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File: 1690709613369.png (397.89 KB, 1000x563, IMG_0979.png)

No. 1873055

Previous thread: >>1753830
Notable things from the previous thread + some recent YouTube drama
>Lex updog calls out supermega for SA on behalf of a company artist, DonDrrrr
>Colleen Ballenger ruins her career in one ukulele strum
>Bjorn (Pewdiepie and Marzia's kid) is born
>Brittany Venti does a Livestream call-out on Mina Le

No. 1873083

This thread summary is absolute ass but thanks for making a new thread.

Bets on how long it’ll take for Matt or Ryan to speak out about the allegations? Especially with Matt liking/unliking vague screenshots on Twitter, they’re obviously online during all of this.(learn2sage)

No. 1873084

File: 1690716556404.jpeg (427.59 KB, 828x1236, IMG_7833.jpeg)

Sageing only because the first tweet was already posted, did not see the second though.

Damn Zeph, I wonder if she’s more pressed because she was cheated on or because she’s using her internet clout boytoy

No. 1873089

finally, your a god-send for making a new thread.

No. 1873102

I'm not very good at making threads so I'm very sorry for the lackluster summary lol but I'm happy you guys also really wanted the YouTuber thread back!

No. 1873103

Anybody else SUPER dissapointed in hearing all the shit about supermega coming out?? I was a big fan so this sucks big time

No. 1873105

I’m really bummed, I’ve supported them and literally just went to Matt’s show (and bought a shirt) and honestly feel…a little cheated? I guess I just hoped they’d be better than the others.

Oh well, lesson learned.

No. 1873106

Really brief SuperMega summery from the twitch thread for anons want to catch up
Vidrel, is posted by Lex UpDog, exposing Dondrrr for sexually assaulting her and exposing SuperMega for poorly handling it as well as other mishaps.
>>1871783 Don's first response
>>1871921 Justin & Kelly leave SuperMega
>>1872301 >>1872327 Morgpie's experience with Matt
>>1872455 Leighton experience working at SuperMega
>>1872798 Ryan's ex-girlfriend talks briefly about their relationship
>>1872829 >>1872828 >>1872827 >>1872826 >>1872989 Zeph's tweets, which are immediately deleted, about the situation
>>1872969 Jim's unlisted apology, he talks about how he was raped and how he'll never forgive himself about how he made her feel
>>1873040 Matt despite cancelling the rest of his tour, is still active on twitter liking tweets

No. 1873163

>Bjorn (Pewdiepie and Marzia's kid) is born

No. 1873230

Idk why it’s funny to me that they gave their kid THE most stereotypical Swedish name but it’s making me kek he will probably be adorable tho! They’re a pretty decently attractive couple.

No. 1873251

No. 1873260

are you retarded or in the wrong place

No. 1873305

In the Reddit thread of Ryan’s ex girlfriend of six years, a cam girl Ryan follows (that he shared mutual friends with) commented that she had been getting harassed by Ryan for six years in IG dms, non-reciprocal. He was sending her dick pics and she says she didn’t sexually engage, saying that he just sent a flirting message last week and always asks for phone sex. She deleted the comment, I think ppl are figuring out who she is

No. 1873308

File: 1690746849453.jpeg (364.71 KB, 750x752, AB5AEF25-0FC0-41A8-854F-534C4C…)

Matt Cringe about Zeph from the subreddit

No. 1873318


A bunch of moids are discrediting only Lex (unsurprisingly not talking about Rav, Leighton, Ross, etc) since this came out

No. 1873323

I’m still wondering who his current partner is.

No. 1873328

Reportedly it’s Salina Killa

No. 1873336

Is she a fakeboi though? I keep hearing shit about him “misgendering his partner”

No. 1873340

File: 1690749185414.jpeg (339.57 KB, 1125x520, IMG_8145.jpeg)

From Tay Allards account, who used to be best friends with Ryan and has worked with Salina, she’s claimed that “ryan and his partner are bad people” in a previous tweet

No. 1873347

Do you have her other tweets? They kept getting deleted from the SM Reddit.

No. 1873351

File: 1690749801382.webm (5.85 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_708544665797376746…)

If you read what his ex posted on reddit broke up March/April 2022, she was away for a year, August 2021-2022, which gives him plenty of time to cheat on her with a tranny. In the Twitch thread people think it's e.streetcar bc of this tiktok posted by Tayallard

No. 1873352

File: 1690749811346.jpeg (336.04 KB, 1089x507, IMG_8146.jpeg)

She rlly hasn’t posted anything super informative, just denouncing him and supporting Lex, Leighton & Rav. She made another tweet asking for her tweets not to be posted on the Reddit, but this is pretty much everything

No. 1873354

I don’t think so, I think bc his partner is gender fluid or enby that’s what it’s referring to but I could be wrong. He could’ve hooked up with Tay or E streetcar anyway but I don’t think the misgendering is referring to them

No. 1873361

Wow this is seriously some upsetting news.. I know all men are pigs so I dunno what I was expecting really, Ryan just always seemed like he had SOME brain and compassion in there unlike Matt

No. 1873369

Lol people speculate that Matt and Ryan are deleting stuff since they’re mods on the Reddit. Is there a way to see this?

No. 1873377

File: 1690751801519.jpeg (122.79 KB, 828x662, IMG_7848.jpeg)

Ya proud? Haha

(No, same. I always had a feeing Matt was iffy but never Ryan.)

No. 1873391

What the hellll lmao. This man’s flirt game is disgusting

No. 1873405


No. 1873407

I can't stand going on the reddit right now. Someone clowned on Magee for having god awful oral hygiene and some whimpering retardditor started crying about how it's not okay to be mean to them even though SM is being exposed as pieces of crap.

No. 1873426

File: 1690756793294.png (60.8 KB, 1059x242, dd.png)

Wouldn't be surprised that the kiwi/reddit whiteknights will start appearing like this one>>1873251. They're coming onto her video too just to be moids about it. Too bad for them that these faggots are being exposed by everyone else lol
Also allegedly DingDong has said they're bad people in the past.

No. 1873428

Can't say that they probably wouldn't say anything negative about Lex, but I can guarantee you they wouldn't defend SuperMega. I used to browse and post on there before it got taken down and moved to TOR; everyone hates them on there. It's just reddit being lame as fuck.

No. 1873432

Matt was actually shitty to DD this isn't new news. If I remember correctly Ryan had the decency to at least tell DD to his face that he couldn't support him publicly because he valued his career. Matt directly encouraged DD to speak up about the Dream Daddy stuff and then backed out when he actually did it.

I don't think people are going out of their way to attack Lex btw I think she's purposely trying to insert herself into the drama because Matt is her SO

No. 1873434

>defending kiwis
It’s not that serious

No. 1873435

Wrong person, Lex isn’t Matt’s girlfriend, Lex was raped by Don.

No. 1873437

oops my bad I havent watched SM since like 2020 so Im mixed up on the players

No. 1873438

Not defending them, I'm just saying in general.
I think it was also heavily implied that Matt also told DingDong he should have killed himself and left a suicide note blaming Arin and Suzy too. Could be wrong, but I do remember DingDong mentioning he went with Julian, Matt and Chris to a ramen shop and before that, the suicide note joke was at a ramen shop too.

No. 1873441

all he mentioned was "a game grumps employee" I think he didn't want to bring yet another person into the drama I feel like if it was about Matt he would have just said it as a grievance, with the other stuff. Just my interpretation.

No. 1873452

There was drama maybe about awhile ago where Matt donated to DD & Julian, this sorta triggered DD to go on a rant. It's been discussed in a previous thread (might be the previous twitch thread, idk) vidrel is the whole part

No. 1873456

File: 1690760947511.jpeg (213.45 KB, 828x1050, IMG_6057.jpeg)

NTA but damn, I actually took a screenshot of this and forgot to post kek

No. 1873468

>>Brittany Venti does a Livestream call-out on Mina Le
What's the deets here? I love Mina

No. 1873473

I think this is Crystal Creeps based off of Ryan’s IG following

No. 1873489

File: 1690767959845.png (189.54 KB, 1456x688, Screen Shot 2023-07-30 at 9.46…)

supermega fans try not to coopt lex's trauma as their own (impossible edition)
also why add that you're nonbinary? it doesn't matter in any context. it surprises me how many genderspeshuls followed supermega.

No. 1873496

Can trannies/enbies not make everything about them for 1 minute?

No. 1873501

Don't forget the white women on twitter crying and making the situation at hand about them by sobbing and everything(racebait)

No. 1873503

sage your shitty post retard

No. 1873506

are we shocked that half of the posts on this subreddit with most upvotes are troons crying about being misgendered? This is all a horrible shit show. Scrotes will be scrotes.

No. 1873515

I really hate that it’s been deviated away from lex and more so
>memes about Matt and Ryan
>memes about more controversies coming out
>IM GONNA BURN MY MERCH /posts picture of their merch with their middle finger in front of it
Like I felt so heartbroken for Lex in her video. It’s just been a dumpster fire with these fans. Granted I know it comes from their anger at the situation, but it seems a lot just like making retarded rage posts at Matt and Ryan and memes

No. 1873541

File: 1690777175840.png (63.4 KB, 711x279, 1.png)

update from ryan's ex gf of six years. i'd imagine tay reached out to her. she posted another update in that post that multiple other people reached out to her, and he was having unprotected sex with them. i really feel awful for her.

No. 1873542

File: 1690777816078.png (95.72 KB, 725x421, 2.png)

sorry, same anon, adding context for last post. matt and zeph are getting the heat when ryan and salina did the same thing i guess

No. 1873549

It’s crazy to me that the subreddit is so heavily twitter leftist leaning but are now sucking off Oneyplays even though they are objectively much more offensive than SM.
Damn, even up until now I figured that the two of them were immature college kids that got poisoned by LA but they’ve always been shit. Poor thing.

No. 1873558

It’s so insane this fucking flabby bag of shit had the gall to text his 6yr relationship girlfriend that the lack of intimacy was ruining it for him when he’s fucking and sexting any loser that will look his way. I hope she got tested after they split

No. 1873578

I don't wanna call him a full blown liar but DD is kind of a schizo with a persecution complex so take his words with a grain of salt. Surprised me he defended Arin and said he was a good boss though

No. 1873580

File: 1690786986777.jpeg (625.39 KB, 1125x1594, IMG_8149.jpeg)

Leighton posted a retraction about misgendering ; Salina is gender fluid

This really is a dumb clusterfuck

No. 1873583

I’m so glad lex will have a bigger platform to promote her furry porn now

No. 1873601

I’d rather her promote furry porn than give rape apologists a platform.
Weird, I saw some scrote on Reddit saying the same thing…

No. 1873607

Kek I called it. Redditors stop defending shitty moids challenge (impossible)

No. 1873610

File: 1690798372338.jpeg (297.38 KB, 828x934, IMG_7856.jpeg)

Ryan slept with his girlfriend who he was cheating on, unprotected, and both of the defensed a rapist but yeah no at least he isn’t a stinky twansphobe uwu

No. 1873612

The subreddit gives me such a headache trying to find milk on there because of posts like this

No. 1873618

Every one of her replies are “well I’m SORRY that as a trans person—“ yeah you should be sorry; sorry that you’re fucking annoying.
>I’m fine with racism, rape apologists, and blatant misogyny but I draw the line at transphobia

No. 1873620

Kek it would be a tif saying this. Bet her dumbass had crushes on them too. I swear their fanbase has always been insufferable

No. 1873627

File: 1690802557101.png (698.16 KB, 1035x762, oneyng.png)

It's hilarious seeing OneyPlays fans gloat about the situation as if those people don't also have skeletons in the closet.
Chris defended Shadman's drawn porn of real children in 2018.

No. 1873629

File: 1690802594102.png (46.67 KB, 333x840, cory folder.png)

Cory drew and posted loli porn in 2019. It was part of a Mediafire folder shared under his "spazdump" alt, seen in a pinned tweet from the account in May of 2019.
Warning for horrendous NSFL art: https://web.archive.org/web/20190501000000*/twitter.com/spazdump

No. 1873630

File: 1690802638560.png (223.45 KB, 1116x855, cory kf.png)

Grooming allegation against Cory from a former friend of Shadman's in a 2021 kiwi post (Cory and Shad once lived together). Dubious but I think it's worth mentioning.
The allegation: https://ghostarchive.org/archive/u9Ixe
The mentioned pictures of Shad: https://ghostarchive.org/archive/q5xcp

No. 1873648

They're all so open about everything, I think that's why a lot of people don't care, it just falls to the side. Similar with casual supermega fans, you wouldn't really know anything that goes on outside of videos unless actively seeking.
This is not news considering he's a porn addicted pervert who is constantly drawing Amy who's officially 8-12, just a hedgehog kek. Even talked about how much he wants her on videos, he's enough of a sperg to be aware of her age

No. 1873653

I like Nami’s content and watch her videos weekly but she can be so extra at times. I know this vlog is kind of old but am using it as an example of what her content entails since it hasn’t changed much. also, she wears ugly shoes in recent vids

No. 1873719

File: 1690815723587.png (204.68 KB, 721x284, retards.PNG)

I'll do a tldr of the responses in a second but fucking hell doesn't this say a lot. 10 mins vs 50 kek

No. 1873725

those faces look scary

No. 1873729

>Apologises for the video taking so long
>Encourages the audience to watch Lex's video
>More so states the same things Lex did about when she talked to them about Don
>Admits that they did ask Don and Lex to talk it out between them but then cut off all contact personally & professionally after the convo
>"I was spineless" KEK
>Admits that he sexted fans
>Says his ex, friends & family had no idea of him sexting fans
>"Since this is my final video"
>Addresses the Daniel jokes, Ryan claims that he never made any light of his death
>Says Daniel's name was brought up for the purpose of drama by someone (Leighton, despite Lex bringing this up first, though she only claimed Matt did this)
>Attention should of all been on Lex
>"I was simply a coward"
This video is just a lot of "I'm sorry" bloat words about hurting others & rewording different ways to say I'm taking accountability and deplatforming myself

No. 1873730

How are these two so gross and ugly? It really surprises me every time

No. 1873732

Nitpick but the two videos being named "My Response- [Name]" tells me that they're still huddling up together and trying to manipulate/play the situation, look at the video lengths. Ryan's being so short and Matt's being so long is probably because they decided that the fans were much more angry with Matt and so he had more groveling and asskissing to do than Ryan did even though they acted like sociopathic conjoined twins in every decision made.

No. 1873746

I will say that people like Stamper and Shadman have been throwing around baseless accusations for a while now. Personally, I don't take much stock in them. Both have substance abuse and mental issues that make me very wary about taking what they say at face value.

No. 1873750

a lot of people are switching sides and supporting them again because leighton 'agreed' with jokes they made (while employed under them).

as if that excuses anything else they did.

No. 1873756

I can’t believe people are genuinely falling for this shit. These people are so fucking stupid

No. 1873761

I'm the anon who said this would get swept under the rug in a few weeks and I was wrong, people are apparently just going to blindly accept their bullshit. All the talk on reddit over never forgiving them and now suddenly it's all "Oh I'm glad they took accountability" and "I hope you can both learn from this" like they're school children. These men don't deserve a dime more for their shit "content" they put out. They both conveniently "owned up to" and "acknowledged" the most convenient parts for them and put the rest behind a curtain of buzzwords people want to hear in order to keep the slop of their favorite bland gamer guys going.

No. 1873762

Swear I thought I sage'd please forgive me nonnies and mods.

No. 1873780

Redditors are starting to flip flop on them now.

I'm pissed because Gus Johnson should have gotten this treatment after his Paymoneywubby interview. Say what you will about the relationship, but he didn't deserve getting thrown out like he did, especially because I like the Gus and Eddy podcast a lot more than anything Super Mega put out. I'm tired of people thinking Sabrina is a innocent lil bean in that drama she's kinda a crazy bitch.

No. 1873781

tranny chasers are usually this ugly

No. 1873784

I hate that Eddy dropped him over it too because his career mattered more. It's way easier to condemn your friend than ride out the drama. Eddy was a fucking nobody before he started hanging with Gus who was already famous from Vine at that point.

No. 1873790

>Reason why there's two different videos is bc they both have different things to say and doing 1 vid with the both of them wouldn't be "efficient"
>Starts by reading Lex's twitter statement
>"We never covered up any sexual assault"
>Don called him crying after creator clash saying he & Lex had broken up, he had no money to go back to Germany so Matt flew him to LA to stay with him. He had no idea about the SA
>Rav told Matt about the SA one night, Matt says he had a hard time accepting this
>Admits neither him or Don understood how serious this was
>Has been in full support of Lex since she told him, but some of things that were said on call where misinterpreted due to not knowing how to talk about this subject
>The "What do you want us to do about it?" question was more so a question of how can we help rather than victim blaming
>Dodges the 'magnum opus' comment, but says yes he did talk about how it could affect the business
>He never had the excuse of 'Don isn't an employee' saying "I don't see the logic in that, that's something I wouldn't of said." (imo this is really weird wording) and instead that claim is also down to misinterpretation at some point
>Text screenshot at 8:35 - Hopes providing context doesn't seem like he's getting defensive
>Scared of confronting Don, then when talking to him, Don gave a completely different story which left them confused. Told him to talk it out
>Text between him and Rav (10:10) shows Rav saying "it seems less serious" (pre-call with Lex) but says Rav then realised and took it more seriously than they did
>After the 4th of July party, he said he had a more indepth and proper talk with Lex about it all and got to properly understand and apologise to her
>He doesn't understand why Lex claimed he never addressed it when he did with her that night, but must not victim blame, so he says it must be hard for her and doesn't blame her for how she feels
>Matt was the one to tell Ross
>They never publicly denounced Don bc Lex never wanted this public and it's not their place to talk about her SA
>"We were scared of confrontation and were cowardly" to cut off Don (scared of who/what? this is a fat german twitter artist)
>Takes responsibility for Lex and Don staying at the office at the same time, he was fed up with Don and had forgotten he said Lex could stay. 14:28 to 14:35 there's text proof
>The 4 of them (Matt, Ryan, Rav & Lex) had poor & miscommunication that's why it was rough for them staying there
>Both parties believed the other was acting cold/ignoring the other
>"After tension arrose we didn't feel like guiding the situation"
>Matt 16:31 reads a text Lex's sent (I'm pretty sure she showed this one in her video too) basically saying sorry for being cold ect (The top of the texts are conveniently cropped) and Matt shows his text apologise but doesn't read it aloud
>The Jim gc was mainly made bc they found them staying there was more of a work issue and Jim was hired to communicate
>Matt says Lex claims she was never allowed to get her stuff (not true, she just said it was hard to) and shows the same texts she showed of her asking to get some stuff
>Rav and Matt rekindled their relationship, and him speaking up recently was shocking
>At 20:55 Matt shows texts between him and Lex, how he thought, like Rav, their relationship had gotten better and there was no tension between them
>Communication between the two of them stopped after Leighton was fired
>Calling Daniel a coward is untrue, not even opening up about his suicide to her. Then talks about how grief for everyone is different, "some of those include anger, if I ever expressed that to Lex, which I firmly believe I did not" (weird wording from him again imo)
>Mentions that Lex brought up his relationships but doesn't address the cheating, etc, insteading moving right on.
>Brings up Morgpie, said he was single and in between relationships, they did sleep together twice & sext. But told her multiple times that this was just a hookup
>Stop contacting her after he got with his current girlfriend
>Shows recent texts from Morgpie where they smoothed everything over (25:34 - 27:34)
>"She name dropped my girlfriend and revealed that we were in a relationship, which wasn't public information. I'm very private about my relationships." KEK
>His ex (Annabel) being brought up has apparently strongly hurt her
>Morgpie apparently lied about talking to his ex, Matt cheating, constantly sexting and not knowing who his current gf is
>They stopped talking after Morgpie became friends with Leighton
>Claims Leighton has been running a campaign to cancel and deplatform Matt & Ryan
>Apparently he had been causing problems at the office with his mood swings & outbursts as well as his performance
>Leighton apparently suggested leaving before he was fired (29:51 for texts)
>$12,000 in severance, they had to hire a special employment attorney (31:11 proof) to do this. Matt claims Leighton was offended by this
>Apparently leighton had been flaunting to friends that he could cancel SuperMega whenever, this was brought up to him in a meeting and he had denied the claim. Matt says this wasn't the first time they've been told Leighton's said that type of thing
>Reestablishes the response to Leighton's claim earlier this year
>Leighton's tone shifted as soon as he was fired, 32:54 texts are shown showing him enjoying the gay jokes
>He also worked at the manufacturing company that did Supermega's merch and the boss there had to tell Leighton to not start drama publically
>Leaked screenshots (35:03) were leaked to Matt from a discord server that was made to hate on Supermega, creating lies about his ex-girlfriend on tumblr and to harass him. Also adds in that the members write underage SA fanfics
>Knows the discord screenshots are real bc they also detail the same knowledge about Leighton's employer
>These screenshots talk about a member having an experience with Ryan (I'm assuming this is the aforementioned tumblr user who sexted Ryan) and wanting to use it to cancel Supermega
>Twomad hates Matt kek
>Leighton's best friend who's also Lex's boyfriend, lied saying he's heard them saying the N word
>Leighton went into a fan's twitter space to drunkenly shit talk Supermega
>Matt says Leighton was obsessed and wouldn't leave them alone, expecting all of his friends to come out, which most of them have.
>Claims Leighton made Lex's story all about himself, saying he finally had the chance to lie & misrepresent everything
>"He tried to throw anything and everything he could possibly think of to see what could stick" … "I think that's pretty obvious and telling of his true motive here."
>His tone now when talking about leighton accusing him of making fun of Daniel is quite angry, saying Leighton has "a complete disregard for caring about suicide and mental health, expect for when it's convenient to use as an excuse, a crutch or a weapon."
>It's true they had complaints about Rav and Lex staying but Leighton also did too (40:01 text proof)
>Leighton never said how uncomfortable he was made by Matt & Ryan exposing themselves around the office and he in fact also participated in this behaviour (40:38 a clip from a christmas podcast is shown where they react to leighton coming in with his dick out)
>Denies ever using the n word in recent years, the chuck E cheese joke has even been done on the channel and on or off video they've never used it in the context of that joke
>Matt says that his ex-girlfriend of 3 years and him broke up after he met and fell for Zeph whilst he was still in that relationship. He was drunk and on shrooms when he confessed to Zeph, feeling guilty for a while he broke it off with Annabel. Zeph and him never had a sexual relationship before getting together
>Jim and Zeph moving in was false, Matt doesn't live with anyone so why would he have to sneak around
>Points out that Leighton's stream was monetized and had a tweet gloating about supermega's downfall
>Asks people to use their common sense and look at the big picture, leighton having a personal vendetta
>Doesn't expect people to uncancel him or flip back to supporting
>Lex's SA story quickly lost the plot and devolved into a dogpile on himself & Ryan, when they weren't initially the focus.

No. 1873791

File: 1690824165582.png (536.65 KB, 1280x720, My Response - Matt 35-5 screen…)

Matt said the Annabel abusing him rumors came from this Discord that Leighton was a part of. Matt went in on Leighton in the video, Rav too, who is Lex's boyfriend and who was one of the reasons Lex was forced to see Don at the Supermega office (will reply with Rav's text)

No. 1873792

That hideous faggot looks like he’s dying of aids. How the fuck is he not a virgin

No. 1873794

File: 1690824320210.png (193.03 KB, 854x480, My Response - Matt 14-33 scree…)

Here you see Rav saying he's part of 'big brother'ing Don

No. 1873799

Leighton wasn't apart of the discord, Matt words it odd, but these discord screenshots where leaked to him. Rav isn't Lex's boyfriend either, Matt shows a tweet from Lex's boyfriend who's Ethan @peethanonline on twitter.

No. 1873800

Wasn't there a Game Grumps employee that had problems with Super Mega and tried to cancel them before or is that also Leighton.

No. 1873803

Thanks for the clarification these men's relationships are so messy.

No. 1873805

Basically all I got from this is that Matt Supermega is a manipulative faggot who is past his prime and doesn't actually want to take any responsibility.

No. 1873806

Someone talking about Nami? Never thought I'd see her on lolcow, but I agree. Girl is so extra, but her old content was like, "I'm enjoying my life in a high-femme way without a moid." There were occasions where she would say something like "this is my life living alone I have to put my furniture together by myself", but it never came across as desperate for a partner.
Tinfoil, but does it feel like the last few travel vlogs she's done, there has been someone with her? Always looks like there are two settings when she's going out, dining in her hotel, etc.

No. 1873807

File: 1690825545253.jpg (23.2 KB, 500x377, c03e5f67d9219c331a2b0a6a9a8425…)

Youtube moids must have the biggest egos for them to ALWAYS sext/hook up with fans and think that it'll never come out and ruin them.

No. 1873815

Matt yes, but this literally also applies to Leighton as well. He used a woman's sexual assault for his personal anti-supermega tirade.(they fired him for being a bpd mess)

No. 1873817

thank you for your efforts anon, I can't sit through 50 minutes of that.

I'm just not surprised. I've liked supermega for years but I'm just not surprised that another YT man (two men, actually) is doing shitty things. who's next. ugh. I need to watch more female creators.

No. 1873822

samefag, nonnie. maybe a based nonnie here has a list of good woman-creators? I know of a few youtubers, but so many are handmaidens that it's hard to tell who is worth watching without sinking hours of time. Especially on the gaming side of youtube.

No. 1873828

Leighton is an asshole and an idiot. He keeps lying, exaggerating and piggybacking off other people. Matt and Ryan are assholes, you dont need to overdo it to make a point, and you DEFINITELY dont need to overtake a rape victims narrative to take down people you now hate. He is actually making everyone else seems less legit by spewing his bullshit because alot of the things he says doesnt add up, and then people are going to think actual legit accusations are also not true. Leighton is shooting himself and the other people involved in this in the foot

No. 1873837

Youtube moids tend to suffer from what I call late bloomer fuckboy syndrome: they didn't get much (if any) attention from women until they got a following so they decide to use it to their advantage while they're still relevant, thinking they're invincible now that their pasty asses finally got a taste of popularity. It's incredible how they can watch their peers get called out for the same shit they do over and over again and still think it's not gonna happen to them.

No. 1873851

ofc some male is using girls assault to gain something for himself. People were more upset that some creator misgendered someone than that he was buddy buddy with a predator because a "little small boy" was crying about it on stream lol and turned out this whole misgendering was made up

No. 1873858

Capping for a moid who emotionally and verbally abused his girlfriend because you “like his show more”? Yikes.

No. 1873860

File: 1690833506439.jpeg (218.56 KB, 828x441, IMG_7866.jpeg)

Lex is the one who told Leighton to speak up.

Matt never addressed filming Leighton piss, either.

No. 1873861

I'm so happy to see pewds and marzia with their baby and just happy and comfy in life, away from all these other yt weirdos

No. 1873863

I don't really know supermega apart from that one 'perfectly cut screams' clip where the skinny one says "what's cooking good looking? a little roasted vegetables never hurt anybody" and then the other guy throws a hot pan of vegetables in his face and he does a scream which is perfectly cut

No. 1873877

the scream is funny, I must admit

No. 1873878

I’ve genuinely found a lot of their content enjoyable over the years and the podcast has been a favorite of mine. Both apologies were good but…they didn’t EXCUSE certain things.

No. 1873882

I really liked Supermega for a while but down the line you get the hints they really are just some moids and this really shows that. Also was he referring to Chai in the anti-supermega discord thing?

No. 1873883

Why does Colleen look like Alice Llani on meth in the OP

No. 1873896

No. 1873905

Yasss, this vlog is so obvious! And she mentions “we” throughout it and a lot of people were catching on in the comments but as of recently, she no longer mentions “we” and keeps most of the focus on her. I think she still wants to keep the ‘stronk independent wahmen who don’t need no man!’ vibe but what’s the point anymore? I’m starting to think the extra-ness is attention whoring and validation. I’ll still watch tho

No. 1873943

no, anon. any youtuber is prone to idiocy because the profession attracts narcs. This whole website is dedicated to shitting on cringe female creators.

No. 1873944

File: 1690842607695.jpeg (262.92 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_5938.jpeg)

Chai hasn’t written supermega fanfiction in like three years AND wasn’t in the discord. She stopped when she started to hate the content whereas the rest of us, INCLUDING us who knew him IRL, just started openly hating him. Neither him nor leighton were in the fanfic server

No. 1873952

I'm ngl I'm still weirded out by Zeph lol. So did she know that Matt was with Annabel then?

No. 1873970

What’s Matt like irl?

No. 1873974

Did he? I always heard he was maybe a bad boyfriend but they were both in a shitty situation especially for her, that was stressful for both of them and he wanted to end it and she didn't. Go watch the interview Gus did with Paymoneywubby you shouldn't just blindly believe what one side says.

No. 1873977

He confessed he kissed and confessed to Zeph before he broke up with Annabel and implied it wasn’t as bad as actually sex cheating. Which makes things fuzzy because he said he hooked up with Morgpie right after he broke up with Annabel and before he and Zeph got together. It’s messy af

Cheating is never the solution though regardless

No. 1873980

No. 1873983

Gus never cheated on Sabrina wtf are you on

No. 1873988

I watched his interview, still didn't change my mind.

Like >>1873983 said, Gus never cheated. He did however treat Sabrina horribly during the pregnancy loss and following health problems that she suffered through because of it. But for some reason, prior Gus Johnson fans love to paint him as some 'uwu good boy' who can do no wrong.

Telling your girlfriend, who had just lost a pregnancy in a traumatic way, "No one else would put up with you like I am" is pretty fucking shitty in my eyes.

No. 1873992

that interview fucking sucked and none of it justified how he treated his girlfriend during a life threatening ectopic pregnancy.

No. 1873993

But in his video he said he kissed Zeph and fell for her while still with Annabel. Zeph should have known they were together.

No. 1873994

lmao imagine thinking PayMoneyWubby's videos are a trustworthy source. of course gus was going to defend himself and make himself look better. maybe he shouldn't have been a piece of shit and it would've worked.

No. 1873997

I think the Gus Johnson drama should have stayed offline because it seems like a shitty experience for everyone involved. Sabrina didn't have to drag Gus and his career down, their relationship was over. It was probably scary for everyone which doesn't excuse Gus but I stil think its one of the least heinous things someone has been cancelled for. I feel like most people have the potential to be a bad SO depending on the circumstances and she knew that talking about it was going to bring flak towards Gus which is shitty inexcusable manipulative behavior.

No. 1873998

And Gus didn't have to treat her so terribly during a serious health problem. Please, continue to tell us how Gus is the victim of her 'inexcusable manipulative behaviour'.

No. 1873999

He didn't, and she didn't have to drag him on the internet publicly. See how this works? The whole drama is retarded and everybody involved is retarded. It doesn't mean that people deserve to be slandered.

No. 1874001

I think that if you are an internet personality or a famous person, you are automatically putting yourself out to the public–being dragged was his fault. Don't be a shitty person and you won't be exposed, simple as that.

No. 1874002

Gus Johnson is a faggot and got what he deserved.

No. 1874003

I understand what you're saying, I just think that everyone jumped the gun and gave him too hard of a punishment. Yeah he was shitty but people ditched him over it which is a bit rough and shows how fickle youtuber friendgroups are.

No. 1874007

People ditched him for being a shitty person. They didn’t do it just because he was cancelled and it was a bandwagon.

Gus brought it all on himself, Sabrina just exposed it. He is not a victim here.

No. 1874064

File: 1690861996803.jpeg (118.98 KB, 828x321, IMG_7869.jpeg)

The Supermega fans that are leftover from this are all incels or just plain retarded. The new theory is that Lex is being manipulated and coerced by Leighton in some grand scheme to take Supermega down for firing him.

Incels simply cannot accept that they protected their rapist friend.

No. 1874068

Sabrina didn’t even expose him. she made a video about a very traumatic, horrible event in her life and mentioned that her partner at the time (not even naming him) was not supportive and she felt alone. if he didn’t want his fans to put two and two together, maybe he shouldn’t have been a dick in the first place.

No. 1874110

Anyone who makes it their brand to be a leftist soft guy will cut any "friend" at the drop of a hat to preserve their image. Breadtube girls do it to any female colleague who is suspected of terfism too

No. 1874129

It’s so true that the fans that are left are a bunch of retarded low IQ males. I don’t think Supermega will be a thing anymore, it seems Ryan is stepping away.

No. 1874158

File: 1690885356311.jpg (536.76 KB, 1079x1734, Screenshot_2023-08-01-05-23-14…)

Plagued moth's channel was reinstated.

No. 1874169

What happened with him ?

No. 1874236

File: 1690896816996.jpeg (152.15 KB, 1125x1776, IMG_7371.jpeg)

Saw this on twitter, from the sm discord allegedly

No. 1874237

File: 1690896847009.jpeg (66.83 KB, 1125x592, IMG_7372.jpeg)

No. 1874240

Samefag I completely forgot to mention this is regarding Leighton’s stream. He’s off of social media right now per Lex’s request

No. 1874244

I can’t rationalize that moids are really just this evil and depraved, he’s gotta be a demon or some shit. If hell was real I’d hope he share a cell with Albert Fish and Gacy. Not so he can be tortured or anything, just so he has to spend the rest of eternity listening to two extremely annoying pedophiles. They could prank him with whoopee cushion and pies in the face and Plague cries himself to sleep thinking he’s the most pathetic person somehow out of 2 murdering pedos. Ok I don’t know where I’m going with my autism I just woke up.

No. 1874260

I don't know if she's a handmaiden but I quite love tangomushi
>He didn't
What makes you say that considering he said some fucked up shit to her during one of the hardest times of her life? Not being the worst moid on YouTube doesn't make this OK. Most people would choose to remain friends with the wife over the husband in that situation, YouTube or not

No. 1874265

I think that’s just a Gus fangirl or a moid. I’m assuming the letter because no one with a uterus would see a woman going through a horrific pregnancy, being verbally abused and unsupported by her partner, and say “well, he didn’t do anything that bad, she shouldn’t have said anything!”

No. 1874386

Yeah this is exactly why I dont get why people are defending Leighton in here. I think we can all agree it was completely valid of him to say he felt uncomfortable in the workspace he was in and that his employers didnt respect him. Its also great he supports Lex and explained his side of the whole thing. But he went WAY too far and began saying stupid shit, literally lying or making shit up and going on a complete tangent because he hates Matt and Ryan now. Dont get me wrong, Matt and Ryan most definitely deserved to be dragged, but people are not going to take it seriously when you go on a full manic bpd rant about shit that isnt relevant that makes you seem less credible

No. 1874410

Leighton shot himself in the foot—there’s literal scrotes in the supermega Reddit wishing death on himself (but yknow, their favs are uwu innocent boys! not nearly 30 year old manchildren!)

No. 1874412

Again, it’s just telling that the leftover fans are just literal retard men that are dicksucking Matt and Ryan (they’re literally asking if supermega will keep going like clearly not? Men are retarded.)

No. 1874415

What gets me is regardless of if Leighton was okay with it, flashing your cock and balls to your employees is fucking weird.

No. 1874430

Honestly. I think Matt has some bi tendencies or whatever. Makes sense he doesn’t treat women in his life well

No. 1874435

Im not trying to defend Matt and Ryan being fucking weirdos but Leighton also flashed his cock and balls several times. That whole workplace was like a huge nightmare frat house and had no work ethic at all, no wonder it went south

No. 1874444

I keep seeing that claim but Leighton was wearing underwear and a towel during that podcast episode.

I think we can all agree on something here: fuck Don and his fat fucking piece of shit lard ass.

No. 1874478

Someone who is Leightons friend irl is most definitely lurking and writing in this thread lol

No. 1874480

Are you talking about >>1874444 ? Because if so, that’s me, and I am simply a Canadian who has no connection to this besides being a former Supermega fan.

No. 1874481

Sage for off topic but I was watching destiny react to Sabrina’s video and he is such an incel about it, she’s talking about how she almost died and he is like “she’s so dramatic.” Then the comment section WOOF

No. 1874670

>Bjorn (Pewdiepie and Marzia's kid) is bjorn

No. 1875013

File: 1691003632777.png (389.68 KB, 601x629, mini pat.png)

They're more streamers than youtubers now but Pat and Paige's Patlet was born. Paige said when she first announced her pregnancy that she wouldn't post pictures of the baby anywhere because creeps and pedos exist and I think that's smart, it blows my mind how eager streamers and youtubers are to show off their baby to the whole internet.

No. 1875045

File: 1691007104908.jpg (245.1 KB, 601x629, kek.jpg)

>>1875013 i absolutely 100% agree with your statement nonna but that's his head shopped onto the baby kek

No. 1875052

Lmaooooo nonnie that baby's 'face' is the Dads face pasted on it, think you might need glasses

No. 1875057

What about my post made either of you think I thought that was the actual baby, I literally said they weren't going to post pictures of their baby…

No. 1875060

This goes back to how terrible the reading comprehension is on here kek. I swear, I see the dumbest infighting and people quick to go uhm akshually. Anyway, good on them for taking the step not to explicitly post pictures of the baby.

No. 1875841

File: 1691118869537.jpeg (38.71 KB, 1170x217, 9AADA0E7-E294-4F71-94D7-0795B5…)

There are rumors going around the subreddit that Supermega is done for good.

No. 1875858

Wtf is this moral panic of omg don't post a picture of a baby (where you can only see the head) because pedos and creeps!1!! Anons have been getting real weird about it the past year or so. It's like being in a fucking qanon group.

No. 1875861

Pat editing his face onto Pat: The Sequel will never not crack me up. Good for them!

No. 1875862

File: 1691123182542.jpg (1.1 MB, 2598x4458, 1690920543706.jpg)

Because of shit like this (these comments were under a video showing a toddler trying to perform CPR for context)

No. 1875866

Sorry for the late, milkless reply, I'll drop some links and related videos tomorrow if anyone's curious. If you go on YouTube and search "plagedmoth drama" you'll see all of it. From what I understand another YouTuber (slimebeast and creepy reading) started calling him out, CR jumped on that, mostly their issue was that he was selling access to uncensored gore on Patreon, and then another channel and him went back and forth for several multi-hour videos, and his discord (where he was posting gore) and his patreon got reported and suspended. I think he was also accused to having access to CSEM but those seem rescinded, as the footage referenced in those accusations was likely pulled from a 60 minutes documentary. Not that I am defending any of that disgusting moids behavior, it just seemed to be a big claim that happened to be wrong. Regardless, I feel sorry for his kids, I hope they aren't fully aware of what their dad does for fun on YouTube.

TLDR; YouTube autism slapfight; Patreon and discord reported and taken down for hosting gore, which is against both service's TOS as far as I understand.

No. 1875900

Everyone there is crying now that the whole subreddit (expectedly) switched up to side with SuperMega. 0 class.

No. 1875925

Paige said on her pregnancy announcement stream that she had personal experience with someone in her life being a pedophile, and she said tons of innocent pictures of normal babies from instagram and facebook were found on his hard drive (especially pictures of them eating and pictures of their feet). Having personal experience probably made her more prudent about it but I think it's smart for a parent to do either way. Obviously you can't protect your kid from everything but why provide material to pedos when you literally don't have to.

The kid will probably be short af but it would be very funny if Pat 2 gets some recessive tall genes and ends up towering over his parents lmao

No. 1875929

The moralization or showing your child to a sea of strangers in the internet is fucking disgusting. Let your kids have privacy.

No. 1875952

You're right, she's such a bitch for not prioritizing a mans feelings after losing her baby. Such an evil woman who dared to speak up about her abusive bf.

No. 1875971

the deets are that brittany shits on mina because she criticizes capitalism.(sage your shit)

No. 1875974

File: 1691152882586.jpg (463.73 KB, 1080x1606, Screenshot_2023-08-03-23-46-25…)

Same anon, plagued moth offering to get in a maid outfit for his degenerate audience because "moneys tight".

No. 1876037

This disgusting moid is SO MISOGYNISTIC. He's not only an old ass disgusting degenerate who thinks he's gender fluid (why? because sometimes you want to put a skirt and remake the porn that you saw and made you as insensitive to porn as you are to gore?) but also misogynistic and keeps saying that females who died in his videos must have DESERVED (i remember one video where he says the woman deserved for having acted as she acted, i don't remember very well), and he also said that Bianca Devins was dumb and insinuated that she deserved what she got. He's a gender-fluid, father incel. Biggest retard in youtube for sure.

No. 1876122

Kek imagine your father making videos saying women deserve to be murdered only to expose himself in women's fetish wear when he needs money

No. 1876235

I saw a tiktok a few weeks back of one of those moms who films the meals her toddler aged daughter eats and what they are.
It was a slideshow, and one image the child was shirtless and had little censor bars where her nipples would be.

That tiktok had significantly more saves on it then any regular one.

No. 1876250

An influencer I follow posted an Instagram story about how disgusted she was upon finding out, due to having to go through the tags for a client, that women intentionally post fetish content under breastfeeding tags and including their baby in the image. Definite sideeye for anyone who posts their children in any state of undress (or with them in a state of undress) on 2023 internet where a million pedos could see it within 24 hours. I think posting faces is ok in that it's not intentionally harmful, but unfortunately still used for deepfake/ai porn by freaks.

No. 1876251

The fact they are just out there in the open like this, revolting

No. 1876305

I dunno nonna, could be the fact that nearly every pedo caught with CP nowadays also has terabytes of photos of regular kids they stole off social media.

No. 1876341

didn't that face tatted degenerate podcaster and his wife who's a porn star post a picture with their kid breastfeeding (with her topless) on their OF? i cannot believe shit like that isn't illegal or at least against TOS.

No. 1876346

adam22 and lenatheplug and she did yeah

No. 1876696

i was surprised to see john wolfe post so many pics and videos of his new baby. i expected him to be against that kind of thing.

No. 1876836

Not surprising to me, man was ready to wear full out troon outfits and makeup. I don’t think he cares if his child’s face is online

No. 1876863

with newborns it's more of a "well the kid cannot consent and may later resent having baby pictures out there on the internet" thing. i personally think newborn pictures that aren't in the bath or only with a diaper on seem fine to post but i was born in the 90s and i've never had to deal with such a concept as my parents posting baby pics all over social media.

No. 1876936

File: 1691292100161.jpeg (271.68 KB, 768x495, IMG_0503.jpeg)

>Lex and her partner EthanIsOnline do a stream celebrating the downfall of Supermega.
I wasnt able to watch much of it but they basically just get high and shit talk.

No. 1876939

The whole situation has become a dumpster fire and frankly I’ve become burnt out from trying to follow it all. I feel bad for Lex, but it seems like everyone around her is shitty and weird

No. 1876989

Im beginning to be suspicious of lex aswell…it seems that every bad thing is happening to her…and I thought she didn't want to make the matters worse so why is she streaming this? This seems so suspicious..I really don't want to doubt victims but her actions are making me feel..skeptical about her other claims(except the SA)

No. 1876993

Here’s my perspective
She is a victim of SA, but she’s a bad person for doing this

No. 1877002

Being a victim doesn't mean you aren't a bad person. Anyone can fall into something bad, but still also be rotten to the core. I'm starting to have my doubts too and I really hope she didn't weaponize her assault to destroy SuperMega.

No. 1877127

File: 1691331420972.jpeg (386.82 KB, 1666x2048, 9XGFe6D.jpeg)


after the initial hysteria died down and evidence against lex and leighton's claims came forward, the consensus has been that while lex obviously was assaulted, a lot of it looks like it was to specifically hurt supermega

lex's boyfriend, ethan, is one of leighton's best friends, so the 3 of them are tightly knit in the situation, and were very quick to jump on the bandwagon of spewing bullshit irrelevant to lex's sa. lex's statement itself was primarily about matt and ryan

one of lex's biggest lies was claiming that she and rav were homeless at the hands of matt and ryan, while in reality she and rav were living in the supermega office for months for free. she claimed they were struggling to find housing but at the time was spending all her money on weed, uber eats, trips, and a $20k jeep

the entire situation is a lot of hurt feelings and personal vendettas. instead of the focus being lex's sa, the entire thing was turned into misgrievances they had against matt and ryan, including exaggerations or flat out lies

No. 1877157

probably because he wants the praise and attention

re: lex updog i feel bad for her, she's a victim and did not deserve this but she's eerily similar to my ex friend who became an enby, right down to posting thirst traps for moid eyes then wondering why she only attracts shitty coomers. i'm not trying to blame her but you can't trust moids or being alone with one especially posting the pics she does on her twitter accs. >>1877127 like this pic is absolutely nothing compared to what i saw after looking at hers for 5 minutes. her art is coomer furry shit too.

No. 1877179

as someone who was actually struggling with homeless/poverty in the past, riding around in a brand new jeep in LA that takes more gas to fuel than a truck, buying more weed than u can smoke, buying tons of uber eats, and going on regular road trips to take cosplay pics all while not having to work is complete and utter shit. what happened with her and don sucks but its clear she is doing absolutely everything she can for clout, wanting supermega and the fans to baby her and let her just live in LA rent free. it feels like she dosnt even care what happens to dom at this point and is just in it for the supermega downfall. on a side note the "work" she did at the super mega plex was scribbling shitty doodles akin to a 13 year old on tumblr and taking onlyfans pics. the whole situation is just shitty and it shouldnt have been career ending for them.

No. 1877196

Supermega can continue as-is if they feel like it. Nobody ended their career but them. They can film truck simulator and podcasts for an eternity and rake in 10s of thousands of dollars on patreon doing nothing. the people who cared about what they did already left. i think they are shitty bosses and gross people but that's pretty much any let's player so im sure they'd be fine. i can't stand any of these people at this point tbh.

No. 1877227

I don't think Supermega is coming back. It would be hard to want to make content for people that so quickly resorted to straight up personal attacks about appearances or past traumatic events in their life. The actual mob mentality is insane.

No. 1877252

Let’s be real though, who is left as the vocal majority? Most are incels who started “supporting” supermega just as a fuck you to Lex.

No. 1877264

>>1877252 I had most supermega fans in two categories: 1. women in their 20s who outgrew them in the past couple of years and 2. new teenage fanboys. The latter is who remains.

the subreddit is a parasocial incel dickriding contest crying about supermega is 'cancelled' even though they have plenty of support and money. maybe it's not the support they want but it's the fanbase they cultivated.

No. 1877268

pretty spot on coming from someone in the former

No. 1877269

Exactly kek. I loved supermega but over time stopped watching them. The subreddit is ass because it’s just the cringe incel fans leftover

No. 1877342

File: 1691358265284.jpeg (46.32 KB, 534x680, IMG_7490.jpeg)

Leafy looking as ugly on the outside as he is on the inside. Twink death at its finest.

No. 1877347

when i saw this on yt earlier i felt sick. he looks like he streams 24/7, pisses in plastic bottles near his desk, doesn't know what a shower is, and jerks off to loli hentai.

No. 1877350

File: 1691358972750.jpg (7.73 KB, 301x167, what.jpg)

kurtis conner, greasy white probably-pedo commentary scrote #51, partnered up with an app called "worlds" to create a virtual kurtistown. apparently, it has awful customization, nothing to do, hideous graphics, and most importantly, is something he'd make fun of anyone else for doing. something about him fills me with such rage, so i'm glad it's flopping, kek.

No. 1877353

He was always ugly and has a weak af chin and girly weak bone structure. I’m surprised when people are surprised when dudes who look like him and Matthew Broderick inevitably look fucking awful as they approach 30-35

No. 1877358

gonna need to see the before in order to believe this beast was ever twink enough to experience a twink death

No. 1877360

while i used to like leafy and started to dislike idubbbz when he went after leafy alongside h3h3 i never found him attractive, just didn't expect him to look this rough. he definitely hasn't been taking care of himself. his hair looks so thin it's balding already. he can't be 30 yet.

he always appeared slightly chubby to me but maybe i am bone rattling.

No. 1877380

funny you mention kurtis, he interviewed a singer/music producer who cannot sing whatsoever and is WAY too confident about it, but instead of clowning on him he handled him with kid gloves because he's very obviously autistic and spoiled by his parents who never told him he sucked.
god forbid ONE PERSON tell this dunning kruger incarnate that he sings like shit…) nooo you'll hurt the aspie's little feelings!!
it just pisses me off that he cherry picks who he bullies based on what his fans deem acceptable.

No. 1877407

he also got Swell Entertainment to do a video on it??? like it just seems so stupid and tryhard.

No. 1877417

File: 1691367299735.png (483.46 KB, 830x617, Leafy.png)

He always looked like a butch lesbian to me kek Dude is only 28 and his hair already looks like it's thinning. Woof.

No. 1877438

the twink to lard ass pipeline, straight out of nikocado's playbook.

No. 1877453

File: 1691372844974.png (713.72 KB, 1792x1030, hacked (by a 13 y:o?).png)

her video wasn't favorable yet still took a mild stance on it (as she does in all videos she makes, from what i've watched), so i'm not sure if he commissioned her to do it.
kurtis seems to know his fanbase thinks this is two-faced since he's deleted the promos for it on twitter and instagram. it's not milky, but a huge issue with it is that it is extremely unmoderated and prone to hacking: picrel, with slurs restored from his subreddit's screenshots. i just hate his humor so much that i am reveling in his zoomer fanbase finally seeing he's not the uwu-soft-boy he tries to come across as.

No. 1877471

File: 1691376088041.png (2.64 MB, 1125x1721, File.png)

Something nice for a change, I suppose

No. 1877472

Is he wasian?

No. 1877473

why do so many mistake him for this lol? Do they confused him with noel? hes white as can be

No. 1877476

disturbing to think anyone from lolcow actually likes these people. kelsey is the biggest pickme in the world and cody is clearly a misogynist

No. 1877477

nitpick, but why does she feel the need to brush her already very flat hair on stream? it was something I couldn’t help but notice and be annoyed in her “expose” video too.

I am glad someone else sees this. when she was going off am off about how poor her and what’s his name were homeless and had to still stay at that “bad place” and were supposed trying all hard to make money to get away from it, it just sounded like some retarded bullshit. also, I am sorry but her excuse to move so far away was because “something bad happened at home” and it was just her dog dying? only dumb people move to a place they can’t afford because of that.

disturbing. he wasn’t a looker but at least he didn’t look as offensive before.

No. 1877481

they were talking about leafy not cody ko to be clear. and prob people think that cause he has the hooded upper eyelid thing thats usually east asian. but it can be a niche trait with nordic europeans think bjork so leafy could just be super duper lief erikson white

No. 1877488

File: 1691380353261.jpeg (23.21 KB, 310x157, IMG_5882.jpeg)

Yes his mom is Asian

No. 1877496

File: 1691382782631.png (19.69 KB, 720x246, Leafy on Twitter.png)

He can be based sometimes.(sage your shit)

No. 1877507

Seems like a lot of youtubers are popping out babies this year (Dunkey, PewDiePie, Danny Gonzalez, Frank James, Scott Cramer) coincidence or not?

No. 1877521

I don't have anything against Kelsey but she legitimately looks like fucking Gollum to me I'm sorry

No. 1877522

>>1877417 ah it makes sense why he bullies people it cause he looks like that. Man needs a head shave and a workout routine asp

No. 1877523

File: 1691389743329.jpg (237.06 KB, 845x1121, 514de2476c3f1e30a852b56aabf8ad…)

this is AI, right? The pic he posted looks like this. He probably got chubby but not that chubby.

No. 1877542

i miss colleen(non-contribution bump)

No. 1877545

And now she's about to become a boymom, truly nightmarish

No. 1877552

Oh my god get over yourself.
ACK the crime of being a "pick me" and the baseless accusation of misogyny! That poor child is surely done for!
Let me tell you, considering they're LA people it could've been so much worse.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1877555

they're in their early 30s which is generally when people start having kids in the west rn
A lot of these youtubers started posting at 16-17

No. 1877558

What? You think they planned this together or something?

No. 1877569

Yeah, they're almost all peers age wise so it's really not that weird. It's fairly common actually.

Was thinking the same. Someone's biggest crime being somewhat annoying does not mean they're going to be terrible parents. I know this is lolcow but some of you need to stop being so dramatic.

No. 1877571

File: 1691407442837.png (207.78 KB, 491x280, tana literally started pumping…)

hate tana mongeau (like any normal personal) but finding out that cody ko fucked her while she was underage is always disturbing to me. they even collabed publicly on youtube before she was 18, it is not a secret, she has talked about it many times and since his brand is being bland youtube guy he never adressed it.
im not subscribed anymore but if i see something in my home page i'll watch and then some kinda sexist but not really comment will make me remember then i feel really bad. he's a frat boy rapist, with frat boy rapist friends (google Colby Leachman) and i cant ever see him as anything else even when i try to forget i know it. also noel is SOOOOOO unfunny once you are over kody lol.
idk providing actual milk since people think kelsey being annoying is more cowish.

No. 1877574

jesus he himself isnt a "fratboy rapist", chill
and i dont think it was ever initially explicitly stated that she was 18, he was just lumped in w some other dude which muddied the waters a bit
then iirc im pretty sure she backtracked on some other pod to claim that she was 18, which is still gross but legal at least

also i sorta dgaf i dunno. i still watch him and tmg and whatever(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1877575

can't lie, this painted him in a new light for me

No. 1877587

the age gap is still gross as hell (he was like 26 when she was 18) but cody (and noel) being friends with a convicted rapist is much more damning in my eyes.

No. 1877590

you would think more people would have gotten pregnant during the pandemic. but this year is like mating season for everyone. hell, i’m pregnant and i know at least 10 other women who are too. it’s insane.

No. 1877596

learn to integrate and stop defending a sexist loser

No. 1877632

File: 1691421414805.jpeg (60.02 KB, 720x1280, IMG_7489.jpeg)

He posted this as well, I don’t know why he’d use AI to make himself look worse

No. 1877710

Isn't sex with underage people statutory rape

No. 1877773

nearly obese, thinning hair, poorly groomed. looks like asian andy

No. 1877782

>believing tana mongo about literally anything ever
Absolutely retarded.

No. 1877784

imagine actually managing to look worse and more of a sex pest than idubbbz. incredible.

No. 1877895

I meant somebody else probably used AI to "complete" the image based on the one he posted, you can tell around the fingers on his face.

No. 1877967

People don't usually end up like her or Trisha without some molestation. I'm not gonna believe mongoose about taxes/drugs/conventions/anything else but can I believe the adult moids she was hanging around when she was underage took advantage of her obvious instability and the fact no one would believe her? Yeah, they're moids. Of course they're way more likely to fuck an underage girl if she's also publicly known as a serial liar. Anyways, I can see the rape in Cody ko's dead shark eyes without needing to be told, I have a survival instinct

No. 1877998

woman you are cringe. "I have a survival instinct" get the fuck outta here, and dont be on the streets after 7pm(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1878009


No. 1878050

hngggghh talk more(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1878076

File: 1691501369916.jpg (35.29 KB, 200x200, 1656645644978.jpg)

Holy shit my sides, he looks so fucking gross now. This is the fate of every commentator/drama youtuber, he's actually starting to resemble turkey tom now.

No. 1878086

Sheeesh I knew something was fishy when noel didn't want to joke about Andrew tate while they insult women all the time. They got backlash for it on the podcast and as a pussy they said they didn't wanted to joke so it wont anger the fans(the tainters)

No. 1878218

So wtf is happening with Matt and Ryan as of now?

No. 1878226

Lex seems really malleable mentally. Like she’ll just go along with whatever to appease anyone without actually thinking. I feel bad for her because most people like that never really get out of that mindset. Everyone in the SM sphere seems to be pretty scummy in some way honestly.
Right now they’re probably still done. I used to really like Supermega but their content has been stale for like two years at this point. I bet they’ll work on other people’s channels but stay out of the spotlight for a long time of not forever.

No. 1878228

File: 1691524472023.jpg (27.34 KB, 445x250, yuck2.jpg)

this is old but gross boogie is dating a 20 year old he met at 19

No. 1878229

File: 1691524494797.png (32.14 KB, 582x362, ewwww.png)

No. 1878231

File: 1691524543410.jpg (59.83 KB, 250x342, gross.jpg)

She has a troubled home life, and she moves in with a 50 year old man and his roommate. Boogie is disgusting

No. 1878252

his weird ass chiclet veneers still trigger my fight or flight.

No. 1878293

>troubled home life

Ah the perfect fit for fat predatory males

No. 1878426

File: 1691549394985.jpg (225.74 KB, 716x1047, Screenshot_20230808_195232_X.j…)

TeamFourStar as well as LittleKuriboh are in some deep shit.

(To no surprise) Housing pedos and abusers and protecting them. It's always the most progressive and loudest people who have skeletons in their closets. Iirc, takahata101 got in some deep shit with that one v-tuber video talking about AAVE with a bunch of other people.
Here is the google docs link

KaiserNeko has responded immediately.
Here is his response

No. 1878442

He looks terrifying with those fucking veneers.

Well, when the "I WAS GROOMED BY BOOGIE2988" video/twitlonger in 3 or so years wonder if that will be the actual final nail in this disgusting moid's XXXL coffin

No. 1878449

File: 1691552292016.png (272.26 KB, 497x309, Screen Shot 2023-08-08 at 9.39…)

he had sugar babies for years. now hes in a relationship with a 20 year old that looks exactly like his ex wife (albeit obviously younger). creepy narc guy, he trashed his ex wife for so long.
no wonder he went for a lookalike to harass her again. he likely still has sugar babies though knowing scrotes…

No. 1878494

i can't believe any woman would touch that nasty beast.

No. 1878499

I don't think any would if unless she was desperate..I think she maybe a sugar baby..or someone who wanted money desperately

No. 1878509

Predatory males truly are no different from predators in the wild. She's the antilope that has been so thoroughly abused that she has (psychologically) separated herself from the herd and from a sense of normal belonging; deep within his being he 100 % knows that no normal 20 y/o would want him, but he also knows that if he doesn't take advantage of this situation he isn't going to get the false sense of superiority that comes with announcing to the internet that his gf is younger and hotter than him. When you're old, obese and you have ED, those small, faux status victories against other males are all you've got, hence why old rich men have golddigger girlfriends.

No. 1878535

I knew KiaserNeco was a furry who retweeeted gay cartoon porn, so this is not surprising.

No. 1878567

Of course anyone still willingly working with Kirbopher is up to some bullshit. Him being abusive is the first thing that comes to most people's mind when they hear about him.

No. 1878575

File: 1691590738454.jpg (68.11 KB, 598x952, 3HG1kg0fQ7.jpg)

I know she is 20 but she looks like a child and that makes it so so so much more disgusting.

No. 1878577

File: 1691590841505.jpg (19 KB, 380x250, 5220267-a4217ff978d7a5735b537e…)

I am vomit

No. 1878633

File: 1691597735856.jpg (81.99 KB, 720x807, Screenshot_20230809-121912_Chr…)

Lil Tay (14 i believe) and her brother (apparently) have died. I feel so bad for Lil Tay I heard she abused/forced to play that character wtf

No. 1878641

its been a while but i remember there was some custody issues between her parents. her dad was extremely against her social media presence and she had to move back in with him. i wonder if its a cover up so she can live normally again? idk.
extremely sad if its true, she was so young and her brother & mother exploited her for money.

No. 1878666

>i wonder if its a cover up so she can live normally again? idk.
I hope that's the truth, I would probably do the same thing,(there were a lot of grown ass men sexualizing her)

No. 1878686

oh my god that's horrific. wtf? i really hope it is just a cover so she can lead a normal life. that is so sad and awful. that poor kid was taken advantage of nearly her whole life

No. 1878692

Wow, the look is night and day. I'm sure he probably gained more weight during the covid lockdowns like a few of us did. But he always came off as a shut-in who only ever left his house for food runs or seeing family so I can't say it's surprising he put on a good amount of weight. It happens when you live a heavy sedentary lifestyle.

No. 1878756

File: 1691612721846.png (116.15 KB, 754x969, Capture.PNG)



>Only adding to the mystery on Wednesday, Claire’s former manager Henry Tsang said he couldn’t confirm her or her brother’s deaths.

>“I have been in communication with individuals who have an intimate understanding of the family’s situation,” Tsang said in a statement to The Daily Beast. “Given the complexities of the current circumstances, I am at a point where I cannot definitively confirm or dismiss the legitimacy of the statement issued by the family.”

No. 1878788

File: 1691617059956.png (149.9 KB, 1555x659, Screenshot (26).png)

Funny how you left out the part that his only evidence comes from a fucking psychic.
>I cannot definitively confirm or dismiss the legitimacy of the statement issued by the family
Then what was the point of him even commenting at all?

No. 1878792

How could both kids die at the same time? My first thought was car accident but then it says it's under investigation. The fuck?

No. 1878897

I hate speculating but..murder suicide comes to mind.

No. 1879052

apparently, its not certain that they are even dead.

No. 1879088

File: 1691657730063.jpg (288.1 KB, 1290x2009, 20230810_135553.jpg)

I mean there's no record of them being dead? Where are the dead bodies or even the paper work? Is this the brad Pitt died omg? Thing all over again? reposting since I forgot caps like a idiot

No. 1879122

Seems like a really strange choice for a cover, though. Almost everyone had forgotten her. She could have just let the account die off. Announcing two deaths and saying they're under investigation feels like the opposite of trying to escape attention.

No. 1879171

If this is a publicity stunt this would not at all be viewed favorably.

No. 1879199

File: 1691679954917.jpg (81.67 KB, 609x452, Screenshot 2023-08-10 080633.j…)

given her batshit insane family, it wouldn't surprise me if it was a plot by either her mother & brother to keep her away from her father or vice versa. apparently her father wouldn't confirm if she was still alive or not.

No. 1879206

File: 1691680794509.png (66.34 KB, 800x303, 1691617503939.png)

From her youtube, don't know if it's always said this

No. 1879208

I read that apparently that description has been there since 2020

No. 1879210

This definitely reeks of publicity stunt and if that's true (I hope it is) it would be a very vile thing to do.

No. 1879214

File: 1691682509034.png (2.06 MB, 1290x2796, 54825D12-E204-4C9C-979C-9520BF…)

this is from some weird account for a dog that lil tay had done videos with on Instagram before going mia. The dog account hasn’t been active since 2020 besides this story.. might be just clout seeking but still pretty suspicious.

No. 1879267

A few weeks ago I ended up watching a video about this person and towards the end there is mention of posts about tay being abused by her father and some apparent court documents about physical abuse. The video itself says is dubious about the claims but im posting in case anyone is interested.

No. 1879274

File: 1691690908983.jpg (399.4 KB, 1080x1578, 1691689270885.jpg)

She's alive

No. 1879283

File: 1691691572030.jpeg (329.51 KB, 828x1960, IMG_2397.jpeg)

This does seem like a publicity stunt. I’m betting there’s going to be a come back soon

No. 1879292

Nobody can grow up with a self hating money hungry Asian tiger mom and controlling narcissistic white dad and expect to come out normal.

No. 1879301

This is fucking tasteless then, Jesus Christ.

No. 1879323

how are you feeling now that she isn’t dead, nonnie?

>>1879283(sage your shit)

No. 1879328

How do you get that fat as a stimulant addict

No. 1879411

Slight ot, I look for video essays to hear while gaming and some youtubers have the most ugly nasal voices istg like Jordan Teresa and Bryony Claire even if the topics sound interesting I can't stand it am I just autistic or have other nonas experienced this

No. 1879485

I can handle Bryony’s voice I just wish she wasn’t such a handmaiden.

No. 1879492

No I know exactly what you mean, also am an autist who likes video essay bg noise. I’m more of a Wendigoon kind of gal, I like his wholesome country bumpkin/teacher vibe and how he says “inneresting” kek. If only all talky YouTubers could sound like Dorian/Of Herbs and Altars tho, her voice is so gorgeous…

No. 1879568

Has anyone else who watches Danny Gonzalez noticed a big shift in his content lately or am I imagining things? His last few videos feel so catered towards kids. He’s always been pretty PG but lately I feel like I’m watching a Mr Beast knockoff

No. 1879631

that was his wife. they're divorced now but they were married for quite some time.

No. 1879642

Maybe it was a 'social experiment' a la raven sparks. Speaking of, I wonder how that cow of days gone by is faring with her new life as trailer trash.
Anyway zero surprise that it was bullshit.

No. 1879702

baby vlog
I wonder what made him decide to post the baby's face online.

No. 1879727

The baby looks so much like him

No. 1879728

Don't baby faces develop after a few weeks? All newborns look the same either way. But this was such a sweet vlog I was so happy when marzia showed up I miss her content so much

No. 1879730

Because it will change into another face soon and isn't on the kid for life, additionally men forget that other men are pedos because they have no reason to give a shit, he'll probably get a rude awakening and stop soon. I'm happy for marzia though, shame about the moid she chose, otherwise I'd be jealous lmao

No. 1879733

File: 1691767269199.gif (523.09 KB, 200x107, mk.gif)

>I was so happy when marzia showed up I miss her content so much
me too aaah

No. 1879764

Marzia is so cute and sweet

No. 1879814

how the fuck do you even see shit like this, all babies look identical

No. 1879827

i hate the guys that raise their voice and start screaming for like no fucking reason. like Schaffrillas Productions and hbomberguy. i really love Internet Historian. his voice is really soothing.

No. 1879963

I see more Marzia ngl.

No. 1879973

1 word, 5 letters: money

No. 1880115

mainly the nose. I agree that most babies look identical but sometimes I see it. My sister's baby looked identical to her husband and absolutely nothing like her and she was pissed lmao bc everybody could see it.

No. 1880139

i once read somewhere that it's some sort of biological thing that babies look like the dads at birth so they will feel connected to them and care for them more. now that i'm typing it out it sorta sounds like bullshit though

No. 1880162

kek too bad that doesn't really work the way it should

No. 1880423

File: 1691875228898.jpeg (281.77 KB, 1170x707, A7BD15D6-6F00-4AE7-B28E-4D5957…)

i can’t believe it’s bee. two years since fredrik knudsen uploaded a video. i feel like he burnt him self out with making this new video and is never uploading it.

No. 1880443

Given that moids are known for getting violent when they feel they’ve been cucked and murdering their wives and own offspring not infrequently, I guess it figures nature had to come up with a way of stopping moidchimps from sperging out and suspecting they aren’t the father

No. 1880617

i love his work but he is way way way too ambitious about his videos and their production quality. I'd much prefer he make two or three reasonable length videos in a year than attempt whatever this is.(sage your shit)

No. 1880635

You're right, he's never uploading it. He didn't burn out though, he's a furry v-tuber now and it's an easy source of validation and money that doesn't try to hold him accountable.
His production quality isn't high. He's no Atrocity Guide.

No. 1880636

>furry vtuber
what the fuck really? how far they fall

No. 1880642

>he's a furry v-tuber now
you've got to be fucking kidding me

No. 1880648

she's gotta be fucking with us nona i went to his twitter to check and there's nothing

No. 1880658

Could she be thinking of Night Mind? He’s a furry who made long, occasionally decent videos who also has been slipping for years.

No. 1880659

No. 1880666

Not shocked, he did streams with Jabroni Mike who is affiliated with vinesauce a year or two ago and he seemed to have a really good time streaming with him.

No. 1880936

File: 1691947544589.jpg (90.84 KB, 900x900, DeadwingDork.jpg)

Thank God someone brought up Jabroni Mike and Frederick Knudsen because I've been trying to figure out what the drama was between Mike and Deadwingdork. Does anyone know what the milk is? They've all collabed at least once and I remember a stream where Knudsen made fun of Mike for hanging out with Deadwing "too much" and he got so defensive over it

No. 1881229

File: 1691985103201.jpeg (663.12 KB, 1170x896, F81D3200-9E66-4AD6-8C80-D8D892…)

lmaoooo she wasn’t lying

No. 1881576

I agree. Comments on any video she's in is about how pretty she is or whatever but she's ugly, and he's ugly too. I guess they're perfect for each other.

No. 1882346

File: 1692143716753.png (23.54 KB, 538x238, eww.png)

Leafy comes out as a chaser, it seems like every moid who decides to join the Troon conversation is into them. From the liberals to the conservatives, it's all based on their dicks.
They hate troons for not enough of the looking like Blaire Whites edited pictures (leafy also said he'd fuck blaire white) or they defend troons out of sexual desire. Also the "fuck trans kids" shit is weird. Why not come after the adults instead of targeting childern…nevermind it's leafy.

No. 1882538

this just reads as him admitting he's a pedo and wanting to fuck tranny children

No. 1882556

File: 1692175026413.jpg (299.94 KB, 1080x1334, IMG_20230816_095742.jpg)

Huge drama with Linus Tech Tips

Tl;dr on tech drama
>a company sent them a unique prototype and an expensive graphics card to try it with
>they use a different graphics card that's not fully compatible and shit on the small company in their review
>they don't return the card and prototype
>they auction off their unique prototype for 500 dollars and don't keep track who they sold it to

Shit employee treatment:
>Linus' wife is the biggest shareholder after him and she is the head of HR
>employees are treated like shit and there's harassment
>multiple old employees left and LTT lied that they are on good terms when the people still active online seem uncomfortable with their experience
>they treat the company like a "big family" which is a keyword for if you don't agree we'll hate you
>Linus is anti-union

The Madison situation:
>a young charismatic girl barely out of college wins an LTT contest to get an intel extreme tech upgrade
>she is so popular with the viewers that they hire her
>she is obviously young and unexperienced and the work place dynamic starts chipping away at her mental health and she feels like she's wrong because that's her first big work experience
>complained to HR about inappropriate touching, got ignored
>upper management negs and berates the lower positions
>when her brother died and she complained about the company Linus told her she should be more busy thinking about her dead brother
>stress culminates in her cutting her leg open to avoid a day of that at work and she quits

No. 1882558

File: 1692175233217.jpg (419.85 KB, 1080x1809, IMG_20230816_104113.jpg)

Madison's thread

Also I was wrong, it gets worse. She's from Arizona and they announced they're hiring her (in CANADA) before she even knew
Holy manipulation batman

No. 1882565

wow how fucked. a lot of the employees do look creepy without trying to

No. 1882567

On the Madison situation, they never should have hired her to begin with. She was not experienced enough and it wasn’t her fault. However, Tbh some of the things she complains about boils down to typical job shit like delivery timelines and basic fulfillment expectations. Sucks but it’s gonna be a harsh wake up call if she ever wants a job in big tech or at a fortune 500. The other shit is obviously terrible. They set this poor girl up for failure.

No. 1882582

While I do agree she seems sheltered, making 2 tiktoks every day would make you feel sick after a month, I'd rather work on excel sheets

No. 1882596

I know it's the tech field, but I think it's very telling that only a few of their employees are women and they work in product design and seem to avoid the rest of the crew.

No. 1882599

Apology video
They make sponsor and LTT store jokes, even a 69 joke… Everyone is teary eyed while reading from a teleprompter

No. 1882607

File: 1692188470099.jpg (281.84 KB, 1080x1368, IMG_20230816_142310.jpg)

Jesus fucking christ

No. 1882637

In a perfect world you'd be able to get rid of any male coworker that doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut.

No. 1882642

called faggot…? this isn’t a tranny, right?

No. 1882693

She is a woman, just look at her account. This is the video that took off with fans and they hired her as a pr move.

They have a fat bald guy who is into retro consoles and transitioned last year.

No. 1882694

File: 1692199260156.jpg (70.34 KB, 1079x932, this-is-not-a-meme-emily-from-…)

This was drama last year

No. 1882743

Honey boobos' mom is lookin rough again.

No. 1882809

Linus is such a piece of shit. Working with a bunch of incels and having an autistic prick and his ugly sociopathic Asian wife as bosses must have been hell for her. Poor girl.

No. 1882810

Many of the other experienced male employees bitched out the company saying they were forced to work unfair deadlines and that they were constantly being pushed to video with barely any time. So it’s not just Madison that has beef with them, multiple people who worked for the company said it was awful.

No. 1882824

This, she might have been inexperienced but the filming and tweets themselves weren't the issue, it's the fact that for each and every one of those she'd need conformation of information etc etc and that's what makes it a rough job for just one person. Lets not pretend like she's alone in thinking it's too much.

No. 1882885

File: 1692219062766.png (81.4 KB, 813x1133, we-shot-the-messenger-v0-0w3b3…)

Yeah here's some employee comments before this

A weird red flag to me was Taran quitting and all around that, I didn't like him because he gives me angry scrote vibes, but he is autistic and was popular with the viewers. He quit because the conditions are shit - linus immediagely bombards him with gifts and does his Intel extreme tech upgrade. While they're doing the upgrade they break Taran's boundaries and play it as if he's a Sheldon type character. They kept convincing fans they're still on good terms.

No. 1882889

File: 1692219204123.jpg (89.64 KB, 934x1100, remember-that-post-madison-the…)

They are also deleting comments asking about Madison's tweets
I feel really bad for her, she's up against a million dollar corporarion and their army of incels.

No. 1883011

This is why the best Youtubers are the ones that do everything by themselves regardless of how big they get. Starting a giant multimedia enterprise is not something a normal person would want to do, only some kind of power hungry sociopath.

No. 1883091

File: 1692246777029.jpeg (689.53 KB, 1728x1625, 33971F83-9E81-46A8-97FE-DB2919…)

Jean Hollywood/Jean-luc Michelena/Ella Michelena is a troon pornstar pedophile who tries to get minors into porn and other disgusting fetishes through twitter and discord. He’s shared cp on discord with another pedo (gigglygoonclown) and got outed. He was also in season one of euphoria.(Sam Levinson was probably a fan of his femboy porn.) He’s close friends with f1nn5ter and Chris Tyson so it’s been blowing up on Twitter for about a week.

No. 1883092

File: 1692246970354.jpeg (Spoiler Image,594.79 KB, 1620x1602, A05D673F-C5DA-4584-AF8F-3B335E…)

Jean is “Goongoddess69” sharing cp with goonclown

No. 1883116

fucking damn it why is KF down when actually milky shit goes down? I feel so vindicated because my ''totally troon hating'' moids friends used to defend that gross finnster guy saying he's ''not like other troons he's just paying a character!!!!''

No. 1883119

its not. .pl

No. 1883178

that's not jean. the MtF and femboy threads (and KF if you're bothered to go there) went over the situation, though it's in a lull until turkeytom maybe releases a video or jean responds

No. 1883200

File: 1692282571930.png (21.63 KB, 277x351, ltt fp.png)

Wow their numbers on floatplane have dropped since last I checked lol

No. 1883202

Annnd now it's at 36611.

No. 1883222

File: 1692286715534.jpg (164.37 KB, 828x1178, IMG_20230817_174039.jpg)

Reminder that male LTT employees piss in the sink at work, and some pissed on the floor, he even talked about this. There was also something about his son trying to put a kitten in a washing machine???

Anyway, Madison posted pictures of her cut on imgur last year and I will not repost them because I think it could be banned for gore. This was not a mere self-harm cut, she cut through the muscle and did a lenghty cut with a box cutter- luckily she doesn't have self harm scars on her pics and didn't have any other things like this, but it makes me very concerned about her mental health and if it will be used against her credibility…at the time she posted on twitter that she "fell on a box cutter"

No. 1883266

Probably gonna get banned but why do so many anons here gaf about old YouTube animator moids who aren’t relevant and barely make content anymore like Supermega? Their new videos average like 50k views, there’s no way a sizable chunk of you watch them. and it’s been obvious since the beginning all of the Newgrounds people have a screw loose so one of them dming some tranny cam model isn’t shocking. Same with StamperTV, Shadman, these are all names that I haven’t seen outside of this website since like 2013

No. 1883383

File: 1692301650973.png (585.22 KB, 1144x1200, ded80a2c3c23e4d227d4caf5c4d456…)

Ahahha, is this guy for real? Linus called xQc and whined to him, xQc told everyone
X is absolutely soulless, but it's fine because it's Linus

No. 1883393

I feel like a lot of the female fans of super mega (only saying this bc it’s just retarded males on their subreddit posting about them now) were a shocked or interested in the milk, but agree that super mega was a dying channel. I loved super mega for a while but stopped watching as they were just lame and made boring content

No. 1883413

probably because the new channels are marketed towards teenagers while anons on this site are 20-30 and grew up on the old generation of youtube.

No. 1883438

looool might as well get Shane involved somehow.

No. 1883542

>This is why the best Youtubers are the ones that do everything by themselves regardless of how big they get.
Just up-thread is the Supermega drama which happened due to handling everything themselves, salaries, the office being a house that people lived in, etc. Not saying that their channel or content is similar to LTT but it never seems smart to hire only friends and create a 'family atmosphere' at work. Work is work.(sage your shit)

No. 1883554

Supermega feels like they were trying to start a multimedia company and just initially staffed it with people they know. It was like if Roosterteeth or Game Grumps got hit with the controversy and accusations early in their career.

No. 1884512

File: 1692479653821.jpg (77.39 KB, 344x421, FyJ6hCcWYAAzdVY.jpg)

Anyone hear about Pearly's alleged sex parties ??(post milk)

No. 1884518

No. QRD?

No. 1884576

I know pearly has low standards but Jesus Christ, he looks like a toad.

No. 1884620

Pearl isn’t a prize pig herself.

No. 1884804

File: 1692500362420.jpg (21.81 KB, 582x224, Screenshot 2023-08-19 200109.j…)

It's funny how Linus was being all pro-union, dropping leftist takes, and dunking on rich bastards on his personal twitter account. Knew that was fake, lmao.

No. 1884827

she's decent looking, the man looks like a pig with rabies(sage your shit)

No. 1884947

File: 1692517146968.png (764.6 KB, 680x944, 282.png)

lol where do you live that makes you think Pearl is decent looking ? Even makeup couldn't save that middle aged British man looking face.

No. 1884960

File: 1692518684486.jpeg (203.48 KB, 1560x878, IMG_1210.jpeg)

Even in England she’s considered fugly and ogre looking. Someone once said she looks like Jar Jar Binks and I’ve never looked at her the same since.

No. 1884971

File: 1692522610621.jpg (452.61 KB, 1080x1294, Screenshot_20230820_110903.jpg)

This obese toad allegedly left her for this other white lady lol. >>1884512
He also said she has bad hygiene.

No. 1884973

How did such an ugly man get with an average woman and then dump her for a super pretty girl? Is he rich or something?

No. 1884981


Oh I remember this guy, his whole thing was looking like an angry black guy but then shouting compliments at whatever he was reacting to. Apparently he's a millionaire, got on the TikTok thing early enough to really make money from it.(sage your shit)

No. 1884982

He’s too ugly even for Pearl, let alone her. She’s like the whattpad version of Pearl.

No. 1884997

And women should take Pearl’s advice on how to become wives when she could only pull a hideous Shrek looking man who dumped her the minute an upgrade came along? Kek

No. 1885007

kek you're right.

No. 1885016

I truly think that Pearl's whole schtick revolves around her fetish for black scrotes. I don't think she cares about anything but saying what black incels want to hear. She doesn't seem to care about anyone else's opinion and nearly all her fans are chronically single black guys. She's probably fooling around with them all behind the scenes. It's hilarious watching racist 4 chan scrotes chimpout over her liking black scrotes.

No. 1885076

can't she pick a good looking black moid then? like I'm pretty sure everyone of ever race would agree that she was basically dating a toadman.

No. 1885102

people with race fetishes often date ugly people of that race because they have no real understanding/need of beauty, they just see certain racial traits and start cooming. probably all she sees is dark skin and the concept of "BBC". also, uglies are often more attainable in general.

No. 1885183

What the other anon said is correct, people who have a fetish for a race will just date anyone of that Color pretty much. Same as white guys with Asian fetishes will often date asian women who are considered very ugly

No. 1885250

tree_of_logic is a bit of a cow herself. She was grinding real hard to try and make herself /ourgirl/ for the alt right crowd. Then Candace Owens flipped from sjw queen to trumptard and swept it all away. Tree has been malding ever since and likes to conspiratard about it.
end of sideline kek just laughed out loud when I saw who it was.

No. 1885519

I have seen her retweeted by both radfems and conservative types, I don't know where she is politically?

No. 1885648

100% alt-right

No. 1889383

lex has unlisted her video and updated the description. she’s talking about leighton in this bit, she previously said when leighton streamed about his experience with matt and ryan that she was seeing barbie and so wasn’t able to get in contact to tell him to cool it.

No. 1889457

>radfems and conservatives
The former isn't political as such. They'll side with whoever agrees with their specific hot button issues. Doesn't matter if they'd disagree violently on everything else, as long as they tick boxes like hating troons. See this instance where tree is 100% breitbart.

No. 1889476

This Twitter user is a retard too as if that ugly ass dude is a prize himself. Millionaire or not it can’t be worth it to date an ugly ass man like that. He’s probably the type that see white women as a prize.

No. 1889488

File: 1693212177725.png (232.43 KB, 1153x857, update.png)

Posting the text for clarity.
I don't want to defend scrotes, especially since I feel like she's unlisting it due to backlash from Destiny freaks, but it was shortsighted of her to admit to a ton of things in her video that got debunked later on, and had nothing to do with Don. I cannot place all the blame on Leighton either since she still chose to say things like "we were homeless" "they didn't give us a place to stay long enough" "matt wouldn't give me an office for my work" (btw, why would he, imagine having a room where men know a woman is taking Only Fans pics. That is so dangerous especially how Supermega always drink and smoke weed. Anything could have happened.) Weirdest thing to me was the suicide stuff. That one seemed like a Leighton thing, since he tried to cancel Supermega over this in the past, about them not caring about suicide or depression. Which is crazy considering Ryan was the one who found Daniel's body when he died. What any of this had to do with Don assaulting Lex, I don't know.

Other update news, Supermega is "ended", in quotation marks since it's indefinite. Which is odd to me since they barely lost a fraction of their subscribers, are regaining Patrons (6,349 as of posting this, up from their ~4,500 they were at when it turned to August 1), and the internet is turning the tide from hating them to lamenting them. They lost their main editor Justin who is now working for TMG.

Don also still has his Patreon up. So he's continuing to make money.
He's been posting, per the previews, and is taking commissions still it seems.

All in all I do still feel bad for her since she's getting dogpiled on by Destinyfags while Leighton gets nothing since he deleted his social media, per Lex's request.

No. 1889609

What is weird about Justin going to work for TMG is that they aren’t really that much better. They def seem more professional but not necessarily less problematic or whatever. SuperMega dropped the ball on handling a friend’s sexual assault. Upthread we were talking about Cody technically possibly committing assault. Plus I’ve always gotten misogynistic vibes from both Noel and Cody and never understood why they have such a big fan base despite being pretty mid looks and humor wise. Yet nobody calls them out for anything.
Nickisnotgreen has collaborated with Hasan, who famously visited a brothel that was discovered to be facilitating sex trafficking (like every brothel does which anyone with a brain would know). Ethan is just a hideous clout weasel who tries to glom onto anyone else’s downfall to boost himself up. Leighton seems a classic male bpd case and Jim seems like a whiny loser who would literally beg for sex.
None of these guys give a single shit about women or sexual assault. Not the ones pretending to, and def not all the sour SuperMega fans who call lex a lying whore and imply it’s impossible for her to have been assaulted if she didn’t immediately leave don. Don is clearly an annoying sexual deviant. I completely buy that he would push boundaries too far during sex. I don’t think pointing this out was the true intention lex’s vid though and the whole thing is looking more and more like a set up. The whole thing felt weird with people online actually seeming to give a fuck about sexual assault allegations when that’s rarely the case.

No. 1889633

File: 1693238328267.jpeg (101.32 KB, 750x751, En8isYKWMAEgPpH.jpeg)

Justin is friends with MeatCanyon (animator of grotesque things) and Meatcanyon is a TMG associate now, so that's how that happened. I extremely doubt he left due to what his former employers did in suppressing Lex, apparently they are still on okay terms as he refollowed them. I don't think anyone surrounding her genuinely cared.

The Nick/Ethan stuff seemed skeevy to me too as Ethan is Lex's boyfriend, and yet he and Nick chose her story of assault to promote their band "Queef Jerky". Plus there's Rav who didn't take the story seriously either when it happened, yet hopped on stream to call Matt "Weinstein" and then promote his own music.

Just odd yet unsurprising LA male influencer behavior on all fronts, where no one cares what happened to her unless they benefit off of it.

Additionally, Supermega is also friends with Hasan. Even more additionally, Supermega is friends with Killbill the Rapper, who took creepshots of women. Killbill works with Rav. And wouldn't you know it, Rav backed him up and tried to brush it off. Clusterfuck of misogynists is the only way to describe it.
(picrel to add context to the Killbill shit, I don't think he's a Youtuber)

No. 1889690

Ben and Emil were the best part of TMG studios and now that they're gone there's no reason to watch lol. Cody and Noel have about one funny bit a month.

No. 1889850

What the hell happened with that? I didn't see anybody post about it when it happened, but maybe I noticed the channel split late.

No. 1889855

>Supermega is friends with Killbill the Rapper, who took creepshots of women. Killbill works with Rav.
Omfg I remember this. I followed Killbill's gf/fiance on twitter and she was so torn over his behavior, not only him cheating but being a creep. I never trusted what Rav had to say about the Lex situation because Killbill's just got forgotten about.

No. 1889868

It was totally out of nowhere and there wasn't much explanation given. My assumption is that Ben and Emil wanted to get paid a little better than TMG could offer and a condition of their split was that they couldn't keep the Trillionaire Mindset branding.

No. 1889872

Same. It was disappointment after disappointment.

No. 1889917

I'm guessing it's because the second half of last year was when covid really started to die down and the laxer environment maybe allowed for more romantic activities that likely ended in sex. Not some scientist but timeline adds up.

No. 1890031

after that swoop and johnny video i checked that guy twitter and he looks like minecraft Villager in his pfp

No. 1890199

genuinely what the fuck was this streamy awards? so much trashiness and people with 0 fucking talent(same thing goes w the other streamy awards). i didn't watch it but i've seen caps, dylan looked so fucking manly (as usual)(this is an imageboard. post caps)

No. 1890744

File: 1693403623599.png (2.36 MB, 1920x1080, wtf kek.png)

I watched some of it. Something to understand with Streamys (as well as QTCinderella's Twitch based Streamer Awards which this keeps getting compared to) is that these serve as a party for their friends, and advertiser money, not as any true metric of who should win some plastic for doing Youtube the best. Whatever that means
The biggest cringe factor was Matpat's hosting of it. So many unfunny jokes dragging on for so long. There was a segment where they kept shilling Streamable(?) chocolate bars. The voice actor for a Hazbin Hotel character had by far the most ear-grating segment with screaming and rubbing food on himself. Pic related is a Twister segment mixed with Mr. Beast "Last to leave the circle" which was fucking weird with an old man having to touch these women for an extended period of time. They'd leave them in the circle, cut away to some awards, cut back, cut away, etc.
The clips they showed for every single content creator were the randomest shit. Voice clips of someone saying "I'm eating chicken" and this is supposed to clue me in to what the fuck this non-food vlogging Youtuber is about? Out of context mid-convo clips? With the extended Deepfake AI segment Matpat did, I would not be surprised if they fed these Youtube channels to a bot and asked it to clip parts of it to display for the show.
All in all it was cringy BS which I would expect of any eceleb award show, but it wasn't even funny-cringe. And I must be getting old because I had no idea who the majority of these people are. Nor did I know that Dream still is relevant enough to show his pug mug in public still.

No. 1891722

kek her food looks like complete shite

No. 1892032

TMG are chill imo but you're free to not like their humor and whatever. However justifying disliking them with baseless accusations of assault and because of their "misogynistic vibes" is dumb(sage your shit)

No. 1892033

Women being intuitively repelled by male attitudes towards women is a perfectly fair reason to avoid those men and their work, this is the reason for repulsion, after all.
Personally I don't get the hype even without the bad vibes

No. 1892070

Why is "misogynistic vibes" in quotes when they're pretty open about it? I don't know how you can be a fan and not recognize it even a little bit from how much they talk about porn? I don't think they try to hide that aspect at all. And that's not touching on what was discussed in this thread and a past thread discussing Cody's rapist friend

No. 1892165

NTA but they usually treat porn as gross-out humor from my memory and Noel has outright said it's bad for people. Cody is definitely worse than Noel about porn (and most things). Treating porn/fetishes like a joke is better than grandstanding about how "sex work is work" and treating it with reverence in my opinion. But I understand your repulsion if you just don't like hearing men talk about it porn in general kek, it's understandable.

No. 1892300

In the latest episode they talked about how they don't even like jerking off and think it's pointless so please.
And in the past whenever they did talk about porn it was just mainly shock humor and talking about gross shit like perverse family.(sage your shit)

No. 1892389

why are you whiteknighting these moids so hard are you edating one of them or something

No. 1892468

Turkey Tom did a deep dive on Giggly Goonclown. There's lots of info that wasn't covered in the KF thread (https://kiwifarms.st/threads/giggly-goonclown-orion-grant-passmore.169332/), but he defeneds the Ella Jean Hollywood porn star who was also found in the leaks.

No. 1892470

File: 1693681909563.png (22.03 KB, 422x207, shoe.png)

Shoe0nhead commented on it, and a few people started calling her out and mentioning Vaush in the replies.

No. 1892562

I have no idea why you’re defending them so much. It’s fine to think they’re funny and like their content. But Cody is still best friends with Colby Leachman. I had the misfortune of having Colby in my life for two years. If that’s someone Cody willingly spends time with then he is just as big of a piece of shit as he is. If you can separate his videos from him then by all means. But stop acting like he’s not horrible

No. 1892564

Nta and I don't get misogynistic vibes either, but taking what entertainers, especially male ones, reveal about themselves/their personal life at face value is incredibly naive considering that the success of their brand relies on them having a clean reputation and good image

No. 1892774

literally what tf is wrong with her undereyes? ive never seen someone below the age of 40 have such droopy and wrinkly undereyes. they look like theyre trying to melt off of her face. is it some weird medical condition or is she just fucked up?

No. 1892786

VICE did a short documentary on GlitterForever17 aka Breland. She was a pill addict for a year to cope with her declining channel, got divorced from Slava because he pikachu surprised face was gay. She's trying to go back to making her old Glitterforever17 content and does Onlyfans on the side even though she doesn't like it.

No. 1892903

He has a big dick?

No. 1892937

File: 1693757168936.jpg (12.4 KB, 275x225, 1670668662901.jpg)

Okay, skimmed through it. I don't get it tho. After her YT sort of went south why didn't she just get a normal job? Sure not as much money as sex work, but you know, it's at least NOT sex work. Nothing shameful about flipping burgers at wendy's or mopping floors somewhere, so why did she opt for OF instead? I just can't wrap my head around it. Many YTers and other celebs/idols transitioned back to normal life when their gig was up, why does this girl act like her only ever option was doing humiliating shit for coomers?

On a side note, I do feel like she may be on the spectrum a little. Even if not, she definitely needs to invest in counseling and hopefully she will get herself together.

But seriously, why the porn?

No. 1892943

>Turkey Tom did a deep dive on Giggly Goonclown
How do they not feel like retards having to be referred to by these stupid names

No. 1892967

He's literally a millionaire(sage your shit )

No. 1892980

seems like she was using her youtube money to support her family and her drug habit and wasn't able to do that with the income from a normal job to me. really sad all around.

No. 1893151

these egomaniacal moids slap-fighting is hilarious until you realize they get paid to be this retarded online
like they both suck and everyone in the rt's also sucks.

No. 1893156

I find mister beasts face so disgusting to look at, like genuinely he looks like a super realistic version of Ned Flanders. Everytime i see him making those tuber faces I just vet so annoyed.

No. 1893236

File: 1693830073283.jpg (307.31 KB, 1302x1112, 0975357.JPG)

What is going on with jacksfilms? I don't care about neither him nor sssniperwolf in this whole tirade but making so many videos on her is downright creepy. For context, he's accusing her of improperly using tiktok content (going against fair use rules) and just, I guess, being a shit "content creator", which breaks no rules. It's like his life is currently dedicated to hyper analysing her videos right now.

No. 1893244

He's the same on twitter it's like get over it ffs

No. 1893271

he looks nothing like Ned Flanders. Flanders is actually attractive.

No. 1893272

Did she like reject him or something lol

No. 1893447

I think he attracted more men who hate her, but would have sex with her if given the chance, so now his channel turned into a club of shittalking in the comments with their dicks in their hands which includes Jack. I hate this saying, but when I check his channel I get extremely weird vibes radiating from his channel. Or he's just relying on her to get his overdue bills paid. Or both.

No. 1893468

He should have stopped making videos 10 years ago. His skits were kinda funny at one point, but mans has to beat everything into the ground. That whole group of youtubers should have died out years ago tbh.

No. 1893949

File: 1694022181760.jpeg (372.19 KB, 1170x1009, IMG_4081.jpeg)

Did the second ready to glare thread get deleted? She just posted this video about how she got doxxed (supposedly) right after Jacob passed away, and she started talking about how her in-laws took all the guns out of their home after he passed because they thought she was going to kill herself. Instead of saying “I was anxious because I had nothing to defend myself with” she said “just to be clear, there’s no one here who is going to be willing to take a bullet for me, now.” …and I thought to myself, so if your husband was alive you’d want him to get shot and killed instead of you. Okay, cool. You deserve to be alone forever!

No. 1893953

Shut up. That's not what she meant at all, she felt her husband loved her enough to die for her and now that she's not here she wants a gun to protect herself.
I know you are probably a insensitive moid or a insensitive retard but think about what you just said. This woman lost her husband, she's anxious and paranoid. She's not going to be perfect in how she says things. This is such a nitpick.

No. 1893954

Looks like we got a toekisser, ladies…

No. 1894026

If a man isn't willing to risk his life to protect you, why marry him? That's (allegedly) one of the benefits of dating and marrying a moid. Protection.

No. 1894056

Did anyone ever find out what happened to Jacob? I'm not particularly fond of rtg and haven't watched her in years but my jaw dropped when I looked her up and saw that he had died, they seemed to really love eachother to pieces.
She also really consistently still posted videos and Instagram pics etc and I never found her saying anything other than that she wasn't disclosing the reason in case it gave people more ammo to gossip, which, well, makes me wonder

No. 1894072

Nope, and even in this video she just said “To people who keep asking how he died, stop asking. I’ve shown an amount of grace so far to people who DM me about it, and I will start being mean.” Wonder what it means

No. 1894076

I’m not trying to sound like an idiot, in my personal thought as someone who’s married, I did not marry my husband because I expect him to protect me. I married him because I want to love and protect him, and that’s my duty to him. That’s what marriage is, you protect each other. Is that the same way all ladies in a relationship think? I have no idea, but it caught me off guard to hear someone say that they expect their male counterpart to take a bullet for them. Don’t care if this makes me sound dumb I would fully take a bullet for my nigel.(no1curr)

No. 1894088

Omg the king of pop isn’t dead after all!

No. 1894094

Whenever I hear Youtubers passionately complain and debate each other about the "culture" of Youtube I think about how they must live in a completely different reality than we do because how else can one care so much about such a lame, pointless thing. These people make money but they're so unemployed about it.

No. 1894151

She still posted consistently on all platforms directly after it, which struck me as odd. I totally get wanting privacy but instead of just ignoring people or saying she doesnt talk about it with strangers, she breadcrumbs about it being something people would be judgemental about. I know she talked about her rich girl cocaine habit in the past but it wasn't particularly long and wasn't she clean since? I got the impression they were both somewhat sober, I thought that besides the cringe content she had her shit together but then I remember the performative cigarette burns on her hands and now her family apparently thinking they need to take the guns away from her and who knows tbh

No. 1894153

Well put, it's like a different world. Walmart version of reality TV.

No. 1894177

idgi, only the woman should take a bullet for her man but not the other way around?

No. 1894216

Did you read the part where I said “marriage is about protecting each other” or are you just retarded on purpose(derail/infight)

No. 1894223

I saw that part, so how come
>it caught me off guard to hear someone say that they expect their male counterpart to take a bullet for them
is a problem then?(derailing)

No. 1894228

He's attempting some kind of "Ironic" meme of reacting to a reaction channel and doing nothing but that. That being said irony was killed by shitheels like him that beat the hell out of it for comedy so now it means nothing. Jacksfilms literally the walking embodiment of reddit humor.

No. 1894249

Verbatim saying that you would purposefully choose not to jump to defend the life of someone you claim to have been in love with, after he is already dead (and only very recently passed away) feels kind of insane and almost dishonorable to your spouse… especially since he is already deceased and she's essentially saying "if he was alive I'd still expect him to die for me" kek. That's just in my mind as someone who is married. If you're not capable of understanding that then I'm really not sure how else to explain it to you any simpler than that.

No. 1894642

stop lying, monkey.(dumbass derail/infight)

No. 1894926

I haven't seen a Jacksfilms video in many years, but I have this vivid memory of him needing to use chapstick on his Saharah desert lips. He needs to stay relevant somehow.

No. 1895083

What I don't get is why only her when there's so many other streamers who do the same? I mean I guess it's just plain misogyny but still.

No. 1895233

File: 1694210656908.png (51.33 KB, 208x117, Screen Shot 2023-09-08 at 5.59…)

Is anyone else following the Peter Monn/RawbeautiKristi Drama? Apparently Kristi was following James Charles up until recently and liking his posts and Peter had words about it. Now it seems he is getting tons of crap for it and might not upload for a while which is weird cause I wouldnt expect that from her fans. Maybe its Colleens idk, they definitely seem unhinged and are probably really young. Either way I knew RBK had no morals when she was taking hellofresh sponsorships but sells herself as some eco-warrior. Disappointing, I've been following her for years but her content took a major nosedive after she had the baby.

No. 1895252

File: 1694212741957.jpg (141.02 KB, 1768x903, FzRHaexaYAEaTXu.jpg)

iirc it started because youtube promoted her and had her as a speaker at vidcon

No. 1895263

Yeah just this
Honestly it's sad big streamers and ytubers get away with being parasites but YT directly promoting her and saying she has incredible content ideas is just insulting YT needs to be better as a company

No. 1895386

flanders isn't just attractive, he's stupid sexy

No. 1895388

Why is HelloFresh bad?

No. 1895475

I've been watching it. I feel bad for Peter, I can't imagine having strangers throw a deadly car accident in my face every day.

No. 1895596

They brand themselves as eco-friendly but they generate tons of waste from packaging individual ingredients, union busting, etc. Fab Socialism does a good summary of their issues on her channel.

No. 1895847

yeah what colleen did was terrible. but i'd be lying if i said i don't miss seeing her cute babies

No. 1896302

I'm not into this extended parody of sssniperwolf but his first video about her braindead content stealing was actually informative and it made me think she is truly a shitty person. She removes or cuts off watermarks and doesn't credit or link any of the creators in her react videos. As a huge streamer/YTer, that's basically the absolute least she should be doing. Her "reactions" are below tard level but that's not even the problem when it comes to her - a rich woman - making easy money off of other people's stolen content.

I haven't checked jacksfilms' acct but iirc he made a separate one for the sssniperwolf parodies. If indeed these are now his main account vids, I'm disappointed. He should go back to making skits, parodies, and music videos, that's what I used to watch him for back in the late '00s/early '10s. That said, I don't think he is interested in sssniperwolf at all, his wife is refreshingly normal in terms of youtuber spouses. He's also criticized and parodied male youtubers before. I kind of view jacksfilms, AVGN (if he is still making vids), and penguinz0 in the same light: they themselves seem decent enough (what we know of them) but their fans include a lot of misogynistic shitheads. There are no doubt other creators to add to this list, I just don't or didn't watch them.

No. 1896655

On a complete tangent I hate penguinz0 everyone is constantly licking this dudes ass and he has the most lukewarm takes imaginable or straight up bad (idubbz apology) he also has no charisma and worst of all he isn’t funny in the slightest.

No. 1896698

I think it was exposed as well by looking at the reflection in her glasses that sometimes she just "reacts" to a white screen, saying the most generic shit that they just edit into the video later.

Jacksfilm only has two videos on her on his main channel.

No. 1896711

ah good to know that the sniperwolf shit is just some side channel parodying her. I honestly forgot why she got famous in the first place, the way she talks and acts is so obnoxious. (There are tons of men I refuse/d to watch bc they are obnoxious and retarded, too, fwiw, I'm not being catty)

No. 1897756

I still firmly believe Jacksfilms is just trying to claw for relevancy by taking up a issue that so many other people have already. In typical Jacksfilms style, he continues the joke long after it stops being funny. Look back at his cringe mobile game that nobody played other than fans that played it out of pity. He made a video of him making "Jokes" about people who criticized his game, which came off as thinly veiled seething. It was literally just a Jackbox game that was repackaged into a mobile game formula with a really offputting artstyle. It took over his content for weeks and I think it had an impact on his channel's performance. Also, he was going on tour right before Covid hit, so I wouldn't be surprised if he took a financial loss from that too. The dude is inches away from being washed up, so he takes a page from the Youtuber playbooks and tears down a more successful person for content. By no means do I support SSSniperwolf, but Jacksfilms hasn't been funny for years, I said it before, but his brand of humor is the exact same thing as Redditor hivemind humor. It's all about regurgitating inside jokes and pop culture references. YIAY is literally AskReddit.

No. 1901843

>>1897756 sausage (Lia’s ex husband) cheated on her last year and they’re in a messy divorce. She has been facing legal troubles behind the scene and is getting sued by her ex husband. He claims to own 50% of the channel and she allegedly stole his hard drives and changed the passwords on the accounts. It’s super messy and I can’t blame her for being pissed at him but at the end of the day it’s a business.
Here’s a link to the video discussing it unfortunately LC won’t let me post an embed. I’ll take the ban though

No. 1901850

I may not like sniperwolf but I hope her ex-husband loses everything. What a piece of shit.

No. 1901876

Almost makes you want to hate Jack for shitting on her while she's obviously suffering and trying to keep her career afloat. Of all people he shouldn't be criticizing her on falling back on an easy formula for content. I almost feel for her, but in the end they're both Internet famous so fuck em' both.

No. 1901880

They’re both pieces of shit and I hope he gets his cut lol.

No. 1901881

lia is an awful person but she's still much too good for sausage. she's attractive, wealthy, not like the other girls which usually would be attractive to crusty gamers, actually has a personality even if it's a loud annoying one. sausage meanwhile is boring, overweight, literally has a neckbeard, and is definitely not making as much money as her. billie eilish was right. never give an ugly man a chance, they'll just start getting too big for their boots rather than being grateful a woman out of their league liked them

No. 1901939

I'm sure that Charlie is a nice guy but I agree with you in not understanding why he's so popular. I never could get into his content neither because of how dry and boring it is. I'm not saying that you need to put on a fake, loud personality but acting like you're totally apathetic to everything is not entertaining neither, at least not to me anyway.

No. 1901942

you're a weirdo and you need help. you shouldn't be so attached to a random youtubers kids.

No. 1901948

Another moid who made fun of Amber Heard (should kill himself like all of them) and has primarily scrote audience.

No. 1901982

Apparently Turkey Tom is being accused of carving his GFs name into his chest after she cheated on him with another Youtuber, Lerix. Everybody is acting all weird about it like theres some conspiracy to cover for Tom collectively. The only proof is from people that are inherently untrustable, like failed commentary channels and insane trannies. Sage for unverified.

No. 1901996

Lmfao is this some kind of payback for him doing a video on that gross troon? He seems so completely bland as a person tho like he would never do anything that ridiculous but w scrotes you really never know

No. 1902009

Charlie looks disgusting these days like seriously

No. 1902054

>I'm sure that Charlie is a nice guy
Isn't that the same guy who pissed in some girl's mouth and thought it was funny

No. 1902059

I always hated him a lot and thought he was a disgusting pig in sheeps clothing but my god I wanna alog

No. 1902067

Didn't he have a lot of health problems and use a cane? If it was just that, though, I don't see why she wouldn't say it. Maybe suicide? Could it be something embarrassing like autoerotic asphyxiation?

No. 1902076

File: 1695343651761.png (114.79 KB, 642x433, Lerix.png)

Lerix is an unhinged zoomer too but of course

No. 1902102

>your duty to protect a man
>you'd take a bullet for him
nah, you should be making each other's lives better. self sacrifice doesn't improve your life, that's not love but subjugation. You don't have a "duty" to anyone. Nothing wrong with loving your nigel but lose the martyr shit, for your own well being.

No. 1902110

I used to watch him a lot when I was a kid—I thought the deadpan delivery was pretty amusing. It was back when he used to play video games and never showed his face. Eventually I stopped watching him, but that was because I stopped watching YT as a whole, so I'm not sure if I grew out of that kind of humor in due time or what his content is like these days.

No. 1902114

the same except now he sometimes gets overly angry and self-righteous about basically nothing. also he milks “Karen” content for all its worth.

No. 1902183

turkey tom is so fucking cringe, i miss metokour.

No. 1902238

I fucking hate turkey Tom he’s an incel and so edgy that Its cringe

No. 1902289

This is BIG if true. I only watched a few of his videos and his stream with Null, but I remember during the Null stream he was very facetious, egoistic and it was clear he thought he was at the top of the world; like a kid unable to choose what to eat, making his GF cook for him, while he simply sat there, as if to brag that he has such a perfect wifey/lifey. He seemed very brazen and stuck up, but in a low IQ teenager way (isn't he over 21?). If the carving IS true, then, could it be that he has incredibly low self-esteem and makes up for it with money/views/YT fame and he thinks he can't get anything better? If so, also big if true! He's trash.

No. 1902334

damn she really carved that

No. 1902445

File: 1695406477436.jpg (Spoiler Image,37.5 KB, 1024x953, F6h1aurWIAA84yI.jpeg.jpg)

This is the image that is going around of him shirtless with her name carved in his chest. It looks fake as fuck to me. Spoiled cuz he's ugly

No. 1902453

lul Gyno

No. 1902459

That looks like marker tbh

No. 1902566

What an unfortunately shaped torso

No. 1902882

File: 1695479030871.png (1.11 MB, 828x1792, 5793B234-6250-4103-B6AA-6930F7…)

Some faggot is really mad that KF isn't taking his bait about Turkey Tom, so I'm assuming its a big gayop now.

No. 1902909

It honestly doesn't even look like marker, looks shopped on.

No. 1903010

Lmao at this but KF is still up ??? I haven't been able to access it at all so I thought it was basically gone

No. 1903028

It's up for now if you just give it time it will show up just on a different domain.
The current one is kiwifarms.st

No. 1903047

Ah , okay. Thanks for the info

No. 1903255

Agreed on the carved name looking fake, it literally looks like MSpaint to me kek

No. 1903707

kek I haven't been following this particular drama but she went totally crazy after her kid. I feel bad for her because it does sound like it was a shitty delivery, certainly one that didn't go her way, and then she ended up getting PPA, but man, she really should've stopped making videos. I remember her husband like quit his job too to make family vlogs with her? They really went all in on the youtube thing. I can see why she would be defensive of her $$ like that.

No. 1905599

Disgusting, but not surprising, since he’s also said in the past he could only jerk off to one particular lesbian porn video because of “muh OCD”. It’s so easy for moids to get popular despite just having bland and unoriginal senses of humor.

No. 1905614

File: 1695879446035.jpg (142.14 KB, 720x574, 20230928_065112.jpg)

There are a lot of people online who say Li Speaks is an Izzzyzzz skinwalker. I don't think she is, I think it's just they way they/them girls are all identical. It's a pity really because I've seen her almost have a based take on how feminine pastimes are always fetishized but it was overshadowed by the fact she's a genderspecial who aligns herself with the very community of people who fetishize women

No. 1905884

I hope these are made to order because it'd be a waste of materials.

No. 1906601

File: 1696028504434.png (118.52 KB, 667x829, Summary 1.png)

anyone keeping up with life plus cindy? she's a former sims 2 streamer who rebranded to vlogging her life. she has bpd, is obsessed with being a skinny queen (lost a ton of weight by only eating mcdonald's patties and drinking coke and jack daniels) and thinks she's nlog for wearing boots or something. her husband of 15 years left her a few months ago and her snark subreddit just found his reddit accounts that shed light on all the abuse she put him through, see picrel. after they broke up, cindy dated another guy off of tinder immediately (commonly referred to as "limbz" or "cletus" by the snark sub) but pulled some bpd shit so he dumped her after 4 months of dating. there were some attempts to talk about her in the sims thread but i think it might be more interesting here.

snark subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Lifepluscindy_snark/

youtube: https://www.youtube.com/lifepluscindy
old sims youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/pleasantsims
ig: https://www.instagram.com/lifepluscindy/

No. 1906667

Where is the sims thread??

No. 1906773

It's in /m/, pretty deep in the catalog.

No. 1906832

File: 1696069158755.png (32.6 KB, 638x345, 11.png)

here's a link to the updated archive of her ex husband's (supposed) reddit posts: https://mega.nz/folder/SANiFZQR#UkrKLpgvDVoGDusS9VU8Mw

it's here >>>/m/285833

No. 1906843

I really am hoping there aren't any kids involved in this.

No. 1906847

cindy has pcos so she has difficulty conceiving. they had two dogs and a cat together. when they moved, the cat went to Andrew's (=ex-husband) parents' house. cindy has kept the dogs (bella and morty, named after the sims 2 characters) but doesn't treat them well. they're always seen wearing their harnesses at home and it seems that she leaves them alone for hours a day.

cindy was pregnant once but lost the child, which she shared with the entire world and then used this incident later to garner more sympathy from her followers/fans who still support her because andrew got another girl pregnant. however, cindy has previously stated that she's child free by choice, and when she got together with her tinder guy, she suddenly pretended that she totally "doesn't want kids, y'all!" then she made a video a few days ago about how andrew lied to her for months, even though the video was supposed to be about HER lies and not andrew's, and she once again acted like not having kids was the worst for her.

No. 1906851

> she thinks I want to cheat
Was this posted before or after he started fucking his coworker and got her pregnant less than a year after his wife’s stillbirth? BPDchans are draining and I’d never get involved with one but I’d also never take a man’s side when he cries about ‘muh abuse’ to another women so she pity fucks him. The snark subreddit is full of pickmes crying about how she’s so mean because she called her husbands mistress a whore when she was knowingly getting involved with a married man

No. 1906861

he first started posting about wanting to leave her 5 years ago.

No. 1906869

Yeah she might be mental and controlling but he could’ve easily left at any time in those years instead of complaining on Reddit, he wasn’t at fear for his life and there was no reason to continue their relationship while he was literally impregnating other women.(whiteknighting)

No. 1906879

>could’ve easily left at any time
Do you also say this about women who stay with their abusive boyfriends/husbands? I was severely abused by a woman with BPD. She completely isolated me, made me lose almost all my friend, and made me think that no one cares about me or loves me. Never once did I think that I could just walk away from her because she gaslit me into thinking that I was unlovable, crazy and disgusting. She made herself into my entire world. When it was finally over, I thought I was going to die because I could barely function without someone constantly policing my every move. It took me months to overcome this. I understand that him cheating on her and getting another woman pregnant is shitty, but if he was in the same mental state that I was, I can 100% understand that he would only find the strength to leave after he was sure that there ARE people out there who love him without wanting to control and abuse him. Watching Cindy is exactly like watching my ex. She's a batshit crazy BPD bitch, nothing else.(not your blog)

No. 1906895

I don’t say it about abused women but those who complain about their shitty partner constantly but never leave because they’re scared to find someone else or be alone are pathetic. I just quite frankly don’t care about Cindy’s trashy boyfriend and their dramatic trashy relationship with each other. I’m sorry if you thought I was passing judgment on your situation.

No. 1906942

If you don't care why are you actively engaged in this conversation

No. 1906975

Because I followed her channel casually since I saw the mental breakdown “HE LEFT ME” video. At the end of the day I don’t have much of a care about random YouTubers drama or people I don’t know, I see it as entertainment and am interested in seeing her progress.

No. 1907089

What progress??? All she has done is blame her victim for escaping her grasp (even if it was in an unethical way). Losing weight is the only “progress” she has made and it was from being an ana-chan.

No. 1907090

Making a thread about Cindy as we speak

No. 1908434

File: 1696372691535.jpg (903.12 KB, 1080x1738, Screenshot_20231003_183658_You…)

Anyone think this motherfucker is about to troon? I haven't seen him in awhile and Jesus christ

No. 1908436

File: 1696372917073.jpg (929.74 KB, 1080x1622, Screenshot_20231003_184010_You…)

Samefag, I thought maybe I was just being mean because dreads don't suit him but nah this man is about to pull out the she/her and have a scandal sexting underage fans, I can see it reflected in his lip gloss

No. 1908441

File: 1696373468079.png (277.17 KB, 652x397, Screenshot 2023-10-03 at 6.49.…)

Dude's been on the verge of trooning for a while now.

No. 1908728

his dreads are cute but he looks better with shorter hair

No. 1908856

That was my first thought when I checked on him as well. Once the views start going down or some kind of scandal surfaces I suppose.
Did he gain a lot of weight or something? He looks unrecognizable.

No. 1908891

i always thought he was a stealth ftm

No. 1910462

File: 1696716538032.jpeg (126.38 KB, 640x320, EB07AF20-BC83-4FD5-8F03-A49013…)

So I like to watch ASMRs, one of my favorite ASMRtists is Life With Mak. Its been said her mom controls her social media and forced her to do stuff. I made the mistake of looking her up on Reddit (gag) and they have a NSFW subreddit about her and she just turned 18

No. 1910466

File: 1696717370459.jpeg (225.06 KB, 640x908, 6615D8B4-F538-488F-9651-55360E…)

No. 1910467

File: 1696717424941.jpeg (173.67 KB, 640x742, 7D84EEB4-D135-4696-9E00-D004BC…)

Joined YouTube when Mak was like 5 but comments on all her stuff and gets hearts by mak.. I don’t think she controls her social media

No. 1910473

File: 1696718519896.jpeg (193.07 KB, 640x434, D651EF79-A7A0-40F5-9949-FADA38…)

(His original video of her got taken down)
Also I cannot link YouTube videos right now I’m phonefagging you could watch a reaction video to it not the orginal.
Link to people on Reddit on the paymoneywubby subreddit talking about her bikini videos. I think everyone knows it’s her fat dog face mom, this is giving me Danielle Cohn vibes

No. 1910474

I watched her on and off, but I remember she started making customs for her subs which disturbed me so I stopped visiting her channel for a while. I remember she got a comment about it and "she" replied that she needed money because her dad stopped paying child support or something? It was a long time ago so it could've been worded differently.

No. 1910475

Why is this the verge of trooning out? I think he was going to see the Barbie movie which like it’s a little gay but who cares it’s far from trooning out lmao why can’t you retards stay in the 50 trans threads on this board

No. 1910495

oh god he truly is a future troon can’t wait for his stans to become even more insufferable

No. 1910509

The channel has always been creepy and moid pandery as fuck. No idea why this is surprising.

No. 1910598

Looks like he got dermal filler, probably part of some facial feminization thing. Glad I unfollowed him long ago.

No. 1910657

10 days late too this but, she's also a nonbiney? That is hilarious because she acts like the most stereotypical girly girl in the world kek

No. 1910790

He's wearing butterfly shaped clips and lip gloss.

No. 1911027

men can’t wear those things?

No. 1911963

Cody said on his podcast episode with Drew Gooden that he and Noel went to a peeping booth in Amsterdam so now idk how anyone can say that they merely joke about porn anymore.

No. 1912675

They were with their gfs apparently and since when has curiosity not been a thing?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1912799

I'm Rick James, bitch.

No. 1912834

Also in one of their videos making fun of those Christian girls Noel flat out admitted to watching porn, doubt it's just gross-out humor for them

No. 1912926

Have you ever seen a feminine gay man? Dear god men need to look like an eyesore or else they're "on the verge of trooning"

No. 1913301

File: 1697251987526.jpeg (237.13 KB, 922x2048, IMG_0136.jpeg)

SSsniperwolf filmed Jacksfilms house and posted it to her instagram story. Shit no wonder her and moo are friends.

No. 1913304

File: 1697252285796.jpeg (117.72 KB, 922x2048, IMG_0137.jpeg)

No. 1913345

My high ass really thought Linus tech tips was discussing that on the WAN Show

No. 1913466

Why the fuck would she do this?

No. 1913467

Kek does this even count as doxxing? I thought she posted his address or something.

No. 1913476

But she did post a photo of his house which is intended for her followers to harass him and his family.

No. 1913534

File: 1697303756454.jpeg (168.36 KB, 946x2048, IMG_9157.jpeg)

Defends doing it too.

No. 1913561

she is so fucking unhinged for this. And yes, it counts as doxing. I found their feud stupid but she really takes the psycho cake for doing this.

No. 1913568

File: 1697311398022.jpg (383.33 KB, 1536x2048, F8aJ_e2WcAAdgdC.jpg)

Dunkey had a baby

No. 1913577

It's funny how she tries to paint Jack films as this crazy stalker who she needs to get a restraining order against but she was literally in front of his house filming to her 5 million followers with his address on display. She can't even say she wanted to talk. She was just in front of the mans house like a creep.
If anyone was infront of her house she would be creeped out. tbh I'm not surprised she did this. She's scummy and thinks she's above the law.

No. 1913591

she also has way too many followers and fans to portray herself as a victim of 'harassment.' He had a valid beef with her content, maybe he went a bit far with that but he never came for her address or said stuff about her appearance. She could have ignored it all and it would have stopped being news, it was literally all online. She's now brought it to real life. I hope Jack and his wife file a restraining order now that she doxed him.

No. 1913613

File: 1697321073887.png (7.84 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_0146.png)

Kek this is so fucking funny. I hate YouTubers so much Jack has never had this much clout in years.

No. 1913620

Lia is so embarrassing. On top of the fact that her current channel is low effort, poorly edited free booting, her old channel was all her estranged husbands (Evan Young/sausage) ideas. He was also the one playing the video games for her. Even the tiktok react stuff was his idea iirc. She's a narcissist and deserves to be deplatformed.

No. 1913646

That was all his idea and he sought her out to help him. This is according to the lolsuit papers.

No. 1913663

I can’t imagine desiring a child with this man. Hope things go well for them though.

No. 1913665

Hoping and praying he's just some fashionable gay guy because I like his content and his outfits. I'd also believe stealth FtM though because a lot of his videos cover things with female audiences, but there are also a lot of gay dudes in drama youtube as well so idk.

No. 1913667

I have no pity for Jack Films. He created a new channel just upload videos making fun of Lia at the speed of autism and wouldn't stop obsessing over her. Yes her content is shit, I get it, but holy hell he's beyond obsessed.

No. 1913668

I was kinda on her side at first even though Jack's complaint was right at its core just because of how obsessed he was and wouldn't shut up about it, but yeah, Lia has lost my sympathy. She should have kept her head down instead of making immature comebacks on twitter and now literally doxxing someone's house. It's such an outrageously bad move, it will probably take a couple of years for people to forget about it and not come for her when she decides to eventually come back with a new direction for her channel.

No. 1913678

File: 1697329135586.png (132.59 KB, 864x711, Screenshot_20231015-015825~2.p…)

Anyone know if Sssniperwolf sent the food to the house so Jack or Erin would come outside to get it? I can't find more on this.

No. 1913682

He and his gf are funny but there’s 0 chance he isn’t a pornsick coomer moid like every other gamer male. The baby is a girl too, that’s a damn shame. Also 0 chance that he’s going to do equal or above childcare compared to Leah, good luck to her kek

No. 1913688

you honestly sound schizo. spend less time on here and go outside

No. 1913692

Yes because speculating about dorky men that are in youtube gamer circles is totally “schizo” behavior. Especially when time and time again they show their true colors. I mean he literally was very close friends with Ethan Klein and Sky Williams. Nothing else I said is any different from other discussions on lolcow about husbands/fathers in the context of marriage and childrearing any way

No. 1913694

>Also 0 chance that he’s going to do equal or above childcare compared to Leah, good luck to her kek
this is the case for 99% of heterosexual relationships. it's so trite there's no point in mentioning it.

No. 1913697

She's legit stalking him now jfc
To pile on top her past husband was the one doing the editing, scripts and playing games for her.
She could have ignored Jack completely who cares? She's just hanging around his neighborhood now because she got that tilted. If she keeps falling for the bait she'll go to jail

No. 1913698

Missing the point. He was still doing his own content on his main channel. He was showing how low effort her content is. It literally takes less than an hour a day to do what she does.

No. 1913708

He's slimmed down a lot good for him

No. 1913712

File: 1697337439637.jpg (44.69 KB, 960x720, y5nbv0wgyab31.jpg)

Based I hate that creepy moid. We better get some classic youtuber mugshots out of this.

No. 1913724

Finally she makes a move, I was starting to believe she was going to be the sane one and ignore it all. I can't wait to see Jack's video tomorrow complete with ads and a sponsor.

No. 1913733

File: 1697340080670.jpg (16.02 KB, 275x273, 1486107262036.jpg)

>Based I hate that creepy moid
Are you baiting? He didn't do anything wrong, and he was absolutely right to take her to task on all of her shameless theft. I can't think of a more retarded way to clap back than by making a veiled threat in front of a photo of his house. I hate scrotes as much as anyone else here, but come the hell on, she's being a total cow and Jack was trying to help the people she stole from recoup the revenue/credit they lost.

No. 1913741

File: 1697341144204.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1225x2137, IMG_2347.jpeg)

Jacksepticeye commented on the post

No. 1913746

I don't care if I'm missing the point. Fuck Jack and fuck Lia.

No. 1913760

File: 1697345316725.png (5.37 KB, 194x259, c9aa6b5e7d276d3022a916e568733b…)

>le both sides

No. 1913770

File: 1697346982542.gif (934.56 KB, 500x322, 1340495787048.gif)

Living my best anencephalic life

No. 1913903

jacksfilms wont fuck you nona… They're both Youtubers so they're both equally deserving of scorn. Especially now that Jack has been jumping on her for a couple months now. He deserves it for trying to attack someone for content. He isn't even one of the people affected, this is some mantle he took on himself trying to be a savior for the little guy and now it's bitten him in the ass, that's funny. Who the fuck cares if youtubers get their ad pennies from papa google.

No. 1913907

ntayr but you truly must be retarded if you genuinely think this. is your excess fat filling in the wrinkles of your brain, causing it to become smooth? jack has been on lia's ass because lia steals other peoples' content without credit so they cant even profit from their own videos. not to mention shes lazy as hell and will put the same clip twice or not even complete the video successfully. thanks to jack, these creators now are working together to make it so that she cant ride off the coattails of other people, which means she will actually have to use her singular braincell to come up with ideas herself. i suggest you try that too nonita, it really wouldnt hurt.

No. 1913925

I'm aware of what she's doing and why it's shitty. I just don't care. This has literally been going on for years, and Jack inserted himself into it and got to see the consequences of doing so.

No. 1913939

In no way is going to someone's house and posting it online a reasonable or expected "consequence" for calling out a top youtuber steals other people's content. she could have either continued to ignore him or make a video defending herself like a normal person.

No. 1913953

Nta. Why is it up to her to just ignore the fact that he has an entire second channel just dedicated to her (admittedly shitty) content? I agree with that anon you responded to, he started this and has been going at it for ages. no sympathy

No. 1913970

you say this like either of them have had a real job in decades. Youtubers are not the same as normal working people and they shouldn't be praised like they work especially hard compared to anyone else with a normal career.

No. 1913973

thank you for your wisdom. is it the same bottomless pit of knowledge where you get arguments to defend doxxing from

No. 1913998

Why is it always people who shouldn't have children who get them (rhetorical) A fat low intelligence brain-rotted Nintendo dick-sucker whose kid could get bullied for his retarded YouTube channel, gaming addiction and general idiocy? How does he even earn money? How will he earn it in 10 years? Ah, sorry, I am asking questions they themselves didn't think of before breeding.

No. 1914000

>People who hold other people accountable for theft deserve to be doxed
Lia isn't going to fuck you, anon.

It's not "her content," you fuckwit, it's a bunch of shit she stole. Jack literally would have left her alone if she took five seconds to credit the TikToks she uses.

No. 1914004

Lia having defenders of her unhinged behavior is wild. Like girl was at his house for a while. Thats unhinged. You can call someone retarded, make a video on them, but doxxing is a huge no no. Doesn't matter which corner of the internet you're in. Hell doxxing isn't even cool on lolcow. When lolcow has better morals you know you're fucked up

No. 1914112

So people are looking more into sssniperwolf's content and past behavior more. In the past she was arrested for armed robbery, which we know. But now there is a video on her channel telling minors to twerk to see her titts and telling 15 year olds to whip out their dicks for her. The mom caught her on cam and she just laughs at the mom and says "Yeah, you're boys are doing this for titts lol"
It's still on youtube unedited with the boys boners and all. So we can add pedo to the list. Most of her fans are kids too

No. 1914115

This isn't the video, but most of her omegle content is oddly sexual to young boys specifically. If boys ignore her she tells them they're looking at dicks. Asking obvious children if they want to jerk off to her, saying she will send them nudes. I never noticed because I was never interested in her content. Like there's no defending her anymore if she's being creepy towards children

No. 1914120

lol she privated the video of the two teen boys with boners where she offered them nudes and kept asking them to twerk and show more.

No. 1914174

>very close friends with Ethan
They went on their podcast, what would make you think the two are close beyond working in the same sphere and being on good terms?

No. 1914244

I think a lot of people here need to chill w/ the Jack vs Lia shit cause let's be real, she's mega retarded and Jack less so. He makes okayish content and the point of his parody channel is to produce churned out garbage like she is, which is why it's pretty hilarious. You can think it's weird sure, but I don't really think it's obsessive behavior. Not to the extent Lia has shown by posting a video on her IG story of her scrolling through his videos and of course posting a pic of his house kek

No. 1914305

> 1913694
the what now?
there's something so nasty about girls so bottom-barrel pick-me they'd take children's crushes as validation. I hope this blows up and she stops that shit or leaves the internet.
>there's no defending her anymore if she's being creepy towards children
not trying to start an infight here but people can think she's a shitty person and still not really care about her showing up at the guy's house. It's trashy imo, and if she's lying about finding his address through one of his own posts the picture is insanely stupid (but I don't think was intentionally doxing, could be wrong but I think she's an idiot and just posted her location), but the guy had no reason to be literally scared for his life. That armed robbery thing isn't like she held a 7/11 up at gunpoint or some shit and she's a twig of a woman. Granted burgerland might be more fucked than I think but it doesn't seem realistic to assume the person pissed at your content and showing up at your house, while broadcasting location to the world, is gonna murder you when they're a youtuber who presumably still wants a life

No. 1914994

Do people here actually watch/took the time to watch a little of the Jjjacksfilms channel because he literally just plays bingo with his chat in most of them and shouts out the tiktok channels that to his knowledge aren't freebooters themselves. He encourages them to send her claims to get their clips removed from her videos. IT WORKS because several parts have been cut from some of Ssstalkerwolf's more recent vids and she started crediting some people. (though some don't want to be featured either way.) Whether you agree it was bad or not, she's severly retarded for doxxing/posting Jack's house and was rightfully outed as a creep with little boys. Even her irrelevant ewhore sister has been quiet after defending her so hard. Ssstalkerwolf knows its bad too because she's been scrubbing her pages kek.

No. 1915065

How is anyone taking this guy seriously? Watch him closely. He can't even read his lines with a straight face, at moments it even feels comedic.

'Stealing content from tiktok videos'? All of tiktok is reacting to other tiktoks half of which aren't original content, they are stolen and clipped from somewhere else. Are we supposed to believe that the guy getting hurt in a 'funny guy falling' video is actually receiving 'tiktok revenue'. This is akin to meme social media accounts claiming ownership over memes they simply lifted from somewhere else. Insanity.

Here is my read on the situation. You have a guy who really had to reign it in and be pc to the T, to appeal to his annoying reddit fanbase and to avoid getting cancelled. And now he feels resentful because he's losing traction, just scraping by financially, taking losses from his cancelled tour, mobile game and viewer count on tedious shitty daily content. Despite doing everything right, he is suffering and others who never played by the rules to begin with are cruising by unaffected, still making money.
So he's taking it out on some bimbo who is his peer in terms of fame and internet longevity. Taking back his power by using woke-ism and the power of victimhood to knock her down. All the while trying desperately to monetize and sensationalize the whole process.
>>1913534 Look at what he says here, he's not concerned about safety or supporting the plight of struggling humble tiktok creators (LOL), he wants her demonetized and blacklisted and is crying out to youtube to make that happen. He hates that she is favored ( >>1895252 ) and he isn't.
It is personal and it is about money but mostly he is fueled by scrote seething.

No. 1915442

File: 1697600640607.jpeg (821.46 KB, 828x1457, IMG_8997.jpeg)

Ryan Magee put out a very well-written collection of tweets that explain his disgust with the “they mocked Daniel’s suicide” lies and this is the first thing Nickisnotgreen posts. Is it just me or is he kind of insufferable? And also a bit of a hypocrite himself? Also, how long is he going to milk this supermega drama? I get that it was the most attention he’s gotten yet but fuck, is it stale.

No. 1915445

also sorry can’t get caps for ryan’s tweets because I don’t have stupid fucking x

No. 1915454

I think you’re absolutely correct.

No. 1915459

Hi slutwolf. Why bother writing all that post on someone whose content you've never watched? Not a single word describes anything Jack has done. Although I do agree he's hamming it up too much and being too dramatic about demonetizing and blah blah blah.(hi cow )

No. 1915463

He literally looks like a fucking wojak in the thumbnail. Oml

No. 1915468

Why are so many of you retards caping for her? Jack was being obnoxious, sure, but Lia is a full-on cow. She's basically a skinny version of Moo, except worse because at least Moo didn't hit on middle schoolers or get arrested for armed robbery. Nothing Jack did justified the absolutely unhinged response of walking into his driveway in the middle of the night and posting about it to her millions of retarded followers. You guys need to stop evaluating everything on the basis of "scrotes bad, women can do no wrong." Lia is the ultimate pickme, there's nothing """feminist""" about defending her. You know damn well if another woman was on fire, Lia wouldn't piss to put it out, so stop sticking your necks out for her.

They clearly don't. The saw a conflict between a plastic woman and an ugly scrote and automatically assumed that the scrote was in the wrong, even though the woman in this case has a years-long history of cow behavior. These anons are the kinds of retards who colonized the site after Preddit banned all of the GC subs. They think they're feminists, but in reality, they're centrists who think that hating men and being a febfem or volcel makes them radical.

No. 1915474

The whole situation feels like an internet slapfight between toddlers. I think there's some real truth to >>1915065 because involving yourself so heavily with a known cow is prone to turning people into cows themselves. Especially when it comes off as completely hypocritical to complain about "stealing content" when the entire JJJacksfilms channel is nothing but mocking SSSniperwolf. It really is an insult to his masculinity being A, afraid of her coming to his doorstep, and B, crying publicly again for her "deplatforming" rather than seeking legal advice and actually getting something accomplished about it.

And I would honestly rather believe he is more inclined to keep milking content from the cow than actually stop her, but wants to play this up for pity clout.

No. 1915476

File: 1697611585707.png (8.6 MB, 2669x5530, text.png)

I don't get Nick's point. The Daniel stuff was way too far as his family's pages apparently were targeted.

No. 1915498

they just dont want to admit he is right for being upset. He's not scared of HER showing up, he's scared of what her 5-30mil simps will do with that info. Anyone saying the former with their whole chest is retarded. Also her sister was also saying stuff like "oh so he can't fight a girl lol"(something to that extent) implying that they were not in fact there to "just talk." They want something to happen. Ssstalkerwolf fucked up and I'm curious if Jack is pressing charges and she'll have to buy him a new house or something kek he's been awfully quiet and not flinging shit like Sstalkerwolf and whatever her sisters name is

No. 1915511

he used his home address for his LLC. Therefore, it is public information.

No. 1915520

Ryan’s mom was literally harassed and sent death threats because her son…was apparently worse than the rapist that the “callout” video was about? It definitely reads like Nick is just trying to piggyback off of anything from that drama because it got him the most views he’s ever gotten.

No. 1915557

"Go get a job," says the loser who makes low effort drama videos with less than 800k subs, and whose way more popular friends whom he farmed his initial success off of, won't associate with anymore bc he's a cow

No. 1915574

This makes this whole doxxing debate seem braindead, he has to be, how the fuck do you register an LLC under your home and not an LLC agent if you have that many subs and are terrified of a woman taking selfies on your lawn?
I can't take all the men anxiously handwringing on Twitter about what a threat she is to Jack and his wife, what a circus.

No. 1915577

Is this an ftm? incredibly female writing style

No. 1915595

Is there a specific thread for ASMR creators or should I just post it here? A 1 mil+ ASMRtist Ephemeral Rift has been posting absolutely unhinged shit on twitter and the fans are obviously appaled.
Sure, he has a point, but he's mixing in a bunch of n-words and the retard slur constantly.
He was always edgy and holier-than-thou and I always got the "I know the world and I am smarter than you" vibe from his personal videos which skeeved me off, but I generally liked his roleplay content.

No. 1915613

I don't care for either of them. Fuck youtubers tbqhf

No. 1915617

Do you have proof that isn’t a sketchy site of the Llc? Multiple addresses pop up depending on the site.

No. 1915620

he's not a future troon, he is just a gay guy

No. 1915688

girl chill, nothing's going to happen to him

No. 1915722

Post it here

No. 1915760

So G-Fule dropped sniperwolf. Sadly, seems like that's all. YouTube doesn't want to punish one of their biggest creators

At this point who cares? They can replace her. Hell, a toilet is currently more popular than her in less time

No. 1915768

imagine having a mental breakdown so strong it turns you into whoopi goldberg
is he even gay?

No. 1915771

He's a narc that reads every comment about him, which is usually written by a teenage girl.(learn to sage)

No. 1915779

Nick’s Reddit mods have deleted any posts about the supermega drama and even made an auto-reply that says “mention of Supermega will result in a ban”—maybe tell your little shitbreath “commentary YouTuber” that. Also kek at Nick telling people who support Supermega to “get jobs”, like, baby what do YOU do for a career? That’s right, you make fun of tiktok videos.
I swear, within the year we’ll see some fucked up accusations come out against Nick. I refuse to believe someone like him has a clean slate.

No. 1915814

I'm surprised he's still a thing. I don't have caps but in maybe 2016/2017 there was a huge stink about him making a bunch of Facebook posts "joking" about raping babies. Something like that, just saying slurs and other really violent edgelord shit

No. 1915833

File: 1697694512057.jpg (1.8 MB, 2160x2880, IMG_20231019_124514.jpg)

Yeah, I remember he had like, loli guro on his fb also?

But yeah, so far it's only on twitter, but he's saying he's gonna do something for visibility on 10/22.
He was always an edgelord and it's hard to tell with him when he's serious, but with these slurs and talk of being Jesus, he seems like he's about to go postal or something.

Sorry about shit collaging, I am on mobile.

No. 1915834

File: 1697694624805.jpg (1.49 MB, 2160x2880, IMG_20231019_124253.jpg)

And more.
Didn't cap replies or what he's replying to people, but perhaps someone is interested enough to grab some.

Sure, he was always edgy, sure, he has a point, but going about it this way seems like he's having a mental breakdown.

No. 1915838

File: 1697695158199.jpg (818.03 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2023-10-19-12-55-16…)

Also wrote an entire blog article justifying himself dropping slurs, drops a hard R in the article itself.

No. 1915901

You need to calm down.
>You guys need to stop evaluating everything on the basis of "scrotes bad, women can do no wrong."
This person you are picturing so vividly in your mind doesn't exist

Yes I'm sure she is awful, doesn't she make ewhore content for children? You know it's kids and ipad babies watching her bimbo reaction videos right? She should be deplatformed for that not for 'stealing tiktok content' or whatever her cringe relationship drama is. Instead she is being promoted. Now that is something to chew on.

That still doesn't explain what happened with Jacksfilms. In the real world people don't go out of their way to relentlessly poke crazy people, in the most tedious unfunny way imaginable I might add. He thought he was being clever but he's just crazy, attention starved, broke, immature and feels entitled to the whole world wasting it's time by embracing him and his weird little performance

No. 1915929

Been funny watching channels like Cinnamontoastken talk about this acting like they don't do the same shit Sniper does. Considering this creep made over 60 videos about her which has lead to his fans flooding her comments with hate/dislike and her social media with her mugshot if Youtube were to punish her they would have to punish him as well.(learn to sage: lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1915940

Press x to doubt. He's definitely going to troon out eventually, you can't act like gay guys haven't ever memed themselves into transmaxxing like Dylan Mulvaney.

No. 1915946

sometimes it’s like you want gnc gay men to troon out just to complain. stop bitching unless it actually happens otherwise you’re just as regressive as the tarded up tras

No. 1915970

Gay men are effeminate, they are not women, idk what to tell you anon. Dylan and his ilk are a loud minority. Effeminate gay men are not an endangered species. I have far less of a problem with D'angelo's clothing style than I do his lukewarm takes on Doja Cat's cowishness

No. 1915978

Anyone know if another Effina thread will ever be made ?

No. 1915998

Damn nonnie thanks for putting together all those caps. I get such cult leader wannabe vibes from this guy

No. 1916001

That's a really good point nonnie. You seem really pretty and smart

No. 1916007

>Effeminate gay men are not an endangered species.
not so sure about that. makeup wearing gay men who don't identify as troons feels more rare than it used to.

No. 1916029

go outside

No. 1916081


>Also her sister was also saying stuff like "oh so he can't fight a girl lol"(something to that extent) implying that they were not in fact there to "just talk."

That's what's real wild to me. Jack's staying hush (probably mounting a case against her, so laying low instead of constantly egging her on is his smartest move), Lia is frantically deleting evidence against her, but Lia's sister is going on the warpath and destroying any doubt that they had every intention to go there and start a physical fight with him.

And let's be realistic, if he went out to confront her, it would have ended bad for him either way. On one end, he goes out as has his ass beat by two women. Jack has almost no muscle on him, so that's not out of the realm of possibility. On the other side, he goes outside and fights them off, now he's a grown man who beat up two women, even if it's obvious that it's self defense you know that shit would be turned against him instantly. Staying inside was literally his best option.

No. 1916154

probably not. now that I think of it her and her friends likely intentionally filled it up with racebait to get it locked. is there new milk?

No. 1916186

you can see him sort of debating what to do on his livestream and i’m glad he wasn’t retarded enough to let his wife go out there. that poor woman didn’t do anything but marry a shit stirrer.

No. 1916226

are you seriously expecting youtube to treat her worse than they did james charles, onision, and shane while they were big moneybags for youtube? the three of them had to rape or allude to raping children for years, then get a huge media firestorm that would not go away in order to lose their monetization. Unless jack focuses on her history with minors over the react stuff they're not going to care because youtube isn't going to get rid of react channels until the day corpos demand it in threat of removing ads and she's probably one of their biggest money makers pumping out lots of content. Youtube knows react channels are cheap easy ways to get their income up and will not have any problem with it.
If I'm being honest, other than just this site, any mention of minors is a total afterthought if thought of at all. Most people are crusading against her as if taking her down takes down react channels or anything close. Or as if youtube gives a damn about the credit angle when you could be focusing on her being a supposed pedoshit exclusively tbh. Most idiots online care more about "credit" than grooming boys, including jack tbh it seems which is why the side eye is given. He's not the allmighty scrote doing all good, he's giving opportunist flags all over and we can shit on both people. And not feeling that crazed about react content =/= we are cool with a pedoshit just cause she's a fellow woman.
Instead of focusing just on her react content, get her taken down for being a pedoshit and take down react channels as a whole, and take down content farming craft channels while you're at it. I think crafts getting kids hurt and killed is worse than silly reactions that don't give credit but what do I know.

No. 1916245

File: 1697787879429.jpg (447.8 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2023-10-20-14-35-45…)

Already apologizing for the n-word.

He also posted an "asmr with Jesus" this night, but I didn't catch it and it's already gone.

I wish he would just admit to generally being mentally unwell, that's probably the only thing that can fix this, because his apology is "I am sorry, I didn't think people would be offended, btw have I mentioned I am not racist and that I still think I was right?"

No. 1916346

>>1916154 nah i do not follow her , actually the only milk i knew about her is all from this website. Yeah her thread was pretty insane.. someone was shit talking her baby, i doubt that was her.(sage your shit)

No. 1916348

>>1916154 effina tried doxxing someone who she thought was responsible for her thread n pretends like people hate her for no reason..

No. 1916393

drama in the ASMR community is always really weird

No. 1916394

I opened the ASMR with Jesus video he linked to and it was already 4 years old on YT, so it might still be there if all he did was delete the tweet

No. 1916395

samefag, I realized I should have just searched and linked the video sorry. Here is the previously tweeted ASMR with Jesus

No. 1916606

yeah that was pretty fucking weird. the MDE threads always attract 4chan scrotes so it's possible that was the case
I remember that! the uwu smol girl types can be real nasty and Effina's one of those. she tried to pretend she didn't know what MDE was and that her ex scrote posted on 4chan as her yeah right.

No. 1916798

File: 1697895174472.jpg (40.44 KB, 1200x675, 384704-untitled-design-2023-10…)

Effina literally posted her own foot pic on 4chan lol . She was like doja cat, trying to be this edgy e-girl appealing to the lowest common denominator of white guys.

No. 1917226

Turkey Tom's video
I personally do not think much will come out of this. Lex, Leighton, and Ethan won't speak about it, Nick will probably post one more hysterical zoomer response, and move on.
The one thing I'll give this guy credit for is his statement of Lex talking to a grooming victim of Don, then afterwards started dating Don. That is fucked if true.(learn2embed)

No. 1917229

File: 1697914544163.jpg (497.67 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20231021_145403_Gal…)

Only shortly after the video was posted,someone apparently hacked into the channel they had with Daniel, to highlight/like comments

No. 1917548

Doja posts on 4chan constantly trying to get attention all the time but the funny thing is even the white incels she wants to attract dont like her because she’s an ugly Jewish African mutt. 4chan moids only like Aryan girls or pale Asian girls, not ugly Africanized jewmutts.(racebait)

No. 1917576

Where is proof she posts on 4chan?
She was exposed for being on tinychat not 4chan.
Tbh i dont think shes ugly, just has bad wigs and cant style her hair properly.

No. 1917581

Nice racebait. She still probably looks better than u and any other woman in ur family.(unsaged doubleposting retard)

No. 1917719

I liked this video bc it broke down a lot of the shit in Lex's testimony that didn't make sense.
She spent a long time emphasizing that Matt and Ryan made her homeless when she apparently had the money to pay rent on an apartment and just didn't find anything her and Rav or whoever liked. And they stayed at Matt and Ryan's office rent free for months on end so no wonder they were fucking annoyed about the fact that Lex and Rav couldn't just get their own place.
Then Lex says she was upset they called her driving around in her brand new jeep to take pictures in maid outfits in other states "vacations" and lex calls this "working" lol? I'm so glad Tom called that out

No. 1917757

File: 1697994431088.jpeg (555.33 KB, 750x1492, IMG_2217.jpeg)

gross, time to unsub.

No. 1917767

You’re subscribed to Buzzfeed anything? You have to be 18 to post here

No. 1917775

This is nowhere near their first time interacting with drag. A quick google search shows me videos spanning as old as 2014, and they're numerous. Why were you even subbed in the first place?

No. 1917776

i subscribed for the cooking without a recipe series, leave me alone.

No. 1917812

NTA but imagine being racially possessive over greasy pornbrained incels who think you're all used up, wrinkly and post-wall after 24, you pickmes are pathetic kek.

No. 1917908

I guess I have a different perspective than other anons here regarding the sniperwolf and jacksfilm situation because I knew about their "beef" way before the doxing drama.

I remember being really weirded out when I found out about Jack's other channel which was dedicated to sniperwolf. If I combine his main channel and his other channel in total he has made more than 70 videos about Leah in LESS than a year…..that is really weird.
His videos consisted of the same repetitive sniper bingo cards or him begging for her to lose her channel. Also anons here have said that sniperwolf should have continued ignoring him while he harassed her but this is really bad advice because there was actual proof that yes those videos jack kept spamming about Leah were actually affecting her channel viewership so it was not exactly harmless criticism. His hyper-focus on Leah definitely does feel weird especially how he bragged to Ethan on a interview once about treating another female youtuber in a shitty way.

Sniperwolf is obviously a retard for reacting this way but jacksfilms is not a Saint either.(sage)

No. 1917909

youtubers get cancelled for saying the nword when they were 12 but this big ass yutube channel willingly collabs with a group that hired a convicted child offender to read to kids?

No. 1917910

This is snow so all the hideous failed abortion males and pickme women hang out here. Bassically the ugliest lowest form of human life. You can tell this thread is flooded with soon-to-join-elliot-rodger-in-hell-and-get-pounded-by-satan type of males who have less value than a cockroach.(calm down)

No. 1918020

When did SNIPERWOF hit on middle schoolers?

No. 1918031

>Also anons here have said that sniperwolf should have continued ignoring him while he harassed her but this is really bad advice because there was actual proof that yes those videos jack kept spamming about Leah were actually affecting her channel viewership so it was not exactly harmless criticism.

Don't know about her viewership, but Jack making those videos encouraged the people who made the original content Lia used in her videos to copyright claim the parts their videos were in. That meant that the claimed parts were cut from the videos, so they got too short to be monetized. So Jack's videos were actually affecting her YouTube money.

No. 1918036

Good. She's a lazy pick me who was sus with lil boys online. Glad her $ or viewership is getting some trouble from autistic beanhead Jack.

No. 1918047

I genuinely feel really disturbed and uncomfortable any time I see a video of her reactions now.. knowing she was weird towards little boys, knowing her videos are aimed towards children. I started noticing her attire in alot of the videos she's just in little tube tops, camisoles, or sports bra. Very weird bimbo look for an audience of children, I can just tell she knows exactly what she's doing. Plus her mannerisms are creepy as fuck, opening her mouth constantly..

No. 1918072

>was sus with lil boys online
huh, what did she do?

No. 1918075

went on omegle and told young boys she'd show them her tits if they twerked for her (on camera so she could post it on youtube)

No. 1918080

He obviously would have stopped making the videos if she had stopped stealing content and had just given people credit. That was literally all she had to do. She chose to keep stealing content and to keep cutting out credits on purpose instead.
A normal person would have corrected it when getting caught and called out, but she just kept going because she thinks she's above everyone else and rules don't apply to her.

No. 1918083

tiktok idiots dont deserve credit lmao why are you treating them as if pulling out the camera and doing some lip sync shit is something that requieres effort?

No. 1918154

How old are you? 99% of tiktoks worth reacting to are just shorts, not lip sync

No. 1918213

He thinks he is the messaiah of Youtube when the website has shown time and time again that they do not care and play obvious favorites. If he ever thought he could influence them by making hundreds of videos about her, livestreaming about her, going on other people's podcasts to talk about her, then he must have a mental illness because nothing will ever be done. It's fucking Youtube for Christ's sake. She is nowhere near the most egregious example of either content stealing or being a creep around young children.(sage)

No. 1918321

at least know what you're talking about before defending a cow. you think she's reacting to people lip syncing? really?

No. 1918462

File: 1698113121788.png (312.67 KB, 503x594, Mika's Rhetoric.png)

Can you all chill on shitting up this thread with the ssniperwolf/jacksfilms shit? Alia has her own thread, go to it.

We have more pressing matters to discuss itt like how I need Mika's Rhetoric to stop caking all that makeup on her face, it makes her look fucking insane and is clearly aggravating her acne. She looks a million times better barefaced, even with the acne.

No. 1918476

It's upthread. Did you even bother reading?

No. 1918783

Cody Ko recently got permission from Emily Black (OF woman) to react to her exclusive video where she kisses a bunch of people.
Thoughts?(sage your shit)

No. 1918784

i think everyone involved should kill themselves(alog)

No. 1918785

You took the opinion out of my brain

No. 1918786

That's mean(sage)

No. 1918830

Does anyone have a juice on digibro and the procrastinators ? I know Ben hates him and then they all just disappeared lmao

No. 1918865

His porn sickness isn't new but he's having a kid and all I can think about is the stuff they will see about their dad in the future

No. 1918903

File: 1698196611348.png (253.4 KB, 930x856, digibro.png)

This post is from 2021 so not sure if this is old news to you, nona but I did find this thread on a forum: https://myanimelist.net/forum/?topicid=1908535

No. 1918926

Her videos have been flooded with negative comments and dislikes and her social media replies with spam of her mugshot(s) since Jacksfilms declared himself the sheriff of Youtube. I've even seen fan pages get harassment. All those drama channels neglect to mention that.

No. 1918956


The stupidstupidsniperwolf thread is here: >>288690

No. 1919001

It's not that deep I don't think(learn to sage)

No. 1919138

She's doing something shitty for the whole YT community. Stealing people's content is bad. People dislike it.

No. 1919392

>"if this woman wanted to stop being harassed by this man she should've just adhered to his whims"
is all i am hearing from this. it's kind of insane the amount of drama she's been involved in not really of her own volition at all but because guys on youtube or guys adjacent to her resent her and start trying to insert her into some narrative.

No. 1919488

and the hundreds of creators she hurt by stealing from should just shut the fuck up, right? someone standing up for them is totally in the wrong

No. 1919558

Unsure of how to link an entire twitch VOD but morgpie admitted to “lying” in order to cancel Matt and Ryan because Leighton/Lex told her they wanted them cancelled. If any nonas know how to link vods, it’s her most recent video at 1:15:30.

No. 1919843

Egoraptor's "being a girl would be so fun XD" tweet from not too long ago reminded me of this video and how just… sad? It is.
He looks like he's about to cry when he looks at himself in the mirror with make up on at about the 8 minute mark, why she would upload this https://youtu.be/mFy8fuDaJb0?si=eJXmWmlyHp0_siU3 video I do not know
He's definitely repressing, and hopefully it stays that way since he's a father now(embed youtube videos)

No. 1919848

He's not a tranny, also since when is he a father?

No. 1919865

That's not an 'about to cry' face, and she had only applied the bare minimum of contour so whatever you're describing isn't even happening at that timestamp. Do you get your news from ao3 by any chance? Where'd you hear that he has a kid?

No. 1919898

please fuck off to the designated thread. we get it she steals content.
PLEASE use it.

No. 1919924

where is this thing about him being a father coming from? the other day in the rantgrumps subreddit there was someone who nonchalantly mentioned dan being a soon-to-be-father without any source. is this some inside joke?

No. 1919975

File: 1698369884222.jpeg (215.2 KB, 828x1126, IMG_9142.jpeg)

Ohhh my god Nick shut the fuck up already and stop trying to beat a dead horse that you yourself shot.

No. 1919977

File: 1698370122153.jpeg (233.07 KB, 828x1792, IMG_9143.jpeg)

Nick’s subreddit is just removing every comment that even remotely calls him out.

No. 1920096

that was a surprising video since she didnt upload in forever but aside from that not a big deal. i just hope she doesnt get lumped with trannies or feels like she needs to

sage for not really milk

No. 1920165

File: 1698413493485.jpeg (767.95 KB, 828x823, B4CEBC1E-C112-4251-A19E-0C0B43…)

Rosanna Pansino calling out Mr Beast from being edited out of top 3 position in Creator games.

No. 1920186

mr beast videos are such shit how could you believe they are true? he's so obviously fake, i fucking hate him. He's the microwaved food of Youtube.(learn to sage)

No. 1920277

MrBeast annoys the fuck out of me and now he's managed to disenfranchise one of the few actual women in gaming? Fuck that guy.

No. 1920283

Apparently Quackity, her teammate listed here, discussed being cut out in May 2022, but since it was in Spanish it didn't gain traction in English

No. 1920314

Her eyebrows bother me.

No. 1920360

I always thought she did baking videos

No. 1920390

File: 1698444435491.jpg (193.38 KB, 785x917, Screenshot_20231028_000504_Tik…)

She confronted him via texts, this is his response. Screenshotted from her talk with Ethan Klein. Hos responses feel odd to me tbh.

No. 1920394

It's bc he doesn't want receipts like this, if a phone call gets leaked, he can sue.

No. 1920396

I already said it the Finland thread but basically, people with her condition are classified as female and the way she tries to make it sound like she's "genetically male" pisses me off. She just has an dysfunctional but very real vag basically and anyone with a real vag is a female according to all the scientific sources I've ever seen. Either she is incapable of researching her own syndrome "Swyer Syndrome" or she is doing it on purpose to somehow seem trans. I know we like to shit talk the Y chromosome here but in all seriousness everyone is capable of understanding that a person with an actual coochie and not a rot pocket, is female.

No. 1920748

can't really blame her since mtfs get unlimited attention and asspats

No. 1920764

Hope she never gets on a call with him. Fuck Jimmy. He’s such a hack of a business man.

No. 1920798

Just watched Kurtis Conner's latest video where he was dunking on viking larpers on tiktok, and by the end I was pretty annoyed how he criticizes tiktok scandiboos for only basing their knowledge of vikings on media while doing the same shit himself and spreading further misinformation. Not saying every youtuber should put hours of work into historical contexts before dunking on some autistic online community but you know…c'mon. People are very kindly educating him on the points he was somewhat right and the others where he was really off, but we all know he isn't going to adress any of that.

No. 1920993


Why are you watching the weakest of the Danny/Drew/Kurtis trio? Kurtis has always been my least favorite of the three and also puts the least effort into his videos by far. At least Danny and Drew put more effort into their videos beyond just saying the punchline and putting reverb on their voice.

No. 1921008

File: 1698539972484.jpg (301.5 KB, 1290x2006, F9drPFDW4AEYgMg.jpg)

>Nick himself posts his response on his reddit and tells his mods to stop deleting comments
>his video response is "maybe I shouldn't have made the video but what happened is still true also I am an unbiased third party and I definitely didn't make the videos for views"
>likens the fanbase being mad at him to the way Sneako was threatening to kill him
>Leighton reactivates his side twitter to make a ton of posts starting off with "I shouldn't make a statement before getting back on medication, btw I am unmedicated"
>Lex unprivates her video and changes the description to talk about how suicidal she is, while removing her update about Leighton feeding her bad information
This is becoming braindead. Nick and Leighton both state that they did not discuss with anyone before making their statements and yet both of them along with Lex make updates within 24 hours of each other. Weird

No. 1921042

They’re all a bunch of scumbags, honestly. I have so much sympathy for Lex and her assault but I have zero sympathy for the reaction she’s getting for everything else she’s taken part in. This entire thing has ended up being a witch-hunt against Supermega, especially after Matt came out with actual receipts, texts, etc and Leighton had..? Nothing.
Now all they’ve got is their mental health excuses.(sage)

No. 1921087

kurtis got into a little drama recently. basically some fans were bringing up that he’s still friends with that racist douche dean. kurtis’ response was basically “i think he’s a good person so shut up and don’t watch his content.” then the fans pointed out that he collabs with dean and brought him on his comedy tour so he’s directly platforming him. also there’s photos of dean in blackface so now kurtis is trying to backtrack. nickisnotgreen also collabed with that guy but i don’t know if he ever apologized or deleted the videos.

No. 1921155

Because no one else I'm subscribed to had uploaded anything interesting. But you are right, I should have known better kek. I just figured since he walks on eggshells regarding gender politics he would also have the grace to go "oops, my bad!" after people called him out on this with some very simple explanations.
So he is backtracking by making himself look like a huge uneducated dickhead towards another culture's history? Good job then kek

No. 1921243

File: 1698602217781.png (423.08 KB, 1080x996, YSF.PNG)

I see nothing wrong with Cody Ko hooking up with Tana.
I've seen people claim she was underage, which worried me, but after doing some research I've reached the conclusion that she was a legal adult so I couldn't care less now, really.(sage)

No. 1921643

Half his fan base base their entire Internet presence around cosplaying as Minecraft youtuber AVIs kek. His one and only problem with them being viking larpers is that to an Idubbzzz tier mulletard like him thinks anyone with an interest in vikings must be like Varg Vikerness. Not Scandinavian but you can tell Americans/Canadians have 0 concept of what Scandinavian people/culture is when they just hone in on viking shit. It's not any different from yanks or canucks being megaweebs

No. 1921741

File: 1698694325597.png (317.82 KB, 507x437, who cares.png)

Didn't even watch this, but I'm so tired of these "essay" "deep dive" videos about the most mundane shit ever. At least in the beginning they used to be about interesting things and people. Now is the most retarded shit blown out of proportion. I'm so tired of it

No. 1921743

I wonder why so many fatties wear activewear if they’re not working out(sage your shit)

No. 1921745

>shred the dictionary and pull words from a hat

No. 1921765

i'm glad someone else agrees. even when kurtis has a good joke, he stretches it out until you just want him to shut up. drew is by far superior.

No. 1921809

what do you mean by "interesting things and people", nonnie? i actually find these more interesting than the ones about politics and history etc because those tend to be really entry level and about things i already have solid knowledge about kek while i'm totally oblivious about celebrity culture and mainstream social media and trends even though (as she even says on the beginning, watching it now) they're a huge part of the economy. their political takeaways tend to be super basic and amount to "capitalism bad, why can't we just stop consooming" but the basic history of the subject bring presented is stuff i wouldn't normally hear about

No. 1921819

I remember watching one of Tara's videos before and thought she was obnoxious. There's a lot of pseudointellectual Youtubers out there, but hey some of them earn a living that way.

No. 1921945

I'd prefer honestly if most didn't bother trying to create a message about anything and just gave information alone. They're long but I've been enjoying Be Thee Commentator's videos because she does a shit ton of reading and watching on the subject and pretty much presents everything like a documentary with all sides of the story with neutral delivery even if she has an opinion or conclusion she's leading the audience towards. I went into her wendy williams videos knowing pretty much nothing about her except some of her scandalous or memable moments and came out of it with a very knowing wendy the human, her life and actually really empathizing with her which I didn't expect to. The video series is 3 hours total but the videos are dense with information (not bland commentary) mostly being interview footage and her giving a detailed timeline and cliffsnotes + important passages from the reading she's done with supporting media to teach people the whole story behind a person or their actions. For Wendy it seems it was about humanizing her as a flawed woman who has gone through and accomplished a lot in her life, her current Woody Allen series is displaying his long history of being a creep and him justifying it, and her celine dion video I'm about to watch seems to be about the history of her ex husband grooming her to list a few.
There is also a video on the Bruce-Kris Jenner relationship that was quite interesting. It was done in a way that wouldn't trigger any handmaidens but clearly peaking a whole lot of women in the comments to his very male and shitty behaviours since she took the opportunity to call him bruce and didn't just call him caitlyn the whole time. It made the decent from cross dressing and clothing stealing to tranny prostitution seem as creepy as it should have vs if they called him "she" during it (I've seen normies put blinders on to male shit if they hear a tim's pronouns). She clearly poured over every detail in his book, interviews, and press from the time and wasn't hiding anything that might make any party look bad, didn't trust anyone at face value, and kept every detail to properly tell the whole story. I don't think she's fully peaked herself but she didn't let trans stuff nor kardashian hate blind her either way and just told the story about an AGP falling into degeneracy. I think it's actually a great video for people morbidly curious about the life of a tim and might even peak some normie friends who act like AGPs aren't just cross dressing freaks. if nothing else feel free to read the comments and be happy that normies don't like how he treated his wives regardless of identity

No. 1921952

Jimmy is a gigantic piece of shit. I watched a recent podcast he was on and he really came across as tone deaf and insufferable. He actually said he didn't have that much money because he has to pay his employees. The fuck? He's a product of the system.

No. 1921968

Tbh I remember watching the whole debacle unfold on the show and in the media at the time, when Bruce came out as a tranny I don’t think any women or fans of the show supported him. They were disgusted that he’d betrayed his wife and lied to her for so many years. His daughters also expressed how weirded out they were by the whole thing and it was very clear none of the Kardashians wanted anything to do with him either because of how he’d hurt their mom and made their family look more freakish than they already are. I genuinely don’t remember any woman come out in support of Bruce. I don’t think that many women are tranny handmaidens tbh in reality, because from what I remember everyone cringed and hated him.

No. 1922003

I remember handmaidens on tumblr yasslighting him but irl I don't remember anyone praising him for trooning out. Even to this day people still call him Bruce.

No. 1922047

I would actually love an essay about something mundane I never thought about. But good essays on niche topics are incredibly hard to find. A lot of these simply look through the history of 1-2 brands, how they do in stock, and add some vague point about capitalism.
Some videos that I think do it well are vid rel or this one about Late Night tv

No. 1922070

some comedian made a comment that he'd still be calling him bruce and I remember there being an uproar even back then. Jon Stewart also defended him becoming woman of the year iirc. that award being given to a male murderer is still disgusting to think about. I was younger at the time so I guess I didn't hear enough older perspectives against him as it seemed even then the left was rather pro-troon and didn't know much about the kardashians themselves minus the fact of the show

No. 1922193

File: 1698768460942.png (17.53 KB, 946x161, sgtsrt.png)

I fully believe Michelle McDaniel is a crypto-terf that is only keeping up appearances because to keep her career both as a YTer and personal trainer, not the first time she's made a little "mistake" like this regarding genderspecials that proves she doesn't actually perceive them as their claimed gender.

No. 1922231

"Terf" as in centrist pick me who doesn't like feminist and trannies too. You don't actually follow her or read this thread I take it? Scroll up a bit and your theories die immediately. She's no more pink pilled than any anti she and is more likely to like trutrans males like blaire than any "dirty hairy" feminist

No. 1922233

Samefag but mixed this thread up with another YouTube one. But she literally just uploaded a "radfem for a day" mockery just the other day

No. 1922441

She has mentioned liking Blaire in a video once kek.
I like some of her content but I cringe whenever she talks about feminism. I wish she would learn the difference between libfem and radfem. No way she's a crypto-terf.
Jordan Underwood is my personal lolcow and I wish she had enough milk for a thread. IIRC, her lymphedema flared up when she started taking testosterone gel.

No. 1922661

yeah my rant comes as someone who actually watches her stuff, it's just annoying to see her pop up relatively often as "crypto" along with any other woman who mildly declares that abnoxious blue haired trannies are annoying when that's just anyone center-right and farther. Especially yeah, when you listen to her off handed comments that feminism is the cause of all annoying sjw mentality I cannot imagine thinking she's someone who wouldn't see feminism as a dirty (literally kek) word

No. 1922674

Kurtis has always had the bad habit of feeling the need to defend himself to commenters. Also I hate that his content has devolved to watching something from the early 2000s and going " Well THAT didn't age well"
I actually can't wait until he completely falls apart. He seems like the same kind of person as Nickisnotgreen but became successful instead of trying to help your friend on their crusade against another youtuber. Both would probably be the kind of catty gay co-worker nobody would want to work with if it wasn't for their Youtube fame.

No. 1922704

File: 1698863429869.png (60.83 KB, 680x471, jw.png)

John Wolfe making fun of Ronsanna Pansino by making a satire pic since some twitter account forgot to add him in a list of YouTubers who were in the recent fnaf movie

No. 1922728

He's been saying he is going to quit for like a year now and honestly it has become annoying. He is actually a pretty mysterious dude despite being very popular online and it's not like he was pewdiepie making videos daily. It was basically a meme how he made a video and disappeared for months but still managed to get huge sponsorships and-seemingly-make good money so I don't get how he is THAT stressed and depressed about the current internet. To me this feels like he wants to just retire his current persona and not actually disappearing from the internet. Like some sort of rebranding.

No. 1922793

fuck off sssniperwolf you fucking fake whore(hi cow)

No. 1922871

ot but anon thank you so much for recommending her channel, just binged the entire kris series - her research is fantastic and i love the way she talks (despite not knowing how to say decathlon lol)

No. 1922981

I feel the same. he hardly ever put out any videos so his saying he felt overwhelmed by the need to make all of his life into content was strange to hear. if he had just faded away without a heads up it would have sucked but wouldn't have been that surprising. him doing all these final things with the youtooz, the clothing sale, and the final livestream feels like trying to make a quick buck before he's gone which, cool, shill while you can, but his reasoning behind it doesn't make sense to me. just say you're not interested in the stuff you were doing anymore and move on.

No. 1923055

all that time and money and dude can't hit the gym? he's so fat now

No. 1923065

Seems like he wants to make a spectacle of revealing he's doing music seriously but it's such a confusing way to do it.

No. 1923402

I watch his videos as background noise and you know what bothered me about this one?
Not a single mention about how these modern vikings are all mostly either scandiboos appropriating or actual literal alt-right nazi dumbfucks. Not a single point on the rampant racism and bigotry in the "modern viking" community.
Just "haha cring go pillage a town if you're a viking".
Dude, it's been known for years that those people are most often white supremacists? You and your woke tranny-supporting ass somehow missed the memo when it's probably the first most glaring thing you see with that community?
This was an opportunity to give commentary on just how vile the movement mostly is. But that would probably be too controversial from the "i watch tiktoks and cringe for content"

No. 1923592

File: 1699037186358.jpeg (146.56 KB, 900x900, IMG_2224.jpeg)

Inb4 this man is inevitably accused of sexual assault

No. 1923595

Varg kek

No. 1923624

I don't think he's dumb enough for that.
He wouldn't do it cause it would put his career at risk.(sage)

No. 1923659

Yeah because if theres one thing men with successful YouTube careers never do it's sexually abuse someone (nonna be for real)

No. 1923664

I think he's gonna get cancelled for having a "racist" friend/relative that he refuses to cut all contact with and then fade into irrelevancy

No. 1923705

We ABSOLUTELY need a Jordan Underwood thread, there's definitely enough milk by this point

No. 1923726

already happened babe

No. 1923729

Is't Kurtis still friends with Gus Johnson or I am misremembering

No. 1923733

He had a friend named Dean (man he takes on tour so a close friend) who was revealed to have done blackface and say homophobic things, in which Kurtis went to apologize on his Reddit, saying he's not going to platform him anymore
My 2 cents: I don't think he will be cancelled for a giant thing but I don't know how long he can go doing tiktok reacts. Already slipping up with the Viking thing. Youtubers who make videos going "this group is weird" and giving no further research into how bad or weird they can be irk me

No. 1923737

i think eddie still is, right?

No. 1923755

Neither of them are still friends with Gus Johnson. I would imagine anyone that Kurtis is friends with he probably only does so for clout. He's lucky enough that his job title is essentially "Least funny trio member"

No. 1924617

File: 1699260786691.jpg (284.62 KB, 1500x1508, 1699260654700.jpg)

i hate her smug face and those godawful animal crossing villager falsies. she just thirst traps and makes uwu kawiwi poses and faces. cute art but i can tell the smol bean persona is fake asf

the name is Uncomfy btw(no social media links, no milk)

No. 1924634

Has she ever done anything mean or wrong, with proof?
I don't know her but she just seems… pitiful.(learn to sage)

No. 1924637

John should be busy reading his Goosebumps books before the kid pops out. He also shouldn't throw stones from his glass house; man can't take criticism even though his entire shtick was being "Harshly Critical", he should NOT be making fun of ANYTHING, little pussy boy… Man, it says a lot about John that during his entire "career" he's never amounted to anything much and even now he never will.

No. 1924715

I feel the same about LavenderTowne,Fionapollo, or the rest of these soft uwu innocent types who draw shitty anime type drawings.

I don't understand why the fuck they get so much attention and praise(sage)

No. 1924888

Oh he is that swedish guy. I remember years ago we had a really hot summer in Sweden. He posted a pic/video (cant remember exactly) of him in a dark room all sad that "everyone was outside enjoying the summer except him". Cause he was playing video games in a dark room kek. Like get up and go outside then? He really pities himself way too much.

No. 1925031

File: 1699342520114.jpg (65.42 KB, 652x1058, F8vXi1RWkAAxBr8.jpg)

Posting this here as he's more active on Youtube than Twitch now but I find it odd that Dream, who admitted to chatting up fans on Snapchat (here's him saying it's real: https://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1ss5epe ) is now continuing to use the same username to hook up with them.
The twitlonger is from over a year ago but I still can't wrap my head around it.
>guys I promise to never interact with fans this way again
>1 year later
>has sex with them

No. 1925662

Are they underaged? If they’re not, then what’s the problem?
>celebrity using status to get pussy

No. 1926291

NerdCity just exposed sssniperwolf AGAIN. This time with receipts of her copying Azzylands posts and videos.

No. 1926339

Random reply, but the kids been popped out for a while now

No. 1926456

Is this the same guy who serial dates barely legal girls?

No. 1926461

he just got married to his long-time gf

No. 1926531

File: 1699638331278.jpg (48.88 KB, 712x1066, 20231110_124318.jpg)

Problem is he's been under fire for DMing 15 year olds on Twitter and Snapchatting 17 year olds/asking for nudes, and he's about to release a video on his side channel DreamXD addressing the original Snapchat drama over a year later. Thought it was relevant that along with photo proof he has admitted it more than once.
picrel is him making cringe jokes in some of his kid stan's Twitter group chats, to promote his concert ticket sales in August. Which his fans clamoured were fake but he admitted to it being real pretty openly
Moids have been posted on here for doing less creepy things.

No. 1926668

File: 1699659720088.png (473.78 KB, 562x463, cde326365b9f6e2363c06a80f6e297…)

he's a crusty leftard so i can see it. haven't watched the video but i bet it's full of tranny pandering because he always talks about how trans lives matter. he has no selling points aside from being super woke.

No. 1926702

I see it is no different to when they make videos about misogynistic and paint it as a "hahaha look how silly these men are!!" as if a lot of those men don't have domestic violence charges against them and literally spread hate speech against women. I think them not taking it seriously enough kind of goes against their lib values ironically, maybe not the women hating part since though because liberal men hate women anyways.

No. 1926760

lmfao I had to delete the same screenshot, I just came to say he showed up on my recommended and I hate his fucking face and mullet.

No. 1926811

The nickisnotgreen drama reminded me of Kurtis, though Nick is more of a malicious twerp who actually laughed at a woman whos husband admitted to beating her. Both of them do that shitty "react to a weird community" content with minimal research.

No. 1926856

Oh yeah no doubt it, the guy is a fucking creep but in the case of that chick you posted several girls including her seem to have been of age so far. I didn’t mean to come off as a dick to you but this dream thing is overblown and tiresome. I don’t think he’s a pedo but mostly seems to be a retarded faggot that happened to have struck gold by luck and is throwing it all away

No. 1926919

they both do the same shit bc nick used to be kurtis’ editor.

No. 1926986

So this is random and not milky just an observation and a question, but is graysons projects sponsored by a vaccine company? Or like in part funded by them? I don't usually watch her channel, I've seen maybe 5 to 10 videos of hers but I just saw the movie she's reviewing in this vid so I thought I'd give it a watch and 3 minutes in she says "but first here's an ad" and then just tells people to get vaccinated for both the flu and covid. She doesn't say one specific brand I believe it's just a general "get vaccinated" psa. But it weirded me out a bit cause I've never seen a youtuber make an ad about getting vaccinated, why would big pharma or whoever sponsor a small known youtuber to tell her audience to get vaxxed? I just thought it was weird

No. 1927235

File: 1699767107849.png (48.48 KB, 737x287, Screenshot.png)

I guess so, I only posted it since it's notable to me that only now is he actually discussing it verbally, mentioning his lawyer said to not talk about it anymore (spoiler alert he did anyway in a stream where he admitted he reads "leaktwt" which is a twitter community closer to the kiwifarms thread on Dream. As well as his friends defending him in picrel, only to be proven wrong as a bunch of Minecraft associates unfollowed Dream after this.
Dream then proceeded to be a cow and start posting screenshots of people mad at him, perpetuating a rumor about an individual who wanted to harm him at Twitchcon, when in reality it was an 18 year old pushing the wheelchair of his friend.
Dream being tiresome to discuss is true though, at least, because I find his recent actions to be wilder than back when all he was posting was cringey children's content and yet there was so much more critical discussion surrounding him back then.

No. 1927264

Does anyone know what Brittany Broski did?(unsaged spoonfeeding request)

No. 1927296

committed wrongthink and didn’t give an opinion on an issue she wasn’t completely informed on

No. 1927307

Wait what can you post some links/pics? I haven’t kept up with her faghag ass in a while

No. 1927408

File: 1699805208547.mp4 (6.96 MB, 480x854, Despite_Insisting_that_People_…)

Her fans have been getting on her ass for not making the obligatory performative Free Palestine post. She has responded basically saying it’s fucked up and dystopian to expect every person with a public persona to immediately state their thoughts on this issue. I agree with this and also think it’s pretty ridiculous to comb through someone’s posts and likes and try to interrogate them on their stance on this issue. Feels very McCarthy-esque.
However, Brittany is being a hypocrite here. She’s being bit by the monster she helped create. Like this video shows, she has previously admonished artists with a large platform who don’t speak about important things and that they have a duty to do so.
I like her, I think she’s funny. But she does try to ride the woke line and pander to leftists while clearly not ascribing to all their beliefs. Her military background and some of her comments about finances, along with some of the company she keeps, shows me a lot of it is performative for her. She’ll probably start pulling back on the political commentary, not that she ever got that deep into it though. Kinda wish she’d just hit back with a hot take that’ll piss off her audience. She’s smart enough to articulate it well if she wanted to.

No. 1927416

They're mad a woman is getting popular so they're attacking her for not addressing Palestine, even though none of the big male influencers are either. Don't know why anyone wants the opinion of the girl who makes videos flirting with Among Us characters but whatever

No. 1927424

How does a comedy youtuber speaking up about a middle eastern conflict she has no idea about, supposed to help Palestine in anyway?

No. 1927448

It doesn't, in fact it's better if they say nothing. However she is clearly asking for it after ranting about other people not using their platform to speak up about the news. Not many other comedy channels got the treatment she has, because they didn't say all that self-stroking bs about how righteous they are for noticing influencers don't use their massive following to speak out.

No. 1927483


No. 1927492

To add to what nona wrote here >>1927408, apparently that video was leaked by someone close to her. Brittany addressed it in another video, around 1:30 in vidrel she mentions that it was a screen record from a video she sent to her close friends.

No. 1927515

it's easier to bully women into shit than men. and female fans are more likely to cancel, men don't give a fuck.

No. 1927531

This shit is so dumb, so because she has a platform she has to condemn whatever side her audience wants her too. She's a comedy youtuber not a political one, why should she have to say anything at all? As if it's going to make a difference, do people think the Palestinian and Israeli governments are just waiting for enough youtube or tiktok influencers to tell them what move to make next? Kek, people are so dumb, since when has any government needed internet celebrity endorsement to do anything?

No. 1927547

not saying she should post her opinions on it either because tf does she know and why should we care but this is wtf happens when you scream about other stuff, trans rights and the like, she's publically gonna yell about stuff like that and get asshurt over some influencers staying quiet…sucks to suck

No. 1927551

I'm not familiar with her at all but if she's done the same to others in the past then yeah it does seem like karma, hopefully she'll learn her lesson now though

No. 1927556


i cbf to link the vid but theres an excerpt from her podcast going around now where shes ranting about using your platform and your voice for a good cause. so the majority of the outrage is bc of her being performative about it

No. 1927560

No. 1927595

Read the thread, she is a hypocrite for harping on people for not speaking up about world events. If she never was that type of person, no one would have cared and she wouldn't have been assblasted enough to send that to her close friends. She obviously feels guilty or hypocritical. Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

No. 1927604

Yeah someone already told me that, and I replied that it seems like karma. My post still stands though the whole idea of people with a platform needing to speak out on something is dumb, I see this all the time and it's always stupid regardless of who it happens too, but yeah she does seem like a hypocrite.

No. 1927615

Yeah I really hope she learns from this. The second she said all that shit on her podcast, I knew it’d come back around to bite her in the ass. She was going on about how she feels it’s borderline immoral for an artist to only make art about their own personal shit/apolitical things and not publicly comment on politics at all. I guess she figured since she was talking more so about musicians in that moment that the same criticism wouldn’t be used against her?
I hate that she ultimately is capitulating but she’s media savvy enough to know that anything less would not be accepted. It’ll never be enough though. Watch this get brought up next time she does something “wrong”, and every subsequent time after that which will only grow more frequent. I’d be very curious to know how she actually feels about the audience she’s created without having to carefully craft every word she says.

No. 1927622

sage for sperg but I do find the whole Brit Broski thing funny. When she made those statements on the podcast a couple months ago, she was probably (in her mind) thinking about fluffy social issues that don't have any real world impact. Israel/Palestine is ~the big one~ and watching how influencers/celebrities have been attempting to PR their way into everyone's good books about it has been genuinely embarrassing and hilarious to watch. Broski probably never thought by making that statement she'd be pulled up on it when it came to a social/political issue that was anything more than "twans lives matter!!". I don't care she didn't say anything, just as I don't care what most influencers have to say on the matter, but she really did bite the hand that feeds her. OT but something similar happened with a podcast I listen to that do feminist/political adjacent content and one of the hosts is Jewish. She's been suspiciously silent about everything whereas her co-host has been very vocal in her support for Palestine.
With all the horrors unfolding, I'm definitely taking respite in how clumsy influencers are trying to fumble their way through this.

No. 1927655

No idea, but just fyi grayson is a mtf.

No. 1927665

FtMtF, actually. She's a detransitioned woman

No. 1927719

does anyone know why she and sarah quit their podcast together and basically stopped talking to each other?

No. 1928247

it’s only speculation at this point and they have refused to comment on it. from what i’ve seen the theories are that brittany ditched their podcast to do her own podcast. they have separate management so maybe the solo podcast deal was more money, bigger sponsors, etc. i’ve also seen people speculate that sarah was prioritizing being sober and brittany drinking was threatening her sobriety/brittany didn’t want to keep alcohol out of the shared house? obviously we don’t know them but from what they present to the audience online they seem like they would grate on each other as roommates eventually imo

No. 1928437

She's right that no one should give a fuck about what Britney Broski of all people has to say about Palestine, but she set herself up by saying people with a platform have a responsibility to speak up (vidrel). She's ranting about people holding her to the same standards she holds others to, she set this expectation for HERSELF so I can't feel bad or be on her side.

No. 1928801

File: 1700052173833.jpeg (2.13 MB, 1125x1713, C17D9984-1D03-4725-A6B5-AE1212…)

Kek the balding is crazy. No wonder he’s always wearing baseball caps

No. 1928809

Honestly gonna be devil’s advocate and say that, outside of this clearly weebified edit, Matt looks a lot healthier now. Sobriety is doing him good.

No. 1928930

>almost bald before your 30
stay losing moids haha

No. 1928931

he's basically bald, stop defending scrotes little ms pickme(sage your shit)

No. 1929132

get over yourself, i never said he wasn’t balding, I said he looked better than he did when he was drinking all the time. also i beg of you to learn what “pickme” means because you’re using it wrong.

No. 1929483

I hate people expecting celebrities and influencers to come out with statements regarding politics.

No. 1929698

File: 1700175035469.jpg (257.38 KB, 1179x1949, F_CdVuKbYAAqJ3e.jpg)

Dream is having an internet slap fight with Gumball's voice actor, Nicholas Cantu.
>Cantu responds to a parody account, to call Dream a pedo
>Dream responds by saying Cantu said the n-word, physically assaulted Dream, berated an Uber Driver by calling him retarded, then apologized to Dream in DMs (photos here)
>Random person says Dream called a girl he knew a whore at the same party the Dream & Cantu fight took place at, retracted part of the statement and said it happened at Twitchcon instead
>Cantu responds with a video featuring a cropped screenshot of Dream calling someone a whore
Clash of the zoomers. Dream's been cowing out a ton lately after promising to release a video debunking the allegations against him, which in the same stream he stated it never mattered if she was a minor or not. I thought this guy had a manager.

No. 1930419

Jake doolittle said he's doing a serious video on a big commentary channel and that he's been talking to professors, I hate the guy but I do think this will have a big impact
Wonder who it'll be, talking to professors implies that it's something college related which is pretty interesting
Does anyone know who it might be?

No. 1930461

I was looking through that Uber driver video, and that Cantu boy is such an egotistical loser. Y Chromosomes love to talk about how special they are. This kid has ADHD, autism, and neurodivergence. Wow, amazing. He's this generation's Michelangelo? What a retard. He didn't even voice Michelangelo in that new TMNT movie, he voiced Leonardo. He's cartainly not like the artist Michelangelo. He is an easily replaceable voice actor. He was ONE of the Gumball voice actors and ONE of the Leonardo voice actors. There are multiple voice actors for each character. Get over yourself. Both him and Dream are such kids.

No. 1930473

The amount of times I've actually seen "He's literally a neurodivergent queer minor!!!" to defend him is funny. Judging by his twitter account he's probably going to pivot to pandering towards the egdelord gamer types since the video actually gained him fans. As for Dream he just needs to give it up. Trying to expose some nobody voice actor for being problematique is never going to work because nobody but his stans like him kek there are people going around framing it as 'this poor boy was forced to drink achohol by dream for blackmail material'. I know a lot of his popularity came from being parasocial with fans but one would think he'd hire an account manager instead of getting baited into internet slapfights.

No. 1930549

Is the podcast you are referencing binchtopia?

No. 1931101

File: 1700454707025.png (537.22 KB, 508x503, Screenshot 2023-11-19 at 11.30…)

Not "milk", per se, but holy shit MattyBRaps is only 20 and has already hit the wall

No. 1931166

I only ever remembered his iconic hat look, but this is grim.

No. 1931262

I hate being born white…

No. 1931298

From a month ago, but I saw people were criticizing Shadiversity for his take on A.I. art, so I watched his video and it was pretty funny. Basically, he talks about how much time and effort goes in to making an A.I. image and goes through the process of making an image of his wife as Supergirl. By the end, I was thinking it would probably have been easier if he just drew it himself. lol

No. 1931303


Picrel is the finalized image he generated.

For the record, I have mixed feelings on A.I. art. It's kind of fun to quickly generate images based on random ideas you have, but it also kicks the door wide open for possible exploitation, replacement of human artists, and people with no artistic talent calling themselves "artists".

I'm no artist myself, but I know how much work can go into a piece of art, and it's funny how Shad acts like using photoshop to slightly alter and tweak the image to his liking is comparable to creating the entire thing by hand from scratch.

No. 1931307

File: 1700521074867.png (792.59 KB, 1920x1080, vlcsnap-2023-11-20-17h52m03s94…)

Fucked up and posted the video twice. Here's the pic.(learn to delete)

No. 1931315

he could pitched a 14 kid on deviantart who exclusively makes photomanipulations 5 bucks and gotten a better end result

No. 1931319

Cringe. Stop being self-hating. Every other race wishes they were white.(derailing)

No. 1931325

NTA but I was with you for 2 out of 3 sentences. Everyone should be able to feel pride in their ethnic background or at the absolute least be able to not be self-hating about it.(derailing)

No. 1931389

Jerard the Colmpetionist got caught not donating charity money. Authorities have not been involved yet but it's only a matter of time since this is 100% fraud.
My Nigel was a huge fan of his, just watched the Shovel Knight video where he talks about his mother's death and this charity is supposed to help people but none of that money helped anyone in the years since the charity was formed.

No. 1931430

The reason he didn't donate is because the 3rd party charity people began sus practices. He didn't use our misappropriate the money.

No. 1931446

Interesting interpretation considering he still hasn’t donated the money yet (unless he has now, but as of a few hours ago it still hadn’t been donated)

No. 1931452


>random derailing 4chan moid-esque sperg

Feel like there are a lot of moids here lately. Wonder why…

No. 1931455

Ew he became so ugly, istg he was kind of cute like 5 years ago, why do men hit the wall so fast and hard its sad

No. 1931597

Maybe don't watch 3rd party videos about the actual situation

No. 1931623

Matt has the kind of physique as someone that drinks more alcohol than they eat.

No. 1931724

can't believe this woman is staying with him even though he cheated on his ex for her

No. 1931743

I seriously wouldn't be surprised if Matt got into coke after being in LA for long enough and having access to copious amounts of money.

No. 1931786

Guy grew up to become a manlet kek

No. 1931843

File: 1700619083004.jpeg (835.88 KB, 1170x1607, 59D2B8C8-899E-4242-A13F-E5121D…)

Colleen has started posting again. She’s very unlikable, but ngl I’m glad she’s making a comeback purely because that adam moid wouldn’t stop whining about being “groomed”. Male youtubers can try to fuck underage girls and don’t get labeled “groomer”, but as soon as the “victim” is male, everyone rushes to cancel the female youtuber.

No. 1931846

so if the victim is male and the perp is female we should turn a blind eye? retarded logic

No. 1931850

that is exactly what I’m saying. Also he was not groomed. all his problems could have been solved by just logging off and getting into a different fandom. she didn’t want to fuck an obviously gay stan boy.

No. 1931856

as annoying as adam is, colleen is still gross and sexualizes kids and that's not ok for anyone to do

No. 1931863

This has got to be bait. It's too stupid otherwise. She has a whole character persona about being in an incest-pedo relationship with her uncle and the character is supposed to be a child.

No. 1931864

women who sexualize kids only make the job easier for male perpetrators; everyone who grew up with a overtly sexual mother or aunt like colleen knows this.

No. 1931866

by saying that they were dressing “porn”? the woman is unfunny, but the joke was clearly that anyone who wasn’t wearing the Miranda character’s frumpy red sweatpants is a harlot or whatever. that’s obviously not true, so therein lies the “humor”, again, as unfunny as that is.

it’s as bad as getting clocked for dress code in high school. while that’s annoying, I don’t think anyone would consider that sexually traumatizing

No. 1931871

File: 1700622016625.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1170x1303, 4FA5DF41-4473-433F-95C2-E21B2C…)

ayrt. not bait. no one thinks that 30-something year old woman is a child. are you retarded? kek

No. 1931874

shut the fuck up colleen
your books are disgusting and inappropriate
uncle rape jokes aren't funny
making young boys reach into your pants to eat food isn't comedy
ironic pedophilia is still pedophilia(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1931880

go back to twitter/reddit to a-log, retard

and kek if Colleen is a fellow terf posting on this site, then she’s definitely based

anyways. specifically said she wasn’t funny. agree that she’s inappropriate, but I can’t get behind the public humiliation, plus false accusations of pedophilia, of some woman when there are moids who have done significantly worse than she did who don’t get a fraction of the criticism she does.

No. 1931895

Agree, the hate campaign is full of ppl excitedly frothing about "see see women too see" when really context matters and it just isn't even close to the same thing as vast majority of groomer moids

No. 1931916

wtf is this cope "she's not as bad as men" she's still bad she still did it it was still predatory

No. 1931919

usually when people use the word "predatory" about a youtuber, they're using it in reference to someone acting like, yk, a sexual predator. someone who wants to rape people.

she wanted free labor. boo hoo.

No. 1931928

She was touching kids on stage.

No. 1931933

File: 1700633841801.jpeg (761.57 KB, 1170x1921, FD992F40-AAE7-45FD-84FF-665F7D…)

KEK. No she did not. If you’re talking about the Cheetos gag, while it was inappropriate in hindsight, she did not touch any kids. She was going for a wacky clown schtick.

I can guarantee whatever moid youtuber you cape for on this thread has probably done worse or is friends with some moid who’s done worse(colleen WK)

No. 1932013

Sure. And what do you know about it personally?

No. 1932179

I literally already explained.

No. 1932630

Dunno why people are so hellbent on defending shitty women on this site who are legit moid level creeps? It's like sssniperwolf. No she didn't rape her fans, but she asked plenty of minors in her group to DM her pictures. She did touch a few kids, holding that girls legs open and telling that little boy they were on a date and to stick his hands down his pants. Then talking about her sex life, their sex life and so on. There are more examples but come on.

Any woman who acts like a moid loses her woman card

No. 1933210

So Austin McConnel is a youtuber that has like 1.4 million subscribers, but he always gave me bad vibes ever since he tried to rewrite and market his grandmother's romance novel targeted at teenage girls.

This time I stumbled across him coming into a livestream of a literal who streamer to defend himself (vid related), he's fucking desperate

Basically, last year he got himself into the meme idea of making a "cinematic universe" from public domain forgotten superheroes and is using AI slop to make it, people hate it, his channel dropped in popularity.

No. 1933228

The streamer is RIPPING him apart, I long forgot about Austin and his crap-a-minute 'video essays' that rip off other youtube creators. But now he's doing it with artists, IP, music, voice acting, and everything else. Every step of the way he's using public domain characters, ai, fivver, computer plug ins, generative art and effects etc to create art out of garbage no one values. He must realize he does not have the philosophers stone to greater value from valueless shock.

No. 1933350

Holy fuck the streamer moid you linked is annoying as fuck. Making streams like that is a way worse sin than using hurr durr the bad AI.

No. 1933355

Oh, it's the printer guy.

No. 1933357

>Austin McConnel
i dont like this mother fucker since he was stealing scripts for other content creators. a fucking clout scrub

No. 1933382

The funny part is this one million sub youtuber popping up in a literal who's chat to talk because his ego was hurt instead of moving on, not the moid streamer

No. 1933575

Absolutely unbearable even for moid standards

No. 1933651

What the fuck is this from Mamamax? He actually just talks out of his are with a voice filter on

No. 1933656

he's such a fucking weirdo, i hate how he talks in all his vids. i actually like the content of his videos but they're unwatchable because of how embarrassing the narration is

No. 1933663

He just tries to do this edgy badass internet vigilante larp because he wants to be a Hotline Miami protagonist so badly. He's the kind of psychopath that probably begs for a justified reason to get away with murder. It sucks because his early videos are pretty good before he started doing all that bullshit.

No. 1933669

i am 5 minutes in and cant tell if he's parodying or not

No. 1933692

Adam mac is a clown who, even if colleen ballinger prevented 911 in a time machine,

Will always dogpile colleen and make up intentions. That return response video was ass

No. 1933695

Using sniperworlf in this is messed. Yeah she's done bad things but this is gross.
Mamamax used to make good videos but since the cringe YouTube protest its dog water

No. 1933698

I get what he's trying to say, that the hype around Sssniperwolf's drama was stupid in comparison to other rampant issues but going to Charlie to bring awareness to this topic is fucking retarded. Like maybe use your own platform to talk about this? This entire video is mostly him whinging without giving much information.

No. 1933699

I don't even like Charlie but screw max for forcing people to be apart of his shtick.

I'm sure Charlie's channel and personality is monetised and his own business so max basically forcing him to talk about some rapist or whatever is so low

No. 1933701

I hope he gets blacklisted\isolated from the mainstream YouTube space, even the niche larpy arg tubers space.

He needs to put on his good boy diaper and do it himself.
They shouldn't ruin their brands for his silly hick voice channel

No. 1933703

Idk his videos are kinda funny. They exacerbate my schizoidness.

No. 1933774

A while back when Mamamax had a BPD meltdown over his video being removed and started that "pick a side" campaign against YouTube, all of his his support from YouTubers fizzled out a bit

No. 1933875

sage for lateness but then why would you openly be stating for all this years that all the money you raised is going to x and y charities? There's absolutely no way to justify straight up lying to your audience for donations.

No. 1933919

Personally I'm tired of seeing "How Moistcritical OWNED/RUINED/DESTROYED etc" videos flooding my recommended. Too much asskissing and adulations. I swear one of these days something insane is going to come up with Charlie and everyone will backpedal everything good they ever said about him

No. 1933941

I would bet actual money on him having some allegations or having
something unsavory come up down the line. You just can't be the kind of moid who pisses in a woman's mouth "by accident" before you're ever famous and brags about it, have everyone think it's charming and funny that you did that because you're "so hot", and then not push a few sexual boundaries during your time being famous

No. 1933971

File: 1701025874713.jpg (81.23 KB, 775x1024, 2016-Conchita-Wurst-775x1024.j…)

>People think this is hot

No. 1934088

Alright which one of you castrated MoistCritical?

No. 1934134

>Pisses in a womans mouth "by accident"

What? Nonnie,what the fuck are you talking about? He pissed in a woman's mouth???

No. 1934138

literally every male youtuber/streamer with a bit of clout has an unknown amount of time before allegations pop up. i guarantee charlie has groomed a girl, if not had sex with an underage fan.

No. 1934181

No. 1934243

His orchi was voluntary

No. 1934503

Adam needs to just shut his ass up and move on. It's been how long now? Colleen is never gonna acknowledge him and he needs to accept it. Sorry dude, but you're just not that special or important to her. You were not groomed, you were not sexually assaulted. He was a impressionable gullible kid who did free labor that he could've backed out at any time, he didn't sign a contract or anything and if she had tried to get him to, I'm sure his parents would've stepped in.
Yeah, getting sent unused lingerie wasn't appropriate but it was clearly not meant to be sexual and we've seen by now that Colleen's sense of humor is Dan Schneider-tier Nickelodeon lolsoweirdquirky brand comedy, she wasn't trying to meet up and have sex with him nor was she asking him for nudes (that I'm aware of).
He just needs to move on and stop obsessing over her.

No. 1934545

File: 1701122525483.png (Spoiler Image,664.17 KB, 542x723, cursed.png)

Dan Howell our childhood favorites have truly become degenerates. Dan and Phil are back as a duo, selling new merch since they seem to be getting desperate for money and relevancy. The new merch is a cat calendar with very tame pictures of Dan and Phil holding kittens. But on Tumblr, Dan posts this. Is he having some sort of midlife crisis? Warning: scrote in cat ears with no pants

No. 1934548

Ew they are too old to be doing this

No. 1934557

Fucking yikes. I sometimes wondered how they/if they stayed relevant these days considering their 'brand/s' really were rooted in that 2010/2015 culture. I guess this is it (or an attempt) and fuck it's cringe. He's like, either late twenties or early thirties now. If posts like this continue I bet a really mild OF page will follow.

No. 1934558

gross. I loved dan and phil in 2011/2012 but this is just embarrassing

No. 1934562

oh man. dude has to realize he's in his 30's and not the emo heartthrob twink he was in his early 20's. as a former phan fujo, I would have frothed at the mouth for something like this. it's just sad now…

No. 1934566

File: 1701124528962.png (1.23 MB, 1080x693, 1000009752.png)

Late to posting this but nobody else seems to have mentioned it. Maxmoefoe got married last week, Chad and Joji were there, no idubbz though

No. 1934568


I wonder if joji doesn't hang out with them anymore since he got famous with 14 year old tiktokers who wouldn't appreciate pink guy

No. 1934570

kek I'm retarded, nevermind

No. 1934572

>as a former phan fujo, I would have frothed at the mouth for something like this. it's just sad now
I was also a phan fujo in my teens and it's obvious that after Dan's rebranding and solo youtube talk show (or whatever that was) failed, he decided to revive the Dan and Phil gaming channel as a duo channel by raking in money through shippers. They've been really leaning into the "we're super gay and flirty with each other" bait. I would love to hear your theories on this: since they've bought a house together and are in their 30s living together as gay men, they are most likely actually a couple. Yet they refuse to confirm it to keep baiting the fujo shipping culture.

No. 1934584

AYRT I think they're a couple, but they're in an open relationship and they don't want to reveal they're in an open relationship because of the speculation/judgement/etc. that would come with announcing that.

Non-monogamous relationships are taboo for public figures, let alone being in a gay non-monogamous relationship. I can see them being worried about fans speculating on why Dan was seen flirting with xyz, and he's abusing poor Phil, or w/e kek. Or at least, that would have been a concern when they came out. Nowadays, no one would give a shit.

Why I think they're in an open relationship is that Dan was in the closet for, like, 28 years and never got to date around. They can't really break up because not only are their finances closely tied together, but so is their branding. TBH, society is geared financially towards partnerships, so it's beneficial for them to be a duo even if they go through periods where they're not sleeping with each other.

I also think there would be a lot of humiliation if they announced they were a couple and it didn't get enough views… truly proving they're washed up.

No. 1934586

Another former phan fujo here. I'm in agreement with those who say that they think that Dan and Phil were once together, but have since broken up and are now just friends who have taken to capitalizing off of their previous gaybaiting as a last ditch attempt to stay relevant. And in reality, they're living together as friends/roommates but dating other men in private. I haven't seen any current videos because it gives me physical secondhand embarrassment to relive my Phan days, but I've heard that their chemistry isn't quite the same as it once was.

No. 1934591

They are life partners in a boundaryless liberated undefined pseudorelationship fucking around uncommittedly with twinks, trannies and the occasional woman like all modern gay Millennial men

No. 1934594

kek, you phrased it better than I did >>1934584

No. 1934616

Omg the desperate middleaged gay behaviour
Like this isn't even slightly cute and he looks 40 years old in the face (presumably close to his actual age) like the whole point of femboys and catboys is they resemble egirls/women at least slightly. This is a whole grown man.
I don't think they understand that the baiting was only cute 10-15 years ago due to various factors
1. We now have a degenerate, heavily LGBT (particularly tranny heavy which is in itself degenerate since that's all trannies post/talk about) and heavily pornsick culture. It used to be a lot more clean and innocent online pre 2015 so gaybaiting made sense in that culture
2. They were a lot younger and their teenage fans could relate to them
3. Emphasis on teenage fans, neither current teenagers nor their now adult fans give a fuck about this now due to 1.
4. There used to be a reverence for Youtubers 10-15 years ago, but since nearly all the male Youtubers were subsequently outed as pedophiles and or weirdos, they lost that esteem
In summary this is Jared level pathetic, if you're a washed up youtuber you need to rebrand/retrain, that ship has sailed

No. 1934664

Critical is such an annoying fag, everything he says about any current topic is something you would read if you scrolled on twitter for 2 minutes

No. 1934673

He's live right now with Mutahar, Muta is giving him polite but firm criticism about his presentation and how he's hurting his own chances of being taken seriously.

No. 1934718

Charlie responds and shits all over him.
>Max and Cr1tikal talked about his investigation on discord DMs
>Cr1tikal got covid and didn't see his messages for a month
>On top of that he doesn't use Discord that much
>Max got butthurt and turned the video into a hitpiece for "ghosting" him
>Charlie said it "rubbed him the wrong way"

Also on a side note on his stream MamaMax said Kiwifarms doxed and harassed his family?? Lmao not a good enemy to make tbh

No. 1934736

there is no fucking way he hasnt groomed at least one girl. Does anyone remember that guy who got scouted for the dream smp miecraft server and a day later got outed by 30 women for grooming them? shit was wild. Men are fucking retarded and cant kept their penises in their pants

No. 1934738

plus charlie is one of those pro libfem types which is always a huge red flag. it's like a grooming by numbers kit.

No. 1934755

yeah I agree anon, the gaybaiting doesn't work anymore and this catboy stuff >>1934545
comes off as pathetic

No. 1934756

but when could Charlie have groomed anyone without his gf noticing? he's had a normie girlfriend for years that lives with him

No. 1934759

I’m not saying he did groom anyone, but I remember years back before he did a face reveal and just did joking commentary on video games and commercials he had a snapchat (I don’t know if he still has or uses it). My friend was a huge fan of him and would send random pics of things around her house and he’d view them so he would look at stuff fans sent.

No. 1934771

Girl how can you call her humor Dan Schneider tier but not think that there’s something insidious about it….that was his whole thing and probably Colleen’s too. Her whole family is weird and fucked, there’s no way she isn’t too, even if she doesn’t literally want to fuck kids (that we know of). She still left a wide open gateway open for her retarded, legitimate pedo brother have contact with her minor fans. She made very strange, sexual comments about a toddler and has referenced herself “jokingly” as a pedophile. Idk anyone who would do that. It’s not even about Adam, she is still a huge creep.

No. 1934871

Ok nonnas, I'm confused. Does anyone have any solid proof that Cody Ko actually hooked up with Tana when she was 17/18? Cause in his NoJumper interview (I know, I know) that cuck scrote Adam mentioned that he wanted to date Tana and Cody replied with "She's 18…".
So he knew it was wrong and still went ahead and did it? I could believe it cause yknow, moids, but there's no concrete evidence really.(sage your shit)

No. 1934909

>dan schneider tier
>not groomed
Pick one. Schneider is a sick footfag groomer.

No. 1934936

Not to defend that dude cause lord knows he doesn't need it, but as a smaller channel he had more time and maybe just wanted to engage with his fanbase a little. Long as he didn't respond to those pics of stuff around the house with his dick, whatever man

No. 1935002

I don't really think that's what nonnie is saying, just that IF something came out about him it would probably involve his early fame snapchat. I really got cryaotic vibes from him in those days, the Tumblr teens thirsted hard over his "hard nipples nippling nippley" ass humor, and that was the same time that he was doing stuff like posting about pissing in women's mouths and adding fans on sc. I wish I'd thought to take caps of the type of shit he used to say and post, but it's been like 10 years and I never expected him to explode in popularity the way he did.

No. 1935412

File: 1701303790717.jpg (308.87 KB, 1278x1278, images.wsj.jpg)

he looks like the chat gpt ceo

No. 1935447

If he proposed maybe a one-off short film about public domain superheroes with Adult Swim, Home Movies-style humor or whatever, he might have something. But dude is seriously trying to make a franchise right out the gate, and it's kinda sad to watch. lol(sage your shit)

No. 1935769

File: 1701370806813.jpeg (310.65 KB, 828x508, IMG_9654.jpeg)

nickisnotgreen made ANOTHER piss-poor apology (read: poor excuse) about the supermega situation, never addressing the main problem (the lies about Daniel). Going to post another image that shows all the comments Lex is liking AGAINST Nick.

The friend group is imploding on itself because they’re being outed for lying. (Not Lex lying about her SA, I truly believe Don SA’d her. I mean the essential take-down of Supermega.)

No. 1935770

File: 1701370849653.jpeg (583.56 KB, 828x1552, IMG_9655.jpeg)

Lex’s recent Twitter likes.

No. 1935805

blogpost but genuinely I feel like calling what happened to her SA is an insult to actual sexual assault survivors. Reports like that are the reason why people minimize and dismiss real sexual assault or date rape as being overblown personal attacks meant to take down people's reputations and careers - because that's exactly what it was used to do in this situation. Nobody felt comfortable coming out with all the Supermega allegations until they had a 'sexual assault' case to piggy-back off've.

And while I believe that Lex probably DID have a bad night with her ex at that time, we have legal standards for what constitutes 'sexual assault'. Whatever the Youtube comment section says to the contrary, that just doesn't cut it. Victim of a dude being sexually/socially incompetent, sure, and he got fired for that. That's where she could have called it 'justice served' and walked away. Instead she sat on it for years until it could be weaponized in a way she thought would favor her and her friends.

cannot say i feel any sympathy for her backlash whatsoever even though as part of the 'sexual assault survivor club' i realize i'm expected to fully jump aboard and support whatever she says after she has declared herself one of us. like - i sympathize, her ex-boyfriend sounds like he sucked (the dude loOKS like someone you'd be disgusted to sleep with so I can't blame her for not wanting to go down on him), but she's insane if she thinks that's sexual assault. like pressing charges for someone nudging you too hard at a concert ffs.

anyways i feel like supporting this behavior is just going to lend credence to the argument that every real accusation of sexual assault is either attention-seeking with an agenda or, at best, an over-exaggeration of a 'bad date'.(not your personal blog)

No. 1935848

It’ll always astound me that supermega ended up getting the hate when Don was the one who was supposed to be the perpetrator. They literally used Don being a creep as fuel to cancel supermega.

No. 1935849

Adam22 or Adam16 as some people like to call him, is a demon. 1:50 to 1:55 sums him up perfect. This is literally him pimping out his wife for his weird fetish. And him saying he’s fine with his daughter Parker doing porn when she grows up is depressing and vile.

No. 1935880

I’ve never wished suicide on someone before but I really think the world would be a better place if he did.

No. 1935946

the sole basis of her negative opinion of supermega is that they didn't out don as a predator but she literally admits to asking them to keep the matter private so i don't even understand how they're supposed to be the bad guys. what, they were supposed to announce her SA to their audience against her wishes?

No. 1935974

I heard ethanisonline recently got shit. What was that for?(spoonfeeding request)

No. 1935981

Most gay couples I know are in open relationships, I think moids are just like that. I could see their fanbase losing their shit over that fact if I went public.

No. 1935997

because he and his girlfriend created a smear campaign against two dudes that helped his girlfriend when she was homeless, all because they didn’t publicly out her assaulter boyfriend (after she asked not to make it public)

No. 1935998

he is also one of the ugliest motherfuckers i’ve seen in my life

No. 1936013

I already know that one, I thought he got outed as a sexpest (look at him lmao)(Sage)

No. 1936033

I have an unpopular opinion about what I think is happening here and I feel so guilty about saying this, but this comes off a lot like BPDchans in Discord polycule drama teaming up to take down a fat retard and I only say that because there's been at least 100 instances of this exact thing being aired out on Twitter

No. 1936035

I believe it, he looks like a rapist.

No. 1936036

ayrt I should say that I believe he was manipulating these women but I don't think this was sooper scary edgy cult ARG level of grooming. It kind of just seems like a fat moid that should have been dealt with properly instead of having a corpse husband larper get involved to make a Hotline Miami aesthetic documentary about him

No. 1936047

Apparently Mamamax admitted on a livestream that one of the victims is finacially and emotionally dependent on him so it really doesn't look good for him.

No. 1936050

the crux of the matter is lex got pissed off at SM for asking her and her rapper buddy to find another house to live in already. They lived rent free in their studio for months and she was making mass bank on patreon/OF, so they expected her to just move and do her thing.
Even if the SA is not correct, Don is still disgusting and stupid for subbing to her porn after the fact. Like your ex tells you "I think you're a rapist" and you just go back to oogling at her and pay her porn. That is so retarded

No. 1936056

that part of the video was so weird to me because at several points she concedes that she told them it would only be a few months, that they gave her a generous deadline to move out, only for her to act blindsided when they asked them to leave. i genuinely thought she was high as fuck on something in the video because she made no sense.

No. 1936139

>on him
Is the victim dependent on max or the alleged cult leader? Because neither is a cult leader outside of an online larp

No. 1936146

On Max, I definitely don't think he's anything more than a narc-y larper but it's a really strange thing to admit. I mean I'd be concerned if any woman was dependent on him, BPDchan TiF or not, because of things that he's admitted to doing himself.

No. 1936211

For clarifications sake, they told Ross privately which lead him to drop Don from his art program, long before Lex made the video.
With Lex backtracking her statement, pinning the blame on Leighton, backtracking THAT statement once people revealed Leighton didn't talk to them as much as she insinuated, and now supporting people dogpiling Nick despite Lex being the first person to lie about Supermega disliking Daniel, it seems like she's trying and failing to find what side she should be on. At least people are calling Nick Green out to be a creepy pretend feminist. Moids who obsess over tiktok drama always eventually reveal how much they can't view women normally.

No. 1936251

Oh god who wants to bet Mamamax ends up with grooming allegations from her next

No. 1936269

His family disowned him kek

No. 1936312

mark laita is friends with him and his even more disgusting buddy, sharp the pimp. these people are all weird, borderline demonic degens and it bothers me how much they get worshipped by dumb little boys on youtube.

No. 1936313

Does Adam have a kid audience, I always assumed his group was porn-addicted older millennials.

No. 1936545

File: 1701504132265.jpeg (236.45 KB, 1170x918, IMG_7022.jpeg)

93% adult audience, straight from his boner pill sponsor.

No. 1936576

Speaking of Brittany venti, she claims in this new video that pearl spread revenge p*rn of her. I can't find any evidence to back this anywhere
https://youtu.be/54e8M1jn1IU?si=_HGhW9kM8sr_Njjk(we don't self-censor here, type the word)

No. 1936579

she says in the video you linked that Pearl tried to give Venti's supposed nudes to another redpill youtuber.

No. 1936583

And why would Pearl have those to pass around?

No. 1936584

dan and phil have always been degenerate faggots.(learn to sage)

No. 1936601

This isn't Twitter, you can say "porn."

No. 1936609

If it’s true, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of Pearl’s Discord goons sent some naked pics saying it was Venti, and she believed it on face value. She tends to take everything they show her at face value, like a racist teenage boy on /pol/ trying to convince people of his politics with image macros.

No. 1936622

Dumb video

>she has no life in her
Isnt a sexual comment, it’s a joke because her sister looked so unwilling to be in the video.

Saying Pearl has no motherly instincts is just stupid speculation. Saying Pearl tweeting that marriage isn’t in mens interests wasnt dissing herself, she knows her manosphere fanboys aren’t into marriage and was speaking generally about them, not personally about herself or her own marriageability. Saying Pearl can’t apply makeup or looks creepy or weird is just being petty and insulting with no merit, and sperging for 5 whole minutes about how she can’t do her makeup right is just retarded. This is why nobody except 40 IQ horny moids supports Pearl or Brittany, they’re both retards. And just randomly glossing over the revenge porn part for barely 10 seconds without any proof makes it sound like bullshit. This was an L for both of them and makes women look like idiots.

No. 1936809

File: 1701547151917.png (492.21 KB, 359x603, Screenshot 2023-12-02 at 3.00.…)

>type the word

No. 1936858

I thought pearl was contrapoints or some other troon.

No. 1936880

I wouldn't be surprised if she was making that shit up for clout