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File: 1714941028615.jpg (152.14 KB, 750x878, saberspark.jpg)

No. 1992015

This thread concerns creators, artists, voice actors and others who work or are connected to the modern Western American animation and comics industry, filled with cows, hacks, groomers, woketards and self inserters who all know each other and/or have dated.

previous thread: >>1955417

Tranny who got aang blacklisted ended up being a weirdo himself >>1956372
Colombian girl lied about working for hayao miyazaki, used traced art for her portfolio and charged money for classes teaching art students how to work for ghibli >>1956743
goosetranny old fetish account >>1956807
literal who cartoon reviewer releases shitty movie with a beatbox puppy >>1958368
aang now thinks she's an alien, drama starts >>1962038
new sperg cartoon pilot with a tranny cast for womanchildren wants your money >>1964374
Mr.Enter made a video exposing pedophile tranny ex editor >>1976758
Daftpina cancelled his pilot after getting bullied for sucking at animation >>1976974
Meanwhile LS mark releases a trailer for his pilot that might or might not release within this decade >>1978755
The Ramshackle pilot is out >>1983914
Saberspark releases documentary on butch hartman >>1988044

No. 1992019

Saberspark is moving from covering shitty movies, now he's going to make serious videos about animation. He's also going to stop uploading as frequently.

No. 1992025

good for him, I guess.

No. 1992033

File: 1714944849412.png (909.21 KB, 828x1792, IMG_8944.png)

Since we talked about VeronicaAndJelly a bit towards the end of the last thread, I recently found out she has a KiwiThread, some interesting milk in there related to her exes, it’s really shocking how much personal shit she just puts out there for everyone to see

No. 1992079

So he’s coming for Panpizza’s crown. Praying for PanNonnie.

No. 1992100

panpizza's funniest videos are the ones where he covers bad movies, like rapsitte kids.

No. 1992128

I don't understand why Saberspark is the cover for the thread. He's not in the animation Industry, he's just a youtuber

No. 1992140

its for the animation community as a whole.

No. 1992177

a lot of people in the industry have ties to some of the bigger names in the cartoon commentary community so it’s not all that surprising

No. 1992226

I’m still surprised he didn’t get more shit for being friends with/attending the wedding of that brony musician who groomed one of the underaged mlp vas

No. 1992246

A lot of sabers moots and associates were groomers like Cosmodore. ofc this doesnt make him a pedo by proxy but it does make me roll my eyes whenever he does his moral finger wagging shtick

No. 1992259

You mean BlackGryph0n? A lot of people don't believe he groomed Sweetie Bell's VA, it's insane how much people defend the guy. Claire Corlett (the VA) specially gets very mad if you say her husband is a groomer. It's very sad, she can't recognise her abuser.

No. 1992260

File: 1715026904241.jpeg (585.85 KB, 1170x1742, IMG_9671.jpeg)

I can’t be the only person who finds the success of this show to be really weird right? Like even normal indie pilots don’t get this big, and I feel like the multiple language option isn’t enough of an explanation. I know that this show is partially funded by the media arm of the Aussie government so maybe that’s part of it?

No. 1992261

I agree 100%. This slop is being artificially pushed. Why? I have no clue.

No. 1992264

While Gooseworx is obviously a degenerate, I believe he designed this show with almost mathematical broad appeal. Each character, from their design to their behavior and how they interact with each other seems to cater to different internet demographics and it seems to have worked.

No. 1992269

File: 1715028665409.jpeg (753.26 KB, 1125x1206, IMG_1941.jpeg)

It’s fucked up they’re feeding into their fan base like this.

No. 1992271

It could just be because of it attracting perverted men/trannies and children and that alone can bring it a lot of views and retarded fans. You know, colorful youtube kids-like slop with funny voices draws children in, while the hidden fetishes, the broken anime girl voices, videogame theme and that one snarky rabbit character are perfect for trannies, smelly incels and twitterfag genderspecials. But I agree that it feels artificial because it's so bad. Everyone's ugly, plot's uninteresting and boring, characters don't develop and feel flat as fuck. It isn't even funny.

No. 1992272

This kek. It’s almost perfectly engineered to really scratch that particular autist fandom itch.

No. 1992275

Sage for no contribution, but why is it anytime someone references Bluey, they feel the need to mention it's Australian? It'd be one thing if it was Australians themselves bragging about the shows success, but usually it's just random non-Australians pointing out the fact that the show is Australian. Never see someone holding a Gojo or Makima plush and saying "chilling with my Japanese child". I don't get it

No. 1992276

I don't get it because there's really nothing particularly unique about their designs we got an object head,jester and some furbait,I guess because it's in 3D???it's rare for something indie to be 3D.

No. 1992277

I wanna punch their faces especially Jaxs,Caines,& Pomnis

No. 1992278

cause the dog breed is an Australian Cattle dog

No. 1992282

It's appealing to kids, in the same way fnaf and poppy playtime are, childish and colorful but edgy. I don't think it's much deeper than that.

No. 1992290

i love when tadc fans pretend their show is actual good indie animation and compare it to hazbin helluva as if the shows weren't different sides from the same shitty coin

No. 1992293

I mean I thought I'd assume it's obvious
>Caine is an obvious tumblr sexyman whose a "quirky lunatic" but also all powerful
>Jax is kind of a mean character that can be used as a "designed top" but will also attract a minority who want to see him in his place, think of someone like Bakugou from BNHA
>Pomni herself is a character who is fetish bait for both male coomer who want to watch her get "broken", but will also be a self insert for specific naive teenage girls who'll relate to her breakdowns
then there's the colour scheme of the show and it's specific design and humour

No. 1992295

i am so tired of the ''hurr durr jar'' joke everytime i see someone making a jar joke i know they are painfully unfunny.

No. 1992329

>I know that this show is partially funded by the media arm of the Aussie government so maybe that’s part of it?
Nah, I wouldn't think so nor does the government have that much influence, Australia is often used by overseas animation studios for outsourcing animation kind of like how Korea is. I do think its suspicious but we'd have more Australian shows blow up if that were the case.

No. 1992340

File: 1715053598329.webp (56.3 KB, 800x644, lsmark.webp)

I cant believe lsmark looks like this omg he's only 21

No. 1992351

She insists that “she asked him out first!!!” but his relationships with the CMC VAs always creeped me out (although apparently Michelle is a lesbian, good for her tbh)

No. 1992356

anglo men age like milk

No. 1992364

either way, it's retarded and artificial and i refuse to watch it kek

No. 1992366

He’s Irish, not Anglo.

No. 1992425

I think this show sort of had potential but played all its cards way too early. Existential horror and mental breakdowns and zooming in on the characters' thousand yard stares is only effective if it's subtle and has more buildup. Astraction as a concept should have been revealed further in the show.

No. 1992472

File: 1715116619037.jpg (999.94 KB, 1079x1910, 1000019238.jpg)

Regret sets in fast

No. 1992474

im the anon from ugly men psyop thread
i take it back i wouldn't. maybe if he lost weight

No. 1992487

honestly a shame. if he lost some weight he'd look pretty nice

No. 1992509

File: 1715127674002.png (683.33 KB, 513x1209, Bill Wray.png)

One of the original artists for Ren and Stimpy shared some disturbing info about the upcoming reboot that leaked recently.

No. 1992515

>disturbing info
the only thing disturbing about this is that they'd even consider reviving ren and stimpy to begin with. it's a product of its time forever marred by the fact that it was created by a pedo. let those young inexperienced female writers create original, better shows instead of parading the corpse of a long-dead concept.

No. 1992517

Does anyone know if the leaks are still available anywhere? I’ve looked everywhere. Dying to see how bad it really is.

No. 1992518

christ does he even shower? why does he look so dirty and unwashed

No. 1992526

agreed, i'm tired that literally every single thing coming out is a reboot, remake, sequel, adaptation… we didn't need a new rugrats or fairly oddparents, and we definitely don't need more ren & stimpy. most of these new but old releases end up tanking, how can companies be this blind?

No. 1992527

Veronica has said that she does all the housework, chores and errands (including washing Mark's clothes) so it's hard to imagine he takes very good care of himself when she's not on it

No. 1992540

>his fatass eating a steak, sauce, and fries while she has a salad

he still does look his age, just a busted and fat 21 year old

No. 1992544

Girl must be exhausted. She probably drives him around too.

No. 1992551

>I know I’ll get canceled for saying this, but this was a young inexperienced woman’s writing room
/co/ is about to become even more unusable than it already is after reading this. you’ll never hear the end of it. christ.

No. 1992553

I'll be simple. It's the same reason why skibidi toilet is so popular.

No. 1992556

they're not blind, they're lazy. remakes guarantee someone will watch it usually because of nostalgia or lack there of.

No. 1992601

call me a tinfoiler but he looks on the verge of troonacy here

No. 1992602

can't she starve him while she's at it

No. 1992653

its kind a sad when you thibnk about it. becomjng so successful at a young age having so much disposable income before developing propr life skills. feel a little bad for mark

No. 1992723

I've seen plushes being sold of the characters at Mexican flea markets, it's truly bizarre

No. 1992728

File: 1715207767896.jpg (498.95 KB, 1080x1573, 1000019249.jpg)

Veronica has causing problems with other animation reviewers and even friends for thinking the made for children knuckles show might have been bad. Wonder how long until her toxicity drives all of Mark's remaining friends away and he's stuck with fat fuck sonny and his cheating wife

No. 1992736

Im going to say it… Ren and Stimpy was never that good anyway. It needs to stay dead.

No. 1992754

File: 1715210172769.png (1.53 MB, 1592x816, Screenshot 2024-05-08 at 4.04.…)

God damn it, I finally watched this stupid tranny show and actually liked it so far.
>This is dumb and weird
>You're still watching it!
I feel retarded for laughing at that wink to the audience and also the fact that it called me out

No. 1992794

A bit of a tinfoil but I don't trust anyone who worked on the original Ren and Stimpy, especially not people who were close to John K himself. The crew knew that he was bringing his underage "girlfriend" to the studio and nobody did anything about it. They can all eat shit for all I care.

No. 1992842

File: 1715231229926.png (Spoiler Image,3.87 MB, 1920x1080, 1682214025259.png)

Speaking of which, i know this might be a bit of a stretch, but i've also been noticing that ever since Vincent Waller (another former associate of John K.) became head showrunner for Spongebob, there's been a lot of jokes relating to Diapers and people acting like babies a lot of the time, both in Spongebob and The Patrick Star Show.

and considering one of Waller's only full writing credits for the original Ren and Stimpy series was the episode where they pretended to be babies really makes you wonder if this is all some weird fetish that he secretly has.

No. 1992846

Maybe it's a generational thing, but I didn't have cable as a kid, so I didn't see it until I was an adult and I was surprised by how unfunny it was? Like the gestures in the animation were interesting but the jokes don't hold up imo.

No. 1992847

I think it's because the creator is a tranny with industry connections. He knew the right people to make fetch happen.

No. 1992852

i believe this tinfoil. I remember there was a FOP writer who mostly worked on episodes where timmy gained muscles. Weird as fuck.

No. 1992853

follow the rest of this thread and her most recent response shes still keeping this bit up idk why. pupliterally has edited vids for mark or at least is in his friend circle idk why shed do this

No. 1992858

>becomjng so successful at a young age having so much disposable income before developing propr life skills
where's the sad part kek I'm jealous

No. 1992863

File: 1715241077761.jpg (1.19 MB, 2500x2500, lsmark art2.jpg)

if i had his money i would do nothign but draw all day. I hate how lazy his fucking art is, he clearly doesnt give a shit about art and animation besides a very surface, manchildren level.

No. 1992869

She's extremely immature and full of herself (both things she even admits). This turning a new leaf stuff evidently all bs as Veronica will never not seek out conflict and attention on herself. It's only a matter of time before she implodes again.

No. 1992870

It seems like the two just fuck around the majority of the time and leave their work to other people. Neither of them have interesting styles or anything that makes them stand out. You have to wonder why she doesn't get hired when her portfolio is just her and her retarded dogs

No. 1992873

File: 1715244145309.jpg (Spoiler Image,40.65 KB, 632x800, degen.jpg)

her patreon is filled with low tier degen shit like this. A professional shouldnt be drawing this shit for money.

No. 1992874

File: 1715245116624.png (2.42 MB, 1452x1422, Screenshot 2024-05-09 015046.p…)

>I remember there was a FOP writer who mostly worked on episodes where timmy gained muscles. Weird as fuck.
Kek this was the 4chan post that originally pointed that out. The writer in question is Steve Marmel apparently

No. 1992889

I was willing to consider this could be based, some weird way to promote health and strength to young boys, Hitler style.
>look up the scrote behind that
>He's fat and ugly as hell

Okay it's just another homosexual putting his fetish into media aimed at children, more news at 8.

No. 1992895

Probably generational. I grew up in the 90s and a lot of the appeal back then was how different it was from anything else that had been previously marketed to kids. The entire bunch of early creator-driven cartoons was a breath of fresh air back then.

No. 1992962

File: 1715270965916.jpg (153.15 KB, 1080x1057, 1000019236.jpg)

Noticed this but Veronica still follows Adam (supposedly the one whom she cheated on Chris with) A married woman following one of her past flings is awfully strange

No. 1992966

shestotally gonna cheat again it’s so obvious
onceshe does she’ll fade into obscurity
idk whatll happen to mark tho(lrn2post)

No. 1992970

Of course she is. She's drawn herself as an anthro dog getting fucked and having sensual moments with some webcomic artist's possible self insert main character oc. She'll 100% cheat soon or already has.(lrn2sage)

No. 1992973

File: 1715272802679.jpg (Spoiler Image,276.67 KB, 719x847, Screenshot_20230923_174641_X.j…)

I completely forgot about that lol, this is hilarious. I don't think I've seen someone as blind to red flags as Mark.

No. 1992977

File: 1715273313938.jpg (769.27 KB, 1080x1669, 1000019252.jpg)

The rabbit guy belongs to a webcomic artist name Nairda. Both Veronica and her friend Riley have made self inserts to ship with some of the male characters.

No. 1993004

File: 1715280127640.jpg (377.99 KB, 1080x1484, 1000019254.jpg)

Quit it with the cowtipping

No. 1993016


Ren and Stimpy really doesn't need a reboot just let it stay in the 90s.(offtopic, no sage)

No. 1993020

File: 1715284547023.jpg (Spoiler Image,77.12 KB, 595x1024, 1714888084843011m.jpg)

Saged as this is a new cow I’m bringing to the table but she qualifies for this thread. All this talk of Veronica reminds me of a similar cow, she was talked about in the personal cows and bad art threads a bit >>>/snow/1924507
>>>/m/333165 Her name’s LizieDoodle and she’s pretty similar to Veronica but worse. She had a situation of her flirting with Scott Falco and drawing porn of the two together while Scott had a girlfriend, speaking of which she’s another porn artist, primarily does self-insert stuff including zoophilia/feral porn of her with literal horses and her getting raped by Monty Gator from FNAF, she also does VRChat porn lately which is so uncanny it’s hilarious. She’s mutuals with lolicons and is friends with Daftpina too (or was, not sure if they still are as Daft took her out of his channels page on YT). Spoiled pic is about the Scott Falco shit, there’s no NSFW art in it but it’s still fucking weird basically IRL fetish fanfic shit fair warning. Reposted because I’m a retard and fucked the links up

No. 1993023

>She’s mutuals with lolicons and is friends with Daftpina too
kek no way this is the bitch that draws dolphin porn that rhythm rev referenced in his daft video?

No. 1993029

File: 1715287605063.png (200.38 KB, 620x387, 2zP0tRy.png)

sage for OT but I've always been intrigued by how pervy/degen western cartoonists can be. Not just now but for a long time, Where I'm from, cartoonists (up until the 2010s) were always serious individuals, quite strict and ordinary. At worst they were incredibly obsessive perfectionists, but they were functional human beings who didn't get off to cartoon mice. What do you think are the reasons behind this?(offtopic)

No. 1993032


No. 1993033

Video in question for the nonnas, relevant segment is at about 40:22 I find it so funny that after Rev pointed this out she’s removed from his channels page, unsure of twitter though but shows how DaftPina is willing to drop people so quick for optics. There’s also copy cats of her running around all over various sites. Also Just Stop is friends with Daft? JFC between Daft and that humanized landwhale HopelessPeaches how many tards can he be friends with? Additionally ironic since Daft supported Creepshow Art when JustStop went after her too lmfao >>1173160

No. 1993037

yeah but even artists in the 1970's-90's were fucking weird.

No. 1993038

>Also Just Stop is friends with Daft?
Was actually, he dropped him after the video he made about Mark being in a fucked up relationship with Veronica blew up on his face.

No. 1993039

The men are degens whereever you are from as well

No. 1993047

Oh yeah I’m aware of that >>1768069 I should’ve put “was” but I find it funny still how so many of JS friend circle could turn out to be trash so quick and how quick he was to drop Daft (and Peaches but that’s for the art commentary cows thread kek) and talk about how toxic and manipulative they were the second their shit makes him look bad

No. 1993050

I think the main appeal is the art style and animation. Everything else in that show is disgusting.

No. 1993051

>At worst they were incredibly obsessive perfectionists
Some artists back then had a alternative persona (same as some do today) separate from everything their name,family and style and with a lack of the internet there are no archives to be investigated but you can always tell by the style they drew,even male Walt disney animators drew porn of the child characters (most Disney Princesses were under 18) back in the 90's as a "joke" and looney toons always has a strip tease or cross dressing gag into their cartoons. men were always degenerate but the world back then wasn't so extremely pornnified and coombrained as it is now

No. 1993053

Artistic people tend to be mentally ill or autistic.

No. 1993067

Because drawing anything considered 'un-soviet' could and would send you to prison, my family is from the Soviet Union and my grandfather told me how his cousin was sent to prison for 3 years because he had a photo of his wife in her underwear. that's how strict it was. I'm sure the animators in your country had the possibly to be degenerates, but they had a huge incentive not to be cause there would be likely literal ideological officers around the corner.

No. 1993084

pomni's design is super cute, that's literally the only reason i clicked their pilot video initially.
i was a bit disappointed because it's quite boring and silly, but the only thing i truly hate is that they also publicly pander to the weirdos. i mean, pedos and trannies are known for engaging with any cartoon out there, but it's one thing to activelly engage and endorse them while knowing your audience is full of little kids and the show itself is labeled as 13+

No. 1993175

wtf im stalinist now
we need vicious ideological officers regulating moid pervert expressions through violence

No. 1993189

she is notorious in nsfw art circles for asskissing popular artists hard. Drawing herself interacting with artists' sonas and tagging them to get their interest. Did it to a friend of mine thinking it was a man and joke flirting lol. Sad af

No. 1993320

Not saying I don’t believe this but is there any screenshots or proof of this? Also you should probably not have brought up who you have connections with, even if it’s a big artist

No. 1993465

He's always been a dorky looking motherfucker.

No. 1993503

Apparently Veronica's parents feel the same going as far as calling Mark a autistic child and how they were relieved that Veronica found a "real man" in Mick (which is funny considering what a sleezeball he is)

No. 1993546

provide caps you retards

No. 1993580

Honestly I feel that Pan is gonna be fine lol Saberspark's videos just don't have personality to them so unless he's gonna try to make his videos more lively, I can't see him taking Pan's crown.

No. 1993602

Not a cap but was part of the initial video by Juststop. The information was provided Mick and Smokey who were there so they could be lying / exaggerating but given Veronica's nature who knows. At the same family gathering she shit talked his pilot and said it'd go nowhere because hes untalented (https://youtu.be/45ae5_A6Gyo?si=RX_-WbE5SUz1yYAc at 3:43)(learn2embed)

No. 1993644

New leak of Marks pilot lmaooo


No. 1993673

I hate these designs and it sounds like shit.

No. 1993740

File: 1715514253836.mp4 (4.94 MB, 1280x720, [24-05-11] 1789108219580743972…)

People are so pornbrained nowadays they dont see anything wrong with this disgusting shit. Why is the indie animation sphere filled with coomers?

No. 1993744

Because animation point blank has always been populated by the worst coomers.

No. 1993750

even zonetan has a more modest model.

No. 1993758

File: 1715517620384.mp4 (871.8 KB, 1280x720, archive.mp4)

Archived because leaks always get purged from catbox. This sucks. The style is so ugly.

No. 1993785

its so autistic looking. I can only imagine really young kids, and weird genderspecial man/woman children liking this

No. 1993802

This genuinely feels like a bad amalgamation of 2000's Nick/CN cartoons, this is the kind of show I would've seen airing on Nickelodeon at 4 PM in 2008 before turning the TV off and going outside, the "oh it's this shit again bye" type of cartoon.
I don't even understand what the audience for this is, an adult clearly has no reason to give a fuck about this and would kids today really care about a Fairly Oddparents/My Gym Partner's a Monkey/El Tigre lookalike with infinitely worse production values?

No. 1993804

The critic's curse is real. Is there a single example of a critic who produced even half-decent original content?

Nostalgia Critic had his god-awful movies and his shitty failed demo-reel. AVGN had his singular terrible film and a "band" (if they can even be called that) that only recorded four or five songs since 2021. The less said about Linkara's books the better. Growing Around is a skeletal horse. Ralphthemoviemaker's films are absolute garbage. Now LS Mark is making a mediocre-at-best cartoon.

No. 1993806

>The critic's curse is real. Is there a single example of a critic who produced even half-decent original content?
Edgar Allen Poe

No. 1993812

File: 1715534605150.jpeg (140.15 KB, 640x952, IMG_2017.jpeg)

LSMark is freshly out of high school and it’s clear he doesn’t have a lot of life experience for writing a cartoon pilot. It’s basically the Miyazaki problem where these kids are making an anime inspired pilot without living life and gaining experience first.

No. 1993836

That’s not the same Adam. Adamlikesrice is the castle character and him and Chris are very close atm. There is another Adam in that circle and that is the Adam that was probably him but to be completely honest, it could be this Adam as well cause they’re all weird like that

Yep. Came here from that tweet so she probably has seen the thread too lol

No. 1993837

this looks like what some who watched cartoons growing up would make. and I mean that in the rudest way possible because its so flat and lifeless. like the only thing they got out of cartoons was the art style, but not personality, moral lessons weaved into the story plot, etc

No. 1993860

Years later and I’m still seeing videos about DaftPina pop up making 0 new points about anything, Daft’s a cow for sure but make some new points or just don’t make a video at this rate especially since Definitely Bored Oranges is just another art commentary channel cow and one of the more dull ones at that and you have a recipe for mediocrity, have there been any good videos on Daft since 2022 even?

No. 1993865

Took the words out of my mouth, don’t know if this is more appropriate for commentary cows or here. But BoredOranges is such a grifter. He literally made one video exactly like this. He just remade the same exact video to squeeze some extra views. I don’t even really like daft or anything but he hasn’t done anything in a year and seems to want to keep it that way. Only good one was the video by Quinn Curio anyways.

No. 1993867

File: 1715545956081.jpg (58.02 KB, 680x477, 1000019269.jpg)

Eh I'd argue it was most likely Castle Adam because the two were much closer(don't know if she and Adam P even met). She appeared on his and Nialls failed live streaming channel and this picture with her retard dogs. Also if I'm being completely honest Adam P has a face only a mother could love. Adam is mids but has a better face card at least.

No. 1993882

Speaking of cows who overlap this thread and the art commentary cows one, a new video was done on Star Giant Productions recently by Lazy BedHead doing some interviews with Mr Enter’s friends/Star’s victims

No. 1993900

Honestly I caught a bit of the video but I turned it off. I'm getting really fucking tired of people pretending that these troon men are an kind of woman. I've put aside my feelings when hearing this topic for years but my patience has run out.

No. 1993919

NGL, I loved it as a little kid back in the mid 90's.
In my adulthood, I find it terribly unfunny and ugly. Not stylish ugly, not appealing-ugly, but ugly-ugly.

And lol @ the moid feeling "heartbroken" about not being allowed into the writer's room. Not only did JohnK himself disdain Writing as part of cartoons in general, but also, everybody who worked with him knew he was a pedo and never did anything about it. I don't doubt the reboot with suck, but fuck this clown as his "feelz".

Agreed with others, the show needs to stay dead.

No. 1993968

Ashens and the quest for the game child is pretty decent but other than that yeah it’s mostly drek

No. 1993991

This, pretending there were “good” moids on the crew back then is bullshit. Most if not all of them knew he was a pedo but never did anything about it…even when he showed them actual CSAM he’d produced of his underaged girlfriend. I loved Ren & Stimpy as a kid but fuck all of them

No. 1994191

there will prob be lgbt+ pandering in it that'll get twitter manchildren hyping it up like with most modern cartoons

No. 1994279

I hate how every single cartoon critic that wanst to make a pilot obviously hates drawing. If i had all that money and time i would do nothing but draw in my free time.

No. 1994452

File: 1715726855341.jpeg (1.09 MB, 4000x1280, IMG_9737.jpeg)

the character designs start off decent but then get lazier

No. 1994453

This shit is awfully bland of course he added the obligatory furry goth girl too.I honestly feel bad for him.

No. 1994454

all of these are bland. They all look like rip off of other things and the eagle guy is downright disgusting.

No. 1994516

i spy: tom and jerry, rocko, panini, and that snake from sanjay and craig

No. 1994519


No. 1994624

You know, for how much he criticizes Butch Hartman, he really likes to copy his art style.

No. 1994679

this is so soulles, but what can i expect from someone who likes butch hartman and seth mcfarlane. He's such a joke i bet he hasnt seen any ralph bakshi animated movie or even anything from cartoon saloon. He doesnt deserve to be in the animation community

No. 1994800

File: 1715828405190.png (429.15 KB, 589x518, pan.png)

pan pizza bought lolicon anime.

No. 1997125

File: 1716499430996.mp4 (773.06 KB, 854x480, biLmgjF.mp4)

No. 1997126

Does the fox have gaping holes in her ears??

No. 1997149

That panda and fox girl are bout to get some awful fanart.

No. 1997247

I owned moon phase at 14 and can confirm it’s a gross lolicon anime.

No. 1997280

File: 1716524174296.jpg (741.13 KB, 1080x2071, 1000019355.jpg)

Mark is mad at the mixed / negative response he's gotten and blaming some random kek

No. 1997363

what did he expect? its genuinely the most soulless thing i have ever seen

No. 1997366

Is he retarded, I see more of his fans saying it looks awesome. There's people saying it's trash but Twitter makes it seem like a minority.

No. 1997418

I think he's on his /co/ thread right now defending himself. That's where a lot of his negative reviews are coming from.(sage your shit)

No. 1997468

Honestly can you blame Mark for being uninspired and putting out dog shit? What life experience is he going off of? He's another Irish person who wishes they were American. But even as he's living in America it seems like he only ventures outside for cartoon related stuff and to stuff his face probably. If he leaned into his Irishness more he might, might put something somewhat interesting out but no, he has to emulate Americans. At least that's the impression I get.

No. 1997470

his favourite cartoon is family guy and fop he has some of the worst taste i have ever seen in a person

No. 1997471

that's even more fucking depressing.

No. 1997545

Actually on second thought he probably has nothing to reference from. Newry is majority Catholic and it's very much within the realm of possibility that he doesn't even personally know a Protestant. No wonder he's incapable of making anything compelling, he's got no experience with anything even at home. Mark you're back in NI, go outside.
But he could make a series about the misadventures of an Irish suburbanite addicted to the internet and he still wouldn't have the charisma to carry it. Not without some serious self reflection and engaging with media that challenges him. I'd doubt he could even then because he doesn't have emotional intelligence either. How the fuck does anyone expect him to make anything funny? He gives me serious Holly Brown vibes, lol

No. 1997619

I don't think Bob Camp or Bill Wray would've been directly complicit. They hated John.
Jim Gomez seems like a guy that just wants to live his life.
lol I'd believe it.

No. 1997621

File: 1716658680558.jpg (298.18 KB, 1080x1458, 1000019398.jpg)

Anytime Mark gets attention Veronica's inevitably brought up and more people find out about his shitty funny marriage to laugh at.

No. 1997642

What the fuck am I looking at? Is his dick out in that drawing?

No. 1997674

He will troon out. Save this prediction he’s on the fast track of trooning out

No. 1997676

>miyazaki explains the generic tripe of popular shounen and slice-of-life faggotry that could only be curated by bugpeople who have never had an unorthodox thought in their entire lives
kek, the only scrote I feel a tiny little sliver of sympathy for

No. 1997683

I don’t think mark will but there’s a chance Pan might

No. 1997769

He pressured his wife (also a good animator) to stop working to take care of his family which he fucking seems to despise anyway. Far from a good scrote, but he was right in that instance.

No. 1997821

Retarded scrote moment. They had money they could have hired a nanny or had their willing family help, why are scrotes so insistent on strapping their wives into a rigid housewife role when there’s no reason for them to do so?

No. 1997854

Because these moids don't want wives. They want second mommies who will essentially baby them.

No. 1997901

Because "something something women need to stay in the kitchen to nurture "the family" (aka moid)" and "lowly woman can't have a job like the great moids". He's basically a boomer, and Japan is strict with women even to this day.

No. 1997902

File: 1716753055339.png (1.1 MB, 1000x563, 1682292092751.png)

Yeah, there was even an episode of The Patrick Star Show recently where that was nothing but Patrick, Spongebob, etc. acted like babies


No. 1997904

File: 1716753596260.mp4 (1.19 MB, 1280x720, GYcJi2nFzMVsIKLf.mp4)

New Patrick Star Show had a joke about Beanmouth apparently

No. 1997905

He was also just incredibly dismissive towards his son and gave him depression

No. 1997968

im not sure since im new to this thread but based on the fact that theres more than one pair of feet on the bed, the guy is getting cuckolded and cigarette smoke blown on his dick

No. 1997969

Honestly, beanmouth is tolerable compared to some of the shit SpongeBob has been doing in the last fifteen years.

No. 1997985

It's not just the visual beanmouth, it's the beanmouth storytelling too, which at least to me is worse than bad spongebob.

No. 1997987

Was the chair breaking at the end an attempt at comedy? It made absolutely no sense. Might as well have been a fart joke.

No. 1998048

you dont get it, shes so quirky and goofy ecksdee. Shes trying desperately to become a FOTM waifu but no one gives a shit kek

No. 1998105

Imagine having the money and resources for an animated pilot only to end up with something awfully unoriginal and vapid.who literally asked for this?this is in the same level as Cocomelon garbage.

No. 1998141

File: 1716846439848.mp4 (4.27 MB, 1280x720, c0onoo_3.mp4)

they will never do what he did

No. 1998244

>beanmouth storytelling

No. 1998683

Moana 2 Teaser

No. 1998719

Pretty much (if this is right): unredeemable villains are just misunderstood, sad cinnamon rolls that just needs to be talked to and they're now good, the creator/crew mental health or shipping wars filler episodes, main character becomes the creator's talking mouthpiece, secondary main characters are now pushed to side characters that are just cardboard cut outs of what they use to be; show pulls a bait and switch with the main plot aka what got people hooked to the show in the first place. feel free to add on.

No. 1998758

why does she look… younger? is it taking place in the past?

No. 1998784

she doesn't look younger to me but the animation looks significantly worse. everyone looks like uncanny valley.

No. 1998786

File: 1717026350653.mp4 (304.02 KB, 480x270, eOqTC-hwlnDvIBh2.mp4)

the absolute state of adult animation

these designs are so bland, they could benefit from thicker lines and less curves

No. 1998791

Where do they find the money to make shit like this and their Bluey ripoff? These jokes are so stale and dated, like they're from over five years ago.

No. 1998796

File: 1717027741669.gif (164.55 KB, 220x124, well-there-it-is.gif)

>From Daily Wire+

No. 1998798

What is this from?

No. 1998799

Give an example besides Steven Universe

No. 1998826

I almost feel bad for him, he's such a retarded dweeb with no life experience compared to Veronica and got rushed to the altar by his alcoholic serial cheater BPD girlfriend. I've known guys that are exactly like him, they have no idea how relationships work so they don't know how to set boundaries and let the first woman that gives them the time of day to walk all over them, he can totally see all the crimson-red flags but has no clue what to do.
Best case scenario he grows a spine and divorces her, the situation will only get worse with time as Veronica's skeletons keep piling up and his fanboys are already on full force defending him while trying to explain how he's totally not a cuckold kek.

No. 1998853

I wish this show wasnt cancelled(sage your shit)

No. 1998854

They changed her design to make her face smaller/ eyes bigger. basically Elsa-fied her.

No. 1998869

sage for offtopic and nta, but thank you anon, i hope this message find you well; i was feeling down, I loved that video, I'm going to watch it right now, god bless you and have a good day

No. 1998890

kek, I love the cherry pie as plausible deniability for the blood splatters

No. 1998907

Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart

No. 1998966

Supposedly Moana 2 is actually just the first season of a Moana series intended for Disney +, condensed into a single feature length film. It wasn’t even animated by DFA, it was done by their Canada studio specifically for television which is probably why it looks so “off”.

No. 1999181

File: 1717121700636.jpg (146.65 KB, 999x905, 1000000343.jpg)

No. 1999197

She needs to lay off the McDonald's and Starbucks altogether.

No. 1999198

File: 1717127507970.jpg (955.22 KB, 1500x1000, Get_shrekt.jpg)

Why does Moana look like Shrek now???

No. 1999305

I genuinely do not understand Disney's trajectory. Do they even care anymore? Crap sequels they have to know people are sick of. Remakes no one was really asking for. It's practically just a content-generator at this point. Just releasing content simply because it has to, like sort of automaton machine, devoid of any reason or thought.

No. 1999313

Not milk but I can't believe I'm seeing videos in my language of actual children (like, 8-10 years old) talking about The Amazing Digital Circus. It has such coomery fetishy vibes (which are there on purpose because the creator is a tranny with a head drilling fetish) and it's kinda scary to see actual children as opposed to immature gendie twitterfags being subjected to it. Maybe they don't get it, but it's still disgusting and slimy.

No. 1999334

I don't want to defend the trannoid but stealth fetish shit in cartoons isn't anything new, I doubt it will affect kids any worse than the previous shit did (I hope), if he does something beyond the realm of acceptability I hope he gets called out, people seem to be getting fed up with trannies.
Releasing direct-to-video sequels and TV shows of their iconic movies with shittier animation quality is something Disney has done since the 90's, if you don't remember them I don't blame you, because I too thought they were fever dreams and fake memories I had as a kid until I looked them up.

No. 1999361

Yes but that wasn't really their main focus. It seems their main focus now is sequels, remakes, and direct-to-streaming miscellaneous series. You could say they've strayed away from original material since those have bombed recently but so are the sequels and remakes. I can just about guarantee that Hercules remake is going to bomb. Their Disney+ series are hit or miss, and mostly misses. That's just the main problem with their business model. Higher demand from their customers while simultaneously cutting costs and cheating out. It's the same issue with the parks.

No. 1999673

File: 1717253261380.png (704.04 KB, 1179x1507, bj4e5ix.png)

>A pitch bible has leaked for a reboot to Disney’s ‘Recess’ titled ‘Recess: Next Bell’. The bible is written by the creators of the original series, Paul Germain and Joe Ansolabehere. The bible is dated June 3rd, 2022.
They introduce a new cast but we also learn what happened to the old characters
>TJ is a bored tech millionaire
>Spinelli is bisexual defence attorney and is married to vince
>Vince failed his sports career and is a coach now
>Gus came out as a transwoman
>Gretchen is a super model and super scientist and dated Elon Musk
>Mikey died in India

No. 1999676

LOL nonna I posted asking if anyone saved the Bible at the exact moment you posted the reddit link! Deleted my post because it’s redundant now. Thank you!
I hate a lot about this but I think I hate them killing off Mikey the most. And the Spinelli-TJ-Vince love triangle? Who is this supposed to be for???

No. 1999678

I'm assuming the progoranist was originally supposed to be TJ and Spinelli's kid, but changed her to Vince to make her bi-racial, for context this is from 2022 when the blm thing was still going strong and there was an emphasis from companies for "diverse" media.

No. 1999685

Yeah that makes sense. TJ as a tech bro has some comedic potential but everything about Spinelli and Vince as individuals is so cliche and predictable. It all sounds like bad fanfic.

No. 1999704

>Mikey died in India

No. 1999734

File: 1717267860197.png (772.49 KB, 1172x1487, dude.png)

>tries to be hip with the kids
>makes the most outdated, rocket power tier character
This type of ''dude, weed'' character is something total drama island was already parodying in the 00s

No. 1999741

>>Gus came out as a transwoman
Oh so they made the little fragile boy a tranny? Hmm curious, I wonder why they chose that character.

No. 1999765

File: 1717273853564.webp (77.05 KB, 1182x1518, a-pitch-bible-has-leaked-for-a…)

>the Madisons
>the gen alpha mean girl group
>"but now including boys and non-binary kids as well"
>"they now have new weapon: Twitter, Snapchat and TikTok"
Stop! Stop! It's already dead!

No. 1999805

File: 1717281453229.png (349.23 KB, 881x947, delaq8n-e72adf25-db8f-4c10-9e2…)

The Ashleys (included Spinelli) are too BASED for this current world?

Apparently yes.

Fun fact: In the original serie exist a similar group named "the Tylers" (the Ashleys little brothers).

No. 1999806

File: 1717281525350.png (949.04 KB, 1000x1000, 1717116074933866.png)

Monkey Wrench got a new plushie and it's the lizard lady with the obligatory pride month theme. Zeurel literally has no money and no one really cares for his project so I guess he's going for the gender special Twitter crowd now by making his lizard "aroace".

No. 1999809

>the black kid is actually A BRILLIANT SCIENTIST
this shit has been cliche since ned's survival guide

No. 1999820

File: 1717283337859.jpg (152.89 KB, 581x1011, kim-possible-reboot-1534166760…)

Only imagine if this trend of trooning timid boys into AGP continues and Kim Possible is rebooted?

Poor Ron…

No. 1999824

Wow, they trooned out Gus and killed off Mikey, at least Mikey doesn’t have to deal with living in the Reboot I guess?
I thought that Mikey would end up being gay, but that’s not stunning and brave enough these days.(sage your shit)

No. 1999827

they'll probably make Gus into men, because shy boys are always gay right? and that means they're really just women, right?

No. 1999829

Mikey's voice actor passed away so I guess I could see why they chose to kill him off rather than try and recast his voice actor.

No. 1999835

File: 1717286737659.jpg (Spoiler Image,314.02 KB, 1500x1891, 1000007926.jpg)

Here's the picture of Gus in the Recess sequel

No. 1999847

Some of these entries sound like they put "create a recess original character" or "what would the recess characters be like grown up" into chat gpt and just copied the answers. it sounds so predictable, uninspired, and trope-heavy

No. 2000077

Conservative humor is always 5 or 10 years late to the trend.(sage your shit)

No. 2000093

Unfortunately, like every smart black kid ever. We need a nerdy black kid be super into dragon ball z or some other shonen slop.
Mikey becomes a cult leader after a successful music career and this also implies him having multiple love children. Kek

No. 2000109

Thought the same thing, Spinelli's art school/lead band singer/lawyer shit sounds ridiculous. How much of this is also the writers self-inserting their own career failures into this

No. 2000279

You forgot Spinelli almost being a cop.

No. 2000386

He’s not “dorky looking” he’s a fatso

No. 2000459

The only head canon all my friends and I have for Spinelli is that she’s a lesbian. There was just no way she actually wanted to kiss TJ. Gretchen and Spinelli 4ever these like weird wish fulfillment futures they came up with are so cringe. I wanna know where Randall (the snitch I think that was his name?) ended up kek

No. 2000494

According to the leaks Randall ended up becoming the school principal and trying to turn the school into a prison or something. I would have preferred it if TJ became the principal after messing around in his youth before realising his true calling as a teacher. Like how Principal Prickly in the original was implied to have been like TJ growing up.

No. 2000499

To be fair there was also an episode where Spinelli got a crush on some buck toothed boy

No. 2000519

Spinelli and TJ were teased together so much in the original. Ain't no way Spinelli was ever going to end up gay. I could see an experimentation phase like what the leaks revealed but she was never going to be end game with a woman. Spinelli and Vince still makes no sense though, they blatantly just paired those two up instead of Spinelli/TJ and Vince/Gretchen because they want the new lead character to both be a tough girl like Spinelli and be non-white in an attempt to show how progressive the show is and the only way to have a non-white character with Spinelli's personality was to pair Spinelli up with Vince. But they also gave the new girl some traits in common with TJ which makes it even more confusing, because now we have a child whose personality is somehow a mix of Spinelli and TJ despite never knowing TJ till the pilot episode of the reboot and her father being Vince.

No. 2000645

File: 1717452415590.jpg (227.97 KB, 1080x654, 1000019449.jpg)

Ang is back to posting in yet another location. Her glazers being unable to accept that they were duped has been fun to see.

No. 2000684

File: 1717458044275.webp (41.86 KB, 534x534, Vivienne.webp)

whoa, she used to be kinda thin at one point

No. 2000688

>Super confident, cool, half-black girl is the main character and her ONLY flaw is that she's TOO driven and powerful and she just wants to help everyone!


No. 2000689

She was really cute, sad what weight gain can do.

No. 2000708

Kek it’s such a weird decision because the entire original run of the series kept hinting that Spinelli was the one who liked TJ but apparently she didn’t return his affections later on? I barely remember her and Vince even interacting.

No. 2000748

File: 1717468216231.png (82.39 KB, 960x537, the-amazing-digital-circus-did…)

>the shows progression is 95% just character stuff
What a load of bullshit ,he keeps introducing a bunch of new characters no one keeps asking for instead of focusing on the main cast.we don't even know their own backstories yet or how they got there in the first place.

No. 2000775

So he's basically admitting that his animated shit is just his fetish marketed to children, amazing.

No. 2000802

She’s not even that heavy, she just lacks a neck

No. 2000833

File: 1717492479143.jpg (679.95 KB, 1080x1459, 1000019447.jpg)

Every photo of Veronica and Mark is odd to me because all I can see is a little boy and his mom or aunt taking awkward selfies together

No. 2000841

>little boy
are you blind? he looks 40yo. If anything it looks like a special needs adult and his caretaker his mom pays to pretend to be his gf so he doesnt shoot up a school

No. 2000848

Oh great, he just admitted that his show is shit kek. Of course, why would anyone expect a tranny with a head drilling fetish to be able to write.

No. 2000850

rememeber when anons were defending his weird grooming tweet saying that what he actually meant is that he was going to deal with dark themes in his shit show? that aged poorly

No. 2000856

LA and it's awful people really aged this kid by 15 yrs. You'd feel bad but Mark's a retard who makes his own problems. If he took care of himself instead of making his wife to do everything for him then maybe he wouldn't have hit the wall at super sonic (lol) speed(sage your shit)

No. 2000936

Mark is not a little boy. He looks like every other autistic looking moid in the commentary community. I get he's younger than her but let's not infantilize him.

No. 2000967

What do you mean,anon,she looks to be 300 pounds at max.

No. 2000968

Troons can't write for shit they all keep inserting agendas or fetishes or both.

No. 2001024

NTA but Mark gives those same clearly fake smiles you see from Facebook/Insta parents who take their kids out to fancy places and ask them to smile and say cheese. I could only imagine Veronica going “I wanna take a selfie” and Mark going “No I don’t wanna!” Like a kid kek. It’s ironic because she’s like nearly a decade older than him from what I know, you can just tell she’s wearing some nice dress and he threw on some cargo shorts he’s been wearing the past few days
Idk what LA means, I think you mean to AYRT or Samefriend but I agree, Veronica’s a cheating snake for sure but you can’t deny Mark’s basically enabling her, due to the age gap I wonder if she’s abusive to him, I tinfoil that since she seem to function basically as one of those mom GFs / tradwives

No. 2001075

>shes abusive to him
he's abusive to her, she does all the housework while he sits and watches cartoons all day. He's probably a pan pizza lite and masturbates and sleeps on dirty sheets and ends up with UTIs and other diseases. Its funny that saberspark, the brony blue autist, ended up being less of a manchild than those two.

No. 2001087

They're both toxic but in different ways. I'm sure they get along ok but their relationship will break within a couple years.

No. 2001112

File: 1717558441420.png (Spoiler Image,2.59 MB, 651x2778, Weirdo.png)

Honestly anyone else think they might have some kind of degen Mommy Dom/MDLB relationship going on? It would explain a lot of why she’s coddling him and I’m pretty sure she’s a lolicon/shotacon judging by her new grounds where she’s drawing shit like Gregory from FNAF (who I think is like 12-14) getting horny for Vanessa FNAF and her porn of her beesona (who on the OneyPlays wiki is said to be 14)

No. 2001113

>Is she a degen?
She dated a fucking newgrounds animator. It wouldn't be surprising in the slightest.

No. 2001116

correction: she's been with lots of Newgrounds animators. Ricepirate being the guy she cheated on LSMark with.

No. 2001119

people gave daft and juststop shit for whistleblowing but they were just stating the obvious lol
everyone knows this relationship is gonna collapse its so obvious
juststop backstabbed daft over nothing to save his own skin lmao
their relationship will continue for a bit due to their pride but eventually theyll get catty and just cut it off

No. 2001121

File: 1717559934674.jpeg (106.32 KB, 828x1472, phosphor.ivanenko.workers.dev.…)

Agree, being a coomer artist, even if you’re a woman, inherently makes you one on some level, plus she dates barely legal guys and now is seemingly into loli/shota, it would not at all shock me if she was into DDLG and whatever the fuck all the variants are.
Side note: She posted picrel to her story along with that pic of her and Mark on a date >>2000833 We’re early but I vote it for the next thread header image cuz it’s Kek material

No. 2001132

when did she draw loli? and the fnaf crap is a commission. She has drawn worse things she isnt into for money. People are desperatly grasping at straws trying to paint her as a groomer for dating a younger guy, but i never see this level of animosity for guys that have done worse. Lets not forget that chris had an open pedophile on his podcast.

No. 2001146

yeah if you look at the image it says it was done as a comm at worst it was just something she made for money the rest of her gallery doesnt have that stuff
shes an opportunist but I agree not really a groomer

No. 2001189

Kek and they only ditched shad after the he went on his cocaine fueled tirade. I understand their circle is from old school newgrounds but Shad took it way too far.

No. 2001204

I honestly feel she went with mark because she was tired of degenerate newsground scrotes. I hate mark, but at least he isnt a coomer and his interests are safe manchild bullshit like sanic and fnaf.

No. 2001258

kek asscheek boobs

No. 2001261

She herself is a degenerate that draws shitty porn of herself and is endlessly craving for male attention, the only reason she went for Mark is because he's the only retard inexperienced enough to forgive all her shitty behaviour and put a ring on her finger so quickly despite her history of rampant cheating.

No. 2001390

How many of them? Also about the bee character, the bee definitely looks mature. I am not saying she's not degen, but that be is defnitely not a loli.

No. 2001530

File: 1717643608494.jpeg (99.03 KB, 960x777, IMG_2725.jpeg)


No. 2001545

i would rather be with a sonic manchild than someone that entertained some pedophile's delusions of grandeur. People hate to admit it, but she upgraded with mark.

No. 2001551

>she just lacks a neck
Just like half of her characters

No. 2001555

I don’t like any of them but this shit is so fucking weird.

No. 2001615

File: 1717676651454.jpg (266.62 KB, 1079x967, 1000019468.jpg)

Veronica and Mark are still chummy with Shad so I don't get your point.

No. 2001626

all of them are awful people, but chris never gets called out for associating with shad the way he did.

No. 2001631

That's true. None of the sleepycabin members dropped Shad until he started hard drugs in real life rather than the fact he's a pedophile. Makes sense with how much of coomers they were (and still are)

No. 2001696

Chris has a sweet spot of small fame that consists of cult followers who don’t care about his past and casual followers who only know him for his let’s plays and animations. He played it smart by never drawing attention to himself by acknowledging what happened to Shad just like he never spoke up about Veronica and Mick’s shit. Any apology or disclaimer about Shad would bring awareness to their past friendship and place him in a spotlight he’s easily been able to stay away from all this time.

No. 2001705

an apology wouldnt cut it, it just shows the kind of person he always was. Shad was drawing realistic lolishit since his inception.

No. 2001708

File: 1717694531017.jpg (167.63 KB, 1035x762, oney.jpg)

he defended shad's art of real kids a while back. plus cory/spazkid from his clique has drawn loli porn >>>/snow/1873629 so pedo shit obviously isn't a dealbreaker for him.

No. 2001709

Are you me(sage your shit)

No. 2001714

Men get to keep their reputations intact even after defending pedophiles kek At this point it's safe to assume all men in animation are degenerate coomers on some level, no matter how "normal" they look. They will defend their coomer friends' gross art or draw it themselves or groom girls after getting into positions of power or cheat on their wives by sexually harassing their female co-workers. You could make a bingo card, the story never changes.

No. 2001742

>He played it smart by never drawing attention to himself by acknowledging what happened to Shad just like he never spoke up about Veronica and Mick’s shit. Any apology or disclaimer about Shad would bring awareness to their past friendship
You're overthinking it way too much, people like him or Zach simply don't like to make a big deal out of every single thing in their private lives.
He was friends with Shad, everyone knows he was friends with Shad, he just doesn't care, and now that Shad burned bridges with everyone there's a high chance that Chris will never mention him ever again, not because he's afraid of being "cancelled" or anything, but because he no longer considers him a friend anymore after he went rogue. The exact same shit happened with Stamper.
Cory is also a raging degenerate and he's practically a permanent guest in his channel.

No. 2001773

File: 1717712557825.png (327.42 KB, 741x463, Vivvie.png)

Cross post but Vivziepop recently tweeted about Lily Orchard >>2001771

No. 2001776

what video is she talking about?

No. 2001794

I have no idea how she's able to draw such sexualized situations so…unsexily

No. 2001796

Yawn. I was actually kind of intrigued by the tranny circus show with the weird "headset" situation and all of the characters possibly being humans that are trapped there in a computer program. I was at least hoping for some creepy story surrounding that

No. 2001800

What did y’all think of the last helluva episode? I enjoyed full moon, the music was nice and it was cool seeing the cherubs again. And now that they’ve laid out their problems with each other it seems like there can be some actual direction

No. 2001815

Chris is absolutely terrified of being canceled and that motivates him to move very stealthily across the industry. Take it from an ex newgrounds groupie , and yes that is as fucking pathetic as it sounds.

No. 2001819

File: 1717721261545.jpg (538.64 KB, 1080x838, 1000019473.jpg)

Veronica and Mark are doing more let's play content. Immediately she tries hard to emulate her past on oneyplays and starts off with le funneh silly noises and zoomer meme references. Not saying that oneyplays or let's plays in general aren't the most bottom barrel shit but they are scraping DEEP especially with how much they rag on Arin / GG (rightfully but kek)

No. 2001823

>9 mo. ago

No. 2001915

File: 1717755923369.png (756.36 KB, 1073x511, lmao loll.png)

ls mark is the most painfully unfunny and boring youtuber ever. People only like his videos because they are 50 hours long and can put them in the background while they sleep/draw. He doesnt have real fans. So why the fuck is he doing something that requires the charisma he doesnt have? Its going to flop as bad as saberspark videogame channel. You need Jontron/scott the woz levels of charisma to branch out of your niche and still make it.

No. 2001934

He's your typical manchild reviewer who's tastes hasn't changed since he was like… twelve. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he has the palette of a child and always asks Veronica for chicken tendies.

No. 2001935

The fact that this fucking Swiss nazi-cocksucking faggot is still trying to coast off being "the most unhinged internet artists" when there's literally thousands of other shitheads making edgy anime horny art, some even before his terminally online ass ever did.

No. 2001943

Honestly would say Veronica is the only redeeming quality to the podcast as she can be funny (without the constant zoomer references) & tries to engage with the guests meanwhile Mark just sits there making the most bland observations and talking points. That said most people don't want to watch a podcast after finding out one of the hosts is a chronic cheater pick me with bpd who makes her own messes. Maybe the viewership will pick up when they get Zach on a interview like they hyped up / promised at least 3 times at the start of the whole podcast. Or maybe he just won't show up kek

No. 2001972

This looks like something you will see on youtube, mostly coomer channels(sage your shit)

No. 2001999

>ex ng groupie please nona post any milk you can on them

No. 2002003

seconding this(sage your shit)

No. 2002103

Not the same Nonna but tbh all the Newgrounds peeps are afraid of getting cancelled. What was considered "ok" years ago has a high chance of coming back. I've heard Spazkid regrets making animated Sonichu despite it being his best work.

No. 2002117

tbh I was more interested in embarrassing stories about them she might have had.

No. 2002118

File: 1717795149318.jpg (1.46 MB, 1284x2079, VeroniMark.jpg)

Reminder this is what Veronica and Mark want you to think of their relationship as: Some teen heartthrob romance instead of a very sad train wreck where one of them is fat and one is a serial homewrecker. It’s the way neither of them even look anything remotely like this lmao

No. 2002128

I hate when anons say Veronica is based for dating him when she’s a nutcase and he looks like shit. I support dating younger moids but their relationship is so embarrassing kek.

No. 2002214

Was thinking the same thing. I don't remember the name nor do I want to go out of my way of searching for it, but there's a new guy who makes SOOO EDGY SHOCK MATERIAL!!!!!ANIME GIRL BUT SHOCK! shit now like characters as nazis/jews during the holocaust, school shootings, etc etc, and never fails to get thousands of people taking the ragebait

No. 2002248

This is so weird this is the same art she used to make when she was with Chris

No. 2002251

Chris? Like, oneyplays Chris?

No. 2002254

Yeah I don't get it. Baraag is filled with lolicons who draw real life kids and fictional ones for their porn

No. 2002274

File: 1717822099721.jpeg (203.8 KB, 1200x947, IMG_0032.jpeg)

yeah shes oneys ex
she used to make the same exact art when they were together
you can findalot of it online.

No. 2002280

So is the lore that she cucked Oney for this new guy, LS Mark? It’s interesting that in this art she’s the lovey dovey one and in the other one she depicts LS Mark as the lovey one. I guess in this case she’s dating a nerdy younger autismo guy for some kind of ego boost.

No. 2002290

No, she went for Mark after she had already been dumped by Oney, a ton of shit happened between breaking up with Oney and getting together with Mark. And she isn't just "dating" Mark, she got fucking married to him not even a year into their relationship.

No. 2002291

honestly when I heard they broke up I was surprised mostly because based off the art she seemed head over heels for him like she posted a lot of art of her drooling over him so idk what chris did to make her so mad
a lot of the art she did for chris is very similar to the stuff she does with mark, she even kinda draws them a little similarly

No. 2002293

if theyre afraid of being canceled does it mean they’ve actually done something cancel worthy or is it just them nervous their edgy past will catch up to them
chris being afraid of cancellation is especially weird since hes said some pretty non pc stuff publically

No. 2002324

kek even she is embarassed of her twink hitting the wall at ligth speed

No. 2002325

there is a difference between being edgy and hosting a pedophile

No. 2002429

>she seemed head over heels for him like she posted a lot of art of her drooling over him so idk what chris did to make her so mad
Chris broke up with her and was sick of her bpd shit, so that probably made her mad. From what I remember, didn't she cheat on Chris with Sonny and was very touchy feely with other guys too? It's a mess.

No. 2002434

She admitted that her relationship failed because of her problems of jealousy and insecurities in her video about one of Chris' female friends who was sick, but in a livestream back in September, she talks about that same woman and how Chris was wishy washy with both her and Veronica and not figuring out who he really wanted (either Veronica was just a bootycall for him or she just hated the fact that he spoke with this woman he was going so far to help). This same girl was someone he did a charity stream for on OneyPlays that Veronica donated money to.(learn to sage)

No. 2002442

That's her? Wow, she really does look quite different now. I guess the life as an animator really has taken a toll on her.

No. 2002443

People may look at what you said and think you're being racist but as a POC, I agree. This kind of stereotype is so overdone with black characters. It's times like this where I think about certain black characters like Miranda from As Told By Ginger and Taranee Cook from W.I.T.C.H. who brought something different for black girl character. Miranda was a messy petty bitch and Taranee was a shy, slightly awkward nerd. I just wish that people would give individuality to black characters and not use the same "cool" confident black girl stereotype.

No. 2002455

Honestly hilarious how Veronica tried to be publically chummy with Chris only AFTER she got shit for her cheating on him & mark. She shit talked him for almost 2 years (only weeks before smokey called her out ) including that stream where she calls the sick woman a puta. All of that happened when she was sober so what's the excuse there?

No. 2002456

Who was the sick girl?

No. 2002578

I heard Chris went back to Ireland to see family and clear his mind after he broke up with Veronica.
It's a birthday card to Mark but she drew herself right in the middle. kek

No. 2002614

Recently I saw some OneyPlays compilations on YouTube and decided to put one on as background noise because Zach's voices and improvisations make me laugh. I didn't really know their 'lore', but there few moments where I heard a girl's voice (and was surprised because I never really heard women on their show before) and man, she was really NOT funny at all and a lot of their jokes went over her head. Turns out it was Veronica! I'm assuming she was dating Oney at the time, but god she was lame.

No. 2002615

She does that often. In her podcast thumbnails or art of them two, he's always behind her or the sidekick/to her right.

No. 2002616

I hate her art so much and I can't even pinpoint just one reason why

No. 2002619

Screams pick me vibes

No. 2002652

>life of an animator
Does she even animate anymore? She has entire crews to do that now

No. 2002697

Pick me coomer art is the glaring reason, nona. Look at the simple birthday art she drew for her fat manchild husband. Slim upper body and big fat dumpy butt and thighs kek.

No. 2002711

File: 1717948282517.png (5.41 MB, 1888x1883, veronicaandnojelly.PNG)

She doesn't even look like that in real life either. I get it's her cartoon self but her hips to shoulder ratio are the exact opposite. Nothing wrong with her body though, it just reeks pickmeism.

No. 2002721

Saberspark released the reanimated bluey project.

Bluey adults make me cringe more than bronies.

No. 2002728

Is it bad that I don’t see the appeal of Bluey? I was watching it with my niece last week and they just play games the entire episode lol. Makes me cringe to think that Jill showed her mom Bluey.

No. 2002731

Bluey is a cartoon for literal babies. I don't get how people over the age of 12 can sit through this show and get enjoyment from it.

No. 2002746

Won’t say too much but I’ve been to the oney house and the game grump house and they both literally smelled like cat piss constantly. I remember when Ross split with holly and Danny gave him advice to sleep with any and every woman he could so Ross could “get over it”.
And separately I recall when I was at the oney house, Chris and Zach were talking about getting shows on adult swim (bc Zach was barely getting smiling friends greenlit at the time) but when I had brought up that I would love to have my own show on adult swim as well, Chris said “There’s never gonna be any girl show because women are just inherently not funny.” To which Zach tried saving it by saying “it’s not about being a man or woman, it’s just difficult to get a show on the air.”
Chris saying that was kinda funny as a joke but the thing is he wasn’t joking lol I know Chris has an older sister that was abusive towards him when he was younger and I know that’s where a lot of his issues stem from.(sage your shit)

No. 2002747

File: 1717955628538.png (364.33 KB, 597x822, TsOUwW8.png)

No. 2002752

A long time friend of Chris named Alice iirc. She was “terminally”? I’ll and Chris had been in love with her even while he was with Veronica so I understand why veronica broke down if she was already insecure tbh.
He goes to Ireland often to see his family but I know when veronica made that call out video about mick and everything, they met up again to talk one final time about how they don’t blame each ither/to make up.

No. 2002754

File: 1717956237633.jpeg (226.63 KB, 1278x565, IMG_2730.jpeg)

wonder who it was

No. 2002755

Same, the MLP fandom produced a bunch of degenerate coomers but aside from that, you could at least see why it would exist- because of interesting enough world building and characters with distinct and endearing personalities that are easy to get attached to, not to mention the main cast being adults. Unless he’s a parent, being an adult male getting attached to a wholesome family of cartoon dogs with two young daughters is much more skeevy to me

No. 2002759

I don't see it either. It's just some toddler cartoon about games that's also kinda ugly. It's weird that an adult man is so into it tbh

No. 2002765

I want to say that's at least a grown up thing to do, but seeing how she's a bit of a liar and schemer, who knows. I guess that's good?

No. 2002772

Like anons said, it’s for preschoolers. It’s probably the best cartoon for that demographic I’m aware of and does a good job of teaching kids important lessons (though of course some episodes are better than others), and there are many jokes and storylines that are relatable to parents of young children, but that’s it. It’s a show about childhood made for little kids. There’s nothing there for normal adults who aren’t parenting small children.

No. 2002784

yeah, its dumb. At least mlp had adult characters as protagonists and lore.

No. 2002816

It really feels like she’s trying to recreate her relationship with Chris by accelerating the relationship with Mark. She picked some extremely naive moid with a vague resemblance to her ex to force the marriage Chris never gave her.

No. 2002842

it's the only show for toddlers that my kid actually engages in instead of just staring dead-eyed. and there's a few sentimental episodes they've put in for parents like Sleepytime and The Show but that's literally it. there's no lore or bigger theme to it. it's just australian dogs.

No. 2002859

it should be noted that saberspark got his start in the mlp community as well

No. 2002862

File: 1717982862117.png (277.63 KB, 598x733, 1717897323480.png)

I don't know why anyone would say that this is considered the proudest thing they've drawn for a kid's show…

No. 2002866

trying to be quirky

No. 2002875

File: 1717986099001.jpeg (55.34 KB, 480x360, IMG_2208.jpeg)

This is some Tamers12345 shit.

No. 2002926

Don't disrespect the GOAT

No. 2002957

So he had an emotional affair, tried to gaslit her about it and she cheated to get back at him?

No. 2002958

Sounds about right. I don't fault her being rightfully upset, but I wouldn't condone the cheating at all. Just cut your losses and dip.(sage your shit)

No. 2003117

dannys always been a creep so no surprise there
and chris has always been non PC
what’s the deal with Zach is there any dirt on him? he seems like the most normal one of the sleepy cabin guys but I can’t help but get suspicious about him

No. 2003144

I might be a bad person for this but I heavily doubt this is true and she’s just upset criticism of her is being to build up, we already know she’s aware of lolcow because people keep cowtipping her
Big City Greens is alright from what I’ve seen of it, a bit too Disney Jr-ish for my taste but not bad but at the same time it very much gives vibes of one of those shows where one day it gets out that a depraved fetishist worked on it and slipped their weird shit into the show

No. 2003155

File: 1718052781588.png (223.45 KB, 1116x855, 1000019523.png)

Ive never heard anything bad Zach other than his humor offends people. From the videos where retarded fans come at him asking for jokes he just seems really meek and tries to be friendly tbh. To add to the discussion Cory has been accused by grooming by a former acquaintance who used to be close to the sleepycabin guys. The anon provided pictures of Shad that weren't seen on the net before so it's possible.

No. 2003215

I honestly don’t think Zach is much better than any of them but I do believe he is 100x SMARTER for choosing how to interact with other artists and I think he was cunning enough to get a show on the air (same way ppl like Justin roiland get a show without a second thought)

No. 2003217

Honestly my first thought was “this is gonna be her big traumatic thing now” lol

No. 2003303

Yeah, honestly her jealousy in that situation is understandable. A moid doesn't help out a woman in that way unless he loves her.

No. 2003328

File: 1718081653284.png (391.5 KB, 686x380, Screenshot 2024-06-10 at 9.52.…)

I hate how she draws his eyes half-closed, it reminds me of the Elon Musk-donkey character Tadano from Aggretsuko

No. 2003339

Really? They’re kinda cringe but compared to bronies they seem pretty harmless.

No. 2003341

>it very much gives vibes of one of those shows where one day it gets out that a depraved fetishist worked on it and slipped their weird shit into the show
There are weird fetishists sneaking shit into every show now, anon. It’s not even a secret anymore

No. 2003472

Off topic but he is so Sam Altman coded tbh

No. 2003505

I agree. Veronica should have been smarter with destroying Chris cheating on him doesn’t make people sympathize with your situation.

No. 2003510

It's always correct to be suspicious of men who are heavily invested in media geared toward children.

No. 2003512

>but when I had brought up that I would love to have my own show on adult swim as well, Chris said “There’s never gonna be any girl show because women are just inherently not funny.”

I remember when vivziepop was on an episode of Slightly Artistic, I wonder how he feels about her getting farther in professional animation than he ever did kek

No. 2003537

File: 1718135691772.jpg (933.53 KB, 2408x2568, 1000019535.jpg)

I think she's just a puta tbh. She talked about making out and straddling with other guys while Chris was watching (kek). And then there's the whole cheating on Mark. In her video she included the text from the weird Christian guy (Joe Barra) she cheated with and he goes on about how she complimented him on his big dick and skill in the bedroom and sent said info to Mark lmao. Extremely low quality but everyone in this drama has no awareness

No. 2003585

I hope he’s seething but her fan base is kinda making that shit a laughing stock. Smiling friends is getting a way bigger and broader audience unfortunately,

Although I wonder if he ever gets jealous so Zach now kek

No. 2003616

did they do gay shit in the oneyhouse?

No. 2003636

AYRT, that’s fair, I am too. Most of the Bluey adults I know are women so maybe that’s why I’m biased

No. 2003709

I compared Bluey and MLP:FIM in a positive manner and got flamed for even thinking about comparing the two. They were like, "Have you even watched the show?!? How can you compare solving issues with the MaGiC oF fRiEnDsHiP with something that covers heavier adult topic?"
I'm a fan of both shows, but how can you be such an elitist over a fucking PRESCHOOL SHOW?

No. 2003875

Nah just typical gamer dude shit. Ordering ubereats, watching YouTube videos, fuckin rando women.

No. 2004173

I have to say, whether you like or hate vivziepop's designs, it's pretty based that she gets to live the dream of having her own weirdass DeviantArt webcomic OCs made into multiple successful shows. The newgrounds scrotes from the 2000s must be seething

No. 2004259

It is pretty based. For as funny as Chris O'Neil thinks he is, Hellbenders really isn't any more entertaining than Viv's stuff.

No. 2004330

i tip my hat to that fat fujoshi mall goth for this reason i wont lie. it genuinely makes me hold some respect for her despite her cringe

No. 2004383

File: 1718373862956.png (Spoiler Image,1.4 MB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20240612-015308.png)

When did Pan Pizza's gf got her breasts cut off? (spoiler because of very visible chest scars)

No. 2004387

His girlfriend looks just like him kek

No. 2004405

He looks so uncomfortable kek. Now that her tits are cut off how much longer is he going to stay around since she's "not a goff girl anymore"?

No. 2004434

when did his gf become a tif in general? also lemme guess, she's going to insist theyre in a gay relationship now isn't she? lol I've never seen him look so uncomfortable around her like that before. I doubt this relationship is gonna last even if Pan himself is pro trans

No. 2004451

File: 1718388915841.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1125x1105, IMG_2246.jpeg)

Also looks like Pan lost weight. This was him last year.

No. 2004457

i am sure pan sees his tif gf as a woman. Otherwise he wouldnt stop talking about how gay he is, like how he never stops talking about being a whitexican despite being white passing.

No. 2004513

I don’t like this. It’s got its charm but pacing is too fast and I hate western animators imitating anime.

No. 2004589

kek, you guys will shit on anything that isn’t anime. Fucking weaboos, I swear.

No. 2004601

I agree. I hate that animator and its ugly style. I would kill for western animators to do something that isnt wannime or calarts shit. As much as i hate goose and vivzie, at least their projects are unique.

No. 2004603

This feels like a parody of something

No. 2004635

Usually I agree with you guys on most things but I simply can't side with you here. Gogo and Cool Frog are peak character design. I just this Gogo's dad deserved better honestly.

No. 2004638

>I hate western animators imitating anime
If the dialogue hadn't been in Japanese, I wouldn't have thought it to be an imitation of anime. There is nothing "anime" about the animation and art.

No. 2004641

its copying panty and stocking

No. 2004645

panty and stocking was just copying american stuff

No. 2004653

Please define copying anime! My god. Western artists just can't fucking create art anymore. If your shit doesn't look like SpongeBob you're copying anime, I've seen people accuse invincible of "Copying anime", now shows that use sharp thick lines or have a graphic style are accused of mimicking Panty and Stocking, an anime that was meant to mimic OUR cartoons! It's ridiculous! Are we not allowed to draw or must everything we create be hideous? One day there'll be an anime that uses a rubberhose style of animation and just like that it'll be illegal to use rubberhose as it now belongs to the japanese. You freaks make me sick.

No. 2004666

you need to watch more anime that isnt moeshit. He's clearly copying stuff like ebichu and shin chan.

No. 2004671

Erm acktually invincible is imitating 90s super hero shows that are animated in Japan. There’s a lot of overlap between west/east but there are distinct tropes and style that has been exclusive to anime until recent years lmao. Animators who grow up loving anime cannot emulate what makes anime good. Sure you can get a Japanese cast, make it look like it’s on a vhs tape but at the end of the day there’s more things to be inspired by. >>2004601
I agree. Vivzie is just an autist who loves furries, broadway and Kesha. She fumbled a bit but you look at her art and it’s like “oh yeah that’s a vivzie piece”

No. 2004724

Inspiration isn't the same as copying you retard. Also work on your media literacy, the only thing these two shows have in common is cute characters that sometimes say crude shit. The show has more in common with meme culture here online than either of the shows you mentioned. It's like saying Super Milk Chan and Shin Chan are one in the same, you'd have to be a drooling lil' doofus to see that as being the case. There's definitely a lot of references to Japanese culture which makes sense as the creator has worked with a lot of Japanese people and I'm pretty sure he speaks the language fluently so probably spends a lot of time emmersed in that stuff. But like "He's ripping off anime"? Give me a break. There's so much other shit to get on Speedoru's ass about. This is your choice?

No. 2004738

File: 1718450369785.jpg (200.79 KB, 1080x640, Tard.jpg)

Panty and Stocking was literally influenced by western animation???

No. 2004765

Yeah like how every character in the show appeals to a fetish the audience may have.

No. 2004800

This is made by the same coomer scrote who made the clussy meme popular. I wouldn't get my hopes up.

No. 2005264

It's hard to take your hysterical rant seriously when you're calling something with the running time split between pixar mom characters tittyandass posing and popular media references creating art. That said this is the most entertaining clip ever posted to this thread.

No. 2005426

It may be shitty art but it's still art. I think piss jesus or whatever the fuck is retarded but I can't just start saying shit is no longer art because I personally hate it. I find it obnoxious when people do that. The Sonichu comics are not NOT art, they're just shitty art.

No. 2005646

File: 1718665067462.jpg (581.12 KB, 1600x1202, D3Kb1z4UwAAUN0l.jpg)

NTA but relevant image.

No. 2005666

File: 1718670962739.jpeg (380.09 KB, 1268x2048, IMG_7116.jpeg)

BlackGryph0n is getting a lot of attention again.

No. 2005697

File: 1718678938253.jpg (63.93 KB, 1080x533, 20240518_120014.jpg)


No. 2005732

>haha huuman make art because feeeeemale couldn't be raped exdee

No. 2005779

File: 1718717657288.jpg (240.28 KB, 1079x603, 1000019550.jpg)

More previews of Mark's cartoon and why does this guy overrely on composition as if that's gonna make these boring designs not dull

No. 2005789

File: 1718720412466.jpeg (359.01 KB, 1000x1397, IMG_7143.jpeg)


BlackGryph0n was a popular Brony musician who met his wife at 14 while he was 24., they are married now. He claims they didn’t see each other from age 15-20 just only for work.

He is currently voicing a lead character in the video game Billy Bust Up. The games creator is bending over backwards to prove he isn’t a groomer. They are claiming all of those tweets are doctored.

No. 2005799


BlackGryph0n also convinced a minor to preform in a minstrel show on YouTube. They reviewed an episode on My Little Pony dressed like this and speaking like they were black.

No. 2005800

File: 1718723323842.jpeg (159.09 KB, 1274x1224, IMG_7145.jpeg)

No. 2005811

>his wife
She played one of the cutie mark crusaders. He was also really close with the girl who played Apple Bloom, constantly making videos and hanging out and cons with her. I orbited the brony fandom for a while because I thought it was a cute show but even back then I thought it was incredibly weird that these teenage girls were always hanging out with adult men at cons and fan events. There are a ton of convention vlogs from that era that show how deeply enmeshed they were. I’m still shocked no one really spoke up about it then but no one wanted to go up against the series’ voice actresses/popular fandom figures, I guess.

No. 2005843

File: 1718733905127.png (1.73 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_7122.png)

The people who tried to talk didn’t end up sticking around the fandom to much longer. He showed so many red flags. Bronies seem to look up to him in a way.

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