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File: 1638672960428.jpg (16.86 KB, 612x442, istockphoto-664626348-612x612.…)

No. 985763

Previous thread: >>>/ot/963701

Obligatory disclaimers from farmhands:
>Reminder that if you are a radfem/pinkpill/Terf sperg/gendercrit, the "unpopular opinions thread" is not your reverse uno to continue the discourse. Nor is it your general place to try and fight people. Ignore posters you disagree with.

If you are here to;
>sperg about trannies ruining your board, or your conspiracies that everyone who disagrees with you is a tranny - BAN.
>explain in detail why every man is shit - BAN.
>fight people who disagree with you - BAN.
>post vaguely veiled gendercrit posts to try and evade the no gendersperg rule - BAN.
>reply to someones personal experiences because you inherently disagree with their views - BAN.
>discuss your views on racism - BAN.
>have gender crit discussions - BAN.
>try and score twitter cookie points by dunking on the "bigot" terfs - BAN.

If you are here to;
>complain that your boyfriend did x/ you got cat called/ you had a bad day due to a man - NO BAN.
>talk about your personal experience and opinions. - NO BAN.
>HOWEVER, personal experiences and opinions do not devolve into long political discussions nor do they contain your tangent on how all men are scum or how you want to ethnically purge because once upon a time a (((man))) said you are fat.

No. 985832

File: 1638682974791.jpg (332.15 KB, 2000x1333, 2cntx111jju51.jpg)

I don't understand Sacha Cohan's recent woke reputation, In Borat, the romanian villagers he manipulates were basically mocked and swindled behind their backs
His 3 main characters were the stupid British white trash chav (Cohen's family had already been wealthy for generations when he was born and he went from private schools to Cambridge to being I believe a clothing model), the ignorant rural Turkic/Slavic untermensch, and the prancing, decadent eurotrash homosexual. he's basically making hateful caricatures of the lower class and other fringe groups

No. 985839

Love the thread pic!!!

No. 985842

ty i actually really made sure to find the appropriate one!!!

No. 985852

Every sequal or prequal made after the first ‘Life is strange’ has lacked soul compared to the original

No. 985853

I played the 2nd game and loved it though ?

No. 985856

i wouldn't say he's hateful but yeah he's absolutely the opposite of political correctness lmao

No. 985859

The part where everybody starts making out with that professor near the end of the game was absolutely not needed. Neither was that trippy maze. Either i imagined this or maybe it happened.

No. 985869

Pictures are the only thing that matters on dating apps. It's all about attractiveness.

No. 985871

But that's true of real life evaluations. At least you get the chance to have a say on apps.

No. 985882

All the chapters were boring, especially the hippy camp ones. I also hated most of the charcaters. Daniel was retarded, Sean was equally as retarded, and the Mum was a Complete piece of shit, despite the games attempt to make you think otherwise.

No. 985898

I just like the aesthetic and music

No. 985904

As a child of a broken family but had a happy ignorant childhood I wish for Scott and kourtney to get together. Travis Barker while being a very good drummer and in blink 182 is ugly and cringe and even more mental than Scott. Also Scott was very young when kourtney was messing with his head and getting pregnant. They have beautiful kids and they are basically the entire kuwtk show. That's a lot of memories. They clearly are still hot for each other. I feel like they should just get fucking married and it would be everything kourtney would want. I do not understand her and travis. Scott never made her change personality. She was always in charge with Scott and could do whatever. The world would rejoice with her and Scott. Her and travis just are cringe. And don't get me started on Pete Davidson and Kim kardashian. Pete Davidson has height over Kanye but is worse in every other aspect.

No. 986107

The issue with people faking their lifestyles and body on social media isn't just that it's happening it's the fact that other people don't know it's fake. Young adults who live in cities that pay 15 an hour and apartments are 1600 a month are expected to go on exotic vacations several times a year, have a successful business and so on. As for body image too many coomers will see tiktoks/videos and say "well it's on video!how is it fake" as if there's not a million tricks to transform your body on camera

No. 986359

i wish we'd kept chloe and max as protagonists!! chloe is prime material for an abusive bpd girlfriend though, but she's dramatic and i enjoyed the chaos she brought about.

also i know LiS is a glaring twin peaks ripoff but i WISH we'd gotten more out of rachel amber, i could've played a thousand games following rachel, chloe and max as they live out their lesbian throuple drama

No. 986438

you guys really love toxic and abusive relationships, don’t you?

No. 986520

Pistachios are the worst nut.

No. 986528

I'm posting an opinion on feminism but it's not about trannies so there's no reason for a tranny janny to ban me. Trannies do get mentioned but just as an example to a point.

My unpopular opinion is that radical feminism is retarded and even more so than lib feminism. Think about it: America, the most privileged country in the world had they "only wimxxn" radfem community completely destroyed by trannies in just a few years. Trannies are 1% of male population, the most pathetic nu-males that literally cut their own dicks off and make themselves as weak as they possibly can.

What happens to the wymxxn land when the army guys come get their wives and kids back? Hell, one single 14 years old groomed in roblox could rape to death the entire village in one afternoon. Wymxxn separatist land would never be an autonomous village and would need moids even more than a normal city/village does, and that makes the entire ideology pointless because separatism is the only true goal of radfeminism, compared to libfeminism that wants equality laws and individual autonomy, wich are much more plausible goals.

That's not even touching the fact that they want the 99% percent of women that are heterosexual to either be femcels all their lives or prison-gay themselves into liking fat hairy dykes, and also abandon their children. Radfeminism is nothing more than pipedreams and delusions, but they do make good lolcows and dramas

No. 986529

I understand what you're saying but that's kind of the point of his shtick. The caricatures he creates are there to point the finger at the people around them. There's a good video by…..wisecrack about it I think?

No. 986545

>tl;dr he’s making fun of eurofags and i’m seething like a little bitch

good, rot.

No. 986560

You are an idiot. Literally nothing can stop troons, they are not just some "weak 1% of population", the entire modern world caters to them. And about the "sepatatism being the end goal of radical feminism" - no it's not true, this what happens when you get all your knowledge from idiots on the internet. Radical in radfem refers to the understanding of how systematic female oppression is and that it's not just an issue that can be fixed with "empowering" women by treating them like men as liberal feminism believes. That's pretty much all the difference, separatism vs coexistence are just solutions to this problem individuals come up with on their own depending on either do they believe men to be reformable or not. The fact that you believe that a teen moid could annihilate an entire female community (meanwhile even in Kenya a femonly village manages to exist even though moids have made numerous attempts to destroy it) pretty much shows how "unbiased" and "objective" you are.

No. 986562

Men should have their vocal chords removed as soon as they reach 12, I hate hearing men's voices and I think men would be almost perfect if they were mute

No. 986570

Radfems are good in theory but radfems here are just ridiculous and just bash women for not living by their rules

No. 986580

many socialist and black feminists have pointed out since the 70's that radical feminism is primarily made up of and caters upper middle class, university educated white women
most spent their days like a;; academics sniffing their own farts and analyzing the shit, separatism similarly is a dumb escapist fantasy that was never possible, which is why they clung to it
the opinions of fat academics and weak women aren't worth much

No. 986583

Radical feminism is definitely very exclusive towards women of color and poor, undereducated women, especially poor women who don't follow the extremely specific "path" radfems women these women to go down and if a woman is unable to do that for whatever reason she's immediately bashed and called stupid, a failure, a pickme and everything else. If they truly cared about women at all they'd try to help these women or give some sort of guidance instead of insulting them and making radical feminism look bad and irrational

No. 986591

>They want straight women to bang fat hairy dykes and abandon children!
Retarded take. Cope, seethe, dilate. Those privileges are being taken away (sex based rights, putting men in womens prisons, women forced out of work force for childcare rather than sharing responsibility and shamed if not done as tradition dictates).
> libfeminism that wants equality laws and individual autonomy
In what way do they want this that rafems also don't want. Radfems whole point is autonomy for women, liberation, but without being retarded enough to think porn and sex is really liberating. Do you think radfems are tradfags against abortion rights?

>tldr; Sorry someone said prostitution isn't empowering anon, you YAS QUEEN your way to the top. See you when you get fucked over and moids think you're a whore who deserves it.

No. 986592

>If you really cared about women you'd never criticise a women's actions or beliefs.
>Make them look bad and irational.
You are on an image board, kek.

No. 986593

>Libfems like me are the real feminists who support women!
>Calls women fat hairy dykes and femcels.

No. 986597

What hallucinogenics did you take that made you read this? And tell me what radfem-acceptable life paths women are allowed to take in order to be accepted that aren't going to college, starting a business, or doing anything else that requires a large amount of money? It's like women who aren't born into privileged families are automatically doomed and excluded by radfems

No. 986599

Literally nothing you said makes sense. Saying don't fuck men is not inherent to radfems, nor is this weird conspiracy that not fucking men = fuck women. What the fuck are you even talking about? You can not fuck a man no matter class? Please explain yourself better, such as what you mean that it excludes class.

No. 986601

Is this because radfems are against prostitution and related jobs that you think they are classist?

No. 986604

Libfem is ultimate bourgeoisie. Literally troon shit disregards material analysis.

No. 986605

I prefer boiled dumplings/gyoza to steamed or fried.

No. 986606

What are you talking about? No one said anything about fucking men
Being against prostitution is respectful but what's not fine is bashing women who do it for survival or were even pimped out, there's a reason why when feminists go to help women in trafficking they actively give women housing, protection, set them up with careers, and so on, not bash them or call them stupid and failures, I promise you most of these women are just looking for a way out not trying to suck blokes off for money just because they don't want to work a normal job

I also wasn't talking about prostitution specifically, if you work a low paying job and are only supporting yourself you're a failure, if you start a farm you're a tradtard, if you get married and also start a family you're a tradtard, if you model, sing or act you're immediately assumed to be sucking off Weinstein for jobs, nurses and cosmetologists are weirdly hated by radfems for some reason? A lot of weird professions are bashed by radfems for some reason, joining the military in order to pay for college/getting a start on a career is also looked down upon by radfems

Either way, all of this leaves this extremely thin doorway for women to fit through in order to please radfems - most of which are impossible for lower class women to fit through, it's like you were too focused on bashing other women so much that you completely forgot the vast majority of people who want to hurt women are men, not prostitutes, not military women, not moms, not nurses, but men.

No. 986609

Anon who was complaining about radfems literally said that radfems want women to have sex with women and not men (referring to political celibacy/lesbianism). Learn to read.

No. 986610

No. 986611

File: 1638780724513.jpg (352.33 KB, 3120x4160, 1606806772090.jpg)

Ahh but how can that matter when you can manufacture a laser rifle now and blind people with it?!?

No. 986612

were not defending liberal feminism, the whole reason Intersectional feminism even exists is cause white and jewish who were university professors couldn't admit they had it better then most people

No. 986613

File: 1638780886377.jpg (716.79 KB, 3120x4160, 1610565060248.jpg)

Lol photon rifle goes CLAKT

No. 986615

Anon defended it saying it was better than radfem.

No. 986616

File: 1638781095416.jpg (487.54 KB, 4160x3120, 1604954915235.jpg)

No. 986618

I was replying to an anon was discussing other women who are less privileged calling out radical feminism for being exclusive to most women though
Most radfems are privileged which would explain a lot, nothing is wrong with being privileged but you can't be unempathetic with women who may not be able to go to university, become mom's early, rely on maintaining a feminine appearance in order to come off as acceptable in the business world or to maintain a job, or even get sucked into humiliating sex work in order to get by, or women who need to join the military in order to get an education, or even bashing women's career choices such as being a nurse

No. 986622

Are you the anon from the Thradthot thread today? When do radfems bash any of that stuff, they just don't say it's empowering.

No. 986623

I've seen what I assume are lesbians on this site often say that straight women will never be able to experience any hardships for their choice of partner but I've seen otherwise many times.
When you live in any country that puts certain ethnicities, nationalities, religions and races on a pedestal, if you date that which is not desired and approved you can and will get shit on constantly. The concept of forbidden love is so common in straight people that I find it puzzling when people say you can't possibly experience any hardships for being in a straight relationship. I had my family beg me to be a lesbian just so I wouldn't date a darker man than average in my country, who comes from a different culture and religion than mine, but we're both atheists and everyone knows that. Some members of my family don't even want to talk to me anymore, and some just fly over the subject and pretend I'm not in a relationship. I even get bullied for it by my coworkers.
Anything out of the norm is taboo in close minded and conservative communities, and you'll have to suffer for it in some way. I'm sure there's places in this world where that isn't the case but I think they're less common.

No. 986625

>Women saying you shouldn't have to be traditional != being traditional bad.
Some of you need to grow up a bit before posting on image boards.

No. 986626

Why doesn't someone open a 2X board debating this then the threads won't get clogged?

No. 986627

I haven't seen these posts but I'm assuming they had the typical person living in a Western countries in mind because everyone knows how hard women, straight or gay, have it most of the time.

No. 986628

No and plenty of anons have bashed these things here before, everything I mentioned, there was even a nurse hate thread for a while.

Not everything women do needs to be empowering, some of these things women do because they don't have a lot of choices to step into the next stages of their life, some of these things women do because it's what their culture taught was the right thing to do, women mostly do these things to help themselves, not necessarily empower all women, there's a difference between critiquing bad choices women make and just straight up not accepting the vast majority of the female population

No. 986629

*start thread

No. 986630

How do you know those anons were radfems?

No. 986631

I wasn't talking about just tradition, I don't even think I mentioned tradition at all

No. 986633

A lot of them make it obvious with their wording when they're bashing the women in question, how would you know if someone who critiques feminism is a libfem?

No. 986634

>I've seen what I assume are lesbians on this site often say that straight women will never be able to experience any hardships for their choice of partner

I've never seen that. But I have seen a lot of anons and women off lolcow say how they wish they were born lesbian. I used to think that too. But it's probably isolating enough to be a lesbian because they are such a minority and now they're being pressured to date troons and get preyed on by unicorn hunters/couples looking for threesomes. I'd never want to be a lesbian in today's climate. I think lesbians respond to that by saying how straights are actually luckier to be straight and that it sucks to feel isolated and ostracized then have someone who isn't being like "I wish I could be lesbian lol" it feels kind of like it's minimizing their struggles. But I don't think they mean that straight women don't face any issues at all.

No. 986638

I'm not the one reeing about radfem. The point is you don't know if they are or aren't, yet are saying that they prove radfems are bad since they say mean things, yet you don't know if they even are radfem.
>Obvious by their wording.

No. 986639

Do you think radfem = mean women, so mean women = radfem, because that's obviously not how that works. Are they saying libfem while being a feminist, since you can say libfem without being radfem either.

No. 986663

Not sure if this is an unpopular thing outside of normie amerifags but what is with the western obsession on "adopting" cats? I've seen multiple cute street cat videos on Youtube where the comments are hoping they get a forever home, a forever family, adopted etc etc. If the cat seems chonky and healthy trotting across the street why the hell do they need a permanent human caretaker lol. It always feels absurd to me. I get having savior complex for emaciated or abandoned kittens but perfectly healthy street cats don't have to be adopted

No. 986667

Adoption is seen as good because kittens are favoured, and adoption cats can come from a terrible background. It's seen as saving an otherwise undesirable cat and saving them. To be fair, street cats often kill native fauna, it's a big problem in Australia.

No. 986668


No. 986669

I'm not a burger but why is their altruistic nature always derided as a saviour complex or just otherwise given the side eye? So nasty of you.

No. 986670

Outside cats have 1/10th of indoor cat life expectancy so maybe those people just want them to have long healthy lives. They can also pose danger to local wildlife. Although not all street cats can adapt to housecat life, they would get very depressed.

No. 986673

I love cats(like a lot) but if your an assuie or live in the america's then there's no denying there is a huge need to mass spray and neuter them, they do more damage then dogs for native wildlife, dogs do damage as well but in certain Island nations but they get outcompeted by Dingos and Coyotes but cats are super successful across multiple continents and that's the problem, they outcompete the local predators for food

No. 986678

Kevin >>>>>>>>>> Jerma

No. 986682

No. 986691

Because they were bred to be domestic animals and deserve warm loving homes with guaranteed meals. We are responsible for cats as they are now, they aren't wild animals despite what you might think. A cat will live three times as long in a home than it will outside. And "chonk" does not equate to health.

No. 986693

That's the responsibility of the people in the area. Cats are just being cats. My city set up a spay and neuter program and we took care of our over population issue in less than five years. Some kitties were even adopted by local businesses to help with mice and others by locals, the cats who were too feral were taken to special cat farm sanctuaries where they can roam but always have access to shelter and food.

No. 986716

File: 1638794183414.png (584.59 KB, 449x439, BAD BREAD!.PNG)

I don't understand the appeal of the many identical zoomer / millenial girls making really insipid 'commentary' videos on political issues / shows while actually only making the most surface level basic analysis of a topic that could actually be an interesting video. There's so many! And they all repeat the same talking points without ever expressing genuine opinions, lest they anger their fans who would turn on them in a second. 'Breadtube' is already pretty stale but this diet breadtube is the equivalent of putting too much yeast in and getting a result that's more hot air than bread.

No. 986717

Radfems here act like nlogs

No. 986718

>A cat will live three times as long in a home than it will outside.
nta but so will zoo animals compared to their wild counterparts, so that means little.

No. 986720

Sorry people don't think you're special anon.

No. 986723

>Not thinking traditionalism is empowering = nlog
That low a bar, huh?

No. 986724

You sound like Contra who said feminists who are against wearing makeup is nlog.

No. 986725

define nlog

No. 986728

Cats are a domesticated species, animals in zoo aren't. But sure, cats roaming free are much happier, as occasional stories of anons show. They are happier until they suddenly disappear due to being hit by a car.
Cats are no longer wild animals, like >>986691 said, they deserve good care

No. 986732

I'm not the same anon, and you guys are so restrictive and inconsiderate with so many types of women that might as well call yourselves conservatives anyway, your worldwide is laughably ignorant and your execution almost nonexistent, that's why your politics don't appeal to most women in the world
A woman who thinks she's different from other women by shitting on them, if you guys were actually useful with your politics your constant triggering wouldn't seem so pointless and like misdirected anger.

No. 986735

i thought this was about total drama for a second

No. 986741

Domestic cats aren't wild, that's why they are domestic cats. You trying to justify the abandonment of an animal bred to be a companion isn't as full of virtue as you seem think it is.

No. 986743

Sorry no one is YAS QUEENing you anon. Who even says I’m a radfem? I just think you’re points uninformed.

No. 986745

>Although not all street cats can adapt to housecat life, they would get very depressed.
yeah I thinks it is also a bit breed dependent how well they adapt to hostage barncat life

No. 986746

>street cats

No. 986756

>Not a radfem btw
Kek you guys can't even get your heads out of you assess to see your politics help virtually no one who is not privileged, black feminists have all the right to avoid your movement.

No. 986772

There’s a difference between “feral” and “wild”. the cats she’s referring to are the former.

No. 986774

Are you talking about channels such as mila tequila, broey deschanel, and that one blond girl addicted to surgery that talks about feminism? Because if so, I agree with you. I sometimes listen to their videos in the bg because the subject matter sounds promising and they're not as pandery in their language while being often completely woman focused but recently I noticed one channel in particular started saying "those that identify as women" instead of just women and it sounds so clunky and retarded. 99% of their audience is probably women already, it's so tiring.
Their takes are definitely very lukewarm as to not upset the gender crowd.

No. 986779

Yeah, it’s all surface-level fluff and tired naval-gazing. Are there any good female commentary channels with worthwhile commentary? (I already know Shannon Strucci.)

No. 986782

That's hardly unpopular at least where I live. People rather adopt a dog because they're perceived as more at risk while cats are seen as more wild than dogs, but that isn't true at all.
With dogs being more likely to get adopted, this creates the problem of overpopulation, specially when you look at the cat's heat period, which can range anywhere from every 3 weeks to every 2 months, compared with the dog's 6 to 6 months cycle. While their gestational period is of roughly 60-70 days around same time as dogs, they get on heat again after their kittens either die or reach 2/3 months, sometimes earlier.
It's an endless cycle that won't get solved until the authorities decide to intervine, but even then, they rather focus on the dogs.

No. 986786

Libfems are shit 90% time and so can be Radfems; on other news water is wet and the sun is a giant ball of fire

No. 986787

Not that op, but black obsidian. Her type of feminism is good bc she makes women feel like they can de female socialize, is extremely based, and talks about the messy shit no other feminists want to get into.

No. 986788

Ohh I'll see if her vids are up my lane thanks for the suggestion anon!

No. 986797

I'm interested as well but i can't find the channel/ blog while googling. Do you got a link?

No. 986820

Go on YouTube and type it into the search bar

No. 986840

don't brother, she's a fatty complaining about scrotes all day and how "they ain't shit" but that's it
just endless ranting against scrotes that it gets tiring

No. 986844

You don't even watch her shit do you, she's fit and mostly talks about women.

No. 986859

I have but i don't think i was able to find her nghhh

No. 986863

I like this song, but I'm glad this particular type of fashion/aesthetic is over. It was so ugly

No. 986870

horrible taste in music nonnie

No. 986871

I listened to her before she deleted a bunch of things. I kind of like her for the way she rejects victimhood and denounces bullshit, but idk if I agree with her ideology. She's an interesting case bc she primarily holds women responsible, and she doesn't even believe troons are a real threat to women. She basically thinks women have surrendered their innate power and that that's what has caused the problems today. That we can easily take control of men and society as a whole, but we're just not. I remember her saying feminism, in its current incarnation, would fall because it's still a part of the weak/unstable establishment, and that was a bit refreshing to hear, but I think she's a bit extreme

No. 986874

It's ok if you hate fun

No. 986878

She has black egg icon, idk what you're doing wrong.
She was raised with less female socialization and was in the military for a while so I think that colored her perception, just like everything online take it with a grain of salt. I think we have to get certain milestones before we go full gungho, but just look at Rwanda, after tons of their mwn croaked in the massacre they're rapidly becoming a first world country.

No. 986879

Bang bang into the room! That anon sucks this song rocks

No. 986880

No. 986885

the music video reminds me of this kek

No. 986891

Maybe her vids are blocked in my country as searching through browser doesn't yield anything

No. 986910

yeah she should settle for a serial cheater who is deff a boderline pedophile because they make a cute couple. People like you is the reason why so many women stay with aint shit scrotes and end up miserable and depressed. because society thinks they are soooooooooooooooo perfect for each other.

No. 986919

simple especially if you live in area that gets cold its sad seeing cats walking outside during a blizzard trying to get food and stay warm. so that could be why. I saw a video of someone stumbling upon a frozen cat and it made me so sad and im not even a big animal lover.

No. 986931

sad how many nonnies have shit taste.

No. 986934

i think this is her. but she should change her name because black obsidian just brings up crystal videos.

No. 986939

i personally love watching tee noir and teanna empowers but they mainly center on feminism and anti capitalism through a black female perspective. But i think if you are a feminist it is important to learn about feminism through the eyes of women from different races and socio-economic backgrounds.

No. 986947

that was just her most recent video i havent watched yet and she's a lesbian so i love that! here is teannas channel she mainly talks about capitalism, politics, and fashion. if anyone is interested. Sorry if i seem like a shill i just want to see more black girls on youtube making this type of content.

No. 986949

File: 1638814619618.png (97.21 KB, 281x252, sigh_.png)

Too bad they're mostly troon-defending libfems, but it's not like any black radfems wouldn't get doxxed and harassed off YT anyway

No. 986968

stooop she is still young so i let her slide lol. To be honest most black women who do feminism on youtube value trans rights because i feel like if a black woman was open about denying it she would definitely be attacked and probably killed. so it makes sense. Also black women who are into feminism are often conditioned to stand with trans rights because people like to say "well black women werent seen as human let alone women until recently" which i kinda get to a degree but also when trans women get more rights im sure itll be black women that will get one of the shorter ends of the stick like always. issa lose lose.

No. 987022

nta but I have watched some of her videos and I don't see the appeal, she's pretty but not at all as intelligent and profound as her fans seem to think she is
Its as stated here >>986779 "surface-level fluff" and tired naval-gazing

>skinny women shouldn't get shamed but fat women suffer far more abuse then skinny women

>men who have "preferences" for black women are fetihists
>black male comedians often use black women as the punchline for their jokes

these are observations a 15 year old could make, I will give her credit that she doesn't make videos on topic she probably doesn't have any knowledge on but she's still a dumb 20 something who doesn't read much, the only female black commentary channel I can recommend is Chrissie, though her videos are mainly focused on dark skinned black women and relationship dynamics their still good

No. 987024

lowkey i was going to post her but i thought she'd be too radical for lolcow.

No. 987025

Black troons mostly transition bc they want to be gay and black men usually kill black gays. But I think bw blind to the white troons bullshit.

No. 987027

if leftist male yters grift I'm happy to see young women jump on the trend too.

No. 987054

ill probably get banned but ill take it but this is why i cant say im totally against trans rights because black trans people are some of the first to get killed and in the most gruesome of ways. White trans usually transition from a place of privilege which is why they are so fucking loud and annoying and entitled to women's spaces because they are white men at the end of the day. i personally love kat blaque and i feel bad for her because she's talked about feeling lonely and wanting black women friends and to be in black woman's spaces but she also understands why black women are apprehensive about it so she never forces the issue. I understand both sides of the trans/anti trans thing but it just makes me sad when i see black trans women getting killed in the worst ways and everyone saying they deserved it. idk ill take my ban.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 987057

>this is why i cant say im totally against trans rights because black trans people are some of the first to get killed and in the most gruesome of ways
I don't really see how gay men are in any way protected from homophobic men killing them by women affirming their decision to claim they're women. Black femicide rates are extremely high in their own right

No. 987062

you right you right idk man im still working through it. I think its cuz i have a trans person in my family (ftm) so i've been kinda more sensitive lately. im wishy washy rn.

No. 987078

>ill probably get banned but ill take it
>personally love kat blaque
>makes me sad when i see black trans women getting killed in the worst ways and everyone saying they deserved it. idk ill take my ban.
Cope, seethe, dilate. Vast majority of killed black trannies are prostitutes, and I'll only care about them of they use their victim status to get more protections and justice for everyone who's prostituted/trafficked.(tranny derail)

No. 987080

im a woman but okay lol. you seem unhinged.

No. 987083

it should be a requirement that everyone paint their toenails. bare toenails are fucking ugly as sin. I hate feet altogether though.

No. 987086

I don't understand how she's radical by lolcow standard
she got herself out of the hood and cares deeply for black women, her content is mostly calling out bullshit black men and some black women perpetuate that often hurt black women, her videos are very specific to the black american community but I see a lot of parallels with the black communities in Europe i.e our male counterparts acting like Idiots and lusting after lightskinned women, while the women are financially and academically successful despite race and gender discrimination but still cape for them for the sake of community

No. 987089

Lmao, if they "use their status"? A racial minority transexual prostitute has no social power, you speak as if they were hogging resources from everyone else.

No. 987116

He's a gay black male, there more then enough ACTUAL black women, who speak in this topic from experience. Nothing he says is unique or something actual black women haven't been saying for years. His experience asagay black man chasing bisexual/gay chasers isn't the same as a black woman's.

No. 987122

I legit only see BW like this online or in certain spaces, most don't think about trans, or consider them gay men they'll call she\her to be respectful.a Though they don't consider them actual women & won't mess with a man openly into trans.
Or they have Terf-like opinions. It's only a certain type who go crazy in for troons. People assume BW are all on the trans train but it's not true at all.A t least not in my experience

No. 987136

People have brains and eyes.

No. 987188

June? Is that you?
This. Why is it so hard to understand hating the vast majority of women isn't feminism? Most women who aren't upper class or in third world countries have kids, are in relationships, or anything else radfems might bash? Obviously I don't want to be involved in or support people who are unforgivable or against me for not being rich enough to go to college, this doesn't mean "I'm asking to be yas queened" I just don't want me or the vast majority of other women to be bashed for not fitting into a tiny tiny box in order to be accepted by people who aren't even the vast majority of people

No. 987197

Radfems don't hate mothers. Are you tradthot thread anon?

No. 987199

What do you even mean radfems hate mothers, explain yourself. Polilez isn't radfem specific.

No. 987203

NTA, not even a radfem, but where the hell do radical feminists bash and hate women? When did you see radfems berating people for being poor? Or for being black or mothers? What the fuck, you're delusional. Do you even know what radical feminism means or do you think anonymous lolcow shitposters are actually all radfems?

No. 987205

My tinfoil is that it's an anon who had means words (or just not total agreement) on a post she made and thinks all users are radfems and needs to preach how mean they are.

No. 987212

You are right. But, to be fair there are racist/childhating retards among radfems, just like there are in any other community. Though they always get y'alled because radical feminism is full of women of colour, mothers and other stigmatized types of women in general. So this sort of bigotry here is indeed an exception and not the rule.

No. 987232

Chrissie is a black woman anon

No. 987245

>bigotry here
Tradfag anon confirmed. Welcome to imageboards, you will not be codled here.

No. 987249

Based, they need to get out of their bubble if they want to resolve something on big scale, i'm sick of hearing about their little tirades that don't do shit for anyone besides them
Radfems are always talking about how having children/getting married is "giving men what they want" or something along the lines, celibacy is an actual radfem talking point don't backtrack now kek.

No. 987253

Celibacy isn't specifically a radfem point tard, it's just one some adopt as a solution. It's not a key part that means if you don't do it you aren't a radfem.

No. 987281

Did the anon piss you off so much that anyone who doesn't hate mothers with a burning passion is a single anon you got into with? It's not about being "coddled" just don't be racist or hate women who don't do what you command them to do, you're just sounding like a scrote at that point by claiming hating women for things like being black or being a mother

No. 987283

you're just proving their point anon

No. 987287

My retarded ass read wrong, I know who chrissie is ignore me, I'm dumb kek

No. 987330

yeah most black women in the real world don't really support trans rights. i know this because im a black woman who is mainly in spaces with other black women. as >>986968 said black woman can't really go online shouting that they are anti trans because we would definitely be targeted attacked and probably murdered. But no majority of black women are not pro trans. You also have to remember that black people are religious and that plays a role. Dont let the sjw black girls fool you. Hell go on LSA they hate transwomen there just as much as the girlies here at lolcow.

No. 987697

It's okay to not never get married while being in a long-term relationship. I've never managed to get into FDS because of that, their obsession with marriage really puts me off.

No. 987704

It's unnecessary! There is a reason common-law exists, because marriage is archaic, based in religion, is inherently misogynistic and is financially frivolous. Marriage has nothing to do with love if you ask me, and everything to do with appearances.

No. 987710

radfems are developing into a cultish bubble of their own.

recently peaked ex-tras and ex-libfems change their politics, but not their ways and thus have brought the liberal feminist/trans activist us vs them, black and white thinking, never accepting any criticism, weird extreme aggressive discussion style kind of ways into radical feminism, and get personally offended if someone says anything negative about radfem politics the same way tras get offended if someone isn't 1000% behind them.
there's petty drama, and yes, misogyny and homophobia when these ex enby political lesbians start calling other women cocksuckers, handmaidens and gay men fags instead of calling the women cissy bitch terf cunts and gay men well fags too the homophobia never really changes after all. it's so obvious when you notice it. these are people who cannot give up their cult like thinking they gotta bring that shit from libfeminism and tranny movement to radfeminist politics. you always kinda notice the influx of recently peaked radfems in the mtf threads for example when it becomes endless infighting and the new found misandrists screaming about fags or handmaidens or whatever.

i miss 2013 radscum spaces

No. 987718

its also messed up because if it doesnt work out now your finances are tied to this person. My coworker wants to divorce her husband because she hates him but she can't because everything is literally in his name. marriage was literally designed to trap a woman that's it and that's all.

No. 987756

Unpopular opinion: we should stop sharing our very important takes on radfeminism in this thread. This is just too much, go to twoex ffs, it's slow there.

No. 987761

Yeah it's getting ridiculous and the rules at the beginning of the thread says to not sperg about it anyhow

No. 987775

pooping is gross and anyone that feels the need to announce to someone that they just took/are about to take a massive dump should be taken out back. Its not even a man thing women in my life announce this to me all the time too. its gross and i want them to stop

No. 987792

It would be better on 2X anyway because there needs to be some activity over there, it would be nice to get the discussion going

No. 987794

maybe its because people don't know it exists (its me im people) how do we find it.

No. 987795

I tried to go to 2X but i can't find any link

No. 987797

Just type it in the URL.

No. 987931

File: 1638902099750.jpeg (55.05 KB, 403x400, 6F133633-2B18-4258-8FDF-B70D41…)

Rockfags are cringe, that genre of music doesn’t deserve to have such cringe fans.

No. 987940

what kind of people are you talking about exactly? like rockabilly hipsters, like the swedish people who drive 50s cars? i think thats what you mean from your picture but people usually call that rockabilly. rockfag makes me think of like .. idk led zeppelin fans or something, or van halen.

No. 987954

ayrt you can add 2X to the address in the bar where /ot/ is

No. 987982

WMAW relationships are insane. The father is usually a pedophilic coomer and the mother a self hating pick me. The offspring always have racial hang ups because asian women are obsessed with being white, and white men think asian women are all like their autistic animes.(racebaiting)

No. 988021

File: 1638909737932.jpg (33.64 KB, 500x464, Tumblr_l_1123093928127821.jpg)

True. Elliot Rodger-sama hates to hear it

No. 988124

I find it sad when women say the only/main reason they don't want kids is because their husband might become unattracted to them after giving birth. Now if they don't want kids in general and that's part of it, I don't mind. I'm talking about the ones who actually want them. If I wanted kids I'd rather take the chance. Yeah it'd suck if your husband became unattracted to your body and left but I'd value the relationship I got to have with the kids more.

No. 988164

Oddly enough, I have rarely seen a BMAW or LMAW relationship. Asian women tend to walk all over white men when they marry them.

No. 988188

Atleast they're honest, that's rare in hetero women who actually like mens company.

No. 988330

I have never seen a LMAW relationship, but I have seen a couple of BMAW relationships and but the thing is the black and white guys are always the lowest value males possible
like the lowest dregs of white and black men, that's what asian girls seem to go for, I have never seen with other races

No. 988399

File: 1638941634010.jpg (107.61 KB, 952x1024, wmaf.jpg)

They are always the ugliest couples and make the most repulsive looking kids imo(back to /pol/)

No. 988410

File: 1638943231556.jpg (138.5 KB, 555x414, Theodore_Kaczynski.jpg)

Ted Kaczynski wasn't anything special. There are people like him all over the world, I worked with one that just did a few hours a week as a janitor, he looked exactly like Kaczynski too.

A lot of highly intelligent autistic men just become NEETs or work part time jobs, and they spend all their time at the public library reading books. If you go into any major public library, you'll see a bearded middle aged guy that looks just like kaczynski reading obscure books. People think he lived innawoods, but he barely did. He lived on the outskirts of a small town and pushbiked to the public library everyday while working odd jobs. He wasn't this epik survivalist like people think.

No. 988419

actually no he was, his brother mentioned that he hunted his own food(usually squirrels) and had his own outhouse

No. 988420

Half the population of Georgia makes squirrel stew it ain't that hard

No. 988434

Totally off topic but squirrel sounds yum and I wish they were where I live so I could eat a couple

No. 988435

He looks like he hasn’t slept in 10 years

No. 988440

so you'd eat a rat?

No. 988442

to be fair i think all of those insert racexinsertrace couple videos are all cringe in their own right. It makes me uncomfy that as soon as 2 different races get together the first thing they think to do is make a youtube channel to exploit every second of their relationship. Then when they inevitably break up suddenly they want to be "private" uwu. But i also just hate couple videos period because every time my fave youtuber gets a boyfriend their channel goes to shit.

No. 988454

absolutely. gross insufferable people

No. 988456

hes based

No. 988517

Some "cores" are very interesting but zoomers are just too uncreative and boring to make them work

No. 988617

Men will always be in power because they actually are smarter than women. Not smarter in the way that you would think as far as maths, sciences etc we are on the same level. A woman is just as capable of being a doctor, president etc etc as a man. The way we are stupid is that we are less cunning and believe bullshit more(especially if it comes out of a mans mouth). For exmaple how is it so many wives baby their husbands and infantilize them under the excuse that "men are simple creatures", this man who cant baby sit his own kids or work a washing machine is too simple but he can go to work and be a ceo? Women cant even see hes acting dumb with them on purpose because he just doesnt wanna do the laundry!this is just a small example of how women are more dumb.

No. 988653

Just on the subject of housework and the whole 'but I don't know how to do laundry' thing. It's a weird leftover from the days when men worked and women cleaned. That and back when people married young. Now men typically live alone for a few years.. then they move in with a partner who also works an outside job. They love to just refuse to let go of old fashioned ways like that while also enjoying your paycheck coming in.

Any time I see men bitching about gender roles being lost… who actually loses more? It's women who are expected to juggle everything.

No. 988656

He's just an ugly incel who lived in the woods with daddy's money bc he refused to function in society, like the spoiled brat most autistic men are. It's not deep.

No. 988657

Why are you guys racist? What's happened?

No. 988660

File: 1638979521422.jpg (106.85 KB, 642x524, 1637291811256.jpg)

No. 988663

Do you mean more manipulative?

No. 988664

Men are selfish and that's what makes them more intelligent, they prioritize themselves and know how to manipulate most women to serve them, the smartest women I've seen were self-serving and good manipulators, >>988663 gets it.

No. 988669

Rats live in places like dumping grounds eating microplastics and god knows what else, that's poisonous. Squirrels live in the fresh air and eat nuts, so they must taste good.

No. 988672

Nta but teens are inclined to be selfish, people with development disorders or personality disorders are more inclined to be too. I think your mistake is labeling that as intelligence. That's a leap.

I've seen many men lose good things to their sheer selfishness .. and then cry about it afterwards. I can't see it as intelligent. It's almost a maladaptive behaviour.

No. 988674

That's a good point ngl

No. 988676

Most men arent even that good at manipulating yet most women still fall for it lol we just arent very bright.

No. 988680

>we just aren't very bright tehee
something's off

No. 988685

It's the truth. Seeing women fall for the most stupid shit men do makes me think most of us are delusional or we might actually be stupid. Most women will argue you down to hell and back about "not all men" and refuse to understand men think and act different. We think just because we wouldnt do something shady and sneaky that means they're not doing it and they're just "stupid naive men".

No. 988686


No. 988688

That's why I didn't respond to the initial post in the first place

No. 988691

Same here

No. 988695

They are stupid and naive men but i think most women just don't want to own up that their men ain't shit because of how they are wired ( we are wired for long term commitment and the way society is built hinges on mono straight couples doing their thing for better or for worse).

No. 988710

They arent stupid and naive because they know what they're doing. For example I used to be friends with a sex postive male feminist who would act like he didn't understand what the issue with porn/casual sex is, believed in women paying for half etc. until one day the topic of his future daughters came up and he said "my daughters wouldnt be hooking up with tons of guys. Girls need to be protected", therefore he was aware that his "opinions" were bullshit and hes just playing dumb.

No. 988712

For me it's a toss of stupid men looking for equally dim women to manipulative ( because women who even have a bit of brain matter gtfo) and pratically throwing shit at the wall until something stick while others are 100% aware of what they doing and calculating.
I guess both are some flavor of manipulative but only one is actually dangerous. I can't find it in me to be too intimidated by the former

No. 988721

women just dont want their relationship to fail which is why they stick with shitty scrotes. Because if a relationship fails for a woman even if the man is at fault all the guilt and blame is placed on their shoulder. I think that is the biggest reason. We as a society dont allow women to fail in relationships. We expect women to be the perfect partner and if her scrote isnt acting right its all on her. Its not right. But anyway that post screams bait but im bored so i bit.

No. 988723

And how does that make him smart?

No. 988728

it doesnt it just makes him a dumb hypocrite.

No. 988729

Ntayrt but he knows casual sex is dangerous for women but he pretends to support it so he can get some

No. 988732

it doesnt make him smart it makes him manipulative borderline rapey dumb hypocrite. I dont understand how this proves men are smarter than women lol.

No. 988733

That's just a you problem, I'm not falling for any male's shit.

No. 988740

I get that part.. I just don't see that as being smart. We all know dickheads (sometimes they're not even men) who just pick and choose the beliefs that best suit them in that moment. It's dumb, and it's usually pretty transparent.

No. 988741

Cupcake dresses are ugly

No. 988745

Not necessarily smart but men know how to play dumb when it benefits them.

No. 988746

Ikr? they're so tacky

No. 988751

people really project their own stupidity onto all of women is what im noticing. The only reason why women "fall" for mens shit isnt because they are dumb its because they know in society a woman with a man has more value than a woman without. And the value of a woman without starts to decrease exponentially once she reaches her late 20s. People are mistaking desperation caused by the patriarchy with stupidity.

No. 988759

If a woman in a first world country believes this and becomes desperate because of it she is stupid and not thinking logically.

No. 988760

File: 1638983214626.png (125.21 KB, 600x900, h7sztw8pry2hqiohlzq82czl4l7u.p…)

yeah also anything that selkie pumps out is tacky and ugly as sin

No. 988762

No. 988787

I actually think these dresses are cute, but they only look cute in photos. When I see videos of people of them in them, I realize how absolutely ridiculous they look. I can't really think of a proper occasion to wear them out to since they're cut so high up, and no way they're meant for regular daily wear because I still think someone would look like a fool to go out to lunch with some friends in that get up.

No. 988834

It's not racist asian women just have low standards that's why any fat white fuck can go to asia and find a plethora of bitches. It takes a special breed to marry someone who believes in white purity and think you're the exception for being azn. It causes issues when they have children because the father will either have some sort of pedophilic lust toward the daughter or neglect the son because he's an asian man. Pick me and self hating. Sad!

No. 988840

I wear make up because I like how I'm treated when I make my face look better. My skin is good and I go barefaced often, but I have perfected natural looking make up too and it's even fooled a few women I know. I definitely get treated better than coworkers that don't wear make up.

No. 988850

I said I get treated better.

No. 988854

Justing scrolling past, and I'm not racist and I feel terrible for agreeing with you, but kinda hard to ignore when you think about it

No. 988875

i shouldnt be allowed to work. its not right that i have to work. when i was born it shouldve been decreed that i was already well off. this leads into my unpop opinion that climate change is only happening at such a rampant rate because Mother Nature is simply destroying itself because God messed up the paperwork and made me a brokie like the rest of you nonnies.

No. 988908

Are you also the breast sperg, go clean your balls and room

No. 988914

Umm…studies prove big boobs are superior tho. Lots of very serious tit studies back me up on that too.. kek they were a super tist(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 988915

I know this is bait, but it brought up an interesting topic. I think lots of those women who stay in abusive relationships/believe mens bullshit and gaslighting have gotten such an extra helping of female socialization that they seriously need help. Women who were given eating disorders from their mothers, SA from male family, everyone around them saying "just give him a chance, you misunderstood, you're in the wrong, cater to him more, cOmMuNiCaTe", being sexually assulted in elementary school by male classmates and just being brushed off, being told that men are just like women and are empathetic and will care for women, any womens only group being banned online, etc. Men and handmaidmaidens love to do this female socialization grunt work. It's a mass worldwide conspiracy level shit at this point.

No. 988919

THIS!! is what i've been trying to articulate. women are literally conditioned by EVERYONE in society to give a man a chance. Its so annoying how people think that women are stupid because we were literally brainwashed since birth to value a scrote over our own lives/well-being
like its insane!! thank you for articulating my thoughts. This is what i really meant when i said >>988751

No. 988933

Every day I'm realizing more and more of this conspiracy tier grooming as I get mentally healthier. It's all such a mindfuck.

No. 988939

NTA but idk how someone manages to think about tit side non-stop throughout the day

No. 988953

I have big boobs and I think that anthills are the best, they just sit there looking cute, not to mention they look good in everything.

No. 988973

I love all boobies equally

No. 989040

We shouldn't have moved on from wild west style peacekeeping to the system we have now. It used to be common sense that the townspeople were the ones being protected, but not the other way around, an old-timey sheriff would never protect some known kidnapper from the townsfolk.

Nowadays they're giving pedos new names and identities when they get out of prison, to protect them from angry parents. And throwing those parents behind bars instead, if they try to gatekeep their community from people like that. How was this change made and who even supported it? It's not that unpopular when you talk about it with someone in person, but it's incredibly unpopular in policymaking. There's no push to change this, and it'll probably just get worse.

No. 989046


No. 989094

>How was this change made and who even supported it?
Paper pushers in fancy chairs are usually pedo scrotes

No. 989118

There are people (usually girls/women) who say "I'm a child" or "I'm a minor", even if they're not, as both a weapon and a shield. It happens online, but also IRL if you're around very online people. They don't do it because they actually feel unsafe in a given situation. They do it as an out, or as a way to automatically make another person look bad, no matter what. Decades ago, they would've said "I'm a woman" instead. They do the whole libfem thing, but you can tell they're actually kind of mad that they can't just remind everyone they're a woman, so they must be a victim in all situations
Some other ones they use are "I'm autistic" (even if they're not), "I'm disabled" (again…), etc. The "I'm a child" is the worst one IMO, though. The way they attribute a sort of automatic self-innocence to vulnerability (real or fake) is actually very insidious, and not enough people talk about it

No. 989123

Funny because i only hear about people like you saying women arent victims when women are killed and raped by men all the time and theyre never taken seriously. No one gives a shit about women and males are treated like children.

No. 989125

"People like me"? Who do you mean exactly? I just told a scrote to kill himself for saying that women deserve blah blah blah. I just don't like tumblrina libfems and twitterfags, you saying "I'm a child" every five seconds to avoid acting like the adult you actually are has nothing to do with women as a whole

No. 989126

I think female separatism is good even though im bi. i know a relationship with men will never work because i believe theyre biologically dangerous. ive been centering women, helping women, cooking, taking care of my pets and i feel happy. some might think im insane but not talking to males makes me happy.

No. 989130

thats just the new thing to do on twitter. men and women say theyre non binary or a minor or part of any minority to escape criticism. Ive legit met males use their trans status to say incel shit. Everyone on twitter has a victim complex thats why i quit. I cant stand these motherfuckers

No. 989147

>”just give him a chance, you misunderstood, you're in the wrong, cater to him more, cOmMuNiCaTe"
You’re totally right anon, this happened to one of my good friends with her ex after she had a baby. The guy was awful, leaving her to do everything for their baby. He was flat out dismissive and cold. When she asked her family for advice, they all took his side saying stuff like “having a baby is hard for a man, men don’t like sharing their wife, he is under a lot of stress,” I couldn’t believe it. The guy would straight up not talk to her for days, stay out late at night, and somehow her own family took his side. It’s easy to say she was stupid for staying with him when I sum it up, but everyone was telling her it was normal behavior and to “communicate better.”

No. 989148

Rabbits are the worst possible pets ever.
1. Boring, no emotions or personality (yes cats and dogs can have expressions)
2. Creepy ugly eyes (seriously I wanna fucking vomit when I see them)
3. Shitting constantly
4. Sexing all the time
5. Smelly
6. Bunny owners are deranged and always a borderline mentally ill "cutesie" girl with too much time to spare on the internet
7. Fucked up teeth
8. scree like retards

No. 989149

Theres a scrote from crystal cafe who has these same arguments and freaks out when girls with smaller boobs feel good about themselves or people think they're sexy… They've made several threads about boob size and are super sensitive to the point where they harassed girls with small boobs for hours, insulted them and told them they were never going to find good men and when someone pointed out the girls they were posting with big tits were wearing corsets and push up bras they freaked out and claimed small boobed girls were butthurt and in denial. They have an obsession with telling women with small boobs they're not worthy of healthy relationships and obsessed with "studies". The funniest part is that the studies they posted actually favored average sized breasts and one even said men tend to favor small breasts

No. 989150

I want to get implants and I know I'm retarded for it. I will lose my sexy thin frame. Baby bye bye bye bye bye(retard)

No. 989158

clearly you never been touched by this song nonita

No. 989164

File: 1639007909709.jpg (621.55 KB, 2684x2291, fetjjdhj.jpg)

Bunnies are superior.
>1. Boring, no emotions or personality (yes cats and dogs can have expressions)
Thumping feet, binking, bonking, running around you, chewing on you, digging on you, etc, they express themselves through actions not noise or face
>2. Creepy ugly eyes (seriously I wanna fucking vomit when I see them)
Personal opinion
>3. Shitting constantly
Shit box for the shit
>4. Sexing all the time
Not if neutered/in contact with opposite sex rabbits
>5. Smelly
Cleanest animals ever they constantly groom themselves, smell like nothing. Cat piss and dog shit smells 100x stronger than bunny piss/shit.
>6. Bunny owners are deranged and always a borderline mentally ill "cutesie" girl with too much time to spare on the internet
I feel like you have someone in mind
7. Fucked up teeth
8. scree like retards
Never make noise except when in mortal danger

No. 989176


No. 989183

Implants only improve breast look if you have tubular breasts or something close to it, if you have cute small perky boobs you shouldn't touch them because they look a million times sexier than bolt ons or GTA stripper tits

No. 989280

My unpopular opinion is that tubular breasts are very cute and shouldn't be ruined with implants

No. 989294

Bunnies are ugly and stupid, die mad anons

No. 989298

It's an unpopular opinion but you have to understand it's literally a deformity with the way the muscle grows although a lot of women with saggy breasts and large areolas get mistakenly labeled as tubular since people just think that they don't find it attractive = literally deformed

here's an example of actual tubular breasts, to each their own but imo in situations like these it would be the equivalent of surgically correcting Pectus excavatum (funnel chest), getting a tail someone is born with removed, or any other abnormality, wanting to get a surgery to correct a literal deformity isn't "ruining" it, looks do play a big part in mental health whether people want to admit it or not, and having deformed breasts especially since society thinks womens worth revolves around their boobs is going to do a lot of mental damage

No. 989326

honestly nikocado avocado is hella based. the only retarded thing is the onlyfans but everything else about him is hilarious and sometimes he’s actually spittin. he’s smart and knows what he’s doing. hope he gets his health in check at some point and invests his paper properly

No. 989332

He's a bit of a martyr but I'm actually glad he seems to be repelling americans from obesity. There's a huge obesity fetish issue and he's always open about the gross side effects such as shitting the bed, yeast infections in the rolls, and health problems. Most americans just get caught up in obesity sexualization that they forget it will literally kill you and that having a big cottage cheese ass isn't sexy when you leak spicy noodle poop in your dentists chair

No. 989333

I hate this video not because she's annoying but because people automatically just claim she's being irrational/being a karen when it's obvious they should have stopped filming her when she didn't want to be filmed

No. 989346

I hate seeing men with glasses in porn it gives me the come-here-kitten-sol-daddy-dom-belt-waving-vibe

No. 989348

My view is that he has some sort of humiliation fetish and gets off on people disgusted by him

No. 989349

I love his style of comedy but I had to stop watching because he gives off MRA vibes. If you watch some his videos all the way through you'll notice he has problems with women like in the stories he tells and stuff.

No. 989369

I don't wanna start an infight about COVID lockdowns or the vaccine but I fucking hate how everyone's just using COVID or the vaccine to be a shithead. Like stop using this as a scapegoat and have some guts to be open and tell people the actual problem that everyone knows damn well isn't if they did or didn't get the vaccine. It's especially obvious when fuck heads are like "ooo new variant I can't see my family or close friends unless they're vaccinated" and then go hook up with randoms on tinder later that night and run around crowded restaurants and shops. At least people ghosted before COVID but now people are fear mongering and trying to guilt/gaslight people they don't have the freaking guts to say they just don't want to hang out with at the time

No. 989376

Stop watching porn

No. 989429

I hate when people have hot takes on things like “children should not be allowed at xyz place because they’re annoying!” And then they say the same shit about places literally geared towards children like theme parks. And this seems unpopular because so many people have the same view and will call you names for saying children have a right to exist in society even though they might annoy you in passing. As if parents just never want to go out for the purpose of providing their kids with experiences or bonding… no leave them at home so their presence doesn’t offend some autistic neckbeard or kewl edgy child free individual who only cares about doggos

No. 989431

based and i don't even want kids

No. 989434

I'm on the fence, on one hand people do bring their kids to inappropriate places but I do agree people who complain about kids being in parks, stores, etc are dumb. The biggest issue is that parents don't raise their kids

No. 989442

I remember when I was a poor sheltered kid growing up going to a public apartment pool and being all excited and some random guy told me to shut the fuck up while I was talking to my sister. Kids need to have experiences so they can have fun normal memories and it’s psychotic that people want to actively remove that as if kids aren’t developing humans, literally that used to be all of us but people act like they’re some different species purposefully created by breeders (gag) to impose on the public.

No. 989474

i don't understand your hostility towards them but i agree, they are poor pets. they have heartattacks very very easily and are frightened often. it's just really sad all around. they die at the drop of a hat, it's crazy that people treat them like they're easy to maintain and good pets. basically no bunny owner i have seen respects or considers their very fragile physiology. they are actually smarter than people would think though. i think they're just in a constant state of anxiety, basically, however.

No. 989495

It's not an unpopular opinion if you strawman the opposing argument, anon. Of course people who say kids should be banned from Disney are idiots?
For 99% of people, it's not
>children don't have a right to exist
It's more like
>I have a right to be in a peaceful environment without a thoughtless parent bringing their kids, who they know are too young or too rowdy to be controlled, along with them with no consideration for others, because they didn't organize a sitter so everyone else should just deal.
There is no good reason to bring a kid under 8 years old to a fancy restaurant, (adult) play or classical music concert, or even to a wedding where they won't remember wtf was going on, and are likely to melt down and scream bloody murder at any moment.
You know when kids are screaming and crying they're not "exercising their right to exist" they are upset and would rather be anywhere else. It's cruel of the parents to bring young kids to a situation set up for them to have a melt down,just because the parents aren't organized enough to get a damn sitter.

No. 989524

It reminds of the time I went to see the Kaguya-Hime Ghibli movie in Japanese with subtitles, some retarded moms who didn't do their research brought their kids to the movie and read the subtitles to them, she got offended when I asked her to shut up, and ofc since it's not a cartoon for toddlers the kids got bored after 30 minutes and started messing around. I usually don't care about kids being noisy in public spaces, but this was definitely not an appropriate movie for them, and I was more angry at the moms than them.

No. 989526

I got to theme park sperg about this for a bit. Not every theme park is geared towards kids and definitely not towards small children. Not every theme park is Disney related. I remember being dragged to six flags when I was like 6 years old and there was nothing to do there for me, I was too short for everything. I could only start going on the rides when I was a teenager. Parents bringing their kids to something like six flags, will just end up with bored kids who will be annoying as a result of it. I wish I had just been left at home that day, instead of being dragged from attraction to attraction in the hot sun and having one person begrudgingly stay behind to watch over me.

No. 989575

File: 1639058950512.jpg (21.95 KB, 275x275, 1624225918771.jpg)

Go to covid containment thread faggot stop spamming every thread with covid shit

No. 989576

Maroon 5 is a good band

No. 989578

as someone who always wanted a bunny THIS is a big reason why i never purchased one. (that and they poop while they walk lol) I just can't see myself being around something so fragile and afraid and not feel bad that i might be aiding to their trauma if i move or pick them up a certain way. I love bunnies though they are so cute I would die for them. I hate that they are prey it makes me sad!!

No. 989580

I used to get constantly told to be quiet by parents/adults growing up even though I wasn't screaming or being rude. But my brothers screech and everyone is SILENT, they can say anything in any tone and people just laugh/coddle them. It's so fucking infuriating.

No. 989581

now THAT is an unpopular and shitty opinion. you won!

No. 989583

Shut up, maroon 5 has some really nice music.

No. 989584

They poo in the bin if you train them, and unless you're picking them and up dunking them in water and screaming at them they won't be scared. I feel like ppl think this bc they don't have the patience to build trust with their bunny. Mine would go and hide when there was a loud noise, but I talked to her in soothing voice every time and she got used to noise. She'd never want to get in my lap but after giving her treats near my lap and sitting beside her, she jumps on my lap now.

No. 989590

The only person I know who had rabbits was an ex-bf of mine, who used to kill them and eat them and use their poop as fertilizer

No. 989592

File: 1639059924360.png (257.17 KB, 500x720, 975FC64D-3015-4425-B104-D74090…)

Either you're jealous of Emiru or you're Maya, but taking it out on bunnies is not the best way to handle your emotions. If I'm wrong then I'm wrong kek

No. 989593

>3. Shitting constantly
Guinea pigs do this too. For the most part they'll try and keep it in the cage corners but they just shit so much. If you take them out to play for more than 5 mins you're accepting the possibility of poop.

No. 989594

It doesn't bother me when I hear children being noisy in public places. It's really not that bad, all the anger seems performative. I don't get how some people can't just tune them out. Generally, being out in public means you're agreeing to the possibility of hearing/seeing/smelling things that might not necessarily be to your taste. That's just how life is, and you've got to learn to move on lol

No. 989596

are you proud of dating a future serial killer?where do you idiots find these men. and why dont you dumb bitches ever report them. Its not an edgy or cool tidbit its disturbing. And people like you are part of the reason so many women get murdered because dummies like you ignore the glaring warning signs because it makes your cewchie wet.

aww this made me feel less scared about potentially owning one in the future. You seem like a lovely and caring owner. Can i ask what his/her name is?

No. 989597

Even in this case, the solution is not breast implants IMO. Get a lift, maybe a reduction and call it a day

No. 989598

i forgot though that some people legit eat rabbits. so excuse my anger LMAO.

No. 989605

OP and idk who these people are kek. Not a newfag, just don't really traverse on the dramaboards. I've known a lot of bunny pet owners either IRL, tumblr or youtube. They all are a bit mentally "off". I just searched "my pet bunny" on youtube and almost all of these girls seem to have a screw loose. They appear nice and "well put together" but something is just strange.

TBH I hate pretty much all rodents, (ferrets are the exception) and am allergic to most of them. I actually hate guinea pigs too but guinea pig owners aren't mentally ill usually

No. 989614

File: 1639060795839.jpg (967.52 KB, 4160x3120, uu.jpg)

Miss snowball the very spoiled bunny

No. 989616

I hope a rabbit shits on your grave

No. 989619

File: 1639060942697.png (197.33 KB, 1280x720, 1323A6FA-7B7D-48EA-A689-0A0E56…)

Sorry I was kind of leaning towards you being Maya since not too long ago she cried on her stream about Emiru, who owns ten rabbits, moving in a bit after her and her manlet bf broke up. Anyway, have a good day.

No. 989620

Rabbits aren;t rodents

No. 989621

Youre retarded but I have to thank you for making this post. I read it aloud to a male friend- or rather, what I thought was a male friend- and he went mask off and told me that he believes this is true. But of course, he tried to backtrack and say that I'm "not like those girls", I'm an "outlier".

Really makes you wonder how your male friends really view you. It's quite disheartening because I actually make an effort to not generalize. I know for certain the only reason he felt comfortable enough to say this to me is because I present myself in a "masculine way". Disappointed but not surprised

No. 989626

Scrotes would tell you they buried a body if they think you're "not like other girls" (have confidence, see through mens shit). I think they get tired of hiding, bc they're just shit at acting&manipulating, and just want to be recognized for the pieces of shit they are.

No. 989628

File: 1639061466436.png (178.46 KB, 1331x417, x.png)

I was watching the vid in pic related. In it, one of the zoophiles said "I had to pretend to be an anti (zoophile) because all my friends are antis"
How often do normal people actually talk about animal-fucking? Because in my experience, it just never comes up. There's nothing to "pretend", because the thought doesn't even cross your mind on a regular day. Like imagine being "anti shoving your nipples into a meat grinder". No fucking shit, that's most of society
It made me think: If you're part of a specific "anti" community for any degenerate thing (as opposed to just being grossed out whenever you're reminded of it), you're already suspicious. Unless you're literally in law enforcement or a psychologist, there's no reason the subject should cross your mind that much, let alone your opposition to it

No. 989638

your first mistake was thinking that a male was ever truly your friend and confiding in him. I have a male "friend" and i only keep him around to because i like to argue and its funny how much of a racist misandrist reddit obsessed loser he is. . Men don't see you as a friend even if you two are "super close" you arent really because 8/10 you are probably just you telling too many intimae details about your life while he pretends to be a listening ear and goes back and tells his friends about it. Or worse will use it as ammo against you when things are going bad. dont befriend a male its useless they just look down on you.

No. 989640

Yeah, if you are around people irl who talk about fucking animals there's already something wrong. Back when I used twitter and saw people who were antis though they were usually just young people who made rp-like accounts to do it because they wanted a sense of community. It's cringey with all the faceclaim stuff and the amount of time they devote to thinking about it, but it is funny when they actually manage to fuck with some disgusting pedo or dogfucker, those people have it coming to them. Hating pedos and animal fuckers should be a given for any well adjusted person and it doesn't require a special identity label or joining a community. People are just lonely and want to belong somewhere, I guess, and I assume some of them have been victimized in the past which is why they want to devote a lot of time to it. I assume most will grow out of it, but in the meantime if they actually manage to report some real sickos it's not a bad thing.

No. 989647

Yeah, honestly I'm not that open with anyone. I actually have trouble confiding in people at all because of instances like this where they reveal their true selves. I'll let the scrotes do the talking, but it's difficult to come to terms with the reality that you really only have yourself.

No. 989656

Neither ferrets nor bunnies are rodents. Ferrets eat rodents and bunnies.

Unpopular opinion, people who think ferrets are rodents are dumb as hell. It doesn't even look like one at all, they are clearly predator animals.

No. 989662

my rabbit also poos in his bin, he is very good at it since he was neutered. he is also a extremely confident bunny, even though he was shy and skittish at first. over time he learned to trust and now i admire his confidence.
ime the biggest issues with bunnies is that they chew everything, and im afraid to let him roam without supervision as he will chew through wires or wood if i don't stop him. im also not looking forward to him being sick in old age…

No. 989663

Honestly I still don't get the appeal, why be with someone for the sake of argument

No. 989666

He was big into survivalism and self reliance, he also grew his own vegetables and make his own food
I was happy to be with a man who knew how to take care of himself, the rabbit thing was disturbing but he used take care of them, feed them and give them a nice, clean, safe and happy life

No. 989667

I think there IS a possibility to become close friends with a scrote and it's a very rare chance that he'd actually be a good person to you. But then he'd have to be a fag, isn't obsessed with makeup, doesn't act like the typical catty gay dude, dislikes crossdressing, has goals, responsibilities and is not a neet. From my experience anyways sage for slight blogpost

No. 989668

Dune sucked

No. 989670

he doesnt live in my state anymore so i barely see him anyway and we probably talk twice a month. but you're right i'm just unhinged and like to argue though.

No. 989675

>have a male "friend" and i only keep him around to because i like to argue and its funny how much of a racist misandrist reddit obsessed loser he is
Cringe, pick up a hobby
I'd he's growing them for food then I don't see the problem, I think ppl just forgot their meat actually comes from an animal.
I've never met such a fag but ok I guess. They're either trying to larp as "sassy" women, or want to use women as babymakers and housemakers while he goes to gay orgies.

No. 989677

I've found that the males who I'm able to maintain good friendships with are either a) gay/bi or b) straight and very comfortable in their own sexuality so they don't feel like they have to put on brainless displays of masculinity

No. 989686

you right you right! i think its cuz i grew up with him. BUT re-reading what i wrote is cringe. im gonna go block him for good.

No. 989697

Sublime is a shit moid band and Doin' Time has peak incel lyrics

No. 989706

I was using rodents as an insult. Furry little things that make me sneeze, I don't give a fuck about semantics. ♥

No. 989711

>small ugly skittish smelly
yeah it be a rodent

No. 989714

a guy having a rabbit farm and killing them is fucked up

No. 989729

File: 1639068857115.png (150.59 KB, 787x179, lagomorph.PNG)

Read a book anon

No. 989732

I said what I said here: >>989706

No. 989739

File: 1639069555694.jpg (39.43 KB, 792x410, i aint reading all that.jpg)

This image annoys the hell out of me because it's often used incorrectly/just encourages twitter-like behaviour. "You shouldn't post anything that's longer than 2 sentences or else my attention deficit ass will post a smug reaction that brings nothing to the table."
I miss when writing well-thought-out paragraphs about your interests was the norm, nowadays social media feels so fast paced without having a lot of substance to it. Almost makes you feel like you've been reading the same couple of comments over and over.

No. 989743

I know what you mean. Twitter really isn't made for articulated discourse and I find myself returning to tumblr sometimes to read something longer.
I find the pic so funny when used against (malicious) spergs and not positive ones though.

No. 989745

tbh i love using that because its funny TO ME but i see what you mean. You can barely post long walls of text on here in certain threads without being banned for "blogging". Twitter is just everyone regurgitating the same talking points over and over and over again. Its so annoying.

No. 989746

It's a good out for an argument if you just want to drive someone absolutely fucking nuts. If someone is blatantly and deliberately being inflammatory towards you, insulting you, going off about whatever, you can use that as a response and walk away.

I understand what you meant though. I can very easily get passionate about something and write paragraphs upon paragraphs but the comfort is that someone read it. Maybe not that person that replied, but someone did.

No. 989756

Sriracha is an overrated sauce. Why does it get hyped when there are better sauces out there? It just overpowers whatever you're eating.

No. 989759

File: 1639071574218.jpg (63.61 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-117144609-612x612.…)

literally every single person on a dating app has some kind of baggage or mental/physical issue that makes them difficult to date. Not impossible, but more difficult than someone who does not use apps at all.

I genuinely believe this and am someone that uses dating apps but I never say it out loud becacuse there's always going to be someone that disagrees because THEY are normal, or the dating pool in their area is bad, or they know a couple that met on tinder, blah blah blah. But I don't believe it lol I genuinely thing you have to be fucked up or behind just a little or in some way to use them. Even if its just something like inexperience.

I also kinda believe if you're normal but then immerse yourself in dating apps you become fucked up.

No. 989764

its gross as shit good opinion anon!

No. 989766

i just work all day for a small company with old people and i dont really have time to go out and meet people. But i guess you can say im fucked up since im on lolcow so you might be on to something.

No. 989771

I started talking to my current partner on okc, but we had actually already met irl because we were at the same university. I think dating apps are best in a college setting, where you might already know someone/have seen them around, but didnt know how to approach them irl. Or at least you know they're at college so they're less likely to be insane.

No. 989916

This is the only thread I ever mentioned COVID outside and I specifically said it wasn't about COVID it's just people scapegoating it to be assholes

No. 989923

You're right.

No. 990051

Tinder is an absolute normie thing with a massive userbase, you're really underestimating how many average people use it. I'm sure most people have some kind of baggage or aren't perfect partners, but that's gonna be true of the population in general rather than specifically on dating apps.

No. 990093

Bringing back the manhate thread would improve this place drastically

No. 990097

Abortion is murder but it should still be legal. The pro-choice movement fixates on trying to define it away from being immoral at all, when it should be entirely about women's bodily autonomy.

No. 990099

Ugh yes please. The only reason I go on lc. I couldn't care less about celebrities

No. 990104

/2X/ is open.

No. 990107

/2x/ is dead so literally pointless

No. 990108

But if you want the manhate threads back then that's where you should make it. Maybe it would help revive the place.

No. 990111

2X is open so that can be used, but getting rid of the manhate anons really seems to be what turned this place into an especially cruel crapshoot full of people who snarkpost to people who are trying to be vulnerable and seek community.

Turns out when you only want a userbase full of dramamongerers and want everyone else gone, it doesn't result in a cohesive and caring community (comparatively).

No. 990116

i agree but it'll never happen so sometimes i think it's pointless to speculate about it.
the sad thing is if you bring up the idea with the average woman she would say its crazy, despite the fact that the average woman has usually experienced first hand how bad scrotes can be. idk it makes me sad – we can all do better and keep better company in our lives

No. 990120

Its a hidden board which never works

No. 990143

File: 1639095527993.png (111.41 KB, 698x1468, trth.png)

No. 990169

Did you guys forgot that those threads attracted scrote bait/raids or what?

No. 990173

Scrotes are attacking and raiding anyway, we might as well have something that makes us happy here.

No. 990184

Except for the fact that they really didn't. That was rarely said to be a problem. The alleged issue was the non-existent racism that legitimately never happened and instead proliferated after the banning of the MH threads, ironically. And if scrotes were such a problem, maybe instead of fanning their balls, banning them from the discord would actually help to keep them away from the site. If anything, the MTF threads bring in the most spamming and goreposting.

No. 990225

manhate thread got ruined because you gender critical anons fucking ruined it for everybody.

No. 990231

File: 1639102959040.jpg (150.24 KB, 594x390, tumblr_0547523769c400392bf2a0e…)

ill never forgive you bitches for that.

No. 990236

Kek, how did recognising a man in a dress is a man ruin the mh thread?

No. 990238

because when girls would talk about the fucked up experiences they had with men it would get drowned out by gender crit talk. and everyone would start arguing. It literally went to shit once the mods combined the pinkpill/manhate thread with the gender critical thread. everyone knows this.

No. 990240

I agree nonny, bring it back!!!

No. 990253

And what have black feminists done? Huff themselves to near death "dindu nuffin" for their sons and boyfriends while their daughters get raped at third world rates. Plus they gave us "intersectionality" which is the platform for oppression Olympics.

No. 990256

The military is a fucked up place for any one. Killing brown kids for free college isn't worth it

No. 990276

who let pol in here. you guys see the word black and sperg tf out its funny to see.

No. 990279

also if you dont know what black women have done for feminism then you probably arent a feminist just another boring racist who steals all their shitty talking points from fellow racist white men on the chan.

No. 990285

Manhaters are based and have done atleast some work on internalized misogyny. Also kept the scrotes in check by regurarly posting manhate. Now look at the state of the board.
They reject it because they've literally never been in a female only space, except the bathroom but that's a transitory place. They have no idea just how good it feels to not censor themselves or look over their shoulders.
>responding to 4 day old shit
Go clean your teeth and nuts

No. 990293

Aside from all the other bullshit in your post,
>using rape rates (regardless of how true they are) as some kind of "own"
Wow, such feminism.

No. 990302

Feminism as a collective effort is kind of hopeless. Too many women are full of shit, and don't actually care about other women. Case in point: Those weirdly racist "feminists" who are usually just tradthots that got cucked or are considered too old and/or fat in their community to deserve a good male partner.
The best thing you can do is help yourself and the women close to you

No. 990305

>best thing you can do is help yourself and the women close to you
Yes, it beats reading tons of feminist texts and wallowing in how much men fuck women over. Focusing on defemale socializing and connecting with worthy women and young girls is much better.

No. 990334

Sometimes I get pessimistic about how much feminism can realistically achieve but then I remember how much better things are for women now compared to even a few decades ago. We might be taking steps backward with shitty liberal feminism and trannies but overall progress has been significant for women (in the west at least). Imagine if the suffragettes were just like 'fuck it, other women are handmaids so why bother?'

But yeah I agree that just looking after yourself and the women you know is important, and individual women being pinkpilled regarding their own personal lives is a totally viable way to improve things for us separate to any political activism.

No. 990337

File: 1639114930985.jpeg (292.29 KB, 732x549, chickpeas-732x549-thumbnail.jp…)

Chickpeas by themselves are nasty and the worst legume to consume. Things made from them like hummus and falafel are cool though.

No. 990341

ur wrong but ur opinion is allowed

No. 990342

So bold and wrong.

No. 990346

File: 1639116062129.jpeg (47.81 KB, 500x335, 0BBC9F19-AFDE-447E-BDDD-A13EF7…)

Sooo wrong. I eat em fresh, boiled, baked, even make crumpets out of their flour sometimes. They have lots of protein and fiber and work well in so many kinds of food.

No. 990355

File: 1639117207021.png (586.57 KB, 752x540, Screen Shot 2021-12-10 at 12.0…)

I'm tired of """hot takes""" like picrel trying to shill the idea that fashion is dumb and not real if it's worn by thin girls because "they're just thin!! the outfit is ugly actually!"

I honestly think being thin IS part of the look and the outfit. Everyone is building upon whatever body type, complexion, build, height etc they have, obviously different things will look "cool" on different bodies. Thin people can look like dogshit too with the wrong clothes. Cry harder or simply learn to dress

No. 990357

I saw this when it came out lmaoooo like yes hot celebs will look good in any basic outfit and fat people with giant guts and flab will look ridiculous. Fat people just can’t live without shitting on women who are thin naturally or have good bodies by working for it. They’re so insecure they have to make up any way to shame people who are the “ideal” even though in many places it’s the norm to be overweight and clothes have been adapted to fit the literal majority.

No. 990369

Wrong, the truth is that hummus is overhyped and actually sucks, but chickpeas are very good

No. 990376

You've never had Chana masala, heve you?

No. 990384

Are you a South Asian woman?

No. 990397

I did and I still didn't like it. I'd rather have an Indian dish that uses lentils or kidney beans over chickpeas.

No. 990399

I swear I posted the exact same thumbnail and opinion months ago in one of the hate threads. But anyway, I agree. If you want to look good you have to wear things that look flattering on your body type and stop having absolute shit taste to begin with. These fat girls need to shut up about thin or skinny girls because that's the least of their problems.

No. 990402

Everyone looks like trashy shit in those outfits and arguing about what type of body looks marginally better in them is a desperate grasping at straws to copey copity cope cope cope.

No. 990426

I fucking hate this board sometimes and think a lot you are genuinely psychotic but at the same time it's the only place on the internet that I know of where you can freely discriminate against men, trannies, gay men, or any other political opinion that would get you crucified on all other social media outlets or boards. At least most of you can admit this board has a ton of fucked up people

No. 990433

I generally think people here are on the right side of crazy. It's great to have somewhere to post for the reasons you said, generally can shit on people or ideas without these (always actually morally bankrupt irl if you know anything about them) people clutching pearls for you daring to express yourself or speak the truth.

No. 990445

eh, kind of. but there are a lot of anti-vaxxers on here.

No. 990459

Kinda crazy how things changed because just about a year ago any fairly rare antivaxx opinion would meet the scrutiny it deserves and now it looks like the pandemic related thread is pretty much antivaxx circlejerk.

No. 990468

It's really frightening tbh. Most users are able to articulate themselves well and don't appear to be anywhere retarded enough otherwise to be this deeply entrenched in anti-vaxx crap and bizarre vaccine conspiracies, but here we are.

No. 990471

>scrutiny it deserves
Butthurt glowie detected.

No. 990472

File: 1639131591530.png (315.26 KB, 443x482, Goals.png)

So this might an unpopular opinion towards FDS users, I don't think such thing as a set of traits for a "HVM" or "HVF" exist
what might be toxic and even traumatizing behavior and traits for you is normal to others

See I'd never have a stable relationship with any man but I have one with my husband and I'm sure my husband was the horrible ex-bf for many girls and I'm fine with that
my husband and I are
>both smokers
>don't want kids
>mock people for their appearances
>hate fatties(in fact we made a funny little deal that we'd leave each other if one us got fat)
>think gay people are annoying
>and he likes tall skinny women and I like tall muscular men

we compliant each other, a HVM by FDS standards would be a horrible match for me

No. 990473

Both of you seem awful. The FDS HVM rubric is retarded and also toxic though, yeah.

No. 990474

I mean we're both kinda assholes but not bad people

No. 990476

nice Charlie and Lola fanart

No. 990478

seething fat hands typed this post

No. 990481

the fragility

No. 990485

File: 1639132955008.png (190.12 KB, 960x288, fiy62ajiwk761.png)

I'll outlive you

No. 990489

You're a monkey?

No. 990490

and your fat(you’re*)

No. 990509

Anti COVID vax =\= antivax

No. 990512

9 out of 10 posters who are against COVID vaccines have been posting articles, most from reliable sites, explaining their opinions and personal experiences. The vaccine Nazis are the ones who call them crazy despite posting evidence just because. If someone has a good reason to believe what they do, whether you agree with them or not, then you have no place to call then unhinged, stupid, etc. Plenty of people against COVID vaccines are extremely intelligent and plenty of people who support the vaccines act like complete consoomer monkeys, and vice versa. When will you stop thinking someone having different opinions as you = unhinged, stupid, crazy?

No. 990524

File: 1639140088825.jpeg (65.46 KB, 500x666, 44D40D71-ED10-449F-B45D-59FBF0…)

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I'm the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You're fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "clever" comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, kiddo.

No. 990534

In contrast to circlejerking over "antivaxxers" in other unrelated threads? I'm sorry people disagree with you but that still isn't a reason to spread everywhere outside of your containment thread. Even doghate spergs learned it by now.

No. 990541

It makes me laugh when smokers think they're better than fatties for any reason.

No. 990544

I'm not denying that its unhealthy, I smoke, I drink coffee and alcohol excessively and I look 10 years older then I am but none of that matters cause I'm thinner then you are and that makes me better in the eyes of society

No. 990546

Nah society hates smokers. You smell like the devil's armpits and it's unattractive, ashchan.

No. 990547

Is this one of the poorly integrated edtwt fags I keep hearing about?

No. 990548

I love reading people saying smokers stink or weed smokers stink because I was a heavy smoker for like 4 years and no one ever knew that I smoked so I mustn't have smelt and I have smoked weed everyday like the good dre dre instructed since I was 22 and only a handful of people know I smoke weed. I get compliments quite often on my scent. I think smelly people smell.

No. 990550

You do, the tar in your brain is making you agitated and in denial of the truth.
Meth addicts are also skinny with a superiority complex, no one says they're better than fatties kek.

No. 990551

don't need a community to know what to do
cigarette smell goes away easily, an energy drink alone could remove the scent
They look better though

No. 990552

I've met serveral smoker who didn't stink at all,or at least that is what they tell me, I seem to only come across them online

No. 990555

You don't need smoking to live, the fact that you're choosing to partake in an addiction that kills people quicker than being overweight makes you a retard ergo unattractive.

No. 990561

One pack for every 3 weeks, plus I only use gpc cigarettes

No. 990563

Ayrt and how am I living in denial. Its others delusional that my happy go lucky positive attitude is not from weed.

No. 990564

I’m not against smoking but it’s just retarded to say smokers don’t smell. You may think you don’t smell, especially if you’re a pack a day kind of smoker, but the smell of cigarettes lingers on your hair and clothes for hours. I used to smoke in high school and my mom told me that I smelled like cigarettes once even though it’s been like three hours since I last smoked that day.

No. 990565

You know you can be skinny without smoking or aging poorly, right? Lmaoing at your life

No. 990566

It's not like the two are even necessarily mutually exclusive anyway, plenty of fat people are also total chainsmokers. It's weird when people act like smoking automatically makes you a skinny chic waif, it can be an appetite suppressant but that's not the main focus for most people who smoke

No. 990567

I don't smoke, but I love the smell of cigarettes. Especially if it's winter and people are smoking indoors. My brain confuses the smell as being good, like a strange perfume or something. I think it smells kinda romantic

No. 990568

Ayrt and I'm 31,been smoking weed since 22. Never had anyone ever once since then say I stink of smoke or wonder if I've smoked. My step dad was in police, now since retired and I've blazed up in their house many times. I smoke weed before visiting always and they come in for hugs and never suggest I've been smoking. My mum even reminisces about how my older brother smoked weed in high-school and how she can detect weed. She says shit like you all the time yet I've been smoking out of the window above her bedroom for years and the dumb bitch is indifferent lmao

No. 990570

You're 31 but you talk like a 13 year old teenager. Just confirms my theory that all weed smokers are retarded

No. 990578

Least I'm thin and not smelly xoxo

No. 990587

She's got shitty teeth too.

No. 990593

roast them in an oven

No. 990605

File: 1639145628264.png (280.88 KB, 370x659, cornet_hmissa.png)

Hell nah. Where I live we eat cumin chickpeas like peanuts. Delicious

No. 990610

My weakness

No. 990612

yikes imagine being proud that you aged like milk LMAO.

No. 990614

also you are probably 10x less healthy than the fat people you judge. Skinny does not equal health. My mom weighed 100 lbs and still died of a massive heart attack in her 40s due to smoking and stress. I fucking hate the myth that skinny equals healthy and therefore better. You probably look like a raisin in the face LMAO.

No. 990619

File: 1639146988650.png (68.37 KB, 1504x599, 345345.png)

I'm happy anyway
blessed are the thin

No. 990621

Suddenly i realised how healthy for the mind being average weight can be

No. 990623

you've been here defending yourself for hours. you have zero muscle tone, everything you're saying is a cope

No. 990624

Then stop sperging about Skelly-chan, we got it

No. 990626

you're stupid it says WHAT you eat matters. so even if you starve yourself if your fucking only consuming alchohol, cigs, and coffee all day you are killing yourself at the same rate as a fat person who lives off of oreos. I say this as a skinny person who struggles with gaining weight myself. Its not cute to be proud that your bones rattle every time you move.

No. 990627

that pic disagrees with what you're saying??
must be feeling light headed from undereating

No. 990628

If all you've done is sat all day you don't need three meals.

No. 990634

I eat, I just don't eat bullshit
I don't expand much energy, I just have breakfast and dinner and plus I don't get that hungry

No. 990636

File: 1639147961918.jpeg (13.07 KB, 184x274, 0A8309E4-7E79-4FD0-8804-1CECC9…)

Can’t believe Linda Hazzard is shitposting beyond the grave. We don’t want your filthy tomato broth, love.

No. 990639

my point is that you have zero muscle from not moving. have fun being physically useless and the first to be killed when shit hits the fan. your two daily carrots can go to fueling production instead

No. 990644

Damn that fish is absolutely ripped

No. 990647

Actually my husband makes me good food, we have a meat and potatoes diet
plus my husband is muscular and strong, he can protect me

No. 990651

I'm not any of these anons, just wondering why you feel the need to defend yourself? You look like a goof. No one cares about you or your husband or the state of your waist.

No. 990652

File: 1639148430598.png (353.39 KB, 489x720, EC629641-3038-41F0-9662-B1230C…)

type 2x into the search bar

No. 990653

Nta, but I do

No. 990656

Oh, well then carry on fellow farmers

No. 990657

If I was fat I'd attract loser males, cause only loser closeted homosexuals are attracted to "thicc" women
If SHTF then a fattie and a guy who is not fattie women would be the first to die, meanwhile my husband is a ex-army and a trained survivalist, so you'd e the first to die not me(give it a rest)

No. 990659

File: 1639148621739.png (3.13 KB, 820x20, 16.png)

Rattle rattle

No. 990662

File: 1639148697672.jpeg (52.56 KB, 489x250, CA69D867-6A1E-4D88-AA36-B89AE5…)

Fat men don’t want fat women. Men are too fucking arrogant to think rationally. If I was a fatty I’d look for a ripped himbo with a fetish and make him worship me like hedonismbot

No. 990666

Seethe harder. I love the propaganda "if you refuse 1 vax you're antivaxxer who won't take any vac!1" so original

No. 990668

Any man whose into "thicc" women is not a tough guy, he'd the first to die

No. 990670

I’d rather die whilst being slathered in chocolate pudding by a himbo tbh.

No. 990671

Kekkkk this has to be a troll

No. 990673

This has to be a larp

No. 990674

But like why are you refusing a vaccine? It's as safe as any other medication and with the progress of technologies there's a reason that with a global effort and funding for research a vaccine was developed for a virus that has decimated populations and the economy. Just because additional dosages are shown to be more effective whilst mitigating side effects doesn't mean there's a nefarious reason why a free drug is being made available. The ignorant minority that refuse the measures put in place to bring this virus under control are the ones holding us back.

No. 990676

There are a good percentage of antivaxxers on lolcow. No sense in talking to them because they'll scream "GLOBAL CONSPIRACY!!!".

No. 990679

Either an npc or a glowie. We’re not faking for it anymore.

No. 990705

look, you outed yourself with meat and potatoes diet but you're not a woman and the fertile looking women you were attracted to when you were 'boymoding' have done nothing wrong

No. 990712

>Hello fellow young internet goer, please tell me why you are not complying so we can figure out how to bully you into complying

No. 990718

File: 1639151777128.png (321.08 KB, 500x477, thanks-i-hate-the-big-bang-the…)

The big bang theory is absolute dogshit.
Worst show ever created this peice of eye infection trashfuck clusterdick illegitimate bastard abortion of television should go to every poor unfortunate dumbass that ever tortured their eyes with their show and apologize.

the fact that it's so popular is a failing on behalf of this universe.

I hate it with a burning passion so strong it could melt the sun while redditfags just hate it cause they keep getting called Sheldon in real life.

No. 990731

im antivax but only because i realized that i dont condone phallic things going inside me. (this is a joke plz laugh)

No. 990735

>The working title of The Big Bang Theory was Lenny, Penny and Kenny
>Penny was played by a different actress
>No Indian or Jewish guy
>Kenny(Sheldon) was more sexual and had an obsession with big butts
>less comic book trivia/nerd jokes and more Two and a half men tier sex Jokes

would it have been better in your opinion

No. 990736

nta but no because modern american comedy is so unfunny

No. 990738

If only people cared this much about diseases that are actually dangerous to the general population, and that actually decimate swathes of people

No. 990739

This is probably the same autistic scrote who's been going on about boobs the past few days. They have the same way of talking. Good thing the male suicide rate exists

No. 990743

File: 1639152920140.jpg (28.49 KB, 416x378, IMG_20211210_191443.jpg)

no it would not. what's going through your head anon what makes you think I hate it

No. 990744

No. 990746


reddit fag detected

No. 990753

they do, that's why we take vaccines for them.

No. 990757

If your brain makes you think cigarette smoke smells good in the cold then you have brain damage. I'm sorry this happened to you sis.

No. 990768

And those vaccines aren't rushed or lied about lol

No. 990835

Who is screaming global conspiracy? Anytime I go to the coof or tinfoil thread they post medical journals and reliable sites as an explanation why they do not want to get vaccinated. Why do you keep ignoring this and insisting that they're nutters who ignore evidence as if we can't go see the thread for ourselves?

No. 990838

I thought I was the only one who noticed this kek. Any man I know who simps for overweight and obese girls are usually unemployed, ugly, losers who shouldn't be picky about women . It's even more autistic when they try to cope by claiming average sized/fit/skinny women have no ass and tits, even worse when the women in question have ass and tits they're just not morbidly obese like sorry Kyle that being around girls who are 300 lbs molded your image of women so much that you immediately associate healthy women with being flat

No. 990887

People infighting about vaccines outside of the tinfoil and covid threads are annoying. I literally avoid those threads so I won't have to see the spergs.

No. 990895

I agree. It's very nostalgic to pass by it on a freezing cold day. It's fresh and not like the stale stink of smokers homes and such.

No. 990898

To be fair it's usually someone inviting it by insulting those who don't want the shot. People are going to defend their viewpoint

No. 990900

No. 990901

Ricky Gervais laffing!

No. 990904

Its an anon that keeps baiting and strawmanning for no reason. They also bitched in the vent thread about a post I made in the coof thread. Like why are you so scared to confront those dumb antivaxxers you hate so much? It's not like you can't go complain about it on Reddit or any other social media site that's been censoring anti vaxxers

No. 990906

Usually these types look for a low self esteem fat girl to financially support him

No. 990907

Well now it’s in this thread. Yamete!

No. 990914

No, it's literally both vaxxers and anti-vaxxers. You guys have a containment thread.

No. 990931

You spoilered this post because you know you're part of the problem lol

No. 990935

Yup. I just ignore them, though, I won't be baited. My personal liberty is my own business and I literally don't care that some random woman is trying to shame me into it. Won't work for pap exams won't work for the jab

No. 990941

I've seen at least 4 posts of COVID anons leaking out the thread and each time it was a pro-vaxxer instigating it, bringing it outside the thread and baiting anti vaxxers

No. 990988

It’s one of those things that screws with my head because all I ever saw was hate for this show yet it was also one of the most popular sitcoms ever. Even Young Sheldon is at 5 seasons. I don’t know one person who would watch them but apparently there’s millions of fans out there. Tinfoil but honestly these shows feel like a psyop to me.

No. 990993

This one channel where I live plays the entire series on a loop 24/7 for the Christmas (or at least used to, I don't have cable now) and I just don't fucking understand. The entire series for days on end, no breaks in between.
>Tinfoil but honestly these shows feel like a psyop to me.
Same same same same

No. 991009

Old school tv shows were so much better, even commercials were better back then. TLC was actually interesting, Discovery and History actually had science documentaries and history documentaries, cartoon network, Disney, etc came out with actual new shows and made a premier for it, movies and series weren't overly criticized so it's easier to enjoy things like Twilight or pretty little liars without a little bitch in your ear complaining about how "iTs So BaD" like yeah don't think I forgot about all you bitches selling out every single Twilight movie as soon as it came out and having fights over team Edward vs team Jacob or calling your friends over to share a pizza when the newest episode of PLL came out on Wednesday nights and you all theorize who A is. Everyone loves to forget how much fun it really was

No. 991023

I don't give A FUCK everything post-2017 FUCKING SUCKS. YES.

No. 991168

The lesbian thread can be really weird and bitter. From the racist spergs to the 'take her swimming on a first date' scrote-like hot takes. Sad, since there are so few places for lesbians online and irl. Saged because I don't want to start drama.

No. 991181

maybe it is filled with troons/scrotes. I don't use the bisexual thread at all because I feel like those same ppl go over there just to start up shit.

No. 991194

>don't think I forgot about all you bitches selling out every single Twilight movie as soon as it came out
ugh this. every single girl i knew who was a hardcore twilight fan suddenly turned around and acted like it was terrible and that they hated it. i also don't know how it got coined a "chick flick" since most guys i knew at the time were enjoying twilight

No. 991199

It's not a chick flick, it's a mix between mythology, action, romance and drama. Literally the vast majority of men's video games, they just felt threatened when they realized women were watching and enjoying hot shirtless guys and not the super gorey action scenes and also the women in the movie weren't super sexualized either. I assume this is what caused men and pickmes to turn. The writing isn't great but I can't be overly critical of something that's just written for fun and entertained everyone for years.

No. 991352

I would like twilight more if the romance didn't get on my nerves so much. Otherwise the story is silly if harmless fun

No. 991353

The bisexual thread is pretty ok imo; i don't know about lesbian since i never lurked there much

No. 991354

You are probably right. And yeah the infighting between the two threads is really annoying. I don't get why is it so hard for the bis to stay in their thread.

No. 991386

I take a wide berth around anyone who is a "traveller." IMO the most boring people. Buying plane tickets and contiki tours is not a subsititute for a personality and I fucking hate the smugness of people who wax lyrical about their ~*~travels~*~
Fuck off

No. 991390

nta but I am.

No. 991394

I mean it's possibly sour grapes since I've never had the disposable income to just go to Greece but I swear every person who talks about travel that I've met has been insufferable and the opposite of worldly and interesting.

No. 991467

You can only get a job if someone you know is already working, or is close friends with someone who works in the company you want to get a job at. Otherwise, getting hired by your curriculum on its own is mere luck at best, specially if you just graduated from whatever learning system you studied at.

No. 991470

It honestly depends on how they travel, if a person just follows the tour to a T and then goes back home, forgetting anything they did, of course they will be annoying. But if the person tries to actually explore the city they’re visiting and learn about their culture, you could consider them “worldly”. I kind of get you though, sometimes I’m pretty sure I sound annoying as fuck while talking about my trips, which is why I avoid talking about them at all, I just know that there’s people like you who gets mad at others having fun and using their money however they want.

No. 991488

That's the truth, not just an opinion. I've experienced it myself, it's a miracle I have my current job, and it's the same even for the most stupid and underpaid jobs. I couldn't even graduate with my classmates in university because I couldn't get an internship until after the next year, and all my classmates knew people or had opportunities to meet people by leaving our city with their parents' money. Even getting a shitty minimum wage part-time job can be nearly impossible unless it's in a company that everyone actively avoids and with a huge turnover rate. One of my best friends got her master's degree in 2020 and she's still looking for her first actual job, as opposed to the internship she had to look for abroad because of how impossible it was for her to get one here. The job market is bullshit these days and it keeps getting worse and worse.

No. 991507

Maybe in your country but this isn't my experience unless you're talking about a niche field like creative jobs
I've never had the opportunity for someone to get me a job even though I wish I had, I've had to apply for 50 jobs each time to get one but the hardest part is not giving in

No. 991516

Go through an agency. Sometimes they're able to get you a direct hire offer with a company (bear in mind rate of pay will be lower because they take a cut). Or they'll get you contract gigs.

I got into a startup as a direct hire via an agency. Most everyone who comes into my company or gets promoted is a product of nepotism or they knew somebody or had worked together before. I'm just saying it's possible, and then you can have way more pride knowing you did get it on your merits.

No. 991545

Same, can’t stand ~*Wanderlust*~ faggots.

No. 991558

I think it’s weird how many twitterfags have these extremely strong feelings about the israel/palestine conflict. A lot of them have a misguided mindset of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” because oh the US likes Israel and anything the US affiliated with is bad so palestine must = good. I just don’t know why these supposedly liberal people will die on this hill for Islam. While I don’t think it’s automatically anti-Semitic to criticize Israel’s government I do think a lot of things get way overblown. This is a conflict where the closer you zoom in the further back in time you have to go and these sjw/talkie/twitterfags just aren’t capable of using nuance so it’s pointless.

No. 991559

Israel is one of the most hypocritical "countries" on the planet, I'm glad that there are even some twitterfags that don't simp for them

No. 991564

There is nothing wrong with femboys and femboy haters on lolcow are always homophobic and mad that some gay guys make cuter girls than they do.

No. 991568

No. 991569

I see your defective Y chromosome is acting up again

No. 991570

It's a complex issue to take a stance on. I've heard both sides. Israel seems to be more in the wrong, but I cant die on either hill not feeling like I know enough. Same with most international conflicts twitter attaches themselves too, they simplify problems without seeing their nuances.

No. 991571

Not a moid just because I am not threatened by gender nonconforming men

No. 991585

File: 1639239536382.jpg (84.24 KB, 640x960, gd.jpg)

Since the word "femboy" was made into some weird ugly pre-HRT troon thing, there should be a new word for attractive gender non-conforming men. I guess "twink" still works, but it feels kind of lame to take terminology from gay men. "Bishonen" is another, but it might be too weeby

No. 991587

If I feel threatened by every below average, poorly dressed man I see, it's no wondern I have social anxiety

No. 991589

File: 1639239747116.png (321.32 KB, 735x571, Screenshot (337).png)

A lot of us like pretty males, we just dislike seeing schlubby in badly fitting dresses like picrel

No. 991590

How about pretty boy?

No. 991592

He looks ok. You're just pissed that he's gay and gender nonconforming but not in a way that it appeals to straight women.

No. 991597

NTA but why is it okay for people (both women and men) to not like the look of unattractive women, but when it's a man, you're mad? Do you seethe like this about any /snow/ thread?
Men always want the rules to be different for them lol

No. 991598

How does he look okay? If a woman went out looking like that, people would tell her that she looks like shit and would ask her if she’s okay or sick.
It’s idiotic how handmaidens will defend a moid for doing the bare minimum, where’s the foundation? Why would you just slap the eyeshadow like that? What’s with that tacky choice of colors? These are the things most handmaidens would say to any of the cows or any woman out there who dared to go out with a makeup like that. But of course, because a moid does it, it’s
>uwu king slay he’s so pretty! Prettier than any other woman! Omg he looks better than meeee
Fuck off.

No. 991599

To be fair he looks better than most femboys, and yes, the bar is on the floor, the ones in the femboy thread look like they are ill or deformed.

No. 991602

I posted this another thread, but Finn isn't like most femboys

He was a mildly popular Minecraft streamer, not much was going on for him, and he did these "dress as an e-girl challenge" after losing a bet and suddenly a lot of commers started donating to hhim
so he dressed up even more, wore maid outfits and photoshopped himself to appear more feminine
I think he got double the subscribers he had in one month and which took had taken him 3 years to amass

Its basically the twitch equivalent for gay for pay

No. 991608

>the bar is on the floor
I've heard of plain/unattractive women pretending to be MtF or femboys and getting 1000x more asspats than usual for this exact reason.
I get that we're supposed to feel bad that they were born with the uglifying chromosome and everything, but the virtue signalling "cuter than cis women!!" takes get too delusional
Also, it's really sad that some men are so apebrained that everything must be a competition for them. They want to cosplay as women, but their raging inferiority complex makes it impossible for them to really enjoy any of it. They need to hear that they're somehow "better" than women, but the truth is, it's apples and oranges. We all know that it'd be unfair to this guy >>991589 to compare him to any actual woman, even though he's clearly trying his best. That sucks for him, but that doesn't mean you need to outright lie or shit on women to try and make things "fair" lol
Anyway, this is kind of pointless since only gay men, weird faghags/self-hating women and bisexual men say those things in the first place. It's their fetish, and I guess they're upset that we don't share it

No. 991610

>homophobic and mad that some gay guys
If they're gay then fine, but the straight ones.. even worse than other scrotes. A whole other level of creepy pornsickness ime.

Long post incoming. The rapiest guys I've ever encountered were femboys or lazy crossdressers. One was a 30 year old housemate who was engaged but wanted to tell me his poorly kept secret and then maybe fuck because it's just so cool to share this shit with someone. I was 19, freshly out of my parents home and I had no idea how creepy that was given the age gap too. I brushed him off gently and moved my bf in in an attempt to feel safe afterwards.

Another time I nearly made plans with a guy who called himself a femboy, I gave him a very very rough idea of what building I lived in and when I decided not to meet he started messaging that he was outside my place walking around and what exact build was it?? I cancelled (plans that had never been set anyway) because he sent me sexual pics that I said I didn't want to see. Bombarded me with them after we'd purely been talking friendship. He was outside for over an hour and played it off as him having nothing else to do so it's totally casual to spend an hour outside trying to talk me into coming down to see him. I ignored him, I couldn't look out to check if he was gone because popping my head out could give away my apartment number. Maybe he was there longer than he even admitted. He eventually texted that he was gone and tbh I felt like he wasn't and was lying but I was home for the night thankfully. He'd been so fucking determined.

Years earlier I was friends with a femmey but straight guy and we met up one saturday to shop and grab a coffee in town. It was like having a gay friend except he wasn't gay. There were no hints of pervness for several meet ups so I felt ok. He went into a public bathroom while I waited and he took forever. I assumed he was having the shits after his coffee. He came out and told me he'd been wearing a butt plug all day while we hung out because it turned him on that I didn't know. He was in there either struggling with the plug or fapping. I don't know which. I was real accepting of these guys at one stage. Too accepting. Naive.

Never posted about them or femboys in general on here before but my bias is against them and it's for that reason rather than jealousy. A pattern of sexual harrassment. They use it to seem harmless. Gay ones I don't really care about either way. Tbh I've taken bigger risks when meeting guys before. I had a whole phase I cringe looking back on but regular ole guys never put me through some of the creep shit that those did. 3 strikes.. I finally learnt to just not ever go there.

No. 991615

File: 1639242222608.jpg (77.4 KB, 736x736, 633ed114fa23db18e9ca1c24aecd18…)

It seems so misplaced to call him a "femboy". He's just a full on crossdresser/fetishist trying really hard to look like a woman. Aren't femboys still supposed to aesthetically present as male in some way, like pic related? There's nothing gender non-conforming about what he's doing, he's just conforming to the opposite gender

No. 991619

Did you tell the story about butt plug guy already some other time, or is it more common than one would like?

No. 991620

>He's just a full on crossdresser/fetishist trying really hard to look like a woman
that's the thing, he isn't
he's doing for the donations and not much else, he's willing to sacrifice his own dignity for money

No. 991621

The amount of seething about them on here and crystal cafe is embarrassing. It’s so easy to ignore them if you don’t like them.

No. 991624

>I'll dress up like a girl so men can jerk off to me and give me money while I live with an actual tranny
Sounds like a cope to me lol. Even then, crossdressing purely for money alone doesn't make someone gnc, just an opportunist

No. 991625

tbf he gets a lot of money on streams, he had 130'000 subscribers over the course of 3 years with his Minecraft vidoes
now he has 500'000 new subs in less then a year with his femboy schtick and now he actually made over a million dollars
I mean I would be willing to give my dignity

No. 991630

>I mean I would be willing to give my dignity
Are you below average in looks? Just cut your hair and start dressing like a guy, and either learn to talk/sound like a 13 year old boy, pretend to be mute or really shy, use a voice changer, or hire someone to dub your voice. Get someone to donate to your stream and tell you to dress like a girl. Make a big show of being reluctant but questioning, then do it. Coomers will come rolling in, easy money
Alternatively, just put a dildo in your underwear and take fake "bulge pics" to get chaser coin. Works best if you're skinny so no one questions your hips/thighs/breasts

No. 991638

File: 1639244252553.jpg (127.34 KB, 1280x800, 284458_maria-holic-mariya-shid…)

I don't even know what poster to answer here but the thing is I like feminine, GNC, androgynous guys (and women)but there is not one good looking person in sight, all these femboys are just 3DPD knock off traps. Oh, and the guys who are openly into them while denying being gay piss me off. They are all ugly too.

No. 991645

You joke but there was a Chinese streamer who pretended to be a crossdressing male, when her real gender was revealed she lost around 30% of her subscribers
we live in a odd world, I can't imagine what will happen when the zoomers take over

No. 991647

File: 1639244825573.jpg (248.66 KB, 746x420, Tumblr_l_1074348537704228.jpg)

Androgynous men barely exist when most men are balding and have a gut by 30. Most of the real ones are high fashion models, not streamers.

"Femboys" are pre-wall males who found a way to pose and filter enough to appeal to homos and fujos. They deserve the same disgust as a 45 year old scrote in a maid dress.

No. 991653

You may possibly be a male but at least you’re right in this instance. The MtF thread autists and radfem astroturfers are even confused with their own ideology. They claim that a woman’s femininity is obsolete but are threatened by it when it’s performed by a male. I don’t see the problem at all when they do?

No. 991658

Don't have to be a "radfem astroturfer" (kek) to just think ugly men look cringy/gross when they try to be girly

No. 991661

I think you're both male.

No. 991666

Yeah, no that’s just you. I like my men “girly”looking (sometimes).

>you’re a male because deviating from the hivemind makes my golem internet brain go haywire

Ok anon

No. 991667

File: 1639246229183.jpg (420.61 KB, 2064x1600, Boyography-scaled.jpg)

I agree to an extent, male beauty(and I mean actual male beauty, not these fat degenerate coomers dressing in maid outfits) is unique compared to female beauty
its something gay/bi scrotes can't understand or appreciate
they feel lust after towards these males, but they can't comprehend more then that

male beauty for me is a natural occurrence, but it can only exist for a brief period but its glorious when it does, its something Hetorsexual have been robbed off if you ask me

No. 991669

Are you illiterate? I said ugly men. Attractive feminine men are great. If you weren't a LARPing male seething that we won't lower our standards for you, you'd notice all the "femboys" that get laughed at here are ugly as shit. Back to /lgbt/

No. 991670

Good looking men are already scarce in the general population, let alone among the ones who call themselves femboys.

No. 991671

>male beauty
>proceeds to post the ugliest sweatiest meatiest degenerate white chalk monster motherfuckers that have unfortunately been plastered on movie and tv screens for years to much of our demise

I love the inclusion and diversity in your post anon, heccin upvote!

No. 991672

I think there's plenty of things to criticize with how troons try to redefine what a woman is, but I agree that most e-femboys and their simps aren't that milky. But I also just don't care about what e-girls are doing for the same reason, there isn't much to chew on and they're obviously all stupid young adults that want to soak up internet attention because they don't understand it's ultimately meaningfless.

No. 991678

Relax, anon didn’t say that her collage of men was the comprehensive take on male beauty lol. It’s probably just her personal preference as an example of what she thinks is male beauty compared to the gross male-gazey ‘femboy’ standards. Why are you so mad?

No. 991679

why do her preferences require your approval, please post something yourself

No. 991682

If there were actually attractive or in any way enviable femboys/mtf/whatever guys being posted here, my lizard brain would take over and I'd have been banned for simping a long time ago, but I am still here.

No. 991688

They do exist, they just need to get thinner, start smoking and stop smiling

No. 991689

Smoking will make them ugly and smiles are comforting

No. 991693

Men look like x10 hotter smoking and besides their not going to be good looking forever and smiling just makes them seem goofy

No. 991694

No. 991695

Smiling makes men seem goofy? That is the strangest take I've ever read.

No. 991696

>can’t understand why women should reject perfomative femininity and why men cosplaying it is sexist
Cope seethe dilate

No. 991698

We get it you like stained teeth and stank breath. A man wouldn’t like the same things about you.

No. 991700

Anon just hates seeing men happy, and so should you.

No. 991703

>male beauty for me is a natural occurrence, but it can only exist for a brief period
Testosterone ruins men, if given enough time. Some men have a handful of good years where the balance is just right.

No. 991704

I love my husband and his smile, sorry ladeeeez

No. 991706

It's never really guaranteed. I went to several agencies and all they do is assess that your profile matches the jobs offers they have and they can schedule interviews between you and potential employers. But if the companies don't want you after that final interview it's over and your back to square one. Unless you're talking about short missions where the agencies ARE the employers but even then it's for mostly shit jobs.

No. 991707

In my country they mainly need to stop drinking. Bloated red faces galore when I look at men in my age range.

No. 991709

Honesty Femboys only look fine/hot in art really. Couldn't imagine getting off to a real one and tried to but couldn't so I'm ehh.

No. 991711

Disgusting breath, piss yellow teeth and lung cancer aren't sexy, get your shit together.

No. 991715

were not talking about disgusting degenerates now
It looks good on them, the whole point is looking good and plus I love the taste of a smoker's breath

No. 991718

your taste in men is atrocious nonnie.

No. 991719

>were not talking about disgusting degenerates
>I love the taste of a smoker's breath
Ntas but kek

No. 991727

Post your own collage then anon, I love seeing people's taste in men.

No. 991728

look out everybody we got a boss bitch here, she made a scrote brush his teeth,

No. 991729

men should use their mouths to smile, not smoke.

No. 991730

File: 1639249582788.png (1.58 MB, 1429x651, Capture.PNG)

i know everyone cares but this is what i think of when i think feminine men. Just men with a good balance of masculine and feminine features. The best examples of feminine men done right are models. actors and celebrities just dont really cut it.

No. 991731

I lost some attraction to males when I see them smiling, I tolerate nothing more then a small chuckle or grin

No. 991732

what!? a guy with a nice eye smile and pretty teeth is everything. you ladies are crazy.

No. 991736

Idk what to tell you anon; it just that Femboys/ traps/ whatever you wanna call them can only look good in art where you can get away with drawing them with a fat ass lol.

I consider pretty boys a different thing all together and i think pretty boys are very very rare in rl as well but they have different ( not as coomerish) trapping as well so ehh semantics

No. 991739

That third guy is so pretty.
Well enjoy your sour-faced moids with lung cancer.

No. 991740

I get infuriated at this, there is no such as thing as "masculine and feminine features or traits" that man is a just man

If I say "That guy over there is a bit feminine, but he is 100% heterosexual and moral. That is OK, he is still a man and doing the right thing", or "That girl over there is a bit masculine, but she is moral. That is OK, she is still a woman doing the right thing" I am creating a healthy tolerance of "Just because you aren't radically masculine as a man, or radically feminine as a woman, you are still a man, or a woman". This creates the sane rational path of "You are a man because of your genetics and chromosones, not by how hyper masculine you are" and "You are a woman because of your genetics and chromosones, not by hyper feminine you are".

No. 991743

Gonna walk up to a frowning scrote and tell him to smile more

No. 991762

Im talking about art though where you can draw a woman with a penis and men with exaggerated hips and get away with it because it's not real.
A effeminate man is still a man to me and a masculine girl is still a girl to me. Even the most butch woman is more a woman then a trans woman if that was what you were hinting at

No. 991766

These men are gender confirming besides having flattering facial features. The word your looking for is androgyny.

No. 991801

Yes but I'm talking about wokies and modern "progressive" rhetoric

No. 991823

No one is "threatened", you sound like a seething tranny

No. 991826

I think a big problem is calling attractive features feminine, like long eyelashes (men are more likely to have longer eyelashes just because they're hairier), well-proportioned noses/lips, cupid's bow, thick/full hair, expressive and clear eyes, smooth skin, etc… Matter of fact is either men or women can have these features and they're universally beautiful. Men with these features will be called feminine, but really they're just attractive and beautiful.

No. 991834

That's what I've trying to say

No. 991841

I sort of agree; though for whatever reasons men rarely get most of those features so it can feel like a loaded thing and i get why calling androgynous features " feminine" exit. We cultivated a culture of delicateness and etheralness around women

No. 991842

Why though if that was even the point i was trying to make

No. 991845

File: 1639255752343.jpeg (31.48 KB, 610x439, 723EE2BB-E0C5-458F-B1B6-1BDF80…)

When Gypsy Rose Blanchard gets out she’ll definitely wind up doing some sort of porn and will definitely have legal trouble again. She’s been conditioned to thrive off of attention and getting naked online will give her the most direct attention, both positive and negative. As for more legal trouble it would not be shocking if she gets caught up in some fraudulent scheme; she’s learned from the best.

No. 991846

File: 1639255758514.jpg (91.51 KB, 640x1003, lovely couple 20s.jpg)

Take a look at historical postcards, OP, they beautified the men in the pics with similar methods they used for women. Seems like ugliness and masculinity being equated is a really new age thing that got popular during or after WW2?

No. 991852

I dont want to shame people for being a furry, because i have rather peculiar interests too and i can at least understand the sentiment. However, I will be forever be icky about furries no matter how people defend them like its just a costume, its innocent…etc. I know that they tried their best to distance themselves to the z people and i respect that, but its just not something im comfortable abt.

No. 991856

You can say they're degens nona, you're on lolcow, you don't have to put up so many disclaimers

No. 991859

Yeah, I think in most media and depictions of men before the 50s they still had pretty features. Not to mention youth was still valued in men (not talking about pederasty shit don't bring that up). Nowadays these features on men are considered "gay" because scrotes are jealous of other men looking better than them and of course, women have to encourage their ugly asses.

No. 991862

If you never have moids chasing after you or ever experience sexual harassment, you must be ugly. Either physically or just have a nasty personality. Moids have low standards and will chase after everything.

No. 991869

File: 1639258876037.jpg (55.93 KB, 356x500, 0affdbecd84ed9a99e1240500b411e…)

very true

No. 991872

>If you never have moids chasing after you or ever experience sexual harassment, you must be ugly
>Moids have low standards and will chase after everything.
So which is it? kek

No. 991889

So what’s your point? It’s okay to be sexually harassed because that makes you feel pretty?

No. 991893

Scrote hands wrote this post

No. 991899

Its worth noting that at the time these things weren't considered "gay" in the sense that being gay at all wasn't considered other then related to pedophilia

No. 991902

Men will literally hit on anyone, and women who say they don't receive that attention from men are just nlog-ing. As a woman, all you have to do is go outside and talk to people.

No. 991909

Or they could just be shutins. I had a friend who I tried to pink pill but she was being too much of a pickme. Then she moved to a city and got constantly sexually harassed. And she said I was right. kek

No. 991912

That's kind of what I mean, if you're not receiving male attention, then you're bs'ing yourself if you say it "never happens", b/c you're never in the position to interact therefore wouldn't even know

No. 991977

File: 1639265713558.jpg (141.96 KB, 818x1227, gaga.jpg)

The last time I was harassed I was wearing a big raincoat with the hood up and I was walking through some stupid heavy rain, also had an umbrella I was holding at an angle in the sideways rain. I'm impressed they managed to spot that I'm even a woman tbh. I'm not curvy, what could they even see? The same car passed me, shouted sexual shit, then turned to do it again… before I could reach the store I was heading to I had it happen 3 fucking times. That's alot of effort to aim at this wet blob of a mystery person.

No. 991993

>Everyone lives in America where men will hit on you 24/7
I've literally never been hit on or sexually harassed and I'm not ugly nor do I have a nasty personality, sorry you live with baboons.

No. 992003

Men are fucking apes and should be put in cages in a really violent way. They don’t give a fuck about what anyone is wearing, all they care about is that their inferior brains get a rush of serotonin and that they get that sweet validation from other males.
We could all be wearing burkas and puffy coats during a heatwave and they would still get their stupid dicks hard.
That doesn’t mean they should be allowed to be apes, this means that such males should get their dicks cut off the moment they sexually harass a woman, because if they’re incapable of holding themselves back while looking at a blob of fabrics, then they just don’t need their dicks, they don’t need their thumbs either, society doesn’t need them.

No. 992024

I just about go to work and then the store. I noticed at the start of covid.. I was getting men hitting me up just in daylight in the street in an area where that doesn't usually happen. Walking to work still blurry eyed one morning I had it happen and it took me ages to realise what he was getting at.

I think men just missed having bars to go do that shit in. I wasn't a fan of it. We didn't know much about covid at that time… hmm better go chat up women wherever I can! Priorities. I almost wondered if men wanted to secure someone thinking we'd be bunkering down for years. Nobody should be flirting and asking for phone numbers at like 8am lol

No. 992092

> wanted to secure someone thinking we'd be bunkering down for years
Scrotes can't live with women's attention so yeah, my male family started causing drama for everyone for fun, and having more tantrums, since pandemic started. They really can't handle being alone with their thoughts or not being being able to siphon energy from multiple women. They practically seethed about the 6 ft rule and facemask shit, how would they know which women are pretty?? How would they get too close?? Oh no!

No. 992124

there's more breast implants on reddit, especially in natural and real subreddits than there are in porn and celebrities

No. 992177

You are the type of subhuman who bases your life and value around men

No. 992180

File: 1639281686430.jpg (42.31 KB, 640x640, trollface.jpg)

>If you never have moids chasing after you or ever experience sexual harassment, you must be ugly.

No. 992201

Obvious shitty bait aside, being a mean ass bitch has never stopped creeps from relentlessly harassing me, in fact they probably see it as a challenge. Men are like cockroaches who won't die no matter how many times you spray them with raid. Getting picked isn't something to be proud of.

No. 992219

Sekhmet she owl

No. 992352

Getting a breast reduction dramatically improved my appearance naked and increased my quality of life. Most women who get breast reduction look way better than they did before, I feel like a lot of people assume all big tits look like porn star bolt ons as soon as the bra comes off and that's it, or they just see extreme proportions and think it's sexy but forget that human skin can just keep 10 lbs of fat nice and perky with small areolas

No. 992355

You idiot if you have men who chase they are degenerates, if you don't they're just scared. Ugly is only physical. There are rich high class "moids" with respectable tastes and get respectable women.

No. 992358

I heard they try to go after who looks the most insecure/vulnerable

No. 992363

'ts all about "muh powaaaa", they dgaf about ugly women

No. 992393

Thank.You! Maybe that’s what I like androgynous men not so much men who dress up like girls for fetish points. I feel like that’s a gen Z thing to be attracted to and I’m too old for that lol. Just give me a pretty androgynous man uwu.

No. 992626

late and I know it's a twitter term for the most part but I've really been thinking a lot about weaponized incompetence. I don't think men have the capability to consciously pretend to be lazy so their wives/gfs will do things for them, but I do believe it's ingrained in them to not really feel the need to learn the things that women do because well, women are socialised to do it.
Men do at large are useless because they've seen their fathers be useless, leave everything to the wife and mother, and get away with it because "oh, men are just like that."

What I find funny about this is I actually have done this to boyfriends for many years without realising. I'll tell them to grab me things, or make decisions for me I can't be bothered making. I spend time in the femdom thread if you couldn't tell

The only one I ever babied was the last one, and that's the last one I will ever do that with. It really made me see how far weaponized incompetence goes, you end up taking care of everything because watching a man try and do something he's never learned or even bothered to learn how to do is too painful.

No. 992642

Men got away with it because they paid the bills. I assume you're the breadwinner swinging beneath her weight class? Pro domme move

No. 992714

File: 1639338371189.gif (1.91 MB, 245x184, lucky jem.gif)

I would like to see a Jem and the Holograms reboot set in the 80s with a better artstyle and better writing aimed at teenage to adult females without making half the cast lesbian or trannies

No. 992717

Yes yes yessss

No. 992754

Have you guys heard of this Gamergate thing? Apparently some lady slept with a bunch of reviewers, so people would pretend like her game was good or something? And I guess the general response to the situation was something like, it's not wrong for her to have slept with people for good reviews but is anyone talking about the fact that if she's willing to sleep with people for her career, why didn't she just sleep with people who would design her a game that got good reviews in the first place??? Whether or not what she did was wrong, she's retarded…?

No. 992755

>Have you guys heard of this Gamergate thing
Please be bait

No. 992759

File: 1639342101482.png (173.93 KB, 602x602, sorry.png)

No. 992761

Is this copypasta from 10 years ago?

No. 992765

Anon you're late as fuck. The only thing I remember from that is the "ethics in game journalism" meme and that weirdo called Alison Rapp whose threads here and on Kiwifarms entertained me a lot.

No. 992767

Thanks for explaining, I’ve heard about it a million times but was too lazy to actually read about the whole story.

No. 992783

>I don't think men have the capability to consciously pretend to be lazy so their wives/gfs will do things for them
Are you serious? They absolutely do, and it's extremely common. I have no idea what you think 'capability' means in this context but it doesn't take a master manipulator to dismiss your wife's request of doing the laundy with 'but you do it so much better babe' so he doesn't have to pause his video game.

No. 992794

Nta but it’s true, men will complain about things being too heavy uwu or them being two tiwed to do something at first, then they will just completely ignore whatever the fuck you ask them to do and then they will get mad at you for even suggesting that they should do anything. Never let your minimoids grow into that kind of idiotic monster.

No. 992799

…at which point you laugh at them and they gtfup off the couch and pull their weight. Y-you don't just, take this… do you nonnie?

No. 992839

How can you not know anything about gamergate? It provided a bounty of milk for years. Some of the cows are still talked about.

No. 992868

Thank god I’m not the only one who has thought this kek I feel awful for saying this because she is a product of her mother’s horrendous actions but girl isn’t as innocent as she portrays herself in her plethora of interviews. She has the traits of a sociopath which again, isn’t her fault, but it is what it is. She’s manipulative, loves attention, and has shown signs of being hyper-sexual…. once the media frenzy of her getting out dies down, she’s going to do something drastic for more attention and porn would give her what she craves.

No. 992878

I relate anon. I managed to avoid the whole gamergate shitshow by being addicted to an mmo.
I knew something was going on, but I was never completely into it. I feel like I have a huge hole in my internet knowledge because of this. Maybe I should be thankful.

No. 993088

men who only draw female subjects are pathetic

No. 993094

To everyone who thinks this is bait, the alternate explanation is that we're just old. Gamergate was 7 years ago

No. 993139

I try to keep this in my heart, anon, but the male anon who despise average/small breasts from crystal.cafe tells me otherwise

No. 993152

File: 1639378967230.jpeg (221.54 KB, 1024x869, c3788f60-170b-11ec-bfed-d329e5…)

It's only lowlifes who think this way though. Ashton Kutcher isn't telling Mila Kunis she needs to grow her tits to be hot anytime soon, Elon musk's past few wives weren't more than a C cup, most NFL players have wives with small or average breasts. Even some of the sexiest male actors are almost always married to women with C cups or less. It's only ever really broke porn addicted losers who obsess over breast size when in reality men who are successful, handsome and good husbands don't care and men who have weird revenge fantasies against women with small breasts seethe over this fact, it's the same reason why those men who have revenge fantasies against white women try to convince everyone that men only have eyes for Asian women and then when white women are happy they seethe, especially when it's with a non-white man. I cannot even relate to people who care this much about who other women date and marry.

No. 993154

File: 1639379752208.jpg (540.13 KB, 2148x987, 2.jpg)

I had to post this, Its perfect for this occasion

No. 993156

Kourtney looks good in this pic

No. 993169

Elon Musk isn't a good example though, he was molding his wife's into some blonde bimbo ideal and told his first wife that "he's an alpha"

No. 993183

File: 1639383640482.png (825.4 KB, 1000x818, drake-millie-bobby-relationshi…)

He's still the richest man in the world and could easily obtain any big titted gold digger he wishes but he chooses small breasted women. The only thing is that I WISH the CC boob sperg was right and fixated exclusively on women with large breasts and large butts/hips, not because I just hate the small tittied girls to oblivion but because there wouldn't be so many fucking pedophiles in this world, Epstein and any other pedo scandal wouldn't exist, lolicons wouldn't be a thing, Belle Delphine wouldn't be a thing, models walking the runway would be pressured to gain weight for larger breasts instead of just being stick thin, there'd be way less eating disorders, etc. And there wouldn't be men who have a weird hatred towards single moms since older women who are mothers tend to have larger breasts than the stick thin anemic 18 yr olds with the face of a 12 yr old you always see men simp for

No. 993217

NTA and I get what you mean but I'm glad it isn't that way because then even more women would feel pressured to get boob jobs and BBL's and boob size can't be fixed just by gaining weight. I can't wait for the Kardashians to fall from the face of the earth because the amount of girls as young as 11/12 worrying about their butt size is sad to me. I remember a decade ago asses as big as theirs weren't seen as desirable at all and "your ass looks big in these jeans" wasn't seen as a compliment. So I'm glad women with smaller chests are also appreciated.

A friend of mine is a teacher and the girls in her PE classes (ranging from 11-14 years old) keep asking for butt exercises and imo kids that age shouldn't be concerned about that whatsoever.

No. 993227

Smaller chests was never really a bad thing until recently though when bolt ons became popular

No. 993314

Maybe not necessarily "bad" but small chests are one of the main insecurities for women. Otherwise push up bra's wouldn't have reachd such popularity and in real life I've seen plenty of women who wonder if their boyfriends/husbands would secrety prefer them with bigger boobs. There are more women who are insecure about being flat chested than not.

No. 993354

Yes but big boobed girls are also wearing the push up bras and obsessing over their breasts wondering if their husband secretly likes perkier boobs or smaller areolas. Boob standards in society have just became fucked up for most women to the point where there's always something "wrong" with all women's boobs who haven't gotten a boob job, on top of that there's tons of people who think breasts that obviously aren't small or flat, are flat chested. It's just a porn sick society we live in

I think the reason why celebrities are different is because they're actively seeing tons of women naked all the time, they know what natural boobs look like and are easily able to tell the difference between plastic surgery/Photoshop than the average moid simply because they actually go party with naked supermodels and not just look at enhanced women online swearing they're natural because their tits are capable of moving, so they simply have different standards and know that women who have natural breasts aren't going to look anything similar to a woman who's been cut open and had a bag shoved inside of her tit, where as moids expect average women to look like porn stars

No. 993418

all this sperging over male opinions on women's bodies is making me sick

men are retarded and like boobs no matter what they look like.

No. 993482

File: 1639407920164.jpeg (597.53 KB, 1500x2248, average dyslexian.jpeg)

Writing/reading is an important part of my life, and while I know that some people are born with this condition, I never see anyone who sucks at those things actually try to improve.
They watch Netflix instead of trying to read books. They get their news from what other people tell them. They use autocorrect to get their texts on point.
Overcoming mental barriers is hard, I know that. But you can't live your life without working on them.
I am struggling with depression, and before therapy, I couldn't read books for 6 years. Now that I have trained myself to concentrate, I can read again like I could as a child.
In school, and after school, I always wanted to punch those people who use their fingers to read and need 20 seconds to read out a medium sentence.
Also a lot of non-dyslexic people just suck at orthography and punctuation, because they, too, never read.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 993510

I think this post is funny because you wrote something in the subject field.

No. 993526

A lot of men under the age of 25 have those features

No. 993530

and yet you never read the rules

No. 993541

This post has so many layers of stupidity that it's almost an art

No. 993542

Celibacy is the superior way of life.

Some people just don't like reading as a hobby, it's okay and it's not that deep.

No. 993545

It must kill you whenever you see someone mess up their/there/they're and your/you're huh, anon?
your gay

No. 993567

I'm a fan of celibacy for health reasons, for me it's just not worth the hassle that often follows. Penetrative stuff in particular. UTIs, antibiotics, sickness from the antibiotics, trush from the antibiotics, doctors bills, missed work, another round of meds when it comes back, rinse and repeat. Messed up gut flora from it. Bad stomach to try and mend. My body then associates sex with suffering and vaginismus starts on top of all that. That's not even mentioning BC or pregnancy concerns which are also complicated in my case. I'll just opt out thanks lol

No. 993571

I'd hate to be American. Imagine having to factor in the cost of antibiotics. God bless the NHS. The only cost I've ever had from sex was buying the morning after pill.

No. 993575

I'm in Ireland. I work full time so I don't meet the means test for a medical card.

No. 993578

LOL shit no way I'm in Northern Ireland aka God's country. God bless the HSC.

No. 993651

Maybe it's where I live and the type of men I attract but white boys have no fucking game at all.

No. 993652

One time a guy sent me a picture of a huge jar of weed and said "my woman would be well taken care of"

No. 993665

… that's it? That's how he opened the conversation? Kill all men

No. 993674

File: 1639417505924.jpg (22.86 KB, 283x445, c.jpg)

I mean what men do have "game" in your opinion, the only people I have known who talk about the "game" were black and white guys who were PUA and I don't know anyone else who does

No. 993830

People compare lolcow to /r9k/ but I genuinely think this place is more like /fit/ than any other board.

No. 993834

/r9k/ can't go several threads without talking about wanting to fuck or be trannies. The only comparison that could ever make sense is old /cgl/

No. 993835

I have to say we're a combo of smaller Chan boards like /x/ and /a/ and stuff, /fit/ is filled with freaks who never shut up about women and obsess over plastic ig thots, CC is more like /fit/ if anything

No. 993837

White boys think calling other women hot is game

No. 993843

agree. At times its helpful, with genuinely good advice, but you will get called out for being a retard easily.

But I think it's that way because IME, most women actually want to give advice whereas men are absolutely retarded on 4chan and rude. But on /fit/ the guys seem kind of really interested in helping.

No. 993846

Exactly! It’s got a weird amalgamation of users. It’s got it’s male autism for sure but it’s alright.

No. 993920

we're saints compared to the retards on /r9k/

No. 994099

why the fuck do men do this? I've had men show interest in me and then talk about their ex or something the entire time and then get shocked when I ghosted them, like what did you expect? Nobody wants to be with the man who wants every other woman but her

No. 994140

again which men have >>993674

No. 994145

Gomez Addams

No. 994150

Are Spaniards and southern Europeans white ?

No. 994157

I hope for the whites sake they are

No. 994160

not to /pol/

No. 994163

File: 1639452021960.jpeg (28.22 KB, 236x212, 1639435486327.jpeg)

Okay I'd still take the most "boring and bland" white men over 99% of the men in my country any day, hell I'd 99% of men in my entire greater geographical region

I love lc but it often shows me how often western women really have no Idea about the horrors of the third world, how men can be awful on a civilization scale

No. 994165

Hello paki-chan.

No. 994166

Omg paki-chan ur back!! I'm not sure you left but I hadn't see you for a while. How is it going?

No. 994170

I have an LLC and can hook you up with a work visa. Come to USA

No. 994172

Do you have any option to leave?

No. 994190

Thankfully I'll have escaped with in the next six months- years, my plans are working and have a cousin whose helping me settle in the US, as long as there isn't another COVID wave I'm set
I'll finally be free, this is the one thing that's kept me from killing myself

You have no Idea how much this will mean to me, I'm still scared that something might go wrong but I have no other choice
to be free from horrors like this is all I want

No. 994204

File: 1639456464656.gif (1.34 MB, 360x420, ca5.gif)

Come to Brazil, paki chan

No. 994210

Unironically would probably be better then every muslim country and I have known ex-muslims who were willing to settle in Latin American thanks to Christian NGO's, right now the USA is my only option

No. 994248

I'm glad for you. How's your cousin though? Keep us updated, I want to know if everything will work out.

No. 994252

Well he is questioning his faith but got married to another cousin of ours(yeah I know) whose family lives in California
Now they get married over 2 years ago and even had a child that was born in the states, my cousin is still working on his papers and has to to deal with a lot of complications but will eventually make it the United States, after that he'll try to arrange my arrival on a work visa

No. 994262

Paki men are fucking disgusting. Imagine how much shit they have tangled up in their ass hair. I bet the scent of shit wafts off of that parade and you can smell it from miles away. Truly the lowest tier of scrote, fat ugly short ignorant savage and dirty. Fuck off home to mummy paki scrotes she’s the only woman that will ever love you. Can’t wait until you they all die and are hurled into oblivion. Scum. Like a plague of fucking fat little maggots too feeble and useless to become flies.
Don’t come to England paki anon because these disgusting foul troglodytes will all be there shortly after.

No. 994263

Bet his family tree looks like a fucking brick wall. Disgusting inbred. His parents are cousins, their parents are cousins, their parents are cousins, and this is the result.

No. 994275

My parents aren't cousins but their part of the same tribe, my grandfather was insistent that his children could marry people who were the same tribe as they were
Honestly they should thank their pedophile God everyday that they have arranged marriages, the reason they complain is so much about being discriminated against in the west by women is cause its the first time in their lives where they can't dominate all women around them or be assured a submissive virgin housewife

No. 994313

I'm so happy for you and will keep you in my thoughts! ♥ I am not religious, but I would pray for your safe travel and new life. I hope you will be happy and get to enjoy all the privileges of a western life. You deserve it.

No. 994316

It shouldn't be a privilege, not being executed by the state for a comment about some Arab pedophile should never be a matter of rights
I'm fine with living a nice, peaceful life in a western nation, for me it will be heaven

No. 994317

Sorry, I didn't mean not being executed or raped, that's a human right – you shouldn't have to escape your country for that. I meant small silly things to enjoy that you probably haven't had a chance to. Of course I know that safety is the most important thing, I voiced my thoughts poorly.

No. 994325

You worded it right, esl chan is just being aggy.

No. 994333

Women age better than men do. The fact that we overall have more neotenous features than men do makes us look younger than our male counterparts of the same age by default, we also lose less hair with age meanwhile moids go bald and despite the scrotey claims of "female skin aging worse because it's thinner reee" due to the fact that women have more free estrogen, the hormone that also prevents skin aging https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/11705091/, and live healthier lifestyles, take care of themselves more, in the end women have better skin in old age than moids do. And that just looks-wise. When it comes to internal beauty old women are 100000x better than old men: less pervy, kinder, wiser and smarter (https://www.webmd.com/brain/news/20190204/womens-brains-may-age-more-slowly-than-mens https://www.apa.org/monitor/jan01/estrogen)

No. 994369

Fr, my mom is 5 years older than my dad and she looks way younger and radiant than him, while he looks wasted AF even though he's not even approaching 50s yet, wtf

No. 994374

The only reason anyone thinks men age better than women is because the standards for women are high while those for men are on the floor. All a man has to do to still be considered attractive at 50 is not be morbidly obese, whereas women get shit on the moment they can no longer pass for a 20-year-old. However men are too lazy to even meet that one standard (I can count the number of >40 year old men I know who don't have a noticeable beer gut on one hand) so they think the standards are equal.

No. 994383

File: 1639486521352.png (50.58 KB, 1433x314, Screenshot (349).png)

Infinite Jest is actually a decent book, the libfems who pointlessly rip on it have just proven themselves to brainlets with no mental stamina

No. 994386

of course it would be jamie loftus who did that

No. 994388

What is infinite jest and why do Libfems care about it

No. 994391

ayrt said it was a book, do you have a doctor's note for your inability to google?

No. 994397

Yeah, I don't get the obsession with hating on that particular book when there are so many notable works of literature with the same elements that bother them about it. The novel has some pretentious fans but it isn't bad by any means, they just make themselves seem like they never read by getting stuck on it

No. 994400

Yeah though i can't tell by description what would be a libfem's gripes with it

No. 994410

I looked through that book a few times working at one of my previous jobs and it seemed really weird. like office space mixed with Bukowski and… not reddit, but something adjacent. however this is just based on my limited exposure. my eyes would glaze over every time

No. 994414

So a weird ass book but not ~mysterious~ and ~serious~ enough like say house of leaves

No. 994470

File: 1639493921896.jpg (34.57 KB, 640x462, 454545.jpg)

I'm sure you've seen picrel, well liking Infinite Jest is now a trait of a made up guy that exists solely on the twitter and vlog posts of mostly white libfems

take this tiktok e.g

Its less about the book and more about hating a hypothetical male that doesn't exist IRL

No. 994493

Ah well that's a lil convoluted but thanks for the explanation

No. 994501

File: 1639495438525.jpeg (Spoiler Image,29.77 KB, 520x320, 99394EB4-0128-4E7B-AB8E-198F16…)

>women age better than men

No. Weird that a lot of anons are content with becoming a winded bag of wrinkles and trying to “normalize” the aging process while trying desperately to seem small and non-threatening while having retained their youth like the cows who have stunted minds. What’s the matter now? You only find aging as bad when it’s scrotes. Keep that shit consistent.

>women have neotenous traits

Depends on what you are and your genetics. Neoteny for most people only stays within childhood (ex. blonde/lighter hair on kids get darker as they grow older) and they grow out of it eventually, some people’s faces and bodies completely morph and change. Considering we live in this god awful world major stressors can increase the aging process and women go through shit loads of stress and pressure. Playing into the incel interpretation of neoteny is still gonna make them call us crybaby women with the mind of a kid who cries all the time.

Also picrel (too disgusting to even show) is what “neoteny” is known to the public or redditors despite her retaining absolutely none of her neotenous features only her repulsive looking facial shape. Tl;dr stfu anon

No. 994513

*doesn’t exist anymore
You know, since the guy they wish they could cancel hanged himself.

No. 994524

Ramblings of a deranged BDD femcel

No. 994530

>retaining absolutely none of her neotenous features
>round face, big eyes, chubby cheeks, plump skin and lips

No. 994546

Round faces aren’t inherently neotenous, big lips aren’t either, has chubby cheeks because she probably has extra fat for subsistence and her eyes are no where near being big, they’re very downturned and almost look like monolids. Her primitive face with the blood flushing to her cheeks tells me that her ancestors were located in colder areas of the world. Anyways, neoteny shouldn’t be necessarily praised only in women, sexual dimorphism is probably why we’ll always have gender wars and sex inequality because of our evolutionary biology. Women were often picked for neotenous traits, probably why we are weaker and a great disadvantage to men. Offtopic sperging but as an example black women who have higher rates of testosterone (and black women desperately trying to perform femininity who are in denial of this fact) does not make black women any less of a woman, yet they’re barred from performing in athletic events because we don’t and some of us will never fit into that neotenous, eurocentric standard.

No. 994556

black women aren't barred from athletic events at all, wtf are you talking about

stop trying to intellictualize your self hatred, race sperg

No. 994559

File: 1639499007252.jpeg (126.77 KB, 750x333, D023D939-C7D0-4DEA-AD15-F3EF6E…)

No. 994561

The only one sperging here is you other anon is right kek

No. 994565

File: 1639499367055.jpg (6.7 KB, 160x160, thisisaman.jpg)

i fucking knew you were gonna bring him up - Castor isnt even female, he's an intersex male. He fucking had a traditional marriage to a woman in country where gay marriage is illegal, so he isnt even trying to pass as a woman

No. 994567

You know the strongest women in the world are all from Northern Europe right, women there are on average far taller and muscular then women around the world over

No. 994569

So that's why Europeans are so ugly

No. 994571

File: 1639499712649.jpg (25.9 KB, 474x193, married.jpg)

shit ass wedding ceremony pics sorry

No. 994578

>the first schizo paragraph
Simply doesn't make any sort of sense. You seem to have some trauma over neoteny, don't you anon?
>second paragraph
No, women in general have more neotenous features, ie sustain their juvenile traits more than men do. This is a statistical fact (and the reason why there are more female blondes than male ones for example). And I also disapprpve of incel "neoteny" when they brand any trait they find weak or cute or whatever as neotenous. Can you fucking read before typing your shitpost? I have said nothing you accuse me of.

No. 994583

>black women have more testosterone ree
No. They actually have more estrogen and testosterone https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/21849524. Stop lying you obnoxious femcel cretin.

No. 994585

File: 1639500680736.jpg (490.33 KB, 1786x949, ~20211214_114759.jpg)

kek wrong.

asians are both strongest & most neotenous so maybe you should all shut up because this is retarded

No. 994586

and same goes for all the other "women" jfc - intersex males or just plain cheating regular males tbh

No. 994588

Debatable. Where is that table from?

No. 994589

>let me hyperfocus on the scrote rather than the two black women


>This is a statistical fact (and the reason why there are more female blondes than male ones for example)

Read the only two articles that stated about blonde women being more frequent in those populations and all of that shit. They still have no idea behind this phenomenon and tl;dr they still have to do loads of research. It’s probably not due to neoteny probably how genes are carried. This “female supremacy” shit solves nothing, scrotes sadly here to stay on this planet and we have to do something about it, it’s just really pathetic since 90% of the anons on here have boyfriends/husbands.

No. 994592

Ohh, you're the mentally ill racebaiter from the celebricows thread who had a meltdown about waist to hip ratios and basically called black women high testosterone men when no one was even talking about them. Should've known your autism was terminal
Adopt a trip so every sane person knows not to read your posts

No. 994593

it's the 2020 olympic results roflmao go debate a dump truck and fuck off

No. 994595

I’m not that poster but you can believe whatever the fuck you want kek

No. 994598

Yeah we get it aznmasculinity asians are the tallest and strongest and they also have the biggest dicks out of all races cuz we all know that's true isn't it kek

No. 994603

First of all they have a theory behind this phenomenon - different epigenetics. And secondly even if they didn't it still doesn't disprove the fact that female hair is less prone to darkening with maturation, ie is generally more neotenous. Are you autistic or ESL? This lack of reading comprehension and dunning kruger is just sending me.

No. 994606

Exact same article, same random obsession with black women (seriously, what is wrong with you?), delusions about women in general (Emily Browning is "too disgusting to be shown" with a "repulsive facial shape", so then what must you be?)…
You know, I thought you were just a garden variety body dysmorphic disorder weirdo from Reddit, but I think you might be a tranny. One of those trannies who thinks about his male skeleton every day and tries not to rope about it. It certainly explains why you love to drag women down and sperg about how some have "testosterone" while presenting troons as examples of said women
Please 41%. No matter how many cope essays you post, you will always be a man, you will never pass, all Asian/Black/Emily Browning lookalike/whatever women will forever be more "neotenous" and attractive than surgery can ever buy you

No. 994607

This is what I expected. How does 2020 Olympics reflect all athletic accomplishments of all time? Your data sample is not representative enough.

No. 994608

Thank you for saying what I was thinking kek

No. 994609

>go debate a dump truck and fuck off
Nta, but you posted a Wikipedia table from one year of the Olympics..

No. 994611

sorry you can't cope with the fact that asian women are the strongest in the world. not enough data? these are the people who came up through various levels of national & international competition, beating out literally every other competing woman in the world for those spots. seethe retard

No. 994612

We've reached critical amounts of cope. Sad!

No. 994614

>And secondly even if they didn't it still doesn't disprove the fact that female hair is less prone to darkening with maturation, ie is generally more neotenous

Using the general rule is reductive because there are other factors as to why it happens or why it won’t happen for many groups of people. Also, neoteny is present because of sexual selection that was and still is pretty harmful to women because it’s almost like domestication. So to you while women may be more “neotenous” that doesn’t make it a positive.

No. 994618

sorry you can't cope with the fact that asian women have the biggest dicks in the world. not enough data? these are the people who came up through various levels of cucking & sucking competition, beating out literally every other competing asian in the world for those spots. seethe retard

No. 994623

KEK underrated post

No. 994624

NTA and don't care about Asia war but
>no sage
>retarded scrote-tier shitpost humor
Fuck off back to /r9k/ or Wizchan. You are the most obvious incel we have to date, you're almost as obnoxious as the anorectal violence scrote

No. 994628

File: 1639502669841.jpeg (Spoiler Image,211.25 KB, 515x484, 9ADE3E04-4A50-4AD0-9D56-B9E814…)

I’m black you fucking moron and yeah Emily Browning is super ugly and primitive-looking and looks like she’s ready to call the police on a black kid playing hopscotch with her tribal locomotion 3000 sensor controls, move on you sour patch bitch she’s a XYZ-tier celebrity. Is your daily programming failing to compute non-agreeable points of view today? That’s why you have to call me a tranny cause you have nothing else to offer? Kek I think it’s time to get out of the radfem echo chamber and live with the cognitive dissonance of posting on an imageboard that is meant to support other women while tearing them down because it’s never gonna end. I’m not the same poster

No. 994630

File: 1639502734524.jpg (22.96 KB, 474x329, anothermale.jpg)

>let me hyperfocus on the scrote rather than the two black women

Castor Semenya was 1st place, making him most popular ie it's easier to look shit up about him

although, All of them are either intersex or regular, lying males

No. 994633

File: 1639502839476.jpg (29.77 KB, 474x474, lookanothermale.jpg)

they didn't even wear the same shorts as the rest of the female runners, come on anon

No. 994635

>schizo thinks anyone cares about saging in ot
>completely ignores sperging asian anon
Cope harder

No. 994636

Yeah because women can’t have more testosterone than average and if they do it must be those lying commie intersex scrotes after all. PCOS, hirsutism (affects MENA, African American and Southeast Asian women and is caused by having shit loads of androgens btw) have just left the fucking building, thanks!

No. 994642

It's kinda funny that everyone ignored this lol.

No. 994643

This whole post is male rage in action. You repeatedly posted trannies and intersex scrotes claiming they were "black women", but we're supposed to believe you're a totally legit cis black woman radfem
I'll give you one: You're a questionably non-white, unquestionably mentally ill tranny with a hateboner for Emily Browning because you will never be a woman, and she reminds you of that. You probably post about "Karens" unironically as well, fuck off back to /tttt/ already

No. 994644

Exactly, because that anon is right and this thread has been invaded by a delusional, racist scrote fresh out of /pol/ after taking HRT and trying on programmer socks

No. 994647

Yeah it’s almost like I didn’t know they were intersex to begin with lmao

No. 994648

>I-I didn't know
Of course a concave skull scrote would link an article he didn't even read
Once again: 41%, YWNBAW

No. 994649

Imagine being this neurotic, the article didn’t show pictures of them at all and I only heard of it happening during the olympics. I don’t have to explain myself because I know I’m a woman with an actual vagina but ok anon

No. 994650

none of the shit you just mentioned are intersex conditions

as a pcosfag, polycystic ovary syndrome, which may cause hirsutism, is an exclusively female condition. and none of the men posted are female and looking at them again, I question if they're actually intersex

No. 994652

Not the connection I was making but idek what the fuck is going anymore

No. 994655

>I'm being boolied by the neurotic feemoids help
Did you Google synonyms for "hysterical" lmfao

No. 994656

then wtf are you trying to say???
speak clearly for the class plz

No. 994661

anon was making it seem like the only way a woman can have high testosterone is that they actually aren’t a woman at all when that’s not true, they might have not said that explicitly but they were implying that

No. 994666

File: 1639504316295.jpeg (67.81 KB, 720x364, 1638532087466.jpeg)

>post literal men and try to pass them off as women
>get called out, backpedal and bring up unrelated shit
>try to strawman everyone who called you out
A man will always be a man. Middle Eastern, black and SEA women will always be women. Simple as. Go and answer to the anon who pointed out black women also have more estrogen, you can't because your arguments have been shit from the start

No. 994667

well yeah, non intersex females cannot get male levels of testosterone without juicing. even the greatest female athletes testosterone level isnt as high as mid-tier male athletes ie serena williams losing to male highschool tennis players

No. 994669

No one said otherwise about that first part. I didn’t know that one of them is intersex again I only heard about the incident and assumed they were actually women. That’s not backpedaling

No. 994671

all of them are intersex males/males

No. 994677

The legal age of consent worldwide should be 25 years old idgf

No. 994683

My condolences for your bad choices anon, but most of us liked sex since our teens.

No. 994685

Don't worry you can have sex in your teens or whatever with someone your age. But I am done with the predators who jump at a fresh 18 year old as soon as midnight hits.

No. 994688

Based. Cringe when teeney boppers have no knowledge of law and think that it’s prohibition on them having age appropriate experiences.

No. 994691

>some of us??? enjoy sex??? with men 10 years senior??? as teens????

No. 994710

I had and enjoyed sex with older men and women as a teenager and certainly as a young adult. Making it so people younger than 25 can't have sex with people older than them is retarded.

Yes. I am one of them and I don't appreciate people butting in my business.

No. 994711

sorry you were groomed and raped, get well soon.

No. 994719

Sorry you project your trauma to other women, I enjoyed my romantic and sexual relationships. Some of us just make good choices, I know it might be hard for you to believe considering how you have probably acted in the past.

No. 994723

Just stating the facts.

No. 994727

So true, if only all the prudes on this site were ok with gross mid 20s scrotes having sex with fresh barely legal 18 years old and sometimes underaged teens!

No. 994730

What's with that? Had a man stop me in the middle of a squall when I was covered face to toe in ice and snow with a big coat and big hat. Ice is raining down on us and no one can even see a foot ahead yet you somehow seek out a woman to harass? Whatever built in sonar they use needs to be snuffed out.

No. 994739

I wasn't groomed or raped, so no fact were stated.

If only this side wasn't filled with tradthots that want to impose their morality on the rest of us.

No. 994745

Only scrotes though, according to the same scrotes a teacher in her 20s having sex with an 18 yr old senior is literally child molestation and it's so unfair that women get to molest little boys!1!1

No. 994749

This is a terrible idea only because 24 yr old scrotes would be considered on the same level as 15-16 yr olds. Age gap laws should be a thing. For people under 22 it should be 2 yrs and it can widen as one gets older

No. 994778

I think Jussie Smollett wanted to get caught for attention

No. 994781

On todays game of retard or tranny

No. 994785

Putting this here cuz I know some farmers like her but I'm really getting sick of Michelle McDaniel. Used to be a fan but she's got huge NLOG vibes with her whole "I watch anime", and the "oh I'm so offensive" branding of her channel. Her video editing is shit and I'm surprised she hasn't improved it after being on YouTube for as long as she has been. She can't take any form of criticism so that may be why. Her videos aren't even educational and she's really bullheaded and off the mark on what can and can't cause weight gain. I'm a former fatty myself and against the body positivity movement but she's just incredibly ignorant about so much.

No. 994788

Nta but the idea that it would be a good idea to raise to age of consent to 25 isn’t a popular opinion among the majority of normal people

No. 994799

If I could go back and just never have sex in the first place I probably would. Like if I could visit my past self and whisper one piece of advice it might be that.

No. 994849

It's rude as fuck to have a loud puppy (or a baby) in an apartment complex. Buy a damn house. I have no desire to listen to your puppy scream from its crate all day while you're at work.

No. 994856

Dog worshippers make up a majority of the population and as such, asking for basic peace and ability to sleep will be met with "b-but you signed up for 20 hours of barking a day by living near other people!! Uwu look at my doggo I keep caged most of his waking hours."

No. 994863

Buy a house yourself if you cannot stand the sounds of other people's lives. Oh, you can't afford it? IDK, move on the street or something.
There, I gave you advice that is just as reasonable.
>inb4 dogfag
OP mentioned babies too lmfao. The same retarded argument also could be made about neighbors having months long renovation, with drilling and knocking at ungodly hours.

No. 994868

I agree, about dogs at least. I also don't get why they buy dogs and then leave them chained up or in a crate most of the time. Like what even is the point.

No. 994875

Last apt block I lived in, there was no garden, courtyard, outside playing area, nothing but a car park. So I didn't expect the moms and kids to just spend the whole 3 month summer holidays out there treating a car park like.. a park-park lol. But they did and 'who can squeal/screech the loudest' was a game they played all the fucking time. I'm not exaggerating, that was the game.

Cars had a hard time getting in and out and kids were too young to even be safe there. When youd oh so slowly drove in the moms would stare at you like you shouldn't be there? I'm paying for this parking space lol. That and Im hearing your kids try to outscream other kids from sun up til sun down. I cherished the winter months when it all would stop for a while. I have a house now.

No. 994889

If you can't stand other people and noise you should be the one buying your own house.

No. 994893

Chaining up is fucked up but usually noises due to puppies, babies and renovations happen for some time and then stop. Totally unreasonable to expect people not to have pets, children or live in a ruin because the sounds may bother someone for a set amount of time. You are not so important! Living in an apartment block means that everyone is making compromises, often because they cannot afford a house on their own. It's one thing to be disrespectful on purpose (ie having loud fucking parties), but some things cannot be helped. Recently I have been subjected to loud noises for 2 months and what can I say, that's just life.
Which reminds me… when I was a child, my parents were harassed by an insane couple living on the floor above us. They wanted to sue us for taking a bath at 21:00 (they could hear running water somehow?) and walking in slippers – in an Eastern European country where nobody is taking people to lawsuits for stupid shit. If a plastic bottle cap dropped, a minute later the woman was at our door screeching about it. I have no idea wtf was going on, I have never heard any noises from people living below or near us. It was a normal block, not some cardboard hovel. It doesn't change that if someone is neurotic to the point where they cannot stand others literally just living near them, they should move the fuck out or seek help.

No. 994903

>Living in an apartment block means that everyone is making compromises, often because they cannot afford a house on their own

Maybe one of those compromises should be waiting til you're in a better place financially to get a puppy. You won't die if you don't get that puppy right this instant.

No. 994905

Nta, but saying that it's ok for teenagers to have sex with adults also isn't a popular opinion among normal people at least not where I live

No. 994906

You will not die if you hear a puppy whining for some time.

No. 994907

And you won't die hearing a puppy bark. Funny how it goes both ways.

No. 994908

>T. NEET who lives with her parents and has never been sleep deprived at work because of shitty loud neighbors

No. 994914

Stop projecting and read my previous posts, retard. I feel like adding that recently I've been working from home when a neighbor was drilling for months. Ear plugs are a magnificent invention!
Insult me all you want, at the end of the day I'm not the one unable to deal with reality. Cope and seethe.

No. 994916

If you decide to have a family or children you’re a class traitor, I just realized this

No. 994918

take your meds

No. 994922

Anon is not inflicting a disruption of the peace on anyone around her by not having a puppy. The dog owners however. So shitty and selfish. As if a dog wants to grow up in an apartment anyway.

No. 994923

File: 1639520369768.jpg (19 KB, 500x501, 2584121000.jpg)

No. 994924

>Cope and seethe
>You can't cope with reality

Kek you're the one getting triggered at the simple suggestion that apartment tenants shouldn't have to hear a puppy crying day in and day out and should be able to have a moments peace. Average rent where I live is a over thousand a month, so I guess they're just paying a thousand a month to hear puppies whining because "everyone is making compromises" or whatever. But I guess it's called unpopular opinions for a reason.

No. 994927

Don’t worry nonnie, sounds like just another Le doggo pupperino defender with brain worms. The mental gymnastics needed to justify their shitty choices and shitty dogs on people means they are the ones detached from reality.

No. 994936

Ngl I saw the 'duh just go buy a house then' responses rolling in and I initially imagined them as neets living in moms house and giving out life advice, idk why

I spent years renting in an area with an expanding population and a housing shortage. It was still a great area for getting jobs though. I'm really not suited to apartments and the noise but I had to deal with it for the guts of a decade before I got out for good.

I remember the one apartment building that looked the most promising was the worst by a mile. I was miserable but it was all kids so what can you do. You can make complaints about noisy drunks or parties but with kids you're stuck. I regretted the move about as much as I regretted dating the scrote I lived with there. Bad times all round kek

No. 994940

I'm not bothered by other people living, their puppies, babies or whatever else. I don't expect others to bend to my whims like I'm the only one who matters. IDK if it's a country thing, but in my eyes you have a truly bizzare expectations of living in a flat. It's a compromise in itself. You get a place to live without the hassle and a cost of buying/building/managing a house, but you have to deal with others living near you. Disturbances will happen, that's life, get over it or buy your own house if you cannot accept it.
Dog haters are unhinged, op was literally saying that people also shouldn't get babies when they live in a block yet you only focus on muh ebil hounds. Big LOL. BTW if someone is neglecting their dog to the point they whine 24/7, you can raise the point with the flat management – this isn't normal. I feel like you psychos would report the second you hear a single puppy bark.
Seethe more.

No. 994943

>I saw the 'duh just go buy a house then' responses rolling in and I initially imagined them as neets living in moms house and giving out life advice, idk why
I'm pretty sure anons only responded that way because OP said other people should buy a house.

No. 994948

This, at this point I don't know if anons are replying in bad faith or lacking reading comprehension:
>It's rude as fuck to have a loud puppy (or a baby) in an apartment complex. Buy a damn house

No. 994954

I was laughing at a mental picture that I got for a split second. That's why I said it was my initial thought. I do get it lol

No. 994963

>op was literally saying that people also shouldn't get babies when they live in a block yet you only focus on muh ebil hounds. Big LOL.

I was focusing on the dogs because I do disagree with the part about babies. Even though babies can be annoying as fuck I still have more empathy for humans than for dogs. And like the other anon pointed out, getting a dog while you're in an apartment is kind of shitty for the dog too, especially if it's a big dog, and especially if you keep it in it's crate overnight and for the 8+ hours you're at work. But yeah I'm just an unhinged dog hating psychopath I guess.

No. 994965

I don't mind dogs but I hate kids screeching. You can complain about anything but kids because then you look like an evil witch who hates kids playing and being happy, and the parents obviously won't do anything about it, some will even goad their kids to do it more to prove a point. There should be designated apartments for families so that the kids can screech together and they can all keep each other awake if they so please.

I try to go for buildings with elderly neighbors and so far that has worked out well, except when some of the neighbors inevitably die and their relatives with small children move in. There aren't even any playgrounds or schools around but they try to force their dumb kids on everyone.

No. 995046

i agree comrade

No. 995048

shout out to kuo hsing-chun seriously amazing athlete

No. 995051

i read the whole thing one summer vacation

it was a pretty good book but not worth spending that much time on.

i also was into haruki murakami around then, i would read a long ass novel most every summer

i think the appeal of infinite jest was the depiction of addiction and the appeal of 1q84 was the depiction of loneliness. and, in longer books, the worldbuilding is better. it feels really immersive when you're 700 pages into something.

libfems hate infinite jest because there's a certain genre of pretentious male who likes to, well, be pretentious about it. in the original sense of the word pretentious, i.e., pretending the book contains the meaning of life or something. it sounds pretty annoying but i've never met a person who's read it other than myself. i don't doubt that those people exist though, i think it's more popular with people older than me

sage for blog

No. 995060

Fyi, you can neglect a dog all the same in a house (not talking about cases like some giant herding dog in a studio flat). Because dogs need regular walks even if they have gardens. They need to sniff the world. Doesn't matter if they live in a flat or a house if no attention is being paid to them.
If the apartment block allows it, it really isn't anyone's business if someone has a baby, a dog or a renovation (which also nobody should be getting if only OP's needs are taken into consideration. Hello, that's horrible noise for months too – even worse than a baby's or a dog's! And no, I'm not buying that either is more important than the other since the result is the same and tbh judging stranger's decisions strictly by your own needs doesn't sit right with me. Especially since renovations can be done for purely aesthetical reasons, it isn't always "do or die from fungi intoxication"). Saying that people should wait with either until they have a house (which for many is NEVER) was extremely delusional of OP. If someone would resign from following their life goals and needs because of some sperg that doesn't accept that the world doesn't resolve around her, they would be a fucking doormat. I could never expect random strangers to do that for me. And you know what? I'm fine with it.
OP expects nobody to ever have dogs in apartments even though they aren't supposed to screech, bark etc. their whole lives (even as puppies, I would argue). If someone is prepared to train the dog or check up with a behaviourist the moment things go awry, they are a responsible person and there is no reason why they shouldn't get the animal.
In my country most people live in apartment flats and therefore understand that they aren't villa owners with servants begging for permission to scratch their nose. If someone's dog would howl for 10 hours everyday, a neighbor would come discuss the issue with a dog owner. If nothing changed, then the issue would get escalated to higher ups and the owner could face eviction (if renting) or a fine. And that's a normal way of handling such issues. Not expecting others to deny themselves so a literal nobody (to them) is happy. You can't take back wasted time and if you're giving up something on another's behalf, you should make sure you are doing it for yourself first. Otherwise it's a great way of fucking ruining shit for yourself.

No. 995061

I have a dog, am not a dog hater by any means, she's very well trained & behaved and I made sure that from the time I got her that she knows she can't bark indoors. It really is not difficult to train dogs to not bark! It's at the point with my neighbor's puppy where the barking distresses my dog and she tries to hide.

Maybe you should all try reading my post again… I would have no problem if the puppy barked here and there but it's incessant and legitimately sounds like screaming. Like literally an entire work day (sometimes throughout the night as well), and puppies can not and should not go that long alone. This has been going on for over a month now. This is not just typical noise that comes with living in an apartment which I'm used to. It's clearly stated in the leases that myself and everyone else in the building signed that we have quiet hours from 10pm-7am and that nuisance animals are a violation of lease terms; the noise ordinance in the city also clearly states that incessant barking constitutes a nuisance. Keep in mind that I do not live in some low-rent commie block with paper-thin walls, I live in a nice building where I pay way too fucking much in rent - if I can hear a puppy barking for hours on end I'm going to be annoyed and I'm going to ask management to deal with it. If you have to leave a young puppy alone for more than 2-3 hours consecutively, you should not own a dog. Waaayyy too many people get dogs and do not take proper care of them. If all of you think that being subject to incessant noise at all hours of the day is normal, I feel bad for you honestly… and why are you all defending borderline animal abuse? Weird as fuck.

No. 995064

Are you ok? Christ, take a xanax, I'm not going to fly to the damn USSR and kill your dog because you let it bark all day.

No. 995169

She's cute tho

No. 995175

Celebricows posters gotta be underaged like I just know it

No. 995260

i'm starting to think most of them are kek. people keep causing fights over the dumbest reasons, especially in the most recent thread

No. 995357

This is the most unpopular opinion I have and people are gonna say this is fucked up, but I think people shouldn't be allowed to reproduce without getting some sort of license for it or something first. The world is overpopulated and I'm sick of seeing degenerates pumping out like 6 kids with 3 different loser scrotes. Everywhere I look I see kids with idiot retards or drug addicts for parents. Just look at Islamic run war torn countries, it pisses me off so much to see some refugee Afghan couple with like 4 or 5 kids but not even enough money for food or shelter, it's like why the fuck are they allowed to have kids just to let them suffer? Same with the trailer parks in my city, these white trash inbreds get pregnant then drink and smoke all pregnancy just to create some half wit who can't function in society and grows up to repeat the same damn cycle, overpopulating the world even more with trash. I know this is a denial of rights so I would never actually want this to become a reality, especially because it wouldn't be able to be regulated fairly. But maybe if women had the automatic right but the men had to apply for "approval" or something, I know this sounds crazy but it makes me sad to see the world become overpopulated by shitty people, I wish kids didn't have to suffer for their parents mistakes.

No. 995362

In my country if you're on benefits sometimes when you're in the process of applying for your 'free weekly moneys for having a baby' they'll pick up on clues that you're extra unprepared for parenthood and they school you on all the basics. Send you to classes before and after the birth. Again for free but I've heard stories of just how unteachable some of them are and how it's just more money getting thrown at this never ending black hole of funding peoples bad decisons and them just not stepping up on their end and being thankful for all the help that's in place.

No. 995375

That's actually one step better than what we have here, which is basically nothing except welfare and child support from the government. Which like you said kinda just turns into free money that they spend poorly. The classes sound like a good idea, that should be a requirement of highschool curriculum. The only thing is some people just don't care or think they know better. One of my 17 year old cousins just gave birth and pawned the baby off onto her broke mom who already has a bunch of kids with multiple men. It's like a fucking farm, and the 17 year old is back out on the streets partying and sleeping around with degenerate men. More babies to come I'm sure, and it's like how do you teach someone like that to just use a condom? Her own mother valued raw sex over not being alone and broke with like 8 miserable children. I hate the world sometimes.

No. 995400

I agree with you, the only real problem is that it's impossible to enforce without potentially endangering people.

No. 995456

Le Creuset cookware isn't over priced.

No. 995481

True, the quality is there with the expense even though it costs a lot

No. 995610

i hated harry potter before jk rowling became a terf and it became popular to hate it.

No. 995626

it's definitely worth it. I love my flame enamel items

No. 995740

It's the type of thing you buy and use your whole life so it's a good investment. According to my mother who bought some Creuset pots second hand for cheap anyway.

No. 995744

My mom bought one of their pans recently thinking that'd be key to making the meat tender.. nope. I feel bad for her that thing was well over €200,-

No. 995746

I grew up reading HP, so I like the books but not the movies. I like JK more for being openly a terf, but those actors are trash, especially Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson.

No. 995791

Le creuset pots are good but they don’t automatically make you a good cook kek.

No. 995829

If it's her first cast iron casserole dish has she adjusted to using lower temperatures?

No. 995830

I assume you meant to quote me >>995791, I know lol, I didn't mean to imply it's the pan's fault

I don't know but I'll tell my mom to try that if she hasn't already, thanks!

No. 995865

low-rise jeans won't ever be as popular as they were because americans–well fucking everyone really–got really fat.

No. 995874

All make-up should be abolished.

No. 995949

I hate the BBL trend I saw some random woke bitch like. “Y’all better not bash this body because latinas and black women naturally have it” as a Mexican, living in a predominantly Hispanic area like less than half of the people here naturally have that stupid ass porno body , when I gain weight it all goes to my upper half. I have a tortilla flat ass. I hate anyone who says people “naturally “ have no hip dips and legs twice the size of your waist.

No. 995954

How is your scarring/nipple sensitivity so far? Those two factors usually put me off from taking the plunge

No. 996006

I also loathe when people keep pushing this idea that black and latina women are naturally CURVY as fuck. Like it's just another thing men get to dictate our worth based on. There's so many people who believe this and they bully women who are naturally as they are. What a stupid ass standard to put on women who are already not valued by most of society in America. The pressure is so immense to look freakishly sexy for worthless manlet men that cheap unsafe surgeries are being undergone by everyone and their mamas. No woman should be dying from this and yet, bbl has a very high mortality rate.

No. 996040

Honestly; lived in Africa and most women are pretty average to quite petite or skinny so it feels weird af that they get stereotyped as curvy when there the majority a lot of times

No. 996041

* not the

No. 996055

File: 1639614265874.jpg (50.06 KB, 672x600, wenn20507989.jpg)

girl same, I'm Mexican and I have taylor's ass and body minus the boobs.

No. 996078

I have next to no ass too, it hurts when i sit for way too long kek

No. 996118

Women could level the playing field if they were able to give men the same level of body image issues/create more male anachans. They exist but mostly gay.

Men obviously have issues but they lead to bulking out, which doesnt hirt them or make them exhausted to the extent that ana does. Promote sickly & skeletal as the ideal male form and men will be much weakened

No. 996123

I actually live to my county stereotype of big asses kek
I'm trying to love it though, gaining just 5kg made it way too massive

No. 996139

Honestly I agree. Men are so weak minded when it comes to their own appearance but the constant idea of women being below them is probably what keeps them from letting it get to them. Tell a guy he's unattractive and he throws a whole bitch fit, it's honestly pretty funny.
I do too, and I love my booty but that shit hurts when I jump. Stretch marks also end up being an issue too since my weight fluctuates a lot but I've got the remedies down by now

No. 996140

Oh god, yes, it’s fucking annoying when people go
>muh black and latin women
Nah, fuck off with that shit, nobody is a fucking copy-paste from some cookie cutter like a videogame character with limited assets.
Like, my best friend has no ass and that actually makes sitting at her office job a pain in the ass (pun not intended) males are so fucking stupid, specially Latin men, they believe the curvy meme even though they fucking live surrounded by different types of women, from women with dark skin and textured dark hair to redheads with freckles and straight hair, all types of them are Latin American women, yet they think we’re all supposed to look like Kim kardashian or some shit. Males need to be put in cages.

No. 996166

Thinking people with mental disorders are annoying, are playing it up to get out of doing difficult things, or are doing it to be malicious towards you personally is one of the most normie-tier opinions you can hold, but people who announce it often seem to think they're being super edgy or they've seen through the matrix. It's easier to deal with anger if that anger has a just target, so when someone makes you mad the instinct is to assume they did it on purpose to spite you, rather than it being accidental and thus robbing you of your right to hate them

Before anyone gets upset at me for this, I'm not saying people are obligated to deal with the mentally ill, the mentally ill aren't annoying, or that you're wrong to feel wounded by negative experiences with them and want to vent about those experiences.

Kind of related, but I took a scroll through the 'mental disorders you can't stand' thread earlier, and the mentally ill/ disabled people trying to convince the thread's posters that they're 'one of the good ones' is mega cringe. Nonnie isn't going to validate your ADHD rejection-sensitivity because you said you also think most people with ADHD are lazy and selfish.

No. 996176

I used to be so jealous black girls because i saw so many being tall and skinny with muscle tones naturally, like models

No. 996181

I have donut scars which aren't visible outside of a small white line that can only be seen if you look very very clothes. My nipples were super sensitive after the surgery only because I got them reduced and then became numb for a short period but now it's back to normal

No. 996189

Good to hear everything worked out for you anon. I want a reduction very much but I’m scared of losing sensitivity. I legit coom from touching them kek

No. 996199

I remember something I once heard re: mental disorders “It’s not your fault, but it is your responsibility.” And I think that’s about the most sensible take on mental health. Like it’s not your fault that you were born with or developed this thing, but it is your responsibility to manage your symptoms. And people are well within their rights to be annoyed by you or avoid you.

No. 996207

Me too bitch tf, I'm surrounded by normal women too, and almost no one in here is curvy, no one, curvy women in my country are very rare, and they're almost always rectangle-shaped or apple-shaped, the only woman I've ever seen with a curvy body is my mom lmao, there's nothing wrong with not being curvy and this meme is getting out of hand.

No. 996228

That's very fair. I said in my post people weren't obligated to deal with or like the mentally ill (no one is owed companions, it's sad that people end up alone over something they didn't choose but you can't force stuff like friendship). I don't think it's entirely reasonable to expect people to manage their condition on their own though, most conditions that are actually real require a lot of extra support (as a simple example someone with a mental disability might need help navigating the forms and shit to get admitted to a treatment centre).

No. 996412

File: 1639642084319.png (559.91 KB, 2160x3840, 4FA9DDBD-7AF9-4041-A9F2-4F8344…)

a lot of the tiers on this chart are accurate (even though there's some theories that seem more plausible than listed) and the amount of conspiracy circlejerks on this site who said it wasn't are exactly why charts like these exist in the first place

Real life is a lot more boring than conspiracies make it out to be. But if I ever make it to Hollywood I'll let you know if its actually this sinister and evil place. Dumbasses.

No. 996415

I believe it a lot of this bullshit, but come Jeffery Eipstien killing himself and the trans agenda are all read

No. 996422

there has been a serious uptick in conspiratards on this site over the past 2 years. that, or users have been losing their minds. the chart is extremely accurate.

No. 996428

Epstein is one of the ones I believe is actually true kek but it's like… some of these they're just retarded. I will joke about lizard people but I don't know nor care if Zuck Fuckerberg is a lizard, more like an uggo with unfortunate genetics and maybe bad surgery

There's so much disinformation and just plain bullshit out there it's surprising what people will believe. I have some absurd celebrity gossip theories but I cannot buy things like the satanic blood ritual crap for five seconds. I'm sure eyes wide shut parties are a thing but the elite are more about hedonism and depravity of the sexual form and less about murder and mayhem. And true conspiracies are almost nowhere to be found because it's almost impossible for a massive group to form and do something collectively, hence why cults fail. So the idea that hollywood is one giant interconnected cabal and not that abusers are more individualistic or small groups is ridiculous. People want a greater scope villain and to vilify an entire industry without realizing it's people and pockets in that industry who are the harmful ones, not the entire thing.

The antivaxers here are likelier to give me cancer more than any vaccine

No. 996432

The trans agenda is real and you shouldn't be trusting something that looks so corporate. Dumb

No. 996433

I think this chart is retarded. I simply don’t trust anything anymore and it’s ok to question things. I always get a weird feeling when people are so adamant on shitting on conspiratards. Think for a moment how your reactions can be used. It’s ok to disagree but somethings going hur hur dumbasses can have a real effect when you find yourself believing in a conspiracy and no one has your back. They have trans agenda on the highest tier. Question that.

No. 996443

yes, that one is legitimate, just not in the way the right wing frames it. basically the rest are delusional though. it's not super corporate, it's just made by some tiktok girl who either knows how to use adobe illustrator, or hired some tiktok fan to do it for a few bucks.

>The antivaxers here are likelier to give me cancer more than any vaccine
kek, can't say i disagree

No. 996447

I believe in conspiracies regarding a certain celebrity or two that nobody except me really knows about and I'm fine not sharing them with the world publicly knowing that people would mock me for them. They're my secrets. And likewise I'm allowed to think people who are spreading misinformation or downright disinformation are retarded, especially people who make it their entire existences to spew that garbage. If your life revolves spreading hatred related to a delusional conspiracy theory let alone one which is solely focused on political agenda then you're probably a miserable cunt and I don't make the rules. A lot of the antivaxers here are nauseatingly gross sociopaths who I've literally seen wish death upon others in the coof threads, for all I care the majority of conspiritards on that plane can fuck off into a void

and frankly I'm not gc so I don't care about the portion i know anons are going to keep mentioning, not all of us are on this site, not all of us actually care that much about something that doesn't affect us

No. 996459

i agree with you almost entirely, and i definitely agree wrt conspracies and misinfo spreaders, but gender does affect us. this isn't a conspiracy, it's just a difference in opinion. attempting to legitimize sexist stereotypes though with claims of shaky "science" (phrenology throwback) and using sexist stereotypes to create a convenient pathology that allows men to claim victimization where it doesn't exist and strip women of the few rights and protections we've fought for and won is insane and literally will affect you. just like any policy decisions, however, it takes time for people to fully see the fallout. it's extremely regressive and conservative. it's not like this is virology or chemistry, it's all "science" that's heavily up to interpretation, same with sexology or animal psychology, etc.

No. 996479

Imagine being a shill for corporate looking shit

No. 996488

At least anti vaxxers know how to contain their shit!

No. 996492

>Ivermectin cures COVID
Can someone explain this to me? Where I live ivermectin is regularly used as COVID treatment

No. 996504

You’re so assmad. For what? And what of the provaxxers that do the same? Just learn how to sift through information and think for yourself. I’m unsurprised that you’re not “gc” so you conveniently don’t care about how this chart is structured and how one of the most relevant conspiracies to women right now is conflated with david icke type conspiracies which people usually are revolted by.
>I don’t make the rules teehee
Think for two seconds why people have different opinions to you.

No. 996643

There's a (non-porn) "feminine aesthetic" that can only come from a scrote's mind, and it's hard to describe, but very identifiable. Vid related is one example, you somehow know a man directed this with the intent to make other men waifufags. Everything's girly, but if you look at the smaller details, like the outfits, there's something subdued and almost masculine in undertone. It's very careful. And of course there's the sperm swimming around her at 0:51 lmfao If you've ever met a HSTS tranny who likes dress up games and blond hair, this is pretty much exactly what the inside of their minds look like. Kim Petras comes to mind
I know there are girls who like(d) Poppy and this aesthetic, but I swear it's so obvious when some western scrote is trying to do hyperfeminine/girly/"kawaii" things, and it doesn't even have to be sexualized bimbo shit. It's just them, it feels "off", and not in the "quirky girl" way. Insincere and inorganic

No. 996661

It sounds like the same sperg who goes into the COVID thread internet diagnosing people she disagrees with as sociopaths. I don't think there's any talking sense to her, she doesn't live in reality and has a lot of anger/hatred

No. 996665

>greatest conspiracy against women right now
>bby won't get a pinprick in her arm
>bby is uncomfortable with her femininity
Go outside and touch grass for five seconds you terminally online hicks or go back to fapping to your 2d husbando porn and stfu

No. 996677

sorry this is 2 days old but i just wanna say as a black woman fuck you especially for that last line. stop allowing other people's racist perceptions of black women dictate your own self worth and image. Reading this made me cringe and embarrassed that you are talking like this is a fact when a lot of what you are saying is based on racist science and eugenics. Go to hell and actually read a fucking book. I'm so tired of black women who are miserable with their blackness instead of denouncing the racist talking points they instead internalize it and spew it out like its a fucking fact. Thus doing the racist's jobs for them. Get some self esteem and stop speaking for all of black women when its really just you that doesnt fit into whatever fucked up and probably white leaning perceptions of femininity you set for yourself. If you have an xx chromosome you are a fucking woman. END IT THERE.

No. 996681

No. 996686

This metaverse thing is going to flop, no need for everyone to freak out over it

No. 996687

It's a "conspiracy" in the U.S only, India is using ivermectin to treat covid just fine. The only reason I think it was forced by the media into being a "conspiracy" is bc for the vac to be (legally) emergency authorized there couldn't be any alternative solutions to treating it. They want their vac cashcow. Hence the censoring of any alternative treatments and making it seem like only dumb antivaxxers/trumpsters/essential oil moms/any other trope they meme'd into existence/etc "believe" in ivermectin. Then push out news stories about how these ppl got sick from ivermectin, how they got covid, how they died, etc and enforce how only Drs and medical field is the true authority ppl should listen to.
Politicizing medicine is so fucking stupid.

No. 996688

The quality is cheap, no attention to details or harmony. It's off bc scrotes are too lazy to actually develop a sense of style.

No. 996689

Agreed, looks lame and uninventive.

No. 996690

The only way it's going to get used is if school and businesses require ppl to use it, like zoom. But I don't think it's going to happen bc that gear is too expensive to just give out.

No. 996691

And samefag the visuals are so corporate and bland it's so unappealing. If they made it with actually good graphics maybe it would be more enticing. Why tf wants to exist in a mii tier avatar kek.

No. 996692

I hate this word, but based.

No. 996702

This aesthetic is kinda ugly, especially that onesie/sneaker combo she's wearing when she's sitting down. You can tell scrotes don't know how to coordinate and make it pleasing to the eye.

No. 996711

they're blue metallic platform heels, which makes your point even more than the sneakers

No. 996719

Oh, you're right, I can see them better when she stands up. Speaking of which, I don't care it's deliberate, the quality of the video so god damn awful it's cancer to look at.

No. 996724

I've decided that the wobbling thing with blue mop on it's head is tits. You will not change my mind. Ah, I hate the lazy pentagrams and illuminati signs. The worst moment is when Poppy bows to the triangle while money flows in the background. Seems like Tits really wanted to bait the Vigilant Citizen types, but had zero subtlety about it. I fucking despise the sperms too, idk what's the point beyond something gross.
When I look at this, I can't help but think that Moriah wouldnt happen if not for Tits (as much as I hate him). He created Poppy and now she rolls with it. Mars Agro, however, would deal totally fine without the creep and wouldn't have to hide from the internet. Feel free to argue if I'm wrong.

No. 996725

I’m not “miserable” about my blackness you retarded LSA refugee, you’re just going to continue to ignore that fact that some women are just not and will never fit into the widespread Eurocentric standard of femininity and that is not a BAD thing. Of course the other retarded non-white anons are going to agree with you because they sadly want to fit into that standard and want to larp as colorblind moral guardians who are still surprised that race is still discussed. You will never be white, some won’t ever be feminine, being feminine is not the ultimate good and a black woman who doesn’t fit into that should not be constantly reinforced to “femininize” herself and get rid of her own justified rage. Stop acting that my “self-imposed” perceptions of Eurocentric femininity is rooted by a ghostly individual insecurity rather than fucking centuries of standard that has been ruthlessly imposed all over the world. Get off my back you fucking negro and recheck yourself, this place is not and never will listen to the perspective or rage of women. You will continue to be called a scrote or tranny because you aren’t passive and manipulative pieces of shit who don’t pretend like you didn’t just fucking insult a woman’s body in /snow/, you chitlin-eating colored wig wearing bitch go find your fucking soul

No. 996727

>Americans being against a cure for a disease for the sake of control and successfully brainwashing the nation with memes and propaganda to turn against anyone who says otherwise
Only in America

No. 996734

are you so oblivious that you don't realize we've had two nearly entirely separate groups of people who use almost exclusively only certain boards, with no overlap, on this site for like 4 years now, dumbass?

No. 996752

>Wahh, wahh the poster said something I don’t like, it must be a scrote!

Get fucking real you’re just another coon, this place is not for black women and never will. There will always be more protection of preshush white women feelings because they’re called out on their childish fucking worldview and are surprised some other types of women might be angry.

No. 996771

the self hatred and projection is strong. I really hope you get some self esteem and some self worth and i say that with sincerity. Oh and hang out with actual black women and maybe you wouldnt hate yourself so much. But who knows it'll probably make you seethe with rage knowing just how many black women are honestly secure with themselves and challenge society's racist standards of whats considered feminine and beautiful everyday. Btw i have an afro (had it for almost 10 years now LMAO,) and the fact that you use eating chitlins something my ancestors turned into a positive and helped them survive as something negative further proves to me that YOU are the one that hates being black and wishes you were white. sucks to suck lol. I will never be embarrassed for the steps my ancestors took but i will be forever embarrassed by people like you besmirching their legacy with your self hatred disguised as worry.

I hope you actually read what you wrote and reflect on what outcome you thought would happen of basically implying that black women arent really women based on racist science and eugenics on an alleged all white and racist board. WEIRDO.

No. 996773

ANYWAY my unpopular opinion is that it should be illegal for offices/buildings to be lower than 75 degrees at all times.

No. 996779

File: 1639675864779.jpg (64.58 KB, 497x507, 0300d6588fabc0bc6ed953340ef681…)

I'm not even part of your demographic, you just sound exactly like the nigcel scrotes shitting up every space they can find whenever there's even a whiff of "diversity". It's like you sniff out any website has even a tiny portion of black women and follow. Too bad there are no delusional pickmes and bleeding heart liberals here to defend you
>this place is not for black women
And here we are. The eternal psyop to make every website that doesn't defend troons out to be ultra-white Mormon tradthots or whatever the fuck is convenient for you lmao. It's certainly not for gay black incels from LSA/Twitter. Go get buckbroken or shot already, no one will miss you. Btw your deadname will be in your obituary

No. 996806

No. 996813

This. I still have no idea who the fuck is inhabiting /w/, the two parts of lc are so different.

No. 996817

That is AWFUL. I would die a terrible melty death. Please seek assistance.

No. 996825

kek and the funny thing is that lsa hates trannies too, every couple of days there'd be a post that trends for at least half a day about the violent, male bullshit that tims do

No. 996826

This is absolutely embarrassing to read. Hope you get over your self hatred because you sound absolutely retarded. Congrats on throwing another black woman under the bus in your spergout, by the way.

No. 996830

this is an image board no one gives a fuck about race, Anglo. Cry about racial oppression literally anywhere else but here.

No. 996848

You’re white, shut the fuck up I hope your entire race eventually dies out lmao

No. 996850

File: 1639679214198.png (1.34 MB, 1474x1519, 1639368845736.png)

No. 996851

File: 1639679217333.jpeg (Spoiler Image,12.23 KB, 132x234, 0B7A3AD0-52F0-4492-81F2-C6618D…)

I’m literally black anon. Unlike you, I respect myself enough not to obsess over race. Grow up.

No. 996855

Your race will always matter in this world, I’m never going to be like you because I’m not going to compromise my values just to be accepted by a bunch of anonymous two-bit asian and white women who watched too much gossip girl episodes

No. 996857

You're never going to be like her because you're never going to be a woman and your "values" are incel garbage you picked up from other retarded scrotes lmfao

No. 996858

You’re insecure. We get it.

No. 996861

You’re racist, we get it.

No. 996865

File: 1639679825852.jpg (13.03 KB, 474x315, angrywhiteman.jpg)

>You’re racist, we get it.

No. 996868

Kek I keep getting accused of being a tranny or a cracker scrote. I’m a black woman

No. 996870

Oh my god, are you the freak who constantly seethes about white and asian women? Everything makes sense now. Why do you even come here lmao

No. 996873

File: 1639680221917.png (1.14 MB, 1904x1008, dolezal20.png)

>I’m a black woman

No. 996879

File: 1639680333600.gif (6.18 MB, 540x450, Tumblr_l_579834471707767.gif)

The Mlk and X schism going down on lolcow lmao

No. 996881

She's hot.

No. 996883

Do I have to “prove” myself like the other black anon who has incredibly wide pores btw damn

No. 996884

No one cares angloniqua

No. 996891

File: 1639680830309.jpeg (Spoiler Image,569.69 KB, 750x940, ED361301-4731-4649-8DD0-C22C28…)

I am a black woman picrel is my boyfriend who is also black(racebait)

No. 996897

No. 996917

File: 1639682106917.png (Spoiler Image,9.28 MB, 3546x2268, 98A16C27-35FD-43F3-B4E3-18CA49…)

Yes, show us your hair care supplies.

No. 996933

Anon mentioned it once how is she seething
Oh ok twitterfags got here

No. 997099

Celebcow thread was better in /snow/. Yes I know it was originally in /ot/.

No. 997102

Never noticed the difference in quality tbh. Some of the longest body sperging happened when it was over there.

No. 997144

If you want to go deeper with the trans agenda look no further than 4chan. A whole generation of millennial men have been exposed to Traps, trannys and femboys to the point that they either want to fuck them or become them and 4chan s largely responsible for that shit as 4chan's existence has paralleled Millennials coming of age.

No. 997148

I can't stand this bitch

No. 997174

There's something nefarious about working in tech and I can't work out what it is.

On paper it seems like the perfect industry. It's in demand, they make absurdly high wages and they have amazing job security. Yet every person that works that job over time becomes a reclusive shut in and a constant whiner. Maybe it's anecdotal, but it's happened to everyone I've known that's got one of those jobs, especially with scrotes, it seems like a beeline to being a porn or video game addicted shut in loser that never does anything in life.

What is there about this job I'm not seeing? You don't get fired, you clearly spend half the day doing nothing. What's so stressful and bad? I actually avoided getting into CompSci myself because I was worried the same sort of disease that happened to people I know that got into it would happen to me.

No. 997183

I work in tech too anon, but in marketing rather than programming. I think a couple things are at play with why so many men in tech are extra weird and moody. Most of the best tech jobs are in cities with the absolute worst cost of living. So even though you are an engineer making an easy $170k a year, you still live in San Francisco and step over human shit on your way into your 700 sq ft apartment overlooking diddly. Same in LA, or San Jose, or Cupertino, or wherever. So the highest echelons of tech employment are also traps where you will never fulfill the American dream of home ownership and 1.9 kids and two cars UNLESS your company is sold, in which case you are going to be a few hundred thousand closer…but still no cigar. It's depressing.

Otherwise it is an industry still dominated by men (and the oldest among them - CEOs and shit - are also the least desirable men of their generation…70s - 90s nerds) and the egos of men are so easily deflated and that makes them rage or become depressed. I think as tech diffuses into being an industry presence in all American cities, and not just four or five of them, you'll see it A) become less male dominated because women are less likely to travel afield for their careers, so having a tech job near 'home' is more likely to have women employed there and B) be less shitty in general.

No. 997184

Well, most of the scrotes who get into tech in the first place are manchild narcs and obnoxious deviants who do it for an ego boost. It's also an industry heavily saturated with millennial/genz tech bros who are either angry for not being popular frat bros in college so they became them, or are openly sexist and enjoy the misogynistic atmosphere. The industry attracts incels and losers who have nothing but their supreme fedora intellect going for them and it shows.

I work in tech (in Europe, can't speak for the US) and it's a boring, soul-sucking industry on its own even without the toxic tech bro culture. No tech product you're tasked with creating has any other purpose than making money for the founder or investors. Sure they dress it up like that but most of it is useless crap. It also has the most unholy mix of lower middle class Muskrat-worshipping sigma grindset types and entitled rich boys who both think they're the second coming of Jesus. They have nothing going on in life except social signifiers of success and tinder fuckboy posturing.

I switched fields and went into agriculture, it's night and day. I make a lot less now but am overall happier because the people I work with now are well-adjusted, everyday normies who don't make being an INTJ their whole identity.

No. 997185

Am in compsci. Many people in compsci are aspies, it's just aspie behavior. Honestly compsci is a great career and I hope that's seriously not the reason you decided against it. I mean you're posting on lolcow people that post on chans aren't exactly normal anyway

No. 997199

File: 1639715858917.jpeg (177.85 KB, 750x514, 2BD98D46-A7DC-46DD-9A3E-BA8154…)

You’re not seeing the simple fact that in order to be good at what you do you have to spend copious amounts of time alone with a computer, which means your social skills regress. Most teens spends days stuck in their room working on projects just to get a good position somewhere; inevitably, they’ll be re-socialized into normie-autists—or they were autists all along, which is natural since this is the kind of work that attracts poorly socialized autists. As for the whining this is definitely something I have noticed as well, and I like to call it the Tori Amos Pretty Good Year Disease.

Every guy with a slightly weird or esoteric interests thinks that life is indebted to him, somehow; that he’s the main character, it’s his movie, and it’s going bad. And then you ask him what’s the interest and it’s the most run-of-the-mill hobby ever, trading stocks or messing with computers. And listen, there’s nothing worn with that, most women aren’t aren’t super interesting either. But then he hits 21, 22, 23, and he looks at Time: he realizes its passage in a very concrete, real way, truly begins understanding that year will pass, then another, then another, until he dies. Mortality and ambition. And when he finds that he has nothing to show for his pride, he inevitably turns bitter at 23. He’s not Elon Musk, waaaa, he didn’t do this good enough or do that early enough, waaaaa, he’s nothing compared to this guy, waaaaaaa. Listen, I get it, I really do — how many times do we see anons going “I’m 24 my life is over” in the vent thread? But that’s the thing, vent threads on imageboards exists.

No. 997201

they're so fucking disgusting. imagine being as privileged as these men often are and thinking your life is over at 23 and crying and whining, doing absolutely NOTHING for anyone, while so many are suffering. it's so sickening.

No. 997303

And so that's how do many turn into troons, it gives them a "purpose" and at the same times strokes their ego. It happened with one of my family, hes spoiled rotten by parents got school paid for, they bought a big house for him, he has an easy stable job that pays well. But everyday he whines about work being boring, his house stays empty, and he just plays online until bed time. They get the world and still bitch about it.

No. 997393

File: 1639748760793.jpg (83.45 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Maybe it's just me but anons simping for the neon hair undercut butch lesbian archetypes give me severe troon vibes. It's like what straight people think butch lesbians look like but with a sprinkle of moid-birthed "badass cyberpunk gf" fantasy that AGPs are going for.

No. 997394

I mean, this take isn't the worse I've seen but I'm starting to get sick of this design trope.

No. 997395

I haven't been able to get it out of my mind since Aaron Diaz made the Mary Sue main character in his comic into exactly like that and then subsequently trooned out himself clearly trying to skinwalk that unattainable waifu of his.

No. 997406

KEK holy shit you’re totally right

No. 997413

To be fair most of the time the only options are Male Gaze Butch or hyperfeminine straight-passing woman. I'd simp for real butches if I could find them.

No. 997812

Gif thread OP > png

No. 997939

I'm not saying cheating is right, but I've noticed that the vitriol against female cheaters is always stronger than towards male cheaters.
I do think this is for twofold reasons: First the conditioning that women are to be loyal to a fault, selfless, and nurturing even to shitty boyfriends and husbands at all times whereas "boys will be boys" if they accidentally trip into a different pussy.
And secondly, for the very reason relating to the former, that women so often have more justifiable reasons for having cheated than men do. I admire selfish women if it's fucking over an ingrate or abusive scrote who's pushed them.

No. 998846

File: 1639869746123.jpeg (Spoiler Image,75.02 KB, 720x849, FG3dIuRXEAEV3YF.jpeg)

I'm usually against China's censorship, or just censorship in general, but the edited Dragon maid version actually looks fairly decent. The red haired girl's desing looks pretty cute without the breasts bigger than her head.

No. 998851

the original looks fucking retarded

No. 998887

Hating on women with BPD is cringe, especially when a lot of borderline women usually are abused, traumatized, and abandoned. Kind of odd how some of the anons here advocate for more health awareness with women but talk shit about women who have a common mental disorder for their sex because who would have guessed it people with shitty attachment styles that have adapted themselves to are gonna be shitty people, but so are non-BPD normies so what’s the point?

No. 998896

I agree, and it makes me sad seeing how hating and ridiculing BPD became kind of a meme online, I know here on LC farmers ridicule every mental illness (in cow threads I mean) so I'll take it, but even in more "normal" circles where people already are decent enough to not make fun of things like depression etc, BPD is often treated like some nasty joke. It's such a life ruining illness and it takes ages to get any better, and so often coming from a very traumatic background, and it's not like BPD-chans chose this for themselves so seriously, why be so awful about it.

No. 998899

I’m recovered bpdfag and I will not stop hating. True it sucks seeing your past behavior in them. It represents the parts of me that I hate. But mostly, I’m working my ass off every day to be a semblance of functionality. And then there are women running around making it a point of pride. At what point are you gonna start taking responsibility?
It’s so embarrassing watching bpdfags masturbate themselves over how ~manipulative~ they are and then turn around to act like the ultimate victim. Like no, you’re not the mysterious, intense but troubled character in scrote movies. You’re a fucking mess and the people you managed to abuse were already damaged with low self-worth. You can, at any time, stop allowing others to abuse you, but you keep choosing it. At some point it’s 100% on you. Your tragic backstory excuses nothing. Everyone else can see through the bullshit. Do some DBT worksheets and grow up.

No. 998902

nta and not a bpdfag, but what about quiet borderlines? I do not argue they shouldn't seek help, just don't think they deserve hate. TBH I don't hate any of them personally

No. 998907

>I’m a recovered bpdfag

Kek the self-hatred and victim-blaming is immense.

No. 998909

I feel like BPD women, especially young attractive ones, get treated with kids gloves all the time and their crimes get overlooked and written off. That's where much of the frustration comes from with me, how they just do nasty things, manipulate people and leave a trail of destruction in their wake and then just move on. Even when they're involved in groups that are doing things like jacking police cars, they just seem to get by with "muh BPD" and avoid any serious consequences.

I also think a lot of female sociopathy just gets lumped into BPD. It's very easy to confuse unstable emotional states and manipulative behavior. To get an ASPD diagnosis you typically have to be doing violent criminal stuff, which women don't usually do, so they tend to just fall under BPD.

I can't feel any sympathy for them when they hurt their friends and family so callously all through their lives. Compared to the manipulative bullshit they pull, being mocked and derided online is nothing.

No. 998915

I won't ever get the hype around Haruki Murakami. I've read about six of his novels because a girl I knew adored his books, and each but one of those I read were just some weird semi-harem story with the same bland as fuck 3deep5u protagonist.

No. 998917

I don’t hate myself one bit for achieving stability. Keep having failed relationships and being miserable, don’t even try to improve, the next “favorite person” will save you for sure this time.

No. 998919

What crimes though? Yelling and insulting their equally toxic and useless boyfriend or girlfriend? Destroying their friendships, “hurting their friends and family”? You realize that isn’t an exclusively BPD thing right kek. What major crimes are they committing compared to the fucking insane scrotes who walk around causing terror in their own countries, raping and murdering all kinds of people who turn around and get sympathy from the public because they’re misunderstood mentally ill lost men? You’re just contributing to even more stigma against women with mental illness. Also having BPD is not even close to having ASPD.
>violent crime behavior blahblah another normie talking point used when a dumbfuck doesn’t know what they’re even talking about
You’re implying a lack of impulse control that could be a symptom of bipolar disorder or other mental disorders.

No. 998921

>muh self-hatred
Yeah how dare anon acknowledge toxic behaviour from people who share the same mental illness she used to have?. I don't think anyone should be forced to defend a group of people just because they have something in common. You can be a mentally ill/recovered person and you can still be honest about things ffs.

No. 998923

File: 1639878514307.gif (22.79 KB, 587x40, 74732EDE-A438-44C6-A602-4BE59C…)

No. 998929

"Just because others have it worse doesn't mean your problems/feelings aren't ~valid~"
Yes, it does. To a large extent. Shut the fuck up.

No. 998931

What I think is stupid is when people call any woman they disagree with (or find annoying) BPD, ASPD, NPD, etc. You even see anons do it here while infighting. Do you realize you can just dislike a person, and it doesn't mean either of you must have a serious mental disorder? Sometimes, people are just assholes
What's even more bizarre is when the people accusing try to do some underwater 5D chess and say "Yes, I myself am BPD (but I claim it bitch)". It just makes them look more unhinged than before

No. 998939

Don't act mentally ill then

No. 998941

Okay but making you mad isn't a mental illness kek

No. 998957

I think having very thin kids is just as creepy and abusive as having very fat kids. I had a friend growing up and when I stayed at her house we had no snacks and the family only ate once a day, with other meals being infrequent/discouraged. They were all rail-thin and ortherexic in that house. I always went home starving

No. 998958

I just think it's weird that you assume she hates herself for not liking bpd-fags when most people dislike them for a reason, it's such a wide-spread sentiment it's weird she's being framed as this ebul victim-blamer self-hater when anyone with a brain can notice they're nightmarish to be around, anon has experience as a bpd-fag and therefore she's much more justified in disliking them

No. 998966

Pewdiepie seems like a genuinely decent guy

No. 998982

Similarly Keemstar seems like a nice father and husband, I like that he went after Shadman when he drew that sexual pic of keemstar's daughter and even though his fans were calling him "triggered" he still went after them

No. 998993

>wide-spread sentiment of one single anon being called a victim-blamer with self-hatred

look at how ridiculous you sound and never type again, thanks.

No. 998996

Speaking up when some perv drew cp of his kid is like the bare minimum that a father could do. Is the bar really that low?

No. 999001

She's right wtf are you on about retard

No. 999002

For the post ironic culture of the Internet where the wrong you can be is offended by something, then yes

No. 999031

Some farmers blatantly have actual crushes on the cows here.

No. 999033

File: 1639894444819.jpg (197.11 KB, 1138x1101, wwizs7w1me471.jpg)

i am a based luna enjoyer

No. 999037

I'm not on there but this is not a surprise at all. Farmers may hate them but you know they'd love to have a dramatic romance with their cow of choice.

No. 999039

how did you improve?

No. 999040

Pretty much 9/10 of the guys on the /alt/cow thread

No. 999042

I don't browse that thread often, but I was in /snow/ yesterday and thought it was cringy that anons were posting outfits for Shayna. The same thing was happening in Katherine's (the burlesque one, I think there's multiple Katherines) thread, except with makeup.

No. 999055

That tumblr blog that posts lolcow caps is better than the actual lolcow caps thread right now

No. 999056

what blog is that

No. 999058


No. 999060

Old caps. Wheres the new stuff. Lazy blog

No. 999064

if a lot of them weren't such victim playing manipulative cunts, i'd sympathise more lol. when you deal with one really sick one it makes you realize how bad some really are, or they at least use muh bpd as a crutch and excuse for literally everything ever whether it's truly the bpd alone or what.

No. 999103

The BPDette cries in pain as she hits you

No. 999112

Black american men dressed and looked better when their fashion icons were Prince and Mj, not shitty gangsta rappers (im black american b4 racebait redtext)

No. 999116

File: 1639911915540.jpeg (31.04 KB, 250x218, D8C57F7F-C637-4593-8290-826A1F…)

Only pretty or attractive cows get white knights. Ugly women are never defended by anyone on here. A good looking woman will act like a retard constantly but still have Beckys screeching about how she’s “not a real cow” whereas ugly bitches are never defended. Even lolcows have pretty privilege.

No. 999119

Oh yes, because Lucinda is just goooooorgeous. Pretty privilege isn't a thing in the real world, only in imagination land with the kids.

No. 999120

lucinda is cute though, not pretty, plus in comparison to being pointlessly attacked by a needlessly rude aiden, people are going to defend her. she has twitter clout because her fans are significantly heavier than her, so relative to them she's "pretty". pretty privilege is definitely real, it's just that calling it "pretty privilege" doesn't give credence to the actual concept because it sounds silly and childish.

No. 999127

And shayna never get whiteknights I guess, go back to 4chan and Reddit so you can get more bottom of the barrel faggots praising you for being uwu not like other girls who believe in uwu pretty privilege, you loser.

No. 999133

I'd be curious if you could give examples of ugly female cows that people won't defend? the only indisputably ugly female cow I can think of is joysparklebs whose thread I never followed so Idk if people defend her. the other one would be giula (ready to glare) and yeah people do seem really harsh on her for no reason, call her a man etc. though she has had a few white knights. but maybe she isn't ugly by your standards, Idk.

No. 999134

trisha and ethan both get white knights kinda and they're ugly as fuck

No. 999143

Anon thinks everyone is totally beautiful, nonnie, whoever you name will be considered a beauty and to have a bunch of fans and not random whiteknights who pity the cows, because that totally never happens.

No. 999147

pretty privilege is a lie. The ugliest cows have whiteknights. It's hard to say being pretty is universally good. Sometimes it can have the opposite effect. People will be mean towards you for being pretty out of jealousy. It's more likely you will be objectified and it can make you unrelateable. There's a guy that got 10 million views off complaining about being ugly. In his case his ugliness became his luck. He got an entire YouTube career off being ugly. But take care saying pretty privilege does not exist on lolcow because the narcs that desire to be pretty , perfect and worshipped will attack you

No. 999148

This is correct. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all.

Ugly criminals get harsher sentencing than hot ones; obviously evolution has a bias towards forgiving people with good genes even if they're bastards. Not sure what you're bitter about tbh
Lucinda is ugly-cute; she has sped little sister energy so people feel protective of her. She means well, she's just a weird tard. She also has a better figure than most of her fat Aiden contemporaries. Faces aren't everything

I dont think Trisha & Ethan would be ugly if they weren't fat and insufferable. Personality plays a major role in how we perceive others even on a physical level. Liking someone softens their flaws and hating them sharpens all the features that distinguish them and makes them appear even uglier.

No. 999149

shayna isn't ugly tho so i'm not sure what point you're trying to make? she's kind of cute tbh, she's just heavy. she isn't ugly, she just doesn't take care of herself or know how to style herself at all whatsoever. at worst she's solidly average.

there's a difference between people having fans who defend them on the basis of being a fan, and then there are people who are otherwise more forgiving and partial to men and women who are attractive. rtg has fans because she has tapped into a niche, same as lucinda. it doesn't mean that being ugly necessarily garners nothing but hate, just that the more attractive a cow is, the more likely they are to have defenders despite their appalling behavior

No. 999151

you're a retard if you think beautiful criminals get less harsh sentencing. The justice system applies to everyone universally and does not take into account looks. You're a fucking retard

No. 999155

Kek, Google it and seethe

No. 999158

>The justice system applies to everyone universally and does not take into account looks. You're a fucking retard
you're really stupid. the justice system does not even REMOTELY apply itself universally. it's SUPPOSED to but it can be very rife with bias (not necessarily in regard to attractiveness, but that's one factor), that's not even a controversial statement. it's not free from bias in any sense. you're insane and completely ignorant.

No. 999211

BPD doesn't deserve sympathy. It feeds the monster. Most "bpd" people are just assholes who refuse to make better choices.

No. 999227

>The justice system applies to everyone universally
It should but it doesn't. The justice system is put into practice by humans and humans are flawed.

No. 999228

File: 1639928746840.png (37.53 KB, 850x428, mb.png)

pretty privilege only comes into play when interacting with members of the opposite sex, It won't matter how pretty a female cow would be on a lolcow
Look at the trial of the Menendez brothers for e.g, most of the women were far more supportive and willing to believe them then males

>In an unusual post-trial move, the lawyer for Erik Menendez invited seven sympathetic female jurors to her office where they told reporters on Saturday that a battle between men and women on Mr. Menendez's jury doomed the chances for a verdict.

>The women suggested that homophobia and sexism were common in the deliberations.

>"It was hostile in there," said one juror, Tracy Miller, 27, a bookstore clerk. "There were insults, sexual comments. They tried to outshout us."
>Another juror, a 36-year-old secretary who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said: "We were called ignorant asses and empty headed and 'those women.' We had one juror who would put on his sunglasses and be balancing his checkbook and cutting out coupons when the women were talking."

>One of the men on the jury, Mark Dearing, 44, an electrician who voted for first-degree murder, said today that he had done his best to be reasonable and cooperative.

>"I tried very hard to listen to everybody's point of view and I tried very hard to show my point of view," he said. "I don't know what I could have done to be more cooperative but I did give an effort.

>Although the Los Angeles District Attorney has vowed to mount a second trial, the female jurors said they believed the brothers should be allowed to plead guilty to manslaughter and not be tried again.

>Some jurors said they were moved to tears by the first day of Lyle Menendez's testimony about sexual abuse by his father.
>Betty Burke, an alternate on Erik Menendez's jury, said she was prepared to dislike the defendant: "I looked at Erik and thought, 'There's a killer.' " But she said his testimony turned her around.

>Hazel Thornton, 36, an engineer for Pacific Bell, said the jury even had trouble choosing a foreman because of sexual politics.

>"The guys would never have voted for any of us," she said. "So we took the least offensive man," a professor. Piqued by Homosexuality
>In deliberations, Ms. Thornton said, she tried to turn the talks toward issues like burden of proof or the concept of malice, but the male jurors were more interested in whether Erik Menendez was homosexual.

>When that issue was raised by a prosecutor late in the trial, Ms. Miller recalled that several of the male jurors showed new interest.

>"You could see they were really excited – they were going to hear some real dirt now," she said. "I think they came in homophobic and with their minds made up."

No. 999230

Calm down spaz

No. 999231

Pretty privilege exists and women who say it does not, or indeed froth at the mouth when someone says it does, just don’t want to accept the fact that people only like them because they’re pretty. Call it “the halo affect” or anything else you like but it is what it is, especially for women.
Also I’m painfully average looking so don’t project your insecurities on to me just because you don’t like what I’m saying.

No. 999232

I wonder how much of it comes down to basic self-care. People who engage in basic hygiene get treated better than those who are slovenly, greasy messes.

No. 999233

pretty privilege does exist 100%, it's especially obvious when you go from being ugly and fat to more or less decent looking and start noticing just how much nicer strangers are to you now

No. 999236

I lost 100 lbs and got treated better after, but I don't think it's because of "pretty privilege". I think if you don't care about yourself, people can tell, and treat you accordingly.

No. 999237

This isn’t even about being pretty or ugly, males and pickmes will always try to find a way to make women fight against each other for no logical reason.
>pretty or ugly
>black, white, asian or latina
>skinny or fat
>tall or short
>heterosexual, bisexual or lesbian
>big boobs or small boobs
>thigh gap or no thigh gap
>short hair or long hair
>pubes or no pubes
Just shut the fuck up already and go back to your incel cave.

No. 999239

Being pretty doesn't stop young women from becoming homeless or going into prostitution. It's only a thing in terms of human attention. People who think they're unattractive have shitty attitudes, and that's why people don't like them, not because they're ugly. And the human attention someone craves isn't something they're entitled to, that's an incel mindset. My grandmother is not an attractive person, but she was extremely popular and married a handsome man she wanted because she was confident in herself and a strong personality. My mother looks like a model but she was homeless at 20 and couldn't get a job despite having the experience necessary, and to this day is still constantly harassed and followed by men looking to take advantage of her. So what are the pretty privilege pushers looking to argue about exactly? They wish they were approached and harassed by strangers more often? They wish they were more objectified? They wish people would excuse their shitty attitudes and unlikeability? They wish people would disregard who they are as a person in exchange for how they look? Do you think pretty people don't have serious insecurities? Most people won't even admit to thinking that they are pretty, but you make it seem like it's a slight against you that pretty people just exist at all.

No. 999241

I'm not denying that pretty privilege exists but beauty is subjective to all peoples
what you might consider a good looking man/woman to you could repulsive others

No. 999243

sounds like you're the one who can't accept that people don't like you because you're a retard autist and not for your looks

No. 999244

Simmer down cunt. Remember you’re the one shouting down other peoples opinions in the “unpopular opinions” thread of all places.
So is white privilege just an incel psyop to divide and conquer women? Goddamn you’re retarded.

No. 999245

You have to remember, some nonas can't function in the world without the delusion that everything is an attack on women and THAT'S why they're such losers

No. 999246

You are not comparing white privilege to being pretty.. that's so retarded. Being pretty has no impact on your human rights and this site is for 18+

No. 999247

Being white doesn’t stop people from becoming homeless either, doesn’t mean they don’t derive some sort of privilege off of their whiteness. Increased attention can come in all forms: pretty children are better cared for, pretty students are offered more help and judged as more intelligent, etc. Numerous studies have been done on this. Sorry the truth hurts your massive ego.

No. 999248

KEK. Exactly. Some women are just fucking losers who can’t face up to their own reality. That isn’t the fault of scrotes.

No. 999249

Whatever; people help me because I'm appreciative, they think I'm smart because I am, and they think I'm pretty because they have eyeballs. You ever think that maybe people PERCEIVE others as attractive when they have a good personality? Sorry about your face/personality

No. 999250

>pretty children are better cared for
That's ridiculous, show some evidence
>judged more intelligent
Except pretty girls are called stacy bimbos. Pretty girls getting more attention from their teacher isn't this positive thing you're making it out to be, I highly doubt it's academic attention.

No. 999252

>being pretty to has no impact on your human rights
Being pretty changes how the world views your behaviour. It changes the amount of opportunities you will be offered. A pretty person with less skill and qualifications WILL be hired over an ugly bitch and that’s just the way it is. I’m sorry if it doesn’t fit your narrative.

No. 999253

That isn't how things work outside of movies and tv I'm sorry your world view is so skewed and your brain is so rotted from constant media intake. Improve your attitude and maybe people would stop ignoring you.

No. 999255

It IS academic attention, that’s the thing. Pretty children are offered more help and given more care throughout their entire lives. They are handled with kid gloves.

No. 999259

Pretty people can never stop talking about themselves. Have you noticed? They always treat people like an audience. I’m sure you do the same and that’s why you’re so fucking mad. You aren’t as intelligent and interesting as you think you are.

No. 999262

Girl I ain't even pretty, but it is so nice of you to assume so

No. 999263

not really, beauty standards still exists

No. 999264

>Uggo complaining about her life
>Thinks it sucks because other people are pretty


No. 999265

>pretty girls are called bimbo stacies!
Yesss because that’s like, the worst thing ever….wow. I feel sooo sorry for pretty women. It’s not like the vast majority of women in male dominated fields are attractive is it…
Get a fucking clue bitch.

No. 999266

That attitude is why you can't find a good job, Becky

No. 999267

wow, you're right. i've never seen an ugly woman in good employment, all of my superiors are modelesque. you've opened my third eye. i agree beautiful people are forgiven more often, like that 'moral has aesthetic criteria' saying went where it made an example of someone killing a roach versus a butterfly, but you're going into delusional territory.

No. 999268

Can you cite any non-celebrity examples or did you come up with this while watching Entertainment Tonight?

No. 999269

I said don’t project your own insecurities on to me. I’m average looking. I get some attention but not a lot. It’s very easy to observe the favourable treatment that better looking women get.

No. 999270

You probably failed to notice that they're charming because you're so looks obsessed, retard

No. 999271

My citation is this: I live in the real world and I am not a zoomer stuck on tiktok

No. 999272

Are you proud of this??

No. 999273

KEK. They don’t need to be charming. Or interesting. Or intelligent. Or witty. They just show up and shut up and that gets them hired.

No. 999274

get a grip

No. 999275

Yeah maybe people dislike you because you're dumb, not ugly? Your source is … you? That was a softball and you just dropped the bat on the plate.

Are you a scrote? (real question)

No. 999276

Yup that's how we make our profits here in the big city.

No. 999279

Acknowledging that pretty women are treated better does not make me looks obsessed.

No. 999280

File: 1639931564669.jpg (33.23 KB, 354x500, 981478864248ef31a964a1e75857e0…)

I disagree still, there are men who are genuinely only attracted to women with bodies like Keira Knightley and other men who are attracted to women who like Megan Thee Stallion

No. 999282

Acting like looks are the primary reason for women's success is pretty looks-obsessed imo

No. 999283

No. 999284

I always felt sorry for her breasts in that movie, the outfit looks painful.

No. 999285

It’s not the “primary reason” but it makes a huge difference to your success. Pretty people telling ugly peoples that it’s all because of their “attitude” or “perspective” are ignorant.

No. 999286

Ok so quick question
Two women of the same race, both minorities in a majority white space
One is pretty, the other is ugly
Who do you think will have a less rough time?
It's not the exact same as white privilege, but it's real and it does make a difference lmao

No. 999287