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File: 1656161502955.png (19.11 KB, 350x280, E1AE69DF-A49B-49D5-A405-8D9689…)

No. 1239867

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1107215

No. 1239966

Have you ever seen me praise the men of my country, I am literally leaving to save myself from them, think of porn addiction of someone shitting publicly, If someone shits at the park you go to, you are more likely to care about it
also while males arw inherently worse, but if you are attracted to seeing childlike characters and sometimes IRl men getting raped, then you are suffering from a porn addiction, that's the abject reality
Do you believe someone who finds tbis story where a boy is raped as hot and erotic is not suffering from from degenerate porn addiction

No. 1239987

File: 1656164579346.jpg (42.4 KB, 500x375, 3015062728_6b27f9a6ae.jpg)

Sure but I think most farmers are against shota.

No. 1239995

I saw people actually defending this manga, claiming it shows child rape as bad(even though its graphic and sexualized) and its a deep and complex story and I'm just being a prude for no reason, also you are right for some reason the porn addicts have made me their enemy and seem to be delight very false statements about me


No. 1240038

the fuck has kaze to ki no uta done to you? Why are you so autistically seething about the og traumaclre shoujo manga? I bet they are worse BLs than this one

No. 1240061

Cause the appearance is based on real boy that was sexually abused by pedos and I just find it disgusting how paedophilia can be considered art and the fact that there BL worse then this and people actively makes me sick, I'm from a country where child rape is common both boys and girls suffer and I just understood whose lucky enough where this culture isn't normalized on a civilization scale can be romanticize it

No. 1240068

OK but are you into Varg?

No. 1240105

he has a nice beard but I do not like bald men, I just wanted to shitpost and mess with people,I just don't take him seriously, I don't take any of the alt right types cause they are such non-issues for most of the wolrd, its why I found it the whole concept of the "we are gonna end up handmaidens tale" ridiculous and comical, like I wish I could explain in my own toune the exact factors and well established comprehensive belief systems that led to "regression" in what is now in the Islamic world in the late 20th century, but every time I try to explain this point "thay yes misogyny exists in the west but in our case we are dealing with an unchanging and umcomprising code of civil and personal laws that have remained stagnant for 1400 yeaes and can survive 4000 years more, if it's not wiped out by thr state with repression, so our battles are not at all same ballpark" I get accused with accusations about how I don't understand anything and I'm in a rude awakening when I experience misogyny in the west "I know it exists you Idiots, I wasn't even arguing about that, I was trying to explain my view points"

No. 1240107

Some old-ass manga from 1984 that's so niche in the international community that you had to link the Wikipedia page is a big problem to you, but a misogynistic murderer is marriage material. Got it

No. 1240117

File: 1656172983704.png (105.54 KB, 1731x423, yhgvcf.png)

Samefag with a reminder: Varg Vikernes groomed a teenage girl while he was in prison so he'd have a wife when he got out. These are also his beliefs. Paki-anon is okay with this, "I-I just don't take him seriously I was just shitposting when I said I wanted to be his wife!!" but yells about cartoons

No. 1240157

The truth is, she doesn't care if a man is an absolute degenerate, but if women enjoy a story that has SA as a theme (and not even sexualized, btw) it's like they killed someone and they're literally pedophiles. It's fine if men do it.

It's a story about sexual abuse. The "right" relationship that one roots for when reading the thing is the one between two boys of the same age though, but I doubt you know what you're talking about. Yes, one of the main characters is based off of Bjorn as he appeared in that one movie, and so are literally hundreds of other characters in the same genre and others. Actors inspire trends all the time, Bjorn's looks influenced mangas greatly. What's wrong about all this? No one can write about abuse? No one can see an actor and make a fictional character based off of them? Literally what is the issue?
What you SHOULD be angry about is the fact that some old ass male pedos made a shitty movie with a clearly sexualized real child actor. But you're a handmaiden, so you're not going to blame the men for it (you shamelessly simp for criminals after all), instead you're going to blame women for being interested (most likely because it's about something that often affects women) in fictional stories written by other women containing sexual abuse. Or are you mad about regular BL when the characters are a bit pushy? In that case who gives a shit if the characters clearly aren't children? Or are you trying to say that shota is enjoyed by women, while they're actually a minority and gross men are the ones making and consuming it?

No. 1240235

Paki-chan behna, why do you take the "handmaid's tale" remarks at face-value like an autist and don't realize that it is hyperbole?

No. 1240269

this is the twitter hate thread not the pakichan autism containment thread. Do fuck off

No. 1240281

>Cause the appearance is based on real boy that was sexually abused by pedos
So fucking what if Gilbert was inspired by Bjorn (I assume)? You think that the author knew that he was abused? Get the fuck over yourself, a story featuring pedophilia in negative light isn't pedophilia itself. You are mental

No. 1240285

I have blamed Thomas Mann and Visconti for being degenerate paedophiles, disguising their pedastry as high art
This is exactly what I was talking about, why are you so insistent on defending a degenerate porn art that sexualizes child rape and children having sexual relationships, like what would you lose admitting that this was a disguising degenerate comic coming from an extremely pedo-philic society(what is there to lose for you too of you admit that basic fact)
Why does there even need to be there that serves other then to show nothing but children being raped and having sex

No. 1240287

Why would you even base a character after a 14 year old boy perused by a paedophile in a child rape comic

No. 1240345

Fucking hell, he is promoting grooming of young girls too? I hope he overdoses on sugar and dies.

No. 1240373

Still waiting for someone to post twitter screenshots here.

No. 1240433

Nta but learn how to read. We don't know if the author even knew of the abuse. And even if she knew, she may have wanted to make a character similar to him to tell a similar story (but once again, since you don't understand, the story in the manga isn't sexualized like in the movie, the pedophilia is presented in a bad light right away, probably because the first is made by an actual pedophile male and the latter by a talented woman).
Japan is a pedophilic society, yes, but that is a male issue. You cannot compare men and women, they behave and think differently. You often link a video that explains how openly pedophilic japanese men are by drooling over schoolgirls, and I don't understand how you can miss the point of a doc you yourself are presenting. You come here on a female imageboard being extremely retarded and angry about men's degeneracy and blaming it on women instead, while continuing to focus and obsess over a little boy being abused (by men, again). You are a true handmaiden. Which is also why you're not angry about the thousands of little girls being abused by Hollywood and things like that, just the evil evil fujos and husbandofags looking at drawings of hot adult men.

No. 1240624

My mind is blown after learning that Paki-chan was the handposting anti-fujo sperg all along. I should've realized it sooner.

No. 1240625

File: 1656202335160.jpg (89.76 KB, 1024x683, istockphoto-964921272-1024x102…)

Is this the Twitter thread?

No. 1240626

No it's the paki-chan general apparently, just like every thread she decides to schizopost all over in

No. 1240648

File: 1656204628403.png (425.92 KB, 1160x1586, 345676543234567.png)

she does it to every single threead. eurofag, vent,nyouname it. idk why mods won't get rid of her

twitter cap as a palate cleanser

No. 1240661

File: 1656206267626.jpeg (735.84 KB, 1170x1604, 93785CFC-0786-48D0-B895-B7F208…)

bird app moids are actually so retarded I wonder how they function

No. 1240674

absolute fucking queen

No. 1240695

She shut them down without using any personal names or insults. She's such a fucking Queen.

No. 1240699

Kek and I’m betting the moid who posted it is ugly af and the girls in the post would ignore him irl

No. 1240714

KEK thank you for sharing. Also, I know I've heard the name Laurie Penny before but I've forgotten exactly what retarded shit she did?

No. 1240797

File: 1656216821981.png (126.57 KB, 607x727, 19C9B67E-1F53-485A-AA2F-D44F69…)

some woke british writer who also wroote some essays about being a themlet and then claimed cptsd from bad book reviews (muh online harassment etc etc)
Picrel was the times review https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/sexual-revolution-by-laurie-penny-review-ft73td7jc

No. 1240802

nta but do you honestly one's society doesn't effect them and what they view as morally right and wrong, I dislike paki-chan's rants as well but its not really worth defending a pedo-ish manga

No. 1240814

File: 1656218367152.jpeg (188.25 KB, 750x955, DAA81525-7614-436D-A033-26A7FB…)

Who gives a shit this isn't the thread for that

Here's her twitter rant about getting COTSD caused by mean book critics. Worth noting that even lefty papers like the Guardian skewered her.

No. 1240911

It does, but this doesn't mean that everyone in that society is okay with such practices. I guess every work written by a woman ever about sexual abuse is "pedoish" to you, because women can't tell stories about bad things that also affect them.

No. 1241062

I think paki-chan is autistic nonce with too much time on her hands, but trying to defend kaze to ki no uta as some deep story about CSA that people just don't get is kinda dumb, you are both fucking retarded

No. 1241065

File: 1656239061900.jpg (392.46 KB, 1080x1704, IMG_20220617_184004.jpg)

Ok twitter, I play arknights. But why are you suggesting me western fandom drama when I play on a different server and am not even on discord?

No. 1241085

>grooming minors
You just know it's a tranny

No. 1241438

File: 1656264063680.jpeg (331.51 KB, 828x981, 278B8929-296D-4076-8BC7-750FCD…)

I was absolutely blind slided the other day when this anime mspaint twitter artist I’ve followed for like a year decided to post an essay about how he fucked a dog. And why it’s a huge trauma for him and that he only did it because he was groomed to. Also made some creepy artwork about the experience. This entire essay was one of the saddest, gross things i’ve read in a while. The most disgusting part of all of this is the fact that this artist is getting so many positive comments about it, and support..?!! Link for those who are interested but I’m warning you it’s a little disturbing: https://demon5equal10birth5day3equal8.substack.com/p/i-am-not-a-person-of-integrity

No. 1241442

Ask me how I know that's a tranny

No. 1241445

>he fucked a dog
Excuse me, what in the actual fuck???? that's fucking cruelty.

No. 1241446

What is this url kek

No. 1241448

File: 1656264316001.jpeg (248.26 KB, 828x690, 0420E3E0-29E6-437D-AB20-E00ED4…)

right tranny! it’s just everybody else’s fault isn’t it? you can’t be groomed into actually abusing a dog through the fucking computer

No. 1241449

What does this person's art look like? please not the dog fucking art. There's always a certain look to the art of these degenerates.

No. 1241466

File: 1656264729539.jpeg (340.78 KB, 2004x1148, A45AF993-A80D-4906-9C58-F7B4C0…)


No. 1241474

Why the fuck does he type like this

No. 1241479

File: 1656265214886.png (104.18 KB, 669x571, FUdPZ1XWYAAJ_xe.png)

yeah this is gross

No. 1241487

File: 1656265326967.png (282.87 KB, 531x672, https://bucketeer-e05bbc84-baa…)

>One day, when I still had a CuriousCat, I was asked this:
>It really did feel bad; there was no physical sensation or pleasure (or: the memory of any sensation is completely applecored out of me), just a very Christian sensation of having fallen.
>What prompted that question was probably me getting upset over a previous CuriousCat question that accused me of being a pedophile, over me relating to a bunch of schoolgirls from Boogiepop, and my alluding to bad-sex memories.
>I wanted to at least be insulted over what I actually am.

this is extremely gross.

No. 1241489

I’m more disgusted by you following this shitty moid creeper art in the first place wtf

No. 1241493

I don't think anon is necessarily creepy if she's calling out onto the gross behavior from that troon, at least she knows what he does is disgusting

No. 1241495

Well i followed a year ago when all they pretty much made was cute chibi fanart drawings of existing anime characters. I genuinely thought this was just some typical weeb girl. I never look at this person’s page anyway so it shocked me.

No. 1241500

File: 1656265765542.png (69.71 KB, 748x634, WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKK…)

>troon gets aroused at a woman literally stuffing maggots inside her vagina
excuse me what the FUCK??????

No. 1241501

the way this troon types is annoying as fuck

No. 1241506

File: 1656266068053.png (64.22 KB, 768x576, WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKK…)

I have so many problems with this, and my stomach feels revolted reading this. Number 1 how does this shit even happen. Number 2 how does one go from "vanilla" to fucking "insect breeding" ???? pornography is a disease. Number 3 how the fuck can you read this and thing "wow so hot"? All I can think is this woman was probably extremely mentally ill and a troon masturbating to that makes me want to leave this planet immediately.

No. 1241509

I ain't even gonna read this one, the previous cap was already revolting enough. Troons are so fucking disgusting.

No. 1241515

That's like bragging you whacked it to the guts pool story or tubgirl. Tryhard much

No. 1241517

File: 1656266491776.png (59.86 KB, 750x460, WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKK…)

The logic of this troon:
>why didn't I feel good raping a dog omg I'm such a victim
>I am totes not a zoophiliac
>but seeing pets makes me want to kill them
>I blame my mom for treating me like a pet
? what the hell
>the guts pool story or tubgirl.
I don't even know what that is and at this point I'm too scared to ask

No. 1241525

this reminds me of a drawfag from 4chan called rori, he still has a pixiv
he used to draw cute chibis, but then I saw the loli/shota futa and bestiality, he used to talk about getting fucked by a dog, I wonder if this is related

No. 1241528

File: 1656266748923.png (73.19 KB, 782x578, WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKK…)

he's attracted to knives apparently and replaced his girlfriend with a knife.

No. 1241538

No. 1241549

it's so sad how trannies and men in general have defiled cute art. i used to be able to look at chibis and anime in 2010 and think it was so cute/innocent and now in year 2022 it makes me sick to my stomach. all i think about is the depressing man that probably drew it and what type of creep he could be.

No. 1241553

File: 1656267485859.png (37.84 KB, 840x934, a9934e3d959e60e94e8c07bc889479…)

Yeah, like pic related looks completely innocent but then you see the rest. Twitter is also full of trannies who draw 2000s style anime girls smoking weed or being depressed.

No. 1241562

File: 1656267765275.png (123.41 KB, 948x1032, WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKK…)

apparently this guy mentions bestiality constantly in his other "articles", he's also schizophrenic

No. 1241563

This kind of shit has a certain look to it, though. Different from something truly innocent and cute.

No. 1241565

File: 1656267817943.jpg (398.65 KB, 1080x1788, IMG_20220626_202226.jpg)

Yeah, you're right. I hope this is still on topic for twitter hate so I'll post this annoying artist.

No. 1241567

File: 1656267852977.jpg (408.88 KB, 1080x1739, IMG_20220626_202301.jpg)

No. 1241569

The way they draw girls makes it so obvious that this isn't an actual woman drawing this stuff.

No. 1241570

>I play on a different server
Damn anon, are you a CNstacy? Or just JPfag?

No. 1241575

File: 1656268368135.jpg (134.65 KB, 2048x1396, 20220626_203158.jpg)

>he drew himself with the shark trannies massively buy
I have no idea why this makes me laugh so hard, nonnies were discussing the relation between blahaj and mtf just last week

No. 1241592

File: 1656269149996.png (288.85 KB, 826x535, 1655180124246.png)

genuinely my favorite LC post

No. 1241600

Is it just me or do a lot of his drawings have some "hatred for women" vibes? Usually it's little anime girls being self destructive or stupid and weak. And the artist is apparently 18. Could be a groomer in his 30s, but there's a lot of zoomers who pretend to be internet oldfags into touhou and niche VNs.

No. 1241603

They are just projecting their disgusting scrote mentality into cute anime girls. They have to lower perfect anime girls onto their level, sad.

No. 1241604

It's not a masterpiece for sure, but it HAS some deep and mature messages and it was kind of revolutionary for its times. I just think that it's pretty clear that the author didn't have the intention to fully sexualize the characters and make actual porn (especially because there aren't even any straight up nsfw scenes) like paki-chan likes to parrot.

Aside from that manga and all the related sperging, it's ridiculous to me how someone can be so autistically fixated with calling WOMEN pedophiles for reading stories with problematic themes and fucking husbandos when moids regularly shit out things like >>1241466 with obvious pedophilic tendencies and zoophilia. If you take a story with the same problematic themes (could be CSA or neetdom like the tranny pictures) it's always so clear when it's a woman handling them (little to no sexualization) and when it's a man (coomer shit with bad intentions).

No. 1241607

Not sure I fully agree with you. Though it may not be immediately obvious but these men obviously hate real women, so they fetishize the cute and harmless anime little girls that they wish they could fuck and be like, and project their own mental illnesses onto them. Their version of womanhood is a very two-dimensional, dumbed down, and sexualized one. So in that sense, yes, they do hate women.

No. 1241615

>it HAS some deep and mature messages and it was kind of revolutionary for its times. I just think that it's pretty clear that the author didn't have the intention to fully sexualize the characters and make actual porn
NTA but I agree. However, it's still possible that it was the beginning of BL that actually sexualized underage boys. As if the readers (who would later create their own) realized that they found this stuff hot. It's not too far-fetched, I think. And the real boya actor that Paki-chan loves to bring up was sexualized in real life by both men and women, as far as I know, so I don't think it's impossible that Kaze to Ki no Uta appealed to women with pedo tendencies or started a shotacon trend among women.
I'm usually hesitant to voice this opinion because I know it will only fuel the anti-fujo spergs' rants, but since you brought this up again I felt like saying it this time.

No. 1241625

>cute girls love blahaj
I hate this, they really think they look like that?

No. 1241635

This is why these disgusting troons advocate for androids so much. They want to pull out a ghost in the shell and when their brain is transfered into the animu looking underaged robot girls, they'll do atrocities and be like "uwu so valid". Sorry to sound like a schizo I have no other way to put it

No. 1241642


This person is on Tumblr as well


I'd only seen that and knew he was sick but thought he was actually just a weird shut in girl with schizophrenia. I'd never read all this other stuff. I'm disgusted and honestly just…I don't even know what to say.

I didn't like her per se but I felt bad for her based on what I read of her blog. But she's not a she at all? And there's all this other disgusting shit? I really don't even know what to say.

No. 1241643

File: 1656271272433.png (545.01 KB, 1248x594, disgust.png)

speaking of troons wanting to be anime girls, the same bestiality dogfucker tranny put these screenshots in one of his articles (he compares himself to an anime girl with cancer)

No. 1241646

new here who fucked a dog?

No. 1241650

I'm utterly retarded. Third time's the charm


No. 1241652

I will tell you once you follow these steps
>go to where your router is connected
>disconnect it
>leave your house
>never come back

No. 1241653

read upthread, summergirl

No. 1241656

Just delete all your mess and repost it you idiot, I swear to god you newfags

No. 1241661

relax nona, it's 2 posts.

No. 1241662

this website is strange(intense newfaggotry)

No. 1241663

if you keep being so "relaxed" this website will get worse when it comes to new people integrating and you know it.

No. 1241664

>As if the readers (who would later create their own) realized that they found this stuff hot.
You make a good point, that is possible. Afaik Kaze to Ki no Uta mostly gave birth to the typical look of the protagonist (you can see it in so many other shoujo works from that time) and the pretty artstyle with "dramatic" scenes. It was one of the works that started the BL genre though.

Also, I'm not sure if shotacon came from men or women actually. I'm inclined to think it was men, since lolicon was also their thing, and then some fucked up women joined in.

No. 1241665

ia with you, i just don't think it's worth it to sperg over 2 posts

No. 1241669

two posts that reek of newfaggotry just like yours does

No. 1241670

what the fuck is going on

No. 1241671

Woah, I think I followed this person (unless their layout is copied from someone else). Didn't know about any of this, I just liked that scribbly/diary drawing style. Insane

No. 1241675

File: 1656271919864.png (40.2 KB, 432x540, Screenshot 76.png)

>I just think that it's pretty clear that the author didn't have the intention to fully sexualize the characters and make actual porn
about that
>Midori Matsui similarly argues Gilbert exists as a "pure object of the male gaze", an "effeminate and beautiful boy whose presence alone provokes the sado-machochistic desire of older males to rape, humiliate, and treat him as a sexual commodity
>Kazuko Suzuki considers that although society often shuns and looks down upon women who are raped in reality, shōnen-ai depicts male characters who are raped as still "imbued with innocence" and typically still loved by their rapists after the act.[67] She cites Kaze to Ki no Uta as the primary work that gave rise to this trope in shōnen-ai manga, noting how the narrative suggests that individuals who are "honest to themselves" and love only one other person monogamously are regarded as "innocent". That is, so long as the protagonists of shōnen-ai "continue to pursue their supreme love within an ideal human relationship, they can forever retain their virginity at the symbolic level, despite having repeated sex in the fictional world".[68]

No. 1241680

no1curss, go discuss yaoi in the yaoi thread

No. 1241681

File: 1656272197555.png (385.31 KB, 629x479, https://bucketeer-e05bbc84-baa…)

this "mara" or "marl" dogfucker troon deserves a thread at this point. There's too much material and schizo ramblings to chose from

No. 1241682

File: 1656272228658.png (506.71 KB, 601x547, https://bucketeer-e05bbc84-baa…)

No. 1241718

Nothing about that interview says "I made and drew this character because I want to fuck it and I like kids". He's a character in a story for young women about CSA, sex and coping. When I say he's not sexualized, I mean that the story isn't porn, the author and (most of) the readers aren't saying how hot he is and how much they want to fuck him and prey on children like him. That's not the same.


>I really don't think saying pedophilia and rape is bad is really that deep commentary
It was at the time it was written, you have to keep that in mind. It was trying to be a way for japanese women to explore sex and cope with being the victims of the rampant sexual abuse in Japan, the interview says it too. Of course now it isn't great, there are so many other things that talk about "rape bad".

No. 1241721

File: 1656273638654.png (3.29 MB, 2952x1448, weird.png)

last thing I'll post about this dude, but his schizo ramblings are weird and his womb envy is strong.

No. 1241725

Isn't that the girl from narutaru that gets killed by penetration from some monster

No. 1241734

So making a manga where little boys get raped is somehow a way coping, Japan was a fucked up country back then and its a fucked up country, I'm glad they are dying out

No. 1241739

Something makes me think that he looks at gore womb pictures.

K I get it, you can't read. Now let's stop sperging about this fucking manga in the Twitter thread, sorry for derailing.

No. 1241743

Should there be a thread? Don't know much about this person but this shit is bizarre

No. 1241747

just don't defend some dumb fujo rape manga and pretend its somehow has a deep message

No. 1241752

NTA but shut the fuck up already

No. 1241787

File: 1656275930631.png (112.86 KB, 500x500, ghost.png)

Not to many things shake me up, but this is disturbing and even before reading anything I knew this was a troon/man.

No. 1241795

I’ve seen anons on here defend rape or tell rape victims to get over themselves and stop lying about their experience, I’m not surprised

No. 1241800

I think we can compile a few of these anime ms pain twitter artists to make a thread. I agree that this shit is a weird phenomenon. They always have these similar traits:
>Use MS paint, oekaki or similar things to draw
>somehow most of them are troons or have a gender identity
>schizo ramblings/weird text patterns
>they like drawing cutesy things with a malevolent pedoish aura
>other creepy behaviors

There's another cow that also fits the criteria, here's the thread:

No. 1241954

File: 1656281784573.jpg (96.65 KB, 750x902, FWJYMssVEAA2YAe.jpg)

big oopsie

No. 1241961

kek oh my god the big fuckwitted millenial monkey meme on the building just makes this so so good

No. 1241999

nta but weren't you the one who defended varg? (who's also a pedo by the way)

No. 1242013

Snale is a cis woman

No. 1242056

He sounds like a pretentious MFA guy kek

No. 1242168

File: 1656292890648.jpg (100.47 KB, 1080x819, IMG_20220626_201713.jpg)

No. 1242169

File: 1656292942313.jpg (169.06 KB, 1080x931, IMG_20220626_201756.jpg)

This is embarrasing.

No. 1242179

fucking kek thank you for sharing, this is great. i feel bad for whatever desperate scrote had sex with her in berlin. she seems like she has potential as a journalism/writer cow

No. 1242190


No. 1242335

Look at his profile lmao, also
>using the word cis

No. 1242409

File: 1656312028116.jpg (450.56 KB, 1080x1770, IMG_20220627_083853.jpg)

Just on time after the shitty orientalist rant on idol twitter a few days ago, kek
(That user funnily enough didn't correct her error on the sami outfit)

No. 1242430

I'm guessing this is a teenager who is unable to understand that tweeting pathetic english harassment to a japanese company will achieve nothing.

No. 1242435

Is there proof this is a tranny? Not doubting, I'm just curious. I mean, blowfly girl existed…she could just be an absolutely insane weeb woman.

No. 1242539

I used to be friends with her, I know she's a woman

No. 1242562

Cool, and my dad works for nintendo. If you have any caps you can post them, otherwise it's just made up.

No. 1242606

they are a self described tranny

No. 1242644

Great timing kek my only fear is this stuff affecting the ENG app since they already started using "she" for the okama character in promotional material

No. 1242772

File: 1656349095285.png (25.51 KB, 481x385, calliscomingfrominsidethehouse…)

Wouldn't be surprised if this tweet was inspired by this tumblr post. Which was also made by a "TERFS DNI!!!11" retard.

No. 1242953

Lol a literal group 2 idiot who ignored TERF warnings to virtue signal about twanz rights and now wants to claim those same TERFs weren't talking about all this shit

No. 1243010

It really is laughable. These are the people who ripped feminism's teeth and NOW want to complain? Even despite troonacy taking over feminism, there were many normie feminists who predicted this would occur but too many progressive women considered feminism and women's rights to be a side-quest oppression and completed gutted the meaning of intersectionality. It can never be "just" misogyny to these women, and now they are going to be surprised-pikachu'd when backlash comes back?

No. 1243013

File: 1656360470880.jpg (215.81 KB, 1080x1000, IMG_20220627_132959.jpg)

Ummm, sweetie it's obviously the white karens who we need to blame for bad feminism
Gah, I hate this

No. 1243021

You have no idea how seriously people think "white karens" are a threat for society kek. Or "white feminism".

No. 1243034

I forgot where I read it but I remember seeing a ran about how white women are worse then white men. Of course it was from a POC dating a white dude, but a lot of people genuinely think a "Karen" is the worse thing on this planet. I can't wait until that "Karen" shit dies. I'm not even white (I'm black) and it's just a way for other women and men, to hate on a group of women without being called out for it.

No. 1243042

It feels kind of like an NLOG thing, the "white karen bad" thing is also mostly posted by young women on twitter like the one in the pic above who is also white. (aside men obviously using it to get away with hating women for free)

No. 1243049


It really is both an NLOG white woman and WOC with white-woman-derangement-syndrome thing to constantly yap about. These bitches honestly and truly will sit there for hours specifically picking on "yt feminists" and how cringe they are. Not white conservative women, who are more likely to be responsible for racism against WOC (not saying that white progressive women can't be racist, blah this should be obvious at this point). Their criticisms for any men will always be tepid and impotent as fuck, but they will have all the finger energy in the world to type about how white liberal women making a Handmaid's Tale reference is just the WORST thing to do.

And then they wonder why feminism has no teeth anymore.

No. 1243050

File: 1656362787769.jpg (64.91 KB, 720x897, 160905.jpg)

I'm not excusing that type of rhetoric(its wrong) but I wanna explain where that rage against white women is coming from, a lot of WOC in woke spaces have many negative experiences with white women and rather then confronting those specific white women. they internalize that seething rage against white women as a whole, they hate nominally white men too as a concept but don't have as much genuine hatred behind it, cause 99% of the men they date/fuck are white

No. 1243054

This too, how do we have a subculture of twitter zoomers that scream that they are nonbinary and gay when they are just normal teens with a weird shirt or something?

No. 1243067

I disagree with you on the Handmaidens tale, it might be a well written book but it is offensive, it cast white women in situations that muslim women have been in for centuries, also completing ignoring the complexities of the Iranian Islamic revolution into just being "men were mad about progressivism and women having freedom and made everything religious" like Iran was a fascist police state where majority of the people were stuck as peasant farmers whose land was exploited by foreign businesses, The Shah had locked away the Communists, Liberals and even Nationalists so the only one's to left to lead the revolutions were the Mullahs
so It all feels terribly discordant.

No. 1243102

>it cast white women in situations that muslim women have been in for centuries
what situation lmao? there are a lot of things wrong but muslim women arent being enslaved to be used as child incubators

No. 1243106


are you 100 percent sure about that? The religion is a hate crime against women

No. 1243119

atwood even said she was inspired by the status of women in iran and imagined an america under a similar rule but with christians instead of muslims. what are you talking about?

No. 1243127

Then she must have been not very well read for an author. The closest thing to the Handmaiden’s Tale in reality are concubines, and even then it’s not very close.
>women in iran
Who were forced to wear a veil? It’s still not very close. Her idea of Iran must be fantastical then.

No. 1243132

were you born retarded or is it a talent you cultivated over time?

No. 1243181

>muslim women arent being enslaved to be used as child incubators
Where's pakichan when you need her?

No. 1243183

File: 1656369443305.jpeg (456.89 KB, 1170x1418, 4C4B8F41-1C71-4CEF-90EC-B03208…)

No. 1243186

Whiny, projecting male attention whoring as usual kek

No. 1243210

Chronic masturbator, Twitter addicted navel-gazer imagines himself as a profound philosopher because some old man who died 2000 years ago also had a dick. Many such cases.

No. 1243214


This is what I mean about crying whining WOC with a white-woman-derangement-syndrome. Atwood drew inspiration from many sources to create the fictionized Gilead and didn't base it off just one. The Christian Right and the Reagan administration had just as much of a role in imagining Gilead, but some of you think she just attempted to copy+paste Iran into America. Really, the whole fucking point of the Iran parallels is to show that all it takes is some political shifts for women's freedoms to be put into jeopardy.

No. 1243221

Depends on country and economic situation. While some Muslim women who have moved to modern Muslim/European countries live more freely than white women, most don't. Like %99 don't.
Also some white women are such sore losers, like I'm sorry but you didn't protest at all while your men took asian, black, slavic and even some Muslim women as slaves in the past and present but you have the audacity to be shocked when you realize they view you the same way? Lol. All men are the same, white men were just hiding their intentions because women wouldn't fuck them otherwise.

No. 1243222

Slavery was abolished in the west over one hundred years ago. Slaves were freed before women were given voting rights so what did you expect white women to do?

No. 1243225

White men literally trafficked ukranian girls during war didn't they? Trafficking is still common and they're slaves. White men still often force women from third world countries to stay in abusive relationships for visa. You deserve what you get if you think your men aren't committing any crimes against us now.

No. 1243228

There are many choice statements and sentiments to pick out from your posts retard-chan, but getting buttmad at western white women for not being your saviors from western white men and thinking that liberal pro-choice women angered by this new development would be “okay” with trafficked third world women is just mwah! Just perfectly retarded

No. 1243229

Samefag wanted to clarify I meant the russian ukranian war. Your men have also been harassing Slavic women during the height of this situation, some even getting into relationships by promising citizenship and such just to take advantage of a woman who didn't have anywhere to go. They also do this shit when they visit poor countries just to abuse the women(or underage girls) there for literal cents.
Your men are evil and it's refreshing to see them turn on you after you've supported their abusive ways simply because it didn't affect you for years and years. It's what you deserve for enabling and still defending them by saying that slavery is long gone. Well deserved.

No. 1243231

>White men literally trafficked ukranian girls during war didn't they?
What war? Ukraine has been involved in WWI, WWII and the current war against Russia. War crimes were committed by both sides on the Eastern Front in the two world wars. What do you expect white women to do in war conditions were they are under threat of being raped or imprisoned and having their homes bombed?

>you didn't protest at all while your men took asian, black, slavic and even some Muslim women as slaves in the past

Did muslim women in the middle east protest when arab slave traders were taking slavic and eastern african women as slaves?

No. 1243233

You're the retard for thinking slavery is long gone when it's still a common practice for your men. It's true I'd rather see them hurt someone who supports and elects leaders with their views(isn't Biden a pedo and his son a sexpest who slept with underage girls and questionable sex workers?) than someone who doesn't have anything to do with them.
Funny thing is we literally have more rights in our Muslim country than you do now and I believe you will continue to pay for your support in your government in your upcoming years. Good luck, glad I'm not you xoxo.

No. 1243238

I'm not talking about slavs who were actively involved in the war when I say white, retard. American and European men are the ones who took advantage of young women during the war.
Our women had no rights and couldn't protest even for our own selves but you could, you could always speak up for the trafficked women or the women tricked by visa scams yet you chose to brand slavs as whores, Muslim women as misogynists who asked for what we got, you always think your white men are a prize to be earnt. Even the black girl with white bf meme is proof, you love your men and their disgusting ways too much to ever speak up.
Literally even herr, all white women rage when you mention that white men dating slavs are the ones taking advantage of the women because you'd rather think the evil Natasha is trying her hardest to steal your man, you literally never think of us. Why we had to appeal to your men and your shitty culture, though I don't believe any of you have a culture.

No. 1243243

I can’t believe Paki-chan turned out to be the anti-fujo sperg trying to call them pedophiles like moids, posted her hand as well as her brothers, and simps for Varg of all people.

No. 1243257

I don't think it's all white women, but it's definitely deserved for the fake white radfems who are just failed tradthots and constantly defend white men lol. They attack nonwhite women for pickme points constantly, deflect and try to gaslight women of other races for rightfully shitting on their men, and now it's all biting them in the ass

No. 1243267

Women who say this can't even survive tracking their period without an app

No. 1243290

what symbol do you guys think would be best for her batsignal?

No. 1243417

But what happened to Iran was radically different, it wasn't political shifts it was a goddam uprising by starving peasants

No. 1243419

Fatima and Svetlana over here are fighting imaginary evil western anglo women in their heads that defend their male counterparts while cheering on/supporting(?) these men harming women from the global South lmfao. Take your medication, truly.

No. 1243421

I think you aren't getting the fucking point. Whether it is political shift or a peasant uprising, that is all it took for women's position/freedoms/rights/whatever to be in jeopardy.

No. 1243424

Sis are you aware of Arabs, they don't even have to traffick, they rape and take African, Asian, SEA and Pakistani women all the time, they don't even help there fellow Muslims, instead they millions to let a Swedish prostitute shit on their shits
the top 15% of the women lived a western lifestyle but everyone else was a peasant farmer, that's not an equal state nonna, they were quite literally starving WTF do you expect them to have done, and yeah they were illiterate and were being led by the Mullahs cause every other political group had been locked in Jail

No. 1243429

File: 1656388305549.jpeg (206.73 KB, 640x684, CE92E471-ED56-434A-B291-6E82BF…)

>control YOUR men!
You realise you’re a misogynist for blaming women for men’s behaviour? Why don’t you hold them accountable? What about the Eastern European women who traffic women themselves? I see a lot of them in England. Maybe you should stop teaming up with YOUR men and trafficking women and children from YOUR country?

No. 1243431

File: 1656388550663.jpeg (238.14 KB, 640x770, 26D99F61-59B8-47F3-8D87-FEC200…)

A lot of people involved with sex trafficking are women from the country of origin who lull them into a false sense of security.

No. 1243432

sister all moids are bastard, you know Arabs do the same thing EE women as well, in fact they have done more efficiently and don't have to answer to anybody

No. 1243434

File: 1656388809817.jpeg (431.19 KB, 640x868, A0D551D0-1101-4B7B-975A-337E27…)

Catalina Cojocaru, 37, lived a luxury lifestyle as she raked in £250,000 per year
She exploited women for sex with by partner Jamie Dunn and brother Andrei
Her brother has been on 12 separate luxury holidays since the gang was set up
The boasting of a despicable female crime ring boss who smuggled prostitutes into the UK and told them to 'look pretty' to fund her luxury life has been revealed as she was jailed this week.

Catalina Cojocaru, 37, lived a luxury lifestyle with boyfriend Jamie Dunn, 42 as she raked in £250,000 a year running a huge prostitution ring which exploited vulnerable women for sex and smuggled them to the UK illegally.

>sis all men are bastards!

Yes and it’s all white western women’s fault for not being able to control them. Even though it’s Eastern European women who are heavily involved in sex trafficking. But never mind because that doesn’t fit the twitterfag narrative

No. 1243437

You still aren't getting the point. No one gives af about the specifics of how many women got to wear miniskirts and go to college, and why the mullahs were successful. The whole point of Atwood including the Iran reference was to show that women's rights are constantly on the chopping block and the dial can get turned back anytime. It doesn't matter why or how, but that many groups have a vested interested in removing whatever freedom women have. We could have the same useless back and forth about USA just now. The majority of the country is not totally aligned with the fundie retards that are in positions of power, but they still got in power through republican's party loyalty and now here we are, with the dial turned a bit back regarding abortion.

No. 1243438

and are Arab women at fault for not controlling there men, cause I promise you they are just as bad if not worse

No. 1243440

I agree with you 100%.

No. 1243441

when the specifics involves people not being able to feel their own children, I think that's a big factor that can't be ignored, also no matter how awful Islam is, it works, its survived 1400 years and can survive for 4000 more unless a state actively suppress it for generations upon generations, Atwood is just an ignorant north american

No. 1243443

oh Damn what a gotcha! You can complete it now by revealing the sex of those actually paying to rape those smuggled women

No. 1243445

Who is that? OUR western men? So clearly it’s all OUR fault even though Natasha and Svetlana conned them into going in the first place?

No. 1243453

This poster is a ychromo

No. 1243456

What poster?

No. 1243468

And you think the republican party in the US doesn't have any other factors to lure in voters besides touting misogyny? Somehow though, if an author in the future decided to use this situation as inspiration for her speculative fiction dystopian novel, I wouldn't act like an autist about it.

No. 1243522

>it works
I mean, every society would "work" from the pov of men when it's based on killing everyone who doesn't worship a pedophile and raping women.

No. 1243527

Damn I can't imagine being someone that knows they make money off of exploiting women and still having the nerve to post photos like the one of her on a boat. Some people are really evil.

No. 1243545

File: 1656401019914.jpg (461.54 KB, 1080x1381, IMG_20220628_092107.jpg)

Good morning, I wish the moid sperg a very nice jeblo ti krv krdo divljih bivola.
On to the twitter hating topic

No. 1243547

>Literally even herr, all white women rage when you mention that white men dating slavs are the ones taking advantage of the women because you'd rather think the evil Natasha is trying her hardest to steal your man, you literally never think of us
NTA but where does this happen? Most anons shit on men who do that from what I've seen. Idg where you get the idea that literally every western white woman supports abusive white men, and for the ones who do that doesn't mean everyone else should be punished for it. And a lot of biden's supporters either aren't aware of his and his son's pedo behavior or dismiss it as a 'conspiracy' (though the other choice for president is a creep too so everything would be screwed regardless)

No. 1243548

Yeah I of course don't believe all white women are like that but I've seen a lot of stuck up ones and I'm unfortunately sure they're majority. They literally lose their minds when a woman of another race speaks up about any issue but especially our issues with white men, even the anon I was arguing with was saying that slavery was over and white men totally weren't taking advantage of minorities anymore. If someone thinks that way and keeps supporting the men who abuse us, the same person shouldn't be shocked when he turns around and abuses them.
Lmao you're still blaming women even though your disgusting men are who create demand for forced sex workers. Keep proving you deserve what you get from them because you're still supporting them so hard and like… For what? Aren't they taking away women's rights as a whole? Why are you so keen on supporting your shitty rat looking men when they're pushing laws to force women to birth rape and incest babies by making abortion illegal?
So you're not ok with me blaming western women while we have proof they're still supporting their shit men even in this thread but you wanna blame women who can't speak up their mind for… Not speaking up? Lol. I hope your white men treat you like how Arab women are treated so you will understand how we felt for years. You deserve everything you get for not even having an ounce of sympathy towards us.

No. 1243551

File: 1656401880759.gif (151.77 KB, 112x112, spongebob-fish.gif)

Nonnies, is it Twitter Hate Thread or did I take a wrong turn and accidentally entered the Infighting Thread?

No. 1243553

Apparently it's the paki-chan spergatory

No. 1243556

I don't get why this book got so famous tbh. It's 'inspired' by Iran while ignoring how Iran came to become what it is in the first place. I got a lot more out of Persepolis, which is an actual lived experience

No. 1243564

This, If you want the perspective of someone who actually lived through a real life handmaidens tale, you should Persepolis or any or the accounts of women in Iran

No. 1243569

Common case of a random American taking a tragedy and making money off of it. They do this with every tragic event, it's not that deep.

No. 1243579

margaret atwood is canadian

No. 1243590

and spent most of her life working in the US and Canda is dominated by American cultural rhetoric

No. 1243606

Nobody is supporting their “shitty rat looking
Men” just stop blaming other women when YOUR WOMEN are the ones manipulating girls and women into western countries with the promise of jobs, pimping them out and taking their money.

No. 1243608

This isn't pakichan. She doesn't hate western women.

No. 1243644

>doesn’t hate western women

No. 1243647

Sorry but she absolutely does, and has made it clear multiple times how much she would love to throw western women under the bus for a crumb of attention from a white western man.

No. 1243651

She rants against western women but love a western male pedo and murderer.

No. 1243672

I hate it so much when trannies and enbys like my tweets. I just had a self proclaimed "NB yumejoshi" like a tweet of mine about some video game characters I like always having shitty hc attached to them, aka they're always trooned out by underaged fans and drawn as ugly neon monkey like characters instead of how they really are in-game, and she thinks this isn't about her? kek anyway I saw that she likes disguting hentai art so I'm not even sure that's an actual yumejoshi.

No. 1243675

imagine having autism

No. 1243760

I'm not pakichan, pakichan hates western women because of jealousy but loves their men. I hate western men and majority of western women because they support their men's degeneracy.
Didn't you see the retarded anon blaming Russian women when white men are the ones raping trafficked girls? Women like her deserve to be hated.

No. 1243761

stop say "white men" when east europeans are white as fuck, their men are white as fuck, and just misogynistic as any other race as men. go cape for boris and ivan some more.

No. 1243762

I'm not Russian or even slavic so it's not like our women are pimps lol. Your men are still the ones raping girls though, guess it really doesn't matter how much other women suffered in their hands until they decided to target you personally. Have fun.

No. 1243764

All men are equally shitty but white men have the most power thus they have more opportunity to screw women over. Also slavs aren't white and even if they were, it wouldn't matter because the white men I'm talking about are white men from wealthy countries who have been taking advantage of others for centuries. This isn't about race but moreso a class of men having too much power.

No. 1243771

File: 1656426640563.jpeg (267.49 KB, 1200x1200, D119E30A-B7C4-453B-8C23-23BD92…)

slavs are white. there is no world where they are not white. are you okay?

No. 1243792

Whoever “your” men are, I guarantee they are raping girls too. This whole discussion is pointless so stfu.

No. 1243794

I wonder what race you think i am then, if not white

No. 1243796

You’re so fucking stupid. What about all the Russian men putting up with THEIR men raping Ukrainians?

No. 1243798

She’s one of those people that thinks Jewish people aren’t white. They literally are white, they’re white skinned. Doesn’t mean they aren’t persecuted minorities but they are still white.

No. 1243853

Please don't tell me you're a sheltered American who thinks only Anglo Saxons are white?

No. 1243854

NTA but funnily Slavs, Irish and Italians weren't considered white by murricans before ww2. If you are slavic or from thr balkans, you are still white but will be treated like trash in the west.

No. 1243871

Yeah because Anglos specifically thought they were superior to the people you listed specifically, it's not because of some skin color related reason, it's related to ethnicity. The American continent as a whole is so weird about this kind of stuff.

No. 1244037

File: 1656441457622.jpeg (362.15 KB, 1170x2002, 6CE7825D-E689-426F-918B-479BEB…)

Raging over some random tweeting a few question marks

No. 1244089

they have a point tbh. So many people on the fashion side of twitter don't actually care about the fashion and care more about the models themselves. Bella Hadid primarily.

No. 1244226

This is what I meant but the tarded Americans are pretending they totally consider slavs and Jews white while they scrutinize and blame those two groups for everything they/their men do wrong, kek. Even saw white men blame porn industry on Jews… Now anons here are literally blaming three Russian women for thousands if not millions of their men raping Russian girls.

No. 1244249

His 'philosophies' are merely paranoid delusions stacking upon themselves

No. 1244467

I'd really like to have a tumblr hate thread actually. It might not be as busy a shitstorm as twitter but it's full of these type of people who are very "uwu I'm Not Like the Other Leftists" and pretend to be edgy and hard to offend in a way that feels inspired by 4chan but at the same time will cry if you say trans women are men

No. 1245702

File: 1656549640219.png (537.63 KB, 1170x1218, BA4F56E8-691A-47F5-A831-E3C719…)

i kinda get where this person’s coming from but jfc it’s not that serious at all

No. 1245739

Why do all these twitter tards always write like they’re trying to hit a minimum word count on an essay?

No. 1245799

File: 1656560475542.png (111.83 KB, 294x256, 1647533809787.png)

Holy shit. Usually I'm cagey about a big public figure directing their fans to a nobody but this pickme went far out of their way to deserve it.
>speaking in the third person
>explicitly bringing up state oppression of women and using it not only as a reason to opt out of womanhood but take a giant steaming dump over women who don't make a flailing attempt to opt out of womenhood
>'~there's no universal experience of manhood or womanhood~ yet i've decided to not only assert that i'm not a woman by virtue of this but assert my superiority even though according to my claim all women have the grounds to opt out of womanhood'
>oh yeah my 'lived experience' like all men and women according to my statement is too special and important to describe and yet allows me to claim superiority over other women
>have you ever had good sex?? thought not. although i am claiming that i am enlightened (i have good sex and you don't) by virtue of something that i also claim to be a universality you are unenlightened and have bad sex and i am enlightened and have good sex. full stop.

No. 1246094

File: 1656583559014.jpeg (321.7 KB, 1169x2004, 335FD847-DF44-494E-B77C-EE9B0E…)

How can Twitter users think of themselves as progressives when they support people losing jobs over basically nothing

No. 1246118

They think they'll seem smarter if they look like they used a dictionary for the first and only time in their lives.

No. 1246134

Even if she's a nobody she inserts herself into the replies of popular accounts all the time, she actively goes out of her way to get attention like that from others besides JKR too

No. 1246145

It's the tumblr influence

No. 1246239

Because they are not and have never been working class. They are born into middle class and struggle less who then end up little babies who thinks mommy and daddy’s mental health genetic fuck up constitutes a real life struggle like being homeless or cancer. Most of those entitled babies never have to actually worried about being fired and not paying rent because daddy will save them. These are the kids that don’t realize if you got to go to the ward and not just told to suck it up or kill yourself you were lucky. It’s why they celebrate firings, throw around loaded words like rape and genocide and assault, and think they have ever mental illness in the book. They’re bored over grown children Noni.

No. 1246246

that's a man, don't be surprised

No. 1246298

That guy's video was so funny kek

No. 1246311

Not that you’re not right about these Twitter kids, but the guy in question posted his offer letter for his job, including his salary, online which was probably the real reason he got fired. The company likely just used the TikTok stuff as a convenient cover.

No. 1246356

Some of them actually are working class or struggling, they just have no empathy for people in the same boat. Crabs in a bucket mentality.

No. 1246362

Did they grow up barely keeping the lights on? Did they go to school sick because no one could afford childcare? Did they wear hand me downs?
Crabs in a bucket sure, but these people lie and exaggerate everything. They think having a used phone means they struggled. They’re the lefts definition of working class and it’s why their identify obsessed. So determined to poverty larp and I’m sick of it.

No. 1246375

Yeah, how dare women joke about the shit deal of being attracted to men and not consider the economicsocialhistoeawirhaewohgasgw implications of the joke.

No. 1246413

Nta but there are definitely some white trash/ghetto people on Twitter tweeting from their trailers or the fast food restaurants that they work at at age 28. They laugh when other people get fired like they’re not one missed payment away from homelessness themselves kek

No. 1246782

What even happened? How was he insulting bodegas?

No. 1246848

File: 1656641786247.png (524.47 KB, 1079x1623, Screenshot_20220630-215741_(1)…)

Found an interesting specimen on twitter.
The women's replies to this tweet are basically minor inconvenienences like giving men less than full drinks, not giving them sauce packets, refusing to give way in a sidewalk, etc
Then you have this "lesbian" shotacon fujoshi degenerate claiming it's totally the same as incels wanting to kill and rape women. Christ, she's probably a themby pick me.

No. 1246894

File: 1656644373529.jpeg (568.51 KB, 1170x2116, EE91591F-6AD9-444E-B5CB-C8EDBB…)

Zendaya is literally pretty but troglodyte moids are so obsessed with calling her mid or ugly

No. 1246898

some anons say the same thing tbf

No. 1246912

Men have no taste in beauty. To them beauty = who makes my dick hard. I’ve seen supermodels get called mid or average by men who then praise photoshopped insta models. They know in real life these women would never even spit on their faces. Never take any opinion on beauty by men seriously.

No. 1246914

>Men actually thinking their opinion matters about how women look
Men thinking they have any valid opinions at all.

No. 1246937

She doesn't act like a bimbo or anime child/doesn't exude an aura of being desperate for cock and validation = she's ugly to men

That same male would say Belle delphine is a 10

No. 1247002

File: 1656651088822.jpg (36.37 KB, 563x560, 5dd14a406f2a3fd9f395.jpg)

tbf that sounds utterly pathetic on all parties, like Jesus Christ imagine admitting that your this much of a loser, fujoshi, femcels. incels. misandrists like by God the world is dying and consumed by wars, my nation is likely gonna end up in a civil war most likely but these monkeys would care about this pointless shit, their imagine gender war, utterly pathetic moron behavior(bait)

No. 1247014

oh god it's you again

No. 1247024

Go simp for Varg or sperg about fujos.

No. 1247032

Go back

No. 1247039

I think americans are very stupid people that need more common sense

No. 1247084

No one cares, misandry is good and needed.

No. 1247091

Based. God knows we need a little balance against the universal hatred of women.

No. 1247124

She wants to commission a fujo artist but has no money

No. 1247223

zendaya looks pretty goblinish. i don't hate her but she's not beautiful, she has a really slim body and a really good taste in fashion…. that's it

No. 1247264

It's almost like taste and attraction is all very personal and there's no point in scrotes pretending their universal 10 point scale means shit to anyone outside of the worst terminally online whingebags
> She's not even that hot and it annoys me that anyone thinks so whaaaa

No. 1247550

File: 1656699871993.jpeg (886.3 KB, 1170x1817, F410E9AD-02D3-4E2F-B75C-63B5B1…)

Men deserve guillotine 1/3

No. 1247551

File: 1656699921039.jpeg (901.74 KB, 1170x1727, B9DF2D00-50AD-4EF8-B23B-E2E291…)

No. 1247552

hang yourself, free the world (the moid not anon)

No. 1247556

File: 1656700044652.jpeg (941.7 KB, 1170x1857, DA270A88-C7B2-4ED3-B267-DE871D…)


No. 1247579

Don’t care didn’t ask, plus you’re a furry

No. 1247641

this moid needs to be castrated, though as a furry he'd probably be into that

No. 1247648

As a female I have the right to wear what I want and feel comfortable despite males being aroused by me. To enforce this right and free the poor males of a feeling they "can't control", I should have the right to cut off their cocks and balls, as well as to kill them in case they completely go out of control and assault someone. Male subjugation is the true solution.

No. 1247668

Okay even if the majority of people found her to be a "7" (only moids retardedly rank people like this all the time) or average looking…so what? She's primarily an actress and none of her roles emphasize her beauty as a character trait. And the praise she gets for modeling is usually based on turning interesting looks and having an eclectic sense of style. Plus she's tall and thin and that's like 95% of what matters in the fashion world. How fuckable some ugly Twitter scrote does or does not find her has no relevance to anything at all except his own narcissistic ego. Nevermind the fact that she's obviously a beautiful woman by most people's standards and beauty is subjective anyway so the whole conversation is pointless.
Like Jordan Peterson commenting on that one swimsuit model. Who cares if he personally finds her attractive? She would never even spare him a passing glance anyway. It has no bearing on his life whatsoever and yet he can't help himself from blurting out his dickpinion to the world like it matters.
We need to start bullying ugly men more and openly stating when we do find a guy attractive. They'd of course throw tantrums over it but idc at this point. They need to learn some humility

No. 1247679

The fact that any loser would go out of their way to talk about such a non-issue really shows what they’ve got going on in their lives

No. 1247694

Late as hell, but you managed to help me understand why an anglo dude I'm talking to got into a debate with me whether Italians are white. He wouldn't believe that we, Central-Europeans do not consider them "non-white". It's not like we're not racist, but no one really fights about "what is true whiteness", we just hate each others nations.

No. 1247736

It's rare that I ever say things like this but this guy is such a faggot.

No. 1248173

this moid is this close to joining isis

No. 1249682

I had to look her up, because im out of touch and didn't really know what she looks like. Wtf. She's literally gorgeous. Anyway a "7" is literally above average? moids are so retarded.

When i used some fashion and makeup subreddits in the past, id post photos of my outfits or makeup. Id get men messaging me to tell me im ugly and stuff like, "take that giant bull ring out of your nose and maybe you might be a 6" or "7/10 body but -2/10 face", then proceeded to ask for nudes anyway. Why do they pretend like they wont fuck literal hot pockets? I had to quit using even r/kibbe because reddit is so infested with moids, i can't even ask women for fashion advice without being rated when i don't care and solicited for nudes.

No. 1249748

File: 1656865052320.jpg (415.87 KB, 1080x1737, IMG_20220703_181420.jpg)

No. 1249765

I hope the normies ruin everything you love faggot

No. 1249810

imagine bragging about being a clownfucker before it was cool. absolute degeneracy

No. 1249888

First of all, clown themed aesthetic is pretty normie already and is for boring people - like frogs and edgy moe and whatever shit popular today
Second - the fuck about trans even!! Because she is flat chested? Oh god help those people to hang themselves already

No. 1249898

File: 1656874358379.jpeg (213.9 KB, 1169x1080, 29652109-7968-4D74-955B-949FB7…)

No. 1249899

>Ackshually, ladies, a man was the first person to refer to himself as a cunt

No. 1249902

>ballroom culture
Huh? Is this more fag shit? No one cares kek

No. 1249911

I am completely homophobic and its the faggots who made me this way

No. 1249913

Do they not call themselves "cunt" because it's another word for vagina kek

No. 1249923

Slightly off-topic, but if not this, you also have the moids saying that if you think cunt is offensive you're being "US-centric" because Brits and Australians use it all the time.

No. 1249927

Underground drag queen shows in the 90s

No. 1250262

File: 1656899911385.png (636.58 KB, 1440x2101, Screenshot_20220704-035609_Twi…)

Every time.

No. 1250287

No. 1250330

I swear they keep pushing me deeper and deeper into this hatred.

No. 1250512

Men will blame inanimate objects and women before taking responsibility for raping a dog. Literal rape-apes.

No. 1250524

I think Dahmer was doing god's work gutting those horny faggots who would go to a complete stranger's house just to gargle some balls.
We talk about trans-peaking on here often but not enough about fag-peaking.
When the whole world thought talking to an AIDS-ridden streetwalker would kill them Lesbians were the only people holding their hands as they perished in hospitals. Even their own mothers were disgusted by them. Now, they're leading witch-hunts against lesbians who won't let trannies rape them. This is all they ever got as a "thank you."
If I say this in real life, they will paint me as a "homophobe" in seconds even though I've always loved my lesbian sisters. I just hate faggots the way I hate their straight brethren. A fag-phobe, if you will.
Straight women, grow a spine and dump your fags.

No. 1250567

Not directly related but I remember a gay guy I know irl from when we were in university together who is a twitter addict. Not that long ago he was bragging and genuinely happy that there were more straight people than gay men who had AIDS (not sure if that's still the case or not). This guy obviously didn't take into account the fact that among these "straight" people there are closeted bi or gay men fucking other men and women being cheated on and contaminated by the first group of men I just mentioned. Basically he managed to prove a homophobic point I never agreed with until now. I then learned that at the time when AIDS was at its highest in the 80s in the US gay men thought closing down places like bath houses and other places were they were all hooking up with no protection was homophobia, and not just common sense. Not sure how accurate this is though, but at this point, with how I keep seeing them saying that prep is great because they fuck strangers bareback I've given up and I only give a shit about lesbians and bi women. No but seriously as someone who had to take a medical treatment on a daily basis for nearly a decade as a kid for something I was born with I don't get how they decide to just give up and take meds on a daily basis because of their own stupid behavior. Azealia's monologue on instagram about how prep gives gay men terrible habits was on point.

No. 1250934

>How to spot the mentally ill recently "pinkpilled" edgy polilez who will make a 180 in 2 years to the another extreme and become a doormat tradthot for a Nigel and act like homosexuality is just a phase you learn out of

No. 1251034

t. Summerfag

No. 1251068

File: 1656969216512.png (466.34 KB, 611x611, firefox_WqDQ6XP8Ra.png)

No. 1251073

No. 1251110

He mostly killed children (and the police let him do it because they're also white moids), you fucking brainlet

No. 1251283

who cares

No. 1251285

File: 1656978580734.jpeg (307.66 KB, 828x1110, 6A67BD40-72FD-4066-A964-CEA52B…)

thousands of ppl lying to themselves that this low self esteem butch lesbian is a handsome man KEK

No. 1251304

File: 1656979840108.png (1.61 MB, 1170x1994, 2BB11FAE-BBAC-445C-87A7-DE2EB1…)

No. 1251306

she looks haggard

No. 1251421

Yeah this is cult type behaviour. They wouldn't have anything to say if she looked like this but still called herself a woman

No. 1251449

File: 1656993931359.png (14.12 KB, 538x232, 57uruj.png)

>if you haven't had sex with men you're not allowed to talk about it ever reeeee

I'm bi and didn't fuck any men until my mid 20s either but I'm not sure if this troon intern knows women like that exist

No. 1251566

What does that even mean? Also I wish tranny fags would stop putting their filth on every clean and pure surface they see

No. 1251613

He is basically saying that Ranma is trans because he is wearing a dress with the trans flag colors and there's a cracked egg under him (In this context, "cracking one's egg" is like saying a person, in this case Ranma, got groomed into being a tranny). However, that picture was made long before the troon flag or egg slang existed, but he is still taking it as a hint that Ranma is a TiM.

No. 1251622

Is this someone behind a lesbian dating app complaining about a lesbian never having had sex with a man? what?

No. 1251624

File: 1657006804612.jpg (437.45 KB, 1080x1847, herapp.jpg)

How the hell is this an official page. It's 100% maintained by a tranny.

No. 1251627

Yep, it screams that a man wrote those tweets.

No. 1251631

Holy shit, at least it's getting ratio'd to hell. Absolutely fuck whoever is tweeting these out and the people who allow it to go on.

No. 1251632

The entire manga is about how Ranma is desperately looking for a cure for the his girl transforming curse (and how some of the other characters are also cursed with different transformations) and he only stops once he sees with his own two eyes that the thing he could have used to not be cursed anymore disappeared right in front of him. And he either becomes a girl by accident or to gain something specific from it for comedic scenes. I bet this retarded coomer is only familiar with the yuri doujinshi this series caused.

No. 1251634

File: 1657007571323.png (243.59 KB, 1491x1452, cap.png)

The reply made it even worse, good fucking god.

No. 1251636

I'm straight so correct me if I'll wrong but I never thought "gold star lesbian" was meant to put down lesbians or bi women who have dated men? It's just a neutral descriptor isn't it? And yeah given the things I've read about that app months ago the community manager or creator of HER is a transbian apparently but I'm not 100% sure anymore.

No. 1251640

Anyone who gets offended with the gold star lesbian term is a retard

No. 1251641

What's even the point of emphasizing on the fact that "she's a 10"? "Ooohh no, such a hot woman shouldn't be wasted only on other women! Males aren't fucking her? What a shame!"

No. 1251645

It's a meme I keep seeing everywhere. And badly used too here.

No. 1251647

NTA but I've always found the term bizarre and gross. Kind of sounds like centering women's worth around how much dick they've not taken. Why even bring scrotes up in any way?
It sucks that the HER app became transbian inclusive, I think it wasn't like this before and the owner gave some based answer to being asked about trans women, but they went back on it.

No. 1251652

The joke is that she's hot but her personality is not because she's not woke and won't take tranny dick, so she's useless.

No. 1251653

Everything is ruined eventually by troons

No. 1251656

If someone told me they were a gold star lesbian I would be happy to talk to her and compliment her on that. unless it's a troon saying it of course. Actually, I want to see a fugly troon responding to that tweet like "OMG BUT WHAT ABOUT US TRANSBIANS WHO HAVE ONLY EVER KISSED WOMEN OMG THE MOUTHFEEL ITS TOTES DIFFERENT"

No. 1251658

plenty to criticize gay men for ( and their vast use of misogyny) but calm down anon lol

No. 1251743

>"we're against shaming too - but it starts first when you label yourself as something that ultimately puts other women down. Like "gold-star-lesbian" for example"
>Rates women's appearance on a scale from 1-10

No. 1251788

It is a neutral descriptor and most lesbians I know are gold stars so it's sort of redundant, but in these times it's also sort of a TERF dogwhistle which is why this tranny community manager is so angry about its usage. It also pisses off bihets who want to belong to the cool lesbians club and in union they decided it's an oppressive, exclusive term that "puts other women down" when it's just something lesbian women use to find likeminded women with similar experiences and lifestyle to theirs. But of course a woman who has never been dicked needs to be burned at a stake.

No. 1251855

File: 1657028791827.jpg (805.41 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2022-07-05-08-45-05…)

I miss the time when degeneracy on the internet was at least shamed

No. 1251986

I threw up my ice tea

No. 1252055

File: 1657041058803.png (145.73 KB, 1069x792, Screenshot_20220705-121629~2.p…)

Stop saying biology is oh so complex, male and female exist as a category for a reason.

No. 1252075

I'm detrans and if anything the 'trans experience' of taking hormones and watching your body try to swap categories in line with your new primary sex hormone.. only proves the two defined categories. Even when we're interfering with it we're proving it. Intersex people, trans people.. are still just an amalgamation of those two same categories. Theres no getting away from it.

No. 1252104

Even if a MtF tran has a brain that is physically 1% less like most men's and more like most women's, that doesn't stop the rest of his brain from being 99% male or his body from producing male hormones and having male genitals. And it certainly doesn't change the fact that he was socialized male since birth which only reinforces his natural male behaviors.

No. 1252121

Can't wait for this era of brainrot to end

No. 1252178

Gender doesn't exist, sex is two clear categories (but if you try to segue they'll being up intersex people, forgetting the fact that those are DISORDERS and not a third or fourth sex). Sexuality may be complicated still, especially when it comes to men, but not really. I don't see all this "chaos".

No. 1252185

I finally remembered what these people remind me of. You know in 90s or 2000s those vaguely hippy characters in American media having a dumb voice, who en their sentences with ",man…", acting like they smoke weed 10000% and wearing these ugly ass sarouels and sandals? The white characters who tend to have super long dreadlocks? That's what they remind me off.

No. 1252187

The hell did intersex people do to get into the mix

No. 1252201

Trannies wanted to steal AMAB and AFAB. Got called out. Intersex people got talked over and made a part of the alphabet mafia and essentially told to shut the fuck on tumblr 10 years ago

No. 1252262

Human biology and psychology are sooo rich and complex transphobes just don't get it!! Yet men have always known for millenia whom to subjugate even without knowing what a chromosome it.

No. 1252470

Kek this whole mess reminded me of when some troon made a video a few years ago seething about the term gold star and Magdalen Berns responded to tear him a new asshole. Vidrel if anyone's curious

No. 1252480

Is this the woman that died

No. 1252725

NTAYRT but yes, she died of brain cancer I believe. RIP.

No. 1253495

File: 1657164155839.png (31.8 KB, 792x239, fruit.png)

they literally sound homophobic saying this shit, can they stop using the word fruity to be fun and quirky

No. 1253500

cool very edgy

homophobia affects lesbians too

No. 1253530

well, they literally are homophobic and call gay people genital fetishists.

No. 1253704

Why was this posted? What's wrong with it

No. 1253714

Gayness to them is about literally everything but actual homosexuality.

No. 1253781

File: 1657208700197.gif (896.47 KB, 220x220, 1642789419278.gif)

>I think Dahmer was doing god's work gutting those horny faggots who would go to a complete stranger's house just to gargle some balls.

No. 1254303

File: 1657234883370.jpeg (34.27 KB, 602x185, C245AE6D-8B21-486B-8B7C-C0AA8E…)

Can pickmes on Twitter stop basing their worth on wether or not a man finds them attractive?

No. 1254312

because your only sense of worth comes from your looks obviously, jfc

No. 1254317

Scoring looks is such a casual yet vile think to do to yourself and others

No. 1254318

Fruity isn't homophobic retard

No. 1254322

File: 1657236214171.png (36.06 KB, 529x291, 13473a5c86f67019dc40a8d306d31c…)

No. 1254323

Poor thing playing these moid games to seem like a cool girl has no clue that men rate beautiful women poorly on purpose.

Fruit, fruity, and fruitcake we're common homophobic insults when I was a teen.

No. 1254329

Mental illness

No. 1254716

No. 1254731

File: 1657279343459.png (366.18 KB, 415x589, aboy.png)

>shirt: some engrish nonsense
>every retard from a mile around: MUH BIGENDER SHE/HE REP!!!!!

No. 1254734

on one hand, not having slept with a man is a stupid thing to brag about, on the other hands, it's funny watching bihets on twitter get butthurt and insecure over someone being more kweer than they are

No. 1254894

File: 1657288572333.png (741.41 KB, 1461x1586, twt.PNG)

I know it's a joke but it doesn't change how casually disgusting it is (and how many people consider it funny)

No. 1254901

just depressing, not funny

No. 1254953

His smile just screams coomer.

No. 1255051

If he "loves" her, why is he willingly jerking off to other women? Also he looks at porn that much in a day, at that point it's a serious illness.

No. 1255104

Let me guess, "queer" isn't one either

No. 1255108

utterly repulsive

No. 1255329

i never realized this until i did some deep dive reading about lesbophobia and lesbianism in general. it's even worse now with all the TiM shit. my lesbian sisters i didn't realize you had it so bad, stay strong

No. 1255349

This is the millenial/zoomer edition of "I hate my wife" boomer humor when you think about it. Same punchline. What makes it so much more annoying though is how they ridicule boomers for it as if they're not the same. Scrotes gonna scrote ig

No. 1255507

File: 1657321229244.png (55.04 KB, 775x460, found the porn addict.png)

No. 1255576

File: 1657327112174.png (623.69 KB, 584x1559, yt.png)

>calls someone else a gaijin
>is a gaijin

Sucking Japan's ass won't make you Japanese kek

No. 1255603

not only is she white, but she has a twenty one pilots tattoo

No. 1255605

I saw the thumbnail thinking it might be something quirky but then when I read the post, it was as if my soul left my body. Scrotes like this just make me lose faith in men. And seeing this kind of shit being socially accepted makes me lose faith in humanity. Fuck moids and fuck this gay earth.

No. 1255618

Assmad porn addict detected.

No. 1255630

Holy shit do I hate how much porn and porn usage has been normalized. Imagine watching enough porn to have think or do any of this, vile.

No. 1255639

This must be all in one day because there are labels separating dates on iMessage

No. 1255655

Porn addicts have literally no shame or self awareness.

No. 1255794

I don't totally understand the responses itt, this is not funny at all but it's really not offensive either, and I am saying this as a person staunchly against porn. The husband is supposed to be the butt of the joke since there are so many messages in a row with no dated timestamps. It's just not a funny joke because twittertards are not funny.

No. 1255841

That's a funny joke, weebs are boring.

No. 1256086

File: 1657381978050.jpg (434.33 KB, 1080x1698, IMG_20220709_104741.jpg)

They almost had me on the first tweet. Imagine thinking BL/yaoi and real lesbian porn are on the same level.

No. 1257006

File: 1657435388127.png (222.07 KB, 587x871, its retardation, your honor.PN…)

Fucking kek

No. 1257085

People should walk up to kweerios and tell them to stfu more often, especially those who call themselves lesbians.

No. 1258000

File: 1657499892256.png (1.91 MB, 1242x2208, BE7721F3-5CAF-4F27-856F-4FB6E3…)


Nothing wrong with acknowledging white privilege but using it to mask your obvious bitterness and jealously makes you look like asshole

No. 1258145

File: 1657511862103.jpeg (86.63 KB, 591x1280, 3B8DAEAD-CAEF-430D-8EDB-F1B797…)

Man decided to go to get a manicure and pedicure and to the gym even though he was very sick later to find out he had monkey pox. The selfishness and complete disregard for the safety of others is disgusting. He ended up locking his account but someone took screenshots.

No. 1258146

File: 1657511891632.jpeg (93.32 KB, 591x1280, FDDD7112-74B2-458F-8610-8420B1…)

No. 1258147

File: 1657511982515.jpeg (90.28 KB, 591x1280, 1D120BE5-F80D-4AAA-B01D-59C027…)

No. 1258149

anon if these are yours your pfp is showing

No. 1258151

>sleeping on hotel linens naked
Oh my God…

No. 1258161

This is very common behavior among black moids, they have failed in literally every facet of manhood(protection and providing) and so they blame shit on whitey, its utterly pathetic

No. 1258216

With people being this retarded I'm understanding more and more why wenre still in a pandemic since more than 2 years ago. That also explains why AIDS spreads so bad, and I really don't want to seem homophobic but at some point these gay guys need to stop having casual sex with random guys if they want to get some compassion. I'm not going to the beautician anymore for a few years if this keeps up.

No. 1258220

Anon said someone took screenshots once he locked his account so I'm guessing that's not hers.

No. 1258554

File: 1657552514900.jpg (123.45 KB, 1170x1621, 9qz9i75e2ta91.jpg)

Picrel is what happens when you overload on wokoid brain rot, also there are unironically people defending him, when people tried to bring up the fact that white privilege doesn't exist in the sense that germany was majority white, so that non-whites weren't even an equation in the holocaust, wokies brought up afro geramns and how their stories are being erased(they were like 20'000 of then in a nation of 52 million) they were literally not in the equation cause of how small their population was, more gypsies were killed then afro germans

No. 1258569

The American education system has failed

No. 1258570

As if her “white privilege” got her out of being fucking murdered. Ffs

No. 1258582

Isn't that what the tweet said? I'm confused.

No. 1258590

Whats wrong with having white privilege, privilege shaming is not ok.

No. 1258602

these people are so fucking retarded, more of any other group, including just rando germans or catholic priests and nuns were killed than black people. there's a pic of the only(!) black inmate in a concentration camp amongst 100 thousands of whites.
that's not the place and period you want to play the oppression card with

No. 1258606

It has. People don’t realize we went after everyone. Even in America. The largest American lynching was Italians. We enslaved African Americans. Then put them in share cropping, Jim Crow and sunset laws. We sterilized autistic, mentally ill, homosexual, native, black and so on women. We put Japanese people in camps and have hitler the idea for his grand eugenics. Burgerland is a gilded pretty screen that rotted a lot of these people’s brain with propaganda. Every race suffered. Women and children the most. This moid can get out with his oppression points system so he can whine about how the world isn’t rigged more in his favor.

No. 1258636

Why are people falling for this shit? It's clearly a bait, and entire conversation around it doesn't have a single person saying that she had white privilege, only masses being outraged about "how can people say that". News outlets are making articles about it. No one is saying that except deleted tweet with 13 likes, there's no discourse, everyone agrees it's retarded

No. 1258693

Agreed, I first heard about this when I clicked it on the trending tab and found tweets denouncing it with several thousand likes. Gotta give this one to Twitter users.

No. 1258931

oh I'm retarded whoops lol

No. 1258987

File: 1657575661194.jpg (151.33 KB, 1068x996, FXVaUk7XkAAHZ8d.jpg)

people are accusing Jk Rowling of allying with Matt Walsh because of this tweet. Everyone on this website is so stupid

No. 1258997

You sound bitter and jealous of dignified women.

No. 1259000

nona pls don't start infighting

No. 1259002

Everybody is too smart to take the bait

No. 1259028

At this point Rowling could end world hunger and people would send her death threats for not curing cancer instead. She can't say or do anything right in the eyes of these retards anymore.

No. 1259442

File: 1657621456793.png (49.18 KB, 603x390, Screenshot 18 (2).png)

No. 1259451

Strong example of a heated discourse judging by the numbers

No. 1259550

idk i wouldn't have tweeted matt walsh if i was her. i don't give kudos to people who are admittedly correct about trans being bullshit, but just want women to be barefoot kitchen bound broodmares with no rights to speak of. no thanks. she has more clout than matt walsh, she doesn't need to engage with him.

No. 1259552

That anon is a retard but you sound like a massive fucking pickme for the poor wee little uwuw brown men. Also fuck hook up culture, stop being such an enabler for ballsack lowlifes who sleep around and contribute to the spread of STDs you fucking idiot.

No. 1259603

that anon is retarded but so are you. a number of those guys were poor, just hitchhiking straight teen boys, and some were prostituted little boys, you sick freak. and gay men having casual sex is dangerous for them but not immoral, though they should work on their sex obsession, which is in no way different from straight male sex obsession. why gay men get shit on so heavily seems pathological. yeah they're annoying, but not worth this much hate.

No. 1259885

thats just a racebaiting moid, nona

No. 1259980

File: 1657648533874.jpg (202.44 KB, 720x960, 20220712_125246.jpg)

No. 1259986

What the hell is a "womanhood maintenance day" supposed to be?

No. 1259987

this has to be a joke

No. 1259990

File: 1657648758861.jpg (39.07 KB, 517x680, FXd-LR2XgAAmS-T.jpg)

spicy take

No. 1259994

It's not womanhood it's feminity then, womanhood is not exclusive to that.

No. 1259995

I hate alot of the stuff women have been memed into doing, like gluing fake hair onto your eyelids but.. it's not mandatory

No. 1260009

Wait who uses lash glue everyday? What are we supposed to use wax for? I'm so confused.

No. 1260010

This person thinks being a woman means scrotes rendering you fuckable lol. What a miserable existence

No. 1260015

The brown girl ended up being more hairy than his low-T ass and this is how he copes.

No. 1260022

nta but they were teenage boys and children, they weren't hooking up with him, they were abducted, tortured, raped and killed in any particular order

No. 1260023

Wax for hair removal and if you wear makeup you probably use glue pretty frequently

No. 1260037

turns out its a black tranny
black people are naturally less hairy though, sometimes completely hairless

No. 1260048

I don't wear makeup I don't wax I use other methods. Most women I know also don't wear makeup or wax religiously either.

No. 1260049

Why is this person going on for almost 10 minutes about "black women" when they believe the requirement to be a woman is to be white? Kek

No. 1260051

I meant middle eastern by brown. I'm middle eastern and women here are very hairy though it also means you have good hair, great eyelashes and brows so I can't complain.

No. 1260060

What's this video? Is she(?) the one who's making the weird posts?

No. 1260086

File: 1657650679989.png (21.04 KB, 583x200, 87y.png)

Like clockwork. It's a brain-rotted pickme who loves to bash other women, especially black women, in service of men (including men in dresses), nothing to see here

No. 1260098

Wait wasn't she the black woman in the video? Or is she a white trans identified woman? I'm so genuinely confused lmao.

No. 1260103

Black TRA woman, I don't know if she's the same one in the video

No. 1260110

Oh… I thought it was a white woman saying you needed to be white to be feminine, she unfortunately sounds like a handmaiden. Super weird seeing a black woman cape for trannies, in ny experience most non-white women don't accept tranny or woke ideology.

No. 1260113

>in ny experience most non-white women don't accept tranny or woke ideology.
That's IRL (well, depending on where you live of course). Online you will see more women being accepting.

No. 1260146

Usually these kinds of twitter users are also anti-capitalist. But then claim the only way to be a woman is to consoom beauty products.

No. 1260197

tbh both white and brown people seem hairy asf to me
I literally just posted about how the poster a black tranny

No. 1260212

Where does it say he's a tranny? That'd explain how he's supporting trannies though since most woc won't excuse trannies cause we know the shit men pull better.

No. 1260216

File: 1657655274830.png (516.8 KB, 1062x542, 7865.png)

I don't think this is a tranny, she just has a deep voice and is pro-troon. Baby picture from that video
Also, you can see that's a woman's body at 0:33

No. 1260219

I'm not a rightwingfag and I think racial discrimination has a time & place to be discussed but does anyone feel like it's been so overdone now. Apparently 90% of Twitter is bots which means that the race narrative being so amplified could be due to bots as well. Idk if anyone here watched The Social Dilemma but it talks about how countries will hijack online discourse to brainwash the civilians of other countries. American enemies (and our own politicians) benefit greatly from division in the west and it's no surprise that these idiots are the same ones who every time revert to "white women" or "trans people suffer the most" when something like Roe v Wade is being taken down for example. They simply do not live in reality and have been brainwashed by an extreme left–the question is why?

No. 1260220

Tbh it's just an ugly woman. I don't know why but the hardcore handmaiden/pickmes are %99 ugly regardless their age and race.

No. 1260222

I don't think that's a tranny but if she continues caping for black men I just hope she doesn't end up like Sasha Johnson who is permanently brain-damaged after giving her life for moids who dgaf about her.

No. 1260230

What happened to Sasha?

No. 1260249

nta but she was a militant BLM activist who called for uprisings against the white patriarchy and was beaten by 4 black men and then shot which left permanently brain damaged
the man who shot her was known in the community, she never once called the police and in fact got in argument with her sister and for calling them and called her sister a coon, she didn't want to see a poor uwu innocent black man get brutalized
When 4 men beat and shot in her broad daylight, no one tried to stop them, or called the police or even testify as witnesses

No. 1260280

Jesus Christ. It's absolutely no surprise that BLM won't blow up her story

No. 1260297

Omg this is so terrible. I can't believe what she went through. I hope there's heaven when I read stuff like this, she deserves peace. This is why we shouldn't cape for men of any race, they're all monsters.

No. 1260308

No clue who she is but this is so strange, what was the motive for doing this to her? Was she a random victim?

No. 1260317

I’m the ayrt and seeing it written out makes me even more disgusted. I had no idea that she tried protecting them from the police previously but holy shit that’s so dark and sad. It’s amazing how we’ve been gaslit to question calling the police on moids simply because of their skin color, even when said moids beat the fuck out of you.

No. 1260350

kek are you parroting the terms militant blm activist and uprising against the white patriarchy from rightwing reactionaries? we actually have to live with these moids and white woman saying we're all retarded for trying to stay alive is tiresome. the cops would've killed her too anyway. it's so ironic when ww say they hate when woc cape for men of their own race, when i hate ww for putting white males on a pedestal as if they're any better. kill all moids honestly

No. 1260363

No. 1260365

It gets worse than that tbh. Blackmails were laughing at her getting shot on twitter and retweeting shit calling her a clown and a bedwench. I dont have much sympathy for her or idiots like Noname who are speeding down this road. Ignore or sidestep Black femicide to keep 'on code' and this is what happens. 5 Black women are murdered every day in the USA, our murder rate is 4x that of white women (and most of the culprits are black men). Im glad people like Cynthia are gaining an audience cuz I'm tired of pathetic handmaidens

Let's all dance around and protest for the 10 or so Black troons murdered every year though, meanwhile idiots like Jason Whitlock are telling JK to bow down to his white homeboy Matt (who thinks he's a subhuman). Can people not see this as the scam it is?

No. 1260884

File: 1657689812408.jpeg (595.83 KB, 1125x1316, 3E6750F2-6884-4967-9E72-262389…)

Looks like Twitter should crash and burn whatever way this Musk thing goes, I'm excited. They want to force him to buy it because now their site's worth is going to plummet as a huge portion of the userbase is revealed to be bots. Whether he does or not (I don't care for him either way) I hope this means the evil will be defeated.

No. 1260906

Didn't the guy who created twitter sell it last year or a few months ago? At the very least he isn't the CEO anymore and he really dodged a bullet, unless he'll be forced to be in court as a witness.

No. 1261020

How can someone be this close to getting it and still…not get it. It's mind blowing.

No. 1261063

I'm not white or black but you're ill if you think she shouldn't have reported black men just because a cop could've also attacked her. No man deserves to be caped over, both white and black women are retarded and keep caping over their men. White western men now took away women's rights to abortion and black men keep raping and killing black women because they know it'll be harder for them to be convicted now with BLM.

No. 1261267


Attractive women don't need to do as much to be picked.

No. 1261384

Yeah this is a trend that I’ve noticed for black men to be legit happy and joking when black women are hurt, from Megan thee Stallion and Lauren Smith-Fields to literal activists fighting for their rights like Sasha Johnson. I’ve even seen it as like a “go-to” insult for black moids to try and insult black women by laughing at black femicide specifically or to call black women racist names and I just wonder how tf there’s supposed to be any collective racial liberation when the moids are so fucking hateful and better yet ungrateful? And not only that but murdering the women who protect them, I seriously get livid just thinking about it

No. 1262011

File: 1657753244883.jpeg (160.3 KB, 1170x746, F76C95A8-8288-4EDF-A64F-ABB374…)

tranny faggot regurgitating MRA talking points as a “feminist”

No. 1262093

Leopards don't change there spots, just start calling themselves dogs and expect you to pretend they are dogs while hunting Gazelles like usual.

No. 1262129

"sexualization culture"
LOL it's fucking called nature, I hate these retarded made up terms they try to use

No. 1263169

Came across a tweet about how uwu trans women don’t owe you passing or femininity. It had 130 qrt’s, but it showed exactly zero of them when i went to look at them. It might have been a glitch but honestly It sounds just like twitter to full on censor any criticism of trannies even when they’re outright admitting they don’t even want to pretend to pass kek

No. 1263267

I've read somewhere that it happens if the account that posted the OP is marked has having adult content. Not sure if that's true but that happens half of the time when I try to check QRTs regardless of context. People can change that in their settings to make sure their pictures or videos are hidden to people who checked in their settings that they want to be warned if adult content is on their TL (it's not post by post, it depends on entire accounts). It's weird as fuck.

No. 1263354

Twitter doesn't show qrts from private accounts

No. 1263385

One of the female furry artists i follow on twitter got in a pickle for drawing a dreamcatcher on a picture for a friend. I can't see the actual call out tweet but i saw her tweets apologizing for her entire existence and how she doesn't support homophobia, putin and whatever else that has nothing to do with the dreamcatcher, just in case. Apparently the person had a problem with the dreamcatcher being an important native american symbol and europeans can't ever draw it because it's insulting. I don't even think the callout themselves was a native american… while you can see native americans themselves selling these things on fairs here, shipping these important religious symbols everywhere to sell but god forbid you draw it! These people live in such a bubble it's incredible to see.

No. 1263422

The dreamcatcher being problematic when in the hands of anyone who isn’t native has been a thing for quite some time now. The problem is like you said, if it had any extremely important spiritual meaning, it’s been lost by now, because they’re so often sold as a cheap tourist sort of item. There are tons of things like that and while it’s probably good for people to know the origins of such items it’s become one of those things that’s infiltrated popular culture for so long now (I think since the 60s) that trying to reclaim it is probably not going to work. A lot of the ones that get sold don’t use the same materials as real ones or are really commercialized to the point that they wouldn’t have any significance now anyway. It’s kind of sad, but I also don’t get why people would go after someone for drawing one in an image unless the image was blatantly mocking natives or something.

No. 1263446

Like >>1263354 said, it meant the quote tweets were from private accounts which is actually funny because that's commonly how people quote things if they are talking shit. So it's possible many of those 130 people were dragging the tweet in private

No. 1263465

For a number that high? I doubt it. I think it's because the OP must have checked the "sensitive content" thing in his settings in that specific case.

No. 1263707

File: 1657907525303.png (101 KB, 1059x434, Screenshot_20220715-194349~2.p…)

Among all the things that don't matter at all this is like the least important thing ever.

No. 1263719

But then calling the "cis" character sex based pronouns is MISGENDERIIING RRREEE, and a nb actor playing a cis character is transphobia etc etc

No. 1263741

is this referring to VAing? literally no one cares the sex or fake made up gender of a VA.

No. 1269982

File: 1658342508968.jpeg (465.46 KB, 828x1139, A994E743-1FAD-42E9-AD06-864DD5…)

It should be switched around kek. Look at the men with bad eyeliner running around like rabid dogs on every site you encounter.

No. 1270143

Male autists on the internet are collecting CP folders, secretly filming their relatives undress, going on reddit to talk about sniffing their nieces knickers, trying to normalize all sorts of weird perversions that are totes just roleplay you guys, they're MAPs, they're dementia-mommy rapers, they're incels etc.. woman eats pasta and does it in a flirty way.. harming society?

No. 1270231

Yeah I mean incels and failmen literally think women being sexy when they want or enjoying harmless stuff is ruining society. Men are just pieces of shit who always ruined everything good the universe had to offer and they won't stop untill the world is destroyed and humanity erased. They are like mental patients with no recognition of their deranged state and will always push the blame and project their own shortcomings onto women.

No. 1270373

First of all, the connection to autism doesn't make sense. The article is weird but I don't think anything there indicates autism. Second, this article can't be a result of a woman with autism going online. There's a whole team of people at NYTimes who had to approve this. Third, how does a dumb article constitute a "seriously negative consequence" for society. And finally, why do scrotes always have to be in a mental competition with women. For once just chill and laugh at the dumb article.

No. 1270921

File: 1658393160034.jpg (199.49 KB, 1080x1786, 20220721_104422.jpg)

Saw a TRA kid from Sonic Fandom use over 30 flags and over 20 pronouns…

No. 1270922

File: 1658393196842.jpg (134.81 KB, 1080x1719, 20220721_104424.jpg)

No. 1270934

Remember when kids and teens who liked Sonic were just minding their own business, playing shitty flash games made by fans and were looking for chao garden tutorials on youtube like normal people? I miss that.

No. 1270944

Sonic has always been an autism magnet like thomas & friends, lets not act like megaspeds are new in communities like blue hedgehog land, its just next gen speds.

No. 1270953

>one harmless silly little article
>serious negative consequences for society
Moids are such hysterical drama queens. The rational sex indeed.

No. 1270959

I mostly knew normies my age then, I've seen plenty of weirdos and furries online and they were adults or English speakers so at the time it was easy to dodge that bullet.

No. 1271239

File: 1658416223992.jpeg (33.45 KB, 680x187, society.jpeg)

Tell them it's satire and they'll end up sounding like picrel.

No. 1271710

Moids literally think that boy bands and YA novels are the cancer destroying the western society just because women like them while their own entertainment is filled with violence and misogyny causing them to become spree killers because they didn't get any pussy for being creepy autists. Men project so much it's unreal.

No. 1271802

File: 1658449013495.webm (8.26 MB, 576x1024, ccieby30-1549497717658996736-2…)

Couldn't find a Tiktok hate thread but I originally found this on Twitter anyway and I'm sure it's universal across different social media platforms. Hope the webm works but here's the link anyway.

I naively thought the worst from Tiktok was the perverts watching preteens do those suggestive dance trends but these men are stalking actual babies too? I hate that pedos aren't the minority of men, it's an abhorrent percentage of them and I bet even the moids who keep it legal would go lower as long as they wouldn't get socially shunned for it. I highly doubt there will ever be laws protecting kids' online exposure from their attention-seeking parents/pedos since on the surface level they just look like regular kid videos. People will turn a blind eye to what is happening.

Lower down in the comments someone linked this post that shows that 70% of the followers of one famous account are male. And you know damn well it's not men who are simply suffering from baby fever.

No. 1271806

over 300k likes. i swear if these stupid bitches don't wake up and start mass mistreating moids before we end up like korea

No. 1271820

File: 1658450128131.png (57.86 KB, 959x719, 483673.png)

It gets worse. There are insane women (mostly third world but also some insane western onlyfans weirdos) who do breastfeeding videos of themselves with infants and they're all sexualized designed for scrotes to coom to, the captions seem designed to arouse scrotes by suggesting being the baby or violating the baby. The comment sections are 100 percent scrote pervs mostly writing in spanish

Castration NOW!!!!!!!!

No. 1271828

can you link the thread? i want to read the responses

No. 1271833

File: 1658450841109.png (565.7 KB, 1080x1609, Screenshot_20220721-204403_(1)…)

No words. I just want to a-log so bad nonas…

No. 1271953

File: 1658459453663.jpeg (232.66 KB, 828x1174, 6BBFEEF6-91B8-4E25-9A27-570AE0…)

I'm dying isn't this Acacia Brinley Clark with her children?! Someone really put time into this edit and most of the men replying to this think it's real.

No. 1271956

Nonnies, if this isn't her I'm going to piss myself because the baby she's holding looks like Brinley.

No. 1271969

Glad he admitted it, so when women warn other women about scrotes, scrotes shouldn't screech misandry.
I don't know if it's her, but this kind of post reminds me that Twitter is becoming Reddit 2.0.

No. 1272102

>I would rape a woman if i could do it without consequences
>Btw I am a liberal feminist haha

thanks scrote, we know liberal "feminism" is a mickey mouse movement made by and for fat redditors like you

No. 1272107

This isn't her. Rosie looks …off and that baby doesn't and lol Acica has a white husband and white kids this is sending me

No. 1272135

Why would you say this and turn around and call yourself a liberal feminist? That’s like saying “I support civil rights but if I could get away with having a house slave I would”

No. 1272153

glad they're starting to admit it. saves women a lot of work.

No. 1274104

File: 1658582553016.jpeg (320.88 KB, 828x1317, CCD00F22-441D-4A36-8507-423E38…)

so many likes and rts on this painfully unfunny tweet https://twitter.com/gxldsociety/status/1550263275161632770?s=21&t=PyCHBJFNC6oLUN47PvGGgw
i fucking hate moids, scrotes, handmaidens, mammies, & pick mes

No. 1274844

File: 1658621023627.jpeg (294.73 KB, 1170x1625, 9F72943B-7D85-4655-B662-220FE8…)

Weird bot just activated and received hundreds of thousands of (probably) botted likes on mundane tweets. Just proves how astroturfed twitter is.

No. 1274851

Agreed. This type of shit is why I support Cynthia G
Also black twitter really isnt that funny anymore the zoomers are braindead as fuck. You can post some bullshit like "I luv juice wrld. His albums are not mid!1" and it'll get 44k retweets

No. 1274932

File: 1658627772229.png (17.1 KB, 558x227, Untitleddd.png)

Turns out if you're bi you have to be sexually and romantically available to penises and if you're not it's burn the witch time, no excuses

No. 1274942

>if you refuse to date men, that is excluding trans women because uhhhhhhh wait

No. 1274968

What does febfem mean

No. 1274972

I just googled it, it's female-exclusive bisexual female, apparently.

No. 1275040

Is that not a lesbian

No. 1275049

No, it's a woman who is attracted to both sexes but chooses to engage sexually with women only.

No. 1275454

Holy shit they're always on our asses.

No. 1276253

so a lesbian fujo?

No. 1276367

kek nonnie, they usually do it for political reasons

No. 1277055

File: 1658783161360.png (410.44 KB, 495x792, 9m.png)

No. 1277059

And then they're 25 wondering why they can't find any "good girls" when they've been whoring around.

No. 1277069

This is so gross, no girl deserves to suffer this much over such a shit stain, why even enter a relationship if you're going to do this? psychopathic behavior, jfc i hate fuckboys and men with a burning passion

No. 1277149

I’m sorry but I honestly find both of these people infuriating just based on the tweet and the message the girl sent. They both seem like attention whores and manipulators.

No. 1277203

>Calls him a whore
Kek kinda based, wish she would get some help and ditch him tho

No. 1277449

File: 1658814487962.png (56.74 KB, 625x605, ee8.png)

No. 1277451

What an absolutely pathetic beta male, even in his fantasies he can't imagine being desired

No. 1277643

File: 1658830765872.png (426.57 KB, 881x759, monkeypox.PNG)

I laughed pretty hard when seeing this because of that post >>1258145, like yeah, you're all acting like fucking idiots instead of keeping it in your pants and then wonder why you get sick and why you're partially blamed for contaminating other people, stop whining.

No. 1277677

isn't it sexually transmitted? Those contacts are just not going to be put into jail for this then okay

No. 1277692

No, you just need to touch someone who's infected for some time, and it's even possible to transmit by with droplets, like when someone coughs or sneezes near you. But since sex is one of those activities where the whole point is to touch other people for some time, and since gay men love to have casual sex with random men whose names they don't even remember, you can already guess why they're the most affected group of people. I haven't read the article, for all we know if could be some gay or bisexual men having one night stands with infected patients and hugging their younger relatives a few days later. That's the reason why the guy who had his manicure and pedicure, and then went to the gym for several days while infected was told he was a turbo retard.

No. 1277699

Why aren't we being vaccinated against this? It's just a pox. We have like 6 pox vaccines already.

No. 1277703

the Kazakhstan flag is sending me, i didn't know this bullshit had already spread to Central Asia. or maybe she's part of the diaspora

No. 1277705

incel have gone on mass shootings killing dozens of people, but somehow women are the problem here

No. 1277706

at least in my country (EU) they stopped vaccinating children against pox in the early 90s, because it ceased to exist in those countries. So no, most younger people are not vaccinated

No. 1277714

I was born in 1994 so I'm probably not vaccinated just like you said, but now I'm never entirely sure about vaccines since it's from long ago.

No. 1277721

File: 1658840279150.png (35.7 KB, 168x180, 1653877233379.png)

That username alone leaks autism. Who does he think is sending those marriage proposals to random women anyway? Also all men should be banned from the internet.

No. 1277762

Pretty sure people are getting vaccines for it

No. 1277793

Kek Has he never heard of chrischan or smorky? Males with autism are a literal blight on the internet. That pasta article description is dumb but very inoffensive

No. 1277795

This perfectly encapsulates male brain tbh
They can’t admit they’re wrong and if they are they try to manipulate the convo and make it seem like they knew the entire time.

No. 1277806

File: 1658848208108.jpeg (122.14 KB, 1024x683, 3410E938-4AD6-4E69-9A26-3E9042…)

If you were vaccinated against smallpox you’d know it, it leaves a pretty characteristic scar.

No. 1277862

I don't have that scar but I know people my age or slightly older and younger who do. I guess I'm not vaccinated then.

No. 1278036

I asked if this is how the kids got infected in the tranny thread and nonnie called me homophobic kek

No. 1278927

I was curious too so I checked. I was born in 1990, I don't have that scar on my arm, I just checked my medical record and I was never vaccinated for smallpox (I have had all other normal and required vaccines [besides Covid but not the point]). My 60-ish mom has the scar though. Interesting! I didn't know all this.

No. 1280156

File: 1658986478629.jpeg (163.54 KB, 312x2048, FEE2463B-FA3E-400D-8624-A04791…)

Gay guy gets monkey pox after multiple orgies and drinking piss but claims telling gay men to stop having sex is reductive.

No. 1280175

I hope the monkeypox outbreak is the straw that breaks the camels back on overturning “marriage equality”

No. 1280176

Beyond retarded post.

No. 1280177

That law affects lesbians too, cunt

No. 1280178

You’re entitled to feel that way! Have fun holding back tears when your asshole starts itching not me though

No. 1280179

I probably should’ve been more concise I’m referring to gay mens “right” to marry. Lesbian women aren’t breeding new frankendiseases most of you are harmless

No. 1280180


Absolute retardation
Gays can still fuck without being married

No. 1280181

You're such an idiot. That law is for lesbians too and even if gay men aren't allowed to get married that wouldn't change anything about monkeypox spreading. Use the few braincells you have and think.

No. 1280182

True but in all fairness they were fucking less when they were getting stoned to death if they got caught fagging out!
And “marriage equality” is what made events like these and production of homosexual smut content more mainstream. Do you ever notice how many pride events, much like the event “BabeThePigBoi” attended, are centered around fetish activity?

No. 1280184

Don't you have enough Varg pics to masturbate to? Go to hell already.

No. 1280186

Oh they were still fucking
Why are you so mad though unless you're a fag yourself? Men fuck other men and make each other sick, see no problem with that
Now get lost weirdo

No. 1280188

What would be better for disease rates, them in monogamous marriages, or single and hooking up? Think. The secrecy and taboo literally leads to more degeneracy, than if they can just participate equally in society. Would you rather have them hangout at parking lots, or have their own bar away from sight? Banning stupid shit just makes it more taboo and attracts degeneracy, having things be more secret doesn't mean it suddenly doesn't happen anymore.
They're not going to make an exception for lesbians, so I'd rather not have us thrown under the bus, just to take a stab at gay men who are trying to settle down too.

No. 1280189

>You’re disgusted by faggy useless weak men spending their time on Earth creating horrific diseases and wasting their ancestral dna on orgies with 20 other weak men who’s ancestors survived just so their descendants could kill themselves with their own degeneracy, so you must be one of the fags who has monkeypox.
Ok I believe you

No. 1280191

The 9% of them that are in assumed “monogamous marriages” doesn’t change the fact that a heftier percentage of the LG population is unmarried or divorced. How do you think this guy is able to go to orgies of like 20 people multiple times a month? Guarantee there’s at least 1 or 2 cheating on their husbands and the rest are with unknown scores of other men.

No. 1280192

This is not about gay men being whores, this is about men being whores. Straight men would have bumpy assholes right now, too, but luckily for them their preferred sexual encounters involve women, so they're spared by our selectivity from having constant piss orgies. Sadly, society will never acknowledge that women of all sexualities are hard-carrying society right now by being the less disgusting sex lmao.

No. 1280193

I don't give a fuck about their ancestors
That's the risk you take marrying a man

Nonnas, now let's ignore or the derail will never stop, we said what has been said

No. 1280195

They aren’t straight if they’re having sex with men but I know what group you’re referring to

No. 1280197

Honestly a random nonnie being homophobic isn’t something worth infighting over. If we did that every single time someone was then the website would be full of crying dykes

No. 1280199

I can't believe I'm forcing myself to not get pregnant because I'm worried I could get pregnant or catch an STD or be honor killed to the point where I'm still a virgin, meanwhile gay men don't even want to make a tiny little bit of effort to prevent a new epidemic. I don't feel sorry for that guy, he drinks piss willingly, he shouldn't complain about the monkeypox symptoms.

No. 1280211

>Do you ever notice how many pride events, much like the event “BabeThePigBoi” attended
I really do not think anyone else knows what the fuck you're talking about
>a heftier percentage of the LG population is unmarried or divorced
This is exactly why overturning gay marriage won't do anything to prevent monkeypox.

No. 1280222

Ok I can recognize the idiocy in what the original nona said but I’m pretty sure most people have seen how pride month has basically turned into a month long kink festival and if you’re ignorant to the horrors it’s produced Lord do I wish I was you

No. 1280252

>monkeypox discussion devolves into homophobia
who could've predicted this

No. 1280279

i mean, the website IS like that kek. but that anon wasn't just being 'homophobic', they were being a complete retard and you know it

No. 1280409

File: 1659016753026.png (721.66 KB, 1080x1161, 416E35DB-47B2-4212-9060-2ADA4E…)

No. 1280597

I mean if you think it’s retarded to know that gay/lesbian people don’t offer literally anything to our planet because they can’t reproduce and continue their bloodlines then that’s totally okay. Most of their ancestral lines are better off forgotten anyways!

No. 1280619

tons of straights don't continue their bloodline either, but either way idg why it matters. why are tradfags always obsessed with that

No. 1280658

The world is already shit and humans's habits have become so bad that the new generations will be ever more fucked up, in every way. Continuing the bloodline really isn't the priority anymore and people can contribute to the world even without popping out retarded sick children left and right.

No. 1280929

Why do you push your trad retardation here? No one on the radical feminist site gives a fuck about your 'bloodline' you perpetuate through rape
Gayscrotes and even troons reproduce exponentially so what dumb argument is this?
The XY chromosome will die out soon anyway. Worry about that instead, scrote faggot

No. 1280984

File: 1659046077470.jpeg (348.16 KB, 1170x1010, 9F5FE48B-4D15-47BE-8028-8980DE…)

No hope for women.

No. 1280995


No. 1280999

They will hate you for speaking the truth. Go off sis

No. 1281015

It’s a big tradfag male thing because moids are born to coom and die, they hate when they are not allowed to do this so they chimpout until moid governments force coupling with any man at all via law and social pressure (women can’t own property, too expensive to live alone, will be more likely targeted for violence if alone). In societies current state in a lot of countries women have the opportunity to reject scrotes so moids do things like propagandise their importance to essentially trick women into being with men who provide nothing and live almost parasitically. Scrotes coom-obsessed behaviour is why the world is so bad and ultimately society should be the same as in nature, where only 20% of males pass on their genes. Men are biologically detrimental to evolution with their behaviour.

No. 1281020

I actually agree. Not a full Brazilian, but if most swimwear and even shorts revealed my pubes, why is shaving and getting itchy bumps the next day okay for teens but wanting a 2 minute wax on my bikini line when I was 14 so that I don't have to deal with the literal pain of shaving such a bad thing. Hell I dreamt about lazering the bikini line off back then just so I didn't have to deal with the hell of shaving just to go to gym class.

No. 1281025

I don't think this is wrong tbh

No. 1281093

>the radical feminist site
The tradfags can fuck off but please don't perpetuate this, the radfem anons are obviously more than welcome but lolcow is not a politically defined website

No. 1281098

To add, males are exactly this. They think only in the short term and piss and shit themselves at taking responsibility for their actions because they are short term-thinkers and only work to an individual based goal aka are selfish and think of no one but their own pleasure in a desperate pursuil to fulfill their main coom-and-die role. It's why men become trannies and cut of their dicks, the temporary coom thrill, it's why men are the majority of pedophiles, who cares about the future generation responsible for society is traumatised? I want my coom! You can't cancel me for assaulting a women that happened ages ago! It's why tradfag males try to remove womens reproductive rights while reeing about child support/divorce/social services. They ultimately desire to live in a way where they do whatever they like and face no consequences for their actions. Women give birth, something that takes time, while men simply coom. Men are retarded on the genetic level, it's why they all have varying levels of autism but none are absent of autism, and genetic mutations are majorly passed down along the Y chromosome. The issue is that the men think they are the ones who know who is good for society or not, when they only think in short-term selfish ways and are really thinking they are good for the society THEY want, what's good for them and not everyone else.

No. 1281638

Maybe that girl had parents like mine who told her she wasn't allowed to wax her legs and bikini line because only degenerate whores do it. I wasn't even allowed to wax my upper lips because of that but I was allowed to dye it blond. I looked like blond Staline.

I literally had to stop practicing sports because of this, I couldn't go to the swimming club because of my pubic hair I wasn't allowed to wax or shave, and my mother's reaction was just "you can wear shorts on top of the swimsuit" except that's not allowed in swimming pools and it wouldn't have hidden anything either.

No. 1281710

I don’t disagree, but it’s depressing that this is such an issue for young girls. It’s like we just start growing body hair and suddenly our bodies aren’t appropriate without some kind of hair removal. It just feels gross.

No. 1281713

We need to stop giving a shit. Men dealt with it before, they can deal with it now. Scrotes barely even wash their ball sacks while reeing that shaving is hygienic.

No. 1281727

That’s kinda hard when you’re a teenager tbh, you can be ostracized or bullied for anything. I’m an adult and I still worry if I missed a spot waxing my legs when I wear a skirt (kek), it’s probably way worse for a 13 year old who just wants to swim and not be made fun of for having normal body hair.

No. 1281764

File: 1659079817799.jpg (165.16 KB, 800x1062, 1646443905559.jpg)

This is true and based. Thanks for spreading the truth, godspeed sis.

No. 1281801

This was a big factor in the AIDS crisis, too. Doctors were begging these men to at least put on a fucking condom and ideally stop fucking random strangers for a bit but they just called those doctors homophobic and went on to spread their infection + pick up more strains. Most men are irrational sex-crazed morons and if there are no women around to put the kibosh on their idiocy, this is what they do.

Why are women’s bathing suits so revealing anyway? My solution to this was to buy boy’s swim shorts and wear them over my bathing suit but other kids would make fun of me for that. Why are guys allowed to properly cover their genitalia but not us?

No. 1281805

File: 1659086780071.png (140.89 KB, 1080x714, Screenshot_20220729-110942~2.p…)

Ah yes, if you don't support the delusions of mentally ill people you are not a real leftist, what kind of reverse No True Scotsman argument is that?

No. 1281818

Men did not deal with it before kek, my grandma told me that once she got married young to my grandpa it was expect of her to epilate her legs for him, with a string instead of wax or a razor because it was soon after WW2 ended so razors weren't sold for that yet, especially not in her Muslim 3rd world country. However, removing body hair before marriage was seen negatively, I guess that's why I was always told to wait until I was 18yo to remove mine, which is why I stopped going to the swimming club to begin with.

No. 1281823

>If your empathy isn’t for men who impose themselves on women, who is it for?? Who??? I don’t understand

No. 1281825

What are my beliefs founded on? Protecting and defending women. All of them, except the men pretending.

No. 1281915

Yeah I started buying swimming shorts for women because I just don't like exposing my butt to males (and even women) around me. I just wanna cover up and have some body privacy, why are women's hot weather clothes so revealing compared to male clothes. I kid you not, my own father had a bad meltdown when I told him I'm gonna wear swimming shorts and not bikini on our vacation.

No. 1281951

Swimming shorts are a bit too short for me, I'd still look like I'm flashing everyone at the swimming pool.

No. 1281954

Why… did your dad have a meltdown. That’s extremely weird.

No. 1281963

Damn, that’s weird and I’m sorry. I prefer to wear shorts and swim tops or sports bras with good coverage because I like being active and having fun in the water. Have had incidents where my bikini top came up when I was just wearing normal swimwear and that shit is embarrassing and happens far too easily. I don’t care to be on display for men, just want to have fun without being sexualized. Idk why people have to make that so difficult.

No. 1281968

File: 1659106107112.jpg (45.95 KB, 540x415, 1598554492901.jpg)

>my own father had a bad meltdown when I told him I'm gonna wear swimming shorts and not bikini on our vacation

No. 1281985

gosh i’m sorry. my parents are similar. i know your pain anon. i hope you can get out because parents like that are not good for you.

No. 1281996

Honestly I think it’s because he’s not open to “feminist” ideas and tradition in our country is for women to wear bikini on beach. But I do feel like he’s acting creepy sometimes even though he probably hopefully doesn’t mean it that way. I’m adult, late twenties, so don’t worry not in danger.

No. 1282060

>troons reproduce exponentially
Goodness this couldn’t be more inaccurate lol

No. 1282066

Everyone screaming “NOT EVERY STRAIGHT CONTINUES THEIR BLOODLINE!!” ok so you’d have no problem jumping off the top of a building right now so your part of your bloodline doesn’t continue? Because the only reason God puts you on this Earth is so you can reproduce more babies and do better than your parents did. You can swear up and down that God put you here so you could shitpost and try to squeeze into your madewell jeans after too many plates of beans, but alas - myself and all other women on this planet are here to use our bodies for what they were created for. “Individualism” breeds degeneracy and that’s why we have monkeypox.

No. 1282070

What country is it “traditional” to wear a bikini on the beach? This just sounds like a troll now

No. 1282071

> even though he probably hopefully doesn’t mean it that way
>I’m adult, late twenties, so don’t worry not in danger
Don't make fucking excuses for disgusting behavior. Just because he's your father doesn't mean shit. Creepy behavior is creepy behavior.

No. 1282080

What. God doesn't care if you have or don't have children. Only people care because they are selfish and somehow they think this will make them immortal in a way. God kills children every day, why would It care to make more? Just to kill them for fun later? Sounds like a shitty god.

No. 1282084

Someone’s sperging kek…”w-wHY DO PEOPLE DIE IF GOD PUTS US ON EARTH??2?2”
Because the influence of Satan is incredibly pervasive especially in Western culture. Our “president” is an actual corpse, woman beg for the “right” to murder their babies, and the American People are death obsessed from the lack of lively nutrients in their food. Get off tumblr and go look outside into the actual world and you will likely start to have a more succinct understanding.

No. 1282085

Geez I mean to say it’s norm, esl. Almost no one wears anything other than bikini to beach.

No. 1282088

Then get off lolcow and go have some kids and let the rest of us enjoy life the way we want to.

No. 1282095

Wow you have some problems. Completley missed the point haven't you? I know why people die. Because God, as the universal consciousness that is actually real and not some mandmade Christan nonsence "God" and "satan", is indifferent to life and death. It's indifferent to people's decision to have children as well. There is nothing like a bloodline, just particles constanly recycling and evolving themselves. You'll be a rock in your next life, not a praised mother in heaven.

No. 1282109

The purpose of religion isn’t to “go to heaven”, it’s to live, spread, and honor Gods word and message. That’s what everyone who thinks they’re non-religious gets confused about in these conversations. It’s not about “heaven” or “your next life”. Its about what you do during this life as a child of God and how you use it.

No. 1282118

spread proganada you mean, nothing special my rock friend. Again it's what selfish humans do to make them sleep better at night thinking they need to spread their ideas about life, that their way is The way. It has nothing to do with god. The consciousness wants you to live and experince things for It, what you'll do with it is up to you, the only rules you go by is the rules of matter we're created of.

No. 1282129

You can continue your edgy 19 year old “I disagree” propaganda but you’re not wrong at all, that’s definitely A way to view Christs creation. Philosophy and questioning theology until you see it in front of you is a product of God the same way all the rocks and minerals and salts under our feet are nonnie.

No. 1282173

the trad posts are clearly bait, anons

No. 1282177

This, idk what the fuck is happening in this thread.

No. 1282185

So it was more in a "nooo why is my daughter not a normie like other girls her age aaaa I'm going insane!!!!" way? Because I can picture it already.

No. 1282187

God doesn't exist girl.

No. 1282197

File: 1659117393054.jpeg (377.29 KB, 1242x1344, AE235212-4A43-40E0-8E10-29A14E…)

No. 1282226

File: 1659118563104.jpeg (38.63 KB, 622x613, 1652817260934.jpeg)

When will this fucking end

No. 1282229

very weird how no such stupid images exist to gaslight men compusively into going down on vag. how do people not see that this is the work of predatory males trying to basically correctively rape lesbians??

No. 1282241

>Mutilating your body and adhering to a sexuality completely foreign to your phenotype is what you should do right now
This world is fucking horrific

No. 1282268

Maybe this is nitpicking, but is everyone else just so fucking bored of all the generic replies under every big tweet? Every single without fail it's like a picture of that black guy with all the cigarettes or its that one dude looking annoyed holding a beer bottle and smoking on a balcony, or just "foul", and it's like… I can actually understand why mentally ill people think NPCs are real or why some people think the dead internet conspiracy theory is a valid well grounded theory. Who the fuck are all these people? Who is liking these tweets? Who is making them? Do they not know?

No. 1282271

You are triggered people use common reaction images?

No. 1282279

i think you meant to post this on 4chan

No. 1282284

File: 1659121532608.png (1.51 MB, 805x805, kitties.PNG)

Hoping this is getting qrt'd by angry lesbians because I'm betting if ftms made something similar, fags would be shitting on them immediately

No. 1282285

>I just wanna cover up and have some body privacy, why are women's hot weather clothes so revealing compared to male clothes.
I hate summer because of this, anything cute or reasonably fashionable is way too revealing. I feel like I’m stuck in baggy tshirts and looking frumpy all summer.

No. 1282286

Idk it’s just the easiest way for a lot of people to get an emotion across. Sometimes it gets tiring seeing the same reaction images over and over but that’s just the internet for you I guess.

No. 1282305

I've started buying men's clothing for this exact reason, the pair of shorts I got fits me perfectly and has the length I wanted while the women's shorts at the same store were way too short and all high waisted (which I hate).

No. 1282326

No, I just think it's kind of bizarre to look at. I only recently started using Twitter and it's the first really weird thing I noticed about it. At first I thought maybe they were bots or engagement pods but then I realised that thats just thousands of people making the same posts as eachother under every big tweet. I should clarify, it's not reaction images I'm talking about, it's that it's the same pictures/comments/phrases/etc over and over and over. What's weirder is that none of them are ever really contributing anything to the conversation

No. 1282335

Yeah it's super fucking annoying. People who do that think it's peak comedy too. The few people who reply with words just copypaste short words or sentences too, so at this point I'm guessing these accounts are bots that exist to boost engagement for specific accounts or tweets until proven otherwise. I saw a tweet today showing a girl catching a wasp with some tool and slowly burning it with a candle like a psycho and almost all the numerous replies had the exact same pic attached to it to joke about how it's not big deal to burn animals and insects alive. I wish I had taken a screenshot.

No. 1282339

Ayrt, I forgot to mention how these extremely repetitive posts are treated like the funniest thing ever. That's part of why I find them so bizarre. There will be a million of repetitive unfunny replies with a reaction image, and then this response will also have like 2k+ likes and responses where everyone thinks its the funniest thing ever. These can't be real people, right??? Like tberes no way they arent seeing the same thing 50 times a day every day on Twitter

No. 1282346

God all the fucking dykes with the judgmental responses to this…you’re allowed to say this the same way the other fag is allowed to use that black guy meme kek

No. 1282509

oh no is someone jealous of the crying minstrel? :/(:/)

No. 1282524

The rule is that they can’t be used in legitimate posts not that they can’t be used as a joke don’t be a cop

No. 1282532

Lesbians need to woman-up and fight against this shit. Disgusting

No. 1282841

File: 1659147742891.png (575.52 KB, 802x793, gone.png)

>your child has never felt more alive
Meanwhile their eyes have no sign of any soul left in them.
Men will never know empathy. They're their own enemy which is why I love when they go apeshit and murder each other.

No. 1282864

these people always pretend to be so open-minded but collectively lose their minds whenever there's a woman around who doesn't want to interact with penises, doesn't matter if she's a lesbian (although lesbians get the worst of it), bi or even straight. see also >>1251634 and >>1274932

No. 1282871

File: 1659152888465.jpeg (55.34 KB, 590x391, 6A56CCF5-D7D2-444C-A0CE-BCCCB9…)

I agree with the tweet but the responses to it are pathetic. People just coping with the fact their porn addiction has reached such levels that they have to eat shit to feel anything.

No. 1282872

File: 1659152910952.jpeg (92.25 KB, 590x820, 61318CEB-34C0-4679-9AB5-2ED66F…)

No. 1282875

File: 1659153035697.jpeg (107.93 KB, 590x883, 536C905E-2774-4DCD-815E-A784A6…)

No. 1282888

>Just say you don’t want to eat butt and go
She misused the phrase but it’s sending me kekkk

No. 1282892

God can fags and their yapping handmaidens stfu. She's clearly talking about women licking a man's butthole (fuck off butthole-licking anon, Idc that you like doing it. Don't fucking derail shit.) But wtf is wrong with these people. They don't even sound real.
>the gays start trends
I guess walking out and about with Monkeypox around their mouth is a new yaas kween thing then? I think we will survive. Literally.

No. 1282893

did the original tweeter mention gays in another tweet or this faghag was just desperate to protect her drag queens?

No. 1282894

kek the pickme at the bottom is exactly the type to post stuff like "let women like men!" too. if you can't "shame" men for wanting their "butt eaten" when can you shame them?

No. 1282910


Shame men for lack of testosterone control when " she had almost no clothes on , she asked for it " . . . and it is Nope dingus , it is 40C heat and I do not know you . Something something Great power , Great Responsibility(namefagging )

No. 1282914

why do you type like a boomer

No. 1282930

This is making me cackle damn

No. 1282933

i hope you'll learn to integrate and stick around, grandmanon. i value your opinion

No. 1282975

>if it's not hurting anyone uwu
Pretty sure ingesting fecal matter and getting very sick as a result is hurtful, dumbass.

No. 1282978

Who's getting sick from eating ass?

No. 1282981

Uh, ok.

No. 1282984

Your dad

No. 1283012

I wish I could fit pants from the men’s section. I had to learn how to draft patterns and sew them up myself because pants that fit me + aren’t revealing and/or skin-tight literally do not exist on this planet.

They do, they just get banned and their posts deleted.

I still can’t believe we live in a world where anyone, much less straight women, would openly admit to ever putting their mouth on someone’s asshole without even a hint of embarrassment.

No. 1283078

>woah I'm such a cool girl for licking men's assholes, I'm not like those other girls who are all prude bitches

No. 1283083

Shame exists for a reason.

No. 1283088

I would like to continue feeling shame and remain parasite-free, but you do you.

No. 1283106

u need to die now.

No. 1283127

you sound diseased mentally and physically

No. 1283177

They hated her because she told the truth

No. 1283181

Ignore her, she’s an attention whore

No. 1283187

kek at these fucking handmaidens. Is no point low enough for them?

No. 1283217

Eating a man’s ass is peak pickme behavior. I wish women who did this realize that the men they do this for don’t fucking respect them at all. One time at a party i heard this morbidly obese 40 year old man brag about getting his ass ate by a woman he was sleeping with and it was the most disgusting shit ever. He knew it was disgusting too and he was basically shaming the woman for doing it and embarrassing her. Call me “vanilla” but at least I don’t have to stick my tongue inside my man’s ass to feel loved.

No. 1283229

File: 1659190770661.png (716.88 KB, 600x1499, Screenshot 19.png)

Only in 2022 would people unironically celebrate a man physically assaulting a woman and praising him
I am aware she was a dumbass pro-lifer, doesn't mean she deserved to be beaten up by some soy leftist scrtoe


No. 1283237

It’s just an excuse for men to feel good about their violent misogyny.

No. 1283244

the thing that irks me is the "shaming men for the sex they like to have" followed by "partners for wanting to participate". it reads like she knows/admits only men like that gross shit and women do it not because they like the act itself but because they want to do it for the men's pleasure (and so he doesn't go looking for someone else to do it).
what happened to mutual consent and pleasure?

No. 1283251

Even if you think it's ok to assault people who disagree with you, this does literally nothing to advance abortion rights. What is the point of it. What aggression could he even have to take out for an issue that literally does not affect him. I hate when retarded males "support women's rights" because they only know how to chimp out and solve their problems with violence. Even worse because twitter communists somehow think this is a good thing.

No. 1283256

File: 1659193040323.jpg (546.88 KB, 1080x1793, IMG_20220730_165646.jpg)

She paid 80 dollars for this

No. 1283258

oh my god

No. 1283263

File: 1659193547462.png (62.45 KB, 362x272, unknown.png)

>tfw you realize the date is when he was already raping his elderly demented mother
>tfw you know the source material of the drawing

No. 1283294

That's one weird crossover I didn't expect to ever see…

No. 1283315

Why not go attack someone in power? Why hit the random pro life woman?
>>because the moid wanted to hit a women. That’s it.

No. 1283368

I agree. I also think it’s stupid to assault people who don’t agree with you unless they were being violent or threatening you first. Other nonas are free to disagree with me but I hate this attitude of positivity about attacking people because they said something you don’t like. I’m not conservative, I see this sort of celebratory stuff on my side when people are like “punch the nazis, terfs (which is just a synonym for any woman now), etc” and I legitimately think violence and losing your shit are not the way to deal with things or make a statement.

No. 1283371

I was thinking the same thing. I read that and went…really? Mostly because so many men are into violent sex and hurting their partners and so many women are afraid to speak up and say they don’t like it. And who tf cares what men want or like in sex anyway? Shit has been (literally) forced down our throats for forever. I do not give one shit.

No. 1283631

What trend have gays started, actually? Besides AIDS, loudly talking about their sexual experiences in the middle of the office while you're talking to important clients, and pretending they came up with African American slang?

No. 1283635

The popularization of drag makeup and making additional slurs for women (fish).

No. 1283640

True. They also come up with horrible fashion trends these days. Older gay fashion designers were better.

No. 1283657

I agree, the only gay male designer that makes ok looking fashion sometimes is jacquemus. The rest make crap that doesn't flatter the female form, even extremely thin women have some curves when compared to thin males. OT but I really miss 90's fashion, at least then they made cute comfortable clothes and sexier fashion that didn't look like it came from fashion nova/shein (slutty and cheap).

No. 1283667


come, nonny. let’s be married

No. 1283714

File: 1659219152278.jpg (176.23 KB, 1079x1074, 20220731_000819.jpg)

Ive seen people on Twitter actively hating the woman that makes these comics that show how little the husband does (in a household and taking care of children) compared to her. What do you nonnas think? I personally couldn't see any problem with her self-expression because in my country its common of men to do nothing, so imo it's okay to throw her frustrations about it, after all boomers built their "i hate my wife humor", why can't women say anything about thier husbands?

No. 1283718

Any time stuff like this is shared it turns into a battle of the sexes. Men get real defensive and a percentage of pickmes will chime in taking mens side just for asspats. I get that the intent behind the mage is just expressing.. reality, but I hate what it always turns into. A shitshow

No. 1283724

Devil’s advocate but what’s the intention of this comic? At best it’s like “haha oh men, they’re just big babies!” but mostly this is taken as her husband specifically and ubiquely is a massive trash mountain. At which point it’s like… an elaborate and global scheme to neg him instead of just leaving? Which is fine, she can and should neg AND leave because he’s totally useless as a male. But I understand why handmaids and other man babies would ask why this was necessary.

No. 1283725

i bet shes the type to disclaim 'no dump him comments' before posting these kek

No. 1283727

File: 1659220405264.jpg (185.41 KB, 720x1026, 20220730_193356.jpg)

No. 1283729

It’s based, but at the same time this whole “bring tons of snacks and toys every time we go out” shit is ridiculous. I promise they will survive 2 hours. Let them learn to eat at appropriate times.

No. 1283730

Males are parasites, she’s seeing all of the symptoms of this yet not dumping him-which is sad- but I’m glad she’s making the comics. Good for her, the observations are priceless.

No. 1283732

then what? he would just call her a nagger and she'd be reminded he doesn't care about the kids as much as himself

No. 1283733

Nta but I think alot of women discuss these differences in a light hearted way because they need to vent it but without getting too deep into the fact that it's a bigger problem than they'll let themselves admit. I think this is just the online version of that. Keeping it light while you're dying inside. Haha aren't men just the silliest.

No. 1283735

the pickmes and scrotes in the comment don't care about the content, they just want her to keep her mouth shut and be a perfect self-sacrificing tradwife

No. 1283736

These comics show very well how a man just thinks about making his day nice, where women (more often) think about other people's day's too. If a woman behaved like the man in the comic she'd be berated and called a selfish bitch too.

No. 1283737

It's for the emergency scenario of getting sucked into an event far longer than you expected to be there, getting stuck in traffic, having someone else’s kid want snacks where they're playing too, etc. Kids graze at best under 5, scheduling meals is something you can do when you're home and not going to have to deal with a public hunger meltdown.

No. 1283738

Why wouldnt they hate on the husband though? he seems like a selfish piece of shit who doesnt think of anyone but himself. I like these comics

No. 1283740

File: 1659221382773.jpg (165.22 KB, 1080x1069, FY4nbMoWYAEYqZ_.jpg)

Upon investigation, this man is a coomer. Hours in the bathroom every day?? Always on his phone in different locations? Either a coomer or cheating or both

No. 1283744

Because they’re men and pick-mes. Their whole deal is making life easier for males and harder for us. Are you slow?

No. 1283745

File: 1659221435469.jpg (82.95 KB, 1080x1085, FY4nbEFXEAIpKZj.jpg)

No. 1283747

absolutely based. Husbands like this need to be burned alive.

No. 1283756

The toilet is the sacred space for using your phone, and pretending to have excessively long poops grants you extra time there without question. Not to say that some of them aren't using that time to cheat or jerk off in the bathroom, but they're probably just fucking off in there looking at tech doodads or reading.

No. 1283757

That and I'd be surprised if they had kids (that they look after)

No. 1283775

I 100% get where she is coming from with these comics but at the same time they sort of weird me out. I don’t get why you’d stay with a man like that or spend your time making these instead of conversing with him about it or just leaving. Like. It’s bizarre.

No. 1283777

The reaction to these comics especially from leftists makes me glad the birth rates and marriage rates are going down and I hope they continue to go down.

No. 1283779

Samefagging but I also mean to say dude should be called out on this like all men. The part that worries me is how she seems so miserable and it shows through the comics and I don’t think she should live like that.

No. 1283787

I love how men will try to scare women into settling down and getting pregnant young. This vague threat of being left old and lonely is all they ever have to hold over anyone… but then moms have a million and one very detailed every day annoyances and stuggles they can list out to show it's not all it cracked up to be.

No. 1283792

File: 1659225219561.png (190.19 KB, 1080x837, Screenshot_20220730-194947_(1)…)

Yeah I looked up the artist's name on twitter and got subjected to retards blaming the women (once again).

Honestly, these comics remind me a lot of my mom's and dad's relationship where my mom would complain so much about housechores while my selfish dad just sat on his ass watching TV. Women are just conditioned to suck it up and be expected to do housework because that's what she was taught growing up so of course scrotes and trannies would never understand.

No. 1283794

Not to mention whenever a scrote does something violent they always blame the mother, or even when a scrote does something that makes the other scrotes seethe. And then they wonder why women don't want to date them when they never take responsibility for their actions and want to be coddled forever by society.

No. 1283796

They all sound unfit to be spouses or parents ironically since they even say the artist resents children. The peach one seems particularly ridiculous to them but it just makes me think that, even tho my mother did 99% of house work and child caring, my father could do as much as letting me and my sister have the last bit of food we liked.

No. 1283798

>"durr just communicate"
I think people underestimate how much men rub their hands together and think 'ha you're stuck with me now' as soon as they put that first baby in you. They know very well what they're doing.

No. 1283803

I noticed a lot of men in the search who were very 'I'm in this picture and I don't like it' along with a lot of projecting about how she, the only person who actually helps raising the kids is a 'bad mom' and they need to go to therapy, ignoring the fact virtually all households with young children are like this.
So much denial it's palpable.
Also a bunch of scrotes went to her Instagram to spam her with hate for calling them out, somewhat proving the point that even the most mild, faceless criticism of an inept manbaby is not tolerated in 2022 by said manbabies

No. 1283829

Yeah women are so self-sacrificing that they'd be willing to put up a shitty marriage if their own child can have a stable home life.

No. 1283839

I'm so fucking sick of braindead moids and pickmes screeching about ~communication~. Do they really think these mothers stuck doing all the mental and domestic labour haven't tried to fucking talk to their husband? Haven't tried asking nicely and nagging and begging and using 'I feel' statements and making them infantile chore charts in a desperate attempt to get through to them? You can't communicate with someone who doesn't give a fuck about you or what you have to say!! These men know what their wives want, they hear it and see it just fine, but they ignore her because they benefit from it in the form of extra free time playing video games or watching porn instead of doing housework or child rearing.

No. 1283860

File: 1659229076228.jpg (83.31 KB, 720x557, 20220730_215218.jpg)

She can't help herself, nonnie, she has BPD

No. 1283861

File: 1659229134413.jpg (98.71 KB, 720x697, 20220730_215241.jpg)

No. 1283918

>Men: force entire generations to sit through "haha i hate my wife" boomer comics
>Also men (and pick-mes): lose their fucking minds when one (1) white suburban mom makes some "haha i hate my husband" comics
Why are they so sensitive? Whatever happened to "Don't like, don't read"? If that's her way of venting about an unhappy marriage, why get mad? Just read something else, it's not like it's in the newspaper or something (unlike the moid comics were) kek

No. 1283919

It's literally always the biggest cows who obsessively call women they disagree with or dislike "BPD"

No. 1283924

I don’t even have children but I feel like I can relate to this kek. This is pretty much every couple with kids that I know. The mom is always the one taking the kids to the bathroom when they go out to eat, bringing sunscreen when they go to the beach, bringing snacks and wet wipes when they go on a long trip. It seems so suffocating, you have no room for error. Even when I was a kid and would hang out at my friends’ houses, I pretty much never interacted with their dads. We always knew to go to the mom or grandma if we needed a bandaid or a drink or something. It’s honestly kinda sad.

No. 1283944

I was listening to a therapy session by Esther Perel in which the wife was sick and fucking tired of trying to get any help at all from her husband and children regarding the housework. She even mentioned "chore charts" and how everyone just walks right past it and it eventually just serves to mock her. Esther said "YOU must do it because YOU are the one who wants a change." Fuck this gay earth.

No. 1283962

More wives should just let the home fall into disarray. Husband wants to live in a pigsty? Cool. Only do enough for yourself to get by (and the kids if they're too young to do any chores), see who cracks, and negotiate from there.
Ideally, it should've been done before they had kids, but if things fall apart, she can take the children and go. Teach them to do their share of chores. Order restored

No. 1283968

How about don't marry slobs

No. 1283971

To add to this, don't cook for your shit husband if he refuses to help around the house. Moids actually will deal with living in filth in hopes you crack first, but they need to eat, so that's the one where they're more likely to crack first. Cook food for yourself and any kids who cannot cook their own meals.

No. 1283973

Men lie about who they are to trap you with children, look at trannies for example. Some of the men are seemingly normal but develop coom-addiction later and troon out, or have been hiding their degenerate nature until it is too late for the women to easily leave and will use the presence of children to guilt trip the wife in to staying.

No. 1283980

From the reaction to these comics we can see that people view women who continue to clean up after everyone as weak and they despise this weakness. Maybe doing what you suggest would increase the amount of respect they get.

No. 1283985

File: 1659239710928.png (329.68 KB, 1994x1589, pickmes never win.PNG)

Reminds me of manifesto-chans pickmes never win post. Men on a subconscious level understand they are worthless, so they see women who serve/help/like them as worthless and low value.

No. 1284013

File: 1659242169012.png (241.84 KB, 1507x836, 1659242183642.png)

feel bad for commies as well as the socialist radfems, they could succeed and push for real change, if they weren't held back by the people who are most likely to join their movement, even when then try to place nice with them and "respect their pronouns", they still get shit on by mentally ill TIFs and fetishistic TIMs, this twitter thread being a prime example


No. 1284016

maybe one (1) moid is right about something

No. 1284019

This whole momlife_comics drama makes me so glad I'm a femcel

No. 1284057

Men can make the most autistic retarded degenerate comics and nobody cares but as soon as a woman does anything out come the pitchforks and psychoanalyzing the dumbest bullshit.

No. 1284103

File: 1659250843378.png (126.27 KB, 623x948, therestofit.png)

No. 1284123

I used to think like this except that i don't think anymore that it was an accident. It was a deliberate effort from queer academics and Anglo-Saxon universities. Also isn't a case bad optics for their movement (Like "truscum"/HSTS/"Critical" trannies seems to think) it was a fantastic idea, it promoted their degeneracy like no tomorrow and now they have the best dead man switch: the whole Feminist movement. If trannyism falls so it does womans right in the US and its entire sphere of influence in the West. So to close with a bit of twitterspeak: It isn't a bug but a feature

No. 1284158

These comics are just sad to me. I'd rather she dump him and make happy comics about life without a husband. These air out passive agressive anger but she doesn't act on it and call him out on his bullshit.

No. 1284213

This is extremely accurate and I don’t know any fathers of young children who aren’t like this. Even when they do make an effort sometimes they always end up forgetting something important, like rain clothes or an umbrella when rain has been forecast.

This. I once got stuck in an elevator for 90 minutes with a toddler and a baby when we were just planning to go on a ten minute errand. I almost skipped the drinks and snacks that day and was very glad I didn’t.

These men often do carry their weight early on in the relationship and only check out after the children are born, so even women who think they’re marrying a domestic god can end up in this situation and then they’re stuck with kids.

No. 1284309

that’s so painfully true. i was reading the comment section of a video about judith barsi (80s child actress who was abused & eventually murdered along with her mother by her alcoholic dad) and almost every single fucking comment is blaming her mother. not the dad, and some explicitly say that she’s 100% to blame
comment section is rage inducing

No. 1284320

i love my dad and my mom loves him too but this is simply the reality for most families. my dad wouldn't even bring his keys if she didn't remind him while she does everything for him and her kids. it's facts and even those people getting mad about it must know deep down.

and this is the main reason why wanting kids is so easy for moids, for them everything will stay the same, while womens entire lifes change.

No. 1284352

Absolutely. They don't think about the consequences of having children at all because they believe they will not be made to face them or expected to do anything beyond play catch once and awhile like on TV because they are autists who think media = real life.

No. 1284372

File: 1659276075497.jpeg (180.31 KB, 1242x908, 9A611306-E87B-46D9-825B-6570D4…)

No. 1284376

Idk if this is the best idea. This is a slightly different situation but in college I had a roommate who would never help clean. I eventually stopped doing anything including taking trash out to see if she would do it and she ended up asking me why things had gotten dirty/why there were trash bags not taken out. Some dumbasses are purely clueless and don’t give a shit about anyone but themselves.

No. 1284379

Samefag but I need you to know the story had a happy ending because I ended up requesting a change of roommate and my new one was an obsessively clean lesbian who vacuumed like three times a week.

No. 1284380

She's already made big money so she gets to speak her mind now withhout it potentially costing her her lifestyle.
People hate it when a woman isn't afraid to be hated but why should she care at this stage? She's sorted for life either way. She can afford to be outspoken.

No. 1284381

At least Rowling accomplished something and is still beloved worldwide. What has this bitch done? Apparently co-founded Bitch Media and also is running mouth on Twitter. So who is more successful and less embarrassing here? Not the one insulting JKR that’s for sure.

No. 1284397

She's still a wealthy, beloved author though. It's a vocal minority that hates her. She just happens to be shitposting on twitter at the same time like most non-mentally ill twitter users.

No. 1284427

File: 1659282274202.png (356.34 KB, 1242x908, lol.png)

KEK she's still a wealthy and beloved author. I know lying to yourself is a tranny staple but c'mon

No. 1284592

Now this is a perfect and true tweet.

No. 1285151

Oh, man, I heard that one too and it really pissed me off. Esther is usually good but she totally failed on this.

No. 1285445

>co-creator of a "feminist" magazine named bitch
>"the editors viewed the word 'bitch' as associated with a derogatory description of outspoken women so thought it best to claim the word in advance"
>tells an outspoken woman with a massive platform to stop speaking out against misogyny

No. 1286180

File: 1659405931259.jpeg (522.76 KB, 808x955, 208CDFBC-0A81-4737-87A4-BD4644…)

jesus this generation is doomed.

No. 1286196

fr fr no cap

No. 1286210

There's Kiwifarms related drama that is mostly happening on Twitter and it's dumb as fuck and everyone has to have a hot take on it. I saw 3 hashtags trending related to it today.

> self-publishing author, trans woman, makes a tweet saying that expecting authors to read books is ableist

> some tweeps agree, some don't, most think it was a dumb take
> along the way, KF doxes their place of work which is reveled to be Lockhead Martin
> now noone cares about dumb takes and are instead raged about how someone can work for such a terrible company
> even trans people who hate KF are piling on his person for working for a weapon manufacturer, some even justify the dox because of this

It's pretty fucking funny.

No. 1286214

Isn’t that Andrew Tate guy into some really incel/anti women shit?

No. 1286217

Blessed to not know who any of these faggots are

No. 1286223

>1. Andrew Tate
Misogynistic MGTOW podcast guy
>2. Adin Ross
Extreme retard twitch streamer
Equally retarded twitch streamer

I don't know who 4 is

No. 1286228

Yep, he’s a charged sex offender, beats women, is an alt right misogynist influencer and is involved with human trafficking.

No. 1286282

Can't say I feel bad for a tranny getting doxxed

No. 1286481

It’s sad how a lot of Twitter lefties think they’re actually accomplishing something important by dunking on this one person

No. 1286514

File: 1659437950926.jpg (194.43 KB, 1080x1461, Screenshot_20220802-125539_Chr…)

Now they straight up lie about her husband because she tried to compliment him so people wouldn't send him hate

No. 1286515

File: 1659438008848.jpg (278.53 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220802-125711_Chr…)

Notice how dinners changes into 'all meals' and her working is written off as a hobby. And the rest is just non-sourced lies.

No. 1286563

Let's be honest nona, that's why they like him.

No. 1286626

File: 1659451609806.jpeg (204.79 KB, 1242x1050, 0A85171F-C3F9-4196-A140-BCCA0D…)

The first guy is right, it is weird.

No. 1286692

they hate seeing a woman be successfull and not backing down on her principles.
especially horse faced trannies that now can't use harry potter nerdness to lure inn immature women and crazed fangirls.

No. 1286719

I think the issue presented is complicated and people on both sides are making a lot of assumptions, like when my husband lost his job he did all the housework cause he felt he had too(of course this was before our son was born, so it was comparatively a lot less work) now we both work and rely on my SIL to take care of him when we're gone, the momlife case is different though, her husbands works two job while she's a SAHM and influencer, I can sympathize with both parties cause I love my son, sometimes when I'm tired from work I don't wanna deal with him and give him to my SIL, husband or the baby sitter, I don't think she meant these comics to rag on her husband but to vent about the inconveniences of momhood

No. 1286763

File: 1659457975838.jpeg (297.52 KB, 828x755, 2A4F31DC-98F4-4F26-BD95-9BAE87…)

This is how dream stans are going to tweet if he ever does a face reveal i just know it

No. 1286766

You are not wrong, but he could have been an willingly unemployed dead beat and these people would still be reacting like that, they don't really care the guy works two jobs.

No. 1286769

Guarantee that whoever they're talking about is at least middle-aged

No. 1286792

File: 1659459808815.jpeg (118.43 KB, 353x509, 639F7BED-9EAA-47B4-80AA-77FAE9…)

Didn't Dreams face already get revealed though?

No. 1286793

File: 1659459846961.jpeg (60.68 KB, 390x578, F0C92017-9401-4CC9-96D1-50747C…)

No. 1286825

kek they sound like they want to carve him up. i support it.

No. 1286884

File: 1659464915161.jpeg (83.2 KB, 749x822, DF9CA33C-F92A-4CD9-A4EF-842568…)

No. 1286907

File: 1659466224236.jpeg (369.68 KB, 828x1356, D423D04E-94A7-420B-8B62-939FE6…)

they’re so embarrassing

No. 1286928

Yeah, every time I see men like that I want somebody o shit on their faces. He loves abusing and exploiting women.

No. 1286931

Check Dream's thread on scrotefarms, his fans made guro fanart of him (ofc, don't do it if you don't want to see it, but it's a total trainwreck)

No. 1286962

File: 1659468364712.png (425.07 KB, 730x770, Screenshot 2022-08-02 12.25.01…)


the guy taking this video follows this girl around asking if shes 'looking for a fight' and booing her, and he sounds exactly how you think he would

No. 1286974

Oh my god, fuck that. Loli and shota are defined by being prepubescent children, the """appeal""" is pedophilic, why are neckbeards in denial. The worst is that I know a chick in my artist community who defends shota, she is a down to earth person otherwise but she seems to have internalized too much 4chan otaku bullshit. And then there's always the whataboutism of
>hurr durr stop criticizing my lolicon and go defend actual children instead

No. 1286982

File: 1659468744467.jpg (27.65 KB, 373x235, 1658926045538.jpg)

Absolute stacy
also lol at the pure autism energy the moid gives

No. 1287429

I noticed that a lot of the people hating on this woman are the trad social conservative types, who hate single women and say every woman must become a married stay at home mom. They're exploding over one woman not experiencing domestic bliss 100% of the time but can't see their ideology would create millions more instances of this situation, by forcing people who don't want relationships into marriage.

No. 1287862

File: 1659537882967.jpeg (495.45 KB, 828x1064, 599D0DA4-830E-47A7-AAED-638033…)

The people defending him are even more retarded

No. 1287949

>a parasocial loser that believes his streamer behind anime avatar will fuck him is trying to be edgy

No. 1288757

File: 1659600198225.jpg (239.15 KB, 1080x1093, IMG_20220804_100250.jpg)

No. 1288786

I love her, it was brave to do this here. Love to see the guy being emotional about it while she remains silent and calm kek, also the scrote can barely articulate jesus

No. 1288788

If I hadn't seen their tag I'd have thought they were talking about some bizarro AU Bilbo Baggins

No. 1288790

What? You could say the same about anything. Replace nazi in "i hate nazis" with gays, see how you react!! Checkmate!1

No. 1288791

And scrotes consider themselves the Logical Sex tm kek.

No. 1288939

"Mesu gaki" roughly means "female/bitch brat (underage)" and is a term used in lolicon, that alone should convince you that his opinion is completely worthless and his brain is completely dead

No. 1288995

Oh, well I'm just gonna add that to the list of things I wish I never had to know. Gross.

No. 1289198

What the fuck are those words even?

No. 1290879

File: 1659720938480.png (283.72 KB, 604x1261, Screenshot.png)

There is nope for the leftwing in the west


No. 1290881

they sound so robotic and they just conveniently ignored the pictures of him with little girls? western females are doomed

No. 1290890

File: 1659721658210.jpg (63.74 KB, 743x516, 20220805_194521.jpg)

Huge drama on anime twitter over this. VN writer is woke and speaks english, otaku coomers triggered

No. 1290891

File: 1659721688689.jpg (73.18 KB, 738x529, 20220805_194602.jpg)

No. 1290893

File: 1659721716531.jpg (112.01 KB, 584x1200, 20220805_194603.jpg)

It's quite funny

No. 1290895

it's as if sex workers have low standards for some reason…
really though, the fact that most of these wks are women is embarrassing.

No. 1290897

File: 1659721773284.jpg (57.22 KB, 720x595, 20220805_194652.jpg)

Fwiw I find both sides cringey as fuck (not my screenshot)

No. 1290901

this is an L for women too

No. 1290902

Women sex workers who willingly choose to work in the sex industry and enjoy it is huge pick me handmaiden behaviour.

No. 1290904

i know they're just trying to gain more johns but holy fuck

No. 1290929

Gaining more bux at the expense of other women

No. 1290999

>lots of people with strange hair colors
I laughed

No. 1291014

I have no idea how it's anything but bleak af to see people from the first world country with the least gender equality decide they want to talk about "other genders" or gender identity shit in general. I'm tired of Japanese people wanting to appropriate woke American topics they have no business caring about when their country has so many of it's own problems like rampant pedophilia and discrimination against women

No. 1291031

Everything people say to defend this scrote makes me so mad, he even had his father saved in his contacts as Pedo in addition to all the other weird shit. He's scum.

No. 1291062

His games sell way more in the West than in Japan, and I'm guessing he's a westboo? So maybe that's why. This whole enby/X-gender shit is also spreading in Japan among westboos you know?

No. 1291078

Always interesting how "super feminist, woman supporting sex workers" suddenly keep quiet when people tell them they need to do something else to get female support other than pandering to other women's husbands and pedos for literal pennies.

No. 1291106

Japanese people who pretend to be woke piss me off more than anything. Fix your pedophilia

No. 1291109

Actual Queen shit. Good for her. Men wanna talk about words dont hurt, but their reactions when you are using words for the truth against their precious lolis is only violence and anger. I hope she stays safe.

No. 1291125

words don't hurt but only when they're the ones talking. evil wimin words are very hurtful didn't ya know? men don't get enough mental health care and wah wah wah

No. 1291724

Gambs is a white sexpat which makes it funnier

No. 1292013

File: 1659805248968.jpg (67.02 KB, 1080x598, FZZtGfAWAAE179S.jpg)

I want to see a weaboo vs westboo fist fight.

No. 1292095

File: 1659809880029.jpg (80.67 KB, 720x367, 20220806_131550.jpg)

I dont get why people shouldnt go to Hawaii. Amerifags explain pls.

No. 1292097

Tourism destroyed Hawaii, the locals are mostly impoverished and live in shacks meanwhile rich transplants run the place and it’s essentially being destroyed

No. 1292113

That sounds extremely overstated

No. 1292120

It isn’t.

No. 1292131

NTA but it's not hard to believe. It's beautiful and everyone wants to live there or vacation there. People don't want to stay in hotels anymore, they want to vacation in houses, so rich people (including out of state residents) buy up the properties to use as vacation homes or AirBnBs, leaving locals without affordable housing. This is a problem everywhere, but Hawaii are islands so the problem is exacerbated.

No. 1292151

These people cry and piss and shit if they even smell a hint of swastika

No. 1292160

So can I just make a striped Nazi flag and call it "a flag for those who do not like non-white people and especially jews" and it would be a-ok since it plays along the tq+ rules?

No. 1292162

American minorities truly cannot comprehend even the slightest of what actual oppression feels like, I truly wonder how she'd feel being a minority in Pakistan or some Arab country

No. 1292163

an indian girl I grew up with and went to school with turned into a raging anti-white sjw. like idk what happened. we were best friends, the worst comments were "why does your mom wear that dot on her head"
she grew up in suburbia to two doctor parents, and now she works in some top-tier position at a financial firm and she's… oppressed?

No. 1292167

america is classist and treats poor people like trash, sure. but systematically racist? what lmao

No. 1292175

Not that I agree with the tweet, but
this is not correct imo. Non-Americans will say that American is super racist, but also say that people in America don't know what "real oppression" is. Just weird to me

No. 1292177

Nonna, being denied work because of your race is systemic racism… just because it isn't necessarily enforced by the government and constitution itself doesn't mean it still isn't being heavily enforced by other institutions like schools and companies.

No. 1292183

Nta, but what's the point of trying to compare or whatever you're trying to do? Your own experiences don't change what that anon has experienced or mean that those people weren't racist.

No. 1292184

deleted and corrected my spelling mistakes


>I literally had white kids in my class cut my hair in highschool
asshole kids don't limit their bullying towards one race. I had black boys in hs steal my bus pass, I literally saw them do it, and our black teacher pulled the race card and asked why I was blaming them.
>I had a girl who screamed at me because her crush said that people of my race were attractive
have you seen how non-white women react to white women with non-white men? irl and on the internet. it can be malicious.
>just yesterday a co-worker of mine called me a slur and my boss brushed it off
my boss literally said it wad good when white police officers died and she looked me straight in the eyes knowing that my dad was a police officer
in fact, the same boss literally gave the management position to a girl from her country (haiti) that had only been working at the company for less than a month.
I already know you're gonna be like "here you go playing the victim and trying to compare" but at least you have the privilege to make these complaints out loud and not be called racist, but if I complain about black/x people saying or doing fucked up things to white people, I can have my life ruined.
it's not a racist country. every group has terrible people. Do you really think you're worse off than some white trash trailer park kid?
lmao what? you realize there are literally quotas that schools and companies have to abide by that limit the percentage of white and asian people you have working for you? have you not heard of the infamous "diversity hire" meme
her individual experiences doesn't make this a racist country, especially when white people go through the same shit. like what's so hard to understand?

No. 1292185

My cousins have been killed in raical attacks, other of my female cousins have been kidnapped by men cause they are lighter skinned, my mother's family members are insulted and demeaned for being dark skinned and short, for being the fisherman who provide the nation and for simply speaking their tounge, my father's people are considered barbarians, women from our communities are routinely by pakistani men who fetishize their light skin, we are a nation on the brink of ethnic civil war everyday but only kept together by the military ruling government the country
do not compare that to name calling and hair pulling

No. 1292190

Hawaii’s economy hugely relies on tourism. It’s not so much that people shouldn’t visit or vacation, it’s that people need to leave and not try to move there. I used to see a lot of people say “Hawaii is not your playground” which I always took to mean be respectful of the islands and the people who live there. Don’t litter, abuse the people in the hospitality business, geotag sacred sites, hurt the wildlife and such. There is also a problem in Hawaii with a huge amount of people leaving to the mainland and never moving back which has caused a brain drain which adds strain to the economy. If you are Hawaiian and have any dreams of working in STEM pretty much your only option is to move to the mainland. Because Hawaii is an island and has a lot of unique ecological terrain constraints it makes it difficult for other industries to move in and replace tourism.

No. 1292191

>at least you have the privilege to make these complaints out loud
You say while being upset that she is complaining about it.
>her individual experiences doesn't make this a racist country
A lot of people have had these experiences though.

No. 1292193

This post reeks of oppression olympics, "how dare you complain about what you've been through because it's not as bad as what I've been through!" shit.

No. 1292195

File: 1659815140858.jpeg (32.09 KB, 704x750, 1618727050728.jpeg)

it's literally not the equivalent because men hold power over women
white people don't legally hold any power or privilege over non-white people. if you're a black woman in this country, you're quite privileged if you actually take advantage of the benefits offered to you.
in fact, it's black men who are the number one harassers and killers of black women, but people would rather focus on random elderly white women who touch your braids without permission.

No. 1292197

Yea what the fuck is going on here, On lc of all places. I'm sorry if you guys have experienced some really fucked up things, but im pretty sure the other minority women on this site would still appreciate not being degraded and sexualy assaulted on a daily bases because of their race and gender. You all get to be the victim, so let's get back to the ACTUAL topic at hand which is retarded twitter enbies.

No. 1292198

no? she can make these complaints out loud, and everything is fine and dandy. if a white person makes similar complaints out loud, their lives will be ruined. so tell me again how we are the racist privileged ones? lmaooo

No. 1292203

would you say this to a ww

No. 1292211

I don't even know at this point. I like to think this site is usually better than others when it comes to listening and sympathizing with women sharing the things they've faced, but of course some anons cannot stand the thought that other people go through awful things.
Yes? If she was trying to one-up someone else talking about their oppression I definitely would.

No. 1292213

These troons of color are insufferable lying assholes and I hate them. Even in this one the freak is shitting on white TIFs and white 'transmedicalists' and trying to fudge the lines instead of CALLING OUT WHITE AGPS

Most of all they wont go after fat pig software developer AGPs using 'trans day of remembrance' as an excuse to rape lesbians when it's literally a racially appropriated mythology from troons of color who are mostly prostitutes or murdered by gaypanic scrotes. They know it and they don't care, they keep tapdancing because it's the foundation myth of all this trans extremism insanity and without the wealthy corporate-industrial AGPs they have no clout. Without that clout, Laverne Cox can't tell the media that 'black women are men' and all this other garbage they use to bully women, they'll never give it up

No. 1292215

>I never seen white people fired from saying racial slurs or being racist towards others
you're full of shit lmao
white people have gone viral on the internet for telling black people that their coupons are expired, and you're saying that we can call someone a racial slur and get away with it? and your evidence is "um well i've never seen it hehe"

No. 1292237

File: 1659816875091.jpeg (192.4 KB, 1439x1250, 04F6E624-3DC2-4688-9CD4-CB87E9…)

The autistic pedo is right about one thing kek

No. 1292239

Damn, that's some major deflecting kek.

No. 1292333

File: 1659822550105.png (89.32 KB, 1377x437, nunhbgvc.png)

>see retarded edgelord/troll post made by black 14 year old girl
>start going on about "minorities in america" and racism being fake
Lol like clockwork. You're like a fucking moid or something

No. 1292690

Calling it right now, she's gonna end up dating an evil white man(and he will the most bland white man you thought possible), all woke woc girls do this, its absurdly common in my campus

No. 1292696

File: 1659854030514.jpg (160.83 KB, 1080x567, IMG_20220807_013241.jpg)

What in the retard fuck is this reply?

No. 1292715

File: 1659857102528.png (738.8 KB, 569x967, miyasaki.png)

>cut all ties to their culture they or their grandparents once belonged to
as if normal japanese people do not find this disgusting

No. 1292787

File: 1659863189374.jpg (117.61 KB, 1200x630, 9dddc3578c57051ba228434794a3fb…)

what he said anime can now be applied to pretty much all of twitter in general, what Miyazaki meant when he said "anime was a mistake" was the fact that Japanese men who write modern anime never go outside or interact with anyone beyond themselves, so their always stuck in their own otaku bubble. they base their stories, concepts and characters off of something they've seen in an anime, manga or videogame, instead of their own personal experiences, So when they try and write something more emotional or compelling, they can only call back on stereotypes and caricatures of how people would act in these situations, because that's their only understanding of people beyond themselves and now this mentality is basically becoming the norm in almost every social media platforms(especially twitter) they cannot think of anyone beyond themselves so they rely solely on what they see everyday on their feeds, this girl >>1292147 whole idea how white people and POC's behave like solely comes from twitter and nowhere else, she's a weeb roblox player whose likely never even talked to a black person outside her family

No. 1292825

this is a really incorrect take on what he meant, especially considering he directs so many adaptations of other people's works. he meant that otaku and anime writers don't like the complexity of real people(women) so they focus on these watered down archetypes that fulfill their desire and are are equally pleasant and familiar to other otaku. and in fact most modern anime is shit because these boring men are writing their pathetic selves in as main characters, surrounded by attractive women with 1 dimensional personalities designed to give them unconditional love. fantastical settings are full of big titted waifus fawning over boring slugs of men. no morals, no archs, no character development. just husks of the idea of humans through some insane lense.

No. 1292833

>this is a really incorrect take on what he meant
nta but that kind of what she said, she just tried to link it to something broader ? Idk I think that both of you are correct and are
building on the same idea

No. 1292844

not really. otaku don't need to simply go out and touch grass, they're shunning society on purpose and are deeply deluded. and people on twitter mostly don't believe anything they spew, they just use it as an excuse to bully others while using social justice as a shield. innocent people who get swallowed up into that and have their hearts in the right place simply don't see what's really happening. but most don't see what they're doing as good and right and pure, it's just a game to them. that's why they always have such dogshit attitudes.

No. 1292852

ntayr but ur just saying the same thing

No. 1292857

i'm really not, but if you don't get it, i can't help you.

No. 1292861

File: 1659869428157.png (194.49 KB, 1440x914, Screenshot_20220807-114948_Twi…)


No. 1292874

Can you iu please explaine the difference with what you were trying to say and what she said

No. 1292966

I thought it was before I read the post kek

No. 1292970

I’m with you. They said the same fucking thing.

No. 1293138

File: 1659892992151.jpg (385.83 KB, 1080x1180, Muhislamaphobia.jpg)

Western lefties are dragging this poster who is a Turkish (aka Muslim majority country with tons of misogynistic teachings and traditions) ex-Muslim woman for "being white and islamaphobic". It is funny because their countries 99% don't consider Turkish people white when it comes to legal stuff like filling out documents. They also let men attack her appearence and rag on her because awesome men join in the defense of against the poor peeohcee religion. When will western saviors stop fucking defending islam which literally says we should beat women, make them sex slaves and worships a pedophile? People are also defending the niqabi woman because she supposedly criticizes "white feminism" which is a straight up lie.

In the original tiktok the niqabi woman says men and women are built different and have different duties aka capitalism forces women to work which is bad because they're supposed to be at their house and birth babies for their breadwinner husband. She also says feminism isn't needed because islam gave women their rights.

No. 1293140

>oh noooo don't have money to buy vacation homes!
ameritards stop being dramatic challenge

No. 1293145

Nta but the difference is the OP was acting as if otaku are just misguided artists rather than disgusting degens. And saying Miyazaki was just pleading with them to "stay the course" and become better rather than off themselves. They only sound like the same point if you discount the intensity of what both anons were saying.

No. 1293147

as someone living in a Muslim country, I don't understand why white western leftists have for defending Islam, there are religious minorities who insanely persecuted, they are truly the most oprsssed people in the world and yet I don't squat from western leftists

No. 1293151

did you even read what was posted?

No. 1293152

I mean both can be true at the same time, otakus are disgusting degens and they need to either learn to become better or off themselves

No. 1293160

Yes but the question was how are the posts different. I was just explaining that. I think the OP was reading Miyazaki's explanation too casually, maybe because of the translation or how the Japanese behave, but he was definitely being harsher on them than OP thinks, rightfully so. And that distinction is important. Otaku really ruined the anime genre, which used to be heavily female dominanted.

No. 1293219

>cracker daughter of a police officer saying that black women are privileged
>paki telling black people that they don’t know about oppression like south asians and arabs don’t treat black people like slaves
LMAO we need a non-black genocide now unironically. the zanzibarians and haitians were right(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1293224

File: 1659897303335.jpeg (388.19 KB, 1170x1829, 38734104-56C0-4623-BC2F-0607E0…)

This goes viral every few months on Twitter with people celebrating it. This guy was definitely being a dick but making a rude comment as a teen doesn’t warrant a death sentence.

No. 1293231

Wanting me to feel sorry for the death of a male that fucked around and found out? Not happening

No. 1293234

because I think we've all made some stupid comments as teenagers, dude I was a loser and I have insulted random people, would It would be justified if some moid killed me over it

No. 1293237

How did he even manage that? Where did that man punch him? What the absolute fuck. Also he was just some random schoolboy and the other dude is a bouncer. There's no way he didn't have to deal with worse altercations but a random brat saying something stupid pushed him over the edge? Men are retarded.

No. 1293239

I mean good luck if you believe that, cause historically you are the best at fighting, well anyone really, I think a handful of eskimos with bolt action rifles could conquer the entire African continent

No. 1293249

What the fuck are you talking about? Literally sound like a caricature, I’ll give you a C- for effort though. Add more mmmmmhmmm and das rite to sound more authentic next time lol

No. 1293250

Nta. Just looked at an article, I think he actually died from falling back from the punch and fracturing his skull.

No. 1293251

Samefag, just don't interact. Probably one of the moids raiding right now

No. 1293252

I doubt they’d make it further than North Africa before they die of starvation due to climate change exacerbating the severity of the weather or are riddled with bullets from Islamic extremists due to the rise of radical Islam

No. 1293253

>Telling anons not to interact while interacting

No. 1293255

Greentext is correct, white text is moid-tier and unnecessary.
In general, I'm tired of the weirdo failed tardthots and brown women who want to fuck/marry Varg Vikernes. Both are so braindead and bring their worthless scrotes here to spam (assuming they're not the worthless scrotes and/or trannies themselves)

No. 1293258

Go back to where? I was just pointing out that it's funny that anon replied to the bait, then told other anons not to kek

No. 1293262

The person I replied to wasn't bait you autist.

No. 1293270

One of us is confused, and I'm not sure who it is. I'm talking about >>1293251 >>1293249

No. 1293349

men's strength can be insane at times

No. 1293553


No. 1293558

Insulting random people to their faces and being the reason their day is ruined are classic moid behaviour.

No. 1295735

File: 1660058827480.png (148.38 KB, 604x1344, Screenshot 20.png)

Spicy straight women the thread,
>"my boyfriend is so queer cause he washes his hair sometimes and paints his nails, we are in such a non-traditional relationship, LOL regular straight people can't understand how close we are"


No. 1295741

Did anyone else see that notification that they're testing downvotes? I only saw it once.

No. 1296083

File: 1660074811985.png (1.58 MB, 752x2696, CAPTURE.png)

You can click on a random twitter account just out of curiosity and find such bizarre manifestos dedicated to the most random shit, like this one account solely dedicated to claiming that certain actresses and the characters they play are Sapphic and gay and just creating Larry tier theroeis on a daily basis, this has to be some sort of brain rot


No. 1296330

Is that taylor swift in one of those pics? Kek it's weird how these people always latch onto the most straightest turbo-straight celebrities with those posts, instead of supporting actual confirmed gay celebs

No. 1296715

File: 1660131434586.jpeg (864.46 KB, 828x1200, D84C4272-5CE0-4EDD-B206-06EB7F…)

There are men that are genuinely mad at this joke, lol.

No. 1296739

File: 1660136352678.jpg (52.03 KB, 828x512, tumblr_24d741d9eefc054452c5cd9…)

Cannot stand this man

No. 1296742

Based white women. Hopefully they start throwing things at him too

No. 1296744

It was over reylo so don't get too excited but ofc he assumed they were all annoying white Karens because he's a misogynist

No. 1296745

Rape-ape on rape-ape violence. Don’t care

No. 1296749

What is it with misogynists thinking they can get away with anything they say by putting white as a prefix?

No. 1296753

because it's unfortunately true

No. 1296775

Why does this mediocre actor keep getting hyped on Tumblr and Twitter

No. 1296780

Who even is this? Anyone can get a blue checkmark on twitter these days.

No. 1296791

File: 1660140658623.jpg (82.65 KB, 589x485, de1M3zP.jpg)

I guess he's referring to this.
36 year old literal who actor beefing with stan twitter teens, topkek. You can tell he wanted to call her a bitch so badly lel

No. 1296795

He was in these big horror Netflix series, so he's not just some rando (Bly Manor, Hill House, Midnight Mass)

No. 1296798

File: 1660141158395.jpg (91.92 KB, 589x503, jtuIRE3.jpg)

Is it really that deep

No. 1296800

No, he’s just being an immature cow. He’s a rando to me bc idk who he is but this reads like any other cow being offended online. They all just make themselves look like asses.

No. 1296802

He was also in Izombie

No. 1296812

File: 1660142132809.jpg (47.81 KB, 950x533, C0zeZ5PXAAARFSY.jpg)

Tbh his twitter account feels like a 17yo TikToker girls account that also happened to be a middle-aged irrelevant actor, begging for any chance to get clout… And it sucks because I liked his character in iZombie, but this show is old as hell anyway.

No. 1296834

So are people mad at him for saying he doesn't care about Reylo? If so, I mean I don't think he's really in the wrong

No. 1296843

Attention seeking behavior

No. 1296853

He isn't wrong, he's just immature and takes things way too personally. Like having stan twitter kids disagree with you online isn't "white women shouting at me!!".

No. 1296896

I don't know any of these shows, so this guy is still a literal who. I know singers despite never hearing any of their songs, I know actors despite never watching their shows or movies, etc. because of how influential they are and this guy is not one of them. He should calm down.

No. 1296908

Oh is this the guy that was on funhaus sometimes

No. 1297371

File: 1660173722107.jpeg (266.57 KB, 828x862, 1660009440017.jpeg)

Besides picrel being obviously homophobic and targeting lesbians as usual over straight people and gay men, I definitely don't "get it" as a bi woman. What if I want to eat some pussy and don't want to worry about pregnancy risk when I have sex? But sure, let's "decenter genitals"

No. 1297386

it's the fact that he's going out of his way to "own" the fangirls it's just embarrassing behavior when he could just ignore it entirely or block

No. 1298654

I don't like this faggot, but I gotta admit this is pretty funny. Something about fangirls fighting with actors is so surreal yet entertaining, you would have never seen shit like this in the 90's.

No. 1298677

>they have such a violent response
That response being.. people clarifying that they don't want to suck or fuck a peen? The violence of it all!

No. 1298698

What's wild is that it isn't genitals. Well, not entirely. If a straight woman is attracted to a man then they're not attracted to penises. They're attracted to men in general so that's male features a TIF can't fucking emulate without looking like my mum tried to stitch a a mannequin together out of socks. They really think irl people are just a mix of random gender ambiguities like a fucking Steven universe crystal gem

No. 1299017

File: 1660271135111.png (24.11 KB, 567x255, inceltheory.png)

is this how the trans movement will end up eating itself?

No. 1299029

The "theyfab" thing is causing a lot of infighting lol.

No. 1299036

File: 1660271851772.png (525.78 KB, 589x881, kek1.png)

they were mad about picrel too.

No. 1299054

they always know who the lesbians are despite their lil ugly terms

No. 1299058

File: 1660273233496.gif (26.42 KB, 120x90, reallymakesyouthink.gif)


Isn't it crazy how 'afabs' saying no to or having any boundaries towards 'amabs' in any capacity is hateful terfy rhetoric. But 'amabs' are never ever considered to be terfy or hateful no matter what

No. 1299183

"terf" has lost all its meaning lmao at this point it just means "woman who won't suck my cock".

No. 1299253

File: 1660301002296.jpeg (449.59 KB, 828x1369, 927065C7-061A-4EDC-8B8B-9B267F…)

The fact they expect all young women to kiss their ass lol
>so TERFS would never be able to claim it
We already did.

No. 1299256

>one terf with the Miku pfp
How to spot a perpetually online faggot. Seriously, I'm on twitter to look for pretty art and I have no clue who the fuck he's talking about, yet he acts like that perso is some kind of celebrity. How about this fag starts to have real problems in the real world? And is it surprising that Kpop fangirls are terfy? The whole "trans rights are human rights uwu" bullshit is a typical white Anglo thing that nobody gives a shit about anywhere else.

No. 1299260

I think I know who he's talking about, but I forgot her username. But them acting all mighty because a bunch of weeb coomers "ratio'd" some girl drawing terfy Miku art is hilarious. How brave of them.

No. 1299263

I still don't get why the think ratios ever mattered. IRL most people will tell you that transwomen are men, regardless of whether they're truly transphobic or not. Not directly if they worry about their career or safety depending on their answer but I do remember that survey showing that yes, lebsians are slightly more likely to date trans people than the rest of the population, but they're into transmen, I wish I saved it on my phone to repost it. There's also that survey showing that people only agree with transwomen using women's restrooms if they had bottom surgery (and I'm assuming it's because people don't know much about surgery in general and think they get actual female genitals). Meanwhile, only perpetually online idiots care about ratios on twitter and use bots and sockpuppet accounts to do it.

No. 1299501

Wow now I have an unbearable urge to draw based vocaloid characters beating the shit out of ugly trannies just to make them seethe. Also what is up with trannies and enbies trying to 'claim' everything? They had no part in the creation in most of the media they consume, nor are they ever the main demographic because most people aren't trans weirdos. I hope they always feel displaced in every community they join.

No. 1299506

Kek can you link the tweet? I find so fucking pathetic that they see life through fandom optics and everything is a fandom for them, so much that the absolute minority of underage terves (who tbh they can also be pretty cringe but i brush it because again they're underage) can cause so much seething. Some commie call them "the gender fandom" and i haven't stopped thinking about it since.

No. 1299531

File: 1660318113679.jpg (402.23 KB, 1440x2488, Screenshot_20220812-112614_Chr…)

Here Nonna, I think I found an article detailing the survey you were talking about! Just in case anyone wants to take a look.


No. 1299588

Yes, that's the one I was talking about, thanks a lot. Now that my day at work is over maybe I'll be able to find the other survey about what "cis" people think about transwomen in women's bathroom. If I find it I'll post a link.

No. 1299591

File: 1660320830329.png (515.2 KB, 2841x2824, Transgender attitudes summary-…)

No. 1299606

Britbongs are way more progressive than what (burger) propaganda makes them to look, what a surprise. I've never buy that the birthplace of whiggism was now the last bastion of common sense in the west, some things never change. That "terf safe heaven" was always bullshit, except that you count thought crimes and you don't think about troons In The Correct Way™.

No. 1299625

File: 1660322361571.jpeg (121.51 KB, 828x453, 413CFFF4-E772-43D6-8067-D4897C…)

No. 1299627

File: 1660322388942.jpeg (562.69 KB, 828x1427, 01098CA6-4F63-4AD7-B1E4-725552…)

they're stupid kek

No. 1299628

File: 1660322439448.jpeg (76.77 KB, 828x328, A4F68ED7-410B-4FB5-AC16-9E80F3…)

No. 1299633

File: 1660322520862.jpeg (234.34 KB, 828x917, BDC98911-ED29-4F86-8631-D70863…)

Btw, someone mentioned us.

No. 1299639

We need to keep gatekeeping.

No. 1299660

What I get from this survey is that the average britbong thinks transitions is actually, physically possible, and that it should be heavily regulated so that only people who won't regret it will go through it. A lot of people are clueless and think only HSTS transwomen who pass and have an actual vagina (aka, something that literally does not exist) should be allowed in women's bathrooms and changing rooms.

It's because of people like this that teenage girls are shit talking men and trannies all the time online, and these teenage girls are 100% right. I hope it won't give them issues once they're older and applying for universities and jobs though.

No. 1299749

Their understanding of us is beyond limited. Just shows the amount of tism rampant among trannies and envies.

No. 1301153

Misandry is good, faggot

No. 1301163

File: 1660395351503.gif (402.06 KB, 220x126, nikocado-avocado-nikocado-avoc…)

Men when they realize what the F in TERF stands for

No. 1301341

File: 1660406559964.gif (4.8 MB, 480x640, 1650817541009.gif)


>they don't treat men with any of the kind of scorn they treat us with, they are very aware of the power dynamic they hold over trans women and exerting it makes them feel good

yes actually. I bathe on autistic men's tears and i yearn for their blood. 41% is not enough.

if they really want an response is because those young girls are already tried of the misogyny they experience on their lives. Some troon mentioned that "especially in spanish speaking accs" and even if you ignore the vagely racism undertones, they're right in the sense that in hispanic communities brutal misogyny starts with the first period. Those girls were tormented since 11, misogyny infiltrating on all aspects of their lives. They didn't choose feminism feminism choose them. So if no one cares to stop being misogynists with them no matter what they're doing they are not going to stop their feminism even if they're in a fandom space, is only fair. On top of everything they log on twitter only to be bombed with "uuhhh autistic men are better at suffering misoginy than you" it's obvious that they are going to snap at it. Obviously this have it's flaws, all of them related to the fact they're still underage girls and prone to retardation but that another topic.

No. 1301660

File: 1660418901307.jpeg (499.11 KB, 1170x1301, D8856EE4-DC84-425B-9E4B-7CE5CC…)

No. 1301665

based gen z terfs

No. 1301676

The reason why you say that they mention spanish speaking terfs in particular is because terfs from other parts of the world speak languages that aren't typically taught in the west and that are difficult to learn and translate with MTL. I don't expect EOP to complain as much about, idk, North African, Korean, Iranian, Senegalese, etc. feminists and "terfs" unless these girls and women mostly post online in English, Spanish and maybe French just because of the language barrier.

Bitch where? That's a standard, thin bishonen, unless I missed something because I don't know shit about Genshin Impact.

No. 1301698

File: 1660421250923.jpg (39.25 KB, 680x503, 799924715b8b82db02878ddc843ba7…)

Kpop stan twitter is a place where girls and young women congregate, so this kind of ideology is just more likely to spread. Kinda like incel/MRA bullshit infesting video games and anime related spaces.

Also kpop is definitely not the most feminist form of entertainment there is, but it feels somewhat egalitarian. For every female idol who gets treated like shit and is forced to go on a crash diet, there is a male idol being objectified and wearing makeup on stage. It's one of the very rare occasions where girls get to objectify men, and that feels powerful.

Also Gowon is a terf lol

No. 1301710

>Gowon is a terf
Now you know she's not because if she was and people caught wind of it she'd be forced to apologize and shave her head or she'd never have a career again.

No. 1301722

male idols still get to fuck as much as they want, have multiple girlfriends, still have their careers when they sexually harass or bully someone. they never truly feel stifled by being an idol, it just teaches them to lie better. honestly sesaengs aren't going hard enough on male idols

No. 1301725

File: 1660422336137.jpg (77.13 KB, 828x811, ESmsq5KX0AAxeYt.jpg)

I was kidding, obviously. Kpop idols rarely talk about politics anyway. The one time Irene mentioned reading a feminist novel, her male fans burned her albums and photocards.

No. 1303176

File: 1660533274202.jpeg (249.8 KB, 1170x835, 677D13B3-5290-4450-A2B2-2A2F58…)

Why do women have to hate themselves so much

No. 1303260

File: 1660542743319.jpg (339.34 KB, 1080x1582, IMG_20220815_075125.jpg)

Part 1

No. 1303261

File: 1660542773283.jpg (456.39 KB, 1080x1766, IMG_20220815_075137.jpg)

Part 2

No. 1303281

Kek moid got BTFO’d

No. 1303298

She just had to bring up the fact that she reads degenerate porn kek. Go read that shit then and please never tweet about it again.

No. 1303302

>Also kpop is definitely not the most feminist form of entertainment there is, but it feels somewhat egalitarian.
I swear the copes k-pop stans come up with to enjoy their genre based on military grade abuse and objectification with a clean conscience. I will never take a baby radfem twitter k-poppie seriously no matter how many spergy kill all men tweets she makes because she's still unconditionally supporting an industry that starves and exploits their female idols and literally prostitute them to producers and other higher up moids while the male idols get away with rape and sexual assault. But hey men are made to wear eyeliner so I guess that makes up for it.

No. 1303347

So she's openly admitting to reading Elon Musk Y/N smut? Sad world.

No. 1303378

He’s the player of games, the player of games

No. 1303423

All entertainment industry treats women like shit, do you just never watch movies or listen to music? Or does that only bother you when Koreans do it?

>starves and exploits female idols

Male idols get starved and exploited too

>they get away with rape and sexual assault

Citation needed

No. 1303427

Like sorry that I find Girl in red boring

No. 1303433

"It's egalitarian because both genders get exploited, abused and starved" is the most late stage capitalism cope I've ever read.

No. 1303435

Grimes truly committed a crime with that one

No. 1303445

You are so delusional lmao

No. 1303459

File: 1660566118256.jpg (224.71 KB, 1080x1205, IMG_20220815_141538.jpg)

I thought this tweet was supposed to be a bad joke before I saw part 2

No. 1303470

Honestly, what's the difference? Both are giant robots from Japan, the only difference is that Transformers were exported to America and given a retarded 'good guys vs. bad guys' Saturday morning cartoon show in the '80s.

No. 1303473

File: 1660568000042.jpg (108.86 KB, 700x1240, d90bdfc65f58c574262f0665a046d0…)

As a gundumb fan, it's generally a meme to call them transformers because gundam never got mainstream in the west while transformers did (especially with the michael bay movies bringing them to normies).
The only person who would take it seriously would be a 12 year old, but this guy is 30 and a youtuber.

No. 1303503

Not to be a sperg but Transformers are robots, and Gundams aren't robots because they need to be piloted like vehicles.

No. 1303518

And that's why no normal person gives a fuck about Gundams, but everybody knows Transformers.

The robot has a million times more personality and commercial appeal than any boring human pilot character. Say what you like about Transformers being childish, but childish is simple and simple is easy to market.

No. 1303524

File: 1660570193787.png (256.34 KB, 578x670, Screenshot (471).png)

i feel so hopeless:
>statistics shows how many percent of inmates, thiefs etc are male
>twittermoid writes: "so now illnesses like addictions are considered toxic masculinity, declaring half of the entire population as a problem? not one day passes without the state media showing how fair, empathetic and democratic they are."
and the tweets underneath are just as bad, saying men only do that because they have to earn money for women, women are the ones raising young men into criminals and so on.
they can use literally anything to turn themselves into victims and us into the "oppressors".

No. 1303536

God, I speak German and I hate the cancer I just saw. Why are men all over the world equally retarded and assume "toxic masculinity" means that masculinity is inherently toxic instead of understanding it criticizes the toxic ASPECTS of masculinity???

No. 1303544

Well, it is what it is. Facts over feelings. Isn't that what they always yell at everyone else?

No. 1303588

You're crazy, Gundam is super popular in Asia among normies and otaku alike. It wouldn't be such a long series with so many seasons and movies otherwise. And iirc it's women who cared about the human characters who kickstarted the show's success. I never watched either shows but from what I understand they're both too different to be targeting the same audience.

No. 1303591

NTA but yeah, Gundam fujos saved the show franchise from dying but Tomino (the creator) treats women as useless sexdolls and had very creepy interviews. For men the series is a power fantasy about piloting robots in a war, for women it's a space opera with some cute boys.

No. 1304421

>Tee hee! If I put “white” before women, then no one will question my misogyny!

Fuck off.

No. 1304428

File: 1660611630244.gif (831.77 KB, 460x354, fistrage.gif)

Men are the same no matter where you go. And yet i get attacked by other women when i say ALL.

Not white, but i wish non-white women would stop this because 9/10 times them mean all women, including instances when moids direct their anger at non-white women, but at the same time too many white women overly embrace the bones that moids constantly throw them for being the ideal beauty standard and constantly betray women for attention and scooby snacks.

No. 1304434

It’s not though? I mean, I hate gross pornsick dudes as much as the next farmer, but I don’t know why lolcow keeps trying to push this narrative.

No. 1304438

stop what?

No. 1304440

It’s reached an interesting plateau because now instead of it just being about the very real entitlement/weaponized victimization/racism issue a particular category of white women have it’s just used to talk about how much you hate women. It’s fine as long as you tack white onto it.

No. 1304467

The op was made by a transwoman so it makes the reeing about theyfabs or whatever completely fucking pointless. None of them thought for a second that a male made this ad.

No. 1304478

Jumping on the i hate white women bandwagon because in some ways it's not just about white women, it's about all women.

No. 1304488

Lord i hate that smarmy ugly fag. Bring back homophobia against moids.

No. 1304493

there are legit reasons to hate white women that don't involve trying to impress moids

No. 1304519

While I agree with this wholeheartedly the issue is that white men are now using it as an excuse to be overtly misogynistic and it’s become an all-encompassing term to cancel out saying really vile things about women in general

No. 1304771

>there are legit reasons to hate a diverse group of millions of women
bitch gtfo

No. 1304773

Don't be obtuse. It's clear that moids use the "white women" only as a free get out of misogynist jail card. If you call a strawwoman a white Karen or Becky you can say the most vile, sexist, woman hating shit ever because it's somehow excused by adding that "white" prefix in front of it even when reading between the lines it's clear they're talking about women as a whole, not some specific issue related to only caucasian anglo women in America.

No. 1304952

Behaving like a twittertard in the twitter hate thread, lmao. Go back.

No. 1305310

File: 1660679008809.jpeg (980.81 KB, 2401x3000, B768899A-0BE7-4550-9B00-7F84A5…)

God they just itch to throw themselves at anything directed to women only.

No. 1305317

Like what?

No. 1305340

she's just going to ree about POC oppression and white women being the historical beauty standard as if women of any race ever had any autonomy in any aspect. POC women think they should be able to punish white women for what white moids have done in the past.

No. 1305458

File: 1660690090294.png (417.16 KB, 807x688, unknown-5~2.png)

Do they not realize all people feel like this sometimes Jesus… "Dysphoria"

No. 1305488

W-wait is this fucking real. I only buy underwear from Shein and this has me fucking worried christ

No. 1305490



No. 1305623

File: 1660703178636.jpeg (702.15 KB, 1170x1191, B873816C-E639-4C81-A0FC-475B9A…)

Moids trying to get away with misogyny by specifying white women. Ofc it’s a TiM too.

No. 1305636

Did you find interacial porn on Nigel’s search history?
Not racebaiting but white women have oppressed women of color on behalf of race. It’s not misogyny.

No. 1305724

File: 1660710295446.jpeg (154 KB, 720x617, 5D2728F0-0B8C-4DC8-B5F0-A7723A…)

Dumb Onlyfans thot virtue signaling.

No. 1305754

It’s not a funny quirky personality trait but it is indeed funny. Some women don’t know what they’re missing. Dunking on moids is fun

No. 1305767

File: 1660713872266.jpg (388.87 KB, 1080x1758, IMG_20220817_061421.jpg)

Came across a video of a chick putting a 12 inch dildo inside her

No. 1305768

Like in her colon?

No. 1305773

Apparently it's in the front, but she says it's immensely painful and something something cheating with angle, idk how to explain it

No. 1305776

>did you find interracial porn on nigels search history xddd
Scrote-tier comeback. Is everything about males for you? Are they that important to you? Someone can't disagree with your take for any other reason? Pathetic.

No. 1305782

Idk much about this but can’t it like rupture the cervix or something

No. 1305786

File: 1660714587113.jpg (165 KB, 1080x591, IMG_20220817_073621.jpg)

I thought the same, but she shows it on video
I feel like I have to say I am not a scrote I am just baffled on a biological level and I hate it

No. 1305789

don't take the bait nonny

No. 1305790

I guess she just has a really deep vagina (I genuinely don't think anything that big could ever be forced past the cervix, but perhaps I'm just stupid) but imagining something going that deep into me genuinely makes me feel sick.

No. 1305791

She's short and looks like she's baiting pedo scrotes which makes it sadder

No. 1305857

File: 1660721073047.jpg (Spoiler Image,271.27 KB, 1600x1187, Organs-system.jpg)

The cervix isn't an immovable wall and its not the "end" of the vagina. The vagina extends deeper behind (posterior) and in front of (anterior) as well as laterally, creating the recess. She is getting it past the cervix by angling it into the posterior fornix, and forcing her vagina to distend into the rectouterine pouch which is an empty cavity between the rectum and uterus. It's disgusting and dangerous and I regret watching it, but that's why its possible. Attached is just a diagram of the reproductive system but I spoilered it anyway.

No. 1305872

>did you find interracial porn on nigels search history!!!!
You people always try to cope and convince yourselves that white women are threatened by you and scared you’ll take their precious white men, and it’s a cope. If anything it makes us think you’re the one who’s jealous and threatened, and most of you libtards have white bfs so that would make a lot of sense.

No. 1305874

anon the one item you should spend some more money on should be panties…only buy pure cotton

No. 1305884

Imagine going that far for some moid acknowledgment. It doesn't even feel good to her, she just wants to make moids horny by pretending to do some sick hentai shit.

No. 1305901

I love how whenever someone says "[insert borderline rapey hardcore hentai porn thing] is weird and unrealistic" some pickme OF whore has to jump in and prove to everyone how she is the most degenerate in the land. Congrats, with two years of practice you are now able to push your poor vag to her breaking point for crumbs of attention from coomers who hate you. Hope it was worth it.

No. 1306536

agreed. not the anon you replied to, but when I had some expendable income I bought comfy and quality underwear. invest in good undies. love yourself.

No. 1306552

Ily anon

No. 1306571

>it's possible to penetrate cervix
No, it's not. That's 100% coomer bullshit. The cervix is meant to protect a fetus inside the womb which means it's one way only, it can't be opened and thus penetrated. It would be excruciatingly painful for the woman if it happened anyway, and extremely dangerous as well seeing how the womb is a sterile environment and you would risk a life-threatening uterine infection introducing a foreign object there. The """womb penetration""" fetish is disgusting and so far detached from reality I can't forgive any delusional pickme telling men it's totally real and doable.

The way you worded it makes it sound even worse, which it is. I pity these women.

No. 1306575

Absolutely NOTHING can be put past the cervix. Maybe a doctor could put a metal rod or something during surgery. NOT A DICK wtff

No. 1307137

File: 1660816144452.jpeg (297.22 KB, 828x959, 360773B7-2E18-479F-ADA0-2BF218…)


No. 1307138

Forgot to mention she says that with $10 in her display name kek

No. 1307306

lol yes it can. how do you think they put IUDs into the uterus, surgery?

No. 1307510

Those IUDs are smaller than a dick, retard

No. 1307559

Are you seriously this retarded? When IUDs are placed the vagina is cleaned out and the cervix is forced open with instruments just enough to insert the thinner than a matchstick, sterilized IUD in, pulled open only when it's already inside. You're not going to push a dick in like it was a fucking doggy door. Even the size of that one tiny IUD causes a ton of pain for most patients so even if it was possible to smash a dick in the pain would be unimaginable. You're either a man or have severe porn brainrot, or possibly both.

No. 1307563

How big do you think an IUD is

No. 1307573

Even so for putting in an iud in my country you're sent to the hospital and you do it with muscle relaxants they give to women in labor if you didn't give birth. And IUD's are tiny.

No. 1307963

A dick being bigger than an IUD doesn't mean that 'it's one way only, it can't be opened ' or that 'Absolutely NOTHING can be put past the cervix' you mouthbreathing retard

No. 1307971

wish they did that here, they just shove it on in regardless. fucking horrible but hey, no periods for 7 years

No. 1308160

File: 1660875758669.png (412.57 KB, 1032x660, lol.png)

kek the mansplaining thing is too accurate

No. 1308167

What the fuck men really do speak like that. It's so consistent how they have go…"talking about subject" "you know (part of subject)" them trailing off on a tangent to wrap back around to the subject, and after an unneeded mini paragraph explain the thing in 2 sentences. Unless they're autistic they'll say it as blunt as possible.

No. 1308242

We're talking about coomershit, cunt. No one thinks about medical devices when discussing cervical penetration in porn

No. 1308329

>huuurrrr u cant say u can't or are supposed to push dicks past a cervix when one specific medical procedure performed by medical professionals exists!!!!
I bet if fucking an ear canal with a dick became the next big scrote fetish you would be saying it's totally doable because you can break through the ear drum if you jam it in hard enough.

No. 1308445

>I bet if fucking an ear canal with a dick became the next big scrote fetish
With the rise of catgirls and hentai, ear fucking is already a thing nona.

No. 1308599

There was a whole family guy episode based on ear fucking as a joke I think.

No. 1308781

File: 1660931023069.jpg (104.43 KB, 603x816, 91.jpg)

So overly online twitter Sapphics are mad at the new Enola Holmes film, cause there was a popular headcanon that Enola was a lesbian and there was active misinformation being spread that Enole was gay in the books, and twitter sapphics were devastated when they learned that Enola was going to continue her romance with a a male character, they complained to netflix about this blatant erasing of beautiful Sapphic representation, it got so bad that the author of the books Nancy Springe had to make a post explaining that 1)Enola isn't gay and 2)stop being weird about their headcanon's

No. 1308805

Fandom on Twitter was a mistake. So embarrassing.

No. 1308876