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File: 1655134142273.jpeg (670.49 KB, 648x864, 8C10AFA9-D945-4E43-8332-2B2B40…)

No. 1223828

previous thread: >>1099529

A thread for funny screencaps, not newfags posting random caps. We’re all here for a hearty kek, keep /ot/ rules in mind and don’t infight, etc.

No. 1223966

File: 1655140144314.png (446 KB, 640x945, 4EA8568D-1002-48C1-B650-FAA592…)

Thanks OP, especially for the addition. I'm just reposting an old one to get the ball rolling

No. 1224446

File: 1655166680383.png (19.89 KB, 1378x175, sensible.PNG)

No. 1224606

File: 1655180092394.png (24.29 KB, 860x180, neetqueen.png)

No. 1224607

File: 1655180124246.png (288.85 KB, 826x535, chrome_D0mQ1fHUO6.png)

No. 1224642

anon isn't wrong

No. 1224654

this is based

No. 1224662

File: 1655186090392.png (6.63 KB, 464x132, BD2-D24-F5-5-A93-4959-836c-4-C…)

No. 1224687

File: 1655188246777.jpg (42.2 KB, 540x540, tumblr_c466c53f5ee9d6c69f12baa…)

NONNY pic rel me laughing not crying

No. 1225362

File: 1655236918841.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 58.93 KB, 825x260, 661E933F-F609-4BB8-B292-F9715F…)

i had the misfortune of laying my eyes upon this now so do you

No. 1225461

File: 1655241460588.jpg (355.9 KB, 608x1335, 1655241158925.jpg)

No. 1225469

File: 1655241684996.jpg (405.7 KB, 720x957, 1655241640792.jpg)

No. 1225547

File: 1655245012163.jpeg (104.21 KB, 1057x463, 9AC1023C-BF8E-4B1F-A5B5-223E8F…)

I will always think about this.

No. 1225568

NTA but cum is just gross. It's not immature to dislike it.

No. 1225570

Kekkkk I laughed at that too


Surely you are just jesting?

No. 1225572

I think they are just making fun of some anons here

No. 1225613

Cum is disgusting kek. You don't have to be underage to know this.

No. 1225616

No it's funny, check older threads and similar funny shit has been posted before. Stop minimoding for god's sake

No. 1225617

am I the only one laughing at this? kek

No. 1225635

>without even knowing or trying
This is kind of sad. Like he just cums inside her, she has to get herself off while he does nothing, and she's like "Wow this is so romantic"

No. 1225636

No I cackled at it this morning and was going to post it myself

No. 1225715

File: 1655253694181.jpeg (230.02 KB, 977x478, 80BCBDCD-1AE6-4F6A-8CDE-F02ACD…)

I'm 5 years old

No. 1225729

bleak, nonnies

No. 1225820

I think that's meant as something additional, like they had satisfying sex and now he is giving even more without even needing to be there or do anything.

No. 1226569

God the OP image reminds me of that cursed post of the anon who said she likes to hear her farts echo on the exercise ball… Does anyone have that cap? Might've been from a confessions thread

No. 1227456

File: 1655361639668.jpg (436.63 KB, 1080x1178, Screenshot_20220616-084016_Chr…)

nonas have a few things to say about ken

No. 1227474


No. 1227477

Unpopular opinions >>1226314

No. 1227619

Sorry for replying to a 2 day old post but
>I feel like it's romantic since he's making me feel good without even knowing or trying

is just sad. Oh how romantic that your moid isn't even trying but just leaves you to take care of yourself. Bleak.

No. 1227800

No. 1227805

Spoiler that shit!

No. 1227812

I cackled like a witch at this

No. 1227816

File: 1655398530643.jpeg (221.94 KB, 710x777, 4BCA0DE2-37B1-476E-B4B9-4300E8…)

No. 1227821

They get uglier and stay the same simultaneously

No. 1227823

Idk, I’d take laynas regular lips over TNDs lumpy lips any fuckin day
Never syd, esp w the fuckin FORHEAD piercing.

No. 1227873

#NeverSyd. Not even once

No. 1228222

File: 1655416746367.jpg (98.69 KB, 1080x458, fluid.jpg)

No. 1228240

who is the bottom girl? she's actually cute. i don't keep up with many /snow/ threads so

No. 1228316

Isn’t this for funny screencaps

No. 1228414

That’s Jonny Craig’s newest gf

Right? I’m avoiding tuna’s thread right now because of the constant disgusting conversations about her vagina

No. 1228477

oh, that's sad. she could do much better. very pathetic.

No. 1228762

File: 1655476961321.png (78.67 KB, 647x193, 143942.png)

A good chuckle.

No. 1228769

Based taste in theme nonna, samesies hehe

No. 1228793

File: 1655478428824.png (588.91 KB, 1104x969, 4e32.png)

Dumb moid doesn't know sarcasm, reason why he will never be genuinely happy ever in his sad existence. the spoliered image was too large its just a pic with a penis and scissors

No. 1228799

this is for funny caps, not moid caps.

No. 1228802

Where's the funny? You are just giving him attention

No. 1228868

Anons who respond to moid bait with their lame comebacks aren't funny and are only giving the attention whore what it wants.

No. 1229184

File: 1655495431005.png (46.16 KB, 778x232, Schermafbeelding 2022-06-17 om…)

No. 1229235

File: 1655498389826.jpeg (101.05 KB, 725x341, EA5C0C90-7FD9-4365-8776-2CF003…)

No. 1229237

File: 1655498454041.jpeg (139.78 KB, 1068x264, CE9208B7-C001-4047-B526-2B9224…)

No. 1229247

You’re an autist and I don’t care about your arbitrary rules of “funny” caps. Watch me make a “random caps thread and it immediately gets locked or deleted by mods, you’re a powertripping retard kek >>1223828(retard)

No. 1229253

These threads were always for funny posts. Why the fuck are you so mad?

No. 1229255

Ok but why do I have to adhere to a certain kind of “funny”? Why the fuck are their anons here trying to comedy-police everyone? It’s so fucking annoying

No. 1229271

you’re so pressed and for what? sorry you have a shit sense of humor I guess

No. 1229286

Fr. If at least one person finds something funny it belongs here.

No. 1229501

File: 1655515252524.jpeg (785.41 KB, 1125x1732, 71911430-6BF9-4498-84D6-FDF266…)

Not OP but am the anon who suggested the addendum. I think "funny" should remain the theme as it always has, but posts are allowed to be varying degrees of funny even if I find most of them unfunny too kek. It ruins the fun to infight about it so let's all just keep posting what we find funny.

Additionally if you wanted to post something on the side of meaningful or helpful, you can post again in the Helpful caps thread which I miss >>>/ot/764364

No. 1229552

File: 1655520174661.png (461.83 KB, 1892x513, edc3ycrofcnh8.PNG)

No. 1229559

Cuz it's not your board and you don't make rules kek

No. 1229601

Because if the thread just fills up with pointless, cringe shit then it defeats the literal purpose of the thread. Ffs.

No. 1229615

File: 1655525284505.jpeg (112.4 KB, 1402x179, F9C02C8C-7C50-4001-B5F4-E0D9B5…)

No. 1229618

File: 1655525426749.jpeg (450.1 KB, 1562x500, D4C88943-3422-44D0-970D-2AAF74…)

No. 1229620

why didn't she just tell him that her sister did it

No. 1229626

I picture anon as a clumsy moe anime girl

No. 1229774

Where the funy

No. 1229790

No one laughed

No. 1229931

File: 1655558657901.png (415.26 KB, 491x900, Screenshot_2022-06-18-08-02-07…)

I can't stop laughing at this, kek

No. 1229937

On this note, my dad's a millionaire and bought my house and car yet I still work a normal job because the perception of your peers is crippling. Least I don't have to take my clothes off for dirty money god bless anon x

No. 1229961

That's the most pathetic life story I've ever heard.

No. 1229964

You don't know shit about me apart from I got money.

No. 1229981

Kill yourself. I hate rich privileged bitches who act like they know the struggles of the working class.

No. 1229986

good job taking the blatant bait

No. 1230152

File: 1655572947973.jpeg (245.32 KB, 671x808, 6DC46D4B-D658-4566-B475-49E956…)

Might have been posted already but I was catching up on the LJ thread

No. 1230369

According to you, you waste a third of every day on a job you don't need because of peer pressure. You could be making art or volunteering or doing political activism or any of a million things but you don't. Because of peer pressure.
That's pathetic.

No. 1230382

File: 1655589260831.png (558.11 KB, 547x131, 537.png)

No. 1230386

File: 1655589465258.jpg (260.67 KB, 1033x1436, 012937.jpg)

You missed the funniest part tho

No. 1230534

i don't care for this. the "whore" thing is too much of a male moment.

No. 1230547

File: 1655596522387.jpeg (371.2 KB, 1242x1011, CA389208-318D-48A7-90B4-C337A1…)

It’s the cope for me tho. Like how do you justify spreading your holes to men for 3k a month. And call it impressive.

And yea, I’m not a teenager so I’m definitely making more than 15/hr kek

No. 1230551

are you that anon from that same thread who got roasted ''for being a self-proclaimed rich daddys girl'' so now you are seething at ''whore''.

No. 1230554

neither is it funny too, its more like vendettaposting.

No. 1230555

Kek no nona. And making more than min wage doesn’t make you rich.

No. 1230582

File: 1655597589018.jpeg (42.22 KB, 505x147, E70F09C5-3D83-49F3-B566-C28068…)

No. 1230588

>self-posting unfunny caps

No. 1230615

I'm almost sad that thread died so quickly kek I only posted one yaoi pic and set a nona off for being just as bad as the scrotes who just started a gore thread. Also, be safe nonas. I've never seen gore here until a few mins ago and it was horrible. I hate that there are people on this planet who enjoy it.

No. 1230623

>humor-policing people’s who will post and do whatever the fuck they want

fuck off retard and die, sincerely(a-logging)

No. 1230628

that ''nonna'' who you set off was probably a moid, the same one who started posting gore after seeing the yaoi reply's.

Moids love to moralfag about yaoi because it triggers them then those same moids go and masturbate to scat,bug porn and gore because they are defect.

No. 1230641

Is it really a male moment when they are literal whores.

No. 1230786

No. 1230793

File: 1655603045941.jpg (232.36 KB, 707x897, 1655602829600.jpg)

No. 1230812

I agree

No. 1230830

That's fair. It's the angry reply to a glitter text post is what got me, not so much what it says.

No. 1230843

>summer newfags
>literally just summerfags
>exposing self as newfag
Hate it here

No. 1230848

It's both. It's not that serious anon.

No. 1230900

File: 1655613257691.jpeg (27.6 KB, 425x283, 60B87B93-F79E-4FE4-B3E4-7F63E8…)

>I’m a successful sex worker!
>still wagecucking

No. 1230904

Nigga stfu and eat a brownie

No. 1230913

Because pointing out a newfag in one sentence is serious to you apparently

No. 1231012

File: 1655623989270.jpeg (268.09 KB, 502x766, 61AFD941-1472-4994-AEF0-B8188E…)

No. 1231058

My dad funded my masters so I'm working in a field that I'm passionate about, but I didn't work while doing my degree and people were openly hostile and jealous. Meh

No. 1231059

No. 1231060

I'm the anon that posted the glitter text. Yes calling women whores is generally wrong but in this situation, it was deserved. She came into the Shayna thread announced she was a successful sex worker, unlike Shayna of course, called other anons "cunts" while asking them to stop using the word whore and then proceeded to derail the thread.

No. 1231108

Never understood how this is supposed to be a flex. Woo, you're making lots of money (for now) that you'll most likely spend on stupid shit, instead of investing and saving up anyway. Being a camgirl has no longevity either. You could argue that no job truly has, but most other jobs are tied to some kind of education and skill but camming is tied to looks and age. I get that there's a niche for everything in SW but it wouldn't be worth it to me for just a few years while having to worry about friends/family/coworkers finding my videos or pics and creepy moids pestering you. The competition is huge and there'll always be someone better/prettier/more extreme than you. Can't put camming on a CV either (good luck keeping your normie job if your workplace ever finds out) and >>1230900 yeah, wagecucking and still spreading your cheeks for men is pathetic.

NTA but no one cares about your life story.

No. 1231122


Disagree, I think she was wrong to call everyone cunts like that but two wrongs don't make a right

No. 1231288

File: 1655649802257.png (12.98 KB, 1857x134, autism.png)

Imagine having a little girl and raising her to be a mature responsible adult only for her to end up like this. On another note, where is anon even from? I do not recognize that date format.

No. 1231293

I've seen some K-pop birthday posts with this format

No. 1231296

Europe uses that

No. 1231297

You are retarded

No. 1231301

correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure day/month/year is used pretty much everywhere outside North-America

No. 1231358

dd/mm/yyyy yes, but I've never seen dd.mm.yyyy before.

No. 1231368

nta but i thought it was fairly common, i had a hunch it was a european country for some reason and yeah. a lot of european countries use the full stop as a separator.

No. 1231406

File: 1655656206556.jpg (119.39 KB, 899x434, cantaloupes.JPG)

No. 1231448

ah sorry I misunderstood. I thought it was specifically about putting the day before month and not about the dots.

Where I am we do dd-mm-yyyy

No. 1231457

File: 1655658253970.png (309.58 KB, 881x283, Screenshot_20220619-110222.png)

No. 1231577

File: 1655661217942.png (9.75 KB, 772x158, truer words never spoken.PNG)

No. 1231627

what part of that post contradicts "mature responsible adult" anyway?

No. 1231642

Call me a killjoy but taking your parents out to celebrate your fictional husbandos birthdays doesn't really scream "mature" to me.

No. 1231691

oh my god.

No. 1231734

File: 1655666351028.jpg (100.01 KB, 1080x469, elephant.jpg)

No. 1231748

File: 1655666830376.jpg (239.27 KB, 573x1249, 1655625817290.jpg)

No. 1231750

No. 1231756

No. 1231781

>A thread for funny screencaps, not newfags posting random caps

No. 1231850

>a mature responsible adult only for her to end up like this
I don't know anon, earning enough money of your own to take your parents out to dinner several times in a single month does sound like "mature, responsible adult" to me. She's not a NEET or anything, she's only having a little bit of fun with her parents.

No. 1231878

File: 1655671547574.jpg (61.68 KB, 653x593, f.JPG)

No. 1232301

File: 1655687663768.png (39.51 KB, 941x320, damn.PNG)

No. 1232304

File: 1655687786647.png (14.13 KB, 620x114, don't.PNG)

No. 1232309

lmao i remember this, i was the one they replied to.

No. 1232363

File: 1655689973258.png (96.83 KB, 612x388, 46464466.png)

No. 1232366

its even more funny when you realize op didnt know how to delete the thread kek.

No. 1232387

The thread got deleted, pity for the anons who were about to share the sauce.

No. 1232388

a snitch reported that thread I'm sobbing

No. 1232563

File: 1655707392069.jpeg (126.78 KB, 480x431, 3D39065B-3D39-408A-BE46-08B3E1…)

No. 1232595

File: 1655710989084.jpeg (137.37 KB, 477x647, D36937CE-BE5F-444D-8925-423923…)

No. 1232598

File: 1655711304901.jpeg (283.81 KB, 1426x382, EEE4799A-137C-4547-BFA1-73698E…)

No. 1232783

File: 1655735873285.jpg (573.68 KB, 963x1415, DaBawssesSistah.jpg)

No. 1232838

File: 1655739122742.png (19.52 KB, 549x151, kekk.png)

Farmhand-chan please don't hate me for this I'm a fellow leonfag ily

No. 1232846

No. 1232849

No. 1232899

File: 1655742738631.jpeg (689.62 KB, 1041x1823, 6A39FCFF-8C85-43E6-AA96-E46B8B…)

999, what is your emergency?

No. 1232912

File: 1655743372140.png (27.38 KB, 1418x222, 1231067.PNG)

No. 1232919

File: 1655743658912.png (515.1 KB, 656x1018, Shingeki_no_Baron.png)

No. 1233417

File: 1655774987175.jpg (59.45 KB, 1080x296, fat.jpg)

No. 1233594

File: 1655797309902.jpeg (714.15 KB, 1170x727, D534CD9D-2C7B-405E-A091-7371D0…)

I hate this shit so much, it’s called fasciation and caused by mutations or hormone imbalances in plants. It’s harmless but freaks me out and makes me want to tear it apart for some reason, reminds me of the creepy replicating things in the shimmer from Annihilation

No. 1233596

The strawberries don't bother me, but that flower is making my skin crawl

No. 1233602

It’s giving me annihilation vibes

No. 1233608

I just looked it up and it's creeping me out so bad. Horrible shit. Horrible.

No. 1233613

Fat strawberries are fine but this gives me nightmare and bad drug trip vibes

No. 1233620

File: 1655800154382.jpg (127.98 KB, 735x550, ceb304e506b1fddb81bf562f4e99fc…)

I have a love-hate relationship with these mutated flowers. They make my skin crawl as well but I can't stop looking at them. It almost feels like I've been cursed to do it, I don't know how to explain it.(derailing)

No. 1233622

File: 1655800204678.jpg (66.46 KB, 568x758, ef978f108c763d996347d6cb697fc4…)

No. 1233623

these are so fucking cool holy shit

No. 1233624

File: 1655800377098.jpg (47.49 KB, 540x507, e43503edffddf919ae057765c3a378…)

No. 1233625

No. 1233629

File: 1655801025397.jpg (216.49 KB, 764x853, tumblr_pgbbwsjlKU1wrxeueo1_128…)

these are so fucking cool! without knowing what it is i thought it was like a defense mechanism against insects or something.(enough about mutant flowers)

No. 1234100

that was me kek but go off ig

No. 1234130

File: 1655842972071.png (38.7 KB, 1416x160, Screenshot 2022-06-21 at 21.21…)

No. 1234886

File: 1655901191704.jpg (39.45 KB, 479x350, Untitled.jpg)

No. 1235180


No. 1235323

File: 1655925102348.png (433.87 KB, 986x630, Screen Shot 2022-06-20 at 2.43…)

No. 1236383

File: 1656005790875.jpeg (334.83 KB, 917x1608, 406EB077-DC96-4B15-910D-EAB5F2…)

kars bf

No. 1236819

File: 1656027126091.jpg (75.83 KB, 1018x382, kek.jpg)

No. 1236993

File: 1656038040732.jpg (27.38 KB, 771x95, Untitled.jpg)

No. 1237026

File: 1656039936539.jpeg (54.59 KB, 595x158, 36DDED50-1DAF-444B-BF30-543E49…)

No. 1237027

Where is this? Kek

No. 1237045

File: 1656041261388.jpeg (90.09 KB, 862x225, 8F6EBDEA-B4E7-4F13-8BD4-9F47F2…)

No. 1237081

No. 1237091

belle delphine thread lol

No. 1237115

File: 1656049025239.jpeg (861.76 KB, 1242x1662, 495EE54E-3377-4A0F-A0F5-C9CF57…)

The state of Shaynus’ threads
Idk why I still bother going over there anymore.

No. 1237166

This is for funny caps. Begone summerfag.

No. 1237332

Some people are just unfunny, it doesn't make them summerfags automatically kek

No. 1237886

File: 1656094871534.jpg (212.41 KB, 1080x924, F546B5F8-53BF-4B83-B764-A3D435…)

No. 1237896

the bee is really cute so i enjoyed seeing it

No. 1237943

File: 1656096073803.jpg (11.04 KB, 443x449, 0e803f7b0e65a5ba.jpg)

Why the fuck would you post this here

No. 1238006

only a liar would call these funny

No. 1238085

A man, maybe

No. 1238378

the bee is really cute so i enjoyed seeing it

No. 1240008

File: 1656166708535.png (789.41 KB, 790x801, average_winamp_user.png)

idk why but this made me laugh for 3 minutes straight

No. 1241067

File: 1656239193020.jpg (63.81 KB, 1077x453, Jack nicholson hit the wall.jp…)

From celebricows. I chortled

No. 1241089

File: 1656242497323.jpg (272.3 KB, 1920x801, Annihilation_josie_radek.jpg)

kek at nonnie being redtexted for being too much like picrel. Justice for my queen, mutant flowers are great

No. 1241780

File: 1656275768977.png (441.49 KB, 2438x563, queen_shit.png)

No. 1241868

kek I think she didn't even mean to use that pic
based af

No. 1243027

File: 1656361500392.png (152.35 KB, 838x278, unknown.png)

No. 1243029

kek I laughed
not funny, die please?

No. 1243035

File: 1656362147084.png (17.17 KB, 941x215, they never came back.png)

No. 1243092

It’s a vortex of evil and Taco Bell

No. 1243302

File: 1656379093050.jpeg (600.13 KB, 1187x1320, 1B4D36E4-293B-46D7-BD6C-EE2E91…)

No. 1243324

File: 1656380416229.gif (487.32 KB, 340x450, tumblr_lmas85Nay01qkpphbo1_400…)

No way! I own the animated version of that.

No. 1243366

kek thread?

No. 1243386

Holy shit lmao

No. 1243411

File: 1656386779209.jpeg (247.46 KB, 1105x1414, 8D16E9A3-A009-4A57-AABD-145370…)

from belle delphine thread

No. 1243412

is that johnny depp

No. 1243413

Nona I hope you’re joking

No. 1243414

File: 1656387160147.jpeg (313.72 KB, 494x1055, A20DDF9F-C40E-4021-98D8-A33CE4…)

No. 1243461

File: 1656390916159.jpeg (157.53 KB, 1366x344, C039BCE2-DE28-410D-8228-4CE72F…)


No. 1243530

It doesn’t matter how much time passes, I will never, ever tire of this for some reason

No. 1243642

File: 1656413938923.jpeg (433.55 KB, 752x1171, 283DEBD0-EA2E-42EF-9F54-C19445…)

No. 1243725

Same, it gets me every fucking time.

No. 1244303

File: 1656454301981.png (363.98 KB, 1537x482, favoritepost.PNG)

No. 1244338

This is a classic, I hope it never dies kek.

No. 1245434

File: 1656532949199.png (2.13 MB, 911x1810, F4FA0417-D781-42BD-A358-199A10…)

All around me are familiar faces…

No. 1245441

I'm 10 days late but whats the source for the pic?

No. 1245494

I wonder if Sockness will try to adopt Christ-chan once he's released from jail and homeless

No. 1245641

File: 1656545903224.jpeg (256.72 KB, 750x714, 76922DC3-1075-4894-981B-F0235A…)

No. 1245646

I want this to be a thing so bad

No. 1245762

Tarzan can put parsley in me anyday

No. 1247436

File: 1656693261486.jpeg (278.96 KB, 750x613, 82E179EE-02FA-457B-A321-EF5873…)

No. 1247478

File: 1656695846710.jpg (36.69 KB, 937x283, Screenshot_20220701-181606_Chr…)

No. 1247483

File: 1656696304620.jpeg (309.67 KB, 707x669, C169FC10-6CE5-49D1-93AD-B3795C…)

No. 1247820

I was about to post this! Got a lol from me

No. 1248274

File: 1656747692716.png (260.79 KB, 962x660, gfdfdffddgfdfddff.png)

No. 1248275

File: 1656747734227.png (46.22 KB, 546x206, unknown.png)

No. 1248276

File: 1656747877482.png (8.96 KB, 502x224, 234544555343443.png)

No. 1248277

File: 1656747978322.jpg (97.59 KB, 648x393, 1656747924199.jpg)

No. 1248525

File: 1656771978043.jpg (128.63 KB, 720x1202, 1656748219643.jpg)

Shes didn't deserve that, justice for nonnie

No. 1248526

File: 1656772008811.png (43.19 KB, 591x252, Anachan_Jesus.png)

No. 1248581

File: 1656776635836.jpg (28.17 KB, 347x368, oof.jpg)

I am Spartacus

No. 1248588

I am looking disrespectfully

No. 1248632

File: 1656779870417.jpeg (404.21 KB, 976x1354, 49BFB570-B7B2-4DF5-BDC9-E783A2…)

Idk why but this made me chuckle

No. 1248642

thank you for making our board hotter

No. 1248646

Based and Leon-pilled.

No. 1248696

No. 1248780

File: 1656787612532.jpeg (194.54 KB, 610x627, CAA2CF68-DFFB-4722-A0ED-0737F4…)

This is about social repose. From his dead thread I found in the depths of /snow/

No. 1248782

File: 1656787640020.jpeg (86.68 KB, 514x284, C9469A1B-5427-4F34-A1E1-30D5D4…)

No. 1248792

Lol what the hell why

No. 1248812

What does it say?

No. 1248814

Maybe they were reciting the quran.

No. 1248823

File: 1656789157212.jpeg (128.86 KB, 634x419, 2B17BC63-A206-47E8-B690-2C2E11…)

No. 1248826

File: 1656789295927.jpeg (333.84 KB, 750x791, 468FE6FA-6C4F-463E-BD6C-C09535…)

Old threads are an absolute goldmine

No. 1248858

File: 1656791340175.jpeg (51.65 KB, 565x184, E30A84CA-5879-4530-B111-219A0F…)

No. 1248871

File: 1656792014905.jpg (166.71 KB, 1171x1005, 20220702_215935.jpg)

No. 1248899

No. 1249037

Idk. I just thought it was funny. It’s like they banned nonni just because she spoke whatever sand nigga lingo that is. I wish someone could translate it.(racebait)

No. 1249185

i don't get 2d attraction but i love these shitposty semi-horny threads kek

No. 1249292

>semi-horny threads
Only semi? What you think she's going to do with the thicc titty demon boyfriend, have him sort her laundry?

No. 1249354

>(horrific thread)
more like the best fucking thread ever made lmao

No. 1249449


No. 1249452

Probably that too

No. 1249477

File: 1656842773176.png (267.42 KB, 1028x619, carfuckers.png)

No. 1249483

File: 1656843301787.jpg (16.73 KB, 746x79, 74251457.JPG)

From the tranny thread, replying to a word vomit reddit screenshot

No. 1249497

No. 1249792

File: 1656867079798.jpg (56.78 KB, 813x426, name 3 of their songs.JPG)

Samefag, but the funnies nonnies are the ones making fun of men

No. 1250383


No. 1250405

File: 1656917207538.jpeg (206.26 KB, 1443x1056, B72953ED-4B17-4D0E-BCFF-5B027A…)

I never look at this thread so sorry if I post something that’s been shared before, I’m going through my own lc screen cap folder

No. 1250407

File: 1656917384301.jpeg (30.47 KB, 1200x167, F53544B6-0154-49A9-A984-C2D509…)

No. 1250410

File: 1656917630136.jpeg (95.41 KB, 1200x546, 2A9D1B8C-A4FD-4028-9A63-FC9879…)

And I can’t find it right now but I don’t know if that nonnie that wanted to eat her baby was ever posted. It was a while ago but I still think about it.

No. 1250412

File: 1656917746124.jpeg (168.92 KB, 1415x676, 05D900E3-AD35-454D-B490-552567…)

Oh I found it, k I’m done for now.

No. 1250434

KEK this is my favourite post ever. Can’t believe someone took the time to photoshop the fish behind a computer.

No. 1250511

is this not an old pic that was created to say that someone is baiting?

No. 1251010

File: 1656966648600.jpeg (24.24 KB, 500x411, 7F176899-8CF8-4052-93C2-A99F45…)

Something about this scrote, the mere mention of him always cracks me up.

No. 1251029

File: 1656967705927.jpg (243.8 KB, 940x610, oh shit fr.jpg)

never change ♥

No. 1251036


No. 1251041

No. 1251045

that anon is so obviously schizophrenic, i cant wait when she realizes that the voices in her head are not demons.

She was also in another thread (the hot demon one) and was taking the thread and the anons joking there way too seriously, by saying demons are going to rape us with barbed wired dicks and that we are ''social retards'' for thirsting over fictional demons.
What a bitchy schizoid lol.

No. 1251046

Thanks anon
I kind of like having her around. schizos are fun on the internet

No. 1251052

Never denied being schizophrenic, dumbass.
>She was also in another thread (the hot demon one) and was taking the thread and the anons joking there way too seriously, by saying demons are going to rape us with barbed wired dicks and that we are ''social retards'' for thirsting over fictional demons.
That wasn't me but that post was funny. I was only in there because someone said that they wanted to summon a real succubus with a blood ritual which is dangerous as fuck. Idgaf if you have a fake demon fetish.

No. 1251058

File: 1656969079772.jpg (71.92 KB, 939x274, typicalangelfag.jpg)

Thanks for reminding me of the hot demon bf thread, it gave me a laugh.

No. 1251062

File: 1656969103985.jpg (24.03 KB, 400x400, RfX2iQYL_400x400.jpg)

I can almost literally feel twitter radiating from this post

No. 1251064

i dont mind them either, i just hate the controlling type of bitchy schizos.
are you trying to become a new namefag.

No. 1251085

>I was only in there because someone said that they wanted to summon a real succubus with a blood ritual which is dangerous as fuck.
Demons aren't real

No. 1251206

File: 1656974998767.jpg (25.82 KB, 680x385, FU4TpYMWYAAZ8P2.jpg)

That was me talking about barbed wire. I'm not the Hereditary anon. Bitch you're 300x mad even 2 days later because I jokingly said your demon animu bf would destroy your insides (because it's true). Inshallah this feeling will continue and you will seethe every time you search for manboob images
Pic related, your next ERP partner

No. 1251208

Nta but damn girl it's just pictures.

No. 1251209

Damn you're angry that nonas like pics of hot demons.

No. 1251210

Yeah but why do you care?

No. 1251216

I'm not mad, though. I like to collect hot anime boy pictures (both demon and not) myself, I just asked another anon in that thread why demons appeal so broadly in specific communities, and that anon's been chimping out ever since because she thinks I was shitting on her taste. Why shouldn't I keep it going?

No. 1251218

It's fun

No. 1251224

Don't start none, won't be none, I wasn't posting screenshots (and I never called anyone a "social retard", weird that she'd claim that). I'm bored of the autistic Twitter chicks who think everyone's trying to oppress them like it's 6th grade or something, stop taking everything as a personal attack

No. 1251230

you think the voices in your head are King Paimon yet you are calling others twitterfags….do you not see the irony or is it the insanity.

No. 1251239

File: 1656976103194.jpg (Spoiler Image, 40.8 KB, 408x612, istockphoto-157378460-612x612.…)

>Don't start none, won't be none

No. 1251248

File: 1656976506996.jpg (48.26 KB, 680x680, buff hello kitty.jpg)

Can't hear you over you fingering yourself to illustrated gay porn. I'll sacrifice 7 moids, meditate for 8 days on nip art and commission at least 3 doujins of King Paimon getting fucked in the ass by the angel Gabriel as a peace offering nonita, so sorry to offend your fantasy bf

No. 1251249

Kek I saw the first draft of your post.

No. 1251250

You should have

No. 1251254

File: 1656976688288.jpg (41.13 KB, 500x714, 91004753838bb97e3b782763a4f782…)

here's a qt demon bf just for you nona

No. 1251257

Based, thank you for omitting the mantits

No. 1251271

>your demon bf would destroy your insides
ugh need

No. 1251273

File: 1656978044407.gif (2.82 MB, 498x373, monkey-paw.gif)

No. 1251348

File: 1656983008380.jpg (737.17 KB, 2633x1542, komaeda.jpg)

No. 1251357

What does this mean

No. 1251364

stop being so underage

No. 1251367

demon-chan is so weird

No. 1251369

There are multiple demon-chans, my dear new fujo-chan

No. 1251375

That's because that one is actually schizophrenic. I remember her post a few weeks ago in the vent, confession or tinfoil thread and it was nearly incomprehensible. Basically what lucinda wishes she was.

No. 1251403

File: 1656987481746.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.37 MB, 655x491, bummed_out_chicken.gif)

Spoilered for simulated chicken fucking

No. 1251709

Yes. I tried a still image and just looked like a man hugging chicken without the animation.

No. 1251725

nta but even with a still version it would still be obvious what's going on, with the guy not wearing any pants and all..

No. 1251812

his balls are out anon

No. 1252057

File: 1657041208183.jpg (200.8 KB, 635x633, 1657011828342.jpg)

No. 1252061

File: 1657041254911.jpg (41.53 KB, 628x285, 1657011859797.jpg)

No. 1252062

why even post this

No. 1252063

File: 1657041312500.jpg (71.66 KB, 623x486, 1657015139065.jpg)

No. 1252112

You really can’t trust men anywhere. We should have male free farms, male free gyms, male free daycares etc. and they should be COMMON

No. 1252343

File: 1657061384042.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1584x1714, 7E0C1A05-E2FB-4FE3-92B4-84AEF7…)

No. 1252567

File: 1657080117978.jpeg (321.81 KB, 1410x659, DB39DF0F-F52A-4932-8664-1D1C2E…)

The redtext lmao this is in the bad art thread.

No. 1253314

A manga called Eniale and Dewiela referenced this demon and I immediately thought of this post

No. 1253391

File: 1657154361638.jpg (231.77 KB, 1001x595, Untitled.jpg)

the escalation of this newfag made me laugh

No. 1253509

Post something funny you complaining shits up the thread moar than anyone posting unfunny caps

No. 1253636

File: 1657188171678.jpg (29.19 KB, 479x259, 45.JPG)

No. 1254584

File: 1657265404193.jpeg (229.42 KB, 696x720, 3C088D53-EA4B-4AEE-B731-52BC4C…)

No. 1254590

File: 1657265753728.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 431.06 KB, 640x1052, D8EE7B46-A90D-43DF-A07D-080379…)

>his balls are out anon

No. 1255504

File: 1657321098099.jpeg (49.87 KB, 525x198, C6688970-12A8-4B85-AC5F-4E4D89…)

I’m childish

No. 1256316

File: 1657394821611.jpeg (98.36 KB, 603x265, C299F797-30F6-4B12-A0A9-913FF1…)

funniest post I’ve seen in months

No. 1256331

Why would you not spoiler this you stupid fuck, jesus

No. 1256356

File: 1657396781231.png (7.9 KB, 656x163, not-yet.png)

No. 1256369

I thought it was chickens balls.

No. 1256412

File: 1657399355146.jpg (234.79 KB, 720x900, lmao.jpg)

No. 1256426

File: 1657400590981.jpg (147.58 KB, 1124x700, bishonenspongebob.jpg)

I can see it

No. 1256434

Anon it’s just johnny zest fucking a chicken, it’s not real.

No. 1256474

File: 1657404305598.jpeg (222.47 KB, 1242x2696, g1X6mcQ.jpeg)

from the People Who Have Punchable Faces thread

No. 1256475

Reading like a twitter thread

No. 1256504

File: 1657407013103.jpeg (94.03 KB, 890x274, 6BB0C530-5272-4F9C-86B1-033A55…)

No. 1256525

They are really dragging that discussion out

No. 1256531

I like when nonnies come together to hate on someone's shitty relative.

No. 1256555

which thread was this?

No. 1256632


No. 1256664

Yeah some of the posts in that thread (not in the screencap specifically) give off a honeypot vibe and an underage vibe.

No. 1256697

File: 1657415933544.png (15.39 KB, 1852x112, transphobia.png)

>reporting LC to the cyber police for transphobia

No. 1257037

File: 1657439717532.jpeg (410.42 KB, 677x987, CE80DEDF-3517-4680-A779-3F3324…)

No. 1257042

How is this funny to you and not just immensely sad?

No. 1257232

File: 1657457337962.gif (637.41 KB, 583x230, fingers bend.gif)

No. 1257326

Shut up moralfag.

No. 1257371

It's not funny in any way, bone rattling towards her own mother is funny in a sick way I guess

No. 1258160

File: 1657514348056.jpeg (428.47 KB, 741x876, 720D8F28-8659-4F80-83B9-61D0B3…)

No. 1258484

File: 1657547995487.jpg (291.55 KB, 1080x1511, IMG_20220711_155017.jpg)

Reminder that the truth triggers scrotes the most.

No. 1258549

Funny how? Please stay in your containment shaynafag

No. 1258553

They hated her because she spoke the truth
Men are a fucking liability, and they hate it when you remind them

No. 1258824

File: 1657566005740.png (833.88 KB, 940x940, 12506D90-C352-425B-9BE6-A774AA…)

I guess you could say Johnny has a…Zest for chicken fucking

No. 1258873

Holy shit kek

No. 1259400

File: 1657617684523.png (10.31 KB, 1295x71, 8-EFB41f-B-4-BD3-4-B7-A-A640-B…)

No. 1259413


No. 1259418

He's not trans, is he? I stg most "lesbians" in lolcow are straight women who think they're edgy for acting polilez in the same breath they talk about men they wanna fuck.

No. 1259422

wait WHAT??? the character is a ftm??

No. 1259427

No. 1259609

Because insulting dogs is always funny

No. 1260805

File: 1657680993069.jpg (49.79 KB, 1079x278, cow.jpg)

No. 1260839

File: 1657685902573.jpeg (108.32 KB, 601x315, 91E2B470-F14D-4C4E-8758-615FEB…)

No. 1260899

File: 1657690908491.jpg (292.33 KB, 1080x1516, IMG_20220713_073810.jpg)

No. 1260927

this is it
this is the mood

No. 1260968

Honestly based as fuck.

No. 1260984

Same, now my parents are seriously wondering if I'm ever going to get married or if I'm a lesbian.

No. 1261361

File: 1657722739597.png (48 KB, 414x155, cometa suicídio.PNG)

No. 1261990

File: 1657752133065.jpg (201.6 KB, 924x524, AutismVol1.jpg)

No. 1261991

File: 1657752158710.jpg (398.39 KB, 935x1021, AutismVol2.jpg)

No. 1262306

File: 1657781181372.png (5.51 KB, 751x82, turtle yaoi.PNG)

No. 1262315

File: 1657784204626.jpg (188.29 KB, 637x575, 20220714_085203.jpg)

Sometimes you just need a dose of radioactive autism to laugh

No. 1262338

I wonder if this is the same sperg that made absolutely unhinged Holly and Jared edits like 2 years ago lmfao. Even if not, same vibes

No. 1262501

I laughed so much at those edits I hope shes still around

No. 1264197

File: 1657939455571.jpg (242.88 KB, 930x1048, IMG_20220716_054151.jpg)

No. 1264227

File: 1657941086322.jpeg (102.86 KB, 584x316, 9FA52714-B923-47C1-B8AE-5976E1…)

No. 1264238

File: 1657942511766.jpeg (80.2 KB, 797x217, B925E42E-4B13-4DFF-92BD-A2F0B0…)

No. 1264241

Let me guess… Shayna?

No. 1264610

the last sentence made me audibly snicker kek

No. 1265466

File: 1658036570249.png (45 KB, 1614x166, Screen Shot 2022-07-16 at 10.3…)

No. 1265474

File: 1658036993179.png (2.31 MB, 925x1276, leonardo dicaprio.png)

No. 1265497

Kek I was just there
But is this a compliment or an insult

No. 1265503

File: 1658041397066.png (7.8 KB, 517x96, Screenshot (9932).png)

Omg that one was directed at me and I'm not even vegan lol

Also here's my contribution, I saw this comment on the "solving the incel problem" thread and it just about killed me.

No. 1265547

no but Fred is

No. 1265664

File: 1658065563976.png (373.69 KB, 622x709, turbotism.png)

No. 1265692

File: 1658067623286.jpg (427.59 KB, 1080x1816, Screenshot_20220718-001427__01…)

Is it a summerfag blatantly wearing the skin of a farmer, or is that just what anon wants us to think? These are the questions that will haunt us.

No. 1265693

lmao which thread?

No. 1265713

There are a lot of longer posts that I read in full on this website but that is not one of them, anon needs to take her meds.
Also funny when oldfags (and I mean actually older users) think it makes them superior in some way, like we're all on the same gossip board hunny

No. 1265723

File: 1658069110217.png (115.47 KB, 610x1027, build that textwall.png)

Here >>1264890

Same unhinged anon as this lmao?

No. 1265746

Samefag but on second read no it's not, just another text wall sperg. Why do we have so many of them kek

No. 1265752

They must lack the instinct to backspace/delete when you realise you're rambling, like do they even reread their posts, or are we doing stream of consciousness now on lolcow?
This one seems like a male larping, reminds me of the mtf screenshots on /snow where they try and adopt a cheery, people-pleasing persona because they think that makes them more "feminine" like any actual female would bother being cheerful and people-pleasing on an anonymous board. We do it for safety reasons irl, not because we're actually like that, on an imageboard there's literally no need to pander the way that larping moid is. Shows how little they understand of female psychology, as always.

No. 1265777

the wall of text here >>1265723 is clearly joking if you see the thread it's from, it's not an actual male trying to be cheery

No. 1265863

File: 1658075097369.png (156.78 KB, 957x201, mutts.png)

No. 1266022

It was the way they kept apologising to anons after being mocked that screamed male larper to me, like they really think a woman would bother apologising to anons for being retarded

No. 1266197

Belle Delphine thread is where former users of PULL like to go
>omg belle delphine is so tall, I’m 4’11 and I don’t pedo pander…

No. 1266204

File: 1658096051040.jpeg (39.91 KB, 1534x172, 66F439B0-900A-4866-804C-057E85…)

No. 1266205

File: 1658096077837.jpeg (174.97 KB, 1640x923, 555DA16B-E23A-4C1F-9C33-BEF4EB…)

No. 1266207

File: 1658096247200.jpeg (411.62 KB, 1427x690, 8F065711-691B-48E9-B8EF-AF9A2C…)

No. 1266211

File: 1658096542206.jpeg (1.96 MB, 1523x2018, D7554128-CD29-4763-A122-44C4E3…)

No. 1266213

No. 1266215

fuck this was me. i was calling back to the dogsperg from last year lmfao

No. 1266216

which thread

No. 1266231

Things you hate

No. 1266237

But it also wasn’t even funny. It just read like shitty woman-cosplay satire.

No. 1266342

File: 1658108410087.jpeg (102.19 KB, 679x299, 95D7513A-1F08-4E8A-B0B1-6701C1…)

No. 1266370

I know this is a long shot, but does anyone remember that one post in ot where the girl wrote out the tranny fantasy of having massive tits and mogging on everyone at the beach

No. 1266473

File: 1658120034050.jpeg (192.25 KB, 1093x1086, E9F0EBAA-2434-449D-A372-DDE2DF…)

Kek it’s true tho

No. 1266496

Does anyone remember the necessaryspeed4 post about fantasizing about having to take care of a buff retarded man and fucking him

No. 1266497

yes, i miss all of her batshit posts. she was the blueprint to the romaniachans and pakichans we see before us today. completely unhinged and seemed tremendously ESL without being ESL. sad she's fallen to the scarethots and has gotten even more retarded

No. 1266572

These are making me cry laughing

No. 1266587

File: 1658133952674.png (16.79 KB, 1151x135, necspeedsexfantasy.png)

Found it!
Fucking weird poster, she pretended to be radfem while hating radfems and would shit on femdom while having fantasies like these. She was also obsessed with Germaine Greer's book about underage boys.

No. 1266590

wait isn't necsped herself Pakistani? how many paki-chans even are here on lolcow

No. 1266592

File: 1658134597880.png (16.76 KB, 869x224, replies.png)

Love the replies to her as well.

No. 1266593

necsped is american, amazingly. i know, i thought she was something else too

No. 1266596

she mentioned she was dyslexic or something

No. 1266600

Dyslexia was the least of her problems.
I wonder if she ever had a child with her autistic Husband who never used the internet or ate fruit or if that was just another of her fantasies.

No. 1266601

i don't know for a fact but i also think she was the helmet-head child sperg poster. the repeated poster of that "real life bishounen" that was belgian or something

No. 1266602

according to her, she had the child of her military man husband who is perfect and never uses the computer or phones

No. 1266606

>helmet-head child sperg poster
Kek what, can you elaborate?

No. 1266608

File: 1658135599913.png (8.73 KB, 572x118, troon a loon.png)

I love rhymefags

No. 1266610

she also said her favorite movie was the blue lagoon kek

No. 1266612

File: 1658135707330.png (73.31 KB, 1074x416, CAPTURE.png)

>sad she's fallen to the scarethots and has gotten even more retarded
looked up her account and seems like she went full scarethot sometime after her pregnancy

No. 1266620

File: 1658136312283.jpg (91.55 KB, 1000x522, death-in-venice-2-1-0cb6e9fdcd…)

part of me is convinced she's the one who would repeatedly post that boy with the helmet hair who was called like the first bishounen. bjorn andresen is apparently his name. the autism and repeated posting the way she does and when she does, plus the germaine greer and other factors leads me to believe this

No. 1266622

Why do they keep memeing this kid it was like 40 years ago

No. 1266625

No that was to piss of the anon who went absolutely ham every time the actor was mentioned and cried to meta about “someone posting a pedo movie!!!” Disingenuously.

No. 1266627

necsped??? did we summon you??

No. 1266640

You're even worse than necessaryspeed, antifujosperg.

No. 1266643

Who's necsped? Is she the bald pickme

No. 1266664

i'm not an anti-fujo sperg. i love fujos. there were repeated posts about him being beautiful and it not relating to yaoi at all. the same posting would happen on CC, just spergy posts about his perfect beauty at like 13 and how he was the perfect looking male. very sus. aside from him allegedly (who is it even claimed by?) being the first bishounen, i don't think he has anything to legitimately do with yaoi. these were just posts about him being beautiful in related "attractive males" threads etc

No. 1266666

kek no that's gimpgirl

No. 1266667

He's not even cute or pretty either. He looks like an average northern boy who didn't grow into his features yet so they look disproportionate. I know some fujos think it's based to objectify 13 man but I firmly believe his fans are mostly gay men larping.

No. 1266668

Demonic post number anon. Anyways, who is necsped then? Was she a poster here?

No. 1266768

Omfg thank you holy shit why was her typing style so distinct kek

No. 1266774

Honestly this is low key the dreme tho

No. 1266857

File: 1658157629425.jpg (598.58 KB, 1150x1141, tumblr_mp3cggdVd01rt9ynxo1_128…)

With regards to being the first bishounen, he was popular in Japan right after the release of Death in Venice. Even released like 3 songs there. I don't doubt he did influence the early development of the modern bishounens. Keiko Takemiya, who made Kaze to Ki no Uta deliberately stated that he inspired some characters of hers.

No. 1266858

why…. did you bump this thread now you dumb fuck.

No. 1267001

Cause the thread was being posted on not a few hours ago? And there was a discussion happening?

No. 1267003

this was before the literal cock collection above got deleted.

No. 1267005

There was a disgusting dick pic right above your post

No. 1267045

Nta but I've seen those same cock pics reposted so often not that it's hard to be angry at anyone for just carrying on as normal. It's not like it's CP.

No. 1267055

File: 1658163027601.jpg (123.69 KB, 736x954, River Phoenix.jpg)

kinda sorta, a lot of American/European films with underage boys influenced both the bishonen and shonen aesthetic in Japan, young River Phoenix and and Young Johnny Depp played just a big a role as Anderson, speaking of Anderson its kinda funny during his second trip to Japan(when he was 19) people were disappointed to see how much he'd grown, his face had matured and he was a half a foot taller then the average Japanese, he still had some fans but for most Japanese he was just another tall white guy, kek

No. 1267057

I’m at work rn bored as fuck. I don’t want to be “caught looking at porn” like some sad, pathetic Scrote.

No. 1267062

Yes, I noticed and reported it. I just felt like replying to the other posts and ignoring obvious bait

No. 1267066

>using lolcow while at work
Jesus Christ, get your priorities straight.

No. 1267180

Nta but I check lolcow on my lunch break

No. 1267203

Priorities are in order

No. 1267251

yeah but what if you see shayna's pussy in /snow/ or something. there's always weird shit here

No. 1267373

Well then I report the post and call them a retard. What else?

No. 1267380

File: 1658174471263.jpeg (228.73 KB, 495x678, FCF0DCAD-7435-420E-B733-FD0B4A…)

No. 1267645

Nta but I lurk lol cow when I can cause nobody messages me lmao

No. 1267750

You need "normie" sites like facebook or twitter to scroll through in public, nonnas.

No. 1267752

File: 1658193500490.jpeg (260.43 KB, 679x724, 2052498E-7FF5-461D-A13D-09418F…)

No. 1267906

File: 1658205776179.jpg (114.81 KB, 1024x820, former-u-s-first.jpg)

reminds me of what happened to Barron Trump, the Japanese were obesseded with him and people even made shota Doujins about him only for him to grow to be 6'7 before he even turned 18

No. 1267911

I don't give a fuck, i browse lolcow on a public transport. Yesterday i opened the picture of a hairy moid asshole

No. 1267913


No. 1267915

how did the other passengers react

No. 1267939

File: 1658209119605.jpeg (281.84 KB, 555x789, 4F4D7999-5317-4724-AB87-E076BF…)

Love when anons lob a bunch of hyperspecific insults at a cow

No. 1267942

Who is this about?

No. 1267986

I'm at work and I'm using lc because nobody can see me and I'm bored. I've been doing that for a long time. Who cares as long as you don't get caught by a coworker or manager with something NSFW on your screen.

No. 1268004

File: 1658217112741.gif (416.01 KB, 1000x716, rexfeatures_10268557bx.gif)

Does anyone have that post about how Sam Levison is a rapist

No. 1268006

File: 1658217291886.jpg (225.46 KB, 623x699, 20220719_090805.jpg)

This is so dumb but the nonnie making spastic edits in the Lillee Jean thread has me folded over in pain fighting hard not to wake my boyfriend up laughing

No. 1268151

What the fuck growth hormones did they give this kid. Why do him and his dad have birthing hips.

No. 1268184

The whole family on both sides is inbred peasants with fetal alcohol syndrome

No. 1268347

File: 1658251862905.png (10.6 KB, 459x91, juice carton.png)

No. 1268353

What if we had a theme that looks like one of those sites

No. 1268354

File: 1658252037402.jpg (75.48 KB, 890x920, Screenshot_20220719-102954_Chr…)

Is this a 7-month-old unappreciated Shayna/Fupal joke in the Clothes You Find Attractive thread? Kek

No. 1268358

Kek shut da f up about enslaving u big black ass

the grammar errors and the font and color of the text of this image is just beautiful

No. 1269052

File: 1658286380821.png (9.95 KB, 488x171, snow_ - Fakeboi_trans trender_…)

No. 1269054

crfuuu I saw this when it happened lmao

No. 1269091

File: 1658289200702.png (36.35 KB, 919x149, rip mitski.png)

No. 1269389

Came here to post this, kek. Bless that nonna.

No. 1269649

File: 1658332357427.png (557.35 KB, 872x698, globster.png)

No. 1269651

Belle Delphine's boyfriend

No. 1270292

Puberty hits autistic scrotes differently. They go from dainty little boys to hulking ogres overnight.

No. 1270406

File: 1658359860671.png (24.7 KB, 959x125, justawisconsinthing.png)

No. 1270458

File: 1658362592002.png (8.64 KB, 1160x73, HIS TIMECARD OMG.png)

No. 1270469

Thread? kek

No. 1270497

>people even made shota Doujins about him
No fucking way.

No. 1270669

File: 1658372559113.png (6.97 KB, 829x75, 9df40cb1-c21e-4225-8baa-1b5ae9…)

the responses are funnier

No. 1270709

File: 1658374917388.jpeg (629.71 KB, 1250x1434, D74E4AF8-CCD6-4944-A746-124CEB…)

No. 1270710

No. 1270725

File: 1658376483000.jpg (Spoiler Image, 103.69 KB, 350x506, cover.jpg)

There are doujins of princess diana and Douglas Macarthur's son(where he gets gangraped)

No. 1270744

why are japs so vile

No. 1270781

File: 1658380318336.png (11.58 KB, 422x242, keanu.png)

No. 1270782

File: 1658380346128.png (80.61 KB, 539x420, chestnuts.png)

No. 1270784

Where is this post? I want to tell this anon how much of a retard they are.

No. 1270804

File: 1658382220259.png (172.9 KB, 554x554, gengar.png)

No. 1270820

confessions thread

No. 1270919

How would someone kill a "raw" chicken? Like yeah I guess when chickens are alive they're technically raw. But raw sort of implies that they're already dead?

No. 1270928

File: 1658393885087.jpeg (101.3 KB, 746x300, 334E8F73-70FA-4D91-A3FA-3B284F…)

No. 1270936

I don't know why but when I typed this I imagined her just beheading already dead chicken in her closet like when you go to third world countries' markets and the butcher selling you meat would just take a dead chicken, behead it in front of you and remove the feathers and just give it to you while you pay in cash. I'm not even sure if she killed them or if she just bought them dead at this point.

No. 1271018

Still think this was a troll. Or maybe my brain is protecting me from reality.

No. 1271061

Lmao anon. Also why does it say sage? Did they write it in the name field?

No. 1271075

I have a bunch of posts saved from 2019, can I post them or are we only interested in current threads? I posted the caps in 2019 as a collage but I lost it, I still have the individual screengrabs tho

No. 1271088

It's the theme.

No. 1271104

Oh shit I didn't know any of the themes differed in that way. Now that I think about it though that couldn't have been the name field because it says Anonymous next to SAGE, durr

No. 1271283

Post them,

No. 1271912

Please post!

No. 1272322

File: 1658482270616.jpg (13.79 KB, 648x78, Screenshot 2022-07-22 022553.j…)

Ok! I'll try to make another collage because otherwise it'll be like 20 posts lol

Here's one I just came across rn lol

No. 1272333

File: 1658483382143.jpg (314.59 KB, 720x1064, inCollage_20191129_093531907.j…)

WAIT I found the original collages yesssss

No. 1272336

File: 1658483699655.jpg (185.41 KB, 717x717, 20191129_092717.jpg)

No. 1272337

File: 1658483820668.jpg (4.25 MB, 4096x7478, InCollage_20220722_025651126.j…)

Some of these aren't that funny anymore but at the time they were

No. 1272339

File: 1658483904905.jpg (24.77 KB, 1434x90, garg.JPG)

Oops I posted the pussy flap one twice, my bad

No. 1272343

File: 1658484728122.jpg (370.84 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220722-030130_Gal…)

She does it for the lols goddamnit! That's the last one.

No. 1272466

File: 1658495182739.png (176.7 KB, 708x221, Untitled.png)

No. 1272468

No. 1272473

File: 1658495847690.jpeg (855.46 KB, 3072x3072, 286F2D04-8A51-4AB4-8E1D-4D158B…)

sorry if any of these have been posted before. Put these ones together bc I don’t know if they’re funny enough but I’m a bit sleep deprived and they made me laugh

No. 1272474

File: 1658495896933.jpeg (97.67 KB, 1535x486, C24AE6C0-8D8B-4F89-B04A-07E797…)

this one fucking kills me

No. 1272475

File: 1658495925945.jpeg (159.91 KB, 1944x708, 1FE3207A-B306-413F-A997-920B73…)

No. 1272476

File: 1658495966419.jpeg (68.53 KB, 1084x389, BEC9CEDD-FA9C-4716-BDE7-B0566A…)

No. 1272477

File: 1658495998035.jpeg (517.95 KB, 2160x2207, 459CBB5F-8985-4EBE-A5FC-B4C132…)

No. 1272478

File: 1658496079139.jpg (39.17 KB, 958x193, Screenshot_20220525-212058_Chr…)

No. 1272479

File: 1658496135775.jpeg (100.32 KB, 1280x800, 3A1E62A0-E2F9-4D48-BCBC-B507FA…)

>like a rubber glove filled with mashed potato
Who tf is this about? I’m dying

No. 1272480

No. 1272481

Matthias, from one of the altcow threads. He started an onlyfans and it was not pretty.

No. 1272512

My favorite part of this is that Drake "pops up" like he's being a whack a mole inside your home with the intention of kidnapping

No. 1272702

File: 1658509002417.jpg (46.64 KB, 1079x195, steal.jpg)

No. 1272836

File: 1658515282538.jpg (120.74 KB, 1080x509, musk.jpg)

No. 1272838

File: 1658515328357.png (292.59 KB, 587x437, be.png)


No. 1273087

kek, this killed me

No. 1273363

File: 1658531171230.jpg (125.99 KB, 1080x498, IMG_20220723_010557.jpg)

No. 1273370

No. 1273389

Ohhh my god one of those is me

No. 1273394

File: 1658532137159.jpeg (248.96 KB, 607x695, C35FF060-B333-4A17-A4C7-208D32…)

No. 1273396

File: 1658532181586.jpeg (185.33 KB, 671x853, 24314212-7780-4BAD-96F9-FB1897…)

No. 1273632

File: 1658547372419.png (157.74 KB, 1292x449, Fb2b0600-683b495cb000-02b98396…)

No. 1273640

Why did Ben Shapiro go into politics and not become a cutesy pop star

No. 1273644

That response must have been written by one of the JBP anons

No. 1273680

File: 1658551110048.png (176.78 KB, 839x344, shayna.png)

No. 1273682

She looks like Jeff fisher from American dad

No. 1273735

God the autism in this thread could be a case study

No. 1273796

File: 1658559261623.jpeg (72.09 KB, 647x393, AE41B25B-739F-4CFE-9EDE-AA8191…)

No. 1273799

Scrote tier

No. 1273814

i cant be

No. 1273817

To be or not to bee

No. 1273818

that response had my jaw on the floor

No. 1273875

No. 1274031

The only thing “funny” about this is how tryhard it is. You laugh at them, not with them.

No. 1274039

Very twitter. Very “over-specific attempt at profiling you when in reality I’m just spouting off schizo fanfic about a person I invented in my head to feel superior in this exchange”

No. 1274074

That’s just crass and frankly over the top

No. 1274103

how much longer are anons going to call something funny “twitter-like” like you know it was funny, crack a smile nonners

No. 1274121

an anon here posted a story about her boyfriend not washing his dick and admits she still had sex with him. it isn’t her fault her boyfriend is a nasty piece of shit but why stay with someone.. it just doesn’t make any sense. anyways who knows if anons was being serious with the story, people lie on the internet all the time

No. 1274124

This is just cringy.

No. 1274417

This isn't reddit, there's no upvotes so there's no reward for making shit up. One of the benefits of anonymous discussion is that people are generally more honest because what they post can't be connected to their real life identity and there's nothing to gain by lying.

No. 1274494

kek this is so fucking naive, I don't actually want to take that delusion from you

No. 1274558

File: 1658607283800.jpeg (25.93 KB, 720x204, 3086097F-58C6-42EB-97D2-AD8654…)

No. 1274705

File: 1658613595459.png (951.1 KB, 969x1609, gracevandien.png)

No. 1275169

File: 1658650161756.png (9.23 KB, 358x148, 97.png)

No. 1275360

File: 1658669979494.jpeg (358.83 KB, 663x1005, 2BF714F4-3082-40A2-9C95-FB61BD…)

No. 1275362

This made me audibly chuckle kek what the fuck is going on in that shitty (kek) thread.

No. 1275402

Lmao you really do need to be 18 to post here.

No. 1275446

for me its the "keking so hard" at "a huge storage of her shit and urine that has to be emptied by a company every month"
not only is it a weird nitpick it's just worded so funny

No. 1275637

File: 1658689936491.jpg (40.86 KB, 510x76, funny.jpg)

No. 1275648

Ellie/nekosnailz from the e-girl thread

No. 1276157

>a luxury home on septic absolutely sucks and isn't a desirable factor
It’s a convenient place to dump a body

No. 1276252

File: 1658728517721.jpeg (135.91 KB, 1409x251, DECADCF1-1E60-40B3-BD3B-FC6C9E…)

No. 1276401

File: 1658742241241.gif (1.85 MB, 643x362, fMWHD2y.gif)

>me drinking from the belle delphine's sceptic tank

No. 1276523

File: 1658752206603.png (54.67 KB, 753x240, coconuts.png)

No. 1276527

What a nasty speck

No. 1276532

He looks like that Slavic guy who a reporter asks "what's the best part of a woman" and he says "the soul".

No. 1276533

>sceptic tank

No. 1276534

Finally something in this thread made me laugh

No. 1276538

File: 1658753677932.jpg (84.98 KB, 1200x675, 16586126620135.jpg)

don't care, still let him {spoiler]choke me from behind[/spoiler](lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1276543

it's not too late to delete this

No. 1276626

Two hashtags before and two after is how to spoiler text
like this

No. 1276641

This is a beautiful picture but you’re a dumbass if you want to be the chokee and not the choker

No. 1276651

The way anon did it is fine, she just used the wrong bracket for one of them

No. 1276654

File: 1658762737728.jpg (105.9 KB, 552x748, FRb3MxcWQAEuZtc.jpg)

that wouldn't do anything to him, still dating submission guys is a whole different level then regular guys

No. 1276656

wtf why do you keep posting these pics? they are gay as hell

No. 1276658

This is a cap thread not a homo wrestling thread.

No. 1276660

Oh I like this.

No. 1276672

File: 1658763715441.jpg (Spoiler Image, 85.17 KB, 970x676, Screenshot 2022-07-25 084011.j…)

Reading the camwhores threads from the beginning and this gave me a chuckle

No. 1276680

No. 1276681

Post this on the fem gaze thread

No. 1276715

Why can’t men look like this now? Clicked on the replies to see it. Wasn’t disappointed. Seconding post to female gaze

No. 1277074

File: 1658784453531.jpeg (89.23 KB, 705x430, 6D997A0F-2316-423C-8F79-8FBB5F…)

Literal insane anon from the rtg thread

No. 1277132

File: 1658789038608.jpg (368.92 KB, 921x1065, IMG_20220726_004419.jpg)

No. 1277140

I just seen this post as well, the fuck is going on in that thread?

No. 1277144

the what thread? what is driving anons to confessing to sex crimes suddenly

No. 1277148

The ready to glare thread.

No. 1277154

No. 1277218

looking at that pic feels illegal somehow

No. 1277344

How was that even relevant to the post she was replying to

No. 1277457


No. 1277510

This one is hot

No. 1277559

File: 1658822803195.png (198.64 KB, 1293x601, uh.png)

No. 1277583

IRL husbando thread

No. 1277708

File: 1658838175390.png (153.68 KB, 365x255, a2d4f5.png)

holy shit kek

No. 1277814

File: 1658849527849.jpeg (141 KB, 750x467, 66D67B8A-0EFD-4AD7-BBAA-FD2900…)

No. 1277818

File: 1658849655972.jpeg (169.46 KB, 750x396, D1111DD2-9EC9-4A0E-B751-24CBCB…)

This one gets me every time

No. 1277819

File: 1658849706653.jpeg (275.32 KB, 750x735, 6597DE2D-A1DD-4C7B-A289-6C05F0…)

No. 1277850

KEK this post and all the replies could be posted ITT if they weren't already ITT.

No. 1278457


No. 1278473

File: 1658889766281.png (533.11 KB, 2128x534, i don't understand why it came…)

the superior male brain visits us once again

No. 1278612

File: 1658900471531.jpeg (1.6 MB, 2754x3462, 697B88AB-1C15-4C3B-9D30-C4143A…)

No. 1278632

File: 1658902051317.jpg (165.07 KB, 1080x895, hmmmmm.jpg)

What does this mean!

No. 1278970

File: 1658926067792.jpg (10.84 KB, 493x85, Screenshot 2022-07-26 073658.j…)

Reading Tuna threads from the beginning

No. 1278971

File: 1658926121064.jpg (Spoiler Image, 24.86 KB, 732x271, Screenshot 2022-07-26 013518.j…)

And the camwhores thread

No. 1279016

You can’t spell beautiful without be

No. 1279022

File: 1658930234433.gif (1.26 MB, 300x225, owmybrains.gif)

No. 1279194

lmao cursed

No. 1280448

File: 1659020155569.png (243.62 KB, 2756x358, Skärmavbild 2022-07-28 kl. 16.…)

No. 1280457

I love this post so much, even without the reply it is a beautiful post

No. 1280468

kek what

No. 1280742

File: 1659033115751.png (185.16 KB, 724x622, heart shaped laundry pods.png)

No. 1280945

File: 1659042908883.png (51 KB, 620x200, Screen Shot 2022-07-28 at 4.14…)

No. 1280975

big kek because story time.

so, i briefly saw this autismo boy, and i felt like it'd be fun to dress him up in a girls' skirt and stockings and berate him. he liked it, and asked to borrow the stockings. i was like cool, sure.

he THEN brought them back to me, PILLED AS FUCK, like he'd been rubbing his legs raw wearing them. kek it was so gross, i binned them right away.

anyway, if you're curious, he later trooned out and now is a lesbian enby. good fucking riddance jesus christ

No. 1281831

File: 1659090666315.jpg (265.21 KB, 1080x1246, Screenshot_20220729-202803.jpg)

I love this anon

No. 1281839

Kek oh my god nonna what have done

No. 1281993

>lending an autistic man ANYTHING
Why would you do this?

No. 1282058

I love how this was posted to make RTG to look bad lmao

No. 1282514

KEK what thread?

No. 1282812

File: 1659144996153.jpeg (935.77 KB, 1567x1320, BD23367F-7CA6-4AD6-B889-36659F…)

No. 1282833

Why would you want to plagiarize that red scare broad

No. 1283185

File: 1659185051802.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1328x1624, 26B26DB0-5BC6-406A-8C9D-155973…)

No. 1283276

File: 1659194439541.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 908.98 KB, 1377x1374, 06EBEDF1-9114-4EFA-A3FA-9701DC…)

No. 1283359

File: 1659199086669.jpeg (815.22 KB, 1170x1537, 30504E7A-049F-43BA-8400-A469E0…)

From K3 thread, for some reason it attracts weirdos but this one made me laugh in particular

No. 1285323

File: 1659334565074.jpeg (538.49 KB, 400x1643, CFC47D7B-40C4-40D1-A301-2AD2C7…)

poor nonnie probably has whatever the opposite of scurvy is, she just doesn't know it yet

No. 1285374

Omg I can relate though for a while I was like addicted to these things and loved the flavor

No. 1285417

File: 1659342085761.jpeg (269.01 KB, 736x1334, 1654755477909.jpeg)

Crying at this lmaooo it is so aggressive

No. 1286934

File: 1659467148105.jpeg (842.79 KB, 1439x1393, 200E4748-D72F-433C-AD04-BA71EE…)

No. 1286956

Kek I'm glad that my small rant about aidens made you laugh nonnie.

No. 1287045

File: 1659472076528.jpeg (341.49 KB, 1528x630, 1892560C-76D2-4142-941F-934E40…)

Kyle perkins

No. 1287048

File: 1659472283477.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 750.08 KB, 927x1301, D1811BDA-7E66-4BDE-8874-531214…)


No. 1287079

File: 1659474019101.jpeg (299.61 KB, 1640x286, 8E259612-203A-4C1B-B52D-99CB2C…)

No. 1287082

>Ladies it’s disgusting and terrible and wrong to like a cock in your mouth SLUTS

No. 1287117


No. 1287140

the schizophrenia of it all

No. 1287148

How is that funny?

No. 1287152

It is based in reality

No. 1287154

She based

No. 1287169

What thread?

No. 1287175

relationship advice in /g/

No. 1287196

Of course it is, why did I even ask lmao thanks

No. 1287263


No. 1287704

File: 1659531038264.png (55.36 KB, 697x131, Untitled.png)

No. 1287818

>women sucking dick
Disgusting, vile, objectifying, not fun, not what God intended at all
>men (and women) licking PUSSY
Beautiful, holy, satisfying act for both parties, glorious, exactly what God intended

No. 1287964

File: 1659542327847.png (136.54 KB, 571x352, coomerirunoutta.PNG)

No. 1287965

This but m*n don’t deserve pussy.

No. 1288225

File: 1659557876109.png (49.83 KB, 1847x114, men cant menstruate.png)

No. 1288664

File: 1659587884459.jpeg (74.8 KB, 925x173, C4704EF6-29FE-4934-A48F-55EA5F…)

No. 1288692


No. 1288694

File: 1659594607087.png (403.64 KB, 600x600, 1659233259155.png)

No. 1288795

File: 1659603695625.png (138.25 KB, 334x523, Screenshot 2022-07-19 073732.p…)

gets me every time

No. 1288968

File: 1659619307443.jpg (38.5 KB, 1079x268, Screenshot.jpg)

No. 1288985

File: 1659621577675.jpg (180.48 KB, 653x1116, 20220804_151347.jpg)

I can't tell what's funnier, Nonnie searching "retard baby glasses" or Google knowing exactly what she meant

No. 1289005

File: 1659623292659.png (9.72 KB, 1092x112, trannies be like.png)

No. 1289108

No. 1289133

No. 1289150

File: 1659633185909.png (857.83 KB, 832x972, A02127EB-047D-48D5-B11B-732264…)

uncanny as shit

No. 1289169

LMAO Thats who she reminded me of! She does look a lot like Null kek

No. 1289296

Absolutely based and true. This is why my head-husband doesn’t get blow jobs but eats my pussy like a meal.

KEK I am crying

No. 1289414

I thought for a good 30 seconds this was just some one breastfeeding a really ugly baby, didn’t clock it was her knee

No. 1289415

File: 1659651795796.png (115.81 KB, 706x295, dwor-kin.png)

No. 1289479

File: 1659654339177.png (89.23 KB, 1560x140, 000.png)

No. 1289913

File: 1659670068954.png (49.61 KB, 638x115, Untitled.png)

"i seen a prostitute a few minutes ago" made me envision lolcow as a shitty little city lol

No. 1290032

If anon is reading this: we also have trannies

No. 1290066

File: 1659674870585.png (9.43 KB, 1292x88, CF31-EAb8-090e4c-Aa-Ab3f04fa-C…)

No. 1290344

File: 1659688034243.png (6.89 KB, 1432x89, kek.PNG)

No. 1290368

No. 1290439

This is a blainepost. Do not interact with Blaineposts. Do not encourage blaineposts. Do not give blaineposts attention.

No. 1290500

File: 1659697337461.jpg (176.41 KB, 720x657, 1659697233735.jpg)


No. 1290502

Kek nonny found it just too funny

No. 1290529

Kek the mental image of this guy buying a cheap skirt, leg warmers and arm warmers from Amazon is sending me. That's troon outfit 101.

No. 1291182

File: 1659737256183.jpeg (177.52 KB, 1125x453, 4710392D-B706-47C8-B1D8-1E2C39…)

No. 1291227

how is that funny

No. 1291250

because I laughed

No. 1291254

Jesus fucking christ

No. 1291256

So fucking real

No. 1291258

I love the implication that middle aged people are marginalised the way addicts and prostituted women are

No. 1291321

The bolted on ass and filler puffy face. It’s like a cryptic

No. 1291322

File: 1659745959957.jpeg (155.56 KB, 1167x480, 5C161D1F-8269-4CF7-8CF9-D2545C…)

No. 1291326

No. 1291672

File: 1659773672441.jpeg (259.44 KB, 794x513, 74F681CD-952A-4869-83BF-EB4D2C…)

No. 1291726

File: 1659780337066.png (85.63 KB, 1839x347, gotta catch em all.PNG)

Going through old screenshots and found this again

No. 1291727


No. 1291735

This made me snort. Why are we so retarded as kids

No. 1291736

no fucking way

No. 1291800

File: 1659788777701.png (1.68 MB, 828x1792, 41F03361-0B3E-4D99-81D2-BE994B…)

No. 1291805


No. 1292408

File: 1659826439988.jpg (27.75 KB, 1080x227, Screenshot_2022-08-07-00-35-48…)

No. 1292422

KEK balkan nonnas are showing up more and more lately

No. 1292502

Lmao balkan thread when?

No. 1293951

File: 1659938669894.jpeg (403.68 KB, 1187x721, FE9C8D7D-5A23-4131-B315-CA0CF0…)

No. 1293980

Oh my god this has me fucking yodeling, that's hysterical

No. 1294015

I remember this lol

No. 1294030

File: 1659943951131.jpeg (544.93 KB, 1469x616, 7B04FB63-D03E-4BD6-B845-582D1E…)

No. 1294033

kek aw

No. 1294149

File: 1659959280875.jpg (93.06 KB, 1080x437, Screenshot_20220808-214018__01…)


No. 1294248

This nonna sounds cute, she didn't deserve that treatment kek nonna is not wrong though

No. 1294305


No. 1294312

why has no one acknowledged the troon tier anime pantyshot image. that's a scrote.

No. 1294317

Because summerfags are dense as fuck. It's such a scrote post. What is this, CC?

No. 1294327

In China there have been incidents of people being run over and then the driver will purposefully run them over again to kill them. I think because the penalty for a hit and run is very extreme? Idk, but I assume that is what anon is referencing kek.

No. 1294334

Which is why it was banned

No. 1294337

Multiple anons did it's just not in the screenshot

No. 1294902

I was about to point that out but decided to wait for someone else to do it

I just saw the post, there's no redtext. And then the obvious scrote doubled down and posted another pic like that

No. 1294906

File: 1660011859602.jpeg (257.94 KB, 828x783, CFC94439-DE4D-47E2-B11A-C7344F…)

No. 1294910

i screamed

No. 1295207

File: 1660038891222.jpg (145.33 KB, 864x480, Screenshot_20220809-191840_Chr…)

No. 1295210

she's right

No. 1295224

Women hate Chris Chan because he raped his mom, males hate Chris Chan because they’re afraid to be compared to Chris Chan

No. 1295242


No. 1295390

File: 1660045338762.png (99.91 KB, 968x329, Screenshot_20220809-073335_Chr…)

No. 1295897

I feel like there's some kind of phenomenon where the people you hate are based your own insecurities and faults. Like the Chirs Chan guys who are also autistic losers. Also idk if this is related but there's this trope in anime written by Japanese men where a gay coded character is also a pedophile. (Hisoka in HxH, that one character from one punch man, that one dude from Gurren Lagann too etc.) It feels like the authors are projecting their own faults on to types of people they don't like. Even some of you on here are so obviously only terfs because you're insecure of your own violations of traditional femininity (insecure is the key word here).
Anyway, what I'm saying is the easiest things to hate in other people are the things you subconsciously hate in yourself already. And the things people choose to hate are usually valid in some way, but there are so many things to hate that the particular thing you chose to fixate your attention on can be telling. reeeee

No. 1295901

>Even some of you on here are so obviously only terfs because you're insecure of your own violations of traditional femininity (insecure is the key word here).
Kek, back to twitter with your troon logic.

No. 1295911

Lmao yeah what is anon even talking about? I don't think I have ever gotten that impression from any terfnon here. Sounds like anon is projecting.

No. 1295915

transphobes who like themselves aren't on lolcow. how is that projecting it's just true.

No. 1295919

i dislike trannies because i dislike men. lukewarm about ftms.

No. 1295921

it's probably the tranny

No. 1295938

Transphobes own lolcow, go back troon

No. 1295956

You know troons are kings at that. After all, they are literally the ones mutilating themselves for their fetish (or in TiF's case, out of self hate).

No. 1295966

That would be a disaster, can you imagine the infighting?

No. 1295979

i wasn't even trying to insult tranphobes here, I was just thinking about why people hate what they hate. was just more of an observation. It's fine to hate gay and trans people everyone can have their own opinions I really do not care and honestly I usually agree with your hate for some cows as individuals. Also im a cis straight white woman but you're gonna believe im a tranny because it's anon and I cant prove anything so whatever

No. 1296042

gtfo newfag

No. 1296049

caping for men in dresses, pathetic.

No. 1296064

thinking accusing someone of not being as degenerate as you is an insult kek

No. 1296069

File: 1660074494893.jpg (247.67 KB, 750x938, 1657819274173.jpg)

>hating men/trannies

No. 1296077

I've literally seen you guys call yourselves degenerates and autists. You're calling me a scrote because I have the ability to read? lmao

No. 1296078

lol go back to tumblr doormat

No. 1296086

tumblr lmao what is this 2015? at least accuse me of being a twitterfag

No. 1296088

Absolutely not, because if you could read you would have read the room and fucked off. We don't like trannies here.

No. 1296103

what are you a moderator? ban me then

No. 1296141

where in anything I said are you getting this from. delusional

No. 1296536

File: 1660107635057.png (102.53 KB, 684x303, dog boy.PNG)

No. 1296579

Sir, this is a Wendy's.

No. 1296792


No. 1296801

>I feel like there's some kind of phenomenon where the people you hate are based your own insecurities and faults
You're right.

No. 1296811

lmao where?

No. 1296862

Hating degenerate sex-freaks really isn't the projection you think it is. It's kind of normal to hate coomer incels.

No. 1296870

>Women hating trannies who nail dead rats to the doors domestic violence shelters and rape children are just like men who are pedophiles!
Go back to making 5 like Twitter posts this shit doesn’t fly here

No. 1296883

The introduction of the kpop dog boy panting gif was one of my favourite moments of my time on the site. I loved posting that

No. 1297380

No kek it's just because I always assume everyone here is roughly the same age as me so it feels weird seeing nonnies bring up having teenage step children and stuff like that

Twas not a blanepost. I was just having a moment of thought because I seen someone talk about being a prostitute in the Shay threads and it occured to me that not everyone here is what I assume them to be

No. 1297399

File: 1660175761888.jpg (122.69 KB, 741x688, gaston.jpg)

leaving this here so I don't forget it

No. 1297575

Holy kek

No. 1297954

File: 1660215917090.jpeg (70.58 KB, 650x166, 5DFF4B44-EFB9-4548-94D9-3AE194…)

No. 1299126

File: 1660282902658.png (207.12 KB, 1082x238, Screen Shot 2022-08-11 at 10.3…)

cracking up that this happened in the Absolutely Retarded Shitposting thread kek

No. 1299135

fucking kek, 10/10 amazing

No. 1299167

File: 1660287603305.png (666.63 KB, 1300x690, Screen Shot 2022-08-11 at 11.5…)

No. 1299390

File: 1660312418267.jpg (165.49 KB, 643x746, 20220812_151012.jpg)

you know it's lit when the wheelchair furry gets wheeling into the fetish convention

No. 1299451

File: 1660314948627.jpg (264.89 KB, 612x1122, 1660314978507.jpg)

No. 1299453

Only degens support males and trannies

No. 1299455

>Also idk if this is related but there's this trope in anime written by Japanese men where a gay coded character is also a pedophile. (Hisoka in HxH, that one character from one punch man, that one dude from Gurren Lagann too etc.) It feels like the authors are projecting their own faults on to types of people they don't like.

I otherwise would agree with this, but: these are supposed to be villians, these are supposed to be vile, to have bad traits, to be evil etc. It's like saying that having a genocidial maniac villian is bad and problematic… Duh, he's the villian! It should be problematic so the heroes come and fuck his shit up

No. 1299459

>transphobes who like themselves aren't on lolcow. how is that projecting it's just true.
Nah I know a lot of farmers that personally love themselves and then love shitting on troons because they're the best at being insecure little agps. They deserve to be bullied to suicide.

No. 1299461

You literally said you think transphobic farmers are insecure. I think you're retarded and lack a critical thinking brain.

No. 1299843

File: 1660331034524.jpg (35.83 KB, 636x242, mean.jpg)

No. 1299853

Where is the funny?

No. 1299869

Nta but it's from the mtf thread. Anon said that her mother looked like one of the troons posted.

No. 1299870

It derives from both the ridicule and the inadequacy with the context. But why are you quizzing me on language interpretation?

No. 1299883

Oh ok that makes more sense then. It just looked like an insult with no justification out of context

No. 1300486

File: 1660359231783.jpg (188.02 KB, 658x794, 1660359144011.jpg)

No. 1301824

File: 1660429123789.png (158.88 KB, 540x310, ergfgeefefg.png)

No. 1301825

File: 1660429168509.png (231.92 KB, 930x470, yes, absolutely.png)

No. 1301831

Based and hilarious

No. 1301834

No. 1301858

we have the best posters

No. 1302024

File: 1660443185619.jpeg (47.08 KB, 593x151, 26C7354F-5E73-4F47-8DD7-80D18C…)

Idk why this took me out

No. 1302028

kek i hope that anon knows she got me to read the scum manifesto for real

No. 1302050

File: 1660446606467.png (95.21 KB, 797x733, pillbug.PNG)

if i had to read it, you all do too

No. 1302051

I'll repo your spleen over this repost.

No. 1302102

File: 1660451151656.png (419.15 KB, 1243x708, serious.PNG)

No. 1302109

They reached so far around they missed the front and hit the back again.

No. 1302156

File: 1660454209703.jpg (331.46 KB, 1080x1843, the schizotroon.jpg)

No. 1302157

Guess who made that joke.
One guess.

No. 1302305

Soo they’re not deleting Bl*ineposts now…?

No. 1302588

File: 1660495409415.jpeg (658.48 KB, 1170x1224, DDA43139-5D56-415E-8CE2-B85A6F…)

This still gives me a good laugh kek

“I’m not sure what it is that makes me certain” meanwhile the cow who originally posted it is actually pregnant now KEKK

No. 1302615

Pregnant with tranny anorexic constipation

No. 1302633

The hand looks familiar to this one twitterfag who constantly clogs pro-ana scumbags with her vendetta against other rattlers but if that user is actually bringing a child into the world I’m concerned for it’s safety

No. 1302653

Even if you were telling the truth how would you have identified him in the other threads

No. 1302666

pregnant? where is the proof kek

No. 1302669

She owns this RW twitter gc made up of other trad anachans and I saw an ss that she said she’s expecting a child in there but I didn’t care enough to ss myself, that’s all I know though

No. 1302672

Pro ana scumbags hand person had darker skin I don't think it's her.

No. 1302673

I know I‘m talking about the one fag who’s always posting about Nikols weight gain. wannatrad posted a really really similar one on twitter and was talking about the same cow so who knows

No. 1302676

Sorry samefag similar hand

No. 1302892

I love Abby Brown, she does nothing wrong

No. 1303055

clawhands mentioned in one of the old dumbass shit threads months ago that she doesn't even have sex with her husband. so either she lied or changed her mind i guess?

No. 1303111

The Xi gif cracked me up when I saw the thread on the index and then read the post it was replying to.

No. 1303329

File: 1660550528921.jpg (43.63 KB, 1080x317, lightning.jpg)

No. 1303387

So many posts with this spacing lately

No. 1304056

File: 1660596286159.jpeg (327.99 KB, 600x942, 29820B04-20E8-4E41-9E79-074549…)

No. 1304108

Pics for proof? sounds fake as fuck

No. 1304111

It's a twitteredditiktok thing

No. 1304124

File: 1660599617598.png (5.67 KB, 663x92, pepsi.PNG)

No. 1304481

File: 1660614344109.png (240.35 KB, 603x723, feet.png)

No. 1304483

Lmao I wanna know what it was in response to

No. 1304506

he's kind of cute tho

No. 1304607

I was gonna say, maybe it’s just the hair?

No. 1304613

File: 1660625800935.jpeg (74.56 KB, 1640x201, 59F4563E-3F4E-4239-95D8-72FAF2…)

No. 1304620

File: 1660625966248.jpeg (1.81 MB, 1471x2221, 5DDEB254-B279-49CD-9237-6C5B13…)

No. 1304621

File: 1660625987341.jpeg (59.96 KB, 716x191, ADC0C667-4112-455F-8278-80F5CA…)

No. 1304624

File: 1660626065409.jpeg (111.26 KB, 832x302, 5342357E-4D8D-4C3F-8C41-17DBB7…)

No. 1304628

Bitch I’m like 99.9% certain that was my reply, it’s been a year, where was this

No. 1304671

Things that make your heart flutter in /g/

No. 1304862

File: 1660651034511.png (631.75 KB, 1671x844, slipping.PNG)

uncalled for in the vent thread

No. 1304863

No. 1304864

I hate people who use reaction images like that

No. 1304868

Lol what, why?

No. 1304876

It's probably one of our resident lolcow thesaurus collective members, she's about to teach you the exact meaning of the word "reaction" and why it doesn't apply here

No. 1304878

No. 1304884

Can someone explain why this response stayed up? It sounds like such an obvious repulsive scrote

No. 1304888

Hate the pics, not the people who use them. I hate those pics too.

No. 1304890

that's what i said too

No. 1304891

Seriously? Nothing in that post is against the rules.

No. 1304892

They didn't even ban the blatant race baiter so idk man

No. 1304895

Many posts are not technically against the rules but have such an obvious moid stench they get removed; I guess >>1304892 has a good point, jannies don't care apparently

No. 1304898

that or the "i'm not racist!" racebait tard didn't get reported because the post and their subsequent posts were peppered with "but i'm really not a racist, just a recovered tradthot!" so many times. i think anons are conservative with their reporting anyways since we're so lacking in moderation.

No. 1304962

File: 1660657138242.jpg (77.92 KB, 1343x297, Capture.JPG)

No. 1305053

File: 1660663916959.jpeg (198.09 KB, 1582x232, B8BF32EA-981C-4A7B-AA14-F9F7C0…)

No. 1305065

Sigh, she has such a way with words…

No. 1305083

She speaks the truth.

No. 1305088

I love this anon so much.

No. 1305105

Fucking disrespectful babies, no manners!

No. 1305114

The fact this was over cheese slices kek

No. 1305128

Fuck you kek, I’m not a scrote and it was clearly a joke and it’s already a popular meme format. This place used to have a sense of humor.

Also all three of these posts are mine >>1304624 >>1304862 >>1304962 I’m an oldfag cry about something else

No. 1305268

i've never seen such a meme.

No. 1305463

File: 1660690440679.png (469.91 KB, 1220x1600, I_said_explain..png)

Apologies if this has been posted already

No. 1305468

I love this nonny's assertive mindset.

No. 1305516

just interpreted the language of this post and it's inadequate

No. 1305602

File: 1660701246673.jpeg (83.01 KB, 447x799, D8787456-6FAA-436F-8946-8B71F2…)

I love this dobby anon's reply to the situation

No. 1305662

it's funny how moids always lose their fucking minds at the mere mention of a woman possibly not being attracted to them

No. 1305679

File: 1660707324941.jpeg (184.34 KB, 1125x564, 5857C8F5-DDE9-4FFF-AC70-5134BC…)

saged for old shit

No. 1305766

And whose fault is that, your geriatric ass needs to relax. Talking about how I’m a moid for saying anons ex is currently having passionate tantric lesbian sex. Not on my lolcow.

Also fuck you again for calling me a moid, I’m not letting that one go, this reply is me too >>1305602 since you want to act stupid. Everybody else enjoys me, you can die thanks.

No. 1306072

File: 1660743893098.jpg (357.88 KB, 1016x991, ihopejakeyfuckingdies.jpg)

No. 1306078

I have. It did rounds on Twitter.

No. 1306079

File: 1660744319571.jpeg (16.17 KB, 199x254, D94F1FAE-89CD-4EC3-A8C2-C0BEF7…)

KEK What thread? Is it about Ethan and Hila?

No. 1306083

Who is it about? Did she post a pic?

No. 1306091

I was gonna post this kek

No. 1306094

Lol poor newfag was just excited

No. 1306102

I sincerely hope this nonnie is going through a case study and somehow it's leaked to us.

No. 1306152

>twitter meme
That explains everything. No wonder that post was shit.

No. 1306205

If you're so funny why not take the L and admit that your gross tantric lesbian sex joke wasn't that good.

No. 1306207

All anon said what that they've seen the joke before

No. 1306212

I had a series of nightmares last night and that external guts man was in my dream and he took a shit and it was narrated like "and you can see the shits traveling right there" pointing to his fucking intestines.

No. 1306215

I'm not talking to you nonnie.

No. 1306219

Oh my god

No. 1306232

Ntayrt, I'm actually the original poster with the ex. It made me laugh at that time and cheered me up a bit. You need to take a chill pill anon.

No. 1306337

Sure it did anon.

No. 1306655

It was you’re just high-strung and that’s your own fault

No. 1306699

File: 1660780585828.png (688.96 KB, 732x1088, Sin título.png)

very charming pokemon talk

No. 1306816

kek, i need to start reading shay threads

No. 1306929

File: 1660798104412.png (81.28 KB, 595x397, 3093839494040.png)

No. 1306934

File: 1660798666140.png (484.54 KB, 629x777, wtf_does_this_mean.png)

Idk if this is only funny to me but it's the lack of context

No. 1306935

File: 1660798735385.png (785.08 KB, 720x1147, he wouldn't be caught dead in …)

No. 1306949

And I meant every word

No. 1307363

File: 1660838000288.png (272.85 KB, 1158x598, Sin_titulo.png)

plot thickens

No. 1307467

File: 1660842536379.jpg (131.9 KB, 1080x617, Screenshot.jpg)

No. 1307486

File: 1660843036764.jpeg (112.14 KB, 548x400, DF526F27-46B9-4819-A061-CBDAE7…)

This thread is awesome.

No. 1307622

you could at least have censored the genitals.

No. 1307725

File: 1660854491396.png (Spoiler Image, 45.83 KB, 573x329, 7438.PNG)

No. 1307867

File: 1660860057527.png (132.95 KB, 1368x425, CAPTURE (2).png)

This whole time, Paki-chan was criticizing fujos for sexualizing boys meanwhile her actual grandma was an actual fucking shotacon

No. 1307879

i still can't tell the difference between her and necessaryspeed. this makes it worse

No. 1307881

I don't necessaryspeed is here anymore

No. 1307891

I have no fucking idea how she ended up projecting all of her issues into fujos specifically and sperging about them for literally hours while she's surrounded by this degeneracy and caping for white supremacist nazis. It just doesn't make sense to me.

No. 1307907

Maybe some sort of deep-seated denial of her own. People love to dedicate their most vitriolic hatred to whatever mundane things makes them feel confronted.

No. 1308018

She probably had a fujo to trans phase but when she realized she'd never get an irl seme she became bitter and turned on her sisters.

No. 1308021

okay but its not like she groomed her granddad, she was forcefully married off to a 15 year old boy without any say in the matter

No. 1308040

i just wonder how soon they had kids

No. 1308042

Maybe she is like the two russian women who have issues that result in them drawing only homosexual relationships involving eunuchs and claiming they are better/more womanly then actual women, Develev or whatever the fuck they were called.

No. 1308150

File: 1660875191699.jpg (135.13 KB, 961x557, Screenshot_20220818-211300_Fir…)

No. 1308151

wtf? they fucked a dog???

No. 1308158

Does it matter? If he married at 15 then he was having sex at 15, whether they had a child at that age is no worse than if they waited a few years, it’s not like he’s a teenager birthing a baby

No. 1308162

Ok she is my least favorite user but that situation isn't her granny's fault, may explain part of her fixation tho. I'd armchair that mainly she views fujos as failed women the way they are in japan, instead of chaste waifus for white men for whom only her love is pure

No. 1308587

File: 1660915438532.jpeg (36.29 KB, 477x322, 0B08345E-513F-47C7-9366-9541A0…)

Oddly wholesome

No. 1308597

No, it's just sad

No. 1308602

all of us are and that’s ok.

No. 1308608

No. 1308636

File: 1660919459670.png (2.49 KB, 555x19, semen blast.png)

No. 1308706

File: 1660925006476.jpg (139.43 KB, 1080x604, autism.jpg)

No. 1308721

File: 1660926009716.jpg (403.78 KB, 1080x1971, Screenshot_20220817-112933_Fir…)

No. 1308732

File: 1660926442491.png (44.95 KB, 611x242, one liners.png)

All the stories in the bad sex thread are funny (in a sad way) but this response kek

No. 1308759

No. 1308767

>denying that you're trans to own the transphobes
But I thought trannies always mention that they're trans because they like to feel oppressed about "being born in the wrong body" and get special treatment for it. Or are they trying to pass as biological women now?

No. 1309354

File: 1660970331830.png (282.27 KB, 848x534, Screenshot 2022-08-20 at 5.36.…)

No. 1309436

File: 1660975614329.png (208.37 KB, 1196x356, oh god.png)


No. 1309486

They're talking about the gay couple discussed in the monkeypox thread.

No. 1309550

she's right and more anons and adults in general should be like this. shitting on teens (unless they're actually being very harmful on purpose) is pretty pathetic

No. 1310183

fwiw I didn't mean only farmers, but all of humanity

No. 1310198

File: 1661038963020.jpeg (293.77 KB, 644x599, 8BEFB00D-1B4B-4191-91A4-116CFE…)

I WILL shit on teenagers on a mongolian basket weaving forum and I WILL feel smug about it

No. 1310213

No. 1310277

File: 1661044063581.png (573.23 KB, 1174x546, 000.png)

No. 1310283

No. 1310343

File: 1661048561895.png (24.63 KB, 1220x274, yep.png)

No. 1310344

File: 1661048617638.png (383.91 KB, 954x470, lol.png)

No. 1310501

File: 1661062296466.png (6.83 KB, 653x89, 1.png)

vent thread took a weird turn for a bit kek

No. 1310503

File: 1661062359468.png (100.48 KB, 499x340, 2.png)

No. 1310507

File: 1661062691610.png (93.55 KB, 991x404, Screenshot_20220820-151109-073…)

No. 1310518

So true.

No. 1310574

This is so real

No. 1310697

Men are such NPC's

No. 1310851

File: 1661101988894.png (775.5 KB, 1169x805, grimes.png)

No. 1310854

File: 1661102132287.jpg (116.15 KB, 750x750, 4468682kged41.jpg)

Cannot imagine what any of them were thinking

No. 1310855

I don’t see how she was comparing herself to Rihanna in any way with that statement.

No. 1310895

lmao anon i just came here to post that. best possible image for the reply ever

No. 1310918

They both have wide noses. But Rihanna’s eyes are far apart.

No. 1311105

I love Katy Perrys expression here. The face says it all.

No. 1311531

File: 1661139024423.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1498x1824, D55E2BC2-C5B7-4186-ACBD-CEA4C1…)

No. 1311545

File: 1661139941093.jpeg (196.24 KB, 1531x503, 87E63D10-098B-4E15-B6CD-BA360C…)

No. 1311888

File: 1661160129809.jpg (436.82 KB, 920x1614, IMG_20220822_112201.jpg)

No. 1311889

No. 1311900

No. 1311992

Anon is ESL

No. 1312087

File: 1661175981516.jpeg (414.8 KB, 1235x1500, 9BF999E9-0DE4-40C4-B867-AEF92B…)

No. 1312693

File: 1661214890463.png (72.7 KB, 1120x140, Skärmavbild 2022-08-23 kl. 02.…)

No. 1312700

Loving the manhate itt rn. Let's keep it up.

No. 1312721

File: 1661216835836.jpeg (139.89 KB, 932x1000, 1646369728559.jpeg)

This one's my all time favorite

No. 1312824

Cattle prods. She’s thinking of cattle prods.

No. 1313741

File: 1661300691241.jpg (59.53 KB, 911x246, Screenshot_20220823-104259_Chr…)

No. 1313988

File: 1661315946775.jpg (119.45 KB, 640x636, 1661315844614.jpg)

No. 1314307

File: 1661348108159.png (6.53 KB, 838x73, lanafags.png)

No. 1314871

File: 1661369432778.jpg (64.37 KB, 1085x327, walmart isn't going to fuck yo…)

No. 1314875

i bet this is a self post and you are one of those tacky shoplifting anons from the confession thread kek

No. 1314879

No. 1314880

ikr there was a lot funnier shit in that thread but it riled up a couple of them too much to admit it

No. 1314886

Calm down, schizo. I just have the sense of humour of an 8 y/o and laughed at "walmart isn't going to fuck you".

No. 1314902


No. 1314903

Not funny… I miss based posts, we have some winners in previous threads

No. 1314906

File: 1661371234271.png (418.57 KB, 894x500, kekkkkkkkkkkk.png)


No. 1314910

so true queen

No. 1314921

Boo hoo to the attention hungry newfags.

No. 1315149

Lana del Rey is fat and cringe.

No. 1315314

File: 1661394665766.jpeg (41.18 KB, 933x245, 15E46904-4499-45E4-9A89-2F6FFA…)

No. 1315612

>ikr there was a lot funnier shit in that thread
then post some. bootlicker.

No. 1315747

>ass-washers and ass-shitters
IS SHE WRONG THOUGH? you can interpret this in 2 ways and they're both correct.

No. 1316002

File: 1661438163234.jpg (112.63 KB, 727x678, poophands.jpg)

No. 1316365

I a-log poophands chan

No. 1316371

Your hatred fuels me

No. 1316403

That anon is not wrong though, dumbass.

No. 1316438


No. 1316758

then post some, bitch

No. 1316838

File: 1661479933452.jpeg (96.95 KB, 1125x535, A87E2F88-452C-4FBC-B321-E277B3…)

No. 1317319

File: 1661518888526.png (2.24 KB, 276x96, a cat made that post.png)

No. 1317551

File: 1661535150929.png (242.21 KB, 2207x534, ticklefag.PNG)

No. 1317605

File: 1661538698631.png (241.27 KB, 814x589, funny monstery guys.png)

Thank you creature nonna, your post tickled me more than you'll ever know.

No. 1317691

File: 1661542311750.jpeg (445.67 KB, 1088x719, FF43B8E4-2F06-4D01-B08E-9D9497…)

No. 1317714

This actually made me laugh out loud when I saw it for some reason. I think it is because so much red text deserving replies go ignored and something as simple as that gets a (huh?) kek

No. 1317726

File: 1661545246851.png (32.39 KB, 616x235, punchable.png)

From the 'People with punchable faces' thread

No. 1317730

I bet these are the same janny

No. 1317796

File: 1661551875166.png (908.91 KB, 663x861, fungus.png)

No. 1317807

and she's a qt

No. 1317838


No. 1317857

Depends on their mood that day, nonnie.. whatever gets them the most attention and pity points. Gotta say I loved the nonnie who states we are their gods.

No. 1317869

fuckin KEK

No. 1318011

File: 1661573334514.png (5.33 KB, 650x60, AC2d248-E-9-D1-E-4855-88af-169…)

No. 1318023

These would be funnier if the mods actually modded and didn’t only redtext stupid shit like this

No. 1318041

File: 1661574829619.jpeg (98.25 KB, 1461x222, 15244FB4-36A7-4B82-AD68-EC5B11…)

Seriously those gross porn memes in the vent thread went down when I had talked about some real shit going on in my life, and I got no reassuring replies because of him, they were up when I checked like 6 hours later.

No. 1318042

File: 1661574855884.jpeg (315.8 KB, 710x669, 75B43E27-D173-4DF3-89D0-889047…)

No. 1318055

It’s a fucking joke. I only ever see redtexts on stupid posts that aren’t even technically bannable offenses, never on anything that actually warrants them anymore. They can shove that donate button up their asses.

No. 1318137

File: 1661590433515.jpeg (40.33 KB, 877x172, 3E39680B-FC47-44BD-ABE1-1C16D0…)

No. 1318169

Not all dumb posts deserve to be posted
>Inb4 then post some yourself!!!!!
I only post the good shit

No. 1318177

File: 1661596360660.jpg (411.44 KB, 717x1143, 1661596241798.jpg)

No. 1318178

File: 1661596506755.png (122.15 KB, 567x338, petergriffintrannydoppleganger…)


No. 1318179

>three people think it's fucking funny
just spit in my face.

No. 1318181

>three people

No. 1318184

the second reply, the one who replied to her, and now literally this is the thread for funny screencaps

No. 1318187

This is just sad.

No. 1318200

how is someone venting about having to deal with a severly mentally ill family member funny?

No. 1318205

This reminds me of a youtube comment I read where this guy's elderly father was addicted to sissy hypno

No. 1318216


No. 1318312

File: 1661606825888.jpeg (304.6 KB, 627x898, B8ACAFDE-02EF-4C23-A741-32618F…)

Radfem-janny wakes up from her yearly slumber

No. 1318377

extremely based. need more pinkpilled jannies PLEASE

No. 1318666

File: 1661636236531.jpeg (186.84 KB, 589x427, C91121E5-6C30-41E8-9382-17B51D…)

more jannies are going joker mode today, are they alright kek?

No. 1318672

Maybe it's just me, but for a while I've thought the jannies snarky redtexts and ban messages were stupid. Especially with all the problems this site has been having.

No. 1318675

maybe they let minors be jannies out of desperation? if you can’t handle the heat get out of the kitchen

No. 1318679

>snarky redtexts
let me guess you are butthurt that you got redtexted over something. We've all been there.

No. 1318680

No I haven't lmao. I think the last time I got banned was months ago, and it got lifted because it was a mistake.

No. 1318711

Kek they're completely right though, that thread is always a mess.

I'm just glad we get a life sign of any form, especially with what's going on kf. Also >>1318312 is based

No. 1318720

overly rude, snarky redtexts that are unwarranted i can take or leave, but i am praying for a potential transformed funny radfem janny team

No. 1318820

File: 1661648800664.jpg (44.8 KB, 1080x317, Screenshot_20220828.jpg)

No. 1318968

File: 1661660136607.jpeg (411.66 KB, 1125x774, 4A1E2217-BA5F-4A84-A953-41289D…)

would be funny if it weren't our reality, it's bizarro

No. 1318989

Nta but the moderation has become terrible. These “snarky little redtexts” are exactly that, they’re rarely actually funny, and yet the bare minimum of things we actually need redtexted have gone on unmoderated for months.

No. 1319133

File: 1661691647906.jpg (111.75 KB, 945x877, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-r25p…)

No. 1319134

No. 1319142

Lmao which thread?

No. 1319306

File: 1661706940936.jpg (67.5 KB, 1079x272, Screenshot.jpg)

No. 1319307

dumbass shit #93

No. 1319439

File: 1661716946622.jpg (36.84 KB, 1070x178, wk moid namefag.jpg)

From the kf thread

No. 1319457

File: 1661717949600.jpg (61.28 KB, 1200x373, 20220828_221739.jpg)

I found that post,
Why are kiwis so retarded and why would you give your email to defend shayna.

No. 1319459

probably unfamiliar with imageboards therefore thinks e-mail is required for posting and will not publicly show up

No. 1319581

File: 1661725647489.jpeg (608.7 KB, 1170x1162, C6F7366B-AB03-4DC3-BB06-2F093C…)

All because Keffals felt like scamming some retards. I need a beer

No. 1319582

Wrong thread anon

No. 1319820

You kiwifarm tards have got to make your own discord server or something

No. 1319841

File: 1661744889463.png (110.95 KB, 313x415, kek.png)

No. 1319925

File: 1661752770822.png (462.53 KB, 1114x644, uwu.png)

No. 1319933

File: 1661753790378.png (200.65 KB, 1106x483, 930d153fc399.png)

No. 1320044

File: 1661765011735.jpeg (689.83 KB, 1640x1187, 8B1AE390-21F3-4DDE-BFAC-105BBF…)

Hung gravy

No. 1320061

Agree with anon but damn you just know the scrote did that shit to be disrespectful to impress da boyz

No. 1320204

File: 1661782248734.png (77.27 KB, 1509x436, dark midget overlords.png)

No. 1320357

File: 1661794477953.png (28.25 KB, 1844x208, kek.PNG)

No. 1320361

File: 1661795012158.jpg (74.23 KB, 319x340, cease.jpg)

No. 1320437

I swear, she's right. Midgets are sluts.

No. 1320491

Sexy, voluptuous sluts.

No. 1320503

It's true, Soft cell even made a song called Sex dwarf based on a true story

No. 1320579

No. 1320602

File: 1661811123893.jpg (85.8 KB, 1080x404, pinkpilled.jpg)

No. 1320627

File: 1661812818877.jpeg (106.1 KB, 702x731, 789A6E9F-F8F4-4931-995B-E30351…)

kiwifags trying and failing to integrate is funny in a sad way

No. 1320717

troons need to die

No. 1320826

This is a good song.

No. 1321306

File: 1661879466123.png (Spoiler Image, 966.11 KB, 613x814, ugly moid.PNG)

Fits in perfectly

No. 1321312

you're just jealous cuz you'll never have a 3 plate bench(Male)

No. 1321437

File: 1661886159309.png (5.36 KB, 597x600, 9975ECE6-EBAF-4A81-8329-6DD18C…)

That man’s face literally looks like this

No. 1321463

ikr. the crocker phenotype

No. 1321478

Fat fuck.

No. 1321522


No. 1321618

File: 1661897987293.jpeg (348.29 KB, 996x930, 19837E17-5E2B-482A-BE54-6292B9…)

No. 1321621

File: 1661898041970.jpeg (104.23 KB, 905x300, D0878949-4A0B-4105-BCB6-C0AD7C…)

No. 1321669

File: 1661901440564.png (1.38 MB, 740x1020, lol.png)

No. 1321719

File: 1661905297006.png (433.36 KB, 594x1019, why are you gay.png)

No. 1321967

File: 1661923303418.png (307.96 KB, 1342x1095, dog boy.PNG)

No. 1322011

I get the sentiment but these are gay men larping a bad bitch fantasy and they would not be doing anything more than a shitty smize and retarded invisible-hair flip

No. 1322399

File: 1661968732192.png (100.65 KB, 584x436, terf punk.png)

No. 1322422

i dont like kpop but this is borderline retarded and insane. You just know this pickme or scrote would never wrote a long essay like this when it comes to things men are interested in. You can just tell someone is tradthot or a smelly male just by the way they seethe at female majority fandoms, because why the fuck is something so harmless making you that angry?. Maybe take a shower and get a job and then you wont seethe at fangirls.

No. 1322424

this one had me rolling. the request to analyze the kpop dog next is the cherry on top, beautiful.

No. 1322444

I love that my most favourite pokemon was used for this, i feel blessed.

No. 1322477

Maybe she just dislikes BTS or their fandom. In my kpoppie phase I could've written the same about them, but then follow up with an even longer novel about why my love for my bias group is actually completely different than army's and definitely totally not at all based on fabrication like theirs is.

No. 1322622

File: 1661982503432.png (196.16 KB, 752x410, 39931203934.png)

No. 1322684

Did you even read her post? The difference is she doesn't see it as harmless

No. 1322746

Extremely based

No. 1322749

Mnogo based

No. 1322794

Based nonna.

No. 1322803

File: 1661994000587.png (317.52 KB, 660x662, kekkkk.png)

No. 1322824

File: 1661994820603.jpg (64.26 KB, 666x330, Untitled.jpg)

No. 1322838

my yaoi otp
pakianon don't touch this post

No. 1322901

Edward Elric and my mom

No. 1323460

File: 1662062480646.png (17.77 KB, 700x268, loool.png)

No. 1323473

is the joke that she fucked her dog?

No. 1323634

No. Freak.

No. 1323810

File: 1662098159609.png (574.92 KB, 1080x1537, Screenshot_20220902-004947~2.p…)

Dano fags are coping hard rn

No. 1323826

The real issue wasn't him looking good or bad or like Dano, it's that he looks like he wants to kill himself.

No. 1323886

File: 1662109550729.jpg (51.39 KB, 625x510, 264234.JPG)

No. 1323902

File: 1662112431821.jpeg (474.08 KB, 828x1005, AD6C8324-235F-47BC-9713-4D90F5…)

No. 1323910

File: 1662113308673.jpg (299.88 KB, 946x1046, Screenshot_20220831-122634_Chr…)

No. 1323916

I’m glad this was here it genuinely made me laugh kek

No. 1323932


No. 1324015

KEK actually a good one jannies

No. 1324306

File: 1662141271402.jpg (438.15 KB, 949x1600, mental illness.jpg)

No. 1324313

anon might be mentally ill but i kind of agree

No. 1324534

File: 1662149290043.png (111.48 KB, 810x351, cheesestring.PNG)

No. 1324540

kekkkkkk thread link?

No. 1324578

Current celebricows thread!

No. 1324600

File: 1662151447266.png (89.86 KB, 624x227, jannies.PNG)

idk if we've gotten new jannies or what but they're getting funnier/more based

No. 1325110

She's right

No. 1325379

File: 1662207681754.jpg (500.43 KB, 964x1214, Screenshot_20220902-222503.jpg)

No. 1325420

File: 1662211348512.png (152.44 KB, 1294x336, a36d5998-9e65-4ee9-b5d0-62c82d…)


No. 1325440

>Caps-yelling, fake misspellings
I hate tumblr-tier posts

No. 1325443

No one asked

No. 1325445

Looks like someone didn't get to troll the janitor and fuck the janitor.

No. 1325451

Cringe is cringe regardless

No. 1325722

No. 1325896

Nona doth remove the stick up thine ass.

No. 1325933

LC needs a mass destickening

No. 1325944

Ew this is elder millennial tier hUmOr please respect yourselves

No. 1325960

File: 1662237287106.jpeg (219.56 KB, 1200x1067, 7BFED408-25C8-4C9B-90EF-61F4D0…)

I warned you that I wanted you a great mod, you troll the janitor and you fuck the janitor I warned you that I would return here to LOLCOR by my next presence We're helpless Nothing comfortable You're doing nothing You're not doing anything You're not using anything You're not using anything You hurt us you are the worst than you are the worst I want to go home, and I want everything to be normal again, and it unleashes my hellish world, I still feel like I'm back and there's nothing yet please please please please please please please PLE Correct the eyesight I'm begging for you please give me GIVE US /M/ BACK MODERATOS WHY DO YOU LEAVE US HALF DONE WHAT IS THIS JUST REMOVE THE BOARD IF YOU CARE SO LITTLE YOU RUINED MY VALENTINE'S DAY ALONE AND YOU RUIN EVERY SUBSEEUQNET DAY SINCE THEN CORRECT YOUR MISTAKES AND RETSTORE /M/ TO ITS GLORY ITS NOT RIGHT ITS JUST NOT RIGHT

No. 1325967

I read the whole thing every time its posted

No. 1325993

Same I always think of the ratchet cat kek.

No. 1326327

File: 1662258215243.png (65.12 KB, 1080x399, Screenshot_20220903-192041-028…)

No. 1326539

File: 1662277437307.png (12.5 KB, 358x150, goo goo ga ga bitch.png)

No. 1327819

File: 1662394406193.jpg (34.13 KB, 1446x132, Capture.jpg)

old one but makes me lol

No. 1327917

File: 1662400383466.png (24.44 KB, 352x292, Screenshot 2022-09-05 13.53.11…)

helpful autosuggest is helpful

No. 1328426

File: 1662434521733.jpeg (802.43 KB, 1090x1478, 9937AAA8-617E-420C-8F10-67DFA5…)

No. 1328439

File: 1662435621791.jpeg (120.49 KB, 1012x344, 41AA4599-B8AC-4B79-8CEA-B85675…)

No. 1328447

I'm not exaggerating when I say that I think about that post on a weekly basis.

No. 1328461

File: 1662436483441.png (37.16 KB, 660x462, lol.png)

here's mine

No. 1328463

File: 1662436512410.png (125.53 KB, 922x504, NO CONTEXT.png)

No. 1328474

I KNEW this was going to be here.

No. 1328579

Who is this about?

No. 1328582

File: 1662450099049.gif (4.28 MB, 287x498, akiyama.gif)

My little poopfart

No. 1328591

File: 1662451056794.png (227.29 KB, 413x673, coworking.png)

a group picture of everyone working hard in the lolcow office

No. 1328664

This needs to be drawn

No. 1328926

File: 1662481610886.jpg (674.51 KB, 918x1761, baldstacy.jpg)

No. 1328932

can baldchan hold me at night too?

No. 1328934

Same. The world is so cold without baldchan here

No. 1328942

File: 1662482709866.jpeg (512.67 KB, 535x3721, 33933223-7FD6-4E7A-9554-21B68B…)

actually their original interaction was so funny too with anon baiting baldchan into wrath, I tried to stitch it together

No. 1328967

I need a strong baldchan in my life

No. 1328968

KEK even reigen is there

No. 1328975

File: 1662484998523.png (890.23 KB, 1244x1376, grapes.png)

Why did you leave out the part about throwing up grapes?

No. 1328988

> i pity you and your baldness

No. 1329065

when i shaved my head people just thought i was retarded

No. 1329127

Kek that's me. Yes bald-chan if you see this, let me know when you shave and I will be happy to snuggle!

No. 1329141

File: 1662495212625.png (3.93 KB, 459x83, fuck your knees.PNG)

No. 1329248

File: 1662503034137.jpg (186.55 KB, 907x467, beggingforcheeseandcandles.jpg)

No. 1329260

File: 1662503574837.png (28.05 KB, 390x285, duality of farmer.png)

I love how this was about the same post

No. 1329341

lmfao, where is this from?

No. 1329344

The Katharine McMahon thread on /snow/

No. 1329521

File: 1662525954468.jpeg (112.09 KB, 634x885, Cookie.jpeg)

I'm sorry, but this one cracks me up harder than what it should.

No. 1329539

i fucking cant the dumb cookies are everywhere kek

No. 1329799

File: 1662561461173.png (62.68 KB, 378x1075, nonny.png)

No. 1329900

File: 1662569175866.png (114.35 KB, 599x426, gigi-san matte kudasai!!.png)

No. 1329946

I still would

No. 1330077

What the hell is up with these femboy cookies

No. 1330437

File: 1662603615261.jpeg (111.76 KB, 631x267, 13702FE6-6658-4E87-B902-963083…)