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File: 1692771545836.png (1.39 MB, 863x801, filianthirst.png)

No. 1886740

Meet the cows:
Jake Munro - Kaya's ex boyfriend, after dating for around a decade. Cheated on her with his girlfriend's tattoo artist's wife, Kat. Fancies himself a musician, though since his bandmates left, doesn't seem capable of producing music on his own. Used Joker-esqe makeup and mimicking other artist's makeup for attention on Youtube, but has since generally given the gimmick up as his popularity rapidly declined post break-up. Appears to be rapidly aging into the bloated corpse of a chav gordan ramsay due to a suspected alcohol and nicotine addiction. Has big dreams of being the next big V-tuber star. Used to occasionally scar us with his ugly nudes via a rarely updated OnlyFans account. Latest internet persona is a literal clown: "Jester Jake".

Kat Paine - Previously married mother of one, cheated on her tattoo studio owning husband with their client's (Kaya) long term boyfriend (Jake). You can find her posting heavily filtered lewds to her OnlyFans when she isn't tracing Disney coloring book sheets part-time at the tattoo shop. Her most popular phrases include: "Daddy! Shots!", "Drinks! Shots!" and incoherent giggling at Jake doing literally anything.

Notable mentions:
Clair: A sad, 30-something fat American woman with a poo obsession and an apparent marriage on the rocks. She dropped thousands on Jake over the course of a month or so before disappearing without a trace. Anons speculate she's possibly going through a divorce with her dom-daddy older husband.

Kitty McPancakes: Some American png tuber and lolicon loving neckbeard that Jake has latched onto for new material and so he's not stuck playing videogames alone forever. Kitty has his own small crew including his loli roleplaying girl(?)friend and some actual nobody hiding behind a big titty zombiegirl avatar. Neither of them seem interested in Jake in the slightest besides Kitty however.

Highlights from last thread:
>>1832669 says that his dwindling views don't bother him. vtubing is his passion. will work at a tesco if he has to!
>>1833919 >>1833925 the obvious reason for him growing his fringe out these days
>>1833995 Jake glorifies and defends steroid use, says he wants to use them himself (if he isn't already)
>>1834045 Jake claiming he can "kill someone with just one punch" on stream
>>1834076 >>1834078 babyhead jake avatar is retired in favor of a new abomination.
>>1834450 The beginning of the Clair arc. She pays him $500 to keep his clothes on. kek
>>1834924 Clair is absolutely obsessed with poop and constantly tells batshit stories involving poop.
>>1835181 Jake deletes some old photos as soon as they are mentioned in the thread.
>>1835577 >>1835584 some less filtered than usual photos of kat and Jake are posted from a wedding they attended.
>>1835599 Jake starts following all kinds of porny vtube accounts
>>1836014 Jake starts going through a furry phase "for the lulz" I guess?
>>1836023 Jake claims he isn't using vtubing to hide because he "already looks like an anime boy" (surejan)
>>1836490 kat poorly tattooing stolen artwork again
>>1837598 >>1837608 Clair is donating actual thousands at this point
>>1837963 longtime loyal snaccs getting ignored for Jake's new beloved cash cow
>>1838732 yet another vtube avatar revision
>>1838858 recap of his lolsorandom phase of streaming, including weird pedo-sadist jokes and other degeneracy
>>1839127 kat using his mods to try to communicate with him while he's streaming
>>1840372 jake's vtube idol is some loli catgirl who does pantyshots on stream apparently
>>1840386 Kat claims that Jake wants to fuck tinkerbell on her onlyfans account
>>1841762 his views on YT are hilariously low and he's making very little income off YT or patreon
>>1842761 >>1843018 Jake makes a nasty "boy pussy" skit involving shota catboy avatars
>>1843007 He's too stupid to not use copyrighted music in his Youtube videos and keeps getting hit by copyright claims.
>>1843222 >>1843253 people hate his new cringe content, he deletes any critical comments.
>>1843984 the beginning of his "porn hub comments" reaction videos. Classy as always.
>>1844407 Kat, a 35yo woman with a child, tattoos "Daddy's" inside her lip for Jake.
>>1844743 Jake begins canceling streams and cutting back on streaming hours only a few weeks into making affiliate on twitch.
>>1844802 >>1844803 Slightly milky cringe stream recaps.
>>1846204 Jake glues a expensive microphone to his vrheadset (he eventually breaks it)
>>1846660 Anons are noticing him not keeping his promises of updates on various accounts
>>1849860 Jake VR streams while naked, posts to OF, no one seems to care besides bullying for being "vanilla".
>>1851476 >>1851484 Clair still solo funding Jake's entire life while hinting something is wrong in hers.
>>1852038 Jake is very special and not like other boys, claims he has memories from when he was an infant.
>>1854742 >>1854995 Spends Kat's b-day following a ton of porny VRtuber accounts
>>1855046 And posting degenerate furry porn skits on instagram. Happy Birthday kat.
>>1855262 Recap anon of a stream. Mostly Jake being nasty and unfunny. Averages only 20-30 viewers.
>>1855658 >>1855715 First appearance of his new neckbeard lolicon buddy "Kitty McPancakes".
>>1856849 >>1856851 They celebrate Kat's actual birthday by having a couple of her lady friends come over and sit on their couch I guess?
>>1856853 >>1856857 Kat flexs her b-day SHEIN outfit
>>1858064 The usual overnight Galgorm stay for kat's b-day finally happens a week later
>>1858255 Anons start noticing Kat editing her face into oblivion
>>1859038 Anons also notice Jake hasn't been keeping up with his promises of new music every month
>>1862089 Kat still can't tattoo well. Wonky lines abound.
>>1863067 Stream recap of Jake being miserable and begging for $ for new computer parts.
>>1863168 Jake claimed he hired a videographer to film in london for a new single in April. At this point, still hasn't happened.
>>1863406 Another stream recap. His streams are getting less lolsorandom and just boring or sad.
>>1865302 Jake accidently revealing kat's real unedited face on his instagram compared to her own heavily filtered pics from the same outing
>>1865674 Kat claims she has been sick for three weeks despite her going out and drinking in a bunch of photos throughout that time.
>>1866495 >>1866706 Clair starts to miss his streams. He makes very little money during these streams.
>>1868219 Jake's lolsorandom humor is back and just as awful as ever. Spends an entire stream mock assaulting anime girls and being obnoxious.
>>1868659 Recap anon again, pretty boring stream, but hints that Clair is having personal issues. She's back to donating though.
>>1868664 >>1868665 New avatar again. This time even worse than the last, featuring stolen art he googled and filtered.
>>1870023 Jake canceling more streams last min and trying to flex on some VRthot he follows on twitter
>>1870560 Jake hates the barbie movie despite never seeing it because men are soooo persecuted.
>>1870834 >>1870939 He keeps making the new "jester Jake" avatar worse.
>>1871315 Jake desperately trying to get people to watch his streams.
>>1871477 Kat gets more work done on her hideous mess of a full back tattoo
>>1871478 >>1875349 Kat still editing her face into a completely new one
>>1875348 Jake's patreon is down to only 52 patreons at the beginning of the month, the lowest for him yet
>>1875865 Jake caught following some weird loli vtuber?
>>1876480 Anons noting that he hasn't updated his patreon with the promised audiobook updates since April. (still hasn't)
>>1876638 Jake supposedly is considering buying a penis for his VR avatar?
>>1877956 Even more of Kat editing her face into an entirely new one.
>>1878502 Jake's neckbeard catboy friend gets more views and attention than he does. kek
>>1878549 Confirmation that Jake broke his mic after mounting it to his headset. Also short recap of stream.
>>1878597 Jude is still orbiting Jake, says she still wants to collab.
>>1879333 >>1879927 Kat completely botches a Princess Peach tattoo
>>1879860 Jake still skipping a bunch of streams. No Clair sightings in a while now.
>>1882749 Jake finally streams again to 20-25 viewers, still no Clair to be seen.
>>1883233 After barely streaming all month and only posting a shitty PH comment reaction video, Jake and Kat go on a 5 day vacation to Croatia.

No. 1886741

Last thread: >>1832500

No. 1886745

File: 1692773030545.png (16.31 KB, 490x200, jakesnaccsgross.png)

One of his snaccs left this comment on his instagram in regards to the new Porn Hub comment react video.

No. 1886746

File: 1692773169252.png (1.22 MB, 929x906, stealtheirlookkek.png)

they enjoyed flexing their SHEIN haul all vacation. kek

No. 1886747

File: 1692773261130.png (917.52 KB, 511x915, jakefuglyfk.png)

otherwise the vacation wasn't very milky at all. Mostly just heavily filtered bodychecks from Kat in her SHEIN best and them waiting around for or having drinks.

No. 1886748

File: 1692773319178.png (905.85 KB, 658x908, cheapskat.png)

Another better view of the necklace

No. 1886761

>>1886740 thank you for a such a well put together thread nonna

No. 1886791

Shein isn't that bad if you're looking for something basic but she just picks out the trashiest things doesn't she? Looks like she sorts by cheapest and most popular, she also doesn't layer anything so it looks like a 10 dollar outfit challenge. Sage 4 sperg.

No. 1886808

Imo Shein can be excusable when you wear it sparingly and in conjunction with other things and when people aren't getting pointless massive hauls constantly just for the retail therapy. There can be some surprisingly unique things once you start digging deep. But she picks the most basic fast fashion front page pieces. And would it kill her to try a pattern that isn't horizontal stripes? It's always just flat black on black. Can't even mix and match her own necklaces to layer either kek.

No. 1886846

The shein prices next to it makes this so funny, add his shorts and it's like $22 to dress them both. Honestly nothing wrong with saving some money but both getting your whole outfit(s) at the same place has never been a good look, especially for some supposed alternative people.

No. 1886857


Love the way she is leaning/crouching to make him look taller kek

No. 1886859

I wonder how long they spend lining themselves up for the mirror shot just to make jake look 1cm taller. If he'd drop that "shat my pants" pose and straighten his legs he could help her out.

No. 1887020


It’s not even just that they shop at shein. It’s that jake has made such a big deal previously about his designer labels and how he has to spend so much money on shit (goth in a Gucci shirt springs to mind) and yet here he is.

No. 1887133

And the pose just makes her legs look much longer than his too, her calves look double the size of his

No. 1887216

where did they go? he can’t be bothered to post on his story and looks absolutely bored. his jester side accounts are wastelands, no music, patreon updates, streams, videos or even the most bare minimum of occasionally posting but let’s spend money on a trip so we can drink and whatever without the kid around.

No. 1887217

He's so insecure he can't even have people around him being taller.
Honestly should just own being the shorter one in the relationship as it should be the least of his concerns kek.

No. 1887230

Didn't a nonna post a stream recap where he said they were going to Portugal some time this year?
That could be this holiday trip, for all we know.

No. 1887290

kek, it's giving poverty rather than "summer holiday."
some "rich boyfriend" lol. at least jake would take kaya shopping regularly (almost an obnoxious amount) and they'd both wear better quality clothes. didn't he receive a lot of alt clothes for free like Kaya did? does he not fit them anymore?
I hope Kat enjoys her green neck and toxins from the cheap ass lead jewelry. he is having his "most beautiful girl in the world" run around in the worst stuff. lol cheap piece of shit.

No. 1887291

>>1887216, >>1887230
He went to Croatia. Although it's in the EU it's markedly cheaper than Barcelona so it's probably their new go-to for cheap drinking holidays. It's a beautiful country with natural wonders, beaches and fortresses but from their IG stories they seemed to spend most of their time drinking. Ages ago he said he intended to vlog this trip so we'll see if he kept his word.

He returned to Belfast on Mon or Tues and yesterday he streamed on Twitch at some weird hour (I didn't catch it, I just saw his last live). For all you hate watchers, he uploaded a new react video today kek.

No. 1887346

File: 1692862401805.png (12.5 KB, 772x99, recapcroatia.png)

Recap anon here, he said he was going to Croatia in August about a month ago here >>1863406 He also promised to vlog this trip in that stream and said he's planning another holiday in Barcelona sometime this winter. He has said that he's choosing the cheapest times and places to book these holidays to save on cash too.

In streams he said he made this trip to Croatia exactly the same as their last there, same hotel, same time, etc. They spent the entire trip the last time drinking and sitting around the beach too. Except this time they didn't even seem to touch the actual sand, preferring to stay on this cement block the entire time unless I missed something. Really curious to see if he'll actually have kept his promises of vloging this trip, but considering it doesn't look like they did much of anything besides drink, I can't imagine he actually did.

It's just so funny to see Jake go from showing off all his expensive clothes, studios, equipment, and toys to budgeting the cheapest getaways and clothing himself and kat head to toe in tacky SHEIN of all things. He's never been the best dresser, but I swear he's only gotten worse since getting with Kat. I don't know what possessed him into buying that animal print abomination in >>1886746 but it's hilarious on him. He's truly evolving into a some kind of chav clown these days.

No. 1887409

File: 1692875813152.jpg (98.43 KB, 1080x681, 20230824_041910.jpg)

No. 1887412


Looks like his paypig Claire has left the building. Lmao.

No. 1887413

So he got used to riding the high from making $500/hour easy money from Clair and now reality is kicking back in. Just goes to show he only cares about money.

No. 1887430

> defeat in his voice sadface
don't tell me the retard actually though the money from claire would just keep on coming.

No. 1887457

This was always inevitable, I follow a few popular twitch streamers and besides their own likeable personalities and content drawing in viewers, they also have close knit teams/crew who help with youtube highlight videos, running their discord, modding their chats and generally keeping things running just for the love of it. Jake is incapable of keeping friends because he's vile to everyone around him, and his few remaining dedicated mods are constantly ignored by him in favour of here-today-gone-tomorrow paypigs like Clair.

He really does deserve all of his failures.

No. 1887475

I actually wonder if her credit card charges were reversed, surely with the money she was spending they could afford more than budget holidays and shein clothes. Maybe her husband finally checked his statements.

No. 1887542

lmao. How long is he streaming on twitch a few months? Did he really think he would get an audience so quick there with bad vr avatars and creepy comments?

No. 1887544

>No more Twitch streams. He said he can't do this for free anymore.
>Jake two months ago: VR is my passion and I'll keep doing it even if I have to work at Tesco!
Guess >>1832669 was a lie, though he might end up working at Tesco soon enough regardless at any rate. kek

No. 1887588

Seconded. It's clean-looking, comprehensive and the thread pic is great. Thanks to the nonna for her sacrifice.
Holy shit. We all saw this coming but not this soon.
Jake's live on YouTube rn if anyone is interested. 74 watchers at the moment.
It is the platform he's most successful on after all - his most steady paycheck comes from YT memberships.

No. 1887589

He's live on youtube (non VR) just his ugly mug

No. 1887596

Just said Kat is planning his back tattoo and it’s going to be a huge piece that will take a year to finish.

I’m not sure about most people, but even Some massive back pieces with intricate details that I’veseen very rarely take an entire year to finish, unless she’s really that fucking slow

No. 1887598


Agreed, I have my whole back done and I did it in 5 days in a row. And considering she works part time they could have one session a week and be done in a month. Look at Monami, her husband is a tattoo artist and basically covered her whole body in a few months

No. 1887659

fucking yikes, given what we’ve seen of her work i don’t see it turning out as badass as he’d like to believe, if it even happens. he claimed she was going to be doing one of his legs but they’re bare in the pic above.

what happened to getting the other side of his face tattooed? finishing the stomach? whatever other plans he had he was totally going to use for content?

all that money he spent on shitty avatars, gaming gear and paying rent on a studio and he’s got a bunch of cringe to reflect on forever while crying over the loss of clair and formulating his new passion.

No. 1887707

File: 1692910553718.jpg (150.74 KB, 1080x472, Screenshot_20230824-135242_X.j…)

He really thought he could leech Kitty's Twitch followers, it's the only explanation as to why he's parasitically latched himself to someone so lame. And now that it's not happening fast enough, he wants to give up.

No. 1887728

It's funny how it probably worked in reverse. Kitty gets more views on twitch than Jake does and seems to be getting more followers/subscribers lately while Jake is still slowly bleeding his.

No. 1887756

File: 1692913953431.jpeg (760.45 KB, 2048x2048, C22BD7F1-5E86-4F2C-B9CF-940823…)


Looks like it’s members only. 71 viewers.

His views compared with Kayas are pitiful.

No. 1887846

LMAO evidently! he thought he had a rich ride or die super fan who would fund his lifestyle. he is so delusional he thinks he has whatever it takes to gain and appeal to viewers who could easily afford to drop $1K a day. like the wealthy don't have better things to do. he is going to be in Shein clothes for the rest of his life. it's so hilarious.

No. 1888138

>>1886746 all these holidays and not a single one with the kid? Makes sense for them though, a kid would cramp their style of getting drunk everyday and sitting on concrete blocks. A kid would actually want to go and do things. On another note, I have a strong feeling Joke is going to start hitting the credit cards. I am sure he would rather do that than give up the rented studio and other crap. Will want to protect his ego for as long as possible.

No. 1888215

These holidays are pretty obviously just little sex getaways with a side of drinking and sitting at the beach. It's all they seem to do anywhere they go. Not sure why they even bother traveling to do it when the galgorm is right there? I think it's mostly just a status thing? But it's actually kind of embarrassing when he already admitted that he intentionally booked the cheapest places, the cheapest times of the year, and then wore nothing but the ugliest shein clothing the whole trip.

Also think he's likely already doing that. With Clair out of the picture he's broke. His YT views and Patreon subs bring in very little money anymore, the snacc subs and donations were literally the only thing keeping him afloat and those numbers are dwindling too. He doesn't get sponsorships anymore, no one except absolute nobodies want to be anywhere near him or collab. It's been a hilariously slow and agonizing "career" death watching him reduce himself to a VR clown making bussy jokes and fake flirting with a fat neckbeard American hiding behind a catboy png.

No. 1888320

He's such a fucking log kek. He looks like an off-brand cereal box with little size 6 feet.

No. 1888383

File: 1693007026486.jpg (226.21 KB, 1080x1847, 20230825_164403.jpg)

She even wore makeup to give birth kek. And the MySpace angle selfie while laying in a hospital bed is so funny. I'm scared to know what she must look like without makeup if she goes through such lengths to never be seen without it.

No. 1888387

So Isaac's birthday is in three days then or? How nice of them to go on a nearly week long vacation without him just before his birthday. Wonder if Jake will make more playdough genitals at Isaac's 4th birthday party this year too.

No. 1888388

Fucking hell, I'd love to see the picture of her face after giving birth with everything running down kek
In all honesty she probably looks totally normal which is the saddest thing for most makeup addicts. Makeup making up for a lack of self love, validation in the form of men, it's no wonder she's with Jake still. Dean probably wasn't perfect but she really threw herself at the worst person if you've got low self esteem. He's gonna widdle away at her like he did Kaya until he can freely rage out around the house again

No. 1888453


No. 1888541

yeah, most families bring their children on vacation. it's really selfish not to. I feel sad for Isaac. I get that kids get in the way of "adult fun" but traveling to another country to be away from your kid just for leisure is difficult for most moms, so kat seems even more evil and skanky for being happy to dump her toddler son Isaac to pretend to be child-free with Jake and make porno and fuck drunkenly.
gross visuals. apologies.

No. 1888543

these types of women wear makeup to bed or at least until their partner falls asleep. they can't be caught without it. their self esteem is entirely caught up in being "hot" and it's a vicious cycle because makeup isnt great for skin and so she is probably hiding a lot of texture issues or discoloration, clogged pores, etc. skin needs to breathe. it's ok if you don't wear makeup like an insane person to give birth or to work out. nobody cares.

No. 1888547

File: 1693034077577.png (24.15 KB, 593x512, kpofholiday.png)

Apparently she "needs another holiday to recover from this one". Exactly how much were kat and jake drinking on that concrete slab of a "beach" for her to feel like she needs to "recover"? Awful thing to say just a week before your kids birthday too.

No. 1888549

File: 1693034161157.png (910.58 KB, 512x911, kptattoos.png)

Considering how heavily she tends to edit her face these days she's obviously very insecure. She never used to be this bad about it either, dating Jake seems to have that effect. Probably all the "jokes" he makes about her being an "old lady" getting under her skin.

No. 1888585

>>1888453 pinched from some clever nonnies who named him joke the broke in the last thread, kek kek.
>>1888541 and yeah exactly. It is fine to have some adult only holidays as a parent here and there but every single one? It is really selfish and sad. Sadly I don't think skat has the imagination or interest to want to show him all the cool things in the world. She is too busy worshipping / placating the stump

No. 1888614

Three day labour though, what a nightmare
Taking a toddler on your booze n sex holiday seems unwise, (he might get hurt or trafficked/stolen while they're passed out) plus the kid was probably glad for the break from Jake

No. 1888697

she literally has stick figure legs

No. 1888798

True but does every holiday need to be a booze and sex holiday after more than a year together? It’s not like they don’t live together and don’t get time for date nights.
Such an “ideal elegant and beautiful body type.” I thought she looked better in her “model pics” before dating jake when she had some kind of muscle definition. Jake probably has her anorexic with all his out bursts about hating fat women and women with curves. her twig legs are all she has to offer…. I remember the time jake said he liked kaya’s long legs when she was “tall and slim.”

No. 1888900

File: 1693086848425.jpg (479.19 KB, 1080x1884, 20230826_145421.jpg)

Nitpick but I hate this duckface/prolapse lips face that she ALWAYS makes. It makes her look so vapid.

No. 1888921

I maintain my theory that Jake has already gone back to a regular job, or at the very least has been going on interviews. I really doubt we would get an official announcement until quite a while after he's been back in the workforce, if ever. He'd want to project the image that he's still popular enough for his content to pay his bills.

No. 1888960

I'd love your theory to be true!

No. 1889022

File: 1693108497462.png (810.55 KB, 904x384, filters.png)

She does it to hide her laugh lines and jowls since the asian beauty filter can only do so much. She definitely erased her undereye bags and enlarged her eyes here too.

He probably was hoping Clair could fund him until one of his stupid shorts went viral, but his humor is so terribly outdated and the man is so out of touch with current media it was never going to happen. I think he's likely going through a bit of a depressive phase where he's not going to be doing as much, like earlier in the month when he was mass canceling streams for no reason. Probably going to lean on the credit cards in the meantime and apply to a few jobs he thinks he deserves, but absolutely isn't qualified for. I foresee a somewhat Onision-esqe decline (minus the issues with minors) resulting in him having to downsize in the not too distant future while his fanbase dwindles even further to just his most loyal snaccs.

No. 1889023

that would be sweet. idk if he would just die quietly, though. I think there would be some attempt to make a come back as a Born Again who learned the error of his prideful ways, maybe self flagellate for views, get sober (or pretend he is), talk about how his desperation for fame and fortune made him broke and ruined his relationship (if kat stays with him, she'll be painted as an innocent victim who he should have made priority as his built-in family, but luckily she has a heart of gold and stood by his side though he blew his savings on VR equipment and crap for his failed music career). as much as I hate Joke and Skat, I imagine them together because he doesn't have any better option as a broke, ugly, problematic midget, at least in Ireland, and she is too insecure to demand better for herself probably due to her age and motherhood. too little too late. the best way would be to just live his life in obscurity. let's hope they do that.

No. 1889035

File: 1693110599047.png (31.33 KB, 552x688, jakestats.png)

He's all about appearances and respect, so he's definitely going to try to keep it under wraps that his career is failing. He's already switching back to doing face videos to try to slow the bleed of his old fans since they liked that material better. We saw him do similar when he realized his makeupless react videos performed horribly too (or his motorcycle riding ones). He's not going to go quietly, but likely will just keep trying new gimmicks hoping something will stick all the while silently selling off equipment, toys, etc. to stay afloat. The studio is going to have to go at some point and then maybe we'll even see them move. I know nonnas have pointed out how ridiculously cheap his rent is at their current place though, so he might be kind of locked in there for good as he wouldn't really be able to afford someplace else. I still think Kat is going to jump ship at some point, but probably not until Jake has nothing else to offer her. She can still get the occasional budget holiday right now on top of apparent shien hauls which seems to suffice. As soon as a "better" alternative man crosses her path at work, she'll be gone. It's the end of the month so we'll probably see a nice dip in his subs again across accounts in September. Can't wait for his Patreon to sink under 50 subscribers. kek

No. 1889279

File: 1693171713702.png (121.52 KB, 331x352, streamschedule.png)

He's supposed to be streaming on Youtube right now, but he's either not showing up at all or running late. There's no announcements about him canceling his YT stream today or anything anywhere either (IG, Twitter, Discord, etc). So much for streaming being "the most fun he's ever had" and "his passion". As soon as Clair left he's barely showing up anymore.

No. 1890189

I knew that the weird fetish shit he was doing for Clair was going to be the final nail in the coffin of his channel. It basically gave all the snaccs who hated the VR content but were staying out of (misplaced) loyalty an excuse to leave.

No. 1890307

3 WHOLE DAYS in labor just wow lmao no wonder her self esteem is on the floor.Imagine going through that for some ugly fat moid's shitty genes.

No. 1890377

File: 1693350545080.png (818.21 KB, 496x884, kat.PNG)

Pores? We don't know her.

No. 1890378


The other nonna's were right, Jake mentally checking out of the new dad role he put himself in. Can't even be bothered to join her with dropping her son to school.

No. 1890381


Can hardly recognize her sheesh

No. 1890418

Didn't boast about any over the top, dangerous birthday presents this year either

No. 1890626

Didn't bother to screencap it, but Kat posted multiple photos in celebration of Issacs's 4th birthday the other day and Jake was completely radio silent. He streamed on Twitch (completely unscheduled and unpromoted) that day too. He hasn't been posting to any of his social medias at all actually, his last twitter post was August 22nd to promote a stream and he hasn't made an IG story update since returning from holiday despite streaming a few times since. It's odd that he keeps streaming to Twitch after saying he wouldn't due to low viewership, especially when it isn't on his schedule to and at times he isn't supposed to either. It really feels like he's slowly giving up and falling into a depressive episode lately. You reap what you sow I suppose.

No. 1890640

She’s in the passenger seat nonna, Jake is driving

No. 1890714

Her wrinkles are so obvious even with the heavy fondation and filters kek put on some sunscreen and retinol at least if you really want to stay youthful instead of calling some ugly ass midget daddy

No. 1890735

File: 1693402333895.jpg (3.35 MB, 4619x2598, 3-13-076.jpg)

I am revolted at how greasy and stringy this guys hair is, he looks like he hasn't used soap in months

No. 1890802

its amazing how being with an ugly manlet who has no respect for women can age someone. that, and drinking. shes too dumb to figure this out though

No. 1890819

>>1890626 I might be being stupid, but I couldn't find his jester jake channel on yt, didn't he have one on there?

No. 1890908

File: 1693428474774.png (386.37 KB, 836x833, kittynew.png)

Zombieguts made Kitty a new avatar and it's actually nicely animated and drawn even if the overall design is very "weeb's first deviantart OC". It looks like she's charging anywhere from $5500 to $8000 for the model alone (well over Jake's $2k limit previously set on his prior avatars), and they have to pay someone else for or do the rigging themselves. I fully suspect that Jake was trying to weasel in and make nice with Kitty's group to try to get free or discounted art from Zombieguts and mooch off his girlfriend's (chocovania) decent sized fanbase. Instead it looks like he only managed to bleed some of his snaccs to Kitty. kek

I can't seem to find it, but I've had difficulty finding it before. His tiktok and twitch username is still "itsjesterjake", but he hasn't bothered to update the tiktok since July. He's supposed to stream today on Twitch at 4pm CT (in like 10 minutes) but considering how sporadic he's been streaming and where, who knows if he's actually going to show up.

No. 1890927

File: 1693430656669.webm (2.4 MB, 680x720, 2023-08-30 16-03-05 (1).webm)

Jake hasn't bothered to show up to his own scheduled stream time again, but he did post this to Instagram. To be a fly on the wall of that house right now.

No. 1890950

He absolutely does look greasy, though his face actually isn’t too bad. He just has the look of someone who spends most of their time in a dark room with no air ventilation.

No. 1890951

>It looks like she's charging anywhere from $5500 to $8000 for the model alone
So retarded weebs are willing to pay thousands for some Deviant Art level OC artwork? Looks like I'm in the wrong business.
>mooch off his girlfriend's (chocovania) decent sized fanbase
Not to derail too much but Chocovania is a TIM, he got clocked a few threads back.

No. 1890952

Considering how much time Jake has been spending trying to create his own avatars, I wonder if he’s planning to try to do it “professionally”. I think that given time, he would be able to do that. That said, I have no doubt that whatever he comes up with would look over-designed and tacky as hell. And he would no doubt hate it, because it would involve other people telling him what to do.

No. 1890953

>though his face actually isn’t too bad
He looks like a caveman to me, certainly no anime pretty boy

No. 1890984

In typical Jake fashion, he has since deleted it.
Thank you for catching this nonna.

No. 1890987


His sense of entitlement is showing.

No. 1890990

>considering how sporadic he's been streaming and where, who knows if he's actually going to show up.

This leads me to believe the other nonna's speculation of him starting a local job outside the home more likely.

No. 1891018

From memory Jake said he spent most of Isaac's birthday playing video games with him. I'm not the biggest fan of kids getting a heap of screen time before the age of 5 but it's probably the only way Jake will tolerate spending time with him. I hope Isaac doesn't turn into a mini Jake, locking himself in his bedroom and playing vidya by himself all day.
Here it is nonita. For some reason if you forget the @ symbol the link doesn't work. I guess it might be a feature with newer Youtube channels?
I agree that he's not hideous (honestly neither is Jake when he has eyebrows). It's just annoying that he says that he has a sailor's mouth as a caveat to yell whatever sexist slurs and insults he wants during streams.
Inb4 he commits violence? Yikes
I can't see him mingling with the unworthy and unwashed masses of Belfast. If he did pick up a side gig I bet it's virtual.

No. 1891030

So obviously butthurt by kayas plushie

No. 1891036

Can’t get the video to play. What is it?

No. 1891039

A nonna took a screen recording of a reel Jake shared in his Instagram stories. It's some podcast bro that says, 'I don't care what anyone says, good people get tired of being good to ungrateful people. You can be the nicest person in the world but eventually you're gonna hit your threshold and you're gonna say enough is enough'

No. 1891042

You can just tell how bad he must smell just from that picture

Of course it's always shit people that repost that quote

No. 1891094

That cat plush is adorable (I’m aware this is no Kaya thread)

No. 1891107

File: 1693455913245.png (89.34 KB, 810x574, jake_august.png)

A little autistic (and I'm sorry this is an mspaint eyesore kek), but I've been keeping track of when he streams thanks to his automated discord bot. He's taken 16 days off this month including the vacation. His main source of income now that Clair is gone is probably his YouTube "snacc" subs, but I'm sure those are dwindling down due to inactivity as he's only streamed 4 out of the promised 13 YouTube streams so far this month (there's one last one scheduled tomorrow 4-8pm CT). Beyond that he's making very little off Patreon and Youtube now, a maximum of $883, which makes the more realistic median something like $441. With no sponsorships and very few donations these days he's definitely making less than minimum wage now. It's very possible he's looking for a job, but I'd be surprised if he has one already considering he probably has unrealistic standards in comparison to his actual work experience.

I don't think this one has to do with Kaya's plushie tbh, but I'm sure he's going to be extremely livid when he sees it get fully funded. It's already at 50% funded only a day or two in. Something tells me this was either aimed at snaccs not giving him the support he feels he deserves or maybe even something more personal. Really hope Kat isn't letting this angry manlet punch holes in doors and terrorize her and the kid just because people won't give him money for making endless poop and fart jokes anymore.

No. 1891108

Good people don't need to convince people that they're good. Also that's a fucked up mindset. "I'm a good person and if you don't think so, I'm going to take it out on you"

No. 1891135

File: 1693462108408.png (542.01 KB, 528x741, kittyvsjake.png)

Noticed something funny. Even though Kitty has 10k less followers on Twitter, he got 450+ more likes on his post than Jake did on his. I know Jake is still liking and sharing kitty's posts at times, but this has got to be getting under his skin at this point.

No. 1891141

I can absolutely see this being directed either at Kaya ( she answered an ask recently about how to get over a breakup with " get under someone better jk jk" or something to that affect) or his audience which is funny coming from the most ungrateful inconsiderate entitled piece of shit on the platform, he really thinks he's owed gratitude for his mediocre content. The man genuinely believes he deserves to be famous. There's something so delicious about his vtuber friend getting significantly more engagement than he is considering how obvious it is that Jake thinks he's superior. His whole vtubing pivot has been a costly disaster. I also agree he's definitely trying to use kitty and his connections to get free work done for his avatar, I wouldn't trust anyone like Jake to be an actual friend given how often he talks about not needing them and how frequently he loses the ones he does claim to have. Kitty, if you read here: get outta there while you can. He will bleed you dry or bring you down to his subterranean levels.

No. 1891151

File: 1693470625456.jpg (152.37 KB, 1080x1885, WydP5YH.jpg)

I got a screenshot of said IG story which a.) adds to the mountain of evidence that Kaya is dating the Duke and b.) is another subtle dig at Jake.
I understand that very few people remain sexually attracted to each other in a 10yr+ relationship which saw both parties change a lot in physical appearance (namely weight) and aesthetic/style (many, many unflattering choices were made) but still, it's been funny to see them go after each other's appearance post break-up in the most ruthless and public ways.

No. 1891185

The hilarious part is his predicament is all his own fault. Anyone who does not know him can not see his lives. Even if they would like his content they would never know unless they accidentally find him live. It looks like he does nothing on twitch.

No. 1891188

He wouldn't listen to people telling him not do certain things because it would ruin him, I can't find the tweet where he said he wouldn't listen.

His own arrogance has been his downfall, and its hilarious!

No. 1891195

>good people
>requires gratitude for your ""goodness""
yeah good people don't keep a tally of their good deeds and don't expect anything back, transactional ragemonkeys like Jake do though

Hope he is enjoying seeing Kaya's plushie quickly meet its sales goal and her vagueposting about being under "hotter people" kek

No. 1891240

Uhoh Kat, sounds like you'd best get out before there isn't even a studio to shelter the winter in

No. 1891256

Tinfoiling here but I think Kaya's ex-boyfriend has almost no income and no savings and Kat is having to pay more bills than she expected and is getting annoyed. Jake will ofcourse see this as her being ungrateful because he was paying for so much the first year and he got such a nice house and studio complex (that he can't afford) for her to use. Such an ungrateful bitch. lmao

No. 1891317

I do think he could still save himself from the death spiral, but only if he actually admits to, and says sorry for, all the crap he has done over the years - and also manages to find a way to renengage his lapsed snaccs (maybe by ditching all the vr and finding a new 'Goff' form of content for his channel, like makeup tutorials or something.) But it would all depend on him being able to make a credible-sounding apology, and that's the only thing he can't fake… his ego would never let him

No. 1891323

It was all so avoidable! He was warned that what he’s done would tank his ‘career’ but no, he just had to go full arsehole on his ex, get his crusty dick out on the internet and ditch a format that was working for him in favor of some VR bollocks no one wants to watch. He’s his own worst enemy.

No. 1891328

>Really hope Kat isn't letting this angry manlet punch holes in doors and terrorize her and the kid
I hope he is doing that already.Pick me's deserve what they get for fucking over other women for a crumb of worthless dick cheese IDGAF.

No. 1891362

You're fucking retarded. It's not kids fault that his mom is a pickme, he don't deserve all of this.(infighting)

No. 1891368

Listen you fucking retard you frequent a gossip site nobody gives a shit about your poor attempts at virtue signaling.I hope skat pays well for fucking a woman over like that and for someone like fake out of all people it's going to be very satisfying. Not anyone's fault that the kid's parents are a couple of retarded assholes allowing their spawn to live with someone well known for severe anger issues especially after being warned by his ex directly.Fuck Skat and her scrotling.(embarrassing)

No. 1891369

Imagine being so pressed over some lolcows. Pull out your butt plug and learn to have fun you loser

No. 1891372

Imagine trying to act all hollier than thou on lolcow over some retarded pick me's scrotling kek
I am having fun actually.Watching this shit show go down has been fun can't wait for shit to go down further and he starts punching holes in doors and making her cry in a corner tho

No. 1891379

Sure, Jan

Ok, back on track. After some nonnies presumed that Jake is working somewhere, I keep thinking, were he could work? I mean, look at him: unlikable, useless, dumb and angry. I'm sure he won't listen to superiors, couldn't communicate with clients and have crooked hands.
I bet even Tesco and McDonalds don't want him.

No. 1891381

The irony is that if he had stuck to VR silent hill and actually had made the videos interesting or actually about silent hill beyond "hey watch me point at pixels and go 'oh wow'" his audience probably would have enjoyed the content and he could have increased his potential fans by drawing in the quite deprived for content silent hill fans. Instead he managed to sink lower than reaction videos and lost more snacks by trying to make weird porn
Uber meal delivery?

No. 1891432

Does not help that no one can see any of his content except for the react vids on youtube. He should at least leave his streams up for a month before he privates them for patreon or whatever.

No. 1891441

he also removed all the clips from his Twitch after insisting his viewers take clips for him

No. 1891444

File: 1693522084121.png (878.15 KB, 720x1076, Screenshot_20230831-235019.png)

No. 1891552

I find it interesting that he is using the alchemical symbol with his hands that represent the union of opposites, example: male and female, sky and earth.

Commonly seen on the androgynous statue of Baphomet.

Of course, with his narcissistic nature, he probably doesn't understand what it means and using it to appeal to the younger generation.

No. 1891573

It’s as above so below anon

No. 1891574

When did Fake become spiritual kek

No. 1891575

>It's as above so below
Yes my friend. That's the literal meaning of "alchemical symbol of the union of opposites".

I'm very happy other nonna's know this.

To be fair nonna, I don't think he is. But I could very well be wrong.

No. 1891581

Didn't Silent Hill have a deity based on Baphomet called the Incubus? I don't play the games but maybe he saw the symbols there first.

No. 1891582

He's been repping Satanic symbols sometimes for a while but has never talked about Satanism or concepts like as above so below, as far as I know. So it's probably just for the image, kind of like how he used ouiji board imagry but doesn't believe is ghosts.

No. 1891592

File: 1693539563581.png (1.17 MB, 1341x859, jakescowl.png)

Only managed to catch a portion of the stream but here's a recap of what I did catch:
>Streaming to 16-28 viewers, no donations were made while I was watching within a 2 hour span.
>Jake claims he moved out and paid for a house all by himself at 18
>Complains about the cost of everything going up, bills, flights, etc.
>Says he wanted to leave the UK but "now he can't"
>Says "and that's why we're all broke" in regards to the cost of living
>Blames youtube for his failing channel and low views, says youtube is dying
>Seems really fixated on how large American houses are in comparison to European homes
>Complains how Europeans all speak different languages but "Americans all speak English"
>Continues to glorify American living despite saying it's a shitshow in the USA
>Said he used to pay only $350 rent for a three bedroom (10 years ago) and complained about how he can't find a place that cheap anymore
>Complains his current energy bill is half as much as his current rent is
>Talks about how much he hated working a regular job (mentions the call center and Apple store jobs)
>Jake gushes about Kat doing all the house cleaning including his laundry
>Jake says his responsibility is to "work as much as possible and make sure the bills are paid"
>Says new movies are all bad, he and Kat only watch 80s movies lately
>Says Kat watches a lot of reality tv and he doesn't like any of it
>Says he's "very much a liberal", but repeats various conservative talking points

Tbh, I kind of stopped paying much attention at the tail-end because he was just droning on and on about danny elfman being overrated or something and some nonsense about fighting game characters. I was surprised when he claimed he had his own place at 18 though, wasn't he kicked out and moved in with Kaya's family or was he older than that when they got together and he moved in? I can never remember the exact timelines. Also kek at him endlessly bitching about bills, basically admitting he's gone broke, and the fact that Kat does all the housekeeping including his laundry. Also kind of figures she's into reality TV, despite her "alternative" styling she really does seem incredibly basic.

No. 1891616

>Jake gushes about Kat doing all the house cleaning including his laundry
kek fake is so open about seeing women as nothing but maids and fleshlights.Scrotes will be scrotes.

No. 1891628

File: 1693546044609.png (1.26 MB, 1544x863, jakesnaccs2monthsago.png)

Just noticed the "snacc count" and could have sworn he had a bunch before. Went looking in the old threads and just two months ago on Twitch his "snacc count" was at 476. While today he's only at 96? Is it Youtube's fault that his VR career on Twitch is tanking too? kek

No. 1891636

File: 1693547537023.png (721.42 KB, 1057x603, YTsnaccs.png)

Tried to find out what his current number of "snaccs" or paid subscribers on YouTube are for comparison, but since he hasn't been streaming there much lately I couldn't really find anything. However, in the old threads I did find screencaps from 7 months and 2 months ago showing his dwindling numbers there too. If he's at something like 300 subs now, he might still be making around $1k off his YT snacc subs. Twitch takes a larger percentage though, so he's likely only getting around $240 this month from those subs. Not sure why he's so determined to keep streaming on Twitch when that isn't even where the money is at for him. It's almost like he wants to fail.

Couple this information with >>1891107 we can assume he's getting something like $1,500-$2,000 this month, not including any of the small donations he gets from stream to stream. It's really no wonder he spent half his stream stressing about bills and rent.

No. 1891659

this made me LOL. she is as delusional about pulling off a "Lolita" or "Coquette" resemblance as Jake is about appearing to be "hunky British goth lad" who is "5'10".

No. 1891667

and just how happy she sounds giggling with her friend! meanwhile all he can do is post passive aggressive quotes about reaching his limit of being "mr. nice guy." rageaholics are not nice lol, what a sad moron.

No. 1891673

does he speak any other language other than English? awww good for Kat, she's signed up for a relationship full of unpaid emotional labor. what a good woman. no wonder she drinks so much and watches reality TV, that's what bored depressed housewives in the US do. but she still has to work… that's too bad. so much for upgrading into fortune and fame. I know it's good to make your own money but I don't think Jake is letting her keep it for a very rainy day or for Isaac's future. I would NEVER commingle with a broke ass boyfriend.
and he is failing his manly job of making sure all the bills are paid.
his ideal division of labor "woman cleans, men pay" is very Conservative sexist bullshit.

No. 1891678

File: 1693557438257.jpeg (605.1 KB, 2048x2048, ECB5BC97-8CF5-4742-BB43-6B213A…)

Not only is it looking like Kayas plush will get funded (over 50% with 19 days to go) her latest video to announce the plushie has out performed his most recent in 2 days. Turns out people want the wholesome cat stuff don’t they Fake? Not some tit raging behind an avatar.


Of course he gushes about Kat doing all the housework. That’s what women are for isn’t Jake? He’s so transparent.


$1500 - $2000 works out at around £1183-£1577. $240 at £189. Not enough to live on that’s for sure. I always wondered why he always prices things in dollars, I thought it was because a huge chunk of his audience are American, now I think it’s because it makes him sound better off.


He’s not spiritual, he’s a really obnoxious kind of atheist, which makes it even more hilarious that he’s shacked up with a priests daughter.

No. 1891709

>>1891592 ok so, she does all the cleaning and everything but still works? I assume she does pretty much all the childcare too (remember when jake used to say him and Kat we're both 'co-parenting' the kid? He doesn't boast about that anymore kek.) Wow Kat, way to degrade yourself. There is no way she is getting enough time and gifts from Joke to make this in any way worth it. Looks like what he really wanted Kaya to do was ALL of the housework, and not just her share.

No. 1891765


He wants to be mothered I reckon. Clean up after him, cook his meals, do his laundry, listen to him drone on endlessly. His mummy issues are glaringly obvious at this point.

No. 1891805

she's a bangmaid that also has to work and a single mum kek not sure if tracing coloring books should be counted as a real job tho they really deserve each other that troon the duke sounds like an upgrade compared to fake at least he's tall and isn't openly sexist

No. 1891852

Most of the ranting was about how hard it is to be the man in a relationship with many references to being the breadwinner and having to clean after work - this confirmed to me that the reel he posted a couple of days ago was about Kaya.
I love that he forgot to mention he went on welfare for a year to goof off and make music and lived in Kaya's Dad's house from 2013-2016, probably paying little to no rent. He may not have been quite as useless as Kaya but he still fucked up a lot and benefited from support.
>Jake gushes about Kat doing all the house cleaning including his laundry
Kat's gonna get tired of washing your skid-marked underwear and become increasingly resentful that you spend all your time on a dying V-tubing career instead of working a real job
>Says he's "very much a liberal", but repeats various conservative talking points
When he started talking about movies I could immediately tell he'd been watching The Critical Drinker - he called the Barbie movie anti-men even though he hadn't watched it or read in-depth reviews and praised Oppenheimer because it was 'nice to see Hollywood finally show smart men on screen' lolwut (once again he admitted he hadn't watched it).
>I was surprised when he claimed he had his own place at 18
He moved to Belfast in mid-2010 and initially lived in Kaya's Dad's house before eventually moving into his own place in October that year (according to Kaya's old LiveJournal). He was technically 19 at the time and bouncing between jobs. All the while Kaya was living at her Mum's where she was supposed to finish college but she kept staying over at Jake's and eventually dropped out of her studies. This was the place that had the years long accruing electricity bill which he complained about having to pay yet in older videos he said the costs were eventually waived…there's inconsistency with his story.

No. 1891876

Samefag. I meant to say they lived in Kaya's Dad's house from 2015 to 2016

No. 1891939

Sorry! I'm that anon and did it in American dollars by default. I don't know what the cost of living or even minimum wage is in the UK, but 2k usd a month is minimum wage where I'm from. Any UK anons have any insight on this? I can't imagine he's going to be able to keep "paying all the bills" making so little even if his rent is unusually low. He has another holiday planned for February 2024, I have to wonder if his money issues are going to become more obvious by then.

No. 1891972

I mean it's a given that tims are sexist cos they transition based on a very coombrained caricature idea of a woman, yeah though at least kaya isn't stuck doing all his cooking and cleaning with a kid in tow while he rages on his computer all day, bleak.

No. 1892074

File: 1693615361289.png (775.35 KB, 486x886, for now.PNG)

Probably not for long, Kat.

No. 1892115

File: 1693620745189.webm (2.73 MB, 720x1280, B540A28D0B93F23A06B4AF1309DF74…)

Ngl, with all the pole posting she does, I thought she'd at least be halfway decent at it, but I'll let this video speak for itself. kek

No. 1892127

he claimed to be teaching himself japanese and wanted to learn spanish (possibly other languages) to be able to have basic convo while traveling.

No. 1892168

File: 1693628079362.jpg (1.55 MB, 1080x1920, KIRxQEk.jpg)

I went to check up on Clair and saw the artwork she made for her YT profile pic. I guess this is a depiction of when she shat on the floor and the dog ate her shit? Poor Zena, you deserved better girl.
Clair sounds very unwell…maybe she got sectioned?

No. 1892177

it seems unsteady, did they buy it off aliexpress or from spencer's? This isn't something i'd feel comfortable being upside down on kek

No. 1892305

The cost of living in the UK is low compared to the US (even with currency conversion) however wages are lower, and Jake insists on having a large house, studio, bikes, holidays, new tech equipment, drinking, etc all of which adds up. Man has never lived frugally and 1.5k or whatever he is netting every month is not really enough for the lifestyle he tries to have.

No. 1892309

That looks… awkward.

No. 1892618

Is claire still absent from stream then?

No. 1892757

It's built into a big platform and should be steady, but she's throwing her weight around rather awkwardly which is why it's looking so wobbly in the clip.

This is actually something Jake drew her in a VRchat doodle world which makes it more hilariously sad. You can see the rest of the world in the background. Also, no recent Clair sightings still. I peeked around her other social media and everything hasn't been updated in months now. She still has her husband listed as her husband, but he doesn't seem very active online either, so the divorce tinfoil might have some merit still.

No. 1893197

File: 1693811752159.png (1.14 MB, 727x913, kpaineofx.png)

Jake is right back into skipping scheduled stream days. Silence across all his social media per the usual too. Kat blessed us with this awful selfie promoting her OF at least. These two are always so boring on the weekends, guess that's a side effect of when you don't ever go out or have any irl friends though.

No. 1893250

She looks like an actual troon and i'm not even trying to be mean kek

No. 1893393

File: 1693877484272.png (841.43 KB, 508x913, girlsday.png)

Jake skipped streaming again today, no sign of him on instagram, twitter, or discord. Kat had a "girls day" though which was apparently just her and her friend eden pole dancing together at jake's grubby studio. Really have got to wonder where Jake has been lately. Starting to really believe the job tinfoil.

No. 1893398

File: 1693877815779.png (400.33 KB, 509x911, girlsdaykek.png)

ngl, kat's body looks very different in this clip she shared compared to the "girls day" selfie too. At first I thought eden was heavier than her, but they actually look pretty close in shape and size in the video.

No. 1893400

File: 1693878418295.png (1.1 MB, 963x794, kateden.png)

No. 1893401

File: 1693878482331.png (Spoiler Image,99.75 KB, 453x374, 2389234yu2w3yhui.png)

guess they don't clean the floors there ever judging by eden's filthy feet

No. 1893703

The second image she looks pregnant in that angle

No. 1893842

I hope she is that would be the nail on her pick me ass bitch coffin kek

No. 1893961

File: 1694024065856.png (364.22 KB, 508x816, 238478923.png)

Kat uploaded another clip of her pole dancing. Judging by the bottles of liquor and beer littering the place I think she's just bloated. Massive kek at Jake calling this body type "slender and elegant" though.

No. 1893975

File: 1694025263519.png (524.27 KB, 512x913, crymore.png)

Jake hasn't streamed in days now, but he has finally updated his instagram story and it's with a salty millennial meme of course. Hilarious how he's so bitter at zoomers when the meme is clearly made by a millennial and for millennials.

Pretty sure he's slowly giving up. No new video in nearly two weeks. He skipped a total of 15 scheduled streams last month, so over 50% of what he's previously promised. Already skipped 4-5 a week into this month depending on if he bothers to stream later today. If he doesn't drop a new YT video today or tomorrow he'll be behind on that too. No new music since May, so he's three months behind on that. Obviously no patreon or OF updates to be seen in forever now, no tiktok updates since July, etc. I think we might be witnessing the actual end of his online career. So glad he got all those awful face tattoos and the massive headwound tattoo just in time for him to have to find a regular job.

No. 1894292

>hunky goth
I thought all of the controversy around him before these threads was because he said he hated goths and doesn't identify with them. His entire personality is fake.

No. 1894320

Wasn't it that he called himself goth to try and get on the radar but said he hated the music a bunch of times?

No. 1894481

yes, and actual goth subculture is about the music, not the fashion. you can partake in both if you want, but if you don't like the music, youre not goth whatsoever. idk what to call fake other than a pompous prick

No. 1894576

File: 1694114671260.jpg (446.85 KB, 1080x948, HuNkYbRiTiShLaD.jpg)

He's a fake goth for sure and only keeps the aesthetic for the views. He's tried to drop it and rebrand before (hunky British lad video for example kek) but his views suffered so he ultimately went back to his goffik clown paint. I think it's why he saw vtubing as the ultimate solution, he can just make himself a "hunky" goth boy avatar to hide behind while he chavs it up behind the scenes, but we've all seen how wonderfully that failed. The way he has been dressing lately too >>1886746 is hardly goth. He has no genuine interest in the subculture whether it's the music or the fashion. It was only ever for the attention it got him.

No. 1894578

Samefag but just realizing how funny it is in hindsight that 22k used to be "low views" for him considering where he's at now. Bet he'd kill to have a video break 20k views now.

No. 1894595

I’ve never watched one of his videos but seeing the title be HUNKY TATTOOED BRITISH LAD just absolutely sent my sides to space. Hunky????? In what universe kek

No. 1894669

I really need Jake to just get a Second Life account and go be a horny avatar on there. At least you can manipulate some babygirls into being pay pigs on there for a good avatar and maybe some real money.

No. 1894761

File: 1694135281792.png (738.08 KB, 852x811, kat.png)

Did Kat forget which account she should have posted it on?

If not, then can only imagine a seething Jake kek or he must not be giving her much attention these days

No. 1894777


No. 1894783

kek at the dirty feet

No. 1894832

theyre so gross. slovenliness is not sexy. all that effort and can't even make sure your feet are clean for a pic. and I thought Jake gushed over kat because she does all the cleaning… everything but the floors, evidently.
she is so thirsty for attention, it's sad.

No. 1894866

Too drunk to bother cleaning first probably. >>1893961

No. 1894899

tbf what the hell is he not doing when he's not streaming that he can't mop or something considering she does all the childcare and feeding stuffs it seems at the very absolute least

No. 1895228

He said it's his job to "work all the time" to "make sure the bills are paid" on stream just last month. Not sure how he's going to do that with on only 1.5-2k a month and only streaming once this month. Doubt he has a job already, but I bet he's looking. Not sure what he'd be qualified for and with all those doodles on his face and neck, he's probably pretty limited on who would even hire him. Feel like we're in the eye of the storm right now in regards to his downward spiral.

No. 1895353

He posted a stream on YouTube a few hours ago, but it’s members only. The title said he cut off all his hair. Buzzed? Bald? Probably looks like shit either way.

No. 1895512

Further evidence he's job hunting. Gotta get rid of the colored mop.

No. 1895592

One month ago he while working on the "jester jake" avatar on stream he was saying how he was planning to grow his hair out like the avatar. It's extremely telling that he suddenly chopped it all off. Wonder what he plans to do about his face and head tattoos. Is he going to be going into his new min wage job with caked on foundation everywhere? kek

interesting how silent the altcows thread has been in regards to kaya this past week. Even the ig story screenshot spamming anon is mysteriously missing.

No. 1895627

Yeah, I noticed that lack of posting, too. Regarding his hair, I’m kind of wondering if he’s trying to go for that tattooed skinhead aesthetic. It would look terrible on him, but it’s def the kind of thing he’d think would make him look tough. If anyone has access to the stream, I’d love to hear what the reasoning behind it was.

No. 1895637

>It would look terrible on him
That look is horrible on anyone tbh but it would extra ugly on a fat midget like Jake

No. 1895638

Fake and his pick me doormat can't even get a minimum wage job with all the hideous tattoos and fucked up reputation not to mention Fake's anger issues that being said it would be precious seeing his ass work a minimum wage job to support some guy's kid and a cigarette breath onlyfails whore like the pathetic cuck he is especially since he told his ex that she would have to get a minimum wage job like it was the worst thing in the world lmfao

No. 1895647

Yeah I'm not sure how it is out in Ireland, but I can't imagine he would have many options as far as employment. He might be able to work at a call center again or something, but almost anywhere that is customer facing won't want someone like him working the floor or counter. Kat at least can tattoo (even if her work is questionable at best), Jake doesn't seem to have any real skills to bring to the table. Maybe if he plays nice with kat's beefcake boss he'll let him answer the phones at the shop or something. Kek

No. 1895699

Here in the states if you have a piercing or small tattoo on the face you can get away with a little bandaid on it. But Jake would need like a bandage wrapped around his head to cover the shitty tattoos. Plus a turtleneck. He could try to be a tattoo artist like Kat because that is one job you can get away with looking like that. She could teach him lol. but I'll bet her friends/coworkers already hate him so he can't go in their studio and be an apprentice.

No. 1895701

I could totally see him becoming a tattoo artist after everything else fails him. The question is, is he any good at art? Or would he inevitably fall to tracing other peoples work like scat?

No. 1895704

a vet student from Ireland said there are many farming opportunities there. she says their pig farmers are really rough around the edges (she had to learn about systems of swine production and had never been more disgusted in her life, not by the pigs but by the farmhands). I had a premonition of Jake shoveling pig shit.

No. 1895715

if he had any aptitude, we would already know about it. what little musical inclination he has he tries to show off like an idiot savant.
if he could draw he would have already tried to show kaya and kat up by now. kaya was pretty good at any art project she picked up and he seemed to sincerely compliment her. he seems proud that Kat can do what she does… he probably cannot even draw a stick figure. he would probably fuck up tracing.

No. 1895723

It's just fucking pathetic how Skat and Fake waisted their prime years despite of being privileged enough to be born in a somewhat first world country kek none of them got any education or actual careers and are stuck doing bullshit 'jobs' and selling ugly porn online i mean to be fair i don't really like kaya but her life sounds amazing compared to skat at least she didn't mutilate her body going through 3 days of labor for some butt ugly doodled up moid that looks like the bald twins in Alice in wonderland and is doing all of the childcare and house keeping for another butt ugly midget moid WHILE working part time.Honestly a woman simply living her best life without a scrote or his spawn holding her back is a winner doesn't even need to have degrees or a career to be considered one kek I almost feel bad for Skat

No. 1895724

Having watched his streams where he edits and works on the jester Jake avatar. He seems to have a basic understanding of photoshop and can edit already drawn images, but doesn't seem to have much of an artistic ability or eye himself. He's constantly trying to get free art from fans or friends of friends (kitty's crew for example). Honestly besides his piss poor attempts at nude photography, that hilarious music video he shot of himself washing up on a beach, his mediocre music and covers, etc. The only time I can think of him ever showing any kind of artistic ability is maybe when he tried to sculpt a vulva out of children's playdough at issacs 3rd birthday party. There's no way he's going to become a tattoo artist or make it through an apprenticeship.

No. 1895725

I think it's so delulu when people say kat is "a trophy girlfriend" and shit. that implies Jake is well off and she is sitting pretty. the woman has to work, gets no compensation for all the unpaid emotional labor she has to do at home for the scrote and another scrote's spawn, no awesome gifts that are JUST FOR HER not a stupid "shared experience" other than a stripper pole lmao at least jake bought kaya clothes, earrings, scooters, whatever she wanted pretty much… while kat just gets his chode in her mouth and place to live. whoop de whoop, it's not an upgrade, she still has to work her ass off if she wants a better life than this someday, and he could still dump her for someone taller, slimmer, more "elegant." I fail to see this "Big Shot and his Trophy" scenario. and I agree Kaya has the enviable life here.

No. 1895727

Kaya went on several vacations and had fun with her female friends and the troon while Skat has to fuck that midget every single vacation or getaway she gets lol she's better off alone as a single mum at this point at least she wouldn't have to clean up after that chav gordan ramsay ass

No. 1897486

Jake is streaming some Batman game on YT right now. He started 2 hours ago which would have been noon his time - such a strange time, I assume his new streams have to be scheduled around his new job. From the title it seems like it'll be a long one. Oh, and for the nonnas who were curious before - Jake's hair isn't shaved, just very short.

No. 1897487

Samefag. Here's the link.

No. 1897518

I doubt he has a job. Said there will be a new music video coming in the next few days. He whined about the state of react videos and then spend a long time looking on killstar and disturbia. Laughed at some models tatts like his are such works of art lmao

No. 1897610

He already signed off after 6 hours, so much for a "REALLY long stream". I guess compared to his two hour streams lately six might seem "really long", but if the dude can't even manage to sit and stream for eight hours, I can't imagine him trying to work a full shift at a job. He's barely streamed this month too, maybe twice a week so far? He's completely fallen off his supposed "passion project" of vtubing too.

No. 1897799

What a neanderthal looking brow ridge, does he ever get to see his lids

No. 1897840

I caught part of a stream last week where someone asked him why he was missing streams. He said he was busy working on something but from memory he didn't use the word job, training or project. He said that it 'brought peace to his life' but he asserted that he would not reveal what it is. I'm sure a couple of mods know what it is but otherwise he was extremely tight lipped and didn't give any hints of its nature to chat. I still think there's a good chance it's a side hustle of some sort, probably a few shifts of manual work or UberEats a fortnight. He could also be renting out the studio which could explain why he hasn't done a VR stream in weeks.
I also noticed he's on another fitness kick in the wake of all the boozy holidays - he was flexing a lot and talking about the gym.

No. 1897974

The way this mf looks is a red flag in itslef how can someone look at him then be like yup that's a mentally stable looking guy i should date him kek his entire look screams insecurity and mental illness.

No. 1898213

>He said that it 'brought peace to his life'
well it's not psychotherapy, probably not religion (unless it's a cult or something?)…
maybe he's struggling to keep the mask up around kat and the kid now so he's been doing some "work on himself" to placate kat? like "working" on anger management or something. Not applying himself obviously (and probably bullshit versions of actual help if he's not just spending extra time masturbating alone in VR), but paying lip service to kat but bragging to his entourage for all the credit nonetheless

No. 1898262

File: 1694727579389.jpg (686.59 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230914_224201_Ins…)

I'm willing to bet he's harassing Kaya. She's having a super stressful time and he's posting this..

No. 1898396

I wonder if he's trying to go after her for slander or something stupid in order to sue her for "damages". His little manlet ego really can't let go and he can't seem to accept that he crash and burned his own career.

No. 1898516

Highly doubtful as I’m 99% sure she has a restraining order on him as solicitors were involved

No. 1898542

oh no what's going on with her? I really want to buy one of those Sebastian cats but for $30.00?! were jakes as much? it seems so expensive for the quality. but the cat looks JUST like Sebastian and I'd love for hers to get funded while Jake's ugly e girl one failed TWICE haha. I was the anon who said they wanted to buy a couple, but looks like I'm having Jake's poverty problem and can only get one.
any other farmer's fund the cat of this cow who has passed on to greener pastures?

No. 1898555


Fuck off Duke(hi cow)

No. 1898577

lol. No.

No. 1898591

Makeship plushies are always that price. But they're one of a kind limited runs and only get made if they meet the threshold (at least 200 sold) which is why Jake's second never got made.

No. 1898608

I think he would lmao but it would be a lolsuit and nothing would come out of it except for milk and further damage to is already dead career.As for Skat what kind of self respecting woman stays with someone who's still obsessively raging over his ex posting passive agressive quotes about her even after over a year of the breakup? kek zero self respect or dignity.

No. 1898620

File: 1694778246074.jpg (76.45 KB, 586x880, E2WsvzB.jpg)

>I was the anon who said they wanted to buy a couple
Pls stop drawing so much attention to yourself

No. 1898821

>I'm obsessed with kaya's perfect plump limps mmmmmm and I want to see her do better than jake cos I just love her so much, I'm disappointed with the reality of who she really is and tell myself she's a cow in greener pastures now
>im not a whiteknight come on you guys

No. 1899034

It's almost funded. Way to go, whoever the person is from here who bought 5!

No. 1899086

I want to see it get funded just so joke can post salty insta stories and seeth lol

No. 1899101

File: 1694862542007.jpeg (564.11 KB, 1170x1983, IMG_0170.jpeg)

It’s funded.

No. 1899521

File: 1694920890448.png (651.85 KB, 496x882, Screenshot 2023-09-17 at 05-19…)

Jake finally posted something trying to be sexy. To be fair to him the fact he hid most of himself makes this picture probably the best one he's made in years. There are 2 red marks on his finger and knuckle on the hand he is holding the phone with. Are those from his shit tattoo or did he ran into another wall?

No. 1899529

The markings kinda looks like russell's sign

No. 1899537

kek, maybe he felt fat so he purged the last few days he was quiet. As if a weekend of purging could fix his body rn
Kat's probably going through some extra tough weight shaming with fake's inept need to make his insecurities his gf's problem

No. 1899540

hasn't fake even said he had an eating disorder when he was a teenager?

No. 1899549

File: 1694923567252.png (77.57 KB, 561x144, jakeED.png)

Most likely from punching doors or walls again, but I wouldn't be shocked if he did develop another ED. Last stream I caught (the batman one on Wednesday) he cracked a "joke" about "screaming at himself in the mirror" when he doesn't work out and acted like that's some kind of universal experience. He definitely has disordered eating habits (constantly fiending over fast-food and salivates anytime McDonalds is mentioned in chat), weirdly obsessed with talking about steroids on stream (he spent at least a half an hour that stream talking about it again), and being extremely fixated on literally everyone's physiques (including his parents. weird.) So binging and purging doesn't seem impossible or unrealistic given his behavior. I was working on typing up a quick rundown of that stream, but it's fairly boring and it's mostly just 6 hours of him bitching about one thing or another. I'll try to edit the notes down and drop it sometime tomorrow though since the thread has been a little slow lately.

Yeah, he even made an entire video on it a few years back.

No. 1899643

Second this, as soon as I saw it I was like lmao

No. 1899648

File: 1694949832213.png (218.08 KB, 300x406, 300px-Russell's_Sign.png)

As a retard with anger issues, those marks definitely aren't from hitting a wall. I haven't heard of Russel's signs 'til the other anon mentioned it, but I googled it and it looks just like that, picrel. Given that he's showing off his stomach after getting called fat and bloated in here a bunch, I'd bet money he's been purging.

No. 1899715

Ngl, I was pretty skeptical and just defaulted to the scenario we were most familiar with which is him punching doors. But his knuckles do look an awful lot like picrel. He also gained and lost weight very quickly last year as he was looking pretty doughy around their "sitting on a beach in Croatia" trip of 2022. But shortly after was dropping photos of him looking leaner than ever while sperging out about wanting to do steroids in stream (think it was the silent hill VR apartment reveal). Tbh kind of surprised he's not thinner or more muscled given how much he claims to be going to the gym, but I guess his junk food and alcohol diet counters any of the lifting and tinfoiled purging he may be doing he always looks weirdly bloated and undefined.

No. 1899873

I'm just lmao at how he pulled his underwear so low to look taller only to still look like a midget

No. 1899904

Dead eyes and pudgy chin lmao

No. 1900141

Why does one of his hands look chubby and stumpy and massive and the other looks like a little dainty lady hand? I get forced perspective but like, look at the fingers on the hand in the background. Maybe he's using the same filters that make Kat's legs look so long and twiggy.

No. 1900156

File: 1695014950060.png (1.16 MB, 1117x542, literallymiserable.png)


Sorry it's been forever, but here's a breakdown of his stream last Wednesday for a sneak peak at what his "content" is like lately:
> Begins stream with none of the the games he plans to play downloaded already.
> Immediately has a long drawn out meltdown over the success of "today's reaction streamers"
> Says he finished the mixing for a new single, will release it "soon" (only a few months late kek)
> says he misses making vlogs but "content with effort doesn't do well these days"
> First meltdown rant of the night about his seething hatred for zoomers and tiktok
> claims he has a huge backlog of recorded cover tracks he'll never release
> Says he can't release them because he "doesn't have a team to make videos for them"
> Says he "could do a show (concert) at any time" he wants to but he is "too busy"
> Launches into an hour long meltdown over goth fashion brands like killstar, disturbia, and others
> Says Killstar is "goth fast fashion" and "cringe". Admits he is literally wearing a killstar t-shirt while saying this. (and wears literal SHEIN lmao)
> Gets Triggered by the skinny male models on the Punk Rave site and starts making fun of their looks and tattoos
> Says that "vampire style" clothing doesn't look good on him because he is "jacked"
> Calls his current aesthetic "a fucking brawler" and "bruiser goth"
> Talks a surprising amount of shit about his lone recent sponsor, Punk Rave
> Says that he's been "spending too much time working on other things" when a snacc asked where he's been
> Says he hasn't made a new YT video because "he doesn't want to" and that "it's a lot of effort for not enough appreciation"
> Rants that "women have monopolized gothic culture"
> More bitching about alt male models, new rock boots, and zoomers.
> At this point snaccs are beginning to ASK for him to play batman in the chat. lmao
> He continues to rant about how zoomers are lazy and need to "suck it up princess"
> Goes on to shit on Disturbia clothing, calls it "zoomer fetishization of the 90s"
> Weird rant about how not even alternative women want to date alt men and that's why alt men don't exist anymore
> Brags that he's been "sent all the clothes that he wants to wear" and doesn't need to buy clothes anymore (okay shien haul king)
> More seething raged out ranting about zoomers, fashion, and his computer not loading various websites
> Somehow gets into a "I'm at that age where all my heroes are dying" rant regarding macho action movie stars
> Clearly having some crisis about aging. Visibly stressed when saying the members of Dir en grey are in their mid 40s now
> Launches into VERY long "the science of steroids" rant after someone mentions Hugh Jackman
> "The only way you can work out for more than 3 hours, you are on steroids"
> After two hours of him sperging out, he finally plays the batman game for 15 minutes before quitting
> Spends most of that time ogling Harley Quinn's ass and talking about how hard the bat mobile makes him
> Spergs out about Batman lore for longer than he bothered to play the actual game. Fav villain is Joker obviously
> Lady allura calls Jake's flabby arms "sexy". Jake ignores her since she isn't donating
> Someone donates $5 to promote their home-made makeup on etsy, Jake acknowledges them
> He starts doing weird porno moans and saying shit like "Oooou, my pussy OOooou" for some reason
> Almost an hour after quitting batman, he has downloaded and starts to play an old dino crisis game
> Spends half an hour shitting on the game and complaining how bad it is before quitting the game
> Says he hates leg day because "I usually go to the gym with my two best friends" proceeds to flex
> Launches into seething rant about how he hates any movie made after 2018
> Apparently thinks the first Iron Man movie is some kind of cinematic masterpiece lmao
> Cries about "white male characters" being bullied in media. Very upset that there are now strong female characters in film
> Seems to care entirely too much about the new Peter Pan movie (his tinkerbell kink is showing)
> Is unfamiliar with the 90's movie "hackers", ends up launching into a know-it-all "hackerz r cool" infodump no one asked for
> Goes into extreme detail on how to "hack" someone and gain access to their accounts, down to what programs to use and says "I shouldn't be telling you this" multiple times
> Finally after four hours of streaming and only 45 minutes of total gameplay. He's ready to play Cyberpunk 2077
> Spends forever making himself in character creation
> "I don't have the most defined jawline on account of my thickass fucking neck" (kek)
> Finally gets his first real donation of $20 from a snacc apologizing for not being around lately
> Spends most of his time in the game bitching about the game and ogling female characters (including a dying woman's jiggle physics)
> hour into the game and he's having multiple game pausing screaming meltdowns
> follows a random female npc and laments "you have the flattest ass, goddamn"
> doesn't read any of the tutorial pop ups, rages out anytime he gets one, freaks out in battle when he doesn't understand what's going on

I missed the very end of the stream, but over all it was just him screaming about one thing or another with a little bit of bad gameplay thrown in between the screaming seething rants. He was sniffling constantly too? All in all he had about 50-55 viewers at one point, but only made $25 in donations between two donations along with 6 gifted subs from his Mod "JadedSphinx". LMK if you want anything clipped. There were a lot more "pussy" jokes and the like, but if I highlighted them all it'd go on forever.

No. 1900207

>> Says that "vampire style" clothing doesn't look good on him because he is "jacked"
You mean cause vampires are tall and slender and he's well ….stumpy and short KEK this loser is so insecure

No. 1900214

> Rants that "women have monopolized gothic culture"
> Spends most of that time ogling Harley Quinn's ass
> Cries about "white male characters" being bullied in media. Very upset that there are now strong female characters in film
> Seems to care entirely too much about the new Peter Pan movie (his tinkerbell kink is showing)
> Cries about "white male characters" being bullied in media. Very upset that there are now strong female characters in film
> Spends most of his time in the game bitching about the game and ogling female characters (including a dying woman
> follows a random female npc and laments "you have the flattest ass, goddamn"

This manlet can't hide his misogyny and sex pest behavior even if he wanted to.

No. 1900227

im guessing he was angry drunk streaming. its no ones fault but your own Jake that youre an extremely bitter tub of lard afraid of aging. His seething hatred of women and the younger generation knows no bounds.

No. 1900230

Literally! He's so pathetic, if it was anyone else I'd feel sorry for them

No. 1900232

>"The only way you can work out for more than 3 hours, you are on steroids"
KEK. I work out four hours a day minimum every day of the week. Maybe if you stopped drinking, eating junk food and living a sedentary lifestyle you'd surprise yourself and find more stamina. Didn't Kaya say their sex was just like 10 minutes of jackhammering? Fake needs to do more cardio and work on his core strength lmao.

No. 1900237

> I work out four hours a day minimum every day of the week
Post current body

No. 1900239

This isn't /fit/ and it's only two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening. It's not some lofty, unachievable goal.

No. 1900248

Do you have a clip of the hacking part? I'm curious what he said and wondering now if he's still checking Kaya's accounts. Because he had a tendency to flip out at any vague dig post she posted. If he was checking her private messages he would have known she was mocking him with her friends.

No. 1900329

Kek NTA but be serious. Some people are personal trainers/athletes/committed to fitness and have the time and money to work out that much. It’s really not that inconceivable esp considering there are many different ways to work out.

No. 1900367

File: 1695057757763.jpg (61.53 KB, 1161x680, mediocre.jpg)

I love running names through fake follower checkers and seeing things like this.

No. 1900408

No wonder his YT videos and streams have such low views and interaction. It's crazy to have 420k subs and only get a few thousand views per video.

I can clip it when home. I definitely thought it seemed a little eyebrow raising though. He talked about how hard it was to hack accounts these days due to "two step verification" and how you'd need access to someones phone to get in. Definitely suspicious behavior.

Didn't get the usual drunk vibe tbh. He wasn't sloppy or slurring like he has in the past. Can't tell if it was anything more than allergies or something, but he was sniffling a ton and never bothered with a tissue at any point of the 6 hour stream. There was even one point it looked like he might have sniffed something, but I can clip it for nonnies to judge.

No. 1900578

Making fun of a video game characters flat ass like his gf doesn’t have that trait

No. 1900583

thank you for the recap, he is such a jealous insecure twat and so repetitive with his bitching. claims to have a bunch of cover songs recorded but won’t put them out cos ppl aren’t going to make videos for him lol. what happened to the ~goth~ songs he was supposed to make or using that janky eyesore of an avatar to present his music?

there is nothing he has been working on creatively and if he manages to shit something out it will be super low effort but poor performance is everyone else’s fault.

No. 1900591

which website are you using?

No. 1900652

File: 1695094504448.webm (4.48 MB, 1280x720, 2023-09-18 21-02-49.webm)

The hacking rant was split up a bit and kind of long and drawn out, but here's the main portion.

No. 1900672

He's talking about remote desktop hacking right? People know about it, like knowing you should never click random links from strangers on discord and shit, so if that's all Fake can do then he won't be able to trick anyone except kids who don't have anything valuable in their pc anyway

No. 1900675

Honestly wouldn't have thought anything of it, but the constant switching back and forth between a first person and third person narrative on top of that sadistic glee he exhibits at creating "hell" for the person hacked makes him seem at least a bit guilty. It's more likely he's only fantasized of doing it, but I wouldn't put him above at least attempting it on someone either. The rest of the rant was droning "I'm so smart" blabber mostly, IP addresses, two step verification making it "hard to hack" these days, and him saying working in computer related jobs must be "so easy". Which is a little funny considering how often he seems to have meltdowns over his computer parts not working.

No. 1900707

I'll stop now because it's not relevant but "only" 2 hours twice a day, every day, of working out in the gym is a hell of a lot of working out.

No. 1901112

LOL that is rich. he probably gets everything he knows about tech from "day in the life" posts on tiktok. whoop de whoop they give you a free laptop and air pods, what a cushy life! I doubt he has any aptitude or ability to code or else that's what he would have had history doing instead of call center customer service.

No. 1901394

I noticed how kaya did a vampy video after this was said >>1900207
Or is this just me tinfoiling to hard. Either way his and kaya videos both came out a hour apart and are sitting on the same view count I watched Jakes video and it wasn't to bad but I couldn't finish her video

No. 1901400

Can we stop with the kaya derail/bait. She's already heavily discussed in and the main feature of the altcow thread. The threads were separated to avoid all the infighting/derail shitting up the threads.

No. 1901410

The Croatia vlog he posted recently contains the usual drinking, flexing, and complaining about the heat. There was something kind of gross and offputting about it that I can’t quite pinpoint. I couldn’t finish it. Basic as it is, it’s still outperforming his vtubing vids.

No. 1901591

File: 1695253094579.png (429.67 KB, 771x428, kek.png)

Here's a dropbox link for any nonnas who want to watch the Croatia vlog without giving him views:


picrel was personally my favorite part. absolute ghouls kek

No. 1901625

File: 1695256793273.png (3.45 MB, 2208x1242, DEE69FB6-B486-4C44-8127-00016C…)

No. 1901632

File: 1695257544384.png (1.81 MB, 1547x801, croatia.png)

Quick break-down of the video
Day 1:
> They arrive early and head straight to the bar for long island iced teas, jake flexs for the camera
> Kat tries to be lolsorandom, wagging her tongue around while drinking her drink
> Kat manages to drool her drink out onto the table while jake cackles obnoxiously in the background
> Jake shows receipts of him booking this vacation back in January for some strange reason?
> They check in and head to their room, kat is acting very drunk and lolsorandom again
Day 2:
> kat appears in a shein bikini, confused on how the straps on it work. Jake keeps the camera on the ass most of the time
> various shots of the concrete beach slab they spent a lot of time on
Day 3:
> Jake looks like shit, says they fell asleep watching "Scream 4"
> Says he just realized (on day three of the trip) that he forgot the batteries for the go pro
> Random shot of kat in her underwear putting on her makeup to go swimming while jake shaves
> Jake shows us how kat hung up a couple t-shirts in the closet for some reason?
> Cuts to kat's ass in the camera as she bends over to kiss him, then they sit on the balcony for a bit.
> Now they are on a elevator saying "cocktails oh yes"! heading out to day drink in the hot sun some more, kat is texting hurriedly on her phone until drinks are mentioned (kek)
> a shot of multiple mojitos on a table
> They walk down to a beach, but once there decide it's too hot and sunny to swim so they turn back
> Jake flashes some tickets for "a boat ride to a private beach" and to see the spot used as GoT's King's landing
> They go to eat and have more drinks. Kat's picking at some quinoa salad while Jake's eating some gravy drenched meat
> Cuts to shots of Jake's stumpy legs and hobbit feet in front of the water
> More shots of them sitting at the concrete slab "beach". Kat can't seem to stay off her phone.
Day 4:
> Jake appears announcing it's the next day and that he is dangerously hungover"
> Says they are going to take a taxi into town to buy go-pro batteries
> Says they are "probably going to stay in today and recover" Kat is in the background on her phone per usual
> The shopping mall they go to has all it's lights off and seems closed. They still managed to find and buy batteries
Day 5:
> They get on the boat ride. Lots of random shots of the water and kat sitting on the boat.
> Jake weirdly films the other people on the boat and they seem to completely ignore him
> Kat looks annoyed that he can't remember it's "King's landing" when he asks her yet again. (kek)
> Jake films kat's ass yet again, this time as she jumps into the water off the boat
> Jake jumps off the boat and swims around looking anything but "jacked"
> three boats worth of people go swimming into this cave together, jake and kat have an awkward moment as seen in above post before kissing
> Jake says he "dropped the go pro in the cave" in water that was "25 ft" but he totally swam down and got it (everyone clapped)
> more shots of them swimming about, cuts to a shot of them in the cave standing in the water, jake awkwardly flexs
> they are back on the boat, jake is hydrating himself with a beer because of course he is. Kat is busy on her phone.
> they dock somewhere jake has no clue, but "there's a beach bar! Beach baaaar!"
> awkward shots of kat and him drinking at the beach bar with his camera obviously perched in a decorative plant
> they are getting back on the boat "getting pizza tonight" zooms in on kat's ass yet again
> back at the hotel, according to jake kat went though "a few dresses" before choosing one to wear to get pizza across the street from their hotel
> shots of them having pizza and wine
Day 6:
> hungover jake jumpscare "holiday over, back to reality"

No. 1901637

Is it just me or he getting increasingly resentful with every passing day? to her credit Kaya seems to be a genuinely kind and easygoing person who probably managed to put a dampener on whatever useless shit Jake was getting worked up about, Kat is more neutral and I think she is not managing (btw it shouldn't be your girlfriend's job to manage your mental health, go to fucking therapy Jake, but just an observation) to dampen his rage the way Kaya did.
Go to therapy before you pass all your issues on to that little boy you absolute lemon. The stuff he gets worked up about is so inconsequential >>1900156 I dread to think how he would handle an actual crisis.

No. 1901639

File: 1695258368824.png (428.45 KB, 853x481, 345903459.png)

kat looking very "slim and elegant"

No. 1901640

File: 1695258617884.png (702.07 KB, 1200x597, 34893458934.png)

jake looking very "jacked" too, clearly

No. 1901653

Thanks for the rundown. The video is reminiscent of his older Vlogs, right down to similar (same?) background music. The scenic shots were nice, and I do think he has some talent with videography. If he hadn’t shat his life away, he might’ve found success in traveling to different countries to record himself trying the food and drinks. He looked like he was trying to do that for a while, back in the day, but he was too baby-faced to be taken seriously.
Honestly, I’m kind of apathetic about this video. Seen better, seen worse. And these days, lack of reaction is the kiss of death on YouTube.

No. 1901778

She looks like Blaire White facially
He should go “anorexic” again lmao

No. 1901798

thanks nonna, and wow what a hunky British lad and his tall elegant beautiful girlfriend lmao NOT.

No. 1901801

File: 1695285555664.png (330.37 KB, 746x870, Screenshot 2023-09-21 044158.p…)

Guess fake privated his Twitter?

No. 1901806

Lol maybe he made some spicy tweets xeets about the Russell Brand allegations and pissed off some snaccs?  

No. 1901812

File: 1695299929263.jpg (186.3 KB, 2880x2880, 20230921_133056.jpg)

I thought her face looked different, looks like she got her first lip fillers! She is wearing much less lipstick than usual, probably feeling a bit less self conscious because of the work she has had done. Shame about the filler already migrating, though. On another note, I think this video has the most words we have ever heard from her, and it was just her babbling about being confused on how to put on a swimming costume kek. Daddy's lil princess really does play up the idiocy to placate her insecure pops.

No. 1901821

Why tf does she look 50 despite of being only 35 ? LMAO being a pick me never ages well.At least Kaya looks youthful even if she's fat that's still way better than looking like the cryptkeeper

No. 1901823

Major kek at the flat saggy mom ass, the saggy wrinkled face and the lunch lady arms she looks like absolute shit.
Her teeth and skin are fucked up beyond repair from smoking and alcohol lol she inspires me to add an extra layer of SPF everyday.

No. 1901829

Weird considering he barely ever uses the app. I think the last time I had checked he hadn't posted anything for around a month and was only liking kitty and crew's posts. Wonder what has him hiding. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a bad take considering the shit he has the audacity to say on stream though.

Ngl I feel like she's had them for a bit now, but it's hard to tell between all the makeup, heavy filters, and her making a duckface almost constantly. She's also wearing a lot less eye makeup in most of the video, no false lashes, so her facial proportions are different than what we are used to, her eyes are tiny (why do so many cows have these beady eyes with huge bags kek). Tbh I feel like she could be a cute mom, but the sexy alt-model babygirl larp and the alcoholism have taken their toll. Watching her giggle and throw herself around the room while Jake points at things like a regular bathtub going "wow" was mind-numbing, but I think a lot of it is either her being drunk or performing for the camera. The sheer amount they were drinking and at all times of the day was pretty absurd. It's no wonder Jake can't seem to get rid of his bloated beer belly for more than a few good shirtless selfie days at a time.

I know this is just more kaya bait, but she has been looking pretty busted lately too tbh. Crazy what partying/drinking will do to you no matter what weight or age you are.

No. 1901874

>Tbh I feel like she could be a cute mom, but the sexy alt-model babygirl larp and the alcoholism have taken their toll.

Completely agree. She could be a cute alt mom but instead leaves her kid at home and whisks off to another country to drink and be on her phone with an insecure manlet. theres nothing wrong with her body, but she clearly thinks so.

No. 1902118

duck lips to match her bulbous nose. she looks so old and fug.

No. 1902260

The video was worth it just for the clip of Jake pointing to exactly two(2) shirts hanging in the closet and proudly informing the viewer that Kat had done "all that." These people have zero charisma yet manage to be hilarious by pure dumb luck.

No. 1902297

>nothing wrong with her body
You're blind.For a 35 year old mom her body is alright but she's trying so hard to larp as a youthful skinny E-girl which just looks tragic since she looks like a badly aged 40 year old mum with a saggy ass and arms. She needs to dress her age and dump that midget if she wants to go anywhere in life.

No. 1902316

The red tattoo on his head looks like a wound in the video

No. 1902444

He started streaming 2 hours ago. 58 people watching. Currently he’s on about ‘staying in shape’. Apparently he is ‘genetically disposed’ to stuffing his face. Kek.

No. 1902905

>>1902297 not trying to derail but honestly 'dress for your age' is kinda a scrotey thing to say about women

No. 1903092

Yeah fuck off with this, women don’t have to dress like grandmas the minute they turn 30. She can dress how she wants nothing wrong with it

No. 1903195

…So has Jake given up on 3D V-tubing? The last time he streamed on Twitch was 8 days ago and he was probably in 2D avatar form reacting to memes. He debuted Jester Jake a couple of months ago but we still haven't seen any videos or reels of him on his main accounts yet.
I remember him saying that he didn't have the time or energy to make friends in the VR community (nobody wants to associate with an abusive cheater) so maybe he realized how futile staying in this side of the internet is. The only thing that makes reliable yet modest income is IRL react content on his own and even then he needs a side hustle as well.

No. 1903370

Yeah trying to larp as a teen daddy's baby girl by dressing like one while you're a 35 year old mom and posting it on the same account you post your kid is really the way to go lmfao you bunch of autistic retards love throwing the scrote acusation even when facts are stated nobody said she needs to dress modestly or like a grandma that's not the issue and y'all know it it's her pathetic larping as someone half her age and the DDLG stuff. If you support this kind of degen behaviour then i hope you never have kids.

No. 1903374

Totally agree. There are many levels between dress appropriately and grandma. Having your arse out while pole struggling and cosplaying like a little girl for your OF isn't remotely appropriate with a child as a 35 year old mother. In just 4 years that kid is going to be relentlessly confronted whit his mothers half nudes by his little class mates that found her instagram. They don't even have to look far jesus.

No. 1903501

very curious as to the total amount he spent on equipment and avatars, as well as the rent on the studio he meant to use for streaming. didn’t think he would give up on everything yet here we are and surely he’s not generating much income from meager youtube views, so he’s got nothing to boast or flex or post about and it’s hilarious.

No. 1903815

File: 1695617303221.png (638.24 KB, 516x908, unfortunatelittleman.png)

He's still got his tweets protected for whatever reason. Otherwise, not a whole lot of updates considering he hasn't been doing much of anything lately. He's only streamed 6 times this whole month so far. He managed to stream more last month even with his week long vacation? Only one little 10min vlog of the trip otherwise as far as other "content" goes. He had the time and energy to share this hilariously unflattering shot of himself flexing though. kek

He's lucky if he made back what he invested at this point. If Clair hadn't thrown thousands at him, he'd absolutely be down money considering how much money he mindlessly threw into this half-baked "debut" as a VRtuber.

No. 1903816

File: 1695617386916.png (1.12 MB, 796x906, suchbbygrrluwu.png)

kat blessed us with this awkward OF promo shot as well. She seems to be back into the swing of things on there, even if she's still continuously only getting a few likes per post.

No. 1903817

File: 1695617503169.png (26.11 KB, 595x545, katof0000.png)

also surprised jake is okay with her posting shit like this considering he's been the jealous type in the past. I guess it hardly matters when her only OF subscribers are likely him and a couple snaccs like lady allura.

No. 1903842

>He's lucky if he made back what he invested at this point.
For sure. He got drunk on dono-power and upgraded too quickly, too greedily… then Clair vanished and his shit started faltering or breaking (a moment of silence for the El Gato). He probably has to start from scratch and gradually build up his earnings if he wants to pick up 3D v-tubing again, even casually. Keeping the lights on is expensive enough.
>He's only streamed 6 times this whole month so far. He managed to stream more last month.
I feel like he was in training for something in August and this month he's started whatever it is. He's been talking about the gym a lot so I was hoping he was in training to become a PT - it's an ever-growing industry and he's clearly passionate about fitness. That'd be a positive change for Stumps at least…before he gets too handsy with the gym bunnies and gets called out for sexual harassment.
Tinfoiling here but I think the man has a hot wife fetish - he seems to seek enthusiastic approval from his mostly female audience whenever he brings up Kat's sexual attractiveness and I'm sure he gets a kick out of reading all of Kat's OF dms with her male clients.
I can totally see Jake and Kat getting into swinging in their late 30s - they always think the grass is greener on the other side.

No. 1903883

The undefined balloon arms on the babyman body like a kid wearing inflatable muscles lmfao

No. 1903945

Now post one in good lighting where you're not breathing in your stomach and flexing as hard as your stumpy little arms can flex.

No. 1903954

LOL true jhonny bravo looking mf

No. 1903955

He always lowers his boxers as far as he can to give the illusion of having a longer torso and being taller KEK

No. 1903982

File: 1695649309561.jpg (72.25 KB, 475x562, A-3400001-1550209303-3725.jpg)

That's honestly what threw me off about it. He looks more bloated than defined, it's a little bizarre.

The trade off is it always makes him look like he "ain't got no shins". Kek

No. 1904043

I can’t stop laughing he looks like he’s made of pizza dough kekkk

No. 1904046

Tinfoil, but I really have to wonder if he has taken his own advice and is using/experimenting with steroids. His bloated yet vaguely muscled appearance could very well be a telltale sign. Roid gut and a puffy face are pretty common symptoms, especially if he's still eating a high sodium junkfood diet. He's talked in great detail regarding how much research he's done on them in multiple streams and has expressed wanting to try them much to his snaccs disapproval. Wonder if this or the potential mystery job are his "doing something that gives him peace of mind".

No. 1904152

It’s not working if he is lmao

No. 1904180

For a moment I thought you were talking about Kat here

No. 1904339

I agree, not every choice is a feminist choice, and these anons need to get over it.
go to a women blindly supporting women and sex work positive good vibez only forum if you want to defend the likes of skat. here she is a cow and every low hanging thing about her is fair game. she is a shit person.

No. 1904442

>>1904339 this is going to be my last comment about this topic as we are derailing, but saying that it is scrotey to tell women to dress their age is nothing to do with sex positivity. I just think it is so weird for alternative women to say that other women should dress according to age, you probably wouldn't like slimlight or places like that because you get 60 year old goth women in latex and they are accepted. OK I am shuttiing up now

No. 1904445

I mean, fashion tragedies like kaya are also accepted

No. 1905592

late but he looks exactly like a man chugging down protein drinks and booze without actually matching it in weights so instead of gains he gets gains
if not shakes then I'd agree with steroid use, he was complaining about having to spend hours at the gym and could see steroids as a shortcut to exercise less with more gains. Bad plan if that's what he's doing kek. I hope this is it cause the results would be hilarious, just hope he doesn't get any added aggression around the kid

No. 1905604

I've been to many goth club events. while not every goth is youthful, I have never seen anyone as basic as Kat there. she reminds me of someone in a slutty catholic school girl uniform on Halloween, but beat by the ugly stick, so it's really cringey.

No. 1906211

This non milky misogyny getting real boring now. Can we talk shit about Jake and stop nitpicking Kat’s clothes please.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1906338

No. And it's not misogyny to say a mother should dress her age and not post DDLG shit on her insta next pictures of her toddler.

No. 1906402

File: 1695999827577.jpg (676.13 KB, 890x1009, 20230929100041907e.jpg)

Not to mention she's a serial cheater and has shot softcore porn in the same bed/room her kid sleeps in. Sure some of the kat criticisms get nitpicky, but have you seen the state of the altcows thread? Are these nonnas going to minimod every thread or just this one? I get milk has been slow here since Jake gave up his vtube dreams, but c'mon anons.

No. 1906404

the misogyny is giving her a pass as the "side chick." she did something horrible to kaya. it's not like she had no idea Jake was in a 10 year relationship with her, and she called her names and said she wanted to put her hands on her.
and I personally find it anti-woman when farmers say she's an example of a "hot wife" lol. the average woman comes in better varieties than an exact look alike of Jeffree Star, have some faith in our gender.

No. 1906468

>she did something horrible to kaya
Hey, let's be real, what she did to kaya was the only good thing she did in her whole life kek

No. 1906550

wtf is going on with this pic? seems like she was trying to do an ahegao face but she did a retarded one instead kek

No. 1906551

File: 1696021337672.jpg (27.05 KB, 328x703, 877a7d28b52f6693d03143de68662f…)

You can't convince me they aren't the same person

No. 1906622

They both have long faces with similar nose and chin, are barely clinging to relevancy, and never been seen in the same room, hmm…

No. 1907284

If you look at Jake's playlists on YouTube you can see that he live streams 1-2 times a week but only at weird hours (usually from 5pm his time which late morning/midday for the Americans) and on a schedule known only by the snacc discord.
His last stream on Twitch was 15 days ago which is a new record for him. Does anyone know if subscriber only Twitch streams are a thing? I remember him saying that he hadn't given up on Jester Jake but he hasn't made an appearance in ages.

No. 1907352

File: 1696178027903.png (183.33 KB, 1032x756, jake_september.png)

This is what September looked like for him. It's pretty obvious he's got a day job at this point. He's fallen off Twitch since he gets no views there (20-30s compared to his 40-50s views on YT kek) and Clair isn't there to donate anymore. He's only really active on Fridays now, with the occasional rare day here or there for streams otherwise. His Patreon has been inactive since April, his OF is dead, his Twitch channel never made it anywhere, and he's still steadily bleeding subs on his YouTube channel (down to 421k now). I was hoping for a more spectacular end, but this might be it unless he's just buying some time and trying to hold onto the studio in the meantime for some kind of new "debut". Haven't bothered to sit in on his streams in a while now, but considering how bitter and angry he always seems in them, I don't think things are as good as he might be pretending they are. He hasn't been updating Instagram and his Twitter is still private, dead silence from him in discord too. His last discord activity is him trying to beg for a new avatar or help making a new one from his snaccs back in July. Curious to see what he's been doing for work, but chances are it's nothing glamorous or he'd been bragging about it online already.

No. 1907478

File: 1696196054398.png (961.02 KB, 720x1144, Screenshot_20231001-223324.png)

No. 1907583

Interesting timing on this, kek.

No. 1909204

File: 1696502371767.jpg (445.04 KB, 1080x1754, Screenshot_20231004-193159_Ins…)

Isn't that spider the same as kaya hand tattoo? Also I know that hand tattoo design was stolen of Pinterest cause I had it in my pins for years but on this flash I doesn't even blend in with the designs it just looks copy & paste on

No. 1909207

File: 1696502709476.png (780.32 KB, 720x1198, Screenshot_20231005-114408.png)

No. 1909213

Is that a pile of used tissues on the floor

No. 1909237

Stump is almost 100kg?? Christ, he's denser than a muthafucking star

No. 1909342

Dude clean up your wank tissues before you take a picture fucking hell.

No. 1909349

Those tiny ass toddler legs Lmaoooo also why does he always pull his shorts so down you can almost see the start of his teeny weeny

No. 1909351

maybe i'm just saying this because i'm a lesbian, but he's so fucking hideous looking. like honestly he looks so goofy.(no1curr)

No. 1909354

The fucking retards on this thread stressing over kat's scroteling's well being around fake are getting annoying af he's going to grow up being a coomer subhuman scrote making some poor women miserable anyway why tf would y'all care? it's not like it's some poor little girl having to deal with a scrote like fake and a pick me whore of a mum like Kat. Fuck men and their well being despite of their age.

No. 1909357

Go take your pills nonnie.

No. 1909358

I'm sadly straighter than a pole and i find him fuck ugly

No. 1909360

Fuck off dick breath.If you truly think men are trash you would't care about that mini moid.(calm down)

No. 1909367

I think a lot of men are trash. But not all of them. Now go take your pills.

No. 1909445

Kek here's hoping he explodes

No. 1909448

Scrotes learn some of their retarded ways from older scrotes, like weak moids flocking to Tate like flies to shit thinking he'll make them strong (more retarded). And what I'm getting is that nonas hope kat's kid doesn't pick up anything additional from jake, regardless if he grows up to be shit himself.

No. 1909523

File: 1696553947669.jpg (261.16 KB, 1078x1917, Crymore.jpg)

No. 1909545

File: 1696557392671.png (809.87 KB, 501x628, 23yug423yhu.png)

Man is really out here built like a midget bodybuilder. Loving the filthy room in the background too, pile of wank tissues, dirty mirror, dirty laundry all over the bed, etc. Guess Kat is too busy working and taking care of her actual toddler to clean up after her manchild today.

kek at him being like "weeeh I'm only 32 NOT 35 and it's VR not meta!!!" to some random on the internet like it actually matters. Jake is so hilariously insecure and pathetic.

No. 1909571

Nonna I'm straight and this dude is fucking gross and completely unappealing to me kek. I think he's just a dumpy manlet doomed to shit proportions and his trash attitude just tanks any possible redeeming quality. Which there are none by the way.

No. 1909609

File: 1696571380245.png (400.13 KB, 547x430, basic video game glitch so fun…)

Thinking mild physics glitches in a game falls under the category of "so funny I cried" is cringe (it's a gif of the arms kinda glitching, not particularly exciting or unique in terms of shitty games and programs)
Posted on the 4th, too lazy to screenshot again to include the date

No. 1909690

Dam he turned into such a bitter old man about the younger generation why is he so pressed about it?

No. 1909691

>>1909207 wow, the more he works out the worse he looks. It just highlights his weird proportions and odd torso. He needs to get a trainer that can help him look more balanced. On another note (not sure where else I could ask this question) is anyone having issues accessing the altcows 34 thread, the page doesn't seem to load properly and had loads of blank bits with missing posts

No. 1909717

I hate this mf for using the term goth while he knows fuck all about what goth is he just looks emo with ugly sound cloud rapper face tattoos and the look doesn't even fit him since he's an old fart dating a middle aged bitch with a kid.He needs to kill himself.

No. 1909718

At least now we know that he was the messy one in the relationship but expected only kaya to clean cause he's a sexist worthless manlet

No. 1909719

cause he's a narc and can't stand the fact that he waisted his youth so now he's bitter over young people

No. 1909721

how come nobody a logged and called CPS on them telling them that a kid is living with a raging door punching midget ?

No. 1909788

Recap anon here, I honestly haven't been bothered to catch a stream of his lately because it's always the same, mostly milkless, hard to watch bullshit. Every stream of his is just:
>Jake bitches about subject and most definitely knows more than you
>Jake complains about computer parts/problems again
>Jake has a massive screaming meltdown about zoomers
>Jake plays 15 minutes of a game poorly, complains entire time
>Jake makes gross comments about women irl and in the games
Rinse and repeat, every. single. stream.

He's mostly just bitter that he's rapidly approaching middle aged and has little to show for it at this point. He likes to pretend he's smarter/better simply because he's older than the zoomers he hates, but it's very obvious he suffers from nostalgia goggles and a lack of maturity. The dude is stunted and eternally a 15yo boy from the early 2000s "lolsorandom" and edgy south park humor era. It's also why we see the "people of walmart" tier demographic for his more hardcore snaccs.

No. 1909838

>I'm not an 35yo metaverse emo, I'm a 32yo vr chat goth! They're totally different!!!

Also, I'm an older zoomer and it is true that some zoomers will find something, usually in a very bland superficial way, and claim they are the rulers and discoverers of that thing to a cringe degree. But since jake is cringe himself and relies on dumb zoomer tiktoks for views, he really has no place to complain. Looking the gift horse in the mouth, even.

No. 1909995

i think i just threw up in my mouth a little. ugly weirdly proportioned fat troll kek. what is that weird orange stain on his shoulder too?? is that part of a tattoo or….?

kek no fake, emo is more accurate. you're not a goth, never were and never will be

No. 1910099

Ain't that cowtipping?

No. 1910128

because you don't know that he is right this moment so calling cps now when there's no evidence means you're creating a rapport that internet dumbshits are making reports with no irl basis which could fuck the kid over in the future if there is any evidence of real abuse. This happens to a lot of internet fuckers and has led to pedos and abusers like onision to not get properly investigated when things get properly bad because they're reported while it wasn't visibly obvious to people who haven't autistically followed cows for years. And also sometimes it's more that we can make an educated guess that abuse might be happening now or in the future because they're a former offender, like with Jake right now. The idea that he is or isn't continuing to destroy walls in order to scare those around him or get his frustrations out is pure speculation on our part until we see evidence of it. And CPS shouldn't be called for and does not care about some bf of a woman with a kid smashing walls in his personal studio away from the kid. pls don't ban mods, saying it because if they're just banned they might not get it, there's a lot of new kids in recent years who don't know what a-loging is
Fucking hell fake, those legs are scrawny like an atrophied alcoholic dude, just minus the bloated belly overtop

No. 1910339

i keep wondering if there is a way he can dress for his, er, body type, and nothing comes to mind. all the shit food, alcohol, suspected roid use on a body with ED history has made him look so weird

No. 1910400

Right when you have gorilla arms and a fat head with no neck but midget upper body and legs, what so you do kek no wonder he used to be anorexic, it gave him some shape

No. 1910692

Lets be real every man that is jacked looks a bit weird imho but at least most can balance it out by training their legs well and their pecs so it looks balanced and they have a six pack as a focus point. Jake only seems to do his arms for some weird reason so it makes his dimensions look so much worse.

No. 1910807

Most men of his supposed stature (5'10") and taller usually don't run into the disproportionate issues Jake seems to even when on the more muscular side. It's honestly weird because his arms don't even look particularly defined rather than swollen and large? That coupled with his stocky torso and lack of neck leaves his legs looking hilariously dwarfish. He needs to take a break from lifting and alcohol (and steroids if he's is actually on them) and eat clean for once. He can pretend he's a "hunky British lad" all he wants, but he genuinely looks older than he actually is and generally unwell.

No. 1911451

File: 1696912311532.png (74.97 KB, 510x909, 934534579.png)

Jake keeps sharing all these boohoo I'm the victim inspirational quotes and clips all over his IG stories lately. Either he's still checking up on and crying over Kaya or he's passive aggressively vague-posting about Kat being like his ex and how he "won't do it again". Either way, embarrassing for him and kat.

Other than that he's still been streaming occasionally, uploaded a new tiktok reaction video, and is still losing 2k YT subs a month. Patreon is currently down to only 58 subs.

No. 1911605

Just watched his new monk mode video.

Took him less then 20 seconds to bitch about zoomers then 2 minutes in he talked about how zoomers are  idiot obnoxious teens and so was he as a teen but he said there was no wide spread social media to shove it in people's faces does he forget the Internet existed when he was a child/teen and he used MySpace (2003 he would been 12) vampire freaks (1991) ,msn (1995) and YouTube and tumblr(2007 he would been 16)  FB (2005) , Twitter (2006) live journal (1999) and he was on all them from a teenager/early 20s and still today. He was  a pink JS knock of on MySpace,facebook  he and kaya were on YouTube at 18/19  and he was a zoomer age when he officially started his YouTube channel does he forget this? Its alright pointing the finger saying the younger gen are the issue but his gen were the ones who made it what it was and made them sites popular.

Then started  talking about when they turn 30 they will see what it feels like when the spotlight shifts. No one cares but him about being 30 and being less relevant. I feel like he the type to get triggered by ok boomer memes cause he getting closer and closer to being that age range.  He also said he so excited to make a video  in 4 years time when the zoomers are 30 cringe. Imagine being so jaded your excited for others to feel old like it a lesson learnt for zoomers at last/I told you moment.

Why is he so triggered by the younger generations? He blames them for using AI yet admitted in a steam he uses AI music apps which help him edit music and  I'm sure he is someone who has a Amazon Alexia (which is a AI bot ) And he talks about how they act like the know everything and just discovered life hacks but he forgets he was a teenager once and probably did the exact same we all did/do.i seen him rage about them having alt fashion in his old tiktok reacts and how his gen did it first. Another stream he talked about once women actors turn  30 they are nothing they don't get casted until they are late 50s. Dude has such a ageing problem being 30 isn't the end of the world. If someone dies at 30 you say oh they were so young but when your living why is 30 seen as old? 

No. 1911688

“Then started talking about when they turn 30 they will see what it feels like when the spotlight shifts.”

so… basically, he seems to think that the reason he’s getting less views and subs is because he’s 30. There’s no other possible explanation.

No. 1911697

There's nothing wrong with being 30 generally but the way he's so sad and bitter and get off my lawn about it, I bet he's aware that he peaked as a teen and 20 something and its all been downhill from there, and that's why he's taking his anger out on current teens and 20 somethings, zoomers. Stop making tiktok reacts about them and do something with your own life and maybe you'll feel a lil better Jake. What a loser.

No. 1911793

He's definitely one of those moids who jacks it to whatever he complains about, like the men who suddenly start loudly complaining about fat women when nobody asked and none are present. His obsession with zoomers is too intense to not be psychosexual.
Also doesn't zoomer mean born 2000s or later like these aren't kids, and most people aren't dramatically different from 23 to 33, other than some life experience and wisdom. Also zoomers seem pretty based compared to millennials since they are more open/honest, sarcastic, politically/socially minded, and got so over exposed to sex stuff and creeps in their youth (unfortunately) that they are more sex averse and unashamed of that. Also they talk looudly about how shit men are, constantly on every social media app kek I love to see it. So all in all zoomers are excellent and he needs to put his dick down.

No. 1911823

>definitely one of those moids who jacks it to whatever he complains about
Yeah remember his phase of obsessively hating egirls, gave the energy that the only reason he hated them was that they wouldn't bang his crusty ass

>they are more sex averse and unashamed of that

Zoomer here, nah there are some who are sex crazed. Tiktok comment sections riddled with cringe sexual "jokes" where at least half aren't actually jokes, just check the comments under a remotely attractive/large breasted/muscular person's content, moids growing up with pornhub as sex education, and girls calling themselves asexual if they simply don't like one night stands. I wonder if jake's sexual "humour" is trying to appeal to that kind of thing.

No. 1911895

ayrt I get the impression the sex crazed ones are the most asexual of all, I definitely see people publicly posting about their use of sex toys and so on but it's done in such a tired, dissociated way like relationships, love and sex are all separate from kink/fetishes/porn/public talk about sex, it's interesting. Even the moids who talk about sex all day would cry if they touched a real boob, it's like a disjointed hobby for them rather than anything connected to reality. But definitely zoomer girls are loudly shitting on men all day every day and I love it.
>and girls calling themselves asexual if they simply don't like one night stands.
This retardation happened among millennials too, I think millennials felt pressure to be super sex and body positive since the 2010s was when all those phases started under the guise of FeMinisM, and our moids are all pornsick too, (case in point Jake) but it feels like zoomers are more loud and honest about the issues with it all. Each older generation seem to conceal their issues with greater extremity until you get to the grand/great grandparents who go to their deathbeds with huge secrets and a whole false life behind them. Jake has serious repression issues (like his poorly diaguised insecurity around other men and bisexuality) and he's probably triggered by zoomer's lack of fucks while he's a mess of repressed emotions and anger.

No. 1911902

He's bitter that "goth" zoomer influencers are living the life he wanted back in the 2000s

No. 1911958

Him posting quotes like this like a 14 year old retard is more milky that what the other farmers might think.His relationship is absolutely going to shit if he was happy with it he would either shut up or post quotes about how happy he is to brag.The quote posting is an indication of bitterness.Karma is a bitch and people who fuck others over and cheat on them never prosper.

No. 1911968

Either things with Kat aren’t all rosy in the garden or Kaya sure does live rent free in his head.

He must be an absolute joy to live with.

No. 1912003

Kat has zero self worth if my boyfriend was still posting salty quotes about his ex after over a year of their break up i'd fucking leave keke

No. 1912007


Absolutely, it’s been almost two years and he’s still bitter about it. He most definitely has not moved on. Pathetic really.

No. 1912050

I would've thought he had it good in the 2000s for an alt kid, being a J Star wannabe on MySpace and Vampire Freaks. Maybe he's bitter that he doesn't have it anymore, and as other anons said maybe the rose tinted glasses have come off with kat

No. 1912136

He is definitely still thinking obsessively about Kaya. In his monk mode video he made a comment about how this person was uploading content about not making content “sounded like someone else he knew” which we all know is Kaya. He also mentioned he wouldn’t still be making YouTube videos at 40, but what else could he possibly do at this point? None of his artistic endeavors have worked out because he’s a talentless hack, and his current lack of fame is really hurting his wittle feelings.

No. 1912219

I am legit curious what his plans are for the future. He was trying to get into producing a while back. Wonder how that went. He might be able to do something in IT, given his tech skills, but his temperament would definitely cause issues.

No. 1912236

Judging by how in his streams he constantly can't get tech stuff to work and his snacks have to tell him which he gets pissy about, he'd be terrible in IT so I hope he does it kek

No. 1912387

His tech skills? lmao Nonnie the dude can't get anything to work and he just buys the expensive options not knowing what he is buying. He has no tech skills.

No. 1914043

File: 1697400964608.jpg (244.92 KB, 1080x1877, 20231015_131546.jpg)

Since when is Kat into Pokemon? Or maybe she's trying to impress Mark.

No. 1914283

she probably watched it as a kid tbf, it did play in the 90s/early 00s. But I don't think she's mentioned a leather fetish before despite them being oh so open about sex

No. 1914480

She's never been into Pokemon. This is just like when she dressed up as "Diva" from Overwatch. She's only doing it for the male attention.

No. 1915033

It's a whole new level of pathetic when a 35 year old mother is acting like a 19 year old onlyfans E-whore desperate for male attention. It's pathteic when teens do it but for Kat it's just tragic she seemed somewhat more put together when she was married to Dean grtting with Joke the Broke really dragged her kek

No. 1915890

Surely he has a job at this point, there's no way he's this quiet if he's relying on the youtube and streaming as his main source of income.

No. 1915954

File: 1697726534584.jpeg (593.17 KB, 2048x2048, 1008DC8B-564A-4941-942B-EF60C9…)

They released videos within an hour of each other last night.

Tell us again Fake how Kaya needed you?

No. 1915988

File: 1697731472781.png (207.25 KB, 478x357, it will be shit.png)

Jake has unlocked his twitter again and announced his new song. Can't wait to laugh my ass off at how bad it is. I hope he made another shitty video. Still laughing at him looking like a beached whale.

No. 1915989

File: 1697731539015.png (851.07 KB, 489x870, great line work for a drunk.pn…)

Meanwhile Kat still can't draw a straight line to safe her life. Why do people still go to her to get tattooed?

No. 1915992

File: 1697732719905.jpg (792.7 KB, 1040x1726, Screenshot_20231019-092418_Pin…)

After typing in "sekhmet tattoo" in Pinterest, the design she copied is the very first result. She really sucks at coming up with designs.

No. 1916009

I was gonna say this is one of her better tattoos but it's because she basically did 1:1 with her "reference"

From what I've seen tattoos are one of the most widely stolen forms of art, it seems strange to me that people want to have an exact copy of someone else's tats

No. 1916031

File: 1697740341487.jpeg (505.36 KB, 1170x1426, IMG_0249.jpeg)

Such pearls of wisdom we have missed whilst his twitter was locked down…

Kat is so lucky to have a raging manlet who calls her a MILF.

No. 1916059

>I gotta MILF
>said MILF is lilke 3 years older than him
So much to unpack, so little time

No. 1916065

Milf isn't about age it's about a woman who is a mother

No. 1916131

it only took him several months to finally release something music related and the promo itself is so low effort he can’t even come up with an ego stroking drivel about how it’s so good and he worked so hard on it.

if it’s a vr video I am going to scream lol.

No. 1916166

He's really just prolonging the inevitable at this point. Hilarious that he's still holding out hope that one of his lazy regurgitated react videos or songs go viral though. His numbers are still dwindling down by the day. Just 6 months ago he could still get 20-30k views, but now after that VRtube mess he's lucky to even get anywhere near 10k. It's been an absolute trip watching him throw thousands upon thousands away just to tank his own channel that much more. kek

Always reducing her to nothing more than a sexual object. What a real winner you got there kat. Him always pushing the "milf" thing with her also feels like a massive cope though. His weird seething obsession with young e-girls is pretty telling.

No. 1916277

A hot mother with big titts so kat doesn't count lmao he's coping so hard

No. 1916279

>obsession with young e-girls is pretty telling.
I bet money that if a young E-girl gave him the light of the day he would cheat 100%

No. 1916316

He might hesitate right now what with kat being the breadwinner kek. But I don't doubt for a moment he'd still be tempted or would take up the offer if he felt he wouldn't get caught. Too bad the only people who want him are overweight aging "snaccs" that live in the deep American south and Jude Bishop. Kat must truly seem like a prize despite her being an "old lady" like he's called her before.

No. 1916357

Kek, who? At first I thought you were referencing Lady Allura but I don't think she lives in the deep south.

No. 1916515

File: 1697840158378.jpg (301.31 KB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20231020-151416_Ins…)

The irony in Jake being scared of sharks meanwhile his "milf" is looking like a snaggletooth Jaws.

No. 1916540

That’s actually not a terrible picture of her, though given the amount of filtering on it, one could argue that it’s not really her.

No. 1916810

wtf are you on anon ? bitch looks like a clone of Jeffrey Star kek

No. 1916876

Jake is live on YT ranting about how women are able to get away with so much more than men, and how he wishes he had more male viewers. Kek he hates women so much.

No. 1917193

File: 1697912981765.jpeg (560.48 KB, 942x796, IMG_0271.jpeg)


45 folk watching. Pulling the big crowds there eh Fake?

We all know that by ‘women’ he means Kaya, he just doesn’t get that it’s not that he’s a man, it’s that he’s an insufferable dickhead. It’s a personality issue not a sex one. He’s an arsehole and he’s proved it quite conclusively on multiple occasions.

No. 1917237

It’s an interesting point, though. He knows his viewer-base is mainly female, yet he keeps putting out content geared towards male interest, like those PHub vids, or that femboy hooters clip. That kind of content tends to be more repellant to women. His previous success was in content that brought in the larger female viewer base, such as the TikTok crap. If his goal recently was to attract male views by alienating his female viewers, he clearly failed.

No. 1917490

WOW way to alienate what few fans you have left. I have to remember anyone who would support him must be extremely self loathing and a total pick-me internally misogynist, so they probably enjoyed that he was talking crap about women in general. he does know his bottom feeder fan base

No. 1917537

File: 1697957831424.png (822.71 KB, 509x906, rawdogjake.png)

It's hilarious he still seems so caught up on and butthurt over kaya despite him trying to convince everyone he's totally "living the dream" with his milf girlfriend. Keep coping Jake. I'm sure she's totally going to stay faithful to her tubby little grubhub driver while he's struggling to stay relevant online. If his constant raging screaming meltdowns on stream and in general online are any sign of his current state, he's very obviously horribly miserable right now. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

No. 1917672

Are we supposed to believe a guy who hates children is "good" because he is fucking a mom?

You keep telling yourself that Jake, maybe you'll believe it eventually.

No. 1917700


As someone who is an admin in one of the servers on The Isle, best believe he will be ranting up a shit storm soon as he ignores any of the rules of any of the servers (unless it's a sandbox server with no rules). kek.

Will be interesting to see him being further canceled once he ever runs into Sticky Utah and more. As they protect pedophiles and perverts in their server and discord.

No. 1917706

Ikr before he catered to the female audience and made thirst trap videos,pictures and comments like calling him self daddy ect back when he was about to tour and did the egirl song. I would milked the content so much and uploaded loads cause he did have a high view count once

No. 1917721


Forgive me nonnies if this was already touched up on in previous threads, but WHY is he bashing the female population and trying to gear in more male-based followers?

How the hell is Kat managing her relationship with him knowing he is bashing women, being anti-women, etc.

Sorry for autism, just a very confused farmer trying to figure out where it all stems from cause holy hell this manlet is a mess

No. 1917795

He will always seeth over Kaya doing better than him despite sperging about how he has a hot (not really) gf and it's fucking hilarious

No. 1917799

Kat is a pick me ass bitch with zero self worth she doesn't care that he's a raging incel she hates women too for not looking like a 40 year old troon

No. 1917811

Kat is a massive pick me. Jake hating on other women and turning around to praise her for touching his chode and hanging three shirts up in a hotel closet equals winning in her mind I guess. Kat was running around telling people she wanted to beat up kaya while she was cheating on her husband with Jake. The thing is, if she were ever to gain weight or have any kind of health issues that would require Jake to step up, you just know he'd treat her like absolute trash. He really only values her as a sex object and mommy figure /housekeeper rather than a person. She's shallow and a serial cheater/social climber herself so she'll go wherever she feels will get her the farthest.

I don't particularly like kaya, but watching the tubby manlet rage out over her living her life (two years later?) is kind of hilarious. She's obviously so much better off without him even if she's still a bit of a mess.

No. 1917813

his fans are Not Like the Other Girls who hate themselves because they see other women as a threat. in their warped mind, a man who complains about women to the extent that is hateful and misogynistic validates them because they see themselves as so different from fussy, prissy, vain, materialistic, vapid, or other stereotypes of women. they imagine Jake would consider them "cool chicks" "a guy's girl" etc. because they are none of those things in their opinion. and they would just egg him on that women are awful. Kat is likely this way as well, but she is the type who thinks she is better than other women because she lives up to her loser's fantasy in ways the average woman would find degrading or unbefitting of a mother of 35. it seems like she has female friends, but I'm sure it's just for networking reasons, and it's funny how theyre all clones of each other. the way she spoke about kaya and wanting to hit her bc she is "fat and lazy" when she was the one cheating with her boyfriend, and how she continues to stay with Jake despite allegations of emotional abuse to kaya, sexual assault to a woman at a venue, creepiness to girls, his nasty jokes about women and obvious porn sickness, and tirades like he's in a Men's Right's cult shows her true colors.

No. 1917920

There’s also the fact that he keeps trying to ditch the formally successful reaction content (which drew in the female viewers) and focus on the things that interest him, like his motorcycle Vlogs, drone videos, cringy sexual videos, and the “scary” V-tuber vid’s, all of which do poorly. He seems to think that male viewers would appreciate his interests more, and if he had those male viewers, he could A) make more videos he actually enjoys making and B) get more views for them, ultimately resulting in him being able to C) get rich fast.

No. 1917987

the idiot still thinks that women dont have any buying power/money despite not being a provider in his current relationship, kek

No. 1918091

So Jake doesn't like his female audience but I'm sure he would also seethe if they went away. Where is he getting his validation from if he has no pick me's fawning over him? Kek he is so ridiculous. I can't even imagine what type of male audience he could cater to, those who would watch motorcycle and drone videos typically aren't into his aesthetic and his personality is too bland to pull in an audience so no wonder he had to put everything into his costume (cause that's what it is) to at least attract girls.
This MILF thing is really cringe, I always thought Kat was like 8 years older at least for him to call her that. He is such a strange little manchild.

No. 1918121

this retard needs to understand he is not the Manly Man he thinks he is. Theres virtually no way he'll ever gain a prominent male audience because he can barely keep his audience around in the first place. The only guys he'd be able to pull in would be fags, trannys, and similar manlet misogynists.
Not to mention, I dont think he could handle being around Real Men™ because his insecurities would rise up and he would take it out on kat.
his insta feed is not something a male would care to look at, he is terrible with technology like a stereotypical woman (i know blue collar men who are terrible with smartphones but it comes from a place of not giving af about it, different from Jake), the thirst trap of and pics….accept it jake you wanted a female audience. you just wanna blame women for your failures

No. 1918193

Jake is on YT rn and he ragequit The Isle after getting smoked by a group of dinos.
>'They stole all my cooked meat, I'm dehydrated, I can't move, I have a broken leg and the foundation I tried to lay down won't go down for some reason'
>'We're done, we're done with this game. No more of this game - ever'
I'm dying nonnas, it's just over an hour in if anyone wants to watch.
He's playing Subnautica now.

No. 1918284

Kek. This is him playing literally any game ever. He never bothers to read anything, just button mashes his way through the game and screams when he doesn't understand what is going on or how a game mechanic works. Then of course it's the games fault every. single. time. The only games he seems to actually kind of like are ones where he can zoom in and sexualize the female characters or drive a car around. Surprised he hasn't resorted to playing hentai games yet. They seem much more his speed.

The fact he calls kat an "old lady" and milf even though she's only a couple years older than him is also very telling. She's totally age appropriate for him? 2-3 years isn't some sort of spicy age gap relationship, but I suppose he is porn brained and genuinely stupid.

No. 1918298

You realise you're on a woman's forum scrote?

No. 1918309

damn I might actually have to subscribe to his channel and "ring the bell" so I catch some of his streams to see a little of his manlet rage

No. 1918500

File: 1698119178146.jpeg (480.04 KB, 828x826, IMG_1199.jpeg)

Jake and Kat in a year, maybe less

No. 1918568

I don't think that's a scrote anon

No. 1918635

Saying it's stereotypical like a woman to be bad with tech sounds pretty scrote to me

No. 1918636

I've played on open servers with actual children who keep their cool better than that in survival horror kek. He couldn't hope to have a good time though, pretty much none of these are designed to be able to enjoy well solo and there's no way he's be able to work with anyone. Much less a group of people consistently
I refuse to believe the dude has actually played silent hill. As much as I love the first 3, the gameplay was always frustrating even compared with other ps2 era games. The camera is shit, the auto aim is necessary and you'll still whiff your shots at times, getting the ending you want in replays requires a walkthrough to find the right items if you don't have it memorized, etc. I love them, but they're flawed masterpieces, something way beyond Jake's intelligence and patience. He gets frustrated way too easily to be capable of actually sitting down and finishing any of the games imo and refuse to believe he ever did.

No. 1918665

Fake is live right now. Gonna watch for a while kek

No. 1918681

get a life you autistic retard don't give him the views

No. 1918682

I popped over to see it, and the moment it loaded, the first thing I heard him saying was “sexy ass fucking shit”. I closed the tab. He really only has one thing on mind.

No. 1918686

THIS.scrotes will never blend in

No. 1918689

I don't care what you say dumbass, I watch with adblock anyways like any well adjusted person.
He is constantly making gross sexual jokes, he's so stuck in puberty. I didn't know it was this bad because I rarely watch any of his stuff

No. 1918701

He says he's been working on the secret thing which 'none of you have guessed and never will guess what it is'. He said he woke up today and made a major breakthrough with the thing and seemed overly confident with whatever it is.
He was reminiscing about his 9-5 in his last stream and how much easier to stay fit back then (at least he acknowledged when he went FT with YouTube he became tubby) so I don't get the sense he's doing traditional work with others. I feel like he's doing something where he can lock himself away in his studio and avoid looking after the kid - maybe a crypto scheme?
Samefag but I got the game wrong. He originally died twice on The Isle before moving on to ARK which is what made him lose his top lol.

No. 1918713

LOL he seems as confident as he used to about the V tubinng thing paying off.The secret thing is going to be a huge source of future milk.

No. 1918720

Bet it cost him a few 1000 to do something dumb that he will ignore in a month. Can't wait to see what it is.

No. 1918787

I'm guessing it's either live stream motorbike videos or some 3D printing machine as he likes to spend huge amounts of money on hobbies
What's everyone else's guesses?

No. 1918930

this fat fuck really is onision 2.0

No. 1918932

fake is too stupid and broke to make any money off crypto. and he has no financial literacy so he would spend any money he came up on. he'd probably spend it all on first class plane tickets, hotel upgrade, and "DRINKS!" "SHOTS!" my point is we'd have heard about it already if he tried to be a crypto bro. but he's too stupid to understand any of it, I'm 1000% sure of it. not that crypto is for smarties, but he is not savvy in any life skill, so I'd be shocked if he figured out day trading AND kept it a secret that he is treating the economy like a slot machine. he thinks hackers are so cool in 2023, so he'd be mansplaining the blockchain laughably poorly to his snaccs if he knew the first thing about it.

No. 1919014

It be a online fitness coach & a resale website of protein shake powders as he was talking about it a lot few lives ago digging into a tiktok guy who was practically doing the same thing saying anyone can re sell fake stuff and idiots will always buy it.

No. 1919096

lol sounds like an MLM. beach body or something?

No. 1919097

Well kind of, but he hasn't groomed barely legal teens yet so I have to give him that kek. But the sexual remarks in front of his female audience really remind me of onion.

No. 1919124

true kek. I just remember that hansen interview with shiloh where she said onion would sexualise every little thing, sounds familiar

No. 1919155

Some retard just donated 20 subs to his channel. Can someone take the internet and credit cards away from these mentally unwell snaccs?

No. 1919157

correction. another 10 so it's 30 now

No. 1919335

tinfoil: there is no “secret thing”, he’s just trying to keep ppl interested while having nothing to offer. why not promote the song he claims is coming out on Halloween?

No. 1919338

File: 1698275789121.jpg (177.91 KB, 1080x855, DangerMasc.jpg)

Jake now follows this alt-right "Male Hub" account and claims to be in his "dangerous masculine" phase.

No. 1919342

File: 1698276028513.jpg (2.34 MB, 4243x2828, MANLYMEN.jpg)

The majority of the posts seem to be pitting men against the LBG(TQ) community. Unfortunately he built the faggiest fandom for himself.
Jake hates women: confirmed.
Jake hates gay people: confirmed.

No. 1919346

File: 1698276277345.jpg (68.6 KB, 1080x723, 20231025_161344.jpg)

and here's what the average comment section looks like

No. 1919357

Oh ew there's been such an influx of meme pages like this, geared towards the andrew tater tot type of straight men. All the memes are about haha boobies amirite bros haha, but also chicks are annoying and I hate my wife, but also gay guys are icky and I swear I'm not one. Insufferable.

No. 1919383

Why have men become so retarded. It's not world war III that will be the end of humanity. It's that men repulse women so much we won't procreate any longer.

No. 1919395

Males Hub is such a gay sounding name too, literally sounds like a gay porn site
Nothing straighter than spending 100% of your time thinking about homosexuality

No. 1919437

Men are either soy boy troon lovers, or repressed and insecure and making it up with hyper masculinity. I think men who truly like themselves and like women don't even exist.

No. 1919453

LMAO a nonna called it a while ago that Jake is probably going to join some Men's Rights Activist cult. men going their own way! I cant wait until he follows Jordan Peterson. crazy ass delulu moids

No. 1919455

ummmm I thought Jake supported LGBTQ+++etc.+++ didn't he upload a story once about being bi-curious when he was a teen and getting catfished? it also explains why he thinks Jeffree Star is the epitome of beauty and grace. And what happened to K, Jake's BEST FRIEND from the USA? this LGBTQ bashing club isnt very supportive.

No. 1919468

Yes, he used to gay bait and virtue signal and always acted more "left-leaning". It's only after dating Kat that he's been getting involved in the "manosphere".

No. 1919494

This is so fitting when I think of his latest spergs about women. But these MRAs hate "faggots" like his younger anorexic Jeffree Star lookalike self or his later poser goth self on Youtube. I guess he hates that part about himself now because he can't achieve the look anymore so now he has to seek comfort in this manosphere world that tells him what he wants to hear and encourages him in his midget bodybuilder route.

No. 1919503

hahahaha, Troon ass look alike Kat having Jake checking out the manosphere hoping to find belonging… for both of them kek. They're both so dangerously masculine. It's so ironic that this group gay-bashes, as Jake and Kat are one queer looking couple.

No. 1919533

The hilarious thing is Jake would immediatly get rejected by the manosphere scrotes cause they would think of him as less for dating an older single mom onlyfans thot (the opposite of manly man getting with a 10 years younger virgin for them) even bottom of the barrel scrotes would laugh in his face lmfao

Also him going that route after being called out on his angry abusive behaviour instead of trying to become better says a lot about him.He thinks he did nothing wrong and that his anger and cheating can be justified with the "dangerous masculin" he's truly an irredeemable piece of shit.

No. 1919579

He's so delusional, he sees himself as some kind of "hunky British lad" and the epitome of masculinity now? The alpha bros would not accept him or have any respect for who he is dating. Not only is kat everything but a tradwife, he's raising another man's kid, makes degenerate anime femboy vtuber skits, and wears literal clown paint? They would drag him relentlessly. He was better off pandering to these old ladies with low standards thirsting for a "hot goth guy". These guys aren't going to throw him money. I wonder if he's fully dropped "kitty mcpancakes" with this big shift in his public persona. Are loli loving neckbeard catboys not alpha enough for you Jake? kek

No. 1919587

He can't follow Jordan Peterson because Peterson has that list to get your shit together as a man and the first point is "clean your room". Jake will be stuck from the start.

No. 1919685

Supposedly kat does all the house-cleaning in between taking care of her toddler and working at the shop to pay the bills. All those wadded up used tissues in >>1909207 must have been pretty fresh, likely while kat was at work and jake was "researching pornhub" for his react videos.

Hard to understand what kat sees in him now that he's broke and not just ugly. He clearly feels like he's some sort of "alpha" now that he's secured himself a willing bangmaid. We'll see how long that all lasts once a new man is in her DMs just like jake was when she was still married to her babydaddy.

No. 1919689

>Hard to understand what kat sees in him now
Why are you talking as if she's not a 35 year old haggard looking E-whore with a whole ass kid? lmao they're both bottom of the barrel and they are perfect for each other. She's with him cause he has a large house where she can raise her scroteling that's all.

No. 1919700

He doesn't even own the house though? Just rents it. He's even recently had meltdowns on stream over how expensive rent/bills are these days. Jake also has publicly complained about having to watch the kid solo briefly when kat had some kind of appointment which is telling about how much actual "parenting" he does. Hardly a stable place to raise her kid.

He brings very little to the table these days and I'm sure she's starting to have regrets judging by her energy in the candid clips he used in the vacation vlog. She's probably already fishing for a new guy with the upcoming latex shoot and telling her OF subs to dm her.

No. 1919807

She could still get some older scrote with money, they often take moms as long as they're younger and hot. She should drink and smoke less though if she has any plans like that or she'll look even more haggard.
I'm sure both of them will be gone once they attract someone new. They're cheaters

No. 1920230

File: 1698425610082.jpg (32.31 KB, 537x347, psychotic snacc.jpg)

Moni, the same person that gifted subs the other day, keeps spending money on gifts, she did this several times today and I saw another snacc donate around $ 50 (or pound idk) with a pathetic message of being part of the sexy snaccs or something. Well it's not Clair level yet but apparently he still has mentally ill girls to support his ass.

No. 1920232

It's both sad/funny tbh because his handful of loyal "snaccs" end up gifting more subs than he has actual viewers usually. So if you're a farmer watching you are almost guaranteed a free sub just for passing through. Says a lot about his actual number of legitimate subs though. I've been gifted a free sub on his Twitch channel at least three separate times already. Kek

No. 1920241

Samefag, but isn't 10 gifted subs only $50? Just googled it and YT takes a 30% cut per paid subscription, so he's only making $35 every 10 gifted subs. Gifting 50 subs might sound like a lot ($250), but with YT taking their cut he's left with only $175. These "larger" donations and gifted subs do still seem fairly uncommon for his streams though. Especially compared to the old "break the jake" or Clair days. He really must be scraping by these days.

No. 1920270

Clair was mentioned for the first time in ages. People in chat were saying they missed her while Jake said he missed her stories and hoped she was ok (implying he's had no contact).

No. 1920299

This, I'm waiting for my free sub kek. I don't want it but it's funny. He has like 30-50 viewers on average so most of them must already be subbed and I just know a small percentage are hatewatchers. There's not much interaction in his chat except from the same few people.

No. 1920328

>She could still get some older scrote with money, they often take moms as long as they're younger and hot.

You must live under a rock.Kat could never compete with hot childfree gold diggers in their 20s for that old rich scrote cash.The best she could do was Dean back in her prime years since he owned a tattoo business and has a stable income.I think she's a piece of shit but it would be funny af if she found someone better and cheated on joke the broke i honestly hope she does.

No. 1920382

File: 1698443640769.jpg (527.36 KB, 1080x1920, 20231027_145332.jpg)

It's giving… child experiments with hairspray for the first time.

No. 1920392

It would be great if they would learn to clean their mirrors so we would not have to look at splotches of god knows what.

No. 1920641

File: 1698473069883.png (555.15 KB, 688x827, moni.png)

she's exactly how I imagined her tbh. bonus kek at her being a koreaboo

No. 1920644

File: 1698473735804.png (277.6 KB, 511x908, breadwinnerkek.png)

Also it appears that Kat is both picking up extra hours at work and discounting flash for a quick cash grab for the end of the month. I guess the lazy fuck (jake) isn't actually working a day job yet if she's stuck rushing to make rent. kek

No. 1920659

So she's the breadwinner plus single mom and she has to look after a fat short moid who can't clean after himself kek she's better off single.

No. 1920661

Tinfoil but if the reason jake got with Skat is because she looks a lot like JF and he used to skin walk him in the past and idolize him

No. 1920713

I just wanted to say the same thing, every single cow has dirty mirros. They are such pigs kek
cheating on her husband with her rich goff youtube boy really paid off

No. 1920741

lmao he really hates where his choices have left him, keep blaming women and fags for your failures fake. you were never going to be a huge youtube star

No. 1920812

File: 1698511482481.png (917.49 KB, 715x1182, Screenshot_20231028-174321.png)

No. 1920844

Kek. I wonder how much money he dropped on this shitty suit while kat is picking up extra hours and clearly desperate for quick cash. This thing is so ill fitted and scrunched up on his tubby and short torso. Suit is already dirty/damaged on his raised arm too.

No. 1920867

He said that he can't stand up in it, must be really ill-fitting. He also isn't wearing the face mask on stream.

No. 1921038

I'm guessing Kat leaves/cheats sometime in the next year or two and he goes full mask-off and turns hard right wing with his content. When he was a goth YouTuber he had to appeal to a far more lefty audience. We're seeing the real Jake leak out now with that manosphere bullshit.

No. 1921177

poor manlet needs his shit custom fit for him lmao

No. 1921189

He can't go full right wing and have a 'fanbase'right wingers would laugh in his wife since he's tatted up and has his nudes and gay ass photos all over the net kek the manoshere is dead annyway since his it's scrotes (Tate/Sneako/the goat/fresh and fit) were purged and fucked in the ass by mainstream platforms.

No. 1921223

**his face

No. 1921363

lol so true. I'd like to see him try, though. the manosphere would not want to be "snaccs" to a queer looking guy in makeup with gay porn looking nudes of his ass and dick in front of a motorcycle lmao.
they'd also be ass holes to his current female snaccs who have no value to those men because they are not hot and most are middle age. I'd like to see Jake turn on his loyal snaccs who have been supporting him this entire time and telling them to lose weight and go on a diet because it's so gross for women to exist and not be fuckable. I hope they'd wake up and move on.
to be clear, i do not think there is a misogynist male version of Clair who will give him money to say inflammatory things, but maybe Jake is hoping there is as he shares such opinions about women, too, and says he wished he had male viewers.

No. 1921577

>the manoshere is dead annyway
Not really, they will just be replaced by other incel influencers. I'm not that familiar with the manosphere bubble but why do you think they're going away just because mainstream platforms make fun of their heroes?They're against the mainstream to begin with. Sorry for derailing.
The best thing for him would be to keep pandering to pick me's. They're his audience. He can make sexual jokes all the time in his streams and it's still not enough because he thinks he'd get along with a male audience more. He doesn't even have male friends irl because he's so unlikeable. The only thing that ever worked for him was the fake persona he had being Kaya's long term boyfriend that could draw in attention with his extreme looks and because there's a shortage in cute male goth/emo/alternative youtubers.

No. 1921596

I agree. His only value was that he looked like a loyal nice alt boyfriend that wasn't a sexual degenerate. The extreme make up made him look more attractive than he actually is. He fucked that all up by cheating on Kaya, treating her like crap and showing his degeneracy online with his only fans and his increasingly sexual comments. He will never get back what he destroyed all by himself.

No. 1921655

Agreed. I followed him for a while back when he was first doing those reaction videos. I liked him because he came across as fun, good natured, harmless, and a little sophisticated, like a posh supervillain chillin’ on his day off. It’s an absolute marvel how he was able to cultivate that perception for so long, given what looks to be his actual personality these days. A little scary, even. I wonder at sociopathy, sometimes.

No. 1921698

File: 1698687088520.jpg (510.2 KB, 1077x907, 23103012283506.jpg)

Jake is streaming the end of subnautica rn and looks positively dehydrated.

No. 1921797

File: 1698701430313.png (791.04 KB, 1279x639, 43watching.png)

I tuned in out of curiosity towards the end, and he's just been sitting there reading some sort of Sonic fanfic or story, not actually playing anything, and narrating pretty badly. "Ya boi" can't even read words off a screen without constantly having to go back and correct himself.

Also, interestingly enough, as I tuned in, the number of viewers was 43. And it was 42 when the stream started. I don't understand what he's getting out of this, wasting so much time to scrape pennies. Clair isn't around anymore, as far as I have gathered, and whatever donations he may theoretically be getting out of his 40 viewers per stream kek, twitch/youtube takes a considerable chunk of. At this rate, he might as well get a "real job" – he'd earn more with those 4 hours, and it'd be guaranteed.

No. 1922084

Well he doesn't get female validation from a normal job. The girls in the chat are basically his virtual harem and maybe he can imagine them not being ugly in his head. Plus he'd have to leave the house. I can assume that his hourly wage is still higher than what he would earn in a job because he has no qualifications. And he hopes to become successful again and that another Clair comes by.

No. 1922454

Looks like Fake has been streaming for about 6 hours (40 viewers at the moment) and its around 5:30 in the morning in Ireland…
He's playing Silent Hill 2. Is this guy allergic to playing current, trending games? There's been a lot of horror games out in the last few months, from indies to bigger games, which would have gotten him views if he'd played them…But of course he's been playing Subnautica again. For someone who likes to blame his lack of success on everyone else and the algorithm, you'd think he'd at least try to stay on top of the trends of what people want to see, especially during october when actual horror games are super popular and fun to watch.

No. 1922462

I watched a bit at the beginning before he got super sexual (ramblings about dicks and ankle grabbing) and I tuned out.
He said that he hates both the north and south Irish accents but didn't acknowledge the obvious that his girlfriend is from Belfast (as well as his ex). He started talking about his preferences in accents and how he likes Aussie accents but 'Northern accents don't do it for him', going in to detail about the regional accents he finds particularly unsexy. He said if he ever dated another girl he'd be really picky about how they sound. He finally realises it sounds like he's thinking about other women so he says he'd never date anyone else as Kat is perfect (nice save Jake…)

Jake was bitter and said that men can't complain online women like can or they'd face heavy criticism.
>'Ooo men can't expwess their emotions because it's too scawee'
Stop acting like you're working on an all male construction site, you're a streamer with a mostly female audience for fucks sake - they've listened to your problems for hundreds of hours.
If Jake left his manosphere bubble more often he'd know that society has made huge progress in addressing men's mental health - a lot of workplaces offer free counselling services, there's government initiatives aimed at easing the stigma and there's numerous Men's Sheds and other male orientated community groups. Jake doesn't realise he's apart of the problem when he disregards the importance of male friendships and chooses to rant online rather than attend therapy.

No. 1922482

>>1922462 if you are unconsciously talking about finding other women attractive and how you dislike your girlfriend accent you know he isnt
Happy in his relationship again. He is clearly looking for a way out and keeping his options open. Hoping for a young aussie egirl jake? He better hurry up time is ticking he is not getting any younger

No. 1922596

I tuned in for 5 minutes and went to the start of the stream and he makes no mention what so ever to his new song. You would think he'd promote that with excitement. It's out though so he did that but he probably realises it's shit.

No. 1922669

> men can't complain online women like can or they'd face heavy criticism
and as we all know women never get criticised for being emotional
>'Ooo men can't expwess their emotions because it's too scawee'
maybe if you stopped "expressing your emotions" by turning into a lunatic throwing things around the house smashing up walls you wouldn't be "scary". Ed Sheeran has a career out of whining into a microphone and he looks like a typical non-scary brit. I mean shit, if a man is seen as talented people will ignore him smashing up everything from property to women for the sake of coddling him so jake's failure to even be freely apeshit is all his fault too (chris brown, manson, insert every rocker imaginable, etc). He's just uncharismatic, untalented, unsexy, immature and boring all around so obviously he can't get away with anything. People can accept a talented fuck up, who cares about someone who is nothing but a fuck up?
>If Jake left his manosphere bubble more often he'd know that society has made huge progress in addressing men's mental health
tbf to him, none of the "manosphere" or MRAs have ever taken notice nor cared about men's mental health nor the progress in mental health research. It's only ever been about keeping women down without actually making their lives better. I mean most of them actually think divorce courts are against dads cause they haven't taken the two minutes to learn the "pro woman court" stats are just when you don't filter out the dads who dropped their families and kids like hotcakes and didn't ask for custody. Filter them out and suddenly you see that obviously dads get treated well, if not better considering the grading on a curve we do for men throughout all of society. yet they still waste time "fighting" the "injustice" of the court systems on their social medias. The ultimate useless keyboard warriors
he'd have no chance at an aussie chick, not all but most aussies are in good shape generally and keep their whole bodies active. Fake on the other hand looks terrified of whole body workouts. Who'd want this squat manlet who probably can't run ten steps without wobbling and gasping for breath? He looks like if he walked out into the ocean he'd either sink like a brick or not stop floating on his bloat and just thrash about trying to get under.

No. 1922681

>Jake was bitter and said that men can't complain online women like can or they'd face heavy criticism.

He just won't stop bitching about Kaya is he lmao ? for someone who's dating "the perfect elegant slim upgrade girl " he sure hasn't moved on kek

No. 1922776

If he hates Australian accents why does he have a fucked up version of one

No. 1922843

File: 1698879838127.jpg (18.32 KB, 1080x222, 20231101_160150.jpg)

KEK once you put a face to her name, it makes everything she says that much more cringe.

No. 1922916

Show her face?

No. 1922930

Jake streamed on Twitch for the first time in almost 3 weeks but he ended up playing SOMA in his 2D avatar form. I think he gets more views when he plays vidya as himself rather than JesterJake but he refuses to retire this unsuccessful persona.
I seriously doubt he has his studio anymore, he can't justify paying for that rent when he only seems to go world hopping once a month. My theory is that he sets up a VR studio set in his living room to do his proper v-tubing once in a blue moon before stripping it down.

No. 1922941

did he actually release this?

No. 1922949

wow he is basically saying he hates Kat's voice? and he thinks he is entitled to someone with an ideal accent. lmao this scrote will never be happy. he finally got the anorexic bimbo who cleans after his mess, but he is thinking about an accent that would turn him on and it isn't hers. like his fucked up weird speech-impediment sounding all over the place accent is so delightful.
is Belle Delphine aussie originally? seems like he wants someone like that. but he is way too old, too ugly, boring, and not successful. be happy for what you have, Joke the Broke

No. 1923001

It was posted a few days ago.

No. 1923015

Belle Delphine is South African born British

No. 1923054

Yes he did. it was already mentioned.

No. 1923093

File: 1698938016036.jpg (121.4 KB, 750x748, 367992706_24125132747133445_81…)

next thread pic suggestion

No. 1923105

Imagine waking up and that is next to you
He literally hates every possible aspect of other humans, let's be real the australian accent is not more pleasant than Irish, he just wants to bitterly whinge about things that can't be changed because he is the human embodiment of a lead balloon
>People can accept a talented fuck up, who cares about someone who is nothing but a fuck up?
This is absolutely damning anon, it's true too. He could fuck up as much as he wanted to if he had any significant talent or skills or inspiration or entertainment, men especially tend to get away with a lot of outright fuckery as long as they're talented like you said. So much seedy shit in every male actor, director, writer, musician's past and it's all forgiven.

No. 1923139

File: 1698947714904.png (69.35 KB, 240x240, 564043.png)

He used to look ok before he copied that ugly mf Manson's brow less and gold teeth look then he added the u face tatts and fried hair he ruined his own looks

No. 1923140

He looks like Sean Astin Bulimic Bloat and Emo LARP Edition kek

No. 1923199


I cannot believe a man who puts on that awful faux American accent has the nerve to talk about anyone else’s.

No. 1923278

File: 1698971904382.png (42.9 KB, 571x365, drunkstream.png)

It was announced on his discord that he's doing a drunk stream tomorrow, but no sign on what time yet? Probably going to be a hot mess judging by the shit he says when sober.

No. 1923279

File: 1698971933446.png (745.19 KB, 506x910, jakepoop.png)

Also trying to lure in a new Clair? kek

No. 1923347

I'd say that's a new low, but who am I kidding; he's been writhing around in that gutter for a while now.

No. 1923392

kek imagine being so desperate that you want to lure in scat fetishists. I hope he starts trying to eat his poo poo next time. that would be hilarious

No. 1923480

No, he said he likes Aussie accents.
This. His accents always irritates the hell out of me.
Does anyone know if he regularly streams from the studio or from a room in his home? The background with the typical streamer lighting looks like it's a room especially for recording and streaming. I think he does the v-tubing because sometimes he looks too rough.

No. 1923832

Just came here to say how come that whore Kat still have a job after being exposed for stealing artwork from people? her place of work doesn't even care she can get sued for intellectual property theft.

No. 1923866

File: 1699106487527.jpg (241.91 KB, 502x815, noneckjake.jpg)

Just when I thought the man couldn't look any more like an Oompa Loompa…
I just…I don't understand how his body is shaped like this…For as much as he allegedly works out his arms, why do they always looks super fat and flabby when not flexed? And that's not even talking about his total lack of neck…

No. 1923875

Because he's an idiot who only works out his arms and shoulders. His legs, pecs, abs are all not trained. He just lift weights.

No. 1923877

It's like he's bulking and cutting but then never cuts

No. 1923929

Ive been in social circles around Kat and I genuinely believe she has a learning disability. She cannot coherently read or write. I guess it makes sense why she's with this guy.

No. 1923938

I think that's exactly his problem.

No. 1924029

>>1923929 she definitely has dyslexia which is quite normal these days but is not the best trait for a tattooist like her incorrect spelt WORDWIDE step brothers dinosaur tattoo. What learning disability do you think she has?

>>1923866 just makes him look like a walking dorito

>>1923139 he suits longer hair and more natural colours the style cut and colour he has atm doesn't suit him. It ages him a lot and washes him out he would benefit from going back to this style and growing his eyebrows back idk why he shaves them of.

No. 1924058

File: 1699140308253.png (469.34 KB, 800x590, fake.png)

>idk why he shaves them of.
Too look like his idol Marilyn Manson? I mean his current profile picture on Youtube is from one of his looks where he rips off early 2000's Manson. Tbh I think he does look okay with even half shaved off eyebrows and longer hair like in this video from 2016.

No. 1924063

File: 1699140880313.jpg (997.86 KB, 1080x1924, Screenshot_20231104-163432_Ins…)

Skat's body type actually looks more like Kaya's in this pic.

No. 1924171

are there any pics of his arms before he got all fat? idk if it's the angle, but those arms look so short like it's a disorder or pathology. like some kind of dwarfism. no offense to little people, they look more fortunately proportioned than Jake.
bulking up is the worst choice for short people, makes us look stumpier. cardio helps with slimming down. but he's probably too lazy with shitty lungs from smoking. and he only has interest in being one of those fat strong men rather than physically fit.

No. 1924183

they have the same kind of body. big and tall ruler, no curves when skinny. no boobs or ass. androgynous. thicker in the legs when they put on weight. kat would turn into a "fridge" too if she gained weight.
say what you will about how "fat" kaya is, her tits look really good these days. I guess when you grow tits later in life, gravity has less time to wreck them. they're super perky, I would have mine out like that all the time, too.
I have a feeling Jake thinks big natural boobs = a consequence of being too fat. he digs a flat chested emaciated body that could be confused with a dude. better switch to lower calorie drinks, Kat!

No. 1924224

He's an endomorph thinking he's an ectomorph, so he doesn't realize that working out just his arms makes him appear even more blocky and short.
He'd gain a lot more from working out the full body, like similar to a wrestler's work out (not WWE, I mean school wrestling) with upper body, core and lower body strength rather than just bulking his arms and the rest of his body looking like a noodle.

No. 1924230

He was reacting to Youtube Poop which is the lowest form of humour. He especially likes the ones that simulate a stroke - fuck loads of cuts, looping scenes, screaming nonsense and locker room humour. A lot of the stuff he watched took material from Home Alone and SpongeBob but somehow his stream didn't get taken down, even after 3 hrs.
He looked way healthier here, one of his better eras. When he wasn't complaining about the lack of stuff to do in NI his vlogs were actually pretty alright - he was actually interacting with people for his music and other projects, exploring the local area, trying new hobbies and going to the gym. I know Kaya said that his nastiness peaked (2016) at this time but he weirdly seemed his happiest and that positivity came through in videos.

After months of inconsistent VR streaming he is definitely trying to be a regular streamer again - he finally realised that JesterJake won't pay his bills lol. He has been streaming everyday for the last two weeks and relying on people like Moni to gift subs and broaden his reach. It's going to take a lot of time and effort to put together a new audience as his old subs continue to drop off all the while praying for someone like Clair to get caught in his web and pay for his next round for holidays and equipment. I wonder how long he'll do these daily gaming streams.

No. 1924384

Kat slowly morphing into Kaya's old body is hilarious. Doubly so when you think of the fact that Jake has been morphing into Kat's ex for ages. It's like those old horror comics where the evildoers get an ironically twisted dose of karma. They're going to wake up next to each other one day and realize that they're back exactly where they started, except they're even older and their lives turned out way shittier.

No. 1924565

Tuned into his Saturday stream and am working on doing a recap of it now. Safe to say Jake doesn't have the studio anymore already. He talks about going to the gym and has been exclusively streaming out of his home "studio" room for a while now. Bet we won't be seeing anymore Kat poledancing videos anymore unless she plans to squeeze that into wherever he ended up stashing his motorcycle.

No. 1924580

That's a relief that retards on here won't post her filthy ass feet and saggy ass but she'll probably move the pole to her kid's room.

No. 1924582

File: 1699250342840.png (1.14 MB, 1063x547, jakesaturdaystream.png)

Saturday stream, supposed to be a drunk stream, but isn't? Apparently he's rescheduling it till Monday night. Plans to continue playing the forest and finishing it before moving onto playing "sons of the forest". In total he got 6 subs, one resub and five gifts for a total of $30, after YT takes it's cut he made $21.
>playing the forest by himself, appears to be completely friendless again
>turns off building destruction which is basically the equivalent to playing easy mode
>immediately launches into talking about how he's suffering from back problems and a "tight pussy" (his words not mine)
>says it's from sitting on his ass so much "editing" and streaming
>has just learned that foam rollers are used for releasing tension in muscles, is amazed at this revelation
>gets entirely too graphic about how sexual it looks when he's grinding against this foam roller on the floor (help)
>Says he's caught a girl looking, twice, while he does this while at the gym (in horror no doubt)
>I'm assuming this means he no longer has the studio as he makes it pretty evident he is regularly using a public gym now
>calls chat horny even though he was obviously baiting them with how graphic he got
>is gifted 5 subs by some random snacc
>finally actually starts the game.
>immediately makes sexual comments as soon as the game starts about a dead woman
>gets jumpscared by some trees thinking it was a bear? there are no bears in this game.
>gets off on a tangent about the testosterone levels of sharks???
>despite having played the game before doesn't seem to know nearly anything about the game or how to actually play it
>"you get one day to build then they come… all over your face. heheheh"
>calls the main character a "pussy" for discovering a new plant which happened to be a flower?
>a long-time snacc re-subscribes
>more boring and slow gameplay as jake fumbles around the game
>says he has to leave, admits it was supposed to be a drunk stream, but that he "has to go do something today"
>really awful yogi bear skit for some reason?
>gets really excitable over the naked mutant cannibals "titties"
>more bad gameplay, his alarm goes off and he plays for another few minutes before calling it.

No. 1924585

File: 1699250799389.png (71.47 KB, 764x786, jakemunroearnings.png)

his earnings all around are hitting all time lows. Definitely believe he's dropped the studio, he absolutely doesn't seem able to afford it.

No. 1924590

>he's suffering from back problems and a "tight pussy"
kek if you need to tell the internet that your gf is "perfect elegant mature milf with a tight pussy" chances it's not true. He's so fucking insecure and is trying so hard to give the impression that he upgraded and is happy.No jake you lost your popularity and income that your ex brought you and you're dating an older onlyfails bitch with a kid that can't draw her own tattoos nor spell you didn't 'upgrade'.

No. 1924591

tbh the way he said it in the stream sounded more like he was calling his own ass a pussy for some reason? Not sure why he didn't outright use "bussy" as he's familiar with the word via his awful VR skits. I wasn't sure how to take it though, like he was going on about how stretching wasn't helping his muscle pain. It wasn't until he discovered what foam rollers were used for he cured his "back problems, tight quads, tight pussy"? Like is he saying his cheeks felt sore or is he trying to say he was so tense he couldn't shit? kek

No. 1924624

>In total he got 6 subs, one resub and five gifts for a total of $30, after YT takes it's cut he made $21.
This is well under minimum wage, he needs to get a job because clearly this isn't cutting it. He doesn't get any sponsorships or anything either, like he's now about as successful as Kathy's awful moid in the parkavenuepinup thread.
He needs to retrain into a different field for real. He doesn't have the skills nor appeal to do well in 2023 online, the only reason awful moids like shane, jeffree, onision, and projared etc did well is they were early adopters when hardy anyone else made content online.

Now everywhere you look there are amazing artists, photographers/filmography, music, bloggers, or just generally people good at being funny and making clickbait, you can't be mediocre and do well anymore.

No. 1924626

Kinda sounds like he's humping foam rollers for his tight "ass" problems(?) as some sort of lead up to, well
>muh you need to do me in the ass with a giant dildo for medical reasons

No. 1924696

$21 isn't bad for doing an hour of almost nothing I guess, but considering we've seen him get as little as $35 during a regular four hour stream, it's safe to say he's making less than minimum wage at this point. He'd be much better off quitting and getting a full time job of any kind, but we all know he believes he's better than that and that it's only a matter of time before he's gone viral again. Hilarious he's only getting the equivalent of lunch money off his daily YT views now too. You just know kat is rethinking everything at this point.

It's kind of poetic really. Usually gaining a few wouldn't seem so milky, but given how kat openly bullied kaya and clearly thinks she's hot shit. Pick mes never prosper.

The fact he's doing this in public while making eye contact with horrified women.

No. 1924783

File: 1699298212181.jpg (820.63 KB, 1917x1045, Jesterjakefft.jpg)

He's streaming again, this time playing ff16 as his shitty VR avatar. Popped in for a second it's mostly just him making dirty jokes and calling all the npcs cunts. He doesn't want to read any of the text and keeps bitching about how the npcs are talking too much. Cue him having a meltdown over not understanding a storyline point or a game mechanic before the stream ends. Also is that 66/100 his current twitch sub count? Cause if so, kek. Without his loyal few gifting hundreds of subs to compete with Clair for crumbs of his attention he really has nothing.

No. 1924817

lmao what is wrong with this dude? Hard to believe he's over 30. And it must be very exciting to watch as a viewer when he's too lazy to read out the texts and has no idea what's going on. Also no one cares about his shitty VR avatar! I don't know what he's trying to do. He has been consistently streaming on Yt for like two weeks and now he's back on Twitch doing VR?

No. 1924838

File: 1699305502176.jpg (158.76 KB, 1080x401, jesterjaketwitch17.jpg)

Recap of what I did catch:
>streaming to a crowd of 15-20 viewers
>makes his character a very tall dragon guy named "Virgil Arkham" (cool deviantart oc jake)
>bad at the game somehow, stands in AOEs and bitches about it
>calls a haunted urn a "cum tribute jar"
>sexualizes lalafell characters, porn moans while voicing a lalafell npc
>gets gifted 5 subs bringing his total up to a whopping 71
>does an African accent while saying "I'm going to bust in that cocobussy"
>keeps switching out various words in npc text with "pussy"
>asks everyone how their Halloween went
>laments that his Halloween was a "crap time" as he and Kat didn't do anything
>says "my next Halloween is gonna be dope, I'll make sure of that"
>VRtube avatar keeps glitching out
>cuts the stream short again, sounds half hearted as he promises next stream will be a longer one

He said he'll do a six hour stream tomorrow on YT playing the Forest. Seems the lack of interaction/viewers/gifted subs got him down. This was supposed to be the big "drunk stream" reward stream that he didn't do yesterday, but it ended up just being another short regular stream. Not sure why his last few dozen snaccs even bother anymore tbh.

No. 1924850

File: 1699307729241.jpg (56.61 KB, 816x612, 1685987837140.jpg)

>are there any pics of his arms before he got all fat?
Found this from his anachan phase. Idk he has really weird proportions and him bulking up and only doing upper body workouts only amplifies it.
Thanks for the recap. I bet his snaccs don't even like the childish sexual humor but play along because they want to please him.

No. 1924855

Honestly his proportion aren't that bad when he's that skinny. But bulking his arms and neck just makes everything ten times worse lmao.

No. 1924860

he looks better skinny cause it gives him a little neck lol

No. 1924861

File: 1699309704452.jpg (308.98 KB, 1080x1583, hahasofunny.jpg)

Hard to say, they basically echo his humor though as you can see in picrel. Jake cracks one bad joke and they all repeat it to varying degrees. Nothing is funnier than seeing the same joke repeated five times.

Proof he wasn't always neckless. I agree tenfold, him working out only has made him look a lot worse. He must genuinely think bulking is a legitimate excuse for his fast food, alcohol, and toddler snack diet.

No. 1924967

That's actually FF14, the MMO. He played that years ago, he mentioned it a few times during the MAG days, so he has no excuse not knowing how to play it, even if it's changed a ton in the ten years since it first came out. I'm sure he'll say it's too hard or impossible to play without 'friends' despite the entire game being almost totally solo-able now.

No. 1925094

>ana phase
>looks like a regular skinny teen manlet
Wow, Jake. Much impressed with your scary eating disorder days. I can almost maybe barely see a rib.

No. 1925102

God I forgot how incoherent and unappealing his avatar looks

No. 1925128

Tbf not all anorexic or eating disordered people are skeleton levels of skinny. Maybe he was binging fast food inbetween.

No. 1925223

File: 1699388037047.png (90.74 KB, 228x193, Screenshot 2023-11-07 211321.p…)

I watched his stream a bit and here's what I can summarize:
>Jake is drinking today playing The Forest and clearly loosened up ("my filter is gone")
>Lady Allura gifts 10 subs
>Moni donates 35 (I don't know if it's subs or pounds) and he thanks her and immediately goes to have a break kek. The stream begins to lag so I still don't know what Moni donated.
>snaccs make flirty/sexual remarks, topic of kilts comes up. Jake talks about his dick showing through the pants while doing a certain workout. Talks about couples in the gym and the woman looking at him and the man berating her and them leaving. Now he's wearing other clothes.
>Aiden (mod) warns others: ​"yeah, if you go too far I'll totally block you. respect Jake's relationship, simps". So she's his flirt police.
>Mentions meeting a fan at the gym once and her complimenting him and goes on how he now wears more clothes to not attract stares or some shit. "And it happens again" kek he's delusional
>MRA Jake at it again. Talks about "a certain kind of worry" when a woman "objectifies a man" and them not taking it well when he rejects them, "they say all sorts of shit". Immediately says it hasn't happened to him though. Then again indicates women haven't taken it well when he rejected them. Says if women were as strong as men the reaction would be identical. Pick-me snaccs agree with him that women can be psychotic.
>Tells a snacc "If you had that attitude as a man you'd be fucking cancelled".
>Mentions women complaining that men don't chase them anymore, it's "because they can't". "Men need to be very fucking careful these days" (yeah because of the omnipresent threat of getting me-too'd, just say it Fake!)
He is so full of himself and constantly angry about muh sexism against men. The way he's constantly getting validation it's no wonder he doesn't want to get a real job. The snaccs give him narcissistic supply. I feel kinda bad for them because of the level of pickmeism they must have to endure him.

No. 1925225

>women totally stare at me and their boyfriends are totally jealous
One look at this screenshot of his stream, and looking at this >>1924850 vs now, tells me otherwise jake the fake

No. 1925235

Jesus.. never known someone to suck their own dick as much as he does

No. 1925282

His dick wouldn't even show through fucking saran wrap never mind sweatpants.

No. 1925298

>>Aiden (mod) warns others: ​"yeah, if you go too far I'll totally block you. respect Jake's relationship, simps".
There's something especially fucked up and hurtful about a bloke who's been posting thirst traps, flirting and cheating on his long term partner only to have a mod ban people and tell them to 'respect his relationship' when he gets with the cunt he cheated with.
He's so fucking insufferable.

No. 1925302

File: 1699398128198.gif (399.73 KB, 220x152, nope-no.gif)

>Mentions meeting a fan at the gym once and her complimenting him and goes on how he now wears more clothes to not attract stares or some shit. "And it happens again"

No. 1925458

Anons have speculated he's a binge eater based on the way he talks about food and seems to eat takeaway a lot, (no food in the house and then has sporadic, timed binges, he bingedrinks as well) so bulimia rather than anorexia. He probably just binged more rarely during his jeffree star days

No. 1925461

>Talks about couples in the gym and the woman looking at him and the man berating her and them leaving.
He has a cuck fetish for sure, nobody was leering at him. Imagine if this did happen but it was actually the boyfriend saying "this guy is creeping me out leering at me while straddling foam tubes, we should leave babe"

No. 1925462

>Mentions women complaining that men don't chase them anymore
What planet does he live on, no woman in the history of time has ever complained that men aren't chasing her. I need to know what shitty MRA incel websites he watches/reads all day and takes as fact.

No. 1925467

He went full men's rights incel mode after his plan to ruin Kaya backfired and he lost his pathetic excuse of a career while she's still doing well not that he didn't used to be a mysogynistic tosser the backlash he got made his narcissitic little brain blame women (kaya) and not his own actions.He could have gotten away with being an abusive cheating piece of shit to his ex but his ego got the best out of him.

No. 1925470

He has mentioned this woman twice now she must be on his mind a lot for him to actively talk about her out loud. This and the foam roller sexual moves and dick print clearly trying to impress her

No. 1925483

It's typical for a moid to fall off the deep end after 1 breakup cos they're retarded and feel entitled to women and are easy pickings for misogynists who sit on their asses whining women this women that to rope them into it and bleat it back. I thought Fake saying sexual shit to any female character was him appealing to a younger audience but no he's just a smegma male who's brain is barely two inches and is not located inside his head.

No. 1925503

Reminds me of how troons always think people are staring at them/secretly horny for them, when in reality they're just delusionally objectifying themselves.

No. 1925518

This made me laugh out loud
No, he does that because he's a degenerate coomer. He's very similar to Onision in that regard. Always making retarded puberty level sexual jokes in front of his impressionable female audience.

No. 1925544

he has grown more and more comfortable openly airing his hatred of women. it truly saddens me that kat is willing to raise her child alongside someone who flies into a moid rage over video games and is so wildly insecure that he would rather spend his time becoming incensed over imaginary scenarios where men are the innocent victims of predatory viragos instead of acknowledging his own ever increasing list of self-inflicted failures. imagine choosing to live an existence where you wake up every morning next to someone so utterly irredeemable and who can offer you and your child next to nothing. she is either completely delusional or completely stupid. either way i hope she wises up before something bad happens but i am not holding my breath.

No. 1925641

>someone who flies into a moid rage over video games
I'm in the process of recapping his entire drunk stream from yesterday still, but there was quite literally a point in the stream where he slammed his fists on the table so hard it crashed his computer mid-game. All because he kept dying in a very easy game (dude can'teven handle two basic enemies at a time? Real gamer hours). He tried to laugh it off as "oops teehee I just don't know my own strength sometimes" but then went on to admit he is constantly breaking things from supposedly "using them too hard". Kaya did say he used to throw things and break things constantly, looks like little has changed despite his claims everything is wonderful with kat.

Tbh I feel like his hyperfixation on "chicks" totally checking him out at the gym is also him coping with having to use the public gym in the first place. He must be salty he had to let go of his personal gym and studio. (Good thing he got that final studio flex in where he streamed topless there months back kek). I wonder if he actually sold off any of his junk or just moved it all over to a cheaper storage unit/their small rental home.

No. 1925642

Shut tf up retard.kat is a horrible person and she deserves him and every bit of misery he could give her.She a pick me,cheater, bullied an abuse victim mentally ill woman threatened violence against her and left her hair on her bed after fucking her bf, wrecked her own home and all for a worthless crumb of narc dick cheese.She's an irredeemable piece of shit and i hope her life gets wrecked.(calm down)

No. 1925645

He fucking smashed all their plates and yelled at her cause she said 'babe you left your turkey on the counter' kek
>looks like little has changed despite his claims everything is wonderful with kat
His claims are a pure cope.He knows that he ruined his career by cheating on his famous ex and kicking her out to live in a freezing studio he's coping by ranting about how 'amazing' his new gf is making it seem that his cheatiing was worth it he already screamed that he was proud of cheating on his ex.

No. 1925664

Damn so I really missed the best part
I think anon was just hoping that for her child, not for her own good

No. 1925756

> his famous ex
Literally, where? KEK Kaya wks are so retarded. Kaya is a literal nobody. She may be doing heaps better than Fake (and rightfully so), but she's as much of a miserable, laughable, dysfunctional mess as the rest of these cows. Most people have gotten somewhere in life by their age – these degenerates are still playing in the sandbox, further deluding themselves through escapism and inflating their own egos with the help of ca 40 onwatchers. Some "fame" kek

No. 1925821

Maybe it'd be more accurate to say his fellow slob who started from the same place as him, and who he latched onto hoping to escape his own home, has gone on to scrounge and freeload way better than him. Meanwhile he dropped how many thousands into the failure at launch vtuber shit?

No. 1925842

File: 1699498857810.png (366.32 KB, 436x459, 40lbsofpuremuscle.png)

Sorry this recap is so long, but here's most of what happened during the drunk stream minus a ton of awful gameplay:
>starts stream whining on and on about his face looking puffy from a nap
>says he only had a nap cause he had a real intense leg day today
>admits he's one of those guys who straight up screams while lifting
>says there were "more chicks than usual at the gym today"
>insinuates they were all checking him out
>clarifies by chicks, he actually means 40-50yo women (kek)
>pours himself a rum and coke, says he only uses AMERICAN shot glasses
>goes on a tangent about how he has to drink caffeine free coke because he has to drink upwards of 8 rum & cokes to even get drunk
>practically begs the snaccs to donate via his "link below" so that YT stops taking a cut of the donations
>he claims that YT takes more than a 30% cut, claims it's actually closer to 45%
>"In my experience there are two ways out of a difficult situation. you can fight your way out or fuck your way out"
>makes snaccs google how to do something in the game because he once again can't read in-game
>gets entirely too excited about the "stacked cannibal chicks" yet again
>puts his brightness up all the way to make the game even easier. goes in water in a cave, begins to freeze to death, has a meltdown
>runs back to base, says "honey I'm home… honey I'm horny" for some reason.
>he dies, going from full health to none fighting only two cannibals, bitches a ton about the game being in first person as an excuse for why he's bad at it
>dies again, screams FUCK and slams the desk hard enough to crash his computer
>is only on his third drink at this point, has to restart the game undoing all progress he made in game the past hour
>admits to breaking things often because "he doesn't know his own strength"
>plugs his donation link again, this is the second time
>snacc ignores him and does a superchat instead for $10 (kek, enjoy the $5.50 I guess jake)
>more boring gameplay, lots of really awful matt berry impressions?
>plugs his "if you subscribe and become a snacc you have access to all previous streams…"
>claims he put on 40+ lbs of muscle the past couple of years
>"ohhoohho there's another big titty cannibal girlfriend"
>hits her with an axe "don't worry baby, it only hurts at first.. then you get used to it heheh"
>a snacc uses her resub to boost her message about how it's the anniversary of her husband dying
>Jake hits her with a quick "oh naur, I'm sorry. That's terrible to hear." and goes right back to gaming
>weird elmer fudd impression? "it's rabbit season" followed up with a "it's always bussy season"
>snacc donates $3 to ask if he remembers a dante perler she apparently made him. He doesn't. (kek)
>another snacc donates $2 to ask if he wants to tour again. He says yes, he wants to "do a show" in the united states
>says he won't ever play any of the songs he made "with the boys." But is working on new stuff and there are "already three new songs"
>Says "hey jasmine!" to a random chatter, "that's my first girlfriends name! Actually it was Jaz, she'd have punched you in the throat if you called her jasmine"
>"I've been to America and I've been to Europe, and Europe is the best. Best people, best food, best architecture"
>starts humblebragging about all the places he's been. Claims to speak conversational Japanese.
>Very obviously desperately wanting to go back to Japan. Claims he only spoke Japanese during their trip there and supposedly well enough their translator felt unneeded (doubt)
>"they are absolutely amazing as a culture in many ways"
>a snacc says "it sounds like it sucks to be a woman in Japan" and Jake snaps back with a vicious sounding "well being a woman in america sounds pretty fucking great"
>Ladyallura gifts 5 subs leading Jake to plug his streams yet again, he's also back to sucking up to her now that Clair is gone
>"people in tokyo have reached the point where they are sick of white people" claims that going to southern japan is totally more inviting to tourists (???)
>Lady Allura gifts another 5 subs. Jake loses his shit and calls it "break the jake" (for 10 whole gifted subs kek)
>"I've been thinking of coming back to onlyfans. My dick has been looking especially big lately eheheheh. I'm losing my filter eheheh."
>Moni donates $35, he immediately leaves to pee, comes back and calls her "a sweetie pie"
>goes into graphic detail about wearing lycra underwear to the gym?
>Moni openly flirting with Jake saying "I'm always thirsty, that's the way he likes me"
>cue the "girlfriends are checking me out and making their boyfriend mad" storytime
>said the last time a girl came onto him was seven years ago (so he hit up kat first hmm?)
>very obvious fake story about a fan girl approaching him in public at the gym
>spergs out about women having special privileges wah wah
>gets killed by a big tittied lady cannibal just after this sperg out. Poetic timing.
>"I love your parasocialness" he says to a snacc.
>"designer clothes and bone armor, just another day being jake munro. (ok shein and killstar)
>2nd pee break, comes back with one of kat's canned mojitos. Jake adds a shot of rum to it.
>Jake:"I happen to like older girls" Moni:"I'm an older girl"
>rants heavily about how he's totally always liked older "girls". Totally NEVER liked younger girls.
>plugs his OF then follows it up with "only me cumming is kat's eyes only"
>said there's a few videos of him and kat fucking that do exist, but they decided not to upload them
>pretty obviously read how to beat the game quick, but doesn't know what he's actually doing
>Moni gifts 7 more subs, jake plugs his donation link yet again (forth time this stream)
>Moni requests jake do his foam roller humping naked and he gets entirely too excited
>Jake suddenly says he's shooting OF content this week for sure and says whatever she wants
>Ladyallura gets jealous of his attention being all on Moni and gifts 5 more subs
>"Lady allura how can I forget, you are also a massive onlyfans contributor" tells them to talk amongst themselves and put their request in together
>"I'm just letting you all know there is a DM option on onlyfans so if you sign up to my onlyfans…"
>Says his turn offs are "anyone under the age of 28, crystals, starsigns, too far left, too far right."
>quickly follows up with a "oh, and not being kat! that's a big one"
>"I'm a very logical creature. To a fault." "I'm painfully logical."
>Jake tries to bait another 10 gifted subs by saying he'll take another shot if they gift him 10 more subs
>Moni says she's already gifted 10 subs this stream (as hard as you try jake, she's no clair. kek)
>He suddenly starts counting down the time until the stream is over, saying "oh there's only 7 more minutes together. If only there was some way to get another hour together."
>ends up taking the shot anyway saying it's the last one. Quickly says he could "easily take another six" if he wanted to
>gets really graphic and gross about his "love for eating pussy" for most of that last 7 minutes.
>says "jake takes care of his princess" "it's all I ever wanted to do is spoil and treat"
>"she doesn't have to ask you to, you just have to become the man she needs you to be" (cue him skinwalking her ex I guess?)
>big rant about "being the man" and is deeply fixated on women bearing children?
>finally ends the stream after rambling about this for too long, but makes sure to plug his OF one last time before signing off.

All in all he probably made something like $100-$150 at most after YT takes their cut of the subs and superchats. He was very obviously doing everything he could to milk what money Moni and Lady Allura did have.

No. 1925844

>>Says if women were as strong as men the reaction would be identical.

what the fuck? the response IS identical in the scenario he described (in reality women are more cautious and probably wouldnt "say all sorts of shit" to a man who rejects them because we have to fear for our physical safety). he is the most anti-social and stupid person ever so he is unfamiliar or got it confused about how men who approach women or catcall at them and are rejected or told to stop are the ones to call them "ugly bitches anyway" afterward, often to their face. and some men rape women who reject them.
I have never heard of a woman doing that to a man, but maybe her friends will chime in that he isn't all that anyway.
I dont know what the fuck he is on thinking that women are "weak" because men are more unhinged about rejection. he's so stupid and people listening to him are even worse off.

No. 1925847

Oh I can't even imagine, I've lost count kek. But to be fair, that's not the worst of things – he can sell all of the equipment and get a considerable amount back, granted it's not all smashed, and he doesn't put it off for very long.
But imagine all the money that they've (which also includes Kaya) simply thrown into the void splurging on "dranks", daily food delivery, overpriced resorts to one eachother up, piles upon piles of stuff they never used, clothes they've barely worn, renting all those studio rooms they've barely used, endless storage spaces cause they can't be arsed to clean etc etc Now that is tragic.
Had they had one brain cell, they could've saved up and invested it into some property, even if of a smaller kind. And if not used it themselves, they could've rented it for an endless stable passive income kek.

No. 1925848

yeah no one was modding the "GOTH DADDY" stuff while he was with kaya for 10 fucking years. but he was also so much more successful. it's almost as if not being outed as a cheating scumbag ending up with another cheating whore and not having a mod insult other fans as "simps" was better for his career. talk about doing everything ass backwards.

No. 1925853

thanks for the recap! the lie about being able to speak conversational japanese to where there was no need for a translator is interesting and hilarious. why not say something for everyone lol.

desperately plugging the onlyfans is bleak, why even further embarrass himself with overpriced laughable nudes that will gain no new subs.

No. 1925865

He was pushing a lot of weird random facts about Japan that just didn't seem true to me either. Like I'm no expert, but I don't think southern rural Japan would be as inviting to foreigners as Tokyo is? There are a lot of places in Japan that still have "Japanese only" signs and rules even? (not to mention allowing someone as heavily tattooed as he is now) He seemed to be completely talking out of his ass for that whole segment, it was honestly bizarre. When he was trying to name off different places to visit in Tokyo he could only name the very obvious ones like harajuku or shibuya and was visibly struggling to remember other names too. He's definitely spoken really broken Japanese phrases on stream before, he's as conversational as a toddler maybe.

He wasn't really plugging it until Moni was acting really thirsty in chat and throwing gifted subs his way. Then suddenly it built up to a big full-blown planned "return" to OF. It's funny that Aiden tried to hit the snaccs with a verbal warning >>1925848 when Jake himself was very much so egging them all on. There were moments where I was genuinely grossed out, I never want to hear Jake moaning on about his nasty chode and pleasuring "his princess" ever again. Anything for a quick buck these days I guess though.

No. 1925891

Someone upthread even mentioned that they saw Russell's sign on his hand >>1899529

No. 1925897

>Brags about eating his gf's post 3 days in labor single mom pussy kek

>Has never went down on his partner of 10 years plus
>Treated his ex liks shit and never posted about her
>Brags about treating his 35 year old onlyfails whore like a "princess"
>Never wanted kids and openly talked about hating them thinks women with kids are used goods
>Is ranting about women bearing children and muh masculinity while being a cuck raising another man's kid

He's so fucking disgusting and fake a lot of the shit he rants about are direct digs at his ex or some kinda pathetic "look at me now i'm totally thriving in my new relationship and treating my gf right cheating was the best thing that ever happened to me uwu". He will never move on.

No. 1925898

I meant she was more popular then him in the alt community as an OG goth youtuber and he used her to get a following learn to read you fucking retard.Pointing out facts doesn't make one a Kaya wks.

No. 1925966

yeah he seems very insecure and unhappy in his relationship to constantly bring up how hot he is for kat "I'm only attracted to Kat! never anyone else!", and all the anger he harbors for "evil women who have it so easy in society" (Kaya, who lives in his head rent free). and he exaggerates so much I don't believe for a second he is any good at cunnilingus. it's probably on par with his ability to speak Japanese kek.
the "treating kat like a princess" thing is weird to insist on… he doesnt have any money lol. back in the day it was like the only nice thing he did when he was with kaya, before he used it as a reason to resent her, but in her own side of the story, he wanted to spend money like crazy and Kaya said he would tell her, "your boyfriend is rich, let's do this!" and bought her all kinds a shit while she wasn't working. that was their content, watch "goth" couple travel and spend money on useless junk.
Kaya was the reason his money was up, hardly no one wants to see him "spoil" the cheating lowlife he is with now, who is so insecure you can't even mildly flirt with him despite him advertising his dick on ONLYFANS, though I guess I'd be mopey and insecure too if I aspired to have a porn career and it totally flopped, suggesting that I'm nothing to look at, meanwhile there are women who keep their clothes on in the platform and actually have tons of subscribers to make money for being attractive. karma is amazing to both of them!
and Jake's bizarre misogynistic outlook and lack of talent isn't doing him any favors. he will have to get "a minimum wage job."

No. 1925967

When you point out his behavior side by side like that, the hypocrisy is so sketchy. And don't ever let a man use the excuse "I just didn't know how to treat women until I met the right one" because they always try to use that excuse to justify past behavior. But it's always bullshit, because either they respect women to begin with or never will.

No. 1925974

>Brags about eating his gf's post 3 days in labor single mom pussy kek
He's a classless retard but this is some moid-tier misogyny

No. 1925983

his raging misogyny is fucking revolting, especially since all this hatred is indirectly towards Kaya. I can only imagine the psychological trauma she had to deal with over the 10 years and the wear and tear it did to her. Kat is a retarded pickme to even be with him, and when it eventually comes out the abuse she herself had to deal with I'm gonna have a hard time feeling sorry for her since a kid is involved in this situation.

No. 1925986

I can't find the comment to reply to but Kat's intelligence is much deeper than dyslexia. As well as being unable to coherently read and write she would have difficult reciting the days of the week etc. I wonder what she'd be doing if her husband hadn't given her a career.

No. 1925988

Kat did not suffer any abuse. She got bored in her marriage and decided to cheat on her husband and destroy her family, that's literally it. The "abuse" she's hinted at is complete bullshit to try and justify her actions.(lurk more, integrate, and read lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1925990

Also found it weird how he'd go on and on about his turn offs like he's still on the market before following it up with a "oh… and not being kat!" like he almost forgot about her for a moment. His weird stories and fixation on women supposedly checking him out at the gym constantly, him openly flirting and rewarding snaccs for being raunchy and flirting with him in chat. Him weirdly bringing up his first girlfriend? Something doesn't sit right, why is he so obviously desperate for female attention if he's supposedly so exceptionally happy with his "perfect woman" kat? He genuinely acts like he's trying to sell you on how perfect their relationship is. Also have to kek at the "treating like a princess" because we all know he's incapable of that now with his dwindling snacc bux. He probably already holds the trips he lavished kat with early into their relationship over her head as a promise for more once the "algorithm picks him back up again". He's clearly holding out on a come back and Clair probably gave him just enough hope (delusion) to keep trying.

I've definitely seen men try to sell their new relationship after a big break-up or divorce as being perfect only to have to crash and burn before reaching anywhere near the length of time they had spent with their ex. Armoredskeptic and shoe come to mind as a great cow example of this. jake and kat may not be in the honeymoon period anymore, but they're still very much so in a "prove them wrong" or "us against the world" mode now. They might be stuck with eachother for good because sunk cost fallacy and a lack of alternative options, but it's obvious they are going to end up resenting eachother in another few years. Remember how salty he was when he got stuck watching her kid solo when she had an appointment?

No. 1925991

Type "sage" in the email slot to avoid ban. Did she ever cry abuse? Do you have any receipts/screencaps anon to back anything up? Judging by what Jake said on stream it sounds like he slid into her dms and made the first move.

No. 1925997

Thanks for the recap, you really caught some highlights.
>said the last time a girl came onto him was seven years ago
Was that one of the times he cheated on Kaya? kek
>quickly follows up with a "oh, and not being kat! that's a big one"
It really looks like he always quickly squeezes in a compliment to Kat when he caught himself openly talking about thinking of other women.
It's also creepy how he always mentions liking older women. Mostly scrotes suspected of being pedos do that. Bet he watches many loli hentais.
I really hope Lady Allura and Moni find something better to do with their lives soon. He doesn't deserve anything.
Aiden is probably just jealous when he's too overtly flirty and sexual with the others

No. 1926002

Thank you.
She posted some shit on her story a while back about how since she's been with Jake she knows what "true love" is, and how she feels free and isn't being controlled. Apparently your partner being pissed about you having sexually charged conversations with other men means they're controlling lol.
Jake during streams had also hinted that he had been subject to ab*se from Kaya and said Kat had been in a similar situation.

No. 1926022

I forgot about this. He does seem to cycle through binge eating fast food and getting self conscious and then dropping the weight quickly and tummyache thirst trapping everywhere. Throw his binge drinking habits into the mix and he's on the fast course to all kinds of serious health issues. It already shows in his bloated face/body and sahara dry skin. Never seen someone (besides shay) who manages to look so doughy and dehydrated at the same time. Alcoholism really ruins you.

Aiden is a TIF so probably. Jake did say "Aiden is a masochist, trust me I know hehuheh" at one point too. Who knows what he gets up to in DMs trying to solicit free work and money out of the most desperate snaccs.

No. 1926043

> following it up with a "oh… and not being kat!"
LMFAOOOOOOOO he's so fucking insecure.Lady doth protest too much me thinks.Skat was the best he could pull, a retarded older mom with no titts or ass and a failed onlyfans.Nobody else wants him except for his uggo fans.

No. 1926045

Is there one stream of him not indirectly talking shit about his ex ?

No. 1926061

I'm gonna be that person but as much as he is clearly not a goth, I wouldn't even call him "emo" neither. Contrary to popular mainstream belief, emo just like goth is a music-based scene as well. I dread remembering Fake's music but I listened to a few songs and they didn't sound emo at all, one just sounded like generic hard rock and another one sounded like an attempt at nu-metal kek.
Emo is stuff like Sunny Day Real Estate, American Football, and Cap N Jazz (vidrel).
Anyway just a small nitpick. It's just very clear that Jake is Fakeness through and through. Only cares about his pathetic ego using alternative subcultures for popularity points. He just goes with the trends which is why it's no coincidence why he looks like a Soundcloud Rapper.

No. 1926063

fake thinks he's the man on the left kek no wonder he's delusional af

No. 1926069

>OG Goth youtuber
I don't necessarily hate Kaya but she was/is just as much of a poser goth as Jake was/is, she just wasn't as rude about it. By 2015-2016 when Kaya admitted that she didn't actually like goth music neither, people within the scene with the exception of mainly zoomer "baby bats" didn't laud her as a goth neither and saw her as the poser she was/is.
I'm mildly happy that she's doing better in comparison to Jake but it's not saying much since she's dating a troon who is exhibiting all kinds of red flags…

No. 1926070

He wishes he was Peter Steele kek. Pete managed to be attractively brooding without wearing clown paint.

No. 1926071

they broke up.

No. 1926105

Has Kaya ever admitted that? It always seemed like she skirted around the topic of goth music and only began to bring it up when she was being called out for it, mainly on here kek. Like she began to overuse the riff from LMR in every video and any time a music question came up on her Q&As she'd suddenly be all "MUH SISTERS OF MERCY!"

Agree with you though, she's a poser but she doesn't seem like a nasty hateful person. Just an annoying whining one kek

No. 1926129

nta but I remember her mentioning that she doesn't listen to a lot of goth music and is more into pop music, especially 80's pop iirc. That was years ago though and maybe she's more into it now that she also goes to goth clubs regularly. She was definitely a poser in the beginning years. I think Fake never listened to any goth music and is really more of a Nu Metal guy kek

No. 1926185

it it further tacky to have his "no simping mod" chastise other fans for flirting when JAKE is the one in a relationship and should be the one to not flirt in the first place, or stop talking about his dick, his only fans, or his thirst for women to check him out at the gym etc.
I guess it makes sense in Delulu Jake and Scacc Land that a man has no accountability, it's these "simping" women who need to "respect" his relationship with Kat, even though he wants to charge them for dick pics. no chatting, no admiring, just give him your money. it's so weird, and no wonder he's failing, but they are too retarded to see it.
I would not want to support someone with mods who are suddenly on their high horse about "respecting the girlfriend" when the bastard cheats and sells dick pics on OF, and his mod is shitty to other fans, who are paying members, right? no sense at all. cant wait for him to have 0 fans soon.

No. 1926213

lmao they definitely think it's "abusive and controlling" to not want your partner to do sexwork. or have affairs. or get sloppy drunk. lol
but if anything, it seems like Kat is more controlling than Kaya, since his female audience can't even talk to him now without mods telling them to back off.
Kaya seemed to realize it's part of the gig to have your rising influencer bf be called "goth daddy." I remember thinking she isn't very insecure about her relationship (I realize I was wrong and he breached her trust, but she hid it so well), as she was setting him up with tiktok react vids to some really pretty tiktok alt girls/e-girls etc. and Jake always acted like they were way too young to sexualize and instead made fun of them.
I wonder what that content would look like now since he has a girlfriend who makes the ahegao face in her OnlyFans content and dresses like gamer e-girl from aliexpress (literally lol).

No. 1926228

Yeah he hasn't name dropped any inspiration or even just stated what he likes to listen to iirc, and his boring generic band is of course fully uninspired. Though, he's had a hate boner for Chris from motionless in white before for some reason. Maybe cos Chris is also an ugly guy fronting a nu metal band, and is way more successful and lasted after than jake kek. Same hate bones for MGK, an ugly and very obviously wannabe emo guy just like Fake, who ended up with Megan Fox. The pattern is patterning.

No. 1926238

*lusted, boner. Its been a long day nonnies(delete & repost if you have to shit up threads with your endless cyclic commentary)

No. 1926280

>Aiden is probably just jealous when he's too overtly flirty and sexual with the others
Aiden obviously has some sort of jealousy and control issues over Jake and lets the position of mod get to her head. What gives me the creeps about Aiden too, is that she never talks about her own life, doesn't use her real name, and posts nothing on her socials. All we know is that she's an older woman and NEVER misses a stream. She's probably some old loveless dementor-looking hag.

No. 1926287

>She's probably some old loveless dementor-looking hag
That's something Fake would say. Let's leave his crusty ass to say it instead of helping him. Agree that most of the devoted snacks must be incredibly lonely and not desired in their life if they latch on to him of all people.

No. 1926301

File: 1699586090788.png (1.06 MB, 931x830, topsnaccs.png)

judging by the general demographic of his most loyal and desperate acting snaccs, it's a guarantee. Lady Allura still seems young so there might be hope for her to grow out of her cringe phase, but that excuse clearly doesn't extend to the other obsessed snaccs. Haven't seen Amy Lee around anymore at least.

No. 1926335

KEK what a hot "harem" you've got Jake

No. 1926367

KEK seriously, good thing you have a bulldog mod reminding the snaccs not to disrespect Kat in any way. even though it's Jake who wont STFU up about his how his dick looks and how his use of foam rollers at the gym looks very ~sexual~ and no one can keep their eyes off him. gotta beat this seductive harem of female fans off of him with a stick because poor Kat lololol. gotta bring up that Kat is his ~ideal woman~ compared to the likes of random fans…. even kat thinks she can't compete with his harem, she knows he is a porn sick degenerate who would fuck an inanimate object if it massaged his narcissistic ego.

No. 1926399

I forgot what Chris Motionless looked like so I looked him up and er yeah, he's certainly not my type either and I was never big into Motionless in White but if I had to pick whether listening to MIW or Jake's music, MIW would get it because they actually do have some rather creative songs.

I think you're right that Jake's hate for him is because he is everything Jake wished he could be musician-wise. And MGK, totally don't like this guy nor his music but like you pointed out, there's no denying he found success and is dating a sought after celebrity which again, Jake more than likely is envious of.

No. 1926403

It's been a long time since I checked in to see the descent of Jake and holy shit, " becoming an Andrew Tate style hyper misogynist MRA loser" was not on my bingo card. What a pathetic piece of shit. Nothing says " I've been owned by my breakup" more. The man is an absolute Trainwreck of an influencer now,truly bottom tier degenerate with a spine made of wet toilet paper and a moral compass that's just spinning wildly. I think it's hilarious he has a mod in his chat crying about respecting Jake and his relationship when he so clearly doesn't respect it himself at all. It's heartening to come back and see him tainting, ruining and failing to regain what little popularity he ever had. Every time I look away and come back he has routinely gotten worse. The man can't even play a simple video game and he's so awful to spend time with that he doesn't even have friends that could help him ( in the game or in real life) all he has is a shallow, odious, remarkably stupid partner in Kat and there isn't a singular shard of personality in her to the point she has to steal the intellectual property of other people just to do her job. His only hope is that Kat is so gormless it'll take her a lot longer to realise he's probably been trying unsuccessfully to cheat on her this whole time. The way Jake delulu talks about how attractive he is when he couldn't be more repulsive aesthetically and as a person also makes me laugh because it just highlights his narcissism - no one but Jake and his gaggle of geriatric snaccs think Jake is attractive. My attention would also be momentarily peaked by a mishappen little man screaming in the weights section, it's not that deep. I'm also pretty certain as a standard in Japan if you speak even a tiny bit of Japanese most Japanese people will compliment you highly on your skill with the language so the fact that Jake let a cultural norm like this inflate his ego so much is also hilarious.

All his grand musical promises and he's barely released any of his own new music and his only travel plans have been budget bin liner trips to cheap hotels to get white girl wasted in a shien shirt. Contrast this with Kaya who regardless of if you like it or not is clearly getting out way, way more. Getting involved in community, networking and promoting in a music scene regularly and showcasing original hand made fashion and jewelry pieces, she's out there in London getting paid for club promotions while Jake is stuck in a city he hates while he sours like milk in a gaming chair making lascivious comments at anything that resembles a woman and lamenting the fact that no one wants to pay for his mediocre dick pics and I for one love to see it.

suffer more, Jake.

No. 1926430

> famous ex
> OG goth youtuber
> more popular THEN him
> learn to read
KEK I quoted you word-for-word, if what you've meant to say is so far removed from what you've typed out, then you are the one who needs to work on their reading and writing comprehension instead of licking a cow's arsehole on an anonymous imageboard, you unicelled twat.

And adding to what the nice Nonna in >>1926069 said about both of them being obvious poseurs, the topic of an "OG youtuber" is also rather debatable. OG youtubers, including the ones who are part of the goth scene (or even the ones at least self-identifying as goth), date back to the late 00s and up until around 2012 max (but mostly still until 2010, really). Either of them (Kaya and Fake) joined already at the time when YouTube could be considered a job opportunity, which technically makes them 2nd wave, not OG, despite the fact that most popular or familiar goth faces origin from exactly that era, the 2nd wave. But that doesn't mean there weren't any goth (and mind you, actual goth) youtubers before 2012.(infighting)

No. 1926488

I have a sneaking suspicion that Kaya will move to London and I’m really hoping she does because the idea of Kaya living and working in London while he’s stuck in NI hating every second of it is just delicious. Tell us again how Kaya was holding you back Fake?

No. 1926508

She can’t afford it, not gonna happen(not the kaya thread)

No. 1926520

OT but thanks for reminding me of Cap'n Jazz, brings back good memories.

No. 1926575

File: 1699645889992.png (192.46 KB, 301x351, VR.png)

Fake is live on Twitch and his shitty vtuber avatar is so tacky. It doesn't even really have facial expressions. I don't think any of his fans can like that.

No. 1926580

This is Kat's husband friend.She lied about him abusing her and them coparenting before she cheated on him.He caught her messaging other men several times before finding out she cheated with Munro for almost a year meeting him behind his back he told me he suspects they slept together in their house too several times while he was away.The whole thing is more messed up than what was let on.(post proof or sage your shit)

No. 1926602

It just happened. I got a free sub from his snaccs after only watching for a few minutes. He just got a hypetrain and the subs must have gone to many people who don't even watch him kek. He has only 20 views right now and I think more subs were donated(cowtipping)

No. 1926647

Not that anon but what cyclical commentary if it's been proven that Jake is a jealous troll? That's some of the main milk he produces

Iirc he said he designed it himself so this is probably the ideal that he wishes he looked like. He never grew out of being a cringe 2000s emo after all.

What perks do you even get for being his sub, just being able to text in the chat now?

No. 1926650

If this is legit please provide screencaps or anything else that might back this up. We all know Jake was hitting on many of the women he encountered during his relationship with kaya, a lot of women were coming out with their negative experiences with him. And though we've heard kat has a history of cheating, we don't really know much else about her besides whatever nonsense Jake tells us. Also sage goes in the email field

It's kind of crazy because he has 700+ followers on twitch, but his view numbers have never been lower lately. Even his 400k on YouTube means very little with his videos only catching a few thousand views. He reads as one of those guys constantly reliving his old glory days and unable to let go. Sad there's still a few snaccs willing to throw their spare change at him though. Imagine all the things they could have done with that time/money that could have actually benefited their lives.

No. 1926660

Kaya's video from a year ago nearly, backs this up a bit since she mentioned having some communication with Kat's ex after the breakup to piece things together, and that there was overlap where Kat was sleeping with Jake while Kaya and Jake were still sexually active.

No. 1926671

I said the same thing as you before. But honestly I'm starting to think she's a lot worse at sorting her finances out than I thought and she just might be retarded enough to move to London into a place that's too large for her without a room-mate.(Not the kaya thread)

No. 1926673

So the nonnies that figured out they were cheating for almost a year from the hair colours on the shit love collage were right. It's so fucking disgusting cheating in the bed you sleep in with your partner and wish them good night. Kat and Jake deserve each other.

No. 1926675

I mean, this is the same woman who makes porn in the same room/bed she has her kid sleep in. She's outright nasty. Tinfoil, but it makes me wonder who she was ignoring Jake for/constantly texting while on that last holiday trip with him. Anytime he was taking a candid video shot she was completely zoned in on her phone and texting away. I bet she uses "oh it's just a tattoo client at work" as an excuse too.

No. 1926834

We did talk a bit on the phone about it but most of our conversation was in person and even if i had evidence in text form i wouldn't be able to release them without his consent since Dean wants no part in this anymore.
All i can say is Kat was in fact cheating on Dean for almost a year according to him.

No. 1926868

That isn't even cowtipping

>What perks do you even get for being his sub, just being able to text in the chat now?
I think you can write in the chat anyways so I don't know. On youtube you can watch old streams but I think on Twitch they are available to anyone.

Oh but he PAID for the bed so it's HIS bead and that makes it ok

No. 1926873

>Oh but he PAID for the bed so it's HIS bead and that makes it ok
I'm gonna be honest when he talked about the hair in bed and cum stains and instead of saying sorry flashed a reciet of the bed and how he bought it i felt so fucking sick in my stomach i wanted to throw away the phone kek i think that was the last straw and he proved himself to be an irredeemable piece of shit scumbag.Still can't understand how he included that in his video edited it so many times and still thought to himself "yep that's gonna save my reputation and career and prove kaya wrong" fucking disgusting ….

No. 1926913

That is narcissistic arrogance.They think everything they own is theirs to do with as they wish all the time even if it hurts others like cheating in the bed they sleep with their partner. The partner is just a leech that uses their stuff so it's none of their business what happens to it. Also the partners stuff is theirs to use because they own the partner thus they own their stuff so the narc that break it and its no biggie.

No. 1926958

Exactly. I recently watched his version of the story for the first time and I even believe some of the things he said (probably exaggerated though) but he's so insufferable about it with the constant demanding of respect and mentioning how much he gave her so she owed him and mental gymnastics and lies about his own mistakes. Pure narcissism.
Yeah he doesn't see how awful he is to others. No normal person would have made such a video. It's always hilarious when these narc cows think they do something good for their reputation by "exposing" their exes and just shoot themselves in the foot. I also think he thought it brings in views and new followers but only made people unsubscribe till today kek.

No. 1927065

File: 1699741248470.jpg (217.56 KB, 1375x837, Oonosihr.jpg)

Jake has been hyperfocusing on one specific snacc by the username 'onoosihr' lately. It has become a running joke in the chat about how "squishy and wet" she always is, and today Jake spent the entire stream playing a game with her and degrading/talking dirty to her. Making a fool out of her at times, making fun of her gameplay, making sexual innuendos at her, and even saying he's going to "piss on her" and going on about how much she's going to like it and how she's going to make ahegao faces for him. Next time they play, he wants to get her on voice chat so he can flirt with her more. He's basically decided that she's going to be the brunt of a bunch of his sex jokes. It's obvious that Jake uses degrading his snaccs as some sort of foreplay for himself.

No. 1927082

Is Kat a cuck who enjoys seeing him act that way to women?

No. 1927087

And so it begins.
No I don't think so. She strikes me as the "I'll fight your bitch ass stay off my man" type. At this point I think she's already emotionally if not physically cheating on Jake. Or maybe they opened up the relationship, which holy shit that's a fucking terrible idea. I doubt that though. Regardless the incoming milk is about to flow and I'm ready for the Fake and Kat saga to finally end. Hopefully catastrophically.

No. 1927203

and lady allura didnt say "stop simping! respect for Jake and kat!" ? and what happened to "you have to be Kat for me to want anything to do with you. I hate interacting with women!" weird. it's like he referred to his lolcow page and is opening the gates for flirting again bc the "respect muh relationship" shit is a foul hypocritical look and his fans are not going to want to be told to fuck off by someone trying to market themselves as a heart throb/sexworker on only fans.
sad it takes LOLCows to give him any sense.

No. 1927231

On the last Twitch stream Jake made a mistake while playing Pokémon, and got so mad that he slammed his desk, causing the game to crash. Moni had to distract him with sub donations just to keep him from freaking out. It was like a mom giving her toddler candy to keep him from throwing a tantrum. Seeing a grown man get so upset over something as juvenile as Pokemon gave me the fucking ick, kek.

No. 1927236

haven’t paid attention to Jake in a while, his alcohol bloat is out of control. or is he just getting fat? why not both?

No. 1927254

File: 1699771285587.jpg (328.18 KB, 1076x1076, 20231111_224113.jpg)

Of course 'oonosihr' is just some inbred looking tard from Kentucky.

No. 1927261

File: 1699772227859.jpeg (58 KB, 456x626, B1E72E83-A696-4F07-A5AC-408EF5…)

>>1927254 absolutely no relation but…

No. 1927271

Second time in a week he's raged out so bad while playing a genuinely easy videogame bad enough that he's crashed his computer. You just know there's holes in the walls/doors again these days.

She's implied in chat before that she is a lolicon too. Seems like this is his "mcfly". Not sure why he is showering her with so much attention when she isn't even throwing money at him like the other snaccs. He probably just fancies her over the others because she's not obese like the others.

No. 1927301

>Is the one who makes dirty jokes about his dick and fucking flirts with his female viewers has no respect for his relationship
This whole thing is so fucking retarded

No. 1927304

Oof so he's flirting with this girl despite of having an "elegant thin milf who he's totally 100% the only woman he's attracted to" kekkekeke good to know that he didn't change one fucking bit.

No. 1927457

hes such a poser gamer. Hes a complete and utter poser

No. 1927495

>On the last Twitch stream Jake made a mistake while playing Pokémon, and got so mad that he slammed his desk, causing the game to crash.
Gamer rage over Pokemon, he has truly hit rock bottom. This is so embarrassing.

No. 1927500

I hope Kat's kid gets taken away.She deserves Joke's moid rage but not him.

No. 1927506

hahah they even use the same shitty box dye, TMDWU

No. 1927520

Apparently Oonosihr does vtuber edits and creation on fiverr, so it's no mystery why Fake is trying to horny lovebomb her.

No. 1927569

File: 1699829840488.png (354.99 KB, 537x475, justdudesbeingdudes.png)

Ngl, I don't think I've ever seen him actually be good at any of the games he plays. He seems like the type to button mash a lot, missing inputs and raging out on the game for XY or Z. He's blamed the games for him missing jumps, him being bad at combat because it's in first person mode, for him not understanding basic gameplay because he absolutely refuses to read any of the tutorials or how to notifications, etc. It was kind of funny too in "the forest" because he had clearly watched or read how to beat the game fast (judging by all the references he was making despite very obviously not knowing what he was doing) and even put the settings on what was basically easy mode, on top of choosing between graphic settings that would make the game much easier to navigate. Dude still died like three times within an hour and crashed his computer from slamming the desk. kek

Makes sense tbh. He was sucking up to Aiden back when she was hinting at helping him make a VR avatar, but I think her work wasn't any good so she just got handed mod duty after the others like Amy fucked off. If he was flirting with snaccs based on looks he'd be a lot nicer to sarah bear who is an outright e-girl. This is just him trying to get free things and money out of his most delusional followers. He tried it on kitty mcpancakes crew, but they obviously weren't very interested. Speaking of the mcpancakes crew Jake apparently liked this post of kitty insinuating he's cuddling with another dude in bed? He still likes all of kitty's posts despite not gaming with him or really even updating twitter anymore.

No. 1927573

File: 1699830016665.png (566.16 KB, 511x909, no.png)

Bonus post really showcasing his exceptional humor.

No. 1927900

God he really is just so fucking pathetic. I cringed so hard I nearly cracked a tooth.

No. 1928054

She's either 1) a cuck who likes seeing him talk like that to women. 2) has no idea what's going on during his streams. 3) has been pacified into being a pushover, and convinced by Jake that it's just "all part of his job"

No. 1928124

I think it's nr 3.
With the way Fake's been acting recently, I was convinced they're far from the loveydovey phase they used to plaster on their stories early in the relationship. Or, when it's been made "official", to be correct, kek. I was sure Kat's been hit hard with reality and looking for other options on the dl.
And then one day, after a nona posted recaps of yet another cringeworthy live, I went to watch the Croatian vlog just to laugh at Fake's misery. I was surprised to see how she's still head over heels for him. The level of pickmeism is hard with this woman.

No. 1928150

I can't bring myself to ever watch his videos, is she really stupid? Like totally oblivious to the fact he's abusive?
And just dumb in general?

No. 1928243

Honestly it felt really overacted in the holiday vlog to me and not really sincere? When she didn't know the camera was on her she seemed bored or more interested in her phone most of the time. It wasn't until she realized the camera was on her she'd really play it up with Jake or bodycheck/pose/etc. I genuinely think she initially got with Jake because 1. the husband found out so she had little choice 2. He was showering her with gifts at the time 3. she gets to be in the spotlight and probably also a bit of 4. she's a massive pick me and got to "win" over kaya. She's riding it out rn because even though it isn't what she signed up for, the ship hasn't completely sunk yet and she's likely still cruising for her next "true love". Jake has absolutely zero friends or network connections anymore outside of maybe a half dozen of his most loyal snaccs. He's been leaning on them more and more lately, huge red flag imho. It's giving diet onision. But he just doesn't really have any options right now so he's coping hard with how obsessed he tries to convince everyone he is with kat. Curious to see how long they make it together off the sunk cost fallacy alone like he did with kaya.

No. 1928467

File: 1699996494716.png (640.68 KB, 720x1228, Screenshot_20231114-211259.png)

No. 1928470

File: 1699996645952.png (778.62 KB, 720x1234, Screenshot_20231114-211304.png)

No. 1928479

Fake just ended his stream saying that "OF content is going to be released consistently". Sure, Jan

No. 1928493

Is she posting old clips or are they seriously still holding onto the studio even though Jake doesn't stream there anymore and has completely switched over to a public gym? Something is fishy here.

Not terribly milky, but these are the saddest looking flowers he's given her yet. It's kind of funny how the quality of the vacations, the gifts, and flowers are all slowly getting worse though.

No. 1928535

Interesting timing too, considering the recent speculation about the studio being gone. Feels like they saved old photos to post “proof” so they can still pretend to have money.

No. 1928574

ikr? And the "little things" >>1928470 too, when the farmers start speculating about why's Fake talking up his snaccs like that, all the slip-ups he's had in streams recently. Gotta "prove the h8turz wrong" KEK
But I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps if Fake's really got a dayjob at this point, like some anons suggested, then they can afford to keep the studio, technically. Maybe he's playing up the whole "public gym" too for fake storytimes of how everyone's thirsting over his disproportional overweight dwarfbod with ugly tattoos. Hilarious nonetheless.

No. 1928736

what "gifts" did Jake ever shower her with? the gas station flowers aren't really a gift. I dont count the vacations they take since it's something Jake does for himself. was there any point she was actually "showered in gifts" and what were they?

No. 1928749

Early on he bought her the pole and her kid that expensive mini bike. He was never great at the gift giving, but there's an obvious change all around regardless. Even the shitty bouquets got shittier, they used to be well put together with filler, now he's wowing her with a bruised and battered dozen roses that look like they were in the clearance bin at the market. Budget trips to Croatia during the off season to sip beer on a concrete slab instead of fine dining in Spain. All decked out in head to toe Shein no less. It's just hilariously funny to me how far the standards have fell in just a year or so.

No. 1929064

I think he even wore a Versace t-shirt or something in one of the early Barcelona videos. now they are both in Shein lol

No. 1929104

For someone who likes to keep all of his receipts, he is surprisingly irresponsible with his money. He’s broke now because he was spending instead of saving.

No. 1929244

he has said that he never spent any of his Patreon earnings, it all goes to savings.
but I'm sure he is dipping into savings right now to stay afloat if he isn't working a real job, to afford budget holidays and keep the continuous alcohol flowing, and cigarettes stocked. unless Kat is keeping the lights on. she seems dumb enough to take on unpaid emotional labor AND give her own money to this scrote. sad. and so not the life of a "trophy" she thinks others see her as. no wonder she needs validation from OnlyFans. it's all so cringe. you'd think being a mother who is half passed 30 would make you more mature, not the type of pick-me to date Jake Munro and hang his clothes, be his maid, yet never cleans the floor that leaves your feet filthy when you gyrate on your pole for insta.

No. 1929444

Maybe he grew half a brain and is subletting the 3 large office spaces in his garage complex? Though I doubt it very much.

No. 1929488

File: 1700150805207.jpg (83.68 KB, 1080x491, munropatreon.jpg)

I'd be surprised if he's been able to save anything considering he's only making $500 a month at most (It's likely closer to $250-$300) from patreon and half that is the max from YouTube right now ($255, but likely closer to half that). Even the $50-$100 he makes when he streams has him at minimum wage at best. It's no wonder he's trying to fall back on OF to scrounge up any money he can. I know we've joked about him being broke before, but he's actually legitimately broke now.

I doubt it tbh. He had his now ex-bandmate renting one of the rooms from him, but I don't know if he can legally hold anyone to a contract as he doesn't own the property. He doesn't really have friends or people he can trust either. Also, it wouldn't prevent him from using the personal gym there too? I still think he got rid of it and kat is posting old pole content because she needs attention.

No. 1929493

File: 1700151208327.jpg (195.96 KB, 1080x952, munroyoutube.jpg)

Here's his YT stats for reference, it's the worst it's ever been and he's still losing 1k subs a month. He went from having nearly 100k more subs than kaya to just 17k more. Funny he still blames "the algorithm" for his drop in views, but the algorithm isn't making thousands unsub.

No. 1929828

File: 1700195508711.jpg (164.49 KB, 499x746, ew.jpg)

We've all seen it, Fake, it's nothing to brag about.

No. 1929830

File: 1700195577593.jpg (109.65 KB, 508x793, youwish.jpg)

Had to look up who this was, apparently a member of Motionless in White. Will post a pic of them in a second but I'd wager it's you who's stealing the brand, Jake.

No. 1929831

File: 1700195651272.jpg (588.74 KB, 753x953, morrow.jpg)

For reference. Resemblance is kind of uncanny, tbh. Though this guy seems less douchey in his tiktoks.

No. 1929890

File: 1700211912368.png (1.35 MB, 864x1872, Screenshot_20231117-090522.png)

DeAmOn slayer lol(this isn't milk, sage it)

No. 1929914

File: 1700217443016.jpg (502.09 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20231117-103725_Gal…)

>>1929831 wow the bottom and top left ones are the exact same makeup and hair jake has and very similar names too. Thats uncanny af.

No. 1929970

He may be "stealing" Fake's look but he definitely does it better kek. Even though I hate the look and it screams angsty edgelord circa 2016. I can't wait for the inevitable meltdown.

No. 1929983

Your brand isn't worth shit Jake, he has like 30 viewers and earns less than minimum wage per stream.

No. 1930029

File: 1700240467502.jpg (18.15 KB, 323x400, 0ab89bb8e979be71f4f42b35e527b4…)

The look is native to MM and not joke the broke kek if anything they both copied MM only fake is a huge fucking self absorbed narc and thinks he invented that shit god he's pathetic

No. 1930048

ayrt why do I always forget that MM, particularly this phase of MM, exists? Kek. Fake has no original bone in his body.

No. 1930051

File: 1700244059697.png (546.68 KB, 1170x2532, 78951D09-4A83-487C-8190-05FFBC…)


No. 1930053

File: 1700244220999.png (1.87 MB, 1170x2532, 762B96B4-6A21-4B92-86B1-9580C7…)


No. 1930062

>Me when I've burned my bridges with my bandmates due to retarded manbaby tantrums but I'm reminiscing about going on tour for a few days to fans who have now exited the building because I tanked my brand by cheating, throwing my ex into a freezing studio during a pandemic, and starting an onlyfans

No. 1930064

File: 1700245251088.png (2.83 MB, 1170x2532, 6082CD43-4618-488C-B868-2ED434…)


We might be getting the documentary?

No. 1930091

Someone tried to start a thread on this guy's wife not too long ago. Jake was that you?

No. 1930119

File: 1700251718940.png (378.85 KB, 672x500, kyo Dir en Grey.png)

Jake has been skinwalking Kyo from Dir en Grey forever. This guy just does it better.

No. 1930121

Bragging that he did shows when having covid. Good job Jake.

No. 1930128

I also like to add he copied the joker look mostly jared Leto version and bit of heath ledger smudged lipstick

>>1930051 and he was preparing to kick kaya into a cold damp studio in middle of winter with no heating while her mother had a cancer scare so he could be with kat and start his new life. And filming a sex tape almost instantly. A lot of people lost respect for him just after his tour I wonder why kek. Why have they taken so long to upload the documentary was it cause if the sexual assault scandal?

>>1930053 he looks way better thin and with no muscles didn’t realise he had a normal shaped body and the tattoos were the worst thing he did to his body. Sorry jake but you fucked up big time enjoy reminiscing on the past

No. 1930132

He's so obsessed with MIW. First, jealousy of Chris, and now claiming this other member is stealing his style even though Fake himself got it from skinwalking Manson, and Jude Bishop's ex Rotten Hollow. I don't remember one "era" Fake has had as a cow where he hasn't been skinwalking someone. So if anyone skinwalks the same people he does, of course Fake will feel threatened kek.

No. 1930133

>tagged K Enagonio
He hasn't mentioned his tif friend in a hot minute, why now I wonder.

No. 1930136

The major distinction being that Kyo is extremely talented, and that's a lot harder to imitate than some edgy makeup looks.

No. 1930299

he has the humor of a 13 yr old virgin.

No. 1930339

File: 1700284445214.png (528.6 KB, 1304x631, brokethejoke.png)

Apparently Jake is entirely too broke to buy himself a new gaming chair and his has been broken for months now. He's recruited his mod JadedSphinx to organize a $300 goal for a planned "break the jake" on Sunday December 10th. Far gone are the days where this loser was getting thousands on stream for brainless tiktok reacts. massive kek at him obviously organizing his own "break the jake" too.

No. 1930344

File: 1700284832958.png (59.3 KB, 922x470, snaccs.png)

So far there's only one snacc who has expressed being able to donate $50 towards it. Most other snaccs are expressing how much they are financially struggling right now and with the upcoming holidays. Moni of course expressed she's going to also donate, but no sign of lady allura anywhere yet.

No. 1930346

File: 1700285173927.png (18.5 KB, 1120x88, jakesick.png)

mind you this is most of the feedback there has been from the snaccs within a weeks time. He also took the 13th off "sick" and has been supposedly "working hard" to make new content. Not sure what or where though, he usually only streams a few hours every other day, hasn't uploaded a new YT video in a month, and his patreon still hasn't been updated since April.

No. 1930405

The fact he used to get thousands from essentially the same people, even from disability checks and things and now they are pulling out their pockets like "no can do" for $300

No. 1930413

The audacity of the man. The cheek of him to spaff so much money on failed vanity projects and equipment, some of which he then broke himself in expensive ways trying and failing to modify them himself encouraging his fans to foot the bill for a chair. A business expense. Break the Jake as a concept is so entitled in the first place the fact his mods now have to do calls to action for it in his discord is new depths of pathetic. Buy your own fucking chair you absolute slug of a man

No. 1930530

The joke of it is if he actually filed and paid his taxes (the tell tale sign he didn’t is him not being able to provide the documentation for the Spanish visa) is all his purchases could have had tax write offs for being business write offs. So he would have gotten 20% back of the cost of all his VR, studio, electricity, computer and office equipment, maybe even his bike if he made vlogs with it. He’s so retarded. Hope he sees this and seethes knowing he’s paid a ton of tax he could have been using right now.

No. 1930535


No. 1930927

File: 1700424479604.jpg (438.2 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20231119_200755_Ins…)

No one who is actually happy posts crap like this. They're so performative it hurts

No. 1930980

From experience people who are actually happy ans secure in their relationship don't seek outside validation by posting shit like this and or having an onlyfans kek they're pathetic

No. 1931329

File: 1700524425171.png (594.41 KB, 1026x838, katpaine2349.png)

Been a quiet week. Jake ended up skipping most of the past week's streams up until today. Not sure what for as there is still no new content anywhere, promised YT and OF content included. Kat is still regularly updating her OF for the several people who follow her there. Also, blessed us with a less made up (though still heavily filtered) clip of herself. Real shame "daddy" never spoiled her with some dental treatments.

No. 1931353

Her teeth look weird, but I can’t put my finger on why. It’s not the underbite thing. It actually looks like she doesn’t have one. It’s the teeth themselves. They’re kind of unsettling.

No. 1931592

I guess he is just lazy or depressed
They look kinda big. And she isn't even that much of a skeleton for them to look like anachan's weird jaws where the teeth look unproportionately big compared to their faces.

No. 1931602

The alignment is off, her upper teeth don't have a center. One front tooth is in the middle and the other one is pushed behind it a bit.

No. 1931678

File: 1700597275353.jpg (253.2 KB, 815x649, katstaine.jpg)

The filters are hiding a lot of what's wrong here tbh. The misaligned middle tooth situation and underbite wouldn't be so bad on their own, but chainsmoking has clearly done a number on her teeth.

No. 1931711

I see it now! The different sizes and different colors really pop with this picture. Thanks!

No. 1931722

She's disgusting

No. 1931749

That's some serious gum disease. Wow.

No. 1931833

File: 1700616708373.png (858.75 KB, 509x906, yeahok.png)

Jake canceled on his stream yet again tonight. First excuse was he was busy at the gym followed up with having to "organize merch units" and helping kat move a bed? Sounds like they've had to rearrange and reorganize after clearing out the studio maybe. Also it's funny the guy in the background of the gym looks like a beefier less grotesque version of him. But sure Jake, all the "chicks" are totally checking you out over these other guys.

absolutely rancid. She's on par with vicky in pt.

No. 1931834

File: 1700616740578.png (216.15 KB, 828x1792, sure.png)

picrel on the merch unit and bed excuse

No. 1931978

At least we have proof now that he goes to a public gym. Can't he organise his time better? The things he mentions don't really excuse cancelling streams if they're his main income because they don't take all day. Except he really has a dayjob by now and is not dependent on it anymore.

No. 1932260

File: 1700686187186.jpg (1.28 MB, 1080x1919, 31122144607334.jpg)

He's been streaming for two hours on twitch and hasn't had more than 12-16 viewers at any one time. kek Also, he has the studio still. He's been rearranging all the rooms and set one up as a "music video room" with a green screen. The other rooms look trashed or empty? I can upload the clip later once he's finished streaming. Not sure why he's choosing to spend more money on a public gym when he's barely pulling any revenue, but he's never been known to be any good with money.

No. 1932289

File: 1700688076195.mp4 (6.76 MB, 720x1280, 004F62888028F62E9EE7410D066F99…)

the current state of his trashed studio and proof he still has it.

No. 1932294

Hairline receded to hell

No. 1932346

He legit looks like he’s got dwarfism in this photo. What a horrible angle for a selfie.

No. 1932374

What is this old man doing? Also, did he remove the tats from one side of his face?

No. 1932385

File: 1700698088314.mp4 (4.43 MB, 1280x720, 2023-11-22 17-57-27.mp4)


Quick recap for today's stream:
>only streams for two and a half hours, playing final fantasy online, sounds drunk and slurring speech
>says he's been listening to bobby lee's podcast (you know the fat asian comedian who "joked" about his personal experiences of paying for child prostitutes overseas)
>Complains about "zoomer podcasts" being too wrapped up in PC culture, wants more offensive humor
>Said he just ate a "chicken bigmac" and says it's totally okay that he ate it because it's "the only thing he ate today"
>"the dumber you are the more fertile you are" (weird slight at kat, jake)
>cracks a bunch of jokes about sleeping with ugly girls and "taking one for the team"
>claims he's going to get back on filming music videos now that he got the studio room set up
>says he found a bunch of merch he forgot about at the studio and will put it up for sale soon
>promises new OF pictures using the greenscreen and says they will "look pro"
>"I want a fleshlight that makes squeaky hammer sounds when you fuck it"
>"why would I want that? Cause it'd be like fucking a clown! eheheh"
>makes weird nymphomaniac jokes about the small fairy creatures in game?
>keeps joking about monster names sounding like racial slurs, thinks it's super funny
>really weird skit about racial slurs in the FF14 world regarding "tree people"
>chat is dead at this point in the stream so he's basically just talking to himself
>goes onto explain the difference between chinese and korean people in relation to his skit?
>starts randomly repeating that he's "about to jizz!" for no apparent reason
>leaves to got to the bathroom, leaving his ugly VR avatar looking frozen in horror
>jumps into a dungeon, struggles to keep up with the other players, seems genuinely confused half the time
> "I miss having all day to play videogames" (not sure what's stopping him tbh)
>keeps calling the lalafell player in the group "the toddler" despite making sexual jokes about lalafells in past streams
>said he used to watch the movie "flubber" five times a day, every day for two years as a kid
>"you are what you eat… does that make me a pussy uhuhuheh. hashtag jake munro is a pussy! heheh"
>"my character has a harem of tiny lalafell pussy. eheheh awesome" (mind you he was just calling lalafells toddlers a half an hour earlier)
> complains about his back hurting and follows it up with saying it's "so wide and muscular"
>starts plugging his OF again, saying it's coming back asap
>jokes about his chocobo being a "pick me" ???
>bitches at the game for his poor understanding of character controls per usual
>says he's going to finally be filming new YT videos tomorrow
>sarcastically says "oooh nooo, I hope you don't eat my asshole heehee"
>"double penetration every time? Is that what you are into? heheh"
>"as we already established, you are what you eat. So I am both a pussy and an asshole"
>gets killed in game and whines about it, spends the rest of the stream running around trying to buy new equipment
>says he's calling it early tonight because he's tired and will stream tomorrow on YT. Will have a new YT uploaded by Friday.

All in all he got two subs the whole stream and one $10 donation from a random snacc. He earned maybe $8-12 after twitch takes their cut. Moni was incredibly raunchy the entire time making jokes like "chocobukake" (joking about bukkaking a large bird creature) and saying shit like "more like LOLIfel". She's outright nasty. Chat seemed to be three different snaccs trying to say the most obscene things they can think of to try to get a response out of jake, but he mostly ignores them unless they are donating or complimenting him. Picrel is the clip of him sexualizing the lalafells who he also called "toddlers" earlier in stream.

No. 1932445

Why is his voice quality so bad?

No. 1932448

He looks so incredibly chavvy here like if I saw this guy irl I'd steer clear in case I got shanked.
Is this an old photo or did he cover his shit face tats with makeup?
>>Said he just ate a "chicken bigmac" and says it's totally okay that he ate it because it's "the only thing he ate today"
Eating disorder-chan, has he tried eating actual food he cooked at home? He has the habits and behaviour of a teenager, seriously stunted.

No. 1932465

File: 1700712427584.png (891.55 KB, 827x907, lalafell.png)

he's really leaning into this creepy lalafell thing. For any nonnas unfamiliar that's what they look like on the side of picrel.

No. 1932501

and to Jake, please read before you call her your "princess" while she has to clean your filthy pigsty: the Princess treatment you may have heard about isn't just calling your 35 yr old adult gf your "princess." it involves actually spoiling her, not making her clean, not making her work to make ends meet for you, and giving her GIFTS, not of "time together" but good expensive ones that are JUST for her. she's not your princess. you are a cuck, though. raising another man's son and having her engage in sexwork for basically free because no one else wants to see her flat old tits, man face, man feet, and bony ass. can't even claim to be a pimp daddy or whatever. kek!

No. 1932502

Seriously! Forget a new gaming chair fund, how about Kat's dental health?

No. 1932509

File: 1700720999880.jpg (495.7 KB, 1284x2127, 20231122_222350.jpg)

KEK and using a lalafell in bondage image as the background? Maz, are you genuinely retarded? Also, Maz is now officially a genderspecial they/them who considers misgendering on par with physical violence. Bonus points for regurgitating the "dagger in my heart" which is a direct quote from a known troon menace who goes around canceling small businesses just for misgendering him. Also, her hair and makeup looks genuinely awful… looks like she's trying to copy Jake's hairstyle and color combo. Creepy old granny.

No. 1932517

Since he looks like a fivehead hobbit and he's in front of a green screen can someone edit The Shire behind him kek

No. 1932522

Lalafell characters are just the type that borderline pedo nerds will jack off to and then be like "but canonically they're 59 years old!!!!"

No. 1932529

So far the only cooked meals we've ever seen him eat are when he and Kat go out for pizza while on holiday (though she usually opts for salad). Otherwise he talks about fast food an awful lot and who could forget kat leaving him a pile of toddler snacks that one night. It's no wonder he was caught with russell's signs.

The creepy part is this old woman appears to have a child too (a little boy she dresses in girls clothing of course)? Yet she's completely comfortable about making borderline lolicon jokes about her beloved "goth daddy". It's also crazy that fat/ugly women like her and moni cape so hard for the stump while he talks about how much he hates ugly and fat women? Imagine being such a delusional pick-me you think that you are the exception when in reality he is just using you for your donations and free mod work. He doesn't care about you any more than he does any other disposable "snaccs". Funny too, just noticed Moni untagged herself from that one photo that got posted here. Looks like the snaccs are lurking.

No. 1932589

The only ones "taking one for the team" are recap anons kek. God he is insufferable with his immature sexual humor. He so deserves barely having any viewers left.
I was about to post this. How old is she, 50? Imagine being so mentally stunted that you become a gender special at that age simping for Jake Munro. Also why is her username spelled wrong everywhere, I thought that was a typo! Jake must hate her.
They don't connect the dots because he's nice to them for the money so they probably don't realize he wouldn't touch them and that they are included in his nasty comments about ugly and fat women. It's sad, they should get a hobby instead.

No. 1932677

File: 1700761397644.png (474.12 KB, 667x407, fake.png)

I listened to the first hour of his current stream and here's what's worth mentioning:
>Talks about Guy Falkes for a while and brings some leftist statements against the government and inflation. For instance, snob politicians and them not caring about the working class. (It is weird considering he's so into MRA stuff now. I assume he's not going full right wing and just hates women.)
>Defends Prince Harry wearing a Nazi costume to halloween because nazis are scary. Compares it to people wearing a Michael Myers costume.
>Has thought about places he wants to live because NI was never meant to be permanent. He doesn't like it there and never really integrated. Doesn't like the culture, the countryside, the weather and how small it is. People don't support each other and small businesses die because of that (as if that's exclusive to Belfast). Keeps complaining about things about the region.
>After rambling for at least 10 minutes he comes to places he likes. Berlin was nice, Spain was one of the best places. Everyone is happy and laid-back. So much to do. Very human kek
>He'd move to Spain first and if not maybe Austria, Switzerland, Germany or rural Italy. Says italian cities and Paris and all the popular cities in Europe are shitholes because of tourism, scammers and thieves kek (why does he want to move to a bigger city then?).
(I kinda wish he would move to another place just to hear him complain in the same way and be as miserable as always. All in all he sounds really naive and detatched from reality when he talks about this topic. He really is convinced everything would be better if he lived somewhere else. He also comes off as one of those people that have visited one or two cities and think they know the whole country)
>Claims french people are condescending
He also got a few donations, one of them $20, maybe snaccs are a little more generous because of Thanksgiving. And the no eyebrow look really isn't doing him any favors, especially without makeup. It just makes him look more tired.

No. 1932802

He’s in for a rude awakening if he thinks his life will improve if he moves to Barcelona. Non-natives needs to earn their place, especially if he won’t learn the language. It’s an uphill battle and with his roid rage ass who thinks everyone should roll out a golden carpet for him- the fallout of such a move will be hilarious.

No. 1932902

>NI was never meant to be permanent
He's been saying this for ages yet what has he done about it except set up more and more roots

No. 1932949

>everytime I'm referred to as she/her it's like a dagger to my heart
The self hating is off the charts, ironic how TIFs took the aesthetics of feminism and butch lesbianism but inverted them to express misogyny.

No. 1933026

Prince Harry wore the nazi costume to a birthday party in January, it wasn't for halloween at all. But good to know Jake will find a way to say dressing as a nazi is a-okay.

No. 1933221

I thought this was Jake before I fully opened the image lmaooo

No. 1933384

File: 1700901290302.png (609.47 KB, 514x909, newvideos.png)

Thank you for this partial recap anon. I'm trying to go through and watch the entire 5 hour stream, but it's one of his most boring yet. Three hours in and he's really just listening to himself talk. No gaming, nothing particularly interesting, just him reciting incorrect "facts" about various subjects and farming free ideas off his half dozen active snaccs.

He did post this though, seems he kept his promise on filming new content, but it doesn't sound like it's going to be any better than it usually is. It's also the usual "film 3-in-1" video format he always does. So expect more shit 10min reaction videos throughout this next month I guess.

No. 1933398

That hairline is the best punishment for treating your partner like shit keke

No. 1933411

Unlce Fester your toupee is fooling nobody

No. 1933458

Exactly, he just got into the next relationship with a mom on top of everything which makes it nearly impossible to move to another country. I don't think he'll ever do it.
I tuned in for a second a little later where he was reacting to fitness videos, that part might be kind of milky if he compares himself to those people but I don't think it's worth it to watch an entire stream. The hour I watched was boring enough, even though I did something else and it was only running in the background. But if you don't have anything better to do go for it nonna kek.
He somehow always manages to look even worse, like he intentionally makes himself ugly with bad style choices.

No. 1933883

Jake put a video up last night. Usual reaction crap, but now has hair like Maz. I don’t watch his streams, so I don’t know who had it first. There was a point at the end of the video where he went on an odd rambling rant where he complained that goth girls don’t date goth guys, and no girl talks about how she wants to show off her “short tiny boyfriend”. And then he very abruptly ended the video because he was bored. The shrill, half-shouting complaints really seem to have ramped up since the last time I watched one of his videos. He seems bitter.(this is an imageboard, post screenshots or upload the videos)

No. 1933909

It's wild that he is literally walking the same path as Onision.

No. 1934164

why would he care what goth girls want to date or that girls don't like short tiny men if he's so happy with his tall ass generically alternative princess? lol.
I guess princess snaggletooth doesn't compliment him enough on his tiny stumpy midget physique. or he's jealous of petite women for being admired. what about the petite men?! lmao

No. 1934339

Maybe an odd request but Kaya's breakup vid came up in my autoplay the other day and I wondered if Jake's original " We broke up" announcement video was still around in any capacity? somewhere? The one where he spends about 3 minutes very casually and unemotionally talking about the break up then went into all the "great amazing super" things he had planned for his big free future

No. 1934552

File: 1701123340278.jpg (26.94 KB, 423x653, ramiro.jpg)

Fake must think he looks like this kek

No. 1934703

No. 1934704

File: 1701145641459.png (1.42 MB, 1442x795, asseater.png)

Super late recap of his Friday stream:
>opens stream with overexplaining to snaccs how he's from the UK and doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving
>says he gets wished a "happy 4th of July" and that it's a "bit of a sore spot for him as he's British
>says he has no plans for this stream and that they "can fool around a bit, get tipsy"
>snaccs ask for him to play "sons of the forest" and he says he "doesn't feel like it" but will play it Saturday (spoiler: he didn't)
>weirdly pro dressing as a nazi? adamantly defends Harry dressing as one (despite Harry himself deeply regretting it?)
>"KKK definitely stands for the kool kids club" seems to think the hate group is super funny
>"I don't know man, the more I read it the more adorable it sounds" in regards to reading about the KKK
>Keeps saying cringe things like "nani the fuck"
>A snacc donates $10 split into 5 separate superchats, spamming the chat as the robot voice is forced to read out every single emoji
>says that the UK doesn't have the freedom of speech like America does
>goes into a rant about wanting to leave Ireland, been there almost 14 years, was meant to be "semi permeant"
>complains about Ireland being too capitalist and pro corporation?
>"I can whinge and moan about how shite Ireland is all day"
>Expresses that he has changed his mind in regards to living in America now
>Still hung up on wanting to move to Spain, calling it "very human" several times
>says "white otakus" have ruined Japan, so he wouldn't want to live there (look inward jake)
>says if he did move to asia he'd move to Busan, South Korea, "for the internet speeds and uuugh the plastic surgery! I'd look beautiful!"
> unironically says "I loved being in japan because I was in the promised land!" (tell me again how white weebs ruined Japan)
>snacc donates $20 saying "happy thanksgiving" and he bitterly reminds them again they don't celebrate thanksgiving there
>says he wants to go to bali and to china, hong kong. Shoots down Jamaica and Thailand when suggested though.
>admits he thought philidelphia was a state and not a city. Seems to have thought the same about Chicago and Portland as well.
>says he likes american cars. Wants a lifted truck with massive wheels. (typical manlet behavior)
>spends entirely too much time talking out of his ass about places he's never actually been and acting confused about basic geography
>starts ranting about guns, gun laws, starts mansplaining Texas to a texan snacc?
>seems to geniunely think you need to wear a bullet proof vest to eat at a waffle house
>says he'd want to live in New York or Texas if he had to live in the USA
>says he hates the UK and England, sounds as bitter as he feels about Ireland. Also, hates Wales.
>random snacc donates $5
>says that portugese sounds like russian "to the untrained ear" (lmao what)
>starts shopping the steam autumn sale because he doesn't own shit for games apparently
>says he might buy the new street fighter for "the cammy ass alone eheheh"
>"ohoho I'd wreck cammy in real life. She'd have to wash that leotard after what I'd do to her"
>says he shouldn't be buying games right now because he needs to save if he "wants to go to barcelona soon"
>buys a single $5 game that was released fourteen years ago (exactly what will bring in views)
>plugs subbing to his YT channel to "remove ads" reset his goal and is back to only 8 of of 40 as his goal. (doesn't get a single new sub the entire 5 hour stream. kek)
>rants about avenged sevenfold for entirely too long, seems a little obsessed
>oono donates $5 and apparently is designing new merch for jake for free?
>his favorite avenged sevenfold song is one about a woman being a whore, he rants about the band for entirely too long
>says that he now has a music video studio, he can start pumping out covers quick and "get famous all over again"
>talks about his favorite creed song and apparently covered some e-girl vtuber song that he forgot to finish
>says he's going to do a cover of a goth song cause "I just want to piss goths off"
>says he's going to do covers from scooby doo, the goofy movie, and the fairly odd parents
>reveals what he's been watching on YT lately, it's 90% gamegrumps and the rest is a mix of survival videos, fitness videos, and his own videos
>watches a leanbeefpatty video, says her videos suck, but "she's very charming"
>says he eats a lot of microwave rice and ground turkey brest with "lite mayo"
>says that eating vegetables is unnecessary and that you only need to eat "rice and meat"
>drops his voice really low and says "oh, you are leaving Aiden?… that is punishable."
>pauses the video to point out her "booty hugging yoga pants", weirdly mansplains health and fitness to patty as if she was present
>"me and kat tried to make a pornstar martini over the weekend" in relation to cooking recipes?
>says its okay to eat trash like poptarts as long as you don't eat anything else that day
>starts watching some channel called "science bro", the second video he watched that was pro steroids
>giggles at the guys bad jokes, including a shirt that says "pull up, not out" says he's going to buy and wear the "ass eater" shirt
>says he's "natty" now, but will absolutely take steroids in the near future, says kat won't care he's on steroids, she will just be like "oh a six pack, yummy"
>has researched how to prevent hair loss from steroid use and says he wants to take the (roid rage) type of steroid over the others because he wouldn't run the risk of growing "bitch tits"
>says he typically drinks two monsters a day, often on top of morning coffee
>says he's not "as squishy and fat and gross" as he was a couple months ago
>gets up and starts awkwardly flexing for the camera while saying he looks "fertile" before saying he has to go

Sorry it took me so long to finally finish the recap. Even at 2x speed, 5 hours (cut down to 2.5) of this annoying self important moid smelling his own farts is just too much. It's funny though, he only received $40 in donations, but most of them were in the form of superchats so YT is taking it's hefty cut. No new subs either. So he probably only made something like $30 for five hours of streaming.

No. 1934707

File: 1701145786008.png (1.49 MB, 1377x741, bigfatdave.png)

Here he is cackling over a snacc's middle school tier fanart of his skit character "big fat dave". Truly a comedic genius.

No. 1934709

File: 1701146118456.png (1.15 MB, 1060x598, bloatyscrote.png)

and here's his weird lumpy undefined bodycheck just before he cut the stream.

No. 1934713

>"KKK definitely stands for the kool kids club" seems to think the hate group is super funny
>"I don't know man, the more I read it the more adorable it sounds" in regards to reading about the KKK
I wonder if Kaya ever checks in on him and thanks the lord/satan that Jake is no longer in her life. This is not even edgy, just disgusting.
>A snacc donates $10 split into 5 separate superchats, spamming the chat as the robot voice is forced to read out every single emoji
Actually funny use of Superchat
>says he hates the UK and England, sounds as bitter as he feels about Ireland. Also, hates Wales.
His resentment is very ironic since UK and Ireland are the only places being a pasty, miserable bastard is considered acceptable. And everyone still hates him. He would reach unprecedented levels of unpopular if he tried this shit anywhere else.

No. 1934758

The feet a mile apart just makes him look stubbier kek why is he hunching too

No. 1934770

Thanks for that. Wow, he actually looked relatively proportionate in comparison to now.

No. 1934779

Holy hell he looked so much better a year ago wtf! Not only is he a normal weight and thinner his arms look way better thinner the fat chubby arms looks diabolical on him. he hasn’t half assed lasered his tattoos off and not yet ruined his neck and face from the shit tattoos and he had nice hair back then too. how did he get so ugly so quickly wtf not even going to lie he used to be attractive during his tour era I’m shook how ugly he got. No wonder why he lost almost all his audience kek

No. 1934803

File: 1701182576607.jpg (1.05 MB, 1384x390, TvEFUNS.jpg)

>>1934770, >>1934779
He got very slim around the time of the tour due to dieting, illness and heavy stress. I don't know why he deliberately bulks up now when he knows he looks best lean.
Couldn't help but make an edit to show the difference after 2 years (I could have been meaner and picked a no make-up photo but I resisted). Unsurprisingly cheating is bad for your skin.
>I thought it would be best for both of us if we parted ways and try to find, at some point…maybe…who knows…someone who reignites that spark. So please respect our privacy and the sanctity of this announcement video
This part felt icky after knowing what he was doing with Kat at the time.
In 2022 he started OF, got some highly unflattering face and neck tatts, posted way too many gross/humiliating IG stories, burned almost all his bridges, showed his unhinged side in Twitter/YT comments and tanked his career. If he kept his head down and kept grinding with the react content he'd probably be doing ok rn but instead, after a failed response video and short lived v-tubing career, he's now streaming for pennies with no clear direction for the future.

No. 1934814

File: 1701184209525.jpg (1.42 MB, 1051x1870, 20231128090939520.jpg)

The side by side is hilarious. Never thought he was all that attractive tbh, but it's almost like he's his own ugly friend and the picture of him now is so gross that the old one looks so much better in comparison? He looks so big and bloated and swollen now that his weak jawline has disappeared into his thick neck completely and his eyes look smaller and too close together. Also hilarious he wasted all that money on tattoo removal just to turn around and get literal doodles on his face. I can't with this moid. Can't wait for the hair loss, roid rage, shriveled balls saga that he's steadily heading into.

No. 1934816

He’s such a fat fuck now. No careers, no friends, no hope, stuck at home with his cuck kid

No. 1934828

I like how every time he does makeup he covers up his neck tattoo and head wounds

No. 1934833

Kek at him having to save up for a Barcelona trip. It really isn't that expensive. So why does he keep the studios? He clearly can't afford them and must be paying them from savings or going into debt (or Kat pays them but I don't think she makes enough money).
>reveals what he's been watching on YT lately, it's 90% gamegrumps and the rest is a mix of survival videos, fitness videos, and his own videos
narc moment
>says that eating vegetables is unnecessary and that you only need to eat "rice and meat"
if you say so, Jake
>says its okay to eat trash like poptarts as long as you don't eat anything else that day
he is such an anachan
Good point, he's lucky that he is on the British island
Holy fuck the difference is insane. I didn't notice it over time. We need more nutrition tips from him kek

No. 1934836

>we need more nutrition tips from him
It was funny watching try to mansplain nutrition to leanbeefpatty when he looks as awful as he does and she's got a killer physique. He really outright admitted his meals are either microwave rice with unseasoned ground turkey and lite mayo with monster energy drinks or he's supposedly starving himself all day to eat McDonald's or other trash. I'm doubtful he's really sticking to his diet as much as he claims considering how bloated he looks, but he might just be oversalting everything and looking bloated from the water retention. Him also exposing his 2x monster energy a day on top of regular coffee habit might also explain why he's been looking so wrinkly and dehydrated. Dude probably doesn't drink water unless it has protein powder mixed in it thinking it'll help him bulk. Kek

No. 1934872

He has gotten 72 new members this stream (it's still on), Moni alone gifted 50 subs. She seems to be craving his attention really hard. I bet she's some unstable bpd chan. Jake is talking some shit about cream pies right now.
>cream pies are my favorite thing to do

No. 1934878

File: 1701196455574.jpg (493.33 KB, 1080x814, Screenshot_20231128-122825.jpg)

He just said he's up to 189 subs, so half his subs are gifted by a few loyal snaccs? This is quite literally like the onision discord group. Even so though, at 189 subs after YT takes their cut he's lucky to walk away with $600 at the end of the month. We all know he's only making petty cash as far as donations and views go otherwise. Even onision is bringing I more than him with his career in absolute ruins. Also kek at them gifting more subs than there are viewers. Enjoy your free subs nonnas.

No. 1934885

There also have been several over $100 donations. What is up today? This is some weird return of the break the Jake-streams. Thank God this is a rare exception and won't be a regular thing. They really are like Onision's paypigs but the good thing is they also declined in numbers over time and no new hardcore fans will come in because those types of fans are always from the glorious times.
What's also kekworthy is that this will give him hope that it's going up again for him when that is not the case.

No. 1935078

File: 1701221963320.jpeg (88.34 KB, 1109x571, IMG_3136.jpeg)

Here’s a couple of images from his “new house reveal” video two years ago, for more comparison. He was definitely in better shape, physically. Still short, but proportionate to that shortness. Even had the illusion of lankiness, at first glance. Closeup, though, he was still a pug. Definitely looked unhealthy, even back then. I think the roids just made his body look like his face. They are probably the reason why he shouts so much now, too. He seemed so calm and sane in that video, and now he’s constantly ramped up and agitated about everything.

No. 1935133

I thought he was ok looking, too. when he was with Kaya at his most successful, in full goth makeup for the tiktok react videos, etc. he didn't have such a bloated face. I didnt know his personality was so rotten, either. he wasn't "hot" or my ideal, but I could see why Kaya liked him, and why he had so many fan girls. I also didn't realize how stumpy and misshapen he was until seeing him naked. back then I believed the "5'10" stat. but now he looks like a fucking monster dwarf.
kat gets him as his most ugly, inside and out.

No. 1935141

His personality totally changed. He used to exhibit dry humor and composure, which made him sort of charming and like he had half a brain. There was some mystery. Now he lets it all hang out with his sex life which is tacky and nasty, and he is completely immature every time he's on camera, with his porn-sick brain-rot "humor", and he is always bitching and moaning and raging about stuff. It could be that he's a drunk now, but it also seems hormonal. Either way, he is obviously unhappy. He used to "show off" in a way that you could tell he had some pride in what he was doing as a content creator, but now it's unhinged displays full of desperation, which is funny because he swears he's "happier than ever!"

No. 1935148

>Moni alone gifted 50 subs. She seems to be craving his attention really hard.
Jake told the chat "whoever gifts 50 subs gets a dick pic with their name written on my dick". That's why Moni gifted 50.

No. 1935167

Seems like a lot of people here didn't watch him during his Metal Ass Gaming days, streams especially. He was always unhinged, often making rude remarks and shitty comments until Kaya would reel him in or change the subject. The only thing that's changed is he's not got someone to redirect him. During his Casey Neistat wannabe days, his vlogging content was cohesive and calm, but the gaming channel and streams there was where his real personality came out. It's definitely gotten worse over the years, but he was always pretty bad.

No. 1935180

Exactly. He was kind of likable a few years back when he did vlogs, even in his Casey Neistat phase he was still calm and more mature. Of course there were red flags like how he always had Kaya walking behind him and centering himself but those things were minor compared to his ugly and immature behavior today. At least in front of the camera he was able to keep up a facade. He ruined his life and his career and he can't cope.
Ew that's nasty
I didn't watch MAG but I know some clips that make him look bad are from that time, like where he made jokes about hitting kids. Probably him being with braindead Kat who enables his bad habits and behaviors contributes to the decline.

No. 1935185

There was probably a LOT more incriminating shit said on MAG videos then people even had time to get, because he sure took down the channel fast once people here started posting clips.
Something I always wondered, as a former MAG fan back in those days, is what the fuck happened between them and this girl MainlyBoredom (aka Ari) who came and stayed with them and was in a few videos. She was actually in the pool shoot where he first met Kat. Ari came back for one of Jake's band's shows and left suddenly, like right before or during the show if I remember correctly, flew back to the US and they never talked to/about her again after that. Gotta wonder if Jake did something that freaked her the fuck out.
Also have always wondered what happened to make the girl they had briefly as an editor, Vox, leave. She was hanging out with them a lot and then suddenly she wasn't their editor anymore and again, they stopped talking to/about her. Really gotta wonder what Jake did to run these people off.

No. 1935197

Did Ari ever actually unfollow Jake or Kaya? I know she nuked all her social media at one point (no idea what year) and there were conflicting stories about why (either she got sick of being a Youtuber or she couldn't deal with the backlash of defending Kat von D's antivaxx views). Jake might have creeped on her while she visited but ultimately I think she was too much of an oddball for him; PeachMilky and Kelly Eden seemed more his type.

Vox made a few appearances in the vlogs, mostly in 2017. She was always driving them places and Jake would ask her 'where are we going now?' like some little kid as if it was Vox's job to keep them entertained or make the vlogs interesting. Also, did she even get paid to be their editor? I think Jake and Kaya definitely pushed the friendship by using her so much. I did notice some romantic tension between her and Jake in the vlogs, he was definitely crushing on her.
She moved to Japan in 2018/19 but I think she came back to Belfast this year. I know Kaya still follows her but I doubt they've spoken/hung out in years.

No. 1935233

I feel like it's been very telling that one of them has flourished socially post break up, hosting events and reconnecting with old friends as well as making a ton of new friends. While the other has isolated himself more and more, ditched all his bandmates, can't seem to keep a new friend around for more than a month or two? Kaya definitely has her issues, but their social issues as a couple were absolutely centered around him. I've got to wonder how kat's social life has suffered at the hands of this angry manlet. I remember that one single time he had her friend's husbands over to the studio to show off his VR setup just to never see them again. Or how hard he was sucking "kitty mcpancakes" dick only for the neckbeard to turn around and ignore him these days (Jake still likes his tweets though kek). I also don't think Jake ccares all that much about his "type". He obviously has a preference, but has shown himself to be thirsty as fuck for almost any relatively attractive woman despite those preferences. He can hardly see a female videogame character without launching into a gross horny tirade. He's been outed for sexually harassing women and making women uncomfortable in the past all while in a committed relationship too? I wouldn't be shocked to find out he hit on every single one of the girls from the pool shoot, kat was the only one trashy enough to take the bait.

No. 1935235

During the last stream while unboxing his little Silent Hill barbie doll, he noticed one of Kat's sex toys mysteriously (or strategically?) left on a shelf for literally no reason and he made a big deal about "not knowing how it got there". He then says he notices while filming or taking pictures, there are often sex toys in the background that he needs to pick up. So basically, Skat leaves sex toys around the house in random spots and doesn't pick up after herself. Hopefully Isaac doesn't get his hands on them, fucking weird. She is such a shit mother.

No. 1935250

So she shoots porn in the same bed/room she has her kid sleep in when he stays over AND leaves her dirty sex toys scattered around various rooms of the house within reach of her kid? What the fuck.

No. 1935264

To make things worst it was a butt plug. Something tells me if you forgotten about it in a room it is unwashed. Imagine the smell

>>1935250 that kid is going to be messed up when his friends find his mother's porn and show him and he relised it was all shot in his bedroom. Why is she incapable of doing it in her own bedroom or the studio who in the right mind does that I their child bedroom. Gross

No. 1935274

I guess some nonnas previous nickname for her "skat stain" has become weirdly appropriate. So gross she's leaving used butt plugs around the house though? Between her "3 days in labor", all the chain smoking, and apparent assplay she's doing she's going to put herself in diapers in the next 20 years. No wonder Jake sings her praises as the perfect woman for him though, she does all the cleaning, helps pay all the bills, and is a complete degenerate.

No. 1935636

being a pick me truly rots the brain and destroys the ability to identify inappropriate behaviors. what you or i may find appalling is nothing to them. that's why she has willingly shackled herself to a moid with nothing to offer but a sinking career dependent on a dwindling audience of self-hating bpd chans, a disgusting sense of humor, a penchant for throwing hissy fits over video games, and a well documented history of rage issues

No. 1935764

That makes me believe she is even worse than Jake. Wtf?

No. 1935840

His ex was openly sharing Sims porn and his current gf openly leaving sex toys around.. he definitely has a type(sage your shit)

No. 1935844

Yeah sharing porn of sims is just as bad as actually selling porn and nudes of yourself that you made in your kid's room and leaving your used shit covered butt plugs around the house.

No. 1935858

File: 1701383663123.jpg (710.07 KB, 1076x1037, 0000180663.jpg)

Lmao can't believe Sims porn nonnie is still around and still doesn't know how to sage. Some things never change. Kat is genuinely so nasty though. Leaving used buttplugs around your home is shayna tier cow behavior except kat's worse in the sense she's doing this around her four year old kid.

No. 1935990

File: 1701406816513.jpg (167.72 KB, 388x699, overcompensation.jpg)

Kat posted this and a few other reels of him with the kid. Seems like he's started ramping up the 'see I still love my 'family'" stuff, considering how he's been behaving lately with flirting with snaccs and pretty much ignoring Isaac's existence….

No. 1935992

File: 1701406853564.jpg (89.4 KB, 489x772, ohjustshutup.jpg)

Posted by him directly after. Think I vomited in my mouth a little.

No. 1936008

File: 1701410101292.jpg (238.08 KB, 1080x1798, Screenshot_20231130-215351_Ins…)

No Jake, you train because of your crippling body image issues/standards and because you have a hard on for muscular/masculine body types. But of course that wouldn't be a very Chad reason.

No. 1936022

File: 1701413490531.jpg (439.23 KB, 1080x1069, 045.jpg)

During the last stream while scrolling reels (the majority of them were steroid related content), he would skip any video that didn't have thousands of likes because "that's how you can tell what will waste your time and what won't". Meanwhile, his Jester Jake video is sitting at 81 views and 6 likes after being online for almost 2 months. Self awareness, Jake. Git sum.

No. 1936051

Hey how about not using a child in order to humble brag about going to the Gym,Jake? Jesus fucking christ. I've never, ever, in my life, ever come across someone as chronically self centred as Jake Munro, it genuinely turns my stomach. He really is the most loathsome little manlet on the scene. He's the human equivalent of finding dogshit on the bottom of your shoe, he conjures that much disdain

No. 1936091

>4th of July sore spot for him because he's British
>America has more freeze peach
Am a britbong and most people don't care about 4th of July here or even remember it's a holiday for burgerland. And where do they have more free speech? He just worships America. Maybe he should move there since hr keeps whining about Ireland, his fat entitled ass would fit right in.

No. 1936096

It's so hard to imagine him living with a child, especially someone else's considering how annoyed he was by Kaya. I don't know how often the kid is with his father but it's so unimaginable, I bet he hides in his home studio all the time.
Jake logic: Only successful videos are good
Yeah it doesn't make sense, western European countries have more or less the same free speech rights as the US. And the whole woke bullshit is mainly imported from America so what is he talking about?

No. 1936108

File: 1701436920363.jpg (4.46 MB, 4243x2828, 5-19-13-671.jpg)

I like how this cringey jacket he's been sporting says "choose to be kind" on the back, meanwhile all he does is talk shit and make people feel bad. Also, he calls it his "punk jacket" KEK. Nothing more punk than a mass-produced shein jacket with patches that say literal nonsense like "sport" and "ok yellow". Idk how he wears that jacket without feeling embarrassed.

No. 1936110

The "children aren't slapped enough today" rant clipped from MAG comes to mind.

No. 1936144

>I train hard so I can lift a 40lb child once for family friendly photo-ops to try to cleanse my poor social image
>lol kat left her dirty used buttplug out within Isaac's reach again, wowee I love my hot milf!
OK Jake.

Really feels like he's back to leaning into that rebranding as a family man despite his ability to stop talking and sex or violence for more than 5 seconds. That video of him cackling and acting out slapping around a crying child still haunts him I see.

Kat posts a lot of just her and Issac together watching Disney movies, going to the beach, etc. But it's pretty rare to see Jake and Issac posts unless kat is also involved. There was also that time he was openly bitter on stream that he had to watch Issac solo while kat had to go to an appointment. Issac is as much a prop to him as anyone in his life is.

No. 1936168

File: 1701448419204.jpeg (313.5 KB, 828x551, IMG_3150.jpeg)

It’s weird, because in his latest video, he starts off by saying how much he hated doing TikTok reaction videos back in the day, because he was trying to be nice, and he wasn’t good at being nice. So now he’s gonna go ahead and do the reaction videos and NOT be nice. (Also, has anyone noticed how he keeps referring to his audience as “kids”? Kind of strikes me as gross, if he thinks his audience are kids and continues to talk about those barfy things he talks about.)

No. 1936176

File: 1701449217025.jpg (111.24 KB, 1170x978, afl9x6bfqmg91.jpg)

You're a cuck raising another man's kid,jake.
Nothing masculine about that.

No. 1936181

NGL, "sport" is pretty good.

No. 1936185

Lmao, love that he's reduced to wearing nothing but SHEIN and old killstar from his days with kaya. Can't believe he called his style "designer" on stream that one time. The delusion is real. Also massive kek at calling it punk. Almost as laughable as him continously labeling himself goth for the views.

Also worse as those "kids" are calling him "daddy" all the time while he talks about sending them dick pics and peeing on them. Can't wait to see this mess after the roid saga is in full swing. Just imagine how pathetic it's all going to be if he's still at this at 40.

No. 1936233

Jake is basically a shien version of a goth influencer so it certainly suits him. I'm honestly kind of surprised no one's called him or Kat out for slipping so obviously into super fast fashion consumption. I wonder if part of the reason is that he's not getting free clothing from killstar or any other alt clothing brand anymore. When even was the last time he had a sponsorship? I assume most brands wouldn't touch him now even if he did beg. Agreed that "punk" is laughable, I feel like Jake would be even more unwelcome in Punk spaces and using that label given DIY ethics is part of the subculture and he's out here trying to call a shien jacket "punk". The man knows so little and yet he talks so much. I wish he wouldn't.

No. 1936345

>choose to be kind
>"I'm not good at being nice"
He spews so much word vomit that it can be hard to keep track, but if you pay close enough attention you'll constantly catch him CONSTANTLY contradicting himself. He lives in a perpetual state of hypocricy and cognitive dissonance.

No. 1936361

shallow idiots. it takes one second to lift a kid up to have a photo op like this. meanwhile he had to watch Isaac once and acted resentful. wake up, dumb ass. he doesn't care about your kid and is using him for his image. which is worse than ever and not someone you'd want around kids. but then neither is she.

No. 1936363

LOL my guy is a couch potato and can lift 50 lbs no problem. he can even carry me. not the flex he thinks it is. I guess for a shorter doughy man, it is? kek

No. 1936380

Even if it was fake, the positivity was enough of a draw to keep me watching, years ago. Now it’s just constant bitching about one asinine thing or another. I can’t even remember the last time he said “I had a great day because I made a great day.” When did he stop doing that, anyway?

No. 1936409

He so clearly made that up on the spot, it makes no sense if you think about it for even a second. The kid can reach the top of the tree himself by the time he's 8+ so he's saying he goes to the gym so he can lift a kid that isn't even his up for 10 seconds a year from the ages of 4-8, and this is apparently the same as "supporting and protecting" them

No. 1936445

File: 1701491297509.jpg (1.8 MB, 4619x2598, gnashers.jpg)

No. 1936945

Isaac is with his dad most of the time. The odd time Skat has him she has to parade him all over social media with Jake, wow look at me I'm such a great mum and we're such a happy family!!! She's so retarded she doesn't realise how transparent she is

No. 1937087

Yes, and Isaac can't be more than 40 lbs. Hardly requires a heavy lifting workout. Weird post.

No. 1937092

this is a relief. I don't think Jake should be around children what so ever. and if Kat wants to abandon her kid to live with a raging misogynistic asshole like Jake, she is a shitty mom. but I am glad his father is the primary caregiver.

No. 1937105

File: 1701590250196.mp4 (3.51 MB, 1280x720, 2023-11-27 21-52-33 (1).mp4)

It's funny how Jake openly labels himself "GOTH" on all his videos for views despite bitterly hating on goths all the time? Can't tell if he's just salty that he has to wear the clown paint to get any views or if it's just him still being bitter over his ex.

No. 1937106

File: 1701590436120.png (216.55 KB, 577x399, 023578902.png)

he has also suddenly resorted to using old photos of himself to promote his streams. Wonder if all the talk here about how he was decent looking back then vs. now >>1934803 got to him. kek

No. 1937128

He hates them because they probably didn't want to hang out with him. He and kaya used to insist there is no goth scene there whatsoever, and I think what they mean is no goth scene that will let them come in cos they know the two are poseurs

No. 1937131

everytime I check this thread I end up thinking of this man's chunky fat arms and thinking we'd have to be seeing some serious gains in Jake if he were actually working out anything like he claims, even adjusting for him boosting how long he works out per day. Makes me wonder if he's actually working out or if workout time gets scheduled and he spends half his time distracted with something else and barely putting in effort into his easiest exercises. Now that he's going to a gym IRL, I wonder how much time is wasted looking at himself in the mirror, taking pics, and ogling women there vs actually sweating
too bad the picture makes his shoulders look like someone drew them on too big

No. 1937145

Poser or not kaya has been hosting a few different goth events around London for the past few months. Makes me think he's been doubling down so hard on the goth hate lately because she's so involved in the scene these days? Probably makes him extra salty seeing as he has no friends or social life whatsoever.

He's definitely bulkier, but not in a way that looks good on him. He already has such stocky proportions, getting bulky has just made him look weirdly bloated and stout.

No. 1937174

File: 1701606142339.jpeg (508.2 KB, 747x907, IMG_3179.jpeg)

Kek all it does is let us easily see the side by side comparison of how wrinkly he’s gotten.

No. 1937186

maybe my eyes are just bad but I'm seeing fatter, not really "bulk" as in muscle mass. He looks more like a guy drinking protein shakes but not actually exercising than just a guy working out all the wrong places (though that's certainly a big part)

No. 1937283

File: 1701622719021.jpg (213.37 KB, 1080x1857, Screenshot_20231202-184825_Ins…)

He thinks his baby arms look good

No. 1937312

kekeke he looks like a buff toddler

No. 1937313

Wtf are these proportions… Jesus he looks deformed.

No. 1937378

Came across the psychology article today. And I quote: “People who feel inferior will often puff themselves up to alleviate their own sense of weakness.” Looks like Jake has taken this literally. Emphasis on ”puff”.

No. 1937387


I don’t like him around her kid, he’ll I don’t even like the idea of his crusty whore mom around the kid, I feel so bad for him.

No. 1937427

File: 1701637886425.png (134.42 KB, 207x403, lumpy uggo.png)

ok fake seriously, get a trainer. You were a stupid boy working harder not smarter for so long you managed to bulk up so totally unbalanced on a singular appendage it looks like lymphedema deposits with how random it looks. You have to "work out" supremely stupidly to manage this. He must be spending way too long on singular
~advanced~ exercises that boost individual muscles while being too dumb to pair that with enough workouts to get the whole arm down. If he walked in front of a professional body builder they'd probably cry. He looks like an extreme version of guys who clearly only use their arms to jack off and type and get weird muscle distribution. I'm amazed at how exercise is one of the only things he actually does yet he actually knows less than nothing about it. If he did nothing but planks and pushups all day he'd look ten times better than this lumpy mess

No. 1937443

Wtaf is this?! That's got be roids right?!

No. 1937500


jesus christ how did he look at this photo and say yes, that looks awesome and impressive. he totally looks like an obese toddler

No. 1937505

lmao nonna. He really does. I really don't understand why his muscles looks so bloated? Is it because water retention or just poor diet and bodyfat? I imagine he probably over salts his gross microwave rice, mayo, and ground turkey mash he makes for meals which could be a culprit. He looks awful.

According to him he's not on them yet, but is planning to as soon as he hits a plateau and will be open with the snaccs on stream when it happens. I definitely suspected he was already on them too though ngl. The bulkiness, the hair loss, the unbridled rage every single stream? If he's this bad (and ugly) before steroids, it's going to be an entire circus once he's on them.

No. 1937532

File: 1701653661777.png (289.76 KB, 512x384, 1000001633.png)

His literal inspiration. Kek

No. 1937619

File: 1701665239458.png (23.7 KB, 918x135, thissunday.png)

Jake was apparently supposed to stream today, but didn't. He's been skipping an awful lot of streams again. Not sure why he even bothers to make a schedule or promise special reward streams if he can never seem to actually come through on them.

No. 1937708


Ewwwww what has he done to himself? That’s gotta be roids hasn’t it?

I really hope it’s true that the kids dad has him the majority of the time.

No. 1937743

File: 1701694588908.jpg (Spoiler Image,164.59 KB, 592x777, 82858460.jpg)

No. 1937755

What tris, I can't distinguish any muscle group on his arm it's so squishy and lumpy looking like he's been injecting oil, kek?

No. 1937929

File: 1701719751212.jpg (29.17 KB, 500x560, 1f348e0a7e10e4c34439762db6f243…)

>those fucking tris
I assume he means triceratops because he looks like a tyrannosaurus rex.

No. 1938731

It's such a dark picture but you can tell that he's a stumpy man kek

No. 1938902

Did anybody else catch Jake's last YT stream? All he did was scroll through his recommended shorts and react to them…for hours. You can't get any more lazy than that. I guess he's really trying to draw in the masses hot off the 'success' of his recent TikTok react vids.
He said that when Kat goes out to work he's left in a big house all by himself and he doesn't talk to anyone for hours and he's left alone with his thoughts. Without family and friends it sure sounds like a lonely life. Also I'm sure whatever work he's doing from home doesn't offset the costs of keeping Kat's kid in daycare.
At one point he announced that Kat had just sent him a reel and proceeded to hold his phone near the mic so everyone could hear as he watched it. He said it was a baby video and 'that's mostly what they send each other' before adding, 'make of that what you will'. I really hope he's just being provocative and that they're not actually trying for a baby

No. 1938992

He did go on that weird rant about how amazing it was that women make babies and how much he totally respects motherhood semi recently on stream. I'm sure him planning to go on steroids soon whilst trying to knock up kat isn't a total recipe for disaster.

No. 1939034


Oh my days, they are totally going to try and make a band aid baby aren’t they?

If he can’t knock her up with his roid shrivelled balls he’s going to lose his shit. I can see him making sad eyes at his pick mes bleating on about their ‘fertility struggles’ already.

No. 1939104

Kat is also getting to that age where complications are more likely to arise. She has been looking like she's been putting on some weight lately, hope she's not pregnant already. Jake absolutely would be one of those fathers who treat his kid better than his stepkid. Funny how he's never wanted kids and actively loved to see them get hurt up until he feels like he needs to have his own to compete with kat's first babydaddy. Bet that "true love" she got across her knuckles for her ex husband gets under his skin.

No. 1939174

File: 1701910137663.jpeg (196.04 KB, 1405x828, IMG_3220.jpeg)

Looks like just has dragged out all his unsold tour merch from two years ago and is trying to convince people to buy them now that they’re even less relevant. He will literally sell you the shirt off his back, too. Possibly unwashed? Who knows.

No. 1939268

yeah, they call it advanced maternal age past 35. drinking and smoking are also unhealthy and not conducive to reproductive success. and use of steroids on Jake's end are going to affect his swimmers negatively.
is she really gaining weight? not drinking? tired? idk but I really hope they don't reproduce another prop kid for two narcissists.
and Jake will absolutely be turned off by a pregnant woman's body. she carried very large with Isaac and with your second child you show even sooner and typically gain more weight. then there's the weird discharge. nothing is TMI or sacred anymore. I can't imagine Jake making her feel good about growing fat tits and her tummy distending, and he seems like he'd be picky about vaginal discharge/periods/etc. the "I love to eat pussy all day and I'm so good at it" is a lie. kaya said he didnt go down on her at all but expected BJs. he is selfish in bed. selfish in life. should be considered neglectful to procreate with.

No. 1939288

>He did go on that weird rant about how amazing it was that women make babies and how much he totally respects motherhood
He talked shit about single moms with lots of kids and called them cattle or used up or some shit not that long ago either kek

No. 1939289

File: 1701938443929.jpg (35.7 KB, 205x275, kek.jpg)

As much as i would feel bad for the kid gotta admit that fake deserves the shit show that kids bring to people's lives seeing him struggle be stressed out and turned off by Skat's inflated balloon titts and punched lasagna vag would be so much fun kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1939291

Fake ending up as a dad trapped with a middle aged onlyfails whore and two kids while his ex is out ther partying and spending patreon and sponsorship cash will be the cherry on his shit misery sunday lmao

No. 1939296


He’ll never get out of Northern Ireland. If Kat has his baby he’s stuck there forever. Unless he’s a deadbeat and skips out on them, which I wouldn’t put past him to be honest. It’s one thing having a step kid that’s not there a good chunk of the time and quite another having your own baby.

It’s hilarious that out of the two of them it’s Fake that’s trapped himself in a country he can’t stand and Kayas the one jetting back and too to London, going to clubs and having a grand old time.

No. 1939301

File: 1701944096283.mp4 (5.02 MB, 720x1280, 934D5EE3BFEA55BE9C5A1834103C07…)

I'm surprised no one posted his cringe flexing in front of the mirror with his pants pulled down video
Underrated post even though I have to admit I've seen way worse teeth on lolcows
Oh, another thing he has in common with Onision
He's like a walking "skip leg day" and other gym memes. I also think he is on roids.
That's so odd, who wants to buy a tour shirt from 2021? Maybe a few who attended the shows but this seems desperate.
He is totally one of those men who are repulsed by their pregnant partners
Me too, he would be so miserable having another child, especially when he can't easily give away the responsibility because it is his own. I don't wish it but if it happens I'll kek.

No. 1939305

>He is totally one of those men who are repulsed by their pregnant partners
All scrotes are repulsed by post pregnancy bodies anon anyone that thinks otherwise is retarded and naive

No. 1939366

Not all men!!1
Some of them fetishize pregnant and post pregnant women ugh

No. 1939380

No tf they don't.They fetishize MILFS with huge titts and hips and flat bellies not real normal post pregnancy bodies.

No. 1939383

Anecdata but I got a lot of weird attention from scrotes when I was pregnant and nursing. Some of them definitely fetishize "MILFs", but it's always gross and unflattering.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1939423

File: 1701971122778.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x1921, 20231207-113819.jpg)

Also funny that he's trying to shill old tour merch considering all the bandmembers aren't even involved anymore. He's signing old beat up prints (look at the crumpled corners) he found in storage too for a quick cash grab.

This sounds so scrotey and retarded, but I realize you're probably just a kid.

There absolutely are men who festishize regular pregnant women and not just milfs though? There are men sexually into sneezing and popping balloons, scrotes will fetishize anything with their dumb monkey brains. Jake is shallow and porn obsessed though, I don't doubt he's going to find the process repulsive or be upset when kat is too pregnant/tired/sick to cater to his sexual desires. Really hope they don't have a girl.

No. 1939615

barely anyone wanted them when he started selling them and claiming he would have new ones out periodically and this was all he could squeeze out lol. oh but they’re signed now so that totally adds value.

No. 1939700

File: 1702007422197.png (295.73 KB, 334x512, tatteredkek.png)

hilarious that he's selling these tattered old prints he had laying around "signed" for £12 ($15). The desperation is real. Also he sold the shirt he wore for £50 ($62)? while the regular go for half that. I bet moni or allura bought it and are going to be huffing his scent off it fresh out of the mail.

No. 1939756

File: 1702019972083.png (218.35 KB, 511x910, absolutelydisgusting.png)

forgot to post these earlier, but he's been posting a lot of "lol btw I have sex" memes lately. Including this one which is quite literally a clip of two people aggressively having sex?

No. 1939757

File: 1702020113329.png (407.9 KB, 513x909, pleasestop.png)

I don't know why he feels everyone needs to know about any of this.

No. 1940153

He's so fucking disgusting and repulsive.No one thinks they're hot nor want to see him bang that wrinkled jeffrey star troon looking bicth i thought having a dead onlyfans with no likes made it clear enough.

No. 1940388

File: 1702101617728.jpg (269.09 KB, 509x759, ewww.jpg)

Why do his nipples look so low on his body? And why on earth does he think his gross stubble-ridden crotch area peeking out from his shorts in an attempt to make himself look like he has the proportions of a normal human male, looks good? His body is just so unbalanced looking.

No. 1940400

Everything he does screams "overcompensating homosexual" to me, men in happy relationships generally don't post stuff like this. This is single/gay behaviour

No. 1940410

he admitted to being bi-curious as a teen or young adult, then the whole skin walking Jeffree star and being a closeted fan (saying he didnt know who JS was when there were receipts of him saying he "likes his style" and begging for PR and starting his channel initially as a beauty channel!), saying he hates boobs, "only cares about ass" (and he considers a good ass to be very tiny like anorexic teen Kaya's was), doesn't like short women, doing porn (most porn dudes are gay/bi) and how his porn looks like he got the ideas from gay magazines etc. he has always sounded pretty damn gay and just saying things he thinks straight men like such as including shapeless tall lanky women, pussy eating, MILFs (or DDLG, he's not very consistent), etc.

No. 1940435

>looking slimmer despite being heavier
yeah you keep telling yourself that buddy

No. 1940463

God if this doesn't absolutely reek of desperation lol. Do you think he's been scrambling around in storage boxes looking for scraps to sell in the lead up to Christmas? The quality of those prints as well is absolutely atrocious the fact he thinks they're wo