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File: 1564607176970.jpg (106.1 KB, 960x960, j986abm0bzy21.jpg)

No. 846840

Lilith Levisis real name Clare Buley. THREAD 4.
Thread 1 - removed and unavailable.
Thread 2 - >>>/snow/579509
Thread 3 - deleted in an unfortunate error, but is at this static page: https://lolcow.farm/snow/832303.html
Latest updates:
>Opened an onlyfans account and claims to post on it everyday, but doesn't.
>Changes her story from being sober one day to being on anything from weed, molly, xans, etc. the next.
>Regularly sperges about "$LAUGHTER PRODUCTIONZ" (her own media brand) and advertises casting calls that never amount to anything.
>Appears to have drifted apart from almost all of her previous junkie "friends".
>Resorts to posting throwbacks for attention often.
>Seems to be in a relationship with @lokowitthamask, a bizarre wannabe rapper.
Most recent thread post:

>Photoshops and pastes Angelina Jolie’s face into her face.

>Lurks this thread to fuck.
>Using Blade/Melanie’s death for fame.
>Got a new apartment so she can no longer live supervised yet is still carrying on her junkie lifestyle like she did in the LA apartment that belonged to Bianca (before her arrest and “recovery”).
>Starting her own underwear line, “bunny g strings” and hasn’t even announced her shitty store/website location yet.
>Looks unphotoshopped and different as fuck on candid shots.
Original thread post:

Vapid, try-hard IG heroin junkie
>Shops waist into unrealistic proportions & denies it, broken back from constantly sticking her ass out as far as possible
>Scammed people for money using her cat's health as an excuse
>Has been sent to expensive, high class rehab resorts 3+ times only to last days; claims it's because she is too psychotic
>Most recently kicked out of the Betty Ford Clinic because she "paints demons on rocks"
>Cannot form complete sentences in speech or writing
>Claims other girls steal her totally original, never-before-seen aesthetic
More info from a former peer on PULL:
>goes to NYU, Her father is a lawyer i believe who pays for her and her sister
>both have new york apartments and [he] pays all their expenses
>all she seems to do is buy drugs and party constantly while her dad fills up her bank account, no questions asked.
>went on tour with marilyn manson, they had a fling while she was underage.
Social media accounts:


No. 846841

File: 1564608836266.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1125x2436, CD30C736-8701-4E67-A81A-8B59EC…)

Still sober, huh?

No. 846842

File: 1564608953280.png (5.06 MB, 1125x2436, 5B84DF37-46F5-4229-8A16-A0E291…)

Samefag, another one so you can read it (couldn‘t manage to get her username onto it while making the name of the med readable)

No. 846843

is this narcan or suboxone?

No. 846844

It is Suboxone, and in a more recent story post her and Zoe Wood have coke lines on the coffee table in front of them, so I doubt she is sober, but subs are used to wean from herion

No. 846845

These help wean. Good if you have suppression issues too and you don't want to relapse.

No. 846856

File: 1564624854216.jpeg (836.55 KB, 1217x1849, 8839CF3C-CDEA-4362-850D-E86E13…)

Milk from the deleted thread, she deleted this off her private IG but she said she hadn’t had her period in 2 months and thinks she might be pregnant

No. 846866

Not sure how methadone/naloxone clinics work in the USA, but where I live you have to be well into recovery and the clinic needs to trust you enough to not sell it for money to take home any sort of medication, I think she might be copping these off dealers and could be shooting them up. No clinic would trust an Addict with that much suboxone

No. 846902


It would be so much easier for her to just buy heroin then, esp in LA, it would prob be cheaper too.

No. 847054


They hand them out like candy in treatment centers where I’m at on the west coast so they’re not all that hard to get on the street. Some dealers will even give them for free if someone’s copping for a binge and wants something for the withdraw. I don’t personally understand the logic of buying subs to shoot when you’re trying to stop but that happens too and at least where I’m from the cost is about the same. Altho I’ve never seen one person with so many, maybe it was pricey

No. 847119

Looks like she lost weight again

No. 847517

File: 1564751669252.jpeg (157.23 KB, 750x736, 91BF6FDC-8508-4692-B068-00F449…)

I just found this old pic. Turns out Lilith and toopoor were cool at one point before Clare decided she hates Layla

No. 847518

File: 1564751708136.jpeg (206.95 KB, 750x731, 536B5052-ECC7-4139-AE29-2D4936…)

Another old pic. She’s so strung out on H. Those pinpoint pupils.

No. 847758

File: 1564784705714.jpeg (189.45 KB, 750x1137, C1C66BD3-B3C7-4BC8-BC7D-AE8124…)

Got a headache trying to read this

No. 847841


Lmao is there anything you actually do yourself Clare

No. 847846

Why was her previous thread deleted?

No. 847851

A farmhand explained it was accidentally deleted in an unfortunate error, but everything possible was salvaged from it and moved to a static page.

No. 847862

She's going to be 22 years old and she still types like an 11 year old who was just granted internet access by her strict parents and wants to fit in on the Meez forum she just discovered so she succumbs the typing in a "hip" style but it just makes her look retarded

No. 848260

File: 1564877794267.png (1.39 MB, 750x1334, 21FB35CC-24FC-46F2-9F03-001F59…)

found some pics from when she was with Manson

No. 848262

File: 1564877833864.png (1.91 MB, 750x1334, 8F8E8A48-BD89-4429-AFA5-3193BA…)

No. 848263

File: 1564877929208.png (2.3 MB, 750x1334, CFCA4499-2964-44A4-AB86-BEFDC2…)

she liked to tag him in random photos of her

No. 848269

sage your non milky posts and hide your icon, dumb ass.

No. 848271

Seems like she’s lurking with what she recently posted to her stories about $laughtermerch or whatever the fuck it is… like how the website is “almost” done and she “actually” does stuff lololol but of course all this is waiting on her assistant or WHATEVER to get back from London lololololol AND the pics being used to model her stupid ass bunny thongs are like literally stills/screenshots from a trap house music video… Oh and she added new content to her only fans … lmao… it’s almost like she (and others) lurk this thread just so they can see how to scam ppl better??? Loving the shit show tbh. Her and pnp are my fave cows even tho Lilith is way less milky these days

No. 848277

File: 1564881278317.png (2.63 MB, 750x1334, 50679180-E0E5-4FD1-A06B-743869…)

Sorry I forgot to include screenshots with my rant lol

No. 848279

File: 1564881303167.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, E0AD6CEE-8435-4F58-BACD-1A9410…)

No. 848401


Oh Clare. Advertising to your haters is so low. Not that it's even slightly surprising. No one here gives a flying fuck about your company or nudes other than to mock you but it looks as though you've accepted that you're a pathetic joke of an attention whore and are milking that role now LOL how sad. Still not gonna buy your thongs or camshows - I'll wait til your thirsty ass posts screenshots on here and laugh along with the rest of us shaking our heads at you.('tism)

No. 848441

Trying so hard to look like she has an ass that she's turning into a centaur.

No. 848483

File: 1564926343046.jpeg (256.7 KB, 1125x1456, F97E470D-93FD-49DF-9527-3E0A50…)

Lilith next to girls makes her look so Fucking troll. Her nose is so hideous and big.(nitpicking)

No. 848500

dem shotgun nostrils yho

No. 848549

Oh anon, your sleuthing skills are SPOT ON!! …not? Goddamn none of that even sounds like her? Like god forbid I lurk this site for a month and decide to post for once or “newfag” or whatever you guys call it … fucking hilarious that if something is like, slightly worded differently than people are accustomed to here, you go for the ol “lmaoooo way to ~SeLf PoSt insert lolcow” which honestly is super fucking annoying. Like you’re basically being as fucking sensitive and hyper-responsive/reactive as the bitches that get ripped on here… how lame of you. Like I almost wish I was as stupid as the people who leave their icons in screenshots just to prove your dumbass wrong, but they don’t show when you’re just watching someone’s stories. And like why would she post abt the business here??? I get what angle you were coming from but like that’s SUCH a reach.. like…. just no… you’re so stupid. But good try though! Keep watching “new detectives” and “first 48” so you can sharpen those skills, Sherlock.

No. 848553

oh…my god

No. 848555

I s2g I’m only this hyphy bc I’m getting confused for a stupid crackhead bitch that’s trying to start her own business but can’t even spell “job experiance”

No. 848569

literally no one would react like this but clare

No. 848578


actually yes you do sound like her. constant ellipses, long, incoherent rant. stop sperging ffs

No. 848583

…so if anyone actually gets mad and defends themselves it’s the original lolcow? Sound logic.
Like it’s frustrating bc I just wanted to post and be a part of the shit talking lol … Sorry my post wasn’t milky enough or whatever? It was just funny how y’all had been talking abt her not doing anything for slaughter productions, and her only fans… then she posted abt them both yesterday?? Like fuck… I just wanted in on the fun GUYS

No. 848585

Sage your sperging.

No. 848589

Sorry. How do you sage things that aren’t related? I just skimmed the rules but didn’t see(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 848593

Don’t just skim the rules and you’d know that sage goes in the email field, newfag

No. 848599

consistent heroin use gets rid of your periods. but she also could be saying it to brag about how skinny she is.

No. 848626

File: 1564953490609.jpeg (219.05 KB, 750x1203, 24A3663F-528A-4D82-8527-EF41F1…)

the “#slaughterfamily” that is currently just clare, her strange new love interest and this new girl. great collective! sure lots of people want to join.. not

No. 848636

So Bam Margera is having a methed out breakdown and lilith is commenting how perfect and awesome he is under his videos of himself losing his mind

No. 848642


No. 848645

File: 1564956900136.jpg (226.35 KB, 1125x1735, IMG_2435.jpg)


No. 848647

File: 1564957004757.jpg (265.01 KB, 1125x1739, IMG_2434.jpg)


No. 848793

File: 1564972639555.png (1.82 MB, 750x1334, 2E53435A-A5A9-4E50-BE2B-3DDBD6…)

Absolutely hilarious, Clare.

No. 850030

Anyone here keeps tabs on bianca? I remember when they lived together they were always on speed and k and doing weird shady sex work to buy drugs.. oh and they were always naked. Bianca is actually a lot more sinister than clare who is much much stupider…also i remember clare always reffering to melanie as her slave… she would always brag about how she could get melanie to buy her anything or do anything for her even if it meant doing shady work to get it :( at the time blade died they weren’t even really friends anymore, clare was saying how “that bitch is suss” etc

No. 850036

Bianca who, anon?

No. 850071

File: 1565204105867.png (2.84 MB, 750x1334, 84527ABF-467D-4FD7-BC20-DAA0B1…)

This fucking toxic idiot who i saw yell at someone for eating, as if they were completely moronic to eat… at least she isnt a huge mess like lil tho lol…. ps does holli have her own thread i have some juice on that bitch too

No. 850077

File: 1565204682025.jpeg (84.52 KB, 309x357, 74A04E11-78EF-4C2C-8064-0194B2…)

No. 850122

Bianca Phan.
She’s not milky but she was allowing Clare to live in her apartment.

No. 850141

Spill it here anon Holli doesn't have a thread

No. 850269

File: 1565250009807.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1125x1939, 98118496-8D1B-4895-B366-3D913D…)

Ngl I really like Lilith with black hair

No. 850270

She looks very beautiful, but the attitude…. ew

No. 850274

You think with her having rich notable parents she could be such a better person and close off all this stupid satanic shit she does but she lets herself down with her life choices and the way she stupidly acts

No. 850335

The satanic thing is not an idiotic thing to pratice necessarily if u know what ur standing for; but she's cleary doing this for the aesthetic u know…
I really liked her when I first saw her on insta but, after a while i realize it was pretty much fake. The image, the persona, the aesthetic and maybe even her beliefs.
Seems like she's insecure and deffensive most of the time wich is sad, she's a pretty girl and could be nice if she wanted to. But something on her behavior is very off…
I rrly wish she gets well and sober and grow as a person.

No. 850338

She doesnt realize that if she was a nicer person she would get much more followers than she gets sticking her camera into her ass

No. 850352

Mhmm. She could make smarter content and get her life straight no drugs or no fucking about but she chooses to slut around and seems like her focal point is her ass for her content.

No. 850427

File: 1565286816648.jpeg (986.26 KB, 1125x1978, 80AFD07E-8D62-4385-A18F-154063…)

Stupid bitch fr

No. 850637

File: 1565312897339.jpeg (50.89 KB, 421x750, F03F514D-3AFB-4BFA-BF3C-804DD7…)

still from her recent video she posted, can clearly see her natural waist here

No. 850683

Clare……. what does Manson have to do with you cutting yourself? Why do you feel the need to specify the implement you used? Have you ever considered the romanticised “love affair” you’ve thought up in your head was actually just a drugged up no strings mistake of his? the bar was low but you have reached new levels of cringeworthy.
Attached video so we never lose it.


No. 850684

also sorry for samefag but is the “H” heroin or Holli? also also, where is that anon with the Holli gossip. Need that like Clare needs a shower.

No. 850722

File: 1565328917484.png (1.69 MB, 750x1334, 59EEFA78-3246-43B3-A37B-C0BBE8…)

Idk who hateboy2 is but clare was friends with them 2 weeks ago, and now isn’t. Presumably because of this ‘stealing ideas’ because nobody has ever done ski masks and twerking girls before kek

No. 850723

File: 1565328964999.png (1.87 MB, 750x1334, 17C4901E-7112-4AE7-95E9-7B0495…)

She’s spiralling in front of our eyes what a train wreck

No. 850772

Look how quick she is to fuck off people who were her “friend” and do things for her she is so paranoid

No. 850776

File: 1565346340787.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1125x1965, E9441441-C2CE-4862-873F-DFDC72…)

Haha she think she’s onto the mightyboosh / Noel Fielding and she has no clue who that is or what that is. Bitch think she’s all about UK British BBC when the dumb bitch doesn’t know jackshit.

No. 850779

Also dumb bitch is skin walking Noel Fielding

No. 850781

File: 1565347154554.jpeg (2.18 MB, 1536x2046, 0109D4F6-9A31-4F7F-82AD-26D80E…)

No. 850820

File: 1565353391594.jpeg (176.72 KB, 992x1758, ED8B9E43-6137-41FD-A101-47800F…)

Her real waist. She thinks her whole waist is real and cinched when it’s just undernearth her ribs that makes that illusion but when she’s not taking videos of the side of her waist flexing to her side or zoomed up ass shots she looks normal as fuck. Her real waist past her belly button is average as fuck. Her “ass” looks big because her waist past her belly button is more wider and it follows the shape into her thighs.

No. 850826

File: 1565355212712.jpeg (1009.12 KB, 1125x1762, 436DC013-C489-4337-9487-0AC59B…)

Swear to god every bitch who’s hanged out with Lilith ends up turning into her I can see Lilith doing a Lopholora with this one and claiming she’s copied her stupid identity lmao.

No. 850844

Dude that’s literally the same hair as Lilith, Clare and people on here say there’s bitches who skinwalk her like toopor who hardly didn’t even do they hair like Lilith it was deadass just blonde and black and at least it was only for lamented video and this bitch has just done liliths Harley hair.

No. 850868

bitch could never

No. 850925

hyping up a boring basic bitch to make herself feel cooler in comparison

No. 851012

File: 1565383530088.jpeg (131.4 KB, 1280x1041, 80634167-AAEA-457E-B616-504231…)

This picture of Holli, what is she smoking? Literally and figuratively

No. 851015

Oh shit lol

Crack? Meth?

No. 851018

what about sybil/nightcoregirl?
they all did some nude and cam things

No. 851019

that's a meth pipe, you smoke crack out of a glass tube (like those rose in a glass things they sell at sketchy gas stations)

No. 851031

clare posted on holis ig saying she missed her like 2 days ago

No. 851044

Guys what would she possibly post

No. 851228


Dude you show up on every thread asking about her. No1curr, she’s not milky unless being unemployed 30 y/o living at home is milky. Also she never did any actual camming, just trashy iPhone pics and cracked put videos for gram. If you’re so obsessed with her, go message her or something

No. 851242

Holli is the reason for so many girls in la becoming drug addicts and does it in some sick lesbian predator way

No. 851244

LOL she irrevelant since she deleted her accounts. You can see her in lilith recents stories so I guess she is still around. But she is just trash looking and as high as the other girls. Nothing milky in her life she almost desapeared.

Lilith with black hair looks nice actually but you can see she going down again. And yeah look like she around basic girls so she seems sooooo unique and special, glad being copied until she become jealous of them. She has no hope to become a better person, she full of frustration and selfhate, it's sad because nothing is lost, she can ill but this mean to abandon her whole character and she's probably afraid to be nothing/nobody.

No. 851318

File: 1565457643891.png (1.79 MB, 750x1334, 4252C965-7005-4356-BA0B-F77C32…)


No. 851510

ahahaha she looks like a cracked out Lights in this picture

No. 851552

File: 1565522273796.jpeg (919.37 KB, 1125x1931, 3B8D5E74-4F7A-43E6-9FDF-45E7F7…)

No ones copying you Lilith peace out people can just do it better than you. Ps people aren’t getting scammed like the way you are scamming them.

No. 851555

File: 1565522602130.jpeg (425.38 KB, 1125x605, 09D40698-BB20-48DF-B869-527F9A…)

Ah so cringey bitch is obsessed with decapitating organs

No. 851588

File: 1565530865511.jpeg (497.47 KB, 1125x2193, 7FA866CF-F069-47C2-9865-AD95C0…)

I was just checking some old milk and on this thread > >>>/snow/196226
Lilith tried to defend Holli on lolcow

No. 851590

pretty sure that’s just a random newfag who doesn’t understand how imageboards work. people post cows’ names in the name field all the time due to unrelenting autism.

No. 851597

File: 1565531666704.jpeg (286.06 KB, 1125x2285, 22D7F5CA-6C0F-45B4-AF8D-B76CF1…)

Or a possibility it could be her, she knows about this sites existence (1/2)

No. 851599

File: 1565531704700.jpeg (304.2 KB, 1125x2270, 09792047-D098-469D-852F-F6237E…)


No. 851603

This was a conversation she had with me about toopoor

No. 851654

Thread please(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 851655

Lopholora copy’s anyone she finds interesting claims she a real model, she ties in with Lilith and too poor had beef about copying on Twitter.

No. 851663

File: 1565545337302.jpeg (231.37 KB, 1242x1105, 56DD794C-213A-4E99-94B0-EA08EF…)

Lophora and Lilith (old pic)

No. 851665

Do it yourself vendetta-chan.


No. 851680

File: 1565550398849.png (Spoiler Image, 1.2 MB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20190811-120609.png)

The most AIDS-y photo I've ever seen kekek

No. 851704

File: 1565553591081.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.34 MB, 1125x1906, 1AFA1BD6-97F3-4EE5-9CDE-A31421…)

Find it funny how Lilith literally tries to make her own thread lose track of the topic and does it by bringing up cows who’s copied of her and she’s crying about it on her shitty captions right now over her shitty thongs she’s probably made out of a school girls headband.

No. 851715

She edits her chin to fucking oblivion

No. 851716

This bitch has just literally joined the “slaughteredredneck” clan or something and already loooks like her in the space of 4 days, Lilith is a bigger predator than anyone else look what she turns girls into

No. 851725

Vedettanon, we all have our dislikes on people but she’s not worth a thread. Yes, she comes across as a cow in her own ways, but her own thread? No. She doesn’t warrant her own thread necessarily as she fits in with the other instacow threads and she hasn’t done anything bad. To be fair with you she hasn’t exactly copied of Lilith. This post to me sounds more like a typical “if there’s a thread about me there has to be one about her too!” kind of stinking post.

No. 851775

She is so desperate for clout off this other clothing seller. She is literally acting like she invented bunny tail thongs. She wants attention so bad. Did her parents never hug her or something?

No. 851846

did she end up relapsing on dope. she made a post about being on a plane and people are making comments saying they hope she gets through the withdrawal. she herself hasn’t actually said anything about it though(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 851878

This is the worst rapper wannabe everrrr hahahaha wowwww she can't even be a groupie for a decent "celeb" which is probably why she brings up Manson all these years later… girl is telling the world she spreads it for THIS "loko" mess - I had to mute the video.

No. 851892

File: 1565603273835.jpeg (543.16 KB, 1125x2188, 351BD0A9-10B7-402C-ABC3-B9FA97…)

So what have we got here? Her looks and her drugs catching up to her appearance as she’s starting to look ugly in the face and now her back is suffering the forehead wrinkle looks because she frowns her back for back breaking photos kek

No. 851922

Geez that looks bad can you imagine her old aged body with al the wrinkles and lines oh wait at this rate we don’t know if she will make it past 30

No. 852002

File: 1565628614277.jpeg (203.64 KB, 750x1160, 798995C0-FB10-4FDF-A13D-438E28…)

She’s never mentioned bpd before now? I spy self-diagnosis

No. 852008

File: 1565629561716.jpeg (174.19 KB, 1024x1388, image.jpeg)

It's kinda gross how Lilith is trying to gain attention from Bam the second he announced that he had left his wife. Not to mention the fact that he's all sorts of fucked up right now. It's predatory af.

No. 852082

File: 1565638246346.jpeg (770.29 KB, 1125x1397, D5D82549-CBCC-4FBE-AE93-845E87…)

Shooting up in her shoulder/neck look at the bruise she looks out of it

No. 852092

Lol anon back wrinkles is such a weird nitpick
But it is funny to see clearly how she bends her body to fake an ass.

No. 852097

File: 1565640737277.png (1.37 MB, 812x1196, lilith3.png)

lol bitch youd probably feel a little better if your serotonin levels werent completely depleted and dependent upon drugs

No. 852130

Clearly is gonna be hard to go back to a normal life because she can't function without drugs, she is fucked up and even if it's makes things worse, being high is the only nice thing she can feels. But she always rejects rehab centers and other form of help. So how does she want to change? She modified nothing in her lifestyle and attitude.

No. 852204


She mentioned bpd before long ago, I wouldn’t be surprised if she did get it as a diagnosis. Psychology is a soft science, she does show impulsive behavior that could be categorized under bpd.

No. 852250

File: 1565661018155.jpeg (789.93 KB, 1125x1128, 8697A79A-CE42-4C0E-886A-1EFE7E…)

No. 852282

File: 1565665190144.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 399.7 KB, 1125x1618, 8329EEA7-A0AD-4935-96A9-979E48…)

Pic she just deleted ew aids

No. 852305

I don't regular this thread, but what the fuck. Is that real blood? From who, where, and why?

No. 852323

Lmao it’s obvious fake Halloween blood

No. 852331

I wouldn’t put it above her to relapse, but she’s been open about being on suboxone so she was prob going through withdrawals from that

No. 852350

Was it ever confirmed that her and .. loko were dating?

Seems like her more recent downward spiral has to do w the fact that they dont seem to be anymore. Dudes known around LA , Total scum bag if it wasn’t obvious

No. 852366

She’s mentioned BPD plenty. Seems to be diagnosed since she’s posted pictures of BPD-related psychological inventories/worksheets presumably at a therapist’s office

No. 852373

i swear this is sniperwolf

No. 852390

I can’t believe that’s Claire? She has aged massively in such a short time. At first I thought it was a pic of someone else

No. 852668

File: 1565735735385.jpeg (321.76 KB, 1242x1775, image.jpeg)

I feel so embarrassed for her

No. 852688

File: 1565740316196.jpg (353.62 KB, 2149x1063, l.jpg)

No. 852699


I hope truly that they date. It would accelerate her decline to rock bottom much faster but she’s headed there anyway

No. 852739

File: 1565753180195.png (1.15 MB, 1600x610, lilith9.png)

considering everything she's posted over the past few days, flying back home where her addiction started, and now selling her clothing in mass? yeah… i'm going to take a totally wild guess and say she's relapsed.

No. 852743

samefag, but i wanted to also note that if she hasn't been using for as long as she says she has, her tolerance is low-zero. she has a very high chance of overdosing if she's relapsing.

lilith death watch 2019 lol

No. 852744

File: 1565753402790.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1125x1979, B548A5C7-E2D3-40BD-9D2A-4D566D…)


No. 852747

File: 1565753473082.jpeg (956.6 KB, 1125x1973, 31A73975-375E-41A8-B8CE-2DE20A…)

No. 852810

agreed. either selling clothes for drug money or plans to commit suicide (doubtful).

these insta stories are some of the most cringeworthy shit I’ve ever seen:

No. 852812

I was trying to upload the part at 0:41 where someone is saying “that’s my work shirt” couldn’t stop laughing

No. 852830

Where does she live in New York? I don't get this whole "I'm off to NY" thing, wtf is she doing there?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 852916

File: 1565792831626.jpg (270.54 KB, 1080x1750, IMG_20190814_152617.jpg)

Asking if she should sell it as its a memory because she got it when they were together……. The memory of the fact he was seeing the girl who modelled the top for the designer at the same time. OK then

No. 852928

this is pretty much the main reason i'm assuming she's selling her clothes for drugs - most likely h since she seems to have a good connect in LA for everything else. no reason for her to go to NY for shit she easily can get in LA.
she cried about being reluctant to sell like half of the shit she was showcasing because she was attached to said object/had memories associated with it… and like half of this shit was related to MM. though tbh she namedrops him/their past relationship at any chance she gets for clout.
nobody sells hoards of shit they're "attached" to unless they need money badly.
considering her parents pay for everything aside from her drugs, i'm 99% sure she's selling everything for boy.

have fun relapsing, i guess lmaoooo

No. 852934

Do you understand how skin works???? you know she’s bending her back she needs that skin to cover it when she stands straight

No. 852990

You’d think after what happened to blade and how often she goes on and on word salad style on instagram about her that she wouldn’t touch that shit again.. sad

No. 853008

File: 1565807390154.jpeg (160.22 KB, 750x1043, 1107A9E9-DAD1-471B-8432-BB30AE…)

It’s like because she herself is delusional, she thinks the rest of us don’t see the absolute stupidity in this post either.

No. 853010

File: 1565807689840.png (1.63 MB, 750x1334, 5FB371D4-2CF7-4A3C-A1FB-517B10…)

the arms…. terrifying.

No. 853330

File: 1565852931131.png (907.22 KB, 750x1334, 90CDD4A2-3B78-40F5-B598-E69AF5…)

that’s an awfully curved sleeve…

No. 853444

who actually believes she was sober in this >>852810 ???
she was so fucked up

No. 853455

File: 1565872024519.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, 0A01696A-7D76-48EC-8F0F-FA4D84…)

No. 853586

File: 1565894531096.png (1.54 MB, 750x1334, 62018D23-BA13-4BBC-AE83-D6E27E…)

Even just 2 years ago Lilith was so pretty, but drugs have fucked her up so bad so fast. She was an addict then but it hadn’t caught up to her looks yet. It’s just sad. Now she talks about how her brain is permanently fucked up and how she can’t survive without substances. Like god damn, is there any hope for her? Every chance she gets to be better or do good for herself she seems to ruin it. She had privilege and good looks on her side and she just throws it all away

No. 853609

File: 1565897367962.png (2.11 MB, 750x1334, 919746A3-B0F8-4854-9AC2-1C93C4…)

old milk that was posted in thread 1 which is now unavailable, but clare’s very elaborate story about how she’s “””too evil for rehab””” kek

No. 853627

Lmao everyone facetunes their arms skinny like that why are you mad.(autism)

No. 853639

File: 1565901235270.png (1.4 MB, 640x1136, CB60D022-70BF-41A7-890A-4881D4…)


No. 853698

She posted an instagram story of her suboxones she just got from a doctor who made an exception for her. Guess she did relapse recently since she said she desperately needed them. So yea pretty she relapsed

No. 853705

File: 1565911572770.png (851.84 KB, 618x836, sadfsdf.png)

lol chill clare

No. 853717

File: 1565915797477.png (870.4 KB, 530x918, 46354eyt4y.png)

No. 853718

File: 1565915824532.png (644.89 KB, 492x924, 5e23r654365.png)

No. 853719

File: 1565915860026.png (1.78 MB, 976x912, 5465346456.png)


No. 853720

Not to whiteknight Layla as she’s still a cringelord but she’s obviously changed for the better and I think Lilith is jealous of that. She’s sober, in a long-term monogamous relationship, and made a career out of being an IG hoe. Lilith is…..Lilith lol

No. 853747

File: 1565920501362.jpeg (57.44 KB, 1200x675, CA6DA651-67F3-481B-8982-F58CC8…)

the way she twists and contorts her body reminds me of the monster from v/h/s although i'm sure she'd be happy to hear that

No. 853794

She’s starting to remind me of Luna Slater so much it’s disturbing

No. 853815

File: 1565936849070.png (2.69 MB, 828x1792, B94D52FB-504C-4DCD-A22C-D41987…)

Lilith deleted this within 3 minutes.

No. 853822

It’s still on her private in addition to more shit talking about toopoo and her old racist ways

No. 853828

File: 1565939495162.jpeg (296.54 KB, 750x1187, 085B9191-6C72-4EB2-8A4F-74E2E7…)

No. 853829

File: 1565939527133.jpeg (363.33 KB, 750x1218, 3A064D1A-99A7-49F8-BD3F-2C5C37…)

No. 853830

File: 1565939594733.jpeg (139.18 KB, 750x455, 296BDAA0-8FCF-4B56-86B6-B4523E…)

No. 853831

File: 1565939731752.jpeg (267.43 KB, 750x1192, D75ECB5D-1D1E-4552-A0CD-2A0360…)

kek at the irony of clare calling out toopoor for facetuning when the doors seem to bend at clare’s ass

No. 853833

File: 1565939887739.jpeg (348.17 KB, 750x1188, 920B9603-D62F-44DF-8E3F-B2510E…)

No. 853838


>toopoor is a catfish who abuses facetune

>toopoor takes drugs for the attention

claire, who the fuck went out in her late teen years and got herself addicted on PURPOSE like a fucking skinny Tuna for "the looK" because heroin addiction is SO HOT RIGHT NOW and because daddy's money could pay for it and WHO the fuck went out and did smack with people who actually died because they didn't have rich parents to fucking bail them out again and again?

No. 853844

File: 1565942941886.jpeg (346.37 KB, 750x1204, A3227C48-7D2B-4F80-9B2E-2BDB39…)

I think.. she was lurking?? Bloody hell clare no one on lolcow would report your shit.. it’s just too milky when you sperg out like this why ruin the fun

No. 853847

Oh dear … poor Lilith

No. 853848

File: 1565945015891.jpeg (186.19 KB, 750x1104, 5D74E9F4-9D34-4D1C-923B-AE043E…)

Uh oh

No. 853858

File: 1565946618093.png (3.67 MB, 750x1334, 3081D326-F815-4C51-B173-9C0E3C…)

No. 853859

File: 1565946646965.jpeg (455.59 KB, 750x1080, 619687BC-B5D5-4214-859E-37F8EF…)

No. 853860

File: 1565946736321.png (453.74 KB, 750x1334, 32A229AE-0537-44FE-8B01-2D0665…)

what a mature, grown up gewl x

No. 853875

Lilith is so full of shit lately at least Layla didn’t get on the wrong side of the stick in this, Lilith allowed her addiction to be so public in her stories and posts as anon said >>853720 at least Layla is doing something, moved on, and doesn’t get herself involved and didnt even respond to this, yeah Lilith account got deleted but Instagram is taking down a lot of people’s instas like look at belle delphine for example

No. 853915

File: 1565966284615.png (142.72 KB, 719x935, 20190816_113517.png)

Omg this moron.. the only thing his brain is aloud to do is throw some momma insults when ppl call his bullshit out haha pathetic. He's bitter and sensitive awww

No. 853921

Lilith: i'm sober and i gonna hav my shit done and right for now on
Later in the same day: makes 1000 posts about a retarded bitch aka toopoor for absolutely nothing and even losts her precious instagram for a while.

Girl you are not helping yourself acting like that. Always complaining of everithing or throwing shade and hate to others… jesus what a life

No. 853928

You would think if she wanted to get her life straight get herself sober she would cut out the social media and not expose herself, she acts like others expose her like spooky baby and toopoor supposedly “exposing her heroin use” but look at her sending out Instagram stories of her on meds to suppress her addiction and posting her rock bottom life, using Blades death for clout, hitting the drug spiral drugged up posts and then snapping at the slightest thing brought up about her. She is unstable.

No. 853931

and she’s now fighting to have her Instagram back, why not fight for your life and fight off your “demons” and your addiction Lilith?

No. 853950

The girl needs a big telling off. You don’t see Layla sperg out about the past or about her worst enemies ever. People who often waffle on about their tea on people are often the ones with bigger problems than the people they are bitching about and in this case Lilith is the one with major problems. No whitenight but Layla has made something out of her life and Lilith hasn’t.

No. 853968

File: 1565975083879.jpeg (447.52 KB, 1125x1509, 4210E4F7-488D-4583-9BBB-121B37…)

Bad person.

No. 853983

File: 1565977132206.jpeg (285.25 KB, 1241x1569, 1899FF07-101E-4DE2-988F-28800C…)

about time for this bitch to drop off the face of the earth…. bye junkie 🔥🔥🔥🔥

No. 853984

File: 1565977256465.jpeg (199.2 KB, 1242x2208, 0C8C28C4-A631-4BCB-B0A0-2ADE21…)

No. 853987

I think Clare is addicted to her social media presence and the attention she garners from it more than anything else. She is an attention whore. Her losing her account is a blessing and hopefully she can become a decent person by not being online.

No. 853992

Samefag but
Can you not be an actual retard and not cow tip and spend the 10 seconds it takes to crop out your insta icon on the bottom of your screenshots?

No. 853993

Perfectly said. Hope she looks into herself and realizes that she had been living her online persona for so long everyone sees right thru it. It better she’s takes this to her advantage and gets clean and stop lurking for attention….. it’s pathetic at this point…. she has NO life BECAUSE OF IT. sorry not sorry CLAIRE we know you better than you know not your FAKE online persona self..

No. 853994

It’s a bogus Instagram account CHILL tf out who the fuck cares if my pic shows on the bottom of my screenshot you see my Instagram name no so stfu I GOT this bitch account down your welcome

No. 853995

Stop this you absolute retard.

Lol of course it's some goffik Beetlejuice icon lmao

No. 853997

if it wasn’t for me this bitch Lilith Levisis account would still be up. You are the retard who thinks I have to try to hide my identity bitch I’m using a bogus Instagram I can post whatever SCREENSHOT I want. BEETLEJUICE is the shit so fuck you idc I’ll post it again just to piss you off.

No. 853999

Mind your business and not how I post my screenshots. and stay focused on why we are here duhhh LILITH LEVISIS not my fucking screenshot.


No. 854000

Chill out anon fucking hell.
It’s against the rules to cow tip. Every farmer on this image board knows that.

No. 854006

Well you should mind your own business and not make yourself apart of the drama. Learn how to correctly use the thread without having to break the rules goddamnit you idiot.

No. 854007

File: 1565979425700.png (308.03 KB, 878x1468, IMG_20190816_201504.png)

She got deleted because I reported her for drugs(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 854008

This is clearly fake. Her account is Lilith underscore Levisis not Lilith underscore LevisisS

No. 854012

File: 1565979770793.png (14.06 KB, 496x140, don-vito.png)

>don vito
uh..He's dead. LMAO imagine her asking Bam how Don Veto is doing!!!!! I bet she did! AHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!

No. 854017

Okay you anonymously reported her. Why are you idiots all cowtipping and showing your icons?

No. 854019

File: 1565980349203.jpeg (261.45 KB, 1242x367, 5669C707-7A84-49C8-8436-872ECE…)

No. 854025

Ops, my bad

No. 854031

>>853984. LOL NICE ICON.

No. 854034

Yep the mental illness she made up for attention that account will be down soon too, she is fake a hell she can’t even pretend to live her fake persona anymore boohooo

No. 854036

It’s icon for a bogus Instagram that I stole the username good for you you see my Beetlejuice icon thumbs up!!! Why does it matter when it’s a inactive account… stay focused on the drama on hand LILITH LEVISIS not my cartoon Beetlejuice pic???

No. 854038

I mean I’ve seen this account liking my shit before. Nice to know who the rats are

No. 854041

ok now you are FULL of shit i just changed this image for my icon this morning you stupid lieing bitch cmon now….. what’s the username that’s been liking your shit crickets that’s want i thought send a screenshoot before you start on a goddamn forum site bitch i got the time…

No. 854042


No. 854043

Mods can you please ban the shit out of this retard

No. 854045

yes please ban LOL boohoooo(okie dokie)

No. 854049

And you’d think Lilith would come to this site to cry on about her account being taking down, instead you’ve got this loser doing it for her.

No. 854056

>use of emojis
>exposing your identity

How many rules are you planning on breaking? You could have reported her and gone about your day without running here expecting to get some sort of recognition… you come across as young anon but stop acting just as reckless and malicious as Lilith does smh

No. 854057


youre fucking retarded. nobody here cares if you reported her, if anything its annoying af. cowtipping is against the rules and her account being inactive does nothing for the milk. stop showing your icon in posts, this is an anonymous board. also learn to sage your posts.

No. 854093

Why you gotta do my girl Lydia like this, she deserves better.

No. 854095

File: 1565987863642.jpg (532.14 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190816_133635.jpg)

Cowtipping… Nice

No. 854097

ban 'em all.

No. 854106

File: 1565988962296.jpeg (408.73 KB, 1242x755, 3CF0AA11-30D6-4D9B-918A-56B8D5…)


No. 854107

She’s sells herself online (only fans.com) which people put on pornhub for free?? LMAOO what does she think was going to happen and about damn time her account was gone LOL boohoo get a actual life and a actual job stop living this fake persona everyone sees right through.

No. 854117

I think is for the better. Girl could be an amazing artist and she does seem brilliant but not under the amount of drugs, toxic people she only become friends with to ~stay relevant~. I thought blades death was gonna be the wake up call she needed but apparently that “friendship” wasnt geniune after all. Those photos she been posting seems like “guilt” posts. We all know how she trashed her (like she does with everyooone else she interacted at least once) and they werent relly “best friends” when Blade died. So Lilith stop using BLADE again so people feel sorry for you. Stop scamming people. Wheeew like life is sooo easy when you lie less you should try it. End of rant.

No. 854122

I knew the moment Melanie died Lilith was gonna use it to her advantage for sympathy points. The fact that she still boasts about being an addict and shares it explicitly on her ig shows how much she doesn't care. A compassionate person would be more aware and humble themselves or even attempt to after losing such an important person but not lilith I guess

No. 854136

honestly the only thing that could help this girl at this point is moving to europe or something , away from dumpster holes like LA or New York where she always will be surrounded by toxic people and glorified drug abuse

No. 854154

No matter where she goes, the problem is her.

No. 854166

Agreed. Couldn’t have put it better.

No. 854191

File: 1566000407787.png (277.42 KB, 1440x1615, Screenshot_2019-08-16-17-06-24…)


No. 854195

File: 1566000771884.png (1.26 MB, 1439x2083, Screenshot_2019-08-16-17-11-27…)

She's sperging out hard. (1/2)

No. 854196

File: 1566000822685.png (377.47 KB, 1404x2087, Screenshot_2019-08-16-17-11-46…)

Why would anyone want to hire a model with trackmarks and deep self harm scars? That's not going to sell mercy. (2/2)

No. 854199

I never really got to meet Blade but we were mutuals on IG. We talkd like twice and she seemed nice. A lot of people seem to like her irl as well as she was apparently “sweet”. I dont think Blade had a drug problem because she wanted to be a ig ho like Lilith. She seemed like a real friend with not so many friends and those close to her were no good. My point is that she did cared for Lilith and I do t think she would’ve wanted for her to be posting videos of her fuckd up (probably in pain coz of mental problems etc) for her clout. Lilith honestly has no fix nor can be saved. Let alone the satanism. I mean if she was smart enough she could use her ~witchcraft knowledge~ to gain good things like a job, health and things that worked for her. The fact that her whole persona is to portray an “intimidating rob zombi hoe” is vERY SAD. This is a good example of a model you SHOULD NOT find inspiring. We need to glamorize less these kind of people who do not contribute nothing to the youth. These hoes should be all banned from the internet.

No. 854200

no one seems to care about Lilith these days. I see her commenting on every scene kid instagram so people will think shes fanous lol

No. 854203

This is karma. Now you feel whats to spend money on something and not getting anything in return coughsyouroldwebsitewiththeshityouwereseelingandnevershipped

No. 854205

File: 1566002059357.png (Spoiler Image, 1.05 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-08-16-17-32-54…)

I wonder how Melanie's family would feel knowing she used a naked dancing clip of her in her stupid Loko's new music video. Just trashy. Continuosly abusing Blade for clout.

No. 854209

Lilith also said in her story recently Blade got killed… Poor girl. + didn't know that Lilith trashed blade? I mean they were friends for like 4 years

No. 854211

File: 1566003348424.jpeg (14.55 KB, 202x250, 92C1BE44-E742-4957-AE7D-24F757…)

You just going to believe something Lilith is making up for clout?
Here is the article relating to Melanie’s death. You’re welcome.

No. 854212

That's not her death, she died after that but yeah sure it has something to do with her death I guess

No. 854214


She od’d at someone else’s house, and yes she was a huge drug addict, there was a literally video of her smoking meth on the old thread

No. 854217

U think it was suicide or by accident?

No. 854222

most likely accidental od, but who's to say

No. 854236

And do u know with what OD? With h?

No. 854338

ot but why do people always bitch about pfp/icon showing. as if anyone is actually gonna reverse image search that shit lol

No. 854346

File: 1566042379575.jpeg (266.86 KB, 750x1228, D58C2BDD-6722-4425-B259-4EA1DC…)

all I have to say is…. yikes

No. 854355

In case anyone wants to check receipts from the deleted thread.


No. 854364

File: 1566047900560.jpg (47.5 KB, 431x480, tumblr_lsm7jh6dJe1qjrx4po1_500…)

sage for pics that could have been posted before but i couldn't find them in the old threads, some photos of clare from her old old tumblr circa 2011 (the0butcher.tumblr.com)

No. 854365

File: 1566048003702.jpg (68.95 KB, 640x480, tumblr_lsigqdyH1W1qjrx4po1_640…)

No. 854366

File: 1566048121593.png (268.66 KB, 427x477, tumblr_lsg099XOzv1qjrx4po1_500…)


so fucking weird to see her old self

No. 854369

So unrecognisable it’s tragic

No. 854378

The link to old threads doesn't work anon

No. 854405

She could never be an "amazing" artist or even a mediocre one. She's shallow, vapid, and her drug addiction is because of her desire for attention. It's not like most junkies you see begging for change on the road. Those are real addicts who deserve sympathy and likely are good people if it weren't for mental illness and poverty.

Clare is a boring rich girl from Manhattan who skinwalks Rob Zombie and never got over her 14 year old edgelord rebellious-rich-kid-i-hate-my-dad phase. She acts the way she does because she grew up extremely privileged and thinks that being a disgusting mentally ill druggie and seeming poor is cool and fashionable. She's just like the damn munchies and a bunch of other people in this scene. She's done this all to herself for attention. She makes it seem worse than it actually is for internet clout. Tons of people she's associated with do this. They pretend to be poor, damaged, sick, druggies. They're all fake. The only thing they're good at is making idiots and little kids believe their fake personas.

She's not brilliant, she's not creative, she's not even pretty. It's not the drugs making her this way. She is a piece of shit and it wouldn't matter if she did drugs or not. So quit saying this bullshit and get real.

No. 854406

File: 1566058185796.png (73.28 KB, 359x531, tumblr_llvpcosjRk1qfl4zjo1_400…)

I wasn't really expecting this. She was the epitome of "basic rich party girl". Kesha, Lil Wayne, partying and going to the Bahamas just to tan. Everything was just so vapid.
Drugs really change a person.
Let her tell it, she's a goth/alt queen/Mansonite and always has been.

No. 854409

lol you can have rich parents and still be a 'real addict'

No. 854411

The sad part is as her tumblr shows she was a basic little girl, her edge lord phase is right now and she doesn’t even have a clime to alternative via teenage angst and discovery. The reason she’s so heated over “basics cookie cutter girls” is because she is one

No. 854413

No shit you fucking retard that's not the point.

No. 854415

maybe you should have worded your essay better then

No. 854418

Wow yes I should've worded it better. Yes you are right anon. As if the people on here don't understand that addicts can also be from rich families. As if they can't discern the context of the conversation and know I'm not saying all rich drug users aren't real addicts.

Yeah exactly.

No. 854420

lol chill out

No. 854439

Y’all mad. I like masturbating to her weird nipples. Have a nice day.(no one cares about your baby carrot)

No. 854442

Well my apologies for hurting your way you see an “internet persona” like really. All I said was based on my perception as I have never met such person in real life. I agree with everythig you say btw. I like you and I wish all your dreams come true.

No. 854448

She has weird nips?

No. 854452

Yikes she's always been fucking ugly. But at least here she looks genuinely happy and not like a washed up junkie

No. 854466


lmao her eyebrows, no wonder she draws them on

No. 854475

File: 1566069312669.png (127.76 KB, 719x338, 20190817_161447.png)

Oh yes, the prophecy of the deleted instagram. Chill Lilith, not that deep. Dude returned frm the dead to appear in her dreams to tell her the future… i can't

No. 854477

File: 1566070414332.jpg (Spoiler Image, 527.35 KB, 2044x1544, Crystal_bunny_21122017_0348_My…)

i mean theyre not bad
just dark aureola (for a white girl) + long nips

No. 854500

File: 1566076227707.png (305.46 KB, 611x1159, lilith11.png)

"i'm a rape survivor who has been raped many many times" lol she literally wants to be raped in her sleep, she said it herself on dennis rodman's podcast. her trying to play that shit off for victim points is top kek

No. 854502

the nips are exactly the same as the other girl, i don't see the weirdness.

No. 854504

report that rape sensitivity post she’ll get her account deleted for that she needs to stay off social media(cowtipping; read the rules)

No. 854505

You nailed it. Clare is the same as all the other girls she calls out for copying her. The transition from her basic party girl look to what she is now was not gradual. It's like she like she pulled this rob zombie thot aesthetic out of her ass and ran with it. And it wasnt due to her own creativity, she wasn't already predisposed to this style or even grew up around it. She copied from others.

No. 854509

no lol im not a cowtipping faggot like yourself

No. 854512

She keeps digging herself in a deeper hole, just stop Claire. Stop with the fake persona, the lies, everyone sees right through. Now about this ridiculous “rape” story, toopoor never did anything Lilith has it in her head toopoor had something to do with her account being deleted when Lilith the whole reason Her account is gone is because she brings up old drama to stay relevant and it’s bites back!

No. 854540

if i remember correctly, this was also what drove layla to move to the uk for a few months, there was a huge mess about it on twitter in december but was forgotten just as quick though

No. 854654

File: 1566096319335.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, 961DD8A9-7C4D-4167-8699-242F62…)

So this is the next person to be exposed for “ruining all of Clare’s opportunities”””!!!!!

No. 854655

File: 1566096370294.jpeg (134.05 KB, 750x1133, 5319B4E6-55FD-48BE-A302-8FFDD0…)

She’s literally telling her little followers to harass this person. It may well be deserved I’m not sure but.. how juvenile.

No. 854660

it's like she has no clue about how instagram is now and doesn't realise she's going to get blackballed for this shit.

No. 854664

Rlly don't get this "my ig got deleted now my life and opportunities are ruined" bullshit. Girl, how about getting a fucking JOB??
There's people that are dying.

No. 854667

and apparently, selling thongs with fucking rabbit tails will save her from her addiction. am i missing something here?…

No. 854684

She simply needed that “brand” to mantain her H addiciton and see if she could keep taking selfies with “internet celebritiez to make bitches mad” very sad tbh. Then she would want them to wear the shit was making to prove a point. At the end she wasnt going to ship items and keep scamming people To buy dumb shit just to keep fronting on the internet. I feel like all the people who had to hang with her were looking forward to stay away from her. Then she comes up out of nowhere like herpes posting tbts to beg for attention.. I hope this is the reality check she needed and she can realize how much of her life she wasted loosing friends, opportunities and even family to stay relevant on a dumb website.

No. 854797


Damn lip fillers really did change her life lmao

No. 854816

Damn I never realized what a poser she is. Kek

No. 854817

She just wants an excuse to fall back into her addiction again full force. Thats it. But she has to feed her attention whore addiction by over exaggerating this whole thing. Because that's all she knows how to do to get attention. Is act like a fool and an embarrassment.

I get that growing up rich doesn't always mean good things and theyre tons of ppl who grew up in rich families that were abusive. But Claire isn't one of them or atleast doesn't come off that way to me. It just seems like she grew up in an environment where her parents just threw material possessions&money at her. So to get their attention she started doing shit like dating much older men in middle school, using drugs, and this whole mentally ill satanic druggie stick to get her parents to notice her.

But the thing is she's a grown ass woman now. Grow up and learn to be grateful for all the money your parents shovel out for rehabs, food, shelter, and all these other expenses they shouldn't have to pay for. Blade didn't have those opportunities that's a part of the reason she's dead. Get a real fucking job. Being a drugged out scene thot isn't a job.

No. 854833

new ig account: lilithxlevisis

No. 854837

U mean new Twitter

No. 854840

its both. i guess her ig is old, but she seems to be moving back to it.

also, learn to sage your fucking posts jfc

No. 854867

File: 1566143904589.png (441.81 KB, 462x722, 20190818_125827.png)

I have just one question: why???

No. 854891

mad respect for holli going full blown retarded and wearing a diaper in that photoshoot. i miss the days when she was more active lol.

No. 854986

Just reported new account. She needs to get tfo the internet.
Lilith we dont want you on the net.
Bye bitch(retarded cowtipping)

No. 854992

lol bye to yourself for cowtipping. read the rules before you post.
what is with this influx of faggots that thinking reporting her account/posts is something anyone here cares about/will praise them for? its the opposite, cunts. gtfo with that shit.

No. 855001

Dude this “Lilithxlevisis” account is not Clare it’s a fan account, you can stop reporting accounts now this shit is getting old

No. 855002

I’m following her sees constantly making posts crying about her old account her new one will be down eventually if she keeps up the give me attention bullshit stories… the internet is ready to throw her out for good.

No. 855005

Then just unfollow her if you don't like her account. Quit cowtipping and bragging about it like we're gonna give you asspats for it

No. 855052

File: 1566175203997.jpeg (353.04 KB, 750x917, 6947FE30-E7D2-44FC-A984-73FE56…)

Lmao Clare your father is a republican lawmaker who’s job it is to ACTIVELY make it so republican politicians including Trump, get elected, so he can pay for your apartments and rehabs I’m dead fam

No. 855053

File: 1566175235362.jpeg (237.51 KB, 750x897, 19B0B531-99A0-46E0-8B6B-44D89C…)

No. 855057


Lmaoo holy fuck

No. 855078

so she got banned because of trump? kek

No. 855122

I’m just shocked that she’s typing coherently

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