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File: 1698209164116.png (1.2 MB, 800x600, Etheral electronic-alternative…)

No. 1918968

Ethereal electronic-alternative hipster musician turned imperialist-friendly space bimbo devoted to whiteknighting Elon Musk and making lame TikToks. Billionaire exploiting his workers and enjoying his cringe celebrity phase.

Recently (~a month ago):

>Claire updates her retarded Etsy with cheap shit for her youngest kid “Tau” >>1898848, >>1898849, 1898852

>Claire puts on the sweaty red coveralls for the umpteenth time to show us her dirty ass room >>1898909
>Melon channels Bigfoot in yet another unfortunate picture >>1898914
>Claire whines about being ‘lovesick’ on her alt account >>1899364
>Claire revealed to be a skinwalker for maybe the fourth time >>1899488, >>1899564
>Elon’s whoville-looking eldest son makes an appearance >>1900176
>Turkish leader Erdogan asks about Elon’s ‘wife’, response is exactly what you’d expect >>1900244
>Elon balding again despite the hairplugs, probably the shitty fucking diet >>1900447
>Elon calls X his ‘emotional support human’ >>1900468
>Grimes likes tweets alluding to custody battle with X >>1900765
>Elon shoots his shot at Dutch anti-feminist “philosopher” Eva Vlaardingerbroek by blabbering about ancient Rome and falling birthrates on twitter >>1900800
>shes apparently engaged, elon on suicide watch >>1900891
>Claire bites shivon’s style, with massively bulging eyes in Japan >>1900977
>Elon apparently brought a (fake) gun to a videogame studio and demanded a cameo in Cyberpunk 2077, his character model looks horrible and rushed (that's because it is) >>1901096, >>1901141, >>1901185
>Claire used to try to set Shivon up on dates before the news about the secret twins came out >>1901192
>Elon tries to recruit humans for the Neuralink think >>1901295, >>1901296
>Someone at youtube fucks with grimes’s music video thumbnail >>1901490
>Grimes wanting to be asian to the point of taping her eyes back >>1901669, >>1901674, >>1901675
>Grimes’s alternative twitter account flooded with replies of people, again, alluding to a custody battle >>1901722
>Grimes has enough of nonas itt and just nukes her alt account >>1902175
>Shivon comes off as a doormat >>1903128 despite allegedly having an IQ of 170 >>1903342
>Shivon posts her sons face >>1903449
>Koto, Grimes’s creative director/personal assistant, has another breakdown on twitter >>1904308 >>1904322
>Elon thinks that one of his eldest kids is trans because he wasn't controlling enough >>1904582
>Grimes does mental gymnastics to try and prove to everybody that Elon actually really likes her and is only “mean” to her out of necessity >>1904907, >>1905050
>Grimes tries to take her mind off of things by posting about (read: ‘thirsting over’) Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift on her alt
>Elon drags X all around America >>1905407, >>1905418
>Elon rehashes the eugenics thing as if we didn't all hear him the first time >>1905901
>Elon takes the time out of his day to complain about the U.S. southern border in twitter via livestream
>Elon’s Gyno/Klinefelter syndrome >>1906629, >>1906631, >>1906633, >>1906641
>Shivon is desperate for attention from Musky again, posts picture of son in space helmet with a fake deep quote and a black and white filter >>1906782
>long excerpts from Elon’s Biography >>1906919, >>1906924, >>1906929, >>1906930, >>1906931, >>1906933
>Claire shows up in public wearing a disastrous fit from the clearance section of The Children’s Place to sooth her thing for age regression >>1907214
>Elon compensates for his shortcomings via bragging online about having “an arsenal of weapons” >>1907299
>Shivon again with the NLOG-posting, this time featuring her daughter >>1907601
>Elon not giving a fuck about his kids as per usual >>1907983
>Grimes sues Elon over the kids >>1908042
>Grimey likes another pretentious tweet yapping about “the dangers of literacy” >>1908335
>nonas sift through blind items >>1908404, >>1908665, >>1908674, >>1908677, >>1908682, >>1908685, >>1908705, >>1908718, >>1908731
>Grimes’s borderline payola on spotify for Shinigami Eyes is predictably miserable >>1908852
>Grimes’s circle exposed to be full of weirdos and losers, once again >>1910242, >>1910244 >>1910604, >>19910610
>Grimes says that her worthless NFT tokens made her more cash than her whole music career >>1910619
>Grimes kissing the floor that kpop girls walk on, once more >>1910631

(This is my first time making a thread! Decided to wait a while just in case someone more well-versed then I would take it up following the lock-up of the previous thread, hence, I apologize for any errors. Nothing interesting as of late, but here’s the thread in case one of them does something milky.)



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No. 1918972

OP here, sorry about the cluttered thread pic; there were a few more that I wanted to add, but alas

No. 1918975

File: 1698211936793.png (1.21 MB, 1080x1268, shinnygummyeyes.png)

thanks for the thread, OP, been waiting patiently for this one

No. 1919010

Thanks for the thread, OP. Good job!

No. 1919069

File: 1698236265220.png (331.49 KB, 1182x646, grimes date.png)

grimes went on a date, these are some replies to tweets about this on her alt account, pics from her subreddit

No. 1919084

That Josh Winton dude is so weird. But I think Grimes dates autists/neurodivergent people because she's an autist herself. Like attracts like

No. 1919088

She certainly wants to be an autist

No. 1919094

>rocko allowed to follow the alt
What a dumb pickme cunt desperate for male approval kek

No. 1919104

Autistic men often have lower standards than NT men because they’re faceblind, you can be ugly as but still get autistic men thirsting over you because their brains generally don’t process faces or beauty like normal humans do

No. 1919105

File: 1698243940773.jpeg (1.82 MB, 1568x1973, C14E5244-3742-4977-821D-FE115D…)

Her pic for rolling stone, looks heavily edited, still trying to hide her swollen post surgery bug eyes, maybe she was copying Shivon kek

No. 1919106

File: 1698244248976.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1620x1323, 906D799A-3E4B-4907-9AF6-EA7D48…)

The trend of irrelevant western flopstars desperately trying to latch onto korean idol groups needs to stop, its actually pathetic. Also people were saying Grimes is trying to skinwalk Gwen with her Harajuku girls and how this pic is giving weird racist vibes with how all the Asian girls are sitting down and look passive and deferential while Grimes is standing to make herself look higher than them and looks like she’s their commander or something. Creepy. She’s still not over her ‘pretty japanethe girls’ middle school obsession with Asian women.

No. 1919109

Ppl were also saying that the interview was weird because Aespa seemed totally bewildered by her and at many points Claire talked so much about herself it was more like her interview. She also made false claims like being the first artist to use digital avatars when Gorillaz and Damn Albarn were doing that like 20 years ago…

I’m assuming Claire again stalked and harassed their manager into letting her associate with them.

No. 1919110

Aespa look so uncomfortable

No. 1919114

File: 1698245134340.jpeg (797.9 KB, 1620x1584, 5AF19BBF-D2B4-45F0-B6FE-52DE58…)

She’s really morphing into a racist republican middle aged woman now

No. 1919119

File: 1698245311423.jpeg (276.96 KB, 1619x1228, 2D500A74-870C-4487-8ABD-65DBD1…)

Also rumors they are dating, Elon was with X and Ty at F1. Ty is a married mom of two, strange that her husband lets her attend events with Muskrat while not wearing her wedding ring

No. 1919128

she looks like donald trump here kek wtf

No. 1919132

File: 1698247581024.png (299.08 KB, 333x428, Screenshot 2023-10-25 112510.p…)

Wow they really blurred her nose straight into her face lol. Also with the huge glasses and horribly overfilled lips all I can see is this

No. 1919146

File: 1698249093764.png (672.12 KB, 740x870, Screenshot 2023-10-25 114202.p…)

Grimes's manager desperately trying to convince people that the repetitive and lazy dj sets are actually super worth it because of the visuals with A.I. "art" and/or stolen IP from actually talented artists kek

No. 1919148

you can tell that they genuinely don't want to be anywhere near her kek

classic narc behavior, making everything about themselves, even in the photo it looks like she's trying really hard to take up space. also
>She also made false claims like being the first artist to use digital avatars
i hate how she rewrites everything as if she's some revolutionary artist when truly, she is just a con-artist much like the moid she voluntarily embarrasses herself over

kekkkkkkk i have no words

No. 1919173

File: 1698252012724.png (Spoiler Image,959.6 KB, 720x891, Screenshot_20231025-123454-877…)

literally flinched when I saw this, wtf. Stop looking at me like that!

the Rolling Stone photographers/editors seem to hate her just as much as anyone else. I haven't seen a single good looking photo of her from this shoot + this weird perspective is doing her no favours, good god.

No. 1919195

File: 1698255761261.mp4 (4.74 MB, 1080x1350, Rollingstone.mp4)

Well, she didn't look that good. Why should they edit her to look different?

No. 1919197

I can't take her seriously with those fucking goofy ass glasses lmao

No. 1919237

File: 1698261261974.png (111.19 KB, 640x495, F4CFE007-91F9-4E71-B995-30143F…)

People were also complaining about her merch and how she’s charging 50 bucks for a redbubble tier t-shirt with a lazy AI prompt printed on it that probably cost like 3 bucks to make. Not even original art or anything.

No. 1919238

200 bucks for an AI art aliexpress jeanjacket kek she’s delusional

No. 1919239

File: 1698261715665.jpeg (790.92 KB, 971x1224, 281BD02B-2EF0-49D6-871D-4406E1…)

Kek at the girls body language, literally staying as far away from Grimey as possible lmao. I don’t blame them, she probably stinks irl.

No. 1919240

File: 1698261757658.jpeg (514.96 KB, 1431x3073, D2268107-85D9-46C9-923B-61C272…)

Same girl. Same.

No. 1919241

They put soft focus filters on everything and she still looks god awful.

No. 1919243

Thought this was Madonna when I glanced at the homepage

No. 1919244

Isn’t she meant to be interviewing the girls? Why is she just rambling about herself? God she’s so annoying. Can you imagine how cringe she was in high school trying to impress the ‘pretty Asian gurlz’.

They could have at least got someone who speaks Korean since only one member of Aespa speaks fluent English. It’s funny to see all these flops like Charlie Puth desperately trying to get Korean artists to collaborate with them and STILL gaining no fans afterwards, kek

No. 1919245

Please don’t insult Madge like that, Madonna is a living legend.

No. 1919246

Kek I saw this this morning and laughed. Are they really "One of your favourite bands!", Claire, or do you just like that they're Asian? Also lmao at her using the "ou" spelling, I used to do that shit when I was like 19 and wanted to seem ~*cultured*~ and European, kek.

Honestly I think it's the glasses, she'd look more normal in these heavily photoshopped pics if those things weren't so unflattering. It just makes the whole thing look even more retarded.

No. 1919247

So you mean to tell me most of these women don't even understand wtf Grimes is on about? Lol. This interview was to massage her bruised ego and live out her popular girl fantasy with the pretty Asian girls who don't like her.


I feel bad for the k-pop girls, they seem to have to deal with the weirdest fuckers humanity has to offer. Grimes included. She looks like the type of girl to see you walking in a short skirt and flash your panties to the nearest scrote for cool points.

No. 1919249

File: 1698262814269.png (1.51 MB, 1164x1024, Screen Shot 2023-10-25 at 12.4…)

They clearly have no fucking idea what she's talking about, kek.

No. 1919250

Only Giselle can speak fluent English because she was raised in America. Karina and Ningning can speak conversational English but I don’t think they had any idea of the weird shit Grimey was rambling about. Winter likely could barely understand anything because her English isn’t good.

No. 1919253

It's even funnier when you know that Aespa hate the Ai concept.

No. 1919258

Grimey doesn't seem to understand what she is talking about either. She is going to make her album compete with the AI album? Imagine the meltdown when her album loses. Also, the "AI album" is most likely the elf.tech scam which is not made by AI at all.

No. 1919276

Yup they were just being polite, I guess aspie weebs/koreaboos like Claire misinterpret embarrassed Asian politeness as genuine interest.

No. 1919278

i agree, she doesn't understand what she's talking about. i honestly don't think she's working on anything anymore. i feel like she's just making shit up, but if she's telling the truth, just imagine the amount of NDAs being signed kek

it looks like she she enjoys hearing herself talk more than anything, her heads so far up her own ass she doesn't care if they're interested

No. 1919279

You’re 100% right nona.

No. 1919280

Thank you whoever made the thread and thank you for including so many lulzy images in the threadpic

No. 1919287

Nona, Canadians usually spell 'favourite' and other words with British locale, this isn't really NLOG behaviour.
you're welcome

No. 1919293

File: 1698268995263.jpg (234.7 KB, 1080x1503, 20231026_001949.jpg)

She is still using Twitter for this. Maybe she hopes Elon will read about her date. There is a reason why Amber Heard deleted her account when Elon became the boss.

Speaking of alt accounts. This is Elon's alleged alt. Baby Smurf 9000. Ok, boomer.

No. 1919303

Thank you OP! I’ve been waiting for a new thread

No. 1919333

File: 1698274418181.png (2.15 MB, 1170x1170, IMG_6382.png)

No. 1919336

File: 1698274959552.jpeg (69.4 KB, 1018x314, 2023C2A5-60EC-4C58-BDEB-73B5A8…)

Shivon and her mentioning her ‘big blue Punjabi eyes’ every two seconds always reminds me of this post.

No. 1919374

wait, is that a scar up the hood of her eye? did she actually get botched? if so, I will never understand why she thought these glasses were the thing to hide it with.

No. 1919378

I don’t think it’s a scar I think it’s the shadow of where her eyelid skin got pulled so taut against her skull that it looks like a dent and created a shadow where her eye socket is.

She was going for the slanted cat eye look, but the surgeon pulled her forehead skin upwards instead of sideways, so it just yanked her eyelid hoods up and pressed them super tight against her socket and now she looks like her eyes are bulging out.

No. 1919379

She honestly just should have just gotten her nose done instead of messing around with the rest of her face, she’s obvious self conscious about it which is why she filled her lips to try and make it look smaller by comparison. and no one would really miss it, so if she’s going to feed her plastic surgery addiction why not just get the main thing that’s holding her back from being a kawaii tiny nosed anime girl done?

No. 1919398

File: 1698289051846.jpg (327.7 KB, 1250x1620, 288995170.jpg)

tbh i feel like she should've stopped after she got maybe 1 or 2 syringes of filler in her lips circa 2019 (picrel). is there such thing as a plastic surgery/filler or whatever that doesn't age like hot garbage? you'd think that celebs would literally never be botched (with all that money), and yet…

No. 1919412

Thing is she’s not an autismo, she’s just a retard NLOG who thinks dating fat idiot scrotes will give her pick me brownie points. Congrats Claire, you are able to fulfill your munchhausen wishes with your ~lol so random I only eat spaghetti and peanuth butter!~ defective moid baby

No. 1919433

she wants the midjourney shit to be profound and interesting so hard, I really wish she'd just pick up a pen or an iPad and actually make something worth looking at

also, has anybody else noticed that none of these strong proponents of ai art have actual taste? Always different variations of big titted anime girls wearing mech suits. yawn.

No. 1919436

**so bad, sorry

No. 1919492

AI as a topic is so fucking boring, honestly. It was always just a tool for coomers to make porn, all the hysteria and scaremongering about AI was simply to get money from boomer investors and gain shady tech companies more political power granted to them from congress. Claire is still banging on and on about AI but no one really cares anymore, it’s tacky and it’s used for cheap corny looking fantasy edits and porn, thats it. All this AI and neuralink shit is just one big Ponzi scheme designed to get money from venture capitalists, btw there are literally hundreds of these Ponzi scheme type organizations in SV and Austin, they keep haemorrhaging money and make little progress, but it doesn’t matter because their investor whales will keep throwing money at the projects.(sage your shit)

No. 1919493

Her skin looked so good here, compared to now. Meth, not even once.

No. 1919500

Thpaghetti and butter

No. 1919515

I don't know where you've been reading but I've heard the opposite about AI. It's going to be a huge problem down the road for a variety of reasons but we aren't there yet.

No. 1919534

File: 1698316748712.png (227.28 KB, 562x420, grimey.png)

pardon the non-milk but i saw this on grimes' subreddit and had to share somewhere kek. what would your tips be?

No. 1919536

File: 1698317011456.jpeg (31.3 KB, 570x636, IMG_3603.jpeg)

Take copious amounts of stimulants and go at it with a pair of safety scissors in a dark room during a manic episode with only the blue light of a macbook to guide you. If you had any more than 3 hours sleep the night before then it won’t work.

No. 1919548

imagine having to literally wear joke clown glasses in order to divert attention from your botched surgery
this gave me a good laugh thank you nona

No. 1919796

No it’s not stop reading fearmongering crap by OpenAIs PR department

No. 1919814

File: 1698348560757.png (437.91 KB, 720x1134, Screenshot_20231026-152621-896…)

the main issue is moids using it to make women's lives miserable. some guy in Quebec cracked it and was able to make deepfake porn of a kid. imagine you post ur kids face online and someone does this heinous shit with it.

AI by itself isn't an issue, it's the people utilising it for weird sick shit.

No. 1919825

>this AI and neuralink shit is just one big Ponzi scheme
Everything Elon does nowadays is a ponzi scheme. Also, there are many shitty AI companies that scam the same idiots who fell for NFTs. I can't wait for the ChatGPT hype to be over.
However, the AI you may need to worry about in the future is not the type they tell you about.
>OpenAIs PR department

No. 1919844

Honestly, the amount the scams going on in the tech world right now is crazy. Think Yanderedevs crowdfunding scam, but on a multi billion dollar scale. Elizabeth Holmes is one of the unlucky ones who got caught, but there are hundreds if not thousands of fraudulent tech startups like hers still operating in Cali and Texas. It’s literally just a massive money laundering scam.(derailing, unsaged)

No. 1919974

i know you love your little chatbots but within the first week of stable diffusion's release, there was already a model trained on real kids linked on a ai porn reddit. you can make anyone in dreambooth with 50 pics and make porn pics with it. civitai is filled with realistic babyface models that try to hide their prompts like they don't use loli 1girl all day

chub is filled with child and baby sa bots. and the men who get upset about censored language models immediately train it on their loli rp bullshit, sniffing their farts like they saved the world because they helped one more incel coomer get ED

No. 1920042

She's been doing the glasses for a while. It's 99% likely Caroline Ellison inspired.

LMFAO uncanny

No. 1920082

Polycule hopping

No. 1920174

Her hubs probably begged her to fuck musk for the bag. She absolutely seems like she'd appeal to Elon besides, though. Industrious, seen independent success, Asuka vibes, blonde, smallish brown eyes…married.

She seems to like rings anyway. Maybe she didn't wear her wedding ring, wonder if she had this one on:

"She’s wearing…many rings, one of which is etched with the word SEX, which she recommends, along with bananas, for stress relief."


No. 1920221

>compared being ousted from her company to the grief of losing a child
Wow I wonder how muskrat views that comment considering he did actually lose a child. Wouldn't surprise me if his spergy dumb ass agreed.

No. 1920225

They do, she's so fucking basic kek they just see it's bullshit

No. 1920313

>Also lmao at her using the "ou" spelling, I used to do that shit when I was like 19 and wanted to seem ~*cultured*~ and European, kek

Uhh she’s Canadian anon…I guess you could argue she should use the American spelling since she lives there now, but still a weird nitpick when there are like 20 more annoying things about this picture.

No. 1920330

I’m sure Caroline Ellison makes Grimes seethe, as a pickme nerd queen who actually secured the bag from her smelly techbro polycule. She’s everything Grimes was trying to be but was too retarded and Canadian to pull off.

No. 1920393

Claire. Please loose the sunglasses. They don't look good and wearing them inside is what losers do. And youre not a quirky person, youre jist a druggie with your head up your own ass.

i want silicone valley and the tech world's bubble to burst. these new technological advances don't feel like how it was post ww2 to at the very latest the 2010s

No. 1920537

kekkkk nona too real

No. 1920594

Lol okay Grimey keep trying to convince the world that hot 6ft4 NFL player Chad is going to date a botched 35 year old single mom like you, maybe you can pay him to be your beard and fake escort for a few weeks kek(sage)

No. 1920637

not milk but shoutout to shivon for making claire look better.
literally everything this bitch posts is so cringe.
if you implant a monkey with a brainchip it makes them terminally ill! its ok! epic nerdy mom moment!

No. 1920684

she looks like dasha here kek

No. 1920750

File: 1698502208708.jpg (545.17 KB, 1080x2564, twitter.jpg)

No. 1920766

File: 1698504524529.png (274.88 KB, 335x455, no.png)

Does this pic of him give anyone else chills? He looks absolutely terrifying, like a Japanese demon/serial killer-hybrid. If I were approached by this man in a dark alley, I'm pretty sure I'd go into a shock state where I'd just collapse from terror at the thought of what this man would do to me next. This is why I doubt the goodness of pretty much all of the women he's been with, because he exudes so much evil that my body cannot help but physiologically react when I see him. I want to preemptively jail him before he becomes the Butcher of some city, that's how deeply he disturbs me

No. 1920800

Well Errol has a grotesque fat anglo hobgoblin phenotype and Maye looks like a wicked lesbian witch who drinks adrenochrome, he just inherited both their features.(didn't even sage)

No. 1920801

he’s definitely eaten human flesh before

No. 1920811

File: 1698511400709.jpeg (6.52 MB, 2999x4000, 077AB6D5-F1A6-498A-88E9-BD83D6…)

Kek let’s be honest they do all have this look. The only reason grimace gets a pass is bc anachan instead of seeing her for the creepy redditor (like Elon) she is.

No. 1920816

>god complex
no kidding? i never would have guessed
also she hasn't made anything… kek

No. 1920829

I scrolled by this quick and thought it was Jimmy Savile for a sec kek

No. 1920834

Tbh I'm furiously disappointed we never got the full blown milky court drama nonnies
But oh yes, who cares about the whole "child stolen from mother" drama & why keep crying about losing X on twitter when you can just… busk and beg for that quick sliver of attention via thendy prethy japanethe girlth instead!
That "artist vs artist" bullshittery is shot strictly to promote/lick ass of one side. I remember how Rolling Stone did the same thing awkwardly posing Billie Joe armstrong next to Billie Eilish & the point of the whole thing was to make BJ repeat 100 times how much he loves her and how truly punk rock Billie Eilish is kek. In this case i'm sure Grimey was begging Rolling Stone to make her genius asian wet dream come true

No. 1920840

File: 1698517638737.jpg (117.92 KB, 743x1080, Picsart_23-10-28_20-17-18-101.…)

Thx 4 the new thread OP, been waiting

She looks absolutely hideous and her special ED glasses won't ever make her bulbous face look sm0l and dainty.
Also that haircolor is not working with her ghoulish skin tone whatsoever, she needs to let go of her princess peach fantasy and accept that it makes her look older and ill. Also kek at her not having upper eyelashes

Exactly, it's so hard to listen to her ugly low IQ voice explaining AI music to an enslaved girl group from korea. This bitch has 0 knowledge yet is the first person to talk.

No. 1920842

File: 1698517996702.jpg (232.3 KB, 1080x1412, Screenshot_20231028_202951_Chr…)

Looks like her date took her to the local buffet kek

Also anyone thinks she made this date story kinda up? Not that I don't believe that a tech moid wouldn't date her, but she has a history of trying to make Musk jealous, maybe it was a just guy friend.

No. 1920919

File: 1698527085691.png (876.62 KB, 1080x1915, 20231029_000115.png)

Creepy Redditor is spot on, nonna. Just look at this totally hilarious reply Elon made. Not cringe at all!

No. 1920924

desperately trying to signal that ur still a 'cool girl' after you just got dumped and you're in the middle of a custody battle for your eldest kid? what the fuck is going on in this bitch's head?

"It's cray to refuse the buffet tho" It's cray to have a fat ugly scrote say to your face "I love you, but i don't love you" and still have 3 kids with him after that. It severely pisses me off that she couldn't manage to secure even a minute bag after all this trouble: so busy trying to impress Elon's with the NLOG act that she fucked herself and her kids. honestly not surprised you'd let a guy bring you to a cheap buffet with a 80% chance of giving you E. Coli if you'd let him bring you to a courtroom to fight for the right to not have your kid paraded around as a PR accessory. all around pathetic and sad.

No. 1920925

aren't most animated movies with animals for kids? why tf would they be having sex or eating eachother? is this guy dense?

No. 1920944

spot on, nona. couldn't agree more

No. 1920984

File: 1698537563860.jpeg (55.33 KB, 460x478, D7D20C01-296C-44AD-AFA3-647628…)

Tbh he is probably using ai generators to animate his own pr0n versions of a bugs life and Winnie the Pooh he’s that inbred and mentally stunted 100% guarantee it

No. 1921014

I mean let’s be real this woman has a severe ED and once lived off thpaghetti and buther until she got scurvy. She simps for a billionaire who has her sleeping on a dirty mattress in a crack house. Even a McChicken sandwich would be wasted on her.

No. 1921076

I don’t think Aespa are attractive, they’re completely plastic. Everyone looked pretty bogged in these pictures, I guess because they weren’t using a typical Korean filtered lens that makes everyone look prettier like they usually do.

No. 1921077

Kek this post and image is sending me

No. 1921079

File: 1698551873353.jpeg (28.06 KB, 500x357, 23135C22-4419-47FD-9A2F-BB46D3…)

I knew goatee grimes reminded me of someone…

No. 1921141

File: 1698563757693.png (243.18 KB, 404x718, mybeautifule.png)

You know when Maye Musk told Walter Isaacson that her biggest fear is Elon turning into Errol, and that she's seen signs of Errol's conspiratorial thinking in her retarded son? This is what she's referring to: racist and anti-semitic conspiracy theories, especially concerning white people being replaced by the browns. The reason why he's attracted to these theories in the first place is because 1) narcissists tend to be very paranoid, and 2) he probably has a lot of sadistic impulses towards women and minorities, especially towards trannies after his kid transitioned. Being a malignant narcissist who completely lacks empathy, he can't process his negative emotions in less retarded ways than by taking them out on weaker people who allow him to do so, which is why he loves finding groups to target whenever he's made another stupid business decision that was entirely his own doing. He reminds me a lot of Jordan Peterson (except more abusive) when it comes to how much he projects his own struggles, flaws, and narcissistic tendencies onto other groups, especially groups that are, for one reason or another, associated with femininity, collectivism, or weakness. He might be incredibly materially successful, but nothing will ever successfully fill the void of having been brought up by someone just like him, hence why he is so miserable; no amount of money or external validation will ever remove the belief that deep down, he is, as a result of being just like his father, an unloveable, abusive, destructive force that no one should come close to lest they want to be consumed. The funniest thing about Elon is that the only thing he wants to be is the one thing he will never be again: his ultimate dream, the one thing he fervently desires, is to be cool. The reason why he stopped being considered cool is because people got a glimpse of his real personality after the Tony Stark PR-campaign, and I wouldn't be surprised if his loss of coolness made him suffer some kind of narcissistic injury that he never truly recovered from once his reputation started going down the drain.

No. 1921154

>Maye Musk told Walter Isaacson that her biggest fear is Elon turning into Errol
I can see Grimey shamelessly saying the same thing about her sons in a few years. Maybe don't reproduce with the worst moid you know next time then? Who helped him pass on his shitty genes and decided to raise kids under his supervision?

No. 1921178

these are so cursed i love it lmao

No. 1921183

>we carry the name lee as a first or middle name in my family
This guy is retarded, a first or middle name generally has very little or nothing to do with your ancestry because it’s not a family name. What is he even saying lol.

No. 1921184

I thought he was saying he was Chinese or something but apparently he’s referring to some confederate general statue being melted down and how that has something to do with him because some of his family members have Lee as a middle name, so much retardation God I hate Americans kek.

No. 1921208

hes 100% lying too. robert e lee's real ancestors already commented on the statue

No. 1921385

File: 1698621662322.jpg (366.84 KB, 2880x2880, Sad TikTok .jpg)

Don't give up hope yet. The court documents may be sealed but cows gonna cow. She posted a TikTok video that made her fans sad. Unfortunately the video is unavailable. If someone has it, please share.


No. 1921442

No. 1921470

yeah, Lee’s actual descendants are very clear about disowning great-great-great-great-great-grandpa’s treasony ways
but maybe this dude is Lee’s third cousin eight times removed or some shit
or maybe it’s just wishcrafting

No. 1921491

File: 1698642952599.jpg (205.23 KB, 1075x1740, RDT_20231030_01102073521788100…)

Grimes with pedobaiter imperialist Bella Poarch. she looks so bogged I can't explain it

No. 1921496

I wonder how many moids they had to sleep with to ever become relevant.

No. 1921526

Bella, better watch out. She might accidentally smack you in the face again
kek she had no problem with showing X's face, as long as it was on ""her"" terms (meaning, Elon still graciouly let her into his close proximity so she can mop his floor with her hair or something huge & loving like that)

No. 1921531

Yeah she was proudly parading X around on vacation to the paps because Elon was there with her. She’s so full of shit.

No. 1921571

Thank you nonita! Let's embed the video too. So this isn't new and her fans are just rehashing old stuff?

No. 1921689

Kek “fans”. We all know it’s grimeth and her 26 alt acc’s concern posting and throwback thursday-ing. Nobody with half a brain realistically gives a shit.

No. 1921707

>pedobaiter imperialist
go back to twitter, retard

No. 1921862

File: 1698708950191.png (Spoiler Image,297.64 KB, 486x670, Screenshot_20231030-193245.png)

>"pedobaiter imperialist"

>acts like a kid for moid attention on tiktok

>had the Japanese Rising Sun tattoo'd on her body

am I wrong? do you think Bella Poarch is gonna come to your house and congratulate you for white knighting her on lolcow…?

No. 1921909

File: 1698714301403.jpg (339.35 KB, 1080x1511, 20231031_030245.jpg)

Grimey with friends. She looks smug.

No. 1921918

File: 1698715579234.png (895.22 KB, 1080x1949, Hidden layers.png)

And here's some Elon wisdom. Once again he shows his inability to understand how social media works. Demonetization by CommunityNotes corrections is even easier to abuse than youtube's broken copy strike system. Also, these scrotes tend to confuse facts with opinions. Open source code and data won't help either if you have no employees.

The stuff about hidden layers and search reduction not being malice. Is he lying or stupid?

No. 1921922

File: 1698715950367.png (379.42 KB, 1080x942, Epic comeback .png)

Elon for sure shows Stephen King who's the man. I bet Elon does more drugs than King.

No. 1922023

Pot kettle black.

No. 1922051

looking like bogged madonna in her 70s always parading with a crowd of younger queer artsy druggies to make herself cool

No. 1922103

how is it possible to be this retarded. oh right a clinically shitty personality and malignant narcissism. buys the website/platform, guts it, adds rules he thinks are logically soundproof, treats like its his personal treehouse, wonders why no one likes him.

No. 1922123

File: 1698757536599.jpeg (427.93 KB, 790x1101, 80566AEE-BA1D-4769-B346-D51C24…)

Eh pretty obvious he’s ruining it on purpose for those riyals and rubles atp, player of gameth still trying to convince the world he’s playing 12D chess kek

No. 1922428

Charles ‘Carlitos’ Boucher and Elonina Musk

No. 1922516

The stupid fucking face she's making here keeps randomly haunting my mind. Get off drugs you stupid fucking bitch you look dumb and you've ruined your ability to create. Oml I'm so tired of every single thing she says or does being an attempt at appearing like "the perfect pick me partner" for Elon. Instead of being herself or coming up with her own enjoyable experimentation for music she now has this automatic filter where every single thing she says is tailored to that ugly useless fat creature and im tired of it. Someone hit her in the dome and give her a fac reset im sick of it.

No. 1922523

Why does she do this when he obviously doesnt care about her

No. 1922598

money, fame, attention

No. 1922811

She was probably gurning again tbh, dumb druggie whore that she is.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1922923

preach, nona. it's all just so embarrassing.

No. 1923148

Iktf nona. Even if you’re not the violent type there’s just something about Claire that just makes you want to beat her ass because she’s so fucking stupid and obnoxious.(integrate)

No. 1923150

Old nitpick but I’ve never seen anyone pull off blonde hair so terribly as Grimey does. The bleach blonde looks so horrible on her.

No. 1923180

File: 1698954333463.jpg (77 KB, 720x1160, wtf.jpg)

In case anyone was worried for our poor cows' dating prospects after getting trashed by elon. lots of moids not only don't mind, but would be absolutely thrilled.

No. 1923183

>that tweet
This guy is a really creepy fan. The type who would show up to Musk's house or something.

No. 1923193

>She deserves to be […] bred by strong stock
I wish everyone who talked about people 'being bred' would spontaneously combust.

No. 1923201

Grimes cancelled more shows. Imagine checking for this useless lazy idiot as a fan.(this is an imageboard)

No. 1923203

Makes sense that any ‘man’ who shills for a fat stupid charlatan dickhead like Elon would also have to be a literal cuckold.

No. 1923227

>Instead of being herself or coming up with her own enjoyable experimentation for music she now has this automatic filter
i agree with your post nona. i really think she has no sense of self, she probably can't be herself because she's gone all this time skinwalking, lying, and larping. so i'm guessing she probably has no idea who she is. i saw a vid on a fan account of her admitting she has no stable identity, i should have posted it here when i came across it

kek, i'm not even slightly surprised. she should give up fronting as a musician. she's a lazy crackhead with a bad reputation. no one wants to write music for her anymore

100% agreed

No. 1923342

Did she even secure the bag? Like does he even pay for the kids or is it just that shitty house in Texas? God she could have at least gotten a Tesla or something out of it

No. 1923374

She has a house in Pasadena but I think she sold it before moving to Austin a couple years ago. P sure all cows are in Austin atm, tentatively including the athletic wear CEO girl tho doubting much publicity will come from that fling

No. 1923401

Amber got a Tesla but it was bugged kek there is no bag to secure with him

No. 1923414

All teslas are bugged. L to anyone who has ever fucked in those cars.

No. 1923458

Why does moving to California make everyone so insufferable? I swear every celebrity that moves there loses 20 IQ points and turns them into qanon conspiracy theorists overnight.

No. 1923459

That’s if they haven’t self driven off a cliff or crashed into a tree and exploded. Elon Musk will be watching and listening to your every move. I’m glad I live in the UK where most people distrust electric/automatic cars and drive stick. But the UK government is being paid a lot by electric car companies to shill them and trying to ban anything else lately, unfortunately.

No. 1923552

Her eyes are so droopy, I can't tell if it's the botched plastic surgery or if she's on a ton of sedatives.

No. 1923560

File: 1699030166762.png (100.05 KB, 720x605, Screenshot_20231103-124445-442…)

grimes's songwriting was definitely better when she lived in Montreal and had her male-wives do everything for her, what the hell are these lyrics?

>"I don't wanna waste my youth"

>35 years old

No. 1923580

it's just so painfully obvious what and who she means by these lyrics. like a sad tumblr teenager writing shitty poetry after seeing rupi kaur quotes on her dashboard

No. 1923703


Barf. Elon Musk fans don’t go to heaven, they go to a special level of purgatory where their souls are sold by Elon to the devil to keep him rich despite retarded business decisions.

No. 1923827

God, her new song with Sevdaliza is truly awful. It sounds even worse than I expected. I think her music career is basically over.

No. 1923833

File: 1699093938834.png (57.16 KB, 1088x214, H98EORDHI2AD0OOADEZPOA0O0AZID3…)

There was a longer version that got played during a performance but Sevdaliza cut Grimes part short and tweaked it a bit. Grimes did not share the song on twitter when it was released so I wonder if she even knew about this beforehand

No. 1923854

Isn’t this just a straight rip off of ‘Save Your Tears’ by the weekend? And another ‘chopped and screwed’ version of a song that also sounds very familiar

No. 1923936

File: 1699118762251.jpeg (640.13 KB, 1170x1449, 8E4726B7-7BBA-42BC-A14B-A19FA4…)

Kek nonas it’s so obvious atp Hana wrote most of her recents too. Something must’ve happened around the time she started working with io since her production tanked after MA. Probs keeps her distance from clurr now

No. 1923947

Any woman who has been a friend to a pickme knows that they always want to be besties again once the latest boyfriend dips for good. It's radio silence until you have to be there for her post-breakup. Hana don't do it.

No. 1923962

I bet Elon said something about wanting to fuck Hana and Claire cut her off because she’s jealous. Hana looks like Elon’s type, it’s such a coincidence that when Claire started resenting Elon and their relationship became rocky, her relationship with Hana became distant too(sage your shit)

No. 1924250

File: 1699177548700.jpg (107.11 KB, 1170x1412, 20231105_024537.jpg)

lmfao non milk but kek

No. 1924255

File: 1699179165699.png (191.28 KB, 354x589, s.png)

No. 1924264

Claire having a meltdown rn because foreign names sound to her like fantasy Dune names without even trying

No. 1924278

maybe that's true about names written in cyrillic, but I don't think it's the case with Indian names. She's had exposure to them for a while since her stepdad is Indian and she watches bollywood

No. 1924309

Her stepdad seems very whitewashed and she barely takes anything to do with Sandy let alone her husband, I don’t think he taught her anything about Indian culture tbh but Claire probably claims he did for her own special snowflake points

Chandrasekhar is a pretty nice name tbh because it means ‘Moon Crest/Crown’ in Sanskrit.

No. 1924312

Shivon called out the media for making fun of Caroline Ellison being drawn ugly while other male defendants were being drawn nicely. Maybe she isn’t as much of a pickme as we thought.(where are the screenshots)

No. 1924313

It’s clear Maye likes Shivon way more than she ever liked Claire. She’s liking and retweeting Shivon’s family stuff.

No. 1924314

I don’t understand why redditors are calling her pickme for tweeting this. Isn’t it normal to be a bit excited about a coincidence like that? They’re complaining that she’s ‘leaving Claire out’ and trying to act like she has her own family unit, but what does Claire actually have to do with her kids and why should Shivon act like they’re in a throuple just because they have the same baby daddy? Starting to think everyone on the Grimesz subreddit is just Claire seething on 30 alts.(sage your shit)

No. 1924342

Post the screenshots pls. This is an imageboard

No. 1924403

This tweet feels like bait tbh

No. 1924406

Hearty kek

No. 1924410

Same, I always assumed he proposed the idea of a threesome with her or something, she looks kind of like Amber sometimes

No. 1924671

Hasn't he shelved Shivon already

No. 1924731

I don’t think so. She seems to be very agreeable with him and is probably a good source of supply so I don’t think he’s gonna cut her off yet. He’s definitely seeing other women though. I don’t think he’s ever been loyal to any of his gfs.

No. 1924750

Elon’s using Shivon and her very deliberate “homemaker” public image until custody is settled with Claire. Shivon is there to convince the court that Elon is a good father and provider, better than Claire can be to a young son, and he’s right. X is better off with Elon full time and Claire part time.(sage)

No. 1924763

Eh there's a few he didn't fool around on including Justine for a while, anyway. Neither Claire nor Shivon expected him to be loyal tho they didn't even want a ring before having his kids…Shivon didn't even need girlfriend status kek the state of pickmes

No. 1924835

File: 1699305064868.jpeg (835.73 KB, 3395x1928, E411A59F-F0A5-4A10-BC2A-1E77C1…)

Kek, this genuinely made me laugh nonnie

Idk if it’s old milk but Shivon left Neuralink and is now working with an AI fighter jet company(?) She’s living her quirky badass nerd princess dreams, Claire’s probably shitting her pants rn, she definitely can’t compete with that kek

No. 1924837

File: 1699305329685.jpeg (1.08 MB, 2732x1715, 8AC88679-B2B8-458C-BD11-401DED…)

I know having your kid taken away from you isn’t funny but we need new thread pics

No. 1924845

File: 1699306729864.jpeg (3.33 MB, 3464x1791, FF572882-A8F5-47E3-B094-D0A8C2…)

pls Nona let’s not act like picrel isn’t the reality(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1924908

He was asking flight attendants for handies and the higher up staff told her that she should train as a masseuse to up her chances of being hired more and paid more etc, meaning it would be a regular thing for him on his private jets and in other areas of life no doubt(like many others of his ilk) - he's just not fooling around with women successful enough to laugh at his N.D.A. requests (reminder he had kids with shivon at the same time as grimes without telling her, leading to the BPD clusterfuck we saw). He's an asshole with women
I completely agree and felt this way since day one, he's completely pulling the strings at worst and at best(?) she is just pickme enough to do whatever she thinks will help him publicly. Either way amounts to what this anon says, imo
Also this is the ultimate tinfoil thread and the ratio of sane tinfoil to unhinged milk is perfect, good jobs nonnies

No. 1924923

Cannot look at her without immediately thinking of her scores of "im punjabi with blue eyes" posts

No. 1924926

Huh? It says she’s a Board member, not working for them. I don’t think she left Neuralink.

No. 1924940

Everyone thought he was madly in love with Talulah but he was literally obsessing over Amber while married to Talulah and very possibly slept with her too. Other nonnie is right he was literally trying to groom any attractive woman he came across into being a rub and tug masseuse. He’s absolutely gross.

No. 1925053

I believe he was loyal to Justine throughout their marriage but he might have cheated nearing the end of their relationship because he moved on way too fast to Talulah and proposed to her upon a few days of knowing her. However, if he was cheating, I think Justine would've publicized it already so I'm not sure.

I think it's obvious he was not loyal to Talulah though, the timeline of him pursuing Amber while he was with her is suspicious. My personal tinfoil is that they might have had a weird open relationship arrangement where he fathered children we don't know of with other women and she was okay with it because going on for that long without having kids seems out of character for him.

He might have been loyal to Amber but they also broke up, got back together, broke up, got back together. During those times he could've been seeing other women. He also moved on to Grimes too fast after their final breakup.

And he was not loyal to her either, he was seeing Natasha, Shivon, hitting on a bunch of other women. It is not surprising to me a NPD billionaire scrote acts like this though. It is expected. Women who date him probably know he will cheat from the get go. I think he will never have a healthy, monogamous relationship again and continue to be a degenerate.

Remember how he acted when he got dumped by Amber?
>The businessman revealed he has been in "severe emotional pain" and it took him great willpower to not look like the "most depressed guy". "I just broke up with my girlfriend. I was really in love, and it hurt bad. Well, she broke up with me more than I broke up with her, I think."
>He upfront asked his interviewer, Neil Strauss, "Is there anybody you think I should date?" adding, "It's so hard for me to even meet people… I'm looking for a long-term relationship. I'm not looking for a one-night stand. I'm looking for a serious companion or soulmate, that kind of thing."
>"If I'm not in love, if I'm not with a long-term companion, I cannot be happy. I will never be happy without having someone. Going to sleep alone kills me. It's not like I don't know what that feels like: Being in a big empty house, and the footsteps echoing through the hallway, no one there – and no one on the pillow next to you. F**k. How do you make yourself happy in a situation like that? When I was a child, there's one thing I said, 'I never want to be alone.' That's what I would say."
He was either saying this to get her back or trying to come off as a romantic man but he's just full of shit, we know how he acts when he has a lover. If he values relationships so much maybe he should treat these women who give his ugly, bald, morbidly obese ass a chance better.

No. 1925074

if youre with elon, youre a fucking pickme. end of discussion.

No. 1925204

People need to stop calling her a pickme and claiming she hates other women. The only woman she demonstrably hates is Claire which is understandable kek.(sage)

No. 1925268

That part, the Shivon wks on this thread are sus. She’s just another pickme baby mama in the harem of cringe, idk if you think she’s “smart” she’s still retarded.

No. 1925321

It must be exhausting wking a musk cow. She actually states publicly that she's his proud doormat, never argues UwU claws for a scrap of attention on Twitter just like Claire, and has basically rearranged her whole life to try and get as much attention from him as possible. Claire is still making the serious mistake of trying to maintain an independent identity whereas Shivon is happy to just be whatever it takes to stay in musks orbit

No. 1925653

File: 1699464593224.jpg (886.05 KB, 1080x1788, RDT_20231108_18224988623858614…)

Posted on reddit, I've always wondered when shes gonna go bald.

Platnium hair requires a lot of maintenance and knowing how musty and lazy claire is…it's no shocker how brittle, thin and short her natural hair is. These cheap ass extensions need to go

No. 1925728

That brittle-boned anorexic kyphosis hunchback is not a good look either.(nitpicking )

No. 1925741

It's crazy seeing both sides of the coin of these pickmes, Shivon tries to get in his good graces by positioning herself as the "female elon" who operates on "FACTS AND LOGIC!" unlike the wild, emotional manic pixie Claire.

No. 1925749

whoa, Grime left her sorrowful concubine den? Surprising.
This looks like her head is split in two, or has a party city plastic wig slowly detatching and disintegrating.
She couldn't be more obvious in her lyrics, could she. embarassment

No. 1926337

I don’t think grimes has taken sedatives more than a handful of times in her life tbh she seems like the kind of psycho who would just go on an addy bender until her anachan body couldn’t take it anymore and crashed from the exhaustion and/or ran out of drugs

No. 1926383

Oh come the fuck on. I don't have anything against Shivon, but be fucking real. A woman who wasn't a pick-me would NOT have gotten into this dysfunctional mess to begin with. She would not have made those posts about their kids while Elon and Grimes were in the midst of custody drama, she would not have had kids behind her boss's on-and-off girlfriend's back to begin with ffs, she probably wouldn't be a fucking yes man and agree with everything that a man who fits all criterias for NPD (they're notoriously difficult to get along with, even if you are an agreeable person) thinks and says, she wouldn't have started shapeshifting her personality and tweet about "whether side quests or main quests are more important in life", etc. You can say that all of these things weren't done to provoke or compete with Grimes, but I would strongly disagree with you because I don't underestimate Shivon or think she's completely clueless. Just because Shivon didn't orchestrate it and is just being used as a pawn by Elon doesn't mean she's less of a pick me by going along with it. Elon trying to replace Grimes in the most hurtful way (by replacing her with a saner, "better" woman/maternal figure despite him being the bastion of insanity himself - he's trying to punish her the way his father punished Elon for reminding Errol of all the parts that he hated about himself) is expected because he's got NPD, she's got BPD, and he's trying to destroy what little sense of self there is left of her; Shivon's willingness, however, to play a role in the drama is what baffles me.

No. 1926471

File: 1699627369465.jpg (106.01 KB, 735x896, tumblr_6ec44381c57a4232f8d3919…)

This popped on my feed lately and just lol, i can't believe people ever liked her. Yes, it's her "peak" moment when she had a few bearable songs & tumblr clout but still. In her case i can never tell if being grimey and dirty was intentional and sarcastic makeup, or if it's just. Being dirty
Kek, have you read anything from Shivon's twitter at all? She literally has the same ~look at meh Elon i'm cool NLOG gamer gurl~ talk like Grimes. Exact same brand. She literally pulls the same embarassing shit like Grimes. also, doesn't matter who you are, where you work, where you studied or how smart you are - if you breed with Elon Musk, you're an idiot and a pickme by default. So it doesn't matter how smart shivon is, same as it doesn't matter how badass stacy amber heard is, or how "unbreakable" Talulah was for not having little muskrats with Melon. they're still pickmes and idiots for dating Elon Musk, period.

No. 1926482

Imagine what it's like to be biologically incapable of being alone. Moids are truly wretched creatures.

No. 1926489

File: 1699632314045.png (412.88 KB, 739x751, Screenshot 2023-11-10 105501.p…)

>Grimes hired people to search high and low for her kids' father, Elon Musk, to serve him with custody papers, according to court records obtained by Insider.
>A lawyer for Grimes filed a supplemental proof-of-service document last Friday, showing they had attempted to serve Musk with custody papers on multiple occasions and had delivered the documents via substituted service, meaning the papers were given to workers at some of Musk's businesses, as well as staff at a property associated with the billionaire, instead of Musk himself.
>Grimes hired four process servers to deliver the papers. From October 13 to October 20, they tried to track the billionaire down across at least a dozen locations, including X's headquarters in San Francisco, SpaceX's launch site in Boca Chica, Texas, Tesla's Austin gigafactory, and several addresses associated with Musk near Austin. One of the process servers even went to a horse farm that had been tied to the billionaire. "Nope, not here," a woman on the site told them when they asked for Musk. One process server even tracked Musk's private jets to confirm the best place to contact the billionaire, Grimes' court papers said.
>Two process servers also attempted to serve Musk at Shivon Zilis' house. Zilis is a director at Neuralink, one of Musk's startups, and the mother of two of his children. But in at least one instance, the person who answered the door at Zilis' house told the process server they didn't know Musk, the court documents said.
>In her court papers, Grimes said her process server handing her complaint to Musk's security at X was proof enough that she'd served her children's father. Christopher Melcher, a California family lawyer who's a partner at Walzer Melcher, told Insider that three attempts to serve someone were typically sufficient under California law and that Grimes' team "made more than reasonable efforts."
>He also said substitute service, when papers are left with someone else at the person's home or business, was acceptable if reasonable attempts were made to serve the papers directly. The practice is especially relevant in the case of someone who is rich or famous and has a lot of barriers around them.
>"None of these security guards were going to let the process server in," Melcher said. "They could've come 100 times. "While Musk and his lawyers could argue Grimes should've tried harder to serve him personally, Melcher said that would be "completely silly." "He didn't evade service, but he's not really capable of being served because anyone who tried to approach him would be tackled by security," he added.
>Grimes' lawyers said in the supplemental proof of service that Musk was served via substitute service on October 20 and that they also mailed the custody papers to him on that date. Melcher said that typically, Musk would be required to respond 10 days after the substitute service, plus the typical 30 days, meaning he would have until November 29. Melcher added that another reason the date of service mattered was that a standing order preventing the children from being moved out of California did not apply to Musk until he was served. The next step for Musk would probably be to file a motion arguing the custody case should go forward in Texas, where he sued Grimes, rather than California. "They will be in legal limbo for months until the jurisdictional dispute is resolved," Melcher said.
>Musk and lawyers for Musk and Grimes did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Insider on Thursday.

No. 1926543

Thanks for the summary nonnie, well appreciated.

Does anyone else feel like this isn't going to end well for Claire, like at all? I mean suing/threatening Musk isn't a great move for her newly found AI career but besides that, Elon will destroy and humiliate her. Drug addiction, being mentally unwell and having ALL her kids taken away from her for the world to see.

She has literally no chances of winning again Musk. I feel like this is her end.

No. 1926646

tinfoil but I think she has something on him which is we he's playing nice in the public eye so far. in shinigami eyes she said Missing from your bed
I know your secrets, everything, oh"

If you think about it, her reputation has been in the gutter a while so she has little to lose if pics or vids come out. However he has a lot more to lose

No. 1926653

I agree with you nonna.

Tinfoil: grimes will end up mysteriously dead from an OD or something after getting her kids taken away or even during the custody battle

She was signed to multiple big record labels. Have any nonnies heard of the death clause? She’s worth more dead than alive rn to multiple entities. She’s screwed.

No. 1926709

Probably but I don’t really feel bad for her because she was desperate to get picked by Elon and wanted the bag and fame/clout as well as access to the resources that she hoped would make her narc delusions possible. Hopefully she just fades back into the hole of tumblr obscurity that she crawled out from. Nobody even likes her anymore.

No. 1926711

Some women simply aren’t that emotional nona. It’s funny you’re trying to argue that all women are hysterical emotional creatures by nature, thats sexist as fuck and what moids have been trying to say for years. You don’t have to attack people who naturally have a calm disposition and don’t necessarily react to annoying unhinged clusterbee freakouts or accuse them of being pickmes simply for not crying and tugging at mens shirts.

No. 1926712

I quite like Shivon. The unhinged samefagging against her on here and Reddit is clearly Claire just being spergchan 2.0.(bait/hi cow)

No. 1926714

Ive met a ton of nerd girls like Shivon. They like basic stuff like HP and Rick and Morty. They’re not really emotionally reactive. They can be snakey at times due to autism and not understanding that they’re hurting others, but they aren’t intentionally evil. They get accused of being pickmes when really they’re just autistic teenage boys stuck in women’s bodies and can’t help it. Shivon reminds me of those women. People saying she bases her entire identity around Elon and is a pickme are delusional and simply haven’t met more women like her irl.

No. 1926717

So I take Claire’s ‘Mission’ of becoming Elon’s Mars Chinese harem concubine numba wan is fully off the table now? Kek. Also lol at her trying to meddle by serving the papers at Shivon’s house.

When you’re that dirty and gross in every picture there’s no choice but to embrace it. Strangely this dirty messy look suited her much better than her current ‘polished trash’ one.

Narcs never kill themselves nona. They suicidebait and concernbait. But they never go through with it. You shouldn’t worry about it lol.

I don’t believe he was loyal to Justine at all. If anything he will have been hornier in his youth.

No. 1926720

Ive noticed that she’s still coping and pretending like ‘The Mission’ is still going ahead and acting as if her and Elon are still on good terms. I guess when you’ve blown so much hot air for years about your nutcase delulu fantasy project it’s hard to suck it all back up and truly admit it’s never gonna happen, especially if you’re a narc with a fragile ego.

No. 1926723

They obviously have a ton of dirt on each other. However Elon is probably way better at snooping and recording things and keeping them in a folder to use later.

You’re right that Elon has more to lose, but everyone knows he’s a drug user, a satanist weirdo, a snoop, a perv, a degenerate manwhore etc. What more accusations could destroy him? Pedo? Maybe. But his fanboys would just claim its a conspiracy and ignore it like they ignored the Assange and Russell Brand thing.

Deep down Claire knows Elon could simply have her killed for speaking out and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t want that anytime soon. Especially if she’s a known junkie and in the midst of a custody battle, wouldn’t be considered sus or strange to have her found dead from a fent OD with a needle in her arm. Sad but true, rich men are evil and scary.

No. 1926724

Tinfoil but maybe this is why Elon likes to get involved with druggie women (like how he was trying to get with heroin addicts Sky Ferreira and Bella Thorne, or brain rotted acid and salvia lovers like Miley) because he can use the fact they’re addicts to threaten being able to get away with suiciding them or discrediting anything they say later.

No. 1926741

I don’t think she’s going to overdose actually, I think Musk will set her up and make it look like an intentional OD. If she was pure BPD-chan and not a comorbid npd/bpd she would’ve opened up about suicide attempts before but surprisingly to no one her narc ass has never even attempted.

No. 1926745

One of Claire’s recent-ish songs has some lyrics that are clearly endorsing suicidal ideation and melon could simply point to those along with her history of drug abuse as “evidence” she totally offed herself and wasn’t killed by his henchmen

>It fucking sucks to be awake Oh, Lord, I pray my soul to take

>Every night I Tell myself I'd rather die

No. 1926756

>lol at her trying to meddle by serving the papers at Shivon’s house
kekk i know, i lol'd when i read that. she is such a clusterbee

No. 1926773

She had kids with a guy already in a relationship that's enough to make most women hate her.

You'll miss me when I'm not around is an entire song about suicidal ideation too

No. 1926774

File: 1699679710432.png (56.99 KB, 1148x202, Screenshot 2023-11-11 at 12.12…)

So it's really over, huh?

I was under the mistaken impression that Grimes DJ'd a Musk-related event the other day, but it turns out she was working for the competition:

No. 1926781

Dating and having children with Elon was a idiotic decision which everyone told Grimes from day one, but please, get a grip - secretly having children with a man at the same time as he and his GF are having a 2nd child is a level of psychopathic betrayal and backstabbing which few people accomplish in their lives. I won't feel bad when Shivon is dumped in 2 years. Snake eating its tail . jpg

No. 1926786

File: 1699681080227.png (646.94 KB, 1296x1240, Screenshot 2023-11-11 at 12.38…)

Oh oops

No. 1926800

Yeah the shivon WKs are psychos

No. 1926809

Coping. She would still serve Musk to this day if he let her.

No. 1926838

maybe it's hard for you to grok this situation because autism and identifying with Shivon for whatever braindead reason but no, her behavior is perfectly consistent with any other pickme right down to the e-drama on behalf of daddy elons entertainment…in case the whole having kids out of wedlock as the 4th or 5th side chick to a side chick wasnt enough of a clue for u. all that matters to her rn is elon and getting attention from him. She has severe daddy issues nonna and probably is a covert clusterbee. it's a waste, too bad she hates other women or she'd probably have a ton of other smart female friends that would have had her back and helped her play this situation way better, but no she pretty much went full tradwife with no ring or bag kek

No. 1926840

Horrifying. Imagine someone like Elon Musk is toting your baby around the world and there's like no chance of winning custody. Just this nasty moid who doesn't understand parenting basics and has already put his children in danger hauling around her baby in the news, all she can do is watch.

No. 1926895

This nonnie. Stop infantilizing "slightly" autistic women, Shivon works 3+ jobs and is constantly around 500 people, talking with investors/media and big crowds.
I do not know 1 autistic person who would choose this life for themselves. Shivon is most likely a sociopath with above average IQ, that's it.

She's malicious and definitely thinks she's better than Claire (average pick-me behavior). Autism is a cope for them since Musk is obsessed with the illness. If he would deem tism as uncool both Claire and Shivon would jump to the next trendy diagnosis. And act accordingly. Clusterbeeees

No. 1926899

File: 1699708509738.gif (5.95 MB, 230x230, 1648893407696.gif)

Tbh after Musk bought Twitter he kinda lost interest in "The Mission" as well. He's aging faster than ever and lost a tremendous amount of money in the process.
Claire still clings to it in hopes that when Elon comes back one day she'll get to play the ~°•I wath alwayth waiting for you to come back precious lardman, now thafe us allll•°~~ schick. A loyal ugly concubine.

I mean yeah she could have something against him but I'll remind you of something real quick.

Musk is best friends with Peter Thiel… just read that story…https://theintercept.com/2023/03/23/peter-thiel-jeff-thomas/

No. 1927227

Not even a tinfoil, he’d be terrified of an heiress on his level, he always goes for women he can easily control or thinks he can. I think amber was the only exception, she was truly wild and he’s still not over her.

No. 1927330

>when Elon comes back one day she'll get to play the ~°•I wath alwayth waiting for you to come back precious lardman, now thafe us allll•°~~ schick
You just KNOW Grime's waiting for a brilliant opportunity to make a song, a video and endless press references calling herself Penelope waiting for Odysseus kek

No. 1927380

File: 1699801603442.jpg (905.73 KB, 2880x2880, 20231112_100425-COLLAGE.jpg)

Grimes is currently doing a closet auction, including this cheaply made Dolls Kill (fast fashion) dress that she didn't even bother to take the makeup stains off of.

No. 1927388

File: 1699802979609.jpg (656.19 KB, 2880x2880, 20231112_101855-COLLAGE.jpg)

same-fagging, but there's also multiple Cheongsams, a Hanfu, and an ugly children's tee shirt. she obviously bought the cheongsams and hanfu to channel the "cute Japanese girls" or other Asian women that she'll forever be jealous of. not sure why the 'Be Awesome Today' marvel tee shirt was ever purchased in the first place let alone put up for auction lol.

see for yourself here:


No. 1927397

>The unhinged samefagging against her on here
I've written something negative about Shivon once, so no, I'm not samefagging; different people have just come to the same conclusion about her. Is that OK with you?

No. 1927487

>not sure why the 'Be Awesome Today' marvel tee shirt was ever purchased in the first place let alone put up for auction
So she can brag about how uwu smol she is and how she can wear clothes from the literal childrens section (notice how it's a girls, not womens, size 7/8)

No. 1927493

File: 1699821227582.png (376.52 KB, 500x620, st1.png)

(unsaged autism)

No. 1927505

The top middle one is horrifying.

No. 1927512

File: 1699824384483.png (703.61 KB, 1648x852, Screenshot 2023-11-12 at 4.25.…)

I’m kekking at Claire’s ~dainty~ size 9 feet, she’s 5’5” which is on the shorter side of average so why are her feet so huge

No. 1927525

Kek careful nona she’s always lurkin’ and has stolen ideas from these threads before. Her next shitty album will be themed around this concept and she’ll sperg about her lifelong love for Greek mythology. Calling it now.

No. 1927527

Imagine wanting to own her stinky old size 9 boots kek. Must be some sniff fetish scrotes bidding or something.

No. 1927528

Nona that’s…not makeup lol. It’s literally brown liquid stains. She doesn’t wear fake tan or brown colored foundation, and eyeshadow or whatever wouldn’t make that kind of stain, so it’s clearly food stains, vomit, or something worse. Gross.

No. 1927530

Probably herself bidding on alts or botted all the bids like she bots her twitter followers, youtube views and subscriber count.

No. 1927533

She’s so fucking nasty. Imagine the smell.

No. 1927535

I noticed that too lol, made sure to put ‘Girls Size’ in the title like kek she could have just said it’s a XXS or whatever. Literally pulling a Bethenny Frankel trying to pose in her 4 year old’s pyjamas.

No. 1927538

I hate when celebrities auction off their ugly shitstained soiled possessions for ‘charity’ it’s so fucking tacky and stingy.

No. 1927539

I know blinds don’t count as milk but enty is claiming Elon Musk is fucking Lisa Ann, a pornstar who is a Sarah Palin/AOC lookalike

No. 1927543

Also says on Google she was asking him last year to remove porn from twitter so they do have a little history.

No. 1927566

>shorter side of average
Average woman is 5'3", retard

No. 1927574

Enty was just exposed as a literal fraud kek why believe anything he says

No. 1927591

>enty was exposed as a fraud

No. 1927593

For the low low price of $300 you too can own Claire Boucher’s shartstained sweatshop dress in flattering haemorrhoid purple.

No. 1927608

ayrt, item description calls it a makeup stain

No. 1927656

File: 1699839426874.png (346.04 KB, 1746x466, Screenshot 2023-11-12 at 8.37.…)

only in third world countries kek retard

this is for fetishists, no one else wants this crusty shit

No. 1927675

File: 1699841810086.png (64.63 KB, 778x373, Screenshot 2023-11-12 at 9.15.…)

Third world countries like USA and Canada?(quit height sperging)

No. 1927858

musk's obsession with platimum blonde ruins women's hair. but then again he ruins women in general so we can just add this to the list.
idk, this must be a think piece elon paid for to make him look like the victim from the crazy wammen Grimes. You cannot "chase" someone like him, he fucking travels all the goddamn time and has barrier of people around him so of course the logical choice is to try to locate him.
Grimes is a dumbass being for with him but as a mother, it must be taking a huge toll on her knowing this will take months or even years for this custody battle and she will probably lose. its revolting knowing she can only watch her son in his arms. at this point i really think he takes advantage of women with drug issues and this is gonna exasperate her own. the harem is still full of pickmes in the end, but the power imbalance inarguable. he always has the upper hand.
i don't get the point of this. does she need money? is this a tax write off?

No. 1928005

If she is claiming to do it for charity than yeah it’s a tax write off.

No. 1928597

File: 1700007497984.jpeg (461.88 KB, 1464x1121, FED7DA44-750D-4A0D-9200-F48EAD…)

The tinfoil nonas in the last two threads were right. Grimes munchie arc is in full swing.

Concernbaiting people into thinking she had a heart attack. I’m sure her heart issues were brought on by big sad at losing her beautiful E, and not the mountains of cocaine, adderall, and speed she’s doing every day! Mixed with being an anachan for the past 20+ years…

No. 1928602

Still gotta be a special snowflake even when it comes to illnesses kek. Takotsubo is extremely rare in women under 45. The incidence is 5.2 in 100,000 women, and the vast vast majority of those women are over 50.

No. 1928607

File: 1700007996747.jpeg (255.3 KB, 1620x632, BEEC15D7-9460-4069-A6FF-84EEB5…)

Self diagnosing with a disease only old ladies get? That’s not very lolita waifspo ED twt jailbait child bride of you, Claire.

No. 1928692

She's been a hardcore munchie for awhile now, she's constantly complaining about different obscure ailments.

No. 1928803

Yup. She’s a long term munchie/hypochondriac. She admitted she couldn’t stop googling blood clots during covid and went to hospital multiple times for panic attacks.

No. 1928814

i saw a tweet last year of her claiming she has """cptsd""" and that she was always falling over/couldn't walk from it. then why is her munchie ass always walking…

No. 1928982

Since when does cptsd cause people to fall down uncontrollably kek(sage your shit)

No. 1929054

Kek wtf. Dumbass can’t even pretend to have a condition that actually causes falls. Her brain is FRIED from using uppers and being malnourished for 20 years and coincidentally those are also the reasons she can’t stay steady on her feet and eats shit.

No. 1929063

Yeah pretty much impossible to believe all her mysterious “ailments” are causing health problems when she’s been bragging on record for years about abusing meth, starving herself, doing sleep deprivation experiments, and subsisting off canned spaghetti & butter until she gets scurvy. Just take a walk and eat a salad sometimes you fucking weirdo.

No. 1929139

Falling down a lot could just be typical ana shit, anemia or being high all the time.
Anxiety is just a normal side effect of uppers like speed, cocaine and adderall and depression goes with the comedown of taking drugs like mdma.
Same with racing heart, chest pain, palpitations etc. Addies and cocaine are well known to cause those.
Literally all her munchie ‘health problems’ could be solved by eating healthy food and not abusing stimulants and meth everyday.

No. 1929248

File: 1700108298085.jpg (103.71 KB, 720x1117, 1000011659.jpg)

It's the same heart syndrome the buff-nerdy-main-character-Markiplier-insert had in Let's Play. Not sure how many nonas used to read Let's Play but it was a weeabo Webtoon that was promoted non stop during 2018-2020. I wonder if Claire got her idea for this storyline.

No. 1929266

I doubt it, she probably just saw someone mention it online and decided to use it because it has a 'cool Japanese name'

No. 1929269

I used to hate read this but fell off during the pandemic it just got too cringe to enjoy. Wouldn't be surprised if Grimes was into shit webtoons

No. 1929398

anachan druggies will find every excuse in the book instead of eating normally and getting clean. then of course of her weeb ass shows with some this rare disease shit.

No. 1929400

The drug abuse and uppers are mentioned a lot, which I could certainly see as a possibility just looking at her. But I’m curious about if anything has ever seen solid proof of this?

No. 1929723

He admitted to being a druggie in school and even doing other peoples homework in school in exchange for drugs. She admitted being on speed/adderall during the making of Visions. Diplo took a picture of her looking high as a kite and captioned it that she was on mdma. There’s lot of photos of her gurning in public and looking bleary eyes and high as shit, and many videos where she’s clearly on something.

No. 1929725

She** lol

No. 1929930

You dont even know what the original post says. That person themselves could have suggested it with her post only mentioning unknown heart irregularities.

No. 1930103

I don't believe for a second Claire did her own homework let alone anybody else's, but it is believable she's been on uppers since high school yeah

No. 1930486

Has this been posted yet. Did they… did they stick her face onto some random strongman body? What in the fuck is this disaster. Why. Just why

No. 1930487

File: 1700324735696.png (399.03 KB, 726x394, grime bodybuilder.png)

well, i meant to put "strongman" body in quotations but anyways.

No. 1930488

Kek ahahaahahahaha. Wasnt Claire’s weathered crackhead anachan body hot enough?

No. 1930490

Very curious why she never reposted this video to her socials, kek. Not liking how it turned out? i'd be embarassed as well tbh.

No. 1930557

That is a "strongwoman" body (or a bikini fitness body.) They also stuck Madonna's face to that same body. This video is a joke, right? The lyrics are goofy too. Ain't nobody young there.

No. 1930575

yes strongwoman, sorry. It is probably intended to be a cringey joke, but it misses its purpose. It's not funny or kitchy in a good/interesting way, it's plain pathetic & boring. Clearly they neededsomething to catch anyone's interest with.

No. 1930640

File: 1700352130686.png (1.69 MB, 960x2963, SpaceX kids.png)

XÆA-12 was at SpaceX launch with Elon, so guess whose kid is also wearing a SpaceX hat! I used to think Shivon was smart but not anymore. Seriously, everyone involved in this shit is retarded.


No. 1930647

Didn't the rocket explode again? He's so useless at anything that actually requires good results. Being twitter ceo is so much more fitting for him as its an unskilled job that just requires dicking about on the computer all day

No. 1930704

SpaceX is such an embarrassing flop, he needs to give up the Mars dream already. Nobody is gonna go up in a damn rocket that has a 80% chance of blowing up into smithereens as soon as it’s launched.

No. 1930738

musk genes are so trash ugh his poor kids, they just get more unfortunate. not one of them got dealt a good hand so far but he keeps trying, imagine knowing ur genesis was ur geriatric dad whacking his broken d over evangelion hentai in a dark cold room, putting the results on ice for years before u ended up in the womb of some poor exploited Thai woman then in the arms of [insert clusterbee mare of the month]. Unethical, dysgenic, anti human. Might as well name the next one Adolf bc all the kids have major existential axes to grind and they'll have the background and money to make it everyone else's problem just like Dad did

No. 1930745

Kek holy fuck nona, go off. I hope he’s reading.

No. 1930749

Nobody here is even touching the fact he's a malding anti-semite who blew a sizable part of his fortune on his addiction. That and ketamine.

No. 1930790

I didnt bother posting his anti-semitic chimpout because anons here only care about grimes facelift. That man is so pathetic.

No. 1930807

anons, by all means, do post the milk if you have milk. I don't follow Melon of twitter & don't track news on him online, i rely entirely on this thread as a source of Elon drama. That's prob the case for some anons as well. That's why you don't see some things mentioned immediately. i mean even bodybuilder Grimes video, it's week old or so but i've only posted it now bc i don't actively follow Grime and get news from this thread tbh

No. 1930937

File: 1700426504877.jpg (173.04 KB, 1080x1346, Screenshot_20231119_140235_Red…)

I mean we all knew that Shivon slowly but surely stole Claire's position as Elons •°~perfect intellectual companion uwu~°• but nevertheless I'm shocked at how they all completely eradicated Claire from the Musk-Clan and shoved Shivon and X under Melons sweaty armpits.

I may be tinfoiling but I never saw Shivon with X, even though there were proof of them living together at one point. I think both Elon and Shivon work extra hard not to be pictured together as 3. It's always either Musk with X or Musk with Shivon. They're definitely planning something.

No. 1931036

Elon might be many things but he’s certainly not an anti semite, he’s a Zionist.

No. 1931037

Optics? It would make Shivon look so nasty if she was holding X without Claire present. Even though I’m sure it happens in private all the time. She’s smart enough not to let photos like that come out. But yeah looks like Claire’s been booted out of the polycule for good.

No. 1931122

File: 1700462852805.jpeg (455.05 KB, 1539x790, B1E94DDC-E6A3-4D47-A4CF-FA6DCD…)

He went too far this time. FAFO.

No. 1931126

Video on Amber heard-elon-grimes love triangle(learn2embed)

No. 1931158

People were calling Grimes a genius in the comments. Lol.

No. 1931165

Wow Americans really are braindead lol(bait)

No. 1931235

No, he definitely hates jews and feels victimized by their mere existence.

No. 1931258

You must have missed his recent sperging

No. 1931259

Grimes is botched and a complete mess, of course hes going to use the more put together concubine as his public facing purse.

No. 1931264

>she's 5'5"
>why are her feet huge
Probably because she's far above average height from most places in the world? She's big.

No. 1931265

Kek not sure why you got banned. You're absolutely right.

No. 1931478

File: 1700554964129.png (253.47 KB, 438x644, beautifule.png)

"He has six cloned dogs, only four with names. He employs a mystic to speak with the dogs, which gives him advice on politics and economics.

He claimed to have met the original dog they were cloned from, Conan, 2,000 years ago when he was a Roman Gladiator and the dog was a lion inside of the colosseum. Milei has also increasingly been complaining about hearing voices recently, believes he is guided by the spirits of great luminaries like Ayn Rand, and has sworn to make his sister Karina first lady."

He's against wokeness though! These comments don't even touch on his absurd far-right policies, his abortion ban, and his desire to ban all "progressive" majors in universities (the hallmark of libertarian, do-as-thou-wilt, don't-tread-on-me politics = eradicate that which I ideologically disagree with) I'm so sick of this horrible world. I'm seriously starting to believe that "alpha males" are the biggest threat to all societies of all ages. Most of them seem to be sadistic bullies with pedophilic tendencies that will cape for other sadistic, psychopathic bullies with pedophilic tendencies, and the fucking loser commoner men will cheer them on because that psychopathic, primitive form of strength that these "alpha men" exude is really attractive to those who are powerless.

No. 1931542

He also believes you should be able to outright buy children, it’s no wonder Musk likes him.

No. 1931573

From what Iʼve noticed, a lot of libertarians have this opinion, maybe they were just online crazies though.

No. 1931577

The fact this disgusting piece of shit was elected (and the amount of libertarian sycophants who suck elons taint) leads me to believe this is unfortunately more of an irl issue than we realize. Musk already purchases children like they are commodities for his own purposes, many rich and powerful men would love to do the same thing if they aren’t already. Then ofc you have the blind followers like Shivon and Claire who will seemingly waste their own lives stopping at nothing to help them achieve their creepy libertarian dystopian hellscape.

No. 1931657

their “intellectual” “hero” Murray Rothbard couldn’t shut up about it, is why

No. 1931723

None of these moids are alpha males kek, they’re just rich sperg rejects. Do any of the WEF or UN leaders look like alphas to you? They’re all fat deformed miscreant pedophiles with hormone imbalances making up for being rejected losers in their youth. If anything male autism is the biggest threat to the world.

No. 1931868

I didn't realize how significant Shivon's spot on the OpenAI board was until this whole thing.

There weren't/aren't many board members. It was a huge position.

I wonder if she resigned because Musk is getting into the AI game with his own rival AI company.

No. 1931891

Almost everyone at openai is resigning, not just her

No. 1931939

What I mean by alpha male is just a large, sadistic man with power who likes to dominate, oppress, and control others, and who most likely is a pedophile. Think Robert Maxwell, Trump, Epstein, Musk, disgusting, worthless politicians such as Milei, probably most dictators throughout history, etc.. I'm not saying that these horrible men are LITERAL alpha males in the sense that they have reached an ideal state of masculinity, but that, to other, weaker men, that kind of id-driven psychopathy is synonymous with being strong, and you cannot deny that a lot of tech bros, venture capitalists, CEOs, entrepreneurs, etc., have these traits and are lauded for it. If that behavior wasn't seen as alpha by other men, particularly young ones, Trump wouldn't have formed such a strong cult of personality, nor would Tate have gotten popular. Even weak, deranged women projected a primitive father role onto Trump despite him being a literal rapist who held modeling pageants in order to creep on teenage girls. That's what I mean by alpha; someone who has that kind of primitive "I would let you fuck my wife and then fuck me" power on other men, not an actually attractive, successful, well-rounded man.

No. 1932018

Why?(learn to sage)

No. 1932020

Oh wait, I know why. Because it was a basically a Ponzi scheme company to get money from investors. Now it’s exhausted most of that income by funnelling it to crooks and it’s obvious their AI tech isn’t progressing any further than chatbots and corny art, they need a new startup Ponzi scheme to scam more investors.

No. 1932041

They're not any more, the gist of it was
>OpenAI board fire CEO Sam Altman
>He defects to Microsoft
>Microsoft say they'll hire any other OpenAI staff who defect
>Almost 100% of OpenAI staff sign letter saying they intend to quit unless the board resign and reinstate Altman by Friday
>One of the board members behind the firing flips, other two get booted, Altman returns with a new board

Sage for non-Musk info, I kind of wish there was a silicon valley / tech bro general thread but there probably isn't enough consistent milk for it to work.

No. 1932056

File: 1700662431433.jpeg (776.34 KB, 864x1513, o0nwe1n14t1c1.jpeg)

Not my screencap

No. 1932064

God this is so fucking cringe I might actually die. You're fucking fifty, bro. God damn.

No. 1932199

Haha he needs to kill himself. Katanas are dogshit meme swords btw.

No. 1932201

Is this a not so subtle death threat to Grimey? I wonder.

No. 1932252

muskrat and grimace truly deserve each other if this isn’t more obvious.

No. 1932276

>I kind of wish there was a silicon valley / tech bro general thread
I second this. That field has many cows.

>"Genius" dropouts who can only scam

>The autists who think their skills give them an excuse to go apeshit
>Creeps who "are totally nice and harmless, but just don't know how to talk to girls"
>Total degenerates: Furries, BDSM, diaper freaks…

No. 1932395

No. 1932426

File: 1700704097725.png (275.32 KB, 1500x1000, A83489AF-F96B-46A2-B865-D35549…)

Still squishing his upper arm flab against his sides to try and look like muscles kek. Not even all the test injections and gallons of roids he’s constantly shooting up can save him from being a fat pig.

No. 1932516

i really want to know the identity of the person behind this account


they seem completely unhinged yet know lots of – if accurate – private details. they hate elon and all of the harem so it's weird that they would even obsess over any of them to this extent. maybe some random who was wronged by elon in business or romance? lol.(post screenshots)

No. 1932649

File: 1700753546065.png (194.71 KB, 1438x550, tumblr poetry.png)

KEK but this sounds exactly like something Grimes would write

No. 1932704

just another schizo

No. 1932804

Of the things Azalea Banks was right about, him looking like pink pigskin is the most accurate

No. 1932805

What’s the section on the right from?

No. 1933086

9 isnt huge especially for 5'5

No. 1933089

Posting your children online for millions to see just to be a pawn for the world's most hated rich dude…? She definitely doesn't have any motherly instinct

No. 1933215

People like Elon have an outsized portion of schizophrenics obsessed with them

Schizos just know/remember tons of details that are public information because they don’t work and spend 20 hours a day doing this, unlike normal people

That being said, this account is pretty entertaining

No. 1933471

I followed a russian tv celebrity who recently had the same ponytail facelift by the same plastic surgeon Dr Kao as grimey did. The russian woman sort of broadcasted her recovery, which went normal but takes over 3 months at least according to the plan. It seemed gruesome, much crazier than most other plastic surgery procedures, and that woman looked like michael jackson endstage level for weeks. I do think the lifts by that dr do tend to look good in the end, so it might pan out for grimey in the long run, but having seen that really fucked up long recovery process by that 45yo russian woman made me think how severely insane it is for a mid-thirties woman like grimes to have come to want that procedure at this point in her life. Even more so given that the music "career" she had/ is trying to go for lol doesn't even rely on conventional "beauty" that much (in comparison to influencers, tv people like that russian woman or pop singers like ariana grande, who is said to have had that facelift too), and given that she wasn't deformed by premature aging or idk. I think grimey must have been in an insanely messed up place to have agreed to that strenuous ass procedure at this age.

No. 1933484

She got it to look more Asian lol.

No. 1933697

File: 1700955289115.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1170x1716, 1689766398019.jpeg)

The "while you partied elf studied playstation" one? It's another one of Grimes retarded tweets. anons tinfoiled it's her message to lolcow. which isn't even a tinfoil, she lurks here 24/7.

No. 1933700

so is dog cloning a thing now

No. 1933917

File: 1701013919357.png (250.6 KB, 531x855, likefatherlikeson.png)

I love this new trend of people asking retarded hypothetical questions, getting the answers they deserve (9 out of 10 times, the answer is just ChatGPT saying "it's complicated" in an obnoxiously liberal tone, but what the fuck did you expect?), and acting like the response they got indicates that we live in a horrible, politically correct dystopia. Imagine fantasizing about scenarios where you could righteously spew racial slurs to minorities online whilst simultaneously trying to prove that ChatGPT is racist against whites. The victim complex, narcissism, and lack of self-awareness needed to do such a thing.. I'm not at all surprised that someone as intellectually and emotionally shallow as Elon thought it was a profound gotcha.

No. 1933984

>Giving a shit about what is and isn't "censored" in deep learning algorithms when they all generate child pornography

No. 1933985

>when you’re not oppressed so you start coming up with fantasies where you are oppressed

No. 1934012

File: 1701030671656.jpg (826.69 KB, 1275x1650, elon-musk-censorship-demand-le…)

How often do congress members send signed letters like this to businesses? Can this have any effect on Twitter's moderation policy? Linda Yaccarino should jump ship already.


No. 1934043

Just a reminder that there a massive CP storm on twitter yesterday from the Josh Giddey iCloud leaks, featuring sextapes with multiple underage girls, and Elon and his mods did absolutely nothing about it.

No. 1934050

File: 1701034351663.jpeg (688.74 KB, 1251x1580, 55759795-9165-44DB-9A25-3BF0DD…)

Literal CP video and links being spammed hundreds of times and Elon isn’t doing shit about it.

Also wanna add Ive been getting more bot interactions than ever before. The site is a trainwreck.

No. 1934053

Twitter needs to be shut down honestly. All it is is bots, CP, coomer bait and unchecked racism now. Basically just 4chan but with even more bots and even less moderation.

No. 1934071

File: 1701035777671.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1229x1930, 9F75ECAE-65AC-4E4C-BE81-4A2D8E…)

Literally seeing hundreds of posts like this on my timeline recommended out of nowhere and even when you report them nothing happens. I’m not even pro Israel but the amount of racism on X right now is out of control.

No. 1934081

File: 1701036919186.png (1022.25 KB, 1080x1700, Elon memes.png)

Elon is too busy making these stupid memes. What is the first one even about?

No. 1934083

File: 1701037269782.png (545.28 KB, 1080x1431, Grok trolley problem.png)

Elon's new toy, a chatbot he likes to call AI answered the question "correctly". Fuck this moid.

No. 1934085

>white nationalist males try not to reference blacked porn challenge
Literally rent free.

No. 1934086

The mental gymnastics racist scrotes are now performing in order to feel oppressed is quite impressive.

No. 1934094

File: 1701038412460.png (1.12 MB, 1006x2531, Millions an billions.png)

Keep listing those numbers, Linda. Millions and billions and percentages. Everything is going better than ever before. You even got a retweet from the boss man.

Too bad that won't bring back the biggest advertisers X just lost. Also, everyone knows the value of bot views ($0) by know.

No. 1934144

>putting a woman in charge while the company is dying, making her bear all the accusations and causing the glass cliff for the remaining few female employees
Classy, Elon. Wouldn’t expect anything less from a sexist sack of shit.

No. 1934167

It’s the tech bro way

No. 1934230

elon’s circle made her believe that she’s old and wasted her youth or some shit like that. she sings about it in that retarded sevdaliza song too. texas tech bro circles sound like hell

No. 1934246

Theyre awful. But I find it kinda hard to sympathize with a pickme woman who has been choosing to hang around incels and 4chan bros her entire life for validation.

No. 1934598

>dear mister melon could you pretty please take the megaphone away from literal hitler? we would reeeeaaally appreciate it. love, congress
They'll send these letters forever, it's their way of pretending to do something about it for optics while in the background they continue syphoning taxpayer money into melon's stupid ventures. Daily reminder this blobfish of a man can't even turn a profit without someone else holding his hand

No. 1934680

Video for So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth

No. 1934681

File: 1701140283422.jpeg (375.97 KB, 828x1155, IMG_1111.jpeg)

No. 1934691

She said the song was about her pregnancy. How is she only 3 weeks pregnant? How would she even know that early unless she had IVF?

No. 1934705

File: 1701145665397.jpeg (180.48 KB, 828x907, IMG_1112.jpeg)

No. 1934706

File: 1701145750459.jpeg (175.19 KB, 828x852, IMG_1113.jpeg)

It’s about deciding to conceive. It seems she had ages to write/record/produce between the grave decision and actually managing it with the ol’ male-factor factory though.

No. 1934731

I can’t wait for that stupid meme to die already

No. 1934766

How the fuck did she manage to go through "the act of like, y'know, unprotected sex" if Elon doesn't and hasn't had sex ever since he froze his sperm..?

No. 1934791

I interpreted the lyrics as they’re afraid of growing old like old old but said in a way that appeals to a broader aka younger and more economically generous audience. Honestly to me it’s not that bad probs because Sevdaliza likely had the most control over production but not an earworm. It comes off try hard. Idk maybe they’re just trying to appeal to CrossFit studios kek

No. 1934859

Saged for azealia rant
This nigga called "sevelida" or whatever is as talentless as he is a troon. Ugly troon on top of that. Song sucked more ass than Claire's veiny Madonna arms that she desperately tries to hide from Elon.

One would think that so heavy is a dark, etheral cyberelf song then why tf does she look so disgustingly cheap and crusty? These 5$ lenses paired with her hobbit nose make her slick pink bald head even more hideous. Whos responsible for this glee club music video?? This is what happens when mommy and daddy praise you for everything you do. Her art style is literally to be as generic and tween as possible. Grow UP claire. Also what's with her dancing???

Why is no one commenting on the fact that this bitch has literally 4 dance moves and all of em involve stupid gestures with her old granny hands. Like she's being doing this hand-dance thing for so long she completely forgot how retarded she genuinely looks. Big nosed Bella.

Thank God Musk took X from her, now she actually has the time to make great music instead of teaching her ugly gremlin racial slurs and forcing him to like rahdicul arrth…this thread is getting boring af as well.

Where's claire anyway? Hiding in her disgusting rental? Crying herself to sleep with cheap wefts in her balding era.
If she wants to serve Musk some papers for her lil bastards she could easily hide in Shivons cunt…pretty high chances to meet him. I bet she even has an airtag on Mayes Butthole

No. 1934862

kek nona, love your post. completely spot on. she really does have four dance moves

No. 1934875

Wait, Sevdaliza is a troon?

No. 1934903

Ofc he is. Have you seen a woman with such a long midface? Not even iranian woman look that manly. His jaw, deepset small eyes, long face and large hands gave it all away naive nonnie

No. 1934906

Incel larpers

No. 1934907

File: 1701201494405.jpg (372.48 KB, 1170x1521, IMG_6141.jpg)

I feel like it hasn't sunk in yet…she liked this after chasing Elon to 12 locations trying to serve him court papers

No. 1934908

I'm realizing something, which is that Grimes said that she wanted to give Elon his first daughter, but Shivon's daughter was born 3 weeks before hers…just savage.

No. 1934910

To add on there’s a million pictures of her pregnant. Just because someone doesn’t look traditionally feminine doesn’t automatically make them trans. I hate that discourse right now. It’s the same one that accuses Margot Robbie of being trans. It’s truly pathetic and terminal brain rot behavior

No. 1934917

File: 1701202733075.jpg (267.39 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_20231128_211525_Gal…)

I may be shizo but I genuinely thought that shes trans or whatever, I just dunno she kinda looks like a man…has nothing feminine about her
Just fact checked and it looks like a lot of troons claim she is so I got confused

No. 1934920

File: 1701203782758.mp4 (1.98 MB, 640x360, Grimes leak.mp4)

Can't watch the embedded Tiktok video, so here is a local copy.

No. 1934923

I’ll agree she does lean very heavily into the androgyny to the point of being trans adjacent but her lyrics suggested otherwise. Idk ever since hearing “that other girl” I always assumed it’s because she’s more of a butch playing dress up. Wish she’d go back to making tunes like that instead of pandering to the lowest denominator with ol grimey

No. 1934940

I think she looks cool AF

No. 1934942

What's wrong with her? Elon doesn't want her lmao, she won't take the hint.

No. 1934984

bpd at its ripest

No. 1934997

shes not a fucking guy. so tired of misogynist thinking that if a woman doesnt fit conventional beauty standards they must be a troon

No. 1934998

Having bareback sex with a flabby billionaire is like fighting off a Balrog, good to know

No. 1935021

She’s lying about the unprotected sex. Musky makes all his broodmares do IVF to select for boys and satisfy his god complex.

No. 1935023

No she’s not, just a lot of schizo posters on this thread

No. 1935051

He’s infertile unless he does IVF/ICSI. He knows he needs it, but he tells himself that it’s ONLY because he has to choose each embryo’s sex!! That’s his excuse for not even trying to conceive naturally, because then he would risk having to face the facts. Plus his concubines might find him out. Claire likely did give old fashioned unprotected sex an honest try (ew) but I can see him hurrying to make her think it’s her fault—that because she’s over 30 or whatever it’s the IVF clinic or nothing. He encourages buying surrogates so that his baby mamas don’t get to rub their fertility in his face or enjoy experiencing what their bodies can do. His preoccupation with having as many children as possible is an obvious attempt to convey virility. So you’d think he’d enjoy fathering love children all over the place, but no. Because he can’t. Explains everything.

No. 1935153

She's not. There was a period of time while he was with grum that his balding retuned, he probably used a ton of fertility treatments but I don't doubt they conceived naturally bc that would have been part of trying to convince Claire to do it. Get her high on something then give it a go right there. If the first one was a clinic baby she wouldn't have had the attention span to do it.

Lots of women know even before it shows on pee tests. If u ever get pregnant u will see how someone could know almost right away or within very short amount of time

No. 1935536

X was definitely an IVF baby. We know from the book. Claire had already picked out a bunch of girl names and was to all her knowledge expecting a girl. Then shortly before she was due, found out it was a boy all along. IVF has a 99% gender selective accuracy rate. Claire obviously wanted a girl to begin with, so Elon promised her that she could have a girl with IVF first, then he did the old switcheroo with the embryos down at the lab and made them implant a boy without her knowledge.(sage)

No. 1935550

maybe he just can't get it up at his age anymore.

No. 1935578

this is still crazy to me. she should have abandoned him back when he pulled this shit. considering he owns his own fertility clinics there is no way this was a coincidence/mistake.

No. 1935583

i wish this never leaked. I love this song, i loved the animated mv, this is so trashy, looks like something college kids would create for a year end project or something. Ruined the song for me, kinda.

No. 1935633

It was definitely intentional on his part. Getting his own way first and foremost has always been his priority. He didn’t know how long Claire was gonna stick around so he tried his luck as quick as he could. Claire is an idiot for trusting him again after that. She requested a girl, Elon said yes, then put a boy in her without her knowledge. How the fuck do you trust someone after something like that. Unless claire was completely retarded and doesn’t understand how IVF works and didn’t realize what had happened was intentional because elon managed to blindside her. But more likely she just really wanted that bag even afterwards.

No. 1935650

File: 1701352814791.jpg (76.35 KB, 574x890, Screenshot_20231130-075622_Chr…)

I think she truly bought into his lie and still does to this day. She's the type to live in fantasy land and see things how she would like them to be instead of how they are. No one was surprised at the Shivon thing - that just sounds like classic Elon. Her acting floored by it tells me she's still pretending to herself that Elon is someone he isn't.

Did anyone see that video of Elon freaking out and saying fuck you to everyone yesterday? He looked awful. Chubby, bags under his eyes, looked high af. I'd be so embarrassed if I were Grimes right now. That's the guy that charmed you into giving up everything you ever had for not even a fraction of what Talulah got? The money sure, Talulah got a huge payout, but I'm mostly talking about the consistent respect he's shown Talulah that Claire didn't get even on day one.
She should genuinely feel ashamed that the flabby asshole got the best of her, lmao

No. 1935662

This post is sus to me, and I'll leave it at that. But no one actually believes Musk is conceiving his children naturally.

No. 1935673

he looks and sounds unhinged. very emotional. not very logical nor factual. can you imagine if a female in the same position acted this way?

No. 1935703

>if you ever get pregnant

I have a child. I did know before the tests but it wasn't at 3 weeks. She was 3 weeks pregnant in the video. I'd assume she made the video after writing the song. So no, she wouldn't have known she was pregnant when she wrote the song unless she was doing IVF and writing the song about her anticipated impregnation.

No. 1935722

I love how he complains advertisers are "blackmailing" him as if they owe him money. The entitlement is insane. I'd run screaming away from the constantly glitching, CP-infested mess he made of Twitter too. He's just embarrassed and lashing out because X is his highest profile failure to date. Also is he taking estrogen or something? He looks suspiciously troonish lately.

No. 1935732

bless you nona, appreciate the mp4, i also couldn't watch the embed. like other nonas said, this clip is awful. even that other MV/Visualizer where nothing was even happening is still better than this, somehow. this is back when her face was mostly fillers and she already looked so weirdly bogged and like a washed up hag. she really looks so awful there, and now she looks even worse due to her plastic surgery addiction

>This post is sus to me, and I'll leave it at that.
glad i wasn't the only one side-eyeing it kek

>She should genuinely feel ashamed that the flabby asshole got the best of her, lmao
this, and we all know she'd go back to him if he took her. she's his perma-step-stool and i don't know how she isn't always hiding out of shame… and yet she continues to embarrass herself constantly over this disgusting old scrote!

No. 1935741

Remember when some redscare orbiting fag said that now that Twitter fired all women it will be run smoothly by autistic men? Been kekking ever since

No. 1935772

YWNBB (you will never be Björk)

No. 1935810

She wrote the song when she was still with jamie. Its on her list of tracks from december 2017 before she ever met elon. She just lied about it being about elon being so heavy on top of her and then the second lie that he is capable of orgasming in a real woman. She is a compulsive liar and built her career off of it. Elon probably has horribly awful erectile dysfuntion and porn brain. Imagining her having sex with him is the most disgusting thing i could imagine. Scent of pigsweat and chinatown fish market, along with nickels.

No. 1935823

File: 1701378715131.mp4 (2.19 MB, 540x540, Blackmail with money.mp4)

>Did anyone see that video of Elon freaking out and saying fuck you to everyone yesterday?
Let's watch it together.

Elon looks like he is scanning his npc brain for the totes savage dialog option. I feel sorry for the guy interviewing him.

No. 1935824

Your momma’s so fat, when she fell she went all the way thru the Earth.

No. 1935825

god i can't wait for xitter to shut down.

No. 1935834

Some of the milk goes into the Aella thread and there was a flash pan with the FTX stuff. We should make one soon

No. 1935859

This is, actually, my first time seeing Elon in motion. Why his facial expressions are so weird? Like his mouth is numb and he forces himself reealy bad to speak.

No. 1935864

It’s beyond cringe the way he says “go fuck yourself”, looks at the audience waiting for a reaction, and then when he doesn’t get one he says it again louder. He’s so painfully insecure and desperate for edgelord points, it’s hard to watch.

No. 1935906

I'm fucking dying. Imagine worshipping this guy unironically. Love the signature sigma male Winnie the Pooh tummy. Thanks to bad plastic surgery, it's nice to see so many shitty people look like cronenberg characters whose evil is manifesting physically.

No. 1935908

it’s so embarrassing. it reminded me of that “who’s gonna clean your toilets donald trump” lady.

No. 1935914

File: 1701392111456.jpeg (268.51 KB, 1170x477, IMG_1311.jpeg)

What the fuck is this profile picture? She literally does anything to hide those fucked up eyes huh

No. 1935927

kek she looks like a sped
he was allegedly high out of his mind on ketamine and possibly other substances during this interview

No. 1936000

Kek holy fuck my sides nonas, my toes actually curled in second hand embarrassment. He thinks he’s Tony Stark but that was the most impotent, cringey ‘fuck you’ I’ve ever seen. Serving ‘I don’t care that you broke your elbow’ kid intimidation levels.

Also why does Elon look like a 75 year old wearing the skin mask of a 45 year old sewn onto his face, why does he move like an old man’s corpse being puppeted by a bunch of electric shocks, kek.

No. 1936003

0:12 to 0:17, why is he copying Claire’s fake stutter/lisp/body jerks and upward inflection kek. He sounds just like her, he’s so flabby and effeminate, I’m cackling.

No. 1936006

KEK, nona

I agree, why does he talk and move like he’s a paralyzed skin suit being electrocuted. He genuinely looks like he’s having a stroke or something in this interview. Maybe Elon was the real human shaped sack of flesh being piloted by bugs all along.

Lmfaooooooo what the fuck is that

No. 1936046

it's the tism, always has been

No. 1936147

>Also why does Elon look like a 75 year old wearing the skin mask of a 45 year old sewn onto his face, why does he move like an old man’s corpse being puppeted by a bunch of electric shocks, kek.

this is the best thing ive read today anon, thank you

No. 1936219

she's looking like a twinked gnome in wow

No. 1936248

>enjoy experiencing what their bodies can do.
>Emplying that pregnancy and giving birth are enjoyable and not actual body horror
Are you a moid or just straight up retarded ?

No. 1936474

Claire was never more into herself than when she was pregnant. She says she was oh so sick, but she could not stop doing photoshoots and filming pointless mimed lyric videos. She certainly enjoyed it and couldn’t get enough of the attention.

No. 1936684

this, she wouldn't stop with the pregnant photo-shoots and weird baby posts, i saw her pregnant belly more times than i needed to

No. 1937117

Serious off-topic question: why are the hosts of Red Scare so unbelievably pathetic and male-focused? They're middle-aged women who act like edgy Slavic teenagers, and despite both of them being bright, they seemingly can't even realize that when you're in your 30's being edgy and contrarian all the time, you just come off as an attention-seeking, schizoid, bitter-for-no-reason loser. Does anyone know their backstory and what caused them to be so developmentally arrested? I feel like they both are coping with aging by LARPing as the mean girls they never were in their teens, and for some reason, this variant of "women are stupid" pickmeism is something I mostly see exhibited by Eastern European women. Are they especially encouraged to hate themselves and favor males or something?(there is a whole thread for this. use the catalog)

No. 1937153

I noticed this too especially with emigree slavs and I think it's tied to them having mothers that grew up in socialism. Level of emancipation was higher there, women were raised very independent, education, child care aswell as abortions were very accessible and so on. When these women emigrated to the west they felt seen as poor peasants by western women, who they on the other side saw as backwater fools letting themselves be tied to households, motherhood and men. As emigrees in capitalist countries they had to give up some of the things they took for granted that were central to their independence, all for a sometimes only slight increase in material wellbeing or political freedom. Often they questioned their decision to emigrate. Additionally, their status in western society was felt as lower than the one of western women, who were pitiful in their eyes. This fostered resentment that their daughters inherited.(derailing)

No. 1937179

Theoretically in slavic countries, particularly Russia, there’s more women than men because young guys die so often from accidents, fights, suicide, injury, addiction etc. And now again, with the Ukraine-Russia war, after so many Slav men died in WW2, too. It supposedly increases inter-female competition for a mate and leads to a lot of Slavic women being hypercompetitive, pickme and bitchy. Strangely I see a lot of nasty stuck up slavic women in media but irl most of them have been really nice. Same with the guys. I haven’t really met any stereotypical cold mean Slavs in real life, and even the ones who are standoffish actually end up being quite nice once you talk to them a bit.

I think in Dasha and Anna’s case, them being slavic doesn’t really have anything to do with it. They’re culturally both American East Coast pseud brats (there are millions of kids like this over there) and are not particularly attractive so that probably makes them insecure, they also overplay their Slavness for show because Slavic women are seen as exotic, mysterious and sexy by American men.(derailing)

No. 1937181

>When these women emigrated to the west they felt seen as poor peasants by western women, who they on the other side saw as backwater fools letting themselves be tied to households, motherhood and men

I disagree with the second part. The USSR did indeed give Slavic women education, financial independence, access to abortion, etc. But motherhood, marriage and running a household was also very emphasized. You’ll hardly meet a boomer Slavic woman who wasn’t married or didn’t have kids. Almost all of them became housewives, but yes they often worked too.(derailing)

No. 1937222

glad you brought this up because it's all one genre of the same girl when it comes to grimes, aella, and the red scare podcasters… women who had a windfall in their 20s and never emotionally matured past that age. you will forever get the sense that they are desperately trying to relive the glory days. trying to act exactly like they did when they were at that age is part of trying to get back to what they had. of course, we all know that's not how life works and it's pathetic to watch them try. the more catty they become with the "most women are vanilla and think this way, but I'm boy brained and think correctly" the more juvenile they sound to women who actually have their lives together and aren't a walking cope.

No. 1937240

The thing they all have in common is that their personal lives are trainwrecks. Just clusterbee things.

No. 1937247

>are not particularly attractive so that probably makes them insecure
This could be the entire answer. They grew up seeing normie and hipster/academic/art males alike go for “boring” mainstream lib pretty girls over them, every time. It’s unbelievable they still haven’t accepted that you can break your back appealing to the least attractive men in the narrowest niche, but they all will forever want Stacy only.

No. 1937284

File: 1701622800751.png (470.77 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20231203-115533.png)

sage for off topic, but it doesn't seem like Elon's older kids care that much about X having such a weird name. Might he be playing it up for the inheritance? the rest off his account is just retweeting Tesla and SpaceX stuff.

No. 1937634

>Forget it, they’re not even worth looking at
Isnt he just talking about Grimes and Elon? Kek.(sage pointless commentary)

No. 1937661

Slav here. Like any inbred-ass "trad" culture, our women are either unfathomably based or complete cumrags. There is no in-between. Scarethots are in the complete cumrag category.

Multiple reasons here, really. For one, Anna and Dasha are subhuman tier hideous for Eastern European women. Like, literally "will never be anything more than a fruit stand lady in an underground metro passage" hideous. -5/10. This could not have gone unnoticed by their parents, who still very much expect their daughters to be pretty and marry well. Another reason is immigrant overcompensation - when you move to a foreign country expecting a new life but bomb at everything, you start doubling down on le cool immigrant ancestry to set yourself apart from le dumb burgers who won't accept you. Many such cases in every immigrant community, with second gen kids especially.

Then there are individual circumstances, like the fact that Anna's father obviously wanted a boy so she ended up being a pitiful Develv tier mentally ill hag who would've trooned out had she been born 10 years later.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1937666

Very American perspective. Yes, the average soviet woman had more civil liberties than the average American woman in the 20th century. This still amounted to nothing because of a (supposedly) massive shortage of men due to wars, as well as a strong cultural message to coddle scrotums as much as possible. EE women were given everything and did absolutely nothing with it.

As for abortion, you had to have them because there were no condoms or BC, so the average married woman (including my mom, her mom and everyone who isn't a cat lady) had three dozen because their hubbies needed to nut into something without having to feed the kids. They weren't legal to "empower women" or whatever. Anyways, you nonichkas should take this to the eastern european or leftcow thread. I'll stop sperging.(derailing)

No. 1937685

This post sounds weirdly scrotey.(report, don't respond)

No. 1937694

You do realize some of us travel and know what you look like. Why do you people persist with Slavs are Supermodels bullshit?(derailing)

No. 1937700

Nobody cares what you've seen in the streets during your gap year euro tour. It's not about what the average slav woman looks like, it's about insanely fugly slav moids and their absolutely batshit expectations, which are entirely out of line with what they reasonably deserve. Most third world women try harder - not because they're supermodels but because they have few choices outside of landing a moid, either due to genuine lack of opportunity or a self inflicted limitation. Not being deathfat as often also helps of course.

This could lead into an interesting discussion the duality of slav women (the fug one that thinks you should die for your moid vs hot one that thinks moids are wallets, and which one it is that slav moids are solely interested in), but once again it would further detail the thread.(derailing)

No. 1937706


lol u sound russian, don't lump anna and dasha together with eastern europeans, asshole. they are RUSSIAN. not eastern eastern european. don't use russian and slavic synonymously. us eastern european slavs hate the corrupt and genocidal soviet and russian regimes that birthed the likes of anna and dasha(derailing)

No. 1937728

If you want to get pedantic Anna is Armenian and Dasha is Belarusian.(derailing)

No. 1937730

>ITT: idiots LARPing as slavs and infighting
Where are the mods(contributing to derailing instead of just reporting)

No. 1937735

That thin wispy static electricity hair sticking straight up and the way he emotes like kermit is crazy

No. 1937736

Sorry slava but russia is eastern european, its as east in europe you get.(derailing)

No. 1937737

There's a separate thread to discuss Redscare. Use the catalog. Don't use it to continue the EE sperging though, nobody cares and it doesn't belong in either thread. Continued derailing from here on out will catch a permaban.

No. 1937740

and armenia is DEFINITELY not slavic lol. completely different language, and it's in asia.

anna grew up hating herself cause the soviets made ethnic minorities they colonized despise their own unique cultures(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1937877

can you imagine the psychological whiplash he must get, constantly having to apologize after putting on this retarded tough guy act? he's clearly spiraling, trying to make up for the humiliation with increasing levels of edgelordism, that in turn just keeps forcing him to humiliate himself harder. i've seen homeless alcoholics with better shame control

No. 1938046

File: 1701737189189.png (902.5 KB, 1290x1290, Screenshot 2023-12-04 at 7.45.…)

Elon's daughter's account (his actual firtht daughter!) is full of anti-Elon tweets. throwing down with TSLAQ


No. 1938062

that is his trans son who sadly trooned out to rebel against his dad

No. 1938113

File: 1701745126150.jpg (405.05 KB, 2400x3196, 20231204_215731-COLLAGE.jpg)

with some A.I. guys. Sheesh.

No. 1938122

lol at those men. ugly fat nerds will be fat nerds well into adulthood.

No. 1938132

Her eyes are so empty now. There is no joy left.

No. 1938134

she's got that married woman look now

No. 1938195

>was it worth it? was lifting all the techbros scrotums for the last 5 years and making juggling their balls my entire personality really worth it?

No. 1938224

>If only you knew how bad things really are

No. 1938379

lol that hoverhand

No. 1938643

File: 1701824983319.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1179x1106, F5966428-C4EE-486D-AE33-514958…)

She looks the same as before the two hundred thousand dollar surgery

And she complains about not having money kek…she could have put that $ down on a house and her spotify earnings alone would float the mortgage but this retarded bitch thinks spending thousands to fly around so a bunch of fat, desperate “ai researcher” incels will make her feel special and entertain her retarded narcissist self importance because no one else will is like, a top priority and a good use of her money because her opinion is just so NEEDED in silicone valley. I remember her referring to herself as a genius in 2012-2016 era lmfao. This bitch did too much acid and her brain is perma fried. Did anyone see her narc tweet about getting on the board of openai cus it would be the “best narrative arc” she literally thinks her mere existence is just so entertaining to the masses. Also the fact that shivon is on the board makes it all the more pathetic. Extremely so.

No. 1938644

i can only imagine how much she truly hates shivon lol

No. 1938651

File: 1701825913395.png (2.08 MB, 1179x2556, EC26AB69-30DD-4C3F-BCD8-F8523C…)

Every single project shes announced lately is met with less fanfare from the last. IWBS? NO one cared I wanna be software music video? Crickets. Her fans didnt even ask for it lol. So heavy vid ? Again, lower engagement. Every thing shes doing is getting lower and lower like counts and engagement. More people know who she is than ever before and yet less people care than they did before AA came out. I hope she stays with ai because she doesnt have an ounce of originality left in her and needs algorithms to be creative or relevant

Imagine the organization leading up to this moment lmao. Her and her team are scrambling desperately to find ways to get people to care about her again, so they decide she will leak the video, then make this tweet, and then daoda will reply with this. like its so fucking obvious what they did here lol even to her fans who dont speak english natively or are children

Like imagine tweeting “oh no i let the cat out again” and then your boyfriend replies “oh no, was the back door left open?” And then your like “i think it might have been the kitchen window” Like literally zero reason to have that conversation publicly other than trying to pretend it was a real leak and she and her team are ~totally just finding out about it ~ kek

I know she was pregant but thats a lot of money to spend on a red camera and a studio just to writhe around on the floor and do the same dorky ass dances shes thinks looks so ethereal and cool kek this bitch is such a spoiled fucking brat i wonder how many millions of dollars shes wasted trying to make herself look cool or interesting. Poor 4ad. And her poor manager who passed away lauren. I used to follow her and she was always so mega stressed out because of claire. Big shock when she died of cancer so young…

No. 1938661

File: 1701826684605.png (94.74 KB, 720x607, Screenshot_20231205-203638-503…)

elon's autistic son just quote tweeted his dad to publicly shit on him after not tweeting at all since August kek

No. 1938676

who is he trying to appeal to here? blue lives matter ppl?

No. 1938685

Maybe, also his autismo way of being Machiavellian and signaling lawfulness when he's really a speed fiend with government handlers

No. 1938714

File: 1701832782869.jpg (695.55 KB, 1179x1106, grimes.jpg)

>>1938643(fan art)

No. 1938760

and she's not even married…

No. 1938856

Where is this picture from? The sword throne is super cool but Claire with the Funkopop ruins it.

No. 1938864

Her fans got tired of her because she’s so inconsistent with her releases and also so damn lazy. And also constantly flirting with Nazi shit. Most of her fans were enbies and troons so no wonder she alienated most of them and nobody is checking for her anymore. Lots of people still like the old Claire and her first couple singles but she’s been dead to most people since 2014.

No. 1939261

What a photo, the guy next to claire is doing literal D: face and clearly is terrified of being metoo'd with that fist-hoverhand (but not worried about bro on the right) and Claire looks utterly miserable
Rightoids love cops and guns
This conversation reads exactly like when brands tag each other and "converse" especially with Grimes pretending she is gonna change the camera shots in post (which you could only do if you had all the raw footage)

No. 1939263

I like the gangbang picture better.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1939274

It’s so funny how everyone in this picture is mentally an edgy 14 year old but all look in their late 30s.

No. 1939293

It’s from GoT. I think there’s a museum or whatnot you can go to where you can sit on the actual iron throne. I’m assuming the funko pop is a character possibly Daeneyrs

No. 1939361

He's trying really hard to fit in with the MAGA Republican thin blue line burgerfags, but he's a dorky autistic foreigner so it just comes off cringe.

She doesn't really have fans anymore. Her fanbase was libfem art school girlies, and her recent heel turn into Elon's AI neofascist pickme/ball washer doesn't appeal to that crowd at all. Also her creative consistency fell off completely, and people lost interest in her as an artist and see her more as a minor tabloid figure now.

No. 1939625

Oh okay, thanks anon. Also jfl at Claire’s ugly ass thinking she could ever even hope to larp as Daenaerys.

No. 1940085

File: 1702049493054.jpg (429.52 KB, 1080x2229, Screenshot_20231208_161940_Chr…)

Is this milky? Nonnas discussed this months ago kek.

If Claire could win this child-support case she'd be one of the richest ex-girlfriends in history. But idk man, either Claire gets the BIG BAG or she'd literally get as much as a random BM from an low level NFL player

No. 1940157

Honestly I don't think she has a good case from what I can tell. She seems to have only moved to California a few months ago. I remember the discussion about this and knew there was a child support cap, but I was surprised when I saw that article and learned it's like $2800 for three kids?? that's crazy.

Also the article mentions that Elon said things went south with Claire after their trip to Japan together in August, and shortly after is when she moved to CA with their kids. That lines up with the speculation people had back then, that there was some kind of falling out in Japan.

No. 1940186

Child support is for the kids. Correct me if I'm wrong, but how could it be a bag? In Cali it can be high to meet the kid's expected prior living standard, sure, but how would that translate into covering Claire's basic expenses, let alone luxuries?

No. 1940290

1)She is and was a millionaire before Elon
2) She doesnt even take care of them or buy them food, he has staff for this on HIS payroll. She doesnt eat, or keep food around besides peanut butter to prevent failure to thrive. The only things she buys for her children are things that feed her narcissism, like baby astronaut outfits ands targaryan onesies from etsy. She doesnt need that money for those kids as she will only see them 6 days out of the month anyway.
3. 2800 is more money than my single working mother had, adjusting for inflation btw, raising 3 of us AND my brother with cerebral palsy. Claire is a gold digging sociopath who only had those kids to secure the bag and anyone who doesnt think that is just as delusional as she is. Claire never wanted them and can only care about them to the extent a sociopathic narcissist can. I HATE elon more than her but even he obviously loves them more than her. He’s not a good father, but unlike claire i’ve never questioned his love for lil x. At least he has a small amount of parental instinct unlike queen beryl

No. 1940395

If she wanted to secure the bag she should have married him… now she can be forced to testify against him and the reverse.. also child support cases are harder for non married ppl vs married ppl.

No. 1940460

Who the fuck cares about your broke single mom? Are you genuinely comparing Grimes, an actual celebrity, worth millions, to your peasant family kekkk
No one cares, genuinely.

Not a professional but she could easily get up to 1 million a month for them 3 gremlins, just based on Musks Net worth alone. Sure, they weren't married but California is a pretty liberal state and therefore granting single moms the most child support that the father can give. And musk has plenty.

But I highly doubt Claire has a mere chance of winning tho, Musk definitely has the better Attorneys.
Claire can't afford to pay high-level attorneys for months and months, she could go broke within a year.

No. 1940465

She might be a gold digging psychopath, but it's not like Elon doesn't deserve exactly this as an ex. He fucked over all of his other exes too

No. 1940626

File: 1702149607932.png (901.71 KB, 1080x2171, Nobody buys that.png)

So far she has released a 40 second clip which is the exact same material the leaked video has. (No use posting that one here.)
Just look at these comments. Everyone knows she never delivers. Kek.

No. 1940627

Shh shh, child be still

The point is, she doesnt need more than that to feed, clothe and transport those kids. She is rich, has a home worth millions in pasadena she could sell and move to a chill gated community and get her groceries instacarted weekly. She could hide and be safe if that was her priority. Instead her priority is flying around to hang with fat ugly “researchers” who let her hang with them because shes a semi famous “female” who they would never get attention from otherwise and it boosts her self importance and makes her able to play pretend like shes an important thinker in the ai space.

Bottom line,She doesnt need more than 3k a month. Plenty of moms make it work with less, who aren't independently wealthy. She just thinks shes in a higher tier than the rest of women cus she had one hit song that never even charted. Her relevancy grift is falling apart rapidly. But she doesnt deserve to have some lavish way of life funded by her ex baby daddy. She hardly parents at all anyway and her life is still 100% about her. Also the custody battle will likely result in her only having them for 4-6 days each month and some holidays if she can stay sober, which we know she wont cus like so many other power hungry narcs, she needs adderall to generate literally any idea.

The judge should watch her hasanabi stream where she does k in the bathroom with “pussy riot” and gets drunk. It’s a great display of her character, or lack thereof i should say. Wishy washy, rude, self absorbed, creepy, delusional, change her opinion mid sentence to match yours. Shes a leaf in the wind.

She really made her own shit bed and now she has to lie in it.

> If she wanted to secure the bag she should have married him…

She wanted this, badly. Perusing her etsy favorites will tell you all you need to know. Tons of retarded wedding items, wedding dresses, etc. very big bang theory vibes. She was desperate to marry him and have his first girl. She got neither kek

No. 1940633

File: 1702150703554.png (291.93 KB, 1080x700, Grime rambling.png)

Grimey having some problems with lawyers, huh? If she knew engineers irl she wouldn't want them to have any power at all. Or maybe she has a new tech bro whose dick she is trying to ride.
One of these guys? >>1938113

No. 1940643

You talk like you know her personally.

No. 1940706

File: 1702160362125.png (916.02 KB, 978x978, Grimes Palladium 12.png)

Grimes featured in Palladium 12
Introducing PALLADIUM 12 FEATURING @grimes as SILICON NEMESIS The dawn of artificial intelligence may be upon us. What is humanity's response to the thinking machines? Print edition ships Dec. 21st. Become a Palladium member now to get your copy! Link in bio. Many technologists believe we are just years away from runaway AI that overpowers and annihilates humanity. Others believe AI will usher in a new golden age of economic growth and scientific progress. Only time will tell. Until then, we asked some of our brightest minds to tell us what they see on the silicon horizon. Instead of science, we find that AI is about the metaphysical nature of humanity, what it is possible to know, and our cosmic destiny. This is what PALLADIUM 12, our winter 2023 print edition, is all about. @samoburja interviews @grimes on human civilization, the universe, and AI

No. 1940708

File: 1702160668040.jpeg (104.82 KB, 1080x1080, Grimes at Palladium launch par…)

Grimes at Palladium 11 launch party. Why does she have to wear that stupid crocheted hat? Is she going bald?

No. 1940712

File: 1702161839300.jpeg (79.04 KB, 1080x1080, Palladium.jpeg)

In her own words, @grimes now sees an incredible amount of "raw hard power" in the hands of engineers. At the same time, there is an "abdication of responsibility" to the machine. "This is a very distinct moment in human history." AI might end humanity, or turbocharge us to the stars. Dilemmas of human destiny, epistemology, and theology are not the idle talk of philosophers. They are the stuff with which the legitimacy of states and governing organizations are made. This is our mission: to discover what the next era of governance will bring.

No. 1940718

File: 1702163771793.png (3.3 MB, 3628x1058, Looks.png)

Steal her style

No. 1940750

Nobody cares about AI anymore, that’s so 2021. We got it and as expected, all anyone is actually using it for is making porn. Nobody cares about this Thielzine or their shitty Nexium cvlt of 5/10 tech bimbos either.

No. 1940751

>oh noes AI is so scawy please throw more money at us Mr 70 Year Old Rich Boomer Venture Capitalist so we can buy more prop swords, Dune artwork and cocaine I mean save humaniteeeee uwu

No. 1940764

I love how Thiel is just outright admitting that he wants the power and influence to be able to fully control congress now.

No. 1940792

God I am so fucking tired of this reddit tier "muh AI" simping I'm actually about to derail the thread. LLMs and ML algorithms will not automate or replace shit. Their job is to generate output that sounds like it could be written by a person. Most of the time, the person is retarded. That's all.

It may work somewhat for the lowest tier customer service or maybe absolute shit tier code monkeying, but it can't do anything an iota more complex. Not ONCE has it been able to answer an question you actually need for work. It can't do literature reviews, it literally can't even understand what it's reading when you tell it to tl;dr a paper - 9 times out of 10 it will give you something akin to a 9th grader's essay about a book he didn't read - an information-free wall of text describing the subject matter in the broadest terms possible. You ask it for a list of X receptor agonists, it gives you a list of antagonists. It literally has no fucking clue what you're saying. If you are looking to meaningfully benefit from automation at all you need to build your own ML algorithm for a specific task you have in mind.

Same goes for le full self driving. It will never happen until you have general AI (not LLM toys that create generic coom images and reddit posts), which is something most self driving startups are finding out the hard way. Any retard soyfacing about how everyone will be REPLACED!!! is a) has the utility of a Walmart greeter and b) engaging in wishful thinking. I wish AI did anything. It doesn't.(derailing)

No. 1940828

you actually thought that? oh lord

No. 1940834

i love how peter thiel is a complete psychopath who makes elon look like mother teresa and has probably been invovled in kevin spacey tier activities on top of running a defense contractor spyware company and funding efforts like Vivek and Palladium to establish his neo-fascist visions and the general public just ignores it because he's an under the radar ghoul rather than an attention whore like elon.

No. 1940843

I also love how every single one of his efforts and investments is retarded

No. 1940859

I know it’s actually hilarious how a portion of his fortune goes into people like Claire, Anna, Dasha and BAPs bank accounts every month.

No. 1940871

A man wrote this post.

No. 1940882

You don’t have to be a moid to know that Claire doesn’t give a shit about her children besides what she can get out of them from Elon. Not saying Elon is any better, he’s a narc and so is Claire. Narcs can’t love their kids in a genuine way.

No. 1940901

if you want to know how far journalism has fallen, I heard a rumor that "journalists" dont want to investigate thiel and his demonic because they're afraid of what he did to gawker. there is more info about him in the post leftcows thread than any media site. so pathetic kek

No. 1940912

Where can I read more about this?

No. 1940925

Actually insane that republicans scream free speech for all but covertly try to shut down any media that criticizes them. Just shows it was never about freedom of press or free speech at all but one rule for me etc.

No. 1940936

You dont, but it's male to seethe and blog about how your poor single mother and how 2800 a month is just so generous and ample for her child support when he's a literal billionaire, fuck off if you hate grimes so much you'll defend and dickride Elon for the cause

No. 1940978

His daughter is a tranny. A man

No. 1941091

File: 1702239316136.jpg (21.68 KB, 360x305, 1664114791322.jpg)

Imagine hating your father so much that you troon out. Poor kid.

No. 1941121

the only troon i support

No. 1941133

Thank you for this post, you are really informed. AI and the media/buzz cycle around it is a lolcow along with the the other techbruh hype junk (NTFs, Bitcoin, block chain, self driving cars, VR, etc.)
Please post in the tech cow thread in /ot (browse in catalog to find it) if you know of any milk even if it's old milk. A lot of women's lives are destroyed by le reddit husbands who wanted to 'go to the moon' and gambled their homes for a jpg of a monkey. Also a lot of tech has cult-level startup insano health nuts like the Blueprint guy or Juicero CEO, which are low-key hilarious.

No. 1941187

File: 1702253133275.jpg (65.44 KB, 662x662, ahgotelon.jpg)

no fucking way(non contribution)

No. 1941189

it's fucking huge. i wear a 9.5 at 5'10" and so do most women my height. you see occasional shorties with 10s or 12s but it's very rare to the point where MANY shoe stores in canada where i live don't even carry every woman's shoe in sizes above 8 or 9

No. 1941190

most anons aren't old enough to remember of have been a part of peak hipster culture. grimes was a type of ideal woman for the plaid shirt/fake glasses/handlebar mustache/bicycle obsessive crowd (where the sketchy mAlE fEmInIsT altfishers reigned supreme).

No. 1941191

samefag *or have been a part of

No. 1941207

Ah, dark times nonna. Hard to believe but you're right. Grimes was the IT girl of grunge tumblr. She looked perma-caked in grease and didn't give 2 shits about posting herself in her dirty environment. She was practically a skinny Luna Slater with musical talent. Being so un-apologetically dirty as a woman was probably a power move of some sort and gave a little more edge to the tumblr grunge aesthetic- I don't know how else to explain it.

No. 1941241

I'm the anon you replied to and was a teen in the hipster era you described. Yep guess she was just "kweerky but not too weird" choice for all those people who tried hardest to be seen as weird/crazy but were in fact the epitome of normal, trend-following and socially adapted. Just one on the tumblr list (the others were Marina & thhe Diamonds, Lana Del Rey, Sky Ferreira, 1975, Halsey, Lorde, Melanie Martinez) for teens shopping at american apparel like it was their religion & calling grid clothes, tennis skirts and Halsey tier music "grunge" kek. annoying moids with mustache, plaid shirts & huge glasses they didn't need as well. I get it, it's just Grimes was genuinely more annoying and probably less talented than all of these.

I come to conclusion it was the "hairy SJW tumblr feminist" element she had played a part. and having skinny body and pastel colored hair was enough to be immediately liked by Tumblr

No. 1941304

No it isn't, youre so melodramatic and I doubt you know many women's shoe size. Are you going by UK sizes or something

No. 1941357

Stop with the shoe size bullshit, I have a pair of boots from the same brand and they're running insanely small, I think many Chinese shoes are more likely not to fit westerns feet. I have EU 41 and had to order them in like 43.

No. 1941381

Why are all the discussions she does about ai always accompanied by some cringe photoshoot? girl really thought she ate when she posed for these photos, when it’s just her cosplaying with swords with slightly above average makeup, than her usually poorly self applied makeup kek. I don’t understand the correlation between editorial style photo shoots and thinking that ai will thANthe tHe wOrlth

No. 1941395

because it's all about aesthetics over substance with her

No. 1941481

Nailed it Nona. People who didn’t live through that era don’t have the context and those that did are still in denial they found grimes on the thinspo tag kek

No. 1941603

KEK that looks exactly like Claire

No. 1941729

>@samoburja interviews @grimes…
kek samo burja continues to pretend the eastern european wife and kid he left behind don't exist just for the chance to blow gas up tech edgelords' asses and hover models who don't give a fuck and are only there to meet rich men. still hilarious his intellectual dark matter thought leader grift never worked out and he was forced to be male anna kachiyan trying to make these people look cool in exchange for some crumbs of prestige

once a groveling peasant, always a groveling peasant

No. 1941805


agree, nailed it nona. i'm the same age as claire and the most basic, boring rich white girls i knew all colored their hair brightly, wore camo jackets, pretended to DJ, and were super skinny in this era

No. 1941932

Is she wearing pieces from her friend Nuni Qeso or whatever his name is, the creep who does these metallic lingerie/accessories and assaulted a bunch of models ? The Palladium photoshoot does look pretty cool and way better than anything she has put out herself since MA. At this point she just needs to shut up about AI and anything serious, especially political.
If she wants to rebrand, she should go back to her relatable quirky autistic ADD girl days and push the victim narrative regarding the elon situation, especially with the current custody battle. The more she distances herself from him, the better, and this could be a good PR push for her irrelevant ass. Unfortunately she pigeonholed herself so much in that tech princess ai shit that I don't know if she has it in her to turn her back away from that.

No. 1941945

i think she won't ever. of all his harem i think she is the only one delusional enough to actually think he's going to take her to Mars and make her a queen and their kid is irl Paul Atreidies and all that shit he fed her. if it were a cult she would be one of the last true believers that goes down with the ship. the custody fighting with him is all just part of her "struggle" as his Ai space concubine.

No. 1942068

File: 1702419575469.jpeg (65.95 KB, 640x640, Grime.jpeg)

Nusi Quero (or what ever his name is) is/was a photographer and director. The new photos look better because someone else did her hair an make up. I can't even recognize Claire from this photo.
She is wearing ‘Morrigan Headdress’ by @houseofmalakai

Previous photos
-Custom Cuffs & Hand Armour by @manuelalbarranoficial
-‘Wind Crown’ by @xtended_identity $3,500
-Custom Corset by @amplituda_design

No. 1942088

File: 1702420778256.png (1.5 MB, 1076x2023, Etheral small nose.png)

Correct. She doesn't have anything intelligent to say, but she has that ethereal thing going for her. It's been discussed in earlier threads. Skinny white girl with long blonde hair, doesn't have to be pretty in the face etc. Look how small they made her nose in these photos.

No. 1942099

File: 1702421270155.png (Spoiler Image,1.28 MB, 1075x1438, Claire bobs.png)

And because it's a magazine for scrotes, you get to see her nipples too. But this is art not smut!

No. 1942105

Wasn't Nusi Quero that one rapist she refused to stop endorsing?

No. 1942221

yup she made some half assed reply to someone asking her to speak out about it (not even a twitter post) and like every anon guessed, she never brought it up again. i don't feel like looking back at the thread but i'm pretty sure she said something along the lines of "i'm shocked give me time to process blah blah" and we know what that means
they had projects together and she modeled nude for him a few times and i'm pretty sure he's also the one who photographed the extremely fake pap shoot publicity stunt

>Is she wearing pieces from her friend Nuni Qeso or whatever his name is
i was thinking the same thing when i saw it

>If she wants to rebrand, she should go back to her relatable quirky autistic ADD girl days

i don't think it's possible. that was a larp ofc, but i just think she's too botched and drugged out to even try anymore asides from the tired recycled shit she's doing. she loves AI because she's truly lazy at heart and she ultimately wants to win favor with techbros and elon. like other anons said before, she was definitely a product of the times she was in, she only knows how to cater to what perma-online moids are into

thanks for the info anon
>I can't even recognize Claire from this photo.
i noticed that in a majority of the shoots you can hardly see her face, there's either too much light or shadow casted over her and they edited the hell out of them. they look at her in-person and see she's a botched mess so whoever edited them and directed the shoots made sure no one can actually see what her face looks like because she really looks horrible

No. 1942298

I think the shoot pix look p good actually. I gotta give the art director snaps. Better than what she’s capable of putting out at least. I just wish she’d stop pretending like she’s a meaningful expert on anything at all really and just admit her personal calling in life is discount modeling. Shimmying awkwardly in front of cameras, her one true passion. Whatever it takes to keep that going.

No. 1942361

im so bored of this digitally enhanced etsy armor space titty dune aesthetic. feels like it’s been hanging around like a bad fart for years and every edgelord art kid washout instagram model does it to death. wish she’d switch it up a bit.

No. 1942584


it's the millennial artist death knel. lots of cheesy tumblr art. she's also just destroyed any type of self esteem she had and highly altered images of herself is all she can stomach. shes in the middle of an enormous custody battle that could mean only seeing her kids for a week a month and her alt account is still just weight loss and ana chan talk. literally going on and on about the size of her tits while potentially about to lose her kids.(sage)

No. 1942678

She disgusts me so damn much. Last week it was a munchie heart attack and custody battle now it’s breast implants and anorexia again. Such a boring clusterbee bitch.

No. 1942685

File: 1702517073448.jpeg (91.49 KB, 841x900, D0405BBC-8376-403D-A34B-D6707D…)

Elon is so triggered by his son transitioning to spite him that his tax filings show he’s trying to build an ‘anti woke agenda’ primary/secondary school for ‘future stem students’ in Austin that he wants to eventually expand into a university. People are egging him on twitter to name it the Texas Institute for Techology and Science aka TITS and knowing what a clown he is he’ll probably do it.

No. 1942688

The last thing the world needs is even more stem students. There’s already a surplus of students and a shortage of stem jobs, especially when you factor in all the foreign students from India and China.

No. 1942694

this is going to go about as well as Kanye West’s “school”

>literally going on and on about the size of her tits while potentially about to lose her kids.
share with the class

No. 1942779

too many americans who fell for the learn to code meme only to find all the $100k+ salary jobs are going to H1B chinese and indians who grind leetcode for 800 hours while many americans get shitty $50-80k salary jobs with their CS degrees and certificates.

No. 1942791

She should get silicone 400cc full profile to match azealia

No. 1942849

Theres already a school named TIT (Tokyo Institute of Technology) he’s so lame and late on the bandwagon.

No. 1942970

File: 1702573087508.jpeg (644.01 KB, 1170x1624, 1F55F379-0747-49A4-93D8-DA1BEF…)

Meemaw Maye to her baby boy’s rescue! I would think Maye is locked up in a room somewhere while someone holds her twitter account hostage if it weren’t for the fact that all these people are genuinely this narcissistic and retarded.
All the people right now saying Elon can’t run for prez are in for a rude shock when this fat narc loser high off his ass ok ketamine and delusions of granduer; larping as Commander Professor X Waterford attempts to destabilize the US and create his own nation. That’s the Mission after all.

No. 1943135

Lmfao @ Grimes choosing the same name for her AI as Elon's and claiming it was a coincidence(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1943179

they’re both plagiarizing Heinlein, so whatever

No. 1943195

Is it a narc trait to constantly steal ideas from other people who are smarter than you then pretend you came up with them and try to pass them off as your own?

No. 1943216

No. 1943237

I love how this image highlights how ugly the average male is. Grimes is hideous but these average men make me feel sick because of how fucking ugly they are.

No. 1943332

oh no we're in her "girlboss" era now to compete with shivon

No. 1943354

Kek yes.

No. 1943360

That’s how Claire does everything, she steals all her ideas from women she is jealous of and are prettier than her(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1943403

She is genuinely a loli waifu goddess compared to them, they were shitting themselves and you can tell kek. Male standards of appearance are so low, like I wonder which fat bearded man started the trend because this kind of appearance wasn't considered acceptable like 50 years ago. But now it's every guy in games/tech/art/etc

No. 1943423

pretty pretty lady Robert Heinlein

No. 1943426

NTA but hasn't she been skinwalking Charlotte Free for years?

No. 1943440

My area is filled with data centers now, because someone dedicated it would be a good idea to have Google, Microsoft, Telsa and Amazon in the same area. I hate STEM so much, esp the T, kek.

No. 1943464

Stop dickriding for elon. Also, you are so painfully male that it's obvious.
>shh shh child be still
Creepy attempt at placiating. You have Elon Musks semen glistening on your lips you sperging pathetic loser.(infighting)

No. 1943585

Have fun staying poor(autism)

No. 1943590

File: 1702677595344.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1179x999, 6975A88B-0095-40F6-99F4-B2A383…)

Typical BPDchan antics

Looks like she stole her new hairstyle from this girl who is like a younger cooler version of her.

Also…trannyjannies, calm your tits?(autism)

No. 1943639

All these bpd arthoes look like clones of each other.

No. 1943671

Other way around. And fuck you for making me get curious enough to listen to that girl's horrible music.

No. 1943693

Everyone in this pic apart from the far left are in their 30s. If anything they influenced each other and also how embarrassing to look like this as a 30 something year old woman

No. 1943818

File: 1702732129346.mp4 (17.82 MB, 1916x1080, Grimes Grok.mp4)

Why is she dressed up like a junkie in this kid's toy commercial? The part where she eats a sandwich makes her look unhinged and homeless. This is not quirky! No parent in their right mind would buy this toy to their child.

No. 1943862

nitpick but why is one of her hime bang things like 3 inches longer than the other?

No. 1943876

I'm no fan but I think she looks cute

No. 1943891

that bugged me so much i couldnt pay attention, its like shes trying to be uwu quirky on purpose, so embarassing

No. 1943892

samefag but what kind of dystopian hell do we live in where giving kids siri as a toy is a good move?

No. 1943900

The shot of her crouched in front of a tree eating a snack like a gremlin, kek why would they include that in their toy ad.
Also I hate toys with like 100 spywares inside, the kid isn't gonna know they are being recorded and uploaded to the cloud, they haven't got informed consent regardless of how "quirky" they try and play it off to be

No. 1943970

Because the toy is clearly made by the same braindead techbros whose balls she's been fondling lately. It's called "grok" because the toy explains things and they use "grok" as a slang for "understanding" ha ha do you get it ex dee

No. 1943983

>how embarrassing to look like this as a 30 something year old woman
30-somethings are allowed to have fun and dress up if they want to

No. 1943986

Right ????

No. 1943987

kek exactly nona. Every time claire comes out with something new we are reminded just how old paradigm and creatively bunk she is. Was this supposed to be one of those “schemes” she’s been working on? The young lady’s illustrated primer or whatever? What a let down. A couple of years back she was proclaiming her hatred for childrens toys and how un-aesthetic they are, preferring to traumatize X with war films on an iPad 2 inches from his face yet here she is pushing this subpar fisher-price crap with the added bonus of having your baby monitored by whackos like elon KEK the grift truly never stops.

No. 1944027

Doubt she's ever even read Stranger in a Strange Land

No. 1944072

I can't figure if she has or hasn't. It's about a Martian founding a free love sex cult and contains other taboos such as a cannibalism. I can see her being into the poly sex cult thing given her relationship history

No. 1944223

i don't have a lot of faith that this product won't totally flop… they never answered the problem of why the kids are going to want the toy instead of the screen, especially older kids. that toy is too juveline for kids once they hit school age and see all the other kids with iPads. kids younger than that won't have enough language skills to make real use of it other than asking it the same 5 inappropriate questions and then getting bored and asking for a screen. also, a toy like that can't be interactive the same way a tablet is that you can play games with. the toy just talks. idk. it's not very original on top of all that, just an updated furby.
also, most ppl still don't know who Grimes is. those who do don't associate her with motherhood. she didn't fit into the ad at all and the average parent is going to find her marketing confusing with the weird outfits and lack of explanation of who she is. she's being narcissistic like Elon and refusing to step back and let the business be. nope, it's gotta be a modeling gig and clout opportunity for her. gotta put her face all over even though that doesn't make sense as a marketing strategy. making Claire feel important is the #1 priority.

No. 1944245

both these men look like pedophiles. fuck.(autism)

No. 1944300

They look younger than most zoomers though lol. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying fun and alternative styles in your 30s

No. 1944326

File: 1702840420005.png (385.08 KB, 624x694, musk phenotype.png)

the guy on the right especially.

speaking of the tech bros she's working with. I paused the video at this point to talk about claire's eyelids and noticed how uncanny it is that this moid resembles younger Elon

No. 1944336

jfc her cheeks are so overfilled

No. 1944378

Yes there is. Normal people grow out of it. Alt 30+ year olds/millennials are mentally ill.(derailing sperg)

No. 1944398

Share the screenshots already! Or at least tell us did she become self conscious about her breast size before or after posing topless on Palladium?

No. 1944406

That's edited, right?

No. 1944419

File: 1702852103098.png (1.06 MB, 1080x3456, Toys are the toy problem.png)

>they never answered the problem of why the kids are going to want the toy
But nonna! It's still Beta version. Just pay $99 (you may not get it till next year. No scam, I promise.) You want to be the early bird in "embodied AI", no? "Toys are the toy problem".

This toy is just an updated furby like you said. But have you seen the crap they sell kids these days? For example, the dancing unicorn that sings about pushing shit out of her ass hole.


No. 1944429

God, what a cursed ad. A quirky soi, an addie’d out crackhead woman and a hipster pedophile advertising a soulless spyware toy with an ugly $2 aliexpress looking cheap exterior. And what’s with red alert looking screen plus the ugly cold tinted filter on the ad? Aren’t toy commercials supposed to make the product look inviting and colorful? This looks awful. I’ve never NOT wanted to buy a toy so badly.

No. 1944430

I genuinely thought that was his son lol. Is it not? Is this Claire’s new scrotum?

No. 1944434

File: 1702855674306.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1179x1534, B05FA772-DFAC-4B8D-8D03-274523…)

She invested in this company just so she could posture herself as some ai baddie but she actually is embarassing herself

No. 1944437

File: 1702855788098.jpeg (281.67 KB, 1439x1799, 54F0F85C-6CD4-4042-9C92-4F4DF8…)

Something crazy is happening with her face, if i just woke up from a coma since 2018 i would have no idea that was her(nitpicking)

No. 1944443

while I agree with this to some extent, nobody should look like grimes who is 35 still playing dress up like a 5 year old. It’s not a good look and signals off that something isn’t right. You can disagree and think that it’s totally normal and fine for women and men over the age of 30 to dress up like they’re stuck in tumblr circa 2013, but nobody will ever take you seriously

No. 1944447

I think people would be so much less scared to get older if people like you didn’t gatekeep hobbies to certain ages. I don’t see how it harms anyone.

It’s also something that mostly women get criticised for. Men engage in the same hobbies they did as literal children - not even teens, young children. boys-targeted video games, collecting cards or other dumb shit, etc. alternative-styled male celebrities aren’t ever told they’re “too old” to be doing that shit even when they’re middle aged. but people really hate it when women don’t “act their age” whatever that’s supposed to be. Grimes is cringe, but it’s not because of that.

No. 1944453

Nta but men are cringe too.

No. 1944470

She looks better than what she did before. Better without the glasses. Horrifying toy though.

No. 1944479

I always wondered if these types of talk-back toys give kids a warped idea of the give-and-take a natural conversation and friendship is supposed to have. I guess it’s a dream relationship for a narc or autist, a toy that answers any requests and supplies endless affirmations.

No. 1944511

Not at all, when men do it it’s even more embarrassing.
it’s not so much about having fun with looks as you age, but it’s about being perma stuck and trying to live as you were as a teenager even into adulthood.
Maybe my wording was too harsh or I wasn’t clear. But there’s nothing wrong with playing up your look and experimenting with outfits or makeup into your 30s, I’m just saying you also need to mentally adapt and grow as well.
If you still dress as a teenager well into adulthood, I’d hope you don’t think like one or infantilize yourself. That’s all I’m saying

No. 1944516

I mean the other irony is they didn't even do their market research. Their target demographic doesn't want these toys. They're not trendy ATM for millenial upper middle class moms.

No. 1944577

Why is this toy called Grok when that's the name of Elon's new AI?? Why would she just name it the same thing

No. 1944589

Bc she hates Elon and is a petty bitch, I guess

No. 1944607

File: 1702897964178.png (159.15 KB, 1080x1092, Grocket.png)

It's totally not related to Musk's AI. Grok is short for Grocket. Kek.
Grimey's company trademarked it first so Elon can go fuck himself.


No. 1944621

>>1942099 the Photoshop on the second photo is Felice Fawn tier distortion of human anatomy

No. 1944647

Kek so edited its not even grimes anymore

No. 1944670

Jfl she can’t even close her eyes properly anymore even though it’s over a year post surgery. My guess is she wore the glasses to hide her constantly watering eyes.

No. 1944673

File: 1702914761650.jpeg (107.54 KB, 1090x930, 3C85CB15-D065-4357-8DDE-CFD251…)

There’s a bitch on AA who got a facelift/brow lift like Grimey and it also stretched her eyes open unnaturally wide to the point she can’t close her eyes fully and in later seasons she would have tears and mascara running down her eyes while being interviewed, because she couldn’t close her tight lids properly and had to keep applying eye drops. She also wears glasses all the time now to hide it but you can still tell. Must be so uncomfortable.(derailing sperg)

No. 1944675

She’s only 35 and fucked up her face with this much pillow filler and botched eye surgery already, god knows what she’ll look like in her 50s and 60s.

No. 1944682

Huh, why would Elon steal the name for the AI then? These two are so embarrassing. All they do is try to fuck with each other but they do it 100% publicly for some reason

No. 1944724

File: 1702924166312.jpg (175.6 KB, 1080x1350, Grok.jpg)

>they do it 100% publicly for some reason
They do it publicly because they are lolcows. You need drama to keep the crowd interested. Just like the Kardashian but more retarded.

Neither of them invented the name Grok. But the matching name is the only relevant thing about this fugly toy. (Google 'Grimes AI toy') Nobody gave a shit about Elons chat bot either.

So, Claire made this toy for her kids. That way they can still hear mommy's voice after she loses custody. Maybe she can use the toy to spy on her kids and Elon too!

No. 1944725

Lmfaoo is that Linda Moulton Howe

No. 1944744

>That way they can still hear mommy's voice after she loses custody
kek too real, and in the meantime she'll talk to them while she's doing drugs and breaking her teeth in the next room over

he's the only thing she seems to care about outside of her public image/appearance

i know right, kek

No. 1944854

I can’t get over how cheap this thing looks..

Well said nona.

No. 1945105

that reminds me of the riverboat article where it mentioned that she and her boyfriend had a copy of Huckleberry Finn in the boat and neither of them had read it kek

No. 1945110

It's filler, she has her cheeks filled up like a chipmunk and it makes her eyes look smaller too

No. 1945113

I love how they act like little kids will actually use this thing as an educational toy. Anyone who has been around kids know that they'd just do shit like

No. 1945255

It’s basically a Furby with built in Google.

No. 1945338

But what was that horrid sandwich scene for though? To prove she eats? To show how down to earth she is? She's infantilizing herself all throughout the video, i swear if they could somehow sneak some dd/lg vibes into the ad as a bonus, they would. Guess they used her as an example of a person famous for "techy edgy parenting", and soi pedo moids are definitely Elon's fanboys. Shame that their strategy fails, nobody in the target audience gives a fuck who Grimes is. i'm sorry but i've never seen anyone looking as… mentally deficient somehow, just eating sandwich like Gollum on a 5 minute movie lunch break

No. 1945394

>But what was that horrid sandwich scene for though? To prove she eats? To show how down to earth she is?
genuinely, and then her giggling and guffawing at the end was really the icing on the retardation cake. she's so embarassing

No. 1945424

Their target consumers are, like most of the shit produced there, just other techbros who'll buy anything that "vibes" with them. They're going for the pronatalist trend currently going on in their social circles. They're not thinking of how it might appeal to normal parents elsewhere, they're literally incapable of that.

No. 1945557

It's always so funny to me when people bulge their eyes to look kawaii and they just look psychotic

No. 1945591

This video should automatically give her the diagnosis of autohebephilia

No. 1945750

Automebephilia kek

No. 1946326

File: 1703274378898.jpg (75.32 KB, 564x899, 34020706efaaa5c4fa2a8a571bbc5d…)

Sage for absolutely no meaningful contribution, but came across this photo in a small/blurry format and it immediately deeply disturbed me for some reason. Took me awhile to realize why the hell this person looks so annyoing and after closer examination… oh. It's just Grimes.
Idk what happened but seeing stuff like this side chopped hair >>1944434 & her overall dumb self radiating just causes allergic reactions for me lately, guess her pickme-iness & dying to be Elons footstool is too much and at some point it's not just milky, it's just annoying

No. 1946393

File: 1703283976076.png (877.51 KB, 1080x2038, Freeze peach.png)

Keeping up with Muskrat. His supporters are coping and seething because X (formerly known as Twitter) a.k.a The Internet Hate Machine doesn't have absolute freedom of speech after all.
I found this one amusing because emoji use is a valid reason for suspening someone on Lolcow.

Musk got many answers with screenshots to his questions about accounts calling for the murder of civilians. Those are absolutely disgusting /pol/ tier posts by the way. The first reply asked Grok about it and Grok included Elon's account on the list. Kek.

No. 1946397

File: 1703284859190.png (785.87 KB, 985x1689, Competitive videogames.png)

And here's what he's really been up to. Playing video games till 1 am and almost getting a carpal tunnel from all that grinding. I hope he starts live streaming on a platform that has live chat. His fragile ego would be torn to shreds within minutes. The inevitable autistic meltdowns would be funny too.

>I've played competitive video games since I was a kid.

What the fuck is he on about? Everyone in his age group has done that.

No. 1946546

She looks so bad in heavy makeup, bleach blonde hair, bright colours and trashy messy outfits. It’s insane how much better she looked in her low-key but cute era where she would wear cute basic topshop fits and natural/no makeup with more flattering hair colors in the early 2010s. I’ve never seen someone fight so hard against their natural kibbe type before, and look so terrible for it too.

No. 1946547

Kek, that’s hilarious. Imagine getting owned by your own AI language model.

Lets be real, Elon never gave a fuck about freedom of speech, he’s simply too lazy and cheap to pay more human moderators to properly review reports, and claims that letting hate content stay up unchecked is just ‘muh freedom of speech’. There’s been a disgusting amount of pro genocide sentiments spewed by both sides of the conflict and left up unmoderated, not to mention literal child porn that stays up for hours if not days. Current twitter is an absolute shitshow, moderation is dead, and he’s running it into the ground.

No. 1946554

>Sure, I have searched X for accounts that have called for the murder of Palestinians or civillians in Gaza.
>1. @StopZionistHate
That doesn't sound like an anti-palestine account to me. Not a defense of musk but why expect a chat ai to give an accurate answer for anything?

No. 1946567

>why expect a chat ai to give an accurate answer for anything?
Because Grok is Elon's darling. See these posts. >>1934081 >>1934083
Everything Elon "invents" is the best thing ever.
Once you have driven a tesla you don't ever want to drive any other car.
SpaceX will take us to Mars.
X will become the Everything App, just you wait!
I wouldn't be surprised if Elon unironically believes he could replace human moderators with Grok.

No. 1946689

File: 1703375150916.png (2.41 MB, 1034x3252, Grimes book.png)

If you thought the AI toy looks cheap, take a look at Claire's new project. She was struggling to find baby books for her kids so she made her own book. And of course her dumb fans would buy it and some of them would work on the book for free.

No. 1946690

File: 1703375349075.png (1.6 MB, 984x1476, Mitochondrial Eve.png)

Closeups. This looks like it's from a 90s gaming manual. The images are obviously made with Midjourney or some other AI.

No. 1946691

File: 1703375650724.png (1.26 MB, 985x1478, Theodora Khutulun.png)

Monetizing the Khuthulun one would probably get her sued. That is obviously plagiarized from some anime series or a movie.
(Can't put my finger on it but I'm sure I have seen this character before.)

No. 1946692

File: 1703376493703.png (650.14 KB, 1036x1437, Shivon AGI tradeoff.png)

And here's little something for the Shivon Zilis stans who have hopefully abandoned this thread by now.
Big brain moment.

No. 1946710

Technological advancements have kind of dropped off in the last couple decades tbh. We really aren’t making that much progress compared to the massive amount of inventions and progress that was made from the late 1800s to the early 2000s.

No. 1946712

This is beyond cringe. That "art" style is already so tired and boring. And why would she put the name Grimes on the cover if it's for her kids?? I feel so bad for them having a narcistic mother with the aesthetic and mental maturity of a teenager

No. 1946713

For her kids yet the cover says authored by Grimes. You'd think she'd use her own name, or even just Mom if they're just for her own children. Either that or she wanted to sell these from the jump and tried to dress it up as Sacchariney momshit.

No. 1946744

File: 1703390769113.png (476.7 KB, 720x1250, Screenshot_20231223-230349-829…)

>"it would be disservice to try and preserve the innocence of my young children"

genuinely, what the fuck is her problem?

No. 1946749

File: 1703393097990.jpg (375.13 KB, 2048x1536, RDT_20231223_23430873361558314…)

Claire at the Palladium after-party

No. 1946827

File: 1703421886597.jpg (1.86 MB, 3443x3109, Picsart_23-12-09_19-10-48-722.…)

Yeah she's definitely going broke in like 2yrs. Her lifestyle got waaay more expensive since having 3 kids with the cheapest baby daddy in human history.
Grimes as a musician doesn't sell anymore and her recent DJane attempts are definitely some money grabs since Elon doesn't support her or the kids. Yeah she might be a millionaire but for how long?

Her auctioning her old clothes, AI toy Start-up and now this hideous feminist book gave it away. She NEEEDS money. She realized that there won't be any child support and living in SF as a talentless hobo is fucking expensive.

God I love this timeline, and also kek at her attempt to make a -muh strung warrior princess- book when she's the weakest link in modern cuckery, living day to day as Musks personal stool and abandoning her career for someone who doesn't even like her. She was what? His 4th option after Amber kek. What a warrior Claire is.

Old milk but this Musk and Miley interaction is pure cringe.

No. 1946831

Crazy bitch gonna crazy bitch. Like in what way are those excerpts considered stories? Excluding poetry, it’s assumed a book requires a narrative yes? And using AI fantasy prompts to illustrate real life historical figures? God she’s spreading her stupid onto her kids

No. 1946839

To continue, all the quotations are out of context. If I’m confused on the historical significance, I can’t imagine how an underdeveloped brain will take these and paired with these ghoulish images. I wonder now if she’s going to be the type of mom to take revenge on her ex by mentally torturing their shared children. This was a very uncomfortable look into her psyche

No. 1946845

There's no way she made this for her kids. Telling a toddler
would cause major emotional damage. Judging by the cover art this book is targeted at Cyberpunk fans. She is trying to make it look retro but it looks incredibly outdated and it hasn't even come out yet!
The AI plushie toy isn't really for kids either.

No. 1946867

shit ad, genuinely cant tell who the target demographic is. and if its not parents and children, this is already a flop.
hes seriously trying to turn twitter into his hugbox. pathetic.
see, this is why no one wants to work with grimes except in very small doses. its clear shes using her career as a grift to make sense instead of being a genuine artist.

No. 1946873

in >>1946689 she even said she was intentionally mixing in fake quotes. what is even the point of attributing fake quotes to real people?

she is definitely the kind of person to do that, considering she only had them to keep him around and get the alleged ticket to Mars.

No. 1946907

she looks cracked out as fuck

No. 1947079

File: 1703485949760.jpg (90.48 KB, 750x938, spirited_away__haku_and_kohaku…)

Haku from spirited away!

No. 1947211

Wtf… stop projecting the consequences of your horrible life choices on your kids… "life sucks, welcome to the real world" is such an inspiring message, C, good thing those kids have you to pre-traumatize them so they don't get rolled by the cruel, cruel world. She so clearly hates motherhood she never has anything positive to say and it's always some hardcore message about needing to make her children as adult like ASAP when they are literal babies. i get it, she doesn't like taking care of them and she wants their innocence removed so they can be her buddies and do drugs with her. classic trashy narc mom

No. 1947381

>traumatizing your kids early on to ‘prepare them for the cruel world’ is a good thing
Ah yes, because that’s totally never led to dysfunctional development and maladjusted adults with personality disorders…

Whats she want to scar them for life for anyway? They’re not going to war, they’re just going to be another slew of ugly useless talentless rich LA brats who never worked for anything in their life and play vidya or snort coke all day like their older failure-to-launch half siblings.

No. 1947383

High as a kite, coked out of her nut

I guess the tinfoils about her being a weird narcmom crazy cunt were right. Letting her babies watch war movies was first red flag of many and she was never remotely apologetic about it. Now this. I’m actually disgusted by her openly admitting she wants to traumatize her kids. Have the drugs rotted all her sense of morality or this just her edgy bpdemon reaction against Shivon’s fluffy gushy parenting style? What next, showing your kids hardcore porn?

Agree with you nona 100%. I absolutely despise Elon but Claire is starting to make him look like the good parent in all this. For her to post this kind of inflammatory statement about child rearing amid a custody battle shows she’s either mega retarded or mega cocky. She probably wouldn’t even give a fuck if the kids got taken off her and would just use it to milk sympathy from the public.

No. 1947385

He really just shoot his shot with any washed up druggie female singer on twitter he could find, huh. He reminds me of one of those fat old creeps who make a point to hit on any and every woman they come across because it’s all just a numbers game to them and even out of 1000 tries, getting 999 rejections is fine as long as he gets one counter-offer kek.

No. 1947401

File: 1703583785622.png (1.03 MB, 1080x4096, azealia.png)

No. 1947426

I love her and need her to release more texts

No. 1947431

I know you're probably joking about Claire showing her kids porn, but she legitimately does believe that should be okay. Her bestie Aella had a whole twitter thing about it and Grimes agreed that porn could be beneficial to show children. So, yeah, that's what's next.

Banks is just… yeah. She's great. This is like always spot on. It's humiliating that Grimes continues to destroy her life in order to hang out with Elon-loving tech whores.

No. 1947469

>I absolutely despise Elon but Claire is starting to make him look like the good parent in all this.

only an idiot would come to this conclusion. the correct conclusion is both parents are failing their kids because theyre both narcs who don't give a shit about anyone but themselves. both grimes, elon, and shivon jist use the kids as props for their retarded nerd tech shit instead of properly parenting which is my self-sacrifice and compromise. by putting the needs of their kids first before themselves. but like another anon said, the kids are most likely gonna end up LA brats.
its hilarious how azealia is the only one who came out of this situation sane because she had the self-respect to leave the shitfest. is she crazy in her regard? yes, but shes the only out of them who has genuine talent

No. 1947487

>he’s really trying not to give grimes a fucking nickel

No. 1947550

No. 1947713

File: 1703659879816.png (116.1 KB, 720x950, Screenshot_20231227-012218.png)

Elon's eldest son saying what everybody's thinking about this retarded 'X' rebrand.

this fat fuck moid having nobody around to tell him no is gonna wreck his fucking life.

No. 1947725

look at retarded elon sockpuppet iin the replies lmao

No. 1947742

She is such an idiot.
Why make your children grow up fast to teach them a lesson?
The best part of childhood is that it’s childhood? Childlike wonder and innocence is a beautiful thing that should be protected.
If she’s actually going to go through with this type of parenting, she is going to have some incredibly dysfunctional fucked up kids. Doesn’t she make x watch violent movies? How is this not some form of abuse in a way?
What a absolute nutcase

No. 1947755

>genuinely, what the fuck is her problem?

I think it's a bunch of different things at once. The first piece is that she is a narcissist with a victim complex who views any resistance and criticism she faces as synonymous with engaging in a war or being unfairly persecuted, so this is, to some degree, an accurate reflection of her worldview. Both Grimes and Elon remind me of Jordan Peterson (Taylor Swift gives me this vibe too) in this particular sense; all of these people have this weird messianic complex where they view any critics as evil monsters who are trying to stand in the way of The Chosen One for no good reason (look up her interviews comparing her son to the main character in Dune; that's the messianic narcissism I'm speaking of). She probably had those ideas before but they were reinforced and amplified after meeting Elon, an even bigger and more delusional narcissist. The second thing is that she is a massive pickme, who, due to not feeling as beautiful as other women, feels a need to signal how much she enjoys masculine-coded activities all the time to stand out. Her narcissistically persecutory, war-ridden, paranoid view of life feels like a desperate attempt of her to be like "SEE ELON?!?! I'M NOT JUST A STUPID WEAK WOMAN - I CAN THINK LIKE HITLER TOO". The third aspect of this is that she's a rich kid; some rich kids feel a sense of guilt and fear over not having struggled as much in their lives, so it's not unusual for them to adopt these kinds of hardened, life-is-pain personas in the hopes of appearing more interesting and complex than they are. The last, and weirdest, hypothetical explanation for her behavior is that she's trying to erase the innocence that her children have because she, on some level, is envious and threatened by childhood innocence; not the artificial kind where you're in your 30s and you try to look like a 12 y/o from your 50 y/o boyfriend's favorite animu because you're dating a psychopath with pedophilic tendencies, but actual childhood innocence. I feel like a huge part of her identity is rooted in LARPing that she's young, and as crazy as this sounds, I think her children's youths might become a trigger of some sort in the future (if it isn't already); a reminder that she is not young anymore. Maybe that sounds incredibly deranged, but I don't think she procreated with one of the most narcissistic men alive because she was too sane and needed to be with a complete psycho to compensate for her impeccable mental health.

No. 1947767

Beware I'm esl kek sorry
>she, on some level, is envious and threatened by childhood innocence
You know, if you read what Aella and other Grimes pals says, you could really think that there is some pedophilic psyop to destroy childhood innocence. Like, they love it, but at the same time, if they'll destroy this concept, then they can rape kids and justify themselves like "oh, but this children are adults in their minds! It's ok! They can totally consent!".
And tbh I don't think that Grimes or Aella or any other retard nlogs fully understand what they are doing. Like any other dumb handmaiden they just blindly listen, internalize and promote all this vile shit it order to be seen as cool and quirky and not like other people.

No. 1947786

spot on

No. 1947868

There is definitely a phenomena of mothers either consciously or subconsciously wanting to corrupt their children because they don't think it's "fair" that they had a hard life (in actuality or in their own mind) but their children are running around happy and carefree. They want to show them life isn't easy and literally wipe the smile from their face. There are moms who were sexually abused who don't protect their daughters or outright throw them to the wolves because they are 'jealous' on some level of their daughter's non-corruption. Usually narc/BPD moms of course.

No. 1947885

It’s not uncommon for narcmoms to be insanely jealous of their daughters for being younger than them(learn to sage)

No. 1947886

> There are moms who were sexually abused who don't protect their daughters or outright throw them to the wolves because they are 'jealous' on some level of their daughter's non-corruption. Usually narc/BPD moms of course.
True, narc mothers often expose their kids to shady environments, abuse and pedos on purpose. Look at Jonbenet and Patsy.

No. 1947927

I feel like y’all put more effort into psychoanalyzing people who wouldn’t care whether you lived or died than you do your own lives(non-contribution/derailing)

No. 1947954

It’s wild how Azealia wins EVERY beef in the long run. Poor Grimes probably had like 30 chickens sacrificed in her name to get to this point kek

No. 1947955

welcome to the job of any psychoanalyst ever. some are just better at conning rich people out of their money.

No. 1947981

Selfish aesthetic obsessed narc mother wants to stick to colorless shit AI art "for her kids" when they wont be interested in these at all in any capacity. Kids want color and imagination. What a loser.

No. 1948079

they literally seek fame because they want people to talk about them, that's what fame is

No. 1948160

Joke’s on you, most people in my own life don’t care if I lived or died either

But good on you for your admirable life(no1curr, stop derailing)

No. 1948495

File: 1703890287420.png (802.58 KB, 842x1938, Sukeban.png)

Here's more strong wymyn from Grimes.

No. 1948496

File: 1703890349524.png (1.42 MB, 1170x1578, Dirty mirror or tanktop.png)

Close up. Wash the mirror and your clothes, Claire!

No. 1948499

File: 1703890837411.png (256.71 KB, 1080x587, Joking haha.png)

Don't worry nonna! Claire is just joking about ruining her kids' Christmas.
So maybe the previous posts were jokes too. At least she will say that if faced with backlash.

No. 1948503

File: 1703891653842.png (1.49 MB, 977x2912, Three tweets.png)

Here's three Grimes tweets as bonus.
1. Grimes would never collab with that woman. Her insecure ass couldn't take it. Notice the pick me lingo
>medieval thots
>elite super group
2. A millenial messes up Morpheus and Mobius. Wow!
>Oops I have no idea what I'm talking about
3. Claire, just admit you don't want to leave the house. This is cringe.

No. 1948514

god… everything she does is just so tacky and forced. i really don't like the way she talks and acts, she's always been a try-hard but it feels like it's gotten way worse. people who have nothing behind their "everything about me goes against the grain!" persona are so obnoxious. she's so empty and superficial

No. 1948528

such a strong woman who literally never does her bed, room looks disarrayed and probably hasn’t genuinely showered in weeks

nonas why in every selfie she’s ever posted, her room is never tidy? actual children do a better job to keep their room clean than this grown ass woman

No. 1948529

She’s such a basic empty cluster b cow deep down kek. She doesn’t even maintain an interest in anything long enough to larp it properly and anyone can tell she’s a noob at every subject she feigns interest in for 5 mins. That bland ass blank walled dirty mirrored generic bedroom with cheap lights, random poster and covered in BO and ass stank is who she really is deep down.

No. 1948563

She’s a huge slob, popping uppers and tweeting dumb shit is Grimeys full time job and she genuinely doesn’t believe she should have to do anything else like brushing her teeth, making her bed or applying deodorant, also her apartment looks so cheap and crappy.

No. 1948659

You can tell that she was hoping for a better response to her lame tweets and people call her out on her posturing and then she’s like “lyke guise i was only joking hehehe,” meanwhile if not, she would have totally done the whole ~badass girlboss stoic~ thing

No. 1948735

Solipsistic tinfoil but is she getting this stuff from here? Both Möbius and grok were referenced by an anon in the leftcows thread a year ago ( >>1666796 , >>1667287 ). I know these aren't exactly deep cuts as far as sci-fi goes, and she fucked up with Möbius when she meant Morpheus, kek (which is surprising not only in how ubiquitous The Matrix was but also given both the Greek mythology origin of the name as well as the etymology of morphine, two things you might think she'd be an expert on) – but I dunno it's at least a coincidence. Maybe I should check the newspapers and see if the headlines are speaking to me kek

No. 1948812

She’s referenced multiple things from these threads and even followed that racist pagan youtuber literally an hour after someone here posted a screenshot of one of his tweets, she 100% lurks, it’s not even a tinfoil anymore.

No. 1948853

File: 1703979921480.png (1.2 MB, 980x3052, Elon hypeman and mr Beast.png)

Will X make it through 2024? Place your bets, nonnas!
Musk and his hype man listing meaningless numbers that are supposed to prove how successful Xitter has become.
And then there's Mr Beast stating the fact that views on X don't mean shit. Who would have thought that telling advertisers to go fuck themselves would make monetization impossible?

No. 1949057

File: 1704029311848.jpeg (859.49 KB, 1170x1205, 1224328D-EAA0-42C1-AEDE-27DD2F…)

>wouldn’t fund a fraction of it

Kek burn.

No. 1949082

File: 1704036190865.jpg (620.64 KB, 3196x2400, 20231231_102223-COLLAGE.jpg)

unprompted, Grimes got on twitter today to talk about being called a nazi for appreciating 'white culture'. what do we make of this, nonas?

No. 1949105

File: 1704041046053.jpg (165.22 KB, 1536x2048, media_GCrfro_aEAANkb5.jpg)

>her apartment looks so cheap and crappy

No. 1949113

She’s a Canadian mutt, she doesn’t have a culture outside of drugs and Tim Hortons.

No. 1949119

File: 1704042436538.png (912.14 KB, 979x1826, Gay and cancelled.png)


No. 1949123

File: 1704042871738.png (638.48 KB, 981x1272, European mutt part jewish.png)

>She’s a Canadian mutt
Well she thinks she is a European mutt. Also, she's part jewish so no nazi by default.

No. 1949129

Are those the kids' stockings? I only see 2. This a tinfoil but what if she is dating someone new and that's his hand in the pic? It's certainly not Elon's. The 2 stockings could be for her and a new guy

and wtf is that top, it looks like weird photoshop

No. 1949132

File: 1704044985524.png (764.76 KB, 983x1805, Delete pls.png)

>what do we make of this, nonas?
Me thinks Claire needs to log out and find other ways to blow off steam. However, I'm not surprised she would tweet something like this. She has been flirting with racism for a while now. Look at these idiots refusing to accept it, and asking her to delete. Also, kek at the not being motherly comment. As if being a mother prevents racism.

No. 1949142

File: 1704048171348.jpeg (839.17 KB, 1170x1985, FC4711D8-258C-4E57-8785-69FCC4…)

Kek she’s trying to distract from this. someone on reddit found the nanny company “europa 100” is owned by eIon and a neuraIink CEO. I wonder if the surrogates are recruited through there too.(don't censor your shit)

No. 1949145

>the idea that white people are superior can only exist if you ignore history
She's not being racist, is she? She's just saying that white people(or any race) isn't superior/inferior

No. 1949152

Nona, those are replies to this tweet >>1949082
She is happily proud of white culture. Talking about "white culture" automatically means you are ignoring history.

No. 1949155

>white culture

I’m not sure if this is what you mean but my issue is w her wording as well. There is no white culture. There’s European cultureS, settlements and diaspora. When people say “black culture” they’re usually referring to the black culture within their western locality specifically, not African or island cultures. When people say “white culture” they mean the preservation of the white population in a western country because the culture and customs of said country is already the standard and the norm. So I don’t understand her usage. Scandinavians differ from southern Italians differ from Irish travelers and so on and so forth. What culture is she referring to and how can she claim all of them?

No. 1949172

> I wonder if the surrogates are recruited through there too.
nonnie I think you are onto something.
she is. this is so tedious

No. 1949192

she's fucking lost it, and not in a good way.
the person replying to her is 100% right and it's stunning how she takes their statement and bends it to make it sounds like being "lost forever pleading to a deaf god" is the only alternative to this behavior…
she thinks she's being spicy and philosophical but she's posing naked with a book that she probably hasn't read, calling herself gay and a middle aged white man & then in the same sentence she says she doesn't believe in orientation. and now apparently she's jewish and loves white culture.
she will never take responsibility for a damn thing in her life and that's why she's a narcissist, this is narc behavior. she lies constantly and then gets called out for it and then says she's "just joking haha" or "i was trolling lol!" and doesn't realize that it cheapens everything she does.
but now suddenly she's standing her ground over an opinion she should have just kept to herself, but she's constantly on drugs and loves attention, positive or negative

No. 1949221

is she topless in the pic? I wasn't really able to figure out if it was a weird censoring thing or one of those tops printed to look like a naked torso

No. 1949235

it's honestly really weird to look at, at the very least i think it's edited
i couldn't figure it out either for a sec but i think you're right, if you look at the fabric folds in her neck it looks like she's wearing some sort of bodysuit? i don't know when it begins or ends because her arm looks normal

No. 1949245

she is not saying anything racist though? she is repeating over and over again that all races and humans are cool/equal and shit. i love dunking on her for cringe stuff but this is not cringy nor suspicious. you nonas are twtfags or what?

No. 1949253


what the fuck is white culture? no normal, self respecting Italian or Turk or Greek or German would ever call their respective culture 'white culture'. the only people who do that are white supremacists and other idiots who thinks hat their 'white culture' is better than someone else's.

No. 1949294

she is such a mess, she needs to just not be online period

No. 1949305

>y’all put more effort into psychoanalyzing people who wouldn’t care whether you lived or died than you do your own lives

If you genuinely think that poorly psychoanalyzing an unstable celebrity means that you can't focus on your own life, you have a very small brain.
If you don't like those kinds of posts, you can just ignore them or make some kind of better contribution instead of acting holier-than-thou whilst simultaneously adding nothing of value.
>What if humans just loved each other?
Oh… my god. I never thought of it like that.
Could it be a marketing stunt? Say/do something inflammatory that will very clearly be taken the wrong way and will get you a ton of attention > backtrack so that you sound much more reasonable than people initially assumed > get a shitton of attention. Plenty of celebrities do this and Grimes has definitely brought up Azaelia Banks and other drama she knows will get her a bunch of negative attention just before she's about to release something. Maybe it's far-fetched in this case but I wouldn't put it past her

No. 1949330

What is this??

No. 1949370

File: 1704129147016.png (857.55 KB, 1080x1533, Grimes manager.png)

>Could it be a marketing stunt?
Could be. Her manager is participating in it.

No. 1949372

File: 1704130773631.png (700.68 KB, 2341x1072, Nanny company.png)

Musk and his right-hand man owning that company is not a secret and especially not news.
This was published many days ago

Don't see why would she need to have a twitter freakout on New Year's Eve to distract from this.

No. 1949374

File: 1704130939846.jpeg (665.21 KB, 1170x1311, 6E1DA095-13A7-48F9-B8EE-D4CEA3…)

Neuralink CEO Jared Birchall and Elon both own and run the company that hires the surrogates oops I mean nannys which all Musk’s Lady Jessicas use. Europa 100.

No. 1949376

File: 1704131425723.jpeg (540.59 KB, 1144x1042, 3513909A-BB8D-42FB-B15B-1E0731…)

A distraction is most welcome when ur implicated in reproductive enslavement. Jangling those nazi keys is a nice way of distracting her fan base that is already hyper vigilant about her nazi dog whistles. It worked, you already called it old/irrelevant news.

No. 1949399

didn't expect her to go mask off. welp its kinda been obvious for a while now (especially since her inital persona was clearly crafted to profit off feminism), maybe this will be the final nail in the coffin in her failing career. now she'll only have white supremacist moids simping for her. Congrats grimes, youre an absolute pickme!

No. 1949425

What does it mean that Elon and his right hand man Jared Birchall own the nanny company?

Who wants to bet they’re trafficking women for surrogacy and nannying? Elon notoriously has 0 respect for labor rights and fair wages

No. 1949426

her eyes are soulless

No. 1949452

It’s a long sleeve top/bodysuit

No. 1949465

The custody case revealed "Europa 100 LLC" (in Palo Alto, California) also known as "Europa 100, LLC" (in Austin, Texas) is a nanny company. Elon and pals have registered many weirdly named companies for their shady operations. Searching info about that LLC doesn't tell much. Its industry is Consumer Services, Communications Services, N.E.C.s, or Real Estate depending where you look at.

>Elon notoriously has 0 respect for labor rights and fair wages

True. If your read this article >>1949372 you understand why he needs his own secret nanny company. I think it's pretty obvious nannies sign NDAs but Musk probably makes them sign contracts no one in their right mind would sign.
It's also weird Grimes has to subpoena to find out who has been babysitting her kids. What kind of mother doesn't even know the nanny's name?

No. 1949599

This is so scary. Most of these women come from third world countries and have no one to advocate for them. They probably genuinely just think they’re coming for regular nanny jobs then get pressured to rent out their wombs by rich white supremacist placenta cult freaks and go through 9 months of physical and hormonal hell then agonizing labor for likely a shockingly small amount of money. So disgusting. I don’t understand how anyone can defend Grimes when she’s out at least two poor disenfranchised women through this.

No. 1949600

Put at least**

No. 1949601

It’s always clueless cultureless Amerimutts who talk about ‘muh huwhite European cultchurr’ and act as if every country in Europe is the same culturally or hasnt had wars and beef with one another for centuries kek.

No. 1949602

>zomg im so quirky i kin racist middle aged men uwu
Just bpd things. Claire still thinks she’s Elon’s soulmate and mirrors his personality and interests at every chance.

No. 1949604

What’s funny is like all clusterbees, as she grows older and more bitter and insecure about not being able to pedobait anymore she’s only going to act out even more and become an even bigger lolcow. We’re seeing it already happening now, she’s only become more and more batshit since she got bogged and Elon dumped her for Shivon. She’s spiralling.

No. 1949608

Claire is very obviously racist but she’s such a spineless coward she can’t even openly admit that she is, despite dog whistling just about everything besides ‘race war now, 1488’ on her twitter.

Since sucking apartheid clyde’s chode she definitely has picked up his racist views and thinks white people are superior and an endangered species that must dominate everyone else and conquer mars for themselves (maybe some Japanese will be allowed on Mars too since she’s a weeb and most wignats are hardcore weeb losers anyway)

I’d have way more respect for her if she just admitted she’s a Nazi and envisions the future of humanity as 99% white and 1/100th pretty Japanethe female concubines and servants, but she’s so toothless (in a literal sense also kek) that she plays dumb and pretends to not knowing what she’s doing when called out for it.

Btw, thinking that a couple random non-white historical figures are cool doesnt make you not racist kek. Racist whites always need their token poc icons to prove that they’re not actually racist and that it’s totally not a rigged game, and guilt every poor or struggling poc into feeling they didnt achieve their dream lifestyle because they’re simply lazy and didn’t work hard enough. It’s like a casino letting you win once then taking your money the other 100 times to lure you in. It’s like trying to say America isn’t racist and that black people are privileged just because Michael Jordan and Bill Cosby got rich.

No. 1949626

>Not even the man with the good dick from the ital food shop is gonna have me sleeping on the floor, anywhereeeeeeee


No. 1949628

Unfortunately for Claire now that she's on the nazi dog whistling path there's no going back, nobody is gonna want to associate and she's stuck in musk orbit in the worst way. She needs to go dark to re-emerge in a better identity for a mid thirties ex-grunge-hipster-darling mother but the bpd won't let her go two minutes let alone a few months without antics lol she's so afraid she's gonna disappear

No. 1949669

She is the first human to recieve a neuralink implant in her brain and Elon musk is currently controlling it via Morse code and bambi sleep 6 hour loop

No. 1949699

What are you on about? You're doing the very thing you're whining about. Claire is Canadian and Elon is South African

No. 1949709

Wow she literally ripped off kawaii culture. She loves Japanese culture so much but was quiet when Asians, who she claims to love so much and “inspired” by, were getting killed in nyc when Covid hit.

Fuck you grimes for stealing what little we have

No. 1949710

They’re literally just Asian looking elf characters. I’m convinced after seeing how weeby her products are I’m 100% sure she’ll try to either start heavily skin walking as a hapa or full Asian OR she’ll be like the fat disgusting tech bros and create Asian ai avatars AS PRODUCTS.

it would be no different than the FN Meka fiasco in ai except grimes would be creating cringey racist K-pop ai faux bad girls who pose with weapons grimes can’t even use.

No. 1949719


>she definitely has picked up his racist views and thinks white people are superior and an endangered species that must dominate everyone else and conquer mars

this is definitely what So Heavy is actually about, not the weak interpretation she gives about elon jizzing inside her. She’s popular w the tech bro nazis bc she’s busy writing them redpill ballads kek

No. 1949733

First Grimes came for the techno music, and I did not speak out—because I was not a tranny.

Then she came for the wombs, and I did not speak out—because I was not an impoverished South American woman.

Then she came for the anime eyes, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Pikachu.

Then she came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

No. 1949769

Can you guys stop fucking armchair diagnosing her. She is probably on drugs and is an attention whore who lives in an echo chamber, of course she is going to say stupid shit, it doesn't mean she is mentally ill. Anyone in her position would be just as retarded. Cluster Bs are human too and suffer a lot. You're not her fucking psychiatrist.(use reports instead of whiteknighting)

No. 1949775

File: 1704213106481.gif (538.86 KB, 200x179, B059BA29-2BD1-47EF-B8C4-307F20…)


Sure thing soupdestroyer123(hi cow)

No. 1949795

she's a retarded american/canadian, so she is saying retarded things like "white culture". what she means is cultures of white peoples. i still do not think she is being racist, i think she is just being dumb. and i don't think any italian or greek or german person should not be proud of their heritage and culture

No. 1949801

why tf would you be proud of something you have no control over. be proud of something you did instead.

No. 1949814

Not even just that but this retard Grimey is trying to take credit for all the inventions the top 0.1% of intelligent white people made kek. Why are they like this.

No. 1949817

Canadians are North American mutts. South Africans are swamp Dutch-Anglo mutts. Both of them are American citizens.

No. 1949823

Gut wrenching. We must all stand for the pikachus and ghiblis

I get what you’re saying but I don’t think grimey does at this point. No more benefits to be given. I think she’s dogwhistling based on her Twitter follows and current crowd

No. 1949837

>proud of white culture
Of course she’d be proud of narcissistic thieving euroPEON legacies

No. 1949843

fair enough you do have a point. if it was just this one thing it would be a different story

No. 1949889

I swear nobody in Europe uses the term ‘white culture’, because we acknowledge every country in Europe has their own unique history, heritage, alliances and culture. It’s always weird race-obsessed rootless Americans who navel gaze over this crap, usually because they’re such a mishmash of random nationalities and don’t actually practice any of the customs or traditions of those nationalities, also because they have no real connection to those places, can’t speak the language, don’t know the history nor grew up there, or have such a small amount of the DNA from that place that it’s basically irrelevant.(derailing)

No. 1949890

And it’s not just huwhite Americans or white diaspora who are like this. Black Americans who’ve never set foot in Africa and are 50-90% European, Asian American diaspora who can’t speak their parents language and dont practice any Asian traditions or customs, Hispanics who are heavily whitewashed and were born in the US etc are also guilty of these weird larps.(derailing/racebaiting)

No. 1949905

Well if it was just that one thing she wouldn’t have been labeled a Nazi her words kek. I think she’s more a reactionary but she said what she said, no need to couch it another way. Drug addled or not

No. 1949917

this is the grimes thread, not the place for you to randomly sperg and gatekeep about non-white people

No. 1949933

>it’s always Americans
grahmz is Canadian, we don’t claim her

No. 1949970

tbh I think grimes knows all her content shes put out is average. I think thats why shes going down the white supremacist rabbit hole, because in the end shes average, something she'll never accept. Pair that with the shit-tier con artist blubbering 'save the whites' breeding fetishist Muskrat and theyre the perfect couple.

No. 1949973

You are right. Just look at this thread. Nonnas arguing about "white culture" when the Nanny company and the custody case are milkier.
I wouldn't jump into conclusions about the nannies also being surrogates yet.

I hope Claire's legal team receive all the documents they need. But good luck finding anything they can use against Elon from HIS company's documents. Kek. Claire must be terrified because the nannies who have seen her on drugs, acting unhinged, and ignoring the kids are definitely the ones who will testify against her.

Epstein's list should come out this week. Is Elon going to be on it?

No. 1949998

Idk I find some joy in seeing her rip her already long eroded mask off but Kimball definitely will. At least he should be

No. 1950058

Canada is part of North America…

No. 1950061

So Claire is fine using other disenfranchised womens wombs and free third world nannies when it suits her but now that she can’t get free wombs and free 24/7 childrearing from Elon she’s trying to do a late exposé on him? Lol. What a hypocrite.

No. 1950062

Didn’t she claim to be part Korean a few years ago? Kek.

No. 1950120

This is like saying the North Pole is part of America. You don't believe that too, do you?(derailing/infighting)

No. 1950274

Spot on nonna, Claire loves to feel superior to other people, that's why she's so insanly bitter about her dead ass career. POC dominate modern pop culture and theres no space for her hard face and crack body. Not one person out of her 2014 tumblr faerie bubble knows her, she's basically a nobody to 99.9% of humans kek
Fucking an 50yr old Billionaire manchild 3 times made her more famous than any of her little songs.

Unpopular opinion….but I dont think claire is "racist", it's way to mainstream for her and she needs some "higher" form of discrimination, aka not like other right-wing traddies. I always assumed she's just a classist with the morals of an chimpanzee.
Don't get me wrong I do think shes racist to some degree but as long as your influential, wealthy or famous she won't care about skin color/ethnicity too much.

But she's 100% mad Elon picked an half indian over her musty muttness.

No. 1950291

rare based grimy moment(racebaiting)

No. 1950308

go back

No. 1950331

File: 1704309548880.png (3.58 MB, 1946x1288, Screen Shot 2024-01-03 at 11.1…)

She's so retarded that she didn't even ask Elon for help with the bare minimum of an interior designer or someone to furnish her house/apartment. He was out there offering to hire an expensive 24/7 security team for Amber Heard after they were broken up, and Shivon has a comfy $4.5 million dollar house with a pool, cabana and a fire pit (picrel), and yet there's Claire wanting to be Not Like Other Girls so badly that her place looks like a college kid's first rental apartment with anime posters on the wall and no furniture. She could have dreamed up some dumb futuristic cyberpunk decor and lighting and at least had a crazy-looking house to match the image she wants to portray. Embarrassing.

No. 1950397

Is that Shivon’s? Kek grimey punching the air somewhere rn. Do you think it comes complete with a money torturing dungeon in the basement?

No. 1950625

I'm a broke starving artist and I decorate my place way better and I have custom furniture too!

Her place looks like my first apartment when I was 19 lol(blog)

No. 1950666

File: 1704372108370.png (942.42 KB, 2019x1036, Match made in hell.png)

>theyre the perfect couple.
Indeed. Here's a comparison of their recent tweets.
1. Name-dropping Tolkien
2. All humans have done horrible things

I think Grimes has only surface level knowledge of Tolkien. And Elon comparing himself to J.R.R. Tolkien is just pure cringe.
LOTR was important part of their relationship. On their second date Grimes compared Elon to Gandalf, and Elon made Grimes take a rapid-fire trivia test on LOTR which she passed.

No. 1950703

File: 1704380814089.jpg (623.75 KB, 3840x2160, Quotefancy-7466392-3840x2160.j…)

tolkien as a person as well as his authorship was coopted by nazis pretty much immediately upon gaining popularity. the hollywood franchise made it even worse and at this point his name isn't much more than a meme that people throw around to grift and help cultivate the image of their self/brand/political branch. look at the tech companies using his concepts in their branding - palantir, anduril industries etc. it has little to do with tolkien himself or his books, and more to do with associations and myths surrounding them.

No. 1950707

A reoccuring theme that is awkward in this thread is nonnas calling grimes cluster b, where she's clearly not? Paradigma cluster b cow is azelia, making drama public, sharing great milky screenshots, calling people names, whereas grums was nowhere to be found during all of that, hid until the heat was over, obviously seems to hide from conflict. All I see with grums is cluster a or c cringe, definitively not b, the nonnas claiming otherwise are projecting hard.(medfagging/armchairing)

No. 1950768

There are 4 subtypes of BPD. The most stereotypical is the impulsive subtype, but Grimes is probably not it, so she doesn't seem bpd. But I can see her being the discouraged subtype because she's a sad doormat.

No. 1950774

>trips confirm the unholy union

How sure are we they aren’t just sharing one braincell back and forth

No. 1951065

File: 1704464916215.png (293.05 KB, 487x779, grimes1.png)

No. 1951066

File: 1704464966935.png (260.71 KB, 496x784, grimes2.png)

No. 1951081

Has grimeth even been through any sort of trauma throughout her childhood or adolescence? The vast majority of people with PDs have trauma. Given how desperate she is for attention why wouldn't she be open about muh mental health and trauma? She seems verbally impulsive so I struggle to see how she would be able to hide this. Like how Elon out of nowhere decided to claim he is a super genius autist to deflect criticism despite no prior mention in any biographies.

No. 1951083

No, she grew up rich and coddled. She has no trauma other than elon deciding he doesn't love her lol

No. 1951109

Clair, if you're edgy enough to hang your booty flapsz out in public, don't pick the granny panty that's visibly sagging and oops-i-washed-my-red-sweater-with-the-delicates pink.

I'd have at least given her partial credit if they were the same color as her top, but tHeM gOrls DINGEY kekekek

No. 1951179

File: 1704487282559.png (3.19 MB, 2160x3840, 3D sleeve.png)

Nona, you are staring at her panties when you should focus on this sick 3D sleeve made by a real cyber artist!
She sucks at styling herself though. The panties ruin the whole photo. Kek.

No. 1951184

Damn I feel bad for her change in appearance, the hubris and self-imposed folly of bimboifying a cute/unique face is so frustrating like why is this a trend

No. 1951202

File: 1704490048081.png (637.61 KB, 1854x1004, How dare you 1.png)

Comments in this post. People are asking for the new album and her fans are attacking them. How dare you ask a musician if she is making music!


>two liters daily
>For my clarification. Are you curious or are you demanding/feel you are owed art? I'm sorry your tone is strong.
>While you're waiting you could be doing something like make your own
>She is art you are nothin, stfu
>give her the time she needs to create her vision

No. 1951207

File: 1704490688466.png (526.14 KB, 1527x1000, How dare you también.png)

Defend your idol stupidos!
>she has two small children she needs to focus on other things the. Her music

En español:
>callate guey haz tu

And the not sure if trolling guy demanding her to solve world hunger instead of wearing ridiculous clothes.
>u solve it

No. 1951226

Rich people aren't immune to mental trauma, for example:
-mommy & daddy were too busy
-kids at school don't like you (social exclusion is more traumatic to children than bullying)
-feel like a fuckup for reasons you don't understand due to autism

all of these things can lead to acting out and trying on increasingly extreme strategies for attracting attention, and glomming onto anything that works even a little, no matter how maladaptive it is.
dang, no waist even in a corset

No. 1951298

Didn't her mom give her the ed and her parents had a super bizarre routine extreme fitness routine? I remember way back when in interviews that her mom would feed her like, protein shakes as a meal and make her and her brother run laps around the house. That's why she left home.

No. 1951328

every citizen of a britbong country mostly has an eating disorder

No. 1951380

Pretty sure that was her dad. She's also described her grandpa being a prepper extremist and some other things like that but honestly with her there's a greater than 50% chance she made that shit up. There's basically no consistency with her as a person.

No. 1951401


Tf is she doing in Mexico?????

No. 1951479

Girl get up.

No. 1951491

>On their second date Grimes compared Elon to Gandalf
Somehow I never read about it, but it says so much about her awful obsession with him - she treated him like her father/mentor

No. 1951505

This is another argument for the "Claire has bpd" theory.

No. 1951524

I can see why collaborated with him and is copying his style. His face may be conventionally attractive but he has the same shitty slap on tattoos she has. If he wasn't married she would move on from Elon for him, guarantee it

No. 1951536

damn she looks so bad in the face, how could she even post this… that outfit is atrocious to boot

No. 1951560

Sage because armchair tinfoil. I agree, She quiet literally always seemed autistic, I believe that isn’t a lie and can explain most of her behavior. Not uncommon for them to resort to bitchy behavior because “muh brain is too different for the average normie.” Yes she is your average attention seeker, but more detached from real emotions (That would ruin her ‘intellectual, im just one of the boys’ image), which is y she doesn’t take the “me trauma victim” route. Grimes believes she is some wise shaman more knowledgeable than most and it is her job to teach everyone, Though most can see the reality of that ploy. Elon calling shivon his “intellectual equal” had to humble her. If anything it’s average fame narcissism with autist fantasy.

No. 1951577

You know you can have traits without actually being autistic right? There's little to no proof that she has it. You didn't know her as a child. This is just insulting.

No. 1951609

File: 1704569297045.jpeg (66.58 KB, 1040x243, F721AD8E-F655-4C50-B066-96C632…)

She literally said she is diagnosed with autism lmaoo

No. 1951610

That's not the same a diagnosis. Also there are many faulty diagnoses given by poor assessors who do it all within an hour.

No. 1951611


Sage cos samefag. I agree, but the whole point is people armchair her with BPD and cluster b, so how is autism any worse? Id rather focus on what she herself seems to validate. Arm chairing and speculating is wrong regardless, but I was just agreeing to be against the bpd claims which is like one of the main things discussed in grimes threads

No. 1951613

I don't armchair her as anything. Grimeth is a lying whore who constantly changes her interests and opinions, I guarantee within due time she will be distancing herself from autism. Autism is the cool edgy smart alt girl diagnosis today. I can't imagine an actual autist spending as much time around people as she does, they are much closer to schizoids/schizotypal in presentation usually.

No. 1951618

I was told there is a difference with social situations (not related to grimes, but diagnosis) Whereas one can genuinely not understand social cues whilst the other can understand them quiet well yet choose to ignore them which is where the “Anti-social” label comes in. And I agree, grimes switches up based on what can make her appear more quirky, which is y I said she fixates on social standing. Idk Grimes enough to see if she actually spends that much time around people or it’s just for status. But regardless, this just ends in a moral loop, not based in real proof, like you said, so best not to

No. 1951636

I can think of several turbo-autists who also have bpd. I think its very possible to be both. I think you can be autistic and not have bpd, but you can't have bpd and not be autistic kek

No. 1951647

fwiw amphetamines make people act autistic. autism is trendy in the circles she runs in, and so is amphetamine abuse. it's pretty obvious claire is neurodivergent but the combined influences of fame, drug abuse, and her techbro friend group make a diagnosis basically meaningless. of course whatever psychologist elon approved was going to diagnose their kid with autism, because in their heads autism = special, and now claire gets to claim she is too by proxy. is she quirky, broadly neurodivergent, or genuinely autistic? idk, but she's definitely on a shitton of weird drugs all the time! any diagnosis that's made without taking that into account isn't reliable.

No. 1951649

this goes for elon too, for the record

No. 1951652

please do not continue with the medfagging/armchairing/tinfoiling of w.e mental illnesses she might or might not have. She probably has something and has some addictions- but we know, and we don't care, no one cares about your analysis on the matter. Continued posting will result in bans.

No. 1951655

Idk what's worse, this pic or the caption.
also wholesome kek at her "controversial white pride~" dogwhistle comments lol. She's striving so hard for these crumbs of attention huh.

No. 1951667

Finally lol she’s just a dumbass tryhard pseudointellectual I honestly don’t even think she’s cluster abc or autistic or whatever

No. 1951686

she's a proven liar, why would we take her word for anything?

No. 1951704

ugh of COURSE Pickme Prime would go to a moid trying to be Iris van Herpen for something like this. Knew it couldn't be Iris's own work with that ugly riveted strap but ew.

No. 1951709

It doesn't say there that she was diagnosed by a professional. She said recently she is autistic because she took the autism test given to her toddler son.

No. 1952016

File: 1704653352971.png (532.38 KB, 1080x883, What is love.png)

Who do you think Elon is referring to with this one? I hope we get to see Claire's reaction to this.

No. 1952018

File: 1704653503034.png (439.29 KB, 1080x910, Lil x.png)

I bet she would rather be here

No. 1952020

File: 1704653572635.jpg (179.45 KB, 1144x1526, media_GDJPbt6XcAAncEy.jpg)

No. 1952239

>as a European mutt
She 100% lurks.

No. 1952241

The autistic women I know irl would not be described as ‘hot’ kek.

No. 1952242

That's a common term on Twitter though

No. 1952295

great post nonna confirms griffin is fully alienated from his father. I didn't realize this was confirmable.

No. 1952324

File: 1704710930242.jpg (177.25 KB, 720x1256, 0.jpg)

Are you sure this is his real account? Looks more like someone larping as Griffin

No. 1952354

Nope that’s his real account(sage your shit)

No. 1952438

No. 1952448

Amazing intel honestly, ty for spotting him (griffin). Crazy to know he's alienated from both oldest XY kids, must KILL him. You just know he wanted his firstborn boy to be The Emperor.

Now the attachment to X makes sense- without him, Musk literally has nobody in the world. Pitiful dude.

No. 1952493

File: 1704748469473.png (1.47 MB, 958x3303, The real griffin.png)

>Be Elon Musk's real son
>account not verified/no blue checkmark
>pinned tweet: "Follow my threads" with a link to Threads account
>can't get rid of fake accounts on Daddy's platform.

No wonder a young college student got tired of Daddy's malfunctioning site. Bet his college friends use Threads, so why wouldn't he?

No. 1952496

File: 1704748823226.png (2.3 MB, 2160x3840, Verified fake son.png)

Aww look at that. The fake son got the blue verification mark. Great work, daddy!

No. 1952499

i bet these are all elon's sockpuppets kekkkk

No. 1952501

son of a "genius," yet doesn't even know how to use basic punctuation and grammar

No. 1952513

that’s not him

No. 1952859

File: 1704823576387.jpg (748.96 KB, 1080x1788, Screenshot_20240109_110545.jpg)

who is this? one of shivon's fucked up looking kids?
X is such a cute kid and her kids came out jacked up, lmao!
idgaf about claire but at least her kids are cute.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1952882

Not today, Claire.(hi cow)

No. 1952910

File: 1704831108193.jpeg (620.42 KB, 1052x1445, 49BEF855-598B-4855-B588-3D6005…)

She looks so dif than she did in the grok video, her eyes look totally different in every photo lately its so confusing, i wonder if she has to update the face id in her phone

No. 1952954

File: 1704838811687.mp4 (19.11 MB, 480x640, Anyma Grimes Tulum México.mp4)

She was performing with Anyma in Tulum, Mexico

Her dance moves look weird too.

No. 1953152

What a boring ass crowd. I’ve seen other videos of her set, it’s dead down there

No. 1953169

how can a musician have so little sense of rhythm

No. 1953199

Damn that’s sad. The crowd was completely dead. If you can’t make Mexicans dance and get hyped up then it’s truly over for you.

No. 1954627

It's probably a book Claire wanted to read as a girl so she wouldn't have become the person she is now. All her larp as Nordik princesses, goddesses, girls wielding swords, Eve on Mars etc. is obviously a way to feel powerful and influential.

No. 1954631

nonna, she wrote about us in her song

No. 1954958

File: 1705235916254.png (874.1 KB, 1080x1539, Reddit allegations.png)

The Grimes hate-boner reddit has some weird allegations. This user claims they saw Claire's ex rant about her in the elite gymnastics discord server. They have no screenshots to support any of this shit. It's just source: trust me bro.


No. 1955097

No she didn't.

No. 1955102

I wouldn't be surprised if she hasn't actually read The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings books. Remember when she and her ex tried to have a "Tom Sawyer riverboat adventure" and they had a copy of Huckleberry Finn in the boat, and told the cops neither of them had read it? kek

No. 1955167

Just because she literally didn't mention "lolcow", doesn't mean she didn't reference it. In a recent song she wrote "don't be a pick-me girl, you said". Considering how she proved many times that she visits this board, and that nonas keep calling her like that here, it's a safe bet that it was meant to be a dig at us. Either way, she reads about herself online, including here.

No. 1955188

File: 1705276679375.png (495.22 KB, 1080x1374, Shivon kids.png)

Elon's mother tweets Shivon's kids again. With heart emojis and everything. Claire must be seething.

Mind sharing the song too?

No. 1955560

Imagine posting this much on lolcow as a celebrity. Is there an entire hicow thread about this ?(hi cow & lack of sage)

No. 1955602

is 'pick-me' a term that originated here? thats the best you got? lmao clearly you must have some other proof. shes a terminally online tard, she probably most frequents reddit, twitter, a discord or two, and 4chan before here. so calm down. the way she replies to people is clearly for the male gaze.

No. 1955633

Are there really people discussing her like this on 4chan? X to doubt

No. 1955668

Nobody cares about her on 4chan anymore she’s far too old for the scrotes who frequent that board. Maybe 10-12 years ago.

No. 1955669

You wouldn’t need to read LOTR to have that knowledge you can just watch the movies(unsaged derailing)

No. 1955877

to the degree any of this can be confirmed, it is (c does not have the dog, her PR savviness is still nonexistent, azealiabanks is always right). i see no reason to doubt tbh, there's nothing new or salacious, it's all just kind of embarrassing for claire. the part about ignoring all of her friends' PR advice in particular really shows how arrogant and out of touch she is, and it only seems to have gotten worse.

No. 1955940

File: 1705446989035.jpeg (282.49 KB, 1179x574, 0F77F7DB-10F7-4EB7-99B7-916EA9…)

Her official wikipedia page… shes so done. Reputation forever tarnished and there is no going back for her. Slowly all the people who still support her will realize shes more aligned with 4chan edgelord school shooters politics than any of the fake libtard bullshit she used to cosplay, like her dumb commercial to vote for hilary clinton kek. People she works with like her black manager, her stylist, ultra-lib hana, her brother etc will all have to distance themselves from her once the public is fully aware of how rotten and shitty she is. She has successfully trashed everything she built in about 3 years time. no one likes her gay new songs. No one thinks shes cool anymore. She blew up and ruined the elven ethereal aesthetic that worked for others but never for her. She botched her ogre face. She proved to the world shes a shitty narc mom who does drugs on livestreams, projects everything she loves about herself onto them, and is rarely even with them. And worst of all she abandoned her creative female spirit to become a pick me for white supremacist, misogynist incels. Which is insane because she will never win with her new fans, they hate women and only support her for her own misogynist signals like loving the patriarchy and following pedophiles like spergler acolyte who post stuff like “child tummy is the erotic aryan treat” she is totally down to still be friends with nusi even after the SA allegations. She loves creepy , racist men. That is the audience she’s been trying to reach with her crypto scams and her new race scientist friends like razib khan. But they will abandon her as her attempts to look teenaged are beginning to fall flat. She will have no one left besides a few delusional teens who can’t read english.

No. 1955949

100% agreed nona. she's really dug this hole for herself

No. 1955977

1000% agree, its the final nail in the coffin for her. this is probably what shes gonna be remembered for tbh

No. 1956006

lol, how can someone prove it? it's a speculation, stop being so serious. she is commonly called like that here, and many of her behaviours showed that she lurks. I said she reads about herself online, but discord or twitter are nothing compared to lolcow where she has threads devoted to her antics

No. 1956022

honestly rip, she’s done

No. 1956074

File: 1705483077463.jpg (791.03 KB, 1080x1350, riJGN7mL6DqRscEehbPwHtyBbIZAFs…)

Somehow she's playing at Coachella on April 13 & 20. I don't know how booking works for musicians but surely whoever handles it has been online since 2014?

No. 1956092

File: 1705490793324.png (117.25 KB, 1080x714, Deleted.png)

Every line in your screenshot got deleted after you posted it. Coincidence?


No. 1956101

The guys who organize these festivals are like 70 year old men. They think someone like Grimes is still hip despite her being irrelevant for the last 10 years.

No. 1956102

Kek she always lurking.

No. 1956105

she became this decade's Tila Tequila

No. 1956139

sounds like the exact mindset Musk had when he got with her lol

No. 1956147

File: 1705504411278.jpeg (260.84 KB, 1704x948, IMG_1411.jpeg)

The very public association Grimes has with Nusi Quero is so weird and disappointing.

He’s literally a white man who admitted to using the moniker Nusi Quero to sound ethnic/latin. Apparently he’s also a massive coomer and a failed musician before he was even a “3d artist” kek.
Nusi Quero literally uses the 3d models from DAZ3D software (software that has PREMADE bodies of female forms in coomer style aka unrealistic proportions and of course childlike/teen ones too. I shit yall not example: @amberin3d on instagram)

He literally just put weird tribal/wannabe iris herpen looking designs on these premade coomer sculptures he didn’t even make and called it his original style.

Like if he was so original why does he need to pretend to have a brown name and steal Polynesian/Austronesian designs they created thousands of years ago already? He’s not even Original in his stealing because tons of white graphic designers have been stealing the Leo Zulueta style for a while now calling it “alien cyber” lmfao.

Nushit Queero really thought this was gonna work but his low iq ass predator self was always gonna ruin it. Him getting caught licking that model's panties was his real self not this shitty artist persona he hides behind. He has made nothing original or unique. Also it’s funny grimes is all “im proud of yt culture” and collabs with a white man who’s literally culture vulture. Really hope he gets sent to prison then he can really meet the real Mr Quero in there- other prisoners are known to despise pedophiles and rapists which nusi has probably already engaged in but just not caught yet.

No. 1956419

It's absolutely insane to me how she's willing to blow up her entire career for an ugly man who never gave a shit about her

No. 1956585

File: 1705606666735.png (122.87 KB, 2073x1046, wikiusergone.png)

crazy how she made an account just to fuck with the edits and deleted unless she got banned/deleted

the mention about the subreddit and her being a Nazi supporter are back either way kek

No. 1956774

fucking kek

No. 1956825

No. 1956852

File: 1705668001618.png (44.74 KB, 862x354, kek.png)

found a pinterest and a reddit associated with the username. the pinterest appears empty but of course the reddit isn't surprising. russian text on the profile and WKing on r/grimes and posting on r/eatingdisorders.
this reply made me kek, she really has nothing but time on her hands. not gonna tinfoil and say this is 100% her but it's not like it would be surprising

No. 1956870

File: 1705673225764.png (758.65 KB, 1757x1080, Added nazi thing.png)

That's too many coincidences. Nonnas, we must get to the bottom of this!
Here's the timeline:
>January 1st 2024
"The nazi thing" and Claire's love for patriarchy were added to Grimes official Wikipedia page
>January 17th 2024 at 01:16
Nonna posts screenshot in Grimes thread
>January 17th 2024 at 02:23
Gabsinches creates a Wikipedia account
>January 17th 2024 at 02:25
Gabsinches makes their first and only edit on Wikipedia by removing the contents of that screenshot, but leaves the rest of the article as it is.

No. 1956887

File: 1705677768428.jpeg (949.3 KB, 1488x1593, IMG_1436.jpeg)

Grimes has done this shit ten years ago where she’ll hire techfags to “hack” a website. Too bad you can’t buy your way out of Wikipedia huh Claire.

Hipster runoff was one of the few publications that actively turned celebs into cows. She honestly stole the joy from many of us back then I miss Carles posts

No. 1956903

So I just found out this existed:


Apparently it's from 2020, so not only is it extremely cringe and fetishy, but she was also pregnant during this. What good Mom, amirite?

(Sage for old milk and not being sure how to embed and idk if this was ever posted on this site)(newfaggotry)

No. 1956936

File: 1705688664218.png (275.9 KB, 963x433, Screenshot 2024-01-19 at 1.24.…)

>Nonna posts screenshot in Grimes thread
It was actually posted first to Reddit, both on r/grimezs and the Elon detractor sub, r/enoughmuskspam, on January 16

No. 1956954

>Well actually
Good find, nonna!
Doesn't change the fact that it was in Wikipedia from January 1st 2024 till 1 hour 11 minutes after the screenshot got posted ITT.

Claire reads this thread. The cows can't stay away from the farm.

No. 1957073

it's just the Eric Andre show, they always do crazy weird shit to the guests and musical artists at the end. Like when they had Mac Demarco on and a bunch of dudes jumped out to "Attack DeMarco" and they tied him to a chair while a dudes ass is pushed into his face, kek. It's a very controlled set and I'm sure they didn't actually hurt her while she's pregnant, they were just poking and tickling her to make her laugh, kek.

holy shit this was a blast from the past, I loved hipsterrunoff and I miss it too

No. 1957287

File: 1705760818471.png (237.27 KB, 1242x2208, 8DA768E9-E9CD-475A-BAC9-85EC70…)

someone is still trying to remove fr wikipedia lol

No. 1957288

File: 1705760840027.png (252.36 KB, 1242x2208, 03BDA057-A52E-4224-B1C3-704B2F…)

No. 1957393

>editing anonymously
>making two identical edits using the same ip address.
Fucking retard! Kek. They are having a nice little Wikipedia edit war over her page. Wikipedia is a joke nowadays but ain't no one using Reddit as source! Read the text you are trying to delete, dear Canadian who is totally not Claire.
Normally I'd agree, the info in question is unnecessary and irrelevant but so is her career at this point.

No. 1957481

Hard disagree, her white supremacist arc is absolutely relevant to her story, just like varg vikernes or kanye west. She doesn’t deserve to keep crafting false narratives about herself like shes been able to for her entire career. The real claire has been slowly revealing herself to the world and her fans deserve to know who she is and what songs like “we appreciate power” and statements like “my life and art are forever dedicated to the mission” actually mean, cus its some fucking dark white supremacist bs and people who don’t want to support that deserve to know. She literally follows sex trafficker andrew tate and people who post shit like “child tummy is the erotic aryan treat” , posted literal lolicon from an artist who mainly draws pedo rape scenarios, and people still think of her as a feminist icon. People need to know shes fucking vile. It’s a very interesting part of her story.

No. 1957490

File: 1705788920389.png (1.67 MB, 2160x3840, Senpai noticed.png)

This is not a drill! Elon noticed Grimes on X. He commented on her tweet AND pinned said tweet.
Old Grimey stans may now come forward and tell us if the eight-year-old Kill V. Maim was her last decent song or not.

No. 1957626

elon's blatantly only acknowledging her to promote twitter/x's clumsy pivot to video content. he can't even pretend to give a fuck.
hate to break it to you but her IP is probably in california. this is probably just some pitchforkfag in canada.

No. 1957694

kek, so true. it was the same when he went to her concert in Japan only to promote himself and X there

No. 1957698


proxies are a frequent thing lol

No. 1957759

She is too inexperienced with tech and internet to edit a wikipedia article or use proxy/vpn. My guess is she asked her brother to do so.

No. 1957877

vpns are not that hard to use nona…

No. 1957887


wish someone would remove the lies she tells about herself like studying neuroscience and having autism

No. 1957905

>too inexperienced with tech and internet to edit a wikipedia article
You think editing a Wikipedia article requires any tech experience? Kek nonna! Creating a Wikipedia account is as easy as creating any social media account. The user making these edits is inexperienced alright. The level of new faggotry is embarrassing!

No. 1957908

File: 1705869693917.png (274.54 KB, 1080x1012, CoralAndCoffee.png)

Well this user tried to remove those exact things. Looks like the whole account was created just for editing the Grimes article. User CoralAndCoffee made the other jannies angry with their edits. If you thought Reddit mods are uptight you should see Wikipedia mods.

No. 1957963

That's the fucking joke. She likes to present herself as a nerd who "grew up with 4chan", has understanding of AI and is some hacker gamer, but her knowledge is extremely shallow and at the level of a normie scrolling reddit who has no idea what a proxy server is. Discord isn't complicated either and yet she struggled with it.
>The user making these edits is inexperienced alright.
If editing doesn't require experience as you suggested, then she should have done it immediately without any issues, right? And yet, she had no clue how that works and didn't care to find out.

No. 1958161

Nah, the editing was done technically right. They logged in and deleted the text. But that is not how Wikipedia fags operate.
It's like anyone can find this site and post a comment but they'll stand out like a sore thumb and get banned for newfaggotry.

No. 1958170

you seem funnily dumb, nonna kek

Agreed, idgi why nonas don't consider stans lurking on here is atm more probable then grums herself.

I miss Carles too.

No. 1958630

File: 1706046272034.png (2.31 MB, 1684x768, melon.png)

any polishfags here? What in the fuck, guess Elon came to our country to LARP as someone absolutely against antisemitism! Gotta quickly fix that reputation through taking a quick stroll through Auschwitz, right.
>Elon Musk's visit to Poland has become the subject of increased media interest. The billionaire first visited the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum in Oświęcim, and then went to Krakow, where he took part in a discussion on counteracting anti-Semitism on the Internet. On Tuesday, as PAP reported, he plans to attend a funeral service to be held at the former Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Is that photoshooped or he really took his kid with him?

No. 1958632

File: 1706046566845.jpg (107.25 KB, 1600x1065, z30620170IHR,Elon-Musk-odwiedz…)

(Alright, not shooped.) Help this gets so cringe

>I was naive about anti-Semitism. Around me, in my bubble, this phenomenon actually didn't exist at all, Musk admitted. - However, I believe that if freedom of speech and social media had existed during Auschwitz, the Holocaust would have been impossible - he said.

>Asked to comment on Hamas' attack on Israel and the growing wave of anti-Semitism, Musk said that people hate others when they have been subjected to some form of indoctrination. "That's why I think the most important thing is to fight this indoctrination," he emphasized. At the same time, he admitted that he was "naive" about anti-Semitism. - In my bubble, this phenomenon actually does not exist. I aspire to be a Jew myself, he joked.

>- What was happening in this respect in the Gaza Strip, where children are indoctrinated and taught to hate Israel, should be stopped, he added. - But at the same time, the West should also extend a helping hand to the inhabitants of Gaza, even if sometimes it would be bitten. There are lessons to be learned from the Marshall Plan. The effect of helping the defeated Germans is nearly a hundred years of peace in this part of Europe, he argued.

>Interviewer Ben Shapiro asked Musk about dealing with hate speech on the Internet. Musk argued that "platform X has the least anti-Semitism of all platforms." According to the billionaire, the solution is not restrictions, because "the first thing the Nazis did after coming to power was to introduce censorship." When asked what he was doing as the head of X (former Twitter) to prevent the spread of lies and hate speech, he said that "the introduction of community comments has done a lot of good." - It is possible to quickly point out and mark a false entry, and the marking of lies cannot be removed - he assured.

(sourced from polish article & using google translate bc i'm lazy)

No. 1958634

File: 1706046709354.png (396.9 KB, 620x496, melon2.png)

Also he pissed everyone off bc he refused to sign autographs so the media came to conclusion he's an asshole. lol

No. 1958635

Clearly a PR tour with the kid there as assassination deterrent

No. 1958639

Unfortunately he's not famous enough in Poland to be worth assassinating, he's mostly considered an unimpressive idiot there. I'm sure he's scared of ~the Russians~ though, it's SUCH a close proximity!

No. 1958696

Uh okay Elon I’m sure the reason Palestinians hate the IDF is because of indoktrinashun and not because their loved ones and neighbors have been getting shot in the street for decades. Muskrat really can’t decide whether his hatred of brown people trumps his hatred of Jews, can he?

No. 1958697

I hate to comment on kids appearances or bully innocent retards but X has an ugly low IQ bully/sped phenotype. It’s like he inherited all the most retard adjacent features from both parents.

No. 1958711

>I aspire to be a Jew myself
the Ashkenazi IQ fetishism continues I see

No. 1958785

all these musklings are so dysgenic and malformed, x is honestly about as good as it's gotten so far. It's part of why Elon totes him around everywhere

No. 1958788

kek its sorta funny to me musk just like a gambling addict paid $500K per roll with his dysgenic seed on the genetic slot machine and even paid amber for an upgraded roll and they still ended up all fucked up

No. 1958831

Is this the poor Toyota who watched "Apocalypse Now" before he learned to speak? I've never seen a young child there, it's officially advised not to come with children younger than 14 years old

No. 1958934

>I've never seen a young child there, it's officially advised not to come with children younger than 14 years old
You mean going to see Auschwitz? I think it's absolutely normal if kids younger than 14 come to see the place, i mean at least 12 and 13 year olds should be perfectly capable of knowing about history and "handling" it. I mean it's already teenagers. Now 7 to 10yo - depends on how well kids comprehend it. Kids kill people in computer games daily, idk if they'd get scared of such place unless they're sensitive. Perhaps they can get disturbed on a personal, human level idk (like getting this gut wrenching feeling when you see all the leftover clothes and shoes of all these killed children etc). So bringing them should be parent's conscious decision. The real problem though is if kids are "mature" enough to understand what they're looking at. Which i'm sure about, Little Toyota Corolla is too young to understand anything so i bet he didn't enjoy this trip much.
(but has to pretend so just so his shitty dad spends 5 more minutes with him)

No. 1958960

File: 1706125575524.mp4 (9.84 MB, 1080x1920, Vocalizing.mp4)

"Sorry I've been gone so long. Excited to get back to work! cc @anyma [emojis not allowed on lolcow.farm]"

No. 1958963

Ok, where is this place. Her equipment/workplace still looks small and Walmart bargain as fuck, but the view from the windows tells me it's not her usual cardboard box abode that beautiful E so tenderly gifted her with

No. 1958973

Some users on her snark subreddit think it's Anyma's place. If they're fucking it makes sense why she is "returning" to music

No. 1958987

1.This is likely anyma’s place. Its in hollywood hills. When she posted that pic of her in the 2019 3d printed armour arm (the one that belongs to anyma) in hollywood hills, she lied and said it was in mexico city for some reason even tho its 100% the LA skyline. So this video and the anyma armor pic are taken in the same place, and it’s somewhere in hollywood hills, seeing as anyma is tagged its likely that this is his house in both.

2. This is a vocal synth, she isnt even singing in this video she is lipsyncing to a vocal patch and her prerecorded vocal singing along to the vocal patch before it reaches the higher notes, you can hear her real, uglier voice coming through if you listen w good headphones or speakers

This is her actual, hideous voice. She didnt take care of her vocal chords at all, not that she was ever a good singer but her range has drastically reduced since her early 20s


No. 1959042

He isn't anywhere near the age of 12, though, and I think a child around that age shouldn't see that either, rather 14-16. It's simply a grim, awful place, and a guide is telling disturbing stories, some maturity is required. Even if he was too young to understand anything, I don't see a reason to expose him to this or the film. Elon risked traumatizing him just to look like a loving dad, as always

No. 1959060

I can’t believe x’s parents image comes before protecting their child from disturbing imagery. Yeah making your kid watch rated r violent movies and letting him view atrocities of the holocaust is totally normal and not going to affect him negatively in any way at that young of an age. At this point, I only have morbid curiosity on what kind of person x will develop and grow into as an adult. He certainly won’t be a normal functioning person if his parents keep this up

No. 1959111

>Excited to get back to work!
kek imagine her acting like any music is coming. how many times in the last year has she said that? she's not even trying to lipsync which makes a disconnect while watching. shes just sitting in a chair with an awful backtrack opening her mouth and waving around her gross old lady hand. she's not even moving her mouth or trying to look like she's singing. everything she does is so low effort

No. 1959128

Why is she pretending like she's singing in this video? Extra confusing because it sounds like a bad middle school choir- why not pick a better audio clip to lipsync to?

No. 1959146

Must be the only thing they created that night, and afterwards she realized it would be good to show it to fans but she was too anxious or too lazy to show how signing for it actually sounded

No. 1959155

In my country, school classes aged 10yo go to see the camps, it's part of history class

No. 1959158

elon liked her kill v maim post. she had to rush to get his attention while he's still looking, kek

No. 1959171

Wow. Some of the cringiest shit i've seen today. How can someone like this be famous.

No. 1959190

her new face in motion looks weird

No. 1959276

Waiting for X to get too big for Elon’s fatass to lug around, hopefully he’ll be less in the spotlight when that happens

No. 1959297

alright it's my last post on this subject but. Kids under 14yo here know/learn about Auschwitz and nothing scary happens to them. Same as even much younger kids visit museum of Warsaw Uprising (during which thousands upon thousands of civillians and an army made of literal teens & kids died and the city was turned to ashes, so equally morbid). Primary schools organize class trips to places like that. I used to watch WW2 movies/documentaries at 8yo and i'm fine. It's just our history, like it or not. Yes, it's terrifying but history IS terrifying. I don't think this should be sugarcoated.
I agree it's not very wise to bring a 5yo here, esp when he surely lacks the context. But sorry, thinking 12/13 year olds are too young to go see concentration camps is ridiculous
I'm surprised he never shows around with that one kid that looks exactly like him. The boy's obviously old enough to be too embarassed though.(derailing)

No. 1959516

I am Polish, and I didn't learn about it at school before I was 14 (and went on a school trip). I learnt about it at home a bit earlier, read books written by prisoners, and in retrospect, it didn't affect me positively. I realize not everyone will have the same reaction, but I really don't see a good reason to tell 10-year-olds about experiments on humans, that children their age were gassed with their parents, or showing them corpses. Childhood is for being innocent, not being exposed to human atrocities as soon as possible.
Sorry for the blogpost.(blogposting)

No. 1959531

In my country we learn about it when we are 10, how sheltered must you be to think 10-14 year olds cant handle reality(derailing)

No. 1959543

Nona, X is only 3.

No. 1959590

Not that anon, but none of the anons itt said X should go learn about camps, Holocaust, WW2 etc. at 3 years old. Or watch apocalypse now. I thought it's obvious everyone agrees he's too young - i was honestly weirded out by the fact Elon dragged him along. What i and a few other anons don't agree with is thinking that fucking teenagers shouldn't see such atrocities, god forbid they learn about history bc it's not plush and optimistic! Get a grip.
>Childhood is for being innocent, not being exposed to human atrocities as soon as possible.
Yes, in an ideal world. nd yet nowadays most of 10-14yo have already seen gore, porn & extreme violence online. They play violent computer games including dead bodies and blood and all. anon, kids view content that's far from innocent daily. Knowing all that, I'd say stories from the WW2 are hardly the worst stuff that could possibly traumatize kids.

No, 8-10 year olds don't have to know yet (but i don't think they should be protected from learning either). But 11-14yo teenagers certainly aren't sensitive toddlers who should stay blissfully naive and sheltered from reality. Most ppl that age already have at least minimal knowledge on world wars history.(derailing)

No. 1959592

y'all are gonna make the mods mad with this discussion about kids visiting the camps

I'm tryna see what grimthes is doing with her silly self not all this

No. 1959680

Youre right, we need to get this over. Now what Grimeth is doing? Grimeth is getting high at her LA buddies place and forgetting X exists. I get she doesnt care much for *le grand court battle anymore.

No. 1959692

File: 1706274538428.png (262.12 KB, 720x1291, Screenshot_20240126-080935-281…)

in custody battle news, it looks like X has finally been returned to California, perhaps by order from the judge. has Grimes won?

No. 1959707

Don’t think she got full custody, they probably just did a 50:50 thing. I worry for X in both Elon and Grimeys hands. His dad is an autistic megalomaniac, and his mom is an irresponsible low IQ druggie.

No. 1959802

File: 1706304947041.png (828.15 KB, 967x1908, Autotune for coachella.png)

Correct. The autotune is on and this is likely just backup vocals for anyma's dj set. I don't know what else she means with this being for Coachella. Doesn't she have a whole album to drop?

No. 1959805

File: 1706305640464.png (1.31 MB, 965x2333, Grimes kids and AI.png)

IIRC Melon wanted the custody of all three kids. Claire has big plans for educating them using AI. Love the word salad.

No. 1959806

File: 1706305945631.png (2.18 MB, 1080x2316, Save Koto.png)

And here's Koto playing with the updated Furbies, I mean the brand new AI toys. I feel sorry for this guy. He has to drag those cheap plushies everywhere so that Grimes and tech bros can pretend the project hasn't been abandoned.

No. 1959943

My theory is that Musk was always going to agree to some type of split custody agreement eventually, but he wanted to show Grimes who's boss and put her in her place so she'd be grateful for what she gets and he will keep the upper hand.

No. 1960092

File: 1706385823710.mp4 (3.22 MB, 720x1280, Palladium behind the scenes.mp…)

Y'all dig this Palladium 12 behind the scenes shit? Seem authentic?

No. 1960160

I’m laffin at how short her legs are and how stubby she looks. Also love how they had to cast the strongest 10,000 watt light on her possible to hide her botched ass face and blobfish nose, until she looks like a blank piece of paper with lips.

No. 1960246

the last few seconds has me genuinely laughing

>Also love how they had to cast the strongest 10,000 watt light on her possible to hide her botched ass face and blobfish nose, until she looks like a blank piece of paper with lips.
kek it's true, it's like that with all her shoots lately. shes so obviously bogged in person so they have to pull out all the stops and she still looks awful

No. 1960380

Imagine being so insecure you need a whole ass stadium floodlight to conceal your face in every shot(non-milk posts should be saged)

No. 1960652

She looked cool right up until the end of the clip when she put her hand to the side and awkwardly tried and failed to repose it in a cool way and then visibly gave up, all within like a second.
She looks great here though.

No. 1960695

File: 1706557719578.png (711.03 KB, 1080x1644, Stylist Turner.png)

Everyone would look great with this amount of editing. This is what working with professionals gets you.

No. 1960702

File: 1706558518130.png (2.01 MB, 1841x1013, Barfchella.png)

Grimey making poster art using tacky AI prompts for Coachella.
If you compare these+her hideous outfits to her music videos+Palladium photos you should see that Grimes is no visual artist.

No. 1960710

Honestly her thinness is the only thing she has going for her, which is probably why she clings to it so hard. She admittedly can look cool and ethereal in photos when she's posing and standing still at certain angles, and then all of the magic is undone when you see how awkwardly she moves IRL and how goofy she sounds when she talks.

kek I saw this too. It's the most uninspired cheap AI art. Ethical concerns aside, I hate how cluttered, nonsensical and ugly everything is when people throw AI prompts together and it's always so obvious.

No. 1960711

File: 1706559501809.png (862.08 KB, 1076x1535, Poor Duffy.png)

Grimes' shows are full of safety hazards. She chipped her tooth stage diving, and this Duffy guy sprayed the whole audience with his blood.
(And don't forget Bella getting punched in the face during video shoot.)
Well, at least Duffy went viral on TikTok so he's got that going on for him.

No. 1960712

Except it isn't Duffy going viral. It is this Grimes audio going viral. Ain't no one care about Duffy

No. 1960745

she's never stage-dived, early grimes shows were not insane either, she's always flopped around on stage with zero presence. i genuinely think lying might be the only consistant thing about her. if she's the source of the information then it's not true

No. 1960768

Cringe as hell

No. 1960826

Can confirm. Was verifiably not insane and initially liked her bc the show I went to felt more like a live lullaby to me kek. I specifically liked that it WASNT insane but still vibey. It was one of the only shows I didn’t feel socially anxious being at. Not sure how to characterize it. This was pre pop off so that’s abt as early as it gets.

No. 1960828

Like I urge any nona to try and find a song from her early catalog that you can mosh to. It almost seems as if she says these things to appeal to the male music critic purist