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No. 1023351

Previous thread >>>/ot/1001090

No disclaimers this time, just follow the board rules.

No. 1023466

Kiwi tastes better with the skin on. Pineapples suck. Mangoes taste way better sour.

No. 1023473

Mango tastes like pine tree

No. 1023487

File: 1641921530573.jpeg (203.31 KB, 800x800, 5FD59649-5654-4821-BD7B-C33378…)

Lolita fashion is so ugly how can you dress up like a little girl as an adult and dare act like you’re superior to everyone else who’s dressed like a normal human being and grew out of playing dress-up? Nothing comfy or cozy even about the subculture you just look so fucking ridiculous

No. 1023494

As someone who used to wear it I completely agree. No I don't want to hear about the substyles or whatever. Only non ott casual lolita is okay.

No. 1023500

Convinced that lifestylers are spoiled students or dependas who aren't expected to go anywhere or do anything not fashion-related.
Lolita is inconvenient, tedious, and distracting as fuck.
I love my dresses but would never be caught dead wearing them to work or in public by myself.

Putting aside the ageplay debates for a second–think about how long that shit takes to prep. I won't talk about the hundreds of hours spent pouring over secondhand sales or ferociously refreshing a shop page during a release. Or putting together coordinates. Nah, it takes a solid hour just to put that shit on. Makeup, wig or natural hair styling, and then the clothes. Some people take longer than an hour just to get ready. Then, you have to step outside. Hot? Be prepared to sweat through the several layers while the petticoat locks in the heat. Rainy? Prepared to get soaked like a wet bouquet. Cold? Somehow the layers aren't enough but at least your wig can double as a hat if you wore one.
Finally, the public. You can't go anywhere in public without being stopped to be asked the most retarded questions. People just assume if you're dressed in a way that draws attention that you want their attention. The attention isn't always positive and curious, but rather mean spirited and humiliating. Scrotes are either creepy or are assholes x10.
Next is the anxiety about potentially ruining your expensive dress or losing accessories.
Finally, if that gauntlet somehow managed to not stress you out…you get to spend the day uncomfortable because lolita isn't a comfortable fashion at all.
Lolitas who say this fashion is worth it are coping.

No. 1023504

I think it's just stale. Lolita in 2008 is the same as Lolita in 2018. When there is rigid standards for silhouette and color palette, but not much standard for the materials, you're bound to get a stale aesthetic. That and it's just completely unflattering on most women, Asian or not.

No. 1023510

I hate the parts in naruto where there’s naruto
He’s insufferable

No. 1023515

Not an unpopular opinion but Gaara and Rock Lee's fight was almost worth how bad the main characters/plot are/is written

No. 1023525

File: 1641923367745.jpg (46.39 KB, 500x563, 1635374715230.jpg)

I like Lolita, I think it's pretty and it looks cool :)(:))

No. 1023547

A lot of that is true, but I live in a cold climate so lolita keeps me warm and comfortable.
I feel weird in everything I wear so to me it makes sense to wear any strange thing I want because I will feel like people are shaking their head at me either way. It would be different if people touched me but mostly I just have curious people asking if I'm in a play.

No. 1023556

>I feel weird in everything I wear so to me it makes sense to wear any strange thing I want because I will feel like people are shaking their head at me either way.

No. 1023568

How is that an unpopular opinion? Especially here?

No. 1023586

kek redtexted

No. 1023587

i think sweet lolita is the worst one. I hate that that's what most people gravitate to because as much as i love pink all of that pink and frills with cakes and cookies and bears on it is so gaudy and childish to ME. Goth lolita is superior and you can get away with wearing it everyday or adding the headpieces and accessories to more "normie" wear. I guess you can do that with sweet too, but who wants to wear a macaroon on their neck lmao. (don't answer)

No. 1023594

Gothic lolita foreeevveeer

No. 1023610

Deserved tbh, too many anons think they can get around the emoji ban by spoilering it.

No. 1023611

Classical is also nice, especially the more casual stuff like long chiffon dresses.

No. 1023613

Idk, for me it is classic and otome supremacy. Gothic looks good only if you make sure that it doesn't look like an ott Halloween costume.

No. 1023682

Being the bigger person is retarded and for doormats, and I hate that women are told this from such a young age. I understand taking calculated risks, but I hate it when people call you names for doing to someone what they did to you first because you're supposed to smile and forgive them.
It has never paid off in my life. I just got bullied more, cheated on more, hurt more, scammed more. You're basically letting them get away with it.
>Oh noooo, boyfriend cheated on you and you keyed his car! He's gonna tell everyone you're crazy now!
As if he wouldn't do it anyway.

No. 1023708

Based. Rather be a “bitch” (as scrotes call any woman with self respect) than a doormat

No. 1023768

File: 1641934169958.gif (691.39 KB, 220x266, 1634537134121.gif)

Going to a gym is useless for your health and the fact that you specifically need to go there to get fit pretty much implies that you don't need to be fit in the first place (your lifestyle doesn't require it), if you want to be healthy and look good just have a fucking diet and go on long walks in the park sometimes, no need to stress out your body and test its limits.
>inb4 you are just weak yourself
Yes I am a frail skeleton and I dont want to change anything about that, fuck off.

No. 1023776

Always be the equal person. Return the energy to the sender.

No. 1023780

You're not supposed to smile and forgive but you're not supposed to key cars either. That's a great way to tell your ex bf how much you loved him and how much he hurt you. But in the moid brain that's an ego boost and point of pride, not something to feel bad about. Therefore he wins and you lose, because you cared more and he didn't give a shit.

The best revenge is living well and having strong boundaries that never let people think they got one over you.

No. 1023785

>no need to stress out your body
It's good to put your body under stress somewhat regularly. Too comfy isn't good for your body at all.

No. 1023789

People somehow love euphoria and hate ginny and georgia when both of the shows are the same amount of terrible, cheesy, and try-hard. At least the latter is so bad and chaotic that it makes me laugh and want to watch more episodes

No. 1023790

>being the bigger person

The biggest CIA propaganda I’ve ever heard in my life.

No. 1023793

The people who say Euphoria is realistic make me want to a-log.

No. 1023796

>stress out your body
It's called bulding muscle and strength and it's good for you, skeletor. You'll change your mind when you have osteoporosis.

No. 1023803

A walk in the park isn't enough but to me, bodyweight exercises are. Lifting weights and working out with machines at the gym is unnecessary but I get the appeal at the same time

No. 1023825

i like euphoria bc it looks pretty

No. 1023835

You posted this in the last thread and then chimped out at people for questioning you lol. You love the attention, don't lie slut

No. 1023840

This wasn't me moron. I am a different anon.

No. 1023846

If that's the case, why am I the only person you replied to?

No. 1023862

File: 1641939168134.gif (156.35 KB, 220x165, me.gif)

I faint every time I try to exercise. I can do only granny workouts that don't halp me at all.

No. 1023863

I get lightheaded and it puts me off from doing it again, but I feel like long walks aren't effective either

No. 1023871

I think the anon that keeps posting prog album streams is a scrote

No. 1023881

That is not normal. You're either not drinking enough water or have some type of health condition like low blood pressure.

No. 1023883

>I feel like long walks aren't effective either
Walking regularly is actually really good for your health, like a significant reduction in mortality rates, better outcomes for elderly people etc. It makes sense, obviously the human body is built to walk a lot.

Ofc, same goes for weight lifting and anon is retarded if she thinks her bones don't need it.

No. 1023907

fucking walking i'm going to crawl on four everyday

No. 1023933

Retarded, scrotes wouldn't scrote so much if there were repressions for it.

No. 1023937

at least let me put you on leash anon

No. 1023946

No. 1023979

i’m probably going to get banned for race baiting or something but lolita fashion only looks good on japanese/east asian women. i’ve seen so many other women wear lolita and it just doesn’t look good

No. 1023989

File: 1641947232530.gif (3.12 MB, 400x376, B6993C1B-A28D-42EF-A176-A23DFB…)

I thought we threw asian fetishes in a basement and swore to never let it out again

No. 1023992

if you dont like lolita fine, but what you described here doesnt sound any different from getting dressed up in literally any other outfit. replace "lolita" with some western brand name dress and you have the exact same routine. if you want to be the type of person to look natural, throw on an outfit and leave the house with minimal hair and makeup styling, lolita probably isn't for you.

>I love my dresses but would never be caught dead wearing them to work or in public by myself.

why not just sell and get rid of them?

No. 1023998

I agree. It's not race baiting because it's down to body type which is for a fact differs between races. It's a fashion that's made to look good on their generally petite body type. There's clothing styles that look better or worse for every body type in existence but people don't always wanna admit that.

No. 1024001

You need to see a doctor about that. Until you do, try chair exercise.

No. 1024025

guilty pleasures are stupid. own the dumb shit you love! unless its actually concerning i guess

No. 1024039

I'm surprised moids are willing to date hybristrophiles. They're absolute trashy trash, imagine dating someone that gets off to serial killers and obsessively watches true crime dramas, yuck.

It just goes to show that moids are horny dumb animals that will put up with anything.

No. 1024050

I didn't even post my unpopular opinion after all that.

Hybristrophiles are extremely trashy and deserve to be mocked harder than they currently are.

No. 1024054

Uhhh they probably just recognize that as nlog-behavior. As long as she's not idolizing husband-killing females, I can't imagine a man giving a shit about his ding-dong girlfriends stupid hobby

No. 1024228

On one hand it IS impractical and looks attention-whorey not to mention overpriced as fuck… on the other hand it's extremely cute and is everything I dreamt of as a little girl.

No. 1024233

File: 1641967474678.jpeg (189.99 KB, 933x987, 1639798178236.jpeg)

I hate men but also picrel

No. 1024304

agreed, gyms are useless and people that go to gyms need to get a better hobby than looksmaxxing

No. 1024312

I get lifting weights, but people who go to the gym for cardio are smoothbrains.
>bicycle machine instead of biking in beautiful outdoors
>inclined treadmill instead of hiking in beautiful outdoors
>track running instead of running in beautiful outdoors
>rowing machine instead of rowing in beautiful outdoors
And don't try to weasel out of it with 'but muh seasons'. It's weather, you absolute pansies.

No. 1024319

You're both a little bit right and a little bit wrong. Correct that being a doormat is loser Becky shit. Correct that keying his car shows your pain and makes him seem like he's a catch if he has bitches doing that to him and you end up looking weak.

That's why you get revenge while smiling, which hurts all men straight in the balls (where the ego is located). For example, if a moid cheats, don't key his car. Fuck his brother instead.

No. 1024320

>Beautiful outdoors

Ma'am I'm in the ghetto

No. 1024330

Nayrt but I was waiting for this response although I didn't expect the video, it's harrowing seeing all those people bent over like that in a supposed first world country
Every day I find something new to remind me there is no God

No. 1024335

Fucking hell, this is horrific. Please educate a sheltered anon, what drug causes them to just stand around bent over on the spot like that?

No. 1024348

I take it back, pls bike indoors nonnie.

No. 1024349

Nta can't you just cycle out of the ghettos or are they too large to be crossed by bike? I live in a tiny country so I have 0 concept of how large a city/ghetto like vidrel would be.

No. 1024478

Nonnie that video is 23 minutes long, it looks to me like the ghetto is pretty damn large. >>1024320
This is so scary to watch, it's like they're not even human anymore.

No. 1024479

Watched enough to see a girl holding a syringe so my guess is heroin/fentanyl. Fucking scary.

No. 1024550

How is America real? Actual thirdie and I don’t see this in the streets. Drug slums are tucked far away from the public eyes.

No. 1024551

Wdym that's the greatest country in the world you're talking about kek

No. 1024602

Cringe and he'll probably get off on it. Legal humiliation is what's best.

No. 1024620

>how is America real

It isn’t, it was stolen from the indigenous populace and overtime has created a huge capitalist surveillance state that is going to be toppled by a civil war started by right-wing military resistance groups in the upcoming years. Elites allow these streets to be dirty with sick people because the elites never travel anywhere in the actual country they represent, they are incredibly sheltered and psychopathic that they don’t care about the well-being of what they represent. Surprise! We’re in hellworld! And it’s never gonna change unless it gets violent. Thirdie-chan, America is not the wonderland you dream of, the only reason immigrants are coming here is because it’s only by a sliver better than the countries they are coming from because we are highly economically exploitative of other people which is why there’s propaganda going around that we have a good economy. There is nothing superb about america, the quality of our education system falls way below China, there are massive labor resignations, politicians failing to enact their own promises and duty, etc. The countries they are coming from have been known to be destabilized by the American government, rendering their economy useless and crippling their social infrastructure. I used to feel sad and guilty about druggies and homeless people but I think my anger has to be placed more in the government for failing its people. America rest in fucking hell

No. 1024669

Are you the anon that keeps bringing up china, give it a fucking rest. And stop violence baiting fucking chinkr.

No. 1024672

i’m not that chinaboo nonny lol

No. 1024674

Shut the fuck up

No. 1024680

File: 1642004035737.jpg (80.96 KB, 571x731, 2Kcg9GQ7rxt8GCbmDVcMbQHKJnookH…)

No. 1024684

Americans think they're the only nation that was developed by human migration.

No. 1024712

>china having a better education system
>also the country known for having dumbass tourists to the point they make Americans look like saints
Oh to be an assmad asian incel on the internet

No. 1024737

Anon it's not just murrica.. The Land of the Free is on the best track to turn their vessel-countries into the same hellholes.

No. 1024751

Eat your cup ramen b4 5 minute break ends

No. 1024752

Drugs are actually the manifestation of the cherokee curse placed upon the white man

No. 1024754

Kanye West's Donda was the best music project of 2021

Mario Judah's unreleased singles Afraid of Love/You Never Cared At All is better than anything on the Weeknd's new album Dawn FM

80s hip hop is full of clever lyrics and tons of sonic diversity (less reliance on samples, more original beats) that the new gen of hip hop heads don't wanna give props to because they only respect hip hop made after the gangsta rap era. also a lot of new age hip hop and rnb is being influenced by the sounds of the 80s.

No. 1024759

File: 1642007453851.gif (714.58 KB, 220x220, tenor (1).gif)

>80s hip hop is full of clever lyrics and tons of sonic diversity (less reliance on samples, more original beats) that the new gen of hip hop heads don't wanna give props to because they only respect hip hop made after the gangsta rap era.

No. 1024761

Don’t scrotesplain america to me, kill yourself

No. 1024795

Fuck anon, I wish we were mates. I agree wholeheartedly about Donda. I've my alarm set to Pure Souls tomorrow. I always have a good day when I start the day off with that song.

No. 1024802

File: 1642008856891.jpeg (8.89 KB, 300x169, EC543985-4ABA-434C-A329-274ACF…)

based, but i can’t take mario judah seriously kek

No. 1024872

I used to be a Kanye mega fan (of his music) through the time Yeezus dropped and then kinda fell off. I haven’t heard TLOP, Kids See Ghosts, Jesus is King (no desire tbh) or Donda. I have heard a little from Ye.
Which albums/songs are most worth giving a listen? Any recommendations?
Btw, I know this isn’t a question or advice thread. Don’t feel obligated to respond

No. 1024885

Honestly they're all so good imo and I really enjoyed Jesus is King. Songs I recommend from each album be, Tlop, no more parties in la; Ye, violent crimes; Kids see ghosts, reborn; Jesus is King, Use this Gospel is my fav, but Follow God might hit better idk, Donda, Jail, Believe What I Say was my favourite on first lesson but I would recommend playing through each album. Kids See Ghosts is relatively short and it's so good, maybe start with that

No. 1024890

How can anons even use 4chan? A place that is becoming even more hostile towards women? It surprises me how you guys are even able to like and want to date any of the freaks who browse the boards. Sure it’s funny to make misandrist posts and let the scrotes seethe but it’s a complete waste of time, they’re all insane and self-absorbed monsters

No. 1024894

/cgl/ exists

No. 1024899

nta, i doubt they're meeting their channer bfs on /cgl/

No. 1024926

Napoleon sounded like a rapist and probably raped his servants like the majority of privileged men at the time.

No. 1024934

I’m 4chan-bf-exclusionary feminist. If you have a 4chan bf you don’t deserve rights.

No. 1024945

i just use threads that most likely have only female posters (even if they don't admit it) with the occasional faggot moid. if i have to use moid threads like when i want to discuss a specific show (usually only /a/) i just fujopost to piss off any scrotes that get misogynistic or off-topic unprovoked. it gets kinda funny when you treat them like subhumans.

No. 1024952

samefag but i assume nonas who actually date the subhumans on 4ch have ridiculously low self esteem/are really desperate. even if you happen to find a "decent guy" from there it doesn't change the fact that he spends his free time talking to other aggressive misogynists and turning a blind eye to all the horrible shit there unlike retarded farmers here who defend scrotes until their last breath.

No. 1024953

The ones who go there to get bfs are obviously troubled.

No. 1024975

>A place that is becoming even more hostile towards women

As if it wasn't enough already

As someone who once had a 4chan bf (I didn't meet him on there though, and don't use it) I agree

No. 1024977


No. 1025086

>i just fujopost to piss off any scrotes that get misogynistic or off-topic unprovoked.
kek nice to see that someone else does this too

No. 1025116

No. 1025133

Doubt that, he was actually a big moralfag. Apparently when he was told about Henry VIII (he didn't know about him before) he said that it's a horrifying story and if he heard something like this about Romans or Greeks he would think it's a legend, also compared it to St. Bartholomew's day massacre and was horrified that people still loved Henry despite this shit. He also said "but, in every country, he who commits rape is a monster". The only situation I can imagine a man like him raping someone is when he is overwhelmed with emotions and quite literally can't control himself due to being in an inadequate mood, which is the thing that allegedly happened with Walewska - naps was obsessed with her and it's unclear did she consent to it or not due to the way she wrote about this in her diary (which can be interpreted in two ways: either he raped her or she as a married woman didn't want to admit she had committed infidelity).

No. 1025150

/cgl/ is cancer

No. 1025257


No. 1025259

>you just look so fucking ridiculous
yeah that’s the point

No. 1025318

Anons who complain about blackwashing are cancer. Out of all the issues to take up about your shitty waifus it's about making a character brown?

No. 1025348

whenever i see these people i just wish i had so few problems that… more black characters is an issue worth sperging about? these people need to get lives and get some real problems

No. 1025682

encanto is kind of a shit movie and i don't understand the hype. lots of people who love this movie cope and say those who don't like it are just whities who don't know any better, but i am ackshually colombian and still don't get the love for it. the voice actress for mirabel the literal main character couldn't sing for her life and basically all the songs (except for we don't talk about bruno which is admittedly pretty catchy) were also just so underwhelming for a disney movie. i don't know why they didn't pick voice actors with better singing voices. not to mention how rushed and bare bones the plot felt. i think lin manuel miranda is actually a plague on musicals altogether bc i was also underwhelmed by moana (which is still a LOT better than this movie).

No. 1025933

Angel wings are cringe and ugly as fuck. Fairy wings are too.

No. 1025934

Doublepost. I think cheugy is a good word to describe them.

No. 1025945

No. 1025956

My poor insane anon.

No. 1025958

>unironically using the word cheugy

No. 1025962


No. 1025965

Fucking play this at my mf funeral

No. 1025969

I'm glad bat/dragon wings are safe

No. 1025980

Go back to 4chan

No. 1025984

God tier underappreciated wings. No idea why normalfilth prefers feather and moth ones over them.

No. 1025985

Fuck you, I'm not letting any scrote have any insult

No. 1025991

Sorry, but dragon/bat wings are only for NLOGs bpd-chans who just hate Angel wings and Fairy wings because they’re too cute.

No. 1025993

Using 4chan as a woman only works when you're young, dumb, and giving scrotes the same benefit of the doubt as you're giving yourself for just wanting a place to be edgy and not that you're taking everything seriously.
The problem is scrotes are there in all seriousness. Most of what they post, even in their jokes and trolling, are rooted in their actual beliefs and stereotypes they have. Scrotes wouldn't waste their time unless it was something they truly enjoyed and not just tolerated.

No. 1025996

People should respect thicker-bodied women more, including pop stars. They have to carry more weight on their bodies on a daily basis, and are still expected to perform on stage or in general. People these days expect skinny girl athletics with thick girl aesthetics, and it'd be a lie to say that's easy

No. 1026006

is thick really just fat now? because being a strong woman means you're thicker than someone who is Skinny (not just average) with skinny body type we can assume lack of muscle or muscle wasting. besides maybe cardio endurance what kind of "skinny girl athletics" are expected? if anything, women who participate in athletics/exercise aren't categorized into groups like wojaks, they're expected to be strong, which doesn't usually mean skinny

No. 1026010

Yeah by thick I mean literally to have more weight on one's body than would be expected of someone who's eating only the bare minimum to live/work efficiently, not physical strength. By skinny girl athletics I mean stage acrobatics and certain sex positions lol, not really as deep as you make it out to be

No. 1026035

yes because only the old and fat are dying /s. why don't people care about disabled young people? Young people with cancer and other life threatening illnesses that have wreaked havoc on their immune systems. its so sad how forgotten/not cared about they are. but suuuuuuuuuuuure lets just let nature doing its thing.

No. 1026036

glad that stupid anon deleted her stupid post

No. 1026038

>nlog!!! bee pee dee!!!
Way to reveal yourself as a normie. Fairy&angel wings suck, deal with it.
Anyway since when I cant say an unpopular opinion in an
>unpopular opinion thread
and not get called "insane", "idiot whore", "nlog", etc? Does anyone here even read the thread rules or understand where they are?

No. 1026049

nayrt but its because your original opinion is both mundane and also nlog tier saltiness so its a prime target for mocking senselessly kek

No. 1026053

PTA is one of the most irritating directors. I'm not even sure if it's him or his fans who act like anything he touches is a godsend. His films just scream pathetic moid who doesn't understand women or want to try to, and they're really not that complex. Sick of American directors who clearly have an inflated ego getting continually hyped up despite their mediocrity in the grand scheme of cinema. Moids have such shit taste. Tarantino is even worse in this regard, it makes sense they got coked up and bragged together

No. 1026061

>What do you mean publicly posting my unpopular opinion on an anonymous site opens me up to scrutiny and responses from other anonymous people posting their own unpopular opinions?! Have you not read the rules?!
Lol you can't be serious

No. 1026063

Mangoes smell and taste like smelly feet. Disgusting, truly disgusting.

No. 1026064

Bpd-chans consume their whole personality around pink Amazon finds, "UwU fairycore wings", claim they are so angelic and buy Chinese Sanrio merch

No. 1026068

File: 1642096057799.jpg (281.69 KB, 1417x817, antonio-j-manzanedo-red-dragon…)

Maybe for you but I just like fantasy

No. 1026073

Is today retarded opinion day, or do you exclusively consume rotten mangoes? L

No. 1026077

Well it is cringe. Especially when people blackwash a character that isn't even white and they pretend it's "superior"

No. 1026090

File: 1642097299136.jpg (60.52 KB, 563x559, Tumblr_l_151650069434649.jpg)

I'd fuck that dragon

No. 1026093

File: 1642097391323.jpeg (912.39 KB, 3000x2104, 3D76A5B3-70B4-4340-AED0-2EE36F…)

It’s just forced inclusion, and most of the times, when the character is blackwashed, the character is drawn overly sexualized, with exaggerated features and stereotypes that makes the character look like a racist caricature.
I don’t mind if someone does a drawing of say, that sailor moon challenge, some of them were actually really cute, but just make them look nice, not like a racist caricature.
If you’re talking about shows, movies and such, then I only wish people could just create stories in which the character happens to have a different skin complexion and that’s it, remaking something for the sake of asking for, I guess, forgiveness is insincere.

No. 1026114

Most of the time it's not even black artists doing the redraws so it makes the exaggerated features very side eye worthy

No. 1026117

I don't really care about this discussion, but that drawing is cute

No. 1026135

File: 1642099744170.jpg (19.74 KB, 320x350, 20210729_093705.jpg)

>Mangoes smell and taste like smelly feet
>smell and taste

No. 1026136

Kek fr wtf

No. 1026151

Dewey is the best brother, followed by Reese, then Malcolm and then Francis, because Francis sucks bad. No idea about Jamies placement, because I don't feel like he ever had a really definied character.

No. 1026182

dewey is a gary stu though

No. 1026202

girl what did you mistaken feet for mangoes, was it the toes

No. 1026246

They do have a acidic sweat smell to them and the fibers get stuck in every crevice of your teeth. 3/10 fruit

No. 1026255


No. 1026266

Agree Dewey is the best but Francis is better than Malcolm, and maybe Reese too.

No. 1026336

the covid thread is such a shit show. it's basically another tinfoil thread.

No. 1026352

I think men/incels who struggle to talk to women only exist because their ego only allows them to aim for women out of their own league. Most ugly moids would do fine talking to an overweight or "ugly" woman

No. 1026357

No. Francis was awesome.

No. 1026366

Facts are not unpopular opinions anon

No. 1026381

Pretty much. Stay within your own league or find a way to pay for the 'upgrade' you want. If you can't do either of those things then learn how to be single and ok with that.

No. 1026399

File: 1642115112600.png (96.79 KB, 1965x1900, The_Dark_Triad.png)

I really don't know if it was intentional on the writers part, but Dewey, Malcolm and Reece are all three different sides of the dark triad, Machivallianism, Narcissism and Sociopathy respectively.

>Malcolm in an insecure narcissist with a fragile ego

>Reece is a low functioning psychopath with clear sadistic tendencies
>Dewey is effortlessly able to manipulate others and instinctively does so

They're clear-cut different sides because each possesses none of the faults of the other. Malcolmn and Dewey have empathy, Dewey and Reece don't obsess over how they're perceived like Malcolm and neither Malcolm or Reece are able to manipulate others like Dewey can.

sage for offtopic but yeah, something I thought of the other day.

No. 1026400

I still don't wish incels on fat or ugly women either. Not their job to be the punching bags for society's undesirables and incels will mistreat and resent them even though they don't deserve any woman's time of day.

No. 1026406

Nta but if they got the message to 'stay in their lane' from an earlier point and accepted that as just a fact of life then they wouldn't be the dangers that they are.

No. 1026408

Most Japanese video games are hot garbage, even the popular or acclaimed ones.

No. 1026412

I really don't know how Final fantasy games got as popular as they did. I played a good ten hours of the original FF VII and you could just get by with using "attack" and "cure" for 95% of it. Braindead

No. 1026421

Oh yeah I'm not talking about current incels, they're already subhumans too far gone. I mean if moids like them stayed in their lane while growing up they'd find someone eventually, but the male ego doesn't usually let that happen. Ugly couples exist so they'd just fit under that category instead of pretending like the world is out to get them kek.

No. 1026432

straighter brows are cuter than arched brows and overly arched brows look awful especially on women

No. 1026438

File: 1642117581566.gif (631.27 KB, 250x271, 1588307217404.gif)

I disagree with anon saying most japanese video games are hot garbage because that's an exaggeration imo, but in the case of Final Fantasy I think in the West it got insanely popular just because it barely had any competition. Literally, that's just because barely any JRPGs got translated without being butchered (and even then, all the FF before 10 had shitty localization trying too hard to seem "radical" to appeal to teenage boys, which is why some of these so called long term fans shit in their pants in rage when they see a male FF character who looks pretty) and Squaresoft back then actually made efforts to market FF7 way more than other publishers and developers. Not saying FF7 is good or bad, but it was overrated by then because a lot of people in the West couldn't really compare it to other, potentially better games of its genre. Then FF as a brand became well-known and now even if the more recent game are kinda shit they still sell well. Kind of like Pokemon, where the devs develop a lot of mediocre games these days because they need to create more cutesy mascots fast to sell cutesy merchandises asap, while they actually tried to be a bit more creative in the first gens, the brand as a whole is so popular that normies buy that shit based on its former reputation, as opposed to its current quality.

No. 1026441

Freud is overrated and most of his theories are retarded.

RE: id, ego, superego - they’re all just meaningless buzzwords. Nothing scientific at all. If you’re going to postulate that there’s only 3 distinct levels of the human mind then do some brain scans or something. Give some proof. This is just astrology, chakras, MBTI types etc repackaged.

Oedipus complex - out of left fking field… I just straight up will never buy into the theory that the whole world wants to fuck their parents. I'm pretty sure that’s just you, Freud.

Nature v nurture - ok, solid premise. But it ignores personal responsibility completely. That's the problem with his black & white, 'there are only x# of personality types' logic. So many people use nature v nurture as a way to dismiss the power they have over their own actions.
>I am the way I am bc of how my parents treated me
>bc of my genetics
>bc of this significant life event
Like yes that obviously has an influence, but where is point when personal responsibility comes into play? He leaves it out completely, as if people are eternal children and everything is always your parents’ fault. Well, your parents are the way they are because of their parents. Checkmate, Freud-sempai.

Talk therapy is ok with me tho. His ideas aren’t all bad. I just take umbrage with him because he’s pretty much a philosopher that’s been touted as a scientist

No. 1026446

I think monarchic and aristocratic aesthetics look cool as fuck and being an American with this opinion is very unpopular

No. 1026448

What games would you recommend anon? I share OPs opinion though some non-indie games on the Switch are pretty fun.

No. 1026449

File: 1642118035731.jpg (79.59 KB, 1023x1279, 7c2f5781b242d3e91be02312d8caef…)

18th century male fashion was amazing, I don't think that's a controversial opinion so long as you don't want to actually be ruled by nobles.

No. 1026450

Pretentious scroteshit, they see any quote with a portrait of a bearded guy and are kind « COWABUNGA BASED »

No. 1026451

I see many more women with naturally arched brows than naturally straight ones.

No. 1026452

Yeah, my general opinion on Freud is that he did notice some actually relevant psychological trends, but then he takes them to strange and exaggerated conclusions. And then because he got so popular, a lot of his ideas are now considered common knowledge despite the fact that most of them don't have much actual empirical support.

No. 1026453

but for the ones who do have straight brows it feels like they're forced to arch them because of ridiculous beauty standards and that straight brows are considered a "masculine" trait

No. 1026456

Is it unpopular opinion tho? I thought most people have the same opinion.

No. 1026459

People need to do what they think looks good or is comfortable instead of what everyone else does in general.

All this fashion shit is entirely optional and the only people who would actually berate someone for not being an NPC are not worth talking or listening to.

No. 1026463

File: 1642118780905.jpg (52.28 KB, 720x720, IconBrows-ServiceMainImage-gor…)

I totally agree about straight brows, but I also think it's a balancing act. Straight & full brows are seen more often in men, but they're also more youthful. Arched brows are seen more often in women, but they age you a lot if you go too far. Brows are difficult to get right. I've seen so many women ruin their beauty completely with instagram caterpillar extra-archy brows.
Laminated brows in particular are my pet peeve. They look so werewolf-y kek.
Imo most women look best with their natural brow shape, only tweaked a tiny bit, & with stray hairs cleaned up.

No. 1026464

I've been really into makeup and trends for at least a decade and never heard of this. Many beauty gurus used to literally shave off the tails of their brows so they could draw them on more straight. Natural brows are more popular nowadays so you see less of it. Sorry your culture has shit standards. In the end the best brow shape is the one you were born with.

No. 1026470

Oh I hope it's a popular opinion lol. I'm not a psychfag personally, but I'm like >>1026450 & >>1026452 where I see scrotes spouting this shit from time to time & it strikes me as pseudoscience.

No. 1026471

I don't think those look awful tbh. So what are laminated brows, just a brow perm?

No. 1026477

Basically. It's just perming them straight up. It can look wonky if someone has very thick or long brow hairs.

No. 1026485

This opinion isn't exactly unpopular, when I took psych in school one of the first things we learnt was about Freud and while he did pioneer the beginnings of psychology study and some of his theories are used to be built on, most of what he said can largely be disregarded as pseudo-science and that he was not really the most sane person.

No. 1026534

Really hate how relationships of all kind are really starting to be seen as purely transactional. I truly believe a lot of societal problems are things that have always existed but social media has really magnified this one in particular.

No. 1026585

You treat relationships with new people as transactional, and the ppl you knew since childhood you treat like humans. The thing is we're expected to socialize way more with new ppl nowadays, so it seems like people are more cold.

No. 1026691

Processed cheese is the best cheese for a burger, real cheese is an overkill

No. 1026733

damn, now it makes sense that I can't make adult friends outside of school and college. I can't even befriend with my colleagues without us secretly comparing salary and such. If socmed isn't entirely filled with degenerates and brainlet zoomers I'd have a better time tbh, I miss the early 2010s when it was cool to have international online friends.

No. 1026748

I have to agree with this. Real cheese isn't an "overkill" imo, but it just doesn't work. The only time I find myself craving American cheese is when I'm eating a burger.

No. 1026770

how do you feel about like a smidge of bleu on a burger?

No. 1026789

This. Basically, Freud is to psychology what early alchemists were to chemistry.

No. 1026994

not unpopular outside of radfem cricles, but you're not a feminist if you hate straight women

No. 1026999

Switch fields. Some fields just attract better people than others. Hint: if it's popular, pretentious or competitive, it'll be filled with assholes. I've straight up moved to a trade school and have no trouble making friends now.

No. 1027019

No. 1027072

I mean, if you hate "straight" women, and 80% of women are in fact straight…you're basically saying you hate very certainly a lot of women besides the 10% of lesbian/bi women, that doesn't sound right at all
Hermana colombiana basada, i can't believe they used our culture for this cashgrab Colombia deserved better

No. 1027117

I prefer Japanese games to western ones when they compete in the same or similar genre. Such as action adventure etc, that said Japan hasn't come out with rts and simulation games as good as the west. I hate how western games nowadays have all this bloated open world content and how it's spreading to japan too. Adventure(in the broadest sense)game wise I think japan and the west are fairly equal, yes Japan has more output but so much of it is sex focused when you look at the actual numbers.

No. 1027130

tfw I'm the token straight

No. 1027133

Eh I witness what you’re talking about. I don’t think it’s so much hate more like very very frustrated at them. Het women do be subjecting themselves to the most retarded shit. And it’s ever only an uphill battle to change their minds.

No. 1027300

>Het women do be subjecting themselves to the most retarded shit
Do they? Or do scrotes do it to them? Half the time, when someone whines about het women being retards for sticking around, they don't consider the whole situation and psychology of abusive relationships. Honestly fuck that

No. 1027357

>Or do scrotes do it to them?
You're right, we should doxx those Anons and persuade their scrotes to break up. Talking to women is pointless, they have no agency after all.

No. 1027430

you're being intentionally obtuse

No. 1027441

it’s not exclusive to abooosive relationship dumbass. Just fucking look in any advice column literally anywhere. Women complain about their scrotes but they keep enabling them and crying online. But since those men aren’t technically beating or raping them, they’ll continue to put up with it, never taking advice or leaving. Nothing is stopping them from putting their fucking foot down. At some point women will have to start taking responsibility for who they engage with because men will never fucking change without being forced to.

No. 1027447

>but since those men aren’t technically beating or raping them
Yeah ok, you have no idea about abuse then

No. 1027451

Makeup shouldn’t be a workplace requirement

No. 1027462

If he’s not a physical threat to you, you can just fucking leave. Simple as that. Just admit that most women would rather choose to suffer with a man than to brace the uncertainty of starting over. So they just cry about it and wish for another prince to come save them for sure this time.

No. 1027470

You are exactly the kind of people OP's post was about. Sure, let's ignore the reality of emotional and psychological abuse, as well as financial dependence and the risk of the scrote going postal if you leave him. More often than not, it's not just about dUmPiNg HiM. I also don't see what going 'hehe dumb bihet got what she deserved' is supposed to achieve. It's not helping any women for sure

No. 1027472

coca cola tastes so ass. it's only tolerable to me at room temp and kinda flat

No. 1027480

No. 1027483

File: 1642186652293.jpg (160.84 KB, 960x808, 1613419460761.jpg)

Having abs should be a workplace requirement for men, as well as crop tops.

No. 1027494

The husbando bread
Lol I'm the opposite tbh, I only like coca cola when it is ice chilled and with a lot of bubbles. I like when the bubbles hurt.

No. 1027496

Are there workplaces that require makeup?

No. 1027500

No one is saying “deserved”. Who’s being obtuse now. Emotional and financial abuse are fucked up but YOU HAVE TO LEAVE or continuously make plans to leave. That’s the end of it. Just like addiction, it’s never as simple as “just stop lole” but YOU HAVE TO DO IT. Feminists are totally reasonable to be frustrated that majority of women simply resign themselves to the path of least resistance.

No. 1027501

I aspire to be as based as whoever wrote this post

No. 1027508

The part I can say I hate is when anons come on here to complain about the bf and when they get the most predictable common sense advice to make moves towards getting out of there.. they become these sassy badass bitches throwing insults at other women for saying one thing they don't like but simulaltaneously they're just a poor thing that can't speak up or move out and needs to shit up a thread by fighting strangers. I hate seeing it all the time.

Even as someone who was at one time isolated and disabled while living in an abusive relationship myself.. I cannot stand to see women lash out at every other person on earth but the asshole guy who is causing their shitty mood. I put up with some crap before I got out (he put his hands on me after I'd had surgery) but I didn't lash out at inccocent people. He caused me that pain, I then added to it by dragging my heels about leaving. It's nobody elses job to have that taken out on them. I never had the nerve to scream at this guy. To this day I wouldn't put it past him to get ott revenge if I ever gave him a true piece of my mind but I got through it without passing on the misery to a third party.

I understand dragging your feet, there's so many reasons why that happens, some are emotional, some practical. But when people push you towards getting out.. don't ever take your anger out on them instead. I don't care whether they said it gently or were blunt.. they're right either way. It's not an attack to give that advice.

No. 1027528

File: 1642187526651.jpg (91.2 KB, 736x954, 6f778607a1b488831e2bea4a4f1917…)

>when anons come on here to complain about the bf and when they get the most predictable common sense advice to make moves towards getting out of there.. they become these sassy badass bitches

I don't even reply or give advice to women complaining about their scrotes. Irl or online, they will not listen and in the worst case they start resenting you. If you complain about your scrote I will ignore you and let life kick your ass until you learn the lesson yourself. Good luck pendejas

No. 1027536

contra points?

No. 1027549

idk anon, of course it's not likely they'll just have a sudden change of mind and break up. the point is making a suggestion that they leave, which they may keep in mind and act on whether or not they externally agree with you at the time

No. 1027565

I'm so sorry about your experiences, nona
>I cannot stand to see women lash out at every other person on earth but the asshole guy who is causing their shitty mood
That's fucking awful, I never understood that kind of behavior. Also wanting to kill the woman your scrote cheated on you with instead of him, as the party that broke your trust.
>If you complain about your scrote I will ignore you and let life kick your ass until you learn the lesson yourself. Good luck pendejas
IDK what to write, though you did say "complain" and not "ask for advice", which is a different thing

No. 1027570

>I'm frustrated with het women
>So let's call them "enablers" and pretend like they deserve their situations cause it can't possibly be socially and culturally embedded for women to lose and for scrotes to benefit
Honestly? Just be glad you can punchdown on lolcow to get your ego kicks, you'd never waste your time patrolling scrote imageboards to harass them to be better because you know they won't change and would dogpile you. But yeah, the true problem are anons here being "sassy."

What gets me is that OP never even said she wasn't leaving him, just that there are entanglements like a shared mortgage, job situation, and cost of living that make it more complicated than just saying the relationship is done. I hope you anons are young, cause it doesn't seem like you understand what tact is.

No. 1027597

I wouldn't have much hope for that, lesbian rudefems seething on Tumblr are often older and yet they love shitting on bihets.

No. 1027610

Why should we waste time attempting to scrotes minds? That’s what “fixer” women do and it has only ever blown up in their faces. Women can be victims and enablers at the same time yes. We’re not fragile little things that never hold any accountability for our own well being.
Once again, BECAUSE relationships can be complicated with things like financial responsibilities, women are more likely to just give up and continue to suffer. Any sane person would become frustrated to watch their loved one or fellow woman stuck in that powerless mindset. How can you not be angry. In situations where you can’t get out unscathed but you know it’s better in the long run, many will still choose to stay. Just a sad fact.

No. 1027611

Thing is, and you know this too, it doesn't happen overnight. People can bitch about their scrotes and want to leave but they can't always just pack it up tomorrow and be done with it. Women know what they need to do,, they just need to let it out. Getting into a better situation is the logical solution sure, but that's going to be a process and everyone's circumstances are different

No. 1027620

NTA but I don't get what being shitty to women trapped in a bad situation is supposed to achieve except them doubling down on holding onto the scrote cause they have no support and nothing else
Meanwhile in another thread >>1027502 "why do women not complain about their scrotes???" IDK, maybe cause they are afraid of getting blamed? I need to read Loving To Survive, but I feel like some of radfems need it more than I do

No. 1027625

“Being shitty” as in someone calling you a dumb bitch for putting up with male behavior? Is that really what is making women stay in dysfunctional relationships? It’s not because they want to have a million reasons to make the scary choice?

No. 1027626

To not*

No. 1027634

I only complain about my ex scrote cause then we're all just in agreement about him being shit and it's happy days all round.

No. 1027650

>Why should we waste time attempting to scrotes minds?
I agree, why put any onus on scrotes for how they treat us when we can just blame het women for how they're treated?
We can bully other women to change their lives because they will actually listen even if they're stubborn, meanwhile men will react with violence and not change.
Blaming other women and forcing them to change is the safe bet. If a het woman never gets into a relationship with another man again all problems will be solved and women will never be memed into servicing men again. Pay no attention to family, professional, or friendship dynamics involving scrotes cause I'm sure the root cause is women being doormats there too.
>BECAUSE relationships can be complicated with things like financial responsibilities, women are more likely to just give up and continue to suffer
Women aren't "giving up," you're framing it as a moral failing. The fact is that things like financial safety nets and housing are real fucking concerns and even normal people not in abusive situations have problems attaining this. It is hard and not everyone succeeds, and while we're all busy acting bad on the internet, homelessness is actually really fucking scary and it's not farfetched to believe people stay with toxic family, roommates, and yes relationships to avoid it.
>Any sane person would become frustrated to watch their loved one or fellow woman stuck in that powerless mindset.
Or they can be like a typical person in society and encourage the woman to try harder and CoMmUnIcAtE more. A lot of these women aren't powerless and they do try.
They communicate, get angry, and do ultimatums and yet men don't change. It's not "doing nothing."
Leaving is just hard.
Those women who leave overnight? Not all of them escape the situation and some end up worse off. Who are you to advise strangers whose situations you don't fully know to take these kinds of risks?
>In situations where you can’t get out unscathed but you know it’s better in the long run
How do you know?

No. 1027668

>“Being shitty” as in someone calling you a dumb bitch for putting up with male behavior? Is that really what is making women stay in dysfunctional relationships?
Another retarded reading. No, just like someone dropping DUMP HIM will not make it happen immediately. Why not be supportive to each other though? Shitting on women (and victim blaming them, "should have been celibate, what did you expect?") is only helping scrotes. NGL you seem to seethe about women in toxic relationships more than their partners.

No. 1027721

Well said

No. 1027727

not to defend the idea of willingly staying in shitty relationships with shitty men, but it's a process and it takes time.

No. 1027755

For some women they get a lot easier situations, these scrotes can be heavily manipulative, love bombing and doing technically good things to weight out their heavy manipulation. On top of that men always bash women for being unloyal and leaving easy, usually these scrotes attempt to play with women's emotions by making up a sob story and how they need to be the good loyal wifey that comes in and show them not all women are stupid whores who "leave and cheat for no reason at all"

No. 1027758

Abusive scrotes take a big toll on women's health, stress really declines the immune system and women often are gaslight to believe they're just being overdramatic and it's just a coincidence.

I've seen plenty of women come down with mysterious health issues despite being healthy as a horse before getting in a relationship with a shitty guy, this is especially true if the man is encouraging the girl to get plastic surgery, be under or overweight, etc

No. 1027781

How is this an unpopular opinion?

No. 1027790

I like browsing /a/ to discuss animanga. The threads here are too slow and just ends up in political sperg and moralfaggotry

No. 1027801

If you're making at least 12/hr and not living in a major city like Seattle, LA or New York and you don't have any sort of debt that was in your control and you're "barely scraping by" it's 100% your fault. Seriously. Take a good look at your monthly spending and fix it. Car bills and maintenance too much? Maybe you shouldn't have got the 2005 Audi just to say you have an Audi when you spend 300 a month on insurance and twice that in maintenance, maybe spending 20 a day in food delivery isn't that smart, maybe you don't need to spend $100 at the salon biweekly. Get a roommate or even move if you need to
>Inb4 not everyone could do that
Most of you who constantly moan about how hard it is nowadays survive constantly idealize the 80s for being livable. You really think young adults just starting out on their own weren't having roommates, being more mindful of large purchases, etc?

No. 1027830

I don't think this is an unpopular opinion here

No. 1027848

We girls love our moms but they inevitably prefer our male siblings over us

No. 1027965

It's perfectly valid for people who live in a neighborhood where new housing is about to be built to be worried about how the character of the neighborhood might change. People like to brand them as irrational boomer NIMBYs for caring about that but neighborhood character is important to many people. It should never be the only reason to block the construction of new/affordable housing but their perspective should be considered too.

No. 1028002

If you bring up lolita in any other thread, all of a sudden every anon is some kind of turbo communist minimalist and they shit on it.

I love gothic lolita too, it's pretty much the only way i can enjoy a dramatic goth look without looking crazy, at least by my own standards and not by normies.

No. 1028003

File: 1642209201163.png (443.81 KB, 815x472, image.png)

I agree if it is a neighborhood with character to begin with (e.g. historical buildings or uniform architecture), especially since new construction is really shoddy and bland. My city's weirdly pro-development, but new construction is usually built to integrate into the neighborhood, e.g. the areas with big pp glass high-rises get more high-rises, the relatively suburban areas get ugly duplexes, the historical neighborhoods get smaller multi-family residences that preserve old facades or at least kind of try to blend in. If the new construction were those college dorm-looking 5-over-1s that seem to be taking over the country then I doubt there'd be as much positive reception.
Getting uncomfortable over affordable housing is stupid though, at least if the new construction is <50% affordable housing. Preventing low-income people from concentrating in one place prevents blight and crime.

No. 1028011

I grew up in a small country town and it slowly lost it's charm after the constant force of modernization done too it. Millions of shops being built, the same boring cookie cutter buildings that are "modern" aka blocky with lots of windows, the same ugly cookie cutter apartments, because of this all the local mom and pop stuff has been shut down. It's no longer the cute small comfy town I grew up with it's a basic headache and the ice cream place and pet store my mom took me after cheer are now fucking vape stores. Also a fuck ton of sushi restaurants? Why do you need 10+ sushi restaurants all in the same area?

No. 1028024

>Why do you need 10+ sushi restaurants all in the same area?
I love sushi, but I've been wondering this too. There's no way they're that different from each other.

No. 1028028

Eh, I see this a lot in my city and honestly, it is NIMBYism at work. Many of the stores on major streets have been shuttered because of covid business failures (sad) or those stores become one of (weed store|big billionaire chain pharmacy|fast food store). Why not take some space instead and develop some low/mid-rise housing? Housing isn't becoming any cheaper or abundant. Cities are always changing and they must evolve to accommodate for the flux of (over)population. Housing capacity is way more important than the look and feel of some dinky neigbourhood.

No. 1028036

They really just need to make houses cheaper or remodel abandoned homes. The idea of a "housing shortage" is due to the fact that apartment and home buying processes have become overly complicated so people either just rent or stay with their parents. On top of that they just leave up overpriced homes for years instead of simply lowering the price, so many millennials complain about how they easily pay a 1400 apartment but get denied for a 900/month home because the bank claims they can't afford it. And abandoned homes are exclusively sold to investors who will just slightly repair it then sell it for 20 times the original price

No. 1028038

I think it's both. Housing supply needs to massively increase but the government also needs to overhaul its policies that favour rich boomers and their children rather than anyone else who isn't that. They also need to invest in co-op housing, which has been rather underfunded in my city, but they are geared to your income which isn't something you see in other housing. None of these are going to happen unless there's something in it for the cronies in government, unfortunately.

No. 1028039

also sfing, but you know who buys up abandoned, shitty homes? Rich investors or real estate firms that basically buy the house, not for the actual building, but for the land. Then they flip it and make a ton of $$$$. My city's/province's government isn't doing anything to stop it. Hell, I think it's a global problem everywhere.

No. 1028066

File: 1642215579349.jpg (511.93 KB, 1024x681, image.jpg)

This article explains why your town is being ruined: https://marker.medium.com/why-everywhere-looks-the-same-248940f12c4
>Housing capacity is way more important than the look and feel of some dinky neigbourhood.
Be careful what you wish for. Most new housing is built as cheaply as major developers can get away with and basically start deteriorating immediately. Not only are these new buildings ugly, they will turn into blight within a few decades. It's a short-term solution to a long-term problem.
New construction in America (and other Western countries), particularly in the case of five-over-ones and suburban developments, is our version of soviet commieblocks. They destroy the cultural and visual landscape of the neighborhood, don't impart residents with a sense of place, and in the case of large multi-family homes, developers don't have an incentive to take care of them beyond the bare minimum that is required to avoid getting sued. It's all going to rot in short order and communities will be left with yet another problem to deal with.

No. 1028074

File: 1642216218422.jpeg (43.52 KB, 500x375, 35D42A8F-D4C9-4F9E-8B3E-404154…)

Everything about this sounds exactly like my small town. Vape, weed and lottery stores everywhere. The weirdest thing is the lottery machines- for some reason they’re absolutely everywhere now even though I’ve never seen them before. They’re at the gas station, at a billiards place, in tattoo parlors, and in their own special stores that revolve around them. It’s like we have miniature casinos in my small 20,000 population town.
I don’t know what they’re called but they look like this. The people sit in front of them like a video game cabinet and lean over and play it for hours.

No. 1028075

>just ends up in political sperg
Same thing happens on /a/, it's been so unbearable on there the last couple of years and I blame shitgeki threads

No. 1028112

Neetdom but make it sporadic. Play as a functional normie for a few months or a few years and then when you need a break turn into an antisocial and avoidant neet and then swap back into your normie skin. You are truly a superhuman if you are able to do this

No. 1028115

NEETdom but actually push yourself to study and have hobbies

No. 1028116

I would literally rather have Soviet style block apartment buildings that are planned well (almost big East Asian cities are like this anyway), affordable, and well-maintained than have people on the streets or have people pay landlords parasitic amounts of rent for shit apartments, which is already what is going on in North America, if not the world. I still don't think "cultural" environment of a city matters as much as people make it out to be. Cities are ever-changing so stifling any kind of new development without careful scrutiny is futile and exacerbate the problem for longer. So much of NIMBYism pushes developments into suburbs which further worsens urban sprawl, which leads to a higher reliance of cars, which increases traffic, etc. It's not pretty and certainly worse than done low or mid rise building on some street full of weed or fast-food shops. Obviously there are neighbourhoods that have become urban ghettos in the downtown core of my city precisely because of what you mentioned. That's a very real consequence of poor planning and development, but I'm ideally thinking that governments should enforce heavier laws that prohibit shitty, rich developers that will take advantage of "build, build, build!" mentality of desperate cities and look to Asia and Europe for better urban development because North America just doesn't have it.

No. 1028118

You’re no fun nonna

No. 1028124


No. 1028135

If a moid watches anime it's an automatic deal breaker.

No. 1028138

i agree. i have only met like 2 like this though. the anime and manga menace has almost fully taken them over

No. 1028140

Sex workers are almost always lying when they claim that they're only doing it because they have no other options. Outside of trafficked third worlders and massage parlor women who are supporting their entire family, nothing's keeping these women from having a real job other than their own laziness. Other people with no experience, no connections, and no education find regular employment all the time, and sex workers have a leg up on most because they're young and attractive.

It burns me up to see ewhores whining about how hard their lives are when there are normal people washing dishes, cleaning toilets, and inserting catheters into old people to get by. If when confronted by boring or dirty work you opt to spread your legs instead, you're genuinely a worthless person.

No. 1028147

youre obviously dont know what being abused really means.
Sex workers are absolutely prone to fall in love with the lifestyle, but im sure last than a tenth of women makeS enough to even have a "lifestyle".

Of course every white woman you see has better opportunities but their self esteem and mental health prolly match the activity they partaking.

No. 1028165

> Of course every white woman you see has better opportunities but their self esteem and mental health prolly match the activity they partaking.

this makes me sad, I guess I've seen many walking disasters. more often than not tbh. why don't they get help?

No. 1028178

Help costs money, money problems are usually why they get into sex work, sex work exacerbates mental health issues. Cyclical problem.

No. 1028179

soviet commie blocks are fine and the picture you posted looks better than 99% of american cities

No. 1028182

why dont you do that degrading work if it is so easy?

No. 1028192

Stan Twitter is just recycled 4chan memes for gay men and teenage girls expect they don't have any edge
I mean these sub-IQ morons have heart attacks if you call them fat, gay or niggers

They wouldn't last a second on actual toxic internet forums

No. 1028193

…because it's degrading. It's a good thing to want to be challenged by hard work. That's usually how you grow and improve and be able to move up in the world.

No. 1028202

Having a wedding without an open bar sucks and I wouldn't go to one without one unless it was a really close friend. But I'd have tried really hard to convince her to get an open bar

No. 1028294

Social media has a clear hierarchy of which offensive jokes it'll allow. For example you can joke about people's immutable traits that will always show with them no matter where they go (an ethnicity or sex) but people whose special minority status is based entirely on behavior and thoughts (trans and gay) are seen as more perfect and flawless

No. 1028299

Radfems also have a social hierarchy

No. 1028335


No. 1028337

I agree, but it's how it is on Tumblr and probably Twitter too

No. 1028371

It’s good to have self awareness kek

No. 1028732

If there was no Kerli Koiv, there could be no Melanie Martinez
Like, "Pretty Red Apple" is literally just "Dollhouse" or "Mr Potato Head" but earlier, lyrically/conceptually and Kerli had the "strange fashion style"/"creepy/artistic doll" aesthetic

No. 1028742

File: 1642270399581.jpeg (108.82 KB, 900x876, C3B8466D-9987-42E5-B695-4ED50E…)

Ramen has got to be the most overrated food of the century. If you love it, you probably grew up with a chicken nugget and buttered noodles diet because it’s honestly so bland, even with premium broth and noodles. It’s even worse when you’re paying over 7 dollars (13 at the place I just had) for a “premium” bowl of tonkotsu ramen.
It’s just wet noodles guys. It would be fine if it stayed cheap but people fawn over it like it’s the food of the gods. Looks beautiful, doesn’t taste like anything noteworthy.

No. 1028751

Pop team epic was never funny, and non-japanese people pretending they got the jokes were pathetic

No. 1028755

I think a lot of people have never had good homemade broth or stew so it's mind boggling when they have decent take out soup

No. 1028757

It’s better when it’s cooked at home, like most foods tbh, idk, restaurant foods never taste as good because they’re made to just sell a relatively tasty product, not to actually sell the most delicious dish.
That’s why I honestly would never pay for stuff like ramen unless I’m desperate or at some amazing ramen shop in japan that the locals told me it’s the best.
It’s just better to look for a simple recipe and then slowly turn it into something you really like.

No. 1028759

I like udon more

No. 1028760

agreed the only decent one is the one with spicy broth

No. 1028762

Donda wasn't shit and I'm sick of normies and scrotes shilling that mediocre, boring album, everything sounds empty and half-assed or tryhard and gimmicky. Literally background music.

No. 1028764

I discovered Kerli on Meez when I was 10 because they had some special Kerli items for her first album. I really loved her as a kid and I remember her citing Björk as her major inspiration so she got me into Björk kek

No. 1028768

Wearing gold and silver jewelry together isn't tacky and completely depends on which pieces you are pairing together

No. 1028770

What is an underrated food in your opinion? I am genuinely interested about what anons like in food

No. 1028776

Op here
Ironically, vegetable soup is one of my favorite meals. Cabbage, beef broth, carrots, onions, potatoes, corn, peas, small cut green beans and cubes of beef- it’s divine. It doesn’t even have to have much seasoning, just a bay leaf here or there and whatever else you like. The flavor comes from all of the vegetables cooking together for so long. And it’s so healthy. It would be ruined if you put noodles into it.

No. 1028782

That's not an unpopular opinion, mixing metals has been in for a while now.

No. 1028849

File: 1642276697940.jpeg (117.55 KB, 344x500, C62B38D5-C6D1-4C69-8871-B2AFD0…)

I don’t think baby boomers are as bad like millennials/zoomers make them to be. They’re a generation that have their own scars from lack of mental illness help, expectations forced upon them, and were told they didn’t matter as children. Without them we wouldn’t have had the hippie movement and expressing ourselves. The only ones we can openly hate are obviously the bad ones.

No. 1028853

The rest of the world didn't have Woodstock

No. 1028870

File: 1642277161893.jpeg (39.83 KB, 520x390, 609ECE0B-615B-41C5-B0CB-339D08…)

Boomers & Zoomers are the same. That’s why they hate each other kek. Millennials are just plain insane.

No. 1028881

Millennials imo are the straight men. I liked my youth. Right on the cusp of the new digital age. We also were allowed to joke about anything. Gen X and Millenials have the best music, fashion and comedy. I have a lot more gen x friends than zoomers. Zoomers I feel a bigger generation gap with. Boomers I just feel like a kid around no matter what.

No. 1028882

I feel so out of touch with Zoomers but honestly I’m glad.

No. 1028886

>Without them we wouldn’t have had the hippie movement and expressing ourselves.

This is what I criticize about boomers the most tbh. The fact that they had -such- a good economy and an easy ride in life, and so many spent a good decade bumbling around in a hippie van and messing around with drugs.

No. 1028887

zoomers are nowhere near as bad as boomers. you guys are just trying to be contrarian now.

No. 1028890

generational labels barely mean anything beyond their categorisation of people by ages, we distance ourselves from older generations too much (and they do the same with younger generations) due to a lack of understanding and a lack of wanting to understand each other. there are many fundamentals to people that have remained the same across generations but were just expressed differently. it's funny when people come across an old text by or about a person and go "wow this is actually so relatable even now?" or watch an old film and are surprised by the emotional themes that remain relevant. people of the past weren't an entirely different thing, we're always repeating ourselves

No. 1028894

not really. certain behaviors and mentalities are more common during these periods and are a function of their time. the "relatable" writers now tend to either just be writing about something extremely universal or were relatively forward thinking.

No. 1028909

Generation X by Douglas Coupland is really interesting to me because even though the book is centered around 30 year olds in the 90s, there are a lot of things I can still relate to, even though I'm a late 20 something living in the 2020s. Give it a read if you like, anon.

No. 1028915

Nah uh, they’re a mirror. Wait till Zoomers grow up. Absolutely will they be train wrecks.

No. 1028923

the oldest zoomers are like 25 right now, they're still decent compared to the average boomer.

No. 1028957

This is true and it hurts even more when your brothers are fuckups

No. 1029028

File: 1642286028596.jpeg (437.73 KB, 1200x1200, 6BAEF746-7ED3-4D0B-A331-C873F9…)

Artists that scream “NFTS ARE BAD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT” are typically the same ones that get their merch made in China. Doesn’t matter if it’s small keychains or pins. There’s artists selling plushies/clothing etc all from Chinese manufacturers.

No. 1029046

Are you saying that NFT shills only source their merch ethically or?

No. 1029053

Anon I agree with you that cheap plastic crap is cheap plastic crap, and should be consumed in moderation, but one single NFT can burn the same amount of electricity a normal person would use in 70 years of watching tv, making toast etc. It's much worse.

No. 1029060

nta but for real? holy shit

No. 1029078

you could make 1000000000000000000000 stupid landfill bound tchotchkes for the energy it costs to create NFTs

No. 1029089

I hate NFTs because they're soulless bullshit and seduce artist of various media to ditch any authenticity or values for big neckbeard coin.

No. 1029107

>The only ones we can openly hate are obviously the bad ones.
IMO this is true of every generation. Not sure what those "REEEE fuck you zoomers/boomers/millenials kys" spergs are about

No. 1029111

There’s good and bad boomers but we only focus on the bad. Rather than making a tiktok video they should just do something about it.

No. 1029142

Kissing, touching, actual foreplay >> having sex

No. 1029156

I hate cake.
Every single time I have ever eaten cake, it was non-consensual. I hate how sweet it is and I hate how people push it on you whenever you're at a party.
I hate getting cakes for my birthday too. Why did you give me something I hate, for my sake? I can't tell my extended family not too either, because it seems selfish. The cake is for everyone at the party except me.

No. 1029160

This but with sushi and sashimi.
All raw fish tastes like salty jelly. Shit flavor, shit texture.
Plus you have to put the whole goddam roll in your mouth. It's too big to enjoy properly.

Whenever you tell someone you don't like sushi they make fun of you for being afraid of raw fish. Bitch no, raw fish isn't scary it just doesn't taste good. There are a million other, cheaper, things that taste better.

No. 1029163

Get stronger anon. I hate almost all cake, I don't eat it. If you tell them you don't want it and they force it on you they will remember that a whole slice of cake went to waste when you left it on the plate. Start bringing up that you have stopped liking cake at every occasion you get, say your tastes changed and then say that now you really enjoy something like cheese so that they have an alternative.

No. 1029164

i hate sushi and fish in general unless its fried. shrimp is the most edible to me unfried. otherwise, everything tastes way too fishy and i actually feel bad about it

No. 1029168

File: 1642302154027.jpg (136.59 KB, 1024x939, 5f72a98b82815e995d81e4493e3ad3…)

I dislike most raw fish too, I just can't get past the jelly texture most of the time. Though I do like sushi with other textures, like shrimp, eel, and inari sushi.

Also semi-related, I hate roe so much, especially salmon roe (picrel). It doesn't even taste bad but visually it looks so gross that it puts me off.

No. 1029170

this board is for women, john egbert gtfo

No. 1029174

American women are shilled at unattractive by most countries, even their own due to the fact they put too much emphasis on breast and butt size to the point where women neglect their skin, hair, fitness, etc just to focus on having the biggest ass and biggest tits, very porn sick men encourage this too and get outted by other porn sick men who rant about traveling to Russia or something for pussy since women actually try to look nice in ways other than having big ass and tits

No. 1029176

File: 1642303287071.jpg (61.09 KB, 827x752, j4zxxd7zjix71.jpg)

I use to think like this until I had a decent cake that wasn't overly sugared puke flavored air. If you get a professionally made cake or make one from scratch it tastes tons better. Fuck cheap cakes though, especially birthday cake the god awful flavoring birthday cake. Are there actually people enjoying this monstrousity of a flavor? I've been seeing "birthday cake flavored" everything now

No. 1029177

I don't think many people are going to get this joke but i kek'd

No. 1029186

Sounds like ypu haven't found the right one yet. I feel the same way about the majority of fat creamy cakes.

No. 1029199

this has to be written by a man, the logic is so fucking simple and dunderheaded
>me hate cake
>me hate dessert being sweet
>me hate when i have to share thing
>me hate family
>me don’t wash my balls
like i sincerely hope you’re just an anon baiting

No. 1029200

Now this one is just dumb anon…

No. 1029218

Most sponge cakes are trash. Pies and tortes are s tier

No. 1029239

I actually do this unintentionally nonna and it's hell. I have no long-term friends because I make them all when I'm in normie-mode but then end up becoming a misanthrope in a few months. I don't know why my brain does this but it sucks ass

No. 1029258

homemade sponge cake is pretty good

No. 1029262

sponge cake alone is usually awful. are you actually eating it with anything? a lot of places make it too chewy.
weird that you can't tell your family to get you something you actually enjoy. maybe you should work on your relationship with them. also, try a nice chantilly cake. no one can resist chantilly cake. i agree that most cakes are far too sweet though. most frosting is made to be easy to decorate which means they add a metric fuckton of powdered sugar, rendering it totally inedible basically.

No. 1029275

File: 1642314594978.jpg (151.99 KB, 1244x1244, image.jpg)

tres leche cake is the bomb, sorry you have shit taste anon

No. 1029291

Step outside and take a deep breath of fresh air and look around you

No. 1029377

File: 1642324734797.jpg (724.19 KB, 2560x1440, d7c088dc3692be757736d1762b4e67…)

I just started Euphoria to see what all the fuss is about, I'm finishing episode 3. And right now I actually like their relationship

No. 1029382

Tranny thing aside…Just wait anon, tell me if you still feel like this after finishing the season.

No. 1029384

Hilarious how lolcow posters feel superior to cows and celebs yet they are pathetic enough to spend time on something that is basically seething.

No. 1029387

/g/ and /ot/ are the only redeemable parts of this site.

No. 1029388

How is /g/ redeemable, the entire board is cursed

No. 1029390


No. 1029393

>hibristophiles, Null fans, 2D husbandofags, the thirst has no limits
>My moid [insert totally unacceptable behaviour], what do I do, don't tell me to break up with him
>look at this huge bump on my nose (there's nothing) I am so ugly I need to have my tenth plastic surgery
>reccomendations for products with spf 1000 million that will make my skin look photoshopped
>my [body part] is falling off, should I see a doctor?

No. 1029394

nta but when I see a woman simp a serial killer I can't help but think /g/ should be burned forever for giving them a platform. I don't actually care that much but it is gross.

No. 1029395

File: 1642326768692.png (283.27 KB, 660x371, lc.png)

No. 1029397

This is also hilarious, whenever someone gets called out here for being obsessed degenerate, answers are always ether
>le projection
>le you must be scrote
>le you are a tranny
You can't even come up with something original. Very pathetic desu.

No. 1029401

/m/ is nice but too slow

No. 1029402

Just ascend to finding it funny instead

No. 1029403

what's wrong with 2D husbandofags tho

No. 1029404

Lmao anon I was literally just going to reply with this

No. 1029406

Lol you guys always jump to defend yourselves when I mention you.
I don't have anything against you, but let's not pretend that you're normal

No. 1029409

compared to hybristophiles and null simps we are

No. 1029410

husbandofags have the right idea. i wish i could meme myself onto their level.

No. 1029411

I mean we’re not normal but like it’s not rare to simp for 2d men and generally not really hurting anyone. Sorry you hate fun I guess

No. 1029414

you post on a mongolian basket weaving forum, don't kid yourself, you're no stacy and not better than girls who simp for 2D men

No. 1029415

Help help I'm being piled on by the 2d husbandofag army
I regret everything

No. 1029417

scrote bait, report and move on ladies

No. 1029418


No. 1029420

Good. It's just not the same as simping for irl serial killers.

No. 1029468

based normie

No. 1029478

having a husbando is self-care, it helps you explore what you want from a relationship and not settle on shit scrotes that cannot compare

No. 1029480

you just ruined my day

No. 1029491

I think it’s hilarious anons post and complain about being lonely and depressed, when most of the same posters are ripping other commenters apart on the flip of a coin.

Sorry you don’t have a partner/ or reached your goals, but some of you seem to have absolutely rotten personalities. That’s why you suicide bait late at night on the confession thread.
(Obviously, not all posters.)

No. 1029495

/m/ is the only good board

No. 1029500

Good point. When I imagine my husbando I imagine him being loving, respectful and thoughtful. No one can compare but I won't accept any shitty behaviour from a real partner like I did in the past.

No. 1029503

But the issue is not just lolcow, it's the entire internet. Everyone online is bitter and unhinged as fuck

No. 1029510

Very true.

No. 1029519

>half of anons admitting they don't have relationship or have had shitty ones
>half of anons saying how they don't have friends or have shitty ones
>someone posts a relationship or friendship problem
>they give advice to dump the friend or relationship and get big mad when anon doesn't agree
Misery loves company.

No. 1029596

This is true, and it seems increasingly so lately. Every reply/comment section is extremely polarized and angry in a more intense way than they used to be

No. 1029755

I don't mind as much as other films/tv series how zootopia was woke but they certainly sacrificed a lot of plot points to have a woke poltically correct ending. What if the sheep was right? What if Judy's first statement was correct? What if frank did turn on her? They make them 1 -1 to humans and I think it undersells a lot of interesting things that are more different among animals than humans. At the end of the day it is a family film with kids in mind and I get they want a postive theme that's correct but still

No. 1029771

File: 1642356593597.jpeg (204.46 KB, 820x982, F53E260E-0D67-4A66-806F-352AC1…)

Chocolate Milk > Any other “milk”

No. 1029772

You have the blood of millions of brown cows on your hands.

No. 1029775

so fellow anonettes fed up with the current atmosphere of internet discussion are we ready to take a plunge dive into becoming completely passive consumers instead of hoping no one jumps at our throat for any opinion we make?

No. 1029776

A store near me started selling lil kiddie sized cartons of flavored milk and in an attempt to save money (buying a 50 cent milk instead of a 3 euro coffee) I've been alternating between all the different flavors lately.

Banana is best. I might look like a tard at my age drinking my banoonoo milk as I walk down the street but fuck it.

No. 1029784

100 percent

No. 1029797

File: 1642358497708.jpg (78.63 KB, 750x750, vanilla.jpg)

Samefag to add vanilla is good too

No. 1029799

Can anyone recommend good bottled horchata? Or it’s better homemade?

No. 1029806

Tres leche is a soggy tragic imitation of good cake.

No. 1029811

Shut up. You never tried a good tres leches.

No. 1029812

You're right but anons here throw around the word unhinged to just mean someone they disagree with, it's completely lost it's meaning here tbh

No. 1029813

Sorry, but horchata tastes like vomit.

No. 1029815

The ending to zootopia was trash. I hate endings where its: no it's not the people in power who did this, it was an oppressed minority all along. You were so wrong to not trust the people who are naturally driven to eat you. Silly herbivore.

No. 1029821

Back to Twitter ACAB-chan

No. 1029824

I agree

No. 1029870

You're not a normie if you post on lolcow, I'm sick of failed normies bullying fellow nerds and schizos
It's gross and too sweet, cope

No. 1029874

NTA but the first time I tried tres leches the wet texture made me gag in front of everyone and it was super embarrassing

No. 1029880

Disney has had really bad moral takes in almost all its recent movies IMO.

No. 1029907

samefag as >>1029815. Choke on a nightstick. I hate that plot because it's always used to excuse men of their degeneracy. We structured this plot to make it look like it was men who raped and murdered this woman, but surprise it was a woman all along.

No. 1029911

agreed, i'm not even that big on disney's earlier works but it seems they've gotten lazier and less creative with every film they put out now. it's all rehashing of itself with more empty representation shoved in to appease the masses. i wouldn't even care if it was only kids loving these films, it's great for more children to see characters who physically resemble themselves. but there are so many adults shilling these films as complex and brilliant when they're so formulaic and mid

No. 1029913

I got the same impression too after watching that movie, glad I'm not alone

No. 1029918

Doormats aren't ~selfless~ people, they're desperate to be liked but don't have a likeable personality so they have to resort to getting stepped on by others.

No. 1029930

Or they have grown up with abuse.

No. 1029944

Doormats just don't have the guts to stand up for themselves. Anyone can fake a likeable personality.

No. 1029954

Everything is abuse nowadays lol.

No. 1029956

>they're desperate to be liked

….but seriously, so what?
All I have to do as a healthy person is not take advantage of people like that. They're the least problematic of neurotic personalities.

No. 1029966

This post is a good example of people seeing what they want to see, kek. Honestly feels like we watched two different movies

No. 1029985

I liked the confident and flamboyant energy of the 80s with how stands in direct opposite to the current insecure era. It's funny how zoomers clown the more avant garde, androgynous looks of the 80s but try to copy this (and fail miserably) as non binaries and troons lmao

No. 1029995

They are problematic when they end up crying how much abused they were by everyone they met. They are more often than not covert narcissist that will make up shit and because they are spineless cowards people will believe them.

No. 1029996

People referring to cooking as a hobby sound stupid. Baking is one thing, but cooking is a basic life skill to take care of yourself.

No. 1029998

isn't this because people now trying it aren't hot or popular?

No. 1030000

Not all cooking is the same, no.

No. 1030004

I think nbs and troons are popular in their own way with zoomers, probably not as popular as the normie types though. Either way this generation's fashion trends has either been ripping off the past or being uninspired as fuck

No. 1030010

If people, as a whole, get flung into a dystopian nightmare of constant surveillance with no self-autonomy allowed, it's their fault for allowing it.

No. 1030020

fr nonnie, anons don't know what they're saying

No. 1030023

I was just watching the Fendi men's wear for 2022 or whatever last night and so many of the men's clothing would look 110 percent better on women. It feels like only faggots like Erza Miller or Harry Styles would wear this shit.

No. 1030082

nice try glowie

No. 1030086

File: 1642385170447.jpg (271.25 KB, 1435x597, Wall-E-2-fat-humans.jpg)

I've been saying we should get the guillotines out for awhile now but nooo, that's too extreme.

Don't blame me when we end up like pic related

No. 1030088

and I for one don't care whether I'm being surveilled or not. do I trust the government? no. do I think these companies and the government still have any idea what to do with terabytes and terabytes of it besides feed it through an algorithm to shuttle ads back at me? which I don't even see? no they're not that smart

you people give the government way too much credit sometimes

No. 1030108

Omg rarely do I see Kerli discourse but I love her!! I honestly think she opened the door for many, many pop artists we see today. I have no doubt singers like lady gaga, grimes, azealia banks, marina, melanie, etc have all listened to her at some point and played a role in making them who they are.
Also Pretty red apple is one of my favourite songs of hers hehe

No. 1030115

Social credit score girl…

No. 1030116

Women who date ugly shitty moids are usually equally as shitty personality wise. Yes some women date uggos because of low self esteem or whatever but from what I’ve seen the women tend to be some kind of crazy if they’re dating some ugly nerd scrote.

No. 1030118

Yeah, some websites haven’t been quite the same since the pandemic. I fucking hate it.

No. 1030120

File: 1642387822489.jpeg (246.18 KB, 1249x1681, EB569AD9-0A34-4330-94C8-0707F8…)

Yes!!! I love Kerli and it’s about time she gets her flowers!!
It’s incredible how she lives off the grid in Estonia to focus on her music/magic.

No. 1030121

which websites?

No. 1030125

>tfw mom only had daughters
Everyday I’m thankful
But I hope every anon can Cain and Abel the shit out of their inferior brothers.

No. 1030129

My brother was 12 year older then me, I have very few memories of him and I don't really know if my parents loved him more, I know they don't talk about him much cause he was kinda of a fuck up
he's always been a distant figure for me, more like an Uncle then a biological brother and so I feel don't have traditional sibling relationship

No. 1030132

this tbh, I don't know why people take everything they read on the internet seriously.

No. 1030135

Sorry anon but shit take, everyone needs to cook to survive but the world of food is so nebulous and cross-cultural that learning about it and having an interest in it is an ever-growing learning process. It's one thing to make yourself a stew for dinner so you can eat and stay alive and spending several hours slow braising a stew because you want to experiment and figure out how flavours develop. It's a hobby if it's something you're doing for pure enjoyment, and spending hours on something when you don't technically have to would fall into that category.

No. 1030136

>We girls love our moms
Not the ones raised by narcissists.

No. 1030138

Can someone make vape stores illegal ffs. They're literally around every corner, who even needs to go to the vape store that often? Everyone I know who vapes goes to gas stations anyway

No. 1030139

Based tres leche anon. Most American cakes are ahit anyway. I only really like tres leche and cheesecake from asia.

No. 1030141

They're literally everywhere where I live too

No. 1030142

They snuck under our noses but no one is doing anything to fix it, the issue is that most of peoples careers need a smart phone. You need smart phones for directions, apps a lot of jobs require, apps schools require, etc. Hell I even have to pay rent using my smart phone however it's the same smart phone that bombards me with poorly made ads based on my conversations I have with people in real life. Ads are way too common now and extremely poorly made, some days I'll get the exact same ad 5 times in a row. or companies trying to sneak their ads everywhere they possibly can.

As for self autonomy goes it is a lot of people who allow the world to bully them into getting vaccines, Not getting tattoos or certain hairstyles or fashion

No. 1030145

The hippie movement did a world of harm, anon. A lot of hippies back then are now the college "professors" teaching SJW bullshit and cultivating cults of personality and thoughtcrime across the country. It also caused a shit ton of drug and crime problems, not to mention all the ODs of people like Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, etc. If you get the chance, go watch the vid I linked. You'll see how clueless a lot of these people are.

No. 1030163

Nta yeah it was basically just rich kids playing. "Freelove" was just scrotes wanting to fuck tons of women with no consequences, and the drugs kept them placated enough to go along with whatever the clear headed ones wanted. You bet they didn't grow their own food or do their own laundry by hand or have a functioning sub society.

No. 1030222

File: 1642394903741.jpg (51.68 KB, 640x689, 6fs7ii3uoyb81.jpg)

As depraved and disgusting as horrorcow coomers are. I can't help but feel the findoms and other sorts are preying on people with literal mental illnesses for profit, and are in a sense abusers.

I can't look at something like this and -not- think these people are fucked in the head and in need of help. The same way I look at a heroin or meth addict as someone that needs help. They of course dug their own disgusting little hole, but it just seems tacky and wrong for mentally functional people to feed into this disgusting kink shit for profit instead of shaming it. The worst thing about it all is how these sex workers turn around with a straight face and say kink is just harmless fun, all the while they'll gleefully prey upon a mentally ill person in a low moment and get him to turn over thousands of dollars. That's your "sex positivity".

No. 1030224

I wish this were a more popular opinion because I think a findom thread would have milk 24/7

No. 1030226

very good, scrotes don't deserve to own capital. These guys are insane not some vulnerable victims. They actively seek mistresses to humiliate them.

No. 1030232

I personally think those kinds of scrotes deserve it tbh

No. 1030387

I went to a hippie commune before and it's exactly like you describe. Sure they live in trailers and vans and gloat about their eco friendly life but a lot of them just live in trailers and vans pimped out with expensive objects and simply go to the laundromat for laundry and shower at gas stations, if they have showers in their own trailer then most of the time they don't hook it up and then use water jugs that end up wasting even more plastic and money than if they just hook it up in the well. I had a friend who stayed at an Airbnb in a hippie commune to and they charged almost 200$ a night in an area where you can get a high end hotel and then you had to do EVERYTHING yourself, include work their complicated generator, hook up the water, etc. When she complained they just pulled the whole "maybe it's just not for you but we live like this" like kek no one wants to pay that much when you have to put in manual labor for basic amenities

At times I'm starting to realize the "hippie life" often costs more than what the intent is considering you have to pay for everything (gas to charge everything, electricity, pay for every shower, eat out or buy every meal if you can't eat in your van, etc)

No. 1030395

>I can't help but feel the findoms and other sorts are preying on people with literal mental illnesses for profit, and are in a sense abusers.
>I can't look at something like this and -not- think these people are fucked in the head and in need of help.

Yes, pornsick moids are fucked in the head. They'll do anything to get off and if he felt that this was a truly embarrassing situation, he wouldn't have posted about it. He's bragging about this. Don't feel bad for him, it's not like he's schizoposting or retarded. He has a job and enough to throw his money away at that.

No. 1030398

God, modern Western men are so pathetic

No. 1030415

Taylor Swift is shit. She looks like a human hamster hybrid, her lyrics are garbage and boring, her aesthetic is basic and boring and her previous work consists of NLOG pick-me bullshit because she can't write anything without appealing to men and her relationship with men. She is not even close to being "the greatest song writer of our time" and that's a fucking embarrassment to everyone alive today. There are artists who don't get the immaculate privilege of being played on the top 40s who blow her out of the water fucking ten fold, but we won't be hearing about them at music awards because their fathers don't hold any assets. Bitch has like eight cats and multiple homes and has the nerve to say she cares for each one of the cats, like they aren't just ornaments to her someone else takes care of.

No. 1030435

She's mediocre but 99% of pop-divas are, there are probably millions of women with the same level of ability as them, they only get picked cause of connections or money
either way most of them don't have a bit or talent or creativity

Think about it, when has any pop idol (that the "girlies and gay" stan) ever done anything remotely interesting ? What have you thought of to do that the lowest speck of this pointless species couldn't, were they granted their level of fame and wealth?

No. 1030498

People give too much credit to autism for any traits that require slightly obsessive tendencies, awkwardness, or creativity. The only traits that come off as autistic is the awkwardness of not getting social cues or norms and being singularly mindedly fixated on one thing but since this is all the internet they won't call themselves autistic kek

No. 1030545

agreed. could be said for a number of other "diagnoses" too.

No. 1030754

No animal deserves to be abused.

No. 1030763

>A lot of hippies back then are now the college "professors" teaching SJW bullshit

No because they grew out of it realizing what a terrible lifestyle it all was. You're just making shit up.

No. 1030776

Then who is teaching the SWJ bs? I can only think of one guilty party and it's the tree huggers.

No. 1030789

Nta but it's just late-ish millenials who have been old enough for a while to hold jobs. Jobs as teachers and otherwise influential/in position of power. Sjw bs started over a decade ago already.

No. 1030797

oh I thought it started in the 90s.

No. 1030807

wasn't the hippie movement a 60s or 70s thing?

No. 1030836

lol yeah but I thought the current flavor of SJWness was first taught at universities in the 90s.

No. 1031090

agere is cute and fun actually. everyone should embrace their inner child

No. 1031098

Current SJW evolution from true points (people treated unfairly for something they do not choose and attempts to stop this/not pretend it doesn’t happen) vs more recent (give money not action, activist is a lifestyle, words speak louder than actions, people shouldn’t be treated unfairly even if they choose it like in the open kink shit and troons) is peddled by the elite fags making money off the status quo as change would mean upheaval of the system in which they are on top, requiring them to adapt to maintain their position or lose money. Every movement which threatens those in power is infiltrated and watered down. Think the recent SJW push to make makeup seem feminist via the media, eg. degrassi. Can’t have being a rebel against society become popular when doing so would bleed potential customers from an industry (beauty industry in this example), but suppressing the movement would cause suspicion, so instead they try and take control of the narrative by going “Yeah being a rebel is cool, eyeliner so fierce it could kill a man.” shit to make it seem in line and be adopted/making it more palatable for the normies who think the movement is cool but don’t actually want to change anything.

No. 1031106

very true I screenshoted your post. True leftism, Marxism and leftist anarchism are anchored in a desire to overthrow the government and end class struggle. Marxism is literally anprim, returning to monkey and being self suficient. I die when I see consumerist troon retards appropriating Marx. They would not be able to live one day in a truly Marxist society where they would have to provide for themselves. From each according to their abilities from each according to their needs
It is also impossible to actually discuss these issues on the internet and talk about true Marxism/Commununism because the elites want this dichotomy of sjw trans women are women or jews from outer space put microchips in the vaccine they literally only want people to continously argue with each other. If someone tried to tackle the issue of how fake leftists are and talk about real Marxism and criticize free market capitalism their content will get attacked immediately and they will lose as a job and be attacked by both left wingers and right wingers. The worst thing you can do in today's society is attempt to tell the truth. BASADA POST. screenshoted it!!!

No. 1031145

So funny how anons were like "Nah I ain't see this one" and didn't infight about it

No. 1031167

Sometimes it’s not even worth it.

No. 1031332

>Marxism is literally anprim, returning to monkey and being self sufficient.
I never heard that interpretation before. Where'd you get it from? I never read into it too closely, but the real world socialist dictatorships were all about industrialisation and education.

No. 1031373

Yes, but that is the applied version of communism, which is authoritarian. The Marxist version of communism that can be extracted from Das Kapital and Communist manifesto is leftist liberal. The premise of Marxism is from each according to their ability to each according to their needs that means individuals provide for themselves without society having any sort of institutions. Marxist society is stateless and primitive where people are independent and provide for themselves and nobody rules over them, there is no capitalist power hierarchy. Marx even denounces capital as being purely ideological because he is inspired from Hegelianism. He thinks money is not real. He thinks that the working class should overthrow their government and the elites and that everyone should be free to provide for themselves without enslaving another in the process. It is liberal leftist and anarchist. Applied communism is authoritarian so it goes against Marxist ideal because in applied communism humans become slaves to the state.

The retards promoting Marxism on Twitter literally have no idea what it is about and most of them are addicted to services and capitalistic comforts and would not be able to provide for themselves in a Marxist society. They also made Marxism about transexuals and gays and LGBT and Marx has nothing to do with that at all!!!! And realistically never will. Marx's focus is freedom from institutions and ECONOMICAL CLASS it has nothing to do with gender and whatever schizophrenic bullshit we have in post modernism it has nothing to do with race either. If Marx was reborn and he was shown how people have misinterpreted Marxism he would have never wrote Das Kapital or The communist manifesto. He would have never agreed to applied communism (authoritarian) or whatever the fuck these retarded capitalists represent his theory as. Leftist liberalism is not about gays, transexuals and 30 genders the movement was hijacked by capitalism. Liberal leftism is strictly about offering the working class and the population economical freedom and eequality.

Never vote!!!! The retards elected to represent the liberal left are just puppets of capitalism. Liberal left is supposed to offer ppl better economical distribution like welfare programs and free health care and education, but they are strictly focusing on transgender shit.

Voting is not fucking real either way because those that you vote for are only puppets controlled by the elites from the back and ironically now capitalists are supporting liberal leftist so there is a complete twist. Almost as if modern right wingers fight against capitalism and capitalist ideological indoctrination while leftists promote capitalism.

What happens in the world has nothing to do with theory and most ppl are uneducated on these matters and even those that want to appear like they know they dont. Stalinism is authoritarian left wing and Marxism is liberal left wing. Marx wanted stateless society in which individuals are free and provide for themselves!! Again, the Marxist principle from each according to their ability to each according to their need. In a Marxist society all these stupid spoiled liars would die because most of them would not be able to thrive in nature without consuming the services of someone else and capitalizing off stupid shit

No. 1031400

Autism is outright the most harmful mental disorder outside of personality disorders. Many autistic people are prone to spouting dangerous ideology and having insane views that lead to other equally autistic hive minded chambers online. Easily the worst disorder next to bpd, npd, and psychopathy, not even kidding.

No. 1031402

Isn't it more about not shitting where you eat, like dating several people from the same group is a tactic predatory people often use, (easier to manipulate and groom in-group) plus it soils connections between those people by making it a complex sexual thing. Friendship and dating should be separate imo.

No. 1031403

a friend dating your ex isn't a big deal unless you guys were married or something very serious, or if you held a major, obsessive, schizo-tier torch for them maybe. and even then, if they happen to be kind of weird, unique people, i can see how it would be sensible for them to date if they truly connect because they may not come across another person like them.

it's odd to me that the average person claims this code is a thing yet they also tend to have very casual relationships and bonds, so why should it be? it's very weird. most relationships are very shallow and even married people tend to be literally sleeping with and sharing their lives with total strangers.

No. 1031405

this is said assuming they're not doing it as a predatory tactic. obviously if a predator is just trying to bang their way through a friendship circle it's wrong because of their intentions. that's mostly a moid thing anyways. i don't really understand what the big deal for most relationships (which tend to not be deeply serious). i personally lay no claim to my exes and would not care at all if they actually clicked with one of my friends. not meaning if they were looking to just fuck my friends and use them, but if they really clicked with them, that's alright.

No. 1031417

I think a lot of relationships end of a bad note and it comes from that, majority of people prefer to remove exes from their life altogether, if said ex is dating a friend it's impossible?
>even married people tend to be literally sleeping with and sharing their lives with total strangers.
uh, what? is this about cheating?

No. 1031420

I had a long time crush on my friend's boyfriend for years. it never went anywhere and I eventually stopped talking to my friend not cause of the boyfriend but cause of general drifting though it may have been a factor
I once digitally stalked the guy but I stopped for my own sake

No. 1031421

>majority of people prefer to remove exes from their life altogether, if said ex is dating a friend it's impossible?
that part i can understand. but i think for a lot of people that's typically not the issue. the girlcode/guycode thing is usually based on possession.

>uh, what? is this about cheating?

no, just a comment about how married people tend to not know each other. that can manifest itself in a lot of ways. they really aren't as close as people would like to imagine. not really about cheating, though that does happen with frightening frequency.

No. 1031430

Thanks for explaining, I see what you mean and that's sadly true for many people, to be distant despite being in relationship.
Guy/girlcode is ridiculous, it always sounds like it's about owning another person, and them being soiled goods after you're "done" with them. Something deeply dehumanizing about the very concept. I admit I've never been in the situation of a friend dating an ex but - except for the bad breakup example - if I liked both of these people I don't know why wouldn't I be happy for them both to be together.

No. 1031445

This is such an unfair take. It's not being 'posssessive' to feel hurt by someone close to you dating an ex. If there's any bad blood or residual feelings, it would be cruel of your friend to not be on your side let alone actively choose the guy over you by dating him. And if you aren't over him, it's going to be much harder to move on if your ex stays in your life indirectly by dating a friend. 'Out of sight out of mind' doesn't work in that situation, it's gonna be in your face and hard to avoid without ditching your friend. Even worse, you might start wondering if they were into each other while you were with the guy. You might start comparing yourself to your friend, is she prettier, are they happier together, etc etc. Jealousy is normal to an extent but in this case you won't be getting the distance and space you need to get past it.

No. 1031447

Hmm but it's not necessarily about a situation in which friend and ex start dating immediately after, right? Because surely, that's weird. But what if some time passes?

No. 1031449

It's gotta be judged on a case by case basis, every relationship is different, but it's so common for exes to be a sore spot. I would never assume any backlash is just unwarranted possessiveness when it's much more likely the person is just genuinely hurt and humiliated.

No. 1031464

Thank you for explaining.

No. 1031477

you're welcome. i agree with you. i also think it's cute that you say "thank you for explaining" in your posts. very rare quality on the internet. very cute.

No. 1031482

read about people talking about these "codes", a lot has to do with possession. a lot of people go by it just as a rule, not as a case by case thing, just because they think it's "the right thing" to not ever date a friend's ex. obviously if it's a situation where someone is still deeply hurting and reeling from a serious and unfair situation, that's one thing, but a lot of relationships just fizzle out due to incompatibility or circumstances other than just infidelity.

No. 1031767

How the fuck is this unpopular

No. 1031774

It's not, and it's most likely a bait, that's why everyone but you ignored it lol

No. 1031776

Self-advocacy is great but normalize your very close friends/family members that you thoroughly trust and who actually know who you are advocate for your well-being. There are a lot of situations especially women where getting advocacy from trusted individuals is important especially when you’re in a hospital setting

No. 1031778

kek manifesto-chan you are actually super right

No. 1031780

what about the fact most communist/leftist movements were co-opted by violent macho thugs

Saddam and Stalin for e.g were not Leftist activists, they were street thugs for their political parties
the Shining path(a Peruvian marxist group started by university students) ended up being completely taken over by mountain farmers who used the group as a drug trafficking operation
Khrushchev was a factory worker for his entire youth and didn't possess literacy till he was an adult
Ceaușescu(dictator of Romania) had no formal education and was an apprentice shoemaker
Enver Hoxha had nothing more then a peasants education

these men got their positions cause they were good at war and ruthless and they could got the peasants on their side with populist rhetoric, that's the furthest thing you can get from modern commie troons

No. 1031791

"Laziness" is bullshit, a healthy person has lots of energy and wants to spend it. Mental illness, diseases, hormone imbalance, horrible school/work environment, are misinterpreted as laziness.

No. 1031795

If a male author is writing something, 90% of the time it's better if there are no women in the book, because men can't write women for shit and I end up not finishing it because the women is some type of retarded or a stereotype.

No. 1031800

fuck i needed to see this rn, anon

No. 1031807

I was friends with a narcissist and she always talked about wanting a daughter
Wonder why

No. 1031812

Laziness is a habit that people blame on factors such as the ones you listed.

No. 1031813

Fuck off

No. 1031814

There is nothing inherently sexual in boobs

No. 1031816

a number of reasons, I think many narc women would prefer a daughter cause its easier to lawd over us then a male, It would also be easier to physically intimidate us and I think most likely many narc women use their daughters as sort of substitute female friend but one who they have compete control over
that's been my experience anyway, my mother was a raging narc who had driven away every person in her life(including her own sisters) and used me as both a therapist as well her BFF even though I was like 13, she even talked about sex with my father right in front of me, It was just fucked up

No. 1031817

I don't know about that, I'm lazy and low-energy without any of those things. I think the reason why I'd rather laze around sleeping and playing games than do productive but boring/difficult tasks is fairly obvious - it just feels better to relax even if it's not a good time to do so.

No. 1031821

I would say thats the real definition of lazy. being able to handle your responsibilities but in your freetime lazing about. what people call lazy a lot of the time is what anon listed and not actually just wanting to laze about

No. 1031828

This is the stupidest shit I've read all day.

No. 1031845

Kek, I won't and you won't do anything about it.

No. 1031861

Ok then why did 10 year old lesbian me avert my gaze from mannequin boobs

No. 1031864

Buttholes aren't inherently sexual either, but here we are.

No. 1031891

there isn't, no, and there have historically been many cultures in which breasts were not heavily sexualised and nudity was normal for both men and women. forcefully imposing "modesty" by framing breasts as sexual to everyone and covering them up creates fetishising behaviour. we're so far gone in it now that no free the nipple campaign will reverse it or make any significant change. this is just how it is. fuck scrotes

No. 1031920

i wholeheartedly disagree call me unhinged selfish etc i dont care. There are literally BILLIONS of scrotes in the world and you choose to date a dude i dated too? That's fucking bizarre as shit. I dont care how amicably or how tumultuous our relationship was I do not ever want to see my bestie laid up with an ex of mine. Its more so a respect thing than a possessive thing. I hope this stays unpopular because I dont want girls to be meme'd into thinking that they are "possessive, a bad friend etc etc" because they don't want to see their ex in a relationship with their supposed friend. No real friend is going to do that shit anyway. Any person who has dated someone they KNEW you dated is not a friend. they are the opps! And they will do it again. So if you accept it once just know that it very well may become a trend for them. Guys do this shit though I noticed but men don't really value friendship.

No. 1031981

Let them date your exes and they'll be eyeing your new boyfriends for themselves. In before "get better friends" from some idealistic neet who doesn't know how the world works.

No. 1031990

Japan is fucking overrated. The amount of weebs that will jerk off to anything that Japan shits out doesn't make any sense to me?? Anime is garbage, your waifu and husbando are ugly, the food is okay but nothing special. The work culture sucks ass. I don't even understand why people want to move there?? Why?? Japan is a sucky depressing country.

No. 1031996

I agree about everything except my husbando is very handsome, how dare you.
On a serious note I don't get why a woman would want to move to Japan, too much fucking sexist discrimination.

No. 1031998

dirt tastes good.

No. 1032004

damn anon are you that bored? Lmao

No. 1032006

Yeah, it’s honestly stupid, specially when a weeb has reached the point in which they get to read/watch more “serious” manga/anime, can’t they see that the Japanese themselves don’t like their own society because it’s like any other country but with a kawaii bandaid?
A person has to be really fucking oblivious to not notice that something isn’t right, specially a woman, any manga about adult women really shows you how shitty everything is for us, specially in misogyny island.
And that’s just using manga as the only example of what is it like to live in Japan, because that’s the only thing that weebs read. Of course there’s even more outlets of information that can show you how that country is truly unwelcoming as fuck, like documentaries or even random Vlogs.

No. 1032007

And I'm a dirty girl, wiiink

No. 1032011

I lived there for a few years and it was fine. Obviously not a perfect paradise like some weebs act like it is but I preferred living there to where I live now; it has its pros and cons like any other country.

No. 1032021

Yes but these Ceauşescu (yes Ceaușescu was illiterate he couldn't even fucking write or read) and Stalin and such promoted authoritarianism so they were dictators. Marx promoted liberalism and he was simply a philosopher, not a dictator. He had an intellectual background etc but this is what I am tried to explain that Authoritarianism (Stalin,Ceaușescu, Kim Jong ) are different from liberal side of leftism like Marxism. Because you know there is a political quadrant and the left has 2 dimensions. Liberal vs Authoritarian, liberal is Marx he believes in stateless society in which ppl provide from themselves, again not to confuse with modern interpretation of liberalism which has nothing to do with it. They also got their power not because they were good at war but exactly because they were uneducated peasants. Communism appealed to the working class so those elected in power were also more uneducated working class as opposed to bourgeois intellectuals. I mean Ceaușescu couldn't fight in war, in fact he couldn't even lift more than 3 kilograms but he was from a farmer's family and got involved with The people's party which was the communist party.

N-n-no ANON I AM A DANGEROUS AUTIST THAT SPREADS COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA KEK. It's not like I'm literally trying to explain it objectively with no BIAS and clear the modern confusions. I AM DOING COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA ON LOLCOWWS YESSS BITCHHH PRAYY TO MARXX I AM LIKE VIKERNS HAHAHAAHAHA. S-s-she tried explaining theory and how the world functions???????? She said Marx? Definitely a dangerous autistic propagandist.

No. 1032049

That’s very true anon, unfortunately I’ve contracted a very bad case of yellow fever that grants me partial blindness to things I don’t like

No. 1032075

I drink 1L+ of milk a day and I think it makes you big and strong. People that get acne from it are simply genelets.

No. 1032076

Are you a filthy Commie?

No. 1032080

I love you anon. You have a beautiful mind

No. 1032100

You might be retarded

No. 1032102

no i just ate some crickets (chapulina) and i decide i like the earthy taste

No. 1032104

I hate the genre of 70s - early 2000s horror movies that were basically city folks vs inbred poor rural people. Like Texas Chainsaw, Wrong Turn, Hills have Eyes, Deliverance etc. I honestly think they added to a lot of class rhetoric and helped to further divide the middle class city dwellers and working class farmers. I can’t imagine any of those movies being able to fly (aside from the obvious technological aspect) during the New Deal era in the states.

No. 1032105

Damn you probably smell stinky. Yucky

No. 1032108

File: 1642547414060.jpg (12.06 KB, 173x258, beautiful-strong-muscular-woma…)

So do I. I'm trying to bulk up for the apocalypse.

No. 1032138

File: 1642549010969.jpeg (9.21 KB, 429x117, F5DE983B-F680-49CD-87ED-A559DC…)

I want the dedication to have that body.

No. 1032142

I had the dedication, but my joints didn't. I suspect hers don't either.
>the apocalypse
Anon from yesterday was right, you younguns were brainwashed by (post-)apocalyptic media. I lived through all you fear.

No. 1032148

I love you more

No. 1032159

How do I get this body?

No. 1032164

Lift heavy, eat lots, sleep lots, drink lots of water. Repeat.

No. 1032174

Same, I store up fat so I can finish reading my books before I starve to death.

No. 1032185

Sorry nonnie but that body isn't the one you want for "apocalypse" (do you mean famine and war?). Need lots of excess calories to maintain that physique. Doing some fasting, training for endurance and posture (pilates) is better. Stop watching apocalypse media I got screwed into the "the world is ending" after watching too much zombie shit growing up. It's not a fun mindset.

No. 1032186

You mean Marx's ideal society was more something along the lines of the Diggers or Amish?

That's a bit odd because those types of societies already failed, which is why we're in the situation we are in, or Marx was when he wrote.

You make him sound similar to someone like Kaczynski, who admits that he has no answer or solution to the problems of industrial society and only resists to gratify an emotional need to not be assimilated into something he views as distasteful.

No. 1032189

Nta but my gma says don't eat cats during a famine, one of her neighbors did and she develop a chronic face rash. Also cigs and booze are great barter items.

No. 1032190

Don't they fail because most ppl don't want to actually do the hard work?

No. 1032192

Was your grandma Russian or what? I wish this was a typo but I know it's not

No. 1032206

Probably Ukranian

No. 1032210

Have you seen Tucker & Dale vs. Evil?

No. 1032217

They fail because authoritarian warlike societies bulldoze them into the ground unless they join the arms race on authoritarian terms and become them. If you could just peacefully mind your own business without lords and rulers people would have just kept doing that in the past.

No. 1032220

She was Europoor, don't wanna doxx myself

No. 1032256

You call what's going on now a success?

No. 1032259

It's successful in the sense that it exists.

No. 1032269

American Horror Story is shit and uses rape and sex to be edgy and shocking. I automatically distrust anyone who enjoys the show

No. 1032274

I always go through the same stupid cycle with AHS. Hear about the new theme and think it sounds interesting. Watch the promos and think they look cool. After a few seasons learned that cool promos don't mean shit for the show but God tHe aEsThEtiC of everything is so good. Start watching and it's either immediately shit or falls apart around episode 5. See you next year. A literal retard would have learned by now but I'm still like hMmM LeT's sEe

No. 1032279

That makes zero sense. Unsuccessful things don't even exist?

No. 1032296

Everything mega-fag Ryan Murphy has out is absolute shit and loaded with needless degeneracy.

No. 1032309

I've only watched some of Coven and Freakshow, the latter being the last attempt. Great to see it hasn't changed a bit. When Ryan played lobster boy and his deep dark secret was that he pleasured housewives with his deformity I rolled my eyes into my skull so hard. This shit is only cool and endearing if you're a fucking teenager.
I want to think they only shoehorn in the sex to grab an audience and otherwise wouldn't have such shit plots, but maybe I'm being too generous in my assumption

No. 1032321

“I don’t want to do xyz” is (typically) an acceptable response. People need to stop getting offended over someone not wanting to do something that isn’t all that important. Why get mad when someone doesn’t want to hang out? You have days like that too. They want to hold off on doing something around the house? Let them. It’s a non-issue and only becomes a problem when they’re constantly doing it.

No. 1032329

exactly. the "true communism" people speak of doesnt exist kek its a bunch of theory and optimistic thinking which would never happen, especially not nowadays when the gov has more power than ever.

No. 1032337

>especially not nowadays when the gov has more power than ever.
>thinks this is somehow anti-communist
You're exotically dumb. Liking you is a fetish.

No. 1032339

I actually enjoy certain seasons of ahs but not others. Hotel felt needlessly sex filled for no reason and the spin-off series had horrible episodes, especially "rubber woman"

No. 1032340

i… i am talking about when people think communism where everyone shares and blah blah blah

one hundred percent communist countries are shitholes were the gov is a nightmare (this is what my point was)

No. 1032342

based fuck commies
did you have an stroke while writing this post?

No. 1032343

i love you nonny

No. 1032353

Nah, I'm just drunk
Yeah sorry, carry on then

No. 1032356


No. 1032366

No fucking wait. I reread and even though I'm drunk it still seems like you're thinking communism can't happen today because of gvt which is lol. Retard level lol.
Ah, who cares. You mistyped, I misunderstood, whatever.

No. 1032370

I think of it of being kinda like Jesus is in the bible. If you're a Christian you're supposed to become more Christ like. It's an ideal to strive towards. That's lost on most Christians and people who call themselves communist as well. It's easy for people to delude themselves into thinking they've reached that ideal and they're following the true and correct path. The whole thing devolves into a giant embarrassing LARP.

No. 1032378

I'm not anon you're replying to. Theoretically communism can happen any time because it just implies the working class overthrowing the leading power be it government or capitalistic enterprises(which at this point are tied) but you have to take into consideration people would never do that!! People love comfort and what capitalist society offers them and everyone is narcissistic and hopes that they can climb the ladder too and become rich. Nobody wants to return to a more primitive or Marxist society and nobody wants an authoritarian communist society. Modern communists or Marxists would not survive one day under authoritarian communism or Marxism, they love commodities. Theoretically the government can be overthrown at any moment if the population decides that, but we are too comfortable to do shit. At this point an anti state and purely anarchist movement might be born from the right winger movement this is what I am sensing although classical right wingers are not about overthrowing the government but I have observed different archetypes of right wingers and younger more modern ones definitely have the feeling of anarchist revolutionaries which is ironic since they should promote capitalism.

Well, it could happen and it did happen to a certain extent and there's no real or fake communism, there's just different dimensions to it and the authoritarian vs liberal spectrum plus theory and practice.

Yes, you made an amazing point. Authoritarianism is inevitable. Even now in this supposedly free Western society authoritarianism is taking place through free market capitalism and those rich and their corporations are rulling the world not only ideologically but economically as well. The entire trans agenda is pushed by corporations that own the world like pharmaceutical corporations. I think a truly free society is impossible. We need a form of authoritarianism but to be fair both these options are failing. Free market capitalism will destroy the world very soon and communism was shit. So, yeah. Maybe if we didn't get brainwashed into thinking we only have 2 options

No. 1032386

>being an unironical commie
embarrassing and cringe

No. 1032405

>people would never do that
I lived under a communist regime.
I don't care what you have to say after I read this.

No. 1032406

File: 1642568510700.jpg (44.09 KB, 460x287, familyvacation.jpg)

Anyone espousing to believe in communism should be forced to work on a collective farm for a year. Stupid fucks.

No. 1032418

Come on anon, the only people who believe in communism is gender freaks who think they will get free titty skittles and flesh rods from the government. Nobody who supports it can tell you a god damn thing about the soviet union.

No. 1032493

File: 1642577130019.jpg (35.97 KB, 828x662, 724.jpg)

There's a world of difference between say, Stalin era USSR and Gorbachev era USSR. The last famine in the Soviet Union was from 1946-48, after that there was no more mass starvation and things were okayish. They were a comfortable middle income country by global standards, sort of like what Mexico and China are now, and after Malenkov was deposed things liberalized rapidly.

Brezhnev era Soviet Union was /comfy/, although it was very unsustainable and they effectively bankrupted themselves during that time, it was only the OPEC crisis with its oil shock that saved them.

No. 1032537

So basically communism is unstable and retarded.

No. 1032543

That goes for all of civilization. Your life can be destroyed by the whims of forces you are barely able to comprehend.

No. 1032546

I'd rather not have to be forced to dig on a field one second then starve to death because winter went longer as usual. Capitalism is better.

No. 1032550

You can do everything right. You can study hard. Get a leg up on your peers. Then one day your boss comes in and tells you that you're fired. How can that be? My company is successful! Oh that's right, your life has just as much value under a capitalist system as it does under a so called communist one, perhaps less. Uprooting your life and the lives of others like you makes the line go up higher. It has the CEO absolutely beaming with positivity talking to the anchors on CNBC. No matter what they call it the people in power don't give a fuck if you are so destitute you just die or feel like you want to kys after you've been put through the ringer by the system. Capitalism won't love you back unless you own capital. Most of the so called communist societies will treat you like cannon fodder unless you're a crony of the people in charge. But whatever.

No. 1032568

at least capitalism spawns less dictatorship-leaning leaders. Communism is a sweet idea but an utopic one, discussing the merits of it is purely academical and pointless since we know it just never truly works irl

No. 1032575

The idea that we must choose between one or the other is kinda dumb to me. Capitalism is everywhere including in all of the hellish authoritarian societies that call themselves communist. They probably made the device you're using to type these messages. How much of the surplus profit that was generated went to the people that made the parts and assembled it? Why was a cringe pastiche of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos named Jack Ma allowed to exist until the Chinese Communist Party got sick of his shit and made him go away? How many more of those people exist in Mainland China that you never hear about because nobody cares what happens there? Anyway arguing about capitalism vs communism on the internet is pretty pointless because neither of us have any actual power or influence. The "communist" larpers that insist the revolution is coming any day now are dumb as hell. I don't respect them like I do the people I see trying to start a union at their shit job.

No. 1032581

Capitalistic leaders are toothless, instead the dictators are rich billionaires. Also, capitalism and communism aren't the only two economic models in the world.

No. 1032586

I agree with both of you, just can't help being triggered by communism defenders online, sorry nonnas. Btw, risking sounding like a stupid but it's ok, is there any other country of the 1st world functioning in a different economic model than capitalism?

No. 1032589

I don't think there is any country on earth that doesn't have capitalism. If you look at North Korea and Cuba it exists to an extent even there but those countries are also where it's most severely restricted by their governments and sanctions. Some countries have more restrictions on capitalism than others. How you feel about that depends on how much money you have or could have with lower taxes.

No. 1032681

why do people say the same things I say and get praise but when I say them I get called an insane and dangerous autist kek. What?

Also, I keep on seeing this argument about how ppl starved in communism. BITCH GUESS WHAT MILLION OF CHILDREN ARE LITERALLY DYING OVER THE WORLD FROM CAPITALISM DYING OF HUNGER but modern technologized capitalism sells you a fake imagine of happiness so you don't observe the millions dying from hunger. Communism didn't even have time to develop because it was removed by Americans but as communist economy grew all citizens were offered work, food and housing. In Romania money didn't even have meaning anymore it was just paper but everyone had housing from the communist government. There are many arguments to be brought on each side.

Yea libtards are fucking retarded but if you think communism is reduced to LGBT+ rights and whatever those stupid swine promote you are also incredibly uncultured like they are. You don't need to become a Marxist or commie to understand basic theory and manifestation and good and bad things can be brought up in both situations with arguments on the both sides but most humans involved in political discourse are incredibly ignorant, patronizing and narcissistic. I hate both right wingers and left wingers at this point because they refuse to collaborate and partake in useful debate they just use it to pick sides and point fingers at each other. It is incredibly dumb and they are all convinced they are so right and get a bunch of ass kissers minions that are as uneducated as them to stroke their egos. Fuck political grifters genuinely both right and left wing

No. 1032690

> as communist economy grew all citizens were offered work, food and housing. In Romania money didn't even have meaning anymore it was just paper but everyone had housing from the communist government. There are many arguments to be brought on each side.
You're either living under a rock or are an american, just because everyone could have housing doesnt mean they lived happy life, soviet communism was a murderous system that opressed everyone under it UNLESS you were a priviledged party member abusing it, why do you think people in these countries all revolted against ruling communist parties. It has nothing to do with america, EE affairs don't revolve around USA. Defend communism all you want as an idea but not USSR, the fuck

No. 1032696

and open your eyes. What has this freedom brought us? Absolutely nothing of value! Humans are made to be ruled and in democracy and free market capitalism the most narcissistic and money hungry take over the world and because their main focus is making money for their own pocket they don't care the world is collapsing. At least communist leaders did what they did in the detriment of the population and not to make themselves and their children rich. What has this freedom brought us but more unfreedom and abuse? People are addicted to porn and to useless services. Some intelligent people die of hunger and grifter narcissists with no value climb to the top and sincere people are worked to the bone. Is this really freedom and democracy??? When we are all addicted to porn, fast food, makeup and our ideas are imposed onto us by strategical marketing and by the mega corporations that rule the world and only care for their money? Is this dystopia happiness? We are gonna collapse socially very soon, you will see and I have to face 100 redditors telling me I am a science denier and irrational when it is simply to be deducted from observable facts that we will fucking collapse in 100 years due to very rapid development and free market capitalism. Everyone will be braindead from unregulated internet consumption, addicted to porn and lost in the metaverse too desensitized to see the world collapsing around them. Then earth will succumb and the retarded and autistic children of Elon Musk and Grimes will be one of the only survivors because they will have enough capital to go to a different planet or make an artificial one. Wow capitalism definitely did not fail lmao.

I am not American and I am not denying the atrocities of communism but what I said is a positive argument for communism and it happened. If you are so eager about talking about the atrocities of communism why aren't you so eager to talk about the atrocities of free market capitalism you stupid uncultured American swine. In your country millions are dying in poverty and hunger while you sit at your desk and praise capitalism because you lucked out. I'm fucking romanian you stupid cunt. I know how it went, yes it had downsides. You couldn't make art bla bla couldn't wear the clothes you liked and couldn't be rich but money in Romania became of no value because the government would deal with providing people with food and housing and you did not have imported items and everyone absolutely everyone had a job and they weren't at risk of getting fired due to capitalistic competition. You're so fucking dumb bitch and you will ignore all of my arguments to say something retarded. I am again not even denying the atrocities of communism but It is only fair to bring over the good things that it did because both sides have bad and good things. In Romania it oppressed individualists like artists because you were not allowed to make art and thrown in the gulag and it also put the rich elites in the gulag which I am happy for. Rich people deserve to be put in the gulag like Hasan Abi for example. Yet, it offered better living conditions for the average population.

Why can you defend capitalism and ignore all the arguments against it like people dying and why can I not state the good things that took place even in applied, authoritarian communism? Go and pick up your drug addicts off the street and listen to how the world cursed them in this competitive unfair hell you call free market capitalism

No. 1032697

I think monarchy is a good system of government and better than just techocracy/corp-aristocracy anyways

No. 1032699

and look at the atrocities America is doing which has changed the sector of capitalism America created corporatism and being money hungry under the disguise of freedom and they went over everyone and they are making war and killing millions of children in the middle east because they want to suck up petrol from there. I wonder how the world would have been if communism stayed up because this shit we live in is as depressing and anything. Our happiness is fake, it is literally a fake capitalistic product. Our brains are addicted to screens and dopamine we get from consooming. Porn, useless items, too much food but then in the same society millions commit suicide due to the lack of resources or meaning and having too many expectations placed on them. In capitalism you either learn how to grift and become a sly fox with skeletons in your closet or you face incredibly social pressures. When you argue pro capitalism and against communism then why are you not mentioning the horrible atrocities taking place in the world right now because of capitalism? Exploatation of child labour by huge corporations from 1st world countries and generally Exploatation of humans to create absolutely useless services. We are fucking slaves and if you wanna be free you must learn how to opress others

No. 1032705

Not to mention TROONS are exclusively a result and aftermath of free capitalism. How the fuck do you support capitalism and hate troons. Do you think troons are allowed to exist in North Korea? Lmao I can see how dumb you are. Authoritarianism opposes stupid shit like troonery and it would even oppose porn. Communist countries are conservative but you are too dumb to pull your head out of your ass and try to understand politics you think communism=libtard furry on Twitter when actually communism has been one of the most conservative political systems in history.

No. 1032706

applied communism is conservative AF to keep people from exploiting one another it wouldn't legalize troonery or porn or prostitution because it is a means of capitalistic abuse and these things are ran by corporations either way.

No. 1032719

ok but why not authoritarian monarchism instead of communism?

No. 1032732

>a politisperging nazbol appears
I am surprised to see these people around this site lol
I mean, I don't disagree with many of your points but communism is still materialist like capitalism. It just becomes soulless bean counting and quota making with little culture. Take China. Yes it's conservative but lacking in creative spirit and it's undetermined how long it will take to revive that, if ever.

No. 1032756

I never browsed politics on 4chan I just reached these conclusions through my observations. Yes, I agree but in my posts I said that in authoritarian (applied communism) people are enslaved to the state instead of patrons so yes it is still capitalistic

No. 1032758

Seconded anon my grandparents say early communism was good (could buy a good size house and land with 2 ppl working factory jobs, had food, free education, cheap healthcare, if you had a job they couldn't fire you unless you showed up late 3x or severely fucked up your job), but in the end it went to shit because the leaders got too greedy and refused to use his wealth when there was a famine. Then things went to shit. I wonder if communism would work in female only country. There was that study where women put their extra money into improving their family and community, and men just spent it on booze hookers and drugs.

No. 1032760

Anons who hang out in ot are unstable

No. 1032766

>Is this dystopia happiness? We are gonna collapse socially very soon, you will see and I have to face 100 redditors telling me I am a science denier and irrational when it is simply to be deducted from observable facts that we will fucking collapse in 100 years due to very rapid development and free market capitalism.
Idk about collapse but america is definetly going to be colonized by other nations in all but name. The degeneracy and poverty will basically end most American family lines. Then the population will just be replaced with immigrants. I think they'll just keep feeding the system new flesh with immigrants, don't think it'll change much.

No. 1032769

communism would def work in a female only world. we would need to put in the work to get rid of racism tho and to de-brainwash the corporate libfems

No. 1032771

File: 1642603168448.jpg (11.56 KB, 394x217, IMG_20220119_103602.jpg)

Damn communism really rots people's brains
And they prove it all the time

No. 1032772

you literally sound like a retarded zoomer that cannot read and jumps to conclusions and accuses others of untrue things without understanding what they're actually presenting.

go laugh at Shayna's vag

No. 1032778

wow what a sperg, no one is reading this
so much Romania being mentioned, is this anon… you know …

No. 1032781

Go back to twitter. Sperging about reading long things because you flunked all your classes in high school doesn't work here

No. 1032783

bro stfu i hate communism but good on someone for having passion and writing long paragraphs over something they believe in. much better than half hearted shitposts and regurgitated rhetoric at least

No. 1032793

I'm from a commie country, i ain't reading your bullcrap
She wrote 4 fucking paragraphs about a failed political model that killed millions, c'mon

No. 1032799

I dont even believe in communism and Im autistic so I'm coming up with my own political/economical doctrine, I am not a nazbol either as I've been accused, I do not believe in racism nor nationalism. I'm just angered at how people just throw around words hypocritically when there's so many things to see and understand to politics, I'm tired of political bias, I want people to see things for what they truly are. I can as easily argue against communism, I don't want actual communism nor Marxism but this free market capitalism shit ain't no good either.

I am from a commie country too but I am trying to show everyone how hypocritical it is to argue from any position when reality is so complex with so many nuances. My mum literally commited suicide when I was 18 because of the trauma she has had under communism. She used to be a writer/artist and she was tortured by the special forces for offending the communist party, yet that does not keep me from being objective about things. Applied authoritarian communism had good sides and bad sides so does free market capitalism. Change an evil for another evil basically because we are too stuck up to see that we can create something entirely new, a new model that is ideal. We prefer to be stuck in this stupid dichotomy of left and right when what we truly need is something new.

No. 1032940

I learned so much about communism today teehee thx yew older sistorz

No. 1032948

dude… its all theory though. why should we talk so much about something when the communism people want is utopia level and its not possible/nor will it happen so theres no reason to sperg about it to the lengths that anon did kek

exactly, thats the reality. i am not arguing for any economic model, but clearly capitalism has at least benefited people of all classes more (NOT EVERYONE AND IT CAN ALSO SCREW YOU) and i would rather this than go backwards to commie shit because twitards say its better

No. 1032955

based, the communism they're envisioning right now is terrifying.

No. 1032967

thanks nonny. i just think its stupid to talk about because who cares what its "meant to look like", we have seen it in action and it doesnt work clearly and you cant blame it on people ruining it or whatever because its a system which is destined to be ruined and screw everyone. not saying capitalism makes everyone a winner or that its perfect, but it is at least better in a way because theres more players. its what we have right now and its stupid to back and try shit that doesnt work no matter how many times people say "thats because they didnt do it teh right way!1!!1!!"

No. 1032980

it is not about retards on Twitter, they don't want a better system, they just want to have 300 genders and buy shit for themselves. Yea, capitalism is fucking shit just as shit as communism. Why shouldn't we get involved in politics and try making the world better? Nobody will and our world will soon collapse quite literally. The world is a mess.

the communism they are envisioning? Top kek Twitter and modern communists literally envision capitalism.

It's not about what is should have been like it is about understanding it and the differences and seeing how everyone is basically a hypocritical dipshit when it comes to politics. I made a couple of distinctions in my posts. I explained authoritarianism, liberalism and the entire discussion and my sperging started from criticizing libtards for being hypocritical so why would I want the communism they envision. There are ways and there can be a perfect system but the perfect system is not communist nor capitalist, so how can you accuse me of being a communist when I think the perfect political system is neither of the already existing options. Anyway, in my political/economical system troons are outlawed maybe you will be interested. I outlaw transexuals!!!! How can a system be better?

No. 1032985

kek count me in luv

No. 1033217

What makes AHS such shit is that the writers focus more on making meme-able or .gif-able iconic yass queen content than on writing a coherent story, so you end up with a strong setup that is ignored in favor of plot tangents that go nowhere and is half-assedly wrapped up in the final 2 episodes when the writers remember that they're suppossed to be writing a 12 episode self contained story arc.

No. 1033219

Are you fucking high? People still got disappeared. Labor camps still existed. There were still bread lines. The shitty, lazy, and corrupt got put into positions of power in the government. The USSR thought jazz was a corrupting byproduct of America, for fuck's sake.

No. 1033261

I hate you dumbass gringas lmao

No. 1033362

atheists have no inner life or imagination, spiritual/schizo anons are where it’s at

No. 1033365

No. 1033373

True. All I think about is carbohydrates.

No. 1033375

we don’t eat carbs here nonnie

No. 1033376

I think you're getting at something most people are missing. What is needed in these kinds of discussions is nuance as you have said. We can talk about capitalism and it's negative effect on our lives without insisting we need a revolution or even defending the regimes that came about from past revolutions. I consider myself an anti-capitalist but I wouldn't advocate just tearing the whole thing down and letting people suffer while we figure something else out. Rather I think it's important for regular people to gain class consciousness. To understand your employer is not your friend. For you and your coworkers to be able to band together and demand better treatment and more benefits. Anybody that isn't rich and thinks capitalism is just lovely I think is pretty deluded. It's like they're in an abusive relationship where they have little power to set boundaries but haven't even thought about it.

No. 1033379

I didn't say I eat carbs. I said I think about carbohydrates.

No. 1033388

real schizopill is when you realize that both bolsheviks and nazis were financed by same elites from USA and UK. the authoritarian regimes in 20th century were just giant social experiments and now they know what works and doesn't work in a totalitarian system.

No. 1033394

Anecdotes are more valuable to the average person than scientific evidence. I would much rather listen to people like me in the same situations, than blindly belive numbers that easily are tricked with. Like with meds, much rather listen to my fellow mans experience, than statistics funded by a drug company. Or diet. Why would I listen to big studes frauded to sell a product when I can just look at how the people who eat that diet looks like and listen to how they feel?

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