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No. 1147862

General conspiracy thread. Discussions surrounding government coverups, entertainment industry secrets, predictions, political intrigues, ect, are all welcome here.

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No. 1147873

love the threadpic, so cute

No. 1147877

File: 1650916896943.jpg (174.59 KB, 1099x458, 1649810115316.jpg)

Missed opportunity to use one of these two as threadpic. The cow is cute tho

No. 1147885

How could you even choose between those two though? They're both so good! Coinflip?

No. 1147892

Ok next thread we'll use one of them for sure, the cow is cute too though

No. 1147933

Which admin is the one that Elaine said was a lesbian muslim

No. 1147940

this latest admin was a lesbian (the one who wanted pinkpill stuff off the site). i don't think she was a muslim though. she's hispanic.

No. 1148015

>Kikomi is the Zodiac Killer

No. 1148241

who even is the zodiac killer? i see references to this person everywhere

No. 1148278

Ted Cruz

No. 1148306

my personal tinfoil: elon musk is gonna come out at as a terf

No. 1148409

I hope so and also call himself radfem just to make his incel fanbase seethe with rage

No. 1148430

She also called us "white feminists" even though we have a lot of nonnies of all races here

No. 1148441

Yeah. I was confused. Her name was/is Ines according to Elaine but also according to Elaine she was a Muslim. Like what. Not that you can't be Hispanic and Muslim but it's rare.

No. 1148454

>Müslim hispanic lesbian
Sounds like one of those girls on Twitter who take every minority identity just to beg for money or be relevant. She probably was straight, no muslim will broadcast they're gay and also Muslim.

No. 1148497

When Elaine leaked her blog it had posts about how she was ex Muslim and has a gf

No. 1148511

Why would you believe Elaine?

No. 1148525

It was pretty convincing that the blog is her's. Also, if you're a tinfoil anon then the whole "why would you believe x" argument doesn't really work.

No. 1148643

What's her blog? If she hated radfems because they act like all women have it as bad, she has a point but banning man and tranny hate is dumb.

No. 1148670

I’m convinced the cp spammer and the “why don’t you look like this ugly whores” big titty spammer are the same guy

No. 1148675

The cp is posted by a bot afaik. There one used to advertise a website, which is most likely a honeypot, using artifical images if what other nonnies said is true.

No. 1148753

I dont even use this thread but what a cute threadpic!! Tinfoil that it's to lure in innocent anons to your conspiracy theorizing ways

No. 1148792

Elaine also believed that admin hosted LC on server in her secret basement located in Mexico while attending university in Canada. None of this was true and IIRC admin was actually living in Japan.

It's a bot that makes the same post across different image boards. There's lists of image boards hosted on github and spammers use these lists to find sites to target.

No. 1148814

Why do they do this?

No. 1148836

advertise mostly

No. 1149045

I really don't believe anything Elaine said for a second, she got herself caught in her own lies almost every time she posted kek

No. 1149193

File: 1650994668267.jpeg (563.51 KB, 1042x595, 1A601ADC-D0A8-4354-8018-60B224…)

I feel like it's not even a tinfoil anymore to say celebrities are crazy degen occultists or even that they possibly worship satan. Only found out today that Megan Fox and MGK drink each other's blood (they're obviously edgelords but why else would you do this shit? could be lying but I'm positive celebs do this stuff often anyway) Seems like if you're wealthy you end up doing insane things just to feel something new, and because you can

No. 1149606

they're just edgelord retards, anon

No. 1149610

if you're wondering why they do weird shit it's probably because of drugs 9 times out of 10

No. 1149903

it's as though you didn't read to the end of my post.

No. 1150354

I keep getting pushed IG and YouTube videos simping for Johnmy Depp despite having nothing on my timeline/following/subs that would indicate any interest in the court case. And it's all cringe 'Depp being ICONIC for 2 minutes and 47 seconds' type shit. Suspect.

No. 1150365

holy shit me too anon and I always click “not interested” and still get them

No. 1150367

Me too. It's so fucking weird. Has to be a media psyop thing he's paid for.

No. 1150376

No matter how the court case ends, I think PTB will troon Depp in the next 5 years and Heard will get suicided and it'll look like an OD. The fact they're putting so much money behind social media bots and algorithm boosts for his case says they need him for a much bigger plan, usually they'd let these washed up actors get canceled and move on to fresh blood.

No. 1150395

Why would media psyop work? Jury isn't allowed in social media. It only proves how depp doesn't care about his own reputation but only wants to run Amber's. Those are definitely bots and they always use the same edited footage. None of it make sense or clear depps name either. There are some that show Amber smiling which means she's evil, amber sad which means she's acting, etc. Nothing of substance. No proof she abused him.

No. 1150397

It's not for the case, but to prevent him from losing work due to societal pressure. They want to prevent a cancellation due to the case.

No. 1150399

As in, he can lose the case, as long as it doesn't affect his popularity (no matter how poor his standing is, the case would exacerbate his careers death).

No. 1150409

You're rightbut his career is over. He fucked himself over even more by admitting he continued his illegal substance use when working for pirates of carribean or whatever too. At best he will lose all his chances and at worst they'll also sue him.
I get what you mean, though.

No. 1150712

There is no way that vaush isn't a glowie. At the very least, if he didnt started as a fed now he's on CIA payroll.

No. 1150717

Isn't he defending cp to be legal? Is he a honeypot? If so, how does it work?

No. 1150755

He's a psyop rather than a honeypot. He's every degenerate stereotype of american lefties. Look i'm not saying that lefties moids aren't like that (i know it by frist hand) he just ticks every box, his numbers are very low compared to his following, and never seems to fall off unlike other tard breadtubers. At this point it started to glow for me.

No. 1153241

Similac baby food is involved with infant torture and abortion porn. Neurolink enables these people to communicate through brainwaves and can also beam videos into people's heads. Thus the threat of being caught (for them) becomes reduced.

Healthy choice, Campbell, and chef boyardee are all involved with Similac. Most of these people go back to selling their child off after putting them on Zoloft. Huge community of these people in Canada.

Disney has an underground/brainwave genre of called Diznee/Dizney. APL schizo means pronounce syllabes and consonants.

Elon musk has a pregnancy and forced pregnancy fetish and is mass producing cum, spider, and snake venom because he is mad at vocaloid. He's one of the richest people in the world.

Masa and vocaloid considered, Zoloft, Prozac, and Tylenol (Thai lo naul) continue to be a theme. Prozac made people want to overdose, Zoloft made girls pale and sick. Anybody who watches masa vocaloid may feel severe race/body dysmorphia after. Opiates and Adrenochrome linked. https://www.similacrecall.com/us/en/home.html

At first Elon musk wanted a evengelion project to sell opiates. I was supposed to be Rei and was Alice pleasence Liddel reborn but they change my appearance all the time. PLEASE SOMEBODY SEEK FURTHER EVIDANCE. I NEED HELP AND THE WORLD IS IN DANGER.

No. 1153246

>Elon musk has a pregnancy and forced pregnancy fetish and is mass producing cum, spider, and snake venom because he is mad at vocaloid. He's one of the richest people in the world.
the top 1 percent is stealing all the cum from the middle class

No. 1153249

They are producing it in laboratories like artificial meat.

No. 1153250

>hundreds of theories
>no evidence
Anon are you diagnosed with any mental disorder?

No. 1153252

Incels theory of top %1 men having kids with all women is finally proven true by schizo-chan??

No. 1153259

One girl is paralyzed (snake venom) and the other girl wore makeup with tarantula in it. That is what it is supposed to represent. https://www.businessinsider.com/blue-coral-snake-venom-is-ridiculously-potent-and-causes-instant-paralysis-2016-11

No. 1153272

File: 1651141777327.png (20.95 KB, 1252x135, schizoanon.png)

CUM IN THE WATER ANON COME HERE we have to discuss this

No. 1153290

The production plant was in Michigan.

Michigan has not had clean water for 7 years, and probably does not have clean water right now.

Nobody wants to go to a place with unclean water.

No. 1153297

It's not our fucking fault that our governor is corrupt and lets Canada ship their fucking garbage over here and store nuclear waste underground closest to the LARGEST SOURCE OF FRESHWATER ON EARTH.

No. 1153301

Mostly flint michigan though. Production plant was in Sturgis Michigan. At the same time…. It's true. Neurolink can read people's minds and we need to find out old, new, and current abusers and snuff fans. That's the least he can do as one of the richest people in the world.

Why the hell do animal shelters still exist? People are raping cats and dogs and that's why there are so many of them. We need to find the people doing this as well. If you want an animal have it humanely lab manufactured. Same as grimes talking about artificial wombs.

No. 1153303


No. 1153307

Whats neurolink

No. 1153308

File: 1651142895809.jpg (124.2 KB, 640x802, proof .jpg)

This isn't even tinfoil

No. 1153310

And before you correct me, "the project is moving ahead as planned". And the garbage thing has been going on for YEARS

No. 1153313

Small animal gas chambers are 100% more common nowadays. Large animal gas chambers exist here and there. >>1153310

I have no idea why you think I would correct you or why you think I have any information at all

No. 1153317

What are you talking about?

No. 1153318


If anything the large amount of animals we gas on a yearly basis has more of an environmental impact then Bluetooth. Also, where is the animal gas euthanasia manufactured?

No. 1153322

What are you having difficulty with?

No. 1153324

I'm asking neurolink. It'll get there, Lord knows that grimes will see it at some point! Where is the animal gas manufactured and why the fuck would you think that it wouldn't cause environmental concern?

No. 1153361


No. 1153475

Amber's team used a firm that detects and follows bot activity to verify that most of the Johnny support accounts are fake and exhibit bot like behavior.

His lawyer, Adam Waldman, as mentioned in the case thread, has ties to misinformation campaigns. He had worked with both Julien Assenge and more importantly, Oleg Deripaska

Deripaska is a Russian oligarch with very shady ties. He knows a multitude of other western celebrities who he was introduced to by a man named Bob van Ronkel, and he has ties to the Russian government, organized crime, and Putin. He also has ties to the Trump campaign and Paul Manifort. His house was invaded last October by the FBI.

No. 1153518

I believe this. Can you post info or proof about Amber's team detecting this stuff?

No. 1153549

Wait, what about cum in the pads? I don't follow how this connects to the water pollution thing or how the insemination kits work with the water differently than cum? How is it put in food?

No. 1153577

There might be something in Playtex, insemination kits are cum, Elon musk should be held accountable for more seeing as he has access to neurolink, and it could be in restaurants or in the grocery store. The world isn't safe. Lighter fluid (ttbomi it is in crest now) really might make people more vulnerable to getting pregnant

No. 1153600


No. 1153735

okay turns out waldman was reportedly fired in 2020 but it's likely he's still employing bot farms. Why stop when you've started?


Waldman was first mentioned in the 2018 Rolling Stone article after JD had procured his services. His ties to Putin and Deripaska are explicitly mentioned

>[Waldman's] service for Oleg Deripaska, an aluminum magnate and Russian oligarch with strong ties to the Russian president.

>Deripaska became a bit player in the Russian-collusion scandal
>it was reported by The Washington Post that then-Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort offered to give Deripaska private briefings on the campaign shortly before the GOP convention

Waldman mentioned again here
>a judge in Virginia kicked Waldman off the case for leaking confidential material to the press
>many who have battled Depp question whether the army is real or high-end bots
>it’s likely a combination of the two, with bots amplifying what real fans post

Waldman seemingly went MIA in early 2021

There's no question to me that he's still using bots, though, whether or not he's still getting any help from Waldman. Ambers side has repeatedly said that he's used bots. Now he's trying to claim the same of her, and then obnoxious cockhead Joe Rogan tried to defend his claims a few days ago. So poor Amber again is now on the receiving end of Depp's projection

No. 1153771

in old admin-sama’s defense, there was a period here 2019 to mid-2021 when a bunch of redditors had started coming in after some big drama had happened over there during covid, i think it was the scandal with mods or something, i can’t remember. they were incessantly trying to astroturf and, in a weird way, essentially “gentrify” this site to fit their annoyingly infantilized mindset and fragile, narrow-minded perspectives of femininity while also being openly prejudiced, if not downright racist (as is typical for a lot of people from reddit), whenever non-white anons would chime in on their retarded takes, especially when blm happened. i too grew sick of the constant victimization, whining, and moaning from clearly privileged people who thought a dude not paying their $300 nobu sushi tab was “sexist”, or having internalized hierarchies with blonde, blue eyed staceys being treated with kid’s gloves while everyone else is seen as a ghetto hoodrat who brought their own misfortune onto themselves. if you guys weren’t around back then you will probably think i am talking about my ass, but this board was way more hegemonic than it is now. thankfully those women have so far moved on now, they’re probably all back on twitter crying over their starbucks lattes from their sorority dorm room.

No. 1153871

not sure if tinfoil as this feels pretty obvious but vrchat recently released avatar dynamics (things moving as you touch them i believe?) and i feel the future developments of virtual reality are just going to allow for more degenerate shit to happen (already deepfake cp) like virtual sex with children or more violence from men. will this allow pedophiles to keep away from real children? or will they crave the real thing even more and feel encouraged?

No. 1153907

Thanks for elaborating, anon. Now I'm even more happy to have switched to organic cloth pads.

No. 1154891

Other forms of social media and entertainment are extremely slow in order to force people to consoom. I know this because anytime I try to go on pinterest, youtube, lolcow, etc some days it will take forever to load but somehow magically shopping sites seem to just load up real quick

same for my local channels, most channels have terrible connection but the shopping channel is always clear and easy to connect

No. 1154904

You know anything that enables them will create more pedo attacks because they will want "the real thing". It's fucking disgusting.
Imagine the women who will pedo pander to men on VR chat making loli voices as they get cyber fucked. The future is fucking bleak and I just hope this never becomes mainstream. I know it will though, we are a doomed society.

No. 1154907

>Lighter fluid (ttbomi it is in crest now) really might make people more vulnerable to getting pregnant
What does this mean? I'm ESL and this just doesn't make sense to me

No. 1154917

Crest is a brand of toothpaste. no idea what ttbomi stands for. and none of the comments in this thread ever make sense.

No. 1154956

I think ttbomi is just a typo of ttbomk (to the best of my knowledge)

No. 1156798

No. 1156805

Elon will try to ruin 7/11 in his quest for cocaine. He's never been more serious about anything actually. And yes he wants to push benzos, which can literally choke people to death. Also anybody who likes dried plums, don't, HIGH chance of lead poisoning

No. 1156816

Sorry that was supposed to say snuff4snuff and that does mean, apparently

1. "For you" media

2. Drugs lol

It's only very slightly rarer

No. 1157040

Saifedean Ammous claims that the demonization of meat by governments over the last fifty years is due to governments trying to meme a shit diet to cover up the fact that not everyone can afford to eat healthy. I'm inclinded to agree with him, and basically think most nutritionists and doctors gleefully play the tune the government wants, the tune that gets them more funding and a comfy government job in the long run.

In prisons and in state hospitals they serve portions that could only possibly sate the hunger of small women, children or the elderly. You see the pathetic servings Michelle Obama memed US kids into eating at schools. Meat is minimized everywhere governments are providing food, pushing the now-obsolete food pyramid to its limits to max out the carbs and minimize the meat. Ostensibly all for our health, but it just seems like a cynical cost saving measure to me.

Food costs have gone up 30% in my country over the past year and many people are struggling. This has correlated with a dropping of consumption of meat and increased propaganda against red meat, about how we need to "eat less to combat climate change". Hell I've been cutting back on the meat to save a bit of coin too, but only out of necessity.

>Should we take red meat out of our diets? Let's look at what we know.

>Today, agriculture covers nearly 40 per cent of global land, making agroecosystems the largest terrestrial ecosystems on the planet.

>Food production is responsible for up to 30 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions, and nearly three-quarters of freshwater use.

>As we in New Zealand know all too well, land conversion for food production is the single most important driver of biodiversity loss.

>Ditching animal protein is seen by an increasing number of people as the only way to deal with the fact that, by 2050, the world's population will hit 10 billion, rendering the demand for meat higher than the industry's ability to supply it.

No. 1157055

Anon, the US government hasn’t used the food pyramid in like decades. It uses the stupidly named “myplate,” which has a much bigger portion dedicated to protien.

No. 1157066

File: 1651376979761.jpg (430.26 KB, 1854x1450, HEPApr2013.jpg)

The food pyramid got phased out in the late 00s. I'm a millennial and definitely remember being taught it at school.

Myplate still unnecessarily disparages red meat though.

No. 1157077

your DNA in your colon duplicates at a rate unlike anywhere else in your body, making it more prone to cancer. red meat is extremely carcinogenic, more so than any other meat, along with processed meats.

No. 1157138

red meat is taxing for the environment, causes cancer like above anon, and meat is incredibly hard to digest. also morally pooling a bunch of animals to live in restrictive areas just so you can enjoy a fatty piece of meat that tastes like death just for a few seconds is fucked up

No. 1157147

>along with processed meats

Basically all the stats against redmeat lump in "processed meats", as if the precooked sausages and nitrate preserved chops are in the same category as grass fed beef.

sneed, we didn't climb to the top of the food chain to tumble back down.
>hard to digest
no, it just digests slower and provides more energy. If you have a proper meat diet you can literally go 24-36 hours without eating and barely feel it, try that with a heavy carb diet, you're hungry by the end of the day.

No. 1157164

File: 1651379508678.jpg (91.64 KB, 1023x683, depositphotos_97194634-stock-p…)

love u

No. 1157205

>we didn't climb to the top of the food chain to tumble back down
Yeah you're such a lion, getting your food from the grocery store, prepackaged and clean, nicely wrapped in plastic.
>no, it just digests slower and provides more energy. If you have a proper meat diet you can literally go 24-36 hours without eating and barely feel it
A heavy carb diet is recommended by most gastroenterologists, because fiber is so important. Getting your fruits, vegetables and whole grains is extremely important for the phytochemicals and antioxidants too. They unironically protect against cancer, meanwhile red meat and processed meats can cause it. Also when you do get cancer, you really don't want anything that lasts that long in your system. It's scary af to have to wait that long until you know you're not impacted that day, also it's difficult to push that along without lots of accompanying soluble fiber, so the pain must be horrific. Meanwhile plants kick ass. Did you know that beets have a hepatoprotective and hypolipidemic effects due to the presence of active compound betaine, the stuff which makes your piss pink? It improved clinical symptoms, significant reduction in liver enzymes and lipid profiles, as well as significant reduction in liver size as compared to controls. Soy can prevent bowel cancer metastasis and you don't want that in in your colon or bowel, because it has reduced blood supply and you can end up needing a stoma. Your small intestine is a lot longer and you only need 2 meters to prevent short intestine syndrome, the increased blood supply also causes better outcomes for surgery, less risk for anastomotic leak. It's interesting btw that millennials and zoomers are getting bowel cancer more often, when you look at how back in the day our grandparents couldn't even afford so much red meat and processed anything wasn't really an option yet.

No. 1157207

i don’t think meat eaters understand that you should not be eating imbalanced meals. either way you’re going to get constipation and inflammation. even if you’re eating a bunch of carbs it’s important to eat it along with vegetables and drinks lots of liquids. carbs are arguably more important than meat, it’s a good source of energy and it’s a popular dietary source found all around the world that does not rely on the exploitation of animals who do feel and think, just not in the way you will ever understand.

No. 1157210

>a bunch of carbs it’s important to eat it along with vegetables
Maybe I'm misunderstanding something, but vegetables are mainly carbs too? Do you use carbs as a synonym for grains? Not trying to be argumentative, I've just seen more people do this and it confuses me.

No. 1157211

File: 1651381201457.png (2.85 MB, 1040x1174, 1637375679960.png)

No. 1157217

sorry anon for the confusion where I live we use carbs as wheat, grains, anything that can be converted into pasta, breads, shit like that. thanks for giving me that info!

No. 1157301

File: 1651391677115.png (586.63 KB, 946x531, god_forgive_us.png)

Is made body positivity a psyop to weaken the proletariat so they can't ever threaten the established power structures and be better slaves

No. 1157310

YEP. Be fat, consoom more garbage, so you don't live past your retirement - leave no heritage behind, own nothing and just work and eat non stop.

No. 1157328

File: 1651393904877.jpg (38.9 KB, 600x301, MUST CONSOOM.jpg)

floating seats when

No. 1157364

Fat men disgust me so much.
My tinfoil is media always shills ugly and fat men, they always end up with beautiful woman and end up being better for her than the actual hot guy. This is fat ugly directors coping and hoping women buy this retarded shit.

Best example is Euphoria. The only hot dude is a perverted faggot who fucked over every girl… Yet teen girls still make edits of him because men's little game isn't working.

No. 1157377

File: 1651397685271.jpg (61.08 KB, 586x907, FFhx0H1WUAcmBiX.jpg)

we discussed this in the previous threads but this has been a thing since the 90's, unpopular dudes who never got over getting rejected in high school venting their revenge fantasies in films, in most sex comedy films "the jocks or pretty attractive dudes" often suffer elaborate humiliations often with emasculation, orchestrated by the main characters and its presented as something we are supposed to celebrate

Kevin James is the worst offender of this, most of his protagonists are idealized versions of himself, loser manchild slackers, but unlike him are thin and tall and get the hot girl in the end, and the mean good looking preps or jocks gets their comeuppance, which for him means them getting shot, raped in prison or sent to hell

No. 1157384

I swear those men are so annoying. I can't enjoy a movie if an ugly faggot gets everything he want s just by beings nice and the women are only seen as objects. It's never ugly women with a hot guy either, which I'd say happens way more often in irl.
Most men can't get women out of their league unless they're rich or manage to neg her until she gives up but I've seen a lot of men date and marry women who weren't as attractive as them. Reality is men inherently aren't supposed to have a high standards because women are the gatekeepers to relationships but men like to pretend they can get any woman with weird red pill techniques or manipulation. It does work, but they willing inevitably get cheated on or end up in dead bedrooms relationships in the end.

No. 1157416

why do scrotes always make this stupid fucking expression in selfies

No. 1157446

File: 1651404370753.jpeg (670.88 KB, 1170x606, 9EA160B6-0ED1-4CC6-9A01-777325…)

It’s the Dreamworks face, kek I hate it

No. 1157480

The existence of fat man is hilarious considering that they can lose way much easier than a fat woman. Why are you as a man worried about being fat and comfortable? You should be farming under the piercing hot sun being completely uncomfortable and in pain

No. 1157898

File: 1651426749786.jpeg (951.35 KB, 1854x1125, D15AD12E-08EB-4CD0-81A4-AC0F02…)

Yet there are fat scrotes who get the country and the hot chick

No. 1157900

Ngl his country is shit

No. 1157912

he must be using defamation bots against amber too. i don't believe she shat in the bed or that she made up that he hit her. johnny depp is a narcissist like most celebrities, and got pissed that a woman tried getting revenge and power over him. he has way more money than her and can easily win the case. problem is, he is never getting his roles back because he is a known druggie. amber heard will resurface somehow years later it will be revealed that jd manipulated the media around the case.

No. 1157932

File: 1651428834950.jpg (82.17 KB, 1068x600, 673678933465285.jpg)

like these pictures. they came out a few months before the trial started. they look photoshopped. why isn't elon saying anything? i have a hunch that amber is being paid off by some media outlet to be used as a psyop. "see, all women are evil liars, no man ever hurts someone #amberturd #mepoo" this is the type of thing that's posted on tiktok.

No. 1157943

Bumped for child porno

No. 1157964

File: 1651429504684.gif (222.15 KB, 450x389, 1649029696943.gif)

bump cp don't scroll

death to all pedophiles

No. 1158009

Pretty much, it's so weird how these photos never existed until the trial? The media spam behind all of this is bizarre

No. 1158220

my current tinfoil is that newadmin/shaynadmin does not exist. she isn't real. there's no one administrating this site now and it's quite obvious. we haven't had ONE update. someone either ran off with the money or a moid is running this site into the ground on purpose. i know this might be a little more suited to /meta/ but i'd like to see what the other tinfoil nonas have to say.

No. 1158483

A+ tinfoil anon. At this point nothing would surprise me.

No. 1158522

this makes me so depressed anons

No. 1158632

An anon once explained so well why it makes no logical or biological sense to bare children for an inferior male. They’re trying to psyop us into settling and ruining our gene pool kek

No. 1158633

This makes sense. Just because he no longer works there, doesn't mean he wouldn't have connections or know who to go to to achieve his goal. I keep getting video recommendations for it with no relation to any history nor other different case video recommendations that would mean I'm just being recommended crime stuff in general. It's only ever this case. Intentional campaign for sure.

No. 1158643

I could see this being true since we don't hear from her like we did with the last admin and she never even restored /m/, but if that were the case who hired (kek I don't think that's the right word but idk what other word to use) the current farmhands? We definitely have mods at the very least, but I suppose that the current ones might have started before the last admin left. Jannies if you're reading this, please tell us the truth about what's going on.

No. 1158690

oldmin is still active on discord and newmin already introduced herself on here and on discord

No. 1158860

What an ugly ass stinkin' mutt

No. 1158889

The bizarre dog haters from months back are moids who get off on animal abuse. This isn't talking the anons who just go "haha dogs are gross", I mean the seriously unstable ones with violent fantasies that never stop sperging about doghate

No. 1158893

I think this is true. I'm someone who's scared of big dogs and I've had bad experiences but the autistic doghate anons are very mentally unstable and their obsession is fueled by a weird hatred. This behavior isn't normal.

No. 1158898

why the sudden massive rise of homofication in black men in media? crack 2.0?

No. 1158901

File: 1651487738812.jpeg (131.31 KB, 1000x1250, F58ECA9A-E6E1-469B-975D-229080…)

I think the public humiliation is some form of initiation like what happened with Kid Cudi. This was last year in November.

No. 1158904

File: 1651487886982.jpeg (79.72 KB, 757x290, B0579151-D72E-4610-A449-0DB17E…)

No. 1158906

excuse me what. someone designed this? this looks like a fucking spirit halloween madonna costume

No. 1158932

kek this, it looks like some cheap ass granny curtains

No. 1158933

That man is so small, with little narrow shoulders and short limbs

No. 1158952

this is what happens when you call beetlejuice 3x at a gay bar

No. 1158967

Red meat is critical to brain development and overall health. Limiting red meat is part of the elite's agenda to make us more stupid so they can control us and more sick so they can profit from selling pharmaceuticals. Vegans are literally establishment tools that repeat propaganda, they're brains are atrophied from lack of essential amino acids and B12.

>red meat is extremely carcinogenic
A food that humans evolved to eat and have been eating for their entire existence is not carcinogenic.

Again why would a food that humans have been eating for our entire existence be difficult to digest? Humans evolved to eat meat. Our digestive systems are closer to that of a carnivore than a herbivore. Also the environmental fears are bullshit. Animal agriculture is essential to land management and prevents soil erosion. If it wasn't sustainable humans wouldn't have been able to farm livestock for over 1000 years.

No. 1158974

Nta but eating too much redmeat is carcinogenic. Eating too little is bad for your nerves and such, it'll raise the chances of dementia afaik. Everything should be balanced.

No. 1158983

But then why aren't carnivore dieters dying of cancer and why is ketosis being studied as an alternative to chemotherapy?

No. 1158986

File: 1651494063759.jpeg (300.91 KB, 750x1120, 9D471307-B0A8-44FA-A522-B0CE18…)

I trust a veganfag over a tinfoilfag. I’m not one to use the scrote card often but you’re either those crazy ass trad mommies or special flavor of secular feminists who munch on bone marrow because you think it gives you spiritual fertility powers or a moid who’s only personality is picking up weights and checking men’s asses at the gym.

No. 1158991

File: 1651494378654.jpeg (183.4 KB, 750x524, DA51F2D4-287F-4B8C-9DBB-2AA5C6…)

Reminder you know exactly who to blame when you’re unhealthy and dying in the hospital, it’s because of the eurofags

No. 1159019

No horse in this race, but if you don't trust tinfoilfags why use the tinfoil thread?

No. 1159132

Yes, anyone who doesn't agree with you is automatically a male or tradthot because women are only ever allowed to think certain thoughts and have a single opinion.

>naturally fortified

Vegan retardation. Fortification of food is connately unnatural. Fortification is a form of food processing that is done in a factory on an industrial scale, there's nothing natural about it.

No. 1159180

Onision, is that you?

No. 1159197

Ew I just watched a YouTube video on the “zoo sadism leaks” and the shit these people talked about doing to puppies made me want to cry and puke. Animal abuse needs to be taken so much more seriously because these people are fucking sick.

No. 1159205

File: 1651505588855.png (396.97 KB, 839x629, 1651505589015.png)

this is what they want for us, the future were headed for If we don't act

No. 1159206

this is the most american pic i have ever seen

No. 1159212

There has never been proven a link between pure raw red meat and cancer

No. 1159219

Bestie that’s the literal point, would you rather have hundreds of land taken up just to put so much water and resources to raise cows who never had the freedom to live their own lives it doesn’t fucking matter if you don’t think they are “conscious” enough (because they are) and kill it for food and profit or make it fortified in a factory? You’re talking about natural methods but arguably the meat and dairy industry is not natural either, feeding cows shit loads of feed just so they can be the tastiest in the market is not natural, hoarding them into a confined space is not natural. Even our evolutionary taste for animals is not even arguably natural but from the violent force and pillaging of groups who’s diets never included milk and meat. Incoming “what about the exploitation and poor wages in factories” that’s another problem that can also be given multiple ethical solutions.

No. 1159241

Change the robot for a latina cleaning lady and it's basically the same.

No. 1159243

No. 1159263

Without being bred as livestock for us to eat those animals would have had zero life to live at all, nevermind their own lives, because they wouldn't exist right now.

No. 1159271

Who are we to interfere with that process anyways? Lmao the herding of livestock is unnatural for that reason and you just admitted that it is

No. 1159276

>because they wouldn't exist right now.
Are you serious

No. 1159288

File: 1651509345267.jpg (256.56 KB, 1017x773, jkdsfjldskfjaldskfjasdklf.jpg)

You can get those essential amino acids from other places than red meat. B12 is in other foods besides red meat. The animals have to be supplemented nowadays to even have B12 in their meat, so there's not much difference between taking the supplements yourself, or giving them to the animals first. Humans are opportunistic and can eat the craziest things just to survive, but that doesn't mean it's a great idea. Are the oncologists and gastroenterologists just trying to control us too with their recommendation to eat a good amount of fiber?
Bullshit, cancer can feed on anything, you can't "starve the cancer" by just avoiding carbs. Plant foods have phytochemicals and antioxidants though which have been proven to prevent metastasis and are helpful alongside of chemotherapy. Find me a registered dietician specialized in oncology who promotes a meat only diet or keto.
Your animals have to be supplemented too, picrel
They are literally put on what farmers call a "raperack" regularly and kept in captivity their entire lives. I'm not sure if it's a pleasant existence. Wild cows are a thing, they don't need us to procreate.

No. 1159293

Nta. Well shit like Belgian blue cow definitely wouldn't exist. Just like chickens who can't walk because they lay too much eggs

No. 1159296

Are you misunderstanding what anon's saying? No demand for meat is no meat industry is no cows being bred for meat is them not being born in the first place.

No. 1159301

Retarded take. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are cancer treatments but both cause cancer.

No. 1159304

>Are you misunderstanding what anon's saying?
I probably am.

No. 1159308

File: 1651510155483.jpeg (35.31 KB, 600x450, E82553C2-219A-4158-909C-FF6881…)

Nta, isn’t this a good thing? There’s no reason the pie chart should look like this.

No. 1159316

>would you rather have hundreds of land taken up just to put so much water and resources
Growing crops takes up more land and water resources than livestock. This is without mentioning the harm done to the environment by pesticides and artificial fertilizer needed to grow enough plants to feed the human population.

>mentioning factory farming methods

Not all meat is factory farmed.

Your image proves the point of why veganism isn't sustainable. Nutrients are taken by the crop from the soil. If this is done endlessly, the soil becomes depleted and nothing will grow. Using land as pasture for livestock replenishes and restores the soil.

>you can't "starve the cancer" by just avoiding carbs

It entirely depends on what source the tumour is using for energy. If a tumour requires glucose then it's not going to grow if the patient is in ketosis because they aren't consuming glucose. There's also other factors in ketosis such as improved mitochondrial dna metabolism and the production of BHB by the liver. It's not fully understood and that's why it's being studied.

>They are literally put on what farmers call a "raperack" regularly and kept in captivity their entire lives

Not everywhere is America.

No. 1159324

File: 1651510781301.png (3.07 MB, 750x1334, D3B8BE28-6A31-4A72-9217-598DA6…)

I’d rather die than take birth control pills! I’m lucky enough to live in a state where abortion is legal. But there’s a trend on TikTok where people show how birth control made them gain weight.
I think the “second puberty” is cope. It’s just that when you are a teenager you can eat whatever but people don’t make changes to their diet as a 20 year old when their metabolism slows down. It’s sad.

No. 1159329

The most scariest and depressing video I've seen in a while. It basically outlines the goals of the "great reset" agenda very concisely, like social credit systems, mass surveillance, owning nothing etc. And it's literally all from the mouths of the WEF, they're telling you point blank what they're planning to do. The future looks incredibly bleak

No. 1159336

File: 1651511293737.jpg (112.51 KB, 564x902, e6ccce7db1be17b8d52f80f4a5455a…)

NTA but it's still a retarded argument, because it's generally a torturous and short existence. Is existing for the sake of existing, the best option? The other side of the coin is that they will come with "hurr durr but if we don't kill them, they will take over the planet!!11!". Cows deserve better than this bullshit we put them through, they're so amazing.
At least it gives you a shot at surviving. Yeah you might get cancer again in the future, but at least you get to have your life back (somewhat) for a while. The diagnostic procedures alone cause cancer. Sometimes you can do watch and wait or it's just not worth it. 80% of curing cancer is usually surgery anyway. Antibiotics can cause cancer too, while it's sometimes also used as treatment.
>Growing crops takes up more land and water resources than livestock.
Bullshit, guess what the livestock has to eat too? Livestock in the EU is being fed with soy from Brazil for which they have to burn the Amazon rainforest. Good luck trying to convince them to let cattle graze, with the nitrogen restrictions.
>Not all meat is factory farmed.
The European Union has killed small farms through subsidies and retarded laws. Only Austria seems to have been somewhat safe from this. It's unaffordable and they're not competitive enough to survive usually, they get bought by factory farms very fast.
>It entirely depends on what source the tumour is using for energy.
Also how about where the cancer is? Imagine doing keto when you have intestinal cancer, you start to eat more foods which can cause and promote bowel cancer, they're also difficult to digest and can impact you and cause perforation. It's dangerous to promote something like that.
>Not everywhere is America.
This is done in Europe too.

No. 1159348

Everyone is concerned about climate change but the most threatening problem is not climate change it's the soil degradation, you know the thing that fuels our food and all of nature. Scientists know this so why is it being swept under the rug?

No. 1159362

Because it's cheaper and more profitable to soy wrapped in plastic to retards and tell them that it's saving the planet.

Man made climate change doesn't exist, all that's happening is the natural solar cycles of the sun. Soil degradation, plastic contamination and pollution by man made chemicals is a far more pressing concern than "global warming" but there is no profit to be made from restoring the soil and cleaning up the environment so nothing will ever change.

No. 1159373

File: 1651512918720.jpeg (365.17 KB, 992x1385, D9EC7AD9-747C-45CA-8B01-9AEA5E…)

Not religious at all (if there is a god they should end humanity at this point) but I’m starting to get how people think the earth isn’t an orb. Why did so many ancient civilizations believe in the dome concept?

No. 1159376

>Why did so many ancient civilizations believe in the dome concept?
because they didn't know

No. 1159409

File: 1651514634562.jpeg (132.01 KB, 602x346, 59DA76A2-8D2B-4B03-B195-8163A8…)

>>A former worker of Nazi Germany’s rocket development program. He pursued this endeavor because of a “curious oversight” in the “Treaty of Versailles” as it did not include rocketry in its list of forbidden weapons to Germany.
>>A former Nazi who tried to exploit a contract in his early days and is quoting a verse from a Bible on his gravestone?
>>On the gravestone of a man like Wernher van Braun one would thus expect a eulogy containing phrases like “Visionary” “Pioneer” “Space” “Solar System and beyond” something along these lines….. and what do we find?
>>A terse reference to a short verse, where two words stand out: Heavens and Firmament as showing Gods handiwork….. which doesn't mean space btw. as is often interpreted, but something corporeal.
>>Psalm 19:1 “The Heavens declare the glory of God, and the Firmament sheweth his handiwork”
>>These are the last words from a man who had spent his life aiming far beyond the Firmament, and I think that unexpected turn of events really deserves attention.
Random religious repentance from a nazi space scientist? Or did he realize we live in a fishbowl.

No. 1159443

Because that's what the world looks like from where you're standing, wherever you're standing. Kind of common sense.

No. 1159469

Because it's the easiest assumption, especially if it highlights religious beliefs.
Please don't invite the flat earth glowies, this thread has been doing so well.

No. 1159492

Anon, if we thought and did everything the same just because it's how ancient civilizations did it, we would be in a lot of trouble.

No. 1159557

File: 1651521158802.gif (101.76 KB, 220x165, 674B58C4-DD1A-4AEA-A5AA-9E8F20…)

>the tinfoil thread tards are starting to believe in flat earth

No. 1159569

which part of America has robots waiting on us hand and foot? because I'd like to move there kek

No. 1159605

It's unbelievable that people thought that shoving estrogen down girls throats since we were kids was a good thing, not just birth control but the mass amounts of hormones in foods we eat. All the girls who developed super early in school all now have PCOS and trouble conceiving

No. 1159633

File: 1651524835564.jpeg (113.95 KB, 521x921, 02B1F1E4-F76A-42C0-B999-8857A0…)

No. 1159650

anon I only dream to have the mind that you have, it’s truly a beautiful thing never change kekkk

No. 1159654

>why did so many ancient civilizations believe in the dome theory

do you really expect people who were busy killing each other, fucking their sisters and carving animal murder manga into rocks to be correct the first time?

No. 1159662

When i saw that picture i was like holy crap that's gotta be fake, but it's not. The other more popular cats in the show seem to have better looking fur designs, just general random shapes but this… looks like shit and it's fucking eerie that it's literally the same as the logo. The female lion looks crap too but it's kinda just a spiral?

No. 1159664

Idk whether you're genius or I've finally become a schizo.

No. 1159669

I googled the show + boy love logo and it's not the first time someone made a connection. One of the first results was actually a pedo furry aknowledging it and posting pedo furry art of it. Don't look it up.

No. 1159672

Why does that show look so cheap

No. 1159692

great pic, anon.

No. 1159700

Many people don't even know they're not lactase persistent, and the numbers are overblown. I was like many european kids forced to drink milk, so many of us had a problem with it but nobody cared. People have all sorts of digestive issues and never think to attribute them to lactose because it's become such a staple.

No. 1159704

Is that Boogie2988

No. 1159712

Why do pedophiles always put these obviously incriminating things on their series? are they fucking stupid?

No. 1159730

I've never taken birth control pills, and I'm especially glad that I didn't take them as a teen. It's insane to me that young girls are seriously being prescribed synthetic hormones. If they're taking it just for birth control they should just use condoms tbh, and that'll also protect them from STDs sidenote, the way so many people shun condoms nowadays is disgusting, why would you let a man you don't know fuck you raw? The STD rates these days are scary, and it's nasty that I see so many people pushing this idea to "not stigmatize STDs" like what the actual fuck? Yes we should, some STDs can have serious consequences for women, like infertility and FUCKING CANCER, stop acting like that's not a big deal. And I find it laughable that some girls really get birth control pills thrown at them for having acne, as if acne isn't normal at that age. And there's other acne treatments, for example I took Differin for years and it did wonders for my skin, and I'm saying this as someone who had terrible skin before, it really works. And then of course there's a lot of potential side effects that could kill you like blood clots and strokes (admittedly this is the main thing about birth control that scares me, and it's scary to think that so many women aren't properly informed about this before their doctors throw the bc pills at them like candy). I wouldn't go as far to say that nobody should take birth control pills ever since I acknowledge that availability of birth control was a big part of second wave of feminism and it was liberating for women to not have to worry about getting pregnant, but to me birth control pills just don't seem ideal. If you think about it it's really fucked up that scientists never bothered creating a kind of birth control that won't potentially fuck you up, but that's not exactly a tinfoil because it's already known that the medical establishment is MISOGYNISTIC AS FUCK and doesn't give a fuck about women. They don't test medications on women (due to treating moids as the default human), they don't bother researching conditions only effecting women or predominantly effecting women (and sometimes these conditions, like endo or pcos get "treated" by getting bc pills thrown at them rather than actually trying to find a real treatment), they don't listen to women and accuse them of having anxiety and that their symptoms are all in their head, which sometimes costs lives, the existence of the "husband stitch" (fucking barf), the fact that some of them are even erasing us and pushing dehumanizing language like "people with vaginas"/"people with cervixes"/"pregnant people", etc.

No. 1159740

Many of the farmhands and jannies from the last administration have kept up their work as none of them were ever let go

No. 1159791

No, they're actually gloating because they know they have money and can get away with flaunting what they are without repercussions. They made a calculated choice to taunt others and to use this to connect with other sickos

No. 1160038

File: 1651538712700.jpeg (221.16 KB, 1080x1080, 9E95382B-773A-4091-975D-F82921…)

Killery should’ve gone with one of her pantsuits, she looks mighty evil with that dress

No. 1160047

File: 1651539103985.jpeg (178.08 KB, 600x437, 7C81B95E-27CE-452D-A8FB-DB4888…)

That “wedding dress” is the moid equivalent of medieval artists trying to draw elephants based on traveler’s descriptions of them. And the “kill me now” look on both of their faces makes the pic that much funnier.

No. 1160066

Dave Chappelle talked about it before it was widely known about the emasculation of black men and men in general.

No. 1160067

She matches the carpet nicely

No. 1160076

>granma thinking the shiny satin looks fancier

No. 1160192

Do you gals think that the ever increasing surveillance state is having consequences on our current simulation? If the system becomes too overloaded, do you think it will outright crash? Or do you think there’s a built in safety net ala mass extinction event?

No. 1160248

Im so sad, i've been taking them since I was 15 and i was off them for about 4 years but now that i've lost an ovary due to cystic torsion I have to go back on them again. I hate the medical system.

No. 1160317

Is globo homo only going to get worse? Especially with the added fact that kids are getting groomed at an earlier age now? Will the next generation (after zoomers) be worse or actually begin taking a stand against it all?

No. 1160505

Political Tinfoil: Roe v Wade overturn will happen because pedophile elites need more orphans/unwanted/stolen children for pedo shit (or satanic sacrifice if you’re one of those tinfoilers).

No. 1160509

+ worker drones and soldiers of course.

No. 1160798

the elite are pushing troons on autists because they're immune to advertising and they don't like that. impact on baby gays is just collateral damage.

No. 1160820

You must remember anons that a lot of data for the health impacts of food are from studies done on men. We have been told for time that men must eat more meat and that we are to eat less, which is not true. Women need twice the amount of iron, which is absorbed best from heme irons (red meats etc). Women statistically get bowel cancer less than males and I put that solely on the fact that we are designed to process meat better because we actually need it more than they do. None of this is to say that industrialised farming and the pumping of antibiotics and hormones in cheap meat isn't causing health issues, they most likely are, which is why so many people say to get your meat from local places or butchers and pay slightly more if you have to.

No. 1160828

not even a full tinfoil probably but the moids realized with less women wanting to have kids overturning it was their best way to make more sons and workers

No. 1160853

With the reproductive rights of women in the West slowly being eradicated because as we gain more rights we are choosing to have less children, I have a feeling this will give the emerging separatist movement more popularity. I have a dark tinfoil that reproductive rights will continue to be abolished right down to merely birth control, and governments will start hiring rapists to go on mass raping sprees to impregnate as many women as possible, and they get the promise of immunity if the woman decides to try and prosecute them for it. I sometimes wonder if this is why the trans agenda has had so much success in such a short amount of time, to make it easier to gain access to women's spaces when women are more vulnerable (e.g taking off their clothes in bathrooms or lockers).

No. 1160856

My personal tinfoil is the opposite of yours kek
I developed pms at some point in life, never had it before, it got so bad I was thinking of taking hormones. Then I went pescetarian (no other animal products except fish) and it disappeared.
I tinfoil it's the hormones in the meat.

No. 1160881

The legal system is such a joke. I was statutory raped at 15 and that guy has two kids from 2 different babymamas now and he’s still whoring around meanwhile I was punished by my dumbass Christian parents and had to be taken to the police to describe everything while they looked through my phone for evidence. and be charged with incorrigibility, 15 hours of community service. Idk what he got but he’s not a registered sex offender it makes me so distraught how that shit ruined my life and he’s just a druggie who runs around and people are like “omg he’s cool” he’s a fucking pedo and I’m very sure I’m not the only one…

No. 1160892

Samefag I find it funny how the sex offender list even exists. Those fuckers should be jailed for life and rapists only get like 8 years in prison. What a joke. This is why people like Law and Order SVU. I used to watch it and be so relieved every episode

No. 1160895

This is one of those radfem who wants to feel more oppressed posts isn't it

No. 1160901

NTA, but Roe v Wade is probably going to be overturned? 'Pretending to be oppressed' they are when rights are being taken.

No. 1160902

I'm really sorry that happened to you nonna that is so horrifying. Many of them get away with it. I hope you are healing.

You might want to check the news because Roe v Wade is about to be overturned. There are other countries in Europe stifling abortion rights such as Poland.

No. 1160907

sorry that happened to you, hope you've found healing.

No. 1160908

What the fuck, you got punished for being raped? That's so fucked up, I'm so sorry that happened to you nonna, I hope you are doing better

Especially since most if not all rapists are repeat offenders

No. 1160912

This is a bit too crazy but I fully believe taking away rights to abort and really women right to overall reproductive health is another thing men do to try and oppress women.
I'm a woman who lives in a Muslim country and not getting married is frowned upon, especially as a woman, but in western countries where women can finally stay single or unmarried and have their own careers, men seem to be very enraged. Men always feel entitled to women's bodies and this is just one of the signs of that entitlement where they think they "own" the rights to women's wombs.

No. 1160960

Thank you. I am. I just feel so bad for any other girls who’ve been treated the same by cops and others.

No. 1161003

While abortion is a major issue in the west, pretending like its the end of the wolrd and can ever lead to Islamic style state misogyny is naive and idiotic

No. 1161005

Shut the fuck up, damn.

No. 1161007


No. 1161008

Paki-anon, please fuck of and let people discuss the issues and tinfoils of their own country. It is not a competition, nor are they 'pretending' anything. You are unaware of the politics in western countries and the sentiments of the people/parties they are discussing and base their beliefs/tinfoils on. Your 'you'll never have it as bad as ME' behaviour is unproductive and dismissive. They despair over their rights being further taken in ways that have been posed and wanted by those currently taking them further.

No. 1161010

It is a very self centred view, especially when it's actually happening and a credible fear which is desired by certain people gaining popularity due to polarisation. Mental to be this dismissive.

No. 1161013

>Islam misogyny is the only real misogyny!
Lmao dumb.

No. 1161019

You can also talk about islamic misogyny but shutting other women down is only counterproductive. It feels like you're against abortion and that's why you're mad.

No. 1161021

i just don't understand this viewpoint or why she thinks the threat of increasingly theocratic government in the West isn't a huge issue or capable of being extremely dangerous for us if not stomped out soon enough. we're seeing major rollbacks on basic rights due to theocrats who are dangerous no matter their exact religion. not sure why she doesn't see the obvious issues with extremist Christianity, it has shown to be horrible and hugely misogynistic, like Orthodox Judaism etc etc. any extremist religion oppressing women is scary. and weird dogmatic Christian sects are extremely abusive and oppressive of women. why do people refuse to acknowledge how abusive and psychotic extremist Christianity is?

No. 1161024

Pakichan aren't you a privileged person who's going to be able to live in a western country anyways? It's super weird for you to act preachy when you're able to travel abroad and live your life unlike many women in your own or other Muslim countries.

No. 1161034

Because they want to start some sort of oppression Olympics and they have an idealized view of the west. They need the west to be some sort of beacon of progression and devoid of patriarchy, as a cope. Other wise there's nowhere to look to, nowhere you could hope to move to. Nowhere being safe is a very scary and depressing reality. There's also not just the risk of extremist Christianity, but if you add (neo)nazism into the mix, things get really bad. People forget what the nazi's did to regular average women, how German women and women in occupied countries were forced to be baby makers, had to wear state sanctioned clothes and how girls had to join the BDM and be brainwashed by the state into homemakers. If you didn't comply, you got a black triangle and you were sent to camps too. Nobody wants to acknowledge the resurgence of (neo)nazi ideology within the Christian bible belts all over the west, with Christian politicians unironically saying they wish there was a Christian taliban.

No. 1161038

I don't think she realises or cares their is a growing movement of men who feel disaffected due to women gaining the right to say no to being with them, who desire to take all womens rights a way and think the wests downfall and worsening is due to women having rights. She has no idea about the political climate/sentiments of other countries. It's incredibly ignorant and self centred.

No. 1161041

She doesn't realise that Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are Abrahamic religions.

No. 1161091

File: 1651585206088.jpeg (7.27 KB, 280x180, 23432.jpeg)

Dems are happy with Roe vs Wade being overturned because now they can pivot abortion rights away from women's rights and into a general "right to do anything you (and your capitalist overlords) want to your body" (ie big pharma, surrogacy, sex work, transhumanism and tranny shit).

In the coming weeks we're going to see this framed as a general 'human rights' issue and DEFINITELY not a women's issue or even a "cis women and AFAB trans people" issue. The reproductive rights angle of abortion activism is going to be re-branded as a general fight for 'reproductive equality' and is going to include access to cheap surrogates for gay moids and funding for tranny womb research. The "her body her choice" angle of abortion activism is going to be re-branded into "we ALL have the right to CHOOSE" and push for the right to 'choose' sex work and the right to 'choose' experimental and potentially dangerous cosmetic surgeries.

Politicians are evil lizard people and not a single one cares about abortion rights as anything other than a means to an end. There are hundreds of scaly glowing democrat fucks working around the clock atm to find a way to turn abortion activism into the same corporate profit machine that LGB activism turned into with the TQ.

No. 1161100

this is not even tinfoiling at this point, it’s just being observant

No. 1161111

I'm not making this a competition, I 100% believe that there is still a lot of misogyny in the west that has to be worked on, that said you don't have to worry about a Christian take over, Christianity was declawed by the 20th century and to pretend it can create a theocracy is delusional
It's a big difficult to explain but Islam is not at all other religions at all, its a comprehensive belief system with laws and guidelines for everything, everything that you could ever think of has already been answered hadiths, either by Muhammad(the greatest human being who will ever exist) or by his companions(the greatest group of human beings who will ever exist)

Islam has every question answered, from how to collect taxes, treat your daughters, your mother, how to treat your slaves, the correct method of shitting, how to brush your teeth and a million other things, no other religion in the world has that

Again I'm not denying that patriarchy exists in the west and I want to see women fight for these rights but its not the beginning of literally handmaidens tale, when atwood wrote her extreme hypothetical Pakistani women were legally raped before execution, cause its haram to kill a virgin female, this was the 1980s

No. 1161123

You know nothing of other countries politics. If you are going to sperg about other people worrying about their rights being revoked (which they currently are and their is an increasing desire perpetuated online to do so), then at least read up about the situation. You are ignorant.

No. 1161125

Is this a cope because you are moving to the US? You need to think the US is a progressive bastion where this could and would never happen no matter what? Look at what's happening in Korea, there were enough incel men they voted to remove women government services of government. You know nothing of other countries.

No. 1161137

What are you on about, there will never be a Christian Taliban, the Taliban is vastly different from even other Islamist groups, as its mostly a Sunni Pashtun tribal coalition, I am noy denying that sexist Christians don't exist in the west but its shit like pretending that there will ever be anything like a Christian Taliban or ISIS group in the west that offends me
Did you read my post, like at all, I clarity multiple times that I believe misogyny exists in the west
All I said was that your in danger of a Taliban style take over like in any reality

No. 1161142

Ever heard of or read Catholic or Eastern Orthodox canon law? You act like only Islam has that. Calvinist healthcare professionals have to post public essays defending treating and helping people, because it's seen as taking God's job in the biblebelt. Calvinist law isn't codified, but it's retarded and they've all identified it. Every woman has to wear skirts only and you're treated like an adult the moment you reach puberty (yes there's a pedo problem in the biblebelt).

No. 1161153

You literally only know about your own country and culture and it shows. How dare other people talk about what effects them. Get a life.

No. 1161155

You don't realise certain men who have grown in number as women have gained rights and have the ability to connect over the internet desires these things, and routinely discuss how women are the downfall of the west and need to be kept in the home and have all rights revoked.

No. 1161156

You realise Christian fundies have bombed womens health clinics to try and scare women out of using their reproductive rights?

No. 1161158

You don't read what other people reply and just ree that only you/islam countries experience misogyny when that is false. Not the same levels is not the same as not at all. US women are having their rights revoked and you do not care because it does not effect you.

No. 1161162

This is what I mean, the fact you are comparing Incels online to a centuries old institutionalized belief system is beyond ridiculous
When did I say this, pleae show me one of my posts where I say this

No. 1161163

Centuries old institution which also used to be in the west but was fought against. You literally know nothing of other countries, only yours.

No. 1161165

Take the L paki-chan.

No. 1161168

You are privileged enough to be on here and move from your own country, unlike even some westerners in conservative states.

No. 1161169

I'd say that even women in the dark ages had more rights then modern day Muslim women, through if you ignore that you'll see the state of women in Christianity has evolved, Muslim women's condition has stayed the same for 1400 years before colonization

No. 1161172

Kek. This is insane. It didn't evolve naturally, it evolved because women fought for it. Society didn't decide one day women deserve rights, and many men gather now and say we shouldn't have any at all and support sex tourism to get third world brides since they think they're docile due to the shit culture they come from. No point in continuing this. We will both just continue to disagree.

No. 1161174

>women in the dark ages had more rights then modern day Muslim women

No. 1161175

This is disproven by the mere fact she is using a computer to talk and be against islam online at all.

No. 1161181

At the rate this timeline is going, we'll have to become neo Suffragettes and start firebombing places.

No. 1161184

You're privileged enough to be able to travel to a first world country. You're the selfish one complaining about how oppressed you are when we both know your living situation is better than most women in middle east. Stop crying.

No. 1161185

Would have to do more with how in some Euro countries there was no centralized institution to penalize women. Sure you could be relatively safe if as a woman you lived far away from central authority and scrotes. This option was taken away during the Renaissance, when witch hunts reached their peak and "enlightened" scrotes centralized authority, codified misogyny into constitutions and killed all safe havens.

No. 1161188

But it did, no non-european society ever had the legal rights as European women had, Muslims from the 1500s would talk about how loose and free European women were and how they found it disgusting
That is a myth that really needs to die, a couple of isolated incidents, I mean the suffragets were mostly upper class anglo women who were more often then not Christian progressives

No. 1161189

Incel terrorist attacks have been on the rise (shootings, stabbings, etc), you're really going to dismiss them as nothing? Sorry you live in a shit hole, but most women want to ensure that their country does not become a women hating shit hole and will continue to discuss it.

No. 1161190

How old are you?

No. 1161193

I literally have to be sneaken in with thr help of my cousin and Im likely gonan end up a personal servant to her family, I am giving up an upper class life in Pakistan and end up a live in worker for my cousin for basic human rights and freedoms

No. 1161194

Upper class anglo women have power and all women are effected by women not being allowed reproductive rights, the ability to vote, to own property, to open a bank account without their husbands permission, etc. They will use that power to better their own lives when possible (only female heir can). You are very misinformed on other countries history and do not understand anons fears stem from the knowledge of what has been.

No. 1161196

Aren't you going to the US?

No. 1161197

You can't use the rich as a standard for the time of 1500s Europe. Also the most notorious activist was Emma Goldman. Not a Christian progressive, but a godless anarchist who wanted to keep protesting. It were the Christian sufragettes who became handmaidens as soon as they got the vote, they didn't want to push for more.

No. 1161198

>Is upper class
Kek. Shut up privileged upper-class women. That's how you think, right?

No. 1161199

>a couple of isolated incidents
Lol no they weren't. Crack open a history book, anon, they regularly brawled with the police.

No. 1161200

>muslims from 1500s would talk about how loose European women were
Why is this relevant and where did you read this, kek?

No. 1161201

Maybe we should stop replying. This is too derailing the tinfoil thread. Apologies tinfoil anons.

No. 1161202

>literally have to be sneaken in
So you're admitting you're gonna illegally move to another country? Oh good, I love people like you. Please, sponge off the system.

No. 1161206


No. 1161211

Most American women are live-in workers to some sort of scrote, starting from childhood to their brothers and fathers. You're really deluded as to what the average American lives like, not everyone is upper(middle) class.

No. 1161212

I am
Can you please show me a single post where Is stated western women should shut up
I don't have tge right words but I'm being snuck in so that my parental family doesn't found out, I am not exaggerating when I say that they will kill me if they knew i wasn't Muslim, not disown me, but actually beat and kill me, that's something none of you can ever begin to understand but its a reality for me, my cousin was murdered over this, no one talks about it for the sake of honor

So forgive me If I think that Pakistan is worse then the west, like will you all really argue that your familiar would actually honor kill you

No. 1161214

the vaccine had to have been tap water. i saw that shit in the syringe when i was getting it and it literally just looked like someone had filled it with water. like it was so bubbly on the sides for no reason. even if it did have spike proteins, those start to leave your system only a few hours after injection so either way it did nothing to me, i still haven’t gotten covid, and my period is undisturbed. W.

No. 1161217

Why are you "not a muslim"? I'm a Muslim even though I never pray and act like I fast, I never thought leaving my religion or changing religions would be worth it.

No. 1161219

No. 1161242

Ever time I get an injection, my period temporarily comes back.

No. 1161244

Not only live in workers but they're told they're lazy mooches if they are live in workers and don't bring in a good amount of income. American women are expected to be the breadwinners now as well as be housewives and then told we're privileged and lucky on top of all of it. Not saying women from other countries don't have it worse but no one is in any place to claim how lucky the other one must be

No. 1161341

Amazed at the self-centeredness of Burgers. Pity me! But shut up about you! Haha you wish

No. 1161375

>Pity me! But shut up about you!
That's literally what all of you complaining about us talking about Roe v. Wade are doing. The complete lack of self awareness is astounding. If this is pakichan, fuck you and stay away from America.

No. 1161385

Why aren't you outside doing something for your community? Idgi. Log off for the day. Btw before you say I'm only attacking you I have this view for everyone who only complains online.

No. 1161390

It's not Pakichan, and your lack of self-awareness is hilarious
Keep getting triggered, I live for it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1161396

Not only burgers are upset about this. Also other women around the world, because we can actually empathize with burgerwomen.

No. 1161398

I proudly can't

No. 1161412

You're proud that you don't empathize with other women who are having their rights and safety stripped away? That's pretty fucking pathetic.

No. 1161414

haha very awesome

No. 1161462

because of how our system is built you will suffer no matter what if you are born lower middle class or even middle class but in a fucked up family. Even if you are born in 1st world country and poor you are fucked. It's all about being born rich. If you are not born rich you will suffer and have no freedom. America is one of the most capitalist countries in the world. If you are born poor there you are fucked. I think people suffer from poverty and bad socio economical circumstances no matter the country. Those who suffer most are those born poor no.matter the country and even.middle class is poor now. As middle class you literally can just afford basic life expenses and if some bad illness hits you then you are fucked. Middle class is not even middle class anymore. Being born rich is the most privileged thing that can happen to you. Money is everything it gives you freedom and self sufficiency and self esteem. If you don't have money you don't have anything, but those born poor have to humiliate themselves for money or stay poor until death. As a woman poverty hits you differently you're very likely to end up prostituted or having to rely on abusive men out of desperation if you are born poor with no support system. America is fucking shit in this aspect, you're more lucky if you are born poor in Northern Europe than America because at least in Northern European countries the government gets you off the street if you cannot afford basic expenses. In America privileged you can only be if born rich.

No. 1161466

Paki-chan stays mad, and in her third world shithole

No. 1161474

No. 1161479

my tinfoil is that paki and romania are the same person larping

No. 1161484

I have no empathy for those who had none for me.
I am proud.

No. 1161485

>you're more lucky if you are born poor in Northern Europe than America because at least in Northern European countries the government gets you off the street if you cannot afford basic expenses
This isn't true anymore. Euro governments, including the UK would rather spend billions to house invading muslims scrotes than women. A number of women have been raped and killed in the past few years because there are limited space in women's shelters.

No. 1161489

Paki-chan is not even poor. I am poor and was born in a second world country and paki-anon told me I am privileged although I come from lower middle class and my mum.commited suicide and I went homeless countless of times. She said my country is not really 3rd world, but that's fucking irrelevant. You can live a better life if you're born in a wealthy and progressive family in a Muslim family than you would as someone born in utter poverty in a broken family in a 1st family..Paki-anon has no reason to complain. I do, again most of my family is dead and I had no support system and nothing to fall back on. Paki chan has a family to fall back on, a family that supports her financially and relatives willing to help her move to America. She has it better than the average poorfag from America. I'm skeptical towards people involved with politics though. I have observed most people involved with politics are rich or upper middle class and they parade around acting morally superior while they don't practically help anyone. If you have money or a stable socio economical circumstance go out there and help women or go out there and help people because words mean nothing. People that are suffering need resources and external help not words or theory.

No. 1161501

you can live a better life as being born rich in a Muslim country than being born poor in a 1st world country. Being born poor in 1st,2st world will condemn you to misery. It has become increasingly harder to live as even middle class. Also both political parties right wing and left wing are fucking horrible for women and generally for poor people. The left wingers should be the ones helping women but instead they invite insane Muslim scrotes to rpe their women. There is no political party siding with the poor or working class

No. 1161585

This isn't the oppression olympics. The disadvantages of being born in an oppressive muslim shithole are not negated by being wealthy, just as the disadvantages of being born poor are not negated by being born in a first world country. Both situations are bad for different reasons.

No. 1161591

not necessarily. There are ways to quantify. Don't tell me the suffering of someone that is rich and has everything they could desire and all the freedoms associated with money is more opressed than someone born in Africa with no belongings that gets raped on a daily basis and cannot afford basic necessities. Even suffering is quantifiable. I also didn't start this argument. I was trying to prove with my arguments that you can be opressed and live a shitty life even if you are born in America if it happens that you are born in poverty. I hate this idea that suffering or opression is not quantifiable because there are ways to quantify it. Poverty or lack of resources usually results in suffering as well as abuse but those often times are tied. Do you know Maslow pyramid of basic needs? If you cannot secure basic needs it's impossible to feel good and safe. It's a vicious circle.

No. 1161681

File: 1651600075664.gif (4.57 MB, 640x480, kdfjsdklfjsdfs.gif)

>you're more lucky if you are born poor in Northern Europe than America because at least in Northern European countries the government gets you off the street if you cannot afford basic expenses
What a joke, maybe 40 years ago.

No. 1161917

The popular culture will try to shame women who want to be single again. For example there will not be any more films or tv shows that have positive representation of single female characters. If any single female character appears they can only be a negative stereotype.

No. 1162641

File: 1651637881470.jpg (39.39 KB, 470x530, 1600408405672.jpg)

can't believe some of ya'll were really arguing that the US is as bad as Pakistan, like come on

No. 1162645

that's not what was said at all. you're disingenuous.

No. 1162685

The only time it was argued that a place was worse than modernday Pakistan was when dark age Europe was brought up. Other than that anons just defended the right to be upset that Roe v Wade is going to be overturned and being worried that all rights will be rolled back that easily. That anon seems to believe that if people have it potentially worse somewhere else, you're not allowed to complain and don't deserve any empathy.

No. 1162847

No one said that. Pakianon is privileged because they have the chance to go to US unlike most women in poor or strict households in middle east where they won't even be able to travel to another city without their husband.

No. 1162873

Think about this. Be born in utter poverty and basically have to be homeless and a prostitute in America or be born rich in a Muslim country. Which one do you choose? America is filled with people born in poverty and their life is literally defined by that, their entire life. So, I don't see how being born in America is so much better? If you're born poor in America you're fucked and especially as a woman. At least poor.men end up.dealing drugs or becoming pimps but women that are born in the hood or the trailer park or bad socio financial circumstances very often times end up being prostitutes.

No. 1162892

Thing about middle eastern/Muslim countries is… Women who face misogyny and get killed because of honor crimes are always poor and living in the shit areas. Rich women in middle eastern countries still live in a sexist society but it's not as bad as pakianon thinks.

Most Muslim people only see America throughout films or series so they think it's a free country where doing any kind of job you'll be rich, be able to have casual relationships with as many people without getting ostracized, etc. Most men in Muslim countries think of western women as easy whores because of that, they then lose their minds when those women see through their shit and don't give them a chance.

No. 1162909

Nobody said it ever except for Paki-chan misconstruing the argument in the past like you are doing it now. Can you fuck off

No. 1162919

File: 1651645076756.jpg (178.13 KB, 640x666, Varg_Vikernes-2 (1).jpg)

American women don't suffer only Muslim women suffer. As an American woman you can become a tradthot at any moment and marry a white blonde nazi boy. I am Muslim so I am very oppressed in this aspect, you don't understand? I am not a narcissist and it isn't all about some frustration I have gained due to not being able to live as a tradthot. I just care about discussing opression and I don't like it when someone more privileged than me tries to talk about opression when I was born in Pakistan to a rich family but I cannot be a blue eyed and blonde hair wife of Varg. You never had empathy for me in the first place.

No. 1162931

Why can't paki-chan dye her hair and use contact lenses? Even most European "blonde" women are bottle blondes anyways

No. 1162932

why would you even want anyone to be with a murderous neo-nazi? why are we encouraging anyone to take steps to hide their race to earn his favor?

No. 1162937

As I said above, most Muslim people want to be seen as European and the stuff they idealize about Europeans are so easy to acquire it makes no sense. Of course I'm not telling her to do it so a scrote will like her, and a nazi faggot at that.

No. 1162966

File: 1651646686496.jpg (99.49 KB, 473x506, 1617566551866.jpg)

I have literally mentioned multiple times how Communism was the only hope for muslim women and americans and the british fucked it all up, I get you dislike me but please stop making shit up about me, I have literally never advocated for white supremacy or talked about my wish to be white, I love my culture and race actually and I hate the fact that Islam has turned 99% of men here into arab worshippers who think their own language and tongue is inferior, also my current fear is that my family will honor kill me for being an atheist, an actual danger on my life that I none of you call will never realize
I just don't want to be murdered by my family alright

No. 1162973

that's fair actually. please don't simp for varg or any white racists though. idk what you said in his thread but it's worrisome

No. 1162981

File: 1651647058207.jpg (40.43 KB, 564x752, f5d6b038a15423c559bca554f1f222…)

Now I kinda feel bad. Just please don't simp for Varg or British colonialism, European colonialism is just another aspect of the white supremacy agenda.

No. 1162984

File: 1651647090616.jpg (60.77 KB, 1125x987, 9e354e114f602c6cc8a6158aebcd83…)

I have also mentioned multiple times how lucky I am to be born in the top 15% of Pakistani society, 70% of the country are peasant farmers and the ones in cities are exploited low wage laborers, but that doesn't change the fact that my paternal family still has many tribal members and they will undeniably murder me for my beliefs for the sake of "honor" okay, would you truly wanna swatch places with me
>that's fair actually. please don't simp for varg or any white racists though. idk what you said in his thread but it's worrisome
I literally never have, its a bunch offended burgers are making up shit cause they don't have to acknowledge that sweden isn't as bad as Sindh

No. 1162988

I actually want to apologize for this personally. I don't want to upset or bully you but someone said in the vent thread that you made posts about how you love Varg. I guess that I should have not taken it at face value since you can be easily demonized on here. I still find Varg very funny, I just laugh at his stupidity. I mean he is not even funny… he is an obsessive and irrational scrote and dangerous. But would you understand that 1st world countries also present huge disadvantages for women? Especially if you are born poor. There's so many poor women in 1st world countries that end up prostituted and have no support. Being born in a 1st world country won't warrant you a good life unless you happen to be born in a wealthy family.

No. 1162990

Just lightly keep up the muslim charade, I get it as a fellow ex-muslim, and enjoy eid. It's not a threat as long as we stay vigilant.

No. 1162993

> cause they don't have to acknowledge that sweden isn't as bad as Sindh
Kek fuck off. No one has any problem acknowledging that the Middle East is bad. The problem is that you love to play oppression olympics and downplay the struggles of women who aren't in Muslim countries.

No. 1162994

>worship white nazi
>ask countless times if people see you white enough
>shit on american women because jealousy and they're totes whores if they get abortion
>be rich and think communism is the way even though you wouldn't be rich or be able to go to US then
>cry when you realize you fucked up when you screeched at women because they dared to talk about abortion issues of their own country
Dumb hoe.

No. 1163000

She was going all out on the very real abortion rulings yesterday, it was gross. I feel like internet makes people have low-empathy, or well it highlights the fact that we don't spare empathy to anyone who isn't close to us, which is fair, just a few decades ago we had barely any means of knowing what was going on outside our immediate enviornment, much less feel any sort of way about it.

No. 1163004

File: 1651647660327.jpg (499.75 KB, 1400x1631, 56328869 (1).jpg)

I have quite literally never mentioned Varg on lc up until now alright, when I mentioned nazis I never "simped" for them, I pointed that they were not in the same playing fields as ISIS or the Taliban, they can and will never be a global threat as Islamism is for the entire world, that was the point I made
how many times I have said in this same thread, I KNOW that there are issues of poverty and misogyny in the first world, I have mentioned this continuously throughout this entire thread
>I'm not making this a competition, I 100% believe that there is still a lot of misogyny in the west that has to be worked on
>I believe misogyny exists in the west, All I said was that your in danger of a Taliban style take over like in any reality
when did I allegedly worship a white nazi, can you please show me a screenshot or proof of me having this moment

No. 1163005

are you anti abortion?

No. 1163006

She literally is. She shat up the thread just because an anon dared to mention how the abortion ruling made it hard for women in their country.
Cope harder, hoe. Both neonazis and taliban would kill you without a second thought.

No. 1163007

File: 1651647953743.jpg (36.37 KB, 563x560, 5dd14a406f2a3fd9f395de62137679…)

>bunch offended burgers
Okay now I don't feel bad. You don't have to be a burger to empathize with women losing access to abortions.
>they can and will never be a global threat as Islamism is for the entire world, that was the point I made
I guess you forgot about WWII somehow and nazi Germany. Sorry for being afraid I'll have to go through the same shit as my great grandmothers, because we have insane scrotes in parliament who are literally explicitly stating they want to be the Christian taliban.

No. 1163010

She thinks neo-nazis will accept her brown self or some shit that's why she's going easy on them, kek. It'd be her dream to have a nazi consider her white, that's why she was asking if people saw her race as locals/whites in the other thread. She's not a nice person, she thinks American women are whore and that complaining about abortion being illegal is pointless.

No. 1163013

she literally is just expressing her opinion it’s like you can’t say shit because you’re not white and you should just stay in your lane. you can’t control what other people think. If she thinks islamists are worse than white nationalist then thats on her it has nothing to do with wanting to be “picked” get your head out of the gutter. I think both are retarded but because she comes from that part of the world and based on her experiences it makes perfect sense why she thinks that

No. 1163017

Imagine if a meteor hit us all right now and your last moment was spent infighting over some rando's dumb opinions

No. 1163018

File: 1651648398071.png (38.78 KB, 982x541, hm.png)

>I have quite literally never mentioned Varg on lc up until now alright

No. 1163019

Imagine if a meteor hit us all right now and your last moment was spent calling out anonymous users for fighting over a retards shit opinions.

No. 1163020


then why do you say stuff like this? I just don't get you, you're not even a nuanced individual. You just have a lot of cognitive dissonance. You blame the religion you were born in for your suffering this thread is filled with you whining about your family wanting to kill you due to religion but yet you support theocratic governments and don't see a problem with abortion being banned which is a huge fucking problem when it comes to the rights of women. Abortion being illegalized opresses women and takes their rights back by 100 years. You really aren't smart and you strike me as some manipulative BPD chan.

No. 1163021

File: 1651648457690.jpg (15.83 KB, 425x424, 628eddb12d0532d6a2b122c62d5cc7…)

With that logic none of us should be on here, including you.

No. 1163024

File: 1651648539471.jpeg (59.89 KB, 429x525, EE703666-1B68-4B92-947B-1F82B4…)

really makes you think doesn't it

No. 1163025

she's a liar and a manipulator too… hahaha I'm dying I take it back pakianon is a bitch

No. 1163026

I'm brown too, dumb hoe. She's literally simping for racist men, shunning women here because she thinks they're whores and abortion is wrong. Dumb bitch should keep her mouth shut if people disagreeing with her makes her cry.

No. 1163029

It's not that she can't think Islamists are worse, but arguing about the abortion thing above was ridiculous.

No. 1163032

She acts like she's totally not a Muslim and so beyond her country but most religious Muslim women I know have more progressive views about the abortion than she does. Let that sink in.

No. 1163035

File: 1651648679701.jpg (40.05 KB, 564x556, 5a9f737cb77aff180a6cfda3e00e77…)

I thought I would die already a couple weeks ago, so I honestly don't care and I've got nothing better to do atm.

No. 1163036

No I am not anti-abortion, I have never been anti-abortion
you got offended when I pointed out that american isn't gonna turn into the handmaidens tale on account of state ruling on abortion
well yes the daily(and I mean daily) terrorists attacks against Christians, Shia Muslims and Ahmediyah Islams aren't actually committed by the Islamists, no its a global group of neo-nazis, ISIS ruling a territory the size of great Britain and the Taliban take over of afghanistan, yup those drasted nazis again, my point was that neo-nazis aren't a global threat
yeah that's not me, I don't refer to myself as a "brown girl" either, I find that shit cringe, its like when american refer to the peoples of asia as "POC"
again I pointed out that american women should fight for their rights, but pretending its on par with some theocratic takeover of american is melodramatic

No. 1163039

File: 1651648836035.jpeg (199.36 KB, 1091x1200, 56F5DB99-76EA-4D79-84EF-AB6DC1…)

No. 1163040

>yeah that's not me
That's literally your typing style, down to the grammar, the alternating all-lowercase and upper-case first letters and the lack of a period at the end of your posts. How many "Pakianons" that constantly go on about their country and derail threads over it do we have?

No. 1163041

File: 1651648894229.jpg (35.17 KB, 563x565, 4de74660a281e1db2d08e2c1b85f43…)

I'm offended that you think I have to be a burger to care about the plight of burgerwomen.

No. 1163043

>no I am not anti abortion

then why post shit like the stuff you posted on here? You're obviously taken anons for being fools and that you can play anyone on your fingers. Anons have figured you out. You want Varg's cock but you're also a hypocrite that back pedals on her statements. Go to /pol/ maybe some white American guy will pick you from there and save you from being a maid in your cousins house. You have a very clear agenda. We're not dumb pakianon.

No. 1163044

Lmao I love you anon
That's definitely you. You're the only brown anon who's obsessed with race, being white, hating your men and nazis.

No. 1163046

you're proving that you're lying just in this thread

No. 1163050

you're so dumb lmao you really think you can.play anyone on your fingers. Just get your beliefs together and use your family's money to move out instead of lying on lolcow. You're clearly very privileged.

No. 1163051

She's definitely anti-abortion. The thread went to shit because she had a massive fit after anons dared to mention it.

No. 1163052

Ikr. And most normal people study and only go abroad after then graduate college and have a chance to get jobs, she's going to leech off of people once again.

No. 1163053

>shit on american women because jealousy and they're totes whores if they get abortion
>be rich and think communism is the way even though you wouldn't be rich or be able to go to US then
That was romania

No. 1163054

I used to think you where cool pakichan but all you are is a jealous pickme for white cock lmao. Not even decent white cock, varg of all fucking people. Disgusting.

No. 1163055

get your lore straight romania is not rich and hates communism shes sperged about how much she hates it multiple times

No. 1163056

I don't believe you

No. 1163057

is anyone in this thread an alien

No. 1163058

i don't think it's melodramatic, Poland has forbid abortions and not to be mean but to us, countries around, it's like their goverment is kinda a religious cult with how much religion has influence on people's lives. It's like a creepy thing hidden in the backround. I think it can happen to any country, even america.. It'll never be exactly like in a tv show doesn't mean it's not gonna be equally bad in the end.

No. 1163060

I don't think she is anti-abortion, just feels some type of way and women in america are clearly distraught over this and are worried about what's to come, like "they're taking away this from us, what if they do that next?" and she got offended at that.

No. 1163061

I don't even agree with Communism as an economic system, but for me its the only solution to deal with Islam, the religion of the arab pedophile has to be persecuted and extinguished, its the only solution for Islam

No. 1163063

Romania is all Paki-chan will never be. She actually struggled, has a bad economic situation and last but not least, she's beautiful and white-passing.
Also see >>1162966 where paki said she wanted communism but evil western women fucked it up, lmao.
>mentioned multiple times how Communism was the only hope for muslim women and americans and the british fucked it all up, I get you dislike me

No. 1163065

No. 1163066

Romania constantly sperges about communism though.

The abortion sperging (not the tranny one from the Unpopular opinion thread) has her writing style and deranged seething over americans all over it.

No. 1163067

I feel like paki chan is trying to turn this around and pin it all on Romania anon which is fucking hysterical. Romania is cringe and annoying but at least she never said she wanted to be vargs “homestead wife”. I will never let pakichan live that down. It’s so painfully pathetic.

No. 1163068

You'll never be white. You'll never have a nazi bf. You'll never be live in slave of a nazi male. Cry.

No. 1163069

Yes but that she hates it and is to blame for Romanias problems not that she thinks it’s “the way”

No. 1163070

File: 1651649537294.jpeg (13.8 KB, 169x299, 5B0E3BEB-78AF-4EC2-AE1D-40ABBD…)

when are you destroying our planet

No. 1163071

Yeah she was obviously seething because she's against abortion like the perfect tradthot she is.

No. 1163074

oh thank god, someone who actually reads what I posted instead of making baseless opinions, this was the point I was trying to make
…… I have absolutely no idea how you could read my post and think I was somehow blaming white western women,
>americans and the british fucked it all up, I get you dislike me
when did I even mention western women in this, I didn't even mention the whole west, I only mentioned the americans and british who were the main chodis(fuckers) during the cold war

No. 1163075

you're retarded I'm literally homeless and have been poor my entire life, I'm also not a commie but I suspect you're pakianon. Fuck you pakianon literally go to /pol/ nobody wants right wing sympathizers here. You're also a massive hypocrite and think you can play anyone on your fingers by constantly pretending to switch beliefs. You clearly sympathize with the right wing just from your posts and are anti abortion which is disgusting. You are not oppressed you are rich but yet you support others rights being taken away even though life faced you with the privilege of being born rich. You literally think everyone is dumb, you're just taking us for fools when your posts are here and I read them then you claim you actually don't hold those beliefs. I'm not anti abortion and I am not a communist either. I hate communism but I think class struggle is real but I would never want to live in a communist dictature.

No. 1163076

>Romania is all Paki-chan will never be. She actually struggled, has a bad economic situation and last but not least, she's beautiful and white-passing.
kek you're fucking awful and sobad at this

No. 1163077

File: 1651649684422.jpeg (488.61 KB, 789x1156, 9DED1635-C6A4-4489-B84D-2DB8DB…)

⌇⍜⍜⋏⟒⍀ ⏁⊑⏃⋏ ⊬⍜⎍ ⏁⊑⟟⋏☍

No. 1163078

can you shut the fuck up stop back pedaling on your statements, we are not dumb

No. 1163080

oh god I'm horny

No. 1163081

File: 1651649767249.jpg (11.14 KB, 274x342, 7846a88f8efa7f880b5b9abea3f02a…)

The abortion sperging anon sounded more like a right wing "libertarian" conservative burgerwoman. I've never seen Romaniananon sperg so much about guns or act like rape isn't a big deal, she has been sperging about burgerwomen in poverty actually. She also said she doesn't agree with state-communism just earlier, I asked!

No. 1163082

I'm a cat

No. 1163083

>suddenly pops up in the thread despite it totally not being her
Are you mad because paki got more sympathy than you so you pull this shit? peak bpd

No. 1163084

you're probably pakianon lmao

No. 1163085

Yeah and it was a pathetic and retarded point. You think you can shout down other women because you’re a spoiled, entitled little rich bitch who thinks cleaning your cousins house is the epitome of oppression and that being a nazis homestead wife is the best life imaginable. Just fucking go to America you stupid slut.

No. 1163087

File: 1651649828383.gif (11.49 MB, 360x640, 51E0A4C5-2B67-4CA1-8A10-D4DAF4…)

No. 1163088

Don’t get confused Romania, we still hate you because you’re a pedo who molests children. Go off yourself.

No. 1163089

Shut up you were literally celebrating that american women were gonna have their rights taken away earlier today now you want to act like you’re so much better, you both suck.

No. 1163090

Based as fuck. Watch paki scream in jealousy and retardation.
It's true and also why paki thought Romanichan was privileged, cause she's white pretty and lives in a nonmuslim country. Kek.

No. 1163091

File: 1651649939555.jpg (64.13 KB, 564x772, 34ed0c99b919b0fbc932b8759c56db…)

Romaanon, please we are not enemies, I am feeling for the sake of my own life, that's the main reason, both our nations were destroyed by the anglo-americans and we have been scorned by western feminists who cannot comprehend our struggles
I am feeling for the sake of my life, please understand that

No. 1163092

im not, you just hate me and demonize me for acting out extreme abuse at 8 years old just like a scrote would. You keep pushing the narrative that I am a child molester when I was a literal child being molested lmao

No. 1163093

No, I just think it's hysterical that she goes cor paki now.

No. 1163094

my body is ready
(pets you)

No. 1163095

Dumb skank you literally were accusing romanianon of making the posts you made just ten minutes ago. Stop trying to manipulate people with your room temperature iq.

No. 1163096

I know the point you were trying to make and I disagree with it, burgerwomen are allowed to be upset over this and think about what's to come, I get you are angered over the 'omg what if we turn into literally afghanistan' or something, but I think one could let that just be when someone is fearful of the fact that their bodily autonomy is in jeopardy, they can wonder if things will just get worse.

No. 1163097

lmao paki she is literally here falseflagging in your name because she's mad you get more attention

No. 1163098

i'm getting whiplash from who i'm favoring one moment to the next…

No. 1163099

Romania ignore them. At least you're not an adult arguing American women should have to go through pregnancies they obviously don't want to or simp for nazis like she does.

No. 1163102

File: 1651650122317.gif (1.09 MB, 500x232, GMKQ.gif)

No. 1163105

File: 1651650135151.jpg (49.83 KB, 552x414, 5de59ba3d9be702ded8737958f10c9…)

I don't hate her for being abused when she was a kid and doing fucked up stuff because she didn't know any better. She's a bit unhinged and threatens with violence a lot, but she's not a pedo.
When did Romaniananon do that? I saw her literally sperg about American women in poverty earlier and empathizing with them.

No. 1163106

That's literally what she did yesterday and even got banned for it.

No. 1163108

Their “critiques on white feminism” are all based on bitterness and jealousy. Romania literally brags about how she wants to torture and kill white women, while screaming “the scrotes aren’t as bad as the women on lolcow making fun of me!” and paki celebrates them having their rights taken away. Meanwhile paki wants to be vargs “homestead wife”. Moral of the story is they’re both scum and will sail all of us down the river for rich/white cock.

No. 1163109

File: 1651650161324.jpg (7.7 KB, 246x250, wqf2hbrcblfq.jpg)

No. 1163110

This post >>1163053 of pakianon where she tries to blame it all on romania. Kek. Then she acts friendly towards her when she realizes she's here.

No. 1163111

Lots of business owners were women, women could own land, if hubby couldn't sexually satisfy she could divorce no problem, if she was beaten she could divorce.

No. 1163112

No. 1163113

Anyone who has ever molested a kid should kill themselves.

No. 1163115

Isn't romania white herself? Wtf.

No. 1163116

File: 1651650287206.jpg (15.58 KB, 408x406, a1b81740b36374e7a9a690e683e3e4…)

Where the manifesto???

No. 1163117

literally when
I guess its a matter of personal opinion in the matter, but the way the burgers got offended and started making accusations about me was ridiculous

No. 1163118

Is that not Pakianon?

No. 1163120

when did I celebrate that white women are having their rights taken away lmao? I'm not anti abortion. Banning abortion is one of the most oppressive laws for women and I think women are oppressed more according to social class than according to culture. That's why I made posts saying many American or western women are born in poverty and their environment turns them into prostitutes, so in this case how can you even argue that being born in a certain country grants you freedom or happiness. Stop lying about me, people are calling you out on your shit pakianon. You're
that's not my fucking post stupid

even a molested child that replicated the behavior in their environment?

No. 1163121

Calm down, pakichan has always been on romanianons side as far as I've seen. Romanianon is now upset because pakichan is apparently stealing her posts (like some egirl catfight) and is rich. They can come together over their mutual hatred of le privileged western radfems.

No. 1163123

She didn't molest a child afaik. She was a child and they did stuff to each other. It's very sick but not comparable to an adult purposefully harming a child.

No. 1163124

It's common for kids who are being molested to repeat the act on other kids, they don't understand what happened to them even

No. 1163125

File: 1651650365486.jpeg (103.33 KB, 623x583, 5F2309F1-6857-40A4-AC23-8FD126…)

No. 1163126

No. 1163128

Celebrates their rights being taken while using her connections and money to move to Cali in the US kek, and insinuating she will still somehow be oppressed and probably made her cousins slave regardless of the lack of islams reach.

No. 1163131

Ok "anon"

No. 1163132

Both romani and paki anon need to post hands kek. The toll for ruining the tinfoil thread with their selfish behaviour.

No. 1163133

File: 1651650493437.jpg (92.86 KB, 950x720, 1645268074024.jpg)

It doesn't have to be this way

No. 1163135

Okay yeah, that's fine then. Agree to disagree.

No. 1163136

She thinks she's oppressed because she has to work to earn money unlike how she lazed around and leeched off of her parents in her home country, kek.
Cry moar.

No. 1163137

one of the funniest, most chaotic catfights i've ever witnessed ngl

No. 1163138

that's so beautiful

No. 1163139

See >>1163018 where you said you wanted to fuck a nazi. Then you wonder why people think negatively about you, lmao.

No. 1163140

I have multiple times, you called me fat each time

No. 1163142

Are you paki??

No. 1163143

File: 1651650608322.png (25.02 KB, 1826x198, ap.png)

They're not just accusations anyone made. It was literally you in this thread sympathizing with white supremacists and tradthots, down to the wording
>the arab pedophile
For a second, I slipped and thought "Maybe there's two Pakianons", but nope. Stop with the fucking lies. I'd have been less disgusted if you had just said "Yeah, I was a retard, I don't think that anymore" but you'd rather try to manipulate everyone and you probably still feel the same way

No. 1163145

If she had changed her ways, he'd say so. She's trying to manipulate anons like how she made posts defending communism but then said they were Romania's. When Romania came though, she started acting like super nice to her because she got scared.

No. 1163146

File: 1651650748597.gif (7.99 KB, 62x75, 679789gs2dqrx3bd.gif)

So are you, nonnie

No. 1163147

The way Romania and Pakianon manage to make any thread or issue about their “struggles” is insane, almost like they studied at the tranny school of oppression olympics

No. 1163150

File: 1651650885486.gif (47.4 KB, 261x120, 1650918226293.gif)

two cows truly made for each other. obviously they display cow tendencies for a reason (mental illness, abuse) but it's still hilarious. two perfectly matching puzzle pieces that are hysterical to witness bickering in real time KEK. this is why i love this fucking site

No. 1163154

This is my post, not pakis and I pointed it out because you got redtexted for your celebration of burger anons having their rights taken yesterday

No. 1163158

both anglo-saxon and slavic countries have destroyed my country. Before communism my country was doing very well and people had a lot of freedoms. Life in Romania before both modern capitalism and communism was literally utopic. Most of the working class owned their own land and worked it. They were free farmers with a life full of tradition and freedom, working their own land. Not the land of the state or the land of a corporation. That was real freedom. My country was something nobody can comprehend before communism. You cannot imagine the freedom or the cultural richness of my people.

No. 1163160

come on, pakianon hasn't gone through abuse, like romanianon, she lives in a extreme shit place which is pretty bad, but not like direct abuse. or else she'd have mentioned it.

No. 1163163

I can't believe it's been going for an entire day. Not so oppressed that they can't shitpost on lolcow all day kek.

No. 1163164

File: 1651651130097.jpg (39.8 KB, 563x553, d0014d1cf97940373de815f26bd496…)

I understand that Romaniananon doesn't want to be lumped in with someone caping for neonazis, since she's very left wing and hates everything neonazis stand for. She's probably never going to forgive Pakichan for that, unless she changes her ways. Romaniananon also has said multiple times that the capital axis is very important to her, she doesn't like rich people.

No. 1163166

i have no idea what she has or hasn't gone through but i'd assume there'd be some mental fuckery going on living in an oppressive islamist state regardless. but i was mostly talking about romania and her abuse. i don't fault either of them for being strange, just the both of them together right now, arguing, is just hysterical

No. 1163167

Tinfoil for the thread: both are trannys.

No. 1163168

and it is based of her

No. 1163173

Yeah, she's some upper class rich girl who lives in a bubble or something.

No. 1163174

Yes but she’s not first world

No. 1163175

Like Freddy Vs Jason, Paki-chan Vs Romanianon

No. 1163180

They’re both narcs

No. 1163182

Narc trannies?

No. 1163186

Romani doesn’t need to post hands, we have all seen her face. She’s defo a woman.

No. 1163189

No, this is definitely Romania's style of unhinged sperging.
She was also crying about no one having empathy for her (and thus killing others is free game) in a few of her manifestos

No. 1163191

File: 1651651535243.png (772.45 KB, 750x696, 181F3702-CB0C-4F23-9593-9FDCF1…)

No. 1163192

The way Pakianon tried to lie and suddenly started playing nice to manipulate annoys me too much. I grew up in an oppressive country and there's too many rich girls who use that same tactic kek

No. 1163193

File: 1651651562046.jpg (42.67 KB, 564x564, 5784d00650b2cc89f973e1eaa0e160…)

Not, Pakichan, but do you know a good book on this or a documentary? I would like to learn more about Romania.
Oh, I agree.
Isn't it always Pakichan calling people imperialists?

No. 1163194

true, and unfortunately i have seen more of her than i've wanted to see because of weirdos posting, and she is definitely a woman. that was never in dispute. she absolutely looks and seems in every way like a woman

No. 1163197

She's a dumb rich bitch who thinks she's oppressed because she has to work to stay in US. she's trying to manipulate anons but she wants to fuck nazis and hates American women because she sees them as whores.

No. 1163198

it doesn't gel with the romania thing as far as i know, but it seems like her bizarre style of unhinged writing, and she has a penchant for pretending to be other people when she's especially uh, unwell, so idk. it could be a larp, it could be paki being angry.

No. 1163200

Yeah. I hate romani chan but she has nothing to prove.

No. 1163201

I love this game of telephone we play girls

No. 1163204

Pakianon is rich and not mentally ill. She only thinks she's oppressed because she can't live as a neet in US and has to work to earn money. She also probably thinks she's oppressed because no tradmale will marry her but oh well.

No. 1163206

>I grew up in an oppressive country and there's too many rich girls who use that same tactic kek
Same, I know a fair share, it's not like there aren't sheltered, rich girls in muslim countries. They keep their daughters very safe, even though it's probably stifling for the girls, but they are very far-removed from what the average woman may go through.

No. 1163207

begging you to stop upboating yourself

No. 1163211

kek you know this also applies to romanianon, right? She's a neet in Romania who's mad she has to work to earn more money.

No. 1163213

I was just kidding about posting hands kek. Just think it would make the retarded fight funnier. A toll for ruining a thread.

Also, do they think everyone who is against them because they ree about westerners and we write in English? This is an English site and people can just disagree.

No. 1163214

So multiple people can't be irritated at someone who said women in other countries deserve to suffer because of what their governments have done? Who said she wished she could date a younger version of Varg, admitted that if she was white she'd have been a tradthot and thinks Nazis/extreme right viewpoints are a sane reaction to trannies and other moid degeneracy (as if it's not the same shit with different packaging)? Fuck off. I'm not the anon that called her a dumb bitch, but if this is you, Paki, you deserve all the shit you're getting on this anonymous board at the very fucking least

No. 1163215

Pakistanichan is correct. Nothing compares to the evil of pakistani scrotes.

No. 1163216

She's not a rich woman who thinks abortions mean all American women are whores. She also doesn't cape for white supremacists and compete over them.

No. 1163217

My tinfoil is that both romani and paki anons are glowies.

No. 1163218

How does she look like? Sorry I don't browse vent thread

No. 1163219

File: 1651652269353.jpeg (17.88 KB, 201x250, 8526F212-4888-4473-9176-8BD7BF…)

I just wanted to tinfoil

No. 1163220

File: 1651652296672.gif (1.52 MB, 220x381, cat-high.gif)

No. 1163221

Neo-Nazis would do what Pakistani scrotes are doing if they weren't being blocked by the left, even though they're shitty too

No. 1163222

Average Romanian girl. She's kinda cute but unkempt.

No. 1163223

based and correct

No. 1163224

Talk to me about toothpaste of something nonnie, what are they putting in the toothpaste??

No. 1163226

At least pakistani scrotes don't kill all brown women like how nazis would do if they could.

No. 1163227

They’re a psyop to ruin the thread and stop us.

No. 1163228

what are you on about, I have plenty of "tardmale" who want to marry me, I have had marriage offers with my cousin when I was 16, I still have tons of issue and the reason isn't even cause there non-white either, I have rejected 2 blonde, tall, light skinned Pashtuns and Kashmiris

No. 1163229

im laughing so hard

No. 1163230

File: 1651652680551.jpeg (114.5 KB, 660x660, 210E21B9-B2BD-4C5E-9685-2B0A67…)

Idk but it ain't good. We are all going digital soon anyway. I'm going to bed now, hope nothing hostile invades my dreams, thanks nonners

No. 1163231

This is how one can tell you're rich and privileged in the Pakistani hierarchy, but you admit that yourself so it's not anything to really hold you against. Good job rejecting them, glad you were able to.

No. 1163232

Sleep well soldier

No. 1163237

>marrying your cousin at 16

No. 1163239


No. 1163242

No. 1163243

I have mentioned this multiple times that I am wealthy by Pakistani society, defiantly in the top 15%
my parents actually had arguments about this for days, it was my mother who wanted me to marry my then 21 year old cousin who drives a truck in the US, I am still expected to get married and am just biding my time to escape

No. 1163245

Fluoride is a neurotoxin and an industrial waste product. It's dumped in public water supplies because it's cheap and lowers IQ.

Please give me an example of neo-nazis waging a love jihad on women and children because their pedo manual tells them to. Unless you have lived around muslim and especially pakistani men, you have no idea.

Pakistani men are extremely racist and would if they could. Muslims are still practicing slavery.

No. 1163246

Kek nice goalpost moving. Nevermind she called nonnas whores multiple times and was making fun of burger nonnas for the recent chanfes yesterday.

No. 1163247

I have had to plan it out well, use different explanations that would appease my parents, appease them with ethnic and sect based selections
Its actually literal feudalism, around 70% of the country lives under it, it fucked up

No. 1163248

I've seen posts from you where you say Islam is good and support theocratic governments and have right winger ideas, yet now you're trying to make yourself a victim by complaining about something that is resulting from traditionalism and religion. I don't get you at all.

No. 1163249

spontaneous heartattack when I noticed the skeleton in the bg

No. 1163250

She only likes it when it fits her tradgirl agenda. She saying she doesn't wanna get married but she also wrote abouts how she wanted to he a stay at home maid for a nazi husband.

No. 1163252

File: 1651653646405.jpg (131.81 KB, 578x902, Bidet.jpg)

>“Today it can even happen that new life (in the womb) is extinguished, in order to avoid disturbing individual freedom"
>And about working women, he writes: “Nowadays, women are encouraged from an early age to pursue career and financial independence. They are expected to reject the traditional role of supporting a man. (…) But how does this really work out for them? What happens when they turn thirty? If they continue to work full-time, building a family becomes extremely difficult, even impossible. That is why women in the western world are increasingly having fewer children.”
>"Just ask a rapist. Aside from all the squabbling and outward resistance: women react tremendously to such ruthless masculinity."
They had 8/150 seats in parliament, 12/75 in the senate and 11% of votes for the European parliament, 86/570 provincial seats. Add PVV, JA21 and other fascist splinter parties to that and it's not looking good. Never mind the theocratic parties like SGP who want to ban voting for women and literally collaborated with the nazi's during WWII. Or how CDA protects pedos and says spreading the pedohandbook is fine and refuses to prosecute all the child trafficking rings in the bible belt. They say behind closed doors that it's fine to do these things to children, because you cannot find salvation through good behaviour, only by believing in their specific Christian sect. There's a rise of fascism everywhere in Europe, Greece (Golden Dawn), Italy, Spain, Poland, Denmark, Hungary, Serbia (remember what happened last time?) etc., but "fuck you privileged american!!11!!1" if you dare to be worried about it.

No. 1163253

He's part of the conspiracy

No. 1163254

File: 1651653709247.jpg (17.48 KB, 326x326, 1618347730107.jpg)

>I've seen posts from you where you say Islam is good and support theocratic governments and have right winger ideas
literally when, literally when, seriously fuck you for ever accusing me for that

No. 1163255

But how will women support men if men can't earn enough to feed their wives and kids? Why are tradmales so retarded? Don't they think their pay will be doubled if women leave workforce??

No. 1163256

What do you think the endgame is for making basic needs unaffordable for lower and middle class in Europe and the US?

No. 1163257

why do western feminists do this, mostly banned parties or one that aren't even 10% of your parliament is somehow proof, we have Islamist parties talking about invading Israel and killing kafirs that were in office foe 4 years, romachan was right about you

No. 1163258

Lower the population?

No. 1163259

>If I say anything retarded, you’re all liars!
NTA, but you’re dumb. Fit right in in Cali kek.

No. 1163260

Stop talking in 3rd person

No. 1163261

Why do you think they’re western? This is an English site, not everyone who disagrees with you is western. Believing so is a cope so you don’t have to confront your own beliefs and hypocrisies. We can just see your belief as wrong.

No. 1163263

Who are rich people going to profit off if they are the only ones surviving?

No. 1163264

can you show me proof though

No. 1163265

They already have more money than they could ever spend, besides they'll keep some of us. There are 8 billion people in the world.

No. 1163268

>"Just ask a rapist. Aside from all the squabbling and outward resistance: women react tremendously to such ruthless masculinity."
I fucking hate moids, we really need some deranged serial killer women who let them eat their words.

No. 1163270

>mostly banned parties
None of the parties I listed are banned.
>parties that aren't even 10% of your parliament
The Netherlands has never not had a coalition government and the PVV is the second biggest party. Not every government works by absolute majority. All those parties could work together and create absolute hell for women, people who aren't Christian and anyone who isn't Northern European looking.
We can hope he gets Pim Fortuyn'd

No. 1163282

looked him up, a man who was 100% right about the religion of the arab pedophile and got murdered arab worshipping SJW who'd probably let his sister be raped by an arab pedophile worshippers

>I don't hate Islam. I consider it a backward culture. I have travelled much in the world. And wherever Islam rules, it's just terrible. All the hypocrisy. It's a bit like those old Reformed Protestants. The Reformed lie all the time. And why is that? Because they have standards and values that are so high that you can't humanly maintain them. You also see that in that Muslim culture. Then look at the Netherlands. In what country could an electoral leader of such a large movement as mine be openly homosexual? How wonderful that that's possible. That's something that one can be proud of. And I'd like to keep it that way, thank you very much.[53]

I agree with him

No. 1163284

Two women enter, only one will leave. Who will it be, the retard romanian, or the privileged paki.

No. 1163286

The rest of us after we lock them in and throw away the key

No. 1163288

File: 1651655371147.jpg (311.12 KB, 1024x683, 1500317670475.jpg)

Romaanon and I aren't enemies, I actually try to sympathize with her and can acknowledge that she had a tougher like then me and not make up random bullshit to justify feeling oppressed
western radfems and burgerfags are the real delusional idiots here

No. 1163290

File: 1651655426433.jpg (90.86 KB, 828x398, Pedo_Pim.jpg)

Caping for a pedo? Ok. You do realize that they all claim that, then when they get into power, they decide that they actually really dislike all those progressive values, especially when it comes to freedom for women.

No. 1163292

okay I didn't know that, I literally just looked him up

No. 1163294

File: 1651655571828.jpg (37.55 KB, 298x385, murdered.jpg)

Peter R. de Vries was btw assassinated for his work uncovering things like these.

No. 1163296

Maybe you should've moved to Copenhagen instead. Not everyone who thinks you're a retard is from the west, nor even a radfem.

No. 1163297

You were literally blaming her for your spergy posts, cheap whore. Your sympathy is fake and you only act nice towards her to make yourself look better. She actually has trauma and excuses to act the way she does, you don't.

No. 1163310

I did not do that, show me when I stated this

No. 1163317

You keep saying you didn't do the shit you did. You even simped over a nazi and kept saying it was an accusation until one anon posted it.

No. 1163326

File: 1651657502205.jpg (159.78 KB, 1871x504, 111.jpg)

Alright pakichan here, I truly want to end this stupid discussion and get back on topic, you can accuse me of being a white nazi cock worshiping tardwife(I'm not) and believe that about me, but ultimately it doesn't matter
I don't believe necessarily fascism is on the rise but authoritarianism, for the entire world, climate change is an undeniable reality and water a resource that humans can't live without will be the primarily cause of conflict, for states to function in total wars usually lead to a authoritarian nationalist states, this has happened throughout the history of Pakistan, in times of crisis a nationalist dictator takes power and in one case sanctioning a genocide(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1971_Bangladesh_genocide)
women, men and children will all be effected about this

No. 1163327

stop talking in 3rd person

No. 1163334

You're being played like a fiddle

No. 1163337

Keep coping paki-chan.
See >>1163018 where you admitted to wanting to marry a white supremacist man.

No. 1163341

Stop acting like a twitterfag, this isn’t a cancellation party and that dumb shitpost doesn’t mean shit whoever wrote it

No. 1163353

Stfu dumb whore. You're the one acting like thr Twitterfag by crying about how oppressed you are in every thread.

No. 1163359

Kys you’re so annoying can you speak to other women without calling them names for once?

No. 1163364

>inb4 she blames it on someone impersonating her

No. 1163371

Why don’t you contribute to something like the male suicide rate for example?

No. 1163380

He comes here to be surrounded the superior XX sex. He is too afraid to admit the truth that he is ultimately a genetic failure designed to coom and die, and even then, he is a low value man who is not worth allowing to coom.

No. 1163381

>B-But no love jihad
Look at the grooming/pedophilia problem in literally any community of right wingers. If you don't want to look at groomers online alone (especially in your Varg's community), Prussian Blue was a famous pop duo in the Nazi community who had tons of grown men jerking off to them and asking her mother if they could have access to them. Look at the child bride problem in certain areas of the US
At the end of the day, you're the only one comparing the two because you have this bizarre need to play opression olympics with white women and worship subhuman scrotes who come from a colder climate. I'm not even a burger btw, just sick of this shit. Fuck off

No. 1163384

In conclusion all men are fucking disgusting no matter where they come from

No. 1163385

Yes, thank you

No. 1163386

Based and just factually correct, sick of pretending otherwise.

No. 1163387

>play opression olympics with white women and worship subhuman scrotes who come from a colder climate
I am a white woman. I live in the UK and I grew up in an area with muslim rape gangs. The major difference between CSA committed by muslim men and white men is that white christian society does not openly condone and encourage the rape of women and children. Regardless of what is happening with the elites, western society as a whole does not sanction rape. In islam the rape and captivity of women is divinely instituted. The quran explicitly states that raping and enslaving kafir women is a divine and holy part of jihad.

No. 1163388

File: 1651661540947.gif (2.63 MB, 480x347, 6563306B-C725-42A8-B12B-6976EB…)

Peace has been restored

No. 1163389

And how does this contradict my original point? I said:
>Neo-Nazis would do what Pakistani scrotes are doing if they weren't being blocked by the left, even though they're shitty too
Varg Vikernes considers Muslim men to be his brothers if they have blond hair and blue eyes. White supremacist scrotes coom to the idea of a "white sharia". You think decency will hold them back if they actually attain power? Fucking delusional. We can talk about the evils of Muslim scrotes without sucking Nazi chode

No. 1163394

So the religion where child marriage is allowed and a literal pedophile is worshipped doesn't encourage rape? You're delusional.

No. 1163396

can someone link all pakichan's posts so we can see her lies in action?

No. 1163397

File: 1651662412406.gif (4.3 MB, 640x478, train-crash.gif)

This derailing is so retarded.

No. 1163403

Anon she’s literally saying islam encourages rape where did you get that

No. 1163405

Varg is not the majority of white men, the majority of white men aren't neo-nazis either. If the majority of white men were neo-nazis, they would be in power now. They aren't.

>We can talk about the evils of Muslim scrotes without sucking Nazi chode

I have never praised neo-nazis or said anything positive about them. My point was that islam is worse because it's actually happening right now and dealing with it is the reality for millions of women. Neo-nazis in power in the west isn't reality, it's a hypothetical situation that may or may not happen. Until is does happen a hypothetical situation is not oppressing anyone.

I'm literally talking about islam being a pedo religion.

No. 1163412

I have no idea about pakianon, but I think I'm going to update romania's list this weekend.

No. 1163413

you're a fake manipulative liar. A couple of months ago you literally said that I was not even opressed compared to you because unlike Pakistan, Romania is not a 3rd world country therefore you are the oppressed one and I am not. Although, I have thousands of posts about how my oppression doesn't even lie in the fact that I was born here but in the fact that I was born in poverty and faced a lot of bad things and extreme abuse and I lack a support system. I didn't derail this thread. I made a nice post saying that if you are born poor and in an abusive family in America you're fucked as a woman. You are a liar and I wish for someone to just link all of your posts. You literally lied to my face in this thread and tried manipulating me. >>1162966 you did this acting like anons were bullying and putting fake stuff on your shoulders and I believed it until I read the posts. CAN YOU PLEASE STOP POSTING???? YOU ARE A FUCKING LIAR THAT BACKPEDDALS ON ALL HER BELIEFS AND STATEMENTS. YOU'RE A RIGHT WING SYMPATHIZER THAT SPERGS ABOUT AMERICAN WOMEN AND IMPERIALISM AND THINKS BANNING ABORTION IS OK AND THAT A TECHNOCRATIC STATE IS OK WHILE YOU WHINE AND WHINE ABOUT WHAT ISLAM DOES TO WOMEN WHEN YOU ACTUALLY SUPPORT RELIGION AND RIGHT WING SENTIMENT AND YOU SAY WESTERNERS RUINED YOUR COUNTRY. SO WHO IS IT BITCH? IS IT WESTERNERS OR ISLAM THAT RUINED IT? PICK ONE? YOU'RE LITERALLY LYING IN OUR FACES WHEN THE EVIDENCE OF YOUR BELIEFS IS UPTHREAD. AT LEAST BE HONEST. YOU'RE DERAILING THIS ENTIRE THREAD AND DRAGGING ME INTO IT AND LYING IN EVERYONE'S FACES AND BACKPEDDALING ON YOUR BELIEFS LIKE WE ARE FUCKING IDIOTS. AT LEAST MY DERAILING AND DERANGED POSTS ARE ME mentally breaking down due to extreme abuse and sperging about how I was sex trafficked and being doomed and poor. All your posts is you sympathizing with right wingers, arguing with everyone, saying everyone is not oppressed but you because you are from Pakistan. You keep contradicting yourself, just leave me out of it. Why did you even mention me here? Exactly because you want to diverge negative attention away from you and on me. Just leave me alone for fuck's sake. Go to /pol/ why are you here????? I don't get it. You tell even a homeless woman that was sexually trafficked at barely 18 that she is not oppressed because she is not from an Islamic country. You are like a broken record.

>if you are not from Islamic country you are not oppressed

>only Islam oppressed
>although I hate Islam I literally want to fuck Varg
>I don't care about abortion being banned you're a bunch of sensitive white bitches I have it so hard here in Pakistan being the top 15% while some of you maybe work in retail for the rest of your life

Just shut up please. You derailed this entire thread saying women are not justified to fear a right wing theocratic government that bans abortion because your narrative is about glorifying the right wing although you complain about religion and Islam.

Just stop please. Nobody is fucking stupid, just be honest about your beliefs and the shit that you say. Now you Suddenly want to be my friend when one or two months ago I wasn't as oppressed as you because I am not from Islam. Can you shut up about ISLAM????? YOU BRING IT INTO EVERYTHING AT LEAST I SCREETCH AT THE VOID ABOUT MY HORRIBLE LIFE AND THEN SOME ANON STARTS DPGPILING ON ME BECAUSE THEY CAN TELL IT'S ME

Can we please all ignore pakichan? She's fucking liar and OPRESSION LARPER. It's proven in this thread she is lying and she is clearly enjoying the attention. Just make a post that contains all her posts so that people know she is lying and a right wing rich girl that wants abortion banned and wants Varg cock. Just stop responding to her. You were talking about how fucked up it is that in countries like Poland right wing political party banned abortion and she popped out-of nowhere to literally say ABORTION BEING BANNED IS NOT EVEN THAT BAD AND YOU'RE PRIVILEGED WHITE AMERICAN WOMEN OVERREACTING. Her agenda is clear. STOP SHE'S A LIAR AND A MANIPULATOR TRIES TO GET IN EVERYONE'S SIDE THEN SHITS ON THEM. YEA WE GET IT ISLAM IS SHIT AND AS A WOMAN YOU ONLY SUFFER IN ISLAM AND BEING A NAZI OR RIGHT WINGER IS BASED. NOW YOU WILL SAY "WHEN DID I EVEN SAY THAT?" BITCH LOOK UPTHREAD. YOU DEFENDED DIRTY ROGHT WING GOVERNMENT TAKING WOMEN'S RIGHT TO ABORTION and sprinkled a bit of Islam over your post as usual. I really hope no anon ever replies to you again. I'm not on your side. I'm on nobody's side but the truths.

No. 1163415

>white christian society does not openly condone and encourage the rape of women and children
Hahahaha, really? There are enough sects who do.

No. 1163418

>Can we please all ignore pakichan?
Oh sorry, saw this too late

No. 1163421

kek she's going to become your new obsession after the ukranian woman, isn't she

No. 1163425

The difference is that Christianity usually adapts to a people, Islam fundamentally changes them, throughout history Muslim societies had slave raids for specifically women for explicitly sexual purposes
>the Moros raiding the Philippines
>the Tartars raiding the slavs
>the Mughals raiding Indian lands
>the Arabs raiding southern europe and africa
these raids were for female salves to sell, cause Islam considers "taking" a kaffir woman a form of Jihad, cause Muhammad(the greatest human being who ever lived) did the same shit with the tribes he fought, he had men killed and took their wives for himself, for a committed Islamist you can't convince him that raping kaffir women is morally wrong, cause the greatest human being who ever lived did it and so he's just following his example
this is my exact point I'm trying to make, the evils of Islam are beyond comprehension, they can't be compared to anything really, I don't even understand the anons who create this great fantasy of neo-nazis taking power when they have less power then ever
I swear that I never said anything to you, you have undeniably suffered worse then me

No. 1163430

>this is my exact point I'm trying to make, the evils of Islam are beyond comprehension, they can't be compared to anything really, I don't even understand the anons who create this great fantasy of neo-nazis taking power when they have less power then ever

wow you're so fucking stupid. Neo nazi's and right wing political parties still have control in a lot of countries and if they actually are elected in power they immediately ban abortion and send women back with 100 years. You are so clearly sympathizing with them. At least be honest. Islam is not the only oppressor or the worst opressor women are facing. Just shut the fuck already stupid privileged bitch. Enjoy that you are not poor in Pakistan and that you get to shit on everyone on an imageboard because of your extreme privilege.

No. 1163432

stop lying. You continue as if you assume all posters are -200 IQ and cannot see your agenda or your lies. You just lie, that's everything that you do. Stop derailing all important conversation about women's issues and enjoy your big house and your parents money. I bet your parents would give you money to go any country you want and support your ass there. You're such a fake bitch you should be embarrassed.

No. 1163433

File: 1651664587377.jpg (31.21 KB, 530x629, kit_66.jpg)

Romaanon please we don't have to do this, I sympathize with you more then you imagine, I cannot being to imagine the abuse you suffered but I can understand what its like to have the entire future of your country ruined by the anglo-americans, please we don't have to do this

No. 1163434

>You just lie, that's everything that you do. Stop derailing all important conversation about women's issues
kek the hypocrisy

No. 1163435


No. 1163439

I was talking about in recent history, but our nations was ruined by Arabs, Turks and Anglo-Americans, also I never called you a gypse romachan

No. 1163440

People from Romania aren't all Roma people- gypsies. She's romaniaanon, not romaanon.

No. 1163443

Okay I was using the wrong terminology

No. 1163444

You deserve everything romanianon calls you. You're a manipulator who has lied time and time again, lusted after white supremacist and wanted to be their slaves, shit on women because they dared to talk about abortion and your tradthot ways demonize it.

No. 1163445

Not Pakichan, but how worried are you about Hungarian nationalism? My Slovak friends are worried Orban has dreams of reconquering lost territory. Especially with everyone being distracted by Russia-Ukraine. How do Romanians feel about it?

No. 1163447

you are quite literally pitting us against each other, cause you don't like the truth and facts we point out

No. 1163449

Here she says a bunch of stupid shit >>1162966
Here she blames it all on romania and says those posts are hers >>1163053
Pakistani is lying on through her teeth again and again. She's acting nice towards Romanianon only when she's around and it helps her case.

Also in this post she admits to wanting to be white supremacist man's homestead wife even if though the said man would kill her on sight in reality. >>1163018

No. 1163450

You’re like Effina. A rich girl from a Muslim country that lusts after racists. Shame on you. Please reflect on your actions and strive for better.

No. 1163451

jesus take your meds, stop talking in 3rd person and trying to blame your garbage posts from yesterday on her

No. 1163452

Your nation wasn’t ruined, it would’ve still be a shithole regardless of which invader came this is a scrote cope

No. 1163453

this are >>1163053 not me, I will admit this was me shitposting >>1163018, I had forgotten about it

No. 1163455

For the last time romanianon, the middle quote is mine. You're literally having a meltdown over her for no reason

No. 1163456

Eh True, Islam has literally destroyed our men that they can do nothing but suck arab cock better then anyone else, they are full of shit and pathetic, like vermins more then men, also skinny fat and can't grow beards

No. 1163457

I support Romanianon because she's a poor woman who has childhood trauma.

You on the other hand are a privileged little bitch who keeps shitting up every thread because you think you have it worse when you're traveling to a first world country to live by your cousin's side. Do you know how many women in your country can do that? You're not oppressed and your little pity game is tiring.

You were traveling to US yet you have the guts to say american women who complain about their rights beings taken away should shut up. Then you're saying some butthurt Bruges are antagonizing you when in reality your posts show your real disgusting face. No normal woman would simp for a nazi. Get help.

No. 1163458

File: 1651665727032.jpeg (109.1 KB, 675x1200, 5A0241E7-2B59-4BB3-AE5C-87D53D…)

Can we discuss the Pfizer documents that were revealed? They lied and said the vaccine was safe for mothers when it wasn’t. Millions of women were gaslighted. This is medical abuse and a massive crime. Why aren’t more people discussing this?

No. 1163461

stop talking in 3rd person

No. 1163462

So you shitpost about wanting to be with nazis? Kek. Sure it's shit posting when you seriously seemed to invested and even admitted how you thought he was soft.
I'm not romanianon. I'm someone who lives in a Muslim country and I can say Pakichan is privileged, seeing her act like she has it the worst when she's rich and able to travel to any country she likes is annoying to say the least.

No. 1163463

Your men sucked arab cock and that was their choice, they liked what the quran preached. Stop coping and blaming it on other races and just face the fact that all men are shit

No. 1163464

I wish. Although technically we are all some other planet's extraterrestrials

No. 1163465

I will be turning away from my family cause I'm likely gonna be killed by them

No. 1163466

oh god no not with the larping again

No. 1163467

Please quote the passage from The New Testament that condones rape.

Not all right wing parties are neo-nazis. There's female right wing politicians. Politics is complicated and what is considered right and left shifts with time.

>Neo nazi's and right wing political parties still have control in a lot of countries
What are these countries?

>they immediately ban abortion and send women back with 100 years

So they want to make western women live under the same conditions as women under islam do?

The whole of central and eastern europe has been historically fucked over by western europe repeatedly and it's about to happen all over again with the war in Ukraine. The US, the UK, Germany and France will send central and eastern europeans to die, just as they did in the first and second world wars.

No. 1163468

all men are shit but is it that hard to acknowledge that on a civilization level certain men can be worse, are the men of Sindh on par with the men of Swedenn

No. 1163470

This. There are muslim countries that aren't as shitty as hers. Women should stop thinking their men are cute little angels and only acting up because they were told some lies.

No. 1163474

You're already moving away so it doesn't matter.

No. 1163475

Because they don't care, they made their money and media made their money. So who is going to report about this?

No. 1163476

Deuteronomy 22:28-29
>“If a man meets a virgin who is not betrothed, and seizes her and lies with her, and they are found, 29 then the man who lay with her shall give to the father of the young woman fifty shekels of silver, and she shall be his wife, because he has violated her. He may not divorce her all his days.

No. 1163477

Ok, at least you're not a different race this time.

No. 1163478

I agree but i hate how she calls it “our men” and thinks that they would be different if islam didn’t exist lol they chose it and stuck by it because it already aligned with their culture. Spain was conquered by muslims for 800+ years but its european values still remained after the whole ordeal you don’t see spanish women wearing hijabs or dressing modestly as a result

No. 1163479

I'm not larping, retard. I'm a turkish anon who has interacted with her again and again. If you don't want to believe me that's fine but stop acting like you don't see how this pakichan is an anti-abortion nazi sympathizer. She has made several posts mocking American women when they complained about their rights to abortion being taken away and thinks that Varg dude would like her if she looks white enough, that's why she was posting in another thread today asking if men from her race looked like "locals", which they obviously didn't.

No. 1163480

Apart from the obvious that it's not in the interest of those in power.
It's hard for people to accept they were wrong. People also need to have some illusion of things being functional.
Why did people trust the pharma and gov in the first place when they always have one hand in your pocket and are robbing you blind every day?
We needed a sense of security in a turbulent time. We still do.
Also, I think people feel powerless. Imagine if people accepted that those they trusted with their health lied to them at the expense of newborns. What are they to do?

No. 1163481

>The US, the UK, Germany and France will send central and eastern europeans to die, just as they did in the first and second world wars.
Only the first one is accurate. France and especially Germany already fucked their own people over with the involvement in this war.

No. 1163483

File: 1651666564460.jpg (166.51 KB, 1125x986, usjcme1p4xm51.jpg)

don't bother, no matter how many times you ask for proof of nazis allegedly taking over europe and going to being literal handmaidens tale, they don't give any substantial evidence, other then some right wing politician whose part is literally 4 seats out of 300, or a meet up of a barely dozen right wing get together, meanwhile a I can show 500'000+ plus people marches here in Pakistan that wanted Shias to be declared kafirs
show me one right wing march in europe in the decade that had even 1/10th as the amount of people on the right
kek the guy was a punjabi gujjar and I'm a pothawari jatt, we are vastly different ethnic groups, its like the difference between an Polish person and French people

No. 1163484

I see you extended your roleplay to accuse her of your own posts again kek. Paki never had unhinged spergouts like you did yesterday.

No. 1163486

And they won't be punished at all, because the USA is one of the most corrupt countries on earth. Literally anyone who tried to speak up was attacked and accused of spreading "misinformation", even when these documents first came out. It's so fucked. I feel bad for all the women who were pressured into this shit (and scorn for all the useful idiots who believed "Money-hungry corporations and the government would never lie to us!" and decided to browbeat women into getting it)

No. 1163487

I'm not romanianon. Those posts are hers and she admitted, she also admitted to abortion sperging and said butthurt burgers were accusing her. See >>1162984 where she tries to justify her shitting up the abortion discussion as burgers not having it as bad as her. She also denies the racist neo-nazi remark here and says anons were accusing her but a picture of her thirstposting about Varg was posted itt.

No. 1163490

yeah yeah whatever, just fucking take your meds already

No. 1163491

they are installing free market capitalism authoritarianism. What bothers me is that now only right wingers oppose the government and capitalist establishment but it should have been left wingers anarchists doing that. I find it hard to fit into any group anymore. I criticize the vaccine and the popular narrative and of course lefties hate me because they love worshipping whatever the American government says.

No. 1163492

This. I don't understand how the statement "all men are shit but muslim men are more shit than average" is a controversial.

That's The Old Testament, Christians don't follow The Old Testament, they follow The New Testament which is the teachings of Jesus and His Apostles.

Germany and France were supposed to enforce the Minsk Agreement between Russia and Ukraine, they didn't.

No. 1163493

>anyone who tried to speak up was attacked and accused of spreading "misinformation"
Even here of all places!
This is the most dangerous thing. Wrongthing is being severely punished and suppressed. They're rabid with it. And now the US is gaining an actual anti-wongthink department. It's horrifying.
I hate Elon Musk, and I don't trust him at all, but I'm glad he's throwing a wrench in the machine.

No. 1163494

Christian Bible is composed of old Hebrew bibles and of the new testament as well. Christians follow all.

No. 1163495

I'm not romanianon. Take your meds schizo-chans.
All religions are shit. It's Muslim men's fault they act the way they do, though because other men don't blindly follow or even use their religion to hurt women like Muslim men do. Best a Muslim woman can do is to not associate with them. You can't bring other women down just because you have it worse, though. That makes no sense.

No. 1163496

>Best a Muslim woman can do is to not associate with them
not gonna lie, this comment is one of the main reasons I can't stand western radfems, I am privileged compared to most of countrywomen, this is not an option for 90% of girls and women in my country, they are quite literally beaten to expect marriage and while Muslim men are awful, the religion of the arab pedophile makes them worse then most other men

No. 1163497

>You can't bring other women down just because you have it worse
look who's talking

No. 1163498

>pretend you never tried to shut women up from talking about their issues in the exact same way you are now only protesting because the other person doing it offended you personally
This is the worst thing for me. At first, I almost agreed with some of Pakianon's statements about the west, but now that I realize it's not because she cares about women, just that she's jealous of western women and thinks they have no right to complain about anything in the world, it's irritating.
She asks what western radfems have done for women, but what has she done from her position of privilege? How many Pakistani women has she helped? Does she even share pro-woman talking points in any communities with Pakistani people? She comes to a small board full of western women by choice, then complains that they aren't centering her issues when she herself won't do it or join a website for Pakistani people.
She's going to run away to the degenerate US, on top of it. She's literally just Effina part 2, probably just here because she's annoyed she hasn't managed to bag a rich enough racist white /pol/ bf or husband to grant her a green card

No. 1163500

If Christians follow The Old Testament, why do Christians eat pork?

No. 1163501

Samefagging, wait, you were talking about Romanianon? RIP, everything I said about Pakianon still stands though

No. 1163502

Do you also have beef with effina?

No. 1163504

I'm a turkish Muslim woman, dimwit. You're way more privileged than most Muslim women and can travel to another country yet you still act like you can't follow this advice. So annoying.

No. 1163507

I've seen her thread. I find her racism and love of white neckbeards/incels off-putting

No. 1163510

NTA but some similarities
>Both post on image boards and chronically online
>Both came from very wealthy families from middle east
>Both hate working and leech off of parents
>Both hate themselves for being brown
>Both want to date racist white men just because it'll validate their need to be accepted as white/European
>Both run after racist white men but probably end up with white trash because they have low self-worth

I don't personally dislike Effina but I feel had for her. Wish she had married a white guy who wasn't as much of a loser.

No. 1163519

again that wasn't me

No. 1163531

No I agree with your sentiment. Even though I agreed with her past posts, what went down in here yesterday was stupid

No. 1163534

Samefag, sorry, but I also didn't know about any of the weird Varg posts before this happened

No. 1163539

File: 1651669911967.png (225.46 KB, 472x838, 76e72f265fed7b28cf992ebc0d5759…)

>degenerate US
fuck u.

No. 1163589

File: 1651672939992.png (94.39 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20220504-155912.png)

Not only are they not going to be punished, they're doing great, up 77%.
>Pfizer said booster doses and shots for children drove its Covid vaccine revenue in the quarter.
Next they'll insist we vaccinate our cats against covid. Gotta keep up that revenue growth

No. 1163602

>she's jealous of western women and thinks they have no right to complain about anything in the world, it's irritating.
I really don't care if she is, I still like listening to her.

No. 1163603

Why are you posting conspiracy shit in the Pakichan thread?

No. 1163605

don't be dumb, it ain't slick girl

No. 1163606

My tinfoil is that the person who constantly bitches about pakianon is either romanianon, steve, or some random burger. Or some random moid. If you disagree with her simply close the page.

No. 1163608

Or an American male of Romanian origin named Steve

No. 1163615

Christians cherrypick, but there are the 7th day adventists who are vegetarian. Also animal products are avoided about half of the year in the Orthodox church. So you also have Christian sects who justify rape via the old testament. Especially literalist calvinist Christians will use the whole of the bible and some sects will even try to avoid mixed fabrics. You can't use the best case scenario theology and say that's every Christian community ever. The bullshit excuse that Christianity adapts to the people and not the other way around can work for Islam too, because there are progressive Muslims with very charitable viewpoints, who don't cover and do eat pork. It doesn't negate anything. There's a lot of debate between denominations, the Belgium-Netherlands split was unironically partially caused by Calvinists oppressing catholics and wanting to enforce their culture on them and financially exploiting them. Capitalist morality grew out of Calvinism. So if you hate capitalism, you have to hate Calvinism (a form of Christianity) and the Dutch for creating stock markets and trying to enforce that evil culture on every Southern or Eastern European country.

No. 1163617

Stop talking in third person.

No. 1163619

Did varg text you back yet?

No. 1163620

An actual tinfoil pls? Health supplements have started to have more and more fake product and they'll start putting bad shit in them to make sure ppl don't have an alternative to big pharma.

No. 1163628

damn i hope not! Although i started eating a lot of Zinc and it doesn't do anything to my skin. I though i get maybe a little improvement but no.

No. 1163633

Is zinc good for skin? I have a niacinamide and zinc serum, maybe you can they something topical, thw serum worked for me.
I also take a few supplements and I used to think I had a bad hairline but it seems like it was just Vitamini deficiency and I have a lot of new hairs growing.

No. 1163653

My lolcow tinfoil is that Romanianon murder posts are a honeypot to pre-emptively catch Elliot Rodger types here (Ellen Roger? Kek). I don't understand why they would be allowed otherwise

No. 1163675

You have so obviously converted to Christianity from Islam and you're avoiding mentioning it directly so that anons don't notice you switched to another scrote religion.

No. 1163682

Firsties here don't seen to understand is not just about poverty but how unstable and unsafe our countries and I'm not just talking about the high crime rates but also when you are always on the verge of a war, drug cartels or terrorist taking over, etc. it does make a number on your health.

No. 1163686

File: 1651679706905.gif (2.6 MB, 275x202, 1643014628714.gif)

Ladies it's been over a day

No. 1163689

Why does this sound like a humble brag kek
The fact that they were just "offers" and you were able to reject it instead of being forced to marry as a kid shows how lucky you are compared to other Pakistani women. I bet a lot of oppression you talk about is exaggerated and you don't even experience it compared to the average woman from Pakistan.

No. 1163691

Go to the thread they made for you.
I don't understand why anyone would convert from islam to Christianity if you're going to be a radical Christian. Makes no sense to put your life in danger to quit one radical lifestyle just to jump onto the next one. I think it's simply because she thinks white men her type are more likely to be unto her if she acts like a Christian trad wife.

No. 1163708

I don't want to start this debate again but I'm not christian, in a way I believe Islam is a superior religion to Christianity, I know there will be some idiots who'll take this comment out of context and be like "oh paki anon is literally supporting theocracy and Islam" so I wanna clarify what I mean by this
Christianity adapts and drastically varies from culture to culture, even state institutions like the papacy it was impossible to keep track of the "heresies" that church had to start ignoring them
being like archangels, saints, angels, the virign mary, the holy spirt allow christanity to change so much in a given region that its insane, instead of small town celebrating the coming of spring their previous fertility goddesses, they celebrate it through some female saint or commonly the virgin mary(who replaced the divine mother in many regions) instead of calling up ares, perun on mars you call upon any of the dead warrior saints saint george or the angel micheal

plus there's the beauty of translations as well, anons mention cherrpicking the progressive parts of each religion and Islam was just the Quran, maybe Islam would have had the same evolutionary nature as Christianity but its not, in fact 90% of what Muslims and non-muslims associate with Islam comes not from the Quran but the Hadiths, again certain anons mention canon law which were based on the works of christian scholars, difference if every word of these scholars wasn't just canonized but an integral part of the faith
the Hadiths are the reason Islam is the way it is, the saying and doings of Muhammad and his companions, If you were to separate the haditsh from Islam, you would have a completely separate faith, the laymen Muslims acknowledge this and think Quranists are just heretics

here's an example, the very famous method of how Muslims pray isn't mentioned in the Quran, it just says to pray by bowing to god 5 times a day and not much else, the exact method comes from the Hadiths
well I give her that many ex-muslims pretend to be christian to flee from their countries with the help of christian NGO's(cause many Muslim nations have a literal death penalty for leaving Islam) in fact I was in contact with some christian NGO's online before plans with my cousin came forward, I was 100% willing to pretend to be a christian my entire life just to leave Pakistan and plus I'd never be allowed to come back cause you know death penalty
Its not a humble brag, literally every upper middle class girl gets tons and tons of marriage offers, its not even about how you look, rather your family's standing and tribe and I literally have mentioned for the billionth I am very lucky, I am better off then 85% of women in my country but there's still a high chance I could get killed by my family

No. 1163711

File: 1651680398812.gif (78.47 KB, 566x458, 89e417eb617d20a094d1d6c4cd7766…)

>i dont want to start this debate again
>posts essay
>posts a fucking video
Please stop please please please please

No. 1163714

I live in mexico and I've had shootings and narco shit in my town and still I would not blame burgers or first world women for anything. We're all women, we all suffer under the common enemy: moids. This oppression olimpic belongs on twitter.

No. 1163716

Paki I love you but every religion is shitty and oppressive toward women, you're indoctrinated and it's just not the religion of love you think it is.

No. 1163717

They literally do but also mock women who do things like nursing and teaching even though if they leave the workforce it would take a massive toll on society. Moids don't want to work and think the ideal working environment is just sitting on their ass in the office playing vidya. The idea of working a job requiring physical labor would literally make them commit suicide in mass. I know several moids who quit simple but laborious jobs such as factory packaging or truck driving over stupid stuff like "it's so isolating and my feet hurt" like how fucking ridiculous, my grandpa worked 3 labor jobs and owned a company just so my grandma didn't have to work while raising kids and nowadays moids cry their fucking eyes out over trucking jobs out of all things. Only like 5% of moids nowadays are fit for the trad life

No. 1163741

not even remotely the point I was making, I swear do you even read posts, like actually what I had posted here >>1163708 and what I was replying to say

No. 1163744

Christian sects that use The Old Testament to justify acts that are forbidden by The New Testament aren't the majority of Christians. While the west itself is Christian historically and our culture is taken from Christianity, most people in the west aren't practicing Christians, most don't even believe in God. Christianity enabled The Enlightenment and it was this time period that started the end of slavery on a global scale and it was the starting point of women's rights in the modern era. Laws in the west are no longer based on the Mosaic Law. Islam has never had a period of reform or enlightenment, there is no concept of separating the state from religion.

My point is that comparing Christianity to Islam is beyond fucking inane. If Christianity was as bad as Islam, women in the west wouldn't have rights at all, not that Christianity is some perfect religion that is good for women.

No. 1163746

I notice a lot of people who have gut feelings against the vaccine often have bad reactions to the jab, as if their body was warning them not to take it. A lot of people did stupid shit like end relationships, split families and so on over the jab so turning around and telling the antivax boogeymen that they were right would be a huge punch in the gut to jab nazis. I have no sympathy for those who demanded every one of their families and friends to get it in order to be around them and now find themselves isolated and humiliated

No. 1163927

>Why did people trust the pharma and gov in the first place when they always have one hand in your pocket and are robbing you blind every day?
This. How can people be so blind? Do they really think they care about your safety and health? Pathetic.

No. 1164504

It doesn't matter if you "technically" have "rights" on paper, when the "technically" progressive government has allowed the biblebelt to ignore those laws and you're stuck there. It doesn't matter that 70% of the country is that idyllic pseudo-Christian you're talking about, when you're stuck in the biblebelt and there are Kafkaesque laws which force you to get healthcare only in your post code and there's no amount of money you can throw at anyone to stray from the bureaucracy, so you still don't have access to abortions. It doesn't matter when you're literally the property of your parents and you can call CPS all you want, they sell the equally crazy Christian kind who agrees that you should beat your kids within an inch of their life if they are gay. Preferably send them to oldschool conversion therapy too or terrify them into committing suicide. It doesn't matter when the minister of justice was of a theocratic party and didn't want to prosecute pedophiles, LITERALLY LINKED TO CP ON A GOVERNMENT WEBSITE and allowed the pedo handbook to be spread and said that freedom of religion goes above the freedom of women and children. It doesn't matter when the Christian minister of education in the government condones this and encourage this under the guise of freedom of religion. When they switch ministers, most millionaires live in the biblebelt and throw all their money at suing him and getting rid of him. Moving away? Not in this housing crisis. The government forced everyone to continue living at home and has made it nearly impossible to move out, they just gave everyone a free travel card and implemented a student loan system similar to the American one. So women stuck in the biblebelt cannot hope to ever get out anymore. But you're seen as privileged for being in a "progressive" Christian country and you should be so happy that they're at least not Muslim, even though you literally have crazy scrotes LARPING as nazi's and roleplaying shooting jews in the street, they will hit and run reporters, try to murder photographers AND NEVER GET PROSECUTED. At least it's a Christian family member trying to honor kill you, not a Muslim, such a relief, "technically" it's not allowed by the New Testament so it doesn't count!11!! It's so amazing that they can call the police on you for being gay and existing, because they don't even want you to walk through their street AND THE POLICE ACTUALLY FUCKING SHOWS UP AND TAKES YOU WITH THEM, WITH NO LEGAL BASIS AND THERE'S NOTHING YOU CAN DO. It doesn't matter that there are enough villages where you're forced to marry your cousin, because it's Christian, so then it suddenly doesn't count because progressive Christians exist too. It doesn't matter that it has happened for so long that there are special diseases which only happen in those villages. OH IT'S SUCH A FUCKING RELIEF THEY'RE CHRISTIAN THANK GOD. I'm glad it'll be a Christian brother shooting his sister right in front of the court building, because she wanted to date someone who was the wrong Christian denomination!!1!!! I'm so happy he'll get 20 hours of community service and will be welcomed right back into society and will be celebrated for his deeds! Most of the Enlightenment were Christian scrotes witch hunting female physicians and community members, then pretending their inventions were theirs and that they are so Enlightened. I FEEL SO GRATEFUL THAT THE CHAINSAW WAS INVENTED BECAUSE CHRISTIANS DIDN'T WANT TO DO C-SECTION, YOU HAVE TO SUFFER, LET'S SAW YOUR PELVIS OPEN. FUCK THE ENLIGHTENMENT, that was when scrotes stole everything from women and enshrined misogyny into their constitutions. WHERE THE FUCK IS THAT SEPARATION OF STATE FROM RELIGION?

No. 1164830

Have any of you read Programmed to Kill by David McGowan yet? It goes into a lot of different connections between the occult, serial killers, intelligence agencies, and more.

No. 1164864

This is why the whole trad resurgence is not going to work no matter how much they try. Women have the drive (not getting raped killed trafficked) to work hard jobs, men have gotten too comfortable and cannot function without a wife/gf and ol' boys clubs.

No. 1164891

It has to have something to do with the fact that black men have a very high rate of homosexuality and bisexuality. Most of them do it covertly and hide behind wives and numerous girlfriends. It also explains the high std and hiv rates they have. I think they are beginning to become a little more comfortable.

No. 1164914

based and true

No. 1164943

Not really surprising given that supplements literally have zero regulation (at least in burgerland), and lots of them are mostly fillers.

No. 1164955

this isn't tinfoil, supplements are badly regulated and many are just filler. Minerals like Zinc and Iron are regulated, so those are fine. But you should only buy vitamins that have been independently verified by multiple different labs.

Zinc can be good for skin, some people take Zinc supplements for acne. As a topical it helps with oiliness.

No. 1164984

It's so freaking pathetic the amount of men nowadays being financially supported by their gfs and wives, especially the ones where the gf or wife needs to do sex work to ensure they survive. I know way too many couples where the woman is working 2 or more jobs, has a career, went to college or is going and the man is sitting around doing nothing with zero drive and at most will work some simple shit paying job they'll never stop complaining about. The fucking audacity when I hear these shit heads really open their mouths and have the nerve to call Western women lazy or gold diggers too is ironic considering 90% of men who sperg about it are being supported by a western woman

I also notice women often pay for entertainment and all nowadays too such as eating out, movies, etc when I use to work in restaurants and retail. 3rd world moids also got the hint and purposely seek out western women to use for money. Where the hell is this anti western woman propaganda from moids even coming from considering the fact western women are possibly the biggest damn moid-panderers on earth?

No. 1164985

Where would be a good place to find reliable supplements?

No. 1165000

I was reading an israeli forum during the first wave of vaccines and apparently the heavily religious jews (including orthodox) were noticing that their wives were having off cycles. Now this is gross and I don't condone this but religion is religion, and basically the jews in israel actually track ovulation and periods in their wives because they cannot have sex during their wives periods for religious reasons. Now when the vaccine came out, they all quickly put a stop to the second vaccine in their communities as they noticed that cycles had drastically changed and were becoming discordant. And I read this a long time ago, now hearing more cases in the west of women having affected fertility, cycle changes, menopause changes etc im not surprised at all.
Such a vile industry and I cannot believe that while the left was fighting so hard against Big Corp almost a decade ago, they just fell into their laps now and will do whatever Big Corp tells them.

No. 1165051

>left was fighting so hard against Big Corp almost a decade ago, they just fell into their laps now and will do whatever Big Corp tells them.
They pulled the greatest manipulation tactic of all time which was convince each side that the other side is against the vaccine so now millennial liberals think they're badass rebels standing up for ~science~ or something because they were convinced only evil white republican Karen's were against the jab, and then the old white karens and darrens were convinced that only lazy mooching liberals refuse the vaccine but no one even bothers to step back and look at the bigger picture anymore, the us vs them mentality is going to ruin us all

No. 1165112

I use Labdoor and Consumerlabs to find supplements.

Currently I only take fish oil, vitamin d and k2.

No. 1165113

>ironic considering 90% of men who sperg about it are being supported by a western woman
It's not mostly GFS though from what I see, it's mothers and female family members. Giving them free food and board. The whole "women were only allowed some rights bc they wanted to tax more ppl!" is partly true. Gov knew that women are more easily physically controlled and weaponized men's shittiness in order to exploit women more. Have to be both private and public property now, and neither give enough benefits to survive without having a Y attached to you. Any career field that gains more female workers has its wages severely lowered, no matter the skill or knowledge. Without women being sacrificed to men, richies factories mines militaries etc would come to a halt. No more future workers, no more women regulating men's mental illness in order to keep them functioning in the system, no more person who will sacrifice and do the grueling work.

No. 1165119

The "modern" progressive society doesn't care about anything it knows it's going to kill itself and it's people, why should it bother with making sure women are healthy enough to have kids.

No. 1165285

Did I go through early menopause or whatever or am I that fucked? I lost my period for almost 2 years or something like that after I quit birth control and it only comes back for a bit after a COVID shot.

No. 1165481

>haha you took Sinopharm, that's just sugary water placebo
Well who's laughing now

No. 1165491

>the whole "women were only allowed some rights bc they wanted to tax more ppl!" is partly true
It definitely isn't. The whole irony of that situation was that women were paying taxes (and paypigged for the government in general) as much as men did and yet didn't have equal rights with them. The same situation was in universities where women couldn't get a degree and instead got some stupid piece of paper that essentially was on the level of kindergarten gold star, and yet were examined for it just as strictly as men were for actual diploma.

No. 1165508

The covid shot caused you to get a period? Regardless when your period didn't return after a few months post birth control you really should have seen a doctor. The thing about BC is that it can mask early menopause. Without BC you may well have lost your period anyway but you would have been more likely to treat it as a problem. Are you noticing symptoms like reduced lubrication or weight gain that's uncharacteristically going to your middle, changes in skin quality or hairline? If it is early menopause you can get medication.

If you started your period at a precocious age or experienced CSA you are unfortunately also more likely to experience early menopause.

No. 1165536

>you really should have seen a doctor
I kept calling every few months during the pandemic and they kept blowing me off, saying it's normal and it'll come back eventually. Even when I went to the doctor with what ended up being an actual emergency in March, she questioned whether I actually needed the appointment, I had emergency surgery not much later (not related to reproductive system). I've had an irregular cycle before I went on BC too (over a decade ago), but then it was at least twice per year. I've actually lost 22% of my bodyweight in 4 months recently, I'm jaundiced and yeah there is reduced lubrication.

No. 1165543

I remember reading that there were reports of the Sinopharm vaccine causing leukemia. I can't find the article anymore so I can't link it. Considering that Sinopharm and Sinovac were traditional deactivated virus vaccines which already have an established safety profile, it was probably fake and designed to get more people to take the dangerous mRNA Pfizer vaccine.

No. 1165563

>What happens when they turn thirty?
My eyes can't roll back further into my head. Moids try to make it out like women suffer from working, like we're dying to stop working and shit out children, but oh no feminism has ruined it for us. Meanwhile they're the only ones whining about it.

No. 1165571

I hope everything is ok Nona, that sounds really scary. It doesn’t sound like menopause fwiw, menopause tends not to lead to such a drastic drop in weight so suddenly. Sudden weight loss can lead to a loss of menses and since fat is hormonally active that could explain the loss of lubrication. The jaundice is the most concerning and requires a doctor’s visit because it implies something is wrong with the liver.

No. 1165572

>traditional deactivated virus vaccines
This is exactly why I chose them. I had all options. But this was the only one I knew all about and was used for long enough to earn my trust.
I'm a marketing person, I know all too well all the tricks. There's been smear campaigns, yes. They're just that.

No. 1165581

Samefag. Feels like shit gloating over other people having health issues. I'm gonna leave this up anyway.
Just don't be like me.

No. 1165582

The period loss happened before the weightloss. I already went to a doctor. My GGT, AST and bilirubin were mildly elevated when it was tested in March. I have a new fast growing mystery lesion on my liver. Diffuse restriction from my duodenum reaching into my jejunum and recurrent small intestine intussusception. Deficiency in fat solluble vitamins. I don't know if it's all related or separate issues. I feel like I'm falling apart at the seams and doctors just keep ordering more tests, not prescribing anything, keeping me in the dark. I thought it was just a liver thing at first, but I'm fucked allover. But I'm too young to have any health issues, don't you know? I'm a woman so everything is in my head and I'm just anxious.

No. 1165734

Do you ever think powers that be created and glorified nightlife because it's the only time working people have to themselves, and if they're sober and clear headed they could use the time to organize and better themselves… And nightlife equals sleep deprivation which is another sedative in itself.
I think of this because if you look at plans for old medieval towns, even when there's no school or clinic there's always a pub. Like the landlords made sure to put one in every plan.
And now we are told Netflix Marathons are the normal thing to do in the evenings or video games. Like being productive or self improving after nightfall you are branded a toxic hustle workaholic. Literally shamed for being sober and unscreened. "Get a life." but drinking or getting high or screen addiction isn't life, it's just killing time.

No. 1165738

File: 1651763085428.jpeg (31.26 KB, 522x532, 5FCC630C-C6BD-4019-8B76-838E17…)

>reading israeli forums while they’re murdering and arresting palestinian toddlers

typical tinfoil-chan only giving a fuck about her uterus. who cares about your uterus??? they kill ethnic children

No. 1165753

you can care about both, don't be retarded. nta

No. 1165772

No. 1165776

I think there were pubs because people like to socialize and drinking alcohol has been a thing since ancient Egypt. 100% the ruling classes want us glued to screens 24/7 though.

No. 1165785

Yes. Pretty sure theorists have been writing about that for over a century. They're trying to keep people from being sober, because other wise they would figure out that their job really fucking sucks and they don't actually like the way life is going for them. I think working for a boss is retarded to do after nightfall (if you don't have an important job like being a doctor or something), because you usually make yourself just a bigger target to be exploited and it doesn't necessarily get you closer to a promotion. I do hate that people think just wanting to paint in the evening, go hiking, read some books, go to the gym, go do a sport etc. makes you a boring person. I've never been to a club and I don't feel like I've been missing something. I hate that so many people's only hobby is Netflix Marathons and going out drinking.

No. 1165791

No one likes you, paki-chan. Stop.

No. 1165794

File: 1651764915957.png (876.74 KB, 910x724, Untitled.png)

is there any legit "anti vax" (actual anti vax, not anti covid jab) blogs? I always see zoomers meme about antivax karens who have kids that drop dead at 3 yrs old but I literally cannot find any of them, even granola mommas are pretty pro vax

No. 1165800

The true anti vaxxers I've met wouldn't have blogs, because they don't even own a tv. actually they do and their husband uses it to watch porn, but they don't know about it

No. 1165801

Tinfoil, this is a jab against the alternative health and organic food industry

No. 1165812

I know some who post on Instagram or twitter but they're schizos who also post about how jews and illuminati will rule the world and politicians kill babies for their blood and youth. They're very extreme, vaccines are never super safe but the normal people who are a bit unsure won't actually be obsessed enough to spend hours about it so you'll only end up running into hardcore neet schizos.

No. 1165846

File: 1651766189117.jpg (171.87 KB, 1242x951, qf6y244h8rv41.jpg)

It is, and I also feel like it's a lot of people coping for not buying healthy food
>but but my salted, nutrient deprived frozen veggies are just as healthy as your fresh, community grown veggies
speaking of this why are vitamin contents of things decreasing like crazy? I remember I could get sweet potatoes 100+% of various vitamins on the bag, now it seems like you can't find any foods with more than 25% nutrients anymore. this especially goes for milk
>but your stupid herbs will never work as good as my millions of medications that give me a fuck ton of long term side effects to treat my mild depression and pcos
kek I use to drink this kool aid and think that taking like 5 different pills that caused exhaustion, weight fluctuations, etc a day was better than using herbal remedy's, not only did it work better and I was happier but helped a lot more with my uterus issues than anything the doctors did, also saved lots of money
>but not getting every vaccine will kill us all
not how vaccines work, I'm not completely anti vax but they completely brainwashed everyone into thinking every single vaccine is 100% the way to go, no questions asked and don't even bother to do any sort of testing to make sure the patient will react to it well. it's also bizarre that kids are recommended to get 72+ doses before they even turn 7 yrs old and no one stopped to question it, and the people who run around screaming "but your kids will drop dead at 3!!" like how do you think humanity has even come this far if there's no way possible kids have survived without vaccines? I also grew up in a country where kids never got their first vaccine until they were 2 yrs old. And giving protection to vaccine companies if their vaccine injures kids is bullshit as well


No. 1165862

Why are you talking to yourself so much

No. 1165868

>everyone I disagree with must be a single person!

No. 1165869

the only ones i’ve seen pre-pandemic also doubled as fit/healthy living blogs, sometimes with a weird nutrition angle like raw veganism. Kind of woo vegan fitfags with kids. Men and women were equally represented too, but talked about the subject differently. The memes about antivaxx parents feel more like a redditor coming up with a woman he dislikes and then coming up with a reason to hate her (the antivaxx thing) and a fitting punishment (dead kid)

No. 1165899

You're onto something anon, it seemed weirdly disproportional the amount of antivax memes that would get spammed vs the actual amount of antivax parents, I could definitely see it be some weird revenge fantasy especially since you never ever see these people harvest the same sort of "protect the kids" energy towards drunk drivers, child abusers, people who overfeed their kids nothing but junk food, etc even though these things kill kids a million times more than simply not vaccinated their kids. The lady feeding her 200 lb 12 yr old nothing but mcdonalds is more likely to kill her kid than the mother who doesnt get her kid the covid jab

No. 1166057

Do any anons know if there's a way to see how much pharmaceutical companies compensate doctors if they prescribe their products? Specifically medications like Ritalin

No. 1166095

Here's some info
Another thing I noticed, mostly with pediatricians and gynos is the weird push of outside things such as pedilytes/pedisures and different name brands

Another thing I noticed is the amount of contradictions, I was asking my gyno about endometriosis safe birth control and she links me to an article that claims birth control helps endo by… lowering estrogen but they tell women to take birth control to raise estrogen like what? Another thing is the dermatologists obsession with "micro tears", you can't use drug store scrubs because those pesky micro tears will ruin your skin but totally pay hundreds for their treatments that works because micro tears. Did they forget they were supposed to be convincing?

No. 1166139

Soil depletion. The nutrients in plants come from the soil, so if land is repeatedly used for crops it continually removes the nutrition the plant needs to grow which then leads to the increased use of artificial fertilizer which then further degrades the soil and pollutes ground water. I don't know why vegans can't understand this, I just view them as mentally degraded Monsanto and Bayer shills at this point.

No. 1166173

what would be the solution for this anon?

No. 1166175

This. I also don't understand why people like to say that fish and veggies are completely healthy foods unlike meats when the soil doesn't have nutrients, the plants are showered with poisons, pesticides and artificial fertilizers and the waters are polluted with chemicals and metals.

No. 1166193

she's not muslim because she's a self-hating retard who worships her colonizers and thinks she's intelligent because she adopted the white man's ideologies

No. 1166202

Sustainable farming methods and good land management. Traditionally land would be rotated between crops and pasture for livestock. Allowing animals including both wildlife and livestock to live on land replenishes soil through manure and carrion.

No. 1166210

ex-muslims are the most annoying people on this planet
stop larping as an internet activist and enjoy your stable family life which most westerners don't have

No. 1166212

You're suppose to turn out the fields and rotate usage so the land can regenerate but I assume because of profits they'd rather not "waste" land and use fertiliser instead. People need to fix their consumption habits when I visited USA I was disgusted by the amount and size of food everywhere.

No. 1166220

>size of food everywhere.
I don't understand the obsession with large flavorless crops. I always see americans rave about having big strawberries, chickens, etc but it tastes so fucking gross, american milk tastes like dish water as well

No. 1166223

I read an UN report saying that while it seems like it would be the case, industrial scale farming isn't the most efficient. The most efficient would be if everyone grew their own food and kept a couple chickens if they really wanted to, like during my grandma's childhood. It would also help against climate change (inb4 how can you believe in that?!), since the transportation is really what does it in. Small scale farming practices would be the best. Why or how were people memed out of growing their own food?

No. 1166239

In Europe at least, industrial scale farming was mainly adopted due to the first and second world wars. During both wars there were food shortages in various countries. Land that was usually used for growing food was turned into battlegrounds, the men that worked the land were sent to fight and some of the women were employed in munitions factories. After both wars starvation in Europe was a very real threat so to avoid that more intensive farming methods were used. Farming never went back to the previous methods probably because profit was considered and not sustainability. The wars also lead to an increase in food processing, food that was produced needed to be preserved and transported. People ate whatever because fresh food wasn't available.

No. 1166313

It’s not just soil depletion. Crops are selectively bred to grow faster. But when they grow faster they don’t get to intake as many nutrients. You can have healthy soil but a fast growing breed of plant doesn’t have the time to take advantage of it.

We have also selectively bred our fruits and plants to be more delicious, but taste does not equal flavor. “Eating on the Wild Side” is a good guide to how to select the older, healthier types of variants and goes into deeper detail as to why these changes happened. Sometimes it isn’t soil depletion or faster growth or selectively breeding for sweetness but things like the healthier variants rotting more quickly or being plagued by diseases we haven’t been able to wipe out.

No. 1166323

*taste does not equal nutrition

No. 1166332

My grandma literally grew up in post-WWII Europe on the border with Germany and she said people still grew their own food and kept their own animals. Starvation was more a threat before the wars ended afaik (like the hunger winter). Maybe it has something to do with the Marshall plan?

No. 1166363

Organic is fine but fuck the alternative health industry, full of amoral grifters and snake oil salesmen. I’ve witnessed multiple desperate family members get suckered down this hole and get worse.

I wouldn’t trust any herbal remedies I didn’t grow myself, the supplements industry is poorly regulated. Lots of herbal supplements are not what they say on the box or tin. St Johns Wort is a good example (it’s a crappy herbal remedy in a lot of ways mind you); all the studies purporting it’s efficacy are based off a specific type. I’ve noticed this with a lot of different things where what’s being sold is advertised using the plant’s common name to intentionally muddle that only a specific cultivar is what’s pharmacologically active (and not what they are happening to sell). Things like soil quality are also really important, plants can uptake heavy metals present in the soil. So if you’re into herbal healing get your soil tested and grow them yourself.

No. 1166396

Organic still uses a shit ton of pesticides though, so take care to wash it! It might be even better to get things from a greenhouse, so they don't use (as m)any pesticides. Though that again might affect the nutrient content. Oh and what do you think of valerian root?

No. 1166428

From what I’ve read valerian root might have mild sedative properties and is at worst harmless when taken in a tea preparation (I think this is the most common way to take it). If you want to take it for anxiety I would recommend standardized lavender oil (like the CalmAid brand) because IMO it definitely works. I’m not compatible with meds like Xanax (this runs in the family) so I needed to find an alternative that could calm me down without putting me to sleep and the lavender was really effective.

The only other herbal supplements and oils I’ve had luck with were clove oil (for tooth aches) and peppermint oil (applied to scalp for headaches).

No. 1166476

No? I’ve read the laurel canyon one which I haven’t finished yet. I remember someone posted a link to it on the first few threads. What’s the plot summary about?

No. 1166715

Where do y’all get the Chinese vax?

No. 1166793

thank you so much!! I didn't find her name or company there, but it's just so crazy to me how aggressively she started pushing medication at my stepson's last ADHD appointment. Right after hearing both of his parents talk about the improvements he's had with different discipline and reward systems she told them that was a terrible way to go about it (literally just the mom calling for him to talk to his dad when he's acting out and him getting a reward for being good at Pre-K all week) - normal parenting methods. She was like, "his behavior is just going to get worse he needs methylphenidate before it gets to that point". I pulled up some package inserts and he's not even old enough to take it according to the FDA and there's a family history of bipolar and depression that she didn't even mention could cause an adverse reaction?? I'm sorry for the blogpost I've just been worked up over this doctor for days. I haven't trusted any doctor in a good while and she's just reinforcing that distrust

No. 1166837

it scares me shitless that doctors themselves aren't reading medication labels before pushing them really hard, and they also go out of their way to deny side effects which is also scary. I had an allergic reaction (full body hives) to antibiotics and they literally rather interrogate me "for possible STDs" and STD test me as an 18 yr old virgin before they even realized it was an allergic reaction, I could only imagine the type of medical victim-blaming they'll attempt before admitting a faulty medicine

No. 1166848

Chamomile is also a mild sedative, works on the same receptors as diazepines.

No. 1166884

I had a dermatologist that put me on spironolactone for acne when I was around 18-19 that didn't tell me a damn thing about it. I discovered that it messed with hormones only after I had my period twice in a month and developed painful fibroids in my breasts that would come around every cycle for a good while after I stopped taking it. He had the audacity to be upset with me when I told him I stopped taking it and why

No. 1166901

this is literally a medication FtMs are prescribed to for transitioning, nothing to be prescribing willy-nilly. It wouldn't shock me either if your doc didn't bother telling you that it's a potassium stabilizer and that you could OD easily on potassium while taking it

No. 1166984

No it is what many MTFs will go on, it is an anti androgen and a popular medication for cystic hormonal acne when doctors don’t want to prescribe accutane (which can be rough on the liver). If she had a bad reaction to that she should also avoid spearmint supplements and teas because they work about the same way. If her acne did improve then she could ask to have the spironolactone compounded into a cream where it only has a localized effect.

No. 1166988

Is accutane isotretinoin? I was on isotretinoin for around an year and it does make your pores very small and solves the acne problem, but it has been +5 years since and i still feel like a mummy. It dries your whole body up, incluiding your vagina. I feel like my mouth is constantly dry too.

No. 1167007

Yep. Accutane is a serious drug which is why many doctors prefer to prescribe spiro. The old protocols for accutane are also too much and too strong especially if you are petite. Good dermatologists now will use substantially weaker strengths since micro dosing accutane ends up being enough for a lot of people, they can adjust it higher if need be (or use it alongside topical treatments). It reduces the size of the oil glands and unfortunately some people see a permanent effect.

If you have issues with dryness take fish oil. My eyes are super dry no matter what so every optometrist has told me to use fish oil. Slippery elm can also help but should not be taken if you may be pregnant because it has been used as an abortifacients. It makes your mucus membranes excrete more mucus. It is usually used by people with stomach issues but could help the cotton mouth.

No. 1167009

Oh and let your doctor know if every supplement you are on even fish oil can give you reactions (it helps with blood pressure and clotting which means you might have worse blood pressure on it or may even feel light headed).

No. 1167041

File: 1651801253633.gif (782.61 KB, 220x391, 4742BB36-2E10-4AF7-A422-D166E5…)

i know exactly why the rest of /m/ was purged. i have a feeling that a butthurt artist or cartoonist had threatened to sue this website after their art was possibly posted there without their permission, it just makes sense. this website is already completely vulnerable they simply cannot afford to deal with that shit. it’s either this or a deliberate purge that is never even explained or never getting fixed kind of spooky

No. 1167052

This gif is so scary I thought it was a still image but then I glanced at it and she was smiling. Now that's spooky.

No. 1167054

I don’t think that makes sense because there have been many other instances of people threatening legal action against content posted here, yet I don’t believe mods comply often, if at all.

No. 1167058

it was probably a legit cease or desist. it’s just a dumb theory tbh

No. 1167141

Same anon, that shit scared me

No. 1167147

I reacted badly to spiro but spearmint was a miracle for me, I'd actually suggest the anon try spearmint

No. 1167184

I kind of wonder if it was the faceapp thread since we were using a lot of celebrity likenesses there

You can still track back through old /m/ threads using search, they're not completely purged. It would make sense if they were actually purged and images were removed, but they're still accessible

No. 1167188

Spiro worked for me, but I've had persistent hormonal imbalance issues since I was a teen, not pcos level but pretty bad. It helped clear my facial, bodily and cystic acne when I was still on it, but thx to lack of insurance in burgerland no longer able to afford it. Same with my actual birth control, thank god I'm not having sex.

No. 1167310

How many are in the know about medical conditions and their research being controlled, things like funding all going into the same research that doesn't hunt for cures but rather the same copes? And industries behind it?
I remember hearing in 1998 they were on their way to a cure for diabetes, and it still hasn't happened. I know biopharm is complicated and trials take forever, but I always wondered if there was something holding it back on purpose. Also, how many diseases do you think we'd have cures for by now?

No. 1167520

this makes me think whether all these middle eastern migrants , liberals screeching about islamophobia , selective outrage over racism (most absurd cases like george floyd forgetting other cases where the victim was genuinely a good person because that wouldn't divide the people) to make citizens fight over themselves
they do this then they themselves come out in two teams ,one claiming THEY are playing divide and rule , and the other one claiming THEY are destroying you and your native culture further fueling the fight while they chip away at everyone's right and making society violent and difficult to keep us occupied in the future.

like for this sole purpose liberals chose hill of islam and troons to die on

No. 1167548

There needs to be police reform in the US, far too many people are killed in America by cops, not just African Americans. The police in the US need better training and need to be taught how to use non-lethal force to restrain a suspect. Other police forces already do this and some police forces aren't even armed.

Instead the protests turned an issue that could have had widespread support into another toxic race issue that no one wants to act on, so that nothing has to change.

No. 1167549

not pakichan
but most annoying people are muslim themselves

No. 1167553

like the social issues are always played out in a way that results into further divide
police does need a reform , nothing to do with African americans

what i mean is when liberals say THEY are dividing us ,they are in on it themselves

No. 1167554

Whats the redpill on cancer?

No. 1167558

Kill yourself

No. 1167565

This is obvious bait, don't reply.

No. 1167573

that many cancers are initially incited by bacterial or viral infections

No. 1167591

File: 1651832122341.jpg (21 KB, 564x564, 7fec42ee7a056802276f1a3d1eb5c9…)

The Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) infects more than 90% of the human population and can lead to lymphoma. It's at the top of the list of suspected differential diagnosis and I remember testing positive with EBV a decade ago when I first started to get some symptoms. AAAAAAAAH I'M GOING INSANE

No. 1167647

They are right though, both ex-muslims and muslims are the most annoying things ever. God it’s something to do with obsessing over something lame whether it’s negative or positive that absolutely turns me off. Most muslims and ex-muslims never come up with valid points, it’s common that a well read westerner actually knows more about islam than a well read shittle eastern “ex-muslim”. Never date an ex-muslim lesbian or an ex-muslim man. Tfoo.

No. 1167713

Hell even the BLM stuff was doing okay until they moved on to "defund the police! abolish prisons!" and refused to clarify how they would deal with actual violent criminals. They pick the most divisive slogan on purpose and then sneer at people for getting divided.

No. 1167811

File: 1651841761603.jpg (44.1 KB, 800x534, B9721344214Z.1_20191022181345_…)

What do you think about Dutroux, the Dossiers X and Regina Louf? I read the Dossiers X pdf and Regina Louf's book years ago. Since the whole Epstein affair, I do believe that a lot of things in this case are true.

No. 1168008

Cops brand basically anyone who gives them "off vibes" a suspicious person, or SP. they have no respect for the mentally ill, women, or any minority group, it's not just a black issue. one of the protests I went to highlighted that. There has been mention of police violence against Hispanics and Asians thats arisen from this, and then the everlasting discourse around how poorly cops respond to domestic violence. Cops also have used their power to rape women. Problem is, none of it ever improves, people move on. Until the next black person is shot by a cop and then the protests start again, it's like it never has any positive impact, no matter how hard people try.

I don't think the majority of people who are screaming abolish the police actually believe in it, they're just so fed up with the lawless corruption of the policing and prison system when millions of federal dollars are poured into it every year with no improvement. It's a hyperbolic sentiment as to how bad it's gotten. Cops who do try and expose it, ie adrian schoolcraft, get shit from their peers, fired and blacklisted from their own jobs.

t. considered criminal justice major after growing up with copganda shows and is now a mentally ill schizo who hates cops

No. 1168114

File: 1651849814570.webm (1.23 MB, 384x384, 1650863947324.webm)

How long until western governments start using toxic fillers in the foods to hide food supply shortages and cost issues

No. 1168149

Literally 80% of illness would go away if the nutrient depletion & spray to hell agriculture was fixed and medical system went away.

No. 1168153

>Thinking they don't already do this
People get so outraged when you mention this, like no way America would do this, that's only for third world countries!

No. 1168158

Some third world countries might as well do it lesser than the USA

No. 1168208

World pop is still increasing across muslim world and Africa
We can't feed 8 billion people with sustainable agriculture

But agriculture itself is eroding health and biodiversity across planet

Solving it is not as easy as saying what you said
Those spray to hell is what keeps supply up

No. 1168225

This video has been debunked and is obviously dumb and fake. None of the examples in the video proves anything.

No. 1168259

Just reading some of the food and sustainable farming stuff itt and it got me thinking.

The way they talk about the great reset, maybe? I like to think I'm an optimist and I wonder if a way for them to scale back some industry is to hit us all in the pockets via inflation so we become more conscious of our choices and a way to weed out certain consumer habits? Just a thought. I've definitely been feeling the pinch lately and have drastically reduced my snacks and food intake, I do make more conscious decisions and have been managing to save too. Even the petrol prices had reduced how much I'm driving and making me be more mindful to journeys, I've switched to walking for my groceries lol

No. 1168439

Well? Someone in the US or elsewhere has surely tested the stuff in the video out, right?

No. 1168442

>I wonder if a way for them to scale back some industry is to hit us all in the pockets via inflation so we become more conscious of our choices and a way to weed out certain consumer habits?
they caught up americans too far in the consoomer culture to try that and it's not working. I know so many middle and lower class people who will give into panic buying and obsessive shopping

No. 1168451

No. 1169890

Is porn turning men gay? A lot of men seem to find a below average looking man more attractive than an average looking woman

No. 1169896

Men will be dickriders for centuries to come

No. 1170161

Idk if it makes men gay or men have innate homosexual tendencies already. Like if you go back in history there's always male mentors having sexual relationships with young boys and I've witnessed the weird nature of men grooming young boys around them. Not even sexually but corrupting them or misleading them whereas I find older women are more nurturing to the younger generation. I had an ex that was violated by a group of men at a house party. They penetrated him with a toy when he passed out. Also I know several men that have admitted to mutual masturbation with their friends. Gay shit like that

No. 1170174

3rd world countries are more likely to have just fresher products and less manufactured shit. The manufactured products and canned everything lined up in 1st world supermarkets is considered a spectacle for a reason.

No. 1170182

Right before trans issues became mainstream, trap porn was extremely popular. I thought that was kinda gay. But instead of people watching it becoming regular homosexuals, they… well you know what happened.
I think porn has a huge influence on men, but that influence is not always predictable.

No. 1170185

It's a lot less "becoming gay" and a lot more "i want to stick my dick into something". When you start questioning them more about perusing relationships with males it becomes obvious that it's nothing but a hyper sexual fantast, they don't even find the guy attractive they just like the idea of dominating someone or being dominated .

No. 1170200

Men just have different standards for what they find appealing in a male than in a woman especially if they've been conked out by porn. A guy with a crappy hairline but big muscles and a neanderthal jaw looks good to them. You'll see men disparaging other men that women find attractive, like 'eboys', because they think the guys look too unmasculine to them (they usually aren't, they just tend to be a bit more youthful and youthful qualities can register as 'feminine' to men). In turn they'll rail against average looking women out of spite and edginess (assuming they have overly high standards relative to their looks) or because they've spent too much time looking at images of super-stimulating photoshopped and filtered women whose job it is to look attractive.

Some men will concede they simply do not notice women who fall below a certain threshold of attractiveness so their mental model of what women look like (let alone average women) is skewed upward and not actually representative of what exists. An 'average woman' to them is a 7, they don't notice the 5s, so when they see an actual 5 they perceive her as being particularly unattractive.

If you're talking about a man thinking another man is attractive and feeling actual lust I have no hypothesis.

No. 1170382

Straight men never existed, they're not attracted to women, but to the performance of femininity. Meanwhile straight women are truly 100% straight.

No. 1170439

All men are naturally homosexual to some extent.

No. 1170543

Porn is just making it more obvious and on the surface. Men will literally fuck fish if they could, nowadays instead of hiding it, the porm industry and media actively promotes this shit in men. I would argue that yes, it makes them more gay just for the fact that 'normal porn' becomes more boring to them after a while, but men are inherently more sexually promiscuous, so porn is just making all their gross fantasies more available. Especially in a less diligent world with less christian ethics to hold them back and control themselves, I'm not surprised they're becoming more gay because of porn. The internet also provides spaces for men to be gross with eachother without the eyes of women, hence why I believe we see such a rising surge in male homos all of a sudden.

No. 1171057

It's the fluoride in the water.

No. 1171723

Tried to overdose the other week and I swear when I was laying there and thought it was the end my entire vision was pixelized computer glitching. Not sure if brain just being weird or what but I now believe in simulation theory

No. 1171728

Margot Robbie has such an overachieving PR team. Every time she has a new project I see a bunch of dick sucking posts about how she ACTUALLY learned how to backflip in heels, or ACTUALLY learned how to do a triple axel (with a broken spine!!). No she fucking didn't.

No. 1171782

Amazing solution: make rape punishable by death worldwide. But no they'd sooner try to soft genocide ppl than give women rights.

No. 1171963

I believe the Amber and Depp thing is just a hoax. I think they were abusive towards each other since they are chaotic junkies, but it's not how they are presenting it publicly. I don't believe anything that comes out of America, everything is scripted. They are doing it for publicity and probably Depp is paying Amber some cash to be a bit humiliated publicly. Just think about it, nobody would even know about them anymore and Depp is a washed up celebrity that used to be very famous but his glory days are far gone. Now they are in all news and memes and everywhere because of this scandal. They also both seem.like acting. They're probably laughing about it in the back and they are on relatively good terms. I cannot believe we literally take anything presented to us by mass media seriously and even getting involved with it emotionally to the point we become aggressive to each other. Dystopian shit. I also believe how there is always an agenda or the vast majority of people believe in a certain truth or agena while only a few believe the opposite from what is presented. Even in this case most people are with Depp like most people believed rona was real and so on. I think it's important to have a group of people that believes in the other option. I believe it's a literal hoax but I enjoy seeing people side with Amber since everyone sides with Depp and if as a society we cannot see different truths at the same time or we don't allow different truths and we only allow an agenda to take over then society becomes a very dangerous place

No. 1172069

But they would rather insist that rapists have a future

No. 1172071

File: 1652031806110.jpg (44.18 KB, 333x500, 51UQq72XqDL.jpg)

Sorry that happened but now you know. We are living in a simulation. This book explores the theory in a pretty fun, interesting way. Easy to read.

No. 1172366

This shit is so retarded… ultimate gaslight and distract method. "Your suffering doesn't matter uh sweaty bc none of this is real and you aren't real!1" Ultimate dehumanization I hate how it's become so popular.

No. 1172903

File: 1652081960762.jpeg (34.38 KB, 220x268, F334EB6F-775C-47AC-A587-49CEAE…)

Kill all men

No. 1172915

File: 1652082149311.jpeg (183.67 KB, 658x900, 49755203-72A6-476E-8248-FD4D39…)

All pedos are repulsive especially the fat ones with small dicks who have tl force children to have sex with them because nobody would do it willingly and they’re too feeble to overpower an adult i ducking gage pedos can’t wait for them to be raped in prison

No. 1172932

My tinfoil is that all problems on earth are caused by men

No. 1172937

That's not a tinfoil, that's a fact

No. 1172942

All of my problems are caused by men.

No. 1173337

File: 1652094038781.png (379.64 KB, 720x668, Screenshot_20220509-055752.png)


Would love to see how vaccine nazis defend this one
>But but your source is biased!!
This is a circulating news article with the OG one being released by the zoo itself. This is something that actually happened and I would like to discuss it, if you try to distract from reality by whining about a single place of the hundreds of places that also published this story you are literally retarded. Don't even try
>But the gorilla was a drug addict, was old, had other health problems and was knocking at deaths door!! This happens all the time!!

No. 1173362

File: 1652095263966.gif (1.04 MB, 220x220, 1650429884560.gif)


No. 1173902

File: 1652119734788.jpeg (341.46 KB, 1000x1008, A9B67AC0-A2BA-4CAD-ADD6-09852B…)

I'm trying to stop being a satanist conspiracy schizo but celebs make it hard by constantly dressing like the devil for no reason. Not like I think they are all diehard satanists but who is dressing them this way for goodness sake

No. 1173905

It's just red anon

No. 1173918

File: 1652120181771.jpeg (683.35 KB, 1125x1120, CF560860-47D5-4B42-8E30-B16543…)

Nope there's points meant to invoke horns and devil imagery, whoever designed this at least did that intentionally. For some reason they are obsessed with this type of thing.

No. 1173922

File: 1652120412602.jpeg (171.67 KB, 817x1222, DF0F983F-9947-4C92-BD24-970246…)

Am I crazy? Yes, maybe. But if you told everyone this was a Halloween devil costume they would certainly think so.

No. 1173941

File: 1652120784278.jpg (33.19 KB, 486x436, xdfgndry.JPG)

So if /meta/ is to be believed the site is still run by a man. I checked the discord. Why did a mod not go on vc as well? Why did they only use text? Are they a moid as well?

No. 1174124

File: 1652125953590.jpeg (125.32 KB, 720x1441, 0CE024EB-1736-4C84-BDCD-9A817D…)

Huh, that outfit does look a bit Satanic… also, Killary’s wearing red; proudly showing off the blood of her victims.

I think some celebrities aren’t Satanists and probably don’t care about what occult shit they do as long as they’re on top but there are higher-ups who believe in this shit who control what they wear and do in their lives but they are also being controlled by higher higher-ups…it’s a latter or a pyramid .

Illuminati confirmed

No. 1174152

None of the mods or admins speak in vc to check, even confirmed female mods (confirmed via posts). Honestly the "moid admin" tinfoil is incredibly retarded and downplays all the work that the jannies do to remove moid filth. Even when a moid blends in, he is still banned for being one, even if he hasn't even admitted being on. That's why you'll see random posts being redtexted as moid when it looks like it was written by a woman.

No. 1174153

What does this edgy Kaneki picture mean?

No. 1174160

>None of the mods or admins speak in vc to check
And WHY is that?

No. 1174207

why don't you go ask? If the whole point is to remain anonymous, lest they be outted as a moderator on lolcow of all websites, why would they speak?? I wouldn't either. Anyone can join the discord, literally anyone, and extract information. If they say "Oh, this mod is british, she is in a british timezone", that's information. That makes it easier to dox someone. Scrotes on KF will run with anything. That's just my thinking. I'm in the discord and I refuse to even say what I do for a living, let alone would I join voice chat.

No. 1174215

And the mods on the discord could be sicko KF/4chan moids just as well. There has been countless examples of "women only" spaces actually run by men. If both the applicant and mod are women, what is the problem with joining vc?

No. 1174227

Nothing that I said couldn't be an answered by your repeated question. Whether you think they're moids or not, I gave you a genuine possibility as to why that could also be NOT the case. do with that what you will. you could also ask.

No. 1174291

Grimes and her weebiness

No. 1174364

Word is on the schizo gematria scene that Queen Lizzy will die on May 20th. I want to believe.

No. 1174826

JFK’s murder was an inside job

No. 1174885

File: 1652168180764.jpg (53.5 KB, 564x564, 4feaccbfc27c5a33df89276e6f2ee1…)

be careful with scrolling

No. 1175219

lol watch a show like are you the one, love island, or any of the multi-million watched reality tv shows that reach the #1 on streaming platforms and look at the difference between the girls and the guys. (especially the uk vs the us versions, holy shit you'd think the us is worse with plastic surgery and dysmorphia but after seeing some of the shitty work on uk reality girls, i'm convinced there has to be some bigger plastic surgery push over there cause they were all alien looking).

i dont think its porn thats turning men gay. i think its media that portrays a mediocre average looking man as unattainable and attractive for the bare minimum all while their women counterparts literally look like blown up sex dolls with lip fillers, the same outfits, the worsening degrees of different plastic surgery that makes them look the furthest thing from human, let alone like an average woman. forces more women into body dysmorphia and fucking their bodies up which just turns off men even more and pushes them even further into their 2d tradwife longing rather than realizing real women dont look like Kardashians.

No. 1175564

File: 1652200191580.png (930.03 KB, 616x807, Fairy-Faye-Euphoria-Season-2-a…)

My personal tinfoil (that really shouldn't be tinfoil to anyone with half a brain cell) is that the lines between porn and reality aren't even visible anymore, and that it is a careful and calculated move to make this generation and the next generation susceptible and weak to the influence of others for profit and easy access to abuse, and wholly dependent on pornography in order to feel arousal - specifically, pornography purposely depicting underage girls or women who coincidentally look like "jailbait", as well as overall extremely violent and degrading porn in general. The porn industry has wormed its way into almost every space out there - look at how explicit and porn-like clothes modelling has become, look at how they are trying to infest feminism under the guise of "female-friendly/feminist porn", how hard they push sex work as just a regular old job, and how quickly petitions to make porn have a verification/ID process to even access it were shut down.

I was speaking to my brother about this the other day, and he grew up in the 80s and 90s where porn was just something you'd be lucky to buy on the top shelf of a shop. You couldn't access it anywhere else really unless you knew a mate who had some porn magazines and even then they were mostly just Playboy or Nuts or something - not really insane fetishes or hardcore BDSM. More so, expecting your girlfriend to like getting choked, spit on, hit etc was out of the question - now it's normal, and now we even see teenage girls boast about how freaky and kinky they are.
At around age 14/15 my brother was looking at Playboy with effort into actually getting that magazine in the first place, whereas at age 14/15 I had first discovered rape-scenario and hardcore bdsm just from a few clicks on Tumblr and then straight to XVideos and Pornhub - I thought this was normal, and although I never thought it was appealing, I got into it anyway because every male around me was also just as dependent and addicted to this material. If you were a normal young girl with normal healthy sexual desires, you were prude, boring or vanilla.

There is no hard verification process for a reason - it's a fast track for young children and teenagers to get completely and utterly swamped in violent content before their brains have even had a chance to properly develop and differentiate reality from fiction. Constantly chasing dopamine and increasingly violent content to the point where most of the videos they watch will be of revenge porn or women who didn't even know they were being filmed. You also can't escape it - even if you're not on a porn site, you will be shopping for womens clothes and come across poses that look like something straight out of a budget porno. If you're watching any sort of drama show catered to teens good luck because half of those scenes will replicate porn.
It's obvious to most people who browse lolcow sure but I'm tired of being told that I am a loon and should just "let women be empowered pornstars" when I speak up about how I feel overwhelmed by how hypersexual everything is. It's not just magazines in a shed anymore, it's fucking everywhere and it's ruining girls and women's lives one by one.

No. 1175599

Are you fucking serious? Who did you think would read all this shit?

No. 1175603

OT but I feel so bad for that girl. She got those weird lipfillers because of porn and talked negatively about the industry after she distanced herself a little. She's also a druggie and probably starves herself just to look as young as the producers want her

No. 1175617

if you're a little slow just say that anon…don't be ashamed, take your time

No. 1175618

I agree with you anon. I read about a poll or something and most teen girls said their boyfriend had tried to choke them. So scary, I've also heard of women who died or got seriously hurt from those weird kinky shit. It's never the weaker woman hitting, choking or hurting the man either, this whole shit is based on misogyny.

My tinfoil is porn gets more violent as women gain more rights because mem feel the need to punish us somehow and since it's no longer socially acceptable to be misogynistic publicly, they'd rather do it in sexual ways. They say women are supposed to be hurt used and thrown away.

No. 1175619

I read all of it. Just say you're too retarded to fucking glean anything from a post longer than 5 sentences like a child and move on.

No. 1175650

I think it's messed up how at the same time where divorce rates are up and having
a 'blended family' is becoming pretty common.. the most popular theme on porn sites is fucking your stepsister.. and half the time they make the girl look like a teenager or somewhere on the edge of legal. Same with the whole stepmom thing and them showing guys stealing their stepmoms underwear and when caught.. they're rewarded with crazy sex. It's catering to kids and giving them ideas they need to be given. People act like that all just harmless fantasy. It's not.

I once dated someone with a son who I thought was too young to be influenced by that stuff just yet.. I was wrong and intimate clothing of mine kept going missing. His dad found concerning searches on his computer that linked in with that but he refused to sit him down and talk about boundaries. It played a large role in me leaving and deciding to never go near a man with male kids (or maybe any kids) again. This same boy had stepsiblings on his moms side of things though, new sisters living with him. It's so fucked up the shit being normalised.

No. 1175651

I agree. The only "simulation" we live in is being manipulated by the internet. We are all real but the world around us is ingenuine and fake.

No. 1175664

I wouldn't be surprised if Grimes does post in this very thread.

No. 1175776

The problem in North America of pet goldfish being released into aquatic habitats, becoming giant and ruining the ecosystem is a malicious act being done by someone. People had pet goldfish for decades but this only started being a major problem in the 2010s.

No. 1175790

Did you post about your ex before in a thread? If not, holy smokes something had been posted similarly before on here. That makes me think it's more common than people are willing to discuss.

No. 1175796

>pet goldfish being released into aquatic habitats, becoming giant and ruining the ecosystem
Wat? Please tell us more I have never heard of this as a burgerfag.

No. 1175804

File: 1652208583108.jpeg (557.09 KB, 2048x1538, 23GOLDFISH-superJumbo.jpeg)

When released into the wild the goldfish have less food constraints and can become giant and reproduce quickly, disrupting the ecosystem. I believe this happened sometimes in the past but reports about this happening from across the continent have increased a lot since the 2010s. I believe somebody is doing this to our water on purpose.

No. 1175810

I don't think I've posted it before, anons tend to lecture you if you mention having ever dated a man with kids before so I tend to not mention him often. But on top of what I said… this ex has a new partner with daughters now. So this teen boy who overstepped boundaries with me and took my fucking underwear, who already had stepfamily porn on his computer at age 12 has several non blood sisters in his life right now and a dad who will not step up and set him straight or at least inform the mother about what went down at our house. We fought about that before I left.

No. 1175813

Might be a dumb question but, is this a byproduct of people flushing live fish or manually dropping them into waters? Is it commonly found in lakes or is it just everywhere by now? This is pretty crazy. The US gov. would 110% do something like this to further destabilize the ecosystem to produce some sort of reasoning for them to put their hands on more land. Their whole model is basically destroy, scapegoat, rebuild, threaten people and countries over debts that wouldn't have taken place if they hadn't destroyed shit to begin with. Damn, nonnie. Now I need to jump into this rabbit hole.

No. 1175880

To add to this point the minimum age of the Internet was supposed to be 16 the very men that helped make the porn industry were also the ones dumping money into lowering it to 13 in burgerland for example. So I don’t think you’re far off.

No. 1176213

My meta tinfoil is that the anon who said a woman is posting the gore said that because she is a woman and is posting it herself

No. 1177040

Anon, I too remember reading something like that but I think it was a reddit post. Still scary how this seems to be common

No. 1177180

File: 1652296694975.jpeg (47.53 KB, 1024x768, 4E19A33E-A5F8-40F0-A111-BE6D73…)

No. 1177194

Once queerness, nonbinary pronouns, accelerated homophobia and trans rights are getting introduced on a wide-scale they are getting us prepared for things much worse in the future

No. 1177204

Anon honestly you aren’t a schizo, you might be an atheist or non-religious but these degenerates are probably secret occultists in a cabal who believe in the dumbest spiritual ideas that don’t make any sense to begin with and they flaunt it very heavy to the public - hidden in plain sight. They aren’t advancing because of a satanic deal with the devil, they advance and maintain their celebridom by abiding to the ridiculous standards of their secret occultist values. There are been multiple accounts and anecdotes of celebrities and influencers drinking each other’s blood, vetting invitations to exclusive parties with requirements being pricking your blood and signing wavers, orgies, drugs, etc. It’s sort of like the modern satanic church or practices from Anton LaVey, they are no different from secular liberals who indulge in unhinged decadence and hedonism no matter how awful and undignified it is

No. 1177240

I just feel like we're speedrunning a repeat of the previous century with all the recessions and crises, there's going to be a massive resurgence of fascist authoritarianism in response to this stuff. Keep an eye on Serbia and Kosovo.

No. 1177268

You are so right nonna, and this fascist backlash is completely orchestrated in order to maintain tribalism. Once it happens we will no longer be able to criticize Israel

No. 1177950


That's just the truth. Really.

I think it's a strategy to get over the barrier that is the idea of consent. If more people are contaminated with freak shit and sex/porn addiction, others will also follow for the sake of integration (or due to scarcity of normal partners), become more agreeable to it and consent easily to everything. Men need to keep us accessible.

Consent, and free will as a whole, are things that don't exist by themselves, and they're very much aware of this. Every choice we make is entirely influenced by our circumstances they can easily mess with. Everything is just manipulation, but we're not allowed to say it and adopt this way of thinking as an open stance due to all the ways it could be used against us. They know we have no choice but watch them turn each and every one of us into sex addicts.

No. 1178247

With massive (false) inflation, outright pedophilia and woman hating, looks like it's on track like Germany. Call it, they do controlled collapses/resets when people have reached a certain level of freedom wealth and dignity. If ppl learn anything from the track we're going, never rely on paper/digital money, resist globalization, and if you treat women and kids badly enough, your society goes into hell.

No. 1178309

I believe that a local celebrity is openly working with MI6 (yes the brits not the CIA. The CIA works with politicians here and I have them well identified too). Everything that they say feels like a psyop, he goes viral in the most werid times. Idk.

No. 1178327

>>1177240 100% we're. And WWIII is near (in the sense that it would start anywhere in the next ten years, maybe five) and this is for my fellow third worlders: anyone that proposes to approach EU/USA right now is not an ally. This isn't 2015 anymore, and the dollar/euro isn't as safe as if used to be, and the threat of war is more tangible than ever. Things are going to become ugly, sooner than latter.

No. 1178354

now I'm curious which celeb

No. 1178364

The rise of corporatism and corporate culture reminds me of the robber baron era. Except add the institution of technology. People are out there worshipping muskrat and other disproportionately wealthy moguls as the wealth gap increases and increases. And unlike the days of the past the "revolutionaries" just stick behind their computers writing what aboutism tweets instead of trying to fight the wealth inequity that's getting worse and worse

No. 1178375

File: 1652378778172.jpg (3.01 MB, 2731x4097, Ian.jpg)

Sorry to reply to a 3 day old post but everything going on here and the silence from the mods/admin especially on the cp raid the other day had me curious so I looked around in other image boards to see what I could find. I also went to find the post from years ago anons made here about him. I do think a male is running the site

No. 1178382

Philosophy chube? Wasn't he recruited for some vaccine shilling by the government kek

No. 1178406

>And unlike the days of the past the "revolutionaries" just stick behind their computers writing what aboutism tweets instead of trying to fight the wealth inequity that's getting worse and worse
This is the part that upsets me the most. I would honestly prefer if chaos happens so things change, because this neoliberal dystopia is depressing too, but I don't see an anarchist Catalonia or Ukraine happening again (why aren't they stanning Makhno instead of Bandera?). The anarchists in Ukraine were completely blindsided by the Maidan protests, they were keyboard warriors too and had to scramble to have some sort of alternative option which isn't fascist like Azov. Only the Kurds have their shit together with Rojava and the Zapatistas in Mexico. Everyone in Europe is fucking sleeping. If you now tell people to train and learn how to defend yourself and learn some actual useful skills, go start growing your own food, you're called an ableist and accused of toxic masculinity by doughy AGP's (even though you're the actual female). Every fucking side is too obsessed with the culture war to actually prepare and will accuse you of some sort of -ism or of not caring about X-issue, they all think their fringe issue has to be solved first and they won't prepare or set up shelters until then.

No. 1178421

Can we have more info on ian the faguette?

No. 1178427

All of this is intentional btw. It has been planned.
>And unlike the days of the past
Back then, people were also manipulated easily. It took many decades to get the conditions for a revolution. It's not gonna happen right now but that doesn't mean it's never gonna happen. Unfortunately we can't accelarate history.

No. 1178428

I posted a link to the thread in my post babes. There was more information floating around here at one point but he nuked it

No. 1178435

So that's what handfag's hand really looked like.

No. 1178444

File: 1652380966453.jpeg (3.57 MB, 4032x3024, 1651637075833.jpeg)


No. 1178449

there was info on him in the old shoe on head threads. probably still there tbh. check out some of the older threads.

No. 1178450

File: 1652381079985.jpg (52.88 KB, 1047x231, 20220512_144642.jpg)

Also some other tinfoil regarding a few of the topics on here. These threads always rubbed me the wrong way tbh

No. 1178454

>>1178354 nah i don't want to mention him here because his fans are truly the worst type of moids, and pretty obsessive too. I'm not anglo and he isn't either but he worked in England for many years, so his fanbase is both native + intl, that's why i think that he works with the MI6 rather than the CIA, but in this country all anglo influence works in the same way and have similar interests

No. 1178470

I want to get fucked by benedict cumberbatch

No. 1178482

>These threads always rubbed me the wrong way
The only truly suspicious thing (imo) about unconventional attractions threads is that sometimes Null will be posted. I do strongly suspect he self-posts there.
Where'd you get that post?

No. 1178488

There's been other threads that just reeks of moids seeking out wank material, like one that was about csa a while back, fishing for your personal stories, then you have the shameful kinks one etc. Anyway I got this screenshot from other image boards since our admins and mods want to be so secretive and silent. Former mods seem to vent about whats going in behind the scenes on other image boards

No. 1178494

Stop this retardaton

No. 1178504

>>1178450 null always had a werid interest here, if you girls don't remember or weren't here basically the Lolcow Salon in kiwifarms was a sort of a response to this site and the accusations (more like facts) that kw was/is a sausage party. I don't think he's actively here now but he sure was in this site heydays.

No. 1178507

>It has been planned.
I know, I just hope I can flee to the mountains or something and wait it out. Idk how to cope with this. I don't know if doing anything is worth it and whether everything has already been doomed.

No. 1178512

At this point it just seems like people would rather engage in cyber warfare and activism for clout than actually get up off their asses and protest. The closest we get to revolution in the US is protests. In the US you risk far less getting arrested protesting than if you do in a country like Russia, but people are still scaredy cowards. And fewer and fewer go because the media coverage demonizes the protesters, overlaps them with looters and criminals.

This is going to sound pretty vulgar and crass but I'm tired of people just making passive aggressive comments about billionaire scum like Elon or Bezos. If some of these "revolutionaries" who allegedly hate the rich had balls, then there would've been attempts on their lives by now or something. I'm surprised there hasn't been. Why are people completely complicit with Apartheid Clyde having enough money to buy out twitter? Nobody should have that much money. It's grotesque, it's far beyond unfair, it's sickening.

With the wealth gap and womens rights at stake I wonder if anyone will actually be tipped over the edge enough to go after billionaires or republican lawmakers with violence. Passive wokie protesting isn't working.

No. 1178517

File: 1652382890030.jpeg (125.92 KB, 640x860, 12C5D4F5-F40D-4B7C-A919-9D4CEC…)

Bump for weird pedo porn

No. 1178528

Null posting getting excessive at times plus the fact that the kiwis make it known they stalk that thread also has me tinfoiling either null or kiwis post there

as a /g/fag some of the posters in that section appear to be genuine. others reek of moid. wouldn't be surprising if it's both

No. 1178606

There are tons of kiwis here tbh. Some are nonitas who just use both, some are refugees who knew the site before the bella debacle and sometimes their old culture won them over and you see them doxxing, alogging and blogposting, and some are moids. I suspect that trannyhands is a kiwi, troons on kw are an special breed. They are convinced that they're Not Like The Other Trannies and would die on the spot if you dare to lump them with those evil and cringe troons who are cows (and here is the root of the issue: because they're NLOT, that on their little minds means that they should be allowed to female spaces or you're an evil terf roasty or whatever. Criticize and laught at troons is ok but you have to recognize that Not All Troons and welcome the good ones) it's a special type of troon entitlement that trannyhands emanates.

No. 1178613

File: 1652384876418.jpg (2.55 MB, 3072x4096, Fishingforwankmaterial.jpg)

Some threads I suspect are rife with moids. Theres a few other ones too like the "FEMALE fantasy" one like some of these sound like they were typed up by a scrote

No. 1178638

Yeah come on, the sexual abuse thread with the OP image of a fucking anime girl crying as if that's an appropriate image to use for something so serious.

No. 1178722

When I browse podcasts like on Spotify a lot of them just seem CIA to me. I don't trust 99% of podcasts.

No. 1178748

Podcasts are creepy as fuck. If there are female hosts it will eventually come back around to some sort of fad diet, treatments like botox and fillers, or some sort of lifestyle product, even if it's not a podcast that has anything to do with that stuff. I understand having ads but the actual content is peppered with it. I inevitably drop all podcasts because of this, I feel manipulated instead of entertained

No. 1178777

This isnt tinfoil, it's just facts.

No. 1178984

>make Americans fat, which makes it harder to breastfeed
>Lie to Americans by claiming it's okay to have kids when they're much older, also making it hard to breastfeed
>Now have a formula shortage
They love killing babies huh

No. 1179020

Nta but crying anime girls have been used for vent threads and other serious topics since lolcow started

No. 1179102

I want to know what exactly do moids get out of the unconventional attraction thread. They probably think everyone in there is lying anyways imo. They are too shallow to understand the complexities of female attraction. We barely understand it ourselves. Every other thread has to be true, i remember a moid straight up outing himself on the 1st masturbation thread trying to mock anons for buying vibrators and getting his feelings hurt.

No. 1179112

We’re goin’ to war, ladies! Glowies and the military recently updated their propaganda to fit with the current generation.

No. 1179125

You forgot to add
>inundate women with sexualization of breasts making women not want to breast feed in fear of their breasts “dropping” or “getting saggy”
>allow formula companies to spread propaganda to primarily low income and less educated women that formula is superior to breast milk

No. 1179134

This and they deprive our food of nutrients, make us go back to work quick and pumping doesn't always work as well as actual feeding, fucking with our hormones and tell us there's no way to help PPD outside of Zoloft. My family was a bit of an outcast which I'm lucky for now that I'm a mom during the formula shortage and can produce more than enough breast milk but it makes me feel bad for women who were fed hormone filled shitty foods their entire life, thrown on hormonal birth control with no telling of long term side effects when they were teenagers and so on. I honestly thought the formula shortage would only effect a handful of people but the mass public freakout and the amount of women coming out saying they can't produce enough breast milk is really bizarre, I've never heard of this many women being unable to breastfeed

No. 1179415

“Why arent you whores this cute” spammer is a bot it just repeats the same phrase over and over and some bots are good as masquerading as people, I’m not sure where I saw it but a lot of imageboard bots will reply belligerent things, they are way smarter than anyone thinks and not to sound paranoid but sometimes I see a random account and assume it’s a bot especially if it just comments “girl I-“ or “ummmm” or like “bro” even if it’s not a bot it’s a person who is similar to a bot

No. 1179443

It's an autistic pedo. He also sent illegal content and stopped when anons posted cock gore.

No. 1179451

>Americunts eat themselves to death because of low iq and underlying mental problems
>Americunts shame women who marry and give birth to children later - making more women childfree
Hm… Ok.

No. 1179464

Rarely, usually women who are in their 20s and start a family get shamed for "not having a career lined up", and Americans also believe that having kids cost a bijillion dollars and that they need to make 6 figs before even thinking about having kids. It's often the rest of the world who shames women for having kids when their older but definitely not muricans

As for binge eating you're right it's mental illness but they purposely make junk food extremely addictive and the food in general in unfulfilling, also working Americans to their bone so they never have time to work out and cook healthy meals. Doctors often do nothing about overweight patients unless they get morbidly obese, and you have coomers who fetishized "meat on the bones" to the point where average BMI women are considered skinny. Americans don't just have all these issues simply because they're awful, you're leaving out the huge part that their government and society made them this way

No. 1179483

File: 1652435930557.png (313.18 KB, 1332x837, scrotefarms.PNG)

Yup. They don't have a 34 page thread on LC on there for nothing


No. 1179493

There's always some pathetic nlot kissing Null's ass while Null is telling them to stop and fuck off. They keep not getting the message.

No. 1179498

he 100% lurks lolcow and self posts in that thread. a lot of his info comes from lolcow, esp when he does stuff like the sh0e stream. You can literally hear him quoting stuff he lifted, and sometimes he uses images that are only posted here.

Also he uses our words like scrote or TIF/TIM and in the beginning you could hear him catch himself saying it almost like he was thinking, should I? Will i get outed for being a lolcow lurker?

No. 1179502

I would not be surprised if he (or one of his ass kissers) is the one spamming shit to make this site unusable so he can buy it.

Also he flat out admitted using lc when showing screenshots of Trisha (afaik) drama recently - he said he "doesn't want to mention the site not to direct viewers there". See, he's NLOS, not like other scrotes uwu!

https://www.onionfarms.com/threads/joshua-conner-null-moon.621/ (for any other nonna who has not seen this shit)

No. 1179504

Lmao trump is everything a woman wants

No. 1179505

“I want to fuck null” anons are him proclaiming his desire to masturbate

No. 1179729

File: 1652452851729.jpg (78.46 KB, 596x680, fGyX0AIySQy.jpg)

The internet is designed to to be the world's fastest catalyst for the seven deadly sins. Most people are being tricked into speedrunning their damnation, and even getting rewarded for it

No. 1179739

>muh fat people and seven deadly sins

yes because God is surely going to let you into heaven after he finds out that you’ve been vomiting in the bathroom three times a day?

No. 1179744

File: 1652453377436.jpg (78.31 KB, 1600x998, 196cf98f9727dff608a57356194bd9…)

john doe-nonna

No. 1179746

God fatties are the most sensistive people on planet earth istg.

My tinfoil is that the added fat causes hormonal issues making them unstable and hysterical, and that the government exploits this to keep people fat and miserable and weak to keep them in control.

No. 1179749

nonny what do you think about hormones in food forcing fat kids into precocious puberty, I've always wondered about that

No. 1179754

I hope you choke on your bullimic throw-up, tinfoil-chan.

No. 1179756

>My tinfoil is that the added fat causes hormonal issues making them unstable and hysterical, and that the government exploits this to keep people fat and miserable and weak to keep them in control.
Agreed. One of the worst side effects is how they've internalized this refusal to believe that binge eating is an eating disorder. No, it's not normal or good to be fat. The alternative to obesity is not "vomiting in the bathroom three times a day". Food addiction is one of the most obvious, intentional psyops in our society, and it is wrong. Food fixation re: restriction is a side effect based off an extreme reaction, two sides of the same fucking coin.

You're only harming yourself

No. 1179757

Puberty starts when girls reach a certain fat percentage, so I don't think adding hormones are nessercary. The massive ammounts of corn syrup and seed oils in the food is more than enough. I do think it is part of the depopulation agenda to keep kids fat though, and disrupt their reproductive system.

No. 1179763

Im pretty and slim because I eat healthy, sorry you have a sugar addiction making that too diffucult. I hope you get the help you need to overcome your addiction.

No. 1179768

Do you think women should be forced to have more children? I don’t get you depopulation-fags, the world is not and was never for the taking of humanity and that is only your ego and fear of death speaking to you. Depopulation isn’t eugenics-based or capitalism or whatever dumbfuck liberals have been telling you now, the world is only sustainable at a certain amount of people and anything more than that is being incredibly selfish and expanding more suffering than necessary. The “we have enough food and resources to feed everyone!! we can continue to survive” argument is not as positive as you seem, it operates in the same capitalist outlook that everything on this planet is for production, profit, consumption or for human pleasure/sustainability when it’s not. I am a proud human extinction stan

No. 1179769

I always thought I'm slim because I'm keeping a good diet and have a healthy metabolism but it turns out I had a few different parasites in my digestive system, so get yourself properly checked just in case, fellow skinny-chan

No. 1179772

NTA but
>the world is only sustainable at a certain amount of people
Imagine thinking you speak on behalf of the earth, and can decide its fate. This is outside of capitalism, by the way, it's shit too and I don't get how you don't see the connection between these memes you're defending and its overarching structure

No. 1179775

That’s ironic considering the entire world decides it’s fate as surviving until the end of time when that is nothing but a fantasy. This world is not going to last for very long and neither will humans which is why billionaires are desperately trying to restart slavery and expansionism in space because there will be no regulations or rules in space. Starting the same suffering over and over again and destroying planets until you fuckers finally get the point that we are not that special. Get used to it kek

No. 1179780

You type all this, then proceed to take in everything those exact same billionaires shill at face value (funny how they never take their own "advice", it's all on you), you try to discipline the other serfs and you tell yourself "I'm doing my part" kek
>This world is not going to last for very long and neither will humans
Yes. So, what are you upset about? Everything comes to its rightful end, why are you clinging to the narrative that it's on us to speed it along? You think the planet hasn't cleaned itself before? This "world" doesn't just disappear and die off, it changes and is reborn (the same isn't necessarily true of all life-forms, so it's humans that won't last long). Humans will try to live in space, think they're getting their way, then die painful, scorching deaths. Then some other life form might come along, and do what it wants. This narcissistic delusion that we're above something immeasurably older and larger than us is just that

No. 1179784

the idea of seven deadly sins or "mortal" sins is theologically incorrect

No. 1179787

Way too reach and put words in my mouth. Not having children =/= must have a ruined endocrine system to make it impossible to have children. Where did I write anything about forcing women to be breeding cattle exactly?

No. 1179797

File: 1652456064370.jpeg (464.08 KB, 525x771, F1B6C564-AAAC-4816-B326-A6B155…)

Why is it that a woman’s health is always directly correlated to her ability to reproduce or have children? Goddamn let a fat bitch exist, they don’t exist just to be some ugly ass neolithic fertility goddess stop spreading that meme to them, no way farmers back then were this fat too they were working hard in their agriculture’s villages kek. I have a sneaky suspicion that the fat people in the Neolithic era are leftover nomads/hunters

No. 1179806

NTA, but do you really believe reproductive problems are the only issues with obesity?

No. 1179808

>being fat
Are you high or have you just never cracked open a history book? Hunters had to follow herds and migration routes, they weren't nearly as sedentary as farmers were. They had to forage on top of that, or fish if wild game wasn't available. They were incredibly active, chances are they weren't fatasses at all.

No. 1179816

Weren't those sculptures just self portrait sculptures of a pregnant woman looking down?

No. 1179819

File: 1652456891287.gif (1.32 MB, 220x211, BAA67818-6811-4BFC-9BEE-FA2FA3…)

nah they were fat, the women didn’t go out and hunt they were like picrel. got a problem with fat women living their lives anon?

No. 1179820

File: 1652456982877.jpg (165.95 KB, 832x823, female_hunter.jpg)

NTA, but women did go hunting, the idea that they didn't is misogynistic and bullshit.

No. 1179822

Women DID go out and hunt, omfg you cannot be this retarded about human history. Educate yourself, ffs: https://leakeyfoundation.org/did-prehistoric-women-hunt-new-research-suggests-so/

No. 1179823

>"Why is it that a woman’s health is always directly correlated to her ability to reproduce or have children?"

Gee wee maybe because thats what we have evolved to do and why we exist in the first place The same goes for men. If you can't create children, there is something wrong with your body. THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOU HAVE TO HAVE CHILDREN and nobody is saying that.

No. 1179834

Legit. If you lose weight too fast, you lose your period. Obesity? You can lose your period. Off balance hormones? Lose period. Very bad deficiencies? Lose period. Concerning illness? You lose your period. You could use it as a barometer of sorts and I feel like it's not being acknowledged enough even by the medical community.

No. 1179837

the fact that you think you should be proud of killing sentient animals makes me laugh

No. 1179839

if you can’t create children I think you’re pretty epic and better than who spend their whole lives trying to conceive

No. 1179842

What's with these low-IQ posts?

No. 1179843

The poster is just correcting the myth that women did not hunt.

No. 1179846

what’s low-IQ about any of it? i don’t think you should be proud of coming from a group that has pillaged away farmers, raped and killed young children and women and literally poisoned their water supplies with milk. it’s fake egalitarianism no women are not equal to men, only men are capable of that kind of evil shit to begin with

No. 1179849

If you don't approve of binge eating disorder then you must have bulimia. Obviously every single person in this world has one or the other mom exceptions

No. 1179851

Anon, I'm serious. What's up with you? You also posted >>1179739. Do you feel like this thread was made to target you or something?

No. 1179857

I am really confused about the amount of women saying they could not breastfeed. Is it just cope? Something to say to eradicate any judgement from others? Most of the formula feeding women I know were just disgusted by their own breast milk and blatantly tried methods to cease the flow. I am not the healthiest person ever, but even I was able to breastfeed.

No. 1179862

Yeah that's a running theory and I agree with it. Of course there are scrotes who think that women have never had any capability to make art ever and that these were instead tools of masturbation but that is a retarded theory. Males nowadays don't understand that not everything is sexual.

No. 1179864

I'm vegan (you can roast me another time) and I still think it's retarded to deny that women definitely did hunt. Also they were just trying to survive? They didn't have the knowledge about nutrition we have today, no easy access to high calorific food etc. Just what the actual fuck.
Women hunted back then. There are still women who hunt today. Whether it's moral or not is a different discussion, but you're outright denying that women did it, because you think only men can kill? Women were also soldiers throughout history, they were buried as well respected warriors. Whether you think that's ethical or not doesn't matter, because those are just the facts. You're being just as misogynistic as archeologists who assume any skeleton buried with a sword or spear is a man's. Saying women fought and hunted, is also not the same as saying they were exactly like men. Nobody said anything about raping or pillaging, only you just brought it up.

No. 1179865

Here you are still judging those women. Just because you managed to breastfeed they must be making it up?

No. 1179868

Idiot. Women hunted, women gathered, and sure in agricultural societies people were slightly more sedentary but farming was still a massive effort, as well as food production. Also with the creation of settlements people had to build and maintain villages and houses.
Retard missing the point.
You are so retarded I honestly think you're just trolling at this point. Please pick up a history book, it can even be a textbook.

No. 1179873

File: 1652459214203.jpeg (205.8 KB, 713x597, E3B895E2-0FC1-4EDF-8C2F-D7DA55…)

Europeans have caca genes now, don’t get angry at me because men decided to pillage farmers to death kek

No. 1179874

op didn’t even specify which sin kek. for all we know she could have been talking about the lust of brave stunning e-girl and her penis plushes

No. 1179876

What does this have to do with anything

No. 1179882

Anon nta but reread the post, the anon thinks breastfeeding is good and should be encouraged. It's just suspicious how many women are claiming they can't breastfeed during the formula shortage

No. 1179884

anon responding to me for not getting her preshush history right is a consequence of violent men raping farmers.

No. 1179887

Violent men raping farmers has happened in most areas of the world, it's a common occurrence

No. 1179893

The lottery is such a scam there's no way some random pleb was just handed 184 million pounds.

No. 1179903

Some obscure incest sect in the back waters of Alabama is not western society nonna, muslim scrotes are the absolute fucking worst men in the world, islam is trash and i'm sick of having to pander to it.

No. 1179911

Possibly just a huge money laundering scheme.

No. 1179916

samefag but it's funny how you can call out every other religion, but if you draw a picture of the pedo prophet you're an evil nazi racist that deserves beheading kek, I tried reading the Quran because I didn't think it could be that violent and it's actually worse than most people think. Inb4 muh translations show me the 1000's of terrorist attacks by literally any other religion in the past 100 years.

No. 1179920

File: 1652461241397.jpg (24.75 KB, 340x425, Biblebelt_kaart_zonder_legenda…)

The biblebelt in the Netherlands is pretty big though and they have a problem with pedorings. The government won't do anything about it, because the two biggest Christian parties are in power. You don't know what Continental Reformed Protestantism is capable of.

No. 1179921

Your deflection of being wrong is kind of astounding. You went from
>women didn't hunt
>how can you be proud of women killing living animals
Just admit you're a clueless fuck.

No. 1179923

Even if you don't want kids/never have kids, you still want to be healthy and working reproductive system.

No. 1179924

File: 1652461355127.jpg (214.91 KB, 762x888, pastor_pedophile.jpg)

No. 1179929

File: 1652461513231.jpg (119.2 KB, 560x676, homosexuality_worse_than_pedop…)

Within reformed protestant circles, being gay is seen as worse than being a pedophile.

No. 1179930

File: 1652461637842.png (1.28 MB, 564x846, vaultedceiling.png)

I feel bad for medieval Muslim artisans, no wonder they had to turn to geometry for art (which, admittedly, is beautiful). Or depicting animals through calligraphy.

No. 1179931

File: 1652461665335.jpg (91.23 KB, 726x366, protecting_pedos.jpg)

The reformed protestant Christian community also covers up for pedos and doesn't want them to go to prison.

No. 1179935

File: 1652461907585.jpg (160.37 KB, 1065x621, more_Christian_pedos.jpg)

>she was sexually abused for nearly three years by the man who could have been her father. The girl was twelve years old when things started with a smile and a hug in 2008.
>the prosecutor who had asked for an acquittal
They're in the legal system too trying to cover for each other.

No. 1179940

File: 1652462037072.jpg (401.72 KB, 1013x923, church_cover_up.jpg)

No. 1179943

The difference is the majority of christians and the western world does not condone or agree with this. Child marriage is an exception not a rule in western society. Yes, obviously there are crazy Christian freaks in many countries that excuse paedophilia/rape and disgusting shit but it has little reach outside of these particular churches. Islam is a sick and twisted religion at its very core, nobody has to twist it to be that way fight me, kek.

No. 1179947

File: 1652462453148.jpg (88.62 KB, 722x432, Christian_Union_councilor.jpg)

Little outreach past these few churches? These people are in politics, they are in government. The CDA and Christian Union are currently ruling parties. They supplied the minister of justice and education. They are the ones instructing the public prosecutors to ask for the acquittal of pedophiles or give them light sentences. They literally leaked CP on a government website before. These aren't isolated incidents. It doesn't matter if they don't condone it, if they cover them up, protect them, give them light sentences, try to acquit them etc.

No. 1179948

File: 1652462521529.jpg (180.73 KB, 735x630, government_website.jpg)

No. 1179954

File: 1652462772242.jpg (106.44 KB, 567x582, Grapperhaus.jpg)

Grapperhaus was the minister of justice and security from 6 October 2017 until 10 January 2022. He is a member of the Christian Democratic Appeal. He's also against pedo hunters, even though he created vigilantism by not prosecuting pedophiles properly.

No. 1179957

I think this shit and the “second puberty” is a psyop into making it seem like being fat is harmless.

No. 1179964

File: 1652463561139.jpg (272.08 KB, 1606x660, party.jpg)

Also we could have a conversation about how the western world sexualizes teenage girls, the popularity of barely legal pornography among men, the massive agegaps in couples in mainstream media, the obsession with women having to shave themselves bare and forever look like a teenager. Islam sucks, but you cannot possibly say that modernday Christianity and the Western world isn't a hotbed for pedophilia too. Marriage in general is an exception not the rule in the Western world anymore. Instead people think it's normal if scrotes groom 14 year old girls through discord or some other online shit. They don't want to marry them, they just want a harem of underage girls, while they're cheating on their adult gfs and wives. Or when adult scrotes wait outside of highschools to pick girls up. If you complain about any of this you're called a femcel terf feminazi. The west is still patriarchy, a different kind of patriarchy, but you can cope all the fuck you want, but when you move to the west, you're not going to a progressive paradise with people with good morals. When girls get molested here, they still are accused of being seductresses who asked for it. Here we have LITERAL pedophile political parties who manage to get enough signatures and money to actually become a thing. Or let's talk about how Germany thought it was a good idea to SPECIFICALLY let pedophiles adopt kids, because they thought that they would be able to love children better. A fucking government run pedophile ring

No. 1179965

File: 1652463692177.jpg (141.53 KB, 892x952, Kentler_project.jpg)

You're never going to fucking convince me that there's not a massive pedophilia problem in western governments and society. It's a fucking cope of people who wish to move to the west, to act like it's fucking lala-land, so they have somewhere to aspire to move. Because it's too fucking depressing to just accept the fact that everywhere is fucking fucked and there are no valiant moral scrotes here either.

No. 1179981

>>1179493 yes. I think null is an autist who realizes certain things when start to happen to chris-chan. So when chris started to transition to prey on lesbians and no troon aside for his NLOTs on his niche site said anything, maybe TRAS weren't as based as he thought so. There was a precedent sure (they were always anti sjw, but also very eager to pull the narrative of "the good ones") and the tranny pedo debacle wasnt a good look. But since Chris chan's transition more and more transphobia is allowed on the site. His NLOTs are as entitled as ever, denying reality, saying that "they can fix him", anything before recognize the inherent flaws of TRAs even if KF itself is kinda an archive of it at this point. And because they can't go full NLOT on kw they come here, thinking that if they fool and convert the evul terves who post on lc that means they're true and honest women and here they are, shitting the mtf/ftm threads with their shitty vendettas and twisting their pants when anyone says something sighly mean. And because Ian the Faguette would KILL for being Null, trannykiwis are "informally" allowed here now. Yep this is the beginning of the end nonitas, this site is going to die any time soon.

No. 1180015

>>1179739 there is no need to be this dramatic. Obesity IS unhealthy, just like extreme thinness. But there will always be a few unhealthy adults because at the end is a personal decision, the problem is that now there is too many unhealthy people and instead of becoming unhealthy in the adulthood there are now literally fat babies and toddlers, and they're as bad as malnourished kids. They will NOT have a healthy development and is sickening to see the media pretending that is ok.

No. 1180018

You're still missing the point being made about Islam. Pedophilia is not generally accepted in western society. Yes it happens but there are laws that protect children, women have rights to bodily autonomy. No where in The New Testament is rape condoned, Jesus explicitly warns against the harm of innocence. Islam does not have any of this. The idea that raping a 12 year old girl is wrong is completely absent beyond the damage done to another man's property. There is no concept of autonomy or even empathy for women. As a woman in Islam you are a possession of a man and if you are kafir, you are lesser than them and it is their god given right to rape and kill you or use you for sexual slavery.

The elites in the west do seem to want to normalise pedophilia and what is happening is an erosion of the rights and protections of women and children. This is a recent development that has been gradually happening during the 20th century not something that was ingrained into society through religious beliefs for hundreds of years.

No. 1180042

>but there are laws that protect children
Which are useless when the public prosecution asks for the acquittal of pedophiles. NEXT
>women have rights to bodily autonomy
Currently under threat in the US and already taken away in Poland. Many other countries in the west are at risk of following their lead. NEXT
>No where in The New Testament is rape condoned, Jesus explicitly warns against the harm of innocence.
The theoretical possibilities of Christianity doesn't change the fact that the biggest Christian institutions are rife with pedophilia and condone it through forgiveness loopholes and do massive communitywide coverups. We're talking about reality here, not the potential utopia. NEXT
>The idea that raping a 12 year old girl is wrong is completely absent beyond the damage done to another man's property.
You should look into western legal history of the criminalization of rape and the involvement of Christianity. It was only criminalized because it was seen as tainting the property of another man. It's why marital rape was legal in many western countries up until the 90's. In the west it's also often condoned or the girl is blamed for it anyway. NEXT
>As a woman in Islam you are a possession of a man and if you are kafir, you are lesser than them and it is their god given right to rape and kill you or use you for sexual slavery.
As a woman in reformed protestantism you are a possession of a man and if you are a heretic, you are lesser than them and it is their god given right to rape and kill you or use you for sexual slavery (see what they did during WWII to catholics, Jews etc. and how they aided nazi's). I don't care if the new testament doesn't give explicit permission, that doesn't erase what happened and how the political organizations associated with these actions still exist today, aren't banned and are in government.
>his is a recent development that has been gradually happening during the 20th century not something that was ingrained into society through religious beliefs for hundreds of years.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA READ A FUCKING HISTORY BOOK. Pedophilia a recent thing in the west? Are you fucking high? Drunk? I don't know what you're on, but I need it.
>in 1396, Richard II of England was joined in marriage to young Isabel of France, who had been 7 years old when their engagement was announced the previous year in Paris. Not only was there no uproar; there was considerable happiness expressed over the assumed probability that this marriage would end the Hundred Years War then in one of its periodic states of truce between the two kingdoms. Peace was to be ensured by joining together this man and this little girl in marriage.
>"A social practice which entered the written record in the 12th century, but which seems to have had roots in the barbaric past, that extended from the royal abattoirs down to the lives of neighboring fishmongers and shop-keepers in medieval London, yet that seems to have received little more than passing notice in canon law beyond exhortation to limit it to age seven and ensure mutual consent of the parties ….. But still it is not even indexed in most contemporary discussions of medieval marriage and family life, from Barbara Hanawalt to James Brundage, GL Brooke to Frances & Joseph Giese, Ian MacFarlane to Georges Duby. It is not exactly passed over in their texts, when you read closely
>"In the Middle Ages children were married at a young age. Girls were as young as 12 when they married, and boys as young as 17. The arrangement of the marriage was based on monetary worth. The family of the girl who was to be married gives a dowry,or donation, to the boy she is to marry. The dowry goes with her at the time of the marriage and stays with the boy forever (Renolds). After the marriage was arranged a wedding notice was posted on the door of the church. The notice was put up to ensure that there were no grounds for prohibiting the marriage."
>Bianca of Savoy, Duchess of Milan was married aged 13 (1350), and aged 14 when she gave birth to her eldest son, Giangaleazzo (1351).
>Theodora Comnena was aged 13 when she was married King Baldwin III of Jerusalem (1158).
>Agnes of France was 12 when, widowed, she was married to Andronicus Comnenus, Byzantine Emperor (1182).
>St Elizabeth of Portugal was aged 12 when she was married to King Denis of Portugal and gave birth to three children shortly thereafter.
>Caterina Sforza was betrothed aged 9, married aged 14, and gave birth aged 15.
>Lucrezia Borgia was married to her first husband aged 13 and bore a son within a few years.
>Beatrice d'Este was betrothed aged 5 and married aged 15.
>From 380 A.D. to 1983 A.D., the age of majority was 21 years old in the Roman Catholic Church, which was adopted into canon law from Roman law. From 380 A.D. to 1971 A.D. the minimum marriageable age was 12 years for females and 14 years for males in the Roman Catholic Church, which was adopted into canon law from Roman law.
CATHOLIC CANON LAW IS CHRISTIAN. Look at how fucking long the list is for Europe https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_child_brides . Islam fucking sucks, but you need to get your head out of your ass and stop thinking it's a paradise in the west.

No. 1180073

Fatties are dropping dead and hogging medical care at a way faster rate than the ED bitches people love to complain about. For once we should talk about them and not the "but but anorexics!" card. Not to mention fatties are popping out kids and making their kids fat as well as encouraging their SO to be fat, anas very rarely spread their disease on others and very rarely have kids

No. 1180083

File: 1652467818537.jpg (49.69 KB, 407x405, 1274485428773.jpg)

I think we're all in general agreement that religion of any spin is gay and completely outdated today

No. 1180087

What makes western men especially sick for being pedos is the fact that there's so many resources explaining the dangers of grooming, how being preyed on so young will damage a young girls brain, and these pedos are often extremely emotionally abusive to the young girls they meet online often leaving them with age complexes, body dysmorphia from these men nitpicking them, abandonment issues since these men like playing ghosting games to manipulate her to do what they want and so on. They grow up thinking their only value is their age and now that they're no longer a fetishizable age they are now worthless. So many women practically shove in men's face what being preyed on by older men while they were teenagers has done to them but moids don't care and will continue moving to the next victim. With other cultures where pedophilia is normal, the men aren't stopped or told that it's wrong. Western men will have a million reasons to not groom young girls and still do it anyway

No. 1180099

File: 1652468519825.jpg (101.55 KB, 562x665, Iceland_pedophilia_rape.jpg)

>An example of this comes from the gruesome case of Agnes de Cloworth, aged 8, heard at Lincoln in 1355, which took almost a decade to come to court and had no clear resolution. According to the Latin record, a local man, Hugh de Outhorp, secretly entered Agnes’ chamber at night, where he attempted to rape her. Unable to do so, however, Hugh took out his knife and cut open her genitals before forcing himself upon her and fleeing. The horrific nature of this crime is made worse still by the actions of his brother, John, then acting bailiff and future mayor of Lincoln, who refused to allow Hugh to be tried for the crime. Furthermore, he threatened to have Agnes and her mother (who brought her bloodied and in danger of death to the court shortly after the attack) banished from the city should they ever speak of the matter again. In fact, as the record of 1355 details, it was due to John’s interventions that the case took so long to come to court. It was eventually heard due to the shifting political landscape following the Black Death (1348-50), as new men came to prominence, some of whom may have had a grudge against the family. Such incidents bear many of the hallmarks of cases currently under investigation by the IICSA, with power and influence being used to suppress due legal process.
>Problems in the 11th century were much more widespread than in our own. Priests and bishops were unaccountable to secular law, and abusive behavior extended beyond children to include adults. Many had concubines, or live-in prostitutes, who were completely at the mercy of their clerical patrons. Some bishops used their authority over the clergy to compel priests into acts of sodomy, as well.
>Complaints from Damian about the church’s unwillingness to confront the sexual behavior of the clergy, however, met with inaction. In 1049 Damian wrote to Pope Leo IX (1048-54) about the cancer of sexual abuse that was spreading through the church: boys and adolescents were being forced and seduced into performing acts of sodomy by priests and bishops; there were problems with sexual harassment among higher clergy; and many members of the clergy were keeping concubines.
>Unfortunately, Pope Leo IX disagreed with Peter Damian’s analysis of the problem of clerical sexual abuse. He was willing to punish clerics who committed acts of anal intercourse with boys and adolescents, but he minimized the punishment of clerics who performed other sexual acts with children and adults of both sexes.
>Shortly after the election of Pope Nicholas II (1058-61), Damian called attention to the issue again. His complaint to the new pope has a modern sound: Indeed, in our day the genuine custom of the Roman Church seems to be observed in this way, that regarding other practices of ecclesiastical discipline, a proper investigation is held; but a prudent silence is maintained concerning clerical sexuality for fear of insults from the laity. Damian urged the pope to bring the issue out into the open and to punish both the sexual offenders and the bishops who failed in their duty to punish and to depose sexual predators. He complained that occasionally priests were disciplined, but with bishops we pay our reverence with silent tolerance, which is totally absurd.
>But by 1550 Christian authorities had reversed their position, leading to a witch-hunt across Christendom. Many explanations have been advanced for what drove the phenomenon. Now new research suggests there is an economic explanation, one that has relevance to the modern day. Economists Peter Leeson and Jacob Russ of George Mason University in Virginia argue that the trials reflected “non-price competition between the Catholic and Protestant churches for religious market share”. As competing Catholic and Protestant churches vied to win over or retain their followers, they needed to make an impact – and witch trials were the battleground they chose. Or, as the two academics put it in their paper, to be published in the new edition of the Economic Journal: “Leveraging popular belief in witchcraft, witch-prosecutors advertised their confessional brands’ commitment and power to protect citizens from worldly manifestations of Satan’s evil.” They reach their conclusion after drawing on analyses of new data covering more than 43,000 people tried for witchcraft in 21 European countries. The data shows that witch-hunts took off only after the Reformation in 1517, following the rapid spread of Protestantism. Leeson and Russ argue that, for the first time in history, the Reformation presented large numbers of Christians with a religious choice: stick with the old church or switch to the new one. “And when churchgoers have religious choice, churches must compete,” they say. The new analysis suggests that the witch craze was most intense where Catholic-Protestant rivalry was strongest. Churches picked key regional battlegrounds, they say, much like the Democrat and Republican parties in the US now focus on key states during the presidential election. This explains why Germany, ground zero for the Reformation, laid claim to nearly 40% of all witchcraft prosecutions in Europe. Scotland, where different strains of Protestantism were in competition, saw the second highest level of witch-hunts, with a total of 3,563 people tried.
>In medieval times, rape was categorised legally as a property crime, and thus a felony, with penalties such as castration, blinding or hanging. As you can imagine, criminal convictions for rape were very rare, since all-male juries were reluctant to condemn their fellow men to such harsh penalties on the basis of a woman’s claim, and these penalties were rarely enforced even when the assailant was convicted. Survivors had to follow several difficult steps in order to have any hope of conviction: they were required to report their rapes immediately and publicly, to recount identical narratives of their trauma multiple times to local court officials in their own jurisdiction as well as in neighbouring jurisdictions, and to show evidence of a violent attack – such as torn clothing, bloodstains, dishevelled hair or physical wounds – to ‘men of good repute’. If a survivor wanted to avoid this process or felt that another form of justice would be more fitting, she could negotiate for out-of-court restitution or file a civil case for monetary damages rather than pursuing criminal charges, as Joan de Hadestock chose to do after Montibus raped her in her home. This enabled women to receive tangible recompense for what they’d suffered, and to bypass a complicated and traumatic criminal justice process.
>Numerous case records illustrate the inherent flaws and loopholes in medieval systems of rape justice, showing how women could find their charges dismissed if they’d had consensual sex with their rapist before the rape, or failed to follow complicated reporting procedures, or became pregnant from the attack. One case from Wiltshire illustrates the still-common myth that someone cannot claim rape if they previously consented to sex with their assailant: an unmarried woman named Edith claimed that William le Escot raped her in 1249. The record states: ‘It is testified that William lay with Edith but he did not violate her because she was already known to him.’ In other words, because Edith and Escot had had consensual sex in the past, this particular incident didn’t count as a violation. The case features intriguing additional details: Edith also accused a woman named Alice of helping to facilitate Escot’s rape and of stealing a brooch from her.
>The pervasive distrust of women in medieval culture – illustrated by popular proverbs such as ‘women can lie and weep whenever they wish’ – meant that women faced an uphill battle in convincing juries that they’d been violated. Legal records repeatedly feature women who bring charges of rape and are subsequently charged with false reporting after the jury concludes that the accused is not guilty or that the victim didn’t properly report her assault. In Wiltshire in 1249, an unmarried woman named Eve accused Adam Mikel of raping her. Mikel first refused to appear in court, then later denied her claim. The jury agreed that he wasn’t guilty, so Eve was arrested for bringing false charges. She was later pardoned because she was poor. Other times, women were charged and imprisoned after failing to follow prohibitively specific and difficult reporting procedures. In 1248, Margery, daughter of Emma de la Hulle, testified that a man named Nicholas had raped her outdoors on a summer evening four years earlier, and that she had been a virgin at the time. She specified the location of the rape as ‘between Bagnor and Boxford in a certain place which is known as Kingestrete near Bagnor wood’; search for this certain place online today, and you’ll find maps for scenic walks through Bagnor Wood in West Berkshire. Margery supported her claim against Nicholas with confidence and courage, as the record states that ‘she offers to prove this against him as the court sees fit’. Nicholas responded that Margery didn’t report the assault in a timely fashion, and also neglected to bring her appeal to the neighbouring county court. The jury concluded that Margery’s failure to follow these procedures invalidated her rape charge, and they sentenced her to prison for false reporting, even as they also acknowledged that Nicholas had had sex with her, and required him to pay a fine.
>The jury said this was a ‘miracle’ as ‘a child could not be engendered without the consent of both parties’
>In countless medieval texts, women falsely accuse good men of rape when they’re angry, embarrassed or revengeful. Known as the ‘Potiphar’s wife motif’ after the biblical story of a woman who propositions her husband’s servant and, when he rejects her, accuses him of attempted rape, this popular narrative is told and retold dozens of times. One version of this tale, used in sermons to illustrate the evils of lust, features a woman who becomes infatuated with a clergyman who has ‘fair eyes’. She promises to give him all her wealth if he’ll sleep with her. He refuses. Angry at this rejection, she goes to the local justice and accuses the clergyman of attempted rape. The justice believes her and condemns the man to prison. Still brimming with unsatisfied desire, the woman fetches a ladder and climbs up to a window set high in the prison wall, then leaps down into the poor clergyman’s cell and begs him to have sex with her. Once again, he refuses. Prison guards discover the woman in the man’s cell and assume that he has used sorcery to transport her there so he can assault her. He is burned to death as punishment, a victim of the woman’s shameless lies and lust. This tale imagines a legal system in which women can successfully claim rape without any proof and destroy innocent men’s lives, in contrast to the complicated and treacherous process that real-life victims had to follow. In other texts, manipulative women threaten to accuse men falsely in order to coerce them into sex. In the poem Amis and Amiloun (c1330), a powerful duke’s daughter pines after a handsome knight and tells him that she’ll die unless he becomes her lover. When he refuses, she threatens to tear her clothes and tell everyone that he violated her. She warns that he’ll be hanged as a rapist unless he consents to her advances. Seeing no other option, he promises to marry her. She later sneaks off to his chamber to have sex with him, triumphant that she has gotten her way.
Medieval Europe was such a feminist Utopia and really good to children. It's also totally not weird how scrotes were writing pedo fanfics.

No. 1180104

>So many women practically shove in men's face what being preyed on by older men while they were teenager has done to them but moids don't care
They just get off on it, the idea of ruining a girl. It doesn't matter what continent or time the scrote is from, they just have 0 empathy for women.

No. 1180108

You are having to use examples of modern criminality and examples from medieval europe to justify the opinion that the west is as bad as Islam is in the current day.

No. 1180116

Nope, wasn't doing that. I was responding to your retardation right here
>The elites in the west do seem to want to normalise pedophilia and what is happening is an erosion of the rights and protections of women and children. This is a recent development that has been gradually happening during the 20th century not something that was ingrained into society through religious beliefs for hundreds of years.
>Recent development
>Not something that was ingrained into society through religious beliefs for hundreds of years.
It literally was.

No. 1180118

This is the only explanation I can think of. I dated a guy when I was a teen who had an obsession with "ruining me". Would even talk about how he wanted to tattoo hickies on me and claim he wanted to loosen me up for the next person. Dropped him as soon as I woke up and ended up losing my virginity to someone who actually knows how female anatomy works and isn't obsessed with isolating me like a psychopath

No. 1180120

No. 1180122

To add, when I used modern examples you said it's just a recent development and not a longterm pattern, when I show it's been a problem since the third fucking century at the very least, you want me to give modern examples again. You keep moving the goalposts back and forth, because you refuse to accept that the West has patriarchy too and that it's not fucking lalaland and never fucking was. Islam sucks, Christianity sucks. Get the fuck over it, they're both Abrahamic religions. Scrotes from all religions and continents suck and have no empathy for women. You're coping way too fucking hard.
I'm really sorry you went through that and I'm glad he didn't get to have his way. It's insane how common stories like that are.

No. 1180127

If the west has always been as bad as Islam why do women and children have protection in law and why do these laws not exist in Islamic countries?

No. 1180132

NTA but you just keep proving her point kek. This is so ridiculous

No. 1180143

It's not about "always as bad", the point is that it's not fucking peachy here either and you need to get rid of your delusion that the tradcath nazi man is going to save you and not diddle your children or watch cp, while not allowing you to watch tv and strangling you for asking what time it is
>protection in law
Maybe you should read my posts again to understand what western "protection in law" means and how it's completely meaningless when juries, judges and public prosecutors protect pedos and rapists >>1180099 >>1179954 >>1179935

No. 1180165

What's ridiculous is writing essays to defend Islam and to deny that modern women living the west can even begin to comprehend how much worse it would be to live under Isla