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File: 1632079179685.jpg (377.27 KB, 1920x1846, effinna.jpg)

No. 1328455

SUMMARY: Effina Hyatt aka Fotouh Al Sahlamm is a silver spooned, 23-year-old self-hating Kuwaiti and plastic surgery/filter addict who rose to z list notoriety after she married washed up has-been/former MDE member, 38 year old Charls Caroll after a whirlwind courtship of less than year.


>Effina marries her senpai Charls Carroll after years of stalking MDE despite Charls being 14 years her senior and openly fetishizing virginity, she flies out to live with him in his squalid rented apartment

>Effina is caught editing her own baby photos

>Effina’s online fashion “boutique” which she claimed included clothes designed by herself is exposed for being cheap Aliexpress sweatshop dresses which she was inflating the price of tenfold

>Screencaps found incriminating Charls for being involved with underage fans in previous years.

>Candid pictures of Effina are uncovered showing the extent of her plastic surgery/video editing and photo editing which she still denies

>Effina claims to be an uwu trad virgin waifu despite flying out to Sweden when she was 18 for dick whilst lying to her parents and Charls to this day by claiming she was staying with friends.

>Archived 4chan threads are found in which Effina posts about her hate for “immigrants”, “n*ggers” and “subhuman spics”. Effina also brags about her arab billions and details the beautiful story of her and her Swedish lover that she was seeing in secret. These threads are proven to be posted by her due to timestamps and links to her previous Instagram handle which she posted herself

>Charls continues to be schizophrenic on-stream attempts to clearpill his audience with shitty takes and then threatens his own fans on stream whilst Effina draws fan art of him in the background

>Effina features in online streams full of twitter scrotes where she’s largely ignored by moids whilst she tries to virtue signal about how knowledgeable she is concerning history and politics (she reads Jung, duh!)

>Effina posts in the previous thread proving she’s been lurking and admits to heinously editing photos, getting plastic surgery, selling Aliexpress clothes, getting fillers, lightening skin and wearing contacts. She tries to deny ever having a posting on 4chan and having a Swedish boyfriend due to Charls having a moid meltdown if he finds out she’s not a virgin.


INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/effinna

EFFINA: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdKPwMlSb49ASJ9AxCTdSuA



CHARLS (her husband):


No. 1328465

File: 1632080171296.jpg (285.42 KB, 532x792, 1610027184699.jpg)

she "injured" her nose so she needed a whole new one.

No. 1328471

File: 1632080416830.jpg (450.33 KB, 2128x992, 1614917520033.jpg)

No. 1328473

File: 1632080459253.png (1.01 MB, 1716x1255, 1611324098253.png)

Her and Charls in a picture I bet she didn't think others would see.

No. 1328476

File: 1632080580532.jpg (216.22 KB, 1152x1485, 1623710880076.jpg)

No. 1328477

File: 1632080631270.jpg (2.69 MB, 2560x2560, 1613372031792.jpg)

Just casually editing her baby pics.

No. 1328480

File: 1632080655697.jpg (374 KB, 1008x1103, 1621217703241.jpg)

No. 1328481

File: 1632080678181.jpg (649.45 KB, 1076x1298, 1619999661324.jpg)

No. 1328482

File: 1632080761239.png (2.2 MB, 1183x1479, 1624447080744.png)

Effina and her husband Charls.

No. 1328483

No. 1328484

File: 1632080865056.jpg (1.83 MB, 1920x1536, 1626880395678.jpg)

No. 1328489

damn the self hate goes deep

No. 1328503

This makes me sad. She looks so pretty in the right pic and like a legit alien in the left

No. 1328519

File: 1632083999162.jpg (230.16 KB, 1902x1015, فيفي.jpg)

She looks bizarre in every pic/video

No. 1328524

All of her edits actually make her look like a man to be honest

No. 1328537

File: 1632085306459.jpg (1.21 MB, 864x1536, Charles .jpg)

Her husband is a disgusting troll who thinks he is funny. Here is him exposing himself on his twitter. Um barf.

No. 1328545

File: 1632085801657.jpg (658.63 KB, 1920x1080, Wtf.jpg)

They are both cringe.

No. 1328546

Serial killer vibes.

No. 1328557

Yikes. She was likely super cute in these photos too. I laugh tho at the hee-hee MK nose on these photos. Most kids this age don’t have a well defined nose bridge. And a lot of times kids just have a little button nose until they are a tween. Like, your baby photos aren’t going to have your exact face but an obvious resemblance. Such a weird thing to alter.

I wonder what it’s like to hate yourself this much.

No. 1328561

She is absolutely gorgeous. The thing on the left doesn't look human. Fucking depressing the effect egirls are having on beautiful women

No. 1328647

File: 1632099838983.jpg (71.3 KB, 720x597, IMG_20210919_200307.jpg)

Jesus, seems like she became an antivaxxer and COVID denier as well… fucking hell.

No. 1328654

File: 1632100480941.jpg (390.83 KB, 1954x1540, 20210919_180927.jpg)

Charles is literally so ugly and Effina doesn't even look real at all. You can always tell by the way she lifts the corners of her eyes with photoshop. Just your average American couple here, nbd.

No. 1328662

lol, that place looks so cheap, look at the broken chairs…! way to fucking go, Fotouh

No. 1328663

File: 1632101538965.jpg (151.58 KB, 720x1047, americancouple.jpg)

No. 1328666

File: 1632101778883.jpg (51.48 KB, 720x534, verygood.jpg)

looks very good.

No. 1328669

I would even pity her, she looks like the dude posed by himself at the restaurant and then he added his Waifu with Photoshop.

No. 1328673

File: 1632102920456.jpg (712.12 KB, 1920x1080, thirdeyecontact.jpg)

No. 1328709

Woof, this pic is giving off ‘last pic on the girl’s tinder profile where she vaguely mentions having a “partner”’ vibes.
Edited to add: Ugly as fuck scrote BTW.

No. 1328825

File: 1632113312857.jpg (175.38 KB, 1079x578, effex.jpg)

Here's Effina/Fotouh with her Swedish ex.

No. 1328833

File: 1632114632600.png (644.38 KB, 1414x596, 1610151633872.png)

Here's some proof of her now deleted "Effina Shop" and how she cheated her Arab followers by purchasing cheap dresses in bulk that she falsely claims to have designed. The dresses were purchased from AliExpress, then she hacked up the price by like 80%. That's ethical business practice in Effina's mind.

No. 1328834

File: 1632114692571.png (1011.66 KB, 1624x578, 1610152382929.png)

No. 1328839

Why is she shopping her eyes to be slightly hooded? That's new.

No. 1328843

She changed her domain today.
Her new twitter is https://twitter.com/efffina It's not effinahyatt anymore. And she changed her name to Effina Carroll on Twitter instead of Effina Hyatt.

No. 1328845

Immigrants, niggers, and spics are definitely sub-human. I have a theory that the only people defending these sub-humanoids and their vomit-inducing behavior are sheltered suburban private school types, you know, the ones who haven't had the misfortune of living around these "people."(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1328872

Off-topic, I know anons wanna make fun of her and truth be told she does deserve to be made fun of with regards her vapid insecurities and racial complexes, but I don't think she deserves to be judged for wanting to leave Kuwait and the Muslim world
Muslim men and Arab men in general are awful, the culture is hell to deal with for women and unless you've lived thought such a culture you can't even comprehend what its like, especially in the Gulf which functions on literal human slavery

Even Charles as awful as he is is still better 99% of Arab and Muslims men, that's how awful Islam is

No. 1328874

samefag again, and men from the Gulf(the ones she interacts with most) are basically literal slave owners, I think she should have married an average westerner rather then Charls but he's still then better then most of the men in the Gulf, any man raised in this culture will be an absolute bastard

No. 1328879

sage but I can’t believe I’m saying this, I actually feel bad for her. All of her editing and plastic surgery, the lengths to which she goes to construct herself into an entirely new person…imagine what that must do to a person mentally. Like imagine being a young girl and getting a nose job and it comes out fucked up and so you get two more and you’re so desperate to convince people that you’re pretty, that you’re some waifu, that you do this. I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to be married to someone like Charls and be surrounded by his creepy ass friends, but yeah, it’s probably better than being in a country full of human trafficking and slavery. I wish I could shake her by the shoulders and tell her to wake up already

No. 1328891

why are you crying for her? her parents were already very rich, she could have went abroad to study and immigrated with a job, but instead she chose to be with a 38 year old ugly misogynist and lay in her bed photoshopping her pictures 24/24. She's no war victim or homeless or poor muslim woman that was pressured into marrying to leave her shithole by lack of other opportunities. She already had a lot of money and she could have done anything else with her life but she chose this >>1328663

No. 1329002

I feel bad for her as much as I do any other ex-Muslim woman, I don't blame her for wanting to leave Kuwait and abandon her family(good chance they would actually kill her if they see her again)
I just think she would have married an average westerner or anybody else other Charls

No. 1329068

File: 1632147884369.png (456.47 KB, 667x818, what.png)

have you seen this deluded shit? we all have seen the fugly restaurant picture and the latest three loosers podcast one. funny to see how none of Charls' friends liked this psy meltdown. what if you make Charls retwit it, Fotouh?

No. 1329121

How can these men even consider marrying someone who blatantly lie and manipulate people like this? Like charls & and all his friends have seen her irl and know she does not look like this even with all the makeup and plastic surgery lmao

No. 1329128

what kind of stupid fucking question is this? men are the stupidest creatures on earth

No. 1329130

lmfao the one on the left is clearly the original. the one on the right has a yellow-ish filter on it. why would someone take the time remove the filter and make her look like that

No. 1329173

Uhh, have you SEEN the man in question nonnie? He’s lucky if any woman on earth would have him. Marrying a woman who edits her photos on social media is the least of his concerns lol

No. 1329322

File: 1632168478899.jpg (85.62 KB, 720x740, precious .jpg)

Sounds like he depends on her to fix him and he's 20 years her senior and they have been together like a year. Very healthy. What exactly is the path of destruction? Can't believe she got involved with him, sounds like a very smart and safe thing to do. What a way to throw your whole life away, to get married to some alt-right, has-been, actor and become a pseudo-spritual tradwife instead of an architectural design major and an Individual. It's crazy to watch how she has thrown her whole life away and she doesn't seem to realize it yet.

No. 1329336

he’s an ugly deranged shambling fuck
she’s a plain woman who edits her photos to look prettier and makes up stories about herself
she’s still the better catch imo unless he has tons of money

No. 1329340

File: 1632169325193.png (54.16 KB, 709x693, spiritual ascension.png)

she deleted a twit talking about "hambeasts" in case you were wondering about all that spiritual awakening crap had actually made her a decent human. the answer: no.

No. 1329416

File: 1632173445586.jpg (138.01 KB, 555x1018, 88LBS.jpg)

I wonder what she considers to be a "hambeast" when she weighs only 88 lbs. She used to talk about fasting and never craving food on her instagram stories. Uhhh sorry…that is called an eating disorder.

No. 1329449

charls is so fucking dumb man like at least a lot of the psueds/trads on twitter have some reference points and knowledge of history and culture, he is literally just pure dumbass its insane anyone takes him seriously. all those videos of him on youtube are just insanely cringe.

No. 1329451

File: 1632177148764.jpg (271.87 KB, 872x1168, E_uqsvxX0AgmQ6s.jpg)

What a crazy bitch. I knew she was mad but i never knew she was this fucking schizo. She is trying to pass off picrel as the UNEDITED version?? LOOK AT HER FACE. It's distorted to shit, her nose bridge is non existent and her teeth are clearly edited on. How stupid does she think her followers are and more importantly how mentally ill is she to persist with this shit??

No. 1329454

File: 1632177411489.png (217.71 KB, 630x514, 567ikbsygysyu.png)

She's saying that she's never used video face editing software and uses the fact that she appears on scrote podcasts as proof. As if hoes on twitch don't stream with face editing software all the time. She's really ~seething~ tonight. Cope harder Fotouh you lying pig.

No. 1329462

File: 1632177588019.webm (675.35 KB, 553x630, Video 11-08-2021, 07 20 25.web…)


Actual video proof of her using face editing software. Look at the scissors distort and her lips distorting as she moves the scissors to her face interrupting the filter. What a cow lmao

No. 1329471

File: 1632178052749.png (568.2 KB, 1639x764, meltdown.png)

She deleted all her youtube videos by the way (including that one). Clearly loosing her mind; being close to Charls may be contagious

No. 1329501

she can solve this by just going live on IG or YouTube without a filter on

No. 1329530

OP forgot to include link to previous thread:
>Effina Hyatt & Charls Carroll: Child Bride edition

No. 1329535


She's saying that this hackjob of an edit is the original even though we all saw the original months ago??? Ahahahahahaha what??!

No. 1329559

File: 1632185346485.jpg (978.46 KB, 1920x1080, umwat.jpg)

The pic on the right is clearly the original. She's saying someone just edited on her bad teeth and wrinkles and droopy eyes and skin texture. The one on the right has texture and she has dried skin on her lips. What the fuck? Her skin is totally seemless and hard to even see in the one she is claiming as the original. It looks highly shopped and chopped.

No. 1329590

File: 1632187281428.jpg (70.16 KB, 720x750, lel.jpg)

I laughed at how forced her smile was in this video.

No. 1329601

i’m surprised she doesn’t lower charls’ five head in her editing kek

No. 1329634

File: 1632190629612.png (30.37 KB, 694x242, lol.png)

LOL you think she expects that sort of thing from her schyzo husband as well? hhahaha whaaat??

No. 1329729

Do you not know who Charls Carroll is?

No. 1329841

No. 1329897


I had to google this guy. He looks like a genuine pedo monster.

No. 1330239

File: 1632247231289.jpg (129.78 KB, 900x1200, ahhhhhh.jpg)

For real.

No. 1330242

File: 1632247391523.png (373.55 KB, 517x894, surejan.png)

Of course, Fotouh…

No. 1330307

File: 1632251389590.png (468.81 KB, 683x882, 63e7e623r623732.png)

oof, the arab base is catching up

No. 1330505

File: 1632259218432.jpg (338.66 KB, 1080x1532, Screenshot_20210922_001526.jpg)

She is getting exposed by many accounts. She used to follow this one

No. 1330537

i thought it was just puberty guyz haha, oh waooo

No. 1330540

File: 1632260847162.jpg (38.58 KB, 502x569, 05d0737c9cf03a1af6ef4a359427a2…)

this is all I can think of when I see Charls' hairline kek

No. 1330549

File: 1632261241036.gif (269.01 KB, 510x510, 1620791980203.gif)


No. 1330770

File: 1632271731903.jpg (196.13 KB, 720x1195, haha.jpg)

This account supposedly contacted the actual Doctor who performed surgery on Effina.

No. 1330771

File: 1632271820088.jpg (169.73 KB, 900x900, unnamed (3).jpg)

he looks exactly like luna aquaphine

No. 1330773

her filter kept popping off lmao

No. 1330789

Arabic speakers pls translate

No. 1330813

How could it have a like from Fotouh? Haha, is she backpedalling with her puberty fabrication?

No. 1330822

OMG just from the translations at instagram, NO ONE is buying that shit haha, what a complete meltdown must be going on at Carroll's

No. 1331406

File: 1632334149829.jpg (85.51 KB, 1027x544, Screenshot_20210922_205404.jpg)

Basically most people are not buying her bullshit they know she edits her face and uses filters. One of her followers asked her why she unfollowed that plastic surgery account since they posted her, she said i'm sorry they are misinformed I've never done surgery just my nose.

No. 1331559

I can read Arabic and that’s not true, someone told Effina they unfollowed the plastic surgery account because they posted her photos then effina said they shouldn’t unfollow them. Effina still follows that account and it follows her back

No. 1332019

She legit looks different in every single picture it’s funny

No. 1332331

File: 1632417219044.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 215.8 KB, 826x1194, 42FD2DC1-566B-47C7-B485-B26EB4…)

Wtf is he even trying to say?

No. 1332352

Idk but it sounds like a poorly translated fortune cookie

No. 1332400

I think he's implying Fotouh saved him from his self destruction and degen circles? That marriage and a woman fixed him and now he's happy forever or whatever. He's just relieved he found a bangmaid under 25 before God took the rest of his hairline and testosterone.

No. 1332631

Not to mention, an utterly racist and deformed bangmaid. Damn.

No. 1332665

She's going to waste her 20s with this dude and probably regret because she most likely believes in incel rhetoric.

No. 1332697

lol how long til Charls becomes a MGTOW?(learn2sage)

No. 1332728

Right after she divorces him.

No. 1332787

seems like theyre happier than most people on here tbh(sage)

No. 1332804

Sure, Fotouh… can't fanthom the bliss of living with a has-been schyzo that actually hates you and regrets the very day he replied your thirsty MDE desperate fanmail. We all know you are savagely deformed and have a rotten soul; it's just a matter of time until you finally lose the plot and no longer serve him as a disfigured maid.

No. 1332879

File: 1632479748531.jpg (295.78 KB, 1867x1080, lol.jpg)

She looks very different in every picture especially the ones others have taken of her.

No. 1332953

I don’t know who these two people are but it sounds like you were rejected by her husband kek

No. 1333117

imagine being rejected by an online hobo

No. 1333165

File: 1632500719343.png (635.43 KB, 2792x766, D824A4B3-D976-4344-BB81-17977F…)

sage for no milk, but, i am reposting this.
why did she admit to it and now she goes back to denying everything?
also, I noticed Charls blocks and deletes comments calling out fotouh on his last post.

No. 1333169

File: 1632500921362.jpeg (263.86 KB, 828x1323, E896FFF4-96DB-4CC7-AF62-7E83C8…)

They don’t seem happy at all. He’s being forced to post about her and in response to her damage control. That can’t be enjoyable for either of them.

No. 1333207

This gal just cannot stop lying. For sure there is something wrong with her mind. The fact that everything is a fabrication, permanently re-tailored, constantly on damage control state, and nothing really closes at the end… I think this may be partially the reason why she's now running the pseudo guru tradwife trope. Maybe by larping the perfect housewife persona will give her some minimal sense of control. But nothing is under control. She hasn't realized yet that she's married to a weak and mentally unstable phantom. Things will only go into a downspiral from here. >>1333165

No. 1333220

File: 1632505023889.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 226.59 KB, 2208x1242, E_bsqSXXIAAp2Bw.jpeg)

why is she trying to justify herself so much? She should accept not everyone is eating up her bad PS, damage control at this point is making it worse. She could have used her parent's money to go to school and get a career, but she married this ugly, bald, schizo scrote. Her life is a dumpster fire. Did she delete her Twitter? Very good. Her husband seems like the type to murder her if she divorces him.

No. 1333237

damn i was really sad because my crush followed this girl and i thought she was gorgeous

No. 1333238

I doubt Charles has ever "denied" a woman. Look at his pedo face. My guess is that they all eventually catch on to his mental illness and cannot be with a person like that. He seems like a lot to deal with and seems like he has true mental problems. How can she not see the red flags? Maybe because she is a living breathing red flag.

No. 1333240

File: 1632506068275.jpg (269.11 KB, 1086x1056, 1620070230433.jpg)

She is not only fake but a rampant racist. Now a covid denier and antivaxxer. Disgusting through and through.

No. 1333245

when narc human trash meet each other

No. 1333252

File: 1632507869025.jpg (159.59 KB, 583x677, whitegirls.jpg)

She just liked this post. Why she seethe so hard about white girls?

No. 1333261

its just kinda funny i think

No. 1333262

wait how do we know those posts were made by her just curious

No. 1333267

OT but I find those boots cute, does that make me basic?!

No. 1333273

post some milk regarding the antivaxx stuff pls

No. 1333275

No, anon. Basic is a pick me term used to shame women for what they like because it's popular. You do you, they're cute and versatile.

No. 1333277

her husband is so fucking schizo can we please discuss him? He also has a bunch of schizo followers.

No. 1333278

There's literally a black, asian and one brown girl in the pic though, though I guess its more about hating "white" culture, massive form of cope of non-whites

No. 1333279

File: 1632508909264.png (67.62 KB, 843x463, e7287482374823.png)

It was reveleaded in the Sam Hyde threat that Fotouh was a regular 4chan user, posting AMAs about herself while living in Sweden and exclusively having anal-sex with her ex because virginity


No. 1333305

If you wanted to crack that nut you'd need so much help, also the thread would immediately dissolve into sperg spams and/or robots projecting, just like the Sam Hyde thread. MDE fans are unhinged poltards that have nothing better to do. Keeping him in here is best til he builds up his own milk reservoir. Most of his "milk" is curdled and old anyway.

No. 1333318

File: 1632510102444.png (1.6 MB, 1716x1255, 78346237478237423.png)

You cam trace it from her likes; it's just about time until she starts lecturing us about epidemiology.

No. 1333325

Apart from being ugly (which I guess he can't help) this guy gives me such bad, creepy and freakish vibes. He looks like a mugshot of someone who got caught sacrificing the family pets to Satan. I viscerally dislike this guy.

No. 1333330

File: 1632510413028.jpg (74.43 KB, 681x781, Нет.jpg)

This is how the girl react to love of her life (Charles) taking a video of her. They seem not attached in Charles' zoo video. Seem like a act for Charles to say he is worthy of love from a young model. Her model pictures from Kuwait are fabricated. They seem so strange.

No. 1333341

Oof, that's DEFINITELY not the nose nor the eyes she shows at her pics. Damn.

No. 1333422

she is so much darker in real life, I don’t understand why she wants to appear light skin and pale so badly..her natural complexion looks good and fits her..

No. 1333426

File: 1632517706449.jpg (190.53 KB, 674x586, SmartSelect_20210924-170807_In…)

Wh-why did she edit his face like this lol

No. 1333427

File: 1632517737817.jpg (512.49 KB, 539x1079, SmartSelect_20210924-170747_In…)

Not that he looks better but still lol this is a normal pic of him

No. 1333429

Because she thinks dark people are "sub human", her words not mine.(sage)

No. 1333524

Whoah, look at how tiny his eyes and face look through those glasses, and how much of the background forest you can see through them. He must have a dioptre of at least -12, but probably more. That's incredibly bad eyesight.
Look how thick the lenses are on the glasses. This guy is legally blind (not a joke, a genuine observation, and that's the proper term for such a high diopter).

No. 1333602

> don’t understand why she wants to look light skinned and pale
because she’s a self-hating racist married to a white racist
this is not difficult
the irony is that she’s merely plain and stupid, while he’s actively hideous and deranged
so much for white supremacy

No. 1333670

I wonder how effina feels when his racist fans shit on her skin tone and race the same way she did to Mexicans on 4chan, it's karma imo she's very much like june, they both want attention from bottom of barrel men who don't respect them.

No. 1333695

GODDAMN this is such a bad lie Fotouh!! Her “non edited” image that clearly over exposes her face and smoothed over wrinkles as well as shortened and lifted nose.. those were NOT in the original and unaltered pic. Very sad! (She will most definitely see this)(sage)

No. 1339032

File: 1633111349945.jpg (124.17 KB, 720x1106, IMG_20211001_130136.jpg)

Well well well, if it isn't the white supremacist fanbase trope Fotouh has been simping for through years, now insulting her own cultural heritage…! BUT HOW…!

No. 1339037

that guy is just being an idiot

No. 1339043

Ew, how do you actually suck the penis of such a man?(learn2sage)

No. 1339046

That's her perfect tradwife fanbase, though. She honestly cannot win with these people. I guess that's why she hates herself.

No. 1339054

Can't imagine living such a miserable life… just give up effina you're never going to win with these type of men.

No. 1339078

sage for ot but god charls creeps me out so much. there's something seriously wrong with him and you can sense it all the way through the screen, you just get that animal sense that he's dangerous. I hope she doesn't have a child with him because he's for sure a sadistic family annihilator. I think she has the arrogance of youth + thinks she knows him best and she'll be the special one or whatever, and with that attitude she'll for sure end up being a statistic

No. 1339235

he's 100% gonna leave her for a white girl in a few years. mark my words.

No. 1339251

Better to leave him now and change your ways than go through the pain and humiliation of your schizo husband leaving you for a white woman while his racist fanbase praise him for it kekek

No. 1339592

Is this a thought that you have when you meet men?(sage)

No. 1339668

NTA, but occasionally yes

No. 1340506

File: 1633285975594.jpg (67.16 KB, 720x427, cashapp.jpg)

She has an option on her Twitter for anyone to send money directly to her bank account. Who would be that stupid to send her money and for what exactly? Does she enjoy being an e-beggar like her husband?

No. 1341030

That's the power of inbreeding.

No. 1341368

File: 1633406280879.png (84.75 KB, 906x610, schizo.png)

Charls seems to be having some health issues. Something about his criptic slurs tells me he may be having a mental breakdown. What an idyllic honeymoon for Fotouh haha

No. 1341371

all 3 of the mde guys were walking schizophrenia prodome PSAs. She knew what she signed up for I think

No. 1341372

File: 1633406639357.png (49.92 KB, 684x442, rtyrtyryrr67r6.png)

HAHA what a joy this marriage must be, damn!

No. 1341389

lol you guys are anti racist and think covid is real, what a bunch of fat fags! :DDDDD(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1341391

lpbp ;)

No. 1341393

File: 1633409607686.png (705.14 KB, 1198x675, 36473644.png)

No. 1341645

She's beautiful with or without filters or whatever.

No. 1341648

File: 1633455554423.jpg (17.66 KB, 640x480, med_1466031672_image.jpg)

No. 1341652

File: 1633456060787.png (2.01 MB, 1437x1536, TOPKEK.png)

TOP KEK, seethe harder

No. 1341659

How are you gonna shame her looks then criticise her for using filters?

No. 1341677

File: 1633457691029.gif (1.06 MB, 245x200, 200.gif)

No. 1341679

File: 1633457734366.jpg (1001.95 KB, 2688x2284, 1619808541593.jpg)

LOL. She is a liar AND a rampant racist that believes to be superior to anyone else - had in the past talked about american women as hambeasts. Also, she is a crook that re-sold cheap sweatshop dresses for up to 300% its price, saying they were designed by her (effina.shop kek). All this while lying to her arab fanbase about her virtuous life, never revealing she actually lived in schizo's apartment as her maid and concubine.

No. 1341693

I'm defending her for reasons other than cope and seethe. Maybe you think I'm white knighting but I don't think she deserves to be publically shamed like this. You guys are too uncritically Nietzschean I think lol. If I was her this kind of thing might scramble my brain and make me defensive instead of genuinely contrite for whatever mistakes I made(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1341702

File: 1633458938948.jpg (310.05 KB, 849x565, Yawning2.jpg)

are you done?

No. 1341741

95% of the posts are made by a deranged person obsessed with her and most of the before pictures are fake. this person is sick and probs obsessed with charls too this behavior is not normal.

No. 1341746

>most of the before pictures are fake.
I don't even visit this thread much but this bitch shoops her baby photos, it's far more likely the before pictures are real.

No. 1341747

>95% of the posts are made by a deranged person obsessed with her
>and most of the before pictures are fake

No. 1341748

File: 1633464711477.jpg (211.64 KB, 1080x1425, 1620008673149.jpg)

sounds like the same fucking person, doesn't it?

No. 1341754

Amazing what we can accomplish through stylometry. Who would have guessed the little self-hating /pol/yp married to one of the MDE troglodytes is posting on girlchan defending herself. Sage your shit, greyhat.

No. 1341765

File: 1633466297298.jpeg (222.49 KB, 1152x1485, F98BCACF-C7AF-41C0-B440-346332…)

i didn’t know who she was before seeing this thread either and yes her pics look touched up but this doesn’t even look like a real person, are you telling me this cgi fan art of her is real? some of the pictures look like actual “before nose job” pictures and she posted those herself but man some of these look like they were generated by cgi. this thread keeps being bumped because the psychotic retard doesn’t sage any of her posts and none of the posts are milk. even if she did shoop her pics so does every other insta thot, it’s not new and it’s not milky. this whole thread is an obvious personal vendetta and it’s very shitty

No. 1341787

damn, what's up with all these people white knighting her. that's a picture of her when she was in highschool enhanced with remini. STOP DEFENDING HER MISERABLE ASS AND LURK MOAR FAGGOT

No. 1341834

you call her out for allegedly using slurs on 4chan yet you use them yourself kek

No. 1341841

if you put a blurry picture into remini it doesn’t “enhance” the picture like it’s some NASA telescope you dimwit, it generates a random image based on blurry pixels so no that is not what she looked like. just because we’re calling you out for being a mental retard with a personal vendetta/severe obsession with this girl doesn’t mean we’re white knighting her. i didn’t know who she was before you made this shit thread. this is the most obsessive thread i’ve seen on lolcow and it has no milk whatsoever. just some retard anon venting out their mental illness and obsession with some arabian instagram thot that no one on this side of the world cares about. seek help.

No. 1341848

hahaha are you alright? go rant somewhere else, maybe twitter?(sage your shit)

No. 1341856

lolcow isn’t your diary keep your fan art tribute collages of this cow to yourself we don’t want to see them

No. 1341939

LMAOO “you’re making Massachusetts look bad” god, I can’t imagine what a typical masshole would do reading the shit that comes out of Charls’ mouth. He’s such a fucking freak.

No. 1341947

Effina this is so embarrassing, please stop. Also I can assure you there are many people posting about you, just like how you went out of your way to attack women of other races.

Also the first time I saw an unedited pic of you, I thought it was this Mexican girl who I went to high school with. I mean yall look EXACTLY alike, even the smile lmao, which is a good thing because she was kinda pretty, but you’re obsessed with photoshopping yourself into a tranny (that sharp asf jaw line facetune thing you do is horrible). I wonder what it’s like to look like a group of people you were racist to on 4chan. Really makes you think huh.

No. 1342048

definite family annihilator vibes, a man who believes himself to be superior in every way who also suffers from a persecution complex. He'll not want his wife to work, so when he loses his job (which in this retarded modern world can mean losing Twitch subscribers) he'll feel like a failure with no backup plan. Also what the fuck is up with those glasses I can seriously see a reflection of his own cheekbones and eyes in the lenses? Schizo racist Mr Magoo.

No. 1342453

File: 1633544674837.png (12.8 KB, 597x147, 1633539680299.png)

lol wheres my paycheck

No. 1342740

Why would he be that ignorant . Calling effina's real Photos and things junk won't fix it . Maybe they both need to accept it and be open about it and everyone will live peacefully. Denying it won't help, according to him they are sugar coating shit instead of accepting it. No point of lying when everyone knows the truth, you just make yourself look stupid.

No. 1342844

File: 1633579342868.png (155.02 KB, 573x591, Bottles_01.png)

> evil thoughts into my eyes

as if jackshit can enter his eyes. Probably was a smart move for Effina to hook up with the MDE member least likely to tell she looks different than her pictures. Effina if you ever need to escape from the psychotic racist you've married just steal his glasses while he sleeps and you're free.

No. 1342934

Woah. The moment Charls sees what has been exposed abt Effina… uh.. its over for us!! Apparently she is releasing new YT content (again) soon (supposedly for the upteenth time).

No. 1343117

effina isn't ugly without filters but it's glaringly obvious she hates any feature of hers that looks even slightly black/"ethnic". her sperging racist shit is 100% projection lmao, she definitely hates herself to be married to someone as ugly and retarded as charls. the only thing "fake" being posted really is his wife's own shoops lmao

No. 1343179

File: 1633628706579.gif (1.97 MB, 640x384, charls-scanning.gif)

Where's my money you fucking gorilla

No. 1343421

I'm not sure if there is any Saudi family called sahlamm. I think this thread is fake and was made by effina herself

No. 1344597

khaleejis are the weakest link. gulf arabs are all this deluded.

No. 1344662

File: 1633830656881.jpg (1.33 MB, 1920x1080, لماذا.jpg)

It makes no sense as why a young girl would want a withered old man like this. It would seem that there is grooming and mental games in this relationship. He was born in 1983 and her birth year is 1998. 15 years apart isn't that wrong to me but it is a man who calls himself a doctor with no degree. A very strange man with bad energy just through the computer screen.

No. 1344667

lmao her editing is so ridiculous!! also i just don’t understand why she doesn’t shoop his hairline

No. 1344750

Why would he want a woman that looks nothing like her photos? They are made for each other lmao.

No. 1344886

she was just a 4cahner and mde fan. not that unusual

No. 1344978

her real-life plainness is still out of his league, because he’s an absolute gremlin

No. 1345118

kek exactly she's still a young woman with an average or below average BMI who will worship the ground he walks on. Total catnip for the type of loser Charls is.

No. 1345251

File: 1633937911683.jpg (1.09 MB, 1920x1080, انثي خنزير.jpg)

If you can not see her editing you are blind.

No. 1345253

the right looks like cara delevigne with black hair

No. 1345254

File: 1633938395465.jpg (978.22 KB, 3840x2160, مزورة.jpg)

No. 1345255

why would anyone edit their photos to make their lips smaller than they were? Makes no sense. Immense self hatred.

No. 1345258

File: 1633939041646.jpg (301.35 KB, 1440x1054, charles.jpg)

Wtf is actually wrong with his hair though?(sage your nitpick)

No. 1345276

Because she's trying to look less "ethnic" if that makes sense. For a while I thought shopping herself to have pale skin and cat eyes was to look caucasian but it only just occured to me that this is her way of looking like an IMVU tier doll type person

No. 1345291

She's so fucking ugly even after editing her pics. JFC at her literally flying out to see a bunch of worthless men, how low can she go?

No. 1345292

I would rather KILL MYSELF than be a fat and ugly fucking khaleeji who does nothing but worship whites and live off of oil money

No. 1345293

You're kidding right. Her family seems liberal and open minded enough to let her marry a disgusting white scrote. She could've easily found someone else and not a pedo 4channer

No. 1345295

She is on good terms with her family and her parents know about all of this. They don't give a shit what she does with her life(sage your shit)

No. 1345311

Guessing you’re new here and might know her irl? You’re welcome to stay and chat, but you’ll want to type sage into the email field and try not to post multiple times in a row.

No. 1345368

look up balding

No. 1345695

The fact that she comes from a liberal wealthy family who seemingly lets her do whatever she wants … and she goes off to marry a 4 Chan z list celebrity . So cringe. What a poor decision

No. 1345809

File: 1634050418755.jpeg (316.81 KB, 828x1217, 0E8EE055-ED27-4483-8F04-E5D6C9…)

No. 1345812

Charls is gonna be really surprised when they’ll look just like effina before she got surgery and bleached her skin!

No. 1345817

Such bad luck, multiple births is common with fertility treatments. Also, their wedding wasn't just a month ago? You need to be pregnant for at least 6 weeks to get your first ultrasound. Absolute chaos

No. 1345848

They’ve been married for a year

No. 1345863

File: 1634055753592.png (540.11 KB, 415x876, 56721537267324.png)

Then why did she hid Charls from her instagram until just a few weeks ago? There are a bunch of Charls pictures there that were just re-published after she "got married". It doesn't add up.

No. 1345872

I don’t care enough to know

No. 1345873

those poor children, having a mentally ill ana-chan self-hating mother and a pervert schizo father. it's over for them

No. 1345877

cracking up at how the first thread on her was made 5 months ago and says they are married and everyone has been saying they’re married for the past few months but now that she’s pregnant she’s suddenly not married and got pregnant out of wedlock. you’re clearly unhinged anon. sage your shit

No. 1345897

You’re spot on, they might’ve been conceived through IVF as it often results in twins. If they’re boys then even higher chance of ivf. Really hope she’s gaining some weight because being underweight combined with Charls age and lifestyle, not to medfag too much but they’ve done studies and shit quality sperm can affect miscarriage risk, and being underweight during pregnancy heightens the risk. Hope she’s nourishing her body and not engaging in any stupid ANA shit rn because twins necessitate even more nourishment

No. 1345901

You really think Charls broke ass can afford IVF?

No. 1345904

Maybe with the money meant for Effina's failed architecture degree?(sage)

No. 1345906

she already graduated with a degree iirc and her degree was paid for through government scholarships as previous anons have mentioned. again, sage your shit

No. 1345909

I doubt that she has a degree. She probably dropped out of college

No. 1345911

Maybe the sperm she got donated was from black donor or Mexican who knows. And it would be stupid to have IVF if she wanna stay aneroxic and I think she is stupid enough to not care about it, she cares more about how she looks and not gain weight, I feel bad for the unborn babies

No. 1345916

She said she couldn't get married if she was in the scholarship and they got married around 2 years ago. And she posted about being graduated this year
And we never saw her degree or the graduation, just words from her, She probably lost the scholarship after getting married to Charls and never finished

No. 1345921

so she just announced that she's pregnant with twins
I feel like Charles is screaming internally but trying to save face and pretends he wants them(post screenshots)

No. 1345922

waiting for the inevitable miscarriage because she's anorexic

No. 1345923

I won't be surprised if a miscarriage happens. She probably Photoshopd them as well lol

No. 1345925

File: 1634065510651.png (161.57 KB, 1364x392, effinna.png)

She uses an alt instagram account where she posts 4chan memes including ones of Charls and MDE from wayback:


You can tell it's her because her close friends follow her on there and everything she posts is relevant to herself.

She even follows ED and insecurity fuel accounts on there like Plastic Surgeons, a Madison Beer hate account, Beauty and Photoshop accounts. Follows herself and Charls too.

Check the account before she sees this and decides to private or delete it haha.

No. 1345939

Itss run by her gay kuwaiti friend who used to go to school with us it used to be his personal account then he changed it a meme account made it private and remove me from following and made it public again

No. 1345951

The amount of holistic bullshit that’s been popping up on my timeline because of the woman’s likes is so concerning and ironic.

I went down a black hole of trying to figure that community out and I feel like Charls doesn’t match the “breadwinner who maxes their testosterone and sperm count by consuming raw milk and offal meats” and having kids as young as possible archetype. I think I saw some shit trashing IVF and that women shouldn’t mate with men with sperm that aren’t strong enough to fertilize an egg on their own too LOL.

What’s Fotouh trying to be here? Hope these holistic babies make it through her the homebirth and her antivax ass can travel to her parents without spreading disease to an entire country.(sage)

No. 1345973

File: 1634070662649.jpeg (115.52 KB, 827x1348, 1693A56A-3890-4E8D-B091-240783…)

it’s private now. but more proof that she lurks here lol

No. 1345978

File: 1634071018575.png (973.86 KB, 1847x891, 326478326482368436463.png)

LFMAO schizo loosing his mind already on twitch hahaha

No. 1345987

Why is he begging for money to have kids wtf is wrong with him. Imagine having a dad who begs for money online and says he wants to buy things for his kids instead of him actually going to work, I will be so ashamed of that.
Just stop embarrassing yourself and being pathetic, be a man jeez. I'm so annoyed with people asking for things and never have a real job

No. 1346017

Effina’s parents could’ve paid?
I’m sure they would for the mere promise of grandkids

No. 1346019

She might’ve not had a choice. If they tried for a while and she didn’t get pregnant naturally, then IVF is the next protocol

No. 1346025

Are you that salty this cow is having twins? My aunt had twins at 34 naturally without ivf, not every multiple pregnancy is accomplished through fertility treatment so unless you have her medical records or proof of ivf keep it to yourself. I just find it absurd how the posters here claim she’s had medical treatment without any proof whatsoever

No. 1346027

Maybe you forgot that Charls is old and she is a pro Ana . It's hard to miss that part

No. 1346030

Hopefully she will embrace her pregnant body and love herself finally!

No. 1346032

Right? Even at the ripe age of 38, homeboy has to beg. Get a fucking job, Charls.

No. 1346038

She’s not even that skinny lmao

No. 1346040

Was your aunt somewhat anorexic with a chain smoking schizo hubby? sorry if this pisses you off that this catfish bitch might not be incredibly fertile. People say she’s “not that skinny” means nothing, you could still have serious issues with your menstrual cycle and ovulation even if you’re not severely anorexic go look it up retard

No. 1346041

File: 1634084948102.jpg (162.06 KB, 602x1019, effina.jpg)

According to this, She is.
And there was other photos she was tagged in taken by people showing how unhealthy she looked

No. 1346043

Idk what her bmi is there but your menstruation and fertility can easily become fucked up at like 19 and below. Combine that with a degenerate old husband, YEAAH sorry futooh you’re not getting pregnant naturally

No. 1346045

I think they had IVF so they can pick white babies instead of them having mixed ones. He probably asked her for that so the babies don't come looking like her old self lols

No. 1346046

When she talks you can see her teeth look enormous for her face too, combined with skin looking dull yet tight, clear signs bitch has an eating disorder of some sort

No. 1346051

if they come out white with blue eyes that means her racist husband forced her to do ivf and he doesnt accept her or the fact that he is in a biracial marriage
it must be really hard for her to keep up with all the pressure to pretend you are something else

No. 1346056

Are you saying they got a white blue eyed woman to be an egg donor? Kek, kind of doubt it but it’s possible. With a blue eyed and brown eyed couple there’s about 50/50 chance of the baby having blue eyes. Also I’m sure the bitch will just edit the shit out the kid to make it look whiter anyway and that will make people think it’s not her kid

No. 1346058

In ivf they can choose the baby's characteristics

No. 1346068

You’re thinking of gene editing, standard IVF is less complicated

No. 1346077

You can’t choose a baby’s eye color with IVF lol

No. 1346106

If she doesn't miscarriage I can totally see her facetuning her poor babies and making them look white for Instagram.

No. 1346110

are you retarded?

No. 1346116

They are retards because even if she had ivf while being dangerously underweight the embryo would end up dying. Anorexics can’t get ivf, what would be the fucking point

No. 1346117


No. 1346135

LOL uhhh 77lb at 5’2ish is fucking crazy. I was 90lb at 5’1 and my legs looked smaller than hers do in that pic. I genuinely believe she’s lied about her lowest weight, just for the shock value of it. I bet she loves the “omg you were so small!” comments. Everything must be extreme for Effina - the insane Facetuning, the wild backstory, the fact she traveled to a completely foreign country to marry a failure of a white man. She reminds me of women with crazy bpd.

No. 1346155

Holy shit this cow is pregnant ? And so quick ? She rly out here throwing her youth away what a shit show omg. She’s not even mature enough to show an unedited face online is she ready for pregnancy weight gain and stretch marks lol

No. 1346256

Yes you can. You can choose the eye color and skin color and hair and the gender for the babies . It's all add on to ivf. Look it up

No. 1346267

Most of the anons here are probably overweight because I don’t think she’s that skinny either kek

No. 1346268

I swear those are my exact thoughts with the stretch marks and weight gain. That’s why I think the pregnancy was accidental and I’m calling it before any of you do thry werent planning on having baby this soon

No. 1346296

you can pick the embryos that test as having the genetic variations that make blue eyes possible
doesn’t mean they’re going to have blue eyes, might be green or hazel

No. 1346300

lmao some serious retards itt, ofc effina is cringe but that ivf theory is a complete ass pull

No. 1346333

There is no way it was accidentally pregnancy.she has been married for over 2 years and was with him before that so having accidental pregnancy after 2 years is completely bullshit and she already said she was on estrogen which means she didn't want to get pregnant before. You are probably new here

No. 1346337

It was IVF

No. 1346354

I'm pretty sure they didn't pick anything that has fotouh's genetic variations

No. 1346385


Ah yes only the finest balding Aryan embryos will do

No. 1346395

I don't want to believe they're that insane to genetically alter their children's features and for her to undergo an IVF treatment. They are anti-covid-vaxx, they have been looking into home-births and taking holistic approaches. One time on a Twitch stream she talked about how she thinks their kids will look cute and 'exotic' (her words) when her features and Charls' features are combined. She is a bit odd but I wish her a safe and healthy pregnancy + birth.

No. 1346400

we already established the estrogen thing was a tranny joke she made that missed the mark. she wasnt actually on estrogen retard. she posted a faceapp gender swap picture of herself as a man on TikTok then a regular pic and said something along the lines of “1 year after estrogen hormone therapy” as a troon joke. she probably realized it was cringe and offensive because its not on her page anymore. stop reaching

No. 1346403

I think she is that insane. She edited her own baby pictures and got 2 or 3 nose jobs. She will do anything to make them look less ethnic or brown

No. 1346406

Yeah and also she looks like a Arab tranny which made people actually believe it wasn't a joke

No. 1346411

the ivf and genetic shit is an ass pull. this thread attracts the lowest iq spergs on lolcow so im not surprised. i don’t like effina or charls or any e-celeb in general but i wish her a healthy pregnancy too and hope she opts for a hospital birth instead because twin pregnancies are higher risk. i dont have a mind deranged enough to wish a woman ive never spoken to to miscarry or make fun of her unborn children. genuinely hope those kids come out healthy and wish the best for them

No. 1346415

get any screencaps before it went private?

No. 1346422

I come on this thread to laugh at the posters and not the subject herself. Their sperging is so entertaining lmfao.

No. 1346424

I'm not sure how holistic it is to take 20 pills of synthetic chemicals and vitamins a day instead of eating healthy natural food.

No. 1346426

I laughed at the subject herself after seeing all of her crazy edited photos and I think in myself how could a person post such a thing. I guess she has a very low iq and can't see how bad they are or maybe she sees that after a while, who knows lols

No. 1346435

I'm not sure how could anyone take her seriously when she can't be mature enough to show her real face like normal people

No. 1346449

Begging for money instead of getting a job,so proud

No. 1346551

She follows a bunch of incels and misogynists on her socials so I feel like she really fell into the “get married and have kids before 25” which is terrible advice considering your brain isn’t even done developing until 25 and statistically getting married under 25 has a higher rate of divorce… and they got married only after what a year and babies now already ? What an L she rly threw away her life to be the incel misogynists “ideal woman”

No. 1346770

Saying she has a higher miscarriage risk isn’t the same as wishing her a miscarriage

No. 1346772

Ok footoo, ok

No. 1346773

They can and they do all the time. Fertility doctors don’t give a damn

No. 1346782

It’s not an asspull, are you this stupid, you think chain smoking charls has mega sperm in his middle age and effina is some fertile queen? I bet she was trying to get pregnant the minute she stepped foot in America because all the incel losers she interacts with telling her women are empty egg baskets by 25, tried for at least a year and decided on IVF because that’s what you do if you can’t get pregnant naturally, and again the twins make the IVF theory even MORE likely, not less

No. 1347007

This looks like a 5 week ultrasound which imo is more support to the IVF theory. Do we know how many weeks she is? For a normal low risk pregnancy you get your first ultrasound around 7-8 weeks, no?

No. 1347009


Sperg harder, nobody feels bad for her or any of the rich Khalijee women who never have to work a day inn their life.

Nobody gives a shit about spoiled whore ex-Muslim women like Rahaf Mohammed who bootlick and beg the west to accept her so she can make an OnlyFans or Effina who desperately wishes she were a White European.

No. 1347042

For fucking real. She gets no sympathy from me. As a Christian middle eastern woman we often have it even harder than the Muslims in our homelands which literally forces us to flee. She clearly can’t be too desperate to escape Islam when her page is filled with Quran excerpts and she’s posting shit like this gigacringe caption >>1345809

No. 1347100

Yes I was going to say, who gets an ultrasound so early in pregnancy? Never known anyone who got pregnant naturally who got their first ultrasound that early.
her struggling to get pregnant naturally could also explain why she was so depressed in a twitch clip. in the Sam Hyde mde thread a while back. She said something like “Only my parents care I’m sad” implying schizo charls didn’t care about her sadness. I bet the schizo didn't care she wasn’t getting pregnant because he didn’t want kids as much as her

No. 1347148

File: 1634200179633.png (940.51 KB, 1242x2208, 7A1A7DA4-3A8C-42FF-833B-31E75B…)

called it anons

No. 1347150

File: 1634200219304.png (1.28 MB, 1242x2208, 658776AD-FAD7-4816-8C22-D00A90…)

No. 1347152

File: 1634200242999.png (1.05 MB, 1242x2208, DA672D36-E2C4-46A2-B551-BA8002…)

No. 1347154

File: 1634200323638.png (3.98 MB, 1242x2208, 9D93CD9D-6FA6-413D-8659-B11285…)

which one of you cow tipped?

No. 1347156

File: 1634200706828.png (3.51 MB, 1242x2208, 6C9AAA8B-097C-4240-9E45-077B98…)

post screenshots if you see anything milky before her stories disappear, don’t be like the anon who forgot to take screenshots of that meme account

No. 1347170

Does posting a random Pic with no name or anything online means it's her true record lols
Someone who faked everything can fake this too we are not that stupid lol
I can easily find a Pic like that and post it too
The fact she actually need to explain means more, it was IVF that's why too soon ultrasound cuz doctors will monitor it more carefully, get over it effina

No. 1347174

I don't think anyone cares about her enough to send her questions about that. Most of her followers didn't even know she was married lols
This is a proof she is here on this thread and posted these for us here as if we will believe more bullshit
, what a sad cow

No. 1347197

File: 1634205869417.png (1.06 MB, 1242x2208, 617EDC29-71CE-4823-9949-D21C2F…)

it’s not a screenshot without her name its a video screen recording of her going on healow which is a medical record app and when it shows the finger print access thingy it says her name. she showed solid evidence that she didnt undergo ivf yet you keep sperging out claiming she did when you dont have one piece of evidence so im sorry but ill have to believe effina/futouh on that one. im not defending this cow but the spergs on this thread are esl retards who can’t use their brains. i said the ivf shit was an ass pull and now im proven correct

No. 1347206

Are you retarded?

No. 1347211

It's said no information for the medical producers
She can change the doctor and not include the ivf procedure in the information. We are not that stupid

No. 1347212

She probably just made the account and didn't include the ivf info. It's easy to do so

No. 1347213

You probably don't know how that app works

No. 1347214

Sorry fotouh. Not everyone is as stupid as you to believe your lies

No. 1347228

Never trust a catfish

No. 1347243

meds, now

No. 1347244

So this thread is basically effina and arabs she went to school with attacking her? lmao

No. 1347248

And some of her American friends too lols

No. 1347251

Fotouh honey stop going on forums . Drama is not good for the babies

No. 1347273

It doesn’t matter how much proof she posts, the retards here will keep going. Even if she recorded her doctor swearing under oath that she didn’t get IVF, they’d keep going at it saying the same thing. The anons here don’t actually believe she got IVF, they are trolls. Making a claim out of thin air while having nothing to back it up except ‘muh smoker sperm’ and ‘muh too skinny’ is trollingggg

No. 1347274

That anon was right about taking your meds. You’re either a troll or severely unhinged

No. 1347276

You wanna add anything else foutoh?
The fact you actually lied before and said you legally changed your name to effina yet it's still fotouh. Pffffft lol

No. 1347277

Babes you can barely speak English I’m not sure you understand anything being said on this entire website

No. 1347279

And you can create a new account on the app anytime and put your information that aren't true so it doesn't matter what bullshit she posts. It said no information if she didn't have any procedures it will say none
Go learn how the app works and come back

No. 1347283

I’m not even interested in this cow at all, I just had to respond to your retardation. You got super mad when that other anon proved you wrong, you need to take your meds babe

No. 1347284

I've read some of the posts here and I must say the people here are such hypocrites.

If Charles was single you would say he is an incel and he should change his personality because he is an "asshole racist" and that's why he can't get a woman. But now he is married and didn't change his personality and people are still name calling him and insulting him. Now the narrative is shifted to "No way a woman would willingly be with him, he must be manipulator and a groomer". lol

You people have excuses for everything and it just shows you that you inherently discriminate against people who don't fit in your worldview.

No. 1347286

Sure you do. That's how low your iq is to believe the manipulative catfish effina, you probably can't tell her pictures are edited to hell lmao

No. 1347287

It wasn't even my comment lmao

No. 1347288

Babe we use this app in America, a place you are clearly not from. This is a medical record app not a social media platform, you don’t get to pick and choose what goes on it. It shows your entire medical history. I can’t believe I’m still explaining this to you, your mind obviously can’t comprehend this much information. Don’t forget to take your meds today or you’ll get too unhinged, love ya xxxxx

No. 1347289

Where do you think I'm from Lmao .stop lying effina you are making yourself stupid rn
You probably thought Arabs are only here.

No. 1347290

I got the same impression when reading the majority of the posts on here. They’re trying to demonize Effinna and Charles with every ounce of their being. They’re regurgitating the same old stale milk every single day with nothing new, and when they get bored they start pulling things out of their asses without anything to back up their claims. At this point I’m convinced the anons on this thread are just trolls because you really can’t be this retarded while still having the mental capacity to type words on a keyboard

No. 1347292

File: 1634217715790.png (Spoiler Image, 143.9 KB, 512x339, B312520C-AB66-4B36-A213-D714D9…)

Sure honey. We can totally tell English is your first language based on your impeccable vocabulary and grammar skills

No. 1347294

I can type however I want lols

No. 1347302

He got catfished, what's good about that?
Do you think if she used her real pictures he would be interested in her. No way he would be, and that's interesting.The only hypocrite here is Charls. He is two faced

No. 1347316

I was referring to the post where people called him a groomer, creep and whatnot because of his age and looks. Your response is directed to something else.

It's not like she has filters while being around him in the house, ultimately people can't know the reason he likes her.

No. 1347321

File: 1634221172227.png (3.39 MB, 1945x2048, Screenshot_20211014-101852.png)


Are you male? You really think this guy can afford to be choosy?

No. 1347329

There is NO screen recording of her going on the app on her Instagram story. Why are you lying? this has to be a self post. Try harder next time footooh, I mean effina

No. 1347330

File: 1634221936679.png (2.3 MB, 750x1334, E204D056-DF46-405A-943B-6BB6D5…)

>nothing wrong with IVF I’m just very young and fertile uwu

No one believes you except for complete gullible morons. What a dumb bitch

No. 1347337

>twins in genes, his father is a twin and so is my aunt

Lol can anyone confirm either of those? Is charls dad really a twin? Also let’s see her alleged “twin aunts”. Let me guess, she will claim her mom and aunt are fraternal (non identical) twins but they’re literally just sisters kek

No. 1347338

Seriously, who believes she got pregnant accidentally after more than 2 years. Accidental pregnancy happens usually early in the relationship after a month or 2

No. 1347346

I’m sorry you’re so retarded you can barely use your own phone https://streamable.com/3b0yyz

No. 1347348

Right. Can almost guarantee she was trying to get pregnant within the first few months she got here. There’s no way charls and 4chan incel “women are eggless by X age” didn’t affect her viewpoint. She’s been on scrote incel dominated internet circles for years. And she won’t admit to IVF because it would prove she failed at being “young and fertile”

No. 1347349

why are you seething so hard because some random lolcow had twins naturally?

No. 1347353

tbh you can fake all of that with using 'inspect element' or w/e. but ofc some posters here need their meds lmao

No. 1347354

Because she’s lying? Gullible bitch

No. 1347355

Since you will never be honest and accept the truth, You will face so much hard time in your life effina. I actually feel sorry for the babies to have such a mother and you will be the worst example for them. They will grow up to be just like you and what a miserable life

No. 1347356

What time is it in Kuwait lol

No. 1347357

This could easily be faked by using an video editing program

No. 1347360

Your posts reek of jealousy honestly and I don’t say that on here often. You want her to post proof that her dad is a twin or whatever yet you can’t post proof she went through IVF. You just sound angry and defeated at this point

No. 1347361

Anons Charls raped my grandma and murdered her!!! You want proof? I don’t have any you’ll just have to believe me!!! Because he raped my grandma and I said so!!!!! He’s also infertile!! You know how I know? Oh just because he smokes. Effinna is infertile!!! You know why? Cuz she’s not fat!!!

No. 1347362

If this is real, it’s not even definite proof. Anyone who’s been to doctors and knows how the medical industry works, knows this. Different doctors don’t always communicate well with sending medical records and shit, some are definitely too lazy to get their patients full medical records. You have to request them usually. So a patient could technically go to a fertility doctor, go through ivf and get pregnant, then she could go to a standard general practitioner or a gyne-o and claim it was an “accidental pregnancy”. Foutoh is the exact type of lying psycho who would do this

No. 1347363

Your posts reek of stupidity and not understanding how many things work

No. 1347365

Take your meds

No. 1347369

Get a partner your own age and become more fertile do you don’t need ivf you ugly bitch

No. 1347374

Imagine believing these liers. Imagine believing that charl's smoker cum could impregnate effina's cadaverous anorexic bod.
get your head checked if you believe her

No. 1347376

Exactly!that's what I was saying too

No. 1347378


No. 1347382

File: 1634224041207.png (79.39 KB, 875x438, 663FA399-6269-4414-A4AE-A722C7…)

No. 1347384

I know about the medical industry you stupid piece of shit. You obviously don’t know how it works. Doctors either have your medical records on file or computer don’t even bother looking at them (lazy or too busy), or they don’t have your medical records because they’re out of network so they only have your word to go off. You could definitely get IVF from a fertility doctor then go to a different doctor and say it was an accident and they’d believe you

No. 1347385

why are these people on suicide watch because a cow got pregnant

No. 1347387

No you’re just low IQ and don’t know how the medical industry works. If a doctor is out of another doctor’s network they won’t have those records unless they request them

No. 1347388

I’m not on suicide watch, are you retarded? Not my fault you’re stupid and blindly believe this ugly lying bitch

No. 1347390

File: 1634224509455.jpeg (565.81 KB, 1242x788, 99C8C420-E6A9-4864-BD35-F2F983…)

No. 1347391

effina repent

No. 1347393

Why can she not give any proof charls dad is a twin or her aunt is a twin? Maybe because uh she is lying like usual

No. 1347394

why would i blindly believe you when you haven’t posted anything to back up your claims? :s

No. 1347395

Ok footoo since we know you’re reading, at least give proof of the “me and my husband have twin relatives” surely there would be some definite proof of such thing if it is your HUSBANDS DAD

No. 1347397

Why would you believe someone who has 2 names XD

No. 1347399

File: 1634224743548.jpeg (4.07 KB, 114x127, download (1).jpeg)

No. 1347401

meds anon

No. 1347405

File: 1634225098548.png (45.93 KB, 657x527, d2e.png)

footo show feet as proof

No. 1347410

File: 1634225336502.jpeg (254.62 KB, 750x862, 64C042D6-FFA9-4A6E-A4EE-9066CC…)

Read and learn. Unless she went through the process of having all her IVF records transferred to an out of the network gyne-o or other doc, she could simply lie and say it was an accidental pregnancy. Most fertility doctors don’t operate in the same network you fucking idiot that’s why you need to request to transfer records to the new docs or they won’t even know you did IVF

No. 1347417

Fotouh, You can't lie to us. Go waste your breath somewhere else. We are not that stupid

No. 1347418

Show proof charls dad or your aunt is a twin, ugly ass bitch. You’re a psycho lying bitch no one except retards believe you(hi cow)

No. 1347424

watch charls on twitch tonight. they will video call their twin relatives

No. 1347428

No one is interested in watching stupid hypocrite two faced man talking about nonsense and begging for money to fund his unborn twin as if anyone would be stupid enough to pay for other people's children, get a job.

No. 1347430

He lost most of his incel fans lols

No. 1347431

I'll donate a relatively large sum and there is nothing you can do about that!

No. 1347433

I work for a doctor and I’m about half way tempted to write a script for you to take your meds to wipe the Sunday morning cuckoo cartoons from your banged out mind right now.

No. 1347440

Fotouh is famous for making up a different reality. She probably dissociate all the time

No. 1347448

File: 1634227111860.jpeg (304.66 KB, 750x836, 79CE8670-C178-4441-A9F7-F6CA09…)

Sure foot. You never had your IVF records sent to your new ob when you transferred from your fertility doc to your obstetrician, you told them it was an “accident” and they believed it, they don't know you're a compulsive lying twat(hi cow)

No. 1347451

itt seething and jealous barren arab waman

No. 1347452

File: 1634227237548.jpeg (208.13 KB, 750x800, 5B9C6746-630F-4F32-A96B-1035D6…)

More proof it’s a DIFFERENT doc. Unless she actually got all the records and did it properly, the ob WOULD NOT KNOW. You could easily lie, and footfuck is a compulsive liar

No. 1347461

This is what a true fertile vibrant healthy woman look like.
I always assume she has a dick and fucks Charls with it lols

No. 1347467

My mom had IVF to conceive me, and one of my best friends around my age also had IVF to conceive. She used an app similar to that of Effina’s or Fotoo or Foot or whatever the fuck her name is. Also, just to lend credence to that other anon - you are clearly not American and English is not your first language. I’m assuming you have very little experience with the medical “industry” as you’re too fucking low IQ to do anything other than screenshot the same article from the same one or two websites. Because you’re painfully unaware, doctors do not usually take supplementary medical records from the hands of patients. They will contact the referring doctor or ask the patient to ask their doctor to fax or email the records directly to the new doctor’s office, thereby eliminating any chance of there being possible confusion. That way, the information is coming from the source, which in this case, and I know it must be insane to realize this, is not the patient themselves, but pathology/the lab/the doctor who wrote up the orders for the patient. This thread turned into such an embarrassing shitshow as soon as you started posteeng li,ke dis becas you cunt spiek any fucking the Ingrish.

Also, why do you care? Is birth control the only form of contraceptives in your mud hut country? How does an anonymous poster embarrass themselves this much?

No. 1347472

all women who live under the religion of the arab pedophile deserve sympathy imo, she may be an awful person but she has every right to despise arab pedophile/warlord worshipping men

No. 1347473

This is the same way effina said Charls dad has a twin and her aunt too. Lol I can tell from the dedication to write a paragraph trying to make us believe that some how there is doctors and ivf people in here who believe effina's bullshit. The only one who believes effina is effina. Even Charls won't believe that.

No. 1347475

>why do you care

She’s a stupid lying bitch, sure your mom had IVF but is she a compulsive liar obsessed with looking fertile? Probably not. Stop comparing your female relatives to her like it’s the same situation. FOOT is a compulsive liar and will go to great lengths to spin a false narrative to look “better”

No. 1347477

Effina was on birth control because once she stopped it she started getting acne. Her hormones are off.

No. 1347480

Why would she be on birth control if she’s been trying to conceive??? Your fabrications don’t even add up anymore, you’re contradicting yourself lmfao

No. 1347481

Please I beg of you take your meds don’t kill yourself tonight

No. 1347484

> will go to great lengths to spin a false narrative
It’s like you’re talking about yourself anon!

No. 1347485

What about this do you not get? She figured out a medical loophole to lie to her new doc. She simply went to fertility doc, did IVF, got pregnant, then went to an ob/gyn (likely not in the same network as the fertility doc) and didn’t tell the ob/gyn she did IVF. DUH. She’s a fucking liar

No. 1347488

Stop embarrassing yourself.

No. 1347489

That's what I think happened too. Her and Charls don't want to accept the truth and want to show that Charls sperm works after more than 2 years of being married

No. 1347491

You are literally crazy if you think I’m Effina LOL the paranoia in this thread is real. I wrote the ~paragraph~ with just oh so much dedication nonnie because it’s super obnoxious that someone who’s borderline illiterate and surely has little to no experience within the medical field or medical procedures would speak about it as if they actually know what someone’s medical history is when we literally have 0 idea if she did IVF or not. As shitty as Effina is, that’s an absolutely retarded way of going about it and you know it too.

Are you actually this stupid? Seriously, I want to know “lols”. I’m saying that I’m familiar with the process of medical records regarding IVF because I know people who got IVF to conceive. I’m familiar with the app that Effina is using as well. I’m not comparing their reasons for WHY, I’m telling you that your evidence for Effina faking her medical records is questionable at best. You’re obsession with proving that a screen recording was altered is proof you’re more whacked in the head than your beloved little hack nose job Foot is.

No. 1347494

Effina is manipulative and controlling . You should know that by now. Nothing is accidental in her life

No. 1347495

The only reason the ob would contact the fertility doc is if the patient DISCLOSES that she did IVF, you fucking idiot. Then the ob would request the records from the fertility doc. If FOOT just went to an ob and told the ob it was an “accident” and never disclosed the IVF, the ob has NO WAY of knowing. There’s no magic wand on an ob’s ultrasound that can tell that a patient conceived through IVF. Bitch probably lied to the ob even more and said “TWINS RUN in MY FAMILY” to make it even more believable

No. 1347498

Stop embarrassing yourself

No. 1347499

You’re embarrassing yourself believing this ugly lying bitch

No. 1347501

They should have included 2 nose job in the medical records lmao
That why it's just a bullshit she faked it

No. 1347504

this ivf stuff is cool and all but I don't really care cus her body is going to be destroyed by having twins on her first pregnancy anyway.

I'm more interested in seeing more pics of her unedited self bc that shit is crazy how different she looks. I knew something was up when I first saw this girl on twitter but I didn't think it was THAT severe lol.

No. 1347506

Yes, honey, you clearly have worked in ob/gn offices and you’re VERY familiar with the process. Obviously you’re the smartest person in this thread, and you have telepathic powers to know without a shadow of a doubt that you’re right. Let me just finish dispensing your pills through the slot in the door before your delusions morph into a full blown manic episode, okay?

No. 1347508

The medical record she showed on the app was from her new ob gyn that she LIED to, what about that don’t you get

No. 1347512

Do you know how easy it is to lie about your past medical procedures to a new doc who is not in the network of your old doc? It’s very easy. You just never disclose you had this or that procedure, and they assume you’re telling the truth because they don’t have reason to question it, most people aren’t compulsive liars like her. How gullible are you really?

No. 1347513

The info is all available online, sorry you’re too stupid to figure out. You got outsmarted by fatwag. You two should be friends

No. 1347517

For someone who faked everything they can easily fake medical records

No. 1347519

Your babies are going to die as karma for your lying sins, footfuck bitch(a-logging)

No. 1347520

her proof of effina getting ivf:
1. husband smokes
2. skinny

No. 1347522

3. Compulsive liar


No. 1347525

Effina i beg you stop lying

No. 1347528

Imagine getting this angry over an e-celeb

No. 1347529

File: 1634231009019.jpg (101.01 KB, 720x528, IVF.jpg)

She had her ultrasound on 5 weeks. You should probably stop lying and embarrassing yourself

No. 1347530

Imagine coming to a lolcow thread of a compulsive liar and defending her lol kys

No. 1347532

She probably will go now and say she didn't have the ultrasound too soon and say the Pic was edited and post another Pic saying this was the real one and lie more and hide that she had ivf. What's wrong wit having ivf effina?

No. 1347535

Are you mad she called your people subhuman n words? Awww :((racebait :()

No. 1347536

Exactly who the fuck gets an ultrasound so early who conceived naturally? It’s not a thing. She only knew she was pregnant at 5 weeks because the IVF doc was monitoring it closely. Half the anons here are too stupid to understand all this medical shit so they just believe her bullshit

No. 1347540

Why do you type like a retard then reply to yourself? You’re a mental patient.

No. 1347541

She called her own people lols
Stop self hating fotouh you are brown and pregnancy will make you get darker and darker , too bad having a nose job didn't change your ethnicity

No. 1347542

He is not replying to himself

No. 1347544

Notice how in her Instagram sperg about “not” having IVF she has to give all these platitudes like “oh IVF is amazing for women who aren’t fertile” then had to throw in how “fertile” she is herself and make it clear she “DIDNT” do it LOL. She knows damn well charls and his incel fans would call her an infertile bitch if they learned she didn’t conceive naturally, there’s no way she would ever admit to it

No. 1347547

That’s a different anon you fucking retard lol not everyone is as stupid as you

No. 1347548

Exactly. She is a hypocrite

No. 1347549

Yeah I’m definitely not aware that’s a thing. I’m sure no one else who doubts the claim of IVF understands how it works, unlike you and the raging Arab who’s shitting up the thread, especially not people who probably actually know what they’re talking about. Are you aware that Charls would have to shell out more in order to go out of network, especially for something like this? Do you know what their insurance situation is like? Do you honestly think Charls, who we know isn’t exactly the millionaire white savior chad Jesus Effina expected him to be, would go out of network JUST to save her the embarrassment of admitting she had IVF treatments to prove to a bunch of lurkers on lolcow that she conceived naturally? We’re debating in this very thread that Charls might not have even wanted children. So why the fuck would he go out of network, just to hinder your pseudodetective investigation? It really takes a lot of nerve to call someone gullible when you don’t even have the brain to consider the practicality of what you’re claiming.

No. 1347553

I’m not an Arab you retard. Why are you so convinced of this? Shut the fuck up

No. 1347554

>charls had to shell out more


No. 1347555

You actually think that a middle aged man doesn't dream of having children and create a family? His only reason to marry effina is so she can give him the dream he wants to make a family so he doesn't end up alone and be called a loser.
Most middle American men will love to get married and have kids but it's hard for them with whiye women so they go around and look abroad like in Philippines. You must be naive to think he didn't want kids
That's for sure why he posted on Instagram and Twitter to show off that, he must be really not wanting kids lols

No. 1347557

Ahaha I dunno, maybe because you’re a retard? Just a guess.

No. 1347610

Tsundere-chan/pakisation-anon/miss retard, if I see you around here you avatarfagging insane retard I will send you back on the first airplane to Talibanland. Stop clogging up every thread with your retardation.

No. 1347702

Holy shit, some of you anons are completely insane. Effina is a cow but you do all realize twins existed before IVF? and that many forms of birth control can fail, like condoms or the pill? Effina is a liar on a lot of things but an accidental pregnancy resulting in twins isn't as glamorous as pretending to be a beautiful businesswoman on Instagram. I believe she got accidentally pregnant with twins, it's not a "good" thing (unplanned pregnancy that is) according to her incel followers or her Arab followers, I'm sure. And incels squawk about female fertility but I've never seen any of them rave about women producing twins, specifically.

No. 1347708

It's not good for the twin to be on here effina

No. 1347716

Are you new to this cow? She is getting what she deserves. You can’t be a dishonest little creep then expect people to be kind to you. Let’s hope charls dumps her for another catfish in his dm’s when he realizes he hates being a father

No. 1347731

Charls is getting more attention from Arab girls lately

No. 1347782

It's not likely that they are going to be even loving parents. These children will have some issues. Their father believes everyone in hollywood to be a transsexual satanist (his words), and their mother will photoshop their faces for they will never be good enough. I just hope these children are boys, maybe their life will be a little easier for I can see a little girl being a deranged clone of Footoo and disregarded by the father. I just don't understand, she is 23 and should be enjoying her youth, not changing two sh*tty diapers at once. She will learn many lessons about her choices in the months to come.(sage)

No. 1347852

Are you her mom? Why do you care so much about their kids?

No. 1347858

How tf is this thot breeding when she photoshops the fuck out of her face and is generally a mentally ill pick me cow I hoped she would wise up and grow out of her 4chsn pick me phase as she’s only 23 but now that she has kids shit she threw her life away rip

No. 1347859

Children are the future

No. 1348094

File: 1634285527339.png (411.35 KB, 720x1300, e.png)

Please for your own sake stop lurking on niche internet forums. Stop editing your face to resemble a whitewashed Asian woman with a compressed face. You don't have to constantly come up with justifications for your pregnancy or for editing your pictures and such. You are just adding more fuel to this. Take a break from the internet and take care of yourself.

No. 1348209

as an anon who had no reason to believe it's IVF, this makes me think it's IVF lmao. who tries to prove their haters wrong this much unless they're lying with ''proof'' that could be easily faked

No. 1348212

Lol at white women being "hard"

No. 1348213

She spent too much energy on explaining it, for what reason?
I also believe it's ivf because of how she took it too personally as if ivf was bad lols
She can never take accountability for anything and will always find excuses for her bullshit. What a mature woman lol.
She is pathetic tbh

No. 1348216

exactly, I almost feel bad for her but then I remember how shitty she is. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the posts here were her (she has posted before trying to convince us the 4chan shit was fake) but seeing all of the defenders here it's hard not to think she at least sent her friends here to cape for her if it's not her herself. She could just.. not publicize her life online anymore if it bothers her this much.

No. 1348218

Yeah. She created her own drama. She probably thrive on it. She always wanna act as the victim lmao

No. 1348219

Fotouh, your skin is going to become so much darker than it already is. Including your nipples, and the rest. You will not look like the white girl you wanna be.
It is time for you to stop being racist against yourself..

No. 1348220

Exactly lols. I vomited thinking about that

No. 1348468

Is she ready for pregnancy weight gain and stretch marks ? She’s not gonna look so UwU smol anymore … your bones even spread out and many women’s feet even get bigger and women’s voices get deeper after pregnancy I’ve heard. Watch her become even more insecure lol

No. 1348482

I definitely believe it was ivf , the way she went out her way to show proof and shit makes it sound so desperate and cornered. Also the fact that it’s twins … convinces me even more. I did some research on what the chances of having twins are , and those who are more likely are Women who are older than 30, women who have already had a child, taller women, and overweight women , underweight women have a less chance of producing twins naturally . Effy meets none of these categories. Also her husband is balding pushing 40 and looks in terrible shape , male Sperm quality starts to decline around 40-45 , at this age it’s statistically harder to induce a pregnancy and takes more time . and if the mans lifestyle is not healthy (drinks , junk food, doesn’t work out) , it’s even worse. So yeah the chances of her getting ivf is way higher than her conceiving these twins naturally

No. 1348542

Yes you are right.
Also how she said that she is "fertile" its very strange way and cheap word to use. Fertility issues are not only due to women they more likely happen due to men. Also She just wanna show that oh I'm young and fertile when she is completely the opposite
I do not think she wanted kids now. I'm pretty sure Charls forced her to get pregnant because he doesn't wanna wait longer till he is too old to function. That's when the age gap causes issues

No. 1348546

Seriously who would go online and call themselves fertile, She is soo low, very gross and not classy.
Not a nice wife material

No. 1348574

Yup and what better way to come off as a fertile queen than to pick twins in ivf and tell everyone it was done naturally. I feel like it’s another clout chasing act to appease the incel groyper types in her Twitter replies

No. 1348576

Their kids are gonna be so fked up bruh imagine being raised by these two dumpster fire people who center their personalities around weird internet fringe circles

No. 1348927

This pregnancy is going to destroy her mental and physical state. She clearly has disordered eating habits still, so eating 3 times as much will be uncomfortable and tough for her. She'll gain weight quickly, develop stretch marks and her entire body shape will change. If she was physically healthy, this most likely wouldn't be as drastic but I think it will be bad due to her being underweight. She's going to be so depressed from her physical changes that it will likely worsen the mental changes a pregnant woman goes through. I expect a lot of weird posts that over explain why she isn't posting pics as often or for her to completely disappear from the internet. Maybe the pregnancy will push her to change her health, but I highly doubt it and think it will physically and mentally ruin her.

No. 1348946

I noticed that She reposts old Pic

No. 1349379

File: 1634460662230.png (1.95 MB, 1868x1190, tajmelia2.png)

She liked this post on the same plastic surgery instagram account that exposed her before.

Caption on the pic: "Did you maintain your body appearance after birth or did you have excess sagging?"

Are appearances literally the only thing this girl cares about? Maybe start exercising and eating well to birth healthy babies instead of incessantly scrolling through beauty accounts and worrying about your looks.

No. 1349398

Her abdominal muscles will be stretched the f*uck out from two babies at once.

No. 1349410

File: 1634466119801.jpg (158.31 KB, 800x743, twinskin.jpg)

Well she is a super insecure young woman and she is going to look very different in just a few months. I would be worried about my perfect body too. Has she never heard of "diastasis recti" of "twin skin". Her perfect image will be shattered. She will have no choice but to actually fully depend on scrote Charles because without him she is nothing now, nothing but a single mother with two children. She is bound for life. I hope Charles accepts her new body.

No. 1349411

She had to have known she was pregnant for weeks now and that's why she just went public with her marriage just very recently. And who gets an ultrasound at 4 weeks? Bizarre!(sage your nonmilk)

No. 1349425

Crazy that Sam is losing weight and will soon be the better looking one.

No. 1349466

I know you are trying to put down a lolcow thinking she will read this, but what a fucked up thing to say about mothers (one of which birthed you, sperg).

No. 1349492

I swear the most deranged misogynistic cows populate this thread, even worse than the cow this thread is about. Who talks this way about motherhood? Who casually speculates about a pregnant woman’s miscarriage chances based on her weight? Who gives a flying fuck if she had IVF or not? Pathetic.

No. 1349501

Muslims, Asians and Arabs

No. 1349541

You and the middle eastern anon bitching about her IVF thing the other day are crazy, and I agree with another poster about you being misogynistic. “I would be worried about my perfect body too” - wtf is this? You sound like some creep on Reddit. I’ve seen some shit on lolcow before but I’ve never seen someone just shit all over pregnant women and be so nasty about pregnancy in general. Freak.

No. 1349600

Most Young people in general will have the same opinion about pregnancy. I would be scared of getting pregnant as well. There is no way back after getting pregnant and the body change is permanent. So it should be a very wise step to take and maybe not before 25, that's what I think.

No. 1349614

That’s all fine and dandy, but anon was not talking about it in a general way. Just look up at the rest of the autistic sperging. It’s like anon WANTS Effina to be absolutely miserable or something. It’s lolcow, yeah, and she’s a liar and edits the hell out of everything, but wow, if that isn’t obsession or deep-seated cruelty, then idk what is.

No. 1349618

If all you are worried about pregnancy is how your body is going to look after, then yeah you are probably way too young to even think about it. Adult women worry about giving birth to a healthy baby and are excited to have a family with the person they love. Usually you will also be in a stable relationship/marriage with someone who doesn't care if your belly is not as flat as it was before, because you literally grew his child in it. It just makes you sound incredibly immature and superficial to shit on mothers for their post-partum bodies.

No. 1349624

You don't need to get pregnant to show love nor you don't owe any man to have his child just to show him that you love him. You only have one body and you should own it and be wise about things. 20s are not meant to have a child and spend time changing diapers. They are meant to enjoy your time and work on your future. And then you can have kids after you had enough life experience and spend the rest of your life caring for them. There should be no rush in pregnancy because she will have the pregnancy body for the rest of her life now, she could have waited more till she became more mature because a person like her is not mature nor responsible enough.

No. 1349639

>You don't need to get pregnant to show love nor you don't owe any man to have his child just to show him that you love him
I never said that. Stop strawmanning. I agree that early 20s is too young for most people to have kids, but that wasn't really part of the discussion.

No. 1349703

She is miserable, she lies about most of her life. no one has to wish her misery

No. 1349705

how much you want to bet she will lie and say she bounced back right away, or she will get a tummy tuck and say it was natural? That is, if she doesn’t lose one or both of the babies

No. 1349711

It’s not casual speculation. there is a higher chance of miscarriage if you are either below or above a normal BMI during pregnancy. It’s dangerous for the baby, or twins in her case. Women like her who are obsessed with being smol shouldn’t be getting pregnant

No. 1349734

Well, if Charls cares about her or the babies then he should get her help. She needs to have proper diet and cut off the meals substitution with pills and nourish her body and embrace it. Let the adult woman body shine effina

No. 1349751

kek so true, she's already in her own hell and we're just watching the shit show

No. 1349774

Some of these anons have to be misogynistic moids, they’re the only ones obsessed with women’s “perfect bodies” being “ruined” by pregnancy. Women are concerned about having healthy babies and good birth experiences. IVF conspiracy anon is creepy too. Say you manage to prove a random internet cow had IVF…so what? Who fucking cares? How does it affect your life?

No. 1349823

Why the fuck are you here if you don’t care about any of this? Go fuck off somewhere else then and stop moralizing and policing the thread bitch

No. 1349852

moidrage moment

No. 1349870

It’s so funny because you are part of the reason why people are almost partially defending Effina at this point, or at least mentioning how creepy the comments on post partum bodies are, because of how much YOU fucked the thread up. Literally everyone here cares enough to stay updated and talk shit, but there’s only a few of you that are so deranged that you’re raging about women getting pregnant in their 20s or hoping that Effina hates her body after pregnancy kek take your meds

No. 1349875

Stfu triggered moid, no one would be defending this dumb cow if you weren’t here sperging and shitting the thread up 24/7

No. 1349883

Not the same anon, fucking idiot. Imagine coming to a gossip board and then incessantly whining about the gossip

No. 1349885

No one is forcing you to defend anyone. If you’re so bothered don’t come here

No. 1349922

Oh yeah we’re totally whining about the gossip and not how fucking embarrassing and shitty you’re making the thread lol

No. 1350080

you women shit up other threads about how bad muslim men are but you do their work for them, you bitches are too much

No. 1350394

Only effina and her sister are here on this thread defending effina lols. She went publicly talking about how fertile and cringe she is, she deserves all of the words we said on here. Maybe just stop making up stupid excuses for yourself effina. You are boring

No. 1351409

no chance in hell Charls can afford a tummy tuck for her, and if her parents are like most traditional parents as soon as their grandchildren are born they will stop giving a shit about their daughter and will be unlikely to financially support her getting some vanity work done. I'm sure her parents will have to help support the babies various costs though.

No. 1351679

File: 1634699583302.jpeg (743.81 KB, 1242x1348, 6BC46A13-6A57-460F-8949-07A3AD…)

Wow, she finally showed the stomach!!

No. 1351718

She's showing a lot for being in the 1st trimester? I seriously can't imagine two children being brought up in that dark and dingy shitpit her and Charls live in. Do they even have health insurance? The cost of prenatal care & birth would be astronomical without it.

No. 1351760

She still can't show her normal body. She made herself look taller and skinnier, even her face looks taller too.

No. 1351886

Why is one of her eyes looking up and the other one is looking down O.o

No. 1351888

The mental patients here only mention how rich her parents are when they want to claim she’s had ~muh IVF~ and ~muh tummy tuck~ but apparently think she’s too poor to afford health insurance. What an utter shitshow this thread is kek

No. 1351908

Her ‘rich parents’ even if they are so wealthy they can afford all that random shit would absolutely despise Charls for not providing for their daughter. I’m sure the pressure is on for her to move back to Kuwait with Charls or without.

No. 1351935

It's hard to have health insurance when you don't have a real job

No. 1351936

And she better start saving up for the tummy tuck starting now. Go on twitch effina beg for twin funds and toys and bed and clothes. Every dollar matters

No. 1351941

the cat eye edit always makes me lol.

No. 1351953

Makes me feel sad that she doesn't look like it irl

No. 1351965

File: 1634739672122.png (31.45 KB, 759x310, 564654656546444.png)

Found this incredible unpopular tweet that Charls had to delete since it upset his incel altright fanbase. Honestly, what do these people even believe in?

No. 1351996

what does this even mean?

No. 1351997

He is a hypocrite lols

No. 1352000

If he was able to be with a white woman, he would have said a different thing. So he is completely bullshit two faced cringe L

No. 1352301

After much looking over- she perfectly aims her camera phone into the reflection & has her face directly aligned in the image but she stares to the side in her viewfinder, giving an odd perspective.. her body does look exaggerated due to the belly

No. 1352303

She said she already plans to live 6mo in Kuwait 6mo in the US off and on forever.. supposedly. Lol

No. 1352309

Her hands look huge too compared to how thin she made herself . She should have edited them

No. 1352311

Unless she has huge freaky hands irl. She couldn't edited them because the phone will look fucked if she did.

No. 1352451

imagine being 23, having your whole life ahead of you, and ruining your body and financially crippling yourself for 18 years x2 for an alt-right man who will probably cheat on you anyway

No. 1352544

Again with the pregnancy = ruined body sperg. Some of you anons can’t even legally drink yet and it shows. Now financially crippled is true kek she really hooked a falling star with Charls. And no way her parents will want to support her, him, and two kids in perpetuity. I don’t give a shit how rich they are, she will definitely have to move back to Kuwait permanently with her children if she wants mommy and daddy’s wallet open.

No. 1352618

To be fair, and I’m not that anon, but twins are going to do a number on her body. It’s a lot of stress, especially carrying two babies at once. It will inevitably cause stress marks and other changes like loose skin. The question is, is she ready to have her body go through all of these changes? Given how she can barely post a real photo of herself, I don’t think she is ready for the changes that will come

No. 1352619

*stretch marks, my bad

No. 1352624

Remember a while ago when she posted on her ig story that she’s miserable and has never felt more dead ? If your in that sort of condition I think your not ready to have kids. It seems like she only wants kids so her 4chan trad orbiters are cooming over her and saying cringe shit like “based and baby pilled” in the comments. She should’ve spent her 20s growing and developing herself . She only does and says things for clout and has no sense of self.

No. 1352838

lmfao anglotard thinks he speaks for europeans. fermented milk drinks are all kinds are common in europe. england is a stain on white race, actually what am i saying it is a stain on the whole fucking globe.

No. 1352860

Charls won't survive with this lol. And is she gonna take his children and live abroad alone for 6 months while he is in the US alone for 6 months ??!!

No. 1352863

are you retarded? why wouldn't he go with her? he works construction, he can take the winter months off.

No. 1352864

I'm not sure if he will, we will see. I don't think he can survive without weed and alcohol too long

No. 1352921

She posted that when her baby nephew passed away, I would be miserable too. What’s wrong with you?

No. 1352923

It really sounds like you want to suck Charls dick

No. 1352925

No ty. Effina can have his lil pinky lmao

No. 1352928

No she posted that when the other thread posted her school pictures and showed how her real face was . You must be new lols

No. 1352933

You must be lost and retarded lols

No. 1352935

YEAH I know my family are Ukrainian and we drink lots of it

No. 1352938

Okay foutoh XD

No. 1352939

You’ve embarrassed yourself for multiple days now so I guess we must all be Footah lolsssXDDDlols did I forget to them lols? XD

No. 1352942

Plz don't make fun of your own name lol.
You made a joke about I can't wait to have kids and a YouTube video when your nephew died. You weren't sensitive at all. So I'm not sure if you can keep lying. It's all on the internet and will never be gone

No. 1352943

Dude what are you talking about, not everyone is obsessed with her as you are

No. 1352944

Are you schizophrenic lolzzzsssss xD cD XD

No. 1352946

So you are new then don't say what you don't know >>1352921

No. 1352948

All of her shit are on the internet. No matter how many times she cnages her name lols. She has major identity issues. What a great mother lols. Her kids will be fucked with no identity as well

No. 1352950

lolllssssss you’re dense that it’s insane, I’ve never seen such moronic troll before. Did you forget to pop your pills today btw xD x_x lolsss

No. 1352952

So when you get trapped in the corner, you start talking about pills. Great attitude lol. You are boring tbh

No. 1352955

And you should stop trying to speak English and go back to wherever you came from (the Stone Age, or preferably, your buttfuck nowhere village) lols I’m sure you’ll be reunited with Foot soon <3 XD

No. 1352963

You know there is only one fotouh in Kuwait. Too bad you didn't legally change your name lols. Fucking ugly liar catfish

No. 1352965

Lmao I think you hit a nerve anon

No. 1352968

Lols no. I'm laughing thinking how you made people call you effina when you look like a fotouh lols

No. 1352991

File: 1634829662023.jpg (15.05 KB, 320x320, 2018 افينا.jpg)

Saudianon here. Much before she met Charls she was already had a huge following from middle easterners. I remember she used to do Q&As where she would post long deep answers just to seem intellectual.

The funny thing is after she met Charls and they started following each other, she posted those same Q&As with the same answers as if they were new questions being asked by people again. If I had known I would have screen-shots on both occasions. Its a small thing that just goes to show how much she cares about her image and fakes a character

No. 1352996

File: 1634830509228.jpg (165.07 KB, 552x690, effina with charls.jpg)

What lie did she tell her followers about this?
Is this also Photoshopd by someone who hates her kek

No. 1353022

I’m from the US of A and white as can be, I’m not familiar with sand people names lols

No. 1353042

Nobody cares

No. 1353053

Be careful and don't let people fool you or catfish you then. My friend lols

No. 1353061

she just didn't allow the nametag lol at this points I think she just dissociates from reality at the moment she wakes up

No. 1353132

I just checked the picture and the username tag is still there, she never removed it.

No. 1353134

Oops forgot to sage

No. 1353144

Soon, more people will find it

No. 1353160

File: 1634846326472.png (573.23 KB, 649x853, Foot.png)

The pic is not allowed on her instagram, so whatever foot.

No. 1353218

She deleted the picture that she posted when her nephew died. This is a proof she is just insensitive lying cow lol. It was you foutoh here making up lies again , You can't ever stop lying can you!

No. 1353909

File: 1634940411447.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 52.66 KB, 750x562, black.jpeg)

Foutoh reminds me of this . She probably thinks she is white and dissociates alot. I have a feeling this was her

No. 1354610

didn't she denounced islam on her /int/ threads though? why the sudden shift?

No. 1354681

This was discussed in the previous thread, so Basically 4 Chan right wingers used to hate on Islam back in like 2015 era whereas that whole trad esoteric crowd of men now wax poetic about their pseudo spirituality and larp as orthodox Catholics and how atheism is evil and the downfall of the west and will say shit like islam>atheism and say shit like the taliban are based chads for getting rid of lgbt rights and women’s rights and restoring “tradition” . And effina is a clout chaser of these circles who has no sense of self and embodies whatever they deem “based” at the moment

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