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File: 1630901813474.jpeg (26.1 KB, 275x275, 1628995363259.jpeg)

No. 1316852[Reply]

If you're new, please make sure you read:
https://lolcow.farm/rules before posting

previous thread: >>>/snow/1112272

34 year old heroin junkie wash up rockstar and the dumb bitch insecure enough to have a baby with him.

The basic rundown:
> jonny craig has a well-documented history of drug abuse and physical/sexual abuse toward several of his exes - pretty much any woman he comes into contact with he influences in an overwhelmingly negative way
> most recently dated and helped with the downfall of pettuber & fellow cow Taylor Nicole Dean - is her so-called abuser, though it sounds like they were equally toxic in their own ways
> after Taylor was forced into rehab, Jonny made it seem like they were going to be back together ASAP. as soon as Taylor broke up with him in rehab, he got with Sydney and started bragging about her, then got her pregnant immediately.
> enter SYD, Aka sydsosmall. overdramatic groupie clout chaser who got pregnant with jonny’s heroin baby because she was feeling “old” & felt her biological clock ticking… totally mentally stable choice
> since syd got pregnant there has been a steady stream of milky shit/stupid drama, most of it not related enough to TND to post in her thread
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No. 1327184

is this a jonny fan or the dumbest person on here.
i don’t care about taylor or all the excuses people want to make for having her as much as jonny, she was like 21 and a very sheltered person when jonny took advantage of that and grifted so much shit from her, introduced and addicted her to fucking heroin, destroyed her career, and got people to keep the focus on hating her instead. she’s still struggling with drugs and life, and people just hate her because she’s a woman. if that was a male friend he moved in with and did that too, getting them to pay for his kiddy pageant flipper teeth implants and introducing them to heroin while sabotaging their career, all while being in his mid thirties to their early 20s, people would hate him. but because these are “just women” it’s their fault because he emotionally manipulated them too. i for real still can’t believe he dated taylor and another woman after that was willing to date him and trap him with a whole ass child.

No. 1327186

No it’s still up for both of them.

No. 1327190

This isn’t the TND thread. Regardless, she was a trash person before Jonny. Not saying he wasn’t a leech, but she had plenty of warning and decided to jump in anyways. I feel no pity for anyone who dated him after Chelsea because she was so vocal and open about the abuse

No. 1327209

Agreed. This isn’t the TND thread but she wasn’t a completely helpless victim. She made a lot of poor choices and it’s unfortunate she associated with Jonny but she made the decision even with the information she had….it’s not like was blissfully unaware of his history and became a recluse shut in with no way out. Syd is just the same- willing to overlook all the horrible warning signs in hopes of being some special by associating (or reproducing) with him.
It sucks TND is an addict and I hope she gets sober but people need to quit enabling her complete victim complex. It’s old. It’s tired. It’s stupid.

No. 1327217

Didn’t he have a “show” tonight? Weird that he and syd aren’t posting all over their stories about their perfect tour and life, wonder if he’s even there

File: 1626734930012.jpg (20.7 KB, 292x302, Lucinda.jpg)

No. 1280424[Reply]

Lucinda (Oswaldslunch / R3velati0nz) it's an attention-seeker, schizophrenic, anorexic, bulimic and selfharmer.


>24 years old

>Puertorican (speaks spanish and english)
>Fakeboi - (calls herself Lucinda or Luca)
>Thinks that's a real life unicorn and it's obsessed with unicorns, even using an horn
>Has tons of self harm cuts. Goes outside showing them (they are always visible and fresh). Makes sure that everybody notices them
>Writes exaggeratedly wrong on purpose - almost unintelligible
>Claims to be "recovering from an eating disorder" but shows meals with minimal portions
>Claims to eat: the food of her cat, from the floor, expired, hand sanitizer, garbage and hydrogen peroxide
>Purged and let the cat eat the vomit
>Claims that being surrounded by toys and child stuff makes her hallutinations less scary
>Was so fat but lost weight and now has saggy skin
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1288810

Ntayrt but you sound new. Anon boards never touch cows or really wish them harm unless they're bad. Believe it or not, anons who frequent the Farms understand that this isn't just a hole you go sit in whenever you feel angwy and want to take your tard rage out on some random cow

No. 1288863

Exactly. There's reasons why farms have rules about not touching the poo, or farm attractions. It's not a hate machine, not a personal army, not are the farms here to push people to harm or suicide.

There's legal ramifications of it, as well as moral and the fact that a dead cow doesn't produce milk. It's normally the people from the very same communities of the cows that come here and wish harm on other cows, which makes them cows (shitty one's at best) themselves. I just wish they'd tag their posts with their probably twitter names so we know who to gawk at next.

Example being the whole Near/Byuu situation, most of the harrassment was from people from the emulation community itself, yet the farms got blamed. Or how some chick offed herself because of the trans community but again, farms got blamed. Don't make the reeee - tards right for once by pushing someone to it with the cow tipping and vendetta shit.

No. 1318777

most lolcow users don't even wish harm on Lucinda. A lot of lolcow users have empathy for her or think she's unique and they root for her, it's literally the edtwt girls that encourage her on Twitter then they come here to wish harm upon her because they're jealous of her or sociopathic(sage)

No. 1318782

just wanted to let you know that when you say "the farms" plural it means Kiwifarms. We're just the farm. Byuu also happened on KF and has zero to do with lolcow.farm. Learn the difference if you're gonna be lecturing newfags.

No. 1327215


this is the kind of person that 100 years ago would just be in an insane asylum for their own benefit

File: 1622481248617.jpeg (28.2 KB, 275x275, FEFF6DAC-C19E-4B9C-A06B-42976D…)

No. 1242901[Reply]

First Thread >>738758
Second Thread >>836614
Third Thread >>871951
Fourth Thread >>892447
Fifth Thread >>929121
Sixth Thread >>967636
Seventh Thread >>1031322
Eight Thread >>1087783
Ninth Thread >>1148062

Heather Steele is a former retro toy collecting and Fairy Kei fashion Youtuber who, at the end of 2018, decided to have a major meltdown and turned all her social media into a public diary. She began cheating on her allegedly abusive husband, and re-wrote herself as some sort of pop Victorian goth and witchy explorer. She got incredibly defensive of her sudden change. In her defensiveness– which she vaguely admitted was to win the affections of a man– she threw a lot of her supporters under the bus, has been unreasonably cocky and aggressive with a lot of people including former friends, and distorted the criticisms (which were towards her overall behavior) into a narrative claiming everyone is just attacking her for her fashion and hobby choices.

She has a history of incredibly self-focused and self-destructive behavior. Over the past year, she has wildly flipped between “I’m a strong woman and I don’t need to validate myself” to having public meltdowns on social media, only to delete them within an hour. Despite this, she denies she’s mentally ill and attacks the mere notion she needs help, once again using the “people hate me because I’m goth now” narrative.

Heather has alienated herself from all her old friends, but continues to act like everyone was just a bad person and she’s a victim who fled from a terrible life. She used and maPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
741 posts and 292 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1325929

Sage for autism but I just saw this picture on the front page and assumed it was from the MtF thread. How is this person not trans??

No. 1326127

Heather is a very unfortunately shaped woman and her photos typically make her look even worse.

No. 1326659

File: 1631896114388.jpeg (578.91 KB, 828x1180, 1F105680-88DB-44AA-A451-2504D8…)

Heather has a new beau
Spooky bug life

No. 1326660

she’s a born woman but has a mannish face. Pointy chin & long nose. She has a large face, like a plate & square teeth. She is short, has a box body & is convinced she is XS.

No. 1327200

File: 1631936463004.jpg (72.82 KB, 737x600, 1897643654.jpg)

File: 1631392884337.png (508 KB, 546x566, totally a little girl uwu.png)

No. 1321423[Reply]

Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread. Do not reply to spergs. Do not mention Kyle Nathan Perkins/Fupa unless relevant. Do not make repetitive comments about Shayna’s retarded pets.

Recent milk:
>Gross tweets about uwu i’m little baby and want a mommy and daddy >>1311844 & >>1320598
>Also really pushing kidnapping kink >>1313482 & >>1313900
>More terrorizing potential neighbors with porch nudes >>1311986
>Brags about hitting top 2% on fansly, despite previously complaining about others who flaunt their percentages >>1312150
>Short on rent money so more begging and sales >>1314083
>Unflattering pic from “getting tied up in a hot old man’s basement” >>1314938 (this confirms it’s old man with dungeon from her first time in Seattle)
>Other pics from rope shoot with a different photographer dude >>1317352 & >>1317241
>Goes to ER with asthma problems and ends up admitted to hospital for a few days Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
675 posts and 175 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1327182

File: 1631931829562.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.11 MB, 1284x1700, E814AC62-49DA-4311-8070-D9D3FB…)

No. 1327188

A band-aid is fucking right, lmfao

No. 1327205

She edited her face so much it's the easier thing to look at somehow.
Her tits are sad and ugly and her vag completely clashes with the "soft uwu cutie" look she's going for and looks gross and irritated

No. 1327207

Patient zero for a new std vibes

No. 1327213

why, it's hilarious and more creative than what she's doing.

File: 1628866412576.jpeg (1.05 MB, 2550x1758, parkbenchpinup.jpeg)

No. 1299249[Reply]

Katherine McMahon, known online as Katherine Harlow theparkavenuepinup, is a 23 year old financial dominatrix pinup collared bimbo living doll age regressing little goddess princess who identifies as a hyperfemme She/Her/Hers bidemiautoheterosexual anarchist communist who’s disabilities include endometriosis personal floatation device and cPTSDSTD that works as a burlesque showgirl cultural worker disability advocate historian costumier retired sugar baby failed findomme sex worker.

Recent milk:

> Discovers first thread, calls LC a “far-right website that accuses survivors of lying”, threatens to sue (pro bono of course)

> Proceeds to dirty delete all sex work profiles linked to theparkavenuepinup and katherinethedoll monikers
> Goes private, blocks/deletes over a thousand followers on Instagram
> Former acquaintance, armed with screenshots, affirms that Katherine has lied about almost everything: education, work history, sugar baby stint, etc. >>1275050
> Gets kicked out of apartment by female roommate for zero contribution; blames it on the roommate for not understanding her ~disabilities~
> Asks followers for a place to stay despite being collared by a neckbeard
> New “Financial Dominatrix. Luxury FemDomina” twitter account is discovered
> New Madame Blush persona starter pack: Party City wig, ill-fitting $200 PVC plastic corset, tights as pants, vintage cigarette holder covered in Swarovski crystal, of course, Swarovski cigarette holder by Her
> Luxury reimbursements so far include $5 tea and the most expensive block of cheese she’s ever bought

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
589 posts and 197 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1326470

lmao art

No. 1326715

Lmao even Yumi would put up a less cheap looking version than this shit

No. 1326944

I liked Anna Nicole Smith but you can't exactly compare her to Jean Harlow, Veronica Lake, Bette Davis et al

No. 1327165

File: 1631929770386.jpg (751.4 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210917-214135_Twi…)

This looks really cheap.

No. 1327193

i haven't finished reading katherine's threads and usually don't comment anything before i'm done, but i just read this and i just need to let out how angry this shit makes me. just like anon i am also deaf and it will literally not get me anywhere in life if i refuse to tell people this and if i make bosses and coworkers etc the enemy from the beginning. sure, i do meet ableist people from time to time and sure, i do have chances of getting discriminated against, but this is not how to handle it and obviously katherine doesn't know what real ableism and discrimination is cus to her it's being told to show up for a job interview. i do not need this disability larper to tell me what to do, to record conversations without people's consent etc. katherine, shut the fuck up with your "advice" to disabled people, none of us get by by being stubborn, lazy bitches. i'm nice to people at my job, and they're all nice to me. sorry not sorry to burst your bubble but not everyone hates disabled people.

File: 1606327123308.png (472.54 KB, 648x516, blob.png)

No. 1091456[Reply]

The 12th thread for one of the absolute worst YouTube artists Baylee Jae. She's come under increased criticism over the past few months for her inability to take critique, general narcissism, excessive spending and hoarding of children's toys and art supplies, and laziness. She also draws like a 12 year old and has her very own instructional "How to Draw" book that was released November 2017.

https://www.youtube.com/user/BumbleBaylee (inactive)
1116 posts and 90 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1326192

She's realised no one gives a shit about her anymore and is winding things down. Which I personally think is a good move. The only thing that is making money for her these days is the store so she is focusing on that, not sure why people would have an issue with that.

No. 1326445

She always hated doing art on stream - couldn't handle the real time crit or even people making constructive suggestions - so I'm more surprised she stuck it out for as long as she did than that she's quitting again. How long until he art shorts become full blown art videos again and she's back where she started? She needs art videos to get new store customers, especially when she recycles the same shit endlessly. Even her most rabid stans are not buying out those Candy Cane buns she keeps bring back. I still think she should look into getting craft or book stores near her to stock her washi tape. Diversify her customer base a bit. Have a more reliable income.

No. 1326587


but she barely makes art anymore, and definitely doesn't do art focused videos anymore. eventually she's going to run out of stans to buy her recycled stuff.

No. 1326666

yea winding down on streams in general is a good step in the right direction but as others have said those art streams kept her accountable and kept art in her weekly routine. but now since shes no longer obligated to make a new piece of art consistently shes gonna fall off and just rely on her old work

No. 1327131

Man, that's kind of sad. Is this the start of the countdown to Baylee quitting art cuz is sure sounds like it.

File: 1629639637054.png (675.03 KB, 903x398, grimeselon.png)

No. 1306047[Reply]

Etheral electronic-alternative hipster musician turned imperialist-friendly space bimbo devoted to whiteknighting Elon Musk and making lame TikToks. Billionaire exploiting his workers and enjoying his cringe celebrity phase.

>Born Claire Elise Boucher on March 17, 1988 in Vancouver

>changed her name to c, a letter symbolizing speed of light
>attendend McGill University with plans to double major in neuroscience and Russian; got expelled for skipping classes
>first began posting music in 2007 on Myspace, released music on Arbutus, 4AD, Roc Nation. In 2021 she signed to Columbia Records, cause „she needs money for her music videos” cause „Elon doesn’t give her money” (despite successfully making videos for years)
>got together with Elon Musk because they made the same cringey joke relating to theory of roko basilisk
>has a child with Elon Musk, they named him X AE A-XII Musk. (Who knows how it’s really pronounced, Grimes and Elon have different opinions on that matter)
>used to have „anti-imperialist” written in twitter bio, removed it after her relationship with Musk went public
>apparently current subject of Elon Musk’s bimbofication process, fills her face with botox, as well as getting countless other pricey plastic surgery procedurers, most probably to satisfy her boyfriend; Elon’s ex wives all mentioned he pressured them into dying their hair blond and getting surgeries.
>wrote on Twitter that Elon illegaly preventing employee unionization is „fake news”. Claimed she „investigated this heavily”
>spends most of the time whiteknighting Elon on TikTok
>walking bilboard for Tesla; starred as „cybergirl” in Tesla ad
>made „Visions” under the influence of Adderall (as well as hunger and cold rooms)
>both she and her boyfriend made public appearances visibly high on something
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
658 posts and 126 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1327174

it’s kind of disturbing how obviously brain dead claire is but elon was the one that decided she was the next human host for his son. if you were used as a human host you’d probably be on drugs too and traumatized. i understand she had to have agreed, but this is billionaire elon musk and she is simple enough to be mystified or at least confused as fuck. he’s way older and has done this to multiple women and has her so wrapped around her finger she is so defensive and terrified of asking for access to money or resources. billionaires are all antisocial and she’s an easy target, i’m surprised that’s not getting called out more. i never liked her but elon is a gigantic piece of shit. some people said she was “reddit’s girl” or something like popular with male nerds, maybe he just got her pregnant to do that. he constantly belittled her in interviews and he has the smallest of men complexes. idk. look at dobby’s master.

No. 1327194

i doubt he has the time or energy to sleep with other women, def pornsick tho like most techbros.

he's so gross and non virile, and she won't take his money; what the hell does she get out of this relationship? Free PR? she's annoying but i feel kinda sorry for her, girl must have huge attention seeking problems.

it pains me to think of the ego implosion and debilitating mental issues she'll suffer from when she's nearing 40 and he's done with her, and she realises she never properly bonded with her child because she was too scared of appearing matronly or basic.

No. 1327197

File: 1631935160909.jpg (180.6 KB, 970x1226, Untitled.jpg)

anon, us making fun of claire boucher does not mean we're stanning elon musk. they're both bad people. they both deserve to be picked apart

fucking this, you don't need to give into society's obsession with the mother identity but your baby should not be the one to suffer the effect of feeling distanced from you and unable to call you his mom

No. 1327198

not saying elon isn't massive piece of shit but it's not as deep as you make it. she's not "terrified" of asking for money, she's just a massive NLOG case, and she probably gets at least basic minimum for children care from him and sits in one of his residences, but it doesn't go well with her narrative so she doesn't count it in. (and if she doesn't, she has grounds to demand it and she will in a few years.) second, she's got her own fucking millions to fund herself and rich family to fall back on. that in vitro thing had her agree on everything, it's not like she couldn't say no and Elon dragged her by the arm. and she still can go away any time, she ALREADY sits alone all the time and Elon doesn't give a fuck while she just talks about him for attention. have you seen her call him "her beautiful E"? yes, he has her wrapped around her finger, but not in such "human host traumatized poor victim" way. i don't doubt he's antisocial and cruel bastard and her infatuation is tragic (what's worse than simpig for Elon Musk) but i feel like you make weird excuses for Grimes or look for something that isn't there. she still has her own brain, or at least remnants of.

No. 1327203

samefag, not to say that i don't feel sorry for Grimes and situation she's in, although probably it's the child who is in worst position. both Elon and Grimes are insincere and narcissistic people on their own (Elon infinitely more of course). it's just so irritating that this woman ignored all these articles from Elon's ex wives and all the red flags she's seen and experienced firsthand, there must've been some even in the very beginning, before the pregnancy. her family and friends must've warned her too, at least i hope so.

File: 1594342549954.png (72.78 KB, 275x218, 1594107973308.png)

No. 1004962[Reply]

Myah Alanna Scavo is a 21 year old wannabe musician and youtuber/instagrammer. She’s bratty, selfish, and a tryhard edgelord whilst being overly sensitive and incapable of taking criticism.

New milk.
>Moved to LA but is coped up in her apartment all day playing COD, SL or GTA.
> Can't keep any of her friends in LA because shes a hypocrite, no longer friends with abi.
> Supposedly is liberal now but abi has come out saying it is all fake and behind the scenes she says racist shit and also has friends online say racist shit so she records it.
> Old Milk: Abi and Ava have confirmed that she has hard drives of people.
> Spent $10,000 on a wrap in LA yet the car is not even worth $20,00 (A Pruis) she said she worked hard for it but she just turned in her Audi for the Prius.
> Had a teenage girl come over to her house before Covid-19 took off. Hangs out with teenagers and gets drunk with them.
> Besides Spring Break she still has not released new music (Princeton).
> Uses her mom's credit card rather buy vodka over food and nags at her mom for more money.
> Her ex friend Abi came out and said that myah also has p*edofelic behaviors and constantly tells herself she looks like a child.
> Her patreon does not give out content either late or not at all just access to a discord server.
> Always back with Anthony even though he was crazy abusive.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
414 posts and 80 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1307120

her deleted albums are way more impressive than any of the new shit she’s released, at least she had drive and a vision back then. she had potential and her music got a ton of support in 2017 but now it’s completely diminished. her recent songs are boring and lazy, it seems like she’s just given up

No. 1313850

File: 1630576807941.jpeg (35.9 KB, 828x187, F3E66495-9738-4227-BFC5-B9EE34…)

I don’t remember her working 25/8 unless she’s talking about being more active on YouTube and you now.
But also this thread has been dead for awhile because she’s not active anymore. I take that she quit social media and is moving on.

No. 1318238

File: 1631051508728.jpeg (220.81 KB, 585x505, 5FC2B6C7-2139-48E2-9F3D-BDEAE9…)

Oh man her doctor did not do a great job on the second nose job. Her nostrils are straight up triangles….

No. 1319014

File: 1631124806577.gif (169.52 KB, 56x56, 1630219427208.gif)

unironically based(sage )

No. 1327114

File: 1631923334528.jpeg (582.65 KB, 1192x2407, 9C9982A3-41C6-4303-AD6A-C80D26…)

the fuck is that head to hip proportion. also her jowls..

File: 1476057742683.jpg (94.05 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 181586[Reply]

Xiaorishu Thread? Didn't see one in the catalog, if there is, sorry.

>Who is Xiao?

It's a 20 something brit youtuber, with chinese and vietnamese origins
>Why is she famous?
Aside acting cute in various languages
And aside she's asian
She as an abnormal squeaky voice, due to her lungs.
In the past, she cosplayed and got in a fight with Margaret Palermo, who said that Xiao wanted to steal Venus' popularity after Xiao invited her out to a con (still when Venus and Maggot lived in London).
>What does Xiao now?
Eats chicken, does some cute vlogs (for me, they're cute, a bit weeby but enjoyable), rants about her exes and disabled comments.

What do you think about her?
Personally, I find her kinda cute (her style, editing etc) but find her a little bit too try-hard when she talks about topics like "teehee I poop teehee I fart teehee I eat chicken"
17 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 280315

she sounds like an 8 years old

No. 280511

Can we end this self-promo terrible thread?
She's not a cow/snow material and there's no fucking milk.
You guys are reaching way too fucking hard.

No. 503383

Was gonna ask if she needed a thread because I got this video from her in my recommendations then saw this thread, this video is so annoying and munchie-like. After taking a quick look at her twitter and channel I guess she's people here were right and she's not cow worthy, she's just childish and a bit spoiled? This thread is old so I don't know, but saged just in case.

No. 1327105

Idk of anyone saw her recent videos but this girl is triggering me so much. She didn't change one bit over the past years and is still dumb as ever ‍♀️
She still falls for dating scams and acts super childish even tho she's 31 yo.
In her recent video she gives of major pick-me girl vibes as 'girl friends are too much drama'.
No it's because you're hella annoying.(emoji)

No. 1327127

So you call people weird and sad for talking about yazo but talk shit about this girl? Don’t make yourself so obvious next time and go back to Twitter retard

File: 1468781358519.jpg (39.33 KB, 400x400, eNV_UnIV.jpg)

No. 156431[Reply]

Old thread

Info from old thread
>she took a break from school to go to japan
> apparently her parents paid everything and she claims to pay all the money back which is around 20k
>runs around in cosplay with her friends in tokyo bragging about all the jp pple taking pictures of them
>calls herself a youtuber even though she barely updates her channel

New info
>dumped her bf after he came to visit her in japan
>turned lesbian
>still lurks this thread
>throw out all her parents money for cosplay, makeup, extensions, parties, nails etc while she was in Japan
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
942 posts and 111 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1327042


No. 1327094

Ihr seid alle so unfassbar erbärmlich mit eurem schlechten Englisch und dieses künstliche Aufregen über Menschen mit denen ihr 0 zu tun habt. Lächerlich.

No. 1327126

You're here samefagging and bumping the thread for attention. You're a pathetic fattie.

No. 1327128

How do you say “ya’ll” in German?

No. 1327150

File: 1631927929424.jpg (681.42 KB, 1006x1006, join-inn.jpg)

You don't.

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