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File: 1497404837083.jpg (39.7 KB, 531x411, pE3DA8h.jpg)

No. 335310[Reply]

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  • File: 1492179472946.png (43.08 KB, 258x266, 58aee8b20abe6_.thumb.png.9bcdf…)

    No. 291531[Reply]

    Youtuber yumi king, old thread >>221464 has reached its limit

    YouTube: https://youtube.com/user/DesignsByYumi
    Instagram: http://instagram.com/Yumi_King
    Facebook: http://facebook.com/YumiKingCosplay
    Okcupid: https://okcupid.com/profile/Yuhan0426?cf=regular

    >Makes shitty cosplay videos, cosplays in public and pretends to be an annoying ESL child with autism

    >Has admitted to losing weight, as well as showing signs of bulimia and not getting enough calories in a day to look more childish for her splenda daddy
    >Pretends to not know english well and has been proven to say some words perfectly fine but in her newer videos she magically doesnt know those words
    >even has a splenda daddy, who is showing signs of abuse and is prob only with her for pedophilia fantasies he can act out legally
    >is using him for money
    >says shes against and wrote an essay about objectifying asian women, but acts like a submissive dumb airhead waifu and makes shitty cleaning and sewing videos but can't even cook
    that's just to name a few as well, she also lurks here
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    No. 356499

    File: 1500605649538.png (151.43 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20170720-195053.png)

    I'm pretty sure she has a green card from her stepdad already. The dean's list has her listed from Bellevue, not China. (info also from lurking PULL)
    She's marrying Splenda because she is desperate and lonely.

    No. 356505

    Yumi said she came here when she was 20 so she was too old to get a green card from her stepdad

    No. 356543

    No. 356644

    they live somewhere near Douglasville Georgia

    No. 356667

    why does he talk into her head rather at the camera, and rolls his eyes. Doesn't he realise how that comes off in film??? He should have stood there and said nothing.

    It pisses me off that they have no design sensibility at all. Like seriously. At least look on pinterest or something. I read an article about the 15 (idr which number) things that people waste their money on for their wedding. I feel like they are going to do all of them. Added bonus of them shopping at Walmart.

    Ooo also. I'd like to add that I think they're having a mostly Western Wedding. Chinese weddings are usually at a jau lau/Chinese restaurant, (not sure whether the chicken came before the egg) but it is important for a Chinese wedding to have certain foods in a certain order. The whole meal is usually set up, so looking for food is not necessary.

    More info here if anyone is interested: https://www.thespruce.com/chinese-wedding-foods-and-customs-4064597

    File: 1500558706351.jpg (122.61 KB, 850x567, IMG_1323.JPG)

    No. 356089[Reply]

    Since the other thread has been saged and the wks/vendetta chans arguing have been banned hopefully this one will be more peaceful. Just don't take the bait.

    We can discuss all idol related stuff here, even discussing Japanese idols Is welcome.
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    No. 356652

    I think Amina would look better with black hipster style clothes(like sza). Not obnoxious enough to make her look like pedo bait but not too much to make her look like a tranny.

    No. 356657

    Looks like a tranny here.

    No. 356659

    File: 1500616183603.png (64.3 KB, 1242x686, IMG_1340.PNG)

    Is it just me but I don't really think she looks that thin. She's not fat but she doesn't have the body of a little girl either. She's just flat chested and bottom heavy.

    No. 356661

    It's Alicia she has really broad features
    The people saying she has a Loli body are just used to seeing people with big tits probably. She has a flat chest and young face(not Loli young but she could pass as 17+) because of the Botox and circle lenses but she isn't as skinny as she used to be. She definitely has thighs though….

    No. 356662

    File: 1500617035969.jpeg (107.46 KB, 640x426, image.jpeg)

    She used to be the same size as Beckii aka skeletor status but her weight definitely goes to her thighs. most black women have hips rather than tits though….

    File: 1466232742429.png (595.41 KB, 589x586, Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 11.3…)

    No. 141494[Reply]

    Former famous scene queen.
    Current Vegas cam model weeb.

    Has a 3 year old daughter she doesn't even take care of, and keeps bringing men in and out of her daughter's life.

    Notorious for dating men who completely and utterly degrade her on social media.

    First boyfriend was THISISSHOTTY. An aspiring Vegas rapper who fails miserably and causes second hand embarrassment. A week after their breakup, some tattoo dude named David that treats her with disrespect. Although she states

    "Finally someone who treats me like an absolute queen"

    Just like with every other guy.

    Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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    No. 356564

    File: 1500611980146.png (377.9 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1432.PNG)

    This was in the comments of a video she shared where this girl was slurring her words talking shit about people and I think Jessie just lowkey admitted to doing cocaine?

    No. 356586

    I think she already took it down!? Lol

    No. 356590

    File: 1500613204324.jpg (266.94 KB, 960x960, IMG_2516.JPG)

    Also, her boobs look hella lopsided, and I get that one arm IS raised. But idk they look botched to me.

    No. 356614

    she literally thinks of the dumbest things to do in pictures.

    "Let me just hold up this completely irrelevant Polaroid camera in an ugly awkward pose in front of this trashy ass background in this outfit scheme I've repeated 96 times because I don't have the capacity to think of anything else bc of my middle school education."

    No. 356655

    File: 1500615731366.jpg (652.55 KB, 1242x1360, Enlight13.jpg)

    Okay but you have to admit, the resemblance between her and a furbee is kind of incredible though.

    File: 1499935336938.png (733.84 KB, 1468x786, sensical.png)

    No. 351741[Reply]

    Joy Sparkle BS aka Kati Marie Smith is a YouTuber who has made a name for herself by churning out a metric shit ton of obsessive videos, mainly about Onision and DaddyOFive in a very short amount of time (100+ on EACH spread across all her channels…in less than 7 months.) She claims to have a debilitating “mystery” illness/fibromyalgia/IBS/PTSD/autoimmune/copper toxicity/inflammation/thyroid issues/anxiety that causes her such chronic intense pain she wants to die and says she is not able to hold a job…yet she is still somehow able to put out as many as 12 videos in one day and livestream as long as eight hours straight, sometimes both…all while flailing around with seemingly boundless amounts of energy. Basically, she’s a money hungry obsessive melodramatic pathological liar who uses a self-diagnosed chronic “illness” to gain attention and internet asspats.

    Summary of thread #8

    • Onision is still generating multiple content ID claims against her & claiming her monetization for himself
    • Claims Onision “doxxed” her by releasing her full name and an old address in a DM he showed in a video dedicated to her (he quickly deleted the video) but she showed that same DM in her own video first…which is still up
    • She got a community strike on her main channel over the video she mirrored in which Onision’s service records were questioned for “bullying and harassment” of a veteran.
    • Claims DO5 fans are targeting her channels with false flagging and that they succeeded in getting two community strikes against her main channel and three against Spurpinklebow…which resulted in the temporary termination of that channel. It was later reinstated but not before she was incessantly tweeting @YouTube and anyone else she could think of demanding they do something and complaining how unfair it was she got strikes while nothing happened to other YouTubers breaking TOS. She totally sperged out when Keemstar responded to one of these tweets, not that his advice was all that helpful.
    • She still has at least one community strike on her main channel so she is unable to livestream on it. At first, she was borrowing Benji’s channel to livestream but created a third channel “Joy Sparkle Eff It” in an attempt to get around the livestreaming ban, now that she has access to Spurpinklebow she’s back to livestreaming there.
    • While trying to build up her third channel to get livestreaming/suPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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    No. 356653


    While she doesn't say it directly here, Joy likes to claim that Fibromyalgia causes diarrhea. That woman apparently has a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia - so when Joy is responding to this woman sticking up for her as a fellow Fibro sufferer, Joy saying "for me it's diarrhea" is her once again making this association. Sorry but a disorder of the nervous system isn't making you shit your crusty pajama pants, Joy.


    booboo is 1000% on it. Joy doesn't seek help for her alleged chronic pain AT ALL. But yet she claims it gets so bad she's suicidal. For those of us who actually know that feeling, you don't sit around whinging about it online. Because you can barely think straight let alone type. No. You seek help no matter the cost because it's unbearable. I fucking hate people who lie about living with chronic pain. While it's generally not my style to wish pain upon someone, people like that legit deserve their wish.

    No. 356654

    Yep, you can see that in her tweet when she says "make fun of someones body and health issues"…she just had to throw in her health issues to try to convince the person her weight problems aren't her fault and they are supposed to feel like an asshole for picking on her. If it was just that she was fat & admitted it was due to her own poor choices…and not try to claim her fabulous pizza diet had stabilized her weight/cured her diarrhea no one would care

    No. 356658

    She was saying she gained 50-60lbs several months ago…how much she's put on since then who knows, she stopped admitting she's still gaining weight.

    No. 356660


    You would think by now that she would have invested in a bra that fits properly. Her boobs still look weird and distracting judging by some of her recent videos/younow moments where she's not covered in a sweater. It was about 2-3 months ago when she claimed she only recently (back then) could afford a new bra. Despite the fact that at Wally World, a decent bra is as low as $3.88. Either way she's made plenty of bra money since then.

    No. 356663

    Did someone record this? Tell me it's going up on vidme!

    File: 1500492438125.jpg (60.47 KB, 460x480, 63951b0e4e109bae0e2802535efb79…)

    No. 355530[Reply]

    Over-The-Top Spoonies/Munchausen By Internet Attention Whores General #5
    Previous Thread: >>>snow/345089

    Discuss people who feign or exaggerate chronic illnesses and medical crises for attention and asspats online. Previous topic focused primarily on Instagram accounts, but posts from blogs and other social media sites are admissible.

    Some of the more notable cows from the previous threads:
    LifeUndiagnosedd, aka Hypermobilegeek on IG (and a shit ton more accounts). Robyn Brown is the milkiest munchiechan we've ever seen ("Kadeelyn on steroids" as another anon put it) and has her own threads now (original: >>197138 ).
    MyLifeStruggles on IG
    JourneyToEmma on IG
    Jonzie08 on IG

    What Is A "Spoonie"?
    People who identify as 'Spoonies' are referencing 'The Spoon Theory,' written by a woman with lupus to explain the chronic illness experience to a healthy friend who asked her what it really feels like to live with her medical problems.
    The 'Spoonie' Community is, in general, a legitimate supportive network for people dealing with chronic illness. In recent years, however, it has become polluted with SJW types and has attracted a new breed of attention-seeking catfish: people who lie about, fake having, and/or exaggerate existing medical problems and crises for no benefit other than to garner attention.
    186 posts and 36 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

    No. 356599

    Not WKing, but she isn't feeding the dog just raw vegetables. A raw diet includes mostly raw meat, as well as raw bones and raw fruits/veggies. If you scroll back far enough on her Instagram, there's chunks of meat in the food bowl.

    Sage for rawdiet-fagging

    No. 356601

    OHHH, DAT SWEET PROJEKSHUN! Fuck off Spergchan v. 2.0. All these memes apply to you!

    No. 356617

    Dude, chill the fuck out with the posting

    No. 356632

    Wow that's some powerful autism. We've got a new sperchan. Must be scary going through life with that much cognitive dissonance

    No. 356643


    You might want to read through this thread for a few stories of what these assholes have done to the lives of other people.

    Or do they not matter? Is sperging about your precious spoonie Munchie buddies all that's worth caring about?

    File: 1498011684487.png (217.43 KB, 354x405, 1.png)

    No. 338648[Reply]

    >Suzy continues to balloon in size and wear sweat pants in public
    >She has all but abandoned her main channel in favour of her gaming channel where she continues to suck at Overwatch & blame others for her failures
    >She has created a really expensive jewelry line that involved very little effort on her part
    >Game Grumps are heavily pushing a cringy "Gay Dad Dating Sim" game they claim they are heavily involved in when it seems like it actually was 99% Vernon and some other non-gg developers

    Last thread >>>/snow/282355

    Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
    286 posts and 27 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

    No. 356542

    it looks like she green screened herself into the fucking shot

    the background is so weird looking

    No. 356561

    why the hell is she wearing shoes that are three sizes too big for her

    No. 356641

    Because she's taking them off as soon as her little photo shoot is done. So it doesn't matter.

    Please buy them on eBay.

    No. 356656

    It's kinda annoying how her toe nails are never painted. They look like gross pale beans.

    No. 356666

    sorry for being ot, but does anyone know what type of heels these are?

    File: 1466844513107.jpg (27.81 KB, 490x305, fb.jpg)

    No. 147888[Reply]

    One of those instagram whores that shoop their bodies to impossible proportions and of course lies about everything. She’s apparently obsessed with having blue or green eyes and colors them in photoshop. I looked carefully at her pictures and I think half the time they’re colored with PS brushes and the other half she literally pastes other people’s irises into her eyes But what makes her very special is that she actually takes the time to creates gifs by editing frame after frame. Like poor man’s after effects.

    I just recently found out about this girl but wanted to make a thread here to get help squeezing milk, this looks promising as shit

    pic related is the closest thing to what she really looks like.
    45 posts and 28 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

    No. 356396

    >complaining about the op of a year old thread

    No. 356460

    File: 1500599334073.jpg (126.95 KB, 786x734, image.jpg)

    Looks legit

    No. 356461

    edgy, go back to pull and stop shitposting.

    No. 356462

    File: 1500599446247.jpg (17.59 KB, 275x232, 1500507104451.jpg)

    No. 356633

    File: 1500614100047.jpeg (93.57 KB, 639x795, image.jpeg)

    HAHAHA thank you to whoever revived this, I'm getting quite the laugh. This bitch straight autistic.

    File: 1500505964990.jpg (41.67 KB, 447x596, IMG_20170516_170043.jpg)

    No. 355733[Reply]

    Alternatively titled: Batshit insane genderblob recreates the FF7 house in a Voltron otherkin discord

    I found out about this drama stealthing on a related voltron otherkin server. PTPN posted there too and I'll be uploading caps of his posts. After I finish posting the PTPN drama I'll post caps from my primary discord. Some of them are pretty wild even if you don't follow voltron legendary defender. I'm voltron House anon on /co/'s voltron threads, if anyone on lolcow visits those.

    Important drama links:

    Official tumblrs of the non-drama discord:

    some of /co/'s posts about voltron otherkin (mostly shitposts but worth mentioning):
    https://desPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
    22 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

    No. 355908

    What the fuck is wrong with the Voltron fandom?

    No. 355918

    File: 1500522897482.jpg (25.55 KB, 474x364, 1498773053927.jpg)

    This person has a four year old son…
    >mfw I realize this otherkin bullshit isn't just a stupid, funny thing dumb children and manchildren do, then eventually grow out of
    >mfw it's actually quite easy for Chris-chan tier human beings to connect, lose their virginities and reproduce in this day and age
    >mfw these people are having children and affecting lives
    >mfw there's going to be a generation of adults raised by unstable, abusive trainwrecks who played Second Life all day and thought they were the reincarnation of fictional characters
    I wonder if new forms of PTSD will start popping up.

    No. 355954

    I came at this w a very open mind, and even read the vice article on ff7 house but what the fuck are half these words trying to say

    this type of shit is why fascism is on the rise

    No. 356624

    Has the Voltron fandom managed to top the Steven Universe and MLP fandom in insanity at this point?

    No. 356664

    >Some comments made that made others uncomfortable which were in fact racist were in regards to the current flag redesign for the gay community. They believed there did not need to be an addition of black or brown stripes for inclusion because the rainbow is inclusive.

    Lol are they fucking serious? THIS is considered racist now?

    File: 1500299494906.png (456.73 KB, 500x473, tumblr_n8seryO4fG1rtqan1o1_500…)

    No. 354019[Reply]

    you know your jessicas, your momos, and your generally bad cosplayers–this is the place for them!

    -jessica isn't milky enough for her own thread, and so she goes here.

    -rachniqueen is still doing piss-poor wigs and half-assed 'boudoir'.

    -meg is doing (attempting) playboy.

    Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
    65 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

    No. 356547

    I've been to many cons that she's gone to and also have known her personally. I don't want to say much more though because I don't want her having any idea of who this is.

    Sadly, it's not like she's 'become' a twat–she was like that at the very beginning when I met her, and she's always had a "holier than thou" attitude. I'd make a thread for her, but besides shit that she does in person, she really doesn't have enough milk to warrant her own thread.

    No. 356566

    File: 1500612033934.png (212.28 KB, 749x1086, IMG_9966.PNG)

    Speaking of, did Tenleid get implants? She's been open about the tricks she uses to fake big boobs but this just seems impossible. Just surprised she wouldn't be transparent about it I guess.

    No. 356577

    they look like more of an ill-fitting bra situation, but i can't be too sure.

    No. 356583

    File: 1500612966301.png (151.7 KB, 750x1050, IMG_9967.PNG)

    Even with pading and every thing though, I don't think you could fake that.

    No. 356613

    Looks like some weight gain honestly? Because they squish and don't stick out/sit on her chest like lumps like implants do

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