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File: 1627729405220.jpeg (2.06 MB, 3464x3464, 1619684589192.jpeg)

No. 1287867

first time making a thread so ive just copied the last threads summary, please drop anything ive missed. newfags, remember to type "sage" in email and lurk before posting

past threads :

1 : >>>/snow/866800
2 : >>>/snow/1005403 (created by @babivampire)
3 : >>>/snow/1047741
4 : >>>/snow/1079162
5 : >>>/snow/1131138
6 : >>>/snow/1219460

milk from past thread :
>Arisa Vurr/sug4rfairy the ~BLM acab uwu activist~ got caught saying the N word >>1147976 got dragged for it
>immediately deactivated Twitter and turned off comments on Instagram
>Arisa Vurr suspected of posting racist comments on 4chan >>1162995 >>1161905

>>1192623 Ang3ltroon still shoops her fat ass body/ love handles

>>1192272 Angie Jaslow is still ugly >>1186757 >>1186273 Still selling her onlyfans and is slowly turning into an emo version of Shayna >>1175217 (had her own lolcow thread that dried up, she's not milky enough alone)

>>1191573 Arisa still selfposting on 4chan

>>1182359 "hikkineet" egirls bombard the thread, please can we not have a repeat of this, just make your own thread for your kaliacc bullshit

>autism and cowtipping

>>1180131 Haley tries to rebrand as an uwu e-girl under new usernames (failing miserably) instead of taking care of her kid

>Lena Kitsune’s real face doxxed >>1148425

>looks nothing like her selfies online shocking
> has a daughter but whores herself on the internet and lies about her plastic surgeries/ facetune shoops >>1148423
>>1175301 Lena Kitsune being hypocritical and pedopandering
>>1193589 LenaKitsune would rather make Onlyfans content for scrotes than take care of her child

>>1183440 one of Voidchan’s minions is an Elliott Rogers fan girl
>Vo1dchan claims she has a “stalker” so she harrasses/doxxes a minor when Vo1dchan is an adult in her 20s

Links to notable people:

Dolores/ Haley/Babivampire: https://instagram.com/youstirmyblood



Arisa Vurr/ R4cistfairy:

Nyabeat/ jusagipon:


numeidoll / Olivia King: https://instagram.com/sleepybugirl


Lena Kitsune/ Simone Medearis: https://twitter.com/lenakitsune

again, please drop anything ive missed and welcome back to this dumpster fire

No. 1287873

File: 1627729850665.jpg (471.77 KB, 1235x695, cover2.jpg)

No. 1287897

File: 1627733098382.png (2.52 MB, 750x1334, EDAD3DAF-00F9-414B-AAC9-277227…)

Arisa still posting shooped selfies, opened comments back up after what i assume to be the racism scandal, scrotes r going crazy

No. 1287898

File: 1627733205944.jpeg (569.15 KB, 523x1050, A5B278CD-4D4E-4838-BF3E-6F7ACC…)

No. 1287899

Arisa is one of the biggest narcissists. I don't understand how you can have threads of men saying such disgusting shit about you out in the open and you still post yourself like this. We've seen your body, just accept you don't have curves girl.

Does anyone know the reason her husband left her? It happened last month I think

No. 1287917

is it the hobbit looking guy? idk either

No. 1287923

File: 1627736576892.png (Spoiler Image, 1.38 MB, 750x1334, 6ACFA859-D9EB-4101-B046-772D75…)

fridge9irl becoming more and more like shay w the indecent exposure/trashy behavior in public

No. 1287948

No but I have friends in TX that say they see her bar hop alone almost every night since they split up. Apparently she's a real fucking mess and looks worse now irl. I asked him to take a pic next time he sees her. I'm assuming the dude was just fed up with the internet taking up her life? She doesn't have a personality outside of being fake as fuck online and naked. All I know for sure is home girl is not taking it well and is looking bloated from all those benders. Idk how she isn't scared of ending up being killed by some 4chan scrotes that find her alone and drinking.

No. 1287949

The fact she still can't shoop a consistent waist line sends me. Girl. All you do is fawn over yourself and sit on editing apps. Learn how to do it right of you insist on lying about everything about you

No. 1287962

File: 1627741124790.jpeg (461.91 KB, 1074x1399, 11DA41B4-BCF2-4CC0-84AB-9AD0F9…)

I thought you were kidding but yeah she took his user out of her bio and took down all the pics with him. Hobbit must have been tired of being a cuck

No. 1287966

File: 1627741222050.jpeg (379.16 KB, 1242x1653, 860A7DB8-BB06-4934-BED8-77B900…)

Shoopf4iry pretending to have an hourglass shape and still somehow shoop to be an anachan at the same time topkek

No. 1287974

File: 1627742529597.png (8.69 MB, 1242x2208, 45B3016C-B0FF-429C-9310-A1311B…)

Squidwardthigh is giving me pedo vibes. She always talks about uwu I’m a teenage girl. It’s fucking weird how she’s fetishizing it when most teen girls want to be adults already.

No. 1287976

File: 1627742590182.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1242x1865, BC8E70C3-9356-49E8-AA4A-D5A46F…)

The dirty carpet and the yellow caked on dirt on the door vom-inducing

No. 1287977

File: 1627742671587.jpeg (484.19 KB, 1242x1736, 2E7B3277-2D83-4E24-BEC9-B8A664…)

No. 1287984

anyone figured out if squidthigh is a troon yet? she's definitely one of the milkiest cows in my opinion, but i don't know if she posts any coochie shots on her onlyfans, and all of her teases is just her fat fupa

No. 1287985

she looks chubbier like she's gained weight, but she's such a shooper its impossible to tell. hardly better than her old shops when she looked like an old mmd model kek

No. 1288233

File: 1627762225819.jpg (1.01 MB, 1165x2049, over it.jpg)

Olivia and Aislin are back at it again with the same boring shit. Funny to me that Olivia keeps reiterating how ~over it!~ she is, then subtweets about it a couple hours later and deletes her instagram whenever Aislin starts "copying" her again kek. She's a 26 year old married woman with children isn't she? Why the hell does she even give it any attention? Maybe just turn off the wifi and go teach your kids how to read, Olivia.

No. 1288265

File: 1627764881035.jpg (340 KB, 1080x1650, 20210731-063041.jpg)

Lena took a picture of her new hovel then turned off the comments
Guessing she was getting roasted because it looks like she broke into an abandoned house to flex on her followers with that onlyfans money

No. 1288273

File: 1627766139452.jpeg (1.94 MB, 3408x3168, 3CBE3F89-4132-4090-8790-39411D…)

Sage for no milk but every item ang3lthigh owns has layers of filth

No. 1288274

She’s not cute at all. All that photoshop and facetune and she’s still not that great. Mediocre at best

No. 1288288

Is it some kind of requirement in the Sanrio community that you have to be a fucking breeding ground for diseases? I don't lurk this thread but jesus Luna Slater is identical with her filthy Sanrio crap and owo babydoll shit. Any Sanrio girl I've ever seen posted to the farms is the type of dirty who pees in the same jar a few times before pouring it down the shower, what is the connection?

No. 1288302

those belly button piercing jewellery look so grimy, there's no way her piercing isn't infected or sore from wearing those tacky rusted bars. sage for piercing sperg

sanrio is a brand aimed for kids, so most of the crap that sanrio girls buy is second hand from children (the dirtiest section of thrift stores as another anon said in an earlier thread), hence why squidthigh is always dressed in nasty unwashed toddler sized hello kitty clothes

No. 1288315

Sanrio does so many campaigns aimed at their adult audience they really don’t have a valid excuse

No. 1288331

Holy christ, that's even worse. Either they're buying into their adult marketing and are just filthy knackers who get grime on everything or they're buying filthy plush toys and not washing them. I don't even know which one is worse

No. 1288334

oh my god, i bet she doesn't even wash the stuff after getting it from the thrift store

No. 1288349

her depop is proof, everything listed is either cheap aliexpress junk or really musty stained kids clothing that she's labelled as "extra small", it's really gross. her depop is @ang3lthigh, apparently she's a huge scammer but that's old milk

No. 1288366

Pictures you can smell..

No. 1288377

File: 1627774720632.png (1.93 MB, 1080x1419, 1BGH-6TWQ-2UAL-7KAG-4ATG-8OAY.…)

in photos her friends take of her lena looks like an old hag and her hair looks like a greasy rats nest

plastic surgery is not doing these young women any favors her face looks like it's melting

in other photos her legs are so blured you can't see any imperfections

so in comparison these photos make her skin look red and splotchy

No. 1288402

Anyone else notice that the Arisaposting on /r9k/ has mysteriously died down in the last week or so?

No. 1288422

Huh?? This is old looking to you? Not to WK but she doesn’t look old here. She looks cute.

No. 1288424

>not to WK but
proceeds to WK she's 24 going on 40 in this photo

No. 1288438

Anon you really think this garbage halloween store snuffleupagus style of make up and matted hair look is cute?

No. 1288442

I personally don’t like her outfit but that doesn’t mean she’s ugly. Anyone can see that.

No. 1288456

File: 1627782819438.jpg (9.4 KB, 122x205, 6ITS-1LKA-2OAK-2QYB-1HAJ-6DMN.…)

photoshop and plastic surgery don't make you pretty sweaty anyone can see that

No. 1288464

sage your shit newfag stop bumping the thread

No. 1288499


Ooops my bad

i didn’t know she had plastic surgery. My bad, but doesn’t everyone use filter to some degree these days? I honestly just thought it was her makeup ( aside from her using obvious filters )

No. 1288525

some people might use a lite filter to cover blemishes or a heavy filter for the laughs
but when some ethot looks like a completely different person when that is their money maker its disingenuous
these girls virtue signale about body positivity or how theyre so uwu beautiful without make up in a full face of make up/with filters or even lying for years about their cosmetic surgery until it becomes too noticeable to cover up
it makes them look like clowns
tbh i dont trust any of these women to be honest about almost anything and im not going to hold them to that standard its just really pathetic to see them bend over backwards to make up shit to keep their scrotes under the impression they are gods gift from heaven

No. 1289181

Kek she doesn’t. A few threads back, buyers who bought from @ang3lthigh complained that they either never got their shit or money back OR the clothes they got sent smelled like B.O and they were dirty

No. 1289286

File: 1627883105282.jpg (88.9 KB, 1080x650, 2HMJ-0JPY-2TWH-1UQN-0BZX-7MJI-…)

"don't send your dick pics if you're not sending money, otherwise it's sexual harassment" how much you want to bet she's kissing these scrotes asses telling them 10/10 for more money?

No. 1289304

I mean yeah? Of course you tell them their dick is a 10, giving an actual rating would just make her lose money.

No. 1289306

scrotes being delusional
ethots begging for money
tale as old as time

No. 1289718

File: 1627942990803.png (5.47 MB, 1242x2208, 90083FAB-96DD-4206-99FE-EBBF64…)

Fridge9irl aka Angie Jaslow posting on her story about Lolcow she’s still bothered and acts like she wasn’t bullying the other e whores on this thread. Thin lipped blob fish looking bitch.

No. 1289720

Angie, you’re the scum of the earth. The threads aren’t ran by this person you god damn moron there are thousands of anons on here….Including you who posted and talked shit(do not share dox)

No. 1289722

File: 1627943214105.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1242x1448, 44B8CE50-8A9C-420B-9487-74D2EE…)

fridge9irl’s account got deleted

No. 1289726

File: 1627943709239.jpeg (765.42 KB, 3464x2676, AF43F274-3D3F-4137-B6FE-4E8566…)

Remember when Angie Jaslow “bullied” squidwardthighs on her spam for waist photoshop yet she does the exact same thing to her lips? Lolcowfarm remembers

No. 1289729

>mfw the rules explicitly state not to post about minors, harass (cowtip) outside of lolcow, or dox, all the things she's accusing the site of

What is it with cows accusing others of the thing they're doing?
>doxing is bad
>also here's the dox of ____

No. 1289732

File: 1627945088256.jpg (1.48 MB, 3349x2279, PicsArt_08-02-03.57.09.jpg)

No. 1289824

I love how she's action like a super hacker but clearly doesn't understand the site or do any of it herself KEK

No. 1289834

Lolcow has a strict policy against passing around personal information yet she thinks she's above everyone here doing things that aren't even allowed on this website

No. 1291397

people do that on instagram, i dont see her @ ing mark zuckerburg

No. 1291899

File: 1628212069856.jpg (29.09 KB, 600x300, 4ebfd3962af3284166008d2a2925bc…)

getting jigsaw vibes

No. 1293260

I’m really curious why Arisa’s ex husband left her. Was it because she has no irl friends and feeds on online validation? Because he was paranoid about his friends finding her leaked nudes and seeing his small pp banging her acne covered coochie? I bet he thought he scored big getting a “hot egirl” to be his gf, only to find out what it’s really like to date an egirl…

No. 1294522

File: 1628452572609.jpg (579.05 KB, 1080x1831, 20210808_144948.jpg)

Pretty sure ive found who dashas been skin walking for the past few months, or atleast taking heavy insporation from. They follow each other but i think theyve known each other for a while.

No. 1294534

File: 1628452803319.jpg (116.35 KB, 1080x573, 20210808_145933.jpg)

Samefag but obviodette mentioned dahsa old insta name and she lives in L.A so possible skinwalk victim. But also if you know dasha then you probably know the shit shes done so i guess she deserves to be the next mina for staying friends with the carzy bitch.

No. 1294542

File: 1628453058982.jpg (89.17 KB, 1080x560, 20210808_144940.jpg)

Also Doucha is gonna start an only fans which is FREAKING HILARIOUS seeing as she heavily denied being a prostitute/sugar baby, and told people that mina was a prostitute to ruin her reputation. What a loser. Oh well german hag has to make money some how shes turning 26 this month apparently

No. 1295321

File: 1628470025841.jpeg (485.61 KB, 828x1529, B60DABB2-6EDB-4120-9451-045378…)

Sage for tinfoil but is Miss Doucha lurking?

No. 1295389

Could be a reach but honestly wouldnt doubt it. Doucha probably has nothing better to do all day other than think about herself and obsess over her laugh lines. If shes still reading lolcow its probably because shes waiting for someone to mention Dasha: The great master manipulator who totally didnt flush her future down the drain over some stupid jealous insecurity. Honestly douche is a pretty pathetic cow at this point, the fact that this year she was even still talking about the mina/edwin situation she created WHEN SHE WAS 21 is pretty cringe. Recently in an edwin video he showed how, while trying to paint herself as a victim, she outed herself for continuously skin walking mina just for "fun" to make her uncomfortable.. basically admitting that she knows mina is traumatized and loves to make her feel like shit still for some reason. And dasha did all this while talking to some fat queer who stalks Edwin of all people. Basically shes irrelevant and trying to use the retard card to excuse her actions so she can make a comeback while also trying to revive the drama because its the only thing people know her for.. shes an old cow with old milk who deserved to be put out to pasture
Sage for rant

No. 1297666

File: 1628657748533.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1242x2157, A409C4A9-E4DC-4350-A20A-A8AACD…)

Squidward thigh says she had braces since she was 14, shouldn’t they be off by now?

No. 1297667

You can keep them on forever if you really wanted to, but they're going to ruin her teeth with spotty enamel for having them glued on for so long when she finally does take them off.

No. 1297668

What the fuck is that smile? If you brought the rest of her face in it would look horrific. Also she hasn't had breaces since she was 14. I used to follow her at one point and she had no braces. Unless she had invisiline then shes talking out of her arse, but then again I fully believe she would switch from invisiline to steel braces just to get pedopander points

No. 1297671

She claims to be 19 in her bio so that's uhhh 5 years of wearing the same set of braces? Definite lies, the dentist would remove them at most after 2 or so years. Just some braindead pedobaiting.

She looks like a mtf in her early twenties to me.

No. 1297679

File: 1628660881817.jpeg (649.4 KB, 1242x1527, 4AE0984E-2ED7-4C12-895F-686BF9…)

Squidwardthigh goes by “Bambi” on Twitter now

No. 1297756

>retard card
Is she claiming autism?

No. 1297949

File: 1628701664855.jpeg (486.21 KB, 750x1191, FCBA5A02-2023-435D-91E0-F6277B…)

you might be onto something… I found this relatively new “tea” account about her besides the one calling her out for scamming and being proana.
this account mainly has her “real face” and just speculation; sage because it’s not milky just mildly interesting.

No. 1297995

her chest definitely changed, granted she also gained weight (her body is shopped) but they look like implants. if you watch 'her' tiktoks she hangs out with mtf's and her mannerisms fit as wells

No. 1298160

This further adds fuel to the troon theory if you’re familiar with the “Bambi” sissy hypnosis rabbit hole.

No. 1298189

File: 1628720993633.jpg (382.4 KB, 1080x1898, Screenshot_20210811-232819_Ins…)

sounds like he cheated

No. 1298244

the implants do look like the rock solid bolt-ones MTFs usually get thanks to how they sit on a male chest to be fair. i’ve never been interested in the ‘is it a troon’ tinfoiling on here but that’s something even i’ve noticed. it’s definitely sus

No. 1298263

File: 1628730394919.jpeg (1.66 MB, 3464x3464, BE2536A7-3FD9-4DEC-BB24-CBD43E…)

does anyone have a clue what happened to lilmoonkitten/mya/luna/tropicobambi?? someone brought her up in the previous thread and it got me thinking, where did she go? she was a popular Pinterest egirl back in 2019 and just vanished(sage non-milk)

No. 1298268

If he cheated maybe he was probably tired of being a cuck to 4chan scrotes. Don’t post about your relationships and then delete all traces of them if you dont want people asking what happened. Shoopfairy is annoying asf

No. 1298269

Ang3ltroon always had such a manly face. It could be possible that squidwardthighs is a woman but the pedo baiting and the dirty room just screams scrote

No. 1298623

More than likely just grew up like a healthy normal person and moved on. Some people have an alt phase when they're like 16 to 19 and then just get a job that isn't OnlyFans and start dressing less like a teenager who just discovered the Lolita movie. This girl probably didn't sustain herself solely on attention to live and just grew up and is working in retail or something

No. 1298739

Yeah dashas been saying she is autistic for a few months now, it was discussed in her last thread before it hit post limit. Shes definitely using autism as an excuse to avoid being held accountable for the embarrassing shit shes done. Doucha even brought it up when talking to edwins fat stalker on a live stream… she might be a retard but shes not autistic

No. 1299223

File: 1628863382338.jpeg (634.5 KB, 828x776, 5AB19617-BCC9-4984-ABD8-A9954D…)

I’m wondering the same thing about Xoe Arabella. She was super popular for a while, then she started gaining weight and stopped posting. I thought she still looked cute with a chubbier face - it didn’t work against her aesthetic necessarily. She had an OF a while before she left, I dunno if that played a part in her peacing out from the internet. Picrel is one of her last posts.

No. 1299733

File: 1628924296898.jpeg (959.74 KB, 1242x1842, 2F794BB8-B8F2-4705-93A6-3309DC…)

kek what tits, fridge? She looks so retarded

No. 1299734

Who gives a fuck?? This is why the egirl thread died, nobody posts the semi-milky cringe onlyfans whores like ang3ltroon, fridge9irl, babivampire, and shoopfairy. The only posts made are people no one has heard of, retarded vendettas, and selfposts. If you post a new cow introduce them properly and write a summary of the drama they had, or fuck off. Jfc.

No. 1299737

File: 1628924527304.png (1.42 MB, 1242x2208, 4FC0CA69-5B1D-4051-9260-8835D5…)

kek I guess this is where angie’s get me out of a abusive home uwu gofundme money went…..

No. 1299740

File: 1628924767730.jpeg (1.22 MB, 3212x2857, E768922F-72EE-4AED-9322-EDB283…)

90% sure @softdollmilk was attacking @ang3lthigh at one point for scamming her but now they’re buddies. Pretty sure she had her own shop scam called dollhouse some shit idk it’s in the other threads. Now they are retweeting their braces and pedo content for coomers to jerk it to.
also what’s up with these cows and braces…..

No. 1299743

File: 1628925041253.jpeg (717.23 KB, 1583x3464, 6D8A6514-C134-4961-8464-C43351…)

Hayley @babivampire changed her Twitter user to @livingvampyra and is trying to create a “thick” goth girl e-thot persona. Take care of your damn child, deadbeat. I still don’t understand how she’s still showing her coochie and face tuning her flat ass for bare minimum scrote interaction, such a failed e thot.

No. 1299968

i wonder what happened that made her such a lard ass, kinda shocking to see someone balloon like that. i would quit the internet too if i let myself turn into a ham planet

No. 1300054

not her doing the angelthigh face too now. first she steals her look now she steals her poses hilarious

No. 1300181

File: 1628983038201.jpeg (741.17 KB, 1955x3282, AAAB7914-1207-4971-962B-5F7872…)

@hellokittycult (an ex- Alida Simone babydarkokitten skinwalker) the projection is embarrassing

No. 1300665

File: 1629050021322.png (11.27 MB, 1242x2208, 97CAA89C-079E-4DF5-9E7E-9100C9…)

this screams pedophile

No. 1300667

File: 1629050168681.jpeg (315.98 KB, 1242x2208, AAAE0D59-6BAE-4EBD-8F1A-D814A8…)

No. 1300671

File: 1629050667674.jpeg (1004.44 KB, 3464x3464, 8E530A1E-84A5-489C-B816-88BB7E…)

more milk on @iamdolbb

No. 1300674

File: 1629050776079.png (6.95 MB, 1242x2208, E75F8F15-4B20-43E9-A519-82EE06…)

@iamdollbb is going to sell these ugly cringe hoodies

No. 1300677

>just to add in that i'm very fertile
god she's insufferable

No. 1300685

This is either a self post or a vendetta, this chick isn’t milky enough or interesting.

No. 1300705

This is the dumbest tinfoil you wear braces for as long as your teeth are fucked. One of my friends wore braces for 6 years

No. 1300707

Ang3ltroon coming to defend his self KEK no real dentist would let someone keep braces on that long and it doesn’t take 6 years to fix your teeth more like 2 years. Stop excusing your pedobaiting

No. 1300780

nta but pedo pandering and bragging abt still talking to someone who groomed you at 16 thats so toxic and wants you as a "uwU sEx sLave" while dating someone is totally not milk.

No. 1300839

File: 1629073887379.jpeg (989.4 KB, 3177x2846, 6F5D5A45-2645-403D-BFA7-EC6C6E…)

I love how he acts like he doesn’t cater to these pedo incel scrotes.

No. 1300841

File: 1629073947429.png (6.84 MB, 1242x2208, 247AFB7E-4C4A-4308-8143-1DC964…)

Squidward ate the krabby patties again

No. 1300842

File: 1629074005626.jpeg (108.8 KB, 1177x392, C8C7CDAA-55CE-4054-BAAB-45A609…)

She is milky

No. 1300850


we know she's milky, i was being sarcastic. ofc pedo pandering and obsessively checking this thread is milky

No. 1300924

some people do keep them in that long. judge the dentist if you want but its true

No. 1300935

couldn't they just be fake clip ons?

No. 1301005

yeah. doesnt defeat the fact some people do have braces for more than two years

No. 1301755

sage for plastic surgery tinfoil, but one reason braces will be kept on for years is jaw surgery. a couple years before and a couple years after. they end up staying on way longer than just what's needed to fix the teeth.

No. 1301798

anyone seen angeltroons instagram story, will go back and take a screenshot but it's about trans people, and those fake tits aren't helping her case

No. 1301954

File: 1629217910777.jpg (3.21 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_08-17-09.18.20.jpg)

>Cena Cook
>hides age on purpose, likely 17-19
>"Cosplays" kek
>Try hard LA wannabe host girl/influencer
>Looks like Gollum, literally
>bassdrip skinwalker (yeah I know bassdrip is unoriginal that's what makes it funnier)
>supposedly is paid by event runners to rave, says her job is to party
>MFC goblin that gives Shayna's ugliness a run for it's money
>Pushes porn on her profiles
>Posts nudes and lewds to her Facebook where she has her family added and LINKED to her about info
>E-begs then deletes when she gets money for her Amazon crap
>Acts like she's always hustling when it's really just scrote money and handouts
>Always messy to the point of being incomprehensible on live
>Acts like she's hotter than everyone despite looking like pic rel
>Known to be a snake and shit talks all her rave fam
>Never washes her plushies, almost angeltroon levels of filth
>Identifies as a loli to cope with her having no ass or tits and looking like a boy in drag
>Has lolicon pillowcases and posters

This is just a glossary and she is very active but I thought maybe she would be interesting to the girls while the other e-cows are in a lull. She's very active on Facebook and her socials can be found here.

No. 1301962

File: 1629218353268.png (1.26 MB, 1185x2048, Screenshot_20210817-093620.png)

Her poor cat ft. Better view of the loli wall scrolls

No. 1301964

File: 1629218379168.png (1.38 MB, 1197x2048, Screenshot_20210817-093821.png)

last one for the keks

No. 1301979

lol as someone who knows cena, she’s in her late 20’s around 26 hence why she’s extremely haggard without editing.

she has also been known to physically assault other girls in the race scene/sex workers cause she’s a huge alcoholic/drug addict it’s scary she caused one girl to lose chunks of her ear after stabbing/cutting her (the same girl she assaulted posted screencaps before, if anyone in the Bay area rave scene/la party scene knows who I’m talking abt, pls post

No. 1301980

Also to add, not sure why she’s acting as though she dropped out from high school recently…most likely to pander to scrotes and pedobait yuck

No. 1302033

The birdies talking to me were absolutely lied to then. She's 26 and out here saying she's younger but then not giving an exact year. Holy shit. Thank God you know her, nonnie. Please pull through with receipts as I just recently heard about all this and just thought it was potentially milky.

No. 1302229

File: 1629234478718.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1170x1878, A2C1FA3F-5CE9-4453-904C-77DB50…)

(lmao I just noticed I put “race scene” instead of rave scene in my original post apologies)

Yeah cena is defintely in her mid 20’s around 25/26, she recently put a birthday post on her Instagram story recently so idk why she claims to be barely legal when it’s obvious in nonshooped photos like this, that she’s pretty tore up from heavy coke/alcohol/whatever other drugs she does on the daily. She’s basically got kicked out of the Bay Area after bullying/skinwalking other girls younger than her in the rave scene. She’s a known liar/e-beggar who’s been doing this for years and typically falls out with anyone she comes in contact with cause her constantly drunk ass can’t not talk shit about other people ever.

I swear She also used to hang with @ang3lthigh at one point through @truxoxo and his girlfriend @veryunpleasant but obviously that was short lived LMFAO

Instagram.com/nek0purrincess for anyone who wants to keep track of her, she usually posts milk to her stories of her fighting with other random girls on ig/incoherent rambling that would make shayna ashamed

No. 1302576

File: 1629275732379.jpeg (377.63 KB, 1241x2311, 42F93210-62E3-4C8A-BCC4-C010FE…)


No. 1302577

File: 1629275828343.jpeg (353.5 KB, 1242x2232, 62C957D4-38E8-4FB3-8128-554080…)


i just followed for scene 2008 nostalgia and i keep being bombarded with these cringe humblebrag copes about how beautiful and special she is. girl you are literally using a filter that alters ur features gies a break luv

No. 1302598

File: 1629278933940.png (154.18 KB, 237x337, wut.png)


No. 1302603

File: 1629279678910.jpg (203.08 KB, 1300x1390, sad-clown-face-FBTEPG.jpg)

sorry for nitpick, but those lips…

No. 1302607

why do these women feel the need to lie about their age

No. 1302610

>god made me so beautiful with perfect features
>wearing a party city wig
>Meitu filter turned up 100%


No. 1302622

deeply-rooted insecurity

No. 1302636

ken anon

No. 1304914

File: 1629492549021.png (7.88 MB, 1242x2208, 88C6A040-2315-4C9A-96DD-D52D20…)


No. 1304918

File: 1629492722573.png (5.55 MB, 1242x2208, F9739B5D-0EB9-4A35-BF53-10A772…)

This looks like a cross dressing moid

No. 1304922

File: 1629492954747.png (6.79 MB, 1242x2208, DD631870-7982-4EFD-BB83-4D1404…)

She’s so quirky and not like other bitches that have plastic surgery UWU

No. 1304925

File: 1629493125778.jpeg (1.23 MB, 3464x3464, D6DF290F-CAF5-4BAD-9B79-66D16A…)

Sure Jan

No. 1304934

Fridge making the poggers face with her mouth to show off her braces looks so retarded it's comical

No. 1304937

>hence why she looks extremely haggard

Lmao you’re all going to be so miserable the second after you turn 24

No. 1304977

some anons on here are truly retarded about age. I think it's because they don't take care of themselves so they assume everyone must look like complete shit by 24 if they look like dirty little piggies at 21.

No. 1305004

File: 1629499935510.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1242x1627, BEB5FB7A-AD67-4FCC-B5C4-322B5C…)

Angie fridge9irl is hopping on the incest train, barf. I can see why her mother wanted to kick her out. This shit is disgusting

No. 1305007

File: 1629500168165.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 784.82 KB, 1221x1477, F82E575C-69AC-4872-9D2C-94A183…)

babifat still being an onlyfans whore

No. 1305009

File: 1629500260345.jpeg (515.03 KB, 1216x1225, 5B6DA64F-7594-4F86-9884-9A13AF…)

No. 1305010

File: 1629500300123.jpeg (414.59 KB, 1242x1015, C0ACE29B-F71B-4188-94E4-338614…)

Says the one who e-begged for an ugly tattoo kek seethe harder Haley

No. 1305011

File: 1629500327334.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 660.91 KB, 1193x1497, BA53BD1F-8521-4201-8835-4CAB6D…)

No. 1305034

disappointing, i liked alex garskarth. didn’t think he was a simp like this.

No. 1305255

so cancel him

No. 1306177

File: 1629652385291.png (551.18 KB, 750x1334, 63ED47A0-9634-4375-B2A7-4CDC19…)


I guess that lolcow petition DIDNT work…lol come on guys stop boolying her

No. 1306181


also it’s like maybe your family would feel more comfortable reaching out to you if your entire pussy an asshole werent available with one click of a bird app…just a thought. Why would your family care about you when you get off to incest

No. 1306191

oh yes we sure do love victim-blaming

No. 1306216

victim of..?

No. 1306223

victim of a neglectful family and mental illness. she was going through these problems before twitter/onlyfans. guess you aren't a true lurker kek

No. 1306231

she needs to use some of her coomer bucks to go get therapy instead of suicide baiting. i do feel bad if she's really struggling but most of her problems are self inflicted because she's a shitty person

No. 1306279

she can literally change her entire life by getting a real job and taking care of herself. narcissism is more important

No. 1306403

The fat brown nipples and those heaving fat ugly pussyflaps hanging out of that little ass thing. Looks like a walrus snout.
Her poor kid

No. 1306467

Almost looks like a tucked dick

No. 1306476

File: 1629678856471.jpg (Spoiler Image, 200.95 KB, 1080x910, JYK2TWB9MLS5QVZ6YRC8.jpg)

lena caught photoshopping her ass

also she changed her name to 'thatfoxxgirl' because people on tiktok and ig kept saying she was asianfishing and that it was "fucking with her mental health" kek

No. 1306602

imagine being bullied into changing your handle.. weak..

No. 1306801

File: 1629720045306.jpeg (46.05 KB, 828x150, B0C59DAB-5A57-463B-9D21-FA23B0…)

Caught fridge bodyshaming a minor who got exposed for being on edtwt lmao. Comment is on egirlconfessions latest post

No. 1306878


My mom would be screaming and beating the shit out of me if i was showing my pussy online and talking about getting off to incest. She made all that money in a go fund me to get out of a “abusive home” but SHES still there and no one has any idea where the money went. So no she’s not a victim of anything other than her own choices

No. 1307119

she never made "all that money" she only made 1k and never met the 5k goal before deleting it everywhere

No. 1307122

Based anon
Seriously the only thing Fridge9irl is a victim of is being fat, and ugly.

No. 1307124

okay? anon is still right about fridge9irl she needs to get a job because showing her ugly snatch clearly isn’t paying enough

No. 1307265

proof d9 is fat? this is an imageboard after all and she even posted on her finsta that she's 100lbs kek

No. 1307340

She’s not fat, just a flabby fridgebody with a haggard face

No. 1307434

lurk the old threads, there are countless pics of her porky tummy and im pretty sure she's lied about her weight, unless she's lost some (which i fucking doubt tbh). plus she's notorious for bad shoops so honestly i wouldn't take any of her body pics too literally, throwback to her lizard lips kek

No. 1307457

It is.

No. 1308003

File: 1629868253610.png (7.76 MB, 1242x2208, E327FF8C-6B6C-4058-846C-9EA709…)

Scrote thinks it’s cute to larp as a underaged teen girl it’s disgusting

No. 1308006

File: 1629868336266.png (8.77 MB, 1242x2208, A56535F5-5971-4255-A1F9-26B207…)

No. 1308008

File: 1629868506311.png (1.27 MB, 1242x2208, E7F9949E-30DB-4C6F-B031-66050B…)

Guess that anon was right, shoopfairy drinks alone at bars like a loser woof

No. 1308127

That was me KEK I have friends in TX that say they see her being a drunk hoe alone in bars. Sometimes she's just sitting there sad and most of the time she's talking to scrotes and trying to be the center of attention in her cheap AliExpress bullshit. I wish they had pics or something I bet she looks so out of place around normal people enjoying themselves. Just some stuck up egirl who doesn't look anything like her pics getting plastered alone at a bar and grill LMAO

No. 1308953

i wonder how long angeltroon is gonna put on the "sooo tiny smol teen angel teehee!!!" act before people call her out for being a shooped fatass. her forearms look so chunky here

No. 1308955

jfc she looks like babiefat here

No. 1309151

probably a while because nobody cares. shes not the first person to do that

No. 1309371

Why do so many scrotes worship these bitches? Why do so many scrotes believe this women are real and not fictional characters on the internet? If I see a guy even follow a single one of these online whores I feel sick

No. 1309393

go to therepy. get some help

No. 1309453

spoken like a true handmaiden

No. 1309489

Mans looking like a thumb
Ew it probably has a humiliation fetish like most troons. Sickening
Men are dumbasses and these girls probably know how they are in real life so they like the feeling of having many men worship them to fill the void that they’re doormats and don’t even get nearly as much attention I’ll as they do online with their shooped selves. sugarfairys hobbit husband left her, lol.
And guys will follow these hoes who snoop their internal organs and mouths and faces to look more like a hentai character because they’ve been desensitized with pornography. Men will fuck anything even these hoes who tbh look scary with their shoop. I bet you most men do not even care that Squidwardthigh is an actual man, as long as it larps as their fantasy.
Kill yourself you disgusting fat ham

No. 1310787

File: 1630196191836.png (741.88 KB, 1024x768, pokepincxss arrested.png)

digitalprincxss (formerly pokeprincxss before nintendo sued her) has been arrested for child neglect because she left her toddler home alone while she went out with friends and partied,
of course she's gone private on everything and has posted a tiktok trying to damage control the situation.
sorry for a shitty post i just needed to post this and see if anyone else is keeping up with this trash fire

No. 1310822

a few people are talking about it in the TikTok general thread >>>/snow/1309866

I’m surprised more aren’t though, this is pretty fucking vile

No. 1310825

thanks!! i was so confused as to why more people arent talking about her??

No. 1311488

because it doesn't matter. who cares about her or her kid actually

No. 1311667

File: 1630317115620.jpeg (364.12 KB, 1241x1342, EAE4C5D1-C10D-473F-BCD1-571462…)

Waist not looking very snatched in this candid huh

No. 1311712

Yeah, who cares about child neglect? Am I right ladies?

No. 1311815

yeah screw her innocent little boy who could have been seriously injured or abducted. totally fine to leave your kid alone at night in a house you just moved to. /s

No. 1311949

i mean yeah. i dont give a fuck about her or her kid

No. 1312238

Why does he always look so dirty and covered in grim/grease?

No. 1312321

girl don't worry we know you don't care about your kid

No. 1312336

she's dressed like a clown but her natural body looks better than the ridiculous shoops she insists on posting to her instagram

No. 1312423

dont have kids but thankyou anyways

No. 1312805

Nah, you have a kid. A kid that you got arrested for neglecting(hi cow)

No. 1313006

yeah im typing from jail right now

No. 1313013

All of these thots with kids do this unfortunately. They cling to the mental age of 18 and act like their children don't exist. Handing them off to their parents while being passed around by scrotes and showing their crotch online.

No. 1313864

File: 1630579666128.jpeg (434.75 KB, 750x852, E7FDD8E0-9182-482B-84FA-C14B67…)

No. 1314010


Why does her head look so small compared to the rest of her body

No. 1314017

Truly living up to the name squid ward thighs

No. 1314023

File: 1630600056890.png (8.59 MB, 1242x2208, 7F68A033-A210-42A1-A40A-306326…)

Her phone case is covered in seven layers of grime

No. 1314024

File: 1630600081119.png (2.31 MB, 1242x2208, 642D5E4B-E407-4862-82B3-E4B2F1…)

No. 1314025

File: 1630600109723.png (8.86 MB, 1242x2208, 67E0A821-1DB8-43DE-BDB7-B54C6F…)

No. 1314071

Bitch doesn’t even have a job or pay bills where is all that onlyfans money going????

No. 1314140

File: 1630608826034.png (3.56 MB, 750x1334, 8A036CAB-3B02-44D7-8A9B-CC0FC4…)

Posted on Squidward Thigh’s alt page, angeltease. No one can want her for her money but she expects everyone else to give it to her 1/2

No. 1314142

File: 1630609102005.png (2.88 MB, 750x1334, 3CE5FB1A-C4CD-41B5-8413-E3C7B8…)


2/2 lol scrotes only promote this type of entitlement

No. 1314146

File: 1630609678430.png (900.58 KB, 1242x2208, 07B68181-55E0-4699-A4A4-C7D3D1…)

Idk man

No. 1314147

File: 1630609803486.jpeg (757.1 KB, 1242x1218, 17C50EA6-EBB9-4875-B38D-1F16B5…)

Kek imagine looking like this and expecting men to give you money for nothing

No. 1314165

Men who give that thing money for attention deserve to be broke. You'd have to be entirely removed from reality and real women to be attracted to troonthighs. Maybe she is a perfect match for her greasy simps? Any dude that takes photos with her looks like a channer kek. I know at least one of the guys posted next to her is a /mu/tant neet.

No. 1314246

most men into that kind of thing do not care about what women look like because they are just perverts

No. 1314357

File: 1630629124045.jpeg (1.19 MB, 3057x2647, 4EA34D5B-307A-4A97-BD73-CE555F…)

babifat hayley getting complaints about her lack of onlyfans content kek

No. 1314521

Not a troll but genuinely what’s wrong with leaving ur toddler at home if it’s night time and only for a few hours? I’ve always thought it’s unfair how women are expected to have absolutely no life once they have a child.

If it’s night time, Mum’s going to be asleep during that time anyway. Madness. In a few decades they’ll make it illegal to be asleep while home alone with your child.

No. 1314525

First off, her kid is a literal retard who is 5-6. Second, they just moved to a new house in a new state that the little boy is unfamiliar with. Third, you shouldn't leave a retarded child home alone because it could hurt itself or burn the house down.
If you're a whore don't have kids, you're supposed to take care of children.

No. 1314529

No sane person leaves a child that young all alone wtf anon

No. 1314561

are you Kate McCann?

No. 1314584

You must be 18 or older to post here.

No. 1314612

Kek okay then, Casey Anthony.

No. 1314772

File: 1630683825246.png (7.02 MB, 1242x2208, 1B44CB99-D946-44C7-8E36-A69F39…)

Those love handles though

No. 1314773

File: 1630683858807.png (9.7 MB, 1242x2208, 676E4AE8-E8BA-4687-9958-B7E116…)

No. 1314791

The warping on that dress lmao

No. 1316637

File: 1630879465500.jpeg (713.48 KB, 828x1297, 758D6D0D-D1B2-4FFE-81EA-2A5155…)

Anyone follow eerie.baby? (Used to be malaise.x I think) I really liked her up until she started bitching and ranting on her stories every single day over the same shit over and over. Usually about her TikTok being taken down; constant screenshots of “rude” dms; and of course the constant bitching about her onlyfans (their policies; people in there etc)

No. 1319557

She lives in Idaho, kek. I see her around Boise wearing AliExpress egirl costumes and shitty wigs in public. Her wigs look awful, her real hair must be even worse since she proudly goes around wearing these nappy $5 wigs.
She is so fucking irritating, I liked her too until I found her spreading her pussy on Tumblr.

No. 1320775

File: 1631300212757.jpg (67.5 KB, 736x821, a1bf02d4ef047eef21289d6621b5a7…)

Anyone know what happened to @Beautyspock? Her IG account with like 420k followers is gone.

No. 1320815

File: 1631302991169.jpeg (349.58 KB, 1152x2048, E90mh5sWQAE64D6.jpeg)


One of the weirdest egirls I've seen. She buys pocket pussies and pillows with built in fuck holes despite not having a cock just to get the attention of her absolutely degenerate incel audience. She looks different in every single photo she posts of herself. She posts about having giant tits but can't be more than a B/C cup. In photos where she looks flatter she'll say she binded her giant tits for "accuracy." She posts about talking about hentai with her little brother. She recently cosplayed a hentai artist design and posted about how her little brother was so excited the hentai artist retweeted it

Pocket pussy posting

No. 1320818

What the fuck.

No. 1320828

File: 1631303953677.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 593.62 KB, 2048x1612, E7kHI47WQAQoEqV.jpeg)

There's a lot I could post about this girl but here's her bedroom. Yes, that is a pillow with a pocket pussy inside it on her bed. She is 100% a cis woman who doesn't have a cock. She's like next level egirl who's entire identity is centered around being a wet dream for the most disgusting guys on Twitter.

She posts a lot about her actual brother, she knows what her audience is like and that they enjoy it

Her boyfriend is a porn addicted scrote who constantly retweets and like egirls with tits bigger than hers. Sometimes you see her unfiltered face in his posts and she looks nothing like the various faces she posts on her own twitter

No. 1320831

File: 1631304088770.jpeg (5.03 KB, 192x240, download.jpeg)

I'm sus about @jewelsharee

On the outside looks like a goth mom with an odd looking husband, but has a criminal record (public to view) and takes her onlyfans pics while the 4 kids are around the house.

No. 1320885

File: 1631308821594.jpeg (692.18 KB, 3320x2425, 604DA0DF-BC56-4243-BFA2-6234A7…)

Fridge was seething on Twitter because a dude named Juan didn’t pay her and ghosted her when he was suppose to buy her used underwear

No. 1320893

Goon cave type shit.

No. 1320961

I've always gotten "off" vibes from her but had no idea about her criminal record. Do you have a link? Looking at her, then looking at her husband, THEN looking at the amount of money she spends on useless crap for her house, it does look suspicious. All of her pics and posts portray a perfect happy family, but I'm curious about their lives offline.

No. 1320967

I mean that’s kind of a weird reason to stop liking her when there are plenty of other reasons not to like her; those wigs do drive me insane though (especially the ratty ass white wig); and the unflatteriing circle lense contacts. she’s actually ranting on her story right now about some insta wig shop “stealing her picture.

No. 1320968

File: 1631316253097.png (3.45 MB, 828x1792, 5CEB03EF-E9F0-41AF-B539-E98760…)

This one; drives me up the wall.

No. 1321019

The bad makeup, the cheap contacts and the God awful wigs. This is what happens when white trash tries to e-girl.

No. 1321027

No. 1321053

What the fuck is up with those egirls eho have rooms filled with literal hentai. I’m into collecting anime shit and have never understood it, they’re never lesbians, they always have bfs. Why spend so much money to pander to gooners?

No. 1321067

File: 1631329999772.jpeg (150.7 KB, 828x550, 565BCCF8-697B-44D4-A1A1-A274D6…)

I'm so grossed out..

No. 1321157

She's friends with literal pedophiles and not just the kind that are lolicons so that's no surprise. I've seen this girl around for years and she has such an ugly, rotten personality. The weird shit with her brother is also so gross WTF.

No. 1321217

File: 1631368877140.png (43.2 KB, 600x370, Capture.PNG)

She has a boyfriend as well and presumably lives with her parents? Imagine being her mom and having to see cartoon porn every time you visit your daughter's room..

No. 1321307

"(My mom) hates everyone and everything including herself" kek Well that explains a lot about how Mira turned out.

And yes, she's well over 30, still lives with her family even though she's a nurse IIRC and could pay to live on her own/with her bf. But hey why do that when you can hoard pussy pillows and plastic anime figures and cosplays to whore around in online?

No. 1321348

Its sad seeing so many egirls be friends with pedophiles

No. 1321397

File: 1631390514913.png (Spoiler Image, 347.12 KB, 634x681, Screenshot (862).png)

If these women were you know, actually sexually into women I'd get it but I swear all these hentai room chicks are hetero. Mira has said she is straight several times. What is a heterosexual woman getting out of all this hentai? Why is there no cocks on the wall?!

I'm so glad someone else has been following her shit to see what she is. Her boyfriend comments on her posts about her brother saying he wishes his little sister would talk about hentai with him

Yeah she's in her mid 30s and lives with her parents. That's nothing, she buys her little brother pocket pussies and anime sex pillows and they lay openly in his room. So her mother not only sees HER anime titties but sees the anime titties she puts in the brother's room too

I'm pretty sure she is a pedo herself, or at least one of those pedos that gets off on seeing men abuse kids. What sane woman posts pic related? What sane woman looks at videos of little school girls getting raped by disgusting old men? She made a tweet awhile back about how when she was a baby her mother was breast feeding her in public and when she stopped feeding Mira turned to the old men nearby and said "do you want some?" This woman is a danger to kids and so is her absolutely degenerate boyfriend

No. 1321400

File: 1631390902449.jpeg (573.48 KB, 2048x1150, E9Qlj_vWEAM8I0p.jpeg)

Did she take this shit on DSi camera? How insecure do you have to be to post 120p selfies? Interesting how her photos of figures are so clear and crisp yet her selfies are like this

No. 1321401

Anon, you're about to open a Pandora's Box of milk. This girl and the people she's connected to are the height of degeneracy. Can't believe someone is finally posting her, I wouldn't have known where to begin. Incest fetishes, pedo/molestation fetishes, dramatic clusterfucks, and all manner of other shit appear commonly in this twitter milieu among the men and women alike

No. 1321404

File: 1631391163656.png (67.51 KB, 588x563, Screenshot (864).png)

Here is her boyfriend's twitter:

Do NOT look at this if you have a weak stomach. Picrel should tell you all you need to know about him, Mira and their relationship. Mira openly bragging about being turned on about lactating women at her workplace, despite being heterosexual, all for the sexual stimulation of her boyfriend.

No. 1321408

File: 1631391562219.png (65.93 KB, 582x532, Screenshot (865).png)

She brags about being so much better than other girls because she posts her thirst traps for free and not behind a paywall on OnlyFans but instead just ebegs for the money anyway

No. 1321409

Imagine attaching your full name to this bullshit

No. 1321425

Mira has also been brought up in the webcore thread because she's best friends with Moni and Tosh to this day >>>/w/81193

No. 1321427

I think the link is going to the wrong place

No. 1321431

File: 1631393135244.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1242x1487, D93E0257-615A-4805-995C-8F79B5…)

The receding hairline makes me think this is a pedo troon.

No. 1321436

File: 1631393558954.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1607, E71441B7-DAF0-4A6F-B4E2-4D62D6…)

she got man boobs why does she act, dress, and look like a troon if she’s a woman… weird

No. 1321437

Is this her mug shot?

No. 1321439

File: 1631393707803.png (11.54 MB, 1242x2208, 8C02215A-D1EE-45FB-A937-C6B32C…)

They’re such a strange couple

No. 1321441

I've been following her for like 4 years, she is definitely a biological woman. She edits her tits and head so much in photos it makes her looked fucked like a tranny. In the candid pics you can see on her bf's page she looks more female imo.

She posts endlessly about how much she loves him, how he's the best guy ever, how he's so sweet, and he barely ever mentions her ever. She Fedex's him strawberries from New York for Valentines day and he gets her nothing in return. He flew out to see her a few weeks back and the entire time he was liking and retweeting pics of other egirls while in her home. So obviously in response she posts thirst trap photos of herself in order to compete. It's just fucking depressing

No. 1321442

Are you sure thats the right Mira? Mira's username has always been kiriekagarino. Mira isn't an uncommon name. Kiriekagarino Mira also isn't a shotacon or into horse cocks, she's only into little anime GIRLS, not boys (or any anime boys)

No. 1321454

I can back up the anon who posted her, have known about Mira for a very long time and she is for sure a woman

No. 1321455

why is she so into him then?

No. 1321463

Because she is the pick me of all pick mes. She has zero self worth and will set herself on fire for any man's affection. I think she likes his twitter clout and the way he treats her probably sets off her pick me personality to stay with him just to prove she is the best

No. 1321551

Perhaps not mentioned in that thread specifically but she's been mentioned in the other threads relating to Moni and Tosh before. Whom again, she's besties with.

No. 1321553

She always plays up being mixed and will post pics where she looks mixed but the minute she's in cosplay or otherwise she white washes herself to hell and back using meitu to look like all the gravure ethots her bf drools over

No. 1321580

Who are those ppl? Tbh this is the first time i’ve heard of these 3

No. 1321606

File: 1631406264533.jpg (1.05 MB, 1564x1564, 1914458438964278572.jpg)

sage bc its not really milky but it looks like lena got a boob job given the complaints shes had about the scaring on her nose after her nose job the aftercare for this new investment is most likely going to be awful

No. 1321611

Her nose looks really off in the photo on the right and her skin above her upper lip looks hella crusty.

No. 1321617

not a wk but I think she’s actually pretty in these pics oops

No. 1321653

She might look good amongst the other cows posted here, but without filters and PS she looks nothing like that.

Her face doxx, since you need to be spoon-fed. Everytime she's posted someone with the same comment emerges.

No. 1321747

everytime someone says "not to wk" they process to wk

No. 1321756

File: 1631429083672.jpg (731.88 KB, 1080x1487, 20210912_014455.jpg)

Yungbae with his 40 yearold alcoholic mother

No. 1321831

who the fuck are these people and what do they have to do with egirls

No. 1321889

They're… egirls

No. 1322105


Yung Bae more like yung looking Jeffrey Epstein

No. 1322410

File: 1631485315399.jpeg (1022.06 KB, 1170x1360, 66E4A699-82AA-4CD6-B90E-8A71E1…)

Sage for no milk but all the Chris chan news makes vo1dchans “Chris chan kinnie” shit so much funnier

No. 1322761

File: 1631508044457.png (25.06 KB, 339x330, Screenshot (870).png)


No. 1322766

No. 1322768

File: 1631508347310.png (37.97 KB, 622x288, Screenshot (871).png)

Considering you have to verify your paypal account with ID I don't think anyone's buying that, Mira

No. 1322815

I fucking hate the trend of girls nonstop posting porn of anime kids and treating it like it's something quirky. Sure, it's not as bad as the real pedobait larp shit, but it's still pretty bad.

No. 1322854

I always thought these women have to be faking it for male attention but I had a revelation… I agree with this, I think that there are more pedophilic women than people think there are but they go unnoticed because they are like her, they are unlike men who go assault actual children but rather get off the idea of it and entice them to do it.

No. 1322976

Doesn't she have a tiktok where she does 'makeup store' stories?

No. 1322982

Tbh, some women are as degenerate and look at sex and just sex the same way they do. Just gross, sex object obsessed, femcel. It's not out of the ordinary, it just happens to be disgusting to see girls like her buy into the more extreme stuff because of scrotes. They look like they have fun together, ngl, so I don't think it's only a him and a pick-me thing, but definitely plays it up by buying stuff like fuck pillows because "LOL look how ridiculous this sex toy is, who would make it??" The same way Belle bought all her dildos and stuff, just to own it to say you own it.

No. 1323078

Makes me wonder if she's "friends" with Micky or at least one of Micky's friends because I swear this chick looks familiar.

No. 1323091

I have no doubt that’s true but that’s just not the case here. This woman is heterosexual, she is into dick and only dick. If she thought of sex the same as men why is there no anime boy dick on her page? Why isn’t it what she actually likes? Why isn’t she posting dildos instead of pocket pussies? Because the coomer men are enjoying sex like that but she (and women like her) aren’t enjoying the sex they want they’re literaly just performing for men to prove they aren’t like the other girls

No. 1323130

She's for sure a friend of a friend of hers, but not sure if they interact directly

No. 1323151

she's also friends with Amira that chick Micky skinwalks

No. 1323294

Yes; and she screeches on her Instagram story of any negative comment she gets and posts about three rants a day over the same shit “tik tok took down my video again ugh!!!!!!” “A republican disagreed with my views!!!!” “Someone called me rude; I’m not on the internet to please you!!!!” She can’t go a day without bitching about fucking something.

No. 1323494

File: 1631589542625.png (328.43 KB, 610x525, Screenshot (874).png)

It's HER birthday so she's tweeting about how much she loves her bf, he has yet to mention her. Instead he's posting about hentai and hasn't so much as given her an @reply. The absolute state

No. 1323676

>Instead he's posting about hentai and hasn't so much as given her an @reply

No. 1323974

Date a porn addicted scrote: Not Even Once

No. 1323986

File: 1631640075347.png (364.66 KB, 481x701, Screenshot (877).png)

Looks more like shoeonhead than her. Why the fuck is she editing herself into a screenshot of her twitter profile

No. 1323988

He still hasn't even liked or retweeted this btw. He's been very active on twitter all day posting about being horny for anime girls and has yet to acknowledge its his girlfriend's birthday in any way, not even liking her tweets about it or liking the tweet she wrote about wanting to be with him. How low does your self esteem have to be to tolerate this from a man who looks like THAT?

No. 1324026

How old is he? His skin is the texture of a decorative autumn squash. Edward James Olmos looking ass probably has erectile dysfunction ew kill yourself coomer(sage your shit)

No. 1324030

He's only 25. Just your typical filthy coomer loser

No. 1324042

File: 1631642467990.png (26.05 KB, 366x197, Screenshot (878).png)

Imagine literally begging your porn addicted basement dwelling boyfriend to impregnate you after he sends you a "happy bday hun" tweet and nothing else for your birthday

No. 1324344

This. Some women even if they're heterosexual are just so pornsick they adopt the male gaze. To be honest, even 'bisexual' women are like this, when their attraction to women is just from hentai and porn where the entire point is consuming the female body sexually. It's just pathetic

No. 1324346

samefag, meant to say some bisexual women, not all obviously

No. 1324499

25? No fucking way is that dude 25. He looks like a middle aged japanese salaryman who's going to pass out drunk in a subway.

This is incredibly depressing in nearly every way. Wow.

No. 1325924

babifat is quitting streaming cause shoopf4iry isn't streaming and she got suspended from twitter kek. now she works festivals i guess? bragging about bonaroo crew tees

No. 1326043

File: 1631833152303.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1242x1222, A1321B9C-CB2F-4676-BA69-4EDDF0…)

The grim all over her walls and items is disgusting sage for nitpick

No. 1326050

File: 1631833260169.png (7.86 MB, 1242x2208, ADAB18FF-09FC-4F9A-981F-2087D9…)

No. 1326132

File: 1631838689572.jpg (268.67 KB, 847x1043, lol.jpg)

Aislin and Olivia back at it again. Kek at "l i v" and "l i n"

I know they're not that milky but watching these two retards use all their free time to antagonize each other amuses me.

No. 1326214

When did Pedolivia change her @? Didn’t she just change it back to @nauseadoll recently?

No. 1326219

They’re not milky and no one besides you cares kek stop clogging up the thread with their horseshit

No. 1326223

Fair enough but a single saged post is hardly clogging up the thread nonnie, when was the last time you ate? Or do you just get rabid when you go an hour without analyzing screenshots of the dirt on someone’s wall? Kek please relax

No. 1326415

File: 1631875005218.jpeg (66.4 KB, 828x332, E378B9AE-EE34-4D4B-934C-2B31F2…)

Fucking kek either Aislin posted this or she’s lurking the thread because she changed it right after this got posted. Sage for no milk but it’s funny

No. 1326591

Definitely looks like she smokes cigs inside

No. 1326691

This feels like a vendettachan at this point kek isn’t this chick notorious for changing her….. everything every two hours? No one cares, this is non-ending drama between a fat emo chick and a pedoloving e-whore. At least contribute something actually interesting about them or stop posting kek.

No. 1327026

Don’t let the Livi wks ruin this thread too ffs

No. 1329318

File: 1632167913593.jpeg (282.63 KB, 750x935, 3E5E6DC9-4F1D-4BD6-989F-96D392…)

Look who it is! dead9irl posting on edtwt

No. 1329396

>having a wannarexic phase instead of eating healthier and working out
never change angie

No. 1329414

why is pretending like she needs meanspo when she could literally just read this thread lol

No. 1329459

Are you ready for dead9irl's saggy skin

No. 1329469

is this thread just constant selfposting or a very obsessed vendetta-chan? Because the typing style is the same for almost every pic posted.

No. 1329470

It's a vendetta-chan

No. 1329490

ofc it's vendetta. do you think anyone gives a fuck about these girls like that besides like 5 people

No. 1329751

File: 1632197362784.jpeg (797.76 KB, 1242x1468, 0A5613F6-DAC9-47E1-B53A-FCDF32…)

sure fatty, keep lying.

No. 1329771

Woah since when did she go private on ig? I unfollowed her a long time ago because she’s disgusting

No. 1329774

File: 1632198566952.png (236.53 KB, 1573x963, screenshot (1).png)

it's usually that but this is the first time she's actually been milky in a while. she's losing her shit over being called fat even though she went out of her way to ask proana twitterfags to do it, and spamming her onlyfans because someone recognized her from her tattoos/backdrop and dug up her thread. tiny shitty collage because i cba to go through the entire account, but yeah

No. 1329798

edtwit is so fucking weird

No. 1329895

she has her linktree in her bio. why is she mad her anonymity was taken

No. 1330124

File: 1632238425739.jpeg (758.98 KB, 1230x1449, 7D7CCECA-CC54-4EF8-979F-BE5EA2…)

Okay but fridge9irl asked to be bullied topkek

No. 1330126

File: 1632238496104.jpeg (706.25 KB, 1242x1338, 569130F4-8FF1-402F-A7BC-FCB41B…)

No. 1330127

File: 1632238704679.jpeg (272.65 KB, 1242x940, 044B49AA-B248-42B4-86DC-DBE303…)

No. 1330131

File: 1632238874478.jpeg (855.94 KB, 1242x1663, 4935ADF6-F880-4E7C-954E-4C011E…)

This shit is so funny

No. 1330133

File: 1632238906182.jpeg (947.55 KB, 1242x1678, 6076BD6E-C687-4E30-8EA4-759242…)

No. 1330141


Edtwitter is so trash at throwing out insults. Then again, most of these girls are like middle schoolers or high schoolers. So, can expect anything worthwhile from them.

No. 1330146

Well what do you except? they're all starving themselves so their brain is barely functioning due to lack of nutrition.

No. 1330156

they sound like they're imitating what a mean girl anachan would talk like

No. 1330208

Well, yeah. Edtwt is all average to chubby women/teens LARPing as the thin girls that bullied them ages 12-20. They don't have any real scathing comments or tips for her because they're sitting there regurgitating high school movie lines while binging and saying they're on day 56 of their water fast.

No. 1330281

to be honest they sound like users in this thread, lolcow gets namedropped on edtwt often.

No. 1330724

I was gonna say … lol

No. 1332050

Tbf they’re both fat. It has to be those two self-posting at each other whenever their profiles are mentioned. Can’t imagine anyone else being invested in years old drama over which no-name e-hag stole the other’s tumblr bio first. Neither has a life worth living.
She’s not fat by any means but being delusional enough to think you’ll be deemed skinny by 15 year old girls who stare at pictures of half dead skellychans while they binge eat and sob? topkek. No way she thought she’d get anything but praise.

No. 1332064

yeah shes not fat to a fatter person of course

No. 1332070

Calling healthy weight girls fat on image boards so you can sound skinny anonymously is insane. Fridge is untoned and oddly shaped but only mentally unwell ana LARPers would say she’s fat or overweight.

No. 1332221

File: 1632410503265.jpeg (570.42 KB, 1170x1552, E247B54C-B49C-468C-83E9-AD4ACB…)

Mother of the year is now going to write a piece on sTaLkErS kek I hope she knows that no one is going to take her seriously. Everyone knows she’s just as much of an obsessed freak as her then teenage stalker. This is truly embarrassing to watch but it’s like a car crash, can’t look away.

No. 1332225

Okay fridgenonnie
Angie clearly sucks in and facetunes tf out of her pics. She’s chubby, not extremely obese but she’s fat. She outed herself with that cankle pic on her IG spam account

No. 1332227

No one cares about Olivia. The “milk” on her is confusing as fuck/not milky. Yeah she’s a pedo but her art isn’t milk and neither are her tweets

No. 1332230

when are people going to learn the difference between chubby, fat, and obese? those are all completely different body types. all these anachans in this thread is sad go eat something. and I am in no way a wk I think that bitch is insane and fucking weird asking a bunch of sick teenagers to bully her on her body, im just saying realistically I hope you dont go out into the real world with these mindsets.

No. 1332234

Milky enough to be in the thread pic, If your confused on her milk read the last thread.

No. 1332243

I thought awfultroon was the pedo? What am I missing here

No. 1332244

She’s not an actual pedo, just a pedo supporter and probably lures in the victims for her many pedo friends.

No. 1332247

I’m personally so tired of every single e-whore having an “internet stalker” none of these girls have actual stalking experiences, the word is thrown around way too much and is basically mocking actual stalking victims.

No. 1332272

Exactly. Some women are stalked irl and sent death threats and weapons, followed home, get rape threats, etc. These tumblrinas think having a thread on girl chan is the equivalent to how most stalkers (which are MEN, OLIVIA) systematically destroy women's lives before hurting them irl. Get the fuck over yourself. I've had friends almost be kidnapped by men stalking them, her crying about teenage girls copying her IG theme and hair clips is the most retarded and privileged thing I've ever heard in this thread. Wait until you get a real stalker, Bug bitch
Watch how fast your terminology changes then.

No. 1332278

Nta, I tried multiple times to figure out wtf was going on as it was happening last thread and after shit is confusing. I just ignore her posts now. If she’s pedo pandering stick her in that thread.

No. 1332302

Honestly I hope she does write it because people, real stalking victims and critics, will chase her off of the internet for her privileged shit. No one will take her seriously. What is she going to write? “this teenager copied my hairstyle and tumblr and called my kid ugly so I, a real stalking victim, have continuously sent my thousands of followers to hunt said teenager down every chance I get. But I’m totally the victim here because I have a following.” Yeah that will go over so well Pedo King. This whole thing has always been a fucking joke. I don’t understand why people still entertain it. I certainly thought by now they would have moved onto a new hobby.

No. 1332448

ok fatass dont have a cow. its just an image board

No. 1332719

File: 1632455452636.png (434.01 KB, 1196x830, huh.png)

i look forward to the chapter where she explains how she's just as obsessed with her "scawy stalker" and is constantly refreshing her pages and subtweeting about her. she's so full of shit. if she was actually feeling threatened and stalked by aislin she wouldn't be doing shit like this.

No. 1332733

Kek wasn’t Livi always begging her to get help? So now she’s mad that she actually is? How would she even know she is?

No. 1332769

File: 1632463029940.png (92.42 KB, 1124x752, .png)

yep! and because the day before, aislin posted about it kek. olivia stalks her just as much as aislin stalks olivia. these two are pathetic.

No. 1332907

File: 1632482286650.jpeg (67.37 KB, 828x342, FB05B6DF-7CF1-404D-9701-389083…)

kek and this is clearly about livis tweet. funny how livi was posting about having adhd and now aislin is too. they’re both retards, but this is hardly milky. just the same shit they’ve been doing for years.

No. 1332956

File: 1632485661478.jpeg (130.34 KB, 807x436, 0B6C2EAA-EFCA-4B81-9F06-672303…)

squidwardthighs made a tellonym… “my mouth tastes like strawberries and metal” so why is your tongue white in every picture you post babes? i think yeast would be a more accurate description

No. 1332959

File: 1632486092145.jpeg (449.21 KB, 828x782, D676E703-1904-486E-BF07-9A2A8B…)

Brush your fucking tongue pedo troon

No. 1332960

File: 1632486162923.jpeg (161.65 KB, 508x508, D4EF1879-DE69-413A-96AC-A37C58…)

Every other part of this is shooped to shit but she couldn’t edit her moldy looking tongue huh

No. 1332964

File: 1632486302832.jpeg (173.92 KB, 444x433, 90B8CA86-534E-4C2A-B484-EE0BC0…)

No. 1333015

Show us on the doll where Tea hurt you, nonnie.

No. 1333018

Seriously why is it always the same retard, whenever anyone else in the thread is mentioned some lunatic will come and spam Angelthigh pictures and nitpick until everyone leaves. Selfposting works better when you don't sound like you're waiting to beat her over the head and wear her skin you "hate" so much. If it's not selfposting then get therapy, lolcow isn't your personal burn book, sperg-chan.

No. 1333022

she's like a slightly higher effort version of shayna at this point lol

No. 1333112

File: 1632497063990.jpeg (675.07 KB, 1170x1464, 496F849E-26FC-4FDF-B0A9-40A927…)

sage for tinfoil but i’ve noticed anytime someone posted Olivia in the last thread it would get spammed with Ang3ltroon and Fridge posts, Olivia is coincidentally on private now too. I think she’s lurking the thread and spamming it to get us to stop talking about her kek.

No. 1333126

Yeah if it's not selfposts or a vendetta chan then I can see Olivia doing that. She has nothing better to do, obviously. We live rent free in her head.

No. 1333460

I’m almost insulted that you think I’m pedo king but I understand the tinfoil I guess. Angeltroons crusty tongue has just always irked me. All those OF bucks and she can’t buy mouthwash?

No. 1333510

Put Olivia in the pedo pandering degen thread

No. 1333558

I mean yeah we could put her there but she’s more known as an egirl and is literally part of the thread pic so we’re still going to post about her here kek if you don’t like it don’t read

No. 1333966

I don’t retard. Of course she’s in the thread pic we didn’t have the other one.

No. 1334000

So if you don’t read it why do you care? Kek okay nonnie

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