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File: 1673186610137.jpg (54.1 KB, 552x556, images.jpeg-1.jpg)

No. 1466841

Thread for all desi noonies
Thread rules:
>DO not infight because of someones nationality or beliefs
>no pak vs India debate
>keep paki-chan autism to a minimum
Discuss how desi cultures either empower or objectify women .
>no religion shaming
Old milk:
>The month long femicide happening in Pakistan which had three female victims of honour killing
>Indian concert molesters

No. 1466849

good job

No. 1466852

Recent milk :
>The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on Saturday dismissed an employee who threatened a female Christian security officer with blasphemy charges over a parking dispute in Karachi.
Muslim moids seething over women

No. 1466858


Why are so many Muslim women such braindead panderers.
It’s honestly sad.

No. 1466874

Post the video nonny . This is a imageboard

No. 1466906

Religion of the Arab pedophile scrote who is claimed to be the greatest human being who will ever exist

No. 1466910

Noona …read the rules

No. 1466933

No. 1466936

You-know-who is thread ko apna personal blog bana leingi, mark my words.

No. 1466941

Paki chan ki kahani(dadi ki daastan).paki chan ki hera panti dehkna ek Dusara hei maza hai

No. 1466948

Aur aagay dekhtay hain kiya kiya hota hai…

No. 1467082

File: 1673197500175.gif (773.77 KB, 280x210, BelovedNearCentipede-max-1mb.g…)

No. 1467090

So why hasn't paki-chan turned up to sperg yet? She is active in other threads.

No. 1467091

I don't understand why urdu speakers like to pretend that urdu is somehow way better the Hindi, when its the exact same language

No. 1467104


No. 1467122

This is true, we are literally taught in schools that Urdu is a perfect languages that combines Arabic, Persian, Turkish and Hindustani, some recent etrugal-fags are now claiming that Urdu is actually Turkish
its always the fucking muhajirs and urud speakers who worship Turks, they have literally no pride in themselves, sometimes I think maybe my father is right that their "half eunuchs"

No. 1467128

Fuck urdu . Sindhi is the most based language…. that very few people speak…(looking at you karachifags)

No. 1467131

Would agree noona(but isn't the case in our cultures too ?kek). Sindhi and sanskrit are similar so I understand a bit of it.

No. 1467132

Also paki-chan I salute your muhajir hate. I hate them too for displacing my people

No. 1467151

my mom hates them so much, like goddam my dad hates them for different reasons but my mom and her entire family talk about how Hitler would have talked about Jews, compared to her I'm a racial advocate for them
always wanted to learn it, but my mom never taught it me(granted Sindhi is also her second language and her mother tongue is Seraiki) but she never taught me Seraiki either

No. 1467160

If your mothers family was chased out of their home like my mothers was. Her hate is very understandable. So you speak only urdu paki-chan? Most people in sindh atleast speak 5 or 3 languages at best

No. 1467164

Of course, I sorta have too in day to day life though I shouldn't be, Urdu was chosen simply cause our founding fathers spoke when not even 1% of modern day pakistanis spoke it as even a second language

No. 1467166

File: 1673203665325.jpg (27.92 KB, 484x634, images.jpeg-3.jpg)

Thanks to quaid(rich boy)azam. Also remember that the baluchs literally didn't wanted to be joined because they considered themselves to be Iranian not Pakistani

No. 1467172

a bunch of rich land owners who didn't wanna pay extra taxes convinced, that's what Pakistan is but we all ended up getting screwed over, a barely functioning state that claims to be a muslim power yet has been America's lapdow for 50 years now

No. 1467184

And saying it's a Muslim majority is laughable. Where I grew up I studied with Christian's Hindus skihks and the like . And the Muslim only policy is such a slap guess they forgot that sindhi were converted to Islam (my mothers family is one of the families that converted they were hindu) and there are still the old sindhi Hindus who unfortunately are dalit(lower caste hindu) so they convert out of a necessity

No. 1467200

IT IS muslims majority
non muslims you could count on one hand doesn't make it diverse

No. 1467201

>worshipping turks
Turks based again. Even the nazi faggot VARG you wanted to fuck worshipped white blonde turkish men like the faggot he is, lmao. If only you were a turkish man you'd have a chance with your nazi man.

No. 1467212

Pakistani men are the worst and most stupid subhuman men known to planet earth. Indian men can be bad too.

No. 1467214

I made a shitpost onetime and you still haven't let me forget that

No. 1467215

she's upper class and lives in a bubble where might be tolerant

No. 1467218

both are ugly asf, like its an objective fact
shit diet, shit genetics and no culture regarding self improvement for exercise has created imo some of the ugliest looking men on the planet
the one good thing about being Jatt is at least men of ethnic group are at least decent looking, are above 5'7, can grow proper beards that connect and work out

No. 1467227

Not upper class but I will admit that I live in a more diverse region as compared to other cities (maybe Lahore counts too?)

No. 1467228

which city, I lived in military bases my whole life, occasional trips to relatives up north and now stuck in a small city

No. 1467229

Paki chan…..most paki men are manlets. The only ones who are tall are either pahtan or punjabis. I'm mixed so I stand at best 5'7 so…its kinda of funny standing to the average man

No. 1467492

You were right. We are already seeing the familiar talking points and posts.

Any Pakistani-Americans here? Ngl I grew up in a white area in a southern state so I met a few desi girls, but I got lucky that most of them were chill. What about you all? How are y'all doing?

This is so true. Not even going to be biased, but desi women are very beautiful even despite what is going against a lot of our ethnicities wrt genetics, but desi men do not get bullied enough into self-improvement.

No. 1467545

I'm 5'7, the region I live most men are like 1-2 inches shorter then me, my 11 year old brother is almost as tall as most men here, men in Sindh are like Turbo manlets and somehow even uglier then most other paki moids

No. 1467637

What do nonas think about radfems in the West?

No. 1467650

I haven't really read any radfem theory by western radfems, but I love manhate in any form and it seems to come from self-proclaimed radfems a lot of the times so, is cool.

No. 1467651

Are you based in sukkur fellow paki chan? I'm in karachi (basically cali of pakistan) .

No. 1467652

I agree too most pakistani men are at best 5'6 and I'm 5'7 kek(although I'm mixed) my family got a lottery I guess since my mums at best 6ft kek

No. 1467659

I'd say they're justified in hating men (but the west has a good accountability on female based violence as compared to the east). There was case in Islamabad concerning noor mukatam who belonged to a wealthy family but still couldn't escape from the jahalat of men.even where I'm from the cafe of a man who killed his wife from abuse is still open . I always spit on it when I see it. It's always a sad reminder how little women matter here

No. 1467672

I get where their anger comes from, but probably the most delusional people I have seen online , like they genuinely believe their moronic inconsistent theory that has no element of mass appeal is in any way worthwhile and yet they pretend its a serious ideology when it matters as much as posadism
They have never helped a single woman in the world, they just offer unrealistic solutions(um let's kill all men or let's breed men to be smaller then us or let's create a sci-fi cloning technology to have babies without men) and of course these things will never and so what do these morons do, they blame other women for not accepting their retarded theories, utter morons and losers who don't realize how utterly pathetic they are

No. 1467679

varg still isn't going to pick you

No. 1467685

And stop fucking derailing the thread dumbass.

No. 1467733

> Shit diet
>Ethnic group have decent looking men
>Can grow proper beards
A change in diet doesn't change your body hair

No. 1467738

With respect to white radfems they're so ignorant about non-Western countries and every feminist from non-Western countries are absolutely right about white feminists and radfems. I used to think my professors went a bit overboard with criticizing white feminists.
They're so disconnected from reality and the ones I come across online are stuck in a weird 2014 phase.
I haven't come across a poc/brown radfem.
Basically what >>1467672 said

No. 1467815

Your men are child rapists but you only care about them not being hot and bearded, kek.
Imagine lusting after a faggot, lmao. I'm sure you're butthurt at turks because they can at least pass as white.

No. 1467828

watch this movie

No. 1467836

Why do people do this, I am well aware that its not a major issue there are a quintillion things wrong with my country, I'm just saying something that does affect me and making my discomfort it
I'm not saying my issue is worse then the real world horrors of the world
where did I ever say I disliked Turks, in fact I sympathize in how much they get harassed online by Pakistani's

No. 1467841

I love that movie! Also love how it is edited in old ptv drama style lol.

No. 1467842

So are yours idiot kek moids suck every where

No. 1467847

Ooof you reminded me of that poor Turkish actress who got harassed because people forgot to remove fiction from reality

No. 1467855

Anon you know this is going to cause an infight lol

No. 1467861

File: 1673277913999.jpg (157.38 KB, 960x1208, 97064736_863132917515257_40700…)

The main actress for Etrugal, though I think another one came to Pakistan and has embraced her fame, though it comes across as so pathetic, millions of pakistani men humiliating themselves over her, its so pathetic that its not even funny

Pakistan education system has created a generation of Arab/Turks worshippers who have no pride or anything, racist as my family maybe, at least they taught us about our heritage and culture and gave us an identity to be proud off, also I think another actress got harrased cause she tweeted against Turkey hosting afghan refuges

No. 1467868

You're right … its best not to make this thread "ask a desi" . Please keep the thread relevant to desis only

No. 1467872

I think Arab worshipping can be because we "think" them as better muslims I mean they live where the prophet came from right? They're not (I'm half Arab kek) all my life there I kept thinking wow surely arabs aren't racist seeing how many nationalities come for umrah? nope.i belonged to a small town near Yemen so I didn't see much of the racism blatant in Riyadh and jeddah. They literally treat most desi people like slaves . It's such a shame how brainwashed Muslim desis are of them

No. 1467987

File: 1673286071834.jpg (25.22 KB, 408x405, 1672926931442978.jpg)

another instance of my family's racism saving me and siblings from being cringe, seriously though unironically my dad's family believes in and spouts "The Martial race theory" so my dad's belittles other Pakistani ethnic groups(mostly muhajirs, sindhis, mirpuris, urdu speaking punjabis and the few Dravidians we have) but this also extends to Arabs
so he actually worked with various gulf nation militaries and considered them incompetent(barring Jordanian) and my grandfather also had similar bad experiences with Arab navy's, so this confirmed my dad's racial views
that Arabs are lazy, ugly and prone to materialism and "buggery"(that's the actual word he used) and said that the reason Allah choose Arabs to be the first to gain Islam, was cause that they had the lack of critical thinking to accept the faith with full conviction and then live by it for a time period till they transferred to to others

I sometimes I almost laugh when any of my family members spouts their racial bullshit, but I pray my brother doesn't end believing in this shit, like he's in a area where's he's much taller and different looking then everybody, so I don't want him to develop a superiority complex, nor do I want people to fetishize him, like some of my cousins deal with that BS as well

No. 1467995

Is your father in the military? Fellow paki chan no wonder why he's so bigoted . Although I'm glad that you've broken the cycle. You can teach your brother to be more tolerant too. Whenever my little brother brings up racial stereotypes learnt from my mother we reprimand it . My father is quite tolerant despite being Arab. He has travelled a bit but still faced racism because of his pakistani/arab heritage whether it has in ksa or in the west.

No. 1468004

three generations of my family have been in the army and navy, we are just the type, northern farmers who had nothing but a small bit of land, my grandad served for nearly 40 years
my mom is also racist, but she's only racist against a few ethnic groups, while my dad's racist against majority of ethnic groups in Pakistan, he doesn't think their lesser human beings, for him their just objectively ugly and suck at fighting

No. 1468023

No wonder fellow paki chan… being in a military can be tough . Also its funny as hell considering that most pakistani people share one or more geneom relating us to each other kek. Your dad is literally hating on his people kek.

No. 1468024

I also think considering he's kashmir he may also feel resentment how little people actually help kashmir rather than saying wish you well. Remember the kashmir clock?

No. 1468034

well my dad's family is different looking mind you. so its not like its self hate cause they are visibly different race
oh fuck yes, my dad's family are from the Indian side of Kashmir, they lost everything in the Kashmir war, they lost their ancestral land that they had for 300 years and some family members
to get Kashmir back was my granddad's greatest wish

No. 1468396

I prefer white radfems over pick-me pathetic handmaiden ass diaspora bitches who cherry pick their shitty religion and shitty cultures and try to shut down criticism of said shitty religions and cultures regardless of where the criticism is coming from. White radfems and even the evil white libfem scapegoat are nothing compared to the delusional sisters, cousins, and aunties we live near who are going to act like the hijab is empowering and who can actually use identity politics as a trump card in discourse.

Paki-chan behna's obsession with big daddy communism being the one hope against Islamic misogyny is so delusional, like hang it up already kek.

No. 1468399

There are too many Pakistanis who have truly lost the fucking plot. This only really applies to Punjab and Sindh, but these some of these retards have really rolled over and abandoned their claim to their actual culture and history because they consider it "Hindu Indian" or some bullshit. Making it seem like Punjabis and Sindhis actually practicing their culture is some kind of imitation or LARP of India. They did that to instead dick ride Arabs, and now Turks after watching some shitty Ottoman dramas. You do not see literally any ethnicities from Muslim majority countries do this.

No. 1468424

So… What are your assessments of Imran Khan, out of curiosity? My dad adores him but I'm not privy to his actions outside of what he relays to me and general autobiographical basics. I hardly speak Urdu and grew up only learning English.
Hell yeah I love this doc so much. I crave this kind of editing and presentation.

No. 1468427

He has a sizeable support from the urban middle and that's about it, he quickly lost favor cause he couldn't enact any of his polices
Both India and Pakistan are Frankenstein states that should never have existed, Pakistan tried to create a unified religious identity to justify its self aftet the 71 bengal war and to make it consistent no history is shows
seriously ethnicity is not mentioned once in our textbooks, its just Muslims, Hindus and the British

No. 1468533

I think you're forgetting that often most desi women oppose these ideas of thinking hijab as a empowering tool for women but they're either beaten down (either by family or society)or shunned by bigoted woman who are too pick me for Muslim moids . Muslim moids do not care for a woman's dignity that's even in the holiest place mecca, women still get groped and molested . I was catcalled once myself in mecca it was so jarring and humiliating and I was in a burqa.

No. 1468535

He's like the trump of pakistan (but more Liberal atleast when he started) he's a rape apologist who blames women for wearing a shirt too little forgetting raped while he had bikini clad women in his house parties . His only good point is his socialist beliefs and disempowering the military so doesn't play a proxy martial rule over us. (Technically pakistan is still in martial law but subtle). He's a cuck also .

No. 1468536

We should've stayed a sub continent but hey thanks to Britain i guess.

No. 1468540

he's not a socialist, he's a neoliberal who tried to act like an Islamist(he failed and no one bought it)

No. 1468642

you know that would have ended even worse, full on ethnic war and genocide
Pakistan and India need each other(not together) to oppose each other to justify each state's existence, if the subcontinent had been united it would have been civil war in 20 years, Yugoslavia x1000

No. 1468742

File: 1673363728450.jpg (29.12 KB, 399x399, 1611298148406.jpg)

so I know many people are curious about my living situation and how I can afford to post as much as I do while also being rather infrequent

as of now my family lives in city where we have no close relatives, it takes 3-4 hours for my dad to reach his office located in a another province, and he comes back late at night, always tired, my mother is also sick due to a thyroid condition and is half bed ridden
so cause of this I have to be the one to handle stuff mostly regarding my younger brother and mother, so I do the cleaning, the cooking, I take my brother to school and pick him up, I tutor him, I take him to the park and look after him, we have had this arrangement for 4 years now and I'm thankful for it, cause of this I don't have to get married and my parents don't have to waste money on a sperate maid, driver and caretaker for my mother

No. 1468745

So you grandmother can't stop you from working like you said before

No. 1468746

File: 1673364211296.gif (33.63 KB, 500x397, 1645168881003.gif)

You're doing a good job, I know that many wouldn't tolerant doing what you are doing for your family and I hope that you know that we'll be there for you and love you ♥

No. 1468754

File: 1673365073571.jpg (49.41 KB, 398x399, wise_bunny.jpg)

my grandmother is against me having an official job, what I'm doing doesn't count as a job for her, even her own mother worked on a business with her family, so since it was family it didn't count
we all have to play with the cards we are dealt with, one has to improvise and even comprise depending on their situation, the thing is I do love my younger brother, he's precious to me and I hope if I leave that he will forgive me

No. 1468759

File: 1673365293572.jpg (24.84 KB, 678x452, images.jpeg-20.jpg)

Oh fellow paki chan I am glad to hear that. But I would still recommend a career to escape marriage. One of my aunts did that and is happy as a bachelor
Nah she still can do that. In desi cultures the say of the elders is final .more rigid in tribal esqe families like regions that have seines or sardars(land owners)im glad that my paternal grandparents are dead ,since my father's dad was a known abuser. My maternal grandparents are chill tho I love them both

No. 1468761

Yeah but if you don't live with her you can hide the "official" job from her, if you get one

No. 1468762

Fellow paki chan you cannot coddle your brother all your life. Since you are taking the role of a mother for him he will grow up someday. You don't want to stand there thinking that I dedicated my life to someone else's life . He will be a bit sad if you happen to leave . But if you've taught him right he'll learn to accept it .

No. 1468763

No no… thats not a risk Worth taking . Too many things can go wrong .family honour is a huge disease .

No. 1468770

I don't coddle him at all, I look after him(literally) I have to be vigilant cause kidnapping cases and a handsome kid like my brother is often a target for these sick fucks sadly, but he's strong and I teach him to use his strength and size to help others, to always understand others, to never hurt a woman and to be a good man
He will always be a part of me and I know a part of me will exist in him as well
as >>1468763 stated, too much risk involved

No. 1468894

File: 1673374955293.png (238.84 KB, 1068x667, 1673374888077.png)


No. 1468902

….wasn't this predicted fellow paki chan? Chill. It'll be alright (probably….maybe….hopefully).I'm going to go make my silly little anime figures now and cry

No. 1468906

Also we probably sold our nukes kek

No. 1468915

I think people like us won't suffer, you likely being rich and my family having many officers but I still feel for the common people who are suffering so much, also If you don't mind would you mind sharing some of your art
our nukes are worthless, they can only hit India and nowhere else

No. 1469159

File: 1673397675698.png (33.64 KB, 303x303, 5890_2108432.png)


No. 1469251

I hear they fuck up your teeth long term though

No. 1469281

everything worth eating fucks your teeth up sometimes you just have to take the L and chomp it down

No. 1469283

Yeah but 99% of desi food, especially from the the central regions is awful for you, its almost designed to make a population chubby and unfit

No. 1469358

Although I'm very fortunate in having a middle class family . My mother is a doctor and works with people who are in poverty and I also volunteer. It's always so depressing and difficult to see them in such hard conditions which they have no hand in causing. The poor man only needs food and shelter and I'm so disgusted by the people who say its their fault for not trying enough or not educating themselves. Have you seen our schools? Most of the times there aren't any teachers and it's not free to educate unless it's a scholarship (which is given to rich kids). Whatever the rich man takes the poor man has to suffer..

No. 1469360

File: 1673422632327.jpg (71.46 KB, 720x1280, IMG_20230107_150603_625.jpg)

I repaint(mostly bootlegs) and sculpt anime figures fellow pakichan. I'm a huge tenma fan so I make alot of her. Are you interested in any sort of anime paki chan?

No. 1469362

But….its tasty so nom nom nom

No. 1469364

Not really… its the same like the west fast food . The biryanis and halem you eat in karachi is fast food doused in oil . Homemade biryani is way healthier and most people where I'm from eat fish or vegetables. Not all desi food looks like the takeout you order. Homemade desi food is way better than the bland sludge westerners make

No. 1469379

Just a tourist to this thread, but anon, do you have a nice veg recipe I could follow? Ty!

No. 1469383

You can make bindi(lady finger)
I would recommend this channel since its by a pakistani chef . Happy cooking tourist noona!

No. 1469433

File: 1673439921457.png (100.89 KB, 715x695, aita.png)

>Punjabi "men"
not even once

No. 1469439

Sounds fake and looks like it’s written by a woman larping as a dude, both Indian men and women are really obsessed with light skin (women especially since dark skin is seen as masculine) I don’t know any Indian woman who isn’t obsessed with skin lightening and Indian aunties always tell young girls they’re looking too dark or too fat.

No. 1469441

Least racist india/pakistan male. Ugly and heartless. What a combo.

No. 1469452

Most desis are absolutely addicted to light skin so much people bleach their skin for it (remember when fair and lovely became glow and lovely kek) . Desis can be the most racist people you can meet .

No. 1469474

I wonder if pakichan bleaches her skin

No. 1469486

how does he think genetics work and why did he willingly marry and have kids with someone he doesn't consider attractive? he sounds too dumb to be real

No. 1469516

This has to be bait because no one is that genuinely retarded.

No. 1469560

She's kashmiri so probably not . You shouldn't anyway it can cause skin cancer.. but it's still in some parlours .

No. 1469562

Desi moids are huge mothers baby's. Most of the wife is a just a accessory to him. His mom probably chose for him to marry .These men have the creepiest relationship with their mothers . There's a huge issue of emotional incest with desi mothers

No. 1470230

don't bleach my skin but I am browner skinned compared to my most of family, on account of my mother's heritage(seraiki-sindhi)
I did get height from my father's side, so that's a plus
most likely, it has that element

No. 1470556

How many Paki-chan(tms) are there? I remember a previous Pakistani sperg claiming to be half-punjabi and her other half being from gilgit or something. Unless you keep changing shit around Paki-chan lmao

No. 1470886

File: 1673554472768.jpg (25.83 KB, 486x632, images.jpeg-22.jpg)

Bump for cp soreyay

No. 1470889

At best? Three at least . Paki chan and I belong to the same region the other burger paki chan? Dunno

No. 1471162

Interesting. I'm the Paki-burger chan and I have noticed Paki-chans(tm) with a distinct typing style and talking points for a while who were all of mixed ethnic origins. The one consistency being hating Islam/being ex-Muslim and posting in the more rf spaces. I even saw a Paki-chan(tm) in Asherah's garden when that was still around

No. 1471374

wait are you in Sindh as well, also is the burger-paki an american pakistani ?

No. 1471582

I suppose so . She talks as if she just heard how pakistani women live from a vice news article. (I mean it's well known how hard it can be to women to work here despite being middle class and she said tone deaf things like "no money? Why no work? ") I mean her experience still counts as I am half aswell but used to live in ksa but now reside in pakistan. But western pakis have a distinct way of outing themselves

No. 1471583

We'll never know how many pakichans are there … never since … one of them… is bipolar .


No. 1471585

I haven't seen the exmuslim paki chan, are you sure she isn't a larper acting like one? She could be Arab aswell

No. 1471831

Nta and not paki but the og paki-chan is exmuslim and loves to lust after islamaphobic men because she relates to them or something

No. 1471849

File: 1673628140370.jpg (114.57 KB, 1080x700, ss.jpg)

Reminds me of this. This post was pakichan's magnum opus

No. 1472824

File: 1673692466314.jpg (80.66 KB, 720x658, FYCIAcSWAAQqGka.jpg)

I know everyone else is corrupt but Jamaat-e-Islami could be the catalyst for more Islamists to gain power

No. 1472827

File: 1673693045600.jpg (58.97 KB, 608x309, hahagoboom.jpg)

fellow paki-chan… its highly debatable theyll win in karachi kek (considering how liberal it is ) but fr fuck islamists. they should remember what happened to the last two…. molar graves

No. 1473327

I don't know, I just know that there are many Paki-chans(tm) who would constantly bring up their ethnic break downs and sperg about the appearance of their ethnicities (e.g. going to the celebricows thread to talk about how so and so Hollywood celebrity looks like a illiterate Pashtun peasant in the mountains in their village or something kek). I remember a half-Punjabi and half-Gilgit ex-Muslim Paki-chan who would post on Asherah's garden and here.

I'm Pakistani-American and Punjabi so I'm not sure if you're asking about me.

No. 1474025

interesting thing to criticize given that the chosen threadpic is of a woman who's lighter than 99% of Indian women

No. 1474265

Late response, but thanks! I love okra, so I'll definitely try making it soon. Hope you're well, anon.

No. 1474302

File: 1673854620877.jpg (71.55 KB, 500x807, y0xxvaq55xba1.jpg)

No. 1474350

I agree with the latter two but I don't think I have heard of anyone that ever had an "Iranic phase" most people dislike Iran cause its a Shia state and has most relations with India(plus its proven links with separatist groups in Pakistan)
The only people who claim familiarity with Iran are Baloch and Pashtun(who are Iranic) and Shia Muslims in Pakistan

No. 1474840

If you all have been lurking the internet for a while, seeing Pakistanis go on different phrenology and race-related forums was a dark ass time. Making the cringiest ass claims about the genetic make-up of Punjabis being a whole blend of irrelevant ass shit. Some guy on a Pakistani forum who has origins in Sialkot took a DNA test (kek) and had "central Asian" come up as like 15% (kek) and wouldn't stop sperging about it and acting like he isn't just a regular degular Punjabi. Embarrassing. These people are better off literally doing some pan-Punjabi stuff with Indian punjabis, Idec.

No. 1476491

tbf Punjabi is more of a cultural identity rather then an ethnic one, many people have settled here, though claims of turkic asian ancestary are probably the least likely as turkic invaders only used the punjab as route to the richer cities of central India

No. 1476537

Does anyone else watch those bait 'pakistanis are turkic/arabic' accounts on tiktok? They're so funny kek

No. 1476544

have never seen any, can you post some ?

No. 1476559

File: 1674111320973.jpg (153.83 KB, 1920x1080, p08q2zrt.jpg)

Everyone should look up Begum Rokaya. She fought very hard for women's education in Bengal and resisted violent opposition from the Deobandis.

No. 1476693

I watched Dubs of DBZ and Naruto with my older brother(all 3 of us shared a room together)

No. 1476739

File: 1674137872801.gif (2.98 MB, 480x320, 9559.gif)


No. 1476750

paki chan is this humsafar?

No. 1476751

better then Indian crap but Dramas these days are starting to emulate them more and more, they are going on way too long these days

No. 1476752

its a painting by moezaam ali of a tharparker woman so..please dont bring sjw levels of art cringe here

No. 1476756

but…i have iranian grandparents and a arab dad…huh? …who…who am i then? am i all the paki phases?

No. 1476757

indian tv sucks but the movies are great especially the tamil side . its no wonder they get nominated for art flims.

No. 1476762

I watch Bollywood(occasionally) for the spectate and their fun, I thought RRR was super cringe btw and felt more like a pathetic power fantasy more then anything, I don't understand why Americans loved it so much

No. 1476769

File: 1674140458947.jpg (46.38 KB, 256x384, Drishyam_2015_film.jpg)

i kind of like rrr its like indian anime kek, i also liked drishyam too the new one is a bit lackluster but the first one is very good

No. 1476776

True, saaray plot bhi ghiz chukay hain, I don't know, I feel like there's so much potential for good TV and cinema here. Apnay Laal Kabootar dekhi? How did you like it? Wasn't Parizaad super popular recently? I haven't watched it though.
Any particular ones you recommend?

No. 1476783

All Bollywood films are Indian anime so I don't understand what was special compared to the rest, I can't even watch the full movie cause its embarrassing to think about, this fantasy of stealing all the white women, I couldn't take these ugly gremlins seriously

No. 1476795

I know some good horror and drama ones if you want to know? Romance is a hit or miss for me so I don't watch many romcoms

No. 1476874

Nonna, I'd love that!

No. 1477183

The state of Punjab is a diverse one and we do have people like Nawaz Sharif who are Kashmiri-Punjabi and such, but I don't think Punjab is enough of a mish-mash that there are no ethnic Punjabis. My family has been living in the Sialkot district for generations on both sides and we are just regular standard Punjabis, no hyphenation needed. The hyphenations and asterisks can be saved for groups (ethnic groups and even linguistic groups) that actually have something else to claim like the aforementioned Kashmiri-Punjabis. Not some rando who probably lives 20 minutes from the village my parents are from, who speaks standard Punjabi, and whose recent ancestors all lived and died within a 5 mile radius.

Indian anime is such a funny way of putting it lmao. At the least with actual anime the fact that it is animated helps cushion the cringe. And there honestly has been no era of consistently handsome Bollywood actors. You get a Hrithik every once in a while, but also have to stomach these necrotic post-wall ugly ass men being paired with Alia Bhatt's perpetual 12 year old looking ass. It's repulsive.

No. 1477222

File: 1674183680660.jpg (48.48 KB, 630x1200, MV5BYTllNWRhMDgtMGNlNS00OTkzLT…)

a couple Bollywood stars are attractive but not really my type, Pakistani actors are generally a lot better looking, I'd say the 2000's were the peak for attractive pakistani actors and now many have imported horrible rap styles

No. 1477358

its really hard to get one pakistanis ethinic ancestry to a point since we have gone through so many invaders rulers etc. we are indoaryan aswell as the harappan and indus civs , unless theres a huge initiative in ancestral origins(considering how the census went its highly theyll fail) most ancestral roots are passed down by mouth with no verification unless you have documents (which many didnt in the subcontinent) .

No. 1477360

would recommend seeing tumbbad its a horror movie on greed.(its very nicely shot) and thr other one is piku i think tho thats hindi .

No. 1477364

never had that issue, my family has always knows where its from, we have our family tree book that my great great grandfather complied, with that we can know that we have been muslim for 350 years, as well as the names of my paternal male ancestors

No. 1477377

yeah like i said you have proof of documentation. my family was fortunate too in having records(place of residence ), so many pakis larp as any iranian arab turk kin(since noone can verify it if theyre not) .

No. 1477662

File: 1674245005576.jpg (75.06 KB, 660x1062, D_AgYFeU4AAjmir.jpg)

have you ever seen a man with a six-pack IRL ? have a couple cousins with abs but honestly too grossed out with incest to ever marry them or think of them like that and other then them I think most pakistani men don't even have flat hard stomachs let alone six-packs

No. 1478454

what the hell is this image… why'd you mention your cousins like that…

No. 1478478

Paki-chan….why are you sperging about this and bringing up your cousins as a part of this discussion……….

No. 1478491

If you are a standard Punjabi, Pashtun, Sindhi, or Baloch does autistically try to pin-down if you have an exotic ancestry a few generations ago even matter? This "muh ancestry" DNA test fascination works best for people in the "New World" who are the result of a very large, very documented, and historically recent mixing of cultures e.g. latinos. Even white Americans sperging with trying to claim 6% swedish ancestry comes from the fact that the US is in fact a country where many different European groups settled and mixed with each other relatively. Even parts of white American culture reflects that. At least for ethnic Punjabis, our magical ancestry is just the people that have lived in this area for millenia with minor admixture here and there. I don't think every single empire that took Punjab in wanted to actually settle into the Punjab area.

No. 1478823

can you read, I specifically stated that I don't want to marry my cousins

No. 1478854

Why would it even cross your mind? Sounds like you do. The only men you’ve seen with six packs are your cousins? Get out of your shithole

No. 1478855

because most likely my parents will want to have me get married to one of my cousins, that's a reality for me

No. 1478859

Get out of your shithole.

No. 1478865

Let me just casually leave when my country's economy has collapsed and the pakistani passport is one of the worst in the world

No. 1478881

You just want a pity party. Take control of your life, you for sure can’t do shit sitting here wallowing about abs only your cousins have on lc. Pathetic honestly. You have internet connection figure something out. I’d support you whoring if you’re that desperate. Start a go fund me, I don’t give a shit. Maybe just stfu accept your fate and marry your cousins since you think their abs are so sexy.

No. 1478894

WTF are you on about, I'm stating my reality and I share a computer with my brothers, and the only thing I have of my own is my dad's old laptop, I can't whore out because my family will kill me, and even If I had the money it doesn't solve the issue of the pakistani passport being one of the weakest in the world

No. 1478900

I get you’re in a third world country but are you really that bad at reading comprehension? You know exactly wtf I’m talking about, it’s not a novel concept. It doesn’t matter how strong your passport is, you’re not the lowest, you can still use it, do you actually have a passport? If so you’re doing a lot better than most. How did you even find this site? Are you larping? I get why everyone hates you now. I don’t really care about you or your problems, I really just wanted to call you a nasty bitch over your cousin post and I think that’s been established. Consider all these questions rhetorical.

No. 1478904

So work your way up to moving to a slightly less-shithole country then. Move to Uzbekistan, at least the food's better.

No. 1478905

I still don't understand what your trying to say, yes I have a passport but again I don't have money and the economic crisis is making things too expensive, my plan to leave to the US requires me to coordinate with my cousin and I'm not gonna e-whore cause I don't have the clothes and I don't wanna ever risk anyone finding me out

No. 1478906

>All Bollywood films are Indian anime
How dare you, Andaz Apna Apna is clearly a documentary

No. 1478914

I like them for spectacle, like this is so fucking ridiculous you uninrcally enjoy it

No. 1478915

File: 1674361943544.gif (1.96 MB, 615x413, 3617DE6F-4681-4309-82F8-6C7801…)

>i don’t have the clothes to be a whore

No. 1478917

Yeah like, I don't really have the sexy clothes for coomers to be an e-whore and again the money wouldn't be enough to get away plus I would be to scared of my parents discovering me

No. 1478966

And you clearly sound like a tone deaf American who thinks when someone doesn't call you by your pronoun is genocide and oppression when women literally get killed here just for existing.i suppose you don't know about qandel baloch?someone who was a egirl by standards and earned money that way you know what happened? She was decapitated by her misogynistic brother.youre so laughably ignorant it's no wonder your teens shoot up schools.all that money can't gain a sense of intellect it seems

No. 1478973

File: 1674367358184.jpg (112.7 KB, 1279x720, ya-jhakaas-shabas-mere-cheetey…)

That flim is kinda gay..and I like it.the main mcs are so cute.

No. 1478975

at least old bollywood films were more genuine and making up stuff on the spot, now everthing is a rehash

No. 1478976

I like it for all the clothing and hair styles, and the triple-take camera zooms.

No. 1478979

??? I think you're looking in the wrong places?most farmers are ripped as hell and most men where I live workout here too so they're pretty ripped(could be because we have bodybuilding tournaments here).also..why that photo in a post about your cousin?

No. 1478980


No. 1478981

I'm an Amerifag and I still think "Om Shanti Om" is a great song (but Karz is a boring-ass movie, there I said it).

No. 1478984

Whenever I hear about om shanti om I remember this song and cry

No. 1478993

File: 1674368263860.jpg (38.34 KB, 354x458, literally_me.jpg)

How often does your family smoke ?
I myself(trying to recover), my older brother, my dad, my mom(sometimes) all my uncles, all my male cousins and some female cousins(in secret) smoke, my elder brother's logic is that its better then being heroin, cause a few of my relatives are heroin addicts and alcoholics

No. 1478996

Lol I don't watch capeshit, unless you count Mr. India

No. 1478997

Tum goruo ka opinion nehi chae hai humeh.kharz behatir hai Jo marvel inkal ta hai Jesse koi sassbahu ka serial ho.iron man ko kitne bar marao gay?

No. 1478999

Well my uncle died from lung issues due to smoking so it's pretty hated in my family.i have smoked personally and it was bitter so I spat it out.instead we are addicted to supari

No. 1479056

This movie is nice. During the last era Amir Khan was attractive and during the final era when Salman Khan didn't look like a steroided ape

No. 1479065

I hate all that woke bullshit and refuse to succumb to it, keep stereotyping and I will too. Women get killed everywhere, try again.

No. 1479069

you truly a privellged retard

No. 1479074

Samefag. We’re the most oppressed minority period. Race regardless. Pakichan only picks and chooses what she replies to and doesn’t want to help herself. She has options but wants to doompost on lc constantly vs helping herself. I am American and I know about the woman you’re speaking of, okay? Women die everywhere for absolutely no reason you can’t try to tell me idk what it’s like, you don’t know wtf I’ve seen. Stop procreating, kill your men, kill yourselves then we wouldn’t have more of your men, leave, do something. I wish your men weren’t around but I can’t help that babe cuz you keep birthing and raising them. Get a natural or back alley abortion, idgaf what you do but you can do anything but arguing on lolcow of all places with other women about what rights you deserve because realistically we’re on the same page. Sorry I’m being harsh but you’re ignorant as fuck.

No. 1479077

Wish your religion* not men weren’t around, I honestly hate all men, especially white ones they’re the worst because they actually run shit but keep coming for me not your natural enemy. You’re almost pick me hateful bitches at this point, stay stuck. Everyone has options. I’m not privileged as much as you’d like to think I am just from growing up somewhere.

No. 1479085

Stop making Americans look bad you ratchet ass hoe.

No. 1479091

>western radical feminists stop being utter retards challenge(imposable)
you do not live in any sort of reality do you, you think its so easy to just leave like that, we get beaten and indoctrinated in to our societies, I rarely say this but you are a shithead for the entire world
I truly wish I could switch places with you, you'd get beaten to death with in a week if you were in my situation

you are a fat coddled retarded american so I don't expect much from you but you can at least be grateful for your own situation in life

No. 1479092

Amir Khan has an ego the size of a planet, at least Dangal was good. Didn't his latest movie flop pretty bad?

No. 1479103

And then they wonder why we hate Americans.sure first kill your men I mean it's not like they raped and killed pastuns kids in kpk and Afghanistan right? Wait they did?
No that was american freedom right? They raped a covered kid who was only playing?huh what a shocker.heres a idea since you're so pro sex work provide the material by yourself wait no even those are clowned in your own country.americans truly are munafiq

No. 1479104

Don't be too mean to engerzi nonna after all they eat too much fats it has devolved their brains

No. 1479105

I used to think he was a down to earth celeb but after I saw how much he pushed the narrative that he was a philanthropist.it got annoying and salman khan…oh boy that guy.hes a alcoholic asshole who killed homeless people so yeah I hate him(such a shame since I liked some of the films he did) but aren't most bollywood actors creeps? I mean sanjay datt is literally a gangster

No. 1479106

This thread is making me hate women, I’m hiding it. You’re all indoctrinated. Kill yourselves after as many men you can first since you apparently that’s what you’re hung up on.

No. 1479108

Kek. Yeah I noticed there was a weird inverting of actors with nice faces but fat, flabby bodies, into what you have today: actors with toned bodies but faces like dried sandals.

No. 1479109

I’m not pro sex work, look up sarcasm. You act like you have no options. Keep making excuses with your fellow women vs finding solutions. This started because pakichan is a nasty incestual freak that’s wants her cousins abs and you guys just bring out the worst.

No. 1479110

I used to think he was chill too, clearly isn't the case, and Sallu bhai's fan are literally so deranged.
>aren't most bollywood actors creeps
No doubts about it.
Also, I hate that Bollywood is still doing the whole 'pairing up old-as-fuck actors with super young actresses' thing, like, some of these fuckers are OLD old with actresses younger than them are playing as their mothers, it's crazy.

No. 1479111

Oh he's a hijra engerzi nonna.hum per ihsaan karo aur apne app ko mar dou. Dunya per tumare wazen ka bouj ghir jaega.

No. 1479115

And you go be a white savior somewhere else.we don't want a crusty ass American who doesn't wash their ass

No. 1479117

Anyways. Fellow desisters, Sunday k kiya plans hain?

No. 1479118

Based biryani posting aur tuheri Sunday safaiee.tum Sab kya bana rehai ho?

No. 1479121

Mazaydaar, ap biryani mein aloo daalti ho ya nahi? Meinay aloo ki bhujia socha tha, lekin ab susti horahi hai, kek.

No. 1479122

Yar sussti tou mujeh behi horahee hai sardi mei dil hei nehi chata aut nei ka.gee mei sindhi hon tou aloo aur neemu dono dal tei hai

No. 1479125

>sardi mei dil hei nehi chata aut nei ka
Sach meinnn, bas kambal hon aur mein hon. Khud-ba-khud khana ban jaye kaash. Enjoy karna biryani~

No. 1479136

File: 1674379829336.jpg (370.29 KB, 750x422, 1-1.jpg)

Tumhare leyay.

No. 1479141

File: 1674380749913.gif (40.37 KB, 80x80, 1647055949636.gif)


No. 1479162

was she american or a burger ?
watching puss in boots with my brothers at home(there's no cinema here)

No. 1479186

File: 1674391071359.gif (4.49 MB, 320x250, 122.gif)

>This thread is making me hate women
sounding kind of sus there..

No. 1479213

File: 1674396127202.gif (580 KB, 271x214, bewafa.gif)

Engerzi mard tah. Apne app ko brad Pitt ka beta samjh raja tha.

No. 1479221

you know that Engrizi applies towards British or Americans, not just white people

No. 1479230

File: 1674398174689.jpg (373.25 KB, 1670x1281, JP.jpg)

This is my nightmare

No. 1479303

I hate seeing this shit on Insta.

No. 1479340

It was chosen for a reason.

No. 1479396

File: 1674411547526.jpg (26.71 KB, 755x406, images.jpeg-25.jpg)

I hate both though

No. 1479397

"Nobita tum shizuka kei darwazei pei kya kaar rahe theh lagta hai tumeh jahanaam ke dimension ki zarurat hai?"

No. 1479707

Saheli ki saath show dekhna. Other than that prepare for tomorrow

No. 1479766

Punjs women are the worst pakis I tell you.

No. 1479876

File: 1674486482180.png (105.87 KB, 732x469, Screenshot.png)

Things are not looking good here in Pakistan(I mean they never are but this is a lot worse) we have a nation wife gird blackout, more then 200+ million without electricity, many have died already in Hospitals, some minor riots have happened(they might increase), like my father forbade me and family from leaving the house for our own safety and he gave my older brother a gun just in case
plus many are worried this might be a precursor for a military coup(cause this is what happened in the last military coup)

No. 1479938

The lights back in my region tho? Although it'll take time in the interior

No. 1480335

Well, I'd rather be the worst of the worst Pakistani Punjabi woman that knows how to spell kek

No. 1480426

File: 1674549635575.jpg (57.19 KB, 720x487, Screenshot_20221220-125415_You…)

What were your views on the war on terror? desisisters And how much it affected your view on pakistan? Since most boomer paki think we exaggerate that how harmful and unsafe a environment we grew up in

No. 1480644

It caused a massive afghan refugee crisis in my country and fucked up my country even more, now we have pedo, drug dealing afghan fucks everywhere in the major cities

No. 1480683

India I truly hope you replace China

No. 1481009

ha ha, that's never gonna happen, India's in a better state then Pakistan but it has issues that are fundamentally insolvable
Its a nation like China, it's a colonial Frankenstein stitched up together and arranged across a British railway line

No. 1482140

File: 1674710177597.jpg (255.42 KB, 1083x1024, Another_view_of_Moenjodaro.jpg)

Going to Pakistan for the first time in ages next month. Any cool places that you nonnas recommend?

No. 1482146

what region are you going to ?

No. 1482161

Punjab mostly but also Murree and maybe Sindh and Karachi too. Nothing's truly off the table if it's interesting enough, even if were to be a bit out of the way. My family wants to be extra ambitious about this trip lol.

No. 1482293

If you're visiting lahore avoid the crowded areas(they suck and have creepy men) if you are going to visit the monuments and touristy stuff try to go early as hell 11:00 am for better enjoyment. Avoid the tourist traps there as well. If you're going to visit sindh visit the peacock shrine(somewhere in badeen) and the gator shrine in karachi(magarmach). Avoid going into local transport in karachi at all costs(do uber or indriver its expensive but more safer) also always bargain since karachites have a skill of sniffing out foreigners so they'll Try to sell everything at a markup(although could be due to inflation too).if you're family wants to buy souvenirs do it in the inner market. Also dress according to the place so not to stand out karachi is infamous for it's crime and hide your phone at traffic stops.Happy visiting nonna

No. 1484066

I blame the hen pecking Indian moms and aunties very toxic. They really cut their kids down
There’s a difference between manny malhotra and Russell peters

Think it was wiki under the feminist definition of honour killing 62% of honour killing victims in Pakistan are women. But homicide rate in general it’s 3x as many male deaths.
Honour killing u feel is a racist term on Indian and arab victims. Like crime of passion is for latinos while for westerners they just be crazy.
All killings I say have a level of passion honour and sanity affected aka feelings and ego.
It’s like a new mental colonialism but it’s a Karen running the narrative.

No. 1484156

my father's explanation was that weak women raise men who will be weak, like growing up he would even yell at my mother if she tried to baby my older brother too much, cause he wanted my brother to be strong, now my older brother is a fucked up recovering addict with racist views but he's a lot better then most pakistani men and can actually live on his own without a personal servant to make his food or clean up after him, even my younger brother is learning self reliance and hopefully he ends up better then my older brother

No. 1484160

>fucked up recovering addict with racist view
>better than most Pakistanis
Paki-chan something is very wrong with your perspective on people.your brother is actually on the worst side.

No. 1484164

I won't say it's racist since the assholes who do it say it's in the name of honour (thus called honour killing) there's a quote of qandels father after his son killed his daughter "he says it was for honour. Where is his honour now?" The father hated his son much he asked the court to give him a death sentence but this is a rare case many fathers and sons who belong to the interior have a backward view on woman considering them as property same as in the gulf. Femecide is on the rise even in the metropolitan cites.the only way to avoid and to better this is to teach our sons and brothers(that includes telling them andrew taint is a rapist not a "TOP G") putting men on a pedestal for doing the Barr minumum to function will not make them change but it depends on how your family sees these gender dynamics. The men in my family all know how to cook and clean but we are not putting them on a pedestal even if they asked for it.many desi mothers have emotionally incestuous relationship with their sons unless it's talked about and condemned it's not going to change .A basic human function should be considered as "extraordinary".

No. 1484165

Shouldn't *

No. 1484166

I know what It sounds like, but compared to every other Pakistani moid he's like david beckham
He's loyal, the one who gradually pushed me away from Islam and he's self reliant then most and can take care of himself

The racial aspect was already common in our family, he just sorta amped it up

No. 1484175

The way you talk about your brother is very uncomfortable. Go outside paki chan.

No. 1484180

Seriously, they're all such mama's boy, it's very weird. My moid cousins cannot even make a plate of food for themselves, their mother does it for them. They are in their twenties and cannot do anything by themselves. I am worried for their future wives because it seems that the mother expects the wives to take on this 'responsibility' after marriage.

No. 1484188

>go outside
Due to my father's work my family lives in a small town that's mostly Sindhi and Baloch, there's literally nothing to do here as a young woman and I don't know anybody expect a few of my dad's work colleagues who also live here

No. 1484193

OK ask them if calling your brother a David Beckham and "considerably handsome than most paki men" is cool. I'm 100% sure they'll think its weird. You're borderline festishizing your brother. Also you can go shopping in the market for a change of pace

No. 1484194

She has no irl friends and only her brothers and dad as friends, who she seems close to. That'll make anyone a little weird, kek.

No. 1484195

WTF, I literally said nothing about his looks, just said that he's self reliant and can take care of himselfm

No. 1484196

I have friends, they are all in karachi through

No. 1484411

can someone please explain this to me ? like I need an explanation

No. 1484420

Paki chan totally handsome David paktuh brother fighting other (ugly and unintellectuals) pakis over her honour to grace lolcow with austism

No. 1484460

File: 1674931866685.jpg (36.37 KB, 563x560, 5dd14a406f2a3fd9f395de62137679…)

you people are true fucking morons, like I made a random comparison off the top of my head, I am aware that he does not look white, he's only 5'10 and a shade darker then me and he obviously does not look anything close to the actual footballer David Beckham, I was just using him as an expression for comparison, "compared to my that guy he's like David Beckham"

like I understand disliking me, that's fine but don't make up stuff about me, also I have never said I have pashtun ancestry

No. 1484469

File: 1674932337954.jpg (21.09 KB, 517x517, KEK.jpg)

>says she wasnt being creepy with comparing her brother to a handsome footballer
>spergs hows hes still handsome compared to other men
>sees no promblem

No. 1484473

did you read my post, all I said that my brother despite his many problems is still better then most pakistani moids, which says more about the state of pakistani men then my brother

No. 1484482

Pakichan can you tell us more about your brother and how you view him?

No. 1484491

How is calling your own sibling handsome a creepy thing

No. 1484493

I mean he's my older brother and I do respect and love him, better then most men but still the expectations that my father placed on him were too much and he got addicted to drugs, he's currently recovering and working a job for our cousin on our maternal side(which my dad's side considers shameful)

so now all eyes are on my younger brother, as my father's only other son

No. 1484498

Who's more handsome the older or younger?
What kind of drugs did he fall prey too?
I am sorry to hear about all the pressure your family has experienced and I hope your younger brother does not follow the elders path in life.

No. 1484506

I never called either of them handsome, but my younger brother is considered good looking cause of his features(tall height, light skin, brown hair and green eyes) and yeah there's a lot of social expectations on him right now by the entire family

the biggest issue I have with my older brother is the fact that he wants my younger brother to be what he couldn't be, he also tells him that he's racially better then everyone else, like my dad's family thinks they are better "warriors' then everyone else but that's as far as it goes but my brother literally tells my younger that he is racially superior, which is funny cause both my older brother and me are brown-yellow skinned and dark haired, he's insecure about our sindhi heritage on our mother's side and disavows it

No. 1484993

stop egging the undiagnosed autist on, it's fucking cruel.

No. 1485549

K E K,thank you nonna.

Anyways I will also be visiting Lahore soon for a wedding. I'm excited about stocking up on new outfits and jewelry to have a steady supply for future Eids and weddings.

No. 1485957

be careful, shit is getting pretty bad in the big cities and don't show off stuff

No. 1485983

just visited lahore myself for a wedding things have gotten way wore than they were in 2016 last i visited,trash in the streets(it was cleaner before)shitty overpriced hotels and people have gotten way obnoxious, safe travels though!

No. 1485985

It was cruel but it shut down the handsome thing another anon was pushing.

No. 1485993

if i remember you also have shared your brothers racist bookmarked pages did your older brother introduce it to him? and you to lc?

No. 1486519

yeah but cause of the economic crisis crime has amped up
my younger brother only used the pc to play Roblox, but yeah my older brother does try to explain racial theory bs to him and how Jews have destroyed the world(its really fucking retarded)

No. 1487267

Thank nonnies. I'm def going to be traveling in massive groups with my cousins that are familiar with where to go and such.

No. 1487565

File: 1675233918794.jpg (60.76 KB, 602x400, 7f4b299802.jpg)

So how tall are you and your families ?
my dad's family is considered tall by Pakistani standards, I'm about 5'7 and I live in a mostly Sindhi area so I'm a inch or two taller then most men here, my older brother is 5'10 1/2 and he's considered significantly tall here as well(he once joked that he will never move to the west cause it would hurt his ego to not be considered tall anymore)

No. 1487789

File: 1675265494615.jpg (7.5 KB, 397x136, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.jpg)

in sab mardo ki chai mei rat poison daal na chaehai

No. 1487806

koi sharam bhi nahi hai inkay andar.

No. 1487991

My mom and I are 5'3 so we've escaped being womanlets but are still below average in the US. Idk about Pakistan though, maybe taller than the average woman? My dad is 5'9 and my brother is 6'2 are predictably never STFU about it.

The mardo need to be rounded up into one location and nuked atp

No. 1488136

any bengalis here? i find that our culture overall tends to be more receptive to love marriages and the women tend to be a little more "free" if you will on average, but so many bangladeshi bengalis (in bangladesh, not diaspora) are adapting a super cucked mentality when it comes to their ethnic identity, "we wuz descendants of arabs and turks", they're so insecure about the non-Muslim history of Bengal, its sort of laughable. what's up with non-arab muslims having such an inferiority complex anyways? the arab hegemony in Muslim countries runs DEEP

No. 1488412

Well in pakistan the average woman is at best 4'7 or 5ft I'm 5'7 so I'm taller than most paki manlets kek.
We have the same issue in pakistan too although there are some minorities who still uphold their culture very strongly(sindhis,pashtos,Balochs and kashmiri) punjabis on the other hand larp as any ethnicity under the sun. As for the Arab larp I understand why that happens since my people were the ones who welcomed that Arab invader bin qasim into Asia (we shouldn't have.shouldve given him a bitter tea and told him to leave) many times its our misconception that Arabs are better Muslim since Islam originated there (they're far worse Muslims I would say more munafiq).

No. 1488427

>Well in pakistan the average woman is at best 4'7 or 5ft
what are you on about, other then Sindh and some parts of Punjab, most women aren't that short

No. 1488438

File: 1675331902321.png (7.1 KB, 542x316, images.png)

Go outside more please

No. 1488514

File: 1675343530433.jpg (191.02 KB, 1200x720, Sindhi people.jpg)

I do go outside and I see womanlets everyday but I live in Sindh, people are fucking tiny here
I think its cause I grew mostly in military bases where people tend to be from northern ethnic groups

No. 1488528

a few of my female cousins are actually six footers, just 3 of them but the rest of them are between 5'5-5'8

No. 1488631

Like I mentioned…average women.Most above 6ft are exceptions.height in pakistan is mostly what genetics you inherited the height limitations aren't tied down to a ethnicity

No. 1488770

yeah but some ethnic groups are always taller then others, like sindhis are legit super manlets, never seen a even sindhi man above 5'7 here

No. 1489256

It's not only because of Arab hegemony, but also because of a deep shame of the fact that the ancestors of most Pakistanis were the Hindus that Pakis love to hate on since they associate Hinduism with India and India bad blah blah blah. Absolutely the most retarded mentality.

No. 1489261

File: 1675393325010.jpg (184.83 KB, 1200x1798, Jhulelal.jpg)

I don't that either, Hinduism as a proper religion didn't exist either, like Sindhi "Hindus" to this day don't have any sort of theologically similarity with hindus in the ganges region
This is Jhulelal, the Hindu god of river Indus. He is worshipped as the Ishta dev (Highest Deity) by Pakistani Sindhi Hindus and is considered the patron guardian deity of all rivers in the West

our ancestors would have been "idol worshippers" but not Hindus as we would think of them today

No. 1489397

not all pakis(like above nona said sindhis arent that prejudiced against hindus since most families have hindu ancestry like my mums but there are some who are too much of mullah larpers) kek although some do since its literally taught us to as a religion war in our books(india vs pakistan) so (hindus vs muslims) they forget to mention that this conflict was caused by brits just like the americans did with African americans if you argue this they say just ''look at our differences 11!!!'' so all those hundred of years we were together were imaginary? it is sad since ive had indian friends and its always a sensitive topic to talk how our governments makes us hate eachother most of the propoganda is to fuel a war machine since pakistan justifys its ''warfare'' as a right to defend against india. hopefully things get better since i really want to visit Delhi

No. 1489402

File: 1675411839224.jpg (72.04 KB, 863x577, Dqg0k4kVYAIm1eD.jpg)

there are some beautiful sindhi mandirs i hope some indian hindus would like to visit, ive met some indian sikhs and they were so kind and friendly. i honestly would love to have more indian tourism instead of goras. but seeing how things are going in india… thats not happening

No. 1489412

>they forget to mention that this conflict was caused by brits
WTF are you on about, The British(despite all the shit they caused) didn't force poor Muslims to wage Jihad and commit plundering in the Indian subcontinent
the only thing they did was that they created Hinduism, by lumping in thousands of separate religions into one label(Hinduism) also people got along together cause the versions of Islam and "Hinduism" they followed were vastly different from what we'd consider Hinduism and Islam today, for e.g my "Muslim" ancestors never cut their hair or shaved cause they thought it was Holy and it had become a cultural tradition

No. 1489419

you clearly underage since its feels as if you haven't studied enough, you do realize islam has also different sects? hindusim wasnt caused by the brits. the british primarily supported the upper caste hindus the brahams not the lower dalits and most of them are in the subcontinent. wtf are YOU on about?, as for the plundering it happened on the both sides have you forgotten the hyderabad massacre? heres a quote''
The outcry by Maulana Abul Kalam Azad and other Congress leaders forced Nehru to form the Sunderlal Committee report to look into the horrific genocide of Muslims. It was said that more than 200 thousand Muslims lost their lives, and it is estimated that 20% of the Muslim male population was wiped out in 3 days'' we cannot check the correct statistics since these riots were most of the time undocumented. the brits CAUSED the religion indifference in india and pakistan and thats why its rare to see interreligious neighborhoods most of them exisit in sindh(sindhi chirstians ,hindus and parsis) and punjab(sikhs and jains)

No. 1489423

as for indian statics i do not know but due to the religion imbalance which has made india a hindu ( just like nazi germany)nationalistic state theyre arent only attacking muslims but sikhs as well i believe the statistics are only getting worse

No. 1489424

>you do realize islam has also different sects?
literally everybody known you moron, what I was talking about was isolated cultural practices, ask your Muslim grandparents about the "un Islamic" practices their families used to follow and they will admit it, my grandfather used to go the shrines of saints and fast for days near holy trees for blessings
>hindusim wasnt caused by the brits
It was though, the British and Mughals by census created the Hindu identity, by your logic pre-Christian Norse, Celtic and Greeks followed the same religion as well, as Christians classified them all as pagans

No. 1489428

read the rules no religion shaming, every muslim has the right to follow their faith their way, so i wont comment on that.
as for the hindu identity its been there for thousands if years you dunce. Buddhism was derived from a Hindu prince buddah. also as for the celts and romans these both were paganist religions but youre forgeting that the chirstians largely destroyed their culture by deeming them as devils and barbarians i mean hell wasnt that why they began the crusades? even in Christianity there are sects which ''somewhat'' have a paganistic rituals like the russian orthodoxic church which uses icons ''εἰκών''. so claiming that a thousand year old religion identity was caused by the brits no but they did cause the inner conflict in it thats still felt today

No. 1489437

its all bullshit to me, but I'm pointing out the historical fact that before mass communication isolated villages and communicated did had their own practices that they thought were right
>as for the hindu identity its been there for thousands if years you dunce
the word hindu doesn't even appear in any "hindu" texts, the word hindu is a persian term that they used for any anyone in Sindh and further east

>The word Hindu is an exonym. This word Hindu is derived from the Indo-Aryan word Sindhu, which means "a large body of water", covering "river, ocean". The actual term 'hindu' first occurs, as "a Persian geographical term for the people who lived beyond the river Indus (Sanskrit: Sindhu)",[71] more specifically in the 6th-century BCE inscription of Darius I.[93] The Punjab region, called Sapta Sindhu in the Vedas, is called Hapta Hindu in Zend Avesta.

after the Islamic conquest of Persia and the later Personalization of Turks, this term was used by Invading Turks and Persians for all non-Muslim people encountered, even when the Islamic Invasions happened the term Hindu had to with geography as much as faith, it was a definition for Indian (a vague geographical concept) Pagans, like in Europe Slavic, Italian, Scandinavian, Germanic non-Christians who had radically different pantheons and different beliefs would all be lumped together by European Christians as being Pagan

No. 1489700

File: 1675445313548.jpg (132.5 KB, 1600x900, 104771436-GettyImages-52746170…)

Wikipedia just got banned in Pakistan for having "blasphemous" contnet

>Pakistan has threatened to permanently ban Wikipedia if it does not remove "blasphemous content" from its website, >"Given the intentional failure on part of the platform to comply with the directions of PTA, the services of Wikipedia have been degraded for 48 hours with the direction to block/remove the reported contents," the notice said.

>"In case of non-compliance by Wikipedia the platform will be blocked within Pakistan."
>The website has previously faced restrictions on some of its pages.
>Pakistan blocked YouTube from 2012 to 2016 after it carried a film about the Prophet Mohammed that led to violent protests across the Muslim world.


No. 1489738

ooooh they didnt just ban youtube they literally fucked it up all over the world kek
also these boomer paki moids are so retarded, Wikipedia's the largest resource in the world the fuck am i going to use a vpn? nope kek

No. 1489755

just use any free browser proxy(though never use those sites for anything serious)

No. 1491667

File: 1675624180091.png (101.76 KB, 448x565, A_Tate.png)

I have like 4 cousins that look exactly like this(just a bit shorter and different shaped noses) but its still uncanny really

No. 1491690

He looks like a bootleg of Zidane.

No. 1492047

Oh look, an IRL soyjack!

No. 1492138

Its just a blading man with a patchy beard

No. 1492155

File: 1675675826036.jpg (50.41 KB, 553x554, images.jpeg-26.jpg)

Thank you Allah for giving me only female cousins. Also he looks like a pedo mullah kek

No. 1492164

I have so many male cousins(my grandfather was one of 12 children, he had 9 brothers and 3 sisters)
my grandfather had 4 sons and 1 daughter, and then each one of his sons would have 1-2 daughters and 3-5 sons
so on my father's side I only have 5 female cousins and 16 male cousins

No. 1492733

File: 1675738510451.png (498.95 KB, 1080x560, 1663300697231.png)

a phenotype that transcends race and creed

No. 1496120

File: 1676050892832.jpg (46.74 KB, 480x270, ghnvid74xqpz.jpg)

I had my first encounter with an ~enby~ they/he yesterday. Are they serious about this shit? I didn't even know she was a they/them till she requested to follow me on instagram and I saw the dreaded they/he in her bio. Shocking because she looked like a normal girl and I referred to her with female pronouns when we met and she didn't say anything about it, so I don't know what this bullshit even achieves. Ajeeb, very ajeeb.

No. 1496400

My male cousins aren't balding but they all have the same noses because they all got nose jobs, kek.

No. 1496902

I live in liberachi so this thing is very common for me (I've even met otherkin kek) some enby are chill and don't mind whatever pronous you call them…some on the other hand are rabid about it( i usually avoid them). You should Met a transmac girl kek that'll make you laugh all day

No. 1497045

How do you even pronounshit in Urdu? I don't understand. Also, I'd always thought Isl was more liberal, or even Lahore. She was a psych major so honestly, I should've seen it coming kek. How do you refer to them?
That was my first exposure to this in real life and I'm still in shock. Like, girls, don't we have more important things to address than this? Unreal.

No. 1497347

Feminine looking women with they/she or they/them pronouns in bios one social media do it as an online LARP and only bring it up irl among other gendies. They know when to push that shit and when to keep quiet kek.

No. 1497471

are you Arab ? I have never heard of pakistani's getting nose jobs

No. 1497495

Nonna..that's like the most basic thing in urdu you call them "tum"? Or "tu" or even "aap" kek. In sindhi you can call them " tu or tou" or "hun or ta". Urdu and sindhi are gendered languages but you can refer someone as them although I appreciate enbys who understand the language barrier and dont mind it.

No. 1497496

I think so too.. most pakis are crazy about how they look but never to the point of surgery. Your cousins must have some insecure as hell men damn

No. 1497497

I'm >>1491667 as stated my cousins are butt ugly but they have regular noses that you don't even remember

No. 1497557

But we use gendered verbs, I just used the female versions with her like, "tum kiya parhti ho?" how do you navigate it when the girl is a themlet? "tum kiya parhtay ho?" since that's male but also used in a genderless way?

No. 1497904

File: 1676227455428.jpg (87.58 KB, 698x466, FVBGpdK.jpg)

Do you know any western converts to Islam or Hinduism who live in your country ? I only know of one case that I met IRL, he's a Danishman who works with my father(refinery) and he converted to Islam a couple years back(I don't know if he genuinely believes in the faith or just cause its easier to live here as a Muslim), he's maybe the biggest man I have ever seen at 6'4 and has a huge redbeard that's bigger then my face, he's married to a Pakistani woman and has 3 kids and he's the only example of this I have met IRL

No. 1498480

Does the reverse count? I have a Christian Swedish cousin kek my uncles still Muslim but he has a interreligious marriage

No. 1498490

File: 1676282297800.png (614.39 KB, 720x956, vBGphdU.png)

that's odd, like I know muslim moids who have sexual relationship with western kaffir women(I have cousins who brag about having sex with white slags and talking about it as it was the greatest moment in their lives) but marriage is usually out of the question for both parties, like a muslim moid would never introduce a white woman to his parents
I do have a cousin who married a Polish guy, but he converted to Islam for her sake(apparently they only ever kissed before marriage) they have 4 kids and they seem happy for the most part, just like the danish guy I don't know if he actually believes in the faith but he prays and has a beard and so that's muslim enough for most people

No. 1498509

he didnt kek since my grandad died very early on and grandmum too..(so my uncle was kind of an orphan), i think its cute to see these kind of marriages because you know there had to some kind of love in-between them to marry(most desi marriages are loveless like my mums)

No. 1498586

If a Muslim moid is willing to tolerate his wife being non-Muslim I'm find with that(though still wary)
I guess it easier for more men to be nominally Muslim, just grow a beard and learn some Arabic for prayers and your set

No. 1498633

File: 1676293467867.jpg (49.93 KB, 540x675, ccc0e4818415923fe6cf38415ae506…)

Tbh Hindutva is just as insane as Islamism and I'm tired of pretending it isn't.

No. 1498636

File: 1676293795152.jpg (63.79 KB, 640x314, yj9irognt2y71.jpg)

Not to mention all the insane revanchism from Modiji. Indian is going to have a repeat of 1962 if it isn't careful. I see China wiping the floor with India militarily. Hindu extremism is getting worse and worse every day.

No. 1498645

Personally it makes me very sad how our relationship with India is.. the partition was a testament how bloody it was to separate.. I don't feel good seeing a bigoted and pseudo fascist India… I wish we could've gotten along and became something like yugoslavia(until they broke up) god I hate the English and Americans so much..

No. 1498649

Nobody said it wasn't? The Arab scholars are smart but so were the Hindu gurus (the first surgeon was literally a Hindu man).

No. 1498667

Nobody has any idea who the first surgeon is because we have evidence of crude surgery from literally all major bronze age sites. I think the oldest are the Mycenaeans or Minoans but you don't hear Greeks bragging about how the first surgeon was Greek. It's only Hindus who are so pathologically obsessed with this ethnic narcissism.

No. 1498669

I'm worried too. India under Nehru started multiple wars, stupid wars they had no chance of winning like the border clashes against China, and that was Congress. BJP India is likely to do some even more insane stuff.

No. 1498672

I don't get how "Hinduism" as a religion works, it would be like trying to lump Islam, Chrisnaity and Judaism as one faith

what we consider Hinduism is a mixture of Indo-Iranic and native Dravidian beliefs all jumbled together. but from tribe to tribe, region to region the way those gods and were viewed were radically different, certain unique gods were found that were only worshiped by one or two tribes
even when the Islamic Invasions happened, the term Hindu had to with geography as much as faith, it was a definition for Indian (a vague geographical concept) Pagans, like in Europe Italian, Slavic, Scandinavian, Germanic non-Christians who had radically different pantheons and different beliefs would all be lumped together by European Christians as being "Pagan"
a great example of the absurdity of a "Hindu" faith would be Sindhi Pakistani Pagans, the main deity of Sindhi pagans is Jhulelal, god of river Indus. He is worshipped as the Ishta dev (Highest Deity) by them and is considered the patron guardian deity of all rivers in the West, he also has a clear connection to other Indo-European water dietes such as Poseidon, Veles, Njörðr e.t.c
but their is no Krishna (believed by many to a Pre Indo-Aryan native Dravidian god) in their faith, no Mahabharata, a completely different pantheon with different stories

so by all definitions it is a different faith, the only small chain linking them is a belief in reincarnation, but that's hardly unique either, many Indo-European people's believed in reincarnation as well, according to roman sources nearly all the Celtic people's believed in some form of reincarnation as well some Germanic tribes

No. 1498675

I always found the Bactrian syncretism fascinating. Mixing Greek deities and Buddhism and even some native Bactrian things together. Apparently the motif of the man with a club in some reliefs is Hercules. Bhakts get mad if you mention this though lol.

No. 1498679

File: 1676296135304.jpg (14.14 KB, 280x280, Greco-Buddhism.jpg)

again Buddhism has also been interpreted in different ways, like "Chinese Buddhism" has at least 3 different sects
from the books I have read, Hellenic Buddhism became almost Henotheitic(where other gods were acknowledged but largely ignored) where Zues became a enlightened philosopher god who ruled from atop the story mountains and the Buddah became a demi-god

No. 1498868

File: 1676309635620.jpeg (69.78 KB, 544x1000, PW_DD_Klavier.jpeg)

one of the interesting things about growing up in an army base is you get to see some really unique looking people there, like the majority servicemen/officers and their families are typical pakistani's but you also have some people from northern tribal groups who are just "unique looking"(I don't know if there's a better term)

like there was this guy, he had normal wehatish brown skin but he was also naturally blonde and rather tall as well, he looked like a fucking anime character and I will probably never see a guy who looks like that IRL ever again
there was another guy and his sister that kids used to call Big China, Mr China or Chegkhis Khan, cause he had a very east asian looking face(small eyes and he even grew facial hair the way east asian men do) but he was also very tall and broad shouldered
plus I saw many foreigners as well

No. 1499492

>god I hate the English and Americans so much..
Gee thanks, I don't even know you

No. 1499953

t. another paki blaming everyone under the sun from english , americans to indians for their own failure
pakistan got created because of islam
you dont have good relation with any group also because of islam

No. 1500205

>Do not infight because of someones nationality or beliefs
>no pak vs India debate
These are literally the first two thread rules…

No. 1500281

File: 1676430319264.png (365.03 KB, 1600x2000, al0dgytlrcb81.png)

pakistan got created cause of land owners who thought Nehru was too socialist(he wasn't)
either way a united India would have failed even worse, imagine

>Assamese separatism and Insurgency

>Baloch separatism and Insurgency
>Bengali separatism and Insurgency
>Naga separatism and Insurgency
>Sikh separatism
>Tamil Nadu separatism and likely Insurgency
>Tripura separatism and Insurgency

all at once

the baloch and Pathan are still not integrated, another thing is that India and Pakistan did need each other, the outside "Hindu" threat of India who would persecute Kashmiri's and hold land that is rightfully ours could to an extent unite the various groups in Pakistan and the outside "threat" of Pakistan united India, even in India their was conflict between Hindu groups, such as the Shiv Sena which wanted an Independent Maratha State but the Muslim threat of Pakistan which claimed their land united them

No. 1500490

I hope this doesn't come across as NLOGish, this is purely based off observation on my part, but do any other burgers ITT notice how few desi-American women (specifically Indian) seem to partake in internet/fandom/(nerd? idk how to describe it) culture? The only observable fandoms I can say I've seen them partake in are kpop and book fandoms like HP. I know of a few girls who I've bonded with over similar fandoms but they're like once in a blue moon for me, which sucks cuz I'd really want other Indian friends that I share interests with.

No. 1500508

They partake in nothing because they are misogynistic as fuck and it’s ingrained into their dna. Just like what do they say about Irish mfs and the potato famine they’re depressed or something i don’t remember. Middle eastern women are a plight on feminism or any enjoyment as a woman or human being because they have been brainwashed into seeing their “culture” as something acceptable you can’t trust shit they say or like(racebaiting)

No. 1500551

fuck off burger
>no pak vs India debate
its clear you dont understand how colonialism works dumbass

No. 1500557

i think they do exist but often larp as other ethnicities online so not to be found out. desi parents are often too controlling even of what their kid consumes although some parents may allow it.

No. 1500563

ignore the moid and report him

No. 1502323

File: 1676603221253.jpg (144.38 KB, 960x928, sw6znxb2v6v91.jpg)

Thanks England, this totally won't cause problems long term(oh wait it did, who could have guessed)

No. 1504371

File: 1676828231409.jpg (40.42 KB, 414x321, 07bf386efc668bd0b5961cc0a4e695…)

I have a confession to make, I'm perfectly capable of speaking normal urdu and my English is "fine" but I purposely over exaggerate my accent when I'm talking to urdu speakers, the ح is completely absent when I speak and I gutter my words in a way that I sound like the most backward paindu, its honestly funniest thing in the world for me and one of the few joys I had in this world

No. 1507429

How do you guys deal with all the pressure to marry as a desi girl? I'm 21 this year and my parents have started bringing this topic lately and it just fills me with so much dread. I honestly don't even want to get married or have children but the pressure is so great … it's scary

No. 1507434

what ethnicity are you? cause depending on the ethic group it really does depend

thought Its not been said I don't think my parents plan for me to get married anymore, mostly cause I have to be the take care of my mother who has chronic illness and my father is busy trying to help his entire family get to the upper middle class, I got lucky I guess but its not easy and I don't know what's gonna happen next

No. 1507472

i'm indian-american muslim and my family is quite religious so…

No. 1507682

Indian Muslim, those tend to be worse Arab worshippers then even Pakistani's
so I have to ask what ethnicity are you, that might actually help in trying to give advice

No. 1507732

um.. my family is from hyderabad and urdu-speaking if that helps…

No. 1507747

your an urdu speaking muhajir, I'm sorry but I don't know what to say
your family's entire identity is based on Islam and Islam alone. there's literally nothing else about them and you can't use nationalism to use ferment Islam like many ex-muslims/secular people do

your parents will want you get married and you can't change their minds, your only options are get married to a American Muslim(whatever you do, don't get married to one of your cousins back home) maybe get a gay muslim guy and lie to your parents
option 2 is to run away, your legally an adult and you have that option in the US, write a note, take your belongings, stay with a trusted friend and try to restart your life

No. 1507749

when i meant religious i meant like praying and fasting regularly not militant… i'm US born and raised and my family has been here since the 90's they more or less understand the "back home" stuff doesn't fly… i just wanted to know how to bring this topic up to them eventually..

No. 1508603

File: 1677293357880.gif (1.91 MB, 500x420, ezgif-1-313d7877a8.gif)

I'm not desi but I love bollywood movies and aesthetics
Can desi anons tell me a bit about how Rekha is perceived by the general public? she's my fav

No. 1520938

She is a Bollywood legend. Messy love life, but her impact on Bollywood cannot be denied. I personally like her

Anyways, Punjabi burger-chan checking in. I got back from my trip to Lahore where I attended my cousin's wedding. I am sure this is not a high priority for Pakistanis, but it sure would be nice to take care of the pollution and stray dogs, as well as get some fucking regulation on the roads.

No. 1520981

She's a legend also considering she was one of the first dark skinned heroines(most leads were fair skinned back in the day) also that hindi was a second language for her.shes always lead respectful heroines in flims while most directors tried to cast her as a villain so a legend in all means

No. 1524092

File: 1678880403421.jpg (77.37 KB, 720x723, Screenshot_20230315-160137_You…)

>be Islamic Republic
>hate yourself as close as your enemy
>atleast I'm not a munafiq in hating myself
God bless pakistan kek

No. 1524449

She's absolutely beautiful. It's insane to me she is considered dark skin.

No. 1524621

File: 1678920270957.png (31.85 KB, 672x774, average height indian states.p…)

No. 1524623

The Indus civilizations are way older than greece, but that'd probably be considered Pakistan

No. 1525181

File: 1678989003086.png (424.3 KB, 930x1240, raj_koothrapali_bigbangtheory.…)

Everything about Indian men is just ugly as sin lmao
You can ask any race, even Black people agree with this
Paki men are still ugly but at least they're light skinned, so they have that going for them

No. 1525190

"Even" black people? Kek paki-chan you're in delusionmode again

No. 1525205

Fellow paki chan have you been stalking varg again?… indian men are a diaspora (although some are ugly as shit because of them …ahem inbred cousins shit)

No. 1525479

File: 1679007959139.jpg (7.96 KB, 225x225, bobsandvagene.jpg)

yea okay nice deflection ranjeet. Everyone knows shitskin is unattractive, pakis are subhuman too but at least they're like 5% lighter skinned or something because we raped them harder.

varg mogs any currycel alive and whatever paki you're talking about should apologize for even thinking about him

No. 1525497

File: 1679008761439.jpg (74.07 KB, 599x834, the currycel.jpg)

>Pakistan education system has created a generation of Arab/Turks worshippers who have no pride or anything
there is literally nothing that a currycel can be proud of. your culture comes from arabs, and india's culture comes from white aryan european conquerors. curries have done nothing of note in their entire human existence.

>There are too many Pakistanis who have truly lost the fucking plot. This only really applies to Punjab and Sindh, but these some of these retards have really rolled over and abandoned their claim to their actual culture and history because they consider it "Hindu Indian" or some bullshit.
Indian culture comes from white European Aryans. Paki culture comes from goatfuckers. You have literally no culture of your own except maybe whatever the remaining dravidian abbos are doing kek(racebaiting)

No. 1525522

>we wuz aryanz n shiet

No. 1525548

south asians take islam so seriously compared to arabs

No. 1525682

the aryans were real though, just not what the scrote wishes they were. They came from Central Asia and invaded both North India and Europe. Obviously they weren't white or else we'd have way more blondes and blue eyed people

who are you trying to fool with this? Saudi women learned to drive in like 2019 or something

but on that note, I would say that South Indians and maybe Eastern Indians (Bangladesh?) seem to take Hinduism less seriously than the Aryan Indians. A lot of the things that I hear Desi women complain about are absolutely foreign to me (Telugu)

basically my mom and my aunts always had the last say in almost everything, while the husbands more or less defer to them. I always saw Indian culture as matriarchal until I started meeting Punjabis and Hindi people.

No. 1525688

>Saudi women learned to drive in like 2019 or something
the gulf Arab countries are the worst examples to use for religious Arabs. They have like the lowest fertility rates, and most women and men don't even care about Islam. There's also a lot of non-Muslims that live in the gulf, Hindus included, and nobody cares about their at home prayers and rituals. Meanwhile Pakistanis will literally mob lynch Christians for breathing in their direction.

No. 1525692

>the gulf Arab countries are the worst examples to use for religious Arabs
they're…literally where Arabs come from

>They have like the lowest fertility rates, and most women and men don't even care about Islam.

So despite living in 1st-world-esque societies, they didn't let women drive until 2017. lmao

No. 1525841

Some incel moid is Malding we don't see him as aplha and better than most men.go take your meds and cry about how your mother saying to clean your room is abuse . Report him and don't reply

No. 1528392

File: 1679262749629.gif (2.47 MB, 540x400, helpmenonnas.gif)

I know I'm asking the most random thing ever, but does anyone know what kind of hair Sonam had in Delhi 6? Were those curtain bangs or something? I wanted ask this in 'help me find' thread at first but I think I might find better answers here, since I remember how that haircut used to be popular in the (late?) 2000s and I used to see girls with similar hair almost everywhere.

No. 1528630

File: 1679280032561.png (680.85 KB, 539x849, s-l1600.png)

I cannot believe the retard that came into this thread to racebait actually claimed "Indian culture" and "Pakistani culture" (whatever that means) came from Europeans and "goatfuckers" respectively. Lolcow always attracts the most retarded scrotes.

No. 1528635

Nonna, there is a difference between what governments enforce on people vs how people behave. If we were to use the Iranian government to make judgment on the Iranian people themselves it would not reflect on how they are considering there a significant amount of irreligious people in Iran despite living in a theocracy. Idk about Gulf people themselves, it sounds like from what the other nonna is saying is that these people lowkey aren't as orthodox despite the governments they live under.

No. 1528709

Same, I can't even believe there's actually someone in this world who possesses THAT amount of retardation kek.

Honestly, I hate how there's always racebaiting and infighting in this thread, why do retards obsessed with 'muh ethnicity, muh caste, muh religion, muh ancestors (who are, more often than not, just a bunch of violent moids 'creating names' for themselves while women from that time got married off once they started their periods)' have to choose this thread to sperg out when we could be talking about.. you know, the fact that women suffer in both of these countries, or our interests, hobbies, dreams etc? We all can shit on moids together or talk about our shared experiences, but nope, let's just argue about whether Indian moids are uglier or pakistani moids like an unhinged teen who hasn't touched bahar ki ghaas in decades. Unless you're related to someone like jhansi ki rani, I couldn't care less about these race/ethnicity/whatever-related rants and debates. Please nonnies, ek baar toh koi normal baat karlo, hum sab basically ek dusere ki behene hai — dushman nahi.

No. 1529602

File: 1679404247055.jpg (86.94 KB, 960x580, furristan.jpg)

was browsing daraz and found this mindfuck kek

No. 1530456

File: 1679502977688.jpg (Spoiler Image,924.43 KB, 2672x4096, 20230322_1439.jpg)

If that makes you feel better, but its quite ironic that your calling me a moid when you yourselves will be calling yourself men(or actually boys) in 3-5 years
I really don't get banned over this or get doxxed(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1531913

File: 1679659226931.jpg (98.9 KB, 1200x900, ramadan-cat.jpg)

Ramadan kareem beheno!tum Sab iftar mei kya bana rahe ho? Mei chicken samosas aur potato rolls bana rehi hon.

No. 1538840


No. 1546726

File: 1681277714275.jpg (24.4 KB, 490x508, depressed.jpg)

It's been a good run but I think I'm nearing the end now, my mother is very very persistent that I get married(she literally invited a guy's family to visit my house) even though she has a number of health issues and I'm literally the only one taking care of her.
I don't know what I'm gonna do

No. 1550295

Persistently reject. Or, be as off-putting as possible. Guilt trip her as well with the whole "I'm your caregiver I cannot go to another family." Idk.

No. 1552150

presumably the mother plans to live with them

No. 1556205

File: 1682101187212.gif (30.16 KB, 480x480, giphy.gif)

Happy Eid desisters!!!

No. 1572071

File: 1683641764101.webm (7.83 MB, 640x360, KA8y63LCQogF9rCl.webm)


No. 1572074

act unhinged, piss yourself in front of him, smile showing all of your teeth, pick on your nose, just do your best to make sure the scrote is disgusted at you.

No. 1572226

>just do your best to make sure the scrote is disgusted at you
Kek then she should just tell him she cares about womens rights. Nothing disgusts the moids around me more than this, they always look so deranged like I told everyone about their small dicks whenever I call myself a feminist.

No. 1572242

Just how burger are you two? I can't do that shit and not expect to be beaten by my mother or grandma.

No. 1572253

I'm not a burger. I was just joking you retard.

No. 1572254

why are you an adult getting beaten by other adults? I get it's cultural but you have the right to defend yourself. if they beat you, beat them back. my mother used to beat the shit out of me (either fists or a belt) until I was 12-13 then I started hitting back and she stopped.

No. 1572295

because they would probably kill her for "being so shameless" and not feel any remorse, or otherwise punish her heavily in some other extreme way

No. 1573338

File: 1683747737621.jpg (53.93 KB, 800x797, 86610137.jpg)

Fellow Paki nonnas is the internet going to shit for you as well?
twitter, facebook, youtube, Instagram and basically everything is down

No. 1573348

Yup I'm using a vpn atm. Could be because of the imran protests ( so people can't communicate)

No. 1574662

File: 1683881470192.jpeg (256.2 KB, 757x2047, Fv6miznX0AA1LAU.jpeg)

India is a shithole

No. 1574746

This happened to my cousin. Just found out that the guys father is a paper poch gunda (who works for mqm if you're pakistani you know who these shitbags are). Half of the family is against it but nobody can do shit cuz it's bad for reputation I feel bad for this guy hopefully he can opt out of this.god I hope I never marry

No. 1576128

File: 1683962374500.webm (13.13 MB, 640x360, Jhy1ETfgS_Vo8v4U.webm)

Nonnas, have you seen this?

No. 1576139

i thought this was ricegum kek

No. 1581695

I've heard that in Pakistan people marry their cousins(racebaiting)

No. 1582144

Didn't bother watching the entire video but 'dalai lama ji'? That fucker is a pedophile who got caught forcing a kid to tongue-kiss him, but of course a moid would still defend this. I hope falls off the place he's sitting at and just fucking dies.

No. 1640939

File: 1690054990574.jpg (267.21 KB, 1122x1020, ITdeCoMZzx.jpg)

Nonnas, were you aware this could exist in Pakistan? I know there are some crazy communists in India but never knew any existed in Pakistan(past the Zia purges that is)

No. 1653874

File: 1691171282179.webm (3.65 MB, 320x432, 1vV68F.webm)

Is this common in your region as well? honestly its being attacked here, cause more educated Islamists are shutting these groups and people down and attacking them as well.

No. 1653886

The OP wrote no religion shaming and this is the 3rd comment .

Opening threads like this on lolcow where the majority of users are white is gonna attract a lot of racebaiters and people who hate Muslims. Idk what's the point, OP should've stuck with gurugossip or sum.

No. 1653890

Girl don't reply to baiters, most anons who exclusively only hate muslim WOMEN are male posters. Its better to just ignore them, if you report for racebait they can possibly be banned.
It's a very old post that you're replying to btw, that anon is probably already gone

No. 1655636

Are any of you ladies interested in trading zines? I'm making a bunch right now on different topics, it would be cool if someone on here was into it as well.

No. 1662643

File: 1691870517105.jpg (98.19 KB, 774x424, F1QK9WcAEhvzMq.jpg)

The fact my country doesn't even recognize this crime against humanity really is beyond disgusting.

No. 1662741

This is so sickening. Those poor women. It's Japan all over again ignoring their war crimes, except this was more recent in the 70s.

No. 1662752

The Awami League won the election by all merits, but Yahya Khan was not willing to let them get the presidency or grant them independence so he just tried to wipe them out, had all the intellectuals, teachers, scientists, professors and politicians and their families killed, many of whom were the actual founders of Pakistan.

No. 1662968

File: 1691900142105.gif (847.67 KB, 250x250, 1649223163099.gif)

Is everyone in here paki? Why is it so hard to find other Indians girls on the internet?

No. 1667871

File: 1692297004456.jpg (220.26 KB, 788x960, 6369583363766_3221.jpg)

Hindu heritage nonnas, have you ever seen memes like picrel being shared unironically?

No. 1667889

File: 1692298219291.jpg (29.51 KB, 564x376, 1673754799998.jpg)

Hey nonnita, I'm Indian too. I think both paki and Indian anons are quite rare to find on here (because I guess most of us aren't used to board culture or haven't discovered it yet?), but paki anons are more active in this thread in general, so it makes it seem like there's barely any Indians. Personally, I posted here a lot in the beginning but then lost interest because of constant infights, race/religion-sperging, and also because nobody told me Sonam's haircut kek >>1528392

No. 1700217

File: 1694941790766.jpg (644.67 KB, 4096x3652, __ganyu_genshin_impact_drawn_b…)

>this thread
Holy shit, why does every single race amd ethnicity hates their own diaspora that lives outside their home region? This kind of autistic petty thing is seen with Mexicans too, for example.
Of course, there is no denial that, say, Pakistani-Americans have way different lives in California in comparison to Pakistanis in Lahore. But that is no reason to hate each other as BOTH share core women's struggles like dealing with shitty moids' online and IRL, right?

No. 1700248

There's a huge difference between Pakistani's in the US compared to Pakistani's in Europe, simply cause of the requirement
Like my cousin(who is a business graduate with work experience and no criminal history) got a VISA after waiting three years, compare to that my Uncle who was a violent Islamist who makes his infant daughter wear veils has been living in the UK for 20 years now.

No. 1701546

Oh wow, makes sense. There are some differences between US and UK Pakistanis even, instead of simply comparing US Pakistanis with home country ones.
Still, and sadly enough, moids will be moids regardless of the country they are living at or whatever their ethnicity is.

No. 1703200

Anyone else see this?

No. 1706584

I think about this often. I've been into anime and otaku stuff in general for more than 10 years and during that time I haven't seen a single indian into them or really any fandoms besides kpop. I don't think its NLOGish to point out that desi-americans rarely ever get involved with fandoms or things associated with them but I do wonder why that is and why kpop seems to have the majority of the ones who do.

No. 1706959

this is odd to me because i swear so many bengalis are into weeb shit. like my cousins, plenty of my family friends' kids too. online they're not going to be super obvious about their ethnicities, i assume.

No. 1713617

Well a bunch of us exist and we're all thinking the same thing.

I met another Indian girl in my weeb hobby and when I said I was also Indian, she just looked at me like I was lying or something. The only other Indian I've seen in this hobby was a massive SJW handmaiden cow who is drawn to cancelling people like a moth to a flame, so I didnt even bother with her

No. 1713628

Any ABCDs want to learn their mother tongue but struggling to find resources? Seriously, how the fuck am I supposed to learn Punjabi? I feel like such a clueless outsider because my dumbass parents never taught it to me growing up. I don't want my own kids to feel the same way. Is the only way to just move there for months, take a course, and be immersed?

No. 1713709

well depends really, there's basically no resources for Pakistani dialects of Punjabi(cause the state worship Urdu or English) so the most likely resources your gonna get are Indian Punjabi based, which isn't too different from the dialects in Lahore, but learning is a matter of essentially familiarising yourself with the language, learn some basic concepts and start watching films, documentaries in that language.
but elearnpunjabi is a fairly good resource

No. 1713721

Yes. Being monolingual is so embarrassing, especially when your parents both have different native languages and especially when your cousins are fluently bilingual. I ended up moving to India for a year and my dad taught my sister and I some malayalam before I left so I was able to read it and not understand it aside from a few common words and that’s it. I just wish they spoke their languages more to me growing up and taught me to say things back

No. 1713772

I'm not Pakistani, so thats not too bad for me tbh. Thank you for the resource, I'll check it out

That's so frustrating. I just don't have the opportunity to live there that long, and I want to learn the language before I start having children after a few years so that I can teach them. My parents have no fucking idea how sharply they severed their descendants from betting Punjabi by not speaking the language.

No. 1829754

Ban Coonjab and partition that shithole

No. 1829782

what are you on about?

No. 1859675

File: 1705560075481.png (452.97 KB, 707x535, 19SrFSC.png)

>My cousin just joined the Army and no we're headed towards war with Iran.
Fucking Hell.

No. 1861504

yeah cause this is exactly what the people of Pakistan need right now, a war. Also why does it feel like in a few years we'll find out that Israel or America pushed this to destabilize everyone more?

No. 1864450

File: 1705932900088.png (1.49 MB, 1240x1561, Nqakwp5.png)

Hate this fat fuck so much.

No. 1864487

He is such a beast, disgusting ogre. Is admi se kab nijaat milay gee? Lekin ye jayega to iskay hi jesa koi aur ajayega.

No. 1874121

so, nonnas who are you voting for?

No. 1876104

File: 1706976346754.png (270.43 KB, 541x360, 0M2EFK7.png)

It's raining after what seems like forever, If I was a younger I'd go out playing but it's nice to watch.(offtopic)

No. 1876285

Muslim women are even more brutal when it Cesar to punishing blasphemy

No. 1876655

File: 1707011798339.png (228.68 KB, 497x611, Screenshot-2-4-24.png)

update, power went out in my home for at least 8 hours. The roads were trashed, and my dad was stuck in the literal mud the entire night. And we are the lucky ones. The city, specifically Karachi is in much worse condition. Power is still out in certain areas, and this is just a few days before the elections.

No. 1881312

File: 1707370478238.jpg (29.5 KB, 496x414, pakicat.jpg)

anyway who are you voting for?
things aren't looking good, Imran Khan was useless but everyone else is so much worse and now the Islamists might actually win(karachi at least)

No. 1882670

File: 1707487124338.jpg (64.1 KB, 600x655, Schoolgirl-Spilling-Her-Lunch-…)

Abhi tak nataij nahi aye? Kiyun hi diya meinay vote jab it seems like koi faida nahi. Kab nikloungi is mulk se…

No. 1882696

>PPP - Sindh
>PMK(N) Punjab
those are the confirmed predictions, maybe JUI might take Karachi though,

No. 1882715

Punjab ka tuo pata tha, but JUI for Karachi doesn't bode well

No. 1882816

ads unke sabh jaga heih

No. 1883901

File: 1707590229579.png (2.97 MB, 1430x1600, uQuZ1gO.png)

JUI and PTI are gonna strike in Karachi and other major cities tomorrow, stay safe nonnas and be careful, tell your friends and families to stay home as long as they can.

No. 1899761

and twitter just got banned over Imran Khan.

No. 1899775

using vpns can help,it seems most social medias are getting censored or getting ip banned

No. 1899777

My dad says that there's gonna be a civil war soon, he's honestly considering moving our family, I'm just scared really.

No. 1899784

dont be a retard pakichan its highly unlikely, besides its normal to block sites during election and after it like they did before. dont be a schizo

No. 1899808

Hi nonnas! I plan on going with a friend to India later in the year. While we’re there I have the opportunity to go to a wedding in Kashmir. The region is not advised for travel by my country. Realistically how safe is it to go? We would only be there for a few days. I’d absolutely love to experience a traditional wedding and would be going with locals.

No. 1899813

my dad is usually right about this type of stuff, he thinks if the establishment takes direct control(martial law under a tinpot general), there will be mass rebellions and armed uprisings.

No. 1899950

Not trying to troll, I'm just curious about South Asian history. Do you ever feel like Pakistan's main failure was not being able to create a real sense of national identity? When I look at Muslim countries, or partly Muslim countries that are a little less deranged (Turkey, Lebanon etc) they seem to have been able to have developed a national identity beyond just "being Muslim". I've met Muslim Lebanese that are proud of pre-Muslim Levantine History for example. Met Turks who are really interested in Byzantine and early Anatolian History. Whereas Pakistanis seem to despise anything non Muslim, even Indus Valley period history.

No. 1899979

Feel free to correct me but isn’t that Pakistan’s main reason for existing? Because Muslims weren’t safe in India?

Most Muslim countries have a sense of identity beyond religion, even if they were formed by colonial powers to fuck with the region(like Lebanon and Kuwait). Comparing Lebanon to Pakistan is a bit funny because Lebanon is a mess of a country anyway, I don’t think that’s the country you want to look up to.

No. 1900016

Okay this is gonna be a long post.
The founding fathers and mothers of Pakistan meant well, they were from the upper urban class throughout the British Raj, but mostly the UP and Bengal provinces. Their identity was Islam in a very modern sense. Most drank and had barely any genuine religious views. The leader of the movement basically wanted to recreate the UK with nominal Islam. It was just an identity, and they believed that from that identity, a nation could be formed. Their first blunder was implementing Urdu (a language not even 1% of the native population spoke) onto what would become Pakistan. There were immediate issues, ethnic separatist movements, and a civil war that ended up creating Bangladesh. However, for the past 70 years, The Pakistani government has tried to create a single Islamic identity, and it was partially successful with the urban middle class. They didn't realize they created a people with no sense of identity whatsoever. They are the strangest people in the world;, they genuinely think being Muslim trumps over everything. When other Muslims, even their own countrymen, don't follow that logic they've been fed their entire life, they break down to an extent, because our history isn't even about any of the people's of Pakistan, it's about the Arab Islamic empires and a few Turkic empires that ruled South Asia, So Pakistan's have no sense of self, and this isn't just my opinion, much has been written about it for a few decades now, but recently it's become more mainstream as Pakistan as a state has now declined more than ever before
This video(in English) goes way more the topic.

No. 1900027

Really fascinating post and video. Thanks! What's interesting is that even places like KSA are embracing a more secular, nationalistic identity now. It feels like Pakistani pan-Islamism is a throwback. Beyond a few (admittedly very, very violent) nutjobs, pan-Islamism doesn't hold much appeal for the more educated in Islamic societies.

No. 1900042

File: 1708797852637.png (143.15 KB, 595x640, 5z7c60y.png)

the fact of the matter is, pan-Islamism is the only reason Pakistan exists, there is absolutely nothing that unifies the various people's here, without the over the top forced pan-Islamism we will split apart, so the state is doing whatever it can to preserve it's self, but this is a delusion that has not any ground to stand on, that's why Pakistani Muslims you'll see online are considered such jokes, like harassing some Saudi dude who goes against the delusion.

No. 1900046

Saudis have something in common even pre-KSA, they have more than just religion to find a common ground.
Pakistan is like India, too many different groups trying to find a common ground but failing. They only seem to sense unity outside of South Asia lol.

No. 1900050

This is a problem outside of the subcon though too. Arabization ironically was more pronounced in North Africa and the Levant, but there seems to be more of a desire to claim a pre-Islamic history in these places, at least these days.

I always admired Europe's re-embrace of its classical heritage during the Renaissance. It was a reclamation of sorts.

No. 1900053

I'm are aware of that, but the difference is that people's of the regions of Pakistan have been in conflict with each other mostly, without Islam those old fueds often come-back, and it's not baseless, it has happened, the Bengals war and the Muhjair riots, all led to ethnic cleansings.

No. 1901957

Detective Goonkesh Hawshi linked this thread on indiachan.net(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1903029

Don’t go, wherever Indian men are there’s a chance you can get molested

No. 1903155

>not safe in india
>200 million muslims
>fastest growing religion

No. 1907383

raining again in Karachi.

No. 1910429

a travelvlog couple trying to visit every country in the world decided to go to India as their latest destination.

11 hours ago they announced they were at the hospital because he had been beaten up and she had been gang raped by 7 men.


A Spanish couple vlogging their global travels by motorcycle has reported that they suffered a horrific attack while passing through India.

Vincente and Fernanda were assaulted, robbed, and gang-raped by 7 men while resting at a market in Dumka.


No. 1918898

File: 1710076857464.png (51.13 KB, 168x225, bjkPd1j.png)

I really wish that E.V Ramasamy was more well-known in the West compared to Ghandi. He was basically everything Ghandi wasn't. He also campaigned for independence, but he didn't tell people to starve themselves and die over it. He rightfully called out the Brahmins for being equally oppressive towards the natives of South Asia as Muslim invaders. He advocated for a secular state that allowed you to practice your religion but wouldn't allow you to force your beliefs onto another person. Most importantly, instead of sleeping with naked girls like Ghandi, he believed that women were unfairly discriminated against and advocated for education and property rights. He followed through by creating multiple girls schools and being the first province in South Asia to give women equal property rights.

No. 1957342


Hey nonnitas, just discovered this altchan, good to see some people from india as well how are you all doing? how did y'all end up here?

No. 1957451

fandom drama

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