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File: 1710775349309.jpeg (86.42 KB, 602x611, 70210AFE-7B62-4379-A658-C4CAE8…)

No. 1977489

Previous thread >> >>>/snow/1960368


N2F is truly flourishing with new baby and new life, anons continue to wish her ongoing stability. The twins seem to have replaced her crown of Grimiest Living Circumstances, as evidenced by their fridge.

In a similar vein, Niamh appears to be moving on from her EDtwt days - trying to follow in Ro’s footsteps of making a career out of her weight restoration, complete with menses.

Elzani is still going forwards in the right direction.

Fi is still breathing, networking off her autism LARP and being a recovery activist blogger in the meantime.

Ganer is still grieving her mobility, after osteoporosis gave her leg a reality check.

Laura hates her weight and yet continues to do nothing about it despite her newfound freedom and all expenses paid life in the community.

May is currently making her team wish she wouldn’t continue bothering them until the month of May. Continues to lie about being SEED and existing on nothing but air bEcAuSE ArFiD.

Casper has been booted out of her ICU coma.

Em, Abby, Han, Aimee and Smorven continue to embarrass themselves.

Frances is also out and about lying to herself.

JourneyToEmma kicked the bucket, joining RachelRising who may or may not be dead.

Ash, as per, has yet to reduce to ash.

Enera is probably off somewhere swallowing batteries and begging to keep her revolving admissions cycle going.

Apologies for autism and low quality post, first time creating a thread and on mobile to boot. Feel free to delete.Lack of saging, integration troubles, whiteknighting and infighting continues.

Other subjects not covered but are as below, copied from previous thread:

https://www.tiktok.com/@therapybyemily(shit thread)

No. 1977506

File: 1710778464314.jpg (1.44 MB, 1290x1992, IMG_5417.jpg)

I think laurenearl might be relapsing, she's got the anaface look starting again. I was hoping she'd stay graduated like her bestie, Emily

No. 1977524

File: 1710781595104.jpeg (Spoiler Image,795.73 KB, 1179x1761, IMG_9284.jpeg)

Thanks for finally making a thread, nona. Curiosity, as I may have missed it in the previous thread, but how did journeytoemma pass? Trying to find information was hard. Was it ED related or something else?

spoiler for non-milk

No. 1977528

Family announced it as sudden and unexpected, unlikely to be suicide as Emma had not left an updated will and family were unprepared for funeral costs. Sister posted issues with oxygen levels and she died 2 days later

No. 1977553

File: 1710785631903.png (1.3 MB, 1422x1343, Screenshot 2024-03-18 at 2.15.…)

New cow alert u/haute_honey on reddit. Anorexia faker at a normal weight then says her normal weight is overweight.

No. 1977554

File: 1710785664733.png (1.47 MB, 1395x1289, Screenshot 2024-03-18 at 2.17.…)

No. 1977570


No. 1977592

Kek, I saw this. ED reddit has some potential for new cows, the Meeeegan girl >>1961909 seems pretty milky. Is anyone interested? I could look more into her if so.

No. 1977614

So true, nonnie. It's not like you had over a month to make your own. How rude of OP to just swoop in like that and take the chance away from you, farmer extraordinaire. I'm not saying you're wrong, because you aren't, but you had your chance. This may not be the thread you wanted, but it's most certainly the thread you deserve.

No. 1977630

Thanks for making the thread anon, I appreciate you.

No. 1977668

this is all true and fair but anon could at least have used the thread pic that was posted on the bpd thread. this pic is shit

No. 1977672

File: 1710800035543.png (81.08 KB, 940x679, bhijnl.png)

agree this girl is entertaining. she had one heart palpitation and posted her (now deleted) 'last words' on the heart attack subreddit, to an audience of people who have real legitimate heart problems. what a joke. that's probably the incident she meant in her other post by 'i almost died' kek

No. 1977680

File: 1710800252308.png (114.41 KB, 842x658, qresgdn.png)

last pic about this but she's a munchie too. going to the ER 30 times in a year??? for 'heart problems' which apparently 15 doctors (doctor-shopping much?) already diagnosed as acid reflux. probably from eating too much junk.

No. 1977685

fr I was thinking of posting this but forgot. slide 9 has a pic of her identical triplet sister and the difference is quite shocking. shame cause she seemed to be doing so much better

No. 1977692

File: 1710801900284.png (439.09 KB, 706x1046, Screenshots_2024-03-18-18-47-2…)

No. 1977727

she looks exactly the same?
of course she’s a muncher. add that to the list of white girls who want to be special

No. 1977743

She has been looking skinny forever, she never recovered in the first place

No. 1977744

File: 1710809827084.jpeg (419.8 KB, 1170x1333, 10FC03D8-B351-4B8B-8A73-6FE43D…)

This is very random but Sydney for some reason came to mind and I realised she hasn’t posted in agesssss. Had a bit of a stalk of her TIKTOK and I’m sorry but look at the dates on the videos… Within just 9 DAYS, she went from healthy looking to deathly skelly… HOW!?! She seems to lose the weight so bloody fast

No. 1977749

Cara Delevingne before and after meth.

No. 1977756

Did anyone see her recent instagram story? She’s looking big!(bonerattling, no screenshots, total newfaggotry)

No. 1977785

she’s actually wanting to recover and is choosing to not post so I think that’s a win(learn to sage)

No. 1977792

She looks the same but in different lighting

No. 1977800

dehydration does that

No. 1977830

Who is allowing these cows to go to the doctor so frequently?

No. 1977858

File: 1710843485556.png (5.94 MB, 1179x2556, IMG_3040.png)

sage bc these are old pics but abby did one of her best performances in this live, she’s starting to follow EC route with the flashing

No. 1977859

File: 1710843526157.png (5.45 MB, 1179x2556, IMG_3041.png)

No. 1977864

File: 1710845879467.jpeg (1.01 MB, 828x1438, C7C752D3-8430-400E-A6BF-A973B4…)

Apparently Mother’s Day was a “let’s post horrible pictures of myself to prove how sick I was”

No. 1977865

File: 1710845926540.jpeg (856.1 KB, 828x1430, 73144CAE-B0CF-4F89-AEFC-CCE466…)

Same with Kali. Gotta get the scratched up arm in the foreground

No. 1977868

Left your profile pic in there nonna!
I watched this too. She kept calling them panties and also was getting ready to see her bestie Grace / incest Becca kek

No. 1977874

File: 1710848550981.png (2.58 MB, 1179x2556, IMG_3471.png)

laura is relapse baiting

No. 1977882

i find it weird how this picture, and others that han included in this post, were even taken in the first place. i understand why the anorexic would want this, but a family member??? why?

No. 1977908

i dont really think this is relapse baiting as much as her being proud of weight loss. She def looks healthier in second pic

No. 1977923

She is definitely looking better in the second picture, still has saucers for eyes though and possibly edited/camera angles as she doesn't look that slim candid. In the BPD thread there was mention of a cow crossover in an ED waiting room ( >>1973928 ), so it is actually possible it's relapse baiting though.

No. 1977927

It can’t be relapse “bait” because she posted about how she’s been struggling with ED behaviors and was referred back to ED services. She’s already told us she’s relapsing and trying to show off any ounce of weight loss.

No. 1977938

File: 1710860014232.jpeg (576.43 KB, 1170x926, IMG_7625.jpeg)

May continues to be absolutely bereft of self awareness

No. 1977945

Sage for no milk but J2E’s friend tweeted a couple of days ago asking people to stop reporting her death as due to her ED-apparently might need a post mortem, I’ll dig back for it

No. 1977990

shit thread…

No. 1978007

make it urself then retard. to the nonna that made the thread: thank u!!

No. 1978008

That’s as there’s no real milk - it’s boring- a few - many years back was much better.

No. 1978012

I don't know why it got revived it's devolved into retard anachans rattling

No. 1978020

real tho bc i thought the plan was to wait it out until the reddit tards stopped coming here

No. 1978031

Why is there something always wrong with her? She probably shoved something up herself to make it appear like there was a mass that needed investigating lmao

No. 1978038

I just don't understand how she can be so lacking in self-awareness and yet somehow got onto a medical degree? Were uni gasping for bums on seats that year?

No. 1978051

File: 1710880921565.jpg (895.31 KB, 1080x2408, 1000007760.jpg)

I found this girl, and her love for her tube kinda kills me. Im not sure whats wrong with her but who knows maybe she will end up being a good addition

No. 1978066

afaik she has an actual chronic illness. she has some sort of legit GI problem

No. 1978083

File: 1710887398641.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1079x1939, IMG_1594.jpeg)

no wonder frances has an ED her family seem batshit

No. 1978091

File: 1710888673898.jpeg (491.22 KB, 1170x1950, 102D70D0-034C-4979-937A-D06F3B…)

Holy bulimia cheeks! Kek laughing at the nonnies who swore up and down that Karo doesn’t purge. Those cheeks ain’t normal by any means

No. 1978092

File: 1710888722869.jpeg (490.83 KB, 1170x1950, 88E0ED99-7D56-41D5-95A8-0D5E6C…)

The side view is even worse. It honestly looks painful

No. 1978093

> Im not sure whats wrong with her but who knows maybe she will end up being a good addition
Could you have tried any less

No. 1978097

I thought this was Gypsy fucking Rose for a minute.

No. 1978102

yeah, her super deadly ED that got her to BMI 17.something at her lowest. god, she’s gonna fade away if she carries on much longer. not to mention this terrifying mass she’s found?! the doctors must be absolutely fucking sick of her. if only she had that voracity for finishing her medical degree, or even getting a simple job to pay her poor mother for keeping her 26 year old whiny ass at home. keeping on top of her lies and constantly extending medical record must be her full time job. i wish the cluster b(itches) thread was open because that’s where this selfish hypochondriac belongs.

No. 1978126

File: 1710896488720.png (2.81 MB, 2532x1170, IMG_1168.png)

niamh uploaded a ‘my ed story’ basically just a ton of body checks and ‘im the best anorexic’

No. 1978133

The anxiety provoking mass that’s going to kill May if her ED doesn’t get her first is 100% a massive shit she needs to take from all the food pretends she doesn’t eat. Grab some miralax and leave the NHS to deal with people who have real medical problems, May. The lengths she goes to to convince herself she needs medical attention is sick.

No. 1978136

I think she said she had oral surgery? But there is no denying at baseline she’s a mega purger.

No. 1978142

File: 1710898018411.jpeg (484.35 KB, 979x1192, IMG_1598.jpeg)

she looks much younger now, dehydration and ana face aged her

No. 1978163

File: 1710902699174.jpeg (1.82 MB, 1179x2170, IMG_2651.jpeg)

Anyone remember this cow from years ago? Still up to her same antics. In and out of hospital. Likes to show off her tube and face picking along with keeping tally of how many admissions she has had. Goes with chronic illness as the issue, but loves to flaunt that eating disorder. Oh, she is studying psychology with a goal of working with kids and teenagers. This train wreck seems to think the world revolves around her and really does know how to manipulate the hospital into admitting my her when she is bored of being at home. Also gunning for NDIS like so many of these aus cows.

No. 1978164

File: 1710902768867.jpeg (325.59 KB, 1179x2092, IMG_2647.jpeg)

Did you know she has had 45 admissions in 8 years? She must surely be the sickest of them all

No. 1978167

kek, if you google costochondritis, the first thing that comes up is
> Costochondritis is a benign cause of chest wall pain that results from inflammation of the costal cartilage, the cartilage that connect the ribs to the sternum
so she's bragging about the diagnosis you get if you complain that your chest hurts over and over but they never find anything serious wrong

No. 1978171

File: 1710904445339.png (482.02 KB, 853x1761, Screenshots_2024-03-19-23-15-3…)

No. 1978173

File: 1710904736205.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1170x2322, IMG_4566.jpeg)

No. 1978200

File: 1710915815874.png (436.37 KB, 483x649, Screen Shot 2024-03-20 at 1.25…)

There is no way that she's not b/ping all of the crumbl cookies that she constantly buys despite being soooo broke.

No. 1978211

self post much?(sage your shit much?)

No. 1978223

File: 1710931411721.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1170x1780, B188A5B5-EAF3-4DD6-B9CF-87E113…)

Why is Paris acting like she just started recovery when she has been at this for a decade? I think she is losing touch of how long she has been putting on this fake recovery act for. I don’t understand how her followers haven’t caught on that she isn’t recovering.

No. 1978230

lmao horseteeth han always gives me a laugh

No. 1978231

what was the point of this post tard

No. 1978240

Nonnie, so it's not just me who thinks the "weird mass" is the fact she's literally full of shit. The reason her stomach's fucked so often is because it's protesting too much caffeine and diet speed for breakfast.

No. 1978254

File: 1710942114637.jpeg (634.54 KB, 1179x2096, 2F91B109-B891-4D42-91B8-3AD67D…)

i may or may not found a new potential cow.
she is @fritzlifts_ on instagram
she is an online life and health coach preaching a lot of bullshit about nutrition when she’s the first one clearly not eating right.
in a post of 2021 (as in the picture) she claims recovery and strength and all of that, but for some reason between that post and now she is just the same (or even more emaciated)
she could easily get along with ganer, no doubts there

No. 1978266

the posing kek. looks like she’s in a constant cut. Does she talk at all about bulking? Or is she strictly a recovery account?

No. 1978313

File: 1710955124532.png (127.43 KB, 853x740, Screenshots_2024-03-20-13-20-5…)

No. 1978316

she talks a lot about nutrition and recipes that are “macros friendly, gut friendly and without guilt”. every comment about her health is deleted and the user blocked (tried with my spam account). she continues to say that she is so strong and recovered, but she injures herself every other week,truly astonishing(cowtipping)

No. 1978399

I made a new cluster b thread if anyone is interested, though it’s my first thread so idk if I’ve done it right(newfaggotry)

No. 1978429

File: 1710981897536.jpeg (963.09 KB, 2048x1408, IMG_2329.jpeg)

Because she likes being ill and showing her body wearing not much. She doesn’t have anything except her ED

No. 1978471

File: 1710991016938.png (Spoiler Image,1.24 MB, 853x1183, Screenshots_2024-03-20-23-19-1…)

holy shit

No. 1978480

pretty sure this is makeup for her supporting act role in some TV show. she’s harped about it on stories and in caption.

No. 1978483

Paris is one of the most annoying cows to me, and I’ll never understand how she constantly has so much support from followerswhen she’s constantly saying the same shit and not gaining an ounce.

No. 1978485

Thanks for linking it moron

No. 1978496

she just blocks anyone who says anything she doesn't like. i'm sure she has people who genuinely support her, but many people who just follow out of morbid curiosity just probably don't want to be blocked so they watch what they say to her.

No. 1978523


holy fuck you're stupid(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1978533

File: 1711017289194.jpeg (292.06 KB, 1060x887, IMG_7827.jpeg)

Alters are getting food for her.
Confusing posts liquid fasting for 3 days but purging all food.
Different alters with different issues?(namefagging)

No. 1978534

File: 1711017391075.jpeg (470.24 KB, 1189x1300, IMG_7826.jpeg)

Cal counting, thinspo, and she’s dying ? Carer betrayed her too.

No. 1978549

File: 1711027960113.jpeg (1.73 MB, 1170x2039, C2978A31-FD0D-4012-B75C-9D217B…)

The face of someone who didn’t finish their meal(wrong thread)

No. 1978551

Who is this and why does it belong in a pro-ana thread? All we can get from that image is that some fat dude lives in a group home

No. 1978552

What the fuck is that, nonna?

No. 1978558

the link for the new cluster B thread. Bring milk, thread is dry as EC vagina

No. 1978601

it’s been locked

No. 1978605

OMFG this thread IS shit.

No. 1978608

What does paris do all day? Does she still live with her mum?

Out of curiosity has she ever been in hospital for her ED? Or an ED unit?

No. 1978636

No. 1978643

i assume the farmhands are trying to encourage a better op?

No. 1978837

That can't be it, or this one would be locked too

No. 1978841

File: 1711109114081.jpeg (509.59 KB, 1170x2082, IMG_4354.jpeg)

Is Abby in hospital again? And has been rejected?

No. 1978843

if you read the message about the blocking it clearly says that is because in the thread op expressed their opinion and wrote a lot of citations. This is not the best thred but it respects all of the rules ig

No. 1978845

but why her hair looks like one of those cases of extreme matting? gross

No. 1978847

She always looks grubby. Wish her bestie incest Becca would tell her the eyeliner is a state……. But we all know she’s not a true bestie and actually used to post Abby on here so. I guess that’ll never happen. Also she clearly needed to get the neck mark in the pic too kek

No. 1978923

That doesn’t look like REDU (light blue) or Royal Edinburgh psychiatric (bright green). Might be the I general hospital or outpatients?

No. 1978931

Are either of those where smorven is?

No. 1978939

Redu is where Morven is I believe. She should be forced to pay rent at this point

No. 1979005

File: 1711146619586.jpeg (250.12 KB, 1169x1368, 0B936EC3-68E1-4DF9-9486-CBF5C1…)

I don’t know how she made it 365 days without inpatient after 15 consecutive years but she can’t go much longer. I wish for everyone’s sake she would have recovered but here we are

No. 1979045

She must have been there years now

No. 1979060

File: 1711161847805.jpeg (1022.58 KB, 1179x2098, IMG_5899.jpeg)

abby abby abby stop reading here, get a life. and stop posting old photos for attention and then backtracking when you get said attention.
honestly she’s a lost cause imo. the attention seeking seems to override any sense of shame or embarrassment or self awareness.

No. 1979062

sorry for not saging, think i was eye rolling too hard.

No. 1979108

Proving you post old worrying pictures of yourself with vague sad quotes isn’t the flex she thinks it is kek. She’ll larp the system her whole life. Too far gone.

No. 1979164

File: 1711204911159.jpg (943.97 KB, 1440x1800, Collage_2024-03-23_10_43_42.jp…)

i think n2f got her own place

No. 1979197

Pleased to see some goblin toes still making it into the photo op.

Genuinely happy for N2F, always been one of my favourites and it’s nice to see her emerge from gremlin to seemingly genuinely happy.

No. 1979199

her personal hygiene is looking way better, which is especially nice to see because new parents (especially single parents) sometimes struggle to find time for stuff like that

No. 1979212

So happy for her! She was one of my favorite cows and I'm so glad she seems to be doing well!

No. 1979226

Absolute queen! I wish her all the best

No. 1979233

File: 1711221643222.png (1.71 MB, 960x2079, IMG_5215.png)

@aidels_journey continues to be insufferable.
Like how about grow tf up and take some accountability for behaviors n actions instead of playing games waiting for the nurses to “catch you” doing what you’re ’not supposed’ or give up the bed to someone who needs and wants help. jesus

No. 1979265

Not WKing but she’s not too far gone. She’s a 19 year old girl weirdo obsessed with the sick girl aesthetic so much that she may have permanently damaged her body but she has many years to grow out of the attention seeking or get bored of it maybe once other people stop showing her the attention for her behaviours

No. 1979273

Yeah she’s only 19. A lot of her issues seem attention related, she can grow out of that . She also needs to learn to develop healthy attachments. She’s over attached to the person she calls her support worker to the point that she is getting her into trouble . Also clearly over attached to Becca in a very short space of time.

No. 1979274

File: 1711230441296.png (10.16 MB, 1170x2532, D612BC4C-F57C-4022-A798-1411A3…)

Chii is gearing up for a relapse now that she broke up with her partner

No. 1979275

kek, I nearly posted this but I wasn't sure if anyone else cared about her anymore. Honestly, I don't think she ever got to an actual healthy weight and I'm curious if her ED had anything to do with the break-up.

No. 1979276

I don’t follow her. What’s the story with the support worker? Pretty sure her whole identity is her illnesses which will have her stuck in a cycle soon enough

No. 1979279

I love this girl! So damn cute, even her random ass tattoos. She has always been unapologetically herself from when she was all grimey taking pictures in her underwear and one sock outside in her garden to donning wildly inappropriate stripper dresses to family functions to keeping all her syrups and raw frozen food items in her room (and all over her bedspread). It’s honestly super inspiring to see someone genuinely get their shit together enough to be so happy and wholesome. Wish these other dumb cows would see that they could live better lives if they just put in the effort to improve. While I’m sure N2F may still have struggles with her eating or mental health, she doesn’t make it her personality and chooses to focus on the positive and look where that’s getting her in life! Good for her.

No. 1979281

Does anybody remember when that one anon (bless her) did an n2f Christmas baking special and made and ate a bunch of the homemade recipes n2f was always posting? And then anon got sick halfway through and had to take a break. Haha. What a ride, those were good times.

No. 1979287

Good for her. Hope the kid turns out to be alright some day.

No. 1979291

She’s not really a true cow since she rarely posts about her ED but she very clearly has never recovered, just moved on from trying to be a preach recovery influencer. She is super boring and honestly just kind of sad and pathetic. I predict she will continue as is indefinitely. It was actually kind of impressive/surprising she even managed to have a relationship. From what she does reveal
I think she is still quite disordered (wakes up at like 4am everyday, still constantly moving, obviously weird about food). Can’t imagine that is easy to live with/ share a life with.

No. 1979293

she's moved on from trying to be internet famous, but she's never gotten past pretending to be doing well. She just switched from posting endless gross looking smoothies to smug posts about how she's totally in real recovery now, not like all those other times she lied about it.

No. 1979342

File: 1711249196114.png (8.25 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_8470.png)

Is she in the children’s hospital like she was hoping for

No. 1979343

wherever she is, hopefully they keep her longer than last time

No. 1979347

She’s been in a relapse for a while now and “trying to get back on track.” She hasn’t hidden that fact.

No. 1979349

I seriously doubt she was ever "recovered" because she continued being obsessive about food and never posted any selfies where she looked weight restored. She has a long pattern of always claiming that she's now really recovering and totally didn't realize that before she was still disordered, but now she totally sees it and is different, she swears.

No. 1979393

I don’t know why but her face always triggers some anger in me. Just want to punch it.

No. 1979409

I remember this. Back when the cows brought the milk. N2F is also a personal fav of mine and it makes me happy to see her actually living well.

No. 1979424

She had a real talent for making porridge the unhealthiest meal you’ve ever seen in your life.

No. 1979468

File: 1711295386186.jpeg (686.84 KB, 2037x1779, 7A77D1E5-4F77-4C89-8F96-F7AD1B…)

imagine your daughter forcing you to be in the same fucking “sad dainty emaciated anorexic hugs mommy in the hospital” videos repeatedly for years… her poor fucking mum

No. 1979560

She legit looks so tired and dead in the eyes in the last one, kek

No. 1979626

File: 1711356531322.jpeg (Spoiler Image,344.63 KB, 1800x1800, IMG_3942.jpeg)

i’m always mesmerized by how this is possible, fucking roach

No. 1979632

File: 1711362384279.jpeg (817.64 KB, 828x1493, 43B191FA-9BC1-4972-9FFA-EBCC10…)

Sunday scaries? She literally does nothing with her life, what’s she anticipating that’s so scary?

No. 1979633

File: 1711362437966.jpeg (661.79 KB, 828x1480, 55C5EB71-B1CB-4773-8535-CDB0E6…)

Of course she has an ED that’s different to all other EDs. She’s so unique and special and no one can ever relate to her

No. 1979711

She's truly insufferable

No. 1979821

> my ED presents differently to most restrictive EDS so may not go through it
That literally confirms she's not going through recovery kek, she would have experienced extreme hunger if she was

No. 1979828

it doesnt happen to everyone, stop coping because you binged(bonerattling)

No. 1979830

Han is insufferable but she's clearly gained weight

No. 1979838

Her mother looks younger than her.

No. 1979875

Even if you don't objectively binge, anyone actually in ana recovery feels like they're eating way too much, so for her to deny any feeling of 'overeating' just means she is still resisting like crazy.

No. 1979933

she just drinks insane amounts of monster and does her small plate “challenges” so yea that tracks

No. 1979947

not to wk but i think it is a little different with her, sometimes it seems more like arfid than an. the gloves, the textures etc so it is a little different. but she is insufferable and need to stop body checking and show her fucking stomach in this weather >>1979633

No. 1979992

yeah, extreme hunger doesn't really care how your ~ED manifests itself. it's just a response to eating again after a long time of malnutrition, even people without EDs will experience extreme hunger.

No. 1980005

> ana recovery

This phrase
Pass me the sick bucket.

No. 1980016

File: 1711471293021.jpeg (481 KB, 1179x2096, FD449637-E222-44D0-9328-EC5903…)

totally not showing off her lunch is just a cup of dirty water with some veg

No. 1980024

it’s miso soup retard…not enough for lunch sure but it’s not “dirty water”

No. 1980051

File: 1711481681659.jpeg (723.46 KB, 828x1382, 28B48558-DD25-476D-B2FC-00EE34…)

The fuck is up with this bitch? Not only does she have her emotional support forehead bandage, she also has her emotional support wrist bandage (let’s not forget all that wasted money on her ridiculous amount of jellycats). I scrolled back on her insta and she’s been wearing that wrist bandage since December. Even if she had self harmed in December, it would have long been healed since then. Just further proof that she loves the “sick” lifestyle and would do anything to prolong it

No. 1980062

is she wearing this exact bandage in all the pics? cuz it could be a compression bandage thats sometimes used to prevent very bad scarring in cases of severe burns for example.

No. 1980094

File: 1711490868706.jpeg (700.85 KB, 828x1401, E3B8545F-F5F7-470E-9229-A60971…)

It always changes, just like the forehead one does

No. 1980098

It looks like she’s about to have a picnic on her forehead.

No. 1980113

if you look back several years on her insta or on her older tagged pics, she was actually cute as hell, what a shame. she's fucking hideous now, and her family just makes me sick, they deserve everything they go through with her, because they're soooo into it, it's disturbing! her ig is overflowing with hospital pics with her family visitors, and they're almost always posing or doing something silly or making goofy faces. omg can you not!? don't they ever just get there and just want to chill out and relax without the pathetic photoshoots? it's so gross and weird.

No. 1980216

I want to beat the living shit into her. She disgusts me.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1980228

What confuses me about her and smorvan is they seem to get alllllll the help and resources when I’ve known people who get told “you’re choosing to stay ill we can’t help you” then left with nothing. These cows are refusing to get better too yet still get babied by the system????? Like why hasn’t someone told her to get a fucking grip yet ffs

No. 1980243

maybe its their parents who force the system to do smth?

No. 1980246

Haven't checked here for about a year, and the algorithm just put Niamh on my front page. I only recognized her at second glance, she actually looks like a person now? I just wonder if she still behaves the same.

No. 1980264

They're both the very far north of scotland iirc - up Aberdeen/ Inverness way. There is comparatively more help for EDs up there, for reasons I don't quite get.

No. 1980265

Shut up no one cares

No. 1980270

Morven is from Edinburgh. She’s in redu which is in West Lothian. Nowhere near Aberdeen

No. 1980284

Hadn't realised that, but the "comparatively more help" bit still stands. So basically, it's luck.

No. 1980296

File: 1711554783992.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1170x1765, IMG_7242.jpeg)

No. 1980307

I don’t get why people think it’s acceptable to ask people to pay for their treatment. Sort yourself out. Everyone has their own shit to deal with why would they fund your hospital stay? So fuckin self involved I swear

No. 1980329

well why not if there are retards willing to send money for them

No. 1980331

doing this on edtwt is wild lowkey

No. 1980341

nta and not about anorexics, but for example in the US, sometimes diabetics die if they can't get enough money together fast enough, (diabetic equipment being quite expensive,) and fast enough can literally be two days to less than one day; crowd-sourcing is acceptable in certain cases

No. 1980345

these bitches wish they had diabetes, imagine how easy it would be to stay skinny running ketones all the time, plus all the puking and pissing would rake in bonus sympathy points

No. 1980392

I wonder who she was on a date with? Grace?

No. 1980410

i don't understand this comment, everyone with diabetes isn't skinny

No. 1980411

seriously! i don't know shit about smorven, but Aimee's family seems to love this relative of a sick freak lifestyle, they're all fucked up.

No. 1980412

They are probably a bunch of fame chasers and keep enabling their daughters disorder because she has a bunch of followers. It's honestly disgusting behavior

No. 1980415

File: 1711579927349.jpg (344.44 KB, 1231x1177, Collage_2024-03-27_18_53_16~2.…)

"she is a teacher" lmfao stop

No. 1980417

i just had to check and neither aimee nor smorven even has a lot of followers lmao but i still agree with you 100%, it just makes it even worse if they think either of them are helping anybody or accomplishing anything good with their social media presence.

No. 1980419

Unlike the years of desperate disgnosis hopping, symptom malingering, ~psychotic episodes~ etc she really seems to be dedicated to her super serious autism LARP, i’ll give her that kek.

No. 1980437

File: 1711586443341.jpeg (319.29 KB, 1179x2096, 4941A363-C156-450D-B9DE-6BFFFD…)

Our poor, fragile, previously skin & bones Jaycie has invited us to rejoice in the fact that she’s finally “weight-restored.” I was so worried she wasn’t going to be able to fight her very serious anorexia & gain back the 5 pounds she lost from her morning shit. She’s so fucking ridiculous. What needs to be restored is her state of mind—clearly, she’s so far gone she saw herself at death’s door. Maybe she’s going a bit crazy from all the forced dehydration that kept her fatass sat wasting beds in hospital for so long. What a fat fucking joke.

No. 1980445

Jaycie literally looks the exact same now as she did before treatment, lol. Crazy that she thinks there’s a difference.(sage your shit)

No. 1980452

type one diabetes makes you lose weight until you die if you don't treat it

No. 1980456

I really really don’t understand smorven or what she hopes to achieve .

No. 1980475

That is an incredibly fucked up thing to say. Having anorexia with t1dm is probably the most lethal comorbidity you could have. Diabetics who 'run ketones' are at risk of permanent organ damage, and severe acidosis, coma and death.

No. 1980478

do you think that pro-anorexia cows wouldn't want to lose extra weight at the risk of death?
it's literally their whole thing

No. 1980483

>That is an incredibly fucked up thing to say.
This a thread about women who intentionally make themselves sickly for attention

No. 1980488

idk why she would voluntarily post those pictures yuck

No. 1980501

There’s a documentary about anorexics with diabetes and one chick either lost a foot or lost all feeling in it because she never took insulin. Very sad but obviously there’s people who are willing to risk organ failure to be skinny I mean…being underweight will do that anyway, just slower.

No. 1980529

Jesus Christ nonnie spoiler out dainty ana fairy waif. Those rolls are gonna be seared into my brain

No. 1980548

File: 1711624581796.jpeg (1.83 MB, 1170x2070, IMG_8530.jpeg)

She can’t seriously be surprised that she’s back in hospital

No. 1980550

who the actual fuck even is this

No. 1980551

she is a deathspoop and have been already mentioned here look up her acc if interested

No. 1980561

she's been here a while but this was her last thread >>1970481

No. 1980585

jaycie must be looking at the old threads here because she's acting exactly like ham kek

No. 1980616

she definitely lost weight if she lost a foot

No. 1980617

more like overweight restored

No. 1980655

Isn’t there a fancy new way to calculate bmi for amputees haha? You just know they’d be crushed that chopping off a leg doesn’t make you “underweight”

No. 1980676

Or how do you get a bmi for someone with breast implants…

No. 1980769

You just subtract the weight of the implants and calculate from there.

No. 1980947

File: 1711742386785.png (354.33 KB, 428x695, Screen Shot 2024-03-29 at 2.58…)

Stef appears to have internet access again, but all she's posted is two jesus stories

No. 1980948

she and her little friend lauren are such freaks. idk how bpdchans have each other as friends

No. 1980997

She has risen kek. Just in time for Easter

No. 1981126

File: 1711773691245.jpeg (961.22 KB, 2048x1370, IMG_2368.jpeg)

Anyone know what happened to a YouTuber EDB

No. 1981145

File: 1711777207700.jpeg (800.32 KB, 960x1423, IMG_5302.jpeg)

Old cow hasn’t been mentioned in a while but healthyhappywhole is happy to be going back to treatment cue daily to0be selfies

Tiktok: @hanniebananie

No. 1981180

If this is a tiktok why not share the video?

No. 1981194

She has a Twitter she posts on, still in hospital

No. 1981213

No. 1981219

Still! Does she look any better - I’m not on twitter.

No. 1981232

The glasses are giving Dahmer

No. 1981268

Anyone remember bored with Ana? She used to be on here a lot during the peak dora/ro era and was in my opinion one of the worst cows out there, infuriating with her terrible spelling and smug academia, she was doing a medical degree and then seemingly fell off the face of the earth

No. 1981277

File: 1711820438464.png (6 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_5666.png)

no clue if she’s been posted before but omg this girl. all her posts are very obvious body checks and mentions her “disorder” every possible chance she gets.

No. 1981289

she’s sucking in soooo hard. other than that she looks a healthy weight

No. 1981299

What’s her twt

No. 1981321

I know May was rightfully banished to the BPD thread, but it got locked. What’s she been up to? Complaining as usual?

No. 1981323

there's a better new thread that is unlocked >>1978896

No. 1981367

Link wouldnt load(sage your shit)

No. 1981403

File: 1711855537736.jpeg (375.83 KB, 1271x1111, DE44CFAB-41DF-4EC1-82DE-E053CE…)

Stefania broke her silence over the last couple months with… more tube pictures

No. 1981405

File: 1711855901069.png (917.28 KB, 1287x702, Screen Shot 2024-03-30 at 10.3…)

Sorry for just posting a screenshot of a tiktok, but whenever I try to embed a video it sends me to an error page. Looks like she went back to the same apartment, so someone aka her parents must have been paying her rent while she was gone. As always, plenty of money for getting her brows done and whatever despite not having worked in forever and claiming she was cut off.

No. 1981414

She took her gofundme down which makes me think her parents caved. She’s too old to get insurance through them so her parents have to be paying for private insurance and for her to live in nyc

No. 1981416

I felt bad that she immediately got posted here for like one nanosecond, because I thought maybe it would turn out that she'd actually reformed some of her cow-ish behavior, and then she posted a bunch of throwback tube pics and it was obvious that nah she's exactly the same

No. 1981429

Ironic coincidence that stef and momsfave break silence on the same day (except Sydney didn’t post selfies, just a story)(sage your shit)

No. 1981432

does momsfave have an instagram? I don't see anything new on her tiktok

No. 1981436

Treatment for what kek, she’s maybe like 1 pound underweight if that

No. 1981444

i truly cannot comprehend what goes on in these women's brains when they take happy smily selfies with bridled tubes,face scratches, forehead staples etc and then chase them with "i'm a smol bean struggling to learn to be happy and take up space uwu" She looks so fucking pleased with herself in the left pic

No. 1981449

They’re always happy to be in there - it’s their ultimate goal, they get sympathy and attention for being ‘so sick’ and can simultaneously avoid the responsibilities of adult life

No. 1981451

the left is one of her pictures from acute, which is probably why she looks so smug

No. 1981457

File: 1711881669752.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.29 MB, 1170x2013, IMG_1058.jpeg)

This one’s entire TikTok page is a festival of cringe, I feel bad for her mother being forced to participate in her shit

No. 1981466

File: 1711886800038.webp (28.56 KB, 800x533, Avatar.webp)

She looks like a self-harm avatar.

No. 1981479

It’s @skbohn

No. 1981493

She’s sitting on her moms lap like a toddler, jeez imagine posting something like this let alone filming it to begin with, or even doing it at all.

No. 1981503

She only self harms in visible places. Lower arms, face, neck

No. 1981591

File: 1711917570536.jpeg (581.43 KB, 828x1418, 967C8641-040D-4058-9894-5A4B71…)

This picture of it makes it even worse. She’s literally straddling her. Who does that to someone let alone to their mother?

No. 1981593

Hey she’s obviously severely mentally ill and shouldn’t have posted this but I don’t think anyone should be judged for sitting on their mom or dads lap no matter how old you are, you’re still their baby

No. 1981600

Kek you cannot be serious. Sitting on your parents lap as a fully grown adult is beyond fucking bizarre.

No. 1981603

Posting multiple pics of it plus forcing her mom to be in weird tiktoks with her is what’s bizarre, obviously. Also what is it about white UK IP girlies where they get ugly hairstyles done

No. 1981608

Who’s taking all these pictures? They must know she uses them for social media too. Like why don’t these parent ever get their kids in line

No. 1981609

i totally get it and it drives me insane, but also-no sympathy for the mom, she could easily refuse to be on camera. i'm sure there are many relatives and friends in this world who've refused to be on camera when visiting their cows. the ones who participate are just enabling the bullshit to continue. if their loved ones refused and maybe even shame them a little bit for being disgustingly addicted to social media and attention, a lot of these bitches would knock it the fuck off.

No. 1981610

because they're white, they probably don't know anyone who can braid hair or just never asked, and people who know how to braid will just offer to do it or maybe do some kind of trade for haor braiding

No. 1981612

Vomit. No this is abnormal behavior from an adult. And displays an inability on the mom to set appropriate boundaries. You can hug/comfort/snuggle an older or adult child without them straddling you. It’s no wonder these cows are all so stunted - their weird parents enable it.

No. 1981618

Because they have attachment issues so when the nurses ask them if they’d like it doing they jump at it. Braiding is useful when someone is actually mentally or physically ill, as it stops it from matting. But for these girls I don’t think that’s it

No. 1981677

File: 1711948656675.jpeg (166.73 KB, 1170x666, IMG_1061.jpeg)

Chiara claiming she’s homeless a couple of days ago

No. 1981679

File: 1711948785804.jpeg (173.67 KB, 1170x677, IMG_1062.jpeg)

What the fuck

No. 1981681

File: 1711949025441.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1170x1987, IMG_1060.jpeg)

>some rly kind guy gave me money for my binge
Homeless but her priority is to film herself binging a tub of ice cream in someone’s stairwell, this is some of the most deranged shit I’ve seen on here

No. 1981688

File: 1711950618532.jpeg (194.64 KB, 828x1373, 5388F483-ACD0-4F0A-9EF0-A795DE…)

No. 1981689

Has she been posted here before? Seems way milkier than most of the specimens around here if she hasn't.

No. 1981692

File: 1711951778149.jpeg (405.78 KB, 1170x1581, IMG_1059.jpeg)

She was first posted a couple of threads ago and her socials are in the OP but nothing especially milky has been posted as yet. Her entire TikTok account is posted disgusting radioactive waste junk food binges like this with hashtags/captions like “mukbang” and “recovery” with idiot kids in the comments saying shit like “so proud of you!” and “I tried this food because of you!” while she’s liking comments like picrel and posting on twitter about purging and how she wants to get back to her “lw” (it won’t let me embed even though I’m posting the long url as per the required format) https://www.tiktok.com/@.chiarafrancesca/video/7351065443601255713

No. 1981699

File: 1711954345774.png (459.59 KB, 473x639, Screen Shot 2024-04-01 at 1.51…)

caption in next post

No. 1981700

File: 1711954414978.png (51.66 KB, 479x209, Screen Shot 2024-04-01 at 1.52…)

Stef: can't post about Easter without posting a low weight body check
Also Stef: insists that her posts aren't about trying to get attention

No. 1981701

File: 1711954592430.png (535.51 KB, 484x765, Screen Shot 2024-04-01 at 1.56…)

Han also on the 'reminiscing about being sick' train for easter

No. 1981736

File: 1711970701116.jpeg (1007.64 KB, 1170x1872, IMG_1065.jpeg)

I guess she’s not homeless anymore, this is so putrid

No. 1981790

Nikkolels skinwalker

No. 1981933

File: 1712025451060.jpeg (Spoiler Image,544.95 KB, 1170x1038, IMG_1068.jpeg)


No. 1981996

File: 1712059739730.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1170x1929, IMG_8150.jpeg)

No. 1982002

File: 1712063248145.jpeg (433.55 KB, 1170x2099, 3CFD21FE-6F99-42C9-96B7-50616B…)

Will never understand how God or science continues to allow this woman to get pregnant

No. 1982003

saw this on the front page and thought it's an anus

No. 1982097

this isn't the work of God, it's the spawn of satan in that womb

No. 1982105

If she has munchausens why is social services permitting her to keep custody of her kids

No. 1982112

why are you liking this shit

No. 1982115

nta but if i had to guess, sometimes pretending to be a doting mutual is a good way of ensuring you arent blocked and thus lose access

No. 1982128

File: 1712090476341.jpeg (799.12 KB, 1170x1684, IMG_1072.jpeg)

She’s revolting. She posted it on tiktok with the hashtag “mugbang” (because she’s a literal retard who always spells it like that). She’s the most egregious “proana” cow I’ve encountered in a long time

No. 1982130

File: 1712090613573.jpeg (Spoiler Image,674.19 KB, 1170x1860, IMG_1073.jpeg)

She’s truly awful

No. 1982160

Sure, but then they post a screenshot outing themselves as one of four people who liked that post

No. 1982180

oh lord her caption is so obnoxious

No. 1982202

File: 1712111914071.png (6.6 MB, 1170x2532, 0C4AE14A-5FCC-4669-A1CF-2863F1…)

Hannah’s first day and she’s already showing off her wheelchair.

No. 1982216

i dont understand how these cows have treatment dates like that, and act like theyre soooo sooper sick and forced into treatment. if youre on a waitlist until may, your teams goals are not that unrealistic. people who need to be hospitalized will be placed in a bed (as soon as insurance approves, 5-7 days max)

No. 1982221

That is bad farming practices, maybe it’s a self post? Can’t imagine why though, but munchies and anachan antics never make sense to me

No. 1982222

a lot of the newfags/redditors who now infest the thread just aren't that bright, I think

No. 1982263

File: 1712134889518.png (2.64 MB, 828x1792, FE6E6668-C471-4465-AB53-19BE49…)

Excuse me??

No. 1982264

I thought she had accidentally posted a photo of a body check but from the comments it seems she intentionally posted them for reassurance, her brain is fried
Also spoiler next time pls

No. 1982265

File: 1712135624686.jpg (166.82 KB, 1080x1968, Screenshot_2024-04-03-11-03-34…)

This girl was posted less than a week ago begging money for her gofundme because she need it so bad for ED treatment.

Also, can anyone explain to me the next pics I'm gonna post? Because they sound like a scam to my EU ass

No. 1982266

File: 1712135698527.jpg (299.07 KB, 1080x2197, Screenshot_2024-04-03-11-04-18…)

No. 1982267

File: 1712135725333.jpg (242.51 KB, 1080x1296, Screenshot_2024-04-03-11-07-23…)

No. 1982269

she’s an idiot. no ercfag that’s actually anorexic willingly sits in the wheelchair any longer than they have to, let alone sit in it in their room while staff isn’t watching. the real sick ones pace back and forth once out of staff sight. her bpd is showing

No. 1982272

File: 1712138780260.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1170x1989, IMG_1081.jpeg)

Eating a whole pizza, multipack of snickers and ice cream straight from the tub, there’s no way anyone with a functioning brain can think this is anything other than extreme bulimia

No. 1982275

File: 1712138910045.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1170x2004, IMG_1085.jpeg)

Eating fistfuls of plain spaghetti straight out of the colander, Jfc

No. 1982277

File: 1712139031032.jpeg (822.78 KB, 1170x1510, IMG_1086.jpeg)

…and then posting this on twitter

No. 1982278

omg what is this ludicrous, autopedophilia facial photoshop im witnessing

No. 1982280

It’s the filter she uses on all her videos, it blurs her face to fuck too, but her entire comment section is “OMG you’re soooo prettyyyy!”

No. 1982292

File: 1712143588758.jpg (752.08 KB, 1920x1576, Ocyx9td6p.jpg)

Alysia looking pretty spoop

No. 1982325

lol so delusional. does this person work at all? how are you gonna be ebegging while simultaneously acting like raising 30K in donations by summer is no big deal. tf

No. 1982356

no <3(unintegrated retard)

No. 1982537

File: 1712214085431.jpg (Spoiler Image,853.24 KB, 1080x1724, Screenshot_20240404_100016_Ope…)

Twitter ana-chan moves onto camming on 4chan and spamming her nudes in random threads
Spoilered for nude with severe burn scars

No. 1982540

>left image
Jesus I thought it was some kind of RPG bird enemy with a massive beak for a second

No. 1982555

who is this?

No. 1982598

File: 1712241649197.jpeg (1.78 MB, 1170x1470, IMG_5054.jpeg)

She claims she’s on palliative care. Is she just going to be paraded around in a wheelchair with a tube indefinitely or until she dies? It can’t be good for her attention seeking antics, she already posts a bunch of pics where others are kissing her like she’s their granny that’s going to pass on soon

No. 1982617

it's so weird and shameful behavior to be anorexic but also want to live your life being pushed around in a wheelchair if it's not actually needed.

No. 1982695

I don't know if I should say her Twitter tag since she doesn't share nudes on there and wouldn't appreciate her hornyposting being connected to it

No. 1982704

that's just a hot water bottle mark, not a burn scar.

No. 1982710

then why are you posting it here retard

No. 1982780

Wait are you actually saying those are two different things? Kek those “marks” are hot bottle BURN scars sweetie

No. 1982783

Whats with the influx of moral fagging farmers, you caught the cow in her antics, post that shit so we can all enjoy the milk. Retard

No. 1982815

You can get those marks temporarily & they fade after an hour

No. 1982829

File: 1712304216316.jpeg (319.23 KB, 1170x763, IMG_4418.jpeg)

Someone needs to smack some reality into this one. Imagine calling the victims liars.

No. 1982832

File: 1712304597105.jpeg (380.14 KB, 1170x2065, IMG_8489.jpeg)

No. 1982833

File: 1712304623047.jpeg (340.75 KB, 1170x2156, IMG_8491.jpeg)

bc all you can and do is that kek

No. 1982835

File: 1712304652788.jpeg (452.94 KB, 1160x2106, IMG_8490.jpeg)

her whole existence is so milky atp

No. 1982836

how many times does the same picture really need to be posted

No. 1982837

who are they on twitter?

No. 1982866

File: 1712319923481.jpeg (305.77 KB, 1170x1932, IMG_4421.jpeg)

Yikes this is just getting worse. Imagine all their friends that have been abused witnessing these two standing by an abuser just because they’re friendly to them

No. 1982867

File: 1712319944983.jpeg (142.9 KB, 1170x1126, IMG_4422.jpeg)

No. 1982869

File: 1712319966381.jpeg (267.95 KB, 1170x1406, IMG_4423.jpeg)

No. 1982874

The person hearting them all is Becca herself keeeeekk

No. 1982922

She confessed to the abuse though. And the police are involved. If anyone has access to the google doc confession please post it right now.

No. 1982926

File: 1712335811552.jpg (230.36 KB, 1080x1237, Screenshot_20240405_174819_Tel…)

I thought this was a tinfoil but it's not. I'm creased. What a freak. Admitting to being abusive/apologising for it but then sooking up anyone willing to "stand up for her"

No. 1982928

Forgot to add for anyone interested

No. 1983007

File: 1712355839252.png (590.16 KB, 428x682, Screen Shot 2024-04-05 at 5.23…)

Marie is looking for treatment suggestions yet again but ONLY ones she can back out of as soon as she freaks out about gaining weight.

No. 1983032

Smorven actually interacting! That’s new….

No. 1983135

Must be a touchy subject for her somehow. I wonder if she's involved.

No. 1983193

The more these girls are posted they become even more vile.

No. 1983207

File: 1712418638941.png (1.33 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_4451.png)

which one of yall? Kek

No. 1983209

File: 1712418672522.png (1.37 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_4452.png)

No. 1983251

File: 1712426418816.png (1.08 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_8830.png)

No. 1983267

No. 1983269

Anon sent incest becca a message saying they saw her in town banging her head off a wall and Becca confirmed it happened and was her

No. 1983274

wow what an outfit to be proud of, a plain black longsleeve and ugly dark wash jeans kek

No. 1983306

File: 1712435008852.png (1.45 MB, 853x1562, Screenshots_2024-04-06-16-15-4…)

so brave. such a big girl.

No. 1983307

File: 1712435062851.png (1.5 MB, 853x1543, Screenshots_2024-04-06-16-18-3…)

No. 1983437

File: 1712472274047.jpeg (993.04 KB, 1170x1896, IMG_1106.jpeg)

She’s shaping up to be the biggest cow in the thread, most of the others at least LARP at being in recovery, she just going nuts with her binges and body checks

No. 1983438

File: 1712472439502.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1170x2039, IMG_1104.jpeg)

No. 1983452

How is she milky? All of her posts are exactly the same. It is boring at this point. She reminds me of Bella (is she dead by the way?)

No. 1983462

Also a load of rubbish as she is able to go to parties and regularly travels on her own

No. 1983628

Just me or Becca’s Tellonym is now gone? The link isn’t working for me, also why is her name on there Becca when she apparently goes by Grace now??

No. 1983629



She changed it. Her name was Rebecca Chalmers but she changed it to Grace Anderson last year. I'm guessing she only just recently figured out how to change her name on this, plus there was a three year gap between answers so she clearly just didn't use it.

No. 1983672

At least it’s not in the middle of Costa this time!

No. 1983876

File: 1712617368171.png (2.43 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20240408-185831.png)

nooooo..she had this jar on the counter in the background of all her food pics for so long last year lmao it finally disappeared at some point, but i honestly think this is just probably the same jar and the same candy and she's just gonna use it as a decoration every spring

No. 1983954

What are you saying “noooo” about?

No. 1984022

Funny, I was just wondering what Ganer’s been up to. Shame to let those delicious little buggers go to waste

No. 1984046

File: 1712675510239.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1125x1671, IMG_0346.jpeg)

The difference between Lauren and her sisters, definitely relapsing

No. 1984056

I can’t even tell which one is her. And who cares if she is? She’s not out here preaching recovery and lying about her ED. I’ll never understand the witch hunt to figure out if someone is relapsing. It’s not milky unless they’re constantly posting WIEIAD and recovery advice, which she isn’t doing.

No. 1984060

uh what is going on with everyone's skin in this photo, is this a leper colony?

No. 1984064

I think it's the mirror considering those spots are everywhere not just on their skin

No. 1984070

She was liiterally preaching on TikTok not that long ago..

No. 1984120

Receipts? It’s very clearly not what she uses social media for. It’s not her entire identity. She’s not a cow like Fi.

No. 1984181

File: 1712717164153.jpeg (737.51 KB, 1170x1845, IMG_1117.jpeg)

>trying to help

No. 1984225

File: 1712730472661.jpeg (623.43 KB, 1170x2004, IMG_9299.jpeg)

No. 1984226

i’m dying she’s so delusional(sage your shit)

No. 1984227

ahahaha omg someone using your pics or vids and making a fake account would be bad enough, but the thought of someone re-posting binging vids and writing whatever they want on them pretending to be you is so mortifying. oh well.

No. 1984230

File: 1712731138065.jpeg (Spoiler Image,747.75 KB, 1179x1806, IMG_3896.jpeg)

This girl is wild. I’ve been inpatient with her many times and have seen her irl. The amount of shopping in all her ig posts is embarrassing. Don’t get me wrong she’s thin irl but nothing like she pretends to be

No. 1984236

File: 1712733837069.jpg (712.31 KB, 1440x1800, Collage_2024-04-10_03_23_39.jp…)

lol that's so awkward considering her mother follows her and has a public account also and her posts are full of comments from people telling her to help her daughter, and she probably gets lots of private messages too since Luka has so many followers.

No. 1984238

Her mum follows her. How are you ok watching your daughter post this shit? She has a blog n monad about her Ed but does nothing to help herself. It’s all just so strange.

No. 1984244

She’s so young too and all that she’s posting is going to stay on the internet forever. I would be mortified if this shit kept following me decades later when applying for jobs etc.

No. 1984251

Her legs end in ski slopes.

No. 1984318

File: 1712759599562.jpeg (216.61 KB, 1170x1380, 627D61F0-54B6-4357-BF8C-491633…)

“Thin lives matter!”

…The amount of creeps in her comments

No. 1984328

That’s actually very sweet of you to assume this schizo posting skelly will be alive and employable decades from now

No. 1984344

Kek her shooping is so bad it’s embarrassing she thinks anyone buys it. You can see on her mom’s page what she actually looks like.(this is an imageboard)

No. 1984378

could you post an example of one of her non-shooped pics for those of us that don't have social media

No. 1984383

White background = easier to edit. If you look at her joints the proportions don’t add up

No. 1984387

File: 1712779831841.jpeg (285.46 KB, 1170x1722, IMG_4573.jpeg)

No. 1984399

That’s barely helpful, it’s from over a year ago

No. 1984401

File: 1712782786184.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1290x2268, IMG_7010.jpeg)

Samefag, this is what Luka was posting at the same time so it’s kinda believable. I don’t doubt that she’s MAJORLY shopping but

No. 1984406

she looks nothing like her shooped photos kek

No. 1984425

not her mom straining all of her neck tendons, obviously luka's ED is at least partly hereditary which is sad.

No. 1984428

Kek you can’t be serious. No ones elbow joint is that thin. Your bones don’t get smaller kek. If her upper arm was as thin as she shoops it to be her elbow would be way wider.

No. 1984467

File: 1712805459054.png (1.45 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20240410-231435.png)

No. 1984470

File: 1712805892455.png (2.15 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20240410-232420.png)

No. 1984581

omg(sage your shit)

No. 1984727

Maybe I'm just stupid but that's just how necks look when you're taking selfies that way (with both your arms extended in front of you), plus the lighting makes it look much worse. Also, assuming she's at least in her 40s, it's expected that you lose subcutaneous fat as you age, specially around your face.
Sorry for the sperg, this just rubbed me the wrong way kek, some people here are so nitpicky

No. 1984732

File: 1712875363214.jpg (481.87 KB, 719x889, IMG_20240411_174046.jpg)

why is she always going to Disney

No. 1984738

I had the same thought, anon - that's not the neck of a spoop, it's the neck of a woman over 40.

No. 1984759

Autopedo shit.

No. 1984761

Agreed, that seemed like a weird nitpicky comment, especially because she’s stretching her head to be closer to her daughter, of course it looks tendon-y.

No. 1984788

It's what all the stunted anas and munchies do.

No. 1984832

You can’t seriously be fr? That’s what the neck of a middle aged woman looks like.
You need to recover because your brain is being digested.

No. 1984941

File: 1712947134698.png (1.41 MB, 853x1547, Screenshots_2024-04-12-14-02-1…)

No. 1984945

File: 1712947545974.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1081x1882, IMG_1626.jpeg)

“Ethereal”. Let that sink in. Grubby Han is considered ‘ethereal’ by someone. Never trusting a compliment again

No. 1984949

Anyone else here thinking that Em Jones’s friend Lauren is headed for a complete relapse ? !! It’s all in the face / scary !!
(namefagging newfag)

No. 1984969

Considering ethereal is also used to describe ghosts I think it's pretty fitting. She always has that banshee hair look.

No. 1984976

Spending what money? She does fuck all with her life. Where does she get all this money from to buy stuff every day?

No. 1985005

File: 1712958590375.jpeg (16.05 KB, 171x294, IMG_3275.jpeg)

Unless by “ethereal” they mean “Sméagol” I think the nice tellonym anon might be lying

No. 1985013

kek at eugenia posting this picture with a random obese dude. she probably wants to look skinny next to him.

No. 1985047

every single one of these worthless, unemployable cows seems to have severe spending addictions, it's enraging.

No. 1985051

not to white knight but this is obviously an old photo and she does have more recent reels on her ig body checking. It's clear she edits her photos, but she's still extremely thin

No. 1985057

how is it obviously an old photo? it's from last month posted to her personal facebook account

No. 1985063

No, she has a well defined face and always has(sage your shit)

No. 1985065

at least try to integrate so it's not obvious that you're talking to yourself

No. 1985089

……..(learn to sage)

No. 1985094

File: 1712986081937.jpeg (308.47 KB, 820x1024, IMG_7215.jpeg)

New Australian cow for yall @cupofgloww giving orthorexic recent half marathon runner, loves posting her super healthy eats and weird hippie spiritual feelings stuff all with a bmi in the low teens. I think she is a model too but not a very good one? Don’t they require standards for models anymore so not be rexies?

No. 1985098

File: 1712989761461.png (2.6 MB, 1684x1338, Screen Shot 2024-04-13 at 4.29…)

No. 1985102

For the BPD ones it kinda comes with the territory. Doesn’t help they’re screwing the taxpayer for a good few hundred quid a month - absolutely no shade on people claiming benefits, but you just know whatever they’ve written on those forms is a load of bullshit because their ‘disabilities’ never bother them when it’s time for big shopping trips, days out, holidays abroad, basically all the ‘fun’ things (again, not saying disabled people don’t deserve nice things but the thing is none of these cows want to get better or improve their situation, they’re quite content to mooch off anyone they can for the rest of their lives)


No. 1985107

Has she now deleted her Instagram …. Total replace coming(learn to sage)

No. 1985108

File: 1712996617660.jpeg (706.54 KB, 828x1696, B367ABC4-0C6D-4229-8151-547AB5…)

She looks fucking fine kek and no she hasn’t deleted her account

No. 1985118

File: 1713002342038.jpg (759.07 KB, 1440x1800, Collage_2024-04-13_05_58_32.jp…)

No. 1985129

You are retarded(unsaged infighting)

No. 1985144

Why are you posting her? She’s one of the very few “recovery” accounts that actually don’t post low weights and BMIs and numbers. She comments on other “recovery” accounts that do this and calls them out kindly on it. Where’s the milk? Not everyone with a public eating disorder account is milky

No. 1985149

No. 1985151

shut the fuck up, she's a cow and gets posted here regularly.

No. 1985175

Hey i just wanted to apologise for being disruptive and rude in the chat. I'm the bmi anon who used to lurk while Fasting and things.
I'm sorry for disturbing your chat. I'm not at my goal of bmi 12 and like to think I'm less obnoxious online since I'm happy with who I am now. I posted for attention and acted like my bmi was my age. Anyway I hope you accept my apology. I won't disturb the chat any further. Sincerely , bmi 12 anon ps. I even saged(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1985186

To be fair, one of the few times EC is covering her body and/or not flashing her parts. Ofc she had to pose with some random overweight person, so she appears smaller, but at this point, who can be surprised by her behaviour anyway?
But I think her going to Disney has more to do with her brother and mother, who EC claims that they are obsessed about. Also, Disney parks use to pay youtubers every year so they can post and talk about them, though not sure if this is the case.

No. 1985195

Are you new here? She’s milky because she’s a liar. Constantly spouting her recovery sermons while constantly in a relapse and acting like she’s not. She’s gotten marginally better about it in the last few years but she used to be top tier hypocritical cow and now she’s doing the same things just being more covert about it.

No. 1985196

Imogen is so ffff annoying. Preaching recovery all the time and then this. Just delete your account already.

No. 1985214

File: 1713030006765.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1092x1800, IMG_1627.jpeg)

What a win.

No. 1985215

her account is literally linked in the thread intro. smh you gotta love newfags.

No. 1985258

Her obese brother and mother are autistic and fixated on Disney/working for Disney (her brother studies to be an animator, he's horrible) and she's fully dependant on her mother so she tags along. But damm she looks fucking old.

No. 1985318

That ain’t her account ! Bro(sage your shit)

No. 1985319

i feel like you're outing yourself as a cow tipper. her account is not deleted, so if you can't see it, she must have blocked you. bro.

No. 1985326

Her username is literally in the post stop being retarded

No. 1985342

No. 1985347

suspiciously aligns with someone whos been outed here before, and their current state as of now

No. 1985364

She's been covering her body since her tiktok got age restricted.

No. 1985369

Maybe necroing an old reply, but, protip: screen record the Snap story to get a copy that you can screenshot from. It doesn't show them.

No. 1985389

File: 1713088040921.jpeg (285.57 KB, 1290x769, IMG_5915.jpeg)

Posts body checks, what she weighs, OOTD, self-harm, calorie intake.(newfag)

No. 1985394

it's a private account with a trigger warning, I don't know what she posts because I haven't followed but let mentally ill people exist

No. 1985398

bio says he/him?

No. 1985400

no one cares about ur pride flag retard

No. 1985410

File: 1713098697477.png (6.4 MB, 1290x2796, IMG_5916.png)

Pretty milky imo to be fair to the person She’ll post her bmi which is like 11 or 12 and will show her literal fresh self harm

No. 1985411

Such a monumental fuckup a lot of accounts posted are private that’s what these people do you twat

No. 1985414

File: 1713100319397.jpg (92.02 KB, 735x707, 1000018480.jpg)

>let mentally ill people exist
>It's a private account
They can exist outside the internet and self harm in the comfort of their homes, you don't need to post retarded pictures every 5 seconds to exist KEK the internet isn't some sort of universal consciousness where you need to be part of or you will fucking die, specially not as some mentally ill freak with a starvation fetish.

No. 1985430

fuck off. anon who posted this person didn't mention them being trans and referred to them as she, i was just asking for more information since they really didn't post much. can we get some brain activity up there before you try replying to me next time.

No. 1985443

>believes in trans shit
This place isn't for you, retardo.(derailing/infight bait)

No. 1985444

nta but im pretty sure the anon was just asking whether the account was male or female, not if trans

No. 1985477

Who drinks milk out of a measuring cup wtf
Nta either but nowadays having pronouns in bio doesn't mean you're trans, just that you're a little bitch that coddles gendies. But to be fair assuming that a "he/him" anorexic is a gendie isn't unreasonable.

Also this isn't the thread for this but it's funny how much overlap there is between edtwt anachans, shtwt and TiFs. Then somehow we're supposed to believe none of these things are linked to a specific brand of mental illness, and that it has no aspect of social contagion. My point has been very shittily made but I don't wanna derail much more kek

No. 1985488

It’s obviously to measure the amount of milk so they can work out the calories? Eat some more, your malnutrition is showing

No. 1985494

this thread is like watching old people fight, everyone’s missing each other’s point and getting mad about random stuff that wasn’t said or implied kek, I guess that just proves most of the farmers here are braindead anachans

No. 1985505

this thread is full of insufferable cunts who could use a sandwich or two

No. 1985512

File: 1713120881542.jpeg (1.41 MB, 3464x3464, A081DC83-96C9-4D6B-83B0-946B03…)

Thought it was interesting that she posted a TT of herself ‘eating’ and then later on posted pictures where it looks like she might possibly have a Russel’s sign????

No. 1985516

The video of her "eating" is so fucking funny even if it is bleak. Drinks lemonade, no liquid goes up the straw, cut, zooms in on an untouched salad, eats two crumbs of bread, eyes look away, lips are literally quivering from fear/disgust, chews said crumbs but from the movement of her mouth and tongue it looks like she's trying to spit them out, cut, chew half a french fry, cut, zoom in on eaten food and finished drinks she absolutely didn't touch. Idk did she think this was in any way convincing?

No. 1985544

AYRT. I know, but she is been doing the same in all her platforms. I'm not WK her or anything, just giving her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe this time she is actually trying to recover fr (or maybe I'm just too naive).

I'm not that sure if it is Russell's sign on her knuckles, isn't she right handed? Maybe it's just redness from being skeletal. Also, I'm sure she is HF, so.
Still, this is one of the few times in her career we see her "eating", or whatever the version she thinks eating is. I guess that must have been a pretty difficult video for her to upload.

No. 1985552

what's HF?

No. 1985579

Kek yes you are in fact very naive if you think she’s recovering or consider this display any movement in a positive direction

No. 1985591

AYRT, no shit Sherlock, can you also explain why after measuring it you couldn't put it in a normal cup? That's what I was commenting on, not on why they'd use a measuring cup.

No. 1985606

File: 1713142994828.png (2.04 MB, 1063x1438, Russell's_Sign.png)

that is not a russels sign, its just redness from being underweight and probably cold 24/7. russels signs are placed differently and they are wounds, not redness.

No. 1985610

AYRT: Hands Free (while purging).
You can tell that she has been purging a lot over the years, besides restricting. It is shown in her teeth decay and the face swollen glands. However, she almost never has shown clear Russell's sign marks. That's how you can tell she is hands free.

I know (sigh).

No. 1985632

Not necessarily. Many people purge with their hand and don’t get Russel’s sign

No. 1985742

Honestly so sick of her. Her family are a bunch of enablers and she's a spoiled narc used to getting everything she wants. I know her disorder makes it worse, just tired of how people will fawn over and pat her on the back cause she play pretends to be a innocent naive uwu child. She lies and never admits to the shit she has done. Plays naive but then dirty deletes all the problematic tiktoks. She fucking knows what she's doing. She constantly gaslights her audience. Everytime she's in public literal children always come up to her.

Fuck this nasty bitch for real. Nobody defends fat narcs like ALR or Foodie Beauty. But every treats Eugenia with kid gloves. She's just spoiled rich girl who acted out with malice towards a majority of her audience who were genuinely concerned for her just because they wanted her to be healthy. But no little spoiled narc bitch always gets what she wants, how dare her fans worry about her. She rather mock and gaslight them repeatedly and acted shocked when for once she didn't get away with it anymore. Fuck this bitch.

No. 1985775

I’ve seen people get irritated skin exactly like her picture and not actual cuts. I’m extremely cynical but I almost wonder if she didnt post the picture on purpose as a hint to her pro followers that she didn’t actually digest the food, even if she only ate 3 crumbs. this definitely isn’t a recovery era or whatever though, that’s a ridiculous sentiment. It’s “deathly emaciated woman eats food” click bait at best, she baiting.

No. 1985779

ntayrt. holy shit. it’s cereal. she put the milk in a measuring cup to measure it and then poured the milk over the cereal.

No. 1985799

I'm not gonna lie I completely forgot that weetabix is a type of cereal kek (not a thing in my country), plus because it was together with the corn cakes I assumed it would be drunk separately, I'm sorry I might be retarded. Just imagining the texture of that makes me wince.

No. 1985978

File: 1713262872323.png (Spoiler Image,4.89 MB, 1290x2796, IMG_5939.png)

(no spoiler)

No. 1985990

No. 1985994

what do we think she did to her torso that's being covered by the giant bandage?

No. 1986009

Maybe she stabbed herself or cut her torso?

No. 1986014

I’m going to guess it’s the same lesson line scars as the rest of her kek

No. 1986016

File: 1713271439627.jpeg (300.57 KB, 1170x1986, IMG_4722.jpeg)

Abby making this weird childish video of her walk home from tescos and hashtagging female empowerment had me rolling. She’s dumb as fuck

No. 1986043

Can ya post the video then??

No. 1986051

NTA but I don’t think you can when it’s an insta one

No. 1986063

Jesus Christ I wish you’d written a caption as to what this was before I opened it

No. 1986069

File: 1713290387414.jpg (1.26 MB, 1079x3032, 1000020885.jpg)

Apparently bun got pregnant and is getting an abortion now. She's been tweeting a lot about how horrible her new boyfriend is too but it's not as interesting.

No. 1986100

wait, i'm not trying to be insensitive, she can do whatever she wants obviously, but i don't think people naming their abortion is a thing! like what? girl no, you sound deranged. people do that when they have miscarriages and stillbirths, but this is kind of deranged.

No. 1986107

Naming your abortion is fucked up, she’s acting like she miscarried
>im gonna have a angel baby
like what?

No. 1986108

I don't know this cow (sorry I don't live in Lolcow or edtwt), but her reaction towards it it's absolutely valid. Maybe it's not a thing for someone that really don't want the baby, but even so, not everyone gets over going through something like this. It is really hard, no matter the circumstances.

No. 1986109

she's "pro-life" so she's having a moral freak out about getting the abortion, she knows she can't handle it physically or financially but she didn't really want to abort iirc

No. 1986114

That's actually pretty sad, but i hope it will make her change her stance on abortion even though i know it won't and she'll just double down on it later

No. 1986116

File: 1713298692463.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1170x1569, IMG_5961.jpeg)

Why do some UK cows insist on getting this hairstyle? It’s so ugly on white people kek

No. 1986117

We all can see that's the best thing to do, giving her circumstances. But that doesn't make it less traumatic, no matter your stance on abortion.
Never understood how can be any woman against it, tbh.

No. 1986120

Eurofag here, so I don't understand USA very well. That cow is ugly no matter what, but why being white makes the hairstyle uglier?

No. 1986122

the comment was about UK cows, so why bring up the USA?

No. 1986124

AYRT: Right, I just assumed she was from USA. Still, I don't understand the comment.

No. 1986127

Majority of HCAs/nurses in UK are black so they do plaits on children

No. 1986140

Screen record, crop out your profile pic and convert to webm

No. 1986169

Because people in the UK are weird and ugly,

No. 1986177

File: 1713316029670.png (2 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20240416-210637.png)

No. 1986186

she looks seriously amazing for 4 months post partum!! she seems very happy

No. 1986205

What's with those giant bruises on her arm and ass?

No. 1986206

is it maybe a blotch on the mirror? the bit of towel between that part of her arm and butt looks discolored too

No. 1986221

Yes, that's the mirror, as the anon said above. She also seem to have some little stretch marks near the bikini bottom, but that's absolutely normal after pregnancy. I think she looks great and she seems really happy. I really hope she sticks to recovery, both body and mentally.

No. 1986222

File: 1713340052850.png (5.01 MB, 3464x3464, 1000020892.png)

Buns going back inpatient after attempting to kill herself (?) Because she's prolife and desperately wants to keep her baby. Not sure if you guys still want updates or not.

No. 1986224

Poor thing. Besides the anti-abortion nonsense thing, not keeping the baby while she wants to have it, must be absolutely devastating, cow or not.
I might be wrong, and she might be only seeking for attention, but maybe she was saying that she hoped that the meds were working, when she tweeted that "that will do it".

No. 1986225

I love her and she’s looking hot as fuck ! Hope she thrives forever my QUEEN

No. 1986226

Im so glad it's not bruises after all. I was already worrying that her new boyfriend is not so nice.

No. 1986227

File: 1713343253218.jpeg (515.66 KB, 1170x2414, IMG_5345.jpeg)

Post 1/3
Oh… MY. I have hit the JACKPOT!!! I stumbled across ENARA’S old “recovery” account and holy shit, the MILK!!! It’s all her talking about SH, her sooper severe ED, presenting to 3 hospitals in 24 hours and the list goes on… I’ll share a few more screenshots but the account name is @heregoesrecovery__

No. 1986228

File: 1713343402972.jpeg (463.4 KB, 1170x2401, IMG_5343.jpeg)

Oh… MY. I have hit the JACKPOT!!! I stumbled across ENARA’S old “recovery” account and holy shit, the MILK!!! It’s all her talking about SH, her sooper severe ED, presenting to 3 hospitals in 24 hours and the list goes on… I’ll share a few more screenshots but the account name is @heregoesrecovery__

No. 1986236

Wasn't this other thread for wannabe cows? >>>/snow/1933243

No. 1986241

I’m probably a cunt for this but I don’t get how she can be pro life and still get an abortion… like it’s hypocritical as fuck… judging others for getting one but then it’s suddenly ok the second she does it?? I don’t have much empathy for her idc… also weird asf to be tweeting like it was actually ever a real thing not just a clump of fucking cells

No. 1986244

I agree with you pro lifers are dumb as fuck and I don’t have any sympathy for them. Life comes at you fast I guess

No. 1986247

Fuck around and find out (literally) kek

No. 1986251

also she is pro-life but attempts a suicide? lol

No. 1986255

welp, i'm a cunt then too. i don't know how old this girl is, but i honestly think it's possible she doesn't understand that what she has right now isn't actually a baby lmao. they don't really do that much teaching about it in school, i feel like it's something you have to learn more about outside of school somehow on your own. is she so pro life that she's against birth control? obviously this dumbass should not be procreating, but it's pathetic to claim pro life until it's inconvenient for you because the degenerate you let impregnate you is not interested in helping you raise a baby.

No. 1986258

this. it sucks she has to go through this, especially seemingly alone, but she’s an adult. the way she’s talking about “her baby?” mixed with her pro life hypocrisy is way OTT and annoying

No. 1986281

I assume she's trying to put herself in the hospital so she doesn't have to go through with the abortion since her family and bf are urging her to do it but she doesn't want to

No. 1986294

File: 1713373441640.png (146.94 KB, 1570x810, Screenshot 2024-04-17 100206.p…)

has anyone seen this girl on your fyp or whatever? according to reddit, she works out for like 2 hrs in the gym and then pretends she's still in recovery


also an ed & mental health recovery "advocate"

No. 1986300

File: 1713374386980.jpg (464.49 KB, 1080x1690, Screenshot_20240417_131720_Tik…)

She looks completely normal. Even her LW hospital pics just look like she's stretching and posing to look thinner but still normal. And she is taking a spinning class but solo, because that's how peloton classes work.

No. 1986320

So she’s an adult who lives off social assistance, can’t afford to support herself, yet she went and had unprotected sex, got pregnant knowing she cant financially support a baby and her fantastic “pro life” solution to this problem is to abort it and then kill herself? Lol okay. If she’s genuinely SO prolife why doesn’t she use adoption? Oh wait most adoptions are extremely private, so she probably couldn’t post about it online and garner sympathy and attention, which is all really wants

No. 1986325

File: 1713376894458.jpg (875.68 KB, 1440x1800, Collage_2024-04-17_14_00_50.jp…)

No. 1986331

Rock on, you crazy beautiful mother..!

No. 1986337

She’s 20 years old, she age regresses, severely mentally ill, dating a loser who enables her disorder and the people at the clinic were surprised that people thought this girl was an unfit mother? I feel bad for her but 20 is too old for these antics. And now she has the prolife freaks and tradwives enabling her. Terrible situation all around.

No. 1986340

>rapid refurl
i'm sorry but this bitch is beyond retarded and has no business bringing a kid into this world

No. 1986346

>>age regresses, severely mentally ill, dating a loser who enables her disorder
I never understood this pro-life shit. I mean, one thing is helping mothers without resources, but in this case, what kind of life is the baby going to have? Who would want that situation for their own children?

No. 1986350

oh no, don’t kill the clump of cells that can’t feel anything that would be awful, instead you should let it develop into a full on baby with feelings and emotions so it can be raised in severe poverty by a extremely mentally ill drug addicted anorexic woman!

No. 1986378

her family isn't even gonna help support the child, baby could've only had a chance if it raised by the grandparents but not even that, it's over before it even begins for that one

No. 1986406

Because they have nothing better to do with their time being IP

No. 1986408

File: 1713391843372.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1170x1370, IMG_1981.jpeg)

Oh my god she really is the most insufferable cow of them all, imagine turning twenty one and being forced to spend it posing in a psych ward with your sister. His face says it all

No. 1986410

File: 1713392971043.png (1.44 MB, 853x1599, Screenshots_2024-04-17-18-27-4…)

lol i almost posted this one yesterday too. and what the fuck is she even doing to HIS birthday cake smh

No. 1986411

File: 1713393156482.png (1.78 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20240417-183144.png)


No. 1986412

I love so much about this picture. Maws got her toes out. The bad tattoos. Brother looks uncomfortable. Anorexic pretending she would like to taste the cake. Back arch. And overall cursed vibes

No. 1986415

Kek can she strain that neck any harder?!

No. 1986424

She said the same thing a few months ago kek there's no way this is about Becca

No. 1986445

lol, she’s been posting self harm on the internet for 10 years now. talk about arrested development

No. 1986460

wait, what's bad about her mom having her toes out? lol is it cold there or something?

No. 1986465

It is kek she has more than one. Does lives on that account

No. 1986473

File: 1713406509521.png (404.53 KB, 495x726, Screen Shot 2024-04-17 at 9.14…)

Casual body checking while at the hospital because she's having contractions at 34 weeks.

No. 1986476

She needs to get rid of it because she will be tied to this lowlife for the next 18 years if she doesn’t.

No. 1986495

File: 1713411044722.jpeg (683.91 KB, 828x1370, 351C567E-0CE2-4187-B354-EE79E4…)

No. 1986496

this is literally the second post above your post >>1986473

No. 1986529

I don’t understand what advice is needed. Just tell them you don’t want to be in contact anymore. Block. Avoid. And get on with life

No. 1986530

File: 1713426368308.jpeg (344.22 KB, 1170x2082, IMG_4730.jpeg)

Nice big arm bandage on show ! If only her cardigan would sit on her shoulders properly, then no one would see it !?

No. 1986537

File: 1713427742962.jpeg (1.61 MB, 1170x2004, IMG_1162.jpeg)

Why do these spastics always have the same wounds on their heads

No. 1986539

i almost thought that was abby for a sec. and omg she's fuckin corny, i have a little soft spot for Abby, but purposely wearing her hoodie like that for this pic is way too cringe for me

No. 1986551

Kek i also thought this was abby and my first thought was "she looks so much better without that makeup on"

No. 1986573

She was talking about achieving one month selfharm free only a couple weeks ago.

No. 1986586

Because they use their individual freedom to copy the behaviour of others..?

No. 1986587

so very irrelevant

No. 1986605


She said she's not pro-life, she's pro-choice and just mixed up the meaning of the two

No. 1986608

She lies about a lot. She said quite a few times in the past what a pain it is that she's not allowed to drive at the moment, insinuating that she used to drive in the past. Then on a recent Tell she said she hopes she can take driving lessons this year. She's never driven at all!

No. 1986611

File: 1713454904473.png (2.03 MB, 750x1334, F126D22D-5C2B-44DB-BC6E-7729B9…)

No. 1986613

I did wonder about the selfharm free time because I’m sure she had a plaster on her forehead not too long ago

No. 1986660

She’s a compulsive lier
Lies about being proud for managing to go on a bus yet goes on a bus and prances around the shops on her own all the time
Lies about her height (a weird one)
Posts photos without clarifying that they aren’t recent
and many other little lies

No. 1986685

Abby being a massive liar isn’t news, most photos of her are posed and edited to the extreme. >>1986611 and kek at her acting’s as if holidays mean anything to her- she’s jobless and out of education, every day is summer vacation to her

No. 1986722

File: 1713490185618.png (1.44 MB, 853x1548, Screenshots_2024-04-18-21-24-0…)

No. 1986742

File: 1713493587849.jpg (386.32 KB, 1080x1934, 1000017187.jpg)

New cow spotted.

No. 1986743

Wearing it like what?

No. 1986755

this must be a self-post, how is this profile in any way remarkable?

No. 1986765

I'm actually on her list. She's thin, but just… living life. Nothing remarkable.(sage)

No. 1986770

can you not just look at the picture? smh

No. 1986773

NTA, but I don't get it either, what's wrong with the hoodie?

No. 1986778

holy shit. read the fucking caption the anon who posted the pic wrote, i was simply agreeing with them. like…are you all okay? tf

No. 1986779

reading this thread makes me feel like i'm having a stroke, i have no idea what you guys are even arguing over

No. 1986818

different anon, also don’t know what’s going on with the hoodie had another look it is about the drawstrings removed maybe? if it’s that threading them back in to have them out again once back on ward, also could of already been used got cut off and binned, don’t think it’s cringe esp if cords got chucked out like why waste the hoodie

No. 1986823

She has her hoodie on her elbows not her shoulders……… if she wore it normally we wouldn’t see her massive bandages on her arm. SHE WORE IT LIKE THAT TO SHOW OFF HER SELFHARM RELAPSE. are yall that fucking retarded.

No. 1986824

File: 1713511964454.jpeg (640.75 KB, 1170x2258, IMG_4732.jpeg)

Why Abby saying we’re all “sad older people” I’m literally her age. Also feel like reminding her Grace was outed as someone who would post her kek

No. 1986825

ayrt sorry nonna my tard brain thought hoodie talk was this pic >>1986537

No. 1986835

>>are yall that fucking retarded.
Hate infighting, but maybe if you learn how to properly refer to a post, instead of quoting a different picture, maybe you would reconsider who to call retarded.
Here is your original post, FYI:

No. 1986838

I never once referred to the other pic. It’s bit hard to see we were talking about Abby’s hoodie

No. 1986864

nah, you're still retarded. "i have a little soft spot FOR ABBY, but purposely wearing her hoodie like that for this pic is way too cringe
for me." Jesus christ.

No. 1986871

Sure, congrats on your Nobel Prize in Literature, you are certainly are a genius writing, everyone had zero problems understanding your post!
I know, infighting and all, but cmon: is it that difficult to say "sorry for the confusion quoting an image of a girl with a hoodie, while referring to this other photo of Abby above, I understand some got confused by the comment"? But of course, everyone is retarded.

No. 1986926

i was literally responding to the pic i responded to saying the girl looked like abby, and then i agreed with the above anon who posted the pic of Abby. i know reading can be hard, but can you just get the fuck on with your day now, bitch ass cunt.(infighting)

No. 1986931

File: 1713539802955.jpeg (277.79 KB, 1290x619, IMG_3802.jpeg)

Next level e begging how pathetic kek

No. 1986937

Sorry for replying so late to this but yeah it gave me some weird disgust when she named the “baby” she intends to abort?

No. 1987012

What the actual f? I mean, I feel empathy for her having to go through that, but that Amazon post is disgusting.

No. 1987067

>some random girl u literally know NOTHING about
Just pointing out that your best friend "Grace" was (is) also one of us
>older people
What makes her different to the rest of us?

No. 1987096

File: 1713564834075.jpg (418.46 KB, 1080x2501, 1000003553.jpg)

In Laura Ingram news, someone donated over $7k to her gofundme, but she hasn't made it to the children's hospital yet.

No. 1987175

Wish someone would post her insta posts on here

No. 1987178

same, her shoops were always so ridiculous to the point of humor

No. 1987179

Kek you’re the one being retarded, you commented on a “hoodie” in a reply to the wrong post, so we all thought you were talking about the hoodie for the pic you actually replied to. Not to mention that the photo of Abby you’re meaning to reply to doesn’t even have a fucking hoodie, sorry that you don’t know what a hoodie is or how to reply

No. 1987180

What’s her @ again?

No. 1987181

File: 1713578603565.jpg (254.94 KB, 1080x1267, 1000003557.jpg)

Just had to search for Laura Ingram and this popped up. She's probably still checking in on these threads, so it might change soon.

No. 1987182

if someone else is updating her GFM for her, does she even have internet access?

No. 1987189

lmfao it's literally a hoodie, dumbfuck.

No. 1987192

You need serious help for getting so rattled about something that you’re being a dumbass about. There is no hood in sight(hoodie infighting)

No. 1987238

kek, I thought it was pretty funny. Bun is usually a flagrant retard, but she's not wrong here. These pro-life religious zealots don't actually care about her like they claim. They care about their ideology war, and as soon as the metaphorical baby is birthed and it leaves the carrier's body, these people won't pretend to give a fuck anymore. This pregnancy saga of pro-lifers flooding these ED tiktok accounts to fake cry about a fetus the size of a pea is hilarious. Most entertainment the ED cows have had in awhile

No. 1987250

oh wow, it's obviously on the back which is not in the picture as it's a front facing picture. you really can't fix stupid.(hoodie infighting)

No. 1987280

Are you guys still going on about the hoodie or sweater or whatever kek

No. 1987282

She's probably going to croak. She's been ultra skelly for a while and is in her mid to upper 20s. It sounds like she's in a general medical hospital anyway.

No. 1987283

you never know, she might be the EC or Ash type who just hang around being spoopy

No. 1987284

I wish we let this thread die on the last one this is such retarded infighting. Absolutely no milk either.

No. 1987286

I agree, though I thought she was anti-abortion (all of them are, till they see by themselves). Vut now she is pretending that people buy her things?

No. 1987289

File: 1713616646797.jpg (200.83 KB, 1080x1305, 1000037721.jpg)

Has anybody seen this one around she's on edtwt tiktok and insta and claims a bmi of 10. Smegh skin walker but pretends she's never heard of the OG.

No. 1987291

Never underestimate the retardation of this thread

No. 1987305

She is bmi 10 lol also she's a minor so don't post her

No. 1987321

ntayrt but isnt she at least 16…we’re allowed to post over 16

No. 1987323

yeah no one actually likes this bitch. even her so-called close recovery friends snark on her

No. 1987341

Tara isn't 16 I'm pretty sure it's well known in her circle.

No. 1987347

She's 17 or 18 she's said she's a senior in highschool (she's a us fag right?)

No. 1987365

yes. she's been brought up throughout multiple threads. has she actually claimed to not know of shmegeh? because she follows shmegeh's instagram account, or at least she used to, so that's a big fat kek

No. 1987367

kek. you seem to know a lot. are you her bathroom scale? yeah, and niamh was 15 or some shit when she first got brought up here. so?

No. 1987400

On TikTok she practically pretends that the makeup is her real face because she’s uwu so sick. She also bites her cheeks 24/7 to make fake sunken in cheek bones. People on tiktok are stupid enough to believe that’s naturally what she looks like so they keep asking “what happened to her”?
Makeup and biting cheeks kek

No. 1987430

thats so embarrassing, she draws on ana face like its a costume kek

No. 1987465


No. 1987495

taraterrorful on insta
tarablogging on twitter

No. 1987509

File: 1713684251188.jpeg (546.52 KB, 1170x2271, IMG_4752.jpeg)

Incest Becca is back

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