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File: 1641862265431.jpeg (320.32 KB, 422x677, 94351AEB-C03E-4DC0-8526-FC77EE…)

No. 1414184

Helena @lacroicsz on twitter
> Amerimutt/Polish zoomer part of a youth activism group of Luther detrans ftmtf called Pique Resilience Group (group has seemingly disbanded now)
> Dated a member of the group named Jesse but they later broke up
> Each claim the other is abusive. Jesse called Helena out on twitter after Helena claimed racism is natural and part of human tribalism
> an SJW FTM turned TERF turned conservative

Daisy Chadra
> ftm turned ftmtf turned religious Christian youtuber

Ryan Barnes (Saltyalty)
> Became popular from her detrans YouTube videos
> Claimed to be Asexual and not know what being sexy meant.
> Started an Onlyfans after fans egged her on to do it
> is now demisexual

No. 1414195

File: 1641863466277.jpeg (402.04 KB, 1536x1481, 9532DA1F-7F81-4EFC-9129-38E680…)

I’m in a Discord with Helena and this was her take on the Jesse tweet situation

No. 1414227

File: 1641869387415.png (974.17 KB, 1071x577, hairychest.png)

how'd daisy snag this cutie? shame about his gay voice, I wouldn't be surprised if he was a chaser either but god damn

No. 1414241

He's apparently bisexual and exited a gay relationship before meeting her. He's apparently a trustfund kid too and Daisy is trying to be a tradwife for him, which she talked about in her recent Benjamin Boyce interview.

I think James Shupe is a notable detrans cow too. He was the first legally nonbinary person with an X marker, but he detransitioned and decried gender identity, but retransitioned because his porn addiction-induced autogynephilia that he developed while in the army got out of control. He had a long interview with Boyce that he literally cried during during, and at one point he confessed to coercing his wife to pretend to be a man for him. Most detransitioner men tend to be pretty crazy honestly, if the subreddit is any inducation.

No. 1414264

he looks like a 40 year old irish midget coal miner who drinks a bottle of whisky for breakfast every day.

No. 1414450

>dating a gay man
Bet that's gonna work out great for her… kek

No. 1414487

Nah, that wouldn't be very Christian of her, he's bi and used to be in a gay relationship before meeting her, so she's not barking up the wrong tree since she's not a "gay transboy" anymore. Still a Jordan Peterson stan though lmao.

No. 1414498

Looks like a great looksmatch to me, not sure what you’re on about.

Uncanny how spot-on this is

No. 1414554

File: 1641918108702.png (175.68 KB, 1376x280, Bild_2022-01-11_172011.png)

i honestly hope this thread isnt gonna end up shitting on every detransitioner cuz literally every other group out there already does that lmao

then again, im so glad a thread like that comes up because detransitioners are usually one of three things:

1. still very lgtbq, probably non binary, when trying to share their story they immediatly apologizing by saying "thats my experience!!!! that doesnt mean yall going to do it!!! pls be kind to eachother just my opinion!!"

2. super christian, i dont know how, but so many end up ultra christian

3. radfem terfs who easily fall into the most extremist radfem circles (like anti sex, bi girls dont exist, men manipulated women into enjoying sex (?), kinks dont exist etc)

detrans myself and i could share so much cuz i saw so much insanity while i tried to find a community but sadly most things arent in english

No. 1414564

i think what makes a lot of public detrans lolcows isn't the "they thought they were trans but weren't" part, but more of how many are unstable and continuously trade one worldview for another, ex: trans ideology to religion or conservatism or radical feminism

No. 1414584

Most terminally online detrans people are unbearable because they realized how much they fucked up and how they have no one but themselves to blame since no one wants to be responsible. What happened to them is so absurd and violent that they cling to almost any kind of explanations.


No. 1414594

I'm really grateful for this thread but I don't have anything to offer. Exulansic on youtube is a good example of a detrans turned TERF using her platform to talk about the trans movement without becoming a total cow, but after watching a few videos my youtube algorithm is mostly detrans cows talking about themselves. Might compile some of the weirder ones tonight when I have time

No. 1414600

I've seen a bunch of detrans women calling themselves dysphoric female and I think that's much more fitting. Also a good way to talk about the condition with a realistic pov (dysphoric male for mtf/tim). The thread should've been named "Detrans & Cows" tho.

No. 1414637

File: 1641924215268.png (15.09 KB, 574x147, Bild_2022-01-11_190347.png)


i would say that most who are like that are the most mentally ill and im guessing that goes hand in hand on why they went trans in the first place

most started as teenagers and got groomed into it by tumblr and now the same happens with twitter/tiktok (see all the nonbinary people who literally just dress and act like girls cuz they are literally just girls)

also the ones that dont turn radfem basically are left with no community at all imo

(trying to find the detrans radfem twitter list but here another example of turning religious)

No. 1414680

i think the ones who went on hormones or got surgery as grown adults are better off accepting what they did, but i noticed a lot of the craziest ones were trans when they were young. detrans are a symptom of a bigger problem, if you have body issues or don't understand gender roles and search online or talk to liberal-minded people about it (actually, not even liberals, since that netflix "transkid" has conservative parents), you'll have people say you could be transgender, and if you bring up gender confusion to most therapists they will indulge because it's "on the right side of history". hormones are now easy to get, i've talked to detrans who got theirs in less than an hour after going to planned parenthood, and a lot of gender therapists will write a surgery referral for you instead of making you be in therapy for a few years. since more people are detransitioning, abd some are adults who were transed as children, there's probably going to be a huge backlash against pharma and plastic surgeons in the next decade

No. 1415036

did exulansic actually transition though? i heard she was only desisted/reidentified

No. 1415075

>literally every other group out there already does that
Not really, they definitely get a lot of shit from trannies which sucks but they also get a lot of sympathy from other groups and some people act as if detransitioners shouldn't be criticized because of what they went through.

No. 1415178

File: 1641983317746.jpg (22.88 KB, 540x464, vmuQFlI.jpg)

>in less than an hour after going to planned parenthood

I'm glad sex reassignment surgery was a requirement when I wanted to medically transition. The idea of state-sponsored female genital mutilations make you think.

No. 1415201

A lot of these detrans women transitioned as extremely mentally ill teens so idk how they can be responsible

No. 1415208

That's the point. No one want to take responsibility so they are left with blaming themselves.

Medical professionals will always put the blame on patients for their mistakes.

No. 1415289

I don't think she had transitioned, given the fact her voice sounds female and all the other detrans women I've heard have that cursed, fried, alien voice, but I could very well be wrong.

No. 1415295

>kinks dont exist
Yeah after they fell for autogynophilic sissies and autoandrophilic yaoi fans beliefs and harmed their bodies permanently, they wouldn't believe or trust kinks I'd say.

No. 1415361

i don't think anti-sex is necessarily a radfem thing, i bet a lot of detransitioned women were sex repulsed due to being abused

No. 1415443

Exulansic is cow territory herself. She says so many dumb things about Jazz & the Jennings family without any proof just shouting headcanon into the void. Stuff like "Sander and Jazz had sex" like WTF

No. 1415446

Isn't she saying that more tongue-in-cheek rather than "this actually happened"? What other cowish things has she done/said? I'm interested

No. 1415520

File: 1642020844012.jpeg (872.4 KB, 1242x1846, 9A275D35-77C2-46BD-8857-2833AA…)

She had this to say about her identity as a detrans woman vs desisted woman

No. 1415543

if birth control was a form of transition then all the teen girls who went on-and-off them are detransitioned too now…

No. 1415585

What is the difference between disisting and detransitioning? I searched online to no avail

No. 1415597

the former implies no medical transition, AKA reidentified

No. 1415637

That is fucking retarded, she's a detransitioner because she's a woman that took estrogen? She can live her life just like any other woman, how's it comparable to someone who had their appearance permanently altered or life ruining surgeries

No. 1415659

exactly, "dysphoria" basically means dissatisfaction with oneself, therefore most women are "dysphoric" over their periods. even if a high-tesosterone woman took estrogen or a suppressant it wouldn't be considered a gender transition since that's an imbalance being corrected, transition is an attempt to artificially induce the opposite sex's hormone levels

No. 1415700

Yeah, no offence but this is retarded. That would make any hormonal treatment into a transition.

No. 1415779

She never said that. She implied the lack of boundaries the entire family has is borderline incestuous. She's a bit cowish but it's for the incessant comparisons to religion and the laser focus on Jazz.

No. 1416201

File: 1642091268213.jpg (61.7 KB, 1200x630, mccandless-court.jpg)

Ezra McCandless. Desister who murdered her boyfriend by stabbing him and mutilating his wiener. She claimed he'd cut the word BOY into her arm because he didn't want her to detransition and tried to stab her, forcing her to kill him in self-defence, but admitted in the course of the trial that she'd actually cut her arm herself.

Sorry if this is inappropriate for the thread, this case lives in my head rent-free.

No. 1416375

I wonder how much T she was on that she still looks like an MTF years later.

No. 1416408

In case anyone's wondering: yes, she did name herself after Chris McCandless, that retard who got lost in the woods and died of starvation/ poisoning.

No. 1416547

Sad that Elle is used for the thread pic when she's really not even a cow. I really respect a lot of these women for having the courage to come back to their womanhood and reality.

Let's keep the focus on actual milk and not just on women who've been traumatized/brainwashed into transitioning.

No. 1416675

according to a post in the TIF thread, elle is a bit of a cow IRL, but since proof wasn't posted i can't tell if it's vendettaposting or not


No. 1416769

File: 1642136049747.png (326.69 KB, 2048x1536, 69641151-85CF-4A54-ABB3-A75B17…)

Helena sperging about her experienced being oh so brave enough to be unvaxxed on a flight to and from Canada

No. 1416771

File: 1642136084783.png (334.13 KB, 2048x1536, B2152CFA-6ACB-4A17-90AD-3AD216…)

No. 1416775

File: 1642136191313.png (327.65 KB, 2048x1536, 5DADD6E6-5505-4DA6-8D04-6CA8CA…)

She was saying she was scared because a flight attendant approached her and she was scared they’d throw her off the plane for being unvaxxed lol

No. 1416802

Oh fuck, does anyone know the MTFTM guy on Youtube who talks about having machine dysphoria? Like he believes he was meant to be a robot? Really into dumb Jungian bullshit as well.

No. 1416815

she was a fakeboi for attention, hardly even an actual desister. she's an even bigger clown than your average tif or fakeboi. i won't give any credence to the claim she was even a desister. her case is one of my favorites though, such a hilarious and pathetic trial. go to the true crime thread on /m/ to discuss, i will talk about this case with you.

No. 1416900

this is not surprising at all to be honest. They're in desperate need of a guidance/community, a lot of these people are very lonely, and only terfs and ultra right wingers embrace detrans with open arms if we're honest. Everyday people will feel sorry for them, but are cautious to show any support to detrans, as they are a 'problematic' subject right now.

No. 1417096

File: 1642177555669.png (386.6 KB, 429x840, Bild_2022-01-14_172610.png)

holy shit that is my biggest fear, being confused as an mtf lmao

do you mean because people start blaming them on why transphobia exists? under this video there are even comments that they are the reason anti-translaws exist

No. 1417103

She's cute and has a cute name. I hope she finds peace.

No. 1417147

File: 1642182279426.png (29.59 KB, 748x197, ShabnakA.png)

honestly, it seems like the trans community only tolerates "repentant" detrans who still think transition is valid, like this woman here. she actually has some points in her tweets since she yells at TERFs who call her mutilated despite making the "correct" choice of detransitioning, but i feel like unless you were lucky enough to be in a trans friendgroup that still accepted you after changing your mind, why would you suck up to that mob?

No. 1417517

A male detransitioner named Cluniac posted his "last video" on youtube a few days ago.

He has BPD and has taken videos down and put them back up many, many times.

Honestly though? Kudos to him for keeping this video up even after snapping out this mindset.

I suspect he'll take this down eventually, so I'll write down the first 8 minutes of the 20 minute video.

[[All said very slowly and slurred]]

Listen, ok?
I just took a buncha drugs… the world… so beautiful and quiet now.
But the problem is that I took more, and then I took more, and then I took more.
I've never taken anywhere close to this. I'm probably gonna black out soon.
No, I'm definitely going to black out soon.
But I also turned the heater off so it doesn't interrupt the videooo.

So I need to get my message out quickly… so I can turn the heater back on before I faint and black out.
I have mental and physical– so many mental and so many, so many physical issues– literally it would take me 20 minutes to list them all. It's ridiculous.
Doctors often say to me, "you're too young to have all these issues!"
But I'm very lucky… it could've been leukemia or something… when I was a kid or something…
It's not like 'woe is me, I have so many issues' is not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is, I tried to fix it in every way. I did over, like, 18 different psychiatric medications. So many years of therapy. I did repetitive trans-cranial magnetic stimulation. It's where they zap your brain in specific places using, like, magnets. Very very very strong magnets. And you actually do feel the shock. Not in your brain, but as it travels through your skull n stuff. And you know the funny thing is– well, first off, none of that helped me at all. Imagine 18 different meds. Decade of therapy. Shocking your brain. And you're the same exact person. How's that even possible?
It's like my brain's so… it's just it is what it is. There's no getting around it. It does not want to change. I've tried all sorts of illicit drugs too. I've tried so many different things.
And the physical stuff… anyway, the point is, you know sometimes I can't even, I just don't have the energy, I just wanna lay down. I'm so exhausted physically. I dunno.
I hope I don't stop breathing.
\sips water
And you know the problem is, I don't even remember anything I just said in this whole video.
Well, it's very important that you know, that, I hate you. I hate all of you. Not just my subscribers. Don't take it personally. I'm not trying to upset you, I'm not trying to make you hate me. Genuinely, I'm not, I'm not. I'm just saying the truth. Every interaction I've had with anyone has been awful. I think you're all very stupid… and fake…
…and your desires for what you want in life are all so similar. And it makes you boring, and it forces me to dumb myself down to relate to you. When do I get to be myself?
The last dose I took won't kick in for another… probably 20 minutes. So… another 12… [unintelligible] another 15… so I have 15 minutes left before I should probably lay down, because I'm gonna black out. I probably won't remember any of this.

(The rest of the video, he mostly just stares off into space and says less meaningful self-pitying things.)

No. 1417524

This same dude uploaded a video called "Confronting my Gender Therapist," where he calls his most recent gender therapist and spends 45 minutes (cut down to 33) telling her she's a shitty person.
His anger is obviously largely misdirected, but his gender therapist is obviously incompetent too, and the whole interaction is soooo juicy.

>[My old gender therapists] don't care. They don't think about me. They're doing their own thing. They're hurting other people now. They've moved on to other people, and you will too.

>I don't think you're necessarily intentionally evil, but I do think you are evil.

This is 3 minutes into the video lmfao

No. 1417549

i hesitate to call cluniac a cow since his mental instability is more sad than amusing to me, but i honestly don't think he should have a youtube channel when he's in such a fragile mind state, or at the very least he shouldn't treat youtube as a vent diary. i watched his apology video that he filmed after this benzo-drunk spiel and it's only a matter of time until he cycles back into it. i have a lot of sympathy for him but i feel like this is going to be just as unhealthy as being trans was for him

No. 1417606

I thought it was interesting to hear her dodge her profession's responsibilities towards the people who come to them for help. Wish I could have known what exactly she was going to say when she starts with "it's abusive in a sense that this is…"

I have a great deal of sympathy for him. He like everyone has cow moments, but he acknowledges them and seems sincere in his efforts to piece together what's left. wk over

No. 1419803

File: 1642446301317.jpeg (344.64 KB, 828x967, 61E78D4B-A76B-4C8F-B560-514EC4…)

Girl what

No. 1419807

File: 1642446704241.jpeg (206.45 KB, 741x381, 1638552024341.jpeg)

Ah yeah, the guy who wanted to fuck Narcissa/Cosmo Wright, tried to take down Kiwifarms, got Josh Moon's twitter deleted for transphobia after he rejected his proposal to be his "tranny gf" in DMs. He used to call himself Vanity, he even has a Kiwifarms account. We talked about him in the femboy thread. He is a grifter who is suicide baiting for attention.

No. 1419812

Cluniac aka Vanity also selfposts a lot on here so you're probably him. He is advertising his youtube channel on Kiwifarms and 4chan as well.

Here is a video of Null from Kiwifarms talking about this schizo trying to slide into his DMs. starts at 33:23.

No. 1419815

File: 1642446966655.png (253.99 KB, 466x690, Untitled.png)

DM's that Cluniac/Vanity sent Null before reporting him to twitter.

No. 1419817

No. 1419896

Idk I think they are both cute. Gay voice suits him.

No. 1419927

i'm pretty sure that's a joke

No. 1419973


Kek but I thought I heard him say in a video that he's straight? Hmm

No. 1420008

You mean to tell me that Isaac's simping for Exulansic was mere clout-chasing as he has done with various other internet figures? Hard to believe, she's such a charming woman.

No. 1420220

File: 1642479679726.png (41.83 KB, 1295x337, blackdresses.PNG)

Recently, Cluniac posted a video about tranny brainwashing in music, which was an interesting topic, but apparently he was just vendetta posting because ig the band he was discussing Black Dresses disbanded because one of the members was doxxed on KF because Isaac used their photo as a pfp? Picrel is his ex's side of their dms talking about it

No. 1420893

Exulansic has been bothering me lately. I like a lot of her videos, but I’m very irritated by her constant armchair diagnoses and prader-willi bullshit. It’s coming off extremely obsessive and obtuse. Fully support her making fun of Sander, that guy is an insecure attention whore, but the incest allegations and so on are so fucked, she needs to lay off the constant Jazz coverage. Tbh I watch those videos more for the show clips than her input, I might as well just watch the actual series.

No. 1421002

I was just having the same thought, especially with how fucked her sound balance is on each video. It just makes more sense to find the IAJ episode and watch it to come to my own less munchie- yet similar conclusions. What a shame. She has absolutely no sense of nuance, and at first I took it as her being over-the-top as a humor thing, but now it's quite grating. I lurk on KF and they seem to have a similar feeling for her now, too. She needs to dial it back, I think her audience won't be as broad anymore with such weird lingo and tinfoil-level assumptions.

No. 1421007

She honestly needs to take a break and step back. It's obsessive

No. 1421008

I guess I better go hop over to kf to read the discussion there! I read her comments on her community posts, and the amount of blind support she gets for pulling all this shit out of her ass is just kinda frustrating to see (though there are some women responding with nuance, which I’m glad to see) She takes clips completely out of context and rants like she only speaks complete truth. Good for her I guess for having the confidence to say whatever the fuck she wants, but I wouldn’t be caught dead trying to come off as an authority over a complete stranger’s mental and physical health

No. 1421012

Samefag, not to mention the fucking domestic abuse hand signal thing she’s trying to push is so cringey oh my godddd

No. 1421087

holy fuck, this is lore i had no idea about. knowing this i wonder if he's going to re-transition again and decry being an evil TERF and simping to exulansic because he's such a BPD-chan

this is an obvious shitpost but i have seen neopronouns like that lmao

No. 1421405

Narcissa = Cosmo, this speed run guy kek

No. 1421406

I truly couldn't understand the reverence online for Exulansic until I realized that a large part of her audience consists of reality-tv watchers.

No. 1421409

She gets under my skin because she's regarded as being highly intelligent but doesn't say anything particularly interesting unless you're also obsessed with Jazz Jennings or if you drank the tranny kool-aid and need someone to remind you of biology 101. Plus, with how arrogant she seems to be about her own perceived intelligence…. I don't know. Most intelligent people I've met err towards humility. She just seems phony to me.

No. 1421441

I think there’s something really fucky about her whole citation schtick. Obviously citations are a good thing, but when you keep posting studies and abstracts that are generally full of scientific lingo, you’re alienating people who don’t really have a background in that stuff (basically the majority of her audience). So, for the people that aren’t well-versed in endocrinology or birth defects or whatever Exulansic is going on a tangent about, they are just supposed to take her words and conclusions as fact because how else are they supposed to challenge anything she says? I see commenters being like “wow, this goes way over my head but I guess I agree!”
It’d be one thing if her community was full of other knowledgeable people in these areas (there are a few people), but her audience is just gender critical women of all kinds, treating her word as gospel.

No. 1421540

It's generally accepted that one doesn't understand something unless they can explain it to others. Exulansic's tendency to use jargon when talking to laypeople is at best lazy, at worst, covering up for not understanding the material herself.

No. 1421904

I don't like the CAIS sperging that she went on. It's pointless and makes you look incapable of accepting nuance. She also claims they don't undergo female socialization at all because they're not genetically female which solidifies to me that she's more interested in semantics then she is interested in analyzing misogyny and gendered socialization. They are assumed to be unambiguously female for the most formative years of their life, and to say they don't experience "real" female socialization at that point is to be just as married to the concept of immaterial essences dictating how one experiences life rather than concrete reality.

No. 1421939

I agree completely. Her sperging over CAIS women was one of the bigger turning points in my opinion of her. It honestly makes me laugh for her to suggest these women be held in men’s prisons, even if in a separate area. There is nothing similar between a CAIS woman and a trans woman who experienced complete male puberty. She just made herself look fucking stupid trying to exclude them on a technicality.

No. 1421981

File: 1642639404949.jpg (138.91 KB, 650x650, dalea-rundblad.jpg)

has she even seen a woman born with CAIS anyway? even if they have XY chromosomes by technicality, they are born with a female phenotype and many live the majority of their lives not knowing they have CAIS until adolescence/adulthood, picrel

No. 1422050

Exulansic’s just bothered by the fact that these people have undescended testicles and XY chromosomes and still naturally look more like an actual female than she does. I honestly thought she was an especially-delusional TIM when I was first recommended a video of hers.

No. 1422179

I don't remember where I read this, but I heard somewhere Exulansic is fake-detrans. That she was never on testosterone and vaguely says some normal hormone or steroid she got was hormone therapy.
Her voice also isn't low at all in the way that detrans women's voices are.

No. 1422183

I think it's very disingenuous for her to present herself as "detrans" when she was just a trender on birth control.

No. 1422196

Yep, she isn’t dealing with the consequences of actual HRT or surgery regret. Rather, she found a benefit in depo and had/has no need to discontinue its use. I wonder if maybe she perceives detransitioners as a more valuable voice compared to desisters, since they’re the ones that actually began to go down the path of medically transitioning. But she isn’t dealing with the consequences of a mastectomy, hysterectomy, hirsutism, clitoral growth, or even that trademark tranny vocal fry. Her return to a cis-identity has none of the struggles of the women that truly mourn the bodies they damaged.

No. 1422199

>I wonder if maybe she perceives detransitioners as a more valuable voice compared to desisters
Imo she's just plain full of shit. She wants clicks/attention and knows that "detrans" has more visibility than "desister". It's impossible for me to believe she doesn't understand that she's lying, considering that Gender Expert is her entire bit.

No. 1422812

Yeah, that's where she lost me. Is she fucking kidding with that shit, it's like a bad joke

No. 1422820

She talks about it in her interview with Boyce if you want the whole backstory.

She wore a binder, was seriously considering HRT and seeing a gender therapist, but ultimately made grad school a priority. By the end of it all she realized she didn't give a shit about transitioning. It was something her peers were encouraging her to do, and as soon as their influence began to wane so did her gender confusion.

For context, her college experience was in the SF bay area during the early-mid 2000's.

If nothing else, her story is a good reminder of how much of this trans shit is a trend and we shouldn't be capitulating to the demands of anyone, least of all kids and teens, to have instant access to hormones. She's lucky she didn't wreck her long term health just to fit in with her fellow speds. That realization might be why she'd a little too obsessed with the Jazz situation.

No. 1422848

I wore a binder and seriously considered HRT too, but I still only consider myself a desister. I agree with >>1422183 that it’s disingenuous for her to call herself detrans.

No. 1432166

File: 1643731260645.jpg (71.11 KB, 1344x691, Capture.JPG)

pretty funny that now he claims to be a "straight man" that would never go for girldick even though his relationship and obsession with narcissa is well documented

No. 1432174

This dude is fucking psycho, I have no idea why anyone is treating anything he says with any sort of respect instead of realizing that they just met someone who is destined to kill themselves. Even Exulansic wiped her hands of his crazy since he's incapable of being helped.

No. 1432179

she did? did she say anything?

No. 1432181

I came across him after a GC video used the audio of his phonecall to his therapist and thought he seemed all right at first and looked like a cute metal guy. But damn he is crazy. Hope he doesn't troon out again.

No. 1432194

This dude is literally doing the same grift as Milo Yannopolis "curing himself of being gay" to make money from the alt-right. He's still a fag who wishes he could wear women's skins on the inside. You can't recover from that. Him promoting his channel on 4chan, KF and here just shows that he is trying to get internet famous, nothing else.

No. 1432199

He is getting a lot of sympathy and compliments from GC women now, I wonder if that works as a narc supply for him.

I'd like to be optimistic about detrans people as a group though, that they can recover.

No. 1432216

I find it hilarious he started a patreon regardless of the fact that he’s said on multiple occasions that he would stop making videos. Why these dumbasses even want to support him financially is beyond me, dude is too inconsistent to keep up with a patreon.

No. 1432413

> Plus, with how arrogant she seems to be about her own perceived intelligence…. I don't know. Most intelligent people I've met err towards humility.
late but holy shit, this. she goes on and on about her superiour intelligence and creativity, but she’s painfully amateur as an artist and comes off as r/iamverysmart material.

No. 1432723

She also goes on about autistic people lacking the insight and self-awareness to adequately assess themselves…. Look in the damn mirror, woman.

No. 1432727

definitely seems like an autist

No. 1432856

So this is the tranny that was in Null's DMs, AND the tranny that was obsessed with Narcissa and visited him???? My mind is blown, I didn't realize it was the same guy

No. 1432990

No. 1434846

Some people in the fakeboi thread posted stuff about detrans kinks. Which is super weird. We've seen transing based on fetishes,maybe we'll see some detransing based on fetishes


No. 1434866

Now that would be the ultimate coomer move, imagine fucking up your body twice just because of a fetish.

No. 1435645

Exulansic's channel was terminated just as I was watching it minutes ago for hate speech. Guess she finally got notorious enough

No. 1436090

man that's so sad, her videos were great. hope she keeps posting on https://odysee.com/@Exulansic:d and she's @sound_the_alarm123 on tiktok

No. 1436657

I can't remember which video it was (maybe it was in a comment response) but she's mentioned having thought she was autistic but eventually concluding she wasn't. In another video (the one about why she wears wigs I think) she describes herself as having some unnammed/unclassified developmental disorder with her high intelligence being a symptom of that. But not autism apparently. I wonder if her work experience as a speech pathologist with autistic kids led her to think she couldn't be? But lots of high functioning autistic kids don't need stuff like that. I was a huge fan of her videos and she mentioned so, so many things that made me think she was a high functioning autist, I really wonder how she came to the conclusion she isn't. I don't really get how someone like her could feel like it was something shameful to be.

No. 1436694

File: 1644204243424.jpg (17.71 KB, 234x278, ec41ec46ea.jpg)

so I guess exulansic got buttmad over this picture which was used in a video by someone arguing with her over cais stuff
exulansic said it was antisemetic and put on ivory foundation to prove she's white and the olive skin depicted is racist

No. 1436707

To be fair, id prob cry if something like that was made of me

No. 1436708

She does kind of look like that though, unfortunately

No. 1436731

Sadly my first reaction to scrolling past it was "is that exulansic?" Kek, it is unfortunate.

No. 1436735

I'm so fucking disappointed in her for feeding the trolls over this, the CAIS stuff was bad enough but it seems like her fit over this was the final straw that got her removed from YT. Was it worth all the people who now will never be exposed to her videos? They weren't perfect but her medical analysis of trans "healthcare" was unlike anything I'd ever seen and shocked me even tho I've been peaked for years. What a fucking waste.

No. 1436740

Big agree. I was like, finally , someone who can explain shit to those moids w no empathy that can only agree with science jargon. I also like how unabashed she is about her appearance, especially when troons say she’s manlier than them kek. She just doesn’t have to try because she is

No. 1436820

She said she was diagnosed with a condition that is "like autism without the autism" i.e. it has the symptoms of autism but with a specific cause. However, autism as a syndrome describes the symptoms, not the cause. That's why people with Down syndrome typically have autism despite having a clear cause.

No. 1436821

she was a smug bastard and cow material so the less she is the image of gender criticals the better

No. 1437178

Exulansic has resurfaced with another YT account, I can't embed the vid she just posted because it's a short but she confirms it's really her.


No. 1437202

her flying off the handle and starting to accuse everyone of antisemitism when she isn’t even jewish was seriously bizarre. she can dish it out but can’t take it at all. she’s turning into a fully formed cow.

No. 1437336

She actually looks worse than this in real life, bless her.
Sad to see her die on a weird hill of fax and logic instead of continuing to make useful arguments.

No. 1437475

wait she isn't Jewish? I started following her on YT recently so I don't know a lot about her background, I assumed she was Jewish when she got so offended by that drawing. I'm just curious now, what is her ethnicity?(lrn2sage)

No. 1437476

i think she mentioned sometime back that she's native american

No. 1437504

The scrotes on her kiwifarms thread have dug up a lot of her family history and haven't been able to find a scrap of evidence pointing to being Native or Jewish. I think she's been collecting as many victim titles as possible, hence her calling herself detrans rather than desisted.

No. 1437508

sorry for stupid question but what's the difference between detrans vs desisted?

No. 1437516

Detrans means someone who medically transitioned (HRT) has decided to stop and go back to identifying as their birth gender, desist is the same thing except the person never medically transitioned in the first place and is just going back to identifying as their birth gender.

No. 1437521

I asked that exact question too, lmfao. Detrans is when you detransition after going through ALL the shit like hormones, name changes, surgeries, etc while desisting is when you were like TroonsLITE and merely did shit like binding and maybe being GNC. Sorry, someone explained it better upthread than I possibly could but that's the rough gist.

No. 1437694

The way she talked about her heritage made it seem like she's at least 1/2 or 1/4 native american. I suppose she fell for a family myth that there's a native link 6 generations back or something and immediately made it part of her identity to such an extent that she's frequently sperging about her tribal affiliations.
Real 140 IQ move… wait, it seems she's still bragging about an IQ test she took as a child which led to her being placed in a gifted program. She must have been advanced for her age, but IQ scores adjust as others catch up to you. I wouldn't be surprised if her current score was significantly lower.

No. 1438080

Nothing about this makes me think its an attempt at anti-Jewish hate speech. Even if it was, devoting so much energy to it in public is counterproductive. Keep receipts, call it out briefly, and move on.

I guess they're trying to mock her looks but it's probably what she'd get from a caricature artist at a theme park tbh. A much better way to get back at them would've been having a sense of humor and using it as a pfp, then totally demolishing their arguments while pointing out their sexism. If she can't do that, then at least she shouldn't take the bait.

Seriously disappointed in her too. Radfem content creators who choose to be non-anonymous NEED to develop teflon skin when it comes to personal attacks. Troons will always go straight for the misogyny like any typical moid, you have to make their only weapon useless against you.

She takes herself too seriously and seems convinced every bit of speculation that pops into her head is correct. But losing her channel is still shitty, she's made completely valid observations on a lot of things. I've also never seen commentary anywhere else pointing out how abusive the family is on "I Am Jazz". It's her most accessible content and we need stuff that gets clueless normies to think more critically about transing kids.

I am holding out hope that she'll realize a bit of intellectual humility can only make her arguments stronger.

GC women need to learn to treat male allies with healthy skepticism, sad to see them playing mommy to this dude after the kind of red flags he's already displayed. Sucks that we can't count on male detransitioners to do any good for the cause, but I guess that's not exactly surprising given the pool of candidates.

No. 1438103

A high IQ doesn't mean you're more likely to be right about anything, though. Plenty of naturally smart people engage in irrational thinking. The human brain comes with cognitive distortions pre-programmed by eons of evolutionary survival mechanisms and no one is immune to that. You have to learn how to think clearly and consciously put it into practice, no one is born that way. People with an average IQ can do that just fine with the right education.

If anything a lot of high IQ people have the tendency to believe they possess intrinsic intellectual superiority across the board, which ironically makes them even more prone to lazy, slopping thinking. This is why so many celebrity scientists like talking out of their asses on subjects they have only a cursory understanding of and end up sounding retarded.

No. 1441857


She speaks of advanced reading for her age as a toddler, but this also does not indicate being intellectually superior in the long run, it only indicates that her parents were involved in reading and teaching at a young age. Kids who read sooner don't typically keep that advantage as their peers learn and develop. Though obviously having your parents actively involved in early education indicates your parents are probably educated, bright, and you have an upbringing that is in general conducive to producing an academically successful kid with an advanced vocabulary.

Not to deny she is sharp, but the lady doth insist too much.

No. 1444922

File: 1645044327150.png (33.38 KB, 600x324, skindisability.PNG)

What's a "skin disability"?

No. 1445037

Another victim point she's trying to collect?
Didn't know having tired and dull skin was a disability, but okay.

No. 1445039


No. 1445249

Who changed Jacksepticeye’s color settings for his hair and clothes to all black?

No. 1445278

turns out Dalea in the pic doesn't even have CAIS but PAIS and was raised as a boy.
Honestly if you heard Dalea talk/sing it was very clearly a male voice, proving he definitely had some part of a male puberty which checks out now that we know he lied about having CAIS

No. 1445535

"Skin disability" sounds silly, but some skin conditions can definitely be severe enough to count as disabilities. I don't know what kind of skin condition exulansic's got though?

No. 1445883

Lol unless she has scleroderma or some super duper horrible psoriasis, tf could it even be?

No. 1446049

Long before this thread and before she was quite cowish, I actually outright asked her what her physical conditions were in a live chat and she said she has a connective tissue disorder (and stated that it likely isn't EDS), Eagles syndrome, cystic acne and something that causes a neurological disorder. She didn't go into specifics but seems to drop bits of info here and there between videos about her own health. I gave up trying to read between the lines though. Is cystic acne a skin disability? My theory is she has fragile skin or something from the connective tissue disorder, or something like wound healing issues or someshit. But that's merely tinfoil.

No. 1446685

File: 1645239207301.jpeg (246.65 KB, 946x2047, 08B34455-9301-48A7-8AD2-84F8F6…)

I really do love that she’s turned out to be such a cow.

No. 1446707

I do too, although I'm amazed at how quickly she crashed and burned. She had a pretty sweet and easy gig with the I Am Jazz bit , and she was actually being taken seriously by a lot of people just to throw it away over insisting she's right over CAIS/that caricature being anti-semetic. If she had just been able to let that go, she would be in a very different place with a much larger audience.

No. 1447009

I honestly expected someone like Karen from YKR to get banned before Exulansic did, just based on Karen’s frequent pestering of the same individuals over and over again. But I’d imagine that’s partly due to Exulansic getting more attention with her medfagging than Karen just responding to tweets and comments all day.

No. 1447025

What I don't get is why she insists it's anti-Semetic when she's not Jewish but Native American, so if anything it's just racist which surely is enough on its own to rile people up and get them on her side?

About her skin condition, I think she said something about that being the reason why she has to wear things on her head? I thought she was muslim at first wearing a hijab

No. 1447599

File: 1645336887660.png (598.19 KB, 744x449, 2022-02-06 20_09_24-Godwin's L…)

she wants to get mad LMAO? this is a screencap from her video "Godwin's Law CAIS Bro Conspiracy and the Historical Use of Racially Exaggerated" which she brings up this pic next to her face which became a meme on scrotechan /tv/ general

No. 1447724

she's not even native american, she's as white as they come.

>About her skin condition, I think she said something about that being the reason why she has to wear things on her head?

she has said she wears makeup to discourage herself from skinpicking.

No. 1447725

Maybe that was her plan all along, people using an actual anti-semetic image of her plays right into her narrative

No. 1447948

File: 1645381667224.jpg (504.24 KB, 1070x1024, Screenshot_20220220-131526_rif…)

There's a detrans thread on reddit right now and it's HILARIOUS!

>realized I was just an ugly girl

No. 1447971

Sad thing is that's quite often the case. All of the girls I've known who have come out as trans or non-binary have been less than conventionally attractive and/or it's come followed after a significant weight gain that you could tell interfered with their own body image a lot

No. 1448250

I think she mentioned skin-picking before. Maybe she is trying to frame her mental compulsion as a disability.

No. 1448605

File: 1645459271125.png (39.77 KB, 767x690, ar7q4pe.png)

Isaac/cluniac/vanity deleted their twitter and once again removed all youtube video after having a meltdown yesterday

No. 1448610

File: 1645459494043.png (77.51 KB, 873x786, Zjq5qXB.png)

patreon is still up but the donations are a little bit reduced

No. 1448617

This is true. I was best friends with a girl who people kept mistaking her for a boy. She was so insecure about it she transitioned.

No. 1448633

All girls have this huge pressure to be beautiful because "being a girl=conventionally beautiful and sexy" and girl who can't fill that criteria feel like failed women (and they're made to feel that way), so they want to become men instead thinking that they'll feel less worthless. I myself remember thinking "since I'm not pretty I'm not good at being a woman, but maybe I'll be good enough to be a male, and ugly males are taken more seirously than an ugly women too, they even get beautiful wives all the time yada yada" when I was a teenager. Girls who transition do it because they can't live up to standards.

No. 1448636

The grass is always greener on the other side. These people don't want to be the other sex, they just want to be attractive.

No. 1448642

He'll be back. It's a regular thing and not surprising with his BPD. His content is good.

No. 1449343

I remember thinking along those lines as a teen too "I'm an ugly girl which makes me worthless as a girl, but I'd be a cute-ish boy" and at the time I actually believed it. Obviously looking back it wasn't true, I would have looked like a chubby manlet at best as a boy. Glad the trans stuff wasn't quite as powerful yet or they might have gotten me too.

No. 1450040

Somebody should make a caricature of her as a coon, black as coal, with fat lips and eating watermelon. She would probably in all seriousness claim it's racist against black people while she is white as a sheet of paper, that would be even funnier LOL

No. 1450077

producing a racist caricature with the intent of it looking like a racist caricature is in fact… racist

No. 1450201

The whole reason that it's bullshit for Exulansic to allege the caricature is racist is because the drawing was obviously just based on her, and didn't rely on anti-semetic comics for inspiration. If the caricature is anti-semetic, so's her face.

No. 1451521

not milk and nitpick but exulansics mic peaks so badly, she needs to stop yelling into it

No. 1454539

nobody was brainwashed, that's a cow excuse. "oh uwu i was just bwainwashed i couldnt do anyfing its not my fawlt uwu. it was a big scawy cult bogeyman."

its either that or people desperately searching for a new Magdalen Berns and winding up anywhere where a woman is vaguely similar to her. (see: creepy man and former tv writer Graham Linehan.)

yeah i was surprised. also one of the dickriders smokin feds who repeated the "anti semitism" claim in her video turned out that she's incredibly racist against black people, got the full discord log leak treatment and everything.

this thread dredged up memories for me of that guy who was a ddetransitioned mtf from KF Blinski / nykytyne3 who was basically just exulansic but for contrapoints videos instead of I Am Jazz clips. So many weird headcanons just asserted as fact.

he later went on to have a complete meltdown after a bad DXM trip and crossed state lines with a firearm trying to kill his dad because he thought he was part of a pedo conspiracy and ended up in the psych ward.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1454629

we will never have another mags. she was sane, hilarious, and so smart. literally she had no cow tendencies and was hot as hell. she was complete perfection. it honestly felt unfair seeing exulansic get so much insane praise when mags is mostly forgotten. even when alive she didn't have a cult surrounding her like exulansic does. exulansic's content sucks in comparison.

No. 1456727

i agree, now we're left with exulansic crazy types.
also sage because somewhat offtopic.

No. 1458410

this retard at it again kek. imagine being this mentally ill, jesus

No. 1458421

I think he's kinda cute, like he'd be an awesome goth dude

No. 1458464

I enjoyed his videos on detransition while it lasted. I figured this is why the channel went down for a while.

I remember him saying he was hit and beaten a lot as a child. This dude needs serious help and therapy, and not the "gender affirming" bs kind either. The way he flipflops between yes trans and trans bad is going to be extremely detrimental to his life.

I'm disappointed that he feels like he needs to do this again. I watched the old videos of when he was "trans" and he seemed annoying as fuck as if he was putting on a performance, but his newer videos were actually quite honest and enjoyable. He needs to leave that cult asap.

No. 1458472

such a shame, it’s really sad how depression can rot your brain. I hope he doesn’t go down the path he’s thinking about, not just because it’s wrong but because after watching his videos, both before and after his detransitioning, it’s clear that for him going trans again won’t help at all, and will probably end up being the final push…

No. 1458636

File: 1646505921435.jpg (17.57 KB, 399x249, manopause.jpg)

As his title says, it really is an attention grabbing move. He has meltdowns (bpd), and does something like this for attention. Not saying he's a twat for doing it, it's his illness. His "relapses" in the past have involved thinking about/going back on hormones for a few days. He's fortunate his body's not as fucked up as it could be, and killing himself slowly is a stupid move. As he says, it'd take approx 3 years to get to the point he was at when he stopped the "transition" nonsense.

Definitely needs a good therapist and pain management. He knows the gender thing is bullshit, and I'm hoping he's just bating comments for attention. Some of it might be to convince himself that people saying he'd be an idiot to do it are right.

I like him. Gender dysphoria whatever, as a peri menopausal woman, I'm not keen on the fucking chin hairs, mood swings, thinning hair, feeling shitty constantly. He should just pretend he's menopausal. No period either, so there's a good thing. but fuck the chin hairs

He's too smart to believe pretending to be some way towards being a woman is a coping mechanism that works. He's too smart to not know the reason he hates having a male body at times.

No. 1459930

Sage because idk if something this predictable can be considered milk but right on schedule Isaac has returned and is "feeling very stable" and no longer wants to transition. I do admire him for being public with his ups and downs and not seeming to hide anything and I hope he sorts himself out but it's a little comical.

I cannot wrap my head around how she comes off as so intelligent in many of her videos but is capable of being this unhinged. Like maybe her channel being deleted is making her mentally spiral more than she's willing to talk about? I would be devastated in her position, to lose that platform because of my own foolish actions. What was she at on her YT, like 12k? That's gigantic for a GC channel and she was growing fast. Idk how I'd live with myself.

No. 1461192

that's funny because smokinfeds was disingenious about being detrans too. she even had a role for it for her in her server. one of her stream guests pressed her about it a few times and she insisted that because she was professionally diagnosed with gender dysphoria for years as a teen that counted as detransition instead of desisting. clout seekers are all the same.

No. 1474012

Either poor social awareness due to autism or bipolar and stopped taking her lithium. Don't know her well enough to say which one.

It's amazing that we've got to a point where you can have 'clout' for detransitioning. Transitioning in the first place is one of the most retarded/ mentally ill things you can do. Like detransitioners shouldn't be shamed, but they should feel a bit embarrassed about it at least.

No. 1474325

>I cannot wrap my head around how she comes off as so intelligent in many of her videos but is capable of being this unhinged
Take this with a grain of salt since I don't know all of her lore but she comes off as autistic to me honestly, speaking as a sperg, a lot of aspergers people can be intelligent and savant-like in one area of knowledge but completely socially inept and emotionally dysregulated otherwise

No. 1476242

Oh yeah. It’s easy to get sucked into an ideology because everyone wants a sense of belonging.

No. 1476506

I agree as well. I'm not ashamed in saying that I do agree with her on CAIS. The main gist of it is that those born with complete androgen insensitivity disorder still are male and they are not women of the sort and instead of women having to open up the gates of what we are, men should be the ones who open up how there are different ways a man can be. It's not like women with PCOS who can grow lots of facial and body hair are seen as some sort of man so why can't CAIS men be treated in similar fashion.
However where I differ with her is that men with CAIS are super rare, even rarer than homosexuality and with where we are in society, I just don't think it's best to get worked up with these men who make up like .01$% of the population and that the minuscule few of them who just mind their business and not hassle women, it should be the only exception to the rule at this time.

It's a sham she got caught up in that and the trolls and I hope that she continues with her videos sticking to the main issue at hand and hopefully when the dust settles, she'll come back to YouTube.

No. 1476684

>I hope that she continues with her videos sticking to the main issue at hand and hopefully when the dust settles, she'll come back to YouTube.
once someone cows out, it's nearly impossible for them to become a normal human being again, but I am praying for her.

No. 1476768

She's posting on Odysee and rumble. And she has a substack.
She tried to come back to youtube right after but got banned again. Maybe youtube lets her come back in a several months, if she can keep herself from going after people again.

No. 1476906

>Once someone cows out, it's nearly impossible for them to become a normal human being again

Right I get that but hey, you never know. For her, she can either admit that she shouldn't have gotten worked up about the caricature drawing or just come back and not even mention it unless asked and she can then admit she overreacted. Because her content really was interesting and intriguing and that should be enough to get people to ignore the other stuff.

Oh I'm aware, I follow her on Odysee but I'm just not on that site as much as I am on YouTube which is why I'd love to see her be able to come back and post there some day. I remember watching her second channel and it getting taken down so yeah, she's better off just lying low for now and posting on Odysee and after a few months, try t come back and just focus on the main issue at hand instead of going after people like you mentioned.

No. 1476910

File: 1647931965193.jpeg (564.83 KB, 1658x1219, 38F7D43E-A594-43F6-8993-0DAE5C…)

Wow JKR shared Helena’s story. based.

No. 1476927

is she the one that deleted her account afterward? i saw TRA claiming that jkr reblogged fake detrans stories to deiscredit trannies. or was this another one?

No. 1476943

Why not check for yourself before asking? It's still there and it's only the fifth tweet from the top, so it's not like it was hard work to confirm.

No. 1477340

I wonder if she knows that Helena hates TERFs when JKR herself is a TERF.

No. 1477504

i personally have mixed feelings about the CAIS discourse but also understand why some are coming to an extreme position since it's a slippery slope - yes, they're male, but before transactivists hijacked the "assigned at birth" terminology, males with CAIS would be biologically male but "assigned female" and could sort of be "socially-women" since the vast majority of them are raised as girls and don't know they're actually male until after puberty. so they're an exception to the rule, and i might consider someone with CAIS to be a woman, but not a female (note: i don't treat TIMs this way since they choose to trans themselves). so saying they should be in men's prisons or whatever sounds cruel to me, since they're biologically male but don't have penises are therefore are in more danger.

but i know that since transactivists hijacked the assignment terminology, they will (if they haven't already) hijack that some males can socially-women or assigned-female. actually, when searching CAIS i saw a "transwoman" website talking about CAIS and how they validate transgenderism which makes no sense lmao. but then at the same time CAIS are such a minority (compared to how rates of people getting ROGD and transitioning are), so i don't understand why this debate got so out of hand

does she? i know helena is a conservative and has disagreements with radfems but she still follows/interacts with them and is still gender critical to a degree. helena talked about being into harry potter yaoi when she was a tumblr TIF so i figured she would be flattered by this lmao

No. 1477519

She said she had an eating disorder and suppressed grief from a familial loss as a teen. She got on Tumblr as she was into classic rock and discovered yaoi and trans activism. She decided to live as a trans man for over a year before having a breakdown and detransitioning.

A bunch of people responded to her opinion on “shipping”. She defends it (believe it or not).

No. 1477533

AYRT, i know, helena is a personal cow of mine. in her pique resiliance videos she said her url on tumblr when she was a "transboy" was transpotter and she talked about liking drarry shipping on that centrist wider lens podcast. so i figured she would enjoy the promotion from JKR even if she doesn't agree with radfems on everything

No. 1477551

File: 1647985136947.png (51.26 KB, 748x399, Screenshot 2022-03-22 at 16-37…)

No. 1477627

> males with CAIS would be biologically male but "assigned female" and could sort of be "socially-women" since the vast majority of them are raised as girls and don't know they're actually male until after puberty.

Right, that's how I used to see it as well but Exulansic made a good point in her video proclaiming why this kinda information can't shared to the male child when he's able to start somewhat think and speak (obviously it's pointless to tell this to an infant and even a toddler). She was asking why women have to be the ones to open up the parameters of what our sex is and yet men can't do the same for their own sex and I felt like that was a very good question. But like I mentioned before, with where we are in society right now, I don't see a drive to get men to open their parameters of what men can be and CAIS males makeup .01% of the population so I'm willing to let them slide at this time.

At the end of the day though, it's not the CAIS ho brought this madness, it's the fucking TRAs that did and we should remain focused on them and it's why I really hope that if Exulansic does come back, she lets go of the CAIS debate and redirects back to speaking on the realities of "Trans surgeries" and more on Jazz Jennings and Kim Petras fucked upbringing.

No. 1477703

the cais hill is fucking retarded hill to die on. you are just being a bitch and exulansic too about it. you wouldn't be able to see from cais males that they are male.

No. 1477749

The whole CAIS thing is one of those situations where nuance is necessary. Most XY CAIS people don’t even know that they’re biologically male until they get diagnosed after they wonder why they don’t have their period.

No. 1478233

You're entitled to your opinion like I am entitled to my own. At the end fo the day, I don't think too much about it because these men are extremely rare in general and that trans-identified men are not CAIS males so I keep my attention on the true issue at hand and just leave the CAIS males out of it because the underlying issue doesn't involve them.

No. 1478746

>I don't think too much about it
but youre set on calling them men while all medical literature calls them women all because some lolcow with no medical credentials and a laundry list of lies told you to

No. 1479570

NTA but unless you have CAIS and are offended by this, is this really a hill to die on? i personally don't agree with calling them men (biologically they are technically but i consider it an exception to the rule) but they're also such a small minority, less than 1%, that this discourse is being dragged out because people keep conflating a rare male genetic mutation that look like women with men who want to be women

No. 1479846


lmao acting like CAIS women r comparable to men is retardation of the highest order

No. 1479860

The cais hill is fucking retarded hill to die on. You are just being a bitch.

No. 1479941

Following whats always been known and what medical literature supports isnt choosing a hill to die on. Following a lolcow who is making up shit to go against medical literature and trying to convince the rest of us were the outliers is choosing a hill to die on

No. 1480010

Yeah, but it's unlikely medical literature will change solely just because a Yotuber that's high on her own farts and her annoying fanbase thinks otherwise.

No. 1480420

agreed im just hoping her fangirls stop finding every corner of the internet to proselytize it in. this is a fucking detrans cow thread and yet we're having to listen to someone talk to us about cais

No. 1480438

Exulansic is only half-relevant to this thread because she claims to be detrans because estrogen made her stop being dysphoric (???). I think it's worth talking about how people who desisted lie about being full on detransitioned to be taken more seriously for whatever reason, but Exulansic's opinions on intersex issues is more fitting for the TERF thread.

No. 1482172

What >>1479570 said. CAIS males are rare, make up a minuscule of the population and it's just not that big an issue so why are we even discussing it when the main thing we ant is to have our spaces not be invaded by mentally ill men who don't even have CAIS anyway? I think it's just best to just stick to the main issue at hand which is men invading women's spaces and bastardizing our rights.
In layman's terms, no one cares about CAIS males when it comes to the topic of the trans cult because these men don't have that condition.

No. 1487833

File: 1648707059325.jpg (128.6 KB, 1080x1076, 66380103_408975286414607_43447…)

This guy (Nico/foxmusk/yiffables/dirtypaws) crosses over into almost every other type of freak, but if there's a detroon Chris-chan, it's him.
>furry poop fetishist
>open zoophile who has admitted to fucking his taxidermy collection
>draws himself with a vagina, sometimes laying eggs
>notoriously creepy in the DMs of TIFs and intersex men
>wanted to transform himself into a bearded guy with no female secondary sex characteristics but with a uterus and vagina so he could live out his birthing fantasies
>went on hormones for several years and reemerged as a "post-left" conservative when he quit
>was always something of a CSA apologist but when full-on neoconfederate after rebranding
>draws ancestors who fought for the South as furries
>sycophantic towards Helena and other tradfems despite still being a furry coomer
>Aimee Therese reply guy
>favs and RTs all the /leftcows/ superstars
>covid skeptic/anti-vaxx
>extremely online anprim

No. 1489551

File: 1648862233104.png (659.61 KB, 748x776, tucker.png)


I guess this shouldn't be a surprise since we knew Helena is conservative, but she announced that she's going to be on a Fox News interview with Tucker Carlson on the 15th. Wonder how both the trans and detrans community are gonna respond to this.

No. 1489557

She looks more like a man now than when she was on hormones.

No. 1489559

Why does it always seem like detrans hop right over to conservative after being radical left trannies? This is why I can't trust them. That black and white thinking never changes.

No. 1489562

This guy also has a decade long history of being a lolcow, he used to go by Psychweasel and was one of Zeriara's groupies, an archived page of his Encyclopedia Dramatica talks about how he wanted surgery to become a hermaphrodite. I'm honestly shocked the furry fandom doesn't have more detransitioners with how troonery is so rampant among it, they have even more unrealistic expectations than weeaboos since you can't transition into a sexy hermaphrodite foxskunk or whatever.

No. 1489582

Yeah, I remember him from back then but only just came across his detrans stuff. It's very funny to reemerge as a Lasch-quoting avant-conservative Red Scare type after years of ruining your body trying to transform into a genderless weasel monster.

No. 1489598

Why has she been getting so much attention lately? First JKR, then she was on the front page of YouTube and now this?

No. 1489600

File: 1648864881414.jpeg (629.15 KB, 828x1332, 7C93DB50-9E73-4348-9B0A-F345C9…)

No. 1489603

I used to see a lot of his popular shitposts on Tumblr, I skimmed his older archives one and in between the posts about fucking cartoons it had a lot of enby vegan softboy lefty politics. I guess that's likely why he orbits Helena despite being older and still degenerate, since they're both Tumblr-poisoned ex-SJWs who lean conservative now.

Are the rumors about him being creepy in the DMs of TIFs and intersex men true (ex: in the form of screenshots)? I always thought it was weird that he claims to be gay but draws his self-insert furry with a vagina, but I remember he got backlash and had a falling out with his TIF ex's friend group because he said it was okay if a gay guy doesn't want to date a TIF for having a vagina.

I'm honestly waiting for how the radfems will react to this. Most of them really hate allying with the right, and this is likely going to give detransitioners worse PR with the trans community and left-wingers than they already do.

No. 1489620

of course he'd be fucking nice and polite to her. she is a guest on his show, and she happens to be a very convenient choice to push a shared aspect of his agenda. would he, in good faith, platform a radfem who is outspoken about beauty culture, abortion, or rape culture? probably not.

No. 1489623

this is gonna really hurt the cause. tucker carlson is such a polarizing figure. the guy is so unlikable and goes out of his way to be unlikable.

No. 1489650

I know Nicki Minaj isn't great but the amount of backlash she got for being on there was a lot. Same with that radfem who went on his show to talk about Chris-chan. I know detransed=/=feminist and Helena probably doesn't care since she's right-wing already but this probably going to strengthen the trans lobby because "look at all these evil Nazis against us"

Technically the Heritage Foundation has hosted panels with Women's Liberation Front, but only for anti-trans issues. It's honestly convenient that Helena is the most visible detrans (correct me if I'm wrong, she has the most interviews on YT and was in all three of the books about ROGD) since she's a feminine trad-ish straight girl, the general public doesn't care about the gay detransitioners because why would they?

No. 1489874

they were never radical left, just retarded. i have no sympathy for the conservatard detranners tbh.

No. 1490225

What kind of a retard draws party lines when gay children are being sterilized basically state-sponsored and young girls and women everywhere are being brainwashed into chopping their tits off. Trans is an epidemic harming everyone, the trans lobby is backed by big Pharma money and they will do anything it takes to protect themselves and their profits. We have to stand up any way we can and get the word out as much as possible to help the next generations the trans lobby is already poised to profit off of. I’m so sick of these faggots downplaying this situation and getting up everyone’s goat for “aLLigNinG wiTh tHe RiGhT” fuck off. Try living with the body horror of top surgery and then maybe you can enjoy a contrarian fucking talking point. Piss off(learn2sage)

No. 1490277

The right just wants to reaffirm the social traditions and constructed gender norms that caused these problems to develop in the first place. Also, learn to sage.

No. 1490468

I get where you're coming from, since I'm terrified of how far the trans-kid issue will go, but even though it's good that gendercrits and republicans can agree on this one thing, conservatives are against it for the wrong reasons. Most of them are against nonconformity in general and care more about the straight kids that will be sterilized and not be able to have families. I hate Democrats for being spineless and sucking up to the T but with how acceptance rates for ALL LGB have been going down and since Biden has been such a retard we're probably going to have a Republican president again after the backlash against liberals pushing postmodernist trans shit

No. 1491746

Tucker at this point is loonier than the rest of Fox who are backing away from him (but he makes them too much money to drop). Basically an RT mouthpiece post-closure of RT America. So there's allying with the normie right (or just the increasingly nebulous cancelled population, you could argue that we're watering down their conservatism instead) and there's this.
It could be that more good will come from them hiring Jenner (to presumably speak on how he never horned in on women's sports?) than this interview with Helena giving more basis for terves and detransitioners to be lumped in with conspiracy theorists.

No. 1495096

File: 1649304463587.jpeg (200.17 KB, 2048x1105, 4C91B816-8C32-4C35-8B34-1D7C6A…)


No. 1495097

File: 1649304518089.jpeg (364.91 KB, 1536x1825, AECA711C-C354-481D-BB42-F14296…)

No. 1495439

> slavic steppe wife
Gross. Why are these people so retarded?

No. 1495644

"Detransition" for these people exists on a purely physical level. Once they've tapped into the AAP coomer brain, it can't be undone.

No. 1496614

Honest question, since you seem to be in a server with lacroicz, how much of her Twitter presence is a LARP? Because when looking at her posts, I was surprised to see her call herself conservative or trad (besides the anti-vaxx stuff). But with her fangirling over literal Tucker Carlson and her ex saying that she would listen to Ben Shapiro's podcast during car rides, I wonder what her views really are…

No. 1497163

Sorry for the late reply!
Honestly, she holds back a lot on twitter with some of her views. She had a meltdown in her server all throughout the 2020 presidential race when Biden was winning. She sounds a lot like the people in the tinfoil thread. Just recently she was sperging about the Hunter Biden laptop thing. She also talks a lot about diet, healthy foods, seed oils, processed foods, how the FDA sucks shit like that. She used to LOVE Tim Pool the political commentator youtuber guy idk if she still does.
She posted a pic with what I assume was her bf once and he looks like a typical fat white incel kek I think he’s a britbong.

No. 1497429

AYRT, ha, interesting. I actually like her Twitter presence and agree with at least half of her tweets (mostly about trans-kids and surgeries, et cetera) but she also always gave me the vibe that she says the n word in private and that her BF browses probably /pol/, if you know what I mean lmao

No. 1498309

seems like she went from one cult to another. Looks like she's very susceptible to black and white thinking

No. 1498592

File: 1649679106587.png (81.27 KB, 808x760, Screenshot 2022-04-11 at 07-11…)

Technically 3, although I don't her short time being a Radfem was that long. I actually found her old TERF blog once and it's pretty standard, but her post about being bisexual feel odd in hindsight, since she says she's straight now. http://beanedtoes.tumblr.com/

No. 1499295

How actually big was she as a trans blogger? When she does press, she makes it seem like she was really notable, but I remember a lot of the trans blogs from that period and their drama but don't remember coming across her.

No. 1499668

File: 1649783742614.png (154.71 KB, 715x399, alienanxrchy.png)

I was never on trans tumblr but I was on the SJW "intersectional feminist" (which highly overlaps with TIFblr anyway) side a long time ago so I actually remember her, her URL was transpotter (that URL is owned by someone else and deactivated). I never followed her but I did reblog and agree with some corny posts she made back when I was a SJW, kek. This is her old blog, she was right about being off social media during transitioning since she stopped posting much until the "I detransitioned" announcement, but if you're nosy you might find the teenage fujo post deep in the archives

No. 1500607

I really want to know why Pique Resilience project disbanded and why Helena never brings them up in interviews she does. I know she was dating one of them and they broke up but why doesn’t she talk to the other two?

No. 1500636

I'd assume because there was a strong feminist presence within them? Their FAQ has stuff about "we still support trans rights" so maybe that kind of stuff too.

No. 1500686

I'm pretty sure they disbanded because Helena and Jesse broke up, and for distance reasons. In this Benjamin Boyce interview, Helena also claims they denounced her for that "racism is natural" tweet she deleted, but Chiara still follows her (and other conservative accounts, interestingly), and Dagny doesn't seem to be active on social media to my knowledge.

No. 1500975

It's weird to see gender as the ideological silkscreen it is but embrace the idea that race isn't similarly constructed.

No. 1501009

File: 1649904104365.jpeg (122.82 KB, 1367x301, 2F555E0B-1028-4346-8572-AF720E…)

Helena might have an incoming Christian phase. She’s been unironically talking about it a lot on discord. And about how there’s a lot of anti-christian propaganda in the media and on social media and people twisting what actual Christian’s teach about purity/sex.

No. 1501187

Make up, better clothes, diets and even some cosmetic plastic surgery could help, but I guess trooning out is just easier because you just inject horse piss on your buttcheeks once a week instead of putting more effort into improving your image.

No. 1501604

I think that she’s becoming more far right.

No. 1501826

Not sure what angle this is coming from but I think the trans side doesn't want to accept that race is socially constructed in a way too because then it would mean that being "transracial" makes equal amounts of sense as "transgendered" (which it does, somewhat - it's just not acceptable to compare Caitlyn Jenner to Rachel Dolezal for some reason).

Now this will be fun to see if she ever comes public about it. She actually was on an evangelical Christian podcast and tweeted about reading the Bible for fun once.

Eh, a lot of transgender surgeries are basically rebranded plastic surgery though, it's just making yourself look like the opposite sex than a supermodel. But a lot of people will look down on people with botox as being "plastic" but praise a dude who had his jaw shaved off and dick inverted as "brave and being true to 'her'self" or defend those surgeries as a "medical need".

No. 1501896

>Not sure what angle this is coming from but I think the trans side doesn't want to accept that race is socially constructed in a way too because then it would mean that being "transracial" makes equal amounts of sense as "transgendered" (which it does, somewhat - it's just not acceptable to compare Caitlyn Jenner to Rachel Dolezal for some reason).
From the angle that it's weird for Helena to believe she's shaking off gender ideology while also embracing right-wing race ideology.

No. 1501964

She's just trading one extreme for another. From SJW "gay transboy", to "bi detrans" Radfem, to "straight tradwife" Conservative, that tends to be what happens to younger politically active detransitioners.

No. 1502168

I think that after the trans and then radfem community rejected her she became desperate to join another group.

No. 1502173

so often it's
>before: short-haired woman
>after: long-haired woman in full makeup and a dress look at my amazing journey to performing femininity

No. 1502188

I absolutely think that some detransitioners are going to become the same as the Christian women who protest outside of abortion clinics with signs that say “I regret my abortion” within a few years.

No. 1502211

Nta but I also have a question, how does she explain her "being straight" now if she used to have a gf back when Pique started? Was it one of those "asexual" relationships?

No. 1502220

Yep all these het trannies are going to blame this on the Gay Agenda and feminazis and go full rightoid. I am not optimistic about the future.

No. 1502497

File: 1650055979891.png (50.12 KB, 748x460, Screenshot 2022-04-15 at 15-51…)

NTA but she talked about in some interviews that SJW Tumblr made her feel guilty of her "cishet white girl privilege" so she identified as a bi girl and later "gay transboy" dating another "transboy" when she transitioned. They stayed together after detransitioning, but after breaking up Helena "came out" as straight.

They did have a sexual relationship, but Helena posted that she often dissociated during it and didn't enjoy it. I don't know if her CuriousCat replies are archived anywhere (the link in this tweet explains her "coming out" but it's broken, obviously) but I remember her talking about how it was uncomfortable to be intimate and even when she thought she was bi she imagined herself ending up with a man (lol).

No. 1502853

skirt go spinny

No. 1503441

File: 1650162101413.png (525.36 KB, 748x749, Untitled.png)

So did anyone watch Helena's interview on Fox News (not necessarily on the channel itself)? As much as I'm nervous about the backlash that yet another right wing media outlet is talking about this, I'm morbidly curious about it.

No. 1506110

File: 1650416673365.png (117.61 KB, 1112x544, straight.png)

Sage because it's old but apparently CuriousCat has been archived so the post is here. I don't doubt Helena was a shitty partner (imagine dating someone who listens to Ben Shapiro's podcast during card rides lmao) but it makes me wonder what she meant when she said Jesse "didn't agree" that she was straight. https://curiouscat.live/pinkbananas/post/1115592205

No. 1507111

She's 100% a lesbian who pretends to be straight for a reactionary audience. Sad.

No. 1507258

Honestly I think she likely is straight, or at least a kinsey 2/heavily male-preferring bisexual who repressed it to appeal to traditionalists. Why do you think she's a lesbian? Most detrans girls are (but they tend to become radfems instead of conservative) but we're also seeing more ex-fujo straight women nowadays.

No. 1507434

File: 1650508873975.jpeg (256.89 KB, 790x996, 762273C0-7DEE-41ED-81FA-D1FB4E…)

Helena might be on Joe Rogan and also Tim Pool’s show.

No. 1507436

File: 1650508912029.jpeg (298.6 KB, 932x1114, B2AF5202-AA7C-4936-8919-33A37F…)

No. 1507452

File: 1650510249564.jpeg (712.34 KB, 1080x5418, BB6D481D-3B92-4206-841E-BF81E9…)

For those curious about Helena and Jesse’s relationship here’s the things Helena has said in her discord. Sorry for the nightmare collage.

No. 1507731

I'm waiting for it to come on torrent sites, only season 1 of his show is on there now. In this clip she talks about how Tumblr made her transition and how uncomfortable kids going through puberty fall prey to transitioning. I get the vibe Tucker doesn't actually care about this but is trying his best to pretend.

No. 1507901

It's interesting how Helena arguably is the most visible detrans since she's been on so many channels and was mentioned in 3 books about transactivism. But a part of me thinks it's because she's feminine and straight and not a leftist, I doubt all these publications would care to listen to a radfem lesbian who got her breasts removes and is physically masculinized by hormones…

Wow, that's fucked up. Helena is a clown, but I thought Jesse was the saner one since she distanced herself from politics on her twitter and called out Helena for her weird right wing/racist stuff, but I might unfollow knowing this.

I honestly don't think most far right people actually care about the detransition thing, while I think any opposition to transing kids is good, it's really messed up to me how conservatives only care about how puberty blockers on kids and hormones and surgery on adults cause infertility. They don't care about the autistic and gay kids having their physical and mental development stunted, or the gay people who were lovebombed into plastic surgery to look straight, they just want more women barefoot and pregnant having kids.

No. 1507909

At 3:35 in the video, Tucker says "it's a failure of male leadership" then tries to correct to "of adult leadership". I think that gives some insight on their views about this issue.

No. 1507913

You’re right about how the conservatives don’t care about gay, gender-nonconforming being transitioned. I’m reminded of Joshua “Leelah” Alcorn committing suicide because he wasn’t allowed to transition, but wasn’t allowed to be feminine gay boy either because his parents wanted a straight son, and how his parents put him in conversion therapy.

No. 1507952

Exactly. They don't care about the gay and bisexual people having their livelihoods and health ruined, they're worried about the straight people like Helena who get caught up into "the lifestyle" (since while I've met some right wing people would prefer gay people transition and try to "look normal", others consider it worse than being gay). I'm surprised the conservatives haven't leveraged that Helena was in a toxic same-sex relationship with a bi woman when she was trans and realized she was actually straight too, the right loves the "predatory gay/bi person who molests straight people" trope.

No. 1508203

She could be gay. Not all FTMTF lesbians become radfems. I saw one obvious butch lesbian try to become a straight woman after discovering Christianity.

No. 1508269

Maybe, but I personally doubt it. I know some people can lie and be deep in the closet but I think it's unlikely a girl who was boy-crazy as a kid and teen and self-admits to only pretending to be bi and later became trans due to SJW guilt is gay all along. Gay people tend to have real problems than what libtards on Tumblr say.

No. 1508687

But Helena isn't a butch lesbian. She's an average feminine girl who spent too much on tumblr

No. 1508751

She said she only got with her ftmtf ex because she thought she was a "boy" and she dissociated during sex, anon. Girl is straight.

No. 1508762

She was a fandom fujoshi and identified as "gay transboy" too. Most fujoshis and nearly all "gay transboys" are straight girls. Helena just got unlucky since most "gay transboy" relationships are sexting/roleplaying online, and she had to touch an actual vagina.

No. 1508764

I was talking about someone else. Not her.

No. 1508769

It's still most likely that she's just a straight who used to be a snowflake. I saw a reidentified butch girl on Twitter who became a religious conservative-libertarian and ex-gay, so not all detrans lesbians are radfems, true, but Helena has been open about how she was a typical boy-crazy girl who got caught up in fandom and SJW Tumblr politics, and that her ex-GF was a part of that Tumblr transboy fujoshi delusion, so I doubt she's a repressed lesbian pretending to be conservative. If she was a lesbian, she'd probably just go down the route Arielle Scarcella went (since gay conservatives exist)

No. 1508804

Helena was on the Boyce of Reason yesterday and it was pretty boring. She spent a while talking about how she has no idea why people call her a tradwife.

No. 1508807

I actually considered watching that stream out of boredom, was there anything of interest or is it a typical rehash of her usual interviews with Benjamin Boyce?

Didn't she call herself a tradwife first as a joke? Her private account's url was literally "tradknife" as a pun.

No. 1508870

I only listened to about 60% before I stopped. I might just be too dumb to understand the things she was talking about but it was her usual long winded and roundabout tangents of how feminist online spheres are just as toxic as the TRA ones. I would give it a listen just to see if you can decipher what she was actually going on about.

No. 1508912

Sounds like a typical Boyce-Helena interview. I might listen to it if I need some background noise.

No. 1513191

No. 1513616

Interesting discussion. I think some of these commentors are being too optimistic about Republicans, but I do relate to some comments about becoming less "black and white" after this trans craze.

No. 1513643

Not everyone is optimistic about Republicans there. There was a user talking about how Tucker only invited Helena because she’s feminine and straight.

No. 1514042

I said some of them, I know that. I was only talking about the few users who were.

No. 1514349

Also, she’s really proud of being part Polish and that her mother’s homeland is “based”.

No. 1514360

kek she wouldn't survive a day with typical 'based' poles her age. also not a single person in poland who doesn't drink western kool-aid will take her as polish. she is the most stereotypical us emmigrant offspring one can think of.

No. 1514369

I remember on Curiouscat she posted that if America gets worse (read: Biden being elected) she'll go back to Poland. Go get packing, then…

No. 1514563

I feel like she doesn’t know the language well enough. But I think that her mother does. I saw a video of her mother speaking and she sounds like she has a faint Polish accent.

No. 1515107

Do you know Laura? Self-proclaimed AAP. Totally thinks that grooming cumbrain young males out of troon spaces and into her Discord server is not fucked up at all. She's in her late thirties.

For real though, why don't these women hang out with people their own age? At the other extreme, take Helena: James Lindsay, Benjamin Boyce, that evolutionary biologist guy… So mature for her age lmao.

No. 1515357

Helena’s old Twitter, before she discovered trans ideology. https://mobile.twitter.com/helenakerschner?lang=en

No. 1515534

i don't care to watch this interview of hers but have followed her before. many detrans women are in the radfem camp and/or are lesbians, and they understandably don't sympathize with straight detrans men. so the few detrans women who do reach out to these men. laura as a straight woman is in a pretty unique place and with her transition being due to her paraphilias relates to men more. there are also very few older detrans women and many i'm sure would be lesbians.

No. 1515640

I was waiting for someone to post her! She's honestly my personal favorite detrans cow, Helena is milky and all, but this lady has confessed to being predatory towards gay men back when she was trans, because of her AAP fetish. The tweets she made on her previous Twitter aren't archived, but 10 minutes in this video, she does mention sneaking into a gay sauna and showing her vagina to men to upset them. Normally AAPs tend to be dorky annoying fujoshi, so I guess it's both frightening and fascinating to see a woman act just as bad as AGPs tend to be. She's also pro-life, just a side note, but that's funny to me for some reason.

I appreciate "her work" (lmao) on that, honestly. I'm not the biggest fan of AGPs, but I know for some guys it's akin to OCD intrusive thoughts - they don't like it but don't know what to do about it, but the transcult love bombs them into transition. So I guess it's good at least one person cares about them.

No. 1515657

> this lady has confessed to being predatory towards gay men back when she was trans, because of her AAP fetish

I wonder how many gay men had boxer ceiling moments because of her doing this.

No. 1516009

tbf there are a bunch of detrans men online, mostly straight, getting a lot of clout from women (not by men though). they mostly blame feminists for making them hate themselves.

>So I guess it's good at least one person cares about them.
benjamin boyce has had them on his channel. helena (and others) get along with them as well, but they don't get a kick out of it unlike someone else.

"aap" women are so fucking pathetic. i mean look at lou sullivan. she pales in comparison to the most innocent agp fantasy.

No. 1516134

True, but Laura is explicitly sympathetic because she has a million weird fetishes and is against transition (so she's not like those groomers who say "if you get a boner wearing panties you ARE a woman, now go take your pills"). The bar is low, so I say it's good someone cares about them in the way she does because I sure as hell don't want to deal with them.

>"aap" women are so fucking pathetic. i mean look at lou sullivan. she pales in comparison to the most innocent agp fantasy.

I think it's the AAPs who want to be gay men and attempt to have sex with gay men (like Lou Sullivan and Laura Reynolds there) tend to be the nastiest. I used to know a few 'AAP' butches who just wanted to be a normal straight guy and pitied them, although that pity goes away the moment they act like gay TIMs and try to trick straight women into fucking them.

No. 1516600

File: 1651368044091.png (Spoiler Image, 687.14 KB, 750x1334, 9AEE7736-5B8E-4B74-A88C-D2F26E…)

No. 1516704

File: 1651386708776.jpg (Spoiler Image, 202.87 KB, 1061x1468, noneck.jpg)

lmaoooo looked this one up and cannot stop laughing at this pic.

No. 1516876

What are they even talking about? Feminism and terves bad?

No. 1516885

File: 1651416216372.png (71.5 KB, 715x634, 1651414208901.png)

Sorry, I fucked up and deleted my post to edit it before seeing your reply.

No. 1516886

File: 1651416263182.png (66.51 KB, 447x676, twitter2.png)

No. 1516892

Dworkin was popular among troons? This scrote is on drugs.

No. 1516909

File: 1651418532647.png (20.49 KB, 602x173, moidtantrum.png)

Ye olde misogyny, why does anyone (female) listen to him.

No. 1516949

File: 1651421422139.png (59.77 KB, 898x386, dogmas.png)

I don't know man what did you expect by joining an exclusive club its own rules and beliefs?
They sound like the Catholic fags who get mad when they're told they're going to hell. Having their cake and eating it too lol.

No. 1516958

Unsurprising a troon would be this brain dead. His anger is entirely misplaced. His female family members hated men because they were abused by them as every woman experiences. He thinks he's mad at "feminism" when he's really mad at the patriarchal nature of society, something he actively participates in

No. 1516974

this sounds like fanfiction, straight sounds like an mra talking point

No. 1516985

that's a bit of a stretch.
like all troons, he's just an autistic clown unsuccessfully coping with his terrible decision-making.

No. 1516999

same shit that happens in trans spaces, amazing how that works…

No. 1517000

helena becoming a full-on mra is so crazy. she's trying so hard to be palatable to conservative men who think feminism caused the troon movement so they keep platforming her. it sucks that there's a real push to platform detrans males in the "community". the agp males who transitioned for vanity reasons, invaded female spaces, and harmed actual women are gonna pin the blame of ruining their own lives on women and detrans women will be pushed aside and told to shut up as usual

all the sperging about how she got depressed because of people saying whites are privileged in her substack piece makes it pretty obvious she's some kind of white supremacist kek

No. 1517010

>Even today, in this very thread, Helena talks about how her early days wading into detrans activism were spent keeping her mouth shut about all the ridiculous dogmas because if she said anything, she wouldn't have their support anymore

>she's trying so hard to be palatable to conservative men who think feminism caused the troon movement so they keep platforming her.

Is she okay lmao

No. 1517045

It's not a stretch because that's literally what he's saying, but yes it is an autistic and insane think to think

No. 1517068

There's no difference between troons that blame terfs for everything even though the people that actually harm them are men, and detrans men who blame women for everything even though men are the psychopaths who harm everyone including themselves.
Helena is a clown who thinks radfems are more extreme than conservative men because she hates herself and believes women are hysterical and men are more logical. She's probably just as miserable as when she was a troon, since she's still obsessed with her detrans identity even though she could just go live a normal life if she wanted, she can use "activism" as an excuse but conservatives banning transition doesn't help anyone, especially not gay and gnc detransitioners.

No. 1517168

when people say they grew up in a matriarchal family, iassume that means the father was neglectful in actually raising the kids and mom was overwhelmed.

No. 1517231

No. She joins ideologies because she keeps getting rejected from them after she doesn’t conform to the groupthink. She has a low sense of self esteem and always wants constant validation.

No. 1517331

They always blame single moms, as if fathers don't have any responsibility

No. 1517679

Honestly, I do notice a lot of men transition and later detransition because of "misandry", but I honestly feel like that's a product of SJW culture than pop feminism that barely resembles actual women's rights. SJW culture ignores any hardship you have if you're one of the buzzwords "cis" "white" "male" (but male doesn't mean dick-haver because muh transmisogyny) etc., so of course a lot of mentally ill kids who refuge online will see that and develop a complex. But if you're an adult in your 20s I don't understand why still being hung up on it.

I think Helena is borderline MRA because 1. she's straight, so being a man-hating radfem wouldn't work out if she wants to settle down in the long run, and 2. being on Tumblr as a teenager gave her white straight guilt, so she relates to the men who had male privilege guilt.

It's kind of funny in a way because I knew a detrans, and she was so angry that she was streamlined into getting her tits and literal organs cut out and is now a lifelong medical patient taking a different kind of hormone to make up for it. Meanwhile, you can't even tell that Helena has ever taken testosterone (her voice is deep but still in a female range), so many detrans women would kill to just be able to still look like they never had a trans phase and move on.

No. 1518604

The thing that annoys me the most about her “racism is tribal” tweet is that while it may be true, we all know what happens if racism goes too far. Helena should know as she’s even talked about how her people (the Poles) suffered a genocidal loss by the Nazis during the Holocaust.

No. 1518717

"wahhh i was raised to hate my sex!!" welcome to the fucking club you whiny idiot moid. what do you think life is like for women?

No. 1519236

I've come to the conclusion that troonery will only end if people all collectively accepted that this is all insane.
laws and conservative detrans stories only make them seem more 'oppressed'
Before weird fetishists would hide their degeneracy and people with minor dysphoria would get over it and move on with life, they only transition these days because its in. social acceptance is more powerful that dumb laws

No. 1519244

The one detrans person (male) I followed on twitter "relapsed on HRT" jesus christ how does that even happen after denouncing that entire movement for so long, even after escaping these people are so weak

No. 1519271

Conservatives want to ban transition for kids but then kick little timmy out for being gay who then decides to troon out as an adult. It's absolutely retarded

No. 1519274

They're just like any other junkie. They claim to detrans/get sober with no intention to actually stop. So they can get asspats for "getting better" until they're bored and go back to their addiction/community they constantly denounce. Same shit you see with TND and Tuna Slater. Just a different subset of attention seeking drug addicts.

No. 1519279

They never actually change, they still keep their woe is me tranny mindset by expecting women to mommy them while blaming evil feminists for them trooning out

No. 1519295

Same shit as TND expecting her actual mommy to be there and take care of her pets, and blaming JC for making her that way.

No. 1519331

Agreed. The only reason this became such an issue is because people are playing SJW politics instead of telling weirdos they are acting like babies and should grow up. Internet is like a playground for them and it's as if they never left their teenage mentality. When I was 9 I remember telling everyone I was a gay dude because other girls started doing makeup and wearing their gym shorts up their asses. That was before social media so I eventually realized I'm a girl and simply gnc but I can't imagine how fucked up I'd be if I was born only a few years later.

No. 1519354

best way to fight against troonery is to laugh at them. being angry at them etc any other emotion gives them power.

No. 1519470

File: 1651683776949.jpeg (486.36 KB, 828x1095, D55C48B1-2D14-4BA8-A145-98F481…)

Is Helena a pro-lifer? She hasn’t (to my knowledge) said anything about the recent Roe v Wade events but she has liked some pro-life adjacent things.

No. 1519508

I always got the vibe she's probably anti-abortion (for the same reasons she's anti-vaxx, anti-daycare, and anti-birth control), or at the very least those pro-lifers that only make an exception for rape or miscarriage since she's in her trad era, but keeps quiet about it since she still has radfem followers and mutuals.

No. 1519517

The tweet literally says FORCED birth. Why do these people want kids to be raised by bad parents so badly? Can't wait til Helena has kids and they grow up to be troons like her cause she's a mess

No. 1519539

kek. many such cases.
one would think social anxiety alone would prevent them from repeatedly trooning in and out. don't they feel embarassed? or do they just get on and off hormones without telling anybody but their twitter friends?

No. 1519588

is this a thing?

apropos pregnancy, daisy announced she was pregnant a few months ago. girl was that fast

No. 1519618

File: 1651693608189.png (62.98 KB, 897x510, attached person.png)

From Laura Reynolds' Twitter account

No. 1519697

Yeah people are concerned that every daycare is full of Libs Of Tiktok types.

No. 1519734

Are you sure it's that and not that they believe women should be raising their own children and guilt tripping women for having a job you need nowadays since good luck surviving on a single income? Daycares were a big thing feminists fought for in the 70's, so there are more reasons conservatives hate them than the potential of "Libs of Tiktok" types being in there.

No. 1519825

These people seriously need to touch grass. No healthy person thinks of shit like this. Troon mentality

No. 1519929

why not add this innocent person is also braindead or you will be their caretaker for the next 18 years?

No. 1519931

IDK how to fight this. Besides, I’ve followed up with many detransitioners and many of them have retransitioned and called detransitioning “conversion therapy”.

No. 1519939

She doesn't talk about it on her Twitter often, but Laura Reynolds is pro-life, vocally, unlike Helena who probably is. I actually tried to watch this video because I wanted to know her reasoning, but it was mostly "abortion is murder! Life starts at conception!" but didn't explain why

No. 1519962

This. Scaremongering about daycare is straight out of the Reagan playbook.

No. 1519964

They need Moira to be cuhrazy feminazi wannabe man so they can feel like benighted little fairy princesses under attack for just wanting to fill their homes with joy~~~~

No. 1519968

nail on the head. I used to just feel frustrated that lesbian detransitioners were going to get erased for palatable straight women, but now I can't believe I didn't think they weren't going to be thrown away for whiny former agps.

No. 1519981

Helena got noticed by her idol it seems.

No. 1519987

Helena went on Tim Pools podcast yesterday. I think they all talk about Roe v Wade. I only listened to a bit but she corrected herself from saying pro-choice by saying pro-abortion and I turned it off. Any brave soul want to give a recap?

No. 1520040

I think I got the whole abortion segment. Not sure if they talk about it again later on but here is what I got
> she isn’t completely sold on pro-life arguments but says a lot of the pro-abortion people are “unwell”. They seem anti-woman, anti-human and hateful of motherhood which skeeves her out.
> Tim claims that the left today wants completely unrestricted access to abortions meaning being able to have 3rd trimester abortions. (What??)
> Tim claims that the old left’s mantra was for abortion to be safe, legal and rare. He keeps sperging about how the left now wants zero restrictions on abortions. Says people want to snip the spinal cord of 9 month old unborn babies
> Soyboy conservative cohost says abortions should ALWAYS be illegal. Says that Catholic joe Biden wants taxpayers to fund abortions
> Helena uncomfortably says she doesn’t identify with democrats or republicans and she doesn’t have faith in either party
> Tim, who still can’t stop sperging about 3rd trimester abortions, plays a clip of some sort of senator/governor talking about late term abortions being acceptable in the case of unviable and deformed babies but in a very word salad-y way. Tim says this man is stating that he thinks it’s okay to kills a mutated baby who is literally about to be born as in the mother is dilating.
> Helena says that 3rd trimester abortions are an extreme and uncommon view
> Helena says a lot of women who she respects feel very strongly that abortion should be as accessible as possible but Helena doesn’t have such strong feelings. She can’t even decide if the fetus/baby is a human life or not, she’s still slowly trying to come to her own conclusions. She feels lied to from doctors when she started transitioning so she wonders what else doctors lie about so it further complicates her feelings re:abortion.

No. 1520134

ty for the recap nonnie!
>3rd trimester abortions
why is this even a talking point? no one wants that and they do not happen lmao

No. 1520165

IDK why but for some reason whenever I see Helena's face I want to laugh, it's not even in a bad way, just her face and her facial expressions seems very… theatrical? Like she could be a character in one of those Bridesmaids movies(namefagging)

No. 1520187

Why did you think you had to manually type the post number.

No. 1520203

first time posting and baked as hell rn. could not stop giggling about it while reading all these posts about her so i felt the urge to post. esp. her "I'm a man" photos, I have been unable to stop laughing at the combo of her uber delicate feminine, expressive features with the walmart 14yo boy section wardrobe and the fuccboi gestures. I really don't mean to put another woman down, she is objectively extremely pretty and bright and capable. Some women are masculine enough to pull off the FTM look somewhat well, Helena was not one of them. unfortunately

No. 1520207

File: 1651733690617.png (670.44 KB, 1273x824, lmfao.PNG)


No. 1520382

Stop posting and don't come back

No. 1520491

>"we've been told by the media that gender transition is easy"
ben shapiro is braindead. we've actually been told that gender transition saves lives and is so Hard. that's the whole point, that these degenerates are deemed stunning and brave modern heroes.

these moids are fucking retarded and don't understand how conversations work. they're not even listening to her. i honestly feel sorry for helena in this one.

No. 1520659

File: 1651771146389.png (423.01 KB, 1644x302, cryingonthefloor.png)

what's with troons and liking jordan peterson?

No. 1520692

third trimester abortions almost always refer to fetuses that are incompatible with life or will not live very long after birth. sometimes they involve inducing a woman just so she can meet the fetus and/or hold it for the closure before moving on. conservatives want to perpetuate that 3rd trimester abortions are evil/lazy women who somehow suddenly don't want to deal with a baby and are killing healthy fetuses for funsies, but 3rd trimester abortions are all mothers who deeply wanted their baby but recognized that their child would have no quality of life/be profoundly miserable and don't want to put them through that. there's a blog where women post their stories of how they aborted late-term fetuses that they really did want, but did not want them to suffer and it's heartbreaking. (i wish i could remember the name) it makes me so mad that conservatives use such a traumatic situation to perpetuate their misogyny.

No. 1520789

srry for triggering you so bad. just saying that i would've looked the same if my parents had allowed me to troon out. that's why it's so amusing to me

No. 1520831

I think that it’s because he’s “based” and doesn’t like trans identity politics. I’ve got to admit, these are some long 15 minutes fame that he is having.

This detrans FTMTF, Veera, had a rough childhood (living in an abusive foster home, her biological parents killing themselves) and as an adult she discovered trans ideology. She identified as non-binary, then a gay trans man, and then detransitioned and now is a lesbian.

No. 1520841

Peterson is a massive fan of bullshit evopsych theories and thinks everything women do is to attract a man and if you don't become a submissive barefoot pregnant woman, you will forever be in agony. So why would a lesbian stan him?

No. 1520851

they're easily led by popular things, nonny

No. 1520877

That's interesting, sage for politicsperg but I actually understand Helena here. I'm pro-choice but in my experience a lot of hardcore pro-abortion people (especially men) are weirdly misogynistic towards mothers and misanthropic, and that makes me uncomfortable too.

Exactly. The dude sperging over third trimester abortions needs to shut up. I actually used to consider it an "exception" to whether abortion could be murder, but then I educated myself and realize those tend to be very rare and women who abort that late don't do it willy-nilly, so I consider it necessary.

I've only seen conservative-leaning TIFs who believe they have male brains like Jordan Peterson. I know Daisy Chadra made a video about liking him when she was trans.

No. 1520952

Then say without acting like a 14 year old that just discovered weed. Retard

No. 1520953

Veera only just realized she was a dyke. She thought that she was straight all her life, but has since realized that she isn't into men at all.

No. 1520957

AYRT, I wasn't talking about her, I just meant TIFs who think Jordan Peterson is a philosophical genius. I'm sympathetic to her from what I know. But (sage for slight derail) there's this one weird conservative lesbian TIF I follow for the lols who likes Peterson, so it's usually the gender role-believer type (as opposed to radicals) troons who would like him.

No. 1520960

Peterson would never accept the male brain theory and would come up with some Freudian bs instead or say it's an uncontrolled animus. He has made it pretty clear that he thinks any woman who doesn't fit his standards is doomed and there are no exceptions, except his wife for some reason since in his own personal life he actually isn't even attracted to the kind of perfect woman he describes in his lectures.

No. 1520972

Veera is feminine but as a child she was a tomboy. Her foster parents never supported her masculinity and only took photos of her in dresses. As an adult post-trans she has been outspoken against identity politics and has read a lot of books by philosophers about identity politics.

No. 1521001

i'm a "retard" that's been a legitimate MMJ patient with a chronic condition for almost 7 years now, trust me I've more than just "discovered weed". i've had a rough few weeks and that was one of the things that made me laugh for the first time in a while. seriously chill tf out. looks like toxic nitpicking, condescending reddit energy is being ported over here

No. 1521026

This isn't your blog

No. 1521084

In this anon's defense in Helena's TIF picture she does look like a 14 yo boy who says the n-word on XBox Live.(sage your nonmilk)

No. 1521097

daisy still likes jordan peterson now that she's larping as a tradwife. she said his work makes her feel motivated kek.

yeah it's fascinating. he has said that personality-wise he's very feminine while his wife is very masculine, that many people are like that but it doesn't mean they should troon out.

anyways dude is a trainwreck and benzos fried his brain.

No. 1521127

She got into him when she detransitioned, before realizing that she was a dyke. She has some criticisms of the right (such as capitalism).

No. 1521180

Are you her girlfriend or a simp or something? This woman doesn't appear to be milky, which is why she's not really brought up until now. Most of the comments you're replying to aren talking about just Peterson or his stans.

No. 1521224

Is anyone still in Helena’s discord? It seems she may have kicked a bunch of people out. I have some tinfoil that she knows she gets mentioned in this thread.

No. 1521233

No. I watch her YT channel, where she talks a lot about her life.(sage your shit)

No. 1521247

offtopic detrans cows of twitter revealed to me that mehreen kasana, a radfem orbitter from olden tumblr days has become a tradwife. sad.

No. 1521262

After they leave the troon cult they probably start to wonder about the other ideas of progressives. Hating Memerson is common among liberals and leftists. Just look at how many breadtube videos are devoted to debunking his ideas for example. So that's where they start exploring.

No. 1521274

You think a girlfriend or simp would take the opportunity to call her a dyke twice unprovoked? It's just some unga bunga unsaged typing style ass moid.
Seriously? Why does this happen so often, aside from simple label hopping?

No. 1521467

she married some german guy. figures, i have read that women get more misogynist when they date/marry men, and now her likes are full of men's posts about how unmarried women ages 25-34 are a national emergency and how feminism forced agps to troon out

No. 1521489

funny i started watching her latest video and she talks about how she isn't a fan or jordan peterson but is just interested in knowing about different point of views

people really need to get over this brainrot of ideological purity, that just wanting to read what different kind of people have to say means you support them in everything. like this mindset of cultish tra shit is very apparent even in people who are against tranny shit, after peaking they still hold the same paranoia about showing interest in different and "wrongthink"

No. 1521517

Learn to have fun

No. 1521524

What's fun about being a sjw

No. 1521666

idk if any anons are Swedish but if you are, check out p1's new documentary. It’s literally about de transitioning and how they realised. Some of them even blame the healthcare system (well, I think trans services should find out why this person is trans/send them to therapy, but it’s ultimately your call.) I listened to it today and I think that it should be advertised more. Kids nowadays really need to learn about the dangers of starting hormones at A VERY YOUNG age and the consequences it has. sage for sperg but I think people are way too caught up with labels. It doesn’t matter. It’s okay to be a masculine woman/feminine man. No need to Troon out.

No. 1521669

lol what the fuck are you talking about? i have nothing against jordan peterson, just pointing out yet another pattern among troons.

>is just interested in knowing about different point of views

love that for her. about time i guess

No. 1521687

Are you retarded? Troons hate JP

No. 1521819

yikes did you skip your meds.
are you talking about TRAs? i'm not talking about that type of troons, we're in the fucking detrans thread.
almost every single straight TIF gets into jp to "reprogram/heal" and shit when they detrans, helena included.

No. 1524623

Jordan Peterson is an advocate of ideological purism and is a cult leader himself.

No. 1526360

I know that a lot of people blame feminism, particularly intersectionality, on causing the trans movement. But intersectionality was created for woc as they experienced the intersection of racism and misogyny. It only got hijacked by the trans movement when TRAs started claiming to be intersectional feminists and that transsexualism was an intersectional identity.

No. 1526580

So true and it's why it's always annoying when you talk with people who claim to hate feminism because of the whole "feminism is about equality" lie and that if you don't support "tRaNsWoMeN", you're not a feminist.

No. 1526607

do you know what tif means?

No. 1526740

Pedantic, it's obvious nona is talking about straight ex-TiFs and it's definitely a thing. Jbp isn't just "against tranny shit", he thinks any woman not barefoot and pregnant is doomed to be deeply unhappy and all women have to be demure, feminine and agreeable. It's going from gender nonsense on the left to EXTREME gender nonsense on the right. It's not being based exploring your avenues, it just shows they learned absolutely nothing and still think they have to veer into extremes. Jbp doesn't say anything enlightening, his views on gender are traditional conservative Christian, mixed with scuffed version of Jung. He's a retard who either never read his supposed favorite books or completely misinterpreted them and despite being supposedly so based fried his brain with benzo's. Even other conservatives can't take him seriously kek

No. 1527488

so? seriously, so what? what does that have anything to do with what i said?

No. 1527898

>fancy purple womens power suits
Too masculine for him, he would prefer a white dress which fits with the wheatfield aesthetic. I've read a lot of retarded philosophy, but Jbp's is some of the laziest I have come across and it's genuinely embarrassing how bad he is at reading and interpreting other works. He just parrots traditional conservative Christian views, mixed with some Jungian psychology, which he also misinterpreted. Fucking Alan Moore's Promethea comicbook has a better interpretation of Jung and that seems to be written during an acid feverdream.

No. 1528275

Here’s a prominent detrans male nut job: Jeffrey McCall. He lived as a gay sex worker, then as an MTF, before finding God and detransitioning. He founded the ex-gay group Freedom March, which holds rallies all over the U.S. He recently admitted to having sex with multiple men.(imageboard)

No. 1528609

File: 1652541618419.jpeg (438.41 KB, 1170x1689, B770BC63-B992-4FC4-9BB8-9909ED…)

He just went on a rant about women using vibrators and lesbian relationships

No. 1528611

File: 1652541668701.jpeg (172.96 KB, 1170x720, 541A4633-81D3-44DA-87F5-0BEE7F…)

No. 1528618

This guy is so mad he's not a lesbian lol

No. 1528621

Rent free.

No. 1528665

She's very right-wing. A "tradwife", essentially. You can bet your ass that bitch is pro-forced birth.

No. 1528680

lmfao as a lesbian he’s not wrong

The ex gay or even anti-gay sentiment by detrans people is interesting. Makes sense that some people would swing a bit to the right after going through the horrors or transition, but is it sincere?

No. 1528681

I think his girlfriend come out as a lesbian, then he decided to become a transbian

No. 1528688

>lmfao as a lesbian he’s not wrong
Are you joking or? Out of all of that, only the Uhauling is an actual thing.

No. 1528715

The "lesbians are all violently abusing each other" thing has to be one of the dumbest MRA misrepresentations of statistics out there. I don't remember where I saw it but there's a good copypasta debunking the study it came from, isn't there? Something about a tiny sample size and not counting the sex of past partners basically making it useless.

No. 1528776

anyone else think she just wants to be famous?

No. 1528826

File: 1652562569890.jpg (197.95 KB, 854x372, 398274.jpg)

here's one study which has been misinterpreted

No. 1528867

File: 1652565360996.jpeg (143.84 KB, 1284x1152, FSqaYFiakAAoav2.jpeg)

This guy seems like he's unable to take accountability for his choices

No. 1528925

This is such a cope holy shit

No. 1528979

No. 1528999

If he never realises he trooned out because of a fetish and the way he perceives people, he will always suffer from the underlying issue which caused him to troon out and stay retarded.

No. 1529018

IKR. How does he know this?

No. 1529056

So virulent and for what? He'll never be a lesbian, so why does he care so much? Straight women probably don't want him either.

No. 1529235

is this what AGPs and transbians are going to say in the future about lesbians as they detransition?

No. 1529265

Lol there's so much obvious regret and bitterness behind his tweets. Perfect candidate for 41% if I've ever seen one

No. 1529337

I know a lot of people just focus on the "y chromosome is a disability" part of SCUM manifesto, but there's actually more to it if you actually read the whole thing. Many ignore the call to sabotage, unworking as the fuck-up force and encouraging scrotes to transition in the hope they 41% or at least castrate themselves.

No. 1529359


No. 1529515

i disagree with the fetish thing, but yes he's clinically retarded being an autist.

he trooned out because he's a faggot who was never socialized properly. now that he's detrans, he thinks that being an hysterical bitch on twitter is masculine because he's being rude uwu.

male peers have rejected and humiliated him for his whole life, and now he takes it out on women because they're the only people ever accepting him into their retarded cliques, ergo the only people he knows how to (badly) interact with. he'll never 41% because he's a pussy.
girls, that's what you get when you befriend the effeminate nerd that normal boys don't like kek.

No. 1529536

File: 1652633582902.png (119.23 KB, 669x878, 1.png)

So apparently when he was a teen he was in this messed up relationship. I do feel bad for but since when has radical feminism been pro rape kink? I really do side eye any woman ho willingly dates and encourages men's troonery now. That's some fucked up shit

No. 1529554

This is stupid and annoying simply because every woman has been in a relationship just as abusive or worse and this guy thinks the one time he dated a narc woman is the most important and hurtful event that has ever happened to anyone ever. Men are pathetic and weak

No. 1529578

he's gutless and repulsive.

No. 1529610

Does this scrote really think that he was forced to sexually abuse his gf? That it was actually abuse from HER. That apparently she would suddenly force rape fantasies on HIM?? Oh boo hoo you willing beat and raped your gf how terrible that must have been for you.

No. 1529657

well just as expected helena has gone full MRA blaming evil feminists for everything(sage your shit and post milk)

No. 1529803

File: 1652653631370.jpg (105.96 KB, 781x595, helena_trad.jpg)

since that anon is banned, I'll provide the milk

No. 1529804

File: 1652653690563.jpg (92.23 KB, 790x812, Helena_narcissist.jpg)

No. 1529835

Radfems should be separate from detrans. Support the detrans who seek help from radfems and leave the other ones alone.

No. 1529838

I support this type of thinking tbh.

No. 1530030

He claims that the woman he dated when he was a TIM was a "lesbian", which makes no fucking sense because she was dating a man. He also used to identify as a "translesbian" which is probably why he has such a hateboner against them.

Probably. It's like they're going through a narcissist rage because they can never truly be a lesbian or get to date one (at most they'll get is a liberal bi woman who calls herself one), so they backlash by going "well lesbians are terrible people anyway!"

I'm personally fine with detrans of any belief as long as they aren't showing up on Fox News or repeating MRA talking points like Helena and this "Limpidia" guy are. It's fine to disagree with radfems (I do), but backlashing against them is messed up because the detrans movement was initially started by ex-TIF radfem lesbians.

No. 1530075

File: 1652664983001.jpg (174.06 KB, 1080x979, 1652537148285.jpg)

He was AGP from the start. The "my ex forced me to read Solanas and made me feel bad about being male" schtick is just an excuse.

No. 1530086

The "easy mode" incels are especially susceptible to this. All the prominent 41%ers seem to be this type. If you ever come across one in the wild agree with them, tell them how much harder men have it, and encourage them to transition.

No. 1531568

that's so meta. what is this even about? she's been detrans for like four years but she still retains the fandom mentality. sad.

i'm genuinely curious to see how feminists have treated her tho.

No. 1531633

She says that radfems openly disagree with her when she posts stuff that goes against their narrative.

No. 1531642

I sincerely hope AGPs get locked up or hide somewhere do their own thing and not call themselves women because they taint society, abuse us women and groom kids.

No. 1531645

that's different from
> the people who have treated me the worst haven't been trans activists, it's been feminists
tras have said and done pretty fucked up shit to her, so i wonder what could be worse. i only know of the 14 year old radfems that call her a tradwife.

No. 1531865

Definitely calling bullshit on her "forcing" him to abuse her. How does that even make any sense?

No. 1532856

Of course but with BPDs like Helena, it's not about that anyway. She came to radfems, not the other way around. Then she got butthurt that she couldn't be the undisputed queen bee. Now she's just riding the Tucker train for everything it's worth.

No. 1533089

In one of her interviews with Benjamin Boyce, Helena said she had a run in with a political lesbian feminist at a detransition panel she was a part in that went badly. I can find the panel online if anyone's curious (I tried watching it and it was mostly about ROGD and AGPs), but I assume whatever happened that was so bad to make Helena hate radfems and become conservative happened off-camera.

No. 1535431

File: 1653166160233.png (414.38 KB, 750x1334, 776A55CF-1EDC-46C3-BF41-F7C7B6…)

No. 1536377

"Disagreeing with me is the same as wishing death on me"

Once a BPD gender goblin, always a BPD gender goblin.

No. 1536458

File: 1653253902587.png (424.46 KB, 750x1334, B8F35273-3373-464E-91E6-B082BD…)

No. 1536927

File: 1653301052436.png (1.38 MB, 2196x946, suibait.png)

Detrans FtM suibaits and retranses after getting into a twitter fight. This a mere two days after her tweet about detransitioning went viral

No. 1536928

File: 1653301273951.png (697.38 KB, 1440x723, totally not projection.png)

This were her tweets right before shit hit the fan and she got swarmed by radfems. She hates lesbians too and has said some stuff in the same vein as Limpida's comments, but the rejection angle doesn't work for her because she's a straight woman

No. 1536929

File: 1653301547439.png (237.71 KB, 1080x784, what started everything.png)

This was the (obviously not serious) tweet that got her heated. She was offended on her boyfriend's behalf. Her boyfriend (who totally sees her as a man and is not just playing along for pussy) has just said she attempted suicide. Personally I wouldn't kill myself over some twitter comments but I'm not mentally ill so

No. 1536935

>you bitches are weird and just hate men because you got touched as a child
It's always the most mentally deranged, tryhard female autists saying this shit to try and be edgy kek. And then she'll be an actual professional victim crying molten tears about her 20000 suicide attempts, expecting people to feel sorry for her

No. 1536938

Kek that's unironically true, too bad she's so focused on being the ultimate coolgirl. How pathetic, will she have a massive meltdown when her totally gay boyfriend is against her having surgeries because he's into females?

No. 1536942

>I'm not jobless and ugly
>Profile picture is her ugly mug and black cheap bra
Doesn't seem like something a person with a professional job would use, if you ask me. She also looks like cheap because of her weird bleached hair.

No. 1536995

It's not the 6 asking you out, it's the crack addicted 2 following you all the way home calling you a fucking slut and screaming death threats.

No. 1537071

File: 1653318561296.jpeg (54.45 KB, 828x632, 5C66DE92-8DB1-49A3-8FA8-4FFB7D…)

>>1536928 kek i have mutual acquaintances with this girl (ally)
>her boyfriend is a marxist moid who somehow got really popular on radfem twitter despite being male and not being a radfem, and he recently got cancelled for tweeting picrel
>the boyfriend often talks shit about ally to mutual friends bc she wants to be a tradwife and expects him to work, having enough of an income for them and their future kids, and he’s a socialist who doesn’t want to work. ally thinks she shouldn’t have to work either because she is autistic
>ally keeps trying to get pregnant even though she’s infertile because of years of testosterone treatments and is pretty cowish about wanting to be a tradwife sahm
>both of them consistently blame radfems and feminism for all of their issues and hang around radfem communities for validation anyway
she wrote this like a month ago https://archive.ph/2022.04.06-204939/https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2022/04/06/allowed-transition-18-without-question-regretted/ so it’s pretty crazy that she’s retransitioning over twitter drama but i’m not really surprised. so many people in the detrans sphere are mentally ill bpd cases

No. 1537072

File: 1653318601162.jpeg (240.91 KB, 1125x568, AFB180FA-1C59-4B19-AB13-3895CE…)

ally old tweets

No. 1537075

File: 1653318665048.jpeg (194.87 KB, 1125x529, 0F002D59-4EEB-40B5-83FC-38B8D9…)

No. 1537106

why do women like this always have this exact same look, kinda fat women with pretty enough faces that makes them think they're the stacies that can shit on other women

No. 1537168

File: 1653325582329.jpeg (229.05 KB, 1125x761, 82C86F26-65B3-4B4F-A04F-388D19…)

Kek the cancellation actually worked, at least for a bit anyway

No. 1537199

woke girls love that andrew dice clay humor

No. 1537204

File: 1653327416329.jpg (198.09 KB, 828x1792, FTdVpp2XEAAhrx6.jpg)

He's leaving because twitter radfems have nothing going on in their lives other than harassing people and spreading lies about their current targets

No. 1537205

File: 1653327443054.jpg (166.39 KB, 828x1792, FTdVpqiXwAA2eJ7.jpg)


No. 1537252

where is this from? context for this message?

No. 1537261

File: 1653330344694.jpg (107.05 KB, 589x564, capture.jpg)

It was posting by saintrizla without much context other than him trying to clear up lies being spread around

No. 1537291

File: 1653332414919.png (422.56 KB, 750x1334, 3FAD6B8E-6DB8-4E37-BCB6-C5ADE3…)

No. 1537325

It wasn't completely a joke, they meant what they said

No. 1537332

>Haha you ugly weird bitches hate men because you got touched as a child
>Why do women not like me

This is some incel tier shit. Ever considered you don't have female friends not because half of the population are "professional victims", but because you act like a complete cunt towards them? Yeah, you're not gonna click well with other women if you behave like a literal scrote.

No. 1537429

are you him, learn to sage

No. 1537430

so fucking what

No. 1537444

"Learn to sage I'm so smart and a minimod"
it's on topic radfag

No. 1537475

And? It's still just words on twitter. Pathetic to irl seethe and eventually kill yourself from that. And it's not even directed towards her. She slit her wrists to defend her boyfriend's honor lmfao

Why do radfems even follow this nigga in the first place? I swear even if the most sexist racist conservative male says anything remotely gender critical he becomes an overnight star in the radfem community.

No. 1537495


No. 1537528

i remember the boyfriend tweeting that ally was horny while pregnant, and now you tell me she can't get pregnant? did she miscarry or what? looks like natural selection took care of that. i hope next time she goes full-on bpd she actually offs herself and takes boyfriend with her.
>he’s a socialist who doesn’t want to work. ally thinks she shouldn’t have to work either because she is autistic
what a couple of degenerates, middle-class autists are a burden to society and belong to the gulag.
turns out detrans is even worse than classic troonism. radfems aren't responsible for troonism, but they sure as hell nourished detrans parasites. hindsight i guess.

wasn't he forced to prostitute himself by his ex boyfriend for funsies? does he also have an abusive ex girlfriend?

No. 1539189

File: 1653457408261.jpeg (198.38 KB, 750x647, 4CDED0FF-8D84-4AD2-933F-6EB151…)

saint continues to sperg on allie’s behalf

No. 1539190

File: 1653457453383.jpeg (405.11 KB, 750x965, 9CC9B478-9483-4551-8261-5A7CB2…)

wtf is with the desisted/detrans to conservative racist trad pipeline

No. 1539202

There have been loads of studies showing trooning out and AGP in particular is associated with authoritarian personalities in the first place. Troons are rarely if ever liberal in the truest sense of the word
Hence the troon to Stalinist pipeline, the troon to Nazi pipeline, the troon to Muslim extremist or weird convert hasidic Jew pipeline, the troon to cult-loon Posadist insanity pipeline. Even anarcho-troons are mostly 'liberal' as far as it gets their dicks wet only
The amount of troons that compare Black women to men every minute and infest shitholes like /lgbt/ to post anonymously like incels make this obvious

No. 1539220

I don't get it. Neither of these people have (rad) feminist views whatsoever so why do they constantly hang around radfem circles? It's so fucking bizarre. Why even advertise her account if you know many of your followers are gonna clash with her views?

No. 1539334

It's because they're extremist chronically online people. Extremist people might change ideologies but they'll always be the same weird extremists, just supporting different ideologies this time.

No. 1540044

Does anyone follow along with this Finnish Detranser? I really like her, she has a lot of long form videos talking about her detrans experience and life in general.

No. 1540106

Yes. She’s really mature and honest. Not a lolcow.(learn2sage)

No. 1540718

Wait, is she the same chick that talked about the correlation transitioning and autism, or am I thinking of someone else?

No. 1541512

Why are they always gender conforming and only start to be gender non conforming once they change their identity and when they detransition they try to be conforming again? Even with a shaved head initially, she still wore the typical lots of make-up and huge earrings women with shaved heads tend to do to "make up for it".

No. 1542523

A lot of them had to be gender conforming as minors because their parents wouldn’t let them cross dress. When they started to transition they completely cross dressed so that they could pass. When they detransition they conform again so that they can pass (the former TIFs especially do this as the effect of cross sex hormones are more irreversible).

No. 1542529

I've followed her on tumblr since forever. Seems to be a sincere person, however selfpost-y this looks like.

No. 1542542

hi, will you ever learn how to sage?

i love that we're in upside down land, since you're apparently justifying someone for being gender conforming. most people are. hell, most troons are. you don't need to make up stories on how she was always secretly gnc.
even when blanchard was doing his research, feminine faggots were the minority.

No. 1542568

It would make (maybe) sense for them to be previously gender conforming and then even after detransition, maintain non-conformity they developed in transition but the opposite always happens. I don’t understand either. That one detrans’d youtuber Grayson’s Projects did the same, she grew up gender conforming, transitioned, detransitioned, then went back to being hyperfeminine as if she didn’t learn anything.

No. 1542621

I don't think women are wired to wear makeup and big-ass earrings, but most women seem to be comfortable with this kind of stuff, or at least can put up with it. Apparently these detrans women are among them. I don't think gender non-conformity is learned. Doesn't explain why GNC children and adults can't just adapt and stop being GNC.
These were girly girls. Trooned out at a time when trooning out is largely accepted and celebrated. Now they're detrans and back doing what comes natural to them. I kind of envy them.

No. 1542983

I agree that gender conformity is learned, and that gender non-conformity seems to be the natural way that all women are oriented toward at birth. But I still can’t completely explain why many gender non-conforming women are totally unable to conform or learn to. In my experience, we naturally non-conforming women are mostly lesbians, so it might have something to do with it. I think a bigger part than we’d like to realize of female gender conformity is for male attention and/or attraction.

No. 1543805

Yeah it’s sad how hets are so brainwashed

No. 1545591

I suspect that those who learn to be conforming are naturally more socially adaptable and will fulfill whatever role they are groomed into, and those who turn out gender non-conforming are often people who are not as socially adaptable (see: autists).

I also think that for some people who have a natural trait that does not align with gender norms, it influences their development due to self-image and receiving different treatment relative to other members of their sex due to the way they are perceived as "different" from other girls. Basically, a kind of feedback loop, similar to the way that attractive people are perceived more positively and consequently receive more positive (and higher quality) attention and end up developing more positive traits.

No. 1545929

Here’s a forum discussing Helena’s detransition sub stack piece: https://forums.somd.com/threads/de-transitioning-a-story.383441/

No. 1545945

My theory is that I received butch socialization. Due to family at first not enforcing female gender role and me interpreting heterosexual culture through a lesbian lens and self inserting as the man in tv-shows and movies like The Addams family (which doesn't mean being like a man, because no irl man is actually like men in movies and tv shows generally), because I had a crush on the actress, with a dash of autism.

No. 1545987

there is no "butch socialization". this is you experiencing and coping with female socialization as an autistic lesbian.

No. 1546059

My family tried to raise me as a son? So in my case, no I wouldn't call it female socialization.

No. 1546124

Seems like a lot of people get stuck living in their trauma and identifying with it. I’ve seen a lot of boys who endure CSA grow up to be effeminate gay guys with a complicated sex life and a lot of these guys transition, just as an example of what “living in trauma” might look like. In the case of gnc girls CSA and autism is also very common, but obviously this is a generalization and there are many factors that result in conformity/nonconformity so its complicated. Obviously there are GNC people who were not abused so there are no clear cut formulas for how someone might turn out, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore patterns

No. 1546127

Sorry to samefag but I think this detransition interview supports some of my ideas around “living and identifying with trauma” in relation to transition

No. 1546987

File: 1654179780745.jpg (104.63 KB, 941x766, sus.JPG)

Not suspicious at all that this 'detrans man' is still using his trans name Vanity…. all the while e-begging for the detrans cause.

No. 1547088

Did he get axed and lose his dick?

No. 1547107

Is he larping as Hunter S Thompson?

No. 1547164

His name being “Vanity” should be your first clue that he’s all about stroking his own ego. Mentally unstable moids are gonna continue being mentally unstable moids, whether they’re trans or detrans.

No. 1547166

I watched this a couple days ago and holy shit. I feel so sorry for this poor man. The descriptions of all of the abuse he went through; it was horrific and now keeps me up at night. Tbh, I couldn’t even finish the interview.

No. 1547722

File: 1654239712589.jpeg (230.72 KB, 750x670, D86B958C-C785-44AE-B2D7-8C5977…)

Isaac is officially a cow.

No. 1547734

I think GNC people do receive somewhat different social messaging (you always get assigned the male character in pretend, "you should have been born a boy", having others automatically group you with the opposite sex and being pushed away by your own sex, depending where you live people might accept your archetype and not apply the same expectations they do to other girls, etc), but a large part of it is just interpretation of the same information that everyone else receives, and socialization is what other people do to you and around you (it's social!), not how you feel about it. Your internal reactions to the things you see are not a different "socialization" even if they are different from other people, because you are not being fed different social information. That's just you being an individual and processing all that information in your own way. Everyone has their own individual way of filtering that information even if some people's inner workings are more outlier or more average.

I interpreted the social information I received as a child to mean I was not a legitimate member of the human race, and maybe really a dragon on the inside, but I was not dragon-socialized. Maybe a little bit groomed, though… Lmao.

No. 1547739

He's such a dissapointment. I really felt sorry for his mental state back then, but boy does this little shit makes me angry now. He should end it, i don't care! Fucking waste of oxygen with his constant negativity

No. 1547741

I guess he took a shit ton of drugs to complete the Hunter S. Thompson larp.

No. 1547747

I was rooting for him, but it’s pointless. He needs serious help and there’s nothing strangers on the internet can do for him.

No. 1547757

File: 1654244579283.jpeg (198.41 KB, 750x635, 8FB81A2C-972D-4C80-AA1B-2E40F6…)

Ok, time to unsubscribe.

No. 1547765

>>1547757 I was just going to post this
He deleted the comment where i was calling him out on what he really is - a grownass man mentally stuck at edgy 13 longing for a toxic relationship. And when he can't get one, he'll make his subscribers into his bitches to insult and apologize to the next day. I hope more of them leave i left when pulled this shit the first time.

No. 1547777

Kek what is this anime villain ass bullshit he’s spewing this time, he’s such a fucking dumbass

No. 1547783

File: 1654246912717.jpg (99.77 KB, 854x166, bitch2.jpg)

The man have spoken, we are cunts eveyone, good job!

No. 1547786

lmao he is seething! what a mentally ill narcissist

No. 1547788

Just a week ago
>I'm already much better mentally than I've ever been in my life and that's scary in some ways
>people don't even think I'm that smart they just like hearing my opinion because I've been through transitioning and so my words have a little more weight than someone who's saying the same things and hasn't been through transitioning I understand that but my content's not that interesting and I don't really even give a fuck about it honestly
Okay I get it, it's not fun to be used as a political pawn just because you detransitioned or are GNC, when nobody actually gives a fuck about you and laughs at you behind your back. You don't have to go on a whole schizo arch though.
>so society is pretty [ __ ] i'm pretty [ __ ] mentally physically i'm pretty [ __ ] society's pretty [ __ ] my viewers are pretty [ __ ] and everyone's everyone's spinning their own narrative and i'm [ __ ] sick of the narratives man the narratives oh man narrative narrative narrative narrative narrative narrative response videos are the worst [ __ ] thing and i'm i've made my response videos and i've spun my narratives oh god i'm so tired of the narratives
>broken person right now like i have physically i am i am worthless i am worthless right now i can barely lift anything up i am tired i am incapable of doing almost anything useful
He should've just detransitioned away from the internet, instead of being surprised he's being used as a political pawn and then have a misogynist freak out over it.

No. 1547789

He was always a narcy bipolar whackjob

No. 1547790

Another male ally said feminists are cunts? No way!

No. 1547800

File: 1654248445907.jpg (103.77 KB, 851x864, attention.JPG)

The craving of attention is so palpable. what a sad human being.

don't comment on my yt i will ban you! no, wait, comment again don't leave me!

No. 1547803

It would be really funny if nobody commented on that now

No. 1547804

if you watch his earlier videos you'd see that he never stopped taking drugs. he blames his autoimmune condition on transition alone, and yet the man constantly takes drugs and does not take care of himself.

No. 1547808

File: 1654248880623.jpg (24.64 KB, 586x292, 123.JPG)

To be honest, he is not all the way wrong about some of his followers. Look at this pathetic interaction

No. 1547811

Is that a troon hitting on him?

No. 1547814

i do think that's a troll but there are handmaids in the comments still.

No. 1547819

File: 1654250827678.png (53.45 KB, 862x671, anotherone.png)

i guess there is a chance, but i noticed her always ass kissing in the comments

here's another one of the devoted trying to walk on eggshells so that she stays on his good side

(+an extra display of hatred and jealousy towards women)

No. 1547823

he is so disgusting! I can't belive i ever gave him the time of the day. He'll probably become trans again just to get back on women. That's something his deranged mind would do.

No. 1547824

File: 1654253091700.jpg (148.13 KB, 759x565, fuckthatguy.jpg)

BRUH i hope dies

No. 1547840

File: 1654255774857.jpg (34.95 KB, 988x158, bruh_wtf.jpg)

This is why it's not a good idea to christen any scrote as "one of the good ones". This is a public mental break down. I thought he hated porn so much? He talked about it in his last video. He calls others two faced, when he's obviously been lying for validation this whole time.

No. 1547851

Sheesh and I remember Isaac always saying how he's never had a good gf and all his relationships were bad because he attracted the wrong people.

No. 1547856

Now we know why, he is the wrong person unable to see his own faults, hope his exes are living their best life without him

No. 1547901

he is such a nasty misogynist just like the rest of his kind

No. 1547905

File: 1654262764754.jpg (40.74 KB, 793x549, hair.JPG)

i wonder if they hate women because they think they are also women and they hate themselves, OR if they think they are women because they hate themselves & women

No. 1547907

with how delusional they are probably a bit of both kek

No. 1547910

he looks like an ape

No. 1547912

File: 1654263131982.jpg (145.37 KB, 1640x1093, 1654009412621.jpg)

Always this obsession with "manhating lesbians".

No. 1547915

kek apparently he's a straight man so of course he'd hate on lesbians

No. 1547917

are u trolling?
it's not exactly possible to do that for several reasons. falsifying documents ins't easy (can't be male socialized if others see u as a female) + they would have had to prevent u from looking in your pants and seeing that there's fem genitalia there.

No. 1547961

>>1547915 I don't know what to make of Isaac there. In an old video he says he's most attracted to other trans identified males. He says he's straight in a Jazz Jennings video where he states that no straight man would be interested in Jazz knowing that he is trans.

No. 1547973

File: 1654267134680.jpg (31.79 KB, 410x583, JoJKWaPh.jpg)

he's a confused bisexual. he had girlfriends in school and then he went on to fuck (or get fucked by?) this mess a couple of years ago so he's clearly not straight.

No. 1547975

oh boy ok that explains a lot kek

No. 1547976

Damn, I'm disappointed but not surprised. I know he's been spiralling hard and he has literal BPD. I saw him rage at another YTer who was abusing his girlfriend a few days ago, interesting that he took this turn right after
I never subbed, but I did watch his videos because I thought he was actually okay (if not the most stable, understandably so). I guess he just wants to destroy everything and do something else now. Kind of sad, it was comfy reading the comments from caring older women (and not zoomers/coomers) on his videos, but a male will always be a male, I guess. Maybe he actually does want to start his own cult, and he's trying to slough off the "normal" feminists and keep only the devoted pick-mes. Or it's just a BPD tantrum. Probably both
Only thing worse than a balding moid is a malding moid

No. 1547980

File: 1654267630185.png (80.35 KB, 805x612, whh.png)

Seems he just wanted attention from the manhating lesbians after all. He got tired of being liked kek

No. 1547982

Kek he’s so nasty, honestly dude is just looking for attention in any possible way he can get it how pathetic

No. 1547985

he did this before too. he's cycling and/or just a retard etc

No. 1548014

Oh man, this guy. He's such an edgy retard. He did a video about some "AGP" internet personality and tbh he seemed very attracted to the other person who was being openly trans & fetishistic. Like a weird mixture of hatred, envy, and horniness. Was super uncomfortable to watch.

He's been my personal cow for a few months. He's always doing unhinged shit and posting narc rants. He kind of reminds me of Onision tbh

No. 1548017

A lot of people complimented his long hair, then he shaved it. People complimented that too, which annoyed him apparently? I don't think he understands a lot of the unconditional praise he gets - which he interprets as people being uncritical, mindless sheeple - is often just from women who pity him and are trying to be nice. They can all see you're fucked up and annoying, they're just trying to be nice to a clearly disturbed person.

No. 1548029

File: 1654271462782.jpg (30.45 KB, 726x571, bot.JPG)

I'm following him as my personal cow as well. One of my favorite moments was when he sperged on twitter and wrote "kill all trannies" and twitter nuked his account within seconds.
He then proceeded to cry about it on youtube without mentioning what he tweeted because he's a perpetual victim who can do no wrong.
picrel is him claiming it was "just a bot" censoring him.

I really hope he doesn't get himself banned from youtube though, he's unstable but very entertaining.

No. 1548218

I’m thinking Isaac is setting himself up for his very own thread

No. 1548245

What'd he post and unprivate this for? Does he have a humiliation kink?

No. 1548362

This reminds me of 15 yo edgelords who call butch lesbians "ugly" and "manhating feminists", except much more aggressive and insecure.(refuses to sage)

No. 1548733

Tbh, that AGP is a shitshow. Bambi Bean on YT. Cluniac is one of my personal cows as well. His breakdowns are p funny and desperate.

I don't think he has a boner for that AGP. Bambi is now also a personal cow for me, but I get the feeling that he's hitting hard on these fucked up deviants because suddenly he's decided to become macho and "get ripped".

No. 1548776

File: 1654345636618.jpeg (56.38 KB, 1017x586, look.jpeg)

> suddenly he's decided to become macho and "get ripped".

I doubt that will last. it's like how he constantly says he's suddenly doing much better and then has a meltdown the next day

now look who woke up and changed their channel name. he didn't apologize for his meltdown yet, let's see if he does

No. 1548782

Okay that is vomit inducing

No. 1548860

File: 1654353931532.jpg (318.5 KB, 1080x1803, Screenshot_20220604-104434_You…)

Anime mastermind

No. 1548862

>They can all see you're fucked up and annoying, they're just trying to be nice to a clearly disturbed person.
Exactly, and he can't see that but instead feels superior, wtf. That will teach a lot of women the futility of being nice to mentally ill moids.

No. 1548913

They're the same genre of person, except he'd probably have a BPD meltdown on the guy with autism (niwatori)

No. 1548959

File: 1654359869957.jpg (65.68 KB, 910x484, Capture.JPG)

i don't know why anon deleted the pic, here's our ongoing BDP meltdown being cringy af trying to hit on niwatori

No. 1549004

"My ego is dissolving" said the most egoistic failed abortion ever

No. 1549495

File: 1654391241951.png (93.77 KB, 937x740, yi.png)

I feel sorry for the handmaidens

No. 1549828

File: 1654423279862.jpg (58.26 KB, 708x549, AfdkYDh.JPG)

I don't. That Josephe Anne chick deserves to be talked down to. She's been thirsting after his shriveled cock for a long time, it's embarrassing.

I guess not being able to set up his internet in time has gotten him to have an extra long meltdown, usually he's already apologetic by this time.

No. 1549853

File: 1654427693594.jpg (68.58 KB, 1005x240, homophobic_weirdo.jpg)

The AGP is not only misogynist, but also homophobic, of course. He claims to not fit into Blanchard typologies, but it's obvious that it's only pseudobisexuality related to the AGP shit and not actual bisexuality.

No. 1549877

Do you think this investigation has something to do with how he behaves now? Like a "social experiment" (excuse me while i vomit on the edge). Or is that something completley different?

No. 1549885

NTA but his investigation is him larping as Hunter S Thompson and I'm pretty sure he took LSD and was having a bad trip.

No. 1549886

the photo he posted when announcing was actually an old photo. i don't know when it's from but it must be more than a couple of years since he had that hairstyle (he also used it on twitter briefly before)

No. 1549891

File: 1654432666351.jpg (82.22 KB, 696x696, He_deleted_everything.jpg)

Sure it can be an old photo, but with talking about the investigation, the way he writes and I saw him in comments talking about having taken some drugs and "coming down". He was on LSD. It's not a social experiment, he's not that smart or calculated. He was just tripping balls, saying stupid shit, now has gotten sober and deleted all of it. You're giving him too much credit by assuming it's a social experiment.

No. 1549892

File: 1654433106844.jpg (99.66 KB, 870x591, liar.jpg)

Now he has deleted this too. This is the internet dumbass, you can never truly delete it, we got it all right here.

No. 1549899

File: 1654433958348.png (234.99 KB, 400x400, bs.png)

looks like our bryan is finally coming to his senses and ending his multi-day meltdown. he truly does deserve his own thread.

pic not very related, just him before transition

No. 1549905

He was so cute. Too bad he's now a troon turned raging incel.

No. 1549917

where'd you find this??

No. 1549931

New vid dropped,

it's actually not a "i'm sowwy i bwoke down uwu", he's still hung up on women being "man haters" and being "evil" to him and between that, he's still cycling between begging for empathy or pity and devaluing his followers.

No. 1549932

He looks like a normal happy guy here. Mental illness is crazy

No. 1549935

wtf he was handsome???

No. 1549942

>not everyone was coddling me and some people said that I'm just a misogynist, so I gave them what they wanted and acted extremely misogynistic haha, gotem
Dude, stop acting like you're so special or not like the other detrans AGPs. You're just like the rest, blaming feminism for having transitioned, that you only developed AGP because you think society hates men so much. They all give that fucking woe is me spiel. Which is fucking bullshit. That society only thinks women are beautiful, which is bullshit. Society thinks women in our natural state are disgusting and we have to put on 10lbs of make up, shave ourselves completely bare like we're a fucking dolphin and a procedure here a snip there to even be accepted. Meanwhile men can exist beerbellied and balding, while nobody gives a shit. If anything, the bar for men is so on the floor, that if you only took care of yourself a tiny little bit, you would have straight women throwing themselves at you in droves. You're literally experiencing some of that right now. You call women cunts, you say horrible fucking shit, you're openly lesbophobic, but it's all okay because you're a mentally ill uwu man and many women are socialized to still coddle you. If a woman would only do 1% of the shit he's done, she'd be cancelled way fucking worse than a couple people calling him out on Twitter or Discord.

No. 1549951

>He looks like a normal happy guy here. Mental illness is crazy

Looks are deceiving, he was actively pursuing Narcissa Wright in this phase, the person pictured here:

No. 1549954

File: 1654439687253.png (26.3 KB, 640x206, ioASlzL[1].png)

makes u think

No. 1549966

It's so fucked how he makes the conscious choice to be an asshole, and then tries to reverse everything so that he's the true victim. Everyone who was disgusted is suddenly in the wrong because "they wanted it" or "were waiting for it". Maybe they were "waiting for it" because tons of men like you do the same shit or worse, Isaac/Bryan/whatever. They couldn't fully trust from the start, and you've exemplified why. Mercy on anyone who actually gave you a chance with their whole heart/mind just to have it thrown back in their face. It's not some kind of brutal "honesty", you're just being a sack of shit to try and make a flimsy point about how no one really loves you and the world is evil (fuck cause and effect, right?). The sad thing is, there were still women being kind to him during his tantrum, but he just called them controlling, stupid and obnoxious cunts. Even now, he's not acknowledging those women because he just doesn't care. He doesn't give a shit about reality or about the people who support him, he just wanted to spin his own narrative in real time. He's doing the exact same shit he was complaining about in his self-loathing "I'm a pathetic worm cuck" video.
There's no winning with a person like this. It's like they just don't feel alive unless they're shitting on others and getting blowback for it. From that standpoint, it makes perfect sense that he'd mingle with GC people and publicly criticize the whole trans movement, bringing all sorts of attention to himself. He likely started doing it to make whichever trannies he had interpersonal drama with angry, but now he's thirsty for dick again, so he needs an excuse to justify running from women back to men

No. 1549977

File: 1654441262880.png (48.86 KB, 1270x153, 9Qlv0Xx[1].png)

for sure. he has no sense of self or identity and his little narc ego needs to get back at whoever "wronged" him in the past and he does this by begging for empathy or pity from a completely different set of people. when his ego is wounded he'll go and try to push away the people whom he begged for attention in the first place. in private he's probably trying to find some new pals willing to do emotional labor for him and hes gonna spin a woe is me narrative with them instead (like that niwatori scrote). but yea; he projects his own MO onto the audience/people who hurt him all the time. I'm done empathizing with him so just matter of factly, he must have had a manipulative abuser as a role model.

No. 1549978

Isaac seems like he's going through a BPD manic episode lately, he's very narcissistic, and incoherent with what he's saying. >>1549931 All of what he said in this video is nonsense.

No. 1549986

He's such a fucking pussy

No. 1549988

File: 1654441890207.jpg (36.51 KB, 883x209, meltdownstillongoing.JPG)

I think it's time we stop playing his games, and call him by his real name: Bryan. That's the name he had before 'Vanity'

picrel is his ongoing meltdown.. it's not over yet i guess

No. 1549991

He literally was seething in his last video about people saying shit on Twitter and Discord. Everyone in his community tab and in his comments were supporting him. So this is obviously a lie.

No. 1549998

File: 1654442475450.png (37.76 KB, 210x663, Ur5cmW6[1].png)

I was curious about the name thing so I checked the Cosmo thread on KF and lmao yeah he is Bryan

thread here https://kiwifarms.net/threads/narcissa-wright-cosmo-wright.24309/page-319

No. 1550008

>that post
I'm not seeing how it isn't manipulation to bait people who liked you, then villainize them for not reacting well (just like you planned, the exact reaction you wanted and admitted you were looking for). What did you actually want? I know it wasn't for people to ask what's wrong, try to understand you and be nice, because you told all those people to fuck off too. It's still happening now, and you're still ignoring or quietly shitting on them. Stop taking advantage of the remaining kind-hearted women. Stop being a piece of shit. Why did you even bother stepping out of the Discord AGP dungeon? Your mindset's clearly still there. Don't fucking ask for donations again just because you know there are women naive and soft enough to want things to get better for you

No. 1550009

Has he 41% yet? God do I hate trannies.

No. 1550016

LOL he already privated this video within a matter of hours.

No. 1550017

New video dropped

No. 1550019

File: 1654444591156.jpg (48.03 KB, 1056x757, Capture.JPG)

to recap, in case he deletes this too: bryan is saying go fuck yourselves to all feminist, reiterating that feminists are cunts and that he would beat the shit of them all

guys please don't report him though, we need this milk to continue, it's hilarious

No. 1550020

When mommy doesn't give you enough attention so you break the cookie jar

No. 1550027

Wonder what his relationship with his sister is like? he cut off mommy and daddy right? but seeing him go "this means something to me" to his sister's bear, I wonder if he still feels connected to her in some way.

No. 1550028

Yeah, textbook manic episode right now, the narcissism and impulsiveness is very standard. Sad he cut off his hair, and continues to go down hill.

No. 1550030

He wants to beat women? Ha, he's a mentally and physically ill untrained flabby toothpick, he wouldn't last 10 seconds before begging for mercy.

No. 1550052

I find pocking fun at his previous name petty since non-troons change names too. Hope he could stay better for longer than he usually does, must be tiring to be like that. I don't personally feel attacked or threatened whatsoever. I honestly feel bad for him, seems like the chronic illness is driving him up the walls.

No. 1550068

Nobody feels threatened. I don't feel sad because by the looks of it he deserved the illness. Some people are born ill and aren't such assholes.

His new video is drawing in some antifeminist moids, watch him turn into a men's rights activists next.

No. 1550071

>feeling bad for a misogynistic incel
Get a grip ffs

No. 1550075

you could watch her videos and get your answers seriously. she's been pretty open about her life and the abuse she has suffered is insane. basically she grew up in foster care and her foster mother was an insane narcissist who wanted her to be her little princess doll and who would scream at her if she didn't act girly enough like for some reason you just want to assume the worst of people and belittle them

No. 1550080

I'm just someone who feels a lot of sympathy for others. Doesn't mean I like him, I don't need to like someone to feel sympathy for them.

No. 1550088

I lost sympathy for him as soon as he started calling women who did nothing but support him unconditionally "cunts" and threatened them with violence.

He's just the kind of manipulative abuser who tries to convince other that the whole world is against him and as soon as he can't keep up that facade anymore, he jumps ship into a new community to get attention from elsewhere and find more people to abuse and gaslight. Nonna, he's not even worth sympathising with. He brings this on himself. He's not actively trying to get better. He just wants people to do emotional labour for him who are also willing to just be his punching bag.

No. 1550163

File: 1654454156373.png (748.44 KB, 1080x1587, Screenshot_20220605-143400.png)

Still spending his entire day spouting delusional MRA bullshit. He needs to turn off his PC and go touch some grass.

No. 1550192

File: 1654456562980.jpg (174.92 KB, 1296x936, wtf_is_this.jpg)

Is this his second channel? If so, lots of glute exercise videos in the exercise playlist, he's not thinking of lifting to look more manly. Not that men shouldn't work their glutes (they usually don't do it enough), but the ratio is really off. Mostly stuff for lower body, not much upperbody. Looks like he's going to retransition.

No. 1550197

i think somebody in the comments either renamed their channel to this or made it

No. 1550201

File: 1654457456527.jpg (32.3 KB, 1285x353, idk.jpg)

If that's the case, it's either a woman or a TiM and he has some crazy ass supporters.

No. 1550619

Our fave is back channeling nikocado

No. 1550622

this vid was just super milky and i know he's gonna delete it in a few hours so i saved a copy here https://vimeo.com/717380811

No. 1550626

I bet he's acting like a retard because of his twink death.

No. 1550634

someone in the comments said this started because he spoke about his mom in a video and then some people(feminists?) left comments he didn’t like. can anyone provide more info? what pushed him into this breakdown?

No. 1550639

I wish I kept logs of this, but as far as I remember, the incident you're referring to is when on his community tab, he told his followers that his mom had contacted him for the first time in 4 years and that he didn't want to see her. And then he said "give your narcissistic thoughts".

Since most of his fans are GC and radfem women, there were a lot of mothers in the comments who urged him to reconnect with his mother (some even said he clearly wanted this given the way he posted about it, it's as if he were urging people to give him a reason to talk to them). this enraged the shit out of him and caused him to bpd split on his fanbase (who are now apparently all "man hating feminists" or w/e scrotes think). ofc now Bryan/Isaac/w/e and his handmaidens see it as a "test" he gave to his fans to see if they truly cared to listen to him without projecting their own thoughts. apparently tho everyone failed that test, and he's lumped that under feminism being evil or "manipulative" or w/e the fuck he thinks.

No. 1550711

Is this a joke? Is he doing a character or is this 100% him?

No. 1550726

i thought he said he had boobs, all he has a two retarded nipples
I think it's kind of both

No. 1550738

"boohoo feminists don't cater to me as a man after backstabbing them and saying misogynistic shit, better throw a lil hissyfit to embarrass myself further"

No. 1550777

The gyno is so bad and does he have dark patches of hair on his back?

No. 1550865

Yeah, above his arse. He said he was going to start making uploads of things people "wouldn't like". I thought it'd be something more epic than this. Can anyone find out how many people are paying for his Patreon?

No. 1550871

File: 1654517554766.jpg (16.34 KB, 382x546, vogue vogue.JPG)

Added screenshot.

No. 1551183

File: 1654540638845.jpg (38.12 KB, 753x811, ape.JPG)

look at this ape body

poking out nipples on a thick chest with a forest of hair on the back

truly unfortunate

No. 1551197

He really fucked himself over by shaving his head-hair but skipping back hair. Shaved look doesn't suit his face, just shorter or short would have been better. But hey, he's entitled to being able to make himself look worse.

No. 1551203

File: 1654541534810.jpg (29.68 KB, 733x632, crazy.JPG)

yea the long hair was really carrying his look. i'd say this is a good dedicated thread photo for him if anyone is interested to make one. really shows the crazy.

No. 1551268

I literally had to close my eyes watching this.

No. 1551280

Anon above who said how he gave the impression he had feminised his body with hormones. He was banging on about all the womanly padding it'd created. He looks more like The Machinist midway between healthy and emaciated. He claimed the hormones stopped his facial hair. I thought only electrolysis could get rid of facial hair. Loads of trannies have to go through that to get rid of it.

No. 1551296

he did laser the hair off, though i don't know if he did all of his body. iirc blocking androgens stops the promotion of hair growth, so if you zap the follicles, they will not regrow unless your body creates signals for the hair to grow back via androgens. now that he's not blocking the androgens, he's back to ape mode (or maybe only now starting to be an ape because the final stage of puberty hits around late 20s)

No. 1551513

God this guy needs help, this is so incredibly pathetic. While watching this I feel like I'm being held hostage after he kidnapped me, and he's having a mental breakdown realizing how he fucked up his life.

No. 1551857

There's a new one. He's being "normal" talking about his health. He said it'll be the last hormone damaged health update. Until the next one, eh.

No. 1552054

I don't understand how he's acting, maybe it's all some elaborate "troll" by pretending to be unhinged and retarded, or it's BPD splitting, or he's simply just a hypocritical and dramatic weirdo. He seemed aligned with feminists before this, he defended their points in that one MRAs vs feminist video (but he seems to have taken that down now.) Is he really this flustered by some women online telling him maybe he should reconnect with his mom? That fake apology video was super creepy and weird, he's not making himself seem credible at all, I don't understand how he thinks anyone would take his "investigation" seriously after this. He doesn't seem to care, he's all over the place.

No. 1552195

File: 1654619974326.jpg (23.14 KB, 689x232, wtf.JPG)

what the hell is wrong with these women who keep worshipping him even though he acts like an angry manchild

No. 1552621

This Bryan Kobel guy is something else lol

No. 1552804

kek this frog looking creep

No. 1553137

Gilbert Gottfried phenotype

No. 1553230

File: 1654709540095.jpg (61.69 KB, 750x621, 797.jpg)

Seems almost like a psychotic break.

No. 1553297

File: 1654712467987.png (407.45 KB, 1694x466, Screenshot 2022-06-08 at 19.16…)

he's continuing to go off the rails

No. 1553300

kek what a disaster

No. 1553310

i don’t think this was what they meant when they said "go outside".

No. 1553315

No. 1553326

Vanity is his legal name. No surname or anything. Birth name is Bryan Kolbe Stuedell.

He's been a cow for several years now, I don't know how it didn't get picked up here. He dated Cosmo "Narcissa" Wright who has a dead thread here but an extensive Kiwifarms one. https://kiwifarms.net/threads/narcissa-wright-cosmo-wright.24309/
I first became aware of Bryan in 2019 when he had a brief fling with Cosmo. Cosmo pumped and dumped him to some extent and Bryan was so crushed he went to cry on all of the forums that actively followed Cosmo. He did an AMA on /r/samandtolki (RIP) where he aired dirty laundry and also showed up on Kiwifarms https://kiwifarms.net/threads/narcissa-wright-cosmo-wright.24309/page-222#post-4358047. He deleted his posts (he is stereotypical and will delete anything he has the ability to) but Null reverted them. Back then he was still identifying as a dude–"Issac."
He just never got over being discarded and eventually trooned out into Vanity and tried to get back at Cosmo in other (unsuccessful) ways. I'm sure some of it has been documented in Cosmo's KF thread (I haven't read it in a long time) and he has also went after Null. He's left voice messages for Null and even dumped his whole Discord DMs with Cosmo at one point but it's all pathetic how obsessed he is. I probably archived some of it but never posted it publicly since this loser only cares about getting attention. When he was at his peak popularity with radfems he even tweeted about Cosmo being erratic on Twitter but didn't mention that they actually dated and definitely did not mention the three+ year obsession that followed.
I never would have guessed he would have become a minor detrans celebrity. He would detrans at least once a month and would delete all of his shit.

No. 1553398

he actually changed his legal name again from vanity because he couldn't get paid by youtube without a last name.

recently he said he will change his name again so i guess it's becoming a hobby for him

No. 1553445

File: 1654719120991.png (51.25 KB, 1454x419, okay.PNG)

Interesting investigation he's doing I see

No. 1553576

File: 1654726514831.png (825.55 KB, 850x1096, lol.png)

Another photo of him pre-transition. I don't know why people say he looks happy here, he looks dead inside.
He's always been mentally ill.

No. 1553583

Praying he starts to bald so he can REALLY go off the rails.

No. 1553592

He claimed that going bald was one of the things that triggered his dysphoria and he wanted to go on estrogen to reverse it.

No. 1553797

>maybe end up in a group home
Oh goody, then he can come out even more fucked up.

No. 1554524

Of course he was, only mentally ill people transition in the first place. They're trying to escape their brains by changing their bodies, as if that has ever worked for anyone

No. 1555817

File: 1654868085823.png (318.98 KB, 640x640, s0qdaswr5nq41.png)

Don't know if there are frenchies here but I wanted to talk about a detrans cow of mine you probably know about.
Olly Plum.
>Is a sex worker/cam girl
>Got famous after people found out she had sex with a far left communist youtuber named Usul
>They started to date each other and she even made caméo in Usul's videos
>Suddenly Olly made a tweet about "getting testosterone ASAP"
>Come out as trans
>Usul and her break up, tweets few days after how she hates "cis male"
>Years passes, Olly become a famous trans man (over 8k followers on twitter), cut her tits off and get scare tattoos.
>Complains that she had "lost customers" since she is a tranny and has no more boobs.
>Freak out and detrans
>Is completely anti trans now, recently made a blog post about how she got lurred in it and now regrets her transition
>Is now a christian

No. 1555819

Just having a normal one, eh?

No. 1555996

Nonnie please. There are women who want to fuck serial killers and mass shooters. Hell, there was even an autistic girl who wanted to date Chris-chan. Unfortunately there’s no level of male depravity that’s guaranteed to turn all women away. Lots of women see these damaged moids and get attracted out of a fucked up desire to “fix” them.

Cluniac is serving up some Onision realness rn. They should do a collab together.

No. 1556404

File: 1654895132162.jpg (67.08 KB, 814x691, money.JPG)

He's begging for cash again. He's not even making any promises… just begging for money to continue existing as an unemployed bum.

No. 1556426

He looks like he'd turn to onlyfans making "ironic" porn if his handmaidens deserted him.

No. 1556482

He did say he did some "sex work" in the past. He didn't go into the details of it.

No. 1557009

File: 1654935363225.png (174.13 KB, 1090x728, gyt.png)

Another fit.

No. 1557010

File: 1654935456046.png (55.7 KB, 1072x362, g2.png)

No. 1557081

Thank you anon, I was wondering what happened to her after the transing out.

No. 1557099

what a fucking retarded egomaniac, i feel sorry for his cat. He will never kill himself… he likes himself too much.

No. 1557114

Onision’s succession comes right when the original one was done squeezing the last drops of entertainment out, perfect.

No. 1557115

File: 1654955031620.jpg (53.78 KB, 926x299, larp.JPG)

He is now larping as a future mass shooter, lamenting on the people he should've killed.

Someone needs to start a thread going before he gets on the news

No. 1557458

Isaac, you're right. You're narcissistic, mean, unpleasant, not as smart as you think you are, unstable, aggressive in an extremely pathetic way (I hope you won't end up hurting anyone but even if you did, the kill count would be very low because you're a little bitch; you're only get some hits because of how unassuming you are) and mostly unattractive now. Go suck a dick or something.

No. 1557902

Isaac sharing his thoughts on gun control: "You can't give a feminine guy like me a gun." Yeah I agree, at least he recognizes how unstable he is, and that he should not own a gun.

No. 1557905

100% chance he is abusing that cat, someone call animal control PLEASE

No. 1557909

It was probably sending nudes and camwhore type shit, TIMs tend to glorify that kind of thing while claiming it makes them on the same level as a hooker or stripper. I wouldn't be surprised if he did start posting things like that publicly

No. 1557979

In the latest video, he said he only "visited" Pumpkin when he went for a trip up the mountains, so hopefully he's not actually living with the cat and the person who took him in was just letting him visit

No. 1558029

Jesus, the edgy 12 y/o rebel burnout act. Very original. Nobody else has ever had an original thought, though.

No. 1558147

>what that means is that if I get mass flagged again on the video they're going to see in my history of my channel that I was mass flag before and it was reinstated and that is going to definitely come in my favor so
>I just wanted to thank you you've give me uh let's say carte blanche
>um I can, I can, I can do as I please now
>uh the sky is the limit so thank you I appreciate it genuinely um kind of a team effort you know um more on you than me but uh I definitely appreciate, I appreciate all the effort you all went through to help my channel
I don't think that is how it works?

No. 1558300

Kek he is so dramatic. The shot of him speeding like a lunatic was so funny and cringe to me idk its all just so dramatic …theatrical, even.

No. 1558333

Did this guy just discover Joker and made it his whole personality

No. 1558339

No. 1558352

>40 people reported the video
>mass flagging

40 people isn't much buddy. Being flagged is never a good thing for a youtube channel so he's definitely full of shit. He's acting unbothered on purpose, but we all know he's crying about going under 6k subs.

No. 1558361

I swear so many of the anons on this site are worse than the cows

No. 1558551

File: 1655070363579.png (335.76 KB, 760x1248, Screenshot_20220612-233947.png)

he needs to get his eyes checked, just wtf

No. 1558557

File: 1655070951635.png (105.22 KB, 800x587, upload_2019-2-22_15-34-3.png)

No. 1558559

File: 1655071035628.png (301.74 KB, 760x1273, Screenshot_20220612-234958.png)

idk if this is trolling or whether he's just retarded

No. 1558631

How has he not had his own thread for ages?

No. 1558906

What drugs did/does he take?(sage your shit)

No. 1559443

new video just dropped

No. 1559478


No. 1559522

File: 1655150307281.jpg (36.28 KB, 804x654, rape.JPG)

I like how he says that "all trannies just want to rape women, and i would know because i used to be one"
that's one of the most obvious cases of self-report i've ever seen. this whole video is just a roast of himself.

No. 1559532

>"What's the deal with trannies? They're a bunch of perverted narcissists who smell like shit and want to rape women. Am I right? I mean, look at the news, it's all the trannies think about. And I would know, I used to be one!" and then "All trans people think about is rape." before staring blank-faced into the camera
>calls non-binary people "traumatized retards"
>"Hey, you dumb bitch, just because you like to play with cars and having short hair doesn't mean you need to cut off your tits!"
Up until the end when he said "You're all caught up in a social fad created by a pdophile doctor 20 years ago, this will all be gone in 20 years", it almost seemed like he was on his way to a retransition arc because "The poor traumatized trannies, everyone just thinks they only think about rape all the time, and they want to block women from being able to do what they want with their own bodies!"

No. 1559624

Really telling with the claims about rape, I don’t expect anything different from scrotes like this. At the very least I appreciate his introspection and honesty, he keeps making an example out of himself.

No. 1559677

So many are still praising him, they're insane. Also what the fuck is going on with his eyes?

No. 1559765

Seems like he's leaning really hard into the self hatred like they all do, and use as an excuse to act the way they do because it's the whole elaborate performance is a way to soothe their ego. I can't tell you how many troons will happily wallow in their own piss and tears for years with zero self improvement because it justifies their shitty narc tendencies and lack of critical thinking, as well as transition, if they're smart enough to realize it's a sham. My personal cow always says he 'has to' to quell the self hate, but here's the thing. You can fucking start over. Try, try anything besides sitting on twitter and discord all day jacking off. This dude's so stupid and so unwilling to seek help that he'd rather get himself raided by the police for his incel school shooter rants. Just pathetic.

No. 1559934

Who is this even

No. 1560182

what's up with all the newfags here? scroll up and read the thread - no one is going to spoonfeed you

No. 1560283

This is what happens when gender therapists just "validate" and encourage transition for their mentally ill clients instead of doing actual therapy to solve the real underlying issues. They fuck up their bodies permanently and get even worse mentally. Imagine if this guy and other troons had spent all of the time used for transitioning on actually improving themselves and sorting out issues, they could actually have been happy and healthy by now.

No. 1560296

You're assuming "actual therapy" is a thing and that therapists are just choosing to fuck up their parents. Transition is actual therapy in many therapists' minds, they're incompetent and don't know how to help people

No. 1560302


No. 1560329

He claimed (I doubt) he had completed a computer science degree and may have claimed he worked as a software engineer.
Apart from that he told me and a few others he cammed years ago. I also don't believe this. He is incapable of telling the truth. He claimed to come from a rich family who treated him well but I also think that's false since he had a video claiming he was abused by his parents.

No. 1560401

WTF is happening? I never subbed to this guy's channel and would mainly watch him in passing when his videos came up. The last one I saw was the one he made on the open fetishistic AGP and I thought it was good but I hadn't watched hi since then and am just now learning that he apparently is having a mental breakdown.

Like WRF happened? He seemed so composed and sensible but he's now a raving lunatic mess. I'm aware he has BPD but is he going through a long episode? Has he stopped taking his meds? He seems so unhinged now and I want to hope he's just doing it to be a troll like how Nikocado plays up his ridiculousness…

No. 1560405

I think by "actual therapy", they meant not seeing some quack "gender therapist". Like going to an actual therapist who will use their methods to get these people to open up and reflect more on their past traumas which so many troons clearly have.

No. 1560444

Being a troll is not really that different from being the real thing. Every troll has a big mental issue and their "trolling" ruins Their life the most out of all people. There is nothing like being a troll like Nikocado because all of them are exactly what they're pretending to be.

No. 1560537

File: 1655227057320.png (96.11 KB, 750x1334, 5675152D-4511-4B5F-9737-E0D8E3…)

Isaac has made comments disappear on his community posts.

No. 1560539

File: 1655227104441.png (96.61 KB, 750x1334, 647624C7-2D73-413C-AF7A-388F77…)

Every time you try to post a comment it doesn’t show up.

No. 1561072

I think the issue is that even therapy that isn't gender focused still tends to be coddling. I have a desisted friend who was in trauma therapy and even when the therapist knew her dysmorphia and wanting hormones came 100% from abuse she was still told it's okay to explore identity. I had one therapist who also focused on trauma that knew I had struggles with homophobia and growing up Christian was inquisitive when I mentioned wishing I was born a guy. Not to mention any therapy that's non-affirming is lumped under "conversion therapy" for gay people. It sucks.

No. 1561226

BPD and he's mentioned drugs a lot, so probably a mix. He'll either come crawling back with his tail between his legs or go nuts enough for everyone to stop caring all together. He thinks people are seething over his trolling when really people just go "ah well that was predictable lol" and move on

No. 1561228

In many places it's illegal for therapists to say anything else or they lose their jobs. The good therapists refused to play along and got fired or left on their own because they didn't want to hurt their mentally ill patients with these lies.

No. 1561525

Yeah, that's why telling people to talk about their gender confusion in therapy doesn't always work since even the ones who aren't there to give referrals for surgery will be affirming. And the ones that don't tend to come from a Christian anti-gay perspective instead of a feminist one (that kind of therapy is legal where I am, so you have to choose between those for options). Unless there's a full reform on the gender issue legally, I dunno what we should do.

No. 1561695

Is Isaac going to have his own thread? Because the thread is about detransers and not him.

No. 1561704

eurofag here. we don't have such laws where i live. nonetheless, there are countless people who go to therapy for unrelated reasons and it's the therapist who diagnoses them with gd/gid after patient confesses to cross-dressing or whatever. shit like this has happened for decades. straight moids especially tend to be initially very offended by the therapist suggesting they're troons, but eventually cave in and transition. these therapists are convinced that "gender dysphoria" is an actual disorder, like a brain chemical imbalance or a birth defect. such a dark and strict view of mental health and sexuality. they won't stop for a moment to think that maybe their patient is simply in emotional pain or just a commer who likes wearing his wife's panties. it's not about woke legislation. the psychology field is fucked up in various particular ways depending on where you live.

No. 1561843

AYRT, that's a good point. I was coming from an American perspective IRT the self-ID and how gender is taught to kids in school (I just don't live in a woke state, which is why anti-gay Christian therapy exists, but it's the only other option besides affirming therapy that sees identity separate from trauma), but that's also true. Even professionals who are critical of the ROGD social contagion 400 genders thing still believe that there's a percent of the population that is biologically in the wrong body. It's confusing and makes no sense.

No. 1561915

I personally think that Grayson’s Project is a detrans cow. She threw a tantrum about Matt Walsh’s documentary being “transphobic”. She may not have “learned anything” but she still is very pro-trans.

No. 1561989

You are free to discuss any other detransitioners if you wish. Anons are just talking about him more lately because of his recent erratic behavior
I saw that vid and it made me massively lose respect for her and her intelligence. At one point she even asked something along the lines of "shouldn't women be better at track because they have lighter bones?". Like girl…you can't be serious. She also, of course, never gave any kind of coherent definition for woman. Just "A woman is…not a man". Wow good job. Very smart. Very progressive. I love being a non-man.
She def lucked out that hormones only really seem to have affected her voice, and not even too drastically. Though lately I'm wondering if they rotted her brain too

No. 1562554

Then talk about someone else instead of complaining

No. 1563205

Grayson said she was a tomboy growing up, and transitioned in her mid-teens. She was on testosterone for a few years, but detransitioned after finding videos about it online.
I look at Grayson’s channel, and it comes across as the average relatable zoomer girl channel. She called the super straight movement “transphobic neo-nazis”. I noticed that her detransitioning video is no longer up for some reason.

No. 1563471

MDR, what a dumb bitch

No. 1563595

File: 1655462009037.jpg (66.54 KB, 807x263, Isaac.jpg)

He's still spewing nonsense and in his new video he's begging for money and still has bloodshot eyes

No. 1565203

Onision walked so that Isaac could run

No. 1568120

File: 1655842781074.png (262.52 KB, 750x1334, 17DA13D3-C75C-4B3C-9723-0909FA…)

No. 1569648

I keep seeing this lol, i know her and her husband, he’s just a normal american dude—yeah he’s of german ancestry but a normal person would never describe him as ‘german,’ it’s like calling roger ebert ‘german’— and i’m not blaming you for this, i know she writes about him like he’s fresh off the boat from the third reich but that’s totally not the reality. He is, or at least was, a huge lib too, her whole tradwife ‘thing’ is of her own creation.
she has a 9-5 office job as an admin coordinator too but likes to pretend she doesn’t

No. 1569754

Old discussion but trutrannies talk about Elle being awful: https://www.reddit.com/r/honesttransgender/comments/k7evv0/elle_palmer_is_a_useless_idiot/(imageboard)

No. 1572736

No. 1572969

File: 1656275838403.jpg (61.05 KB, 1433x297, cluniac.JPG)

He's really got a hate boner for Rogan and Peterson. Some of it had hints of truth, but it's not his "dark humour" (which is a shame). I maybe would've thought he was just messing around trying to piss people off with his answers, but saying his favourite word is "nigger"…well…how can anyone send him cash in any way or take his "research" seriously when he's a massive twat? That speaking to a gender therapist (the recent one) is something Vanessa Vokey did ages ago. Nothing groundbreaking. He wants people to pay for his "hidden camera". Really?? Bet there are some freaks who send him some $ too.

No. 1572994

File: 1656277607691.jpg (64.09 KB, 823x656, Capture.JPG)

I have a theory about his recent behavior.

He always talked about how much he fears his hairline receding. Now that he cut his hair off during a meltdown, that lead him to being unable to crossdress secretly. He now always looks at himself in the mirror and triggers his meltdowns on a daily basis, without being able to resort to crossdressing. That is why he's been unable to return to "normal" like he used to do when he had long hair.

Maybe he should invest in a wig

No. 1573001

>That speaking to a gender therapist (the recent one) is something Vanessa Vokey did ages ago.

And it sucks because Vanessa's channel got terminated for like the third time now and hse hasn't resurfaced so a lot of her content is no long on the platform anymore.

No. 1573005

That's an interesting theory anon. Perhaps his crossdressing was a coping method he had to deal with his triggers but like you said, now he doesn't have long hair so he can't fully do it which is giving him mental distress.
I agree, he should just buy a wig and get over it.

No. 1573013

As well as the receding hairling, he talks a lot about men being warriors and how wants to get ripped. He's short isn't he? Something he's said a few times. He sounds insecure about being a short man.

No. 1573857


It’s kinda funny how he panicked over someone saying they wanted to drop the n-word in one of his videos ( the one titled “ Conversations with a Stranger “ it’s around the 3:23:30 mark ) and now he says it without a single thought.

He continues to insult every kind of viewer in his audience and still has the audacity to beg for money every other week— this is the true comedy in his channel.

All of that common sense had gone away with his hair.

No. 1576017

File: 1656553051037.png (Spoiler Image, 4.49 MB, 3282x1892, acidbath0ry.png)

Some detrans turned trad pickme handmaiden called acidbath0ry on twitter is a massive pickme who panders specifically to trad and autistic men. She frequently qts women who hate men but deletes the tweets not long after. Recently said something racist and then deleted it after she got called out. The spoiler pic includes nudes that she previously posted online. She's full of braindead takes.


No. 1576048

this thing needs to be put out of its misery.

No. 1576088

File: 1656559472628.png (221.6 KB, 1080x1245, Screenshot_20220629-221243~2.p…)

I found this while going through her twitter. So many troons-turned-tradwives will spew all kinds of regressive bullshit but still defend trans rights or whatever. It's almost like gender ideology isn't all that incompatible with patriarchy.

No. 1576333

As if we should base which biological woman is allowed in female restrooms based on how she looks rather than her female sex. You knowingly chose to modify your body to look a way that makes other women uncomfortable, but you're still a female. A deranged aggressive female is still a female, an ugly female is still female etc. It's fully possible to be made uncomfortable by other women, so what's your point? Only a male is never female.

No. 1576342

>detrans turned trad pickme handmaiden
god damn i wish these people would go outside and make some female friends who aren't tifs or pickmes. quitting the larp doesn't mean your only options are being a radfem detrans activist which is based, i'm just making a point about how it doesn't need to be one extreme vs another or being a doormat who worships men. you can just be you.
>would have made me feel and look like a massive pervert
if that collage is anything to go by she still looked obviously female and i doubt other women in the restrooms would have cared

No. 1576553

Such a contradictory person: trans, detrans, tradwife, e-thot, liberal, commie, conservative. The only consistent thing about her seems to be her hatred for other women, kek. Absolutely schizo.

No. 1576646

Idk if I mentioned that she’s autistic but she wants to have a billion kids sadly like the rest of dumb people on earth do. Idk why other autistic and neurodivergent people don’t fucking care about autism being proven to increase chances of it in offspring.
Kek she doesn’t understand that she didn’t pass as male at all and looked at best like a butch lesbian (sorry to butches out there). Was she even on testosterone? I was unable to find any pictures of her with chest hair or facial hair.

No. 1584373

File: 1657404182507.png (217.78 KB, 750x1334, 966AC973-CEA7-49F2-B49E-185F7E…)

Limpida’s Twitter is gone.

No. 1585051

no it's back up, last tweet up is from May

No. 1585092

File: 1657488260828.png (292.13 KB, 750x1334, D80A935F-3988-4206-B153-3101DB…)

No. 1585108

File: 1657489880090.png (427.71 KB, 750x1334, 26C6A191-3127-4281-AB7A-6A2F44…)

No. 1586479

File: 1657642144703.jpeg (117.99 KB, 750x886, 6D2EB2D4-8329-43D5-A0BA-8EC451…)

No. 1586574

I hate how in so many circles that criticize gender shit you have to choose between being a pronoun snowflake or a tradthot conservative. There's barely any grey area.

No. 1586648

>pronoun snowflake
What is this referring to? There are plenty of radfem/GC-aligned women with their own circles and content.

No. 1587193

File: 1657721466271.png (186.62 KB, 750x1334, 2B655C7F-C330-46C3-B083-DB4543…)

No. 1587205

He seems like an arrogant little man

No. 1587207

boyce is really a fucking idiot. like he's very clearly stupid as hell and it's so fucking embarrassing for meghan murphy to simp for him when he's such an obvious tard. she's a mess. this man is garbage. i hate his channel, i hate his stupid face.

No. 1587217

Me too I’m just so tired of people only thinking you can be one extreme or the other when the reality is that most people do actually lie somewhere in the middle and stay relatively quiet about things or will just posture occasionally to indicate what position they lean in. It isn’t even just with this stuff although this is one of the better examples of how toxic it gets. I feel like it literally applies to everything these days from your political standpoint to your aesthetic.

No. 1587507

there are some normal radfems on twitter or tumblr, you just have to vet them so you don't end up with anna slatz or elliot morias types

No. 1588834

Here’s a video about Boyce’s response to Exulansic revealing that Dalea is a TIM with PAIS.

No. 1589662

That's because no one wants to be the typical detransed radfem. Suddenly pretending they care about women just because they need a sense of belonging embarrassing. It's often accompanied with similar gender bullshit that zir/shirs preach- oppression olympics. Not everyone wants to feel like a victim for being born female. That and they are ugly or fat most of the time. It's easier to cope with man's voice if you look good and pander to men.

No. 1589806

I feel like Helena turned against TERFs because many of them acted like the same extreme libfems that she was exposed to growing up. Even as an SJW teen she probably got bad vibes from libfems but went along with it as she didn't realize how insufferable they were. After she detransitioned, she got accepted by radfems. But after she disagreed with their ideology, she concluded that feminism=bad and became conservative.

No. 1589957

Yeah, I agree. Many of them are sjw/libfem-like. It makes sense because that's where libfems originated.

No. 1590992

I remember Helena also getting turned off by identity politics in general. In the Boyce interview about leaving groupthink, she was living in Chicago and she talked about how she hated how so many people there use neopronouns. Then on Twitter she talked about hating Chicago in general and how she wanted to go back to her hometown. I wonder if there was more to Chicago besides the culture that made her so repulsed. Was it because Jesse was living there? I don’t know.

No. 1593213

File: 1658409824205.png (1.21 MB, 1284x2776, FA3AFBDE-A29C-4FDD-BDDC-04EE05…)

MtFtM who went viral made a thing about boys/teen boys getting hit just as hard by trans ideology as girls. Somehow this is something that women need to fix, per the men in the thread.

No. 1593215

File: 1658409855419.jpeg (811.85 KB, 1284x1368, D03AF674-B7C8-472C-994E-F6BCED…)

No. 1593899

They ALWAYS do this shit whenever they pull in a gc/feminist following. They always remind us how male they are and that its more important to them than any womens rights shit

No. 1595387

No. 1605906

File: 1659533055975.jpg (79.45 KB, 589x649, cap.jpg)

her gay boyfriend is sperging, I'm sorry your girlfriend is such a lolcow.

No. 1606068

All this does is reenforce my belief that nobody who earns under $250k a year should bring a male fetus to term, because they really need a full time nanny to monitor and smack them.

No. 1606088

Who are you?

No. 1606156

Sage for derailment but you can’t control which sperm hits the egg and you don’t know how much you and your partner will make. If you want daughters so bad then adopt a girl.

No. 1606224

you know you have to actually sage and not just say it, right?

No. 1606539

Helena to me seems like one of those people who jumps from cult to cult until one of those cults causes her death. a seeker (?) all her sperging aka "writing" is about how obsessed she is with finding a place or label or category for herself to fit neatly and EXACTLY into. and she repeats it over and over without ever seeming to gain any self awareness or take steps to manage that part of herself.

No. 1606879

deactivated his account kek

alt is lewysroom

No. 1606891

That's goodbye to the fun then he'll probably stay private.

No. 1606894

Glad to see he finally went through with it, whenever the meanie radfems rightfully make fun of his lolcow gf he always spergs out and threatens to delete his account, for a while… it felt like an empty threat!

No. 1606928

And he's a "grown adult"? kek

No. 1608322

quite literally a vulnerable adult

No. 1610484

On her old Twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/helenakerschner/with_replies?lang=en (https://archive.ph/WApLB) she was very much into normie topics such as Nicki Minaj and Harry Styles. This wasn’t long before she got sucked into Tumblr trans ideology so she abandoned it. But it looks like she’s always wanted a trend to follow.

No. 1610950

He's back. He's such an attention whore he couldn't stay away even for the sake of his gf. He claims he isn't gay but this confirms it. He's in denial.

No. 1611246

looks like his girlfriends account is still gone kek how is she surviving without autistic male attention?? Obviously her gay boyfriend's attention isn't enough for her.

No. 1613664

I didn't expect to see her here, nonna, but didn't she become Muslim and not Christian? Whatever is the case she went batshit insane with religion lol.

As much as I hate Usul' greasyness he was the one enabling her and then broke up with her because he's straight. Play tranny games with tranny prices.

I wish the French lolcow thread was more alive, but the only speaking about them are scrotes on JVC. If someday I feel like spending my whole weekend typing I'll do huge posts about those French cows with documents and all

No. 1632321

Daisy had a baby

No. 1632426

Congratulations to her.

No. 1632500

Peak husbando material IMO

No. 1632515

stay away from my nigel

No. 1632548

eh to be fair at least he's a man trying to fix the fucked up boys rather than leaving it to the women like the men in the replies, while still clearly stating that it impacts women at a larger rate

No. 1632560

won't the baby be fucked up due to all the hormones she took

No. 1632791

I know that testosterone use during pregnancy can make a male fetus more impulsive in life, but she hasn't been on testosterone in a over a year so I don't know how her son will be like.

No. 1633348

This is probably a tard question but would she be able to breastfeed after having the titchop?

No. 1633385

Detrans woman Jalisa (formerly Tyince on YouTube or Being) who was featured on kalvin garrahs channel before she privated all her videos and disappeared from social media is back on youtube and discussing her detransition. I dont think she’s a cow but I felt it was most appropriate to post here.

No. 1633394

there's >>>/g/230474 if you want to post there

No. 1633400

AYRT, thank you nona

No. 1633499

No, not if her breast tissue is gone.

No. 1633582

ngl i’m so tired of detrans people complaining that gcs call their bodies ruined and mutilated. sorry but they are, that’s the entire reason why you have 20k followers and everyone feels so sorry for you kek. it’s still a cult mindset they’re stuck in, they still want to dictate how ppl feel about their bodies.

No. 1633865

I can imagine that making such permanent decisions without realizing the consequences is very hard to live with and I don’t see any reason to mock them for feeling hurt to this degree.

No. 1633902

it’s not mocking them for feeling horrible. of course they do. it’s that some of them turn around and bitch at people who are horrified by what they’ve done to themselves. it doesn’t help anyone to downplay what they’ve done to their bodies. it’s ugly, painful stuff. the fact of the matter is that elective double “gender-affirming” mastectomies are mutilation. i will continue to call it mutilation bc girls who are considering doing this need to hear what it is in clear non-euphemistic terms.

No. 1634216

This MtF detranser I found has quickly become a favorite personal cow. He got the neovag and completely acknowledges that it was a huge mistake. Maybe I need to just watch more videos to get the full lore but does anyone know wtf this accent is?

No. 1634231

Bulgarian/albanian? Some predominantly Islamic country in Eastern Europe. Why is he a cow to you?

No. 1634256


how is he a cow? he isn't trying to be one of the "good ones" like Blair white. he's not acting like a stereotypical tranny incel you find on Twitter. He seems to accept himself and the fact he is a male who likes feminine things. Unless there is more to it idk. The accent sounds European but I'm not sure from where exactly.

No. 1634283

File: 1662190834210.jpg (137.99 KB, 493x474, Screenshot_20220903-173655_Chr…)

lol, I love the cat mask while he tries to give serious opinions

No. 1634314

i thought he was from Sweden

No. 1634515

He says he’s from Bulgaria.

No. 1634731

He is kind of basic for a detrans person. He still looks up to “good” trans people.

No. 1635296


Detransitioned, got married, and had a kid within a span of 2 years. That was really quick, she didn't even know Jason for long either, but decided to get married and have a kid right after she detransitioned and graduated college. Hope she knows what she's doing.

No. 1635363

Bitch is that the Homelander

No. 1636735


She's already having a kid? Holy shit, she got married to a dude she dated for only a year.

No. 1636745

Doesn't surprise me, the people who fall for trans ideology are generally people who easily and quickly get sucked into things. Lots of detrans people just get stuck in another cult, at least she's forming a family.

No. 1636752

I actually like this dude as far as detrans people go. He started off detransitioning and identified as non binary, but after comments called him out for it he quickly realized that was stupid as well and went fully back to being male. He now advocates for good ol' gender non-conformity and keeps looking feminine because that's the aesthetic likes. He realized that he can like having long hair and makeup and that doesn't in any way make him female, which is helpful to peak handmaideny normies who think any feminine trait makes a man trans. People take men more seriously (even when they pretend to think they're totally real women) so detrans male voices reach normies more easily than the females.

No. 1636963


Sure, but still, detransitioning, getting married, and then having a kid in just 2 years seems kind of quick, don't you think? She's already becoming a stay at home mom under 25. Even I wasn't ready to become a parent at her age. Hope she knows what she's doing and compatible with her husband despite only dating him for a year.

No. 1637006

Meanwhile, Elle had two abortions.

No. 1637015


I thought she only had 1? When did she get the 2nd?


Forming a family with a dude she only knew for a year, having a kid with at 24, and fully financially dependent on him. Interesting foundation.

No. 1637027

No. 1637066


Damn, another abortion right after the first 1. I wouldn't want to have kids in her position either. Once you have a kid, you don't have free time anymore.

No. 1637142

I agree with the others, he's not really a cow at all. He acknowledges that he fucked up his body and advocates hardly to advise guys to not get SRS as well as learn that just because he likes to look feminine and has feminine interests, that doesn't make him a woman. And unlike Blaire White, he actually accepts himself for who he is.

The only noteworthy thing I remember he did was that he played a part in getting TT Exulansic's channel taken down when he and small fanbase he had back when he was still identifying as trans false flapped her video commentary on him and her channel. I know that some people here don't like TT Exulansic but I think that her content was valuable because she was the only one who went into depth on just how ridiculous and life ruining "phalloplasties" and "vaginoplasties" actually are. So yeah, I didn't think he was cool for that.

But as mentioned, he since realized and accepted the truth about biological sex and is warning others to not get their genitals hacked up.

No. 1637171

In this old video he talks about getting the surgery.

No. 1637219

Yep and it's pretty fucked lol.

No. 1637681

A lot of people detransition without dealing with the issues that lead to them transitioning in the first place.

That Limpida guy is a great example of that. He transitioned in an attempt to transmaxx, realised that wasn't a solution, but never dealt with his incel attitude that led to him transitioning in the first place. So he's just constantly spouting a bunch on incel rhetoric and homophobia.

No. 1637739


Yeah, at least she's starting a family with a guy she barely knows while she's in a cult

No. 1638643

the same conversion therapy supported in "gender critical" parent facebook groups and certain books they promote.

No. 1638668

Not saying she made the smartest decision there, just had a specific detrans person going to an actual literal cult in mind. Compared to that just having a child seems like a normal thing to do

No. 1638823


She's a Jordan Peterson stan, she's on her way there, or already there but we don't see it

No. 1638840

I know a detrans lesbian who says she hates the book "Irreversible Damage" because the author talks about how the lesbianism that many of her subjects have "is a phase" that they will "grow out of".

No. 1638859

Not to say that all lesbianism is a phase because it's not at all, but I know a ton of fakebois who were "lesbians" until they were fakebois, then they were bisexual, then they were gay men (straight women) when they went on testosterone.

No. 1638879

Usually that's to appear "truu trans" to psych and parents, not something they genuinely believe. They often lie and sell the typical HSTS story, because other wise they wouldn't get hormones and surgeries. They get coaxed in trans communities on how to do it. I wouldn't describe that as a "lesbian phase", rather than fraud lol

No. 1638929

The fakebois I knew genuinely thought they were lesbians. That's my secondhand experience with the "fakeboi lesbian" phase. They would think they were lesbians before they started wearing binders. When they got a binder and cut their hair short they'd all do the "I was actually bi the whole time! Being a man has made me comfortable in my sexuality!" And then they would go on T and they'd come out as a straight woman in the most roundabout way. I don't think many of these zoomer TIFs are both retarded enough to fall for the tranny meme and also conniving enough to convince health professionals that they truly are men trapped in women's bodies with the lesbianism (you know what I mean, the trutrans shit) especially since health professionals will offer mastectomies and testosterone if you even mention hating your tits. I'm sure that there are plenty who do lie about it to get "gender affirming" care, though. But if they can be convinced that they were ACTUALLY meant to be the opposite sex and god did a big whoopsie, they can be convinced that they're gay/bisexual when they're straight. It's all the same thing, internet poisoning.

No. 1638962

>I don't think many of these zoomer TIFs are both retarded enough to fall for the tranny meme and also conniving enough to convince health professionals that they truly are men trapped in women's bodies with the lesbianism (you know what I mean, the trutrans shit) especially since health professionals will offer mastectomies and testosterone if you even mention hating your tits.
They don't do it on their own, they basically get coached online on how to fill in the forms. It doesn't matter how easy it really is, because they are fed a persecution fantasy. So then they listen to the TikToks and people on Discord telling them exactly what to tell the psychiatrist. Sometimes they'll fill in the forms literally in discord and go over every question with the entire group. Like that is all there is to the convincing really, filling in forms and giving standard answers during the handful of sessions. You could practically rip the "classical signs of being trans", straight from that mermaids org website before and repeat them verbatim. So yeah they will jump through extra hoops and lie unnecessarily. Also are you sure they think they're actually gay men, or do they think they are a gay man because they are dating another TiF? Kek.

No. 1639257

I don't blame him for that, I think he is just a nice person and is grateful for any support he gets after being attacked by the TRA mob after changing sides. With so many detrans people turning back to traditional gender roles and looks it's refreshing to see a male detrans embrace his gender non conformity. It's also hilarious to see all the fake GCs and other idiots in his comments asking why he keeps his hair long and why he still wears makeup.

The only thing that's absolutely weird to me is that his ex husband he's taking care of is around 80 years old and he himself is apparently around 30, that age difference is such a red flag. Especially considering that their marriage must have been years ago. At least doesn't make the ex look good.

Exulansic is also a Peterson stan which is really wild

No. 1639311

>It's also hilarious to see all the fake GCs and other idiots in his comments asking why he keeps his hair long and why he still wears makeup.

This is so true. It really bewilders me when I see self-proclaimed GCs dog on men who unironically own looking feminine by their choosing to have long hair, makeup, and dresses. Isn't this part of what they want? To have gender nonconforming men and women own themselves and continue to be true to themselves without pretending to be the opposite sex?
I also agree that it's refreshing to see someone like ShapeShifter who escaped the troon cult but yet still chooses to true to what he likes and prefers for himself. This isn't to say that the detransitioners who go back to following gender roles are being fake but I just think it's nice to also see the reverse.

>The only thing that's absolutely weird to me is that his ex husband he's taking care of is around 80 years old and he himself is apparently around 30, that age difference is such a red flag.

I'm pretty sure that old guy is his sugar daddy. He's more than likely the one who was paying for his surgeries. And I think I saw in one of his comments that they have an open relationship and he (Shapeshifter) meets up with other guys.

No. 1639323

this gives me mixed feelings. I've seen a few of her videos & she seemed intelligent & well spoken, but this coupled with the transition arc kinda seals the deal she's a bit of an idiot kek. she talks about how hormonal birth control made her suicidal, and I empathize, I don't wanna take birth control either. But she wasn't on anything when she got pregnant the 2nd time… what about condoms? Or pulling out? Idk I won't ramble anymore but on some level, this astounds me

No. 1639762

Actually, he’s Turkish-Persian.

No. 1640028

I feel the same way. I always thought she was one of the less cowish detrans youtubers and pretty smart. But not using protection? Girl…
Does anyone have any milk on what she's like off youtube?

No. 1640193

He calls him his sugar daddy but that's more of a meme because people were speculating. There is probably some truth to it because Shapeshifter is obviously living off his boyfriends' money except he has a rich family which I doubt. He seems to not have worked for a longer time and his current boyfriend obviously has money (he bought a house for them). I don't know if he's in an open relationship, I only know of the guy with the cat mask currently and his poly relationship came to an end last year or so. Overall he seems restless but the relationship stuff is not really milky. He even talked about wanting to be a trophy wife when he was still thinking he's a woman which is messed up

No. 1640641

The whole sugar daddy thing was a joke. Shapeshifter is autistic and polyamorous and as much as I find polyamorousity gross he does really seems to like the people he dates to the point of keeping in touch with his elderly ex husband even when he gains nothing of it (neither sex or money). Honestly the autism kind of explains his weird life choices. I swear 90% of detransers are on the spectrum, they're simultaneously dumb enough to fall for trans ideology and then smart enough to be the ones to get out of it.

No. 1640867

He says he's bisexual and not gay. If that's true, than I guess it's all good as he also has the ability to be into shes.

What is the oddest is how much she fetishizes being autistic. It's as if she doesn't care that most ASD cases are way more debilitated than she is.

No. 1641004

File: 1662567742401.png (1.07 MB, 750x1334, BDD25CD1-AC4F-4C17-B15B-8E4D37…)

Some TRA site made an article about Helena and a bunch of other detrans people:

No. 1641014

What is this picture kek

No. 1641015

Oh okay, thanks for the clarification. I admit I haven't seen all of his videos, I've only seen a handful of them and some of his community posts that popped up in my feed after watching said video and there was one where he said "Spending time with my sugar daddy" so I just assumed lol.
I didn't know he came from a rich family neither, that makes some sense as well and perhaps maybe his parents helped fund his surgeries then. I just found it odd seeing him in these fancy looking places and wondering how he could pay for all of it himself when he doesn't seem to have a job.

>He even talked about wanting to be a trophy wife when he was still thinking he's a woman which is messed up

Well that explains the overly done makeup and all that then lol. But I hope when he peaked, he realized how sexist a thought like that is towards women.

>Autism and trans ideology

Yeah this is true. Autistic people tend to overly fixate on things and "gender identity" can be one of them.

No. 1641043

That’s supposed to be Helena.

No. 1641723

File: 1662600389158.png (916.04 KB, 750x1334, A2E4FD6D-632B-42A1-829D-6592FA…)

No. 1642120


Read the article, lol I knew she was a rich kid. How else was she able to be close to an informed consent clinic and be able to afford T right after her 18th birthday?

No. 1642150

Isaac/Bryan has been skitzing out on YouTube again. Telling his subscribers he hates them and they’re evil and for people to unsubscribe. He’s lost a few hundred followers but it was not enough so he posted another video to sperg out more and compare himself to god.

No. 1642153

File: 1662642172228.jpeg (265.7 KB, 750x997, 5F29E960-3BE7-403C-A890-DBA4A3…)

6.05k subscribers and he had 1000 more before the last two videos. Really not a bad effort considering the view count.

No. 1642171

Thanks for the update, kek he cut his hair. That guy is so insufferable, I wish all the boomer women in his comments would get the message and leave.

No. 1642299


What the fuck is wrong with this guy? You would think that after he de-trooned himself, he'd be better but he just comes off like a deranged psycho.

Honestly now that we have someone like Shapeshifter who doesn't mind spilling the beans of what the trans cult is like from a de-trans MTF perspective, we really don't need this tool anymore and why anyone is humoring him is beyond me when it's clearhe's just a nutjob.

No. 1642369

The elderly sugar daddy is bisexual and apparently they were in a romantic relationship.

No. 1642427

I'm honestly surprised so many are still actively watching him that still around 1000 leave due to his meltdowns. This pattern has been happening so often, he did this even before he got bigger with his therapist video.
His remaining supporters must be braindead or something. They seem to think he's some genius troll and that they get his humor kek. He isn't funny at all when he's spiralling (he was somewhat funny when he was less crazy and exposing the trans cult). The women probably think his misogyny is just an act or they don't care because they're some type of Manson cult follower. It's bizzare that you can be just obviously hateful and there's still people who want to see the good in you.

What also baffles me is that none of them question his drug abuse (I mean the remaining ones because I guess the ones who did left). So many of his issues come from abusing drugs and it's even worse to take this many drugs with the mental issues he has. Also he's a shut in (which is probably better for society) so no wonder he's so fucking depressed all the time and has this weird hatred for everyone. People who still comment must be the biggest doormats because he lashes out at anyone daring to criticize hin.

It was funny watching his countless meltdowns and finding out that he likes trannys and dated them but it got boring really quickly. He is just useless.

No. 1642429

He is from Bulgaria.

No. 1642997

File: 1662686847201.jpeg (77.39 KB, 750x693, 023AB742-4019-4C0D-8909-0534DF…)

Lipstick Alley talking about Helena’s racism in a forum about detransitioners.

No. 1643104

They're right

No. 1643146

I can't make heads or tails of what she's saying.

No. 1643148

Isaac’s is replaying to the majority of his YouTube comments the deleting the reply straight away kek

No. 1643198

i forgot this retard is still alive… maybe i should start bothering him again(cowtipping)

No. 1643269

That's just what he wants, judging from his behaviour the worst thing for him would be no attention at all

It doesn't make any sense

No. 1643572

File: 1662743069247.jpeg (162.86 KB, 750x742, D70159BC-D523-485E-B316-3FB5DA…)

No. 1643606

in a hypothetical scenario, a black person decided their pronouns were nigger/nigself or some shit. white people would be racist for referring to the black person using their pronouns because it's the n-word, but if they used other pronouns like they/them it would be transphobic. Stupid and obnoxious to even bother posting this shit, plenty of genderists don't even respect neopronouns.

No. 1643658

That pic you mentioned is so wrong though, everyone clowns on white women and girls as bitchy, lame, oppressive Trumpies. It's pretty much the go-to group to hate for years now, even for white men. The picture you posted is from LSA right? Every board including the feminist one is full of hate/mockery of white women. Maybe if LSA cleaned it up then they could pretend that they have nothing to do with making being a white woman 'uncool' but their forum being full of it makes whatever point they're trying to make moot.

No. 1643693

To me it sounds like the stupid attack helicopter meme but in a more retarded way, it's just unnecessary and doesn't sound smart

No. 1643728

I was born white but am trans-nigger(you were born retarded)

No. 1643859

>barely any sjw were actually nonwhite back in the day
lmao no the movement has always been extremely white

No. 1646753

File: 1663033851353.png (607.82 KB, 1125x2436, C103096D-2DEC-41D1-9C8D-7A3469…)

So Isaac or Brian stuedell is going on a schizopilled rant

No. 1646756

So he’s starting a discord cult? Interesting

No. 1646758

Yes Isaac is starting a cult. I was curious if his outbursts were the same on discord as they are on YouTube.
Isaac is a gay man and in denial. He goes into spouts of hating everyone who joins the discord and calls them narcissists. I’ll attach more screenshots soon when he goes crazy again. He normally deletes everything after the first 5 min of breaking down. But I learned a lot of things that explains his behavior, he had a male lover a few weeks ago and was emotionally abusive towards them.

No. 1646928

And this is a person who mental health professionals and "gender therapists" thought was mentally well and stable enough to go through with transitioning.
He's a classic example of going from the gender cult to another cult pipeline, but with the twist being his narcissism makes him appoint himself the cult leader.

No. 1647133

please actually post them and not just announce it anon! Yeah he's definitely a closeted gay.

No. 1651815

File: 1663687511986.jpeg (183.21 KB, 750x1052, 34CECEBF-8785-4A92-8ECF-275788…)

Sage for old but the PRP explains why they split up.

No. 1654433

Isaac made his first e-begging video. I'm guessing he's having trouble paying off debts from bad crypto investments.

Get a job, Isaac. It will do you a world of good, both financially and mentally.

No. 1654497

anon I don't think you read that correctly

No. 1654513

holy shit the dark circle eyes

No. 1654551

It’s ironic that Narcissa was Isaac’s old big massive crush cuz this is totally his theme song https://youtu.be/sDGYviQwiGo

No. 1654672

Gilbert Gottfried looking pretty good here!

No. 1654702

Considering he's dead, is that a compliment, and to whom? Kek

No. 1655222

There's something nice about how ugly he's gotten kek

No. 1656811

File: 1664061607076.jpeg (60 KB, 936x499, 01F76F88-C710-4363-A4D4-9D82C2…)

No. 1656981

File: 1664071872142.jpg (884.27 KB, 2944x2208, tits parted by moses himself.j…)

while i do agree that shape is probably the most sane detransitioner, since he acknowledges that hes male and he isnt running to get 3942359325832surgeries to change himself, i think its hilarious how he thinks testosterone has no effect on him. testosterone builds muscle even if you dont exercise and by seeing how his tits are parted, im sure some pec-muscles have been built by being on testosterone.

No. 1657355

Even the "sane" trannies/detrannies are delusional. He looked masculine as fuck in Blaire's interview.

No. 1657626

kek perfect filename

No. 1657666

I agree that freshly 18 and arguably everyone under 25 (due to brain development) is at risk for social contagion, but 30? Really? I feel like if you get caught up in that in your late 20s-30s then that's kind of on you.

No. 1666870

Helena also changes the narrative of her experiences a lot too. As a radfem member of the PRP, she and the other members made a video about their experiences. Arielle Scarcella and Storm Ryan made a response video to the video, where they assumed that the PRP members were snowflake straight girls who transitioned because they wanted to be special. Helena made a Twitter response to Arielle, telling her that she trooned out due to gender dysphoria, not due to identity politics. But a few years later, as a conservative, Helena said that she trooned out due to identity politics.

No. 1669590

eh I kind of agree. people have breakdowns in their 20s because they realize they've achieved nothing, are still miserable, don't have a life plan or the dream job they thought they'd have as kids, and they are now "old" so they troon out

No. 1669944

I noticed with a lot of detransitioners online is that they make being detrans their entire personality, much like how trans people make being trans their entire personality.

No. 1670851

Well yeah, what else can they do with their lives? It's not like people like Helena or Ritchie have any kind of skills. Might as well make money off their detransition & shitting on trans people

No. 1671060

duh, these are public-facing activist accounts where they politicize their experiences. they're not going to talk about movies and random shit on them.

No. 1671334

NTA but the ones that are not activists are like this, too. The detrans subreddit practically looks like any other tranny sub since most of the posters still seem obsessed with surgery and chasing an ideal self. Instead of seeking out help to understand why they had their breasts removed (or whatever it is they did), they decide they need to get breast implants to be themselves again. It’s like FTMTF absurdity. Self-acceptance is a foreign concept.

No. 1671416

i don't keep up with r/detrans regularly, it is bad if most people are all funneled into seeking more cosmetic procedures instead of accepting their changed bodies. however, i assume as a support space filled with people who have recently detransitioned and is probably the first landing spot for many, it's natural they will be obsessive for some time as they process their experiences.
>Instead of seeking out help to understand why they had their breasts removed (or whatever it is they did)
that's the problem, there is little to no real help available due to gender orthodoxy and they're stuck on their own or these kind of internet communities that are unhealthy in their own ways.

No. 1671466

I noticed a lot of detrans women become tradwives. They marry the first guy they're with and immediately have kids. Now they're all feminine and being a traditional woman. Not a lot of them express masculine traits. It's like they went from one extreme to another extreme. They're not showing that women can also be masculine.

No. 1671469

That's kinda because if there's any masculinity left, it's not seen as a successful detransition and you don't get nearly as much praise for it.

No. 1671474

Doesn't sound like they're breaking boxes. Sounds like they just reinforced the boxes themselves.

No. 1671485

The point isn't to break boxes for them. They don't care about breaking gender norms. The reality is that nobody will praise them for detransitioning or even consider it proper detransitioning, if they are still masculine. A butch lesbian who detransitioned isn't going to get the same praise and attention as a tradwife who detransitoned, because the former is seen as practically the same as a TiF by normies. People will also scrutinize them more and see any sign of masculinity as a risk factor of "slipping back" or whatever. They treat it more like an addiction and the hyperfeminine tradwife is abstinent from it and any woman who is still masculine is seen as an ex-addict who still dabbles in what they were addicted to.

No. 1671494

Depends on where you look, a lot of transed girls were butch lesbians and they simply detrans back to butch lesbians. But that's not as beautifully tragic and media friendly as when a cute girl goes to moustache guy and then back to tragically hurt cute girl. People still hate butch lesbians so they don't get any attention.

No. 1672074

Because there is no such thing as "detransition". Once a troon always a troon.

No. 1672396

>detrans now simping over Matt Walsh and his pro-chomo child pregnancy stance
Of course. It's hard to fight back against the troon accusation of radfems and detrans being in the same camp as conservatives when they will not fucking stop slobbering all over conservative knobs at the slightest opportunity. I guess it's not surprising that the women who were 'tarded enough to think they had to chop their tits off to wear shorts are also 'tarded enough to suck up to the guys who think they're walking incubator-maids, kek

No. 1672800

That’s probably why so many gay detransitioners retransition. They don’t feel like they detransitioned enough to be accepted as a detransitioner.

No. 1673115

Da fuck? Where did you find detrans simping over Matt Walsh's pro chomo teen pregnancy stance?

No. 1673120

TBH most detrans people end up retransitioning cuz they had no support in the first place(learn2sage)

No. 1673217

do you have a source on that

No. 1673321

I don't think this is true, most detrans people fall off from all statistics because they no longer count as trans, while the on-off trans people stay in it. But it's true that there's basically no support for them, the trans community and doctors shun them and they're too embarrassed to talk about their mistakes.

No. 1674001


it used to come up a lot on the detrans reddit that the problem with virtually all the statistics on detrans is that generally detrans people stop engaging with the clinics and don't do follow up interviews.

The clinics don't really want to say "These people up and left and we don't know what happened to them." so everything is just cobbled together from the few who stay in contact even if this leads to data that only involves a dozen or so people.

Another thing that happens a lot is using meta analysis to manufacture seemingly credible conclusions out of multiple bad or inconclusive studies. I feel like half the reason I ended up here is because in my TRA days I found this stuff interesting enough to sit and really read into it and it was just pliff.

No. 1676727

File: 1665928572258.png (1.33 MB, 2584x2276, detroon lolcow.png)

this ritchie dude was always sus to me.. what did he mean with radfems are a psyop?

No. 1676763

File: 1665932318485.png (58.66 KB, 772x434, Screenshot 2022-10-16 at 16-57…)

No, she's a christian and is trying to get into far-right movements such as Collectif Némesis, that she follows on her socials.

She seem pretty mentally ill, but what she described about how women are treated in the far-left movements is pretty on point. That her value was based pretty much on how willing to have sex with influencial scrotes she was.
I feel bad for her, but these types never really recover. She used to have a blog talking about this, but it's now deleted. Here is a link on the web archive : http://web.archive.org/web/20220223190012/https://alicevendeaume.wordpress.com/2022/02/23/lumineuse/

No. 1676769

Source: your ass

No. 1676834

he probably means we're totally a psyop to divide "real causes"
tons of male leftists basically see any feminism at all as a psyop to "divide the cause"

No. 1676986

leftist moids do that just fine on their own kek

No. 1677742

File: 1666029909093.jpeg (139.17 KB, 750x793, DAB8D527-CDF4-448C-A38F-B7CA97…)

Ritchie is good friends with Limpida.

No. 1677848

whaaaat Olly Plum became a tradthot?

On a besoin d'un thread sur les LC françaises !

No. 1678415

No. 1678477

Somebody that knows her says that she flunked high school and that she and her boyfriend cheat on each other a lot. It was in the 17th TIF thread.

No. 1680276

for some reason leftist moids seem to think that women are inherently bourgeoisie like poor and working class women don't exist to them

No. 1685510

Not to mention how close she is to the medical world. Her mother, who she put on blast for not wanting her to troon out, works at a health clinic and must have gotten her access to testosterone, so she has close connections to the medical community.

No. 1687744

File: 1667033288978.png (884.99 KB, 1125x2436, 019F3F5D-4500-49A5-A8CE-8217E5…)

No. 1687746

File: 1667033347927.png (1.45 MB, 1125x2436, CE97B578-6878-4F75-BB95-C5C108…)

Isaac is pretending like he didn’t want narcissa

No. 1687756

he could just make a video on him anyway, he probably is trying to find some new content ideas

No. 1688731

Oli london jumped on the detrans train already, wonder if it was his plan all along.

No. 1688744

Of course it was. He’s a psyop.

No. 1688773

He never "transitioned" kek he's a troll

No. 1688825

I wish he'd stayed longer, he only just started pointing out how trans isn't different from blackface and didn't let people swim in their confusion long enough for them to think about what they were saying in my opinion. Now they'll just act like he was playing trans instead of the point that everyone is just playing trans. Appreciate the game while it was being played though, I hope he peaked people

No. 1689195


Necro but I've got a point to make ig

males with CAIS, and PAIS are intersex. their bodies are insensitive to male hormones so they end up developing a "female phenotype". they still have testes, which can herniate and need to be removed.

CAIS "women" are socialized as female and essentially indistinguishable from them. intersex males with PAIS, on the other hand vary in appearance.

there was some controversy about this stuff during the 80s when it was found that males with interstex disorders that gave them no physical advantage like CAIS were overrepresented in elite sports (after they were all required to undergo testing) and for some reason they were disqualified or something because of confusion.

it is interesting to see that biological males would be attracted to competitive sports, though. it's just another blow to the dumb radfem argument that males with interstex disorders are for all intents and purposes women and that questioning whether an intersex male with internal testes who underwent male puberty has an unfair advantage is "misogynoir", imo. I'm always dumbfounded when feminists confuse or conflate males w CAIS with intersex males who have functional testes. I was confused myself for a while because I had no idea what the fuck they were talking about.




No. 1689724

Males are biologically different at fetal stage already. XY fetuses consume about 25% more resources.

I wonder if this applies to CAIS women, which would explain the elite sports thing. However, it could be because they're infertile and therefore unlikely to gimp themselves with early marriage.

No. 1690957

File: 1667318113329.jpeg (309.24 KB, 750x1254, A0586AB5-0FC1-4264-9C49-08B771…)

This story is a bit old but this former TIM:
>was bullied for being gay
>got addicted to gay male porn and drugs
>decided he was trans after clicking on a trans porn video
>the doctors affirmed him and gave him hormones and he transitioned
>being trans made his drug addiction and depression worse
>after getting sober and getting a job, he didn’t want to be trans anymore
>he started listening to Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan and decided to detransition

No. 1691765

So he transitioned from retard to retard kek

No. 1691816


What is it with detrans and Jordan Peterson?

No. 1691831

Retarded pornrotted moids are incapable of introspection, so they conclude that what made them troon out was a lack of muh skulinity, chemtrails, gay frogs or whatever it is ersatz e-daddies teach their paypigs. You can't expect someone retarded enough to become a troon to also have the braincells to understand why.

Also, standard moid mental ironwall preventing them from confronting their sexually malleable and inherently degenerate nature. Rather than admitting that he as a male can be coomed into anything (trooning isn't even the worst of it), his narcissistic defenses are telling him to pursue another feel-good cult that will blame the wamminz and da jooz, not him.

No. 1691845

File: 1667413069814.webm (4.4 MB, 270x480, jordan_peterson_doesnt_agree-b…)

Eh I'd rather someone listen to jordan peterson(as cringe as he maybe) then coom and troon out, I'm not praising peterson like the nonna in the celebricows thread, but I'd say(regrettably) there's no one else in the "mainstream" culture that's telling young people that excessive masturbation fucks up their mental health, so many libfems I know don't see anything wrong with porn and if you were to go the mainstream left or alt-left you'd find people further encouraging them to have coomer fetishes

No. 1691851

interesting considering his secret lover ben shapiro is still in the closet about her gender.

No. 1691911

kek wut? you mean shapiro is a TIM?

No. 1691927

I think it's the schitzo anon who thinks celebrities are all trannies

No. 1691973

You're absolutely correct. They refuse to take responsibility for their behaviour/actions and would rather spin conspiracy and magical thought after magical thought, like the magical thought of initially thinking their the opposite sex, then the magical thought of it being because muh muhskulinity and chemicals in the water shit, then acknowledge their degeneracy and try to be less degen because it means not being self serving and hedonistic and not being egotistical self perceived god king.

No. 1691995

no shapiro is a tif and pegs jodran petereson from time to time. Its a open secret.

No. 1692207


That guy was 22 when he started transitioning. He could have gotten help from another therapist to work on his substance abuse. But no, it's his doctors and the transes fault that he made the decision to go to an informed consent clinic, kept seeing that therapist who insisted he was trans (look into that, sometimes people misinterpret advice to mean something else), & kept doing the trans thing until 31. Sorry but no, you made that choice, that's your responsibility. That's no one else's fault but your own.

No. 1692612

lmao. Isaac should just own his past and embrace his gayness. Or if he's bisexual who cares. It would be less embarrassing than pretending to be straight.

oof these people can't come to any decisions or conclusions on their own. I always wonder how you can live like that.

No. 1694009

File: 1667605227798.jpg (115.56 KB, 999x1200, Fgwbt90WAAI6qe7.jpg)

Isaac got back on Twitter, and he's having a totally normal one.

No. 1694010

oh wow
so he's picking fights with tifs now lol?

No. 1694011

Kek, the dick chop is finally getting to his head. I give him 2 years maximum.

No. 1694015

File: 1667605707427.jpeg (240.62 KB, 750x729, 1AD58D12-986E-4FA7-83FE-C2D074…)

Imagine getting this set off by someone not liking your voice. What a fragile little shit.

No. 1694052

Isaac's Twitter skitzout continues.

No. 1694054

File: 1667608044559.png (130.66 KB, 1170x454, Screen Shot 2022-11-04 at 6.26…)

No. 1694257

The Aarons are little bitches, I'll give him that lmao.

Don't think he got the chop, just took estrogen and grew the generic troontits.(sage)

No. 1694680

Isaac is such a sexy fucking retard. I want to fuck him then shove his face into a pie.

No. 1694710

i think you should castrate yourself for that statement

No. 1695346

What the fuck, from his Youtube I thought he was having a "normal" period right now. I guess he never disappoints in being a creepy psychopath

No. 1695348

File: 1667755728456.jpg (89.38 KB, 752x653, twittersperg.JPG)

Samefagging to add more from the Twitter beef. Aaron has since deleted her original tweet. I agree with the other anon about the Aarons and it's hilarious that TIFs with their frog voices comment on other people's voices, but Isaacs responses are hilariously aggressive

No. 1695444

I find him attractive too. We can't help it, nona.

No. 1695447

Does the horse piss estrogen TiMs take do anything to alter their voice?

No. 1695452

God, Issac is so hot. I want him to berate me like that in bed. I can fix him, I know I can.

No. 1695530

No. Their voices remain the same pitch.

No. 1695597

Once testosterone deepens your voice, it stays like that forever

No. 1695785

His aggression is unhinged and hilarious, it's nice to have someone openly clap back at troons kek

It might be part of his autoimmune condition making it painful to speak loudly or something, he sounds like a regular man just very soft spoken

No. 1696029

Daisy talks about giving her infant son formula.

No. 1698967

File: 1668351606294.png (41.58 KB, 712x261, unknown-44.png)

I was told this fits better here.

No. 1698996

i thought this was both hilarious, depressing and true and then got to the harry styles part and lmao idk which emotion this is

No. 1699033

Oli has been based for a while now. it’s so funny watching TRAs go rabid because he’s claimed to be transracial.

No. 1699042

all while still sharting about "respecting THEIR pronouns even though THEY are a bad person!!"

No. 1699110

Don’t you mean “shouting”.

No. 1699112

I mean both.

No. 1699151

Average moid "society e muh skulated me into trooning out to look like a twink"

No. 1699272

I'm pretty sure that most boys are naturally masculine, and he's just naturally effeminate.

No. 1699278

most males are naturally annoying.

what are u even defining as "masculine"? anti-social tendencies?

No. 1699288

"Masculine" describes the behaviors that are associated with males.

No. 1699289

which vary depending on time and culture so how are they "natural"

No. 1699310

Males are more likely to like some things, and females are more likely to like other things.

No. 1699346

socially constructed gender norms existing =/= masculinity/femininity are innate

a lot of behaviors boil down to socialization and the fact that girls' behavior is constrained more than boys'is

No. 1699503

again, each of those things vary depending on the time and culture

No. 1699533

>a lot of behaviors boil down to socialization and the fact that girls' behavior is constrained more than boys'is
nta, of course that's true as well, but male and female brains develop differently. They naturally mostly overlap, but those subtle differences still make a difference. Consider things like how if you give a woman testosterone she gets more aggressive, grows more body hair and muscles, while those higher testosterone levels are a natural masculine trait that they've had since before birth. The differences in our bodies have never been dependant on time and culture, and those differences naturally affect us even at a basic neutral state. Beards have never been considered a feminine trait no matter what style of beard or if shaven/unshaven is the cultural norm (just to use a physical example)

No. 1699635

File: 1668442236568.jpeg (371.93 KB, 769x940, 261DCE80-5612-48D5-92EA-DBCAED…)

He was on Tucker Carlson last week. I think Oli’s a troll too but not sure how he’s a psyop. At one point he said that weak men are now idolized like Beta O’Rorke and Harry Styles kek. I agreed with Oli on a few different points but if he wasn’t already a red flag, the fact he mentioned Beto was a smack in the face. I think the only use of him as a psyop would be to show people what can happen if they go completely off their rocker.

No. 1699645

You're thinking of maleness, not masculinity and whatever retarded collection of neuroses it entails in any given culture. Aggression and status seeking are maleness. Being a scholarly dweeb (Confucian cultures), loud screeching emotional faggot (Islamic cultures) or college sportsball rapist (America) are all "masculinities". All of them exist in relation to women and mean absolutely nothing outside of that context.

No. 1700306

>You're thinking of maleness, not masculinity
I feel like you're trying to make some arbitrary point that doesn't matter or make sense just to make some sort of "culture is made up, nothing is real" argument. They're not as separate as you seem to think.

No. 1700329

It's so annoying that detrans women keep saying shit like "omg you have no idea how angry testosterone makes you, men have it SO hard" and the males say "estrogen kills your sex drive 100% and makes you cry ALL the time". None of them ever take into consideration that a real male body is made to handle higher testosterone levels, and a female one to handle the estrogen levels - and neither to handle the wrong sex hormones. They still have no idea what it's like to be the opposite sex, they aren't any closer to knowing than they were before HRT. And in a lot of cases these people are/were on a higher dose than even natural for real men/women because being on the "lower end" is never enough for them, nor is the injections done in a way that mimics real production of hormones. A man with twice the testosterone than he naturally has gets fucked up too. Just bugs me that they keep spreading it even after getting out of the trans cult

No. 1700575

I feel like you believe that men organically have the traits they like to imagine they have.

No. 1702381

I don’t think that this girl is a lolcow but I really wish that the left wing media would do more interviews with detransitioners so that they wouldn’t end up appearing in media outlets such as Fox News.

No. 1703055

File: 1668801974694.jpg (62.64 KB, 720x385, Screenshot_20221118-135915_Twi…)

The detrans pickme and her gay bf's relationship doesn't seem that great when you notice every other week he's posting vague tweets about their shitty relationship and love isn't real, then posting tweets like this next day like nothing happened.

No. 1703086

the girl in this video is mature and well-spoken, especially for her age, and i wish she would be platformed to a wider audience. it sucks that right-wing media will happily platform detransitioners, and of course the detransitioners will do any interviews they can to get their stories out there, while left-wing media will just keep pretending that they don't exist, because ultimately the right-wing interviews aren't that effective in raising awareness - if you're the kind of person who watches fox news, you probably won't support trannies anyway, so it's like preaching to the choir. and left-leaning tras will keep automatically discrediting detransitioned people as right-wing mouthpieces if the only place they are allowed to speak continues to be very conservative media

No. 1703108

Definitely not a cow but there's no way to appease the left wing with anything that opposes the narrative that transition will fix any issue without repercussion. It's like being an abuser to stop abusing you. The best case is to stop giving them attention because it takes away their power. Left wing media will spin anything to make it seem ten times as bad.

No. 1703174

I fully agree and think it almost does more harm than good, can make people see these stories akin to “no longer a homosexual” conversion camp stories

No. 1703270

M’ladies… m’TERFs… I personally don’t even want to laugh at the detrans, they are victims of the trans-industrial medical complex. saged because no one cares

No. 1703312

We’re mostly just talking about how many detrans people get attached to ideologies because they have unstable personalities. Also, you sage by typing “sage” in the email section.

No. 1705356

My biggest cross with them is when they transition as adults and then grift and whine online about stuff being done TO them, as if they had no power over the process. I'd understand that sentiment in case of minors transitioning (and I feel very sorry for them) but not in those who did it in their mid 20s and then acted like sneaky ninjas stole their dick or tits.

No. 1705395

>it almost does more harm than good
Nah, without them the TRAs would just keep going "see no one ever detransitions, and HRT is reversible anyway" and later on when the bubble pops they will say shit like "how could we possibly have known, we're innocent" but at least now there's proof that they were here and speaking out all along and how the TRAs tried to silence them.
I don't laugh at the average detrans, I support them and wish them all the best, I just don't like the ones that still shill transition in that "just because it didn't work for ME…" way, they're clearly still in the ideology and spreading ridiculous harmful lies.

No. 1706138

Completely agree, every single person who trooned out as a grown adult should be begging the forgiveness of the kids whose surgeries their “activism” enabled. And you know they were getting people fired and canceled when they were “trans.” I used to have pity but it’s gone on for way too long, anyone who transitions as an adult is directly responsible for the normalization of teenage double mastectomies and puberty blockers for children.