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No. 262912

>FUJOSHI (腐女子, "rotten girl"): a self-mockingly pejorative Japanese term for female fans of manga and novels that feature romantic relationships between men.

>Discuss yaoi and BL here, as well as series and games aimed at fujoshi like Hetalia, sports anime, and male idol anime.

>Discussion of BL games here is totally OK but please do not cannibalize the otome game general.
>Discussion of Male/Male ships outside of strictly BL series is allowed.
>Feel free to ask for recommendations, but please specify what kind of material you're looking for (Genre, oneshot/series, doujinshi, SFW/NSFW etc).
>Being reasonably critical of BL is welcomed but don't come here only to bait or excessively moralsperg about fujos or how much you hate BL as a genre. Take it to Twitter.
>Be mindful of others and hide your spoilers. Use the spoiler image option and wrap your text inside spoiler tags.
>Reminder to ignore the baiting males and trolls who come to provoke. Hetero and pedo shit is forbidden here. Just report their posts and ignore.
>Be nice to each other , we fujos should stick together.

Previous threads (the ones who dont show up got nuked when m/ had a error last year, you can still access them by copy pasting the
/res/20688.html into the lolcow url)
1# >>>/m/20688
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No. 262914

File: 1670803191557.jpeg (20.7 KB, 502x509, 25b01443-a64f-4a67-9c7c-f9dfaf…)

Also before anyone bitches at me for making it too early, the last thread only has 50 posts left which is enough to make a new thread. You can post here when the other thread reaches 1200 (its already close to reaching 1200 anyways)

No. 262916

File: 1670803427260.jpg (49.99 KB, 350x525, RixVanus.jpg)

Rix Vanus just got updated after a long hiatus LETS GOOOOOOO

No. 263305

File: 1670970831657.jpg (240.42 KB, 900x1126, QDyP4_4f.jpg)

I know that anime is mostly posted here but I figured I'd ask… has anyone ever watched 'To Sir, With Love'? Is it any good? I think it sounds a little intriguing but I have a hard time sticking to dramas and watching them to til the end.

No. 263327

I feel like i'm not a "real" fujoshi because I never gave a fuck about top/bottom discourse, but apparently that's a big thing in asian fujoshi communities and they act like it's a crime if their assigned bottom tops. They always want their favorite boy to bottom and are spiteful towards the top if he's the one bottoming instead and it just reeks of husbandofaggotry to me. If you like a gay ship, you like it because of their chemistry or their dynamic, but why does it feel like so many chinese and japanesd fujos are into some sort of bizarre yumejoism where they desperately want to see their husbando bottom and treat the other half of the ship as a walking dildo? Like I get having a preference, but some of them get really REALLY autistic over it and I'm genuinely weirded out by this behaviour. I guess this also explains the weird bimbofication genderbend fetish, because it's their husbando as a woman so he needs to be extra coomerbait, they don't self-insert on him, they want to be the "alpha" male fucking his bimbo form

No. 263357

File: 1670981664294.jpg (193.72 KB, 1200x847, 1490551441637.jpg)

it seems like asian fujos (like all otakus) are more autistic about dumb shit (except woke shit)

No. 263358

File: 1670981717857.jpg (239.7 KB, 831x1200, 1490551883976.jpg)

No. 263359

Can someone translate this?

No. 263360

I think that's pretty specific to asian communities, I've been in fandoms for like 10+ years and I've only come across a handful of people like that in English, so I was surprised at how autistic JP fandom could get over it (in one fandom, an artist who worked for a game got attacked by fans because she drew a guy wearing traditional clothes tied in a feminine way and got mad because it implied he wasn't mascline enough or something?) Anyway don't worry too much about it, I think it goes back to negative cultural ideas about bottoming and such.

I'm a frog/turtle.

What are you not understanding?

No. 263369

I'm either a frog or a slug depends on the ship

No. 263372

its not just asian fujos, international fujos do the same thing.

Personally i hate those types of fujos because if they are going to sperg out so much if the uke is not feminine enough for them….then they should stick to reading straight romance.

Also nobody is even forcing those people to read buff, strong or power bottom storys…idk why i always see these people purposefully commenting on these storys that are not meant for them.

No. 263375

File: 1670987820537.png (157.98 KB, 569x429, tcyg.PNG)

I've noticed this too. In the times when I'm so desperate for fics I read google translated pixiv novels, the top is more likely to be portrayed as having had past relationships with women/being more masculine/being surprised at falling in love with a gasp man, when in canon he has no interest in women, is more feminine in some respects than, and clearly has no issues being attracted to another boy. I guess jp fandom is still dealing with weird ideas about gayness and masculinity, like they think you have to be "gayer" to like bottoming. Yeah yeah it's fantasy, but it gets annoying when it's so OOC so consistently.

No. 263385


No. 263391

The threadpic is so fucking autistic

No. 263397

i'm very much a snake type and not ashamed.

No. 263398

File: 1670993762879.jpg (3.14 KB, 214x127, 1670781954952.jpg)

I am once again posting the lolcow fujoshi discord invite

No. 263399

I don't give a fuck about it as a discourse but I absolutely have a fixed preference that I'm autistic about for every ship I like. Are you complaining about that or about the people who have to come up with bizarre justifications on why a certain character has to be a bottom? Because yeah, that's weird, but otherwise it's just people enjoying their hobby the way they like and there's nothing wrong with blocking others who do the opposite dynamic or switching.

No. 263400

just joined kek.

No. 263401

hey if you are still here my advice is for you to add more channels because for now your server looks dead and there are a small number of channels even after verification.

No. 263403

pls more anons join, me and some other anons already joined. We could use more activity.

No. 263404

What channels would you recommend?

No. 263407

i dont know but i think separating the pic channels would be good.
Like making a swf version and a nswf version pic spam channels. Because both sfw and nswf being lumped into one channel and most channels have nswf version channels,

No. 263408

top/bottom discourse is pretty asinine though I've seen plenty of people who prefer switching act autistic about it too. Like, outright harassing and even sending threats (yeah, really) to people who don't. Shipping is just cringey dumb fun to me so I just try to avoid anyone taking it too seriously 3bh.

No. 263418

Snake = Exclusively likes their fav character to bottom, will ship them with anyone. Doesn't like seeing their fav as the top.

Frog = Loves their OTP, doesn't care who tops or bottoms in it. Does not want to see their OTP characters shipped with anyone else.

Slug = Loves their OTP, exclusively likes to see them in a specific top/bottom dynamic. Does not want to see them switch positions or be shipped with anyone else.

Gecko = Reverse snake, exclusively likes their fav character to top and will ship them with anyone.

Snail = Wants their fav to be fucked by anyone or anything, including tentacles or faceless mob characters.

Turtle = Up to try anything.

No. 263471

I'm glad that I don't see this as often nowadays but I hated when people made up this whole narrative that fujoshi are disgusting and unwashed while shoujo fans are pretty and girly. We all come from different backgrounds and deserve at least some basic respect

No. 263489

Males made up this stereotype, they always say women are ugly and disgusting anytime they aren't doing what men want. All the fujo/slashfic friends I've ever had have been lovely and normal (and had gfs kek).

We all know men are the ones who are disgusting and unwashed lmao

No. 263503

Can nonnas please tell me what's the name of this manhua posted on the previous thread? >>>/m/263257

No. 263529

A bara channel pls

No. 263530

Are fujostacies a real thing?

No. 263531

NTA but all the Japanese fujos I follow who've posted pictures are very attractive. The "stinky, unwashed fujo" thing is 100% male projection as usual, most fujos are normal women who indulge in their hobby responsibly. It's men who become basement dwelling NEETs who divide their time between trolling on 4chan and jerking off over their figures

No. 263534

they're normal, average women. of course we got those that trooned out but most are regular girls. i noticed we have a higher percentage of tomboys and "rebellious" punks though

No. 263538

I am a snake/snail then. I want my favorite characters to bottom for everyone, dead or alive kek.

No. 263546

In east asia they are. Not sure about the west where there are tons of aidens and unwashed dangerhairs.

No. 263576

This tbh. I've been to a lot of cons in America both as an attendee and a booth artist and the men are like 70% basement dwelling stereotypes but most of the women are average or pretty, at worst there are overweight ones but none of them looked/smelled gross to me, unlike a lot of the men. Chubby fujos will come decked out in lolita or jfashion, while all the men have neckbeards and armpit stains on their eva t-shirts. The prettiest fujos I've met are either artists or cosplayers. Also it can be hard to guess who is one by appearance. These days a lot of androgynous colored hair genderspecials aren't actually that fujo, or at least hide their tendencies, on the other hand, I met one of my favorite western BL comic artists and she was a pretty middle aged blonde woman who people could easily stereotype as a Karen from appearance (she was very nice though.) Growing up, the only "gross" unwashed fujo I knew personally ended up transitioning. Go figure.

No. 263580

I hate hate hate when I follow an artist that gets popular for how well they draw BL content and then they start to shift and suddenly you see vaginas and boobs or even worse trans porn. I know I could just unfollow them and that's what I'll do, but don't they think that maybe most people who follow you do so for your BL shit and don't want to see random vaginas? I swear it seems that women are expected to like anything. I'm supposed to be fine with coomer depictions of women in porn scenarios even if I'm attracted to men because otherwise I "hate women". No you fuck, I'm just not attracted to vaginas and I don't need to self insert in smut, especially if the girl is a big tittied mommy character or a bland (but always pretty!) girl who gets abused. Fuck off with that shit.

No. 263581

Didn't we just have this convo

No. 263594

Oh yeah I guess, sorry it was just a vent.

No. 263596

Yes, I am one.

No. 263601

nonny its called pearl boy

No. 263602

I don't think it's just a fujo thing. For instance I've seen some bara/geicomi accounts (who obviously only draw men) have hentai vagina and tits in their likes. It's weirder to imagine a homo following these accounts only to be hit with naked women lmao

No. 263603

It just shows how casually the sexualization of women in general is treated, as if it's the most normal thing and something everyone is expected to tolerate, even if they're not technically attracted to women

No. 263608

coomers are coomers, plus they might just like it from an aesthetic standpoint

No. 263692

File: 1671081268624.jpg (160.8 KB, 736x1045, dakaichi.jpg)

Can someone tell me why this was popular enough to get an anime? I've tried reading it multiple times and have never gotten past the first chapter, it feels so out of date and it's not even old. Does it ever get good? I feel like I've read a million more interesting and cute series that should have been adapted.

No. 263704

>x and y relationship trancends romance
>x and y have a special relationship that's up to the viewer to interpret
>x and y relationship is more than friendship but not quite romance
SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP i hate this ambiguous shit just admit you're a coward

No. 263710

File: 1671099380153.jpg (558.55 KB, 840x1120, mycalypso.jpg)

Title: My Calypso

In the middle of a scuba diving trip in the sea around Malta, Hyun-min finds himself kidnapped to the mythical island Ogygia, where the Greek goddess Calypso is known to reside. Except…Calypso turns out to be a god, not a goddess. Not that Hyun-min cares. He’s going to escape this place and go back to the human realm! Or, well, that’s what he plans to do. But does he really want to leave this island and Calypso behind? Little by little, the two of them find themselves drawn to each other. Can there be a happy ending for a god and a human? Or is this all destined to end in tragedy?

Genres: Manhwa , Webtoon , BL , Drama , Fantasy , Full Color , Historical , Magic , Romance.
Status: Completed

My review:
the art may not be perfect, but i LOVED the story and plot. It is based on Greek mythology of the Goddess Calypso, she is genderbent in this story and is the male lead.

No. 263712

File: 1671099714407.jpg (138.19 KB, 840x1120, tall.jpg)

Title: My X report

Seorim was working at a laboratory as a scientist, but…it turns out he’s not especially good at following directions. After exploding some very expensive equipment, his boss gives him the chance to make amends (read: pay him back) by working as a spy in a competitor’s lab. It’s a dream come true! Professor Gong is renowned as a genius innovator and he’s just hired Seorim to work in his lab. Part of his job is testing new products, but just what he’ll be testing in Professor Gong’s lab may be more surprising than the fact that he was hired at all.

Genres: Yaoi(BL) , Smut , Medical

Status : Completed

My opinion:
The plot is refreshing and the art is good and kind of reminds me of a anime art-style, the only thing that i didnt like was how short the ending was.

No. 263715

File: 1671101037530.jpeg (263.99 KB, 1280x1840, E-8LkYQXIAAPCp0.jpeg)

Anyone read this? Its a western bl so the native language is english. It used to be free in the past, now its getting officially published on Manta.

title : NPCs Can Save the World Too!

No. 263784

looks ugly

No. 263814

Most Western BLs are.

No. 263823

speaking of ugly styles, i'd like to see what style of BL art you guys prefer

No. 263829

western BLs have disgusting art. Pass.

No. 263842

Suzuri Ryo and Hidebu Takahashi have some of my favourite art styles. I also love Old Xian's art and colors and Park Jin-yeon drawings can look very delicate and sensual. Overall I love the art styles that look graceful but also original.

No. 263847

File: 1671140166311.png (1.84 MB, 1186x1182, 2022-12-15 223509.png)

Anything with pretty, modern art. No long faces and square chins, no big rectangular lower lips, no yaoi hands. I'm not sure how to explain it, but I also like styles that are distinctive and stand out among the rest maybe? Like ones that have a lot of personality.
But I also don't like it as much when the art is TOO perfect. For example, the artist for Haruka Tooki Ie has gorgeous flawless art that I do like, but I wouldn't say it's my favorite kind of style. I like more cartoony stuff I think.

No. 263852

same i hate old school yaoi style, this is why i still can't bring myself to read those old series lol

No. 263856

omg first pic looks so good. is it full on manga??

No. 263876

unrelated but damn its such a good feeling to see art of something and just immediately know the artist used to draw for x or y fandom. Anyways D18 banyu, wow what a throw back.

No. 263884

File: 1671152881525.jpg (377.78 KB, 1000x787, hks.jpg)

I think strong fundamentals are important so as long as the fundamentals are there, good style usually comes with it. That's pretty vague though, so I'll say when I think of beautiful BL art I usually think of Ogeretsu Tanaka, Hayakawa Nojiko, and more recently, Hakase. Like the other anon said, I like cute styles and modern sense of aesthetics but I think there are a lot of great artists that find unique styles. And of course, it's impossible to go a thread without mentioning Harada so I'll say along with the high quality of her art, I think she's a master of paneling.

I fucking hate Shungiku Nakamura's art and anything that resembles it from that era of BL. I feel like it's mostly died out though, lately when I pick up a new BL I feel I'm impressed by the art more than ever.

No. 263891

File: 1671154447203.jpg (285.68 KB, 1200x1099, Scarlet Beriko.jpg)

I like Asumiko Nakamura and Scarlet Beriko
Harada had to grow on me in terms of their art, especially older stuff.

No. 263920

Is this manga Mikkelsen?

No. 263935

Who Patalliro here?
>16 years ago

No. 263936

Kojima drew this. I know it.

No. 263951

File: 1671175407763.jpg (276.67 KB, 925x1316, c1-Romantic_EN_Chapter01_01-MR…)

Anything by nishida higashi is a treat the way she writes her characters is realistic and fun . Her" seme"and "uke" archetypes aren't fixed to a stereotype. I love her works and wish they could be officially translated so I could buy them

No. 263952

File: 1671175889123.jpg (250.26 KB, 1000x1422, Shinonome-Tantei-Ibun-Roku-c7-…)

I love Taratsumi John, Mokumoku Ren, Kii Kanna, Harada, Kizu Natsuki, Thanat, Asada Nemui, Takahashi Hidebu etc etc. If an artist manages to create striking images that convey ideas without using words I will probably like them

No. 263957

Top right? It's by Suehiro Machi.

No. 263959

Patarillo is so fucking good. Have they released a larger batch of eps? Last time I checked it was around ep 16-18.

No. 263964

Wait no that's top left.

No. 263978

I believe they're up to episode 45.

No. 263982

Oh shit no way, that's almost the whole series. God bless Aarin, finally.
Nonnies if you have not watched this, please do. You will not be disappointed. 

No. 263993

File: 1671196582245.jpg (57.37 KB, 245x363, divinepunishment.jpg)

Does anyone have any recs for funny/comedy BL? I read one the other day about a lesbian fujo who wakes up/reincarnates (I can't really remember) into one of her BL games as the protagonist's younger brother. She basically tries to watch her brother + the main route's romance unfold and attempts to set up the other routes with each other. I can try to find it again if any nonnas are interested, I'm trying to find stuff that's similar.

Aw, what ship anon? I feel you.

No. 263998

hate my MIA is funny, it's like seeing terminally online white gays working in the same office.

No. 264002

File: 1671201594345.jpeg (24.57 KB, 412x430, gvl2LGvg.jpeg)

>Hayakawa Nojiko
I'm so mad that it's been YEARS and so many of her series are unfinished and don't have volume releases. She has a million oneshots all over the place as well. Can she just finish one thing and not add a bunch of oneshot sequels, and release it as a volume so I can read it in japanese?
She is my favorite author, I just want to read her stuff in its original language witouth having to buy 10 magazines to read unfinished stories and oneshots.

No. 264031

File: 1671212276578.png (120.25 KB, 1406x528, Fj6nortVIAMRNf.png)


No. 264038

More or less agree. I think both "barely romantic toxic sexual m/m non canon ship" and "wholesome good 'representation' m/m canon ship" should be allowed to exist, it's the tiresome moralfagging (usually from the latter) that I hate. Some days I want to see something loving and sweet like, some days I want to see dudes beat the shit out of each other in a sexy way. At the end of the day, what matters to me is if it's well written or not.

No. 264039

I'm one of those people who have fixed tops and bottoms and I'm absolutely the opposite of a husbandofag, for me it's just that making the one I see as more submissive the dominant one in the relationship doesn't fit my interpretation of the canon that made me love the ship in the first place. It's nothing more than that. Also I hate small tops because they're the unsexiest thing that I can name, it's on par with weird and cringe fetishes to me personally.

No, it's based.

No. 264040

Those moralfags make me get mad at the word "wholesome" and "healthy" in the context of relationships kek

No. 264043

I can't stand this pants on head retarded "but asian fans are GOOD fans!!" discourse, it immediately outs you as someone who has no idea about the Asian community and spends way too much time being involved in fandom discourse. The Chinese and Koreans constantly butt heads about who's the more oppressed group and deserves the most reparations. And yeah nobody likes zoomer trannies dictating what you can like and not but at least everyone agrees that they're insane and shouldn't be listened to, in Asian communities unhinged ship wars are the norm and people you follow for fujo content suddenly post untagged loli porn.

No. 264045

This, there must be a middle way. Maybe I don't want to see neither tranny art nor trashy genderbent hentai.
I don't think there's a problem with having your own fixed preference, it's just that certain fujos are very hellbend on their husbando bottoming only and then they start attacking fujos who choose to make him a top chinese fujo communities can be a nightmare

No. 264046

>The Chinese and Koreans constantly butt heads about who's the more oppressed group and deserves the most reparations

No. 264050

Damn I wish I could read Asian fandom shipwars. In English-speaking circles it's all about which ship is better Representation™ or which one is more problematic or has more problematic fans, I haven't seen a good, honest, fun shipwar since the early 2010's.

The most I've seen is fans of strict B/A butting heads with fans of strict A/B for my OTP, but that was just passive-aggressive subtweeting. Asian fans who don't care which half of their OTP tops are pretty chill from what I can see, though Western ones are often totally insufferable(said as a fan of switching)

No. 264053

I've heard in the japanese community fujo vs yumejo wars are far more common when they share the same fandom, like a joseimuke series. Honestly I still think joseimuke as a whole breeds a toxic environment because it tries to target fujos, yumejos and otomefags who usually can't stand each other. Like I don't remember fujos and yumejos butting heads so much before games like enstars got popular (only in the jpop idol scene but that's a whole different community). At least for moids it's easier because both sides (waifufags and yurifags) usually agree they don't want to see more male characters lmao
But in china top/bottom wars can get really bad, especially once one interpretation gains a ton of popularity. You'll see fujos harassing fujos who don't agree with the popular opinion, fujos harassing voice actors who don't sound enough like a "proper" top, any type of manlier bottom. They also have an obsession with calling the bottom "wife". Very standard 2000s yaoi dynamics

No. 264056

I'm in the Genshin fandom and it's extra bad because of how large its size is and how the game targets both fujos and yumes seeing how every character obsesses over the main character whose gender you get to choose. The Chinese community in particular is just off the rails in every possible way, just recently a popular husbando (Alhaitham) was revealed to be in a very close relationship with another male character (Kaveh) and yumes went apeshit reporting the game company to officials for promoting homosexuality, a criminal offense in China. The Asian fandom is so deranged in many other ways the western fandom isn't but a lot of people who only see the pretty fanart and think based Asians never have fandom wars.

No. 264058

It's worse in china because they can also go and cry to the CCP when something annoys them, that's how they banned AO3. It's unlikely alhaitham's relationship with kaveh will get censored because they can explain it with the argument "just a socialist helping another comrade" or whatever commie rhetoric they got but it's still horrible for creators in general (not just fujos). You only need a bunch of spergs to get the cops on you and from my own experience, there are a ton of seriously deranged individuals

No. 264070

I'm surprised, since fujos(Japanese fans in general) are pretty strict about tagging their work so those who don't like it can filter it out. Though moids do slip through the cracks and harass them once in a while, but moids gonna moid. I wish female fans of all sorts could enjoy our respective interests in peace.
Jfc. How do authors like MXTX get their work out when their govt is so despotic?

No. 264071

I dunno, I read half-decent Japanese and I'll take Japanese fans any time of the day over Western ones. Although yeah, Korean and Chinese people in general are insufferable even outside of fandom context.

No. 264073

>Jfc. How do authors like MXTX get their work out when their govt is so despotic?
Because it makes a lot of money. The government is willing to look the other way if you're bringing in the big bucks and don't criticize the CCP or its policies in public.

No. 264076

File: 1671227909553.png (97.93 KB, 193x278, Bind-Play.png)

Blind play just ended, whats your impression on the ending and the story?

No. 264081

File: 1671229955291.jpg (231.51 KB, 900x1280, MeguTsugu1_021.jpg)

The one you read is "BL Game no Shujinkou no Otouto de aru Koto ni Ki ga Tsukimashita". For another meta fujo humor one "Zettai BL ni Naru Sekai VS Zettai BL ni Naritakunai Otoko" is a must read. I also rec'd this last thread, but "Online Game Nakama to Sashi Off shitara Shokuba no Onijoushi ga Kita" is really funny if you like humorous misunderstandings that lead to awkward situations. And if you're ok with omegaverse "Megumi to Tsugumi" is really funny and well written.

No. 264082

>fujos harassing voice actors who don't sound enough like a "proper" top
This will never happen to Morikawa, Koyasu or Konishi Katsuyuki.

No. 264084

Mxtx was in jail…

No. 264087

I wonder if the CCP actually gave her money for her series or just stole them to make the shitty live action and dogshit anime. I cannot fucking stand China violating mdzs with that doodoo anime and live action. How can you destroy a plot that is quite literally based on the main characters being homosexual? I loved the book so much, never been more disappointed in my life than when the live action was created.

No. 264090

you think that's bad? wait for the tgcf live action that's gonna be bastardized the most. hualian as a no homo couple

No. 264099

I thought MXTX just came out recently and said she wasn't in jail? That being said, I wouldn't be surprised if she was sent to jail and she just can't talk about it.

Also yeah, the Hualian live action will be SO bizarre being a 'no homo' couple.

No. 264101

wow can't wait for them to add some weird unnecessary tension between xie lian and some random female character like they did with wei wuxian and wen qing and i can't wait to see them milk the worst possible arc mxtx has ever wrote, the cuocuo arc

No. 264103

realistically they'll just give it a very religious spin about muh faith that will make my eyes roll to the back of my head

No. 264109

God what a blast from the past. I feel like if it were all subbed it would be picked up by the enby crowd and fuck it up though

No. 264114

Then they cry when the things they like are taken away as a result like AO3 or when they get severe backlash from others and act like victims. Chinese fans are insane. Taiwanese fans are a lot more chill.

No. 264132

File: 1671250505339.jpg (237.28 KB, 950x1351, The-End-of-the-World-0-copy.jp…)

Finally read this, it's way more insane plot-wise than I was expecting from the summary. I like the realistic depictions of apocalypse reactions but the characters' stories feel so bizarre and out of place at times. I'll read it to the end but man, weird. I feel bad for the MC.

No. 264144

(reposting from the last thread as i didn't really get an answer)

anyway do those otome style series where a girl is reincarnated (or otherwise adopted) into a rich family exist in bl? it doesn't even have to be explicit bl, so long as the mc is a dude.

but also do people have like, good age gap romances on hand. i like it when the mc has known their older love interest since like, birth

No. 264164

BL isekai would be something like scum villain

No. 264165

It's absolutely a male cope, the fujos that I have met are very normal looking, a lot of them (including myself) are into fashion and know how to dress themselves up. My girlfriend has the most obscene NSFW taste in BL and breathes fujo stuff yet she looks like a cute, well-adjusted jfashion girl men hit on constantly. Actually, the more I think about it, all of my friends who are hardcore fujos are really pretty and post amazingly beautiful selfies amidst retweeting graphic m/m porn. Ironically enough the unkempt, obese, autistic danger hair stereotype applies more to self-inserting miserable thembie Aidens who are just husbandofags with extra steps.

No. 264168

File: 1671277022577.jpg (27.34 KB, 500x365, 2d8c80f2b06f10ef5be52dc8234d61…)

OT, Anne had often stated aspects of her husband Stan(seen here on the right) was the inspiration for Lestat, mainly his physical appearance and his daring confidence, in fact his Lestat’s name was originally was supposed to be Lestan, while louis was based on a hypothetical male version of herself
I always found that oddly sweet

No. 264170

yeah aidens are more or less "gay" yumejoshi

No. 264219

The only ones I can think of are Kyo Kara Maoh, Madk (kinda), and the one with the guy reincarnated as a horse

No. 264292

Those would also have been my picks with the addition of Harada, Ono Natsume and Kumota Haruko. I love distinctive art style with strong line work. The drawing are not necessarily delicate but they strike a good balance between details and clarity.

No. 264383

I didn't know Hikaru ga Shinda Natsu was published online for free. That's why it's so popular. They should really do this more often, I know a couple authors that got popular thanks to their free manga. It's too bad japan is 20 years behind and hasn't figured this out.

No. 264671

I'm not a fujo, but I just came to say you are based. Thank you for making lurking moids seethe so hard.

No. 264672

You're welcome nonnie, smooches for you.
>mfw choice anons in /ot/ are once again in tard rage mode over these >>264165 >>264170 posts and throwing their weight around claiming fujos are totally ugly, depressed and fat and they all want to larp as gay ukes IRL
Cope, seethe, die mad about it etc.

To stay on topic, are manga services like Renta and Futekiya worth their price or do they only host the cheapest B list crap? Also does anyone know where you buy Japanese BL in digital form? I'm looking to brush up my language skills but I'm not sure where I can buy the Japanese releases overseas.

No. 264674

nta and I don’t even consider myself a fujo either because I’m not into m/m by default nor into BL as a genre but seeing what goes on in /ot/ and elsewhere, good lord. I’d rather hang out with chill fujos on lolcor dot farm.

No. 264675

I often see Futekiya add manga that I like so it's probably worth it. Renta I'm not sure.
For japanese you can buy it on Rakuten Books and read it on your pc, and you can also easily rip it with Calibre and the obok plugging. You can do the same with amazon.
If you don't care about ripping, you can buy it pretty much anywhere that sells ebooks, they won't region block you. I think Bookwalker has the best discounts.
Raw sharing is pretty dead last from what I know, but you can check yaoi otaku forums or 13dl.net before buying to see if what you want is there.

No. 264679

>Rakuten Books
Totally slept on this platform, thanks anon. I want to pay for my gays in order to support the authors and the industry in general but I hate ordering physical copies.

No. 264684

Korean Yaoi will be the death of me

No. 264685

I hate the MC, he has a really bad taste in men. I just don't feel the angsty couple dynamic the author is going for, something is missing

No. 264690

I really wish more doujins were sold as ebooks. I understand why they aren't but its so frustrating to miss out on a lot of stuff I'd love to read just because I can't always justify the cost of proxies + shipping + taxes on top of the actual price of the doujin

No. 264691

Futekiya is worth it imo, a lot of it is random old series but they also have a lot of good stuff. Just browse through their catalog and if you see a handful of series you want to read then go for it. I subbed basically just for Blue Sky Complex and found a lot of other stuff I enjoyed.

No. 264692

Blame japanese fujoshi for being tech illiterate

No. 264694

Yeah agree, a lot of Japanese doujinshikas just treat their content as essentially vaporware, in other words it's meant to disappear. They're not looking to preserve it. I don't know why that is but the concept is to sell physical copies at a convention, then have it be gone forever unless you find it second hand. An e-book version would complicate that. Maybe it's because they want to erase all traces in case they become legitimate mangakas someday but I wouldn't know.

No. 264695

>Also does anyone know where you buy Japanese BL in digital form?
I buy stuff from cmoa and rentajp. mainly cmoa though.

No. 264698

Some are nowadays, toronana and dlsite allow doujin ebooks.
One thing that I used to do when buying doujinshi was that I would send it to a scanning service in japan instead of having them shipped to me. They scan it and send you a pdf file. It was pretty cheap and the quality was great. I used scan-pdf.com if you're interested, I think they're still active and they were the best I found for price / quality. You can then rip it with Xpdf to get the original image files.

No. 264700

File: 1671458508775.jpeg (112.88 KB, 509x720, 1665942096909.jpeg)

The only reason why they hate fujos is because they're moid obsessed schizos who feel threatened when they see their fictional husbando with another man kek that's why they accuse us of misogyny, they feel personally attacked when it's not about their self-insert. That's why they call us ugly and disgusting, because they only care about appearance and how other moids treat them and feel the need to compete (it's also ironic to screech about misogyny and then insult other women looks when something doesn't go their way). Otherwise they wouldn't give a shit what other women do and just focus on female characters if that's what they claim to prefer but it's obvious our simple existence makes them seethe

No. 264703

>Otherwise they wouldn't give a shit what other women do and just focus on female characters if that's what they claim to prefer but it's obvious our simple existence makes them seethe
To be honest, you're right. They either lurk fujo discussions and see them complain about their self insert hetships or become enraged over nothing more than the existence of fujo ships involving their husbando of choice, it's all their own self-sabotage and nothing less. Maybe they're jealous of fujos having a thriving community for themselves creating almost all of the material involving anime men, maybe they're secretly insecure about other women not focusing on male approval (which would explain why they're going on about us being fat and ugly like a broken record), maybe they're simply unhinged levels of possessive about their husbandos because they can't self insert into male characters which is why they themselves believe fujos want to self insert too and subsequently troon out, making it olympic grade projection. Who knows. Even on this site we do literally nothing but mind our own business, banter like anyone else or troll scrotes yet they still somehow want to vomit schizo word salads about the Aidens and "pickme fujos" living inside their heads all over the place and then act like victims whenever they're called out for it whining about mean fujospergs bullying them.

However, some of them are definitely scrotes baiting though, the male rhetoric is often unquestionably clear.

No. 264706

Glad I'm not the only one disliking the scrotish behaviour there. They really can't make an argument without circling back to "s-so you ARE jealous because you're ugly and fat! You like yaoi because you want cock but you're too ugly haha!" and it's embarassing honestly. All of that from a post about fujos being normal and even fashionable, like they can't stand it. Two digit IQ right there.

No. 264707

Them outing themselves as regularly lurking this thread really explains that one huge, suspicious meltdown about anons here not liking hetships to be honest.

No. 264715

KEK now they're seething over people calling out their shit arguments.
>Moids and yumes: fujos are all obese and ugly and insecure!!
>"No actually they're pretty nice and it's bad that you're judging women like that"
>Moids and yumes: REEEE why do they hate us so much?? They're seething and it's because they're ugly and fat!! Poor yumes poor moids waahh shitting and crying rn
Literal tranny and moid "reasoning".

No. 264724

>they feel personally attacked when it's not about their self-insert
Lmao anon, in a fandom I'm in fans of a certain ship are known for being annoying and vitriolic and it only clicked for me recently that these people act like this because they probably self-insert as the female character (a lot of the people I see doing this have like, 'x character is my husbando <3' or similar in their bio or as their display name) so they get personally offended when they see headcanons/fanart/etc. they don't like or agree with.

Every time I interact with someone that cares about the ratio of someone else's het/gay ships they always turn out to be a batshit weirdo so that's not surprising.

No. 264726

I mean, it makes sense. They wouldn't be yumes if they weren't incredibly lonely and crave male attention.

No. 264729

As if moids will choose them only because they share similar hobbies lmao. Moids don't give a shit about us nerdy/geeky women and weebs (yes both fujos and yumes) unless they find us actually sexually attractive. This pick me behaviour should go away, they aren't "winning" anything and only making other women dislike them

No. 264730

Why do they care so much? I feel like actual yumes, even weirdo anti-fujo ones, would just spend time in yume threads or talk about their husbando instead. That thread has to be full of scrotes

No. 264734

Moids have been shitting up /ot for quite a while. They even outed themselves a few times. This is why infighting causes bans, it doesn't contribute anything and disrupts the threads. I think most yumes don't care bout fujos and vice versa. I've never seen this debate taken so seriously aside from maybe underage twitter/tumblr posts.
If yumes cared for moids they wouldn't be yumes. The only group of people distressed by yumes and fujos are useless moids who know women don't want to fuck them.

No. 264736

Weirdly enough I keep seeing this "debate" in multiple chan threads, I don't know who started it but it's possible that some pick mes were uncomfortable being called "fujos" so they started this whole thing to distance themselves from us and integrate better among moids. At least the people throwing the word yume around must be women, cause moids can barely tell the difference and most of them don't understand the meaning of the word anyway

No. 264737

Oh shit, for some reason I never considered the fact that scan services probably exist, literal gamechanger thank you anon I'll try them out. Wonder how they manage to be this cheap though, from my own experiences scanning doujins can be a pretty involved process

No. 264745

Why dont they get fujos dont want to self insert? kek, We just want to see 2D guys getting it on.

No. 264746

File: 1671470808596.jpg (557.9 KB, 1461x2128, 1500232059952.jpg)

Yeah no idea, I didn't remember but those guys do it for real cheap. Here's a sample of something they scanned for me. If you scan thick books some of the page might get cut off (you can ask for a re-scan, but my japanese is not good enough for that) but for doujinshi I never had an issue.
I had a huge box filled with doujinshi that I wanted to scan, but after finding these services I could never bother to do it. Scanning is painfully boring, time-consuming, and surprisingly stressful. 

No. 264750

Your guess is as good as mine. I guess deep down they're ashamed of self inserting themselves since it' usually considered immature and narcissistic so they want to drag everyone else down with them. Personally I'm a lesbian, I only self insert with my waifu in my silly day dreams, but I love reading BL because it lets me enjoy a story as it is with a certain amount of detachment so that I can tolerate darker and more dramatic storylines too. It's not more complicated than that and I bet different fujos have different reasons for why they enjoy BL. However whatever the reason it all often comes down to pretty much just loving the female-created community. With otome/yume stuff it seems to be a much more personal experience and based on self-indulging so that they're not interested in connecting and creating that much.

NTA but that sounds great, I never had an idea you could do that! How much does it cost per doujin if you don't mind sharing?

No. 264758

It depends a bit on which options you get but I think mine ended up being less than 200 yen per book. I don't remember exactly, but their page says it's about 110 yen per book, so plus a color cover scan it should be about 200 yen.

No. 264765

I was pretty much forced to scan stuff so I could make space for more purchases and found the whole process weirdly calming, it's such mindless work that I was able to watch some stuff on Netflix I was meaning to get to anyway, felt kind of like killing two birds with one stone kek. Would never do it for that cheap though if it's material I don't care about, surprised that the sample looks a lot better than I expected based on the pricing

No. 264796

>A lot of fans didn't want romance
Lol, shipbait is oen of the oldest shit ever. That post reeks of self hate.

No. 264797

It's likely on purpose, doujins are sorta of a grey zone and you don't want them to spread too much

No. 264843

File: 1671488432401.jpg (30.57 KB, 240x240, artworks-0QzbnqvCqSyM76lR-sJch…)

nonnie holy fuck THANK YOU I wanted to curb my doujin habits bc i'm moving soon and decluttering but this is so fucking big brain. have a wonderful yaoimas and a ukenew year

No. 264908

And they keep the book? They don't send it back to you at all?

No. 264935

What do they do with the physical doujinshi? This is cool to know about but I'm not really understanding the point unless you have a hoarding problem and/or can't own a scanner yourself.

No. 264942

not them but you completely take the book apart when you scan

No. 264943

Ah, interesting. I've done scanlations in the past and was able to preserve my doujinshi whils scanning (didn't take them apart, just… heavily bent) but that makes sense. Thanks.

No. 264950

I don't consider myself a fujo bc i don't care for yaoi/bl but i like gay fanfic and bara

No. 264997

merry yaoimas nonnies

No. 265030

I know that, I just want to know if they keep the book.

No. 265057

my brother got me the first edition of yarichin bitch club for christmas. no idea where he got the idea because i don’t really read bl but as soon as i saw it i ran to hide it in my room. i opened it in front of my parents and now they’re curious what it is.

No. 265150

No, they keep it for 30 days if you need a rescan, but then they throw it away.

Giving yarichin to someone who doesn't read bl is a pretty savage move ngl.

No. 265174

File: 1672191394104.jpeg (18.06 KB, 646x344, nokittydont.jpeg)

I'm sorry nonnas I'm bumping the thread hoping someone can help me.
I'm looking for a BL manga I briefly read some time ago, the love interest was gorgeous, had wavy long hair with a blonde underdye and played the guitar in a band, but secretly worked as a whore in a soapland - that's where the protagonist has a sexual encounter with him and finds out he's gay and goes back to him several times.
That's all I remember, I had to stop reading because life stuff happened, but I cannot get the boywhore's beautiful face and hair out of my mind and my Chrome's history is bugged for some reason and I can't find it for shit it haunts me.
Picrel is actually me rn.

No. 265184

Pink Heart Jam

No. 265269

i’m sort of familiar with bl because my best friend reads it and i have read yarichin in the past but it just feels weird to now be in possession of a print edition

No. 265354

File: 1672250903396.jpg (281.95 KB, 1188x1752, 0-0008.jpg)

After talking about the scanning service I had an idea. I wanted to buy some manga, but ebooks are like 700-800 yen each. So instead I went and bought some secondhand, cheaper manga and sent them to the scanning service. It ended up being about 1500 yen cheaper than buying ebooks. I could get it for even cheaper without the priority scan option. I don't think I'll get that next time since it was ridiculously fast anyway. They got the books on December 24th and I got the scans 4 days later.
Another good thing is that I don't have to worry about ripping the images. I spent the last two days trying to figure out how to use the shitty Cmoa ripper. I'll avoid that shit whenever I can.
Also I forgot xpdf was confusing to use, so here are instructions if anyone else tries it: https://pastebin.com/4BNvJvgr

No. 265606

File: 1672353189206.png (1.5 MB, 2680x1080, real uncesnsored.png)

have this low effort meme i made…

No. 265638

Nta but thank you nonna had a blast reading this one

No. 265752

File: 1672430088319.jpg (1.31 MB, 2652x3770, E4PkxcZXwAIyaSN.jpg)

also nta but this was sooo cute!

No. 265898

File: 1672497625062.png (190.02 KB, 844x1200, FCeQBrTXsAkAfXr.png)

Nonnies I recommend Yoake no Uta with all my heart. They are such a cute couple and the plot is interesting. There's jp raws on yaoi-otaku forums too.
Also I found out this is translated by the original japanese publishing company I think? That's pretty cool, even tho I don't read translations. Imo it would be better if all publishers could get completely rid of localizations companies from other countries and translate their own manga by themselves. Not sure how localization companies are today, but back when I would read scanlations they were awful and ruined everything.

No. 267498

Ennead's Mojito is basically outing herself to be a lolcow. What a shitshow of a series

No. 267540

File: 1673126970459.jpg (760.26 KB, 753x1781, mojito.jpg)

Samefag, but here's the post in question.
Has less likes and RTs than her previous tweets today and the ratio of visible QRT to private is hilarious. hope this blows up in her face over some a random troll. If she didn't care about their opinion then why are she making FGSeth side story to spite them? All this says to fans is if you larp hard enough as a hater, she'll bend the knee and give the poor uwu fandom victims what they want. Great message, mojito


No. 267543

>a Korean is a lolcow
And water is wet.

No. 267547

I should have stuck to my gay Chinese stories

No. 267560

What is it with them? I don't see Japanese creators being so consistently milky, but it might just be the language barrier to be fair

No. 267562

The worst thing I've seen a Japanese creator do is delete their account or start doing hetero porn instead of hardcore BL due to backlash

No. 267563

I grew up around Koreans and they're often just really hotheaded in general, for lack of a better word. I think they even have their own word for it as a cultural phenomenon but I can't remember what it is.

No. 267565

Sooo many great Japanese artists scrub their entire online presence just like that, it's so aggravating. I've seen Chinese artists do it too, but at least they have to worry about being sent to prison for making BL stuff.

No. 267571

File: 1673140342062.png (1.45 MB, 1080x1588, image (35).png)

No. 267576

You genuinely never know if those women who pioneered BL in 70s Japan were just as milky as her because there was no venue for them to spill their unfiltered guts online.

No. 267578

people occasionally sperg about the Keiko Takemiya and Hagio Moto fallout, some of those mangaka have biographies

No. 267626

buddy daddies somehow managed to be more heterosexual than spy x family and twitter is screeching at everyone who points that out "b-but muh bi erasure"

No. 267627

>people genuinely thought it was going to be gay
Man what suckers

No. 267628

they're still coping it's gonna be gay and that the divorced guy who fucks hookers on daily basis is very much "bisexual" kek calling it buddy daddies should have been a red flag, it spells out for you that they're buddies not a couple

No. 267630

I don’t know why fujos still bother watching anime honestly, just read manga and play VNs since they actually have non bait stuff.
Even super fujobait shows like SK8 pussied out.

No. 267632

I honestly see more genderspecials sperging about their "queer" family unit rather than actual fujos

No. 267633

That’s even more hilarious honestly
Granted if there’s one group that’s the easiest to bait into watching shitty anime it’s Twitter/tumblr fakebois.

No. 267677

>tfw i have plenty of ideas for BL stories and I can draw well enough
>if i post any of them online i am at risk of being harrassed/doxxed for being a straight female creator
should i pretend i'm bi/gay/queer/fakeboy?

No. 267679

Can someone explain to me how the scan service linked earlier works? Do they order the books for you or do you have to get them shipped there yourself?

No. 267693

You could literally just never bring it up.

No. 267696

people are still gonna ask you what are your pronouns (kek) or what's your sexuality, should you simply ignore it?

No. 267699

Just post them on tapas where nobody gives a shit about that. It's basically still 2007 on tapas, where you see usernames like 'yaoifangirl09' and there's no shame. And honestly I think gender spergs harass fan artists of their favorite series more than creators of original stories. You'll probably only catch shit if you get really popular, in which case you won't care if some 12 year olds are mad at you for being a woman. Good luck nonny I hope you make your comics.

No. 267700

Yes it's not that hard.

No. 267704

you could say "any pronouns" and keep your gender as ambiguous as possible

No. 267706

1.Order the books and have it shipped directly to their address. Their shipping address is listed on their website.
2.Go to their website click on 100円スキャン, fill the google form, choosing the options you want (i.e quick scan or normal scan, cover scan or not, DPI, etc)
3.Once they receive the books, they send you a link to pay (through paypal) and then send you the scans once they are done

No. 267709

The people who would cancel you would find something else to attack you over if they didn't like you, even if you identified as a transmasculine nonbinary demiboy. It's really not about hating straight fujos but more to do with just straight out bullying and harassment, they look for any little thing they can throw back at you.

This. Anyone who thought it would be gay have only themselves to blame. It was even discussed in one of the fujo threads here and people called it and predicted the entire outcome before the first episode.

No. 267750

what pains me about hadaka shitsuji is that it has a solid premise, some good characters (sakuma ily), and even some moments which are genuinely good and heart warming sometimes. and then you just have the most depraved stupid shit, even in the supposedly lighter routes. tomoaki is such a shit. i only started playing yesterday; i wasn't expecting anything else from something as infamous as hadaka shitsuji but i'm still kind of mad at the wasted potential nonnies.

sorry to sperg about an older bl game but i'm mad about this. like i'm no stranger to gross shit in bl games but you have to wonder what the thought process was behind including some of the really out there scenes.

No. 267751

File: 1673220706495.jpg (347.12 KB, 1116x1944, 1445676199136.jpg)

Thanks for the nostalgic chuckle.

No. 267752

Well the game was written by a scrote, so it has the most depraved over the top violent shit going on. I remember playing it and being shocked at how grotesque and unerotic it was, then finding out it was written by a man and everything made sense. I mean there's a difference between the kinky shit you find in BL games because it's usually something that can be considered sick, but shit you find in Hadaka Shitsuji like the dogfucking, necrophilia and piss and shit stuff just doesn't happen. It's not hot, it's just a morbid curiosity for thrillseekers.

The one theory about it being just a way to troll BL fans is still what I consider it as to be honest.

No. 267753

learn to fucking laugh once in a while.

No. 267754

>featuring kakashi from Naruto!
Idk why that made me laugh

No. 267757

ayrt, and yeah what really clued me into the fact that a scrote was behind this was when i first saw sayakas sprite, and then later found out you can do routes with her and the LIs where you can have a threesome lmao. like what the fuck?
as i said before i hate the fact its not completely unplayable, and that the good parts are good enough that the bad parts sting even more lol

wow i feel bad for BL fans who played this when the english patch was released and probably had absolutely no idea what they were getting themselves into. i do find it funny that theres this subset of zoomers who talk about playing dmmd like it was this really fucked up game, when shit like hadaka is out there making n+c titles look tame in comparison

No. 267759

>I'm sorry no you can't bully a character with a mental illness like that

anyone that doesn't look up a VN before picking it up and then gets upset deserves it.

No. 267760

also >>267752 considering the endings where you get a light and fluffy romance with you LI of choice are labelled as bad endings, i'm inclined to agree with the troll theory as well tbh

>anyone that doesn't look up a VN before picking it up and then gets upset deserves it

in todays world yeah maybe, but i can only imagine the amount of young fujos who played hadaka when it got patched bc they heard about it on some forum or something and didn't look beyond the premise of cute yaoi butlers. english BL vns were and still hard to come by, so i imagine a lot of people were just happy to see a new game they could play and didnt even realise until it was too late. idk nonny its hard not to feel some sympathy especially considering the literal bestiality in this game, among other things – thats gotta be hard to come back from after seeing it without prior warning

No. 267762

I thought the premise was really good which is why I started playing it, but it got off hand pretty bad pretty fast and before I knew it the main character was fucking torturing his butlers like it was a Saw movie and not a porn game. I don't think people really comprehend how far it goes with the degeneracy because they haven't played hentai games written by men which is why they pick it up and try it anyway, naturally being shocked by what they come across.

>zoomers who talk about playing dmmd like it was this really fucked up game, when shit like hadaka is out there making n+c titles look tame in comparison

That's the thing, n+c games are considered one of the darkest out there so that's what a lot of people were expecting. Even the most fucked up DMMD routes still had this very specific classy eroticism to them but Hadaka Shitsuji just shoves you in a situation that reminds me of some horror manga.

No. 267765

>in todays world yeah maybe
You act like it was patched in the 90s or something.
It was first patched in 2013 when tumblr and smartphones were already in full swing and shrill retards that get upset over everything were taking over fandom. Anyone still using forums at that point knew what they were doing.
Just look at that picture. They're all a bunch of manic twitter/tumblrtards.

No. 267766

Anon I don't think being upset over a character literally fucking a corpse, making dogs brutally rape his butler or two racist caricature big black guys rape and double penetrate one of them while all of them are in obvious distress and pain is being "manic tumblrtards". It's called being a normal person. Back then the only warning people gave was "oh my god this is so bad" and not much else, even now if you google image search the game for example you get pretty vanilla results. And because the selection of translated BL games was miniscule people played whatever they could get their hands on without much thought since none of the available titles couldn't prepare them for what's waiting for them.

No. 267767

>pick something up knowing it's bad
>cry that it's bad, just not in a way you like
Sorry, no, I don't have any sympathy. Also anyone genuinely upset would drop it the first offensive scene they get. They're being drama whores. Not to mention that it's portrayed in such an unrealistic, over-the-top trollish way that I have to think there's something wrong with you if you find it genuinely upsetting but not the N+C shit that's actually taking itself seriously.

No. 267782

hmm. the moralfagging + acting as if some poorly drawn yaoi boys doing weird shit is seriously causing them irl harm is what makes me think "yeah you retards deserved that" honestly

and it's simply kind of, annoying to watch outsiders get into odd niche media then bitch about it. it's like me going to a foreign country then bawling that the food i tried is bad…that's not my country. the food isn't for me. the locals are allowed to tell me to fuck off

>bc they heard about it on some forum or something and didn't look beyond the premise of cute yaoi butlers

those are people on twitter, nona. i'd bet a lot of them knew how fucked up it was before they got into it, but played through it anyway so they could chronicle their disgust and get likes and etc. attention

No. 267818

for real

No. 268001

Anynonny here read Hashihime of Old Book Town? How is it?

No. 268010

it has some really good moments and some less than good moments kek the story is gold honestly, but it really drops the ball in the third route so i reccommend you to only read the first two routes and to not bother with the rest

No. 268047

First two routes are fantastic
The other three kinda suck

No. 268153

Jesus christ. I don't play VNs so this is the first I've ever heard of this. Why are moids like this? If there's anything that girls like they HAVE to ruin it.

No. 268156

it's just a shitpost in VN format. stop taking everything so seriously.

No. 268329

i don't know why there's so many weirdly aggressive anons itt, we can agree that hadaka is shitposty whilst also being a genuinely disgusting game that feels like it was made to troll genuine BL fans

No. 268667

I know this was already posted before but we could use some more anons in the fujo lolcow discord https://discord.gg/jUc5BkST

No. 268673

sorry if another anon asked already but what is the discord like? what kind of channels are there and also is there any kind of vetting process?

No. 268677

File: 1673564698213.jpeg (27.38 KB, 481x569, 0349C2F9-7772-41B7-8661-58B2EB…)

These are the BL themed channels but there’s also off topic channels for stuff like fashion, room decor, etc.
to join you have to say what you’d like to be called, your age, how long you’ve been a fujo, your favorite BL trope, favorite BL ship and the last BL thing you read.

We’re considering adding a voice verification though to keep out men (men will be instantly banned obviously).

No. 268680

File: 1673566552830.jpg (198.55 KB, 1080x1083, IMG_20230113_045845.jpg)

Saw this beauty in chapter 15 of Taming the Tiger/눈에 범이 서리다 and was immediately reminded of lc.

No. 268684

Awwww what a cutie

No. 268706

File: 1673588801787.jpg (219.72 KB, 1920x1080, ichinosetomoaki.jpg)

Crucify me, but I actually love the good routes in Hadaka, they feel like the perfect amount of sadism and romance to me. Maybe I've just seen too many shocking things on the internet, but most of the game is laughable to me, only a handful of the hardcore things really squicked me out (the diaper… the dog…). Definitely would not recommend to anyone who can't tolerate what is essentially sexual insanity distilled into a game.

No. 268708

Bitch I thought this was Rick and Morty

No. 268711

KEK oh my god

im surprised any of the love interests are happy to kiss the mc after all the shit he puts them through. especially ichinose, poor guy.
seriously though i agree, all things considered there are some remarkably sweet moments in the game

No. 268727

File: 1673591875830.png (203.12 KB, 266x374, English_Cover_Absolute_Obedien…)

It's disappointing seeing it being written by a man. I really hoped it was just written by a hyper-perverted, possibly man-hating woman that wants a coterie of butlers to torture. Sigh.

No. 268735

>anyone that doesn't look up a VN before picking it up and then gets upset deserves it
i am literally on page 3 of google trying to find more info on this game besides reviews where they only say "omg u guise its so much worse than i thought" and the most info i can find is posted here.

No. 268740


What would you like to know about it? List of contents?

No. 268741

All these zoomers just now learning about Hadaka Shitsuji in 2023

No. 268781

This thread has been incredibly stupid lately

No. 268814

Just look it up on vndb

No. 268846

>you're not an oldfag like ME
Shut the fuck up. What a dumb thing to complain about. This isn't 4chan.

No. 268850

If you weren't cringe about it, nobody would care.

No. 268851

I talked about it above…and I played it over 10 years ago. Expecting discussions about it to be refined and "not cringe" is like expecting cats to fly.

No. 268884

File: 1673664408226.png (361.38 KB, 1024x686, kanjas.png)

Apparently he made another bl game that also got translated… The spoilered tags make it seem saner than Hadaka Shitsuji tho

No. 268885

that plot summary makes 0 sense. if the cure was in his bodily fluids why would he have the disorder in the first place…

it does sound saner but it still sounds remarkably scrotey, honestly. 'will he abuse the privileges granted to him in return?' hints at some hadaka-esque scenarios. it's mildly surprising the same guy would want to make another BL game, though

No. 268886

doesn't sound particularly weirder than half of the bl games out there.

No. 268888

>it's mildly surprising the same guy would want to make another BL game, though
People in this thread were saying Hadaka is a parody or something, but if you actually look at interviews from the creator, he said it was basically a passion project and made entirely out of his own interests. He's just a gay coomer with insane tastes lmao.

No. 269137

I plan on going to Japan this year for 3 weeks, when I was living there foe a semester I bought some BL manga that since then got very good translations in my first language and these editions tend to be uncensored. I bought these manga in Japanese at Mandarake in Ikebukuro and Akihabara and they're in very good state. You think I'll be able to sell them back easily? Even if it's for very cheap? I'm also considering doing this with my Magic Knight Rayearth manga because they got reprinted in my first language as well very recently but that's not BL…

No. 269181

I think places like Mandy and Surugaya take secondhand manga but you'll have to sell it for dirt cheap. Not sure if it'll be worth it. If you go to surugaya's kaitori page it shows you how much they're willing to buy your manga for.

No. 269238

I already sold them a few books before taking the plane to go back home because my suitcases couldn't hold everything and they gave me like 200 yen for a guidebook I bought for like 1500 yen or 2000 yen (which I thought was going to an artbook), so I don't expect to get a lot from them. But I'd like to get rid of these books without having to throw them away. I could probably sell them in a specific bookstore that takes a bunch of Japanese novels and manga for dirt cheap too but I would have to take everything to the capital city of my country by train if I ever decide to go there for holidays, no way I'm doing this.

No. 270581

either you sell back to 2nd hand stores like nonnie said, or you can bundle it and sell it on ebay as a general bl book pack and make them pay for heavy shipping. you are not going to make what you spent back unless its a popular series, sorry nonnie

No. 270708

bumping post raid

No. 270879

File: 1674258818116.jpeg (41.98 KB, 256x343, C507C4A3-A9C3-4448-9A40-1FB30B…)

Anyone else submit requests? I put in Ooe, laughter land and Shingakkou

No. 270918

god id be so happy if this were picked up for localisation. i played it a few months ago and had to rely on VN translation tools & the half a playthrough that's been uploaded to youtube.
worth it for father august though amen

No. 271025

File: 1674326901651.jpg (67.13 KB, 325x450, 727.jpg)

I saw this manhwa posted last thread and it finally has a translation, even though the translation is ass something is still better than nothing


No. 271028

the vas are too expensive

No. 271042

what do you mean anon? they wouldn't need to hire more vas for an english localisation

No. 271043

when you localize a game, you still need to pay a fee for the japanese vas and this game has big names like yuki kaji

No. 271045

ah okay, i didn't realise that thanks anon. to be honest it's the last vn id expect to be picked up for localisation anyway, i don't think it falls in line with a lot of modern BL fans tastes unfortunately. but hey, i can dream

No. 271073

Is fujochan down? My anti-virus gives me malware warning and doesn't let me access the site.

No. 271079

Nope, it's up. Just whitelist the site.

No. 271292

Coming next, ID request. Lmao no thanks

No. 271294

>Well the game was written by a scrote, so it has the most depraved over the top violent shit going on

Some of you are pathetic Twitter zoomers who can't tell fiction from reality and it shows(infighting)

No. 271299

It's not that we can't tell fiction from reality you retard, it's that we know males can't. So I'm not going to play something degenerate a male made knowing that he really is into necrophilia and zoophilia. And if you weren't a stupid twitterfag you'd know that male-made things aren't welcome in fujo spaces. Yaoi is by women for women.

No. 271305

The game in question is a BL is made for women, you stupid idiot. Just because you are the female equivalent of an incel or a repressed christian doesn't mean every woman is like that. Who do you think bought these games in Japan?


Most fujos don't care who made what, you stupid idiot. We love shit like JJK or BnH or whatever shounen jump or whatever shounen is popular nowadays. Imagine being so much of an incel you can't enjoy something and even shame other women like a twitter repressed puritan.

Ironically gatekeeping female sexuality like a man.

No. 271310

Lmao if gatekeeping female sexuality is shaming retards who get off to male written dog fucking then I will gladly gatekeep it.
Playing Hadaka Shitsuji ironically for the laughs and shock value is one thing, but if you actually get turned on by the most depraved parts you should go be a degenerate sex addict elsewhere.
No idea why you're trying to fight people here instead of staying in 4chins.

No. 271313

Nice reddit spacing.

No. 271317

>No idea why you're trying to fight people here instead of staying in 4chins.
What does it even mean? I saw your idiotic comment about womens I called it out. Stop being a femcel and go back to twitter to trigger about anti or whatever triggers you.

No. 271320

Sorry sis but you're the one getting upset and throwing a fit over a 15 day old post while being as hostile as possible.

No. 271325

>reddit spacing
>"incel" at a woman
>how dare you "gatekeep" "female" sexuality by not liking a game a pornsick moid made that has necrophilia and dog fucking!! You stupid idiot! Puritan! Twitterfag! Incel! Femcel! T-take your medss
Yeah smells like a male. BL is for women BY women, keep seething.

No. 271373

>>reddit spacing
What the heck does it even and how it's related to one sex.
>>incel" at a woman
I call you an incel because that's what you are. Or a repressed christian 14 years old girl who think sex is sinful and can't tell the difference between real life and fiction. Do you also get triggered by incest?
This site is for women, but tragically for you it's not only for women who have men on their head 24/24. Or christian girls who think porn is bad. Some of us are actually mentally fine.
In the same way as male incels, you annoy me because their obsession with 3d shit in 2d and cannot enjoy anything. You literally suggest one cannot enjoy a series because a man does it and they are "Bad women" which is insane. Wow, better burn my JJK porn. I should also stop enjoying Blue Lock? Which series are we allowed to enjoy?
>>how dare you "gatekeep" "female" sexuality by not liking a game a pornsick moid made that has necrophilia and dog fucking!! You stupid idiot! Puritan! Twitterfag! Incel! Femcel! T-take your meds
A game played by women for women. Are you suggesting women did not play and enjoy this game? Please answer this question.
>Yeah smells like a male. BL is for women BY women, keep seething.
Of course you call me a man. You are short of argument and you realize how insane you are. But yes, you do expect all women to be the same and because you cannot comprehend women having different tastes, you think everyone who is not a conservative christian girl (which I assume you are). Wait until you find out how much fucked up stuff the Japanese Fujos are. Oh wait, they are bad women too, right?(infighting)

No. 271374

Just report the schizo tranny.

No. 271375

Yes anon, everyone you don't like it's a tranny or a man.

Women only have safe and vanilla tastes.
Reminds me of that schizo some time ago who complained about shota not being "fujo culture". I guess Kuroshit may be too old for 14 years old christian girls.

No. 271376

File: 1674500068138.png (Spoiler Image,268.26 KB, 500x336, tumblr_inline_mx4adrU4Ad1r52ev…)

Holy shit you are a genius. All this this I thought DMMD was a fujo game. But instead it was a game aimed at men because it has stuff like this!!

No. 271377

File: 1674500878708.jpg (87.96 KB, 500x375, plz-stop-post (1).jpg)

No. 271379

Yes clearly, despite this site complain about moids and twitter, they shame women in the same way men do and have the same tastes of twitter "antis". Luckily JP fujos don't care and they'll keep doing screwdriver memes.

No. 271382

Listen, you can consume shit gay men do for other fucked up torn asshole gay men who like dog and corpse fucking, but I'm not going to say you have good tastes. Sane women aren't generally into necrophilia and zoophilia so if you genuinely like that shit maybe you're the disgusting incel kek. Also it's funny that you're calling me a good virgin christian girl for not liking dog fucking (in a game made by a man that's really into dog fucking). Tone down the schizo a bit and careful with that cp folder.

No. 271389

File: 1674511173081.jpg (Spoiler Image,74.4 KB, 500x375, tumblr_inline_p7gd4qqmwe1svy7a…)

>Listen, you can consume shit gay men do for other fucked up torn asshole gay men who like dog and corpse fucking,
What the hell does this mean? In English.
>but I'm not going to say you have good tastes.
Who has good taste? You, the christian repressed girl?
>Sane women
What the hell is a "sane" woman. Rape and incest are a common fetish in BL, does that trigger you? Or you can tell fiction from reality then? What about ABO?
> into necrophilia and zoophilia so if you genuinely like that shit maybe you're the disgusting incel kek.
This makes no sense. Coincidentally those are not fetish not that shaming people on an imagine board ever works. But I do understand your catholic guilt, though.
>g (in a game made by a man that's really into dog fucking)
Is he? Have you asked? How do you feel toward DMMD>>271376? It's the quintessential BL aimed at women and it's has fucked up stuff. Or maybe I should mention TNC? That's another fujo classic. Oh wait, maybe it's too old for you, because you are like 14.
>Tone down the schizo a bit and careful with that cp folder
Le CP argument. Of course, as typical conservative christian girl mindset. Also calling other people "schizo" where you can't tell reality from fiction and cry over women enjoying stuff.

No. 271393

>You don't like dog fucking you're a repressed christian girl!!
Are you into christian girls? You sure like to make up imaginary ones kek
>Women enjoying stuff
You're literally a man, what would you know about what women enjoy? Of course you like necrophilia, you're a gay man.

No. 271394

Nta but stop baiting and fuck off, annoying shithead.

No. 271398

Eh, this is kinda weird. I usually hate fucked up content and I never found Hadaka sexy, but I found the game really morbidly fascinating and fun to read. Bite me. Most people I've known of who've mentioned it absolutely loathe that part or try blocking it out of their mind…almost no one likes Hadaka over the other visual novels either. There's almost no one that likes Hadaka for its worst parts–in fact I even blocked out them out of my mind until I was reminded of them, kek.
Yes, I am disappointed Hadaka was written by a man because I'm sure it'd be still wild, just less of the "fucked up for the sake of it" variety.

You calling that nonny a man is par the course because I feel like your real problem is that you're very sensitive to how people consider fujos all the same and you're terrified of being grouped up like that, so instead of regarding most of us have a wildly different opinion of Hadaka and I'm not even sure if anyone here mentioned loving the worst parts, it's "nope time to go to war, absolutism rules all, gatekeep."

No. 271399

ntayrt but this whole argument started because someone kept defending the worst parts (at a post that was made several weeks ago kek)

No. 271400

Damn, my bad then. I checked the other posts and mostly just saw the "wow I'm so torn about it" ones. I did see people being passive aggressive about the criticism in general. But yeah I still mostly stick by what I said. Don't know why the discussions have to be so polarizing.

No. 271401

>Are you into christian girls?
No, you just post like one. Obvious religious uprising about "bad" stuff in fiction and how girls should act. You also don't answer my questions about incest and rape because you know it would make you like an absolute moron since it's 50& of what fujo enjoy.
>You're literally a man, what would you know about what women enjoy? Of course you like necrophilia, you're a gay man.
Oh so I'm a gay man. But also into christian girls. Your mind is confusing as your pots.
Of course. Everyone is a gay man for you. Girls only have one tastes. It's not like the poster-child for Yaoi Visual Novels is Nitro Chiral, with its screwdriver rape, dog tulpa and robot fucking.

You are a sad, self hating woman who is terrified of liking anything and shames other women for their tastes.

No. 271404

Jesus Christ, you can't even make a case for your arguments so you just proceed to "you're a man" like that deflects from lack of coherence.

No. 271415

it's autism, anon. they can't comprehend why not everyone feels the exact same way they do about everything. those who don't must secretly be the enemy in sheeps clothing!

No. 271437

File: 1674539372119.png (164.2 KB, 360x360, F1A5EBAD-12DB-48CA-8072-B35F57…)

>We love shit like JJK or BnH or whatever shounen jump or whatever shounen is popular nowadays
I don’t

No. 271442

I'm not the one who made it polarizing. That other anon replied aggressively to an old post calling anyone and incel/femcel Twitterfag zoomer christian girl over not liking dog fucking and necrophilia and the fact that the game was made by a man. I even said that I don't care if you enjoy moid fucked up content, but I'm not going to say that dog raping is fun and based and "female sexuality". But sure I'm the bad guy here, everyone who rightfully dislikes that shit is a 14 year old insecure girl.

No. 271463

Nonnies I think it should be pretty obvious by now, but please do not respond to the schizo tranny. It's very clearly somebody trying to just shit up the thread so please report and move on.
Mods please.

No. 271501

>That other anon replied aggressively to an old post
Why do you keep using this argument? Like this site is fast enough when you are still here to reply two weeks late Oh no, she replied at this 15 days old post in an active thread and called my hypocrisy, what will she do!!!

Curiously, you STILL haven't answered my posts about stuff like incest and reply. Why don't you do that?

No. 271512

File: 1674592824846.png (625.49 KB, 1024x576, Screenshot_4.png)

my point is that probably almost no one actually liked that part from Hadaka - I certainly didn't - yet you've now said it several times like some sort of strawmanning creep. you keep going "corpse and dogs!" in almost all your posts and it's far more disgusting than people with complicated feelings about that game. it's your policing of other people and belittling BL games in general more than you having an issue with certain things that people are responding to.

No. 271514

Thanks for not banning the obvious male trying to stir shit up mods.

No. 271534

Sage bans on /m/ are more important in the eyes of the newfag mod I guess. That one anon has been shitting up these threads with preachy moralfagging infights and no contributions of their own for months. Just derail after derail of them lashing out and calling people whose taste doesn't align with their own moids. Ban worthy behavior whether or not it's the tranny, which it probably is. It straight up impedes proper discussion.

No. 271543

Sorry for whining, but words cannot describe of how damn tired I am of actual gay characters in non-BL series being openly cock-blocked again and again.

Every single time you get a guy who is either canonically gay or acting like it they are without exception into a specific other guy who is either super mega hetero from the very start or single and even close to the gay character, but as soon as you get your hopes up that he might reciprocate his feelings the series makes absolutely clear that gayshit isn't allowed by letting him fall for a female character thanks to love on the first sight for no fucking reason. It usually happens with women that were just introduced seconds earlier or with enemies the guy falls for just because.

I rather have no gay characters at all than seeing this shit all the time. It makes me feel as if the authors were saying
>I am okay with homosexuals, but homosexuality is disgusting so it shall not happen

A similar issue I have are actual "gay" series in which one MC is still together with a woman and either treats her like trash while truly loving his male crush or keeps fucking her while being in an identity crisis and thinking of men. Or he is actually still sticking to her but has the guy as secret sinful affair.

I hate all of it and just the last few months I have stumbled upon three series I had high hopes for only to be confronted with one of the two shitty tropes above.

No. 271544

Personally I am almost always into switches. More interesting and it's fun seeing both characters in different roles from time to time.

I have no issue with fans that prefer one static dynamic but I can't stand when they turn that into drama. I recently witnessed a huge discourse resulting in a bunch of people hating and blocking each other just because some of them drew SFW fanart that IMPLIES that a character is bottoming the other fans didn't allow as bottom. I think it's so stupid. Holy damn, let people draw what they want, don't butt in to start a war.

Later one of those that got mad hosted a drawing event with characters and ships I love. But she clarified in her bio and the event description that x as bottom IS NOT allowed!! and that people liking it shouldn't follow her.
I am a switcher, so I could have participated regardless but I refused to. I hate this childish attitude and don't want to be associated with it.

No. 271546

Oh yeah sorry, I forgot to clarify that the outrage was among Asian fans too. The event leader and some others speak English which is why I could observe this. I haven't seen it happening within western communities yet besides one or two people maybe.

No. 271604

I haven't seen genuinely infighting over top-bottom discourse in Western communities in a while but that particular discourse (Sherlock) was still probably the worst I've seen.
However, I started seeing some discourse in Western communities now over having a top or bottom preference in the first place. Having a preference is unrealistic, means you're fetishizing real gays, etc., etc.,

No. 271615

Oh, nonna. I feel your pain. I know exactly how you feel. The truth is that as long as Japanese society remains heteronormative, we will never get a non-BL show with developed main characters who just happen to be gay. Most anime studios, companies, and production committees view gayshit as yet another moneymaker and bait fujos into supporting the series by purchasing merchandise, figures, BD, etc. with no intention to deliver. We are expected to be okay with two male characters’ relationship being “ambiguous” and “up to the audience’s interpretation” while a male and a female’s relationship always makes it explicitly clear that it’s romantic. It’s cowardly to knowingly bait and switch when arguably, the MC always has the best chemistry with the male “love interest” (Looking at you, Anno).

For your own sanity, I suggest to never expect a non-BL series to deliver. Ever. The odds of a gay end actually happening are slim to none, especially in mainstream, FOTM series. At the end of the day, they’re just fictional characters, and as much as it hurts, this isn’t worth ruining your day over. I wish you the best.

No. 271617

Late and gay but I'm the kind of fujo who gets hyperautistic about this and always has a fixed top with a fixed bottom. I actually like that people have such strong opinions about it because they tend to avoid each other because of it so I don't have to look at X/Y ships when I only like the Y/X dynamic. Westerners in particular using the X/Y and Y/X tags interchangeably and then getting mad when people ask them to stick to the proper one quite honestly piss me the fuck off because for me the entire ship changes when someone I just can't see being a dominant personality is being made to top someone who I for the life of me can't imagine being submissive in any way. Maybe it's ~toxic~ but I'm not attacking the other side, I'm just avoiding it. That's what most Japanese fujos (who tend to be the most obsessive about it) do anyway, they just block people who ship the wrong way instead of starting a fight.

And don't forget that you literally get called out for having "internalized misogyny" if you dare to argue that the male character they spent all this buildup for would've been a more organic fit than some last-minute female character that has no other purpose than to be The Girlfriend.
>A similar issue I have are actual "gay" series in which one MC is still together with a woman and either treats her like trash while truly loving his male crush or keeps fucking her while being in an identity crisis and thinking of men.
What an absolute garbage setting, I must've been lucky having avoided this because it sounds just as bad as it must be. I kind of like the "straight turned gay" trope but it shouldn't involve a girlfriend being mistreated, at least make it a lavender marriage sort of thing in which she's also a lesbian and they're together out of a necessity.

No. 272362

File: 1675096411980.png (75.13 KB, 886x521, service.PNG)

Do any nonnies have recommendations for anything that has this? I don't care about what series it's for or the type of medium, I just want something, ANYTHING, that has this.

No. 272369

>for me the entire ship changes when someone I just can't see being a dominant personality is being made to top someone who I for the life of me can't imagine being submissive in any way
the problem here is that you associate dominant with top and bottom with submissive. personally i'm tired of subby bottoms, power bottoms who take charge and virgin insecure tops are way more interesting

No. 272397

nta but how the fuck is that a problem, it's literally just preference

No. 272458

you can tell it's not just a preference, she just follows old yaoi tropes where the submissive shorter character is always the bottom

No. 272521

This thread is full of anons gushing over yaoi involving rape and abuse but liking the shorter character to be the bottom is a problem kek

No. 272587

I'd rather that than the contrarian fags who are so obsessed with switching or having the big beefy guy bottom for the twink dwarf

No. 272628

which is still a preference at the end of the day lmao

No. 272631

I hope this is the right thread for danmei, if not I'll make a new one!

I've noticed that epubs for certain novels have become impossible to find after official translations have been announced, personally I've been looking for a copy of Golden Stage/Terrace and To Rule in a Turbulent World with no success. Any kind nonitas that could help?

No. 272686

Would you sperg at straight couples for not alternating between the woman getting dicked and pegging the man with a dildo? No? Then shut up and let people have their preferences.

The most based post on this entire website

No. 272688

>Would you sperg at straight couples for not alternating between the woman getting dicked and pegging the man with a dildo?
Nta but that's why we're in this thread about yaoi and men fucking, it's not about hetero shit. I know a lot of women (myself included) are simply unhappy with the imbalance that's basically forced in hetero couples, gay ones on the contrary can have different dynamics and imo that's one of the things that makes them appealing.
That said I love switching and I would consume only that if I could, but I'm not going to care if someone is fixated on roles in sex. I've noticed some asian fujos will fucking threaten you if you mention switching kek

No. 272965

I can understand having top/bottom preferences and usually have one myself even if it's never a must-have, but I can't stand when the bottom gets turbo ukefied to the point where he's basically a woman in all but name. It's fine if he's shorter/not as muscular/etc, but sometimes they go waaay too far. Just write het at that point

No. 272977

I remember someone reccomending in a previous (now deleted) thread a yaoi (a manhwa? or maybe a webtoon? it was in color), I read it, loved it and now I'm looking for it again. Please someone let me know if this rings a bell :

- uke is dark haired mechanic
- seme is blond yakuza
- a lot of car stuff involved, like the whole story runs around cars
- rough sex

No. 272982

Agree. I really hate when the uke/bottom/whatever looks like a woman basically. I read yaoi to look at men so when I see a character that looks way too much like a woman it becomes uncomfortable for me. I love good looking anime men obviously but there's a difference between a man with feminine features and a character with huge eyes and eyelashes, very small frame, wide HIPS and full lips that reads as female. Also I can handle omegaverse stuff if there isn't too much focus on birth and the anatomy of the omega (I've seen ass wombs and knots on humans gag). At that point it really is just a woman and I don't want to see pregnancy in a fucking BL.

No. 272984

Shutline iirc

No. 273005

omg thats it thank you

No. 273023

>switching or having the big beefy guy bottom for the twink dwarf
Literally nothing wrong with these tbh

No. 273057

>big beefy guy bottom for the twink dwarf
nah that is way more based, sorry about your bad taste

No. 273101

File: 1675416268730.jpg (198.63 KB, 1028x679, 1111112302.jpg)

everyone, i present to you, the worst type of fujo (yes she wants ao3 to burn)

No. 273118

File: 1675422294531.jpg (61.64 KB, 1221x752, Fn_AqMYaYAAPY8Y.jpg)

So an English dub VA who previously has been begging for roles in BL dubs suddenly started trashing fujos for like two days and talking about how "yaoi" is basically rape porn and bad "representation" of gay people, THEN proceeded to start recommending "soft BL" and "queer recs" posting regular BL series making zero sense with the double standards. I fucking can't with western influencers, how do you reach levels this stupid? How does one lack so much self awareness? I know the racism angle makes people groan but it actually is curious how they consider works made by Asian women (many of them bi or lesbian themselves) as morally corrupt and inherently inferior to their super woke western trash, and of course he's trying to milk the "but I'm black!" endlessly to deflect the accusation. I'm throwing such an autistic rage tantrum about this when I know I should just ignore dumbfucks like him, help me nonnies.

No. 273120

a scrote being allowed to tell women to look into therapy is fucking wild jfc people have been wildly misogynistic lately

No. 273124

>Would you sperg at straight couples for not alternating between the woman getting dicked and pegging the man with a dildo?

So youre one of those people who use the uke as a pseudofemale self-insert. Comparing ukes to women…interesting how some of you out yourselves.

No. 273127

American males should have their human rights revoked, this literal who should be glad he even has a career in something he's complaining about.

No. 273131

>Oh no the poor fetishized gay men!!
News flash faggot, men don't give a shit about rapey BL and yaoi (and they consume it too with geikomi/bara) and even if they did they should shut their mouths because BL has always been made by asian women for women.
By this shitty logic everything is fetishistic no matter what and no straight person should make gay content, no gay person should make straight content, white people can't make black characters and so on. It's so fucking tiring. They like to act like women into BL are the evil boogeyman who is harming the poor little faggots when in reality they know what fiction is and stick to their yaoi instead of forcing lesbians suck their cocks like trannies (men) regularly do. Fujos looking at two fake men fucking aren't dangerous or harming and will never be, no matter how much these idiotic twitterfags like to reee about it. I wonder why they don't make threads about their oppwessed trannies and gay men raping real people (including children) every day, is that good representation of qweer ppl?

No. 273132

In this specific case the funny and weird part is the hypocrisy. How do you shit talk the women who give you a job and write and draw things you like? And you embarrass yourself publicly like that?

No. 273133

He's even blocking and being a dick to other black people calling him out for trying to use black history month as a diversion to how people should stop "bullying" him for his ignorance. He deleted the original tweet and now goes back and forth with continuing his schizo rampage and then doing damage control backpedaling on it. I hope he never gets cast in dubs for BL anime ever again since he's so insistent on it being "fetishizing".

No. 273134

Double posting, just to say that now he's whining about mbeing misgendered despite his pronouns in his bio (lol) being "he/they/she" and he's complaining about transphobia. What does that even mean, he's mtf or what? Seems like we have a new potential cow.

No. 273136

I think he's a gay man who vaguely identifies as "queer" and he got mad that people assumed he was a "cis male" because they should've known that someone making being a gay man his entire identity is actually generfluidnonbinaryqueerwhatever.

No. 273138

tired of seeing aidens claim they're being fetishized by fujos, they're delusional if they think any of us would be interested in making porn about them kek

No. 273140

well except for omegaverse.

No. 273142

omegas aren't aidens, they just have alien biology

No. 273146

whatever helps you cope.

No. 273147

i'm not even into omegaverse, but how the fuck do you think omegaverse is anywhere near similar to our real life trannies??

No. 273148

Yeah this, I don't care about omegaverse but there's a world of difference between animalistic asswomb omegas with dicks and all and real life trannies with surgically altered bodies.

No. 273152

late reply, but did anyone read this, was it good? (asking because i want to know if i should give it a try since i love power bottoms)

No. 273167

I truly hate the western VA scene. I'm not into it but I keep learning about it against my will. I'm glad I once told someone they were retarded for liking dubs. Imagine willingly listening to people like him. At least the japanese scrotes act professional and keep any shitty opinions they might have to themselves.

No. 273168

File: 1675436839525.jpg (100.17 KB, 1080x647, Screenshot_20230203-160638_Twi…)

No. 273170

God, new gen english voice actors are such faggots. What the fuck happened? Why are they all extreme narcissists or have shitty takes like this? Talentless hacks lmao.

No. 273173

Even my contrarian nature can't justify this. The moid deserves what's coming for biting the hand that feeds.

No. 273178

I'm ESL and always use the Japanese dub because I can actually fucking read, so I'm largely unfamiliar with the English dub scene. Every time I see some pompous American being RT'd again for having a shit opinion or other drama caused by their larger than life ego, I check out who they are and of course it's fucking always a dub voice actor. Not even a real voice actor, some C-listed social media addict who gets hired for an anime dub nobody likes. They should really take notes from their Japanese counterparts who don't fucking harass fans or shit talk the thing that created their career but they don't have to, they never get any comeuppance for the bullshit they pull.

As far as I'm aware it's because they're nepotism babies that knew the right people and are now forever protected until they slip up and call Taiwan a country, that gets their asses put in an indefinite hiatus (real story).


No. 273184

Can't get more based than that.

No. 273198

Further proof that most dub actors have no respect for the source material or anime in general, literally on the same level as Vic Mangina saying Fai isn’t gay.

No. 273199

>translators butcher games, books, movies and manga on a daily basis if it's Asian or just not North American
>American Z list voice actors shove their personal or political bullshit on fictional characters they never helped create at all, make them as OOC as possible or yell at actual fans online over normal shit
>Europeans can't even escape that shit with video games because Asian video games are usually translated from English to French/German/Spanish/etc. and we're often stuck with just English OOC dubs (now less than before but still)
Fuck the US.

No. 273215

That really happened? What the fuck? What voice actor?
While we're on the topic of shitty voice actors, fuck vic mangina. I can't believe how many imageboards i've seen defend that terrible sex pest pedo scrote. Also tinfoil but i feel like he's at least partly responsible for why anti-fujos are such a strong thing now, but i could be wrong.

No. 273219

>That really happened? What the fuck? What voice actor?
Jonah Scott, he was groveling like hell about it too https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2021-06-05/voice-actor-jonah-scott-removed-from-mr-love-queen-choice-game-following-support-of-taiwan/.173608

>Also tinfoil but i feel like he's at least partly responsible for why anti-fujos are such a strong thing now

Definitely. His bible thumping ass sperged the fuck out about Fay not being gay and claimed how he had contacted CLAMP to confirm it (lmao) making every fellow homophobe accept it and accuse fans of just having fetishization brainrot, a thing that exists to this day.

No. 273220

>I can't believe how many imageboards i've seen defend that terrible sex pest pedo scrote
Scrotes will defend scrotes and pick mes will also defend scrotes, it’s a sad but true fact of life.
I think the most pathetic part of Vic though was saying he wouldn’t sign anything that isn’t official for a reason that he didn’t sign BL, but also made an FMA cookbook or some shit.

No. 273221

File: 1675457314311.jpg (129.01 KB, 1200x1188, D7JxMpkWwAAE7r_.jpg)

It was a different, more liberal time. Not long ago they made webnovel publishing criteria stricter and stricter, so now no erotic content is allowed at all (among other things).
Her novels are locked now anyway because of the creeping censorship.

Futekiya has some good manga. It's worth giving a try.

No. 273227

I am always shilling for futekiya well worth the price especially if you can get it when they do half price sales I've got a year prepaid for half the price right now.

No. 273228

File: 1675458736175.jpg (132.67 KB, 1242x1262, Fn-gyLYaIAEn6p3.jpg)

I have been having so much fun watching every fujoshi (and also many many gay men) come together on twitter to mock this man.

The part that fucks me up the most is how does one stan Given and say all other BL is problematic it's the funniest shit Given is the most archetypical BL with so much of what 'wrong' with all BL to be out her talking about it as an example of 'one of the good ones' like where is the reading comprehension. All his examples of "good BL" are written by fujoshi. If he tried to name some shit written by men the antis would come for him because of all the rape and incest and shit like fisting.

No. 273230

File: 1675459170068.jpg (491.87 KB, 1572x1095, NUGE nuge nuge nuge.jpg)

This is where your problem lies. Google Search is so shit these days - it especially 'loves' filtering small, niche sites, like anime blogs etc.
I find it really suspicious that you've never heard of vndb.org as well.


What's is even weirder that there are people who learn of the game's existence from lolcow fucking farm of all places. Feels unsettling for some reason.

Works fine on IceDragon, haha.

3/10 bait.

I love this edit.

He has the best lines in the game.

I have To Rule in a Turbulent World chapters 1-62. Better than nothing, I guess?

No. 273231

File: 1675459352015.png (59.31 KB, 595x588, wait until he finds out about …)

>If he tried to name some shit written by men the antis would come for him because of all the rape and incest and shit like fisting.
Kek for real, all geikomi artists that I follow draw things way, way more problematic and fetishizing than any fujo would come up with. He's now in full meltdown mode, how the fuck is this guy a born XY and has internalized the 13-year old teenage anti mindset this hard? He's doing a better impression than any parody account could.

No. 273233

>clamp character
>not gay
pick one

No. 273235

am i misremembering didn’t given have a rape scene in it

No. 273236

File: 1675459917579.png (74.52 KB, 594x612, jdk.png)

>Tweet misogynist shit to a large following about an explosive topic to get more exposure to your ~better than BL~ book
>reply to literally every QRT for three days in a row telling them to go fuck themselves and block, ignore or insult every black person and gay man disagreeing with him
>continue fighting every person that ever replies for hours never stopping for a second
Please someone tell me that this is just a really stealth fakeboi, it's getting ridiculous.

No. 273238

File: 1675460347456.jpg (173.72 KB, 1080x1421, Fn_EcnyXkAEgqUW.jpg)

I wonder if his PR manager is shitting himself right about now kek

No. 273241

File: 1675460919977.jpg (Spoiler Image,471.8 KB, 1400x1995, 137587_26584717.jpg)

given absolutely has sexual assault in it. vol 4 of the manga and in the movie, akihiko assaults haruki.

and it's absolutely a female written fantasy without any realistic MLM representation. it's absolutely absurd to act like it's good gay representation. it's one of those absurd BL that take place in a world where every single character is revealed to be gay when the author runs out of story to tell.

No. 273243

god this scene looks way worse in the manga than it did in the movie. they really toned it down huh

No. 273244

>I want better for queer media so let me shit on women

No. 273246

The biggest complaint I've seen from gay/bi men w/r/t BL is that the men aren't beefy enough for their tastes, but they realize that women generally prefer more lithe men and just consume the BL they like or material made by other men. Where did all these muh fetishization people come from?

No. 273247

File: 1675462463660.png (Spoiler Image,1.37 MB, 1465x2155, 0--(216).png)

Sorry for blog but after getting coerced by an intimate partner I can no longer brush off scenes like this kek. I recently finished reading Yoake ni Furu and the assault + the way the author excused the abuser made me so angry. I really like Hayakawa's manga but if I had a copy of that book I would burn it.

No. 273251

but that's also just an outdated perspective. there's plenty of beef in contemporary BL. those people are whining about shit that hasn't been true for over a decade.

No. 273257

File: 1675465579593.jpg (869.12 KB, 1440x900, sd.jpg)

Rate N+C games.

No. 273266

i think the muh fetishized people started to emerge when the talks about straight men fetishizing lesbians began on tumblr and then aidens decided to make it about themselves and started the whole “fujos fetishize ze gays” thing and men jumped on the wagon so fast because they finally have an excuse to shit on fujos and suppress them online without making their misogyny obvious

No. 273270

That username is telling, I always thought she was annoying as fuck lmao

No. 273273

That's exactly what I saw on tumblr like 10 years ago but yoy forgot the few actual gay men on tumblr at the time who complained about personal live experiences of actual normie faghags bothering them. And the aidens thougt that imitating this general behavior on top of the whole "lesbian fetishism is homophobia" complaints would make them pass more.

No. 273277

File: 1675473585779.png (578.44 KB, 600x911, thehorror.png)

Tumblr and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.

No. 273278

When I say "beefy" I mean the huge, hairy musclular guys you see in geicomi and the like. Tbh I don't think the "issue" of stringbean boys was exclusive to BL, a lot of male characters of the aughts-early 10's era just looked like that kek
I keep seeing proship tards on twitter say TERFs started the fujoshi fetishizer thing, as if there isn't a huge amount of seething pooner posts about ~evil straight stacies fetishizing mlm relationships~

No. 273302

I hate this brand of edgy trolls who call themselves "unironic fujoshi"

No. 273305

To be honest I was wondering for the longest time why everyone was blaming ~le terfs~ for the anti-fujo movement because it made absolutely no sense to me but at some point I realized where they were coming from. A lot of gendercrits who have no idea what they're talking about, including the ones on lolcow, constantly sperg about how liking BL and being a fujo is an instant pipeline to troondom and all fujos are fetishizing, pornsick ""autoandrophilic"" Aiden eggs waiting for a disaster. Considering that I really can't blame them for putting it all on "TERFs" since for someone who isn't 10 layers into the gender discourse it does comes across a bunch of women hating what women do for a bigoted reason. Most fujos just want to enjoy their gay story girl thing in peace with others like them, they don't have a higher baste radfem reason to intentionally "fetishize" anything so of course it causes a visceral reaction in them.

No. 273312

You're right, a lot of people on this site despise fujos for the dumbest reasons and think femdom is the only based version of porn. I think there is also the "fujos are misogynistic" argument, which also makes no sense. If anything accusing us of being coomers for enjoying a different type of sexual content is more misogynistic on their part lol

No. 273323

>and think femdom is the only based version of porn
Which is fucking absurd because femdom is all about being a pickme who goes along with the soon-to-be-troon male's fantasies. At the end of the day they're all pickmes who can't stand women doing their own weird thing and seethe because someone dares to make a sligthly questionable story with pretty men fucking in it. You can't win really. You don't want to coom to big tittied uguu women? You're a misogynist (literal transbian reasoning). You don't want to change your sexuality to lesbian? You're a "lesbophobe". You look at fictional men fucking? Muh fetishization!! Jfc mind your damn business intead of policing other women. Some of their comments are so scrotey too, they call themselves feminists but won't hesitate to call other women ugly unloved retards if they like different things.

No. 273330

It's pretty much like twtfags singing praises to scrotes like fujimoto for putting femdom and lesbians in his story (apparently it's fine when a scrote likes lesbians and you know he'll never make yoshida gay) but they nitpick every single female creator to find something problematic about them in order to cancel them. It's also something to celebrate when an obviously straight scrote mangaka says he read a BL story, but suddenly "weird" when a woman does that. I guess women are only allowed to write shoujo, cause no one came for the creator of fruits basket for being a homophobe who baits fujos and made a straight-only world (still mindblowing to me how this never got big) because she wrote uwu pure romance. The fucking hypocrisy it's what annoys me the most

No. 273350

slow damage > dmmd > tnc > sweet pool > lamento

ill be honest though the only n+c games i really like are dmmd and slow damage. they're not perfect but i think they get a lot of things right compared to the older titles

No. 273358

File: 1675528672300.png (672.23 KB, 790x591, keisuke.png)

Can't fujo and yumejo get along for once? It doesn't matter in the great scheme of things. We all enjoy content that the general public finds weird and icky. If we keep fighting between each other, we'll lose.

TnC is kind of raw and underworked - it shows that it was their first game, I agree.
I don't agree with placing Sweet Pool so low - it's a good horror story on its own (when you remove BL elements) and I dig the lore.
I haven't finished Lamento (still hoping that JAST releases it in the end).
DMMD is definitely the most 'fun' VN I encountered.

No. 273361

File: 1675529377984.jpg (114.4 KB, 904x1201, pod_chu82017.jpg)

does anyone have an english translation for the story P64 by pod_chu2? i know it's about bullying but i'm curious what's the deal with the red eyed guy and that girl

No. 273370

this looks like shouta pedo art eww

No. 273371

>Can't fujo and yumejo get along for once?
You know what I'd actually love that, but it's impossible when a lot of them go around screeching that fujos are all fat ugly girls while they're somehow superior for liking fictional men and imagining themselves fucking them (or going "that's literally me!" with some bland ass coomery anime girl). Not to mention that a lot of husbandofags will go apeshit if they see a single fanart of their favourite man fucking another guy.

No. 273372

Also the "lesbian porn" they tend to like is the kind made for male consumption and not for actual lesbians, being far more fetishizing than the majority of BL.

>You don't want to coom to big tittied uguu women? You're a misogynist (literal transbian reasoning).

I've actually been called misogynist and a lesbophobe by straight pickmes for not appreciating hypersexualized uguu girls and anime mommies with humongous tits out very obviously created to pander to men. I'm a lesbian in a long-term lesbian relationship kek, sorry I prefer living breathing IRL women to drawn sex dolls.

>Some of their comments are so scrotey too, they call themselves feminists but won't hesitate to call other women ugly unloved retards if they like different things.

Yeah as long as you don't question anyone's gender identity you can drop the most misogynist, racist and homophobic insults at fujos. People claiming to be "feminists" really out there telling other women to kill themselves for being "ugly and unlovable" and anyone over 30 to "go have some kids". And seriously, for people who can't shut up about racism they really love framing an entire genre made by Asian women as "fetishizing".

No. 273375

None of those anons but nobody even mentioned yumejos? It's par the course that anons on this site keep shitting on fujos while trying to shill femdom as the only acceptable form of porn because apparently fantasizing about pleasuring a moid is ultrafeminist behavior because you're doing orgasm denial or something.

No. 273377

yeah it'd be cool if jast finished their lamento translation, i get the feeling they've abandoned it though. its honestly really annoying that companies pick up BL games for eng translation that by this point are super old, like lamento or lucky dog, then stall for years and dont end up releasing anything. these are games that should've gotten translated years ago ffs, not 10 or 15 years later.
& to be honest i have a bit of an irrational hateboner for lamento. it's a very boring and slow game, konoe has no personality whatseover, and none of the routes particularly redeem it (some of the side characters are great though.)
dmmd is super fun though i agree. while playing slow damage i found myself wishing that we could see some of the more fantastical elements that there were present in dmmd, cause compared to platinum jail and midorijima, shinkoumi feels kind of boring. and i prefer aoba as a protagonist even though i know some anons hate his guts lmao

No. 273380

File: 1675534488735.jpg (670.05 KB, 1280x1827, tumblr_nq369mbhgB1qd7kpzo1_128…)

everytime i have to see a farmer in the bl thread say something dumb about shota i'm gonna post keiko takemiya art.

No. 273382

ugh this is so beautiful. is this from any particular work or is it just a general piece? regardless i love it sm, will check out her other work ty anon

No. 273386

NTA but it was probably a cover illustration for June magazine

No. 273399

This wasn't about yumejos in particular, just that both twtards and some people on this site have a hate boner against us and can't let us enjoy our hobby in peace. I'm also seeing the constant joking about "oppressed white fujoshi" on twitter when fujoshi can be any race, and most are actually asian. It's like if they add the word white before fujo they think they're allowed to bully an entire community lol

No. 273417

Twitter is cancer and a US psy-op.

No. 273863

>the creator of fruits basket for being a homophobe who baits fujos and made a straight-only world
I never cared about fruits basket since it seemed like a reverse harem, qrd?

No. 273913

File: 1675733023232.jpg (1.34 MB, 2900x1800, dsdsdadd.jpg)

the bottom left girl? apparently she saved him from bullying at one point. i'm looking at scans rn i'll give you a tl;dr in a bit

No. 273922

i thought this was going to be a wholesome school story, why is it so melodramatic and bloodthirsty LOL

ml was bullied in his previous school for intervening in bullying. In the new school, the main bully tried to continue the bullying but blonde kid took interest in ml and bullied the bully instead.

red eye/blonde boy seem to have prior beef but it hasn't been fleshed out as to why yet. but yeah nothing is explicitly said. The blk short hair girl is being nice and wants to save red eyes.

No. 274380

play shingakkou sisters you won't regret it

No. 274385

I wish but can't read japanese

No. 274389

I think anon is talking about Akito and Shigure being a canon pairing at the end, but Akito is revealed to be forced to crossdress by her crazy BPD mother so she's a woman and Shigure is straight. Or maybe it's because of all the Ayame and Shigure scenes were they make gay jokes but it's not bait because in one of the first volumes where they share scenes the author puts a comment about how she's not into "that" and I think she's talking about not being into BL. At the beginning of the manga she would put a lot of comments about pretty much everything ever, especially about JRPGs so you'd get cutesy scenes with the characters and then a comment about how she's obsessed with Final Fantasy 7 or how she's stuck in a dungeon in Persona 2 Innocent Sin.

No. 274390

You just use textractor and a translator sis and enjoy it in English or your own language even.
For those having no idea to wtf textractor is:

It's a tool very easy to use btw you can find million tutorials, that hooks/copies the text in a visual novel.
Then you can use a translator of your choice, textractor has deepl and some others, but I use sugoi offline Japanese translator or agth. Just googling you can come up with a lot of results on what to do and how to do it, won't take you more than 10 minutes it's that easy. Deepl is the closest you can find to human speech translator. Ofc it's not perfect but you can still play the game and understand what is happening.

No. 274391

File: 1675891837084.png (495.43 KB, 800x600, img7.png)

Ironically,it was thanks to August that I started liking older men in bl works. Loved the game, great plot and the reverse/seke choices such a treat, so rare nowadays in blvn works.

No. 274392

the seme from the shingakkou manga bottoms too?

No. 274394

i have found my fellow shingakkou sisters!!!!!

father august awakened my priest kink legit. i second >>274390 about using textractor; also theres a channel on youtube who has half a playthrough uploaded, watching the videos she has up helped me understand what was going on when the machine translation fell flat.

what was anons favourite/least favourite routes or characters? i love august, the rest of the routes were solid but i have some nitpicks about a few of the characters. also cecil is goofy as fuck, i dont know how youre meant to take him seriously with his mushroom haircut

No. 274395

she is anti-fujo and you come here to defend her mediocre ass manga that has a shit of ton garbage written and forced straight couples just because of the shoujo nostalgia? anyway the point was that even though her manga has a lot of retarded stuff in it no one but a very small minority is criticizing her, meanwhile a regular BL creator gets shit thrown at her constantly

No. 274396

File: 1675892739607.jpg (Spoiler Image,116.25 KB, 800x600, Neil.jpg)

>seme in the manga version
You probably mean Neil, he is one of the LIs in the game as well and yes, he can bottom if you choose him to. He ain't as enthusiastic about bottoming though, but he comes to like it in the fandisk (but still wants to top as well).

No. 274401

I'm not defending her, I'm providing context to the anon who asked for info.

No. 274403

Shingakko August sisters! He is perfect and same he gave me both an ojisan and priest fucking kink. I loved him as bottom, ah he is such a succubus ironically kek. Also Narita Ken, my man put his whole freaking pussy into voicing August. I liked him in Omerta as Liu too, but he was the best in shingakko.

I liked august the best, Neil is very close too, I'm a slut to "rivals" falling in love trope, but I also liked Leonid because of his real personality he is such a cute socially awkward weirdo. And I'm slut for Midorikawa Hikaru. Now Cecil was too cutesy for me not bad but when you have the other chads who farts cecil. Gabi, well kek not bad but I'd rather have the real thing lmao.
August is just perfect. Cried like a little bitch at the end.

I'm replaying the whole thing atm. I'm also thinking of playing Bara no Ki bara no hanasaku next, by the same writer she also did the art for it.

No. 274406

first of all it's not a reverse harem (it's a naruto style everyone gets "married" at the end situation) and yes it fujobaits for the sake of comedy, despite the author claiming she hates fujos and malding at her fujo fans on multiple occasions. also sadly i can't find the source right now, but she basically said that all of her characters are straight in her world

No. 274409

File: 1675894705488.jpg (366.35 KB, 676x784, Shingakkou.-.Noli.Me.Tangere.f…)

nonna you have no IDEA how much i cried at augusts ending. they did him so dirty… i remember posting this giant rant about it at the time when i finished his route. i was floored that the game would actually have the audacity to do that to a character in their good end. it felt like some kind of joke lmao, im still not over it. the august content we got in the fandisc was nice but it wasnt enough to make up for that betrayal.
also yes the voice acting– one thing i like about shingakkou is that it lets you save the voice lines - i swear like 90% of my saved lines were just august. when he laughs???? when he's chanting as lucifer?? he's absolute perfection.
sorry for husbando sperging but the only other august husbandofag ive seen online is this weird terminally online he/they fujo i found through ao3

& i liked neil a lot - his VA did a great job, i laughed out loud so many times. i found the way he cared for michael to be genuinely sweet, but i'll admit i found the whole idea behind his route pretty hard to believe. it made it hard to suspend my disbelief you know? leonids route was fine, i have no real complaints with it either. picrel is some really nice fanart i found for him. and i admit i found gabis route slightly weird, although i give them game credit for coming up with an original workaround for an incest route lmfao. i felt a bit disappointed that at the end they introduced his real twin and then they don't do anything interesting with him, even in the fandisc
anyway i'm gonna check out omerta now, it was on my radar already but if theres a character with auguts VA then im way more interested. i havent heard of bara no ki bara no hanasaku either, but i'll also check it out. thank you so much my fellow august anon, have a blessed day

No. 274411

you guys are spoiling the whole shingakkou for me, what's even the point of trying to play it lol

No. 274412

sorry anon, i'm just excited to be able to talk about this game for once. sometimes it feels like noone's played it. but i can still highly recommend it, even though it can be annoying to set up textractor it's 100% worth it imo! just be aware though that it does have a lot of horror elements, and the game jumpscares you a few times

No. 274417

File: 1675896570513.jpg (59.33 KB, 501x611, Eroi ojisan.jpg)

YES YES ah what a day it's been YEARS since I last talked with an August sis. Most I talk about shingakkou in discords or sns don't like August much or don't talk about him because scared of getting judged pRoBlEmAtiC and shit, well I kinda understand them but I simply don't care tbh lololol really liked him he is so well written. I'm trying to find his cool-b SS or postcards so desperately on surugaya or mercari at a reasonable
price, would suck dicks to have them. I'd gladly translate them too.
My man really deserved some happiness he did take his bullying too far but why why just why ;____;
I understand what you mean about Neil, many felt it too.

Omerta is really fun, it has a half assed manga version too but it's about the legal kitty haired town bicycle shota. Mc is sarcastic and actually fun even though he is a kuudere. Augusts va LI aka Liu is hilarious my sides were in orbit. I liked the megane slut and the tsudere kiryuu the best, the ojisan is fun too actually everyone lol. The first game, some routes are translated on visual novel reader don't know if it still works you could try but textractor hooks it and translates it just fine. Liu is locked tho you need to do megane slut first, aka ugajin. He is voiced by sasuke. Liu LI is fun he is like a rape manifestation aline but they all yakuzas or hitmen anyways their least crime is rape lol Sequel does him good all the LIs they give us all the fluff and uwu shit and of course in the bad endings they make us CRY OUR PUSSIES OUT along with Mozart pieces. Fun game overall.

Bara no ki bara no hanasaku I played a little, the good thing with it is again seke choices, but also you can matchmaking and let the LIs fuck each other. It's not bad again the shoujo ish vibes and art sasuga same writer as shingakkou one but not as good as shingskkou and villain meh. Top if you hook with textractor set in the settings the text speed to max to hook normally I had this issue.
It has a psp version too censored ofc but full voice + osts. The porn is voiced in all so no worries kek
Have a blessed day too nonna! <3

No. 274698

Noones can you send invite for fujo discord?

No. 275054

Social media presence makes everybody feel like a star and that's the result. Back in the early 00s it was just a job. You went there, dubbed, befriended the team maybe and went home to enjoy your payment. At best there was some con where you give signatures. Now everybody is online 24/7 and feels the need to have an opinion on everything, they feel like standing on a high platform like a politician or band singer with the 3 million fans they have or whatever.

No. 275055

Damn how are social media fags not embarrassed by this? He must lose followers in droves. Like even if he were right, even then how can you post so fucking cringe and make such a fool of yourself?
Even if he was right with all shit he said I just have to look at that way of posting, the smileys, the aggression, QRTs and screaming to cringe. It's like a 6 year old kid having a meltdown.

No. 275062

she's a troon, they want attention even if it's negative

No. 275080

Really? I thought it was a nonbinary guy based on what he looks like and some of his replies and his friend's replies (who tried to defend him then said that she had no clue what BL is, then having her previous posts proving that she knows what BL is. A mess.)

No. 275106

Makes sense now, I was wondering why a gay dude was reading BL.

No. 275108

Seiheki Yabame na Otoko ni Nerawaremashita
(Hit on by a Kinky Guy)
Try this, nonna!

No. 275109

Samefag but Color Recipe by Harada also has these vibes. I love this trope so hoping someone else has recommendations.

No. 275116

Are you sure? Doesn't sound like a tif to me.

No. 275121

A bunch of actual gay XY males read BL though. They're usually huge weaboos.

No. 275125

I genuinely can’t tell if its male or female, its a disgusting amalgamation of every gay stereotype

No. 275166

They tend to flock to the bara/geicomi stuff though. There are the ones who read women BL sometimes but they always gravitate towards male-made things (usually furry/femboys/ugly bastard gangbangs/huge muscles etc.) in the end.

No. 275291

I was talking about the ones I know irl and they tend to read regular BL made by women and maybe the more mainstream stuff by men like whatever Mentaiko does. They weren't reading cutesy and sappy BL though, good luck finding one who read Okane ga Nai unironically (I know it's made by a guy but you get the idea). I wouldn't be surprised if they were reading the most explicit and trashy geicomi out there but that's not the stuff that came up during our conversations.

No. 275298

I'm pretty sure it's just a regular terminally online gay guy, not a tranny. He got mad when people were referring to him as a "cis male" because ackshually he's a nonbinary gay man who uses all pronouns and thus gets troon privilege. I'm actually not even sure if he's really gay or just someone who's made it his identity to milk for attention.

The way Twitter functions has normalized this kind of behavior, the more aggressive and ignorant you sound the more interaction you get. Interaction is seen as an innately positive thing by people who are addicted to social media. It's clear he just wanted more visibility for his retarded book but once people started serving him facts his mental state couldn't take it and he broke in full for being "hounded".

No. 275306

nta but okane ga nai was made by a woman

No. 275318

I've been told the writer is a guy but I stand corrected then.

No. 275321

Okana ga nai has two authors:

Who even knows what these people are or whether they are one person with different pseudonyms or not.

No. 275348

can I have that discord server invite too old old is dead

No. 275365

Why would you do that to yourself?

No. 275449

Nonnas, can someone help me find a doujinshi that i cannot find a trace of on the internet anymore? Gravitation megamix and other crocodile avenue works, her doujins were on MRM for a while but now i can't fucking find a trace of them.

No. 275453

try aarinfantasy, or you might have to find an obscure torrent/discord/group

No. 275457

one of my fears right now is tranny bullshit becoming popular in japan and a lot of BL being released as guy x aiden….

No. 275478

Don't even joke about that nonnie. I genuinely don't know where to turn to if that happened.

No. 275492

I feel like theres been an increase in cuntboy bullshit in BL fanart from JP artists lately so i wouldn't be surprised if it starts infecting BL manga too.

No. 275508

I wouldn't be surprised if that happened the exact same way omegaverse became such a plague in Asian BL.
>retarded Americans invent omegaverse (not counting that Sweet Pool is maybe a bit older, it's similar enough but it's its own thing)
>a few years later Japanese fujoshi draw a shit ton of omegaverse but treat it super seriously and actually think of all the implications it would have on society like omegas taking meds all the time or being discriminated against at their jobs or whatever which is even worse
>gender bullshit is the new trend in the West, fanfics have a shit ton of male characters turned into fakebois so the writers can make gay pairings straight
>shit like being X-gender is now more popular in Japan, a French BL con recently invited a BL mangaka not for her all her BL manga but to promote her new hetero cutesy love story between a woman and a uwu kawaii straight twink who's sooo good at cooking and at make up

However, Japanese fans in a very general sense know what they want and don't allow underaged retards ruining their hobbies and spaces, and they want actual male characters with actual penis and testicles. We have a bunch of kids ruining BL for us because they get scans and fanfics online with no age restrictions while BL fans in Japan buy their shit legally from stores or from the actual artists themselves in cons. If a 12yo somehow manages to go to Comiket and ask an artist for her lastest hardcore gay porn of Cloud and Sephiroth the artist would politely tell her to fuck off and come back once she's 18. At the very most maybe we're get a few stories about HSTS and normal guys hooking up but probably not fakebois.

No. 275515

I'm pretty sure those are on e-hentai.

No. 275526

How common is it even for japanese fujos to troon out?

No. 275527

it wasn't common for western fujos to troon out either in the 2000s and early 2010s so it's hard to predict

No. 275541

Apparently it isn't that uncommon now among young women, which is fucking sad but also it kind of make sense with the type of society they are forced to live in. It's not only a fujo thing either, there are adult women suddenly trooning out now (Shinji's voice actor, Utada Hikaru). Japan fucking sucks for women, so they attempt to become men because they know women will never be treated like actual people.

No. 275547

Wait, Megumi Ogata became a troon? Why would a woman that beautiful do something like that?

No. 275568

I think she calls herself non-binary now, so not a proper troon but almost. In her words, she doesn't feel like a "woman" (as in, she doesn't constantly think about her being a woman, like literally everyone else) or an "actress" and she voiced a lot of male characters, so she must be non-binary.

No. 275573

>It's not only a fujo thing either, there are adult women suddenly trooning out now (Shinji's voice actor, Utada Hikaru).
Utada Hikaru is a singer, not a voice actor, and she isn't Shinji's voice actor either. It's Megumi Ogata. Utada Hikaru identifies as as "X-gender" because she was raised in the states and is savvy with the culture over there but as far as I know Ogata is still a full on woman.

Cuntboys are different from FTM porn though, it's more of an open fetish thing (similar to futanari) for them than muh representation and there are no mastectomy scars or enlarged clits.

The twink in the story wasn't a tranny or meant to be seen as one, it was a honest straight love story and it was the French publisher who "subtly" tried to peddle it as some trans romance to the western audience at some BL themed convention where the mangaka (Tamekou) was guesting because she's a well known BL author first and foremost, known for Lala no Kekkon which has elements of crossdressing but it's made very clear that the relationship is between two men. Honestly, the only Japanese fujos I've seen parroting gender bullshit have been the kind that have a lot of foreign friends. The bestselling BL series are still very obviously devoid of trans shit so all the dooming and glooming sounds outright silly.

No. 275578

Anon was saying thay both Utada AND Ogata are supposedly enby. Ogata said it on twitter in Japanese but it's been a while, and I don't hace screenshots.

No. 275582

>Utada Hikaru is a singer, not a voice actor
I know kek, I meant both of them like the other anon said but I did phrase it weird.
Though I don't think the doomposting is that silly, it's happened with young girls here so it's possible it'll happen in Japan too (and as a result, many works will start to include trans shit), especially because the younger generations tend to approach western cultures a bit more.

No. 275589

She didn't say she identified as "non-binary", she said that she "hardly thinks of herself as a woman" meaning that she sees herself as a person first and a woman second, something a lot of women can agree with. She's talking about the rigid gender roles in voice acting and the separation of "actor" and "actress" categories as someone who does a lot of male roles, not some evil tranny agenda. Some of you really need to start fact checking. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2022-03-08/megumi-ogata-comments-on-seiyu-awards-win-voice-acting-world-needs-to-be-more-gender-free/.183350

>“Compared to actors who must show their faces on media, I think it’s the voice actors who can advocate to go beyond the genders and put aside labels of ‘male actors’ and ‘actresses.’” Ogata suggested removing the gendered labels for the next Seiyu Awards.

>“At first I somewhat thought about declining this award, but I decided to accept this for people who have created the titles with me,” Ogata continued. “In the Japanese anime industry, actresses of my age don’t get to play the protagonists. To be in such an industry, I thought that my award acceptance can be a positive influence, so I’ve decided to accept it. I’m sorry for sounding arrogant. I truly am happy for this.”

No. 275590

Shingakko noonies you were so right about Shingakko thank you. I got to play a little it's really interesting. I like Cecil so far he qt alas doing his route first. Jack is a qt too I wish he had a route.

No. 275635

File: 1676320875927.jpg (241.44 KB, 1141x818, jpop.jpg)

>Utada Hikaru
All she did was declare herself 'non-binary'. It was a publicity stunt (one of her many).
And Utada Hikaru did not voice Shinji Ikari (she's a singer, not a seiyuu) - that was Megumi Ogata.

If it was true, ANN - the woke & vitrue-signalling central - would have wrote an article on it. There is nothing under her profile.


No. 275637

Whether it’s true or not, I wouldn’t be surprised if more Japanese women become enbie. They live in such an openly misogynistic and porn addled society and the entire world of scrotes seems to think they exist solely as submissive squeaking onaholes, larping as a man temporarily and dissociating yourself from femininity at will is likely just a survival mechanism and response to trauma and constantly being objectified

No. 275641

>And Utada Hikaru did not voice Shinji Ikari (she's a singer, not a seiyuu) - that was Megumi Ogata.
Did you not read the posts above you?
As for Ogata, I remember she was posted here on lolcow a while ago and everyone was pretty disappointed by her because she did come off as your regular enby in that speech with all the "I don't feel like a woman, I feel like a person" speech. Not sure how she identifies now.

>Publicity stunt

I mean, isn't every enby in it for the attention?

Exactly this.

No. 275645

>"I don't feel like a woman, I feel like a person"
This is the most TERFy thing you can say to a tranny though.

No. 275652


No. 275654

But doesn't that imply that being a woman is being less than a person? A woman is already a person. You can feel both a woman (whatever that even means) and a person at the same time because they're not even distinct things. Idk nonnies.

No. 275658

Exactly, what Ogata said was based and terfpilled but because she mentioned abolishing gender roles retarded moid weebs took it as some "the trannies have gotten to the pure redpilled japs oh no" signal. She's a woman nearing her 60's who has thrived in a misogynistic industry playing male roles, she's way past ridiculous gender garbage.

No, it refers to the fact that women, who are often dehumanized to be "non-men", should be seen as equal people and individuals and not just as someone fulfilling the societal expectations and role of a woman.

No. 275659

can we have one yaoi thread without gender politics shitting it up.

No. 275684

I really wanna read dear gene last chapters but the scanlation team is retarded. Why can't normal people pick up the manga and gotta create little cult like cringe circles for dock sucking?
Waiting for the chad who will leak on mangago

No. 275690

File: 1676342971895.jpg (433.75 KB, 1280x1822, tumblr_nm34cuMJIg1qd7kpzo1_128…)

i'm also tired of talking about troons in these threads too, but yaoi is and always has been absolutely intrinsically tied to "gender politics."

No. 275694

You also have to remember that she's always been like that even before it became mainstream.

No. 275726

tbh, if that's really what she meant, she should've said something like "i AM a woman" because "woman" is not a feeling, you either are or aren't one, and not conforming to gender roles does not actually make you less of a woman (even if people seem to think so).
Understandably, her speech came across as enby shit. We do not know what she actually meant.
That's how troonshit gets you, tbh. First you think it's just a quirky way to say you're not stereotypically feminine, but eventually they make you believe you're not a woman in any sense of the word, and that you're literally neither male nor female.

No. 275738

Same, I get that anons are annoyed with zoomers and their FTM headcanons but realistically it's schizo levels of tinfoiling to constantly be paranoid about BL becoming infested with trannies because cuntboy fetish exists or because Tamekou's straight manga has an effeminate male character. Anyone who actually reads Asian BL never comes across troonshit and I barely see it in the western part too besides retarded untagged fanfics, not original works. It's one thing to headcanon your kinnie having a vagina and tit scars but you barely see any of it outside of fandom crap.

No. 275749

Learn japanese my nonnie, then you will only have to deal with raw sharing drama which is less aggressive imo. Or just buy your own stuff and ignore everybody.
That manga looks pretty good, thanks for the rec.

No. 275761

where do you get your raws nonny?

No. 275770

I don't know the secret good places since Haruka died so I use yaoiotaku forums or buy my own.

No. 275875

nta but you can use foreign cards on Honto and Renta. I like using Honto because you can download manga offline onto their reader/app.

No. 275916

File: 1676430468554.gif (1.3 MB, 500x500, IMG_9034.gif)

No. 275928

Happy Valentine's day. I miss them, the amnesia arc was so stupid but so camp.

No. 276093

Noones do you know any place where I can download the old bl magazine issues called cool-b? I found them at dl-site but they don't have them all. They have some manga or extra stories from games that I want to read but can't find them.

No. 276181

Has fujochan been down for a while?

No. 276182

It has for me for about a week by now. Does anyone know when maintenance will be over?

No. 276187

fatherson recs nonnitas?

No. 276192

I was going to ask as well.

No. 276198

File: 1676569138464.jpeg (5.44 KB, 205x246, bingun.jpeg)


No. 276358

baki unironically

No. 276421

File: 1676658926899.png (2.54 MB, 1140x1691, 杀破狼.png)

Fake incest or real incest? For fake incest (not blood related), there is this.

No. 276424

Back to the mines, moid.

No. 276430

kaze to ki no uta

No. 276443

I will swallow everything nonny father figures aren't bad too, blood related uncles are good too

I need to get back to this kino work

honto i was eyeing this ngl

Thanks for the recs nonnies

No. 276460

is this shapolang? i need to finish it

No. 276486

Original works or fanfics/pairings?

No. 276522

File: 1676677180453.jpg (146.16 KB, 1280x720, Little Busters - 12 - Large 10…)

post some of your favorite canon fujoshi characters, mio from little busters is a woman of culture

No. 276551

File: 1676684567030.gif (257.23 KB, 320x180, karisawa.gif)

Based karisawa from durarara

No. 276572

File: 1676698670410.jpg (25.54 KB, 225x350, akagi sena.jpg)

I even watched her route in the VN because I thought she was cute

No. 276574

This counts right? Only V tuber I care about.

No. 276622

File: 1676713968157.jpg (88.94 KB, 850x478, __naganohara_mio_and_sasahara_…)

another fujo queen is mio from nichijou

No. 276657

File: 1676728625099.jpg (337.64 KB, 1280x706, zel.jpg)

Yes. Seven Seas will be publishing it (the first volume got moved from February to July tho). I'm curious to compare the translations.


No. 276702

File: 1676738144381.jpg (126.06 KB, 1049x1080, 1659831481528.jpg)

Pom from Pom Gets Wi-Fi. She's so cute and hilarious.

No. 276721

Tamako Arai from Barakamon. May she grow up to be a successful BL mangaka.

No. 276728

Hearing about the Kurapika/Killua lore was interesting. Are there other japanese girls who make videos about fujo stuff like that?

No. 276729

I mostly just see it (subbed at least) with Marine

No. 276732

And this one where she and another girl discuss omegaverse

No. 276748

File: 1676750006298.webm (1.62 MB, 1920x1080, 1676559997242705.webm)

How did you like the latest episode of Revenger, where Urobuchi goes full rapey yaoi and makes the entire episode centre around gay prostitution in a temple run by Buddhist nuns? It broke anons in the Revenger thread on /a/.

No. 276750

>dropped a pairing because the official anime introduced a love interest
I knew jp fujos were sensitive but I dind't think they'd completely drop a paring becuause of it. I guess that's why they make such a big deal out of it.

Damn I've only watched the 1st episode, need to catch up.

No. 276752

I think about this constantly. Imagine finding out your office coworker is addicted to Crayon Shin-chan college AU yaoi.

No. 276755

kek not the gyarus caked in foundation in high school, marine must be pretty old

No. 276797

My little sister is reading Heaven Official's Blessing. She's only 10. Is it okay for a kid to read? Is there anything I should be concerned about?

No. 276799

there are no sex scenes but it has some dark content, violence and suicide

No. 276804

Powerful co worker (Only watched some of the adult swim episodes of Shin chan myself where Kazuma was a republican named Georgie though).
>marine must be pretty old
She's in her 30s if I remember correctly.

No. 276845

File: 1676795255869.png (840.25 KB, 848x960, one of us.png)

Fujiyoshi from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.

No. 276876

File: 1676816884991.jpg (403.16 KB, 1000x1308, hob.jpg)

There is no sex, but the gore elements are too graphic for a 10-year old. Even for me, your average N+C game enjoyer, getting through Qi Rong's torture scene in the boiling water cauldron was difficult.

You can check what mature content a novel has on NU tags:

No. 277141

File: 1676926627014.jpg (44.68 KB, 486x312, Clipboard01.jpg)

The status changed from
>Picked up!

I wonder whether MG are genuinely working on it or had been embarrassed by having it on
>Picked up!
for years.

No. 277194

Has anyone else noticed some changing attitudes towards BL on like twitter and tumblr, etc? I feel like for a few years fandom was especially rabid abt hating on fujos and shaming them for being "fetishizers", but lately i'm seeing a lot of people embrace the label both ironically and unironically. Even people in my circles who've never posted abt BL before are freely talking abt their fave series instead of just M/M ships from non-BL media. I feel like the stigma has gone down slightly in recent months…?

No. 277199

lucky dog came out in 2009, frankly i find it embarrassing theyre willing to take years to translate such an old game which isnt even massively long or anything.
i forgot the name of the blog that did those LD english fan translations but shes been carrying the game for years lmao

No. 277208

Probably because a lot of BL anime targeted at normies started popping up, which is disappointing if you’re an actual fan but it’s a gateway for people to stop constantly insulting us at the very least.

No. 277224

I think it's also because the narrative has mostly shifted from "fujos are nasty mlm fetishizers" to "actually most fujos are trans mlm eggs they just need time and support to come out", I've seen a lot of TIFs "reclaiming" the word fujoshi lately.

No. 277231

File: 1676972157510.jpg (156.02 KB, 1742x1080, FJg8QpRXEAE9aFi.jpeg.jpg)

Honestly, I singlehandedly blame/thank this image. It feels like it was the first "ironic" yaoi meme that came out lately, then I started seeing a lot of "ironic" posts using the word yaoi in shitposts on tumblr, then twitter, now it feels like it circled back around to actual fujos feeling comfortable about openly talking about BL without SJWs attacking them.

No. 277247

I hate ironic weebs in general they're so annoying. These ones take the cake because they act as if reading Junjo Romantica makes you a freak and a total nerd as if being a fakeboi and chopping off your breasts to become a kawaii uke isn't the freakiest thing they do.

No. 277249

File: 1676984003179.jpeg (145.18 KB, 576x720, 1665942220889.jpeg)

I know artists are allowed to do whatever they want but it's seriously annoying when someone known for drawing ONLY BL posts a random het ship on my TL. Maybe it's my autism becauase I have a very curated feed of my interests but it really feels like a jumpscare. And the thing is they always post weird and overall unlikable het ships too, it's one thing if it was a normiecore ship from spy x family where you don't have any BL to ship in the first place, but why draw loli het ship with nahida x alhaitham or nahida x scaramouche or raiden x aether. They have such weird taste

No. 277252

Will fujochan maintenance ever end?

No. 277264

Just like the Yuri on Ice movie, never ever.

No. 277265

Kek Genshin ships will always attractc the shittiest shippers and artists. You should try to interact with them as little as possible.
But yeah I hate when a BL artists starts doing hetero art out of nowhere. I know a few who draw BL beautifully but every once in a while they drop some big titty mommy waifu drawing and honestly it's so annoying to me that I stopped following them. Sometimes I feel like they do it to seem like "good" fujos who are also totally into hot women (by men's standards of course).

No. 277307

I think those big yaoi polls on twt/tumblr helped a bit too? Whatever it is I'd say im more thankful than not bc hopefully with less stigma around liking m/m content as a girl, it will keep at least some of them from trooning out

No. 277314

Ugh. But how long will it take before those tif girlies with OF in their bios start claiming you're a dirty fetishist for liking mlm unless you're trans?

No. 277317

Laugh at them and then block them.

No. 277320

Was it announced? I haven't been on fujochans /meta/ for a while

No. 277324

File: 1677004471044.jpg (25.25 KB, 314x364, FnZR3ruXgAE2O5W.jpg)

Kek, you beat me to it.

Fujochan has been down for the past 3 weeks and so has my will to live.

No. 277326

It was announced that it would take a few days not weeks, I don't remember the exact date given but I miss fujochan so much.

No. 277342

Yes it was announced but I don't remember all the details. I only remembered once I asked here why I couldn't access fujochan. I miss it.

No. 277359

do you have the sauce for this art? it's very cute nonnie

No. 277501

>I've seen a lot of TIFs "reclaiming" the word fujoshi lately.
why the fuck are these people so obsessed with us? can't they just leave us alone? what's their fucking problem?

No. 277506

it's clear they're just bitter and jealous because they can't openly enjoy themselves like us, while they have to maintain a certain "status" for their buddies

No. 277509

pretty sure you'd still get a lot of shit for being a fujo unless you're a kweer mlm tif.

No. 277523

>obsessed with us
But they discuss literal yaoi they are fujoshi too, not everything they do is an attack on you, jesus

No. 277526

non-fujo OUT

No. 277568

three weeks and no news? damn… i wonder if it's ever coming back.

No. 277579

I'm so sad because the jannies and the admin seemed so chill and nice and the board brought me so much comfiness every time I visited

No. 277599

With fujochan down is this discord still up and running? I’d definitely join, sorry I missed the link before it expired nonnies

No. 277603

It's the purity spiral. They should just accept the [Scum of the Internet] status, like shitposters such as myself do.

No. 277605

We’re still up! I asked my friend who’s the creator of fujochan if it’s gonna be up again soon but she didn’t reply sadly.

No. 277644

in my fandom, its typically the crowd who are into dark/problematic stuff doing this, they like that "fujoshi" has a stigma attached to it bc its just another way to make them more quirky to other people, the same way they brag about their fetishes and think they're cooler than other people for not being squicked out by certain things. basically girls who are being edgy for attention kek its nothing new

No. 277705

yeah there's so many fujo accs i see that literally retweet gore porn alongside bl shit and always talk abt degenerate kinks, some of them almost give moids a run for their moneya t being disgusting

No. 277707

Creator has covid and got really sick, on top of that the site got hit with malware and deleted a board which can be restored, just not the images apparently.
She says she’ll try and get it up again as soon as possible but she’s working a shit ton of shifts (thirdie, so working while she has covid)

No. 277710

File: 1677133435691.jpeg (161.51 KB, 750x969, 9C2EBBAB-12D5-4362-A539-DC3558…)

Seems like it’s pretty close to being up again though? Still terrible stuff none the less.

No. 277714

i was going to disagree because i was thinking of cute ships like huxiao or albecrose but i agree about the weird ships and big boob womanoid arts. it always trips me when people post weird ships without any ship tag out of nowhere. what happened to keeping the weird or sexual things tagged and/or on separate accounts? if someone's known for this kind of ships, or for moid pandering content i wouldnt have followed in the first place, why do they not consider what their followers are here for? especially if 99% of their content is wholesome/normal art. they can draw and post what they want but some things really need to be tagged or put behind a different link kek

No. 277724

That's scary, she should just focus on recovering, the website can wait.

No. 277835

Is drawing traps moid pandering?

No. 277888

Honestly kind of. You're basically drawing girls/futas

No. 277990

Imo it's really subjective and kind of based on the art style and personality of the characters. Like when I read Blue Period, the crossdresser guy feels pretty fujo pandery, but characters like Astolfo feel very moid pandery. I like feminine male characters but there is such a difference between how men fetishize them vs how women fetishize them.

No. 278048

It depends on the art style. The art style is a big hint to what the target audience is. If it looks like moeshit, it's for scrotes.

No. 278175


Sounds like untreated tuberculosis.

No. 278297

File: 1677307859864.jpg (Spoiler Image,271.85 KB, 1080x1532, kx2m1YN.jpg)

hello nonna's, i haven't seen a manga rec in here for a bit so here's mine. Very pretty magician uke with unique tattoos. It has a cool dystopian setting. Only 2 chapters translated atm so idk where it's going but so far so good.

(Manga: World's End Bluebird)

No. 278423

Utada is super americanized. She's also doesn't troon out, just calls herself NB aka spicy straight.

No. 278424

> so has my will to live.
Jesus anon, that site was barely active. Actually does it even do anything we don't do here?

No. 278429

nta but the vibe was different and I preferred fujochan to here. I was actually almost LC clean until it went down. I don't like LC anymore.

No. 278431

Me too. The meta discussion and venting on fujochan was more interesting.

No. 278434

What vibes legit. 99% of the fujos had an answer every 3 months. The rest were the usual meta threads about troons that you can find even here.

No. 278437

Same. The anons there are much nicer and the threads were spread out so that if you wanted to read just pure fujo blogging you could, and if you wanted to vent about the hardships of being a fujo you could do that in a dedicated thread instead of getting anons in your hair whining about not being interested in the meta talk (except that one weird spaz who commented on every thread in offtopic about how the people there should stop talking about "troons" even when the topic wasn't about them). It was also much slower but it also meant I didn't waste as much time there as I do here. And no paki-chan.

No. 278547

I loved posting random fanfic blogging in the vent thread. This thread seems slower than fujochan was, at least to me. But I liked the western media threads on fujochan too. RIP.

No. 278548

File: 1677388357303.jpeg (156.6 KB, 600x867, EF739329-E203-4262-9FD4-990812…)

Same, anon. Fujochan was comfy and kind. It was slow but that's healthier for my internet use anyway.

No. 278552

I like dark fujo stuff and found myself turning into this but thankfully some of those accounts slowed me down because they really can be annoying and gross about it. They usually also can't stop engaging shitty discourse. I just want to like my fucked up fiction in peace. Do have to remind myself that most people don't and that's okay, a good thing even.

No. 278561

File: 1677393560708.jpg (398.53 KB, 1733x1299, FF654coaQAQTHw1.jpg)

anyone have recs where the uke's feminine? picrel is from lala no kekkon
i've read stuff like prunus girl but i'd rather he just be pretty without it being a big deal past teasing in the bedroom/forced princess carries omo

No. 278562

dmmd > lamento > tnc >> sweet pool >>>> gay damage

No. 278580

>they like that "fujoshi" has a stigma attached to it bc its just another way to make them more quirky to other people
Yeah, this stuff. I have tastes that classify as problematic myself and I completely accept that not anyone wants to hear about them because I want to be respectful and not make people uncomfortable, I can't stand the people who start screaming about their deranged fetishes because they think fujoshi is just an edgy label to be used to "piss off the libz" or be "edgier than other girls" or something.

Same, I was doing it when I was younger because getting a reaction out of people was satisfying but then I came across those accounts that I found hard to believe to be ran by women because they were talking about child rape in a very gross way obviously looking to rile people up. It made me reflect a lot on how I don't want to be one of these attention seeking terminal stage coombrains.

I'd be interested in hearing recs too! I loved lala no kekkon so much.

No. 278581

I agree with you guys. After taking a long break from LC, I don't want to deal with this website anymore. I only come to this thread to check for updates on if/when fujochan will come back. Hopefully it will be revived soon.

No. 278665

fujochan wasn't that good though. had like five posts every month plus a lot of extremely salty roasties("roasties")

No. 278712

Spotted the troll.

No. 278738

retarded scrote alert

No. 278757

I only go to fujochan for the manga thread but it's ded. I did get some nice reccs out of it at least.

Thanks nonnie. I'm glad this one had public raws.

No. 279066

Despite how slow it was, I actually really liked fujochan because I felt like I could communicate with women who actually understood me.

No. 279091

There's a Fujochan bunker thread in crystal cafe.

No. 279153

Can someone explain me the lesbian fujo thing? Like I'm a straight woman, I read Yuri but I'm not into the women psychically and I don't spend time fantasizing about them. But I keep seeing self professed lesbians on twitter making posts how vash from trigun is breadable and I'm like what?

No. 279168

Do you by any chance know what a meme is?

No. 279172

Shit bait

No. 279179

File: 1677606666550.jpg (12.27 KB, 554x554, images.jpeg-23.jpg)

No. 279217

The last time I used Crystal Cafe, the site looked like shit. What a way NOT to implement the chan format correctly.

No. 279220

ayrt, i have no problem with people into dark content, i am into it as well (although not as extreme like fucking pissing or necrophilia). it doesnt bother me or squick me out to see people posting about those stuff. what does bother me is how its so obvious theyre posting for attention and to show off how edgy they are, because they post about it nonstop. when they get told to stfu, they act like it's because people cant handle dark stuff. no, it's because you're fucking annoying about it and think you're so mEntaLLy ilL and qUirkY for having dark tastes, and that anyone who can't handle you is a normie.

agree that they LOVE to engage in discourse, especially about how cool it is to be a fujo and to label oneself as a fujo. again theyre not defending it because its genuinely not a harmful label; theyre defending it specifically because it has a stigma and it helps make their twitter bio look more edgy kek.

No. 279227

File: 1677617007050.jpg (431.93 KB, 1000x1425, Ookami-he-no-Yomeiri-001-MRM.j…)

Man, Prunus Girl was the first time I ever realized just how differently men and women write characters lol.
>Love Stage
Starts with a crossdressing plot where the uke is mistaken as a girl but moves away from it as the story progresses, gets weird plots near the end but is funny and cute in a "classic BL" sort of way.
iirc no/very little crossdressing, cute sexy bottom with dorky ass virgin top that's in love with him.
>Raion Gotoki no Kuni kara
Fluffy interracial couple, the bottom gets mistaken as a girl when they first meet, but no crossdressing. (Some people are iffy on the fact that the black dude is from a very homophobic country so take that as you will, but it has a happy ending.)
>Nisekoi Boyfriend
Heavily features a crossdressing misunderstanding plot, tbh I don't remember if the crossdresser is actually the bottom but both boys are pretty cute and the fashion is as well imo.
>Hatsukoi (by Kazuki Rai)
This is literally a Haikyuu KageHina AU that got rewritten as an original work, deadass. But the not-Hinata character is very cute and has a crossdressing backstory.
>Ookami e no Yomeiri
Arranged marriage animal boys, some dubcon and mpreg themes, ngl I dislike the seme but the bottom is very very cute.

Also if you're really just craving bishounen characters and can run with shipping, Lio Fotia from Promare, Ryuuji from Blue Period, Basil from Omori, and Chigiri from Blue Lock are some of my favorite pretty boys from recent years. I was surprised that Ryuuji was actually canonically gay as well. I hope any of these recs interest you, fellow based androgynous boy enjoyer. I swear I'm not a moid I just really like pretty characters lol.

No. 279247

File: 1677620910346.png (27.54 KB, 255x257, _data.png)

maybe I'm asking too much but is there a website or a blog that keeps track of all english translated BL games(both official translations and fan translations)? I know there is a really good one for otome games that even lets you sort by platform so I was wondering if there was a BL equivalent of that

No. 279251

File: 1677624102080.png (418.38 KB, 782x591, tnc4.png)

Most blogs like that include shitty 'Western' 'LGBTQPREAGDUHW+' games as well though.

Your best bet is using vndb with tags like
>Boy x Boy Romance Only
>Male on Male Sex Only

and language options added:



No. 279258

File: 1677628298761.png (43.52 KB, 255x257, originals-2.png)

>Most blogs like that include shitty 'Western' 'LGBTQPREAGDUHW+' games
damn that sucks. But thanks for the vndb tip! I used to use that site years ago but I never considered that it also catalogued BL games

No. 279270

What? I'm talking about users I saw on Twitter

No. 279280

"submissive and breedable" is a very popular meme on twitter, people say that about literally any character/celeb they like. i wouldn't read too much into it…

No. 279308

>really good one for otome games
would you mind posting link to that one?

No. 279345

kek this happened to me today, someone I had been following for BL suddenly posted a straight porn jumpscare. Unfollowed. It wasn't even anything "weird" but I really don't have a tolerance for hetero porn featuring characters I strongly associate with BL (or GL for that matter).

>why draw loli het ship with nahida x alhaitham or nahida x scaramouche or raiden x aether.

Oh god not the Nahida x Alhaitham person, that was so out of left field. For those not in the know, there's a Korean artist whose following blew up after she started drawing Alhaitham x Kaveh, one of the biggest m/m ships in the fandom, but then suddenly started posting a female loli character being a futa with a gigantic cock and fucking the male characters.

>Sometimes I feel like they do it to seem like "good" fujos who are also totally into hot women
It really does seem like especially Japanese fujos do this to stay in everyone's good graces. 99% of the time they post BL but suddenly slap on a half hearted big titty mommy character to keep numbers coming in and not seem like a nasty degenerate rotten woman who hates female characters.

No. 279346

NTA but you're a godsend anon, if you can come up with any more stories with a cute/feminine bottom I'm always here to read them!

No. 279440

File: 1677693760661.png (852.57 KB, 904x781, fuck taifu.PNG)

>Gambatte Nakamura-kun gets a French translation that'll be officially published at the end of the month
>but it'll be a huge, expensive book because "i-it's not just for BL fans uwu, a-and it's unique and "engagé" fuck I don't even know how to translate that shit
Just fucking kill me already. Why do they keep doing that shit? At least it seems like they won't reverse the cay it's meant to be read for the Western audience like another publishing company did with My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness but the fact that it'll get a big edition instead of a normal one bothers me so much, it's going to be needlessly expensive. I'm going to just get a Japanese copy once I go to Japan on holidays, no fucking way I'm supporting that garbage. I have no clue why they think normies who hate manga and anime will read that shit to begin with.

No. 279442

Sounds like scrote talk.

No. 279443

Good choices. For me, I'll switch Dmmd and Lamento. Lamento is so underrated for me story wise, but dmmd had the better sex scenes.

No. 279448

File: 1677694770058.jpeg (84.3 KB, 600x871, b36b1289d4bc8de99a46f72cf8791a…)

>literally a kagehina au
you were not lying, damn.
anyway thanks for the recs nona. will probably reread ookami e no yomeiri and give the others a try as well

No. 279450

>then suddenly started posting a female loli character being a futa with a gigantic cock and fucking the male characters.
wtf is her @?

No. 279452

Why, you want to see the futa loli femdom porn or something?

No. 279455

File: 1677696144758.png (1.33 MB, 1297x748, Screenshot_184.png)

aw cmon nonny whats your problem with slow damage?

No. 279466

>12€ pour un (1) tome.
Ouaip, je crois bien que je vais faire comme toi, nonnie.

No. 279481

J'ai hâte de voir ce qu'ils vont foutre dans leur nouvelle collection prétentieuse plus tard, je saurai quoi boycotter et acheter en japonais, quitte à ressortir mon vieux dico électronique.

No. 279492

File: 1677704323028.jpg (251.65 KB, 1128x749, Clipboard01.jpg)

You're welcome!

No. 279533

i would like to block her if possible

No. 279538

I honestly don’t think the majority of people who were participating in the cover parody art meme ever actually read the manga which sucks because it’s genuinely good, though I like her horror BL manga gesshoku kitan and her one shot about the jiangshi shota more but with that being said seeing people write ‘FUJOS DNI’ while referencing a literal BL manga was funny.

No. 279549

No. 279656

File: 1677767025128.jpg (351.87 KB, 1472x1760, Buddy_Daddies-cover.jpg)

How was this show? I remember people being hyped and shit also some twitter people really trying to hype it?

No. 279679

kekkk no but seriously. i can searching these characters on twitter and coming up blank

No. 279840

Looks like fujochan is up again.

No. 279917


No. 279918

File: 1677872632166.jpg (95.27 KB, 1270x449, Clipboard01.jpg)

No. 279954

File: 1677903430498.jpeg (35.96 KB, 160x250, FFCC975D-DB83-4A6A-93AD-35804D…)

Do I even need to say it.

No. 279987

Honestly, I appreciate authors who can recognize their characters will be shipped no matter what, but don't bitch about it, and don't pander to too much either.

No. 280008

File: 1677935693831.jpg (422.32 KB, 856x925, 230305085.jpg)

What do you guys think about phenomen? I believe this is the actual reason mxtx refuses to include any side couples in her stories nowadays, to not possibly overshadow the main couple. It's a bit annoying cause it always boils down to "which couple is more popular" and sometimes the writer abandons the main couple in the favour of the more hyped one or the fans of the second couple shit on the main one. I don't think this ever happens in shoujo?

No. 280016

I didn't even know people were bothered by this, I've always thought it was just nice to have different couples in the world to observe.

No. 280017

I agree but the fandom always get weirdly competitive about which couple is more popular

No. 280022

File: 1677940492438.jpg (50.31 KB, 400x400, YRVH4JP.jpg)

About to start reading Qian Qiu. Never read from this author before, does it focus on the romance at least 50% of the time? Or is it mostly another plot and sometimes they get nervous around each other? I don't like spoilers but I want to know if it will be worth it when I invest time into it

No. 280023

Honestly I just dislike the second couple most of the time.

No. 280034

File: 1677950366705.jpg (189.47 KB, 1000x1071, 8a13ae2b-c174-4221-9c74-a17b77…)

I don't really read many multi couple things, but I personally haven't seen it happen much.
I do laugh when I remember how much better the 2nd couple in 19 Days is, but that's the author's fault because the 1st one literally never got any romantic development. I stopped caring as soon as I noticed this one was going somewhere.

No. 280048

they were way more interesting for a while but the dark hair guyed goes too far too often and actually crosses the redheads boundaries, it turned me off them. toxic relationship stories trigger me lol

No. 280065

ngl I hated the second couple. I liked that the first couple were awkward besties falling in love, the second couple was annoyingly edgy and I hate the smug black haired guy so much.

No. 280072

yeah he's a 3edgy5me character. his bodyguard is way hotter than he is and he's a rich brat reeee.
1st couple is toothache sweet but they're so non-sexual that I literally stopped thinking they were gay (I lost track of it though, do they ever even kiss??)

No. 280076

Yeah I feel like the author retconned on that a bit and now redhead is the blushing uke who was just tsun. It feels like a different character. Before he really seemed to hate He Tian and then all of a sudden they're super lovey-dovey.

No kiss so far, they're barely homo at all.

No. 280088

I like MBJ x SQH way better than the lead couple. I'm a sucker for the secondary pairings because they usually have a better backstory or more baggage compared to the lead couple. I won't be upset if there isn't a secondary, but I enjoy them when there are

No. 280102

No. 280104

I heard it's more heterosexual than Spy x Family

No. 280106

>blushy uke
>edgy dom top
ah i see fujos still have the same boring basic taste from 20 yrs ago….

No. 280112

Say no to shaming traditionalist fujos!

No. 280138

File: 1677991557641.jpg (45.79 KB, 850x917, Brother Qiu.jpg)

>No kiss so far
wow lol. 19 Days will be ten years old this September, maybe Old Xian will let the boys kiss then

No. 280321

Genuine question
Why are shota considered moid-tier?
I'm not into shota myself, but by the looks alone they are very female-gazey. Haven't read or played any bl oriented works with one in (or does rin from togainu counts as one?) but at least in the otome/joseimuke works they are very female gazey. The sailor suits, the shorts. The otoutoppoi trope. Tokenranbu is a good example.

No. 280324

Because it’s sexualizing children you deranged retarded faggot. What the fuck?

No. 280326

My question was about the moid-gaze, twitterfaggot, learn how to read.
From a quick research I saw that they were created by fujos back in the 70s, the 24 group. Said fujos got inspiration by a Scandinavian dude. Motou Hagio? apparently released the first one. Or am I missing something? Did a moid, gay or not created them originally? Did the said fujos took inspiration from moid works? Just asking about the moid-gaze thing everyone was talking about, since I'm curious. Like I don't understand it? Or maybe it's because I haven't read any related works and I'm not interested into reading any.
If any old fujononne is here can you explain it to me. Looking at old best-selling-popular works, it was a famous trope. Why was that, why it was so popular, have you read any Japanese old fujo interviews about it, explaining?

No. 280327

Nah fuck you, you said shota is female-gazey.

No. 280329

Yes and? Female gaze= meant/created for women? I don't get it what's wrong with that?
Thing isn't if its female gazey or not just the origins? There was a discussion before, many not liking them for the moid-gaze alone not your reason. Which i don't see just from the looks alone, I haven't read one to understand the context either. Where the moid-gaze comes from. The context? The looks? I don't get it.

No. 280344

The anti-shota thing is a bunch of twitterfags policing. A lot of the Year 24 Group based their bishounens on young prettyboys particularly Bjorn Andresen from Death in Venice released when most of them started creating their works. In fact two of the most influential figures in the scene, Moto Hagio and Kaze to Ki no Uta explicitly used him as a reference point.

No. 280345

File: 1678071659402.jpg (44.08 KB, 640x530, 01234809a9a5bd0b9050d79d952e3e…)

Mods came for my ass last time I tried to talk about this but fuck it. Shota is not inherently male or female gaze, it purely depends on the artist and the type of characters and content they draw. For example, no one would argue that Black Butler is made for men. A lot of women here get pissed any time shota is brought up because, like it or not, the word has a sexual history and is associated with shota art that males make as well. Shotas are BOTH a part of BL history and a part of gay male art. Like any differation between gay art drawn by women and gay art drawn by men, it's just kinda "know it when you see it". I personally want to argue that the word has evolved to be any cute, young looking anime boy because that's genuinely how it's used in most otaku circles and was fine even in the english community up until around a decade ago when purity culture in fandom really picked up on tumblr.
Regardless, if shipping KilluGon is wrong then I'll take my ban.

No. 280348

Like most shit it was probably a trend that is no slowly passing. The majority of people is always chill about such stuff, most simply don't disagree or interact if they see outcalls because they stay away from drama, but that doesn't mean people were on their sides.
I also noticed it. Maybe it also helps that the idiots finally grew up. It was always ironic because I knew conservatives who saw my retweets of gay shit and just accepted it as my weird hobby, but some super moralist that claim to be super gay and pro-gay try to get half of the fanbase cancelled.

Not really related, but a fandom member I (and as I know now many others) hate for attacking, outing and outcalling others finally got her deserved backlash yesterday. Now her account is private and she even fucked off from all discords (she was in every single one).
All just because three artists nicely disagreed with her for attacking others. Good riddance.

No. 280349

File: 1678073134407.jpg (621.41 KB, 1200x1200, 20230227_143301.jpg)

Agree with this anon. Muscular men are just as big a sign of moidery as shota in BL if you want to play that card, and I'm not just talking about the super OTT bara guys either. But of course it gets more heat for it thanks to the insane amount of Western moralfagging that goes on in female dominated fandoms. I can love shota and be in favor of lynching male pedos at the same time, thank you very much.

No. 280351

File: 1678074562728.jpg (582.27 KB, 2109x2522, EY6jROsWAAoNo5K.jpg)

Was it ever active? I remember randomly checking threads I posted into but my posts from a month ago were still the last replies. I should try it again, I hate that the homo threads on 4chan died.

No. 280356

Thank you for explaining nonnies! I did my research in the meantime. Had more info by looking up the shotacon term instead.
Some info I got
>the word shota and the shorts demographic look originated from Astroboy, the boy was called Shotaro, the author was male
>before group 24, some have started to shyly publish shota doujins, it rumored they were also from group 24 but used male aliases in order to get them published
>black butlers authot wanted to make it bl originally, but the publishers disagreed in fear it wouldn't be as popular
>the actor from Death in Venice released a documentary about his life and one of group 24 is also there talking about how he inspired them all (if anyone happens to have a link id like to watch it, thank you)
>femalegazey shota are more ikemen, otoutoppoi and cute looking, while malegazey ones have muscles and arent specifically good looking,shounen protagonist looking
Examples i was given
>ciel from black butler or toranbu ones = female gaze
>camp buddy (i think it's a game not sure if its based on a manga) = male gaze
>Rin from togainu no chi doesn't fall into shota category
>And learned the loveless was shotacon. Only watched the anime but I was very young when I watched it so I don't remember.
Idk why my question angered that noona. Like you said it's in bl history, in many famous works and still is, just looking at the shounen manga bl doujins that come out in myreadingmanga it's still a popular trope.
Yes it's not my cup of tea and turns me off but i don't care if others like it or not really. I do find the ones that fight it to death and associating it with reality very creepy though since they associate it with reality which is very weird at least from my view, but anyway my question was specifically this why some consider it male-moid call it however you want-gazey and this was their reason for disliking it, not a moral or whatever one.
My brain thought ah since they look like the ones you find in otome-joseimuke works they should be female-gazey, where the male one came from?
And about the gazey thing I looked it up its not offending in any way? Really don't know why she got offended. I was genuinely curious and asked didn't try to provoke or anything.
So it just varies from author to author and the origins aren't exactly specific? Was it a fujo who got inspired by astroboy or whatever. Bl history is big.

No. 280368

>yaoi discords
I wish I was in one, specifically one where they play visual novels ;_;
The ones im in are inactive or moralfagging(;_;)

No. 280416

You could ask this question in another thread. While shotas can be female gazey and they exist in a lot of female-oriented media, they are not really a fujoshi thing anymore and they haven't been for like 20+ years. Last time they were popular with the fujos was back in the 70s or 80s. Black butler was more of it own thing and literally everyone I knew cared about sebastian more than ciel.
Shotas nowadays are heavily linked with the onee-san trope, that's why it's considered moid gaze but truth is a lot of women also have poor taste and they enjoy this dynamic. It's still not 100% female gaze though. Gay shota is a whole different thing, because it usually has very strong actual pedo vibes. This is why that nona had that anger response, shota is usually associated with a lot of very gross tropes from pedo men to predatory women with giant boobs. And no matter how much you said it's part of BL history, it's one of tropes that usually overlaps with other fetishes and fujo shotacons always seek straight shota so it's NOT a fujo only thing and you don't wanna be friends with such people

No. 280418

Read this, it's just an issue with western fans.
Although for this same reason I'd rather avoid talking about shota in English speaking spaces. It would bring in moids.

No. 280420

Onee shota is also a symptom of more blatantly degenerate fujos, and lesbian fujos

No. 280423

they are not real lesbians, they like 2D boys, but call themselves lesbians because they prefer women irl and only date women. many of them even admitted having crushes on male characters(take it to fujocoomer cringe)

No. 280424

File: 1678092649798.png (180.16 KB, 625x626, 4bf.png)

Remember not to reply to bait, nonnies. Ignore and report.

No. 280427

I see "shota" characters in generic joseimuke including otomes a lot. Isn't Touken Ranbu mainly an otome game too, not a BL game? It's just a trope pandering to those who adore cuteness over handsome looks. But to really answer your question, I follow some male artists and they sometimes post shota and it's starkly different from the kind of young boys female fujo artists post. The shotas female fujos post are usually postpubescent twinks with dainty bodies while the shotas men post are obvious children with underdeveloped bodies and genitals giving it a very creepy pedo vibe. Even when men try and appropriate the twink characters women like they immediately turn them into prepubescent girls with tiny dicks, especially after "femboys" became a popular porn trend.

I seriously wish the kind of shota women drew had a different term because I like those kinds of characters, but find the genuinely pedoesque stuff men grind out unsettling. Now they all get mixed up under the same label.

No. 280428

>fujo shotacons always seek straight shota
>seek straight

No. 280430

File: 1678093944279.jpeg (87.54 KB, 600x800, BCB2207B-FC3F-439C-9872-E01715…)

What's the difference between fujoshi who prefer shipping characters from media like shounen where they're not canon gay, vs. fujoshi who prefer BL media as the source? I'm definitely the former, and not saying there can't be overlap for some women but I feel a sharp divide with the other type of fujos, not in a way of dislike but just that we have different relationships to m/m and it shows. What do you nonnies think?

No. 280433

yes, is it wild to you that many fujos also like straight ships? especially shotacon fujos, they love mommy straight content of their husbandos. and not just shotacons, do i need to show you all the hetero genderbend i've seen of hualian? even… hetero genderbend mommy shota hualian…

No. 280435

fujos who don't care about actual BL usually don't like romance in general and BL bores them

No. 280436

I like romance, but I like to see it develop between characters I already know for other things I guess? Just my personal preference (I hope my post hasn't come off as trying to start infights, there's no right or wrong I'm only curious about the differences)

No. 280438

no it makes sense, i think you would probably enjoy danmei because they usually have a strong plot besides romance

No. 280439

Nta but that isn't always the case though. For many fujos the closest they'll ever come to liking shota is liking black butler tier pairings, not oneeshota. Spoilering because I hate that this discussion lends itself to infighting but wanted to give my input

No. 280440

I am firmly in both categories and I think the main issue for is often that original BL series don't get the time to build the tension and character that the non-canon shippers like. I'm perfectly fine with reading single volume romances, but if I want something longer or with more tension and nuanced subtext there's already significantly less to choose from, unfortunately this is just how the limited nature of publishing BL is. That said, I think there are a lot of beautiful original BL works that shippers miss out on if they never explore the genre outside of fan works. I just love seeing characters fall in love so subtextual, fanworks, original works, as long as the characters have a good dynamic I'll eat it.

No. 280441

Thanks nona, I'll look into it. There have been exceptions for me where I enjoyed BL source media but that's how I feel usually so maybe danmei is more in my lane. Do you have a favorite?

No. 280442

Great response nona, that's exactly how I feel. I love the torment of drawn out tension and subtext, and I love putting my own spin on character dynamics as an interpretation of the canon. You're right that there is so much out there to miss out on though and I wanna expand my tastes. Whereas BL-only girls might have better reasoning for primarily sticking to that, since shipping pairs from non-BL media may not be as satisfying as what they're used to.

No. 280443

anything by mxtx (scum villain, grandmaster of demonic cultivation, heaven's official blessings), priest (shapolang, guardian), meatbun (white cat shizun, medical files compendium). i haven't read them yet but i heard little mushroom and sa ye are very good too

No. 280444

That hasn't been my experience, no clue what the fuck going on in the tcgf fandom. But it definitely isn't anywhere near "always" the case.

No. 280446

i was talking about female shotacons who like fujo content, not regular fujos
maybe we've seen different accounts

No. 280447

File: 1678096039287.jpeg (1.95 MB, 1242x2277, 6E47826D-314F-49FE-85F3-0F6611…)

Thanks so much, maybe soon I'll check a few out. Ngl it is offputting to me though how similar the characters look, I can't tell them apart, but I bet it will get easier once I start reading. I usually like pairs with contrast is all, but I'm sure their personalities make up for it.

No. 280448

kek the fanart isn't that great because the author didn't put that many visual cues other than "guy dressed in white" and "guy dressed in black" but the characters have very different personalities in text

No. 280449

File: 1678096336638.jpeg (134.22 KB, 750x929, 675A4E9C-08D3-4A2E-AB01-D5D7C1…)

That's pretty funny, I always wondered why they look so alike. Beautiful art styles though

No. 280450

in my experience, fujos do tend to like het ships, especially japanese fujos. i can't count how many fujos accounts i've followed starting to fangirl over shitty het ships and yes, they do fangirl over oneeshota even if they don't draw it

No. 280451

And what about it? Why must this be drawn out? Rhetorical question I don't want an answer. This thread isn't for hetships

No. 280453

well, it makes me feel like an extinct animal who doesn't understand the feelings of fellow women because i fail to get any enjoyment out of het ships

No. 280454

I'm both myself, I love shipping and I love original works and it's a pretty 50/50 divide for me. However I know what you mean, I've come across fujos who are very strongly shipping exclusive and don't care about original works. Sometimes it's just that they don't care about BL as a genre due to the character and writing style and/or due to the language barrier barring them from having access to the full selection of works available that would fit their tastes better, but sometimes they're the cringe "yaoi fangirl" type and only want the smutty porn to imagine themselves between the two male characters.

This is such a specific niche stereotype I doubt you can generalize like that just because you've seen a few accounts do it in your danmei fandom which is already filled with homophobic yumes crying about the lack of female characters they could project into.

No. 280456

It sucks that you feel that way, but it doesn't mean there's anything wrong with hetshippers. I prefer m/m myself so I'm more in your camp than theirs but it's not their fault either that they have their tastes just as much as it's not yours.
>sometimes they're the cringe "yaoi fangirl" type and only want the smutty porn to imagine themselves between the two male characters.
Nothing wrong with that if you ask me, kinda based

No. 280457

no, it's gross, especially oneeshota. it's extremely gross

No. 280458

samefag just don't mention shota anymore in this thread, it's not a fujo thing and fujos don't like it

No. 280459

What do you want us to do about it that you keep bringing it up? I don't understand why people don't just block and move on. I barely run into that content myself, maybe you need new circles or a new fandom.

No. 280460

Lol, it can be but okay. I do think it's best for anons to not bring it here since it sparks infights and shit-flinging.

No. 280461

>kinda based
Nothing based about pushing your mary sue fantasies on others, they're the kind who start sperging about wanting to be fucked by the seme when nobody else around wants to hear about their hetbending self insertion bullshit. Unsurprisingly a lot of them troon out and become the Aidens who want to have more transvaginas and top surgery scars headcanoned on everyone instead of creating their own penis in vagina works.

No. 280462

I hate the latter but there's nothing wrong with expressing lust for the characters in your yaoi. Forcing it on others if they're uncomfortable with it is lame, but I didn't mean that part

No. 280510

File: 1678113900723.jpg (152.24 KB, 945x520, 9514616da57340290b53c4ebb1cc97…)

Joseimuke works are usually fujobait. But because they also want to cater to yumejos they use ikemen and not give you the bl 100%. Toukenranbu does have shota, but they cater to barafags and ikemen and furry fags too. The most popular boy is hasebe who is hot as fuck, and a famous fujo pair is the eyepatch dude and the dark skinned one with the tattoo. The anime is very gay. Haven't tried the pc game but it has a lot of fanservice.
About the shota of course doujins exist but in the anime and games they are overprotective of each other, nothing is suggested. The online game has fanservice yes oneeshota fujo call it however you want. The older ones tho, ikemen ones are pretty gay to each other see Kiyomitsu.

Now uta no pri sama. It's based on an otome game, but since fujos went wild they tryna make into fujobait and joseimuke and made the heroine dissappear. The English gacha version died and the otome game is TBA, but the company has no idea to what the fuck to do with it, keep it otome for yumes or make it joseimuke to cater to fujos.

No. 280519

Onee shota is absolutely not a part of the BL/fujo sphere at all, what ere you on about?

No. 280522

Stop moralfagging this shit, that's one of the main reasons why all these threads turn into shit. Just ignore discussions you don't like. As long as it doesn't get into actual cp, you don't have to narc and act like some hall monitor.

No. 280532

I think that all former fujos would turn into the latter fujos too if most BL had better stories and chemistries. Just as with het ships whenever a story is about the het romance itself it's usually crap. Usually the characters are shit too and so is the chemistry.

With non-BL you have two equal rivals or comrades living through adventures. fighting to survive or working for a big bosss together, fighting or protecting each other, being and danger and developing, separating and meeting again and all that.
With a BL story you will most likely get a single-volume manga about two dudes loving each other and the only drama are lover quarrels and misunderstandings or NTR. Or the seme being rapey.
There is not much you can do with it with such short length and the romance focus. It's a bit like porn. Porn doesn't have good stories because people are there for the porn. Similar here, they assume that fujos solely come for the gay romance so they give them a gay romance and absolutely nothing else.

You will rarely ever find someone like Joseph from Jojo, Reigen, Gilgamesh, Sugimoto, Vegeta, Vash, Griffith, Kaworu and Shinji or Starscream in a BL manga, but those are the dudes that are funny, loveable and/or interesting, that attract the huge fanbases and that fujos love to ship or have fun with. The best I thought after most BLs I read was "cute" and then I moved on.

No. 280536

>Jojo, Reigen, Gilgamesh, Sugimoto, Vegeta, Vash, Griffith, Shinji
Tbh I wouldn't really like to see any of those characters in a BL manga. It just wouldn't be interesting to me. Kaworu is the only one because he's pretty much a bl bishonen.
For me it's the opposite. I look at characters like those and think they're nice while the show is airing, but then move on and forget about them when their respective anime ends. I get a lot more emotionally attached to BL manga.
When reading BL I care more about the couple than the individual characters. So if the couple and their relationship is good, I'll enjoy it even if the individual characters aren't very unique or interesting.

No. 280549

File: 1678125737712.png (143.44 KB, 500x586, E2173782-B920-4CB8-9CB7-D56040…)

I think a lot of it just comes down to age, in most scrote shota they usually don’t even know what sex is (boku no pico shit) while in BL shota they’re usually like 12-15 and are usually more hypersexual (this probably coming from Kaze)
As for bara, if they have basically boobs instead of pecs then it’s for scrotes.

No. 280552

File: 1678127579361.jpeg (89.37 KB, 750x673, 3B2C53DF-AA27-4A07-9A82-5E54FB…)

>You will rarely ever find someone like Joseph from Jojo, Reigen, Gilgamesh, Sugimoto, Vegeta, Vash, Griffith, Kaworu and Shinji or Starscream in a BL manga
Fate zero is a BL anime
Berserk is a BL manga
Trope ass character, you can pretty much find him in any BL manga or one of his 20 million expies
Evangelion is a BL anime
Spotlight Megatron is a BL comic

As long as it has BL themes, it can be BL in the heart of fujoshis in other words without love it cannot be seen

No. 280553

Whoops forgot to reply >>280532

No. 280554

File: 1678128431923.jpg (212.6 KB, 856x1199, FPkF3lFaMAgpLTR.jpg)

I always wondered why don't more fujo consume BL VN. A lot of them are very long and are very "story" heavy to speak. Like Hashihime is a fucking slow burn mystery heavy childhood friend romance that takes 30 hours in the first route to develop.

No. 280555

Because normies don’t read visual novels

No. 280556

>Why are shota considered moid-tier?
This chan is mostly populated by young women with a twitter more puritan steak.
It's really not, no sane JP fujos would think shota are "moid tier" more than any other fetish. HxH, Inazuma and Black Butter are famous fujos franchise. Even on 4chan I never heard anyone think HxH fujos are men, it's purely a this site thing, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

No. 280569

it's not moid-tier it's pedo-tier once you're an adult. I don't care if it's popular, women know better. girls get into fandoms when they're teens and ship these fictional teens and think nothing of it but you have to let that shit go once you grow up. it's creepy. there's some really crazy copes itt like the nona who said she wished there was a special name for the type of shota she likes lol

No. 280571

Exactly. Once you're a grown woman you should feel repulsed by that stuff.

No. 280573

lmao go back to twitter.

No. 280575

You go back to twitter, lc was never found of pedos but twitter sure has been.

No. 280576

>reading Kaze makes you a pedophile now
Kek, why are you even here?

No. 280577

You literally post like a twitter tard who can't tell the difference between fiction and reality. So tiring. How young are you? 16? Do you have "proshipper dni" in your bio?

No. 280578

WOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (read this like an annoying 5th grade boy)

No. 280579

File: 1678130690014.jpg (156.86 KB, 603x856, s-l1600.jpg)

You have to be 18+ to post here
idgaf about shota but the moralfagging is retarded, no one cares what you "think" adults or fujos should be like, shut up and post about bl.

No. 280580

i don't even have a dog in this fight but are you really arguing that wanting to fuck 12 year olds (even in ~in fiction~) is normal and anyone who thinks it's weird is "just a dumb 16 y/o"? cuz I think that reveals a lot more about you than about anon.

No. 280581

>i don't even have a dog
Ok twitter user. Are you gonna cry about incest and rape next?

No. 280584

File: 1678131443544.jpg (136.16 KB, 736x947, d9ee95d995052266652e4e5cc1c09c…)

I love the idea of Isekai BL. SVSSS hit all of the right spots for me. Older Bottom? Forbidden Love? Fun Setting? Check. Check and check. Im interested in reading some more. It's honestly such a shame that SVSSS is MXTX's shortest book because it's my favorite out of the three. sigh

Chinese fujos are funny about naming their webnovels I will admit. Half of the titles I look at sound like my middle school fanfiction. It's nice to see them have fun.

I feel like danmei has more plot heavy stuff when compared to yaoi. Less focus on sex and more on the characters themselves. Does anyone else prefer danmei to Japanese yaoi? Bingqiu supremacy by the way

No. 280586

>everyone who thinks im gross is a twitter user
and yes, most normal adult women think incest and rape is nasty. But please keep proving you're an out of touch degenerate with only one comeback.

No. 280587

File: 1678131960727.jpg (235.59 KB, 1591x1326, EhiTXO5VgAEAZIL.jpeg.jpg)

>you have to let that shit go once you grow up
No. I'm going to be an old granny telling my kids about the gay subtext in HxH on my death bed.

No. 280590

File: 1678132269986.jpeg (586.42 KB, 800x1138, Ore ga Mitsuketa, Konbini no K…)

whoever recommended this (last thread I think?) thank yo!u I'm enjoying it a lot, it's so sweet

No. 280591

File: 1678132536369.jpg (163.77 KB, 600x766, 2b26f49e23d1c4223a5f4ab2ba4fa9…)

kek. I hate when retards try to lower women to moid levels. Women dont commit 99% of sex crimes, let them enjoy whatever problematic shit they like, even if it's gross or you dont agree with it women earned the right to have fucked up fetishes. for me, it's guro

No. 280599

>for me it’s guro

No. 280600

There's a very stark difference between the near photorealistic child porn moids like and the fujo preferred "shota" that's cute and effeminate boys.

It's Paki-chan, she literally can't shut up about Kaze to ki no uta being pedobait in any thread she ever posts to.

No. 280603

>There's a very stark difference between the near photorealistic child porn and the fujo preferred "shota" that's cute and effeminate boys.
I mean sure, of course there's a difference but what are the traits you like about shota? Small, big head, child-like facial proportions, underdeveloped body and genitals, etc. There's a difference bwteen reality and fiction but saying there's no connection comes across as a massive cope for things people prefer not to address.

No. 280604

nta but that's just a twink

No. 280606

Come on now, anon.

No. 280609

File: 1678134561517.jpg (116.74 KB, 1000x563, intro-1611930578.jpg)

be honest, does liking pic rel make me a pedo? just answer yes or no

No. 280611

Anyone can tell the difference between characters like Monoyoshi from Touken Ranbu and a moidmade shota character that's indistinguishable from a 5-year old. Trying to conflate them by playing dumb about "not seeing the difference" is just bad faith acting and you damn well know it.

No. 280612

Anon, read the post again, I said I did see a difference, not once, but twice. My argument is more complex than that but it's easier for you to argue against me if you make it out to be black and white I guess. Whatever keeps you cooming with an unburdened mind, I suppose.

No. 280613

File: 1678134970010.jpg (58.55 KB, 736x736, cf7eca287d61dbbec10637029607b8…)

>what are the traits you like about shota?
Personality. Also sometimes I just like them because they're relatively the shortest or cutest in the cast. Picrel is a 30+ year old man and the best character in his series.

No. 280614

No. 280615

why? because he's older than me (21 in the movie).

No. 280616

File: 1678135416738.gif (270.17 KB, 500x375, caae5fc5216b41664216e82446197b…)

Don't know if you are a twatter user,a moid, a troll, or just simply dumb but learn how to behave in these boards, you are not on twatter or on discord. Learn to ignore the shit you don't like. Hating on stuff is totally normal, age gating and putting women down for liking the shit they like and trying to force your twitter moralfaggotry doesn't belong here. Gtfo you and your internalized misogyny or go back to 4ch
Kek for me it's incest
Same anon, have you read MADK? Based Clear post.
Read 5 so far, hashihime, shingakkou, lamento, sweet pool and Tokyo Onmyoji. Is slow damage any good? Is the translation as shit as they say?

No. 280617

Who's making it black and white? You're quite clearly implying that anons who like cute short male characters in joseimuke are comparable to shotacon men because of "body proportions" and are actually just pedos in denial. Do explain yourself in a way that doesn't make you sound like a scrote gotcha trying to make women out to be "just as bad as him".

No. 280618

File: 1678135651378.jpeg (Spoiler Image,102.09 KB, 864x640, 9tqincE.jpeg)

this isn't a "shota" though, this is a real child. forgive the moid image in picrel (panty shot) but surely you see the stark difference between the drawing and the person, right?

No. 280619

You accused me of saying i "didn't see the difference." I corrected you and asked you to reread my post in which I said I did see a difference, but still saw issues with it. Also, I am not whatever anon you were talking to earlier, I don't know who that character even is. You seem like you're projecting really hard to think anything i'm saying ("liking child-looking hentai is weird", something scrotes defend with their lives) sounds like something a scrote would say.

No. 280620

File: 1678135941346.png (198.68 KB, 758x1766, Shibuya_01_vsl.png)

Does ramuda count as a shota? he is 24

No. 280622

File: 1678136231234.gif (2.73 MB, 250x264, best twink.gif)

he's not a child you sperg, he was older than me when he filmed the movie. That's the whole point of why i made that post. I think watching so many ugly men propaganda on TV and hollywood rotted your brain on what a young looking, of age, moid should look like. You probably think Dicaprio is a child too, despite also being 21 in Titanic. I am so tired of your ugly man acceptance propaganda. Twink supremacy, let women enjoy not post-wall men.

No. 280623

again, you're replying to two separate anons. I can't speak for the other anon but i've never used twitter or 4chan, you'll probably assume I'm lying though because you have to paint people who think cooming to little children looking characters, incest, etc is gross as terminally online in order to cope, when really… the reverse tends to be true.

No. 280624

File: 1678136328551.gif (3.46 MB, 498x277, xkuroshitsuji.gif)

>what are the traits you like about shota?
i have a size difference kink, and like the "forbidden" aspect of it…i also think they're moe.

ntayrt, he just looked like a kid to me

No. 280625

File: 1678136627207.png (2.09 MB, 1277x1506, Riddle.Rosehearts.full.3000237…)

shotas are a weird thing to be into yeah, but it's not harming any actual children. no real child looks like this, it's impossible. i think you're getting called a twitterfag because you're doing the very typical twitterfag thing of moralizing about something harmless you hate instead of just ignoring it kek

also see this image >>280618 i'm totally incapable of seeing anime characters as people (as you are, i'm guessing)

No. 280626

sorry for sperging, ugly men apologists get on my nerves. Anyways, whatever happened to love stage? can someone spoil me the ending? i remember dropping it because i got tired of the crossdressing shit, but to this day Izumi is my fav uke. I just wish he was on a better manga.
>ntayrt, he just looked like a kid to me
nah its just that modern men are hideous, most 80s male stars would look ''like childs'' by modern men standars because they didnt have vidya and monster to age them 20 years by the time they turn 18

No. 280628

your mentality is as baffling as it is fascinating.

No. 280630

>but it's not harming any actual children. no real child looks like this, it's impossible
nta but this is the exact same excuse you hear from lolifag males on twitter lmao

No. 280631

sorry, i am just tired of being called a pedo for not being into dad bods or whatever twitter tards force themselves to like to cope with 3DPDs being so ugly nowadays

No. 280633

>and yes, most normal adult women think incest and rape is nasty.
Yes and? Who gives a shit? Lmao go cry about it on twitter.

No. 280634

For those keeping track in the audience, what is our "and YOU'RE a twitter user!!" count for today so far? At least you recognize you're an abnormal degen.

No. 280636

File: 1678137907405.png (101.72 KB, 241x397, Screenshot_38.png)

well, can you link me to proof that shows shota is making women want to harm actual kids? it's not really an 'excuse', it's just a fact.

and have you ever stopped to question yourself on why exactly do you want internet perverts to draw a connection between drawings on a screen and children?

No. 280637

File: 1678137917397.jpg (120.09 KB, 700x1012, Sora_o_Daite_Oyasumi_v01_ch06_…)

>you're an abnormal degen.
This is not the insult you think it is. Outside of twitter, on an anonymous image board, no one cares.
But you are clearly a young person. Or one of those annoying schizo anon who is so obsessed with men they basically can't enjoy shit. Either way, go back.

No. 280638

can we like…. stop having the same retarded discussions abt "problematic" content every 3 business days and get back to talking abt … y'know… BL

No. 280639

>Someone crying about rape and incest
Holy shit you can't make that up. Literally the most common fetishes for women in BL. I guess we are all secretly men then.

No. 280640

>he was older than me
>actor was 21
ok you're super young that explains a lot actually. that's kind of what I thought.

some posters itt are arguing that adult women being into shota is fine when what they really mean is they have an age-appropriate attraction to older teens because they are basically the same age.
please can the 20-and-unders stop caping for pedos, it's embarrassing. no one is trying to take your ikemen away from you.

No. 280641

Just to give you some perspective, you just said you think rape and incest is hot. Me saying "wtf" makes me:
A) Schizo
B) Too young
C) Twitterfag
Actually sort of terrifying you're this detached from reality. The cope is real.

No. 280643

PLEASE learn to separate reality from fiction i promise you it will only improve your life

No. 280644

kek you're right, i missed that.

No. 280645

>Actually sort of terrifying you're this detached from reality.
The reality is that these extremely common fetish for women who aren't 16 and for twitter yes. I don't think you understand the point yes.

Again because you are young and can't tell the difference between reality and fiction.

No. 280646

>Sora o daite oyasumi
Don't remind me nonna, I'll kms if acid town suffers the same fate

No. 280647

jesus, you just keep proving my point. Also not sure what your obsession is with imagining people criticizing you as being underage, judging by the cadence of how you type I sort of suspect it's projection. Although it'd be scarier if you actually are 30 or something.

No. 280650

i don't know how to break this to you but rape fantasies are pretty common in women and that's why you see it so much in BL and other female-targeted media, it's really not "degenerate" bc that's how many women just experience their sexuality

No. 280651

File: 1678139399371.jpg (213.4 KB, 850x850, 7846072_p0.jpg)

i am 20. My point was that >>280603 liking those traits doesnt correlate to pedophilia and normal moids that dont start drinking and snorting cocaine at 14 SHOULD have those traits into their early 20s. If anything it just proves my point that women nowadays have such terrible low standars they think a young healthy man in his early 20s is a child and that liking a normal young man makes you a pedophile. If you like ugly old men thats on you, but dont come shaming women who are into men with cutesy/boyish traits.

No. 280653

File: 1678139484254.png (131.74 KB, 1284x434, acid town.png)

Acid town releases are too slow, I can't remember what's happening anymore!

No. 280654

NTAYRT but my hot take on why noncon/dubcon is so prevalent in female-directed and female-made media is 1) because we're not expected to actively sexually desire our partners and if we do so we're labeled as sluts, and 2) sexual coercion is so common for women to endure that we eroticize it as a means of coping. A lot of the traditional "rape fantasy" works aren't of the heroine being violated by someone she trusts(the case of most actual rapes), but of her being so desirable that the male love interest can't hold himself back–she's attracted to this man in story, but expressing this attraction is verboten. The second reason pertains more to deliberate SA that's brushed off, and I've noticed it's much more common among older generations and in more conservative countries like Japan where women are more likely to have to put up being coerced by their husbands and are told it's just something they have to put up with. sage for OT

No. 280655

Why is there an anon trying to push cute short males from joseimuke as the clear equivalent of male-created shotacon that's created to stand at the same level as lolicon? The attraction for most women is that they're cute and nonthreatening while men like loli/shota specifically because they look like children they want to abuse. Twinks aren't shotas just as much as short adult women aren't children. You can think it's gross and dislike the trope as much as you want but just because you don't like it doesn't mean you're right.

No. 280656

Well you being so young and liking that kid looking actor is fine. When you are 30, 20 year olds look like kids. Your tastes also evolve when you get older.

No. 280657

I was just thinking about that manga the other day, saddest shit ever

No. 280658

This is an actor and has nothing to do with shota. He was 21 at the time yes but that doesn't matter. The problem is, you are giving a real person as an example and that's the problem. You associated it with real life. If someone who likes gore in manga posted a photo of real intestines and asked around if that was hot how would you react? Or an incestfag saying that they find their sibling hot and would smash?
Associating fiction with real life is the problem. That's why bl and some contents have warnings for 18+. Because presumably at that age most people can tell the difference.
And that's why most twatter users who sperg about it are underage and if adults they are immature or just retarded or have no idea about bl and jp media.
And another irl example, kids shooting up schools in the US don't shoot up their classmates just because they played a video game, but because they are schizos.

Twatters are just retarded and focus on stupid things. Tiktok for example, how many people there are pimping their kids to moids for money and fame or liking and support groomer celebrities. Nobody bats an eye. The fujo drawings aren't the problem. They just want to attack the ones they can have power on.

No. 280659

Occam's razor principle - dubcon/noncon is attractive because it's exciting and has intense emotions attached to it compared to consensual vanilla sex, and in most female-directed media both parties usually enjoy it in the end which is why it's more accurate to call it a ravishment fetish than a rape fetish. When you think about it it's men who have the actual rape fetish - they love the idea of subduing and causing pain and humiliation to a woman and the enjoyment comes from her not liking it.

No. 280660

File: 1678140189655.jpg (329.7 KB, 1242x1118, 1669222698770828.jpg)

>You probably think Dicaprio is a child too, despite also being 21 in Titanic
I'm so butting in because I'm just seeing now that the thread became super active for some reason but didn't anons already argue over whether finding Leonardo hot or cute in Titanic pedophilia in another thread? Like just a few months ago or last year? Why the fuck are we having the same 3 conversations everytime, are stuck in a time travel related loophole?

No. 280661

File: 1678140277497.jpg (68.84 KB, 579x480, 60200022_p4.jpg)

>Well you being so young and liking that kid looking actor is fine. When you are 30, 20 year olds look like kids. Your tastes also evolve when you get older.
nah thats what idiots like you tell women to settle down with ugly scrotes. There is nothing wrong with liking 21yo men and being in your 30s. You should stop shaming women for not being into old scrotes, you are only harming women. I have liked twinks/ukes since i was 14 and i will keep liking them until i die. You can keep calling women pedos for being into cute men, meanwhile men dont give a shit and are raping kids as we speak.

No. 280662

I understand why this usually happens with women, i just feel like anon i replied to genuinely doesn't understand that female fantasies are never as coomery as male fantasies, which i suspect they are using as a benchmark for their opinion on this

No. 280663

I only gave a real life example to prove cute men exist, and liking cute traits in men doenst make you a pedo. Liking an anime shota with those traits doesnt make you a pedo, just like how finding the actor from KK attractive doesnt make you a pedo either. If you tell twitter tards to stop comparing real life to anime they are just going to come up with the old ''umm ackshually thats what lolitards say'', so i used a real life example to prove real men with those traits exist . Anti-shotafagging discourse stems from people thinking women should only date older men, and that somehow finding younger men attractive makes you a pedo and equal to men raping kids.

No. 280664

exactly. you phrased my point better than i could kek

No. 280666

>and have you ever stopped to question yourself on why exactly do you want internet perverts to draw a connection between drawings on a screen and children?
What does this mean?

No. 280668

Why do you want to convince someone who likes fictional content that they are actually for real a pedophile? Why try to further push someone to correlate reality and fiction when they said they are not doing it in the first place? Why try to reduce the seriousness of real assault on children by saying that looking at manga drawings is just as bad?

No. 280669

I'm 20 too. How old are most people on this site?

No. 280670

File: 1678143260106.jpg (104.67 KB, 426x640, 762177.jpg)

Ah sorry I now understood your point. This is retarded really, I myself am very petite. I try my best to look my age either by heavy make up or hairstyles, I did have creeps coming up to me thinking I was still in high-school eww. Or when dating some asking for my id card to make sure I wasn't lying about my age, which is fair. Liking cute-like petite people who are adults doesn't make you a pedo no. What should we do like, wait till we have wrinkles to date?
Twitterards don't make sense in general. Kpop idols are cute-like and look young even though they are in their 20, 30s.
And this, it's okay for Leonardo dicaprio almost 50 to date a 19yo but hell no for Kim to date a man in his late mid 20s bc she is 40.
I blame everything on misogyny, fujos get shit, otomefags get shit everything a woman does is problematic when it's harmless, while moids get away with everything.
Age-gating hobbies is apparently the new trend, I wait for the day that they will be honest about their shit reasons like instead of its not appropriate for your age, its fetishizing blah blah say what they truly want to "go marry and have kids and spend time and money to changing diapers instead of bl content because humanity is declining" like what Chinese government said by banning bl content "fujos don't want to marry or give birth because of bl popularity" icry.
You can be a based mom and still love your shit btw, I've met really cool ones who I aspire to be.
Everything is behind a plan, attacking women in their 20s and 30s because not everyone wants to have kids or marry and instead spend their time on themselves and hobbies. This threatens them.
Sorry for my rant.
I really hope that the age gating posters here are moid trolls and not women who have been brainwashed with the moid mentality. Whatever you choose to do you don't need to give up on your hobby or likes.

No. 280671

why does that matter?

No. 280672

File: 1678144088338.jpg (178.8 KB, 600x400, 33013901_p12.jpg)

it's a shame, BL is pretty much the only ''female-only'' space left. Twitterfagging ruined the Slash scene forever, now its mostly tifs trying to shill their het ships as bl and the usual ''umm achshually shipping south park boys makes you a diddler''. I still draw and post(on the rare /co/ slash threads), because twitter seems insufferable and DA is dead, but i really miss having a community to be part of, it feels lonely just drawing for myself. Now i feel very nostalgic for the early 10's slash community on DA. I miss being able to just enjoy my south park/tmnt ships without someone jumping in to ruin the fun because ''muh incest'' ''muh children''.

No. 280683

It honestly doesn't focus on romance that much. It's not that the main characters get nervous around each other, though. It's more that the ML is an asshole, so it's kind of like asshole to lovers

No. 280685

File: 1678149986774.jpeg (71.21 KB, 736x458, 284488E6-C3FF-42A8-8AC0-B1C86B…)

Anyone got any crossover ship art? Like two couples from different series interacting/hanging out
Please no

No. 280689

you don't have an argument kek

No. 280692

I hope fujochan can become popular so that we can finally have a place for ourselves

No. 280699

File: 1678152650112.jpg (592.07 KB, 1280x1842, tumblr_nptx9rJ37z1qd7kpzo1_128…)

No. 280700

File: 1678153008085.jpg (366.62 KB, 1280x1416, tumblr_o6ehx8Exn81qd7kpzo1_128…)

No. 280702

File: 1678153430509.jpg (210.93 KB, 591x942, tumblr_nfbigfmg0h1qd7kpzo1_640…)

No. 280707

I love you based nonnyfujos

No. 280709

Man so many bl works got inspired by that one. I need to read it, it's a classic. Blonde looks like the blonde boy from Terra e.

No. 280715

>no one would argue that Black Butler is made for men
Are you out of your mind

No. 280722

They're both by Keiko Talemiya and Terra E and Kaze were actually being published in overlapping years. Both are so beautiful and iconic tbh, and I read a lot of BL subtext into the relationships of many of the Terra E characters myself lol.

No. 280723

File: 1678160935626.jpg (40.64 KB, 300x424, tumblr_nooj4pF3Vi1qd7kpzo1_400…)


No. 280724

File: 1678160992002.jpg (134.7 KB, 1024x682, 24274-1573501297.jpg)

you people are hilarious, the characters don't even look anything close to human beings let alone male adolescence, but I'm sure your porn rotten brains can't differentiate fiction from reality and you probably see IRL average teenagers as BL tropes, no wonder y'all troon out enmasse(infighting)

No. 280725

Are you? Are you gonna try to tell me you think Sebastian is there for male reader appeal? Grell? The Undertaker? I've never even met a man who has watched or read it let alone one who actually likes it. As if Yana Toboso, who only has a history of working on either fujobait or otome series, is concerned about what men want.

No. 280728

Genuinely curious how many times this anon is going to get banned and have their posts deleted before they finally fuck off

Don't take bait, report, ignore, anons

No. 280729

Sorry nonnie I completely misread your post and 100% agree

No. 280751

File: 1678167100965.jpg (92.68 KB, 440x600, karasunaki5.jpg)

Really, I had no idea! More of a reason to read kaze uta then, thank you for the info nonnie!
That explains, it had bl subplot the anime. The anime is getting a blu-ray print this month btw! Thinking of getting it!
She really inspired writers and artists that based sensei.

No. 280760

File: 1678170111080.png (316.94 KB, 633x611, FTMfemboy.png)

picrel is what her male characters look like IRL btw

No. 280770

File: 1678172283800.jpg (147.27 KB, 1080x1095, FaCgvosXgAAf8o5.jpg)

Poor thing though, his life really got fucked after that movie. As if it wasn't hard already.

No. 280778

File: 1678173533818.png (406.73 KB, 997x720, 1480445511702.png)

Fuck off, tourist.

No. 280780

File: 1678174001950.jpg (103.73 KB, 633x1068, yuuu.jpg)

No. 280783

File: 1678174425836.png (531.35 KB, 599x599, Screenshot (24).png)

his facial structure is literally nothing like what is drawn, he shares nothing with the character except blond hair, the TIF in picrel is much closer to the Year 24 drawing than the real life Anderson

No. 280784

File: 1678174520642.jpg (2.75 MB, 3313x4650, 1296146692548.jpg)

This is a superior Kuroshitsuji pairing.

No. 280792

No. 280793

Damn what a retard

Stop posting potato faced tifs, if they're your fetish you should go to the ftm thread and jerk it there.

Alois is superior to Ciel

No. 280794

do any fujo anons here have recommendations of alpha x alpha manga/manhwa series, im feeling lazy

No. 280795

It might not be exactly alpha x alpha because it's doing a slightly different weird thing but did you read Castehate? 17 chapters, finished last month.

No. 280796

File: 1678176859660.jpg (395.17 KB, 826x1169, 92902352_p0.jpg)

>Alois is superior to Ciel
How can people to this day shit on Mari Okada if she delivered the superior product in the end?

No. 280797

File: 1678176893651.jpg (222.52 KB, 1696x599, ZGPyfQCFZtySw.jpg)

the point i'm trying to make is that the "ukes" of year 24 are nothing like real young boys and look more like young women/girls, the shape of the nose, the height, the facial structure is undeniably feminine, just compare the two faces(derail)

No. 280799

bro we do not fucking care

No. 280801

tfw there will never be a alois nendo or scale figure

No. 280802

File: 1678177315509.jpg (Spoiler Image,203.59 KB, 801x1151, i7MWMI7.jpg)

oh my god…. i just lost it at this panel

No. 280805

lol I can't tell if you like it or hate it. I think it's a weird story so I kept reading it to the end.

No. 280806


No. 280828

Seriously, I'm gonna start posting there more. It's exhausting having to share this thread with pearl clutchers who insist anime characters are real and look like real people.

No. 280831

Kek you even waste time to make edits. The tranny doesn't look like the anime boy, the actor doesn't look like the anime boy. Get your eyes checked. It's a pretty fictional anime boy and that's it, stop comparing it to real people and trannies. You're most likely the sperg who thinks the "ukes" are totally like real women because they're submissive (because you're a misogynist) and pretty while missing the fact that they're drawn with dicks and take it in the ass.

No. 280833

File: 1678190493223.jpeg (99.86 KB, 873x607, A7C09824-59C7-4270-A247-E2EB86…)

The people who think this only ever watched the anime

No. 280847

this is just early bishounen art and looks nothing like modern shota, the inspiration for modern shota is SHOUNEN (that's why gay moids love it so much) not shoujo or yaoi
nah he looks like an effeminate japanese manlet
you guys really talk about black butler as if its the holy grail of yaoi when only the original anime had the gay upped to the maximum. the manga is boring and focused on side characters and cheesy drama and sebastian was written as a ladies man and ciel will be paired with his shitty ugly cousin if he doesn't die

No. 280849

actually in hindsight sebastian being straight and kinda homophobic especially towards grell is hilarious because that's the literal spawn of satan, why would he share the same values as a conservative christian kek but that's japanese writing for you

No. 280852

Don't diss the manga, it's pretty good regardless of shipping. It's just super slow right now.

No. 280853

it doesn't really matter, it's still not fujobait and shouldn't be brought up constantly as yaoi

No. 280855

Tell me where the Kuroshitsuji character touched you.

No. 280857

File: 1678197694610.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1078x1646, 0021A8C9-707F-4ADF-BB13-366CFD…)

I get not caring about black butler but saying the anime upped the fujobait and the manga has none of it is a complete lie

No. 280858

most of it comes across as torture porn, there are shounen manga these days with more fujobait than black butler

No. 280862

File: 1678198343248.jpeg (665.35 KB, 1100x970, 4F2F4C04-B53C-4579-B973-CD2CE2…)

>torture porn
Get a grip

No. 280863

Is this the same anti-shota autist having a fit because one of the most popular fujo anime ever has a shota mc?

No. 280864

i just think black butler is overrated and yana toboso is a sellout who pretends she doesn't have fujo roots

No. 280865

She openly tweets about her old BL all the time, just say you hate shota and move on. These weird excuses make you look schizo

No. 280866

Ok that's fine and not even a controversial opinion (I agree tbh) but you don't need to exaggerate and say Kuroshit isn't a fujobait anime or that the fujo pandering is "torture porn". That's just silly.

No. 280869

no i agree the anime is clearly fujobait. and yes the earlier manga chapters had fujobait too, but she doesn't draw that anymore so the original fujobait can easily be handwaved as ciel angst porn and i can't blame her sanitized work on having a contract with disney because she stopped doing that a decade ago

No. 280870

what did yana toboso do to this poor anon

No. 280871

baited fujos to read black butler only to turn the story extra straight and remove all the original fujobait

No. 280873

No. 280874

How is turning it into brocon turning it straight

No. 280876

lizzie could simply not exist, sebaciel fans could have had an easier time back in 2009 if yana didn't think it's obligatory to force a female love interest. also all the moments where sebastian flirts with women, again irrelevant to the plot

No. 280878

That’s the nature of literally any shounen. Black Butler clearly panders to fujos and shotacon but it’s still a shounen at the end of the day, stop acting like you were tricked and deceived and were expecting Sebastian and Ciel to have sex and be end game.

No. 280884

I guess it's brought up more because of the fandom than because of the actual story and characters.

No. 280888

I can't fucking stop laughing at this exchange, poor anon is justified in her rage

No. 280891


No. 280893

File: 1678205573405.jpeg (848.48 KB, 1134x1334, E16A4812-D71B-458E-B708-17E077…)

She really is talking like a scorned lover.

Nonnie should start reading kuroshit again, they basically retconned ciel’s marriage to lizzie anyways

No. 280916

twst is pretty fujobaity though

No. 280952

I read some good BL novels, but was talking about general issue. I even said "most BL". As in, not all BL is boring.

No. 280954

That anon secretly likes it and is in denial with herself, that's the only reason I can think of that she NONSTOP talks about this shit she supposedly doesn't want to see. It's an obsession.

No. 280955

File: 1678217704787.png (1.52 MB, 1920x1080, Card_Rook_SSR_Union_Birthday_G…)

Twst is nothing but fujobait, take a look at the state of the JP, Kor, and CN, twst communities. It just got popular with Western self inserters for some reason, maybe because english video game journos used to call it Disney's otome for clickbait. Yana had Malleus reenacting the ballroom scene from Labyrinth with Rollo on the last Halloween event and Nu Carnival ripped off their birthday card concept…

No. 280956

Seconding this

No. 280958

Feel similar. It's tiresome because I am also a multishipper, I can enjoy a lot of ships and characters but you might attract fans of one pairing with your art and then make the same people rage the moment you draw one of these characters interacting with someone else. I fucking hate anti-shippers that define every pairing they personally don't like as "wrong". I am only into adult or like 17yo men even, so their accusations mostly bowl down to them kinning one of the characters and taking it very personally if I ship him with another one because they "know" what the character thinks since they ""are him"".
I hate how everything causes drama now. Haters always existed, but they had the decency to keep their mouths shut in the past, just as reasonable people do.

My dream would be an active board with threads that feel like the old homodachi threads from /a/. Without the gay hating and 2D-men-hating new wave of male yuri-fanatics and without the sperging about "non-canon". I fucking hate how newfags (I assume it's mainly newer fans) want to force me to stop shipping something if it's not 100% voice-of-god-proven canon. What the hell? This was never a thing with fujos before. Fujos always loved shipping characters with good chemistries, I don't want to write a master thesis that explains and analyses why I think that two 2D characters I like could be gay to be allowed to ship them.

No. 280959

File: 1678218675363.jpeg (Spoiler Image,109.56 KB, 750x1000, 9ACA2A07-FD23-4D2C-8650-4D221C…)

I like sebaciel but it's delusional to expect them to be canon, but that's part of the tease of black butler that you're meant to enjoy, all these scenes with blatant subtext and eye candy that are there for you to ship them. It's not supposed to be endgame, it's all already there though for fujos to appreciate, and it misses the point bigtime to disregard that. You can go read something explicitly BL if you can't take it but others of us like the teasing. Meanwhile the fandom provides more than enough of the gay shit getting consummated if you need it so badly

No. 280960

File: 1678218745821.jpg (74.46 KB, 636x900, 362727.jpg)

Will we ever get a space anime as good as Terra E again? I don't get why that stuff isn't more popular.

No. 280961

sci fi as a setting can be done well, but in anime it usually has a grim aesthetic and it's almost always related to mechashit and/or heavy politics. i haven't seen creators try to make it fun or lighthearted

No. 280964

It’s incredible that the yumejo girls latched onto twst considering the MC goes to an all boys school and is clearly meant to be a boy

No. 280965

File: 1678219351665.jpg (3.38 MB, 4076x2812, 500832.jpg)

I read the manga too, but stopped after the circus arc. I have to say that I really do not like Ciel anymore.

No. 280966

Ntayrt but it's a game full of handsome men so I can't blame them if they fall for the characters, but it is weird how it's come to be perceived by some people as an otome

No. 280967

the second chapter of the manga features a female protagonist so they can pretend crossdressing works and that somehow female mc looks manlier than epel and the savannah students can't smell her… or they'll pull a tranny acceptance bullshit

No. 280970

Honestly, same. Not even in this thread but on another website I had a moid giving shit for something he wasn't even a part of the fandom in. People come just to shit on women's interests. I do my best to just ignore them but they run rampant sometimes.

No. 280972

Complaining about women in your shounen is nothing new but it’s mental illness to claim the author is a “bad faith fujo” because her shounen isn’t explicitly BL.

Not to mention Ciel got a twin brother to be shipped with, the story got more gay if anything

No. 280973

I can't tell if it's the same batshit anon as the bjorn sperg or if that's pakichan upset due to her big fat crush on him. You're right nona, and coming from the perspective of a fujo used to shipping from shounen and receiving bread crumbs, black butler really is the holy grail for its massive amount of fanservice.

No. 280975

File: 1678220425416.jpeg (180.19 KB, 1312x2048, 03A7C337-720B-466B-AF39-F3102D…)

Imo ciel gets better the further the story goes, but alois is the slutty shota so I get why people prefer him, it’s fair

No. 280976

I think the "canon" sperging from fujos comes from the younger ones feeling like they need to justify why they ship something so they don't get labeled as "fetishizers" or whatever the buzzword is now. I see this all the time in my fandom(Fire Emblem) where fujos constantly have to justify why they like Male Robin/Chrom(most popular m/m ship, but in a game with no canon same-sex pairings) over Female Robin/Chrom which is actually canon with these bizarre mental gymnastics over how the former is akshuly canon too. Like… why? It's okay to just like m/m over f/m. There's nothing wrong with that.

No. 280979

They all mischaracterize the boys like crazy too, but I guess that's kind of what they're known for. It's like they assign new personalities to them based on their looks and don't know what the character is like at all below surface level. Regardless, you don't run into many yumes (or at least not ones that specialize in fujo content) outside the en community. Male prefects are more common.

I do think it's because that's what it was made out to be in the west when it was first announced. Joseimuke isn't a well-known term in the west but people know what dating sims are, and I guess they're the next closest thing. "Disney Dating Sim" makes for a punchier title than "Disney Game Where You Watch Boys Fight and Have Sexual Tension with Eachother but Not Kingdom Hearts"

No. 280980

File: 1678221405550.png (255.4 KB, 620x1043, Site_Characters_-_Aster_Still1…)

Ok cheeky sadistic 1000yo shotajijis can be kino

No. 280981

I actually think it's not related to fetishization in this case, deep down they don't want to come across as delusional and feel like they "wasted" their time on a crack pairing. they try to look for hints that the characters are either gay or bi or have some subtext because fujo ships are always mocked as being unrealistic, especially by moids. i think they want to prove that it can be just as real as an m/f ship

No. 280982

Please keep in mind that tranny blaine outed himself in the fujohate thread and we have several males shitting things up. When things get heated here it's always some fucking male that goes to post on the other thread later, so let's avoid replying to retards like the ones above.

No. 280983

File: 1678221603570.jpeg (80.2 KB, 750x468, C3EBC119-AF28-499A-9265-BB97B3…)

That explains it then, kek at your alternate title. I don't have an issue with yumes though, they're cute and I alternate being one myself. I think we should have solidarity

No. 280985

It honestly could’ve just been marketed as a Fantasy RPG mobile game, there was no reason to position it as dating when there’s very little if any romance towards the mc, but I guess marketing doesn’t think fujos can carry a market alone in the west or something

No. 280986

Young zoomer fans rip each other apart over their tastes in fiction be it ships or the media itself, so they have all kinds of justifications for everything is what I see it boiling down to. Being terminally online, they also lack a realistic assessment of things like the fact that they're part of a female section of fandom, that their tastes are common among female fans and not bad, that their faves and fan content are not usually a realistic representation of men or even women, that it's okay to like something without deeper reasons beyond finding it entertaining or sexy, and that we all have different tastes naturally that can coexist. They also lack self-awareness that their negative reactions to other ships tend to be because it conflicts with their OTP and they act super autistic about it, I'll even see them roleplaying the characters being upset that it's not the character that person ships them with, it's hilariously cringe. They make up moral reasons or try to assert things from canon without realizing it's just their NOTP

No. 280988

File: 1678222402608.jpg (380 KB, 1882x2266, DzwDTZAVsAEwn_a.jpg orig.jpg)

>offputting to me though how similar the characters look
I blame the sameface syndrome of fanartists and their reluctance to experiment with character designs.

No. 280990

File: 1678222756430.png (201.77 KB, 410x451, EG7K0yAVUAA75SC.png)

>I always wondered why they look so alike
Watching more anime would have helped. I'm being serious here.

No. 280991

File: 1678222812883.jpg (343.29 KB, 925x1100, 20221204_202100.jpg)

Correction I meant "not ones that *don't specialize in fujo content"

I'm sure they don't or didn't expect a Disney game with an all male cast to have more gay tentacle rape jokes than romantic moments with the MC.

No. 280993

File: 1678223056337.jpeg (56.14 KB, 680x534, E130CC2D-13C2-47BC-A0BA-586741…)

>the pic
very nice

No. 280994

File: 1678223071047.jpg (100.95 KB, 600x600, Dtq0aQCVsAAXX-x.jpg)

Such a shame that SVSSS never got a proper adaptation other than that CGI donghua.

No. 280995

File: 1678223187716.jpg (250.26 KB, 838x1000, 20221129_191832.jpg)

Ikr I love this artist

No. 280998

The Genshin Impact fandom is a huge can of worms regarding this issue. It's a game that panders to waifufags, yumes, himes, fujos and hetshippers so it's an ongoing battlefield. Fujos are continuously made the spit bucket of the community, every ship they like is deemed "problematic", every time underage polilez himes are attacking hetshippers it gets attributed to fujos (despite them constantly dogpiling on fujos and yumes too for their "misogyny") and thrown at their faces, every fujo liking the shorter males is called a pedophile while nobody bats an eye at waifufags drawing grotesque porn of the obvious teenage girls and of course you need to have a 25-page essay ready to explain why you prefer the male characters over female ones to combat accusations of misogyny and fetishization because of course the MLM Aidens love throwing that label around too. It's a goddamn hellscape and I hate how autistic it gets, fujos just can't catch a break anywhere.

The bjorn sperg IS paki-chan but she would be reeing about super lovers or kaze to ki no uta being quintessential pedorape yaoi converting women into porn addicted troons, not Kuroshitsuji. Or at least I think so, I wouldn't expect her to be so well versed in that series or much less be hurt over the existence of female characters when she hates fujos so much.

No. 281005

Kek, they should’ve known what they were dealing with considering the creator, it was bound to be fujo centered

No. 281006

yeah, they're obsessed with the generic long hanfu and long black hair design and refuse to go out of their comfort zone and try something more unique. you can tell mxtx was an anime fan because at least for mdzs and tgcf she tried to give them some unique elements that makes them stand out a bit(wei wuxian wears a red ribbon, lan clan has the forehead ribbon + the rabbit motif, xie lian wears the white cloth around his neck, hua cheng is inspired by ethnic tribes and has a butterfly motif)

No. 281007

File: 1678223757974.jpeg (71.12 KB, 604x558, Image 07.03.23 at 22.14.jpeg)

>tfw you have no idea what nonnies are talking about when they complain about other fans policing their tastes because you're a friendless loser who doesn't use social media
Get on my level fujosisters.

No. 281008

We shouldn't engage her but it's weird to me that her argument went from "you are pedo menaces for liking yaoi" to "actually these characters are nothing like real boys but I still think you're sick in the head for some reason" she's so close to getting it lmao.
Oh that's cute, do you have her social media?

No. 281010

>but she would be reeing about super lovers or kaze to ki no uta being quintessential pedorape
Go back to her first post seething about black butler, that’s exactly what she was doing >>280847

No. 281011

File: 1678224065903.png (390.3 KB, 600x600, tumblr_nrln97F92P1txjkgvo1_r1_…)

You just reminded me that I love Chrom in FE Awakening, only played as the female MC and I hate, seeing Chrom/M!Robin art on my tl with a passion. I don't get it, I guess it's because I instinctly associate M!Robin with a specific type of retarded fans. It's not even like with M!Kamui, I like him as much as F!Kamui because I find both very cute, though I can marry my FE Fates husbando as both main characters so I guess that also helps. Pic semi-related.

No. 281012

>It's like they assign new personalities to them based on their looks and don't know what the character is like at all below surface level.
Genshinfag from >>280998 continuing, I remember the one yume from the Genshin thread who said she didn't give a shit about the canon personalities and in fact hated them so she made up her own and doesn't just read the story. I have such a hard time comprehending a mindset like this, it just doesn't make sense to me.

The more you know. For someone who hates fujos so much she sure spends a ton of time in this thread and lurking Fujochan while seething about Kuroshitsuji not being gay enough, maybe the woman has a bit of a forbidden obsession she's in denial about.

No. 281013

File: 1678224076168.png (26.04 KB, 617x686, 1484631683368.png)

nonnies I can't take it anymore where is the fucking yoi movie..

No. 281014

You are not baiting me into downloading a Disney gacha nonnies, my phone space is already running out thanks to nucarnival and-

No. 281016

File: 1678224337325.jpg (93.99 KB, 1200x1200, 1672041222864954.jpg)

NEVER EVER. Mappa is too busy making money with trashy zoomer shonen manga adaptations.

No. 281017

File: 1678224389782.jpeg (220.39 KB, 960x1280, A1E83A24-F688-4AEB-8830-23A7EA…)

It’s so good nona, you made the right choice

No. 281021

File: 1678224881168.png (287.29 KB, 1000x513, 1481856797505.png)

But are they even making money with it? Isn't yoi still their best seller? maybe they should have adapted loones tunes

No. 281022

File: 1678224910496.jpg (125.09 KB, 595x812, 20230206_114103.jpg)

Twst is kino, nonnie. The limited tsumtsum collab is starting in 2 days and it gives the tsums as furniture so nows a good time to start.

No. 281026

Okay that's it im getting it. Is the English version also voiced or only the jp one?

No. 281027

It sounds like she got into yaoi but doesn't want to be associated with shota, hence the denial that fujos can like shota and that black butler is "real" fujo content. She also has internalized misogyny that makes her seethe over filthy women lusting after her pure beautiful boys, so hetshippers, oneeshota, female characters like lizzie. I don't think she realizes how that mentality puts her closer to trooning out than the rest of us. I like to psychoanalyze her sometimes because it's obvious she can't stop thinking about what she supposedly hates, it's fascinating

No. 281028

what am I looking at

No. 281030

2 cute gyarus ♥

en is the same as jp with (more) english text and a different event schedule. is a solid translation better than any of the fan ones.

No. 281032

File: 1678227273035.jpg (20.97 KB, 289x146, excerpt.JPG)

Kek same. I use twitter and tumblr to post my art but I never got any negative comments or private hate messages either because nobody is friends with me.

I actively refuse to engage with fandoms much, since a lot of fans are very young or behave like it, so at best I retweet art but I don't talk or try to socialise besides saying thank you. There are too many people out there that are annoying as hell when you know them privately and I don't even want to hear about private issues, so I am not much into discords either. A lot of fandom drama comes from former friends that argued once and feel like canceling each other afterwards. Don't engage, don't suffer.

The only thing I get is funny character hate on tumblr, but that only motivates me to draw my favs and evil gay ships more often.

No. 281036

It already aired in the alternative history world that split off from our timeline somewhere in 2017.

Remember when we were so hopeful and believed that this was the dawn of m/m romances in non-romance anime and expected a bright future? Good times.

No. 281071

File: 1678229261490.jpeg (544.83 KB, 2048x1530, 1D00781F-AD9B-4B31-AF4D-09B719…)

English server keeps its japanese voice acting, it’s a bit behind the jpn server with the main story release and side content but they’re releasing content at a faster rate then the jpn server did so it’ll likely catch up sooner or later

No. 281077

>A lot of fandom drama comes from former friends that argued once and feel like canceling each other afterwards
kek, this is too true. my fandoms are small and niche so i'm very open to befriending anyone who interacts with me, so long as they're not an obvious lgbtq zoomer. id say about half the people i meet in fandom are batshit insane, the other half are chill people that i'm still friends with years later. just recently i got into an "argument" with an ex friend and she went to twitter trying to cancel and expose me all because i told her to stop seeking constant validation (this was going on for months). all of a sudden, personal drama turned into fandom drama just because she wanted to get me exiled from the fandom. i ignored it and didnt respond to the drama and nothing has happened to me tbh.

No. 281081

File: 1678230046857.jpg (130.28 KB, 720x900, FkC5EgWaYAAhWWl.jpg)

there's this yuu though, who is female. i think she looks based but i'll never forget /twist/ (vg thread) yumes crying about being unable to self-insert into her KEK
twas very typical
>wauuughhhh why can't women be short hyper feminine midgets with huge tits and cute high baby voices :(((

No. 281083

i don't feel like quoting anyone in particular but is terra e (the series) worth watching? is it sufficiently fujob8-y

No. 281087

They also made the shotaesque characters look older/more handsome in the second volume. It seemed like they did it specifically for the yumejo honestly, even more interesting considering Yana’s assistant worked on the first volume and it’s now been passed off to a brand new artist

No. 281089

File: 1678231072856.jpg (32.03 KB, 326x326, 1670207653961.jpg)

>first female yuu
>baby bulldyke
>kendo team captain at an all girls school
>more masculine in both physique and demeanor than most of the male characters
what she mean by this

No. 281091

seme (female)

No. 281098

Absolutely based

No. 281100

It's shippers like this that I want to grab by the shoulders and scream "just read some real BL!" I love non-canon shipping and sometimes I do think the authors try to push the ships they like, but if you're not reading/playing something that says its BL then you often just have to accept it's your own fan interpretation and have fun with fanworks. In my opinion a lot of the new fujos that are either tifs or are afraid of being """fetishizers""" are too scared to actually read actual BL because it means admitting that a genre written by women that just openly want to see men kiss with no ulterior motives actually can be really good at times. They think pushing gay ships for "representation" is morally better than reading actual gay smut so they're scared to admit that they're actually just like us and just want to see their favs get together.

No. 281128

It’s worth watching because it’s good but no there isn’t really much fujobait, Hagio’s Marginal might be the closest you get to 70s scifi with some actual BL influence

No. 281186

File: 1678257111602.jpg (275.83 KB, 1358x869, ANIME-PICTURES.NET_-_89714-135…)

Seconding that it's worth watching because it's genuinely very good, but I will argue that this motherfucker Keith Anyan is so fucking gay in everything he does. It's been a long time since I last watched it so I don't remember if he had a female love interest (vaguely remembering his interactions with Physis and a girl from his academy days but iirc it wasn't very romantic) but I do remember him being gay towards at LEAST three different guys (Sam Houston, Shiroe, and Matsuka) and the ending of the series is also very beautiful in a poetic sort of way that's a little gay if you squint. If you're purely watching it for gay content it rubs a bit dry but if you like good scifi dramas with vaguely gay undertones then it's a great time.

No. 281198

File: 1678260380385.jpg (237.42 KB, 1679x1503, D4EpNPSUIAEw-CL.jpg orig.jpg)

Unsurprisingly, the more international the fanbase, the more variety in designs.

No. 281227

Terra E is pretty good. The anime series is one of those where they add more material to it compared to the manga.

No. 281231

Imagine someone looking at Aster and being like "THAT'S A CHILD YOU PEDO".

>wauuughhhh why can't women be short hyper feminine midgets with huge tits and cute high baby voices :(((
Kek this is honestly why I can't stand most yumes, they call women who aren't hyperfeminine "man-looking (derogatory)" and demand all female protagonists to be princess-like wearing cute clothes and of course big honking tits to really drive the power fantasy home.

No. 281234

girl must be tiny and soft and the boy must be towering over

No. 281235

and if she's tall then she must be peak sex appeal to balance out the "manly" height

No. 281254

The weird thing is that BL nowadays is pretty "diverse". Like we are starting to get Live Action TV show of BL that aim for more mass appeal, or stuff like Hikaru or Kirakira that are basically BL on shounen magazine. Or even more serious BL, etc. For some reason BL hates are still stuck in the 90.

No. 281256

>o stop shipping something if it's not 100% voice-of-god-proven canon. What the hell?
I don't think it's a new thing at all. Telling fujos to stop "being delusional" is a tale of as times, see Eva or CCS discussions.

No. 281258

The problem is it’s now handmaidens/gendies who also like BL telling other fujos to stop being delusional because their way of liking BL is more correct and pure

No. 281260

Yeah and why can't we have a yume with two guys???? I would to love to see a three way pairing. Especially the inevitable hilarity.

No. 281271

File: 1678295129281.jpg (68.63 KB, 480x554, lost puppy.jpg)

The closer to canon a m/m pairing is, the more vicious and hysterical fanboys are in accusing fujos of being "delusional" kek, Eva fandom was/is notorious for this in particular(though I think this is exclusive to the western fandom, jp fanboys are usually more fixated on the girls themselves than pairing them with Shinji). Though I don't see how any CCS fan could pretend the gay stuff was anything other than unambiguously canon

No. 281275

yeah this is why i'm sometimes in the "make it canon" camp, to see fanboys seething and tearing up because their self-insert is gay

No. 281282

I've seen so many practically canon m/m ships get curbed by fanboys doing damage control and trying to turn black to white with their copeposting. The male characters could literally kiss on screen and they would still reason how it's not gay and fujos are being delusional like what happened with Promare. But the main male MC talking once to a waifu with big breasts? True love and as canon as canon can be. It gets hilarious at times, especially when they give up trying to convince anyone and then just deem the thing shit and overrated.

No. 281291

>a yume with two guys
I think I read a Samurai Champloo fanfic like this once.

No. 281293

'It's a Russian taunt' vibes

No. 281296

Honestly, I enjoy yumejo stuff too, and part of my issue with otome was the stories and characters are not nearly as diverse or interesting as BL. I always wanted a ML who is super fierce and can stand up for his/herself. Otome games rarely offer that. That's why BL will always be based.

No. 281297

my friend you have hundreds of romance stories and manga with a fierce female lead, like it's more common than any trope these days

No. 281298

now that I think about it this happens so fucking much, they really are projecting by calling us delusional. they always use the same "they're like brothers!" cope too

No. 281302

I think writers are more to blame for this than the audience.
If you live for decades and never see anybody ever canonically confirming two character to be gay but canon het ships everywhere you believe that nothing could actually be gay unless the writer directly say so or unless there is an actual kiss.

I prefer "non-canon" pairings so I am not saying they shouldn't be shipped. My point is that I have seen SO MANY fucking series with characters that felt so fucking gay and yet the fucking writers would always clarify later that "no, they are NOT gay, lol why would you think that?"
Sometimes two characters are gay for the whole series but the very last chapter will pair them up with women in this case. In other cases one of the two characters will suddenly blush or fap or do some other shit because of a woman and this why you will then get the annoying fans that asks why he hadn't done this with the other guy if they are so gay.

As much as they annoy me, their questions are sadly legit and the real answer is that the majority of writers and publishers is simply scared of canon gays because it might drive the haters away. This is why you get all these shows like Buddy Daddies with two guys that rise a child together, live together, have a chemistry but where one of them is absolutely confirmed to be horny for women. Yeah it might be supergay, but don't worry, it's not REALLY gay. This is what fiction is doing for decades.

I am not defending the haters that attack fujos and rule gay pairings out, but they aren't the only problem. The main problem is IMO media culture that prefers to treat gays or gay pairings as a joke or goes out of their way to deny that anything is canon wheras you never see them doing the same for popular het pairings. When people ask whether a het ship is canon they are always vague and saying some shit like "well, who knows? Maybe :)" or "we leave this open to fan interpretation!". While with m/m it's always some shit like "Haha lol no I never expected that anybody would see them as lovers! I just wrote them as friends lmao"

No. 281304

Reminder that Bosselot is canon and Kojima described them as falling in love with each other at first sight in MGS3 in that cutscene where Snake beats the fuck out of Ocelot and tells him he's "pretty good" while Ocelot passes out. In case any fanboy in denial comes here.

No. 281305

But then we just get more the other side of the spectrum which are the woke twitter users who want BL to only be the real gay experience and not a romance trope. I’d honestly rather have the men screeching at least I can tune them out

No. 281314

It's more about writers and show pitchers being scared of their show being cancelled or not greenlit at all because homophobia and misogyny are still huge in Japan and a show that features canonically gay couples still gets stuck in censorship unless they're really discreet and sly about it. In China you'll get jail time for portraying gay couples which is why danmei authors have to get their books printed in another country. It's not so black and white as "they just want to exploit us for fujobucks" but a more nuanced issue, the people to blame are the executives who will send an angry editor after you if your series becomes too gay, especially if you're a woman.

>While with m/m it's always some shit like "Haha lol no I never expected that anybody would see them as lovers! I just wrote them as friends lmao"

I honestly see less and less of this happening. It's more often them saying "we wanted to leave them up for the audience's interpretation" or "they're meant to be soulmates" which is basically admitting that they're gay without spelling it out.

No. 281317

File: 1678305012543.png (259.87 KB, 401x576, 1566402177203.png)

I never played the Tellius games because I'm an awakening newfag but iirc the translators found these two way too gay for each other, tried to make the green haired princess seem like a love interest for Ike in the first game and changed some dialogs between Ike and Soren and yet many Western fans still noticed how blatantly gay they are for each other, right? Correct me if I'm wrong. I'm saying "Western" fans because usually with Nintendo games Nintendo of America takes care of "localization" and the European versions are perfect translations of the Americanized script.

For some reason you'd think that now they wouldn't mind keep gay shit into the games because it's less risky from a marketing point of view and way more accepted than before by the general population, yet Treehouse specifically toned down the first explicitly gay romances in FE Fates despite the protagonist being able to marry Niles and Rhajat regardless of the gender chosen, they toned down some of the subtext in FE3H and apparently they made many S supports platonic in Engage so that the 16/17 years old protagonist can marry a 40yo guy but not a fellow 16/17 character, including characters of the same sex. What's up with that? Fans are asking for more gay pairings after all.

No. 281318

File: 1678305280461.jpg (64.35 KB, 1200x719, D241MzIUkAAhLSE.jpg)

>In China you'll get jail time for portraying gay couples
Not true. It just won't get published in the printed form. You can go to jail for disseminating porn though. And their definition of porn is 'anything that has detailed sex, no matter if it's only one page from a 500+ page novel'.

No. 281329

You're correct, that's exactly what happened with the first Tellius game, Path of Radiance. They tried to invent romantic tension between Ike and Elincia, going as far as changing the dialogue of one of their supports(IIRC the NoA version has Ike say protecting Elincia and securing her crown is more than a job to him, but the jp version he's just like "yeah I'll see this through it's my job after all" kek). He clearly respects and cares about her, but there's no romantic interest on his part and it's made clear time and time again he has no romantic/sexual interest in women at all. Elincia arguably has a little crush on him, but it's gone by the next game and she marries a different guy. Meanwhile Ike and Soren are constantly talking about/worrying over/protecting one another, and they run away together at the end and have a special cutscene before the final map where they hug and Soren cries in Ike's arms. Totally just bros! Soren getting added to Engage(and Ike flirting with him during his recruitment map) ignited this debate for the 1313901th time, and fanboys are coping just as hard as they did in 2008. Mfs really look at a base conversation meant to highlight how Ike does not have interest in women–where he's talking with the token skirt chaser character who asks him if he thinks the "flowers"(castle maidens) are pretty, and Ike thinks he's talking about the literal flowers and loses interest when he figures out what the other guy is actually saying–and use it as proof of Ike's heterosexuality. Not really surprising when you realize how low men score on reading comprehension tests compared to women, but it's still really funny.

I'm not quite sure how much of 3H/Engage they changed aside from the 16/17 year old characters getting platonic life partner-zoned, which I agree is stupid. If Alear is physically 17 and behaves/looks as such, there's nothing wrong with her/him getting with someone of the same age. It's not like in Fates where the teenage couples immediately fuck and get pregnant and send their baby to the hyperbolic child realm to grow up alone, they could easily just write it off as them getting engaged to get married at some point in the future. I understand removing the romantic implications from Anna and Jean's endings since they're preteens, but the others are fine. Though this time around the same-sex options that they kept are pretty good at least.

No. 281330

File: 1678307772177.jpg (162.1 KB, 720x1024, cover (1).jpg)

Is that it nonnie? What could help you find it is writing prostitution on mangag* and browse through them or any key word that comes to your mind. Sorry I wish I could help more.
Could it be haradas yoru to asa or any of her works? Doesn't quite fit though.

No. 281331

Yeah this. I think that the writers sometimes want it or that they would be okay with it, otherwise you wouldn't get single gay characters or hints to begin with. But the editor probably says that it should not go too far or if one of the dudes is openly gay that the guy he is into should visibly reject or avoid him (maybe played a joke to not make it too mean) or have a female love interest in fear of having what would basically a gay couple.

No. 281334

In 3H I was playing with the Japanese voices and the localized French subtitles and you'll have shit like
>A+ support with Annette and Mercedes, Annette and Mercedes become friends again after an argument and in Japanese Annette says she loves or likes Mercedes a lot (with 大好き so it's ambiguous on purpose), this got changed with Annette saying that she loves Mercedes' cooking skills or some shit
>Felix is ofte sarcastic and tsundere with everyone and his A+ support in Japanese with Sylvain is an exception when he's very straight forward. Sylvain is injured after protecting Felix in battle, tries to joke with him by pretending to be suffering a lot from it when he's bedridden but doing ok. Felix tells him he's relieved he's doing ok, and to NOT throw his life away for him because he promised him that they would die together (of old age), implying he deeply cares about him. Sylvain says he'll be careful, thanks, yadda yadda, it's pretty cute and ambiguous enough for straight men with no comprehension skill, but obvious enough to be at least fujobait. In the localization, Felix tells Sylvain that he can die anytime for all he cares, and when he thanks him for protecting him, Sylvain says "it's what friends are for" which doesn't match the Japanese voice acting AT ALL
>btw for context in their paired ending in the Blue Lions route they do die together of old age, perfectly synchronized like promised, and it's not stated anywhere that they married anyone else
>Sylvain is a bi slut, Ingrid yells at him that he was even hitting on a crossdressing guy when he was younger without even noticing what was wrong, other students hear that and go "wait Sylvain also goes after guys??", in other languages the crossdressing guy is replaced with a scarecrow which makes Sylvain seem like a regular retard instead of a desperate slut like in literally all his other supports

I'm not interested in Musou games but apparently 8-4 localized that game and I've seen people on twitter saying it's way gayer. No clue if that's true and I'm not checking that myself.

No. 281340

File: 1678309401350.jpg (683.2 KB, 840x1120, jinx.jpg)

Anyone else hate this story?

No. 281344

So all my chinese fujo sisters are outlaws? based

No. 281345

I think the author is based for shitting on her BJ Alex fanbase with this new series.

No. 281347

horrible story. i will be tuning in every week

No. 281352

It’s funny that the French have a stereotype of being homosexual in America.

No. 281363

tbh from what I've gathered everyone outside of the American continent seems to be gay to the average American. Because Japanese franchises were shit talked for years or even decades and still are by American journalists and media because "Cloud and Tidus look GAY and effeminate, why are they pretty and why do they show emotions towards their friends exdee" and "raiden (the most hetero character in MGS) is a gay faggot because he's pretty, big boss (canonically attracted to Ocelot) is better". I've seen a shit ton of Americans online genuinely saying that British men seem gayer than American ones because of very random reasons too, same with Italians and Spanish men. Very strange.

No. 281370

Certain men have a tendency to insult anything that may possibly appeal to women as "gay". Boyband groups with a lot of fangirls? Gay. Solo male artist with a lot of fangirls? Gay. Bishounen designs that appeal to women? Gay. Emotional intelligence? Gay. European Accents? Europeans are gay. Remember when a man who does the bare minimum of having a sense of style and a decent haircut and basic hygiene was called "metrosexual"?

Anyway. If the audience of bara vs bl is anything to go by, you'd think grotesquely muscled meatheads and bears would be the absolute gayest thing but instead it's fine and 'manly'. Then men collectively whine and cry online about how women have such terribly unrealistic body muscle standards.

No. 281372

No. 281383

God yes please. I sometimes post there but it's so slow that I am afraid everybody will know that the mass bumper is all me since I post in like 30 threads when I visit it and suddenly you have tons of threads with posts all made within the same two hours on a board that feels like it's getting three posts per day lmao

No. 281384

The super "masculinity" is what made most comics unreadable. Not all, but the ones I had the joy to read as a kid and teen. Nobody had feelings, emotions were never shown, like when the best friend of the MC was killed you had ONE single panel with MC fighting, the friend getting shot in the background AND MC saying "Oh no they shot [name]!", then the next panel was like "He is dead! Damn you villain, you will pay for this!" and the story moved on. Everybody talked in one liners too. It was like ads more than people.
Compare that with manga where a death scene can stretch over half of a chapter, emotional and important scenes be a giant doublespread, big panels for reactions where you only see a characters shocked face and MCs that are supposed to be actually relatable instead of a robot that spews sayings, cool heroic phrases and orders and absolutely nothing else because being human is gay.

No. 281404

I've been posting there, too. I feel super depressed the BL board got a virus and a lot of the stuff was deleted, though. Nothing we can do now.

No. 281425

It sucks lol. This kind of rapey torture porn is only good if something changes the status quo big time. I want the uke to go crazy and stab the seme or the seme to beg on his knees for the uke or something lmao.

No. 281430

File: 1678354043004.jpg (219.5 KB, 836x735, 0230309-111738.jpg)

actually, i think himejos/enbys/trannies shitting on fujos are probably worse than fanboys, they are literally obsessed with us. they will hate a fujo ship even if it hits all the woke points solely because it's POPULAR and then go and pretend a het ship is better just to show how morally superior they are. the most obnoxious and vile type of person, modern day nlogs in denial

No. 281436

> Though I don't see how any CCS fan could pretend the gay stuff was anything other than unambiguously canon
Oh anon, you are severally underestimating how dumb the average straight dude is. But honestly is just boils down to homophobia, people don't want to see gay shit in their work "normal" work and come up with all these stuff why shit isn't gay. That's why you often say "this isn't BL so isn't gay", they are "fine" with gay stuff as long it's gated in BL.

No. 281437

>I think writers are more to blame for this than the audience.
>If you live for decades and never see anybody ever canonically confirming two character to be gay but canon het ships everywhere you believe that nothing could actually be gay unless the writer directly say so or unless there is an actual kiss.

It's not an unfair criticism but let's not pretend writers have complete 100% freedom to write gay stuff.

No. 281445

People really hate seeing women deviate from the norm, it's insane. Also these women are just mad that they have chosen to side themselves with people who will shit on them for being who they are, women who like watching men fuck other men. You never see moids shit on each other over their preferred fetish, but women have to chop their tits before admitting they like boys kissing lmao female socialization not even once.

No. 281448

It's because of the homophobia of an averge audience member that nothing gets confirmed as gay or else the franchise is ruined and branded forever as "that gay shit". Just look at the amount of people who lose their minds over even a passing mention of a gay character in a movie/TV series, they'll go on spiels about how "everything has to be gay these days" still without being able to name a single actual gay couple from recent mainstream media, just vague implications. In Japan in particular mangakas have to go above and beyond assuring people that this isn't a BL series (even if it has very strong gay overtones) because else they'll get thrown to fujo jail unable to ever recover. There's a reason why so many BL mangakas don't show their faces and work under a pen name, people think homophobia and misogyny are over and done with but actually it's far from it.

Also I really fucking hate the "99% of the population is straight so of course [character] is more likely to be straight". It's so ridiculous I really don't even know what to say to it other than I hope you're "unable to suspend your disbelief" with a lot of other things found in fiction as well.

No. 281452

>You never see moids shit on each other over their preferred fetish
they do, like with footfags and ponyshitters but it's wild to compare a tame interest like BL to depraved moids and even in that case, i feel like it's more of a "lol weirdo" or "lol faggot" case instead of tormenting them like anti-fujos and woketards do to fujos
>"99% of the population is straight so of course [character] is more likely to be straight"
most of the population is also boring as fuck, who wants to see stories about average joes doing office work? how many real people look and act like anime characters anyway

No. 281456

The most male waifufags as a whole do to male yurifags is banter online and that's it. They don't cancel each other or spam the other with gore or anything like that, unlike trannies do to fujos.

No. 281463

Racism, violence, and overall brutality is rampant in porn. Everyone knows many of the real live women and children in porn are human trafficking victims. Men have started to normalized chocking their partners and imitating other acts of violence against women.

And yet somehow the biggest moral crusade online is against women who create gay comics and fanfiction in their own corners. All anyone ever hears against porn is radio silence or worse "teehee don't kinkshame uwu" or glamorization of camming/sugaring/etc., to trick more young women into prostitution.

No. 281466

Anon, they fucking hate each other. The only reason why they don't spam gore is because they don't want to risk a ban.

No. 281468

The male waifufag and yurifag venn diagram is a near circle. They don't see lesbian relationships as actual love but something they can exploit for cooming, and the girls will both fuck him because he's special and his magical dick will cure lesbianism.

No. 281484

But this is a 4chan autism thing, most male weebs don't care if someone is a yurifag

No. 281485

File: 1678375259517.png (475.39 KB, 564x833, unknown.png)

Now that I have money I'm buying up all of my favorite DJs I've read over the years. Nonas recommend me some of your favorites!

No. 281515

File: 1678381788748.png (992.56 KB, 1345x1920, index.png)

Kek, this reminds me of the last Hanako chapter. Literally saw people describing this as a "tragic friendship" and "I see no romantic angle in these scenes?"

But I feel like Yuri on Ice was a special case. It's like everyone called it gay shit but they argue it "fujobait". It's like it doesn't matter how gay it is, as long they don't get to think that characters are ACKTUALLY having gay sex it can be as gay as it wants.

No. 281517

Hating on yuri stuff is more of 4chan thing I think, because they perceive it as a political statement or something. Dumb /pol/ behaviors.

No. 281530

>and the girls will both fuck him because he's special and his magical dick will cure lesbianism.
Why can't female otaku be like that, especially yumejoshi? 'Straight for you' should be a thing.

No. 281531

Some /a/nons hate yurishitters because they invade threads with low-quality yurishipping, killing all discussion.

No. 281532

Because it sounds disgusting. Take this hetshitting outside the fujo thread.

No. 281538

>straight for you
that's 95% of men, i swear you guys are so greedy. why would you even yumejo a BL guy?

No. 281539

File: 1678387558972.jpg (71.61 KB, 680x680, FqsBvq9aIAYH5tC.jpg)

This stuff reminds me of the historian memes. Same mindset.

No. 281540

I'm just giving them suggestions in case they are lurking.

No. 281541

>inb4 a tranny and his wife

No. 281542

File: 1678387960740.jpg (528.9 KB, 1120x1600, 030.jpg)

>The super "masculinity" is what made most comics unreadable.
For me it's the panelling and the text bubbles. It's more tiresome than reading a book.

No. 281543

KEK no anon homosexuality was supposed to be a modern feminist psyop!!! achilles and patroclus were just bestest of friends no homo!!!

No. 281547

on god just write a book if you're going to use that much text… entire point of comics is making full use of the visuals

No. 281551

File: 1678393194759.gif (818.2 KB, 260x146, it's an allegory for something…)

As part of a fandom notorious for coping the gay away(Eva) I should've known, but it's always surprising to see how hard they can contort themselves into pretzels denying the obvious. If a mutual love confessions, Kaworu being an official love interest in side material and the weird metaphorical sex they have in EoE can be handwaved as just bros being bros, then I guess anything can.
Modern anti-fujos are just as insufferable as the classic anti-fujos, but with none of the cringey charm the latter had. Not anime related but I saw one saying how it was bad that Will Byers from Stranger Things was confirmed gay since there was already enough gay rep with the canon lesbian character, and Will was just "giving perverted fujoshi what they want". It's like they care more about dunking on fujos than the actual source material they claim to be "protecting" from us.

No. 281552

>enough gay rep with the canon lesbian character
they claim they're pro-lgbt but when dunking on fujos they suddenly start sounding like conservative boomers

No. 281566

pakianon gtfo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 281571

I think these people literally just hate gay stuff but saying so wouldn't get them any clout and moral points outside of altright circles so they pretend they hate gay pairings because "fujos"
Notice how these people never ever like any gay ships at all unless it's MAYBE some trans "gay" pairing that is actually het. They sometimes latch onto popular gay ships but only to turn one of the guys into a woman in one way or another.

No. 281572

File: 1678398055645.png (53.5 KB, 341x299, jingyeet.png)

No. 281575

File: 1678398679363.jpg (828.9 KB, 1920x1080, 1674771276500499.jpg)

I like yuri but I really despise this new wave of male yurishitters that /a/ has attracted in recent years because they can't stop hating on BL and fujos and will come into every thread to call it dead, fujos a problem of the past and declare that yuri is the future and talk about Bocchi and Lycoris. They are even in threads for het series or 0-romance anime and call them shit because it isn't yuri.
And with all that it's 100% obvious that they are otaku that coom to a bunch of pretty girls and consider it the future of harem and unlike fujos they rarely enjoy the pairings, it's more about having a harem of "pure" girls that interested touching (other) men.

I also hate them because they shit up yuri threads too. Every damn thread starts with "is this yuri?" and then some sperg will dump the same 50 shitty fanarts he saved and the rest will say shit like "x is y's wife" and "y's hot lesbian tits OMG my peeenis" and you literally cannot discuss the plot and they lose their shit every time a male character appears on screen even if he's literally just the uncle or the villain because it makes them insecure.

Sorry for the rant I didn't even plan to participate in that discussion but I have nowhere else to vent, read N+Chiral shit etc. it's good, right now there are sadly no actual gay MCs but I enjoy Revengers so far and Rei from Buddy Daddies is kinda hot IMO.

No. 281576

Yeah same lol
I have no issue reading a ton of books, but just looking at this makes my eyes and brain hurt. Either make a story for a visual type of media or write a novel.
Also I swear I am just blind and autistic, but 90% of all old comics look exactly the same to me.

No. 281610

the yurifag discussion was originally about how male yurifags are rarely ever persecuted and harassed over them liking anime "lesbian", while you can get cancelled and treated much worse by the woke crowd just for saying you're a straight woman who likes gay anime boys. I don't know why those people never go against moid yurifags, probably because said yurifags are all troons

No. 281616

Newfag? Lurk more..

No. 281617

File: 1678416756702.png (510.93 KB, 842x595, 55534903_p10.png)

Somehow this actually scares me.

No. 281618

File: 1678416863312.jpg (Spoiler Image,337.69 KB, 998x814, ehYQbpy.jpg)

Ennead just got updated! finally something to look forward to in my life

No. 281622