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File: 1582159106062.png (986.04 KB, 556x808, winchesterjoker.png)

No. 933908[Reply]

Mentally ill couple obsessed with all things "the joker".
>Met online sometime in 2017, Married August 2017
>Semi recently moved to Dallas, TX
>Both are covered in garbage tier Joker themed tattoos
>Both advertise their bdsm/rape fetishes publicly all over social media

Jeremy Putman (Winchester Joker / Joeseph Kherr)
>Pudgy 33 year old Juggalo turned Joker skinwalker from Virginia
>Was arrested for impersonating the joker in public in 2017, charges were later dropped
>Allegedly fired from his job at Walmart due to the arrest
>In response to the arrest, Jeremy tattooed the joker makeup onto his face permanently
>Seemingly unemployed and spends most his time roleplaying as the joker and posting cringe online while being financially supported by his wife

IG: https://www.instagram.com/joesephkherr/
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No. 933955

Winchester Joker - December 19, 2018


593 subscribers

Published on Dec 20, 2018

not me. Jeremy Putnam | Watch PART 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0op4

No. 933956

File: 1582163789621.jpeg (141.48 KB, 745x1076, DD3E201B-7864-4EBA-8E64-3F5195…)


No. 933957


Winchester Joker Remastered - March 11, 2019 [CC]


593 subscribers

Published on Mar 12, 2019

not me.
Jeremy Putman

No. 933958

File: 1582163899360.jpeg (141.76 KB, 744x1064, 6BD4D2BC-3FF0-4A23-97EF-5F9DEA…)

No. 933961

File: 1582164290531.png (434.03 KB, 800x1178, Screenshot_2020-02-19-17-58-30…)


>>Was arrested for impersonating the joker in public in 2017, charges were later dropped



File: 1580178833686.jpg (295.72 KB, 1313x1363, pnp.JPG)

No. 924837[Reply]

PlasticandProud/PlasticnProud/Alice Amor/Ariana McMillan/Psoriasisbutmakeitsexy (pnp, Ariana, scorpioasshoe) is a 25 year old plastic surgery addict, ex Instagram “influencer”, animal abuser, and full service sex worker in philly

>Vapid narcissist and obligatory BPDfag, “doesn’t care wat u think” but will have a defensive spergout and be mad for hours over the slightest rustle of jimmies

>has a botched nose job, lip lift and boob job that all have scarring from improper aftercare, had to have boobs redone and are still wonky

>gets her lips injected to the point of them resembling sausages, posts side by sides showing her progression from normal human being to blow up doll constantly

>quit her steady paying job to be an Instagram influencer, paid for boobs with credit, began prostituting herself shortly after, forces her spineless boyfriend to go along with it, aborts his baby and jokes about it on Snapchat

>shaved her head in a manic episode and regrets it a day later, wears cheap wigs daily

>has a mysterious rash after having unprotected sex in Dominica and calls it psoriasis 

Previous Threads:
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No. 933899

I have never seen an adult this obsessed with proving herself to people from high school. Ariana, they can Google you and read these threads to have a good laugh, then they'll go back to their real lives and forget you existed again. No one is jealous of your vacation. South American and carribean vacations are dirt cheap.
Also, how sad is it that she always needs to brag that men hit on her?? It happens to almost every girl on this earth, it's sad that she thinks she's special

No. 933904

Just looked at her stories, the tour guide looks like every creepy guy who hits on tourists at every resort ive been to kek

No. 933907

he’s only hitting on her like that because he thinks she a dumb american whore who is his ticket to a green card coz she seems stupid and desperate enough to go for it. in this case he would be correct about his assumptions though.

No. 933910

File: 1582159533844.jpeg (206.18 KB, 750x1071, BBC75BB8-7B09-49FF-89D4-7E41AF…)


Thats a hilarious point anon. A new thread will be made with @versatileheaux in the title that will being up all these threads and other sites archiving all her fucked up behavior, animal abuse, filth and hemmeroid’d gaped anus and she’lll be living up to everything they thought she’d be. Its hilarious how she thinks she’s anything to envy’d.

Added an-old pic of her calling her mom a monster to her IG back when she had a decent following, to make up for my shit post. She’s actually a piece of shit

No. 933937

Wasn’t she bragging about compliments like this right before she was raped on her last vacation?

File: 1573922377348.png (449.25 KB, 483x600, Annotation 2019-09-16 120041.p…)

No. 895044[Reply]

> June 28, 1999, Sydney Australia
> E-artist and animator, side job of being an e-thot
> Widely known as being Pyrocynical's ex-girlfriend.
>> Drew a lot of fanart about him and her as a couple, even drew animations about him.
>> Dated 2016-2018. She's now dating PunkDuck. Rumors about Hyojin cheating.
> Bully
>> Makes fun of people with mental illness. Thought that people posting their health are weak.
>> Belittles small artists who are better than her.
>>> Made a podcast with her group of friends about one of their former friend's depression. All believe to be fake and seeks attention. Now deleted.
>>> Made fun of one of her former fan to the point of being in to tears.
>> Has made journal entries in her old DeviantArt account, talked shit about people who disagrees with her. Now deleted.
>> Craves drama with her small group of friends for no reason.
> Had been involved with drama, Slazo's rape allegations and Zaptie's pedophile allegations.
>> Slazo's Rape Allegations
>>> Slazo has been accused of rape from his former girlfriend, FiZZ1P0P, Chey, in a long twitter post. Typical results, the victim got her support from fans and friends, and Slazo got none. Until he made a video with his perspective, showed that he was being a bad and unsupportive boyfriend. There's no rape involved.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 933858

File: 1582153058314.png (759.95 KB, 828x1792, E444FB2C-C1F4-474B-A153-2F5312…)

Ghibli’s art and her art are two different kinds of style. Not sure why she thinks like that.

No. 933874

If you want your private life to stay private, then keep it private

No. 933878

Why is she acting like she doesn't want her relationships to be public when the fact that she dated pyro is what got her fame in the first place?
What, now that you're done leeching you want privacy? You can't expect your fans not to care about your relationships when you're the one who made everything so public. Brain of a fucking worm hyojin

No. 933898

That’s funny, considering she had a compilation of her and her current boyfriend dating to celebrate their 1 year anniversary in her Instagram stories. Not sure why she expects her fans to respect her privacy when she made her relationships public in the first place with her ex.

No. 933940

File: 1582162383442.png (639.09 KB, 828x1792, 0A80B2EE-CC76-4AE6-A0F3-9A450E…)

Hyojin: “Respect my privacy.”
Also Hyojin: “Putting things out for the public to see is worth it. :)”

File: 1581451479544.jpg (98.99 KB, 520x456, 1581171499712.jpg)

No. 930972[Reply]

Last time on "The One Where Gamers Have No Game" Edition…

> Holly Conrad decides that ‘being mean to others to make yourself feel better is not okay’……unless you’re apparently fucking their husband and then it’s acceptable and excused under the umbrella of “I’m sorry, I’m mentally ill”

> She also admitted to knowing of her lolcow thread, stating that she’s only on here because she’s “a woman accused of cheating on the internet, because it’s apparently 1645”

> Katie/Kati threw a fit that neither Heidi nor Holly were openly supporting her or liking her posts, saying that this means they weren’t feminists or supportive of abuse/bullying victims.

>PJ2 stans come in by the drove, deadset on defending their Incel King and his “Not-Like-Other-Girls” Queen

> Ross continued to be the only one who might escape all of this unscathed - has moved on with a new girlfriend, is back to animating, and seems to be really happy.

Image Credit: >> 929671
Thread Credit: >>930970

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 933887


Most people in Yellowstone don't spend their quality "time in nature" updating their insta followers.

You might stop and get coffee (I'd encourage it at this time of year, considering how fucking cold it gets in the mountains), but your first instinct probably wouldn't be to take a snapchat selfie for your followers.

No. 933891

Since you asked anon, when I go on a trip I will often spend the end of the day, my down time, uploading photos I took that day and chatting with folx. Most natural places don't have much to do after dark.

No. 933918

Yall that’s clearly not herpes, this is getting beyond tinfoil territory if you’re now accusing heidi and jared (and by extension ross) of having herpes too based on nothing

I mean, it’s entirely possible she does have it considering how common it is but that’s definitely not what that is in that pic and there’s no reason to assume heidi has it at all

stop tinfoiling and get back to the real milk

No. 933931


Nevermind that she's more likely to catch the bubonic plague with how unsanitary she is with her birds, especially the pigeons. If she did have herpes, it's honestly the least of her problems.

No. 933939

I'm starting to think that the reason why Holly's lips look so bad is probably because her birds may be pecking at her lips. I mean this is the same woman that snuggling chickens even though there a high chance of catching diseases, so I wouldn't put it passed her that she'll try "kissing" her birds only to have them peck at her.

File: 1581078784368.jpg (276.53 KB, 1935x1290, 1579627880879.jpg)

No. 929239[Reply]

Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited are not milk and you will recieve a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiam when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread.

Summary of recent milk:

>shay still claiming authority on keeping minors out of nsfw spaces, seems to forget she exposed minors to adult content after she changed the nature of her years-old tumblr blog

>shay makes awful alien porno she's been planning for years, squeezes into outfit she bought 40lbs ago.
>bad dragon alien dildo covered in possible dog hairs and tooth marks
>her boyfriend of 6 months leaves her and she kicks off on twitter
>her therapist gives her a variety of new coping mechanisms for her "bipolar" including deleting twitter's app when she's "manic"
>of course shay doesn't do any of this and continues to rant and harrass people and threaten to kill herself on twitter
>shay is upset she wasn't nominated for mv awards anal star, so she nominates herself
>changes twitter handle to buttstuffbarbie and goes obsessive over anal, even though she barely does any anal videos
>shay starts editing her photos beyond recognition
>admits that she's self conscious about her body…but uses this as an excuse not to work! what a surprise!
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 933896

oh jesus christ, someone come get your grandma from the swinger's club

No. 933902

Not sure I'd call this hair cute, her pigtails look pretty greasy and flat and there's just way too much going on in general. She should have left the rest of her hair down if she was doing the buns not crazy bangs, buns, and pigtails all at once.

No. 933905

I love how she's talking about being fat and manic and how she needs to get her meds changed. Then, instead of waking up and going to the doctor she gets high and makes pig porn. Maybe it's time for her to start begging for someone to send her money for an uber so she can get to therapy again.

No. 933916

So. Is she just gonna recycle old video concepts and make them 10x worse? I thought she was so innovative and creative with her videos tho!

No. 933927

File: 1582161488288.png (259.3 KB, 1200x2250, porky.png)

i sincerely can't deal with the fucking bowtie, she looks like porky pig and not in the sexy way that she.. tried to go for?

File: 1577280959109.jpg (52.95 KB, 460x680, be gone thot edition.jpg)

No. 909749[Reply]

Tesah Jordin/WildcatWitch/Tesah Vanover is a SW/dancer based in Chicago. She has a history of lying and manipulation and playing the victim when called out, claiming that anyone who does so "must really hate sex workers". She is also a serial cheater, abusive, and possibly a narcissist.

>"first love" was known pedo Dahvie Vanity

>was the "other woman" while Dahvie was engaged to someone else; he ended things so she joined the bandwagon of people accusing him of rape
>several months later Dahvie splits off from fiancee and they get back together; Tesah makes a post admitting she lied
>they're still in some form of sexual contact to this day
>shows off a picture of her ribs, saying that her "appetite is shit" (possibly ana-chan?)
>recently got caught cheating on her boyfriend (again) whom she regularly made porn with on OnlyFans
>ex-boyfriend fully exposes her on Facebook as an alco and abuser
>she successfully manipulates him into trying to "work things out" but he still gets off their apartment lease and leaves for NC, kek
>scammer; promises nudes in exchange for money and then never sends them
>had a sugar daddy paying her rent
>Posts borderline nudes on IG and then spergs out when she's shadowbanned or postbanned

FB: https://www.facebook.com/tesah.vanover
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.(shit thread)
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No. 931201

what a retard lol

No. 932240

File: 1581723577306.jpeg (217.11 KB, 828x759, 22FF2D65-8165-4A33-85F3-E51240…)

Why the fuck you lyyyyyin pt. 28733737

No. 932242

File: 1581723666159.jpeg (267.13 KB, 828x817, 19495F18-F7A9-4A28-B22D-4C8347…)

Also Dolly 2.0 confirmed for Smash. When a new Thot Supreme rises, the old one fades away….

No. 933921

File: 1582160831044.png (39.42 KB, 965x223, Screenshot (7).png)

Tesah is "out of town" which means she's most likely in Florida with Dahvie. Again.

whore. whore never changes.

No. 933923

LOL gone two weeks later. Not surprised

File: 1580925689080.jpeg (852.95 KB, 828x1489, ganer.jpeg)

No. 928482[Reply]

Last thread was tubes galore! Laura's taking a break, after being sectioned again after choosing to hear voices this time.

Littlest Lee tried to get herself readmitted but they staff laughed and sent her on her way.

We discovered the true identity of Kelsey https://www.instagram.com/kennedy.vanasten/

Self posting, speculation surrounding Elzani's recovery/relapse, sad pics of N2F having a binge with her disgusting food.

Ganer gains could've done it all without her sister.

If you need to know anything else, read the damn last thread.


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
559 posts and 159 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 933897

But is it more or less sad than Laura scratching her pimples to shmear blood all over her face before whipping her phone out for hospital selfies?

No. 933903

Gee… I almost forgot about that, all as sad as each other

No. 933915

So I’ve been doing a bit of digging… did Becky go away on holiday last year? Or was it only 2018 when she did go fund me for a holiday?

No. 933920

how do so many of these people get diagnosed with anorexia? I think its becoming a bit open-ended. I think some of these people don't have eating disorders at all and that it is just behaviour part of their BPD.

No. 933948

Wouldn’t be a stretch for her to do shit to fuck up her face but this looks like Ash Wednesday.

File: 1577021344769.png (141.75 KB, 261x275, C17FB648-FA21-4C43-9831-8432DB…)

No. 908614[Reply]

Old thread bio updated
-is a cunt to seem hardcore n cool
-DDLG little // Sexual //
-faux bi
-hates porn but posts lewds
-will "save the world" - never acts on it, just says it to sound fake deep
-claims to be "goth" but says its not about the music (it is)
-wants to be an influencer with no effort or even a YT schedule
-followers must conform to her opinions or fuck off

Rosie - roommate
Clayton/sadboiaccount - skinwalker
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
234 posts and 77 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 933455

File: 1582056181269.jpg (169.78 KB, 720x1041, IMG_20200218_210201.jpg)

Apparently it's not pyromanicprince in the valentine's pic. She isn't denying that she has a new daddy tho

No. 933657

her new daddy is her old daddy - her ex from brighton. t or whatever. she's strictly into cocks remember!

No. 933672

Yeah nah no one thought it was pyro it’s Tom or whatever his name is that ‘broke her heart’ that one time

No. 933830

Isn't she the one that cheated on him??

No. 933901

Oof. Please stop telling your fans to google DDLG Jude.

Love how she clearly had to stop recording to google who Andrew Eldritch is.

File: 1521982010922.jpg (7.76 KB, 296x170, contra.jpg)

No. 537938[Reply]

29y.o transbian sjw who gathered fame with videos such as ''TERFs'', ''What the alt right fears'', ''Is Trump racist?''… Is prone to twitter meltdowns. He has called out Kiwifarms in one of his videos despite having a mere 9 page thread.
ig: https://www.instagram.com/contrapoints/?hl=fr
youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNvsIonJdJ5E4EXMa65VYpA
twitter: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNvsIonJdJ5E4EXMa65VYpA
904 posts and 143 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 933044

cool story armchair psychiatrist, what else you got

No. 933065

I think minor changes in sexuality are normal with age and shit happening in life. Jumping between completely different sexualities is a bit weird.

No. 933380

This dude is such mix of Onision and Kai's personalities, he might as well be their son.

- Narcissistic just like Onision.
- Changes gender and sexuality every 3 mins like Kai.
- Role-playing multiple characters he invented and using their imagined interaction to "win" an argument just like Onision.
- Has a long looong footface just like Kai…

He actually reminded me so much of Onision that I went and took a look at his old Nycytyne2 account. Both of them have been around for a long time, both are degenerates, there must be something there that shows this kindredness, I thought, even though he purged all of his own vids from it. And I was right - there is an Onision video in his "favorites" playlist. And of course it's Greg being his narcissistic exhibitionist, shoving his crotch in camera etc, no wonder fellow narcissistic exhibitionist Contra loved it (It's the "How To Exercise" video. Not gonna link to it cause that's bannable.)

No. 933693

Honestly, I hope he just gets help. All of this is a fetish to him, he doesn't even love himself, so I doubt he fell in "love" with a transwomen, seeing as he's always fetishized transwomen and women (imo), and that is why he transed in the first place.I feel porn has a lot to do with it to.

I don't know why people look up to an obviously broken self centered person. That person he was in "love with" probably saw that and we all know transwomen don't know how to take rejection esp ones like Nick, so it hurts MORE that not only was he not taken seriously, but he wasn't taken seriously by a fellow transwoman, who I feel he feels are all like him, horny dogs who'll fuck anything and want to be with anyone.

Nothing relationship wise seems to be based upon anything "normal" for him, it's all about sex and how he feels. Getting with a transwoman is natural progression for men like him.
Eventually, he'll either get some help. Or go deeper, aka getting a neo vagina, more surgeries and probably be in a throuple or something.

he's going to keep going because he's bored, he has no personality except for being trans and sex, he has money but he's bitter, depressed and sick in the head.

So I seriously doubt he was in "love". He just has access to transwomen and now that he is one, a sexual high would be to fuck one and be with one.

He knows it's all a fetish and that's why he's always trying to explain it.

Also, Contra's head is extremely small, he's not passing at all to me. In fact, he looks even more like a man because of his huge shoulders and weird face, than ever before. He'll keep getting surgery and I won't be surpised if he starts an only fans for more attention.

No. 933900

Дорогие друзья!

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Широкую роспись на спортивные события!
Большое количество способов ввода и вывода денежных средств!
Круглосуточную поддержку по почте, телефону, чату!
Большое количество акций для игроков!
<a href=http://revq.ru/bonus>зарегестрироваться</a>(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

File: 1562194490884.jpeg (28.86 KB, 275x228, 1562186683998.jpeg)

No. 831551[Reply]

A thread for the discussion of PetYoutubers. Better known as people who hoard and neglect animals for youtube fame. Some frequently discussed ones are:

Tyler Rugge
- Has over 30 animals.
- Supports Taylor Nicole Dean
- Keeps animals in too small enclosures.
- Keeps a single rabbit in a room without hides and barely any enrichment.
- Queen of the mean girls of pettube
- Pretty much confirmed that Maddie Smith and him are living together.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/tylerrugge/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tylerrugge/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tylerrugge

Happy Tails AKA Megan Arriola
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
843 posts and 210 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 932723


What does he say about AA after she talks about the woman being his sponsor?

Also, wasn't there a period where they were clearly together then went on a 'break' before getting back together? Unless she also fabricated that obviously

No. 932836


from my understanding he yells "it's alcoholic fucking anonymous" as in "I couldn't tell you I was talking to her about drinking because that would break the confidentiality of an anonymous support group".

The clip doesn't reveal much context either. It might not even be Danny who was the one looking for support for drinking.

He might just have been contacted by his female friend for some advice with AA or whatever, and it would still make it a big no no to reveal that to anyone else.

When I first heard the clip it did sound nasty, but I got stuck thinking about it for a while and what was said in it could have been many different things depending on context.

No. 932999

That + if you were woken up at 2am by Emtoxic going batshit over simply taking to a human of the opposite sex you’d probably start screaming to get away from you too. It’s not like he was caught cheating, which I would understand a drastic reaction but… just talking to a female friend?? That already shows how manipulative, creepy and toxic she is to be keeping tabs on everything he’s doing during his sleep. Jesus.

The only thing about that clip I do wonder is the kids. He says they never saw them argue but if that’s true that must have been hard for them to wake up in the middle of the night hearing their parents scream at the top of their lungs at one another.

No. 933001

Yeah snooping through your partners devices and accounts is toxic as shit. It’s quite possible the kids were with their actual mother when this happened maybe, who knows. Hopefully.

No. 933084

Yeah I read through all his comments on facebook and it looks like she tried to convince him he had a problem with alcohol so he was messaging a friend who was in AA to get advice. She went through his phone and freaked out when she saw the messages at 2 in the morning. Woke him up screaming and freaking out. He attempted to leave and go into the office when she wouldn’t listen or calm down. While in there he smashed a tripod against the chair before trying to calm back down.
She then followed and began again screaming and getting his face. He loses his cool and yells back for a minute or so. She used her hand to make it sound like he’s shoving her, which was disproven in court.
Then at the end as he tried to again calm the situation down she throws and hits him with a book leaving a bruise that was he submitted pictures of.

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