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Townhall is scheduled for May 22nd, GMT 2PM.

File: 1590657711625.jpg (204.72 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 980242[Reply]

A thread for YouTubers/Vloggers that don't warrant an entire thread, but are still involved in drama. Previous topics discussed include:
>Felix Kjellberg aka PewDiePie
>H3H3 aka Ethan & Hila Klein
>Emilia Fart
>Drama Channels
>Lifestyle Bloggers
>Family Bloggers
Previous Thread: >>>/snow/816850

Community/General Threads:
>Pet Youtube: >>>/snow/730730
>Beauty Community: >>>/snow/806516
>Game Grumps/ProJared: >>>/snow/812124
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No. 980348

Influencers are trash, youtubers are trash.

In a different context (i.e one that isn't monetized) I'd be more empathetic and understanding, but this bitch and her shitty family just took the money and ditched the kid. Just absolute shitstains.

No. 980361

This is so sad. They adopted him in 2017 and he's 4 now. How do you give up your kid after that long? I hope he has a better life now away from these people who used him as a fucking cash grab.

No. 980374

File: 1590688652742.jpg (Spoiler Image, 211.74 KB, 1178x2048, EZCL2XCXYAAidGX.jpg)

No. 980377

Ethan called out Keem for a lot of things including doxing and swatting/the issue where he accused the old man RS streamer of being a pedo but mostly implied that he had a place in Etika's suicide. A lot of people called out Ethan for how tasteless the accusation was, and then Keem shifted the blame onto Ethan for other stuff. He also accused the old man of being a pedo again, and then reuploaded a documentary length video from 2016 that another youtuber made exposing Ethan after Ethan made the final video about him. Youtube took it down, even though it didn't go against any of the guidelines and now there's conversation about if Ethan has friends in high places at YT. I've probably missed out a bunch, but so far that's what's happened.

No. 980382

Garbage humans.

File: 1589097704455.jpeg (2.31 MB, 2880x3840, 3AEA2C61-A198-4B6A-A6EF-CC3273…)

No. 971778[Reply]

A continuation of the Amanda Bret thread: >>943302

Social Media
Ig: bratoutofhell
Fb: https://www.facebook.com/bretdarling

Amanda Bret / Amanda Schafemeyer / bratoutofhell - 32 year old self obsessed woman living in Brooklyn or somewhere in New York with either her parents or ex husband. Her life goal is to remain relevant on instagram, cannot help but constantly air out her dirty laundry online and constant oversharing, public breakdowns, etc.

New milk since last thread was formed:

Continued lying about her breast cancer, has moved around the date for her surgery a bunch (pre-corona). Continued to cuck her ex husband.

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No. 980344

Dude is a straight up cuck.

No. 980349


The dude has kids and shit. She has no shame. I'd 86 her ass in a split second.

No. 980351

Samefag, yes, 10/10 classic bpd with heavy narc tendencies. Needs a heavy dose of growing the fuck up. A short, sharp shock can sometimes do it, but mostly she has to re-wire her brain. I don’t envy the psych who’d have that task.

Yeah, it is strange, >>980342 seems to be perma-puppy. He facilitates a lot of her shit. He’s basically a slave.

Or it could just be >>980344. Kek.

No. 980352

She wouldn’t even understand why that is a no go area. It’s all one way traffic to Amandaville.

No. 980368


She’s definitely discarded him as narcs do, but she probably throws him enough crumbs of affection to keep that wallet open, and probably fusses over him when he buys her stuff ie “ooh look! Thank you, baby!”

File: 1588810124135.jpg (518.92 KB, 2048x2048, ariscream.jpg)

No. 970102[Reply]

PlasticandProud/PlasticnProud/Alice Amor/Ariana McMillan/Psoriasisbutmakeitsexy/scorpioassheux/versatileheaux (pnp, Ariana, scorpioasshoe) is a 25 year old plastic surgery addict, ex Instagram “influencer”, animal abuser, and full service sex worker in philly

>Vapid narcissist and obligatory BPDfag, “doesn’t care wat u think” but will have a defensive spergout and be mad for hours over the slightest rustle of jimmies

>has a botched nose job, lip lift and boob job that all have scarring from improper aftercare, had to have boobs redone and are still wonky, now wants fat grafting and another nose job

Previous Threads:
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No. 980178

oh i thought maybe she was lurking the heather sparkles thread

No. 980199

Huh looks to me like hers was posted after Ariana’s and she deleted the evidence to hide that. Matches with the screenshots above too (4hr and 1hr ago). Nice self post.

No. 980303

lmao i love how she can't even be a whore correctly

No. 980347

Maybe off topic but kinda not;

I loathe that Aaron got a puppy only to dump it with Ari within a week of getting it because he has a normal job and literally zero time for a puppy. He then proceeds to dump said puppy with the most unreliable person ever who has an older dog which clearly isn't into the puppy at all. For someone who claims to love their dog so much, I think it's quite idiotic to babysit a puppy that really needs to be with his owner so it learns who's boss. She will totally fuck up that puppy, resulting in Aaron putting the dog up for adoption since he obviously doesn't have the time for it and since it's behaviour has been ruined by his so-called bestie he doesn't have any reasons left to keep it. I feel sorry for the little puppy.

No. 980362

can you at least sage the animal sperging

File: 1589179297716.jpg (456.09 KB, 1736x2048, 1588752521114.jpg)

No. 972184[Reply]

Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited are not milk and you will recieve a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiam when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread.

Summary of recent milk:

>changes twitter handle to buttstuffbarbie and goes obsessive over anal, even though she barely does any anal videos

>shay starts editing her photos beyond recognition
>admits that she's self conscious about her body…but uses this as an excuse not to work! what a surprise!
>plans to eat healthy and go to the gym one day, back to eating garbage and sitting on her ass the next day
>shay makes another pedo pandering vid
>shay lives vicariously through her sim, showing that what she really wants is to be an online influencer
>she gets bangs
>continues to start online drama while preaching how positive and above it all she is
>wants to move into a 3 bedroom house despite having no income but e-begging
>is she actually moving or is it all a scam? who knows?
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No. 980371

I'm excited to see her wear this mullet wig and a vest that will make her look even more chunky. I'd say she shouldn't masculate her troon ass even more by doing male characters but it's fucking hilarious. Keep doing these parodies, Shay! You're finally funny! Lmaoooo

No. 980373

Are you taking requests, Shayna?
pls do Shrek next…

No. 980375

what a stupid bitch lmfao her dumbass probably saw elongated muskrat saying it and parroted it three weeks later to appease the neckbeards that buy her $3 photos - sorry, i mean her haters dads who pay her rent

No. 980378

No she watched the matrix and then said that but I really don't think her stupid ass realizes what it means across the internet.

No. 980379

What makes it even funnier is that she thinks we're laughing with her, but in reality we're cringing and laughing AT her.

File: 1590506661460.png (1.43 MB, 1150x1150, not a grl.png)

No. 979294[Reply]

Old Threads:

This thread is for posting and discussing cringey fakebois who may or may not deserve their own threads.

Fakebois are girls who pretend to be boys for attention, either as trannies or biological males (usually the former).

Fakebois style and present themselves as androgenous or feminine-looking young men, even wearing girls clothing and make-up. They insist on being addressed with he/him (or occasionally they/them) pronouns and take great offense at being misgendered. Some are SJW transactivists, but for most their identities are entirely superficial.

Reminder to "truescums" and "transmeds": no1curr about how [[[100% REAL]]] your or any other tranny's ~dysphoria~ is. don't derail about that bullshit, save it for your tumblr blog.
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No. 980355

File: 1590686331816.jpeg (830.36 KB, 750x937, 986CA55F-7F72-4017-9FD9-30A0EE…)


No. 980366


Not long until the detransistion saga for this fucking mega douche.

Also, way to channel George Hugely with lacrosse. I'd be nervous if I was the girlfriend.

No. 980370

I haven’t heard of her. Have you seen natalie westling? She has another successful model that came out as trans last year. She was pretty Dykey before she came out, but so many models are.

No. 980376

christ. even if they want to identify as nonbinary, why the fuck do most of these creeps always have to look like stupid ass three year old boys who decided to play dress up while their parents were at work? why do they never realise that if it’s an identity characterised as being disassociated with a binary it doesn’t mean they have to dress and look like someone with the vaguest approximation of what an ugly butch dyke looks like? i always find it interesting they never want to continue looking like women. just say you hate women and experiencing female oppression and go

No. 980383

>However seeing the replies to the tweets being like "c-can't you just be nonbinary and still enjoy feminine things?!?!"

Ohyikes! Yes, spotted several of those as well that made me cringe. "Are you sure you're not non-binary?" "Perhaps you are genderfluid?" "How do you feel about demi-girl?" (demi-girl…? Fucking really?!) Just SHUT THE F#¤% UP! She's stated that she's detransing and wants to just be her self, stop trying to drag her in to identifying as some bullshit! Those commens pissed me off to no end…

File: 1583511332546.jpg (56.38 KB, 587x471, EFEchHwU0AEJxFK.jpg)

No. 949693[Reply]

We have a tradthot thread, but what about pickme lefthots like the ones from Chapo and redscare?
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No. 979635

Edit: thanks for the silver, comrade!

No. 979922

Ok cop

No. 980164

File: 1590636353226.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 126.19 KB, 828x967, 14FE39AC-3C97-48BD-B7E0-D0CA58…)

She should stop deleting her best posts. Bet she’s funnier than all you fat broads :)(:))

No. 980209

literally not funny at all

No. 980317

File: 1590682033027.jpeg (142.26 KB, 1152x2048, 33AD69BD-767E-4AF3-9FDA-48B6EA…)

Anna going Jordan Peterson mode. She does the same thing as him where like half her takes are incredibly basic uncontroversial shit: “commodification of sexuality is bad,” “millenials are narcissists” so that people will respect the unintelligible takes like this that mean absolutely nothing

File: 1589084250795.png (165.81 KB, 409x390, threadpic1.png)

No. 971736[Reply]

Last time on the "#BeKind" Edition…

> Legitimately nothing has changed - Not a single thing.

> Katie / K.T. is still fucking crazy

> ProJared is STILL trying to paint himself as the victim, begging for views on his FFVII video because he was "in such a dark place last year"

> He attempted to call out Joe Exotic apparently for saying "That bitch Carole Baskin" and then claiming to be anti-bullying.

> Holly is STILL playing the "woe is me, not like the other girls, uwu bird mom" card. Her "Mental Health Mondays" are now essentially just her streaming Animal Crossing.

> She also supported the DM of Far Verona during his scandal in which he essentially forced a sexual encounter on another player's character and was rightfully called out. Holly declared "You're a good friend and a good person" and then when called out for that, declared "I was literally molested as a child" as if that made her supporting a predator okay.

> Holly made some masks for people to use against COVID-19 and when called out for them not being effective, her Ass Kissers attacked the person because, in Holly's words, "It sucks trying to do something to help" and "At least applaud us for not taking the masks from first responders", implying that we should thank her for doing the bare minimum in not being a selfish twat.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 980310

File: 1590680868595.jpg (85.52 KB, 1067x374, Screenshot_20200528-084625_Ins…)


Uh….I'm not sure when Holly changed her Twitter bio, but Heidi has had this on Instagram for a long time.

No. 980311


That's recent - within the last month. Probably figured she couldn't keep leaning on DCA since it was officially cancelled. I like that she brings up the emmy like she personally won it all by herself and that it wasn't a team effort that she happened to be a part of (that she hasn't really acknowledged in a good long while).

Also just a huge fan of her bringing up the "I'm a secular witch" bit when 99% of her actions are pretty much the polar opposite of what most people believe (Ex: The whole "You get the energy you give" thing that would invalidate her being a perpetual victim)

No. 980313


Holly really is doing everything she can to be like Heidi huh. Her fans should really sit and think about this, but they have no critical thinking skills to see this womanchild is obsessed with her boyfriend's ex wife.

No. 980315


Maybe she thinks that if she can become Heidi 2.0 for Jared that he will love her as much as he USED to love Heidi (it seems like at the beginning of their marriage Jared and Heidi were really solid)- maybe even enough to marry her

It's just insane to me that she constantly pushes this narrative that Heidi abused not only Jared but her too (hilarious, btw) and that Heidi is a monster who Holly and Jared are TERRIFIED of… yet she is constantly trying to become her

reading how she throws some crafting credentials in her new description proves it even more. She has spent like the past 5 years being done with cosplay and crafting yet suddenly now she is embracing it again. "You think you are crafty and artistic, Heidi?!? I won an Emmy! I was on TV! I AM THE BETTER CHOICE, RIGHT JARED?"

No. 980372

Probably the drop in subs hurting her ego so she has to remind people of past achievements.

File: 1580555843150.jpeg (312.3 KB, 1012x941, 22EE6573-28ED-4105-B167-43C3BB…)

No. 926664[Reply]

Thread for those involved in the goth community and other notorious altcows who whinge, binge, and beg their way through festivals and endless Killstar hauls.

Previous thread: >>893423


Jake Munro & Toxic Tears/Kaya
It's Black Friday
Adora Batbrat
Kat von D & Leafar Seyer
Of Herbs and Altars/Dorian
Aurelio Voltaire
The Witchy Goth Gang
Sebastian Columbine
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1174 posts and 145 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 980320

Felvae unfollowed her too? That's surprising. But yes, either she has a google alert set for her username, or people have been tipping a lot.

No. 980332


Unfollowing her isn't going to change anything, lol. Felvae and Adam are still best friends with some questionable people - are they going to unfollow them, too?

No. 980338

And is Adam going to retract his lyrics that he's "only just found out" have Nazi references in them? That would be interesting.

No. 980380

IBF cannot stop contradicting herself if she tried. In a recent video and livestream she shows she still holds resentment towards her ex husband, saying things like "when I was in Germany I was with someone who was very cruel to me and would say awful things to me" and "I want to try to live in Germany again but I want to go to a different city. It would have been a nicer experience if not for someone". Didn't she post a photo with Mattias a few months ago captioned "friends again"? The fuck is wrong with her. I wonder if he knows that she is still talking shit about him on YouTube even after they are supposedly friends.

No. 980381

File: 1590691037700.png (124.87 KB, 747x518, Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 19.3…)


Probably "varg had some good points about cereal so worth sitting through 90% of his content being extremely racist" anon from upthread >>977150

Both Lauren and Mara posting laughing smiles pics/stories today on purpose? Guess Nymphcreature didn't have that much support after all. >>979843

The thing is - most of Adam's lyrics are eurotribalist/ecofash related, it's not like he threw in just one "blood and soil" reference. I'm certain they are both going to be a lot more careful from now on, no more cutesy banter about tradlife, but the caps are all here and people will definitely be watching.

File: 1574645508015.jpg (133.26 KB, 395x667, 1562078480641.jpg)

No. 897463[Reply]

Alternative title: "Mods please don't lock this one before it even starts" Edition

Dinara, aka Develv, 28, is an artist on DeviantART known for making fetish art of eunuchs. She often shares her account on the site with her sister, Elvira, 26, whose own account and username is Elveo. The lion's share of their infamy stems from their antics in the Russian art and fanfic community, and the site HolyWarsoo has been archiving their antics since 2015.

The sisters have a bizarre fixation on historical young boys who were the victims of genital mutilation and sexual abuse by older men. They combine this fixation with a general disdain for other women, often making their eunuchs resemble fashion models, while actual women are drawn to be plain, unappealing and/or broad-bodied, at best, or strange, ugly caricatures with mannish features, at worst.

Points of interest:
>Elv is known for editing actual Wikipedia pages to distort information, and match her and her sister's eunuch romance yaoi fantasies
>Psuedohistorians in every way, constantly claiming that this or that woman or group of women were actually beautiful men (for example, Amazons or nymphs in Greek mythology actually being men all along) or not female-identified (Hatsheput being a trans man)
>Both are intense apologists for the abuse and castration that eunuchs went through, claiming most of them were not victims, but "glorious, beautiful, innocent angels" and "figures of power". They enjoy writing fanfiction and drawing fanart of these historical figures, romanticizing their ordeals and completely reimagining their appearances
>They defend pedophilia in general, and sexualize living boys who are CSA victims (Bachabazi), young Jewish men and boys, gay Middle Eastern men, MtF transsexuals, intersex people, etc under the guise of "appreciating male beauty" or "supporting love"
>They were homeschooled and raised in some sort of hypermisogynistic cult by their insane father, which may explain their internalized misogyny
>They believe Jesus was a eunuch
>They are staunchly against any depictions of BiblPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
152 posts and 52 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 979812

File: 1590581587392.jpg (83.28 KB, 751x1064, sherlock_and_watson_under_disg…)

I didnt even realize that pride month is coming. I am dreading at what kind of bullshit theyll say and draw next

The pic is a crossdressing sherlock with watson

No. 979947

This chick is so out of touch with reality that she doesn't realize she is hurting the community she is supposedly supporting.

No. 979957

what in the name of the Lord is that face

No. 980121

Compared to their usual art Sherlock's face is ridiculously flat. Watson's face looks 3D, why isn't his? This seems more rushed than usual. Do they use watercolor very often?

No. 980292

I dunno. This piece is pretty old tbh

File: 1573922377348.png (449.25 KB, 483x600, Annotation 2019-09-16 120041.p…)

No. 895044[Reply]

> June 28, 1999, Sydney Australia
> E-artist and animator, side job of being an e-thot
> Widely known as being Pyrocynical's ex-girlfriend.
>> Drew a lot of fanart about him and her as a couple, even drew animations about him.
>> Dated 2016-2018. She's now dating PunkDuck. Rumors about Hyojin cheating.
> Bully
>> Makes fun of people with mental illness. Thought that people posting their health are weak.
>> Belittles small artists who are better than her.
>>> Made a podcast with her group of friends about one of their former friend's depression. All believe to be fake and seeks attention. Now deleted.
>>> Made fun of one of her former fan to the point of being in to tears.
>> Has made journal entries in her old DeviantArt account, talked shit about people who disagrees with her. Now deleted.
>> Craves drama with her small group of friends for no reason.
> Had been involved with drama, Slazo's rape allegations and Zaptie's pedophile allegations.
>> Slazo's Rape Allegations
>>> Slazo has been accused of rape from his former girlfriend, FiZZ1P0P, Chey, in a long twitter post. Typical results, the victim got her support from fans and friends, and Slazo got none. Until he made a video with his perspective, showed that he was being a bad and unsupportive boyfriend. There's no rape involved.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
429 posts and 116 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 980266

As mentioned before she has never tweeted about an unpopular/controversial political opinion. She shouldn’t post about any politics though as she’s proven she has the mental capacity of a child. Just posting whatever opinion is the most popular for clout

No. 980267

They did a lot more than that, it seems like the biggest chimp out since that dindu Michael brown(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 980270

can you at least sage your cringe attempts at edgy 4chan racism you fucking retard

No. 980273

Jfc go away retard .

No. 980274

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