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No. 233156

Are there any artists on here that would like to vent their salt about mediocre Youtube artists? or anything art related?
Discuss the ones you like/hate/don't get/ etc..

No. 233228

I know it was already mentioned in the last thread, but I really have a nerve to pick with Spechie. I went and watched the art teacher vid in the last thread as well as other videos by her and holy shit I never knew someone so egotistical can exist. I really don't like artists who shit on other forms of art, then claiming their form of art is superior. On top of that, she tries to act like this badass, when in reality she's just a kid with an attitude problem. She reminds me of a lesser Holly Brown in a sense. I have no idea how she'll get a job with her issues

On the flip side, I really like aw.anqi on instagram. She produces some really interesting work, some fanart and some being biblical inspired paintings that are really lovely to look at. And she's the same age as Spechie lol

No. 233430

does anyone have a link to the old thread?

No. 233469

No. 233474

Agreed, I think it's also pretty destructive since she does seem to have a lot of influence over young teens. I honestly have a lot of respect for art teachers, it's not an easy job especially when you have brats like Spechie acting like know it all little twits.

No. 233477

I don't know if you guys have talked about this video, but it's so stupid. I can't believe he's complaining that he went to art school and his professors wanted him to paint something other than a model's face surrounded by flowers. I mean, it's just a face, it's not like the composition is even interesting, dude. It's not because your art is pretty you idiot.

No. 233484


Sometimes I think a lot of these YouTube artists don't seem to understand that an art teachers job is to push you out of your comfort zone not compliment whatever you do.

No. 233485

File: 1520876736547.jpeg (32.25 KB, 517x285, image.jpeg)

That's a bit different than your usual teacher complain video, tho. Judging from his and Lioba's videos, there's a bit of an issue with some German art schools pushing modern art on their students. From what I remember from that video they weren't pushing him to make better compositions and have better fundamentals, they were implying commercial or pretty art wasn't real art. Pic related was art from someone they wanted him to learn from. Basically a pretentious circle jerk.

No. 233517

I find it telling that, no matter what the instructors told him to do, no matter what they said to him about putting himself in the work or using negative space/different color combinations, he still only did close up shots of people's heads. Like, dude, maybe not draw the same fucking thing over and over? Maybe that's what they were trying to tell you??? Also, none of the shit they said was 'this isn't art', they were chiding you for being lazy/uninspired. Nice clickbait.

No. 233518

File: 1520894820004.jpg (106.91 KB, 590x389, Art-school.jpg)

isn't that the premise of that movie/comic art school confidential? dude gets roasted for doing hyperrealistic portraits and people doing effortless super modern art are praised.
how are these adult babies not able to meet half way though? obviously it's pretentious to encourage someone to drop their technical skills on purpose, but what's the point of going to art school if you're satisfied doing hyperrealistic pictures of models and don't want to do anything more interesting? what do you actually want?

No. 233521


I get that a lot of people complain about not being able to draw the same thing over and over again in art school but I think his is a bit different. It's more so about how his teacher considers anything that is "pretty" to not be "real art" while things that are "ugly" are "true art" and that it was basically a pretentious circle jerk.

I mean ngl I have issues with people that think something is "true" or "real" art on the basis of how ugly it is and that a lot of people in the fine art community or profession can be straight up like the pretentious english teachers that think there is a deep, world changing meaning behind why the author made the curtains blue.

Sometimes there is no deeper meaning. It doesn't need one. It can just be blue because they like blue.

No. 233523

Your first paragraph was basically >>233485, glad more people see it that way.
Well, there are a lot of things that push people towards art school, like the peer pressure to have a college degree or/and misguided ideas of what the course will actually be versus what they idealize it to be. So that generates a handful of people who are not satisfied with their college experience.

Has anyone here gone to German art school and can give us their own experience? I suppose not all schools are like that, but it's the second account of that nature I've encountered.

No. 233527

Anyone here have any thoughts about Aruva Chan? She started appearing in my recommendations but her storytimes are really poorly paced and too long, and honestly super boring

It feels like her stuff is titled to be clickbait but it's actually super dull

No. 233540


No. 233544

The people who do story times complaining about clients or the people who have this LONG, drawn out drama in their shitty teenage art world online.
I can't exactly remember who made these videos, but someone was complaining that someone they knew was trying to out them or a friend for tracing a picture of a FMA character and it was this whole thing.
It's like they don't have anything more important to do but make other artists feel insecure of the steps to take when promoting art. Like, scaring them for no reason because they had something shitty happen.

No. 233550


Most people who make videos like these make them long and drawn out, and exagerated when there wasn't really all that much happening, so it becomes this overhyped, badly paced half-lie to get people to watch. I can understand adding spice to a story to spice it up, but some people like to drag a bunch of nothing out just to hit the 10 min mark and I feel like this girl does that a whole lot.

She's in my recommendeds too but I never click because all her thumbnails and titles seem too baity. Usually the baitier it looks the lamer the video actually is, probably.

No. 233574

What do you guys think of art hoes on insta?

No. 233579

I made the mistake of watching (rather listening to this whole thing) and is this chick delusional?

The whole vid is her complaining about how she doesn't understand why this boy doesn't like her, but then admits in the video, she:

1. interrupts a conversation the guy is having with someone else to chime with her opinion

2. Is friends with the guy's little sister and then asks the sister questions about the guy like where he's going to college

3. Starts experiencing everything the guy likes in hopes he'll notice

4. Wants to be friends with him and his friend group bc she "wants to be him"

5. Ends up going to the same college as the guy and despite the fact she knows he doesn't like her, decides to sit next to him in class (which is hilarious bc he climbs over the chairs to get away from her)

And yet she still can't figure out why he doesn't like her. Gimme a break. She's a self-admitting creeper.

No. 233580


also made another video telling people "don't call me annoying it hurts and really bothers me"

like ok but what if you being annoying is bothering others? fuck off

No. 233625

>26 subscribers

How did you find this?

No. 233652

It's even an unlisted video

No. 233653

Does anyone else get a bit ticked off when basic video trends seep into the art community? On one side I understand being searchable is very important in Social Media, but it feels like the videos get… cheaper. That "I tried following a -blank- tutorial is the latest one I've been cringing at whenever it appears on my recommended.
Same with too many "challenge" videos. They feel like people are avoiding making creative content sometimes. Sure, when you're pumping out videos all the time not all of them will be hits, but it's also not nice to overdo things.

By the way, didn't watch the video I linked, it was an example of the titles.

No. 233660


This very video and topic was brought up in the last thread, so nice try self-poster.

No. 233661

Anon, pls don't self post here, it's considered rude.

No. 233666

Oh no, self posting is such a bad thing. At least. I’m talking about something art related and not posting my own art. Ban me if you want, idc.(read the rules)

No. 233668

File: 1521004758421.png (358.55 KB, 800x450, thumb.png)

>self posting shitty video
>gets pissy when called out

No. 233675

Your obsession with art hoes shown by your need to make a badly put together video of your Instagram interactions with them and (self)posting it here for validation shows more about you than it does about them.

No. 233699

What's an art ho

No. 233730

Tell you the truth I don't really mind them all that much. Except that fucking one where that one Youtuber did that while putting copics in a blender or some shit like that. The challenges are pretty annoying though

No. 233774

Can't recall this piece of work ever coming up here. Part of the toxic waste that is the deviant ranting community but decided to leave to be a discount Holly Brown giving advice she knows nothing about like her terrible ocs are discount Black Butler characters.

No. 234040


that "character design"… God. even if she really wasn't ripping off black butler, it's still a really ridiculous design lol

No. 234107

Her characters look like something that would be inspired after a trip to Hot Topic in like 2007 and being inspired by the edgy shirt designs there.

No. 234115

Someone keeps spamming this crap on /ic/ and I'm sick of seeing it there

No. 234297

That's the kind of art I just like to ignore. Because either the person is a teen and still has a long time to improve, or it's someone who is so retarded it seems pointless to waste much energy on them, which is the reason why I stopped going on the Holly threads.

No. 234312

File: 1521146560311.png (520.33 KB, 687x623, yehudadevir.png)

A question for the artists here
Are you guys ever hesitant to draw yourselves for fear of looking delusional? Because if you draw yourself prettier and overly idealized, it looks kind of stupid. I think I saw people mention Jacquelin Deleon's self portrait in another thread, but I have a hard time finding pictures she actually intended as a self portrait. Anyways, I thought of this while looking at Yehuda Devir. You can tell he works out, alright, but he draws himself like this awesome hulking super hero figure and I can't help but think it's a little cheesy. I don't think his depiction is completely off and I understand exaggeration on that sort of comic book hero style, but the fact that he's the one drawing himself like that is a little odd to me.

No. 234347

Personally I think a little vanity and wanting to make yourself a little prettier or whatever is normal and fine. I’d only have a problem if people were trying to catfish with it or something. If it’s a huge difference it can be a bit lulzy, though.

No. 234364

It's just not that hard lol. It's natural to draw yourself a bit cuter/prettier than rl especially if you're not doing a super realistic style in the first place, but it's pretty fucking obvious when you give yourself a much different body type, and that easy to avoid.

No. 234424

i started watching her recently too (she started appearing a lot in my recommends too). she seems nice but her storytimes are terribly paced and way too slow and rambly

No. 234425

was thinking that the whole damn video and was wondering what the hell was wrong with her
exactly why people the people that say "don't call me annoying" are actually so damn selfish

No. 234453

Pretty much what these anon's said here. While I'm pretty sick of these "relatable" relationship type comics that are popular, I don't mind how he draws himself and his spouse. It's clearly a little idealized, but you can tell they're an attractive couple IRL.

No. 234646

the art style of this dude is not very appealing to me but Im seeing the comic everywhere, what's up?

No. 234650

File: 1521221954168.jpg (178.18 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Also the dude keeps making her wife ass too big and his muscles are not that big? I get that it's his style of making themselves like the ~attractive and quirky couple~ but the forced poses and the raised eyebrows reminds me of the dreamworks faces lol

No. 234696

Anyone follow this guy? He's getting it right on the surface but his general attitude rubs me the wrong way and saying that having hobbies is what makes people interesting is pretty revealing..

No. 234716

eh, I see this everywhere and even though its very over the top and exaggerated, I'd rather this over the flat colour chibi stuff that everyone does. It's fun to look at…but I'm also pretty basic.

No. 234921

I've seen a video from him and don't think I thought he was a complete jerk at the time, but at the same time I have my reservations about people who like to make those clickbaity videos and talk a lot about art "controversies" when their art is not very good yet.

No. 235031

File: 1521445546850.jpg (33.16 KB, 359x500, undercover princess cover.jpg)

I think we talked about QinniArt in earlier threads. I'm a pretty big fan of her because of her art style. She's going to have her 4th open heart surgery because her heart disease is spreading once again. I'm really, really worried for her because her doctors is saying that she should consider heart transplant, which would mean that even if the surgery is a success, it's a 57% mortality rate after 10 years. It's just…so terrible that someone is born with such condition and go through so much pain.

By the way, the really lulzy book by Noodlerella(Connie) discussed in the snow thread, Qinni's the one who did the illustration on the cover.

No. 235165

I was following her for a while. She seems like a genuinely nice girl, how sad to hear her about these health problems continuing. I hope she beats the statistics.

Also everyone loves that cover, it definitely helped sales of that title.

No. 235398

honestly, this girl gets on my goddamn nerves. how can she be so blind as to not see the similarities between her ocs and black butler character boggles me. and how she insists that she "likes victorian aesthetic" but her character literally looks like some middle school kid's rendition of black butler season 2.

she even picks and chooses on what comment to "respond" to, even though other people made pretty strong arguments, she clearly only shows the dumb useless complains. of course, to make herself feel smarter.

not sure if sage or not. she's gotten into a drama with the youtube rant community i heard, but i haven't checked it out yet.

No. 235530


This is such old milk, She's kind of small fry and irrelevant by now, and if we stopped to talk about every young Deviantart-esque edgy artist who likes to talk shit, we'd be repeating ourselves.

No. 235735

since she was brought up earlier in the thread thought i'd share this

No. 235750

she's so delusional wtffff

No. 235790

File: 1521653441794.png (2.4 MB, 2180x1110, worstnightmare.png)

The few instances where I was drawing myself I usually made myself a little uglier than I feel.
I'd be humiliated that anyone who saw me in real life after looking at a drawing of myself would think I flatter myself too much in my art.

I generally think it's pretty vain to draw yourself prettier but I guess I'm just paranoid about the whole thing anyways.

No. 235872

I draw myself uggo, but that's because I draw most people uggo in the first place. I know it's pretty tumblr-esque and discouraged here, but I genuinely prefer big noses/acne/etc to golden ratio everyone-is-a-model styles.

All of this said, if an artist has a cutesy art style it may make sense for them to draw themselves cute as well. It just goes too far when they're basically giving themselves plastic surgery (a new nose/face shape/body).

No. 235889

That's not abuse, that's passive discipline.

I really hate her process. She's not only repeating herself but drawing shit the tedious and sloppy way (then redrawing it just as sloppy) just to make the video longer.

No. 235904

I feel exactly like you, but your point would benefit from you not using some MUH WHITE PEOPLE crap as an image. (Dat girl's level of delusion, tho)

I don't care about ugly drawings when the intent is being gross, but those tumblr types that try to portray being obese and ugly as some sort of desirable trait are way off.

No. 236005

Lol why is people in parenthesis?? I mean yeah they uglier than their desu personas and they are white but they’re still humans right?? kek

No. 236007

Proud to be Asian must still be active.

No. 236008

I mean yeah about the obese thing but like…maybe people like ‘ugly’ traits? Desu pretty people are just boring to some people.

No. 236042

File: 1521717983330.png (1013.69 KB, 682x992, ex.png)

>>235904 >>236008

I'm >>235872 and as I said I do genuinely find appeal in imperfect faces. I also believe with correct use of fundamentals you can make characters with crooked teeth/awkward proportions/weird noses appealing, which is basically my art goal (sort of like pic related, although maybe a bit more simplified). Plus it's fun to draw different looking people; no risk of same face. And maybe it is very Dumblr (although I think the problem with most of those artists is that they're either young or make no effort and just uglify existing characters for attention), but I like honestly portraying regular people. Some of us weren't genetically blessed and can't afford plastic surgery. Or we're cute-ish but have a couple of flaws.

This definitely all started because of my low self esteem/dysmorphia in hs, though. Perhaps that undermines my point here since I was a shitty tumblr kid in the beginning.

sage for derail, I just thought someone might appreciate insight into an ugly fetishist's reasoning. Probably not and I'll just end up in that bad art thread if I ever gain notoriety online kek. As a side note, I don't expect everyone to find appeal in this stuff. We're all generally programmed to find certain things attractive and I'm not fighting biology. I still find cute and dainty shit fun to look at myself.

>inb4 don't come to lc for ugly sympathy

No. 236083

I think it’s because they’re referring to the drawing? As in they’re not real people but cartoons? I could be wrong

No. 236104

Oh god I didn't even read the text on the image, just grabbed one from the online vs irl thread.
My bad!

sage for being dumb

No. 236160

Drawing the same pretty model face over and over is so boring. I prefer ugly over pretty if it means not boring af. But at the same time, a lot of tumblr kids draw purposefully ‘ugly’ traits in a sort of rebellious way that just feels disingenuous and falls flat.

No. 236166

There's no problem with drawing ugly people if that's what appeals to you, it's just stupid when it has some sort of agenda behind it.

The pretty girl style isn't boring just because the girls are pretty, it's because the picture overall is devoid of much interest. If you make them ugly it's just going to be some boring ugly girl pictures.
One thing I noticed, tho. Sometimes it seems people let themselves looser when drawing ugly people and creatures, as if they have some sort of fear of ruining the person's beauty by portraying intense emotion and things like that, then you have a thousand 3/4 head shots of pretty girls with close to none expression just sitting there being pretty.

No. 236184

I don't know if I agree. Beautiful people, especially beautiful women, often have less interest on their faces. No pimples, no wrinkles, no weird bumps, smooth jawline, etc. There's just less lines on a pretty woman's face in general, which inherently makes it less interesting. On top of that, like you said, it's scarier to give them emotion because beauty is really delicate. If you don't care if the person turns out pretty or not you can just go to town. And also artwork with ugly people is sort of rare, so that makes it more interesting too. Of course, it's not like every piece featuring an ugly person is more interesting than every piece featuring a beautiful person. But I think you have to work harder to make a piece with a beautiful person interesting.

No. 236292

I don't think we're in the same boat if your idea of interesting is pimples and weird bumps…
I also don't think people's faces are necessarily the only defining thing in the picture, despite being important. People who push "sameface syndrome" too much by making characters bald and comparing their faces seem to forget just how much of someone's personality and personal history we can tell by the what they wear and how their hair looks.

If drawing ugly people is interesting because it's unusual, which I believe is the case, the amount of people drawing ugly people in the Bad Art threads already made it more common and uninteresting, not to mention giving it a bad taste by pushing their agendas.

No. 236323

I’m a little confused I don’t use Tumblr, what agenda is it?

No. 236328

Everyone is beautiful, thus, beauty standards are evil. So are white people, so we must make everyone POC. Oh yeah, and let's not forget about ableism, transphobia and fatphobia, so they have to be obese transexual amputees as well.

No. 236410


someone's mad lol

No. 236411

File: 1521840446089.png (375.18 KB, 580x602, qinni.png)

Whew. I was worried about her and I'm not even a follower

No. 236505

yeah, my idea of interesting is pimples and weird bumps. Are you confusing interesting and nice to look at? A horrible infected toe is probably pretty interesting, it doesn't mean it's good art.

No. 236515

‘Forced’ diversity is such a strange concept to me. Maybe the artist is just targeting a global audience vs. soley a western one. 70% of the world’s population isn’t white.

No. 236523

It seems disingenuous for western white girls to draw a bunch of homosexual/gender confused rainbow people when she and her audience are living in white western nations.
Also btw whites are less than 10% of the global population, but that doesn't matter, since 90% of their audience is white.

It's also irritating because they act like they have a savior complex "uwu poor PoC don't have representation… look at how caring and special I am for putting the oppressed in my art uwu". It's that fake virtue signalling that pisses me off. There are artists I like that draw non-whites but do it respectfully, not just drawing them as homosexual urbanites with 10 different tumblr disorders.

No. 236526

Eh, I guess I just don’t see the harm tbh.

No. 236527

How do you know what their audience is? English is pretty widely spoken and the west isn’t the only place on earth witn internet access. I agree it can be done disingenuously but diversity is smart from a marketing perspective.

No. 236530

>diversity is good for marketing
it isn't though.

No. 236549


it can be. i know this sounds very tumblr-y but young me really loved mulan and bought every merchandise of her solely because she's asian and i can relate to her.

but if everyone does it and shoves it down people's throat, it DOES get disingenuous and become a mere marketing ploy, that much is true. like how companies are now trying too hard to be PC and progressive!!! eventho we know they're just trying to make profit out of it.

No. 236550

What if the author isn't white? Is it disingenuous/bad marketing if I write a character who shares my race when we're only 2% of the population? Maybe.

Otherwise I do somewhat agree, having "diverse" characters with no personality is dumb. It's just as bad as a shittily written white character, and retconning existing characters to diversify them is also dumb. Although I do believe there are more non-white people in, say, North America than you seem to believe. You may have been speaking from a European standpoint (which I can't vouch for), but even living in a rural area when I leave the house I'll always see at least five other non-white people. Maybe we're a minority, but we all add up and some of us want to see our faces in media.

Unless you're insinuating that only white people consume media or that mostly white people use tumblr. From my experience (all my anecdotal evidence be damned, I know) I've seen a good chunk of "progressive artists" actually being non-white or gay themselves. As for white creators portraying diversity, maybe they genuinely have non-whites in their life and want to portray that.

also >>236549

No. 236558

>but young me really loved mulan and bought every merchandise of her solely because she's asian and i can relate to her.
Well that's kinda the opposite of tumblr diversity. An ethnic asian likes seeing media that reflects their culture and identity. Same with everyone else.
I really don't think anyone likes the tumblr burger-king-kids club version where a bunch of different races and sexualities are mixed together in a very inorganic way. It only really appeals to a small demographic of white liberals imo, and I don't even think they genuinely like it. I think it's a virtue signal.

I don't see a problem with people representing other cultures and peoples genuinely and respectfully but there is nothing genuine and respectful about a bunch of sexually confused mystery meat teenagers all clustered together.

The way I see "forced diversity" in art is a bunch of white guilty young women draw really ugly "diverse" (sexually, racially, physically) characters because they think they're doing a service to these people by representing them. It's insulting, the message, as well as the art. They tend to make art uglier on purpose because the virtue signalling is more important than artistic merit.

No. 236587

Reflective representation is positive though, but when done by those from other countries there are usually mistakes made. Black Panther had non S. Koreans butcher the accent rather than employing people from that country. Brave had some historic untruths and played into the "Walter Scott" version of Scotland than should be left to the Victorians, don't get me started on the Outlander effect or the horror that is "Reign". Yuri on Ice, Japanese series surprisingly depicted "foreigners" respectively although some major issues when it comes to language/naming for the Russian characters as they don't use patronymic names. A lot of European countries are rarely represented in USA or Asian media, and when done criticisms can be made but the fact that they are represented is at least one step in the right direction. The Simpsons though was probably the worst "cartoon' that encouraged xenophobia and ignorance about other countries though.

No. 236600


same mulan anon, no, i live in asia. that might change the discussion a bit since i'm literally around asian people 24/7, but growing up with blonde barbies and disney princesses, seeing asian ones really made me feel represented.

but of course my experience isn't the same as every other asians or "minority" race, some kids just doesn't give a shit and wants to see pretty princesses on the screen. but all im saying is diversity isn't always a bad marketing choice, if it's celebrated it can be a very good strategy, but if fetishized and overdone will seem disingenous and degrading

aaand i won't derail the topic any further.

No. 236615

> a bunch of sexually confused mystery meat teenagers all clustered together
my sides

What contributes to this unrealistic portrayal of other races is the unspoken rule of painting everyone POC in the same good light.
If you as a white person depict a black woman as loud and feisty, you're racist and stereotyping. Yet, turn on black Youtube and you'll have a majority of women loudly talking about "don't try me, I'll fight a bitch".
The "opressed" perpetuate their own stereotypes and get mad when the "opressor" depicts them like that, and people who are from the "opressed" group and don't fit into the stereotype also get mad because it doesn't fit them and seems unfair.
Then you avoid representing them for this reason, and now you're racist because you're not inclusive enough.

No. 236619

How is it possible to improve so little?

No. 236621

If she actually draws a lot, that's what happens when you work hard rather than smart and just practice aimlessly.
Improvement comes from focused practice, learning and then practicing what you learned. If you spend 10 days drawing the same face you're comfortable with over and over again you're really just moving at snail pace.

No. 236681


She sure likes her bust shots.

And her lines really stiffen her poses. She uses so many inorganic shapes.

At least she's aware of her tragic tendency to draw the same kind of face over and over again but this is two years worth of art…

No. 236703


tbh, i feel like the reason people like rebecca improve at a slow pace is because they focus more on the character's aesthetic or accessories rather than perfecting the fundamentals. i feel like people should also study more fundamentals while studying how to make a good looking or interesting character. like a good balance between the both. and then you can see the improvement.

No. 236709


I can agree with that honestly, studies don't have to be boring if you put them into the context of the things you're interested in.

No. 236711

But it's important to not get caught up on the idea that art has to be fun at all times. There are boring things you need to go through in order to get to the fun stuff, and that's where a lot of these types of artists fail. They don't want anything out of their comfort zone or that they don't consider "fun", so they get stuck being mediocre for longer than they needed to.

No. 236712


Of course it's work. It's hard work. It's challenging yourself that reaps the most benefit. A lot of artists like these miss these elements, even with their subjects of interest, even if those subjects make it more bearable. It isn't all fun.

No. 236713

I don't know guys, I will say that Saitama is a very popular character and he's not ~blessed with beauty you know? The thing is, you need to make a character to be appealing in personality, not just hot or ugly.

No. 236715

Precisely, thus why it was mentioned there are several elements to what makes something interesting, and simply replacing a pretty girl with an ugly one in a boring drawing (or vice versa) wouldn't make much of a difference if the core structure is lacking.

No. 236848

her art looks like a shittier version of canadiandrainwater (who was also quite the cow back in the day)

No. 236927

I don't get this sentiment tbh.

It's bad when they want to be congratulated for the "diversity uwu", but predominantly white western nations are still not homogenous and in media the representation doesn't even match the actual population structure at all. Trying to diversify your characters is a good thing.

Only problem is when the character is just a hollow shell whose only trait is "the black one" or "the gay one", but that's another topic.

I follow her on IG and she seems to be going through a lot, glad she's still alive.

No. 237359

No. 237367

Did her art get worse?

No. 237369

Eh, maybe, her art was always ugly to me, reminds me of bold-lined 90s-early 2000s manga.
She sounds kinda salty, though, probably about the comments she's been getting about her same-faces. Though I wonder if she's seen this thread too.

No. 237370

Lemia is becoming more insufferable with each new video. I used to like her older commentaries where she was a just a normal ass person, the "topic" videos just feel like her click baiting.

No. 237371

lmao she gets so angry about these things that nobody cares about and aren't worth arguing over

No. 237372

File: 1522203259781.jpg (22.87 KB, 811x170, 000000000000000000000000000000…)

Apparently we're not the only ones getting tired of this bullshit

No. 237373

File: 1522204267815.png (380.42 KB, 1268x1444, 1519839271179.png)

She has, she was talking with Holly about it on twitter. There was an image on the holly thread.

No. 237400


She just preaches to the choir about things that are ultimately non-issues. She likes to pick hot button topics and let people get angry over her irrelevant videos.

No. 237412

>You don't have to make good art to be a good artist.

She's just coddling egos that don't need to be coddled, that's why people like her.

She's not that bad if you 2x speed her videos though.

No. 237417


Honestly, this seems positive. I didn't pick up on any salt or milk.

I don't understand same face syndrome though. Like, is it that hard to draw a different nose or eye? Even if it's not up to par with your "muscle memory" one? Cartoon facial features are particularly easy. It's hard to believe she's doing studies for it. Anyone have this problem? Can you explain it?

No. 237433

You've pretty much hit it on the nose. People will try different facial features once or twice but because they don't have the skill to make it look good bc they've done no/not enough studies, they get disheartened and just go back to the same features they know they CAN do well

That and they probably don't use face references in their art to force them to draw different feautres

No. 237454

Holly never fails to amaze me, complaining about people hating on things while being the biggest hater around.
I stopped going on her thread because I just gave up expecting her to make sense.

No. 237455

>implying Jakob was supposed to be attractive
So she's under the impression her supposedly unattractive character doesn't look an awful lot like her other characters?
I also find it interesting how she interpreted people saying it was ugly as the character was ugly and not her drawings in general… You don't tell an awesome artist who draws ugly orcs that their drawings are ugly, I'd assume.
I usually try not to be cruel here, but when people start getting defensive they bring the spotlight to themselves.

No. 237486

Holly's thread is basically dead

No. 237685

it gets multiple comments almost every day what are you talking about? are you in the old thread or something?

No. 237688

Whenever someone finds themselves in a general/OT thread I find myself wondering if they're regular visitors/farmers themselves.

Though Rebecca is buddy-buddy with Holly, does she take part in Holly's thread here? We'll never know.

On a side note I actually like Rebecca's art, even if it's same-y.

No. 237738

I wonder if they take the opportunity to talk shit about their fellow Youtube artists they dislike.

No. 237902


It's a safe bet to say that they do.

No. 237913

I'm probably still in the old thread, sorry.

No. 237940

Rather than talking shit in this thread,I really hope everyone learns something about themselves, or maybe just ignore the meaningless coments and take the constructive criticism that a lot of anons did very good. Im not a youtuber,but I learn a lot with all of the good and bad criticism here
The thing is that when youtubers artists post a video called "Dealing with negative comments" I just imagine them to be pretty immature to be artists yet IMO

(Sorry my bad english)

No. 237953


The majority of them are amateur artists that are looking for a platform to speak their minds, Most of them know going in that they won't get shit for it anyway because it's usually a younger crowd who's watching them…

No. 237958

I'm not particularly big, but this is a nice platform to vent some frustrations. It's mostly that we can't really be honest with anyone since it could possibly ruin our name.

No. 238016


Christ I do not get how she considers herself a “classically trained published professional artist” when she craps out shit worse than content aimed at middle aged housewives. Like fuck she mixed blue and yellow and made a green sky. How does someone with such little technical ability, talent or creativity get off on bragging when she posts content proving she can’t even follow a fucking Bob Ross tutorial. Delusion doesn’t even cover it. I do not get it at all

No. 238047

Dude I know. It's so funny how she talks about the one gallery show she was in like it means anything, which looks like it was just a little crappy corner and all her drawings were just horrible copies of photos.

No. 238129

I mostly don't get how she managed to make such a huge mess working with oil paint, is she a toddler doing fingerpainting? Like getting some on your clothes yeah, but how do you ruin your fucking carpet?

No. 238228

Do you guys think sponsorships hurt viewer engagement?
I mostly don't mind them, as I think it's great that artists are finding ways to make a living, but when all your videos have sponsors AND they're from the same company it gets a little too repetitive and makes me think if a significant amount of people click away from the video.
Yes, this is about Squarespace.

No. 238229

As a viewer, it turns me off. I don't mind artists getting support from companies, it's just when all of their videos are for something like skillshare that makes me less inclined to watch their stuff. I think it's important to have a good mix of both sponsored content and "regular" art videos.

No. 238231

That's what I was thinking. I was watching Jacquelin's Deleon newest video and felt the sponsorship was really repetitive. I checked it out and it was her fifth art video in a row (not counting the couple of vlogs in-between) that was sponsored by Squarespace.
She seems to be really busy with her move and all, so maybe she doesn't have a lot of time to make enough videos in order to space them out, but still, it's something to be observed. Too many sponsorships in a row feel disingenuous.

No. 238235

I hate lemiacrescent's videos. All she does is regurgitate the same opinions and topics everyone else has already talked about. The people who keep on clicking on her videos are the people who just want to hear that they're right. She brings nothing new or interesting to the table.

No. 238250


Same here. It can get to be too much, but my least favorite one has to be the fucking art amino app, which is like a landfill of gifs and kids.
But I think what I really find the most annoying is when the sponsorship take up like 2 min of the video and you gotta skip ahead. At least some of them label that it's a sponsorship in the title, but a LOT of them don't. Some try to interweave the product or service into the entire video but sometimes it's clunky.


She's so irrelevant and annoying.

No. 238317

anyone else find julia from drawfee really annoying and cringey? shes always trying so hard and failing

No. 238333


>muuh I don't like hard polymer clay bcs I don't have the expensive dough kneading machine

The rage of a woman who don't like to knead. In all seriousness the video is nice for the one who want to know the color change of polymer clay after backing but her clay texture taste are shit

No. 238335

I remember her very barely because it's been a while since I watched Drawfee, but wasn't she one of those girls who give off a vibe of just being a part of a program for the sake of variety?
Anyways, I stopped watching them because they felt like a group of those annoying mainstream progressive young adults.

No. 238336

Polymer clay is a bit too heavily related to shitty pop culture charms for conventions in my head.

No. 238471


She doesn't bother to know that friction and warmth makes harder clay more pliable. it doesn't even take that long you don't really need a machine, not for simple charms at least.

No. 238579

Honestly now I use it for precise sculpture but most clay like fimo are aimed at kids to do candy charms and shit
actually the useful thing about hard clay it's that when it re harden with the cold you can do more detail without messing up the sculpture shape but yeah she didn't noticed it already

No. 238605


Hey I learned something new about hard clay. That makes sense…

No. 238639

I hate her, especially her realistic pieces, they are utter crap. She always looks like she wants to prove she’s great at realism, contrary to what teacher tells you (don’t draw manga, draw realism) she drew manga and her realism is amazing. Too bad her pieces are so wrong and you can see she’s just starting to draw less manga because all the features are slanted or misplaced; and if realism has no appeal why are most of her recent video like that and not her stereotypical manga crap?

No. 238723


kek, those fucking eyes.

No. 238735


God, she talks so fucking slowly like she's talking to a middle schooler.

No. 238758

File: 1522677191242.jpg (48.62 KB, 480x480, qinni.jpg)

It's sad about her health problems, but I actually think she's super over-rated. She has almost 2 million followers on Instagram, despite all her art looking basically the same (every painting is of a girl crying - with stars incorporated somehow). Idk, maybe it's just me as I really dislike 'anime art', but there are so many better artists who deserve that kind of following.

No. 238768

I'm not a huge fan of it either, but I think the girls crying might be reflecting how she feels on the inside (you know, with the heart problems).

No. 238774

Her art uses pretty repetitive motifs, but I don't think it all looks the same and it's executed nicely. There are objectively "better" artists, sure, but I get why her stuff is appealing to a large audience.

No. 238783

>there are so many better artists who deserve that kind of following
People have to stop clinging too much to the idea that anyone "deserves" followers. That's not how it works. Either you go after learning how to market yourself or you'll drown on a puddle or your own self entitled tears.

I hate anime myself, but she probably gets such a following because she seems to be telling a story (her own life experiences). People are wired to be suckers for stories. Not to mention the usually present relatability thing.

No. 238797

yeah this. it applies to everything too. businesses, music, who gets famous and who doesn't, who has social media followers, who has friends. i used to wonder why so many untalented, mean, or dumb people get so far, and then i realized it's because they're not so fucking self conscious and second guessing themselves all the time and just put themselves out there, while more thoughtful and talented people are staying home not putting anything out because they think it's not good enough yet. on the one hand, they probably BECAME good at what they do by being self conscious and not being satisfied with mediocrity, but there comes a point where you just need to let go and market yourself because it'll never be perfect.

No. 238799

File: 1522696908984.jpeg (878.17 KB, 750x1165, AE507785-F0A7-4028-BAAF-DB18F4…)

It should be a surprise to absolutely no one that she’s popular. She’s decently skilled and creative, posts similar enough pieces (stars, space, color style) that she is recognizable, and her subjects are whimsical girls and fan art.

Not to mention she gets 4x the engagement on her posts about the hospital. Her selfie is at 800,000. People love a sob story, like other anon said.

No. 238804

but like, why is she trying to pass this off as non-digital?

No. 238807

maybe she likes the aesthetic of traditional art

No. 238810

the sketch is traditional, the colours are added digitally. she makes no secret about how she creates these pieces

No. 238814

I think the point is (Picolo does this too) is once it's been transferred to digital it would be logical to remove the sketchbook binding etc from the image.

Leaving it on suggests to the viewer that is what it looks like in the sketchbook. They're not lying about it, but the charm is in seeing a perfect digital piece in a sketchbook which we usually have lower expectations about, versus say something hanging in an ornate frame in a gallery (or actual digital art itself, which everyone tends to have very high standards about.)

I can't really be critical about it as it IS obvious and this girl is sick+seems like a nice girl but I guess we can crit picolo about it. His art pisses me off for some reason and I don't know why. There's some cloying romance in there which is quite childish, maybe it's that

No. 238894

could possibly be that art comes from an individual and this individual might not have had a great life so clings to this image/aesthetic and romanticizes pain/sadness/galaxies and being outside of reality because of that. just speculation but its pretty easy to see that connection

No. 238901

I like how the digital on top of traditional looks. I wouldn't go as far as say I hate Picolo's work, it's just not my cup of tea as it's very ship-romance related and has too much of an anime influence feel for my own taste. He's not a bad artist, tho.

No. 239153

File: 1522796152751.jpeg (297.7 KB, 1242x1233, D44422DD-87AD-4170-94AB-1DCBFF…)

Whoa, thanks, I would have never noticed which one was the drawing.

No. 239260

File: 1522820457618.png (306.81 KB, 1137x1314, IMG_9426.PNG)

Mateusz posted a video about how he's going to work on an animated movie along with Heikala, I'm honestly happy for both of them

No. 239407

i hate this style with my life, who is this? the insta just looks like one of those reposting ones

No. 239575

It’s the kinda Disney rip off style that’s popular with high school girls and that you would find on Walmart shirts/bags. I mean I don’t really hate it or w/e but it’s not appealing to me at all.

No. 239580

what's the point of drawing someone specific if you're just going to give them the same face you give everyone else you've ever drawn

No. 239844

How do you stand out in the crowd as anime-inspired artist #2348973923492842? Just by being more social and reaching out? Luck? Or is it completely impossible in this day and age? How the hell do popular mediocre artists do it?

No. 239845

It could be a variety of things. It might be that the artist in question has a likeable personality and interacts with their followers, markets themselves well by doing fan art and paying attention to their target audience, or the anime-influenced style just "speaks" to people since a lot of people grew up with it. I'm not saying anime-influenced art is superior, everyone has their own tastes, but I guess those might be some reasons those artists have a following.

No. 240851



God her "if you do this you'll never improve" video is just a perfect example of someone missing hyperbole. Like no one is saying that absolutely literally, its hyperbolic. Is she autistic? Why did she so miss the context and meaning of people's comments? Or did she purposefully misunderstand so she could do a rant video?

I also hated the art work in that video. She spent forever cutting out stickers when she could have just painted it herself.

sage cause month old video I just never got around to watching

No. 241115

yeah there's no point in her videos about these topics because even if they were about some kind of actual problem, her response to it is always "well, artists don't have to try to get better" which is sort of missing the point entirely. She should be arguing that there are situations where critique isn't necessary, and it might hurt an artist's morale if they're just starting out. But instead she spends the whole video talking about how there's no reason to improve??

No. 241116

I wish she would stop with these kinds of videos. I honestly miss her old ones were she would just talk about her day/the artwork, they were surprisingly less obnoxious.

No. 241199

I've seen this pop up in baylee's thread a few times and a couple other places about copics and lightfastness. I know that copics arent light fast but because they aren't, is it even okay to do commissions in copics? I've seen in Artist Alley where a few artists offer copic commissions on site and i've seen online artist offering commissions and selling artwork done with copics. Knowing that they aren't lightfast, is that even "okay"? Of course it isn't illegal but should you even be selling art done in something that isnt archival?

No. 241201

Depends, I don't see a problem with it if the artist makes it clear they aren't using lightfast materials. I also think there's a difference between selling a $5 bucks sketch to some kid at an artist alley and an expensive commission piece for someone who wants to hang it over their dinner table and have it last for years, you sort of get what you pay for. But transparency is key, let the client know what to expect.

No. 241203


Artists can use a clear UV spray on the art and also on the glass frame, but nothing will really work like a lightfast medium. I’m pretty sure prints are more common and those will be usually be printed with archival ink.

No. 241283

If the UV spray are like spray fixatives amd contain alcohol it can ruin a drawing made with markers. I used a spray once and my colors immedietly faded lol.

No. 241296

File: 1523422042981.jpeg (641.95 KB, 1936x1936, E9F64309-FF87-403A-9E2A-50CACE…)

Idk why she’s pretending she didn’t just draw this from a reference, if not Cole Sprouse to the right then something similar. We all know she can’t draw for shit without copying a photo. “If he was real” ok Rae

No. 241322

No. 241327


holy shit anon, that was quick. she even tried to change the collar. lmao

No. 241337

even for a copy of a photo it's still pretty bad, she completely forgot the underside of his nose which makes him look super flat. also why is her signature so big, central, and ugly?

No. 241373

File: 1523460695394.jpg (104.3 KB, 853x1280, f01cea7db3714f9a9b6f4e7e957a46…)


Haha thanks anon. Upload of pic for those who can't click the link for whatever reason.

I wish someone would tweet it to her. Using references is fine, pretending you didn't is essentially stealing. That's obviously a photographer's work. You can't just badly copy a photographer's work and pass it off as your own, imo.

No. 241385

Yeah honestly not sourcing/forgetting to is mildly annoying but blatantly implying you drew it from scratch is just stupid

No. 241438

I wonder if she did that because people keep reminding her she can only draw from photographs? She's pretty touchy about criticism.

No. 241445

but wouldn't her lying just make it worse? certainly it's not hard to find the source.

No. 241459

File: 1523479378983.jpeg (250.95 KB, 750x783, B76D8634-A3E9-4AC6-95FD-2EABF1…)

Lmao what’s the difference? The earring?

No. 241484

File: 1523486533150.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1232x1395, 3774B03E-3495-4A4F-ACB9-AF61B0…)

I was browsing and ended up finding this…

No. 241539

thread request: just people redrawing this one photo. This is why you shouldn't use direct references, people

People gonna find it, it's gonna be embarrassing, and you look unoriginal as hell

No. 241555

>People gonna find it, it's gonna be embarrassing, and you look unoriginal as hell
It's only embarrassing if you pretend to not use references, there's no harm on direct referencing pictures for study purposes. It's only a problem when you're selling something that's a rip-off of a photographer's work.

No. 241607

Does the way this chick paints not enrage anyone else? Why can't she just use some bigger brushes???? That's why her paintings look super amateurish and unblended up close. I also think that she's similar to Rae in that whenever she doesn't paint something directly from reference, it looks like utter horse shit - like her 'anime self portrait'.

No. 241613

I feel like the biggest problem is that her senses of color and composition are pretty much garbo. That weird brown diagonal gradient behind the duck looks so damn ugly.

No. 241615

She's so awkward it's uncomfortable to watch…whenever she talks i feel like she's about to cry

No. 241642

I never liked her or her art, shit is basic
Not to mention how gross and weird how her and her boyfriend/husband talk to each other through the comments lmao
I feel most of her fans are kids

No. 241645

Your point is not real, either.
Jesus, why is that some people seriously can’t admit when they fuck something up?

No. 241654

Using emojis on thumbnails is so distasteful.

No. 241668


You guys are spot on in your critiques. It’s not the worst youtube art, but it’s very amateurish. And her persona makes me feel like I’m watching Blue Peter kek

No. 241700


I think the biggest problem too, at least for me besides the art, is that they're just so damn boring. What they draw and paint is just standard stuff. And then when they try to do something outside the box it looks worse because they're not using reference photos.

No. 241897


I saw these two comments and immediately thought of her then lost my shit when I saw that I was right lmao. She is extremely basic, has no particular style, her and her bf are very PG and make me uncomfortable, like two adults who never grew up. Their wedding also gave me major cringe, and her demeanour makes me uncomfortable in general too.

No. 242008

why's she saying her style is super unique? It looks just like every other cartoon style on youtube right now. I'm confused.

No. 242018


animal crossing nose and everything.

she thinks her artsyle is unique because its not "round and bubbly" but more "angular."

I quite like some of her pieces but it is a bit ironic she's saying all that while having a pretty basic style. Ah well.

No. 242119

I remember watching that video and getting some "I'm not liek other peeple XD" vibes. And that's the kind of shit you don't talk to the general public about.
"Don't be basic, be yourself" aren't basic people being themselves? And their selves are just basic?

No. 242281


Am basic, can confirm am being myself. I like Starbucks, so sue me

No. 242495

File: 1523715781612.png (216.08 KB, 563x415, 1.png)

lemia doesnt credit a photographer even though it's one google away

No. 242496

and says shes not going to do topic videos anymore sorry if this is too large!!

No. 242497

File: 1523715818986.png (123.36 KB, 278x774, 2.png)

No. 242498


People only use that rhetoric of 'my art is so unique and stylized' to justify the fact that they lack the skill to actually make good art.

No. 242501


That bottom one is the first decent thing I've ever seen her paint. Honestly, Lemia deserves way more shit than she gets on here.

No. 242514

agreed her artwork's usually awful

No. 242643

Holy shit. I can see why she doesn't show sketches often. Or does she think these are decent? Its actually shocking. It's like elementary school level.

How she is trying to convince people she's a professional is beyond me.

what the actual fuck. Someone save this shit before she comes to her senses

No. 242656

Honestly, her art is very overrated. She dubs herself the color pencil queen but she uses them so wrong. She applies too muh pressure way too soon and doesn't blend them right

No. 242661

ahahaha I was about to post this. and once someone asked her "did you really go to school for art? your art is so bad that I can't believe it" and her response was like "omg this is so rude. yes I went to school for art. and I'm a professional artist, I had a gallery show ONE time" and then she showed a picture of all her horrid photocopy drawings hanging on a wall. Ahh, youtube artists are really something.

No. 242663

Does she know that art schools make you do a 'gallery' show for the final? You literally have to do one to pass, but it's run by the school. Kek.

No. 242669

this video is so pointless, yeah she fulfills all the requests but they're all awful so it's not fun to look at and she doesn't gain anything from drawing a bunch of chicken scratch ass doodles

No. 242687

holy fuck that is so laughably bad. "artists" like that infuriate me. All they can draw is shitty photo realistic pictures from reference and nothing else, yet they get thousands of likes and followers. I don't get it

No. 242689

their followers are all children I think. she also made a series of videos about like, "mistakes people make when drawing eyes" and those really bring the middle school subscribers in

No. 242690

I mean I don’t like it but I do get it. A lot of the people reading this thread are artists so when we see mediocre novices with huge followings it’s annoying af. Basically most people can’t draw anything, so anyone with basic knowledge is amazing. Throw in some click bait thumbnails with lots of emojis and boom. The children show up.

No. 242693

File: 1523746178566.png (2.97 MB, 3724x1094, wow.png)


some of my favs for those who can't watch right now

No. 242695

Holly shit! Well, I guess she's an example that just because you go to art school doesn't mean you'll become exponentially better, you have to actually put in the work to study seriously

No. 242696

oh my god that leopard looks just like the warrior cats my friend used to draw in 6-7th grade. good grief

No. 242699

That Ciel Phantomhive one cracked me up. It literally looks like one that I drew when I was in the fifth grade. Her drawing is bad enough, but her handwriting bothers me just as much. like what's up with the random capitalization?

No. 242700


Her handwriting looks like mine when I use my non-dominant hand. Maybe she's only pretending to be left-handed kek. That or recently had a stroke, its a toss up.

No. 242721

How do you guys feel about vexx?? Youtube is recommending him to me, but his art seems kinda, same face?? Idk.

No. 242729


I dislike his editing style and his doodle gimmick is overplayed and unsophisticated.

Idk what you mean by sameface because he doesn’t do faces much? If you just meant repetitive and unchallenging, then I agree.

No. 242735

Never heard of him before, so i looked up his insta. His stuff is alright. The color choices are at least mostly appealing. I'd take his art over the accounts that draw the same pretty girl face at a 3/4 angle every single time.

No. 242736

She sounds a little conceited at times… "Drawing so cute it hurts"

No. 242746

well, it does hurt.

No. 242747

No. 242748

File: 1523758913118.png (115.33 KB, 640x1136, E32F8AA0-A752-4254-910A-3DB360…)

No. 242751

automatically taking it as "discrediting" when really it should be a relief because it means it might sort itself out with time instead of demanding years of work and/or medication. why do people take any cause or solution for depression like diet or hormones as some kind of personal insult? what exactly do they want to hear? that it's from a permanent characteristic in their brain and it's never going to go away?

No. 242754

Major depressive disorder doesn't just go away with a change of diet dude. Mental illnesses are a lot more complex then going through a hard time in your life. Being depressed isnt the same as having depression.

No. 242756

Just for you to understand, thats like saying diet or hormones can fix schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.
Also go Monique, go! How did Monique Renee become the hero in our threads??

No. 242757

yeah so then wouldn't you be relieved to find out you probably don't have major depressive disorder even though you're experiencing depression? It's like that person was angry and insulted that it might be an easily fixable form of depression

No. 242758


Hi, Monique here. I totally lurk this thread but I'm speaking up now because this is an important topic. I think it's extremely damaging to tell young people that they automatically don't have depression just because they're young. That can stop young people from getting the professional help they need. I know I experienced this growing up. I have clinical depression and was often told that I didn't have depression. I'm just an emotional teenager. When in reality, I really needed professional help and medication. I just think that telling an audience that's full of young people "you don't have depression, you're just hormonal" is extremely ignorant and potentially damaging.

No. 242760

sooo… You told Holly Brown off that one time on twitter, now you're telling off Spechie. You are the hero we don't deserve

No. 242764

Which Youtuber?
>why do people take any cause or solution for depression like diet or hormones as some kind of personal insult?
I guess they might be tired of people automatically assuming they aren't depressed at all. But being someone who's been through depression and gotten better through other means, I'm also not the hugest fan of pushing professional help in every case. I'm aware a lot of people do need it, but it's not a "one size fits all" thing. Sometimes said professionals and madicines can either not make a difference or make things worse.

(Sorry for having to repost this 3 times, I dun goof'd)

No. 242765

>You are the hero we don't deserve
Beware of licking people's nards. It creates monsters sometimes.

No. 242768

Yes but were they saying "you don't have depression, you're just emotional" or were they saying "your depression might be temporary and caused by hormones?"

No. 242770


I mean, watch the video for yourself and make your own decision. But she literally opens the video with "if you are between the ages of 13 and 16 it's likely you're not actually depressed"

No. 242777


>yeah so then wouldn't you be relieved to find out you probably don't have major depressive disorder even though you're experiencing depression?

>find out you probably don’t have major depressive disorder

This is exactly the issue. She’s not the one to be telling people if they probably do or don’t have depression. If you’re “finding out you don’t have depression” via fucking Spechie, that’s extremely concerning.

She’s not basing her opinion on academic papers or classes. She’s just dismissing it because she’s a bitch and doesn’t give a shit about other people.

No. 242779

This is giving me flashbacks to Baylee's art block doesn't exist video, specifically the bitchy tone. Lol both were done to be edgy and for clickbait

No. 242782

Fair enough, but they said likely. They didn't say it's impossible to be a teen and have a long lasting depressive disorder. Isn't that just true? What do you think would be a better and less dismissive way to phrase that?

No. 242786


I think she shouldn't dismiss people who may think they have depression, no matter their age. I personally think that if you feel like you may be depressed, seek out a professional. Even if a teenager isn't clinically depressed, if they're in a bad enough mental state to say "I'm depressed", they obviously need some help. Maybe they aren't clinically depressed, maybe they are. But to make a blanket statement like that is just ignorant and irresponsible. Anyway, I feel like I'm sorta talking in circles now so I'm gonna leave it at that.

(Also I appreciate those of you who are backing me up! But I'm definitely no hero! I'm just trying to make the internet a less shitty place)

No. 242787

You should have called her out by name. Don't be a pussy.

No. 242788


“I’m not a medical professional, nor am I educated in any way in this regard. I am not qualified to say certain people are not likely to be experiencing depression”

Something along those lines.

No. 242789

If you dont have depression. Dont make a video on depression. God Spechie is some over entitled brat. Better mirror the video now before its taken down.

No. 242791

>if they're in a bad enough mental state to say "I'm depressed", they obviously need some help.
So you're telling me you have never seen teenagers just being drama queens? Because I sure as hell have seen plenty of the "my boyfriend broke up with me today, I have depression" scenes. I don't think we shouldn't listen to youths, but at the same time it would be silly to assume everything they say has a lot of weight.

No. 242792

I would also encourage those that are going through a hard time, take the effort to do their own personal research on the matter, look for places that would help foster a better understanding. Especially those with actual experience (there are quite a few actual people on youtube with the education that talk about these subjects). There will definitely be teenagers that all they do is whine but those who are actually struggling will naturally try to find answers and directing them in a good direction would be extremely beneficial.

No. 242800


That's the thing. How do you know if they're saying "I'm sad and I'm going to say I'm depressed because I dont know the difference between depression and sadness" or "my boyfriend broke up with me and I haven't been able to leave my bed and I feel worthless as a person and i hate myself"? You, nor Spechie, have any idea what is actually going on inside a teenager's mind at any given moment. Yeah, they may be incorrectly calling their sadness depression. Or maybe they are clinically depressed and aren't getting help. That's why I think it's just SO irresponsible to make a blanket statement like "if you're between the ages of blank and blank you're probably not depressed".

No. 242808

It's Spechie, for heaven's sake. It's hard to expect anything of value to come out of hers or Holly's mouths.
>You, nor Spechie, have any idea what is actually going on inside a teenager's mind at any given moment.
YoU jUsT dOn'T uNdERstANd, mOm!!1!
Damn Monique, you sound like an angsty teenager yourself. Of course we have a multitude of teenagers of all backgrounds out there and it would be foolish to assume we know everything that goes on inside their heads, but at the same time I believe we can't go too far into a culture of patting them in the back and making them feel like everything and all they do is valid and correct, or else you'll have a bunch of spoiled retards running around and imploding mentally when something doesn't go their way. What I'm saying is, assuming every teenager out there is absolutely right about their own situations is as harmful as assuming none of them are. So my current course of action would be to try and help individual cases and avoid those very blunt sorts of statements such as Spechie's.

No. 242817

Jeeezus fc calm down. Yeah some teens aren’t depressed. Some are. Some might hurt themselves as a result. Some people don’t care. Can we move on now please?

No. 242818

Sure. Lead the way.

No. 242826

what the shit???

No. 242828

Guys, some of you are missing the point entirely.
One might have depression or not, but when you’re young and follow somebody ,and that somebody is important to you, you will accept what they say for a fact. And in my opinion, the ones that get hurt by this kind of videos are the ones who really struggle.wanna know why?
If one is being over dramatic, won’t stop just because some rando on the internet told them their problems are not real. Self centered drama queen teens would stop following her instead of changing their attitude. Because self is more important and always right.
The ones who are doubting themselves, maybe thinking of having depression but not talking about it because “maybe they’re just sad”; are the ones that need an external opinion from somebody who’s better than them, telling they’re just sad.
When you have depression you don’t always accept it, because it’s seen badly, and makes you feel like you are wrong or damaged. Most of the time it feels like it’s a choice and one is too weak to just stop being depressed. With that in mind, your hero saying you are totally not depressed because hormones, will do more harm than good.
Most teens do not seek therapy already, you know? So yeah If an influencer tells you there’s no need to worry, and you have a low self esteem and everything you think is wrong but others are always right, you will end up repressing your pain and not seek help. Because it would be hard even before the video, but the video cemented the fact that you don’t need it.
I hope I made myself clear, here.

Tl;dr drama queens will keep overreacting even after that video, those who actually struggle with it would end up being harmed by the fake consolation of not being sick while maybe in reality they really need medical assistance.

No. 242829

>"woops, seems my views are going down, better put out more clickbait shit."

Every time Spechie opens her mouth, absolute bullshit comes out. She needs to go back to being irrelevant. Her, Holly and Lemia. All shit talkers.

No. 242831

File: 1523777530426.png (48.02 KB, 785x381, lerando.png)

So random ~ holds up spork with cheeto dust ~

God, she irritates me. She's so stunted.

No. 242832

Does Spechie post anywhere else on social media? I wanna see how milky she is

No. 242834

the more I read about her, the more I think she deserves her own thread on snow.

I also don't think this cap is that quirky or special. I hate getting my hands soaked in dust so I use whatever is pointy (usually a toothpick. Unused, of course) to eat cheetos, and I know for a fact I'm not the only one.
So there you go, girl. You wanted to be unique, but you're just basic.

No. 242846

>I'm such a perfectionist
Lmao, seriously?
Honestly I'm also kinda annoyed that she used a new sheet of paper for each one, just draw multiple? Draw on the back?

You're missing the point entirely. No one is saying that any teen that's sad for a week is suffering from clinical depression, but discouraging young people from seeking help because "it's probably not real anyway" is pointless and potentially dangerous.

Spechie, Holly and Lemia are the holy trinity of bad advice in this community, I swear.

No. 242853

people like spechie legit make me empathize with people like HCB for some reason. at least holly is legitimately abrasive and nuts and not doing it for the randumnessssss. spechie is an all too familiar breed of attention whore that i haven't seen for a while since it's been out of vogue

No. 242865

Doing all of those drawings in 24 hours doesn’t justify her way of drawing which is the one of a child. Seriously. You can quick sketch stuff and not look like a second grader. Especially considering she just drew details or head shapes. What the actual fuck, how comes she’s popular?

No. 242875

I think Spechie is just a genuine bitch. Her whole demeanor is defensive, "I'm right, you're wrong and you're stupid", I have no idea how people genuinely like her content.

No. 242876

The edgelords can relate. Also Spechies’ stuff is so inconsistent?? It’s all over the place with shitty anime anatomy.

No. 242877

File: 1523804304839.png (880.48 KB, 1200x1200, DaKi72ZVwAAUq57.png)

Spechie has her head so far up her own ass. Her "my art teacher hated me" video was the most self-centered, obnoxious edgy thing I've ever seen. An actual quote from that video:
>she was mad a 17 year old girl had gotten farther with art than she ever would

Kek, this is the kind of shit art that Spechie makes, and she thinks she "made it farther" than an adult woman with an art degree and a job?

No. 242878

Literally there are multiple threads of people asking for a thread just on speechie. Can someone make one? I dont know how to yet and she deserves one. Taking away her off putting personality, her art alone makes her deserve a thread.

No. 242879

No. 242989

the fucking long chin, the crocked mouth and the resting bitch face

fucking why?

No. 243572

Is it me or Kasey is everywhere lately? I’ve seen her in like two streams just yesterday and I always get her videos in my suggestions even though I basically never watch her stuff.

No. 243718

The way that she describes anything shows how much she doesn’t even know, christ she drives me crazy. How many insta-vlog hos are becoming “youtube artists” with shitty click bait craft projects? It’s so basic it hurts.

No. 243722

Wait is she an insta model or something? I think I’m missing something, I assumed she was just an “artist”

No. 243751


She sounds like a child. She honestly is one of the worst “youtube artists” there is. Between this and her Bob Ross video, she’s really exposing herself as shit at art.

Compare to this video which talks about lightfast ratings, core thickness, blooms, etc.

No. 243800

I personally hate with passion when she calls herself a professional artist and basically implies that she draws like a 6yo because she still has to find her style. This is not how drawing skills work

No. 243832

Practice makes perfect is so stupid. Art is not a sport. If you read the same age of a textbook 100 times you don’t get any smarter. You have to STUDY to get better. Expand your visual library by studying. These young artist online with their style obsessions and excuses haven’t got a clue.

No. 243849

I mean, drawing a lot does make you better at drawing. I wouldn't say that practice makes perfect is "stupid", it's just not the whole story.

No. 243864

File: 1524166722135.jpeg (775 KB, 750x1020, A23D4E08-CB6A-407D-8F0E-531251…)

Practice does make perfect. But if what you’re practicing is shitty children’s drawings, guess what you’re going to perfect?

Rae doesn’t practice the fundamentals. She doesn’t study the basics. She just repeats copying exactly from a photograph. She doesn’t know why they look the way they do or how to properly represent it. So when she has to produce quick works, she shows how she doesn’t even know the basics.

I don’t think she’s ever shown work she drew from life and not a photograph. Anyone can learn to copy a photo without learning how to stop drawing symbols.

She’s becoming “perfect,” or at least good at copying.

No. 243868

No. 243870

oops sorry wrong post somehow

No. 243878


I accidentally spoilered the image, so I deleted the comment and posted it again. Sorry bout that!

Bonus video as apology. Don't think its been posted yet, its from 9 months ago. And its hilariously bad. She "beat" her art teacher by drawing anime. Kek.

No. 243881

Based in that 100 drawings video I think she must line imprint and trace

No. 243895

File: 1524173689493.png (1.58 MB, 1100x1652, rae.png)


Peep the dates. I'm positive everything she does is stolen/copied. I highly doubt its a coincidence this tutorial came out just the month before hers, and is identical in every way- paper, colors, composition, technique, etc. except the original is far superior.

Bitch has half a million subs and doesn't do anything but copy, steal, and trace. How did her fans not wake up once seeing

No. 243945

Man this pisses me off. She claims she draws so much better with reference but it looks like shit? She places the highlights close to the reference picture but without keeping form in mind?? Its do sloppy.

No. 243947

Anyone else see the drama in the "Art Rant" community re: a prominent "ranter" being exposed as a pedophile? I.E.: Messaging 13 year olds, asking them to draw sexual furry art, asking them to masturbate for him etc.

I'm only somewhat familiar with the whole idea of the youtube art ranting community, and it has always seemed to me to be mainly young teenage girls making fun of "bad art" on deviantart. It's as petty as you might imagine, with bad artists making fun of other bad artists.

But as an adult woman, any adult man engaging in a community of mainly underage girls, that is a huge red flag, even outside of the current context of accusations of pedophilia.

I know when I was a young girl online that attention from adults didn't seem abnormal, and I don't know how to communicate to girls who are young and vulnerable that 20+ year old men, who are prominent in your niche online community, who "just want to be your friend", are most likely predators.

No. 243949

God this doesn’t surprise me at all (if it’s true)

No. 243956


He made a video about it

No. 243958

File: 1524192923831.png (128.59 KB, 1073x807, pentagrin.png)


I feel like Pentagrin is loving this shit. She's such a drama whore.

No. 243972


>any adult man engaging in a community of mainly underage girls

He claims to be 16? That’s not considered an adult in most places.

No. 243979

How can Spokter be sixteen he started his channel over two years ago and has always had a grown man’s deep voice

No. 244008


This is his first video that I could find and he’s clearly using a voice modifier.

No. 244009

I like how when I checked earlier today there was a comment section and I just checked again the comments were disabled.
And yeah, he uses a voice modifier, he even has mentioned it several times and I think there's even one where he shows his actual voice and in between changes it to sound like the usual voice we can hear in the most videos.

No. 244010

File: 1524235086793.jpeg (365.59 KB, 750x893, C96DBE59-4776-457E-9C8A-59ED43…)

Translation: I wanna get them clicks and that attention, don’t detract from it by making your own videos.

Fucking Pentagrin. Doesn’t care about the word being spread, just cares about the drama and attention. She’s fake as fuck.

No. 244038

Practice makes perfect if you practice properly. Studying fundamentals is "practice"

God fuck, I hate these "stupid teachier hated me for drawing anniemay! xDD" videos so much. I drew anime style why I was in school too, but in art class I'd try to do the work and not just draw a poor rendition of another artist's style. They're all so damn cocky about it too.

No. 244082

What do you guys think of Monique? I'm not quite sure how I feel about her. Her art needs some improvement but I like her personality.
Not Monique.

No. 244123

"when i think about digital art i think about those random, beautiful lighting sources…"

literally what the fuck. it was so random i laughed when i hear it. not the details, not the shortcut or the color adjusting, but lighting sources. even though it's something you can definitely emulate in traditional medium. ok

No. 244124

File: 1524274334336.jpeg (99.66 KB, 1005x697, 740D3FCF-F9CF-4E5D-80EB-7BB45F…)


I actually hate her and I don’t hate many people. The gross burbs, the tracing, the “first time I’m using ___” videos from a college grad, the ego, the lack of talent, her word salad like “this just comes in such handy,” her blatant stupidity “is there an eraser tool,” how she cut straight to the finished sketch to try to hide the fact she traced but then left the original image layer in later shots. I just hate everything about her

No. 244128

the ""lighting"" looks like she rolled in paint

No. 244133

File: 1524276570316.png (709.95 KB, 1136x640, image.png)

She calls this a light source????

No. 244174

File: 1524302675815.jpeg (17.24 KB, 493x298, images (2).jpeg)


she has a degree in art? she calls this a fucking light source? how???????

No. 244178

Art degrees honestly mean next to nothing. Most people I know who have them can't even draw as well as this lady and she's not that great.

No. 244188

I love how she first tried to sketch it without tracing and failed horribly, then traced the pic and after half of the video she realises she still had the photo layer and deletes it

What’s wrong with those patches of pink color? This looks just dirty and the placement is all wrong and it’s all sloppy and oh my god if you feel like this is like painting why didn’t you define shapes and shadows? It looks so bland.
I can’t see how she can pride herself with this level

No. 244195

I like how there's bananajamana or whatever her name is, who has terrible taste in both art and design, only copies photographs and can't paint anything else, and her artwork is not only ugly but super, super boring. Then there's this girl, who is somehow worse in all categories. How does this happen.

No. 244206

i mean i can tell what shes going for but.. you cant just add pink to an image that has normal colors otherwise. u have to change the rest of the colors too or else it doesnt make sense..
and i love how she calls them lightsources as if lightsources arent in literally every image.. and how she thinks colorful lighting can only be done in digital art?? shes just so… dumb…

No. 244213

YEAH right? How can you have an art degree and not know what a light source is?

No. 244215

It's obviously drawn tinfoil hat-chan.

No. 244227

>Spechie, Holly and Lemia are the holy trinity of bad advice in this community

it's really amazing
on the other side there's superraedizzle and bananajamma who are super boring, mediocre and just copy photos but some how manage to get quite a few subscribers.

No. 244235

Her art is ok, but bland and repetitive. She seems ok.

"I never understood why people use digital art", …really? No idea?

I also like that she admits she never uses the shit she reviews again afterwards.

No. 244246


So who's in the middle I wonder?

No. 244249

Solar Sands

No. 244276

Istebrak is pretty terrible. I'm a new artist, and found her videos because she's talented and gives honest critique, which I do appreciate. Her G+ group is pretty decent too.

However, when you watch a ton of her stuff in a short period of time you really see some stuff. She'll randomly pop in with some stuff like "I really love Jordan Peterson" or "LGBT people in the West are no longer marginalized at all and have no more battles to fight, also Final Fantasy is a game for homosexuals so I won't buy Square Enix games anymore".

She also gets really weirdly directly aggressive about stuff, even when she's not giving specific critique. She'll mention something and then say "You fucking guys always do this, you don't deserve to use color yet, go do twelve thousand geometric studies before you paint a face, and if you don't like it you can just click that little red X and leave". But like, no one said anything. She just responds as if there's people giving her sass all the time.

She also gives straight up contradictory advice constantly. If you follow your reference photo too much, you shouldn't - never draw eyelashes or lip details, ever, and use artistic license. If you do those things though, you're a retard who is symbol dependent and can't follow a reference.

She yelled for like 20 minutes about people drawing fit, toned women with a faint vertical line down their abs, and swore up and down it was a fake thing that never happened in real life.

She rants constantly about people doing "masterpieces" before they've passed her personal test of being a real artist - you aren't allowed to have an idea or render a character or draw hair until you've drawn a thousand black and white sphere heads and rectangles floating in space.

And then of course she falls back on "I'm just being honest, no one else will tell you the real truth, please give me Patreon money or 400 dollars for personal tutoring so I can berate you one on one"

No. 244278

Can’t fucking stand them. Spergy moron needs to climb all the way down that high horse.

No. 244279

her art isnt even that good. she's riding her own dick a little too hard

No. 244280

lol in this one she takes the first painting with moody lighting of a dude (which does have some issues) and just completely wrecks it and turns it into her generic female face for no reason. Then she says the guy needs to stop using color, hair, and 3/4 views and go back to painting bald mannequin heads.

The second critique is a bald mannequin head (a bad one) which she accuses of "trying to make a masterpiece" when its clearly someone just learning to draw and trying to do a study like she constantly says to do.

No. 244300

One of the artists they repainted was in the comments thanking them and asking can they get a psd of the fixes

>gets ignored

Nice job using someone else's art without permission and then ignoring their comment/communication!!!

No. 244357

Those "brootally honest, just telling it like it is, guys!" types are always like that. Avoid at all costs.

No. 244361

File: 1524409573246.jpeg (639.82 KB, 1242x2139, B0BA57CB-BE6A-455E-B063-D78B4D…)

Her obsession with black and white heads floating in space is ridiculous. She's stuck in the "study" phase and judging by her website, can't do much of a finished piece for shit. Does she think that's what people in the industry look for or is that meant to be a "teacher" portfolio for her to gather a bunch of students for her circlejerk who can't afford tutoring with an actual industry artist (or are still too new to realize a higher-than-thou teacher with a portfolio mostly made of repetitive studies of severed body parts does not make for a good professional artist)?
It's a pity to see anyone actually buying that "I'm just being honest" crap. No, you're just a snowflake who can't control their autistic rage, just as bad as the SJW tards you seem to hate.

No. 244362

File: 1524409881693.jpeg (21.84 KB, 392x375, F849267A-2B35-40B0-8210-541B8A…)

>and swore up and down it was a fake thing that never happened in real life.
Like this?

No. 244367

Is that…supposed to be her portfolio? No style or variety, that's what happens when you think that finishing work is pointless.

No. 244369

She has a few disappointing finished pieces showing she can't handle color too.
The environments are decent but again, colorless and outweighted by the amount of floating black and white heads.

No. 244373

She seems like the Holly/Spechie type — arrogant and tone deaf to critique while simultaneously spewing out opinions like they are definitive fact (even if it contradicts fucking indisputable scientific fact like abdominal anatomy jfc what a moron)

No. 244385

damn her shit is so blended out and lifeless. It's a pretty common beginner mistake and she's supposed to be teaching people?

No. 244410

File: 1524414901400.jpeg (305.99 KB, 1242x1869, 977EC4A4-2823-4EFF-A4DE-13D787…)

This is my favorite. She called it a WIP but still slapped it on her website nevertheless. Dat left hand. Dat not being able to go past laying the values and rendering the face.
But don't forget, kids. Don't try going any further than studying floating heads and DO NOT, ever, try using color. Trust her, she clearly knows what's best.

No. 244415

File: 1524416235534.jpeg (421.41 KB, 750x1266, 83775195-37A9-49F2-96E3-3E943C…)


It’s sad too because she used to have interesting concepts like that back in 2014-ish. Then she became obsessed with the blurry black and white faces. Her skill level for actually making an interesting art piece has remained the same.

No. 244424

File: 1524416936141.jpeg (115.99 KB, 650x868, 560ED98A-4C62-433F-9AA5-CC31A2…)


It’s so frustrating she used a plastic face as reference with no distingushed features. She goes on and on about how there isn’t a shadow between the brows on her bland reference so he shouldn’t have it on his painting. But different people have different shaped noses. Some have it more indented so that it’s on the same level as the eyes ffs. How the fuck is she teaching these students in a condescending way while claiming all faces look like a plastic robot with identical features which cast the same shadows.

This video is triggering.

No. 244427


“Your brushstrokes are way too visible”

Why does she hate texture?

“You have no business using these brushes”

How are you supposed to get good at something without practicing it? I feel like she’s projecting her own insecurities onto these poor paying students. She doesn’t feel like she’s good enough to do texture or composition or color, so she berates everyone else and tells them they aren’t either.

She took an interesting piece with flaws and “fixed” it by removing everything that made it interesting. She replaced a two light source portrait with a strong chin and nose, and replaced it with a muddy, plastic robot face with a beard.

“Color is a distraction”
Ugh. Ugh. Ughhhhhh

Why would anyone pay this bitch to talk down to them and ruin their work?

No. 244429

File: 1524417774955.jpeg (808.19 KB, 1242x1517, 2645F8E4-E06B-45F8-A60F-547642…)

That is interesting as a concept, but the colors are still pretty bland. She can't go much further than slapping a single color on top of her stuff, and in the example you showed, adding accents in another color on the golden objects. The skin is awfully dead (and while it fits in context, I have suspicions she couldn't do any different). There's basically no evidence in her work that she has a working understanding of color.

No. 244436

>I feel like she’s projecting her own insecurities onto these poor paying students
Yeah. She really seems like one of those weak and insecure types who act all mighty and aggressive as self defense.
>Why would anyone pay this bitch to talk down to them and ruin their work?
Some people are unable to see the difference between candid good advice and someone with an attitude problem being unprofessional, and are too afraid to stand up to her bullshit in fear of being cast out as toosensitive and snowflakes (something Istebrak herself is).

No. 244438

After watching some of her other videos, she really seems like someone who hides behind the "brutally honest" title and uses it to bully her students.

Also, anyone remember her tantrum over the wacom tablet? That was pretty cowish behavior.

No. 244450


Yeah, and she started out with "I don't know where you guys get this, maybe its from comic books or something, but its not real".

So…anyone have any suggestions for good portrait teachers who are digital focused and aren't terrible? My inspirations are people like Aaron Griffin.

No. 244451


This is a faviorite of hers. "Doing stuff only reveals that you don't know how to do it" Yeah, bitch that's why I'm studying it.

No. 244454

The skin looks plastic, like the shading around the boobs looks like something a plastic, blowup doll would have.

No. 244455

I never tried it, but Schoolism has a course on it by Jason Seiler. Judging by the preview he doesn't seem to be mortally afraid of color, that's a start.

No. 244457

Don't forget that she sells her "plastic heads floating in space" reference program for like 50 bucks, too.

No. 244458

>“Your brushstrokes are way too visible”
So drawing shitty overblended skin is an actual choice of hers, and more, she thinks it's right to the point of pushing it into her students? Jesus.

No. 244459

I think she put on her website she states that if you "harass or insult her" then you'll be dropped as a student and will not be given a refund. I highly doubt she was actually being harassed but I'm sure people have gotten fed up with her shitty teaching. What a bitch

No. 244460

So if you harass her you get dropped off with no refunds, but you gotta pay her to harass you

No. 244547

People who don't know any better and are swayed by the way she talks as though she knows what she's talking about.

No. 244554

Also sorry for samefag but it's kind of impressive that she's made a business out of telling people to cling to reference and never attempt anything out of their comfort zone ever, that's the exact crap they try to force out of you in legitimate classes.

No. 244576

File: 1524436740003.png (694.71 KB, 635x727, istebrakbeforeafter.png)

From her latest video

I swear she made it look worse? She removed the canal, which gave the piece a sense of space, she added in warm lighting which ruins the feel, she made the rat the center focus instead of being part of the frame, the city seems less impressive and more squat, and she blurred everything out and made the background blend all together.

Am I wrong or was it legit better before she got her hands on it?

No. 244586


I like the light beams she added but removing the canal was a bad move as was centering/focusing the rat.

She just takes every piece and makes it her own bland featureless style and then says that's the right way to do it. If you disagree do form studies.

Her whole "everyone in the chat repeat that back to me" thing is also cult leader behavior

No. 244589

Also shit like "you guys don't have styles, you aren't ready for that yet"

No. 244590

Can anyone help me find this artist? I don't even have any of her art saved, but it was an anime artist… I think she was Asian and she posted on Tumblr. She has really detailed graphite drawings that are super clean and soft. It's really vague so I don't have much hope of finding her but I would love recommendations of artists with similar styles.

No. 244591


She ruined it, it's all washed out now. Personally I think the light beams make it too blended in, and there's way less of a sense of depth now. The color and atmosphere of the piece was way richer and stronger before..For sure.

She's one of those artists who probably doesn't want anyone to surpass her limited skill level, that's why she talks down to people the way she does. She's trying to make up for the fact that she's got a limited skill set and lacks imagination.

No. 244592


I disagree. The light beams ruin the atmosphere for me. They're too bright and become this bizarre focus, while obscuring the actually interesting aspects. They seem so damn out of place.

No. 244600

What's her obsession with studies? I mean, yeah they're important, but it seems like she can't do anything but a gray scale, plastic looking head.

No. 244601


Literally nothing matters to her but form. Color, texture, hair, composition, angles, all just distractions.

No. 244605

For me that’s fine as long as you’re not fucking telling artists that it’s the right way to go with her arrogant ass attitude. If you wanna draw the same damn thing over and over fucking go for it, but I am so sick of these newb artists that haven’t made it as actual professional making rules for beginners that aren’t based in anything but their own preferences and egos. It’s ridiculous!

No. 244608

When students tell her they want to do more painterly stuff she tells them painterly digital art is faked. Everyone paints smooth and then throws in some brushstrokes at the end

No. 244610

File: 1524446815687.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1208x1490, 0A7A707B-AA65-4117-8664-A739B7…)

>She yelled for like 20 minutes about people drawing fit, toned women with a faint vertical line down their abs, and swore up and down it was a fake thing that never happened in real life.
Yeah, gee, you're totally right as always, Istebrak. We're just being silly. It's really just fake.

Now every time I see a fit lady with one of those lines I'll remember her chimp ass.

(Pardon for accidentally posting this in an old thread)

No. 244612

So is she telling us people like Marco Bucci just make up fake speedpaint videos to hide his actual method of smoothing everything and then adding a few brush strokes on his fake painterly style?
For fuck's sake, it's one thing to have a flaw on your work (like her overblending), it's another to rage and rant to new artists that this is the only way.
Honestly, at first I just thought she had an attitude problem, but now I'm starting to consider if she has some actual deep mental problems. She's absurdly delusional.

No. 244613

Do you all think she needs her own thread? She acts like a total cow and gives milk pretty regularly.

No. 244614

She has some mysterious chronic illness and I would bet money it’s fibromyalgia or Ehlers-Danlos or a similar attention disease.

No. 244615

Maybe. The Spechie thread dwindled pretty quickly, but I think that has more to do with Spechie being a glorified ranter and giving up on ‘animation’ videos in favor of becoming a ‘guru’ w/e the fuck that means.

If Istebrak is milky enough then her thread should be interesting

No. 244616

IMO she's the one who deserves it the most. People like Holly and Spechie are pretty retarded, but they don't seem to be taken too seriously by anyone who isn't an edgy teen. Istebrak on the other hand is in a teacher position, and there seem to be quite a few people who take her seriously enough to pay for her shitty advice.

No. 244617

Please link the posts you're responding to and sage your own post.

No. 244624


A whole thread could be made on Istebrak's "fixing" her student's works. I think she's milky enough, but I think it'd be better if someone more knowledgeable about her made the thread. I've only just heard of her through here.

Spechie's thread is nice because it's only active when she is. It's not just people nitpicking imo. I don't think it dwindled.

No. 244637

It's best that way, the Baylee Jae thread just turned into a nitpicking circus

No. 244642

File: 1524457381926.png (1.04 MB, 880x1108, istebrakbeforeafter.png)


>Yeah. She really seems like one of those weak and insecure types who act all mighty and aggressive as self defense.

I'm positive that she does the critique videos to stroke her own ego. She gets off on doing "before and after" on other people's work rather than actually improving her own. They come up with the creative and interesting concepts, and she gets to just shit on it while jacking off to feeling better than them.

I don't know how she made this dusk scene so washed out and boring, but she did.

No. 244647

She desaturated the image, which sucked the life out of it. Perhaps the original image was a little oversaturated as a whole (it's nice to have contrast of desaturated and saturated colors), but instead of achieving that balance she just desaturated the whole thing and now it looks dead. For someone who's so adamant about setting rules for what others should or shouldn't be doing, maybe she could set herself a rule of not getting her ass into trying to teach things she can't do herself, such as color.

No. 244650

File: 1524460064552.png (19.51 KB, 1544x106, Screenshot_1.png)

Actually, they wanted a png copy to use as a reference.

No. 244651

File: 1524461330048.png (904.1 KB, 1507x825, istebrakbeforeafter.png)

It seems she really doesn't like contrast or saturation in any way. This is from her online portfolio. Everything she does is so washed out and soft. Which is fine as a personal style imo but its so strange she tries to enforce that on everyone. It's a preference, not a rule. Then she edits everyone's work to look like hers; flat, colorless, contrast-less, and blurry. She acts like these are fundamentals but they're totally not. She discourages backgrounds, probably because she can't do them. She discourages painterly looks and texture.

No. 244652

These look so lifeless and plastic. The artworks she edits at least have some life and personality.

No. 244659

I can't stand her fucking gatekeeping. if she didn't shoot her mouth off like she knew better, and if she didn't position herself as an art teacher, she'd be irrelevant as fuck right now. but no, here she is. Cow material.

No. 244683

What do you all think of Hajra Meeks? I used to watch her pretty often when I first got into watercolors but haven't watched much of her stuff in a long time.

No. 244697

File: 1524506939872.png (1.59 MB, 1167x753, hajr.png)


I feel like her colors are muddy or something. Maybe its the color combo or the technique. Its just not my cup of tea.

No. 244702

That doesn't look like a stylistic choice, it just looks like she doesn't know what she is doing. Those pieces look like someone forgot to finish a painting. Seems like she painted them in black and white and just slapped a color layer on top. She still had a bunch of work to do on those before calling them finished. That's what happens when you obsessively cling to you comfort zone, you can't do shit outside of it.

No. 244713

File: 1524513348118.jpeg (616.29 KB, 750x916, 827F9696-EF2A-441B-8E47-630C99…)

How do you guys feel about Vanilla.bambi on Instagram

No. 244714

File: 1524513396209.jpeg (376.59 KB, 750x1015, D6EEC878-61C3-458F-A843-099820…)

Also cherrierot I’ve seen them around they’ve got huge followings

No. 244725

Not a fan, she sounds like she knows better than everyone else (while I find her art pretty low-level pro) and that's just not my thing

No. 244727

that is so basic and bland af ha ha
ew ew ewwwwww

No. 244739

faces seem to be the only things which are painted well in these images.

No. 244749


i remember stumbling across her videos and…seeing it's my first time actually seeing her " finished pieces" i'm honestly disappointed. expected more from someone that shits on everyone's art all the time.

No. 244761


She says contrast is a crutch for people who haven’t mastered form and edgework.

No. 244771

This can't be true… did she actually say that, in those words? She can't be THAT retarded.

No. 244776


I dunno if that's her exact words, but she says all the time that there are "three ways to create detail" - Edges, Contrast, and Making Your Brush Smaller, and you should rely on them in that order - don't use contrast unless your edges and forms are perfect, and don't shrink your brush until you get everything else perfect.

No. 244780


She calls using a small brush "cheating" in this video.

"detail is a system of light and shadow, its about figuring out edges and where the light and dark is. Everyone write that back to me…"

"you don't shrink your brush to make detail, just don't blend in certain areas and that brings in the detail required. That is a symptom of line dependency. I want everyone to write that back to me, all 61 of you…don't think you can cheat your way"

at around 17 minutes in.

She also talks about how contrast is "unnatural" because reference photos are edited, so you should wash all your tones out. And how you shouldn't paint in color until you've mastered grey scale to a master's level. Color is a "distraction, it will stay a distraction forever." Why does she think the actual masters used color in their paintings?? Skin is a "yellow-ish, reddish beige" always, according to her, unless its a "random dark you're going to paint once in your career."

Having her videos in the background while I work is becoming a guilty pleasure.

No. 244789

Watching that video, she sounds so bitchy and insecure. The way her voice is all pitching and high is like she's about to cry? (That might just be me, but it's so annoying).

Not to mention how, after 'fixing' that portrait, she was like "NOW this is a successful image". Like, bitch, you don't get to fuckin decide what's successful and what's not, you get to say what's wrong in terms of art (like saturation or contrast or anatomy), not that it's somehow 'perfect' or whatever just because you spent 10 mins in photoshop on it. Especially when your portfolio looks like trash.

It's like she thinks art is some big fuckin competition and not a bunch of people making what they like. Everything is about how she does it and how she thinks it should look, not style or substance. You can't have unnatural lighting because she doesn't like it. You can't have bright contrast because she doesn't use bright contrast. Ugh.

No. 244791


>reference photos are edited

Yeah, no shit, they're portrait photos. Portraits are supposed to make people look good. Which apparently isn't allowed.

I get that her 14 day challenge is no hair no makeup mannequin heads, but that image wasn't one of those?

No. 244795

What annoyed me the most when I first found out her channel was how she was throwing a tantrum in one of her "critiques" and yet acted like others are the ones who are snowflakes. It's like she gets personally offended by people doing things she considers wrong, she's got some control issues.
Jesus, that "repeat it to me" thing is pathetic. Imagine living with her.
>no mom, you should not add onions to that stew. Onions are a crutch for people who can't extract all of the flavor out of the beef. Now everyone in the house repeat after me, YOU SHOULD NOT ADD ONIONS. Aunt Claire, I don't care you're in a coma, stop being such a snowflake and repeat it to me now.

No. 244847

File: 1524576760508.jpg (83.09 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

omg you nailed it, i didn't even realise. She gets like TOO emotional with critiques- she reminds me of amy's baking company

No. 244848

except that's shitty staged reality TV.

No. 244853

I'm honestly starting to like this Monique Renee person just based off her replies to this. Like this is so true…..

No. 244854


My Goodness…..I mean I don't draw fast at all, and it was nice to draw things that were requested from her fans but um…..these sketches are a little…okay scratch that really really horrible. Holy shit….

No. 244914

I don't get this newfound glorification of Monique for telling off Spechie.

No. 244969


She also told off Holly. I don't think it's glorification it's just respect for seeing someone speak out. No one is saying she's the most amazing artist out there, just that they have some respect for her.

No. 244989

Beware of inflating her self righteousness, tho. She's still a bit of a basic drama queen herself.

No. 245108

I totally agree with the Istebrak criticism. After being in her G+ Community and watching her videos for a while you start noticing how much she's brainwashing her students.

Just go to her 14 day challenge tag in the community. It's just for people to learn to make clones of each other, and basic, conventionally attractive plastic male, and female characters.

Someone trying to break social norms of beauty in their art, and by giving them more pronounced features gets met with a lot of hostility. Istebrak and her fans really don't like diverse features.

No. 245113

Damn she's arrogant, I found her reddit page https://www.reddit.com/user/Istebrak

No. 245157

>trying to break social norms

No. 245347

What are your opinions on this video? Not a fan of Istebrak, but I found this video last summer in my recommended videos and it did help me get back into the habit of drawing everyday after quitting for almost 5 years. Almost joined her G+ community too, but after watching a couple of her live streams her teaching method is really toxic.

Even though I don't like her and her shit attitude, I think this video is all right for motivating the lazy artists that don't draw anything and complain about not getting any work or not improving. It sure helped me want to prove this bitch wrong lmao.

No. 245453

This is the only good video of hers I feel. The one I found her by and the only one worth any time.

No. 245482

>her teaching method is really toxic
You don’t have to be that dramatic

No. 245484

Any thoughts on the "vector art" trend going on in twitter? Just type "vector art" and you'll get what I mean.

No. 245486

File: 1524731553679.jpg (50.52 KB, 720x899, IMG_20180426_033118.jpg)

just found this after searching lol. they all look like wikihow drawings mixed with those drawing style filters some camera apps have.

No. 245547


She literally makes them type back to her what she said, she calls their work bad and is incredulous “why you’d think this is good,” all she does is “fix” their artwork while shittalking it, she discourages finished pieces, she bans color, texture, backgrounds, etc. If anyone does anything she disapproves of, like use color, she goes on a long rant against “masterpieces” and says they’re not good enough to try it yet. All of that is toxic as fuck imo

No. 245549

File: 1524755942366.jpeg (312.08 KB, 750x1195, 21CA63E1-6FF3-4ED2-B52F-FBAE79…)


It seems it’s just code for “badly traced, ugly colors, random lines.” There wasn’t a single piece I’d call decent.

No. 245567


Wow what an uninspired mess. I guess this is for people who aren't really up for actually drawing/want a shortcut. I wouldn't even really constitute this as vector art.

No. 245574

Perhaps the other anon just thought the "toxic" word is overused by little drama queens, so it's acquired an overdramatic connotation. I agree with what you are saying, tho, we just prefer to use more candid terms such as she is a damned cunt.
What bothers me the most is not just her being a cunt to people, but the fact that she is such an ass while trying to push her own twisted version of fundamentals. Basically she wants to talk with the spunk of someone who has years and years of perfectly executed fundamentals under their belt while actually having the art of a student who's afraid of going out of their comfort zone.

No. 245629

Who tf is liking this garbage??

No. 245656

Ah, Istebrak. I used to worship her and watch her content regularly and swear by her secret "techniques" until I it slowly dawned to me what a hive mind her fanbase had and how entitled she was.

The streams are really the cringiest, because at the beginning Iste needs full 30 minutes browsing through her crap community selecting images to review because she almost always gets on a tangent that has nothing to do with art. I legit thought "stop talking bitch" when one time she had a nervous breakdown about some personal family related shit no one but her cared about and where she wined legit one hour about how much she hates the US because of SJWs, pedos, teh evul LGBTs and that she needs to move to Europe asap. Right after that she became agitated because of the result of the voting to axe net neutrality. Which also made her cry about loosing money on her monetized videos. basically she was trying to get pity from people in the chat and was indirectly e-bagging. I mean, we have all noticed that shekels are now all she cares about, even if she outright denies it by saying "but you also get my grand wisdom for free on youtube!!!"

Also that one time her vids were de-monetized because of a copyright strike and she organized her mob to message google to turn it back on. She also had a wonderful midlife crisis there and whined on her social media.

No. 245660

Jesus Christ, what a deranged woman.
What was the midlife crisis?

No. 245663

I remember people used to recommend her to me but I'm glad I never really took her too seriously. She just gave off this entitled, smug vibe. Also, how she uses her position as a "teacher" to shame and bully people is disgusting.

No. 245669


Ok, I have to correct myself: her vids weren't de-monetized, but her channel was banned from live streaming due to the strike. And now watching the linked vid again it was not copyright, but because of the vid being reported. Didn't really change the reason for her agitation, because no streaming=no money. The vid linked here was her signaling her fans to annoy google about the issue.

I mean, it's a legit problem when that happens to your channel and it sucks. But I remember how she whined on social media constantly about this, repeating over and over how she will have to cease teaching if her channel won't get fixed. In the end everything got fixed anyway and pretty fast too but she had no patience at all, so she made her fans annoy google over twitter about this.

No. 245674

>repeating over and over how she will have to cease teaching if her channel won't get fixed
Too bad for her students she didn't stop. They could benefit from not having the autistic screeching she calls "teaching" setting them in questionable directions.
It's partially their fault for giving her any attention, but at the same time most of them must be in that phase where they still don't know how to judge a mediocre artist with a shitty mentality from a good professional.

No. 245683

lol, this reminds me of some new graphic designer students who vectorize the hell of a picture (usually girlfriends) and they end looking like a bad 2012 meme

No. 245684

There was a trend that was going on for a few months now. It was this thing called "rt for a drawing of your icon" and the people who got like 500-5k+ retweets on their tweets didn't finish more than 20 drawings.

Then there was a guy sharing his tutorial around (it was basically for people who weren't happy they got what they wanted from the "rt for a drawing of your icon" thing). It was really… subpar, but then it also misinformed so many normies who took that tutorial by throwing the term "vector art" around that it stirred arguments from both experienced and inexperienced artists.

No. 245708

Ok why tf does she hate queer people so much? Is she just super religious or super far right in a zealouty way? Refusing to play Square Enix games because ‘they’re for homosexuals’ is beyond insane to me

No. 245753

I wonder that too… as far as I know from her talk about personal stuff her Arab parents are muslims who take islam quite seriously. She was for example not allowed by her parents to draw, because picturing stuff in Islam is forbidden. So it could be that she picked up fundamentalist, conservative views. Also I feel she whines about "metrosexuals" and LGBT people a lot because she seems obsessed with being anti-SJW.

She also hates androgyny in both genders. If you make a female character butch and masculine it's bad in her eyes, even if it fits the character (if they are for example a warrior). Tbh, anything that deviates from the standard feminine girly girl and butch muscly hunk is crap to her, because when you design characters you should only stick to the tropes that are "industry certified". (whatever that means!)

Hell, she is so fixed on doing generic crap she once "improved" the design of a character in a piece of fanart that's from a game and was made by an actual professional character designer. And as you can imagine her redesign was total crap. In the comments she defended it with "professionals too can make shitty design decisions".

No. 245754

Wait, she's arab?
And she was complaining about the US being too SJW and saying she should move to Europe, according to that other post… So does she think an arab would be received with open arms in Europe by non-SJWs?

No. 245755

not to go off track or anything but I'm kind of tired of Kasey golden's work. I feel like her style is stagnant. she's been trying other kinds of art videos which is cool I guess but her art just kinda got stale to me over time. plus I'm sick of her always shitting on her own art. she whines a bit too much.

No. 245756

Don't worry, Istebrak has been on the spotlight lately but it's still the general artist thread.

No. 245769


She’s Iraqi - afaik her family were refugees during the Saddam era.

No. 245772


With that background you would think that her experiences would inform/inspire her art sense. But i guess she's just locked in obsessing over fundamentals forever. It'd be kind of sad if it weren't so pathetic how she shit talks other artists.

No. 245781

>>245753 Do you happen to have the video of her doing that?

No. 245834

Linked the video. It's the first piece. People then wrote under the video that it's fanart and in some other stream she gave the answer that the design is lackluster (which I don't think is in a later video. She usually trims the streams and her afterhours aren't uploaded).

Also she did a terrible redesign of the new pennywise, because to her the new movie version wasn't creepy enough. Her fans wrote defensive answers to people who basically said under the video "the original works better".

Tbh, that bothers me the most with those entitled youtube artists, that they have to rely on their bee hive mob to defend their poor frail egos from criticism. But these bitches carry on badmouthing others and even actual professionals with no end. Their hypocrisy is so frustrating.

No. 245862

Goddamn, she destroyed that drawing too. Oh great, you made the background a hazy mess and you lost every ounce of detail and style on the biggest part of the piece, the big baddie. Such a fuckin improvement that is!

No. 245871

Istebrak is decent if you don't have the money to pay for art classes. She has helped me a lot, and her portrait studio program is helpful. Sadly you have to ignore all the dumb shit she starts rambling about.
But for those who want to learn art, there are much better teachers out there. If you can, it's better to invest in other online schools like Schoolism, Oatley Academy, etc. They're taught by actual industry professionals. As far as I know Istebrak has worked on jack shit. Hell, even Proko is a much better option to learn than Iste when it comes to anatomy.

No. 245886

Proko has helped me a lot personally. He has such a math teacher sense of humor but his videos have been super helpful for my anatomy studies

No. 245887

I don't see how she would be better than just picking up a few Loomis books or something of the sort. What comes to mind that would make tutoring helpful is critique, and in her case she just throws temper tantrums and tries to shove everything through her flawed methods.

>even Proko is a much better option

Is that implying he's bad? Not defending him, just curious because I don't remember seeing people talk shit about him here.

No. 245890

>He has such a math teacher sense of humor
Sometimes I get borderline upset at some of his attempts. Particularly one where he was trying to make a parallel between a muscle's name and Harry Potter spells and it felt so forced and out of place. But I suppose that's the price to pay for free lessons, and most of the jokes aren't that absurd.

No. 245952

yeah what's the consensus on proko? I generally like him

No. 245957


Proko is a very technically skilled draftsman and a good teacher. I don’t get much sense of artistry or creativity from him, but for anatomy and classical drawing techniques he’s great.

No. 245963

/ic/ hates him, because they hate literally everyone out of jealousy. I could see why people would think he was unimaginative but honestly i feel his videos are directed at beginners and for that they are very good. He just presents already founded art learning techniques in a way that's easily digestible- and thats good for brushing up on your fundies even if you aren't /beg/

No. 245964

The unironic Proko-is-shit meme fucking exploded across the board cause of his kangaroo drawing attempts.

I think he's undoubtedly a great artist in traditional mediums and on-site, but his imaginative drawing skills are definitely not as good. And honestly, that's okay? Most artists specialize, so it's no surprise someone like him who is classically atelier trained would have weaker skills in design and imaginative drawing than someone out of animation or entertainment design school.

No. 245967

yeah i agree, also he's way less conceited than a lot of yt artists (hence this thread i guess)

No. 245968

He's definitely much nicer than these other yt artists. Like, he doesn't sound like he's talking down to his audience or making rude comments about other professionals.

No. 245971

Naw he really does give a corny high school teacher vibe, not at all conceited or extra like plenty of people in this thread. He’s a good channel for beginner’s learning to study the fundies.

No. 246025

Not just beginners, his anatomy series are pretty good to keep brushing up your own skills. I like him because his skills actually qualify him to teach, he's not some technically impaired young adult making "do dis, not dat" videos.

No. 246037

Sorry if i'm derailing the Proko talk, but I wanted to know: am I being too harsh or does the lighting in Danica Sill's latest art piece really make no damn sense? Like the highlights on the body and dress would suggest there's a light source from behind, but the hair and especially the face don't follow that.
It's bothering me and I'm very confused.

No. 246055

Y'know, I think you're right. Danica is a very technical artist who works with primarily the same formula over and over. She's been trying to do new lighting stuff recently but i think she missed the mark here.

Then again, with the way she does hair, it hardly ever has actual lighting/shading, it's just kinda a wavy mass.

No. 246065

I couldn't find any mention about these two, but I can't believe I'm the only watercolourist tired of them
a) who and why is subscribing to watercolour misfit's channel? All her "tutorials" are extremely poor in content with her either maundering or saying something everyone on yt has already said but in creepiest, slowest pace as if she was talking to a slow child?
b) Marty Owing's "in depth" reviews (="first impressions" actually) are apogee of shit. It's amazing how he's always making sure to tell you he has tried a lot of art supplies yet talks nonsense like tests dissolved watercolour pencils for erasability "so that's something to keep in mind" - WTF? Also, he's reviews are incredibly biased in favor of practically any FC product. So one time he will be very critical because there is no colour name on a pencil (seriously, why is it such a big deal? ) and/or some pencils in a set have slightly lower lightfast ratings YET he ranks Art Grip Aquarell (no colour name, no lightfast ratings, awful pigmentation) 4th place in he's top watercolor pencils list.

No. 246108

Agreed. The arms look real stiff and awkward in this too. But Danica's anatomy could really use some work anyways. The waists and arms on her characters always seem to be twigs, which I guess you could attribute to "style," but still, it's a little ridiculous

No. 246129

Hello! Watercolourist here. I only watched Watercolor Misfit's reviews on tools in general, but after recently watching her other videos of her painting out of curiosity, yeah I'm not really a fan of her tutorials.
I think I came across Owings Art before and saw some of his reviews before, and I wasn't a fan of them either. Like what you mentioned with how he ranked Art Grip Aquarell in 4th place.
For me the only watercolourists worth following are Mateusz Urbanowicz and James Gurney. I'd also put Bao Pham here although they're more of speedpaints than actual tutorials. Sure their style isn't really my thing but I really like looking how their works progressed along the way.

Any good watercolorists I can follow in youtube and IG? Most of the ones I found only do portraiture and meh anime style (but with less shading) though and I'm getting tired of it tbh.

No. 246136

The Mind of Watercolor is interesting.

No. 246153

This going to sound kinda controversial I think, but IMO the ones who make a lot of drama are usually females (Example: Do this not that, My art teacher hates me or rants about muh style) We know about LavenderTowne,Bayle,Waffles,Kasey,H.C Brown,etc
I don't see Proko,Aaron Blaise,Sycra or Jazza making stupid drama for anything (not all women are like that of course, I really like Frannerd,UrsulaDecay,Ree)

No. 246159

Idk Solar Sands and Deviantcringe are worse imo because they can’t even draw and their entire channels are based around drama

No. 246164


I actually unsubscribed from Danica because her videos and art are so damn boring. it's that same wavy haired waif character over and over again, usually shoulders up, or more if she's feeling spicy.

but it's all the same subject, she doesn't seem to really think outside of her own techniques or anything. and while the way she colors used to be really nice to me, it's just super stale now.

and her monotone voice describing everything she does is boring too, she doesn't really spice anything up…Maybe she needs a project to work on. she keeps talking about making a comic, idk if thats off the ground but she could do something anything different.

No. 246200


I've followed Waffles for a while and don't recall her making dumb drama over anything. She can be a little cringe at times but she's otherwise pretty easy going.

No. 246209

aaron blaise and proko are literal professionals, and sycra is a schizophrenic shut in and has the common sense to not sperg to hard due to imageboard experience. it would be fucking absurd for them to make petty yt drama.

its only artists that were ~discovered~ by yt/tumblr that do this. cause muh community. young youtubers with a decent following in general have that conceited entitled aura about them, like 'wah i am influential! i am the second generation of youtube! i DESERVE your money and love!'

on the other hand, Cynthia Shepard is a rad professional in the field. She's really skilled and seems super nice. One of the only channels i have the stupid bell icon enabled on

No. 246222

Earlier in the thread it was mentioned that a dude from the art/ranting community (Spoctor) was a pedophile. Well things took a turn, and the two people that were the main causes of exposing Spoctor here (Pentagrin and Atari) were caught lying about it, and there was evidence backing up that Spoctor wasn't a pedophile. While I don't really know much about Atari, Pentagrin deleted most of her social media accounts (including her Youtube account) most likely because of this.

No. 246224


Oh my, that makes me so happy. Pentagrin is annoying as fuck and her art is gross. Do you have any more info or screenshots? Who found out they were lying?

No. 246241

I guess we have a lower demographic of younger guys making those low level Youtube channels, too. The only channels I can think of "young people developing art" are Vexx and Kesh, and Mattias Pilhede does make videos milking dramatic statements.
Ross Tran and Kelogsloops are young but they're already establishing themselves professionally, so I wouldn't put them in the same barrel, people who waste time being dramatic on the internet usually have social media as their main gig. Perhaps Kesh and Vexx are establishing themselves professionally too, I just don't watch them enough to know. But I do remember Vexx accusing Baylee of making a piece too similar to his, and he was reaching.

No. 246246

Are her parents aware of what she draws? I have a feeling they're probably not too happy with her art if they are that religious. Also is she also Muslim but not as religious?

No. 246248


different anon. here's a short video that kinda sums it in less than 4 minutes. There are 3 links in this video's description that get into more detail and 2 of them are really long: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pQrnhHFt8c (almost 2 hours long) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVSN27haL1o (35mins). will reply again with the 3rd link since that's pretty short.

No. 246249


And the 3rd link.

No. 246317

another youtuber called stories also deleted her channel since she was in on it as well

No. 246320

File: 1525043363204.jpg (87.88 KB, 720x719, 20180429_190435.jpg)

No. 246321

File: 1525043387399.jpg (94.07 KB, 720x701, 20180429_190447.jpg)

No. 246322

File: 1525043406521.jpg (102.37 KB, 720x719, 20180429_190501.jpg)

No. 246348

The entire thing is a shitshow and nobody should be surprised, considering the community and people involved.
When your job on the internet is to educate kids on how to draw and respond to drama amounting to 'this person is a meanie', you don't get the right to be self righteous and pretend like you have the ability to engage in calling someone a pedophile or debate legal actions.

No. 246679

File: 1525153138524.png (5.85 MB, 3712x1620, rae.png)

Rae's new video is a goldmine, as always. Classic moves like cutting away to a traced sketch, drawing like a ten year old, awful technique, "realism," and brutally scratching color pencils.

I no longer respect Kasey Golden in any way for being friends with this scam artist. She's the one who requested the "realistic ant."

No. 246680

She's putting more work into bragging about her YouTuber friends than into the actual art.

No. 246685

File: 1525156552729.jpeg (301.07 KB, 603x756, DEF6B9C6-6AD4-4305-A376-FF395D…)

What. The. Fuck. She’s not even trying.

No. 246688

And that's supposedly the most personal one she did. I think that's what bothers me about her the most. Not that her art is bad but that she's clearly not even trying. She tries even less when she's doing art requested by other people.

No. 246690

Maybe she’s “trying less” with requests because they’re really specific and she can’t trace/copy them

No. 246691

File: 1525157966274.jpeg (290.69 KB, 1300x936, 7D9E7663-938A-4F4B-AF41-4878E8…)


I keep coming back to this picture and laughing. She is so bad it’s crossed into funny for me. It honestly looks like a child’s drawing. Even how she writes and colors is like a child would. The random capitalization, the pencil pressure, the sketchy lines, the tracing, the awfulness of it all. It’s not far fetched to believe she’s actually an elaborate and dedicated troll.

No. 246726

did she admit in the wookie picture that she traced her face?

No. 246731

She said she had to draw that seven times. I dread to think what the last 6 looked like

No. 246742

ugh I also hate the way she thinks the word 'illustration' means 'not a drawing copied directly from a photo'.

No. 246755

It bothers me so much when she says realism is her forte, Look at that horrible suit!!!! Folds don't look like that!

No. 246808


So in your mind someone can't be friends with someone else because they have bad art?

No. 246809

File: 1525193283957.jpg (205.99 KB, 1024x1024, 16eb0bf64b648a8a17a4449a528060…)


she traces dishonestly, steals videos, rejects all criticism, sets a bad standard for her fans, gives flat out harmful advice, brags about being in a gallery and having a degree, etc, etc - if you're friends with a scam artist, yeah I'll judge you.

No. 246846

How she got so popular when her stuff looks like this is beyond my understanding. Seriously, what the fuck?

No. 246854

rae is a classic example of someone who is an amazing artist - in the eyes of someone whos never picked up a pencil in their life.

No. 247254

File: 1525323966995.png (590.62 KB, 1000x712, istebrakbeforeafter.png)

I wonder how Istebrak sees the world. Every time she edits anything, she kills any spirit and life it had.

No. 247255

File: 1525324201721.png (1.06 MB, 1424x792, istebrakbeforeafter.png)


The last pic was from last year. This one is from her latest video. She does basically the same thing. She saturates and makes it much darker and gloomier. She spends both videos talking about how much better it is with the "atmosphere," but it seems she missed the warm, comforting atmosphere the original artists were going for.

No. 247257

File: 1525324392762.png (1.07 MB, 1254x816, istebrakbeforeafter.png)


And another example from her latest video. Why does she make the pieces so blue and sad? She always calls it in the name of "realism," but you can make happy realistic pieces. I don't know why anyone bothers to submit anything other than cool, gloomy pieces. She's automatically going to desaturate and darken them.

No. 247292

File: 1525345224514.jpg (139.34 KB, 832x832, 13109087_1738553346358599_4981…)


"Professional artist"

No. 247294

This one is so much worse. The lighting was just fine! If something should be edited, it's the hands and arms, but I guess that'd take too much time and effort.

No. 247303

File: 1525353270530.png (Spoiler Image, 1.24 MB, 1374x812, istebrak anatomy.png)

Am I the only one who thinks the new shading makes zero sense?

The left one has a clear light source from the right and looks very soft. Meanwhile the "corrected" versions ear shadows don't make much sense to me, and the jaw shadow is way too sharp, what the hell is going on with the bright blue streaks she added, the light source is clearly not there? She also ruined the colour scheme, that was a nice reddish and green tones.

Istebrak's anatomy is really weird imo. Pic VERY related, what are these tumor obliques? The anatomy indicates the woman has a very short ribcage, but the rib placement is confusing and she has highset breasts, has a high fat percentage and no muscle definition. Somehow has a fullblown adonis belt and her ribs and chest plate stick out - indicating she has a large ribcage (due to the high bodyfat percentage)?

Now I am no expert in art, but these just stuck out to me, if I am totally wrong - please do correct me.

deleted original, quoted the wrong post.

No. 247314

nah that's nitpicky, don't get me wrong i hate istebrak but that seems to be a decently realistic way for fat to be dispersed imo. I look like that + paint for moneys

also idk why you posted the muscly lady? she looks way more 'wrong' if that makes sense, as in if someone were to draw her it would look incorrect due to art standards

No. 247319

To compare the obliques, on how defined they are compared to her bodyfat. The obliques just really bother me in that photo, they look so off.

No. 247323


People carry body fat on different areas. Women especially tend to carry more fat around the lower tummy.

No. 247324

File: 1525360390957.jpeg (118.41 KB, 750x720, 7CBE0401-E75F-4014-AD66-99C78C…)


Nah, that’s my body to a t, down to the chubby thighs and weird extra tummy bump above the belly button. I have the same breasts and the prominent ribs. She really pushes references on her students (one of her good pieces of advice) so I don’t doubt she used one for that piece.
It is weird she seems to think that is the only anatomically correct body and shits on artists who add more muscle definition to their women or less curves. It goes hand in with her “this is what a woman’s face looks like: long and thin lips, high cheekbones, thin eyebrows, square and short face, short forehead, relatively large chin, pointed nose etc” thing. There’s only one ideal of beauty to her and it’s that body and this face. And anything else is “wrong” and “bad” and “unappealing.” She will then “correct” her student’s work to fit this ideal, as if it is the only version of realism and beauty. Strange woman.

No. 247332

>if someone were to draw her it would looks incorrect due to art standards
This makes no sense. If someone in real life looks like that, it would not be "incorrect". And what "art standards" are those you speak of? If you mean how people are usually portrayed in anatomy studies, that's a very generalist view. Not everyone is going to have the same proportions.

No. 247335

I hate her too but the one on the left is anatomical correct and I wonder if you’ve seen a naked woman lmao

No. 247337

what a reach kek

No. 247340


I remember that in one of her videos she was painting a black kid and she said something like "they don't have those lovely peachy tones to their skin" and it didn't sit right with me. She doesn't have them either (she seems to be olive skinned) and also seems to be on the chubbier end of things, so I am guessing she probably really hates herself.
Would explain why she rants so much.

No. 247344

I noticed that too. She seems to really push european beauty standards while being an arab. Not that you're obligated to only like beauty standards from your own race, but I get a mild self hatred vibe from her. Or she's just delusional and thinks she's one of them.

No. 247369


Apart from knowing she’s Iraqi how do you know what she looks like? She’s pretty famously never shown herself.

No. 247377

File: 1525383227483.png (997.75 KB, 673x887, istebrakbeforeafter.png)

Someone else in her google group had attempted to fix it before her, and I think did a much better job. Its sad her students are better than she is.

No. 247383

definitely a better job than Istebrak's

No. 247388

You can see her tan/brownish hands in the video >>247340 linked.

No. 247389


The video I linked show her hands and arms, so it shows her skin color and chubby hands.

NGL, I do like some of istebrak's fixes, but these


Are awful and look amateurish. The student one is muuuch better. >>247377

No. 247443

File: 1525410350257.png (562.72 KB, 1358x608, rae.png)

Sure, Rae.

No. 247451

there is a sort of rule in art used for production that is basically, don't draw "freaks" if you were actually drawing a commissioned portrait of this woman, obviously you are going to try and be accurate. Her body definitely isn't common even for fit women so unless it is specifically asked for it isn't a good idea. Of course, art doesn't really have rules, and you can do whatever you want, but using her as reference for a character in a painting for instance would look weird to the common eye if it was anything but a study and your reference was not shown. basic proportion and beauty standards DO apply in the industry, unfortunately. Again this mostly applies to production art, not fine art, although if someone wants to make a conventionally attractive Pretty Waman piece this applies.

Funnily enough diverging from this leads to the uggo tumblr style most of us dislike lol

No. 247510

Wtf? I understand she likes a contrast when there's a focal light source but the sparks are so dead they look like petals, and she smudged out the her facial features. It makes no sense.

No. 247669

She sees at as a white glob of clay and that's pretty much her own words. She's always telling her students to view the canvas as clay and that you should use actual clay or sculpting programs to learn to draw, suggests z brush (although her techniques are so traditional and basic that she only needs sculptress). She banishes all lines but finished line-art (no structure lines dear, clay doesn't work like that).And flushes the color out of everything if not totally banning it.

I mean, all of the above are great exercises, even her use of one color(Glob of blue clay). But damn woman, your holding everyone, and yourself especially, back with your clay obsession. Visual media has so much more to offer and the techniques and tools make things like city building, color, and jotting ideas down much easier.

I was a fan, but this thread made me realize all this.

No. 247674

File: 1525482219723.jpg (88.72 KB, 421x750, Augustus of Primaporta PAINTED…)

haha she's desperate to have an ~elegant~ style and because she thinks its objectively better she's imposing it on her students as well

reminds me of victorian england times where they stripped paint off roman sculptures to expose the marble bc it better fit their aesthetic. one day down the line she'll see that it isn't always appealing to devoid everything of saturation

No. 247716


to be fair, anon, a lot of those statues ended up being gaudy AF with the colors restored, but I see your overall point.

She just sucks the life outta everything and is stuck in the fundamentals mode because she doesn't know how to apply what she learned to something actually creative, so she kind of just projects that bitter bitch mode onto other ppl who are improving by leaps and bounds past her because they wanted to try something different. that's all she is, is a bitter bitch.

No. 247763

Yeah did we all forget how unhinged she actually is?? Isn’t she the one that filmed herself destroying a brand new Cintiq? (Tho I might be remembering that wrong)

No. 247770

I think it was faulty, and I think this was the video. Didn't watch it because I don't have too much patience for her tard rage.

No. 247865

File: 1525572418266.png (277.1 KB, 750x1334, ED1A2D90-B13C-4EBD-A7F2-F7337C…)

Wtf is with the rules of this AA Facebook page??

No. 247881

h…has she not heard of returning it to the store jfc

No. 247914

wtf is with that arm melting into the hip though

No. 247993

It takes her forever to paint a face so a hand must take like 6 months. This is why lines are useful, I don't think she knows how to quickly imply a hand with her method so she's just done this horrible thing.

No. 248001

which is great because she gives people shit when they submit work without eyebrows or pupils because they just wanted critique on the skin or hair. She's like "you cannot submit an unfinished piece, I would fire you." But then she posts a claw hand and a hand melting in to a thigh on her portfolio.

No. 248015


But also, daring to draw an eyelash or a highlight in a pupil is "trying to make a masterpiece" and also gets you fired.

No. 248202


What’s her beef with lines? Why does she forbids them on her students but continue to use them herself in some of her drawings?

No. 248250

Kasey just came out with a screentone video, and now there's this one. Guess this is going to be the new trend on youtube for the next six months.

No. 248284

this girl is not terrible but… her attitude is kind of grating. its like shes trying her best to constantly make the -_- face while talking.

No. 248948

These videos are so pointless. Of course the expensive ones are going to be better than crayola. Of course you shouldn't buy the expensive ones if you're fine with the problems that watercolor for children have. Also why the hell did she dilute the swatch so much and then complain that it wasn't pigmented?

No. 248950

Its pointless. Also she doesnt know how to use watercolors so she just wasted so much money

No. 248951

right? in the initial swatch of W&N she diluted it to almost nothing then was shocked when it wasn't pigmented? plus when even was the thing she painted at the end lol

No. 248952

Doesn't tape the paper. Uses dirty water to apply color to the paper. Doesn't know how to layer. This was painful to watch.

No. 248956

This hurts my soul. It's supposed to be very transparent when hugely diluted (or drowned as she did it) otherwise it would be unusable. Guess she never heard or glazing or washes or tone or…..

No. 248978

File: 1526077325550.png (376.03 KB, 720x416, X Files fan.png)

When you're in your early twenties (so, born 1995-1998) but have items referencing the X files (broadcast 1994-2002) in your video background

I guess your toddler self must've really loved it!!!!

No. 248979

That’s stupid, one can download the series, and the new series came out “recently”, so it’s not that weird for a young girl to like stuff made before she was born.
It’s like saying I can’t have a picture of monet because I wasn’t born when he first painted.
Please go back to how stupid she is saying w&N are the most expensive paints in the world and how much her art sucks.

No. 248980

That's a really dumb thing to nitpick over. There's nothing wrong with liking something that was made when you weren't old enough to like it or before you were born.

No. 248981

File: 1526078931140.gif (26.98 KB, 436x327, 3313DDB0-BD41-40FD-A28C-AAD226…)

Something something syndication

No. 248984

I’m literally Rae’s super-hater, but even I wouldn’t give her shit over that.

I’m supposed be heading out but my hate boner is so strong I wanna be late just to watch her crappy video

No. 248986

Winsor and Newton are not the most expensive watercolor paints out there (I'm certain Schmincke is for those of us who live outside of Europe). I don't get the point of these videos, besides this bitch stroking herself off to her "lol i haz an art degree!!" self.

No. 248989

if you're going to be angry about something in the background, be angry about the frida khalo pillow.


on top of that, now poor frida khalo has to be in the background of the most mediocre artist alive's videos

No. 248996


lol she calls Hobby Lobby "bougie"

No. 249013

I heard that and holy shit their prices are pretty decent (and their in house supplies are of high quality than Michaels for what you pay for, so idk why she's getting all up herself)

No. 249040


i always get annoyed whenever she's implying some of these supplies are "overpriced!!!!" or "bougie!!!" like yeah quality shit means more money to be spent on it idk how this is such a bad concept?
carandache are REALLY good soft crayons, and she talks about it as if it's just overpriced crayons.

No. 249042

Is it just me or does the painting in this video looks so creepy and off? I guess I was never particularly impressed by Sara Tepes' stuff because it all looks really generic and tumblr-y. Opinions?

No. 249049

I think Sarah is on the right track with art, but she seems to have that douchy vibe I usually attribute to young people who are slightly ahead of the curve at what they're learning for their age but still don't have the maturity to be humble. That's what I assumed from watching her videos on the past.
Also, the picture looks off because of the placement of the features. It's like they're placed in a diagonal line down the face instead of the usual vertical line, so they're off center. It's most visible in the relation between eyes and nose.

No. 249051

I've honestly never heard anyone use that slang before in my life.

No. 249055

what she said doesnt really make sense.. boujee means extremely expensive or high end (hobby lobby really isnt) but besides that she said .. 'boujer'? at least say boujee-er idk. sage for being dumb as shit

No. 249072

The eyes are way too high.

No. 249095

I’m really starting to get sick of the tumblr art style thing. At this point no one seems to agree on what that even means? Some do, some give entirely different examples? Now ‘tumblr art style’ is just synonymous with ‘art styles with cartoon aspects I personally don’t like here is a piece of random Voltron fan art as my example’

No. 249096

I'm assuming you also got the recommendation that Holly made a video about it

No. 249099

I'm X files Anon, never seen her stuff but I watched that video and a bit of another

>$1-2 dollar is not an acceptable price for art stuff. The fact that she even considers using the cheapest shittest stuff is ??

>Stanning for Crayola, please get over it
>Using watercolors like a child does (Oodles of water sitting in the pan)
>W&N is a standard brand, you really do need to buy decent equipment at some point because shit equipment is a hindrance

Another video where she tries digital art for the first time. Flabbergasted that someone could get to the point of making youtube videos ABOUT ART without trying digital art
>Is amazed by digital color palette
>Her digital art is much better than her IRL art, see: watercolor video

And then I clicked another video either by her or someone else "Weird stuff I got at Wish"
which featured a $2 knock-off Figma figure which fell apart when she moved the limbs. Way to make actual Figmas look like shit to people who haven't read the comments/Don't have one

/end rant

No. 249101

File: 1526150083456.png (287.64 KB, 420x420, 6993954438571d7f8d43cccee87150…)

Mfw I see a dirty commie becoming a capitalist product

No. 249102

Those videos have been discussed in this thread above, btw. I’m the Super Rae hater and I love when other people look at her like “wtfffff.” I just do not understand how she has fans at all. It’s baffling.

>>Her digital art is much better than her IRL art, see: watercolor video

because it’s easier to trace. She even accidentally left the traced layer in the video. But then she fucked it up with a pink “light source”

No. 249103

Rae is the muddy shit water at the barrel of art channels, but you seem really passionate about hating her. Does her sheer existence grind your gears?
And your X-files nitpicking really brought your credibility down a notch, don't know why you're mentioning it.

No. 249105

Nta, but she has 500k subs and is friends with other popular “artists” on YouTube like Kasey and Chloe. And she’s one of the worst artists on YouTube while having a garbage personality and ego. Why do you care if people hate her? She’s the worst.

No. 249106

So is being friends with Chloe and Casey considered an asset?

Rae really does suck, but I've noticed most of the very popular channels are mediocre. Doing art is one skill, knowing how to sell your product is another.

No. 249107

I usually categorize tumblr art as politically charged fanart with bad to fairly decent anatomy.
Sarah Tepes' art seems like an instahoe style -pretty girl doing x, sorrounded by flowers etc, mermaids, witches etc

No. 249109

>I usually categorize tumblr art as politically charged fanart with bad to fairly decent anatomy.
That's pretty much it to me as well. It's like they spin one of those cherry gambling machines, get one slot each for race/sexuality/body type and mash it all together with an Steven Universe (or whatever other cartoon currently trending) style.

No. 249123

>So is being friends with Chloe and Casey considered an asset?

Uh yeah? It makes her way more relevant than she should be.

No. 249141


"Look I even still have the expensive crayons"

Yeah I mean you shoudl, what, are you gonna throw them away?

No. 249153

It does kind of recognisably look like the photo it's from, though, at least. But I've been less of a fan of the direction Sara is taking her paintings recently, those smudgy rose lips especially. Still like her drawings though.

No. 249154


Lmao "Credibility" on an anonymous board. Ok.
Seems you've missed the memo on the purpose of this topic.

Anyway, for as many different things Kasey is trying out, video-wise I feel like her art has stagnated. I mean, it was always kind of samey, the only difference now is that she puts her face at the beginning of every video. She always looks so bored, though I guess it can't be helped since she's just so plain-looking.

I just feel like she could use another round of heavy studies to try something new. Or maybe not. Maybe she's just found her style to match her niche.

No. 249184

File: 1526177434106.png (654.17 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Im surprised more people dont give dramatic parrot shit? I really dislike her drawongs. Absolutely no knowledge of anatomy

No. 249188

The light source was pretty funny.
The initial sketch was really terrible and then it improved vastly with the addition of color, should've known there was some tracing in there.

First time I've ever seen her stuff, not sure an honest review of some truly terrible content counts as "hate."

Tbf her market are literally 12 year olds, hence the extremely amateurish, naïve approach to art which they of course also share. I think she'd be a charming person to speak to though, just rating the art content here.

No. 249190

I thought the "I'd NEVER buy such expensive art materials as Standard_Brand! But I'm doing it just for the video hehehe" stuff was…a really weird angle to take? Art is clearly a hobby very low down on the priority list if you think you need to apologize for buying the correct materials.

It's like a guy running a, idk guitar lessons youtube channel bringing out a child's guitar from a toy store because he thinks it's "bougie" to use an actual quality adult's guitar

No. 249206


Especially when your whole schtick is that you are A Serious Artist Who Went To Art School And Was In A Gallery. Serious artists don't stare agape at an eight dollar tube of paint.

No. 249886

Dina Norlund is growing on me, but this video seemed so strange to me. I don't get how the blonde character relates to her author insert character at all.

She's fairly established irl but quite small on youtube

No. 249965

I don't understand exactly what you mean, is it that you don't see how the initial character ideas have changed so much?
That's just how character design progresses. Sometimes you end up with something quite different than what you first had in mind, that's why people tell you to experiment a lot.

No. 250147

Maybe but I feel like she took unrelated drawings in unrelated stories and was like “this is the initial design!” I feel like purposefully creating a character for a particular story and then having it morph over time is a lot different than illustrating a blonde girl twice and then doing a story around an Asian-esque girl seven months later. I guess because the name is the same? Or because it was just her trying to find a character to write a story about?

No. 250156

I don't see the problem. She started with an idea, which seemed to be something very simple along the lines of "young girl", saw what didn't work and changed it accordingly. I don't think the girl is asian tho, it would reek a bit of forced diversity if she was, but Dina mentioned something about making the girl look like herself, and she's not asian.

That aside, what I did find a bit weird is openly making a character be a self insert. That usually turns out being a little… cheesy. But if that's what she wants, I hope she can make it work. It probably doesn't matter that much if it's a children's book.

No. 250916

File: 1526757095076.jpeg (278.84 KB, 750x984, FABA6F4A-DA7D-4A69-AF46-5393B9…)

Remember, she does “realism”

No. 250979

lmao dunning kruger effect in action

No. 251024

To be fair so are half the people in this thread or most of us wouldn't even be here! Give props where props are due, she doesn't try to act like a dick and is surprisingly receptive to criticism compared to a lot of the more notorious offenders.

No. 251121

one of the comments mentioned how obviously drawn it was and she replied "if you don't like my content why do you follow me???"
Wow. Calm down.

No. 251164

File: 1526797165544.jpeg (219.38 KB, 750x613, BFDD76AC-4A1C-4ADD-BC10-49C91E…)

She’s such a cow

No. 251237

It's such a small and simple drawing, and she still couldn't draw a single straight line in one go?

No. 251239

The way she responds to negative comments is always so passive aggressive. Like, in her 'mean comments video', she responds to a comment calling her art 'amateurish' by showing pictures of some of her less shitty drawings as if they completely prove him wrong. She also pulls the whole 'don't like it, don't watch' routine again to dismiss all criticism. What is it with all Youtube artists having the nastiest fucking personalities imaginable?

No. 251243

i'd say she needs a reality check but then we couldn't laugh at her. you have to be a special kind of pretentious to draw art like this and have the gall to make tutorials. it's like she wants to be an artist but doesn't actually like drawing that much, even holly has more skill than her ffs.
yep i agree.

No. 251247

The way she read that last comment was so irritating even though it brought up some good points that she seriously could have taken into consideration. Instead,she dismisses it and tries to defend herself by saying stupid shit like "at least I'm not raping underage girls or whatever"…way to look like a whole immature bitch, Rae.

No. 251283

well that post answers one question I had - those 1340 art curator people will just post on anything tagged 'art' rather than actually choosing good stuff.

No. 251443

I think drawingwiffwaffles' style is pretty fug and her way of talking is kind of cringe but I like that she doesn't show her face like baylee.

No. 251510

she talks like she's 12, how old is she irl?

No. 251533

That's an interesting topic.
How do you guys feel about people not showing their faces? One of the reasons for showing your face is to create a bigger connection with your audience, but I feel like your voice is enough to give your videos personality. I myself like both, I like seeing the person on the other side, but I also like when there's mystery.

No. 251581

I really enjoy art vlogs like furrylittlepeach's, but I hate unnecessary face cams for painting time lapses that Baylee does. Also, I fucking hate drawingwiffwaffles and the way she reacts to everything like an infant and calls all her own art 'so cuuuuute'.

No. 251630

>don't know who this is, so look her up, expecting a literally who with maybe 500 followers
>71 thousand followers
What in actual literal fuck. I mean, it seems like you provided a shitty example, but still. It's like Bratz dolls combined with disney, except drawn by a 16-year-old Tumblr user. I won't go as far to say she doesn't deserve her followers, because honestly, amassing such large followings is a skill itself. But, I still really have to question what the fuck these people see in her art. Again, I feel like it always goes back to children/people who can't draw, so anything that's even an attempt looks good to them

No. 251667

I can't look it up now but I believe that in a recent video she said she just turned 25…. yea

I like no faces. If you have an art channel the focus should be on art. Those who show their faces come off as youtubers who happen to do art

No. 251687

I tried so hard to enjoy drawingwiffwaffles but she makes my goddamn ears bleed.

My litmus test for a quality YT artist boils down to their opinion on those monthy subscriber boxes. The vast majority of them aren't worth the money, have obvious brand deals or are just not that great/exciting. Most artists on YT who know better are at the very least 100% honest about the quality of each box. Waffles shills them like no tomorrorow and I suspect she gets them for free. She's probably admitted to it before, but I wouldn't know because that lolrandum 2007 13 year old hyper scene girl voice she puts on makes me cringe. I used to think Lemia's voice was hard to stomach, but she sounds like an angel in comparison.

Her art isn't Baylee-level shitty but she's got a really unattractive style. In a way it looks almost exactly how her voice sounds. Trying entirely too hard to be unique with those bug-eyes and square shaped faces. I wonder if she has a square face as well. Holly Brown gives all of her characters the same lopsided potato head that she has so maybe Waffles has the same thing going on.

No. 251690

She reminds me of a California girl who has like, two black friends and thinks it gives her permission to act 'hood'. But like, her idea of 'hood' is that annoying shit Snoop Dogg popularized in the late 2000s.

On top of that she's got the art skills of a 9th grader. Does she not realize that her fanbase is mostly children?

No. 251696

It's obvious she has no idea what 'bougie' really means and most likely wanted to start using it after she heard the coolio black folk saying it. I personally can't stand her expensive/cheap art supply comparisons. I get that she's just pandering to her broke child fanbase but it really makes her look ignorant as an artist. That fishfaced cow Sakuems even commented on the cringe in her latest comparison video.

No. 251723

Have you seen how waffles draws herself? Her side hairs look like ballsacks

No. 251761


Honestly, I hate her bug-out eyes and the way she draws open mouth expressions is horrifying. She puts WAY too much detail into the teeth for as simple a style as she's got, so her art looks marginally better when their mouths are closed.

No. 251896

Thoughts on mewtripled? She’s a great artist imo but she comes off has really bitchy/obnoxious in her videos.

No. 251918

I honestly really enjoy her. She isn't trying to live off of being a YouTube artist so she can act however she wants for all I care. Though that being said I still like her attitude she's a funny kind of bitchy that reminds me of my aunt lmao

No. 251925

I really like her art, and the attitude is just a front that she's having fun with for right now.

No. 251927

Just checked her out, so I can't say I know a lot about her, but her art looks pretty nice to me, and her bitchy attitude doesn't strike me as a true bitchy attitude, just a fake bitchy for show. Sort of the way someone might behave with a close friend. "Hey bitch get in the car we're going shopping," "Fuck you, you're awesome." That's the vibe I'm getting anyways! But I haven't followed her very closely

No. 251936

File: 1526949589260.png (3.88 MB, 1334x750, 5B85F465-C8CC-4D15-B063-7D2628…)

I prefer not seeing their face tbh. Like Kasey shows her face in videos more now and I really don’t like it.
That’s how she actually styles her hair.
Her art is so boring and basic. She’s a Cal Arts graduate so I’d expect something a bit more. Her attitude is cringey too. She has her sketchbooks called “Bitches Vol 1” etc. which cost $5 for a pdf. If that was anyone else, this site would be rioting. She tried so hard to be funny, it’s embarassing

No. 251937

I just assumed the boxes are given to them for free and they get paid for shilling it. who would pay for this over-priced left over merch anyway

No. 251938

that's not waffles
yeah i like her art, not her personality

No. 251942

I know. It’s a screenshot of Kasey showing her face in a video which was my first point. Sorry for the confusion. My reply to >>251723 was a joke.

No. 251951

Kasey is just so plain looking and she always looks bored (kinda like her art). Ever since her face reveal she puts her face in front of every vid now and it's a waste of time.

No. 251963

Would you feel any different about the face if she put a little more heart into it, or are faces just not your thing?
>I like no faces. If you have an art channel the focus should be on art. Those who show their faces come off as youtubers who happen to do art
I get the "youtuber who happens to do art" with some channels, like Rae's, but it's not because of the face aspect, it's more about how their personality comes off. I really like the vlog types because I think it gives everything a little more personality, but don't see much of a point on the face cams on top of the art (like >>251581 pointed out).

No. 251974

if I'm watching a video for art, I'm watching for art. Not for someone's static face talking at me. I don't understand why they'd even show their face to begin with. Why not them doing art? It makes no sense to me.

No. 252026

I remember kaisey being annoyed when people kept asking her to put her face in her videos more. She said something like “guys I’ve showed my face but I’m not gonna be like Jazza and put my face in every video”. Guess she didn’t want to disappoint the fans, in the end.

No. 252092

I dont think shes a bad artist, just one with a buttugly art style.

No. 252172

same… I find her sketches tolerable but once she inks them they get much worse… especially in the face.

No. 252283

It's because faces enable the viewer to form a deeper connection to you, and thus be more interested. However, sometimes it can backfire and you may actually turn viewers away. It's natural to look for someone's face when they're talking to you, but when you're not entirely interested in the purely social aspect of it (e.g. when you're watching a video for the art) it can be out of place.

No. 252310


Her personality is too abrasive for me. She seems like the kind of person who would show you some really weird, nasty porn and tell you you're a pussy if you get grossed out. (Actually I think she does this to her bf kind of frequently)

I like her art and I tried to like her personality, but I don't. Holly BRown loves her tho lol. Although I don't think her sketches are anything to sneeze at, I actually think her animations are really imaginative and cool.

No. 252312


Not super related, but I HATE Rae's makeup. She looks almost blurry bc there's no definition on her face. It's blended into oblivion.

No. 252315


I don't think she really wanted to put her face in her videos, but felt pressured to. It's really mean, but i KNEW that she'd be somewhat ugly from the way she draws herself… and I was totally right lol

No. 252327

rae is like one of those weird shitty instagram reposting pages personified

No. 252338

Did anyone watch Istebrak’s stream today? I hate to say it, because I hate her art and teaching, but she’s growing on me. She seems really sincere about teaching and wanting people to learn, especially when she said if you can’t afford her program to talk to her and she’ll figure a price out for you. Like that’s really decent of her imo.

This is the truest thing I’ve read on here.

No. 252603

yep she's really basic. she has decent video ideas but her art itself is so uninspired.

No. 252646

I cannot fucking STAND the way she draws mouths and teeth. It becomes the focal point of every picture she draws with an open mouth. Her style over all is very cartoony but her mouths verge on creepy realistic an its jarring as fuck.

No. 252708

>she has decent video ideas
Nah, she just copies, steals, and jumps on trends. Like shown here >>243895
> her art itself is so uninspired.
And technically terrible. She honestly can't draw for shit. It's embarrassing.

No. 252728

oh joy rae's getting a studio in which to make her pointless, brainless art

No. 252729

File: 1527130414686.jpg (45.88 KB, 459x158, bald.jpg)

wtf so this chick is bald on top? this is ridiculous (unless she has hair loss in which case sorry)

No. 252733

I think it's just how she draws her hair in her simple(?) Style ?

No. 252744

>buys 3D-pen
>uses it as regular pen

No. 252747

File: 1527144312779.png (3.2 MB, 1899x1067, superrae.png)

The irony of her Frida pillow coming from a website which profits on the exploitation of cheap foreign labor in order to sell people junk they don't need.

Also she spent as much on the pen + shipping ($35) as she would've if she got one of the amazon sold ones. What even is the point?

Hold bag that has PLA written on front, "I think I have PLA?" Then make "that's what she said" type joke. Didn't think the plastic would be hot after being literally melted. Couldn't make Mickey Mouse out of playdough. Dumped the plastic down with no skill, just haphazardly, then complains about it looking like shit. Fails to thread plastic through. Used hot glue gun to "smooth" it out.

Does Rae have learning difficulties or is she pandering to her child-based audience?

No. 252816

welp i took a second look at her channel and i stand corrected, most of her videos have been done before.
what most boggles my mind is how snotty she can be about her art that sometimes looks like it's from a ten year old, i really hate when unqualified newbies make tutorials

No. 252840

>Does Rae have learning difficulties or is she pandering to her child-based audience?
I think she's just lazy, no way an adult can be this fucking incompetent.

No. 252925

Anyone else thinks it's really ugly to blatantly say you're good at something? Sure, sometimes it's true, but I feel it's lack of people skills to do that. It's much more elegant (for lack of a better word) to just present what you have and let people judge for themselves. I see that a lot on people who are good at something at a young age, seems like they get a heightened sense of self importance and still don't quite have the maturity to handle things.
Sarah seems to have that problem.

No. 252982

Not inherently? I think it’s okay to say your good at something. It’s just self confidence lol. Sarah definitely crosses into gloating territory but.. just saying ‘ya I’m pretty good at x’ isn’t inherently being full of yourself

No. 252992

oh, nice, the painting looked fine and then she added that blur and glow effect and now it looks generic and horrible.

No. 252998

Has anybody else noticed this trend lately where artists (like this one, and especially Istebrak) do these 'highly detailed' portraits/character studies where only the face is super detailed? Like, in this one, the face has all of these different colors and shades and highly detailed areas, but when you look at the chest/arms/hands, they're nearly flat?
Why is that? Are they just lazy or is it supposed to be stylistic? Do they just not know how to do anything other than realistic faces, or is it because they think we won't notice since our eyes naturally go to the face? It just seems unprofessional to me.

No. 252999

File: 1527220254671.jpeg (717.2 KB, 750x1258, CC23773E-0066-4D8B-968F-02FEDF…)

Such a good point. Her painting has a completely blank chest area. No texture, color, lighting, etc

No. 253001

File: 1527220397449.jpeg (622.84 KB, 750x1235, 73934FE5-9E4E-4227-981A-1107D2…)

And another example. I wonder if it’s a lack of knowledge or if she’s uncomfortable?

No. 253006

Wow, this one looks like kinda like micky

No. 253010

I always thought it was done purposefully as faces are typically the focal point of most portrait drawings. When I was in art classes still my teacher would critique my drawings saying I put too much detail all over instead of just in the face and especially the eyes.

But I think that the way she draws chests are really weird. Especially in the white snow-princess looking one. Like there's no cleavage or anything at all. It makes the anatomy look really weird, and in the redheaded one it almost looks like there's no collar bone at all.

No. 253012

yep it's not less detailed it's plain wrong. this chest >>253001 is nonsense

No. 253022

that's a trend? i noticed a lot of that back on tumblr from 'self-taught artists' who do semi-realism. they'll only learn how to paint the face but then when they'd draw or paint the body it looks incorrect anatomically or just flat because they can't figure out how to paint wrinkles or hands..
idk, i've never found it appealing, it looks lazy and jarring, to me at least.

No. 253031

This is a good example of how a lot of artists are. At first glance it looks really good. Then you look again…what's going on with the chest? Why is one eye noticeably larger than the other? What's going on with the neck and collarbone?

They have really good "rendering" skill, that is color and light, but less skill in other areas. In the comic world they would do the colors while someone else did the inking/lines.

No. 253118

Portraits are good for studying the exact things they leave out, but then when that's all they draw it quickly becomes a boring subject.

No. 253290

The weird part is that clearly your eye is also supposed to be drawn downward because of the jewel she’s holding in her hand but there’s just…nothing there.

No. 253326

As an artist who was once obsessed with the generic semi realistic style I can confirm it’s 90% laziness.

No. 253330

Looks like the collarbone is pointing to (the viewer's) left while the breasts are centered… or something like that, it's hard to define what's going on with that clavicle

No. 253637

She advertises herself as a Christian artist so maybe she's managed to lean into that particular niche audience??

>As a Christian artist, God gifted me with some pretty awesome skillz in the world of art, so it only makes sense to share the amazing talents He has given me.

That's on her YouTube channel's about page. I mean, obviously she suffers a bit from Dunning-Kruger because if those are God-given talents, he really gave her the short end of the stick, but she certainly leans into the Christian thing, and I find a lot of Christian heavy artists tend to gain a moderate following.

No. 253643

Nothing wrong with saying you're good at something. As long as you actually have some skill. A lot of people are good are drawing. Not amazing, but if they put some effort into it can push out some decent stuff.
I'd say Sara, while she may kind of be a bit…haughty sometimes, she definitely has a right to say she's good. She has her weak points, but she clearly has quite a bit of skill. And at 19 years old she's definitely allowed to have weak points and still be confident about where she's at. I don't think she's so overconfident that she's going to stagnate because I think she still recognizes that she has to continue studying and working towards improvement.

No. 253658

I don't see the point on saying you're good either way. If you're actually not that good, you'll look delusional and a product of Dunning-Kruger. And if you are actually good (and self confident about it), there's no point in station you're good, for your "goodness" should be obvious.
That's why people saying they're good either look like arrogant pricks or insecure and looking for approval.
Of course there are exceptions in specific situations, tho. But a voice-over on Youtube is not one of them. I'm not advocating for false modesty, just that sometimes you don't need to state things. Let people judge for themselves.

No. 253704

It’s not that big of a deal. I’d rather someone acknowledge that they’re good at something (if they are actually good) then constantly being self-deprecating.

You have artists out there that always deflect when someone says anything positive about their art and I find them more annoying.

No. 253832

Nah. I don't even think I'd necessarily look at someone as experiencing Dunning-Kruger if they said they were good at drawing even though they weren't that good. Saying you're good at something is a pretty lowball compliment. It's more the attitude that it's said with than it is the statement itself. Are they bragging and trying to hold themselves up to a higher standard than they actually perform? Or are they just saying they're happy with where they're at so far, in a way that allows them to accept compliments gracefully and have some confidence in where they're going with their art?
Of course, maybe it doesn't bug me because I consider myself a good artist while also being pretty aware of how much I still have to learn.

No. 254004

Watching Echo Gillete's videos is feels like traveling back to 2008

No. 254387

File: 1527541350943.png (535.98 KB, 542x1199, jawlette.png)

opinions on jawlatte ? She's fairly popular on youtube and twitter.

No. 254452

File: 1527559050630.jpg (68.87 KB, 736x948, db9a32e27cd4e9bf0d5ea06028163d…)

yuck. reminds me of passerineart. I hate passerineart.

No. 254454

File: 1527560281454.jpeg (636.17 KB, 750x1181, A512CD11-64EC-41FA-AA93-369E45…)

She only has 1000+ followers on insta and Twitter, and 12k on YouTube. That’s not fairly popular, anon.

she’s bad and basic.

No. 254455

File: 1527561402147.jpeg (295.44 KB, 750x833, DB00EA34-492C-423B-8C75-C87F30…)

Wtf are “adoptables” and why are they so expensive
Her work looks like dress up dolls.

No. 254457

Basically buying adoptables is paying for the 'right' to use the design and/or "species" of an artist.

I haven't come across it myself, but apparently a lot of drama happens where artists will sick their fanbases on people who draw fanart or create characters based on the artist's made up species.

No. 254467

So, some kids/adults are really on the internet wasting their own/their parents' money to not get yelled at by strangers for drawing fanart, or even characters that might be a little too similar to someone else's characters?
A new way to scam every day, I see.

No. 254468

shit is rampant on deviantart, you can make decent money selling them to retards if you have a moderate fanbase/weeb style

No. 254469

adoptables have been around since the early 2000s, brings back deviantart memories from when i was 12…

No. 254476

they're bases. it's like bases from DA days. weeb girls who can't draw will buy these and ruin them with coloring book tier shitty clothes. it's hilarious and also sad.

No. 254482

>fairly popular
Between insta and youtube she doesn't even have 15k followers in total. Mother, I think I smell a self post.

No. 254495

What do you guys think about taking an Istebrak class? I have the money and time to kill and i’m honestly so curious about how she teaches, and there’s some stuff I want to improve on that I’ve been struggling with as a self taught artist. Do you think it’d be worthwhile?

No. 254518


I don't know if this is strictly considered artists but I have not seen any threads about these youtube voice actresses that claim to have a natural ~anime uwu~ type voice.

No. 254561

Are you impressed by Istebrak's work and is it something aligned with what you want to achieve? If so, maybe. I wouldn't really take a course by someone whose portfolio is mostly made up of unfinished studies and didn't seem to have worked on anything interesting (besides the megalomaniac attitude), but that's because it's not what I want to achieve. You have to measure by your own standards. Look for instructors who do/have done what you want to do.
If it's just because it's more affordable than other courses, I'd just enroll on Schoolism.

No. 254751

No. 254753


after looking at a few of her videos, it's pretty obvious she's faking it. she feels the need to talk about how 'natural' her voice is.

No. 254768

I struggle a lot with rendering and I do think she is an impressive renderer. My only problem with Schoolism is that I’d like personalized critique and suggestions tailored to my weaknesses. I feel like I’ve watched so much (free) online instruction and while I’ve learned a lot, it hasn’t really helped me nail the techniques. I live in bumfuck Australia so it’s very difficult for me to find someone personal who will work with me and my timezone, since I’d have to travel several hours to find an instructor in real life.

No. 254796

You can find people advertising mentorships from time to time online and probably someone who's willing to work on your timezone. It's really just your decision, but from everything we've already talked about here, I would strongly advise against it.

No. 254929

I wish you luck bc I’m in the same boat. I’ve been on schoolisms waiting list for ages but their courses I want are booked out through 2019. Same for similar schools. I’m trying to find a one on one deal like Istebrak but struggling. If I find anything i’ll link it.

Do you guys think it’s worth taking classes without getting any mentorship, like the schoolism subscription? I’ve been following ctrl paint for a bit and have learned a lot in terms of technique but i still can’t get my stuff looking like his.

No. 254946


I'm not sure but maybe Stephen Silver still does 1 on 1 mentorships? They're only $30 for 30 min though.

No. 254954

Yeah, you can get a lot of stuff out of it. While having a mentor is ideal, it doesn't mean you can't go far without it, you just might struggle a bit on finding out what you have to do.
The best tip I can offer right now is try to be very analytical about your work, try to identify your weaknesses and don't be lazy on seeking the fundamentals to fix those weaknesses. Also, even if you don't have a formal mentor, having friends who are artists and asking for feedback also helps a lot.
>I’ve been following ctrl paint for a bit and have learned a lot in terms of technique but i still can’t get my stuff looking like his.
While I heavily recommend Ctrl+Paint, you also have to get deeper into the fundamentals on the side. Your stuff isn't necessarily going to look like his after doing his exercises because he has a lot more under his belt, so work on getting stuff under your belt. Also, I'm assuming you are saying you actually do the exercises with the videos, if not, you can't really expect to get very far on his teachings.

No. 254989

File: 1527643925869.png (103.48 KB, 539x405, adam.png)

Why is Adam Ellis such a cunt

No. 254992

File: 1527644659614.png (121 KB, 500x468, ellis.png)

I'm not surprised, his art screams dumblr with the way he can't draw a nose without a shadow on it, maybe he's from that hugbox?

At least his cuntery isn't a secret.

No. 255009


Thing is, unless her 1:1 teaching style is WILDLY different than her video/critique hour stuff, you WONT get personalized critique tailored to your weaknesses and strengths.

She'll tell you to never use color, do form studies, draw bald expressionless heads forever, write that back to me, same thing she tells everyone ever.

No. 255045

File: 1527658627467.png (658.87 KB, 720x713, rOLq9fTYkaekKSUXNwFSQmOZEoBOGk…)

Drawing comics like pic related is like a calling card for an obnoxious cunt. Everyone who can't shut up about wehhh mean internet comments!! is probably deserving of them.

No. 255083


I used to be a fan of his and unfollowed awhile ago because he was starting to annoy me, no specific proof or reason like this though. Wow he REALLY turned into an asshole in my absence huh?

Fame is not good for some people.

No. 255100

Awfully uppity for an ex-buzzfeed hack whose unfunny comics look like a tumblrized CAD.

No. 255167

I have mixed feelings about this. On one side, Adam is an annoying snappy faggot. On the other, people who complain about MUH BETTER ARTISTS are equally bad, if not worse.

No. 255191

Anyone else like this style of painting?

No. 255209

I still follow him on IG but I've noticed he'll typically leave some douchy, snarky reply to comments he doesn't like.

No. 255237


I really like following along to this guy's paintings. It's a bit hard to find concise tutorials for procreate (my new tool of choice), and in general a lot of art tubers just…suck at getting to the point. But this guy is like the digital Bob Ross. He's a high school teacher too so he actually knows out to teach, it's very helpful.

No. 255241

Put your Youtube links on the Youtube field of your post.

No. 255252

It's a channel link….

No. 255370

My bad on that, but the first one is a video.

No. 255416

Late but this is actually really good advice, thanks. Maybe I should get involved in an art community so I can get good critiques?

Are there sites apart from deviant art (why isn’t that place dead yet) where I can post stuff and find people to critique it for me? Artststion maybe?

No. 255424

here are the ones I know of:

there's r/artcrit on reddit, it's alright, but there are a lot of people on reddit with really bad taste in art. And they don't know how to properly critique, they just point out flaws.

there's /ic/ on 4chan but the sheer negativity I feel like is bad for an artist's progression. The opinions people hold on there kind of remind me of istebrak, as in don't try anything that's above your skill level (but if you do that you'll never get anywhere with your art.) Aaand they also just point out flaws.

I'm sure there's an art forum somewhere that does proper critiques, but if you just need to rid yourself of blindness to your mistakes, these places are ok, but don't take them too seriously.

No. 255542

Despite Adam's cuntness, this particular tweet is truth. He could have not worded with such disrespectful attitude.

No. 255556

All 30+ year old webcomic artists on twitter are all so fucking annoying and can't draw for shit, but Annie Mok is another fucking level of pathetic, imo.

> 32 fucking years old

> Tranny that posts half-naked pictures of his overweight doughy body on his professional twitter account @heyanniemok

> ended up having his book deal ended after he got upset the prism awards didn't give him an award, called himself "the jay-z of comics" and got in an argument with @oheysteenz

>constantly bitching and moaning about being broke, begging for money for his garbage art etc.

> still somehow has 4500 followers???

No. 255558

File: 1527876883203.png (3.01 MB, 1251x4565, disgusting1.png)

dropped pic

No. 255676

Talentless hacks break into the industry all the time, him included. He should be grateful that Buzzfeed got his foot in the door rather than shitting on struggling artists.

I agree that there’s no point in complaining to him about it, but he could be fucked to at least be professional.

No. 255791

>there's /ic/ on 4chan but the sheer negativity I feel like is bad for an artist's progression.

This, /ic/ is such a dumpster. Not only is it littered with a bunch of pointless threads/unfunny memes a lot of the anons there rarely give good advice. There's just too much salt

On another note, I fucking love Krookedglasses. Her art is really cool and her artstyle is refreshing. I'm jelly she works for Ross/Game Grumps, she must make bank.
I'm so sick of disney style/basic girl doing x like>>252999 and ugly Calarts styles

No. 255804

That style is way too basic to leave any sort of an impression.

I don't see anything wrong with adoptables per se, a lot of people want to have a character for a roleplay or story they're writing or whatever but can't draw worth shit so they just buy a design. It's just like buying any other design (like for a website) in my eyes and if people want to pay cash, then go for it. It's pretty harmless in my books and a fair trade. The prices do get insane though, I've seen Furry characters go for HUNDREDS of dollars.

>your slutty butch GF winking at u~

No. 255814

>I've seen Furry characters go for HUNDREDS of dollars.
Time to start drawing furries

No. 255834

In all honesty, furries are a ridiculously ludicrous audience to have. Most of them are men in their late 20's or 30's working high-paying tech jobs so they have a lot of disposable income to throw at their furry fantasies. They're also obsessed with the life style so they're going to dig up the money no matter what. I've had friends draw furry art solely for the money because those guys are ready to pay if you're somewhat skilled and willing to draw their OCs. When regular commissions go for around 30 to 80 bucks, furry ones go for 300 to 800.

No. 255871

seriously reference sheets (kinda of a turn around sheet with a few things up close) average $1500!! and generally furries are actually really nice clients and even if its not perfect still pay you well and compliment your art (im terrible at drawing animals/detailed anthros or I'd do this more just for the nice clients)

No. 255881


Furries are the art version of gay-for-pay

No. 255893

Where are you guys getting those prices from?

No. 255896

people that have been paid that much or people anons know who have been paid that much

No. 255902


>lolcow artists suddenly flood the furry market

I couldn't bring myself to make furry art (the porn side) because, well, I don't want to encourage bestiality, even with theoretical cartoon characters that don't resemble irl animals in any way

No. 255905

Whenever I need money to make rent I open commissions on furaffinity and that easily makes about $100-300 more if you offer nsfw art, drawing peoples fursonas getting dicked down makes a surprising amount of money

No. 255933

Do you… have any tips? Can they smell phonies or they don't care as long as you provide the art?

No. 255934

NAYRT but I find they don't really care most of the time. Even less so if you're willing to cater to niche kink.

No. 255988

What do y'all think about ashie baby?

No. 255992

I quite like this actually. I checked out her channel, certainly a bit saturated for my personal tastes, but I think she's got skill

No. 255995

Not the worst animu I've ever seen but hot damn what is with that linework. It's uniform everywhere and isn't really even cleaned up.

And what is with artists constantly front-loading their videos with amino these days. It's annoying af, I actually refuse to use amino just because it's so in your face.

No. 256014

thoughts on Emirichu?

No. 256039

Eh, i don't really like her art since her proportions are very exaggerated and it's very samey

No. 256041

That “nose” hurts my soul. Belongs in the bad art thread

No. 256067

Totally agree, it's so irritating to hear her curse for every 2 words she says.


No. 256068

her drawings are kinda basic? Very anime nothing that great

No. 256142

>>256014 >>256068

Like previous anon mentioned, it's pretty basic, nothing that makes it stand out. But not really bad either. Mind you, I'm pretty sure her art isn't what she's popular for, it's because she does storytimes and similar videos. I'm pretty sure she got popular off a couple animatics (which are always a hit, doesn't matter how good you are) and her Anime Tropes videos (which imo are entertaining).

No. 256186

File: 1528129416132.png (915.89 KB, 750x1334, B71E756E-33B8-421D-8E42-509FE2…)

Wow I did not know who this person was before now and I’m… what the fuck is this? This is like, Rae levels of awful

No. 256224

she sounds a bit stuck up in a few of her videos where she talks but otherwise nothing too interesting

No. 256276

File: 1528153143574.jpg (50.74 KB, 500x333, captainsalte.jpg)

I'm acknowledge my irrational anger, but Emerson Barrett and his sharpie doodle art drives me up a fucking wall. He basically just doodles on a very large scale in sharpies, dresses like a hobo and thinks he's great for it, and is pretentious as shit. Calls himself a pirate, and he also shoplifts and steals clothes from stores and random objects from hotels as he wanders around the country with his older brothers playing mediocre drums in the band Palaye Royale (seriously I hope that one Warped Tour date I went to was just an off day for him because that was some really bad drumming). He's not milky enough to sustain a real thread, but he's enough of a cow to make me want to scream at the internet.

Pic includes his art behind him. It grinds my gears that he markets his face first, his art second, and his philosophy third…Philosophies that sound like someone vomited up Thoreau into a tumblr blog and stuck it all into a blender. His instagram captions are the worst. In addition, he just ugly. It's honestly impressive that he manages to be that bad at owning a face.

People online keep telling me how nice he and his brothers are. Nah. I had a ten-minute conversation with him that basically resulted in him giving me "life advice" in a condescending manner.

No. 256278


kek. i'm a fan of palaye's music but i'm not surprised to see him here. his "philosophies" seem so try-hard and they remind me of a high school senior taking philosophy 101 for the first time.

No. 256286

File: 1528156312812.jpg (211.69 KB, 1024x768, FullSizeRender_49_1024x1024.jp…)

>It's honestly impressive that he manages to be that bad at owning a face.
I'm cackling.

Attached another pic of his. Its like he doesn't understand composition so he just fills the page entirely.

No. 256306

I mean I'm a fan of the music too, but I draw a line at Emerson's insistence on playing the part of a Hipster(TM). And stealing. And the time in a livestream he said that art school was a waste of resources and yet does art in sharpies (one of the worst materials ever if you want your art to last and not fade) without any concept of composition as >>256286 pointed out.

You know what I take it back. He's not quite threadworthy yet, but give him a little more time and I'll bet money that he'll do something super milky.

No. 256330

"less is more" definitely applies here. it's so difficult to take in any of it because there's no focal point, it's just tons of tiny detail that makes your eyes cross. plus the perspective on every building is so off its almost like an optical illusion except the only illusion is this guy being a good attist.

No. 256488

Anyone here watch DoodleDate?

No. 256499

i used to really dislike them, especially the way they talk. i really like them now though, their art isn't amazing but they're relatable and down to earth, and i'm glad they review a lot of cheaper stuff.
what does confuse me is how they manage to draw on their beds so much without fucking up their spine, LOL

No. 256503

File: 1528219651863.jpg (772.44 KB, 1080x1763, 20180605_102111.jpg)

I might be a judgemental asshole and a big bitch, but dear god I almost flipped when I saw this horrible shit on my discord art group. Why. Why would you ruin these children with your shitty ass kpop group and horrible art, that I cant BELIEVE you are making into stickers to sell at a convention.

No. 256504

won't someone please think of the poor anime characters

No. 256506

yo what's your discord art group I wanna join to see all this bad art

No. 256513

The owners an asshole and I'm only on there because my friends are on it. It's a shit discord and it's got that stupid welcome bot. You sure?

No. 256557

Hell yeah, I love stupid drama like that

No. 256558

That picture makes me uncomfortable. Is it possible for something to be really good but also completely terrible at the same time? Because that's kind of the weird dissonance going in my brain for that picture.

No. 256563

Do you mean the feeling where you almost get fooled into thinking something is good because of the render and detail, but at the same time it doesn't look right because the structure is incorrect?

No. 256586

New Rae video. She says she’s a 7 out of 10 on an art skill level. Christ the delusion. This video her boyfriend draws instead of her. Anything to keep from doing any actual art, eh? Also kek at her not even understanding her own videos. She’s gotta have some learning difficulties. He looks so bored during it. Poor fella. She’s so patronizing too.
>realistic art is just a lot of blending, and adding shadows, and layers, and highlights and proportions
But she can’t do any of that…
>we’re framing it, putting it up on the fridge

No. 256588

You aren’t picking up on it being really good. You’re just picking up on it being complicated. If someone does something enough with enough detail it gains the illusion of being worthwhile. Like SimplyNailogical’s peelie bag.


Good art needs to be technically well-done and/or have a significant concept behind it.
Making a million detailed drawings of European architecture is impressive in its focus, but it is not good in technique, and there is no clear concept shown in the image. It’s just “look at this building I drew.” It’s just glorified doodling on fancy paper. Boy needs to stop huffing sharpies.

No. 256597

>drawing skills are 7/10
>"I always try to hide the hands in my drawings"
jesus fucking christ

No. 256811

File: 1528323134756.jpg (564.17 KB, 2362x2362, mqU0auL.jpg)

what's the opinion on joanna thangiah? personally, i find her art (pic related) fucking hideous.

No. 256814

Oh her. I remember her from the "sjw art and extremes" thread on kiwifarms. It's ugly, plain and simple. The "girls" that she draws resemble lumps of skin with vile facial features and there's usually some message about "muh feminism, such woman" or some shit.

No. 256816

This image makes me want to punch a baby

No. 256881

Wait are you saying this drawing isn't a parody on SJW's?

No. 256882

This is mocking SJWs.

No. 256890


Either way you slice it, it's still fug.

No. 256903

File: 1528364974690.jpg (307.67 KB, 1200x630, lady_toons.jpg)

you wish

No. 256914


Yeah, that's it. It's like, if you took small portions of it, it wouldn't be so bad because the actual details and shading and shit ain't that bad, but then you realize that something is off (which I'm now realizing is the absolute lack of proper perspective or structure, it's like he threw down some lines and decided that's where he'd fill in details that would belong to a building)

No. 256981

File: 1528391025780.jpg (977.15 KB, 1024x857, jerusalem woodcut.jpg)


I sort of see a point to this drawing in that it looks like one of those massively detailed renaissance woodcuts of a splendid city, like Jerusalem in pic related from 1493, and it has been carefully composed to have that middle-ages look of strange perspectives and scale etc. I do actually quite like it for that if I'm honest.

guy who did it does sound like a bit of a tit from what you guys are saying though

No. 257012


There is a central point unifying the entire picture you posted there, anon.


this guy's looks busy, like he couldn't decide on what perspective to pick and keep it consistent. There isn't even a real central point for him to work off of. It's likely he just picked a spot and branched out from there.

It's probably what he was going for, but he clearly lacks the fundamentals to pull it off.

No. 257169

How do we feel about Paris Christou (Toonbox Studio)? He’s not on YT anymore but he’s still active on IG. I think his stuff suffers from chronic same-face syndrome and it’s clear that he can’t travel outside of his comfort zone of drawing the same pinup lady. Seems like a nice dude but his art is lacking. He’s not the worst but I definitely think he can do better

No. 257192

Boring, honestly.

No. 257193

File: 1528444979844.jpg (262.57 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_20180608_010107.jpg)

shan murphy's (@heyshanmurphy) art is consistently the most lifeless, sloppy, uninspired body of work I've ever had to see.

No. 257212

File: 1528455483770.png (489.21 KB, 862x616, Screenshot 2018-06-08 at 12.52…)

Does anyone know yunacunn on insta? She has 74K followers. I use to adore her when I was younger, I still think her older art as a appealing quality to it, now all her pieces are very very same face-y: super long faces with like no forehead… reminds me of a better HC Brown.

No. 257236

File: 1528461890169.png (267.95 KB, 478x548, Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 8.44…)

it's that tumblr style where they stretch out the nose and make the bridge really flat. This style is its more cartoonish cousin

No. 257242

This has to be what Lainey thinks she looks like (sorry for bringing /pt/ over here)

No. 257245

File: 1528463167959.png (655.67 KB, 960x498, Screenshot 2018-06-08 at 3.04.…)

This is an example of her older art if anyone cares…

That does seem accurate

No. 257246

this is just depressing

No. 257278

oh wow

No. 257338

Oh yeah I follow her, been thinking about dropping her though. I had hoped she would fix her same face syndrome since she's gotten sooo many comments about it. But she's ranted in her story before about how it's rude to point it out and that she's "too depressed" to try and fix it. Bunch of BS really. She's practiced different face types once and never did it again.

No. 257453

WOW that's so weird…I literally JUST unfollowed her not but 2 days ago for this exact reason. Her stuff's just really samey and I felt like I kept looking at the same 3 pictures/characters over and over again…

No. 257454


She's really popular over on twitter, too, like, I see her everywhere.. I think the only reason why her stuff get's as much play as it does, is because she's just really well-connected with comics/animation industry ppl.

No. 257465

I really like kelogsloops art, especially his recent peice. Jacquline de la Cruz commented on one of his videos about doing a a collab with him. kek
could you imagine his nice line work with her muddy ass water coloring?
I'm honestly impressed jacqulines following is so large, she always draws the same thing over and over again

Honestly, having connections is one of the biggest parts of being noticed as an artist . It's kinda shitty seeing ugly art being shilled just because the artist has connections and not skill

No. 257504


I follow her on Twitter (god knows why) and her art is soooo shitty. It reminds me of the garbage pail kids or something with a similarly gross style. It reminds me of snot.

It kinda drives me nuts how popular her work is - especially her stupid ass comics. Part of me is just jealous of the success tho.

No. 257611

File: 1528557336272.jpeg (15.72 KB, 150x150, 611E7C0B-7F88-459B-8E6B-0109AD…)

Have you guys heard of Biancasghetti on instagram? Typical tumblr art style but also draws nazis and sympathizes with them but covers it up with “I admire history” not to mention she’s a bitch to her followers

No. 257614

From looking at instagram, they make world war two ocs because she likes drawing uniforms. There is other uniforms besides the nazis.

No. 257618

File: 1528561942352.png (294.92 KB, 680x293, cb7.png)

holy fuck that's so cringeworthy I regret looking at that

No. 257626

File: 1528563659819.jpg (742.07 KB, 1080x1080, 34207222_2416943498317616_5393…)

She gives her characters most ridiculous fucking names.

No. 257628

what the fuck are those hands

No. 257629

also the body looks like something holly brown would draw it's so awkward

No. 257636

I don't blame her, nazi uniforms look fly as fuck.

No. 257753

File: 1528596324739.jpg (171.8 KB, 720x354, 1495160033946.jpg)

She's got one hideous artstyle and her hetalia fanart is atrocious

No. 257757


Lmao I was just about to mention I'm getting heavy hetalia vibes in the worst way.

She has got to stop, those uniforms were fashion over function and there's tons of better looking ones that don't carry/support such connotations, obviously she's got a fetish.


Her ankle broken.

No. 258070

eh. I'm a little bored of ethereal beautiful women floating around in watercolor. And it's not like his anatomy is all that good, it's pretty flat.

No. 258328

Yeah, I mean I am too since it's all a lot of youtube artists draw but his videos are nice to watch at least.
I like that gold piece in the video but the rest of his art is just basic paint splatter stuff you can probably find on google

On another note is it me or Kerrie hasn't really improved at all?
Her art still looks the same and she's still drawing these awful noses on her characters

No. 258362

File: 1528721861063.png (222.82 KB, 720x889, IMG_20180611_205048.png)

Am I the only one who dislikes Cioccolatodorima/Rosel-D?

He's practically WOSHIPPED by the Hetalia fandom and though his art is alright, his design choices are just so bland and lifeless. His Planetary Moe series is praised a lot, but I really don't get how people love the designs so much.

On another note, he has that kind of holier-than-thou attitude and acts really passive aggressive towards anyone who doesn't kiss his ass.

He also acted particularly hostile towards Viktor from YOI because he looked like his character Uranus and featured a comic where Uranus beat upthe Viktor for "defacing" him. Even though all his main characters are all recoloured ripoffs of Hetalia characters. I also remember he made fun of Earth chan in one of his more recent comics.

He has that super generic, cringey anime storytelling and way of talking, and I seriously can't understand how he has so many worshippers and not a single one questions his actions.

No. 258381

>He's practically WOSHIPPED by the Hetalia fandom
y-you mean to tell me the hetalia fandom isn’t dead? fuck i thought we had finally moved on from that abomination

No. 258383

sadly no, tbh I wouldn't say the anime is the problem, its the fans who take it too far and ruin everything

No. 258518

File: 1528752596148.png (308.09 KB, 664x1120, IMG_20180612_052902.png)


No. 258567

File: 1528760811045.jpeg (15.96 KB, 345x146, download.jpeg)

All these characters look so soulless and monochromatic I can't even believe people would think that they're good

Is he really that popular among the Hetaweebs?

Hetalia was an absolute trainwreck but at least the characters were origfinal and had some sort of depth to them

No. 258575


I've never been more bored of an art style in my entire life than I am in this moment.

No. 258644

File: 1528787732085.jpg (48.62 KB, 844x499, DXxQWBlUQAEDEFk.jpg)

Kek. I've seen his YouTube videos. He likes to pretend as though he's some sort of talented memester by uploading memey-seeming videos like a chicken cover of some animu song and drawing memes as hot animu boys. Not surprised that most of his fans are weebs.

He has talent, but his character creation and design skills can't surpass "generic" animu with no depth other than angstyness.

Not to mention everything he draws has that annoyingly tacky sparkle to it.

No. 258659

I'm barely following the thread but from what I understand this artist isn't happy that Viktor looks like his character by sheer coincidence even though his OCs are bootleg Hetalia characters? Now that's funny.

The way you describe him reminds me of revolocities or whatever his name is on twitter. Someone with a generic but not bad artstyle with boring OCs who's trying too hard to look edgy/deep and like a memester, and his fans eat up his shit because he's a fudanshi who's an actual guy and not a fakeboi.

No. 258717

File: 1528811766546.png (960.82 KB, 1134x726, Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 11.5…)

oh I've seen this artist on twitter and tumblr. ngl, I followed him because I enjoy gijinkas. Didn't know he was such an asshole.

Although it does annoy me how he draws himself in meme drawings or whatever. It comes off as forced and very 'hello fellow kids'.

No. 258760

So, how does everyone feel about Calarts? Do you guys think it's worth going? I personally love watching accepted/rejected Calarts sketchbook tours
I've heard the joke of "tumblr style" but I've recently seen a lot of people joking about having a "Calarts style" and I'm wondering what the hell does that look like

No. 258819

I was looking through his blog and found this hideous monstrosity. The funniest thing is that he tags it as "I can draw different styles too!!".

No. 258820

File: 1528840069000.png (417.66 KB, 720x1185, IMG_20180613_054407.png)

Sorry for samefagging but the image didn't load properly.

No. 258824


That is a very creepy smile.

No. 258827

File: 1528840962625.jpg (21.74 KB, 500x248, 521.jpg)

> I've recently seen a lot of people joking about having a "Calarts style"

That insult has been around since the 90s. It doesn't really mean anything. Artists who didn't even go there get labeled with it.

Animation goes through phases of styles, depending on technology and popular tastes. Gumball, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, and Star are all seen as "the same." Because they're so popular and all very similar, people assume its a "generic" style created by CalArts somehow. People throw in Undertale, even though the creator isn't from CAlArts. It's just based on the face shape/design, which is because its easy to animate and efficient.

No. 258828

File: 1528840973756.png (152.86 KB, 680x884, 7b4.png)

No. 258847


I've also seen people call it "bean face" shape, which would be more accurate than "calarts". Steven Universe gets flack for calarts style even though Rebecca S. is from SVA in NYC. It doesn't really matter, like the previous anon said. The style's gone through cycles in the 90s, 80s, 70s, etc. Now's no different, people are just losing their shit because there's gonna be a new Thundercats cartoon in a style irrelevant 35-40 yr olds hate.

No. 258905

File: 1528868395734.jpg (196.32 KB, 1280x1707, G5WwbwF.jpg)

So Pikiru claimed that a friend of hers named Silver is the one designing and making the jewelry that she's been selling even though it looks like the earrings she is sells are just copies of other peoples designs.

No. 258907

File: 1528868597077.png (119.87 KB, 576x844, yUjgl8z.png)

Her response

You can read the full post here: http://artist-grapevine.tumblr.com/post/174758214965/que-opinas-sorry-i-am-not-good-enlish-ella-y#disqus_thread

Pikiru responds in the comments 2 more times but she doesn't say much that's new.

No. 259123

File: 1528920442229.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1699x1193, AF7315DA-6659-4E04-B747-DF8E88…)

At least he improved over time?

Look, one of my resolutions for the year was to be nicer. I’m stretching so hard.

No. 259124

She's so angry lol. I bet it takes her a really long time to "design" a 3 part earring.

Honestly there is nothing original about her. Not her earrings, nor her artstyle and even her marketing, which is always art of popular anime characters.

No. 259326

That's really not bad. A bit creepy maybe, but not bad.

That's actually significantly better than the other one. Recognition where it's due. People who improve are at least better than people who don't bother but think they're hot shit.

I mean, it is common among jewellery makers (especially young or hobbyist) to use premade charms…but even using premade charms is looks like they're directly copying a lot of designs. Using charms doesn't mean everything you make is going to look like an exact replica of something else

No. 259364

That’s Emerson’s before picture. He did not improve.

This is his after. He got worse.

No. 259367

she's from SK, she probably thinks no one will find out.

No. 259481

Someone explain to me how the fuck this got almost a million views?

No. 259865


By dickriding the fame of that one Lydimm girl or something with the rainbow girl redraw.

No. 260009

if that surprises you wait till you see this.

No. 260051

You're shitting me. I genuinely thought that was newer, how the hell does someone get that much worse?

No. 260265

He got better at shading and linework and worse at composition.

No. 260278

Anyone else wonder what waffles' mysterious illness is?

No. 260290

maybe some sort of stomach issue? I remember her mentioning that in an instagram post or video, but it could just be a symptom or I could be wrong.

I don't like her same-face art(at least she admits it and actually tries to fix it)or her voice, but I hope she gets better soon.

No. 260446

She mentioned that she needs to make some major lifestyle changes so i thought something like diabetes, but in the newest video she said she had to get mri, so idk

No. 260475

File: 1529254871383.jpg (117.8 KB, 705x697, whack.jpg)

Not sure if I should put this here or in the bad art thread, but I just had to point out how bad Danica Sills' latest instagram post is. Like where is the anatomy? The chin is horribly small, the neck is way too thin and long, the lips are tilted, and wtf are those collar bones?? God there are so many issues it'd take an essay just to point them all out.

No. 260480

I usually like Danica and her style, and I like the fact that she's been doing stuff like trying lineless painting - finally - but I think in terms of subject matter she needs to try something else, I think maybe constant girls with injuries and their bones visible and masses of swirly hair is getting a bit stale for her.

No. 260481

Agreed. Like maybe try drawing a masculine man for once? All of the males she draws are just as feminine as the females. Actually, I think what would really do her some good would be to try some different, slightly more realistic body types for once. That's what bothers me most about her style, all her people are so thin they look anorexic.

No. 260543

bloody hell. I know we're all sick of Skillshare sponsored videos anyway, but Chloe Rose as a top teacher? come the fuck on. she's very pretty, you can see why people follow her, but she's not exactly great at art.

No. 260605


I used to watch her videos, but her themes started to get repetitious very quickly. Bust-shots or waist shots of waif-thin characters with the same painting style over and over again.

and her voice overs are nothing to write home about either, she's just drones on about technical stuff or things she tried to do differently, but it always ends up looking the same. I haven't followed her in a while so it's a little sad to see she hasn't tried anything outside of her comfort zone.

She's good at colors, but I think she relies too heavily on it to try to distract from her lack of anatomical study…

No. 260610

I used to watch her too, but I found her voice overs to be painful to listen to (either she needs to take more pauses to clear her throat or a drink of water, the vocal fry is awful!). But I agree with you in regard to her subject matter being super repetitive, I wish she would branch away from the stick thin girls and try something different, like drawing males that don't look so feminine. I do find her color choices to be pretty uninspiring though, they feel really safe.

No. 260629

How are these people keep missing the point of 3D pen?

No. 260648

i think its something really serious as shes shown in videos her hands shake really badly and she cant draw until that stops

No. 260979

At least Danica is pretty aware she needs to work to improve. She's not perfect, but at least she isn't like Rae, who thinks he's hot shit but draws like she's 5.
Even that image is subpar for what she can do, so I feel safe saying it's either a bad day, or she was trying a more cartoon look and fucked it up.

No. 261097

File: 1529446045685.png (224.69 KB, 1440x798, 20180619_150502.png)

Okay, I know many get tired of their work being compared to other things but my god does it get annoying when ppl complain about it. Yeah, your style looks like something else, everything is derivative get over it

No. 261222

She was posted in the Holly thread a bit ago. Seems like her whole deal is whining about how successful other people are.

She kinda comes off as someone that is trying to be Holly and failing and that's just sad…

No. 261236


she's so petty and all about the numbers. She's making an embarrassment out of herself on behalf of smaller youtube artists. And she's so fucking bitter.

She probably thinks controversy is going to get her the success and attention she wants so badly. It probably will but in a very holly sort of way. she keeps on like that she could be cow material.

Also you should see the fuckin comment section of that video, she's so defensive of constructive criticism…

No. 261238


Does she even draw, or is she just really in the community for the drama?

she joined a large discord and tried to complain about them gating off large-med-small youtubers into different channels. Then she sucked up to everyone when she figured out she wasn't gonna get anyone on her side to be miserable.

No. 261241

She's live right now. Same shit show.

No. 261254


She's got no tact and says a lot of stuff in poor taste. She is bashing people who are speaking sense by determining their worth by subscriber numbers and that's pretty fucked up.

No. 261564

now she's trying to cause drama with Jellie Bee… Live right now. Title "Dear Jellie Bee"

No. 261632

She deleted it already kek

No. 261638

great now the artists who sniff out drama are all over the place.
Basically in the video she tried to call out JellieBee's comment in her clickbaity "Why I hate youtube artists" video, and then when JellieBee and some other larger art youtubers actually showed up she backed down and chickened out like 'oh, oh, ok i got my attention, i didn't really mean to start nothin'~" like. It was all just a way to get eyes on her channel but she really just wanted attention THAT badly that she felt like getting on a live stream and starting shit, then was too chicken shit to stick to her guns.
Don't pay attention to her, she's small potatoes and will be irrelevant tomorrow as long as she stays quiet or until she wants to whine about something else that she thinks is 'unfair.' She's a holly replica in the making. except I've hardly seen any art from her because she's too busy trying to start shit.

No. 261687

I'm sad I missed this. She's my current fave artuber cow. She thinks this will gain her subs, and it probably will, but it'll be the wrong kind.

If she actually wants to get anywhere she'll learn to level her fucking audio. Omg my good her inter punches you in the ear and then its all mumbles. And she drops her camera in videos, doesn't put her phone on silent.

In the earlier stream she was talking about how high quality her vids are. I just lost it.

No. 261865

What's with black people having this need to start shit on social media

No. 261870

Omg you're so right! This is an exclusively ~black people~ thing! HA HA HA HA HAAA. Anyway any other incel wanna way in before we move on?

No. 261897


I didn't even know she was an art youtuber right off the bat, I had to check the landing page of her channel, because I wasn't sure if she actually did art, or if she just was a part of the peanut gallery who liked to talk shit about other people doing art.

She's really self absorbed and brags so much about how she helps 'smaller youtubers' with collaborations and shout outs, but it's like…ok and? That still doesn't make her entitled or grant her access to what larger art youtubers do or have. Some of it was luck and some of it was hard work growing a channel.

If she gets subscribers it's just going to be a bunch of other small fry youtubers who feel like they can relate to her sense of entitlement and put their worth on a number.
She'll just never get it.

No. 261951

I like Kasey, I really do. She’s basic and inoffensive and just something fun, but this video pissed me off and I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because I do observational + life drawing a lot, but the way she went about this bothered me.
First off, good job Kasey at blundering your time at the Catfe. You could’ve just drawn the darn cats and not wasted your time getting videos of them, but that wouldn’t have made a good video huh? It’s not like life drawing is about doing things fast and loose and not always accurately.
And then when she goes home she’s incapable of sticking with one pose bc her cats move? This may be my own opinion but that’s just another skill you exercise by doing life drawing. It’s just how it works.
The last line really bugged me though. “So drawing from real life is really good but when you can’t look at a reference picture or some sort of pose, I guess that’s where it can have its disadvantages.” Yes Kasey. That is the point of life drawing. You don’t make full ass colored illustrations like you want to do, you have to capture the motion and work around the fact that shit moves sometimes.
This all might be just me but idk, something about this video bugs tf out of me.

No. 261967

Kinda super ot but I've been lurking here a while and wanted to get some other anons opinions on artubers. Obviously most of what we see here is the negative but what do you guys enjoy in a YouTube artist? A lot of people here seem to gate certain trends and challenges so what is it you like?

No. 261975

I agree honestly. I felt that way about her sketchbook slam too. She's one of those people that wants to turn everything into an illustration.

For me I honestly like just someone with nice mic quality and a topic. I can't stand the painting video where they just draw something. I can see the appeal though.

I also honestly love the drama, insecurity and entitlement. I find shitty people really motivating and nice to get mad at something inconsequential.

No. 261977

It's a bit hard to say what I like without pointing out my dislikes because it's sort of a process of elimination. I may like one style of video done by one person but not like it when it's done by another because the later had some characteristic I didn't enjoy.
For example, I tend to dislike videos if the person is ranty. I may enjoy a sketchbook tour a lot if I consider the art good, meanwhile really disliking the ones where I don't like the art (sort of a given). I tend to really enjoy those higher effort vlogs where people show you around their studio and how they go about their day. Videos revolving completely around a piece of art need some extra appeal to it, like being educational or revolving around an interesting topic.
Good lighting and audio are a big plus.

No. 261978

File: 1529713363885.png (165.62 KB, 494x432, Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 8.22…)

what's the point of doing a study if you're going to stylize it this much

No. 261979

Oh she's basic alright, I find her Erving videos kinda boring tbh and she hasn't a really ugly artsyle, I can see the appeal tho.

No. 262003

Maybe I'm trash but I enjoy challenge videos. I like seeing artists forced out of their element and adapting.

Other than that, good production value and audio is a big one. I also really like paint alongs.

That's what I was thinking. None of her drawings resembled any of the cats there.

No. 262086

I’m not very picky with my YT artists, they just have to be nice + personable and have a style that I find interesting. My favorite videos tend to be when they just do original full illustrations w/ commentary, challenge vids annoy me unless I really like the artist as a person. Best commentary topics imo are about the industry itself and art progression, I want to ban “My art teacher hated me!!1!” and “Things beginners should never do ever!!” and “Types of art students!!!!!!” from my recommendeds forever. I get that they get a lot of views but I find them really irritating and not substantive.

No. 262089

Same! I'm so sick of these weebs throwing a fit because their teachers were trying to teach them the fundamentals (it's sad because it gives art instructors a bad name).

But probably some of my favorite art videos right now are educational watercolor videos and collectives

No. 262099

What are yalls thoughts on ginjaninjaowo? I personally like her work and am proud of how far she's come in the past few years skill wise

No. 262102

I like challenges, my least favorite have to be the art style challenge. Don't get me wrong, I like seeing artists challenge themselves with something new and it is fun to do, but it ends looking like the main character or just a copy with different eyes and hair.

My least favorite types of artists, have to be that one artist that draws that one female face or body type, but with a different skin color or hair(extra brownie points if she has terf bangs or is a witch), or the artist that constantly talks about how unique they are or an artist that constantly hates their work.

No. 262160

I like challenges when there is the actual possibility of the art coming out nice, the ones like the Blindfold Challenge just seem like a waste of videos to me. Also, I feel like there has to be a healthy mix of things, if someone does challenges all the time it looks kinda forced to me.

No. 262211

Can anyone confirm, I can’t tell if this is a troll account??

No. 262215


Shitpost art channel.
Kind of boring and unfunny though.

I feel like there's a trend in youtube artists trying hard to be edgy, usually they're on the younger side though.

No. 262265

I like her. She seems nice enough, her animatics and animation aren't terrible, and she's definitely been improving.

I've seen a couple style challenges where they actually do branch out when trying different styles, and clearly tried to really emulate other artists workflow to do something new. But most are just weird exagerations of basic "styles" like anime or Disney or whatever.

No. 262397

kek i wondered when she'd make the thread. She's trying to cash in on the Holly-esque swearing art youtuber fad but every time she tries to swear she sounds like she's in physical pain. Shitty attitude and shitty art

No. 262483

my fucking god, the swearing is so unnatural with her voice.

No. 262520

I’ve been super impressed with art alacarte in her professionalism and willingness to grow and try new things. The channels a little too on the crafty side for my taste, but she seems genuinely positive and drama free.

No. 262650

I really like Chuck Black. He seems really nice and passionate about his work. Also is willing to talk about his failures and moving past them. Though his videos are lengthy I really like how he always strides for improvement.

No. 262699

just started watching her videos a couple days ago and really like her videos so far, its impressive she actually does colour storytimes unlike a lot of youtubers who do these animated storytimes (i like the black and white style too though)

No. 262752

I hope I'm not the only one who isn't crazy about the "animated storytime" youtubers calling themselves animators when half the time that's not even what they're doing.

plus they're all starting to bleed into each other, stylistically and subject wise that it's gotten boring to me. it's like they want that shiny "animator" title without doing the work of an actual animator. I know this subject gets a lot of hate bc youtube actively works against animation as a medium, but I dont know…

No. 262835

File: 1529960899471.png (328.17 KB, 677x989, image.png)

This artist just posted this to instagram

No. 262843

I don’t get it is this money laundering or what? Who would fucking buy that

No. 262867


she's been posting this everywhere she can. like, she literally posted it to some art discord channels and never interacted with anyone before or after.

Those are all her OCs, lmao no one wants that bullshit who is she kidding. The colors are ugly and the design is weak. Why should anyone care about these characters?? what are they even from?

Maybe if she stopped bitching about other artists on her channel she'd have actual time to flesh out her stories and projects.

No. 262874

I agree. Domics, who I think is a talented animator when he DOES animate, just does a bunch of animatic storytimes with minimal animation and he actually hired a TEAM to do it for him…I understand that actual animating takes a ton of time and talent to get out a finished product, but his are so bland, uncolored and use tons of recycled animations from previous videos.

IMO, while ginjaninja isn't at his level of actual animating, her stuff is more visually appealing due to the color and style. I feel like Dom doesn't put much effort into his, and he gets super salty if anyone points out that having an animator team for his videos is overkill.

I'm not super well versed on animation so people can feel free to correct me, but that's just the impression I get.

No. 262908

File: 1529976995127.png (1.56 MB, 1654x1568, Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 9.36…)

rae has uploaded a new video and jesus christ

No. 262909

File: 1529977079749.jpg (677.84 KB, 1704x645, Untitled-3.jpg)

It's true tho, he does some of the most basic things. Pic related, there's probably thousands of the same composition existing
It's not a bad thing if you just do it for your own enjoyment or make it in to postcards targeted for 10-13 yo girls.
But for art school it doesn't cut it. His colour usage is fine, but would need to do more than potraits if you wanna enroll and keep going in art school.
It's also true that sometimes there are teachers that are pieces of shit just because they can(and their teachers did the same to them) and other teachers do it so they can make you to try new things and techniques.

No. 262910

I forgot to link to the video

No. 262921

the girl on the left seems to have weird eye positions

No. 262930

File: 1529982819659.jpg (265.9 KB, 1280x916, why.jpg)

I mean I can't expect much from her but

No. 262978

I would say that ginjaninja is above domics in skill with animations since her other work is pretty good, though I don't think I've seen enough of domics actual animations to really say

No. 263051

I used to like Domics but I noticed in a lot of his story times he jus complains about women and jus calls them bitches. At first I thought well OK well this woman from this story is probs a bitch but then it was every other video and now I just think he's butthurt and thinks most women are stupid bitches which jus feels like our boi was rejected one too many times lol

No. 263099

File: 1530039718674.jpg (12.72 KB, 300x299, unnamed.jpg)

He seems like your typical douchebag irl and he always is fetishizing how azn he is. He's probably mad girls don't want to suck him off like they do their kpop idols lol.

I honestly don't get why he's so popular. Even my boyfriend likes his videos. People just fucking love storytime animatics I guess.

No. 263118

domics is extremely butthurt. and boring.

No. 263143

Reminds me of missgorehound on Instagram before she got deleted for uploading all her hideous Nazi guro.

No. 263159

File: 1530045098931.jpeg (218.28 KB, 2048x1398, F72C1406-9D6A-4982-9ABA-93C583…)

What do we think about Rebecca Parham folks? Her actual art isn’t anything to write home about, but the characters in her videos have really good expressions despite the no mouth thing (smart choice imo considering how long animation takes) and the limited movement.
She seems like a really sweet girl idk but yeah her non-video art isn’t great (pic related)

No. 263167

tbh i watched a video of his the other day where he was buying a used cintiq and said the group of girls he got it from kept looking at him and laughing and now i can see why. if this fuck with his anime scene hair walked up to me i'd be trying to hold back giggles too.

he's def a salty little bitch.

No. 263169

Huh, she got deleted? I always wondered what happened to her, considering we used to talk on instagram back when I first started posting there. I always thought her work was a little fucked up, but I guess the nazi stuff never came across my dash.
If I had any of her art saved, that's prime shit for the ugly art thread tho, her anatomy was pretty atrocious. Not to mention Tearzah levels of drawing the same gorey pic of a naked ahego-ing girl over and over again.

No. 263172

She has a new instagram, but it's private. She also has a tumblr but I don't think it's updated. A friend that used to talk to her on DA told me that her mom raised her a national socialist and that she's tradfem with a 40 year old husband and teenage stepson, so maybe the Nazi stuff isn't just a guro thing.

Google found this

No. 263176

File: 1530049345204.png (1.18 MB, 720x1135, IMG_20180627_053257.png)

Anyone heard of Ringilio/Roaning/Brrrp_r on Instagram?
She's disgustingly popular on Art Amino and many artists on there kiss her ass and use her art for anatomy studies. Why they would do that with her samefacey disproportionate pseudo-models is beyond me.
She's one of those artists who tries to hard to be a meme and just comes off as unfunny.
Not to mention her digital art looks plain disgusting despite having Photoshop and a Cintiq.

No. 263177

File: 1530049773135.png (362.21 KB, 694x884, IMG_20180627_054706.png)

lmao the curators on Art Amino feature her all the time. Sometimes even against their own rules. Never really cared for her work, but now that you mention it, yeah her digital "fart" as she calls it is absolute trash. Really loves up to the name rofl

No. 263181

Amino apps are absolute garbage anyway, it's just a bunch of squealing teens and preteens. I don't know why youtube artists bother getting sponsors from them, they don't really give you a sense of community.

No. 263183

What an irritating style.

Also, this.

No. 263203

What do people think of Joysan aka Sexytuna? I like her personality, but I'm not too crazy about her art…I actually kind of liked her older style better it seemed to have more life than her current color-pencil scratchy graphic style…but it's different that's for sure.

Her vlogs are mostly just her stuffing her face and putting food in front of the camera, which just makes me hungry. I wished she talked about art more than her food.

No. 263234

make up artist tries to draw - yet doesnt mention this was traced. hard to tell but you can see the faint lines in the video if you watch it on a computer. kinda annoying to have a make up guru getting more attention than deserving artists

No. 263237

Even being traced it doesn’t look like her. But what do you expect from the “guru” who guilt a career off a lie about highlighter?
Hey at least it might encourage his audience to draw instead of putting on drag makeup.
>mention not wanting to smudge, work right to left
>call graphite pencils charcoal

No. 263241

I think it's cute….:S I'm a sucker for realistic animu type styles I guess.

No. 263295

Joysan seems chill, which is nice seeing as how many artists end up drama llamas.

No. 263306

File: 1530097326155.jpeg (172.15 KB, 640x473, 4A0727BF-8B93-4A0C-AF94-4D66F2…)

What the hell, seriously?

No. 263314

same anon i like that cute style too. but really same face i gotta admit

No. 263342

jfc Kasey get over yourself with the furry shit. it's not that serious. Drawing anthropomorphic animals is really not that outrageous. Especially not for you.

No. 263387

I feel like every video of Kaseys she's moaning about something. Every. Single. Video. Then she'll self-deprecate to try and stop criticism of it, its kinda tacky. OhmiG0d FuRrI3s meanwhile Kasey makes a puppet adding pubes and nipples just to go 'haha pubes and nipples is funni goiys', her channel is totally not aimed towards children.

No. 263391


It doesn't seem like she enjoys being a youtuber. Just an artist. And that's fine. I dont think her target was initially children anyway, she said so herself. She only said she was interested in getting into kid literature/illustration.

No. 263395

>What are proportions

No. 263396

I wouldn't even classify that as full on "furry" just anthropomorphic animals. Like it's really tame and I even like the style but yeah she needs to shut the hell up.

No. 263409

God, fuck Baby Blue Bones/Bellatores/Sugar Bunny Buns. She's the artist of that picture. I fucking hate her so much it hurts. She was on YT a bit (only a few vids, mostly active on DA), but I'm going to bitch about her here anyway. Her main OC, Bella, was a copy of Melanie Martinez (and she was obsessed with this person until the rape shit happened, then she threw away everything iirc). She constantly was making threats to kill herself/talking about how badly she wanted to die, she tried calling Solar out on shit her (at the time) Fiance, DeviantCringe, was waaaaay more guilty of, she made false/exaggerated claims about associates in a Twitter DM whatever the fuck, recently she was bitching about DeviantCringe still using 'her' design of the mascot (He had switched artists for the portraits at this point) when the design was made by Rigiroony and the only difference is it's a bandana instead of a blindfold. Iirc should would constantly talking about having multiple mental illness all over her public art accounts (ED, anxiety, depression, and I feel like there was more, but I don't remember for sure), is dating another somewhat popular ranter (JustaRobot) which makes me sorta feel like she's doing it for exposure considering she dated and got engaged to DC for a year or two and now she's with JAR, and has done several other milky things that I can't really recall right now

No. 263410

30 minutes of her staring at herself. Quality content. I can't imagine why you don't have more subs.

No. 263420


No. 263432

File: 1530169871014.gif (74.33 KB, 278x340, 1429111411349.gif)

Lmao I keep seeing this recommended to me, it's nothing to write home about. We all know there's artists out there that could chew Charles up and spit him out.
Not like his crazy fanbase cares about tracing tho, they eat this shit up and claim that their "wig is snatched".

Yikes, and Rae has the audacity to claim she's good at art when it looks this disproportionate. I think Rae is definitely my least favorite yt "artist", her videos are so cheap and gimmicky.
Kasey is also just as annoying as Rae, except slightly more skilled. But, man is she kinda grating and boring to listen to.

No. 263449

This shit isn't furry? It's on par with animal people in children's books. It's not "weirdly realistic" it's not super furrybait anthro, it's just animal people. Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

No. 263479

I still have mixed feeling about Kasey. Her art is cute, but I just can't stand this quirky "HEH BUTTS AND FARTS" act.

No. 263501

is anybody else bothered by how bad this girl's art is?

No. 263527

Same! I love her ant illustrations because she seems genuinely happy and excited about them but there are just times where she rubs me the wrong way.

No. 263539

Rae confirmed autist

Failed multiple classes, blames poor teachers and the material just not making sense. Cannot comprehend a Prof giving an opinion a bad grade. Or the fact her Prof didn't want to hold her hand through an assignment.

No. 263563

she's really proud of this still life huh.

she'd be a lot more likeable if she owned up she was very amateur at art and was exploring ways to improve and expanding her horizons, but instead she's genuinely convinced she's hot shit. what baffles me is how she got through art school without using mediums like markers???

No. 263663

Autists are often better at math than most, I think she's just stupid/have learning disabilities. Unfortunate.

No. 263742

I was scrolling through Instagram and wondering, do those people who draw the same girls on the same poses wearing the same style of clothes with the same blank expressions all the time not feel at least a little anxious about staying so deep in the comfort zone? That's normal when you're beginning, but I see people doing that for years.

No. 263792


Nope, if it gets them views/makes them money, then they've found their niche; still-life-girls.

No. 263952

I actually legit kinda love this? I'm a big fan of anime-realistic blended styles

No. 264017

LavenderTowne nitpicks on a series which ended seven years ago, cause that’s not a dead horse. Also love that she randomly gave Hermione bangs, which require maintenance, while sperging about how she was a low-maintenance girl (probably because she herself has bangs). Also love the arrogance of being all “movies were wrong!!!” And then “‘my simplified cartoons are right!!!” It’s almost like real people aren’t fucking cartoons. And audiences want visually appealing characters. What’s next? Getting mad none of the cast had acne? Shocking.

I dislike her.

No. 264027

I do feel like her no mouth was a interesting choice and its pretty obvious she works harder on her videos them most of these story time animators.
I can't help to find the way she talks kind of irritating at times. like it often sounds like shes trying to hard and wants attention wayyyyy too much

From her earlier animations i wish she would go back to those sometimes or atleast try to make her non video art better. but eh she hit 1 million so i doubt shes ever going to try to get better at this point

No. 264029

Lately I'm frustrated (not really pissed, but constantly disappointed) with youtube artists (mostly illustrators) who vlog about anything but art and seem to post anything but art. I don't really see the point of posting "my comission experience", "my favourite art supplies", "My commisioner once said faces I draw look retarded and my heart was broken, boohoo", "I'm painting a wall in my studio vol III" if they don't support them with their art. So I head to instagram and what I see is selfies, selfies, starbucks drinks, etsy shop t-shirts and stickers (who buys that shit anyways?!) and absolutely simplistic "relatable" illustrations anyone could make - just made with copics and mangaka fineliners.
And yet those attention junkies have thousandsof viewers. I seriously don't understand. It's like watching somebody talking of their made up job.

No. 264030

Idk what's so bad about her…
She was just comparing the book description to her art and the movie.
Although, i do think she was nitpicking when she said that ron has no freckles or that harry has a round face. Like obviously finding actors that look exactly like the characters is near impossible, and as you pointed out she gave hermione bangs, which was probably influenced by the movie

No. 264054

It comes down to appeal and audience age. YouTube and Instagram were just touted as the MOST used platforms for people under 18. That shit doesn't appeal to me and obviously not you but preteens and teens eat that shit up. It's what's popular so it's not surprising it brings followers. Speed paints of actual interesting and talented artists? 2k views. Muh terrible commission experience? 100k. Kids love story time videos and they love DisneyAnime style artists with basic Instagram aesthetic. Personally I find that more bearable than the edgelords like Holly and those DeviantArt reject 'ranters'

No. 264068


I actually enjoy disney or disneyish style a lot (schmoedraws does something like it) as long as it's not 100k times redrawn "Trade Mark Disney Princess+". Disney Princesses with tatoos and piercing! Disney Princesses in modern clothing! Disney Princesses as mermaids etc.
Nowadays I find shitlords and their wannabes plain boring and predictable.

No. 264074

The key thing there is: it's Youtube and Instagram. We're lucky there are informative videos out there, but it's still social media. Complaining social media is mostly futile is like going to a Japanese restaurant and complaining there aren't any tacos on the menu.
Go browse Ctrl+Paint or Artstation, there's plenty of quality content there.

No. 264093

>It doesn't sound like she enjoys being a YouTuber

I have always gotten this impression from her. She seems like a total dud imo. Like if you met her in person she'd be super boring. I like some of her art but she always sounds displeased

No. 264296

File: 1530459227351.png (158.43 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-06-13-05-34-53…)

sorry for adding to this topic long after everyone's moved on, but I wanted to share this pic

unrelated to the pic, is anyone else getting really sick of storytime animatics and animation memes?

No. 264731

What do you guys think of mstrmagnolia?
I always see her draw whatever is popular at that moment

No. 264740

Kasey is super insufferable in her new video. She goes on about how much she hates markers, uses the wrong side of the paper and bitches about scrawlerbox sending out incompatible supplies when she was too stupid to do the research or even just flip the paper over and test it out. Then she gets super salty in the comments after everyone tells her she fucked up and despite it being completely her fuck up, says she still doesn't want to use markers again and only watercolor.

No. 264742

File: 1530582264531.jpeg (74.27 KB, 750x243, 5C1B3148-9A11-47C0-8A45-392236…)

No. 264756

Are these pins for real? She also mentioned in her other video she spent WEEK DEVELOPING these pins. Tsk tsk.

No. 264757

I am retarded.

No. 265212

File: 1530691008803.png (257.91 KB, 901x604, ddd.png)

Is it true that Kawacy and his girlfriend broke up? Someone made a thread about it on /g/ but she's still replying to his twitter posts.

No. 265393

idk who these people even are for me to care.

No. 265467

Anyone else find it kinda cringey and tacky when artist upload 'vent art' like that for sympathy points?

No. 265530


yeah I knew someone who drew themselves cutting for attention. i'm not a believer in vent art, i'd rather put that energy into drawing something else, or doing literally anything else more productive.

No. 265558

File: 1530766340212.jpg (196.22 KB, 1080x932, PSX_20180703_141955.jpg)

Anyone here really dislike Lollibeepop on Twitter? Her art is so uggo and she's got the personality of a wet mop. I remeber getting a bit triggered when she drew a comic about marrying Abigail in Stardew Valley even tho she ~totally isn't gay you guise!!!~

No. 265563

File: 1530766596438.jpeg (299.54 KB, 1080x1262, Screenshot_20180704-235610-01.…)

This is the comic I mentioned

>I have no issues with gays

No. 265567

File: 1530766846531.png (17.52 KB, 228x230, 0B0AF2DC-C398-4C76-8DA7-FCB1A7…)

>for your character design
The new
>for the plot
Or something cause Abigail is plain as fuck (as are all SV characters). Oh wow purple hair. Revolutionary. Or is it the new “no homo.”

No. 265577

my idea of vent art is drawing porn. i mean, it does the job of distracting you. does no one else not do this

No. 265620


Her style is quite repetitive and not very unique but I must admit this character has a very interesting hairstyle imo (even though the hair is somehow floating instead of having roots).

No. 265651

I'm with you, anon.
When I'm upset I draw a cute guy getting roughly plowed and feel much better.
This is probably cringy in its own right.

No. 265976

Even the hair looks like a frozen rip-off

No. 266198

Eh, nothing wrong with taking inspiration.

No. 266266

What really gets me with 'vent art' is the lack of effort. Maybe it's because I follow a lotta literally whos on DeviantART where people like to make their 'serious' art account also their public bitching grounds for every personal little thing, but all of it is done so shittily. Often, it's just shitty edgy, repetitive scribbles and it feels like the only reason it's there is for pity points. I also know someone who draws themselves cutting, starving, hanging, etc, but it's all just shitty scribbles that aren't even bare minimum. Very rarely do I see anyone make vent art where they actually create a piece that looks decent. I don't get it, you can still make a vent piece and piece that looks nice, it's not like you have to give one of them up to do the other. I wish some of these people would use what they're feeling to make something good since emotion is a great way to make a good piece, even if it's simplistic

No. 266319


that's the point though, they're not doing it for effort or something worthwhile. they're doing it for a quick way to get asspats.

No. 266393

what she is even expecting for student grade quality? Of course they’re not as lightfast as artist grade…

No. 266432

I really dislike that video. She was complaining about the plastic palette like it was the end of the world what can you expect from student quality?

No. 266457

All I can think of is Spechie's vent animatics.

No. 266483

File: 1531023928767.jpg (142.09 KB, 1035x546, Lemia comments1.jpg)

Found this gem in the comments lol

No. 266504

On the one hand, it's great that this guy is calling out the artist for being an idiot. On the other, I want to smack him up-side the head for being such a pretentious ass about it and using the worst sentence structure possible.

No. 266555

Yeah they have good points and told her everything she was to lazy to even research but the way they’ve put it makes them pass as haters

No. 266608

File: 1531072003249.jpg (18.56 KB, 581x144, comments2.jpg)

I swear Lemia is such a salty bitch

No. 266615

Yes of course but there’s a difference between being a complaint machine and making an honest review.

No. 266618

Her "reviewing" style has always been weird, like she said she wouldn't recommend the white nights paints for beginners because it didn't have a peach tone. like wat

No. 266644


No. 266653

Yep, it's weird I don't get what her deal is with being so nitpicky over silly shit

No. 266658

Lemia is such a stick in the mud, like something is always wrong or bothering her. It's like she's got this perpetual chip on her shoulder for one reason or another and she's always got an attitude. She's so unpleasant to listen to.

No. 266701

She used to be fun to listen to but ever since her channel got big she's become a salty drama queen. But then again, what do you expect from someone who's been "friends" with Holly BRown

No. 266749

What I don’t understand is:
She said she wouldn’t recommend white nights to beginners because it doesn’t have a peach tone.
But she said (and I couldn’t agree more about this) that beginners should learn with a limited palette so that they can learn colour mixing. Also she said Sakura koi was better, when Sakura koi doesn’t have a peach tone in their smaller box from what I can remember.
Just. You know. Pick one. Either you want people to have pre mixed colour (such as skin tone that I swear it’s so easy to mix…) or you want them to learn how to mix. You can’t have a “basic” set with peach.

No. 266858

Ikr, peach is super easy to mix! Also, for what you pay for in the US, the Koi watercolors are not worth the price since the paints are super chalky. The older I get the less patients I have for her salt and nitpicks over silly shit

No. 266884

They’re riddicolously overpriced in Europe as well, anon. I think they’re only cheap in Japan, and I’m pretty sure they are student grade (and badly so, as you said they’re chalky and I find them to be opaque) so… meh?

No. 266905

I never used them myself, but just like those Prima watercolors, they looks pretty chalky and shitty on reviews. The White Nights paints, on the other hand, are some of my favorites when it comes to what you get for the price you pay. I always recommend them.

No. 266965

In the US they're not cheap either, there are better budget watercolors out there that aren't chalky af (I think HulloAlice had mentioned that they weren't worth the price in a video)

No. 266966

I've dabbled with the Koi paints and they're not worth the price, the White Nights are a superior paint for what you pay for

No. 267016

It's 20 bucks (plus shipping) on e-bay for a set of 12 full pans… Cotman's set of 12 half pans is 10 bucks and the quality is worse than White Nights.
Let's not forget that White Nights is borderline, if not fully Artist's grade (there is some controversy about that since a few of their colors are subpar compared to others).
I'd like to know which are those budget options you speak of. The only cheaper nice one I can think of is Gansai Tambi, and while the colors are vibrant, they don't behave too much as "classic" western watercolors.

No. 267065

I used the Gansai's when I first got serious with watercolor and despite not being like "traditional" watercolors, they are definitely better than the Kois. But even the Prang watercolors are nicer to work with than the Kois, mostly because they don't have that chalky finish and are relatively cheap. What we were originally talking about is how Lemia nitpicks at weird aspects of a product (like the White Nights not having a premixed peach tone) yet thinks highly of the Koi paints even though they're nothing to really write home about.

No. 267085

I’m the anon from Europe, I was talking about the koi ones: they’re way more expensive than white nights.
Yeah the small set is pretty inexpensive, but tbh if you’re pretty minimalist with your colours there’s la petite acquerelle by Sennelier That retails at around 15/20 euros here.
There are artist and student grade options way better than koi, I tried Van Gogh by royal talens, maimeri venezia, winsor and Newton Cotman and Sakura koi for student grade and Sakura koi are maybe the worst. I mean they’re more pigmented than w&N (which I don’t like at all) but they’re chalky and opaque, so totally not worth the hype.

No. 267099

Pardon to whoever anon was >>266965, I misread something and thought it was a response to the White Nights post.
I should probably keep away from posting when I'm groggy from waking up.
Again, I can't personally say anything for sure since I've never used them, but the Koi paints look like something craft level tops.

No. 267102

It's all good! But yes the paints are definitely craft level, which isn't necessarily bad it's just weird that Lemia thinks them better than other budget watercolors lol

No. 267104

She is collaborating with Sakura after all, but I don’t really want to think she’s pushing them for this reason only…

Also have you guys seen waffle’s new video? Poor girl kept shaking all the time, I wish she could get better but from what I understand it’s something that can only get worse?

No. 267108

doesn't Kasey golden love Sakura Kois since she's a mega weeb?

what's wrong with her?

No. 267114

File: 1531258747158.jpg (36.26 KB, 262x300, profile_picture_by_suzaruuesug…)

Does anyone remember this popular deviantart artist from a few years back? She used to go by GalerianxKADAJ/soujisetah/AlexielNoyn (she might have had some other aliases as she frequently deleted due to drama).
She used to draw her OC, Suzaru Uesugi (pick related), as well as fanart of Vampire Chronicles and various video game characters (Final Fantasy, Galerians, Silent Hill etc) in a style inspired by Kaori Yuki.
She was really popular but disappeared due to drama.
Does anybody else remember her or know what happened? I miss her art

No. 267115

File: 1531258763228.jpg (196.46 KB, 900x1098, 1a9089eb447b83b80ad53465cfd9d2…)

No. 267116

File: 1531258787244.png (908.01 KB, 587x605, Captureffff.PNG)

No. 267117

File: 1531258887788.png (692.88 KB, 884x996, safersephiroth-828221-Suzaru_U…)


Pic of her OC colored by someone else

No. 267121

She's sick, but hasn't said publicly what illness

No. 267135

She seems pretty mediocre in terms of style which was normal in deviantart days. I don't see the appeal.

No. 267154

yeah this looks like DA frontpage-bait from the mid 2000's.

No. 267155

File: 1531278759865.png (286.17 KB, 632x533, Captureff.PNG)


Part of the appeal was that she was a genuinely nice person as well.
I loved her style cause it was very Kaori Yuki inspired (even though she hated the comparison). Also her art often was pretty emotional.
I wonder how she draws now, since it's been years since I saw her art.

Doesn't matter that you don't like it. Not saying she's the best artist ever, just curious if someone here has heard anything about her.

No. 267163

I like this image a lot more than the first but don’t know a thing about her.

No. 267170

Perfect description anon

No. 267184

oh my god you're right!
It's strangely nostalgic, good ol' deviant art.

No. 267471

Has anyone ever mentioned Vivziepop here? I remember back when she was super popular because of her oversaturated, overwraught animations, and she's working on new stuff, (hazbin hotel looks kinda neat actually) but still has that overly-zany difficult-to-look at style that doesn't do animation any favors. That's not to say she animates badly, but after all these years she's still got that cringy edgelord sparkledog aesthetic, and still has no color or design sense. I don't get the appeal but i guess teens are always gonna like her stuff.

No. 267480

File: 1531408522815.png (1.24 MB, 1094x787, Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 10.0…)

I have a treat for you here. Sometimes when I watch "Draw With Jazza" I see this self-promoting twat in the comments. His name is Zartwork, and claims himself to be a self taught artist.

While he has shown SOME improvement, he is still pretty damn delusional. Not to mention that he has definitely copied random drawings from google images without even crediting (not including fanart).

His channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYOFeFORQC_ousLQ9x6nnqA/about

Copied works without credit:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewTv_lLM4S0 (I actually commented a few months back under the YT name "tea-leawf" but I cannot find my comment linking to the original art. This is a really fucking common thing if you google "dragon sketch." I told him to just link back to the original artist, he said he would, but he never did, and it seems he deleted my comment, kek.)

Just what the fuck:

No. 267482

i dont want to sound mean but who the fuck donated 1k to twisted disaster lol https://www.gofundme.com/help-twisteddisaster-get-married

No. 267489

Kasey did a realistic portrait and I’m honestly shocked at how mediocre it looks? I understand that stylized artists may have some wonky realism but honestly this is so bad….

No. 267494

The portrait was Rae level
I was pretty shocked when she mentioned art school I thought they drill realism over there

It was also a bit annoying how much she mentioned her nose. Yea, she doesnt have an itty bitty ideal button nose but it's not as bad as she thinks

No. 267500

Not really a fan of her art style tbh, especially when it comes to the noses. It kinda reminds me of a downgraded version of "Over the Garden Wall" or illustrations you would see in some random, obscure children's storybook.

She always says she like simple stuff and staying in her comfort-zone, almost as an excuse to not push herself, which I will admit kinda annoys me. Like sure its boring, but it doesn't hurt to do studies or something different once in a while.

No. 267520

it's sad because I feel like she could have a really cute storybook style (the cat bike illustration is still one of my favorites) but she favors the ugly over simplified borderline Tumblr aesthetic instead.

No. 267557

This whole video was an add for squarespace…Getting real tired of this shit.

You gain nothing watching this video and why would I want to buy a membership for squarespace when you can actually invest in proper courses like schoolism that is actually industry standard???

I like this artist but she does come of as pretentious sometimes.

No. 267559

*skillshare kek my bad

No. 267560

Someone at Minnie’s skill level that thinks they can be an “artist” fulltime has basically resigned themselves to being a walking, talking ad forever. I wonder how it feels, Minnie? What’s behind those sharklike eyes?

No. 267564

wow… that's so true. You can see right through her. It's really disingenuous, as well I didn't know I was clicking onto an ad because the title was so long and she didn't state it in the video which is misleading. However she did add 'ad' right at the end of the title, nice.

No. 267656

I really want to like Minnie but I'm getting tired of all these ads! And it's not just her, but other YouTube artists seem to only post sponsored videos.

But on the topic of other artists that are walking ads, I feel like PearFleur has fallen into that. I can't remember the last video she's posted that hasn't been an ad.

No. 267666

Yooo, I've been thinking the same thing for a while now. She used to not want to sell her artwork and keep it a hobby. Her old videos seemed to give off the feeling that she looked down on the idea of making money off of her art. But now she keeps doing sponsored vid after sponsored vid and it's hard not to raise eyebrows at that.

It's fine to have differing opinions on art and making money off of it, but she just did a complete 180 and she doesn't really post much about art anymore.

No. 267713

Her style reminds me of Animal Crossing but unappealing and flat.

No. 267894

Oh my lord, just tried to sit through a LemiaCrescent video and she is so patronising. She can't say anything without coming across bitchy or aggressive like is this how you talk to people irl? I just don't get it, the way she comes across is worse than Holly BRown in my opinion, and what's laughable is that her art is painfully mediocre, like she has a leg to stand on. I guess her impressionable subscribers want a mummy to tell them what's right and wrong and scold people on what they shouldn't do.

No. 267904

File: 1531521297577.jpg (116.05 KB, 799x646, comments3.jpg)

Before she edits this I saved it. But I noticed something, she always leaves these long rants in her comment sections when people disagree with her. Lemia, your bitchiness is showing lol

No. 267942

I don't care about sponsored videos if they are enjoyable, and I enjoy Minnie's and Pearfleur's videos, with or without sponsors.
I honestly don't see much of a problem on the Skillshare videos because each artist picks a different theme each time. In fact, sometimes it even takes some of them out of their comfort zone. It's not like the Squarespace ads where, if I remember correctly, it's the same "build your own website" thing over and over again. And I think it's great our fellow artists are finding ways to make profit to help their incomes, being too anal over that can come back and bite us right in the ass.

No. 267958

does she not realise that the astm or whoever does the industry standard lightfastness ratings (as well as some paint manufacturers who do their own tests) are the ones who hold pigments to that standard?

they test how long a pigment will last UNDER THE BEST CONDITIONS POSSIBLE which happens to be museum conditions. That's the standard they hold it to, not how long it will last hanging on someone's wall because that's different from person to person but museums generally have a standard among them all about how to store/display paintings.

No. 267967

But that would require some research, and apparently Lemia thinks that for plebeians

No. 268383

File: 1531688727634.png (8.14 MB, 1242x2208, 4A805A8B-21EC-4E3F-9AEF-CBF125…)

its Ridiculous the lengths people will go to to have a UNEEK STYL3.. smh

No. 268393

I mean, that's kind of cute for children illustrations and picture books.

No. 268430

I dont see this as unique, more like made to cater to a younger audience, maybe children

No. 268432

nta but i don't think so. and if so it's really stupid. having really prominent faces is super important in children's illustrating because it helps them with a lot of development such as facial recognition, emotional processing and empathy.

No. 268469

I see this all the time, people lowering their standards for children’s illustration. Did we forget about dr suess? Children need groundbreaking art just as much as adults.

No. 268485

But… but…

;- )

No. 268490

That much space looks like it is inviting some kids to draw their own versions of mouths on them.

No. 268554

This image finally made me understand what being triggered is all about.

No. 268772

Did anyone know about the lil drama that bluessatan caused?

No. 268905

did anyone see this? she repeats herself like 100 times.

No. 268908

She’s not wrong, though. That’s not worth the price, the items are less than what expected (I am subbed to other art boxes and “packs” of colours are only counted as a single item) and except for the brush, they’re not high quality.
Definitely a sad box, pretty scammy.

No. 268910

The box was really weird and almost scammy other smart art boxes have looked so much better. She just repeated herself the entire video so it was hard to take her seriously.

No. 268912

File: 1531830458943.png (26.31 KB, 860x156, 3434356545.PNG)

I think her comics are cute, but her regular art is pretty average (coloring is nice, style is bland). Too average for the ugly attitude she seems to have.
She's also been tweeting about going to a breeder to get this special dog breed and ignores p much anyone who brings up adopting from a shelter. Kinda annoys me.

No. 268932

It's so weird, it seems like she didn't use a mirror for the realistic self portrait. Also she mentions looking up tutorials on how to draw facial features, which is a wild thing to do when you're drawing a self portrait, you can just draw what you see…?

No. 268981

she is so annoying, fucking hell

No. 269159

File: 1531908671558.jpeg (324.24 KB, 750x1210, 687A6BF1-C104-40FF-BEC0-BBC96B…)

Have you guys seen Audrey ghoussoub’s art she has a ton followers but her art is hideous to me

No. 269164


i cant fathom how someone's that supposedly an architect has the wobbliest and ugliest linework in the world. her drawing always look unfinished and everything is just floating around

No. 269165

File: 1531910505437.jpg (480.82 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180718_174033.jpg)

what do you guys think about cupspoodles on ig? she used to post drawings of her and her ldr bf all the time and then re-started her entire profile. idk i like her style but i get preachy vibes from her

No. 269174

Jesus Christ I’ve never noticed that in her bio before now her art is an even worse quality to me than before