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No. 43429

previous: >>>/meta/40923

No. 43436

Tranny spamming racebait in ot again.

No. 43439

Subhuman scrote is posting racebait gore in ot.

No. 43447

File: 1661522550389.jpeg (162.33 KB, 750x1196, A69DE094-9D07-4E94-A047-8ED1B5…)

would I be able to dispute this?

No. 43448


>you're fucking making collages as usual and still think saging lets you nitpick? Holy kek, anon.

for anyone wondering if /w/ janny pretends to be farmers and posts in defense of unjustified bans - it absolutely does. "as usual"? Pretty sure I combined a couple photos in the Stef thread awhile ago. And something in the fitness thread. Go ban me retroactively for that, then.

No. 43451

the trannoid is back, please take him out back jannies

No. 43455

Yes you should be able to

No. 43457

Your tinfoil is so bad

Anons are using the Aki and Trash Taste threads, like anons have been saying,to cross post and its the Belle-anons derailing and nitpicking who is allowed, as a foreigner, to not have Japanese memorized as a non-first language. It's utterly retarded and I bet if mods checked it, they'd see its being used for off topic discussion and anons using in place of a filled thread.

Arguing over who should know better Japanese because their BF knows Japanese/is Japanese or "they've lived there long enough" isn't milk and it's massively retarded paragraphs of posts too. Reeks of an IP hopping samefag too.


No. 43458

Whyd you namefag for attention? I hope it doesn't get appealed.

No. 43460

Can the Josh simps in MTF that continuous derail and are clearly Josh or his retards larping his praise catch a ban. This shit happens every time and some faggy as shit happens with KF. Can they just get the fuck out

No. 43461

Thank you mods. Love ya.

No. 43462

File: 1661537340469.jpg (28.69 KB, 381x356, hampter.jpg)


No. 43463

Admin can you PLEASE do something about TBP scrote? I have no idea how he is still posting.

No. 43464

Kek I’m in the same boat. I’m surprised this wasn’t deleted, all my posts get deleted in seconds when I point this out. Admin is just an assmad white knighting scrote.(tranny)

No. 43465

they're still going

No. 43466

This is complete word salad. Close /w/ down forever pls

No. 43467

I didn’t, it still says “anonymous” moron lmao

No. 43468

My ban had no custom red text. Farmer comes on here telling me posting pics is me making "collages as usual" and nitpicking. then I see in the actual private red text of the ban that the utter tard janny wrote that in the private ban text. They are the same person. I didn't nitpick, I made a couple remarks about her face and emoting, both of which she is ruining with botox and overdone filler. That's not splitting hairs, you can see the lumps under her skin.

No. 43469

It’s also something that happens across this site. Either /w/ style moderation should happen on /snow/ and /pt/ or the /w/ mod needs to calm the fuck down

No. 43470

File: 1661550934673.gif (2.75 MB, 640x640, 50BD51AA-15DD-455A-806E-BD0004…)

mods whenever they see a “the black problem” thread posted every 5 seconds:

No. 43472

Why does belle cause this much autism

No. 43474

they need to make posts containing « the black problem » or « tpb » impossible to be posted just to finally get rid of him

No. 43475

Scrote spamming porn in m.

No. 43476

i think cp has been posted in the pinned thread on /m/

No. 43478

I'm not a mod. Don't be this retarded.

No. 43480

Redacted is in vent thread doing that weird arguing with himself thing again

No. 43482

Tranny necroing old mtf thread to infight in snow.

No. 43485

File: 1661605599207.png (118.12 KB, 400x400, 0DDD162B-AE75-4725-A4A4-F3C067…)

Y’all been on it today ty ♥

No. 43486

File: 1661606203135.png (42.5 KB, 738x438, troons.png)

What's the plan for when the twitter trannies come for us next? Do we have DDOS protection?

No. 43487

Remember the bunker threads? Lol, yeah, if they were to DDOS it would be a huge inconvenience and would probably wipe out /m/ for the second time electric boogaloo style and we still haven’t even received an explanation as to why that happened. Mods obviously are limited in their powers and collective intelligence and are also not sure what tf is even going on, I think the server just expired and they had to renew it again. I think this website despite the nonexistent admin presence and inconsistent moderation will be fine, worst case scenario everyone will have to move to the official discord or visit other sites until the website is repaired.

No. 43493

namefag retard

No. 43495

Very optimistic. KF is self-hosted, lolcow.farm is not. What's to stop the trannies from mass-harassing the hosting provider to drop us? Do you really think admin would keep switching providers to keep us online?

No. 43496

isn't admin already trying to switch providers??

No. 43497

No provider is going to stand up against mass reports from a 100k troon twitter army calling us a hate-site that bullies and cyberstalks innocent trans women.

No. 43498

They started the hashtag #cloudfareprotectsterrorists and have been tagging the official twitter for cf with aggressive tweets as well

No. 43499

File: 1661620738825.jpg (117.98 KB, 652x502, 1661620746331.jpg)

Absolute sped detailing the Jillian Pixielocks thread. I suspect they're ban evading too.

No. 43500


No. 43501

that's entirely untrue. there are tons of providers that don't give a fuck about more serious things, like pirating media. we just need a host from the netherlands or somewhere like that and we're good.

No. 43502

The Netherlands are liberal as fuck.. you are delusional.

No. 43503

Racebait troon is back in vent thread

No. 43504

anon quit doomposting and research where most sketchy sites are hosted.

No. 43506

File: 1661623398061.gif (1.97 MB, 615x413, YaU9Hrf.gif)

This is the first post that's ever made me KEK out loud
Imagine all the issues KF is having but x1000 worse

No. 43507

They are self-hosted.

No. 43508

Kek isn't this what Elaine has been trying for months? I guess we're safe then.

No. 43509

KF is currently down, so the troons have been more successful than Elaine so far.

No. 43510

Yeah, it's the same anons who derail the Belle and Venus threads. Its fucking annoying and so easy to spot.

No. 43512

Autists already derailing the new Jvlog thread when milk was posted and they just refused to watch the embed and beg for spoonfeeding instead.

No. 43513

At the risk of getting a ban, I was one of the anons in the infight. I literally only made one post saying Jill does not have BPD, and I wasn't even the original anon who started the infight. Pixielocks is the only thread I visit on /w/ and I rarely even go on that board. I don't know why you guys are so hung up on the idea of it being just one person.
Either way, /w/ is an actual cesspit as the Belle/Venus/Pixie threads can corroborate. It's like 2% milk and 90% general retardation. I honestly thought /snow/ was the worst cow board, but /w/ should genuinely be launched into interstellar space.

No. 43514

Meant to also quote >>43499
It's also disingenuous to only focus on the anti-Jill-has-BPD crowd when the pro-Jill-has-BPD group is equally as spergy with their hyperfocus on how many times an anon deletes and reposts their reply and other weird idiosyncrasies. In any case, /w/ is in dire need of more moderators

No. 43515

Jvloggers was shit for a while with the whole Chris and sharla stuff, havent checked it recently though.

No. 43516

I have honestly just stopped checking /w/ because of how annoying the anons can be over there. I only stopped by today to see if anything was different, but alas, same old same old.
Kiwi Farms was my other go to place since the cows are generally more entertaining/milky (or I guess since they have more cows) and the discussions are less shitty except for when a thread gets featured and all the tards come out of the woodwork. But of course, Keffals and his groomer troomer squad had to DDoS the website and create this domino effect to keep me from getting my daily keks/cringe. I'm honestly pretty nervous of what might happen to lolcow if KF really does go down for a while, whether they end up targeting us or if lc becomes even more biohazardous

No. 43517

Hoping Admin comes through with some sort of response or a town hall soon.(I know November is barely here yet but still) it’s kinda worrisome. Unknown days among us nonnie.

No. 43518

Wait people are STILL talking about this shit? holy fuck let it goooooooo

No. 43519

Not really down, Null said he’s gonna decentralize the website and they would be finally free from any backlash

No. 43520

Or just don't respond and let it die on its own.

No. 43521

We are so ill-prepared for another influx of users, but I don't think KF will go down, hopefully. I sort of feel like the whole "server" transition thing that the admin mentioned is a bit of a cop-out. Why wouldn't they just tell us that was what they were doing to begin with, or even give us a timeline of when we should expect it to be ready by? The lack of communication is startlingly uncharacteristic compared to previous years. Since we've gotten mainstream attention the culture of the board (the cow boards in particular) has shifted and not for the better. LC is becoming less fun and more belligerent.

No. 43522

Yes, this. Remember when pull shut down? this is going to be even worse.

No. 43523

cp in /m

No. 43524

> I sort of feel like the whole "server" transition thing that the admin mentioned is a bit of a cop-out. Why wouldn't they just tell us that was what they were doing to begin with
That has been planned/worked on for over a year, even by the previous admin. She throughout explained what it means, it's somewhere in the previous threads.

No. 43526

this site is running on a potato chip with some circuits glued on. what do you think would happen?

No. 43527

I don't recall a "server transition" being mentioned by old admin, nor the "new" admin claiming that this is an extension of the original plan (the important part), but I'll take your word for it.
>That has been planned/worked on for over a year
So work has essentially stalled and this site is being left to rot. Good to know.
And yes, I know it takes time for these things to be implemented. But certainly not more than a year, which only implies that the website is woefully understaffed. Moreover, a year is plenty of time to have hired new help or to write codes that could benefit the website in its present state. If the old admin ever did explain what the transition meant, she did not do a proper job of conveying it.

No. 43528

Male in leftcow thread shitting up the thread to whiteknight cows.

No. 43529

The Scrote Problem has returned to m farmhands. Please cleanse us off his dumbass racebait.

No. 43530

Oldmin's big pitch when she first arrived was "taking the site back to the old days" (and then did the opposite) and "migrating to a new engine" (which never happened) so it's 3 or 4 years overdue at this point. It's also more proof oldmin never left. No-one else gave a shit. It was her retarded pet project.

No. 43531

All anon's been doing is complaining and has yet to contribute to the thread or even try turning a video into a discussion because they won't watch it. If they hate it so much, they should've made a thread.


No. 43532

Autist mad another anon told them. This is an imageboard. Anons just posting in the new Jvlog thread just to derail. >>>/w/243165 I know for sure mods have told this autist to post caps before.

No. 43533

Cp in ot

No. 43535

When you minimize a thread with a .webm file attached to the OP, the file doesn't hide. It's not a big deal because the hide button does work, but just saying I guess.

No. 43536

oldmin never said she was gone yet btw, she said she was showing new admin the ropes and also working on things

No. 43540

He's in /pt/


No. 43541

Now that some dumbshit (probably a Kiwifag themselves) has opened the floodgates with a KF drama thread during such opportune timing, this site isn't even worth saving anymore. The tiktok tards, troons, twitterfags, and moids were bad enough as it was. Now we get a steaming pile of all at once in copious amounts so vile that the stain will never come out. Can we just.. not have KF threads here at all? Please? I was already holding onto fleeting hope for this site but now I feel like nuking it from orbit is the only option.

No. 43543

Just come back in like two weeks it'll be fine

No. 43545

same, i cannot understand why farmhands pinned it to the top of snow. maybe they have a death wish after moderating this place for so long?

No. 43547

Maybe bringing back that "kiwifags seek refuge here" banner with the link to that other cow forum will help.

No. 43548

Syd has been obviously self posting in her /snow/ thread for days… can we just move
It to the shit threads please

No. 43549

another nona suggested another hellweek, I think that might be a really good idea at this point. Maybe in combination with what >>43547 says.

No. 43550

it's a good idea but i doubt it'll ever happen unless there's an entire new staff, the last hellweek was barely enforced

No. 43551

Racebait moid

No. 43554

The Scrote Problem has posted in g horny husbando posting thread posting a pic seething about the jews and black people.

No. 43555

File: 1661747561869.png (470.7 KB, 1125x2436, 70F994DF-9A63-44C0-B812-26C923…)

Still waiting for a response to what “unspecified reasons” were for this. People were asking for one in the Yeonmi Park thread so I made one.

No. 43556


No. 43557

subject field lmfao, nta, you new?

No. 43558

Were you making a thread? There's no reason to put anything in the fields except for sage.

No. 43559

racebait in /pt/

No. 43561

In /snow/ and /w/ too

No. 43562

holy cow, a three-year ban should have a reason

No. 43563

Cp in snow ty mods

No. 43564

My assumption is that it's a containment thread since they would naturally come over here to whine about the loss of their autistic day care. I don't think it's very beneficial however since it's just attracting a lot of try hard trolls.

No. 43566

Why the fuck is the MtF thread autosaged?

No. 43567

why does that make you so upset kek

No. 43568

Thank god

No. 43570

Autistic unsaging across multiple boards, clearly from the same anon

No. 43572

I would have unironically enjoyed this thread

No. 43573

something broken with threads bumping? thread in /w/ was bumped despite the recent post being saged. >>>/w/140824

No. 43574

Anon back to complaining about the fact they have to post caps and their excuse is "BUT THAT WOULD BE 4 SOURCES TO CAP!!!!!!" Pretty sure it's the IP hopping anon who keeps shitposting all over /w/


No. 43576

I think it was a good choice for right now. Otherwise it would be filled with more KF scrotes and Twitter troons than usual.

No. 43577

They came back to just not post caps again >>>/w/243460

No. 43578

And their retarded derailing in the lolita thread. This anon says they are making the new thread. Mods, don't let that happen. >>>/w/243458 The same anon keeps making the Belle threads and you can see how that turns out.

No. 43579

I'm on one knee begging with my eyes closed for /w/ to just be deleted off of this site forever and new threads created for actual milky weebs on /snow/

No. 43580

I'm still mystified why the Belle threads are still going. No milk, just cancer.

No. 43582

>get rid of the containment board so it affects /snow/
wow! great plan!

No. 43583

You can hide threads

No. 43584

Just don't click it.

No. 43585

Anon, all the threads in /w/ literally used to be in /snow/. If you deleted that board and moved them all to /snow/ it would probably be fine.

No. 43586

Scrote seething about women in keffals pinned thread in snow.

No. 43587

Exactly, any that aren't milky will likely die in /snow/. The element that is attracted to this site through /w/ seems pretty much to only stay there, because the moderation and the culture is really different than /snow/ or /pt/

No. 43588

It really isn't.

No. 43589

Not the only one who has pointed this out, camping anon. /w/ mod redtexts shit incorrectly, such as in the Belle thread. he/she also seems to have some personal war against the format of image collages, and never redtexts retards who post milkless social media updates on Taylor's thread, or the jvlogger's thread. probably because - tinfoil incoming - they are the major participant on all of those threads who posts the milkless social media updates to 'generate conversation' about shit like how great of a mother Taylor is and how Sharla is a wunderkind of cat airbnb hosting.(tinfoiling retard)

No. 43590

No they don't. Stop ban evading too, faggot.

No. 43591

They really should give you a permaban, the only one camping here is you. No one cares, just fucking hide the belle thread.

No. 43592

she's in other threads accusing random anons of being the "belle thread anon" now too.

No. 43593

Can we sunset this or update it!

No. 43594

Doesn't matter when you can tell they are active again on /w/.

No. 43595

This anon has been going on and on and on about old milk from 2 threads ago on top of trying to say Tom and Taylor's baby is going to be in danger because of the shitty, but legal, gravure shit that China allows and how it's going to harm the baby in the future.

It's all sorts of retarded thinking and absolutely derailing >>>/w/243655 They have been going on and on about this and its old discussion and yet anon is trying to say "when the baby is an adult".. It's a fucking baby right now.

No. 43596

wait, genuine question, this kind of post would get you a ban in /meta/? I mean, others have expressed speculations like this in the past.

No. 43597

I made the contribution because of people talking about pedo stuff and I have never said one word about the baby, so stop your rampant tinfoil. I hope you get banned for your autism. Hide the thread if my one post in months bothered you.

No. 43598

Tbh, you're probably them, but a mod will deal with it, but the anon who posted it is probably the same anon, who repeatedly across /w/, accuses their shitty posts of getting redtexted because a mod is pretending to be a farmer who "WKS ALL THE PRETTY COWS". Anons won't take accountability for their derailing/fake milk/autistic nitpicking [which is where the collages come in], and so they want to blame it on mods who are apparently "in on it". It's shitty tinfoil and all the bans have been 100% warranted.

No one said, at all, that anything on the website was "fine", you sicko. Move on and report the website like another anon suggested if you're this mad about his website still. Hate to break it to you, but teen gravure is legal in places like China and Russia. It's a shitty reality, but they aren't going to do anything if reported. The only reason that one article even got removed was because Westerners harass Taylor about it. Had nothing to even do with him.

No. 43599

that anon keeps tinfoiling and talking shit , not only here but also obviously in the belle thread and I suspect other threads too. afaik the only thread here where you can shitpost is , oh imagine that, the shitposting thread

No. 43600

I'm not "that anon" and how are you not banned for all this shitposting tinfoil "hi anon" you do day after day? I've never posted in Belle's thread as far as I can remember.

No. 43601

You're not a cow and you're not a mod.

No. 43602

Schizo pedo tranny is back to his usual spam in the vent thread.

No. 43603

Please do something about the derailing anons in the Jvlog thread who can't give up their conspiracies and calling people who don't agree because of a significant lack of proof, "whiteknights".


No. 43605

there's some retard in the western vocaloid thread shitting up the thread with fabricated milk but honestly they're kind of hilarious to watch sperg out. psychosis ?

No. 43607

Does the new Kiwi thread still need to be pinned? It's attracting tranny ops and Elaine autism already.

No. 43608

Can you please unpin the Kiwifarms thread and put it in autosage again? The scrotes around Elaine and from lolcow.org are here again and using it for their personal vendettas instead of talking about Null vs Keffals. The drama is pretty much over anyways now that KF is back online

No. 43609

Belle thread is getting dumbass shitposts again


No. 43610

Thank you for redtexting unsaged shit in /snow/ again

No. 43611

Retard tranny is back spamming snow wasting his few short years before the 41%.

No. 43613

Retard schizo tranny in the kiwi thread larping as usual

No. 43614

Aka probably should unpin and autosage because it’s just autistic

No. 43617

Try hard tranny is at it again in /snow/

No. 43618

can you lock the kiwi/keffals thread? it's attracting unhinged scrotes and troons nonstop

No. 43619

>career woman thread locked

can you mods at least put it in /g/? pls?

No. 43620

Oldmin really underestimated just how obsessive Elaine is. Putting her on blast was funny when it happened but what a mistake in the end.

No. 43622

it's a duplicate so that doesn't make sense. there's already a couple of career threads in ot

No. 43623

the new OP for the lolita thread is a mess, full of unconfirmed tinfoil taken as truth, calls people she doesn't like "gross", missing information.

No. 43624

I posted in here days ago that the /w/ group of derailing, nitpicking anons who keep IP hopping around were going to make it and a mod should do something about it. The same ones who made the retarded Belle thread OPs and their obsession with Josh

No. 43625

Samefagging real quick personally, but you can tell its a bunch of samefagging in the replies and anons pretending they are different anons just to fill out the thread by double/triple posting.

No. 43626

Why is it sometimes I get those temp ban messages from like months ago? For like an unsaged post for example

No. 43627

Sounds like someone finally reported your unsaged post

No. 43628

kek yes everyone who annoys you in some way got together to make a thread OP to annoy you more.

No. 43629

this is retarded. it's clearly not the same people.

No. 43630

The ban message is always displayed at least once even if it is expired already. I've seen ones that are a year or two old.

No. 43631

Lol I believe it was from a couple shay threads ago. I quickly glanced at it but noticed it was from months ago so it was weird, but fair haha.

No. 43632

can jannies please remove the non-dano moid pic in the dano thread in /m/

No. 43633

kek was this really critical enough to post about on meta

No. 43635

Idk if it's the same anon, but damn how many posts do we have to see in /meta/ about the Bellefag being the greatest evil the farms has ever seen when we have a mentally ill [redacted] spamming CP, gore and racebait 20 hours a day? Why they can't stay in their containment zone and continue yelling here into the void I'll never understand.

That thread has been absolutely nuked with autism but who actually cares enough that Belle's pimp/business partner/co-porn star is included in the OP? It doesn't mean anons are obsessed with him what a weird statement.

No. 43636

Tyranny jannie redtexted nonnie because it's a term of female comraderie, can't make me change my mind on this.
redtext white

No. 43637

not true, nonnies asked it to be redtexted kekk

In any case I hope more shit gets redtexted, for funsies

No. 43638

Get a life

No. 43639

They may as well twitterfags think colours are insults although their posts glow enough as it is.

No. 43640

retarded newfag

No. 43641

Only you are obsessed with josh

No. 43643

Mods respond to posts here when you see things get redtexted or notice an annoying anon fucked off for a few hours from a temp. This is meta. You complain easily more about people using it for its purpose than you do contributing.

No. 43644

File: 1662050045942.jpg (Spoiler Image, 45.27 KB, 800x517, 1237819158275.jpg)

Asking this here because I don't want to derail the Big Shaynus thread.
Why do vomit reaction images need to be spoilered? Using images of people vomiting to show disgust has been around since /cgl/. This is just catering to tumlrtards and twatterfags that can't cope with the most basic level of image board culture.

No. 43645

youre ban evading aren't you.

No. 43646

I'm different anon. I'm asking because it's the second time it's happened in the Shay threads. The first time it happened it was because of an image that I posted. It was an old image that predates LC and I had posted before and no one complained. I was confused then and I'm confused now.

Here's the image I posted being used to show disgust in PT thread on /cgl/ in 2012
It's unspoilered.

No. 43647

File: 1662051334021.jpg (377.49 KB, 1080x2009, Screenshot_2022-09-01-11-54-56…)

Some troon or kiwifag is spamming the kf thread, I'd avoid for now in case they start spamming

No. 43648

Blaine is in the kiwi thread

No. 43649

Anons are using a lolita's outfit as a branching point to start derailing about Hitler and the Jews and how anons must secretly hate Jews because they are upset about anons derailing about Hitler. The lolita thread was literally made by these idiots >>>/w/244300

No. 43652

File: 1662053271055.gif (3.43 MB, 498x399, 122.gif)

>Anons are using a lolita's outfit as a branching point to start derailing about Hitler and the Jews and how anons must secretly hate Jews because they are upset about anons derailing about Hitler.
/w/ is /w/ild holy shit

No. 43653

Scrote spamming Moo's thread in /pt/ and suspected samefagging


No. 43654

Kekk wtf

No. 43656

can some modses please get in the Leftcow thread in snow and hand out some bans? there's an all-day slapfight going on that's completely off topic and melting our brains. thanks

No. 43657

You can tell it's the samefag ban evading and shit. They have the same low effort posts, vagueness to them too, and have the same autistic typing style.

No. 43658

Anon sage spamming the Belle thread after getting banned from the lolita thread


No. 43659


Check their device and see if they are IP hopping around. The same filenames and everything always link back to the same redtexted faggot who spams the thread and multiple threads across /w/

No. 43662

lmao they camp out here too so they're gonna throw a hissyfit here and claim 'janny is tranny and a bellefag!'

No. 43663

File: 1662057494232.png (501.72 KB, 542x954, that IP desperation.png)

Imagine desperate hopping around like this, thank you mods, except now they are back again too


No. 43667


No. 43668

File: 1662058654831.png (194.61 KB, 498x500, little.png)

thanks for being on top of it mods

No. 43671

Tranny in shayna's thread

No. 43673

He's also in lucinda's thread.

No. 43675

That’s not even the same anon.

No. 43676

pedophile schizo tranny in rachel thread >>>/snow/1561022 and kiwi keffals thread >>>/snow/1631130

No. 43678

Read up on CommieDgirl Rachel…we have trannies here

No. 43679

Thanks in advance farmhands, see ya around space cowgirls!

No. 43680

Am I retarded? What happened to the MTF threads? Wheres #80? I feel like I missed something

No. 43681

Got deleted possibly? Lotta stuff just got swept.

No. 43683

here is the thread >>>/snow/1632941

No. 43684

Schizo is hopping around again and posting useless fucking shit and non-milk. Can you guys just lock her thread or something for the meantime? This is ridiculous and I'm shocked mods aren't tired of the constant non-milk either. It's just a shitposting thread at this point.


No. 43685

>Herpes and cold sores a’plenty, gadgets and anal warts galore!

I mean this one was kinda funny but yeah it's literally just spam lol

No. 43686

Anons just mad they can't use the site like CC and PULL. Requiring milk is so difficult of a chore.

No. 43687

File: 1662092974800.gif (1.68 MB, 275x202, 1A410989-259C-4413-A3B8-BB3FE0…)

>tfw someone posts about herpes in the belle thread and admin is too busy deleting cp to lock it.

No. 43690

Can it please be a bannable offense to put question marks at the end of statements?

No. 43691

Oof, TW for the following: Feeling triggered by toxic nonnies playing victim, silencing the based & valid transphobic TERF comraderie of lolcor.farm. Very abusive behavior.

No. 43692

>You complain easily more about people using it for its purpose than you do contributing.
Idk anon they clearly crave attention my point is reporting and ignoring it instead of sperging in /meta/ everyday might work in our favour seeing as they've only upped the spam since. And I'm sorry but the Josh defending sounds retarded, sue me.

No. 43693

Stop minimodding /meta/.

No. 43694

It's not minimodding to voice how this shit is clearly not helping, and to make suggestions of my own just as you have. Here's a constructive suggestion you'll perceive as not contributing: If farmhands could write a bold annotation in the OP of that thread like they did with the Mei thread when it was being brigaded that may potentially help.

No. 43695

is this english?

No. 43696

This it feels like so many pull retards are here

No. 43697

cp in snow

No. 43698

Please remove the cp from snow

No. 43699

File: 1662118239071.png (62.8 KB, 578x547, __houraisan_kaguya_touhou_draw…)

Cp on /snow / raid once again. It's the first time I see it happen live and I've been using lolcow on and off for a few years and knew it was a recurring issue.

I think i officially got too much of it for me to see it happen. It's so gross.

No. 43700

Damn I get banned for stupid shit immediately but this cp has been up for a while…please, jannies, rescind your support for perverse moids and take down this horrible shit

No. 43701

Is there absolutely nothing more we can do about the cp raids? It’s beyond fucked this is a constant issue, maybe it really is time for the sun to set here.

No. 43703

has the spam been deleted or is it still not safe? i don't want to check the main page in case i see anything.

also, for the ban-happy jannies who like to pretend it's the users speaking badly on trannies who are the reason the site is going to be targetted at the same level as the other farms next - just remember it's because of your ineptitude at stopping this sort of spam that will lead to the website being destroyed, not because of users making jokes about trannies necking themselves

No. 43704

We need more mods. As long as we are an all female imageboard we will always be targeted by degenerate males for it

No. 43705

Samefag I meant female-only sorry

No. 43706

They got redtexted. Seems to help, minimod. Stop complaining about the function of this thread.

No. 43709

>implying jannies have any sort of control over the way the site operates
when will silly newfags know anything, just curious

No. 43716

Calm down about the Belle thread, schizo. Go outside and touch some grass to calm your nerves. It seems like you dedicated your whole life to getting Belle thread locked on lolcow.farm.

No. 43725

More than 1 anon has been complaining and cesspool threads should be locked

No. 43735

needed this tbh

No. 43744

discord link is broken

No. 43745

Tranny is having a schizophrenic episode in the kiwifarms thread.

No. 43749

I bet those “anons” are the same person

No. 43751

Obvious moids alogging in the keffals thread.

No. 43753

It's arguing with itself too because actual anons lost interest for 2 minutes.

No. 43755

Nta who called it the keffals thread but you knew what she meant just like I did so why are harping on about this?

… is it you, are you in here too? Is that the smell is?

No. 43757

Yet surprise, mods can tell the Belle posters have been IP hopping around and even have them named in other threads bc mods can see what devices you use to post. Your IP may change, but if you're still using the same device it's very easy to tell you the same person. I wonder what anonskeep pretending they are different anons… hm..

No. 43762

This has to be bait, right? This entire post is literally what being a whiteknight is about. Basically typing out wet dreams about how anon thinks Sharla and Chris and Lily are so beautiful and pretty and handsome.


No. 43764

It's shitty bait and anons think it's funny as hell. This is why these threads have been filled up so fast. It's these faggots running around and thinking it's cute just to argue facts and it derails as fuck. We already know a scrote has been posting, considering the one anon who won't stop posting reddit screencaps when it's no different from anons posting their takes. We don't need to see scrotes takes too. It's stupid and we all know it's the same autistic posting each time. They do this in the /snow/ too. It's fucking irritating. No one can post any real milk because anons will completely 180 it and try to make up some new fantasy canon just because they like making up milk.

No. 43766

I literally just got onto the site and the front page is full of dicks. What the hell is going on. I reported but thats mot what i expected to see on the home page.

No. 43767

Cock spam on /ot/

No. 43769

black dick spam on /ot/

No. 43770

Literal scrotes in /ot/

No. 43771

This doesn't smell like cows, but the anons in a few threads have mentioned their discord, so they are in a discord.

No. 43773

>waaah every redtext i get it from a vendetta mod and not because i can't follow posting rules

Did you forget to pick up your meds?

No. 43775

You're obviously too new to remember Nicolefag being told to fuck off by admin in the complaints thread op. You're not getting the thread taken down by crying in meta everyday. Report and ignore it and quit coping while posting Freudian slips like this
>The same ones who made the retarded Belle thread OPs and their obsession with Josh

That awful thread should remain out of principle at this point.

No. 43776

Weird anon bitching about jannies on /ot/, sounds scrotal

No. 43777

Nvm I think it's blaine

No. 43785

I've never once seen a mod say anyone was ip hoping, only seen a schizo anon screeching about it everyday trying to force that narrative kek

No. 43787

Anon, are you a mod? What do you mean you've tested this? They can. Lol

No. 43789

It’s the retard schizotroon pulling bullshit out of his ass he’s having an episode

No. 43792

No one will believe you because you have said multiple times yourself that you lie and bullshit all the time so that takes away literally any credibility to anything you say

No. 43796

Again no credibility, nothing you say holds any weight. You claim admin is some random girl just because she posted about hating male dominated spaces or whatever. You’re just retarded dude

No. 43805

Self admitted pedo

No. 43807

Saw that post too, anon. Sounded like Blaine to me, or at the very least a similar unhinged troon with a vendetta. Why the fuck would a site so openly hostile to trannies appoint a troon as a mod, and if there was a tranny janny, why would he be so permissive about ~twansphobia~? I mean I guess I can kind of understand the tinfoil about there being troons early in the site's history, but admin hiring one recently would make no sense whatsoever.

He's just trying to stir up infighting and/or advance whatever agenda he has with the Literal Who cows he keeps bringing up. I'll be curious to see what redtext his sperg thread in snow gets lmao.

No. 43808

What do you mean by IP hopping? Because plenty of anons have used VPNs to ban evade in the past. Iirc like half of the Opera VPN IPs are permabanned because of a sperg anon who used them to ban evade.

Do you just mean people who use different IPs to samefag (as in an anon pretending to be two different people and talking to themself)? Because I absolutely believe people do that, though it's probably a rare thing. Just seems like a lot of effort for something really insignificant and pointless.

No. 43809

I agree 100% and think you should really ask the schizo anon who keeps accusing everyone of "ip hopping" and saying the mods confirmed it when they never did kek. Theres so many other pressing issues happening on this site lately its actually a little embarrassing to see this anon cry wolf in meta everyday about a thread nobody cares about but them. Minimodding like a militant soldier, imagine taking lolcow so seriously or even wk any cow on this site so zealously. That anon needs to take their meds

No. 43821

Unbelievable that the schizo tranny is still at it well over a month later. What did this even start over? Kuz? Is he even still bothering with him?

No. 43825


No. 43828

Someone’s off the schizo meds aren’t they

No. 43832

Just make your own ib schizo kekkk

No. 43837

it's always something, we will never have peace

No. 43843

File: 1662212822451.jpeg (15.86 KB, 229x200, 0890BCC8-5FFB-4D05-B47E-4E599A…)

Cranky because you’re never going to be accepted aren’t you

No. 43850

>pointing out problems equals promoting them
right, let me guess you're one of the anons who complained that warning users of cp means we were advertising it

No. 43855

i never linked it samefagger

No. 43857

File: 1662213531116.png (5.1 MB, 1280x1813, 25774687-506B-492E-AC29-B783DE…)

Troon is samefagging and schizzing rn

No. 43862

Troon/Moid live on OT

No. 43864

Watching the tranny argue with himself is honestly terrifying, there really is nothing scarier than a mentally man!

No. 43867

How are we going to deal with this tranny problem? It’s annoying, how do you expect anons to “just ignore and report” when they go into every fucking thread and derail it. You need to deal with this fucking tranny, mods

No. 43869

all the anons responding to anyone they think is male need long temp bans.

No. 43872

I cant believe he expects us to believe this isnt him

No. 43879


No. 43882

You mean how easy it was to constantly see the IP hopping get anons in the Nicole thread banned repeatedly? Nicole and Belle fags are the same posters and mods can tell. Most anons can tell. Lol

No. 43886

That's why this thread and report functions exist

No. 43887


No. 43888

tranny seething over terfs in the kiwifarms keffals thread

No. 43889

Autism in the Lucas keffals thread.

No. 43890

cp thread in /g/

No. 43891

Cp thread on /ot/

No. 43892

he is still going at it

No. 43893

tranny is spamming cp and having a schizo meltdown in multiple threads on /ot/ and /snow/

No. 43895

He really is so amazingly bad at this, thankfully I didn't see the CP but I'm not surprised he's posting it, at the same time he's doing other obnoxious shit (maybe if he's really smart, via a different proxy like he bragged about the one time) AND SOMEHOW EVERY TIME it is happening when he's here. Like within minutes. His piss poor testorone-driven moidal impulse control makes him so unbelievably bad at gay gayslighting ops that he'll probably be in here in no time calling himself "they" and "she" and a protector of women.

Oh, wait.

No. 43898

samefag he's also threatening to rape women but it looks like mods nuked a lot of his posts, thank you farmhands

No. 43902

Thanks farmhands

No. 43906

Can we put the Kiwifags thread back in autosage like it belongs? The troon will just keep shitposting in it until the end of time. Honestly just lock it at this point.

No. 43915

The Kiwifarms thread has always attracted autistic scrotes to the site and always will. It's best to just not have a thread for it imo because it caters to them and what they want to talk about (mostly whining about Null all day cause he banned them). Why even give scrotes a thread on the site to begin with?

No. 43927

He's so embarrassing

No. 43937

Mods please delete the tranny timothe artwork on the celebricows thread

No. 43938

File: 1662241163647.jpg (19.62 KB, 540x400, 1bdeb1982490d65b3e8451fba58c24…)

When will the mtf thread not be autosaged anymore? I feel like things will be back to normal now, by the way maybe the kiwifarms thread should be autosaged, it was fun when there was actually keffals vs josh stuff, but now it's just a bunch of nothing with kiwis and kiwis rejects still hanging around.

No. 43940

Cloudflare just took down Kiwi Farms.
Brace yourselves, nonnies

No. 43942

Nevermind, I guess I just jinxed kiwifarms

No. 43944

Did it???

No. 43945

File: 1662245316690.jpg (139.61 KB, 707x971, 1662245360262.jpg)

Shit it's really down now

No. 43946

No. 43947

I guess farmhands need to look out for dumbass false flags on here too.

No. 43949

Dude…. you're kinda a fucking cunt.

No. 43951

It’s not real. He fakes screenshots all the time. He’s a serial liar, literally everything the tranny says isn’t true.

No. 43956

No one is going to believe because you yourself say you lie and make up shit all the time. You’re just larping

No. 43959

this is the younger sibling to "your accusations are wrong and i have all the evidence to prove it, but i won't show it to you because uhhh that would be letting the haters win"

No. 43964


Strange thread

No. 43965

please go do something about the gyaru thread on /w/. Thanks

No. 43967

Male retardation rife in snow Lucas/keffals thread.

No. 43970

File: 1662273404385.jpg (37.91 KB, 552x710, c7ebk.jpg)

Mods deleting KF retardation fast rn, thank you

No. 43971

Adding to this >>39572
He now uses images from KnowYourMeme, you can tell because of the filenames. Please keep reporting him on sight, there's a lot of posts by him that are scattered about on different boards that have been up for hours or even days and no one seems to have noticed despite it being obviously Blaine posts.

No. 43973

Jannies please ban the ewhore whiteknighting Shayna in her thread

No. 43974

uh I tried to revive the ausfag thread for a good reason, got instabanned from everything? like I know we have an influx of retards but come the fuck on. are you okay "farmhands" cause you seem like you are being quite fucky and uncouth. please stop. I know you know I'm not a kiwifarm immigrant so theres no need for this.
love, an ausfag that just wants her thread back xx you fuck

No. 43976

can we tell them they are stinky scrotum-having losers and I want my ausfag thread NOW

No. 43977

You necroed a 4 month old inactive thread you retard and you are wondering why you got banned?
''im not a newfag'' my ass.

No. 43979

cunt why you on meta camping out trying to counteract other anons complaints? all I want is a thread for my homies, all you're doing is sucking the digital dicks of our farmhands who truly give no fucks about you. but way to fucken win my dude.

No. 43980

shut the fuck up entitled xy scrote and fuck off to kiwifarms, none of you can integrate for shit and are entitled.

No. 43982

lol at the scrote deleting his replies either way i still saw the ''choke on cocks i am xx'' reply and you posting a video, you ban evading rat.

No. 43983

I'm an active XX chromosome lolcow user, way to let the kiwifags win. me necroing a thread for my own social commentary (for literally just ausfags why you mad? kek) to you shitting down throats of commenters cause god forbid they don't agree with you. calm down baby. I just want my ausfag thread. has and had nothing to do with you. punch a dart or a cone cutie you'll feel better.

No. 43984

you deleted your scrote rage reply and still cant blend in, and ban evading. Dw the mods are going to ban you again.

No. 43987

okay? out of the years I've been here that's a new and weird threat, I dont think a nona has ever threatened my health or privacy. I wonder how many kiwifarmers are in our midst. I'm in meta about this one thread, I just want the one aussie one I posted in back, sorry I offended you?
thinking of just starting a new aussie one in like /g/ or /m/ anyone else keen?

No. 43988

I >>43984 wasnt the one who made that threat. Im pretty sure it was another sperg or probably you samefagging idk.

No. 43990

again I'm in meta about the ausfag thread and whether we can get it back. banned or not I'd like to know why anything aus-related in an aus thread is still necro. theres a eurofag thread and a US thread and even a finnish thread but I tried to revive our ausfag one with something relevant, instabanned?

No. 43991

Do you mean a general ausfagthread or Aussie cows? I think you can make a thread on /ot/ either way

No. 43992

ausfag! the one with the blue cow with the southern cross on it! I posted about how shit hilltop hoods is now after being so misogynist but still ending up on the radio but copped a ban. should I have posted friendly jordies? what is aus enough to not cop a ban? I'm fucken confused m8

No. 43993

Troon/moid in kiwi thread

No. 43994

Erika or whatever his name is having another bitchfit about Null in the Kiwi thread

No. 43996

I just want my fucking Ausfag thread and my shit unbanned. you were wrong for that. let me and my fellow ausfags shitpost.

No. 43997

You should make an Ausfag thread on /ot/

No. 43998

Samefag especially if you want to shitpost haha it would fit better there

No. 43999

I don't see that going down better than just posting in the original thread. I'd make a new thread as we speak but I could get permabanned cause fuck know what is going on here lately
but I'm doing it gimme 5 I'll pee and pop a thread see what the happs is, already been accused of being a filthy scrote enough to be able to larp as one surely.

No. 44000

please don't encourage the tranny

No. 44003

Anons have been infighting for days about someone not posting a video when they at least posted a cap of what context they were talking about and now it's just over 4 days worth of anons shitposting/infighting about it.


>>>/w/244961 Random racesperg about China

No. 44006

wah wah waaaah! moooooom! stop deleting cp and gore and safeguard my waifu cow!
duh, the person demanding videos is retarded, that ain't what lc is for.
found the China anon btw

No. 44028

Way too many Null white knights, we need a week lock on this thread please.

No. 44029

When r mods gonna realize he is the one spamming racebait and CP and has been all along. fucking hell. He spams threads full of himself replying to himself constantly bumping them to the top, im fucking sick of it. Case in point of him replying to himself incessantly in this thread. its always fucking obvious maleposting bc its about stuff no one gives a shit about and i never wanted to alog more in my entire life i really wish this disgusting tranny could be dealt with by ermm…banning vpns or smthing??


No. 44033

File: 1662320703751.png (153.28 KB, 2786x344, mods confirm tranny spams cp.p…)

they already are, mods know its the pedophile schizo tranny spamming cp and gore and stuff
admin needs to step up and either implement some new mod techniques like image filter autobans etc or ban vpns altogether as mods can only do so much with the current tools

No. 44034

File: 1662320742067.png (60.22 KB, 2782x160, mods confirm tranny talks to h…)

also mods obviously know he samefags and ip hops to talk to himself using vpns

No. 44036

Incoming flood, someone on Twitter has either posted here pretending to be an anon fedposting to garner sympathy or the schizo had invited a flood here by larping as her. The post in question was threatening to assassinate someone and the screenshot was posted to Twitter

No. 44038

> someone
> her

No. 44043

Is Erika the troon or is the troon impersonating Erika? I assumed the latter, I don't know anymore. The details around this nutcase pedophile is too hard to follow

No. 44046

File: 1662322472898.jpg (83.02 KB, 720x349, 20220904_213341.jpg)


No. 44049

Lol he's so bad at samefagging it's like babbys first gayop only not cute at fucking all

No. 44050

”Erika” is Blaine the trannys womansona

No. 44055

File: 1662323309183.jpg (174.43 KB, 720x671, 20220904_213109.jpg)

Interesting how pedo allegations seem to follow Blaine wherever he goes. He tried to get his thread removed from OnionFarms and specifically mentioned pedo allegations, I wonder why

No. 44057

File: 1662323601458.jpg (82.12 KB, 720x325, 20220904_214410.jpg)

Maybe it's because you stupidly spam your sick shit at the exact time you spam your meltdowns

No. 44059

File: 1662323673327.png (3.33 MB, 1081x12619, screencapture-lolcow-farm-meta…)

If only you knew how bad things really are. For reference, pic related is an example of the amount of patheticness we're dealing with. The red circled posts are the ones that got mass deleted, aka. the tranny's.


No. 44060

File: 1662323701526.png (4.75 MB, 1108x28800, screencapture-lolcow-farm-meta…)

No. 44062

File: 1662323817134.png (2.98 MB, 1035x15186, screencapture-lolcow-farm-meta…)

No. 44068

oh, i didnt know that it had been officially acknowledged by admin. thats good at least i dont feel like a crazyperson anymore. but yeah like..we need something better than the just ignore your bullies!! tier shit, that only works if they have no mental illness and are responsive to social cues whereas this one is sadly very mentally ill and imagines people are responding to him even when they arent

No. 44071

not by the admin directly but by the mods/jannies at least although surely admin must be aware too
since he posts things like cp plus threatening to kill government officials which can get the site taken down so agreed something more needs to be done about it asap as the "report and ignore" strategy doesn't work for the illegal content he spams

No. 44074

Bluffing. You're just trying to take advantage of the recent hostility anons have had towards admin, nice try but you're a tard

No. 44079

Please, take a look at the dumbass shit thread, schizo troon larping there again.

No. 44084


No. 44091

they're calling you a newfag, tranny because you dont know shit. Because the admins of this site have changed throughout the years, our last admin was a brown woman. Have fun while it lasts chronically online balding male in his 30's because a vpn ban will soon be implemented so id love to see you try to ban evade then.
Such a fucking retarded that not even rdrama wanted you.

No. 44092

He’s trying so hard kek. He has nothing left so he has to go to 7 year old posts kek

No. 44101

absolute newfag

No. 44102

hey does anyone know where the fuck the egirl general thread went? I have searched for it and I can’t find it i feel insane

No. 44103

>ban VPNs altogether

anyone who suggests these retarded ideas has to be concern trolling. HURRR DURRRR let’s get rid of everyone’s right to privacy because this one tranny is being annoying!!! what a brilliant fucking idea, go ahead and implement it and see how much no one posts because the farmhands like banning anyone with a pulse and how everyone becomes vulnerable because we are also a target just as much as kiwifarms is. everyone uses vpns now, you clearly just want to punish everyone because you’re an authoritarian psycho who gets mad at arguments in /ot/ or some shit instead of eating a banana and going outside. none of those things are ever going to stop him from posting here or being a nuisance, they can simply just unplug their fucking router and restart it, call up their ISP and change their own IPs, change their own physical locations, it’s all limitless to them. the problem has always been cultural, we do not put up as much as a ruthless foothold as the other imageboards/websites because no one takes spaces dominated by women seriously. men browsing this website is inevitable, they are actually the main market and users on the internet which is concerning because we can clearly see it’s huge negative effects. jannies/mods are not the answer to the problem, they are only long-term placeholders to a wide, larger issue that has existed since forever on the internet and even IRL. they come, they clean up the shit, and manage it the best they can, the problem is that we have too much retarded farmhands and not enough of good quality ones.

No. 44104

vpns aren't useful for privacy these days as most vpn companies will gladly hand your info over to law enforcement if requested, some have even been caught selling user data to third parties before, and a few have had security breaches putting user data at risk
it's not just that he is being annoying and invading a womens only space but he is also spamming illegal content like cp and terrorist threats which can get the website taken down/dropped by hosting providers - probably the reason he has been spamming stuff like that is to try and get this place taken down so banning vpns would make it a lot more difficult to do that
we don't have "too many" retarded farmhands as we barely have any to begin with and admin even admitted this recently that the site is understaffed
what recent examples do you have of farmhands being bad? I see them taking down the troon spam, redtexting infighting and unsaged posts and hi cowing, basically doing their job the best they can despite there not being enough of them
not trying to start infighting, I am genuinely curious for some actual examples of how they are being retarded as personally I haven't seen any of that myself lately but maybe others have?

No. 44105

they only do their jobs when people are only toppling them with complaints. I still empathize with them sometimes but an admin that’s been absent for a year is inexcusable, and shitting on moderators is just an inside joke for these kinds of websites kek, it’s not completely serious

No. 44106

Porn thread in /m/, might possibly be underage girl

No. 44107

idk they seem pretty on top of it these past few days but yeah it could be due to complaints plus the excessive spam pushing them to get it together
I agree about the admin thing though, there really is no good reason why admin can't take 5 minutes every now and then to at least type us up a brief update post or give us some sign of life especially after taking all those donations to keep the site going

No. 44108

samefag I actually just checked the kofi page and it looks like there has been an update from admin with the announcement of an emergency town hall meeting this month along with other site-related stuff
weird how it wasn't posted here too though

No. 44110

Tbf this place gets rocked by a few different spammers.

No. 44112

File: 1662348080687.png (33.4 KB, 420x393, 1.PNG)

Thank you for posting about this anon, I wouldn't have known. Communication is so fucked on this site. I don't know why we keep getting updates about this site everywhere but /meta/, especially when the Ko-fi page seems pretty dead.
Posting pics for other anons who may not have seen.

No. 44113

File: 1662348133509.png (107.05 KB, 548x480, 2.PNG)

No. 44117

Tranny is currently spamming vent thread.

No. 44118

>spamming illegal content like cp and terrorist threats
>vpn companies will gladly hand your info over to law enforcement if requested
So jannies report the tranny to law enforcement then?

No. 44119

Why the fuck are these not posted in here? Who the hell even opens the kofi page? I sure as hell will not donate as your real name is tied to your donation

No. 44120

You do know kofi can be anonymous, without the owner knowing who donated, unlike Paypal, right? If you click anonymous, the person's kofi won't even tell you, the owner, the name of the anonymous person.

No. 44123

"brown woman" kek fuck off, she was as white as casper.

Oldmin still playing games, great. Very believable updates, cool story. And a town hall this month? Where, on kofi? Discord? Fucking reddit? Cause apparently this fag is allergic to actually posting here.

No. 44124

Tranny back in vent thread.

No. 44126

>i hate this website
>comments on website

Do these idiots think we care about their feelings when they get banned?


No. 44127

Maybe I'm just dumb but I don't understand how the tranny is still running rampant 24/7. If jannies are banning him every time, how has he not blown through every IP on ProtonVPN by now?

No. 44128

Oh, good. Tinfoil autist is back. Do you also believe that the uber elite bathe in kids blood? You have a lot of conspiracies.

No. 44130

They dwell in numbers on groomer discords. They are also Elaine orbiters and I think we all remember how persistent she was. Reporting them is like it's own little minigame at this point. I call it "spot the troon".

No. 44131

so what are you using to ban evade now?

No. 44132

Elaine and her gaggle of psychotic troons who love anime should collectively neck themselves. They literally don't sleep and post on here day and night, it's so pathetic.

No. 44133


weird link thread

No. 44134

It's not hard and you don't need VPNs.

No. 44136

Schizo tranny in kiwifarms thread doing his usual schizo tranny routine.

No. 44137

speaking of spot the troon lmfao

yeah honestly i dont hate myself so i could never be admin, i respect that, but from the outside looking in its so hard for me to understand why this site has been around for so long and there appears to be basically no protocols for how mods and anons interact, even like a simple flowchart of where to go for what and who does what where and what updates get posted where and where/when they can be expected by nonnies who want to check idk i have a lot of thoughts. the complaints threads and town hall threads arent even pinned on their respective boards for fucks sakes

No. 44138

I agree with your post but
>the complaints threads and town hall threads arent even pinned on their respective boards for fucks sakes
What do you mean by this anon?

No. 44139

Mods on websites don't even have to interact. Its not your website, so you don't get a say. It's anonymous even, so there's no reason for mods to even care about specific users unless it's invaders. I've never seen an imageboard that begs for moderation interaction as much as LC does.

No. 44143

ok? LC has kind of set an unusual precedent for itself, i dont think theres anything wrong with pursuing that. most imageboards are also dominated by and modded by autistic men, maybe 8chan is more your speed?

No. 44144

Anon, are you stupid or just new? We ask for communication because this site has been in limbo for a year with a ton of trolls, raids (some of which have been left for hours before they were deleted), and boards shutting down. Maybe if this site wasn't a mess we wouldn't be asking for something.

No. 44146

nta agreeing with you but we've also had communication from farmhands and admin before

No. 44147

Schizo tranny in unpopular opinions thread on /ot/

No. 44148

Once in a blue moon maybe, they could still talk to us more

Admin if you see this I hope you add more new banners to the new site, I know you already added some but there's so many good ones I swear

No. 44149

we should have a lolcow game night!

No. 44150

Could you elaborate? That sounds fun.

No. 44151

tranny meltdown in the kiwi keffals thread and retards keep responding to him

No. 44155

Open your eyes retard we’re begging for moderation because CP and gore often stays up for hours because there isn’t a diverse amount of mods in the first place. Shut the duck up you don’t know what you’re talking about

No. 44157

browser games like skribble? or do you mean a videogame? imagine lolcor tf2 server.. imagine the sprays..

No. 44158

nart but we had a gartic phone game in the draw room and that was pretty fun!

No. 44159

schizo tranny back in the kf thread

No. 44160

They were there for an hour too with nonnies responding. tsk tsk

No. 44164

Is transformice still a thing kek

Also was op of this question from the draw thread?

No. 44166

Scrote posting about reddit again in jvlog thread. Posting from reddit, unless its a cows post, should be bannable. Its just a scrote site. We don't need to hear what gossip they have. KF fuckers are cancer as hell.

No. 44171

nta but omg sounds so cool, when yall did a session?

No. 44172

if you check the doodle room thread on /ot/ they sometimes host gartic phone or other drawing games for nonas to join in
I think the last one was a week or so ago? maybe even less than that and there'll probably be another this weekend if you wanted to join

No. 44173

Yes! Though it was like the room where you guess the drawing (like charades) and not the actual telephone aspect, still fun!

No. 44174

We do game nights every other Sunday in the doodle room! We typically do Gartic.io, which is a Pictionary style game. We've done 3 or 4 so far, the last was a week ago.

No. 44175

pedotroon schizoposting in the kiwi keffals thread pretending he's multiple different people and talking to himself

No. 44206

blaine is back in the kf thread throwing a tardfit, ty jannies

No. 44207

I know a lot of anons are against it, but I wanna encourage a VPN ban. At least for the time being, we have to compromise until shit dies down.

No. 44208

I'm for it. There's no reason why it shouldn't be.

No. 44209

File: 1662530179488.jpeg (170.63 KB, 792x772, 6A0471EE-C0C9-4D88-9654-71864B…)

thought I'd share admins new post here in case some nonas don't browse the thread it was posted in
honestly I'm still confused what this post is referring to though, can someone explain to me? is it the schizo pedo troon, something to do with kiwifarms, or what?

No. 44211

I'm wondering about this too. Hopefully an anon who didn't miss whatever happened can fill us in.

No. 44213

what thread?
Also, good. If they're talking about Bl**ne, he's also targeting random anons on /ot/ now. He's posting his discord all over and urging others to add him. DO NOT add anyone who posts their discord account on /ot/ on the next days.

No. 44215

the kiwifarms thread #6 on /snow/

No. 44216

Amidst the other schizo babble the S.P.T. was spewing tonight in the Kiwi thread he said something a few times about "the threat that was posted" on this site. I didn't see the threat but him making one and then screaming about it is pretty on brand for him.

No. 44220

File: 1662533296079.png (40.81 KB, 300x163, kekkkkkkkk.png)

someone pls photoshop the troon's mug on the slug

No. 44221

> they

No. 44222

he threatened he's going to shoot and kill a particular US government official during one of his hrt-fueled meltdowns so hopefully that threat is taken seriously and they drag him off to the funny farms
I wish admin will come back and gives more clarification to wtf is happening

No. 44224

I didn't want to derail the thread this was posted in so I qant to say based Admins for standing ground against looney troon-ery. These hypocritical MEN are like "omg I was doxxed for being a pedophile groomer" then proceed and harass and threten everyone who is ""transphobic uwu"" against them. Evern though LCF has its shit problems, I am glad to to a part of a place that won't allow this to happen.
Admin and mod, be safe and smart. Don't fall far these men's fake attempts of sympathy and share something that will bite you in the ass. God speed and thanks for trying to fight fire with fire to protect us. <3

No. 44227

> The maority of the individuals communicate in public channels
Oh it's Blaine, Elaine, and the little clique of banned kiwiscrotes, isn't it?

No. 44228

samefag because who has already threatened a prior admin ("not for the first time") etc?

No. 44232

It sounds like admin has gone full twitterfag. This is an imageboard - and a tiny one at that - for drama and cows. The posturing about roe vs wade and they can't silence women! sounds histrionic at best. Maybe we do have a new admin, one who is barely old enough to drink. It's a bizarre post all round.

No. 44234

Disagree, she sounds based.

No. 44237

That's a lot of samefagging.

No. 44239

sorry farmhands that you have to constantly deal with this tranimaniac, thanks for not giving up

No. 44240

that's a farmhand you tardie, they can see your post history lmao.

No. 44244

Based admin and farmhands

No. 44247

File: 1662535942403.png (765.36 KB, 1051x592, Screenshot 2022-09-06 22.01.49…)

kitten to knock CP off the front page

No. 44248

File: 1662535966649.jpg (126.72 KB, 880x880, 7b495926ba45d5f76ad2de961b0d1c…)

No. 44250

cp in /m/

I hope the FBI gets Blaine good for whatever bullshit he's doing but especially for this

No. 44251

it's not there anymore

No. 44253

ty farmhands sorry you had to see that too

No. 44259

Cp link on /ot/

No. 44260

There was a roe v wade thread on /ot/ a few months ago retard. “NOOOO ADMIN PLS DONT BE INFORMED WITH CURRENT EVENTS THAT COULD IMPACT THE TARGET USERS ON YOUR IMAGEBOARD PLS DONT” you sound like a twerp anon

No. 44263

Troon is camped out in the kf thread flipping his shit rn

No. 44264

Reporting retard on G. Mods need to lock thread now before we have another KT situation again

No. 44265

It's awake and it's chimping out in the KF thread again. Lock up for a while?

No. 44266

Retarded researcher in /g/ trying to to recruite anons for her femcel research

No. 44269

Ty farmhands, sure is a lot of unsaged newfags chimping to deal with huh

No. 44272

the moo thread has dick tinfoil again. we need to stamp this out quickly.

No. 44273

schizo troon has been posting in the KF thread for hours now, hellooooo?

No. 44274

he keeps schizoposting about the shooting threats and cp spam he's made here and trying to use it to get lc taken down, admin or farmhands can you please elaborate a bit about the post made earlier in >>44209 ?

No. 44276

I saw him sperging about some threat posted in /meta/ last night, but I didn't see anything here when I checked so it must have gotten nuked really quickly. But if there was one posted, it was most definitely him.

No. 44279

Fucking baffling to see schizo troon have entire conversations with himself. Pls mods clean up isle KF.

No. 44280

Except "someone" is him posting to himself, nobody threatened him

No. 44281

he posted a photo of a gun awhile ago in this thread while samefagging and threatening his own family, and posted other threats too of course
pretty sure that is the troon you're replying to and he obviously knows it's none other than himself samefagging and making the threats against himself

No. 44282

Schizotroon also doxxed his own sister as well

No. 44286

yes, he has doxxed and threatened his ex gf and multiple of his family members

No. 44292

File: 1662574372987.png (10.63 KB, 1260x73, Screenshot 2022-09-04 at 23-01…)

Blaine also claimed to be the one that swatted Marjorie Taylor Greene. Likely bullshit, but who even knows at this point

No. 44293

That obviously wasn’t him
He also claimed:
>took down kiwi farms
>hacked Nulls account
>was admin for lolcow
>was a mod for lolcow
and other retarded shit. He just wants to take credit for MTG thing because he’s a nobody.

No. 44294

I believe he is crazy enough that he would do this but also that he is too just plain outright nuts to be able to pull it off.

No. 44295

pedobear with a weird link on /ot/

No. 44299

He's posted cp on other websites that have banned him in the past so I wouldn't be surprised if he did it. He does not deserve internet access at all, it's disturbing

No. 44300

Samefag I accidentally replied to your comment sorry

No. 44302

Can you please close this thread? it only invites the most retarded newfags. This isn't even funny, it's sad and pathetic

No. 44304

Newfags come on here and just shitpost. Several POC threads popped up on /w/ too, no one has commented anything in them in months, including when anons asked for proof. /w/ has a clear racesperg in it, but those threads get to stay up.

No. 44306

every single active /w/ thread is infested with newfags, they seem drawn there en masse by the weeby cows

No. 44307

Can a mod babysit the kiwifarms thread for tonight? The tranny is back and admitted he's drunk so I can assume he's going to be extra fucking annoying tonight.

No. 44308

no let the mods have their 24 hour lunch break pls and thank u

No. 44309

Or lock until one of them can, as they did the other night. KF is currently up and nothing much is happening.

No. 44332

Cow can't be scared of a shooter situation that happened, even if the gun went off on accident apparently. This is a new retarded level of nitpicking.


No. 44341

Why did my post complaining about the newfags ruining the milk in a legacy cow thread get deleted? Is it because I called them pseudo feminist? I said that because they were more concerned with dunking on the scrote then waiting two seconds, enjoying the milk, then dunking on him? I don't know why this is controversial it's standard protocol.

No. 44342

Samefag but I would genuinely rather take a ban than be permitted to post and then have said post deleted without explanation. Especially when one of my deleted posts was telling a retard in the kiwithread not to wish rape on anyone (in hind sight it was probably the tranny my bad).

No. 44343

it was the troon making all those gross rape posts in the kiwi thread, idk why mods deleted yours instead of redtexting but it's best to report and ignore any moidposts in that thread as giving them any replies only encourages them more

No. 44345

I just got the ban notification it was what I thought that in responding to the moid I made myself look like him! Take notes nonnies and do no respond to bait lmao.

No. 44356

mods youre doing wonderful lately ♥

No. 44357

Stop interacting

No. 44360

the tranny keeps baiting on the kiwifarms thread

No. 44361

Tranny in jVlog thread

No. 44363


Might want to scrub a good portion of the thread too, mods. He's been posting for a while.

No. 44367

where tf is the kiwifarms thread I can't find it

No. 44368

Page 4 on snow

No. 44371

No. 44385

weird cringe shit and american vs uk derail happening on this thread

No. 44386

Mods can you fucking delete the new vent thread? Fujofag wanted her favorite comic to be a threadpic but it has absolutely nothing to do with the actual subject and made it way too early the previous edition isn’t even full yet. This is so annoying they have been doing this with the Genshin thread for months now and I suspect that it’s the tranny doing this, please lock and delete it I want a cute cat as the threadpic

No. 44389

I’m pretty sure the royal family thread has been relentlessly derailed for the last 5 hours by some ban evading disgruntled tranny migrant straight from communist Twitter. Can mods confirm?

No. 44390

File: 1662684205202.jpeg (313.46 KB, 750x724, EFB5A4D6-9949-4F96-AC4A-3A77B7…)

Repost from kiwifarms/keffals thread. A nona suggested I post in /meta/ but wasn’t sure where or which thread. Apologies, I’m op, would post here but I’m currently Phonefagging at work. Just letting the mods know here

No. 44391

Go real hard on the yaoi, that’ll keep em away

No. 44392

You really notice the recent moid/kiwi influx in that thread, this really sucks. I hope they don't settle here.

No. 44393

This is probably the tranny and another one of his retarded falseflags. Not too long ago, he's been spamming garbage here trying to blame it on that website literally no one but him knows or uses. See >>44059
And before that, he also did the same call for invasion on another imageboards for soyjaks, then spammed here after they told him to fuck off and tried to blame it on that board.

No. 44396

A week or so ago frenschan got shut down by a tranny for a day or so. The owners of frenschan created a real time chat while the website was booted back up so scrotes could still talk and it was spammed by one anon (and then another joined but mostly just one) that one of the owners claims was a troon that kept spam emailing him about tranny bullshit. Barely anyone knows about frenschan, I found it thru /x/ on 4chan. It would not honestly surprise me if the same schizo tranny is the same person orbiting both lolcow and frenschan. Moids hate women, from what I have observed they likely would have no interest in being on lolcow because of it being female centric, and there being a lot of non-white women on here too. (But who knows, they could be lurking trying to find an autistic nona to turn into a tardwife) so I am assuming it is just the unhinged tranny that spammed frenschan “promos”.

No. 44398

Not sure why the KF threads are still going. They've always been cancer but having a bunch in succession just invites them to settle down here. And of course, that means more raids and schizo tranny posting. No one wins.

No. 44399

I agree, I think on the contrary we need some measures to ward them away.

No. 44400

There’s been some mildly suspect posts in the child abuse and tinfoil threads in /ot/ that follow a pattern where they share direct link to child abuse material. I think it’s worth checking if it’s the same anon because it’s starting to give peterfile vibes.

No. 44401

Can someone wrangle the retards arguing back and forth in like 3 different threads in /ot/ about the fucking hamster post

No. 44402

How the fuck has hamster roleplay had this kind of fallout? I seen the fighting in the purchases thread and the lolcow caps thread, what's the third one kek?

No. 44403

the shitposting thread

No. 44404

They are still talking about it, my god. I've not been following the scrote/tranny/whatever saga but they're saying it's him but they're all taking the bait if so and posting millions of times about it. Jesus

No. 44405

It's not even scrote/tranny behaviour. There's 0 malice to playing around and being a hamster. The fighting didn't even start until the last hamster post was already made, this is literally just some miserable anon throwing a hissy fit and people making fun of her in other threads. If she didn't want to see people messing around and being cringe for fun then I dont know what she was expecting from an imageboard

No. 44406

anon stop. the person defending the hamster cunt is a tranny/tourist.

No. 44407

Sure but there was nothing wrong with the hamster poster itself

No. 44408

not true

No. 44410

Alright, throwing it in here- I'm hammie chan and this is insanely stupid. I can't believe 5 small posts I made has caused A) one mega autist to go to multiple threads accusing multiple anons of being a moid, a tranny, and a kiwi scrote like a fuckin schizo and B) a handful of well meaning anons to get wildly upset over said autist because they understand an imageboards gets shit posts sometimes. To the anon that made this into the most unnecessary fight ever: I made 5 small posts in space of about 2 days and then disappeared, a tiny innocent shits and giggles action. The real turbo autist is you for dragging it out 24+ hours and taking it to other threads and bothering random nonnies about your hissy fit. Holy christ remind me to be business casual at all times while on here

No. 44411

There may be a troon defending her, but I think there's at least one troll among the ones complaining about the original posts. It's just so randomly aggressive, normally a negative reply to something non-controversial would be met with disagreement by one or two people, and maybe followed by some quick banter thrown at each other, and that would be it. Not this massive spergfest over a bunch of silly posts.

No. 44412

Samefag but nonnies who were ok with the hammie posts, thank you for grasping the basic concept of people using the internet for light entertainment, but please stop engaging with her. She can shit fling about us being a "cancer" to the site but at the end of the day accusing everything you don't like of being malicious moid posting and obsessively arguing with people telling her to stop taking "uwu I take a plastic ball instead of the bus" so seriously is the real cancer to any online community

No. 44413

It's not a troon, it's the OP of the Recent Purchases thread. She started the whole infighting thing to begin with by making a big deal out of the hamster posts and then going nuts when other people told her to chill. She kept the argument going for hours after the last hamster post

No. 44414

Yeah I wish people would stop replying to her/them (if it's more than one person). It's pointless.
Ok you can think a joke someone made is "retarded", just say that and move on, no need to start a huge fight that goes on for hours because others didn't care about your opinion. Who the fuck does that? Only an autist.

No. 44415

Glad I'm not the only one noticing more aggression than usual.

No. 44416

It’s been like this for months honestly

No. 44417

I'm going to ask probably the most retarded thing ever, but is anyone else having a super weird/dark background show up if the site isn't in lite mode? This has never happened before and it's making the site impossible to read.

No. 44419

My point exactly. It's bizarre to have someone complain that they hate people being immature in /ot/ and then express that by waging an autistic war across multiple threads. She's even in the lolcow caps thread accusing people of intentionally stirring the pot by posting the hammie posts

Honestly, yes. The constant Blaine posts and attacks are making everyone so irrate and lowering the tone. That's the whole reason I even made the hammie posts, it was an attempt to kickstart the more normal lighthearted nature of things

No. 44421

Ok he's awake lock up the kiwi thread

No. 44423

“Whore” moid back on /ot/

No. 44426

Can you take a screenshot?

No. 44427


Another Whore moid thread

No. 44431

Someone is racebaiting and probably vpn hopping at the moment

No. 44432

File: 1662734296259.png (788.37 KB, 864x1462, Screenshot_20220909-093841.png)

I haven't made a post in a hot minute so I don't think I caught a ban?

No. 44433

They're still going at it

No. 44435

What did you say?

No. 44436

You’re the schizo that called women “rich white whores” for liking husbandos, aren’t you? Kys

No. 44437

That’s weird. I changed my themes to the orange one and “dark” and they seem to have that problem for me as well . Darkcow is also dark but letters are still legible if you want to use that one

No. 44438

Also Samefag sorry I read your post all the way wrong and I can’t delete my post kek. You could just change the theme at the bottom of the site any time it changes to that

No. 44442

Pedobear on /ot/

No. 44443

Butthurt scrotes spamming kpop girls that they masturbate to in the vent thread.

No. 44445

too much twitter /pol/ shit here

No. 44446


No. 44453

Ooooooh! I've never noticed that option. Thank you sweet nonna!

No. 44458

All of the boards are being plagued with kiwi scrote-type posts and this is not okay

No. 44459

it sucks but there is nothing we could do about it, they came here after the kiwi fall-down.
The jannies are doing their best at banning them when they fail at integrating.

No. 44461

yep, noticed this too

No. 44462

i think someone posted cp on the pokemon general thread on /m/, didn't look long enough to confirm. thank you farmhands

No. 44463

Csem in the pokemon thread in /m/

No. 44464

I am new so excuse this but i kinda just want to ask. What exactly are the rules around tinfoiling? I've gotten this thrown in my face a couple of times now and while i understand why the rule is there to prevent wild theories can we not still speculate on probable truths? this is a gossip site after-all and i feel like its so counterintuitive to call people out on tinfoiling just for discussing something that might be true or not.

No. 44465

the problem is that everybody thinks THEIR theory is the truth. So then we have all these anons talking about their "probable truths" are real and then it becomes messy . People dont want to hear twenty different theories about something, they want to hear FAX

No. 44467

general threads like the consumerism thread shouldn't include anti discussion in them period. it causes annoying infighting. you can't have a thread that both supports and is against the same topic.

No. 44468

Because it's not true and derails.

No. 44469

>>>/ot/1324877 You forgot to open this thread for the weekend (maybe you should pin it?)

No. 44470

the pedophile tranny is making bomb threats and death threats in the kiwifarms thread

No. 44473

File: 1662796637134.png (65.23 KB, 657x257, 781CCF65-3DE8-4439-A61E-3B0B29…)

No. 44474

File: 1662813820934.jpg (13.04 KB, 307x51, 845654.JPG)

it's in the thread description sis

No. 44478

Refusing to post caps anon is back >>>/w/246785 and wants to complain how it's spoonfeeding when it's the bare minimum to do.

No. 44479

i know, genius. i'm saying it shouldn't be allowed at all because it causes problems. not that it's unexpected or something. god you're dense.

No. 44480

She posted a link so people could use a translator, then posted caps and still got banned. She can't win with you, whiny anon. People are allowed to complain while following the rules

No. 44482

cp links in /ot/

No. 44483

So posting caps of what is linked isn't as important as posting more nitpicking photos to go with the link? Anon could've posting a photo of the website with the link. There was an option, but two people had to mention it's an imageboard.

No. 44486

File: 1662828039349.png (765.97 KB, 720x499, 1658011768425.png)

black porn spammer in vent thread

No. 44487

Racist moid in the vent thread

No. 44489

can redtexts be handed out to people who post screenshots of tiktoks/videos instead of posting a webm or streamable link? things on the farms need to be saved for posterity, cows delete stuff and whole accounts all the time. i hate being told "just watch her tiktok". no. newfags need to integrate or just post this shit somewhere else.

No. 44490

what infighting is bothering you there? is it the weebs that get called out when they come to brag about their new $200 chunk of plastic? is it the anons who act all aggro about others habits? that's the closest to infighting that i've seen. if it's the latter, then you're acting the same as them. having both sides creates interesting discussions in the thread rather than it being a point and laugh thread. if youre pro consumer and just want to talk about that why not use the collecting threads?

No. 44491

They weren't going to post caps until anon asked. No1currs about anons opinion on fillers. Its useless and nitpicking and anon knows they posted a nitpick with milk because they thought they couldn't get in trouble for nitpicking. Surprise. Stop being retarded posters.

No. 44492

Refusing caps again >>>/w/246938

No. 44496

I wish. The culture is so vastly different now even from a few years ago. It's been particularly bad since Creepshow got exposed here and blasted all around YouTube.

No. 44498

it's like they don't understand how the farms work. if a cow disappears there needs to be archives for posterity. the alice bender thread is worst with this. i just cannot understand why they don't just post in the subreddit at this point. i would like to follow that cow but it seems like if you arent a tiktokfag people don't care. its especially retarded that they all follow her and give her views, which is what we want to avoid. they're literally giving her money and boosting her account this way.

No. 44499

discord link is broken. help. i'm so lost.

No. 44505


This. There needs to be some integrity around here and when tinfoil goes left unchecked, we can't get to the bottom of things. Retarded newfags come in and take the tinfoil as fact rather than speculation and it becomes messy, and we look like idiots pulling shit out of our asses instead of just exposing people's bullshit and ridiculing them.

No. 44506

The JVlog thread needs massive moderation. Anons are posting useless shit, still arguing over stuff discussed 4 threads ago and you can tell it's the same posters, some banned from other threads earlier today [redtexts] according to their typing styles and bait styles. It's just another thread filled with tinfoil and anons samefagging each other's posts.

No. 44507

it was deleted like a week ago

No. 44508

i was using it as an example…

No. 44509

Good. Real farmers didn't use it anyway. The scrote ones larping as women would.

No. 44510

schizo tranny is back in kiwi thread

No. 44514

nonny nonny nonny nonny

cp on snow!!

No. 44518

this was a great move. discord is shit and that place was a fucking wreck

No. 44521

Agree. It is still active but just in a weird limbo right now. The mods of it said they were going to get rid of invite which they did, and delete the whole server aug 31st but that hasn’t happened yet.

No. 44524

I preferred the link to the forum. However, talking about Taylor's ridiculous pillow face is hardly nitpicking or irrelevant to the thread. From the beginning of lc, we have discussed the photoshop, surgeries, and cosmetic treatments cows get, especially when cows deny ever getting them. It's not nitpicking to mention it once in awhile.

No. 44526

I mean those are some atrocious fillers kek. Idk how to break this to you anon but don't visit the Shaynus thread you might just lose your mind. I mean anon could have posted the caps initially for posterity's sake, but like they said they don't mean much to me I appreciated the link much more.

No. 44527

Just a suggestion idk if others will feel the same: I think it might be time to lock up the Lucinda thread. She clearly isn't coming back and it's been pretty much just nonnies infighting over the legitimacy of her schizo since she went on hiatus almost 2 months ago

No. 44528

The basic shit isn't milky anymore, thus nitpicking. Deal with it. You don't get special privileges because "back in muh day".

No. 44529

Anon stop acting like it was the most egregious example of nitpicking you've ever seen, it was honestly pretty tame compared to how many complaints were made.

No. 44530

No one said that, but it doesn't change the fact that anon didn't posts caps and instead replaced it with a low-key nitpicking photo because they wanted their 'gotcha' moment. The ban was warranted. Also complaining about having to post caps isn't spoonfeeding which is another argument anons use constantly. If the caps are in old threads, that's different. Tell anons to lurk, there's no reason to repost caps, but if you can't be bothered to post caps of unposted milk and then complain people asking for it are spoonies, that's bannable.

No. 44531

>pretty much just nonnies infighting over the legitimacy of her schizo
Why do I think it's the same handful of people from the beginning who do that

No. 44532

Isn't having a single KF thread probably a better move than not having one as a containment sort of thing? Not to mention there are plenty of legitimate users of both sites (but definitely agree the kiwiscrote infestation has been getting worse) and the ongoing drama could be considered milky. I'm seriously asking: what's the better path here? Ignore the situation on KF entirely and just ban kiwiscrote posting when it is found, or have a place for containment and updates? I hardly think they will go away if the KF thread is closed, they'll just shit up elsewhere. IMO.

No. 44533

lucinda should've never had a thread in the first place. shes beyond a horrorcow. its just sad. also very obvious the thread is just full of people from ed twitter/her circle/twitfags in general. its a very weird and sad circlejerk and i don't think it should continue here. they can have a groupchat on their beloved twitter or whatever.

No. 44536

low-key nitpicking ? it's a picture of your goddess anon. That's it.

No. 44538

I can't imagine people not liking nitpicking meaning that they worship a cow. Some people come here for milk.

No. 44539

schizo troon back in kiwi thread once again

No. 44540

This is obvious bait, right? >>>/w/247459
>And outside her one accusation tweet that chris sharla cock and cunt sucking fans

Who the hell talks like that?

No. 44543

It should be hidden or autosaged. The thread attracts retards

No. 44546

So i went to the comment you are sperging about. Someone says she needs a better esthician, without insulting her, and you are throwing a shitfit? Take your meds.

No. 44547

Anon trying to derail the new JVlog thread already because greentext hurt their feefees

No. 44549

Just continously bitching, just trying to shut down the new thread and completely derail it already.


No. 44550


Some tryhard underaged retard with severe brainrot failing to integrate. They seem to infest quite a few /w/ threads insulting anyone who doesn't agree with them. It's almost funny how hard and tough they try to sound, never adding anything of substance to the discussions.

No. 44551

cp in snow how can i just accept being subjected to this using this fucking website take preventative measures for fucks sake

No. 44552

Really bad CP at top of snow.

No. 44555

Worthless defective scrote is posting child abuse, CP. Fucking castrate him, end him already.

No. 44556

cp here in meta too, might be best to fuck off for a couple hours until mods wake up and clean this shit. It's personally the worst I've seen yet.

No. 44560

Admin/ mods should report the worthless scrotes posting CP to the FBI. Obviously these defective y-chromomoids have a tonne of this material on their computer.

No. 44562

please tell me those pictures are photoshopped

No. 44563

Please do something against the CP this is ridiculous! Every fucking board has CP, I’ve been here for years and never seen it posted on here yet in the span of a couple minutes I came across multiple photos of child abuse. Absolutely ridiculous….

No. 44564

I want this moid fucker to die so much, fucking monster

No. 44565

My God will someone save those poor children holy shit

No. 44566

It's gone. Sorry you all had to see that.

Maybe step away from the site for a while, they may try to post more. Unfortunately the trans women that want the site down will stop at nothing. And yes, we are making reports to the correct authorities like admin mentioned a few days ago.

No. 44567

It's ironic that some retarded moid is trying to take down Lolcow while posting CP as if that was a 5D chess move.
If this is one of those Kekfail's tranny cult members, then great move, you're posting illegal shit like an absolute dumbass while trying to defend a pedo moid in a wig.

No. 44569

File: 1662942248854.jpeg (38.24 KB, 735x513, 7E19A796-5121-4FEB-A08A-B6A3CF…)

Thank you.

No. 44570

Oh my god the post at the top of pt made me want to cry, do something! Jesus Christ

No. 44571

Holy shit how can it be that i'm just browsing the internet and Im forced to see literal CP

No. 44572

I hate it so fucking much how they are genuinely pleased by the fact it disturbs and upsets us. Will heed the advice to avoid for the day but I'm literally seeing red. Thanks

No. 44573

Hey mods can you hurry up

No. 44574

cp still up in /g/

No. 44575

File: 1662943250931.png (149.01 KB, 720x728, hmm_today_i_will.png)

we appreciate the effort you guys have to put in all the time

No. 44577

I hate men so much. Worthless

No. 44578

ot again

No. 44579

thank you guys for the continued work you put in and the increased communication lately. sorry you guys have to see so much evil bullshit. fucking men…

No. 44583

Is it possible to get the EXIF data from the pictures being spammed and then report it to the FBI?

No. 44584

No. 44585

Donating to farmhands mental health Jesus Christ

No. 44586

Isn't there a way to limit new thread creation to recurrent ips? Or to make it approval based? I'm sorry if I'm saying something dumb and thank you jannies for taking care of us

No. 44587

Could there be an automated message or something for every thread / board (like a bigred letter sign ) saying to avoid lc for a few days?

No. 44589

there are a million solutions to the problem, but our current admin is an absentee parent and farmhands are like the older siblings that try their best to keep things together but don't have the power to implement real changes. Just off the top of my head:

>approval-based thread creation

>ability to have images auto-hidden if they receive enough reports
>images spoilered by default during raids until farmhands verify them
>temporarily disabling new images during raids

No. 44590

Even the kpop chan has a captcha based posting

No. 44591

I hope we have archives of our reactions here to this shit. I don’t want lc being taken down because of edgy worthless scrote retards. I don’t want another asherahs to happen

No. 44594

Anons against banning VPNs and CAPTCHA are clear shitposters and most likely the ones doing the posting.

No. 44595

It used to be called Hellweek

No. 44596

save the entire webpage of post raid bump posts and reactions anon when you see them just in case

No. 44597

It's time to start posting screenshots then. We can make a thread here on /meta/ just dedicated to our reactions to this shit so people don't blame it on us. I think it should be a separate thread to the usual funny screenshots thread though. We need to discuss this issue seriously.

No. 44603

samefag also chiming in to say to save obviously after the illegal posts have been deleted but before our reaction bumps are deleted

No. 44604

you guys are well-intentioned but unfortunately retarded. "our reactions" don't mean shit to any organization with the power to take us offline. All that matters to them is that illegal content is being regularly hosted on a website that is unable to put a stop to it. Luckily our farmhands have been pretty quick lately with deleting it, but I don't know how much that will help in the long run.

No. 44606

No. 44607

Are you retarded? cp content is posted on Facebook, Twitter, other forums. It gets removed, eventually, but can stay up as long as DAYS. Twitter literally has nothing they can do to prevent that content from being posted. "Unable to put a stop to it" that's impossible, that would assume that admin is able to predict what can be posted. Twitter cannot do that either, because some of the same stuff is spammed, so if they had the ability to detect an image and remove it automatically, they would have. But they don't. Neither does lolcow and that's fine. As long as it's clear to the public – which clearly has the ability to sway an organization's opinion– that we obviously are not the ones doing it nor are we wanting it, then it makes sense that we should archive our complaints and reactions.

No. 44609

No one can, tbh. Not a single website is immune to this because it's the internet. I don't know what fantasy land certain non's living where they think that there's places where CP will not be posted or there won't be creeps looking for children in general. Club Penguin was a cesspool. The only thing we can do is just report the post to the FBI or make sure the websites reporting them and that's literally all anyone can do. Acting as if CP is gonna magically go away is go away is so wishful wishful. I wish it were true but we're just gonna have to keep reporting it. There's no way to get rid of it.

No. 44610

no? fbi is more concerned with the IP posting the CP, not the hosting site. as other anons have said, CP is all over the mainstream internet, despite being highly illegal. reporting it won't get the site in trouble.

No. 44612

If host mattered, the biggest oopsie public host was a government website who kept it up for ages. Their secret services would've had to take down their own site kek

No. 44618

Sick of LCs incompetent team. Any reasonable person can look at the ban history and conclude that ~90% of redtexts are due to non saged posts. Common sense would tell said reasonable person that sage should become the default.

But no, thats too hard, adding darkmode to the catalog is too hard, fixing m is too hard, removing CP is too hard, accepting both “sage” and “Sage” (which iphones default to) is too hard and the most difficult of all; admin communicating with the community.

No. 44619

Instagram has it worse there’s like whole communities of pedo pages where they post actual content like that there that take days to months to get taken down because there is so many. I don’t think lc will be taken down

No. 44620

so it is the mod team's fault that an idiot can't sage? is that what you're trying to say because youre sounding stupid as all fuck right now .
btw theres been a couple of dark ccs for a long ass time already but seems like you're too much of an idiot to find them out

dont forget all the nasty shit going on in YT too.


No. 44622

Nta they meant the catalogue and probably the front page too because those don’t get affected by styles. Admin is getting new site ready so hopefully all those problems get fixed and she also planned to open janny apps as well

No. 44623

>so it is the mod team's fault that an idiot can't sage?
nta but that's not what she meant. making sage default would significantly easen their workload so they can deal with actual problems like the cp spam. besides, it's not just that an idiot can't sage, it all the infighting and minimoding it creates. I literally don't see what's the problem with nonna's suggestion. Barely anyone uses the hide unsaged feature and it's easy enough to spot a newfag with their lack of board culture knowledge and deleting literally four letters is not that difficult at all when you actually have milk to contribute

No. 44624

is there any way to browse with pictures off?

No. 44625

yeah, i know there's a chrome extension for that, not sure about other browsers. just search hide images extension

No. 44626

Huge faggot in /ot/ making shit thread about some cosplayer girl

No. 44627

That’s actually a great idea having Sage be as fault and you have to tick it off

No. 44628


No. 44629

Also if anyone uses Mozilla Firefox mobile app it has a hide all images options you can toggle on for now

No. 44631

Get out moid.

No. 44632

Anons just won't stop derailing about Lily being discussed and its just going to ruin a 5th thread jfc She's an ex jvlogger, even if alk her videos are deleted, she still lives in Japan, and she's affiliated or was with the entire Jvlog crew and was dating a prominent Jvlogger and self inserted herself after years by making up a cheating rumor. Can mods tell anons to stfu about it already,m this level of derailing is fucking stupid. Anons already tried this about Taylor by posting ITT about her and not her containment. Its obvious what they are doing.


No. 44633

Ex-jvlogger refers to a vlogger who used to film in Japan. It was created after prominent vloggers in the jvlogging community moved out of Japan and continued filming in other countries. Lily is not a vlogger and was previously only mentioned in the context of being a jvlogger's (Abroad in Japan) girlfriend. Anons, who are clearly fans of Abroad in Japan and Sharla in Japan (Abroad's current girlfriend), keep spamming irrelevant, unmilky screenshots of Lily's tweets, especially when anything negative is said about Abroad in Japan or his girlfriend Sharla, which the mod has deleted in the past.

This particular anon has also repeatedly complained in meta and tried to get people banned for calling out their derailing posts about Lily.

No. 44634

Shut up already, minimod. It's clear you're doing this on purpose to try and derail the thread and probably get it closed, so just shut up already. I hope a mod bans you because it's so derailing.. Lily on topic and if it wasn't a mod what is said something.

No. 44635

>This particular anon has also repeatedly complained in meta and tried to get people banned for calling out their derailing posts about Lily.
Just to add, I've never asked for discussion about Lily to not be discussed. I don't know what anon you think I am but Lily is absolutely on topic and I've never said otherwise.

No. 44636

The mods have deleted Lily tweets before. That should tell you enough.

No. 44637

Sure, Jan.

No. 44639

male posting in /ot/ again i think its the "you whores" scrote

No. 44640

Lol the way anons beg for Lily not to be talked about is hilarious

No. 44645

I'm pretty sure a tweet about cooking fish from an ex-girlfriend of a youtuber is not considered milk.

No. 44647

How much longer are you going to derail in the Jvlog thread about this?

No. 44648

There's an extremely unfunny moid posting his fugly face on ot complaining about lolcow not being moid friendly lmao.

No. 44650

Derailing is spamming low-rent tweets from a non-youtuber in a thread about youtubers. Now you've gone a step further by trying to abuse meta to get anons banned for disagreeing with you and wanting to discuss actual youtubers and not the vacation or cooking habits of the ex-girlfriend of a vlogger you like.

No. 44652

genq for the mods - are you accessing any kind of therapy or professional help for what you have to clean up on here? I'm genuinely really concerned about what it must be like to have to see it multiple times a day for days on end. are you guys good??

No. 44653

Not a farmhand and hope they are taking good care of themselves but this reminds me to post


Again. Maybe this could be worth sticking when this stuff happens.

No. 44654

Complaining is derailing.

No. 44655

terrible idea. learning to sage is an important part of integration and it's meant to be non-obvious to weed out shit stirrers, self posters, and other retards who are just passing by. This prevents nonnies from taking bad actors seriously and prevents needless infighting.

No. 44656

Yeah you're right. Just waiting for more mods as usual now, hope admin keeps her word

No. 44657

the entire gyaru thread is being derailed by wks again.

No. 44658

CP on /m/ already reported it.

No. 44659

Too much BPD infighting in the Jillian Pixielocks thread

No. 44660

I swear to god it's like the same anon or two that keep reee'ing over how much Jill has BPD and that everyone else is wrong. It's always the same people. I haven't even been in that thread for months and this shit keeps going. That thread has such a weird vibe and I can't understand why (and tbh all of /w/ has such a weird vibe from the rest of the board that it might as well be its own website).

No. 44662

They the same idiots who claim anyone is a narc too? Armchair anons need to be banned and I bet its the same anons reeeing about Lily being brought up too.

No. 44665

you're both retarded

No. 44668

>>>/ot/1337722 please pin kthnxs

No. 44670

So let me get this right. You lot come here from Reddit/Sharla’s inner circle/wks to completely overtake a thread, turn it into some kind of PULL/subreddit tribute/Sharla Chris and lily circlejerk, and expect farmers to just accept your newfaggotry?
Jannies, I know there are bigger fish to fry but they will call us out for ‘minimodding’ if we mention the rules/how2imageboard or try to get us banned for disagreeing with them. Do farmers a favour and lock the thread/remind them what an imageboard is pretty please?

No. 44671

Saw digsusting shit on /ot/, careful

No. 44673

Weird person spamming shit on this thread, said weird shit, and reeks of blaine.

No. 44674

File: 1663068977280.png (Spoiler Image, 1.65 MB, 2174x788, proof.png)

Proof, also reminder that the disgusting schizo troon is also a furry.

No. 44675

infighting about the doodle room pic in multiple threads now, can we have a mod look at the artnonna's posts to end this?

No. 44678

Retarded for pointing out that constant infighting reduces thread quality and that the thread has a weird vibe because of it? Try kys

No. 44682

Cp spamming scrote is back in ot. Men aren’t human and #57875578 reason to never have a son.

No. 44683

I really hate the anonymous who treat this site as if it's a giant chat room on certain boards.

No. 44684

You do realize that just because people are mad at another cow doesn't mean that the other cow still aren't also shitty, right? People talking about Lily doesn't suddenly make everyone else not a cow. I don't know why you're flipping out.

No. 44685

no, retarded for thinking it's the same person as if threads don't have different userbases. this tinfoil needs to stop.

No. 44686

/w/ does have a pretty good streak of samefags though especially as of the last few months

No. 44687

no, they were never confirmed. and they're not going through multiple threads with multiple opinions infighting in all of them. it's insane to assume that only one anon is infighting on the entire board. also the OP hates /w/ for some reason so she needs to sit down.

No. 44689

Across /w/, yes there is. There are several posts in multiple threads where redtext samefagging has been put. That doesn't magically disappear because you aren't in those threads. I'm talking about in general in /w/ too, anon, not your weak ass infighting attempt with another anon ITT. I'm saying it wouldn't be a surprise if it is the same anon, as mods have confirmed before there are people on /w/ IP hopping around in general, so them showing up in the Jillian thread wouldn't be a shock.

No. 44690

Scrote roaming around /w/ posting racebait >>>/w/248463

No. 44691

Dox thread on snow

No. 44692

Stop playing dumb. Ex-jvlogger was created from Thread 9 to refer to vloggers who moved out of Japan because prominent vloggers from the jvlogger clique like Sharla, Kim and BiiBii, left Japan and started vlogging in other countries. Lily is not a vlogger or even a youtuber. She’d only ever been mentioned in the context of being Chris' ex-/girlfriend for years until Chris and Sharla fans started invading lolcow, after this thread was mentioned in Chris’ subreddit and on twitter, to try to derail discussion whenever something embarrassing or negative about Chris or Sharla is shared.

OP and none of the Lily whiners ever even bothered to link to Lily’s (defunct) channel or any of her videos until today after it was pointed out, and they can only post links to videos that have been privated or deleted years ago that they’ve never seen before and know nothing about. Unless Lily does or says something connected to an actual jvlogger, her daily goings like cooking fish is completely irrelevant.

OP, who has been trying use meta to get people banned for calling out their shit, is so obsessed with Lily and blinded by their love for Chris and Sharla that they even complained about Lily tweeting herself making soup three fucking months ago in the thread summary, instead of reporting actual milk from the previous thread, like TokyoLens, a married man with a kid and reputation for harassing women, mysteriously opening a studio in Akihabara when he’d just moved down to Kyushu to train to become a pilot, or Chris planning to do three different events in three different countries, including boxing despite being in his worst shape ever.

No. 44693

No1currs anon. You aren't the gatekeeper how who is a vlogger and who is not. If a mod didn't think Lily was on topic they would've shut it down by now. The fact that she's directly involved with Chris and Sharla and multiple other vloggers, would automatically make her a topic of conversation anyway. We have proof she used to vlog now, so move on. You going to bat this hard for her is literally just proving you don't want her talked about in any capacity because you just don't want her brought up. We don't need a 2nd thread of you bitching nonstop about "LILY STOP TALKING ABOUT LILY!" and mocking anons with your whole "QUEEN" bit. She can't cook worth shit and she's a failed Jvlogger. You can't make those things disappear and I hope anons keep mentioning her. You need serious meds.

No. 44694

>You aren't the gatekeeper how who is a vlogger and who is not.
How the hell can someone be a vlogger if they don't vlog? And please explain how Lily cooking fish soup is milky and relevant to anything.

No. 44695

You're making such a big deal out of the fish thing, it's hilarious at this point. You're taking it so personally. And she's an ex-vlogger. Deeming people only outside of Japan as 'ex-jvlogger' is an extraordinarily stupid concept and makes no sense. She used to vlog, she doesn't, hence 'ex'. It doesn't matter if it only applied to when Sharla left Japan, she came back to Japan. There's literally no wiggle room for in between creators? Lol. Get over yourself.

No. 44698

>It doesn't matter if it only applied to when Sharla left Japan, she came back to Japan.
It didn't only apply to Sharla. It applied to Bronwyn, Kim, Chris Okano and anyone from their clique who moved out. Sharla is the only one who returned to Japan and she wasn't expected to return.

No. 44699

Stop being this autistic.

No. 44700

Pot kettle black anon, you aren’t the gatekeeper either.
Lily isn’t a vlogger, no one would even know who she is if it wasn’t for Chris.
I am just as amazed as you are that mods won’t shut the shit show down. You’re all weird obsessed fans that literally nitpick every single minor detail and frame it as milk when it isn’t!
Anons making a big deal because you lot are being so fucking pedantic over it. Lily was never part of the main clique - that is what the thread was originally about. Lily is not a vlogger in that context, she has no content.

No. 44701

Anons are going to keep talking about Lily because she's affiliated with Chris, vlogging or not. Stop derailing about it already.

No. 44702

NTA but continually going on about lily when she’s irrelevant would be considered derailing.
Stop trying to call anons out for this, go to Reddit if you want to bitch about Chris’s ex girlfriend - she’s got nothing to do with jvlogging ffs

No. 44703

Anons have brought up random jvloggers for less.

No. 44704

Such as?

No. 44705

There's no reason any of these threads in /w/ need to be filling up as fast as the have for so many cows. What's going on?

No. 44706

this thread seems to be up again

No. 44707

Doxxing on snow

No. 44708

its back again

No. 44710

>doesn't understand what samefagging means
jesus please go back. you can't samefag across multiple threads…

No. 44711

Racebaiter posting deepfakes on the celebricows thread.

No. 44712

I'm saying they are doing this in multiple threads meaning they are samefagging themselves in the same threads and doing it other threads too. Anons in meta are dumb on purpose or..

No. 44714

I don't know what it is (I'm assuming it's kf being down) but there's been a huge increase of absolutely retarded people/autists sperging and arguing without actually reading what's being posted. It's been on multiple threads on /snow/ and /pt/ etc. I dunno if it's tranny anon but they're straight up not reading things and arguing. I don't really know what there is to do about it considering it's probably kf scrotes…

But thank you farmers for your quick help with the gore and porn being spammed <3

No. 44715

anon, that's not what samefagging means. you can't samefag across multiple threads.

No. 44717

extremely retarded anon armcharing in the jillian thread.

No. 44718

Can't believe they are still going..

No. 44719

CP poster back in the true crime thread on /m/

No. 44720

selfpost or retardation in /pt/

No. 44721

Male posting n-word in danofag m thread.

No. 44722

I didn't have to check replies to realise you were responding to the /w/ sperg again. Half the newfags here act like the Stasi and wonder why anons get sick of them.

No. 44723

Who got doxed? Was it a random or a cow?

No. 44724

These posts are extremely upsetting, it comes across as someone saying they want to post cee pee on their personal web or something. They also say they want to learn to be a creep. The vibe ain't right with this one.

No. 44726

It was some random guy

No. 44727

she's really annoying. we have dumb shitposting samefags in every thread. it's not a conspiracy kek.

No. 44731

Who's that supposed to be? no one ever namefags in here. Only trannies and cows do.

No. 44733

self poster in bad art thread on /m/ (pathetic)

No. 44736

It is a tranny

No. 44741

Nike shoes (???) spam on the celebricows thread

No. 44743

Bait in ot stupid questions thread.

No. 44745

Anon racebaiting other anons in /w/ because you can totally tell someone's race behind a anonymous users


No. 44748

scrotes trying to start shit in ot celebrity cows thread

No. 44749

the tranny's starting up again in the kiwi thread

No. 44754

Thug hunter anon is back please be careful nonnies, mods help!

No. 44755

tranny posting his fetish porn on ot again

No. 44758

defected xy who thinks he's a woman spamming in the vent thread again

No. 44761

scrote emptying his gay porn collection in /ot/

No. 44764

Someone please clean up the leftcow thread it’s been a mess of scarethot infighting today

No. 44775

Nonnies this is an anonymous website with very limited moderation. I don't see why it's so hard to believe that autists would take advantage of this by samefagging incessantly, especially considering (when there were more mods, many moons ago) that people used to get redtexted for samefagging all the time.
Kek this is what lolcow has been like for the past year or two

No. 44776

There is straight up a nigga trying to sell hockey jerseys in pixie locks #23

No. 44777

racebating tranny in celebricows thread

No. 44780

racebating infighting tranny still in celebricows thread and unpopular opinions thread.

No. 44784

porn or cp on ot. not clicking play to check

No. 44785

Thranny is spamming prn or cp on ot again after having a spergout over never being a real woman

No. 44786

porn/cp also in the current mtf thread

No. 44787

tranny posted something disgusting webm on /ot/, I don't whave the mental capacity to go link the post. I'm done with this website. it's in one of the first page threads.

No. 44788

Anons trying to get away with racebaiting in jvlog thread

No. 44791

are we still going to get the announcement for the emergency town hall this month? on the kofi admin says it will happen september

No. 44793

This is my experience too. I got a completely random and unfair ban once a year or two ago for "doxxing" despite the fact I posted no personal information at all. I came here to politely talk about it because I thought it must just be a genuine mistake and some sperg was furious at me, telling me to fuck off to kiwifarms. I always suspected it was the janny in question trying to discourage me from contacting people about it so they wouldn't get in trouble for doing that.
Anyway I'm not trying to drag up old shit, but I'm adding this here incase this is actually a problem and it happens to someone else.
It will always be a problem, this is a tiny site in the grand scheme of things. It doesn't even have a captcha (not that it would help with this issue because it seems to be manual). I understand people are asking for more moderation to combat it and I don't disagree because there's been times where that shit has been up for hours, but I think people need to be realistic too and accept that this site will always be a target of that stuff and there isn't a ton they can really do.
It's a reason I have stopped coming to the site over the years because I realized it won't really change. I've been on the internet for a long time, including other imageboards and the first and only time I ever saw cp was on this website.
If I could make a suggestion, it would be to integrate a system that blocks certain image hashes (I believe there's a cp image hash database you can download specifically for this purpose), but I doubt admin has the money or tools to incorporate something like that in to the site.
Either way it's an awful job and I can't criticize the staff for this one. Having to constantly see that shit must be horrible and they really have to be commended for doing it.
No, they are right. Captchas are not going to stop anything because it's not a bot doing it. All it will do is stop advertisement spam but that's never been a problem on the site so it's pointless.
Blocking VPNs may help but if someone is determined it won't do anything. This has been going on probably a decade now, that schizo isn't going to stop even if you block VPNs. All you're doing is fucking over your actual userbase. I have nothing to hide personally but I don't really trust the site, they have exposed users many times before. Were those times deserved? Yes, but the fact remains that they can identify people if they want and I don't trust users of a gossip forum not to be malicious if they really want to be. Making that easier for a malicious actor is not a good idea. It's a privacy concern and I agree with them.

No. 44794

Samefag but I forgot to mention on the VPN count; I think anyone who comes here without one is crazy because of how regularly this site gets flooded with cp. For this reason especially, taking that away from anons is a terrible idea.

No. 44799

How does the site being flooded by CP have to do with no VPNs?

No. 44802

File: 1663228220959.jpeg (130.15 KB, 828x318, 77682B47-D70D-4E00-933C-13FB6F…)

I unironically hope the stupid bitch that keeps repeating this in celebricows has a stroke

No. 44803

Agreed lmao. I kind of hope more live action Disney films are cast with non-white actresses so this sperg and others like him/her can seethe so hard they absolutely kill themselves with rage

No. 44809

some retard shitting up the thread in >>>/w/247405
samefagging, spamming, doxxing attempts. god i hate men

No. 44810

Mate the thread is already shit, this just confirms it even more.

Can this thread be locked now, please? If mods don’t want to do anything based on the content of discussion (it’s basically a subreddit) at least do something about the autistic cock rambling?
I’ve always suspected someone from the jvlog inner circle keeps that thread alive. Move it to /ot, idk but please do something?
Thank you!

No. 44811

I think it’s pretty obvious that it’s likely 3+ very narcissistic white jvloggers, one of them most definitely being tkyosam

No. 44812

someone spamming nike shoes links again on /ot/ for some freaking reason

No. 44813

Kek. It's so telling. There's so much stuff you could complain about when it comes to the live action remakes and how garbage they are, but this one sperg decides to seethe about the one thing that doesn't matter.

No. 44814

almost every post in the celebricows thread rn is racebait/racesperging

No. 44815

racebaiting tranny is still in the celebricows thread seething over mermaids

No. 44818

please ban little mermaid discussions until it comes out pls

No. 44819

Jvlog won't cease nitpicking and taking unflattering screenshots to yell and rate jvloggers looks.. how is this not nitpicking?

No. 44820

racebaiting tranny is still in the celebricows thread being retarded

No. 44821

Samefag also there is also ana chan discourse now

No. 44823

thank you farmhands for locking that most recent godawful leftcows thread overran with scrotes and pickmes

No. 44825

posting on any imageboard without a vpn is fucking retarded. the people who moderate websites like lolcow and other altchans are almost always literally autistic shutin neets. i would never want any of those losers to know my IP and general location

No. 44826

that’s true but you shouldn’t be posting anything identifying here to begin with, vpn or not, and being able to come here with a minimal chance of seeing cp is worth no vpn to me. because really what is an autistic neet actually going to do with my post history considering im not a cow and don’t post anything identifying, and even if someone if a cow or someone who’s more easily identifiable than others, that last point is all that matters: don’t post anything identifying

No. 44827

The rachealfag is spamming videos in the vent thread

No. 44828

This exactly. It's always really bad arguments against it. Even if people can bypass it, the extra annoyance of CAPTCHA and no VPNs, would probably deter people in one way or another if it isn't bots.

No. 44832

yeah well 4chan uses enemieslist and they still have issues with cp spam and glowie bots. blocking VPNs wont do anything.

No. 44833

Did you miss where I said even though people can still bypass it?

No. 44839

Moid thread in /ot/ >>1341068

No. 44842

now imagine how bad 4chan would be if it allowed vpns. much worse, lol.

No. 44850

A moid posted a wierd thread on ot, don't look at it, who knows how the gif ends.

No. 44860

The roadtrip anon is at it again in the vent thread.

No. 44861

Why is roadtrip anon such a problem?

No. 44862

Because apparently they are a moid trying to start shit, they have posted the exact same story in the vent thread before trying to get a rise out of anons.

No. 44863

I don't think she's a moid but she was taking over the stupid question thread for days and acting hysterical. She's just annoying and melodramatic if anything. Just ignore and move on

No. 44875

nta but her posts saying that her sister is "begging to get raped", saying how she hopes it happens so that she could learn a lesson and shit like that sounded kind of sus

No. 44877

Oh that sounds like male fantasy for sure

No. 44884

I think you should lurk moar.

No. 44887

Tranny baiting in keffals/lucas thread.

No. 44888

seething males in the kf thread

No. 44893

They're here to hit spooky, im outtie, can't help much on that one.

No. 44894

Mods. Please do something about the anons who have completely taken over the jvlog thread with their scrote nitpicking about every jvloggers looks, comparing them by numbers and infighting over whos fat or not. Its almost to 600 replies. The thread was made like 5 days ago. Its clear its derailing just to close the new thread. Do something. I don't know how much more point blank this is derailing.

No. 44895

File: 1663344429269.jpg (339.42 KB, 1080x870, Screenshot_20220916_090807.jpg)

This anon and others won't stfu about whos personally more handsome or pretty.

No. 44897

There's a way (I can't find it..) to change the URL of youtube shorts (tiktoks too I think) to make them postable here. Can you add how to do that to the op of the Technical Help thread?

No. 44898

nevermind found it
>just change the URL from "shorts/" to "watch?v="
Please add it to that thread so it's easy to find

No. 44899

If its easy to find why spoonfeed it? You fucking newfags are so lazy and dumb it's amazing.

No. 44900

Some sperg in the moo thread is armchairing and derailing about being a nutritionist. Seemed harmless at first but they're samefagging and defending themselves.

No. 44903

Tell me you don't know anything about privacy, ISPs, data retention laws and a bunch of other shit without saying it.

No. 44904

I've been here for years.
>why spoonfeed
There's simple post styling listed there so I don't see how adding that line is "spoonfeeding" if a spoiler BB code or an alt code heart isn't.

No. 44906

i bet you use nord kek

No. 44910

Sure. Keep seething about a reasonable request to add a line of code.

No. 44913

Indian moid. K

No. 44924

File: 1663358169638.gif (1.25 MB, 220x171, anime-stfu.gif)

leftcow thread in snow derailing into infight about the martha's vineyard situation, can mods please nuke them all back to r/politics

No. 44926

mods, can the weekend bunker thread pretty please be opened on friday nights? that's when it was made and was intended for, from friday night (or maybe just whenever during friday that you guys can get to it), because the board gets dead as fuck like mid day friday or for almost all of anyways

No. 44928

File: 1663364917859.jpg (48.77 KB, 524x700, 1662269292175.jpg)


No. 44931

is the site loading slower/weirder for anyone else? Also I'm glad we're back but a heads up next time or discord updates sooner would really have been appreciated.

No. 44933

It is I think it might be temporarily up rn

No. 44935

It's slower for me too, hopefully it's fixed in the next downtime

No. 44939

Yes, finally we can stop posting on CC and miners can go back to also not posting on CC.

No. 44941

kekkk yeah that place was eerily empty feeling

No. 44944

Oh good its kinda back

No. 44949

What happened, admin-sama? Did we get DDOSed by the same seething trannies who targeted Kiwifarms?

No. 44951

File: 1663560759205.jpeg (183.73 KB, 828x553, 52C62BFA-68CD-45CE-982E-AD09DC…)

No. 44953

they didn't pay the server bill on time again

No. 44988

nice save but I don't believe this.

No. 44989

It's loading marginally faster so I could see it. Still, where the fuck is the communication? Why does everything have to be piped through a third party on discord?

No. 44992

exactly i feel like this shit wasn't planned. and didn't admin promise to migrate the server?

No. 44994

Its faster, if its loading slower it might be on your end. I tested the website loading speed and its good but to be fair idk how fast it was before the site went down.

Ok but why the hell did she not bother to announce this a few days beforehand? How hard is it to pin a message saying the website will be down because of updates? Also does she not have her own discord account?

No. 44998

I don't see any difference other than slower loading times

No. 45003

This. Why does nobody want to communicate with us? It took a whole 2 days of silence before we got a paragraph on Discord. Thank you for updating, I'm grateful the team cares to maintain the site, but please consider opening a better line of communication. Even Null grasps this very basic concept

No. 45020

i cant even be mad, i thought the trannies got us…

No. 45027

File: 1663591061951.png (47.54 KB, 822x604, cloudflare.PNG)


but its still hosted by cloudflare?

No. 45028


is there a new discord link? the one at the top of the page says the invite is invalid. would like to join in case it goes down again

No. 45029

I'm curious to know what Admin would think of having pinkpill / 2x not be hidden anymore? Not mentioning GC because we already kind of have those honestly, with the /snow/ tim/tif threads. What are other nonna's opinions?

No. 45030

The discord has it's invites turned off for the time being

No. 45034

anon, they're lying. if admin was doing what they claimed they would have at least mentioned it on discord before yesterday. and why is it back up if she's not done?

No. 45036

the trannies and genderqueers will raid it if she does that, would make lolcow shut down even faster

No. 45037


Damn I should have just stayed in the lolcord and lurked. It's annoying not being able to get updates unless you're in the server, admin should have warned us beforehand I spent the weekend thinking we got kiwi farm'd.

No. 45039

we clearly did. why is everyone so quick to believe we didn't?

No. 45040

I mean lc has had cloudfare errors in the years before. It is sus that there was no announcement

No. 45041

yes for a few hours. and even when the site got DDOSed sometimes the cloudflare "connection error" page would pop up. the lack of announcement until almost 3 days after the site went down makes it pretty obvious it wasn't done intentionally.

No. 45042

I know admin said that the site was almost done and that it would be offline before going online again. Oh well. I wish we had more communication

No. 45046

i just don't believe it. it sounds like damage control.

No. 45047


I mean why would they lie? LC has been raided before and they told us (eventually). This isn't the first time LC went down for a day or two and it wasn't a raid iirc.

No. 45051

Current admin just has horrible communication skills

No. 45053

Fair tbh. Looking forward to the townhall, even if it doesn’t happen September there is November

No. 45054

Samefag meant >>45036

No. 45058

Adim and mods don't have to. Its a free to use website, none of you pay, and its non-user based (all anonymous). You've found a complaining that you guys deserve updates and stuff since stuff makes no sense. I also wouldn't a 100% believe things coming from a discord

No. 45060

It’s the official discord and that’s a mod in there

No. 45061

Also yeah but we’ve gotten updates before from previous admins as well as more interaction even if Oldmin was kinda goofy

No. 45065

geniune question why would admin lie about that? it may seem suspicious at first there was no alerts or a heads up beforehand but i can't imagine why admin wouldnt just come out and say the stinkditch mafia is ddosing them.

No. 45068

Previous. I'm shocked they interacted in general and didn't just have you guys read an update thread that only admin/mods can leave messages in, but for public viewings, like community hub.

No. 45069

porn all over assorted /ot/ threads. thanks in advance farmhands!

No. 45070

penis on /ot/

No. 45071

Schizo tranny spamming his black cock collection on /ot/

No. 45072

Not even a fucking day after lolcow went back up. Don't trannies have a job?

No. 45073

moids be like "im not gay"

No. 45074

A vast majority of trannies would 41% if they had to put in half as much effort working an actual job than they do "trolling".

No. 45075

thank you mods for cleaning up the spam so quickly!

No. 45091

to prevent panic.

No. 45094

nta but this doesn't make sense. Admin has always been pretty transparent about attempted attacks and other fucky shit. There's literally no reason for her to "prevent panic" when we have already panicked for a while without them saying anything at all

No. 45095

she's clearly lying about why the site was down. if it was something she planned she would have mentioned it beforehand. it seems like she waited to do damage control until she knew she could get the site back.

No. 45098

You say that like it's hard to post "hey fyi we're gonna update in a couple of hours" in meta and leave it there for like a day instead of having nonnies confused

No. 45099

It wasn't planned, admin said as much when they mentioned that the fee to keep the site up hadn't been met, which is why they are asking for donations… why are you both actin' like retards.

No. 45101

when was the last time a mod communicated with us on here? the last time I saw a reply from a random farmhand it was to ask anons to stop talking about black ariel in the celebricow thread kek

No. 45103

fake nike spam on /g/

No. 45104

Shut your bootlicking ass up. Every other free to use website will tell their userbase when their website is down. We don't even all use lolcow for free, it runs off donations now. In case you never noticed the lack of advertising.

No. 45105

They're responding to the post where admin said it was planned. And if it was planned, she should have said something beforehand. If it wasn't planned she also should have said something, on the website though. Not the discord. It's sloppy to assume everyone that uses the website uses the discord. No other website that collects donations from their users to keep on running will do shit like that.

No. 45106

can you read?

No. 45107

This comment makes no sense considering other imageboards do use announcements on top of the page… and this one did not too long ago, as well
I don't really mind the lack of updates for when the new site is going to be ready etc. But I think if Lolcow is going to be down for maintenance for some days, putting a message on top of the page should be a good thing for everyone, considering many people here (and retards on twitter) thought the site was getting taken down. It was an unexpected thing, I wish nonnies didn't have to use CC and just waited a couple days, or use the movie room instead to hang out, it came out of left field

No. 45108

the other issue is that admin is pretending it was expected. it's obviously not related to her working on the site, unless she has absolutely no idea what she's doing.

No. 45109

Can we just ban VPNs already? The schizo troon is still on the loose and jannies are doing fuck all. It's making certain threads unreadable.

No. 45114

They are in w, ot, and snow. Jfc.

No. 45115

What's happening? I haven't seen anything sus though I only browse one recurring thread on /snow/ on here.

No. 45117

I have no idea what you're talking about. Who the fuck is Rachel? Kek

No. 45118

report and ignore, it's the schizophrenic pedophile tranny spammer pretending like he's multiple different people

No. 45121


No. 45141

That one poster everyone knows who it is, I'm not going to go further is really getting on my fucking nerves. Now it's in Ot starting shit

No. 45143

He’s trying to start infighting in threads by baiting certain posts. Explains why things feel “aggressive” now

No. 45145

Samefag he was also doing the same in crystal.cafe by responding aggressively to certain posts to cause infighting. I know we have newfaggotry but there are def lame trannies and moids baiting

No. 45147

File: 1663643961094.png (90.7 KB, 189x330, 1655226657900.png)

No. 45149

Cp in /m/ be weary, I'm traumatized

No. 45150

You can tell by their typing styles.

No. 45151

I'm so fucking sick of this faggot. Can this guy get a fucking life. Christ.

No. 45164

Absolutely redundant thread, please delete it so it doesn't clog /m/'s catalog.

No. 45168

i don't know if this was suggested before (probably was) but another way to donate for server expenses and maintenance could be through brave rewards

No. 45170

I’d absolutely do a monthly subscription like patreon or something

No. 45179

Tranny in the witchcraft thread mad over salmonella

No. 45181

the moid with the black male spam in vent again

No. 45182

There is a cringe moid made thread in /ot/.

No. 45184

doesn't he ever get tired? and his filenames kek wtf. i just imagine him opening up his folder thinking "ahh yes im going to own the wamen".

No. 45185

can we lock the vent thread or something?

No. 45187

File: 1663688514136.jpg (Spoiler Image, 470.1 KB, 2048x1463, 1650462949582.jpg)

racebait in the vent thread and another moid thread in /ot/

No. 45189

retarded thread in /pt/ also

No. 45191

maybe the black spammer is lurch kek

No. 45192

Lurch is still mad about nonnies making fun of da big areola teacher

No. 45203

Why aren’t the obvious blaine posts being deleted

No. 45214

Mashalla, sister

No. 45238

Whore-moid still continuing in ot and retards responding

No. 45239

Derailing sperg in the neocities thread

No. 45240

Please ban the moid posting the e-thots in ot.

No. 45249

could we get some sort of redtext at the top of /ot/ that says report and don't respond to bait?

No. 45266

your Latin is gibberish.
love, lolcow's resident classicist

No. 45279

some weird spammy shoe links in /snow/, just be careful to not accidentally click on any of them

No. 45284

Porn spam on /m/

No. 45286

>>>/w/250215 This shit is derailing as hell. I'm so tired of anons in the Jvlog thread not getting in trouble for the obvious baits and not posting proof, but making 722 posts about how proof exists if you just look a little harder.

No. 45287

Also here is their other post in case one was deleted, even though it's the same post, because anon posted using the wrong IP >>>/w/250216 because we know anons have been doing that.

No. 45296

File: 1663738592228.jpeg (103.9 KB, 1242x684, DkiBk5RUUAAhWEx.jpeg)


No. 45302

Someone just shadow bumped the altcows thread. I feel like this is happening to a lot of /snow/ threads, esp older ones. I hope I'm not imagining this. Do anons get timed out for this?

No. 45303

its probably from weird spam posts or spam links that are getting cleaned up

No. 45304

File: 1663754266777.jpg (23.08 KB, 485x204, bump.JPG)

It was a user post not a spam link for sure, those don't get cleaned up that fast. This was deleted immediately to bump the thread

No. 45307

I wish threads got autolocked after some time has passed, this happens daily and its fucking annoying

No. 45308

are we now being hit with regular old spambots posting links to dodgy websites selling fakes of designer clothes or something kek? at least this is far more preferable to the usual alternatives

No. 45313

oh i have seen these "test" ones before they're really weird too. i've even seen them in the hidden boards.

No. 45327

Troon name-fagging in things you hate thread

No. 45328

A bunch of unsaged nitpicking /bumping in /w/ too.

No. 45329

Troons lost it in witchcraft. Smelt like misinformed testicles. Sorry jannies

No. 45331

I cant find it except a locked thread, anyone know if theres anew Lacey/Garnett Spears thread going on? The trial has shown proof of her killing her kid and want sure if this was another case someone made a thread over.

No. 45332

Looks like someone caught salmonella

No. 45333

Hey there's a lot of dicks in ot. Thanks farmhands.

No. 45336

Thug hunters is back. It appears he comes back the same time every day.

No. 45339

Porn spam on ot. Moid bait on g. Troon larping as if cyber witches were real things in witchcraft and here. Sorry jannies ♥

No. 45341

there's racebait porn in the witchcraft threads in /ot/ too

No. 45342

He’s posting slurs against women like a true moid and pictures of men clicking guns. Should be easy to clock him now.

No. 45344

I can't believe this ugly faggot is still denying his malehood, Women don't spam porn or intrude on places where males don't want us, But this troon is so male that he stands out like a sore thumb.

No. 45349

Samefag but he's still hideous and those poses still show that he's a man, He needs plastic surgery to not look like a gremlin, how pitiful.

No. 45352

>agp angle
>covering chin

No. 45353

>agp comb over
Every time

No. 45354

Based but I doubt plastic surgery can help that ugly mug.

No. 45356

You're right, he would literally have to chop off his facial features and let a surgeon start all over to fix that horrid mess. He should shave his hair off too, it's so dry and unhealthy and the come over makes him look even more like the aging man he is.

No. 45358

Mf has to use the same 2 pics to defend himself kek

No. 45361

And yet he still looks like an ugly incel in each of them kek.

No. 45363

It’s so bleak to know that those photos are the ones he considers to be good enough to post on here and he still uses angles to attempt to look like a woman (let alone human). Could you imagine the selfies that shows his ugly mug in full without a pose, He couldn’t stand it if actual women told him how brolic he looks, not to mention his fucked up yellow teeth.

No. 45367

He looks like a mashup of Mr. bean and with his crimson chin he doesn’t have any room to even attempt to look like a woman, He should work at those haunted houses and pop-out to scare people with his snaggle-tooth smile I bet he could make a lucrative career out of that.

No. 45369

It's good that he looks exactly like he acts though.

No. 45371

combine his grotesque appearance with his schizophrenia and his male rage and it makes sense why he never leaves his moms basement, his whole town must fear and hate him

No. 45373

It's so funny that the only thing he has left is to project onto the women on this site, he doesn't know what any of us look like so it sends him into a tard rage while everyone who looks at a photo of him can see the mental illness emanating off of him. He lives the most male existence imaginable.

No. 45374

I feel bad for his poor mom, all that effort raising him only for him to amount to a 30 something years old jobless friendless hobbyless ugly failedmale who spends all day spamming his cp stash and having schizo meltdowns on imageboards

No. 45375

If I were his mom I would be so depressed and contemplate suicide every god damn day.

No. 45376

Nah she did that for every day until she divorced my dad

No. 45377

I bet his mom wishes that she aborted him, and his dad wishes that he could of beat his ass harder so he wouldn't have turn out like this.

No. 45382

porn raid in /snow/

No. 45384

It’s worse when you realize she’s getting emails from alog.cow retards with pages of what he’s doing attached because he’s pissed of those dipshits.

No. 45387

Tranny back in witchcraft

No. 45390

There's a tranny crying about terfs in the positivity thread. Also, are you going to remove the gay porn from this thread? please get to it.

No. 45392

when is the downtime gonna happen again don’t wanna see these moids

No. 45394

File: 1663796833684.png (256.38 KB, 341x454, 6540678067840.png)


No. 45396

My phone fried it. I don't think the lipsticks the problem, prove me wrong though, same angle.

No. 45402

soyjack spam threads in /ot/

No. 45403

spam in /ot/ and tranny on /meta/

No. 45404

gore and raid happening in /ot/

No. 45407

Some scrote is spamming OT and also posting gore.

No. 45409

Scrote raid in /ot/

No. 45410

Tranny is spamming ot with soyacks, nikado and gore again.

No. 45412

retarded troon still spamming wake up jannies

No. 45413

I have never seen avocados asshole till now WAKE the fuck up Jannies and nuke the tranny

No. 45414

ngl kind of can't believe you haven't seen it at this point

No. 45415

kek im pretty sure the only time i saw it was in a spam raid too i'm so sorry nonna ♥

No. 45416


No. 45417

kill yourself

No. 45420

the retard scrote is spamming /ot/

No. 45422

Mods still haven't banned the troon?

No. 45423

I don’t think mods have been on all day. They banned the black moid porn spammer earlier and that’s all I saw

No. 45424

It's always shotty when you need it most here.

No. 45425

Cp links being posted. Bad raid right now

No. 45431

the one in /m/ is fake at least

No. 45432

File: 1663812962499.png (22 KB, 152x166, me (2).png)

Mods wake the fuck up and do something

No. 45434

Mods what the actual fuck

No. 45436

I'm gonna go with they're very distrustful right now given the current political climate towards women. That coupled with the kiwi drama, newfag/changing culture and the constant spam has got to give them pause for thought. Idk what the hiring process is currently, or I'd they're looking, but I hope they can hire some oldfag farmhands from a different timezone to them to clean this shit up soon.

No. 45438

In one of Admin’s post from like a month ago(?) now she said she’d open applications after we’ve been migrated to the new site. Again, she said they’re almost finished up, and that there is more downtime to expected later this week. That’s all I saw so far on that

No. 45439

Samefag and of course it’s obvious but she did confirm that lc is understaffed rn too

No. 45440

nonnie do you know what time the site will be down again? and how long itll last?

No. 45441

nta this is all we know so far about the sites next downtime - basically nothing

No. 45444

How come my files aren't showing up after I browse & select image?

No. 45446

Sorry I was unclear, I mean here on lolcow. I'm on my phone. This is weird and has never happened before.

No. 45448

Ew I was talking to the tranny, please forgive me farmhands.

No. 45449

some twitterfag is racebaiting about eyes in the shayna thread. riveting content, as you can imagine

No. 45450

I’m glad to know that a lot of the “aggressive infighters” are just mostly just males trolling kek I feel like nonnas are nicer in the recent year.

No. 45452

File: 1663855216713.png (204.35 KB, 1823x715, srs bsns.png)

nonnies I'm crying

No. 45455

I shouldn't have replied. I'm sorry nona; I'm glad you're not doxed too. Feel free to delete my screencap

No. 45459

Moids spamming kiwi thread with unfunny Facebook memes

No. 45461

Autosage the KF thread again I am begging you farmhands

No. 45463

Did LC get linked to some tranny twitter or something?

No. 45464

No, it’s just one mentally ill tranny whose been spamming for months. He does link lolcow to other moid imageboards though

No. 45466

vent thread getting spammed again

No. 45467

tranny spamming black porn on ot again

No. 45468

I'm not a tranny, retard(gay moid - same difference)

No. 45469

hideous (obviously gay) /pol/ male coping with his bbc porn all over /ot/

No. 45470

gay moid posting his collection of wank material on /ot/

No. 45471

I'm so glad I can't see webm's on mobile so I can report the shit out of the spam without having to see it

No. 45472

kek same

No. 45473

it's really hilarious how he's always trying to act like he's worth something for being white and allegedly not gay all while being such an enormous fruitcake

No. 45474

when these spammers spam in attempt to bother women it just makes them look like the psycho in the end. Wtf

No. 45475

they lack the self awareness to understand that i guess. it's just secondhand embarrassing (and illegal many times) for them, every time. i feel so embarrassed for their families

No. 45476

It's not the greatest idea but would it be possible to implement a 5 minute cooldown or something after posting to help cut down on spam?

No. 45479

There's a 30 second cooldown already in place.

No. 45480

5 mins and 30 secs is a huge difference though. even 2 mins would help

No. 45482

would lc awards happen this year or all the cows just poop

No. 45483

What vpn is the tranny using now? Just curious.

No. 45484

the awards typically happen in december.

No. 45486

File: 1663887912010.jpeg (141.28 KB, 828x608, 3854BE81-231F-45C8-90A8-624A24…)

this one

No. 45487

Can the anons who keep nitpicking someone comparing taylor and Kota get banned already? Being mad and derailing by posting photos of Kota isn't helping and doesn't prove any points. >>>/w/250567

No. 45488

Same anon is trying to bait others by reposting deleted posts and continuing to derail on top of it >>>/w/250845 This is getting stupid all because someone made a comment they didn't like.

No. 45490

Tranny in the fujo thread on /m/.

No. 45494

The tranny doesn’t care about trying not to come off as a pedo anymore huh

No. 45497

racebait in vent thread again

No. 45498

Why use this on mobile when you can just get off your network and use wifi which constantly has changing IPs? If anons are so sure mods can't device detect, then don't waste your money on mobile VPNs. That's some desperate ban evading to get one of those, unless you literally can't be bothered to use your PC with one when home.

No. 45500

Nta but some wifi IPs are static and can't be changed at all without calling the internet service provider.

No. 45501

cp link in ot

No. 45502


No. 45504

Rapey, misogynistic, tranny piece of shit who's interactions will remind anyone who's experienced abuse of their abuser, back in /snow/. Ban VPNs please. Now. It's inexcusable this shit is still going on. We should not have to put up with this.

No. 45506

A doomposting retard samefagging and using the same pictures from an artist to avatarfag here:

Also accusing others of being trannies

No. 45507

The retard is still going on

No. 45508

File: 1663978488779.jpg (79.56 KB, 736x579, 1660179405763.jpg)

just saying thank you again to the lovely mods who've been unlocking the weekend bunker thread on fridays now. thank you!

No. 45509

and still going on, the conversation is stale now and this person is trying to make themselves look like they aren't angry even though they have been infighting for some time now. Please mods.

No. 45512

Bait and infighting and (male) in vent thread

No. 45513

Humph. There's only a day (or two) left in the week. When will admin's scheduled downtime occur?

No. 45515

Tranny is baiting in reddit thread again in usual deranged scrote fashion talking about ass rape.

No. 45517

What is with the cc style threads wtf

No. 45519

Would it be too difficult to implement a way to hide posts? Just hate seeing moid posts in threads while I wait for jannies to take care of them.

No. 45520

Yes. Oldmin is still pretending to have quit (despite refusing to communicate other than discord being a bit obvious) while supposedly doing the site upgrade that was meant to happen in like 2019. This is as good as it gets.

No. 45523

Fucking gay.

No. 45525

"it makes no sense to keep it up" and yet it is STILL up, so whats your point? You say admin doesn't care but she's still paying for most of it. What are you doing except bitching and infesting the threads with your negative comments?

No. 45528

Deleted my posts because I didn’t know how to word them better. I just meant the claims of who’s the admin rn is just weird

No. 45529

Belle autism >>>/w/250934

Anons really think that if a thread is not bumped it won't be noticed

No. 45532

racebait in twitter hate thread

No. 45534

schizo tard blowing up various threads in /ot/

No. 45535

Only blaine's ugly ass could be this retarded at this attempt at trolling, he must be malding from when anons mogged him upthread.

No. 45536

Multiple unsaging retards in /w/.
>>>/w/251089 (wants to doxx cows)
>>>/w/251090 (refuses to post caps or any info about this super secret "milk")

No. 45539

Please do something about the tranny in the kiwi thread. We need more jannies desperately, his bullshit hangs out there for hours.

No. 45541

The KF thread should be locked. The sites been gone with no updates for a week and either nonnies still havent learned not to reply to schizo troon or he is just using the thread to talk to himself all day long.

No. 45544

actually people have been pretty good about not replying to him except probably the kiwi tourists who pop in from time to time but it doesn't seem to matter, he posts his bullshit anyway
locking the thread I'm not sure there is worthwhile discussion there sometimes but I'm not sure whether it is (a) containment that keeps the kiwifags in one place or (b) attracts the kiwifags who get bored and infest other threads

No. 45546

File: 1664070124893.jpg (583.99 KB, 3231x4620, 20220924_210742.jpg)

kf thread swept, thanks farmhands

No. 45547

The moids who post in there arent interested in any other parts of the site. They just want another place to whine about Null, so yeah I think locking it will make then go back to Onionfarms.

No. 45548

Please spoil these cat gifs that were recently posted, they hurt my eyes and could give someone a seizure (don't ban the anon just spoiler them please)

No. 45549

Nonnies are getting bored of him. The only responses he gets now are accidental ones kek, he gets more responses on Crystal Cafe anyway so he'll probably go over there instead

No. 45550

thank you mods, I have a bit of photosensitivity and I really appreciate it

No. 45551

can you fuck off(calm down)

No. 45552

Nonny it's saged, just report the spastic moid. You honestly look weird for intently watching that thread like some arbiter of LC cleanliness.

No. 45553

Nta are you mad at epileptics or something?

No. 45554

nta but the hide image function exists for a reason… use it, cripples.

No. 45555

belle is a massive autism magnet, film at 11

No. 45556

>use it, cripples
what the fuck is wrong with you? someone spammed gifs of cats with flashing colors and movements, you know it would hard for someone with seizures to actually react in time while scrolling down right? it was on the first page of /m/ and without warning it can be pretty annoying to have those in your face. Seriously what the fuck.

No. 45557


No. 45558

hey redtext-chan you wanna take a xanny? you don't need to spam it on every post that rustles your jimmies like a dickhole. the posters aren't the only ones the new admin is doing a shit job communicating with, I see.

No. 45559

File: 1664109488795.gif (3.32 MB, 600x338, 89646e070e3a8d09a838334e0ddeb4…)

go back oh wait, you can't

No. 45562

>everyone who disagrees with me is a kiwitroon!!!
okay anyways, where is admin? can you guys at least make farmhand posts and address some of the concerns ITT instead of [presumably] larping as normal anons to wk yourselves? what's the point of having these threads if they're 50% screaming into the modless void and 50% tranny shitting ground?

No. 45563

ok troon

No. 45564

>inb4 undercover janny
We’ve pretty much been told in sparse farmhand/admin posts that farmhands are understaffed, assuming 1 or 2 at this point honestly. Admin has been really quiet, no communication other than one in one of the past complaints threads (I’ll link it in a bit) about the new site/server being almost done and planning to open farmhand apps after that.

No. 45565

Samefag in a bit I’ll try to compile some of the recent farmhand and admin posts unless someone beats me to it

No. 45566

one or two sounds about right. lolcow has never had more than a couple active mods at a time. but it's never experienced the radio silence the mod team is currently exhibiting either. well, aside from the lovely sperg going crazy with redtext, which is a redflag because they aren't supposed to be doing that. tells a story that the other mods really don't give a fuck anymore and decided to promote the one janny who still had a smidgen of energy left, but couldn't be bothered to properly teach them how to deal with boards outside the one they were brought on to clean up. all this while surprise downtime round 2 is on the way. guess we shouldn't expect anymore of a heads up than that goddamn discord post.

but pls trust us with your RADbux, gyns! if the site goes down and stays down for several days on account of us not using it enough to notice again, you have no one to blame but yourselves! the site is in good hands!

No. 45567

Farmhands would have a lot less work if they just locked the fucking KF thread already.

No. 45569

The KF thread isn’t even just it though. It just circles back to needing more mods and more admin communication to help. We’ve been getting a lot of traffic from other sites, not just KF. Even the schizomoid doesn’t care if it gets shut down. He just goes and causes infighting in /ot/ by responding with bait posts. He was doing this before we had a kiwi thread.

No. 45573

Absolutely false

No. 45574

Someone unsaged posting on a bunch of threads in /w/ with no milk

No. 45575

Are you talking about the one with the anime picture that had red hair? That said it’s okay for trannies to go and coax moids out of hiding on this site or whatever?

No. 45579

I get what you’re trying to insinuate but I don’t think they will delete a post for being critical of the site. I hope she can repost it again though because I’m curious too

No. 45583

it probably did happen, I had one of my posts deleted for no reason too. I think whichever mod is active right now is bad at clocking the troon, or too lazy to check post histories and make sure it's really him. no one's meta posts should be getting deleted outside of his.

No. 45584

>hey redtext-chan you wanna take a xanny? you don't need to spam it on every post that rustles your jimmies like a dickhole.
And this is why we absolutely need a hellweek, wish jannies actually gave more redtexts to annoying bitches and kf retards.

No. 45586

There's gore on /ot/

No. 45590

File: 1664145717245.jpg (230.92 KB, 933x1154, IMG_0985.jpg)

gore all over the site. just posting images to get it off the homepage

No. 45591

Blaine is spamming gore

No. 45592

hellweeks have historically never applied to boards outside /snow/, /pt/, and /w/ so none of the anons you have a problem with would be effected by it. rules are lax outside those three thus redtext is seldom seen, until a newfag mod comes along.

No. 45595

File: 1664146152735.jpg (33.76 KB, 720x597, FB_IMG_1586050263344.jpg)

moids are dumb and gay

No. 45599

Thank you for taking care of the gore so quickly!

No. 45601

gore starting up again fyi

No. 45602

File: 1664149632360.jpeg (43.78 KB, 476x383, CD6B2ABA-5958-45E4-BB1F-8135BC…)

gore being spammed across the site. will never understand why moids get a kick out of this shit. ooo a dead body so edgy im so offended

No. 45604

Scrote degen tranny is posting gore like typical violent scrote in mtf thread in snow.

No. 45605

Scrote goreposting across site, mtf thread and meta hit. Thank you jannies

No. 45607

Samefag but reason #366478964 to never have a son.

No. 45608

If anything the tranny posting gore empowers me to become even more terfy than before.

No. 45611

I just continued eating dinner while scrolling the site. It's just annoying. I saw too much gore on 4chan to be fazed anymore.

No. 45613

Blaine is so pathetic, only he thinks that we will run off our site from his whining. He is so male(retarded) minded and shows that he will never be a woman no matter how much he squeals at us.

No. 45614

I had a grilled cheese with sliced steak and some tomato soup. It has been getting cold so it is soup season for me.

No. 45617

first time checking meta since early august. the schizotranny is seriously still here samefagging and spamming? wtf

No. 45620


No. 45621

He's still here shitting up the site racebaiting and infighting daily. He's also spamming CC, he's the personification of genital herpes.

No. 45622

very weird to assume all of that. someone spamming gore probably didn’t just discover the internet a couple years prior. just seems inefficient to spam 10000 pics instead of a few awful ones repeatedly. i haven’t seen the gore but based on gore spam i’ve seen in the past, gorespammers tend to have a few specific pics they like posting.

anyway, it’s blaine spamming the gore.

No. 45624

File: 1664150663510.jpg (65.61 KB, 761x1254, IMG_5037.jpg)

kek, that freak is on this website as well?

No. 45625

congrats on being a schizophrenic insane transvestite. i don’t care. maybe get over yourself and leave women alone. female only spaces exist for a reason, and that reason isn’t to be infiltrated by people with peens.

No. 45627

oh ok. i recognize your typing style, blaine. i’m just gonna close this tab now and let you schizopost til mods come back. hopefully you 41% soon.

No. 45628

I feel sick gore gore gore be aware please don't don't scroll down on meta too far nonnies. Ugh. Can someone please give the green light when it's gone?

No. 45632

in my defense i haven’t been posting anywhere except a single thread for a month and didn’t know people were brigading, it’s usually safe to assume you’re the one gorespamming considering you did it for like two months straight lmao. why are you still here? shouldn’t you be celebrating because your enemies’ sites got nuked

No. 45633

looks like its gone now

No. 45634


No. 45637

He looks like a modern neanderthal, I never seen a human man look so disgusting.

No. 45639

> Blaine tranny was posting relatively calmly by his standards, still annoying, but fairly innocuous, almost tries to actually converse
> This elevates to overtly misogynistic shit which doesn't get much of a response
> Apparently gets into some strong drugs or something
> Posts schizo walls of text in kiwi thread about Elaine, plategang, and who knows what
> Same time gore spam begins and he starts to blame the gore on his enemies
He really thinks we are dumb, doesn't he?

No. 45640

looks like one of those one piece trannies kek

No. 45641

He thinks everyone is as mentally deficient as he is, The problem is that his pattern of behavior is so predictable that a child could clock him. It's funny that he's as clockable online as he is in real life, He's souless and devoid of humanity like every tranny is.

No. 45642

So much unsaged non milk posting all over the site, its so annoying to see threads bumped

No. 45643

Puma shoes spam on /g/ necroing a thread

No. 45644

An anon keeps posting real children under 16 in the Jvlog thread, its not milk at all and idc if it's from PULL. We have CP spammed here, we don't need children posted in general.

No. 45645

anon are you new? censored pics like that aren't "posting kids" and aren't against the rules. whether it's off topic or not is one thing, but calm down.

No. 45646

Good point I suppose

No. 45647

why is it weird? she's never contacted us directly.

No. 45648

Paki-chan has started infighting in the Radfem Cow thread in snow. Suggest farmhands be on stand bye considering how the tinfoil thread got completely co-opted by their spergout for a whole day.

No. 45649

He never talks about his family. It's not relevant. They don't need to be posted and unsaged too. It's not milky just to spam his family. If anon had no milk, they can fuck off or lurk. Don't need to post them to ask for milk like a spoonie.

No. 45650

like i said, if that's an issue, fine, but you sound deranged. they're censored pics.

No. 45651

NTA Are you joking or are you only talking about the new admin? We used to have townhall meetings kek we're concerned because this isn't normal admin behavior

No. 45653

Racebaiter in jillian's thread

No. 45654

File: 1664171777805.png (14.3 KB, 620x148, are you fucking retarded.png)

now they're probably samefagging and acting retarded. This is what the original post says and they're defending it saying it's not really a racebait and to "calm down". Anyone who says this shit is suspicious to me.

No. 45655

sjws aren't welcome here.

No. 45656

Anon, that comment is pure racebait.

No. 45657

Neither are racebaiters

No. 45659

File: 1664178824522.jpg (193.03 KB, 691x920, 1664178706348.jpg)

Can you please delete the posts of the samefagging racebaiter in jillian vesseys thread? It's painfully obvious they are defending themselves and the derail is annoying

No. 45660

Shut the fuck up kiwi scrote, you stick out so fucking much

No. 45661

He's on every board, must have tons of windows and tabs

No. 45663

lol doja indirectly mentioning Ic on twitter, may get more twitterfags soon

No. 45665

File: 1664193625676.png (72.72 KB, 632x806, dojacow.png)

Doja atleast dont be a coward next time and mention the site instead of that post where we say your head looks like a bicycle.

No. 45666

Nay, nonnie. It's better that she didn't mention the site by name lest we receive more twitterfags on an already partially-decayed imageboard

No. 45667

What retard wants more people here when jannies can barely keep up as is?
God you people amaze me with your pure inability to think one step ahead sometimes, how do none of these newfags fall down the stairs each morning?

No. 45669

retards are acting real bold in her thread trying to upset doja by hi cowing. It literally would take a name drop and screenshot and we’d be overrun with retards

No. 45671

She makes it so obvious kek

No. 45672

Thank you admin.

No. 45675

mods, please keep redtexting all retarded animefag avatarfags from /g/. I'm so sick of them shitting up threads and they're seriously some of the most autistic posters this website has to offer, which is saying something

No. 45678

gore in the KF thread on /snow

No. 45685

It's not really calling it when anyone could look it up because people are going to be curious what she means lol

No. 45690

your vibe is retarded

No. 45691

Oh fuck no

Based, I fucking hate how the anime fags are somehow exempt from the no avatarfagging rule

No. 45693

>they're seriously some of the most autistic posters this website has to offer
that's what makes them the best posters tbh

No. 45694

ty mods

No. 45695

File: 1664226460852.jpg (426.85 KB, 1753x2102, plzmakemejanny.jpg)

actually getting confused; are they in every thread? I don't clock them in most threads and don't get triggered when I see them talking in a relevant thread. Do people get annoyed by autistic passion or is there a sect of people that derail irrelevant topics all the time I'm not seeing?

No. 45696

nta, I've mostly seen them in the respective threads like you said. We do have a no avatarfagging rule though. tbh I didn't mind them so much. /g/ is always autistic so it kinda fit.

No. 45697

I don’t visit /g/ because of turbo autism, but one that comes to mind is the kirby poster who draws porn of kirby and the penguin man or whatever it is. She pops up in a lot of threads, half of the draw thread on /m/ is her. Another one was parappachan but she stopped the avatarfagging afaik. There might be more but I don’t recognize the anime moids from each other

No. 45698

And the unhinged autogynephile, funny how they are always popping up together.

No. 45699

Incel in pinkpill hidden board thread.

No. 45700

the gore spanner is the tranny, he's over on Crystal Cafe doing the same thing

No. 45701

Wait is it avatarfagging if you post your husbando in the husbando thread, or is it how you post your husbando?

No. 45702

Incel to troon pipeline will always be true.

No. 45704


Avatarfagging applies to using the same character or images and posting with them, making yourself stand out from other anons. It's not posting your husbando, its just that Kirdedede chan and other avatarfags always made themselves apparent so you know it's them which goes against being an anonymous imageboard. We had an avatarfag in the artist's salt thread who kept using Leyendecker pictures

No. 45705

But wait isn't it counterproductive? how does one post their husbando without avatarfagging, because if you post your husbando and you are known for your husbando in that thread, that would be avatarfagging for posting your husbando. Or is it if you post your husbando and the post doesn't pertain to the husbando? I'm a bit confused.

No. 45706

You don’t really, I think the husbando threads are the exception to the rule. It’s just annoying when it bleeds into other threads where people not interested in husbandofagging have to see it.

No. 45707

I can understand that. No reason to post about your husbando outside of the husbando threads as that would be annoying, but I see bans for avatarfagging in the retarded husbando thread so I'm confused as to how that happens so it can be avoided.

No. 45708

Speaking of the husbando thread, what's with all the random deleted posts? They were up for days so it's not the husbandofags themselves deleting it.

No. 45709

someone probably got a ban that deleted their posts

No. 45711

Can we maybe agree on something: that as a curtesy, it should stay pragmatic. People who love a theme, character, etc., should mix up what they use as images enough that it'd be hard to know who they are. If it's a context that makes sense/relevant thread, then it shouldn't really be a big deal if there's repetition.

I think some of it is a natural hazard of being extremely passionate about something. For example, take >>45697 who refers to the draw thread which is awkward. It's very slow and that's why that person seems over-represented as a very prolific artist that is extremely invested in getting better and isn't one-sided about it either so it'd be awkward to say that the only solution is to slow down or stop.

No. 45713

Blaine posting in pinkpill thread still.

No. 45715

He’s on both here and cc’s pp thread at the moment.

No. 45718

I'm surprised you don't get tired of pulling this same shit over and over again with no one buying it. I guess it's the y defect.

No. 45719

Schizo tranny in the kf thread again

No. 45725

what show is this gif from

No. 45726

why so much literal spam lately

No. 45728

No. 45729

It seems like there’s a lot of racebaiting, more than usual especially towards black people

No. 45730

The mtf thread has been invaded by trannies/twitterfags racebaiting for the past hour or so.

No. 45733

File: 1664282919242.jpeg (35.29 KB, 490x290, 1631449650090.jpeg)


No. 45734

Not surprised that admin has backed down on their word. A week has passed since the outage and no new updates. Pity.

We had a "black problem" spammer a few weeks back

No. 45735

I've been consistently reporting for an hour and half can jannies clean the mtf thread

No. 45737

Again, the update also came from discord and no one from the site has even confirmed that it was a legit was a legit update about the site from the real admin.

No. 45738

Go back to 4chan if you want to post character reaction images. Its spam here.

No. 45739

Refusing to post links and calling it whiteknighting to ask for links to cows socials. What braindead thinking is this?

No. 45740

I said what I said because it would infringe on nonnies' right to talk about certain subjects in their proper containment thread, and it would galvanize vendetta posters that just don't like what they post about sometime. I have noticed this with some people obviously being into specific things, not always characters, so it would get messy otherwise.
Also I don't post specific characters myself.

No. 45741

Racebait in venti thread

No. 45742

No. 45743

Y'know it's ok if you just don't like the husbando threads.

No. 45744

also how do those spam posts manage to bump threads that already had over 1200 posts

No. 45747

File: 1664306509331.jpg (24.79 KB, 275x239, 1655207627264.jpg)

I'm sorry but picrel.

No. 45751

schizo tranny larping and sperging about nails in the /ot/ things we hate thread

No. 45752

He just can't help it with that cringy autistic writing style and insulting women.

No. 45753

Incel bait in the pinkpill thread has been left up for a day with no ban.

No. 45754

tranny in italian thread

No. 45756

kitty kek'd

No. 45757

Just a heads up, schizo tranny is larping as an anorexic on Crystal Cafe rn to bait people into weight spergs so if you see anyone bone rattling don't respond it's just Blaine again

No. 45759

I wouldn't put it past him to make a thread and samefag in 80 fucking replies, he's unhinged and there's no rationalizing what he does. I'm sure that a few are poor nonas taking the bait. I wish there was something admins could do about him, like permaban him or something. While here he usually sticks to the same few threads, CC has such a small userbase that his autism really makes a dent. I'm not even sure what's real and fake anymore there.

No. 45761

porn on /m/

No. 45762

They could ban VPNs.

No. 45764

He gets past bans using multiple vpns because he’s a retard troon who has no life and lives online. Hell week wouldn’t help with VPNs still allowed. Either that or bring back the yaoi or penis gore spamming to atleast piss him off or something.

No. 45765

fuck that. we need to double down on ignoring this shit.

No. 45766

unfortunately i think the troon likes yaoi. not the same as when we're dealing with salty straight incels. i do like the yaoi spamming though (not even a fujo), it's just kinda lighthearted and fun to see

No. 45767

cp link on ot

No. 45769

I'm starting to think that anyone that still says this is themselves a tranny. It's been explained multiple times that banning VPNs will not stop the tranny from posting but it will stop actual women that use VPNs from using LC, and yet every time there's someone crying in meta about banning VPNs which would harm the site more than it would help.

No. 45771

IPs for blackmail? Don't IPs just say roughly where someone is, not any real specifics or address?

No. 45772

its the tranny being lame but correct

No. 45778

Nonna I’m
I meant what you said is correct

No. 45779

As much as I am loathe to agree with the namefagging tranny, they are right and never even spammed CP. Little spoiler, if the loudest voices claiming you spammed CP are pedophiles, ya probably didn't spam CP and they did.(tranny )

No. 45780

Tranny baiting in mtf thread.

No. 45781

male(s) trying and failing to blend in on /g/ again, lord stay my hand I'm ready to a-log

No. 45783

there are scrotes (or just schizo tranny, idk) trying to stir shit rn on pretty much every board, do not respond. thankfully farmhands seem to be going back and cleaning up, everybody say thank you farmhands and remember not to engage retarded posts

No. 45784

Tranny spamming random shit in mtf thread like a retard. Sorry farmhands.

No. 45786

adidas shoe spam necroing threads in /snow/

No. 45788

There's a moid shitting up the youtube hate thread in /ot/

No. 45789


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 45790

some weird shit happening in here

No. 45792

File: 1664424210029.png (90.76 KB, 612x364, tranner.png)

No idiot, some tranny is spamming shit

No. 45794

Tranny having giant spergdown in /ot/

No. 45796

Can we ban VPNs? I'm just tired of the ban evading trannies lol all they want to do is encroach on women’s spaces and I'm tired of it

No. 45797

Tranny still baiting an being easily clockable in mtf thread seething about fat ugly women still being women as opposed to dumbass larping twinks.

No. 45800

onision thread has a retard bragging about ban evading and posting dox. it is as sad as you can expect. pls ban the retard again

No. 45802

yes the tranny is super easy to spot.

No. 45803

If you can’t handle the trannies, the racebaiters and trolls just say so already.

No. 45804

They have said they’re understaffed

No. 45805

File: 1664451623558.jpeg (483.35 KB, 814x906, 27634B0B-23C2-4B24-B1CA-9093F4…)

No. 45806

I cant anymore oh god words on a screen, I never knew they could hurt so much. They're making fun of us instead of the other way around, make it stop!!!!!!!!!!

No. 45807

moid currently dumping shit bait all over /ot/

No. 45809

Pretty sure she means the clear scrote posting soyjak gifs anon.
Seconding clear scrote bait lose on OT

No. 45811

File: 1664497794175.png (499.77 KB, 1010x584, 6.png)

the soyjack srotes are doing this now. If you see someone calling you a scrote for unjustifiable dumb reasons, just report and move on. They're spamming their dumb shit on purpose.

No. 45812

Porn spam (possibly cp) in m.

No. 45813

cp in pt and snow

No. 45814

Reason #409598678 to never have a son spamming porn in snow.

No. 45815

link on snow

No. 45816

PTHC in /snow/

No. 45817

what is actually going on here

No. 45818

Troon in ot trying instigate infight from 7 hour old post.

No. 45819

Kiwi thread is completely full of posts and troons. Any chance a farmhand can make a new thread and auto sage right away?

No. 45821

please remove moid on /g/, made a thread and everything.

No. 45822

CP in /pt/

No. 45823

Anon having a mental breakdown because anons are tired of the useless social media posts ITT and constant "PHOTOSHOP!!!!!!! FILTER!!!!!!" autistic defense this anon gets when called out >>>/w/252329

Your either apparently the cow herself or her super special fwends trying to defend her for pointing out that the constant cries of photoshop aren't milk or new.

No. 45824

there's a scrote shitting up the relationship advice thread in /g/

No. 45826

Tranny lose on ot mad he can’t blend and women don’t want to lick his moid butthole

No. 45827

/Snow/ is weight sperging again.

No. 45828

Schizo troon is schizo trooning in /ot/ again

No. 45829

>Cervix hater detected

No. 45830

Why is it always sexual with you, I'm getting sussy vibes from this post.

No. 45831

Schizo troon still at it.

No. 45832

Dw farmhands got him.

No. 45833

Weird kpop(?) pic spam in /ot/ vent thread, might be sus. thanks farmhands!

No. 45834

Retard male in the artist salt thread and pedo kpop spam is back

No. 45835

I used to be able to highlight text reliably on mobile in order to copy it but now it fucks up the whole page, is there a reason?

No. 45836


No. 45837

Why do you continue giving me permanent bans with no explanation

No. 45838

This happened to a friend of mine too, something sus going on because her appeal and email both went ignored. Is there a broken janny??

No. 45841

Oh, well that explains the radio silence over the last year, the patchy af modding and everything else. Can't wait for the site update to go live in 2030.

No. 45842

Hey can you fucking retards quit handing out permabans like fucking candy and actually answer the fucking appeals and emails? I'm not the scrote and there's no reason to permaban me fucking twice on two different internet networks

No. 45844

can mods do something about the racebaiter in the shayna thread before my brain explodes from her spedness

No. 45846

Sorry, but Shayfags make it too easy KEK

No. 45847

just ignore it, the last time I saw mod interactions was in one of the recent celebricows thread who told everyone to stop talking about black Ariel kek

No. 45849

So you admit to ban evading a previous non-expired ban by switching networks? Good. Stay banned.

No. 45850

Kek are you new? Most imageboard users ban evade at some point

No. 45852

Samefag but jannies (in a time long ago) used to hand out bans way more often for even tinier shit than they do now, obviously because users are going to ban evade. It's not the same in recent years because admin has gone AWOL and there's like 2 jannies for the entire website.

No. 45853

It's the tranny derailing shayna's thread, noticed how he couldn't help himself and had to have a mini sperg out not even 3 minutes after an anon said it might be him.

No. 45854

No it's not. The tranny came in after I made a joke and the Shaytards went in for the bait. There wouldn't have been a derail if they weren't so gullible to obvious bait.

No. 45856

All this does is convince me it is the tranny doing his usual "it's not me you guys it's someone else I swear I'm just here to lurk"

No. 45858

So yes, ban evading.

No. 45859

Well duh? What are they gonna do, arrest you?

No. 45861

I came here to say this. It's so bad I don't even know who to report.

No. 45862

Yup, typical troon argument.

No. 45864

>I'm mad so I'm going to call you a man now
Yup, typical troon argument.

No. 45870

Kek I honestly thought it was super obvious too, but I knew not to underestimate Shayfags so I left it and went with the flow. I think they take themselves too seriously and don't realize how retarded/newfag-ish they come off when they fall for obvious bait that oldfags would simply ignore. I guess it makes sense though, since most of the anons in that thread are Twitterfags and vendetta-tier "sex workers" so they don't understand or bother to learn imageboard culture.
Anyway, I won't continue the spergery. Once the troon showed up to steal the spotlight it stopped being funny
>And it will give sex workers more ammo to bully her.
Yeah I hate when anons get pissy over the Nazi call-outs and start defending her. I'm not here to see her get cancelled on a moral crusade, I just want to laugh at her getting bullied and ostracized by other twitter speds

No. 45874

Welp he's in shaynas thread now..ugh it's getting so fucking annoying

No. 45876

please deal with the racebait in the Beauty standars across the world thread

No. 45877

Hi farmhands some weirdo is avatarfagging a skyrim clown in the vent thread.

No. 45879


No. 45880

CP in /PT/ mods

No. 45881

How long does it take for Admin to respond to emails? I need something urgently answered and explained that isn't in the rules.

No. 45883

Pedo troon is trying to blend in in the stupid questions thread.

No. 45884

Tranny in ot.

No. 45885

Smoking a cig after that reveal ngl

No. 45886

CP in /m/

No. 45887

Scrote posting cp in m jannies. Reason #20393845 to never have a son.

No. 45890

I can't take this anymore. The anxiety of seeing these things spammed is freaking me out. This is insane. I seen it on the front page hours ago and my chest feels like it's going to burst

No. 45891

File: 1664681445014.png (451.85 KB, 720x1386, image_2022-10-01_223047407.png)

Is there anything going to be done about Pixielocks and her recent mention of lolcow? Can you reveal her post history please?

No. 45892

as milky as itd be for a pixie post reveal i doubt she's stupid enough to have posted on other cows or her own threads (with her own ip at least.) her thread tends to get a lot of her fans finding their way to it and generally shitting the place up anyway (compared to other cows ime) so im feeling slightly optimistic that there won't be a massive influx from all this