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File: 1685470264393.png (87.63 KB, 560x420, stupidgamesandprizes.png)

No. 1837565[Reply]


What is a-logging ? Wishing harm or death upon another site user or subject.

There's a fine line that was danced along last thread. Whilst many of us are patiently waiting for the inevitable regarding EC, having a threadful of anons "hoping" she is next looks awful on a gossip forum.


Regrettably there was a domino fall of cows, ex-cows and general thread subjects over the last two weeks. Condolences to all those affected by the loss of:

Kennedy, 21

Amy, 42
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1841842

>if you think “gatekeeping” lolcow is an issue
That's not what I said.
>also, most of the time the best contribution an anon can make to an imageboard is to lurk moar
Exactly my point.

No. 1841843

Pretty sure the dog spends more time away from her than it does with her. What kind of dipshit spends 20 grand on a support dog just to let her mum or her support worker dogsit it 90% of the time.

My thoughts exactly kek.
Just another attention grab

No. 1841844

Oh shut the fuck up anons

No. 1841845

Dont say that

No. 1841846

isn't her throat supposedly so damaged she can barely swallow liquids? Hmmmm, smells like Enara telling on herself

File: 1685036677265.png (461.58 KB, 662x781, 1684994412409.png)

No. 1834336[Reply]

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No. 1841810

I’m so shocked! A tranny being aggressive and acting like the man he is, this never happens!

No. 1841818

>he talks to a tribe that performs fgm

No. 1841819

Ayrt and thanks for the link #♥

Imagine losing your partner to transition, going to a forum to vent about it and having a troon go

>Bottom line. A relationship is about trust, and when one comes home to the other, both shouldn’t need to have to wonder if the other hates almost everything about the other person— same if ignorant to the feeling entirely.

The levels of pretension is unreal.

No. 1841821

drawing the asian man with yellow skin and squinty eyes was a great choice for a “progressive” video. Troons really dont care about advocating for anyone but themselves

No. 1841822

>trans people threw the first brick, the first cocktail, the first puberty blocker
Still perpetuating the lie that Malcolm Michaels was there even though he said he wasn't.

File: 1685833861479.jpg (207.31 KB, 1245x1290, trustfundkidprotest.jpg)

No. 1840484[Reply]

This is a series of threads about fakebois and trans-identified females (TIFs).

"Fakebois" are girls who pretend to be boys, either by becoming trannies or larping biological males through the screen (classic move). Fakebois usually style and present themselves as androgynous or feminine-looking boys, or wearing girls' clothing and make-up while insisting on being addressed with he/him (or occasionally they/them) pronouns and take great offense at being gendered as female.

These threads are also now a catch-all for any minor TIF cows without threads of their own. Even "serious" troons, (like Kalvin Garrah and Ellen Page) are fair game, as are horrific troon surgeries and pregnancies. Just remember to spoiler that shit.

**TIFs, no one cares if you think you're ~more legit~ than the cows posted here.** Additionally, occasional discussion of fujoshis is fine, but don't sperg and infight about it.

Notable FtM-related subreddits:

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1841814

Samefag for the final time
The funniest thing is that the women who support trannies are the same ones who coped about feminism being about equality because they understood it was a good think and wanted to support it, but were also to scared to upset the scrotes who hated it less they lose interest in them because they still were raised on the idea of needing mens validation. They are male identified.

No. 1841826

Nta I love your misandry nona kek I wish women were allowed to talk like this to other women irl. Every woman knows how degenerate men are, even the "good normal" ones still watch porn, trans is their fault. I hate seeing scrotes on twitter blaming feminism/women for supporting liberal policies that allowed trans when the first ones to oppose trans ideology were radfems.

No. 1841831

Kek, my posts are so long because I can't help but sperg at their insane claims. Men claiming women create trannies is legit one of the most retarded things they do. They try so hard to psyop that shit it's pathetic, and their attempts to do so just shows how much they support transgenderism, as that kind of behaviour is what lead to it in the first place.

No. 1841835

It's funny, because as I mentioned >>1841814
, the women that support transgenderism are the scrote pandering male identified ones. And scrotes still hate the women that don't pander to trannies since they don't pander to men, when the women who pander to trannies are the ones who pander to men to the point they are willing to destroy womens safety and rights (the kind of shit coping 4fag scrotes who hate radfems or any fems encourage). They literally caused it but still seethe because it highlights their coomer mindset and degeneracy. There's a reason incels and general women hating scrotes are often caught looking at tranny porn and transition into trannies (Nick Fuentes, Alex Jones, CatBoyKami, etc). They voted for this shit. They live in backwards land must cope eternally about their retardation causing the destruction of society as it always has.

No. 1841836

Ain't the radfem to tranny pipeline. It's the INCEL to tranny pipeline. Scrotes continue to cope, seethe, and eventually dilate kek.

File: 1667186910858.png (2.58 MB, 3463x3463, 274849492727299.png)

No. 1689594[Reply]

Thread for those who abuse photoshop to gain fame off their fabricated looks while claiming to be “all natural” or “not photoshopped

Previous threads:
>>1432730 #5
>>1191646 #4
>>1059519 #3
>>1005098 #2
>>720482 #1

Notable photoshop cows:

>Erin Eevee/Pinkfox Cosplay

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1841724

File: 1686029394907.jpg (764.76 KB, 4096x3072, 14948382933.jpg)

Samefagging to say this looks like an animorphs transformation wtf

No. 1841755

File: 1686037543293.png (666.75 KB, 1098x719, muppetface.png)

can't tell if completely botched or if she just maxed out the eye and mouth size filter to the absolute max.

No. 1841782

File: 1686045539162.jpg (149.71 KB, 828x1792, 20230606_045645.jpg)

No. 1841783

File: 1686045809315.jpg (95.12 KB, 720x1209, Screenshot_20230606-050326_Ins…)

Troll or not I think it's funny

No. 1841784

File: 1686046327327.jpg (162.62 KB, 1080x1240, 20230503-110138_Instagram.jpg)

two all-natural queens

File: 1674745873411.png (707.82 KB, 599x873, dontyuckmyyum.png)

No. 1752764[Reply]

Tina Choi (better known as Doobydobap or Dooby) is a 25-year-old Korean food vlogger. She is mostly known for her short-form content via YouTube and Tiktok but also creates long-form vlogs. Tina has generated controversy for her often tone-death and self-unaware rants presented through her shorts. During the Summer of 2021, she began dating Danish chef Kevin Kroløkke, which has generated concern and speculation due to how quickly their relationship has progressed. The two are currently in the process of starting their own restaurant in Korea together which some believe may be an attempt at securing Kevin’s stay in the country.
>Is an only child of two accomplished doctors with their own clinics in Seoul.
>Went to boarding school in Connecticut (40K+/y), then Cornell University (60K+/y) for a BS in food science.
>Her parents bought her an Audi, her apartment in Korea and have a history of being extremely supportive of her.
>Travelled constantly (through business class) during the pandemic which helped build her social media.
>Despite this, she considers her family ‘working class’ because they both ‘had to work every day’ to the extent that Tina’s grandmother was her primary caretaker.
>Does not consider herself rich despite the above and seems to somewhat resent her ‘richer’ former classmates because they had ‘more options.’ Ignoring the fact her parents paid for her specialized, less mainstream degree and financially supported her until her career became sustainable.
More recent milk:
>In December 2021, mentioned that she was in the progress of attempting to immigrate to the US. She planned on going to Mexico for two months but was unable to due to COVID.
>In March 2022, Tina mentioned in a vlog that she had recently reconnected with an ex-boyfriend who lives in the UK. She flew to London to see if they could rebuild the relationship.
>In July 2022, explains that she’s now in love with ‘Umbrella Man’ (Kevin), a man that she has been doing long distance with for ‘awhile’. She mentions in her vlog that her parents disapprove of their relationship, and they are no longer talking.
>In September 2022, has a healthPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1841705

Based anon. Mind uploading the full vid?

No. 1841726

No. 1841757

can't actually tell if she's saying "I do want" or "I don't want" tbh. Any further context you can provide screencap anon?

No. 1841770

35 seconds in. I think its sarcastic but its not far from the truth when she knows her viewers are young and likes to undress in front of camera anyways

No. 1841804

And the anon hellbent on calling her stunning couldnt possibly be her herself? its obvious she lurks here, she removed the nipple vid as soon as it was shown on here.

File: 1671244638377.png (55.67 KB, 389x347, kathy.png)

No. 1729166[Reply]

Katherine McMahon, also known online as Katherine Harlow, the Madame Blush, and the Park Avenue Pinup, is a 24 year old scam artist in NYC who forfeited the college education granted to her by her decently successful family to LARP as a disabled, autistic, downtrodden, salt-of-the-earth in her endless sage wisdom sex worker. Whenever she feels like pretending to have a job, she can be seen performing burlesque in her signature sweat stained, ill-fitting, tacky glue and rhinestone underwear. She is truly one of the best costumers in burlesque. When she isn't performing, which she usually isn't, she can be found offering her "luxury" services as a financial dominatrix on Twitter. Survival sex workers speaking about their personal experience with assault beware (!), as she is seemingly only 'in community' with a single dead, trans, black woman who never truly knew her, and is now too dead to tell poisonous bird women online to stop using her name and image for ally points.

Recent Milk:
Kathy butchers another costume >>1626628 >>1627939
Tries to sell her stuff again because she's broke >>1635578
Wisely invests her money in more overpriced knickknacks >>1636260
she tries rhinestoning a menstrual belt-looking thing >>1644945 >>1645799 >>1656616
Kathy shares her altar >>1651145
Performs at a wedding that her boyfriend and his other girlfriend were invited to >>1656847 >>1658060 >>1658082 >>1663234
Attempts to sell her used underwear >>1663541
Kathy demonstrates she has no taste in jewelry >>1668279
Nonna makes a comparison between Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1067 posts and 303 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1841483

things that never happened

No. 1841702

Sure about that, Kath? Not long ago you were thinking about how boys from high school view you now >>1781514 and last year lamented for days about your actual first relationship: a boy you met while still in high school that you thought was going to marry you >>1610754
>>1611559 . Can't forget the "I used to crawl into my female friend's dad's beds during sleepovers." Definitely can't forget all the hate spewed at lesbians over the years with butches getting the brunt of it.

No. 1841703

File: 1686025727354.jpg (198.89 KB, 1534x1334, image (1).jpg)

just lesbian things, right?

No. 1841719

Katherine "I only view females as sex objects" McMahon

No. 1841791

i know serge is kinda ugly but he has nothing on her abominable barmanu-ass nigel

File: 1685034470691.png (484.97 KB, 993x557, ggghost.png)

No. 1834322[Reply]

AKA Heather Sparkles / Heather Michelle / Heather Explores / Kitty Ravage

1st Thread >>738758
2nd Thread >>836614
3rd Thread >>871951
4th Thread >>892447
5th Thread >>929121
6th Thread >>967636
7th Thread >>1031322
8th Thread >>1087783
9th Thread >>1148062
10th Thread >>1242901
11th Thread >>1421281 (locked)
12th Thread >>1611223 (locked)
13th Thread >>1732879
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1841677

Imagine developing a friendship with her until she has a new ryan and you are immediately nothing(learn2sage)

No. 1841734

late but do save link as, or copy the link and paste without anony.link
bless heather for all this content

No. 1841767

Literally if she dedicated even 10% of the time she dedicates for searching for, thinking and planning about, meeting, crying and posting about Ryans to one or two female friends she could have a couple of besties. Girls don't ask for much, Heather could throw a few messages a week and meet up once a month and it would eventually make a world of difference to her mental health.
Dedicating literally 100% of your emotional energy to stranger moids who owe you (and thus will give you) nothing is how you turn out like Heather, slowly going more insane by the day

No. 1841832

it's all a pity party to her, it's extremely clear she doesn't want friends or anything at all except for a ryan who will dote on her and be obsessed with her. that's why she's alone.
maybe if she quit wishing for the impossible and put actual focus on the things she likes (minus a moid) and started going out more to meet people it would naturally come, but instead she cries over herself on social media when she's the one creating the problems

it's exactly like >>1841673, trainryan asked to be friends and now she's crying she has no friends. she makes it hard to feel bad for her

No. 1841834

I don't understand why everyone here thinks it's a good idea for Heather to be friends with Trainryan. They will never have a real friendship if she wants him to be her boyfriend. That would cause more issues and mental stress. It's better to find friends she doesn't want to be with romantically.

File: 1685475618420.png (57.11 KB, 545x437, shia dasha.png)

No. 1837624[Reply]

Thread for discussing Red Scare, Cumtown/TAFS, Dime Square, the remains of the "dirtbag left", and the entire "post-left" and Silicon Valley "rationalist/postrat" sphere and their orbiters/backers, including but not limited to Mencius Moldbug, Peter Thiel, and the so-called "dissident right" (Bronze Age Pervert, The Perfume Nationalist, and other faggots). WARNING: this scene is crawling with Nazis, pedophiles, child porn advocates, sex pests, rapists, troons, and other degenerates.

Too lazy for the recap, someone else do it

Previous Threads:
Thread #1: >>>/snow/949693
Thread #2: >>>/snow/1002060
Thread #3: >>>/snow/1020452
Thread #4: >>>/snow/1030945
Thread #5: >>>/snow/1031222
Thread #6: >>>/snow/1045687
Thread #7: >>>/snow/1061969
Thread #8: >>>/snow/1079281
Thread #9: >>>/snow/1097567
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
251 posts and 52 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1841750

Isn't Aimee at least part South Asian?

No. 1841763

She's Lebanese

No. 1841764

Probably. I mean no purebred white peraon is as racist as she is.

No. 1841775

Her father moved to Australia from Lebanon with his family in 1970 when he was 15
Mother white anglo Australian

No. 1841806

File: 1686050277633.png (201.44 KB, 399x539, postlibs.png)

Red Scare's main legacy will be sissy hypnoing every conservative under 40 into talking like a queeny gay guy.

File: 1684968057110.jpg (117.02 KB, 692x693, Shayna Admits To Having Fake T…)

No. 1833931[Reply]

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1826178

Shayna Leigh Clifford; 25 year old failing prostitute, porn sick degenerate, drug addict and alcoholic who spends her days posting free pictures of her hemorrhoid filled anus on twitter while begging for rent. Rejects her parents help to get an education and normal job. Hurts animals on purpose and panders to pedos by filming porn dressed as a child. Recently moved to Seattle after wasting years on an ex too ashamed to admit they were dating her and is currently looking her new Fupa 2.0.


REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1-day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in/edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage when there’s no milk. Spoiler any NSFW images. No blog posting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. Nobody wants to hear about your degeneracy. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whores thread. Shut the fuck up about her necrotit and take it to the Shaynatorium.

Summary of last thread:

>>1826211 Shayna goes on a date with The Dad for cheeseburgers
>>1826571 Shayna lets her dog swim in a dirty swamp
>>1826182, >>1826573, >>1827918, >>1828375, >>1829022, >>1829197, >>1831834, Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1201 posts and 293 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1841709


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 1841711

Next thread title "shayna and the (not so) mysterious tooth gap!"

No. 1841738

Sage for blog but
My boyfriend had a gap in his teeth, had it fixed with braces then never wore his retainer and now his gap is exactly the same before
Our child also has the same gap so possibility that she got it from her dad? Honestly surprised she’s never shared childhood photos on her porn Twitter kek

No. 1841771

She has before, she posted some pics of her as a child model or something on he porn twitter

No. 1841781

Man all of these people are jumpscare ugly. Dunno how you can say shay looks the worst like yeah she's grimy and liney but at least she's actually female with is more than you can say about the bottom left humanoid…

File: 1504110059727.jpg (127.86 KB, 821x449, IMG_2025.JPG)

No. 383200[Reply]

Welcome to the wild world of the discord user and 4chan tough guy, Mantras aka Michael Sosa. Not quite our usual snowflake, he's a 26 year old pedophile who enjoys doxxing people who speak out against him. When he's not vacationing in Massachusetts (he can't, he has a restraining order) he's manipulating boys (and girls) for nudes.

Trying to lurk in then shadows for the rest of his life while dodging all legal implications has lead Micheal Sosa to ditch all of his social media except for his beloved discord tag (Mantras#7054) and https://orbitchan.org/discord.php however he has been known to lay down in the green grasses of our very own farm!

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/343833731359834113/352483375270854657/image.jpg here our friend discusses his ketamine usage and how it helps quell his "general desire to rape"

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/343833731359834113/352483507437699073/image.jpg vague threatening

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/343833731359834113/352483397077303296/image.jpg increased threats

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/3438Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
433 posts and 203 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1824641

File: 1683754580123.jpeg (85.99 KB, 1078x723, 32086ECB-1983-41C6-BA7F-4DDEB1…)

i am 17 and bees is 18 (pretending to be 15 because of sosas pedo thing and her ddlg fetish, shes not 15 i've seen her ID) i dropped her after like 3 days because her age regression shit was grossing me out >>1823035
this never happened ask anyone in eharem i regularly catfish pedophiles for lulz (ss or it didnt happen bitch!)

anyways everyone saying sosa n bees found eachother randomly aren't in the loop, she has a really extensive bianca devins hyperfixation and i've heard that sosa dated her or some shit so im assuming they met thru bianca lore, if anyone has any questions about this situation that don't involve me leaking someones personal info i'll answer to the best of my knowledge

picrel is sosa poem abt ciara or some other girl he gave drugs to(come back when you’re all grown up)

No. 1824668

Go back.

No. 1841568

File: 1686004972312.png (630.43 KB, 1096x1602, 1685981924545538.png)

disgusting I don't know how this girl likes him so much

No. 1841672

She looks so uncomfortable

No. 1841727

Who is that girl? And wtf is Sosas doing not behind bars?

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