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File: 1669653482338.jpg (105.17 KB, 640x640, ab6761610000e5eb022de38f79e17e…)

No. 1424437

Board rules, no racebait, ignore & report bait.
Previous thread >>1406912

No. 1424440

Ok so has anyone noticed that most hyper-masculine men tend to be closeted gay or tranny chasers.

No. 1424459

People who don’t know how how to do laundry, cook or wash their ass have a learning disability. I don’t care if you were raised by neglectful parents you are retarded and need to ride the yellow bus.

No. 1424466

I think you mean “ride the short bus”. Unless you’re insinuating all American children are retarded. The retards go on a different, shorter bus so that they don’t drool on the normal kids or something.

No. 1424481

Yes and they eventually troon out themselves

No. 1424495

Haircuts are a scam. It's just a way to get you in the door to try and upsell you more services and products. Every time I've gotten a haircut the lady negs me about my hair to swindle me. No more, I'm wise. If you have a basic haircut like me they are honestly useless

No. 1424499

File: 1669657847149.gif (39.56 KB, 220x292, FF887212-D776-4C0F-ABB4-5192D5…)

>Unless you’re insinuating all American children are retarded

No. 1424504

Sure Bluey might be better for kids than shit like cocomelon but it's still very ugly to look at and watching it as an adult is fucking weird. I hate their stubby bodies and their voices are so grating

No. 1424509

No. 1424513

Have never experienced a hair cutter asking me if I want to buy more things from them. Maybe you just go to bad hair cutters.

No. 1424518

I just hate the dynamic especially when they give me their card and are desperately trying to retain me as a client when I don't even know if I like the cut yet. I'm surprised you've never been upselled on products at a salon you must be lucky

No. 1424544

you hush
(also the voices are ACTUAL children, they're going to sound annoying)

No. 1424602

I hate inner corner eyeliner. It's always way too harsh, it works with some out there makeup looks but it looks so weird with light makeup on.

No. 1424740

For me it's the accents, like they sound way too proper and not like any Australians I've known. But maybe ive only ever befriended weird bogans. And Im sorry but I think their heads are too big kek

No. 1424789

You have to let your cat outside to be healthy. Outside cats have stomachs of made of iron and don’t get sick as easily.

No. 1424795

File: 1669672844282.jpg (45.38 KB, 700x467, happy-woman-with-afro-hair-sty…)

the replies you're gonna get…

No. 1424796

it always makes me think of boxxy or shoeonhead

No. 1424797

Sure, but they should be supervised and some people who have outdoor cats are irresponsible

No. 1424803

Not getting upset stomach doesn’t mean they are immune to parasites and toxic god knows what. Just let them roll in the dirt in the backyard and eat some grass supervised.

No. 1424804

This is only American/Anglo bullshit about keeping cats indoors 24/7 and only feeding them Approved Pet Doctor Food

No. 1424808

Outdoor cats are absolute blights on the local ecosystem though. They kill for fun, not always for food.

No. 1424813

If your cat didn’t grow up scavenging, it’s already too late. Outside cats can end up having weaker immune system from its body constantly being under stress and die from diseases that an otherwise healthy active indoor cat would have survived.

No. 1424816

It's not safe in a world of cars, psychotic scrotes (and women), bigger animals that might hurt them, etc.

No. 1424820

This, a cat was dead in the middle of the road (assuming got hit) before I went to work. There is rarely any good out of letting a cat roam out, especially in urban /city areas.

No. 1424822

None of these are relevant issues for me because I am an adult who knows how to properly assess risk

No. 1424823

I hate keeping my cats indoors most of the time because I know animals belong outside but I've known so many people who's indoor/outdoor cats never came home randomly, not to mention news about psychos killing cats locally, that I can't bear to let them free roam in suburbs let alone city. If I was more rural I would also be worried about coyotes and irresponsible dog owners that let them run wild (I had a puppy killed in my own yard by coyotes when my mom put her out unsupervised while I was at school). Only if I lived in middle of nowhere with no remotely nearby farm owners would I maybe let my cats free roam because they can climb to evade at least. I think that supervised yard time is good compromise for their mental and physical health. I don't really care about birds etc being hunted but I understand it's not good for ecosystems.

No. 1424826

Unless you're following your cat everywhere or know literally everything/everyone in your community and their going-ons, this is a fat cope. "Muh risk assessment" can not reverse a speeding vehicle.

No. 1424829

>"Muh risk assessment" can not reverse a speeding vehicle.
as someone studying public relations, i can confirm that risk assessment or management more generally even cannot, in fact, reverse a speeding vehicle

No. 1424835

I feel like I've had this argument a thousand times. My cat goes out into the backyard, rolls around, digs in the dirt to shit, and comes back inside. There's no "native wildlife" to kill because we live in Buttfuck Suburbia and she is ten years old. She is not retarded enough to go out into the street and I do not live in a tent next to the highway. Fucking retard like every other American giving me endless "advice" on this topic. Don't cry at night because I fed her some eggs either.

No. 1424840

See you in the Pet Loss thread, nonnarino.

No. 1424843

don't come crying to us when it inevitably gets hit by a car and dies

No. 1424845

Fucking idiot, if you're tired if arguing about it then why do you keep talking about it? And cats can eat eggs.

No. 1424846

File: 1669675843017.jpeg (61.27 KB, 736x736, 627B3E5B-D438-4239-82CF-C8AAE3…)

I’m extremely jealous of skinny flat women who pull off the baggy clothes look effortlessly.
Having large boobs ruins it and basically makes you look pregnant and way fatter than you really are.
I wish I could wear this style without looking like potato or a garbage bag.

No. 1424847

cats are not smart enough to know not to go into the road KEK. everyone i know who felt the same way as you do changed their mind when their cat got ran over and died.

No. 1424848

Not American, just not a retard. Your copes are irrelevant, just don't get a pet if you can't or don't want to care for them. Hope your cat gets a better owner before your dumb ass gets him/her killed.

No. 1424855

File: 1669676282275.jpg (53.8 KB, 500x369, rL5F1ng.jpg)


Dumb hoes mad because someone has more common sense than you.

No. 1424857

So you’re just letting your cat in the backyard….. That’s not the same as an outdoor cat, meaning it freely roams anywhere up to 2 mile radius. Dumbass.

No. 1424860

That person sounds like an attention whore who doesn't even own a cat tbh, they just saw that people care about this topic

No. 1424861

I'll feel bad when your cat dies nona. Poor thing deserves someone who loves it. Also, keep seething about americans kek rent free

No. 1424863

Everyone who advocates for outdoor cats has never had to drain an abscess themselves. I'll never forget the smell or the wound. All of my future cats will be indoor only with a catio or supervised outdoor time.

No. 1424866

LOL "uhh you don't even own a cat"

No. 1424868

call me schizo but it is sus but sometimes nonnies on here will die on very stupid hills

No. 1424875

Yeah, and they always have bitch-baby meltdowns when they don't get the responses they crave, kek. I'm sure it's Twitterfags or bored scrotes trying to own le femoids.

No. 1424880

seriously. and the argument is so stupid "they want to be outside!" dogs also want to be outside and can survive outside on their own to an extent but pets are raised to depend on us.

No. 1424885

Most dogs cannot survive outside on there own like cats. Cats will go play around in the backyard for a few hours and come back in.

No. 1424889

Men with small dicks are disgusting and deserve rejection.

No. 1424892

I mean the same could be said for dogs. In Mexico and India dogs are just always out and eating discarded food and trash, but they still get abused or killed or get diseases. The same can be said for Cats, though cats are (usually)smarter than dogs, there's still those same risks. If you let the cat out it would have to be supervised. You never know what could happen to them

No. 1424894

True but for people who live in nice areas letting your cat outside is fine. I can get it if you live in some poor ghetto tho.

No. 1424896

That poster got BTFO by multiple people, and all they can really do is call others poor for actually being sensible pet owners.

No. 1424915

No. 1424919

>Anglo bullshit
outdoor cats are standard in the UK. Some places don't even allow adoption if your home doesn't have outdoor access.

No. 1424920

this isn't true at all, something is wrong with you.

No. 1424929

I kind of want to disagree because men are disgusting in all shapes and sizes but I have to admit the small-dicked guys I've known have been especially disgusting and deserving of rejection, you are so right

No. 1424938

I think ginger men are cute and people are too mean to them for no reason. But maybe its just my leprechaun fever speaking.

No. 1424941

If you have backyard access you should get her a catio. She'll be able to get sunshine and outside time without the risks. Even if she doesn't go in the road she could get hurt by an unleashed dog or something.

No. 1424952

They are proven to live half the lifespan of indoor cats nonna, I don't think gut health can fix that.

>Some places don't even allow adoption if your home doesn't have outdoor access.
I'm german, but many animal shelters also have that policy on like 90% of the cats. I can understand it since a lot of them are neglected strays, which is tragic, since the shelters are in the city and most good owners don't want their cats to experience what >>1424816 said.

No. 1424963

i've found all of the gingers i've met to be either extremely beautiful or just plain ugly – no in-between. i work with two gingers (a man and a woman), and i think that they're both so cute; the guy has nice arms and freckles all over. and he's a total sweetheart.

No. 1424980

>I think ginger men are cute and people are too mean to them for no reason. But maybe its just my leprechaun fever speaking
It's because most of the redhead men in the public eye are the nerdy, losery ones like Ed Sheeran and Ron Weasley. The hot ones, like Michael Fassbender, and the cute ones, like Ewan McGregor, die their hair a lot so they don't really get viewed as a redhead by the public.

No. 1425025

Cats (and pets in general) are expendable creatures with a built-in expiration date and its pointless and stupid to get attached to them.

No. 1425027

Can be said about literally anything so why not enjoy those things

No. 1425028

What a stupid take. Everything has an expiration date, that’s a dumb reason to not enjoy them while they’re here.

No. 1425029

Not true, I have sacrificed several cat hater lifes to satan to expand my cat's lifespan. You are next.

No. 1425032

Don't ever own pets. Actually, end your life.

No. 1425036

Stacy shit

No. 1425048

>For me it's the accents, like they sound way too proper and not like any Australians I've known.
As an Australian they sound normal, we don’t all talk like bogans.

No. 1425059

your cat can't do that though you moron

No. 1425061

Wow ur so smart and truthpilled

No. 1425063

I live in a rural area and the main reason I have cats is to keep the rats etc out. Idg people who feed their cats all this fancy food and treat them like babies. The reason why we domesticated cats is to help keep out pests. I for sure love my cats but I wouldn’t keep one if they didn’t earn their keep.

No. 1425067

Ok that’s fine and all but have you ever been unconditionally loved?

No. 1425069

No and cats don’t unconditionally love me either.

No. 1425072

>Idg people who feed their cats all this fancy food and treat them like babies.
I don't get why it would be hard for you to understand why someone would like to treat another living thing they chose to take care of well, and look out for it's health.

No. 1425073

Oh..well I hope that changes for you soon. Sometimes people love things even if they don’t serve practical purposes.

No. 1425074

File: 1669689918532.jpeg (45.85 KB, 480x438, callate ridicula.jpeg)

>implying i wont just grow old with my parrot and vibe till we die

No. 1425076

It trips me out that people expect me to feed my cats better than I feed myself, like they will flip out over meow mix. My cat loved to 12 years on meow mix.

No. 1425098

kill yourself unironically

No. 1425110

Is this unpopular? This should be popular, because I agree. If a moids dick is smaller than 6 inches he needs to be killed

No. 1425124

File: 1669693741534.jpeg (220.83 KB, 667x1024, 9376DBE0-7C81-464C-83B8-E109AB…)

Emo, rocker, metal type guys want conservative looking normie girls. They aren’t attracted to women in their scene, they want the girls who they’d never have a shot with in high school.

No. 1425126

Now this is just truth.

No. 1425127

Didn’t you post basically this same thing in an earlier thread?

No. 1425128

Agreed as someone who was raised by a neglectful parent. Laundry and cooking is one thing but people who can't figure how to clean themselves properly are something else. It literally takes two braincells

No. 1425129

the same is true of intellectual or nerdy guys. men are absolutely mentally controlled by their experiences in adolescence and perceived rejection from over a decade ago thats why they fixate on high schools in movies and etc.

No. 1425130

I agree. I learned all that shit plus taxes and investing 101 via google and youtube. Theres no excuse to doomscrolling all the time yet not looking up how to function as a human

No. 1425131

Don't kill NLOGs fantasies shhh
On a real note you're totally right. It's so fucking weird seeing rocker dudes have such a variety of beautiful goth women and hot rocker chicks to choose from and they either choose Pinterest basic white girls or obese unwashed 12 yr olds

No. 1425132

who gives a shit what scrotes want? Embarrassing for you to care.

No. 1425133

This, a not insignificant number of those pop/punk band members were legit pedophiles. Who would want them?

No. 1425134

You seemed to really be triggered by that for some reason.

No. 1425136

This is so retarded. So, so retarded nonna. I was a metalhead for 10+ years, guys absolutely fall on their faces for that shit. You're just lame or a poser sorry

No. 1425137

Maybe when they are broke but the ones who end up rich always end up with the most basic pretty white girl types

No. 1425139

A lot of fat girls like to claim big boobs is the reason they look fat in clothes. No. Just no. I'm skinny with large breasts and in baggy clothes I just look skinny with big boobs, having big boobs wouldn't magically add 20 lbs to your arms and stomach just because you wore baggy clothes, having big boobs makes the clothes drape loosely around your waist and concaves in

No. 1425140

"Rich people want other good looking rich people"

Don't think it has anything to do with alt scenes or anything like that

No. 1425141

They don’t usually pick good looking women from their scene though. It’s always some Britney Spears type.

No. 1425142

Anytime anons discuss the dating world there's always a stupid anon who chimes in "OMG WHO CARES WHAT MEN THINK". Kek I'm a lesbian and made a post ages ago about how men have shit taste usually and still got the stupid replies. People are allowed to discuss and laugh at men's preferences without it actually affecting our lives

No. 1425144

There's plenty of hot rich goth girls though kek

No. 1425146

File: 1669695265725.jpeg (46.19 KB, 720x480, A02CA05C-CA4E-4CC4-95C6-275CA3…)

Even the most edgest of edge lords Marilyn Manson rarely dated goth girls

No. 1425150

I'm sorry you're really set on proving to me that any given famous musician will want to date a Stacy. I don't think it's an unpopular opinion nor does it make me feel upset about it. Why does this bother you so much?

No. 1425153

No one’s trying to upset you. I just made the observation that these men usually want basic looking women and see the women in their subculture as whores even though they dress the same way.

No. 1425154

they are trash anyways any exotic flavour of moid is only hot in movies/anime. Irl they are super ugly and are just the same shit with a different smell. I would rather go with a normie moid at that point.

No. 1425156

They see "women in their subculture" (uh, it's ours too) as whores? Are you sure that's what's going on here? I think you don't understand male psychology as well as you think you do.

No. 1425163

Nta but that's not even close to what the anon said and she doesn't seem remotely upset, just pointing out something weird.

No. 1425170

nta even the broke ones are like that if they get the chance. I remember back in highschool this autistic metalhead guy who got with an upper middle class Stacy. They moved in together in a container home, she had to work to support them both, because he was too autistic for public transport or driving. She told me that at some point he stopped wanting sex. She was just a status symbol to him he could brag about and mooch off of. She was tricked by the modelesque looks and the tism just seemed like shyness to her at first.

No. 1425171

well that's just your experience, in my HS there were only 5 alt kids(2 boys and 3 girls including myself) and we all stuck to each other and we dated as well, one of the guys ended up becoming a jock type when he got older and the other is a basic normie liberal but when they are alt they dated alt girls

No. 1425179

Yeah I know that incestuous nature of alt groups back in the day, I used to be in one too and had a massive monopoly on all the bicurious alt girls because the boys wanted Stacies and I looked like a generic emo pretty boy if you squinted. Even if they date other alt girls for a while, they all pined for the popular girls.

No. 1425184

I get what that anon was trying to say, i remember a lot of male metalheads attempting to gate keep the whole genre trying to say that most women into the music were lying and just looking for attention. I've seen my fair share of female metalheads who have that bimbo thing going on, but imo i don't think those women are pretending to like metal. It's just that a lot of male metalheads are vile incels and anon was more so talking about their opinions rather than her own.

No. 1425185

>Getting with pretty alt girls moids neglected by looking like them
Stacy energy

No. 1425187

File: 1669698780500.jpg (142.81 KB, 1200x1026, 542051308_gene-simmons-shannon…)

It's because they try to keep the edgy charade in order to seem more manly and mysterious, so they associate being edgy with being masculine and a woman being edgy like them to them is just another man. Rocker guys who do have rocker girlfriends end up dumping them and getting the typical bimbo gf once they make it big. It's a waste of time

No. 1425195

Well if your mainstream then your not really metal in the first place

No. 1425200

I think your experience might be the outlier. >>1425124 is 100% correct in my experience from my own life to even seeing celebrities. As an alt teen/younger adult I only ever got attention from normie guys. Now in my later 20s I dress like a normie (but still listen to metal) and it's the most attention I've ever gotten from metalheads. I don't get it

No. 1425202

No. 1425212

I agree with this. I was quite alt in highschool and the one emo guy I liked would always go for the more basic, normie looking girls, and the guys that ended up wanting me were normie themselves.

No. 1425214

File: 1669703601934.jpeg (546.94 KB, 828x822, 83D626B0-E201-4C57-99CA-09202E…)

Nah having wide set shoulders, large boobs wide hips ,and a big ass make people who wear the baggy look like a garbage bag. People with that body type always have to do the waist cope (as I call it) and find a way to cinch your waist with a belt or any kind of tie so you’re not mistaken for a fatty.
Kamie Crawford is the best irl example I can think of with this body type. She looks so boxy and bulky in baggy clothes but in normal clothing she has a gorgeous body.

No. 1425222

I kinda miss the part of fujoshitism where you could shit on female characters without being called an NLOG/having internalized misogyny. I really hate most female characters, specially in videogames.

No. 1425224

File: 1669704996099.jpg (17.09 KB, 520x520, 36ba1e712460a1a8473f7364eeadfd…)

No. 1425228

I agree! I think it’s because a lot of female characters are written by moids, they’re projections of their ideas about women. That’s why it feels impossible to relate to them. Not to mention that the interesting roles and backstories are usually given to male characters. Complexity is something only moids are capable of in the minds of male game designers.
I’m playing Persona 5 for the first time (it was just ported to Switch) and it is frustrating that although the idea is that Ann is underestimated for her looks and is rebelling against being objectified, her character and persona is still rooted in sex and the male gaze etc.
Like turning her into a dominatrix with a dominatrix persona isn’t rebelling against male objectification. It’s just coomery in a different flavour.
Also of course her tarot card is the Lovers. It reminds me of how in every anthro representation of the seven deadly sins, they’re all men apart from lust who is a woman.

No. 1425233

File: 1669706538944.jpg (100.08 KB, 900x707, 1656792368519.jpg)

I totally agree. For me there are 3 type of female characters
>the ones made by women
either boring self inserts or made to appeal to the male gaze
>the ones made by men
sadly the most interesting female characters to me, ugh. When i find a really cool female character and i know its written by a man it absolutely ruins it for me. Happens 100% of the time.
>the corporations that wants to be seen as cool with the kids and try to pander to woman
the absolute worst type of female character, its always the generic bad girl with a buzzcut or some ''need no man'' libfem type character.
Also fandoms with no female characters tend to be more woman friendly since men cannot coom to it and always develop some based fujo communities, like TF2. Maybe i am just blinded by my hatred towards men, i dont want them to have more characters to coom to.

No. 1425235

She doesn't look fat or pregnant though. Although I can see how broad shoulders can make one look bigger than they actually are. But fat girls do use the "I just have big boobs" excuse to cope

No. 1425241

And fujos wonder why anons are always saying they dislike them.

No. 1425243


No. 1425246

This is dumb and I’m not even anti fujo, just anti retard kek. You must only watch anime pr something to think that all woman characters are either boring self inserts or coom bait. God forbid women make something for themselves or have something made for them, only scrotes can be important characters.

No. 1425252

this is why i miss the fujoshits, you could actually discuss why the characters are shit instead of ''omggg god FORBID women make shitty self inserts in romance movies!!!1!'' and turning it into some weird antiwoman statement, when it never was. The only female character i like is Kim from BCS and even then she was there most of the time just to give Jimmy a motivation and sacrificed herself several times for him while he kept putting her in awful situations thanks to his selfishness. Most female characters are fucking shit and the ones that dont its because moids want to coom to them, which is super gross.

No. 1425255

>most female characters are shit
You sound like an ayden kek. You have to have the depth of a rain puddle to be saying all women characters are shit, have you seen male characters? Just because they do not appeal to doesn't mean they are shit, and it's retarded to shit on all female characters in media because it doesn't appeal to your sexual interest. You must be a certain age to post here you know.
Also >>1425241
Some underage fujos cope about hating all other media being somehow worse than bl/yaoi because they are embarrassed over their interest being shit on by moids and rather than being based, they try and say "n-no don't laugh at me and think I'm lame, look over there at yumejos(or whatever), they're totally way more embarrassing right?".

No. 1425256

Yeah, actually the instant un-nuanced responses here that are just “nobody likes you fujos!” smell a bit scrotey to me. Why can’t we talk about how we’re represented in media? Why can’t we explore why a lot of female characters leave us cold?
I can relate to all the female characters from Aggretsuko and Tomoko from It’s Not My Fault I’m Not Popular, because it’s media made with women in mind. But most mainstream stuff is made for men because male is considered the “default setting” by other men. It’s 100% okay to hate female characters if you have reasons beyond “she’s a woman”.

No. 1425260

You can, you just can't say even the ones women make for themselves are shit, male characters are 99% inserts but female ones are shit? Also, a lot of bl boys are inserts for the female readers, like how gay scrotes seethe that bl boys are written like women/for women. They too are just self-inserts or written too perfect to appeal to women (like the women being written for coomer scrotes), pretending it's different between non-fujos and fujos is retarded.

No. 1425261

>But most mainstream stuff is made for men because male is considered the “default setting” by other men. It’s 100% okay to hate female characters if you have reasons beyond “she’s a woman”.
Fair position and I agree, I just mean saying all female characters are either self-insert mary sue types or coom bait is dumb and even if some are women should be afforded the indulgence since scrotes are catered to in a much worse way.

No. 1425271

File: 1669709888880.png (534.42 KB, 883x851, [22-01-28] 1487069818700238850…)

i remember discussing about stuff like that with other fujos a few years ago, we realized that the reason why we liked yaoi was either because it let us explore our sexuality in a setting where we werent the subject of sexual objetification or we just were more dominant and we didnt identify with the weak bitch protagonist of most shojos and their abusive love interests. I also hate the ''BUT WHAT ABOUT MALE CHARACTERS THEY ARE BLAND TOO!!1!'' i dont consume media made for moids so i dont care about the generic self insert from a haremshit anime, and when i do play media made for men its actually good shit where i can sexualize the cute male protagonist. There is also WAY more diverty with male characters than with female characters, all media is too pussy to give us a fucking roided up woman that looks like Sally Mcneil, for example. Everything panders to moid so its impossible we will ever get good, diverse female characters. Overwatch is the best example, we get an older woman? ok but she has to have no wrinkles and look equally hot as the other younger female characters so the moid fanbase can still coom to it. I can count with my fingers the female characters i like(Kim, Veronica, the sisters from ginger snaps, Lee Geum-ja, Samus), and most, if not all, were written by men.

No. 1425273

>smell a bit scrotey to me.
This literally makes no sense considering what I was replying to, and proves that anons just throw male accusations whenever they don't like something.

No. 1425278

Legit psychopath mindset

No. 1425282

File: 1669710509111.jpg (428.26 KB, 1080x923, 1669201000691.jpg)

>You can, you just can't say even the ones women make for themselves are shit
never understood this, why not? why are other women shielded from criticism? reminds me to when people defended 50 shades because ''its a woman exploring her sexuality, let her be!'', then scrotes ended up murdering women doing the retarded shit she wrote on her fucking book. Women with internalized misogyny should be told they write shit characters, their shitty characters do nothing but hurt women. Thats why so many aydens troons out, because women in media are so fucking unidemsional.

No. 1425285

no wonder you all troon out, if this is your mindset

No. 1425288

>aydens, who are tomboyish, dont feel identified with most female character in media who are presented as weak, sexualized and with coomer body proportions or bossy, bitchy, know-it-alls
>must be the women writting gay porn in her basement fault

No. 1425294

Sure, my bf having 21 years with his childhood cat lines up with that completely.

No. 1425296

Are fujos sheilded from critiscism? How is their self-inserting and pandering? They are no different to the women being pandered to with mary sue characters, male characters are not deep, and bl men act nothing like men and are unrealistic self-inserts for women that gay men complain about (not that their opinion matters because xy kek). 50 shades is not all female media. Didn't you complain about libfems while now saying women made media is problematic? Women with internalized misogyny reeing that all female characters are shit should be told they hold shit opinions kek. You are no different and are obviously underage.

No. 1425297

>50 shades
Lots of fujo made media like fanfic and novels and bl/yaoi contain rape, underage pedo stuff, and abo stuff.

No. 1425301

I hope you can accept that the same is true of you, and you don't seek out love/care kek

No. 1425306

i come back nearly 5 months later and you guys are still going on about fujos?

No. 1425307

Please point me to all the generic bad girl with a buzz cut and "need no man" attitude characters besides Furiosa and the teenage girl from deadpool.

No. 1425311

Nta but not all aydens are tomboyish and many have fujo ships and identify as a character they are trying to skin walk. You complain that even female made characters in media are bad and cringe self inserts (ignoring male made and female made media ones are often as well if not 100x worse), but then say because media is made by scrotes women troon out. You want to complain about the problem and the solution of women making stuff targeted at women. Sperging about 50 shades doesn't change the fact that their are bl 50 shades analogs and non-50 shades female centric/starring media exists.
>says girls troon out because people hate tomboys
>other fujo or literally same poster >>1425233 complains about tomboyish characters for having buzzcuts
You're just saying anything to defend your tastes while trying to feel superior or less embarrassed because scrotes hate bl shippers because ew gay.

No. 1425312

>Are fujos sheilded from critiscism? How is their self-inserting and pandering? They are no different to the women being pandered to with mary sue characters
Most yaoi content was made as an alternative to the generic derivative shoujo. Unlike shojo where its 99% school romances, yaoi is more varied. The characters arent gendered so you can enjoy it without self inserting, or self insert as either the more dominant or submissive character. Meanwhile shoujo female characters are always in submissive roles, being humilliated and abused by their male ''romantic interests'' or have the personality of wet cardboard.
>and bl men act nothing like men and are unrealistic self-inserts for women that gay men complain about
yeah duh thats the appeal? but you dont have to self insert, though.
>50 shades is not all female media
its only one of the most popular examples of how female media is misogynistic. Here is another, Twilight where the main character and love interest is canonically a preadator.
>Didn't you complain about libfems while now saying women made media is problematic? Women with internalized misogyny reeing that all female characters are shit should be told they hold shit opinions kek. You are no different and are obviously underage.
first of all never said ALL female characters, said MOST. And yes most women made media just pushes the gender stereotypes and roles, good luck finding any romance media written by women where the woman is the dominant(and doesnt switch to sub when in bed).
what does that have to do with anything? shitty fanfics/novels written by fujos and who are read by 3 other fujos arent comparable to a million dolar budget franchise that normalized women abuse by painting it as ''kinky'' and ''romantic''. Men arent getting raped/hurt because fujos think ''he must like it he's just playing hard to get!''.
>literally gives examples
>but those dont count because i said so

No. 1425313

You literally only read yaoi. No wonder you are sperging all female created female characters are bad kek.

No. 1425315

two out of countless actually generic standard hyperfeminine characters isn't exactly evidence of some sort of epidemic of female gnc characters. I wish what you were complaining about was true.

No. 1425316

>3 other fujos read the dumb fanfics
Most fandom fanfics are written by fujos, and lots of them like the degen ones. Cope that you are different/better.
>aren't gendered
… do you see male as default? This sounds like when men say women should deal with not having good female characters because they should relate to men.
>you don't have to self insert
The point is many do while you excuse it for fujo content while saying its cringe for non-fujo women content and claim it makes fujo stuff superior.
>I didn't say ALL female characters were bad!
>>1425233 says there are only 3 types of female characters, all some flavour of bad.

No. 1425318

don't be such a faggot

No. 1425320

have you seen the type of characters aydens skinwalk? its always gross/unhinged characters that dont have a female counterpart. Its never the ''cool strong girl with buzzcut'' companies try to force upon people, its always characters that companies dont have the BALLS to make. Like god luck finding the female counterpart of Dale, Dan Vs, the doctor from Venture Bros, Rick, or whatever other weird character aydens skinwalk.
you have a lack of reading comprehension or have ADHD because a few posts above i gave example of movies and show i watch that arent even anime.
>Most fandom fanfics are written by fujos, and lots of them like the degen ones. Cope that you are different/better.
that has nothing to do with my point. My point was that you cant compare a fanfic that is read by very few people to a fucking super popular movie like 50 shades. And that there is nothing wrong with a fujo being a degen since there is literally no harm whatsoever.
>do you see male as default? This sounds like when men say women should deal with not having good female characters because they should relate to men.
again my point is that in yaoi you arent forced into a gender stereotype like in shojo.
>The point is many do while you excuse it for fujo content while saying its cringe for non-fujo women content and claim it makes fujo stuff superior.
it is superior, even if you dont like it it has way more variety than shojo. Most shojos dont go beyond ''ehehe senpai notice me tehehe'', and at most they kiss at the end of the show.
>says there are only 3 types of female characters, all some flavour of bad.
i said that i liked the second type, the ones made by men, but that them being written by men ruins them for me, not the characters themselve but the implication that some moid made them because he wanted to coom to them. The worst example is madoka magica, really good show, but why the fuck is a grown ass men writting about middle school aged lesbians and women suffering if it isnt because he cooms to it? its weird when you see it like that, which sucks.

No. 1425322

I'm guessing you buy kittens off of facebook marketplace to not know this. Most rescues make sure you have outdoor space and a lot won't even let you adopt if you live on a main road. If you want to adopt a cat and keep it indoors, they will most likely offer you senior or ill cats that face danger going outside.

No. 1425323

What about the movie call me by your name about pedoshit popularised by fujos kek? It's the same as 50 shades.

No. 1425327

>say you don't just read yaoi
>almost all justification is in bl language
>men aren't forced into gendered stereotypes
>doesn't like when women make media/characters that are forced into stereotypes
All these hotly typed text wall because you want to justify getting off to 2 dudes fucking in a world where scrotes will happily proclaim their love for lesbian porn and troon out (like more and more fujo aydens do kek). Why not be based rather than this pathetic coping? Enjoy what you want, just stop seething about women doing things for themselves because it is one less piece of media that you find hot.

No. 1425329

*aren't forced into stereotypes

No. 1425330

Skinwalking unhinged/gross characters doesn't mean a woman is a tomboy or dresses like one… This can obviously be seen in the ftm thread.

No. 1425333

File: 1669715435015.jpg (84.12 KB, 1024x834, who.jpg)

>movie by pedo scrotes
>for pedo scrotes
>winner of pedowood oscar prize
>somehow fujoshits fault
my first post wasnt even about yaoi, you and the other anons made it to be about yaoi because of your own hatred towards it. It was about how in (old)fujoshi circles you could criticize female characters without it turning into a shit show like in this thread. I am more of a yumejo than fujo(mostly because of the ayden invasion), anyways. I am guilt free of being a yume, because i enjoy content where women dont get degraded or used to push an agenda that ends up hurting us all.
they are tomboys whatever you like it or not (or gnc if you want to call it like that) could go more in deep about it but it has nothing to do with my original post anyways, you people brought aydens and trooning out out of nowhere.

No. 1425341

White men are the most naturally sexy scrotes but they have a short shelf life (18-23). It’s crazy seeing a beautiful blonde angel turn into a balding troll in a year.

No. 1425346

Its not just white men nonna, there are many beautiful men in my country who lose their looks almost instantly as well, granted racially speaking we are also Caucasian, so it might be phenomenon limited to Caucasians in general

No. 1425348

I agree and disagree at the same time. On average I find white guys a little bit more attractive (not even that many of them anyway, and never the pale ones with a pink undertone who can't tan because they look like corpses) but the very few times I find guys from my ethnicity attractive I think they're way more good looking. The issue is that I'm generally not into guys from my ethnicity because they're all stupid as fuck, muslims, want mommy gf who cook and clean everything for them, have the most unflattering haircuts and fashion sense and have a horrible complex over their naturally curly hair. And in their 30s they either get fat or are still fit because they're obsessed with working out so it's a gamble. Overall there are hot guys all over the planet but they're just rare no matter the ethnicity or skin color.

No. 1425353

File: 1669716965504.jpeg (63.19 KB, 640x639, 1618794770948.jpeg)

What's the point of making criticism of female characters some niche that only fujos brought into communitism? It's such a false equivalence, women have been discussing intentional and unintentional shitty writing of women for ages, the reason fujos got annoying in fandoms is because they were hard-focused on hating on female characters that canonically ended up with a member of their slash pairing even if everyone agreed they were underwritten characters

No. 1425355

tell me about it. i'm mixed and look 10 years younger and dating a guy who's 10 years younger than me who looks like a youthful elf, but i know he will look older than me in a few years…beauty is fleeting.

No. 1425357

>. The issue is that I'm generally not into guys from my ethnicity because they're all stupid as fuck, muslims, want mommy gf who cook and clean everything for them, have the most unflattering haircuts and fashion sense and have a horrible complex over their naturally curly hair. And in their 30s they either get fat or are still fit because they're obsessed with working out so it's a gamble.
What region do you live in, cause I feel that's the case with my Muslim country as well(as well as other online ex-Muslims that I have talked too)

No. 1425361

has to be north africa right?

No. 1425362

A lot of Japanese and Korean guys took up that poofy haired aesthetic and travel around Europe so I've seen them on OLD sites and they look really good. But I have the feeling they probably don't age into sexy middle-aged men either, not to mention they have some fucked up gender expectations and want the woman to adapt to their culture.

No. 1425363

File: 1669717835948.jpg (38.53 KB, 759x422, chai-wala_759_insta.jpg)

look what happened to chaiwalla, he's not even 30 yet

No. 1425368

he looks like every scrote ever from a bollywood movie

No. 1425371

Idk, he looks better on the right to me

No. 1425372

This. Never seen a Mayo scrote age well. They develop Hank Hill ass, droopy chipmunk cheeks and foundation coloured lips by 19. They’re single use. You open the package, take what you want, and dump the leftovers in the trash. Discard in 12 months before they shoot up a Walmart.
Nigger scrotes age very well but it doesn’t matter because they don’t ever look cute and boyish anyway. Who cares if you have a sharp jawline at 50 if I fucking hate old blokes? Just trade your Mayo monkey for the new edition every year like iPhone.(racebait)

No. 1425377

I'm born and raised in France, but I'm north African. And given how I was raised, I can barely relate to people from my generation who are also 2nd or 3rd gen north African immigrants. If only you could see these guys' hair, covered in dandruff and excessive hairgel. Disgusting. And they're all autistically obsessed with DBZ and Captain Tsubasa. Give me a normal looking guy like this with a good fashion sense, who isn't an autistic shonen jump obsessed weaboo and who isn't religious at all and I'm sold though but that doesn't exist. I think you're a bit more likely to find girls like that than guys, not even including me I've had female classmates in high school and uni who were like this.

No. 1425379

Hate moids but this post sounds gross

No. 1425380

Minority men tend to be radicalised. I bet you can find a normal girlfriend though.

No. 1425381

He looks good in both pictures, he needs to use sunscreen a bit more often for later though.

No. 1425383

I'm straight though. I talked about women more as a comparison because I'm a woman myself, without counting them as potential girlfriends.

No. 1425384

No. 1425385

Yeah, but such is life. Whatever I don't mind being single. Everytime I feel a bit lonely I see how most guys in my city are and I count my blessings kek.

No. 1425387

Honestly all a man needs (as far as looks go) is not being morbidly obese, clean hair and a decent cut and a sense of style. Hair and physique is one thing that most of them lose with time, but it's depressing how many can't fulfill no. 3, even though it's the only condition that is independent of genetics and only requires some thinking and money. I live in a majority white country and yet I can distinguish any white immigrants and expats at a glance from the local white men, because they don't dress like a teenager.

No. 1425390

>for pedo scrotes
It was the it book with women for a while kek, continue coping while seething about female characters.

No. 1425392

This. It's just fujos coping because moids shit on them because scrotes hate gay shit, so they try and cope to act superior rather than not giving a fuck because the ones posting this stuff are underage.

No. 1425396

No. 1425397

it was written and directed by scrotes with a gay scrote audience in mind and only hurts other scrotes. What does it have to do with fujos/women?

No. 1425398

ha ha ha, he's a pashtun he'd never do that

No. 1425399

>well it was written for men so it doesn't count that many fujos enjoyed it! Nooooo!
>seething about yume
Holyshit it was the anti-husbandofag all along who seethes about male dynamics being pure, even when a woman/man pairing is made by a woman to appeal to women. KEK.
Think you need to stop coping and remember >>>/ot/896192

No. 1425401

>You're falling into the trap of thinking gay relationships are pure because of the lack of power imbalance, when there is no power imbalance with something that isn't real even if it's straight.
It truly was just cope because it would mean competition…

No. 1425402

File: 1669720397936.png (763.47 KB, 844x605, 15422345.png)

I figured as much, thought I will say north african guys seem better looking then most arab and desi muslim moids, like the specific region I live in(due to my father's work) has just so many awful looking men, you either have sindhis who are like 5'4'-5'6 or muhajirs who are a little taller but still short and basically are just muslim pajeets with pube beards(they cannot grow proper beards if their lives depended it) and the only decent looking men are village tribals, who as stated here >>1425363 tend to age really badly

No. 1425403

I literally said I AM a yume, kek. Why do i even bother you tards cant even read.

No. 1425404

Dating is overrated, it requires so much investment for so little reward, especially when you're working for 40 hours/week, I don't want to waste my precious free time with somebody I'm probably never gonna see again.

No. 1425409

File: 1669721339174.jpg (22.84 KB, 640x360, _107963290_gettyimages-8416903…)

I think it depends on how they style themselves afterwards, men and women of all races need to realize their bodies aren't constant, what looked good on them a decade ago might not look good them as their bodies ago, a good example of this is David Bowie, as he got old he started leaning into his more masculine features to look somewhat decent(though I don't personally find him attractive), Herve Renard on the other is the only 40+ year old man I found attractive in my life(I'm usually only into young fit men)

No. 1425420

No idea how Pashtun guys are in general but man, what a waste if that's true. I wonder what he'd look like without facial hair.

In my case I'd say a lot of north African guys have very different height, the issue is that regardless of how they style themselves they're either good looking or normal looking or they look like inbred rats. The women tend to look good most of the time as long as they're not obese which is why I'm glad I'm an average looking woman and not an ugly, skinny manlet.

No. 1425428

File: 1669723714243.jpg (35.41 KB, 720x524, 7bc146fe2e.jpg)

>I wonder what he'd look like without facial hair.
sorta like this, if your wondering, yes they are all extremeeeely inbred, even by my nation's standards they are considered pushing it too far and marrying only with in their clan and not even their own ethnic group

No. 1425433

The guy on the left looks ok, the guy on the right looks meh.

No. 1425435

Men age really really bad in general though, all races, they're never as pretty as in their 20s. These "men age like wine women age like milk" is a fucking lie, only the minority of men age well and it's mostly genetics when they do. And I say this as someone who's into older men (but still find younger guys prettier ofc). Knowing how to style themselves, have the right haircut, being fit, right beard type or being clean shaven goes a long way to make up for it though. But once again the problem is they don't even try, as they age they settle on looking like shit and dressing on oversized tshirts and cargo shorts, getting overweight.

No. 1425438

that's the 50/50 of inbreeding. likes charles II of spain's sister had apparently no deformities or mental health issues, its still wrong though

No. 1425456

File: 1669725796574.jpg (83.68 KB, 1200x632, BB2dEp1Fy0biAzfie9ziYwpY6o4Rh9…)

White men are a'ight, most of them are average but the cute ones are super beautiful. (See Brendan Fraser who also aged badly tho) I think exotic looking men are the cutest tho, like dark hair, dark eyes, preferably an azn qt with dark straight hair and striking eyes.

No. 1425471

I don't like it either like the animation style is weird, it reminds me of wow wow wubzy. It's also boring.

No. 1425475

Based. I knew a ginger qt. He was like 6'2"

No. 1425476

They can have them. I want a dorky himbo

No. 1425482

File: 1669728655567.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 86.79 KB, 613x1100, agikun.jpeg)

That's okay. They will never be him anyway.

No. 1425485

File: 1669728773097.jpg (234.27 KB, 720x898, Screenshot_20221129-062932_Ins…)

Short guys are sohot, I'm 5'6" and I prefer men to be around my height because they are usually so cute especially, skellies. I used to wish i was shorter so I could look up at them like I do with tall guys but now I realize I quite like kissing someone my height. I also like hugging them and I prefer boyishly cute types to handsome Brad Pitt phenotypes.

No. 1425486

Piers looks so much better in fanart than in the actual game I sometimes feel scammed.

No. 1425508

I really like short men too. I'm 5ft and when I've had tall boyfriends in the past it feels weird and infantile because they always fetishize my height and maybe this is just me but I definitely feel more on edge around tall men because they quite literally look down on me. With short men you don't get that, plus a hug is nice with a man who's 5'6 or 5'7 ish. He's still taller than you but not in the way that it looks strange or he could easily just crush you kek.

Short athletic men are the best combo imo. They also tend to have bigger calves/thighs cos they're short and I cannot stand a man with slim calves or legs.

No. 1425510

I always liked short guys. My longest relationship was with a guy who matched my height, 5"4. The only issue tho.. so many of them have this massive chip on their shoulder, they're bitter with no end in sight. Even if you're into them.. fully into it, its too late. They already hate women on a whole other level.

I've noticed it alot more in the last few years compared to when I first started dating. My short male coworkers are a pain in the ass with how much they compensate in all the wrong ways.

No. 1425511

File: 1669731119013.jpg (367.59 KB, 1280x960, twitter.jpg)

Rice milk > Cashew Milk > Almond Milk > Soy Milk > Oat milk

I just fucking hate oat milk. It's the worst of the main plant milks. (The worst of all plant milks i've had is buckwheat, disgusting)

No. 1425519

Re: Balenciaga. I actually feel as if I’m going insane because I see literally nothing wrong with these images that these right wing conspiracy theorists are spreading. They say “the children are surrounded by BDSM gear!!” And then it’s literally normal sunglasses, necklaces, rings and other items Balenciaga sells. They say the photo shoot promotes child pr-n but they constantly repost it, like if it were abuse of children why would u post it. Because it’s fucking not it’s literally an innocent photoshoot promoting their products for holiday. It’s actually crazy to me that normies are saying Balenciaga is running a child s-x trafficking ring and saying “Kanye knew the truth that’s why he left” like be fucking for real

No. 1425522

real milk > cringe nut “milk”

No. 1425523

I want to try rice milk but it's so expensive. My go to is Almond milk, but I like oatmilk as my back up. Have you ever made oatmilk at home, anon? It tastes much better then store bought imo and it's super easy to make

No. 1425524

What is innocent about children being posed with teddies in bondage gear, surrounded by empty alcohol glasses and bottles?

No. 1425525

How do you explain the court documents in the back? They're child pornography cases.b

No. 1425528

What you posted sounds more extreme than what it actually is. The tinfoil thread has the photos posted in it, you should have a look yourself. It's not quite "the photo promotes cp" it's more like "why are the props in balenciagas photos related to child abuse?". The court document and book references are very sketch.

No. 1425532

Its obviously for promotion, super cringe and gross but its pure shock value and retards keep reposting and talking about it and giving it more publicity.

No. 1425536

Tastewise i'd place cow milk between almond and soy

No. 1425539

It’s not fucking alcohol. You are either bad faith or you’re braindead. They have empty wine glasses, coffee tumblers, and other cups that are products sold by Balenciaga on the table. You kno to promote their products on the website for fucking Christmas lol
Supreme Court cases are not copyrighted and are free to use. They just printed out random case for the background. They didn’t read it obviously. It’s not even apart of the same as campaign. It was a genuine mistake. They happen every day.
Props like sunglasses, necklaces, dog water bowls and products that the brand has sold for years and years are involved with child abuse? It’s just such a joke. Y’all are chronically online

No. 1425544

>Props like sunglasses, necklaces, dog water bowls and products that the brand has sold for years and years are involved with child abuse?
I didn't mention those, now did I?

No. 1425549

You’re purposely ignoring a whole lot here while focusing on the only mundane things

No. 1425551

>They didn’t read it obviously. It’s not even apart of the same as campaign. It was a genuine mistake. They happen every day.
Anon you're either a troll or really dumb. Every single object, even some tiny ones blending in the background are looked at and approved by multiple people in the process of making a promotional campaign. There's no way they didn't read it. It NEVER happens in big advertising.

No. 1425552

Which one of these doesn't curdle if you put it in hot coffee? I was sensitive to lactose for a while (which weirdly passed) but I just remember the struggle of trying to find something that suited coffee.

No. 1425556

So anon what “props” are so disturbing and involved in child sex abuse pls tell me lmfao. The only thing slightly inappropriate is the one bear in a body harness. The other bear just has on spiked bracelets, like that’s not even bad at all. Lmfao
Except there are huge, horrible brand fails all the time in marketing and advertising. There are not as many people behind the senses as you would think. Especially just for pictures that are social media posts. Plus, basically anyone with a degree can just get a job. You think the social media intern approves of pedophilia, the photographer, the editor??? Be for real. At max 10 people looked at it before it was posted. It was posted for a long time before people even noticed the background text.

No. 1425559

>hey didn’t read it obviously. It’s not even apart of the same as campaign. It was a genuine mistake. They happen every day.
stop sticking up for huge brands that will never give a shit about you. there is absolutely no way that they didn't check that piece of paper before it was placed in the shot. there is no excuse for a teddy bear to be in some weird bondage harness while a paper on child pornography in the background.
what will it take for you to realise there is mass noncery behind the scenes? what will it take for you to stop shilling designer pedophiles?

No. 1425564

Since you got off on the retarded side of the bed today
>>1425528 >The court document and book references are very sketch.
I told you where to go to read more on it too. Why cope so hard for a brand?

No. 1425565

> there is no excuse for a teddy bear to be in some weird bondage harness while a paper on child pornography in the background.

It’s because of people like you that purposefully misrepresent information that I can debunk with my own fucking eyes. The teddy bear and the documents are NOT the same photoshoot or even the same campaign. You just lie, spread misinformation, and promote right wing conspiracy theories about gay people being groomers that leads to violence. You are all fucking crazy nut jobs.

No. 1425582

I rarely drink coffee so I don't have any experience myself, but I know there are 'barista' versions of at least soy, almond and oat.

No. 1425585

nta but why is your first thought about exposing groomers is how it will affect gay people? Seems like you’re doing all the projection yourself while nonnies here just hate pedos pushing shit in luxury brands

No. 1425594

almond milk doesn't curdle. neither does rice milk but you might as well just use water because the rice flavor is too delicate to go with coffee.

some oat milks curdle, some don't. soy milk curdles sometimes.

you might like coconut milk if you're just putting it in coffee. it's nice and fatty and rich like half and half.

No. 1425596

okay so let me get this straight. Balenciaga released an ad campaign of kids holding teddy bears in bondage gear. not a bad thing, according to you. Balenciaga previously released a photoshoot where a Supreme Court case about child pornography was among papers on a desk. but it’s fine because they claim it was a low level worker’s fault. they put books by Michael Borremans in another photoshoot, an artist who has painted naked castrated toddlers, but that’s just another totally coincidence. you’re fucking delusional.

No. 1425601

Only a retard who has no idea how brand communication works would use words "social media intern" so at least we have a solid confirmation you have no idea what are you talking about. If you look at the biggest marketing fails they're all about them being tone-deaf and detached from their customers; using child porn related set pieces in a seasonal campaign photoshoot - btw this is one of the biggest promotional productions, not an RTM where most "big brand fails" happen - hardly counts as being tone deaf.

No. 1425603

what photo are you even talking about? At least post the photo if you're going to complain about it.

No. 1425669

Anons who care what other anons think are retarded. We are literally anonymous, what are they going to do beat your ass? I can say whatever I want then use a vpn if I get banned.

No. 1425678

Clear skin is a meme. Skin care if a waste of time. You need good genes or a good dermatologist to have clear skin. No matter how many creams and Korean soaps you put on your face your skin is still gonna be shit.

No. 1425686

pizzaface cope.

No. 1425691

If you have clear nice skin i can 100% bet you never really get acne or you spend a lot of money on skin treatments are the dermatologist

No. 1425692

Cope. My skin glowing after putting all the kawiwi mongolian meme products on my face.

No. 1425697

I’m sure it helps your skin glow and look more hydrated but you most likely didn’t have bad acne before you started

No. 1425700

You are objectively wrong. I swear the clear skin brigade just want to be the only ones with good skin and to continue bullying us unfortunate people. Actually shut the fuck up, like you don't find acne and acne scars nasty.

No. 1425703

I'm an ex-pizza face (still have some left over scarring) but overall my acne is gone from changing my diet and managing stress and figuring out what active products work. Acne is a shitty thing to deal with especially when you have to go through trial and error of what products work. I think skin care can help to an extent but I know I'd probably have to get some derm treatment for the leftover deep scars

No. 1425704

That’s right. But actually I know someone who had bad acne and now ten years later has the nicest skin. Don’t give up pizzaface-chan

No. 1425709

Because I bet they went to a dermatologist and is probably on some kind of meds or treatment. They didn’t get it from over the counter shit. That shit don’t work for acne.

No. 1425723

Samefag and since we are on the topic of Koran skin care I’ll share another unpopular opinion. Cosmetic procedures are extremely cheap there, a skin treatment that would cost 1k in the west would be like 100 dollars there. Their skin isn’t soft, plump and acne free because of these 123 steps it’s because they’re going to gangnam to get Botox for 20 dollars. They’d look just as good using a basic soap and moisturizer.

No. 1425782

K-pop idols are better than American pop stars. American pop stars just sing the song but there’s not much effort put into the performances and aesthetics. In some ways K-pop idols have more talent than American pop stars.

No. 1425801

I tried oat milk once and it was fucking vile. Everyone says it's delicious so maybe I got a bad batch or something, I want to try again.
Imo, almond milk is the best but only for drinks. I only really use cow milk when I'm baking or putting it in a drink where I can't really taste it.

No. 1425826

What’s the vitamin?

No. 1425837

I have PCOS and I started taking this vitamin I got online and it cleared up my hormonal acne. Never once been to a dermatologist. Also diet, sleep, and water intake makes a huge difference, moreso than topical treatments. But you are right that most topical treatments for acne are a waste of time.

It’s called Flo I think. It might not work for everyone though.

No. 1425851

File: 1669744167959.jpeg (58.7 KB, 660x825, 843D2835-71C8-4C7C-A3C2-1054C6…)

Some troons do actually look better than me and other biological women, I can admit that but I still don’t think they are women. I’d just consider them really pretty boys.(kpopfagging and avatarfagging)

No. 1425874

Even the ugliest woman on the planet is subjective because beauty standards are created by men. Dont you think men will find other men attractive if they are larping as women because it's totes not gay?
Girl, shut up and love yourself. Men are always clockable without angles and filters.

No. 1425884

If we are going based on beauty standards a lot of troons do look better than me, I can admit it. I’m sure if I was standing next to the troon in that picture and no one knew our real genders most people would clock me as the man kek

No. 1425898

same. but to be honest, I wouldn't care. The pure satisfaction that I'm actually a female and can have what the troon will never have is enough for me.

No. 1425899

I dunno because troons are clockable 98% of the time. The other times are if they shoop their pics or cover themselves up really well and have smaller frames or something. I get being not looking typically feminine but I think you'd look more like a woman. I guess "better" is subjective especially when troons have cackeface makeup and what not

No. 1425917

You can always tell IRL. I feel bad for nonnies comparing themselves to troons via photograph.

No. 1425925

A lot of people would claim they can tell I’m a man despite being biologically female. You’d be shocked how many women get accused of being trannys without even trying to be masculine.

No. 1425928

People would say stupid shit though. Would it be when youre by yourself or with men?

No. 1425929

I’ve been clocked as a man by both men and women kek especially when I was skinny.

No. 1425947

Are you that one self-hating kpop stan that tends to get annoyed at certain actual women's beauty being praised?

No. 1425948

Nope I’m not that anon.

No. 1425954

A few years ago I was having stomach issues and couldn't do real milk. I still remember how judgey people were if I ordered a coffee with an milk alternative in it. I didn't like having to spell out my bowel issues to people but there was this weird stigma attached to being a nut milk drinker lol

No. 1425986

I'm afraid this'll happen to me. I'm literally both intolerant and allergic to cow milk and if I explain this I know it will sound worse, especially because it's a delayed reaction and not the deadly kind that you stab people with epipens for.
imo it does depend on the brand. I hated soy milk because of the brand my parents always bought, I tried another and it was drinkable enough. Some almond milks tasted like sugary marzipan water while others were like the water had been soaking woodchips for days. Oat milk is the most consistent to me out of the different ones I tried.

No. 1425987

that really sucks but it's probably because you were the only person who ordered it who wasn't a crazy liar. i know someone who got his "allergy test" done by a newage homeopathic healer and he's not allergic to any of the things he says and eats them sometimes when he feels like it. it's shitty to people with even low level allergies because if places start taking them less seriously people can get really sick.

No. 1425994

but that weird film and texture real film has sucks

No. 1425997

You'd have a point if you could use a troon who didn't need tons of plastic surgery and makeup

No. 1426002

A lot of women need tons of plastic surgery and makeup to look attractive as well and I am one of them.

No. 1426008

Please spend less time on here. No, "a lot" of women do not need "tons" of plastic surgery and makeup to look attractive. Short of actual deformity or visual medical issues, most women look just fine.

No. 1426010

ugh that should be visible not visual sorry

No. 1426011

What happened to me is I had a really bad stomach bug, still didn't feel great for a while afterwards. I slowly got better but for some reason dairy was one thing my stomach could not handle. I looked it up thinking I was crazy. Apparently sometimes after having a bug you can become intolerant of lactose. This went on for about 2 years before I started to be ok with it again. I didn't know that was a thing before it happened to me. Ngl the whole time I was testing to see if I could have milk again. Really wanted it to pass.

No. 1426017

>a lot of women don’t need plastic surgery and makeup

Most people irl I see including women are ugly. But I guess it depends on where you live. Right now I live in Detroit but when I went to Tokyo I saw nothing but pretty girls but there plastic surgery and dressing nice is more common. I think most women look fine but most of us aren’t pretty.

No. 1426018

If most women are ugly, what are most men? Breathing abominations? Kek

No. 1426019

Nta but there really is a duality on here when it comes to this. You have the nonnies who obsess over looks and nitpick other women and then you have (my fave nonnies) who have gone the other way and are like.. why the fuck should I shave my legs or do all that shit.

No. 1426020

what is it? is it inositol? i have severe hormonal acne (docs won't test for pcos because i'm a normal weight) and can't tolerate birth control. pls help me nonna (inb4 cut out dairy, i already hate dairy stfu)

No. 1426024

that’s so stupid you don’t have to be overweight to have pcos. do you have any of the other symptoms?

No. 1426026

Yeah most men are abominations. Being pretty is a privilege but it’s not common. I wouldn’t look at the average everyday girl and think she’s hideous but I wouldn’t be like “wow she’s so pretty I wanna look like that.

No. 1426029

>admitting your perception of what humans look like is omega fucked from staring at curated social media feed 20 hrs a day

No. 1426032

File: 1669751634911.jpeg (88.17 KB, 288x402, 522C50FB-5E0D-4174-A7D0-133E43…)

>Detroit: everyone ugly
>glorious Nippon: everyone pretty
Hmm there’s a smelly smell, that smells

No. 1426037

There's differences between Tokyo and Detroit women other than plastic surgery and good fashion though. I live in a burger city and most of the women my age here are perfectly average at worst.
>I think most women look fine but most of us aren’t pretty.
Are you straight? I don't really share your sentiment but I'm attracted to women so that might be why I struggle to see your perspective here.

No. 1426038

>I am more of a yumejo than fujo(mostly because of the ayden invasion)
>I am guilt free of being a yume
You contradicted yourself saying you weren't guilty because you weren't a yume kek. Unless you mistyped, you just have bad grammar and can't read kek. Funny you don't address any points and go straight to grammar nazi because you have no defense. Also
>thinks only fujos don't like sexualisation of female characetrs
>also hates women making female characters for themselves
Underage. Truly afraid of the anime stacy kek. Women pandering to themselves < fujocuck

No. 1426040

Not everyone in detriot is ugly but most people are because most people are poor. Natural beauty is a meme and only a few lucky people have it.

No. 1426044

Even the most naturally beautiful look rough after years of crap food, no sleep, and too much stress.

No. 1426045

No. 1426046

I said pretty though. Average isn’t pretty.

No. 1426048

And that is why you need to spend less time on here.

No. 1426049

Go back to r/vindicta and leave the nerdy femcels on here in peace please

No. 1426051

File: 1669752491452.jpeg (63.61 KB, 426x600, DB15B63B-F686-4D0A-BE24-C44E20…)

When I think pretty I think someone who looks different from average and makes people stop and notice. Not everyone can be pretty just like everyone can’t be ugly/average looking.

No. 1426052

My unpopular opinion is that I don't find this woman pretty. I believe in butch supremacy.

No. 1426053

If you prefer a troon with plastic surgery and filters over most real life women you either live in whoville or need to stop living chronically online

No. 1426061

When I was still living at home I was only allowed to have small pets, no cats or dogs. I ended up just losing lots of pets (thats their short lifespan) and I was already a sensitive kid so it was shitty. I lost a parent around the same time and it was rough. All this loss happening.

I thought that once I was living in my own place I'd rush to finally get a dog but I'm put off the idea now.

No. 1426062

i do, my period has never been regular & is either too light or too heavy, i'm super hairy, my weight & appetite also yo-yo but i started out underweight so it's a little different. i also have PMDD. i don't know if that's enough to warrant a diagnosis but i know i'm not crazy for thinking there's an imbalance!!!

No. 1426063

There should be mandatory classes on how to do makeup,skin care and showering in middle school/high school.

No. 1426064

shower and skincare are basic hygiene makes sense, but why makeup?

No. 1426065

Diff anon but how old are you? By a certain age if your period still isn't regular that should be explored. I hate how dissmissive docs can be about this.

No. 1426066

Because every one should know how to do natural makeup to cover blemishes. No one wants to see unsightly pimples.

No. 1426068

Lets teach men to wipe their asses

No. 1426069

Yea that would be apart of the class and we have to normalize men wearing makeup

No. 1426072

I don't think anyone needs it. I don't have expectations that everyone has to be pretty for me. Be clean. Thats enough.

No. 1426073

Ah yes let’s put paint and bacteria into a infected pore. True hygiene

No. 1426074

>mandatory makeup for children
Ok pedophile

No. 1426075

Based and same.

No. 1426076

It’s not my fault if you associate wearing makeup with sex

No. 1426079

25. it has improved a little as i've gotten older, but the acne has not. birth control worked when i took it, but they no longer produce the only brand that didn't make me crazy. & fully agree, the way doctors have dismissed me about different things my whole life has given me a pretty negative view on personal healthcare, and my story is absolutely not uncommon.

No. 1426081

Look away. Imagine basing your life around thinking everybody is looking at you. Narcissistic and pathetic.

No. 1426085

You’re literally the one proposing children should look more appealing to you by covering blemishes and acne

No. 1426086

There was a famous reddit post a while back where a grown man left shit stains on his clothes and bedsheets and his gf explained that he had a neglectful upbringing so she had to be very gentle if she was going to approach the topic with him. She was blaming his mom for it.

No. 1426087

These are things that are taught within the family structure and shared culture. Local governments can't keep racing to fill in the gaps of peoples' bad parenting.

No. 1426088

Thirding this.

No. 1426089

Your attitude is more unsightly than the most pizza of faces.

No. 1426090

If you associate teaching kids how to look clean, presentable and acceptable in society with pedophila that’s on you. Middle school and high school are the years kids start being bullied for their looks.

No. 1426097

>makeup on pimples
kek nonnie

No. 1426098

What are you, the makeup salesman?>>1426090
Kek let me guess you were bullied? Trust me if every child wore makeup and you learnt how to wash, they would have still bullied you because you’re a retard.

No. 1426109

>look clean, presentable and acceptable
None of that requires children to wear makeup, freak.

No. 1426117

So what, everyone gets old eventually and people who get plastic surgery tend to age worse.

No. 1426121

I've had chia milk and I now dont understand how people can eat chia seeds.

No. 1426122

Why is it so important to you to compete in the male-imposed fuckability Olympics with trannies?

No. 1426126

I don’t want to compete but I can acknowledge some troons look better than me. But I know if most men know I’m cis and the other one I’d a troon they will reluctantly pick me because they don’t wanna fuck a dude.

No. 1426133

Ok but did you get the 100 plastic surgeries they did and obsessively perform femininity? Does it not sound ridiculous to you to compare yourself in a sport that you don’t participate in? It’s ridiculous to take solace in whether man a chooses to fuck you at all.

No. 1426136

There’s no sage rule in non-drama boards

No. 1426145

Beauty is something that honestly exists from being "away" from the norm. The most people I've seen in my life were never straight uggos they just look normal. Honestly when you look at standards all across the board they all point towards things that are physically unachievable to most people. Having a perfectly symmetrical face, not being too fat nor too skinny but having the perfect amount of body fat in specific places, having a specific torso to leg ratio, being tall. People just want to look like fucking clones of the same tired ass beauty standards because no one likes being normal. If you actually experienced having something like facial deformity where people quite literally will treat you different just from how you look you wouldn't be whining like you are. Most people aren't ugly, they're just normal. You just meme'd yourself into believing you have to look like an instathot.

No. 1426146


No. 1426148

>I’m cis
it all makes sense now

No. 1426153

>some troons look better than me
Nta, but I hear a lot of this from fat older women. It’s quiet sad to have such low self-esteem and be so beholden to having to appeal to men. A skinny man is not more attractive than a fat women to people attracted to women, only gay/bi men who often deny they’re gay, you must remember many men who ree about women are gay, look at the recent stuff with Warski and Fuentes etc. Many such cases of repressed and denied sexuality due to retard male hierarchy bullshit. Even then, a skinny twink is still a man and an ugly woman will always be more a woman than a man no matter how long his hair is etc.

No. 1426160

t. coping libfemtard
>we should teach children to conform to beauty standards rather than criticizing society for making girls feel like they have to look attractive

No. 1426166

I am begging you to love yourself long enough to realize this is a garbage take from all angles.

No. 1426170

File: 1669758108395.jpeg (56.82 KB, 700x393, EBB897B2-6330-4DA3-9742-257EFA…)

I just see it as motivation to get rich. If a skinny oily little boy can become K-pop tier pretty then there’s hope for me who was actually a woman.

No. 1426171

you aren't cis, you are a woman. you are what they are not and everything they want to be. embrace that.

No. 1426173

you don't already see yourself above troons? i literally cannot imagine what that's like.

No. 1426177

Wellp, can’t save them all, get off my board

No. 1426179

Nitpicking your body's appearance is bottom barrel Becky energy. Nurturing your body's capabilities is the true Stacy Way.

No. 1426180

do you only compare yourself to kpop males or something

No. 1426181

watch this

No. 1426189

Apparently it's been proven that cuddling with a pet can reduce stress. I have a sweet cuddly boy and I've fallen asleep while gaming with him curled up in my lap. I have chronic stress so nights like that are a dream come true. As long as I have a cat that likes to snuggle that's payment enough for me.

No. 1426190

Yeah watching that was cringe asf. Their mannerisms are off and weird.

No. 1426206

There is a female counterpart of dale. It's that lady exterminator he almost has an affair with in that one episode

No. 1426211

Male is an obvious male in every way but I gotta be honest, I wouldn't be able to tell it's FTM, she comes off as a believable shy guy

No. 1426272

Or stop spending thousands on useless braces for like a 1 mm overbite and get a decent dermatologist

No. 1426308

The ftm was trying to be so delicate in asking if the mtf was…well.. "different"

As a side note, she (ftm) was really, really cute. I liked her a lot and wish she was just a GNC lesbian. She seemed super super sweet.

No. 1426322

What do braces have to do with acne?

No. 1426323

This video was kind of sweet but it was interesting how…male and kind of 'loud' the mtf's personality was. They came off very draggish and exaggerated whereas the ftm had very feminine mannerisms but somehow still seemed like just a shy / quiet guy.

The mtf seemed very vapid for some reason.

Was interesting. Thanks for posting.

No. 1426329

Yeah passing ftms always pass better than any hon.

No. 1426331

Sucks to be you.

No. 1426340

She said Tokyo specifically, a lot of people in certain parts of Tokyo (men as well) dress really nice and put a ton of effort into their looks so it seems like there's a disproportionate amount of good looking people there. But in other parts of Japan especially outside of the big cities there's way more women who dress more casually and don't wear much makeup so they look more regular.

No. 1426354

Can we just ignore the selfhating asiaboo kpopfag in here? It's either a pathetic handmaiden or a scrote trolling and tbh both of those types don't deserve replies.

No. 1426362


Not everyone is white

No. 1426383

This is very specific, but everyone being mad at Abby Lee Miller should be mad at the mothers putting their daughters through that for a cheque and tv stardom. Abby was paid to coach and teach dancers to a level in which they could survive in the real world of commercial dancing, something that she has done successfully for numerous people. Despite her insane methods, that shit works, and for the mothers of the show to sacrifice their own daughters mental health for a tv show… thats on them. Idgaf what "contracts" there were behind the scenes, slap a producer or someshit and that contract becomes null and void.

No. 1426389

Dearest anon, an asiaboo can be of any race. It's just someone who is obsessed with people from asia (japan, korea, china typically) and thinks they are the ultimate best looking humans on earth and nobody else compares. Nice try to racebait though!

No. 1426395

The default is not white. I can post someone who is Asian and pretty, and not be a asiaboo.
If you think like that you’re just jealous when someone talks about anyone who isn’t white. Stop being racist sand self absorbed. If you think simply posting a picture of an Asian is me saying they are the best looking humans then you are insecure.

No. 1426399

KEK your feelings are a little hurt huh? Nobody said the default is white. I genuinely don't know why you're bringing white people into this? But when you're crying about asian trannies being superior women then I don't know what to fuckin say except to get off the internet.

No. 1426411

>when you’re saying Asian trannies are superior women

If that’s what you got from my posts then maybe you need to just exit out of lolcow and read because you clearly have poor comprehension skills

No. 1426413

So by saying you're uglier than trannies, everybody in detroit is ugly, everybody in japan was beautiful because plastic surgery and makeup, only posting images of asian trannies for some reason… that means you aren't an asiaboo? Okay. I do enjoy you ignoring everybodys advice and getting massively defensive over being called an asiaboo, though. Kek. It's okay anon, I for one DO believe you are uglier than men. Whatever makes you happy!

No. 1426417

See this is why you’re stupid. I said the girls in Japan were pretty but did I say Japanese girls? Nope I didn’t. If you’ve actually been there even the non-Asians who live there dress and do their makeup in a similar way. You got jealous because you thought I specifically meant Asian women.

No. 1426426

A lot of metal music sounds unbearably cringey and has a tryhard edgerlord fanbase.

No. 1426429

Keep going kek I think it's hilarious being called an asiaboo is what has got you seething. Even upthread you were getting people mentioning it but just me typing the word "asiaboo" is what has sent you over edge. Your priorities are fucked nonny. Reeing about being an asiaboo but straight up saying trannies are prettier than you kekkk I cannot believe you aren't a troll

No. 1426433

It’s ok to be jealous sometimes. You don’t need to lash out.

No. 1426438

What am I supposedly jealous of? Your lack of self esteem to go online and say men are prettier?

No. 1426441

not really an unpopular opinion

No. 1426443

You’re jealous because I said girls in Japan are pretty. Don’t worry I think all races can be pretty. Love yourself

No. 1426477

But my friends who listen to metal like that kind of stuff

No. 1426479

The dating bans on kpop and Jpop idols is understandable to me.

No. 1426484

Imo all music is tryhard in a way. Who care.

No. 1426496

Explain without sounding mentally ill.

No. 1426501

Well, idols can’t sing, dance or produce music. Yes the dance routines and songs are cute but they’d look like clowns up against actual talented people. Their appeal is to be cute and likable and some lonely person is supposed to stan them and blow all their money on them. The only reason most people Stan idols is because they find them attractive and want to date them.

No. 1426517

That's literally what kfans think tbh that's why they lost their minds when idols fucks up. According to them they are paying for a service/LARPing event and they're paying quite well so…

No. 1426523

File: 1669775104894.jpg (67.48 KB, 970x567, 6035_20191122152855.jpg)

I miss them

No. 1426526

>find them attractive and want to date them
That’s almost anyone who stans anyone. Hinging your support on whether or not said entertainer is staying loyal and virginal to you and 100000 other stans will never not be crazy as fuck.

No. 1426527

“Dating bans” aren’t real, they absolutely fuck, btw. It’s just to placate delulus.

No. 1426528

But it’s specifically the reason idols are made. Yeah I might find steve lacy hot but he also produces music, sings and has talent. His main appeal and selling point isn’t trying to attract simps. Most idols can’t even sing a tune so if they didn’t have their “cute appeal” there wouldn’t be anything else.

No. 1426531

this thing isnt prettier, he just has rich chasers that are going to dump him once he starts aging like a man

No. 1426535

i agree. i feel way too intimidated by tall men. overall i'm deeply uncomfortable with any sort of major size difference.

No. 1426537

Most ftms are troons because of trauma and use trooning out as a defense mechanism, mtfs are simply larping as a fetish

No. 1426541

Most parents will shovel out insane amounts of money for braces but can't be asked to spend a few extra bucks on decent skincare or a derm. Its so weird because the braces will barely make a difference if their teeth were fine before or didn't have any noticable flaws but middle class white people act like spending more than 50 bucks on proper acne medication is breaking the bank kek

No. 1426543

I think it’s so creepy and rapey that idolfags can’t “simp” without making it about possessing another human being. Like, you’re sharing with thousands of other people, cuck. It’s better if you’re just getting cucked by one person.

No. 1426554

It’s creepy but that’s why people stan idols. Look at this weak performance. Their tickets were 1k and people showed up because they are simps and don’t care how shit they are. If idols want to be actually respected as artists they need to stop relying on simps and put effort into their work.

No. 1426591

that's a stupid reason but I actually agree, there should be classes on makeup if only so it might keep people from spending so much money trying to find makeup that works and learning how to use it on their own. don't think it would work though. it would be hard to not constantly run out of the popular shades/colors. there would be discrimination issues for sure (think of the drama shade ranges already cause). also I bet it would be hard to keep the makeup hygienic… I've heard gross stories from beauty school about things like eyelash lice spreading among the students, and they're adults who should know better. children/teens are disgusting.

No. 1426595

They don’t wanna be respected as artists. Being bad at singing will never make pandering to creepy incel delusions “make sense”. The consequence of male idol being caught in a dating scandal iS NOTHING compared to the vitriol and actual violence that of a female idol. Get a grip.

No. 1426603

Ok so it’s confirmed, you’re retarded and clueless about idol culture

No. 1426605

>boys got gross tampons sent to them
Just gonna ignore the women idols that are harassed so badly they kill themselves, huh? Or the ones that are forced to dance for older men at barely 18 years old?

No. 1426624


No. 1426659

i dont care

No. 1426703

File: 1669785619062.gif (814.26 KB, 250x250, giphy-606571496.gif)

anon when she see women exist in their natural state without worrying about looking appealing for moids and pickmes

No. 1426748

Girl same. This probably isn't exactly unpopular but paper straws just aren't it. If we can't have plastic they gotta find a better alternative

No. 1426756

Unless you're a theater kid being washed out by the stage lights and nobody can see your face anymore, you don't need make-up.

No. 1426769

Me too. Paper straws are garbage and I like drinking with straws because my front teeth are really sensitive and can't handle cold liquids but paper just ruins the taste immediately. Banning plastic straws while a ton of other way more functionally unnecessary plastic packages exist was the most retarded fucking thing ever.

No. 1426772

A light natural makeup look won't save those being bullied by having cystic acne or something equally visible. And if someone is being bullied over a single pimple, then it's not about the pimple.

No. 1426774

Anon it's "understandable" in the way that it's "understandable" why an abusive partner doesn't allow their partner to leave the house, of course we understand why they choose to do it but it's still not acceptable or healthy behavior. There shouldn't be an industry built around encouraging possessive, parasocial behavior and owning human beings like they were objects for your pleasure. It's fine that idols are based around being cute and likable but they should still be treated humanely. Thinking it's fair to "punish" them for not "doing real work" (i.e. singing, writing or producing music) by reducing them to the equivalent of sex dolls is some fucked up thought patterns that require a defective chromosome.

No. 1426778

File: 1669793435778.jpg (1.6 MB, 1951x1234, PKK_female_figher̠02.jpg)

Abdullah Ocalan has done more for women then every second wave radical feminist combined x100

No. 1426782

ugh is that how my ugly hook nose look fron the profile? i need surgery asap

No. 1426785

Didn’t do anything for me, speak for yourself sperg.

No. 1426794

>It’s not fucking alcohol. You are either bad faith or you’re braindead.
>They have empty wine glasses
?? So you saw them.
It's not appropriate to pose a small child in front of those. Who is braindead?

No. 1426802

I dislike flight attendants so much. I've never met one that didn't think their shit don't stink. They are so full of themselves even tho they are literally the airplanes' waitresses and dumb as bricks. Also most of them get the job so they can slut it up until they meet someone rich or end up hooking with the captains.

No. 1426806

File: 1669797317193.jpg (234.92 KB, 797x1270, 9781786807397.jpg)

i agree ocalan's ideas are important nonna, but i think it's a mistake to elevate ocalan himself over everyone in the kurdish women's movement.

i'm less interested in the writings of "great men," than i am in the actual struggles for women's liberation happening on the ground. ocalan's texts are not like commandments written from on high, but rather only one voice in a larger dialogue the subject of which is women's liberation

No. 1426834

my childhood friend is a flight attendant and she is the nicest dumbfuck you could meet but she does brag about it but she also always shits on how gross the job is. Her skin also went to absolute shit, mine does too from 2 flights alone, we weren't meant to be flying so high amen

No. 1426836

i've had my share of difficult flight attendants, but i get they're working high stress customer service jobs. i can't imagine having to serve entitled retards upset about whatever bullshit happening on their fancy flight

No. 1426845

>she also always shits on how gross the job is
Please tell me more, my youngest sister is deluding herself into thinking she can become one despite not speaking English and she wants to work for Emirates because looks "cool" and "prestigious" kek

No. 1426854

I know one flight attendant and while she's a generally nice person I can't deny that she's a bit full of herself due to being a part of the "exclusive cabin crew". I doubt they're "dumb as bricks" though, the vetting process is pretty intensive and they have to be prepared for all sorts of emergency situations in a closed space 36,000ft up in the air while also doing customer service to cranky and uppity customers.

No. 1426862

"vetting process is pretty intensive" LOL no. I was the one who first posted about them and forgot to add that my family is full of pilots who live all other the world, and I've been to many types of parties/ reunions where they have flight attendants as guests (needless to say they are from different airlines) and they are all dumb as hell. MAMY nasty old ass captains with their 20yo flight attendants gfs.

It might look "cool" and she might get more money because of the expat package but …. would a waitress want to be a waitress her whole life? Only very few flight attendants get to be old and still work as one. New meat is always preferred. Yes it is very sexist but that's how it is and the women that go for it know what they are getting into.

No. 1426873

didn't a stewardess have to abandon everything and not be able to come back home, because she got pregnant out of wedlock?

No. 1426886

My sister is a retarded muslim so that's not gonna happen to her. Unless she somehow manages to find some loser who will make her believe he'll marry her asap anyway and she gets tricked by him idk.

>would a waitress want to be a waitress her whole life?
I actually saw a bunch of older flight attendants with Air France and Aer Lingus but I don't know how they do that shit for so long. Maybe it's a matter of not having any other choices? I had a coworker from my internship whose mother was a flight attendant and still is unless she retired, and the way she described it made it seem so unappealing for other reasons but she didn't go into details. My coworker had to stay in a dorm during high school because of her mother's crazy schedules for example.

No. 1426892

I mean, the plane itself is a germ trap, people are gross and people piss their seats so much more often than you'd think. People get way drunker up in the air than they're used to so people get nasty and gross, your skin, hair and eyes get dry as shit. My friend doesn't work for a fancy Airline but she sometimes temps for the biggest one our country has and she moreso bras about how she gets to travel, because sometimes she has a surprising amount of days to chill at places, she used to do lots of those 2h back and forth flights and she has climbed up the ladder though and she is good at like 3 usedul languages and that was the most major thing besides height and good customer service during the exams. Of course she also did all the safety stuff too but she was surprised she made it to the end because again, she's kinda dumb and has adhd but honestly, she's a good at it but girl the job sounds fucking awful and your place of business could just drop down anytime.

No. 1426896

samefag to add that as somenona mentioned, the schedule is fucked and my friend really has no time to be at home ever, or to see anyone outside of work. I used to work at the airport so we saw each other quite a bit but shit doesn't feel like it's worth the ig pics when you never ever have the time and when you do, you're dry, crusty and your feet are fucked.

No. 1427018

I think Damon Albarn has a shitty singing voice. There is something about his music that allows me to overlook it but yeah he's got a shitty voice.

No. 1427023

A lot of man hate comes from that fact that anons still want to date scrotes and have a hard time coming to terms that men are shit. They are in their grieving era. They are upset that men are evil and do not care about them at all. Once you truly stop giving a shit about men you won’t hate them anymore because you truly won’t give a damn what they think or what they are doing.

No. 1427042

I was thinking about this today, and as a lesbian I realised that I simply do not think of men as people anymore? Once you see them as actual animals, a lot of stuff gets easier to get through.

No. 1427048

For me the cognitive dissonance comes from them being capable of intelligence, like women are, and yet somehow being so retarded, and not just on a relationship level. Men are so myopic they'll burn all resources, put people into miserable positions because they only think "we CAN do it" and not "SHOULD we" or even "WHY are we even doing this". As far as dating goes, I'm from a very "macho", very social status-oriented country, so any men you meet tries to fucking dominate the conversation and reads off his CV like you're a fucking hiring manager, while they're absolutely boring to be around and have zero work-life balance.

No. 1427056

Sad! Have some dignity.

No. 1427058

I don't think ALL men are shit. There is maybe like 1% who are dateable. Perhaps that's even being generous. But the problem is if you want to date men knowing this you need to be extremely picky, drop men at the first sign of bullshit, but most women don't want to do this. They want to forgive everything their moid does because they're afraid of being alone. If you're going to date you can't be desperate.

No. 1427077

i think the opposite, his voice is very pleasant to me, but his music in the last 10 years is just whining carp, all british musicians make shitty music when they're old.

No. 1427086

I absolutely still hate men for what they still do to women who are not me. I don’t hate them, or rather I don’t have to, in the context of failed romantic expectations with them.

No. 1427126

I still have to share a society with them despite not being attracted to them. They still affect my life and that of other women. What is so weird about hating evil and annoying people? When they mumble it's like nails on chalkboard to me. Working with them is horrible, having to interact with them is horrible etc. They harass lesbians too, it's not like only male attracted women are affected by scrotes. Hell you even have higher chance of dying if you're a woman being operated on by a scrote surgeon. Like fucking hell, that shit can affect you personally, so yeah I do care about what they're doing if it means it could potentially kill me or other women. Unless you can live outside of society and never have to see a scrote again, I don't see the point with having a problem with hating them.

No. 1427190

Ssoyoung did nothing wrong. A lot of hate for her is rooted in slut shaming, projection, and ignorance.
She bought the food and ate it. Certain animals alive are an actual dish and honestly her rolling around with giant fish or weird sea creatures she bought to act like she is fighting a deep sea monster isn't even bad because she still fucking bought it and used it for the purpose of eating it.

No. 1427193

People who take pleasure in eating animals alive are just people who want to be serial killers but don’t have the balls to do it

No. 1427197

>Claims not "All men" then proceeds to state that an overwhelming majority of them are, completely invalidating yourself anon


No. 1427215

No. 1427221

>hard time coming to terms that men are shit
this is understandable. So much of girlhood is being told that you need to put up with boys pulling your hair or lifting your skirt because that means they actually fancy you, and so much of that same attitude leaks into adulthood where men never really face consequences of their actions/what they do to women. I'll be honest and say part of my man hate comes from that, too. I am unfortunately attracted to men, and I know I can't help that, but it's so fucking shit realising the man you want either just doesn't exist or like >>1427058 says, the percentage of finding such a male is so low that tbh, it's not even worth trying for the vast majority of women.

>Once you truly stop giving a shit about men you won’t hate them anymore because you truly won’t give a damn what they think or what they are doing.

Idk about this one though, it's kind of hard to completely distance yourself from that unless you live in a completely female-only space. When you really dig into and research what men are actually up to though…that's when the real, genuine manhate begins and not just because you can't find a bf. When you take a step back and realise that males are solely responsible for the sex trafficking, porn and prostitution industries, and that they see us as nothing more than bodies or maids, I find it pretty hard to just "not hate" them after that.
I think women should always put themselves first and practice seperatism to the best of their ability, and ideally just not interact with males when possible. However, I also think we should be holding on to some of this hate for males as a sex class, because otherwise it may weaken us or make us vulnerable to being taken advantage of.

Part of man-hate can definitely come from the resentment of realising the moids you love will never love you back on the same level, but I think most of it comes from the fact that they kill, rape and assault us at alarming rates and are almost entirely responsible for female misery as a whole. We need more manhating women in society, honestly, idc for what reason - it will enable women to fully realise how evil men are and encourage them to not rely on males for anything.

No. 1427237

People who romanticizes autumn are either teenagers or hikis, I was one of those "autumn is watching the rain fall while drinking tea under a plaid uwu" until I had to pay the heating bills and go grocery shopping after work while the freezing wind is blowing and its already night. Winter is slightly less bad because at least the days are getting longer.

No. 1427239

kek nonna I thought you said autism and first not autism and I was like who tf associates autism with watching the rain fall

No. 1427241

samefag, autism not autumn* holy shit i am retarded that post is a mess forgive me

No. 1427252

this is based as hell nonna

No. 1427259

I agree. This is why I refuse to associate with married women and even have cut off friends who have married. They will only drag us down to their level. For the matter I’m wary of any women who choose to date and/or sleep with men

No. 1427266

>When you really dig into and research what men are actually up to though…that's when the real, genuine manhate begins and not just because you can't find a bf. When you take a step back and realise that males are solely responsible for the sex trafficking, porn and prostitution industries, and that they see us as nothing more than bodies or maids, I find it pretty hard to just "not hate" them after that.
Agreed. I was around 18 when The Red Pill enjoyed the most mainstream attention, with men either participating or critics bringing attention to its existence. So obviously I went there and read their materials and "field reports", and so many men saying how they've always thought like this but it's nice to see it so organized and similiar sentiments. It fucked with my head too.
It was widely critized, even by men, but then you realize then even the guys that laugh and make skits about the ridiculous terminology of TRP and their analysis of women as if they were a subhuman species won't pick up their trash, take up high demand, low prestige care jobs or do anything really unless it's directly compensated with pussy.

No. 1427268

If you’re a woman who gets married, get fucked

No. 1427271

No. 1427272

>How dare you find love and have a life partner!
Kek what

No. 1427273

…by your husband?

No. 1427274

I assume it is the troon baiting when he does “seee, this is what you whores are like reeee” when manhate is posted.

No. 1427276

Its not bait. Anyone who's ever had any experience with killing your own food can understand.

No. 1427283

I guess it depends on where you live. I love autumn because watching the leaves change color every day is so pretty. Plus it’s cold enough that I can wear a jacket but not so cold that I can’t spend more than 10 minutes outside without wanting to go in. Winter sucks because it gets dark at 5PM, it’s cold as shit, I have to shovel my car out from a shit ton of snow, and I can’t even take long walks outside because it’s freezing.

No. 1427291

i dont even think this a unpopular opinion on this site since its now overtaken by retards who call women breeders, bihets and call women who like makeup or dressing up ''libfems''

No. 1427293

I still think these anons are a minority, a very loud one but a minority nonetheless

No. 1427294

I don’t want to date men and hate them for what they did and still do to members of my sex class, not just when it affects me. As anons have said, men still control everything and we still have to live in society with them and any attempts to avoid them they chimpout and destroy because they both see us as inferior but know women are necessary. Look at the womens commune moids literally poisoned the well of to try and stop women from escaping them. Now consider the fact that most land is owned now, and majorly owned by men whether individual or government due to the cultural fucking over of womens independence (governments even male and resistant to having many female members because scrotes identify as leaders and chimpout at non subservience), how can you even find a place without them when they can say it’s their land and if protested they use physical force including police.

No. 1427299

i could see that, but honestly as a lesbian i hate men because they have the gall to think they're better than us by default when they're literal animals. that just makes me seethe so much kek i probably need therapy but in the mean time i'll just occasionally rage here and move on

No. 1427302

idk but its really pissing me off since its mostly gay men who call women breeders so seeing anons here call women breeders is really weird, and those anons always call themselves radfems/separatists but then they go around calling women vile names…..idk if they're baiting but its become so common in this site.

Also this reminded, there was this video of a obese gay man calling a woman a breeder because she was straight ill try to find the video.

No. 1427305

Breeder also got adopted in "childfree" slang, not to mention antinatalists, and those spergs do come out from time to time

No. 1427311

Even if it’s to another woman? What a deranged take.

No. 1427313

The anon who used the term breeder was the troon and has been routinely banned and appears the same time as the troon shits up all other threads. As I said >>1427274 It’s no suprise it’s happening considering the next 10 posts up. He does it as psyop like that time long ago in ot. He tries to instigate fighting between straight and lesbian anons because he thinks women are brainwashed for not dating men and that sexuality can change kek. He chimpsout in whatever way he thinks women will fuck scrotes, like he did recently in the tradthot thread where he read that women
not having kids = tranny. He has no beliefs but ensuring his retard ass has a gf.

No. 1427315

i know its the troon too but you cant deny that there are other deranged anons who also use those terms.
we definitely do have some weird retards here, like hand-anon for example.

No. 1427317

Samefag >>1427313
Samefag, he also posts test to see if his current vpn has been banned.

No. 1427318

If you are talking about the ghoul claw one, that was also the troon and he posted the same on cc. We have deranged anons sure, paki and romani come to mind, but certain terms are male 99% only.

No. 1427321

Samefag reply, he posted the same stuff recently in ot larping as a lesbian and then samefaged to say that gay women hate straight women for being mens ‘whores’ and was banned kek.

No. 1427325

No one here uses that term that is female considering it applies to them. Only male larpers.

No. 1427329

Radicalizing a bunch of lower class women into becoming civilian killing terrorists and completely destroying whatever normal future they could've had for his own retarded nationalist cause isn't really feminist.

No. 1427345

Yeah, even in the childfree thread I've never seen any anon say breeder.

No. 1427352

I can’t take you seriously if you go about talking all this man hate shit but you have a bf or plan to in the future. I don’t over do it with the man hate because I know I’ll probably end up with one if I find a cute guy who is nice and likes me.

No. 1427360

I want to be a mother to daughters more than I want a husband.

No. 1427366

>women who like makeup… ''libfems''
They are, if they even identify as feminist to begin with(bait)

No. 1427369

No. 1427373

I’m a feminist because I want all women to have equal rights but I still want to look cute. I have to be ugly to want rights?

No. 1427380

So libfem. Of course you’d think performing femininity = cute, and not performing = ugly.

No. 1427383

the fact that you associate no makeup=ugly speaks volumes about you

No. 1427385

Men wear makeup too though.

No. 1427386

It's fine if you're emotionally distant and abusive to your boyfriend. Plenty of misogynistic moids have wives they abuse, cheat on and everything else.

No. 1427388

Lmao admitting your ability to face statistical reality is based on whether or not you catch a dick. All this “you dont reaaallly hate men if you experience heterosexual attraction” is such obvious seething moid bait.

No. 1427390

I don't even understand what point you could possibly be trying to make with this? Men aren't interested in makeup generally and they're allowed to walk around unaltered and as the "default". Women are socialized into the complete opposite

No. 1427393

This is probably bait but I'll reply because there actually are retards out there who think like that.
While the act of wearing makeup itself is anti-feminist, doing it doesn't make you not a feminist. You can be a feminist, perform femininity because of social pressure, and criticize the practice at the same time. However, unironically thinking that not wearing makeup makes women ugly is what makes you not a feminist.

No. 1427394

The problem is that society doesn’t hold men to the same standard for beauty, not the makeup itself. Women should have the choice to wear makeup or not. It’s ok for some women to be pretty and others to be average or ugly.

No. 1427395

File: 1669841722891.jpeg (209.07 KB, 820x1009, C8D62171-6D63-4D80-BF2D-EE8B1B…)

>she hasn’t deconstructed the myth of beauty
Pathetic. Moids wearing shitty eyeliner and nail polish isn’t an argument. Go back to twitter.

No. 1427398

>you thinking not wearing makeup makes women ugly

Some women don’t need makeup to be attractive and some do.

No. 1427400

>It’s ok for some women to be pretty and others to be average or ugly.
yea but the problem is that we're associating not wearing makeup = ugly.

No woman needs makeup. You never hear this shit about men "Ah this dude would wear makeup and he'd be hotter" that's just not a thing- they are encouraged to go to the gym and wash their ass occasionally. Women can improve their looks by being a healthy weight and good hygiene, plus attractiveness is completely subjective. I just find this shit hard to understand because the whole thing about certain women "needing" makeup is retarded, the only thing women "need" to do is be healthy and eat well

No. 1427401

Is being attractive really an imperative though? The day I stopped caring about my appearance was liberating.

No. 1427402

>thinking women are either ugly or attractive with no in-between
>thinking that everyone has the same beauty standards as you
>thinking that beauty is that important and not being stunningly beautiful is the end of the world and all women should strive to be impossibly beautiful (just like they do now)
>literally parroting misogynistic arguments in a conversation about a feminist issue
Actual retard, or scrote bait. Either way, I'm not engaging anymore because it's gonna be pointless.

No. 1427403

I never said they need makeup. I said some women need makeup to look attractive but that doesn’t mean they need it to live. Some women look like shit without makeup and I’m one of them, I’m not going to walk around with hyperpigmentation and discolored lips just to be seen as a better feminist.

No. 1427408

NTA but you're just insecure, and honestly it's not your fault because a lot of people do treat you differently when you have more "flaws" than average. But the point here is that this is because society makes us care this much about beauty, especially women's beauty, and that's why supporting the use of makeup to fit into their beauty standards is anti-feminist.

No. 1427414

>hyperpigmentation and discolored lips just to be seen as a better feminist.

it's not about who is a "better feminist" it's about not being hyperaware, constantly analyzing your appearance and assigning value to it, and overall being more liberated and peaceful as a result knowing you don't have to smear shit on your face every day just to feel better. you are massively missing the point - i have very textured skin genetically and suffer with cystic acne, the fact that i walk around with it showing doesn't make me a "better feminist" but it saves money and time out of my day because i don't have to bother thinking about covering shit up that i cannot control.
life is a lot more pleasant when you learn to let go of this shit, i'm not trying to patronize you because i know what it's like to be insecure of your skin or feel like you have to cover it up. but you think men care about their hyperpigmentation or acne etc? nah they will walk around greasy and musty and with any flaw in the world because they are allowed to. women are socialized to cover, conceal or enhance everything and that's the issue - we should be allowed and encouraged to exist in our default unaltered states, it's quite nice and you save money too.

No. 1427415

I’d rather change society to hold men to the same high standard as women rather than get rid of the standard at all together. I think women who date and fuck ugly men are more of a threat to feminism than makeup wearers.

No. 1427417

I’d rather make a society where men are held to the same standard. I’m tired seeing men with their gross pimples, patchy beards and eye bags and getting rid of makeup won’t change that.

No. 1427418

File: 1669842777663.png (411.8 KB, 604x340, agen.png)

No. 1427421

so tired of your shit and this anons >>1427403 shit too.
Tired because retards like you equate wearing makeup meaning to her being a whore who wants to get dicked down nd the other anon for equating makeup to covering up ugliness.

whan i used to go to school i used makeup as a self expression and liked doing insane looks as a way to express myself and was into fashion and because of that i would have other people ask me if im doing it for men and harass me and males think they have the right to act predatory to me because of that including a male teacher.

So fuck you, you are not progressive, peddling the same purity culture as tradthots.

You dont realize that both purity and libfem culture opresses women and that they are the same thing, one only forces her to look and act amish and the other forces her to look like a instagram model. Both are bad, try to guess which one you are.

No. 1427422

Why do women have to be attractive? Especially attractive in a way that is defined by men?

No. 1427423

Anons will ignore this and still focus their hatred on women and only blaming women.

No. 1427424

Preach. I also have hyperpigmentation issues but I've been taking care of myself with skin care routines and a better diet so it's better. And because of that I don't wear makeup often, but I think we should ALL strive for beauty. Men and women. I wouldn't mind a moid who covers up hyperpigmentation or acne with make-up and I also think women settling for cave dwelling troll males threatens feminism way more that a woman who's preferred aesthetic for herself involves a full face of makeup.

No. 1427425

Same nonnie

No. 1427426

that's never gonna happen, the importance of beauty in women is far too engrained into most cultures and societies for it to suddenly flip like that. I do agree that men shouldn't be going around musty and gross but that's why I stress the importance of hygiene, health and general grooming over having a mental breakdown because your foundation still shows skin texture.

>being a whore who wants to get dicked down
literally no one said this.
>one only forces her to look and act amish
>associating women's bare faces with amish and tradthots
we're never gonna win huh

No. 1427427

You’re such a retard. Wear your makeup, but admit that you wear it because you’re insecure about not having Instagram skin. Stop fucking trying to gaslight others that beating your face is a feminist act, it’s not.

No. 1427428

Exactly. We can scream and cry that makeup holds us down. But yea know why men actually don’t care about their looks? Because they know they will have 100s of women lining up to fuck him as long as he has a few dollars or makes a joke.

No. 1427435

Gay men take way more effort into their looks because they know they’d get roasted and ignored by other gay men. Straight men don’t because they know they will get sex anyway.

No. 1427436

This is such a cope. What leverage do you have to force men to do anything??? You’re already fucking them, doing everything they wanted and MORE.

No. 1427437

Im not associating just bare faces im associating control of clothes, makeup, hair, nails, behavior, words, having a job etc with amish Read between the lines.

No. 1427438

im one of the anons you tagged and i have never had sex with a man and chose to stay celibate for now, so what do you have to say to me now? any new buzzword?

No. 1427440

stop fucking your enemy idiot, dick is not even that good

No. 1427444

>because they know they will have 100s of women lining up to fuck him as long as he has a few dollars or makes a joke
i hate how true this is. the bar for men is in an unknown circle of hell and we need to raise that shit so much higher. it's funny how a lot of male animals will go out of their way to perform and preen/dance/gift things for the female animals but with male humans we should apparently be happy with a man who ~only~ watches porn 2x a week, has a dad bod and doesn't know how to clean a toilet.

No. 1427446

Why don’t men care about their looks? Because they don’t have to. You bitches talk about “hold men to high standards” let’s see a pic of the scrote you’re fucking. Let’s see the scrotes you’re getting breadcrumb’d by. Or do you only pull out the bullshit “standards” so you don’t have to examine anything uncomfortable about how deep your socialization goes.

No. 1427447

Yes, but the woman who likes wearing makeup for whatever reason is the real big bad anti feminist. Some farmers are such NLOGs it's funny. They claim to care about feminism and women's issues yet shit on any woman that doesn't behave the way she thinks is appropriate.

The girls wearing full faces of makeup aren't harming women as much as you and your low standards for moids.

No. 1427448

Calling someone cringe or unfeminist is not equal to religious power structures where men and patriarchal families have control over women. Anons can't stop you from wearing makeup or make you do anything, we can only say things that may make you think about your choices.

No. 1427449

How is that an argument? Don’t let me catch you thirst after a male who doesn’t wear makeup.

No. 1427452

I just think that make-up is crap only if a woman believes she cannot go outside without wearing makeup and that she is 'not valuable' without makeup. I think makeup is okay if a person just sees it as nothing but fun art or hobby instead of being obsessed with it to a point that they start consuming it and again, believing there is no life without makeup. It's that simple.

No. 1427453

Maybe don't romantically interact with men?? all this talk wouldn't even be relevant if you stopped interacting with low value men, this is starting to sound massively self-inflicted

No. 1427454

>Or do you only pull out the bullshit “standards” so you don’t have to examine anything uncomfortable about how deep your socialization goes.
This is literally it, and it's what I was like before I said fuck it I have to make some slight form of effort to break free of this dumb socialization. It's very uncomfortable and many women don't want to do it, which I completely understand and it cannot be forced, but you don't realise how freeing it is until you stop spending money on hair removal and makeup regularly.

>The girls wearing full faces of makeup aren't harming women as much as you and your low standards for moids.
Again, no one has said this. You can focus on multiple things at once, namely that women are expected to go through beauty rituals like hair removal makeup etc and that is a huge problem. That doesn't dismiss criticisms of degenerate moid behaviour. Hate this excuse.

No. 1427455

This. Plenty of women wear makeup because they find it fun, but will be perfectly fine going out and about bare faced. If you're self worth is tied to make up you need to take a break from it. Been there done that.

No. 1427458

Nah gay men usually do. Straight men don’t have to because straight women claim to care about jokes and personality.

No. 1427459

>wearing full faces of makeup aren't harming women
Holy fuck you’re full retarded to actually believe this
> you and your low standards for moids
Lmao the projection, girlies who wear makeup are famously known to have great taste in men

No. 1427462

you dont have to worry about me, worry about yourself and your toothbrush looking moid.
we should call these women terry-strange nlogs from now on because just like her they spend all this time acting like such radfems and shitting on women wearing makeup and dressing girly meanwhile when they get bored of the larp they go and date a hideous moid who is registered for you know what kek.
Looks like terry strange dressing only in black and bare face didnt stop her and dont get me started on the other polilez's who got exposed for taking abuser dick meanwhile they were shitting on women on their self-expression.

No. 1427463

>If you're self worth is tied to make up you need to take a break from it
I actually remember this being discussed in the mid-2000s and people like Alicia Keys tried to push a bareface movement but people clowned it so hard because ~it's muh choice to spend 2 hours doing my makeup every day aychually even though i feel like shit without it~. It does honestly feel like we've tacked "it's my choice!!" on to everything just to divert it from any form of criticism. Like you said if you feel like you need to wear it then it's always a problem no matter what excuses you want to make for it. Same with hair removal.

No. 1427464

The pressure for women to look attractive via makeup amongst other standards are not only applicable within romantic relationships. Oppression via man-made concept of beauty affects every aspect of a woman’s life.

No. 1427465

make-up isn't going to hurt you unless you're an idiot who sleeps in it and never gives your skin a break. I only use it on special occasions but a girl who wears it everyday ain't destroying feminism as we know it. Idk why y'all get so mad that some women want to play with pretty eyeshadow and lipstick colors. Even if she's doing it for pickme reasons shaming her will not help whatever cause you got going on.

No. 1427466

>girlies who wear makeup are famously known to have great taste in men
you meant this as sarcasm but i used to go to a Christian school and the basic bare face girls were the one who were hopping from low-value man to man, dick to dick constantly meanwhile me and the other makeup girls mostly were single or only had a long-term partner.

No. 1427467

I am convinced that both anons, especially someone who says stuff like this >>1427459 just seem to enjoy infighting here on purpose. There really is no way you can associate makeup with having relationship standards, it's the weakest bait I've seen here so far and idgaf about this topic.
I feel horrible over how some women end up being brainwashed by the media that really wants to gain money from insecurities. I know a woman IRL that shaves her entire face because she says that women shouldn't be like that, even though every human has white hairs.

No. 1427471

I feel like the real issue is they just don’t know how to put makeup on correctly and are salty about anyone who can

No. 1427472

Oh it’s just the tranny baiting about polilez again

No. 1427473

they dont care, they just want to shit on women and hide it between pretending to be ''radfems''.

The real issue here is that women have no standards and give ugly/deformed/fat/abusers value in the dating world by constantly dating/fucking/simping for these man. Just take a look at the tiktok thread and the type of man tiktokers were thirsting over (that ugly hideous fuck who does siren eyes) but they dont want to talk about this because they are the those types of women who would hop on a dick the moment a moid gives them attention.

No. 1427474

Makeup simply looks like crap lol

No. 1427475

I'm late to this but you are so right. Most of the guys in bands I listen to are with "normal women" or models.

No. 1427476

ive been here for years and the jannys can even look at my post history, are you losing a argument so you have to resort to calling anons the troon? I see i hit a nerve, sorry i hurt your nlog feelings.

No. 1427477

Like I said, NLOG behavior. not wearing makeup because you can't be bothered or don't care is one thing, but claiming it's some power move is absurdly retarded and reeks of low self esteem trying to disguise itself as radical feminism and self acceptance.

No. 1427480

File: 1669844620386.jpg (57.15 KB, 736x450, atwood.jpg)

That's all it is nonna, it's for money and also to make women feel shit about themselves so they end up spending more money to fix problems that don't even exist. You will never catch a male pointing out his little facial hairs and spending money on trying to get rid of that shit or hyperfocus on other parts of his appearance, if he did he'd get told he has BDD. But when women do it it's either ~muh choice~ or it's just considered normal. Makes no fucking sense, picrel for a quote which always reminds me of this topic, the constant outer-body focusing on yourself to make sure this and that is in place or looks socially acceptable.

Go back.

No. 1427482

Stop being disingenuous. Makeup causes women to have massive dysmorphia. Look at all the trends are about getting bigger lips, and foxy eyes and ski slope noses and cheek bones and perfect eye brows and eyelashes. Yeah makeup famously doesn’t cause women to get fillers and plastic surgeries. You’re not just rubbing pretty colors on your eyes like a kindergartner. Be fucking for real.

No. 1427483

why the fuck dont YOU go back. This site isnt for you or a echo chamber for you. And im not that anon but im going to defend them because of entitled pieces of shit like you who joined this site maximum 1-2 years ago and now think they can dictate shit. Let women wear makeup you weirdo.

No. 1427485

Mens insecurities manifest themselves through dick size, lack of money and height for the most part, but a lot of moids, especially younger ones obsess over having patchy beards and going bald before 27. A lot of them also project with clothing, hence the hype beast and sneakerhead phenom we all have to deal with. The difference is that I think they do this to impress other men, instead of women.

No. 1427486

File: 1669844772911.jpeg (91.34 KB, 940x480, 22AFD9A3-F255-4FDA-8530-13B51C…)

Because of straight women kevin has 3 million views and is considered the female gaze kek. Women giving access to ugly men is a way bigger problem than a pick me who wears sexy clothes and makeup to attract men.

No. 1427488

If you have BDD it's because of something going wrong in your development, not makeup by itself. Like I said in another post, if you find yourself developing a complex with your bare faced complexion you need to take a break from makeup and evaluate why it is you feel that way.

No. 1427489

Keep calling women NLOG and jealous and write weird fanfic about how much they crave dicks, doesn’t blind anyone to the fact you have zero argument.

No. 1427490

That man's resting face is the thousand coom stare of a middle age gas stop manager. Why would anyone willingly look at it?

No. 1427491

are you okay?

No. 1427492

>mild criticisms of the makeup industry making women feel insecure and waste money on it
>criticisms of nonnies who use the "she probably just sucks at it lol" lame excuses
>let women wear makeup omg you're so weird!!! it's my choice stop forcing women!! stop dictating women!!!

why are you this upset? why does this make you so uncomfortable? maybe you should go back too. no one is forcing women to wear makeup or not wearing it, but using lame shit like hurr it's probably because she's bad at it just makes you sound like a 13 year old.

No. 1427494

and samefag, before you start crying again, the "maybe you should go back too" is a joke. hope it doesn't affect you too much.

No. 1427495

This man disgusts me on a visceral level.

No. 1427496

you do realize the average woman is not doing her makeup that way right, go outside ok.
Now im starting to think some of you are neets who think women can only be categorized into bareface or libfem slut forgetting the fact that a normal middle exist.
i just love how they ignore these posts when you tell them to stop fucking men who are hideous or to stop making ugly men be on the same ranks as beautiful women.
Millions of women did that they inflated his ego and now he thinks he is extremely handsome and on the same ranks as a supermodel.

No. 1427499

>but using lame shit like hurr it's probably because she's bad at it just makes you sound like a 13 year old.

I wasnt the one who said that, you do realize there are multiple anons here right, or did you join yesterday after getting a invitation by a blog on tumblr.

No. 1427503

What's with all these embarrassing attempts at dissing lmao

No. 1427506

Tf are you on about? I don't care about the lives of NLOGs, I'm saying they need to drop the makeup is anti feminist act. It has the potential to make someone insecure, but be a responsible adult and you won't run into any issues. Makeup or no makeup. Most women don't do a full 2hr routine everyday because they have jobs and lives to attend to.

No. 1427512

i dont think you should be talking about zero arguments considering you just called someone a troon for disagreeing with you.
i dont think the retard realizes that its replying to different anons kek. It probably thinks that every anon who is ok with makeup is the same entity.

No. 1427513

Insecurities just develop in a vacuum? It’s women’s fault that they develop complex when forced to live under rigid standards? You’re immune to socialization and propaganda? Stop coping.
>muh healthy middle
Spineless. You’re scared to confront the full ramifications of makeup. Women wear makeup to look more “attractive” first and foremost, whether they’re wearing natural makeup or full clown face. The point is, women feel the need to enhance themselves, in a socially acceptable way, in order to feel comfortable in their own skin.

No. 1427514

Holy shit I'm speaking generally you retard. You know what, you can be lumped in with the 13 year old attitude too. Or not, because that's your hecking empowering choice.

No. 1427519

Y-you're all pretty

No. 1427520

You drop the pretend that makeup is a feminist act then!!! Just admit you just want to look better. You’re not toppling any conventions by taking pride in your resignation.

No. 1427521


>Now im starting to think some of you are neets who think women can only be categorized into bareface or libfem slut forgetting the fact that a normal middle exist.

Yeah, honestly you can tell. The average woman does not have time for an extensive makeup routine, a lot don't even use foundation. The main products are mascara and lipstick/lipgloss, maybe a touch of concealer and some eyeliner. The outliers that do beauty guru routines, however are few and far between in the wild.

No. 1427523

Good Lord. I've said it like 5 times that I don't even use makeup outside of specific occasions. But fine, if it helps, yes. I use makeup because when I wear it I usually feel prettier. I'm already pretty but a good cat eye and glossy lip makes me look even better. I've never even implied wearing makeup is a feminist act. It's like calling bras anti feminist, fucking relax.

No. 1427524

all i do is put on some concealer, lip gloss and mascara and sometimes blusj and apparently now im the biggest traitor libfem slut gender traitor despite doing doing actual activism compared to the keyboard warriors here.
honestly it smells like unwashed neets in here.

No. 1427525

You’re not better than the women wearing full beat. If you want to defend makeup, defend them too. Otherwise you ARE critical of makeup use.

No. 1427528

Bras serve actual practical purpose. You think bras are just for making your tits perky and huge?

No. 1427529

I didn't say anything negative about them, I just said it's rare that you'll see a woman in a full YouTube MUA type look. In response to an anon implying make-up wearers get BDD from it. The ones that I could see developing that are the ones that wear the full beat make-up everyday. And while that's completely valid. I'd recommend they take a makeup detox before they actually develop BDD.

No. 1427530

i dont have the time to go and look for that post but someone posted here that women who wear makeup should want men who wear makeup otherwise they are libfems.

And i just want to say what a hypocrite that anon is and the others too because they are the same types who shit on kpop men for wearing makeup and looking good.

Just a bunch of hikikomori here raging at women wearing makeup.

No. 1427532

>makeup is good reeee
>um actually I only wear minimal makeup unlike these other sluts who wear lots of makeup sooo I’m better than them don’t criticize me

No. 1427533

i never said that, i just said how unhinged you are that even a woman wearing something as simple as mascara will still get labelled as a libfem or a slut by you, meaning that you cant win with people like you.

Just say you see women as competition and go.

No. 1427534

Point me to where I said that? I'm using it as an example because feminism can never decide if they like or hate bras too. Remember when people considered a full face of makeup "war paint" for going into male dominated fields? Or remember bra burnings by the hippie trust fund type neets back in the day?

No. 1427535

That's literally all it boils down to because if you actually cares about women and women's issues and women's rights, you'd realize that adult women are capable of making their own decisions when it comes to what we chose to put on our faces and respect it.

No. 1427536

sorry for ot question but how do you know those anons are the same? is that a real thing nonnas can do after years of ib use or am i just retarded?

No. 1427537

>all i do is put on some concealer, lip gloss and mascara and sometimes blusj and apparently now im the biggest traitor libfem slut gender traitor despite doing doing actual activism compared to the keyboard warriors here.
After that, I'll throw my long silky brown hair into a messy bun and put on my flannel shirt and converse. I walk downstairs to grab breakfast and my mom tells me she's selling me to One Direction. I see Harry Styles in the living room, "H-harry…what are you doing here!" My messy bun blushes.

No. 1427540

i wear gyaru makeup and idgaf. moids and women think i'm a fucking nutjob and they're probably right. i am so tired of everyone on this site claiming everything anyone does that they don't personally like is for moids. some women do things they want for just themselves and not for others and if that happens to align with moid tastes who cares. do what you want rather that worrying if men would like it, it's just as bad as catering to men and being a pick me, it adds value to things that otherwise wouldn't have it.

No. 1427541

You already have warped perception of self if you cover your eyebags, cover your pores, plump your lips, lengthen your lashes etc. You’re altering your appearance how small or extreme. It does have an impact if smearing on some mascara makes you feel better about yourself before going outside.

No. 1427542

I do think women should be more comfortable with their natural selves but I also don't think there's anything wrong with wanting to dress up and paint your face a couple of times a week. I always felt sorry for the women who say they can't even go to the store without a full face.

No. 1427544

anon dont bother arguing with them anymore, its obvious they are not looking for a reasonable conversation and instead are here to throw words at women. Im peacing out of this and i suggest you do that too.
im that anon and im not going to lie that was funny, you got me there ngl.

No. 1427545

anon, this is like saying you have a warped perception of yourself if your jeans happen to hide your gut. it's an insane assertion.

No. 1427546

Do you feel the same way about women who wear nice and feminine clothes?

No. 1427549

she probably does. i'm waiting for her to slip up and call everyone makeup wearing sluts or something.

No. 1427550

You're right. It's clearly one of our resident /g/ posting autists having a proper fit. I'll leave her to it.

They don't. They're just generalizing and making assumptions to try and prove a point or something. This is an anonymous image board. Only a true attention whore will really stand out here.

No. 1427551

Nobody called you a slut. There’s someone who’s calling anons critical of makeup “jealous neet sluts” eager to suck dicks or whatever though. Why is the label “libfem” an issue if that’s literally the school of feminism you’re subscribed to?? …Or did you not know what libfem meant this whole time.

No. 1427553

Going by her logic wear tight fitted stereotypical attractive clothes is anti feminist as well

No. 1427554

no one called the neets sluts either, i think you both have brain damage, take a step back from the computer.

No. 1427556

Presenting feminine is anti feminist now. Everyone get into their anti male gaze burlap sacks and head coverings quickly

No. 1427559

Wearing nice clothes is not the same as altering your face. But if you ask, clothes are very much social signals for the ingroups you want access to. So in a way the way you dress can be a way of conformity.

No. 1427561

i just hate that some anons are more worried about the perceived male gaze than let anons enjoy what they like. i feel like they're the types who don't have friends because they take everything way too seriously.

No. 1427564

i like how you contradict yourself at the end
>no i dont judge what women wear but i also judge what women wear


No. 1427566

It’s not always about male gaze. Women are critical of themselves even when no man is looking.

No. 1427567

That’s not what I said.

No. 1427568

nta but some clothes change your body shape. also you seem to have fallen for the photoshop meme if you think makeup changes your face as drastically as you're claiming. makeup is not what causes people to get plastic surgery, photoshop and seeing celebrities being passed off as natural despite having tons of plastic surgery does. you just kind of sound like you're overreacting and projecting.

No. 1427569

Nta but it literally is a feminist issue, anything that disproportionately affects/targets women over men with no clear objective reason as to why is worth examining through a feminist lens imo. Like it's important to think critically about the existence of the makeup industry, the specific reasons why it's marketed entirely to women and not men, and in general it loops back to the question of why a woman's physical attractiveness is so much more emphasized societally compared to men's and what purpose does that serve. The conclusion doesn't even necessarily have to be makeup = always bad (personally I don't think there's anything inherently/objectively wrong with the act of painting a face) but I hate how any critical thought just gets brickwalled by "but I choose to wear it so it's fine", it just feels like such an empty non-argument.

No. 1427570

What about clothes that accentuate curves, breasts and legs? Those kind of clothes are obviously meant to appeal to the male gaze like makeup.

No. 1427576

being critical or aware of something doesn't mean you need to abstain from it. also your points are pretty archaic.

No. 1427577

File: 1669847472050.jpg (95.69 KB, 1200x900, o-firstburka2.jpg)

i totally agree with you queen. Feminists should know to cover themselves up to avoid looking like a yucky libfem and tempting men with their pink eyeshadow.

No. 1427578

Kek oh my god anon

No. 1427581

Love how all the anti makeup radfems completely slipped this over to sperg about the evil makeup industry and women doing it for the male gaze.

No. 1427583

The guy in that picture looks like a geriatric pig that's too old and diseased to be brought in the slaughterhouse, spoiler that shit next time.

No. 1427588

File: 1669847903756.jpeg (66.52 KB, 533x624, C56E55A9-1222-4AF3-9B74-B96F28…)

How do anti makeup anons feel about women who dress like this? I mean she’s completely covered but it’s obviously preforming femininity.

No. 1427589

File: 1669847917526.jpeg (544.5 KB, 1125x1772, 75EDE577-FC55-4650-9B76-3BF552…)

Why do we keep these types of people alive? They don’t want to be a part of society and are dangerous. They’re a huge waste of resources.

No. 1427590

its pure projection from them they think everything that a woman does is for men because they themselves subconsciously care for male approval so they project that onto other women.

No. 1427593

Sorry not in this convo but, I think this dress is so cute. It looks a little tight but I like the cut and the shrug.

No. 1427594

omg slut she needs to dress like this >>1427577

No. 1427605

I don't like the dress, the top of the dress looks ugly and cheap. I like the overall shape though.

No. 1427609

Let’s change the topic, and instead start sperging out about shaving and waxing now

No. 1427610

I don't care and think it looks nice tbh. It looks more classically feminine or elegant compared to something from a porno or some strange bdsm gear. I like dresses like this, I don't wear makeup but I would gladly wear something like this as long as it's comfortable and doesn't restrict movement. Anti-makeup doesn't mean you have to dress in a potato sack, not saying you said that but just speaking generally.

No. 1427611

women who shave belong in hell.

No. 1427612

Shoplifter druggies are the least of the problems when it comes to the mass amounts of child rapists and murderers in prison

No. 1427614

File: 1669848576376.png (249.17 KB, 650x799, 6114395E-0821-4528-AE57-8236FF…)

Why wouldn’t you consider that pandering to the male gaze and anti feminist but you’d consider light makeup like picture related anti feminist?

No. 1427616

I’m confused as to what is the difference between wearing a tight dress with your breasts pushed out and wearing a little makeup is?

No. 1427617

File: 1669848649155.jpg (507.18 KB, 2048x1536, 67afb6bf349447f8874754a8385319…)

I'll go first. Women with body hair look way better imo. They look mature and natural and like something out of a classical painting. Love seeing armpit/legs/pubic hair on women, pardon if I sound like a creepy scrote that's not my intention.

No. 1427619

It looks good but some anons get horribly offended at descriptions of outfits for some reason. She's likely wearing a ton of shape wear and special bras to look more curvy, and she's highlighting the shape of her body. It looks good but claiming it's peak modesty is just lying

No. 1427621

Clothes from revealing to modest, from masculine to feminine, can be assigned political significance. Neither sexy clubwear or full burka is feminist. I don’t think wearing desexed clothes, or hyperfeminine (think lolita), to escape being objectified is liberating either. Clothes can’t liberate women. I think clothes are reflection of women’s relationship with herself influenced by her environment.

No. 1427623

this just proves to me that anon sees women as competition and hence is anti-makeup because why the fuck get mad at women for wearing mascara and call that the male gaze but that push up bra, shape-wear dress is totally ok with her, no offence but im pretty sure ive seen the girlfriends of sigma/pua men wear that.

The hypocrisy is really showing now.

No. 1427624

Why isn’t makeup in relation to her environment though? Clothes like that are meant to be club clothes to attract moids

No. 1427625

I'll sound like a creepy scrote about it just a joke pls no ban women with body hair are sexy. I like hairy pits on women. It blows my mind that there are straight moids so repulsed by body hair on women like I genuinely think it's some sort of mental illness or something.

No. 1427626

Yep she will wear sexy tight clothes with her ass and tits popping out but has an issue with makeup. Makes 0 sense.

No. 1427627

Well yeah those should be offed too, but that’s not unpopular (i hope)

No. 1427628

I agree, in many cultures female armpit hair and bush isn’t taboo in the slightest and I think that’s nice.

Sidenote I find Lourdes so beautiful, she has the same heavy lidded eyes and facial structure as a Virgin Mary statue. No idea why some bitchy nonas say she’s mid, she’s gorgeous imo, but seems like a pretty insufferable person.

No. 1427632

File: 1669848960839.jpeg (474.2 KB, 1841x2048, 1C2A0774-C3C4-4721-8127-20D450…)

Pic rel. her features just remind me of one of those byzantine orthodox Christian icons

No. 1427635

>there are straight moids so repulsed by body hair on women

I've had men not want to fuck because I have pubes. Which is the reason I have them kek. Don't want to date someone who expects a porn star, fake moans and all.

No. 1427636

It’s not always about male pandering. Even if men all disappeared tomorrow, women will still have trouble separating their self worth from beauty and feeling beautiful. Makeup to women it’s a pill to make the anxiety go away.

No. 1427638

File: 1669849128807.jpg (221.69 KB, 873x1390, virgin-mary-and-child-jesus-ch…)

i can see it

No. 1427640

That is the dumbest bait i have seen, salt-chan. This dress looks fine, it is nothing but a tight dress. At the end of the day, any clothing will be fine as long as you dress for your body type, really.

No. 1427641

Most women have an issue separating their self worth from their clothes as well.

No. 1427643

I honestly think it's just because they are so used to watching porn and have internalized noncery tbh. It makes no sense why men wouldn't like body hair though if they're not a pedophile - it's crazy how stuff like armpit and bush used to be seen as a natural attractive sign of a matured woman and now it's like if you have it you're instantly seen as dirty or a crazy radfem. You know what moids, I am a crazy radfem with an oil painting hairy armpit and you can't do shit about it.

I hope more women start keeping their body hair again. I used to look at some of those retro erotica magazines and was actually stunned by how all the women had realistic bodies with normal breasts and they had bushes too. It's still porn ofc which is shit but idk how we managed to regress from natural mature woman -> bbl wishbone hips and a pubic mound that looks like a raw plucked chicken. Male degeneracy I guess.

No. 1427644

Literally no one who is against makeup thinks performing femininity in other ways are fine and feminist

No. 1427649

Sorry you had this experience nonna. Pubes are awesome and they're meant to be there, any scrote that has a problem with them is not worthy of sleeping with women anyway. It's a clear sign of pornsickness and potential nonce behaviour.

No. 1427651

What’s your point in asking this? You do realize conforming to patriarchal standards can manifest as any aesthetic right? Whether it’s Hollywood style, or gothic, or religious trad, or cute feminine style, or tomboy, or stripper chic.

No. 1427655

What are you asking? Women who wear sexy club clothes 100% wear makeup.

No. 1427656

So what should we wear so that we don’t conform to the patriarchal standards?because literally everything panders to the male gaze

No. 1427657

The difference is they can't claim moral superiority anymore kek

No. 1427659

If you're not dressed like this woman you're a male gazey whore >>1427577

No. 1427661

Completely agree. Women fucking men benefits men way more than women.

No. 1427667

There’s nothing you can wear to escape the male gaze. Clothes can’t dismantle systemic oppression. You try to examine the kind of thinking you have when you choose to wear certain clothes, wear makeup, shave, whatever. You have to be able to admit to yourself that certain choices you make do stem from desire to comply and be accepted by patriarchal society. Hopefully one day you can ignore the voice of the man who gazes inside your head and truly make choices of your own.

No. 1427669

There's something sensual about her it's hot AF.

No. 1427671

Nta and I don't even mean this in a feminist way but she honestly looks prettier in the before image to me. Reminds me of when I used to go to moid imageboards and they'd post the bare faces of celebrity women and act all shocked and disgusted and I'd just feel confused because they all looked way more attractive to me like that. I guess it's just a social conditioning thing since I grew up in an area where most women/girls didn't wear makeup so that became the default look to me
Same, the taboo against female body hair is so bizarre. It just feels like such a normal natural thing and yet men act so weird about it. Sometimes I wonder if some men are even attracted to women when they view so many of our regular features as gross, pure porn brainrot.

No. 1427681

I don't think every woman who wears make up is bad, not that there's always something wrong with it or whatever but
>It has the potential to make someone insecure
is retarded. It are ads and social media in the first place causing women to be insecure about having pores and making them think they look sick and unpresentable without make up. It has become a security blanket for many who cannot even make a short trip to the cornershop without a full face on. With a full face I mean what it meant before Instagram desensitized people further. That's the kind of insecurity I care about, which is caused by a shit ton of messages from birth and is pretty common. You cannot compare that to feeling a bit awkward the rare times in your life you've come across criticism of make up. Same thing with anyone seething about how they're 'shamed' for shaving when they hear for once in their life a different opinion from the norm. You literally get paid 13% more for wearing make up, is that not a fucked up sexist norm that disadvantages women who want to choose to not wear make up? You can have your make up, I just want women to not be called ill for not wearing make up and equal pay for gnc women. It's not a true choice with so much societal pressure and monetary incentive.

No. 1427685

I also find body hair on women very sexy. It's a sign of sexual maturity after all. Moids who can't handle it are insane and pedo.

No. 1427691

>Sometimes I wonder if some men are even attracted to women when they view so many of our regular features as gross, pure porn brainrot.

I honestly think porn has done so much damage to moid brains to the point where they might as well be nonces because whatever they are jerking off to nowadays is not even remotely representative of what real women have. I mean it's obvious but it's honestly insane. Males have always been known for their sexual degeneracy and noncery but it's nothing like what we see now where the default for an adult female is…strangely enough, traits that only pre pubescent girls have, like no body hair being the biggest one.
Everything that's natural in women they hate: hair, cellulite, a little bit of fat around our lower stomach, skin texture and breasts/bodies that change with time and after bearing children. You'd think they would be into those things because it indicates maturity and fertility but they are honestly obsessed with this weird amalgamation of young girl and woman e.g you need to have the exaggerated thick proportions only achievable through surgery BUT you also cannot have any wrinkles and need to be hairless. What the fuck is that? This, plus the obsession with teen porn, is why I think most men are genuine paedophiles. They will never appreciate the real beauty of an adult female because it both disgusts and intimidates them, the woman in her wild beautiful natural form is too powerful and based for men to control that's why they stay jerking off over vulnerable 16 year olds while they're in their 30s.

No. 1427697

I think that she looks better before too. I feel like if most women want to use make up then lipstick and maybe some blush is enough, and the rest is just marginal returns. And that’s the best case scenario, most look worse with it. I think it’s because foundation and concealer (what the woman has on this picture) seek to remove any discoloration/unevenness in the face, which is what gives the face its contours (the shadows under your cheekbones, the contours around your eyes, your eyelid natural contours), and a lot of that is what makes a face more dimensional and dynamic and attractive. They try to supplement that by contouring and whatever but it just doesn’t work as well. It feels a bit flat when you look at it.

No. 1427735

99% of women who get married are pickmes. Way to sell out and get used as a bangmaid. It's so degrading. Couldn't be me

No. 1427743

Are you still here? Shoo shoo, baiting troon.

No. 1427757

Did women in paintings really used to have armpit hair?

No. 1427762

File: 1669854989015.png (829.71 KB, 752x757, mts2.png)

Some Megan Thee Stallion songs are unironically good and catchy. The lyrics are exactly what you'd expect, though.

No. 1427765

This whole argument has convinced me that there is a chemical in make up that makes you retarded the more you wear it.

No. 1427766

her marketing is so male gazey in spite of the female empowerment angle she takes. I really do think she's a sweet person and very talented so it's no diss to her at all that I hope she's not too controlled by her label

No. 1427782

I like her. I've been playing Anxiety on repeat.

No. 1427790

100 percent. Women are best with natural armpit hair. I'm so happy now that I stopped shaving.

No. 1427804

>If you have BDD it's because of something going wrong in your development
Yes, the most famous reason being society's expectations of women and beauty standards which we learn every day of our lives since birth. That's the entire point. Do you think people are just born broken and with body dysmorphia or something? Where do you think these disorders and insecurities and bad development come from?
>you do realize the average woman is not doing her makeup that way right
Ok but WHY does the average woman wear makeup at all? Why do you keep ignoring this issue?
>i just love how they ignore these posts when you tell them to stop fucking men who are hideous or to stop making ugly men be on the same ranks as beautiful women.
And I love how youse ignore posts such as:
and instead of replying to these posts you decide to throw personal insults at those who disagree with you, like saying "they're just mad 'cause they can't put on makeup" and "you're just as bad as tradthots", or blame them for being the REAL anti-feminist pickmes for simping for ugly males (I don't think I need to point out why making shit up about anonymous posters you know nothing about is childish and stupid as fuck and not a real argument). Also why do you keep bringing up ugly men when we're talking about how beauty standards affect women's perception of themselves and their lives? The subject wasn't "men should take care of their appearance more" but (and I can only assume) you sound sexually frustrated given how obsessed you are with blaming other women for destroying the feminist movement by sleeping with ugly men, as if all you cared about was fucking more attractive males. We're not talking about what group of women's fault it is that men being unhygienic is acceptable, we're talking about why we as a society think a woman without makeup is ugly and why that's wrong. You people derailed the discussion because you felt personally attacked when makeup was criticized, then blamed us for demonizing or shaming all women who wear it, which never happened and is not the same as pointing out the reasons why they do it (they're insecure because of beauty standards and women being expected to look better for men, and it's now seen as normal so nobody questions it).

The discussion began with some anons LITERALLY saying that you CAN wear makeup, that the act is unfeminist, but also that doing it DOESN'T necessarily mean you're anti-feminist yourself, nor a threat to feminism. Why derail like this? Immature as fuck. All the posts saying "you're a slut and a threat to feminism for wearing makeup" that you're complaining about is made up in your head, no one said that. No one is trying to control other women's lives either (ironic that you guys accuse others of this yet staunchly defend makeup as if it wasn't an actual way for men to control all of us). Let me remind you that this all started when some retard said that women with a bare face are ugly and others rightfully shat on her for thinking like that because that's actually an anti-feminist mindset.

>purity culture
Saying true facts like how women are expected to wear makeup to look more attractive to scrotes and how it makes women insecure to the point that some even believe that normal faces are hideous and deformed is not "purity culture" and it certainly doesn't oppress anyone.
>whan i used to go to school i used makeup as a self expression and liked doing insane looks as a way to express myself and was into fashion
That's like madonna-whore complex where women are expected to look hot for moids but at the same time they're hated for it, and probably also jealousy, it's not the same thing that we're doing at all.
Also, and this goes to >>1427462 too, "artistic self-expression" through wearing makeup is indeed a thing, and I agree with >>1427569 in that painting your face or decorating your body is not inherently harmful per se, but if you're using that as an example you're just coping because the vast majority of women don't just start wearing makeup every day to "express themselves", the reason the practice exists on such a scale and why it affects almost exclusively women in the first place is because we are told from birth that that's what women ought to do, and why are we told this? For moids' pleasure and to keep us in a submissive position where our only purpose is to be picked by a rich man (as we have few resources in patriarchy), to be impregnated by him and to make the scrote feel good in every way so that we will have someone to support us financially. And this is the truth even if there are women who took a liking to it or wear makeup and can afford to live alone.

No. 1427810

Ok I’ll wear a gray momo, no makeup and shave my head bald just in case a scrote might find me attractive.

No. 1427828

Did you mean muumuu?

No. 1427832

idk, she was right about the explosion of women that want to erase all context, meaning, etc, to women performing expected gender norms, which…isn't really a great turn in terms of discussing insecurity, body image issues, etc. Because now we have a society that struggles with objectifying women and creating endless incentives for women and girls to opt to meet very narrow standards, normalizing the artificial via filters, algorithms pushing unrealistic versions of women, and plastic surgery. Make-up is extremely important for womens' social mobility, which is fucked up as-is.
Becoming bald isn't what that nonny wants women to do, but you had to strawman in order to pretend most of her points weren't sensible. You're just annoyed at the idea that your actions don't completely live in a vacuum.

No. 1427836

Having long hair is preforming femininity, impractical and a lot of womens self esteem is more tied to having pretty long hair than having nice makeup. The only way to not conform to sexist beauty standards is no form fitting clothes, no lip products that shine and no long hair. You can’t pick and choose which beauty standards are harmful.

No. 1427839

Y'know that you're just going to scare away people if you go, "nope, all is off the table, even what's possible naturally." What is the utility intended, considering the research on how extremes often can scare people away? Speaking as someone who doesn't wear make-up and has short hair now. It's more realistic to ask women to normalize certain things slowly. And, yeah, "pick and choose" is…a very strange phrase considering there's certain things that are, in fact, more damaging than others, especially when they can be risky health-wise or extremely unnatural.

No. 1427840

There are more women insecure about their hair than going out without makeup. Most women don’t even wear makeup everyday but anons claim even a little makeup(mascara and lip gloss)is an issue but it’s fine to strive for useless long hair and to wear revealing tight clothes. Makes no sense lol

No. 1427842

File: 1669861272832.jpg (83.45 KB, 728x410, gun-hammer-bow-team-wallpaper-…)

Live action should stick to realistic genres like drama, thrillers and such and leave fantasy, super power bullshit and anything with magic to cartoons and anime.

I can't and will never be able to take real actors shooting CGI lasers seriously.
Same with actors having red glowing eyes (peak cringe and looks stupid imo), actors pretending they are riding on broomsticks or actors wearing cosplays that are supposed to be hero uniforms.

No. 1427844

Cannot relate either, never wore make-up and the long-hair part is new to me. Though it might be a thing in other countries. I doubt there are many born in central Europe who feel ugly for having short hair, I almost never see women with actual long hair, at the very best you get shoulder-length hair.
And revealing clothes suck ass, they don't look comfy and unpopular opinion but they usually look bad IMO.

No. 1427868

I pretty much never shave in general but the one place I shave it my armpits.

Another thing i want to say is that knowing that scrotes do not find me attractive kind of is a huge relief for me. I feel like i make most of my aesthetic decisions based on what I like. I can't help but believe that women shave literally just for scrotes, i feel like if i wanted to try and attempt dating, i would probably drive myself insane trying to keep my body hair under control because men loathe body hair. Naturally if you are trying to get a husband/bf you care about what men think, there's no way around it. I am also not going to stop liking cute clothes either, granted i do not wear normie clothes and I like being covered up because if my body is tucked away, i pretty much don't think about it. Out of sight, out of mind. I also think the key to reducing body dysphoria is really just hiding your body and stop wearing tight clothes.

No. 1427889

I feel like things like Lolita is one of the only things that prevents women from being desexualized, it's made by and for women, doesn't show off women's bodies but also isn't made for the purpose of "men keeping their wives and gfs to themselves" or to bring down women by taking away tools they use to look and feel more attractive. One of my biggest issues with women dressing provocatively is that it gives moids what they want without having to work for it, it's turned men into a weird generation of neggers who no longer get happy when seeing women's bodies but their first reaction is to simply start nitpicking what's wrong with it or comparing her, and if it's not that they're simply just thinking of how they can cheat on their girlfriends with her.

There were times when moids would do anything to see women's legs, now they're barely happy with breasts and ass since they can go to the mall and see everyone and their moms tits and ass hang out

No. 1427892

Anons are stupid and will go along to whatever has the most replies supporting it kek. They'll do a 180 and demand women to cover up and wear 10 lbs of makeup in a few months just because that's what other anons have been saying too just watch

No. 1427894

Why are you saying this as if you can tell who each anon is and what they supported?

No. 1427900

Anyone who's been here knows anons will dogpile anyone who doesn't agree with whatever opinion is popular at the time. For a while anons would foam at the mouth if a woman's vulva was made fun of but would happily ignore boob and body shaming features out of the woman's control. Now it almost seems like the opposite. Anons just a few months ago would blast anyone who claimed to enjoy dressing slutty for "catering to what moids want", even in an FDS discussion anons were actually scrotes for saying women don't need makeup when anons claimed men should pay for expensive dates because makeup is expensive. This is a small board and I doubt we get a new cycle of anon every few months and all the previous ones magically disappear so. I also believe anons get caught up in their bullshit that they disagree with every single thing whoever they dont like says even though it makes no sense and they can't even be bothered to back up their own supposed beliefs. Anything to infight I guess

No. 1427911

Men definitely sexualize Lolita. There are thousands of porn titles that are Lolita themed.

No. 1427912

better to die like wolves then be a fat pseudointellectual who ate themselves to death

No. 1427918

I don't understand why cannibalism is so demonised. Sure, I mean I don't support killing and eating people for the fun of it. But I hate how in media about an apocalypse, the cannibal group is made out to be the villain. I'm certain that if most people were on the brink of death because they had been starving for so long, they would eat anything, including a human.

No. 1427923

That's because they think Lolita is a teen appearing girl, not Japanese style Lolita. Men don't give a shit about big frilly pastel dresses

No. 1427927

No I meant the Japanese fashion. There are thousans upon thousands of porn dvds that are Lolita themed. Lolita is very sexualized lol

No. 1427932

I hate the " accept yourself " mentality(unless its race related). I honestly believe all the insecure people would feel a trillion times better if they just were allowed to get minor esthetic surgeries without those fags making them feel like they are part of le ebil society who wants people to be part of the strict beauty canon. Most people just want to get one minor thing done, like me, not our whole faces and end up looking like blow up dolls. I told my friends i want to get my nose done and they just moral fagged to me about it. Its so tiring.

No. 1427933

I feel like lolita porn became more famous after oreimo, in the 2010's. Before that all the lolita characters in anime were depicted as fat and ugly fujoshits.

No. 1427948

Can you tell me the advantages of getting married that don't benefit scrotes more?

No. 1427974

If you want plastic surgery so bad then get it, as long as you admit that you folded to the pressure. You can’t conform and get mad when someone said you conformed. You don’t get to feel superior to people who get many surgeries either.

No. 1427978

File: 1669869998488.jpg (13.64 KB, 304x296, 1643934439997.jpg)

some things are just ugly, crocked noses are ugly and make your face look awful because its on the center of your face. Absolutely no one finds ugly noses pretty and its tiring how people pretend that they like them because they are ''unique'' or whatever. I just hate how we cannot accept some things are inherently ugly, like being fat, being deformed, having droopy eyes or having an ugly nose. Once you stop coping and accept that certain things are ugly it becomes much easier to change them.

No. 1427979

and also, no one wants to be ugly and people who said they are happy beign ugly are just average looking and never truly experienced self steem issues.

No. 1427980

Yeah now that you mention it there were a few popular coomer anime in the early-mid 2010s that featured gothic lolita-inspired characters, Ruri was one and I remember Kurumi from Date a Live and that girl from Gate as well. Although the outfits usually showed a lot more skin compared to anything women in the fashion would actually wear.

No. 1427983

The last time I saw this exact logic it on was a lookism forum…for incels.

No. 1427984

>part of le ebil society who wants people to be part of the strict beauty canon
But you are part of it. You would only feel personally attacked by criticism of the system if you think it’s your personal moral failing to have been influenced your whole life. It’s totally understandable if you’d rather choose the path of least resistance. Most people don’t want to change the world, they just want to live easy. Just stop trying to fight people who rightfully say the thing is fucked up just because it makes you feel bad.
It all comes back to evading being perceived as “ugly”. There’s no need to pretend there’s some sort of enlightenment in it.

No. 1427985

File: 1669870605239.jpeg (209.5 KB, 1158x896, 1664917479404.jpeg)

every time this quote comes on my timeline I still refuse to accept it, my mother had a choice not to be a demented narc to it and I don't have to be nice to her cause of "muh solidary" and cause she suffered as well, I know she suffered but that doesn't make her any less accountable for being an abusive narc towards me and so I do have a more closer relationship with my father because of this

No. 1427988

This is the most annoying type of insecure woman to me, the ones who always have to put down other people and decide what they must be really thinking so that they can internally justify their own hatred for themselves. Nobody's stopping you from spending thousands of dollars to get your nose cut up but you shouldn't get defensive when other people don't validate you for doing it

No. 1427989

It’s so brave to fully give in to beauty standards but then gas yourself up as if your total resignation is commendable. Only people who had been directly victimized by lookism has this sort of fanatical pathological obsession with beauty and the fantasy life that beauty promises, something they never got to experience. Instead of dismantling the very thing that victimized them in the first place, they’d rather embody it.

No. 1427990

you sound fucking crazy.

No. 1427991

That quote is not telling you to be nice to your mother.

No. 1427992

>The last time I saw this exact logic it on was a lookism forum…for incels.
i dont know what you are talking about i dont frequent incel forums, unlike you apparently
i think wasting your youth being ugly and feeling bad for it just to stick it to the society is more damaging to be honest, and telling people who are strong enough to accept certain things are just ugly and want to change them they should feel bad about it is pathetic. Its always people who are average who say this. Our brains are engrained to find certain traits more attractive than others, the only ugly people that feel good about themselves is people in downright cults like the fat positivity activists.
its not so deep lmao.

No. 1427999

Not related but one thing I hated about US shows growing up is that the mom being rational is always seen as being annoying, nagging etc. I got peacock and watched George Lopez and it's so annoying how Angie's boobs are the butt of jokes, anytime she's rational the laughter goes off and she's painted as being annoying and George blowing her off is seen as funny. Same with my wife and kids and other shows. No wonder gen z moids grew up expecting women to be mommy bang maids

No. 1428002

Lay down the thesaurus.

No. 1428004

You’re assuming everyone is as miserable as you are about your nose.
>Our brains are engrained to find certain traits more attractive than others
Retarded. What people find attractive is wildly subjective. Your idea of beauty isnt some innate thing that you invented yourself. And that’s already beside the point, basing your worth around fitting in to someone else’s ideals is sad and pathetic.
KEK what words you don’t understand? Maybe pick up a book.

No. 1428006

Girl you’re not strong for getting plastic surgery what the fuck lol

No. 1428007

As if one person or even a couple of people can dismantle an entire global system.

No. 1428014

So just don’t even bother making any kind of critique? Don’t even bother wanting anything different? Don’t even bother analyzing your own interaction with the world? Just live in a state of dissociation where we tell ourselves none of our individual choices matter and have any consequences.

No. 1428016

You didn't say "instead of critiquing" you said "instead of dismantling".

No. 1428022

You sound ESL. Learn the difference between have and had.

No. 1428023

that literally accomplishes nothing, i spent my whole teenagehood doing that shit and i was only miserable. I would rather make some changes instead of spending the rest of my youth lying to myself. Looks matter a lot, i dont use social media, never have, I dont even like men and the type of clothes i use is off putting to them anyways, and i still dont like how my nose looks. If surgery gives you real confidence i dont understand why its so frowned upon.

No. 1428024

The former is part of the latter.

No. 1428026

And yet they're still different things.

No. 1428028

Like I said, if you’re that stinking miserable about it. Why do you so bad want validation from those don’t want “looks matter a lot” to be a thing at all. You’d get asspats and yas queens anywhere else on the internet but you come here why? To feel like you’re some pariah for wanting to conform? Truly the world is against you.

No. 1428029

Neither of which you are interested in.

No. 1428030

Im in the middle, on one hand legitimately ugly people getting plastic surgery or other forms of work can improve their life a lot, on the other hand plastic surgery addicts and BDD would abuse the hell out of it and there are many people who do just need to accept themselves

No. 1428031

You don't know anything about my beliefs or personal choices, but sure.

No. 1428034

because looks do matter and whenever someone tells you otherwise its always so fake and patronizing. No one thinks that ugly noses are beautiful, thats why they always say ''your nose is so unique, yada yada''. They always make you feel bad for wanting to change something that makes you miserable, if people hadn't moralfagged me in high school about it i would have saved enough money to get the surgery by 20.
>You’d get asspats and yas queens anywhere else on the internet but you come here why? To feel like you’re some pariah for wanting to conform? Truly the world is against you.
kek, do you know where you are? you dont have to be fake nice here so you get the real opinion of women on looks, no one likes uggos or being uggo.

No. 1428039

This. The fact that moids need to bastardise the fashion in order to coom to it says a lot. I think they see it more as a costume more than anything. Tbh i do think that sweet lolita has the misfortune of having aesthetic cross over with ddlg stuff. I don't think there is any winning, but i will still wager that most men do not find lolita fashion attractive aside from a small sect of coomers, even they would probably not like to walk around with a frilly lady by their side out of self consciousness.

No. 1428041

I can’t imagine hating myself this much

No. 1428042

You sound like you’re about to cry. Your crooked nose doesn’t make you uggo.

No. 1428043

Nta, but i am so sorry than anon is being horrible to you. Honestly people being rude to ugly people is natural. Most people have parts of their body they don't like. Just take a look into snow and look at the way a lot of anons rip apart the appearance of any woman there, granted not all anons are like that, but it makes you wonder how genuine anons who are anti-surgery anti-beauty procedures are. I would not advocate for surgery personally since going under anesthetic is very risky. Imo you should not seek to receive validation from people who refuse to see you for who your are and try and think about your body from a functional standpoint rather than something that needs to be beautiful. I can't promise you that you will love your nose, but it will help to distract you from doing something drastic or potentially wasting your money.

No. 1428046

>Our brains are engrained to find certain traits more attractive than others
Funny how our beauty standards change so drastically every hundred years then. How do you explain that big strong noses used to be 'in' and now after enough shilling nosejobs on Instagram, the only acceptable nose is a small Scandinavian button nose? That what many here would call fat, has been 'in' multiple times over the last 2 millennia. The only way you have a bad nose is if you're a boxer and you've been bumped in the face one too many times or you're an ancient Greek scrote ascribing moral value to random features.
>Just take a look into snow and look at the way a lot of anons rip apart the appearance of any woman there, granted not all anons are like that, but it makes you wonder how genuine anons who are anti-surgery anti-beauty procedures are.
Idk how often this has to be said, but there is a big divide between /snow/ and /ot/ nonnas and the majority who go on /ot/ probably don't go on /snow/ to nitpick. Considering there have been multiple requests by /pt/ and /snow/ nonnas to get rid of the off topic boards, because they think it attracts scrotes more or they believe mainly newfags congregate there. Even though many oldfags who grew out of nitpicking have also permanently moved to the off topic boards (not counting the mtf and ftm threads, those seem to have mass appeal).

No. 1428050

File: 1669877515811.jpg (418.78 KB, 1600x1231, P1070401 cropped.JPG)

yeah sure ''it makes you unique, love yourself uwu you are a greek god qween uwu''. lmao, i am tired of pity.
the thing is, i have tried to 'love my nose' but it just feels like lying to myself and i am tired of receiving pity, because again, no one likes big honkers. My mom got her nose done after getting breast cancer surgery, she was so happy and so confident about it that it made me realize that it's not different from any other life-saving surgery and people who are anti-cosmetic surgeries are probably just trying to be nice but deeply know uglyness is a real thing(and i am convinced most of them were mean to ugly people before and thats why now they try to be so fake-nice, but thats just my tinfoil). Since i accepted i am ugly i started doing some changes, i am losing weight, started some face cleaning routines that make me feel fresh, and saving for the surgery once i achieve my desired weight as a 'reward'. It's honestly so freeing, i cant believe i spent my teenage years thinking ''heh i am so much better than those girls who spends money on themselves i am so much happy i can eat whatever i want and not spend money on csmetics, i am sticking it to the patriarchy'' .
literally when? if anything having a small nose has been the only standars thats been consisten over the years. You can find painting from 1800/1900 that had girls with button noses. Strong noses are ugly, even in scrotes they look hideous.

No. 1428063

I'm not sure big noses have ever been the fashion in eurocentric beauty standards because they are the focal point of the face and distract from other features. happy to be proven wrong if you have anything to suggest otherwise?

nonnita sorry that you're getting a lot of stick for not liking your nose, I do understand because it is the centre of the face and the first thing we ourselves zoom in on when we look in the mirror, not to mention the way selfie cameras make noses look even more prominent due to their lens shape. I don't necessarily think surgery would automatically make life rosy for you or be free of complications but in my experience the friends who moralfag always do it to unattractive women because they can't stand the idea of us looking prettier and not being their ugly sidekicks anymore kek. that said I think you're fighting a losing battle trying to justify it to other people anyway, if you want it and it would make life easier for you then go ahead and get it, people will get used to it. just be aware that it might not fix the internal insecurity and complications aren't all that uncommon (embedded video is a pretty good example)

No. 1428066

>You can find painting from 1800/1900 that had girls with button noses
nope. those type of noses were considered really ugly during that time. dysgenic even.

No. 1428067


I agree with this anon. A lot of conventionally women seethe when they see a woman surpass them in looks via plastic surgery. To a lot of them it's like doping in sports. Once they have a taste of that validation from others, it's like a drug. There's a reason why attractive women who complain about creepy moids never make an effort to make themselves less attractive. Personally thinking about all the ways surgery can go wrong helps me from doing anything drastic to my face. i've also found that most nose jobs don't look good on the first go too.

No. 1428068

Samefag, but i think the psycho anon is literally camping waiting your responses, ignore her.

No. 1428074

OT but what's that painting supposed to signify

No. 1428076

File: 1669879643342.jpg (231.67 KB, 1203x1600, Norman Rockwell (83).jpg)

thanks i am very aware of the risks, i am mostly deciding to take it thanks to my mom who healed really well, but i am still doing research and saving(got a loong way to go)! gonna check the video, thank you!
i never had validation issues really, i had plenty of moids interested in me but i dont care about dating. I just want to wear glasses /hairstyles that i like without they making me look like female yandev. Also, its sad but having a large nose really deprives you of looking good in any ''youthful'' fashion, most women with big noses i have seen only look good in very tight 'mature' clothes that i dont like. A big nose truly ages you like hell. Also, my nose is truly hideos. My mom had a big nose and my dad had a hooked one so i ended up getting the worst of both worlds there is truly no angle where it looks decent and no make up to hide it.
sorry, but you are an idiot. I literally posted art from one of the biggest artists of the time as an example. Here's another one from other artist.

No. 1428079

Sha caged her baby to get a nosejob

No. 1428083

File: 1669879854103.jpg (60.1 KB, 640x638, american-actress-and-singer-ba…)

Barbra Streisand wouldn't have been as iconic nor as beautiful without her big nose.
>I'm not sure big noses have ever been the fashion in eurocentric beauty standards because they are the focal point of the face and distract from other features. happy to be proven wrong if you have anything to suggest otherwise?
This might be a shock, but there are more different types of Europeans than Scandinavians. It would be weird if the rest of Europe thought they were ugly. Guess which nose was the most popular for a very long time? A Greek nose, which is pretty big by today's standards. Post enlightenment, the aquiline nose was considered a sign of nobility, which would be considered very crooked nowadays.

No. 1428091

File: 1669880305425.jpg (257.43 KB, 952x1280, JCLeyendecher101.jpg)

Leyendecker almost always used babies as a methapor for 'new'. I am not American so i dont know celebrate Easter, but here is the full painting, feel free to analyse it.

No. 1428092

i don't know anon, you're heavily speaking for yourself on this one. i have a big bumpy nose myself, it is something i've always been insecure about and others have made fun of me for, but i personally have no desire to actually change it. even though i have spent a lot of time feeling terrible about it, i don't have any desire to give in to the beauty standard and change this thing that makes my face unique. plus i spent so long getting used to my face, i know i'd have some crisis getting used to a new one even if it was "prettier" to others. i also genuinely find big noses attractive on others, something about them is just hot to me. i can't stand the "oo your nose is so regal" stuff though, it sounds very condescending. anyway, not everyone feels the way you do at all. if you want to have a nose job because you sincerely believe it will make you more confident, go for it, it probably will help you out. but that's you.

No. 1428093

I wanna get a nose job too but me being overweight distracts me (I need to stop being a fat fuck before I spend thousands on my face)

No. 1428100

>Barbra Streisand
lmao this is what i mean, stop lying barbare streisand has always been used as the epitome of horse face. People praise her for her talents, not her beauty. She literally said
>In her conversation with producer Ryan Murphy, Streisand reflected on her status as an atypical icon, saying “I wasn’t like those pretty girls with those nice little noses. Maybe that’s why (I wasn’t harassed). I have no idea.”
yeah i am working on loosing weight/getting toned too. My desired look would be something like leanbeefpatty, she looks so cool.

No. 1428103

good for you but you are the minority

No. 1428106

I don't really think getting a nosejob makes a big difference for like the great majority of people. It's all about proportions and people usually get a really small nose that it looks uncanny and 8/10 botched. If you're going to get your nose done, you might as well get everything done to make some difference. Ugly is bone deep and you can't really change bone structure.

No. 1428108

File: 1669881373171.jpg (382.29 KB, 1440x1798, 317345151_3458875204395168_334…)

It's okay nonny, I get you. Crazy how some of these anons have such bland tastes. kek

No. 1428110

I have been told i could be a model if not for my nose several times tho. It truly does a big difference, at least from most of the before and after pics i have seen. Plus my nose isnt slightly ugly, its downright hideous. I wish i could post a pic but its not worth the ban.

No. 1428122

Ntayrt but I always thought she was beautiful. Beautiful doesn't equal whatever men want to fuck.

No. 1428124

File: 1669882340285.jpg (51.69 KB, 640x887, young-barbra-streisand-8.jpg)

>i can't stand the "oo your nose is so regal" stuff though, it sounds very condescending
nta when I say it I don't mean it as condescending and big noses being regal has been a conception since the enlightenment at the very least. I genuinely think bigger noses are more attractive than small noses.
Yeah she looked unconventional in comparison to the rest of Hollywood, but that doesn't mean she was ugly. If she were genuinely ugly, she would've never been in any movies at that time. If you think she has horse face just because of her nose, then women with small noses have pig face by that logic, botched nosejobs tend to go into that direction especially. Susan Boyle, now that is someone who got famous solely because of talent. Barbra Streisand was obviously striking and had an exoticness to her in comparison to others in Hollywood at that time.
if I ever can get a gf with a big nose I would be so happy. idk if this is creepy but I saw a west Asian woman at the gas station before with a big nose, long black hair like a waterfall and it has been etched into my brain. Most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my life, but exactly the demographic which often get nose jobs

No. 1428126

File: 1669882426216.jpg (139.74 KB, 940x625, 6a985aaa-8a95-4382-97a9-91cdf9…)

winter is prettier than fall

No. 1428129

how do you know that? there are millions of people who have a big nose and just get on with life, too. many, many people out there are people you'd see as ugly or average in some way but they aren't as bothered by it anywhere near as much as you are. again, you're speaking for yourself.

No. 1428130

i was talking about finding big noses attractive, you are the minority

No. 1428131

oh yeah i don't think people mean to be condescending when they say it, i know it's meant to be a compliment. sometimes it really just sounds like the person is trying to come up with something to make you feel better about yourself, and the first thing they think to say is that your nose is "regal/elegant" when really it would be nice to just hear them say it's plain pretty. when you hear it enough times, the regal stuff sounds like a cope lol. i don't get too bothered by it though, i know people mean well.

No. 1428132

My sister got plastic surgery on her nose but believe me while the results are surprisingly natural she's just as insecure. She had a bf for 8 years and he doesn't know about it and I'm sure that if someone told him she would have resorted to violence with no hesitation. Her nose hurt a lot more whenever it's a little bit clogged or she has a little bit of a cold too and it's harder for her to breath through her nose in general compared to before, even more though during surgery so she's not a mouth breather all the time but almost. Get surgery if you have the money for it, just keep the medical aspect of it in mind because she sure as fuck didn't and most people don't. And doctors can fuck you uo even more too by accident.

No. 1428141

File: 1669883439357.jpg (55.61 KB, 564x738, 507c99b0591bab5a4b4d775b25b5bd…)

'Pretty' just doesn't cut it though imo, maybe 'beautiful' would, but I feel like 'pretty' sounds like just slightly above average or 'ok'. Kinda like 'cute'. It sounds common. Instead of intimidatingly beautiful, like an empress or queen would intimidate her subjects. Maybe I'm just retarded for feeling intimidated though kek.

No. 1428148

nta but want to add to this. get a doctor with no less than 5 years but not more than 10 years of experience. too inexperienced means more fuck ups, and too long means they haven't learned more modern techniques. tbh this can be applied to basically any professional not doing something antique related.

No. 1428157

i hate this about people who like big noses, they always like more 'mature' or 'powerful' women, big noses dont have as much flexibility as button/smaller noses do. I just wanna be seen as cute to be honest, and look good wearing cute clothes and not old. They make you look so unkind too, ugh…
thanks going to be sure of that. I am trying to save almost the double of what i need for the surgery in case of an emergency, trying to be very careful of that.

No. 1428158

File: 1669884006014.gif (2.52 MB, 498x498, hedgehog-blush.gif)

gosh anon you're making me blush heh

No. 1428171

You were memed into conforming to beauty standards and spending money on it, it's pure cope. You were clearly influenced by your insecure mother also falling for the meme and perpetuating the cycle of body image issues. Look at all the people in relationships and producing babies, there would be no big nosed babies had we considered big noses to be so utterly unattractive and unworthy of life. I have a big schnoz, so does my husband and I find it attractive.
Unless it was a big deformed potato looking rock in the middle of your face, I'm sure you'd have zero problems in getting through life with your previous nose. If you were made fun of it in school - guess what, everyone gets made fun of in school for something, you're not special. Kids got made fun of for wearing glasses, having freckles or big front teeth yet those traits become insignificant as we age.
Anyway great, you feel good about it, but millions of people will continue being happy or neutral (an option nobody seems to consider) about their big noses without having to waste money on meaningless bullshit.

No. 1428172

Shaving pubes is a scam and a disgrace, both on men and women. I don't care much for oral, I get that it can get inconvenient, so even a shaven dick gives off pedo vibes for me, not just forcing women to shave off everything. Men got meme'd into it because "it makes the dick appear bigger". Bro, if you have a small dick, there's no magic to make it seem big.

No. 1428176

File: 1669885581719.png (208.6 KB, 346x411, n9explwvmL1qzicgdo1_400.png)

With cute I mean more when someone says "eh, she's cute in a girl next door way", I associate cute with being not that attractive, just kinda okay. Or something used when describing children and animals. Pre nosejob Bregje Heinen had a neotonous look even with having a wide nose, it's not mutually exclusive. If anything her nose job aged her a lot.

No. 1428178

Nta but a wide nose is not a Semitic or Arab hooked, sharp nose. That nose looks cute.

No. 1428182

you sound angry just because i think our noses are hideous and i want to do something to change it, no one is forcing you to get a nosejob and i dont care if you marry an ugly hook nosed guy and spawn another yandev. You are still the minority.

No. 1428195

File: 1669886964102.jpg (39.1 KB, 480x319, best-rhinoplasty-before-after-…)

Nose job noses always look plastic and fake. I hate the anons who picked on Momokun's arab style nose because it looked completely fine, now she got that terrible Belle Delphine style whoville snout done that looks like a bad photoshop edit. I can only understand nosejobs if the nose is severely deformed, broken or has functional problems such as with breathing.

No. 1428197

File: 1669887075121.jpeg (135.87 KB, 1078x675, fullsizeoutput_2ea.jpeg)

They want that one retarded horse look

No. 1428201

How can she even breathe through her new nose?? Jesus

No. 1428202

Careful, you'll trigger nose job nonnie kek. Yeah most nose jobs look like shit and they're completely unnecessary. I'm in the same boat as you where if its affecting their health then by all means get one but otherwise it's pointless and once you get the nose job you'll just start becoming insecure about something else anyway.

I feel like if people are so obsessed with a body part to the point where you're willing to spend thousands trying to "fix" it you need to take a long break from the internet and spend more time outside tbh. It's also not a silly little coincidence that most cosmetic surgery clients are female.

No. 1428206

>You are still the minority.
I'm not, most of the world doesn't get nose jobs, only a small and insecure minority. Nothing in my post really indicates anger and it's such a sad thing to fall back to "y-youre just angry/jealous!!" retorts. I live a normal life, and I'm happy with my nose. Simple as. >>1428195 This nona is correct, imo a lot of nosejobs are done for unnecessary reasons and only serve to feed somebodies body dysmorphia.
If you think trannies mangling their body parts for becoming their "true selves" or ana-chans becoming skellies is fucked up - then surely you have to see that there's something wrong, albeit to a lower degree of course, with getting unnecessary medical procedures done on a perfectly healthy nose. You're only perpetuating the cycle and contributing to the problem. I am not blaming you for falling victim to it, but you have to be aware of it instead of spouting brainwashed npc retorts, decisions aren't made in a vacuum.

No. 1428209

When males obsess about themselves like this they're either incels with BDD or trannies, when it happens to women it's just considered normal and her choice uwu. Take a look at the bigger picture.

No. 1428210

What does it have to do with the internet? People were getting plastic surgery before the internet became a mainstream everyday thing and a lot of people get mocked irl, even now. You're naive. I'm never getting plastic surgery and I like how I look but who do you think mock me for not being white, for being a womanlet or for having hairy legs, people irl who know what I look like ot people online who have no clue who I even am? It's my actual doctors during consultations who begged me to get a boobjob because my breasts are way smaller than average and they called it "weird", not random anons or random people on social media. Are you insane? How about you go outside yourself and see how judgemental people truly are.

No. 1428215

It's related to being terminally online because you're far less likely to see people with diverse features online than irl which can further encourage your "need" to fix things that aren't even a problem.
I'm sorry that people have mocked you, I've went through the exact same thing - I get comments on my naturally "bad" skin, my body hair and how my body isnt feminine or womanly enough. I was also bullied for my big nose. I'm not saying people don't make those comments irl, I'm saying one of the best ways to get a grip on reality and stop buying into the surgery cycle is to ideally just not be on the internet much as it's caused a spike in body dysmorphia and unnecessary surgeries. It's not a secret that a lot of people with BDD and surgery obsessions spend a lot of time online.
Source: Recovering from BDD.

No. 1428222

It doesn't give me pedo vibes because adult genitalia don't look like children's but I hate anyway because it looks so sterile and medical, even trimmed hairs look retarded for some reason.

No. 1428226

That depends on where you live and your generation though. I see far more different body types now as an adult irl and online than irl when I was growing up.

No. 1428318

those long ass posts people make about wanting to kill themselves (especially on Reddit) and adding a stupid note at the end asking people not to comment to talk them out of it, is merely attention seeking behaviour. I don’t get why would they just not go through with it without writing about their entire life story if they really wanted to end their lives. People are naturally going to be empathetic and try to convince you to not do it. Also it’s usually TIFs who do it

No. 1428333

Idk to me she has an ugly nose before and another type of an ugly nose after. Her nose job is botched but her before nose looked really bad too.

No. 1428413

Why do you guys even entertain the obvious tiktok pickme who’s upset she doesn’t look like shoop pictures of belle delphine enough for pedophile men. If there’s any doubt this thread is full of newfags coping about how empowering make up and surgeries are, then they cry themselves to sleep because they don’t look like cartoon drawings.

No. 1428421

> It's my actual doctors during consultations who begged me to get a boobjob because my breasts are way smaller than average and they called it "weird"
Instead of thinking this is fucked up and shit on the motherfucker, you internalize every bit of it. Lmao you’re weak and stupid as fuck. This is why you bitches will never change sensible people’s mind because we all see you’re on fucking crack.

No. 1428425

Quiet now, tranny

No. 1428429

You shouldn’t say tranny twitterfag, that’s a no no word for your kind

No. 1428430

Pretty women don’t date attractive men because they feel threatened by them in a relationship. They don’t want to date people who are as attractive as them or more because it takes the spotlight off them.

No. 1428432

They all get this type of nose job now because they want to look like button nose little girls. Women used to get nose job that has tall and thin bridge and more pointy tip. It’s all autism and brainwashing.

No. 1428433

File: 1669904428477.gif (2.26 MB, 400x346, greetings.gif)

Modern horror games suck ass, despite the more advanced graphics they lost all sense of atmosphere and all of the popular ones are streamer bait with dumb screamers. I played phasmophobia and i didnt shed a sweat, i am playing Half Life(1998) and i am shitting bricks.

No. 1428438

Pretty women don’t date attractive men because they’ve been meme’d to think uglier men care about their personalities and are more loyal. They also think it’s a testament that they are not shallow bitches, they want a funny guy, a sensitive guy, things that are mutually exclusive to being hot apparently.

No. 1428441

That true but I’ve met pretty girls who don’t want to date attractive men because they don’t want to be the less attractive person in the relationship. Their pretty status is affects even their romantic relationships.

No. 1428442

You're so fucking right. I wish we could get something as spooky as system shock 2 with great sound design and corrupted ai like xerxes and shodan. Nowadays I yawn at the idea of ai/spaceship horror but this game hit the spot like nothing else.

No. 1428446

Yeah I’ve seen that too. Those girls feel the power dynamic is shifted heavily toward the more attractive man, he has options, while she feels her attributes aren’t enough to keep him. But it’s a fallacy, dating uglier men doesn’t make him appreciate you more, he just gets a big head and starts thinking he can do better.

No. 1428447

File: 1669905259747.jpg (52.72 KB, 636x480, Resident Evil 2 (PlayStation).…)

i have the original on my must play list!. The remake looks awful though, incredibly generic. Also, i miss pre-rendered graphics so much they made games so unique

No. 1428448

Half-Life is just genius

No. 1428452

I recommend both ss1 and ss2, you'll definitely enjoy them. The remakes are lacking for sure. So many sound bites from these games are still etched into my brain

No. 1428471

>It's my actual doctors during consultations who begged me to get a boobjob because my breasts are way smaller than average and they called it "weird"
Literally people who would earn money off chopping up your tits trying to shame you into letting them do so. Don't fall for this shit. If they can "recommend" you such things, tell them to do that shit free, or just give themselves the implants.

No. 1428499

there seems to be a massive influx of newfags shedding their libfem cocoon who cannot even understand or comprehend criticisms of things that regularly make women feel like shit

No. 1428506

It would have been free for me tbh because I'm not even an A cup so the bare minimum would have been covered by public health insurance and the rest would have been reimbursed by private health insurance. Here's the thing though, they wouldn't even have earned money either way because one was my gp and the other was my dermatologist, and my endocrinologist when I went through puberty made me go through a shit ton of exams on a monthly basis for years while I was getting daily hgh and told me my breasts were VERY small but reached tanner 5 and were healthy. So their reasoning was flawed from the very beginning. They thought I was already insecure by myself and that they'd help me mane a good choice to get over myself with their shit advice like the anon who wants to get a nosejob would have liked I guess, but if anything it actually made me question if my hormonal medical treatment even worked and caused me to go to a bunch of useless endo appointments later just in case. Keep in mind that in each case I saw them for unrelated reasons.

No. 1428508

As if beauty standars started with tiktok thots(i think they are all hideous, btw). It's like you can't comprehend a person might do something to feel good about themselves just because they want, or to fullfil their own beauty standars. No, everything has to be to appeal to moids to you. Thats why people are so stubborn nowadays, instead of making an effort to get better they just complaing about 'muh society standars' and the become morbidly obese and die of a heart attack at 30.

No. 1428509

yeah was just the first woman of my country I could think of who looks neotonous with what is considered a big nose by many and who ruined the look imo by getting a nose job. I'm aware the pressure on west Asian and other women is even worse. An Afgan woman from my major is practically transracial and admitted to getting surgery and skin whitening to look south Korean. It's mind boggling.

No. 1428512

File: 1669908652515.gif (444.33 KB, 540x405, 1476014500261.gif)

I wonder where they're coming from. It's not even summer or anything, but quality of lc went way down in my opinion, in the last month.

No. 1428516

>just because they want
>fullfil their own beauty standars
And where do you think these beauty standards come from? Do you think they just materialize in our heads from thin air?
Fuck it, I'm not even engaging with any posts related to this anymore, just leaving these two questions in the air. So sick of this thread kek

No. 1428517

tiktok. we were mentioned in cows tiktok videos and so randos from tiktok have been joining the site.

No. 1428518

File: 1669909006164.jpg (49.65 KB, 512x746, Screenshot_1.jpg)

I guess you might be right, lolcow does seem to get mentioned an awful lot lately on tiktok. I wish these teen girls took a moment to integrate and lurk a bit but I'm asking for too much probably.

No. 1428522

>page of a thread
How can you get something so basic wrong?

No. 1428523

i don't want any of them here. they're unleashing their supressed bullying energy by being edgy as fuck and complaining that we hate trannies. it's annoying.

No. 1428524

most people dont get surgeries because of people like you making them feel morally wrong for ''being part of the problem'', so they learn to live while feeling like shit instead of feeling confident about themselves. We only live once, i am not going to feel like shit for the rest of my live and i wish everyone who felt bad about their appereance was encouraged to make a change. Good for you if you memed yourself into liking your ugly nose, but i am not that retarded.
i wish men would care about their looks enough to make a change but they would rather complain about ''reee women have high standars muh society reee'', like you do.

No. 1428525

At least she didn't call threads "forums", something I noticed kids doing on other sites lately kek

No. 1428529

she was probably on kiwifarms this isn't the only place that uses the lolcow term

No. 1428530

>Good for you if you memed yourself into liking your ugly nose
You can't "meme" yourself into liking and accepting your body the way it is, it's just the way you are. You can however be memed by a predatory industry into spending stupid amounts of money on alleviating symptoms of a mental illness like trannies do.

No. 1428531

>call threads "forums", something I noticed kids doing on other sites lately
i hate the youths

No. 1428532

Correction, not even alleviating symptoms, but succumbing to your mental illness, I was too kind kek

No. 1428534

File: 1669909697716.jpg (624.96 KB, 500x240, 1664227206287.jpg)

>And where do you think these beauty standards come from?
seriously you cant comprehend someone might have their own beauty standars? that would mean people cant also have preferences. You are the reason why so many people are so miserable about themselves, they pretend to be confident irl then come cry here and spam the Vent thread with them feeling ugly and wanting to kill themselves over it or having such low self steem they end up as discord kitten to some 50yo scrote, just let people be confident without forcing them to your own stupidity. We would have less retarded anons dating ugly and retarded moids at least. There are several studies showing that babies are kinder and more open to people with pretty faces, it's not just an invention of the patriarchy

No. 1428540

>two modes for women: plastic bimbo or morbidly obese
Laughable. You are not immune to propaganda.

No. 1428542

nta funny how now my nose would be considered ugly and big, meanwhile before it would've been something people would get plastic surgery for to achieve. They just keep moving the goalposts. You can pretend like there's an objectively good nose all you want, but it's obvious it's subjective. If it keeps going like this, in a couple decades the Voldemort look will be popular and you'll have people like you screeching that you're the only normal one for wanting to completely remove your nose and that having a nose at all ruins your facial harmony. What else can come after this whoville pandemic?
Unless you're from an isolated community and have never come into contact with anyone else, media or the internet, you cannot assume that all those insecurities exactly in line with what they're trying to sell you, were your own idea. Sure, symmetry is universally considered attractive and nobody wants to be deformed, but your nose is in the middle of your face and probably suits it. Go ahead with your nose job, actually ruin your facial harmony so you can look like whoville long philtrum June or Momokun.

No. 1428544

>'muh society standars' and the become morbidly obese and die of a heart attack at 30
>reee why are women not caring about wasting money on makeup and hair reee they must be obese for not being interested in pointless shit that doesn't even improve your health

start spelling this properly you silly little baby retard. i cannot stand you freaks constantly crying on about how muh evil radfems are forcing me to not wear makeup or not get my expensive nose job and be ugly wah wah, wear makeup and get surgery all you fucking like but stop lying to yourself when you say it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact you're pressured or socialized into it - it is absolutely true and it's just cope otherwise, this is coming from someone who used to think the exact same shit as you and think shit like wasting money on makeup was actually just ~muh preference muh own beauty standarz~. if you were really THAT content with your choices you wouldn't be throwing your dummy out the pram at any sort of criticism of the beauty industries, you know fine well women as a whole are socialized into wearing this shit so stop playing dumb you silly chungus

No. 1428547

again, good for you but i am tired of feeling miserable about it and trying to lie to myself. I am never going to ''accept it'' because big noses are ugly and disgusting and there is no mental gymnastics i can do to trick myself into accepting mediocrity when there is a way to fix it.
>tell her about scientific studies
>muh propaganda
sure, sure. I better not see you cry on the vent thread next week.
>face harmony
kek, if you have an ugly nose there is no angle that looks good on you, most glasses look hideous, most clothes looks horrendous and you cant have most cute hairstyles.
what a big word salad of nothing. I dont wear make up, i dress butch, i dont like people, yet i want to look good for myself because most stuff looks horrendous on me thanks to my nose, and if i have the means to change something i will do it. I just wish people would stop moralfagging about it, it accomplishes nothing but make insecure people feel worse for actually wanting to improve.

No. 1428554

>kek, if you have an ugly nose there is no angle that looks good on you, most glasses look hideous, most clothes looks horrendous and you cant have most cute hairstyles.

I genuinely pity people like you. Like I actually just feel sorry for you at this point, it must be genuinely difficult assigning so much negative value to one part of your face or body and then letting it determine your entire sense of style or self-worth as a person. I've seen plenty of people with noses that you'd deem "ugly" and they suit multiple different hair, glasses and fashions just fine. You reek of body dysmorphia, not just a "preference". No sane, normal person thinks about noses this much.

No. 1428556

File: 1669910744677.jpeg (219.16 KB, 1200x1715, 63D4019D-F8E1-408D-9895-E39033…)

Big noses can be cute if they are the round puffy kind (like pic related)that black and Asian girls tend to have but the big boney sharp kind that white people have aren’t. I can see why they get nose jobs because I wouldn’t want a big boney beak sticking out of my face either.

No. 1428557

"I can't wear this outfit because of my nose"
Please, submit yourselves to a retardation study, for the love of god

No. 1428559

The way you put yourself down every other sentence and then project about how other women must be secretly miserable and fat KEK

No. 1428560

File: 1669910990385.jpg (65.13 KB, 736x736, 915e5f67ac7e408f7c6fb2b2618346…)

i know the kind of girls you are talking about and they are the reason that made me realize big noses rarely work for most fashion. God for them for not caring but to the normal person they just look hideous and cringy and i am too self aware to be like that. I like pic rel but my god she looks hideous in that uwu clothes with that horse face, she's what made me realize the sad reality of big noses.

No. 1428563

For real. Muh doing it for myself!!! She really thinks babies look at her and start crying because she’s a hideous witch. Highkey implying big nosed “ugly” mothers can’t bond with babies as well as dainty pretty nosed ones. Some real crypto white supremacy dog whistles.

No. 1428565

I hate Squeezie he looks like Macron but younger, I can't stand seeing his ugly face in the default Youtube page because he's always recommended first by default if you choose to not have personalized recs in your settings.

No. 1428566

>i am too self aware to be like that.
No, you're too dysmorphic and that's the issue. These women are blissfully able to enjoy different fashions and different things because they're not constantly fucking obsessed with how their schnozz looks at every angle. If you think that's "cringe" because they're not massively insecure about a single body part then idk what to tell you, it's just really sad at this point. There is no "sad reality" to having a big nose, but there is a very sad and isolated reality to suffering with yourself so much that you assign value to a fucking nose of all things. I hope that you can get some help.

No. 1428567

This is the thought process of the average libfem plastic surgery brainrot girlboss. If there’s ever any doubt that these bitches aren’t 17 layers deep in misogyny.

No. 1428568

She doesn’t look hideous anon, she looks cute. This is not cope posting as we are not even the same race kek. Stop hating yourself and wear whatever you want

No. 1428569

File: 1669911432939.jpeg (49.01 KB, 640x724, 355658BB-8C2C-4EEA-8DA7-84C69A…)

Not all big noses are ugly though but yes the European type of big nose does look pretty bad because of how sharp and boney it looks

No. 1428571

File: 1669911446423.jpg (52.47 KB, 564x573, 07b4dd88a51143cc77b24d7370d904…)

You're right I can only feel pity at this point kek
Big noses have went in and out of style, there's nothing bad or disgusting about them. I can't imagine spending so much time obsessing over a body part.
Reposted cause replied to the wrong post oops

No. 1428572

even if big nosed were in style i still wouldnt like them, just like how hollywood keeps trying to push fish faced actresses and i still think they are fucking ugly.
good for them kek, but they look bad and i dont want to waste money on clothes to still look ugly, what a waste
I never said that, you have to be baiting at this point.

No. 1428573

mean and rude, she is so cute and her face is fine. stop watching pixar you absolute pickme asshole

No. 1428574

How does she look like a horse just because she has a big nose? He face isn't even particularly long. No she's not conventionally pretty but I consider her nice-looking because of the way her personality comes through in her mannerisms. I disagree that her nose ruins her fashion look; her other features more than make up for it.

No. 1428576

File: 1669911646298.jpg (108.06 KB, 675x1200, 1533952600725.jpg)

People have the noses they have for their native climate, the big boney sharp beaks have just as much of a function as big round puffy ones. All getting a nose job would do is make breathing more difficult and less efficient, just for the sake of aesthetics. Plus not only Europeans have big boney sharp beaks.
June Whoville has a small nose and still looks retarded in her cutesy clothes, but also retarded in more mature clothes and is evidence that a small nose doesn't automatically lead to facial harmony.

No. 1428577

She looks fine. Must be exhausting to feel you don’t deserve “cute” style because of your nose. No wonder you tear down women who dares to wear clothes that YOU think don’t suit them. Get help.

No. 1428578

Can you all shut up already

No. 1428580

We get it you think every facial aesthetic is ugly unless it’s pedo bait tiktok face.

No. 1428582

nicely said

No. 1428583

File: 1669911972929.jpeg (58.54 KB, 487x733, 77B50D81-75B5-40D8-A69A-5190F1…)

Not all Europeans have big beak noses but the ones who do have big noses always have the sharp bone kind like this>>1428560. I can see why anon would want a nose job because she seems to like kawaii fashion and with that type of nose you just end up looking like a troon. In those clothes. This girl wears kawaii stuff and has a big nose but she doesn’t look troon like because her nose is puffy and round.

No. 1428584

Least subtle samefag

No. 1428585

File: 1669911977415.png (363.18 KB, 498x499, France_Gall.png)

also, as if there werent spread sheets and what not on what kind of hairstyles look best for certain types of faces or what kind of clothes look best for certain body types. But totes the nose has nothing to do with what glasses/hairstyle look good on you!
i never said that, baiter. I dont even use tiktok. france gall is a type of face i like, but oh what a surprise they didnt have tiktok in the 60's!

No. 1428586

>with that type of nose you just end up looking like a troon
Troon rhetoric. Stop likening your male self to big nosed women, faggot.

No. 1428587

File: 1669912059932.jpg (36 KB, 564x564, d6d1df988dea0c96210e681faf47af…)

>good for them kek, but they look bad and i dont want to waste money on clothes to still look ugly, what a waste
you're evidently seething over the fact that women with big noses are out here thriving while you're having to hyperanalyze your nose with a measuring tape at every possible angle

stop samefagging

>as if there werent spread sheets and what not on what kind of hairstyles look best for certain types of faces or what kind of clothes look best for certain body types
the fact you put this much effort and thought into a fucking nose is insane to me, get therapy and/or a job

No. 1428588

she is genuinely one of the biggest pieces of shit I've ever witnessed, I can't believe she tricked people into being her fans when she's so obnoxious and has a head like a rat. even fucking pregorgy dumped her and look how he is doing kek

No. 1428589

File: 1669912091354.jpeg (33.05 KB, 720x697, shgfh.jpeg)

No. 1428590

>not pedobait
>exclusively subscribes to coquette waif beauty conventions
Sure bitch

No. 1428593

File: 1669912331308.png (250.15 KB, 561x581, E4D39A9D-C1A5-4988-A452-B294C7…)

Imagine typing this out and expect others to think you’re anything but mentally ill and misogynistic

No. 1428594

Lolcow has somehow gotten way worse in the past couple months. I don't know what happened but I'm seeing way more low quality, one word replies, people posting bait, people taking bait, people talking about looks all the time in every thread for some reason, unsaged posts and unintegrated newfags and seethe.

No. 1428595

my bad was replying to >>1428577

No. 1428596

why dont you try posting a model that has a round, soft face and isnt from some race/culture, like me? isnt it kinda ironic how all the models you post have the same type of face, kinda like big noses can only look 'fine' on women with a very specific type of face. I have soft featureas but then someone stick squidwards nose on me thats like half my face.

No. 1428597

File: 1669912431829.jpeg (75.67 KB, 625x1024, 423C1B4D-D5E5-4197-B79D-6C63E0…)

Not all big noses look troon like though. When white women with big noses wear normal clothes they can look pretty and nice but when they start trying to wear Lolita styles etc it looks like a troon or it makes the nose more prominent. Pic related has a big nose but it’s cute because it’s round and puffy. I think the problem with white big noses is that they look sharp like a beak instead of round.

No. 1428599

my apologies nonna

No. 1428600

>isnt from some race/culture
what are you saying kek everyone belongs to some culture

No. 1428601

White girls with big honkers wearing lolita may offend your sensibilities but they do not look like mentally ill men. Get the fuck off the juice.

No. 1428602

Post YOUR face at this point. If you’re so disfigured and disproportionate then surely showing farmers how bad it truly is will shut them up.

No. 1428604

a lot of the bait is just trannys or moids doing their usual thing but there is a lot of sensitive libfems who come on here, can't integrate and then start crying when someone disagrees or dares to criticise them

No. 1428605

File: 1669912858105.jpg (39.86 KB, 500x610, 067e380f97a7dc5b4f28c57c71ee72…)

i have no idea what you mean i dont speak tumblr. To me she's just cute and thats it. Here's another girl i like, but i guess she ''clowncore'' or something.
you get what i mean ''ethnic''.
nice try baiter

No. 1428612

File: 1669913054004.png (273.04 KB, 409x621, 21.png)

aboriginal australian's have "big" noses but they're natural and beautful and suit their faces. fuck the disney princess nose shit fuck all of it let us be our fucking selves

No. 1428614

Just dress like an adult woman instead of mutilating your face to look more like a child's to fit such a ridiculous and cringy aesthetic. This is mental illness.

No. 1428619

i am not into that aesthetic tho. But Jfashion looks awful on women with big noses.

No. 1428623

File: 1669913486334.jpg (61.22 KB, 564x696, b88b78121c615759eae3dda780eb36…)

Using -core to describe a style only further outs you as a newfag tiktok user kek
Heres a #clowncore #weirdcore #dreamcore "not ethnic" white woman with a big nose and soft features that pulls off the style kek

No. 1428626

>big nose
Huh, mask off. There are pictures of beautiful white women with prominent noses posted all over this site, but you will call every one of them ugly. You’re only obsessed with the white gamine baby face. I think it’s not really about noses to you. You hate looking more mature than you really feel. That’s it, all this bullshit about symmetry blah blah is just fluff.

No. 1428627

File: 1669913547869.jpeg (38.71 KB, 450x253, B3056F4B-1BA0-4D12-AE77-E790D7…)

>jfashion looks awful on women with big noses

No it doesn’t. Pic related is cute.

No. 1428628

Who’s that? Looks cool

No. 1428631

Seems to be some lady from deviant art and the picture is from 2008, go figure

No. 1428636

do whatever you want to your face. i know that i won't, because i don't want to feed money to an industry that profits off of instilling insecurity in young girls. we're all still going to age anyways. personally, i like the way i look. maybe i'm not "super-modelesque" or highly conventional, but i know that my face is my own, and that it resembles that of my mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. chronic insecurity is way more unattractive than nearly any physical "flaw" short of actual deformity.

No. 1428638

>old cinema style makeup
>calls it clown core
Wow just kys already

No. 1428641

i just have no idea of what you are even talking about i just used core because i see it thrown around here, she isnt even a clown. I have been here for a long time, sadly. Also, her nose just has a little bump, the rest is literally perfect, is nowhere near as ugly as >>1428587 which is how my nose looks. Now try to imagine a small face like that but with that giant ass nose, thats how i look.
it was just a joke, stop being stupid
no, its because i am white and my nose is ugly because i happened to sadly get both my dads hook and my moms long nose. I dont think i have ever seen another white girl with such an ugly nose as mine. Its truly unique in the worst way possible.

No. 1428647

I feel like back then alternative styles actually embraced people who don’t fully submit to the conventions. Now it’s just samefaced walking bags of fillers wearing cosplay of whatever core-du-jour and calling themselves alt.

No. 1428648

get a fucking therapist already please I'm begging you. i'll bet you anything once you get your precious nose job you'll then suddenly see a world-ending issue with the thickness of your upper lip, or perhaps your chin is too short or perhaps your hips are too narrow etc etc etc

No. 1428653

she just has a little bump on her nose, and you are praising her for ''breaking the molds yada yada non conventional blah blah'' see how performative all of you are?
kek, i love everything about the rest of my body, which is why i specially dislike my nose. Ironically when i used to go to therapy it had nothing to do with my self steem because i never had a problem with it, i just accepted its ugly and i can change it with money so why get depressed for that?

No. 1428657

Hey do you know who plasticandproud aka scorpioasshoe is? She had a big nose like the one you referenced. She was every bit as obsessive to the point of fervent about a nosejob as you are, she thought it’s the one thing that will change her life. Well spoiler: she couldn’t stop and yeah look at her now. People getting plastic surgery in the depths of mental illness always end up like that.

No. 1428659

i dont care about some rando, i am not going to end up like her, i dont even use social media and i just do it for myself.

No. 1428663

nta but wtf is she doing now? didn't she got to nosejob number 3 a while back and got new teeth

No. 1428668

Oh my god it's been three days of appearance-based infight. My unpopular opinion is that people who have this much time and ability to obsess about bodily "imperfections", either on themselves or others, have blessed lives. It's fortunate to be able to fret over your nose instead of fret over eating tonight or whatever other tragedy case makes my point look better.

No. 1428669

You have to reply to every anon iTT? Why are you mad that we think some woman with a proud bumpy nose is cool? Eat shit. Unlike these anons I dgaf that you’re a pick me retard who buttchugs bimbo koolaid. Just fuck off and stop trying change our minds to be as soupy as yours.

No. 1428670

I feel like the nose-tism towards women on here is weird. Nobody has a ugly nose, some just have "noses" that some don't think fit their faces. But god created us all in his vision. So regardless of what your nose looks like, it's yours and fits you. It was made for you by god himself.

No. 1428671

i lie in a literal shithole with 60% poverty and i am pretty much taking care of my family because of my job that pays in USD, i am allowed to care about myself a little.

No. 1428673

by potentially hampering your ability to breathe and subjecting yourself to unnecessary recovery time? real self-care shit sis

No. 1428674

Girl I don’t you don’t have a job. You’ve been refreshing the page for 24 hours straight, at least.

No. 1428675

my mom dids her and she had a nice recovery and it looks good
i am a freelancer, i dont work in the wagey cagey

No. 1428678

Ah of course. Tell me more about your mom’s nose job? What does she say about the nose that she gave you? Seems you have everyone in your life telling you to surgically alter your appearance from doctor to family. But you came up with the idea all on your own and all for yourself right? Looool

No. 1428679

>i am a freelancer
okay so you're unemployed and broke for half the year. explains a lot

No. 1428682

>god created us all in his image

God created bot flys too doesnt mean they’re beautiful

No. 1428684

So you're a freelancer whose mom could afford a nose job. You are precisely the kind of person I'm talking about: fortunate enough to worry about non-issues like the shape of an otherwise functional nose.

No. 1428686

>It was made for you by god himself.
God doesn't exist.

No. 1428692

Exactly. Supposedly lives in an impoverished country yet doesn’t have to work all year, yet can take care of family. Finances allow selective surgeries. Gets paid in USD.

Holy fuck that anon is a fucking camgirl.

No. 1428694

Sorry for blogpost but I've known folks supporting their families put off needed surgery because they couldn't afford to take time off to recover. The idea of someone in a same position opting for cosmetic plastic is such a lapse in logic.

No. 1428695

can we all just ignore her

No. 1428696

That's not a white supremacy dog whistle, big noses are a white trait too. I agree it's not a great mindset anon has, but no need to try and make it racist

No. 1428706

She goes out of her way to say white big noses are uglier than big ethnic noses. She says white girls should have small dainty noses because europeans never favored big noses throughout history. Scroll up.

No. 1428712

Dear god nobody ever complimented any of my looks, I would be happy if someone ever gave enough of a shit to come up with a positive adjective to describe my parts.

I also agree with the others, big noses are great, but I hate cute shit so there is that. I want elegant people.

No. 1428716

I think that Disney was never good.
It's blatant shit since they got into CGI and Marvel, but even the 2D movies were never great IMO and the stereotypical princess and royal heir bullshit sucks.

No. 1428730

Kek omg you might be right nona, it would explain the unchecked BDD/PS fixation without mainstream social media use, the weirdly specific traumadump about wasted youth, it’s real quiet suddenly

No. 1428731

I like the animal centric ones more than the princesses. I like Alice in Wonderland I suppose if that counts.

No. 1428749

File: 1669918896439.jpg (46.86 KB, 639x689, cpfvtpu0tza91.jpg)

If the anon who's really insecure about her nose is the same one I told to put down the thesaurus, then I'm sorry. I hope you appreciate the beauty of your nose one day.

No. 1428766

as a piggy nose anon, I find all kinds of noses nice but these kind are a gift from the gods

No. 1428771

idk who she is but hooked noses are the most beautiful feature a person can have imo

No. 1428777

File: 1669919795855.jpeg (82.92 KB, 700x473, 65C6FBCE-36E9-4229-AB4C-C11458…)

Tbh you guys have no idea what anons nose actually looks like and are mostly condescending a vent she made out of frustration about her appearance. What if she has one of these? You would be making fun of her, and if she were a cow you would be making endless memes about it. Let her vent and be upset about something you don’t actually know anything about, instead of calling her a perfect Roman goddess because I promise you aren’t making her feel better and she only feels patronized.

No. 1428786

Nonna why bring religion into it? Our noses are exactly right for us, but it's because they're a result of adaptation to climate.
>Researchers say their findings back up the theory that wider nostrils developed in populations living in warm, humid conditions, while populations living in high latitudes, such as northern Europe, developed narrower nostrils as an adaptation to the chilly, dry conditions.
It's there for your survival. Not perfectly designed or whatever, but natural selection. It fits your face, because you'll probably end up with a ridiculously long philtrum and an empty looking face after a nose job. After aging you'll also probably deal with more saggy skin. Doing it for aesthetics will bite people in the ass in the end.
receding chin can actually cause health problems, unlike a big nose like that. The nose wouldn't even be the biggest issue.

No. 1428795

The nose autist said everything else about her face is up to standards. The woman pictured has a lot more going on than just a big nose exaggerated by camera angle. If you had read even half of her sperg, nobody is even stopping her from getting plastic surgery. It’s her insistence that plastic surgery is empowering and women who don’t want to change “objectively ugly” (meaning big nose) things about themselves are weak and fat and jealous, unlike her, a strong white woman with nice body, only accursed with the wrong nose. Look at how she shits on a random girl for wearing clothes deemed unfitting of her manly nose. Keep up.

No. 1428800

Yeah what other anons said, that nose looks great, it's just the chin and bad brows that detracts from her look

No. 1428805

Not any of those nonnies but I have never made fun of a woman's appearance in my entire life. I have called a male stranger a molerat before after he insulted how tall I was, so I'm obviously not perfect, I can be shallow too, but yeah. I've defended women that look 100000x better than me (kek one time I was accused of being a bitter Stacy), not even with any of my features, from scrutiny–and women that look like me. There's something really fucked up with people acting like all other women are just two-faced all the time. I agree, I don't think people should overcorrect so much because of one thing: we should care less about one another's looks and acknowledge just how truly fucked up the whole system is. Yes, I am coping, bite me. I grew up being violently beaten and called an ugly freak and I'm sick of people trying to co-sign this culture constantly.

No. 1428806

nta but people say "get help" when I read others complaining about their noses and it sucks bc I know it is stupid but I'm already in therapy for really bad self-esteem and my nose is a part of that and it isn't helping bc the therapist keeps focusing on other shit for months now and my self-esteem is still in the trash. I know it shouldn't matter and therapy is a slow process, I'm trying to stop caring about my looks. It's hard to untangle what I guess is a lot of internalizd misogyny on my own.

No. 1428808

You're naive about the industry nona. Anyone can model, no matter how unconventional they look. There are agencies for every kind of look. People who scout for models are usually the most predatory kind who tell you what you COULD be only if…you do this and that for them first. They are usually abusive and do not give a shit about you. You can be a model if you want to, but you must put in the work for it like the great majority do. Getting plastic surgery doesn't really improve your odds. You might just fall for commercial getting a nosejob if that's what you want. Commercial being like in advertisements, clothing catalogs for Walmart, and things like that. Just boring safe looking conventional person. It's like whatever you are really looking for is out there for you. I don't think you should give up on modeling if you have a dream for it. Photography and makeup is fun when it's being used by creatives.

No. 1428832

It’s okay anon. Struggling with insecurity and the inner critic can be lifelong outside of therapy. It’s not like everyone just never thinks about their sore spots again after gaining self esteem. Great if you can learn to love those things but more consistently we should try to achieve objective neutrality with them.

No. 1428833

Some of you need to start getting funny again and quickly because the value of this site has depreciated so exponentially that there are maybe four people at any given time online and they’re all making pee pee poo poo jokes or crying about ebil twannies

No. 1428841

I just shit myself and ypure an evil tranny btw

No. 1428844


No. 1428871

>Nooo don’t talk about trannies it makes me uncomfyy

No. 1428873

drinking my piss and laughing like a retard at trannies all day, you fucking wish you had my life.

No. 1428899

being an ana-chan is incredibly preferable to being bulimic. i dabbled in both during high school and found it ridiculously hard to make myself vomit. might as well just cut out the middle man

No. 1428901

anachan shit is generally healthier than bulimia at least. puking wrecks your electrolytes and thus fucks up your cardiovascular function, not to mention what it does to your teeth

No. 1428902

File: 1669923215504.jpg (12.75 KB, 453x405, cat (5).jpg)

No. 1428918

You’re not a real anachan if you don’t know to efficiently and gracefully purge, larper

No. 1428921

Damn wait til you find out what starving does to your body

No. 1428924

What’s with anons so squeamish about people making fun of Troons, like I agree sometimes anons are hamfisted with their tervery but that doesn’t bother me nearly as much as retards who are like “erm I’m ok with trans people, why r u guis so hostile?…”

No. 1428930

Zoomer TRAs have never had to exist in an online space where their beliefs aren’t the unchallenged majority. They are very unnerved by women committing thought crimes. The girlies just discovered imageboards and want to feel cool for using it but doesn’t want to be associated with terf witches.

No. 1428935

Anorexia has non-purging types but I agree that post sounds larpy kek

No. 1428937

honestly don't bother it bursts capillaries around your eyes and makes your face look so swollen you'll cry and think you're fat regardless

No. 1428953

It probably has more to do with the fact that the entire board has it seeping into everything constantly as though it’s the centric topic of the entire site. It’s just like the Shayna thread—instead of keeping it contained, her obsessive farmers have to make it a topic elsewhere and crosspost. When you try to make an entire board about your special interest it becomes devoid of any enjoyment.

No. 1428962

Why are these threads getting weird and annoying
>"i wanna wear makeup support mee" argument
>"i wanna get plastic surgery " argument
>"i wanna be anorexic omg bulimia is too hard"
And suddenly "omg stop being mean to the troonerinos guys" posts. This isn't coquette.shoppe or femcel.farm fuck off

No. 1428979

I fully agree

No. 1428981

The tiktok fags invaded the site and they can’t fathom not being seen as sexy because the male gaze has them in a chokehold sis

No. 1428985

There aren’t any more Gender critical threads, just some general tranny threads in snow so of course it’s going to seep everywhere but like why does it bug you so much? If you wanna see people be nice to Dylan the creepy Barbie skinwalker, go to literally any other site or social media app.

No. 1428993

i like ai art. some of it is interesting.

No. 1429076

I like Paki-chan.

No. 1429082

File: 1669930309090.gif (507.21 KB, 172x172, B3B5FC10-511F-4E40-886D-58E8A5…)

you first

No. 1429084

File: 1669930607672.png (960 B, 150x24, Capture.PNG)

there's nothing wrong with calling the site what it is

No. 1429085

I'm about to go to the rant thread so make sure you read there in the next 2 mintues nonnie, about to call you out.

No. 1429106

"male sexuality is immutable, female sexuality is fluid" is an absolute projection on males' part used to justify moids preying on women and disregarding our boundaries. if anyone is "naturally sexually fluid" it's obviously the males, they can be easily memed into cooming to literally anything.

No. 1429123

Can I read it

No. 1429128

It’s right there

No. 1429138

No. 1429140

Actions movies aren't inherently bad, you're just a movie snob.

No. 1429171

File: 1669934387009.jpeg (99.84 KB, 1342x710, 62B133C8-62EE-4AA8-AA92-F69311…)

POV: you think that being rude and bitchy is the same thing as having a sense of humour. You believe that responding “um okay girl” or similar to someone who is speaking in earnest makes you seem funny and cool. The butt of all your “jokes” is just you saying mean things about your sister/friend/mum to someone you’re trying to impress. You think that talking about other people is good conversational material.

You are not a Stacy. You aren’t even a Becky. You are the unpleasant wannabe who doesn’t even get a name. Ever wonder why people leave you? Ever wonder why you can’t keep good kind people in your life? Here’s why.
Just so you know, Stacys have self-esteem; they recognise that they’re on top and that it’s poor form to punch down. That’s why they’re popular and everyone likes them, and you’re still trying to figure out what else you need to change about your looks to get people to want to stay around you. Stacy is playing chess, and you aren’t even playing chequers. You’re stamping on the pieces and sticking them up your nose like a retard to try and impress her because you don’t even understand the rules of the game. Git gud.

No. 1429174

you just described 90% of the posters on here KEK

No. 1429176

>the male gaze has them in a chokehold sis
i hope this is ironic otherwise you know what i'm about to say

No. 1429182

“There is never a right time to have children”
Yeah there is and saying this is a cope. You are blinded by being horny and in love with your scrote. There is definitely a right time to have children and for some people that time never comes. Get over it.

No. 1429183

I think kanye is based right now and hope he becomes president (though its pretty much never gonna happen)

No. 1429188

I wish more people made peace with not having children.

No. 1429216

The President the USA deserves.

No. 1429229

CPTSD just sounds so fake to me. It just seems like another way of pathologizing people who have problems coping (understandably) from having a shit childhood.

No. 1429252

Is it? There's research on how trauma can cause brain damage…yes, even without a literal injury. I still think people overuse the term but in terms of conditions it actually seems to be one of the more legitimate ones when not misdiagnosed.

No. 1429256

does anyone here browse both female-centric boards like lolcow and male incel boards like wizchan because of fucking funny ass retarded but oddly accurate analyses like these coming from both sexes

No. 1429304

Just because some people like to self-diagnose and use that as a crutch for their shitty behavior doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Same as any mental disorder. ADHD isn’t fake either, it just has a lot of regards clinging to it as a label.

No. 1429306

I fully admit I used to be like this. I’m glad I got better.

No. 1429313

>pathologizing people who have problems coping
Isn’t this what diagnoses are meant to do kek.

No. 1429315

Every pickme in the game lobby

No. 1429343

File: 1669949582431.png (117.05 KB, 276x295, wat.png)

alright this confirms it. I'm a stacy

No. 1429348

File: 1669949746253.jpg (15.81 KB, 474x358, a824923c1f0cc16b514b2459f611af…)

she is a deep character and and 90% criticism of her character stems from the fact that people hate when teenage girls are aggressive or show any symptoms of traumai wish she was in a better franchise

No. 1429349

I dont really watch anime but if men hate her a lot I will finally watch eva

No. 1429356

Asuka was one of my favorite characters along with Kaworu and Misato. You can’t expect xy inbreds who are incapable of thinking without involving the rotting flesh between their legs to provide a meaningful opinion on female characters.

No. 1429359

File: 1669950291713.png (1.12 MB, 768x1152, sandwich.png)

Sandwiches are better without meat. All you need is veggies, good cheese and good bread. And it's worse when a sandwich is mostly meat and it's just meat on meat on meat.
But with that being said, bacon can make a sandwich better

No. 1429363

I liked eva

No. 1429366

must chicanos are annoying and patronizing, they have never set foot in south america yet they feel like they owe us a lecture in racism. I am tired of getting called a racist by chicanos because of playful banter between shithole countries they have never been in and dont know the culture of. Sucks that they will never be south american, but they dont have to take it on us. I got called racist for telling a mexican ''yo quiero tacos'', kek. They would shit their paints if they saw the absolute battefield that goes on spic twitter during the World Cup.(race sperging)

No. 1429375

Mexico isn’t in South America dipshit

No. 1429397

We see a lot of America vs. Europe infighting here, but will this be the beginning of a South American vs. South America and Mexico beef?

No. 1429400

>t.chicano who will never understand the comradery and hatred between spansih speaking countries in south america

No. 1429403

I was imitating something I saw in confessions, an obvious zoomer

No. 1429406

File: 1669952146718.jpeg (34.33 KB, 329x500, 6205B935-BD84-421D-969D-435D41…)

Effeminate bishounen men aren’t really attractive to me at all despite how hard they’re pushed in female weeb media as the ideal. Think Yuki from Fruits Basket, not someone with a bit of bulk at the top like Sephiroth. They tend to look way too girly and frail for my tastes, even if they are canonically powerful or whatever. Anyway, since I mentioned it, Kyo>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Yuki

No. 1429411

why are shojos so hideously drawn

No. 1429412

No. 1429418

I'm not sure if this is an unpopular opinion for anyone over the age of 16. I quickly drew out of bishies by middle school and I like buff fictional men now.

No. 1429419

Possible, but Mexico is in north America and central America is a thing.

No. 1429424

its about the language and culture. The culture between mexico/the rest of south america is bastly different to canada and america. The rest of south america only makes the division between the usa and mexico.

No. 1429426

They are cartoons, why call them men

No. 1429428

File: 1669953305966.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 83.29 KB, 749x945, 8DF90EF6-B7F8-4DA4-BF54-57D825…)

This is a real man

No. 1429431

Football/Soccer is boring.
The players are rude and annoying, they do not know how to play fair and lose with respect. Players are always falling down clutching their legs and whining making themselves look like pussies only to get up and run off completely fine three seconds later. The sport is full of racist who whine and base their opinions on people because their team didn’t win and their stupid hairstyles make them look like they’re stuck in the 80s. I hate watching grown men run around a field kicking balls and pretending like they’re hurt every minute.

No. 1429436

Shit taste fuck off
Yuki >>>>>>>>

No. 1429437

Bishies are delicious and god tier

No. 1429438

Samefag, I might have just changed my mind on soccer.. damn

No. 1429439

File: 1669953769113.jpg (280.92 KB, 640x480, 1669907096597.jpg)

>that pose
he's like a real life big anime character

No. 1429440

Have a masters in social work should not qualify someone to be a therapist

No. 1429443

Kekkk nta but this happened to me too. I didn't get the hype around these huge sports events until I saw all the hot men. Now I'm actually considering tuning into the World Cup.

No. 1429445

Sort of rushed my post on mobile. Don't think too deep about it

No. 1429456

This picture is so incredibly fucked up I must laugh

No. 1429458

Hatori >>>>>
The rest of you go back to the kids table
That mangaka is bad in particular

No. 1429459

>more accessible in the new internet
this is what ruins every community and why everyone hates kpopfags, we should have gatekeep

No. 1429467

kpop talk is banned here because it attracts too many avatarfags and twittertards, they are the new furries

No. 1429468

No. 1429476

I have no idea what happened to mörgaes but i never found her funny and i dont understand why everyone calls her that

No. 1429481

I thought Fruits Basket looked good at the beginning aside from the covers. And then the mangaka got an injury in her left wrist or hand and she's left handed and her art has been horrible ever since. My own unpopular opinion is that anyone praising Fruits Basket for how its art "improved" must be blind. It keeps getting worse and worse starting from like volume 7 or 8.

No. 1429482

>white big noses are uglier than big ethnic noses
OT but I fucking hate the word "ethnic" when used like this. White people have ethnicities too. Holy shit. Same with "ethnic food", comes across as racist, as if it were a synonym for non-white and exotic.
90% of lc is obsessed with looks, some more than others as we can see. That ain't healthy.
>There's something really fucked up with people acting like all other women are just two-faced all the time
I think that in most cases, those people are two-faced themselves and projecting, otherwise they're just extremely insecure, or both.
I agree, Disney is overrated bullshit, I only like the (2D) animation about that studio.

No. 1429484

whats this sluts name

No. 1429491

I agree pro soccer is lame because the players act lame, but tbh I find it funny and entertaining when they fake injuries. I also hate their fashion sense, hate all the logos everywhere, hate the scrotoid fans (and scrotoid fans of ANY professional sports team). I hate that scrotes all over the world have turned it (or other sports like American football) into their whole identity and are such fanatics that they'll literally kill people over it like the violent apes they are.
But the sport itself is really fun, and I like it when my country wins because idk it just feels nice and I like being excited about something with other people.

No. 1429498

Retard, Mexico is part of North America. You're also forgetting about the Caribbean. Pointing it out doesn't mean they don't see themselves as Latin/Hispanic American like the rest. These are the proper terms, "South American" is inaccurate.

No. 1429508

who cares? the america that speaks in spanish sounds better to you? god your autism is annoying

No. 1429511

>the america that speaks in spanish
It's called "Hispanic America" and yes, it sounds better to me because thinking "South America" includes Mexico is retarded, as is thinking that all of South America speaks Spanish or Portuguese.

No. 1429514

ok autist, no one cares.

No. 1429520

jfc… this is peak male beauty and now im mad that 99.99% of all men will never put in even a tenth of effort to look like this

No. 1429522

He's gorgeous.

No. 1429536

>has attached earlobes
>no chest tiddie muscles


No. 1429546

suicide sometimes is the answer. like people can say it’s a permanent solution to a temporary problem or whatever but some people do genuinely have nothing to live for. and at that point, i don’t see why they shouldn’t go out on their own terms. it’s cruel in my opinion to insinuate that a person should continue suffering for a chance of their situation improving. then there’s terminally ill or severely disabled people. if there’s no quality of life, what’s the point in keeping them here? i don’t know, i just don’t like that people say suicide is terrible and no one should ever do it. it’s like having control of your fate is considered wrong and i don’t get that. also before anyone claims that i don’t know what suicide does to a person’s loved ones, both my brother and mother killed themselves. i’m well aware of how it feels.

No. 1429556

I think the term for that is "Latin American"

No. 1429557

I'm not vegan but meat addicts are the worse. I feel the same about all meat pizzas

No. 1429558

Whoever wrote ed Sheerans bad habits is an idiot for not writing it as "I got nothing left to lose, or use, or prove my bad habits lead to you" because it just seems to flow better and everytime the "do" comes instead all I think is what the hell? If you're going to play this on so many public areas at least write it better.

No. 1429573

Yeah I grew up in a rural area and almost daily I'd see a new pet or two freshly ran over and there was a cat serial killer reported. What's the point of even allowing an animal outside with no means of protection (microchipped, collar, etc) if you can't be bothered to protect it? Nevermind paying the needed animal care and then what? Letting some gross moid get off by murdering it? Way to go "let your cat free all the time" cunts. Oh and showing all the children Mr fluffys guts smeared all over the road is just how animals are uwu. We don't live in a natural environment, adjust your animal care accordingly or here's a crazy idea - don't get animals

No. 1429578

File: 1669966653861.png (370.46 KB, 465x715, a9af2f7a50bb93725816fc3aa29e57…)

If you look fat in baggy clothes it's not cause of your boobs it's usually because you are fat. I'd even argue some women with large breasts could look even skinnier in baggy clothes. Picrel is marina, who undeniably has large breasts, looks flat and skinny in a baggy shirt

No. 1429581

i might be retarded but she looks fat in this pic. i dont think she is actually fat but its just something about the baggy clothes obscuring her torso that my brain just translate to being fat

No. 1429584

I think you're just autistic and haven't seen enough skinny women in baggy clothes anon. She looks just like a flat girl in baggy clothes. Baggy clothes are the ultimate way to disguise ones body shape unless you're legitimately fat or skinny. Emily Ratajkowski in baggy shirts also looks similar to the picture anon posted as an example of a flat woman in baggy clothes. Unless your eyes have dept perception issues and can't tell where things are baggy then no one who has half decent eyesight would say she looks fat

No. 1429587

Nta but I kinda agree with her. I'm fat and don't have big boobs so I'm not in denial or anything, but I've seen women who would not look fat in certain outfits if it weren't for their large boobs. Kelly Eden is an example of this. She naturally has narrow ish hips and got huge breast implants but when she would wear flowy dresses they'd make her look really dumpy and like a muffin top despite not really being fat. It especially seems to be the case with fake boobs. It also depends on your proportions overall, having narrow hips and larger breasts is a not very flattering combination.

No. 1429588

nta, that's nonsense. many women have large hip bones or boobs no matter skinny they get and baggy clothes will always look like shit on them. marina's hips look very small in your pic which is why she doesn't look that bulky.

No. 1429595

File: 1669968628877.jpg (159.43 KB, 1024x1416, file3F6E09JK.jpg)

It's not her boobs that make her look big, she had a tummy tuck and has large arms and a chubby face so she looks fat in baggy clothes
Maybe if you wear a massive thick sweater, if you're smart enough to tell where bagginess is on clothes it's easy to tell when women are curvy and wearing something baggy vs just fat. If you look pregnant then you're definitely fat because wearing baggy clothes wouldn't magically add a big round tummy

No. 1429602

cheese sandwiches are overrated too. I know way too many people who eat 10 a day, including for dinner.

No. 1429622

Your plastic surgery money would be better spent on some intensive therapy. Liking your body the way it naturally is, isn't a meme. It's the default.

No. 1429707

Dunno how much of an unpopular opinion this is but while I have some sympathy towards anarchist movements and agree with their ideology the truth is a lot of people are idiots, they can't even throw their garbage in the trash bin, I don't see how they expect society to function without a government, same with lolbertarians.

No. 1429725

Anarchist movements are full of genuine pedophiles, unemployed degenerates and generally just your average shithead lazy male so it makes sense why they all want a society with no rules or regulations. It's the same with people who think abolishing prison is a good thing or who think that you should rehabilitate all criminals, even rapists, because of whatever complex leftist garbage they listen to on Vaush videos. They don't realise that anarchism will never work in society because half of the people supporting it can't even get off their ass and get a job/contribute to society.
It's very much the same with any sort of Marxist movement nowadays though, it's rife with degenerate moids who want to parrot communist beliefs then in the same sentence say they support transgenderism when that's a prime example of capitalist degeneracy? I wish people (and it's mostly males tbh) would stop sperging about muh government muh anarchism muh socialist utopia when they can't even hold down a job for more than a month and don't exercise. As much as I hate to admit it, Jordan Peterson was right when he said to clean your room before you start dishing out advice to the world.

No. 1429768

Agreed. There's this local anarchist group that always tag the area's public hospital. We're not in a rich country, maintaining this place is not easy. They paint the outside like once a year or so and the shitheads immediatly leave grafitti in bright red. Anarchism in theory is lovely, but in reality it's a bunch of selfish assholes.

No. 1429771

I'm pro plastic surgery but the internet definitely increased insecurities, BDD ( a lot of people who get PS have this), and narcism. All things that make people wanna get surgery.

No. 1429825

I feel bad for saying I agree with this because the whole reason they even excel is because they're tricked into taking these intense classes to develop their skills from such a young age and have to spend their whole career (if they even get one, it's such a cutthroat business) paying off that debt. They kinda have to put in the extra effort so they don't feel like their entire life has been wasted.

No. 1429831

>Ugh, why can't American pop stars look and perform like those enslaved children who are contractually obligated to get plastic surgery and eating disorders to look like my anime characters
Kpop stanning = mental illness

No. 1429841

Op stated that kpop has better choreographies and videos, she didn't praise anything else

No. 1429842

No. 1429851

>race sperging
We need a Latin American janny

No. 1429854

do they have to pay back the debts to their agency, or do you mean like classes they took as children at dance schools and stuff? i'm not a kpop stan and only had a brief shinee phase like 10 years ago, but i'm really interested in the background of the kpop industry. all i know is the basics like that they have insane diets like only eating a sweet potato a day and are afforded no privacy, but i'd like to learn about how it works in detail.

No. 1429859

It really embarrasses me how much men are talked about on this site in general. It's pathetic.

No. 1429866

Brace yourself

No. 1429873

>Football/Soccer is boring
Fair enough, that's a matter of personal taste and opinion. I find sports like American football and baseball boring.
>The players are rude and annoying, they do not know how to play fair and lose with respect
It depends on the players, top footballers have to behave with respect or they're punished.
>Players are always falling down clutching their legs and whining only to get up and run off completely fine three seconds later.
Diving is a problem in football, but the fans don't like it either and will mock players who dive a lot, such as Neymar.
>The sport is full of racist
Tackling racism is a big part of football federations across the world, with campaigns such as "No to racism", football players will be investigated and suspended for any racist slurs they say to other players, FIFA regularly bans spectators who do use racist chants from attending matches, a Greek football player was banned for life from the Greek national football team for celebrating a goal with a Nazi salute. And also top football teams across the world feature players of multiple races, and they're equally loved by fans.
> I hate watching grown men run around a field kicking balls and pretending like they’re hurt every minute.
Women's football teams also exist. The US Women's national football team won the last Women's world cup in 2019. The England women's national football team won the Euros in 2022

No. 1429876

That doesn’t take away from the fact why they are still better performers. They are like well trained soldiers.

No. 1429879

repost this again and leave it unsaged you cowardly knave

No. 1429881

cmon anon, we had an infight over this not too long ago

No. 1429882

I never give someone I’m dating an explanation as to why I’m leaving. I will just block them and call the police if they come to my house. Ghosting is so much easier than being mature.

No. 1429885

File: 1669996664337.png (322.37 KB, 507x369, me and nonnie.png)

oh yeah bitch? you must be a tranny/moid/scrote/pickme/fat/kpopfag/twitterfag/newfag
sorry i ran out of things hope that's ok enjoy your weekend

No. 1429889

kek that gave me a good laugh, you also have a good weekend ily nonnie

No. 1429895


No. 1429896

Male footballers are either spoiled manchildren or weirdos, maybe both.

No. 1429911

Majority of people think all anarchists are retarded pedo's, so really you just have a popular opinion. Every movement or ideology or whatever that has scrotes is full of pedophiles and degenerates. The only difference is that fash and neolib will never arm women or allow women to take matters in our own hands.
>They don't realise that anarchism will never work in society because half of the people supporting it can't even get off their ass and get a job/contribute to society.
In the past it worked just fine, until tankies would come around the corner to fuck everything up.
Getting a job nowadays doesn't automatically mean you actually meaningfully contribute to society. Majority of office jobs are bullshit jobs. That most people in the western world aren't working in trades, agriculture etc., but instead in offices and in service industry is a difficulty hurdle for a successful movement.
I work, but I'm not under any delusion that I'm doing anything other than creating paper realities. If anything, working and coming across reality, that none of the types I studied works and everything is fucked and depressing, is what made me hate my field and turned me anarchist. If you think people are too retarded to function without a government, then imagine all those retarded misogynist pedophile scrotes in power, legal system, law enforcement etc. deciding over our lives.
If anything the government protects pedophiles more than punishes them. Considering how they rarely prosecute them, give them lenient sentencing, give them protection from vigilantes etc. Without the government, parents could actually deal with a pedo themselves, without being the ones who will be dragged to prison over it. Same thing with rapists, stalkers and other types of scrotes who get more protection than punishment atm.
So you got it the wrong way around. Government and law, good in theory, looks nice on paper, can plan it all you want. Yet all it does is create a monopoly of violence and power, which is then placed in the hands of a small group of powerful pedo scrotes, who will never let it get out of their hands. The witch hunts were a big part of creating the modern nation-state, a necessary part of centralization, so they could monitor women easier and punish women for trying to live outside of society. More women and girls could be protected if something like Mujeres Libres existed again or the aunties of the zapatistas and badass women in India who chase away rapists. Or give all women an AK like in Rojava.