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File: 1546141262486.jpg (550.53 KB, 2711x1534, Yxxy3CF.jpg)

No. 756206[Reply]

Thread Image Credit: >>743402

Summary of Shoe’s past:
>In her pre-internet days used to be a typical guido looking trash, was a bully in high school
>Discovered internet and got addicted to male attention so hard she dropped her education (film school) and became a Boxxy skinwalker
>Spent her days constantly attention whoring on Unichan, trying to be "the better Boxxy", pretended she's a "shy nerdy gurl uwu"
>Went on a vacation to Mexico with few unichan neckbeards. Obese one named Kenny stole her phone and posted her nudes on the net because she rejected his advances. (Note: The sword and door pics are not her.)
>Befriended a unichan guy (Ian) who would later become first lolcow.farm admin; possibly gains a mod status, uses it to know who is shit-talking about her on lolcow.farm (2014)
>Dated a seemingly normal guy, dumped him because her fanbase didn't approve she is dating a black guy and because he told her that she should get off the internet. Also cheated on this guy with Skeptic.
>Starts a youtube channel "shoe0nhead" supposedly for criticizing feminism - though she doesn't present any valid arguments instead uses her internet "fame" to shit-talk women and present herself as "not like the other girls".

Summary of Skeptic’s past:
>Blamed (still blames) his parents for his intellectual failures and his general stupidity because, in his words, “they weren’t smart enough to raise a genius.”
>Goes to a community college and majors in art. Shortly after he fails out.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 788766

well of course shoe doesn't need to worry about the wage gap considering she would have to have an actual job to be affected by it

No. 788836

File: 1553148313858.jpg (55.77 KB, 1024x768, 966.jpg)

I'm pretty sure her videos about the wage gap myth is what set off her youtube career though? Who can take her seriously anymore?

No. 789025

i can't believe how little effort she puts into her videos now, literally 6 minutes of her saying "cheating is wrong!" and that's it.. lmao wew she really doesn't care anymore

No. 789030

File: 1553218796145.jpg (64.02 KB, 731x459, sTXKJ4X.jpg)

moving in?

No. 789031

File: 1553218837934.jpg (106.09 KB, 734x483, 6yWKwLV.jpg)

File: 1546325079091.png (200.3 KB, 560x667, Screen Shot 2019-01-01 at 1.44…)

No. 757175[Reply]

HollyBRown is a bad artist, YouTuber, webcomic author, and fujoshi popular with edgy children for her "no bullshit" attitude despite not accepting any criticism.

She beleives she's known for her three webcomics:
Purgatory, her oldest and worst comic, about two gay teens in a cult with lots of rape: https://tapas.io/series/Purgatory
Paranormal Plague, whose most-drawn character hasn't been introduced, with rape DLC: https://tapas.io/series/Paranormalplague
Chroma Prince, her newest Patreon-only NSFW yaoi comic about alien sex slaves, not updated in a month at currently four pages: https://www.patreon.com/hollybrown

She's actually most known for ranting about the CalArts admissions process being unfair even though she was DEFINITELY accepted:

WEBSITE: https://www.hollycbrown.com/
(OLD) https://www.youtube.com/user/hollyistotallycool
(NEW) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnPk2t3AcJJzPX5qshKMwSw
INSTAGRAM: Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 788903

That comment has always rubbed me the wrong way. She's not even hiding that she doesn't take her writing seriously.

I'm sure she'd laugh if someone said that about Simon tbh

No. 788911

lmao I'll never get over how she victim blames her own fucking character that she wrote into this situation in the first place.

No. 788915

Alright, guys! Kickstarter is over and she actually managed to get about 10 grant - remember, the books are supposed to ship in less than two months, my body is ready for the trainwreck.

No. 789029

File: 1553218459231.jpg (245.73 KB, 720x1280, 20190321_213151.jpg)

Reading the comments is a fuckin ride. Oh yeah I'm sure that's why Holly cant do shit on time. Mercury Retrograde. Like wtf how can her fans be this dumb. It's not mercury, its Holly scamming your ass.

No. 789036

Do they not realize who they are subscribed to / following? Didnt holly rip into adtrology saying its bullshit lol. She shouldnt believe in mercury retrogrades.

File: 1551124579842.png (676.48 KB, 736x475, 1547335068888.png)

No. 781130[Reply]

-It's Black Friday
-Toxic Tears + Jake Munro
-Adora Batbrat
-Sebastian Columbine
-Kat von D
-Drac Makens
-Angela Benedict
-Erin Micklow
-Dre Ronayne
-Avelina de Moray
-and countless shillstar hauls

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 789012

No, it was a joke. Did you think I was serious? Damn.

I think most of the cow's kids are going to be "normies" and actually have legitimate interests unlike their parents who're only pretending to be alternative to mask how boring they actually are.

No. 789014

File: 1553213705677.jpg (629.41 KB, 1408x2499, Screenshot_20190321-013859_Fac…)

Oh hi Kaya #2

No. 789018

Nta but rap goth uwu is real – the Bishop girl, and her friend mysadboiaccount who gets personal goff guidance from her.

And yes Bishop likes some goth songs too, but her whole "schtick" on social media is omg haha I'm not like other goths they hate me idgaf #edgy.
Her whole persona is based off other people's opinions and shocking them but she also turns around and says, but i don't care what you think! Wut?

No. 789021

File: 1553216015008.png (1.03 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190322-015126.png)

Someone's having bad day

No. 789027

That's fucking obnoxious to be honest since that's her shtick. EVERY Goth ever has interests outside of Goth music and she's an attention whoring idiot to think that sets her apart from others. I give her a year (being generous) until she moves on from Goff when the shock factor (if any) goes away. She seems young so it's really only a matter of time.

File: 1551898918055.jpeg (445.84 KB, 602x761, DFE0D22F-9BE9-4D6D-81B0-8B3FEB…)

No. 783899[Reply]

Background: (taken from >>782582 )
>Claims to be physically disabled, non binary, autistic, an ex sex worker, queer and eating disordered. None of this is true unless you count being a greedy fatty as having an eating disorder.
>Recently started claiming to be Jewish, which interestingly coincides with anti-Semitism being a more widely discussed issue in the UK. She pretends to be an ACAB anarchist but fails to mention that her dad, who most of her money comes from, is a police officer.
>A year or so back she found a wheelchair in a charity shop and started using it as a prop. Shortly after she decided that wasn't quite enough and so begged for money for a second-hand power chair. There was a great incident where she took her chair out without fully charging it and it failed to haul her bulk home. She cried about it on her Instagram stories and started begging for money for ANOTHER chair but quickly dropped it when people called her out.
>Another thing with her power chair is that her poor weedy ACTUALLY autistic boyfriend has to drag the chair up and down the three flights of stairs to their flat whenever she wants to take it out for a photo op.
>Pretends to be poor but can't resist boasting about her ~super ethical indie businesses~ purchases for brownie points. In fact, she often contradicts herself whilst trying to win the oppression Olympics. She bought a whole load of Huel the other day so she can pretend to be so disabled that she can't prepare food for herself and needs liquid meals. However, she forgot that with a quick Google anyone can see how expensive that stuff is.
>Her current favourite activity is yelling at people on social media and then demanding that they pay her for 'educating' them. She also set up a Patreon and tries to con people into paying for this 'work'.
>She live-blogged her boyfriend’s family Christmas party complaining about how middle class we are because we did things like wear clothes that were suitable for a festive occasion (whereas she likes to brag about how she's too disabled to wash her hair and clothes) and talk about family members various jobs, uni courses etc.
>Accused Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 789007


Does she get triggered by curry too?

No. 789011

I wonder where her limits are, pasta and pizza (appropriation of italian culture ofc) are fine, so's tofu (asian), why aren't konjac noodles fine then? wonder how she feels about a nice naan or maybe sauerkraut. if she wants to police food appropriation to that degree she should be eating just neeps with no tatties (native american colonisation by-effect). also regarding her recommending rice or lentil noodles as an alternative, both grains aren't native to the british isles last time I checked yet are ok unlike konjac noodles. the hypocrisy!

No. 789015

She's fine with all of these things. She's just triggered by "fatphobia" and is grasping at straws trying to make it seem like something more than that. It has nothing to do with anything other than her hurt feelings.

No. 789019

Pretty much anyone who cries about cultural appropriation is very selective about what is and isn't okay. She's an idiot if she genuinely believes that marketing a product for a different culture is "stealing". You have to brand strange foreign foods differently if you want someone who's unfamiliar with them to incorporate them into their diet, it's not that hard to grasp.
I doubt she really honestly cares about the plight of the poor Japanese people (lol) though, it's just another reason to be pissy and throw a fit on sm.

No. 789035

File: 1553220988373.png (7.63 MB, 1242x2208, 7AEBDD28-6CEA-47CB-AFBC-8FAE29…)

how could you be aware of how fast her nail grows, but never think to keep a schedule of cutting it?

> inb4 “too sick/disabled to keep it short” rehome your fucking cat if you can’t take care of them

File: 1503534570518.png (440.5 KB, 719x731, 1503447586917.png)

No. 378235[Reply]

20 something yr old professional photoshopper, "ig model" who lies about her age

Lies about being 13 or 14 on social media for attention, ALWAYS mentions how "old" she is despite it being disproven, has 21 yr old or older friends she hangs out with mostly,photoshops her pics to hell and back, claiming its natural, anyone who calls her out on her shooped pics is jealous, been on FB since 2010 - 2011, is on the "you don't like me twerking and wearing slutty outfits? stop sexualizing minors" train, always has grown men on her facebook call her thicc, rate her, and say shit like "if she 14 im 14", has random people draw her for some reason and has thousands of followers yet the only thing she posts is ass pics and how she's 14 with shooped selfies
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No. 715916

Dayum ya answer fast. Y’all really don’t have nun else to do
And ima post my opinion you don’t have to read it if u don’t want to(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 715919

Lmfao no one cares about you, you're the one who keep bumping the thread so it goes to the front page when you post without saging. Keep going though, I love watching a trainwreck

No. 716002

File: 1539873301078.jpg (30.11 KB, 403x600, cf999773d81a95918793678d93c840…)

I know the white knight (aka Julianaanaana) is trying to type in ebonics or some shit but I can't help but picture a hick instead when I read her """words""" & """sentences""" in my head. Pic very related. Can't unsee

No. 717888

Why wouldnt she be on the yearbook because shes a freshman? That makes no sense. Also this bitch posted herself drinking wine at public events, going to fancy clubs with adults, all multiple times, AND posted her work break area. Shes not 14 or 15 and she's damn bad at hiding her real age bc shes a brain dead attention whore.

No. 789009

Hey how is everyones day?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 780388[Reply]

Jude Bishop is a "goth" (she whipped out her Black veil brides guitar lmao) Girl who was recently featured in a Barcroft Hooked on the look documentary featuring her best friend Rosemaryonette (Rosie hinton) as well, a "Lolita" (shes fairy kei not Lolita) who shares a house with her dark and brooding best friend

the whole point of them existing or being popular is that one wears black and the other wears pastels and that somehow makes them interesting?

((Drama)) allegedly Rosie had a depop where she sold items but the customers never received the items. all her listings are gone and the only reviews left are ones shes purchased from , not sold.
//also FBs marketplace//
she had claimed she was a Lolita in the barcroft video when in fact she is a fairy/pastel kei

Jude is allegedly a nasty person to fans or other goths irl and very elitist (name brands or you're trash essentially"
also shes heavily into DDlg as insinuated by her Instagram bio "Daddys pretty little fuckdoll" https://www.instagram.com/yung_bish0p/

( A R0ttingd0ll video but it also touches on jude and rosie at 1:18)

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 788806

She didnt say that tho it was the asker

No. 788851

i'm intrigued to see what the hell 'daddy' looks like

No. 788853

File: 1553172664407.jpg (468.84 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190321-125044_Ins…)

No. 788873

I really like Rosie and I was pretty excited when she started her YT channel but Jude has ruined both of them for me. How could anyone live with, and call that bitch a best friend? She’s delusional.

No. 788998

Jude and Rosie did a QandA on YT, Jude said she's the nice one and Rosie is snarky. And in the barcroft doc said "i'm nice despite what people think of me". Sure jan

PS for someone who 0mg doesn't care about anything fuck u! Jude sure loves q and a's huh

File: 1529371850269.jpeg (464.92 KB, 1977x1658, 2379A43A-704B-4049-B1AD-32A9D9…)

No. 614616[Reply]

Old thread is 2 years old, let’s make a fresh one.
Discuss people in your life that have lolcow potential.
669 posts and 211 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 788930

ngl it's cliche but her art is cute. it's not like it takes a terribly talented or inspired person, but it's cute for t shirts and such

No. 788944

File: 1553194291465.png (439.28 KB, 1366x768, jenny.png)

found this chick begging for attention in some stream and in comment sections and boy she's a treat
>Jenny Heinrich
>nearly 50
>lives in florida
>comments on asmr videos about how she's ugly and will never get a partner
>made her own YT to post videos (under Jenny Heinrich)
>videos are the same thing over and over: about me, "inspirational" talks, singing videos where the cd is too loud and washes out her vocals
>cries and leaves YT every five minutes only to come back and say she'll improve
>mass deleted her videos (i save most of them so i have some entertainment)
>just stuck up for somebody that came out as a catfish to their following

No. 788951

this doesn't sound entertaining. this just sounds really sad.

No. 788964

I think she's just doing a Harry Potter larp actually. But I see what you're saying. The Tumblrgender chicks are usually autistic and come from conservative Christian families. It's their way of rebelling, I personally enjoy when they discuss putting period blood in people's food.

No. 788995

I have a personal lolcow in my town, id feel a bit bad posting pics as they are pretty mentally ill.
>wears only pastel clothes
>bad outfits, terrible makeup
>spergs on social media about random things i.e. weight, sickness, beauty
>is obsessed with instagram and never gets off it
>stays in her room on insta all day
>once posted 30 photos in one day
>never washes, where her rings are on her fingers have gross green marks
>terrible posture
>smells bad
>constantly vapes
>no job, cant drive
>spends all her government money on ugly unfitting dolls kill clothes
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1552262917039.png (4.23 MB, 1550x1672, unknown (3).png)

No. 785270[Reply]

Rin is a 20yo “makeup artist” formerly discussed in the fakeboi thread. Hailing from the depths of Tumblr, she dabbled in cosplay and hoped to be a model before ultimately getting into the makeup hobby. She’s currently at 150k followers on Instagram and 30k on Twitter, sponsored by companies like Lime Crime and MILK Makeup, followed by James Charles and other meme MUAs, and is gaining notoriety for her attention-seeking, hypocritical and dramatic behavior. She has been criticized by some flakes like Anzujaamu lately for a rape controversy she dug herself into despite her open SJW-posturing.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gothfruits/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/gothfruits
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVsgpPrefn-vF38WfEFIDtg

>terrible MUA who slaps garish colors all over her face and calls it a day, then whines at length if her “look” “flopped” on her social media and begs for more likes
>begs brands for collaboration and PR packages, despite slamming their products publicly
>openly posts DMs from brands when they don’t suck up to her 100% to “call them out”
>would sperg at length about the makeup industry not being ready for such a revolutionary person who is both trans and a POC, while she passes as white and looks like any tumblrina girl ever
>decided to quit her job as a pharmacy tech to move to LA and pursue makeup as her full-time job, is now constantly begging for money for bare necessities and uber rides
>attaches herself to bigger names like Thomas Halbert with constant begging for attention and validation on social media
>shittalks some brands for being not includive enough or ~Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
46 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 788906

This site is exclusively for women, retard. If you identify as male then leave.

No. 788967

File: 1553198410221.png (281.31 KB, 633x697, Screenshot at Mar 21 20-59-57.…)

Buzzfeed published an "article" about the rape drama:

>He is adamant that he's "grown" from the incident and does not believe he should be re-tried in a public, social media court today.

>"I hope these people can move on — I wish them no ill," he said. "I want them to know that I am sorry for the hurt I caused them because I was just caught up with being [with] this cool older boy."

>"I’m turning 21 this year and I don’t want to be remembered for the things I did when I was 17."

I wish they'd included how Aranza's manager's husband is still attacking people who comment negatively on Aranza's posts, but maybe more will come out of it still now that Buzzfeed contacted some of the makeup brands Aranza is sponsored by.

No. 788982

ofc it's a buzzfeed article. such a fucking joke


god damnit

No. 788986

Buzzfeed is ~woke~, what do you expect?
And in any case, any criticism that refers to her as a woman would automatically be cast aside on grounds of being ~transphobic!!!~ so this is the only way to go if you want to get through to the vast majority of people in this subculture, sadly.

I still think that despite the semi-neutral wording, it's very critical of her, especially if you look at the photos they chose, the fact they linked the PULL thread, and contacted the brands. Especially her statements make her look pretty bad.

No. 789017

File: 1553215425315.png (48.28 KB, 1226x304, md.png)

This comment on the buzzfeed article kinda confirms a suspicion I had that Rin has kind of mannish features and that's the main reason she gets away with being a ~nonbinary boy~ cause people's first instinct is to think she's a hyper-feminine male cause the mental gymnastics you have to go through to be a girly feminine-presenting female and still be called he is too insane for the average person.

File: 1520695858207.jpeg (41.87 KB, 800x403, 461F0AB2-3B0B-4448-BAD3-1F03BF…)

No. 525536[Reply]

While discussion of Null is tabled, the rest of the posters at Kiwi Farms have the possibility of being fertile ground for farmers. The fact that they attach a pseud to themselves makes it easy to follow them when they begin to moo.

This thread is for discussion of posters you find milky, internal modmilk, or even to show appreciation for favorite posters. They’ve got a thread about us, it’s time to return the favor!

(dyn plz go)
680 posts and 85 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 788957

During his stream Rekieta BTFO'd some dumbass sperg who was trying to defend Vic Mignona during his sexual harassment scandal recently. So of course all the misogynist neckbeard KF users are all over his dick because he, at least in their perspective, defended the narrative that all women reporting sexual harassment are liars. But of course they claim it's just for m-muh truth-seeking and justice. If he proved that Mangina was a piece of shit who did everything he was accused of, they'd be calling him a whiteknighting soyboy.

No. 788959

He also setup Mangina and his fund for the lawyer thing.
The guy seems like a sperg tbh

No. 788963

Who did he dox or expose on the site? I always hear this but no one ever says who it was. It sounds almost like a meme that site users all get doxed, I know of users who went after Chris and left obvious trails, but who else? Not trying to be a jerk, genuinely curious.

No. 788981

Look at the threads tagged “Halal”; those are all site users.

No. 789008


Null didn't personally dox them. Most of them practically doxed themselves.

File: 1540423557847.jpeg (698.27 KB, 2048x2048, 78F6E9AA-548B-47B0-9B83-8C650D…)

No. 720482[Reply]

Thread for those who abuse photoshop to gain fame off their fabricated looks while claiming to be “all natural” or “not photoshopped”.

Starting with shoop queen Fegalvao aka Maria Fernanda aka fer-cosplay.

She makes adobe after effects edited close up clips of her waist and posts them on her Ig to claim she is “not photoshopped” but is betrayed by candid photos of her at cons. In addition to the body shoops, she shoops on entire cosplays. Any mentions of photoshop result in bans and deleted comments.

Please keep this thread for people who lie about shoops and who make dramatic changes to body/face.
658 posts and 252 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 785179

Face and body. See that dark "halo" around her, it's a photoshopped in shadow which is super easy to do however when done poorly (like she does) makes it look like a strange outline. You can compare the shading to the pole/banister on the far left (which is also bent due to PS). Another thing is there's uneven edges, feathering and some very fucked up shit going on with her torso and the shadowing(?) there too. As for her face it looks like the usual bee stung lip edit, blur effect and liquifying the eyes and nose. The fact she was able to photoshop the wings in behind her hair (which is actually more tricky then you'd think) makes me know she uses photoshop often and has enough understanding of how to use it to shoop her entire body.
Sorry if this is "blog-posty" but I use photoshop almost daily for my work so these types of things stick out to me like a sore thumb.

No. 788468

File: 1553056796402.jpg (2.18 MB, 1920x1920, Photo Collage_20190319_2238096…)

Her names Vanna she goes by homicidalqu33n on IG. Her before and afters are shocking

No. 788954

File: 1553196418120.png (540.56 KB, 744x540, spookypeach.png)

Surprised no one has posted spookylilpeach on instagram

No. 788958

i will never in my life understand the dorito jaw/chin thing and why people think it's attractive

No. 788985

Pretty sure that's Vanna Venom and that shoop is awful!

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