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File: 1712394670460.png (1.75 MB, 1356x1820, daddy&bbygrl.png)

No. 1983123

Meet the cows:
Jake Munro - Ex boyfriend of a "goth" YTer who helped him get his career off the ground. Cheated on her (after a decade together) with his girlfriend's tattoo artist's wife, Kat. Fancies himself a musician, though since his bandmates all left, doesn't seem capable of producing music on his own. Uses Joker-esqe makeup while mimicking other artist's makeup for attention on Youtube, appears to be rapidly aging into the bloated corpse of a chav gordan ramsay due to a suspected alcohol and nicotine addiction. Had big dreams of being the next big V-tuber star as "JesterJake", but after falling for multiple Nigerian avatar scams and constantly breaking his equipment, this "dream" flopped. Has made his grand return to OnlyFans to scar us with ugly photos of his teenie weenie. Dislikes: women not being hot, women having opinions, zoomers, being hungry, any alternative man hotter than him (so basically all of them)

Kat Paine - Previously married mother of one, cheated on her tattoo studio owning husband with their client's long term boyfriend (Jake). You can find her posting heavily filtered lewds to her OnlyFans when she isn't tracing Disney coloring book sheets at the tattoo shop. Her most popular phrases include: "Daddy! Shots!", "Drinks! Shots!" and incoherent giggling at Jake doing literally anything. Hobbies include: pole-dancing, poorly cosplaying Jake's questionable fictional crushes (d.va, tinkerbell, etc.), constantly cleaning up after her manchild, and poorly editing her photos.

Highlights from last thread:
>>1886746 Jake and kat apparently buy their entire wardrobe off SHEIN
>>1887409 Jake has a meltdown on stream about the lack of donations, says he "can't do this for free anymore"
>>1887707 The neckbeard catboy vtuber Jake tried to leech off of ends up becoming more popular than him
>>1888547 Kat posts about giving birth to her son, posts porn immediately after
>>1889022 Kat caught filtering/editing her face into oblivion
>>1889279 Jake starts skipping scheduled streams with no notice
>>1890927 Jake starts sharing bitter memes saying shit like "good people get tired of being good to ungrateful people"
>>1891592 Recap anon on one of his vtube streams, jake reveals kat does all the house cleaning
>>1891636 Jake dropping 150 paid subs within a five month span.
>>1892168 Clair, the poo-obsessed paypig who was donating thousands is confirmed MIA
>>1893400 Kat posts a very unflattering and unedited video of her pole-dancing with a friend with filthy feet
>>1899521 Jake posts a half-assed thirst trap, farmers notice russell's sign marks on his knuckles
>>1900156 recap of a stream, jake bitches and seems miserable the entire time
>>1901591 A Farmer posts a dropbox to his budget Croatian holiday vlog
>>1901632 Recap of the holiday vlog, they spend most of the trip day-drinking
>>1901640 The vlog reveals what they both actually look like unedited kek
>>1907352 Jake skips most of his streaming schedule, only streaming twice a week leading farmers to suspect a possible day-job
>>1909523 Jake caught sperging out about zoomers in the wild, gets roasted for being a "35yo emo"
>>1911451 Still vague posting about his ex as always
>>1920641 A new paypig enters the ring, "Moni" unfortunately for jake she doesn't have clair money
>>1920644 Kat begins working more hours as jake works less and less
>>1920812 Jake spends money he doesn't have on a shitty deadpool cosplay he barely can fit into
>>1924582 Makes only $21 during a stream, looks bloated and makes gross sex jokes the entire time
>>1924838 Another stream recap, seems miserable, says he had a "crap" halloween
>>1925842 Another in-depth recap of a stream showing just how far he's fallen.
>>1927065 Jake gets really weird with one of his more "attractive" (i.e., not obese) snaccs
>>1927569 Despite being ignored by him, Jake likes a photo of his catboy neckbeard "friend" cuddling another man?
>>1929830 Jake has beef with one of the members of Motionless in White
>>1930051 Some sob story about how he's the only vocalist to have ever perform sick?
>>1930339 Jake is too broke to replace his broken gamer chair, snaccs fundraise to get him a new one
>>1930344 Most of his snaccs in the discord express they don't have the money to spare
>>1931678 Kat's poor dental hygiene jumpscare
>>1931834 Jake starts skipping and pushing back stream days constantly again
>>1932289 Sets up one of the rooms in his rented studio to be a "music video room", hasn't released a music video since
>>1932385 Vtube stream recap, more gross sex jokes, somehow manages to only make $10. kek
>>1934704 Another in-depth stream recap, makes $30 and says a lot of questionable things including calling the KKK "kool kids klub"
>>1935235 Apparently kat occasionally leaves used buttplugs and sextoys around the house where her toddler plays?
>>1935992 Jake trains hard, not to thrist trap, but to lift a small toddler up to put the star on the christmas tree. So brave!
>>1936022 His vtube attempt is dead in the water after spending close to 10k on avatar scams and broken VR equipment
>>1937105 Cringe clip of his "content", still labeling himself goth despite aggressively hating on goths
>>1939423 Jake tries to fire sale all his old MUNRO band merch (including incredibly damaged prints of himself) despite the band not really existing anymore
>>1939757 Jake really needs you to know that he has violent sex, and often.
>>1942286 Jake has his own dental hygiene jumpscare in thread
>>1943124 Kat tattoos scratchy black sludge all over his fingers and hand
>>1943668 Jake joking that he would do "black face" for only 1,000 likes
>>1946231 Jake starts shooting weird OF content at the public gym, including him grinding against foam rollers on the floor
>>1956304 He and his snaccs shout out the farms on stream
>>1959214 Jake wrote us a song titled "anonymonsters", it's terrible as expected. kek
>>1961549 Kat pole-dances at her job's holiday party under jake's close and constant supervision
>>1962921 another recap of a stream, mostly him ranting angrily about various things
>>1964052 Kat cosplays one of Jake's favorite fictional characters to lust after, looks gaunt and horrifying
>>1966802 Jake caught using filters to give himself a jawline
>>1966813 >>1966858 Small recap of a stream. He looks genuinely unwell and extremely bloated.
>>1967477 Snaccs seem to believe "kitty" the neckbeard catboy is still in the picture despite him not being around for actual months
>>1967495 Final stream recap of this thread, Jake is having a near constant meltdown at this point
>>1968141 Jake blames his constant rage outs on being hungry. kek
>>1969208 More bad (but free!) hand tattoos done by his "babygirl", this time a weird honeycomb down to the tips of his fingers
>>1972593 Nonnas notice Jake following more and more alt-right and MRA accounts
>>1976014 Jake makes his unfortunate return to OnlyFans

No. 1983124

Last Thread:

No. 1983125

File: 1712395126659.jpg (178.39 KB, 588x1015, uncroppedanduncut.jpg)

Few things posted in other threads when the last one died. Mostly just his awful thirst traps. This one highlighting his alcoholic gut. How enticing.

No. 1983126

File: 1712395314269.jpeg (517.54 KB, 1263x2048, tummyache.jpeg)

and this one showcasing almost the entirety of his freakish form in his classic "tummy ache" pose plus his most recent free tattoo from Kat. Wonder if we're ever going to see him get the one on his stomach finished at this rate.

No. 1983127

File: 1712395786263.png (1.1 MB, 864x865, munroplush.png)

Minor update from the discord, but he's trying to do another plush cash grab for a third time despite the last time not getting anywhere near funded. So far this is the winning "look".

No. 1983140

Many thanks for the new thread nona. Fake is looking as bloated and ugly as ever

No. 1983436

this is totally what id do in a healthy relationship. lmao I think their sex life is abysmal

No. 1983630

File: 1712537971592.png (51.24 KB, 747x608, munrodiscord.png)

Snaccs lamenting on how inactive Jake is in his own discord and how dead the chat is. Despite them asking about interest for a new plush months ago, there doesn't seem to be any talk about it anywhere else on his social media.

No. 1983631

File: 1712538348335.png (148.68 KB, 524x788, munromusic.png)

checked twitter for any interesting updates and it's dead there too. There are a few posts that never made it into his last thread that are pretty cringe worthy however. The most recent music attempts he's made are shitty metal vocal covers of… a belle delphin song and the monster high theme song? Jake proving himself of superior taste when it comes to modern media as always.

No. 1983633

File: 1712538712274.png (130.1 KB, 526x508, quickmaths.png)

jake mansplaining basic math, "all very quickly, of course". kek

No. 1983741

He'd rather tweet boring shit like this than talk to his 4 remaining fans kek

No. 1984193

File: 1712719858242.png (233.6 KB, 577x230, jakethecrow.png)

All his social media is dead right now tbh, he only streamed once this month so far on April 2nd as "jesterjake". No new YT videos this month yet. Guess he feels like he can coast for a while off the slight success his "the crow remake" reaction vids got (he hasn't had a video get this many views in well over a year). Fully expect him to keep making more shit "goth" movie reactions despite him aesthetically looking just as dumb as the eric draven in the remake. kek

No. 1984194

File: 1712720018103.png (24.44 KB, 592x540, 004506845.png)

>DM if you like you'd like some HARD liquor
also noticed kat's illiteracy appears to be somewhat contagious.

No. 1984204

This is the least erotic cringe shit i ever read in my entire life. He's such a turn off.

No. 1984488

My tinfoil is he got a job, or he's got some sort of apprenticeship at Kat's work. That's why he's so quiet these days.

No. 1984668

Thanks for the new thread nonna. Appreciate it.

Maybe. Though the only one who would take him on as an apprentice would be Skat. And I can't see stumpy doing well working under her. Or taking mentorship from anyone for that matter. His ego couldn't take it. He might be able to work the desk, but is also shit with people. If he is working at the shop I don't see it lasting.

No. 1985536


No. 1985657

File: 1713157391272.jpg (201.97 KB, 508x779, bluey.jpg)

Looks like Jake spent his evening crying over a kids show with Kat…

No. 1985665

Not to wk but this is such a nitpick.. did they watch it with the child or just on their own? That show's writing also tends to be for all audiences too

No. 1985676

File: 1713165166210.png (222.97 KB, 838x406, notmuchlonger.png)

I know there was some tinfoil about him having a day job in the last thread, but after a month of him barely streaming, it turned out he was just being lazy/depressed, making shitty half-assed metal covers, and setting up a green screen in his studio that he never ended up using. He seems to be hinting at another "big secret project" lately. I'm guessing a music project of some sort with kitty mcpancakes as some snaccs have discussed them being music partners semi recently in chat. It's funny because kitty never seems to really interact with jake that much publicly anymore? seems the user has become the used and he's back to trying to ride someone more popular than him's coat-tails. Classic jake.

NTA, but I think it's kind of a funny post to share because of the contrast to Jake's whole rage filled persona online. It's hard to imagine him boohooing over a little kid's show when he turns around on stream to talk about wanting to behave violently towards kids, women, and any man more attractive than him.

No. 1985730

I guess he's doing the "family man" thing again for the time being. Every once in a while he remembers that is supposed to be his image now.

No. 1985827

>NTA, but I think it's kind of a funny post to share because of the contrast to Jake's whole rage filled persona online. It's hard to imagine him boohooing over a little kid's show when he turns around on stream to talk about wanting to behave violently towards kids, women, and any man more attractive than him.

Exactly this. The contrast between how he behaves in videos/streams and the image of him crying over a cartoon dog family is pretty hilarious.

And as to the anon above, yes I realize they likely watched the show with the kid, and that the show appeals to plenty of adults. It was more the idea of Narc Rage Jake getting emotional watching it that I found amusing.

No. 1986037

jake also believes he's far more intelligent than everyone else around him and that his moid ramblings are profound so it's humorous to imagine him having such an emotional reaction to something like children's media

No. 1986457

File: 1713402903693.jpg (126.9 KB, 856x836, dead subscriber counter.jpg)

I found that an "empty subscriber calculator" exists, and here are the results for jake. He needs a day job.

No. 1986620

That tracks. I'm actually surprised 11 percent of his subscribers still give him the occasional view.

No. 1986677

File: 1713478471135.jpg (940.57 KB, 1080x2400, 1000006829.jpg)

See, friends! Fake has a social life you guys! He really wants you to know he's a part of the cook kids shitty hand tattoo club.

No. 1986775

Did Aiden fly over from America or are the gruesome twosome in the US rn?

No. 1986776

File: 1713498859757.jpg (237.45 KB, 339x578, 7cE8ygc.jpg)

Samefag. Looks like Aiden is in Belfast and got tattooed by Kat (Howl and Haku from Studio Ghibli).
As Jake's highest ranking snacc I'm not surprised she flew over on her own dime.

No. 1986916

Not surprised. Most of the active users jumped ship over the past year after his "truth" video flopped. He's finally stopped bleeding out subs, but considering how tiny of a percentage that are left and actually active subs. It's no wonder he barely gets views anymore.

Lmao, offering paid for in-person hangs to the most loyal and high paying of snaccs. The onision parallels strike again. Thank God he was never popular or rich enough to really get nasty with things, but this is definitely a red flag with overstepping the boundaries of the parasocial relationships he has with his last dozen of fans. No wonder fakeboi Aiden is so hyper aggressive defending Kat and Jake's relationship in chat, clearly feels special and better than the others despite Jake constantly egging moni and allura on himself.

No. 1986917

Also sage for samefag, but why is Jake's "lil baby girl"'s hand so much larger than his. kek

No. 1987136

File: 1713573158781.jpg (806.88 KB, 1080x2400, 1000006843.jpg)

Well, as long as you're happy dear…

No. 1987177

how does the stencil already look shitty? also I know ppl have different preferences and whatnot, but faces are usually pointing inward like the images on the person’s shirt.

No. 1987415

That's just human proportions nonna. The length of a hand is proportional to the length of one's face from chin to forehead. Joke has a tiny round face compared to his gf, so that's why his hands are smaller too. Saged for slight derail

No. 1987488


It's weird seeing him with tits

No. 1987663

At least they distract from his face.

No. 1987728

File: 1713746158141.jpg (440.4 KB, 1080x1200, 1000024276.jpg)

It's also because he's a fat little manlet obviously, but thank you anon for this insightful anatomy lesson. kek

She completely botched the face/eyes per usual. lots of wobbly and overdrawn lines too? Her usually okay coloring ability can't save this mess.

No. 1988040

that left eye is super fucked up & extra red outline does not work under the face. would be so pissed if this was on me but ppl really need to be more critical of art that is going to be on them forever.

No. 1988102

File: 1713848713788.png (78.88 KB, 1347x711, jakemunroapril.png)

No videos, no social media posts, no updates, just one jester jake stream at the very beginning of the month and another short one a little over a week ago teasing something coming soon. His numbers have absolutely never been lower despite both his crow and beetlejuice vids getting a decent amount of views for once. Looks like he was lucky to walk away with a few hundred dollars this month, absolutely abysmal. He must really be banking on this music project with kitty taking off.

No. 1988366

File: 1713929548047.jpeg (178.55 KB, 820x606, IMG_7423.jpeg)

Maybe he’s not posting cause he’s found another way to make money. Straight up stealing

No. 1988402

I didn't even know he had a store, is it print on demand? I have zero memory of him selling prints, maybe it wasn't even him running the store. (I wouldn't put it past him but can anyone remember him promoting this?)
Also why are the hashtags #abuser #liar etc if it's just about a print, this seems sus.

No. 1988437

Iirc he found some ratty, trashed prints in a box and decided to try and sell them again,

It could be on the previous thread

No. 1988491

File: 1713971545501.jpg (316.17 KB, 1080x2056, 1000006902.jpg)

I don't know about this particular purchase. But he is selling prints.


He found some old tour merch that has bandmembers he is presumably no longer speaking to on it, and is selling "signed prints" for £12 a pop.

No. 1988663

File: 1714010064174.png (259.6 KB, 530x698, jaketwit001.png)

He's been actively lurking on twitter lately, but clearly can't be assed to give his "snaccs" even the slightest ounce of effort. Long periods of silence is a killer for wannabe influencer/streamer careers. Even his most loyal snaccs have been awfully quiet in his discord lately. And he wonders why the "algorithm" dropped him.

No. 1989951

File: 1714340414675.png (3.72 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_0942.png)


No. 1989957

"Inspiring" indeed. This sounds creepy as fuck.

No. 1990146

not him liking posts from Holly the homewrecker kek. birds of a feather and all that.

No. 1990352

Flying over to third wheel someone else's relationship/life, sounds very cringey and awkward. Is this one of his snaccs, I wonder if she thought her and Jake would be alone together but ended up spending it with Kat too, or was that the plan the whole time? Sounds so awkward. Or "inspiring" I guess

No. 1990407

They got tattood by Kat. So I guess they were in it for the full "inspirational" package. Imagine finding these grubby skeezy lowlifes inspiring. One day I too hope to cheat with a married woman, wreck her home, and fail to get an onlyfans off the ground.

No. 1990552

Aiden is the bulldog fakeboi snacc who mods the discord/streams for free. She's the one who likes to drop hints that she's privileged enough to talk to them behind the scenes and has also got very snappy at other snaccs for openly flirting with Jake on stream. Not sure what her angle is exactly though. Honestly think she just gets off on being at the top of the pecking order of the snaccs. Even jadedsphinx, allura, moni, etc. have all been quieter than usual in the fan discord lately.

No. 1990603

File: 1714533205674.png (254.19 KB, 885x731, aidenbike.png)

Aiden apparently humped the bike jake took nudes on?

No. 1990605

File: 1714533776184.png (228.78 KB, 615x591, jakeupdate.png)

He also finally streamed this morning after almost a month gone. Only a couple hours though and only because "he is sick". He's also back to bleeding out followers again per usual.

No. 1990629

I wonder what they paid her to write this.

No. 1990722

Jesus christ, there isn't enough lysol in the world.

Where are they from? Kat might need to worry if Jake thinks he might be able to get out of Northern Ireland. Remember him trying to use Kaya for her EU citizenship so he could move to spain? Kat probably won't leave NI because of custody, and Fake loathes the place, and is desperate to move to the US.

No. 1990776

Oh this is gross kek, imagine your only fans (pun unintended) being these people and inviting one of them to visit your personal home and life, whew where are the boundaries. Also pretending his awkward bike nudes were hot in any way is the cherry on top, his onlyfans content is some of the worst I've seen.

No. 1990995

Did anyone know Kaya used to make porn of the sims? I can’t beleive I used to feel sorry for her. What the fuck(retarded newfag)

No. 1991026

Omg this exact fucking comment in every single thread. Give it a mf rest.

No. 1991027

Huh? It’s not mentioned anywhere and I just found out about it…

No. 1991029

Then how did you find out about it if it's "not mentioned anywhere", retard. Lame bait based on stale tinfoil from like almost a decade ago. Wrong thread, too.

No. 1991036

tinfoil but the retarded sims porn anon could be aiden because why suddenly reply with this offtopic stale soy milk right after we were talking about aiden?

No. 1991087

This is why I'm glad Jake wasn't thrown back into Altcow general, because any time we get a hint of Jake milk, the Kaya sims porn anons crawl out of their snacc hovel to deflect from their stumpy goff king

No. 1991098

Exactly. It's also hilarious how they think it will somehow affect the course of the thread? Like, jake is an abusive narcissist with anger issues who cheated on a woman who launched his career with a married woman, ending her marriage and breaking up her son's family. He's openly inappropriate with underage fans and has apparently made all his ex's female friends uncomfortable for years. He has a well established history of using and discarding people.
But… Kaya made sim porn! Oh the outrage!

No. 1991158

The simps porn tranny cracks me up like selling pics of your crusty midget dick and ass to 3 faggots online is fine but god forbid someone made a bunch of cartoons bang in a video game KEK

No. 1991186

I have zero issues with sex work. But compared to all Jake's nonce shit, making a bunch of pixels bump uglies is a weird thing to get hung up on.

No. 1991220

File: 1714698985635.jpg (74.15 KB, 918x1632, PXL_20240415_110302889.MP.jpg)

It's pretty obvious sims porn anon is just trying to derail. Anyone with half a brain knows making goofy ass sims "porn" almost a decade ago is nowhere near the same as rubbing your grubby chode all over random surfaces in your rental house. Kat is even worse, taking nudes in her toddler son's room and leaving dirty butt plugs around the house where the kid could easily reach? Sims porn anon can't actually be serious. Also weird since they ultimately only bumped the thread.

Anyways, here's the full size photos Aiden dropped on discord from >>1990603

No. 1991224

File: 1714699603461.jpg (366.24 KB, 1836x3264, PXL_20240417_133611668.jpg)

Pretty sure Aiden is an American judging from her vernacular. I doubt Jake would jump ship on his bbygrl milf bangmaid for a frumpy fakeboi just to go to burgarland (he said himself he has lost all desire to move there someday, probably from his decayed friendship with the other fakeboi K). That said, I wouldn't be entirely shocked if Jake and Kat are pulling an Onision-Lainybot with Aiden though. Jake's proven himself to be a degenerate coomer and Kat is a massive pick-me.

Here's the other photo Aiden shared with Jake's stumpy self lurking in the background.

No. 1991227

File: 1714699751764.png (123.54 KB, 445x417, undercoverthumb.png)

the candid is hilariously telling too. He looks very fat and short. kek

No. 1991239

Jesus he looks bad. When he talked about still loving marilyn manson I didn't realize it's because they both have problem drinker pudgeface. If he is trying to use Aiden to move to the US they'll have to pry him away from the denny's.

No. 1991281

I also want to add to this that aiden use to send super chats to jake to text kat back about what he wants for dinner & aiden pays for both their only fans and has been seen to comment on them. She spends money on them like water for the last couple years and used to be the main person apart from Clair to break the jake during steam sending 100s at a time. I bet they didn't even let her have a discounted tattoo. It comes across as obsessed stalker imo

>>1990603 these comments proves it the way she talks about the whole situation it's bizarre

No. 1991770

He's looking like present day Bam Margera, and is on his way to become just as much of a trainwreck as him.

No. 1992241

He's streaming final fantasy on twitch. It's pretty funny that as soon as someone here points out how fucking decrepid he's looking he switches back to the stupid jester jake avatar.

No. 1992511

at least Bam had talent, and had legit reasons for breaking down to the sad little man he is now. Fake was always……well fake.

No. 1992778

Was watching Jake's latest stream and the tinfoil about him being self-employed was finally confirmed, he called it 'the business I built'.
Jake was talking about how he has no time for gaming because he has a family and a 'career' now and he feels too guilty. He talked at length about how gaming takes too much time away from important stuff like the gym, how he only has 1-2hrs free-time daily and how he can no longer sink 7+ hours a day to git gud at new games. Apparently he's only gonna play stuff he's played before (e.g. Final Fantasy) - familiar, story-based games that won't raise his blood pressure.
This seems to be a recent development that most likely started when he didn't stream for ages. He admitted that he got addicted to Tekken 7 a while back and that it made him snappy and want to stay at home rather than go on outings with Kat and Isaac. I get the sense it caused tension in his relationship (we all know how scary his gamer rage can get), these life changes seem like an act of penance for snapping at the kid or something.
Not much else to report. Apparently Kat's car is not running well atm so he's been driving her to and from work. He said he hasn't been making videos because 'I can't have a face of makeup on in case she calls me and asks to be picked up'. He used to wear his clown paint in public so I'm not sure why he's so self conscious now.

No. 1992789

did he say what said “business” is cos it sounds like a major cope and excuse for not creating content. what happened to gaming being his passion and how he was going to do it whether ppl liked it or not lol. he definitely must be self conscious about his deteriorating looks since he had no problem filming in makeup before doing mundane shit like the very short lived ~freak vlogs~. it is pretty funny that he’s chauffeur and baby sitter for his girlfriend when he boasted about how successful he would be.

No. 1992801

He still hasn't said yet, he's been very careful.

I got the impression that Jake's been playing chauffeur for a while which means they don't have the money to get Kat's car sorted however his Jeep takes a lot of diesel and all those extra trips will add up. Kat is probably the higher earner so it makes more sense to fix her car which is undoubtedly cheaper to run. As a mum and someone who works away from home she needs a working vehicle more than Jake who mostly uses it to drive to the gym.

No. 1992841

Can't imagine what he would be doing to be "self employed" considering his utter lack of skills/talent. I know kitty dropped a mediocre cover feat. Jake, but besides that we haven't seen him picking up any real music work. My best guess is he's doing something like uber/grubhub which is also why he can't be running around in his ugly clown paint.

It's both funny and sad that they are entirely too broke to get her car fixed. Long gone are the days of bottomless long islands in Spain or even the more recent budget trips to sit on concrete slab beaches. wonder when was the last time he could afford her some gas station roses.

No. 1992883

I think the grubhub/uber eats hunch is spot on. The only other "self employment" he could claim would be his onlyfans, and fortunately for everyone that seems to be dead. Not to mention the decrepid state of him. And it would indeed explain why he won't do the stupid clown make up anymore. He's doing something public facing with irregular hours.

No. 1993044

>He said he hasn't been making videos because 'I can't have a face of makeup on in case she calls me and asks to be picked up'.
can the bitch not just call? its always facetiming? Retarded lame excuse Fake lmao

No. 1993064

Also weird, like all her tattoo shop coworkers have met him already? He was trying to flex the studio and "influencer" shit on them before too? Is he embarrassed to wear his fake goth clown paint costume around her beefcake boss or something? Why would Kat care unless she's actually embarrassed by him as she should be.

Wouldn't surprise me if his screaming rage outs resulted in him snapping on the kid/Kat or punching holes in walls leading up to him being on the equivalent of a video game "time out". Dude used has a history of chimping out and has raged out so bad on stream he's woken the kid up or slammed the computer hard enough to accidentally shut it down. A lot of his equipment is always mysteriously getting broken too? Funny how he talked about how he'd show us all and yet his "career" as a streamer/musician/vtuber/etc. are all entirely dead in the water. Can't afford to get kats car fixed, can't afford to wear anything but shein, slowly morphing into a hideous fat neckless blob. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy tbh. kek

No. 1993109

I agree, it sounds like he has nothing to offer. the clown mall goth make up is embarrassing at this point because he isn't even making good content or getting money and fame as a "hot goth boyfriend." he's just that abusive idiot who cheated on his sweet ex gf with a married woman. he is now making weird excuses in the guise of "sacrifices" to please kat like not looking like a freak because it's awkward that she has car problems and stumpy the clown comes over dressed like that LOL can you picture it?

No. 1993241

What I don't get is why she doesn't just get the one working car if she's the only one working outside the house? Where the fuck would Jake go that he needs it more than her, and is an on-call driver rather than just letting her drive. I think he is indeed working as some kind of delivery driver. Either that, or his ego is so fragile that he can't have her taking "his" jeep. Doesn't he also still have a motorcycle? Would strappjng a takeout delivery box to the back of that be too confrontational?

No. 1993304

File: 1715375573582.jpg (259.86 KB, 1080x1919, 1000007105.jpg)

Sure honey… sure…
Any day now.

No. 1993346

>Can't afford to get kats car fixed
>dreaming of vacations to Barcelona
Jake better be driving day and night to keep his "milf bbygrl" happy or kats going to hop on the next stumpy alt dick that waddles in through the shop's doors. To be a fly on their wall right now, you just know things are crumbling.

No. 1993612

KEK! and you know there are a lot of stumpy tattooed men out there who aren't as pathetic as fake munro who could take her to another country and fix her car or at least loan her theirs like a gentleman. in cities that require driving, I've always had two in case one breaks down, and with a partner who drives, it's wise to have a third. they need to prioritize better, they have a kid to consider.
he must really need the only working car to do a lot of doordashes. look at him manifesting Barcelona lol

No. 1993649

>they need to prioritize better
But Nonna! Jake absolutely needed to spend that 10k+ on VR equipment and avatar scams to jumpstart his super successful Vtuber career! kek

No. 1993966

File: 1715572950235.png (9.03 KB, 522x94, stampduty.png)

Jake is definitely just too ANGRY over taxes to buy a house, not too broke or anything nonnas. kek

Also, it was his birthday, but I haven't seen anything said about it anywhere other than a few snaccs wishing him a happy b-day (unacknowledged of course) in discord. He streamed more boring ff9 content earlier today, but who really has the time to bother tuning in anymore. Even most of the snaccs can hardly seem bothered these days.

No. 1993998

stamp duty in ireland is only 1% unless you're buying €1mil+ house kek, what's going to be the next excuse? maybe this will be the reason he gives for leaving

No. 1994125

File: 1715630300958.jpg (154.28 KB, 1080x1248, 1000007151.jpg)

Doesn't NI have the UK stamp tax? Though even that is low, even being 0% on anything stumpy could afford. He could move to Ireland of course, or fuck off to mainland UK. But Kat is tied down due to split custody, so that's not happening while they're together. Kaya had both Irish (thus EU) and UK citizenship, which he planned to use to move to spain. Kat would have the same, but is shackled to her baby daddy unles she gives up custody or he signs off on her moving. So stumpy can eithercsuck it up, or find himself a child-free bangmaid who can get him a visum to somewhere better. But pickings are probably slim, given the state of him. I really thought he'd try to get one of his more spergy snacks to let him move to the US by now.

No. 1994137

He went on multiple rants on stream since he and K don't really talk anymore about how he doesn't want to move to the USA any longer. He's also talked about his dream being a modern home along a beach somewhere though? I have a feeling he'd be eyeballing some of the cheaper countries to live in that he has vacationed to, but there are no realistic ways out of NI for him at this time. All his snaccs are fat Americans or broke. He and Kat seem locked in for now until one of them inevitably cheats on the other. Neither of them are going to be affording to buy a house anytime soon either judging by the fact they can't even afford to get her car fixed right now. Wonder if we'll see Aiden make another appearance as things continously crumble apart for them though. Surprised Jude hasn't been lurking around waiting for another chance to pounce, but maybe stumpy finally got too fat/ugly for her. kek

No. 1994159

Yes. Jude wants to get her filthy mitts on a "daddy" (kek) who can take care of her. And any woman stupid enough to get with stumpelchavskin will be relegated to bangmaid status. Hard to get into "little space" while scrubbing the toilet. Besides, she's as averse to actually working as he is. Somebody would have to be the breadwinner, and neither of them could be bothered. As pathetic as it is, Kat is about the best Jake can hope for. Bleak.
Also, both of them have issues with nonce shit going on in their discords and being inappropriate with underage fans. Don't need to combine that baggage.

No. 1994985

Are we meant to believe this is isn’t his first property purchase too? Because there’s no stamp duty up to £425k for first time buyers.

No. 1994994

He's still in the same little house he was renting with Kaya for forever now. Dumbass should have bought a house while he was still making real money, but he was too busy blowing it on unused studio rooms to pile with junk, multiple motorcycles, electronics for him to break, and literal toys. Now it sounds like he and Kat are struggling to just make ends meet so that ship has absolutely sailed. Funny how quickly he changed his tune from acting unaffected over the housing crisis to now sperging out over stamp duty though.

No. 1995991

File: 1716155283350.jpeg (449.28 KB, 1170x1836, 441BDCFA-C8A6-48CD-8A39-6ABA53…)

No amount of filters can hide those gnashers

No. 1996179

File: 1716214946516.jpg (486.59 KB, 1080x1938, 1000007270.jpg)

Mom, this trip is lame! I wanna go home and play tekken.

No. 1996210

Jake is streaming on twitch as his shit VR avatar if any anons want to pop in.

Looks like they just went for a walk where they always do. Same place they brought Aiden too. Looks like the studio is finally gone for good judging by the lack of pole videos, actual VR content involving any movement, etc.

No. 1997069

Oh goodness, they released a new Beetlejuice trailer so he will have to jump on that ASAP…(sage your shit)

No. 1997396

you know that dead tooth fucking STINKS

No. 1998142

File: 1716846834007.jpg (390.61 KB, 1080x1945, 1000007387.jpg)

These filters make it look like somebody did a crude copy paste job on his head and body.

He did, in fact, react to the new beetlejuice trailer. Because fake defies parody at this point.

No. 1998521

Video begins with Jake, declaring himself YouTube’s most influential goth, whereupon he spends the remainder of the time shitting upon the trailer itself, the nostalgia cash grabs, the special effects, the age of the actors, and basically anyone who is looking forward to seeing the movie. He takes time to mention how he can’t show the trailer due to the copyright strikes he got from the last videos, then proceeds to show the trailer anyway. Which is probably why the video is gone. Ends the video with a lackluster “bye” and a dismissive shrug. His reason for being gone for two months is because he has a music video coming out soon, which he has been working on this entire time.

No. 1998542

the narc is strong with this douche. the only thing he ever influenced ppl to do is throw money at him which seems to have dried up.

instead of giving out another lame excuse, he should keep acknowledgment of his absence and just do the damn thing as he’s been allegedly working on various projects for like over a year but has shown zero results.

No. 1999463

File: 1717193109133.jpg (294.76 KB, 1080x1971, 1000007481.jpg)

When you're too fat forvyour onlyfans but rage out untill your haggard bangmaid gives you pasta alfredo.

Kat sure is a lucky gal.

No. 1999466

File: 1717193444048.jpeg (66.17 KB, 828x456, IMG_5154.jpeg)

He finally released his music video today. It’s just more head banging with a guitar shot from the same angle as every other video where he head bangs with a guitar. Except more orange, and this time broken up by what looks like his shitty gameplay. He added horns and woodchuck teeth to his look. Music doesn’t sound that great. Overall, underwhelming.

No. 1999840

The teeth are giving Napoleon Dynamite

No. 1999958

File: 1717312762764.png (1.16 MB, 1158x596, keeek.png)

It took him two months to make a shitty Prodigy cover? I'm screaming nonna. He has never looked more retarded.

No. 1999959

File: 1717313383580.png (359.74 KB, 765x793, dehydratedinhell.png)

bonus pic because holy shit those wrinkles. he clearly abuses the filters as much as kat does.

Anyway, the song is absolute shit and the video is hilarious. It's just Jake flailing around in front of a greenscreen of flames in a shitty halloween costume. The track is like a bad karaoke cover accompanied by mediocre metal guitars. It's embarrassingly bad, to the point where it looks like a parody. kek

No. 2000005

No. 2000011

Making yourself look ugly on purpose only works if you have a hot starting point, he just looks like a background troll in an 80s fantasy movie. Crusty with a capital c.

No. 2000032

That gormless face and teeth are sending me

No. 2000153

In the recently deleted reaction video, he noted that he hates making music videos. He must hate his fans, too, if this is what he gives them. You can see the lack of effort put into it. Wasn’t he supposed to be working with Kitty on a music video? Or did that fall through?

No. 2000210

If Tim Curry's character from legend had a shitty failson who just kept a bunch of trucks on cement blocks on his lawn.

No. 2000273

He looks like a fat gordon ramsay

No. 2000289

File: 1717374248183.jpeg (32.21 KB, 609x385, IMG_5171.jpeg)

I find it interesting that he was holding steady at 414k subscribers for quite a while. Then the music video came out on the 31st. The day after, his subscription count ticked down. He should probably set his music ambitions aside.

No. 2000295

the accuracy lol. even though i know he edits the thumbnail pic for youtube it’s still jarring to see reality vs what he wants ppl to think he looks like.

he hates making music videos but is the one hyping them up to whoever is still paying attention. he wants it for minimal effort but has nothing to offer and then rages about it.

No. 2000421


He spent two months on that? Fucking hell Fake, give it up.

No. 2000432

why is it intercut with shitty gameplay killshots? feels like something a 14 year old would make in 2009

No. 2000502

2.5k views. He must be seething lmao

No. 2000615

He even uploaded it to his main channel in hopes it would get better views than on his shitty Munro Metal channel but nobody cares

No. 2000794

File: 1717481858721.png (415.58 KB, 1072x799, greatsuccess.png)

It's so funny seeing him share stories of snaccs hailing his "success" when his numbers have never been lower. He's lucky to walk away with a few hundred dollars off his patreon and youtube combined. This god awful cover is basically a death rattle. kek

No. 2000910


god awful cover is basically a death rattle

Ooooo that's poetic and better than anything stumpy has written

No. 2001028

> Now now nonna. Wouldn't want to be an anonymonster, now would you? Why would you listen to the actual Prodigy if you could have the lazier, worse, pudgier version that involves something that would be low effort for a last minute halloween costume. Surely this will have the internet flocking to his channel, and forgetting all about his abuse and semi-nonce shit.

Seriously though, I cannot emphasize enough how this man is in his fucking thirties. Most people his age talk about how glad they are social media wasn't as ubiquitous when they were teens, because it means their cringe teenage bullshit isn't documented. Jake juzt does his pubescent bullshit now.

No. 2001098

Perfect example of why you shouldn't surround yourself with yes-men who blow smoke up your ass at how incredible every little thing you do is. I know Jake's ego is entirely too massive to handle any kind of real criticism though, so he'll never change. He's lived in this little bubble of his for so long, it's going to hilarious watching him struggle to make it in regular society where no one thinks he's a special boy.

No. 2001203

Because he's copying vidrel

No. 2001324

honestly I'm kind of surprised he hasn't tried going full fitness influencer route yet. I know he used to post frequently about his workouts before but still, there's a large market for gymbros right now

No. 2001426

Yeah. But those gymbros get followers because they are in shape and people want to emulate them. Jake looks like he eats frosting out of the tub on a regular basis. He could possibly do a "get fit with me/ weightloss journey" thing, but that would involve admitting his current failsburry doughboy status. He's got the manosphere bullshit and inflated ego to be a fitness grifter, but not the physique.

No. 2001496

Not to mention all the people in the comments giving helpful advice or critiques, which Jake would absolutely not be able to handle.

No. 2001503

the schizo frames are giving me a headache. like he tried too hard to make it seem extremely chaotic

No. 2002832


as others mentioned, he does not look the part, but is way too insecure to admit it and do a relatable fitness "journey." attractive men make him seethe. he thinks they have is so easy and says they aren't talented/dont have to work hard if they're tall lol. it would be too much for his ego to compare himself and compete with super fit hot guys when he looks like a before photo no matter how much weight he loses. also, as another nonna mentioned, the gym bros are all about constructive criticism and sharing their bro-science and Jake would look insane going off on them lol it would be funny to see so I hope he tries it. didn't he say he wishes his audience were men? here's your chance, doughboy!

No. 2003587


I have to admit, I'd watch a video of him getting into it with an actual gym-bro and Fake losing it kek

No. 2003793

File: 1718225149553.jpg (107.53 KB, 1080x818, 20240612_134510.jpg)

Former Youtuber.

No. 2003796

KEK. Damn, that shitty cover really was his YT death rattle. Can't imagine how many holes he's been punching throughout the rental over it performing so badly.

No. 2003812

Wow, when did he change that? 666 posts with his big thing for a long time, and the fact that he now says “former” is very unlike him. maybe he’s finally recognizing that he’s a failure. I wonder what big rebranding project he’ll inflict upon us next. (also kinda wondering at his mental health right now, honestly…)

No. 2003818

He got 2.5k views and lost 1k subs…
Half of the people who saw the video unsubscribed, mighty kek

(maybe not quite so bad, or worse depending how you look at it, and some people unsubbed without even watching the video)

No. 2003822

>Can't imagine how many holes he's been punching throughout the rental over it performing so badly.
I almost feel sorry for him at this point…almost. Always remember his smug video where he casually mentioned dumping Kaya as a footnote and bragged about all his music/tats/travelling plans while surrounded by expensive video and audio gear.
Now he's a "former Youtuber"

No. 2003926

File: 1718244952128.jpeg (463.48 KB, 1179x2180, IMG_0389.jpeg)

>84 monthly listeners
K E K. also you can tell he’s short and stubby in this video and he looks like someone’s shaking around a fat stretch armstrong doll.

No. 2003979

File: 1718259561614.png (1.7 MB, 888x886, gross.png)

Slightly old milk from when Aiden visited them. Just now noticed they took this photo together with her poking fun at the whole intial cheating scandal when Jake and Kat first posted that pic of them holding hands in Spain while she was still very married. Weird behavior from them towards a girl who was making sexual posts about Jake's bike tbh >>1990603

No. 2003985

File: 1718260313026.png (152.27 KB, 395x574, 01230341.png)

It's funny how he poured two months into this just for it to flop so hard he finally gave up. He hasn't even streamed on Twitch since May 20th. This might truly be the end for him as an "influencer". No patreon updates since April 2023, no twitter posts since his last stream ad, barely updates instagram beyond sharing a salty meme on rare occasion. Good thing his snaccs worked so hard to buy him a new gaming chair just for him to fuck off with it. I really do appreciate him leaving us this hilarious parting gift though. I wonder how many of the couple thousand views were from farmers. kek

No. 2003986

Please spoiler this shit I don’t want to see a literal demon on the front page(sage your shit)

No. 2003988

File: 1718260920322.jpeg (418.24 KB, 1125x1871, IMG_1668.jpeg)

Kat is “so not like other girls”. Honestly she makes me cringe.

No. 2003989

File: 1718261002746.jpeg (363.45 KB, 1125x1668, IMG_1669.jpeg)

Kat was at a Limp Bizkit concert last night… absolutely no sign of Jake.. key

No. 2003993

I lost the screencap, but she's made posts on her IG stories about being a big Paris Hilton fan when she was younger. The whole edgy alt-girl thing is as much a costume as her "diva" cosplay was it seems. She really started leaning into it a lot heavier when she got with Dean.

Uh oh, looks like his dreamgirl milf is putting on a little weight. Wonder if he's begun shaming her over it yet in between punching holes in the walls and driving for grubhub.

No. 2003997


Is she at Download Festival without him? That would be even milkier.

No. 2003998

Download festival is still a thing? I remember thinking that was cringe when I was a teen even 15 years ago.

No. 2003999

Nah it was just a concert that half of Belfast was at last night.
Doubt Kat or Jake could even afford Download tickets kek(sage your shit)

No. 2004022

Imagine being this much of an asskissing panderer loll this is so pathetic
>that iconic cheating photo you posted
>not like the other girls!!
>background are normie check shirts and neckbeards because Limp Bizkit are an incredibly famous mainstream band every millennial heard of as a child

No. 2004035

Honestly wouldn't be surprised if this is the 5 year old running away from home equivalent of leaving youtube and he'll be back within a week. What else has he got? He's lucky his bangmaid pays the bills and has sunk cost fallacied herself into a commitment, because he is nearly unemployable. He has no skills, no real job experience, no connections, and was terminated from his last job for punching a door. Grubhub is the best he can hope for. It'll be funny if >>2003989 is a portent of things to come and his "babygirl" leaves him for a 40 year old with late 90s tribal tattoos and a steady job in resource management.

No. 2004042

It’s insane that at his height of his YouTube and touring “career” he probably earnt enough to put down a fat deposit on a house and buy a modest car right out.

Now he’s in a shitty rental with a rental car and rental bike, kek he is so stupid

No. 2004091

I mean she also dresses up as teen characters to bone her fat moid, pays the bills, and does all the cleaning. It's pretty obvious that she was originally enticed by near constant vacations, bottomless drinks, gas station bouquets, and getting to pretend to be a hot influencer couple for a little bit. There's absolutely no way she wouldn't jump ship on stumpy as soon as a better opportunity provided itself though. Might even be why she's going out to these big events solo suddenly, gotta find that next meal ticket because Jake has gone broke broke.

Kaya said he was making a ton of money at one point, more than she ever did, but that he'd constantly blow it on things he'd often break in his fits of rage. He absolutely could have bought a place to own with Kaya, but he was too fixated on getting out of Ireland to ever bother and now he's essentially stuck there. I don't think his car or bike are rentals, but they are the last few things he seems to geniunely own after selling off the other spare bikes and toys/electronics to get by in the past year. With having next to no income now he can't even replace a gaming chair without begging his last dozen loyal snaccs. What's going to happen when his car breaks down like kats? When his PC shits out or needs yet another part replaced from him raging out on it? It's always funny seeing these huge ego no talent YT dudes fall off.

No. 2004351

this means he lost a total of 1k subs over the course of May, not that he lost that much in one day. So you have to look at all his content from May and earlier to understand why around 1000 peoplebno longer want to watch him

No. 2004420

OMG that costume is so janky and unintentionally funny - what was he thinking? Did he really consider this to be some kind of a badass demon? I can't…

No. 2004955

I noticed she's not longer the skinniest girl in the group. Ut oh. Jake only cares about one thing, being skinny. Not that he has anything to provide. No vacations = nothing to keep thin for, and no bottomless alcohol = hard not not overeat like most broke people. She's so pathetic… Limp bizkit was an embarrassment to the alt scene 25 yrs ago. She has no self identity and the worst taste in music.

No. 2004958

I can't feel sorry for him, telling kaya he's proud he cheated on her and that she's going to have to get a minimum wage job to get out of the situation of him kicking her out because he decided to cheat. this couldn't happen to a nicer guy. I didnt even hate watch the new vid bc he's so damn ugly and boring. just a big fat nobody. I'm glad the former snaccs are seeing there's nothing cool about him.

No. 2005413

It's hilarious how both their ex partners are thriving and Kat and Jake are broke and bloated.

No. 2005421

Anon Kaya is not thriving at all. She’s about to be kicked out by her landlord and plans to live in an occupied house in London. All she does is whine and post s video she she needs sympathy.

No. 2005427

Kaya is a cow in her own right. But compared to Joke, she's thriving. And certainly doing significantly better than she did when she was with him. She has a substantial following that supports her, a wide circle of friends etc. More importantly in this context, she is consistently employed as a promoter, literally partying for a living. She's profiting off her online fame, which is exactly what Stumpy wanted to do so badly. That's what makes it so funny. He broke up with her because he rode her clout to some form of percieved relevance, and figured he was more famous than her and could afford to dump her. Now she's more popular than ever, and he can't even scrape enough followers together to pay for takeout.

No. 2005430

>>2005421 at least she isn't funding and housing another man's child like jake

No. 2005489

True kek being a cuck is such an L even dumb animals avoid it like the plague. Kaya is doing way better than him for sure.

No. 2005578

That's the thing that gets me tbh. Kaya is still a loser, yeah. But is she doing at least a dozen times better than Jake, also yes. The bar is so low that it's an easy win. If he hadn't made that smug break up video he could have probably still came out on top, but he just couldn't help himself. Now he's pretty obviously delivery driving to get by (can't get much else with his doodle bear face tattoos), quit making videos due to a claimed "lack of time", music attempts are absolutely trash due to his entire band jumping ship on him, he's stuck in a rental house (in a country he hates) that he can barely afford with a near illterate woman and her kid from her baby daddy. Even his snaccs mostly seem to be losing interest lately due to him just never showing up for them anymore (last time he streamed was to promo the cover that flopped at the end of May). His discord is dead minus maybe 4 snaccs endlessly talking themselves in circles about their problems or lady allura moaning on about missing him. Haven't even seen his other paypigs like Moni or JadedSphinx around anymore. We're definitely witnessing the end of "jake munro" as a goffik influencer.

No. 2005593

Also remember when they were together, eventually Kaya would just wear like onesies outdoors, no makeup, hair tied up, and look miserable. We're just used to Kaya being normal now, socialising, dressing up, travelling, but she was in a pretty bad way prior the breakup. She also has a circle of irl friends and tons of online supporters still, more than can be said for Jake.

No. 2005626

All jake has is Kat and Aiden anymore. No friends, a rental he can barely afford and his motorcycle/car. Geniunely wonder how much longer till he's stuck pawning off the last of his random equipment to make ends meet. It's really giving mini onision right down to him inviting random snaccs into his home and treating them like a third in his relationship.

No. 2005802

Do you really think he is doing a "minimum wage job"? As much as I would love to believe so, I don't think his ego would allow him so, even if he NEEDED to do it. Remember how Kaya said he mocked her after the breakup how she will have to get a minimum wage job? Kek

I have a feeling he is gonna come up with a video saying he is freelancing as an editor or something like that.

No. 2005808

he may be an entitled snob who thinks having a minimum wage job is beneath him but not paying your rent or bills isn't an option unless you want to be tossed out like he did to kaya. i don't know what he does for income but i do know his popularity has been steadily declining for quite some time now and he has no choice but to make money somehow regardless of how big is ego is.

No. 2005814

He talked about being "self-employed." But the consensus seems to be that he is doing app based food delivery, since he claims to need the car at all hours.

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