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No. 757177

General containment thread for royal drama and gossip from abroad.

While the British royal family drama is most milky, you all are free to discuss other royal families from around the world as long as you have milk.


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General Milk:

>Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, the duke and duchess of Sussex, gave a long awaited interview with Oprah in a garden somewhere in California

>Said interview of course, blows the internet up completely, causing a wave of pure autism and nation sperging as Britbongs and Burgerchans go at it on social media, to the delight of many

>British media has an absolute meltdown after the Sussexes criticise them for their relentless reporting, despite previous generations of royals and other British celebrities complaining about the UK press's cruelty for years

>Piers Morgan decides to jump into the middle of the drama for no reason other than garnering himself attention that he does not necessarily deserve, gets his ass handed to him

>Back in the UK, Prince Phillip still remains in hospital after heart surgery for an infection, the Queen remains resolutely silent as always, and Prince William and Kate have said nary a word about their brother and sister-in-law's shenanigans, probably glad to have an ocean between them for now


No. 757179

Meghan is coming off a bit stupid not realising what a big deal the family she was marrying into. Like didn't she research them lol

No. 757185

I hope this thread doesn't devolve into sperging (it will), but I just wanted to say, I love watching youtube videos made by salty old British ladies that worship Kate and are mad about Meghan marrying into the family. I haven't watched those vids in a while, but now would be a perfect time to considering that Oprah interview

No. 757190

its goota suck to have all that pressure and stuff on you all the time but fr tho, none of this should have been a surprise. they both look extra whiny

No. 757191

I thought this was a livewatching thread as it's airing now in UK. I wonder who thought this interview was a good idea.

No. 757199

I will stop sperging. But imo they needed someone on the show that actually knows about the monarch and status because they're making a race issue out of Harry and Megan's son not being titled, but Harry isn't really in line for the throne since William has children. Anyway

No. 757201

She's been saying this since she married Harry, I remember I was in the UK in 2019 when she gave that other disastrous interview and said pretty much the same thing? I find it hard to believe she had no idea how important this family was, and how hardcore they take their image seeing how popular they in the US and Canada being a commonwealth nation.

I think Harry enjoys the attention, as usually William is the center of the universe seeing as he will be king once his father kicks the bucket and if the Queen doesn't live to be 125 kek.

No. 757206

i'm not a brit so idc but… sis shoulda known what she was marrying into. she didn't marry into some rich scrote's poshy fam, she married into a literal institution. did harry not clue her in on ANYTHING? was she too clueless to realize that yeah, she was gonna have a lot of pressure put on her and be expected to do some ridiculous but protocolar shit?

i feel for her in the sense that it must suck not to feel welcome into your new husband's family, but c'mon… you can't have your cake AND eat it too

No. 757207

I hate the royal family more than anything but don't really have any reason to like Meghan either. It just kind of sucks that this is what it takes to get the abolish the monarchy hashtag trending on Twitter.

No. 757212

Hearing Harry mention the parallels with Diana's treatment in the press makes sense why he wanted to step out of the spotlight.

No. 757214

Not even remotely a royalist so don't come at me anons, but zoomers and Americans thinking Meghan's drama will bring down the British royal family is actually laughable.

No. 757216

Harry's handlers will have clued her in before their first date, but lets not be naive and act like she knew nothing about them because she flutters her eyelashes on tv, kek.

No. 757218

yeah I remember those interviews. she literally has pics of her visiting Buckingham palace when she was a tween lmao. it's just cringe

No. 757229

Harry's just going to be a party Prince in the history books. Remember when he dressed like a nazi lol

No. 757237

File: 1615243088746.jpeg (121.59 KB, 750x593, 0C5EF8E6-E34D-4B25-BC87-EC59DE…)

The elephant in the room in all this which I assume will always remain unspoken but must have been a conscious decision in Harry leaving is that he’s an adopted member of the royal family at best; half brother to Will, not blood related to any of the rest of them, and they all know it.

No. 757238

If he's a half brother then why the fuck would he be "adopted"

No. 757239


Because I don’t know if you heard but his mam’s dead.

No. 757240

is that Quentin Tarantino

No. 757241

At least pick a picture that he doesn't look the spit of Charles anon.

No. 757242

Harry has always been more popular than William though, hasn’t he? Well, maybe not right now.

Not really. He looks like his grandfather.

No. 757244

File: 1615243578179.jpeg (92.45 KB, 750x448, F7A0638B-364B-48D1-BE52-32BBDF…)


It’s Di’s former lover who she was shagging around the time Harry would have been conceived and who by all accounts isn’t exactly thriving now so it’s really not in Harry’s interests to pursue a bio dad storyline for himself kek.

No. 757245

With the common people, yes, I meant more within his own family and the social circles they run in. It's always been Will this, Will that, Will's a real Windsor, Will is more handsome, on and on. Palace staff gossip a lot on British message boards and you can always spot them by how much they praise Will and deride Harry as being this troublemaker bad boy who would destroy the "institution" of Britain. He's always had this coming, but it's made ten times more awful by the fact that he married Meghan. I think no matter what happened though, he was going to leave the UK if he could and try to start a life somewhere else.

I feel like shit for laughing but top fucking kek, I do feel kind of bad for the man, he had no clue that romping around the fields of England with Diana would cause such a downfall kek. I kind of think he may be Harry's daddy but you never know.

No. 757246

File: 1615243979956.jpeg (80.7 KB, 626x626, C33FE81E-419F-477E-97EA-E35FCD…)


Challenge accepted.

No. 757248

>Palace staff gossip a lot on British message board
Which ones?

No. 757250

I usually go to Tattle.life, they're the most active. A few of the other ones I used to follow are dead and/or deleted, I need to find them again.

Also the Royal Foibles blog is run by someone has some interesting discussions with people about the royals from all over Europe, but he (she?) doesn't always maintain their address so it goes offline a lot, but it's really good when it's available. I think they are staff of some family.

No. 757251

How could anyone in their right mind find this even remotely attractive?

No. 757253


He gets a nice military pension and isn't dead, so he's doing better than Diana and Dodi Fayed.

No. 757255

He literally looks like his dad and grandfather

No. 757271

File: 1615247317647.jpg (731.52 KB, 3000x2161, gettyimages-974108668-15289931…)

I find drama caused by Meghan extremely enjoyable, IDK why people would be so mad at her when she's finally makes things really interesting and fun and also manages to get Royal Family hurt in some way which they deserve for being useless (at best). Go get them girl.

No. 757281

What is this supposed to show? Harry has the windsor inbred eyes and the same face shape, ears, nose and smile as his dad. It's unironically more believable that old lizzie is a lizard.

No. 757285

ol' Palpatine lookin good in the background

No. 757291

File: 1615249584688.jpg (32.58 KB, 640x642, wheeze.jpg)

holy fuck my sides anon

No. 757294

File: 1615249894512.jpg (16.85 KB, 268x284, 1611632337424.jpg)

This is so fucking accurate, guess this is where he was hiding all these years

No. 757302

File: 1615251009561.jpeg (142.72 KB, 828x1624, A0733490-A989-4C9C-BDE8-648F14…)

Kek now people on twitter are digging up Piers's old tweets to Meghan.

No. 757316

This guy is such a shithead, seriously. Who takes anything he says seriously? I don’t understand how he’s still on TV.

No. 757317

File: 1615252140774.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 522.17 KB, 828x1075, 9CAC3384-7869-4171-A4B2-85025F…)

He's been going all day since the interview came out, it is comedy gold.

No. 757330

You still have time to delete this, anon

No. 757338

I honestly feel bad for Meghan. Had the royal family played their cards right they could have had lots of good press with her on board. Like how hard was it to get her a therapist and let her out once in a while?

No. 757344

I thought Meghan was getting bullied by the press since the start?

No. 757346

Harry verified a connection between the tabloids and the institution.

No. 757357

It's not a connection so much that they grease paws for favourable press. There's freedom of press, all the royals have suffered bad press. They don't tend to make statements to the press unless for official announcements, if the royals had control of the press it would be undemocratic and the UK is a democracy.

No. 757359

Samefag, but also the Royal family also have a relationship with the press since its the main way they can address the public. And they need to be seen as relevant. Harry came across like he wants to dismantle the institution, which is only going to further put a wedge between him and his family.

No. 757360

File: 1615257036860.jpg (52.91 KB, 700x838, fuckingkekk.jpg)

I know they really only shat on the institution and not the Queen herself, but I saw this meme and thought it was funny.

saged for autism

No. 757363

I couldn't get over that Meghan was trying to make out that it was cruel she had a massive royal fairy tale wedding and then she was like "we of course also had a private ceremony." like no shit princess, it's not an arranged marriage there's certain royal formalities when you marry a Prince

No. 757365

You really thought she was making it out that it was cruel? I thought she was just talking about it like it was a big formality. I didn't think she was angry or upset about the fairytale wedding at all; I guess we just had different takes on her demeanor.

No. 757372

Why were Meghan and Harry lying the whole time?

1) She made it sound like they mentioned Archie's skin color when she was pregnant but Harry said it was 'early on' in the relationship. So what's right?

2)Another thing is what they said about Archie's lack of title wasn't true. In 1917, George V issued a royal proclamation dropping German titles for his family and outlining exactly who gets British royal titles and style: the titles “prince” and “princess” as well as the styles “Royal Highness” would be reserved for children of the monarch, children of the sons of a monarch and, finally, the eldest son of the eldest son of the Prince of Wales. That system worked until 2012, when Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, announced they were expecting their first child. With changes to the rights of succession, that baby—whether male or female—would automatically be the future monarch. Yet, if the child was a girl, she wouldn’t get a royal title, as she wasn’t the “eldest living son of the eldest son of the Prince of Wales,” as dictated by the existing rules. Queen Elizabeth II solved the problem by issuing a new Letters Patent on the last day of 2012 that bestowed royal titles and styles to all of William and Kate’s children. Thus arrived HRH Prince George in 2013, HRH Princess Charlotte in 2015 and HRH Prince Louis in 2018. But that tweak didn’t extend beyond the direct line of succession to any future children of Harry. So the rule wasn’t changed for Archie; rather, Harry’s granny didn’t issue a new Letters Patent to bestow the title of “prince” on her great-grandson. Archie is technically Earl of Dumbarton and automatically becomes a prince when his grandfather, Charles, becomes king. He was going to keep falling down the line of succession as he grew up as a private member of the royal family. (Prince Edward’s young children Louise and James, who are technically a princess and prince, don’t use those titles as they aren’t going to be working royals.)

3) She didn't google him, my ass. Regular ppl google their regular dates and we're supposed to belive that an actress on so two bit show didn't have any prior knowledge or didn't look up anything about a prince.

No. 757374

No. He is going to be the man with wife and child who was forced to take a job after his daddy cut off his finances when he decided to move out of his grandmothers home at the age of 36. Thoughts and prayers for him at this difficult time.

No. 757410

File: 1615263031033.jpg (22.38 KB, 647x480, royals.jpg)

At least they're getting shat on in the most undignified way possible. Every single person attached to a royal family deserves a bloody dilator to the face.

No. 757432

Lmao I really don’t understand why brits think it’s so unbelievable that a bunch of pasty freeloading dinosaurs with a history of racism are still racist. Get well soon ladies, I’m sorry your prince didn’t pick you.

No. 757485

We don’t really give a fuck about them. Most of us are just here for the memes until lizzy and phil finally perish

No. 757616

If the news about prince pedo with his Epstein connections didn't abolish the monarchy, then this interview about the royals' racist behaviour wouldn't either. People love and respect the queen too much for this to happen and it's mostly Americans who think they can bring down the British monarchy kek. Wait until the queen isn't anymore, and then maybe something is going to change.

No. 757628

I was thinking about this again last night before bed and really, the only one I feel a lot of sadness for is little Archie. All of this autism and retardation is basically swirling around him, and I hate how adults always have to involve a fucking child in their bigotry.

He doesn't understand what's going on, and he's going to grow up with all this bullshit on his back that he doesn't need 'cause his mother was a naive fool who thought that she was going to revolutionize the British monarchy. Only to find out, like so many people had been telling her, that attempting to change these people was what pretty much destroyed Diana.

I am not saying that she shouldn't have married Harry, or had Archie, but she was way too idealistic and now it's biting her in the ass. I just wish that all of these people would put their egos aside for just five minutes and think about the child they brought into the world, who is going to have to endure even more bigotry than they do, assuming that the monarchy is still relevant in 10+ years. I hope he has a little more sense than his parents when he gets older. Sage for autism.

No. 757694

Buckingham Palace released an official statement:

“The whole family is saddened to learn the full extent of how challenging the last few years have been for Harry and Meghan. The issues raised, particularly that of race, are concerning. While some recollections may vary, they are taken very seriously and will be addressed by the family privately. Harry, Meghan and Archie will always be much loved family members.”

Anyone notice they didn’t write the - Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Archie.They wrote Harry, Meghan and Archie- seems the titles have gone.

No. 757695

>seems the titles have gone

Isn't that what they wanted though?

No. 757700

According to the interview - no. Harry and Meghan wanted stay HRH and they wanted the prince title for Archie. HRH was taken away a year ago but they could keep Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Now that's gone too apparently lol

No. 757710

Piers Morgan is leaving Good Morning Britain after it was revealed that he's going to be investigated kek

No. 757719


kek'd and wreck'd - this whole thing was worth it for this alone.

No. 757726

It's good press for the media ventures they're about to drop. To that point, I don't really understand why anyone under the age of 40 would have their panties in a twist about Harry and Meghan being fame-seeking careerists considering that Harry was born into a family of parasitic tax-suckling grifters. I think celebrity culture is a cancer, but launching a netflix deal is pretty benign in comparison to colonial conquest. Plus a netflix deal has a future, whereas the monarchy is clearly at odds to remain relevant and respectable.

No. 757738

File: 1615316402782.gif (1.66 MB, 200x200, 1613517995890.gif)

>parasitic tax-suckling grifters

No. 757774

Dont't fret, I am sure he will have a wonderful life as a child-star in Hollywood.

No. 757827

Truly sad, I hope I never have to face anything close to these unimaginable hardships

No. 757925

I see, so when they said they were "stepping back" from their roles, they really just meant they didn't want to have to dance and do the footwork to maintain their titles.
Hope their financial independence works out for them after they've pimped their stories and hot royal goss to the media that they've said to hate so badly.

No. 757938

You know how child stars are treated, right anon?

Say what you want about Burgerland, at least our government doesn't subsidize the Kardashians.

No. 757966

>at least our government doesn't subsidize the Kardashians

Kek. For real though wouldn't it be nice if people could hate the monarchy without ass kissing Harry and Meghan as if they don't also obviously consider themselves to be above the rest of us commoners. All the #woke Twitter girls calling Harry hot too as if he doesn't look like an inbred plasticine model. Cringe shit like this is why despite what zoomers think the monarchy probably won't be abolished in our lifetimes.

No. 757984

The government isn't funding KUTWK, wtf are you talking about

No. 758056

Had an exhausting call with my sister who idolizes fucknuts from TV and is basically trying to debunk every claim Meghan made.
I literally don't care about the royal family and the sex pistols called it like a million years ago.

No. 758087

I agree that it's completely unsurprising but what I don't get is why normal British black people feel such sympathy or like of all the problems with the royal family the idea that interpersonal racism is the main one. I don't get what the goal is, you can't 'reform' the royal family into being a 'woke' concept, even if they weren't racist it would still be a morally wrong and unjust thing. They just need to be abolished. She willingly married into one of the most racist and imperialist families on earth and has personally benefitted hugely from it. I have way more in common with like a poor white person than her.

No. 758089

Samefag, I'm a dumbass. Just now realizing I read that post wrong lmao

No. 758152

In the interview Meghan compared herself with Kate and said the worst that Kated endured was being called 'Waity Katy'. She said being rude isn't comparable with being racist. I agree with her. But what exactly did the British media do to Meghan regarding her race? Did her call her skin color ugly? What was the worst thing the British media said to Meghan?
Oh btw I googled and several people debunked Meghan's claims. The worst thing Kate has endured was a moment when she leaving her flat for work. The paparazzi called her 'bitch' 'whore' and 'slag' to get her attention. Apparently one paparazzo spit on her (I only could find comments and no article anymore but an old tumblr https://georgeslays.tumblr.com/post/119787090820/on-9-january-2007-after-rumours-of-an-engagement).
William issued a statement through his aides that they should leave Kate alone.

No. 758213

>You know how child stars are treated, right anon?

Do you know what sarcasm is, anon?

No. 758225

File: 1615360580341.jpeg (145.13 KB, 700x933, F5BB6BF9-E845-4453-A8A7-4B4002…)

I bet she never even bothered to ask Kate, or to look further than the end of her nose to make this redundant point.
This is why people love to hate her so much. She wants to live the life of an imperial princess, but she wants people to treat her like a revolutionary heroine as well, when she’s barely been in the family for five years and undertakes the easiest and most comfortable tasks in order to virtue signal. Diana went all over the world, to poverty stricken places, places with active landmines. She stuck up for aids patients, homosexuals and victims of rape, despite people urging her not to talk about such dark things. Meghan talks about all the meany headlines that she could very easily fucking ignore. Diana put herself at risk and sacrificed her comfort, her safety, etc. THATS why she earned the title “the people’s princess”. Not just by virtue of being a certain race. Megan would never do that. Meghan can’t even fucking act. She dominates the headlines when nobody gives a fucking shit about her. But when you say that, you get accused of being a triggered royalist. Like no, if they where literally gunned down in cold blood I wouldn’t shed a single fucking tear. It’s not my fault I focus my hate on Meghan because every few months or so she comes out with another pity-me interview.
Pic related is Harry being a ginger retard as per.

No. 758240

It was the “Straight Outta Compton” piece from when she and Harry were getting married. Also the sperging about Archie was rumored to have been mainly instigated by Carole Middleton and her brother.

Honestly though, I hate how these two women get played off each other when it is really their spoilt, entitled husbands who are the issue. They’ve both gone through some ridiculous, cruel, and asinine things for two below average dicks and William never seemed to give a damn about Kate during their long engagement, when he was running around with other women while she “waited” for him on the side. He only settled for her after other more aristocratic women told him “no”, same with Harry. The press trashed his girlfriends too, such as Chelsy Davy, who admitted she broke up with him due to the intense scrutiny of every little minutiae she did, from her clothing to her lifestyle. You would think these men were made out of gold the way people act around them.

No. 758300

Beyond the obvious racial issue with Meghan, I find that liberal Britain and the Americans supporting Meghan don't really understand the ingrained characteristic of the British monarchy. The fact is that people don't WANT the Royals to be representative of current culture or to be relatable. They want them to be fancy, smarter, eloquent, classier, educated and RICH and then admire them in awe.

That is why Kate is popular and the Queen is still respected. They hold out their pinky finger and they perform the act. It is like a performance art for people to watch and enjoy and project their own desires onto.

Meghan on the other hand does not want to perform the same act. She is unable to. She does not want to be a royal british lady. She wants to be an american Hollywood actress. She represents the american victimhood of POC, the woke culture, the girl who profits off her own perceived disadvantages. There is nothing to admire about her. People don't want to feel bad for a priviledged princess.

No. 758307

I will say the Royal family had a good handle on Meghan's image around the start of her and Harry and right up until the birth of Archie. I was shocked that Meghan wasn't as articulate or as smart as I thought in her Oprah special. She came across very naive or something and the tone of her voice. It was irritating.

Yes racism is bad and that radio presenter got sacked for the monkey comments about her baby,but like the British press and media agent a hivwmind. You have people for and against the British family long before Meghan showed up. Honestly her and Harry were more upset at the press and public perception than their family. Their biggest issue is apparently security and the Palace refuses to spare resources to a couple they refused to do their duties. Meghan probably thought she was going to be Grace Kelly.

No. 758312

this is bs. there are more non-working paid royal members than working ones. currently kate and william are non-working royals as well, yet they have their titles and all their children have titles.

No that is not customary, only the monarchs great grandchilds first born son legally is entitled a title. But Elizabeth changed the rules for William and Kate, so all their children have titles. Yet They wanted to make it so that when Charles inherits, Archie still won't be a prince.

No. 758313

William and Kate are going to be the Head of state being King and Queen, they will always be working lol. The Queen has other sons apart from Charles they're just not in the line of succession so you don't hear much about them apart from Andrew lol, so like Harry being even further removed it's not really that contentious he doesn't have his titles. Him and William had a lot of press because of the circumstances with Diana's death and Charles having the affair with Camilla and remarrying. Charles is never going to be King I think this point is lost a lot on Americans. Harry really wasn't t ever destined to be at the forefront of the family.

No. 758329

I see a lot of anons talking about Kate's family masterplan for her to marry William, can I read more about it somewhere? What is the proof? I know they went to the same school but that's it

No. 758331

Difference with a monarch and the kardashians is the connection to the church. I know if you don't believe in religion this doesn't seem like a big deal, but royal blood is said to be annointed. The Queen is the 'Defender of the Faith and Supreme Governor of the Church of England'.

No. 758341

tldr; she delayed her university plans to ensure she would be same year as william. she used to brag at parties how she has hit the lottery and she will never let go. she arranged herself to be in a fashion show where she was wearing a see through dress so she would catch his eye. then she arranged that by coincidence they became flatmates. among like 10 million other things.

No. 758347

I mean, if she wanted him that badly is anyone mad?

No. 758350

Google Carole Middleton - Kate's mom. She's the pimp OG long before Kris Kardashian. Early on William's and Kate's relationship there were dozens of articles how she's an opportunist but they seemed to be vanished off the internet. Now you only find glorifying articles about her. As this anon already wrote >>758341 Carole did everything possible, so Kate would get William's attention. After both married in 2011 she tried to pimp her other 2 children with royal connections. Pippa should be a successful journalist and her brother did something with marshmallows. Both failed but Carole managed to marry off Pippa to a guy with a lot of old family money which he might get when his father dies.

No. 758353

Kate and William had an on and off relationship but apparently Carole (Kate's mom) insisted on Kate being persistent. William treated her like trash but Kate endured it because her mother said so. That's why the press called her 'waity katy'. Her mother was also the person who used her royal connection for her business and to pimp her other 2 children. Nobody would be mad if Kate was madly in love with a prince but the truth is Carole was being a true opportunist.

No. 758362

>Charles is never going to be King I think this point is lost a lot on Americans.

How is Charles not going to be king ? Why wouldn't he be?

No. 758378

He's gonna die before he gets the crown.

No. 758381

File: 1615392101361.png (528.08 KB, 475x586, 11E90012-875D-4AA9-B367-252712…)

Charles is going to be dead before his mother and he knows it. I hope he’s seething about it.

No. 758400

Very doubtful.

Did you get lost on the way to Tattle life?

No. 758403

>>tattle life
What the fuck is that?
>>very doubtful
Scrotes die in their 70s all the time

No. 758418

I love the vibe of this picture, wish it was real

No. 758435

File: 1615397305986.jpeg (24.63 KB, 250x157, 717ABB07-F886-4C0E-95E3-D48312…)


No. 758445

Tattle life is a lunatic forum like lipstick alley

No. 758471

File: 1615401279841.png (448.03 KB, 759x698, EwFX_2zWQAICMsp.png)

You guys still think that Harry wants all the things Meghan wants? This bitch got her boot firmly on his dick.

No. 758472

Harry is a grown ass man. If he's doing the shit Megan tells or recommends to him then that's his choice.

No. 758473

I bet my lunch she made him swap some of his daily dose of sugar or caffeine with some h20 and they're making it into this huge thing

No. 758474

Sounds like made up shit to me anyway, because blaming a woman is easy narrative to make

No. 758475

telling a british person they are not allowed to drink tea is a hate crime

No. 758479

I would usually agree with this, but this dude has severe mommy issues, his wife dresses up as his mother and gives his life a complete 180.

Maybe he is happy with her taking the reigns and telling him what to do (cause of the mommy issues), but it is a bit weird.

No. 758480

taps on the thread summary

No. 758481

Not to wk but what do you mean by dressing up as his mom?

No. 758482

File: 1615402265827.png (1.36 MB, 1421x430, 1615227543491.png)

Sorry I didn't see the rule where it said we are not allowed to make jokes and that this is a humor-free thread


No. 758483

Stylist dressed both Meghan and Kate in outfits closely resembling what princess Diana wore so I guess anon is assuming it's evil Meghan controlling poor baby Harry through his mommy issues

No. 758487

File: 1615402522775.jpg (46.48 KB, 640x426, 1615228357255.jpg)

No. 758488

File: 1615402677304.jpg (232.31 KB, 736x872, 1550596a0c76823f4d3bdbd72c0b93…)

I hate how adorable I found this lil ol' granny

No. 758491

File: 1615402932023.jpg (46.77 KB, 470x668, queen_in_a_raincoat.jpg)

No. 758564

File: 1615408227263.jpg (995.91 KB, 1242x1199, imagjhe0.jpg)

Even if you ignore their history, these people are visual terrorists. There is no redeeming factor.

No. 758578

If you think that's ugly you have clearly never seen the average britfag lol
But I guess that's what generations of inbreeding do to you

No. 758580

File: 1615408817729.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 63.69 KB, 640x853, 780801C1-10C1-404A-BC5B-5B3707…)

Kek they're always either ugly as sin or mentally ill. That's what happens when you marry your first cousin, who is also your uncle, to "keep the bloodline pure". Just be glad that the Habsburg line died out.

No. 758597

Oprah was the most annoying person in that interview

>WHAAAAA what do you mean royal family cares about press HUHHHH uh why do they care, they are royal UHHHH

Why was she so retarded?

No. 758626

I know people are laughing at Philip, but the dude is literally almost 100 years old kek. Who is 100 and doesn’t look awful? He wasn’t hideous as a young man.

Charles was always unfortunate though.

No. 758632


No. 758650

I didn't watch the interview, but I read that she spent 4 months on one of the royal family's properties with no passport and no id while pregnant (?!) I would expect some ridiculous shit, but not that.

No. 758653

He looks really bad, even for his age. His skin is practically see through, and I have no idea what is going on with the perpetually bruised-looking under eyes. He really is out there looking like Viktor from the Underworld, before he was resurrected kek. I bet you they don't let him walk around after dark.

No. 758654

Dude, you are nitpicking a fucking walking corpse. What's wrong with you?

No. 758659

File: 1615413845284.jpg (18.72 KB, 306x423, phillip.jpg)

Imagine getting old. CRINGE!!!

No. 758660

Camilla and bottom middle are in no way ugly. Bottom middle just looks like a teenager with braces.
Americans have a much higher rate of inbreeding anyway, which spans much further into the distant future. And they don’t even have the excuse of being a deserted island for thousands of years, or the reward of amassed wealth shared between extended families, they just enjoy fucking their relatives.
Same with a lot of faggoty European countries and Middle Eastern countries; they won’t even fully outlaw it, it’s legal to fuck and marry uncles, cousins etc.
Pretty much all royal families are horridly inbred.
I will say most of the full blooded windsors are ugly as fuqqq, except princess Margaret.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 758665

Princess Margaret was nice and she smoked a lot lol

No. 758668

It's true, some Americans think royal family inbreding is just a British thing. It is literally something that has been carried out in the past of the majority of european/asian royal families to keep the bloodline 'clean' from outsiders. Look at Charles II of Spain, he was so tragically ugly that he scared people. He couldn't walk or eat because he was so disabled as the result of a long line of inbreeding.

No. 758669

File: 1615414565915.jpg (49.26 KB, 620x411, IMG_20210310_221559.jpg)

No. 758674

Yeah Margaret was really cute, she had kind of a melancholic beauty

No. 758678

She was beautiful. Very Audrey/Grace Kelly-esque, like an actress.

No. 758680

File: 1615415145613.png (839.46 KB, 1436x1002, Screenshot 2021-03-10 at 22.25…)

No. 758683

>in no way ugly
Are you British?

No. 758689

I will probably have nightmares of the descriptions of him but I also feel kinda bad for him. No one should live like that. At least he was unable to have children himself

No. 758701

She’s beautiful, you chose a deliberate mugshot you stupid nigger.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 758706

File: 1615416648019.jpeg (1.4 MB, 2649x2106, 6C441E39-002C-4E1A-989C-5DE8BA…)

She really had some style too. I’ve always been obsessed with this picture of her.

No. 758829

Meghan's obviously a narcissistic and the Oprah interview was incredible disingenuous, and 100% confirmed it for me. I have no fucking idea how you can sit in that interview straight-faced and say half the shit knowing PRINCESS DIANA'S SON is sitting next to you. You know, the kid whose had a front row shit to it all.

She does the typical dumb narcissistic bullshit of playing dumb and making round about accusations. Harry I'm sure liked her at some point, he be basically traded total control from mommy for total control from wifey. He got in over his head though.

>Separate the abused from their family

>Swear you're doing it "together"
>Turn the abused agains their family
>Swear you're doing it "together"
>Use your abused to gain you favor
>Swear you're doing it "together"

Harry has nothing. If they get divorced he'll lose everything and his children. If he leaves she's just more of a victim. I would feel bad for him but you know, millionaire royalty and adult man who could've stopped this at any point.

No. 758848

I agree but the royal family is a nightmare and worse than Meghan, she accidentally did something good here.

No. 758884

She didn't. She's not smart enough to be a positive role. If she was, she wouldn't be smearing his family about it on national television, continuing the time-honored tradition of keeping royalty in the tabloid limelight. She's there to make a buck by playing the victim. Always has, and always will be…in my opinion anyway. Narcs don't let you forgot they """helped""" you. It's always just manipulation.

Harry simply moved from one abusive situation into another.

No. 758894

It's hilarious that people think this is how corruption works.

No. 758899

File: 1615433674546.jpg (27.09 KB, 463x347, fuckofflahey.jpg)

>the kid whose had a front row shit to it all

This post sounds like it was written by Jim Lahey

No. 758902

I truly do not understand how you can baby an adult man so much and spin everything on the woman. I bet you’re the type to get mad at the person your bf cheats on you with instead of him

No. 758910

Suit yourself. I'm not the kind of woman who infantilizes other women as being incapable of being blatantly manipulative. I said Harry is a grown man and did it to himself, but that doesn't mean miss "I never knew a single thing about the royal family! Who could've known?? Why didn't anyone educate me??" is worthy of defense. Two shit people in a shit situation they both created. I just find it funny that people like you get all twisted out of shape if a women gets criticized too much.

She's a grown ass woman, stop coddling empowered rich women. Bitch didn't have to go to Oprah and act like one of the most racist and oppressive leeches on planet earth was news to her.

And fuck Oprah too. She looked like stonehenge.

No. 758916

>She looked like stonehenge.
Kek what does this mean anon? Is this British slang for looking old?

No. 758932

Curb your racism anon, calm down.

No. 758936

>I never knew a single thing about the royal family
I'm not coming out to bat for Meghan but when she said this I assumed she meant that she had a broad and surface-level knowledge of the BRF like the average person does. People who haven't grown up in that world underestimate how deeply structured their lives are by rigid protocols and archaic ideas of duty. Imo it's not surprising because the whole arrangement is totally outdated and absurd. Like this is a group of people that are trying to justify their place in society by essentially cosplaying as their ancestors.

No. 758990

Britbongs got those butthole eyes going on. I'd say American/Canadians are more diverse in the genetics department on a bigger scale.(don't post bait)

No. 758994

Agreed. Americans aren't exactly supermodels, but they're still in a comparatively better position than Britbongs.
Also, the way that anon called the photo of one of them a "mugshot", kek. At least they're starting to imagine those sleep paralysis creatures where they belong (jail), I guess.

No. 759094

File: 1615464141344.jpeg (194.25 KB, 750x492, 44F7B0D3-2E7C-43FB-AC20-BE2F0C…)


Thought this was a pretty good article.
The royal fam is fucked up, all monarchies are, but a lot of the people who marry into them are fame whores and Meghan certainly qualifies.

No. 759134


Thank you anon, I completely agree. Somehow people on this site think that criticizing Meghan automatically makes you a britbong simp.

She knows exactly what she is doing, she is incredibly calculated and certainly not a fucking victim.

No. 759144

Even if you specifically say that you hate the rest of them, and support the abolition of the monarchy and the redistribution of its wealth, they just completely overlook that. If you don’t worship this D list MeAgain in her ill fitting bird shit dress, then you’re a racist, bitter limey.
I wish they’d both shut the fuck up and stop clogging the British press.

No. 759312


I agree as well. she is so fake and narcissistic. the whole interview was just her patting herself on the back. this part of the interview was so insanely cringe

No. 759316

yeah, I don't know how I'm meant to feel sorry for a woman who is going to have more money than I'll ever earn in my entire life, and all she had to "endure" was some old fart wondering how dark her baby is going to be. Cry me a river

No. 759320

Seriously that's all I was thinking when I saw this shit. Boo hoo the millionaire had to deal with some mean comments from some senile soon to be dead fuck. How will she ever survive??

No. 759493

No offence to absolutely anyone but I'd die for the queen.

No. 759495

Why though

No. 759510

Why is anyone surprised that an Oprah interview is fucking disingenuous and orchestrated? Like the collective retardation is astounding on this one. Whether or not shit actually happened to Meghan, why wouldn't the interview be skewed to make Harry and Meghan look as good as possible? Everyone does know how the media works right??? Especially when it's calling out the royal family.
Also, why is there even an argument around Whether Meghan or Harry orchestrated it? If or when they get a paycheck, they're both cashing it so who tf cares. They're both going to benefit so maybe yknow let grown-ass people look like jokes by their own accord. They both agreed to the interview so why would it even matter. No one kept Harry from running his mouth. And considering that he's used to playing with public opinion, he might not need his wife to hand-hold him through it

No. 759537

No I meant her "anti-aging" injections squared out her face and 6-head, so she looks like one of those weird angry rock toys I had when I was 12

No. 759549

I doubt she'd do the same for you

No. 759565

Well, I dunno, but if Meghan had any dirt on the pedophilia carried out by royals she should have spilled that instead. But that requires moral backbone and a willingness to die. Regardless, it's hilarious to watch such a high profile cow. I thought we would never have another after Trump.

No. 759720

Even Harry is looking at her like bitch wtf during her Disney rant. Also Ariel got her voice back prior to marriage after defeating Ursula so her ranting about her voice is hilarious. Ariel went against her villain and here Meghan is whining to Oprah about hers.

No. 759734

Kek, that little mermaid comparison is exactly the kind of awkward stupidity that makes people enjoy shitting on Meghan.

No. 759812

File: 1615562064722.png (592.92 KB, 660x418, hardlife.png)

No. 759816

You'd be sacrificing yourself so she can live what, like three more years of life tops

No. 759817

Kek. At least Oprah earned her shit.

No. 759821

File: 1615563180735.jpg (448.95 KB, 1080x1553, IMG_20210312_163229.jpg)

hi fakeboi, did you forget you are no longer posting on lolcow?
At least stop being so obvious ffs

No. 759831

Ooh, drama

No. 759926

>implying she isn't immortal
But seriously, at this rate I'm wondering who'll die last between Jean-Marie Le Pen, Bouteflika and her.

No. 760013

File: 1615584689076.jpg (120.69 KB, 728x546, 87fdcffd03c741ed8bbacd04977c36…)

okay now I'm not a fan of Meghan but I love to see the royals getting dragged too. these photos of William and Kate resurfaced after his statement to the press that "we are very much not a racist family" … kek

No. 760015

File: 1615584973750.jpg (146.05 KB, 728x546, 05d32bfbd0214e228ab0fe0152cfe1…)

Kate laughing and clapping like the absolute ninny that she is. how ignorant to visit someone's country that your family has colonized and to allow yourself to be carried around on a throne like that. even if it wasn't their idea they should have declined.

No. 760017

Lmao anon, you’re not sherlock. I’ve seen that meme circle around especially from leftists?

No. 760029

File: 1615586340605.jpeg (597.72 KB, 640x1052, B285C01D-9A32-434F-BE90-5D594A…)

No. 760041

Oof… not a good look.

No. 760048

Not this stick-legged, balding, horse-faced man looking like someone's closeted gay professor enjoying a view of the school swim team while his stumpy-ass wife claps in the background. Lmao, too much.

No. 760065

I got that off a random politics twitter, tinfoil-chan.

No. 760071

File: 1615588603111.jpg (238.94 KB, 291x322, 09FDgQn.jpg)

They should of declined but watch it come out this is a tourism thing they do for everyone. But this face kills me it's like she got a whiff of Kate and was absolutely traumatized.

No. 760114

Meghan is a prime cow imo, she deserves a thread more than 80% the cows in PT. I don't know why so many people fall for her bullshit, I know people think all bongs hate her because of msm, but basically everyone I know has fallen for her bs. The suicide bait cemented her cow status for me.

No. 760119

She’s milky but not that milky. It’s more entertaining seeing how people react to her than anything.

No. 760121

Half the milk on pt/snow is just calling cows fat and ugly soooo.

No. 760135

She’s being attacked by an eagle

No. 760209

I don't understand how this thread is 90% anons ranting about Meghan when there's prince Andrew and stuff like this >>760029

We get it, she's an evil, manipulative mastermind, but also dumb as bricks.


No. 760275

Prince Andrew is a fucking sick paedophile, we get it. If you want to bring some milk about that and make a decent post with links and image etc, feel free.
Another cow-like quality of Meghans is she has relentless white knights that derail the threads and provide no milk.

No. 760290

File: 1615608689515.jpeg (127.26 KB, 1200x1200, 8A067139-BFCE-49A7-89AE-6C428F…)

Go away, Piers.

No. 760294

>derail the threads
Nta, but this isn't the damn Meghan thread lmao. How is that derailing?

No. 760347

Because they don’t provide actual milk, they just expect everyone else to moderate what they want to talk about. Like this person repeatedly complains that none of us talk about Prince Andrew. If you want the conversation to go in that direction, then provide some damn milk.
You’re retarded

No. 760348

She is a master manipulator. Nearly everything she said in that interview wasn't true. She deserves a thread 100%

No. 760351

File: 1615624261623.jpeg (279.69 KB, 640x816, 4E0C9CB4-8579-4305-8214-2245FF…)

Proof that she lurks any and all discussion about her because she’s obsessed with her public image.

No. 760352

I’m going to have to watch it. The bit about Kate and the bridesmaid dresses was so pathetic. You’re not being bullied just because you had a spat with another woman about a wedding, and then one or both of you cried. Weddings are stressful AF.

No. 760550

File: 1615651771867.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 222.45 KB, 828x592, AEB3B847-D611-40B7-B0BB-969971…)

There was nothing to lurk, he had an epic, spergy public meltdown both on the television and tweeted nearly 50 times about her the day the interview came out. It was glorious.

Spoiler for boomer whinging.

No. 760551

No. 760585

Piers fucking Morgan is such a cow.

No. 760623

File: 1615657553099.jpg (95.52 KB, 964x676, queen is spilling the tea.jpg)

anons really say 'queen shit this' and 'queen this that' but nobody is talking about the tea the eli is spillong

No. 760696

He's an incel. Meghan didn't want to sleep with him and since this day he wants to destroy her.

No. 760727

File: 1615665458477.jpeg (78.22 KB, 960x540, tumblr_33e4efecbf74981c5b405ca…)

Are people really that surprised that the Royal Family is fucking awful? A monarchy that's been obsolete for centuries pissing away tax dollars for no other reason that they've been lucky enough to be inbred into the right family is corrupt and only cares about self image? Color me shocked.

No. 760759

> incel
> has been married twice and has 4 kids

No. 760770

>I don't know why so many people fall for her bullshit
It seems like she makes most people absolutely seethe tho; the hatred for her is completely disproportionate to her crime of being a generic narcissistic actress. The only people who like her are a handful of wokies on twitter.
Is this real? What did she say?

No. 760784

I asked this in the stupid questions thread but noone answered so thought I'd post here: What exactly was racist about what Piers Morgan said in the debate that made him lose his job? Genuine question. I'm not saying he's not racist or that he's not a shitbag (there was an episode where he mocked a Chinese advertisement and it was beyond tasteless), but all I heard in that particular interview is that he took everything Megan said with a grain of salt

No. 760789

anon…it's an edit

No. 760795

He didn't lose his job over anything. He walked out in the middle of an episode because he was getting backlash from another presenter, and then told his network that he was stepping down.

No. 760809

He has a tendency to say things just to hurt or aggravate people but he can't take anything back, so ofcom complaints roll in every time he says something controversial and/or reacts poorly to somebody else being opinionated because everybody hates his whiny ass.

This time around he had said he didn't believe Megan had suicidal thoughts but he walked out of a "confrontation" with another presenter where the other guy was speaking calmly to him. The complaints rolled in.

He's massively hated by a lot of people due to previous actions so his controversial opinions get more official complaints than most.

No. 760820

in all likelihood, he's using this as a springboard to a new job in a new TV channel being set up in the UK, which is going to be a combination between Fox News and the Daily Express/Mail.

No. 760861

>like this person repeatedly complains that none of us talk about Prince Andrew.
kek no this was the first time I dipped my toe into royal autism.

That take is kinda stale. No, we aren't shocked, but English idiosyncrasies are hilarious and a welcome distraction. Especially when they clash with American culture. If you don't find it entertaining, that's fine. In general, I agree with you, but I can still see the humor in this specific situation.


No. 760885

I mean the monarchy had been established for years. To be bewildered why we have a monarch in Britain is to ignore most of history. Meghan is just some silly actress that didn't even make it into films. She's setting herself up to be a victim then she'll dump Harry who won't be allowed back to his royal duties and Meghan will die making sure she's at least in the footnotes of history as Princess Diana's son's ex wife and the ex of King William's brother.

No. 760886

Like the Dutch and other European countries have royals. Why does no one call the fucking Dutch colonisers? They're still in Africa ffs.

No. 760889

Idk anon, where I'm from it's brought up or at least being eyerolled about quite a lot.

No. 760901

Outside of people with actual thought process behind their politics, everyone's opinion mostly gets dictated by memes and what's popular right now

No. 761049

Probably just because those countries medias are not in English, the language of international drama.

No. 761285

File: 1615732260281.jpg (93.71 KB, 695x930, Queen-Rania-official-birthday-…)

They're still in Africa? I only knew about the ABC islands in the Caribeans. Spain still has Ceuta in Africa but that one is funny because ocasionally it leads to spergfights between Spain and Morocco.

If you want milk from non britbong royals only thing I can tell you is that Juan Carlos of Spain owed some money to the state so he spent some time running away to other countries, but now that's already been settled and I think he agreed to pay the money back so it's old milk. The Portuguese pretender to the hipothetical crown (we've been a republic since 1910 fyi) said that he always sided with Juan Carlos.

This isn't really milk but it's slighly funny, I've been told by an Arab friend that whenever Jordanian media must cover their royal family it's basically lowkey simping for queen Rania.

No. 761313

If you're interested in very vague but old rumors, there's one about the Moroccan king being turbo gay. No idea where this comes from, aside from him maybe going to gay bars when he was a student in Europe.

No. 761352

File: 1615740439087.jpg (60.86 KB, 540x960, C1dAKkXUsAAzcMN.jpg)

(Nta) I actually heard of that from a friend. What he told me (haven't verified myself) is that one time he went to visit France and he accidentally entered a gay bar. According to my friend tabloids (not sure if morocan or french tabloids) talked a lot about it.

Pic semi related is him looking funny

No. 761403

I mean in South Africa the language Afrikkan is essentially Dutch. They've been there. They're still there. There's so much racism in South Africa.

The British commonwealth is 54 countries and you're not forced into it. It's also democratically enforced.

No. 761534

File: 1615758700746.jpeg (126.17 KB, 950x1425, 207A96EF-0B7F-42BE-B0AE-6356BB…)

Speaking of Morocco, whatever happened to Princess Lalla Salma?

She supposedly got a divorce or her husband (more likely) divorced her/forced her into seclusion because of something she did or said. No one knows for certain what happened and I can’t find any articles in English, French, or Spanish about her from late 2019. There was a pic circulating of her being in Paris early 2020 so she may be somewhere in Europe.


No. 761550

Good question. My mother told me about her "disappearance" fairly recently so I tried to look for more info about it a few months ago but all I found was a bunch of French articles just saying she's nowhere to be seen with no clue or potential explanation.

>forced her into seclusion

Would he really do that? I'm not familiar with politics over there but from what I've been told by my family members who live in Morocco Mohammed VI is way less likely to do crazy shit like this compared to Hassan II.

No. 761604

I've been trying to figure it out, too, but all I can find are rumors about how it may have been something to do with the children and a dispute over their custody. Without any clarity from the press, I guess we will never know for certain what happened.

No. 761761

I feel like this is a great video addressing all the bullshit Meghan has said

No. 761770

Thanks, it's clear, concise, and astonishingly free of the usual autism surrounding royal drama. Every other thread or vid on the subject is pure autism for some reason (including this thread, lol wtf are some of these posts).

No. 761839

File: 1615802558998.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 51.86 KB, 306x488, 8BD720FA-C66D-4C71-A8E8-C2B437…)

I bet you it was William.

No. 761891

Dude looks like an animated chipmunk wtf

No. 761930

File: 1615814808925.jpeg (147.61 KB, 602x881, 9D6DED7E-B679-4631-956A-79F0A6…)

He was handsome for about 3 minutes when he was a teen. Then he hit his 20’s and those unfortunate Windsor genes kicked in, and now he looks like a soft boiled pigeon egg.

It’s why he’s such a insufferable twat.

No. 762192

File: 1615841425467.gif (1.89 MB, 320x289, 3XHltym.gif)

She wore Princess Di's perfume on the first few dates? Jesus this woman is deranged, not saying Harry is free from blame. But holy shit that is beyond vile to use his dead mother's perfume to score a royal humping.

No. 762312

They’re all weird about Diana, I don’t see how Kate wears a dead woman’s engagement ring from a failed marriage. That’s bad luck.

No. 762336

File: 1615855377296.jpg (29.31 KB, 540x282, 20150996lpw-20152076-article-j…)

Whatever happened to Salman bin Abdulaziz bin Salman Al Saud? Looks like he's still in prison for threatening MBS with his handsomeness.

>Prince Salman was detained in January 2018. His father was also arrested two days later.

>Salman was summoned to the palace in the middle of the night, then beaten and arrested.
>Neither were brought to trial, and there was no official recognition of their presence with the Saudi authorities.
>Sources close to Salman claimed that MBS harbored "personal jealousy" toward Salman.
>Following the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the family of the two detained expressed grave concern about their fate, because they had not heard any news about them since they were summoned to the Royal Palace 10 months prior

No. 762351

As a kid in the late 90s I remember thinking he was so cute. It sounds incel-y but god did he age terrible in his early 20s, he went from cute to balding middle aged man in like 5 years.

No. 762356

tfw it's actually men who age like milk

No. 762379

Most everyone now says all he needs to do is shave the rest of his head and get a tan and he’d look less like Jeff Bezos pre-Amazon glow up. Being bald, gummy, and pale is not a good look. Sunlight is free, William…

No. 762439

idk there's only so much you can do when half of your genes comes from charles

charles has never been cute one day in his life

No. 762442

That's not as weird to me plenty of people reuse family rings regardless of it's history. Plus that's After dating and deciding to marry. But purposely wearing a guy's dead mother's perfume the first time you meet him? That's completely fucked.

No. 762469

He carried himself well, like aristocracy. Will and Harry don’t have his charisma.

The entire family dynamic is like something straight out a Brontë novel. Just unnecessarily tragic.

No. 762473

File: 1615869121461.png (1.7 MB, 800x1204, prince-william-11.png)

Mfw this was how Prince William looked like at some point

No. 762495

What a huge difference lush hair and a tan makes.

No. 762501

File: 1615874512054.jpeg (32.35 KB, 614x333, 10e84f30-9f5a-0132-a2cd-0e6808…)

the princess diaries 2 came out in 2004 (he was 22 at the time??) and it took me until like four days ago to realize that's the same person

No. 762516

why haven't they cured baldness yet

No. 762542

I see why Kate was willing to do shit like walk naked in a fashion show for him lmao. For some reason his face looks molerat-y in >>761930 though. He has some big ass teeth

No. 762915

I'd be so embarrassed if I had my extreme mommy issues broadcast for all the world to see like William and Harry. I'm not really paying attention to all that royal stuff but it seems like Harry doesn't mind this sort of things, but if I were him I'd at least want to keep this to myself.

No. 762924

File: 1615920969782.jpeg (292.53 KB, 1280x1920, 9D19E758-E7D1-45D3-85CE-BCAD9A…)

Had to google this nude runway thing and this has to be the ugliest effing dress I have ever seen

No. 762938

Holy fuck, that man aged like milk in the Carribbean summer sun.

No. 762948

I think it's long overdue for the royal family to be done away with and they shouldn't get another cent of tax payer money. I'm a diehard Diana stan, so I already hated them and am not the least bit surprised by what Meghan and Harry have gone through. Much more importantly, though, their protection of Andrew is absolutely indefensible.

No. 762951

The dress is hideous like someone ran out of the materials and took a nearby drape. But she looks so cute at the same time. I love her face.

No. 762978

Cent lol, OK yank.

No. 762979

>Much more importantly, though, their protection of Andrew is absolutely indefensible.

It is. I know Smeg & Hairy are annoying, whiny, and attention seeking, but it seriously says something about the world when you can get the public more worked up over two goofballs and their ridiculous Truman Show tier family feud, than a man who was involved with the trafficking of young girls across the globe for deviant billionaires.

No. 763020

Megan went to my high school (not the same year, obviously). The Oprah interview fucking SLAYED me.

No. 763473

File: 1615986205839.png (616.63 KB, 1072x536, princephilip.png)


No. 763479

Wow did they bring home a corpse? He looks three minutes away from dying

No. 763488

There’s no way he’s still alive it’s a farce. Weekend at Bernies.

No. 763524

Holy shit isn't he like 100 years old? He looks green.

No. 763529

spoiler this holy shit. I know we're supposed to hate them because politics or whatever but this just makes me want to cry. People that are so old they get no pleasure out of life but they're just carrying on because it's expected, shit is so sad.

No. 763533

Euthanasia should be available for cases like this (and others too but I would digress). So many elderly tell me they can't wait to die. After 70 it's really all downhill from there.

No. 763613

what, and leave the desiccated/fossilizing remains there in the hospital?

No. 763700

weird how he looks like this but the queen who's only a few years younger looks surprisingly good for someone in her nineties

maybe she's been siphoning his life force or somehting

No. 763845

I feel like I'm capable of recognizing objectively good looks, even if they aren't for me, but I don't understand the gushing over young William at all.

No. 763929

At this age a few years is the difference between life and death. And while Philip looks like a corpse the mere fact he made it to that age while apparently being strong enough to still walk, talk, and have surgery is very impressive.

No. 764195

i hate these animals, this makes me angry

No. 764209

I hope people will have the legal right to choose euthanasia by the time I get old

No. 764758

The queen has very roundish facial features which makes you look younger and she always wears bright colors that make you look lively + maybe makeup.

No. 768565

File: 1616596588854.jpg (58.72 KB, 634x476, 40538404-9392537-The_Duke_and_…)


>The pair confessed the ceremony saw them 'privately exchange personal vows'

>The U-turn comes two weeks after they made the comments in their Oprah chat

I really don't understand why Meghan would lie about this. she can say she was misinformed but there is a big difference between being "married" days before the actual wedding, and simply sharing your vows.

No. 768575

She always loves baiting the shit out of media to make everyone write articles about them. It's her strategy.

No. 768579

don't forget how Meghan also claimed they denied a title to baby Archie because of his skin color. Lolololol they're not direct in line for the throne. Harry is far below down the line because of Wills' 3 children who are titled and the children of the future King, Harry is not going to become King, period. When Charles becomes King, he will give a title to Archie and make him a prince or duke or whatever. Meghan was barely a royal for 2 years before quitting and then going on TV to whine about having no title for her son. God she's such a stupid bitch lol. Can't wait for her to go and make more media blunders, she's truly hated and reviled in the UK now.

No. 768584

it really makes you wonder if something is wrong with Meghan. Meghan's own blood family hates her and talks shit about her. I don't think Meghan is a bad person per se, but she seems to have a victim complex mentality and thinks that everyone is out to get her. I wonder if that's why Meghan's older half sisters hate her.

No. 768591

File: 1616599406954.jpg (148.33 KB, 962x695, 40833510-9393225-A_statement_o…)

prince harry's new big boy job: chief impact officer at a mental health app… lol

>Harry has been appointed 'chief impact officer' for San Francisco-based start-up BetterUp Inc. As well as having a full say in 'strategic' decisions, the prince – who had vowed not to cash in on his royal credentials – will become a public face for the business. His photograph is already prominently displayed on the firm's website alongside the words 'Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex'.

yet he had absolutely no idea what to do when his pregnant wife "didn't want to be alive anymore". they are so damn obnoxious.

No. 768660

I thought that they are not allowed to use their titles after the royal split? I wonder if KP will demand tat they take down "Duke of Sussex" title from the website.

No. 768715

they're allowed to keep the Duke and Duchess titles but they're not allowed to use HRH anymore (His/Her Royal Highness)

No. 768787

oh ok. So these cunts whine and quit the royal family but still want to refer to themselves as Duke and Duchess of Sussex? Big fuckin lolz. Harry might think he's so happy and in love with Meghan right now, he might think he is free to do whatever he likes, but in a few years he's going to feel trapped and regretful for giving up everything for an American cunt who smeared lies on national TV about his family.

No. 769046

He also joined some thinktank's Commission On Why The Internet Is Terrible or something. Expect more whining about how the media was mean to him.

No. 769127

Meghan keeps going on about the titles but what she is refraining from saying is she wants entitlement to inheritance. That's why she kept pressing the issue of security in her interview. They're trying to establish they need funding for security and they the Palace should be giving them money.

No. 769253

I used to be a Meghan fan, but after the Oprah interview, my opinion has changed of her. She made up so many lies:

-claiming that they denied a title to baby Archie because of his race. No bitch, he's not entitled to a title until Charles becomes king and will grant him a title

-claiming she was denied mental health. Again, what a fucking liar because Harry also got mental counseling after his army career ended, and Meghan could have sought a counselor on her own instead of going to the Human resources office. Like wtf lol?

-she claimed she didn't do any research on the BRF… bitch really? She's a fucking social climber who was part of an exclusive club for wealthy people, elites and celebretards (i think called The Soho Club) in London, NYC and Toronto. That's how someone introduced her to Harry because of her exclusive membership. She clearly knew what she was doing when she signed up for a club that's very hard to get in.

-how come she only invited her mom, but no close friends or family to the wedding? All she did was invite a bunch of A-list celebrity retards who had no connections to her.

I can go on but you know what I mean. Bitch only married Harry in 2018 and barely lasted as a royal for less than 2 years. BUT MUH SKIN COLOR! RACISM!!! shut the fuck up cunt. Kate was relentlessly bullied by the media for a decade and she never quit or complained. I actually have more respect for Kate now.

No. 769255

He's such a spoiled petulant child who thinks everyone is out to get him. No, Harry, if you think everyone around you is against you, including your own family, friends, acquaintances except your bitch wife… guess what, Harry… you're the problem.

No. 770439

File: 1616806215645.jpeg (368.64 KB, 828x1219, DAEEFDF4-BCCC-499C-BB70-181FCB…)

No. 779266

Philip ded

No. 779269

No. 779273

File: 1617968320906.jpg (151.28 KB, 1248x832, NINTCHDBPICT000549781629.jpg)

This made me euphoric for some fucking reason, won't have to see new pics of his monster face anymore lol.

No. 779274

Gone too soon, F

No. 779275

Legit, my sister mournfully informed the family after seeing the news on tv and these pictures immediately sprang into my mind and I had to suppress a laugh

No. 779276

Some idiot I know said he had so many more years ahead of him. The man was 99. How stupid can people get?

No. 779277

kek, he was hanging on by a single thread.

No. 779282

inconsiderate of him to die on a friday kek

No. 779285

I will be taking a break from the Internet to mourn the news.

No. 779288

Let’s have a few sherrys to celebrate. RIP to the most kek worthy royal.

No. 779289

I was hoping he'd at least live another two more months to see his 100th birthday. So close yet so far

No. 779391

File: 1617980625198.jpg (73.95 KB, 620x413, GettyImages-79031600-eface1b.j…)

don't be rude anon lmao let's remember him when he was handsome

No. 779408

Just can't help but feel for the Queen.

No. 779670

File: 1618001299751.png (542.09 KB, 940x276, 465FD3C0-16D0-40F4-9696-1A9191…)

Nice work, Death, now take Harry so Meghan can be the rich gold digging widow of her dreams.

No. 779671

They were married for 70 years! I feel for her too.

No. 779672

gotta wonder if the ginger's gonna attend the funeral

you know megs won't

No. 779675

I hope she doesn’t, she’s had her fun in the spotlight recently, this will only give her more attention

No. 779693

File: 1618002564007.png (477.37 KB, 495x437, imagve0.png)

People are already making memes of this. This one might be going a tad too far, though

No. 779697

These memes are getting stale already, probably all made by Americans who’s only knowledge on the royal family is watching Harry and Meghans Oprah interview.

No. 779723

Mournfully?? KEK

No. 779742

this is so not funny, whoever made this is uncreative and has to be rude and shocking to be at least marginally funny

No. 779750

Sick of seeing people write sad posts like their grandpa just died. It’s so fucking weird.

No. 779757

I am British and am not upset or even bothered by his death, never mind writing a sad post. But he has done a lot of good things for charities and young people in this country. And these zoomer Twitter memes are disrespectful and childish af.

No. 779806

File: 1618008570137.jpeg (98.41 KB, 1080x822, Eyib6LLWUAQaO_1.jpeg)

No. 779808

Seriously, this man looked like he drank adrenochrome morning, noon and night.
He literally looked demonic. Must be all the evil manifesting on his face.

No. 779811

cringe and unfunny

No. 779917

They must’ve ran out and had to give the last few drops to the queen.

No. 780449

American women absolutely fuckin' love drama. They will ruin their own lives just so that they can create a real-life soap opera.

They are flaming histrionics and have the worst victim complexes of anyone i have ever known. Obviously a dumbfuck American marrying into the royal family was going to be disastrous

No. 780463

wait, what?! is there a source on this? i cant find any info about william fucking around on kate

No. 780516

File: 1618090080449.png (1.07 MB, 720x710, F8123189-7818-49AB-AC4A-696CB9…)

No. 780519

Anon are you a 16 year old scrote?

No. 780520

You have the sense of humour of a degenerate(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 780524

The dead man himself could make jokes funnier than this.

No. 780543

why was this banned, when it’s true? Dumb

No. 780546

File: 1618094116980.png (780.89 KB, 911x585, Screen_Shot_2017-11-06_at_12.4…)

No. 780557

File: 1618095541932.png (115.04 KB, 1250x1488, 2345432125432.png)

no statement except "thx for ur service bye"
cold ass shit

No. 780581

I don’t give a fuck about the ugly corpse man but leave the Queen outta this retard garbage

No. 780590

File: 1618099887067.png (104.9 KB, 225x225, 7271194920993.png)

No. 780942

File: 1618139791407.jpeg (105.25 KB, 1200x1200, 19B4ABA5-8904-42B0-85D6-EAF642…)

Leave the Queen out of your dumb memes

No. 780945

File: 1618140000488.jpeg (117.38 KB, 1200x600, 91DA191F-747B-4EFD-98E2-3B5808…)

Our future king. Adorable

No. 780965

File: 1618141535461.jpg (135.61 KB, 1080x1136, IMG_20210411_124541.jpg)

Me irl:

No. 780967

Optimistic, the Queen will outlive him too.

No. 780982

I'm just praying for his future hairline

No. 781000

imagine wanting to have a king lmao. anyway liz will bury that one too

No. 781027

He'll turn into a garbage scrote like all the men in his family

No. 781220

File: 1618168756874.jpeg (348.97 KB, 605x666, 82B0C212-3994-4E57-B6E0-17300F…)

No. 781262

stop cluttering up tt with your stale queen memes. no milk, not even funny, unless you are 14 and retarded that is

No. 781933

File: 1618244242570.jpg (32.57 KB, 600x450, 19b7e36647ae6cc717e288e0b4524e…)

Do anons have any takes on the supposed coup in Jordan from last week?
It would be funnier to watch if the Jordanian gov didn't shush it so much, but it's kinda funny to me the idea of basically brother vs brother spergging.
I've seen people/news agencies say prince Hamza has a lot of popular support but I can't really tell if "a lot" is supposed to mean the majority, a considerable but still minority group, a small but loud group, etc or even if it's just exagerated. Does anybody know if this is polarizing or not?

Either way, Abdullah has american support so he ain't going anywhere.

No. 783269

File: 1618372184031.jpeg (684.17 KB, 1242x754, D5815C91-561E-4C38-BE3E-98EACC…)


No. 783272

this meme isn't wrong tho anon

No. 783274

i ask myself this everyday haha

No. 783390

god, she is such a narc

No. 783517

File: 1618414863330.png (180.89 KB, 372x308, queen.png)

Liz out here embodying the "well, he ain't gettin' any deader" Yzma .gif

No. 783525

Is this bitch serious??? Jesus, what an ego

No. 783648

There are way too many people saying "Oh she'll probably die soon too :(" as if there has ever been any kind of true love between them that would cause her to suddenly drop dead from sadness.
Perfect example of her absolutely not giving a shit outside appearances.

No. 784227

Camilla and Charles are sociopaths who delighted in tormenting a mentally ill teenage girl until eventually orchestrating her murder. Both pathetic uggos

No. 784229

she has absolutely no self-awareness. How hard would it be to hire a PR consultant so that you dont fuck up so consistently? Everything she does and says is so unbelievably dumb.

It’s like she thinks that other people can’t see her and is so blatantly transparent and then gets mad when people see through her.

No. 784231

He's been dead. His body's been decaying since forever, they just stopped taping his eyes open for photos.

No. 784258

she's truely a saint

No. 784266

File: 1618518543570.jpeg (55.12 KB, 453x399, 190AB708-B7CE-44A2-A028-592D9D…)

Anyone know what happened to the Burger King?

No. 784306

Can't believe you guys are out here taking an article from the Daily Mail seriously, especially when the source is just people who claim to be Meg's pals. Maybe she's a raging lunatic but I don't want to find that out from a newspaper that just makes shit up and crosses their fingers that you don't sue kek.

No. 784476

File: 1618548294979.png (993.78 KB, 842x837, burger-king.png)

He went insane

No. 784477

File: 1618548475249.jpg (248.36 KB, 1920x1040, 4796fd04-james-may-top-gear.jp…)

James May was the Burger King this entire time. My god.

No. 784833

This just looks like a local tradition that they almost certainly do with all big leaders to me.

I'm not capable of understanding people who all of a sudden get petrified when it's a person with a different skin color getting royal treatment. Like it's fine for them to see a picture of a rich person and a poor person next to each other, and they have no reaction at all, but if they see a picture like that and the two people are different ethnicities, they panic like that's different or "worse". Can someone explain that mentality?

No. 785109

this video is so funny

No. 785442

I'm watching the livestream of Prince Philip's funeral if anyone's interested

No. 785454

Is Meghan there ?

No. 785457

Nah lmao. Prince Andrew is there in plain sight though

No. 785458

iirc she’s rumored to not be attending to avoid attention being drawn to herself, and more realistically because of the pregnancy.

No. 785477

camilla is a witch. a woman that ugly could never seduce a prince without some sort of paranormal means

No. 785501

Anon-chama, she still ended up making it about herself >>783269

No. 785526

have you looked at charles?

tbf it was his own father's funeral, they couldn't very well have asked him to wear a burlap sack

No. 785561

Yeah I figured. just thought it’d be interesting to mention because I haven’t seen him/thought of him in ages

No. 785591

imagine how hideous the boys would be if Charles procreated with Camilla instead of beautiful Diana? it would be a national disgrace

No. 785592

have you looked at the stunning woman that the deformed, ugly wench took him from?

No. 785612

you do realise he knew camilla long before he knew diana?
plus it was an arranged marriage and he made it clear from the outset he wasn't in love in her (that 'whatever love means' in their engagement interview was kind of a dead giveaway)

No. 786003

File: 1618724045340.png (204.4 KB, 671x344, meghan.png)

No. 786007

I can actually see her and Phillip getting along very well, which is ironic. They probably had some bants.

No. 786067

I'm not sure. Phil's job was to bash heads together whenever people were doing things detrimental to the family; had Meghan and Harry got together a decade ago, I don't think this drama would have happened because it's the sort of thing he would have dealt with. But maybe after sorting things out, they might have got on.

No. 786069

Lol @ the Telegraph. Megan's obnoxious but here's a prime example of how anti-Megans manage to be even more insufferable.

No. 786070

Camilla must suck some mad dick, hey.

No. 786076

They're making out that this is some weird thing but it's standard practice to send flowers when you can't attend a funeral.
>how meghan ensure she had a part in Prince Philip's funeral
And the telegraph could have foiled all of her perceived evil schemes by simply not commenting on it but oh well

It's crazy how many of them think she's a fame hungry leech and so continue to draw attention to her and publish stories about her and make sure we can't have one day without hearing her name or seeing her photo

No. 786134

sage for old milk, but I still am baffled by the visit of Charles and Camilla in Athens for the Independence anniversary and his proclamation of being Greek while his father did not wish to be associated with the country and never made an official visit after Eli's coronation.

No. 786136

charles and phil never really got along so maybe that was his idea of rebellion kek

No. 787528

camilla ugly

No. 787623

File: 1618936269150.jpeg (427.27 KB, 2000x1332, CCBF898C-E49C-4D17-8C20-6AB791…)

so is charles
truly a match made in heaven uwu

No. 788925

male mad lel

No. 794080

how can you be 20, kidless and have such saggy tits? christ

No. 799781

File: 1620244374362.png (133.76 KB, 719x915, Book.png)

No. 799902

File: 1620254491473.jpg (82.17 KB, 780x1085, book-cover-the-bench.jpg)


>by Meghan, the duchess of Sussex kek

she is so annoying

No. 799910

the queen of what? magic's not real therefore it cannot be in her blood, sorry

No. 799913

what? they're just regular looking breasts

No. 799924

Didn't she leave, though? Why still carry the title?

No. 799933

Anon, either you're a scrote or have some serious projection and esteem issues. They look like normal breasts for a woman in her 20s…

No. 799954

If she couldn't use her title her marriage would have been pointless duh

No. 800046

nothing to add but I love when I see meg stans say the most crazy shit about Kate, will and their childern, while defending Meg, Harry and their child(ren) from crazy shit being said.
Zero self awareness.

No. 800161

If you're critizing me-gain, you're racist. Don't you know?

No. 800162

This is simply disgusting. Didn't her own father invest hundred thousands of dollars in order to grant her the best education? I mean she went to a private school and then to a university, all paid by her mean esttranged father? When he didn't have money anymore she never helped him and ignored him. He's now sick and broke but she's the victim. I don't want to hear or listen anything family-related stuff by her. She's disgusting and toxic.

No. 801867

wahhh i escape meanie racist royal family
>Duchess of Sussex

have your cake n eat it huh

No. 802284

I hate her. She is such a fucking cow.

No. 802305

Her dad is an asshole. Him and her half siblings trashed her loads in the American press before the wedding.

No. 804146

Could the royal family technically sue her for this? I'm actually curious about the legallity of LARPing this hard with an official title you aren't supposed to have.

No. 805498

File: 1620885551259.jpeg (134.1 KB, 960x670, 40t66xiregx61.jpeg)

Seeing how Meghan has behaved, her family was right…

No. 805865

File: 1620927222834.jpeg (153.09 KB, 1024x1587, 1173062165.jpeg)

No. 805873

>Meghan Markle Reportedly Isn’t Having a Baby Shower Because “There Isn't Enough Strife in the World” Right Now

No. 805878

i love her freckles

No. 805938

File: 1620932824004.png (Spoiler Image, 199.26 KB, 344x407, kek.png)

No. 806105

File: 1620942498725.png (249.16 KB, 1274x980, 4321234567.png)


mf out there whining about his privacy but then turns around and exposes all his family trauma on TV, ok

No. 806201

> speaks of generational trauma, "genetic pain and suffering that gets passed on anyway"
> decides to have two kids anyway
Harry is such a hypocritical dimwit

No. 806346

>This approach is very different to how the couple celebrated the arrival of their first child. In February 2019, a then-seven-months-pregnant Meghan flew to New York City where her friend Serena Williams threw her an opulent $200,000 baby shower in the penthouse suite at The Mark hotel that included a flower-arranging lesson and a multi-dessert meal for guests that included Gayle King, Amal Clooney, and Jessica Mulroney.
I thought that the Queen took away her passport and she was lonely because she couldn't see any of her friends.

No. 806385

File: 1620975618840.png (73.98 KB, 540x291, P&G.png)

No. 806431

This sounds more like they are trying to save face because no one wanted to go to her baby shower

No. 806477

based Megan&Harry for airing out BRF's dirty laundry.
Wonder if this is Harry's way to revenge how his dad treated Diana

Also I'd like to know how much money they got for Apple series. Forbes is as reliable as dog shit but they said about Spotify deal:

":Spotify’s three-year podcasting deal with Prince Harry and Meghan could be worth as much as $15 million to $18 million, according to industry sources. It’s unknown whether the streaming music service has begun writing checks—the first podcast, a holiday special from their Archewell Audio, came out in December 2020, and was not part of the deal, which will add around $3.5 million a year to their coffers, after taxes"

So they have deals in probably similar price range with Apple, Netflix and maybe Disney…? Too big numbers for us peasants to understand.
I don't know how inheritances works in royal family and if it's possible to deny Harry's share from him.

No. 806547

Is it just me or is 3,5 mill a year not so much?

No. 806660

>$15 million to $18 million
>Too big numbers for us peasants to understand.
I can see why they wanted his father to keep paying for everything. We peasants can't understand how difficult being born into royalty really is.

If Meghan and Harry can trash the Royal Family when Prince Phillip was dying and the Queen is mourning, then there is nothing wrong with her family trashing her before her wedding.

No. 807145

It's a lot for your average person but it's not for upper level celebrities. They still have to pay out for staff that need to be either round the clock or available on short notice, like security, agents, publicists, accountants, lawyers, etc.

If you're famous, accumulating wealth requires more to be spent and it's hard to stop spending that money even when you stop making as much. That's how actors go broke while unknown rich people are still living off their great great great great great great great grandaddy's money.

I still don't feel sorry for them considering most people in the world won't make 3.5 mil in seventy years of full time work

No. 807833

File: 1621149799368.png (67.02 KB, 615x267, kek.png)

No. 807871

Wasn't there any other way to move further away from the royal family without leaving it altogether? They're putting a lot of band aids on not having daddy's (granny's?) money to spend (the RF not financing them anymore is something they must have thought would happen if they left).

No. 807927

It feels more like they are airing dirty laundry to extort money from daddy. Either the Royal Family pay their bills or they will continue trashing the monarchy. So classy of the Sussexes.

No. 807992

No. 808011

File: 1621171561436.jpeg (68.42 KB, 1029x828, klmbsy6tlcz61.jpeg)

From CDAN, so take this with a grain salt.

No. 809638

No. 809732

File: 1621332794085.png (571.76 KB, 828x666, DianaTribute.png)

>Prince William and Prince Harry announced in 2017 that a status to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Diana's death and all the amazing work their mother did would be installed on July 1st, 2021 in the Sunken Garden of Kensington Palace.

>Harry is demanding the Meghan be part of the official ceremony. She will not be able to attend in person because of the couple's second child, but Harry is pushing to have comments prepared by Meghan included in the event or a video message featuring his wife released to the media the same day the brothers unveil the statue.

>And if Harry’s demands are not agreed to, the family fears Harry could do the "unthinkable" and refuse to attend himself.

No. 809734

good for him

No. 809764

I hope William calls him on his bluff and neither Meghan nor Harry are part of the ceremony.

No. 812400

File: 1621621697047.jpeg (307.28 KB, 750x1097, 05DED2D7-A447-488C-9090-52C0CA…)


tl;dr: meghan is a saint, everyone in the rf except diana is evil, harry's life is so hard you guys, mummy issues

No. 812834

File: 1621667378470.gif (1.31 MB, 244x224, 2A46DCF6-C18B-4817-8277-A9C6BB…)

>woke up in the middle of the night crying into her pillow

No. 812845

File: 1621669899785.jpeg (156.14 KB, 700x625, 03BD93BC-2CD2-48BF-8964-958230…)

I hope they do a paternity test on Harry, find out that he’s not Charles’ son and finally boot him and his annoying wife out for good. I hope to see MeAgain on commercials and Harry working as a gardener just like his real dad.
Also I hope Prince Andrew dies a slow and painful death.

No. 824205

File: 1623004877788.jpeg (174.36 KB, 828x1231, 09DF2246-44AB-4B1B-B372-C64933…)

Baby is here

No. 824237

Meghan looks like a caricature bought to life. That obnoxious fake smile will never leave her.

No. 824288

>babby name is Diana


No. 824870

Retard take but their last name sounds so wealthy. Burgerfag so I didn't even know the family name until a couple of months ago honestly kek.

No. 858901

File: 1626798073814.jpg (40.92 KB, 1200x675, E6s6oKMXIAka_tG.jpg)

brigning this thread back from the dead - the ginger is writing a tell-all book. this should be fun


No. 858922

apparently they're doing this because they want lilibet christened at the royal abbey but it looks like it won't be happening

No. 858927

I hope he talks about his partying years and then how Meghan put him under the thumb lol

No. 858928

I thought the whole family gave up on their first family name because it sounded too German during WW2, even though they're actually mostly German. Seeing it and the Windsor family name together seem weird. It makes them look like a parody of rich British people, but I guess that's what they are after all.

No. 858937

lol anon I was about to type that myself, more or less, before reading your comment.

No. 858943

File: 1626801763422.jpg (34.41 KB, 610x449, princeharrynaked.jpg)

My thoughts exactly. The orgies, coke snorting, Nazi fancy dress, racist jokes? kek (repost as I posted an allegedly fake pic, good thing there ARE real ones regardless of what the House says lmao)

No. 858955

Can we please stop with the bullshit that Meghan is controlling him? I do think they’re milky but the whole “She’s dictating his life” is some misogynistic shit that is unaware that he has his own agency.

No. 858994

agree he's a mega cunt and knows what he's doing, always has done.

No. 859029

File: 1626808160143.jpg (86.21 KB, 908x623, 783107.jpg)

Elizabeth's family they gave up their German titles and changed their name to windsor in WW1.
Mountbatten is Philip's last name (anglicised from Battenberg) so Liz and Phil's descendants use Mountbatten-Windsor. Still a rich twat name, but Harry is rich twat.

He's always been daft and she's definitely smarter than him, but he's a willing participant on his whole shitsow. He was a twat long before meghan came along.
Hope he has a good explanation for picrel since he's so woke now.

No. 859099

Every time I see this thread it's always this picture

No. 859144

File: 1626818122752.jpg (54.2 KB, 401x265, unnamed.jpg)

Anyone else would be permanently 'cancelled' in the UK for Nazi shit that's why. He should never be allowed to live it down. Prince William and St Andrews should be mocked too. PW received piss poor grades yet St Andrews allowed him to attend anyway. He got an ABC at A-levels, the media dutifully lied as usual, claiming it's acceptable grades lol. Uh, it's not and has never has been good enough for St A's. I hate these cunts. They abuse tax payers money, including as we now know, the raping of trafficked women and as the recent exposé reveals they DO have a lot of power, it's been one long fucking lie and they happily wield it for their petty needs at every turn. Young people in the UK have always disliked the Royal Family and more and more of us want to see it abolished. It's completely outrageous in the 21st century that we still have these useless cunts and no say.

No. 859174

well it is a pretty big stain on his reputation, especially since he's trying to preach about racism now

No. 859191

File: 1626822273922.jpg (214.63 KB, 1200x883, 933112a1acf-1568316137-1200x88…)

"You don't sound like a black chap" - Prince Harry.

No. 859681


At least being in the British Army prepared him for the peggings he must get.

No. 860325

File: 1626934542171.jpeg (84.16 KB, 1200x675, prince-harry-and-meghan-markle…)

Sure, he is responsible for his actions but they definitely enable each other's worst traits.

No. 862250

File: 1627155544796.png (73.6 KB, 1318x330, Screen Shot 2021-07-24 at 3.37…)

of course he has to undermine his grandmother. meanwhile, nutmeg is going to write a "wellness book" - whatever that means

No. 862274

Where are those royal family autists from like 1000 threads ago who were posting shit like "I LOVE the queen! Love her!", lmao?

No. 912898

File: 1631724155987.jpg (263.29 KB, 1000x1333, wp-content.jpg)

No. 912903

Imagine being influence by these pair of spanners

No. 912907

He's more influential than his grandma? Haha right
Do words have no meaning to journalists anymore? Rhetorical question.

No. 912908

Influenced to do what?? What do they even do with their time?

No. 912915

I'm a Lizzie Lover

No. 913036

Why does this sound so… dirty and freaky

No. 913122

lol @ the airbrushing.
also how influential are they? one single podcast episode and an itnerview about how hard they had it living in a palace? please

No. 913284

File: 1631744963325.jpg (134.25 KB, 962x1203, image29384.jpg)

even with all the $ in the world she doesn't know how to dress for her body type.
also the shooped hair on baldy kek

No. 913302

I would feel embarrassed.

No. 913327

I thought these type of magazines were left wing and didn't support the monarchy?

No. 913392

why do they look like bobbleheads

No. 913504

File: 1631763453978.jpeg (199.71 KB, 826x1091, D5FEBF17-AADC-47ED-AAC1-2DF8FA…)

No. 913521

This is one of the most awkward photoshop disasters I’ve ever seen on a magazine, wtf were they thinking? The faces, hair, upper bodies, lower bodies, it all looks put together from like 5 different composite pictures. This looks like some awkward romance novel cover rather than a real photo.

No. 913553

Spot on kek

No. 965361



So Meghan's and Harry's former comms director just produced the receipts proving their direct involvement with the “leaked” letter to her father and their contributions to ‘Finding Freedom,’ the book they apparently had nothing to do with. Their credibility is gone. The involvement Meghan conveniently forgot all about and had to appologize for in court filings.

Meghan is a cold-hearted calculated piece of shit, just like her father, sister, old friends and colleagues said.(imageboard)

No. 965367

gaslight gatekeep girlboss

No. 965388

File: 1636608643319.jpg (181.2 KB, 934x1184, FD3b-j5WQAY0wJx.jpg)

i love that faced with a bunch of evidence, her only defense is "uh i totally forgot!"
these incrrdibly detailed emails and briefing notes just totally slipped her mind. seems legit.

also my fave part is her saying she'd use "daddy" to tug at the hearstrings. incredible. she's such a blatant narc

No. 965733

Meghan is going to get some shit from the British public if the Queen dies soon. She'll be blamed lol. Guuuuuuuurl. Americans haven't a fucking clue about royalty vs. celebrity status. Unless she's fucking undercover with the CIA or some shit

No. 966335

File: 1636694563409.jpeg (210.14 KB, 1500x1060, Meghan-Markle-Red-Dress.jpeg)

that dress she wore yesterday certainly was a choice. she can afford the msot amazing fashion but she's always in ill-fitting clothes.

the evidence is really damning. she's manipualtive as hell

No. 966425

File: 1636712121246.gif (225.44 KB, 220x220, 7CCA7CFC-3A15-48DA-8AC6-C52179…)

No. 966437

she's like the woke rasputin

No. 970525

File: 1637162442756.png (1.12 MB, 1194x1156, 203948767382910.png)

meghan's gonna be on ellen.
fake ass narcisstic bullies getting together, you love to see it

No. 970527

>>970525 the hell? i though ellen ended the show. Is that some weird mandela effect or she just continues afetr she was cancelled like nothing happened?

No. 970530

it says "the farewell season" in the video so i assume the show's gonna end soon

No. 971221

Exchanging tips on bullying huh

No. 972514

No. 972594

wow this was excruciatingly painful to watch. the vendors didn't even bat an eye at her behaviour. I bet the royal family is very embarrassed by this kek

No. 972641

File: 1637347661444.jpeg (322.38 KB, 2048x2048, FEgHRvsWUAU4ERP.jpeg)

Imagine you are the left and the right is your sister in law

No. 972643

It's like a Disney movie. Kate is the demure and classy next Queen and Meghan is crazy sister in law and Ellen can be a toad.

No. 972653

imagine leaving the royal family, their milions and their palaces for a mcmansion and… whatever this is

No. 972961

Making her 'act black' by saying "my boo loves hot sauce", made her the most embarrassed. Interesting…

No. 982702

File: 1638367263900.jpeg (842.26 KB, 1242x770, 915D63C1-5147-4096-B388-939B18…)

Camilla delighted in taunting a mentally ill teenage girl 15 years younger than her and then when she died, spent the rest of her life pathetically living in Diana’s shadow by wearing her jewellery and imitating her in every way possible.

She routinely gaslit and publicly humiliated the princess despite her being the target of her abuse and Diana begging her to leave her family alone.

She is a pathetic subhuman and I’ll fucking leave this country if she becomes queen

No. 982703

She looks like my grandmother what the fuck hahahahaha

No. 982860

>>982703 mine too

No. 983084

I don't think he's necessarily ugly just because he's going bald now, but damn he really peaked early.

No. 983087

It probably helps that he's at least objectively better looking compared to most of his dumpy inbred family kek

I honestly don't understand why Diana was considered this remarkable beauty either. I guess Britain doesn't have a high bar to clear in the looks department?

No. 983105

I think it works out in Kate's favor tbh. She comes off as classier than ever compared to this dumbass who can't stop herself from behaving like a joke. Even better that they're separated by an ocean and she doesn't have to deal with MM's covert narcissism in person anymore.

No. 983422

she was pretty, down to earth and kind. That’s why the people loved her

No. 983488

The only thing that pulled her looks down was the hairstyle, but it was considered trendy and ok looking back then

No. 983778

File: 1638469437009.gif (2.23 MB, 1280x720, 57ABkR.gif)

Did anyone see the two part BBC documentary about the Royals' press relations? It seemed to lean pretty heavily pro-Sussex.

No. 983808

Kate curtsys and stays quiet while getting cheated on meanwhile Megan lives it up in SoCal and has Harry on a leash. I stan a dark triad bitch, if not for the entertainment then at least for the audacity. I'm honestly a bit jealous of her shamelessness.

No. 983818


I'm actually watching the first episode right now anon, came to this thread to see if anybody else had. It's pretty good but very pro Megan

No. 983820

Harry never stopped fucking around either. They know what they're getting themselves into, doubt K or M care.

No. 983825

So does the royal family pay the daily mail and other media to sperg out over Megan several times a day or is this an organic response to the British public's supposed obsession

No. 984252

That was a rumor that Meghan made up. Even the people who backed it up admitted to it.

No. 985944

MeAgain probably calls the press and publishers every time she’s feeling bored and attention starved.

No. 985947

Honestly this. I am tried of every country's newspaper making articles about them doing literal nothing. They are the royals of yellow newspaper.

No. 985949

As if the royal family would want the press talking shit about her? They die of embarrassment every time. It doesn’t make them look better just because she’s embarrassing herself, from their perspective it makes THEM look worse by tarnishing their image. I hate how Meghan is portrayed as a yaas qween Diana 2.0 when she’s just annoying af and fake.

No. 986059

I agree, but I worry this whole drama will bolster the popularity of the Royal Family in the long run. Once the Queen dies, they should really go…

No. 1210233

bumping the thread because its megain and harry's first royal appearance in a long time. it is kind of crazy that you can hear the booing over the bells in vidrel

No. 1210247

Glad they left this shithole for the states, tbh.

No. 1210274

the seething meghan instigates reminds me of how PrettyUglyLittleLiar used to post about bestdressed kek.

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