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File: 1641840897758.jpg (185.22 KB, 839x662, 1641215780198.jpg)

No. 1413907[Reply]

This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (MTF) snowflake behavior. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread; don't blog about your tranny ex, don't derail with essays on feminist theory, don't post /pol/faggotry (not even ironically), etc. This is supposed to be a thread for MTF related milk, not a receptacle for autistic spergouts. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. GC discussion is limited to this thread and Fakeboi General– do not take your autism outside the containment zones.

Do not respond to anything you suspect to be scrote bait or trannyposting. Report the post and move on.

Notable MtF-related subreddits:
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No. 1421345

File: 1642600595628.jpg (128.49 KB, 940x788, Egb-sHdWAAAFD2B.jpg)

this guy is so foul, but it's refreshing to hear one straight up admit this shit and put his name to it

No. 1421348

>They all get laser removal all over their bodies and afaik insurance will cover it
this pisses me off. plenty of women, myself and you included deal with this kind of shit every day and no one offers to stump up the costs. they cry dysphoria when it comes to their body and facial hair while actual women with hormonal imbalances, pcos and those who are just plain hairy have to suck it up. they would never consider the ~dysphoria~ of cis women who wake up every day and have to literally shave their faces. they're so coddled, it's unbelivable

I get it's a joke but what isn't a joke is that plenty TIMs genuinely seethe with hatred for women for the simple fact they were born female. I wonder if many TIFs feel the same about men?

No. 1421349

just found out cis girls will never want to fuck me

No. 1421350

>Is that a chinese name?
Yes. He even posted some ID card
>Does the CCP still want court enunchs?
Apparently, they do. Have you heard of their brand new tranny clinics?

No. 1421351

as anon said there are countless apps these days that will in one click make you look the opposite gender. I was messing about with one recently and noticed in the settings there is a switch you can select in case the app guesses the wrong gender. I wonder if it's triggering for them when the app correctly guesses male when they upload their picture?

it pisses me off how people see this as anything other than what it is, which is pure misogyny.

File: 1642599133930.png (314.56 KB, 400x400, blob-de1ee31f-297d-4b67-bed1-a…)

No. 1421317[Reply]

So I saw this one several months back on a Sega livestream on Steam, then while looking for something else entirely stumbled upon someone that looked more or less identical, after a bit more searching found that it is definitely the same person.

Styles themselves as a host, public speaker, twitch streamer and youtuber but from what I can see, did softcore porn from 2005 to 2011 under the name Alisha_X, with a bunch of sets on ISM and photo shoots on twitter by the user @Spocksmodels

Doesn't seem like anyone has made the connection before, and looking at the various sets, I'm seeing a lot of the props and themes used in porn sets getting recycled as "characters" for their twitch streams.(shit thread)

No. 1421319

Where's the milk? Shit thread.

No. 1421325

Milky milk

No. 1421328

No. 1421329

Shock horror, woman has breasts.

No. 1421332

the milk is that she did softcore porn and went on a sega livestream? retarded vendetta post

File: 1628447944163.jpg (3.05 MB, 1920x2400, mattswife.jpg)

No. 1294420[Reply]

ScorpioAssHeaux/AliceAmoreLove/PickledPetShop/Ariana McMillan is a 26 year old plastic surgery addict, ex-Instagram “influencer”, animal abuser, and full service sex worker based in Philly.

Previous Thread:
>Ariana finally convinces DoorMatt to marry her. Congrats to the glowing methheads, in their future of shaved cats, drugs and implications of allowing a sexual assault to occur! >>1288462
>Bastardizes the intimacy of their honeymoon by going to a cheap sex motel to make "newly wed porn" >>1290709
>Finally becomes the stripper she always dreamed she could be; apparently her highest aspiration. >>252813, >>1248504
>Hates it after a couple days >>1276891
>Posts awkward OF content while on vacation with her grandparents in the Bahamas >>1210104
>Trying to gain a following on TikTok now that she's lost it everywhere else >>1215703
>Confirms she's had 3 nosejobs >>1279603

Last Thread: >>>/snow/1206111
First Thread: >>>/snow/638649

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1421273

File: 1642592085952.jpeg (487.84 KB, 828x1377, E1F7BAE9-7CA3-428D-82F6-4ECF4E…)

Sage for samefag as last post but she literally posted this like two seconds after I uploaded the last thing. Guess she’s sick? Again?

No. 1421318

File: 1642599183252.jpeg (224.15 KB, 828x1053, FEC1A58A-7D62-4F0F-B57E-BF5F38…)

Apparently she took double her prescribed dose of Lamictal for three days straight

No. 1421320

File: 1642599207917.jpeg (176.48 KB, 828x769, D19E743F-E7E1-4B8A-94DE-56F0C5…)

No. 1421321

File: 1642599236100.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 196.42 KB, 828x1124, CA08C598-71D4-4B84-8767-614D8C…)

Spoiler for IV pics/slight blood

No. 1421324

File: 1642599407235.jpeg (77.08 KB, 828x521, B1ADD10C-29DC-409C-A98D-B4EF5A…)

>wishing I wasn’t alone rn
if only she had…. a husband…. where tf is cuckmatt?

File: 1642516447094.jpeg (913.08 KB, 1080x1287, 8C9925C1-D5C2-4536-A72A-8FC02A…)

No. 1420439[Reply]

our previous thread saw an influx of blogposting, vendettas and pointless sperging over porridge b and hospitals, methinks some anons need a refresher on what the thread is for…
the milk:
ham is getting bigger, and seems to be advocating for increasing a dress size twice a year (much recovery, brave little warrior)
n2f is still as unhinged as ever, with an aggressive return of simply otherworldly creations posed as meals and wild face paint only fit to be seen on drunken drag queens.
eugenia cooney is still somehow alive, go figure. the pointless posts about her are clearly adding years onto her lifespan.
fiona continued to confuse audiences with a mixture of body checks and breakdowns, walking and wheelchairs…. hospital admission incoming? we await with baited breath.
niamh continues to behave like a narcissistic brat with an attention-seeking problem, though a certain anon seems heartily reluctant to allow discussion of her… not suspicious at all, im sure.
in wild attempt at relevancy, cece has taken to posting ‘treatment stories’ on tiktok about her “chronic anorexia”… whilst looking remarkably normal. what a brave soul.
and major credit to anyone who can understand why sperg about josie’s munching and medical procedures is relevant to the pro ana scumbags thread… but anons certainly insist on the devotion of hours to argue about it. such fun!
emisfighting is.. very much not fighting.
life of hxn is illiterate
photoshop is rife
milk is dry

reminder to put sage in the email field and please resist the urge to post about yourself.. as impossible as that prospect might feel.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1421238

Do they just get dumped on a general medical ward or are there ED wards? Is it private or free like nhs here? Whose money are they wasting?

No. 1421245


Yeah, some truly fascinating input you’re giving here. Stop blogposting.

No. 1421308

Usually the general medical ward is public free system until they are medically stable to go to private ED specialist unit but there are a few public ED wards that tube I think. Or discharged home like Fi

No. 1421340

So the public system is totally tax payer funded, but the private system also has some taxpayer funding. She's in public at the moment, however even if she was in private, I don't think she's 25 so she'd most likely be on her parents health insurance wasting their money too. No one really goes private unless you have insurance because it's over 1000 per day sometimes. But yeah her and chaibabie basically deleted everything now, except on their private there's still a few things. I'm sure it won't last long, with attention whores like them it never does.

No. 1421342

Unfortunately it’s likely the parents have a role in maintaining their child’s eating disorder and for Smorven and Fiona I’d say it’s certain that the parents maintain the eating disorder. Fi’s mum shouldn’t be reassuring her for 2 hours and she will have been educated about this by eating disorder services. She’s taking away Fiona’s opportunity to learn how to help and soothe herself, and ensuring that she’ll be spending hours reassuring her adult daughter for years to come.

File: 1625611287695.jpg (608.86 KB, 1024x1218, 1624353330405.jpg)

No. 1272633[Reply]

Previous thread: >>1198319

-June declares herself the CEO of bisexuality >>1198320
-Has another meltdown as the left continues to reject her >>1204850 and >>1206275
-Gives farmers a glimmer of hope for a redemption arc when she calls SWERFs valid >>1231083
-Quickly returns to coddling men >>1235886
-Makes a controversial tweet that kink doesn't belong at pride because it's a public event >>1236693 despite a history of being very public with her DDLG/pet-play dynamic with her ex-fiance, Gregory/Armoured Skeptic >>1236729 and >>1238484
-Speaking of Preg, he announces publicly he's in a new LDR with his "soulmate," a cute Australian Stacy… >>1210396
-…then promptly ghosts her when she has a breast cancer scare >>1271015
-Shoe starts to doubleback on her leftist grift: condemning open-borders >>1247938, praising nationalism >>1261607, hating on the left >>1269894 and only posting pics featuring the American flag >>1269144
-FINALLY HAPPY 30TH JUNE!! June's still trying to pretend she's in her 20's, don't mention her age or she'll block you… Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1005 posts and 202 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1420123

No. 1420175

Wensleydale, Junie!

No. 1420432

She will immediately get pregnant to lock him down, calling it now.

No. 1421213

this bitch is like a cockroach. just die off already you're staaaaaale june

No. 1421304

File: 1642596603360.png (544.67 KB, 592x1128, cringe.png)

Can this dude get any more cringe? What is with tradcath LARPing men and cigars? Is it because of all the blacked porn they consume that they have a need to suck on phallic shaped brown objects? Giving some real Ralphamale vibes here.

File: 1642593994665.jpeg (268.67 KB, 828x1012, 1625260302891.jpeg)

No. 1421281[Reply]

First Thread >>738758
Second Thread >>836614
Third Thread >>871951
Fourth Thread >>892447
Fifth Thread >>929121
Sixth Thread >>967636
Seventh Thread >>1031322
Eight Thread >>1087783
Ninth Thread >>1148062
Tenth Thread >>1242901

Heather Steele is a former retro toy collecting and Fairy Kei fashion Youtuber who, at the end of 2018, decided to have a major meltdown and turned all her social media into a public diary. She began cheating on her allegedly abusive husband, and re-wrote herself as some sort of pop Victorian goth and witchy explorer. She got incredibly defensive of her sudden change. In her defensiveness– which she vaguely admitted was to win the affections of a man– she threw a lot of her supporters under the bus, has been unreasonably cocky and aggressive with a lot of people including former friends, and distorted the criticisms (which were towards her overall behavior) into a narrative claiming everyone is just attacking her for her fashion and hobby choices.

She has a history of incredibly self-focused and self-destructive behavior. Over the past year, she has wildly flipped between “I’m a strong woman and I don’t need to validate myself” to having public meltdowns on social media, only to delete them within an hour. Despite this, she denies she’s mentally ill and attacks the mere notion she needs help, once again using the “people hate me because I’m goth now” narrative.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1 post and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1421285

File: 1642594201517.jpg (224.98 KB, 720x1279, 1642121075629.jpg)

No. 1421288

File: 1642594370213.jpg (37.99 KB, 363x582, 1642550094567.jpg)

another anon posted this in the cow requests thread, idk which ryan this is

No. 1421296

The dude looked so faggy in her stories, there was one where the guy's chest was shown (clothed kek) and for a second i thought it was a troon

No. 1421305


Thanks for making the thread anon, for some reason Heather is my favorite cow despite repetitive and sour milk

No. 1421352

her big announcement is that she is dating? i give it 3 weeks

File: 1642535580013.jpeg (44.21 KB, 408x612, DB91D37A-0B83-4C97-923B-F261B4…)

No. 1420672[Reply]


North Korean defector, grifter, alleged camwhore, consoomer and possible liar.

For those who are her fans; she makes clickbait content about the end of North Korea as well as “top 10 things you can’t do in NK”, or “evil fat dictator Kim Jong-un is dying!!!” while claiming her sources are from former and current NK secret agents yet shows no proof of this.

There are many contradictions about how she escaped North Korea: for example, her Wikipedia article states that she escaped to Mongolia from China as she and her surviving family went undetected by Chinese authorities with the help of Chinese and South Korean Christian missionaries. However, she states that she was being trafficked and sold to a rich Chinese man who financed her escaped to South Korea, not mentioning the missionaries helping her out. Or that her mother contradicted her stories about her father dying in the north when he actually died in China while trying to escape.

She was previously married to an ugly scrote named Ezekiel whom she had a child and but are now divorced as soon as she got her green card. Speaking of which; as of now, she revealed in one of her recent updates that she is now an American citizen.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.(ban-evading commietard)
19 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1421267

Didn't she claim she crossed the Gobi desert in her underwear at -40 degrees?

I remember she claimed she learned about freedom, true love and the evil of authoritarian from The Titanic movie when she was four years old.

Though my favorite claim of hers is that when she was famous in South Korea, she was called the Paris Hilton of North Korea. This was because her family was really close to the regime. Video related, her childhood pictures which debunk her parents having been in the working camp. Unless of course work camps have wholesome family picture days.

No. 1421277

This is true, but she's even among the defectors been called a liar and accused of stealing other survivors stories.

Theres another famous defectors book, Escape from camp 14, which the author has admitted has a lot of lies and embellishments. Funnily enough Yeonmi came out, before the author admitted these, saying the book is 100% true and she can collaborate on them being true.

Her own mum has even called her out on lying on live TV. Video related.

>“We were not to that extent. We were just never in a position where we were starving.”

I think she has just embraced this is a way for her to make quick bucks and that boomers will pay big bucks to hear this shit. She gets paid ~41k per speaking engagement. Her ex-husband is some super alt-righter who got her into this.

No. 1421278

Brave mods ITT defending the one of the few bastions of free speech on the internet by threatening to ban OPs that they disagree with. I salute you mods.

No. 1421295

So what was the point in them leaving their cushy lifestyle in the north? They weren’t being punished as severely as the lower classes and were given leeway to buy expensive products. Did they not worship dear leader enough?

No. 1421301

she went on some podcast to compare taking classes at Columbia university as worse than her experiences in north Korea. yes a lot of American college students are annoying SJWs but if you're going to defend an equivalency between the two then you have weapons-grade retardation that you should seek help for

File: 1637150913469.jpeg (148.76 KB, 1080x607, western.jpeg)

No. 1370299[Reply]

This thread concerns creators, artists and others who work in the modern western American Animation Industry, filled with cows, hacks, groomers, woketards and self inserters who all know each other and/or have dated.

Some of the big name cows currently in the industry:

>Rebecca Sugar: Creator of Steven Universe, Drew Ed, Edd n Eddy R34, self inserted her brother into the show, claims to be a queer woman despite having a long term heterosexual relationship for her entire adult life


>Alex Hirsch: creator of Gravity falls, is dating Dana Terrace(who is the creator of Disney's The Owl House) where she also has her own self insert in the show, supported shipping of his self insert Dipper with his Lauren Faust self insert


>Noelle Stevenson: Creator of She-Ra reboot and the comics series Lumberjanes, is married to Molly Ostertag (who is also in the comics industry), came out as non-binary in 2019 and in 2020 chopped her tits off and came out as "Transmasculine" and "bigender"


>Julia Vickerman: Creator of 12 Forever, proving girls can do it too, and by It I mean your cousin, a NLOG who stalks teenage boys and tweets about how hot they are, was fired from her own show for mistreating and sexually harassing her co-workers, still active on Instagram though

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
314 posts and 44 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1421228

File: 1642583510079.jpg (9.52 KB, 300x168, images.jpg)

how disingenuous. yeah, you could argue the shit animation and voice acting, which people did complain about, was due in part to low budget and the pandemic. i'd say the hiring of staff based on their special identities played a pretty big part in having no storyline and episodes with all over the place, jacked pacing.
but the heart of the criticism was the use of the show as a vehicle for ideology, in-your-face repeated by the characters themselves (the twans scenes) and in tropes (friendship-relationship blurriness bewteen sage and pink hair protagonists, sage being conflicted between mainstream modern magic and ancestral nativr old magic). everything in the show tells you it was made by lib-feminism-possessed NPCs, like their long narcissistic rants about identity or their naïveté about a character coming into a class and being so special and excellent they go a year ahead, or their escape from their buttfuck nowhere village to a magical college town like going from the midest to Calarts. i can't even tell whether they chose to tell a story strictly about themselves or if they think everybody lives like them, but the self-infatuation that oozes from every part of the show puts me off regardless. the number one quality of a good storyteller is their interest in people that are different, and by that i don't mean they have a wacky hair color.
the only semi-interesting thing about all this is the headmistress embodied in 3 ages, but the execution was shit. they could have shown one, and then another, and have the characters confused at the age difference. it could have been an interesting mystery.

No. 1421235

File: 1642584434898.jpeg (218.71 KB, 1920x1080, 633AEE8E-2D5E-4F7A-ADCB-6954FA…)

Holy shit this is bad. The background and characters all in a line with no sense of depth reminds me of shitty deviant art anime drawings from 2004. May as well hide the hands behind the back like a true weeb drawing fan art

No. 1421251

File: 1642587501133.png (15.82 KB, 586x121, a.PNG)

Of course she'd pull this shit

No. 1421254

Oh? Who says a nonbinary lesbian couldn't use he/him??? I thought pronouns are completely seperate from gender identity???? What a bIgOT. Not to mention assuming someones gender from their physical appearance. cancelled.

No. 1421270

Doesn't anime get make with even less budget and time than western animation? I don't understand why she said we should compare HGS with anime then.(sage)

File: 1621483073659.jpeg (7.95 KB, 247x204, images.jpeg)

No. 1234227[Reply]

Discuss the people in your life that have lolcow potential.

Previous thread: >>>/snow/925657
587 posts and 178 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1416671

Not the milkiest, but there's a guy I went to high school with that I'll search up every now and then.

>massive autist

>wrote a cringey musical for drama class in 2009 about time travelling Nazis and gay people. The musical numbers were songs from Lazy Town with different lyrics
>started a Thomas the Tank Engine youtube channel
>said youtube channel becomes popular
>gets nominated for a Kid's Choice Award, doesn't win
>still makes cringe Thomas the Tank Engine videos in his mid 20s

No. 1416692

>56 million views
why…. are we not all just spamming youtube with cartoons for that easy money

No. 1417152

>A guy she didn't even like gave her 50 euros for her birthday and she accepted it even though she didn't like him
How is that milk?

No. 1421266

File: 1642590820340.png (315.35 KB, 871x1264, javisx.png)


Recent drama
>Created a lolcow circlejerk discord server, cries when kiwifarms users ended up attacking him there
>Preeches "men are better than women at being trans", spergs about troons conforming to the femboy aesthetic and which sex can larp it better.
>Wants to "end male violence" with his disgusting fluid
>Cries about being compared to CWC
>Only contact left is discord so far (and recently kiwifarms). Deleted his instagram and old discord earlier in 2021

I don't know this cow in question irl, but it is confirmed this is him on discord. Posting it here only because he isn't threadworthy enough.

No. 1421347

Holy shit those views, and that’s just on one of his videos! How exactly is this guy a cow again?

File: 1637556888886.jpg (91.35 KB, 640x640, 258761876_338203128111226_1334…)

No. 1373450[Reply]

Allison (Alice) is known on TikTok for being a crunchy mom, vegan, and self-proclaimed tradwife.

>met husband Caleb Bender when she was 14; he was 18

>says she left him for two years because he didn’t want to get married and start a family, so she was ~17 and he was ~21
>got married as soon as she turned 19; immediately got pregnant
>in February 2019, Allison was in a car crash at 29 weeks pregnant
>sent to the hospital in an ambulance; delivered the baby via emergency cesarean
>baby Aurelia didn’t survive
>Allison first blamed the C-section, later the vitamin K injection
>announced second pregnancy in February 2020
>refused prenatal care because she thinks ultrasounds have radiation
>chose to “freebirth” instead
>i.e. gave birth alone on her toilet in their apartment; fished out her own placenta from her uterus two hours later
>Fern was born in August 2020
>Allison believes all women should be willing to die alone in childbirth rather than go to the hospital or have C-sections
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
439 posts and 72 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1420282

File: 1642491378225.png (934.46 KB, 531x920, Ekran Görüntüsü (84).png)

Kim, there's people that are dying.

No. 1420312

I swear we are watching a woman mentally unravel online. She needs some freakin help. There is nothing behind her beady eyes.

No. 1420682

You must go back to where you came from

No. 1420959

She knows exactly what she is doing she just doesn't care. She isn't a naive young girl. She is a grown woman with a baby who sets out to instigate and hurt others for their decisions.She also has a weird teen pregnancy fetish that comes off really inappropriate. I don't think she is a good person and I don't think with age she will mature. She comes off like the perpetual victim. First it was her family, then it was doctors and nurses, now it's people on Tiktok. She claims that if you are secure in your decisions then you won't get offended by what she says… but she seems to get really offended and pissy when women are secure in their c sections and have a strong bond with their child. She is a malicious woman in a loveless marriage who in turn developed an unhealthy codependency on her son. She wants to have another baby when she is nowhere near fit to have another child. She is incredibly neglectful to Fern and his wellbeing. I honestly hope she is just trolling with this second pregnancy and isn't actually carrying a child. I can see her being even more reckless in this pregnancy just to stick it to the haters.

No. 1421214

Her parents gave her a decent life and took care of her but to her they abused her, she tries to shit on doctors and nurses while the car accident was her fault. She fetishes young teen moms while she hates men. She hates men and shares videos how a woman can be empowered without them while she relies on her husband's money and groomed at young age. She has a young really young audience that takes her words as granted. She is a hypocrite, a fraud and a horrible terrible person that has zero empathy to others.

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