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File: 1658254056282.jpg (1.34 MB, 3346x2510, thrivingwithoutkaya.jpg)

No. 1591715[Reply]

For all the attention seekers, grifters and other assorted idiots in the alternative community

Most recent cows:
-Jake Munro aka Snake aka Fake, extremely unoriginal "musician", after his Casey Neistat imitation vlogs didn't take off he got famous from doing TikTok react videos. Known for copying the aesthetics of many musicians such as MM and Dir En Grey. Music is really unoriginal too, his most successful songs are covers. Has an obsessive cult fanbase of tweens and lonely middle aged women, calls himself "goth daddy" after saying all goths are cunts. Got his channel started by leeching off his gf, Kaya, then dumped her when he got famous enough
-ToxicTears (kaya), veteran youtuber, one of the OG "goths", used to get hundreds of thousands of views but her channel has dwindled, now she constantly makes excuses not to film and when she does it's usually an unboxing or a Q&A or GRWM. Has been pretty active on TikTok lately
-Kat Paine aka Skat, married tattoo artist who Jake cheated on Kaya with, has a kid
-Jude Bishop, OF thot and ddlg pedo-pandering pickme who is also "goth", has her own thread but crosses over here too, publicly thirsts for Jake
-ItsBlackFriday (freyja), goth youtuber, country hopper, terrible planner
-Psychara, witchy instagoth who fries her hair
-Of Herbs and Altars (Dorian), alt youtuber who does videos on her ana and drugs past, believes she can fuck ghosts
-Adora BatBrat, instagoth who likes posting provocative stuff for shock value
-Ruadhan, youtuber, rambling shit stirrer

…and other cows who are discussed but not necessarily producing significant or frequent milk

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1617889

Why does she stick her bottom jaw out like that?

No. 1617900

exactly. I think Jake is just excited to show off that someone is having sex with him. I don’t think he likes her as much as how he feels about himself because she fucks him. and they both cheated on their long term partners for one another, so jake probably wants to lay it on thick what a great decision it was, because the contrary would be admitting that cheating is an awful thing to do and that there isn’t anything special about what they have.

No. 1617902

She has an incredibly unfortunate underbite I think, either that or in some deluded fashion she believes showing people her lower set of teeth is attractive when really it just looks like an angry puppy having a strop

No. 1617910

File: 1660676384464.jpg (59.48 KB, 1080x168, Screenshot_20220816-115613_Ins…)

Has anyone noticed how they only communicate to eachother using buzz words and emojis? It is so weird. They are so vapid and loveless. Kat still has never made an appearance in his streams and never types more than "daddy" or "yum". I swear this dumb bitch acts like a robot sex doll with 5 different phrases built in.

No. 1617914

File: 1660676513718.jpg (42.07 KB, 997x138, Screenshot_20220816-115628_Ins…)

I don't think she is able to form any full sentences or unique thoughts.

File: 1632687804498.jpg (1.77 MB, 3072x3072, IMG_3754.JPG)

No. 1335075[Reply]

Jay/Fae is a 22 year old they/them "lesbian"

>is dating a man, Connor

>posted about sex and her huge boobs frequently, would then complain when tiktok slaps her on the wrist for sexual content
>main tiktok account eventually got deleted, probably from too many violations
>said boyfriend was apparently abusive to an ex and Jay
>Jay's roomate was uncomfortable with Connor and didn't want him in their apartment, they made an agreement that he wouldn't be allowed over.
>didn't even last a month lol. Her roomate left, ruined their friendship, made vids about each other and Jay threatens legal action for "spreading lies"
>generally just an embarrassing obese genderspecial
>autistic, bpd, hates her dad, apparently disabled, used to be anorexic and is now morbidly obese

ig: https://www.instagram.com/pinkfaefemme/
of: https://onlyfans.com/pinkfaefemme
tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pinkfaefemme?
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1614134

Sorry if request for spoonfeeding, but what does she even get disability for? Surprised she's not one of those cows that list it off in her bio.

No. 1614146

File: 1660334210702.png (9.24 MB, 1242x2208, B74236F9-5ED6-4835-8CF6-D35755…)

I don’t think she was ever thin

No. 1614388

Jfc this bitch was always husky

No. 1616247

from a look at her insta, raging mental illness is my guess

No. 1617898

File: 1660674833240.webm (972.92 KB, 576x1024, narcissistdisorder.webm)

this is why I don't believe she'll ever get better, her ego is sky-high

File: 1660061332645.jpg (1.85 MB, 2830x3072, thesagacontinues.JPG)

No. 1611223[Reply]

Homeless and Heartbroken, but things might just be looking up…or not?

First Thread >>738758
Second Thread >>836614
Third Thread >>871951
Fourth Thread >>892447
Fifth Thread >>929121
Sixth Thread >>967636
Seventh Thread >>1031322
Eight Thread >>1087783
Ninth Thread >>1148062
Tenth Thread >>1242901
Eleventh Thread >>1421281 (locked)

Heather Steele is a former retro toy collecting and Fairy Kei fashion Youtuber who, at the end of 2018, decided to have a major meltdown and turned all her social media into a public diary. She began cheating on her allegedly abusive husband, and re-wrote herself as some sort of pop Victorian goth and witchy explorer. She got incredibly defensive of her sudden change. In her defensiveness– which she vaguely admitted was to win the affections of a man– she threw a lot of her supporters under the bus, has been unreasonably cocky and aggressive with a lot of people including former friends, and distorted the criticisms (which were towards her overall behavior) into a narrative claiming everyone is just attacking her for her fashion and hobby choices.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1617911

lol maybe you should have taken all that time you wasted deleting and re-posting new replies to actually read.

No. 1617918

The thread has just become newfags who can’t sage giving their shit takes and arguing over whether we should cowtip, sorry for skipping over your novel and editing my posts I guess.

No. 1617929

File: 1660677834043.png (138.55 KB, 953x630, what is reading comp.png)

>replies within 10 mins each time to posts that are hours apart
It's kind of strange how much you are trying to shut down people wanting to discuss Heather in a Heather thread while terminally camping here but go off I guess. Sorry you can't handle more than a few sentences at a time.

No. 1617932

I think it’s crazy for Lurch to string Heather along like that and then ghost her. Lesson learned Heaterh, never get involved with crazy moids

No. 1617935

Who cares? I’m kinda ocd and it beats samefagging. All it shows is you were hanging out here too, kek. Not gonna shit up the thread any further with this, if you don’t think the thread has tanked lately then more power to you.

File: 1660410144631.jpeg (974.21 KB, 1200x5436, 1660154658725.jpeg)

No. 1614966[Reply]

493 posts and 119 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1617917

File: 1660676638626.jpg (59.01 KB, 960x956, 37411827_10155910847201902_794…)

No. 1617919

I hate how these scrotes only care about R v W because of what it means for them. They don’t have a scrap of empathy for women.

No. 1617921

For real. Having been in the moms place with someone like that, the best thing to do is just not even read the texts. Gray rock and ignore and eventually they will tire themselves out until the next moment they decide to berate you for twenty messages.

No. 1617926

I stg I would add chemical castration agents to all men's water supplies for a month, just so they could experience the world as rational human beings for a time. I don't know how they can even pretend to be self-respecting when this is the kind of thing they worry about, and they don't notice an enormous driving force in their life is just a FETISH. Absolutely boggles the mind.

No. 1617933

Has there ever been any write up on how for about a 2 year period MTFs tried to take over the mod teams of any leftist communities and immediately started mass banning everyone and destroying them? I know people have talked about the links between government agencies and this stuff, but it feels like the entire thing got memory holed.

File: 1658525802372.jpeg (1.77 MB, 2880x3840, 8AEBE280-944D-4596-A845-CEAFB8…)

No. 1594746[Reply]

Social Media
Ig: bratoutofhell
Fb: https://www.facebook.com/bretdarling
Tik Tok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMe2Yvoe6/
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/amandabret

Amanda Bret / Amanda Schafemeyer / Labozetta/ bratoutofhell-


As we barrel headfirst into Amanda's one year anniversary with Dan "Scabies Incarnate" Rivas, a man with bugs in his gigantic beaver tail dread, we reflect back on the past few months and the rollercoaster that is Mandy Meatball's life. One would think that spending three months coked up, drunk, and holed up in an apartment that is owned by a cuck ex (emerging only to go to shows or drive around in a dirty truck) would be BORING. But au contraire! Mandy faced many challenges: pregnancy, cancer, a back injury caused by slipping in vomit. Still, she found the courage to do some fashion shoots, even encouraging Dan to join her! She also helped nurture his blossoming comic career while he convalesces in bed from ailments unknown. Where is Amanda going? Where has she been? As she and Dan head towards parts unknown in a truck covered in as much trash as that in Dan's hair, we await the next chapter with bated breath.

previous thread 1 >>943302

previous thread 2 >>971778
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
302 posts and 38 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1616872

>Middle of nowhere state
Lol alright anon yeah we clearly live all in the boonies or are reckless drivers. Why are you getting so pressed about this? People call it the fast lane and use it as such, get over it. Now go back to your crossing guard job or whatever you do

No. 1617090


Are we supposed to believe a New York bodega owner is getting fined for their cat? Isn't that like quintessential to NY bodega ownership: having a cat?

No. 1617665

File: 1660659005704.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1170x2141, A8B996D6-DC59-4B83-8D8E-FF791F…)

She gave Frank to her old employee, Kenzie, who started the GoFundMe for Scamanda

No. 1617743

Do we just pretend the bird never existed? She definitely killed it and then just quietly threw it away right

No. 1617885

File: 1660673724803.jpeg (272.76 KB, 1170x864, 06DCA5D5-33C6-4A3F-B4BA-C6FE33…)

This was the last post she made about Perry

File: 1660317061940.jpg (67.73 KB, 640x1022, vroz8anp7wg91.jpg)

No. 1613908[Reply]

Thread about pick-me women and gays, primarily from Twitter and Youtube, who claim to be practicing Socialism or Marxism. Commonly known as The Dirtbag Left, many associated with the scene are not leftists at all. Some, like Dasha Nekrasova, have become TradCath LARPers.
Twitter e-girl uwu smol beans are on-topic in that they all follow and interact with the cows.
>Media associated with this scene:
Podcasts like Red Scare, Chapo Trap House, True Anon, The Antifada, The Perfume Nationalist, The Bruenigs, Cumtown, Bad Faith, and What’s Left

I'm too lazy to do a full recap, the main milk in last thread was the crumps substack piece
and Liz's boobjob

Old threads:
Thread #1: >>>/snow/949693
Thread #2: >>>/snow/1002060
Thread #3: >>>/snow/1020452
Thread #4: >>>/snow/1030945
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1617915

She isn't wearing a cross anymore either. I think she's really weaning herself off the schizo larp she flung herself into two years ago.

No. 1617920


No. 1617923

careful, you’re gonna trigger her orbiters into samefag spamming that she’d never leave their schizocult. i agree though, with what she said at the crumps struggle session (lmao) and various other small things like her “friend” posting she’s going through a personal crisis and the lack of cross, seems like she’s really moving away from that

No. 1617927

very pretty face but these are some of the most disgusting boobs i’ve ever seen

No. 1617934

ot but i need an id on the blush. any leads? looks perfectly pinky and coral

File: 1650030832207.png (348.06 KB, 885x644, Screenshot 2022-04-15 14.51.58…)

No. 1502155[Reply]

Post your favourite e-begging cringe for cows who aren't significant enough to have their own thread.

Picrel, 24 year old scrote LARPing as a MTF claiming that this is Literal Abuse because his Mom asked him to do chores and get a job, apparently this is cause for e-beggary.
480 posts and 158 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1616284

Do shelters even let you adopt if you aren't financially stable? I mean, if you're on welfare but know how to budget that's one thing but this person seems like flat broke from bad life choices.

No. 1616322

Nope, no checks for cats you pick up off the streets though

No. 1616457

Sorry for necro. She was one of my personal cows too, saw her being posted sometimes over here or on fucking kiwifarms but no one really decided to dig into her antics for milk. She has massive lolcow potential, especially when her grift is happenning for few years already.

I digged through her tumblr and twitter good while ago and I think the funniest thing was trying to convert to judaism for more opression points. I remember her crying that she got harassed when she constantly was talking about killing whites or something, was butthurt that people were over her shit and she had to reap what she sow. I wish I screenshotted it, it was just too funny. Her twitter is more self-censoring but one things were jarring for me. When I checked it she seemed to have that strawberry dress on in her profile picture (while constantly saying she's broke and close to being homeless) and generally her tweets were like "you're racist and lesbophobic if you won't buy my fiction" or obsession with cannibalism, especially about anyone who isn't black. I wonder if she offers commissions still, her prices were ridiculous for her subpar skill.

Didn't heard about her trying to ebeg for a Telfar though. Still, it's ridiculously funny. These bags always looked dogshit and heard quality is flaming garbage. They are just memed by dying rags like Dazed.

No. 1617302

>terrified of going back to work
>slowly working on it with my therapist

god I hate these people, she clearly has a place to stay and a car, a THERAPIST, and SOME kind of cash flow, only to beg for funds for animals she can't support

>asking for repair funds for Prius while standing in front of a HK truck

No. 1617880

File: 1660673318541.jpeg (107.17 KB, 828x416, 8DCAD006-ABC8-45A7-8DBA-6FC726…)

This dude tags all his ebegging as #trans woman and like, looooooool. He’s been talking about a new job starting soon since June too.

File: 1660230560496.jpeg (407.14 KB, 2571x929, 50AE566B-6A26-4F1A-B754-B5921E…)

No. 1612892[Reply]

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1599657

Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in or edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage (in email field) when there’s no milk. Spoiler any nsfw images. No blogposting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whore thread >>>/snow/1596608

Last thread:
>Shay placed 115th in her latest MV contest. Congrats! >>>/snow/1599691
>Shay goes on rant #3938474 about how the SW community is mean to her >>>/snow/1600521 and complains about fellow SWers kink shaming her >>>/snow/1600725
>another embarrassing attempt at being a TikTok #egirl is made, the video does not break 1k views >>>/snow/1600568
>more tweets & deletes exposing how salty Shayna is towards toxic newbie sex workers (aka girls younger & hotter than her who don’t have to fuck themselves while dressed up like a baby to barely pay their rent) >>>/snow/1600767 and defending her pedo pandering >>>/snow/1600813
>more ranting to herself about how successful and happy she totally is >>>/snow/1600825
>anons find the source of Shay’s hours-long ranting: another lame callout poPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
808 posts and 172 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1617896

File: 1660674524839.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 786.42 KB, 1170x1623, 6A53640E-21EE-4C73-80FC-CACE0F…)

And we all know Shay didn’t spank or touch the other girl

No. 1617924

Whoreanon here! I promise you I really didn't go. If I did I'd have gotten better milk than one candid pic. I stopped talking about it cuz farmers told me to stfu if I wasn't bringing milk, which is fair.

Though now I am curious about who took/posted that pic. Obvs there's another e-whore farmer who did actually go & I wanna know more!

No. 1617928

There was that other farmer who said she was going with her coworkers, wonder if it was her

No. 1617930

Kek not to infight but you kind of act like a guilty dog.

No. 1617936

Texas anon here! I want to get live tea of shayna if she goes to this, but I am not a sex worker / degenerate lol. Do yall think its possible to attend but blend in and not actually have to participate in any of the event?

File: 1591056816261.jpg (50.49 KB, 716x380, wow.jpg)

No. 982148[Reply]

Repzion is one of the loudest of the anti-o mouth pieces, and recently has drawn enough drama to himself with pure blatant hypocrisy that I thought it may warrant a thread.

Events to note:
>accuses a 16 year old of spreading child porn of his girlfriend when really she was 19 and it was a public image from a cam site catalog
>"edgy" humor including transphobia, nazi shit, bestiality
>opened communication with current GF at age 12 before meeting her at 19
>GF cheated with him with a sugar daddy, got pregnant, aborted it
>releases a cancel culture is bad!!! video while being cancelled
>doubles down on all his claims in a lame response video looking like a karen in a midlife crisis
>defends his batshit girlfriend, writes her an insane twitter apology, then makes her private all her accounts

I cannot even begin with his girlfriend, the milk there is intense, everything from doxxing and leaking nudes, white supremacy, homophobia, transphobia, and general retardation, all public alongside her face and nudes.

His response: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFHqGHmItr4

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.(shit thread)
399 posts and 259 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1617230

From the looks of it, seems they took a trip to Hawaii a bit early.

No. 1617264


Saged bc super late and no real contribution

Idk about the validity of her back story, but I definitely remember her writing in perfectly good German on Twitter before. Not to WK, but I don't see any reason why she'd lie about having lived there if she speaks the language and can talk about things with certain cultural knowledge. German is a pain in the ass to learn.

If I don't forget I'll try to find the conversation again and screenshot it.

No. 1617333

She doesn't really speak good in German though if I remember correctly.

No. 1617461

Tracy looks so busted

No. 1617822

File: 1660669562193.jpeg (306.46 KB, 1284x1955, E2507288-8F2B-4A3E-8E3D-EE3D4D…)

File: 1660514559149.jpg (105.54 KB, 736x736, coquettethread.jpg)

No. 1616017[Reply]

Coquette aesthetic or "Doelet/Dollette" is the neo Nyphette fashion trend between young women on social media. It's exactly like nymphette, only that it's apparently "less pedophilic" just because they said so (read: hypocrisy) even though the way they fantasize about Dolores Haze and obsess over being petite is exactly the same. They also dress the same and gave the same makeup, even posting the same crap Tumblr did 10 years ago.

They claim to be morally better than nymphettes, but in fact they’re just the same. They still glorify Lolita, still are into DD/LG, still romanticize abuse of women. After they realized they can’t pretend to be morally pure and better than nymphetes anymore, they now call themselves „toxic girls”, „girls who are actually the problem” and „female manipulators”, even though the only people they’re capable of manipulating are their parents.
Coquettes spend entire days on „girlblogging” (reposting same 10 pictures of Lizzy Grant taken from pinterest), making idiotic whisper memes, posting fawn pictures, posting thinspo and calling themselves „waifs”, even though most of them weight 60kgs, and tagging everything with „Alana champion lily rose depp lana del rey”, even when it has nothing to do with those chicks.

Cows & stuff discussed in previous thread:
>Ethel Cain - trans Nicole Dollanganger sdbbydoll larper, uses the current coquette wave to make „career”. Writes awful Nicole/nymphet themed texts with addition of misogyny >>1593790 Photographs himself in white dresses, face obscurred, which appeals to tumblr idiots, or does trailer park shoots. Makes music that’s awful, styled as very bad ripoff of Lana Del Rey.
>Alida Simone - one of nymphettes/lolita girls is still around and now treated as a goddess by coquettes, still seething about PULL >>1422957, >>1452266
>old Alida Simone milk: >>1443208, >>1443858, Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
8 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1616599

This is a really bizarre thing I've noticed about aesthetics. Why does every aesthetic have a fixation on detailing how people take showers? This isn't a new thing either I've been seeing these guides for aesthetics hygiene for years. Half the time it's not even with aesthetic pictures or even referential to the time period they're trying to emulate (so in this case the nymphets aren't taking vintage 1949 ass showers they're just having regular showers). There's even a new aesthetic called "clean girl aesthetic" and it's just people posting Twitter threads of black girls washing their face as if it's not a very mundane act of hygiene

No. 1616793

>There's even a new aesthetic called "clean girl aesthetic" and it's just people posting Twitter threads of black girls washing their face
LMAO i fear if they have dirty girl aesthetic yet then

No. 1617794

File: 1660668118354.jpg (386.37 KB, 720x1160, 20220816_175410.jpg)

"Trad" but makes sure everyone can see her boobs at all times in a desperate attempt to sexualise herself like every other non trad ewhore she thinks she's better than. Just say you want to be a slut and own it, why are you beating around the bush when you know that we know?

Dirty girl was already been the main aesthetic before aesthetic became a mainstream thing. Everyone is constantly obsessed with being a dirty moss goblin who walks barefoot in mud and before that people were obsessed with being a raccoon in the trash or some shit. Its actually hilarious that clean girl is a counter culture based around having a wash sometimes

No. 1617795

Ah yes, nothing screams coquette selfcare like using products that are tested on animals or are made with animal fat.

No. 1617827

what, are coquettes vegan or is this just a weird nitpicky sperg ?

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