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File: 1637086305872.jpg (41.21 KB, 1024x576, kmO_Tvz8EYpjQT-Z7ZyMfSj6NFjqDa…)

No. 969847

Pour one and vent it all out.

Previous thread: >>>/ot/961901

No. 969903

File: 1637091880946.jpeg (120.74 KB, 750x748, 276628BF-44F8-429A-9D1B-2B2231…)

I’m so sad that Ollie died rip king

No. 969904

File: 1637092032255.jpg (73.29 KB, 1023x967, DzVI8LzUcAA4LdO.jpg)


No. 969906

I used to follow a bunch of different accounts with small pets or even rescued possums who were now living as pets.. all the death though. Logging in to news of new deaths all the time got to me. Too sad

No. 969908

LC (and some 4ch generals) is my only form of human interaction so I hate when we're dead more than usual. I'm mindlessly flicking between tabs like a retard

No. 969915

Me too anon. We both really need to go outside or something instead of pacing back and forth on the web like caged tigers lol

No. 969917

Thirding this and I hate it so much. What's worse is that so far every attempt at making friends failed and I'm starting to be tired of initiating everything every time

No. 969937

Hanging out with a group of people makes me realize how poorly adjusted to life I really am. Everyone seems to have their shit together and I'm just kinda stumbling through just trying to make it one day at a time.

No. 969938

This is what I hate most abt my life rn. It’s not my fault that people don’t want to make friends.

No. 969947

My boyfriend came home screaming at me because I "didn't look out the window to see that I needed to move the car from where he parked it" and he has never yelled at me, and this isn't my fault. But I reacted by opening the fridge, grabbing a glass jar of salad dressing and whipping it at his shoulder. I meant for it to hit the wall and smash, so you can imagine the throw. I swear to god if he talks to me after his shower I'm moving the fuck out.

No. 969950

Your boyfriend should khs but why is your first reaction violence? Wtf

No. 969957

How do I stop being so lonely and bitter? I was already in a bad mood and feeling isolated as fuck so I decided to check stories on ig and snapchat as one does. And I see someone I know is hanging out and is apparently friends with my ex. I hate how bad that made me feel and I also feel like I shouldn't care what she does with her life. But I hate thinking about her and I did not need that wound re-opened right now.

No. 969964

He deserved it kek

No. 969965

No idea, I didn't grow up where there was violence or even yelling. I like the surprise factor when someone yells at me and expects me to crumble though.

No. 969968

I struggle with this too and talking to someone else helps. Even if it's random boring shit with a stranger, helps to steer the mind off of them and the whole thing

No. 969969

A better surprise would have been if you immediately left him for raising his voice at you. You don't have to break things or hurt people to stand up for yourself.

No. 969972

Once something is thrown.. a punch or an object aimed at someone, that's the end. I've been on both ends of the situation and I've learnt that the hard way. Once that boundary is passed you're better just leaving.

No. 969973

I'm mad about how much energy I wasted between the ages of 17-23 on 4chan arguing with fucking stupid scrote anons on r9k. Like I spent nearly all my free time on that imageboard, like I spent so long typing up walls of text, plus as a woman if I spoke up then guaranteed someone would engage with me.

But I think now, as a tired 30 year old, how much endless energy I had in those days. I'd be up till 2-3 am no problem making shitposts. I could've engaged in a sport or picked up literally any other productive hobby. Fuck, it wouldn't even have to be productive, just not one that's as soul sucking and miserable as what I did. But it was so addictive for some reason. But I wasted those years. I didn't get any new skills, I didn't make any new friends and I didn't better myself. I just have a comprehensive knowledge of 4chan history.

I could've worked on my self esteem and social skills. Like I had the internets resources to become a better/well rounded person, and THAT is the path I chose? It's hard not to feel like a fucking idiot about it sometimes.

No. 969977

You're not wrong, thank you for the advice.
It isn't the first time, and chances are I'll do it again. Couldn't imagine being on the receiving end though

No. 969978

Meh, I understand not being violent against women but fuck scrotes who raise their voice/act aggressive towards you and expect you to sit back and take it. But yeah, she should obviously just leave before things escalate even more. It was over as soon as he yelled at her.

No. 969979

Relatable. Tried to "help" some of the suicidal scrotes on there, if we exchanged contacts they all eventually went batshit on me and talked about how they want to punch their mom, fuck the 14 year old that comes into their work, all sorts of violent spergy fantasy. They're all wastes of life themselves and the vast majority deserve their misery and would never reciprocate the effort I put in to help them feel better.

No. 969980

Damn is this a message for me to get off imageboards now lmao

No. 969990

if it's 4chan, yes

No. 969992

This is unrelated to anon's bf but you just just reminded me how upset scrotes make me when they yell at you and if you call them out on it say that you have "a different interpretation of yelling" from them. Like they think if what they said was not overtly mean to you it doesn't count as yelling even if they are screaming their heads off instead of communicating like a normal person.

No. 970019

My last relationship I used to just sit there and not say a word while he'd scream for an hour. On more than one occasion I was desperate to pee mid scream session but I wasn't allowed to move. One sided shouting the whole time. I was always curious about whether one day a neighbour would finally call police to check on us. Never happened.

It escalated to actual violence twice. He was the kind to twist logic to make it ok. I so fucking lightly brushed off him as he was getting in my face one day and I was trying to escape feeling trapped… he turned that into me throwing the first punch??? Batshit. I reached the point where I wanted to run any time he started getting annoyed because I now knew he could just imagine that I fucking punched him and he could start beating on me with his version of events forever being that I hit him first. He's abusing someone else now. She has 4 kids, 2 of them are autistic. Wonder how they're dealing with all the screaming in their house now.

No. 970028

A friend I really enjoyed spending time with dropped everything to invest all their energy into a game. They never answer when I try to have a conversation, but it's to the point where I find myself getting pissed off because I know they're active on social media while ghosting me. I probably have to make myself realize I'm not a priority as a friend.

No. 970042

>Records a video with mom's phone because my camera sucks
>Almost 30 minutes trying to edit it
>She asks me for her phone
>Instantly deletes my video
>Probably out of spite
Can't have shit in detroit

No. 970043

I'm in Japan and I've stayed here illegally in a forest for 6 months isolated as a hermit. I sort of want to go home but I am very afraid that I will get in legal trouble with the Japanese authorities. Do you think they'd go easier on me if they knew I suffer from mental illness? I just want to go home. I have money and I can book a ticket I'm just afraid they will put me in prison. I am charging my phone in mcdonalds right now. It took me 4 hours to get here from the forest I live in.

No. 970045

…wtf? Do you live in a tent or something? Were you just there for a vacation and decided to stay?

No. 970047

Wtf maybe seek help at us embassy

No. 970051

get in touch with your embassy

No. 970054

Does it live up to your Ghibli fantasies? Sorry about Logan Paul nearly blowing it for you btw.

No. 970057

Bitch give context

No. 970060

>Foreign nationals living in Japan who have exceeded their period of stay and who wish to leave the country may follow the simple procedures of the Departure Order System to depart without detention.

>While foreign nationals who have departed via deportation procedures may not re-enter Japan for a minimum of five years, those who leave the country under the Departure Order System are permitted to re-enter after one year has passed. In order to be eligible for the Departure Order System, the following conditions must be met:

>The foreign national must make an appearance at an immigration office and must be willing to leave Japan as quickly as possible.

>There must be no grounds for deportation other than having exceeded the period of stay.
>The foreign national must not have, after entry, been sentenced to imprisonment with work or imprisonment without work due to certain crimes, such as theft.
>The foreign national must have never been deported from Japan under a departure order.
>The foreign national must be expected with certainty to promptly depart from Japan.

source https://www.isa.go.jp/en/publications/materials/nyukan_nyukan87.html

No. 970061

Listen to the other anon; take the train back to Tokyo and go to your embassy. If you try to take a flight out, security is probably going to detain you temporarily to figure out what happened. Most likely they’ll eventually let you go because you have the funds, but who knows if it will be 1 day or 90 days. (You’re going to be banned from re-entry for like 10 years, just fyi). Let your embassy help you out before that happens.

Top kek nonnie. Are you finally heading home because it’s starting to get cold? Spill the details. Be careful not to look too disheveled while near civilization, that’s a red flag for the omawari-san to come chat with you by the way.

No. 970073

I know it seems like a joke but it's not. I am bipolar and I was manic when I traveled to Japan in May, it was so beautiful and I felt like I was alive again. I was supposed to stay for 20 days and I even had a flight back home but I got this idea of staying in a forest and isolating myself here for years or even possibly for the rest of my life. I bought a lot of books, a tent, a cheap Mamachari bike and I went deep in a forest where nobody goes into but the forest is not so far away from civilization for me to be hard to buy food. I ride the bike for around 1 hour and a half to get to the nearest store to buy food.

I have kept myself relatively clean. I've been using wet wipes a lot, I've been brushing my teeth and hair and I have been going to the coin public laundry every other month to clean my clothes. It's been getting very cold and I have gotten ill, I am very afraid of developing pneumonia because my back has been hurting for a couple of days and I've been coughing a lot. I will try to get my shit together today, go to the forest and get my stuff and go to the embassy today since it's early. I really hope they won't detain me or ban me for 5 years. I am embarrassed to tell them my story at the and I hope they will believe me.

No. 970075

Good luck anon, hopefully the embassy can help you. Perhaps you can say you first overstayed after you hit your head and got confused, and then were too ashamed afterwards, or maybe the embassy have a better idea

Please deliver updates to us when you are safe to do so as long as it's information that won't get you in trouble, I can't handle wondering about another mysterious nonny that never filled us in for the rest of my life

No. 970076

Good god nonny, best of luck!! I don’t have advice but I have questions like did your family think you were missing or did you contact them???

No. 970077

I hope you get home safely anon, I'll be thinking of you

No. 970078

Current politics really pissing me off.

In the US, the left resembles fascism way more than the right does.
>government can't revoke the right to own guns
>but wants to inhibit gun ownership wherever possible by instating rules about ammunition, parts, what can be bought/sold, background checks, violating the privacy of gun owners
>wants the government to coerce vaccines on people by having a vaccination record as a requirement to use basic services (Hello? Isn't forced medical procedures an aspect of fascism?)
>dances around and manipulates words to push transgederism
>lefty goons threaten to riot if kenosha kid isn't convicted
>which if kenosha kid is convicted, it would undermine self-defense laws
>the stupid fucking prosecutor was asking about kenosha kid playing Call of Duty because video games make you a violent murderer amirite?

I don't understand how anyone other than an authoritarian sociopath can support the current left wing. Current left wing doesn't even propel the changes you can find righties on board with.

No. 970080

Wow anon. I hope you get back home safe and don't have pneumonia. Please don't act on manic ideas like this anymore, it's not good for you.

No. 970081

We believe you anon. Go to the embassy, tell the truth as you see it, apologize, ask for help, say you want to leave Japan asap, be very willing to cooperate. Don't insert little white lies out of embarrassment or in the hopes it'll lead to a specific outcome because minor inconsistencies will be detected.

No. 970085

lefties are the original fascists kek i love when people show their true colours

No. 970086

Feels like an unelaborate word game seeing antifa brand themselves as antifascist and their opposition as fascist even though it can't be farther from the truth.

No. 970087

is it normal to feel like not wanting to talk to your boyfriend? like you've got communication burnout or something?

No. 970089

exactly! but since the left controls everything (media, corporations, etc) they have control over the words lol

No. 970092

How did you even get to Japan in the first place? Entry, even for foreigners with residency status, was restricted.

No. 970093

File: 1637109937522.jpg (20.83 KB, 600x600, st,small,507x507-pad,600x600,f…)

im tired of seeing this ugly fucking thing from this ugly fucking game everywhere and people thirsting over it. why are you all nemu tier???

No. 970098

wtf is that

No. 970100

nta but it's Phil Silvers

No. 970103

File: 1637111466475.png (80.99 KB, 533x291, 1634779605723.png)

It doesn't add up

You mean to tell me you survived for 6 months, without making any money, in the wilderness and buying food from konbini/mcdonalds/whatever? How? You'd go to McDonalds every other day to charge your phone? What about your family, why didn't they care to ask where you were? Where do you wash your hair or teeth if you were cleaning yourself with wet wipes? Do you travel 1+ hours everyday by bike just to take a shit in some public place or do you shit in the woods? Again, if you are that rich that you could live off of savings in the middle of a japanese forest, why aren't anyone looking for you - coworkers, family?
Bitch, what?

No. 970104

Me too

No. 970105

im [tired] of seeing this [UGLY FUCKING THING] from this ugly fucking game [everywhere] and people [THIRSTING???] over it. why are you all [nemu tier]???

No. 970109

oh no spamton kinner spotted

No. 970111

KEK love this

No. 970116

I too have gone for like a year or more without my friends and family asking about me. Some people just aren't that close with their family or friends.

No. 970122

im insomniac anon from a few threads ago
i have been so paranoid and anxious for the past ~3 days, about 3 hours of sleep in the past 55 hours, i am so fucking miserable…my heart is racing and i keep thinking horrible things and it makes my stomach drop in fear/anxiety. i just want to sleep i just want to be fucking normal god fucking shit damn it kill me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 970124

kill yourself

No. 970126

god damn i'm almost envious of how sheltered you are to not understand how homelessness or being estranged from your family or mental illness works

No. 970133

Last christmas I was sitting directly next to my aunt on the couch, and next to her was my uncle. We were all sitting very close. I feel physically comfortable next to my aunt since she's a woman, so our thighs and arms were touching and that was all fine. My uncle has his arm around her hip, and so naturally his hand was kind of touching my hip, since his hand is between us. It sounds weird written out, but it was very indirect, the sort of touch that would happen if you took a family photo and everyone has their arms around each other; whatever. But then he kind of extends his index finger and starts wiggling it around, essentially poking/rubbing my hip. I think he was just being absent minded but it freaked me out and so I got up and pretended I had to go to the bathroom and when I came back I made a point to sit further away. It creeped me out. He's never been even remotely creepy to me or anyone else before or since but it kind of haunts me, lol. Why did he wiggle his finger!!!

No. 970141

if hes never been creepy or given off bad vibes to you, he might have just done it in a joking sort of way like "lol hey" but that's giving him the MOST benefit of the doubt and i tend to assume the worst from men but idk

No. 970149

NAYRT but it is very confusing how she got into Japan 6 months ago. They've been butthole tight about letting foreigners in, doesn't really matter what country or how much money you have. Like that other anon said, even people with residency status were restricted. It's not impossible to have gotten into the country but it would have been under extremely specific conditions that would be quite remarkable, and considering she said she was supposed to be there only for 20 days, that just sounds like basic tourism without a visa, and therefore doesn't really add up.

I do agree that it's not just possible but unfortunately common to be homeless though, lol.

No. 970160

I'm trying so hard but at this point it feels like I'm barely holding on by a string. I'm so fucking lonely and my only friend has left me and blatantly disregards my feelings even though he knows I suffer from pretty bad depression and can't seek any treatment at the moment. He outright says he doesn't like spending time with me anymore, which would be fine if he didn't also claim that he feels bad for me and shit. I absolutely can't commit suicide but I also have absolutely no one to turn to and I seriously don't know what to do. I just feel stuck in an endless spiral and I'm scared of completely losing myself.

No. 970165

I wish all cockroaches could explode right now.

No. 970168

File: 1637117631208.jpg (Spoiler Image, 78.17 KB, 978x1197, Etyo6ydXYAE9K-q.jpg)

Even if they were kawaii?

No. 970170

File: 1637117824907.jpeg (200.08 KB, 1057x754, BD316F67-3047-4077-922A-72EC99…)

No. 970173

Travelled to Japan? How were you able yo get there in the first place?

No. 970175

I don't think good men exist and all of them are disgusting babies

No. 970191

I wonder if people in general are becoming more apathetic and antisocial.

No. 970201

I can't fucking stand someone I used to say was one of my best friends. We started from nothing but I worked my ass off to get out of that and get to a point in life where I'm happy and making good money. Meanwhile they're still where I met them and constantly complaining and lowkey begging for money. They recently trooned out so on top of these "subtle" messages about how hungry they are, now they're talking about how they wish they could afford pretty underwear and messaging me about motherfucking dragon dildos and I'm about to just block them here I swear to god. I can handle broke. I can handle troon. I cannot handle broke troon.

No. 970203

My gf has this mopey scrote friend who I absolutely hate. He gets completely beaten down by his domineering shrieky wife and has to do most of the childcare for their toddler. He’s so needy towards my gf and calls and texts constantly wanting to hang out and escape his awful home life kek
He openly hits on her but she’s very much a lesbian and I just find it pathetic and funny not threatening. I just hate him because he’s the epitome of worthless scrote and although granted, his wife is a bitch, he never seems to take any responsibility for his station in life. My gf defends him and their years-long friendship so I just never bring it up and just go do something else if she’s going to see him. It just makes me judge her for being a scrote apologist and so naive about his intentions and nature.

No. 970230

Ive walked home for decades where I live and tonight a cop turned on his lights and was really pushing to get my name and address or really any info he could could tell he just wanted body cam footage at all and I asked him why he was pulling me over and he said he wasn’t so I asked why his lights were on and he got back in his cruiser and shut his lights off and followed me home with his lights off and now I am scared and who tf am i supposed to rely on at this point I live alone I hate moids so much I want to a-log

No. 970234

I am seriously so scared if I report this to the local police the only thing it will do is make me more suspicious despite me not even having done anything to warrant more attention I literally just wanted to walk home in peace and be safe without being fucking assaulted

No. 970244

File: 1637130028454.jpg (52.47 KB, 500x568, tumblr_dacdf120da46e5eae3ce82d…)

I have real problems and yet I'm sitting here, crying and sobbing about being lonely and useless. It feels like everyone is better than me at the things I do or even try to do, like there's no place for me anywhere. If I post about this on social media and someone were to reach out to me it would be even worse, I don't want anyone to know I'm this pathetic and stupid. I don't have close friends or even acquaintances to talk to. Most of the time I'm fine with it because I won't have to deal with any of the issues they might have, since the friends I used to have would talk about killing themselves frequently and it was very distressing. I just want someone to pity and comfort me whenever I begin to feel like this. I hope it ends soon

No. 970253

I was awake all night to win an auction, and after I finally managed to win it, my partner comes to me and goes "just so you know, I spent all the money, and now were outta cash".
The fuck dude.
You told we had money, where the fuck did you spend it all?
I busted my ass doing extra shifts all month, and I don't get to buy anything? ANYTHING for myself?
Why the hell did you wait to tell me AFTER the fucking auction? Why didnt you tell me before I wasted my sleep time and got all excited? I feel like a fucking idiot, and having to go out of my way to apologize and back out of the sale is going to be so fucking humiliating.
I feel like shit.

No. 970258

this is probably bad idea advice but depending on how long you have to pay for the auction, you could try to apply for a credit card. they give out basic Discover cards with like a $200 limit to basically anyone who at least has utility bills in their name and doesn't have any outstanding bad debt.

telling you this because i would go breserk if that happened to me. also if your partner has anything of value i'd say you're in the right to pawn it for cash, you can get it back when you get paid again or you can tell him to fucking deal with it. warning: fight

No. 970264

I have developed feelings at an inanimate object - my knife. Its always by my side, i grasp it in my pocket while walking the streets, i swirl, flip and turn it in my hand for hours when i'm alone, it soothes me. I have one or two real, trustworthy friends too, but it feels like no one understands me like my blade. I used to cut myself when i was younger, but this has nothing to do with it, this blade never hurts me on purpose. Btw pic related is not the type of knife i have, i'm just embarrassed to post an image of a type that i do have, because if someone criticized it, it would upset me immensely.

No. 970267

Oh, looks like pic didn't upload, nm, that wasn't important here.

No. 970271

Why do I feel like people are lying and don't mean it whenever they are nice to me? I know that assuming this is unfair towards them but I just can't help it

No. 970272

I have this problem too and from my experience, if you feel like people are lying to you, it's probably true.

No. 970280

Ah, I see. I felt like there was no way people actually enjoy the stuff I make if there are way better things out there, of course it's just empty words

No. 970282

I hate that I'm uglier than the average unclean man. I could spend hours cleaning and grooming myself but I still look uglier and dirtier than a fucking male.

No. 970284

File: 1637136438587.gif (1.8 MB, 254x196, 1607724859877.gif)

>lefties are the original fascists
are you guys retarded?

No. 970287

Completely fuckin' agree with you. And if we no longer have the right to defend ourselves, that's gonna be a lot more women getting murdered because they're not allowed to fight back.

No. 970288

File: 1637137527823.jpg (494.12 KB, 2160x2160, FEVW0jfWYAITHIz.jpg)

I just don't know what the fuck is going on anymore.

No. 970291


No. 970292

It's fine, trannies won't feel pandered to

No. 970293

that's why you always pirate TS4 and get cosmatics mods.

No. 970294

so this is what neo-liberal democracy leads too, doing for the sake of wokeness rather then what actually looks good on men

No. 970295

Is the guy in the front wearing shorts with tights under kekekekekekek

No. 970297

I actually think my brother got the coof (again) because he's been having a cough + cold and fever that comes and goes for a month now. He's taking general medicine but it doesn't go away. Fucking cunt.

No. 970302

Today's pedophile is constantly on the move, what with his multiple restraining orders, so he chooses to wear a fetching pleated scallop skirt! Freeing, yet gender-affirming! A dash of white makes these kicky boots stand out! And these boots were made for stalking!

No. 970304

File: 1637140893736.jpg (57.34 KB, 620x670, 1564206915296.jpg)

Anon you're so funny really that sounds like one of those wacky sims furniture descriptions

No. 970327

honestly cute and as >>970292 said trannies will reeee about it

yes they are, the board and especially /ot/ is infested with 80 IQ rw tardthots currently

No. 970328

Anons please stop you might just both have imposter syndrome or bpd don't cry

No. 970334

I wrote here a few weeks ago about a girl I know who has been streaming herself on a cam sex site while she's at work at a mental health hotline. She makes fun of the callers and gets drunk, the other day she was bragging about ignoring calls to play drinking games with men she knows from the room.

I couldn't find where she worked before to report it, but I finally, after a lot of work, found it. I reported it to the place and got an email from a Doctor asking for more info. I provided them screenshots etc, so I have proof.

They don't care. They literally do not fucking care. I'm in shock that they're going to allow this girl to act like this. She's a "little" that says she has PTSD and I'm 99& sure she tells them it helps her PTSD to be on there but wtf? How can you allow someone to stream a suicide hotline online? She has a bunch of tiktoks filmed inside the hotline too and you can see info on the walls behind her.

This all bothers me so much because I've used these hotlines before and the thought of the person laughing about what I said online would break me.

No. 970347

god what the fuck. do you think maybe posting her shit on the camwhores thread would do anything? maybe it would inspire some cowtippers to take it into their own hands or something but I also wouldn't recommend that… not at all…

No. 970348

How do I cope knowing I’ll never find a partner/soulmate/person who just fucking likes me and won’t lie or cheat and just leave me. SemiRelated but also what’s your best advice to unalive myself lol

No. 970351

That's awful but you're doing the right thing anon.
Imo continue to save everything that you can, including the videos, and start tipping off newspapers with your story. If they don't get back to you, instead hit up the scrappier social media "journalism" click bait sites. Eventually someone will bite and with enough attention on the story she will be fired.
It would be better if you can find a left wing paper because they will focus on the neglect and harm she is doing rather than the sexy angle.

No. 970355

i just emailed the person in charge and said if I don't get a resolution on this by the end of the week i'm posting to social media and going above her head

No. 970356

Is there a way you could safely dump all of this info on the internet ( tiktok's userbase would love to destroy someone like her) or maybe send it her family to shame her?
As >>970351 said, newspaper are a great tool. She deserves it and you are a good person for doing all of this research.

No. 970359

My sister wants to be a psychologist, don’t know how she’s planning on achieving that when she’s the most judgemental bitch I know. She can’t go five minutes without telling any of us some gossip about her friends or coworkers, she’s constantly picking fights over stupid shit like my tone of voice when I speak to her bc she has a desperate need to be in the right, and starts arguments with me right before I leave for work in the morning then blames me because I just “make her angry.” When I came out to her as bi at 17 she was so snide about it and tried to convince me I wasn’t, and when I stood my ground she said “okay as long as you don’t bring any lesbians home lesbians annoy me.”
Did I mention her dream is to work with troubled teens in state care?

No. 970360

File: 1637149358110.png (678.4 KB, 614x932, leavealone.png)

My crush ignored me today when we were in a big group after being all over me on the weekend.
Made me feel so ugly and unwanted and useless. I feel like ghosting myself and everyone.
Just a mess nonnies.

No. 970361

Had to let my guinea pig go today as she was very sick with a tumour on her bladder. I wish I'd made the decision sooner and I don't know if I caused her unnecessary suffering but it was so difficult to figure out what was wrong in the first place. She was so bossy and assertive and had so much personality. Never hesitated to steal food from the other pigs or scream at the top of her lungs if she wanted something. I'm going to miss her so much and my herd feels empty. Hope there's some guinea pig heaven and she's flying high and eating all the best quality hay and greens.

No. 970362

File: 1637149478559.jpg (12.51 KB, 600x549, 1636222278359.jpg)

By getting some hobbies, friends, a career and building a life you like. Sounds dumb but that's really all you can do not to go crazy, especially when everyone around you is getting married, moving in together and other fun shit becausd they can combine finances

No. 970364

he's love bombing you, anon. This is part of the plan. He's going to circle around, prob this weekend, and love bomb you again. And you'll go for it because "oh he was so nice last weekend, maybe he was having a bad week etc". Men rely on women to make excuses for them.

When he contact you next, don't respond. I promise you he will all over you again for a few days then back to blanking you. It's a game men play, but if you ignore them it drives them fucking insane.

No. 970365

You had me up until that last part.

I vented here before about not having a great job but it’s all I can do rn making $8/hr. The realization that I’m poor and don’t have love is making me spiritually weak. I don’t really have friends, cuz they want someone whose more available and this job rarely gives me a day off for as little as they pay me so idk how that’ll work. I don’t have hobbies. I’m not good at a lot of stuff and after working 6am until 2pm all I want to do is lay down and do nothing until it’s time to take melatonin at 7pm so I can sleep by 9 and wake up at 4:30am to do it all over again. I don’t love my life and no one loves me. I’m just really tired. I’m really tired. I’m really tired.

I’m tired of feeling this way and tired of being lonely. It would be so much easier to just off myself than subject myself into a life I see no way of improving. Only issue is that I’m a pussy and also too lazy to put in the effort to either OD or to cut deeper than usual.

No. 970366

anon. i'm sorry. I wish i could give you an answer but i dont have one. you are obviously depressed. I wish i could make your pain go away and invite you round to chill with me. you deserve love.

No. 970367

thanks nona, what is the end goal though? Would he play these games with someone he really liked or just someone gullible/desperate? Sucks because I felt so high after last weekend and now I'm in a crushing low.

No. 970368

I don’t want to threaten with suicide but a lesbian homeless bitch raped me and randomly apologized and this female that helps me supposedly to process the rape on the phone pointed that out to me as if I should be happy

Cal me a schizo but this moment alone makes me want to slash my wrists until all the blood spills out. It’s all my fault for being too nice. I fucking hate my mom for teaching me to be the victim. And now I’ll die a psycho because killing myself is a lot more psycho than raping me. I hate all of humanity and I hope you all will get a worse life than me.

No. 970371

the end goal is you being available to him whenever he wants because you'll be thankful he's love bombing you again and not ignoring you. I promise you, every woman on this board has experienced this, it is 100% no reflection on you. You trusted him because why the fuck would you think he'd be playing games? He's the psycho.
And no, he wouldn't do this to someone he liked, but most moids are only capable of liking 0.1% of women, and it's the same group of women. He does think you're attractive, because he wouldn't try this stuff on someone he wasn't attracted to.
This of it this way, you shared the same weekend. WOuld you blank him? No? Why not? Exactly.
you are gullible. Lovebombing is not an elaborate plan it is something mostly men do to get sex on tap. He was showing her interest and turned it off next day. That is textbook lovebombing and you being sister-zoned doesn't prove otherwise.

No. 970372

nta but its likely not some elaborate plan of his, I wan in love with a guy for years who never viewed me anything more then just his sister's friend also he had a literal intercellular disability so I was in love with a moron the whole time

No. 970373

stop spam posting but you being in love with a literal retard doesn't negate this issue.

No. 970375

Lurked on one beauty forum today (mybeautyconsultant.net if anyone is interested). I have considered it being my sort of safe space for a while, mainly because I have found it by googling r/truerateme critique and all the users here have critiqued it as being unreasonable, incel and hateful sub, that doesn't even have proper rating system. And overall people here seemed really nice. But today I've stumbled upon one fucking hag sperging about muh hypergamy and men aging better. She had received some push back from the user base, but not as much as she honestly deserves, this toxic shit must be debunked so hard that society would start to perceive anyone who tries to spread this sort of message as delusional and insane as a flat-earther. I am so tired of incl and tp discourse ruining any sort of comfort space I find, literally the bane of my existence. I sincerely wish that all manosphere retards will an hero one day

No. 970377

other anon is right you are being lovebombed. delete him and ignore.
but he did show her interest

No. 970382

File: 1637152076530.jpg (81.97 KB, 540x720, 1630158446046.jpg)

I don't know really, he was a good looking older guy with a car and he seemed cool at the time, he would have conversations(well more arguments) with his sister and then interject and ask me and out other group of friends who was right and who was wrong and most of the time I would agree with him and he'd say "see she's smart"
when he'd drop us off, we'd leave and would hang out in one of our friend's house and he'd stay in the car and sometimes I wouldn't leave and I'd stay with him and ask him questions and try to talk to him cause he seemed stressed, he never trauma dumped on me but he was "very open" not just with me but with everyone
I don't know what his deal was, my friend said even though she was his sister dhe never understood him either

he was a deeply troubled person and he left home some time back, he's still alive but there's nothing about him online and its impossible to contact him, so I can't never ask him whether he liked me or not

No. 970384

>sex work is real work!!
>we need to push for saf2w regulations!!

Nice pipe dream but that'll literally never happen. All that will do is make it more socially acceptable to force women into "safe" sex work with the same "go push a broom" logic.

There wouldn't be such a huge, braindead coomer push for sEx WoRk Is reAl WoRk!! If actual real jobs could support you but they largely can't anymore, by design. It's to rip women from the work force where they get to earn money without having to cater to the types of men who have to pay to get women naked and get their attention. Literally no woman WANTS the "career choice" of "safely" being a fucking prostitute (which sex workers undeniably are by literal technicality) unless that particular woman has some bullshit mental hangups regarding her value as a woman apart from male approval.

Just say you want to be a whore because you have an ugly girl complex and coomer men who are willing to tell you any bullshit you wanna hear are more appealing to you than actual human beings willing to "push a broom".

No. 970391

You’d get tired of me lol. Everyone’s my friend until I’m distressed then they gossip about I’m a psycho toxic bitch. Girls like me just aren’t meant for anyone platonic or otherwise.

No. 970393

ayrt and I'm so sorry that happened to you anon. Using twisted logic against you like that is the worst, like somehow if you ever tell them how what they do is hurtful you're being manipulative in their eyes for showing weakness or emotion. That's always been the worst to me, the way guys can just scream and vent their emotions at will but god forbid you express that it scares you or even react physically if they seem to be going off the rails. It's so hard to have to micromanage not only your words and emotions in that moment, but even how you sit and how quickly you leave the room when it ends.

No. 970404

A job from 6 am til 2 pm is my dream job ngl anon. I could self study and get my high school diploma, attend a good college and have a better job that’s less exhausting physically. Idk. Pasture is greener on the other side. Maybe try having different a schedule

No. 970407

6am to 2pm working for $8.90 an hour full time taking care of a kennel full of dogs is your dream job?? Lmao.

No. 970409

Adding into this but the only other schedule I could get would be 2pm to 10pm. Meaning instead of waiting to go to sleep I would be waiting to go to work. Which isn’t much better. Same mindset different times of day.

No. 970427

I thought gaining a big following based on fanart would make it easier to find friends or even talk to people at all, but I was wrong. Others will sometimes talk to me but it's always in a very polite and friendly way and never for too long. Other people with a similar follow count would complain about getting too many dms and such, while I rarely get any. There has to be something fundamentally wrong with me and everyone can sense it. I'm open to conversation, I just don't know how to make the first or even second step sometimes because I never talk to anyone. Even in school no one would want to talk to me when I was put in a group with them and it's somehow the same online.
Seeing others in the same fandom make friends with each other and seeing my mutuals quickly get to first name basis with new people makes me so sad, I could never be like that. I don't belong anywhere and I never will, I should stop sharing things about myself altogether. If I was meant to have friends I would have figured it out by now. I never had any and I probably never will and that's fine, I'll deal with it somehow

No. 970428

then the common denominator is you. you sound miserable to be around and it's probably making you act like a shitty friend which is why you have none. i've known so many people like you.

go to therapy or get on medication, go to school, improve your life. no one will do it for you.

No. 970437

If it was that easy to go to therapy I could. But I got bills to pay and adding a fucking therapist would have me living off bread and jam for the rest of my days and I’m already basically living on canned soup and rice, eating once a day just to have spare cash to put into gas money.

And aside from that mental health care in the states a fuckin joke. I’m not going to spill my guts to some cunt only for them to go on Twitter and go “listen to what this skinny starving bitch had to say today”

No. 970438

No one's crying, it is what it is. Stop projecting, some people aren't liked.

No. 970479

File: 1637159597538.png (403.87 KB, 540x535, unknown42.png)

I'm feeling incredibly suicidal, incredibly hopeless right now. I've ruined close friendships and relationships since I was a kid with my spastic temperament and need to be right, as well as my need to be in control.

I can't stop hurting inside. I want this to end. I wish I were a different person. If I could get a lobotomy to fix it, I would. I'd just like to stop being a negative person, would love to love myself. I'd love to stop snapping at everyone that loves me, I'd love to stop being paranoid and I'd love to just stop being such a shitty person.

There's no way to fix it. NO WAY. No matter how many good days I have, no matter how many good moments there are, I will always find a way to ruin it.

No. 970496

My therapist suggested that I go to a wine tasting event for my work. I've been sober for several months. I told her alcohol is a crutch and I don't feel comfortable drinking to deal with social anxiety. She just flat out disagreed that it's a crutch and suggested I go anyways and don't drink. I've been questioning her the past few sessions and now I probably will stop seeing her because wtf. I really miss my old therapist. I moved so I can't do appointments with her anymore, not even on the phone.

No. 970499

File: 1637160705259.jpg (64.35 KB, 780x780, a831a4194a0b3aa2f053e3e98d8d55…)

wtf? stop seeing her immediately. that sounds like she wants to make you miserable so she can get more money by treating you. i hope you find a better therapist, anon. also congrats on going sober and not using this enabling behavior to go back to drinking. i engaged in a lot of day drinking during lockdown but i stopped in may and only had two sips on two different social occasions over the past six months, but the urge comes back in waves. stay strong, sister.

No. 970501

Why the fuck would any sane therapist tell someone who admits alcohol is a crutch for them to go and consume alcohol… please find a new therapist this person sounds like shit.

No. 970513

>not having a separate account

it would look nice as women clothing tbh

No. 970514

"mewing" is stupid and you can go fuck yourself. It's not for fucking everybody that's for fucking sure.

No. 970516

File: 1637162089308.png (82.02 KB, 2220x1392, cat feels.png)

what about meowing ? i-is it allowed ?

No. 970519

I hate having to train new hires because it plays to all my workplace weaknesses. I hate people watching me work and freeze/mess up when they do. I also hate watching people work, especially if it’s something new to them because they go so slow and it annoys me. And, I can’t multitask because I’m focused on showing them how to either do things or they’re watching me and I don’t want to confuse them by starting something else in the middle of teaching another task.

And, now that I type it, it probably makes me sound like a shit worker. But I’m not, I swear. I just don’t teach others well.

No. 970523

Oh my goodness, yes. Of course.

No. 970556

>It's not for fucking everybody that's for fucking sure.
How can placing your tongue behind your front teeth not be for everyone?

No. 970557

File: 1637165251846.jpg (44.83 KB, 300x328, Male Otaku.JPG)

I'm about 6 episodes into Neon Genesis Evangelion and all three main women so far were introduced sexually. The opening also only has the female cast half naked. I wish I could skin scrotes alive for making things like this the norm.

Oh boy, I can't wait to see how Asuka will be introduced.

No. 970561

I tried to watch evangelion but it was just too…weird, idk i just got a very gross vibe from it

No. 970565

Admittedly there are other aspects that have me intrigued which is why I didn’t drop immediately after Rei’s introduction, but I get what you mean. It’s very clear it’s a show made for a certain type of subhuman.

No. 970568

I said go fuck yourself.

No. 970581

none of those anons but how do you see "bpd" from that

No. 970583

>Oh boy, I can't wait to see how Asuka will be introduced.
oh no
Nitpicking, but Hikari, Maya's and Rei's introduction wasn't sexual (either the quick flash or gEt InTo ThE rObOt or Rei gets the hose again). The scene that you probably mean… Yeah. At least Rei's scene, as creepy as it is, gives a lot of information about her personality and issues (and hints at her being a vessel for Gendo's Yui obsession – hell, it may suggest sexual abuse if you want to interpret it). Misato's scene? I have no fucking idea what that was supposed to achieve, it makes zero sense and yes, I'm aware of the "she's trying to connect to Shinji with he sexuality, cause she is so broken she doesn't know any other way!!!" thing. She didn't try to fuck Ritsuko or her co-workers, which implies she has some boundaries and common sense. No fucking way I'll believe she's a pedo. I'm trying to treat the EoE kiss as an isolated, last ditch effort to force Shinji to not make her sacrifice herself all for nothing. Ritsuko didn't bother me, as it's harmless.
I love NGE and it has been important for me for half of my life (to a varying degree). It doesn't change the fact that there is a lot to criticize and that the series would be God tier if Haruhi Anno authored it instead.

No. 970584

Put her on blast here, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, LSA, 4chan, literally everywhere and anywhere. This is fucked

No. 970586

how come I didn't see the original post? someone has it on hand?
I second >>970584

No. 970594

Why is everyone so okay with age gap relationships? They are fucking disgusting and predatory no matter what. Even in some 3rd world shitholes having an age gap relationship is frown down upon, but it seems everyone else is okay with that depraved pedo male adjacent shit. If your relationship has an age gap bigger than 1-2 years you should be in jail, shot dead if you are male. I'll make an exception if you are the younger counterpart but you gotta be institutionalised until you become un-groomed.

No. 970598

File: 1637170034440.jpg (Spoiler Image, 168.18 KB, 1920x1080, 6tr.jpg)

b-b-but anno hates otakus and ackchyually it's a critique on the ackchyually ackchyually ackchyualllly

No. 970599

The only people that I know that are okay with it are boomers, children of parents with huve age gaps and men. The majority of women, unless really young, seem to be strongly against it.

It also depends on how old everyone is - 30s and 40s are okay due to life experience and already being independent but someone in their mid 20s and someone that's 19 sure as shit isn't

No. 970602

I don't know nonny, I wouldn't want a 40 year old balding, stinky and most likely overweight scrote near me when I'm in my fresh 30's living my best life

No. 970603

4chan won't care they'd just simp and give her stream revenue

No. 970604

File: 1637170394379.jpg (43.65 KB, 404x395, unnamed (2).jpg)

If you know Anno, you have to be aware that he is a big sweaty otaku himself. I mean, it shows in his every goddamn anime.

No. 970605

Nah 40s scrotes chase after 30s women because they know they can’t go any younger. While women in their 30s are definitely in a position to make the correct judgement for themselves, I still see moids who go that much younger than them as creeps.

No. 970606

You can also get a non balding, stinky and most likely overweight scrote kek. They're rare but yea, probably better to be single then

No. 970613

Just get someone your age ffs

No. 970616

what if i want someone younger cause the men my age are already balding, stinky and overweight. they're not even middleaged yet and already fucked themselves up

No. 970618

You get a pass cause you don't have the childish depravity of a male.

No. 970620

File: 1637172575529.png (605.83 KB, 733x639, 1531544713768.png)

I tried to take some progress pictures and I look so bad in them. I've been going to the gym for years now and do have some muscle but the pictures… fuck I look like a box with limbs. This can't be how other people see me? Depressing

No. 970622

I just had to trash a drawing I've been working on for 4 days. Been super excited about it since it was such a burst of inspiration and I thought the idea was really cool, but now after struggling for a few hours I realize it's bad and I've wasted my time. This happens so often and I hate it. I draw so slowly so that when I have to stop something that I've spent a long time on, I feel defeated and can't bring myself to start another project in fear of ruining that too. I just want to make something good

No. 970623

Have self respect and love and also assure yourself you can stomp on the balls of boys who break your heart. Be the heart breaker if not ball breaker. Stomping on balls or even the idea of is very powerful. Coochie swag umami pussy forever best of luck I love you my bitch

No. 970651

I agree

No. 970652

Fuck it, it is awful having a work crush and not knowing his home life situation. I just want to lick his face

No. 970683

File: 1637176817352.png (252.58 KB, 449x395, 1586364229161.png)

I thought I wasn’t addicted to socmed until I realized that not posting =/= no addiction. Despite having a 0 follower private account, I’m still spending ages scrolling and lurking on profiles. Usually people I really want to be or befriend so I don’t know if I can kick this habit. When my phone breaks down I might have to make myself buy a cheap flip phone to force myself away from apps.

No. 970692

My mom is disabled but she is still trying to get her ex to pick her up to 'rekindle their relationship'. She has lung issues and needs oxygen permanently. She was a sex slave for him and I think he might kill her because he wouldn't give a shit about her medical needs. All I can do is hope she realizes what a shit idea it is and doesn't go through with it in the future, but she is a massive pickme who thinks men should have their needs fulfilled.

No. 970702

Oh, that's very relatable, I had the same issue for a long time. It's hard to find a balance between actually finishing pieces and also studying and getting to a point where they are good. It's like you start this thing and you can picture it and it's fun, but then you take a step back after working on it for some hours or look at it the next day and something is horribly off or wrong and you lose all drive.
To fix it I stopped thinking about the art I make in terms of "big" and "small", I don't trust myself to not fuck up big illustrations or paintings, so I don't try to plan them out. I realized that I can't work on something for too long, so I will spend a few hours on a drawing or painting and if I feel like adding a background or more detail I will do so without much pressure. If it turns out good I'll be happy, if it's bad that's fine too, it didn't take much time anyway and I can always draw something else tomorrow.
I don't know if this would work for you too though, I've seen other people make the point of overcoming this by still finishing your piece. "Polishing a turd" so to say. What exactly are you struggling with? Is it the underlying fundamentals or rendering? It was the worst for me when I tried learning digital painting because it would take me a long time to paint and it would start looking good, but then after working on it for some days I'd notice that the face was all fucked or an arm was too long and I just didn't feel like fixing or finishing it. So my main problem wasn't just speed but also my bad anatomy

No. 970714

I think up to four years if both partners are at least in their mid-twenties is fine. Chances are both have completed college (or at least attempted) and have some real-world life skills/experience. However, I know a couple with an 8 year age gap (he’s 32 and she’s 24 ) and it skives me out because they’ve been dating since she was.. 20? 21? It’s fucking weird to me.

No. 970739

I'm really hurt and bitter & confused because the best friend I thought I was reconciling with after a year of not talking ghosted me. I saw her do this to other people (with reason but still kind of shitty idk) but I never thought I would be on the receiving end of it. I don't know why she'd do this because the last time we saw each other/hung out was kind of awkward but calm & normal but since it has been a year I didn't expect anything crazy to happen.

We reconnected because a mutual friend of ours (who she also had a falling out with) parent died. We were all close with this parent btw. The second to last time we were together was with 2 other people, just a small meeting to talk about my friends parent and how we were feeling after his death. We said we missed each other when we were outside & we were both crying and it was kind of emotional or whatever.

After the mini memorial I had been texting her intermittently over the past couple months with no response. I decided to text her about the funeral that was coming up and still no reply, and of course she didn't attend. It upset me because she was mad at a mutual acquaintance of mine because she didn't come to the mini memorial but she straight up ghosts his passing over event.

I already sent her like 5-6 texts in a row and I feel like such a fucking stalker and just defeated. My austistic ass really thought that I was going be friends with her again. I want to go to her house & give her some of my friends dad's merch (he was an artist) & make her feel guilty against my better judgement. I know how lame and obsessive this sounds. Before all this happened my other friend said I should just forget about her but I can't process this.

I don't know how to feel, and what's even the point of yearning for this friendship because Idk how'd I react if she apologized or wanted to be friends after this. Like would I even accept her apology and it would be all good No.

She's bipolar btw not saying this as a dig but do any bipolar nonnies/ppl familiar with it know what I'm going thru? Or just general advice/experiences with having friends ghost you?

I should probably just get over it because I'm planning on moving far away in like 4 months but shit still hurts man. Sorry the formatting sux I'm using my computer.

No. 970741

Oh please. That's not even the definition of the word.

No. 970752

Also before the funeral and a few weeks after we hung out I called her with no response. She texted me a few minutes later saying she wanted to be friends again & take it slow but her heart was scared. Its been nearly 2 months? I think since she sent that to me, but like I said no reply to my other messages. Fml

No. 970753

I can't tell why everyone acts annoyed around me. I guess I'm boring? Though if I talk about stuff I'm also annoying. Or maybe it really is because I'm ugly. How am I supposed to have friends when everyone acts annoyed by me no matter what? I feel unwanted everywhere.

The only friends I've ever had did this thing where they would be talkative and nice where we were hanging out alone, but they would completely ignore me if someone else was present. If I saw them by chance and they were with other friends they wouldn't even say hi. I'm tired of friendships like these, I try my best to be interesting, nice, always open to talk and ready to listen, but I feel like I didn't really get anything back. It's always like walking on eggshells and doing my best to be only tolerated. I always feel miserable.

No. 970767

Kinda long but.. my experience with it. I dated someone 12 years older than me before. If you asked me during our first year of dating I'd be singing its praises. "he's so mature" If you asked me in our second year I'd be putting on a brave face and an act to cover up the cracks. If you asked me a year after that I'd cry to you about all the shit I unpacked since getting out of there. I was having a near nervous breakdown by the time we split. It had everything, every type of abuse and when I reacted to abuse I was called immature and moody. I believed that. I thought he was a saint for putting up with my moods.. he assaulted me, forced sex acts, belittled me, screamed, then silent treatment. I had nobody to compare him to. The power dynamic was just fucked. His main ongoing criticism of me was that I cried all the time therefore I'm immature or mentally ill or hormonal or whatever.. if someone treats you the way he did you'd fucking cry every day too. I hate that I ate up his shit about it all being on me. I was told I was essentially driving him to abuse me.

I was dumb and mainly because I was inexperienced, I was prey. My dad met him once, talked for 30 mins or so and never shuts up about how good he was for me. He has no clue what I went through and the act I had to keep up. For 2 years I had near constant swollen eyes from crying and then rushing to leave the house and act normal again. My body was screaming at me to stop and pay attention to the constant knot in my stomach. In the end he was talking about getting a mortgage together and then one week later he told me about his mistress and how he was moving in with her and all her kids instead. She was a young vulnerable mother whose man had just walked out on her so fresh prey.

I protected this guys image at the time so would anybody believe me if I told them the reality afterwards? I didn't even bother. Apart from therapists lol. Now I'm older myself.. I could use and manipulate the hell out of an 18 year old purely through my lived experience and knowing the mental gap that exists between those ages. But I fucking wouldn't. Screw men who think they're winning at life by playing games with young people. Anyone can do it. Any thirty something can run mental rings around a 20 year old. You're not smart, you're lacking something if you seek that out. They play the role of the 'wiser partner' but emotionally they're usually stunted to a point where no woman their age will stick around. They have to go young to find someone who has no clue what normal and healthy relationships look like yet. Bonus points if they come from a messed up background.

No. 970807

>you're lacking something if you seek that out.

No. 970817

Love to get a strained, "Thanks for calling…" when I called to reschedule my doctors appointment because I'm sick. Nothing about hoping I get better soon. Just passive aggressively thanking me for not endangering them. Fuck off.

No. 970819

Unfortunately there are a million experiences like yours, I'm sorry anon. The same society that lets this happen on a regular is the same one trying to claim that 18-to early 20s girls are mature enough to make the choice to date scrotes a decade older than them. It's shilled across different types of media making you think its normal or even "exciting" to get involved with an older moid instead of highlighting that 9 times out of 10 there's a certain reason why he's chasing you up.

No. 970832

I can't believe it. Tiktok really has been causing me to go to sleep too late and keeping my attention span at 0. I guess I was in denial for a while but now that I limited my usage I can already see how it's helping.
The only reason why I'm not uninstalling it is because it's my main way of communicating with my sister that moved away. Finally I can go back to reading manga in peace without checking tiktok every 10 minutes.

No. 970837

i lied to my boyfriend that i was a virgin, i don't know what the fuck i'll do when we do eventually end up having sex. there will be zero blood. did i fuck up badly?

No. 970838

File: 1637185231698.jpeg (9.39 KB, 247x198, 5E6BF690-C49F-4429-AB9B-15712E…)

I’ve been distant from my old friend group for quite some time due to different goals and opinions in life…..and the fact that they are also all ~non binary/gender queer~ and love to bring it up every conversation. They invited me over for “friendsgiving” and I accepted since I haven’t seen them in years but now I get a text saying that we should all go to the next city where some cafe is having a trans pride celebration. I already told them that I wasn’t doing anything that day but now I have to think of a way to cancel. I hate this shit so much.

No. 970841

one of my friends is 23 and dating a guy 20 years older than her and it creeps me tf out. she always talks about how sweet he is and how she wants to marry him and have kids. i wouldn't be surprised if he turns out to be massively abusive (like outside of the fact that he's a pedo adjacent groomer preying on an inexperienced 23 year old) once they break up.

No. 970848

A lot to unpack here… is he the type to care if you are or not?

No. 970849

You do realise that bleeding isn't mandatory right? Not all virgins bleed in the first place so if he asks just point that out. No bleeding means the vagina is actually aroused and comfortable taking it anyway.

Just say you have diarrhoea. Nobody questions that.

No. 970852

Text the group really early the morning of that you’ve been throwing up all night and can’t make it? That, or migraine. Those are my go-tos when it becomes the day of something and I really don’t want to do it any more lol

No. 970853

My boyfriend is 25 and I'm 31, am I a filthy pedo nonas?

No. 970859

Nta and tbh, I don’t mind knowing of women in their 30’s dating guys in their 20’s, it isn’t creepy because at least women are less likely to share nudes of their bfs with others and such. It’s also less probable that a woman will be pornsick like a male, so she wouldn’t be choking her bf to death while having sex unlike males, who tend to be into really insane shit due to porn overexposure.

No. 970863

i don't think he would've cared in the first place but the lie is way, way too deep to backtrack on now and it would definitely sour our trust
i bled a lot when i actually lost my virginity but to be fair i was not aroused at all, it was pretty much forced in. there was a lot of blood so i just assumed everyone bleeds?

No. 970865

Recently my friend started to date a 24yo guy (she is 19). Idk if I'm sensitive but isn't that a little weird? Not a huge huge difference, but she is a lil immature, meanwhile the guy already has an office job and everything figured out. Should I intervene or what???

No. 970867

the fact that you have a younger boyfriend doesn't make older males preying on young women any less creepy

No. 970869

I just wonder what lolcow thinks about the opposite setup

No. 970876

Adult younger guy + older woman is not on the same level as older guy + younger woman because women aren't by FAR as likely to abuse power dynamics. Also your gap is 'only' 6 years with the youngest being mid twenties, I don't see a problem.

No. 970877

Yeah jail, now. Stfu anon males can’t be considered humans.

No. 970879

6 years isn't that bad if you started dating when you were both out of college and living adult lives.
My bf is 4 years younger than me (we're both in our 20s) but I of course wouldn't have touched him back when he was still in high school, I'm not normally into super young dudes. He just aged very rapidly, I thought he was older than me at first.
Also this.

No. 970880

I'm your age and I wouldn't go near a 25 year old. Just seems dumb rather than sinister… 6 years is on the edge of what alot of people will accept as normal if the younger partner is at least mid twenties.

No. 970883

I would. When it comes to men there's no mental difference between mid-20s up to 50. Might as well go with the hot young virile scrote instead of the geriatric grandpa.

No. 970884

How cute is he?

No. 970887

Only if a skewed amount of older women statistically abused, manipulate and raped younger boys in relationships across several millenniums… but you see, most women aren't mentally deficient like that so

No. 970893

I have nausea and i couldn't finish my dinner, i'm so angry, i wonder if eating that greasy empanada earlier fucked my stomach, i also wonder if i'm just having a panic attack…wait, my hands are very cold, yeah i'm having a panic attack.

No. 970899

File: 1637188340010.jpg (61.98 KB, 932x583, 20210801_201606.jpg)

Fuck i fuckin hate munchies but maybe im just a hypochondriac myself. I've had chronic physical health issues for 2 years now, i finally have a better gp after the previous one retired but wasted a year on that lazy piece of shit who didn't get my blood tested. My extreme vitamine d deficit is okay now but my jaw feels like its portruding forward more and more each day, it's clicking all the time, my ribcage hurts, i do not have a sense of gravity from being an assburger toe walking freak and dont even know how to stand up straight like a normal human being.
I dont know how to work on these issues alongside my working life so i guess i will just keep going to the office until the pain becomes unbearable and unfixable???

I fucking hate this. I just want someone to baby me. I finally understand disgusting ddlg bitches now. But I don't want a gross dom daddy, i want a nornal dad to take me to the gp and fucking stand up for me so i can get the treatment i need.

No. 970901

Looks approximately like the twink wojak meme (to me)

No. 970905

They have their lifelong shortcoming in terms of emotional maturity but life experience counts for something imo. I don't find men terribly attractive at any age though so I get why we differ. I might just be sick of men of all ages lol.

No. 970917

fuck I'm so stressed out worrying this pain in my calf is a fucking blood clot from being a lazy ass neet since 2020, fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuuuuuuck thank god I stopped taking birth control at 20 or else I'd be chimping the fuck out. Guess I finally gotta learn how to see a doctor.

No. 970921

Sounds cute. Congratulations. I'm with a bald 32 year old and I'm getting fed up of his ugly, hairy, Busch Lite drinking ass. Gonna dump him and set my age range to 18-25.

No. 970923

I know how you feel anon, I also draw fanart to try to connect to other fans in an attempt to make friends. Fveryone in every fandom already knows each other well and I can't seem to break into any cliques. I've tried joining discords and zines and always reach out to people but my effort goes wasted. Seeing everyone talk and hang out and play games with each other always ends up bringing me so much fomo and pain that I ended up muting everything and decided I was better off enjoying everything alone. I don't know if any of our fandoms align but maybe we can cross paths someday. Feel better anon!

No. 970925

I mainly see this in true crime discussions of all places… Constant bickering about how it's 'sexist to tell other women to be wary of strange men'

I mean of all places to read that over and over.. oh a woman was approached by a strange guy and in an attempt to be polite she went off with him at his request and was killed… that's a shame but lets not teach women to be rude to strange men! It's mind numbing seeing it pop up again and again. Just because this woman got killed doesn't mean we should….. aahhhh I hate it.

No. 970928

Do it now and report back anon

No. 970933

I'm sorry about your friend anon, being ghosted is the worst. I've been ghosted quite a few times and there's really nothing you can do about it. If she doesn't want to talk, she won't. It's ok to be angry, I know I'm still super bitter about all of the friends who ghosted me. Just do your best to move forward and try to make some new friends while remembering the good times you had. One thing that did help me was writing a letter to them to get all my feelings out and throwing it away. Good luck.

No. 970936

Just say you have a fever and a cough and don't know if it's the coof or not. It's the easiest excuse.

No. 970949

My dad got a random call and minute long voicemail of weird sounds and now he's asking me how to dial while hiding his number because he wants to wake this person up at 3AM and I kept telling him someone most likely just buttdialed his number by accident. He got pissy and said "well I don't even know this person!" like, people will somehow buttdial random numbers and then he got MORE pissy and mad at me because I'm "making excuses." Well sorry princess, didn't know you were the first person to ever have been buttdialed in the existence of phones. What a hard life it must be to just delete the voicemail, block the number for good measure, and move on with your life. Fucking little bitch.

No. 970952

How do I stop feeling suddenly suicidal?

I will be ok one second and then feel like life is empty and I have no worth and I will only feel warm and light in my sleep so I want to sleep forever. I just feel like ‘haha what if I bled out in the bath rn’ or ‘oopsie what if i roped in a peaceful meadow’. I can’t stop telling jokes but I don’t know how to ask for help. Also I can’t be bothered. Everything feels overwhelming and I feel lonely and worthless. I feel like there are forces of evil trying to hurt me too, I can see people in objects. How do I overcome this feeling? Please help, this is a cry for help. I’m sorry if I am being annoying or ruining the mood, I just want to feel better please.

No. 970953

File: 1637194661402.jpg (32.59 KB, 621x563, shingeki-no-kyojin-estados-uni…)

I can't take it anymore there HAS to be something happening in the air or space or something that gives us all collective brain damage.

No. 970954

I wish i could hug you, i really need a hug and i think you would do just fine.

No. 970957

ive been months with a scrote i really like but nothing "official". im fucking tired. i was willing to let things flow cause i really like him and he's only had 1 ex gf at 24 years old (well im 23 and ive had like 5 partners and im chill so just 1 partner seems odd). and that one ex gf only was with him for six months. like ive been proposed to twice in my life. so yeah i was trying to "understand" him and trying to be "slow" and "chill" and all of these. but i am so tired. i just want to know if he wants something serious or not. i cant keep doing this to myself. im gonna wait till he's off work to talk about it in a few hours… will post update…

i am very anxious and i feel very very very used and stupid.

No. 970964

Good luck anon, hope you guys can work something out

No. 970969

Thank you! I'm sorry that happened to you as well. I feel like another reason I can't let go is because I don't have many friends where I am now, just 2 male friends, they're ok, but I've typically been closer/more open in some ways with my girl friends. Where I'm moving to I have acquaintances who I can see myself becoming closer with but it's the uncertainty that fucks me up.

I started writing a letter like you said, but I'm so impulsive that I want to hand it to her when I'm done writing, which would ultimately solve nothing imo. (I live 2 minutes away from her so I wouldn't be going out of my way) Oh well, I'll probably just throw myself into working more and focus on selling all of my shit for the move. Focusing on the good times in our friendship just makes me want to cry rn.

No. 970985

I'm going to be totally biased here having been in exactly the shoes of your friend in the past, but I think she should run, not just walk away. I don't know anything about her but if I could talk to my past 19 year old self that's what I would say.

No. 970992

tell your gf that he makes you feel very uncomfortable, and the list the reasons why. if she doesnt understand, then why are you with her? lesbians who defend men are the worst

No. 970993

File: 1637201645573.jpeg (911.78 KB, 1242x1536, B30FF943-23BF-4381-9ACC-500BC7…)

I'm visiting my mom who has apparently followed creepy ass Jeffrey marsh on instagram, it's so jarring suddenly hearing breathy man-voice talking about valid enbies coming out of her phone.

No. 970998

It's so hard when you only have a few friends especially! Moid friends just aren't the same. Don't send the letter! The truth is you don't know what could be going on in her head and it could make things worse. I know it hurts but just let yourself ride through your emotions. And maybe in the distant future, let yourself be open if she chooses to be in your life again. I had two ghosted friends come back to me. One didn't work out and one did. If things are meant to be, they'll happen. When you're able to actually look back and smile at your friendship instead of feeling angry and in pain, that's when you know you're over it.

No. 971000

I've been feeling so sad all day, I still managed to drag myself to class, but started bawling again as soon as I got home. There's so much to do for uni, I don't know how I'm supposed to keep up if all I feel like doing is lay in bed and cry. I want everything to stop for a while so I can rearrange myself, but if I don't try to do this stuff it'll just keep piling. I don't have anyone to talk to and it just feels like the world is such an uncaring place right now

No. 971023

Why did my moid friend decide that my birthday is the perfect day to throw a fit over nothing?

No. 971029

That’s just how moids are

No. 971031

File: 1637207675147.png (47.66 KB, 512x512, BA398118-D01A-4BA5-99A2-CEA220…)

My brother has harped on for just two times about ethan becker but that is already enough for me. I’m annoyed that he likes him and his whatever content. I feel like I can’t even tell him to not bother with his videos because I see that often times things I say are brushed off. When he brought him up to me I told him, “I don’t like his videos,” to which he said “yea me neither but he has good advice,” but I don’t think so. I don’t even know how he can stand his videos, I have watched a few and they’re just too much, same with the titles, I don’t understand the appeal at all. The advice is lukewarm or nonexistent. I don’t know if he’s been discussed much in the art salt threads (I look at them occasionally), I don’t know if it’s the same deal with d’angelo where he would hint he lurks here so people refrained from talking about him. Ugh honestly they’re just both annoying channels and I never liked them. My unconscious synapses are twitching, I don’t even want to waste my conscious brain to analyze why I’m bothered, it’s just like background noise knowing that my brother is consuming obnoxious ass videos for muh art. Sperg over.

No. 971035

Anon I’m sorry, but I don’t know if anyone here would be qualified enough to help you, but definitely everyone here wants you stay.

No. 971040

i'm not into art youtubers as much and idk what to comment about ethan becker. your rants is still legit anon, just that no one wants to sound vendetta-y in the thread if they just find the influencer annoying/cringey.

aaaand i agree, i got some new art people came to me and fangirled over ethan becker and I was just, meh. His humor doesn't click for me, I don't find his videos entertaining. The "fake roast" humor really just pissed me off more, idk but I find those kinds of rhetoric humor only works for those older millennials who still live inside their edgy 2000s Borat shows. Good for those who finds his advice "helpful", I suppose. Can just tell me to use perspective tool without 5000 layers of irony tbh.

No. 971074

I feel obligated to cut back on my caffeine intake for the people around me's sake, but I am so drained without it. I was drained before I started drinking energy drinks, too. This is the only thing that's helped me feel like a person especially given my job is high-stress. I'm here for a good time, not a long time. I think I might be deficient in one of the many ingredients in here to be honest but I don't know where to even start with that.

No. 971095

File: 1637217150204.png (68.51 KB, 259x198, tumblr_aaf41f088cae91980675e30…)

first time in a genuinely healthy relationship with a guy. i ended up taking his virginity which is suprising (didn't expect him to be a virgin & to have not have dated anyone before really). only problem is that i am very insecure about my body because ive lost a lot of weight (loose skin, stretch marks) and we're long distance.. i worry that he'll find a more attractive girl sooner or later because he enjoys meeting new people and going out to bars

No. 971096

Maybe invest in caffeine pills? More bang for your buck. I’ve came to the conclusion that I can’t really function properly without caffeine so I switched to caffeine pills since they don’t have the extra shit and sugar that’s found in energy drinks. Also found that they work better and longer for much less caffeine, used to drink up to 600mg of caffeine a day but now a 200mg pill does the job.

No. 971099

Nta I have ADHD and caffeine does nothing to me.

No. 971100

File: 1637219386055.jpeg (104.72 KB, 576x576, 1602705253344.jpeg)



>for about four months i meet a scrote, we bond, kiss, cuddle, sext, have actual sex, and text each other every single day about how we are doing

>he never explains what we are and im too afraid to ask cause i like him so much
>i finally ask today
>"nonnie its not like that im sorry i lead you on. i dont see you romantically it was my fault if i made it feel that way. i should have made that clear earlier. i like you a lot as a friend"
>"thanks. no worries. just wanted to clear things up"
>stop replying and cry and cry for a few hours
>he texted me some passive agressive shit cause i stopped responding and i am obviously never talking to him again

i am stupid and i do stupid things and then get shocked when stupid happens. i hate men.

No. 971109

Yeah and that includes doing stupid men.

No. 971122

Men will always use you as their little fucktoy/therapist when they're given the chance. I'm sorry that happened to you anon.

No. 971129

I'm going to do a long vent because I have no one to talk to.

I'm 22 and had a child when I was 19 with a 32 year old. Everyone warned me about him/the age gap but I was like nooo and didn't listen to anyone. My life is basically ruined now. He broke up with me one month ago and I moved back into my mom's house and he hasn't even contacted me/our child this entire time.

I still have tons of stuff over at our apartment but I'm too scared to get anything. I HATE him so much. I'm 22 now and I guess I'm a single mom? I feel so pathetic. All I wanted was a bf. All I wanted was for him to like me. He can just break up with me and kick me out and go back to being a regular single adult. I'm stuck with a child lol and he can just pretend we don't exist?? Not to mention I now have saggy boobas and stretch marks so I'm disgusting.

I never had a bf or any friends until meeting him and then I got pregnant 6 months after starting to date him. As much as I want to blame him because he's 13 years older than me and met me a few months after high school, I have myself to blame as well. I'm so DUMB. I don't like being a mom. I always thought I had autism and lol guess what, my child's doctor thinks my child has autism.

I almost always feel nothing. The times I do feel emotion it's anger/hate. It's like there's this "brain fog" and I can barely even think about anything. My memory has gone to shit too. I want to apply for community college but after reading some paragraphs of stuff I can barely recall what I read. Wtf happened to me???

Anyways, shit sucks. I guess I need to apply for work now because even my mom is getting tired of me. btw, please respond, even if you have nothing to say, i'm just so lonely

No. 971133

Also, since this is a vent thread, I'm gonna vent about all the stuff I hate about him

>He's a porn addict

Literally non-stop porn. If I went to sleep or left the room or take a shower or went outside he'd go straight to porn. I never really had a problem with porn until I starting living with him. He'd even be watching porn while I was taking care of our NEWBORN fresh from the hospital baby alone. I will never forget all the times I've walked in on him or looked through his phone and seen how often he was watching. I ended up being so paranoid. I couldn't even sleep unless he was sleeping because I knew what he'd get up to. Literally what kind of person watches porn while their partner is struggling to take care of a child alone in another room. I couldn't even focus on taking care of a babby because all I could think about is "what's he doing???" I'm disgusted. If not porn it's instagram models or youtube models. I used to be ""sex positive"" but now even seeing people talk about porn makes me cry. I had so much constant anxiety and sadness all day. It's better now, I think.

>He would look up naked pictures of my sister all the time and then lie if I asked him if he did it

He said he thought there's nothing wrong with it. He's just curious.

>He's morbidly obese, drinks over a 6-pack of beer a day, AND is a smoker

What a catch amiright

>He was always annoyed or negative

He'd always be sighing at me or telling me I was doing stuff wrong. He complained about every single thing that I did or other people did.

Idk there's lots of other stuff, thanks for reading my vent if you've read this far. You can feel free to make fun of me for being dumb and having a child if you want, I deserve it. You can also make fun of my ex.

No. 971134

Even kindness makes me feel sad because I can't accept it as genuine, I hope it ends soon

No. 971135

>Not to mention I now have saggy boobas and stretch marks so I'm disgusting.
so you think every woman is disgusting just because of that? you really are juvenile and painfully 22.

>It's like there's this "brain fog" and I can barely even think about anything. My memory has gone to shit too.

this is probably related to pregnancy, google pregnancy memory loss or forgetfulness. not sure how to fix this but it's not unheard of.

anyways, try and look if there are any clinics or organizations that offer counseling/advice to single moms and work from there. get your kid into daycare or whatever and get a job. i'm sure your mom won't get tired of you as long as you don't sit on your disgusting saggy stretchmarked (your words) ass all day and make an effort to not leech off of her. good luck, anon!

No. 971138

I would have advised fostering or adoption as a knee jerk reaction to 22 year old mom anon then had to remind myself how much that shit tends to suck and that Anon may still like their kid.(namefag)

No. 971146

>so you think every woman is disgusting just because of that?
Hm.. no actually, just me. Everyone else is fine and perfect just the way they are. I'm worried if I ever find another romantic/sexual partner they'll see my naked boobs and think they're gross and floppy.

>this is probably related to pregnancy, google pregnancy memory loss or forgetfulness

I think you're right. I was never really this way until after I gave birth. It's been almost two years though, I thought it should have went away

>get your kid into daycare or whatever and get a job

This is hopefully my plan. I never went to college or anything (is it too late?) so I'd be fine with basic retail probably. This is a dumb question, but how do I get "motivated" to do stuff? I feel fine staying at my moms house and "leeching off her", but I know I should get a job, I'm just too.. comfortable being a "stay at home (single) mom"

Thank you anon for responding it's very kind of you.

I do like my kid, he's really cute. I feel like I love him because I'm supposed to love him. I see him as like a nephew or something. If I had given him up I'd be ostracized I believe.

No. 971149

I don't even know what to say other than yea I feel bad for you. He sounds like a total coomer/predator that was looking for a lonely 'barely' legal girl to fuck. Like the other anon I would have said maybe adoption or your mom taking care of the kid but it's been 3 years, 4 years from carrying so I'd assume you love them too much to just give away. Why the fuck was he looking up naked pics of your sister? Does she do porn content, did she show you her nudes in some messages or something? Is she even younger than you because christ that's disturbing. Maybe other anons can recommend good mom sites like mumsnet i think allows both ex-troon wives and mothers who are unhappy to vent. You should look into social security checks and food cards for your kid because my family used them. Colleges should be able to give you grants since you have 0? income and a 'dependent'
I am sorry anon, just know you really aren't the only 19-25 demographic that god fucked over by a gross older man.

No. 971153

>Hm.. no actually, just me. Everyone else is fine and perfect just the way they are. I'm worried if I ever find another romantic/sexual partner they'll see my naked boobs and think they're gross and floppy.
they won't. you should probably take a break from dating for a while, focus on your kid and your career/education and then get back into dating when you got your first degree or a stable job. don't throw yourself at the next trashy guy just because you need validation. my mom is morbidly obese, has saggy boobs and stretchmarks all over but about 3 years after divorcing my dad she found a nice, loving guy who has been with her for almost 20 years now. you're only 22, it's not like your life is over. there's plenty of time for dating later in life. i think right now you need a break from being a gf/wife, focus on yourself/your kid and get your priorities in order. i saw your post about what a coomer your kid's dad was/is, and i think you should maybe print it out and put it somewhere you see it frequently, as a constant reminder that you'll never stoop so low again. get high af standards for the next man you let in your life. maybe even check out female dating strategy on reddit to see how you can weed out the trashy ones.

>I think you're right. I was never really this way until after I gave birth. It's been almost two years though, I thought it should have went away

maybe it'll improve once you're no longer a full time mom and can 'train your brain'? but i'd check with a doctor or maybe some of those mom forums, maybe they know better.

>I never went to college or anything (is it too late?)

never! i went back to school at 24 and started my bachelor's at 26. i'm 29 and in grad school now. there were people much older than me and they're just fine. it's never too late to start anything - if anything, it takes even more effort to get back on track! i used to be ashamed for having to get my high school certificate at age 24 but everyone i spoke to about it praised me because going back to school is hard when you're an adult. getting motivated is hard as fuck, but you can do a little every day. tell your mom you wanna get your degree, maybe sit down with her and look at programs. look at the courses they offer, ask her what she thinks is fitting/not fitting for you. show her that you wanna pitch in, do chores without being asked to, etc. i was unemployed for 2 1/2 years until i finally made the decision to go back to school and my relationship with my mom improved drastically just by me saying that i wanna go back to school, which motivated me even more. it was scary as hell but it paid off.

No. 971154

>Why the fuck was he looking up naked pics of your sister?
When we were in the dating phase I found out she was an escort and had a page on an escort website. I thought I'd be "cool" by sharing that information with him. He became obsessed with finding the page just because he's """"curious""""". He ended up finding it like a year later and then would randomly look it up from time to time. She's older than me by ten years.

>social security checks and food cards

My ex is claiming the $300 monthly child credit and is also getting food stamps by claiming our child as a dependent. Do you think it would be okay if I asked him to Venmo me that $300 monthly? That sounds like a good idea to me, I just don't want to contact him

>I am sorry anon, just know you really aren't the only 19-25 demographic that god fucked over by a gross older man.

Thank you, that actually makes me feel better

No. 971161

>you should probably take a break from dating for a while. don't throw yourself at the next trashy guy just because you need validation.
This is my plan. I'm so much happier being single right now than being with my ex.

>maybe even check out female dating strategy on reddit to see how you can weed out the trashy ones.

I like that subreddit. Unfortunately I found it too late and I already had a child with my ex. There was something I read from there that's stuck with me for a while. A girl was talking about how she wanted so much for her partners to like her but she never stopped and thought if she actually liked THEM. And then I realized wow I don't even like my bf, the entire relationship I only ever wanted his attention and for him to like me. I never even knew about boundaries or standards or anything. But I know all of this now and I'll be perfectly fine dating in 10 years when I'm ready or find someone who's actually a good person.

>it's never too late to start anything

Genuinely thank you SO much for sharing your situation. It really helps a lot. I'm thinking about going back to school so thank you. It's very helpful to hear stuff like this.

No. 971162

since he already sounds like a piece of shit I would honestly try to go to your local SS office and tell them that you two have split and the child it's for/for you are not even getting its benefits. at the least you could tell them that the bank number/address is no longer your son's address because he is in your care not the bf's. since you two weren't married I'm assuming you wouldn't even need to make it a 'divorced' sort of situation where the father is entitled to it in some way but I could be wrong. in its current state I wouldn't trust him to actually send it over because there's nothing thats forcing him to. Hell, take the kid with you to SS if need be, or have some sort of proof like a break up message, food bought on your card as proof of you being his guardian.
They should side with you more regardless since you're the mother. Also, at least in my state grants don't need to be paid back if you qualify for them. There's tons of online classes if a degree is what you want or just a art/clay/fun class maybe 1-2 times a week to destress from your son. All the best anon.

No. 971163

Did the guy just throw you out? Did you have an argument or something? He should definitely give you way more money than that, I know you don't want to contact him rn, but he owes his child financial support at least. It's never too late to start college or get a job! Working in some retail jobs is not so bad, personally I think being a teacher rn is not a bad idea, it's an easy degree plus there's a huge teacher shortage, free summers, all that. Good luck girl, hope it all works out.

No. 971170

>but she never stopped and thought if she actually liked THEM. And then I realized wow I don't even like my bf
this is exactly how i felt for many years with regular ass people in my life. until i found a pic on pinterest (of all places kek) that said 'stop trying to be liked by everyone, you don't even like everyone' and that made it click. now i just accept when someone doesn't like me and i don't go out of my way to gain their affection. most of the time, the people that dislike me are also people i don't like either!

>Genuinely thank you SO much for sharing your situation. It really helps a lot. I'm thinking about going back to school so thank you. It's very helpful to hear stuff like this.

anytime, anon. i'm sure you can do it! good luck and take care of your saggy boobas and stretchmarks! <3

No. 971175

Thank you, all of that helps a lot!

Thank you as well. And tbqh I'm not even sure what happened. He was telling me about how he was unhappy with me/our relationship for various reasons (oh I forgot to mention that two months ago I looked through his phone and saw he was texting an old coworker and wanted to meet up with her for coffee secretly. After I caught him he said he wouldn't do it. Every time I brought it up he got so mad and accused me of not trusting him. I brought it up a lot I guess). Anyways I was tired of being the only one "fighting for the relationship" or wanting to keep us together so I didn't really respond much in our conversation this time, this was also the time I realized "wow.. I hate this man." The next day I just took my son and drove to my mom's house and it's been a month and he hasn't contacted me at all. I regret not leaving sooner. I also regret leaving most of my stuff there. (I know this paragraph is a lot of word vomit and probs makes no sense, sorry) I think I ghosted him? Or he ghosted me? Not sure. If he wanted to see his son though he'd reach out.

>'stop trying to be liked by everyone, you don't even like everyone'
This is a nice quote! I need to ingrain it into my head.

>good luck and take care of your saggy boobas and stretchmarks!

I hate you! Jk I love you and that made me laugh irl. You've made my depression session so much better. <3

I should go to sleep now but THANK YOU ALL who have responded to me. It's very helpful and kind. If anyone else would like to share their thoughts on my vent posts please go ahead but I might not respond. Again, thank you so much anons for reading/responding to my vent. Is this what it's like to have friends? I feel.. listened to and good.

No. 971192

File: 1637232659291.gif (808.85 KB, 200x150, 200w.gif)

Holy shit i think i fucked up my hand from masturbation and i stayed home from school for 2 days bc of the pain (i go to trade school and have to use my hands a lot). I really need a doctor's note but i'm too scared to get one bc what if they somehow figure out what happened. CRINGE

No. 971198

Lmaoooo I’m a pianist and in messes up my wrist sometimes, just say you were practicing fingering on the piano

No. 971201

I'm always suspicious about guys that supposedly hardly had gfs well into their 20s unless they were in a LTR. In your case it's probably because he kept them all at the unofficial stage like he did to you

No. 971208

I know you're gone but please make sure you press him for financial support. Don't let him forget this shit. He needs to face the consequences and you deserve to live a comfortable life with your child, as much as that's possible anyway.

No. 971223

You don't have to tell them you flicked the bean, just lie and make something up

No. 971224

i try to avoid looking in mirrors most days, but i've been talking to a girl on discord & she wanted to see my outfit. the act of trying to take a photo in the mirror made me so depressed about my appearance i cancelled irl plans so i could stay indoors and not look at anyone instead. i hate that i care because it's so shallow but i wish i wasn't so ugly

No. 971231

Have been in the same situation. I decided to stop fucking men. Nothing they say or do is ever genuine. They can’t be taken seriously. Developing a sense of detachment when dealing with them will help. Mostly this will come with age though.

No. 971234

Nta but what's wrong with that? Maybe they preferred focusing on studying or had other problems in their life?

No. 971244

It's not shallow anon, sadly looks matter a lot. Other people also care about looks and judge people based on that, it's only natural. I have the exact same problem, I become very depressed when I put on a nice outfit (which gets ruined by my face) or look at a picture of myself. I always try to forget how I look like and not think about it as much as possible.

No. 971256

Having friends and relationships gave me some sort of confidence and dreams that I shouldn't have. I hate that I gradually started to think that maybe, just maybe, I could approach the concept of real friendship, love and being loved. Now that I'm alone again I can tell that it was all just a delusion, I feel like I've been put back in my place. It feels bad but it's for the better.

No. 971260

I was very immature back when I had a really good relationship with really nice friend and we haven't talked in almost a year and I'm thinking about apologizing for the stuff I've done and pretty much not giving her any closure as to why I stopped talking to her.

Another friend kind of went behind my back and invited her into a little fun game thing we were having when animal crossing just came out and my old friend said "I don't think it's a good idea, I'm not sure what happened but I hope she's doing alright". I've been putting it off because deep down I want to talk to her like I used to but I can't escape the feeling that she might just not want to talk to me at all after I apologize and it just ends there. She deserves it and I'm going to do it because she's done so much for me but I'll probably won't be ready for the heartache if we decide to officially end there.

No. 971261

Please don’t say that. I don’t think you’re back where you deserve, you’re just comfortable there because it can be hard to accept love after loneliness. But you need to get uncomfortable, because your life with slip away. Start assuming people like you and they just may, find things you like in them, be interested and pick up on the mood. Yes you will be awkward sometimes, but I would rather be cringe and free than lonely. You really can do this.

No. 971296

File: 1637248382837.jpg (231.72 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_d48b5207ea54615ed4f29fc…)

today is my fucking birthday

No. 971300

File: 1637248826652.jpeg (208.15 KB, 627x1024, FEIuREzVUAIeho4.jpeg)

happy birthday nonna

No. 971304

It’s my birthday too!! Happy birthday lovely x

No. 971306

No. 971314

Why can't guys ever hit without catching feelings just give me the dick and keep it moving im not trying to enter a relationship with your lame ass. Literally all I want is to play vidya and get my pussy licked stop trying to bring your moid emotions into the mix cuz all you are to me is an easy lay with a bank account attached

No. 971319

Tell him that then. He probs just lying abt feelings to hit bc he assumes women want to hear that.

No. 971345

My boyfriend did something incredibly pornsick and scrote-like that really hurt, a couple of years ago. I've since moved on and forgot about it but like some sort of weird sleeper agent, it's come back up and I can't stop thinking about it and getting overly upset about it. I want to let it go… since it's happened, I've already been super lovey dovey and all of that. Outside of what he did, he's great in a lot of ways and gives me everything I need and want. He's my dream guy. But that ONE thing he did… I felt betrayed at the time, spoke to a therapist, worked myself through it and got out on the other side totally moved on.

Now it's back and like, FUCK dude I just want to love my bf not fucking think about it every time I hear his voice.

No. 971347

What did he do? Did he ever do it again or fix his act up?

No. 971352

If he cheated, dump him. Trust is gone. If he hasn't cheated then I wonder what it is lol

No. 971353

For a long time I've had these unexplained (and hard to really pinpoint) mixed feelings when it comes to PIV and even inserting things solo. My relationships have been disastrous because of it. Even having been single for years now.. I'll have these rare cravings for it and then partway through the session I'm suddenly tearful and this feeling I can't even name comes over me. I have a pattern of throwing out toys right after a session and swearing off it forever.. then months will pass and I'll almost forget all about it and buy one again.

Well today, I had a toy sitting in my drawer, never been used in the months I've owned it. I tried it and started getting those familiar feelings, before I could just end the session I fucking puked. Out of nowhere I just vomited. I'm in such denial because I don't know what exactly is wrong with me but something clearly is wrong with me.

No. 971354

How desperate are you lol

No. 971355

I have a make up test in 5 minutes, I absolutely need to pass this one and I know I can do it, I've been studying so hard but I'm so scared to say the wrong thing over again.
Why am I so bad at school

No. 971359

man i thought you meant like a makeup test at beauty school and was so confused because why would you have to talk… anyways, good luck, nonnita!

No. 971361

But I've tried anon. I tried being interesting, talking about things, being open, being a good listener, keeping myself optimistic, but there's only so much you can do when people barely tolerate you or keep you around to chat when no one else is available. I appreciate you thinking well of me, but it's really the best and only way this can go.

No. 971363

>has no interest
You mean in porn or in threesomes? either way he could be lying unless you have easy casual access to his laptop and phone like some close couples do. Idk, I would say trust your gut feeling and you’re clearly still unsettled about this for a reason but you sound like you’re way too whipped to even consider he might not be the great guy you think he is

No. 971367

Him creeping on a real life lesbian who you hang out with isn't the same as you looking up sexual scenarios. She's real and she's gay. You're not a hypocrite. You even went to therapy over this.. so was it solo or couples therapy?

No. 971369

>it's "just porn"
>I've searched up weird porn scenarios […] too
>and still do.
>I was teasing him about hanging out with her
The only one I feel bad for is your co-worker tbh

No. 971371

Ughhh I am in a discord for some game with other 20-something year olds, and they actually believe in DID and that you can have alters that have a different race or sex.

No. 971373

I saw this one theybe on tiktok that claimed she had an asian man as her alter. I almost deleted the app

No. 971375

I'm already used to the gender larping from trannies, but I can't imagine how insufferable transracial shit would be, oh my.

No. 971376

He literally doesn’t see your coworker as a human, just as some fuckmeat. If she wasn’t a lesbian he’d probably hit on her. That’s who you’re dating.

No. 971381

I'm almost afraid to talk about it bcuz i know what you lassies are gonna say. "dump him!!"

kek anyways… He searched up "threesome" along with the description of myself and this lesbian coworker I was hanging out with after work. I came home after chilling with her at a bar and saw it in his browser in a tab, then I looked away to act like I didn't see it and turned back and it was gone. It took me a few weeks (maybe a couple of months) to address it because on one hand, it's "just porn" and I've searched up weird porn scenarios (including two guys eating out the same chick at the same time) too so I shouldn't necessarily be a hypocrite. On the other hand, it felt like "yo you want a threesome involving us specifically?" which we had both already said we weren't really interested in. To be fair and to give him some leniency, I was teasing him about hanging out with her while I was out at the bar and tipsy (shitty behavior on my behalf, I know). But I never even implied anything about a threesome or sex at all, just that she seemed interested in me, so why he got off to it? no clue.

anyways, he has time and time again tried to prove himself to me but of course, how the hell can you prove something like that? that you didn't actually want a threesome involving your gf and another chick that she mentioned? it's impossible. I believe him tho because he's a genuinely good guy, just did a head empty retarded pornsick male thing. maybe i'm overreacting because, again, I've looked up weird porn stuff too and still do.

No. 971382

>I believe him tho
samefag, I believe him that he hasn't done it again or has no interest in that sorta stuff now… for some reason, I believe him. Do I believe him when he says he wasn't possibly interested in it at the time? nah

No. 971385

Why did you feel the need to do this? I obviously deleted it because I wanted it gone and didn't feel right airing my relationship's dirty laundry. That's not cool, anon.

Please delete it if you can.

No. 971388

Like how would you feel if you posted something really fucked up and embarrassing, and then deleted it out of shame and then someone just copy/pasted it again? Do you see how sick (mentally) that is?

No. 971393

Nta but when I first started coming on here I was staying put with a shithead and I didn't ever ask for advice here because deep down I knew women would talk sense into me. I didn't want to hear it. I was in denial. You posted your scrotes weird lesbo creeping… and then just went into denial. What do you expect?

No. 971395

I didn't even go into "denial" and I'm not "in denial". I already acknowledged my own faults in that scenario as well as my boyfriends, I also didn't respond to anyone to make excuses for him, I simply deleted it after a bit. I felt bad for posting it because it's been years and I should be talking to a professional about it, not a bunch of anons.

No. 971398

I just wanted to vent about it and then once I vented I realized "Hmm, maybe I shouldn't be posting this" and deleted it. I don't care about what anons have to say, I literally just felt bad for putting it out there to begin with.

No. 971400

> I already acknowledged my own faults in that scenario as well as my boyfriends
You didn’t though. Didn’t even acknowledge your coworker in this situation

No. 971403

>(shitty behavior on my behalf, I know).
So… saying it was shitty behavior wasn't acknowledging that what I did was shitty?

That is a totally valid reason for you to be obsessed with the scenario enough to repost it.

No. 971406

I thought you already saw a professional about this?

No. 971407

Wasn’t the one who reposted lol more than one anon is pointing out your issues it’s shocking I know

No. 971408

I keep in contact with my ex that I dated like 3 years ago. We were talking about some games we both play and he mentioned his mouse is breaking but he can't afford to replace it, I told him he should consider getting a job and he answered "doing what or where". Boy am I glad I broke up with him but also why did I date him in the first place wow

No. 971409

Wasn't the whole point of me posting that I suddenly started thinking about it years later despite already talking to a therapist about it?

No. 971411

Nah, you were. It's obvious you felt the need to repost it since I didn't respond to your comments about my coworker.

No. 971412

Go give nigel this spunky attitude then, pickme

No. 971420

My life is spiraling quickly. I keep sleeping on the job and I'm worried that I'm going to miss an extremely important meeting one day. This has already happened before, my supervisor told me that if I miss a meeting again, I'm done for. But I just can't stop dozing. WFH has been the worst thing for me but I can't go back in yet. sigh

No. 971422

It really kills me when other men compliment my appearance and my boyfriend rarely does. Every day I gush over his appearance because imo it's not just important to feel loved, it's fun feeling wanted, too. And yeah, I want him, so I want to make sure he knows that. Other people tell me I'm more attractive than him, other people tell him he's lucky for getting me based off of my appearance, but I straight up feel like everyone is lying who says that. He looks perfect to me and I feel so ugly in comparison. I wish I felt desired by him in a way that signaled that to me. He has sex with me every night because tbh I get anxious if we don't have sex. I feel disgusting if I don't have sex. I feel ugly. I feel worthless. I appreciate that he is willing to do that, but I wish he would compliment me more. The thing is, if I tell him that, I'll feel worse because I know he's just doing it because I asked him. he talks about how he really just cares about personality, but I'm really shallow and don't care. I want to feel desired and pursued.

No. 971423

Ask your therapist if she knows any good psychiatrists

No. 971433

You definitely got some problems, besides the wanting compliments from your so, which I can understand.

No. 971437

You should not be in a relationship until you fix that deep insecurity

Also your bf sucks who doesn’t compliment their own partner especially since you must look pretty if random men are complimenting you.

No. 971439

Give a guy head and suddenly he thinks he's a king… Is it unfathomable that I just enjoy giving oral for myself? I wish I could do it without simultaneously stroking the guy's ego. Fucking hate scrotes so much, sexuality in general seems like a curse at times

No. 971444

Uh, having sex with a guy is of course going to stroke his ego. Men are simple. Being fuckable is a compliment to them. If you're sucking a guy off of course he's going to think you're into him. I'm so confused lol

No. 971447

i don't understand scrotes. he has a good looking girlfriend that wants to have sex everyday and he takes it for granted? maybe its not just self-image issues, but you actually want to have intimacy thats more romantic and appreciative. most scrotes will continue to do whatevers convenient for them so i don't see him being the one to break off anything even if his feelings for you faded.

No. 971450

>Is it unfathomable that I just enjoy giving oral for myself?
Lmfao girl what?

No. 971456

> I just enjoy giving oral for myself
Come on anon… come on…

No. 971459

oh fuck off

No. 971460

Want to come suck my cock babe? I live in the UK ;)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 971464

What can you enjoy while giving oral? And then you dislike that the guy's ego got fed? At least with handjobs you can enjoy the reactions

No. 971474

Libfem mentality

No. 971485

I hate PIV but I like peen so in a way I get this. I'm into a guy lately so I went through a lil phase where I thought about how I'd love to just be giving like that.. Obviously I didn't act on it though. You give him a gift and he'd only look down on you for it. Men ruin shit for themselves.

No. 971486

Ahahaha roastie roastie

No. 971505

>he has a good looking girlfriend that wants to have sex everyday and he takes it for granted?
Nta but that seems to be the way it goes. If she has self esteem issues or whatever other drive that makes her need sex for validation… he thinks he has sex on tap secured already and he doesn't need to make an effort or think of her feelings.

No. 971516

That's why I'd never give oral to a guy unless I 100% knew he respected me and wouldn't look down on me for it. Unfortunately this is like 2% of guys because almost all of them hate themselves and hate you by extension if you do anything nice for them

No. 971517

My ex specifically told me when he was fucked off his head on diazepam that he didn't compliment me because he didn't want me to get a big head and cheat. That's men for you. They apply their simple ways to everyone else. I think that's why ugly men with hot gfs cheat. For instance my ex was objectively an ugly cunt but I would always call him gorgeous. It actually went to his head and he got drunk one night when we were hanging out with all guys and one other girl who was dating one of the guys, and he started talking in a serious way about how handsome he was and he was using compliments I had given him as evidence, yet he never said I was the one who told him. I had turned into an assortment of women in his head for the purpose of his ego and storytelling. I wish I could have left my body while this was happening to see my face.

No. 971518

Why are so many men like this? As soon as they get a beautiful girlfriend that actually likes them back instead of feeling lucky and trying to maintain the relationship they automatically neglect her and start cheating, avoiding sex and affection, etc. It just makes no sense to me especially considering the fact men always scream their damn head off how all women are ugly and they want a beautiful gf, how they want to be complimented more, how not giving attention or sex is abuse to men yet they're getting everything they want and just blow it off. Men don't deserve women

No. 971520

Same I made this mistake too with 2 different men, as soon as I made them feel good they would attempt to cheat (by going around and creeping out women until desperate uggos gave in). I feel like if I was with someone who didn't compliment men that would make me more likely to cheat where as if you don't constantly keep men's self esteem down they'll cheat on you. It's all just projection

No. 971523

I just mentioned this, but it's because they hate and are disgusted by themselves. Therefore if you do anything nice for them, they see you as inferior and disgusting as well. Hence why women who have sex with men are dirty (men know other men are trash, just like they are, but I should be the only trash who gets to sleep with her!), and prefer to go after aloof disinterested women (they are ignoring me, so they must be superior! unlike my lowly gf who actually cares about me). That's why women looking for a relationship need to find a guy with healthy self-esteem, healthy modest guy who displays high empathy and who also isn't self-deprecating all the time. Most men are just putting on an act of bravado, deep down they hate themselves

No. 971526

I hate men. They're such wankers, honestly.

No. 971530

Worst fate that a man can have… being an incel who can't get any woman to go near him. But give a man sex and affection and compliments.. he treats it like his god given right and then goes on to make sure you regret ever looking at him. I want to call it self destructive but they're not the only injury of that mindless pattern they follow.

No. 971531

Your fault for being a stupid manipulative Roastie(moid)

No. 971534

I've always been weirded out by how much men think women are 'tainted' by how close they've been to other men or if a penis has gone near them. It kind of does scream of self hatred but then they have to find a way to make the woman pay for it.

No. 971535

I feel like they get entitled once they see that they can get one girl to like them so then they start taking what she does for granted while maintaining the idea they can "do better"

No. 971545

It’s self-hatred, males are disgusted by their own self, so they hate the idea of seeing another male in general. You could say that they’re in a love-hate relationship with other males, they will drop everything to help a male, but they will feel disgusted the moment they have to touch a woman who was “tainted” by another dick that wasn’t theirs.
Then you have the other type of males who want to have a “whore” which is just another way for him “to touch” other dicks through a woman without being called gay because, again, they hate the idea of being close to other males because they know that since they’re males, they’re disgusting and tainted like they themselves.

No. 971590

No trust me I already did and had a huge fiasco about it. Idk wtf isn't clicking in his goddamn head

No. 971599

My younger brother has really started getting on my nerves. He keeps leaving dirty dishes and trash everywhere. He even puts empty milk cartons back in the damn fridge because he can't bother to throw them away. Like does he think his shit is going to magically disappear or what? I've been doing everything by myself. Cooking, cleaning, dishes and even picking up after him without even saying anything and he hasn't even said thank you or anything. Instead he fucking shuts the door as soon as I approach his room and spends all day playing video games and shit. He's 12 years old. Do you think that age justifies his behavior?

No. 971610

Never, if he’s like that right now, he will be the same as he ages. My brother is basically like that, but instead of shutting himself in his room, he goes out to play sports all day.
Better leave everything dirty for a while, let everything smell like shit, specially if he invites some friends. He has to learn that he also has to clean after himself and that he can’t wait until he lives on his own to do so. You’re not a maid and you can’t let him think that you have to be the one who does everything in the house. Don’t be like me, now I have to do all of the housework because my stupid ass fucking idiotic older brother uses working as an excuse to not clean up.

No. 971614

Women have been put on Earth to clean up after men though, no disrespect.(moid)

No. 971615

No it's not. Whip him into shape now or he's going to grow up and become just another morbidly obese and walking pile of sewage like all the other men out there. Men are useless. My cousin is like this but has started doing things like doing the dishes and other small things. Still can't trust him to vacuum and mop though, but that's just because I do things in a very particular way that he won't follow.

No. 971635

are you lost, faggot?

No. 971636

Men were made to ejaculate and die. RIP worthless sex.

No. 971641

I'm not disagreeing(moid)

No. 971642

stop replying to bait you idiot. Just report and move on.

No. 971650

>Like does he think his shit is going to magically disappear or what?
I laughed cause I've asked the same. I dated someone with a son of 12 who would drop every sweet wrapper wherever he happened to be, he left half finished drinks everywhere, spilled shit and didn't wipe it up or even tell anyone, left it to congeal like the dirty cups did too. Got to a point where he couldn't be trusted to flush the toilet after himself. The only time his dad ever got really vocal about him being old enough to know better was when he left a mess in the dads car. That's because I kept the house pretty clean but dads car was dads job to clean. He suddenly cared then.

12 is plenty old to know better. Someone with authority has to enforce it though. There has to just be a lack of that happening. I couldn't really enforce it as 'dads gf' I don't know if you'd need a parent to really step in or if you can do it. Kids can sense when you're in charge but also not quite in charge if you get what I mean. They take advantage when they can.

No. 971652

He does make an effort to make me happy in other areas. He definitely does care about my happiness. But he's clueless about this though he knows how much I value being perceived as attractive by my partner.

I just don't think one can negotiate desire. I had an ex who was pretty much only attracted to obese women. He knew I was attractive and pretty much like having me around his buddies because I socially boosted him, but I knew he wasn't sexually attracted to me. I wish I could fill a niche for a guy, but I'm too generic (blonde, white, thin with fit body, etc.) and I'm thinking maybe I need to try to fill a niche if I want to be attractive to my partner. I have tried figuring it out but he claims he doesn't care about physical types, he just likes personality.

No. 971659

Now that I'm thinking about it, maybe he doesn't value appearance at all? He talks to women of all appearances and is very respectful to them. He doesn't really talk about appearances that much in general. I wish I could understand that, but I don't. I have a lot of deep-seated issues with worth and sex because I was abused as a kid and I always felt terrible that I wasn't desirable, just used for sex (person would call me ugly as a little kid).

No. 971667

File: 1637269909355.jpg (54.09 KB, 750x1000, flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f…)

>dating a single dad
>picking up after some moid's fat dirty spawn

How dire. I hope you stopped playing mommymaid.

No. 971675

I did okay, I stuck it out for 3 years, saved up money while living with him and I was in a good position when leaving. I had been in a very bad place when we first met. Near homeless.

No. 971689

>dating a moid with a son and playing second mommy doubly so
Actually nevermind decent plan I guess. 3 years is quite long though

No. 971706

I cannot handle the fact that my mom constantly talks negatively about the relationship between my boyfriend and me while having the worst marriage you could think of. She talks about my father with such pride which I can't understand because he is a fucking entiteld ugly, fatass, balding aloholic moid with anger issues. That's not even the point but just to get the message of how much of a horrible human being he is I will just try to summarize his personality. He does no chores but complains the most about the state of our place whilst also being the one who never cleans and wants the woman of our family to run after him and to clean up because we are ''women'' and its our obligation to do so. He is also extremly creepy and weird and took pictures ''secretly'' with his phone of me while we were at the beach when I was like 12 (I also of course noticed and confronted him about this but he told me that I looked 'funny' in my swimsuit). Another weird thing that happened was when I casually walked around the house in my loose, comfy pyjamas and he randomly asked me If I lost weight to which i answered 'no'. He then made a comment about how ''loose my pyjama bottoms are and that my ass must have gotten flatter''. It doesn't even end here because he is beating the shit out of me and used to destroy my clothes and items I cherished just because he was angry and couldn't control his emotions. The list of abuse and weird, creepy behaivor goes on but I think I got my point across. My mom isn't a saint either and literally ticks almost every single box off (minus the weird, creepy behaivor) just like him but she's a less severe case than him. The best thing about this is the relationship my parents have because it's almost nonexistant. She brags to be lucky to have found such a loving and 'mature men' when she was 16 and he was 21. I can't believe that this bitch got picked and groomed by this fucking dude back in the day? I told her that the age gap is kind of fucking weird but she denied it being weird and told me that 'men are not mature, while woman are' making her pick a much older dude when she was in her teens. I can't fucking believe it. They met at a party back in the day and he was 'obsessed with her', driving through the whole country just to see her even though she wanted nothing from him. What does a fucking grown ass men in his early 20's and a fucking 16 year old woman have in common that he wants her this bad? Another funfact is that he has this kind of facade he has built up, like going to her getting her flowers for her birthday and saying things like 'you should be grateful to be with me!!! other woman have it much worse you can be lucky to have found such a loyal, loving and respectful person like me!!', when this motherfucker cheats on her like fucking weekly or monthly with mid-tier escorts paying 100€+ per meeting with them. I only found out because I wanted to know the exact day I was missing from uni before the vacations and just typed in the beginning of the city just to find'[city] sex escort' and '[city] sex escort car & home service' in his browser history. Also what kind of fucking subhuman do you have to be to meet up with prostitutes at your family home or car? I am the only one that knows about this and I won't even be able to even tell her because they have been married since 30+ years and with him being her first everything I don't really think she would want to know this. Especially because they have finally realized their dream of buying a house and are in the middle of all of these burocreatic negotiations. I just wish she would fucking stop commenting about my boyfriend and me when she knows that I am finally in a happy, stable and healthy relationship.

No. 971721

He's disgusting and you'd be better of going no contact with him and minimal contact with her.

No. 971725

When people start claiming to be different races too, it makes me happy. I used to want things to change, but now the circus is growing and is even funnier. A toast, to future clownery!

Why do people not connect with you? Not to get personal but are you a 'weird girl'/autist? Because then I get it, you probably will be an outsider. But I PROMISE that I found other autists with specific interests, and we were on a similar wavelength, so there are definitely other weird girls out there who would love to be your friend

No. 971729

I could give more context.. what I managed to do in those 3 years but any time I say I dated someone with a kid I get called a clown right off the bat. I think I've told the whole story on here before. It's alot to go over. I'll just take the clown rating.. again lol

No. 971751

Caveman mad there's a tiny corner on the internet that doesn't worship dicks and chimps out. Doesn't seem very surprising at this point.

No. 971771

Please everyone stop engaging with the moid like retards, thanks.

No. 971780

Nah anon I’m sorry for jumping. You’re right saying that I don’t know the full context and thinking about it getting back on your feet after almost being homeless is great. Sorry again, there’s something in the LC waters.

No. 971815

just found out that this girl I went to school with years ago is now like … a white nationalist on twitter and used to send nudes to twitter guys despite having a husband and child and they got leaked. and she was discussed on this site kek. its always so crazy when worlds collide…

No. 971821

They never get that chimping out will make nonas dislike men even more. Unga bunga bunga.

No. 971824

>work in a school as an office clerk
>student calls me “sad” for having a job walking around delivering papers all day
Let me enjoy my ezpz job in peace you little brat.

No. 971825

File: 1637276396743.jpg (49.91 KB, 640x402, Tumblr_l_655155348780442.jpg)

This is the redpillers relationship dream. Look up "dread game"

No. 971856

Every day I have to listen to my faggot ass middle-aged brother blast his misogynistic scrote podcasts from his TV. Literally all he ever does is listen to scrotes harp on about the dating scene and hypothetical situations with women, they even bring on female guests just to speak over and shit on them. How does his brain not rot from this every day? I know he’s a lonely and desperate for women but this is just pathetic. I want this cunt to move out so badly but why would he when he gets everything on a plate at home and gets to pretend like he’s the “man” of the house because he cuts the grass once in a while and pays a fraction of the bills? He’s the type to want a submissive tradwife but doesn’t have the bank account to back that pipe dream (and never will).

I despise male egos so much. I can’t fathom how an entire half of our species can be so utterly deluded and lacking self-awareness. I’ll probably end up leaving first, I can’t keep hearing this shit every day.

No. 971862

aghsuahlly anno hates otakus that's why he's directing a new ultraman at like fifty

No. 971863

DISGUSTING. I'm so sorry you live with that. Here's how to make him move out.

>Drill a small space in the wall, in his room

>Put a bowl of milk and something that will smell in the wall
>you can also take a dump inside the wall and push it in like a letter in a letterbox
>seal it with polyfilla and paint

you can also blast throat singing from your room or cardi b. Good luck queen, egotistical men are horrible

No. 971866

Does the scrote exclusively posting blow job gifs know that’s it’s gay af to be looking that much at other men’s dicks?

No. 971872

At this point talking about him is just as bad as responding to him. Just stfu and he'll get bored and leave.

No. 971875

Gay also blowjobs are a sin

sex in the missionary position for reproduction only and self flagellating afterwards ftw

No. 971876

Kek he’s so pathetic. It’s so obvious he refreshes the thread for replies.

No. 971879

File: 1637281781110.jpg (252.01 KB, 1200x1600, snack time snack time.jpg)

I like those lemon wafer cookies, but hate how the filling makes my mouth feeling filmy afterwards. But I could seriously eat like two pounds of them in a sitting.

No. 971882

File: 1637281853655.jpeg (26.27 KB, 522x526, 2E1A76DA-9F60-4189-BA58-3B7AA0…)

I feel the same about these UFO thingys

No. 971884

Vanilla flavour is way better imo. And strawberry.

No. 971885

What do you think left and right means when it comes to politics? lmao.

No. 971891

She’s a crab in a bucket

No. 971893

File: 1637282272574.jpeg (34.38 KB, 220x268, 3B5DF647-0CA4-4830-BD4C-25F62A…)

No. 971894

I’m so fucking homicidal right now. God give me the strength to not kill these fucking people

No. 971895

File: 1637282307211.jpeg (31.13 KB, 220x265, 9A8B2D1C-C325-4A33-9F9F-2E190B…)

No. 971896

ayo she looks like me, nice

No. 971898

File: 1637282345304.jpeg (32.38 KB, 240x298, 2B0DAE81-FEA4-440D-9274-A1E35E…)

No. 971899

File: 1637282398593.gif (1.2 MB, 498x210, C2ED9C99-6F45-4135-B16A-45D5A1…)

No. 971900


based queen get wrecked GREEK

No. 971901

File: 1637282460651.gif (820.26 KB, 480x270, 1630521062641.gif)

No. 971904

File: 1637282594285.jpg (59.42 KB, 750x723, i only stan (1) cat on We Hear…)

Man I never likes these as a kid but they're so good to me now.

No. 971907

File: 1637282738599.jpg (230.86 KB, 2000x2541, Ambrosiana-Giuseppe-Vermiglio-…)

No. 971908

File: 1637282894440.jpeg (173.75 KB, 658x900, R (4).jpeg)

No. 971909

This one is my favorite

No. 971912

My left wing
>abolition of copyright
>universal basic income

My right wing
>keep right to own weapons
>keep right to self defense
>keep legality of abortion up to a certain stage; limit commercial use of fetal corpses
>prohibit transgender treatment to children
>no vaccine mandates

>you think this is about pandering to men

This has nothing to do with men. Apparently the only politics you understand is internet subculture drama even though e-celebs are barely any representation of voters.

No. 971915

Everytime I leave the house someone talks to me plsss stop. Today it was some random woman who stopped me on the street to show me some marbles (that were pretty cool ngl) but usually it's some scrote. I'm not attractive, I dress in the equivalent of a garbage bag and wear a mask, I don't want your attention!!!

No. 971919

File: 1637284040361.jpg (103.03 KB, 720x540, 44ea2717-b46f-438c-a6ee-a94eb3…)

Whatever we say bout scrotes is 100% right and they always agree, but act like we should accept their shitty behavior just because. I wish males had the IQ to understand irony.

No. 971920

Great figure, who's this?

No. 971923

You know what's funny i was listening to some ex-mgtow talk about how the majority of mgtows (at least the listeners in the podcast/YouTube community) are bitter, middle aged men who have revenge fantasies about single mothers and the stacies who rejected them in school.

You can read the comment sections yourself and it's just pure, distilled boomer. These are the same types of men who would constantly make "my ugly nagging wife" jokes back in the day, but now these women actually have the ability to leave them. Their new outlet is nodding their head to coachkingredpillgrindset talking about how women are crying miserably with our horrible selves for not settling for failedmale dick in our teens when we had the chance.

No. 971924

Please tell me who she is or give a hint lol

No. 971926

Ozymandias from FATE

No. 971927

No. 971928

Do you think you'll have a son one day? Would you want him to be handsome? I think if I had a son I would cry, especially with how badly I've been treated by moids

No. 971930

getting pregnant in general sounds like a nightmare to me

No. 971932

The minute I found out it's male I'd abort it. Thankfully I don't want children though.

No. 971933

I don't want kids in general but if I changed my mind it's either a girl or it's an abortion.

No. 971935

I’d hate to have a son. A big family a daughters would be nice.

No. 971939

Don't reply to the scrote

No. 971941

No. 971945

File: 1637286217168.png (1.05 MB, 827x598, CBC6C190-75EC-4AFC-B604-DDD2A5…)

get that shit off the home page u freak

No. 971946

Male are weaker so if you want a girl just stay at a low weight and the fetus will probably abort itself before you have to.

No. 971951

Sometimes I feel bat about myself, but then I remember that there are troglodytes that will repeatedly change ip-adress when he gets banned so he can continue spamming the same retarded gifs while refreshing the page because he thinks it's a funnee le epic own to the foids. Did another girl reject you or something huh? Good thing you have such a large collection of porn so you have something to do when you eventually get bored here.

No. 971957

No woman will ever love you and it's only your fault. The more frustrated you get, the further you're driving people away from you because you're a broken person who will never experience love. Why don't you just hurry up and add to the growing statistics of male suicide already? Or perhaps you're planning on committing a crime so you can get raped in prison and finally lose your virginity?

No. 971959

Large? He keeps posting the same stupid ass gifs and videos. I think he wouldn’t know what’s large even if he got slapped with it, only dicklets have porn saved in their devices.

No. 971964

He should just post his face if he’s such a chad, and maybe his credit card information, imagine being such a loser that all that he’s got is some shitty porn gifs and videos. Then again, he surely doesn’t even have a credit card and has to ask daddy to give him some spare change because he’s afraid of talking to mommy.(don't engage the scrote)

No. 971965

too bad you will never get to experience this.

No. 971966

This. Post face and cock pls

No. 971973

The Shayna thread is becoming really disturbing. Local and horrific cases of human trafficking, child abuse and the production/distribution of child pornography have almost always involved the same patterns. The eventual criminals would have copious amounts of pornography on their devices, including pictures of themselves crossdressing and engaging in other weird fetishes. They would for instance use their daughters computer and account to have sexual chats online. They would slowly build up the abuse and never work alone. They would target their own children or vulnerable children at daycare because they can't talk yet. I'm being extremely incoherent because I am talking about multiple cases at once, but a lot of what we see in the Shayna thread reminds me of the signs that might have been able to warn people that there was a pedophile who might possess and create child pornography. Ugh I just feel so icky and disgusted by all of this I can't even think straight. I just hope none of it is true, but… The age play etc (= fetishes), using innocent items of actual children someone knows for sexual pleasure (pacifiern= daughter's computer), being near vulnerable children (= daycare)… I hope I'm overreacting

No. 971976

This isn’t really the thread to discuss cows, but I don’t think that shart will be involved in that, like, directly because she hates not being the center of the attention. But Ellen Degenerate and “the dad” are definitely quite creepy and disgusting, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve hurt children, specially Ellen since she’s a babysitter.

No. 971982

It's a vent thread on ot and i don't want to derail the actual costs thread with my emotional and messy tinfoiling. I agree largely with what you're saying, though

No. 971985

File: 1637288066263.jpeg (237.83 KB, 750x1125, 44C67F16-891D-41CF-B155-30AC43…)

Thinking about garlic bread

No. 971997

I was talking to a friend today about our thanksgiving plans. She told me she was having friends from out of town visit and that she was anxious about it. I said I would probably learn to make some thanksgiving food for myself and maybe go hiking over the weekend. Then she started making plans and saying that maybe we could do a potluck or something over that weekend, but I could tell that she was stressing about having her friends over the whole time so I told her she didn't have to worry about it. And then she leaned over and looked straight at me and said "No, but like the thought of you eating mashed potatoes alone on Thanksgiving is really sad."

I wasn't feeling bad about my comfy Thanksgiving plans at all until she said that lol. Later she was asking if I knew anyone else who would be staying in town for Thanksgiving and when I said no she asked if I cared about being alone on Thanksgiving and she looked so concerned so I can tell it was all coming from a good place, but damn I really didn't care at all about my plans until she asked those questions and now I feel like a loser. Like now even if she does offer to do a potluck I wouldn't even want to go because it just sounds like a pity invite.

No. 972028

I see what you’re saying and agree with >>971976 for what it’s worth

No. 972037

I’m in the middle of a very painful miscarriage and my older brother is pissed at me because I told him I’m not going to feel like going out for his birthday tomorrow. Why are men completely devoid of empathy

No. 972045

Fuck your faggot brother and his birthday no one gives a shit about. Getting giddy over your own birthdays as grown man…embarrassing. Hopefully a waiter spits in his food or he gets food poisoning.

Anyway I hope you’re getting some form of support outside of him at least anon? My sister went through a miscarriage and it affected her like crazy

No. 972047

they don't care about it because it's something they can never experience. i hope his birthday event is shit. i'm sorry nonna i hope things get better for you

No. 972049

File: 1637297919296.jpg (319.32 KB, 1080x1068, Litter robot 3e.jpg)

Husband and I are going to adopt a cat soon, and now I'm realizing there's really no great place to put the shitbox.
Thankfully I was able to convince husband that picrel was worth the investment–especially since he's the one pushing us for a cat–but litter boxes still gross me the fuck out even though this thing is as clean as it gets. I grew up broke trailer trash so certain things are triggers for me because they remind me of people who had no business or space to keep animals. It's not the animal's fault but I'm not going to pretend I think this is cute.
I remember shit being stacked so high in some litter boxes like little shitcastles. Being subjected to staring at open, stinking, filthy boxes when visiting friends when I'd use their bathroom or be trying to hang in their living rooms. Some people even kept litter boxes in their fucking kitchens. Or walking through a home and gross litter granules sticking to the bottoms of my feet, sometimes nowhere near the boxes just because the carpet would track and trap these grains. Disgusting. I feel bad that our house isn't bigger so I could have a spare room to put this thing but options are limited.

I have three very small bathrooms.
>inb4 first world problem
They're incredibly small, think closets. My house has 'rooms' but the reality is it's no bigger than most 2-3 bedroom apartments. Can't fit it in the downstairs toilet room. It feels rude to put the box in the guest bathroom, but this is where I will most likely put it. I could place it in the master bath in a tiny space between the toilet and sink…I just think it's gross. Litter will escape that box and even with a mat I know I'm going to be pissed if I step out clean from the shower and right onto litter particles. I really don't want to look at the litterbox as I'm trying to clean myself either.
The rest of my house, except for the kitchen/living room which is automatically NO, is carpeted which is also a no go from me. Litter in carpet is nasty.
I wish I could install a pet door to the garage so I can put the box out there, but the second we accidentally leave the garage door open for a long period that cat would be gone.

I never worried having litter boxes growing up because my mom had houses where there was either a basement or some kind of spare non-carpeted room like a laundry room. I don't have either of those things.
Where do other people put their cat boxes anyway? Would I be fucked for putting it in the guest bathroom? Fuck I know I'm overthinking but it's driving me crazy.

No. 972050

>have pains and hormones draining from your body that make you physically and emotionally miserable
>Men: WhYyY ArE YoU SOoO uPsEt ForRr?!

No. 972051

Just stick it in the guest bathroom and take a xanax or something, jesus

No. 972052

my cats litter box is in my laundry/storage room.
you would not be fucked for putting it in a guest bathroom.

No. 972054

I’m so sorry to hear this and if I could take care of you or postmates you comforting things I would. I hope you have warm blankets and flowers, or can at least imagine yourself in a beautiful place as long as possible. There are some professional guided meditations or affirmations which may sound lame, but are really effective and you deserve to reconnect with yourself during this time especially. I don’t understand how your brother can’t put together the inverse relations of his grown ass adult birthday and your miscarriage. What a complete toddler, and honestly celebrating your own birthdays in a big and public demanding in any way past 25 is really embarrassing and self centered. Like congratulations dickhead the world was structured for you as a man to thrive and you took so much from the women in your life to get there. You hold the depth of life, sending love.

No. 972055

my best friend of 12 years took his own life a month ago and nothing feels real anymore. i feel so angry and sad and lost. he’s such a dumb fucking idiot for doing something like this. apparently he hooked up with some girl and she gave him HIV and he felt like his life was over. i tried telling him it was okay and that it was super treatable now. i should have known he was going to do something like this i should have done more to help him idk. he was so severely depressed and didn’t want help though and he didn’t want to get better. he was convinced his life was over and that everything bad in his life was his fault.
i hate this i want him back.

his death has devastated so many people and it fucking sucks. so many people loved and cared about him. we grew up together and were inseparable our whole childhood. it feels like there’s a massive void in my life now.
i don’t even have a good place to properly vent about it other than my journal bc nobody knows how to deal with someone grieving a loss by suicide and i don’t want to burden anyone with my pain.

No. 972056

That auto cleaning thing looks cool and all, but be aware that not all cats feel comfortable using enclosed litterboxes. Some cats are totally cool with it, but I've had cats that refused to use boxes if they have lids. Also, guest bathroom is probably fine!

No. 972057

You're already souring the trust if you feel the need to lie. It's going to come out sometime so why wait?

No. 972060

File: 1637300620140.jpg (6.66 KB, 167x192, FBdYM_5VgAE7uKl.jpg)

Why am I so annoyed that my boyfriend dated a personal lolcow? It's more of a reflection of her being cringe but I can't help to think less of him that he would even bother with someone remotely like that

No. 972063

Ew anon he probably fucked your lolcow, how are you okay with this

No. 972064

Link to this sci-fy litterbox? I want it!

No. 972069

Hymens break for all kinds of reasons not related to penis in the vagina. It's possible for virgins to not bleed. That's some third worlder woo woo shit for a man to be pissed that his girlfriend didn't bleed while having sex for the first time. Besides, if your guy was deserving of a true trad then he wouldn't even entertain the idea of sex with you until some form of long term commitment was established. It's none of his business.

Fyi ladies: Always downplay how many sexual partners you've had and yes it's okay to lie to men about it. Nice guys won't ever ask you about your "body count" but it doesn't mean they don't secretly want to know regardless. They claim they're not judgmental but they absolutely are. They're psychologically wired to always be sizing themselves against the biological competition and can't bear knowing that you might have had a better sexual time with someone else, or for that matter may leave them for underperforming knowing better options out there. Instead of having some introspection as to why they're insecure, these men take it out on women and package the narrative as guarding virtue when reality it's about guarding their egos. Meanwhile no one gives a fuck how many women guys fuck and male virginity is seen as a weirdness instead of righteous. Weird, huh? Almost by design…

I've slept with many men, and yet I have a husband who is none the wiser. I told him I've only ever had a few boyfriends. He's very happy and we have a great sex life. He didn't die because he doesn't know, but men and pickmes want you to believe it's some kind of major trespass or breach of trust when it is literally so irrelevant irrelevant oppressive solely towards women.
Men don't need to know shit just to hold against you, don't give them that ammo. Play dumb.

No. 972072

I guess I worded it poorly, but he dated his ex-gf for a bit (10 months) 2 years ago and she turned out to be an awful person. After they broke up she trooned out, became a lesbian, self-diagnoses herself with a bajillion illnesses, and plays the victim in every possible situation while being a NEET and siphoning off funds from whatever unfortunate soul she ends up dating. On top of that, she also spreads around that he raped and assaulted her, which I find kind of interesting because he showed me the emails she would send for a year asking to get back together lol. Actually crazy cunt, but I'm like how could you date someone like that for a decent amount of time and not feel ashamed of yourself? Ya feel? I chalk it up to being young and stupid, but it still bothers me

No. 972074

I'm bipolar and yes unfortunately unstable friendships and relationships are very common for people with bipolar. Ghosting can be a part of it, I know I've done it on several occasions. It also sounds like she could be going through a depressive episode (maybe triggered by the parent's death) and usually you just get too tired and depressed to contact your friends/respond to texts.

No. 972076

I didn't bleed at all when I lost my virginity. But I had already used dildos and stuff, even then I didn't bleed.

No. 972099

This is so sweet anon. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

No. 972112

I have this one annoying relative that always humblebrags about looking like Jennie Kim because a random dude once told her that to get in her pants. She won't shut up about it and now tries to skinwalk her and learn korean. Before Jennie it was Margot Robbie btw. She is an insufferable cunt and idk how to deal with her

No. 972115

I fucking hate being poor. Money would literally solve most of my current problems just kill me already

No. 972117

let's enact a Parasite-eqsue plot against Muskrat, anon

No. 972124

we can all divide into camps. target them all. muskrat, bezos, zuck

No. 972127

If you're a healthy woman you could sell your eggs.

No. 972129

I pity the zuck pack

No. 972134

the amount of weight sperg on EVERY cow thread i read is pathetic. fuck off back to myproana or stay in the dedicated anachan thread.

even when something milky finally happens its interrupted by more weight bollocks. who fucking cares. it especially annoys me when they just look normal.

where did these people come from? skinnygossip is ….that way. theres the door bitch! go and discuss arianas collarbones with the rest of the bone rattlers.

Cue 'OK Fatty' replies lol

No. 972135

File: 1637314981194.png (51.1 KB, 1080x343, Screenshot_20211119-103626~2.p…)

Fuck you that's not what GNC means, a woman who wears the same 2 cargo shorts and dad rock shirts will always be more GNC than troons engaging in mindless consumerism, stop lumping GNC people with the gender fandom.

No. 972136

I want to go to sleep and not wake up.

No. 972141

working this shitty job that pays more than I expected and waiting on my check to come in so i honestly went to a food bank that gave me some canned food to use this thanksgiving, thank god for them. im not going to starve on my limited budget this week anymore. im sick of my youtube being depressing shit about the economy, environment, and other countries too. when i come back from work the least thing i want to see is how inflations getting worse or more people starve in x nation.

No. 972143

I agree with you 100%, especially when the cow is literally at a normal weight.
However recently, I'm not sure in which thread, I saw a twitter cap of someone saying "don't go to lolcow they're very fatphobic over there it might trigger you!!!" and I'm ashamed to say it but a part of me became a bit grateful for the anachans for keeping the twitter tards at bay. On the other hand, ed-twitter is alive and thriving so who's to say those anachans aren't twittertards themselves, their brains are usually fried so I'd expect no less from them.

No. 972145

i worked for an employer for over a month and they’re refusing to pay me, because of their own fuck up. i have no idea what to do. i have literally no money. i was really counting on getting paid, i’ve never had this issue with a job before even if i only worked there for 2 weeks. really wasn’t expecting to get robbed by an employer. i would have continued to work for them if they had payed me.
i’ve contacted a couple different people but everyone keeps saying to contact my employer (who won’t pay me) or they say there’s nothing they can do

No. 972154

The amount of scrotes that declare themselves as poly nowadays makes me want to yeet myself off a cliff. Just admit that you have attachment issues and prioritise putting your stinky dick in everything

No. 972156

i just want to be able to discuss my celebrity milk without anons bitching about ariana or billie for five seconds

it's been said before but i swear theyre twitterfags from the ed side, they sound about as unhinged

No. 972158

Was just at the store to quickly buy some snacks and a lady was weirdly rude to me about keeping distance. I was only a little too close to her because she went in front of her cart to put her stuff on the belt and wanted to go back behind it without moving it at all, while the lady behind me got so close that I bumped into her cart when I tried to step back before the first one made her snarky little remark. It hurt me way more than it should because I do try to keep distance and take every precaution seriously, I got the shot back in July. It also just reminded me how people exist all around me and are able to see me and form opinions about me on their own. Thinking about how I will always have to be around other people makes me so hopeless, I don't want to leave my apartment ever again. Maybe it's just because I'm a loner and have never felt a genuine connection to anyone, so all I've ever gotten were the negative parts of living in a society like this without any of the rumored upsides.

No. 972162

I have to go to the dentist but I'm so scared and not even because of the dentist but because of getting there and telling them what I need because I don't even know what I need and I'm not sure where to go and last time I went it was horrible I was like a retarded child that doesn't know anything, the man at the entrance asked me how old I was, he must have thought it was my first time going to the hospital alone. Actually it was my first time, because my mother works in the hospital so I always relied on her to tell me where to go and what to do. And now that I have to do it myself I get so scared that I can't even think and they ask me questions and I have no idea how to answer them and I can see the frustration on their face. And now I have tears running down my face, I don't want to go I think I will go next week

No. 972169

You can do it anon, I believe in you! The people working there don't care if you're clueless, they have probably dealt with way more annoying people than you. Think about what they might ask you beforehand, so you can have some answers prepared and don't be afraid to just talk to them as best as you can, it's their job after all and they will have many more people coming in, so even if it goes badly it won't stay in their mind for too long. I hope it goes well whenever you decide to actually go!

No. 972177

Thank you so much, I know a bit more now where I have to go and what to do, and you are right they must have seen so many clueless people. But I'm just scared of making people frustrated or leaving them in a bad mood, it makes my whole week worse, I can't stop thinking about it.

No. 972191

It'll go well! As long as you're not the kind of person that will get mad in turn and start screaming at them, they likely won't think too much of it. If the people you talk to seem frustrated it can have many reasons completely unrelated to you (like them having a generally bad day for example). It's easy for me to say, but just try to not dwell on it too much and maybe think of some kind of reward to distract yourself from it once you're done! Good luck!

No. 972218

She's a cunt, don't worry about it. I'm sure she'll survive the encounter, they have online pickup for paranoid people if she actually cared that much

No. 972243

I really do not like my family at all. I can't wait till I can get my passport and plane ticket and get the fuck away from this toxic place. They talk down to me all the time and yell at me for everything. They think I'm attention seeking for going to therapy and for having anxiety attacks every single fucking day. They also gaslight the fuck out of me by saying what happened to me to cause me to want to go to therapy didn't happen; or wasn't as severe as I'm making it out to be; or that my psychiatrist put everything into my head because according to my family "that's what they do best to keep rolling in money."

I've tried getting jobs to get away from here and I just…can't seem to pass interviews; I try my hardest but even mcdonalds and burger king aren't interested in me. The only reason I'm able to get my passport and a plane ticket is because my boyfriend (who I've known for 4 years) is willing to spend the money on me to get me out of here.

I feel like a fucking loser who will never amount to anything but I'm also hoping just getting away from my environment will help me get better. I'm not expecting miracles and I'm expecting my boyfriend to dislike me because being worthless is so fucking engrained in me but I would like a chance to grow.

No. 972246

Are you talking about that OhComfy girl?

No. 972250

File: 1637327607176.jpg (42.71 KB, 640x480, original.jpg)

>I feel like a fucking loser who will never amount to anything but I'm also hoping just getting away from my environment will help me get better.
i'm sure once you're out of that environment, your 'vibe' will change as well and you can get a proper job. it's annoying but people just notice when something is off, especially in interviews. also if your family doesn't offer any support at all re: traumatic event you experienced, it's no wonder you need therapy and have anxiety attacks. trauma gets worse when you have no one to support you, regardless of how 'severe' the event was that caused the trauma. good luck, nonna!!

No. 972287

File: 1637330762007.jpg (43.78 KB, 570x420, 8c0660239a64ae83da72c607676948…)

Icky yuck yuck yuck

No. 972297

Ew a male

No. 972352

I know social media/internet/just weird times in general is mostly to blame (I deleted apps and take breaks) but I just feel so sad so often. I’ll see a pic of a cute puppy or hear about something nice happening to a disabled kid etc and whilst it makes me glad, I can’t help but think about all the others that don’t have it. I don’t know how to explain it but I just have an extremely intense desire and wish to give everything on this planet the love and nurture that I personally think is right (which I acknowledge is not necessarily what everything needs). It’s late and I’m not even sure if this makes sense. I’m not trying to sound faux woke or ‘Uwu so kind’ but I genuinely get sad when I realise that global happiness, security and joy in the way I imagine will probably never be real

No. 972365

File: 1637332538251.jpg (183.48 KB, 750x744, ygrdw5jkm1041.jpg)

Thanks for getting it outta the way

No. 972367

Thank you for the glorious shitpost

No. 972368

I did a naked video chat with my online boyfriend last night and he couldn't stop mentioning my ass not being good enough and wanting to take me to the gym to make my thighs and ass better. It hurt so much I wanted to cry and I told him to stop and he said "I just want to help you make it better!" If you keep mentioning that it's not good enough I won't feel better…

No. 972370

If you didn’t break up with him then you’re doing a disservice to yourself and women everywhere

No. 972371

Um, break up with him. What the fuck.

No. 972374

I’m sure your retarded roblox bf is so fit himself, please love yourself anon

No. 972375

no offence but i would never do a naked video chat with anyone thats red flag #1 with this man and #2 just break up with him its obvious that he sucks

No. 972383

Thank you girls. It's nice to get this out there. I don't date so this online relationship was my first.
He actually does go to the gym but it was really fucked up for him to say that to me while I was already vulnerable.

No. 972384

Yo, I'd take free money. I wouldn't spend it on clothes, but I've wanted to try shooting crossbows.

No. 972390

Goes to the gym =/= fit or good at lifting or whatever. He’s an ugly asshole, dump him

No. 972402

But are you going to dump him?

No. 972408

Yes, actually. It kept me up last night thinking about that.

No. 972410

Okay retard enjoy your body shaming Minecraft bf and continue to hate yourself, damn

No. 972411

I replied to the wrong post >>972402
but I'm dumping him. What's got you so upset?

No. 972417

>I don’t know how to explain it but I just have an extremely intense desire and wish to give everything on this planet the love and nurture that I personally think is right (which I acknowledge is not necessarily what everything needs).
I seriously hope you're not the kind of person to throw money at politicians, money laundering schemes, "charities", emotionally branded campaigns because you sound like the exact kind of person who makes everything in the world worse.

No. 972419

It sounded like you were defending him which was extremely annoying and gross, my bad nona

No. 972421

File: 1637334398188.jpg (30.82 KB, 500x500, RAISED IN CAPTIVITY.jpg)

Good, Know your worth anon.

No. 972422

File: 1637334400805.jpeg (22.88 KB, 679x452, images - 2021-11-19T170407.145…)

ignore the autist. anyway, good you are dumping it. congrats on not being a handmaiden, nonnie! woooooooo.
just don't cam yourself naked for some moid again, ok?

No. 972423

Ahh, nonita, that's great, I love you. If your butt and thighs are working the way they're supposed to (whatever way it is with those two body parts…) they're good enough, there's no need "to help you make it better".

No. 972425

Are there other bpd-chans who get the feeling of everyone hating you for no reason or evidence?

No. 972429

File: 1637335099837.jpeg (276.54 KB, 1076x1347, 1631574716639.jpeg)

I feel so fucking horrible and nothing more than a fucking choice. I have a boyfriend and we have been dating for exactly 6 months and known each other for 6 years. We used to be best friends and when I was down and feeling really sad he would never comfort me, not even that but he just ghosted me when I was feeling fucking depressed. In the past we would have a lecture together and he would see that I was in this cataconic state where I wouldn't blink, move or talk at all for the entire time and you know what he did? He didn't even look at me, he just continued with the lecture as usual while I was sitting next to him about to burst in tears. When I was in this depressed mood he would literally not even look at me and just ignore my existence completly. This situation is something that happened often, its not that like he didn't knew how to comfort me its just that he didn't care. I obviously called him out for that and he insisted that he would comfort me next time but this never happened and this situation has happend not only once, not only twice but eight fucking times. He couldn't comfort a single time and always made the excuse of 'oh I don't know how to deal with his, I never had to do this, I don't know what you want me to do' when I told him that he could atleast try to show me that he would care and he always insisted that he would do it next time. Too bad that I fell in love with him and he is now doing the exact fucking same thing. I can't believe that this is fucking again happening. Nonnies, I know that I sound so fucking retarded but while in the relationship he really did comfort me when I was feeling down which is why I am asking myself why he fucking stopped doing it now? We had uni today and I had taken an exam. After taking the exam, I had a short break of like 20 mins where I went to see in his classroom. After I sat down next to him, no reaction I was like 'Hi?' and he was 'Oh, yeah Hi.' I wanted to talk to him and tried to start a conversation but he would only reply really dry and would be like 'Yeah' or 'Mhm, okay' while staring at his phone playing Clash of fucking Clans instead of talking to me. Great, at this point I was lowkey pissed but whatever the break was about to be over and I went inside for my next lecture. Timeskip to our next 10 min break: Normally he would have a really long day but some of his lectures were cancelled which is why I have asked him If he would want to come to my place (its also like 10 mins away from our uni) to spend time with me. He replied with 'No, I am sorry but I am busy, have lots of work to do and will hit the gym later and you know Friday isn't for hanging out' and I was just like 'Yeah, okay no problem!' and accepted it despite being sad because we only see each other like 2-3x a week only for a few hours. I was already not in good mood and was lowkey depressed because of the stress and anxiety about my future and exams etc. to add to his I am also a really depressed and anxious person which is also why I always start overthinking everything about my life, relationship and myself and again came to the conclusion that my life is absoluletly horrible. (TDLR: abused by entire life by my narc parents whom I still live with, no family or support system or real friends, basically loner and outcast). At this point I am suicidal, doubting my existance and about to cry and we have another break so I walk up to my group of uni acquiantances in hopes of my boyfriend finally wanting to talk to me. How unfortunate that his best friend is right there and the worst part is that everytime his mate is around him he basically ghosts me, like no cap ghosts me. I stood next silently scrolling through my phone while they were laughing and having fun talking about the gym and fitness stuff. My boyfriend actually asked one time If I was okay to which I replied with 'Mhm.' and thats the talk I had with him, no more than that. I stood there the entire 50 minute break in a cataconic state of mind, trying to think about something that won't make me cry and to distract myself with some cooking videos. The entire 50 minutes he did not look nor talk to me except this one fucking silly question which he didn't even bother to continue with. At this point I am so fucking mad that he is literally doing the same thing he used to do in the past: Which is seeing me in a depressed mood, noticing it and asking one silly question only to pretend for his conscience that he atleast tried to do something and not bothering with it anymore. Funny enough, once his mate walked away to his own lecture he instantly turned around and was trying to talk to me, like bitch fuck yourself why would you try to talk to me now? I was just like 'What do you want from me?' to which he replied with 'Oh, my god I am sorry' in this annoyed tone and way. I instantly walked away from him to my next lecture and while walking away I could just hear his annoyed exhalation sound he always makes when he is pissed. At this point I am fucking furious and boiling. But things don't even end here. After my lecture ended I went to the bus stop to finally drive home only to see my boyfriend and his incel gym rat mate next to him talking and laughing while also walking up to the same bus stop I was at, which is kind of weird because why would my boyfriend be here? It's the complete opposite of the direction his home is at so what would he want here? His bike was there but he doesn't usually put it there, mostly on days he knows he will drive into this direction like examaple meeting with me because the path is shorter this way. While I was walking to the bus that arrived, his incel gym rat friend did too, and my boyfriend screamed to him 'Yeah, bro see you in a minute!'. He also said to me 'Sweetheart, I am sorry but I will be late today as always, okay? lets talk later!'. I was so fucking mad you can't even believe it. I just walked off to the bus without saying anything to him because fuck this motherfucker. At first he declines to meet with me because of his 'busy scheudeule' and of how much work he has to do only to then say to his mate 'Yeah, see you in a minute'? Like you can meet with him but not with me? Suddenly your busy scheudeule isn't much of a problem huh? You could even fit him into your busy 'No-Hangingout-Friday-day' which you NEVER do for anyone except for him. I can't confirm If they are actually meeting with each other right now but it sure does sound like it. But also like why is your mate your first fucking choice? You know both of us the same amount of time so why am I as your girlfriend your fucking second of thrid choice? Suck his dick If you want him so fucking bad you stupid motherfucker.

No. 972433

He stopped doing it bc men don’t value women once they have them. They play chase and that’s all. He will not get better. Please dump him and start healing.

No. 972434

I just want to be happy with my body. I'm not overweight, but I think I could stand to lose 10lbs. I look in the mirror and hate what I see, and I always think about this one girl I used to know who was super lean and you could see her abs even though she didn't regularly work out. I know that all I saw was selfies posted on instagram, and I know she knows exactly how to work her best angles, take photos before eating in the morning, and edit herself so her best features would shine. I feel like I'm just trying to cope when I tell myself 'social media is fake and all these images are highly curated'. I know my own body doesn't even look that bad but I still just hate what I see.

No. 972444

Apologies if you aren't looking for a response but I really feel you anon. Being in a weird limbo of not quite skinny but chubby isn't an accurate description either. That girl who has abs probably wishes she looked more like you, I don't think anyone can escape our day and age without some sort of body image issues. I'm sorry if this is corny but you know your worth and you know you're beautiful you shouldn't let your inner thoughts tell you otherwise

No. 972470

Thanks nona. I used to cosplay and I knew her from cosplaying, and she's really into playing into the loli look sometimes. I left the hobby because it really messed with my body image issues and I realized that I actually don't want to play into sick male fantasies and being uwu smol is disgusting and dumb as an adult.

>you know your worth and you know you're beautiful you shouldn't let your inner thoughts tell you otherwise

Thank you. I'm trying to work on being kinder to myself. Even if not 100% body positive, I like the progress I've made in becoming stronger, and I want to continue to do right by my body even if I don't get to look like my ideal. I think the most fucked up thing is that the ideals I chase are all fads that appeal most to men, and I'm a lesbian, but it's hard getting out of my old mindset. I don't want men to look at me so I don't really know why I bother striving to look a certain way at the end of the day, my inner thoughts are stupid as fuck kek.

No. 972499

It's either one or the other, my fucking god.

I've spent most of my life dating I don't even know how to decribe them. Tech boys. Avoidant and cowardly.

Now i'm casually seeing this guy and he's great in bed. Like he fucks well and only gives, never ever asks for anything. He'll improve habits and failings without me even needing to express, he'll just pick up on it and improve. Like I asked him for a snack once and he didn't have one to hand, without anything on my end he went out to the local garage and got me a range of snacks. And from then on he's been well stocked. I once commented on how his stubble was a bit scratchy and I've only seen him clean shaven in the 4 months since. It's really my first time being with someone like this and it's permanently raised my standards. Like the fact I don't have to express my dissatisfaction or whatever, he just senses it? And links it to something he did? And remedies it without excuses?

But other than this he's lost his license due to drinking, is a stoner and likely a coomer. Also just generally for a man his age he's a fucking mess who doesn't cook (but tried to make a lunch spread for me) I'd be an idiot to invest in to any degree.

Why can't these tech boys I usually like be this attentive, appreciative and perceptive (and hot as fuck)?

No. 972502

>That girl who has abs probably wishes she looked more like you,
sorry anon but this is bs you know it

No. 972504

wish i could ask you why you're with this douchebag but imho i'm the same as you i've tolerated treatment like this before.

i wish the best for you and i hope you can turn your life around, starting by dumping this piece of shit who doesn't treat you right.

No. 972507

I mean if he's that great and willing to improve, he can learn how to cook, get his drinking and smoking in order and get his license back. All things he should be doing for himself anyway.

No. 972509

Why are you still with him? No seriously, he makes it blatantly and painfully obvious he does NOT care about you. Sometimes you have no choice but to be around those kind of people; co-workers, family, classmates but he's your boyfriend. You can just choose.. not to spend time with a guy who doesn't give a shit about you.

No. 972511

i feel like such a last ditch person in everyone's lives except my boyfriend's. i'm not cool, i'm not funny, i'm not witty or quick-thinking, i'm cringey as hell everyone sort of makes fun of me (endearingly, i don't get bullied 24/7 by my friends) because of certain quirks i have, i feel like most of my advice is shit even if i try my best to give useful/helpful advice related to the situation. i fucking hate it and i wish i was cooler/more laid back and for people to hold my opinion to high regard. i live most of my life trying to please everyone around me, and i feel as if i actually went by what i actually wanted i'd be labeled as selfish and shitty and lose all my friendships.

i'm sick of being such an easy target, i feel that some people are just so effortlessly cool and whenever i try to be like that i spill spaghetti all over myself like a moron. i wish i was less autistic.

No. 972513

>He got me snacks and shaved. I am so impressed!
>But he drives drunk enough to lose his license, is filthy and can't cook.
>Geez it's always one or the other
Yikes sis the bar is on the floor. I'd rather have a tech bro who doesn't shave than a drunk stoner who can't cook or clean… Well actually I'd rather have neither. Pull yourself together, buy your own snacks and stop wasting time with these moids.

No. 972517

hate when i talk about my problems with a friend and every one of them just goes "oh,rip", stfu

No. 972518

I have really bad keloid self harm scars on my shoulder and upper arm and it makes me feel super ugly and harsh. I know I did it to myself and I’m dumb as fuck but idk what to do now. I’m so self conscious. If I wear short sleeves I can see everyone around me staring with horror on their faces. I never meant to do it so bad, I don’t even know why they healed the way the did. I just wish I could look normal and now I will never look normal forever. I’m an idiot friends I know. Ugh.

No. 972521


Well, he's a single father sharing custody of a young boy and I'm leaving the country next year. I went into this literally only for the sex, so I don't care what he does with himself or his bad habits. His behavior just really surprised me.

No. 972523

The other day I met a girl who was inside a uni building with a table and some papers about feminism, marxism,etc… We talked a bit (she had a male friend by her side and I had my boyfriend next to me). I got some papers about the abolition of prostitution (we agreed on that posture) but we didn't really get into any other subject. They were both from a left wing association. She asked for my number because of the upcoming 25N protest and I gave it to her because I admited I didn't know if I would go. I have just searched her organisation and, of course, they are tranny enthusiasts. She will contact me in a couple days and I'll tell her straightforward that I don't associate with gender identity retards. Why are all pseudo-hippie people in their late 20s like this? It's so fucking retarded for a anticapitalist to agree on that shit. I'm tempted to ask if she knows some other terf I can go to the protest with.

No. 972524

He has joint custody of a kid but doesn't cook or clean? Girl buy a dildo you're just rewarding him with pussy for being awful.

No. 972547

at work i've had basically nothing to do this week because my seniors are taking care of a lot of it, and i'm caught between asking them what i can do to help (which i do) vs. the knowledge that asking them if i can do anything makes it very obvious that i am not doing anything at all lmao

i'm using the downtime to program an automation that might be useful for the larger company later but nobody knows i'm doing it and it's not related to my work so for all they know i'm just jilling off

No. 972557

Had a really hard night last night. I learned that one of my friends who supported me when I was leaving an abusive relationship is now friendly/getting drinks with the said abuser. Feels especially shitty because I told them a lot of details that not everybody knows, like about how abuser sexually assaulted me in my sleep. I felt really disturbed by this and it was hard to explain to my boyfriend why it's not okay and why I was freaking out and unwell.. Thank god for anxiety medication!

No. 972563

What the fuck is wrong with your friend? Hope you're cutting them out of your life.

No. 972567

Seconded what a POS

No. 972580

My coworkers keep bitching about me behind my back I wish they would just tell me whatever they think to my face. If I'm doing something you don't like say it retard, it makes me so fucking mad

No. 972582

I think i had an existential crisis today. I’m heading forwards my mid 20s and today something happened that showed me I have no real friends whatsoever. Like holy shit these people really don’t care about me at all. I only have my parents whom I have a difficult relationship with who care about me, but I still can’t talk with them about how I feel etc cause they just don’t believe me or minimise it… and with my siblings I barely talk even. I feel so scared and lonely…i don’t know why I suddenly fear this realisation so much.

No. 972602

Be kind to yourself nonnie. It's okay to not fit perfectly with most people. I can't speak for your relationship or family but take heart in having those opportunities. You don't have to be a pleaser, you just have to be you. And people that don't want to stick by you when you're being you don't deserve to be around you.

No. 972604

Male isn’t he

No. 972609

I mean this in the nicest way possible but fuck off it's not the time or place.

No. 972610

kek i was thinking the same thing

No. 972613

if its a man you told, he just wanted to pacify you and doesn't really care. he doesn't see a benefit to keep you over a male friend. if its a woman, then she hates you and wants to fuck your abuser

No. 972614

thanks nonna. i'll try to. i have a great relationship with my family + boyfriend, they love me and value tremendously. i guess i tend to feel more insecure of my place in other people's lives when the love isn't so unconditional. i don't know what i really want, to stop feeling like shit i guess!!! but you're right, i need to be kinder

No. 972622

>wants to go to the gym to tone up
>tries to do some exercises
>can't get over social anxiety because the buff gym trainers are always sitting at the desk
>they are observing the people doing their exercises
>feel embarassed about self
>do i look bad?
>are they staring because i am that bad?
>can't concentrate on the machines and exercises I have to do

wtf do i do?

No. 972628

yes it is. Trying to console someone by telling them "I'm sure the girl with the ideal skinny fit body with abs would rather have your slight chub body!" is a blatant lie and transparant. Anon doesn't have to have a desirable body anyway, being healthy at a healthy weight is good enough. Tell her that. Accepting your body the way it is and teaching women that is much better than convincing everyone they're beautiful/meeting conventional beauty standards.

No. 972631

You have to get over it, they’re observing everyone in case someone goes full retard and tries to do something completely wrong or stupid, or in case someone does a wrong movement and ends up stuck or something like that.
If you were doing something wrong, they would approach you to correct you, so you can learn how to do an exercise properly without hurting yourself.

No. 972632

Options: Get out of your comfort zone and do it, not easy but exposure is how you get over social anxiety, take a friend with you or go to a different gym.

No. 972635

ugh i told one of my best friends that i thought his friend was cute and i wanted to hang out with him, and instead of setting us up he decided to set his friend up with another girl instead… i feel annoyed at my friend because i feel like he lowkey thinks im ugly/not good enough and this pretty much confirms it. i also haven't had sex/physical affection for two years, which makes this even more sad. im so touch starved. i feel like im becoming a total femcel

No. 972637

I totally get you anon, i couldn't concentrate if some muscular guys were watching me kek
Dangerously based

No. 972644

So basically what I said? You done or do you need five more minutes of attention?

No. 972645

I wish I had traveled more when I was younger. I wanted to study abroad in Japan or France in high school but my parents couldn't afford it and my mom told me she would never help me go to school so I didn't bother (and I also planned on killing myself anyway so it felt pointless). I also felt held back because I had some very ill family members and I was terrified if I left, I wouldn't have been able to say goodbye when their time came. I'm now in my late 20s and I wish I had taken on a little debt to try going to school out of state for a semester or studying abroad for a year or something like that. I can't do it anymore because I still have family obligations and I'm not willing to sell off my beloved material possessions I worked hard over the years to get. I'm just filled with a lot of regret and I hate how much of my youth was swallowed up by depression and suicidal thoughts.

No. 972647

Nta but you didn't say that tf

No. 972649

You didn't say that at all lmao. I know you meant well but come on.

No. 972650

Take your BPD meds please. What an overreaction

No. 972651

No, you're mistaken, this scrote isn't even your friend much less your best friend.

No. 972655

Anon it's not too late. You have your entire life left to live in travel. I'm saying that as someone who also lost their early 20s to mental illness. You can always put your things into storage. As for family obligations, that's a little more complicated, but at the end of the day it's your life to live. Don't let guilt and regret swallow you whole.

No. 972658

Anon, as someone who's youth was also swallowed up by depression and suicidal thoughts and did get to study in Japan, you're not missing much. It was alienating and difficult to connect with people because my self sabotage knew no bounds at the time. I was halfway across the globe with barely a support system. I had a small handful of friends I made who supported me through it all, but I live with massive regret over the year I spent there. I really had it all, and I blew it.

Japan and France won't be going anywhere anytime soon. It is never too late to start saving for a trip. I believe that you can find your way there, whether it's just for vacation, for work, or to go there for school. There's no use on dwelling in the past, but I think the future is yours to do whatever you want with.

No. 972660

you're right, he's been a really inconsistent friend over the years but idk what to do. we've been friends for 12 years, i really enjoy his company and he's been with me through some really hard times. but he's also been really selfish and unreliable. if it were anyone else i would've dumped him as a friend ages ago, but it would break my heart to do that, i also don't have many friends in general so i would be very lonely. it's such a shit position to be in. i honestly feel like he doesn't have bad intentions he's just not a very considerate person and it sucks

No. 972669

File: 1637349174989.png (13.66 KB, 468x349, 1637301672262.png)

cp don't scroll

No. 972670

i really want to move to a women's only island. all the handmaidens can stay with these cp collecting scrotes like they want to.

No. 972672

File: 1637349231575.jpg (61.57 KB, 1125x641, 1635953690927.jpg)


No. 972676

Thank you anon, you're kind. I don't know what I could do since I have no money or college education but I guess saving for travel is the first step.
I'm so sorry you had a bad experience anon, that sounds really rough. I actually did take a trip to Japan in 2019, it was the first time I ever left the country and even though I was broke and didn't even have enough money to eat one night, it was everything I dreamed of and the introvert in me loved that people don't really talk to each other like in the US (the people did give off a very lonely vibe though…). I know it's dumb but I even would love to live there for a year working a low wage job or in the JET program. There's no reason for a foreign country to want me as a worker though kek I have nothing to offer. I also really want to go Venice before it sinks so there's a time limit on that lol. Anyway, thank you for the kind words! I'll try my best to take it one day at a time.

No. 972691

>I'll tell her straightforward that I don't associate with gender identity retards
You're open about this IRL? Do people not sperg at you?

No. 972694

they're told time and time again and then act surprised when a male "friend" acts like a scrote

No. 972699

No. 972712

I am a painfully optimistic person, so I believe in you nonna! The back there will probably be tough, but I hope things work out for you.

No. 972714

Yes he is male. And yes that makes it 100% worse. He is also my boyfriend's roommate, which complicates things further, even though my boyfriend agrees that he is being a major POS.

No. 972760

There were mice in my garage and I set up traps to kill them because they ruined stuff that was in storage. After killing 7 from my garage they have now moved into my kitchen trash bin. I'm disgusted what the fuck.

When I killed the first 2 I felt so quilty I almost cried and saw them in my dreams but now I just want all mice in the 1 km radius dead

No. 972766

Foster a wily cat that still has some hunting instincts.

No. 972834

Get those silent mice soundwave plugin things. When I had mice we plugged them all around the house and they disappeared

No. 972870

File: 1637358855170.png (692.16 KB, 1280x711, tumblr_d2e3cb7948692de3cd69a50…)

i logged into my old twitter account and my old online friends are so fucking stupid. they have such terrible gender brainrot, it's infuriating. i scroll for a minute and see three tweets about wanting someone's gender, feeling not gender enough or agreeing with some nonsensical gender fandom tiktok. it upsets me so much because these are all smart albeit mentally ill and terminally online women, but they have deluded themselves into thinking they're unwomen even though 99% of them are just lesbians with rich internal lives. i'm so tired. it's like watching people play with toxic chemicals and you're not allowed to tell them that it's a stupid thing to do because otherwise you're lit-choo-rall-ee a nazi. one of these days i'll have to delete my twitter account and move on for good, but right now i still feel attached to them, even though we talk maybe once a month.

No. 972882

I feel you anon, at my old job my coworkers did this and it was so annoying, even if I would ask them if they had any criticism to give me they wouldn't say it to my face but then I could hear them talking about me in the back office and how they didn't think I was cut out for the job. Really pissed me off bigtime and there's nothing you can do if they won't just hash it out with you.

No. 972911

File: 1637362423829.jpg (76.53 KB, 735x703, original.jpg)

My parents are visiting and I just can't deal with them anymore. It's the second day and my mother already started a fight, suicide baiting (she never tried, she sadly never will) and playing the victim again. My mother is very similar to the mother in Sharp Objects (without being that rich and making me physically sick, but everything else is my mother) and my father is a doormat, so he never says anything and didn't divorce her. They stay at a hotel and I walked out on them and if I wouldn't need them for financial reasons at the moment, I would never have contact with them ever again. I just hate that I hate my parents, I wish I could have a normal, healthy relationship with them, but it's just not possible and I've lost every hope that they will ever get help to change their toxic behaviour. They've ruined my life and now I have to play babysitter and tour guide for them, putting up with their bullshit and I can't wait for Sunday when they finally leave.
And tomorrow my mother will act like nothing happend, it's the same thing over and over and over again, I'm just so tired of them.

No. 972930

I think I'm gaining weight from stress eating and my anxiety is increasing.

No. 972935

It's not offensive to call something shoddy ghetto. It's not offensive to say someone high energy is acting like a crackhead. This restaurant near me renamed their crack fries to cosmik fries because it was hurting the crackheads' feelings I guess. If you are struggling with drug addiction a little shame could do you some good. Crackheads

No. 972937

File: 1637364245444.jpeg (66.45 KB, 800x450, squidward.jpeg)

Oh wow. My brother (34) who went AWOL actually turned out to be doing perfectly fine. Again. And my mother was still dramatically panicking as if something could happen to him. Again. I'm so fucking sick of my attention-seeking brothers and mother who takes their bait every time. At this point one of them should actually die just so her stress can be worth something.

I was cursed the second I came into a world with three older brothers who refuse to mentally develop past age 15.

No. 972958

This reminds me of when the pinterest ladies who were making the crack chicken pasta bake started getting cancelled for calling it that and had to name it something else

No. 972960

File: 1637366575651.jpeg (208.49 KB, 1080x1359, photo-1562009910-830d74050500.…)

I don't want to drive, or be on guard for glass ego scrotes or handmaiden brainwashed bitches, or listen to ppls loud noises, or use some retarded out of date horribly designed software at work, or kiss superiors asses, or come home and have to soothe egos same as at work, or be expected to take the responsibility and fall for everything that goes wrong yet get none of the credit, I'm so fucking sick of it all. No amount of trying to become more skilled or confident does anything. I've been poor and starving and I'd rather go back to that than do this for one more year. That living in a forest in Japan anon triggered me, I can't stop thinking about it. The only things I'd need to go out for is laundry and internet, but if I had a stream then not even that. If I had a wood stove and a few tools I could make it work. No running water, on demand electricity, or gas is no problem.

No. 972969

File: 1637367189452.jpeg (114.24 KB, 992x720, 2myk2nsdv1yz.jpeg)

I agree that it's not offensive but it sounds stupid kek. So many bland people saying they have "crackhead energy" because they did like, one semi spontaneous thing.

To be fair it isn't crackheads getting offended over these things, it's bored white liberals. Crackheads are too busy smoking crack to care

No. 972971

So what's stopping you from doing it? There's plenty of living off the grid resources online.

No. 972977

i just started zoloft and it's fucking up my whole appetite and making me feel like I'm hungry alllllllllll the god damn time
idk what to dooooooooooooo

No. 972985

Yeah, I'm very open with it and it kind of sucks but because I know people don't take me seriously because of some tinfoil stuff I believe in or do. I know that the fact I don't believe in gender identity makes other people skeptical about it, because of course it's unsurprising that a schizo conspiracy believer like me is also a twansphobe. Screw them, I can't hide myself like this. Aren't you open about this? I've read some other nonas posts about having a hon at work or trannies that are friends of their friends and that they have to keep appareances. I don't have those problems, my boyfriend can call me twansphobic all he wants, he doesn't care really about this shit. I only need a bigger marker to correct all those retarded ''PROTECT YOUR TRANS SISTERS'' from behing uni's bathroom doors.

No. 972990

File: 1637367961603.jpg (155.51 KB, 1100x733, topsoil_slide-c0b6acef5cab9b59…)

How are my fellow anons stuck in the midwest? I recently downloaded tinder again and all the ugly normie white/ginger men are making me suicidal kek I'm too scared to make a post on /soc/

No. 972991

Why are you on zoloft?

No. 973016

Talked to my mom over the phone for the first time in a few weeks. I told her about the things that were stressing me out and basically her response was that I was too sensitive to be caring about these things and that I should get over it. Even if she's right and I know she was trying to give me advice it made me feel 10x shittier. Reminded me of why I never honestly tell her about things that are going on in my life even though she insists that we're close and that I should talk to her if I'm stressed.

No. 973028

I hate how many (online) women are into pegging. Whenever I go into circles talking about what they like in fictional or real sex it comes up so often, I can't help but feel like it's coomer brainrot taking over their brain. Same with the submissive men kink but I don't think that's anywhere near as bad as pegging.

No. 973030

your boyfriend is consuming sissy hypno in secret

No. 973035

i don't look at porn but still like the idea of submissive men (strictly in fantasy, it wouldn't work irl) because vulnerability is cute to me and i rarely see it from men. i also like it as a power fantasy.

No. 973042

ewww thats gross

No. 973046

so I went to therapy today, and there are always a shitload of things that I want to talk to him about, but I forget to write them down and can't remember what they are when I'm actually there. that being said I did remember one of them when I was there today, and I was saying how I feel like I have a really masculine personality and a lot of masculine qualities, which makes dating hard as a straight woman because I feel like that's not what most men want. he started saying how a lot of men won't date very attractive women who look like supermodels because people who are really attractive have shitty personalities and are really entitled due to the fact that people treat them very well just for being good looking. I was kind of confused at first, because I was talking about my personality, which I clarified and he was just like "oh well there's a wide variety of men out there and most of them want different things".. like, okay. I thought I was pretty clear that I was talking about my personality first but he jumped straight to the conclusion that I was talking about my looks, and it fucking hurt. I mean I already knew I was a fugly ass bitch, I've come to accept that, but hearing someone else admit it still really hurts, especially when it's my therapist, unprompted. I also told him that's not even a consolation because it's like saying "I like you because you're ugly and therefor not full of yourself" or whatever and that it feels patronizing, and that if a man has a choice between a good looking woman who does have a good personality, and ugly with a good personality which on is he going to choose? I even told him those things and straight up can't even remember how he responded. I'm in such a bad fucking mood now, I'm in a worse mood now than I was before I went into therapy which has never happened before. I'm holding back tears and just kind of want to kms

No. 973055

aw anon, i think he definitely shouldn't have jumped to that conclusion and phrased his wording better. it could be that he jumped to thinking you were talking about your looks because i think a lot of people are self-conscious about their looks and it's what makes them insecure when dating. it's happened to me a lot too when i talk about low self-esteem and people think i'm referring to my appearance even i'm more insecure about my spergy personality lol. could be that i'm ugly and that's why they come to that conclusion, but i think it's also just that most people are superficial and think that a woman couldn't possibly be insecure about anything other than her looks. either way, it wasn't cool of him to assume you were talking about looks and you should definitely address it again in therapy if you decide to meet with him again.

No. 973056

don't go to scrote therapists nonny

No. 973058

File: 1637375017667.jpeg (187.56 KB, 640x1136, 90050E15-BFD1-49F3-82AF-74FED1…)

People need to be more open with it. Twitter and tumblr aren’t real places. Whack gender identities aren’t normal, plural systems aren’t real and self diagnosis is not valid. Fake autism doesn’t give you the right to be an asshole.

Idc what you anons think about kf but this is p based. Trannies are constantly bragging about their totally real and not made up sexual escapades and how they’re so kinky and not vanilla because that’s lame and boring. That’s just shit coomers say. They become what they can’t fuck. Straight Women really are a jealous pregnancy or wedding fantasy away from now having a wife.

No. 973093

I thought the same. It's ok nonnie, they won't be singing the same tune when their Nigel tells them they can't leave the house if they're showing off their ankles.

No. 973100

they get their information from twitter kek

No. 973103

I really appreciated this joke nona

No. 973109

This is so retarded.
>live with family since forever
>everyone always complains about me using too much my phone
>put phone in silent mode at night
>distance myself from phone so I don’t look at it for too long
>actually manage to stop using computers and my phone for a long time
>Geez nonnie, why do you never answer the phone when I call you at some arbitrary time???
>you never pay attention to your phone!!!!
>you have to stop being stuck to your phone but be stuck to it when I’m want you to be!!!
What the fuck, then what do you even want?

No. 973122

Samefag, but sometimes I just seriously want to grab a knife and stab myself in the neck, I’m sick of being alive and having to deal with anything.

No. 973125

Clearly you need to talk to the guy that >>971100 was fucking

No. 973147

I understand why you'd feel that way nona, you want him to compliment you out of his own will than because you told him to. But he might be thinking these things and just not saying them. Men are so bad at expressing how they feel, let alone thinking aloud the compliments they're giving you in their head.

Get some help, you sound like you have a really anxious attachment style and he's avoidant, but also I wouldn't hold back from telling him you want to be appreciated more verbally.

No. 973163

I'm having one of those episodes where I feel like I have no actual friends and no one truly likes me or cares about me and I feel heartbroken about those I've lost. Knowing how adult friendship is supposedly a meme and I should get used to feeling like this more and more is anguish. I now understand why people are so desperate for relationships and having children now at least. I understand the compulsion to ensure you'll be loved and cared about forever potentially.

I miss the friendships I used to have where I felt loved unconditionally and could be myself completely and we'd always be together. But of course they either ended bitterly or we drifted apart with time. Yes I'm an introvert, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy having best friends and spending time with people who make me feel good and happy. It's so bad now that I keep crying about it, I cried to sleep about it last night and I cried towards the end of my shift at work today thinking about it. I quit my SSRI months ago because my libido was completely gone but now my full feelings are coming back. I have to question how healthy it is to treat my mental health conditions with a pill that blunts all strong emotions and libido. But every time I come off them I start to feel hopelessly depressed. What a joke…

No. 973168

I'm going to commit homicide. I'm on my period but horny af and not only did my vibrator die when I was almost finished, I ended up staining my sheets too.

No. 973180

I fucking hate one of my boyfriends friends so much. Apparently he tried to kill himself when he was a teenager and sometimes I wish he did, until I remember that would've made my boyfriend depressed. At this point if he gets any worse I'm going to have to end the relationship because he's poisoned my entire life and he will always be around me as long as I'm around my boyfriend.

No. 973187

I truly hate being mentally ill. There is absolutely no positive aspect to it. It's incurable, people rightfully judge you for it because it makes you act like a freak who can't fit in or keep up and you make people's lives worse because of your condition, you're painfully aware of how much better your life could be, how much better you could be if you didn't have a sick brain. People truly don't have sympathy for mental illness, and this includes the "normie" mental illness that people seem to think is normalized and accepted, such as depression and anxiety. Displaying any symptom or behaving in any negative way that is inline with your illness will piss people off and they are not wrong to feel that way. And no matter how much they understand why the mentally ill behave the way they do, they can't not feel disturbed, upset, angry, and they will feel that way towards you the sick person because human brains aren't built to disassociate someones behaviour from their mental condition. If you act like pathetic freak, you will be thought of as one no matter the fact that you genuinely have something wrong with your brain that makes you this way. Plenty of people outwardly refuse to believe mental illness is a real illness and think of claiming it as such is a responsibility dodge. So not only do you have to deal with the internal pain of mental illness, you get treated like shit because of it too. There is no redeeming quality to being mentally ill.

No. 973190

I want to kill my rapist. He fucked me up and stunted my growth at such a stupid age and he’s still thriving as much as an ugly man in his 50s can be, has a younger girlfriend yet still stalks and probably jerks off to my social media. I didn’t go through with the process that would’ve sent his pedo ass to prison to preserve his relationship with his autistic son but honestly fuck him and his son. He talked about his son and sent pics of him to me over kik when I was 15-16, telling me his name and so many personal details. He’s a dumb ugly boomer who compromised his own safety by being a pedo and his family’s safety by stupidly disclosing so much info about himself and his life, probably in an effort to make me feel bad for him which worked. Fuck scrotes. Fuck pedos. I hope he drowns.

No. 973192

Oh my god I hate when I get one of those "hey can I ask you something, text me back when you have time" text messages. Just fucking ask it away, you're stressing me tf out having to wait for your reply. The questions are never even worth stressing over either, if they were so confident in what they have to say they wouldn't have to drag it on like that. I have a bit of anxiety so it stresses me out a lot even though I know it's probably something stupid.

I swear to god if this guy asks 'what are we' or something annoying in general, I'm gonna be so, so mean to him.

No. 973199

if your boyfriend's friend is having such negative influence on you and your boyfriend still keeps him around, he's not worth it.

No. 973200

Breaks my heart when anons talk about their groomers because this shit is so common and there’s nothing society is doing about it

No. 973202

There’s nothing worse than when a scrote you’re seeing has friends you cannot stand. Nowadays I make it my indicator for how the scrote is because there’s clearly some type of connection they have

No. 973207

I've been in your position. If a scrote is too retarded to do the bare minimum and be there for you, leave his ass in the dust. Never expect them to change. After this many chances, you've seen enough. You're going through enough you don't need to deal with this asshole on top of it all. You deserve so much better anon.

No. 973232

just saw a box of cereal im still eating in the trash can and when i picked it up confused i seen a bunch of my stuffed animals from my childhood also in there??? cereal still good and not stale/expired, stuffed animals have nothing wrong with them?? WITHOUT FUCKING ASKING ME IF I STILL WANTED THEM??!???!!?
what in the absolute fuck is wrong with my mom, who the fuck does this? fucking rude

No. 973234

I'm experiencing extreme pain in my right ovary right now. I am on mirena (IUD) and also haven't gotten my period in a couple of years. What could possibly be happening? I've taken 2 tylenols and it's been an hour and I still don't feel better. It's so bad.

No. 973235

Shit, not mirena… Kyleena

No. 973273

I need to get health shit sorted out, and if parents ever found out they'd make police put me in mental hospital. I've been obsessively watching those homestead vids.

No. 973275

Wtf? You better let her know that’s fucked up

No. 973278

File: 1637390953713.jpg (29.38 KB, 567x542, 2cec71161268a2ef69288b5a4a2105…)

I'm so tired nonnies. There's been some major protests around my country regarding vaxx mandates for jobs now and people are fuming. There seems to be more and more people at these protests each time they happen.

I just never got it, you know? A vaccination seems so non-political to me, and a great benefit of modern medicine. I'm seeing a lot of people say they're not "anti-vax, just pro-choice" but even then that doesn't make sense to me, because if you had no issue with the vax to begin with then why are you protesting your ability to not have it done? And it's not like they don't have a choice, they do, it just means that employment would be unavailable in the interest of public health.

Anyway, the main reason I'm venting about this is because I'm tired of it all, I'm tired of people fighting a battle that seems so redundant, and I haven't been able to fly interstate to see my sister/BFF for over a year now. It makes me cry to think about, I really miss her and all I want is to be safe, healthy and happy. But there's just so much hate going on right now, and people only looking out for themselves and not for fellow peers around them.

No. 973281

The overwhelming number of people like this has been making me want to an hero since last March. Sorry Nona, I feel you. My mother has cancer and I just want people to stop trying to kill her before the cancer does and just give us a few more years of peace together.

No. 973282

Good to know I'm not alone. I mean most people in my circles seem to think the same as I do, but it's disheartening when you see such big hoards of people who genuinely buy into this meme.

I'm sorry about your mum, I hope you get to reunite with her soon <3

No. 973286

It is simple. You shouldn't be forced by the government to put something in your body.

No. 973287

No shot or pill or mask will stop the elderly and sickly from dying, after a few months the shots are useless. Sorry anon you might as well just pray it'll have the same effect. If it isn't Rona it'll be pnemonia during the changing seasons.
>And it's not like they don't have a choice, they do, it just means that employment would be unavailable in the interest of public health.
And it's not like women in islamic countries don't have a choice to wear niquabs, they do, it just means that they'll get raped and killed on the street in the interest of public morals.

No. 973288

Fair enough, and in return the government has the right to limit your access to public spaces and services based on your vaccination status.

No. 973290

Should get the fuck away from your mom, anon. My mom was like this. It's a tactic narcissists use to make you feel like nothing you own is worth anything.

No. 973291

If anything all this shit has revealed which ppl you can trust and which ones you can't, the circumstances change but the witch burners and Nazi sympathizer types are eternal.

No. 973292

back to facebook with you

No. 973293

But I got banned

No. 973297

my brother is the exact same way. he's fixated on wanting space in the house and knows that most people would be upset if they were asked whether or not to throw important things out so he disregards their feelings. he talks like some wannabe psych expert and thinks "you'll feel better because you'll have more space". he's one of those types who pretends real hard to be "loGiCal" and thinks forming attachments to items or getting emotional is bad despite chimping out over smaller stuff on other occasions. sorry for the derail but people like that drive me up the wall.

No. 973299

Why do bad mothers always do this, my mom once attempted to throw away some of my rare old books(that I had bought my own savings btw) cause they were "dirty" and weren't even school related so they weren't even worth keeping
I had to get them out of the Garbage and clean them with disinfected, I keep my room locked at all times due to her

No. 973306

Not sure if bait but not being allowed in a public area where you're prone to infect others and literally beating and stoning to death is a false equivalency anon.

No. 973307

File: 1637394822103.jpeg (220.21 KB, 1242x545, A46B961E-5E9A-4B11-B2DF-E9A92A…)

How is this seen as progressive? Empowering? Feminist, even? Imagine further erasing women’s place in history and thinking you’re revolutionary, daring, or going against the “system”. Imagine telling this to a ten year old girl. To a 17 year old about to turn 18 who’s already been groomed by the internet. Everyone says the internet isn’t real life but for a lot of very young people, it is their real life and this is what they’re facing. Day of the rope when?

No. 973310

No you'll just get fined out the ass until you become homeless and get raped and killed.

No. 973312

>Everyone says the internet isn’t real life but for a lot of very young people, it is their real life and this is what they’re facing.
Has the internet become basically VR, it seems like ppl are growing up in an alternate reality.

No. 973315

belle delphine ahegao gif featured on the front page of wikipedia today. kill

No. 973316

They’re growing up online. It’s a different reality from all other generations at any point in time but it doesn’t make it any less real for them unfortunately.

No. 973317

>whoring is women’s roots
…. at a loss for words. This is the worst thing I’ve seen in a minute.

No. 973319

File: 1637395531678.jpg (81.43 KB, 850x400, 111.jpg)

There was once a man who unironically believed this(the farming aspect anyway) and he actually made his retarded ideas a reality

No. 973322

Could you imagine what the “whoring” equivalents of the starvation and diseases he brought onto the people would be? Women would be extinct within a year.

No. 973325

ok, so it was bait then, never mind. Get better soon x

No. 973327

This is maximum copium. These e-whores are all mentally ill, hate themselves, and hate what they do. They know men have treated their kind even worse than regular women since their beginning. Nothing has ever changed for them in history despite being tHe OldEsT pRoFeSsIoN. They want other women to go through what they chose to put themselves through to feel better, to feel equal.

Will never happen. Cope and seethe harder whore.

No. 973351

File: 1637399019622.png (260.89 KB, 1366x657, Wikipedia the free encyclopedi…)

i don't even know what to say

No. 973356

Wikipedia has gone downhill in recent years with the tranny agenda pushing bullshit and now this

No. 973360

wikipedia founder agrees with you.

No. 973364

File: 1637400892621.jpg (72.88 KB, 1080x1044, Tumblr_l_840625460891669.jpg)

I need to find a new job but I don't fucking want to. It's not that I don't want to work, but the fact that I will have to get another high stress shit paying job where I'll burn out within a few months maybe a year and the boss will whine what an oh so bad worker I am. I'm tired of this shit.

I can't get into the field I want yet because I'm self taught and need to practice more but until then it's going to be nothing but hell. I just want a job that won't make me want to kill myself.

No. 973367

is the most annoying facial expression to ever exist considered valuable knowledge now?
i'm surprised there's no real competitor to wikipedia yet

No. 973372

I'm ghosted and abandoned emotionally so often. It has to be me right? What's wrong with me? What makes me hard to love. What makes me hard to stay with. Why do people lie to me so easily. Why can't I be happy. Why am I alone. Why is it hard. I wish life gave up on me that easily. I hate forcing myself to live just because it's expected. I should be allowed to just die without people telling me it's wrong to want it. I've been hurting for so long. Don't I deserve to tap out? Don't I deserve a break. Don't I deserve some form of peace.

No of course not. Because ooooh it gets better. When does it get better? I'm still waiting. I'm 31. I'm going to die naturally in like 30+ more years. So when will it get better? When will I finally know what it's like to be happy and loved. How am i just expected To wait for things to get better. I'm still lonely. I'm sad. I'm tired. I'm bored. I'm alone. It's too much. I'm tired of being alive. I'm tired of wasting my breath on a mundane life that fucking sucks. Would it even matter if I were gone? No the world would spin and probably a lot of people would be better off. And I know so because it's been proven time and time again that people are just happier without me there. So why should I stay alive if it's more beneficial that I never existed?

No. 973373

Post her links here. She needs to be stopped and dragged. What a disgusting piece of shit.

No. 973375

I used to date a guy who was basically a reddit menninist but didn't browse reddit because he was also a cringe conservative trump stan.

god why…. I look back and just cringe. He was so childish and very out of touch. He needed help understanding basically everything. I had to teach him how to groom himself, dress, and cook basic shit. Oh and obviously over-explain my feelings and emotions all the time and it still never seemed to stick more than 10 minutes. He just reset to manchild mode every new day. He was also extremely addicted to the most disgusting kinds of internet porn, basically he had 0 impulse control and would jerk off to literally anything sexually stimulating.

I almost hate reading the reddit hate/pinkpill threads because so much of the men complained about there are just like him. Ughh. He wasn't ever malicious or mean he was just so stupid and scrote-brained.

No. 973379

File: 1637402972043.jpg (453.27 KB, 1078x1338, Screenshot_20211120-110802_Fir…)

Same boat, just a bit younger. No advice but here's a hug. Maybe the suffering will end one day, one way or another.

No. 973386

Embaressing. Idk how people tolerate even dating someone who isn't on the same political spectrum as them. I also talked with a few "nice guys" who openly talked about their porn addiction and bullied them severely. One of them was a fatass who started starving himself after meeting me.

No. 973401

tbf in the case of Pol Pot it seems he had rational theories in the beginning but he went insane during the Cambodian Civil war, constant warfare in the Jungles had made him and his followers insane and these madmen ended up ruling nation

No. 973404

I already miss YouTube dislikes, getting rid of them is a terrible idea.

No. 973410

File: 1637406498964.gif (243.4 KB, 220x220, 3552CF7D-C85A-4431-B5DB-366F55…)

Furiously writing a play about my asshole ex to get it finished proofed and ready to my satisfaction for a competition in July. I used to think theatre pieces about heartbreak were cringey but I can’t talk about this with my family and I feel like if I don’t get it all out and share it with someone I’m going to explode. Wish me luck nonas.

No. 973421

I just finished making the most disgusting food I've ever made. I'm a fucking mistake, I should die.

No. 973424

I sometimes look at my face in the same mirror and same lighting throughout the day and it changes so drastically. Sometimes I think I look like an old hag, sometimes I think I look young and cute, sometimes I have saggy skin and jowls and other times I look okay. It can change in mere minutes, one moment I look and I'm okay with my face but ten minutes later I feel like a gross old woman.
Do I have BDD?

No. 973425

what have you spawned into the world? if it's any help, i once put ramen in a bread loaf.

No. 973426

File: 1637408596787.gif (1.32 MB, 447x250, AlertYellowHogget-size_restric…)

Good luuuuck!

No. 973427

Thank you. My bad food is making me over the edge because I have no more food to cook. I legit feel mental anxiety over this

No. 973429

I feel the same. I think it depends mostly on your mood but also on the light.

No. 973453

How can you say that? You want to take away people's employment and therefore food, health services (everything other than COVID), places of living because they won't take an experimental vaccine WHILE there are Pfizer employees whistleblowing about falsified data?
If transmission was the concern, you shouldn't treat unvaccinated people differently when the vaccine just lessens symptoms as opposed to neutralizing spread.

(The government doesn't actually have this right in many places in the world.)

No. 973460

I hate that I feel like a walking stereotype, every time during the run up to my period I feel so irrational, my emotions are all over the place and I feel too many things at once. I try really hard not to show it but I feel like I'm going to explode then my period starts and it goes away.

No. 973465

I will never ever write posts on traditional forums. Sometimes I look up an older post from a year ago or even months ago, and then I spot a mistake, whether a typo or a grammar mistake and it makes me cringe. That's why imageboards are superior, whatever shit I write will get lost amongst millions of other anonymous voices, thoughts, and shitposts, while the forum ones will last for as long as the site exists and someone might read my stupid pseudointellectual musings that I regret posting.
I get a similar feeling just with being extremely horny during ovulation and then depressed right before the period kicks in. It makes it hard to focus. Fuck biology for making us go through this shit. It's not fair.

No. 973470

I was listening to a history podcast and came upon a double episode where the host has a conversation with the host of another history/culture podcast. This other host has a female name so at first I thought “oh cool, a female history podcaster, you don’t see those very often” but then they start talking and it’s an obviously artificially high-pitched male voice. Googled the name and was hit with the classic trifecta of extreme MySpace angles, crazy eyes and terrible wig. God fucking damnit, I can’t escape this shit anywhere.

No. 973486

kek, I get the same thing with anything programming related. It's all so tiring.

No. 973490

wow youre fucking stupid

No. 973505

No you don't, lighting changes some ppls face drastically especially if you have a mouth breather face. I just try not to look in the mirror, it's painful. Hag, monkey, okish, it's a surprise I don't want.

No. 973507

What do you mean anon, pms is real, men just use it as an excuse to dismiss women's emotions.

No. 973511

Bumping cause gay scrote posting

No. 973540

File: 1637422229821.jpg (273.6 KB, 960x720, original.jpg)

Homestead vids are great, I watch them too. Another channel you may like is Exploring Alternatives! I still have to finish my degree and yadayada first but I'm also working towards homesteading.

No. 973541

PMDD is a thing as well. Look it up if you got severe symptoms.

No. 973544

I dumped my ex because of how childish and stupid he was but I started feeling bad because he's a good guy at heart… He just doesn't want to get better or work
Lo and behold he lets someone borrow his phone and they steal all of his money because this idiot let them walk off with it and he's not trying to get it back because he thinks it is what it is
He's into crypto and NFTs and has wasted so much of MY money on that shit

No. 973553

He's not a good guy, he has no courage and hides beyond saying "it's not worth it" to avoid standing up for himself. If you stayed with him you'd be having to fight all your battles solo. You did the right thing

No. 973601

those chickens are so cute

No. 973614

I’ve noticed that the times I’ve felt the most trapped the past year or so are the times I’ve spent the most time watching homesteading videos. Vidrel is mostly what I watch, not ‘real’ homesteading but documentaries on how Victorian homesteaders lived. It reminds me of those studies where battery farm chickens act happier when they’re allowed to watch TV recordings of grassy open fields.

No. 973653

Another favourite Asian artist of mine got cancelled over colouring a tan character's skin "too white" (literally colorpicked from the reference). Fucking hell this keeps happening all the time, the artists then private and remove their whole existence and fuck off back to their native online sphere. I'm so fucking sick of this happening, Americans should be barred from interacting with anyone outside of their borders.

No. 973675

Lol they probably deserved it

No. 973685

>i'm surprised there's no real competitor to wikipedia yet
There is. But wikias and alternatives tend to cater to niches. If you wanted information on a video game, you go to the fandom wikia as opposed to wikipedia because the latter won't cover game items or areas indepth. The same goes for subjects like chemistry or mathemtatics. Wikipedia holds its position for being established and the first of its kind.

No. 973687

No. 973697

Unironically join the 41%

No. 973702

Apparently it’s to extend watch time because people would leave videos with too many dislikes as soon as they saw the number. Jokes on them, now if a video has comments disabled/negative comments I’m going to click off anyway since that’s the only way to vet for quality before watching now.

No. 973708

What annoys me is when I see those same people editing another character black, they say it's not the same but if the og character is asian it's pretty much just as racist to be changing their race

No. 973709

I hate moids. I hate moids. It doesn't matter what kind of moid, thet are all awful, every single one. None of them are "fixable", none of them possess a normal range of humanity. Why hasn't anyone developed a disease that only kills them yet?

No. 973712

>I see those same people editing another character black, they say it's not the same but if the og character is asian it's pretty much just as racist to be changing their race

No. 973715

based queen

No. 973723

"They" have, it's called hemophilia.

No. 973731

are you serious this men only illness has so much info about it

No. 973751

Nobody cares…

No. 973752

nta but do you know what thread you're in

No. 973754

It says no blogging in the rules

No. 973758

Good job on reading the rules, did you notice the one that says no males allowed

No. 973759

Fuck off back to blogpost.com Redditor

No. 973760

go ahead and tell that to everyone in the thread then, not just the most recent post, if you're so adamant about listening to the rules, newfag

No. 973762

Nta, but that is literally the purpose of this thread. The no blogging rule also does not apply to this board.

No. 973764

can you show us how to sage next, newfag?

No. 973771

szo pretty.

No. 973773

File: 1637437950140.jpeg (65.62 KB, 750x531, 1633181422244.jpeg)

kys retarded moid

No. 973788

There are chemistry and mathematics wikias?

No. 973789

What's that in the pic top left?

No. 973795

A mutation of the X chromosome

No. 973800

File: 1637440889403.png (89.08 KB, 730x490, 4ADD2C09-95FB-4E34-903A-E624A8…)

I dodged a bullet with this dude I was actually extremely into (in b4 all moids):

I broke off a 2 month “relationship” because he said some shit that didn’t sit right with me, and then when I brought it up to him he just minimized my feelings and then subtly dropped the fact that he thinks about killing himself sometimes after I told him it’s over.

Pathetic. I’m venting because even though it’s something I should expect dealing with men, I felt disappointed nonetheless. But otherwise I’m pretty pumped because I got ahead of that bastard before he could traumatize me.

No. 973801

Queen shit

No. 973829

how is this queen shit? are all straight women this retarded? I swear to god moids try to rape you and you say "ummh he was KINDA creepy/rapey so likeee i got out of there teehee" like what the fuck c'mon

No. 973830

Hit him with the Want me to call your dad bud?

No. 973832

Take ur meds

No. 973841

This is literally the first time i see a poster getting out of a dangerous situation by reading obvious redflags, i'm congratulating her for leaving before shit hit the fan, you retard.

No. 973844

radfem femcels are embarrassing

No. 973852


No. 973853

I don't get why you're so triggered, do you want women to pay attention to red flags or not?

No. 973861

ntayrt but saying a woman is a queen because she … broke up with a pos is cringe lol, the bar is so fucking low here

No. 973862

it feels like congratulating someone for having common sense

No. 973863

Did you get positive reinforcement growing up? Just curious.
I'd give a bitch asspats if she needs them. Leaving scrote is a W every time.

No. 973866

ntayrt and also not sarcastic but what the fuck is "positive reinforcement"? it's a family american practice?

No. 973867

I am a woman retard, you guys are so far removed from reality you don't realize how ridiculous you sound

No. 973868

Would you rather make her feel shitty for leaving an asshole? It's always nice to assure other people it's okay to leave their dumb boyfriends, without encouragement a lot of people would simply not change

No. 973869

nta but google is free

No. 973872

Maybe anon would have preferred a simple "good for you" instead of a "YAS QUEEN SLAAAY" twitter faggotry.

No. 973873

Sometimes anons bitch for the weirdest reasons i swear, good on anon for leaving that scrote

No. 973875

Positive reinforcement is just giving a child praise and encouragement when they do something good
Good call, anon. Too many women ignore the early red flags.

No. 973886

It doesn't even have to be for dodging a dangerous/traumatizing situation. Red flags help you avoid people who are just fucking annoying. The last guy I talked to used to interrupt me all the time and said my interests were "wack" and talked like he practically lived in the Black Twitter subreddit. I'm sure some fool could fall in love with him and let him stress her out because he was cute and fit but it won't be me.

No. 973887

i wish i could stop picking my skin

No. 973891

I miss having a crush on someone like I feel so fucking bored. I miss the feeling of WANTING someone so bad that I can't think about anything else and the adrenaline rush when I see and talk to that person. I feel bored.

No. 973893

ah yes, the only two options: call her a queen or make her feel like shit

you guys spend too much time on twitter. it's not that serious i just think it's cringy kek

my parents didn't say "yasss queen slay bitch" when I took my first steps, that must be the reason i ended up here

No. 973898

Kinda funny how you're bitching about twt slang while reddit spacing

No. 973902

different anon but this EXACTLY how I feel too. I don’t post frequently enough to get a following and I get so sad and jealous to see other artists make friends. Whenever I try to initiate conversation with someone I really want to be friends with I get blocked or they delete the post i commented on, I don’t know am I really that much of spazz? I leave innocent normal comments but people just hate me. I’m so afraid to talk to people even online because I literally don’t know what I do that sets them off.

No. 973904

go tell a tranny they're brave for wearing a headband or something

No. 973906

thank you nona. I'm literally going back through our old messages because he committed so much heinous male behaviour and I want to get a solid timeline of events written up. Hopefully I can turn personal milk into gold kek

No. 973910

what do radfems have to do with it

No. 973917

They are of the 'everything I don't like is connected' variety of tard.

No. 973925

My shit country is at a horrible economical collapse with no signs of stopping. Fucking fruit is considered a luxury buy now. It isn't even a paycheck to paycheck anymore, every day everything gets more inflated while my wage is the same. I cannot make it anymore. Min wage is dropping down the poverty line and there are no jobs. I have been sleepless for so long and it is only getting worse. I think it might be truly the day I kill myself. I am so lost.

No. 973933

Damn your parents were shite

No. 973943

Do you live in Turkey?

No. 973951

Yes, the true lolcow of this hellword. I hope someone nukes here soon so I don't have to commit suicide.

No. 973961

Rip anon. No chance of heading for the border?

No. 973981

Im so done with the people, too autistic to totally bend with the normies but can act enough normal to be funtional, and i only want someone to love and to love me and share the life with, its all i ask for.
I can get female attention relatively easy but i get tired of normies bullshit and boring things pretty quickly (+ my own issues of beign "toxic" and "autistic")
Im not desesperate, im just kinda… dissapointed with people in general, i never expect too much yet i always get dissapointed, i hate people.
This world have a lot of good things to enjoy, but i feel totally alone and not having someone to enjoy this world with its a really miserable fate to experience, i hate people that romantize lonely when they havent felt truly lonely or that kind of cope mechanisms like "you dont need someone to make you feel complete" fucking retards, its not about that.
Im on my mid 20s and i have alredy face it that im going to die alone because all the people its trash and im just chasing an illusion, and its pretty frustrating because im not even asking for that much or anything that i couldnt offer, but fuck.
Yet im a hopeless fucking romantic loser and i will keep saving me for someone with a "pure heart" i will not let them win, i will not fall in the corruption and empty normie ways to relating with other normies.
I always feel like im doing the correct things and im proud of myself and my acts based on my values but yet everyday feels the same, empty, with so little hope, i feel like im just living a dream, that nothing its truly real and dosnt truly matter at all yet i cant stop caring about it, life is surely a joke, everyone its a fucking inept clown.
Love its surely the biggest treasure that someone can get, the only thing that i can feel real and that makes this time worth.
Why does the people have to be like this, i will just spend my days living this dream chasing another dream, being in love with someone that dosnt even exist while i get closer to my death knowing very well that even if i get succesful in any career, hobby, whatever, even if i won the lottery, even if get some friends or anything that people will consider succesful i will die without having truly enjoy one single year in my entire lifetime, but at least i lived and died trying to fight for my ideals and i have the peace that i did the correct, at least i had soul, i pretty hate you all.

No. 973989

File: 1637452543519.jpg (122.27 KB, 850x850, __kirisame_marisa_touhou_drawn…)

all I've ever wanted was to feel loved, truly loved, and to be able to love someone back. I don't fall in love with people often, and when I do, I always end up hurt somehow. I'm too autistic to get most guys to even feel attracted to me, I feel like most of them are just out to hurt me. I'm terrified of physical affection and sex unless I'm romantically attached to someone and nobody has the fucking patience for that. I feel like I'll be alone for the rest of my life, I can manage to be happy by myself but, I really just want to be held and kissed sometimes. I hate my fucking life I hate being so fucking lonely

No. 973991

No. 973993

I can't help but feel guilty for feeling lonely. I hate being seen as some abusive bpd-monster but I also know I am one. I can't handle relations ending and being alone in a normal way because I never really learnt how. I've beed dependent on another person for most of my developing years (as well as being abused by one of these people from age 11-14). So every time a relation or friendship ends it feels like everything is being ripped away from me. And of course my panic only helps to drive those people further away and I don't blame them. So saying I don't have a right to feel lonely would be stupid, but at the same time I seem to be unable to just cope with it and move on like a functioning person.

No. 973994

damn, youre still here, unsaged moid newfag?

No. 973997

I feel really similarly. I hope loves comes along for us, nonnie

No. 973998

What? I'm being sympathetic.

No. 974000

its been 4 hours go back to reddit

No. 974001

I aktshually have no idea what you're talking about Becky

No. 974003

Just cunt.

No. 974005

>"Wahhhh I'm so miserable"
>Male suicide is 4x that of women
Not saying women aren't allowed to be upset, but c'mon ladies, it's always over trivial bullshit… "My work crush won't fuck me" FFS… stop being such a gosh darn PICKME!!!!(moid bait)

No. 974008

File: 1637453280077.jpg (36.67 KB, 700x700, 5e6782b89ee19_1nyn34drl0l31__7…)

anyway, i just want you lovely nonnas to know that i hope you have a good day and i love you

No. 974009

Damn, we should really do something about that. 4 is way too low.

No. 974011

good point, kill yourself right now and I'll start caring

No. 974012

You don't really mean that (I'm not a moid but I have a brother I like and care about and I'm not an ugly femcel like these two goblins)

No. 974015

don't give him the attention he wants, report and move on.

No. 974016

you will never be a woman

No. 974017

Timestamp your hands right now, I bet they look like a Turkish man's, fat and hairy.

No. 974018

Based. Imagine being man and fail at suicide.

No. 974023


You need to just calm down. You aren't in Yemen or Afghanistan. Turkey is well off compared to a lot of it's neighbors and has many tourists from around the world.

I'm from the Philippines, trust me you'll be OK.

No. 974027

That’s irrelevant, she’s a woman in a muslim country, you both have it horribly

No. 974028

Border to where? Greece? Which also has a shit economy? Lmao

No. 974029

I ate spicy food all my life but even since i turned 21 (im 22 now) its like i cant my asshole cannot tolerate spicy food anymore i fucking hate it. Ive been using sriracha (which isnt even spicy) for the past few days and now im paying the price. Im so sad . Is it aging? Do i have IBS? fuck this shit. I used to be able to eat those 2x spicy korean noodles (with added cayenne pepper) with no issues and my body was fine but now it just makes my ass hurt. Sorry if its gross. This is my rant.

No. 974032

File: 1637454169753.jpg (74.58 KB, 736x736, 3ebb07a494e91fea972e00c079325b…)

Sometimes I wish I was still religious so I could have a reason to not off myself after my parents die

No. 974033


Majority of Turkey literally praises Atatürk which is the man who secularized the country after the Ottoman Empire. Many people living in Turkey are openly atheist and irreligious. I'm sorry you don't know shit about anything outside your western bubble, anon. Maybe go travel instead of sitting on your fat ass being a racist cunt.

No. 974035

Idgi how would that make one less suicidal

No. 974042

Why do bitches in the west act like the average white woman is a CEO, doctor or engineer when the majority of their STEM and medical professionals are imported from Asia (Indians, Filipinos, Chinese, Arabs) ? White-American women tend to be BPD low achieving junkies at a higher rate than immigrant women do, no wonder there's such an increase of girls in the west joining OnlyFans..Literally 90% of the lolcows posted on this website are white, yet y'all pity Muslim women lmao.(racebait)

No. 974043

I think you might have to find a new reason, religion helps but idk, if you don’t consider it helpful anymore, it won’t be the same.
You could try joining a shelter to help people or animals, it could make you gain some confidence or something.

No. 974052

Moids should commit more, instead they murder suicide because the world does not serve them their every whim with little effort on their part to get what they want. At least just take out yourself lower sex.

No. 974060

He was just a moderate pussy. You can’t convince me turks are treating women any different bc they eat pork.

No. 974069

File: 1637456050395.jpg (140.42 KB, 534x800, 9d979d3b03cf230fe6cb5f0586497d…)

I was Catholic and suicide is a sin and would lead one straight to hell. Not that I was less suicidal, but that was the reason I wouldn't do it.

Thanks anon, I will think about it. I love my parents a lot and sometimes taking care of them and being with them (and of course, not devastating them with my death, especially during their older age) is my only driving force.
I have a fiance and siblings, but I honestly think they would get over it quick enough.
Sorry about the suicide ideation, but I often think about going to the middle of the sea with a gun, and killing myself there. No corpse to clean up, no funeral costs, no need to know if it was suicide or a fishing trip accident, I'll be fish food so it's useful.

No. 974070

The one thing I know about Ataturk is he murdered a bunch of newspaper journalists, including an ancestor of Boris Johnson's. And I'm a Westerner!

No. 974073

Why have moid friends?

No. 974075

It as only decided to be a mortal sin because early christians were trigger happy when it comes to going to heaven asap lmfao. Anyway now church is backpedaling on the whole sin thing when it's a result of depression and mental illness in general
I absolutely don't think you should kill yourself, I just wanted to say that cause it's interesting

No. 974078

I am catholic and honestly that never helped me. I was about to off myself when I turned 24, just some months after my dog died of cancer, she was the only thing keeping me here. Didn't do it because my parents brought home 3 tiny kittens that someone abandoned without their mother and I had to take care of them because my parents wouldn't do it properly. 2 are still alive and that's my reason to live. I intend to go to veterinary school in the near future (covid messed it up) and leave neetdom forever.
Hope you find your reason to stay.

No. 974087

Too many retards on here do, then the reality hits them

No. 974089

Thanks nonnie, and I actually didn't know that! The church goes through a lot of changes, I reckon…

I guess I was just a kid very scared from hell and such, I stopped considering myself religious/catholic when I was 15, so I was still pretty young. I'm 28 now, for reference.
I am glad you are still here and have a good reason to stay, anon.
I know I shouldn't do it, and tbh some days I really feel great and that life has so many options and stuff to do, but sometimes, you know… It's just a slump. Like right now I have this giant lump in my throat and have been like this for a while, whilst having random bouts of tears just falling, like just crying without even moving my mouth. It's weird. I don't know if it's depression or some other random shit, but it became more prominent after the 25 y/o mark.

No. 974094

They're handy for manual labor

No. 974096

i wanna drop out of grad school and get a job. problem is that i live in a dorm and i'll be kicked out if i drop out so i have to find my own place but landlords always want copies of your last three paychecks so they can be sure that you actually have a job to pay for the apartment. i hate it here.

No. 974097

>signed up for figure drawing
>model today is a guy
>starts normal until the supervisor says it’s time to start longer poses
>model lays down reverse table top on his platform, all I can see is his completely hairless butt, balls and his penis balanced on top
thankfully he changed his mind and did another pose but god I needed to post about this somewhere

No. 974098

coming back on here after a few days makes me realize how much of an outcast I am

No. 974105

File: 1637459216979.jpg (132.49 KB, 800x450, Punching_Pepe_Banner.jpg)

I don't know if its the scrote trying to troll around the boards or some insufferable squizo anon but i highly doubt it as this been happening lately, it didn't use to be like this, but now i can't even post shit without some pussy trying to hijack my post for whatever reason, i could literally post anything and it would derail into some political autismo or retarded infight, there's always infighting on imageboards but its has been out of control lately and i'm sick of it, i'm so fucking sick of it. And i'm so sure there's going to be more than one autismo being obtuse about this post and pretending they haven't been acting like a squizo all this time. This place used to be fun, now no one can take a joke and everyone takes shit too seriously.

No. 974108

File: 1637459393139.jpg (61.88 KB, 1093x885, image2.jpg)

I'm so fucking weird sometimes that I genuinely have started to think I have a serious problem. I'm not one to self diagnose but I really do question if I have Asperger's or autism or something besides ADHD that makes me as strange and insufferable as I am. I don't even know how to word it or explain it, I'm just awkward around people unless we're one-on-one and even then I sometimes still act cringe and embarrassing.

No. 974115

> I’m shitting and crying right now.
go back

No. 974123

Had a terrible dream and now I feel awful. In the dream I was stalking my ex girlfriend on her way home. She eventually spotted me and tried her best to avoid me (getting off the train before her stop or something), but I kept following her until eventually she started running to get away from me. I then got really angry and ran after her until I eventually tackled her to the ground and pinned her down. She was crying and I was saying something like "You know you can't run from me, you belong to me". And then I woke up. I hate how the subconscious can manifest itself in dreams like that and I feel like there is something very wrong with me, even if I would never hurt anyone or use violence like that in real life. It was just so vivid.

No. 974125

Ok, admittedly that was an exaggeration. I was kinda crying though cause I'm so done, I just want to exist and be nice to other people without being seen as someone to fuck. Usually, I'd just go ghost, but he lives like 5 ft away from me, so there's no hope. I don't know how to reject him so that he leaves me alone instead of attacking me

No. 974127

Why did I have to be given a troon like name and go into IT. I chose my uni degree before all this bullshit, and now I worry I'll be assumed a mentally ill man and won't get a job by including my programming knowledge.

No. 974128

>living in a forest for 6 months
>not paying rent for half of a year
This is actually amazing. Tell me your ways. Did you have outdoor survival skills beefore you tried this?

No. 974135

Based schizo-forest anon. How was the return to monke?

No. 974148

I hope this anon gets home safely, I would like to ask her if she saw anything spooky in the Japanese forest

No. 974151

File: 1637465504873.jpeg (60.93 KB, 700x723, QUACK.jpeg)


No. 974152

File: 1637465593629.jpg (520.18 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-11-21-00-32-25…)

Are you samefagging? It was obviously a fanfic.

No. 974153

yes i am samefagging, in fact i'm the OP of that post >>970073

No. 974154

File: 1637466130069.jpg (17.73 KB, 471x471, 828.jpg)

my ex is a real piece of shit. he cheats on me for 8 years and i still feel it now. i guess im just mega retarded. that and/or hes just a fucking gross nasty faggot who will take any desperate whore on craigs and tinder. the only reason i stayed with that asshole was because we had kids and they needed some stability and not a faggotass father who never sat with them to teach them colors and words and basic things that parents do with children. but i got played.

No. 974155

Would it be possible to find a company that would pay for your tuition until you graduate and go work with them? I've heard of that kind of thing although I don't really know how it works or if it would be realistic for your situation/field…

No. 974165

idk how anyone believed that post

No. 974166

Go take your meds please

No. 974168

No, I don't think I will.

No. 974190

I finally stopped back in January because I was sick of my Mom complaining about my gross fingers. I wish I had some tips for you, but I pretty much just decided, "nah, I'm gonna stop" and that was it. Thought about it for years, so maybe I was finally ready.

No. 974209

File: 1637473482631.jpg (459.75 KB, 1080x1810, IMG_20211121_063553.jpg)

>sometimes visit threads on 4chan that talk about games targeted at women
>utter internalized misogyny and seething from presumably gays
I don't get how you can play games targeted at girls and spend so much time seething at girls.
>this game is implementing complex gameplay which isn't meant for women's tiny brains! They need to stop pretending women are their target audience!
Dude, 3 of my female friends managed to get 99% clearence in the last challenge event with the most difficult song in the game (it's a rhythm game).

Then there's the seething at yume fans and how all men are gay and would never look at the female main character (despite flirting with her in canon). Are these Aydens complaining or some form of weird gay men who browse 4chan and plax josei games?

No. 974210

Why Do men on 4chan talk about women 24/7 especially /fit/?? Shouldn't you be working on yourself and not running around screaming how cam thots with 10 plastic surgeries are all natural fertile beauties?

No. 974215

thank you dear, Ily.

No. 974216

I'm here for scizo-mori anon, hope she updates soon.

No. 974223

why are men such fucking pigs. i don’t understand it. every single guy i’ve ever dated has had a complete disregard for cleanliness. every single man in my family would rather live in filth than lift a finger to clean up after themselves.
why. just why.
pick up your fucking garbage. if you spill something clean it up. stop leaving your fucking shoes and clothing all over the floor!!!!!! clean up your beard hair when you shave!!!!!! ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 974230

I just spent 6k gems on a card and I feel physically ill I was holding onto those gems for so long and I planned to use them for so many future events but this one card wasn't fucking coming so I kept rolling and rolling until it finally came and I'm happy, really, but that sinking pit feeling is still there and I know I'm going to have to use money for the future events but I don't have that much to go crazy with so I might not get future cards. I hate being fucking poor

No. 974231

I got 99% too nonner

No. 974237

Which game?

No. 974247

Video editing is so fucking hard I give up

No. 974249

Angry/sad drinking tonight. Life isn't fair but it fucking sucks to see the person who put you on your current path succeed and be trusted as a good member of society. I have one outburst after being pushed and pushed and suddenly I've been the bad guy all along. Doesn't matter that he's over a foot taller and probably has 100lbs on me. Doesn't matter he was screaming that I was a retarded cunt. Doesn't matter he towered over me and told me I should be scared. Doesn't matter that I was literally backed into a corner and felt I had no other actions to resort to. I left a mark on a man the world loves and I'm the fucking crazy one. These feelings come from something that happened quite a while ago now but once in a while someone mentions him and I feel so fucking defeated.

No. 974254

shut up tranny
Exactly, if we could show other people that these stunning and brave freaks are pedo coomers they would stop virtue signaling about them. But most people don't believe that most boys over the age of 10 have already started consuming pornographic content on a daily basis.

No. 974257

Maybe you should reconsider playing gacha games, they're designed to drain you of your money after all and it's not going to make you happy.

No. 974258

Since I'm so unhirable, even if i got a job by the end of next week I won't have enough money for rent. Im at the point where I'm going to sell my collectibles just to hopefully get enough by the first. I just want to cry. Why did i have to fuck myself over so much. I should have stayed at my old job even if I was overwhelmed and not good at it. I hate myself so much so fucking my life up.

No. 974259

I think people who go out on social media or into group chats and straight up say “I feel bad, I need some validation pwease” are cringe as hell. But at the same time I wish I could do that myself, I just wanna be able to tell people how much I fucking feel like shit every day and that just hearing them say something earnestly nice to me would make me feel better. I feel so fucking neglected by them sometimes, maybe I’m being self centric but I just want them to acknowledge me every so often.

No. 974265

I have just had a nightmare about high school, then I woke up and realized that it wasn't real. I'm a grown adult. I thought I was over it but it came back in an unexpected way.

No. 974267

I'm 26 and still have nightmares like that (and middle school) on a daily basis

No. 974270

I keep having nightmares that I'm 25 and have to take math with teenagers again because I was so bad at university math they booted me back to high school kek

No. 974271

no you're right. And the thing is, if you ask for people to compliment you, those compliments aren't earnestly nice. Like they may well be true nice things about you, but how can you know if it's that or if they're just saying it because you asked?

like i xan't imagine being pleased with yourseld after you browbeat your "friends" into showering you with compliments that aren't even for doing anything. That's so different from like posting your art or w/e and getting unasked for compliments for something real.

No. 974301

I met a guy I really liked two months ago but he's emotionally unavailable as a lot of the men I usually meet. I have racing thoughts all the time around relationships and it's hard for me to just "flow" and let things happen naturally. I get in my head a lot. He wants to take things slowly and it annoys him every time I want to push to the next step. The problem is why do I keep choosing men that are cold, distant and don't want "labels"? The worst part is that I was really trying this time to take things slowly and if I had a bad day where I wanted to isolate myself because of my insecurities and not make him umcofortable (thinking OK maybe he's right and I take things too quickly too) he still noticed and would push me to say what was wrong with me. I must had heard 5 times the "I need things to go slow, I think you're great but I don't like you or love you for a label yet" and "why would you want to be in a relationship with someone you JUST met two months ago"? He doesn't even notice how much it hurts me when he invalidates my feelings or judges me for how I feel. I'm trying to respect his times but he doesn't seem to understand mine.

Why am I such an idiot? Should I just let ir be? He separated pretty recently, the thing is that when we meet we always have an amazing time, but it's usually under his terms and when he can and we only fight over chat, it's all over chat. He talks to me every day like we're a couple too and it makes me confused, and makes me think we are something else. He has insinuated twice this week that if I would just relax "that things would go were I want" but that I'm pushing and making him uncomfortable. I've never been the hysterical one, so I hate feeling like I'm being labeled this way, I'm embarrassed. Please help anons.

No. 974303

I literally hate myself because of how much I overthink things, why can't I just do my own thing and not think about the other person at all. Why can't I be cold like the rest and not care about someone until later on? I still think he's not being very emotionally responsible because he talks to me a lot, mentions things that make me feel like we're on to something but I genuinely have no idea of how much I would need to "wait" to make things more official. He's also exclusive with me, we see each other like twice a week, he mentioned meeting his friend someday. I don't get what's the problem here, we are basically a couple already.

I just feel so dumb, sorry for the extra rant. I want to shut off my brain and never talk to people again, I opened myself up to meeting someone this year and it's been rejection after rejection.

No. 974306


Anona, I think this is too late to save. The dynamic has already been created of chaser and chased and hes leaning into it. Maybe it's the cynic in me, maybe I've seen this too much, but I'd say he enjoys it. He knows you want more and he likes shutting it down. For example;
>if I had a bad day where I wanted to isolate myself because of my insecurities and not make him umcofortable (thinking OK maybe he's right and I take things too quickly too) he still noticed and would push me to say what was wrong with me.
He KNOWS you're upset about how slow things are going, but he pushes because he wants to hear it and push you away you again, while dangling that carrot in front of you. A good healthy man would be upfront about his timeline and not try push you into being a cool girl. You're denying your own feelings.

Nothing is worse imo than constantly denying, cutting short or sanitising your own feelings and putting yourself in a place of less power. Leave it be. Also, look into why anxious/avoidant attachment pairings are so common, and try catch this shit because you're just doing yourself harm.

No. 974321

Anon speaking from my own good experience, you ought to try. There are good and bad shit jobs. What's your field?

I had myself believing that every workplace just came with these shit factors, and my best hope is moving to a higher level where i'd be better paid for the same level of burnout.

Instead, my current coworkers are professional but friendly instead of cliquey and high schooly where you actually suffer in your role if you're not in the in gang. The manager is competent and realistic regarding expectations instead of a fucking absent buffoon, the location is in a city centre vs the middle of nowhere, and the company seems to care more about my wellbeing.

All this and my responsiilities are actually a bit shitter, but the job itself is 5x better because of these other factors, and I lament being lazy for those 6 months before leaving because that's 6 months I could've been not burnt out, felt accepted and respected. Like now I consider it a form of self harm due to neglect. Start applying anon, for your own sake.

No. 974329

Sis he's not into you, he just likes the attention.

No. 974336

Man I just wish I could meet a hot depressed kinda cynical introverted guy to date. I want to hole in, play vidya and hate everything together.

No. 974343

before i got into a relationship and was a depressed/drug addicted/lowkey food restrictive mess, i was like 95 lbs (5’3). but now that i’m a lot happier and in a healthy relationship, i’m up to 126 after about a year and a half. it’s a perfectly healthy weight, i’ve stabilized around here for a good amount of time, plus i lift + cardio but i can’t help but feel a little bit of self loathing/discomfort about my new body.

like i keep having thoughts like “i could bear to lose 10 pounds” or “maybe even just 5 pounds” and i find it so sad… my once bony upper arms are now squishy and my tummy isn’t caving in and i feel some kind of cognitive dissonance about that.

the only things that keep me from going full restricting mode again are my partner who loves my body, knowing it would make both of us miserable, and my face looking happier and cuter than ever. but i still think, maybe 5 pounds? but if i start i’ll just run away with it…

No. 974364

File: 1637500768286.jpg (277.84 KB, 1125x1685, Tumblr_l_106930987660092.jpg)

>distant and don't want "labels"?

Run when you hear this shit. It's an admittance to wanting to waste your time and wring as much sex out of you before you get fed up and leave or get discarded for being rightfully "clingy" or "going too fast" (but he's not going to fast for wanting to fuck, ever).

Two months is plenty of time for them to know if they are serious about you. In fact, most have made their mind up within one date. But the truth is men are not like us where we say "I'm not that into you, bye", they will never leave an opportunity to fuck and be validated by a woman on the table. Instead they will discard you mentally but keep you around, making you out to be the needy one if you don't assume his rules. You will be stressed and confused, a big sign that he is not legitimate. A good one will be pursuing you, and you are telling him what the pace will be.

My advice is to cut off and leave. He'll gaslight again, imply youre CrAZy for wanting to be official, make you out to have emotional issues, and maybe even blame love languages and his poor widdle attachment issues/fear of commitment. If you put aside your broken ego and affection for him, and deliver this bluntly while staying unbothered, you may even be rewarded with a bit of groveling and actual effort. Of course, don't accept it, that's your cue to giggle and block.

No. 974365

maybe something is messing up on my end or the nonna who replied to me deleted it, but i wanted to let you know i hear you, appreciate your sentiments, and hope that you can be healthy and strong again one day. i know the feel of having absolutely no appetite and it can kinda make you feel less human (especially with the way other people react to it—i think overeating is a more “accepted”/well known reaction to stress or other mental goings-ons, so when you have the opposite folks automatically think you’re being edgy or have anorexia and they get uncomfy. fucking sucks)

anyway best wishes and i will keep lifting, i’ve been a little lazy the past few days but today’s sets will be for you nonnita

No. 974373

nta but god this hurt to read. Thank you anon

No. 974379

i wish there was a thread purely for venting where anons wouldn't reply with advice. i just want to vent into the void.
this is the worst terf meme ever. why is she dating someone who even looks at porn in the first place, and why would sex be in the missionary position with the man on top? gross. and "birthing children will appease the goddess"? wtf, gross.

No. 974380

I'm sorry, I know it's a hard reality to face. Just know it's not because of you or your value. If your rank a woman 1-10 on compatibility with him, most men would always rather have multiple 5's in perpetual emotional distance instead of one 10 in commitment. I've spent many hours reading manosphere spaces and the shit they talk about is like seeing surgery for the first time. I'm somewhat shocked but it all makes sense now.

No. 974381

>i wish there was a thread purely for venting where anons wouldn't reply with advice. i just want to vent into the void.
there's the off your chest thread for that! >>>/ot/922178

No. 974382

The "get it off your chest" thread is a thing

No. 974383

Whoever made that meme secretly wants a conservitard gf and not a radfem

No. 974390

File: 1637503785272.png (1.05 MB, 660x692, 3DB5A67D-EFF7-4A7D-9B21-A904E3…)


No. 974391

Weak propaganda

No. 974392

I want a rich butch gf who spoils me

No. 974393

Good propaganda

No. 974404

I find it disgusting how so many people try to say that there is no context ever where another person is responsible for another's suicide. That's such a pitiful moral copout and I question the motivation of the people who insist this. My friend's sister just committed suicide after her boyfriend (who was totally aware of her mental health struggles) cheated on her for months, dumped her, emptied their entire bank account (every dime in it was from her not him), took everything expensive that he wanted from the apartment while she was gone, flaunted the new girl on social media with snide captions about "upgrading", and blocked her number so she couldn't even confront him directly about it. All his friends are giving him ass pats, saying he can't blame himself, but like… yeah, he fucking should? It's absolutely his fault. Sure, she made the choice to kill herself, but he dumped a girl he knew was prone to suicidal ideation in a monsterous way. This isn't the same as someone being blamed for another person's suicide after dumping them in a normal non-sociopathic.

No. 974405

would you settle for someone who is half of both of those things? like 50% wealth 50% butchness? because

No. 974422

if she is very charming i would

No. 974429

I just got my new monthly box of my favorite incense made from ancient secret Nihon recipes but made in the US now…and they fucking changed the recipe and it’s packaged in a slicker slightly updated box! I suppose this is cuz of the supply chain crisis?

No. 974430

Samefag, it’s been made in the US for decades, the change didn’t happen because they moved

No. 974431

You're right, he should be held accountable.

No. 974462

Yesterday I fainted and bumped my head and today I feel so tired. I have midterms starting tomorrow but I can't concentrate at all.

No. 974463

BItCH Go get checked

No. 974467

I'm full on pissing out my ass today. The last time I was like this was 2016 with a case of food poisoning. Not sure what went wrong this time, but I could've done without getting caught out in a remote village far away with only an hourly bus back. Thank god the village church toilets were open.

I absolutely don't want to go tell my manager tomorrow that i'm off because I have the shits.

No. 974510

Thank you for your nice reply, I was afraid I was being too self-centered in the post so I deleted it.
Let's get fit together nona. Wish you the best, you can and will overcome your past unhealthy habits. You got this!

No. 974513

The guy I was flirting casually with is a complete dumbass

So this guy will make jokes about eating ass, we cuddle on the sofa when watching movies, and the other day he wouldn't stop bitching until I bit his nipple.
Yesterday he told me how sweet I was and how he would like to take a bite. I decided to stop being a wuss and flirt back by saying "Oooh? Well do it" and I exposed my neck.
He called ME horny and told me he was going to give me my personal space.

This morning, he's mad at me because I didn't hug him. He was like "The fuck?" Told him I needed my space.
He explained "Well it's just weird when girls show their horny"

Attraction GONE!

No. 974524

NTA but this is some great advice and explanation of the 'no labels' guys. Best I've read in a while. Thanks, nona.

No. 974540

It's absolutely his fault, the fuck. How many times do you have to attack someone in so many hurtful ways? What a shitstain waste of oxygen.
His new gf too if she saw it all play out.

No. 974546

being fat sucks. i wish i wasn't fat, most of my problems would be nonexistent. i've never been in a relationship and my standards are so incredibly high for what i deliver. no one of my standards would even look into my direction.

i can't continue living my life like this, i need to change because i'd rather die than have to spend the rest of my life looking like i do now. so from now on i'm going to lose all this weight. i've spent too many years being fat and i really can't afford to continue being like this

No. 974584

Few things are a bigger turn off than horny scrotes who get squicked out by women returning their energy. Why wouldn't you want the woman you're coming ont to be into it? Feels borderline predatorial.

No. 974585

I don’t feel like I’m ever going to able to overcome the after effects of being raised by narc parent(s). I’m almost 30 and still feel extremely insecure, inadequate and jealous. Luckily I don’t think I’m toxic towards others as I’m mainly implosive. I’ve been in bed now for almost 2 weeks because I’m too depressed to function, I left once to see friends and put on my brave face only to return back to my bed never to leave again. I’ve started antidepressants again but those won’t change these thoughts heavily ingrained in to my brain. Had CBT twice and was discharged as the therapist said it wasn’t helping me. Waiting for therapy again but I don’t know how much that will really help. My parents never praised me much as a child. Today I remembered there was a child singer Charlotte Church and every time she came on tv my mom used to purposely say “I wish she was my daughter, she is so perfect with such a beautiful voice” to wind me up and I used to go in to a rage tantrum I hated her so much, I also couldn’t watch movies with female child lead actors because I felt major hatred towards girl child actors. It’s hilarious now I think of it but boy do I believe my brain was conditioned to be doomed from the start.

No. 974588

I'm addicted to having crushes bc it relieves boredom and this is why I'm a husbandofag kek. It scratches the itch so well and it's perfectly harmless.

No. 974590

File: 1637524597535.jpg (10.07 KB, 225x225, RETARD.jpg)

Seething so hard rn and I have nowhere else to vent, so bear with me nonnas. <3 Anyway, I fucking hate terminally online munchie retards that expect everyone to put a uwu content warning on everything. Like I'm talking about something and they're like Ummmm ackshually can you please censor the name of this specific obscure piece of media? I have CPTSD because someone who was an asshole to me one time liked it and now I literally have a panic attack everytime I even hear about it? Kill yourself or cope, retard, how the fuck do you even live outside of online spaces? CW food? On a fucking cooking video? Bitch do you complain about seeing food in the fucking grocery store? Girl tell me to put a content warning on anything ever again and I will go rabid on your hethey ass

No. 974592

I've met several men like this and just…. why??? It just feels like some weird narc thing men do to beg for attention like "ooo try harder to get me to stay around after coming onto you and leaving once you show interest back woman!!" or like they'll brag to their friends about rejecting you. Some men seem more obsessed with the idea of rejecting women instead of having a mutually pleasing relationship, and then go out of their way to embarrass themselves by leading on women and stomping away about how she's a horndog who's obsessed with him because she showed mutual attraction back. I honestly don't know how men do this it's so embarrassing on their part

No. 974594

Those type of scrotes probably have a corruption fetish or look for demure girls specifically. The lowest of lows.

No. 974596

>making yourself so porn sick that you're unable to get off to women who want to have sex with you to the point of ditching potential hookups and embarrassing yourself because she showed attraction back

No. 974632

I've got major beef with my mums boyfriend because when I was moving out he called me a cunt and threatened to break my shit cos he wanted to make my room his office. My mum made a bunch of excuses for him about him hating his fucking job or whatever. Like he hasnt apologised because hes still mad at me, even tho I didn't do shit. Now shes graduated in to just pretending it didnt happen and he is outright denying it. It happened shortly before my birthday and he was pissed it meant he couldn't come to my birthday dinner. I've got a family dinner next weekend and I am fully expecting him to get drunk and talk shit. I'm kind of dreading it because its going to be very awkward. Im mad my mum picked him, and I'm mad he couldn't even apologise and would rather tell people I'm a petty, lying bitch. It doesn't seem fair that my own mum isn't even on my side

No. 974662

So don't go to the dinner, anon, holy fuck, stand up for yourself and grow a backbone.

No. 974667

When I first started beauty school it was alright and I made a friend on the first day. She was way older than me and already had her life together. She invited me to eat lunch in her car and we started conversing. She immediately brought up faith and being a Christian and started asking me if I believed and all that.
Throughout my time in school I've went through some emotional moments and I would vent to her about it. She would give me advice and in the end she tells me to believe in God and that he will help. So I decided to give that a try.
I went to a retreat and signed into classes about converting into catholicism. At first I liked their philosophies and stuff. But the people seem to act the opposite. Whenever I visit my friend her husband(who is extremely catholic) he bombards me with questions about my faith and tries to expose my insecurities and even forced me to admit my sexuality.
I personally don't have anything against religion, but I can't get myself into it. I'm just too free spirited to submit to something I can't fully get into. But I don't know how to confront the people I've met through it about it. Especially my friend and her husband.
I really don't want to cut her off after we graduate because she's a really good person. It's just that her faith changed me to feel bad about my own life.

No. 974674

so gross that "armpit hair" is a fetish for men.

No. 974677

I guess it's just normal to dump your friends the moment you get a lover.

No. 974687

It is sadly for both genders. Maybe give it some time and they'll be back after the puppy love fades a bit?

No. 974688

So is asshole hair

No. 974689

I have plentiful

No. 974692

That's just a regular man not brainwashed by advertising

No. 974693

not really. There's a difference a man not bothered by something and having his mind warp to view something natural as 'a fetish'

No. 974694

nah I'm not going to wait like a dog only to hear them vent and then disappear, I'm not a therapist or a pet and they can go fuck themselves

No. 974702

get the morning after pill. You don't want to be that one anon who didn't pay for the $50 pill and ended up having to struggle getting an abortion

No. 974706

I have some dumbass squeaking sound in my ear whenever I chew or swallow solids. It's not the normal crackling sound, I know how that one's supposed to sound like, this one right here just started a few months ago, but for the past few days it's been so incredibly loud that I wanna rip my head off oh my god.

No. 974723

It's sad, yet comforting that I'm not the only one who experienced this and other men act this way. But also disgusted

No. 974730

File: 1637534050901.jpg (149.83 KB, 906x596, Capture.JPG)

I get this when I'm at the really snotty phase of a cold. I consulted Dr Google. The way this guy describes it is exactly how it sounds with my cold, but I sometimes get a pain in at as well.

Some other sites said it was the same thing. On the same page as img was this
>Try equalizing the pressure in your ears by holding you nose and blowing. If you hear this noise, some condition is blocking the passage between the ear and sinus which should be clear and allow this pressure to equalize. I have this problem often and visited doctors who have not really been able to do much.

Might as well try that and see if it goes and see a doc if it doesn't shift. Replying because it's got to be annoying af.

No. 974744

was just thinking about this the other day, I’m so sad that all I have from my childhood is a book or two, my mom has like this weird compulsion to throw things that aren’t hers away. It’s so annoying it literally makes me feel crazy bc what goes through her mind that makes it okay to just throw my things away? Not just sentimental stuff but food, bowls and cups that are mine she just throws away so I have to hoard everything in my room.

No. 974767

aaaaaaaaai want to fucking die

No. 974768

File: 1637537819606.jpg (107.06 KB, 735x490, d5ecdda3a12fef0d2243c20c4f577f…)

Sent an email to about 11 japanese universities about an exchange program and only 3 answered back.
I don't mind the rejection, I just don't wanna be left in the dark, especially considering that my application deadline is Dec 1st (I told them it was this Tuesday just to be sure). Same thing with job applications, sometimes I get hopeful, only to be met with crickets.
Hopefully they'll answer by Tuesday.

No. 974769

Some guy just sniffed me in the store and walked off. Can't I just leave my house without people creeping me out?

No. 974770

ah nonnie my beloved… thank you… i will try…

No. 974771

do any nonnies wanna be my big sister
I'm 26 tho super immature n need my life together

No. 974772

For real. If they could at least put up disclaimers like "If we don't respond by [date], we don't want you", just worded a bit more professional obv.

No. 974778

Im 25 but ill still be the supportive big sis anyway

No. 974795

My dear friend died from cancer yesterday. I didnt answer her last text because I'm busy working on my degree. I read it today after I got the news and it said, "Hope I see you soon. Love you".

I suddenly hate myself. I didnt mean to not answer. I read her fb post and she took a sudden turn. I'll never forget this day.

No. 974796

I need to stop coming here but there are so many nice, funny, and interesting anons that make it hard to do so.

No. 974803

I loathe cptsd and how it affects nearly every asset of your being so thoroughly. It is such a crippling existence and I can't wait until I'm healed one day. I wish I wasn't so fucked up from my childhood. I can't describe the agony I'm in and everything is so overwhelming. I hate this, I hate this. It needs to end

No. 974808

I will try doing intermittent fasting of 48 hours twice a week, I barely move because all I do is chores since I can’t go out, maybe I can lose 5 kilos this month and feel less miserable while doing so.
I mean, I don’t see why not, drinking tea without sugar isn’t a big deal to me, and I really need to stop going from 100 to 97 or I will go insane. I just miss going to the gym and having 2 hours all for myself while being productive because I was working on my health, it was nice feeling like I could enjoy doing exercise without any pressure because it was my hobby that I loved the most, everything made sense and everyone praised me when I lost weight.
So I will do my best, maybe now the exercises that I do at home will actually do something.

No. 974809

I am so sorry anon, my heart is aching for you.

No. 974813

I’m right there with you nonny. I had to go on meds because I couldn’t take it anymore. Now I don’t feel anything at all. My brain is fucked

No. 974818

I'm doing my part by being a mean, retarded, and boring, you're welcome

No. 974820

Thank you so much anon. That means a lot to me. Thank you.

No. 974822

my brothers grew up to be misogynist and racist. i haven't met them for years and i thought they would be mature because they went to university and worked, but instead they became bitter. i can't comprehend how they ended up like this. it's disgusting. i joined their party once and their friends kept making misogynistic, racist and antisemitic jokes, of course only because as a female i don't exist in the room, and there were no jewish or brown people there. i thought maybe they just have a dark sense of humor so i said some offensive jokes that poked fun at them. and guess fucking what, who was suddenly the victim? they can't handle the slightest fucking criticism towards themselves even when it's a drunken party joke, and they bro up "don't say that!", "nooo, it's not like that!" getting all sensitive, but when they keep saying n* and other shit all that fucking sensitivity goes out of the window! at least one of their friend's called out the too many holocaust jokes when i mentioned it but holy shit they are assholes. i asked my bf to pick me up from the party and he did and brought me some snacks, next time my brothers saw me they called him a simp behind his back. i am trying so hard not to "i believe i can change them" because i tried and it led to nothing. they get defensive and say it's just jokes. i am only getting frustrated if i hang out with them. i clean the house the most out of these assholes yet they had the audacity to get jealous when i got to stay in the best room. fuck you, you can not pretend to not know how to fold your own clothes your entire life despite larping as the biggest intellectual going off to uni, then get mad when i don't separate your shitty underwear correctly, how the hell am i supposed to even know what underpants you wear you disgusting idiot, i hope nobody will ever have to see them. you literally think all women exist just to be your slave and that them having personal choice is bad. you think women are hysterical when they get their rights taken away but get triggered when they don't throw themselves at you or beg to be your handmaiden

No. 974837

Idk what to say when people ask me what I do for fun. Browse imageboards and indulge in self loathing? I don't do anything for fun.

No. 974851

No I was the crossbow poster.

Living in a forest sounds great right now because prices are really rising, my wage isn't getting higher, and I might not be able to keep my job to begin with. I had friends go homeless multiple times before. I'll probably have to face the same situation, but their advice might not apply in some cases because they're guys.

No. 974864

i tried to show my husband some funny tik toks before bed and he got mad at me and threw my phone across the bed. sometimes this just sucks and i can’t help but cry and feel totally emotional and like a Stupid Woman

No. 974868

You're not stupid because you're sad over your husbands emotional outbursts you're stupid because you don't leave his ass

No. 974874

what why?? did he see a political tiktok that hurt his feelings?

No. 974881

no, he thinks they are a waste of time. i mean, he’s not wrong, but sometimes i just want to share a laugh with him.

No. 974885

I hate tiktok but how does it feel to be with someone who sucks joy out of life for u

No. 974890

File: 1637553114847.gif (498.13 KB, 400x214, Natalie-Portman-Blows-A-Kiss-R…)

Love you, anon.

No. 974893

I usually bully anons that are simping for shitty scrotes but this post is genuinely sad, you just wanted to be have a good time and he had to be a fucking asshole, i'm sorry anon

No. 974907

It sucks that people can interfere with your life and cause you so much mental damage and stress, but they get to live their life everyday without knowing the harm they caused you. This girl messaged my boyfriend over a year ago. It was essentially nothing, and my boyfriend told me about it and hasn’t talked to her. But I still feel pain and anxiety thinking about her to this day. It’s the biggest fight me and my boyfriend ever had, and it was this girls fault. She gets to live her life everyday with her husband while everyday I have to think about her. I have to think about the anxiety she gave me. I have to think about when my boyfriend told me he got a message from a girl he used to be friends with in the middle of a restaurant where I began to hysterically cry in front of strangers that mocked me while I got drunk. I have to think about how I cried the entire way home. I have to think about how my boyfriend told me he was afraid he was investing his time into the wrong person by being with me. She will never know the irreparable harm she caused me and my relationship.

No. 974908

Holy shit, anon, you need to see a therapist. Nothing about your reaction to this situation is reasonable.

No. 974915

I am retarded. I've had a pan for over a year and tonight was the first time I used it in the oven and I fucking grabbed the hot handle right after I took it out. It could be worse but it hurts so bad nonnies.

No. 974924

Everyday is just either intense dissociation or feeling stupid/weak/incompetent. Sorry to be a downer but I just gave up, trying to fix myself and plan for a future always sends me into panic attacks and deep depression. Pretty sure I have early dementia or something from so much dissociating.

No. 974925

I feel like loneliness ruined my personality. Even if I have the opportunity to make friends again my sense of humour and emotions in general have been dulled by all the time alone so nobody would want to get to know me.

No. 974928

Hot pans are the worst. I'm a tard and accidentally burn myself all the time. I've got 3 small burns from cooking right now on my hands and arm. Sometimes I think I shouldn't be allowed to touch this shit unsupervised.

No. 974933

that sounds extremely painful. was that girl flirting with your boyfriend? why did he say that thing in the end, to make you jealous? if you allow me to give you advice i would recommend breaking up with him and also a therapist

No. 974937

consider a lobotomy, seriously why did you have such a major retard sperg out over that?

No. 974938

it's so fucked that everything is so difficult. i need more energy, i want to do things. then i drink caffeine to give me energy, which makes me anxious, again, almost incapacitated to achieve anything. i look back at my life and it's all procrastination. all because of some trash scrotes talking to me when i was not supposed to be online. i wish i did not use the internet until i was 18. i hate this and i don't deserve this and neither do you.

No. 974941

Wow. Sorry but you should seriously get therapy. You don’t sound psychologically stable enough for a serious relationship yet. It’ll only become worse if you ever decide to marry your current bf.

No. 974949

Sorry you have to deal with that anon but thanks for sharing, sometimes I need to be reminded that I'm not as crazy as I'm afraid I am.

No. 974955

Does anyone else rarely take their feelings seriously? Whenever I’m upset I suddenly think I’m super ungrateful and selfish because whatever I’m going through is nothing compared to millions of other people and I should just suck it up. Hell it even happens when I’m feeling happy sometimes, I’m like wait why am I all happy when there’s so much misery going on in the world every day. It’s honestly so exhausting. I wish I didn’t feel this way but I can’t help it. And it makes me sound totally self righteous too lol

No. 974962

do you have a history of abuse in your past at all anon? it sounds like you're gaslighting yourself

No. 974966

I relate completely. Whenever I'm like, going through a bad time or a bad mood, I feel guilty too. Or downplay things. I kind of like it better this way because I don't like whiny people at all. And whenever I get too happy, it's always followed by miserable days to kind of, make up for it. But that sounds different for your situation I think.

No. 974969

I hate how nasty my mother can be towards me. I can't tell her no we don't have that food/thing because if I do, she gets snotty, proceeds to tell me we do, makes me look to see if we have it, and when I don't find tells me she just misremembers or something along those lines. I can't just argue with her (not mean, just pointing out facts like "but mom remember I used the last of those a few days ago) because she gets nastier. The worst is when she gets in my face and yells. I had a very bad mental breakdown 2 years ago. I ended up in the hospital for a couple of days and was released on a Friday. I had a project due Monday but my mental health was still in the gutter. I get it done in time, but I didn't want to go. I had a huge panic attack about seeing classmates. She looks at me angry, gets right in my face, and yells at me that I'm throwing my life away. I don't even try to talk to her because I learned as a young teen it does nothing. I shut down and she continues to berate me. I ended up emailing the professor about my hospital stay and pictures of the completed project. I got an email back telling me that it's okay I give her the project the next class and asks if I need a few days more before I take the test. I show my mother and the email kinda calmed her down. I wish she could be less aggressive and actually listen. Weirdly enough I don't remember her being like this when I was grade school. It feels like once I was in middle school she got nasty and never stopped.

No. 974970

Same anon. Also when I say in my face, I literally mean inches away.

No. 974985

i tried to move to a new country but i’m pretty sure this is the worst mistake i’ve made in my life, i gave up everything to come here and it’s been shit, i just wanna go back to my home country, but i have nothing there for me since i gave everything up to come here. feel like pure shit xx

No. 974986

Got the vaccine last week and could barely move my head and my left arm during the weekend. Now the pain is mostly gone but there's pressure in my chest and it's somewhat difficult to breathe

No. 975002

File: 1637570692079.jpg (16.07 KB, 500x439, 222222.jpg)

Sometimes I think of times as a little kid when I acted like a little shit towards my mom. Times when she was just trying to do something nice for me or to connect with me, it makes me makes me feel so bad.

No. 975003

This but with my older sister, God I was an awful shit for someone who was just trying to take care of me

No. 975041

File: 1637574510237.png (61.39 KB, 652x608, wat.png)

It's probably some twitter bullshit blown out of proportions ("sexual racism" sounds like something you'd see some insane troon claim on twitter), since neither me nor my friend could find further information about it but it still makes my head spin.


No. 975043

I fucking hate my job so much but I can't quit until I've found another one and all I got is a high school diploma reee

No. 975048

kek, bippie posts never disappoint

No. 975053

>cats in front of lillies
This drawing is itching me in the wrong way. Lillies are highly toxic for cats, and you shouldn't ever have some in your household if you're a cat owner.

No. 975054

There's a mainstream pop singer who won the national award in my country now dealing with some backlash because in one of his songs, he tells the story of how he got back home drunk and tried to rape his girlfriend even though she was saying no and crying. He says 'it must be tears of joy, my love, I'm getting more agressive and I will take you like a proper man'.
He ends it with 'funny' ending about how he fell asleep instead and how this happens even in better families.
Only a few women are actually pointing out how fucked up this is, the overwhelming majority of the comments (both male and female, mostly male of course) are supporting him and saying how 'over-politically correct cunts' ruin everything. And how metal lyrics or hip hop lyrics are much worse, how it's just a song and so on.
This makes me so fucking sick. Rape like this happened so many times to me and to see general public make fun of it as an non-issue or a funny joke makes me really feel like shit. What a shit hole country. What a shit hole world.

No. 975057

File: 1637576409166.gif (664.03 KB, 245x275, 96b0718bb61aae5fd77374f5e5b26f…)

I am barely 21 and I have a libido of a post-menopausal woman. I rarely, rarely feel aroused and even when I do, it barely lasts more than a minute. I only get horny about twice a year. It's not like I am asexual because I do desire sex but I just don't get horny. Even when I masturbate, I don't think about anything sexual, I think about normal things you get in your mind when you're listening to some boring lecture, like things I need to do or some show I've been watching, and then I nut and even after that I'm barely wet. I can't even remember the last time I actually got wet. I hate this so much, I feel so broken, I want to feel horny. I had a small horny phase as a teen when I had sex a few times with some old men but that's it. I even try to think of sexual thoughts but it does nothing. On top of this, I have vaginismus. It fucking sucks.

No. 975066

I am never the person who answers with 'try therapy' but you probably need to talk to someone. Vaginismus is a connected mind-body response due to fear. It's not normal to have had sex with old men or any type of grown man as a teen. I hope you're doing alright.

No. 975071

Thank you anon, I'm doing all good. I do think the experiences have left me with some baggage to sort but it's nothing too bad imo. Although, you may be right that this vaginismus is connected to it since, and this is a little inappropriate so I'll spoiler it but I could insert more than two fingers in before now it hurts badly to even insert one and I wouldn't even mind that if I could experience arousal occasionally, it makes me feel bad I just cannot. The last I felt horny was when a man called me really hurtful things which is just fantastic. Maybe I should go to a doctor about this, I'm not too keen on therapy.

No. 975081

I don't know if I'll ever be able to be okay with being alone. I just want a friend who actually wants to spend time with me. I want someone to ask me for my time for once instead of me asking others. And being left on read. They legitimately don't want to see me. My best friend hasn't spoken to me in a week, and I haven't seen her in over half a year. I haven't seen anyone in months. I spend all of my time alone. I don't know what I'm supposed to do. I live on the top of some stupid hill away from everything, I have no idea how I would get to town and have no idea how I'd go about meeting people. I'm in my late 20s and I feel like it's only going to become harder and harder to make friends. People don't seem to like me anyway. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. It's like I've always been inherently unlikable. Even to my own family. I promise I'm not a bitch. I think I'm really nice.. And I'm thoughtful. I want to make people smile, I want to give my friends gifts, I want to take them neat places. I want to make art with someone, watch movies with someone, go for a hike by the lake… Was I born to be friendless? Am I repulsive? Is there something about myself I just don't recognize that makes others hate me? I wish I had the courage to kill myself. I would have done it ten years ago.

No. 975082

Love to see it, we are closer to mass peaking every day

No. 975087

I post something like this this every few months. You wanna try being friends?

No. 975088

Fucking yes, very much so

No. 975096

That's good you're feeling okay about it. If you don't want to try therapy, maybe you could just free write about it, whatever comes to mind that feels associated, and see where it takes you. I've made some startling discoveries about myself this way. I always throw the papers away afterward. I would imagine there have to be some vaginismus communities online as well. Good luck if you make an appointment with someone.

No. 975099

nta but i know how you feel. i am in my 20s now and just got diagnosed with adhd. if you have always felt different from others, misunderstood, and accused of being insensitive you might be on the spectrum too. it was as if the whole world was gaslighting me no matter how much i tried i was never enough, always chasing people and getting ghosted… the people never explaining why they left. i guess it's a normal part of life. it still makes me so sad and i can not accept that. there are people with life long friends, so why couldn't i have that?

No. 975104

I'm sorry anon, I'm sure that diagnosis would have been a bit more helpful to you sooner in life. It's just nice to know that there is something going on that can be somewhat explained. I have severe anxiety from growing up with crazy, violent people. I spent most of my childhood/teen years telling myself I was no depressed, I was not anxious, things aren't that bad (despite being hit) and that anything bad happening to me was my own fault. It's left me feeling really beaten down, and terrified. I think that's the thing that holds me back the most from meeting people. I'm so scared. I'm just sick of being hurt, of being made to feel worthless and useless. I just want to be wanted. I hope we both make the connections we're looking for. We are still young and we still have the chance to meet that life long friend.

No. 975107

Wreck hear marriage by anonymously sending her husband flowers or something with a note subtly thanking him for the wonderful time or something, gather info, get creative. Balance in the universe must be restored, she must suffer.

No. 975119

My job is forcing me to work Thanksgiving. Even though it's a shitty ass coffee shop. Why is corporate America like this?

No. 975125

File: 1637584167028.jpg (328.65 KB, 691x1094, uanme.jpg)

damn, knowledgeable about cats and flowers, marry me nona

No. 975145

how long have you been sober? can take many years for your brain to unfuck itself. not to say you don't feel how you feel. but you might be surprised how you can feel in the future. and it goes without saying, stop doomscrolling.

No. 975148

You’re nuts, anon.

No. 975150

a man could tell a therapist he wants to be a bimbo and they would be encouraging. feminization surgery can cost $20k-$50k but that’s what the government and crowdfunding are for; because feeling like a victimized sex toy is a fundamental right.

I talk about wishing I could afford surgery for my FASD lip and am told to cope and be grateful. to “be confident in your own skin!”

No. 975153

Do you work at a big chain or something? This shit bleak

No. 975155

I'm so tired of being a paid streamer. So many people look at numbers or money and see it as an easy job to do. I don't even get half of what I make and I get the entire judgement of everyone around me. But I make more than what I did when I worked full time in my field.

My company is horrible and I've been forced in so many fronts to carry their entire brand. They publicly make fun of me and meme about me on brand accounts despite me saying I'm not okay with it.
The managers make me work the hardest but are always the ones who make me take the blame for everything.
An audio engineer fucks up a mix? It's my mic.
My co-worker makes an ass of herself? My fault.
Co-workers don't get my subs? I'm not collaborating with them enough
An event comes up, and they give me the majority of the work, not the colleagues, "because they're students, they're busy" and call me toxic and berate me because I ask for less work. I'm on chemotherapy in my personal life and I get worse with stress.

I'm tired of crying. I'm tired of seeing every interaction is them trying to trap me. I'm tired of smiling for scrotes on the internet when my heart is breaking, I don't and never have cared about them, they mean nothing to me. I voice a moving picture and act for a couple of hours every few days.
People know something isn't right.
But they don't know the full picture. I wish I could tell them the full story.

I want to quit. Knowing what I lose when I give up isn't as scary as doing this forever.
I'm usually mentally sound but I'm spiralling. I spend all day between anxiety attacks.

I can feel myself breaking apart. I'm sick of crying and my company profiting off of me whilst they make me do all the hard work and have these fake meetings about "my behaviour" where it's all projection.

At this point I'm scared I'm going to have a breakdown and it could happen publicly.
We don't even have HR in the company. I don't know what to do.

No. 975159

You some kind of vtuber? Like for one of those chinese streamer mill? You can’t say all this and not at least hint at the company! That all sounds horrible. You can’t go independent?

No. 975161

My company has me on a year contract.
My only hope is if I can move up or into a different field.

No. 975169

Those days I'm feeling extremely anxious for no reason. Wtf. It happens to me from time to time then it fades away. Fucking weird.

damn that sucks

O-one day anon… but I don't know much about flowers, I only know about them through kot lenses

No. 975191

My head freaking hurts,
But I still have to study
This November sucks.

No. 975207

Hope you feel better, haiku anon

No. 975208

I feel as if I am going to have to cut off a long time friend. She just ' debuted ' as a drag queen, even though she's an actual woman. She's a so called feminist, but supports trannies and sex workers. It's really disheartening because she's only a year longer than me. We're both 30+, but she's acting like someone much younger. I took a break from her bs a year ago, but she's somehow gotten worse and I don't want to be friends anymore. How do I end this?

No. 975227

Shit larp

No. 975233

it’s so fucking upsetting how common having been groomed on the internet is for women my age, and how i just know it’s even more common for girls younger than me what with discord and 4chan being in the popular consciousness.

i still haven’t fully addressed it myself and am in denial about it. i brought it up to one therapist in passing twice years ago but just wasn’t ready to deep dive into it because i still feel like it was my fault. because in a way it was, i knew what i was doing was wrong but i kept doing it. at least that’s how i feel.

i was 14-18, so about 5 years. my dad was emotionally distant (surprise) and blamed/didn’t believe me when i got molested at a sleepover so i just withdrew from my parents completely. i started sadposting on 4chan that young. and in comes someone who basically acts like a surrogate father for me, loves me, showers me with attention and praise and gifts, plays games and watches movies with me, but also introduces me to extremely unhealthy pedophilic sex shit that i felt i had to keep doing to continue receiving that love. i literally can’t have normal healthy sex now because i am only used to extreme kink and non-consent.

it hurts so much, and i know not exposing him makes me the biggest fucking hypocrite but it’s a can of legal and emotional worms i’m not ready to open. and knowing this shit is happening every day to many many many young girls just makes me want to tear my eyes out.

No. 975243

In the very unlikely case this isn't a larping scrote, who fucking cares. I have been in the exact same boat minus the scrote-y shit and couldn't care less, it's just an activity. Get a hobby and that's it.

No. 975263


I'm in love with a friend I barely talk to anymore, what do I do? I hate this.

No. 975363

Nta but god I love you unhinged maniacs

No. 975369

Few things make me ingroup cringe harder than farmers who unironically think they're Stacies.

No. 975372

The "only social failures use imageboards" meme only applies for 4chan scrotes.

No. 975375

I bet it's a mediocre song but moid's run to defend it because any opportunity to get back at women must not be wasted

No. 975393

I wish I could find a male college student who didn't have the humor of a toddler. Like I'm dating this dude that told me a few days ago he went to vote, and wrote a dick joke instead of voting properly, when he was 18 years old, and he still finds it somehow funny
Honestly wtf, I look at the rest of the class and don't see the point of trying to date right now, maybe I should wait a few more years to see if I find someone who doesn't act like a complete retard obsessed over Marvel

No. 975396

>little sister getting married soon
>never been in a relationship and the only reason I'm not a virgin is because of a friendship-ruining one night stand years ago
"Reddit incel but female" is not the future I wanted for myself…

No. 975397

Yeah, you're right. I'm placing too much significance on an issue ultimately miniscule. Worrying about something that is probably just how I am build. Better to put my focus on other things but still, I hope it changes somehow.

No. 975402

File: 1637603585852.png (268.8 KB, 581x621, 13874e7ca2098744fbf40e3c7690fe…)

having a panic attack atm

No. 975403

just stop having one.

No. 975406

File: 1637603738991.gif (193.38 KB, 320x240, b97d6b93c0b67b4a384facd6a254cd…)

very true i guess i am fine now, thank you anon

No. 975407

do 12 xannies and eat an onion

No. 975411

trying to stop it makes it last and last. Just let it happen bb

No. 975425

Bf refuses to let me eat something he doesn’t cook and physically holds me back but is ok with me fasting for the rest of today

No. 975429

He’s also ok with me staring at a screen less than a foot from my face and going days without brushing my teeth but refuses this because it’s “unhealthy” glad destroying my teeth and eyesight are ok though

No. 975433

My friend confessed something to me that is kind of unimaginable. I don't know how to react or feel except my perception of them is forever changed. I can't tell anyone about it . It's nothing reportable so I don't feel like I'm liable to anything but I do feel gross and weird about it. Honestly I just wish I could tell someone about it but I don't feel comfortable doing that even on an anonymous board.

No. 975438

Your bf isn't your dad.

No. 975443

Embarrassing, i cringed hard from these posts

No. 975449

I don’t expect him to be which is why I’m so flabbergasted at him trying to control what I eat and using “health” as justification when we both have far worse health practices

No. 975461

theyre transgender?

No. 975462

No, it's much more extreme and morally grey than that

No. 975463

C’mon Anon, give us a hint…

No. 975464

Is it a fetish or something?

No. 975467

incest shit

No. 975494

Tell us, I think it will help you process things too

No. 975497

was the thing illegal? or sexual?

No. 975500

Just tell us what it is

No. 975509

Nonna said it's nothing reportable so I don't think it's illegal but damn bitch now I wanna know what it is. Fapped to loli/shota shit?

No. 975511

Just found out liveleak shut down this year. I just wanna see videos without the news censoring everything, goddammittttt

No. 975516

I am so ugly. I have tear troughs and terrible undereyes veins and they're genetic, had them my whole life. Somehow people in the outside world seem to think I'm hot based off their comments but it seems fake as fuck. Even with concealer my veins and tear troughs are obvious. People really just compliment a person with a vagina because it's in public, huh. I get such an amount of attention that it blows my mind what actually hot women must get for their looks. I wish I could qualify as hot to my own definition but I'm just not. I worship beautiful women and I'll never be one. I feel embarrassed because I feel like I act like I'm trans even though I'm not. I wish someone could help me out of this hellhole before I start seriously doing surgeries and shit. I have no purpose in life, I don't enjoy reading even though I read, and it's the same for every other activity. I'm learning to cook well, I paint, I listen to audiobooks, I cultivate my relationship with my boyfriend, but nothing grips me the way me being ugly does.

No. 975523

Anon he's putting cum or bugs or something in your food

No. 975524

We're hosting Thanksgiving again this year and of fucking course my boss scheduled me two closing shifts right before. He knows we only have one car at the moment and I have a young stepson too. The only other woman I work with, who also has a kid, has an even shittier schedule than I do this week, so I suppose it could be worse

No. 975525

What's with all the trannies on here rn, go dilate

No. 975529

I became friends with one of my cousin's friends a few years ago, and we both had similar interests so we'd chat with each other a lot. I forgot how it even started but I was okay with showing him my boobs and did so frequently. He went away for college and I was always so desperate to video call with him.

I fucking hate my younger self for that. I hate that I desperately craved male attention that much. He's ugly as fuck and used to always send me screamer websites when I asked him to stop, and once when I finally wised up he kept pressuring me and saying "no, no it's not a screamer website" but it was. Fuck men, truly. I wish I had an even an ounce of love that I have for myself now. I don't like to wear revealing clothes anymore, not even shorts. I don't think anyone deserves to look at my body, and I don't want anyone to look at my body. It's only for me.

No. 975530

File: 1637611534226.jpg (252.96 KB, 1080x1080, oio0q7ng1x1qhmxnlo1.jpg)

I somehow distanced myself (because it was hard to remove myself completely) from what was enabling (and initially helped create) my mental "universe". I obviously couldn't stop the habit of maladaptive daydreaming but by distancing myself I could reduce it to certain times of the day and I felt a tinge better about real life. Only a little bit but it was something.

Nowadays I find myself going back to that old habit due to loneliness and these feelings about how real life will never ever satisfy me the way the world in my head does are creeping back and it only makes me more depressed. Why was I given this shit life with shit circumstances? It's gotten worse than before and I catch myself daydreaming/zoning out in the middle of every minuscule thing that could set it off and I don't even realize until I come back and I'm like "Huh? Why did I do that?".

I don't hate my world at all, in fact I love it so much and I would happily kill myself if I was guaranteed to live there forever but right now I just feel like I'm chasing my own tail. I'm getting no where with my life. The last 5 years have been wasted and filled with regrets and this is partly to blame.

No. 975543

No fucking way, haven't been there in a while but I didn't expect it to disappear

Also my high school fight video was uploaded there kek

No. 975546

There was a discussion on /pol/ about how to keep women from getting fat, including not letting her eat and openly masturbating to old pics when you were at a lower weight.

If you do ever lose weight I hope you dump him kek

No. 975550

>refuses to let me eat something he doesn’t cook
>physically holds me back
You have a boyfriend who denies and controls your foodintake, surely you must see how that's, at the very least, a red flag?

No. 975551

File: 1637613043688.jpg (58.8 KB, 603x559, Tumblr_l_260954493810920.jpg)

No. 975552

Based autophile

No. 975554

Ana fetishist

No. 975558

I feel this, anon. Once I did wear a fitted shirt versus a hoodie/giant shirt and my male friend was like “wow, I forgot that’s what you looked like,” and I still think about it and feel weird and annoyed. They ruin it, but at least we get to enjoy and love ourselves.

No. 975559

Respectfully anon wtf, please dump him that weirdo doesn’t deserve you