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No. 4635

thought it might be cute to start a 2X related music thread… share any songs you love that are anti-moid! any genre, from light hearted funny songs to straight up murder anthems

i'll start out the thread by sharing a few of my favorites!

dixie chicks/the chicks - goodbye earl
>she held wanda's hand and they worked out a plan and it didn't take them long to decide
>that earl had to die… goodbye, earl
>those black eyed peas, they tasted alright to me, earl
>ya feelin' weak? why don't you lay down and sleep, earl
>ain't it dark? wrapped up in that tarp, earl?

No. 4636

big klit - liar
>why you lyin on your dick, lyin on your dick?
>he be talkin' shit cause he just really wanna hit
>you said you got them plays, thats a lie
>said you hustle every day, that's a lie
>he think he 'a pee, i made him cry
>you a slave for this pussy do not lie

No. 4637

rabies babies - rape is rape, even if the rapist is in a band that you like
>they say, "ACAB"
>they say, "hang all the judges"
>until their friend's accused of rape
>then they say, "i wanna see a police report"
>they say, "i'm sitting on the fence"
>they say, "i'll wait until the court decides"
>they say, "i really like his band… and he did a line of speed with me once"
>we say rape is rape, even if the rapists in a band that you like

No. 4638

ok last one from me, leaving off with a cute catchy one!
chloe moriondo - i eat boys
>don't look at me like that, eyes on the pavement
>walking but my legs are shaking
>hands off kid or you'll wake up in my basement
>and all of the feds have to break in
>cause i eat boys, yeah i get them gory
>you can't control me cause i wrote this story
>yeah i eat boys and i get them bloody
>you'll never notice i stayed home to study

No. 4685

This song reflects a lot why I stopped going to punk shows in my city. Bunch of hypocrites. Also promoters only booking bands with women for some quotas when they actually do not give a fuck about women in punk (unless they shut up and suck their grimmy crust punk dicks).

No. 4845

Amanda Palmer - Grown Man Cry
>And I’m scanning through the stations
>As the boys declare their feelings
>But it doesn’t feel like feelings
>It feels like they’re pretending
>It’s like they just want blowjobs
>And they know these songs will get them

No. 4858

inclined to post this because of the music video but:
>they still come to punish you, you know they want you dead
>for you no sweets words, no rendez-vous, but a good knee kick where it hurts

No. 4863

Excellent music video plus the song is a bop

No. 4870

>I don’t believe in my maternal instinct
>please calm down my emotional instability
>take a deep bow to my hormone balance
>let my parents meet their grandkid

No. 5122

>I always was a good girl - I never was bad
>All my life I acted just right
>Now I’m fed up with crying and suffering
>You never know how you gonna d*е, anyway
>My mother taught me to obey my man
>I don’t listen to her and I do as I want
>I don’t follow my father’s rules too
>Instead of a star, I’m wishing on a grenade

No. 5242

>rappin' bout bitches you hit, heard they didnt want dick
>you gotta convince a bitch! she didn't let you in
>now you mad, talkin bout she lyin?
>i don't give a fuck what's true bitch this pistol finna start firin'!
>bout to pop me a-bout to pop me a what?
>bout to pop me a-bout to pop me a what?
>but i pop this shit but i'll pop you bitch
>rape me and i'll kill you bitch
>touch my friend, i'll kill you bitch
>i dont give a fuck 'a man feelin' is!

No. 5244

No. 5247

> The only boy I understand, the one ashamed to be a man
>just rape the world because you can, that’s what it takes to be a man
>Oh cut it off, of course you can, got what it takes to be a man

No. 5248

>I need a touch up, need a nip and a tuck, need to be cropped and cut
>i need a touch up I need a haircut, need a shave and a pluck to help me get me fucked
> I forget that I can remember when
I was young, climbing up fences, scraping my knees, dirt on my cheeks
> Not one makeover queen bone in me
this band has gone full libtard but their earlier works still mean quite a bit to me

No. 5253

>don't think that your charm and the fact that your arm is now around my neck
>will get you in my pants
>I'll have to kick your ass to make you never forget

No. 5254

The MV.

No. 5255

not gonna lie a lot of these are cringe asf, like they come across as pathetic and whining more then anything
I don't really get the "message" of this song either, like she's saying she doesn't care but her actions contradict that

No. 5257

Blast from the past, I loved this song as a kid and that part was great

No. 5270

I wish this was partly a "women's empowerment music" thread instead of only having to do with man hating. Not because I don't enjoy a spot of misandry, but our lives involve far more interesting things than that

No. 5286

Otoboke Beaver - Dirty Old Fart is Waiting For My Reaction

No. 5293

Love this kek

No. 5298

from florence and the machines new album

No. 5306

Maybe that could be another thread here! I would love to see this board more active. I wish it was linked from the homepage. I’ve been visiting lolcow for over a year and I just barely found out about this board like a week or two ago.

No. 5307

this is hilarious

No. 5319

File: 1652807939880.png (67.08 KB, 576x680, gross.png)

Men have no problem shutting women out from their media. I wish most of us were the same instead we get shit like this.

No. 5325

No. 5362

A classic.

>You're just as weak as me

>But not as strong!
>Just as imperfect!
>But twice as flawed!

>I see your skin

>And I hate the way
>You look at me!
>And softly invade

>I'm afraid!

>Rage intensified!

>I'll feel no fear or hate as I


No. 5364

I love you nonnie

No. 5369

kek i saw this too, it made me mald. men have no business listening to an album so intrinsically linked to the female experience

No. 5381

that is just a lot of cringe, I swear do western feminists have a law that states they have to out do each other in amount of cringe

No. 5397

>rape victim creates vent art
Do you ever get tired, Paki-chan? Can you go suck Nazi scrote dick "shitpostily" on another website?

No. 5428

My Ruin peaked with this song, wish they made more.

>Terror, this is what you call me.

>I strike terror among men.
>I can't be bothered by what they think
>I bear my cross my soul myself
>I forgive but I never forget.
>I've been put upon this Earth in female form,
>But I can handle myself from the best of you.
>As well as the worst

No. 5774

>Save your breath for someone else and credit me with something more
>When it comes to men like you
>I know the score
>I've heard it all before

god i love miki berenyi

No. 5780

Late why did you censor die, this is not TikTok here we can say adult words lol.

No. 6086

Laysa is a based feminist rapper from Brazil. Her entire 129129 album is great but I love Mar Vermelho. My Portugese is not great but rough translation here: https://www.musixmatch.com/lyrics/Lay-3/Mar-Vermelho/translation/english

>Dazed, I leave you in tears

>And you still want to penetrate me?
>Why do you show me your dogs, little boy?
>Embittered by female power
>So many views go unheard by unaffected minds
>But after the whipping
>The girls were changed, scars dried
>They healed & practised
>Isis' daughters
>Shouting loud
>Rescuing their roots

>Babylonian prostitution

>You appropriation of it is ironic
>Goddess Ishtar
>resurrects with change

No. 6087

Song about parasitic males
>He's a protozoan, he's just a filthy protozoan
>He's a protozoan, he's just a filthy protozoan
>The roads are dry and dusty
>The roads are dry and dusty
>And we're taking in the scenery
>Waving to the people in the fields
>This is life to me
>As far as the eye can see
>And you are dead, you are dead, you are dead to me
>I was twisted up in Cwezi shrines and you were the anomaly
>A conceited disease
>Time spent in foreign lands is a cure,
>It seems, and it triggered a change in me
>This is an unfamiliar strain, I have no immunity
>Ravenous and unrelenting, pathogenic and parasitic
>This is unclean and it has to be treated
>Parasite in the bloodstream: this is unclean, this is unclean
>And he's feeding, he's been feeding on everything

No. 6102

anyone here in south Ireland? I want to join/form a misandry band

No. 6167

No. 6168

No. 6190

wow i had no idea 2X was still around, great

No. 6191

and this
>So defeated, thinks it's funny
>Film Festival, Retro Porn
>Shabby Chic, BiCostal
>Soundtrack, Carnivore
>Transgressive, Gone Fishin'
>Shock Value, Good Contract
>Big Collection, independent
>Devil's Advocate, Protege

No. 6211

Vitun väki

No. 6229


No. 6344

File: 1659769523252.jpg (57.77 KB, 1327x860, uh_okay.jpg)

Calm down, I copy-pasted the translation from the subtitles on the video.

No. 6345

File: 1659769615946.jpg (25.39 KB, 368x423, part2.jpg)

No. 6346

No. 6350

Reminded me that Manizha wrote a song about domestic abuse a few years ago, the music video is heartbreaking, and the same goes with the video's comments. It has Eng subtitles too!

No. 6392

dk if this fits here 100%, but I've always loved Michelle Gurevich's Woman Is Still A Woman.
>Oh how many woods would a wood chuck chuck If a wood chuck could chuck wood There are some things in your nature That can forge your signature
>Liberation was the first step But you're old enough to know Once you've made it to the field The only way's back in the hole
>It takes a PhD to know What apes all understand When all is said and done A woman is still a woman
>No matter where you pledge allegiance You'll always be damned

No. 7791

>every time you call me crazy I get more crazy what about that
>and when you say i seem angry i get more angry
>there’s nothing like a mad woman, what a shame she went mad
>no one likes a mad woman, you made her like that
>and you’ll poke that bear til the claws come out and you find something to wrap your noose around
>i’m taking my time, taking my time, ‘cause you took everything from me
>watching you climb, watching you climb over people like me

No. 7837

Always a classic.

No. 7844

for my nonnies into metal
>Castration (Of the rapist)
>Emasculation (Take his weapon)
>Castration (Crush and cut the balls)
>Emasculation (Orchiectomy)

>Failed by the legal system

>Designed and built for men
>Exacting revenge
>In their own way

No. 7850

Thank you!

No. 7861

Whoa, this seems like something I'd like very much, ty

No. 9246

is this by a troon band ?

No. 9248

All men are pigs by studio killers

The singer is male but has a female animated persona, despite that they predate the troonery and I like how they specifically call out how "the sex of men" and "males" are bad kek

>You are one of them

>Everything but femme
>I won't be fooled again
>You've got the same kinda specs as the sex of men

>My logic will prevail

>So shut up, nightingale
>This is no fairytale: every single male
>That I've met 'til this day had a curly tail

No. 9250

I love this song but what I don't like about studio killers is that they use lesbians and lesbian couples to market their shit a lot (I lost count of how many Jenny remixes are there) while having no women as official band members. So literally three men preaching about not sexualizing lesbians while using lesbians to draw people in kek. Also they ruined the Jenny song by making a remix with Kim Petras.

No. 9251

>studio killers
yeah no

No. 9252

>The singer is male
Lmao be for real

No. 9275

a kim petras remix? what the fuck, way to ruin it like what are transwomen but wolves in sheeps clothing kek.

No. 9283

>male singer
get off this board

No. 9425

Fiona Apple was and continues to be very important to the history of women in music. this album contemplates me, I really like the way she writes! Quentin Tarantino singing along at a Fiona concert haunts me.

>So keep on calling me names, keep on, keep on

>And I'll keep kicking the crap till it's gone

No. 9463

I love her so much. So many of her lyrics are just pure poetry.
>You fondle my trigger then you blame my gun

No. 9603

Kill your local indie softboy
Kill your local indie softboy
K-Y-L-I-S, K-Y-L-I-S, K-Y-L-I-S

No. 9606

this doesn't work cause the guy is cute and the video doesn't work cause he didn't do anything bad or sexist

No. 9608

Nta but also no to both the things you said.

No. 9610

how so ?

No. 9638

Killing men for just existing is the height of misandry retarda

No. 11011

Eve - Love is Blind.

No. 11049

Kill Bill by Sza

More of a yandere simping song but I still love it because it’s about murdering a man.

No. 11224

Worm by Banshee
I like this artist but i'll share another murder anthem here

>Throw him in the back of the trunk

>Drive this bitch straight off Mulholland
>Now he belongs to the worms
>Crushed by the table as it turns
>I would kill a man
>For the chance to kill a man
>Dump his guts out like a blunt
>Then roll him up and smoke the skin

No. 11228

Tkay Maidza - You Sad

No. 11327

How about a light-hearted murder anthem?

No. 11328

He Said She Said by CHVRCHES

Been listening to this song a lot lately because well, I feel like I’m losing my mind

No. 11349

File: 1678192416126.jpg (8.7 KB, 204x247, 1675817687578283.jpg)

This one is for Britler.

No. 12522

labour by paris paloma

>If we had a daughter

>I’d watch and could not save her
>The emotional torture
>From the head of your high table
>She’d do what you taught her
>She’d meet the same cruel fate
>So now I’ve gotta run
>So I can undo this mistake
>At least I’ve gotta try

>All day, every day, therapist, mother, maid

>Nymph then virgin, nurse and a servant
>Just an appendage, live to attend him
>So that he never lifts a finger
>24/7 baby machine
>So he can live out his picket fence dreams
>It’s not an act of love if you make her
>You make me do too much labour

No. 12705

>Marrow made a wife of Eve
>But no one gave up a rib for me and mine
>My heart stayed exposed to the elements
>Calloused and untouched by a man's design
>Oh my ugly organs
>How lucky we are

>Time has changed the metaphor

>Now dust is not the origin of bone
>Little girl don't let them sell you any armor
>All your ribs are still your own

No. 12706

not this again, listen I's an atheist and will be the first tell you that bible is a misogynistic trashfire, but the way so many radfems and libfems seem to talk about religion makes me cringe, first no one wrote the bible with a specific intention, the old testament is a collection of myths and exaggerated historical events of a bunch of iron age Semites, regarding Adam coming from Eve through his Rib, In various Semitic creation myths, the creation of the first man and woman usually comes from the separation of a single joint genderless being by the gods
Adam and Eve is just one variation of this common Semitic creation myth, in the Babylonian version the first man and woman came from a two-sexed being (male and female) that was joined at the back like Siamese twins and the gods divided this being into two as an afterthought, despite this there are still traces of original telling, in Genesis
>“Male and female created he them, and blessed them, and called their name Adam”
i.e our first parent was originally both male and female

No. 12707

>not this again, listen I's an atheist
I don't think anyone asked kek
>i.e our first parent was originally both male and female
I'll take the christfags over the steam of consciousness that led to this conclusion

No. 12709

File: 1680418918440.jpg (7.67 KB, 250x181, 10169466_10201977968797551_213…)

>I'll take the christfags over the steam of consciousness that led to this conclusion
Its not an opinion, most Semitic religions thought of the fist human being as a conjoined(though not dual-sex) human being, you still find traces of this with early Judaism, God did not create mankind, he created Ha’Adam(from earth) and from Ha’Adam (humankind) God made them Ish (Man) and Isha (Woman). its stupid but in a different way, you can only dismantle faith when you truly understand it.

No. 12711

Epic levels of autism, no offense. But it’s not that deep. It’s a metaphor. This is a song. Relax.

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