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File: 1647981776520.jpeg (68.74 KB, 1200x1200, twitter-blockedjpg.jpeg)

No. 1107215

Previous >>914835

No. 1107217

File: 1647981994256.png (935.93 KB, 1260x838, file.png)

>muslim mtf tranny
There's a lot to digest here

No. 1107226

Does he have a degradation kink? Why would you choose to be a muslim woman (especially a transgender one) over a muslim man?

No. 1107231

Because being gay is Haram bit being a tranny is halal

No. 1107233

How did he do his makeup so good? Btw makeup, perfumes or clothes made for women are haram for men and they're not allowed to wear it.

No. 1107235

Read >>1107233 if you only take quran into account, it's haram.

No. 1107236

I wouldn't be surprised if he were a gay twink raised by a strict Muslim household so he unfortunately thought transitioning would be less terrible than being a gay guy. Correct me if I'm wrong though.

No. 1107242

extreme autistic ot but without any context I thought you guys were talking about harambe but using a nickname

No. 1110369

File: 1648201213261.jpeg (274.39 KB, 1169x888, 54896123-9990-4AE4-A1CB-EF2370…)

I hate how they can’t criticize women as just normal adult people now. They always have to bring up this girlboss thing when nobody even said anything about that.

No. 1110372

you don't have to be a woman to learn how to do makeup lol? theres plenty of gay male makeup artists

No. 1110377

Most agps do very bad or absurd makeup but his makeup looks like one a normal brown girl would wear.

No. 1110401

agps are straight, that guy is obviosuly a flaming homosexual

No. 1110428

you're retarded but i love you nona

No. 1110833

File: 1648237304196.png (11.52 KB, 339x143, twitterfuckery.png)

Twitter troons/moids being biased against JKR yet AGAIN.

I see people saying Putin is her ally while her charity is helping kids in Ukraine:

No. 1110835

File: 1648237558034.jpeg (396.53 KB, 1620x1645, 04D4832B-0498-43EF-AB72-2F02B5…)

Weird how I don’t see any of them speaking about this though

No. 1110837

I hope he dies

No. 1110838


No. 1111356

A hijab also makes it easier for him to pass because people won't be able to clock his obviously male hairline. Feel kinda bad for him tbh. He's obviously just a self hating gay guy

No. 1111399

why do i feel like twitterfags were hoping she'd side with putin so they'd have a more acceptable reason to hate her

No. 1112559

Don't they already claim she's far right?

No. 1114722

File: 1648483238043.jpg (902.16 KB, 1152x915, pickme.jpg)

Read these tweets and guess what she looks like

No. 1114724

File: 1648483267211.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.64 MB, 3133x2048, drumroll.jpg)


No. 1114725

No. 1114730

> women can be abusers too
I'm so glad that people keep parroting this line everywhere online. I mean I forgot that something like 2 whole percent of violent abusers are women. We really need to discuss this more than male violence.. I mean that adds up right?

No. 1114731

>7k quote retweets

No. 1114739

Pls be a social experiment god I can't take this anymore

No. 1114740

honestly I don't get why she's trying so hard to simp for black men, she's a fat white woman, her existence alone is enough for majority of them. she could be the uglyest looking bitch in the world and I'd still stay that more then 60% of BM would simp for her

No. 1114744

>women can be abusers too
This is true… If we consider trannies women.

No. 1114975

File: 1648498440180.gif (2.65 MB, 320x240, 1644435606815.gif)

No wonder she thinks catcalling isn't that bad, it must be the only times she receives "compliments" given how she looks.

holy shit the ratio on that second tweet.

No. 1114979

>MOC (trans women and trans men)
Did she just call trans women men? Kek

No. 1114982

Don't look her up on twitter while eating dinner, you'll throw up instantly.

No. 1115019

I'm sure Indian and Egyptian women are very impressed by her privileged take.

No. 1115026

This bitch is trying to erase the fact that girls in every community gets heckled by men and it's not flattering unless you're whatever the mess of a person she is.

No. 1115029

It's always white girls saying nonsensical shit like this. Maybe sometimes you'll see third gen East Asian American rich girls saying the same arguments to spice things up but they're the exception. Girls and women of all nationalities, ethnicities, skin colors, etc. get catcalled but she wouldn't know that since she's a fat white OF camwhore by choice.

No. 1115047

I wish she could see how many people itt are calling her white because I just know she'd have a fucking meltdown about it kek but I won't cowtip I promise.

No. 1115062

Wait, you're telling me she doesn't see herself as the white woman she is? What is she then?

No. 1115075

To be honest she looks like one of those stereotypical spends way too much time on twitter white latinas (the ones that brag about being poc every second) so that's what I based my post off of. Her twitter doesn't have her race in her bio which is kind of weird for those sjw twitter users but the way she phrased "white women" in the tweets here >>1114722 make me think that she doesn't think of herself as white.

No. 1115095

File: 1648504351034.png (Spoiler Image, 913.94 KB, 963x852, yikes.png)

>occupied potawtoni land
Probably would claim native, and note she's 29 years old so she should have aged out of the sjw shit a decade ago. Also if I had to see her spotty unwashed ass, so do you.to see her spotty unwashed ass, so do you.

No. 1115099

I hate you for posting this shit. I hope you clip your toenails too much.

No. 1115122

Idk, she looks like me and I’m 103% white.

No. 1115127

Ayrt, I did say she looked white.

No. 1115134

what's wrong anon? Do you not like you pussy swinging low?

No. 1115199


So do people actually pay for this? If so who?

No. 1115244

File: 1648516119660.png (386.65 KB, 800x530, 73C28B89-2B70-4281-B512-FA8AF1…)


No. 1115490

Feeders. A friend of mine is very fat because of PCOS and many years of using food as comfort for her shitty life and she confirmed this, and she gets catcalled and sexually harassed fairly often because she's fat, not in spite of it. Of course this stupid bitch on twitter would tell her that random old creeps telling her they want to rape her and masturbating in front of her in the bus should be taken as a compliment.

No. 1118475

I’ve seen Muslim women (women with hijabs) wear makeup. Never to the excess that he’s wearing it though.
Kek @ her replies. Black women are having none of her shit.

No. 1118497

>my mom abused me and her dad abused her
She was so close, just one further thought process and she would've gotten it.

No. 1118557

I've seen plenty of Muslim women using a shit ton of makeup on a daily basis to the point of always looking orange because of their badly chosen shades of foundation, but they're moderate Muslims who will never be caught wearing the hijab and who just eat halal food, maybe pray at home if they feel like doing it and who fast during ramadan unless they have health issues or are on their periods.

No. 1118569

Yeah some of them beat their face harder than their men beat women(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1118621

What's wrong with you two? Especially the one making fun of women who get beaten, wtf?
Hijabis can wear makeup, it's not forbidden but you have to wash up before praying and you need to take the makeup off for that which is usually why they dont wear it. Though most hijabis I know do wear makeup.

No. 1118647

I hope she dies idc if this is nlogging this shit makes me furious. I fucking hate when women dismiss misogyny because “MUH MEN OF COLOR” Ignoring the fact that men of color arent poor little victims theyre still MEN who rape women of all race. Male privilege doesnt go away because one isnt white

No. 1118654

File: 1648750509952.jpeg (172.94 KB, 750x1030, D965C3FB-4D42-4B17-9DC2-150759…)

>Jap tweets about how Will Smith shouldn’t hit people
>Retards equate a video game to real life
This is what happens when you can no longer tell the difference between fiction and reality, pathetic.

No. 1118665

Retarded but also retarded to give a fuck that will slapped a man ho

No. 1118666

Ive seen a lot of japanese tweets defending wil because family is important in east asia. American men dont value family so for them a man defending his wife is seen as being a cuck. Tragic

No. 1118669

Personally I don’t really care one way or another since I don’t care about Will Smith, I just think people freaking the fuck out because a Jap said ‘violence is bad’ is really funny.

No. 1118689

Right wish they gave half as much a shit about all the creepy scrotes actively harming women like Chris Brown. But no even the fucks like Trevor Noah defended him.

No. 1118724

Why the fuck are you saying I make fun of women for being beaten up? I just say I know a lot of Muslim women who never wear the hijab and use makeup way more than they should.

No. 1118775

She’s not nonni. She’s grouping you two together because what you said was low key kind of nlog.

No. 1118792

>use makeup way more than they should.
NTA but what do you mean by this?

No. 1118843

I'm not muslim but I'm from the same ethnicity as the girls I'm talking about and secretly an ex-muslim so I'm also gonna talk about personal experience on top of my own observation but basically, because of our skin colors, we would ALWAYS be recommended the wrong foundation shades and the vast majority of girls I'm talking about still use the wrong shades to this day and look orange and cakey just to hide their pores or blackheads. And then there's the fact that most of us tan very fast without trying to even when we find our shades they don't match our skin tones for very long. They also fall for trends they don't even need to follow, like overdrawing their lips despite already having full lips, or overfilling their already naturally thick and perfectly waxed eyebrows.

If my post seems "lowkey kind of nlog" to her and to you I think you're the ones who are putting words in my mouth.

No. 1118857

The two posts timing being close made it seem like you were the same anon, imo. Now that you've clarified yourself, it's very obvious your comment was in a different tone than the other weirdo.

No. 1118859

It doesn’t to me. You just got very upset so I was explaining Noni. I don’t give a fuck how you feel nor does it bother me.

No. 1119409

File: 1648811676571.jpeg (435.55 KB, 2048x1720, 0E9D3B06-747C-4D54-860E-9D565C…)

I like how whoever made this tried to use this as proof that Anna is a terrible person, lol.

No. 1119426

I don't get it, in which order am I supposed to read these tweets?

No. 1119428

There isn't one I don't think, but I read them starting from top left all the way down and to the next row.

No. 1119477

What is the first one even supposed to be? It's so out of context that you can't even get any real meaning out of it. Anyway, based. If you get mad about a woman who literally makes feminist-themed films caring about women then that's on you.

No. 1119527

Literally every single take here should not even be called based as it should be a default human decency to think this way, and yet. Ugh

No. 1119950

i love her. So glad she didn't drink the koolaid

No. 1120092

File: 1648853252589.png (35.88 KB, 573x367, troon.PNG)

Never satisfied kek

No. 1120094

File: 1648853372297.png (54.3 KB, 581x475, bitch what.PNG)

This literally makes no
sense why do we always have to be dragged into tranny bullshit

No. 1120098

Kek this is so funny. If a woman told them that she couldn't tell that they were trans they would literally jizz in their spinny skirts right then and there.

No. 1120148

I bet they hear it all the time from TRA handmaidens, they just resent it because they know deep down it's a condescending lie.

No. 1120300

>omg! can I do your makeup?
How is this even bad? lmao

No. 1120700

Something about how you're assuming that trans people don't know how to do their makeup, but keep in mind that they expect women to be willing to teach them how to do that stuff

No. 1120712

BASED BASED BASED. Last time I checked white women can and do get raped by MOC (Moids of color kek) especially now that interracial dating is more common. Beyond that, there's entire websites profiting off the idea that white women deserve to be raped by black men as a power display. Fuck moids of color and fuck these dick obsessed white self hating women who spread this retarded concept around.

No. 1120722

bump because of scat

No. 1121150

File: 1648924205969.png (386.21 KB, 1280x903, original.png)


No. 1122182

File: 1649001122778.jpg (253.69 KB, 1080x1329, Bob's traumas.jpg)

Deranged individual.

No. 1122190

I think women should be paid 1K for every time we have to say "she" when we don't mean it to validate and pacify some troon

No. 1122191

yeah if you live in a diverse area you know who does the catcalling
(spoiler: it's not white billy beta the programmer)

No. 1122201

Black and Latino guys do the catcalling, but white guys are more likely to snap and kill you if you date tbem.

No. 1122228

White guys also make more jokes about raping women

No. 1122234

Idk where you get that, domestic violence is much more common in black and Hispanic men than white men.

No. 1122244

File: 1649004516569.jpg (432.56 KB, 1080x1693, what the fuck.jpg)

not a single movie by this woman has a truly coherent feminist narrative or theme, it seems added in at the last minute.
you can really tell from the mini essay posts on her old blog that she has nothing truly unique interesting to contribute, detailing why female leads who serve as final girls in horror movies are obviously a scrote power fantasy because wielding a weapon or wearing pants is masculine and just as bad as if they were outright sexualized, using logic unlike your own feminine wiles to somehow escape being murdered. you see where this is going.

the final girl trope as are other slasher movie cliches are very predicated on sexist notions about women, and yes, hypersexualized "bad" women are objectified and killed like props, but the focal point of her post was essentially only bitching about how there aren't women like Mary Poppins anymore.

it could easily be written by a trad crying about a dearth of modcloth-draped stepford wives – it's something one of those red scare retards would write as half satire but it's not and Anna biller is serious when she says in an interview regarding her movies, that "women became stupid" when they stopped pandering to men and stopped acting like a mommy they can stick their penis inside of.

in conclusion she's nothing short of brainwashed into being a lobotomized tradwife for her husband who just so happens to write books on his "success" as a PUA shitnugget.

No. 1122246

File: 1649004820885.jpg (276.61 KB, 745x745, Tumblr_l_823734996636239.jpg)


No. 1122290

and white guys are more likely to approach you and try to start and awkward convo instead of just catcall
all of them fucking suck anon

No. 1123289

at my heaviest weight when i bordered on obesity, some bloke in NYC catcalled me and said 'yeah i like that, i like that' i assumed he was talking about my fatness.

i lost 50lbs in no time

No. 1123950

The ads on my feed have their own ads. It'll be a "promoted" tweet about a sports video and a McDonalds ad will play before the video too.

No. 1123974

kek, this image is hilarious. totally nonsensical.

No. 1125261

I know this is kinda old but this is literally the worst take I've read in a long time, woke juice mixed with crack.

No. 1126384

File: 1649340102243.jpeg (66.21 KB, 1013x467, E6C345E0-B494-4505-84B5-FA7DB3…)

No. 1130509

File: 1649624986842.png (1.58 MB, 596x916, twt.png)

Even if used as a joke this narrative makes me so damn annoyed; wokies really went full circle from arguing sexist ideas of gendering things in life to actually gendering things in life in addition to promoting what essentially is a mental illness to susceptible young people who are still in a process of figuring out their place in life

No. 1132382

File: 1649776030268.jpeg (573.15 KB, 828x1328, AC2A3733-8D8B-4772-8945-17CB02…)

Another reminder on why we should be aborting male fetuses. I feel like no matter how well you raise them they will always come out defective.

No. 1132385

>they see men enjoying themselves
Men really are a defective chromosome. I dont understand why everything about men is either anger or sexual.

No. 1132806

File: 1649803161360.png (291.5 KB, 536x518, 11.png)

I don't understand this tweet? It's not your preference but this is really just bizarre, I mean what world does she live in where she's seeing guys who look like this so often that she is somehow sick of them


No. 1132811

>I mean what world does she live in where she's seeing guys who look like this so often that she is somehow sick of them
? Probably at school in Chicago or something

No. 1132816

File: 1649804094799.jpg (278.58 KB, 2574x894, 11.jpg)

starting this again, I really wish to know what world do all these people live, where guys who look like this are so common place

No. 1132818

Have you really never seen a pack of guys that all look exactly like that while out in public ever?

No. 1132819

literally every guy at my uni

No. 1132821

Absolutely shocked to my core to see someone who advertises their OF in their screenname Tweeting about how they like sexual harassment and it's fine, actually

No. 1132823

Idgi, are they mad white teenage boys exist? They're cute too. Stop complaining and enjoy having a moid population that isn't mostly bald and fat yet

No. 1132824

most of the comments are by women in their early 20's and gay guys, they likely have lingering resentment towards handsome/popular guys from high school. even most of the comments despite claiming to hate "these types of white boys" are about how they were rejected by them or how those boys were only interested in pretty white girls

No. 1132825

Any complaint against moids is a valid one, stop sucking chode.

No. 1132829

Idk anon, I’m a lesbian who still hates this type of dudes mostly because they’re obnoxious

No. 1132857

File: 1649808338807.jpeg (124.96 KB, 750x825, A5BDB072-36F3-4A77-A2A2-839725…)

Is there a thread where this broad is shit on? I don’t think she’s deserving of her own thread and she’s not really a tradthot but idk where else she could fit in so I’m gonna bitch about her here lol. This isn’t even one of the worst takes I’ve seen from her but she increasingly seems as though she’s trying to become Queen Pickme.

She’s so lame.

No. 1132954

File: 1649818897575.png (361.16 KB, 1328x814, Screenshot.png)

In most cases I'd agree, but in this case its angry twitter gays and kpop fags being pissed off that your attracted to actual handsome males

No. 1133051


When I was still in hs/college, majority guys had those ugly hipster beards, flannel shirts and lumberjack "look" and it was ugly and disgusting (beard full of crumbs). Moids will stay obnoxious no matter what but at least they should not look like complete shit.

No. 1133750

File: 1649884746668.png (676.8 KB, 1440x3758, Screenshot_20220413-095234.png)

I was coming on here to ask the same. She's the top Libertarian pickme.
Childless and married since 18, yet perfect fertility allegedly… Really makes you think.

No. 1133835

all of these ugly american fatties are always crying about infertility during 20s and 30s, meanwhile the average age of women having children here is in their 30s… with no issues… really makes you think

No. 1133880

Not to defend her, but she's not fat anon. Also, plenty of women have kids into their 30s here. Women worrying about fertility in their 20s and 30s has more to do with the things that moids say and being pickmes than being American.

No. 1134174

Idk they look like gigantic douchebags to me, the mere fact of taking selfies is obnoxious lmao.

No. 1134230

File: 1649920046889.jpg (90.33 KB, 1080x334, Screenshot_20220414-090114_Chr…)

Pickme shit like this for the sake of scrote attention and retweets.

No. 1134235

they really need to NOT "understand" that

No. 1134240

It's not an issue of fertility moreso recovering from pregnancy much quicker. My mother had my brother at age 45 and it was her most difficult pregnancy.

No. 1134243

I can think of nothing worse - minus the obvious violence and discrimination we get from them - than a moid who thinks he can sperg out about any little thing that interests them. I instantly exit the conversation any time this happens.

No. 1134247

This isn't the case with any spergy interest unless there's a mutual one between the people discussing it.

No. 1134371

I like listening to people sperg about interests but I agree that moids deserve no additional encouragement, they already think that them doing so is the best thing that can happen to any woman listening.

No. 1134429

Elon apparently trying to buy out twitter is great if it works. either it becomes a freeze peach bastion or it burns to the ground. it's a win-win.

No. 1134508

Omg wow you’re so smart and interesting tell me more. If I ever thought a man was kinda cool or knowledgeable, he starts sperging and reveals how average/dumb he actually is. Men speak less.

No. 1134560

I don't think this is a pickme thing honestly. Everyone likes to hear people they like talk about things they enjoy. It doesn't seem like she's saying men need to blabber to any random women, but that she wants the men who she likes to talk about their interests.

No. 1134565

File: 1649948328317.jpg (6.43 MB, 4096x5790, Polish_20220414_165601559.jpg)

At least they have nice hair, guys my age (mid 20s) literally all have the same 'sides shaved, longer and combed backwards on top' or even shorter hair. And they all dress in business casual and have terrible wrinkles because skin care is gay. At least zoomer guys try to have some style and are a bit interested in fashion and grooming.
Picrel is a screen what every single man looks like in my tinder feed. It's legit 95% the same ugly hairstyle.

No. 1134699

lmao can't wait for him to sooner or later have a sperg meltdown over something someone said and delete the entire thing

No. 1134702

As someone in her early 30's, it's only downhill from there sadly. My tinder feed is depressing.

No. 1135155

File: 1649970053272.png (334.82 KB, 539x514, oegoihghoge.png)

No. 1135269

wth is this woman supposed to be a psychologist + police office?

No. 1135363

wait so now teenagers/early 20s girls are not allowed to dislike or criticize their pornhub addicted shit scrotes? fuck off.

No. 1135370

it's from a recruitment campaign for correctional officers iirc

No. 1135374

>either you are a violently horny pervert or a violently horny pervert
startling self-awareness from the twitter crowd here

No. 1135388


No. 1135489

ok sage because this is an irrelevant personal rant, but i recently created a twitter account to sperg about an actor i love and holy shit worst mistake of my life. i only follow/interact with adults but everyone acts like a middle schooler. group chats that get spammed with constant hornyposts, people posting about panic attacks constantly, “like for indirects,” coordinating ratios and callouts, subtweeting each other. the social dynamics are horrendous and have actually made me anxious & i’ve started to resent the actor i created my account for in the first place kek. going to nuke my account or go on private + only follow non-personal accounts because jesus. how do you even meet sane people in “fandom” spaces these days?

No. 1135504

just sperg about him on /g/, all fandoms are cancer

No. 1135512

yeah. i foolishly thought it would be a good way to find friends to chat with him about but this has not worked out. i don’t even know how people have the time or inclination to post like this 8-10 hours a day.

No. 1136753

File: 1650077320639.jpeg (1.41 MB, 4000x3000, F764BF30-7DD4-4AD7-867B-EFEF23…)

No. 1136759

File: 1650078356895.jpg (420.99 KB, 1080x1797, 20220415_220308.jpg)

lol. lmao.

No. 1136766

File: 1650078866329.png (325.13 KB, 537x460, soyboy.PNG)

Is this him? Kek.
I never knew who was behind the "womenpostingl's" account, I'm surprised he's not an incel. And of course, he's one of those guys who runs a podcast because there aren't enough self-important assholes that think people want to listen to them drone on with podcasts.

No. 1136776

File: 1650079966818.jpeg (43.16 KB, 797x476, d18e150c2fbd6445f7461e2022cbbb…)

One thing I noticed is how common it is for female twitter user's humour to be based around men being so ~quirky and weird~. Like pic related.

No. 1136777

He is so ugly. You can tell she doesn't love herself.

No. 1136784

in all of their couple pics she looks uncomfortable
and btw in her OP random men are replying/QTing saying how shes so based and how they need her, and theyre all liked by her bf. he is a cuck lol.

No. 1136787

I'm gonna vom

No. 1136788

What does this even mean? I do it too but I wouldn't say there's any judgment to be made from it?

No. 1136789

Stan twitter is a cesspool and I regret dipping into it. Even niche fandoms on the site are cancerous. There will always be one delirious stalker who clings to you like static. No point in being there unless you want to deal with it. Tumblr was ironically more civil.

No. 1136791

The new era of women pretending to be stupid on Twitter for male attention. Similar to "the stock market is astrology for men" and that one trend that was like "tee hee I don't know how to torrent I need a man to teach me".

No. 1137009

Nah, Slav

No. 1137939

File: 1650188215124.jpg (108.69 KB, 1080x401, Screenshot_20220417-113456_Chr…)

Another one, sigh

No. 1137941

>twitter picture in her lingerie
Kek. The whole post is dripping with desperation but that's just cherry on top.

No. 1137950

>twitch and cashapp in bio
lol she just wants simps. I'd lie too if regarded men were willing to pay me for it tbh

No. 1138288

File: 1650223697531.jpeg (766.84 KB, 828x1339, E7B458A8-8F69-43A8-8602-2FA79F…)

So how do we fix this?

No. 1138291

How shameful. And Jacquees isn't even hot, talented or relevant.

No. 1138318

It’s not like the men I crush on/date are usually 10/10 Chads but I’m so sick of the dadbod shit trying to be normalized. It’s really telling that there is no female equivalent.

No. 1138477

Can’t save everyone

No. 1138490

File: 1650237547823.png (444.34 KB, 839x782, 89Untitled.png)

No. 1138523

Seems like the premise to a shitty YA dystopia novel that'd be popular 12 years ago

No. 1138528

I feel like they've deluded themselves into thinking that most of the human population is trans. This literally doesn't make any sense because most people are not transgender, and I'm sure a lot of people in the future will end up detransing.

No. 1138556

Imagine if this was reality, middle aged hons would 41% immediately seeing all the young boys passing the way they never could kek

No. 1138842

File: 1650274260584.png (514.86 KB, 698x1440, Screenshot (1091).png)

This discourse around Moon knight not having enough "black representation", despite being a show directed by an Egyptian, showing off egypt and having an egyptian arab cast
there's nothing more pathetic in this world then a race of conquered men stealing the legacies of people who actually accomplished shit in history

No. 1138854

Teens need to wait for a couple of years to make an "informed decision" but little kids can totally go on hormones huh.

No. 1138857

Thank god Hollywood isn't trying to represent the countries where my family is from and just sticks to shooting some scenes in Marrakech and Ouarzazate and sometimes hiring Sofia Boutella, I wouldn't be able to deal with these stupid Americans otherwise.

No. 1138865

There is. Thicc bullshit is basically dadbod for women.

No. 1138882

File: 1650280343771.jpg (202.68 KB, 630x788, 1601831884238.jpg)

I feel like most modern men have this mentality that If they don't like steroid gym freaks then there's no point of fitness, I don't think they were realize that natural male builds look better and are much more healthier then those steroid freaks, naturally fit male bodies are way more aesthetic and pleasing to look at, to feel and be with sexually then fatties and steroid gym bros

No. 1138934

I hate twitter threads. actually I hate twitter's entire idea of a very tiny character limit for posts, but I hate the faggots who post several tweet long threads instead of moving to a proper blogging platform even more.

No. 1139010

Agreed. The next time I see a "thread!" (down arrow or spool emoji) it makes me want to scream. Just put your retarded wall of text on medium or something, for fuck's sake

No. 1139035

Are u a gay guy

No. 1139039

they're just lazy and looking for any excuse to give up and stop trying and blame it on 'society's expectations'

No. 1139041

this is true. natural athletic and muscular male bodies will always look better than whatever shit is plaguing the male fitness community nowadays.
Besides looking ridiculous, every man I've known who has went into steroids has insane body dysmorphia and has complete tunnel vision when it comes to his body - you won't hear him talk about anything else, at all. Plus their farts always fucking stink because they think it's normal or healthy to eat like 12 eggs and 6 protein shakes a day because muh gains.

Womens fitness side is just as bad too, how fetishized and porn-like it is, but I don't even have the energy to talk about that.

No. 1139055

I hate them too. I remember moving from tumblr to twitter in 2014 because I was sick of having long, detailed and stupid SJW posts about trannies and muh representation in video games on my dashboard, I thought the 140 characters limit would save me from this hell.

No. 1139203

File: 1650302562181.jpeg (239.56 KB, 750x815, 26ECDC7B-B617-40E0-8534-2367E2…)

The antiwoke train is full of men who love to blame women. Who runs these platforms? Most women aren't arguing politics with randoms, they're keeping up with friends on social media.

No. 1139483

Can someone tells these tards that “white feminism” isn’t an umbrella term for things you don’t like or disagree with it. It’s one of those things that’s lost meaning over time due to overuse.

No. 1139500

Huh? Thicc is a very specific body that is extremely rare to have naturally. Big tits, big ass, big thighs but small waist, small arms and small calves. Unattainable for most people without enhancement.
Dadbod literally requires zero effort. The two are opposites.

No. 1139531

Men believe free speech involves threats of rape, death and dick pics in the dms lol that’s just them innocently expressing their opinions!

No. 1139536

Average male IQ. America doesn't have a speech problem retard. You can say whatever you want. Social media companies picking ad bucks over your freeze peach isn't muh women's fault. Women get censored on twitter for talking about their biology just as much as you get clapped for being a racist misogynist, fuck off and die.

No. 1139592

I don't get how some women can tolerate chest hair, let alone some no a fugly faggot like this

No. 1139665

Kek I immediately thought this when I read that survey. Often when I hear people complain about censorship or muh free speech, it just means someone got called out for sending rape/death threats or posting racist rhetoric.

No. 1139739

No. 1139767

Most people use thicc just for chubby women.

No. 1139930


No. 1140034

I don’t think this is a good question to ask in this binary format.

No. 1140040

They’re also bad for archival purposes. I’ve seen some threads on there that were interesting but they’ll probably just become lost to time because it’s too hard to search for them again. On a blog there are features like tagging and also I think it’s easier to find blog posts through search engines compared to tweet threads.

No. 1140538

>men without chest hair are literal children!11

No. 1140615

File: 1650403238174.jpg (254.72 KB, 1080x1593, Screenshot_20220419_231735.jpg)

my brother in christ you ARE the degeneracy

No. 1140644

From Twin Peaks…?

No. 1140680

Why does this feel like they're still somehow blaming women for men being degenerate creeps??

No. 1140706

>I’m a pimp but those degenerates am I right? Coo that they have money tho

No. 1140707

File: 1650407934224.jpeg (690.15 KB, 828x1339, 73038674-06FE-4952-AB50-2A0B76…)

He will never see the light.

No. 1140710

What a faggot. My god imagine simping for a post-wall fatso.

No. 1140726

File: 1650409409087.png (160.56 KB, 1286x552, file.png)

I don't know what's worse, OP using mental gymnastics to explain a fetish or the quote retweets filled with trannies (aidens) pretending like they're opwessed by girls consuming bl KEK


No. 1140739

Can't they just go back to being fujoshis. Why must they try to intellectualize porn.

No. 1140756

the ayydens are way more annoying. they are much much MUCH more coomer-y and fetishistic than their “cishet” counterparts but think they’re exempt because they slap a “he/they” in their twitter bio. they’re riddled with internalized misogyny and don’t even remotely realize it kek.

No. 1140760

because if you cop to being a fujo people (genderspeshul twitter users) jump down your throat for fetishizing gay men. because so many gay men are actively harmed by women who think men kissing is hot and write little stories and draw pictures of it yknow.

No. 1140767

I will manifest a fujo stronger than 50,000 gayyydens. A fujo that will brave the barrage of innumerable mean tweets and "this you"s. A fujo that will make yaoi for women again. Don't worry nona, fujesus is coming soon and she shall bring the reckoning down upon the gaydens.

No. 1140768

Not to WK, but Hasan's not fat nonna

No. 1141003

He is babe. Been looking like a whole ham since covid hits. He hasn’t posted a shirtless pic in years.

No. 1141191

File: 1650448222391.jpeg (173.25 KB, 1170x1119, 5EA87868-8FB0-493A-8F55-38DDB9…)

twitter always focused on the essentials

No. 1141192

Nice sense of priority… These people are out of their minds.

No. 1141195

I also dislike the ones saying that he needs help - yeah he needs to be helped into a prison cell.

No. 1141196

This so fucking much.
Wonder if they'd be saying the same if their own head got bashed with a chair.
Such misplaced empathy.

No. 1141199

File: 1650449784586.png (281.01 KB, 578x470, bigboiback.png)

belle delphine is back apparently (can't find her current threads/the ones I tried to post on are locked, sorry farmhands)

No. 1141201

She’s not old by any means but fuck girl, it’s not 2017 anymore and you’re in your twenties now

No. 1141202

serving whoville in the first pic, but i'm excited.

No. 1141204

so are her braces permanent or what lmao

No. 1141206

Not even a semblance of a real face in these pics

No. 1141208

I know this is heavily filtered but I kek every time I remember she botched her nose that badly.

No. 1141221

File: 1650452223233.jpg (152.05 KB, 982x1280, thumbnail_IMG_20220420_205507.…)

from her insta on the same picture set

No. 1141222

File: 1650452273594.png (36.79 KB, 331x311, crossover.png)

sorry to samefag but cows colliding

No. 1141238

I fucking hope nobody will care about this, but moids are dumb as fuck and will give her money. Her make up makes her face look dirty as fuck too.

No. 1141255

All pimps should die in minecraft, even digital ones

No. 1141281

She gained weight and is trying so hard to hide it kek

No. 1141344

everything about her makes me cringe so hard. the pedobaiting, the weird facial expressions, the uncanny valley makeup.

No. 1141357

Wow she gained weight. I thought she was anachan. Did she have a baby?

No. 1141360

>Did she have a baby?
i think you might be right…

No. 1141382

She has the sort of weight gain when skinny women got pregnant but thats just a theory, a game theory

No. 1141481

No. 1141485

i hope this isn't the case. imagine finding out your mother is an egirl who caters to pedophiles on the internet, i'd kill myself

No. 1141486

This. I'm convinced the thick meme was made by chubby women to brainwash coomers into simping. I mean they weren't wrong though cause it worked

No. 1141496

> Did she have a baby?
kek anon.. maybe she just idk, gained weight?

No. 1141500

File: 1650469979109.png (105.66 KB, 1188x432, Screenshot 2022-04-20 at 11.55…)

not really hate but some of the tweets about ezra getting arrested again today are actually quite funny. minus those annoying ones prioritising calling him they kek

No. 1141513

I don't understand the appeal of hiking up bottoms like this. It looks fucking dumb. I did it once to see what the fuss was about and it was riding up in my buttcrack and was so uncomfortable.

No. 1141528

Nta but usually when women disappear from the public for a few months and then pop with with gained weight it's usually because they hid pregnancy. Lana del Rey did this too

No. 1141536

It hides fupa and drags fat down to make your hips look wider. Imo if you're a legitimate skinny woman with wide hips lower rising things are more flattering

No. 1141539

LOL of course she's trying to hop on.

No. 1141706

File: 1650483554752.jpg (264.53 KB, 720x1264, Screenshot_20220420-151714_Twi…)

No. 1141710

Oh come ON

No. 1141714

Lana didn't have a baby…her sister chuck did though

No. 1141717

But what is the reasoning? The characters are all misogynistic assholes, that's their thing. Even if you are a TRA it wouldn't hurt your view of the game, because these people are generally awful anyway. wtf.

No. 1141732

They could've added new stuff to the game, instead they remove it lol

Don't think it'll help their sales, but sure is going to hurt them a tiny bit considering a lot of the players are retarded males that think everything they dislike is "ps/sjw" agenda etc

No. 1141736

are they gonna remove the in-game freedom to harass female strippers and pick up/murder prostitutes next?

No. 1141750

They are assholes but at least they aren't transphobic assholes. There's a difference. If you want to go around killing stereotypes of different races, sleeping and murdering female prostititues to get your money back and in general be disgusting or a rapist (trevor) thats fine.
As long as there's no transphobia. Never forget, Jeffree Dahmer may have been a serial killer but at least he's not a transphobic racist.

No. 1141760

File: 1650487267576.jpg (402.38 KB, 1536x2048, FQg6zjzVEAgQuhK.jpg)

I just stumbled upon a twitter account of a ezra fan/defender and this is how she looks like.

No. 1141777

Jesus put a spoiler on that shit nonna

No. 1141781

there has to be a better angle for her

No. 1141787

not disgaea …

No. 1141791

Please post link, I need to see her sperging

No. 1141808

What a surprise that a woman defending a touched in the head moid looks a little touched in the head herself.

No. 1141887

now do Johnny Depp fans

No. 1142039

I bet this fan would be okay with Erza assaulting them.

No. 1142187

i don’t know or care if he’s innocent but i’m sick of twitter posting about johnny depp because we all know what this means for the discourse. the rates of abuse between men and women aren’t even remotely comparable in terms of frequency or severity but if one high-profile man can prove that he was abused by his girlfriend all of the midwits of the world will take it as confirmation that abuse is not a gendered issue.

No. 1142188

I hate that #JusticeForJohnnyDepp is trending and #JusticeForAmberHeard exists but is full of people saying it's bullshit and she deserves jail. Everyone knows men are far more likely to be abusers than women but hey even though there's proof poor Johnny cannot be bad, right?

No. 1142189

This whole story is so confusing, I'm sick of seeing people taking sides when it's a mess and the trial is still ongoing after all these years.

No. 1142191

It's just addicts doing addict stuff, simple really.

No. 1142194

After reading a bit about it, I feel like it's obvious they abused each other. "The truth" can't/won't really ever come out in any court verdict because they're both just volatile people who took/take a lot of drugs and alcohol. They're trying to sabotage each other's careers to uplift themselves when they should've just left the whole thing alone from the first court battle. Anyone who's using this to make an argument one way or another is foolish

No. 1142218

Agree that it seems like they were both unhinged and it's just sickening to have to keep reading about when people just use the situation as a vehicle to shit on women, as though Amber Heard is somehow a spokesperson for every woman in an abusive relationship. And Depp's weird necrophiliac comments toward her that another anon mentioned were just too gross, I really can't feel sorry for him when he is so vile.

No. 1142223

People are idealizing his nineties self when he's aged like spoiled milk in the sun, even leo d looks better than him, lost the other lawsuit, and wasn't getting work for years before amber due to his substance abuse issues. It's ridiculous to assume that amber somehow crafted him into what he is today. Sure, they were toxic, but he was a known wreck before this happened. Directors did not want to work with him. And I thoroughly believe what amber said about him using social media bots to destroy her reputation because there are a disproportionate amount of alleged depphead retards

No. 1142226

it's a new trial for defamation (the second one i believe) not the same one. i don't get why if johnny supposedly has so much evidence that amber abused him 1. this wasn't brought up in the initial domestic violence trial 2. he hasn't sued her for domestic abuse or whatever. instead he's going after news outlets and amber herself for referring to him as a domestic abuser even though he was found to be one in court so it's hardly defamation to refer to him as such.

No. 1142338

Ntyart but there wasn't an initial domestic violence trial. The Sun had called him a wifebeater and the question was ‘Is this true, yes or no?’ rather than ‘who’s the worse domestic abuser?’. Any evidence about her being a husbandbeater didn’t refute him being a wifebeater, so the evidence didn’t matter as much. This time he is directly suing her though, and in a different country where he's not been proven to be a wifebeater.
They're both awful people, The Sun is an awful newspaper, it's a whole horrible story with no humour. Just the dying career of a bloated alcoholic whose last good role was twenty years ago, playing Keith Richards dressed as a pirate in a film franchise based on a theme park ride.

No. 1142360

It’s so fucking annoying, literally all I see on TikTok and Twitter about it is brain dead “well what if roles had been reversed? what will we do about these poor men being hurt by the evil womens”. Its fucking retarded and no scrotes talking about it give a fuck about all the high profile cases of women being abused, they just want 2 play the victim yet again. Getting called a man-hater because I don’t give a shit about a rich Hollywood moid being hit by his rich Hollywood, much younger bpd wife.

No. 1142372

It does happen and women often get accused of lying or being involved with much older men who have track records of cheating. Depp had it coming for cycling through women

No. 1142515

also one of the most common manipulation tactics employed by male abusers is to accuse their female partner of being the abusive one. just look at what happened to gabby petito… people are genuinely delusional to buy into this narrative that women terrorize men like men do women. on principle i simply don’t believe men when they claim to be victims of abuse by a female partner. i have seen in my personal life & in statistics far too many cases of male abusers trying to mold the narrative to suit their version of events.

No. 1142549

I feel like fans like this are just defending male abusers because they're so desperate for male approval they'd be fine if a man abused them, as long as they took notice of their disgustingly ugly existence.

No. 1142562

It's easier now for people to egg on men claiming it's women who are the abusive ones thanks to MRAs and pickmes sperging about how "men get abused to and it's just as bad!". It's funny since women need to jump through hoops if they claim a man is abusive but if a man claims a woman is abusive he's immediately coddled and taken care of no questions asked. They truly wouldn't survive at all if abusing men was treated the exact same as abusing women

No. 1142686

Tbh I know a couple men that actually got abused and their own therapist told them they just wanted to be unhappy and get over it so they’ve internalized that emotional abuse is regular. But that’s 1% and all the dudes I know who claim abuse from their gfs openly are actual shitbags.

No. 1142688

Samefag but I also think Depp is a piece of shit. Not defending him. He can rot.

No. 1142709

File: 1650575307850.png (237.09 KB, 723x753, Screenshot (65).png)

that thread…his fans are crazy. and most of them seem to be women too

No. 1142711


No. 1142714

what a stupid fucking pickme

No. 1142871

File: 1650592651794.jpg (303.11 KB, 1080x1340, IMG_20220422_072117.jpg)

Fun Fact: The first known use of the word "retard" was in the year 306 in a small village in what is now England by a witch on a wormwood bender who foresaw the coming of these retards.

No. 1142886

the fuck is “kink critical” ???

No. 1142888

Just as it sounds I assume, a sane person who thinks kinks are fucking weird and dangerous

No. 1142889

to these people probably anyone criticizing kinks in general lol

No. 1142890

You think bdsm is just abuse. You’re against open fetish gear at pride. Not a degenerate or a pedo etc etc.

No. 1142891

Don’t you know, if you don’t let your partner shit on you upside down, call them a retarded babyfucker and suspend yourself on spikes while biting their elbow you’re just like, totally a square and kinkshaming

No. 1142905

File: 1650594689970.png (82.76 KB, 1188x272, 2487.png)

>wildly different reasons

No. 1142974

I think it's anti-prostitution or 'sex-work' or bdsm or any of the other uwu look at me shit.

No. 1142975

It's because he never changed in belief, just found a different way to express it in a more socially acceptable way.

No. 1143073

the only moids that like feminism are lying to get pussy

No. 1143135

>How to announce being misogynistic and lesbophobic without using those words: the tweet

No. 1143138

She's absolutely right though. Go back to your containment thread and 30-minute at home workouts.

No. 1143220

i hate that people are like this but your post made me lose it, ty nonnie

No. 1143295

>he’s a scrote
Opinion automatically discarded

No. 1144169

File: 1650700632017.jpeg (284.86 KB, 828x1001, 086AC9A4-A0BF-4FB9-834D-1EF3E5…)

Why are terfs always brought up ngl I'm cracking up. The obsession is real.

No. 1144220

I remade a twitter against better judgement. It's a very bad website these days. There's a certain voice people type in on twitter and I hate it and I find myself wanting to subtweet everyone's liked posts which appear on my time line. I have zero desire to tweet. I have no idea how I spent years on that site

No. 1144225

Actually I'm curious, why did you use twitter before deleting your account and remaking one? I remember making my two first accounts because tumblr was turning to shit and I wanted to talk about fandoms/manga/movies somewhere else and I also wanted to follow artists I like but it got really annoying for unrelated reasons. I also remade my account last year and now I block everyone that annoys me even just a little and while I barely post anything and nobody follows me I actually find content I'm looking for now. If you can't manage to create your own little space on twitter because the topics that interest you are infested with shit takes and terrible poeple you should delete twitter once and for all. If you want to see specific twitter accounts despite all of this just use nitter, this way you won't need an account to see specific accounts.

No. 1144246

I started on twitter when I was a teenager and it was a habit and there were some accounts I liked to follow. I ended up deleting it when the culture got more annoying and being a doomsayer was woke and centrists were evil and boring. I remade because some of the musical artists I like are more active on twitter but they're not even these days just information about singles and I've got use to just googling "artists name news"

No. 1144413

File: 1650723267315.png (63.49 KB, 730x472, Screenshot.png)

No. 1144418

easy way to get likes

No. 1144423

Why do they insist on speaking in the most annoying ways possible that makes me wanna shoot myself in the head? Like when did talking like a gay retard become so prevalent lol, that's my main question. I can't stand most of social media for this reason

No. 1144431

>him(?) at 14
Wimmin no fuck me because feminism, feminism bad!
>him at 22
Wimmin no let me roleplay as wimmin and fuck lesbians, feminism bad!

No. 1144487

Well its not like transwomen ever fucking speak up for abortion rights, because they don't have to worry about getting baby trapped by some abusive moid sabotaging your birth control

If you're not our ally, of course you're our fucking enemy

No. 1144636

my question to him would then be, who is affected by the restriction of abortion rights? his non answer (pregnant people, AFABs, whatever the woke term is) should perfectly explain why “TERFs” have an issue with transgenderism.
>torture and deprive trans people
i just can’t imagine comparing forced pregnancy & birth to, like, elementary aged kids being told they can’t play on opposite-sex sports teams.

No. 1145467

File: 1650774836275.jpeg (1.47 MB, 3600x3056, 779F4E2C-468C-4FF0-9F0D-5BDDF1…)

Discovered this weeb that makes tweets like this.

No. 1145470

File: 1650774954588.jpeg (1.54 MB, 3600x3312, DBBDC2E9-DED0-4320-BED7-B90B31…)

Which lead me to finding this person that RPs as a 2d findom and men pay her/him for it, lol. Weak links.

No. 1145482

Lori is seething at this

No. 1145567

Why does he hate this anime girl so badly? Is it some kind of "I want to kill her and wear her skin" kind of hatred thing?

No. 1145570

Fuck this is so smart.

No. 1145603

Based Lilly

Although I just picture some Nigerian man behind it all. Probably easier than scamming lonely Susans. Men are so gullible kek

No. 1145774

Looking at his profile, he doesn't hate her. He likes her a lot. He's just a gurofag and gets turned on by torture

No. 1145809

There's no way the owner of this account isn't also a scrote too, these men are so retarded that they deserve to be scammed

Can you even imagine?

No. 1146312

File: 1650826987332.png (436.78 KB, 592x833, 9E7A6E82-02C0-477A-AF51-C190AA…)

No. 1146320

does she genuinely believe she's posting her ass on twitter for reasons other than male validation? glass houses

No. 1146332

No but she probably realized she fell on the whore spectrum of men's madonna whore complex, the other girl made her look bad and stole the male attention so she's raging.

No. 1146335

Did this bitch say that the second twitter user is a pickme for not wanting to see half-naked people and nsfw posts on her TL unprompted? Is she on drugs or just developmentally challenged?

No. 1146343

She deleted this tweet so probably realized how fucking stupid this looks

No. 1146346

I also went to her profile and I noticed she has a link to her OF, because of course she does. Thank god I'm only into single player video games, I can ignore people like this easily.

No. 1146686

File: 1650848660749.jpeg (32.6 KB, 400x400, D915EFE7-BAD8-4EBC-9C14-6C28F8…)

You called bish

No. 1146777

All the fucking "can an ally/non-Black PLEASE DONATE TO MY CROWDFUND BEFORE I GET EVICTED (and I have no job teehee)" tweets

No. 1146965

I block everyone who does that shit

No. 1146991

So entitled. I also remember people telling non-black people to donate during Black History Month because we "owe" it. No. I don't owe anyone who's too lazy to work my money. And I don't even live in the US, so this shit doesn't matter to me. I'm aware of slavery, racism and yada yada but the US is truly special when it comes to this issue. There's no other place in the world where the black/white issues matter so much than there.

No. 1147080

Yet this brain rot spreads over to our countries, the amount of times I’ve seen people trying to forcibly apply American issues as if they’re the same here are ridiculous

No. 1147316

The stupid thing is any group could use their history especially in America to claim that. The Japanese were put in camps. The Italians were gone after during the red scare. The Irish immigrants had rocks thrown at them and called green in front of the n slur. They just want to victimize themselves.

No. 1147344

When I was drunk the other night I downloaded GoFundMe to make my own sob story begging for money. Forgot about it tho. I wonder how many of them are just fake

No. 1147808

so muskrat bought twitter. is he going to make it better or worse? what changes will he make? nonas, give me your predictions.

imo the first thing he will do is give trump his profile back and trump will tweet something like

No. 1147839

I wish he'd shit on jd but muskrat caped for him after amber fucked him too.

No. 1147856

he will probably get some political figures unsuspended to keep his alt right fans believing in him and maybe establish some sort of verification or an algorithm to tell fake accounts from real ones. probably use the user data to improve neuralink or whatever else he's doing. i don't think elon is heavily political but he knows who his diehard fans are so he makes vague promises.

No. 1147857

Oh fuck.. definitely worse. no way he isnt going to cap for trannies and degen men who like hentai. fucking hell

No. 1147860

this is going to be horrible. it is going to get so, so, so much worse. this is terrible news.

No. 1147943

So I’m dumb. Why do people seem to think he’s gonna unban Trump? What’s in it for him if he does? Aside from more clicks, more publicity = more money. Perhaps I answered my question.

No. 1147955

Because Musk is “pro free speech” check his virtue signaling about not blocking Russia news sites.

No. 1147958

He better unblock Azealia Banks then. I want to see this shitshow.

No. 1147980

pwease donate and pay for my rent this month my family is abusive

No. 1147983

Kek that would be magically.

No. 1147990

Hopefully the genderspecials can gather on a new containment platform. I want to move back to livejournal

No. 1148009

Thanks, anon.

Kek. He’s gonna piss of people no matter what he does regarding Trump.

No. 1148028

Is azealia banned?

No. 1148040

File: 1650922612042.png (85.88 KB, 794x344, based.png)

She has been banned several times, the last time was when she said that latino farmers deserved more government help/financial support than trannies. Pic related. She may or may not have an account but can't post or reply to anything, I think she mentioned that in a instagram story long ago.

No. 1148111

It was wild when we had our first ever BLM protest when the whole George Floyd thing happened .. in a country where black people are even a smaller minority than other minorities. Where I live people treat you better if you're black than if you're turkish. I don't mind if people do demonstrations and whatnot in support of things happening overseas but these people were headed to the Parliament, yelling stuff about systematic racism even though it's not an issue with black people here at all. Like fuck, we should take care of the problems within our own minority groups first.

No. 1148121

Based. I hope she comes back. She said no lies here.

No. 1148126

The fact that there were BLM protests in Japan and Korea of all places shows American brain rot and forced politics are real.

No. 1148167

Elon musk is a fucking cringe attention whore retard and extremely misogynistic. remember he called the rescue cave diver man a pedo just because they had no use for his invention. I wish someone would buy Twitter who would be diligent to keep degen content and porn off of it instead of being some rich man wanting to protect muh free speech. Twitter is too far with protecting liberals and shutting out any debating opinion but Elon musk is not our savior

No. 1148172

I wish she browsed here.

No. 1148178

Ameriboos are so fucking embarrassing. Protest for your own disenfranchised groups and most importantly women’s rights stupid fucks.

No. 1148275

File: 1650935863141.png (211.47 KB, 589x371, gjhiojiogj.png)

No. 1148284

Only if Trump and Azealia fight

No. 1148298

NTA but the Japanese did receive reparations kek

No. 1148577

Based. God damn

No. 1148746

Everyone should call Elon "pedo guy" from now on because 1. freeze peach and 2. he has successfully argued in court it's just a prank brah.

No. 1149646

this is a great idea

No. 1149650

she's not wrong i just wish she would take her meds legitimately and stop killing animals or abusing their corpses for attention

No. 1149738

File: 1651021708872.png (2.91 MB, 1280x1282, 4260C65E-AEC3-4896-B39B-1C8198…)

Any tumblr users here feeling this right now? I hate to unfollow old users but the ones coming back from Twitter are bringing their shitty bird posting with them

No. 1149742

You just know she would have the funniest damn zingers

No. 1149746

I see people on tumblr complain about this but I don't really get it? I don't think twitter users will switch to tumblr, I think they're all too retarded to stop using twitter in the first place.

No. 1149764

Everyone's complaining about it but I haven't seen any twitterfags except for one guy with no icon asking why people weren't talking in the replies. The fact that tumblr has no algorithm and you have to find people to follow yourself seems like it's keeping the worst of the worst out. But I'm scared that the retard kinnies who fled to twitter en masse will return again and bring their retarded kinnie drama back with them.

No. 1151087

File: 1651090139380.jpg (179.41 KB, 1170x1560, 20220427_214453.jpg)

why are some grown women like this?

No. 1151089

Simping over a 50+ year old meth head. Bleak.

No. 1151092

>said he would rape Amber's body
>"he's a literal child aw uwu"
We will never be free. We will never be fucking free.

No. 1151097

Oh god oh no, are they inhabiting tumblr again? I didn't notice yet

No. 1151098

this is pitiful

No. 1151100

This is BLEAK bleak

No. 1151114

You're sure it's not sarcasm? I can't believe that shit otherwise.

No. 1151132

File: 1651091188258.png (53.06 KB, 529x502, gir.PNG)

it's not, i checked her account. her entire feed is defending him. women will see a decrepit 99 year old murderer with both feet in the ground and still say he's a lovable little boy inside. the way they're willing to nurture complete garbage and infantalize grownass abusive men who'd never offer them the time of day just because they're socialized to, is infuriating.

No. 1151289

So I def think it’s going to be a cryptogrift with a side of him main charactering the shit out of it. In the end he may either spam marketing fuel for his next Silicon Valley futurism garbage or everyone will collectively recoil at his involvement will immediately devalue the company. I’m praying for the latter, I want to watch tumblr 2 electric vehicle boogaloo.

No. 1151755

File: 1651097030739.jpg (45.78 KB, 637x571, 61fe4e49002d754ec69fcf50210e20…)

I wish Elon would porn, so annoying SJWs would leave Twatter just like they left Tumblr. I wonder where these freaks would go.

No. 1151799

I hope reddit so all internet freaks would congregate there and be contained within one space.

No. 1152290

File: 1651101756981.jpeg (201.08 KB, 828x580, F3D993AF-C4A8-415C-8704-096CAC…)

Sounds like ur just gay

No. 1153296

>22 years old
She wasn't even born during his prime, why is she so hellbent on defending him?

No. 1153480

File: 1651152337943.jpg (70.79 KB, 718x615, 45454555343.jpg)

with musk's acquiring twitter I truly believe that we could see the beginning of the end of "woke" discourse on social media, which has already started. It's been responsible for a lot of racial tribalization and movements over the past few years. picrel as example, a couple of days age these tweets would have been deleted with in meme minutes but their still up, the blue checkmarks, trannies, OFgirls and degens are freaking out over this and I'm fucking loving it

No. 1153483

The George Floyd tweet is fucked up though

No. 1153488

Not trying to start anything but how does him being a criminal mean he deserved to be killed? They said the same thing about Michael Brown. He apparently stole cigars and that somehow means it's okay he was killed?

No. 1153497

I agree, he should be alive to point more guns at pregnant women

No. 1153500

please let it be true

No. 1153501

>trannies, OFgirls and degens are freaking out over this and I'm fucking loving it
god I love to see it.

No. 1153509

She looks to be in that age demographic for the zoomers in the middle of Gen Z. Based on where the trial is and where she must live my guess is she grew up hearing her grandmothers and mothers cream their panties over Depp in her childhood before like 8-9 and has internalized it.

No. 1153515

If she shits on sexwork next she'll be my hero.

No. 1153519

File: 1651155659682.png (214.27 KB, 585x789, based.png)

Its true, they are absolutely seething, I mean their still free to do their shit and continue their degeneracy but now its a true level playing field, we won't be banned for saying anything considered "twansphobic"

No. 1153524

>if you want twitter to be neutral make a bias for me and remove the posts just because I dislike them
Kek. Muskrat is an autist coomer, I'm sure he wouldn't do anything for transphobia either because of his edgy persona. She's a conservitard but love seeing how troons seethe because of her.

No. 1153526

>public lynching is a good idea

No. 1153534

and their salty man tears are the only reason I think Twitter should keep existing for awhile once Elon takes over. After that becomes boring, I hope it burns.

No. 1153539

File: 1651156757613.jpg (24.11 KB, 499x500, e8d1d3d1a0fd6e0eff593a066b3dd4…)

Beautiful. Cope, seethe, and most importantly, dilate

No. 1153544

>Oh no, this evil woman is spreading facts. Get her!
It's like the Salem witch trials all over again.

No. 1153558

Get out of here polfag

No. 1153562

File: 1651158432837.png (50.75 KB, 599x422, gold.png)

I know she's a consevatard but the way shes making trannies seethe with these simple statements is pure gold

No. 1153571

Tbh I don't get why anons here like to fangirl over any woman who says she doesn't like trannies, she's not based just because of that. I hate that people associate radfems with conservative retards like this.

No. 1153574

Not any of those anon and I don't care about us politics, but I just love the deluge of butthurt she's producing.
What can I say, I'm a troll at heart.

No. 1153592

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, idgaf if she's isn't following every ideology I'm into

No. 1153593

I love her making trannies seethe. she aint wrong

No. 1153605

NTA but a criminal man doesn't deserve to live if he's willing to put women's lives at risk.

No. 1153635

Texan politicians are braindead and she probably sucks Greg Abbott and Ted Cruz's dick for fun, these evangelical female conservatard politicians are high order pickmes who'll take away your abortion rights but keep applauding them kek

No. 1153640

>these evangelical female conservatard politicians are high order pickmes who'll take away your abortion rights
You said it better than me. I can't like her just because she doesn't like trannies, honestly.

No. 1153642

No one is saying she's based. Everyone loves seeing trannies seethe because twitter no longer bans opposing opinions.

No. 1153702

You realize we’re not here supporting her we’re laughing at the trannies. Take your politics sperg elsewhere.

No. 1153711

File: 1651165225973.png (46.03 KB, 701x268, Screenshot_20220428-185828.png)

This is hysterical lmao

No. 1153716

And I'm still allowed to post my opinion about her.

No. 1153717

kek this is so funny

No. 1153721

I'm not one to call conservatives based just because they happened to agree with me once, but you have to celebrate the small victories, like seeing trannies unable to control the narrative for once on twitter of all places.

No. 1153723

I hate muskrat but love the change he brings.

No. 1153732

I am not at all fond of the harry potter series but I still think Jk rowling is based and find it hilarious how she makes trannies seethe with simple statements, similar logic with this one, she's a dumbass but the way she makes trannies seethe with just simple snark the way even goypers can't is beautiful to witness

No. 1153916

I'll be more impressed if/when regular women who aren't blue checkmark political panderers can tweet that men aren't women without being banned for it, hope it's really happening so the seething can increase from here

No. 1153983

I wonder if celebrities will start to talk their shit now?

No. 1154060

London, Bristol, other cities in the UK almost as bad tbh

No. 1154065

She probably does.

No. 1154114

File: 1651187065868.jpg (23.82 KB, 302x387, l.jpg)

Please form an orderly queue, nonas

No. 1154128

what the fuck is wrong with people? i won't say just men in this case because unfortunately i have seen this with women on onlyfans and their mothers. absolutely sickening.

No. 1154130

The source of this nonsense is definitely men though. They're the ones that want to see parent-child incest and pay for it.

No. 1154135

oh, yes of course. the demand is from men, naturally.

No. 1154175

yeah, i've seen this with girls and their mothers. just sad. i think it's the parent's fault. these things genuinely make me sick to my stomach

No. 1154218

They're probably not related at all irl, plenty of people just find random who are older and use it for clout

No. 1154234

>Top 0.1%
Does that actually mean anything? Every time I see someone with an Onlyfans they always say that.

No. 1154323

Whoooo caaaares. I don't even know who that woman is and I don't live in burgerland. What I love is the ability to say fuck trannies freely. Now that's a small victory.

No. 1154343

If he wasn't black you wouldn't be crying over him. He doesn't deserve a free pass and should get the same treatment all moids deserve for harming women.

No. 1154514

File: 1651207063875.jpg (653.11 KB, 2500x1667, 200612-martin_gugino-mc-1302.j…)

yes we would. extrajudicial murder, especially when no threat is present, when the police have literally no clue who the hell they're murdering is BS, always. like with that poor autistic boy elijah mcclain who obviously wasn't a threat. floyd could've been a relative angel for all they knew. they murdered a white kid for trying to buy a dimebag some years back, they murdered peyton ham for no reason, and where are the right wingers fighting for peyton ham or the white kid trying to buy a dimebag??? or any people murdered by the police for that matter? where are the right wingers talking about the 75 yo white dude martin gugino the police pushed to the ground while trying to be nice and hand them one of their helmets, that dozens of them walked right by while he was bleeding out of his ear who never did a thing wrong in his life?

No. 1154530

File: 1651207579473.jpg (29.83 KB, 750x436, FRO-i_GUUAARik-.jpg)

get rekt blue checkmarks

No. 1154537

this, for the love of all that is good and holy. it's pathetic.

No. 1154567

Not everyone here is a burger and we don't care. Have fun with your negative GDP, tightening your belts will help curb the obesity epidemic

No. 1154571

Nobody has to care for me to post how I feel about the lady in those tweets. Also, even if you don't live in America, she is American so it is pretty relevant.

No. 1154575

not every burger here has to stay in america but i don't support anti-feminists that want to take away more important women's rights just because they are anti-troon, sorry. sorry your values are fundamentally incompatible and you can't arrange comprehensive beliefs that don't conflict with each other. guess you really don't gaf about women if you don't care about them having their rights taken away. i'm not supporting people anywhere in the world no matter where i live that are anti-feminists who are fighting to take away more important rights for women and enact austerity policy that affects primarily women and children.

No. 1154615

yeah, it's downright ridiculous to be this stupid and blind when you're an old man. shame on this guy. attention-seeking woke people are guiding me into growth by counter-example lmao

No. 1154898

Stop pretending the trannies aren't on their way to take your rights too with their crazy policies, you cannot even define women anymore, they are allowed to be on our bathrooms, sports and shelters, and the moment they go full schizo and try to get their stupid ass womb surgeries they will have a monopoly on our reproductive organs too, and I'm not even mentioning their constant death treats and rape fantasies. Troons are dangerous to our rights and basic safety too, cause they're still men
>and enact austerity policy that affects primarily women and children
The tranny movement directly affects women and children, cause they're a bunch of dangerous pedophiles and misogynists

I'm not a republican, I just believe both sides are going extreme and trying to defend any of them is not right

No. 1154922

inject liquid shit into your veins(infighting)

No. 1154925

File: 1651234709662.png (1.25 MB, 1844x1080, IMG_20220429_131735.png)

true crime bitches are TOO much. TOO MUCH.

No. 1154926

>even if you don't live in America you must care for American politics they need to be relevant to you, do as I say even though I just told you that I don't care for your opinion I only care about mine
Ok burger

No. 1154928

What's up with the fucking tranny lovers recently? Go back to your beloved website, infighting is against the rules.

No. 1154932

What kind of reply is this? Are you mentally ill? I was not being rude, just sharing my point of view

No. 1154936

Burgers are so sensitive I swear to God. We don't fucking care about your politics, stop shoehorning them onto everyone. This is essentially why we had BLM protests everywhere besides the US, you can't stop guilt tripping people into submission. I don't even care about BLM, I just think Americans pushing their shit onto everyone thinking it's the most important thing in the world should stop.

No. 1154944

This. I think a tranny or a moid is trying to change the narrative but trannies are bad for our rights too. I'm in a shithole Muslim country and they talked about fucking gender dysphoria in our schools but no one thinks lesbians or bisexuals are real! These retarded American politics are seeping through every culture and I don't want to be forced to see those transvestite prostitutes as women when actually female sex workers are getting trafficked abused or killed but no one is caring about them!
Sage for ot

No. 1154955

>I don't want to be forced to see those transvestite prostitutes as women
I feel this very deeply too. I live in Latin America and somehow the fact these tranny escorts prostitute themselves helps the narrative that they're "real women". I wish I was making this up because it just proves women equals sexual object for men.

No. 1154973

Nta but she literally never mentioned or defended trannies, she just said she didn’t support conservatives either, which is most of the board anyway?
It’s disturbing how aggressive some of you are despite being illiterate.

No. 1154991

>i don't support anti-feminists that want to take away more important women's rights just because they are anti-troon
>just because they are anti-troon
Taking women's rights away and tranny bullshit are correlated anyway, no side has our interests in mind so what's the point of posting something like this besides inflicting us with fear of ever calling out trannies? "conservatives will fuck you up but trannies are not that bad!!" hell nah
>It’s disturbing how aggressive some of you are despite being illiterate
Are you ignoring this? >>1154922

No. 1155007

I would watch Elon Musk in a porno but only with Grimes' strap-on

No. 1155016

Reddit if they aren't their already

No. 1155024

It’s because this entire thing is entitled retards being backed and pushed by big pharma. Each of those kids on puberty blockers in the states is worth 1.6 million dollars in trans healthcare, every time you want to know why you can’t escape this shit that’s it. It’s literally money. They don’t seem to understand the problem is already in the house because more than one person can be the bad guy and they’ve bought the dichotomy lie.

No. 1155026

No amber

No. 1155045

>burger gets offended because someone says they literally don't care about american politics, deems them "aggressive and illiterate"
Typical narc burger, are you going to call me an ape now too?

No. 1155046

Tumblr banned porn so I hope they jump to reddit. We all know reddit is unhinged anyway.

No. 1155050

These people seriously need to touch grass

No. 1155056

This can't be fucking serious

No. 1155077

Reddit truly looks like core of this shit nowadays
Every single comment is cringe and all most all posts are lies
r/world, politics are the biggest shitholes

No. 1155190

Ayrt, I did not say any of that. You're literally just reading what you want to read, anon. My point was that nobody has to care about how I feel for me to post, because that's the truth (since anon replied to me saying that nobody cares). Nobody has to care about what anons who liked Sara's tweets feel either for them to post their opinion. And you don't have to care about American politics, but other people can still talk about it because she's American. Anyway, I wasn't trying to make anyone upset with my post and I didn't think it would even drag out this long. I don't like conservatives who say they hate trannies the same way I don't like trannies who say they hate conservatives, that's all.

No. 1155200

i'm on your side, anon. dw.

No. 1155203

File: 1651250311347.jpeg (296.61 KB, 828x417, 22ED787A-801E-47B1-8C0D-C1B21F…)

No. 1155337

File: 1651256877246.jpg (45.17 KB, 720x720, peperage.jpg)

Just came to rage post about this.
>been really enjoying tumblr for the past year
>no coom posters
>everyone is generally polite and on-topic
>Tumblr's not only looks good visually, but I can actually filter posts (unlike twitter)
>now twitter trannies and blue checkshits are trying to destroy my nostalgia haven once again
I pray that the anti-coom policy drives them away, if not then I'm fucked.

No. 1155357

I'm in a reverse situation right now:
>started using tumblr daily for fandoms from 2011 to 2016
>it turned to shit because of american sjw who would harass anyone over nothing and police what content was posted that way
>porn bots started bein prominent in like 2015 or 2016 I think?
>started using twitter since 2014 or 2015 to avoid these little shits, deleted my tumblr blog on 2016 because of the horrible atmosphere and discourses
>these little bitches decided to do the same thing not long after
>porn ban made even more people migrate from tumblr to twitter
>went back to tumblr like in late 2021 to start a proper blog and follow some normal fandom blogs again, naively thinking that the porn ban solved everything
>tags are even more polluted with sjw discourse than ever
>deleted second tumblr blog and remade a twitter just to follow very specific artists last year
I hope the pearl-cluching trannies will leave twitter and go somewhere else, but I doubt they'll pick tumblr because of the porn ban. Competent artists don't need tumblr anymore and won't risk getting banned for posting art that's a little too beige for tumblr's bots or algorithm. Tumblr is too niche for normies, especially the wanabee influencers who won't be able to monetize their posts. I can only imagine debate obsessed people really trying to shit up tumblr right now.

No. 1155401

the best thing about the ban was banning misogynistic porn blogs ( quite like r/churchofman, don't look that up) and drove away pieces shit getting off to that shit.

No. 1155405

Churchofman? What's that?

No. 1155443

Probably some cringy maledom blog ran by a fat misogynist , going by the name

No. 1155470

This nigga is playing a character

No. 1155612

he's probably a shia innit

No. 1155639

i hate faggots

No. 1155924

Don't blame her, they all look insufferable.

No. 1155929

This. Recently I've been thinking how fucking DISGUSTING the daddy dom shit was before the porn ban. It was EVERYWHERE. The fucking "come here kitten I will breed a baby inside you" "daddy will check your panties now, only I can tell you when to pee" etc ughgh still makes me barf. This shit still exists over there but it's less visible nowadays thank god.

No. 1155942

So now that the SJWs will migrate back to Tumblr, will the radfem tumblrs be driven off the platform?

Will Tumblr become insufferable again and they will try to cancel you over nothing?

Will the jealous artfags become more prominent? Will the gender in bio bitches take their troon content with them?

No. 1155959

Tumblr is already sjw tranny hell though, idk where you all are getting this "chill space" I can't even find blogs to follow. My experience has been exactly this >>1155357 as well

No. 1156063

look for a terf blocklist and follow all of them

No. 1156122

Find one radfem tumblr blog and keep clicking away until you find more you like. One that I really like is opabiniawillreturn.

No. 1156164

Show me your follows NOW

No. 1156222

I'm making a prediction right now, but probably reddit, its the perfect place for porn artists, woketard and just shitty people who like to talk about "drama", I could see a migration of first porn artists and then the woketards following the tims, plus with the tiwtter sub-communities could just go to the dedicated subreddits

No. 1156229

hedgehog-moss is my favorite tumblr person in the world. she has a little farm in the french countryside with a bratty llama and she's incredibly smart

No. 1156231

I don't get why they don't all just congregate on reddit already anyway, it's made for degenerates with superiority complexes and crybullies. They would fit right in.

No. 1156276

Holy stretch Batman!
Why are some non American farmers so spergy?

No. 1156293

Because you never fail to get triggered (like now) and that's funny

No. 1156473

I’m not triggered. I just think that comeback was fucking stupid but I digress. And even if I was, it wouldn’t make that post any less retarded.

No. 1156656

Ok triggered burger

No. 1157013

File: 1651374853700.jpeg (157.68 KB, 946x1136, 897965A0-CD8A-4F06-B597-3DB2E3…)

Imagine a guy telling you he likes your chubby womb.

No. 1157017

I want personally break both hands of every moid who draws the crotch thru the clothes.

No. 1157030

That's literally just the lower stomach/mons pubis area. Why are they so stupid.

No. 1157049

and she also used to be a radfem, her username was sespursongles and she wrote some of the most based posts in radblr history. love her. there's a pdf of her old radfem writings out there somewhere

No. 1157061

i mean, is it retarded? yes, absolutely. but i don't mind this. yes men, all of our fat in our lower midsection is just having a "chubby womb". at least it'll stop them from harassing us for being fat if they're so anatomically retarded that they think lower belly fat is just having big wombs ready to be "seeded"

No. 1157062

isn't that just the fupa or whatever it's called?

No. 1157270

how about the navel? everyone and their mother seem to draw navel showing through clothes when it shouldn't

No. 1159782

File: 1651530934710.jpeg (200.18 KB, 828x656, F7D35838-465A-4999-B9FF-4BB2A6…)

Even the faggots are weirded out I can't kek

No. 1159809

Bob from Bobs Burgers

No. 1159815


No. 1161806

File: 1651603372932.jpeg (114.11 KB, 1170x730, C3A429AB-0530-412F-BEFF-82F072…)

Scrotes mad

No. 1161812

Is his username femalegenitalmutilation3_ or am I dumb

No. 1161819

Samefag, but that also that tweet reads as more of a shot towards women rather than troons. Of course they will take it personally though.

No. 1161884

And what they mean by "a horrible person" is a woman not taking their shit anymore, lol. Keep seething, lowlifes.

No. 1161913

This. A woman with actual self-worth stops worshipping men and being easy to manipulate use or fuck. That's why they're so mad.

No. 1163240

what is with all those retweets and likes too?

No. 1163407

File: 1651663241087.jpeg (263.71 KB, 1170x1486, 8866D731-BD90-4971-891A-950A2C…)

how can i make every situation about ME

No. 1163409

how exactly are they MORE affected??? this oh woe is me shit is so tiresome

No. 1163410

"PLEASE include us in this fight" Kek, no. I really hope it'll never come to this.

No. 1163411

because they think they are men so obviously issues that affect them are more serious than issues that affect women (dumb, frivolous), duh!

No. 1163521

File: 1651668915973.jpg (120.78 KB, 597x686, Untitled.jpg)

sonic fans are embarrassing

No. 1163526

Male autism and sonic.

No. 1163555

I guess this person completely missed the "do you know the way?" line in the movie

No. 1163584

I'm glad I played Sonic games as a kid/teen in peace and quiet and never tried to interact with actually dedicated fanboys online.

No. 1163621

I can’t imagine being an adult, a grown ass human male, and typing something like this completely unironically. Brainrot

No. 1163635

reminds me of this video that was recommended sometime back and its so utterly bizarre, I have played the sonic games and their light hearted silly games very clearly meant for kids and for some reason sonic fans seem to be convinced its somehow way more deep then it actually is, like the guy in this video is angry and upset that knuckles is hanging out with sonic and tails and not "serious"

No. 1163638

I don't know what they're on, he's still silly in the live action version. The entire existence of sonic dooms it to silliness, it's a series about a blue hedgehog that throws rings

No. 1163646

I need to watch this as soon as I'm back home from the office kek, the thumbnail itself is too much. I think some of the autistic fans played SA1 and 2 as kids and didn't realize that they weren't supposed to find these games cool and impressive past the age of 10. It's not because there's an implied genocide in SA1 and a NGE like plot in SA2 that they're serious games. Like, ok, the cutscene where the professor gets executed by the US military after a crazy speech is disturbing and a bit to close to reality but literally one second after that you see the camera focusing on cutesy chibi cartoon mascots saying they'll save the world. Reminds me of grown men taking shonen manga and MCU movies too seriously and arguing about the characters' powerlevels and only caring about the fight scenes and nothing else.

No. 1164093

File: 1651687613414.png (66.61 KB, 275x231, imagen_2022-05-04_130707369.pn…)

No. 1164098

Nonnie Sonic collects rings, he doesn't throw them. Gosh, no culture at all.

No. 1164116

File: 1651688293959.jpg (51.35 KB, 730x348, birthingbodies.JPG)

No. 1164123

Knuckles has literally always been retarded or did they never play the games? His first appearance in Sonic & Knuckles was the only time he was 'badass' but that didnt even last long

No. 1164133

File: 1651688703847.png (64.42 KB, 245x275, imagen_2022-05-04_132519519.pn…)

No. 1164135

File: 1651688724624.png (69.29 KB, 224x275, imagen_2022-05-04_132540073.pn…)

No. 1164139

File: 1651688766836.png (49.51 KB, 193x275, imagen_2022-05-04_132552871.pn…)

No. 1164147

these pics are tiny af

No. 1164171

Same. The internet wasnt super popular when i was a kid, so videogames and irl friends were all i had. These autists with access to online shit ruined so much.

No. 1164175

Can't tell if this is a parody or not since this is literally every MTF in existence.

No. 1164178

Women. wtf birthing bodies is actually the most insulting term i've heard. Might as well call women baby machines or baby makers like men used to in the early 19th century. Tranny shit has really made us go back 100 years.

No. 1164363

File: 1651693759039.jpeg (13.26 KB, 793x188, 9D418EE8-91D5-4CE4-A235-EA0B3C…)

I want to kill myself

No. 1164366

god I want to fucking die

No. 1164367

2016: pussy hats
2022: birthing bodies

No. 1164368

sometimes I wish I could say "I hope these men die" on this website

No. 1164373

Meant to quote >>1164178 i have fat fingers kek

No. 1164382

I hope johnny depp does die

No. 1164441

Don’t worry. Darwin will get them for you.

No. 1164515

File: 1651697445960.gif (2.88 MB, 498x351, gdhg.gif)

ant anon ant anon ant anon ant anon

No. 1164577

They literally have Robotnik tell him "I can show you the way" in the movie, and Knuckles still acts like a retard kek

No. 1164768

File: 1651702266788.png (439.12 KB, 592x617, 73S.png)

thank you twitter for showing this to me as trending, very cool.

No. 1164932

oh for fuck's sake

No. 1165150


No. 1165191

File: 1651723036859.jpeg (129.85 KB, 1125x1456, 1651703528152.jpeg)

No. 1165207

File: 1651723917231.png (141.41 KB, 1500x500, FR1itbIWYAEpWfT.png)

I hate this world so fucking much

No. 1165236

File: 1651726323137.jpg (38.11 KB, 622x384, 1617210794719.jpg)

>stonetoss being the voice of reason

No. 1165480

Stonetoss making a straight up feminist comic is the twist I didn’t expect in 2022

No. 1165489

Men too what? What are they too? Harassed by men?

No. 1165500

File: 1651747026711.png (76.2 KB, 625x605, stoppedclock.png)

he weirdly does this on occasion

No. 1166247

a broken clock is right twice a day.

No. 1166482

File: 1651782598421.jpeg (63.1 KB, 750x554, 2DC825C6-1536-4AD8-8CC1-DC10A8…)

Then bitch, lose weight!!!

No. 1166484

Then say this as if it's the fault of medical professionals.

No. 1166578

This is killing me kekkk on top of that hideous profile picture

No. 1167165

Being fat was already good birth control in itself

No. 1171237

File: 1651976373789.png (169.78 KB, 1198x726, sbux.png)

From a thread about Starbucks's union busting efforts. You can never escape tranny coomerism.

No. 1171253

There is an emergency contraceptive for women with high BMIs called "Ella" that works the same as Plan B. Twitter users don't do any research and don't actually care about helping anyone.

No. 1171262

Nothing is satire with trannies. They really do be like this.

No. 1171269

first off say fat women
secondly, it's almost as if losing weight should be a priority first since medication is harder to prescribe to larger weights/masses

No. 1171270

I'm so glad i quit that shithole. trannies were becoming the norm there because of their shitty health care packages for trannies. I had a FTM shift lead who went on a 2 month leave to get her tits chopped off. It was sad to watch. She wasn't even 21.

No. 1171314

nayrt but in the movies he does

No. 1171350

Hate to say it but he does pass very well

No. 1171446

Hate to say it but you need glasses nonnie. He looks like the most typical drag queen who'd suck a dick at night near a gas station for 2 cents.

No. 1174742

File: 1652153704762.png (34.5 KB, 600x381, goodbye.png)

So it seems like all the checkmarks on twitter are going migrating off twitter, I am not a muskfag but this is pathetic

No. 1174821

Has there even been any huge change in how the site operates since it changed hands? Or are they just scared they'll see 'violent' misgendering in the future?

No. 1174830

As far as I know, no. The deal hasn't even gone through yet

No. 1175198

Wow, maybe this means twitter will actually suck less in the future. Bluecheck journalists are one of the worst parts of the site

No. 1178103

File: 1652370630707.jpeg (213.48 KB, 1170x1044, FD7A976D-26E3-4A21-BE25-84E0FF…)

Incel but woke. People in this conversation are mad that people on dating apps don’t want to date overweight people.

No. 1178106

Jokes on them because I am fat and I love hiking and being active but I also love food

No. 1178110

Kek. I'm thin and fit but hate hiking, people who do this just to get fit people are retarded. Just leftswipe on people you find unattractive, no reason to be petty.

No. 1178111

As a fat fuck, that's just good to know early on that we can both avoid each other, fair is fair. Although the strongest walkers/hikers I know are fatter than I am, bonkers

No. 1178124

Half the guys I've matched with that said they like hiking fucking don't lol, they consider a walk in a park hiking. I like to camp and go walking where there's no paths. These men can't even tell me what hikes they go on

No. 1178128

Why is hiking a term for being fit, though? Why don't they just say they're sporty or like working out? None of those hiker men are fit themselves either, either fat or skinny fat.

No. 1178136

I honestly think its a term for men that can't form bonds with other men who play team sports and so them walking about is the only outdoor activity they do because otherwise they're wanking or playing video games

No. 1178161

Idk about you but I like hiking but am not sporty and don’t like “working out.” Those communicate very different things to me. One is getting out to enjoy nature and getting exercise while doing it, one is competing with other people and getting exercise while doing it, one is exercise for the sake of exercise.

No. 1178172

Samefag, I feel like a good line to draw is that if you’re not getting out of breath at least some of the time then it’s a walk and not a hike. But other people don’t seem to think of it like that.

No. 1178179

Come on anon, half of the "I like hiking/taking care of myself" crowd are skinnyfat and pudgy men themselves who think a woman being into exercising equals skinny and petite so they try to weed them out like that.

No. 1178196

I want a friend like you, anon. I have so many nature trails near me and want to hike them but some people hate getting dirty.

No. 1179721

File: 1652452481678.jpeg (107.3 KB, 827x712, 4B8DD897-CD07-4AAF-B004-8CD3AB…)

why are bisexual women on the internet obsessed with pretending to be lesbians?

No. 1179723

No idea, it seems biphobic.

No. 1179732

The 13 years old kid is correct regardless of age. Imagine arguing with a kid and losing.

No. 1179740

File: 1652453293152.gif (496.78 KB, 500x275, giphy-1.gif)

What does this have to do with us? Both people in that picture are lesbians.

No. 1179742

because bi women are constantly told that they "might as well be straight" so if twitter clout is important to you, you can't be just bi, it's not special enough.

No. 1179752

almost like they’re pressured and bullied by lesbians for liking dick as well. a lot of male fags and lesbians argue purity with your sexuality, no better than heterosexual male pundits honestly

No. 1179758

Ask out fellow bi fujo sisters who pretend to be lesbians

No. 1179766

I don't get these replies.

No. 1179853

>bronze star lesbian
>thinks that lesbians can be attracted to men
i highly doubt there are two lesbians in that screenshot

No. 1179855

File: 1652458449338.png (235.95 KB, 1190x572, Screen Shot 2022-05-13 at 11.4…)

Anyone else here sick of kirawontmiss's basic copypasta tweets?

No. 1180043

File: 1652466501776.png (56.83 KB, 597x316, Screen Shot 2022-05-13 at 11.2…)

shit like this constantly on twitter makes me so fucking embarrassed to be as left-leaning as i am. you sound schizo, and also you sound like your search history needs to be investigated. the replies to this are even more insane and hysteric, as you can imagine

No. 1180047

Why do we need to do that when they kill themselves at the drop of a hat.

No. 1180048

It's either this, or I notice that there sadly are a lot of young women who think they are "lesbians who are also attracted to men" because they are attracted to some TIFs in addition to other women and have to call them "men" when really they are regular lesbians who are attracted only to women

No. 1180049

Wtf does this even mean?

No. 1180069

File: 1652467268926.png (374.48 KB, 594x635, Screen Shot 2022-05-13 at 11.3…)

funny how these types are all for "guillotine the billionaires" and "it's gonna be so sad when we have to kill (insert x celeb here) during the class war uprising" yet apparently wanting pedos to die is going too far. THAT'S the line you're drawing?

he's insinuating that the modern trend of witch-hunting and labeling people as negative things is a slippery slope to preparing the public for mass genocide of anyone with a negative "label". like literally victimizing scumbags by comparing calling a pedo a pedo to the fucking Holocaust. I was super confused because I don't even see this happening and if anything liberals are the ones doing it more often by going "fascist" to anyone with a different political opinion and getting mad at people for daring to have any empathy for people who might've been wrongly canceled, but then someone replied with a quote tweet about how right-wing people are "obsessed" with labeling trans people as pedophiles, so this will allegedly lead to a Trans Holocaust??? somehow that spiraled downwards in the thread into "your republican neighbors might be preparing to kill you, buy a gun and protect yourself, the end is near" ???? the paranoia bug is insane lately

No. 1180102

I would bet you $50 that this man is projecting and would happily cheer for a genocide of anyone with differing opinions from him

No. 1180161

>he's insinuating that the modern trend of witch-hunting
sick and tired of all the "pedo witch hunt" strawmans
>you're getting upset because a 17 yr old is dating an 18 yr old???
I promise you no one who is against pedophilia gives a single shit about 17 yr olds dating 18 yr olds. It's as stupid as the "you can be a sex offender for public urination!!" thing. Meanwhile if you look at the sex offender map it's all groomers and rapists near you, you never see someone become a sex offender for public urination even though its scrotes biggest strawman, where are all these public pissing sex offenders they speak of? just like you never see a man whos being blasted for being a pedo is an 18 yr old dating a 17 yr old.

No. 1180170

You're right. Also someone should tell twitterfags that killing off criminals isn't genocide, genocide is literally discrimination based on ethnicity or religion, they're mocking the real genocides by acting this way.

No. 1180179

funny that is is a concern only now, when was this sentiment when everyone got labeled nazi and terf over the smallest disagreement?

No. 1180201

These people will make up shit about how they're about to be genocided then will unironically turn around and tweet "kill all terfs"

No. 1181404

They hated her because she told them the truth

No. 1181411

File: 1652566463293.jpg (108.3 KB, 1124x1330, 20220511_163342.jpg)

What the hell is going on with the anime community

No. 1181417

I think this is a joke

No. 1181425

File: 1652568085386.jpg (98.38 KB, 1080x585, Screenshot_20220514-173749__01…)

I know it's a joke but this is still a self own bc it is 100% the true lived experience of gendies everywhere (being the token Family Disappointment with internet brainrot and zero real world accomplishments)

No. 1181770

File: 1652598754301.png (999.05 KB, 1644x3169, Screenshot_20220515-090845~2.p…)

I don't know if this goes here, but I can't believe how salty people are about Ukraine winning this year's Eurovision. in my opinion it was a pretty good song, and even if it was out of solidarity is not such a big deal

No. 1181772

Are you the same anon who came here to butthurt in Eurothread? It was obvious those were pity voting. At the end of the day it's not that deep, Eurovision has been shit for many years. Plus the jury changed the votes of SIX countries, claiming these six countries did some fake-voting (which is why they tried to lie that they had technical difficulties). The voting sys was a Trainwreck and it was painfully obvious Ukraine would win. Imo it's a music contest and should be only about music. Ukraine also won in 2016 when they had Maidan going on.

No. 1181776

Not really, hadn't seen that thread, and first time posting about this. I don't know, I feel like people are getting way to pissed about this

No. 1181784

nta but I don't even think it's pity votes just hundreds of thousands if not millions of refugees voting for Ukraine from abroad. I have no proof to back it up but I think that was the deciding factor, not sympathy votes.

No. 1181788

Could be that too. I am neighbours with Poland and they are all over the place right now, and on VK I saw a lot of people in Ukrainian communities massvoting and being proud of it, but whatever floats their boat, really. Eurovision is barely about music anymore. I do wonder why Israel is still on Eurovision, considering the cruelty they are doing to Palestine. Even a day before their performance they shot a woman live on TV who was a reporter.

No. 1181814

I don't understand how Ireland did not get into finals

No. 1181825

>barely about music anymore
when has it been in the last 20 years

eurovision has always been a political rap battle get over it

No. 1181831

People acting like the UK and Spain got "robbed" and bitching about the integrity of the contest need to shut the fuck up. Ukraine was one of my favourites this year and even besides the pity votes they deserved to win. It's not that serious.

No. 1181852

kira is sus but I don't have enough proof

No. 1181868

It's a mystery to me how UK got that many votes in the first place. Wack.

No. 1181883

I think Spain was better even if she had a generic pop song, because her performance was amazing. The UK guy is a popular TikToker, so that is why. Same with Poland.

No. 1181920

I lasted 3 weeks on twitter before deleting again its just boring and not funny. I got a few tweets liked by my celebrity crushes and interacted with a local celebrity but aside from that it's shit and even with that it gave me like 6 mins of joy before I realised it meant NOTHING

twitter is dull. It's geeks and needs trying to be funny or black people being funny

No. 1182452

>I got a few tweets liked by my celebrity crushes and interacted with a local celebrity
tell us tell us tell us

No. 1182593

File: 1652656343592.jpeg (475.44 KB, 1242x1169, 29EC55DF-521E-432C-BEC2-89B4CE…)

Some of you are just lazy. You do not all have ADHD.

No. 1182628

i’m genuinely unhinged so i’m not the person to say this but everyone and their mom is now diagnosed with bpd, adhd or autism etc etc… that they’re all meaningless now. I haven’t met one person who hasn’t had an autism diagnosis or adhd diagnosis when back then they’ll just be dumb lazy or weird now they’re making it hard to identify actually disabled and mentally Ill individuals with their larp.

No. 1182711

Can summon the braincells to jump through these mental hoops but can’t someone enough to get up and tidy

No. 1183253

Self diagnosing as depressed/socially anxious isn't enough anymore that's the tumblr 2015 era. Now we're in the age of tiktok adhd/autism self-diagnosing.

No. 1183257

Right, anyone can get diagnosed as depressed and anxious now so it isn't cool or edgy enough for online teens to pretend to have anymore

No. 1183267

I wonder what's next? You think everyone will pretend to be schizos in 5 years time?

No. 1183270

It's already happening in /x/ adjacent scrotestagramm

No. 1183272

nta but I honestly think we'll fling back to mental health becoming tabboo again, maybe not in 5 years but 10 or 20

No. 1186039

What do you mean? When I think of people pretending to be schizo I think of 13 year olds with "psychotic self diagnosed" in their carrds

No. 1186529

File: 1652884744503.png (243.48 KB, 1080x1316, Screenshot_20220510-235855~2.p…)

Yeah no, I'm pretty sure most BL authors are still straight (or bi/lesbian) women, the fakeboi craze is not as big there than in the states, writing Sheith fanfiction as a 3rd generation SEA is not the same as publishing BL in Japan.

No. 1186538

Is she trying to say that all fujoshi are actually troons?

No. 1186542

Isn't that in the context of the heartstopper girl saying her ugly BL comics aren't actually BL because BL is fetishizing muh queer folx? Like, that twitter girl isn't completely wrong but a lot of mangaka use pen names just for very general privacy reasons, not just to hide that they munch carpet. And that tendency to use the word "queer" on the LGB is seriously pissing me off.

No. 1186553


Maybe I'm reading this wrong, but it seems like the post is saying that BL authors are generally bi and lesbian women. They hide behind the idea that BL is written by straight women for straight women because it's safer to say that then it is to say that the authors are actually bi/lesbian.

From what (albeit little) research I've done on the subject, this does seem to be the case. I remember watching a video (which I can't seem to find now) about a gay man who wrote bara, and he mentioned that he has many female friends who write BL. Turns out many of them are actually bi or lesbian.

Maybe someone else knows what I'm talking about and has the link?

No. 1186562

We've had this discussion like 100 times and someone posted that video in another thread at some point iirc but I don't remember which one at all. The thing is, what you said isn't wrong, but a bunch of western fujoshi in denial/fakebois imply that fujoshi are just "eggs" and closeted transmen so sometimes when there's a lack of context it's hard to know what this type of tweet can mean. I've seen many posts in the past saying "don't be mean to fujoshi, they might be straight white girls and fetishizers but maybe they're transboys who don't know it just yet, just like me uwu"

No. 1186584

Yeah, I get that! I have seen that sort of discourse around but luckily enough not so much that it's the first thing I think of when seeing a post like this. I apologize for dredging up old talking points. I was also just unsure about the context, and since the OP Twitter post didn't explicitly mention ftms I just figured they were talking about lesbian/bi women. But I guess that's part of where the confusion is.

I want to give the creator the benefit of the doubt, but who knows anymore?

No. 1186589

I'm the OP and I screenshotted this tweet mostly because a fakeboi retweeted it and tbh when I see the word queer my mind immediately jumps to tranny/enby shit, not regular gay stuff. I have no idea about the context but apparently the person who posted this is a woman identifying as a woman, so maybe it's really about lesbian/bi woman. Sorry, I didn't want to start an umpteenth debate of straight vs lesbian fujoshis. The racist bit is retard though.

No. 1186635

The racist bit would seem retarded to me too if I weren't into Japanese video games and didn't see many of them being mistranslated or even rewritten to seem more American by weirdly racist and homophobic white American "translators" in their 40s. That's a different topic but I've seen enough shit to know some Westerners really do think of Asian pop culture as inherently inferior to their own pop culture just because it's Asian and thus weird and dumb. Sage for off-topic.

No. 1187490

File: 1652946623213.jpeg (134.22 KB, 825x809, 81DE911A-F29C-4B90-8096-C9902C…)

this has never happened

No. 1187492

They must be bi. You can't be lesbian and write male porn. Most fujos hide behind bisexual or lesbian identities but they mostly date and lust after men. They even consider yuri-fags to be like men and feel disgust about actual real lesbians.
Can't be a fujo and a lesbian. They're bi at most

No. 1187496

Sorry nonnie but everyone who unironically likes yuri is a coomer moid or a 15-year old polilez who will unsurprisingly get a boyfriend in 3 years. Literally nobody else is attracted to watching malegaze anime schoolgirls make out, I have never, ever in my life seen an actual adult lesbian enjoy yuri.

No. 1187542

>insanely gorgeous, model-hot trans guy

No. 1187706

based kpop avi radfems

No. 1187720

So by your logic pickmes who surround themselves with busty sonico figures are actually attracted to irl women because of it?

No. 1187766

It's the handposting fujosperg again, don't interact nonny

No. 1187774

I don't know which source you're talking about because plenty of geikomi (male bara) artists such as Gengoroh Takame have said that the women writing BL are almost always lesbian or bi, and that's why most gay men don't find BL attractive due to it being too effeminate and female-gazey. Japan is so ridiculously homophobic and misogynistic that you just can never be open about it. But when you're in your late 30's and early 40's or older, still unmarried and hanging around with your female friends drawing gay anime porn professionally that's pretty much a dogwhistle in their society kek.

No. 1187858

I agree tbh. Maybe if the BL they consume is purely romance-based I can understand but a lesbian getting off to two guys fucking? Lmao

No. 1189954

File: 1653073264558.jpeg (51.73 KB, 640x944, FTENSYfWIAE8Bfr.jpeg)

While the (probably) tradfag's reply was stupid, 350k likes on a joke about someone's infertility rubs wrong. Getting earrings with 'Abortion' written on it is a retarded idea anyway.


No. 1189958

File: 1653073308861.jpeg (154.27 KB, 1200x1013, FTKJRMCXoAAahTE.jpeg)

And just to add another layer to how stupid twitterfags are

No. 1189965

I'm sorry but I laughed so hard at this. I mean sure she could be offended but why did she make that post on the first place? What doesn't an abortion have to do with her infertility?

No. 1189970

Honestly being a twitterfag must be exhausting. I almost feel bad for them but they only encourage this shit by going along with it.

No. 1189971

it's like those girls who wear enby or he/him earrings

No. 1189982

Wtf? When did I say anything about animal figures? Lesbians can't enjoy male bodies, stop this weird propoganda. I don't care if straight women watch yaoi or whatever but acting like lesbians secretly get off to it is stupid.
Liking female figures means you're a polilez but you think actual real lesbians get off to gay men? Why don't gay men watch Yuri or lesbian porn then?

No. 1189997

They're just coping about being attracted to male bodies because 3dpd moids suck. A part of me can't blame them for being in full denial.

No. 1190033

I don't blame them and more power to them if bi women choose to date only women but they shouldn't act like it's normal for lesbians to ne attracted to men. It makes it look like lesbian women don't exist and they're just women who can't or choose not to get with men.

No. 1190077

Fair point. I agree.

No. 1191749

File: 1653174321203.jpeg (167.75 KB, 750x841, 5BE043FB-6024-4CB6-966C-2554A7…)

Perhaps this belongs in 2X

No. 1191754

Why are men alive?

No. 1191766


No. 1191778


No. 1191879

weebs are a mistake

No. 1191905

File: 1653189095807.png (1008.21 KB, 882x1598, Screen Shot 2022-05-21 at 8.11…)


No. 1191908

>It's simple!
>First step is a 10 hour procedure
>Just remove all blood vessels as if that's easy

Lmao they will necrosis themselves to death just to piss off the terfs. How heckin valid

No. 1191909

If attempted, this would cause so many men suffering because of how invasive, and problematic this is, in addition to a crippling financial burden. No doubt this will never be feasible, and no one would be able to carry a fetus to term.

No. 1191910

Doesn't scare me because it's not happening

No. 1191921

The organ failure, the bleeding, the infections, the ugly results, the physical and psychological pain… this would most likely lead someone to kill themselves before they can even recover fully.

No. 1191922

As if it was so simple… Kek

No. 1191946

I will never understand the reckless overconfidence trannies have in the dubious, fucked up medical procedures available to them. Anyone who looks into hormones and SRS and our reproductive systems in general will realise there is no feasible way to convincingly medically transition and they'd be lucky if they aren't totally botched. But the fact that science can't help them right now doesn't detract from their argument that they were born in the wrong body or whatever. If they had any sense at all, they would use their poor oppressed minority status to demand more research, higher standards for doctors, inquiries into surgical complications etc. Instead they bury their heads in the sand, lie to each other and the world that they can totally have a perfect designer pussy and give birth one day, and anyone who believes them enough to get the procedure will suffer the consequences.

Do they think perpetuating this bullshit is gonna own the terves? It's just gonna own fellow delusional troons. I guess misery loves company and the trannies with hack job neovaginas don't want to be alone, and other trannies desperately cling to the fantasy that they can be the fully functional sex object of their dreams one day.

No. 1191958

they're just mentally ill perverts. no other logical way to understand them.

No. 1192002

The whole "Indian doctor makes men give birth" will go the way of the Doctor that said he could do full head transplants. He'll make one on a dead corpse and declare it a success with zero actual real life applicability discovered, and the hypers will disappear and never mention it again kek.

No. 1192030

They're autistic men. They already have a (very deeply) disconnection with their body (unless they're cooming), i think most of them don't truly undestrand the medical and psychological effects of what they're asking for until is too late and then 41%. it's grotesque.

No. 1192035

I knew a man who rented his house to an ukranian family and he asked them if he could stay in a room with them, the husband almost killed him kek. White men really think russian or ukranian men wouldn't fuck them up for preying on their women are delusional.
Even if you gave him a womb, his birth canal still wouldn't function like a woman's and he couldn't pass the baby. Also the womb and ovaries would be from the donor so it wouldn't be his child.
You can't really get pregnant while using drugs and after organ transplants, you need to use drugs otherwise your body rejects the organ and you go into shock or something.

No. 1192046

They can’t even make “vaginas” without their entire bottom half rotting and have to stick a pole in it to keep it from closing.
what makes them think this is going to work Lul

No. 1192092

>head transplants

No. 1192639

File: 1653246699663.png (147.57 KB, 757x973, stupid.png)

Twitter users don't be retarded for a single day challenge. "Black culture names" shut the fuck up.

No. 1192735

If uterine transplants already have an exorbitantly high failure rate for women, just imagine with a man. The absolute delusion and thinking this is a 10hr procedure is actually laughable.

No. 1192748

File: 1653253013423.jpg (341.17 KB, 2026x2048, wtf am i reading.jpg)

>Arabic names
>Black (American) culture

No. 1192750

Irish, Arab, Arab, Arab, actually Black, Arab, Jade (a rock) with an A, Welsh

Only one of those are "black culture."

No. 1192756

Theres a county here in Ireland called Tyrone and I've been wondering for years how it became a stereotypical black name in America. It's mostly just fields and pot holes in the road

No. 1192759

File: 1653253981677.png (36.26 KB, 1763x232, ok.PNG)

Black people own the name Tyrone now, I'm sorry Irish people.

No. 1192764

That person saying they changed their name to an anime character's is the worst thing in this photo to me. Why in the world would you do that
Also, that person isn't even black so why would they even try to use that? Weird as fuck to bring up black people just for the sake of an argument.

No. 1192766

Samefag but also she used the most stereotypical black names she could have, Jesus.

No. 1192777

I'm surprised she didn't pull out an -iqua or -eisha name, kek

No. 1192880

can someone screenshot the quote tweets? i can't see them for some reason

No. 1193065

half those names are arabic

No. 1193100

i hope someone called out that person wtf

No. 1193101

I wonder how she'd feel about brown Muslims having names like Ayesha, Malik, Kareen, Jamal e.t.c like I know 15 ayeshas in my family alone, it is a super common name for Muslim girls

No. 1193167

Not all men are pimps, kek. They'd protect women around them, their friend family and wives. It's also looked down if one of their women date white men, probably because of how white men view them, and most of their families will tell them not to. As much as white men like to dream of easily tricking those girls, it's not as easy as you think.

No. 1193179

I think you mean western men instead of white men, I'm sure Ukrainian men would hate if men from the west be they black or white try to make moves on their women

No. 1193187

Yes I meant western, thank you for the correction. Though they also don't like brown dudes to get with their women which I can understand as most men see eastern european women as objects or even dolls and it's just disgusting how they treat them, though their men aren't that great either if they have alcohol problems so idk.

No. 1193382

>They'd protect women around them, their friend family and wives
Yeah same way men protect their own cattle and farming equipment. They just don't like other men laying claim to their property.

No. 1193385

imagine changing your name to an animu character, just tranny things

No. 1193388

>Hawks pfp.
>I named myself after an anime character.
>Bet she named herself after her kinnie pfp.
>Names herself after Hawks.

No. 1193427

At least they don't let disgusting old western scrotes rape or mail order bride their women.
What's a kinnie?

No. 1193453

Kin/kinning someone is what some tumblrfags call relating to a character so much they think they literally are the character, and will sometimes have in their bios 'do not interact if you kin Goro Akechi' because they also kin (believe they are or at least relate to) Akechi.

No. 1193455

For example, our Carrd Cringe Thread in ot has examples of kinnies.

No. 1193552

File: 1653308036343.png (45.58 KB, 275x186, 1627900453936.png)

the first user's username being "@k6komi" is absolutely sending me KEK

No. 1193610

They still rape and buy those women though

No. 1193612

Which percentage? There was a statistic posted about how many men supported sexwork by using prostitution services and European white men came way before Russians afaik. You might dislike them but western mentioned are actively trying to take advantage of women from countries that have bad economies, they're worse.

No. 1193613

Samefag, meant western men.

No. 1194153

File: 1653337937892.jpg (88.05 KB, 750x328, publicsex.jpg)

No. 1194157

Right wingers: “gay marriage is a slippery slope!”

No. 1194179

>gay marriage is a slippery slope
What does that mean

No. 1194181

> people will be marrying animals next!
No but people will be marrying other people who identify as animals. And their marriage certificate will list them as one kek

No. 1194187

Gay marriage is typically called a slippery slope because the conservatives said it would lead to the normalization and legalization of all around sexual degeneracy and pedo shit. Look at the maps in the burgerland which is basically the new Nambla. Pedos come out of the wood work to claim theirs is a sexuality too. Or the promoting kink at pride promoting degeneracy and abusing your partner. Their homophobe just overshadows any valid complaints most of the time.

No. 1194194

I see, thanks anon. It's sad that those people largely overshadow actual normal gay people and co-opt the "movement"(for lack of a better term).

No. 1194282

File: 1653348821798.jpg (514.43 KB, 1080x1834, wat.jpg)

>over 5k likes

Have none of these people ever seen a white person with dark hair before?

No. 1194283

I don’t wanna assume but man americans are weird with this shit

No. 1194300

"the math aint mathing" evokes a different kind of anger in me

No. 1194309

>looks hispanic
thought we all learned that hispanics can look literally any race because it's not an actual race but ethnic/linguistic/cultural label. USA fail.

No. 1194328

Is that the same person though? Anyone can dye their hair, but the way her eyebrows are shaped when they furrow and the angle that her mouth opens look different. Nose too.

No. 1194337

She’s making a different facial expression….

No. 1194409

The photographer is based in Spain so yea I think she actually is Spanish KEK

No. 1194447

File: 1653364066854.png (78.28 KB, 588x348, Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 8.42…)

In regards to Billie Eilish talking about her tics…
Oh no! A teenager talking about being sexualized from a very young age and how damaging porn is, especially for young girls, is hurting the porn industry and now can't talk about people laughing at her tics.

No. 1194480

That's a crossdressing white man. He's not a part of lgb, you dummy.

No. 1194548

Christ, not the 'Slavs aren't white' shit again. Most Slavs are white supremacists, they are white.

No. 1194553

File: 1653375914732.jpg (338.87 KB, 1080x970, IMG_20220524_090027.jpg)

What the fuck lol

No. 1194555

NTA but you are retarded, most eastern europeans have been under different regimes and didn't become independent until WW1, westerners always considered slavs not white enough and slav literally comes from the old word for slave kek

No. 1194610

shes wearing heavier makeup which makes her look different

No. 1194644

NTA but people can be discriminated for different reasons than skin color, which is the case with Slavic people, who are white.

No. 1194777

>slav literally comes from the old word for slave
Correction on the etymology, it's the other way round. The english word "slave" comes from the name of the Slav people.

No. 1194808

It was about slavs being white supremacists when throughout history nazis sought out to kill them next

No. 1194857

>slavs being white supremacists when throughout history nazis sought out to kill them next
Not slavic but slav-adjacent (well, ethnically/racially only partially kek) because of location and I can tell you both of these are true and it actually makes sense. Discriminated groups like pretending they are superior to other discriminated groups to feel better about their own marginalized status.
>I may be Slavic but at least I'm white
>I may not be white but at least I'm light skinned Asian
>I may be dark skinned but at least I'm not black (African)
>I may be black but at least I'm not dark skinned black
And I do not necessarily mean this in the "all black people are always materially the most oppressed people ever" way before someone jumps at my throat, the world is obviously way more complex than that and multiple factors need to be taken into consideration but I digress.

No. 1194865

Nazis perceived slavs as worse because they've considered them more likely to be under influence of Jews therefore too weak mentally to be part of "aryan master race". Still, a lot of slavic women were kidnapped and breed because their looks were fitting what nazis perceived as ideal. Discrimination slavic people are facing now has more to do with economic difference and slavic immigrants doing the worst jobs - especially these with worst education who are unable to integrate with western society well; so it's much more about classism than racism, maybe better fitting term would be xenophobia. A lot of educated, younger slavs though integrate very well in western countries and most of the time people are not able to immediately tell they're slavic at all, and in these cases, discrimination is much less frequent, sometimes nonexistent. In cases of people with notably different features than caucasian white, when trying to blend with society of a predominantly white western country, no matter the education, they'll always face some kind of racial discrimination since they're notably different; something that will not happen in case of Slavs.
>t. slavic myself

No. 1194884

The anon you're replying to, I'm from a country where race isn't important ans English is my second language, the other anon corrected me as I meant western. I didn't mean to say slavs aren't white or whatever and don't really care about races as ethnicities are more important in most countries asides from US. Again I'm sorry my misunderstanding caused an infight.

No. 1194920

File: 1653404868536.jpeg (864.4 KB, 1125x1337, C6767E67-9F92-4B62-BB12-5FF88B…)

literally see this same joke once a day on twitter

No. 1194925

File: 1653405286748.jpeg (91.08 KB, 720x1090, BA99659D-94CA-4705-8E95-9FE5FA…)

granted this shit (original post in question) does look disgusting but something abt calling a child a “mf” and reposting his image is the reason why i hate twitter

No. 1194930

I fucking hate canned green beans

No. 1194937

There's something so depressingly 21st century about an elementary school having a facebook account to post pictures of students to. I hope they at least had the parents sign a consent form first.

No. 1194954

I believe the school sends home a paper saying they will use your child’s face in media. That’s the “consent”.

No. 1194961

That's a straight man, babe.

No. 1195208

File: 1653422380912.jpg (205.01 KB, 1080x542, Screenshot_20220524-215804_Twi…)

what the fuck is that tranny talking about

No. 1195212


No. 1195218

It’s almost like one of things isn’t like the other but whatever could it be?

No. 1195237

Aside from the tranny part, he's based. Men want to control women and that's why they want women to become sahm. This is pushback to #metoo, men want to use this JD AH and other instances of female female celebs getting abused to be misogynistic in a socially acceptable way.

No. 1195410

File: 1653430982851.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 958.31 KB, 1183x1361, 4F54E2AA-7670-417F-9637-3458E5…)

Twitter keeps putting disgusting coomer shit on my home page even if I don’t follow or intersct with any coomer shit. It also keeps putting super photoshopped half-naked pickmes under topics like “cartoons”.

No. 1195435

Wtffff this is so gross, I thought we were getting raided with weird shit again. Block those accounts anon, maybe it will help?

No. 1195440

File: 1653432063525.png (4.68 KB, 66x72, Screen Shot 2022-05-24 at 3.37…)

click this to fix ur feed so that you only see things you follow

No. 1195541

wtf anon I have been getting the same thing, constant cosplay thots and hentai when I've NEVER liked that kind of thing

No. 1195542

ayrt, I'm so sorry for forgetting to spoiler the pic. I'm a dumbass. It's really gross, and I don't have my birthday set on my account, which makes me wonder if minors are getting shown straight up porn too just because they've been liking posts about cartoons or something.
I usually have it set to latest tweets, but it switches back to home view after a random amount of time! Kind of like how youtube turns autoplay back on after a while, it makes them more money.

No. 1195543

File: 1653436534143.png (371.19 KB, 853x625, ska.PNG)

As a ugly woman this maks me sad. I feel like no man could be attracted to me just "deal" with me. However, why would a man marry someone they aren't attracted to? I guess maybe they could grow to be unattracted to them. But this just seems weird. I don't know. I feel like I've been very "Woke" to how shitty men can be/are, but the past few days realizing my place as a ugly fat woman, seeing shit like this really gets to me. I guess it's the likes. I feel like some people think just because someone is'nt their cup of tea NOBODY would like them.

No. 1195553

Not to racebait but why do black scrotes talk so much shit when they’re out here looking like homeless druggies

No. 1195556

because media has made them think they are God's gift, a king, and a victim all in one despite them being ashy and scruffy as fuck most of the time. when you mix the natural male ego and narcissism with society babying and victimising you it makes for the worst type of moid possible

No. 1195566

Noni don’t let this shit get to you. Everybody has their own preferences. I like noses. Strong noses and hook noses. Interesting noses. Noses media says are “ugly” media is dumb as shit and the nose masacres make me very sad.

No. 1195572

Don’t let the opinions of scrotes affect you nonnie. Men would have the most beautiful woman in the entire world feeling like she’s literally worthless because it’s easier for them to bring women down than it is to rise to the occasion and be the man she deserves. Plus this is such a narrow worldview of his. A selfie??? A fucking selfie? Really??? You could be a doctor and save a thousand lives or donate your time and money to charity or invent clean water solutions for impoverished communities. You could literally change the world no matter what you look like and this chump cares about a selfie? I promise you this dude has the world’s smallest pp and will live his life lonely. Don’t even trip.

No. 1195585

What’s based about saying what other women already said while hamfisting his own self obsession into it.

No. 1195592

Why waste time feeling bad over the delusional words of moids who will never be a part of your life. Ugly women find love just fine, it is only by having low esteem that make you susceptible to low value males.

No. 1195685

It's crazy how it's common to say things like this about ugly women, but when those same ugly women want to form a community to talk about their experiences like forever alone or femcel, everybody gets mad and says things like women can never experience true loneliness or be a femcel.

No. 1195797

Most of my uni classmates are ugly as hell women but they all have loving and stable bfs. Don't worry anon.

No. 1196081

File: 1653484661296.jpeg (698.52 KB, 1242x2208, E8B925E4-0F0C-4F6B-A5D4-918CDC…)

Let’s fight racism with misogyny!

I fucking hate Twitter

No. 1196092

what's misogynistic about this exactly?

No. 1196117

Most chronically online Twitter pickmes think men can be genuine victims and cheer #mentoo while pretending Johnny is Ambers victim. I've not seen this with female friends irl but twitter is filled with pickmes who are more misogynistic than this agp tranny. Though he probably only wrote that because he thinks feminism will affect him now that he's larping as a woman.

No. 1196192

She’s seems like an awful person but I don’t trust any man who calls a woman a bitch so casually.

No. 1196204

She is a dumb bitch though, don’t be like her nonnie.

No. 1196317

She is but again any man who would so casually call a woman that probably at least has misogynistic traits.

No. 1196424

File: 1653500326300.jpeg (217.84 KB, 1167x1429, 03755715-7829-4548-8DDB-3587A2…)


No. 1196425

No. 1196426

Yeah reading BL manga is for the boys only!!!! Top fucking kek.

No. 1196454

File: 1653501516948.png (147.57 KB, 348x334, picrel.png)

No. 1196458

That’s a really uplifting comment.

Bringing people down is easier than rising up to the challenge, but I’ll also add that it goes both ways.

You can’t expect a man to treat you like a queen if you’re acting like a bitch.

No. 1196466


The woe is me attitude isn’t going to attract anybody. Be like Napoleon Dynamite, gain some skills. How will guys ever like you if you don’t have any skills?

I’m ugly too, but I make my man laugh, roll his joints, and give back rubs. It goes farther than looks which will be gone by 40 anyway.

No. 1196575

It's especially funny how these people don't realize that the people writing and creating the BL they love are all women themselves.

No. 1196663

There needs to be brave fandom terves that remind these gendie girls of this fact. BL is the most female shit on the planet and cis (aka actual) gay men do not give a shit about shut-in women creating and reading BL works. The only people that care are these terminal NLOGs.

No. 1196686

Kek please stop

No. 1196688

I can't laugh harder at these posts, lord jeebus.

No. 1196713

Pooners are so retarded I can’t handle it. Liking BL is the most fembrained shit, go obsess over man-made anal fisting porn or something if you want to larp as a gay man. You will never stop women from creating content for other women, cope and seethe.

No. 1196714

Ew. Even if you're ugly, there are still kind men who will love you and worship the ground you walk on. Just because you're ugly doesn't mean you have to be a pathetic pickme.

No. 1196725

>rolls his joints
>gives him backrubs
Wow he sounds like a winner. What an L for you kek

No. 1196729

not necessarily agreeing with that anon, but where the fuck are those so-called "kind men" who would die for an ugly woman? cause i'm calling bullshit men are way too disappointing, that kind of scenario is a literal pipedream get real kek

No. 1196740

File: 1653518268414.jpg (11.2 KB, 278x361, 06823b2f32d6b9a8075658cc356448…)

>but I make my man laugh, roll his joints, and give back rubs
inshallah i hope you break from this curse of cool girl desperation

No. 1196743

File: 1653518305017.jpg (190.05 KB, 1500x1500, hereplacedyoass.jpg)


>men are retarded, therefore easy to make laugh

>joint rollers are cheap as hell to buy anywhere

gain some skills indeed but please pick real ones god damn it

No. 1196744

I'm unconventional looking and I don't do anything for men I'm romantically interested in, I'd rather act distant and not be easy because that just makes them disrespect you no matter your appearance, they treat me good because of that.
Don't become a pickme and do weird stuff. I'm sure youre not that ugly anyways, I mean he chose to be with you so you shouldn't have to do anything extra.

No. 1196763

>I'd rather act distant and not be easy because that just makes them disrespect you no matter your appearance

literally this, plus the fact that most women will unintentionally do a lot more labour for men in terms of relationships aka more likely to do household chores or plan/organise things or even initiate things like dates or trips. to do all of that which you're socialised to do PLUS do shit like roll his stinky joints and rub his back feels like a mockery to me.

i find it weird how in nature it's always the males constantly competing to win a female yet in humans we find ourselves constantly picking up and doing shit for men instead. you never even win anything at the end of it either, if you keep giving to a man he will keep on taking without much in return for you. being distant enough is the key to getting a man's attention.

No. 1196777

This is who they are. The black community coddles black men so fucking much it's unreal. They get treated like gods and the ultimate victims at the same time and anybody who says any different is either racist or a bitter black woman.

nonnie, as an ugly woman i relate to feeling disheartened by this information. I keep seeing men talking about how they only like ugly women because they think they are easy. Do not let the opinion of a man who comes from the group of men who have failed their women in everyway possible. This man most likely will never get married and if it does it is doomed to fail. He is probably extremely adulterous even if he was to bag a 10/10 model. I think the best way to go is to remind yourself you are allowed to have standards in men, when I say that you deserve to be treated well, even if it ultimately ends up you die alone. I would steer clear of dwelling too much on whatever desires for romantic companionship, most men imo probably think like that scrote. It's peaceful when you stop looking at scrotes as valid human beings and rather as separate beings that just happen to float around.

No. 1196799

in nature, most female mammals also do a fuckton of work birthing, surviving, protecting the offspring, literally for most of their lives…
there seems to be a discrepancy between "i don't want to impress a man" and "i don't want to do anything for men ever and they should bow down to me". you're not THAT woman lol trust me. you have to be at least somewhat giving or hardworking to function in a relationship.

No. 1196823

>in nature, most female mammals also do a fuckton of work birthing, surviving, protecting the offspring, literally for most of their lives…
anon what do you think most human women do?

No. 1196876

Most of them don't birth children every year like most mammals do anon.

No. 1196887

Anon for all our sakes please don’t birth any children.

No. 1196906

File: 1653528886869.jpg (3.83 MB, 3362x1890, Woman Told She'd Never Be Able…)

today i will remind them

No. 1196922

>you're not THAT woman lol trust me. you have to be at least somewhat giving or hardworking to function in a relationship.

if that's all you got from my post then you really are retarded I fear

No. 1196989

In nature males and females also fuck around a lot, females leave males side anytime someone better comes, there's no protection, mammals eat and sacrifice their kids a lot, in fact you're lucky if the infant animal even survives, your entire day is spent for survival, the females don't compete but the males do. Every single person who praises nature would not last a single day of they had to live like a typical mammal, nature is cruel and there's a reason why intelligent humans shifted away from that since forever, but hey if you wanna live like other mammals then I am by no means stopping you

No. 1196990

I would say we need kid control in this country, but America has it down packed with the gun laws not existing. 10 kids though.. fuck. Why? you cant even care of them all or give them individual love. Awful

No. 1196993

What's even the point of this? You just look like you made your entire livelihood revolve around some loser with a broodmare fetish

No. 1196998

Imagine having one kid each year. By kid three, woman needs to be sterilized.

No. 1197015

Kek, I remember when that r/antiwork mod did that Fox News interview and people looked into their background and saw that they raped a girl, and suddenly people were saying shit like "this proves women can be rapists too"

No. 1197025


>not even photoshopping the pimples off her asscrack

It's obvious why it's $5 nonnie

No. 1197080

You don't sound like the type he'd want to have kids with anyways. You admit he only keeps you around as a personal maid but you're mocking other anons saying they're not good enough. Ironic.

No. 1197081

NTA but what the fuck are you even saying

No. 1197083

Anon said she was so ugly she had to do work for her bfs for the relationship to last. When a other anon told her she shouldn't do excess labor, the first ugly anon lashed out at her and told the second anon she's not good enough so she also has to do extra stuff or something.
Then she went on about how female mammals do a lot of work in nature so we should too idk.

No. 1197084

They're not the same anon…

No. 1197098

It's the same anon, the writing style is clockable. Are you that anon too? Your punctuation is similar.

No. 1197099

Their punctuation is just regular punctuation, are you ok anon?

No. 1197101

kek anon what is this? human reproduction strategy is usually to devote a lot of time and resources to a small number of kids, like most other primates. >>1196906 is what happens when humans try to reproduce like hares, we're not adapted to it.

No. 1197144

File: 1653548811334.jpeg (164.1 KB, 827x1001, 3CC5D148-AE9B-490D-9F3E-4CDC5B…)

Trannies on twitter openly in support of having sex in public. I have no words.

No. 1197148

should be put on a sex offender registry immediately for that tweet

No. 1197155

Why do their minds revolve around sex and fucking 24/7. These ppl , at the end of day, are just perverted coomers. Especially trannies

No. 1197162

You just KNOW the mom makes the two older daughter babysit the other kids at all times for fucking free. You just know it.

No. 1197166

While not expecting the older boys to help out in any way kek

No. 1197194

Shit like pic related is why I don't offer scrotes an ounce of sympathy when they cry about "not finding gfs". It's not about loneliness or whatever; They want to date women way out of their league, know they have no chance and frame it as inceldom. They believe their mediocre asses deserve to be with Victoria's Secret models. They are so fucking entitled it's unreal.

No. 1197226

no, it isn't. iirc the pic was in an art gallery and three friends realised they were wearing the same colours as the people in the meme pic so they took a photograph.

No. 1197227

I got this exact tweet nona though I do follow some nsfw art accounts (tho nothing like this) so I thought that was maybe why

No. 1197240

In nature, weak males die without ever getting a chance to reproduce. In nature females only pick the chaddest of chads and most do not mate for life. In nature, males are genetically disposable (true for humans).

No. 1197476

anon you're forgetting rape

No. 1197620

File: 1653585731757.png (8.14 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_2583.PNG)

the fact that this tweet was reposted verbatim on tiktok, literally just came up on my fyp. once again an ugly dude

No. 1197623

>he says this while having shitty skincare


No. 1197624

He's not ugly, but it's not like he's handsome either. I feel like if you're going to say stuff like this, you shouldn't be posting your face.

No. 1197628

He literally looks like the Woll Smoth meme where they photoshop the eyes really tiny stop being so charitable

No. 1197630

Relax, I just don't feel like he's hideous.

No. 1197635

Then die alone until you face the fate of all men and Mother Nature rots you from the inside out moid. He looks like a mouth breather.

No. 1197637

Congratulations, I hate you all more than twitter.

May God have mercy on you foreveralone.jpg losers.

No. 1197638

No. 1197645

This place is a cesspool and a mind virus.

You’ve all changed my views about internet anonymity. I don’t support it anymore.

No. 1197652

Who hurt you?

No. 1197655

File: 1653586611766.png (545.55 KB, 774x1717, bi incel.png)

Cope. The way bisexual scrotes are running a campaign on Twitter to shame women into dating them is sick.

No. 1197656

Cope seethe dilate kek

No. 1197658

Did someone from here doxx you? Kek

No. 1197663

File: 1653586896646.png (316.39 KB, 551x437, 96886BA8-C2A9-4AE3-8A2C-CC91D3…)

That’s impossible desu

No. 1197665

This is why I LOVE that so many Black women are openly agaisnt dating Bisexual men. You cannot and will not make people want to deal with shit they don't want too. I notice this shit is almost always targetted at WOC, even if they don't say it. DL culture also has given bisexual men a bad vibe. When every single bisexual man a woman comes across, doesn't even tell her, but they find out other ways. Nobodies jealous of "Bussy". How is avoiding people into a certain thing equal "jealously?" or "fear". Some women just don't and won't date bisexual men. I still blame this trans shit, which opened up the door of, "Explain why you are or are not attracted to this or that".
When before we were taught, no means no. Don't pressure people, don't question people. Now men are using their sexuality and Gender to start pressing and insulting us for not wanting them.

No. 1197669

>bussy is too tight they're jealous
do these disgusting faggots not realise that women have assholes too?

No. 1197670

>Waaaah women won't date me because I'm bi! I wonder why that is!
>Lol ass is better than pussy, they're just jealous bitches
Jee I really wonder why

No. 1197673

>women don't like this, women like this, women HATE this
>and because of it they're just mad because x is better than them!
isn't it funny how they always have the nerve to never shut up about what women like and don't like, yet you ask them to find a single post of a woman hating bi men and then they find every excuse in the book not to

>bussy is too tight
is he stupid? if he genuinely believed women hated him for being bi why would he go out of his way to talk about how mens shitters are better? the fact he was freely able to do that is proof women don't hate bi men

No. 1197679

>Bussy too tight
Aside from this literally not being true, I think he can drop the bi label because he clearly dislikes those "jealous" women and prefers men's assholes

No. 1197685

Most bi men get off from FtMs and encourage their delusions even though they still see them as women. They can rot for trying to poison women further.

No. 1197687

This, men are literally incapable of leaving women alone. That poster's probably a sad transplant from Kaitlyn's article, upset he can't get a "qt femcel gf" or whatever

No. 1197694

Sureeelyyy it’s not because bi scrotes routinely use women for emotional labor, financial/social security, straight passing privilege, and incubator and then cheat on them with indiscriminate mansluts.

No. 1197697

I don't think I've ever seen anyone campaign as hard for anyone to date bi women (who are superior) the same way these people do for bi men.

No. 1197702

you're right but straight men do this too, and all bi men are porn sick af, it's just easier to weed them out when they call themselves bi

No. 1197717

Yes straight men do indeed. But I think there is a higher barrier for straight men to cheat as women in general do not want to be “the other woman”. So men have to make an effort to hide their relationship in order to cheat, even then women can easily clock cheaters. Even the pickmes who choose to enable cheaters, are often in it for more than just sex, they want some sort of emotional or material return from the man. Which takes up more of his time and effort.
On the other hand bi males are notoriously hypersexual who feel no solidarity with the women getting cheated on. They are in it for the coom. You can download grindr and be sucking and fucking all within 15 minutes.

No. 1197718

This, I’m glad Bi men can freely express themselves so I can stay away from them.

No. 1197727

It's easier for men to get sex from men/troons then it is for them to find a woman to fuck. Even when paying, they can find some gay prostitute to fuck/suck them. They can go to a gay club and always leave with someone. I firmly believe thats why bisexual men are more dangerous cheaters. I feel like more women need to realize, men can get sex from eachother easier. It's not 'Bussy" being better, it's "Bussy" being easier to get/pay for. Lets keep it real, most bisexual male cheaters aren't having relationships with these men, like they would a woman. They are just fucking and moving.

No. 1197738

I don’t get why anyone would see Bi men as a benefit tbh. Higher risk of disease then a straight guy and most of the time they are the worst of gay moids and straight scrotes. It’s like the worst of both worlds.

No. 1197759

>bussy is too tight
From what I've understood, only the very beginning is tight and the rest is just loose. So I don't know what there is to brag about? Never mind the amount of prep necessary like douching and using poppers. It's why gay men don't even do anal all that often. It's more often just oral and mutual masturbation.
True straight men don't exist or it's an extremely small population. A hole is a hole to them and most have stories where they did gay shit with friends. Men's idea of "straight" is very interesting, because they come up with all sorts of excuses as to why something doesn't count.

No. 1197778

File: 1653591751253.png (397.29 KB, 1000x1000, E38C59BA-585A-4D76-92BA-2B4103…)

I’ve always heard it was like these, tight at the entrance and then just soft and kinda loose

No. 1197785

every bisexual moid i've met has honestly just been a slag. like, frequent unprotected casual sex sort of slag.
bisexual women are based but bisexual men are like the biggest red flag ever - people have called me a hypocrite and that it's "double standards" for this but i honestly believe they're just extremely horny and desperate and will literally fuck anything, a lot of them also seem to have bpd.

No. 1197801

>bad skin
>scraggly poorly groomed facial hair
>thousand yard male autist stare
The level of self awareness is zero

No. 1197811

Have the "troons/men are better than real women" crowd even fucked an actual biological male? I knew two guys who were like this and never had sex or even dated a man or troon

No. 1197862

why are ugly men so obsessed with ugly women? real question. I never see attractive bitch about how other women look

No. 1197939

Won't quote anyone but regarding bisexual men.
My scrote is bi and he admits that it's mostly a fetish. Most of his encounters have been men sucking his dick. He knows that a lot/most of men are scary predators so he never really acts on his impulses. The few times he installed grindr he was disgusted at the way men spoke to him and never met anyone. He has stopped hanging out with one his gay friend cause the friend doesn't respect his boundaries and can't keep his hands of his dick. I saw him once and he was mad that I'm his girlfriend and that because of me he can't do anything with my boyfriend anymore. He has tried many times to have sex with my boyfriend when he has a girlfriend but my boyfriend always turns him down and tell him to fuck off and respect the woman he is dating. He is fine with never being with a man anymore for the rest of his life and I don't believe he is lying. I think he kinda hates himself for liking sex with men.
He's the only out bisexual man I have met or dated so I can't generalize. If he does end up being a cheating asshole (which I doubt), I will know to never ever date another bi man.

No. 1197983

are you dating two guys at once? the way this is worded is confusing

No. 1198002

A fetish for what lmao, the male body? That's just being attracted to men. Are you sure he wasn't desperate and prison gay thinking any hole's a goal?

No. 1198010

More like in a way that he will only have sex with men but could never fall in love with a man. He's sporadically has these urges.
Sorry I am ESL, I am dating just one man.

No. 1198103

Bisexual men are the people Homophobe-chans on this board profile gay men as but never get the hate they deserve. Degenerate, misogynistic sex pests that fuck everything and everyone, groom and abuse young gay twinks on grindr while complaining about their "frigid girlfriends" they use for emotional labor and talk about how superior their loose bussy is compared to a vagina. Like someone already said, it's the worst traits of straight and gay men put together and increased tenfold.

No. 1198782

File: 1653659087962.jpg (140.41 KB, 720x682, 20220527_084110.jpg)

She was in high school three years ago and he was 27. This is gross.

No. 1198785

ew so fucking gross

No. 1198821

No one should touch the age gap grass. It has parasitic males in it that latch onto the first young woman they see. Then, they suck everything out of her until she dies.

No. 1198827

>have sex with men but could never fall in love with a man
I strongly believe this happens when same-sex attracted person went through sexual maturity without ever knowing what same-sex relationships look like. A lot of bi women say the same thing. They went their whole life never learning how to connect with other women romantically.

No. 1198829

Same guy would call a 30 woman with 20 guy a cougar, you bet he'd shame them

No. 1198836

Your bf is a faggot, you can do better

No. 1198844

funny how bi men always try to force women or attack them for rejecting them.
Because gay men also are repulsed by bi men, gay men reject bi men all the time yet bi men are too coward too neg those gay men the way they neg straight women to date them.

No. 1198857

Sorry but gay men are sex pests. Bi men too. But they're not worse.

No. 1198945

Nta but I don’t care that men sexually harass each other, they deserve it

No. 1198959

>rooted in jealousy and fear of being left
No, it’s because you guys are diseased degenerates and that’s straight up unattractive. At least gay men only trade their stds with other scrotes. Bi men will have stds they got from buggering a dude and just don’t get tested. Or worse, will know and just not tell you because he values sex much more than you as a person. I didn’t have any issue with bi men until I actually slept with one of and he gave me chlamydia and gave me an ultimatum to move in with him within a week of knowing him. Bisexual men are walking red flags.

No. 1198982

Bisexual men are afraid of adult men because they're not as easy to manipulate and control which is why along with young girls they abuse underage boys constantly. Young gay boys, especially the ones growing in conservative families, are desperate for validation for their sexuality and when an older man is willing to give it to them, they become very susceptible to grooming. That's literally how all the 14-year old femboy discord larpers are born, older degenerate men buy them hormones and force them to send obscene nudes.

Seriously, all the gay men I've met date men their own age but bisexual men are ALWAYS coomers who have some fucked up BDSM relationship with a barely legal twink and possibly cheat on their girlfriends/wives with one.

No. 1199005

All gay men and men in general do is think about sex. Imagine how much progession we'd have if women were in charge and took more leader positions. I went to both a gay and lesbian bar back in the early 2000s and the different is night and day. All gay men care about is sex. they're not different at all from straight men.

No. 1199105

tbh you’re not wrong. im pretty sure it’s sociology/psychology 101 that men are basically brainless sexed up retards who do not follow social order unless women actually lead them beyond the path of war mongering rape apes. gay men have no attraction to women and covet the positions of straight women, so they see us as at worst enemies and at best like emotional tampons. I used to have gay male friends but quickly lost interest in maintaining relationships because while they do not use you for sex, they drain you in every other way they can. this isn’t to say all gay men are retards, but they are still men and they have even less of a reason to listen and uplift the women in their lives because of their sexuality. i just think more women should be aware of the misogyny of gay men.

No. 1199148

Aren't these entitled faggots mostly the ones responsible for giving women a shit ton of STDs, including shit like AIDS? Of course women are going to be wary of bi guys.

No. 1199235

>>1197655 i have no dog on this fight because i'm a lesbian but if anything women who are attracted to men aren't wary enough of (young) bi guys. If there is anything similar between lesbians and gay men is the reduced dating pool, and with gay men in particular finding a half decent man to have an actual relationship (not casual sex) is very rare. Most of the gays who are like that aren't active in the community and deeply hate queers/fenboys/trannys/faggots/ect. So for faggots a bi scrote who showers every once in a while, has a job and overall meets the bare minimum standards to find a gf is almost an unicorn. To attract them they degrade themselves in ways that no sane woman would ever, and if the bi scrote is sadistic and pornstick enough well… Never forget that for every meh/half decent bi scrote there is at least 10 needy young femboy faggots ready to perform the most vile shit on earth just for sake of fucking a man who doesnt treat them like a hole (spoiler: that chaser phase lasts until the scrote wants a family, and they never stay with one femboy twink because they're abundant and you can always get a younger, prettier one) is just not worth the risk.

No. 1199236

Yes. Most bi men fuck men on the side and give women STDs which would normally be avoided by testing and i dunno-not fucking men without a condom. The Aids epidemic only affected women who were sleeping with bi men.

No. 1199281

And samefag but they don't stop chasing dick because they started respecting woman or whatever, but because once they "settle down" chasing becomes a little too dangerous and they risk losing their social image, unless they have jobs that requires a lot of time away from home or a group full of fellow bisluts friends being caught fucking trannies at your 40s isn't a good look, not at least where i live. It also helps that the gay community as a whole is "fatphobic" and that men once they feel that they have a family just stop taking care of their bodies, even the most touch starved fags would think twice to fuck an old fat guy if he isn't wealthy or something. Overall is a risky bet and i don't know why so many young girls are fooled by the "Golden retriever bi redditor gamer feminist ally" that isn't true at all.

No. 1199851

File: 1653706162716.jpeg (818.98 KB, 1170x1559, 1417048E-E83E-4916-8E5B-348E05…)

How the fuck did we get here?

No. 1199863

Couldn’t find a less problematic tranny to make a shitty flop out of huh

No. 1199881

Horning trailblazing women by featuring a man. Fucked up world we live in. Not even going to touch “all Barbies are trans”

No. 1199893

this is making me feel so sad for young gay dudes

No. 1199962

Yeah, I never liked barbies anyway. Fuck this

No. 1199978

They decided to make it before Bratz did, Bratz social media is all about soulless LGB baiting while including only trannies during women's Day.

No. 1200215

So will they be adding a bulge to this one?

No. 1200266

File: 1653744914385.png (360.07 KB, 581x553, ugh.png)

>tfw half the ladies who write horror are identifying as they/it gendies now so u have to overhaul ur whole woman-centric organisation to pander to them

No. 1200371

This is depressing

No. 1200373

I don’t really care about Barbie having a trans doll but holy shit, I want to stab the OP of the reply comment so bad.

No. 1200394

Wtf. Women in horror are already rare and marginalized. Horror is such a huge male dominated hobby. fucking hell… this has to change.

No. 1200395

I'm raising my daughter to be a terf. America is fucked, between the trans agenda and mass shootings.

No. 1200396

>honoring women
>larvene cox is a man
>who defended a rapist and murderer

This makes the least amount of sense.

No. 1200570


they were already inclusive of trans women and femme nonbinary people and everything but NO, can't have an organisation that centers on gross WOMEN and supports and encourages GIRLS and uses evil words like LADIES. it's never enough for twitter

No. 1200586

They should have stood their ground. Now look at them. This is why pandering never works.

No. 1200601

People of Horror Fiction lol

No. 1200609

Who cares? Ken dolls are already dickless, so I don't see how that one is going to be a revolutionary doll.

No. 1200619

File: 1653766200013.png (25.69 KB, 584x284, twitter.PNG)

This isn't a tweet that blew up so sorry if this seems like a vendetta post, but I promise it's not and just something I came across. People calling themselves "queer" (which she has in her bio) while in a relationship with the opposite sex will never not be cringeworthy to me.

No. 1200624

he sure is a retard if he takes her little roleplay seriously kek

No. 1200631

Bottom of the barrel autistic men and delusional Gaydens who seemingly get off on saying slurs. Name a more iconic duo.

No. 1200653

File: 1653767515844.jpg (155.69 KB, 1080x604, Screenshot_20220527-012819_Fir…)

Can someone translate this for me? Like, they are complaining that people dare even say their deadname in front of them, even if they're referring to a different human?

No. 1200660

They have main character syndrome

No. 1200662

Looks like a joke about hearing your previous name constantly

No. 1200665

I don’t think anyone on lolcow has any stake in judging people for saying faggot or retard. Really odd to think her bf can’t say it though. If you’re gonna say it with your chest why be angry that the people around you will too?
No I’m not referring to racial slurs.

No. 1200689

Calling someone a faggot on an imageboard isn't really comparable to saying you are a faggot and have the same experiences as gay men. I'm not judging Gaydens purely for saying faggot - it's literally just a word - it's the frequency with which they use it in casual conversation and the perverse glee they derive from it.

No. 1200835


wait, if he's dating a gayden then why isn't he allowed to say it? isn't he a man dating a man (by her standards)

No. 1200858

File: 1653779020719.png (2.8 KB, 244x70, twitter.PNG)

She's not a FTM, I'm not sure why nonna thought that. She's just one of those nonbinary people, and I guess that's why she calls herself queer. Basically she's spicy straight.

No. 1200862

>acting like the vibrating belt is shocking and new
Imagine being this sheltered and ignorant about the past, I've seen that belt in like 50 fucking movies across decades.

No. 1200888

I'm too old to be on tiktok and you look like you are too tbh.

No. 1200974

I thought this girl was Brittany Venti

No. 1201183

I assumed she was a Gayden because she said she has an F slur pass. Makes even less sense to me now I know she's a she/they. I thought by troon logic you had to be "man aligned" or whatever to say that. I can't keep up with these zoomers.

No. 1203758

File: 1654002850584.jpeg (269.27 KB, 828x1369, BC3A76F9-401E-49EF-B3EB-29FDC1…)

if these idiots actually read kimberle crenshaw’s essay on intersectionality they would know the first tweet is actually the exact opposite of intersectionality

No. 1203876

File: 1654009760476.png (576.79 KB, 604x2045, Screenshot 14.png)

This is a discussion over bob's burger and whether he would support fascism or not cause he's a business owner

No. 1203886

This just in from the Twitter presses. If you do anything other than wank it. You’re bourgeois kek

No. 1203891

But if you say "you're male before you're queer/black/brown" you KNOW these same people would throw an absolute tantrum. Male supremacy isn't allowed to be identified nor combatted, despite being more universal than any other form of oppression. There are countries with non-white majorities where the dominant population are not oppressed the way they would be in white majority nations, there are ZERO countries where women can live safely from the ever looming threat of male violence.

If I by some miracle ever get like, fuck you rich, I'm buying an island and making it female only like the village in Africa. Imagine being able to take a walk alone at night without the looming fear of some deranged scrote raping and/or murdering you. A random college student was raped stabbed and set on fire in the woods near my house in BROAD DAYLIGHT last year, right after splitting up with her mom to go back to the car. Can you even imagine the guilt her poor mother has to cope with now? That shit would NOT happen in a society with no males. We all know it. Some women will pretend otherwise bc they want to continue fucking and being in relationships with men, but our number one threat as women is just that-engaging in relationships with men. Being around males in general.

No. 1203894

Moids will never understand this. I've tried to explain (on reddit, my fucking mistake lol and one I'll never make again) that women arent being "paranoid bitches" by quickening our pace when alone at night if we notice a man who might be following us. It's self preservation instincts deeply rooted in us because for all of human history we have been the prey. I don't give a flying fuck if it hurts a scrotes feelings to have a woman scurry away from them in public, how the fuck do they think WE feel having to fear half the population because they've forced us to fear them through their behavior? Fucking empathy devoid creatures, most men.

They also love to whine about how their murder rate is technically higher but that's bc they're the ones in gangs shooting at each other and engaging in criminal behavior. Meanwhile women are targeted simply for our gender while going about our daily lives. It is not the same. They'll never know, they'll never admit it.

No. 1203918

File: 1654012727887.png (120.1 KB, 601x1094, Screenshot.png)

I cannot believe the people in this thread, they really think that exposing a young child to explicit sexual is hilarious and anyone who points out how fucked up it, is called a prude of a christian


No. 1203944

>just a basic, comfy show about a family who happens to have a burger restaurant with no sjwism and idiocy
>twitter decides to do this

No. 1203959

Reminds me of how men whine about how ‘male CSA doesn’t get taken seriously’ when it’s usually men who undermine male CSA victims in the first place. Hope that tweet goes viral, causing that guy to be investigated for watching sexually suggestive material on a plane/exposing a child to sexually suggestive material

No. 1203997

Shoutout to the guy at bottom who straight up admits to illegally watching porn under age which is a crime. Opinions of sex riddled should be felons discarded.

No. 1204650

File: 1654041432475.jpg (188.82 KB, 720x1247, Screenshot_20220531-194804_Twi…)

No. 1204655

Haven’t watched this show since the second season, what does it matter who he likes, is it somehow relevant to the plot or are people being weird again

No. 1204658

Fake gay shit gets clicks from Twitter degens

No. 1204660

Ah, the harry styles move

No. 1204661

Haven't watched since the first season, that poor kid aged like milk kek

No. 1204684

he's only 17 too, probably 16 at time of filming

No. 1204689

Oh jeez

No. 1204690

Samefag I'm wondering why they thought it was a good idea for him to keep the same haircut lmao

No. 1204694

no there’s definitely weird tension between him and mike in this new season. i figured it’d end up being a big thing in part 2 (which comes out next month i believe) but this tweet makes me think it’s just queer baiting

No. 1204709

File: 1654045174266.jpeg (353.16 KB, 1242x1920, 27A3EC5B-24F8-4D8E-9F81-83C5E8…)

>One of the most detested actors on the internet
>”Am I the only one that doesn’t like him?”

Minor but stuff like this annoys the shit out of me

No. 1204711

Jesus fucking Christ. I hate Twitter socialist so goddamn much

No. 1204736

File: 1654047353173.jpeg (160.81 KB, 2048x1366, FKkzlc7VIAUJp0-.jpeg)

he aged better than the other kid somehow

No. 1204744

File: 1654047974770.jpg (175 KB, 1080x1259, CrippledChic.jpg)

No. 1204747

God this is so 2012 Tumblr it hurts

No. 1204810

What’s wrong with this?

No. 1204826

Making fun of someone who has to go through life with a greater initial setback than the vast majority of us on this site is kinda cringe sorry. Unless she's said some disgusting shit I don't see why she should be mocked.

No. 1204855


No. 1204856

it's her @CrippledChick handle for me

No. 1204966

>genetic mutant
We love a self-aware queen.

No. 1204998

You’re going to hell for this one I’m sorry to say

No. 1205024

>anime pfp
I’m so tired
When will they let him be free of shitty bowl cuts? I know it’s probably a running joke or something at this point but c’mon. Did that alien bitch he coughed up curse him to a lifetime of looking like a mushroom?

No. 1205032

Everything about this is so iconic from her crippledchick handle to genetic mutant nickname. People with serious health setbacks sometimes use humor like that to feel better, I don't see a problem with this account.

No. 1205189

Don't confuse "chick" and "chic", they're not the same words at all despite having just one differe't letter. I hope she has enough self respect to not call her "crippledchick" anywhere else.

No. 1205227

File: 1654077579859.jpg (108.87 KB, 1080x1087, FTg-njWXwAAfs0x.jpg)

from another thread, I'm saying this as a black woman, there's nothing more pathetic then seeing the most conquered group of men on the planet turning around and think they can actually win any conflict, afro-centrists need to realize their wakanda fantasies aren't real


No. 1205237

>Wankanda fantasy
I really don't understand how anyone can see some fictional capeshit movie owned by Disney and think "ah yes this is totally real". I'm tired of adult children thinking they're smart for regurgitating shit they saw on TV and then twitter. Men do this a lot specially.

No. 1205246

as someone whose family actually lives in an african country, I can assure that most black people there are aware of the fact that their culture sucks and needs to improve, I don't know exactly why black americans and black dispora have these frankly comical delusions of grandeur, my father's people spent over 1000 years being enslaved, ruled over and castrated by Arabs, they only achieved independence cause of the British, if the Arabs had their way we'd be second class subhumans in their new states

No. 1205348

The guy talking about having a "list" of actors like that is as cringe as if he actually liked Tom Cruise, maybe even moreso

No. 1205409

>petty bourgeois

No. 1207178

File: 1654135882714.png (224.28 KB, 585x491, pilates.png)

What is the problem if some people want to use it for a workout? Sick prisoners and the general population can both benefit.

No. 1207200

>healthy wealthy yt women
Bitch have YOU done pilates? Its popularity arises from the fact that it's beginner friendly, and accessible to people who live in small homes, who cannot afford workout equipment.

No. 1207205

Will these same people claim that meditation is problematic because it is 'appropriating' a practice done by monks? So never share or appreciate anything not created by your own culture, got it.

No. 1207217

I say this as a woman of the black diaspora, African men and just as delusional and selfish as black men from any other place. The current state of the black community lies on the fact that they are very willing to throw their own people under the bus at the smallest sight of profit and for their own personal interests. There's a reason why Sub-Saharan Africa remains shit and always will remain shit and that's because black men are garbage at trying to run anything and black women are delusional to think if they coddle them, keep calling them king or give them the benefit of the doubt something will change. I strongly believe we cannot have patriarchy at all as black people because from how i see it, black women are the only ones really keeping this ship afloat with their retarded loyalty to men who deserve nothing. Nobody is willing to be honest with themselves and hurt their own feelings, especially black men. This victim complex is incredibly unhelpful. Every race has had their trials and tribulations, so fucking what. The main focus should be where do we do from here? Europeans, Arabs and now the Chinese were able to fuck with Africans for a very valid reason. Thank god that as a woman, it's not our job to fix it. I honestly think we should just let everything collapse and let black men finally be men and figure shit out themselves. Whatever straggler black women who still want to be by their sides can perish along side them, idgaf.

No. 1207230

God these people don't want white women to do ANYTHING I stg lol. And that energy never gets matched for white MEN who are the majority of the ones who made racist policies and almost exclusively the ones doing hate crimes (buffalo for a recent example of an psychotic white moid who was radicalized on 4chan as a moidlet and let the Rot destroy any chance of a moral compass or higher brain function from developing). WW doing/teaching yoga? Racist! WW doing pilates? Cultural appropriation! WW complaining about literally anything, regardless of whether it's actually a valid point? Karen!

It grinds my gears. There's no form of racism white women exhibit that white men don't also exhibit (usually in an even worse way, such as fetishizing and certainly physical violence) so the fact that WW constantly get singled out and portrayed as the literal devil (ESPECIALLY middle aged/older white women) is so obviously just a form of socially accepted misogyny. "White cis women" are acceptable targets for non white men and trans "women" to vent their misogyny upon. Even WHITE MEN talk shit about white women and then wanna call themselves woke…like bro you're literally also white and a scrote on top of it, you're statistically worse when it comes to racism lol

No. 1207231

>I strongly believe we cannot have patriarchy at all as black people
Retarded take. Women having loyalty towards their men (which is something that happens in every race) doesn't mean they're not oppressed by those men, or that it's not a patriarchy.

No. 1207272

File: 1654139877893.jpeg (100.34 KB, 720x775, 327840E2-3D5A-4217-8E63-DC6319…)

This is so disgusting. Some pickmes and retards are defending this in the replies saying that he is keeping the black race strong and he is a king. The only thing he is keeping strong is the fatherless ness, irresponsibility and broken homes. I also blame the mothers for choosing to have a kid with this piece of shit.

No. 1207275

You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Pick-meism in black women will never be on the level of pick-meism found in white women. Black men are the lowest performing men in the world. Not taking in regard to the fact that many black men straight up hate black women and resent the fact that they weren't able to be with a white women, who they will end up divorcing because they can't stay married to anybody for shit, they are beneath a lot of black women. I don't see white women dating down at the rates black women do. Throwing it as an "all women" thing is fucking ignorant and quite offensive. Idk if you are a white women who thinks she has it so hard because of trannies or a black women trying to protect your kangs, but that black femicide statistic, that fact that blm only really cares about the lives on black MEN and never the women they hurt, despite being run by women. It will never be all the same. The rabbit hole runs deeper than your comprehension.

No. 1207278

And to add to my point, I know scrotes in irl who do shit similar to this. There are countless black scrotes in the media who do shit like this from lil wayne, nba youngboy, Nick cannon, the list goes on!

No. 1207281

Anon, all of that abuse and pain is proof that black people can have a patriarchy, but if you read my post and convinced yourself that I'm trying to protect any men (or trannies?) then I'm sure you're just going to sperg and read anything that I write however you want. Also, my post wasn't about white women.

No. 1207311

>keeping the black race strong
Kek are they dying out or something? Wtf is going on in his mind?

No. 1207331

My point is that it's not really a true patriarchy. It's just what happens when women have a scarcity mindset to men and do anything to make them feel like bosses just so they can have their attention. Black women are also in a position where many households are led by them and they are often breadwinners. It's not unheard of a man to be allowed to live with his mother well into his 50s and mooch of their family whilst women would never be able to say and typically choose not to anyways. Idk if i am explaining it right, but if all the women walked away, the black men will no longer has anyone to march for them or make excuses for them anymore.

No. 1207341

File: 1654147597078.png (200.4 KB, 1333x1113, 395-351.png)

Eh from what I've researched american blacks have birth rates are on par with poor white but at the same time black women have a much higher abortion rate, I was reading that in one state more black babies are aborted then born
I am well aware of that, but I'm saying that despite everything more africans are still less delusional then dispora and african americans
that's not what she's trying to say, unlike the majority of other women in the world our men don't financially dominate us the way arab, white and asian men do, black women have more opportunity to leave and less incentive to stay, but they stay out of pure pick-me ism and nothing else, its unheard of in any community

No. 1207347

I don't want to keep derailing this thread, so I'll just say that that pickme-ism is caused by men/the patriarchy. This idea that certain women can't be under a patriarchy (or a "true patriarchy", whatever that means) because they have an attitude that was instilled into them by men doesn't make any sense to me. I don't want to say that this is victim-blamey because that's not the right term for it, but it does feel similar.

No. 1207357

His eldest is 16 and also has a kid of his own. These irresponsible dusties keep breeding other irresponsible dusties. The worst part is that there were women in his comment section trying to get with him too . No shame and no standards!

No. 1207360

He posted this video in response. As trashy as one would expect.

No. 1207379

when women usually get financial independence from men and don't have to solely rely on them, this usually leads to a radical change with in patriarchal societies, this happened in the west and its happening right in China and South Korea but black women have had financial leverage over black men since the 1970's and we can't do what other women have done, due to pure pickme-ism, If you aren't black you can't even begin to understand the level of coddling given to black men by the community

No. 1207383

NTA and I'm a Muslim woman so I can kind of understand. I see independent women accept everything their men do just because our culture expects women to, I think that's what why black women act the way too. They don't want their man to leave so they do everything and ignore his abuse. It's sad but blaming women is wrong as society pressures them to stay with that man because being a single mother is seen as a failure.

No. 1207384

I’m not black or american so idk what’s what. Is that the case because of racial struggles that black people face?

No. 1207403

File: 1654152480209.jpg (78.87 KB, 850x400, Fanon.jpg)

I guess the difference is your religion forces you do to be always subservient towards men
this trend started around the early 20th century with black intellectuals in America before spreading towards various other black diaspora communities and even back to our home nations, the idea that black men were put down upon and had their kingdoms stolen by the white man and it was the responsibility of black women to "uplift their kings" after the centuries of constant defeat and enslavement, despite being abject failures as providers and protectors the black community has to coddle and uplift black men cause "the world is against the black men" is what they say, most of these men desperately wished to get a white woman but were unable to and made it their defining moment of their lives, the influential anti-colonial thinker Frantz Fanon believed black/brown women who were relationships with white men were mentally colonized and supporting white supremacy and oppressing the black/brown man, at the same same time he married white woman also he seethed for most of his life over one incident where Italian women didn't want to dance with him or other black soldiers after being "liberated" and preferred to dance with Italian POWs, white women not being interested in him was literally his defining moment of European racism, so this is something that only exists within black communities and no where else

No. 1207711

That’s very insightful. Thank you anon.

No. 1208275

File: 1654200280615.png (165.41 KB, 596x1316, sceenshot.png)

from the same thread, Imagine excusing savage inhumane literal blood sacrifices just to own White people. Lol.

No. 1208321

Not white or latino or whatever but it's a known fact whites were the most cruel. Didn't Europeans whites steal America away and kill thousands of people? Are we going to ignore how they got resources from countries and ruined their economies and fucked their cultures by colonizing them? Even now white presidents are dictating countries with bad economies and stuff, most recently in middle east with Afghanistan and syria etc. All cultures have their dark sides but whites are probably the worst because they've mostly always been in power and that means they just had much more opportunities to steal away from others.

Though this is all in the past and you can't blame their ancestors' crimes on a white person who's living now. That's dumb as fuck.

No. 1208322

>overwhelmingly voluntary
>Human sacrifices were the least terrible things
lmao leave it to the English only faggot with the accent marks to make this claim. It was not voluntary at all, especially in the later years of the empire. The Aztecs were warlike barbarians that murdered, enslaved, raped, and forced other tribes to submit to them. They used their captives to be the sacrifices - how else could they afford to murder so much per day and keep their citizen's numbers to maintain their economy? By using other tribes. Every tribe fucking hated the Aztecs and had to resort to working with the Spaniards to rid them of that bloodthirsty blight.

No. 1208333

>but it's a known fact whites were the most cruel
You really make it seem like white people are the only people who did this. The African slave trade originated and is still being perpetuated by Arabs. The people given away to the whites were captives of the dominant African tribes. The Arab conquest of North Africa and the Levant left many devastated and can feel the effects today. The Mongols raped their entire way from the steppes to Europe. China is currently genociding their Uyghurs. India-Pakistan-Bangladesh is enough said. Maori tribes decimated the natives of New Zealand upon their arrival. Japan committed heinous atrocities during WWII, please look up Unit 731 or the Rape of Nanking if you feel so inclined that only whites colonize and are the cruelest.

Go back to twitter if you truly think it's only the whites that are the cruelest. Humanity as a whole are cruel as fuck and Native Americans/First Nations people committed a lot of atrocities and destroyed the environment of the Great Plains before first contact.

No. 1208339

Kek this. All the other tribes wanted to help the Spanish ruin the Aztecs because they had terrorized and subjugated them long before the Europeans even came into the picture.

No. 1208410

File: 1654206814572.png (547.89 KB, 1080x1143, IMG_20220520_132237.png)

The quote rts are the icing on the cake
>I'm mentally ill/wheelchair bound and that limits my chances in the real world
>right, but remember you're a mean white

No. 1208473

Every race, during any time period, has been involved in war and colonization in some capacity; war and colonization has always included the possibility of enslaving others, rape, infanticide, and every other abhorrent act imaginable. Europeans have conquered a lot due to how powerful they have been, and it is wrong to do what they've done during the process of colonization, but this is not exceptional. Europeans did not suddenly reach new heights of depravity, everything they have done has been done thousands of times before throughout history, and continues to be perpetuated by other races. Prior to European colonization, Indigenous people of America had various tribes which fought amongst each other over territory. This means Indigenous people also enslaved other tribes, killed them, raped them, spread diseases, and forced each other to assimilate into their religion in the process. Trying to suggest that Europeans introduced exceptional levels of hell to America that the Indigenous people were unfamiliar with doesn't make much sense. Sure, Europeans introduced new technology which made colonization and war more efficient for them, but their intentions, actions, and it's consequences have all been repeated thousands of times by other races.

No. 1208481

do you know anything about asian history and what asian countries have done to each other

No. 1208605

I feel like singling out WW is just usually a form of misogyny but they know they’ll get called out for that so they put “white” first to appear woke and that people wouldn’t call them out or else they’ll be called racist. There was this one tweet using Amy Schumer as an example that perfectly demonstrating this (the OP of the tweet was making the same point I was making).

No. 1208613

This is truly the dumbest thing I’ve read all day.

No. 1208616

Was gonna say, didn't Muslims kidnap Chinese tradesmen, specifically the ones who made gunpowder and paper, and steal their knowledge from them? And that's how they got gunpowder?

No. 1208784

"Native Americans/First Nations people committed a lot of atrocities and destroyed the environment of the Great Plains before first contact." citation fucking needed.

have you even seen the images of the mountains of buffalo skulls from the attempted genocide of the buffalo as a way to kill the indigenous peoples of the americas? do you even know the number that the counter of unmarked indigenous graves is right now that are still being dug up to this week, to this day, in the so-called US and canada? just looking at the environmental statistics since colonization and the industrial revolution and the Americas has done more damage in the past 300 years than you the damage you're claiming Native folks have done since they first inhabited this land. yes, there were some tribes who were more violent than the nobel savage stereotype that gets propped up, and yes atrocities were committed by humans who were Native American just like any other race of humans, but where on earth have you heard that they destroyed the environment of the Great Plains? literally almost all indigenous tribes of the north americas have strict teachings around the upkeep and stewardship of the land and see it as a relative body, I'd love to hear where you've heard this from, because you need to go back to whatever /pol hugbox you crawled out of if you genuinely are doing enough mental gymnastics to believe that any environmental harm you think the Native Americans did is in any way comparable to the harm industrial capitalism, manifest destiny, settler colonialism has had on this world and its people. the bleach baths at the so-called border, the trail of tears, the fact the original test subjects for forced sterilization and abortion in the US were unwilling indigenous and immigrant women. eat shit, snowbunny retard.

No. 1208803

File: 1654228951320.png (212.62 KB, 500x422, 1654228891332.png)

What's the over/under on these two exclusively only ever dating white guys?

No. 1208879

you're stretching the goalposts.
But you're right, the environment information is wrong and based on a gross misunderstanding I read a while ago and I'm retarded for saying that, my apologies. And I'm not white either

No. 1208884

Whites commited the most war crimes and killed the most people in wars, ruined nation's economies for resources. Why is it so hard to understand when whites are still partially partaking in this shit today? Don't you know how American presidents dictated the Middle east? That French have colonized Muslims countries and then banned them practicing theirs religion in France so they wouldn't come there?
No one is blaming you particularly but your ignorance is astounding. And no, a few Muslims kidnapping Asians thousands of years ago isn't the same as Europeans still colonizing and leading nations into wars which caused them to die in thousands. People can have hard feeligns, this is their history and you don't get a say when you literally think everything Europeans did were minor.

No. 1208906

Yeah, this is still dumb.

No. 1208907

The thing about France colonizing like half of Africa, including Maghreb, is a bit more complicated than that but I'll explain it once I have more free time. Islam isn't forbidden in France but a lot of politicians wish it were.

No. 1208909

Why are you replying to then? And if it's dumb why don't you have any arguments to support that muslims blacks or asians are totally more violent? Kek. No one is insulting you because you're white but some people can choose not to befriend whites, you can't do anything about it.

No. 1208910

Nta, but are you retarded? No ones saying anyones worse, just that they are equal in evil they have committed. All that is limiting is the possibility to commit evil, not the desire.

No. 1208911

Are you American or Canadian? Please open a history book for fucks sake before sperging.

No. 1208913

This reply illustrates why exactly you are dumb and you can’t even see it. Sad.

No. 1208918

None of these races or people are evil, I never said that. It's still not equal. Did blacks collonize European countries and took them as slaves to the degree Europeans did? Did brown people steal Europeans land by using as insidious methods as Europeans did to steal land from America? Are africans still interfering with European politics like Europe is doing to other countries? You have to be blind to ignore all of these and say they're all equal. They're not and you failing to admit so proves that you're still the same and don't even think what your nation is doing is wrong.
>you're dumb
>this is dumb
>that's why you're dumb
Ok? You can come back when you want to argue. If you think it's a shit post just ignore, you're obviously feeling attacked if you reply 3 times with kindergarten tier insults.

No. 1208924

Don't bother with anons here. They don't take into account with historical and material nuances. A lot of anons are really fucking stupid.

No. 1208930

>Enslaved to the same degree as Europeans.
>Europeans use more insidious methods, etc.
>I'm not saying they're more evil!
You literally are, your saying when Euro's/whites have enslaved colonized and killed, somehow it is worse than when done by non-Euro's even though it is the exact same evil act. What country are you from?

No. 1208931

>Not agreeing with me is dumb!
Reddit is that way.

No. 1208933

The only reason non-Euro's haven't done it as much is because they don't have the resources to, not that they are better. Moids are moids everywhere.

No. 1208935

Seriously all they do is cry reverse racism and racebait. Would never befriend them.

No. 1208936

Ah yes the tired old "reddit" comeback

No. 1208937

Don't like it don't have to post.
Don't act like a redditor and you won't called a redditor. Simple as.

No. 1208942

If the only argument you have is "go back to reddit", then you're just as bad as the redditors lmao but whatever, enjoy your braindead takes I guess

No. 1208944

You just ignore every argument and reply to yourself American-chan.

No. 1208946

Your 'argument' was 'if you don't agree yt/euros are the most evil (even when they have done the same or worse like Japan vs China in WWII for example) you are stupid'. This is a very black and white America-centric take (ironic considering your derision of Euro's and western countries). I'm just calling you a redditor for being fragile and unwilling to take disagreement ad immediately reeing that it's racism to say you're wrong or ignorant of other countries histories.

No. 1208948

I hope the sheer amount of child support he pays sends him into crippling debt and he kills himself as a result

No. 1208996

The anon you're replying to isn't me. I'm the one who brought up Europe. I don't think you're racist but I disagree with your views because Europeans(aka whites) did commit more crimes and still continue to do so because they're in power.

No. 1209001

I said I agree with that, I disagree with the idea that it is somehow more malicious when done by euros. It's only not done by others due to the lack of power.

No. 1209008

I understand your point and don't think it's worse just because euros did it but it's a fact that euros did it more and still continue on. Maybe I'm biased because my country is one that got fucked over by whites and still continues to do so as our president made a deal with a white country and ended up taking a millions of the refugees so they wouldn't go to Europe or America. America is paying those refugees amount of money doctors in my country make and those refugees ruined our economy because they rented all houses and took other job opportunities while raping and killing women on the side. If another country hadn't interfered, we wouldn't be struggling to rent houses and have to be careful each time we went out. By the way the refugees aren't white so I'm not just hating based on race but moreso political reasons.
Also I'm not the last anons that replied amd engaged in fighting for about reddit but I agree with some of their points like how telling us to go back to reddit is stupid as reddit is racist and sexist. I've seen redditor men mock brown, asian or black women so often either by treating them like objects or openly staying they're mannish, weaker, etc.

No. 1209015

nta but what country are you from btw ? I honestly don't really hate European colonization cause my land has been conquered dozens of time by foreign powers, the English were equally oppressive but they built roads, modern schools and codified laws, divorce and the the rights for women came from British civil law, for 4000 years of my land's history the status of women as second class subhumans never changed until the British, so why as a woman should I give a shit if whites did what scortes of every race did but just better

No. 1209022

As I stated, I dislike what whites do because its current impacts on women in my country and neighbor countries are very high. Like I said, I don't dislike just whites but it's clear the refugees wouldn't have come and be able to live comfortably in my country if they weren't being paid by America and they wouldn't be able to fuck up the economy or hurt women here. I've talked to a foreigner who visited by country and even they said there were so many refugees they couldn't understand which country they were in and that the cities the refugees have taken over have become worse and actually quite dangerous for women especially.
I won't disclose my country as I've been called racist for disliking the refugees I'm talking about when I brought this up in the past. Though I'd advice anyone who's reading to be wary of foreigner men no matter the race but especially if they come from countries that don't value women.

No. 1209034

well your issue is with america not whites and euros though

No. 1209041

Aren't white Americans practically Europeans though? And still, European countries know what's happening to my and other countries and they're acting like this so they won't get refugees while pretending they'd welcome them. Most refugees come to my country to move to Europe eventually but the promise doesn't hold so they're stuck here. And even after everything, my country id considered racist for not wanting refugees while richer European countries get away with picking up the educated refugees and dumping the rest criminal ones onto us.
Again when I say Europe, I don't mean European people, I mean their presidents and stuff so I hope no one gets offended as that's not my point. Though I still hate white men as I hate other men because they're not that different and just as likely to abuse a woman if they get the chance.

No. 1209050

No race is purely evil and no race is purely good. Every race in existence has enslaved someone else and some point in their history. Whites themselves were also enslaved by Arabs. The term "Slav" for Eastern Europeans is from the white slave trade. Over a million white people were taken from Europe and sold by Arab slave traders.

Trying to blame a single race for slavery is utterly facile. White people perpetuated slavery on a massive scale because of the technology they had available to them, but it was also white people that used that technology to end wide spread slavery. Slavery Abolition Act 1833 was passed in Britain and this is what led to the decline of the black slave trade outside of America. Using their empire and their control of the oceans by the Royal Navy, not only did Britain make slavery illegal, they enforced the law and prevented other European countries from importing slaves. Part of the act required the government to take out a loan and pay for the freedom of all slaves in the empire and this loan was only fully repaid in 2016, which means that anyone paying tax in Britain has been contributing to the end of slavery for nearly 200 years.

No. 1209065

>The term "Slav" for Eastern Europeans is from the white slave trade
No! Why does everyone get this backwards? The English word "slave" comes from the term "Slav".
"Slavs" as a term just means "those who speak" in Slavic, as opposed to "Nemci" which as a term used for Germanic peoples meaning "those who don't speak"
So, the people who called themselves Slavs were often enslaved, and that's how in English the word came to be used for all enslaved people. It would make no sense if it was the way you said it, why would a Slavic people call themselves by an English word? None of them even spoke English.

No. 1209066

why should Poland or Sweden Host syrain refugges for actions committed by americans and Iranaisns

No. 1209071

>Aren't white Americans practically Europeans though?
Unless they're recent immigrants then I'd argue they're not. If a person weren't raised in a certain culture, and I think it's different in USA and European countries, then they can't be considered being a part of that culture even if they grandparents or whatever were.

No. 1209085

No. The cultures are different throughout Europe and the U.S. had immigrants from all over. Not only that, but most Americans don't have ties to families from the countries they immigrated from 100+ years ago so any familial traditions are likely dead and gone.

No. 1209096

True, I should have checked that before posting.

No. 1209098

They shouldn't, America should but the immigrants were promised the chance to go to Europe, which is why I brought it up, by the same American officials that brought them here. Thousands of immigrant retards died while trying to travel to greece from my country because greeks shoot their boats and let them drown, which imo is based because they're mostly criminal males. If the Greeks hadn't stopped them, they'd have gone to Europe illegally like they've done to my country.
You're right but they're still majorly white countries and the white men in power who got my country to where it is. And my country isn't in a good place now. I hate how American white people in power feel it ok to screw up any country just to live comfortably themselves. I hope their system does fall apart so that they won't be get to toy with other countries to this extent again.

No. 1209107

what country are you even from and how exactly did white people cause the immigrant problem

No. 1209122

File: 1654252981788.jpeg (62.83 KB, 1134x660, 7731DC22-E2C1-4035-9BAD-106ABB…)

why are white women the ultimate boogeyman to so many twitterfags?

No. 1209126

Unrelated but fr why are there so many gay couples in series? Is it because gay men are more acvepted than lesbians? Every show has a gay couple but I don't know any lesbian couples that don't appeal to male gaze.

No. 1209128


No. 1209129

in my experince in most english speaking spaces most fujos have usually been white, you really shouldn't take this personally, its making fun of faghags not white women

No. 1209140

Not interested in the racebaiting going on but this post is incredibly misinformed. Māori never 'decimated' the natives of New Zealand—they ARE the natives of NZ. It was only two tribes/iwi, Ngāti Mutunga and Ngāti Tama, that killed and enslaved the Moriori of the Chatham islands, who are simply an offshoot of the larger Māori ethnicity, and are still alive today. Try to be less retarded next time

No. 1209144

i mean that's because most fluent english speakers are white

No. 1209145

But faghags are often brown or asian-american too.

Nta but what you're describing doesn't really sound better? It's still about killing and enslaving.

No. 1209147

I didn't say it was better, retard. I just informed them of what actually happened. If someone is going to use world history as a 'gotcha' then at least fucking use it correctly.

No. 1209148

Yes and we don't like seeing faghags there, >>1209145
majority are american and east asian though and their beyond cringe

No. 1209150

As I stated above my president signed a contract(?) with a spokesperson or something from USA and agreed to take the immigrants but probably didn't know they were rapists or %99 males unlike USA who knew because they're the reason there are refugees since they kept messing up middle eastern countries. I won't state my country because I got called racist here when I mentioned my and the refugees' country. I don't want to derail further but all in all, USA is the reason there were wars in middle east in the first place and also the reason we needed to take the refugees, they also pay refugees so much it's actually sickening, a refugee doing nothing earns so much the money they brought caused inflation and my country's money literally lost half its value. Hope I worded stuff correctly I'm tired right now and I apologize if I made mistakes.

Again this is my situation and it's caused by USA but other countries have also been victims of similar situations by either USA or other European countries. I'll always blame those countries because they're knowingly stealing from us to live comfortably themselves while pretending they're modern and good while we're evil and primitive, although I don't blame any white person specifically, their countries are the reasons why other countries are struggling so much.

No. 1209151

I don't get your point are you saying that she's jealous of white gays? Why would a woman be jealous of gays tho.

No. 1209154

why must race be bought into everything? something so mundane like a show about gay white boys (idk anything about the show) and it is always black women too.

No. 1209157

There's a racebaiting anon who seems to think any woman is jealous of white women, they sometimes come off as male because of the race obsession and how they try to act like whites are so superior. I've never seen such a radical racist woman irl but I've seen plenty men who behave like this and think minority women are only upset because they're not blonde or have blue eyes. Same logic as some anons here thinking being blonde is a privilege, only men or pickmes who think privilege is male attention have this thinking pattern.

No. 1209161

Why are you so aggressive? The anon was wrong with that detail but her point still stands, that's all I was saying. You called her a retard and racebaiter and while what she stated was off, essentially it was still about the same shit. Jfc.

No. 1209165

I don't really care if it's the same shit. If you wanna racebait, don't be a dumbass. It's that simple.

No. 1209170

Samefag but it also defeats the rest of the argument if you include a falsehood. Why should anyone listen to anybody else if they can't even bother to fact-check before posting?

No. 1209172

because most fujos in the west overwhelmingly white women and people find them annoying, black people and especially black women aren't gonna kowtow cause some future ayden wants to see two dudes who barely interact fuck each other in the ass and be the worst aspect of every fandom

No. 1209175

I mean, everyone who's not a total retard knows that what she tried to get accross is true. Maybe she misremembered or something, the other examples afaik are correct. Her argument isn't completely irrelevant because she made a mistake/was slightly misinformed.

No. 1209204

>is true
>she misremembered
Then it's not true. I don't see how anyone can misremember shit online when Google is fucking free, and if 'she' wants to backpedal on being a racebaiting retard, then 'she' should have made it clear from the beginning that she didn't know what she was talking about. Otherwise it just reads like a bad faith argument. Nobody is obligated to be a racebaiter. Goddamn is society brainrotted by social media and pseudo-intellectualism, some of you are proving >>1208924 correct

No. 1209205

Because that anon is correct. Some anons here are racist whites. See >>1209122 and >>1209128 where they're literally talking about how black women are jealous of white women. Some of the racebaiters come off like /pol/fags.

No. 1209221

It's sad because if anyone gives those "Everyone's jealous of my race wahhh" posters the correct response, it'll devolve to race sperging. Some anons like to racebait, but are very bothered by the truth, or just having their own BS thrown back in their face

No. 1209259

K sorry, this isn't an anonymous imageboard and everyone is obligated to write fucking essays and fact-check literally everything they say because then they're retards who don't know what they're talking about. White bad and ebil, black and indigenous people enslaving and raping other black and indigenous people are actually based and asian people haven't done anything bad ever until the ebil white man arrived, got it. Saying that japanese people raped and gored tons of chinese women and children at some point is racebaiting.

No. 1209265

Yes, claiming something as fact when it is incorrect is retard behavior. Fact checking would take you all of five minutes at most if you know where to look, and it doesn't require more than a paragraph, you absolute fucking mongoloid. And I already said I don't care about your autistic racebaiting—if you're gonna sperg out over muh ebil brown people then do it correctly. Don't get mad that people are calling out the racebaiters for being the tards that they are.

No. 1209285

The 'topics' suggestions are the absolute worst thing to ever happen to Twitter. Even when I do >>1195440 it suggests garbage I don't want to see.

No. 1209291

I agree with you, there's a lot of racist anons recently. I blame part on it on the whole "lolcow is a femcel imageboard" shit, because racism and race sperging is strictly banned here. It makes the racist anons stick out like a sore thumb, specially using the word """subhuman""". The no racebait rule has kept our website free of weird /pol/faggotry and helped us achieve a good community. I don't want these race obsessed spergs and spermoids taking it away.

No. 1209342

Most tech advances credited to golden age of islam were stolen

Muslims have a very bloody history and still are very bloody but they are little saints because America bombed some countries(racebait)

No. 1209406

You sound like a sperg. Why are you so easily triggered? You keep throwing insults and being angry about one anon making a mistake in a long post that was otherwise all correct. Fact-checking isn't that fast, especially with complicated events who aren't very well known in general. And it's not racebait. Those are literally facts and if you struggle to cope with historical facts then you need to take your meds.

No. 1209608

>throwing insults
Welcome to lolcow retard

No. 1209832

The one who always says subhuman is (c)rapchan iirc, there are also some Red Scare spergs around recently

No. 1210464

File: 1654305390224.png (518.86 KB, 591x623, Screen Shot 2022-06-03 at 6.14…)

> cases of monkeypox have mostly occurred among gay, bisexual and men who have sex with men
> this is irresponsible reporting
Only on this planet is stating real statistics irresponsible reporting

No. 1210473

I don’t see it as a gay thing but a male thing. Scrotesbe scroteing

No. 1210478

>Guys, even though monkeypox is mostly a thing occuring with gay men, you've misunderstood it! It's not just something you can get if you have gay sex, it can happen if you have any physical contact with an infected person!
Isn't this just going to make people want to avoid gay men even more? Or was that the plan, maybe?

No. 1210499

Just in time for pride month. kek

No. 1210532

They rather brush it off instead of informing the demographic it’s disproportionately affecting? They make up over half of the cases, they should be advising them so it doesn’t get out of control. No it’s not a gay disease but it’s affecting them more.

No. 1210805

Oh so now we want to avoid stigma around infectious illnesses? People who didn't take precautions against infectious diseases were "granny killers", smeared all over social and regular media, actively stigmatized.
Pur on your mask, take your vax, stay at home, upend your life, but dare not suggest a couple of gays change their behaviour for a short while.

No. 1210877

Wider appeal i guess. A series with gay men will be watched by gay men, straight women, "queer" women, and a few liberal males. A series with lesbians will be watched by lesbians/bisexual women, straight men who want to see hot women make out on screen, and a handful of "queer" women. A series with lesbians who don't appeal to the male gaze will only really be watched by other lesbians, and will either end up with a small cult fanbase made up of mostly/entirely women (such as Gentleman Jack) or they'll end up trooning one or more of the GNC characters for wider appeal and in order to appear 'progressive' (such as Umbrella Academy or the remake of West Side Story movie)

No. 1211731

File: 1654396604842.jpeg (266.03 KB, 593x1272, BF8477A9-EDFA-4BD5-AB48-32E3D1…)

Kevin Samuel fans need to be put on a watchlist.

No. 1211742

File: 1654397379384.jpg (142.24 KB, 1140x1110, 1531480893759.jpg)

They ARE on the watch list because tons of black women snitched on them KEK

No. 1211756

Is this.. is this woman shit talking her daughter who was groomed/sexually abused by her husband…? What is this backward ass logic

No. 1211767

I feel so bad for that poor girl and her child. I hope all the attention this horrific tweet got at least drove some positive/supportive comments to her channel, and that woman is out of her life. It's so hard to escape situations like these.

No. 1211773

Samefag, but apparently someone leaked that ladys address and put out the man's full name. Deserved

No. 1211789

What an absolute monster. Fuck her and her scrote to DEATH. With ice picks.

No. 1211799

File: 1654403107853.jpg (71.58 KB, 1881x415, twitter.jpg)

The crazy part is that they don't even seem to be together.

No. 1211802

>my daughter slept with my husband because she was jealous of me
Oh my god. what is WRONG with black hand maidens?!

No. 1211813

File: 1654404229281.jpeg (177.01 KB, 960x770, EE2043B0-4C0C-4929-98F1-D7CF9B…)

She still stands by him though. She is also a Johnny Depp supporter. Male identified women should not have daughters.

No. 1211822

This woman has a very special place in hell with her name in it I feel sick

No. 1211823

Anon wtf, this is vile. Her poor daughter.

No. 1211825

>mother of 4
>Put god first
It never fucking fails.

No. 1211845

File: 1654406037222.png (241.66 KB, 484x644, wtf.png)


No. 1211852

hope her poor daughter beats the shit out of her and gets her justice. if you can’t even see how your pet scrote has manipulated you into thinking your daughter was pursuing him then i don’t think you get to be alive

No. 1212047

I support Amber but I truly can't grasp why people have been obsessing over this whole fiasco, there are edit with millions of views about this shit

No. 1212157

The fleeting hit of dopamine they receive from pretending to both be an expert on the court of law and giving a fuck about women.

No. 1212195

seriously, I can think of nothing I would want to do less than obsess over two attention hog celebs with more money than i could ever make

No. 1212267

My girlfriend hyperfixated on this goddamn trial and couldn't shut up about it, she kept talking my head off and I was just shocked because normally she doesn't give a shit about things like that. We have been together for years but this is the time I almost unironically broke it up with her kek, I'm glad it's finally over

No. 1212555

People love reality tv, what's hard to understand lol?

No. 1213436

File: 1654483232034.jpeg (56.13 KB, 960x400, 56D09DCC-6865-458F-B23B-70B885…)

I know this is a joke but some people unironically believe this. Why are zoomers obsessed with being like 15? It’s so gross

No. 1213440

Is her pfp hunter Schafer

No. 1213569


No. 1213629

They watch too many American shows about high school students played by actors in their late 20s or early 30s and doing things that almost no real high school students are allowed to do (legally or by their parents) and they think as soona s you turn 20 you should get married, have a degree, work fulltime and earn a lot, have at least one kid, pay taxes and your only hobby should be changing your baby's diapers and going grocery shopping once a week.

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I think that’s just what being a teen is like. High schoolers live in kind of a bubble where the only people they interact with are other teens and figures of authority like teachers and your parents, so they form really weird ideas about what being an adult is like.

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> It’s so gross
I think it's more about "being not old" as opposed to "being young", and the "I'm so young" comments are a way to banter elderly citizens (25-30yo).

The issue with things like that is that after some time they get taken over by legitimate morons who take it literally and because of that I think this will probably turn into ageplay pedo bait without a hint of humour or irony. Perhaps that has already happened, the only social media I use is this site.

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KEK I will pay attention to that from now one!

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This isnt just zoomers, every teen was like that. They believe once you're 20,you should have a stable job, a house and a serious relationship because they think the moment you become an adult you have to get all those accomplishments. Also I do think that's middle age for twitter, twitter is used by highschoolers, college kids and some boomers. There are three de