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File: 1705177823348.jpeg (239.03 KB, 1170x624, IMG_0666.jpeg)

No. 1954742

Thread to talk about people who are radical feminists, but are batshit insane OR claim to be radical feminists, but are just using it to gain money and/or notoriety.

Warning: This is not a thread for ranting about TIMs, TIFs or COVID. Please go to the respective containment threads for that.

Anna Slatz
>Grifter with a plastic surgery addiction.
>Fired from her job as Editor-in-Chief for writing two puff pieces for the leader of a Neo-nazi party in Canada.
>Currently making a transition as a financial guru and stocks investor.

Vanessa Vokey
>Anti-mask psycho who compared face masks to hijabs.
>Assaulted a female voting booth worker for asking her to wear a mask.
>YouTube recently deleted her channel.

Meghan Murphy
>Founded the website Feminist Current and was a radfem.
>Moved to Mexico to escape the anti-feminist dystopia of Canada.
>Ditched her beliefs and doesn't feel comfortable calling herself a radfem anymore.
>No longer identifies with the feminist label

Leah Tverly
>Unhinged druggie who makes crazy rants online while playing a synth.
>Thinks that hygiene is a tool of the patriarchy.
>Made a video of herself freebleeding in response to Contrapoints.
>Peed on the toilet seat and the floor of a public restroom because of a troon.

Elle Androphobia
>Anti-vaxxer, who believes that COVID is a fake pandemic.
>Believes that vaccines makes you troon out.

Amy Dyess
>Former radfem who claims that was brainwashed by Julie Bindel to join the TERF cult.
>Currently in transition to become a man and working on an anti-TERF film.
>Believes herself to be the alpha in the fight against TERFs.

Previous Thread

No. 1954747

File: 1705178362886.png (117.77 KB, 604x685, 4tg645v2fv6.png)

So I've seen right side of history get retweeted often and assumed she was just a regular radfem account, but nope it's actually run by some zoomer who retweets Tucker Carlson and makes borderline fascist like picrel.(this isn't milk, sage it)

No. 1954784

Recognising the Western world is currently undergoing record levels of immigration and simultaneously hitting the socio-economic skids in every possible regard is not “borderline fascist”, it’s obvious to anyone with eyes and ears.

No. 1954800

A lot of people are in echo chambers that hugely downplay what's happening, deny it, or outright celebrate it. They won't see what's coming until it's too late.(derailing)

No. 1954802

The only radfem-adjacent accounts that aren't fully or well on their way to becoming RW are inactive. Being "gender critical" is a conservative movement and is recognized as such my normies now. They're fighting against crossdressing and abortion/birth control access now, kek

No. 1954820

I agree that our modern architecture is shit, but that's been going on for far longer than the inflated immigration has. I don't think America has ever had nice buildings with accents and thought put into them. It's because it costs more money to have accents & gargoyles & all the things that make old buildings nice. It's because of capitalism, not immigrants. And that's coming from someone who thinks we should cut immigration by over 50%.

RE: main pic. I'm not familiar with the cows in this thread but she is speaking truth to me. Broken clocks etc.

No. 1954821

So if radfem adjacent and gender critical are right wing misogynistic movements now, then what do you think women against trains ideology should be called, TERFs? Normies don't even know what that is FYI. This thread is already getting derailed.(derailing)

No. 1954823

>lolcow nonnas try to make being a radfem look un-based challenge (difficulty level - hard)(derailing)

No. 1954872

This is the second new thread I've seen with the old threads linked in the wrong order. It's oldest to newest.
Thanks for making it though and not prematurely.

No. 1954883

This retard was never been a radfem, like all “gender critical” fuckheads she’s a far right turbo pick me. Typical ignorant American imperialist who thinks she’s smart when she’s genuinely retarded
Fuck outta here with your misogyny, handmaiden

No. 1954884

Actual TERFs are based, the conservatards who call themselves TERFs or gender critical just because they hate troons are fucking morons who are opposed to abortion, hate lesbians and gas up violently misogynistic moids. They are cancer.

No. 1954909

Sadly I agree. Maybe feminists need to experience firsthand just how progressive the people from African, Asian, and Middle Eastern cultures are before they’ll realise that these “fascist” feminists are completely right to be worried.(derailing)

No. 1954914

Lol. Name one moid with ~chronic pain~ then. Males are degenerate in much worse ways, but that doesn't mean you need to pretend that munchies aren't like 90% women. You sound mad about reality.

No. 1954947

You’re missing the point, whether scrotes experience chronic pain/illness is immaterial, Meghan’s implication is that women are histrionic liars. She’s a bootlicking misogynist.

No. 1955001

File: 1705243778105.png (871.62 KB, 1796x1072, vwKhNA3.png)

look up the Barnum effect.(derailing)

No. 1955004

Facist has lost any and all meaning at this point. Ironically by the very demographic anon claims the post is by, kek.(derailing)

No. 1955015

This has got to be a new record, you guys made it one post before derailing the shit out of this thread! Give it a rest, further derailing gets double the normal ban length. There are plenty of non-cow threads where you could be having this discussion.

No. 1955295

File: 1705315079398.png (88.05 KB, 1041x456, Screenshot.png)

WTF is she trying to say?

No. 1955302

What's so hard to comprehend? She's saying more women want to be sahm with provider husbands than men that want to be provider husbands for sahm women.

No. 1955303


Moids think women don’t want to be married and be sahms
She believes there are more women that want to be SAHMs and its moids that don’t want to be married

No. 1955312

Moids literally created the SAHM/provider dynamic to ensure the dysgenic 1man=1wife meme that lets betas reproduce out of their lane. I have no clue how anyone can go to any moid online space and still insinuate that it's women who want kids/family and not men KEK

No. 1955383

She’s 100% right Idc what you people say.

No. 1955721

Men say that but none of them really want to commit to that nowadays, their lives got a lot easier with women working kek

No. 1955975

Obviously they don't want to do any work, but men are objectively more interested in reproducing than women are.

No. 1956896

sage for blogpost, I won't give away too much, but a pretty big RadTwitter account blocked me and is accusing me of spreading propaganda because I pointed out that Dworkin would have supported troons if she were alive today. She was insistent that any sort of claim was because she was being abused and manipulated by her gay moid husband. And so I asked what about Catharine MacKinnon? and so she blocked me.

No. 1957610

File: 1705812516584.png (132.24 KB, 609x314, aQDWGIZ.png)

This was written by a Marxist Lesbian Radical Feminist, we are so fucking cooked.

No. 1957624

Oh fatsoc-chan, you poor un-selfaware thing. You yourself are already a cow on here.

No. 1957680

I find it really funny that she is anti-tranny but pro-marxism. How can you be self aware yet lack self awareness at the same time.

No. 1957688

Meh, she talks about this on her podcast a lot - how right wing men claim to be anti feminist and pro gender tradition, but are actually very modern. She points out how much their wives tend to wear the pants. It’s not her complimenting him but calling out his hypocrisy.
It annoys me how they take this point to such a retarded level on Redfem though.
Trannies thinking their ideology (which puts individual identities above collective material reality and relies on capitalist consumer culture) is compatible with Marxism is what’s funny

No. 1957789

radical feminism has had heavy overlap with marxism long before trannies were the cause du jour. needing to spend thousands on surgery, hormones, makeup and clothing to feel like your true self is the antithesis of marxism but troons who consider themselves leftist love to larp as marxists with little understanding of it beyond what they've learned from memes and twitter threads

No. 1957862

>it's abundantly clear he does much of the heavy lifting when it comes to childcare
How? He and the other DailyWire moids enthusiastically admit they don't know how to do basic household chores or childcare and leave everything to their wives. Granted their wives probably hire nannies, maids, and cooks, but these moids do absolutely fuck all in the home and never will.

How can twt "radfems" complain about being seen as deeply reactionary conservatives when all they do is slobber all over misogynist RWers knobs?

No. 1957869

I already replied to the first pots but I don't see her "slobbering all over misogynist RWers knobs". she is trying to insult him and call him out for the "values" he preaches when he doesn't even live by those values himself. on the pod they often talk about how many prominent right wing women often have the upper hand in relationships and are quite masculine in some ways (not aesthetically but traditional roles, and in their career etc.). and yet their husbands try to sell their followers the trad life dream, when in reality they're living in very modern relationships with a much more equal dynamic than they let on. when she says "feminist lifestyle" she knows it's the last thing he would ever want to be considered.
of course, she frames it in a way that tries to be edgy. her and jen often think they're making a point but then it just gets lost because of how reactionary it is. especially the comparison to men on the far left. it's boring.

No. 1957870

>She points out how much their wives tend to wear the pants.
>on the pod they often talk about how many prominent right wing women often have the upper hand in relationships
How? Their wives are Mrs. Husbandfirstname Husbandlastname. They work, but their moid is still the "head of the household". They're the ones burdened with childcare and housework, the moids aren't. Many of the most vicious MRAs are financially dependent on women be it their wife, girlfriend, sister or mother. Religious trad men, typically to unintelligent and incompetent to support their massive families, rely on women selling shitty courses or e-whoring online to make end's meet. That doesn't make them akshuly living a feminist lifestyle–women just have to finance their own oppression. In what way do these women "have the upper hand"? They're not dependent bangmaids, but they still have to play second fiddle to their moid. They just do so while also paying the bills.

Is this the misogyny version of "Dems are the real racists"? Conservatives are proudly and openly misogynistic. You're not gonna meme them into respecting women. They could depend on women their whole lives, then turn around and take away abortion, birth control, and no-fault divorce so women are stuck as bangmaids-for-life.

No. 1957872

ayrt and i don't disagree with you entirely. just putting her tweets into context of what she talks a lot about on Redfem. I don't see it as sucking up to the right, personally. More just attention seeking and being reactionary. She's taken a kernel of truth (that people like ben shapiro's marriages aren't that trad, but more just average modern middle class marriages where the husband and wife share roles and both have careers etc.) and turned it into a meme, like you say.

I actually can't listen to the pod anymore because of these dumb takes and Jen's endless bitching about people she knows in her personal life that has nothing to do with anything.

No. 1957944

Actual trad marriages back in the day weren't "trad" by the modern definition either. Women worked hard, long hours in the farm/industry/craft/so on while also having to do all the domestic chores and childcare, all while being their husband's rape chattel he could abuse at will. The only thing that separates Shabibo and the DW moid's wives from the tradwives of yore are the rights feminists fought for all women to have. If their husbands got their way, they'd lose those in heartbeat.

No. 1958148

This, my grandparents were born basically during a feudal era. Although their relationship may not have been equal, it was customary for everyone to contribute to both household and outside chores. To sustain the farming lifestyle, everyone had to work. My great grandfather and his brothers toiled in the mines, while the women and younger children labored in the fields. This is why families were larger back then, because they needed children to assist with agricultural tasks. Once my grandfather attained financial stability, he chose to have three children, a smaller number compared to the nine siblings he had while growing up

No. 1958303

File: 1705959836653.jpg (837.4 KB, 4096x2720, GridArt_20240122_202146166~2.j…)

So RFH has allegedly has two ex-husbands with serious maternal issues

No. 1958309

I know everyone loves this RFH woman but I can't take her seriously, she had some tweets where she said she believes in astrology

No. 1958323

She hangs out with trannies and pro ana pedo moids shes the farthest thing from a radfem.

No. 1958392

she makes shit up. she's admitted to making shit up. she's not a radfem just because she has it in her name. she belongs to the leftcows thread along with all the other RW thielverse freaks

No. 1958433

I'm still saying that account is a troll

No. 1958459

That’s exactly what I think too. She’s not a radfem, just a chronic baiter.
Hannah likes being provocative, plus she’s autistic (as in genuinely autistic). She’s nowhere near as insufferable as misogynistic lesbro Jen. I was listening to a twitter “space” that they were in some months back, it was a discussion about how TERFs should distance themselves from far right “gender critical” morons like Kellie Jay Keen. Jen made a complete fool of herself, she couldn’t answer any of the questions she was being asked by other radfems, she just kept parroting the same irrelevant points from a Marxism 101 textbook. I’ll see if there’s a recording of it available, I’m sure some of you nonas would find it entertaining

No. 1958462

what a fucking disappointment, the most effective pipeline into tradwifery for white women

No. 1958465

trannies were less annoying in the 1980s. Any sane feminists thinks otherwise today

No. 1958728

File: 1706061711485.png (79.84 KB, 1008x400, Screenshot 2024-01-23 205534.p…)

Literally one google search could have answered her questions. I also think a good chunk of women online venting about long term conditions are probably telling the truth. Often times when you have those conditions, it will cause you to be terminally online because you are already stuck sick in bed. Also, a lot of those sorts of people tend to have their conditions from their shitty lifestyles and shooting up cross-sex hormones, but i guess Megan would rather post this Andrew Tate ass take instead of using her fucking head. She might as well shift over to be a full blown tradthot with opinions like that.

No. 1958773

Cohabitation with a moid is why. Microchimerism is included in that, but it's mainly about being repeatedly blasted with male pathogens, especially ones from his genital tract, assuming a normal frequency of unprotected intercourse.

No. 1958853

I'm not a communist or whatever but I don't see anti-trans and pro-Marxist as remotely contradictory, that shit didn't even exist when Karl Marx was alive. Paying money to "become your true self" is more capitalist than anything.

No. 1959203

agreed. marxism, at the very least, is consistently anti-troon because it is anti-hyper individualism, anti-capitalism, and pro-material reality. ironically, a lot of troons still consider themselves marxists because they don’t really understand marxist dogma and want to be “edgy” in a “woke” way

No. 1959527

Most troons are neoliberal and any "Marxist" opinions they have are shallow and self-serving. They want a revolution, so they can kill people they disagree with. They hate capitalism, because they don't want to work. They support healthcare, because they want their surgeries to be free. I'm skeptical if communism will really work in practice but I always thought basic Marxism made sense and doesn't validate liberal identity politics at all.

No. 1960355

File: 1706469002126.png (440.18 KB, 663x583, asdf.png)

How the fuck do go from quoting Andrea Dworkin to this.

No. 1960361

I read once in a Gabor Mate book that women are more likely to get autoimmune diseases because they're more likely to internalise emotions, whereas men externalise. Autoimmune is literally the body attacking itself, so it kind of makes sense on some level. Especially since women are also more prone to self harm, eating disorders etc. which is just a more literal expression.
I personally think it's a mixture of a lot of factors. Some men will mock women who have real diseases (that have been confirmed in labs and diagnosed by doctors) but will find men like Jordan Peterson profound when he claims that a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar sent him into a 3 month depression.
TBF I didn't read the replies to that original tweet from Meghan but was she explicitly making a suggestion or criticism about women or was it simply an observation?

No. 1960404

He was likely correct, as cohabitation with a moid will force you to internalize resentment, guilt, regret and disgust 24/7 due to natural male mate securing efforts. Social status and persistent emotional states change your biology (social defeat stress, sickness behavior, etc). Repressed feelings of being wronged are proven to cause chronic inflammation at the very least.

Moids are chronic malingerers and fad dieters, so the projection doesn't surprise me. The bulk of their made up man-flus default to some sort of castration anxiety/muh skulinity stress (eating a vegetable made me a depressed cuck but going carnivore gave me hunter eyes! oxalate dump! post finasteride syndrome! seed oils were killing me!). It should never be taken seriously.

No. 1960586

Dworkin herself was a major edgelord and the more unhinged babyfems latch on to her and Solanas b/c they were both very performative and attention hungry. They'll read a few pages/quotes from either of them and that will be their vibe for a short period of time. Dworkin was more academic than Solanas, tho.

That woman jut has no dignity(derailing)

No. 1960596

Ew what the hell, I don't know her but Jesus.
I get what you mean with the babyfem worshipping of Dworkin but I don't think it's fair to compare her to these chronically online attention seekers or say she would be supportive of trans today since times have changed massively like that nona pointed out >>1958465 . I still find her work valuable even though I'm way past my babyradfem phase. If someone has ever read Dworkin or mentally processed radfem views and goes back to being a MAGA sexdoll clown that's due to the lack of intelligence of the person.(derailing)

No. 1960686

Having to name drop a terrorist group to get engagement on your selfie is a new level of pathetic

No. 1960744

File: 1706565927465.jpeg (245.92 KB, 750x716, IMG_6834.jpeg)

she’s been posting thirst traps… and feet.. sucks that she’s one of the more prominent “radfems” on twitter. why even call yourself one? (rhetorical question, attention)

No. 1960947

File: 1706634670568.jpeg (446.24 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_5800.jpeg)

I hate Megan Murphy.

No. 1960959

You should sage posts like these. Her opinion that bland, commercial music is bland and commercial is not milk. Sorry it hurts your feelings though.

No. 1960962

It’s milk because she’s a so called feminist tearing down a woman who’s recently been a victim of ai porn for no other reason than she doesn’t personally like her. I actually agree Taylor’s music is boring, I never listen to it, but why is she bringing her appearance and “life story” into it? You know she’d never make a post like this about a man. She’s a pick me.

No. 1960976

To be fair though, Meghan has stated she doesn't call herself a feminist anymore and hasn't for some time now unless I'm missing something.

I do agree with you though, it's ironic knowing that she would more than likely not say this about a male musician.

No. 1960982

its been a downward slope for her life ever since she got dickmatized by that fugly moid

No. 1960983

Pretty weird to target Taylor specifically. All pop artists are basically products that have a team of people behind them pulling all the strings. That’s just the way the music industry is, if she’s that butthurt about it she should go after Janet Jackson, Beyoncé and Britney, hell go after all record labels in existence since they’re absolutely no different. She’s just jealous of Taylor because she’s ultra famous, rich and pretty.

No. 1960987

File: 1706645325190.jpeg (283.45 KB, 675x796, IMG_5804.jpeg)

In that case, she shouldn’t even be In this thread, although she’s on the image for it. Also it’s hilarious when she looks like the way she does, with her beady little rodent eyes and premature aging. She just seems jealous. Anyone with eyes would say Taylor is far more beautiful than her.

No. 1961037

She's targeting her because she's been a recent target of penile ire for being the exact opposite of what the jealous cow is calling her. I don't like her music, but pretending that she's bland, talentless and (OMEGALUL) unattractive is weapons grade cope. LSA levels even.
Tale as old as time - mid woman hits the wall and panic drops any pretense of being a "feminist" to focus on getting picked.

No. 1961048

I thought this was Anita Sarkeesian tbh

No. 1961125

kek, including Janet in that list there sure is bold

No. 1961161

This is the sort of thing some "alternative" 14 year old NLOG would post, not a woman in her 30s. How pathetic. Pedo Yaniv getting Meghan banned from Twitter has fucked her up beyond repair.

No. 1962455

File: 1707044162313.png (161.68 KB, 1080x847, Screenshot_20240204-195321~2.p…)

Does anyone else know Gyaru from Tumblr? She went from being a pretty normal person to posting about manipulating (her word) and hitting her gf all the time.

No. 1962490

no but she sounds insane.

No. 1962549

I only know of a gyarufem who made rounds on radblr for talking about how growing out your armpit hair was gross. Is this the same one? What a fucking lunatic

No. 1962580

nah, gyarufem on twitter is a heterosexual woman that hangs out with far-right catholic moids

No. 1962656

File: 1707079837111.png (858.01 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20240204-195409.png)

Don't remember that but she's said a lot of other crazy shit. Posted a rant about how DV victims are stupid and deserve what they get. Got a lot of blowback from that. She's open about not experiencing empathy and suspecting that she may have ASPD or something similar.

No. 1962668

Gyarufem on twitter is straight btw

No. 1962681

Did she have the name gyarufiend before?

No. 1962729

Extra weird of her to randomly shit on Taylor Swift specifically (esp looks wise) when she was recently a high profile victim of AI deepfake porn. Meghan doesn’t have to be a radfem to understand what a huge problem that’s going to be for all women now. But she can’t resist shitting on something other women like that moids hate I guess?

No. 1962739

She says this in the article

Loving The Beatles is unoriginal for a reason: the music is universally loveable. It is good in a way that allows the most basic to enjoy it alongside the music nerds. You can pretend to not be impressed by them, but the sheer quantity of high quality albums and joyful, beautiful songs is difficult to argue with.

so I'm also going to go with trying to appeal to moids

No. 1963234

The Beatles were the OG boyband teenage girls were obsessed with, basically the BTS of their day. If there was an internet in the 1960's Gam-Gam and her friends would've been writing fics about them laying eggs. Megan Murphy is an idiot but I don't see how holding the Beatles up as an example of good music is moid-pandering, beyond the Beatles themselves being moids. She's wrong of course, but that's not unusual

No. 1963322

Well exactly, they’re basically the Taylor Swift of their day. Like how do you criticize Taylor’s boring songwriting and then say the Beatles are so great.

No. 1965045

File: 1707718857444.png (177.2 KB, 604x606, 34.png)

>Nazbol feminists
How the fuck did we end schizoids like this?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1965078

kek how do you think? People started listening to the lunatics too much. Now this is just normal.

No. 1965099

>BPD disclaimer
the answer is right here

No. 1965109

I mean, it’s not like we have a right-wing/nationalist 'feminism' thread on 2X and it’s way more popular than the leftist/socialist one.

No. 1965115

While wrong, it's completely understandable. There is no clear guidance on male nature even within radical feminism, so jumping into rightoid nonsense every time leftism kneecaps women for the Nth time is expected.

No. 1965117

That’s hilarious because right wing men don’t just kneecap women when they get the chance. They’re happy to see women fucking immobilized.
IMO it has more to do with pickmeism and an insatiable desire for male approval than simply being tired of leftist male gaslighting. Those aren’t “feminists”, they’re disgruntled, often unpicked tradthots trying to get noticed and calling themselves feminist to be edgy.

No. 1965120

Likely, but I also wouldn't be surprised if a good chunk of them are leftist women tired of leftist coddling of criminals (which always ends up with women beaten and killed by whatever flavor of mArGiNaLiZeD male that's fashionable right now), misogynistic vitriol towards white women, being told to tolerate rape from 3rd world moid immigrants and, of course, tranny bullshit. Oh, and how could I forget the whole "you don't tell us how to resist" shit from Hamas rapists, that must've been quite a blackpilling moment. To add to that, both rightoids and leftoids seethe about the only realistic means to insulate yourself from moidry (having your own assets), so true believer leftist women are pressured to live in squalor lest they be branded neoliberal PMC girlbosses - only a little better than being a bangmaid, really.

Right wingers are much worse and it's obviously the wrong reaction, but I completely understand this. They're being triangulated by right wing and left wing moids, not realizing that a moid is a moid. They are about as political as a virus or a parasite. A male by his nature has no motives outside of seeking access to female host.

There is a severe lack of a truly female interest group, one that isn't polluted by leftist mystifications (which inevitably end up siphoning resources towards males and innately male causes, such as tribal/ethnic grievances). Feminism is not allowed to exist without including everything and everyone, so you are expected to take on a wagon of horseshit causes before you can say you support women. Everyone is guilty of this including "women first" radfems.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1965126

It’s so depressing when it’s all laid out like this, not that I disagree.
I realize you’re just some anon on an image board and it’s weird to be asking so much of you, but what would you do on a grander scale? How/ could we make a true woman first movement work?

No. 1965128

The thing is, when commies say that 'real communism' has never been tried, they are technically correct. Every communist leader who has held actual political power has been a violent thug that has more in common with a local gangster then most modern communists. but many leftists are so delusional that they believe these leaders(who are essentially like mountain apes) were creating new theories. In a private conversation with his mother, Stalin even admitted that he essentially acted like a Tsar.
78% of the Bolsheviks had come from academic backgrounds and by the end, there were absolutely none. It was reduced to a small clique of men that Stalin knew, He Beria in Georgia, Molotov who worked with him in St. Petersburg before the October Revolution, Khrushchev's wife was friends with Stalin's wife during exile, Malenkov and Mikoyan just liked Stalin and supported him during the power struggle after Lenin's death, none of these men were qualified for their positions and all came from poorer backgrounds, but they were thugs who understood violence better than the other Bolsheviks, who were literally arguing ideology and something something Marx said. This made it easy for Stalin and this group to take power under everyone's noses.

No. 1965161

I'd start with abolishing the socialization narrative and focus on biology. Real one, not like radfems do. Also, intersectionality has to go - poor men and men of color are not your friends. It may superficially help some marginalized women, but in the long run it will spell their doom.

Radfems believe that males behave the way they do because they're "socialized" wrong. Tradthots cope by telling themselves that male behavior is only found in some other ethicity of males, thus eating up a sperm competition derived narrative fed to them by males that own them. Ultimately, both groups of women are the same thing, failing to understand that across all species, the male's sole goal on a genetic level is to gain access to a host and self-replicate. What this means in practical terms is exactly what disillusioned feminists observe but can't explain: abstract ideology doesn't change the parasitoid nature of males, only how they exercise it. This isn't something that can be trained out of them - in every mammal, paternally imprinted genes drive maximum resource extraction from the mother, and will kill her if uncountered. Nobody taught or socialized males to be this way simultaneously across all corners of the planet, because this isn't a matter of culture at all. Whether the male is a fetus or an old lich, to him you are something akin to food, and always will be - it's not a conscious process at all. It's what he's built for, and he'll gladly choose everyone's demise over giving that up. That steak you just had? You don't think of the cow's suffering as you enjoy it, and no male really thinks of how fulfilling his reproductive programming harms you. If he did, humanity wouldn't exist.

When women stop seeing males AND themselves through the lens of made up male identities like race and ethnicity, when they're able to compartmentalize the feelings they have towards the parasitoids they're related to, perhaps then a truly "female" movement can be born. But the odds are against you, because you'd be fighting something that literally evolved to make you fight on its side to your own detriment.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1965202

You judge and look down on working class women and that's why I don't want any part in so-called feminism. I don't feel accepted. Even the leftist men you hate on are more accepting and less judgemental than most of you.

No. 1965213

Speaking of weirdos in twitter "feminism", has anyone else seen the creepy rapespawn boymom who frequents pro-choice twtter? This woman will swarm any and all posts about reproductive rights to announce she was raped and was just so happy to push out her rapist's son, often with a picture of the shark-eyed rapeson attached, and screeches at women who aren't psyched at the thought of getting torn open by their rapist's scion. I honestly can't help but think she's a rape fetishist reveling in the discomfort she causes other, and since the people in her sphere are choosy choicey feminists none have the gumption to tell her to knock it off. There are a few other women like her(all rapespawn boymoms as well), but she's the most prolific. How did feminism get to this point…

I honestly have more respect for the Nazi fauxfeminists kek, at least they don't wax poetic about how choosing to breed a rapespawn is the height of women's empowerment

No. 1965229

Nobody looks down on working class women more than working class men do. A slave doesn't dream of freedom, he dreams of his own slaves.

No. 1965231

are you talking about Lilith Sage? I don't know about her being pro-choice but she's never posted pictures of her kids, but yeah, she does bring up the fact her son's father is a rapist, quite often.

No. 1965233

It’s so hard to get women to be rational on this, even on here. The best you’ll get is some agreeing that antisocial and retarded violent moids are unfixable. Lots of baby Nigel coddling and blaming mommy/capitalism/porn as well. I think people hear biology and immediately start panicking about ‘women are biologically inferior’ tier arguments. Also, “a slave dreams of having his own slaves” is just beautifully put.

No. 1965274

File: 1707768428870.jpg (47.49 KB, 751x280, Screenshot 2024-02-12 205724.j…)

Imagine romaticizing creepy old men who go after young girls and women.

And almost all of the replies and quotes were from redpill incel men praising her. I hope she enjoyed all the validation from men for this post.

So many weird trad/religious terf accounts lately. The terf to trad pipeline is so real.

No. 1965275

So many of her replies were by men saying things like you are right, this person gets it, we want young girls etc etc.

No. 1965279

At this point I don't think she believe in any of the shit she says, every other day she's trying to get famous for reason or another or trying to start shit with someone.

No. 1965281

This is a giant self own
>I'm too frumpy and mid to attract men my age so I like 40+ men because the only standards they have are not fat and young.

No. 1965291

I just don't understand why the normal radfems stay silent and do nothing when they see all these crazy tradwife and religious women trying to co-opt the radfem movement.

Im so confused because these radfems all are brave and have all the time in the world when it comes to fighting with troons 24/7 but when it comes tradthot redpill radfems then all those "normal" radfems turn into cowards and stay silent. Like HELLO those bitches are taking over the radfem movement and turning it into some weird trad redpill religious place and none off those losers are telling them to fuck off.
Congratulastions soon radfems will be indistinguishable from your regular tradthot. And the people to blame are all the retards who were okay with radfems aligning with alt-right people or movements as long as we get "exposure" and now look at where that has gotten us….tradthots and boy-mom conservatives.

No. 1965294

>ethnicity isn’t real
But also
>only rich white men are good
Idiotic racists like you need to fuck off and stay in your conservative echo chamber.

No. 1965296

You’re just a racist white moid/tranny larping as a woman at this point. I think I actually recognize you from the tradthots thread, are you the same one who wouldn’t stop race sperging and got it locked? Top kek.(hi moid)

No. 1965297

This isn’t true at all. Rich people and politicians literally want working class women dead and regularly vote yes on policies and laws that will kill more working class women. God you’re such a fucking weirdo.

No. 1965298

nta, I actually disagree with her but her take isn't too far off from what I've seen from a radfems i.e "all ideology, national identity and religions are made up and no one actually belives in them, we all should move to communes or just poison and kill all the men" it's childish and unrealistic, but it's something I see from plenty of radfems.

No. 1965301

Except she wasn’t saying that. She’s saying brown people bad, intersectional feminism bad, only rich people good, only white people good, working class people want each other dead. ‘She’ is off her rocker.

No. 1965307

You’re so cringe, stop derailing already and stfu.

No. 1965309

I thought I was the only one seeing it. They pretend like their goal is to be all about women, but never call out white moids, just non-white moids and I don't for a minute believe these people don't also hate non-white women either. They think they are slick, but they need to go back to Kf.

No. 1965320

White moids are sneaky enough not to shit in their own backyard (for example instead of raping kids in their own neighborhood where they are likely to get caught most of them would rather go to SEA to rape kids in secrecy there where no one will ever catch them for it). They’re also far more likely in general to be let off the hook for crimes like rape and murder than non whites.

It’s ironic that someone complaining about the terf to trad pipeline lacks such self awareness that they basically state that only wealthy whites can be capable of civility and goodness and that everyone else is a dirty uncivilized savage that needs to be corrected and taught how to be human by white people. This dumb fuck really thinks that a rude rich white woman yelling at staff in Burger King getting called a ‘Karen’ on the internet is comparable to Black, Asian and Hispanic women being disproportionately targeted for sex trafficking in the US or being far more likely to be murdered. Bitch really thought she cooked. What a fucking retard kek.

No. 1965323

they're obviously american. drone striking children, invading countries and raping and killing the local women? totally fine as long as they're white and dressed in a suit or a uniform. remember fellow radical feminists, violence, invasion and colonialism bad unless it's white/jewish men doing it. then it's totally fine and taxpayers should even help pay for it.

No. 1965346

>if you don't care about moids of color you must be simping for rich white men

Least projecting insecticidal feminist(infighting)

No. 1965350

Working class women are murdered and abused by the men they're with.

No. 1965375

Yas kwueen, you ATE. Defaulting to triggered, incoherent twitterfaggotry is definitely how you're going to set those Nazi radfems straight lul

No. 1965384

This is the second time at least that you've fucked up and used this word on here. Did you even graduate high school?

No. 1965395

She’s saying that the only difference between white men and third world men is one experiences consequences for their actions, not something innate. During times of war (ie when you can be sure of no consequences) white moids act as sadistic and deranged as any other moid. It’s impossible to balance the interests of women with the interests of men who fit a common group descriptor. Women’s interests and men’s interests are contradictory- helping women doesn’t also help men. They acknowledge this when they complain about the loneliness epidemic or how everyone has the right to a family. She’s also not saying ‘only rich men are good’ she’s saying having your own assets is the only way to be free from men. The point is all men say ‘uhh no those OTHER men over there do this, not me’ and all men will find a way to circumvent you ever getting away from them. Whining about evil pee um cee girl bosses or evil careercunt cat ladies is just whining about women who have enough money to avoid them.

No. 1965433

File: 1707794284252.jpg (441.91 KB, 1080x1102, 1000029917.jpg)

Tessa Cullmoids has hit rock bottom, getting drunk with men and having sex with them in exchange for a place to stay. Looking at her feed it seems she's lost her cat and wants to get a fuckbuddy moid to murder her senior dog. The previous moid who was her "roommate" bailed on her after realizing how much of a manipulative pos she is. She also is saying men can be radical feminists and any woman who doesn't like men just Can't Control Them As Good As She Can. for the record, I don't believe a word about how her breakup happened and feel really bad for her ex who she has publically harassed for months.

No. 1965464

File: 1707803839522.png (368.68 KB, 1017x1206, MKpdKT6.png)

This is more or less what happened to vlaarie solanas, after fucking up every relationship she had with every feminist that was sympathetic with her, she went back to being a prostitute and shacking up with various men, some people are just that self destructive.

No. 1965479

File: 1707807403262.jpg (653.82 KB, 1079x1815, 1000029926.jpg)

More Tessa Cullmoids crazy. the account she tagged in picrel appears to be a racist moid nationalist friend of hers and as you can see she's trying to make him jealous. Demented. I hope no more women donate to her GoFundMe.
is this text by Robin Morgan?

No. 1965484

File: 1707809134034.jpg (424.01 KB, 1043x1065, 1000029941.jpg)

the user she tagged, looking at his profile, is a stereotypical Serbian (according to him living in California) racist wignat. Saw someone call him a known lesbian fetishist. and this is Tessa's e-boifran she's trying to make jealous? kek he's also coincidentally a RFH orbiter.

No. 1965485

NTA but you people are delusional. Are we even reading the same thing? That anon didn't say white moids were better than any other moid; they explictly said they aren't.
>Tradthots cope by telling themselves that male behavior is only found in some other ethicity of males, thus eating up a sperm competition derived narrative fed to them by males that own them
Unless this anon considers herself the tradthots she's criticising I have no clue how you saw this as a defence of white moids.

No. 1965498

The average purpose of an interesctional "feminist" is to elevate the men in her community at all costs while hoping to achieve dominant status by proxy. Of course that's exactly what they're projecting on any feminism they perceive as insufficiently intersectional. In practice it means that the archetypical incel demanding your tendies will be a different color.

No. 1965499

>is this text by Robin Morgan?
from her autobiography

No. 1965549

>hope no more women donate to her GoFundMe.
Lol you know they will keep donating because radfems love these type of psychotic pickmes meanwhile they let actual feminist rot in the street.

I feel like there is a phenomena of radfems and right-wing men dating/fucking because this isnt the first and it isnt a last time for radfems to entertain these men. Whenever i see some radfem get busted for being with a moid its always some crazy right-wing neet loser moid.

I think its time we admit that many of these women who got turned into radfem leaders by these new 4th gen radfems, are cows. Like you have the ones saying how sexuality is a choice, the one who is hanging around right-wingers and affiliating with anti-abortion causes, one is a bpd crazy who got falsely branded a feminist just beause she shot a man, one defendes incest and pedophilia….and the list goes on. Are we surprised that modern radfems are cows when these are their idols?

No. 1965572

File: 1707840456882.png (103.07 KB, 790x1083, 7bc6fcca847b6183981106a8fb4076…)

not too milky and more of a hearty kek but radicallyaligned rec'd sarah j maas books (acotar, throne of glass) on her tumblr and now uses goodreads rating of all things to justify her recs because she keeps getting blasted for recommending sjm.

No. 1965588

Are you the American lesbian radfem living in germany? You type just like her.

No. 1965593

Anonymous is right. Women authors can be as misogynistic as male ones. I would re-read several books with female MCs written by men before I touch anything written by Colleen Hoover or any other female author who loves misogynistic tropes.

No. 1965603

what happened to her…she will post normal tweets about feminism but then interact with rw men who hate women. is it like some blackpill thing? i think the rad to trad pipeline is real tbh…women are very feminist and are like activists in their early 20’s but when they settle down with a man, their morals go out of the window and they act like slaves to please their male partner. the rad to trad thing only happens to very online women though. i think the only thing holding gyarufem back is her being british. not racebaiting but i notice in the uk whites and non-whites mix and are friends often whilst other european countries are more segregated outside of big cities. maybe i’m crazy but gyarufem has always reminded me of the lone white girl in a majority black/asian friendship group…very common in london

No. 1965605

she used to run in the same circles as that blackpilled lesbian indian who speaks portugese. there is a significant amount of radfems on twitter who interact/are mutual with really depraved moids who hate women. the majority are brazilian but lately i notice more western girls following this path

No. 1965609

File: 1707842652251.jpg (309.96 KB, 1416x1024, vW4qZRwIUeuSO.jpg)

"I think it's a bit unfair to dismiss all of them, and these issues weren't exclusive to feminists. It was part of a broader trend happening to the western left, which originated from rejecting the "methodology" of the eastern block(whom they considered red fascists). They wanted to forge a new path. It's not that their points came out of nowhere, they were influenced by leftist intellectual movements of that time. Radical Feminism itself has Marxian origins. That being said, while there was a lot of intellectual nonsense back then, there was also some good being done and a connection to reality. I would argue that it was the Riot grrrl movement that pushed it to it's current trajectory, resulting in pseudo-intellectual nonsense and pure LARPing. It was young women in university pretending not to have wealthy parents and being all about the revolution in their 20s and 30s. and as they entered the real world and punk died, they ended up supporting mainstream liberal feminist positions and married successful men in the movement.

No. 1965618

Is that lavlune? She's a hypocritical bitch. She was doing sex work and interacting with the lowest types of moids while parading as a radical feminist and implying other women are whores

No. 1965622

>Like you have the ones saying how sexuality is a choice, the one who is hanging around right-wingers and affiliating with anti-abortion causes, one is a bpd crazy who got falsely branded a feminist just beause she shot a man, one defendes incest and pedophilia
who are you talking about?

No. 1965635

I feel like feminism was always like that to an extent even before riot grrl and the third wave of feminism came around. Even back in the second wave, there were always those ones who made being a man hating hairy lesbian into their whole personality, but later on when their feminist rage faded they went onto marry men and have kids and live as normie straight women. The third wave definitely made things worse though. Also sort of off-topic, but Olympia by Hole was a cool song that talked about the phenomena of riot girl bands singing about a revolution even though they were sheltered young white women who adopted the persona that everyone else at their liberal college had (i.e poseurs).

No. 1965646

I don't even think this is unique to radfems. This is literally normal leftoid behavior. Today's boomers are yesterday's hippies.
Least autistic incelsectional feminist

No. 1965653

fakebians/hasbians are all insane. they always get a some ugly guy reminds me of the one tumblrina terfectly who broke up her friends marriage for some ugly military jakey and now posts abt her baby shitting

No. 1965655

File: 1707848482495.png (449.33 KB, 1140x2204, 1693395735403.png)

nta but even back then, there was definitely a difference between pointless LARPing and trying to make an actual change. Again, giving an example from Robin Morgan's autobiography and her experience with weather underground, I posted about them in the previous thread, Almost all of them came from wealthy backgrounds and unsurprisingly, very few of them faced imprisonment or harm from the government. Their "great revolutionary war" against the United States spanned a decade of bombings. Law enforcement mockingly referred to them as the "toilet cloggers" due to their tactics to blow up bathrooms in government buildings. and their most devastating bombing occurred when they accidentally obliterated one of their own safe houses. Some members lived in hiding for years before eventually surrendering, only to be shocked by the lenient punishment they received. Law enforcement simply didn't consider them worthy of prosecution. almost all are still alive and remain wealthy to this day.

No. 1965656

File: 1707848507614.png (321.93 KB, 639x960, IMG_9467.png)

No. 1965661

It's hardly a secret that revolutionary activity is mostly the domain of rich people (and sometimes literal aristocracy). The Decemberists come to mind. Working class people are too busy working to ponder the nature of their oppression.

No. 1965666

I am aware that, after the end of WW2 in most developed western nations, radical leftists ceased to be a physical danger to any government. The potential actors were dealt with by the CIA in the 1960s, and the remaining leftists were essentially just ineffective LARPers.

No. 1965668

omg, I didn't know that, do you have more deets?

No. 1965690

actually pathetic

No. 1965709

She is such a cow. And she had tumblr radfems eating out of her hand right up until she decided to describe the US military as a “kindly father” or something like that, I don’t remember. At least in general tumblr radfems are more serious about shit and will drop unhinged weirdos, unlike the entirety of “””radfem””” twitter (which is a total joke and unfortunately the only way normies encounter “””radfems”””)

No. 1965723

5.5 on the Kinsey scale, but couldn't make up her mind about whether she had slept with women or only kissed one (e.g she never did anything with women and was lying for tumblr clout). She tried to make it sound like her now-husband is a woman too originally. Her original posts about hooking up with her best friend's partner used only neutral terms so people thought she'd fucked her friend's wife, but later she admitted it was her friend's husband. After that they had a very messy on-off relationship that she blogged about all the time. Last I heard they were married and had a baby (which is ironic because terfectly hated kids for years). The man she abandoned the lesbian larp for is really is very ugly and unimpressive too, scrawny with an incel jawline. I really wish I still remembered her Instagram name to screenshot a picture of them

No. 1965735

File: 1707861165054.png (137.11 KB, 896x1018, screechingmaggots.png)


No. 1965736

File: 1707861290399.png (122.1 KB, 866x723, shedidfeeldifferently.png)

and then she (kelly) literally did have her own with a "nice man" (cody)

No. 1965743

>ethnic grievances
>innately male causes
Today, I learned women don't experience racism lmao

No. 1965773

Not really true. It's just that rich people have taken it over entirely and that rich people have the resources to make themselves self-important and promote their cliques, setting down history and monopolising control of it leaving no open paths to it but the culture they've created (which has dubious motives).

No. 1965836

>"lesbian" to uwu tradwife
>kid hater to mindless mommyblogger cooing over baby shit
>cheated on best friend with her military moid and married him
So many tumblr radfems have "unstable identity" written all over them. This BPD idiot needs lithium and she needs it bad

No. 1966008

File: 1707935949367.jpeg (298.11 KB, 1643x1095, 217CD71C-AD3C-4666-95F3-5B69DB…)

The tinfoil theory about Radfem Hitler being a mod here posted in >>>/meta/67831 compelled me to check her twitter and I realized one of her posts was eerily similar to a post from the celebricows thread a few days ago. I can’t prove she’s a farmhand but she definitely still uses this board kek

No. 1966009

she's likely not a mod, but probably a lurker.

No. 1966014

File: 1707937113571.jpeg (135.07 KB, 447x358, IMG_6632.jpeg)

got cut off in picrel but she uses uglier and sperg on twitter and the leftcows mod message used those words and she’s fumed about lolcow on twitter too. I think her fuming started back when people called her a troon in leftcows. maybe she became a farmhand to punish the farmers kek

No. 1966034

her friend told her about the site, she definitely wasn’t lurking guys kek

No. 1966037

File: 1707939929260.png (282.88 KB, 1867x847, rattle.png)

This is some weird trolling. I recognise this storyline from the anachan thread. >>>/snow/1962520 Just for anyone scrolling by here and paying serious mind to this retarded tinfoil someone's trying to push in obvious bad faith. Both the "sister fucking" and the pedo ring ran by grandparents is from here.

No. 1966042

No. 1966097

File: 1707954249809.jpg (473.97 KB, 1080x1551, 1000029982.jpg)

This bitch

No. 1966102

oh no one is born this way? lol what does the tweet say "exposed to high testosterone in the womb" or some shit? what a massive cope

No. 1966120

Is she on something? I swear she wasn’t this unhinged before. I remember seeing some of her tweets about her cat and getting kicked out or something like that and her ex etc etc and it was a downward spiral from there. I’m disappointed but not surprised

No. 1966228

Kek yes this exactly.
She's untreated bipolar and after doing shrooms and getting dumped (Tessa cheated) she's lost it completely.

No. 1966477

Dani Kandi, literally all she talks about is how violent her rape was and how much she's afraid of her rapist, but also how happy she was to get torn open by his spawn and never considered not breeding for him. I don't see how these rapeson-breeders can cry about their rapists getting custody when they actively chose them to father their children. Lifelong connection to their rapist was their super special choosey choicey.

No. 1966519

File: 1708055649624.jpg (156.05 KB, 946x2048, 20240215_130931.jpg)

I found this mexican radfem on twitter that goes by the name of @etherealfem that's somewhat milky
>Gets butthurt everytime someone gives her mild criticism.
>Is unironically racist and has said unsavory things about blacks.
She gives me brown Anna slatz vibes

No. 1966531

File: 1708059374358.png (744.37 KB, 947x2048, lFbEXFk.png)

I really should have posted this here, sage for super old milk, this is a vent essay, Dworkin wrote in response to the feminist academia of her day.

No. 1966532

File: 1708059422113.jpg (192.6 KB, 842x1131, UxdYHM6O06C.jpg)

the people she mentioned
>Pat Califia - was formerly a lesbian feminist and is now a bisexual transman. During Drowkin's time, Califia wrote extensively about feminist lesbian bondage and the empowering aspects of BDSM, as it challenges cis-hetero-patriarchy
>Amber Hollibaugh - a self described "high femme gypsy dyke" who wrote and campaigned tons for "free sexuality" gay rights and the early queer scene
>Gayle Rubin - Where do you I begin with this one, also formerly a lesbian and now a trans man, she was deeply involved in the most extreme aspects of BDSM. her entire personality revolved around doing every immoral and deemed it, "revolutionary and queer". her most famous incident involved burning a swastika into their lover's thigh with a branding iron(mine you Rubin was jewish herself)
>Ellen Willis - Compared to everyone else, it is kind of weird that she was mentioned. her worst sin was being high-brow and having a lot of casual sex. Not super kinky BDSM-sex, but she had a lot of sex with men, right-wing men, left-wing men, young men, old men, the sons of her colleagues, the husbands. she loved sex and cigarettes
And it's easy to think that these are some random groups of degenerates. However, they were the leading authorities of feminist academia at that time period, and even now, their ideas make up the canon of not queer theory, but feminist studies

No. 1966541

File: 1708069067124.jpg (61.14 KB, 1169x1023, 1000004255.jpg)

Anna Slatz got suspended from Twitter

No. 1966542

thanks for posting the context after. am I crazy for thinking she ate a bit? especially about Rubin who was the only name I recognized

No. 1966545

File: 1708070133083.jpg (319.99 KB, 1080x1250, 1000004257.jpg)

She pissed off the blackcels in her latest drama kek

No. 1966547

Radfems are always extremely racist for some reason. I don’t care about black scrotes feelings whatsoever and I’m glad she pissed them off, but I can see why the radfem to tradthot/right wing grifter arc is so common because a lot of them are straight up white supremacist Nazis in private, or zionazis if they’re Jewish. I feel like most of them hate woc or look down on them like retarded children that don’t know how to wipe themselves or something. Just icky.(blogposting/racebaiting)

No. 1966548

I’m a bi woman strongly attracted to women and I’ve been told by my doc I have 99th percentile estrogen levels and very low testosterone levels even for a woman. So yeah what she’s saying is pure pseudoscience bs lol.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1966551

probably cause of the racism, like some of it was just straight up racism.

No. 1966558

that's not what she's saying though.

No. 1966585

using white supremacist language to decry white supremacism is too funny

No. 1966621

what does not wanting to fuck moc have to do with hating woc

No. 1966669

File: 1708104946543.png (668.14 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20240216-011543.png)

Speaking of Nazi radfems here are couple of Anna slatz disciples saying that Hitler did nothing wrong(sage your shit)

No. 1966672


A lot of these radfems online are BPD, hell I even vaguely remember hearing that Terri strange had BPD too.

No. 1966717

There’s no evidence of your claim presented in the screenshot

No. 1966758

figures this would trigger tardthots

No. 1966808

ihatemostpeople or however you spell it is a divestor (she wants black women to stop dating black men and date white men instead). she’s always bitching about white women so it’s surprising to see her attack latinos for once. it’s just non-black women envy tbh.

No. 1967242

File: 1708267330343.jpg (393.54 KB, 880x1669, 20240215_065616.jpg)

I posted anout this in a different board a year ago but i realize that it is more fitting for the radfem thread, so im posting it here.


No. 1967243

File: 1708267388601.jpg (379.12 KB, 921x1920, 20240218_152215.jpg)

No. 1967247

File: 1708268135149.jpg (263.32 KB, 946x1482, 20240215_065902.jpg)

No. 1967253

File: 1708268463599.jpg (156.87 KB, 900x637, 20240218_153728.jpg)

No. 1967256

File: 1708268932090.jpg (320.36 KB, 904x1797, 20240215_070031.jpg)

No. 1967259

File: 1708269359447.jpg (205.31 KB, 895x1062, 20240218_153949.jpg)

No. 1967261

File: 1708269919556.jpg (196.03 KB, 879x1115, 20240215_070053.jpg)

No. 1967476

I know this is besides the point but what on earth is going on with her hair. Gender criticals really lost the plot a while ago

No. 1967504

terf-to-tardthot pipeline, undefeated

No. 1967506

Who is Lydia?

No. 1967580

I do think that the pipeline exists in both directions, but these women are clearly not radfems. Not even Poisie Parker is a radfem. The problem with the gender critical ideology is that it's being plagued with infiltration from people who just want an opportunity to spew hate or get attention, they don't actually care about fixing anything. They enjoy having a group of people to spit on and the idea of helping to create an underclass which is not what this is about at all. Another is the people who claim to be gender critical, but will coddle agps saying we need to learn to understand them or claim people like Buck Angel or Blaire white are one of the goods ones which isn't helpful either. It's a mess because there are too many people getting platformed just because of people wanting to build numbers for their platforms, not realising it's quality over quantity. There's not enough people keeping a hard stance on this specific matter. Whilst the rest of radical feminism is pretty much up for interpretation regardless of what tards of tumblr say, being gender critical is not specific to feminism at all which is why such people feel so comfortable in the space.

No. 1967589

Don't you feel ashamed using troon tactics? You are literally using the "oh those people aren't us because i say so" tactic. Being gender critical is a big part of being a radfem, while not every GC is a radfem, every radfem is a gender critical.
One of the most prominent gender critical community before it got taken down on reddit, almost everyone there identified as radfem. Or are you going to claim they arent "one of yours".
So is the new tactic now going to be once they go full tradthot mode we pretend like they were never radfems.(infighting)

No. 1967594

Ntyrt but right wingers hijacking the gender critical label because they don't like porn or troons has been a problem for years

No. 1967598

Non-american here. Radfems can be any political leaning, most countries aren't like USA with 2 party system and women in other countries can have extremely nuanced beliefs, agreeing with some parties' stances but not others.

No. 1967600

Ayrt and I'm not American either, not everyone who disagrees with you is a burger kek. I'm not talking about radfems, I'm talking about right wingers who are against abortion and women and gays having rights self describing themselves as gender critical because they think a man can't become a woman. It's a legitimate issue and has been for years at this point.

No. 1967607

GCism is full of RWers and Nazis because it's inherently misogynistic. Why do you think moids and tradthots are drawn to it? "Women are incompetent compared to men in everything and are only really good at breeding" is what they believe to a T, which is why the movement attracts them like flies to shit while the majority of women are totally repulsed.

I'll never forget the last Ovarit post I ever saw where users were asked to name what things they think women are better at than men and the only answers the "radical feminists" could muster were breeding and taking abuse. What an absolutely bleak movement.

No. 1967619

Why was that question even asked? Female liberation is not about being better than men. I'm not a radfem because I don't believe the movement is effective but to try and prove a superiority point is not something the movement should seek to answer. The question is flawed to make people sound like stupid sex essentialists bc that is what the question is LEADING to. The entire point is men and women don't show a lot of variability in ability. Our sexual dimorphism only really comes out when it comes to sports, and that is only concerning genetic outliers whose bodies are more athletic than the majority of humans. You can go and bother Ovarit retards with shitty questions but that doesn't really touch on why radfeminism is not working.

No. 1967627

I have a feeling that question was "what are women physically better at than men?" and (and the truth is not a whole hell of a lot - balance, dexterity, pain tolerance, flexibility, get sick less), and you wildly misinterpreted it, because any group of women can come up with a list if things women are better at than men even if it was just things like cooperation, building relationships, not murdering people, etc. You are just deadset on hating gender critical movement for your own personal reasons. I'm sorry if the evil gc kidnapped your dog, burned down your house, and stole your partner.

No. 1967635

It's a tranny, lol. Typical "the majority of women such as M-MYSELF" and "if you can breed and I can't that's all you're good for!" testerical narratives. Pretty clockable.

5 bucks says it was some run of the mill "pregnancy is badass" ovarit mom reply, followed by something alluding to the fact that males are vastly less resilient in equally stressful situations, lensed through bricky shim seethe.(infighting/troonfoiling)

No. 1967665

Wow, breaking down and criticizing gender stereotypes is misogynistic now? Thanks for enlightening us nonnie!

No. 1967678

File: 1708376644298.png (341.89 KB, 1242x2688, IMG_3459.png)

It was a pretty bad thread for what it’s worth. Idk why nobody mentioned anything intellectual. And unfortunately a lot of women think that way even if it’s not true.


GC has a tradthot contingent and people who are disgusted by troons because they’re GNC.
The original movement in its intention isn’t misogynistic but as it is now there’s a lot of misogyny. I think also a lot of feminists just give up and become housewives (sadly).

No. 1967679

So an old woman, likely a mother. An opinion formed by her reality, unfortunately.

Radical feminism was groundbreaking for its time, but it will always be inherently a product of late 60s to early 70s - plagued with new age woo-woo, Marxism and constructionism. Both tardthots and radfems are constructionists by the way - there is zero actual bioessentialism on either side, which this woman's reply illustrates pretty clearly.

No. 1967681

Idk how to sell people on it. It’s hard enough to get self-professed misandrists to agree that you can’t socialize men to be good bois, let alone the rest of society.

No. 1967717

I'm a woman, not a troon. I just dislike your movement, as most women do. Have you noticed you fellow GCs whining that they only get support from men while women give them the cold shoulder? This is why.
That might've been how it started, but the current GC movement is absolutely not about criticizing gender stereotypes. Do you think all the Nazis and Christofascists would be so hot on GCism if it were truly about liberating women from gender constraints? GCers were supporting viciously anti-woman cons like Ron "banned abortion at six weeks" DeSantis because he hated troons too. They're laser-focused on troon hating, and throw their hats in with RW moids as a result.

No. 1967718

Whoops, last part was supposed to be for >>1967665

No. 1967753

Kek at the toddlercore outfit

No. 1967754

A lot of women give up because of material conditions and money. Most women aren’t stemlord material and email jobs are scarce. Tradthots blossom in a bad economy because when men endure hard times they grouse about having to compete with women and try to bully them out of careers and industries that still make money and average women have to deal with it and adapt by making good marriages and going back into female care work like healthcare, low level admin, and education, just like it’s the 60’s again. If they complain, men withhold resources, so women adapt by making the cope into influencer content and try to drag down other women with them. It’s sad all around, wish the ebb and flow of labor could be more tightly controlled. Oh, guess that’s a nazi opinion. But really, how do you not understand this? It’s like you’re not a woman or something.

No. 1967756

>all women agree with me!
>using christo-facisist in earnest
Fucking clocked

No. 1967769

>GC get support from men while women give them the cold shoulder

statements dreamed up by the utterly transgendered

No. 1967788

Uh I'm not a woman because I find it depressing when women are worn down by moidry and get bullied out of careers? What? And no economic conditions are worse than being a free bangmaid to a wagie, sorry.

No. 1967825

Nta, but what about the middle class? They're allowed to ponder their opression and no one says anything. Also, people have free time after work and during weekends.

No. 1967828

As far as I remember gender critical was always meant to be a euphemism for radfem but since they couldn't get that subreddit they used gender critical. It feels like problems arose when it got co-opted by more liberal or moderate women who haven't actually read much about radical feminism and took it to mean critical of trans.

No. 1967830

Not even being homeless?

No. 1967832

What is the rapidly disappearing middle class going to do?

No. 1967842

I don't understand what your point is. Women hang it up and become tardthots because it's better than starving or prostitution, men coerce women with resources, doesn't mean radfems don't have a large right wing contingent, whatever their reasons for tradding out are.

No. 1967910

File: 1708426629721.jpg (439.42 KB, 1080x1108, 1000030178.jpg)

speaking of all this trad talk, here is a bangmaid Tessa Cullmoids curiouscat message from earlier. Tragic but I have no sympathy for her.

No. 1968720

File: 1708607000063.png (579.98 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20240222-215535.png)

I came across this absolutely batshit insane radfem on Tumblr who thinks Ruby Franke (cultist and family youtuber who was arrested for tying up and starving her kids) was framed and obsessively hates gay men to the point of regularly hate reading the blogs of several random gay dudes and posting about innocuous shit they do/say.

No. 1968734

Why is it insane to think her husband would be an accomplice in her abuse? Where’s the gay stuff, it’s not in the screencap.

No. 1968738

he was a grown ass man who didnt help his kids at the very least, def complicit. we dont spare cult members who r brainwashed if they do illegal shit

No. 1968751

He absolutely deserved to go to prison and why did you screenshot a post that doesn’t support the conclusion in your caption? Vendetta post?

No. 1968755

You may need to work on your reading comprehension.

No. 1968760

They both should go to prison, why is that even controversial? “Brainwashed by a cult” is sad but it’s not a get out of jail free card for doing crimes, or else everyone would use it. Those NXIVM women were clearly brainwashed by the creepy male cult leader, but the courts still held them responsible for victimizing other women. Ruby starved & terrorized those kids herself and bragged about it on her YouTube channel. If her scrote convinced her to abuse their children that doesn’t let her off the hook, it just means two adults should be in jail instead of one.

No. 1968800

Idc about tims but i feel sorry for tifs and what happened to this girl, who cares if she was a thembie, she didnt deserve to die.

I still remember there was a article about another tif who got raped and radfem/GC anons in those threads were making fun of her and saying how she couldnt escape her female fate by being a tif and just showing no empathy. And i bet those same anons dont have empathy for this girl either.
Some radfems treat tifs like they are sperate human beings which is weird because tifs are biological women too by their logic.

No. 1968816

TIFs are often autistic and belligerent, which makes them exasperating to deal with. This girl picked a fight with some girls who were bullying her, got beat up, then the hospital let her out without evaluating the extent of her injuries. It seems like she was getting bullied for being gender non conforming, the enby label didn’t save her, and the girls who beat her deserve punishment, however it is ironic that she ultimately died from medical negligence most likely due to misogynistic bias against female patients. Many radfems are posting about her, but a lot of TRAs are in big accounts laying the blame on them for spreading hate, presuming that it is a transphobic crime. Time will tell if they are jumping the gun on this like the did with briana gray, and smart people are hanging back on putting out a take on it until all information is available. For now, it really does not seem like it is at all related to transphobia and it is jarring to see so many TRAs who wanted to exclude no binaries as attention seekers and not really trans embrace this girl when it suits their narrative.

No. 1968821

Autopsy report already said she didn't die because of the beating, after she and two other friends literally said that they started it in the first place.

No. 1968832

Feel free to share your proof otherwise fuck off

No. 1968839

radtwt have a "meanness" to them, which while fine on men and troons can become distasteful when it's about women and children.

No. 1968852

Some of shit that people say can be in poor taste but you're just looking to complain it sounds like. Some of the complaints are just how you cope with being acutely aware of how shittily women are treated. Dark humor is known to be a way to cope with bullshit. (and I strongly advise against calling any misandrist edgelord or radfem – If they're not spending their time actually advocating for women's rights they're not a feminist they're just a hater)

No. 1968890

Wow…..my point is literaly proven.
Saying how there isn't enough info to say why that happened but then talking out of your ass and victim-blaming this young girl.

Lol funny how radfems and GC have more love and understanding for women like this >>1967261 than young confused girls or "annoying belligerent autistic girls".

No. 1968907

It sounds like you might be a belligerent autist. Nex is discussed in the TIF thread

No. 1968920

i was going to blog about how horrible rfs were when i was on tumblr and how it attracted the worst grifters and bpdchans, but alls i'm going to say is i miss cocksmasher insult posts even if she is a piece of shit

No. 1968921

Twitter in general is nasty and rewards “hot takes” from every type of ideology and the shit-flinging that occurs there is not representative of actual orgs like wolf, Nordic model now, or detransition justice. I don’t know why people think social media accounts, who anyone can make and the identity of the poster is unverified and unknown, represent radfeminism. Meghan Murphy and slightly twisted female both succumbed to getting butthurt against rad feminism because individual women (or men posing as women) were mean to them or disagreed with them and threatened their brand. But people who are just activism influencers trying to gain a following for their content shouldn’t be taken as seriously as ngos and academics who are explicitly radfem.

No. 1968925

This thread is for calling out grifters and mocking crazies, but no one seems to be identifying anyone, just the bog standard “terfs are actually nazis or christian fascists!!” tired troon hysterics with no examples that actually show what is being claimed. Many aren’t even radfems but all women opposing transgenders are lumped together, another distinction TRAs don’t understand. Most of the time actual grifters are warned about through the grapevine from trusted accounts instead of blasted here where anyone can say anything. But there are definitely bpd women who prey on radfem women with fake sob stories and elaborate sock accounts.

No. 1968948

>bpd women who prey on radfem women with fake sob stories and elaborate sock accounts.

like who? that white woman whose mother went to jail for committing fraud who spends like several months out of the year claiming to be homeless or on the brink of homelessness?

generally, radblr suffers from this thing where everyone in there is anonymous and if you do actually need help paying rent or some shit, radblr is the worst place to ask because not only is it not that social but no one knows who you are. you could be a man trying to guilt money out of 20somethings who aren't loaded and who will miss that $300 they sent you for "rent" and no one would be the wiser.

No. 1969783

File: 1708840673072.png (153.15 KB, 683x909, blessed.png)

Comments from a recent Terri Strange live stream. This is the crowd she's attracting these days.

No. 1969803

This thread hasn't discussed an actual milky radfem in forever. All I see is tradthots with some man hate and/or gender hate mislabeled as radfem. Either post on topic shit or go shit in the tradthots thread instead.

No. 1969816

this regression is actually sad af. I'm sad now.

No. 1969856

>they started it in the first place.
okay so? high school kids start fights all the time, its retarded to bring that up after she died.

No. 1969873

The fight is supposedly what killed her, how is that not important? Another hilarious detail was the the girls who beat her up were all younger than her, and she talks to staff in the hospital like a tough guy.

No. 1969874

File: 1708875432216.jpeg (452.23 KB, 826x1437, 2F3A7232-E52B-4D38-B4ED-262B9A…)

She hasn’t been a radfem for a while, but really nothing exciting happened when she left the movement.

No. 1969894

so she's retarded now

No. 1969899

File: 1708884654656.png (32.26 KB, 947x163, Screenshot_49.png)

Fair enough nonna, but Leah hasn't been radfem or milky in years, and publicly disavowed radical feminism at the same time as Terri, yet she's still mentioned in the OP.
That post is interesting. I agree with picrel about her seeming not all there mentally. I've seen bits of her recent videos and she seems spacier and less articulate than before, although tbf I only watched her older videos occasionally

No. 1969901

for someone who isn't political, Terri has done live streams with plenty of Russia shills.

No. 1969941

Post caps

No. 1969988

I think she probably felt lonely because she was picking endless fights with people. I recall her having beef with a ton of people

Also she always seemed to be into the new agey bullshit I always found that weird.

No. 1970167

Vidrel, she's doing a livestream with Caleb Muapin(a Russian shill)

No. 1970527

File: 1709056202485.jpg (431.49 KB, 1080x2345, 24063624.jpg)

This is coming from a 40yo woman who used to orbit radfem Hitler, radfem Twitter and vice versa. Her tweets were about owning the men and incels by talking about "female power" and her nigels who are unlike incels, talking about how much of a gift she is to her young moid and how he could never be an incel since she's fucking him, being "divine feminine" by fucking boys to which she served herself on a silver platter and posted about her endeavors with 20yo scrotes. She was buying lingerie to give herself in to men from which she didn't even expect commitment cause she's a free "goddess" just using "prety boys" and getting applause from the radfems, her deactivated account was named "hyperwhorean" now she's on this one retweeting tweets about manifesting men to love you and it's all just filled with her insane male obsession, she even admitted to crying about her current 20yo moid and to thinking about him every single day, analyzing his every reaction and obsessing over it trying to "manifest" him loving her forever. RFH is still licking her ass and vice versa like it's just so retarded but they both are putting this weird facade on while being pathetic handmaidens. Wow so much "divine feminine sexual power".

No. 1970555

I see this scenario all too often with poly-fags and FWB relationships. The moid is likely seeking a non-committal, casual sexual relationship while the woman initially believed she desired the same. However she ends up developing sincere emotions. And naturally, the man, who was merely exploiting her for sexual gratification, fails to reciprocate those sentiments. so the relationship either dissolves or the moid lacking alternatives settles. and they find themselves trapped in a profoundly toxic marriage.

No. 1970781

File: 1709130306653.png (82.52 KB, 773x291, TT5fKz9.png)

>When I first joined the women’s movement in the late 1970s, I was sneered at for watching rom coms, for preferring dogs to cats, and – as time went on – refusing to go to Greenham Common. (I like a shower, the telly, and clean clothes. I don’t camp.)
>Since then, my cultural choices haven’t become any more obviously feminist. If I were asked to describe my ideal evening at home it would involve cooking rabbit, watching The Godfather 2, listening to the album The Doggfather by rap artist Snoop Dogg, while sinking a negroni.
>Snoop’s music has a clear strain of sexism, but that has never stopped me listening to it. In 2003, I watched as he showed up at the MTV awards with two women in dog collars and leashes. And in 2010 I went to the Glastonbury Festival – my idea of hell (as I said, I really don’t like camping) – to see Snoop live on stage and report on it in the Guardian.
>In 2015, Snoop announced that, after years of calling women whores and bitches, he has changed his ways, and will from then on respect us. And while this might make it easier for some to enjoy his music, the truth is that, as a long-time fan, I have never really worried that my musical taste could end up with my feminist membership card being revoked. I have never subscribed to the orthodoxy of the Left, and find stringent group think tedious.
>When it comes to songs it’s not unusual for an artist’s voice and the beat to be brilliant, while the lyrics are offensive, as with Snoop’s back catalogue. In recent years, some feminists have responded particularly strongly to this issue, with many British student unions banning the song Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke back in 2013, on the grounds that it is “deeply offensive and dangerous”. Lines such as “I know you want it,” “Tried to domesticate you” and “Do it like it hurt” are clearly about rape, but at the time NUS women’s officers were kicking off about it, they were also busy getting me de-platformed from campuses where I was regularly invited to talk to students about the feminist campaigns to end male violence.
>To be a feminist is to live with daily contradictions and inconsistencies. In order to exist in the world, and consume pop culture, it’s difficult to avoid hardcore sexism. Hip hop is one of my favourite music genres, but the dominant message is often about men being in control; being hateful to women; and throwing their guns and money around while posing with flash cars. As Byron Hurt said, following the success of his film Beyond Beats and Rhymes, rich, white male music moguls promote African American rap artists with an image that perpetuates the racist stereotype of black men as pimps and gangsters. As a white woman who tries to be anti-racist, it is surely contradictory to my politics that I invest in a genre with this message? The women who feature as backing singers or dancers for male hip hop artists are also often portrayed in a racist and sexist way. Stereotypes of black women are played out in the videos, in which they are framed as overly sexualised and animalistic.
>So I don’t think that because a woman is a feminist all her actions are too; and I also don’t think that engaging occasionally in sexist pop culture makes someone less of a feminist. I do plenty of things that are not feminist, on a daily basis, such as watching reruns of Carry On films, and buying products from companies that pay women less than men.
>The truth is that, if feminists - especially those of us who prioritise the campaign to end male violence against women - restricted themselves to entertainment that was perfectly non-sexist, perfectly pure, we would be pretty miserable, and have very little to watch or listen to. No football, because of the machismo and sexist chants. A ban on books and TV programmes that are based on violence against women. I would need to throw away all my crime novels, and never watch The Killing again.
>As a feminist, under the system of patriarchy, to live a life without contradiction means I would have to wall myself off from the wider world of music, film and literature something I'm not prepared to do. Life as an activist could be unremittingly hard, if you chose to forego such genuine pleasures.
>To attempt to be ideologically perfect would not only be boring, but probably impossible. I deflect my guilt by telling myself that I prioritise effecting real and sustainable change for women, because while I may occasionally listen to a sexist song, or watch a film which is miles from passing the Bechdel Test, as a feminist activist I never, ever take time off. If judgemental moralists feel that listening to feminist folk music will bring about better change than direct campaigning to end violence against women, so be it. But I know what I would rather concentrate my efforts on.

No. 1970788

This is just deranged and pathetic.

No. 1970914

it sounds like this woman has tenuous grasp on feminism at best. hypersexuality is a sign of mental illness, tbh. she needs to see a professional and sort her issues out before she really does some damage if it hasn't happened already.

No. 1970933

Did anyone see blackradfem leaving? So I guess she's a tradthot now? lol

No. 1970940

Post caps or gtfo, I looked up “blackradfem” and that account hasn’t been active since 2018. Did you mean radfemblack? Her bio says she’s still rad.

No. 1970958

I mean I really don’t think it matters what music someone listens to unless they’re like, campaigning to get them out of jail on rape charges. I agree radfems get too caught up in fighting over makeup rather than the most important things for female independence which are abortion and having your own assets.

No. 1970968

>publicly disavowed radical feminism at the same time as Terri
sorry to ask to be spoonfed but can you point me in the direction of this? it's news to me

No. 1971020

ntayrt but I think she's talking about the light skin (biracial?) girl from insta. a few months ago she "came out" as Not A Feminist anymore kek. for as long as she claimed she was a radfem tho it was apparent she really had no idea what radical feminism was and definitely never read any theory, not even the bare minimum

No. 1971021

>I was sneered at for preferring dogs to cats
stopped reading here. absolutely retarded

No. 1971034

who is this?

No. 1971042

I have no screenshots as I unfollowed her and don't remember the current username, but she went by blackradfem (not to be confused with radfemblack). I think the @ is "unaffiliated"-something

No. 1971169

Radfems are the tradthots.
>Women hang it up and become tardthots because it's better than starving or prostitution, men coerce women with resources
This might've been true before women had the legal ability to own their own bank accounts or have their own leases, but now? There's no to choose between starving and trad-whoring. Actual tradthots largely live in poverty and have a much harder time escaping it, even retail and fast food workers live better, more financially stable lives. What in the world are you talking about?

No. 1971193

File: 1709237612957.jpg (14.02 KB, 295x305, Renate-Klein-295x305.jpg)

It's a chicken or egg type situation, does RF produce fringe deranged beliefs, or do people with fringe deranged beliefs naturally gravitate towards it, here's an example of a radical feminist I posted in a previous thread, who I actually do respect, but don't necessarily fully agree with.
Renate Klein is very much an academic radfem of the second wave in most aspects. However, one decision and focus in her life pivots to more reactionary groups and that is her fear against transhumanism. It seems to have started around the mid-80s with the publishing of her book 'Test Tube woman' and since then she has been obsessed with the idea that groups of billionaires are funding transhumanists who are going to destroy womanhood and humanity with their evil crimes against nature. She seems to have made fighting against this her life goal, which has led to some interesting conclusions. For example, she is against abortions of "mentally feeble" people because she thinks that eugenics is part of the transhumanist agenda, she is also against the pill because she believes it is unnatural. In essence, she is a crunchy radfem.

No. 1971279

She’s right about the transhumanists except that the transgender billionaires are funding themselves. Jennifer Pritzker and Martine Rothblatt are two well known individuals who have been working on this project since the 1970s. Google terasem.

No. 1971339

NTA but many of these tradthots are women with no training, no education, no work experience and they're addicted to social media and too mentally unstable to hold down a job. For them it is a matter of either starving or prostituting yourself emotionally or physically. But that said, for a noticeable share of them it's specifically a hustle to make money. Selling shitty tradwife courses online can net them a good bit of money.

A lot of radfems are seethingly bitter about liberal feminism being more mainstream but the cold fact is that ideologies with better adaptability and intersectionality will always attract more people from various walks of life, thus growing larger. Radical feminism is spitting facts as a concept, but due to its rigidity and aggression it also attracts people prone to black and white thinking. Many of the unhinged radfem icons believe in these grandiose conspiracies because as the patriarchy is proven to be a real thing, why wouldn't this other secret global organization be? Conspiracy theories are made to be easy answers to complex issues created by structural problems, i.e. trannyism can't be popular just because gender nonconformity and homosexuality is still demonized to the point it causes people to see a dissonance between what they are and how society perceives them and of course a capitalist society will exploit peoples' insecurities, it has to be all attributed to some huge transhumanist agenda driven by secret multibillionaires using children as test subjects or a CIA psyop and only if we get rid of those villains the problem will be solved and we will be free and so forth. No long-term, messy work of sacrifices and compromises required. Some parts might contribute, but at its core the popularity of gender discourse was long coming as a growing pain of struggling to liberate women and deconstruct gender roles.

No. 1971378

Some anons are simply not here for milk. They are here to virtue signal and go 'how dare this woman listen to x or do y, i-i'm a better radfem and leftie than her! i'm a good girl!!'

I wish there was more discussion around the constant influx of women with BPD traits who are drawn to RF organizations and online spaces. Radfem online spaces are pretty much a place where autistic/dour but agreeable women bond with severely mentally ill/slightly antisocial women (well, sometimes they're part of both categories). This often ends up with the latter treating the former as bottomless compassion dispensers and emotional punching bags if things go south. I suspect blackpillers are a consequence of this state of affairs

No. 1971386

Blackpillers are women who notice male and female pattern behaviors and come to the reasonable conclusion that all men are misogynistic tyrants and all women are pickmes and that these behaviors are biological, they think that straight relationships are a prostitution and find women who partner or are friends with men disgusting because unlike them, blackpilled women hate men and are scared of them for the obvious reason so they reject relations with them completely out of self preservation. These things is something everyone can observe, male misogyny and women being handmaids, female blackpill actually started on reddit and it had nothing to do with radical feminism back then. It was just women venting about how all men are rapist pedophiles and women are their pickmes and how we are gaslighted for pointing it all out and can't have a space for ourselves to be outside of the hivemind of the common opinions, cock sucking, male terrorism and all that shit that really brainwashes you especially if you don't fit into it all then you feel imprisoned mentally cause you can't speak certain things and it makes you feel crazy. The hate blackpilled women get is the reason why these women are blackpilled in the first place IMO because it shows how women can't accept another woman being different, holding men and other women accountable, not being a handmaiden, not being gender conforming and not fucking with men. I don't think all most radfems are separatists but blackpilled women very much don't wanna engage with men and can't find themselves in the society due to their rejection of men, handmaidens, heterosexuality etc. ending up in a straight relationship or motherhood would be a prison so what else you can do in society as a woman?
They come to radfem spaces because any other space is filled with normies, porn, sex positivity, female socialization and men(off topic)

No. 1971480

>For them it is a matter of either starving or prostituting yourself emotionally or physically.
They can't get a job at the local fast food joint, something literal children and retards are capable of? Why is being some moid's fleshlight-maid portrayed as their "only option" here?

No. 1971625

Are you aware of the current state of the economy? Even McJobs are competitive and a lot require bilingual workers.

No. 1971628

She posted a video to her yt last year called "it's not a movement" but I won't link it because I don't think I was fair to her in >>1969899
She talks about being disappointed in a lack of action from radfems and not wanting to be associated with the label anymore, but her views don't seem to have changed much. She still doesn't wear makeup or shave and is pro abortion and anti surrogacy and so on. She apparently is some kind of christian now like Terri, but unlike Terri she doesn't seem to have gone trad. She's just less aggressive about her views and makes more videos about other subjects. I don't think she should be included in the OP though because she hasn't been milky in ages.
Also I'll admit my post >>1969783 was more of a vent and didn't belong itt. My apologies nonnas, maybe I need a break from lcf

No. 1971666

No, McD's and other fast food franchises do not require one to speak two languages or have any sort of competency more advanced than a 15 year old may have. You're grasping at straws as to why these women are less competent than children and retards and "need" to serve as fleshlight-maids to moids. This isn't the 19th century. There is no reason for these women to "have" to resort to this.

No. 1971883

If they're too mentally unstable to hold down a job/provide for themselves, they should kill themselves. I'm serious. The world doesn't need lazy useless burdens like them.(a-logging)

No. 1971982

NTA but McDo's type jobes are soul-crushing and actually worse than tough masculine jobs in some aspects (less degrading, more stable). 'Feminine', unstable shit jobs might provide temporary relief but there is a point where it's not sustainable mentally. This isn't just a matter of money, raising a human being is more fulfilling than sweeping floors for a pittance, even with all the caveats. People need to look forward to something in their lives and if you don't have access to a degree for whatever reason then the trad route is hard to dismiss. What kind of life do you lead to be this blissfully ignorant? Can't you see the absolute state of the labor market in the west, especially for working class women?
If you weren't yet another edgy cancerous poseur, you'd stress the importance of education/training (incl. getting education as a mother) instead of calling them fleshlights (how daring).
inb4 'women have kids and still work!!' yes, but they still have a whole child to come home to and stay alive for. What do holier-than-thou retards like you have to offer besides 'ummmm go flip burgers' and a superiority complex?(derailing)

No. 1972077

File: 1709486745756.png (281.7 KB, 598x698, Screenshot.png)

Our radical feminists, everybody!(this isn't milk, sage it)

No. 1972078

>discussion around the constant influx of women with BPD traits who are drawn to RF organizations and online spaces.
honestly i think its because radfem encourages this endless empathy for women, this refusal to not see women as humans able to do evil for their own benefit. women who talk about their bad experiences with women (say, their own mothers) are sometimes shouted down with the whole "well the patriarchy made her like that" "men are worse" so i expect that horrible women will be attracted to such a space & take advantage of it.

No. 1972082

Most basic ass caricature drawn in Ms paint and people will scream that is fulfills their individualiyy complex

No. 1972136

>shilling male interests as ‘fulfilling’ now that we can avoid them

No. 1972137

Very sus post

No. 1972356

That's an issue of work reformation not feminism, There are countless job structures that persist solely due to outdated systems. In my previous job, I had to work 8 hours, but the actual workload barely amounted to less than 3 hours, The majority of my time was wasted on podcasts. I could tolerate that, but what truly enraged me was the toxic work politics and never-ending drama. It felt like I was reliving high school all over again.(blogposting)

No. 1972373

You need to speak Spanish to work in fast food or you are not a cultural fit.

No. 1972400

Housewives are among the least happy, fulfilled women. They also end up in poverty more often than even women working shit retail/fast food jobs do, since their "work" is being an on-call prostitute and maid for a moid. She can't put it on her resume, it makes no money, provides no benefits. If she even gets alimony and child support, that's a pittance when it comes to raising a child(or children) and supporting herself.

You're creating a dichotomy that simply doesn't exist. There's no wageslave vs. bangmaid choice for working class women. It's a false choice.

>If you weren't yet another edgy cancerous poseur, you'd stress the importance of education/training (incl. getting education as a mother) instead of calling them fleshlights (how daring).

Why do mothers have to be treated like children? Yes, a housewife is a fleshlight-maid. She's not competent enough to support herself on her own two feet, by your own admission, and her glaring incompetence now affects not just herself but her children, too. Mothers should be under an even more critical eye. You don't get asspats for breeding.
>inb4 'women have kids and still work!!' yes, but they still have a whole child to come home to and stay alive for. What do holier-than-thou retards like you have to offer besides 'ummmm go flip burgers' and a superiority complex?
What even is this comment? If a woman has no life outside of being a mawwwmieee, there's something wrong with her mentally. Women like this are too dumb and/or too unambitious to cut it elsewhere and having total control over a child is the only thing that gives them a sense of power and fulfillment. Feminism is about the liberation of women, not giving women asspats for having messy creampie sex. They should actually do something if they want praise.

Probably a moid, but I get why "radfems" have daughters that troon out so often. If your only example of what a woman can be is an unaccomplished, incompetent, unfulfilled fleshlight-maid whose life revolves around fucking and sucking and cleaning up after moid&spawn, why would she want to be one?

No. 1972429

Recently on Ovarit there was a discussion about a hardcore survival show. Even though no woman had ever completed a full season, the post was about praising the ability of women to survive and what they managed to accomplish. However there were some posts that were in a completely different headspace, they were claiming that women could totally survive if men just weren't there or that the show was being rigged to convince women they're weak. This wasn't just misandry, it was weird conspiratorial thinking.

No. 1972439

File: 1709588985146.jpeg (477.72 KB, 828x1564, D8E92D45-8AD2-4591-9DEF-5EA094…)

I read that post and you are misrepresenting it. A woman who was an expert on primitive anthropology made an authentic sweat lodge by hand and was second place to a man who cheated by gaining 80 lbs before the game and won by out starving everyone else. Did no interesting survival techniques, was just a lazy fat moid who min-maxed the show because he thought it’d be easy money. Extremely boring to watch and pissed a lot of fans of the show off. He even beat out a guy who made his own canoe. The producers of the show responded by changing their selection process. This thread is always totally milkless low-effort agenda posting by obvious tourists. https://ovarit.com/o/Television/539816/alone-brutal-survival-show-demonstrates-just-how-tough-women-can-be

No. 1972449

I was referring to a few other posts in that thread.

No. 1972451

So post caps

No. 1972571

File: 1709615246727.png (54.32 KB, 815x139, fyGteTU.png)

here 1/3

No. 1972572

File: 1709615321825.png (346.61 KB, 875x539, ov3bRfL.png)

No. 1972594

File: 1709618847528.png (60.19 KB, 835x128, BZcO8M0.png)

No. 1972704

You didn’t post the reply of the woman disagreeing with her and note the down vote? Nothing you posted was crazy at all. Please try to bring actual milk next time.

No. 1972980

NTA but
>What even is this comment? If a woman has no life outside of being a mawwwmieee, there's something wrong with her mentally. Women like this are too dumb and/or too unambitious to cut it elsewhere and having total control over a child is the only thing that gives them a sense of power and fulfillment.
Isn't this what's being implied here? Of course these women are mentally too weak to go through with a regular service industry work. They wouldn't be bangmaids otherwise. It's not the decision of a sane person to become a barefoot and pregnant housewife relying on a man, but that's a widely accepted and even encouraged choice in certain spheres. There are a lot of women who are taught that it's an acceptable option to pick if they don't want to be exploited and abused by some asshole manager and clientele yelling at them every day while they break their back working a miserable dead end job that makes you feel insignificant and worthless. It doesn't mean it's an objectively good choice, but when you're between a rock and a hard place you pick the straw that seems least mentally taxing as a concept i.e. staying home and having someone else provide for your basic needs like shelter and food even if it's even worse for you in the long run.

>Feminism is about the liberation of women, not giving women asspats for having messy creampie sex. They should actually do something if they want praise.

This is honestly where a lot of radfems hit the ground running at imo. Women should be held responsible for their actions, but motivation isn't born inside a vacuum and nobody is immune to propaganda. We can all agree on patriarchy and how it molds a woman, but for some reason a lot of anons on this site as well short circuit on the topic of housewives and forget this principle despite accepting women being influenced by patriarchal structures in every other way. Women are encouraged to take traditionally feminine roles and are shamed for being career-driven mothers because they "neglect" their children, but at the same time they're considered leeches when they stay at home looking after the kids. You get shat on for your actions either way, so why would you do a 9 to 5 on side while taking care of your family and house? Just for clarity's sake I'm against being a housewife and I don't want any woman ever to be fully dependent on a moid's charity but understanding why women do it is essential to making structural changes. Just yelling about "messy creampie sex" like a weirdo when these women have been driven into a drastically different mindset is the equivalent of them calling feminists ugly dead egg spinsters, it goes nowhere and has no desired effect in the other. In an alternative timeline any of us could've ended up in their position because each one of us has to actively push against it in some way.

No. 1973848

File: 1709910015748.jpg (721.63 KB, 1536x2048, tumblr_95428eb25557ae75fe49c35…)

kelly/terfectly is pregnant with twins

No. 1973893

It's so funny when obnoxious child haters end up having children and becoming the same obnoxious parents they used to hate.

No. 1973915

She’s the funniest person out of this scene for me. Married to a military scrote who was originally her friend’s bf while posting about manhating and radblr constantly licks her ass lmao

No. 1973927

File: 1709925543419.jpg (234.56 KB, 1080x1837, Tumblr_l_34101425816000.jpg)

Barely milk so sage but radblr is so funny sometimes. This is folx btw

No. 1973931

pretty sure that's a satirical post kek also the "previous tags" meme is objectively one of the worst things that caught on among tumblr users

No. 1973945

Ironically, her attachment to labels that objectively don't accurately describe her such as terf or misandrist makes her more similar to trannies than actual radfems.
I'm convinced that the only reason she's not rightfully exiled from radblr is because her blogs get terminated too often for people to keep track of her baggage. People remember her original urls and that she has a baby, but not much else.

No. 1973974

You did a better job explaining this than i did kek

>Probably a moid
Fascinating. Can't you see the irony in your scrotefoiling?

No. 1974028

wasnt't that radfemtori?

No. 1974176

File: 1709994959213.png (513.09 KB, 662x842, HB1M`.png)

I can't tell if this is a humble brag or an attempt at self deprecating humor.

No. 1974185

Radfemtori was another one with a military husband I think kek, but I dunno, I never followed her. Opisaterf/terfectly/Kelly was pretending to be a lesbian and then hooked up with her best friend’s boyfriend (the military scrote and her current husband). There’s some milk on this in the last thread and it’s been an open secret on radblr for years.

No. 1974187

File: 1709996332236.png (353.91 KB, 1264x500, cX9jHBK.png)

what are the chances of something like this this happening twice.

No. 1974198

File: 1709997189125.jpeg (1.47 MB, 3024x3307, Xd89jTr.jpeg)

these are her books btw.

No. 1974199

File: 1709997215414.jpeg (1.05 MB, 2250x3000, EBHJ66H.jpeg)

No. 1974208

terfectly/oatterf/the word salad that is her new URL has had so many questionable takes – she suggested that since intersex males who have an advantage like caster semenya are "raised as women" they should be allowed to compete against women which is asinine.

then she talked about her history of drug addiction and stuff like that which I didn't want to read abou to be honest.

really this is someone who should not have taken the plunge and had a kid but that's the level of good judgment that these women are expected to have.

No. 1974270

she also loves gambling and one time she had a car accident because she fell asleep at the wheel, then got pissed when a few weeks later a woman eyed her critically when she pulled into a parking spot. someone reminded her of her car accident a while ago - not as in, the woman knew about it, but that she shouldn't be so pissed about someone worrying about their car when she JUST had an accident herself - and she got extremely nasty about it. and of course she spends thousands of dollars on tattoos.

No. 1974275

Also lip fillers. She’s just a woman with personal blog and gender critical beliefs, not a radfem. She’s occasionally funny though and most people on radblr are cows and larpers anyways, so.

No. 1974307

i forgot about the lip fillers, kek. ngl i still follow her because i find her funny in a trainwreck sort of way but she's definitely a radblr orbiter at most.

No. 1974427

>Hannah is autistic
How do you know? I don't listen to redfem but I've followed her on twitter for a while and I haven't seen her say anything about that.

No. 1974455

I consider her on the same radblr orbiter level as desaturating7 where they seem to understand radical feminist theory and have some valuable insights to give once in a while, but the contradiction of the male-centered lives they live kind of make their words lose meaning. Interesting to watch but frustrating too.

No. 1974537

sage for spoon feeding but what’s the deal w desaturating7

No. 1974576

File: 1710094061801.png (341.33 KB, 636x498, CAPTURE.png)

she recently retweeted picrel, but remember she's totally not a tradthot.

No. 1974588

I feel bad for her kids, military wives make such overbearing moms.

No. 1974599

I’m soooo tired of hearing about this loser and her military moid spawn

No. 1974600

File: 1710098569638.jpeg (377.96 KB, 1125x1308, IMG_3498.jpeg)

NTA but shit like this ig. Posting it next to feminist or manhating posts is so pathetic, I get that women will always have their Nigels but the lack of integrity is embarrassing.

No. 1974604

There’s having a nigel, and then there’s posting this pathetic shit. I didn’t know she posted stuff like this since she blocked me like 5 years ago for I don’t even remember what kek

No. 1974634

She also espouses the harms of the cosmetic industry but gets lip fillers and botox, and wears cakey makeup and long acrylic nails. Not a huge deal but quite hypocritical considering what she blogs about. Her frequent bragging about her coke habit is also embarrassing.

No. 1974638

What has colette done that's milky? Not a spoonfeeding request, genuinely want to know whats interesting, funny or cowish with her? Did I miss something? I'm not even sure she's "conservative", especially not by irish standards

No. 1974641

For context, this is the only right way to vote for that referendum (how could any nonna think otherwise?), and got the highest no vote of any referendum in Irish history, some places over 93% no. Except for where the politicians live, kek
Samefag, hi past me

No. 1974667

>totally le epic childfree lesbian i mean bisexual!
>actually a military wife fauxbi who spends all her time talking about her spawn's shit and farts
Can't wait for the terfectlings to get online in 15ish years whining about how annoying and dumb their mom is and how she needs to get a hobby kek

No. 1974689

how's this milk? kek she's probably just responding to a regular misogynist MRA who thinks men intellectual readers, women emotional romance fiction consumers

No. 1975008

tinfoiling but i wouldn't be surprised if she transforms into a stereotypical toxic boymom. the other day she posted about how bad circumcision was like it was such a barbaric practice, meanwhile she barely posts about any of the misogynistic shit that happens to women. she's trans critical at most. many women on radblr are also very critical of birthing sons so when she had her daughter a lot of them congratulated her for having a daughter and how lucky she was and she acted all weirded out as if she hasn't been surrounded by female separatists for years prior. at least her daughter is too young to be parentified.

No. 1975079

She's definitely going to be one of those women who ceases to be a real person after pumping out a few brats. She's clearly desperate for a stable identity(which the fake lez/bi/radfem stuff makes obvious) and as a nurse and military wife, and being a nurse-cum-military wife–two populations notorious for being full of dim, unaccomplished women–makes her the perfect candidate for slipping into mombie madness. I expect her to fully give up her leftist beliefs and go full tradwife.

No. 1975358

> leftist beliefs
We sure she even has those? This is the woman that described the US army as a “like a dad” to the countries it occupies. I think she just hates troons and is your average suburban mommy

No. 1975379

lmao does anyone else remember her during her polilez phase when she used to reeeee over bihets only to turn out that not only she is not a lesbian but she's never even dated a woman before

No. 1975452

She's still pro-choice as far as I'm aware, but with how easily her other opinions shift I can see her "discovering" forced birtherism so every woman can experience the True Love and Purpose of breeding for the nigel

No. 1975464

this is so jarring to hear about because i only know her blog from when she got really popular during her pregnancy. she's always been a straight woman to me, kek.

No. 1975505

File: 1710269638920.png (128.13 KB, 740x626, Jen.png)

What the fuck did she mean by this?

No. 1975509

I think it's supposed to be a parody of what rightoid tate types say about women.

No. 1975549

Damn I'm not even a moid and I suffered emotional damage from this. 10/10

No. 1975555

Radblr users will act surprised that gendies think of them as conservative tradthots and then promote a military mommy.

No. 1975556

extremely based

No. 1975580

Even ancient radfems leaned hard into the trad "birthing is what women REALLY exist for" stuff, they just tacked on some trite mother goddess shit at the end to make it more palatable. In radfem spaces there's definitely an undercurrent of what makes men special depends on their skills and who they are as people, while women's worth is tied exclusively to our reproductive capacity…which depends on men to function, always causes us harm, requires no brainpower, can happen against our will, and is something we all lose eventually. It's a very trad worldview despite what they claim, hence the weird hostility some have toward TIFs specifically for not being mothers(notice the obsession over them having mastectomies meaning they can't breastfeed anymore), and even towards regular childfree women or women who have abortions. It's not a surprise that they become tradthots when most of them are already halfway there kek

No. 1975609

I'd be interested in this stil…

No. 1975630

I don't have caps but I remember this one time she almost joined this mixed-sex commune and would get really mad when people came into her inbox warning her that it was an obvious cult until she figured it out herself like a week later

No. 1975631

I think it's worthwhile to remember that mothers take everything they perceive as devaluation of motherhood extremely personally. In that sense, it will always be the radfem counterpart to libfem "don't yuck my yum" aka making any sort of observation on sexual servility of sexpoz ideology. If you have done something to yourself that's a massive L, it takes incredible fortitude to admit it instead of coping and doubling down. You also need to remember that by nature, successful pregnancy makes you blind to its own effects.

Knowing this, feminism would have incredible difficulty achieving mainstream adoption if it hadn't offered validation to lifestyles that directly contradict its observations. This isn't uncommon, see also: laypeople and monastics in Buddhism.

No. 1975632

literally it's always the lesbians with the most to say about bihets who turn out to be bi or straight themselves, i guess because deep down they view sexual orientation as a choice

No. 1975683

Adding that acknowledging it as an L is the first step to bargaining for things that make it less of an L.

No. 1975746

Bingo. But the need to cope supercedes that. They want to be massively compensated for the Ls they take while also constantly defining them as gifts/pleasure. Anyone would ask - why should you be paid to receive a gift? A moid would never stop bargaining to receive more for something he thinks is a huge sacrifice or imposition, and you would never hear the end of it.

No. 1975763

Do you have any caps? That sounds sooooo milky, I really wanna see it.

No. 1975766

What radfem spaces are you talking about? Twitter “””radfems”””? Because all the things you’re saying sound more like spiritual GCs, not modern radfems. On radblr that shit would not fly in the slightest, they really dislike focusing on women’s reproductive capacities.

No. 1975775


No. 1975825

Who exactly are you talking to? Because there were many feminists of the second wave, all of whom had their own ideas inspired by other feminists. These ideas often came from other ideologies and philosophies. For example, Dworkin. Solanes and Firestone were influenced by Freud and all based their aspects of "radical feminists"(which had roots in Marxist feminism) on his theories. Firestone took Freudian psychology at face value and applied it to the Marxian concept. Solanes flipped it on its head and used more vulgar language, while Dworkin selected some of his ideas and disregarded others and that's just one understanding of it.

No. 1975826

File: 1710351619388.png (60.13 KB, 1194x436, Screenshot.png)

This feels more and more like humblebragging.

No. 1975986

wasn't radfemtori/tori-xcvi the one who toppdyke was obsessed with, who got a huge ass labrys tatto on her arm only to come out as bisexual after being exposed by toppdyke? she wasn't married

No. 1976067

File: 1710400634202.png (56.67 KB, 561x532, 0414140324.PNG)

>who got a huge ass labrys tatto on her arm only to come out as bisexual
didn't timheideckers do this too? such a weird thing to have happen twice kek

No. 1976268

File: 1710449383180.jpeg (379.86 KB, 1125x1471, IMG_3538.jpeg)

NTA but go on lesbiansdatingmen on Tumblr, there are her old posts, screencaps etc. Picrel is particularly… interesting.

No. 1976341

oh my god. this is too fucking ironic. God she's such a cow. Does anyone know her current blog url? Everyone on radblr seems to have dropped her so I never see her around anymore and can't find her new blogs.

No. 1976347

she's at @illegaluturnshaboingboing now

No. 1976348

Kek somehow I’m already blocked even though I’m a nobody and have never interacted with her. Wtf. Well, If she posts anything milky, someone please post it here.

No. 1976603

File: 1710535678580.png (58.2 KB, 1051x481, Screenshot 2024-03-15 at 21-49…)

thank you for the rec, anon, the posts on there are insane. i especially kek'd at picrel, op was way ahead of her time.

No. 1976643

File: 1710542569592.jpg (129.11 KB, 429x489, tumblr_nqmysrX90E1tk66xwo1_500…)

scrolling through that blog i came across this absolute radblr interaction
>i have to fuck men i have arthritis
>check your het privilege shitlord (is also straight)

No. 1976656


AHAHAHAHA the tumblr user celestia celes? God that one actually became a tradthot iirc, also was a massive fucking cow in her prime. There are more cows in this pic than nonas can imagine.

No. 1976731

celestia was such an edgelord cow, it was obvious all of her views were just whatever got her more attention through controversy, iirc she started as an anti-sjw mra egalitarian, bragged about how much she loved guro and shota and even had a short lived polilez phase at some point. before her white nationalist tradthot phase (is she still one? who knows even) she was one of those "not like other whites" trying too hard to fit in with the woc on radblr kek

No. 1976754

File: 1710573998991.png (2.02 MB, 1527x2724, 1000005668.png)

Is anyone else following ms-revived-frogs and her embarrassing descent through the terf-to-trad pipeline? She joined radblr at either 15 or 16, mostly spent her time sucking up to the resident crazies (made a whole post about how people only dislike menalez because they're racist) and constantly getting in miles long internet debates with people 24/7 no matter how obviously bad faith they are. Trying to scroll through her blog is a nightmare because of this. Identified as a febfem. Never dated any girls/women. Removed "febfem" from her bio and started dating a pro-life Catholic man last year. Last November, she got massive blowback from lesbian radblr for telling a lesbian that she understands "why straight girls are uncomfortable around you people" out of nowhere because said lesbian said factually correct negative things about pregnancy. Disappeared for like 3 months and came back as a pro-life Catholic. She also removed "bi" from her bio. Her blog now mostly contains Catholicism, Pride & Prejudice gifs, other very tradthot-esque aesthetics, and long reblog wars about abortion. Claims to recognize that her comment was lesbophobic, genuinely be sorry for it, and be doing better but also unironically refers to the people who called her out as "bullies" who "drove [her] off the site." Reblogs from blogs with URLs like "essence-of-femininity."

No. 1976761

is it like, a natural tendency to veer to extremes that makes people do this? like troon to radfem to trad for example. what makes this such a common path?

No. 1976762

Oh god, I never followed her but saw her there and there. I get that she’s young and probably joined radblr too early but I have zero sympathy for pro-lifers. Hopefully it’s just another teenage phase for her and she’ll grow out of it when she breaks up with this scrote.

No. 1976768

I think in her case it was very easy to swear off men forever at 16 before she even had any romantic experiences / fully understood what it really means socially to be a woman who refuses to serve men. It's sad but most women have to learn what men really are the hard way. You'll notice she's a big fan of romance media written by women that depict men as sweet and harmless like Pride & Prejudice.

No. 1976771

With Christians (and sometimes Muslims and Jews), there's another effect at play. When someone has constructed an exaggerated and unhistorical view of patriarchy to such a degree that when they encounter someone who doesn't fit into their distorted perspective, such as good understanding Christian people, their worldview is shattered, and they begin to question everything they have ever believed in, including perhaps whether feminism was wrong.

No. 1976846

File: 1710602917235.png (70.63 KB, 345x414, WhsSU1z.png)

Kathleen Stock Dives further into tradthotism

>For decades now, an axiom of middle-class feminism has decreed that there are no important inbuilt differences between male and female brains. In fact, so the favoured story goes, there are no male and female brains at all, except in the trivial sense that there are a variety of human brains, each lodged within male and female bodies and shaped by external “gendered” circumstances that vary from culture to culture. A second axiom tends to follow swiftly: anyone who says otherwise is probably a sexist pig. This week, however, both of these foundational assumptions were dealt a blow by new research emerging from Stanford University.

>Neurobiologists there have discovered that a specially designed “deep neural network”— that is, an AI presumably devoid of the misogynist prejudices of ordinary mortals — can reliably sort brains into male and female categories based on the detection of “hotspot” activity patterns. Worse, it seems that the AI can also use these differences to reliably predict different cognitive performances in men and women on certain tasks, suggesting that functional brain variations have behavioural implications. Though it’s a bit early to say, perhaps we can now look forward to a more harmonious future, where a woman can be proudly unapologetic for her inability to reverse park, and a man gets to blame his brain for repeated failures to notice that his wife is crying. Meanwhile, for the many thinkers who have staked their professional identities to the non-existence of two kinds of brain, now might seem like a good time to move some eggs into a different career basket.
>Indeed, some feminist researchers already appear to have got that memo, with their provocative stances becoming noticeably more diluted as the years pass and new evidence for the opposition’s case stacks up. Back in 2019, British neurobiologist Professor Gina Rippon — author of the brashly-titled The Gendered Brain: The new neuroscience that shatters the myth of the female brain — felt confident enough to dismiss the idea that there were any systematic brain differences based on “sex alone” as “neurofoolishness’. Furthermore, she said, any limited differences that did exist between men’s and women’s brains were “much more a function of experiences”, and a result of contingent exposure to “our gendered world”, than the predictable result of background chromosomes and hormones.
>In retrospect, for researchers to rule out systematic brain differences largely caused by biological factors in a sexually dimorphic species like ours — and, even more boldly, before adequate technology had been developed to spot them — was always going to pose a reputational risk; a bit like 16th-century astronomers pronouncing themselves absolutely positive there are no further planets in the solar system just before telescopes are invented. What could explain such apparent recklessness? Partly to blame must have been the fear that modern scientific confirmation of the existence of such differences would be used against women in the long run.
>As with progressive arguments about reality generally, sometimes the most pressing task is not to establish what is true or false, but rather to lure people away from accurate apprehension of a socially dangerous idea. And it’s not clear that dire predictions in this respect are wrong. Although now a cliché, it’s still true that, throughout history, a raft of excuses for female ill-treatment and subjugation have been predicated on claims about their supposedly more inferior brains. In many countries, the already parlous state of women’s equality would surely be propped up by any scientific-looking discovery of non-negotiable cognitive and behavioural variations from the male norm. Equally though, in countries like the UK where feminised skills like verbal reasoning and emotional intelligence are increasingly demanded in the jobs market, it could be that the discovery would end hurting men’s life chances more.
>Whatever problems might result in either direction, these would be compounded by general statistical illiteracy and an inability not to hear a claim that there are certain patterns across a huge population as an invitation to draw the same conclusions about each and every member. And then there’s also an apparent temptation to start treating some sex-typical behavioural patterns, averaged across a general population with many exceptions, as representing a kind of template definitive of the “male brain” or the “female brain” itself — which can even be lifted from its original genetic context and attributed to individuals of the opposite sex, should their individual qualitative characteristics seem to fit the bill. Bizarrely, given his intellectual background, this appears to be the approach adopted by former mathematical physicist Eric Weinstein, who in a widely circulated clip this week claimed that “there are people with male brains in female bodies, and conversely”, arguing that society should be more compassionate towards them.
>Of course, many of us by now are very familiar with the general gambit of adjusting claims about reality to fit better with perceived moral commitments. For its basic form is also present in the progressive doctrine that self-identified transwomen should indeed be classified as women, because it would be very harmful for them if people said otherwise. Indeed, there is an increasingly popular narrative amongst anti-feminist commentators such as Matt Walsh that the current transactivist derangement still gripping many institutions started with feminism. In most ways this is diabolically unfair, especially since radical feminists were at the forefront of fighting transactivist ideas years before Walsh cottoned on. But it’s true that certain feminist academics wrote the playbook for wishful thinking about reality. Time and again in scholarly writing, you encounter the bizarre thought that if an idea has consequences that are helpful to women, that must be a point in favour of its truth; and if unhelpful, it’s a point against.

>“Certain feminist academics wrote the playbook for wishful thinking about reality”

>This isn’t just the more benign claim that some inconvenient truths can safely be ignored. There are lots of facts in the world it would be pointless or detrimental to pursue. It’s not even a deliberate fake-it-til-you-make-it strategy, self-consciously pretending to others that something is true because a widespread commitment to the existence of that thing would better fit some group’s interests. Rather, it’s the mad idea that the anticipated social undesirability of something being widely believed to be true can be recycled into a positive epistemic reason as to why that thing couldn’t actually be true in the first place.
>For instance: there can’t be consistent sex differences favouring mathematical reasoning abilities in males, on average, because if there were, this would keep talented females out of STEM subjects. (Argue away about the differences by all means, but don’t pretend this is a good reason to think there aren’t any.) Or: women must be understood as a socially defined “gender” and not as a biologically defined sex, because if women were a biologically defined sex, unscrupulous men would treat their biology as destiny, and oppress them on that basis. The latter argument appears in feminist writing from at least the Seventies onwards, and is still being regurgitated by philosophy professors with a supposedly advanced grasp on logic to this day.
>Quite apart from the fact you are likely to end up spouting gibberish if you proceed in this way, there are other pitfalls too. One is that, since your assumed noble aim is to avoid harm to others by reasoning as you do, you are more likely to start uncharitably misrepresenting intellectual opponents in a particular factual dispute as if their primary aim must be to commit harm — when of course it need not be at all. This partly explains not just the unjust accusations of “transphobia” so easily launched at sex realists, but also the weirdly spikey feminist mentions of neurofoolishness and the like in the context of brain research.
>And relatedly, since you have now lost touch with reliable truth and evidence-seeking methodologies at least some of the time, you are more likely to have to resort to histrionic misdirection in arguments with your opponents: not just unfair ad hominems, but also objections that they have not read or understood “the literature” or paid suitable deference to elders in the field; accusations of mansplaining when they quite reasonably argue back; complaints that you are too exhausted to carry out the emotional labour of “educating” them all over again; and so on. Again, such manoeuvres are by now a well-known staple of reality-denying transactivism, but arguably, reality-denying versions of feminism got there first. Ironically, such guilt-tripping, heartstring-pulling rhetorical devices are still sometimes employed by self-proclaimed feminists, partly in the service of insisting that women could not possibly be more emotional or irrational than men by nature. And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it does not come across as particularly convincing.

No. 1976856

what part of this do you object to/what part is milk? calling a lesbian a tradthot is a fascinating choice

No. 1976864

The ‘women are bad at driving’ meme needs to stop. Women have more spacial awareness because we are naturally more considerate and aware of those around us. Also, men cause and die in far more fatal car accidents than women do.

No. 1976867

NTA but there’s a decent sized subset of lesbians who are tradthots/male apologists. Presumably because society conditions anyone who is attracted to women to view women through the male gaze and pressures them to larp psychologically and socially as men, which is why you get so many bulldykes and tifs who believe they are male brained and attempt to see the world through a man’s perspective. Not this writer in particular. Just generally speaking. It’s a myth that lesbians are always allies with women and looking out for our best interests.

No. 1976870

So bad at driving they have lower insurance rates. Moids stay coping.

No. 1976876

These logorrheic, neurotic, Paglia tier midwits always inevitably default to the exact same reasoning they're screeching about - their celebration of "sex realism" always stops at some arbitrary, typically male-sparing point.

No. 1976888

There's a point in saying 'different, not inferior' but the ideological drive to see women as defective males is so strong you can't blame the couple radical feminists who went all the way with 'blank slate' logic (whatever that means, sounds like a fake quote). Plus journalists will report on neurosciences (a young field) and psychiatry with impressive claims to attract readers, only to correct themselves years later. Happens constantly, you can't take these claims too seriously because of that. Wonder if Stock ignored this unconvenient reality when writing this.

NTA, true but it's funny you'd mention 'bulldykes' and tifs, from what i've seen it's the feminine ones who only date other feminine women that are the most likely to do male worship
But yeah, sexual orientation isn't a political opinion

No. 1976895

nta kathleen isn't a lesbian. shes another bisexual woman that had a mid life crisis after being dumped by her husband for being an alcoholic & emotionally unstable (Her own words) and has been larping as a radfem lesbian since.

No. 1976897

wait what? I had assumed she was a late bloomer lesbian who divorced her husband after coming to terms with her sexuality.

No. 1976899

ayrt the same old story for almost every 30+ polilez.

No. 1976905

So who are some good, non-cow, non-tradthot radfems according to anons in this thread? Genuine question, I'm not trying to start an in-fight. It just seems like you're all shitting on every radfem in existence, past and present.

No. 1976909

Being forced birth is the literal antithesis of feminism. How does someone get their brain scrambled this badly? Annoying as they are, I've never seen a libfem revert to tradthottery or claim a woman is equal to a fucking fetus in terms of importance.
Stock is a heterosexual boymom so devoted to traditionalism that she can't help herself from going to bat for it even while still keeping up her lesbian LARP.

No. 1976912

They don't exist. The ideology is flawed and extremist, and political extremism attracts mentally ill people.

No. 1976916

ayrt, not denying that misogynist lesbians are out there but the term 'tradthot' is becoming as meaningless as 'TERF' when you apply it to people who are neither a) living a traditional heterosexual lifestyle or b) thots, lol.

so far no one has explained what part of this article is incorrect, so i'm going to assume anons think because stock had kids with a man, everything she says must be incorrect?

No. 1976939

But a lot of the posts itt aren't about radfems being too extreme, they're about them being conservative or not feminist enough, like by having kids, dating men, or valuing motherhood.
>'tradthot' is becoming meaningless
I thought the same thing when someone called Hannah Berelli a tradthot last thread. She might have some questionable takes but she's not a tradthot. She's a marxist lesbian who regularly criticizes the trad lifestyle.

No. 1976948

the problem with "radfem" as a label at this point is that's become synonymous with a very specific branch of American feminism that (a) was a political failure even in it's day and (b) hasn't been updated in about thirty years. even in this thread it's just the same exact decades old, fundamentally unsolveable debates about separatism, polilez, porn and trans shit over and over again with no progress whatsoever.

No. 1976952

that's not untrue, like the only authentic radical feminist organization that connects the majority of the surviving second radical feminists to this day is the Women's Declaration International(WDI) and I respect most of its members and the women who participate in it, but the vast majority of it's content is just a bunch of old women reading the essay's of other second wave radical feminist and that's it, it's more than stunted and nothing is ever really being done.

No. 1976953

>the bizarre thought that if an idea has consequences that are helpful to women, that must be a point in favour of its truth; and if unhelpful, it’s a point against.
It's not so bizarre, Kathleen, its opposite has been the backbone of all male scholarly writing long before women arrived

No. 1976975

Paglia has been open about the fact that she's attracted to men since the 90s too. She said in interviews that she "tried" to be a lesbian but just couldn't, and that she is sexually attracted to both sexes but only falls in love with women. She has said that everyone is bisexual and that you're "just stupid" if you're not. She's literally an openly homophobic bi woman.

No. 1976981

>like by having kids, dating men, or valuing motherhood.
there's a whole world out there that where you can get endless asspats for adhering to the bangmaid lifestyle. why do radfems have to do it too?

No. 1977020

Idk Kathleen, who’s afraid of male “morality” being entirely contingent on consequences for their actions?

No. 1977022

Radical feminism is kind of a meme because a core tenet of it is that moids are moids cause of “socialization” and we can teach them to be better. It’s also not a coincidence that women often give up on feminism after they have a baby Nigel and start making excuses for him.

No. 1977027

Radical feminism is Marxist, and selective constructionism is just standard Marxist stuff. If human nature does not exist, male nature can't exist either.

No. 1977033

Wdym by human nature can’t exist sorry?

No. 1977053

nta but one of Marx's influential ideas was that while human nature can vary from individual to individual in terms of willpower and emotions, we are ultimately defined by our class. A strong-willed member of the proletariat and a strong-willed member of the bourgeoisie will have radically different destinies. later Marxists take this idea to an even more extreme extent and argue that human nature and morality don't exist. Marxist feminism from which radical feminism descends from, follows this logic and asserts that men are defined not by their ideology but by their class role as the oppressor class, while women are the oppressed class. Individual men and women do not matter in the grand scheme of class conflict, it require a violent revolution.

No. 1977071

i always think about those people who grew up in extreme isolation or with animals since they were kids, like genie or dina sanichar, they never learned to speak properly or act like regular humans because being isolated from other people impaired them so much. how much of human nature is, well, natural and in-born if people like that can exist and not know how to act like humans without being taught?

No. 1977081

I think most evolutionary biologists agree that it's a complicated mix of both nature and nurture, but a better question is why do moids act like moids in every time, culture and place?

No. 1977083

well most radical feminists have concluded that it's biological innateness in male biology, the only solution is a revolution.

No. 1977086

Have they? Most radical feminists seem to think if we get rid of "gender roles" and read them enough Dworkin men won't oppress or parasitize on women anymore.

No. 1977090

What the fuck does this so-called 'violent revolution' even mean in context? It's not as if anyone is actively engaging in battles or fighting in wars.

No. 1977091

I think the "spiritually evolved divine feminine enlightened embodiment of a goddess living the powerful feminine energy" 40yo woman who "uses" collage as her "boy toys" for which she basically acts like a private pornstar(boys lingerie to wear for them, sends pics, visits them like a prostitute serving herself on a silver platter, talks about sucking off their dicks or going on forest date and planning to fuck them there while airing all of this online) got dumped by her "toy"(which armpit sweat she wants to rub into her eyeballs because she loves him so much) and wants to manifest him back. RFH commenting on her priv acc makes me cringe, I don't know if she 200% got dumped but I searched her @ out of curiosity and the replied to her acc suggest it. It shows how cringe and childish misandry is. These women suffer from severe male obsession
, they disguise it with misandry. Like RFH is a great example of that. I hate men and get repulsed by women who don't but this shit is clownery. Spreading false ideas and grooming other women into your retardation while pretending you're in power.

No. 1977092

Other than some exaggerated rhetoric most radfems realize that an actual violent revolution is not possible. So there are basically two camps of other revolutionary soloutions, the Firestone camp, which is using bioengineering to overcome our inherent biology, with women being freed from giving birth and the future of humanity being test tube babies raised in communion and a society where sex doesn't even matter. Then there was the solution of advocating for women to give up and leave, go to communes and let the male race die off. Even now these camps still exist. The former's biggest victory was the rat bone marrow test from two decades back (whose claims have been proven to be dubious) and the he latter, while not advocating for communes has become a little more realistic, advocating for Korean-based 4B

No. 1977093

The thing with rad feminism is that it is not as needed today in most 1st world countries. Women have the right to vote, work, have bank accounts, etc. so the sane people have moved on once they accomplished their gols. Most of the radfems left are the ones who want to change culture and are mad that some women get plastic surgery or do porn. And I don't want to be mean but some of the old stereotypes are true for some radfems, I'm sorry.

No. 1977094

I guess because it's related to Marxism that radical feminism is hesitant to advocate this but just making sure you have your own resources and assets is probably the most important way to counter moidry.(off topic)

No. 1977095

God this thread is ass. You guys know about /XX/, right? Where's the milk? Why the fuck am I reading a discussion about Marxism on /snow/?

No. 1977097

Nobody gives a fuck about that dead ass board, relax the jannies will be here with the red crayon soon enough.

No. 1977098

That could have been a viable option, but I don't think that is possible anymore with the increasing economic problems. You can have your own job, but you still can't afford an apartment, even with a roommate. obviously the solution is of course not to get married and pump out babies, but the dream of an independent and free life is effectively dead for most of us
this is a radfem cows thread, and we are discussing radfem ideology.

No. 1977099

Your post is not even delusional it's just evil to ignore the shit women deal with in their existence and the brutality of men and womanhood. I think being misunderstood is the worst punishment women give eachother and doing it is their "default" state which is horrifying, living with the awareness that nobody will ever hear me scream even if I try to get heard is horrifying, nobody ever hears you out. If predictable shit happens, you're left alone with the brutality of it.

No. 1977101

Most recent red text is from two weeks ago even though half the posts made here are off topic. I don't care about your dumb political movement, I just want to laugh at fake lesbians.

No. 1977169

Unfortunately, the leftcom tier pursuit of perfect praxis and ideological purity makes succeeding in a capitalist system (having money so a moid can't vulture-capitalist your orifices) a detestable goal. That is the main weakness of radical feminism - not that it hates men or whatever, but that it on principle refuses to be "corrupt" or practical, which leads to even greater ideological concessions down the road (e.g. sneering at taylor swift girlbosses because they're impure neoliberal capitalists only to eventually become a literal blackpilled tradthot she-serf to survive). This is completely normal and commonly satirized leftoid stuff, radfems didn't invent it by any measure.

Tl;dr radfems are the bordigists of gender. Hopefully this ends the theory debate ITT.(politisperging)

No. 1977170

>but the vast majority of it's content is just a bunch of old women reading the essay's of other second wave radical feminist and that's it,
Stop being stupid. The vast majority of the content on their yt channel is meetings and women talking about whatever is going on their country, which you can see on their yt homepage https://www.youtube.com/@WomensDeclaration/videos.
Second, this group was started by old school radfems so of course they do most of their work in person, not on the internet. You'd have to join up to find out what they are actually doing.
Third, the history of feminism and the fight against sexism and misogyny is ignored and/or erased by the mainstream, leaving every new generation of women to think they have to reinvent the wheel. So, they think it's important to talk about radfem history so new radfems can be aware of the history of their movement.

No. 1977175

Kek this is a pretty good summary

No. 1977334

>vulture capitalist your orifices
This is why I still read this thread

No. 1977482

Wow, I had no idea she was this big of an idiot. Her logic is literally
>early ai study shows some brain differences in men and women
>therefore, women are “more emotional or irrational than men by nature.”
Kek what?? What sort of insane leap of logic is that, Kathleen?

No. 1977508

misandry isn't cringe when you're not an anti-feminist on lc. and absolutely no woman who does any of the shit she did is an actual radical feminist who reads the text and who educates herself on the subject. some baby fems or ~alt~ types buy into the goddess woo woo but it is absolutely not centered around men in any way because that would defeat the fucking purpose. radical feminism is not in any way shape or form affiliated with prototypical heterosexuality and being obsessed with sexually servicing men. it criticizes those very things all the goddamn time. individual women can do whatever the fuck they want but the community does not encourage heterosexual relationships and it most definitely does not encourage participation in casual sex culture or kink – it actively discourages those. It seems like to me that these Twitter "rads" are just weirdos who have been burned by men and who want other women to sympathize with that. The fact that there's women like this out there makes me wary of getting too close to other heterosexual women, though. I'm sure it won't be too difficult to tell that some lady was sketchy as hell but still. who calls themselves a rad and then brags about submitting to moids? especially with a 20-year-old squirt who has no fucking idea what he is doing and who likely has a porn addiction that will make sex with him and absolute nightmare? at age 40 you must be sick to death of moid immaturity, not hungrr for it.

No. 1977541

File: 1710783588751.png (114.44 KB, 1040x589, fascism for women.png)

This could literally be National Socialist Women's League quote marker

No. 1977550

Why would radical feminists want to increase the birthrate in the first place? And how is hiding male filth that is indicative of male biology going to trick enough women into becoming SAHM tradthots? Why disguise the true nature of men just to fool women? Who is expected to pay women for their reproductive labor? Certainly not men, men would never pay women for reproductive labor kek and no one should have to pay for another womans crotch goblins on an individual basis. This isn't even radfem its just a bizarre dystopian pickme fascist tradthot libfem hybrid.

No. 1977559

>This isn't even radfem its just a bizarre dystopian pickme fascist tradthot libfem hybrid
you see a lot of these types in radblr spaces, they jump from pagan socialist to orthodox feminist to stalinist nazbol five times a year, their talking points are a bag of alt-lite, pink pill, FDS and obscure political pre-WW2 theory, they usually becomes anti-Semitic to varying degrees along the line as well.

No. 1977613

Where is free access to birth control and abortion? This thread is so fucking dumb that it hurts.

No. 1977705

Uhhh… does that help raise birth rates?

No. 1977711

was she the annoying vegan who claimed she couldn't work due to autism and like pcos or was that another one

No. 1977774

Most women, even ones who want children, aren't interested in being SAHMs whose whole lives revolve around their kids. Given the choice, most women delay having children until they're financially stable and with a good partner(30's-40's) and only have a few children; many others will forego having children entirely. This is why even Scandinavian countries with excellent maternal healthcare/guaranteed maternity leave/etc still have low birth rates–women just aren't into pumping out babies. No amount of pleading and begging is going to change that.

No. 1977809

A trend i've noticed with a lot of western radical feminists is that they typically get into it because they desperately seek a way to make men like them rather than just accepting the reality of the risks that comes with seeking relationships with men and having children. Not trying to blackpill btw. From these kinds of posts, you can really see why so many radfems go down the tradthot route eventually because it seems like the fast track to achieving this goal.

No. 1977813

Yeah, this is the crux of the issue. It’s very hard to sell on its own merits. No wonder they had to strong arm women into it throughout history. Some other ideas I’ve heard are giving motherhood the same social status as being a doctor or a lawyer(good luck with that), baiting them with achievements that mimic career progression, introducing a childless tax.

No. 1977826

That's the point. This post has nothing to do with radical feminism.

No. 1977889

I'm sad she went private, after she was posted here she became a bit of a personal cow, there's an entire community of man-obsessed "crying wojak with smug wojak mask" women manifesting affection. Horrocalves. I wonder why RFH follows her

No. 1977967

Radfem theology literally states that men are fixable because their vile behavior is conditioned. They are innately liable to fall for other "salvation" ideologies.
Reproduction is a cost to females, but not males. The process is innately asymmetrical on a mechanistic level. It's expected that when the females can avoid bearing that cost, many (if not most) of them will. This is why nearly every male mammal uses sexual coercion, and why fetuses use pathogen-like tactics to remain implanted and eventually cared for.

No. 1977985

Isn't it part of marxist theory to not believe in a "human nature" anyways? These women choosing to become trad has less to do with whether they believe these men can be reformed and more to do with what that anon said, not all of these women even hated men in the first place. It was just an identity that they adopted, as do wammin with a lot of other things, in order to fit in

No. 1977988

NTA I’m not even involved in this infight but
>Radfem theology
Are you trying to say feminism is a religion? Kek
If you meant “theory”, then I’d like to point out theory is subject to change and revision, just because some women theorized about things one way 60 years ago doesn’t lean their words are set in stone like religious scripture. Also, socialization is still part of the picture when it comes to male behavior.

No. 1978021

Yes, it's average Marxist stuff. Which is also innately a theological argument despite being disdainful of organized religion, being inspired by hegelian idealism and all.
There will obviously be amended versions and various offshoots, but classic (Marxist) radical feminist thought denies socialization as a downstream effect of human nature. Mostly because of a deep seated belief that nature=waman deserves bad stuff, also fear of becoming as evil as males by admitting superiority. Women are understandably not ready to see the issue as an amoral survival effort, which is the true disadvantage of female biology - a massive prosocial bias that inevitably encompasses and benefits our adversaries.

No. 1978069

No, that was ms-hells-bells

No. 1978095

that's the same thing
>you can vote…i might even go to jail if i kill you….what more do you want
who let the mra in

No. 1978096

>pathogen-like tactics
You mean the immune system stuff or something else?

No. 1978106

Every single part of it, no matter where you look, from the moment sperm travels through the reproductive tract to birth. Tl;dr:

The male cannot self-replicate without using a different body as a host. The male genome within the fetus and the placenta specifically facilitates maximum resource extraction from the female. Contrary to the "nurturing mother" and "women want to be pregnant" narrative, the female genome controls and sends signals that stunt or prevent growth. Overactivation of growth pathways is known to be the main cause of disease and aging in adults. Female aging and disease benefits male fitness (fast life history). If the fetus (male genome) succeeds too much, the host gets preeclampsia and both die, so the mother must provide an optimal amount of rejection. At every step, it's less of a "wanting and welcoming pregnancy" and more of a "damage control" or "coping with defeat", regardless of the host's subjective feelings about the process (all of which are likely a product of altered brain chemistry - another pathogen tactic). All of the above is true for humans but not every other sexually reproducing animal for several reasons that would take another tl;dr to list.

The same pattern is reflected in animal and human populations at large - males getting what they "ideally" want kills the species, and therefore should never be appeased for their own sake. Pathogens kill themselves all the time by evolving to be too virulent. The concept isn't new:


There is an argument to be made that resisting males and maleness is genuinely the most "trad", compassionate and pro-male thing you can do for them, but that's for another time.

No. 1978110

This definitely makes me feel vindicated about my own subjective feelings but the problem is how do you really resist males and maleness meaningfully? You could argue that by reproducing at all you’re advancing male interests.

No. 1978119


No. 1978135

That would need its own thread. But it would be good to start with promoting a factual view of the nature of pregnancy, true directionality of sexual development and the existence of sexual antagonism in humans. It's boring academic stuff, but it can be made sufficiently accessible. When you know to anticipate hostility, you are better prepared. Less time wasted pondering the nature of male aggression or futile attempts at conditioning it away, more time devising defense strategies or re-prioritizing.

Furthermore, a factual view of pregnancy (while initially hurting the feelings of mothers) would likely be better for bargaining towards better treatment of mothers and motherhood.

No. 1978147

Anon, if I make a biorealism thread, will you contribute?

No. 1978226

File: 1710934612309.png (101.63 KB, 750x574, ladielabrys.png)

why do so many radfems seem to get into financial trouble?

No. 1978227

Because actually making a living wage or participating in the society around them is a libtard conspiracy. >>1977169 hit the nail perfectly on the head with her analysis, the wild goose chase for ideological purity and refusal to exit your echo chamber cuts you off from resources such as money and many support networks that would be beneficial for your cause in the long run. People who don't dedicate their entire time to feminism and actually work a job to make ends meet are seen as participants to oppression, I clearly remember some sperg on Lolcow starting a long infight how women shouldn't be encouraged to have a successful working career and clib the ladder because it's akin to being a pawn to men. Even the woman in your screenshot is doing "radical feminist/lesbian historical archiving" which is a noble cause, but not something fit for a full-time job and e-begging for it makes you look like one of those tranny scammers demanding you to give money for their own harebrained anti-transphobia funds and "archival projects". I understand if you for example get doxed and fired from your job for feminist activism yet need to pay the bills but a lot of these people are just pin peddlers on etsy and "freelance amateur historians" whose work consists of QRTing people on Twitter.

No. 1978238

>the latter, while not advocating for communes has become a little more realistic, advocating for Korean-based 4B
This too has an obvious problem. You can't even know how awful the economy is going to end up. You can work hard and live with your friends, but some recession could cause housing to skyrocket, and you'll have to move back in with your parents. Obviously, the solution isn't marrying a scrote and pumping out babies, but pushing for subsidized housing is a goal. That's why imo all feminists should have socialist principles. To the 1% who make it, I'm glad for them, but all of us could benefit from it and this won't turn the state into the new patriarchal protector and usher in the new era of Fascism like Dworkin argued(not a hater, but she was really far off with regards).
Somewhat related to the point above, the thing is that in the 70s, you could afford to live on your own with just a part-time job. That's not possible anymore, unless you have extremely wealthy parents.

No. 1978349

nta but I would participate and would particularly like recommendations for people writing about biorealism
this is a much more interesting criticism than whether she’s a polilez lol. even if machine learning interpretations of brain activity weren’t a new field, there are always “one or two studies” to support any given point. to actually support the idea of different male and female brain activity patterns she would need to have brought in way more data, and find some way to separate out differences resulting from lived experience from innate differences due to sex/hormones. in a way it can make an argument look worse to cite just one study for Science Points, than to cite no studies at all and accept that the argument is purely conceptual.

No. 1978556

Biorealism is basically just reading a bunch of dry evolutionary biology papers without drawing the same conclusions as the authors. Correct me if I’m wrong but i don’t think there are any feminist theorists working from that perspective. Manifestochan was pretty unique in her tying of “patriarchy” to male evolution (though now it seems so obvious). Here is a good paper to start with:

No. 1978560

File: 1711031254336.jpeg (212.13 KB, 1170x833, IMG_5763.jpeg)

Any milk on @HazelAppleyard_ on Xitter? She’s a self proclaimed “feminist” but she just seems like another run-of-the-mill GC tory farming for engagement, the other day she was endorsing a video of a mother forcing gender roles onto her daughter.

No. 1978592

It's the "spiritualization" of sex and claiming that women are divine because of their ability to have children, while men are warriors, essentializes patriarchy. It's nothing but mysticism, . Many leftist movements, when lacking proper guidance or failing to acknowledge reality, often end up resembling esoteric fascism. They make exaggerated fatalistic predictions and rely on mumbo-jumbo essentialist beliefs, like I remember reading this article about how the Aztecs weren't as media portrays them and it used pseudo-wokeness to basically describe a warlike patriarchal warlike society that sacrificed humans.

No. 1978595

File: 1711041722989.png (199.48 KB, 637x480, Nssgdrq.png)

samefag, I found the article. Now this wasn't written by a radical feminist, but it illustrates what I mean. There are certain leftists talking points used to work out an objectively patriarchal society or practices and making it seem 'woke.' They don't do this out of malevolence either, they're just that delusional

>The idea that only men’s skulls would have been found on the skull rack comes from a common stereotype: we tend to assume that war is a ‘male’ occupation, and violence a ‘male’ practice. And Tenochtitlan was a city structured to serve the demands of a military life in both practical and symbolic terms. All men (except slaves) were warriors, trained to fight and bound to military service. Central systems provided for training and conscription, and mythical histories framed the Aztecs as the chosen people of Huitzilopochtli, god of war, who was their patron. Male children were dedicated to a warrior destiny from birth, with miniature weapons pressed into their tiny hands on the day they were named.

>Because of this military focus, Tenochtitlan has often been seen as highly patriarchal, dominated by war, which is presumed to be the domain of men. But though most soldiers were men, warfare and sacrifice were central to the way all Aztecs viewed the world. Mothers and warriors were seen as equivalent in Tenochtitlan. Women were also warriors, battling to “capture” a baby, heralded as soldiers returning from war having “taken to the shield”. This wasn’t just a metaphor: dying during childbirth earned privileges in the afterlife equivalent to dying in battle or on the sacrificial stone.

Now, you can argue a lot with regards to cultural morality, but one thing you can't deny is that this was a warlike patriarchal society where only freeborn male warriors had any worth and women's only duty was to produce more warriors in their never-ending holy war for human sacrifices for the war god. But this author is so delusional with their beliefs that they are willing not only to argue that, but also claim that those women were had more freedom than European women.

No. 1978622

She was the creator of some awful post where she revealed a bunch of "GC"-themed wedding dresses as imagined by AI and is anti-abortion, like most twitter GCs are nowadays(such radical feminism!). Aside from that, she hasn't done anything too milky as far as I know.
Idk how any self-respecting woman can accept the notion that her worth comes from between her legs while a man's comes from his actions. It's barely a step above calling us holes.

No. 1978822

>tv propaganda doesnt exist
>"how could they dare to think that women arent actually weak and bad!1!1"
scrote detected

No. 1978834

I dont see the problem with this. This is literally Sparta 2.0. And Sparta was rather gender equal for its times, so the conclusion isnt anything unrealistic. Not to mention the fact that equating the glory of giving birth to a child to a glory of winning in battle and equating mothers with soldiers is a very ancient and persistant tradition.
Lol. As if being a meat shield is an "action". I am not even talking about the fact that mothers definitely do more than just give birth. You are subconsciously misogynisctic for valuing the former over latter.

Btw can all incels itt get the rope already

No. 1978913

It would probably be better to be realistic about what pregnancy does to you and mitigate it accordingly rather than marketing techniques about how it makes you a strong warrior.

No. 1979100

I guess it's "egalitarian" in the sense everyone suffers and dies, but all those societies required mass slavery to even function.

No. 1979107

File: 1711181791251.png (53.66 KB, 880x374, V4ya.png)

One issue that is undeniable is that many radfems have now basically defaulted to believing in conspiracy theories. Now we all understand where it comes from, but just like fascists and Nazis are using the current Gaza conflict to spread their ideology, a lot of young radfems have are falling under the influence of bad faith actors. I'm seeing young and old radfems, retweet from actual fascists and far-RWers such as Jake Shields, CensoredMen, Anastasia Maria, Sam Parker, Jackson Hinkle.

No. 1979128

Who’s Anastasia? And the reason has a lot to do with how awfully women in general are treated by the left and how they’re silenced. They can’t say anything about the misogyny of Islam or they’re islamaphobic. They can’t say anything about how homeless men are a threat or they’re bourgeoise. Can’t say anything about the extreme misogyny hyperspecific to black culture or you’re racist. Can’t say anything at all without “hmmm this sounds terfy!!!” The left expects women to be shock absorbers for the worst perverts of society by legalising prostitution and glorifying porn and destroying female spaces. Women are their absolute last priority, and always have been.

No. 1979139

And so they fall into the arms of RWers, who openly say women are subhuman fuckmaids who exist solely to service penis, pump out sons, and do the cleaning up lmao

No. 1979148

There’s no truly female first movement, it’s been discussed at length in this thread. Tradding out is basically just them giving up after seeing radfem ideas not really pan out the way they expected to.

No. 1979153

Exactly my point.
I’m not saying it’s sensible, I’m saying it’s why. The rightoid moids posture themselves as protectors at the very least, which we all know is full of shit but some of them can make it borderline convincing, whereas the left shrugs and says “you’re on your own white feminist cunt! We are giving the rapists restorative justice, we are letting the cross dressers in the rape crisis centres, we are encouraging uncapped immigration of people who aren’t used to women having rights and you just have to suck it up and deal with it. If you feel disempowered perhaps try sex work?”
Most radfems are forced to adopt a somewhat centrist viewpoint. We love restorative justice, but some people are beyond it. We love immigration and religious freedom, but we need to protect women and girls’ fundamental rights to equality and dignity. We can’t let criminals come streaming into the country when the prisons are full, but we want women and girls overseas to be able to seek shelter in our countries. Sex workers are human beings that deserve protection, but sex work is not work.

No. 1979223

>The rightoid moids posture themselves as protectors at the very least, which we all know is full of shit but some of them can make it borderline convincing, whereas the left shrugs and says “you’re on your own white feminist cunt! We are giving the rapists restorative justice, we are letting the cross dressers in the rape crisis centres, we are encouraging uncapped immigration of people who aren’t used to women having rights and you just have to suck it up and deal with it. If you feel disempowered perhaps try sex work?”
And RWers strive(and in some cases, succeed in) banning abortion, contraception, and no-fault divorce. They're vocal about considering women to be less than men and that our only utility is as breeder maids–look at the "gender critical" move Ladyballers, where the main character tells his young daughter who wants to be a boy that men are better than women at sports, music, art, and science, but that's okay because she can be a mommy one day. Made by the DailyWire moids whom GCs slobber over, no less.

I understand becoming disillusioned with the left, but falling into rightoid hands is just pathetic. I have no sympathy for women stupid enough to follow this path, not when it leads to actual harm like Roe being overturned.

No. 1979235

Nobody needs to feel sorry for them, I certainly don’t, but the fact is it’s alienating women to the point that the left is losing votes. They need to do something about it and accept women are 50% of the population and we have the right to put ourselves first as a social class. If the left gave more of a shit about women maybe they’d have more power.

No. 1979239

File: 1711223196307.png (1.56 MB, 1325x1536, vU9bdFH.png)

My issue isn't just aligning with the mainstream right for certain issues, that's something feminists have done in the past and I'm to an extent fine with.
There is a however huge difference between mainstream conservatives and far-right fascists, I don't care if you retweet or like some post by Fox News when it reports on some TIM, but my issue arises when I see so many young feminists retweeting and liking posts from picrel. It also concerns me when current mainstream voices of radical feminism like Jen Izaakson, argue that there's something to be gained from embracing the perspectives of extreme right-wingers.

No. 1979352

It’s the opposite, the only reason the left has any power is because the advantages it gives women are ‘balanced out’ by a host of male focused stopgaps like prostitution, porn, troonery, bangmaidenry, “non traditional relationships”, NAMBLA, etc. An unapologetically female interest movement has never existed and probably never will, even ‘radical’ feminism still makes tons of concessions for men and tradshit narratives. Anything that’s honest about male parasitism being biological in origin will result in a mass chimpout.

No. 1979366

I agree with your sentiment anon but Jackson Hinkle is a far leftwinger (communist), though it's pretty obvious he's conservative. not defending him because I'm pretty sure he likes Tate, but wanted to make that clear.

No. 1979375

Idk who these 9 men and a dog are but making a list of people who are forbidden to interact with, regardless of context or the merit of their individual ideas, is a great way to make your movement look stupid and insular just like TRAs do.

No. 1979379

4 of these men are white nationalists, 3 are trump supporters, the woman is an anti-vaxxer and eugenicist and the guy on the top left is a "MAGA communist" and China-shill and the censored man politics are hard to tell, but he seems moderate conservative.

No. 1979399

This is one of the big reasons I left radfem circles, their conspiracy beliefs extend to denying science as well because every single thing is a big pharma conspiracy to them so you can't trust any medical professional because they've all been paid off so you need to buy this tree root and an amethyst pendant to heal what ails you.

For real though, anons keep saying how "the left hates women" because trannies and sex work but somehow can't explain how right wingers' open and very blatant misogyny completely dehumanizing women is more attractive. I'm sorry, but if I had to pick between tolerating a tranny prostitute and giving up abortion rights and same sex marriage I would grit my teeth and pick the former. When you put it into this perspective it becomes clear that the women who gravitate towards right wingers always had pickme traits from the start and no solidarity for other women since their reactionary asses can't think for one second why supporting Ron DeSantis might not be a good idea even if he wants to "own the troons".

>Y-you're just like those TRAs if you don't want to give a voice to literal white supremacists!!!!111 we need to hear both sides out so stop being so insular!!!

No. 1979410

Anon, get off the internet and get some help. Seriously. You're that deep in your own delusions you're throwing around NAMBLA as anything to do with 'the left'.
The longer you spend in echo chambers chimping out about men in schizo ways, the worse it's gonna get.

No. 1979411

This is the state of modern discourse, anon. People get obsessed with their enemies and try to shape their own lives as the opposite. It gets to the point where these tards could see a troon putting out a fire and decide to become serial arsonists. Until we can learn to start focussing on ourselves and our issues, this is all there is.
Half of it is probably moids astroturfing anyway.

No. 1979415

NTA, i also think anon sounds insane and should leave her purity-driven echo chamber but the NAMBLA mention isn't wrong. The continued alliance of the left with pedophile advocates is well documented

No. 1979432

If there’s some kind of purity driven echo chamber that champions genuine female interests first and foremost and also agrees that neither the left or the right care about women’s interests and that males automatically subvert every political movement I would really like to join it. As it stands the idea that moidry is a biological problem is controversial even on here.

No. 1979443

Same, everything anon said is true, even if delivered emotionally/off-puttingly. I suspect the people calling her insane are idiots. Not infighting just being honest, "Don't say anything if you can't be nice" hasnt yet become a global rule.

No. 1979472

…Separatism? Besides, an understanding of moids' behavior as biological isn't really offensive (to me), because it's already mainstream. I'll admit that 'insane' was harsh it's just that the second part of your post sounded classically 'poseur ultradical' kek

No. 1979474

This is why GCism is considered a right wing movement. Lie down with the dog, get fleas–interact with open and blatant white supremacists that clearly hate women, and you'll repulse the vast majority of them.
>The continued alliance of the left with pedophile advocates is well documented
And right wingers actively keep child marriage legal and deny little girls raped by pedophiles abortions because pedo-rape-fetuses are sacred. Why focus on something that hasn't been a thing for decades over something that is happening right this very moment?

No. 1979483

It's controversial because it is mental illness in full swing. You're literally psychotic over men and get mad when everyone else doesn't pander to your delusions. You're the reason radfem fell so far and so fast; you don't give a single solitary thought to the -fem part. You just have to have whatever the opposite of male is to you.
Some of us have bfs or husbands or even male friends, anon. And even then, we think about men less than you do.
So maybe it's finally time to admit that if literally everyone else is telling you you're wrong, then maybe you are in fact the problem.
The absolute brainrot allowed on here these days.(infighting )

No. 1979545

Reminder once again that this thread is for discussing radfem cows and their antics, not for discussing the movement in general. If it is not related to a cow, it doesn't belong in this thread and the discussion should be taken elsewhere.

No. 1979564

NAMBLA has had support from the left. A bunch of leftists signed a petition to abolish the age of consent in the 70s, including Simone De Beauvoir and Firestone supported decriminalizing incest and pedophilia. Prominent figures in the early gay movement like Harry Hay openly supported NAMBLA. I think most leftists reject NAMBLA but we have to be constantly vigilant to their infiltration and their sympathizers who are not non existent, even within radical feminism. No where is safe. We need to catch these creepers and demand their ejection, resignation, cancellation and disbandment of any organization that has harbored them or promoted them, and imprisonment wherever possible. I also support decriminalization of any vigilante actions against such characters. Zero tolerance is required, not denialism.




No. 1979583

Samefag sorry to continue to derail didn’t see the last post when I made previous one, but at recent as 2021 the gay rights org that didn’t cut ties w nambla till 1992 has been trying to advance an agenda to lower the age of consent. Not to mention nambla’s ties to ray Blanchard and his crew bc of sexology which are very disturbing, and they are figures frequently engaged with by radical feminists primarily.


also while I’m here why are demonic dick goblins allowed to disparage women who hate males in radical feminism and to limit discussion and the most exciting development and analysis in radical feminism in years. I likely won’t contribute more to this discussion but where should it be happening on this site? Xx?

No. 1979599

Mainstream where? Please point out where this is even being acknowledged (aside from biology journals). And separatism is like five people, come on.

Relax, nobody’s coming to take your Nigel and Nigelings away just because I said their problems are biological and not social. It’s just something to keep in mind next time you post in the vent thread that you found his porn stash.

No. 1980230

File: 1711535153443.png (583.61 KB, 896x2643, full tankie.png)

Jen Izaakson has gone full Tankie/Russia-Shill.

No. 1980354

File: 1711566195903.png (72.07 KB, 745x595, SC.png)

she s even started talking in schizoid speak.

No. 1980394

kek she's so based in that second example–fuck Crowder. also you must be an extremely new newfag to not know Jen is a Marxist and has been for way more years than I've been aware of her, which is a while now.

No. 1980578

File: 1711631511530.jpg (92.19 KB, 1054x718, FVM7VhK.jpg)

tankie "feminists" would sell us all out if it meant the USA could be destroyed, that's their entire ideology.(sage your non milk)

No. 1980593

Since when is Elaine Miller a "tankie feminist"? Are you retarded?

No. 1980645

Crowder is the quintessential RW divorced moid who calls his ex-bangmaid a parasite for not having a job and making him pay child support. Being a bisexual theater kid and failed comedian aside, there's nothing unusual about him at all. Every balding middle aged man who posts Trump memes on fb and has a Punisher decal on his pickup truck is basically indistinguishable from Crowder.
>Jen is a Marxist
And soon-to-be tradthot. The pipeline never fails.

No. 1980659

>soon-to-be tradthot
her lesbianism prevents that.

No. 1980668

Isn't she polilez? I swear I remember her posting crap on Facebook 4-5 years ago about how you can "become" a lesbian.

No. 1980718

The way she talks about women always makes me wonder if she really is a lesbian. No lesbian I've known has ever been as critical of women's appearances, as ambivalent towards other women sexually, as cold about her past dating experiences as her. She gives zero indication that she's a dyke. I mostly tune in to her podcast so maybe that's just the podcast persona of woman hating marxist but it never made sense to me. No other adult lesbian I've come across is this disinterested in women.

No. 1980813

She's completely against that and even talked about this in a Patreon episode regarding how much the second wave fucked up with the polilez shit.
One thing I will say that I've gathered from from the episodes I've watched, is that she's basically a female man-whore, she sleeps around(subtly implies she cheats on her partners) but doesn't seem to have any intention of settling down.

No. 1980960

So she doesn't see women as worthy of respect and fidelity. Gotcha.

No. 1980982

File: 1711748652828.png (184.39 KB, 484x865, Screenshot 2024-03-29 173154.p…)

I'm so glad she's gone, she is so repulsive to me. The screenshot is laughable to me, as this shows the radfem to tradthot pipeline strikes again. There is much to be said about the gatekeeping in radical feminism, but if anything, this pipeline does a spectacular job weeding out all the chronic pickmes and moid bootlickers. I don't understand how you can be so mad that some women are anti-family? So fucking what? I guess women aren't allowed to have their own belief systems that don't revolve around fucking men. She has been seething for months ever since she was being called out for being a conservative despite her literally being one, she needs to get over it. She has been taking shots at the meanie radfems for months just because they don't want right wingers in their movement. Maybe some people find it disheartening, but i see it as taking out the trash.

No. 1980984

>I'm so glad she's gone

No. 1980986

File: 1711749552030.png (75.42 KB, 898x471, v2m4y.png)

from what I've gathered, she would never attempt to transition to male because she knows it wouldn't truly make her a real male. However if she were given a magic to become an actual male, she would readily embrace it without hesitation, cause she clearly thinks men being "bros" is an ideal male nature.

No. 1981001

Whatever happened to all the crazy Brazilian fujoshi radfems on twitter and that one indian nazi radfem who spoke Portuguese?

No. 1981036

You must not know many lesbians outside of radfeminism then, the "lesbian fuckboy" is a common archetype among lesbians.
You guys know you can be a lesbian and a bad person at the same time, right? Even if she's generally shitty to the women she sleeps with, she still exclusively sleeps with women.

No. 1981040

It's blackradfem, she left after getting butthurt about man hate and abortion which is bizarre within itself because feminists in general are notoriously pro-abortion.

No. 1981057

>muh abortion up to birth
As someone who completely supports the legality of such procedures, I still don't understand the obsession with it. Virtually all abortions performed >24 weeks are done because the fetus has a deformity or is killing the woman it's within. Why side with trads who think women are subhuman breeding stock to prevent something that doesn't even happen?

No. 1981067

She has to make up random shit because she's mad and needs to find a reason to get back at radfems for rejecting here. Imagine how barren this thread would be if more radfems took action against these sorts?

No. 1981093

she believes in some odd shit for sure. I think she also likes the attention she gets for saying potentially controversial stuff which… is very serious feminist of her.

If I'm not mistaken she once said that women don't get married for financial security, but that it's men who leech off of them instead typically now which she provided no citations for.

>support abortions until birth

unironically this. I think pregnancy is an abomination to begin with but considering the kind of harm that it causes to the female body including incontinence, preeclampsia and gestational diabetes, I think a woman has every right to abort anything that cannot survive without her body as a host. but I think thousands of years of patriarchy working to criminalize women's bodily autonomy has only really encouraged women to get pregnant and risk their health because their primary value was as broodmares and to bring more shitheads perpetuating inquality and bullshit in this world rather than prioritize themselves or their own health as is natural (imagine how many fewer atrocities and cruelties would have been committed if women had not been giving birth to men and had not invented agriculture which made it possible to feed all those nasty scrotes that ended up raping and killing eachother + women and girls).

honestly judging for my own life experience and observations, I think the fact that many if not most women got pregnant fairly young throughout history is behind population booms. when you have no life experience being pressured by the older people in the community and the culture into motherhood is much easier. I think the world itself wants women to be stupid and self-sabotaging and a lot of women will happily acquiesce. it's sickening

No. 1981101

"but most Western women know that that is a death knell for success in romance"

lmao the projection. has she seen the statistics? in many countries with a growing obesity problem, it's women who are growing fatter at higher rates. in the same places it's just not encouraged or normalized to exercise as a woman. people who work with teenage girls and children have noticed that girls feel unsafe being out and about on their own, and especially any place that they know will have males in it. which limits their physical activity in a way. but no, the problem is that women internalize some sexist bullshit about where their value lies. I absolutely abhor diet culture and I've read a few good books on the subject. there's a reason why anorexia is not a problem in men, like not nowhere near as much as it is a problem in women. It's because women and girls are fucking internalizing and depriving themselves of shit as they have historically since the beginning of the patriarchy, probably. self-denial, self monitoring, internalization all of that shit makes you a suitable subordinate in an unequal dynamic like such as that between men and women. advertisements about food from 20 to 30 years ago were sexist as fuck. and they didn't come out of nowhere, they reflected cultural norms to some degree. anything targeting women prayed on guilt while ads featuring miids or made for a moid audience did not invoke guilt or shame.

Susan Bordo has spent her career exploring this shit and it is infuriating. I'm sick of women invoking the shame that women feel regarding weight. women are already the people who have drawn the short end of the stick by being born female in a garbage world and reinforcing all this bullshit regarding weight helps no one.

No. 1981135

File: 1711776069985.png (788.34 KB, 1200x675, wxbfs7B.png)

>there's a reason why anorexia is not a problem in men
The thing is men wouldn't even physically feel the effects of anorexia like women do. This is because men are designed by nature to be lean and can survive on less for months and still recover just fine. For instance during WW2, starved men managed to physically recover in months, while starved women had lifelong ailments.

No. 1981185

File: 1711793734669.png (57.81 KB, 758x426, vwa8r.png)

tbf plenty of other radfem were somewhat critical of this claim, like if she becomes a radfem then good for her. However, we have seen plenty of cases where both normal conservative and far-right women have mingled with radfems and adopted some ideas but still remain in the right-wing camp, so now hesitancy is a default assumption.

No. 1981191

I’m not sure if that’s true… I think women can survive on less and also harsher conditions in general

No. 1981441

This is wrong in case of extreme starvation
this anon is right. Women need less energy to maintain + higher bodyfat % is an advantage. Nature has her favorites.

No. 1981452

Maybe I didn't communicate what I meant properly. Women need less energy relative to their body size and naturally have higher body fat. However, getting underweight is still incredibly dangerous for women's internal bodily function. The point is, men wouldn't be feeling the adverse effects of anorexia if there was a social phenomenon of anorexia in men.

No. 1981507

I feel like this comment is a great example of how many radfems or radleaning women don't really see lesbians as real people. Lesbians can be rude and critical and catty about someone's appearance. Lesbians can bully other women based on the typical woman shit like weight and appearance. Lesbians can be extremely toxic trump supporting assholes because as it turns out, lesbians are people. The lesbians you find online in radfem spaces who are projecting this pastoral idea of sisterhood and love ate very different from the average normie everyday lesbian who's just as capable of being an opp to other women as hettie bettie

No. 1981587

File: 1711916596575.png (87.82 KB, 666x698, Screenshot 31-3-24.png)

I agree, this was her most recent post regarding woman who transitioned. It's specifically only about how less hot they've gotten and nothing else.

No. 1981616

I don't doubt that, i disagree with hallowearthterf. The argument i am trying to make is that the poster of the screenshots is trying to assume that the opinions of one radfem reflects the opinions of all, considering that opinion has only been formed by feeling kicked out radical feminism for reasonable gatekeeping which imo doesn't happen enough. Mrs midwest will never become a fully fledged radfem unless it becomes a more viable grift than being a tradthot and radical feminism will never be commercially viable.

No. 1981620

File: 1711925531458.png (414.88 KB, 749x653, Hannah trad arc.png)

Hannah Berelli recently posted this, I'm genuinely worried she's gonna end up down the trad path at some point.

No. 1981628

Isn't she a lesbian? Kek

No. 1981695

File: 1711953339528.png (1.03 MB, 601x2826, Hannah Berelli likes.png)

I had to be sure, so I went through her likes. In between the anti-troon and pro-feminism posts, she's liked a few Christian posts.

No. 1981759


I feel like that with all the knowledge she has and how she supports her radfem stance with statistics or at least feminist theory, if she were to become trad, that would be completely out of character.
I'm a radfem but I am interested in the historical aspects of the Bible/theology from a purely anthropological standpoint, so I'd assume her interest in christianity is also more detached like this. Plus, it's just a nice holiday where you get to eat special treats, you don't really have to believe in anything to be happy about Easter celebrations.
Also, you don't necessarily have to be anti-religion to be radfem, though it helps a lot. Maybe she's just one of those bible cherry-pickers that make their own version of what christianity is.

No. 1981818

I don’t know this lady so I’m not WK’ing but it’s entirely possible to be Christian and normal (ie not regressive/trad) - 85% of the Christians I know don’t take all of the misogyny into their faith just as evangelicals wear mixed fabrics and eat food made from crops that aren’t technically supposed to be grown in the same fields.

I’m not a christian but it ticks me off to see blanket anti religious sperging/ tinfoiling

No. 1981844

File: 1712009455597.png (115.11 KB, 920x585, 01.png)

She's not a Christian, but she is interested in the history of Christianity. She also acknowledges that the movements that formed feminism had their roots in Christianity. She doesn't believe that all feminists have to be Christians either.

No. 1982400

Can someone remind me of the name of the radfem who made YouTube videos of herself dancing around in her underwear and pretending to shave her legs with peanut butter? I believe she called wearing makeup wearing slavepaint. i can’t remember what her name was but she was very over the top(learn to sage)

No. 1982401

Leah Tverly and you forget to sage.

No. 1982498

File: 1712198297227.png (660.2 KB, 892x1080, Screenshot 4-3-24.png)

what the actual fuck are her politics?

No. 1982640

File: 1712249240147.png (476.22 KB, 742x723, LT.png)

she also put "former radical feminist" in her twitter bio.

No. 1982705

the real pipeline is the radical feminist to blackpilled contrarian pipeline because the online branch of the "movement" is so retarded, engages in constant petty infighting over the most nonsensical shit, and barely has any actual radfem beliefs that many of these formerly prominent figures cant help to either go full rightoid tradwife or just become blackpilled and "apolitical". As annoying as she was, at least stuck to very basic principles. the radfems on tumblr cant stop having babies with their moids

No. 1982722

Sage for meta tinfoil. The top tweet is pretty sound, i genuinely don't understand what the issue is. I get a strange feeling whenever Jen/Hannah's tweets are posted because… they're not really milky? Not to WK but i really don't see it. Now i'm curious about why some nonas dislike them. Is it Jen's brash tone? Or because they criticize radical feminists sometimes? My ultimate tinfoil is that they criticize the culty and 'lifestyle' tendencies of some radfems, which might make some LC users who like to call anyone a tradthot/cockbreath, ramble about male biological inferiority, feel very seen kek


No. 1982787

>it is not a refuge for women to be inappropriately idolised or a friendship group for unpopular women.
Incredibly short sighted. The current alt-right was born from unpopular 4chan boys and gamergate. If we could weaponize female autism in the same way we'd have matriarchy within the decade. Not even joking. Disenfranchised voters are worth their weight in gold.

No. 1982887

File: 1712325810533.png (38.88 KB, 810x346, appow uwu.png)

picrel gave me whiplash after reading these posts.

No. 1983014

i swear birthing a kid gives you irreversible brain damage, even though she was retarded before

No. 1983034

At least she isn't talking about the baby's shit anymore. Why do mothers always get so TMI about the secretions of them and their kids? It's so gross.
Pregnancy causes a loss of grey matter that lasts at minimum 6 years and is potentially permanent. Apparently this doesn't affect IQ and is just to forcibly bond the woman to the infant to increase its chances of survival. Literal parasite tactics, like the mold that hijacks ant's brains

No. 1983052

dw, the baby shit talk will make a return when she gives birth to her twins in half a year.

No. 1984174

People get soooo mad when you point this out it’s insane.

No. 1984445

Even once they one-sided bond with the baybeee fades and they're left with a preteen who calls them a bitch for asking them to put their own dishes away, they've invested too much in the mommy's eternal wub trope to walk it back. Must be terrible to realize you effectively got biohacked by a moid's cum(baiting)

No. 1984519

It’s also insane to me that human females are the only ones that seek out/are sold reproduction as its own reward. At least other animals have the sense to evolve maze vaginas or try to bite back.

No. 1984549

File: 1712840392880.jpg (182.09 KB, 576x1164, Screenshot_20240411_145125_Chr…)

>i hate trannies so i will vote for a party that will fuck me over economically and thinks i deserve less rights than a man.

Why are these people so DUMB and why do i see a increase lately of radfems doing this, i even saw some who were okay with roe being overturned.
We need to donate braincells to these people.

No. 1984558

God damn it makes my blood boil when I see that sentiment too. It’s like they get tranny tunnel vision and forget that conservatives are horrible misogynists and only hate the trans shit because it’s degenerate gay adjacent + a man not being manly is BAD, not because they are trying to protect women in any way. And they justify the Roe thing by saying well it’s up to the states now. Like oh boy that’s great. I’m not voting for the people that try to sabotage every benefit or right I have.

No. 1984589

I'm convinced most of those "women" are men. It sounds insulting. They can't even hide their hatred of women. If they are women, they were never radfems. Also massive cope, conservatives are fine with transgenderism as long as it's seen as a mental illness. They will happily sterilize the gays, lesbians, autists and young women they see as insane.

No. 1984605

Unfortunately they are women and its not a surprise that many radfems are being indoctrinated into becoming right-wing considering radfems started pandering to right wingers from the year 2018 and onwards.
Also alot of them hid their right-wing values and are only showing their true face now.
I remember me and radfemblack (who was a popular radfem) getting along and she would actually like alot of my posts and now years later i end up finding out that she is anti-abortion and cares about mens feelings, that sucks because i thought she was cool but i did find it weird how she only posted about hating trannys and rarely about anything else relating to feminism. I felt something wrong was in my gut and left the radfem circle in 2020 and never looked back and i hope you do too because you have good intentions but you're wasting those intentions on a movement that's being psyoped

No. 1984610

>left the radfem circle in 2020 and never looked back and i hope you do too because you have good intentions but you're wasting those intentions on a movement that's being psyoped
I never really joined any radfem communities because it all sounded very removed from my own life. I'm not as privileged as most and a bit older. I do still try to update a masterpost that's still being shared to this day. So I don't feel like I'm wasting my time, since I still enjoy reading radfem authors and sharing them with the women in my life. But you are right, online communities are very tiring, since people can create a persona so removed from their own thoughts.

No. 1984693

Indoctrination is tough to get over. It's expected that about 50% of women will be childless in a few decades though, so there's still hope.

I just don't get why women have suffering-offs over how shitty being a mother is and how painful and degrading birth is. I've legit seen women cope-brag over how badly Nigel Jr. ripped them open and how little sleep and free time they get. If you're miserable, at least warn other women about the realities of motherhood/pregnancy instead of trying to reframe being a woman as a contest of who can endure the most abuse.

No. 1984706

File: 1712871144260.jpg (899.97 KB, 1080x5841, 111328.jpg)

This is cursed, radfemblack is a woman who once tweeted that she would fuck a horse if it consented, fantasised about FFM threesomes, fucked a moid and said it was overrated and in the recent year she was with the woman who had a meeting with JKR but instead was busy having threesome with a scrote so she didn't go, now RFB is defending some TRA libfem. Cursed radfem tone policing, put too much screenshots but the radfem fights with Celia Bedelia have been going on for a year and this is what they conceive. It gets worse and worse and now the horse fucker got involved. Dumb attention seeking losers.

No. 1984716

I want to rip my fucking hair out when I see this, and it would be so easy to write it off as a moid psyop but seeing how the hidden board has an active "right wing feminist" thread and I've seen the radfem to tradfem pipeline in effect so many times out there in the real world that I know it's not. Every time some naive newly hatched radfem claims that "this literally never happens" I cringe inside, even the gendercrit movement is synonymous with conservative misogynist pickmes and homophobes now to the point they don't even attempt to hide it. I had heated discussions about this years ago when I tried to warn people from fraternizing with conservatives but they were so desperate to soapbox that grasping at the straws they let them in instead of having an open dialogue with people who were already feminists but maybe had their budding doubts regarding trannies. Now they dig their heels in elsewhere because no sane woman wants to be caught dead sucking conservacocks. The "gender-critical LGB" movement where I live actually fucks with Christian conservatives and people supporting it regularly throw tantrums about this being brought up because who cares if they're pro-life and pro-conversion therapy, we need to do away with those troons right now.

Tranny tunnel vision is an accurate term to describe it. Yes, let's give up our rights to abortion and contraceptives, let's get rid of those LGB rights just as long as we stick it to those AGPs. Moids, tranny or not, will always find a way and the only trans people who would ever suffer the effects would be TIFs. But like lesbians, they're just "collateral damage" to a "good cause" because despite what these people claim they hate all gay people, including lesbians. None of them really care about misogyny making women troon out (because they're disgusting gender traitor NLOGs who deserve no sympathy) nor do they really care about other things that matter like TIMs getting to influence female-specific issues with no experiences, it's always down to that fucking bathroom debate I couldn't really give less of a fuck about at this point. The celebration and victim shaming of literal children getting killed just for being trans-identified was the final breaking point.

No. 1984830

>get your conservative anti troon utopia to own da troons
>troons promptly flush hormones down the toilet and pivot to talking about demonic possession
>men remain their parasitic selves but manifest it different ways
>you’re now left with no abortion, no no fault divorce and no working rights
>we did it ladies, we showed those troons

No. 1984846

>the woman who had a meeting with JKR but instead was busy having threesome with a scrote so she didn't go
what a retard

No. 1984987

File: 1712956416896.png (89.94 KB, 750x573, EE6W45.png)

Though not as common as troonism, I notice that certain radfems have a just extreme reaction when it comes to surrogacy. They literally devolve into biological essentialists, arguing that biological motherhood is far superior then adoption or raising a child, and it's fileting even to young lesbian feminists.

No. 1985049

The anti-surrogacy accounts also devolve into woo woo and tradthottery pretty quickly. It's hard to take them seriously when they claim that surrogates are more of a mother than the woman who gives the egg(as in…the actual genetic mother) because they think fetuses smell the surrogate through amniotic fluid which causes a magic soulbond to form kek. A lot of them are anti-egg freezing/egg-donation too, so I think they might be undercover catholics trying to fit in with radfems

No. 1985112

File: 1712999787535.png (1.38 MB, 1284x1634, snpqonz.png)

About a year back, a French radical feminist group (which traces its origin back to the second wave and takes its name from the scum manifesto) held an anti-surrogacy protest at a film festival. The protest involved a pregnant woman, in an altered handmaidens style dress, running around with her bare stomach, screaming "stop selling us" and then getting escorted off. Regardless of your opinion on surrogacy or feminism, if you just removed some wording, this could easily have seemed like a right-wing protest about the sanctity of motherhood.

No. 1985116

Are you retarded? What is this argument. “If you remove some of the wording that makes this protest about a specific issue it could easily be about this more general issue no”

No. 1985117

you are retarded

No. 1985128

An extremely cringe and attention-seeking way of expressing what is otherwise reasonable opinion. Many such cases, unfortunately. People our age have no restraint or tact.

No. 1985143

This is mild for French activism and doesn't belong here, unless you want to turn the thread into an archive of all the insane activism stunts they get up to there

No. 1985148

>if you just removed some wording, this could easily have seemed like a right-wing protest about the sanctity of motherhood
How so? What's the re-worded message?

No. 1985150

>>if you just removed some wording, this could easily have seemed like a right-wing protest about the sanctity of motherhood
If my grandmother had wheels, she'd be a bike.

No. 1985166

If you removed the wroding from her leg and told the average person that this was some pro-Christian/motherhood protest, 99% of them would believe it without any sort of doubts, that's what I'm trying to say.

No. 1985188

You are reaching.

No. 1985197

>This is cursed, radfemblack is a woman who once tweeted that she would fuck a horse if it consented
it is incredibly stupid and funny that she'll never live it down, but she was pretty young (and still is) when she said it. and i think she said it because there was a lot of infighting at the time on radtwt? ah, good times.

No. 1985207

I always assumed she was older, how old is she?

No. 1985217

anybody here follow miffy/femcelvictim?(sage your shit)

No. 1985263

what happened?

No. 1985294

>"stop selling us"
Do anti-surrogacy groups think women are plucked off the street, strapped to a gurney, and brought to fertility clinics for embryo transfers? There are a lot of problems with the concept of course, but in the US surrogates need to be 25+, have had at least one uncomplicated pregnancy, and poor ones are filtered out(thought to be less responsible with themselves/their health, which rich pricks don't want their kid to gestate in). It always skeevs me how radfems join hands with trads to act like women are completely without agency.

No. 1985296

It's the using the reproductive organs of women for money part that feminists don't like…

No. 1985297

It’s mostly done in Eastern European countries and India, where a few ten thousand USD is a lot of money. It’s coercion. In my country it was completely outlawed aside from compassionate surrogacy which can’t be financially compensated. You can’t really defend it in any way it’s not trad to be against it. No woman with any empathy would want to subject another woman to that.

No. 1985323

Which the woman is doing herself. It's not like her uterus is being "used" against her will. Anti-prostitution arguments rely on a lot of the same infantilization as anti-surrogacy ones, which is why they're easily dismissed despite valid points.
Third world surrogacy is a different deal(and way more exploitative off the bat). I was talking about how they discuss first world surrogacy, which itself still has loads of issues
>No woman with any empathy would want to subject another woman to that.
Kek this is like JKR claiming women don't need other women to prop themselves us. We're not as shitty as men obviously, but women by and large have no issue with exploiting other women, especially if it gets them something they really want.

No. 1985357

You can make the exact same argument about legal prostitution, that it’s not against her will because she gets paid, which most people recognize as coercive. And yeah women can be exploitative as well, if you make another woman deal with pregnancy for you you’re basically a moid to me. It’s wrong.

No. 1985363

File: 1713077864510.jpg (310.15 KB, 933x1120, Screenshot_2024-04-14-08-54-02…)

She was 18/19

No. 1985368

It’s because it’s buying and selling babies, and that’s weird and unethical. Surrogacy shouldn’t be for profit.

No. 1985379

NTA but you could technically make the same argument about allowing people to sell a kidney or an eye for profit. I think it's inherently wrong in a world where extreme economic inequality exists, because somebody who is poor might quite literally be forced into a situation where she has no other choice, therefore making "free will" a moot point, especially considering the risks involved.

No. 1985385

File: 1713086385861.jpeg (879.76 KB, 1170x1931, IMG_1142.jpeg)

I don’t follow her but I always see her retarded posts, she’s a huge cow imo. Calls herself radfem while being in a relationship with a troon and calling herself a lesbian and also choosing to be a full service “sex worker” and posting shit like this, she’s a joke

No. 1985419

A very weird infiltration of “radfem” twitter is trying to be done by some clowny troons like celia bedelia and Eli b. They are redpill believers who transed out pretending to be pro-women’s rights and only “against radfems who are the true manhaters” but its obvious they want to promote more casual sex and to stuff women up with pills and “transwimmin”, of course.

It is always men who are smart enough to do this kind of larping and invading. And yet the actual pro-women women can’t seem to do anything to stop it or at least sound the alarm, or do a counter sock account infiltration. Maybe men are the smarter ones after all.(bait)

No. 1985421

I'm sympathetic to her because she's young and her troon ex was legit one of most sinister moids i've had the displeasure to 'meet' online.
But, she perfectly embodies the problem some radfems (if we can call her that) have with optics. They'll post teary-eyed confessions of their psychosexual problems, probably thinking it'll help women feel seen or because 'we're all sisters! (insert cute emoji)' but it can come across as bizarre and retarded to everyone who isn't a radfem. It's important to be relatable but it's like they have no filter and no sense of normalcy. Her first two tweets on picrel seem a tad dramatic but they still make sense to many women. But then she does the classic self-pitying 'i'm juuust a helpless widdle girl' feminine/BPD cliché which is the most embarrassing and counter-productive stance as a feminist

No. 1985424

It's dumb. She can just stop all that stuff if she doesn't like it. Only retarded trannies and tradtards think liking pink and wearing fake nails and shit is inherent to womanhood.

No. 1985439

>I did not choose to buy cheap, pink clothes and wear fake eyelashes and nails and makeup and jewelry!!!! I was forced to be a woman!!!!!
I honest to god wish these retarded BPDemons never learned about radical feminism and just stayed retarded enbies. Like what are you doing crying and seething over this, just stop wearing all that shit. Simple as.

No. 1985461

Nothing can be done when staff isn’t on your side and allows it

No. 1985495

She sounds like an enby tif/radfem hybrid. I get being a woman has difficulties but wanting to "be a boy" is tranny shit.

No. 1985522

Which is why poors are filtered out in the US(again, not just for ethical reasons). Most surrogates have professional careers, nurse being the most common one iirc
Not really, the surrogate is being paid for her time&suffering. It's the same deal why egg donors get $8-12k for a single retrieval but sperm donors get $100 and a slap on the back; one in way more involved than the other and takes much longer. Surrogates are getting their dues, though they do get skimped sometimes(I think Kanye and Kim gave their surrogate something like $45k, which is robbery). The baby she gestates is never hers to begin with, there's nothing to "sell".(derailing)

No. 1985596

She's kind of confirming by example that GCs and radfems are just repressed tifs.(baiting)

No. 1985612

"the terf to trad pipeline is so real"
nah, it isn't, tumblr troons just got a hold of the fact that a semi-prominent "radfem" from 2013-2018 tumblr who burned bridges in the community for being a genuine retard turned white nationalist and they haven't shut the fuck up since. she also happened to be diagnosed schizophrenic for whatever that's worth. I agree that most people who become online radfems do leave the space after a while but you need more than just five examples of people who were already maladjusted falling for retarded political opinions later on to state there's any sort of "pipeline" going on.

No. 1985619

There's plenty of bad-faith actors but being against surrogacy is 100% in line with radical feminist beliefs. Pregnancy and childbirth aren't things that should be bought and sold or under contractual obligation.

No. 1985765

>nah, it isn't
It absolutely is, to the point where normies see the word "radfem" and immediately associate it with conservatism, if not outright white nationalism. When you cozy up to rightwingers to get your message out since lefties don't want to platform you, you necessarily become associated with those rightwingers. It doesn't help that radfem "intellectuals" like Stock and organizations like WoLF express conservative viewpoints wrt abortion/gay marriage/contraception and take money from AIPAC and the Heritage Foundation.

It's 100% tradthot. Shoulda simped for Matt Walsh less.

No. 1985817

Kys troon

No. 1985824

This purity test stuff is so exhausting. Who are some radfems that are radfemmy enough for you?

No. 1985849

good job on understanding that people who are insanely bad faith or already maladjusted will often align themselves with more fringe political movements, which is something that happens in any activism/political movement, not just radical feminism. There's people who are very politically far left who end up going full neonazi within a few years because they were already mentally unwell and fell for vaccine conspiracy theories after covid, that doesn't mean there's a 'full-communism-now-to-hitler-reincarnated-fascist' pipeline. Many of those formerly far left people age out and become normie liberals/democratic socialists later on and no one hears from them because they find a life outside of the internet.

No. 1985857

Do members of leftist organizations cozy up to rightwing political apparatuses to gain funding? Do they go to AIPAC? Do they host neo-Nazis ate their rallies?

A few unstable morons flipping ideologies at the slightest pushback isn't a big deal, but that's not what we're talking about. All of this happens in mainstream radfem/GC activism.

No. 1985870

You've only mentioned WoLF, one radfem organization that has less than 1,000 members, and you're not even describing a "pipeline", you're describing a political organization that has been given monetary donations from other political organizations with incredibly seedy and counterintuitive beliefs from the absolute grand majority of radfems.

>Do members of leftists organizations cozy up to rightwing political apparatuses to gain funding?

Teaming up with members on the opposite side of the political spectrum to get your desired legislation/political activism achieved has been a thing for centuries, whether it includes monetary gain doesn't matter. Marjorie Taylor Greene called for a complete overhaul to the FBI because she felt as if it was "targeting" Trump, does that mean she's a radical leftist who believes it's unfairly targeted civil rights leaders? No.

>Do they host neonazis at their rallies?

Several pro-Palestine rallies have had Nazis in their midst, and I'd argue that the majority of pro-Palestine activists are on the left.

No. 1985884

> normies see the word "radfem" and immediately associate it with conservatism

Only in retarded ultra-woke countries like Scroteland, Cuckanada, Asstralia, etc. In my bumfuck latam country normies are generally conservative christians who think that "radical feminism" = libfems extemists.

> Do members of leftist organizations cozy up to rightwing political apparatuses to gain funding?

Organizations and politicians align themselves with "enemies" over common issues all the time. The fucking vp of my country used to be in the opposition.

No. 1985993

nta but even as far back as the 1970, there were christian groups, far-right groups, feminist groups, and others that didn't "work together" but they shared common enemies such as pornography, sexualized and offensive media and again none of these groups truly worked together but they coincidentally had similar foes. That said I do believe you have some valid concerns, there's a big difference between some a group of christian and feminist happening to protest a porn studio and accepting funding from a right-wing organisation or going to a major right-wing news show and of course ideologically it does have an impact on your movement and your self.

No. 1986028

Yes, it's called politics. It used to be like this in the West, before Nazi became the go-to insult and before antifascism was trendy (because you had to get out of your bubble to fight fascists). Not every country is plagued by the Red vs. Blue mentality that's prevalent in the US and some Euro countries. Communists and hardline socialists in my country go to RW media all the time to reach normies who aren't fully invested in right-wind ideology, it's essential for a healthy movement. Radfems never reaching out to anyone but the most perfect lefties will only result in the formation of irrelevant cults

>Scroteland, Cuckanada, Asstralia

No. 1986426

File: 1713397587889.jpeg (264.71 KB, 1024x768, dftxica-f4ba4fcc-e480-4508-ad9…)

> normies see the word "radfem" and immediately associate it with conservatism

Honestly, this is somewhat of an improvement from 7 years ago when normies saw the word “radfem” and thought “screaming woman with blue hair”.

No. 1986439

I'll take the "woman with blue hair" stereotype over the conservative regressive boomer stereotype.

No. 1986659

When you ally yourself with Nazis, you are rightly considered to be Nazi-adjacent. When you work with groups that adamantly oppose women's rights like contraception, abortion, no fault divorce, or even the vote, you are admitting that you are willing to compromise on these things–which GCs/radfems clearly are, hence why the vast majority of women have no interest in the movement while conservatives glom onto it. You are helping them achieve their goals, which include the subjugation of women, to own the trannies. Brilliant move.

100% tradthot, as stated.

No. 1986697

I understand going to the more conservative sources to be able to have a platform but then we see all those radfems that are so single issue they therefore cling to the entire Republican conservative platform and gas up some dipshit just because he made a joke about troons. And it’s so misguided I don’t know how they can ignore, of all things, the blatant cruelty and misogyny on that side.

No. 1986942

File: 1713542157528.jpg (85.57 KB, 1079x857, Screenshot.jpg)

some insane shit kelly posted a few days ago. "the dignity of a ring" is some tradwife bullshit. i get what she's trying to say but she really doesn't deserve to get on a high horse here.

No. 1986962

Except conservatives aren’t actually nazis you autard troon

No. 1987087

She's a fake lesbian turned fake bisexual, nurse, and military wife. This isn't surprising at all. I'm just waiting for her to get really fat, become embroiled in some MLM, or for her huzzzzbund to cheat kek

No. 1987293

This is perhaps one of the strangest seminars I have seen, I saw it being shared at certain radical feminist accounts(it features older feminists talking about various). The first presenter Julia Long, was a godsend to be honest. She talked about how focusing too much on the issue of transgenderism has taken away from other important issues like the beauty industry, she discussed how it manipulates and destroys women. It was a pretty good but something we already know about
The second presenter was a woman named Fiona Broadfoot, who talked about her horrible life experiences, including being a child prostitute, being abused and beaten by pimps and having her cousin killed. She casually mentioned that she had a son who was raised around radical feminists and identified as trans for a while. Then she spent the rest of her rant promoting her business, "build a girl" which is a feminist self-actualization course.
The third presenter was a psychology professor who seemed like an absolute nutcase right off the bat. She talked about bio-wombs and how transhumanists want to eliminate women. She even quoted a fascist sympathizer to prove her point about the potential evil of technology
The last speaker like Long seemed actually smart. She talked about the issues of porn, its easy accessibility, and how it contributes to the assault of women and girls she ended on a positive note by highlighting the accomplishments feminists have achieved in fighting against it and encouraging them to never give up. That was a good thing.

No. 1987297

I don't like Kelly but this doesn't make her a tradwife. She obviously means that if her friend was married she would have more legal benefits and a more stable life for her kid if her boyfriend decides to abandon them. I swear some of the most braindead takes get posted here.

No. 1987304

File: 1713621582880.png (208.12 KB, 600x394, grimice.png)

Radfems and right wingers are "fellow travelers" in that they both are anti porn and anti troon. But it ends there because right wingers are into the whole trad thing and feminists are more progressive about womens roles.

Its a weird mix. i suppose communism use to be more socially conservative under stalin but also pro womens rights.

You just have to admit it, radfems are a wee bit on the social conservative side(derailing)

No. 1987306

File: 1713622163861.jpg (231.13 KB, 1920x1080, cover2.jpg)

It's more like this meme

No. 1987308

Transgenderism can actually be fought or nipped in the bud now. The war against the beauty industry will be a civilian forever war because the people you have to convince are young women bombarded with praise and opportunities for participation, which is easier at first when you are young. Honestly this post just seems like trying to concern troll to redirect radfems to causes without end to take the focus off trannies.

No. 1987311

>both are anti porn and anti troon
They both are those things for self serving reasons. You'll never get people to accept getting rid of all porn. I think the focus should be restricting what is accessible online and hardcore stuff be heavily regulated, preferably not exist. Conservatives view porn as a distraction to men, which it is, but they could care less about how it effects women. Same with troons. Conservatives mock and ridicule womens sports, when they pretend to care you know it's not valid cause in the next breath they mock women. They hate troons cause they might get tricked into getting a boner seeing one. There is a reason 4channers spam troon porn and bbc porn all day. Men feel shame they can't control their porn use and resent and hate women and troons because of it.

Honestly despise conservatives because they have made these discussions impossible to have rationally because they are so extreme they immediately posion the well of any discussion and become a easy scapegoat for lefties to point at when you discuss real issues. "Oh you hate porn!? You're alt right!!"


This clip is from the DW movie mocking trannies in sports, but constantly jabs at women. This scene perfectly encapsulates how they view women.(derailing)

No. 1987405

Besides "Right wingers are anti porn" is pretty much bullshit, most conservative/religious men are porn addicted sex pests but pretend to be prudes irl so that they can be misogynistic towards women they deem promiscuous

No. 1987425

Conservatives are forcing women to gestate non-viable pregnancies under threat of prosecution, protect the legality of child marriage, and want to make contraception and no fault divorce. If you find more of yourself in them than the annoying but ultimately harmless "woke" progressive crowd, you are effectively a right winger. Le radical left doesn't want to make you a second class citizen, right wingers do. Develop a sense of perspective.
>This scene perfectly encapsulates how they view women.
Exactly. Why would any self-respecting feminist work with people who think women are inferior breeding stock who exist to "tame men" and breed son? It's mind blowing.

No. 1987431

They aren’t harmless and annoying. Currently at 14 rape babies in one prison from one single TIM alone.

No. 1987435


No. 1987445

File: 1713659360960.png (976.63 KB, 752x2309, IMG_65.png)

pain. agony, even

No. 1987446

Kek no response

No. 1987449

and it's also 80% of this site posting as much about hating men than wanting to fuck them. I truly think you're an hypocrite if you're a radfem and still allow a man to fuck you.
i will now take my ban for infighting

No. 1987485

Are you really doubting the fact that if you put a male in a prison full of women rape and forced impregnation happens? Go back to twitter tranny retard.

No. 1987490

When you make a claim like that, you need to back it up. If you make one like that to someone who isn't sympathetic to your point of view, you just discredit yourself in their eyes. There have been well-documented rapes and other assaults already, so there's no reason to make up stories. Most people are already going to be against intact males in a women's prison, even lefties.

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