kid off to put the burden on someone else and when they talk about legitimate problems they try to argue with them, yet they aren't even taking care of the kid but act like they can tell the people who are what their kid does and doesn't do.
they have no right to lord over the people who are doing the hard part of parenting for a child who is disabled for you

No. 166363

i wish that were true
there are still crazy ass female pro-lifers and crazy tater mom here and shilery clinton
and most female religious fanatics
the problem wouldnt simply be solved with "men can't argue"

No. 166371

This shit is cruel and inhumane. Not only to the child but to yourself. You are literally just dragging on the "life" of something that barely even knows you exist because you want to feel like you have a purpose or you want to be seen as virtuous. People who keep these kids alive are equally as retarded as the kid, so I guess it's no wonder.

No. 166396


This whole thing can't be right. The Tardley mom repeatedly swears that having a potato baby is sheer bliss, a thrill ride everyone should be so lucky to have! Surely, the woman on this Reddit thread just hasn't received the memo.

No. 166789


What a stupid thing to brag about?

No. 166876

File: 1471625889956.jpg (265.09 KB, 358x531, Evil Gwen.jpg)

No. 166884

She obviously doesn't love Jaysus enough for him to put her on his mailing list.

No. 166888

Just found out a girl who was in my high school friend group is about to have a spooligan of her own. Not sure if it was Anencephaly or micro (don't have her on facebook so can't get the exact posts) but I can't wait for her to upload a picture for another friend to show me. we've been having a laugh over her posts about "Not giving up on her beautiful daughter. wanting her to know she is loved even if she doesn't live long" etc.. jesus Christ Abort the poor thing you selfish cunt.

No. 166929

These people want a cute potato to take care of for a few weeks, then endless sympathy when it dies. They're not ready for a lifetime of taking care of people this disabled. If she has any empathy for the kid she'd abort it.

No. 166932


What do you think about Clare & Lolas 'Twinsies' Aidan & Ty? Apparently their mom is "besties" with Gwen.
She had 2 tater babies THEN a younger typical child. How the hell do you risk a 3rd pregnancy after 2 taters? How, How, How???!
Perhaps she had Gwen to look up to as she had her first tater baby 3 years after Gwens youngest (Lola) was born. Do you think Gwen egged this women on in her delusion to have more children? Gwen even refers to their typical child as "mini Cal" CREEPY MUCH!??!!
To top it all off their child tater baby, Aidan, recently died at age 7.

No. 166938

>As your brothers sit in their chairs, and you race around the house by your lonesome, you never go more than an hour without stopping to give each brother a toy (it would be tractors if you are playing farm, or cars if you are playing 'car show'). Whatever it may be, you include them.

>As I am cleaning the house up I will notice you put a hand on Aidan's leg as you say I love you to him. And it's out of no where. Just because you feel compelled to let Aidan know. And I see you stop what you are doing when you hear Ty holler out, making sure he is okay, before you go about your playing again.

>And while of course your brothers' needs are still top of my list, I try my very best not to keep you waiting!

My heart breaks for this kid. Mom obviously told him that these shells of people are "just like him". He thinks they're full people locked up inside nonfunctioning bodies. Mom has to know she can't make him swallow this bullshit forever.

No. 166946

I guess the whole "Real person trapped inside a non functioning body" is a side affect of this religion stuff.

After all, your brain can have no function, that's fine- but you've certainly got a SOUUUUL gaadammit!!!

That means you have hopes, dreams, a life, you're just like me!

A brain is just apart of this earthly body after all- useless.

You got a soul in their veggiebaby & we know it!

No. 167061

at least these kids look more or less happy and can smile as opposed to looking terrified and like they're in horrible pain…

No. 167063

Her kids generally seem pretty happy, especially the normal child. Also, she really seems to love her kids and treats them with respect. While I agree that it was kind of careless for her to keep having children, she seems like a good mother?

No. 167065

I completely agree. I get a completely different vibe from this mother and I really feel for her. I personally wouldn't have had more children, but she really seems to love them and the children seem much happier and content. sad that she lost her child but it's also a blessing… wonder how long her other kid will live

No. 167124

Emphasis on the respect part. She doesn't blog about how one of them shit out the legs of their diaper or dress them in stupid little costumes.

No. 167128

See, your mom has the capability of raising a child and working in disability law. She's a person. These are fleshsacks.

No. 167144

Did you even read the thread? She humiliates the poor kid by injecting his sisters into every part of his life, making his prom date hold them, making him write long apologies if he uses the word retard.

>happy and content

One of her videos literally shows the kid having a seizure, so her face is contorting. Mom knows this, but laughs that "awww she's crying!". They have a multitude of health issues each beyond the mental, one has to be fed through a tube, their limbs are atrophied and contorted….it goes on. Their lives are neverending pain. Mom knew the second girl would be like this, but decided not to abort because muh little angel.

She endlessly dresses them in costumes, see

No. 167147

Abort the whole family tbh. I feel sorry for the brother he seems the only sane one of the bunch.

No. 167149

They're not talking about the Hooligan mom, they're talking about the mom in >>166932. Did you even read the thread?

No. 167154

File: 1471720581767.jpg (113.91 KB, 1024x322, 1-KEEPERS.jpg)

This picture… WHY is the mom in an evening gown and full makeup?!

No. 167155

Her name was LOLA she was a SHOOOOOWGIRL!

No. 167158

…whoops, sorry anons :^(

No. 167166

>It made me wonder if maybe she had been thinking about the
Haha, no.

No. 167167

File: 1471725777025.jpg (28.39 KB, 499x376, 1301441885528.jpg)

oh boo hoo, you super retard.
can you read? it's not about your mom's disability, it's about those that are too horrible to not prevent.

No. 167170

File: 1471726634041.jpg (52.37 KB, 400x420, 130621837827.jpg)

No. 167171


No. 167172

But life IS a privilege you ignorant bitch, let them alone in the ground and see how far they make it. If you can't even feel or think of anything, there is no point in your parents taking care of you forever. You are just a plant.

No. 167178


This. The Tardley Taters mom is half of the freakshow.

"Here's a video of one of them ripping ass! Here's some pictures of the other one's shit-stained underwear! Here's one of them in the tub! Here's the 10,000th stupid costume I've bought for them!"

It's grotesque. And both look like they are in pain all the time. Only the older one shows any sign of consciousness whatsoever and even what she feels or sees is highly questionable. The other one is objectively stupider than a dog or cat, if not even an insect.

The other mom, the Aidan and Ty one, seems to treat her children better. Nothing on her blog about them crapping themselves, no endless pictures of her boys in dumb costumes, no psychotic baby-talk mixed with curse words. That, and the kids at least appear to be more content, whereas the Tardleys look like they are in their own personal Hell 24/7.

Let's just pretend that the Tardley mom and dad suddenly woke up sane and decided that they didn't want the taters anymore. What would they be able to do? Could they dump them off at some hospital? Could they just wait for them to get ill and not seek treatment? I'm talking about totally legal options, nothing illegal.

No. 167284

Some states you can only dump a baby at a hospital within 72 hours and others states its 1 month. So probably not. Most likely they would have to put them up for adoption.

No. 167292

I don't think it's that easy, either. The government wants to avoid spending money on kids who have possible caretakers as much as possible. You have to have children forcibly removed from your home for them to go into state care, can't just drop them off at the orphanage. And who the hell would willingly adopt these things?

The kindest thing would've been to abort them.

No. 167309

What about end of life alternatives? Like, if they got sick and the parents simply didn't have the hospital do anything above the bare minimum. The girls might breathe on their own but who knows what kinds of medicine they take, or if they have life-threatening seizures often. And how long before they get something that could be fatal like the flu or a lung disease? Could the parents simply tell the doctors not to do anything, or just keep them at home?

No. 167310

Because America

No. 167469

File: 1471818569123.jpeg (219.25 KB, 406x835, image.jpeg)

remember the end of the Tom Green Show opening? Yeah.

No. 167473

You can always opt in for DNR since they cannot consent and you're their caretaker. Basically when the time comes, let them go.

No. 167475

Honestly just abort it sounds awful but my mum used to have a friend who worked in caring for the disabled and this mother devoted her whole life to caring for this potato even though she had two other healthy functioning children, but anyway it was tragic because one day she woke up and the potato had choked on its on vomit in the night and died and I guess she felt like her purpose was gone because she fucking killed herself even though she still had an entire family it ruins your fucking life

No. 167489

Dr hartleystein would kill herself too if the monsters would die bc money would die with them

No. 167907

the only thing more retarded than this family is your lack of punctuation

No. 167940

Any new memes? These are hilarious.

No. 167945

Either option I choose
Abort or keep the child, I would be selfish.

Selfish for keeping a child who I know has no chance of a full life and that life being filled with pain and hospitals

Selfish for aborting because I didn't think I could handle such a child

No. 167952

It's mostly Christfags that go on about how it's so selfish to abort the child then go on to claim you're amoral for having sex for fun. If someone knows that their child is going to turn into a goblin like the Hartley Hooligans, I wouldn't consider them selfish at all. Their mother is scum and just wants attention. I feel so bad for her son because she ruined his childhood. I really hope once he goes off to college and finishes, he can find a job far away and never have to contact his family again.

No. 167960

I don't consider it selfish
Your life would be shit and more important, your kids life would be shit too. That's hardly called living

No. 167964

File: 1471997956005.jpg (245.53 KB, 1167x1202, 334q3x4.jpg)

No. 167965

I think there's a thing called 'withdrawal of treatment', where basically everyone involved agrees to stop treatment because it's flogging a dead horse. It's like euthanasia, but technically - and most importantly, LEGALLY - it's not. Of course, this bitch would probably see her precious little vegetable angels hooked up to a million machines and lingering for years, brain-dead, before she'd let the poor hospital staff do that, or she'd sue.

No. 167966

Jesus fuck, these people are insane. That's horrific. That poor little gremlin doesn't deserve this.

No. 167971

About to fucking vom. So fucking revolting. That kid is a teenager right?? Imagine your mother posted pictures of you shitting diarrhea everywhere - good job she doesn't understand embarrassment, shame or emotion at all.

No. 167972

File: 1471999420670.jpg (387.67 KB, 1600x1600, photo10233.jpg)

That was from when Lola almost died from chickenpox.

No. 167973

File: 1471999476582.jpg (346.86 KB, 1600x1600, photo10234.jpg)

Gots to take a selfie with my blotted emaciated pinhead for dem facebook likes

No. 167974

Oh yeah, that looks like a "happy, content" child that all the white knights on this thread are seeing…

No. 167976

File: 1472000808745.jpg (509.61 KB, 800x600, 8vxgrp.jpg)

Gwen gets a kick out of the faces they make when they're withering in pain.

Oh, and all of their bullshit physical therapy and homeschooling is funded by the American taxpayer.

No. 167977

Ugh … I bet Gwennie came out with all sorts of shit about how God kept her little tater safe through the chicken pox. Either way, it will have just strengthened her delusion that it's all part of God's plan (brb vomiting from just typing that).

No. 167979

Does she have distasis recti or something? look at the gap in the abs…or is it that normal in kids? I know ab muscles on an adult don't look like that.

No. 167985

>not vaccinated
it's like the parents want them to die

No. 167987

immunocomprimised kids shouldn't have vaccines. But if that's not the case then yeah, the mom is dumb.

No. 167991

Yeah, I totally see why you'd crack up at their constantly tortured expressions that look like something out of Dante's Inferno. Like, totes hilar, amirite Gwennie?

No. 167995


The only thing this family likely pays for themselves is their mortgage, and even that is questionable.

The mom doesn't work. The dad works as a glassblower, which Google tells us has an average salary of $30k. Even if the dad runs his own business and does really well, no way he is bringing in much more than $40k.

So now they have three kids, including two that are so disabled they are basically just shit and piss factories. So in addition to extremely expensive "therapy" and "education" for two pinheads that can't move more than a few inches or count to two, the state is certainly paying for nearly everything.

Claire Tater and Lola Tater each probably use more healthcare resources in a year than 99% of people will use in their first 50 years. The family's groceries and other household supplies will be heavily subsidized. And, of course, they get tons of free stuff from private donors, from individual White Knights to charities obligated to supply them.

For these things, it is such a profound waste. Neither of them will ever be able to say "thank you" to anyone, or move across a room, or contribute anything to society. Certainly, their lives are a boon to specialty companies that make equipment for the severely disabled, but otherwise, they're a profound drain.

We have a good laugh at their expense, and some would call that cruel, but what's not instantly obvious is that the laughter is really at the parents' expense. The taters not only will never know that anyone laughs at them (other than the parents who seem to do so quite often), they likely can't grasp the concept, or having any feelings about it. It's the parents' insistence that the tard midgets are "normal" girls who are basically just regular people trapped in broken bodies.

And besides, you have to laugh or cry at the truly fucked up shit, so laugh away.

No. 168026

I almost wanna laugh at the veggies but I actually just feel really bad for them. It's not their fault their parents are fucking insane

No. 168032

Even if you have a good income, you can get Medicaid if your children have very high medical bills. I think that's what's happening.

No. 168279

File: 1472106859657.jpeg (361.56 KB, 714x715, image.jpeg)

Think Lonely Island.

No. 168292

Honestly I'm just in awe at how lucky other countries are that they have abortion available. Here in Ireland you'd be forced to carry a child like this to term and kiss your future goodbye. Because somehow it's more kind to bring a child with no quality of life into the world?

Unfortunately, this kind of bizzare, holier-than-thou behaviour Gwen displays might look really rare but here where we have the highest number of people with Downs Syndrome in the world and probably one of the highest number of birth defects, that behaviour is pretty common among parents with special needs kids.

I think it starts as a coping mechanism but it soon develops into parents completely smothering their children and alienating themselves from other parents.

No. 168338

I wish we could hack the blog and replace their photos with these memes to see if anyone notices the difference, or if the readers still coo and say, "lol, edgy teenagers, huh? What a great sense of humour!"

No. 168549

I will never in all of my days understand people who defend pro-life SO much. It's always men too. I see some crazy batshit religious women do it too, but when I see so many men defending fetuses and being anti-abortion, calling it murder, etc, it boggles my mind.

No woman should be forced to carry a child full term, esp if it ends up being a severely disabled retard.

No. 168550

And this is why I believe in abortions. I hope the normal son grows up fast and high-tails it out of there.

Is there any particular reason why the mother doesn't work from home?

No. 168552

It's such a waste of freakin resources.

No. 168601

Pretty sure the blog $ and interview $$ is her job.

No. 168607

the even more infuriating thing is that if it was the other way around there's no way in HELL abortion would be illegal if the man were the one who had to carry and birth a child.
if it were possible to forcefully transfer your unwanted pregnancy onto a man he would abort immediately. ironic huh.

No. 168731

It is also possible they have family money that helps.

No. 168877

It's too bad Jeebus didn't take her back to the heavenly potato farm.

No. 168956

In regards to the newest FB video with Claire in the walker…

The poor therapist has to move each leg for Claire & push the cart for her? If that's not all the therapist can barely budge the legs.
If Claire's face is anything of real indication, she is in pain, hates & and is scared.

Yet the post is titled that Claire's Almost Got Walking Down!!! whaaaaat????

No. 168960

the bitch is like 14, she ain't ever gonna learn lmao

No. 169065


The girl basically does a few pushes, but nothing resembling walking. Why waste time with that? Where the hell does she have to go? The parents and revolving door of staff feed her, change her diapers, play with her, on and on.

I wonder how she feels. Is she actually in pain, or scared, or excited, or happy? Or is she too dim to even feel any of those?

No. 169265

File: 1472412888727.jpeg (167.85 KB, 345x342, image.jpeg)

No. 169364

It has no hair either??

No. 169450

This is what really gets me about the naked pictures. They're indeed teenagers. Yeah they look like toddlers, but the reality of it is that they're teenagers, and the naked pictures are just another fucked up action at this point.

No. 169470


They're inconsistent to say the least. One minute they're "normal" girls their age, the next they're babies. I wonder if they are actually conscious at all.

No. 169692

Of course they put one of those fucktarded amber necklaces on her.

No. 169863

>You have to have children forcibly removed from your home for them to go into state care, can't just drop them off at the orphanage.

Every state in the US has safe haven laws (I assume you're from the US, since most people on this board are). Unless the kid is too old (most places specify that the kid must be <72 hours old), all you have to do is sign some paperwork saying you relinquish custody of the child and then hand it over. The safe haven provider usually has to (try to) contact the other parent, who can request full custody of the child. If they do so, you can be on the hook for child support. Otherwise, you're in the clear.

The state doesn't want to take care of your crotch fruit, but they're rather do that than have to fish your baby's corpse out of a dumpster.

No. 169872

Oh shut the fuck up. Both genders are nearly evenly split on the issue.

women = 50%
men = 44%

women = 41%
men = 51%

Source - http://www.gallup.com/poll/170249/split-abortion-pro-choice-pro-life.aspx

>if it were possible to forcefully transfer your unwanted pregnancy onto a man he would abort immediately

You sound just as stupid as people that claim all prochoicers are slutty, sociopathic women who are too lazy and idiotic to use a condom. You're like Bizarro Rush Limbaugh.

No. 169881


This is what baffles me the most. The eldest is like 14 right? How can she look at teenagers (even her own healthy teenage son) and say that her daughter is just a normal regular teen girl? Or that her other daughter is like any other 9-year-old? It's like the longer they've lived past doctors' expectations, the more deluded this woman has gotten.

No. 169896

Lies and charades are the only way she can live with her disgusting life choices

No. 169920

It is bloody amazing that the girls have lived as long as they have. How much longer can they cling on? Is there any chance in hell that either makes it to 30?

No. 170035

Which of the two is more fucked up

No. 170042

I doubt they'll make it to thirty. I mean, their main issue (microcephaly) had an average life expectancy, but they also have a host of other disorders. Of course, people have surpassed doctors' expectations before. Maybe they'll outlive their parents after all.

It's basically a coin toss.
This is what the mother lists on their page:

Claire (the oldest)
>dwarfism ("still undiagnosed")
>Spastic Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy
>a g-tube (feeding tube in stomach)
>Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI)
>"and other issues"

Lola (the youngest):
>Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI)
>spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy

No. 170043


With all those issues, it really is crazy that they've lived as long as they have. It sounds horrible, but I hope they don't reach adulthood. These girls aren't going to have any quality of life whatsoever. They're going to be dependent on carers for as long as they're alive and won't have any of the experiences most young people have.

No. 170054

He mustn't love her quite enough for that.

I really hope she's too dim to feel anything. As another anon mentioned upthread about their disabled friend who pretty much hates her parents for not aborting her, I can only imagine how much violent, raging hatred Claire would feel if she experienced emotions.

Shouldn't … laugh … can't … help it…


Christ almighty, can you imagine how much more nightmarish Lola's going to look with age? She looks like a demon baby from a horror film as it is (especially with that patchy baldness), so when she's even more wizened and withered … ugh. Poor little thing.

No. 170327

Claire at least looks like she has some intellect bouncing around in that pin of hers. She can move with assistance, play with special ed toys, and looks like she might actually understand some words. Even the mom estimated her intellect to be in the 6 to 18 month range, so she at least probably has no idea that genetics have dealt her a profoundly shitty hand.

Lola is a different story. Just look at her. Her eyes are totally void of light, her jerky movements looking like nothing more than pure stimuli response. She literally looks like a fish in the face and a demon or imaginary monstrosity everywhere else. It's a human train wreck in the worst way.

I'm also amazed they've lived so long. Most of the microcephaly kids die pretty early. One of the boys from another family that the Hartley's are friends with recently passed, and he was younger than Lola. Along with their fucked up genes they obviously inherited rare resilience, but with constant seizures and god knows what else, surely neither will be around in 10 years.

No. 170334

It's sad, really. She's probably nutty because every morning she wakes up, she doesn't really know if that'll be the morning she finds one of her daughters dead. And she loves them, regardless of what proper signs of love are, she thinks she loves them. That idea alone would drive people bonkers. The surplus of pictures is probably just so she has a ton of content to reflect on after they die. The costumes they wore, the thousands of pictures. It's probably all very calming for an imminent-death anxiety to have it all. However sorry I feel for her mindset now, she could have totally prevented 50% of this problem at leazt.

No. 170340

Surely, it could happen any time. They or their nurses have to monitor Lola 24/7, which surely means that the likliehood of her death is high if unsupervised.

The best thing that could be said in their defense is that they could have never anticipated that either girl would live this long, or even close to it. It makes the resources and time spent on them an even more tragic waste.

No. 170342

I really want to see someone who isn't Claire's mother try facilitated communication (basically a Ouija board for speds) to see if she's aware of what is going on. That hatred would be amazing if she is.

No. 170353


When she found out Claire had microcephaly she would undoubtedly have been prepared for the fact that she was unlikely to live for long too. She probably gave birth to her totally prepared that she could die within a year.

The longer Claire's lived, the more it's probably drove her nuts and fed into her delusions that she's a precious miracle child who's defied all medical expectations and come out a normal child. It would explain why she chose to keep Lola despite knowing she'd have the same condition; it's like she's convinced herself that both girls are miracles.

No. 170644

File: 1472766047163.jpg (Spoiler Image,372.73 KB, 639x640, bhg6o.jpg)

No. 170645

File: 1472766582499.jpg (208.5 KB, 289x488, hottub fuckfest.jpg)

No. 170649

Looks like Smeagle.

No. 170661

File: 1472772532070.jpg (28.65 KB, 500x610, 808230bb182b19e6050f88d0f0f076…)

I feel like an awful human being every time I see this thread, but I just can't not laugh.

No. 170698

This is exactly what I thought too lol. I was looking at that pic when my coworker walked up right beside me and I jumped.

No. 170709

File: 1472789650310.png (1.73 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 170726

this thread is fucking disgusting there is no milk here, milk doesn't automatically appear because someone is born retarded and fugly

No. 170746

imo the parents produce the milk on their own. i mostly feel bad for their son but it's not the kids' fault they were born retarded

No. 170759

Is this thread just the same retard(s) making unfunny macros making fun of the kids?

No. 170816

nope, its about the parents

No. 170820

it's obviously not just about the parents, don't be stupid.

No. 170822


You're in the wrong place for virtue signaling.

No. 170919

File: 1472887608027.jpeg (552.08 KB, 666x726, image.jpeg)

No. 171115

I showed my mom this thread and we both pretty much agree, just abort, this is not living. Neither for the kids nor the parents.
She told me a lot of stories, since she's seen some shit working as a nurse, and I'm going to share the one that is relevant to the thread.

She told me that in some hospitals, kids that were born like this, they just left them alone.
Like, no food, no nothing, and then they just eventually died.
Then they would tell the mother the baby died because of complications.

I thought it was a very humane thing to do, to free the mother from the burden, both physically and emotionally.

No. 171119

File: 1472960145465.png (7.98 KB, 259x194, whatisthis.png)

No. 171120

What could I be baiting for?
But anyway, unless my mom was trolling me, no.

No. 171122

I've heard this is actually quite common in countries outside of the United States.

No. 171126

I would abort these monstrosities in a heartbeat.

No. 171131

>filename hottub fuckfest

You bastard, anon cracks up snort-laughing

No. 171196

Honestly I'd be relieved. I mean, good for parents who can take care of their disabled vegetables, but I don't think I have what it takes. My bf and I have talked about it and in the future when we want a baby if the ultrasound says that our child has something wrong (that we can see) then we agreed that we would abort. We could always tell our families I had a miscarriage.

No. 171198

I think that's for the best as well. But I guess the USA has a culture of martyrdom or something, where parents of very disabled feel immense pressure to be angelic martyr parents who do everything for their kids, even though it isn't worth it. It isn't socially acceptable to complain or express dislike in being the parent of a very disabled kid. i feel bad for them, having to act all the time.

No. 171203

Link to the Reddit post that an anon posted a few weeks ago really breaks my heart. If you don't remember or feel like scrolling, the Tl;dr is that the mom has a very disabled child, family is falling apart and can't afford the kid and doesn't know what to do.
That's when I feel a lot of pity. They're being real with their feelings instead of throwing around the words "Blessing!" Or "Miracles from God!!". I find t hard to believe them most of the time, I really do.

No. 171283

>But I guess the USA has a culture of martyrdom or something

I think doctors in the US fear a lawsuits more than doctors from other countries, that is probably why this doesn't happen there. Like I said, they do this without the mom knowing.

No. 171288

Problem is, not everyone believes in abortion. I remember this one couple, both super religious Christians. The mom had CF [cystic fibrosis] and needed lungs. She got pregnant despite doctors saying that it was a bad idea. The child has a host of disabilities related to being premature because the mom was dying and she had to deliver or else she would not get lungs in time.

Then the mom had the gall to go back to the hospital years later with her daughter and basically told the doctors that "see??? this wouldn't have happened if I listened to you and aborted my child"

And all this time, the family had to rely on donations from family and the church they belong to in order to pay for transplant and the related costs.

Not only that, but the mom refuses to tell the child that CF is fatal.

No. 171298

File: 1473039862303.jpg (208.88 KB, 500x500, 71507462.jpg)

No. 171301


No. 171303

File: 1473043484704.jpg (60.79 KB, 279x469, 1t287p.jpg)

Is Lola pregnant?

No. 171322

Can you imagine if people really do have souls; these kids' souls must just be trapped inside their bodies going mad.
That's some kind of torture.

No. 171326

Maybe all those gags about Cal using them as fleshlights weren't as far off as we thought.

No. 171328

is that new?

No. 171622

I hope you're joking, but if you're not: it's probably just bloating from digestive issues.

No. 171625


I know it's been said before in this thread but I would get an abortion if I knew my unborn child had a high chance of turning out like this. These things aren't miracles, they're monstrosities.

No. 171819

They're pretty gross. I bet being around them for more than a couple minutes is an unsettling experience.

No. 171822

File: 1473199668582.jpg (57.99 KB, 200x500, 1471999420670.jpg)

Her eyes looked like puffy vaginas at first glance

No. 171823

Lol i was about to say spoiler that shit!!

No. 171869

File: 1473215444736.jpeg (82.63 KB, 387x696, image.jpeg)

it's fucked up but the mom clearly loves Lola, the one who constantly projectile vomits and shits and only sleeps 30 minutes in a row, more than the other potato

No. 171929

this thing is living a miserable existence.