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File: 1659704481206.jpg (1.66 MB, 2560x1920, stronk.jpg)

No. 886620

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>879844
Websites: https://momokun.co/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/peachygirlmomo
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: momoku.n, mariahmallad (currently down/banned), mmallad.jpg (formerly btsmomokun, xmariahmalladx), the ragdollranch (formerly mariahthecatlady, momoscats), momokun.co (currently down), peachycollective.co
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@xmomokunx (Banned)
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile (Old, deleted)
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad (Inactive)
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad/

Tumblr blog receipts are all outdated as fuck (we're talking like when she got banned from twitter) but here they are if you want them.
(You need a tumblr account to view this one since it's an 18+ blog).

Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/w/92925
General Costhot/Cosplayer thread over here >>>/w/174607
Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her on Twitter unless there's actual new milk attached. We've seen it a million times by now.
Nitpicking, armchair analysis/diagnosis, cat sperging and blog posting are against the rules.
Asking if we have media links to her content is also not cash money. Stop.
And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad.

>>Photos from friends who get to use her studio for free start trickling out. Lighting is shit, for a studio that provides it (As long as you pay a ridiculous upcharge)
>>Neighbor saga continues as she throws a public fit over her neighbors entering her backyard to fix her broken pool pump
>>Finds the insta of some girl she's been ogling at her local gym and calls her a bimbo as a compliment
>>Announces her first ever real porno with teaser images that look like she's about to cry
>>Video releases, filmed in her "no porn allowed" photography studio. 20 minutes of her fully clothed blowing a faceless man, also fully clothed, with 3 minutes of actual penetration at the end. As awkward and uncomfortable as you can imagine
>>Thread immediately devolves into anons speculating whether the dick is real or fake
>>Adopts yet another cat
>>Seems to be delving into a woo phase as she buys crystals and piles of spirituality books, conveniently right around the same time she posts about hanging out with Tattoo-Sensei again
>>Flashes her badge for AX
>>Raids her local thrift stores for tacky paintings on sale and calls it bartering

Last thread:
>>Basically no milk
>>Shows up at AX looking like a fridge in candids
>>Speculated that she bribed cosplayers to shoot at the fire hazard she calls a studio after AX
>>Continues to make unerotic porn with possibly the same simp
>>Tattoo-sensei gets engaged, fake goth era intensifies
>>Posting shopped pictures to show fitness "progress," sky is blue, water is wet.
>>SSSniperWolf skinwalk continues with ugly glasses

No. 886638

File: 1659712075447.jpeg (499.85 KB, 1241x2181, 936620CC-9B18-40F6-97E5-B62DB8…)

>No milk
You forgot to mention her dick stand-in begging her to shut the fuck up while she made hentai noises.

Anyway, meet Moo's new hobby she will drop in a week.

No. 886639

File: 1659712129326.jpeg (335.01 KB, 1241x2167, DE83EED5-6391-483B-B37B-48BA0B…)

No. 886640

File: 1659712233976.jpeg (349.81 KB, 1242x2088, 2121FB71-6AEE-41E8-AD81-8857DC…)

Two clips of her playing the piano for literally 3 seconds before she gives up and bangs her hands on the keys instead. I'm not certain but in the second one I think she's playing the song automatically, but is acting like it's her playing it?

No. 886641

She wanna be the musician at Sensei's wedding maybe? This is one of her odder arcs

No. 886643

You always have to love Moo's manic fits where she desperately tries to show she's more than one of the internet's laziest and grossest "porn stars".

Last time she trotted out a music talent she was pretending to be a concert flautist, so expect a whole lot of nothing to show for it as she oinks repeatedly about her new interest.

No. 886644

no previous interest in guitar or music. Watch her claim she use to be a lead guitar in a band. Her personality is so transparently based on what dick she's chasing

If she is pretending to know anything about music and offered to play at Sensei's wedding I hope the man wises up and realize Moo if full of shit and is just there to ruin the wedding

No. 886645

This is 100% for dick, I recall the time she took sensei to a Guitar Center or some shit to show what a GENEROUS AND KIND WOMENS she is by buying some random dude a new guitar.

No. 886647

Lol, guitar is one of the harder instruments to learn. No way she sticks with it long enough to get anywhere. This is fucking hilarious. And if that's a real LP Standard 60's, which it looks like (but I'm not an expert), that's almost $3k she just blew for something she'll forget about in a week.

No. 886648

Remember when she was a professional mangaka for a week?
She's lucky her followers don't pay attention and are just there for porn. If Moo isn't embarrassed by her own antics she have brain damage of some sort. I would be embarrassed to be caught in a lie daily

No. 886649

And of course she picked the most basic bitch color too. Moo's never had an original thought in her life. I'd love to see her spend like $10k on a fully custom one next.

No. 886650

File: 1659714503142.jpeg (172.44 KB, 1242x759, FB70984D-1B75-43D9-9D81-E169BC…)

Sorry for not capping it but right before posting the guitar story she posted another one of her hanging with this guy, who was playing guitar. Transparent is her middle name

No. 886656

Momokunt has a new tiktok. It’s under @mariahmallad. Can’t wait to see how long it takes for this one to be banned.

No. 886657

I don't know why she's trying so hard with tiktok anyway. Zoomers hate her because she's obviously a predator. Never forget her first tiktok where she was dancing around naked and wearing fetish outfits enjoying the attention of literal children and the fact that a lot of them found her only fans.
Absolutely disgusting

No. 886658

i'd say i can't wait for her fingers to blister, but let's be real, she's not getting that far.

No. 886660

She's going to get desperate for validation and just post a song and said she was the one who was playing. If people ask for video proof she's just going to play a song over the video and sloppily pretend to play
oh wait
She already did that in the piano clip

No. 886664

How is she going to finger herself or jerk off scrotes when her hands are all callused up from her guitar? Shit feels rough and scratchy

No. 886670

I get uncomfortable seeing people with disabilities. Missing limbs, dwarfism.. It gives me a really unsettling feeling in my stomach.

These pictures give me that same feeling.

No. 886671

In what universe would she be able to play a guitar with those fake plastic claws she insists on wearing so her stubby little fingers don't look like hot dog weiners?

No. 886673

If true, we know who her fancy new guitar is going to when she tires of keeping up this newest delusion.

No. 886683

nonnie what muscles, it's pure fat

No. 886684

She did this with another instrument during the pretending to go to to school arc. She always "loves a hobby sooo much" and then stops two weeks later. Time to add playing guitar onto the pile.

No. 886689

File: 1659723039815.png (28.77 KB, 281x168, poor bait.png)

Nonnies, know better than to engage with bait this obvious. Thanks.

No. 886693

You are literally retarded. Get off the internet and go find your wrangler.

No. 886697

File: 1659723973605.jpeg (634.47 KB, 1284x859, ED95ACE9-C0BF-480B-BD0A-597D9A…)

Her comments on her videos are absolutely insane too. She treats it like a giant joke and looks like an asshole, says that’s she’s ready for people to “throw their stones”. I’m looking forward to her meltdown when this account gets banned yet again.

No. 886700

the best thing is she doesn't realize doing this is going to get her banned more quickly.

No. 886701

File: 1659724693360.jpeg (848.33 KB, 828x1450, 0D125C8F-636F-44D6-905D-F56A04…)

I got you fam

Like her flute phase? lol

No. 886702

looks like he's being held at gunpoint

No. 886703

Holy fuck what an ugly scrote

No. 886704

well, atleast when her photo studio flops, she can turn it into a music studio. And is she already over her witchy/goth phase? It's genuinely hard to keep up now

No. 886705

god thread pic makes me uncomfortable. what an unfortunate and ugly body shape.
kek anon

No. 886706

yeah but he's asain. And all costhots don't see asains as people but prizes. So you know Moo will pretend she's in a relationship with him
Too bad asains hate fatties

No. 886715

Kek is this why she’s suddenly uwu so goffic too? I can’t stop laughing

How long until she starts getting things on her face pierced?

No. 886719

He's already got a cute girlfriend. Mooms can keep coping.

No. 886721

fugly asians always cheat though so moo may have a tiny chance.

No. 886734

"Fugly" asians don't like fatties. Moo will continue to cope.

No. 886736

That'll make her go after him harder.

No. 886750

She did play flute in high school and brought it up a while back, so she might have some rudimentary grasp on music but definitely not the actual patience to practice something long enough to actually master it. She has absolutely no tolerance for delayed gratification whatsoever, if she's not an expert at something instantly she drops it immediately. She can bullshit her through a lot but you can't fake actually being able to play an instrument well.

No. 886752

I give it 4 whole Instagram posts before it gets put in her studio as a prop.

No. 886753

hope sensei's wife wants to walk down the aisle to the opening riff of smoke on the water on repeat then

No. 886780

Just look at the guy’s gf. Moo’s motivations for her sudden “goth” phase are now completely obvious.

No. 886781

This explains her lack of skills with blowjobs.

No. 886784

File: 1659743841800.jpg (272.11 KB, 828x1347, IMG_5266.jpg)

Bored so looked around. Seems like she found him through Aly who preformed with the band at a con.
Girlfriend is the red haired girl and does a bit of cosplay. She's cute enough piss moo off. Cuter then him at least.

No. 886793

kek that's some outfit on the other dude, that hat with those earrings are giving 20s flapper but it's generic emoskatebro from the neck down

No. 886797

anon, they're usb drives…

No. 886802

What? No, they’re the earrings Tanjiro from Demon Slayer wears.

No. 886807

that's still not flapper shit. and i don't watch pedo anime, sorry.

No. 886811

Wow he is ugly as fuck. Girlfriend looks like a chubster so maybe moo does have a shot kek

No. 886820

She's so predictable.

No. 886826

Wtf anon. Please stop

No. 886834

No, the gf is like 20-21 and moo is 27 in September. It’s hilarious she’s trying to be like his GF who is almost a decade younger.

No. 886835

File: 1659762827773.jpeg (724.69 KB, 3264x2755, 2D000B7A-16A4-4EAE-9170-1EE9D2…)

I hope she wears this at her shitty studio for all her customers (lol) to see.

No. 886848

She’s such a loser. Only someone who cares that much about other people’s opinions would buy such a tacky shirt. She keeps trying to make it sound like people are just making up shit when they talk about her but it’s all stuff that is still documented online. What a dumb cow.

No. 886873

she's just mad that molesting saga effectively ended her cosplay career on the spot and now she has to suck dick for attention and money kek

No. 886894

File: 1659815085003.png (1.62 MB, 1080x1688, 17F27EE4-ED47-4492-88AD-1261A5…)

She really loves using shirts to own the haters. Never forget when Jessica wore the lolcow shirt with her.

No. 886898

File: 1659817589078.jpeg (737.94 KB, 1087x1708, 2F21BEED-EC6B-497C-88A3-72FF90…)

The irony of her posting quotes from Osho. It must be tiring to be this fucking obnoxious with the pseudo enlightenment facade on top of her pretending to be goth and whatever other personality from the current dick she’s chasing.

No. 886899

Lol of course she wouldn’t know that this dude was a literal cult leader

No. 886900

you would think someone who has no life would be smarter.

No. 886902

File: 1659821081552.jpeg (1 MB, 1076x1942, C32CDFAC-4B82-4766-A89B-185B1D…)

My tits hurt looking at this.

No. 886903

why did she cover her face? we already know she looked like shit, so why bother hide it?

No. 886906

her breasts are literally turning purple. She needs to accept her size and get clothes that fit

Also I hope she walks around in public like this but gets arrested for being a hooker. This doesn't look like cosplay at all

No. 886907

File: 1659825730167.png (112.36 KB, 328x340, A totally normal boob.png)

No. 886919

Osho was a cult leader and his followers committed a mass food poisoning attack in the 80s here in the US…also said at one point Hitler was a great man so yikes

No. 886920

This must have been why Momo wants to be a goth and play guitar. What are the odds that she's gonna throw money and gifts at him to have sex with her? Even though he has a girlfriend, that isn't gonna to stop her as she gets a kick for stealing another girl's bf. The thing is though that it never works and it ends up with the guy going back to his girlfriend and ends up getting engaged the most. Give it a few years when she reached her 30's that she'll be jealous of younger women and that she's gonna be like Lori and try to pass off as a 21-year-old e-girl with a shit ton of makeup and filters.

No. 886925

This was her shitty 2B cosplay from Anime Expo, we've already seen her be a smushed fridge in this mess. No public arrests, sadly.

No. 886926

Lovecraftian horror.

No. 886948

File: 1659864659559.jpg (100.81 KB, 231x321, Jesus Christ.jpg)

No. 886954

At yes the “memorizing the finger placements” flute arc that last like… what? A week?

No. 887009

No gym or weight updates since she came back from the con
guess there's no progress to show without lipo
Now it's time for the weight gain until she gets her holiday lipo session again

No. 887011

File: 1659907133136.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1065x1930, 97DC25A2-F27D-4DBF-93DB-EC76C7…)

I swear she only knows how to style herself like a homeless hooker granny.

No. 887012

who tf sells stockings for elephants?

No. 887013

these are probably listed as
>Drag Queen Large Size Stockings For Men Crossdesser Transgender Plus Size Stockings.

No. 887015

File: 1659908354309.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1284x1916, 808C00E3-A078-4F0D-B96A-D392C0…)

These new pictures are so fucking funny. In what UNIVERSE does someone have this face shape? Lay off the filters, Moo.

No. 887017

lol it's been awhile since she's done such an egregious dorito chin. feeling more insecure than usual, moo? maybe the new dick she's chasing turned her down lol

No. 887018

even with editing and filters you can see she's huge
Also way to tell on herself. Only those shitty asain slimming apps shrink your head like that

No. 887022

come now, anon, those shitty chinese beauty apps are part of why she got a botched nose job. she's deep in the shit with her reverse BDD. the constant photoshop is making her think she really looks good.

No. 887025

File: 1659921198607.jpeg (764.1 KB, 828x1477, 6419A858-ABB4-4FAD-B92C-5DDE7D…)

this fatty liking andrew tate is the least surprising thing to have happened this year

No. 887026

Not to be in her defense but that's literally a video that bashes tate

No. 887028

Who is she trying to appeal to? Degenerate scrotes who love mom fetish hentai?

No. 887057

I don't know why she pretends to be pro fitness when she's so obviously against it. Why? Because she did weight lifting a decade ago in highschool for a semester?
Talk about living in the past.

No. 887062

Yes… It took you that long to get that?

No. 887094

I think it's because her dad's a bodybuilder/trainer/coach. She thinks she's a fitness pro because of it but even her dad called her a fatass and got her to work out in highschool to lose weight.

No. 887102

File: 1659987853955.jpg (Spoiler Image,86.68 KB, 896x1280, fy4yvSp.jpg)

No. 887103

File: 1659987980586.jpg (Spoiler Image,116.4 KB, 926x1280, PpBh2K8.jpg)

No. 887105

File: 1659988435753.jpg (Spoiler Image,116.6 KB, 853x1280, C0jwql4.jpg)

No. 887106

File: 1659988546703.jpg (Spoiler Image,80.06 KB, 853x1280, kba9sG0.jpg)

No. 887107

These are so bad but this one really highlights her long back. Squat qween!

No. 887109

How much did he have to remove to get that thigh gap.

No. 887112

File: 1659990481510.jpg (47.33 KB, 446x429, Proboscis.jpg)

All I see is

No. 887113

Shes also holding alot back with her hands

No. 887117

File: 1659991114687.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.09 MB, 1253x1846, 2292D0E8-33E5-4D3F-837D-895707…)

>Repost because I forgot to spoiler.
Momokun is so unintentionally funny. She really looked at this and said, “Yes, I’ll post this”.

No. 887133

File: 1659998765494.jpeg (876.87 KB, 3264x1900, F5923C75-112E-4B5C-98F0-0B8EB2…)

No. 887134

smuggling raw biscuit dough

No. 887139


whoever edited those drew her a whole new butt. It's so over edited there's no depth at all, uncanny.

No. 887140

she did lmao. she always edits herself

No. 887142

I guess she gave up on pretending she's a "Skinny queen"
Unless she's just been gaining weight at a scary pace

No. 887143

This face is so bizarre to look at.

No. 887144

Holy shit who ever said she looked like an obese midget was right. Looks like Mizuryu Kei's old work where his females didn't have waists. I cannot fathom why she posts shit like this and wonders why there's still new threads being made about her. Moo, sue your editor. It would make sense if she's the one who edited this though. This has to be one of the worst ones she's posted. Showing off all her hard gym work too.

No. 887145

samefag but I just noticed her linebacker shoulders have been shrunk so hard they no longer match her head size lmao. The cow keeps on giving

No. 887146

Whoever the anon was that said Moo didn’t need another thread when it was down was an idiot. As long as she’s still posting horrifically edited porn while continuing to butcher her body, we should still be able to laugh at it. I mean, >>887106 and >>887105 are prime examples.

No. 887147

No kidding, whenever she starts to feel a bit dried up, she shits the bed once again in some spectacular fashion or another without fail.

She really is shaping, and shooping, up to be an eternal cow.

No. 887149

anon seemed like she doesn't like moo's porn/sw arch. which is retarded since moo has basically always been doing this, especially since she's clearly so upset about doing these porn vids.

No. 887152

File: 1660010792604.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1284x1610, 057C2BE2-6E79-43F0-8A1F-D9C33E…)

What in the Abby Lee Miller

No. 887155

File: 1660013655572.jpg (64.6 KB, 781x303, sexysexySkinwalk.jpg)

All I see is a ssSniperwolf skinwalk

No. 887171

Was gonna day, those pictures don’t even look like her. If I didn’t see them on her thread i wouldn’t think they were her at first. It’s just an sing how transparent she is about skin walking in general

No. 887188

ive never seen such differently sized nipples

No. 887189

Is anyone else noticing she’s pulling some janky ass Lori Lewd faces??

No. 887190

exactly what i thought when i saw these, but i assume it's a common costhot face that they're just copying from belle delphine/bd skinwalkers/common egirls.

No. 887195

kek those have to be edited, why are they oblong??

No. 887202

File: 1660062088580.jpeg (740.38 KB, 3264x2690, CD46450E-F63A-4CBB-B27A-ACD7B2…)

The clip of her attempting to play piano is only funny only because I think even a gorilla would be gentler with the keys than she is. She presses so hard it knocks her phone over.

No. 887208

So… kinda like her manhandling a dick, manhandling cosplayers, etc). Figures

No. 887210

Omg i didn't know there was another thread! I've been waiting for days, god damn. Thank you anon for making it!

No. 887214

CP is rampant on there and so are oldgross men and incels. She probably watches a lot of right media too on it.

No. 887215

Well, if there's one good thing that comes out of this arc, it's that her awful claws are gone.

No. 887218

It wont last. Moo loves looking like a tacky Jersey Shore reject. The claws are coming back

No. 887220

Ugh can't believe I'm actually bothered, she's unironically the textbook definition of a poser lol. Even someone with only a single lesson under their belt could tell she's full of shit, bet she can't even run both her hands up & down on a C major scale and she's already going for pieces that are way out of her league. What a shallow bitch.

No. 887221

Lurk more.

No. 887232

She does everything so ass backwards. Buying a guitar worth thousands and then getting lessons. I give this two weeks tops.

No. 887247

she isn't really paying for lessons. she just got the guitar to impress asain dick that already has a girl friend. She's going to pretend she knows how to play, give some amazing story about how she was in a band with zero proof other than "trust me bro" and drop it.
Just like how she traced manga panels from demon slayer, she's going to claim a song that she didn't play and say she did it

No. 887248

nonita i beg of you learn to spell asian youre driving me insane

No. 887251

please learn to use apostrophe in you're if you're going to be retarded about grammar

No. 887290

nta but don't try to nitpick someone's comment if you're referring to spelling as grammar, you look stupid.

No. 887295

this. i hate esl anons.

No. 887316

>Everyone I don't like is ESL

No. 887318

if anon isn't esl then she's retarded.

No. 887357

Nta and this is the stupidest derail I've seen in years but how is the use of an apostrophe not considered grammar? Why would youre vs you're be spelling..

God I hope you both and I get banned for this stupid fucking discussion but I'm genuinely curious

No. 887387

apostrophes are neither, they're punctuation. that's not why esl anon is dumb. she can't spell asian, and >>887251 doesn't use plurals or proper grammar. it's easy to tell which posts are hers.

No. 887403

I fully believe that these derails are just bait. There is no way someone would seriously still be on this a day later unless they're that unhinged.
Report and move on

No. 887427

File: 1660174596702.png (53.55 KB, 854x503, image_2022-08-11_093659864.png)

Here, I made it clear for you because you're clearly retarded. Yes retard, an apostrophe is grammar, misspelling Asian however, is not lmao

No. 887434

you're wrong shut the fuck up. esl anon and you should both go suck a railroad spike.

No. 887437

how am I wrong?

No. 887438

you morons are worse than esl and spelling chan, if you're really pissed about the derailing just stfu?

No. 887454

File: 1660194694999.jpeg (821.15 KB, 828x1440, D0A6B2EF-0EFF-40B2-9AAF-A74B36…)

No. 887482

Lol she certainly has been pandering to child wanting scrotes too.

No. 887491


No. 887495


No. 887829

File: 1660421970732.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1242x2161, 1BDA539A-2AC5-4D28-A934-3AA680…)

Is there even anything genderbent about her outfit?

No. 887830

File: 1660424134179.png (536.38 KB, 1080x1923, Screenshot_20220813-1510482.pn…)

No. 887832

File: 1660424909490.jpeg (541.97 KB, 828x1399, 4D24120A-C82E-4C9E-A38C-337D69…)

i’d be so fucking embarrassed if i paid 30k for a nose and it came out looking like this

No. 887838

no, she's just pretending because she got so much shit for cosplaying a guy. she probably shot this when she was posting herself out in public in the cosplay and is claiming it's genderbend. she's wearing the same ugly eyebrow makeup.

No. 887844

Why would anyone pay this much. It looks like a fat kid pig nose. Absolutely horrid and not flattering

No. 887845

she seriously thought she could cosplay again instead of just showing her tits in a cosplay. it's hilarious.

No. 887851


You think in 2022 and someone whose such an ally and LGBT herself supposedly would stop using the word genderbend but that’s giving too much credit to her dumb ass

No. 887853

Sage your shit, twitterfag. And how is “genderbend” offensive in any way to LGB? Guessing must be offensive to the T kek get real problems

No. 887854

Oh great I’m betting this is more “boring blowjob/yanking a dick off someone “ porn incoming. One trick hooker this one.

No. 887855

File: 1660446672881.jpeg (26.51 KB, 198x198, 166042197073223.jpeg)


moo shaving 6 inches off her waist as usual

No. 887857

Its not. Its not the same as trans. Twitterfag is am embarrassment. Its a stupid fucking fakerage from SJWs.

No. 887887

File: 1660468802043.jpeg (681.52 KB, 1125x1299, 0B9B072F-DEF5-458A-8BB5-233AC8…)

When will she learn she just can’t pull this off

No. 887895

The return of the hand pussy? I bet the dick-supplier can barely wait.

No. 887897

I mean the character is ugly as sin to begin with, Moo is only making it worse.

No. 887903

File: 1660489333352.jpg (243.92 KB, 1080x1919, Screenshot_20220814-080200_Ins…)

Moo trying to buy her own gear to probably bribe photogs or shoot her own shitty porn/supplies for the studio

No. 887905

lol she shopped her waist smaller then Akemi's why does she insist on doing this shit.

No. 887906

her nails look rough as fuck.

No. 887909

File: 1660497673071.jpeg (115.18 KB, 750x933, 879D9C68-D2F1-4D38-BB4A-6D6CC0…)

Not sure why she thought this outfit looked good, just shows off how saggy they are

No. 887910

I’m not sure why she does the things she does in general. But her doing this hunched pose with her crotch hiked up every time she shows off an outfit is fucking bizarre. One has to wonder how she sees herself in pictures because I’d hate to be that delusional to think it looks good enough to post (especially with her shitty editing)

No. 887911

File: 1660498655516.jpeg (914.04 KB, 1086x1757, 3E6714D4-060C-44C9-9E6E-1206A2…)

The caption is unintentionally hilarious but also had to include that sad excuse for an ass.

No. 887961

High gloss… lol. She couldn't fit in a Realize swimsuit if she tried.

No. 887995

Not a scrote but I wish we could have the OF content to make fun of.

No. 887996

I don’t understand how this is allowed on instagram lol.

No. 888004

Because Moo did what every thot should do, make their page Berrian 18+. Its a literal function.

No. 888007

her mmallad.jpg and mariahmallad accounts are down..again

No. 888008

nta but ig still doesn't allow sexual content in photos according to their tos

No. 888010

I just checked, they’re both still up.

No. 888024

Ohhh I understand now, I just wasn't following the full derail so didn't get the context of the comment.

No. 888038

File: 1660578955645.jpg (1.35 MB, 1080x2178, Screenshot_20220815-085558_Ins…)

Martin won't post Moo on a single social media he uses but he will use Vamplette lol He even untags her tags!

No. 888039

However it warns you on reporting that the creator specifically labeled their account adult or might have sensitive photos which makes it harder to flag.

No. 888040

NTA but It was indeed down for a few which could have been any reason, IG has been fucking up recently.
None of this is technically allowed, it just doesn't get reported (her profile were tagged "adult" the last time she lost the account.) She's a repeat offender and ban evader that alone should knock her off the platform.
I know moo's whiteknights here hate to hear it but I would sooner use vamps as she is legit pretty and doesn't have a botched body and (compared to the two) is the least shady and shitty. It must kill moo to see this.
Yes and no, since there's no "18+" Instagram section, for example as it would decimate their reach and interaction if they got segregated from normal algorithm.

No. 888043

File: 1660581014699.jpg (197.5 KB, 1044x1828, Screenshot_20220815-093036_Chr…)

There is an 18+ section. You manually enter the age. Please, please do research. It did exist, but now its just replaced with "sensitive content". Thots were using this.

No. 888044

File: 1660581044358.jpg (352.56 KB, 1056x2186, Screenshot_20220815-092716_Ins…)

Now its just 3 options

No. 888045

anon, she means there's no option for one to only view 18+ content. not that there's not a way to tag content as 18+/sensitive.

No. 888047

This, because as said:
>it would decimate their reach and interaction if they got segregated from normal algorithm.

No. 888063

File: 1660590125726.jpeg (2.24 MB, 2461x1870, 9E51CC9B-A06D-423E-A65A-E156B8…)

Expectation vs Reality lol

No. 888082

this artist is a hack anyway. he's using a free 3d render bg.

No. 888092

Anyone that willingly draws Moo "fanart" is a no-talent suck up only there in hopes she shares it.

No. 888151

Her little tiny butt will always make me laugh, because I think of the art-anon’s first masterpiece with the tiny pimply butt and turtle-mouth kek

No. 888190

How's that a tiny butt lol

No. 888192

File: 1660678541959.jpeg (140.29 KB, 1080x1467, received_477154434214766.jpeg)

Spotted in the wild because we live in the same area. She got her skin bleached? The picture makes it look like she's about to get something done to her butt. Guess this confirms she trades procedures for ad pics.

No. 888193

thats a really old photo, she's posted it. She got her asshole bleached.

No. 888194

I just got this ad and knew it was an old pic because she's so much more busted now, it's just so hilarious that it's still circulating. Such an unflattering pic for the business to use as an ad.

No. 888202

did you even read OPs post? the clinic is using it as a current ad.

No. 888206

I can't believe she agreed to this.
Wouldn't you rather be dead than be an advertisement for genital skin bleaching?
If that's your thing, then cool but Moomoo is now the face for lower area skin bleaching.

No. 888211

And yet for all that bleaching she still looks like she has a wiping problem.

No. 888212

maybe she's hoping that all the plastic surgery makes her unrecognizable from it, kek. it's even worse that it's from some discount place with a sketchy name. at least she could keep up some illusion of glamor with the ~aesthetic spas~ tagging her in filler posts.

No. 888221

She must enjoy having harsh chemicals applies to her butthole. This looks like an actual genuine smile.

No. 888223

That women is suggestively putting a glove on behind her head Jesus Christ

No. 888224

I feel like the bleaching caused it

No. 888225

it could also be a circulation problem. she's pretty fat and unhealthy, it's not a tinfoil to say diabetes is in her future or present.(medfagging)

No. 888242

..thats not diabetes.

No. 888243

look up acanthosis nigricans and sit down.

No. 888268

Medfag, shut up.

No. 888285

File: 1660756911892.jpeg (213.17 KB, 1284x693, 387E3284-8F1A-4357-A7D0-521853…)

She deleted hundreds of her posts?

No. 888286

She archived a bunch awhile back too. None of the ones that she should be archiving. She does it every time she gets reported it seems.

No. 888351

File: 1660772288597.jpeg (208.13 KB, 1115x695, 723C68FF-05FD-413C-BA41-CB7771…)

Nta. She’s quite literally obese and the only reason she isn’t a death fat is because she gets the shit sucked out of her. There’s absolutely no medfagging about the obese woman having acanthosis nigricans because as picrel states it can just happen because fat. It is also a symptom of diabetes, fat.

No. 888354

thank you.

No. 888357

nta either, not denying that this is a possibility, but fyi girls who are lebanese/have middle eastern anything/brown etc, usually also have skin that's darker around your genitals/folds/butt. It's a genetic thing. I have a few friends who are lebanese/armenian that get bleached down there for it, and they're not fat what so ever.

No. 888358

stop defending moo, jfc.

No. 888368

She doesn't have diabetes though. Not everyone who's fat gets diabetes. A lot of it is also genetic. Her "discoloration" for the most part is her bleaching and her race. Just deal with it. Stop trying to create some fanfiction shit.

No. 888370

>complains about tinfoil
>also tinfoils

No. 888371

how is that defending moo? explaining a tinfoil that might or might not be true? Learn to read.

No. 888375

I've never seen naturally occurring darkness in folds appear that extreme and I'm dark skinned with a big ass dark skinned family. It sounds like wk-ing because it sounds like you're projecting your own insecurity about your own dark ass crack and crying muh genetics. In any case you're derailing at this point and her remarkably brown ass crack and history of bleaching are like cave aged cheese tier stale milk and no one cares.

No. 888385

Read my fucking post >>888351
The shit occurs when you’re FAT. If you read the picture you’d know it’s one of the most common issues associated with being obese. I never once said it was only related to diabetes. I said in anons >>888225 defense it is also a symptom of that.

No. 888392

File: 1660783546181.jpeg (659.98 KB, 828x1370, D67E5E8F-3D63-45D1-B36A-539ECE…)

First you guys derail over spelling/grammar and now her asscrack discoloration? jfc…

Anyway, she’s at the "spa" again.

No. 888400

I wonder what we are inflating/deflating today?

No. 888401

anons are just projecting. this is like the tit defending anon all over again.

No. 888410

This place does everything from botox, to Lazer tattoo removal, to lipo so not telling what she's getting done. Maybe 1 of everything?

No. 888411

Just stop anon. Medfagging isn't taking this anywhere and we can't confirm it anyway.

No. 888421

I repeat, read the posts and have a second to think. My whole point was it’s not medfaging to say a fat bitch has a fat related, and common with large amount of weight gain such as hers, result. I am not saying she has diabetes or talking about her clear mental illness that would be medfaging. Though, it’s definitely not “because of her ethnicity” she has brown asscheeks, it’s because she. is. obese. There is no faging, if, ands, or buts around it. It’s even been seen on her neck before she got lipo on that too. Can you just stop speaking on things you clearly have no clue about- fat hoe problems and lingo.

No. 888460

it's not medfagging.

No. 888461

oops dropped sage

No. 888472

Yes it is, without confirmation it's medfagging.

No. 888674

File: 1660948446360.jpeg (208.39 KB, 750x974, 63D4F728-8C1E-4741-A33B-2DDE42…)

No. 888677

File: 1660948551524.jpeg (375.81 KB, 750x986, 7A34492C-EA8A-4D27-BBDC-4FAE94…)

No. 888678

lol..is she really still pretending no one knows she does lipo..?

No. 888721

The fuck does any of that mean? She’s literally retarded.

No. 888744

>make a plan, change the plan, don't do the plan. Fuck the plan.
>listen to your coach, but stop there. Don't do the work-out they tell you to, just listen to them.
>Meals. Meals are good. And protein shakes are good too. Just eat stuff, and I'm sure you'll get there.

No. 888757

Isn't mirconeedling a bad idea?

No. 888758

everything she does is a bad idea. Look at her.

No. 888791

Oh ofc she is. Whenever her some fan bases realizes she’s full of shit, she disappears and finds new fans.

No. 888810

Again with the “liposuction makes you gain weight.” Yes Moo, it’s known the world over that liposuction makes you bigger, that’s absolutely what everyone who has it done is getting it for.

No. 888822

Her fans want to call her out so bad for getting the fat sucked out of her monthly. They have to step on eggshells like this or else Moo will clap back and ban them.

Anyway, Moo's poor editing doesn't hide the fact she's still above 250 pounds. Funnier that she's lying to herself by pretending it's all muscle

No. 888842

I really don't think she's near 250, anon. Lipo or not, she looks just under 200 if anything but that went last long. Ive seen 300lbs people. Even candids aren't as bad as the hawaii trip currently.

No. 888849

AX was literally last thread you blind retard wk.(infighting)

No. 888852

Are we looking at the same woman? Ffs looks at the damn thread pic and repeat what you said. Her thighs alone are 85 pounds each

No. 888870

You guys need to calm down.

No. 888914

the only one who needs to calm down is you with your wking.(infighting)

No. 888933

How was anon WKing? She doesn't look 300 ffs. I get you all want moo to be fat as fuck, but give or take, shes closer to 200. Thats weight bs app with donkey kong bodies aren't accurate. No one said she was skinny. Hold on to your panties.

No. 888934

she literally does. why do you need her to weigh less so badly?

No. 888936

Why are you fighting about it? None of us even know her weight. Opinions are opinions. Move on anon and stop fighting with everyone you don't agree with.

No. 888940

She’s right though. At least she’s giving sound advice instead of recommending that person shove the fat out with a vacuum hose.

No. 888942

By hormones I wonder if she means thyroid issues? Unless she's on birth control, what else would be fucking with her hormones?

No. 888954

This. Thank you for a relevant post and not the extremely transparent attempts at infighting and derailing this threads has devolved into already.

Does repeated lipo have an effect on your hormones? She mentions the inflammation, like yeah no shit you're going to experience inflammation after getting jabbed near your vital organs and muscles repeatedly by a metal vacuum tube.
Is it more crystal earth mother bullshit that she's convinced herself microneedling will like heal her chakras from lipo or something?

No. 888955

I know tiktok likes to attribute everything to hormones. The only things I can think of are birth control and she's never had a protruding thyroid, so I highly doubt it's that [yes, it's obvious even on her fat neck if she had it OOC]. She's not making sense. Maybe she's been trying to feminize..?

No. 888963

All of you stop shitting the thread and be done with it already

No. 889005

Being fat. Being fat fucks up your hormone levels.

No. 889149

That leg and butt area may as well be CGI at that point

No. 889176

File: 1661231481840.jpg (Spoiler Image,115.61 KB, 1079x1536, 20220822_221159.jpg)


No. 889178

File: 1661237483693.jpeg (373.33 KB, 1241x2175, A96E440E-6EBA-4E8A-A023-F9601C…)

Is this a filter, or a bandage from whatever work she got done at that med spa?

No. 889181

Looks like she got her jowles sucked again.

No. 889192

is the coochie wedgie supposed to be sexy?

No. 889223

Her legs look like Mr. Krabs’ eyes

No. 889226

My fucking sides

No. 889279

File: 1661291743334.jpeg (767.66 KB, 1084x1775, 46FC5530-29EC-4D80-A95E-ACFD35…)

Wasn’t that one of the cosplays she’s had hidden away for literal years that she already blew stupid amounts of cash on and never wore it? I can take a guess as to why she’s having it remade.

No. 889280

this is definitely not worth that much.

No. 889282

She's been hyping up an Albedo cosplay for literal years now, let's see if she actually follow through this time

No. 889291

>>887909 its like shes having waist boobs

No. 889294

If that's actual silk that's a lot of money to waste for a look that will be splitting at the seams. Moo again showing us she knows how to spend her money well.

No. 889296

it looks like the kind used for sheets and pjs and such. not for clothing. even for wedding dresses and ballgowns and such, you don't want that much of a sheen usually. and the weave looks fairly short for clothing.

No. 889303

She’s either shopping at some very overpriced place or she’s full of shit. Silk charmeus doesn’t cost that much, especially in the garment district in LA. No idea where Aly is though. I’m sure you could find it online for ~$20/yard, it’s white so it’s not like the shade will be wrong or something

No. 889310

maybe she's lying. i feel like anyone moo commissions is skimming money from her.

No. 889325

I mean, she is fucking dumb with her money and I’m pretty sure her friends know this and are milking it for all it’s worth before the gravy train ends. Wonder when she’ll bitch and moan about being people’s "golden goose" again lol

No. 889339

what the hell happened to her knees???? theyre bright red

No. 889341

They probably did a kneeling pose right before that shot, but all that weight focused on her knees is a lot of force lmao

No. 889349

File: 1661331138119.jpeg (Spoiler Image,85.76 KB, 853x1280, EA584538-4F24-48CA-8A2F-24AD42…)

No ass at all

No. 889350

Her whole body resembles the corpse of a blobfish

No. 889359

And imagine it with all the actual skin texture, instead of being edited into a completely different person?

No. 889414

Can't wait to see this shitshow since Aly can't sew nearly well enough to contain Moo's lard.

I fully expect this to vanish like her other one though, Moo's weight has been fluctuating wildly.

No. 889514

I'm confused. Didn't Moo say she had it all ready? Like in the past thread I thought Albedo was finished?

No. 889515

possibly. sounds familiar. she's a liar, so she has to be able to remember a lot of lies.

No. 889516

I still can’t believe she paid for that nose.

No. 889518

I know but I don't know if she had pics of it or not? I thought she had it on display with her Fate cosplay on a mannequin? I could be going crazy and misremembering this situation. She probably is making lies

No. 889522

i’m fairly certain she was talking about that designer daddy guy making it soon after she got her beatrice cosplay, unless that was something else.

No. 889547

Isn't that just cheap satin? No way that costs $57 per yard.

No. 889554

Yes anon I remember exactly what you’re talking. It was on a mannequin and she implied it was done but that she didn’t have the confidence to wear it yet?? Maybe she has to redo it or something

No. 889556

someone last thread mentions her showing a glimpse of the cosplay but i don't remember which thread that was posted in.

No. 889571

File: 1661443142918.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1079x1939, 82205B04-C5A1-4B30-9484-887DAA…)

I don’t know where to begin with this. The books she likely hasn’t read, the glasses, the makeup…

No. 889572

Her hand looks really fat and bloated, the black just makes it stand out so bad. She also looks cross eyed lol

No. 889573

Is Muslim but wears a golden cross
Fat stubby fingers
unread books being used as an obvious prop
Being a creepy sssniper wolf clone. No wonder ssniper distanced themselves from Moo. This is like her Nigiri phase

No. 889574

Hope someone asks about the cross and her snapping back because how dare someone question our Muslim queen. The real cherry would be if she came up with a tale on how she's a witch and a Christian because being a Muslim was so traumatic for her

No. 889575

Taking a picture with the phone in this position will make anyone cross-eyed. Try it.

No. 889634

Not this bitch trying to bring back this horrible two-toned lip look. You don't look like an anime girl, you look like you didn't finish applying your makeup because you had to run and grab three books for an edgy photo

No. 889648

File: 1661487466951.jpg (563.84 KB, 1079x1768, Screenshot_20220825-211820_Ins…)

Just a quick update as a new thot appeared! This is the only set anyone is shooting in and its hilarious.

No. 889685

Haven't checked MM's threads for a minute, but on her insta she looks like she's lost a lot of weight, is this true?

No. 889691

yes! Her recent lipo visit and photoshopping by wong took pounds off!

No. 889693

And what happened with the guitar lessons?

No. 889701

She hasn’t taken a pic or posted a story about that stupid impulse buy since she bought it. The guy she was after probably told her to fuck off lol
But since you brought it up, her lurking ass will probably post a video of her hamfisting some chords. Just like her Neanderthal way of playing Howl’s Moving Castle on the piano.

No. 889702

She realized very quickly that guitar is hard. Lol. And thus, is abandoned.

No. 889706

don't respond to obvious wks.

No. 889710

She put the gross nails back on her fat paws again so the guitar is out the window.

No. 889761

I was just going to comment that it didn’t take long at all for her to get fake nails again, clearly giving up on any lessons.

No. 889861

File: 1661622639843.jpeg (635.51 KB, 3264x1905, AC41F16E-39EF-4ADC-9D8A-4F2502…)

No. 889876


No. 889877

In what comes as a surprise to no one, she’s already deleted the gun story.

No. 889880

So edgy. Is she about to larp as Wednesday Addams? She looks sleep deprived even under those heavy filters.

No. 889881

I thought she got the nose job so she wouldn't need contour it anymore?

No. 889882

buccal fat removal?

No. 889906

what in the Wish.com Aubrey Plaza is this look

No. 889910

sniperwolf chic

No. 889911

File: 1661657305466.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1082x1928, 55865DDC-54FE-4404-9E36-453B56…)

What the fresh hell is this?

No. 889912

Trying to do some mermaid bs with keltonfx again

No. 889914


looks like her nose is running

No. 889915

Samefag, but just to add, she deleted this already for some reason?

No. 889916

she needs to lay off meitu/snow/beautycam. those "rhinestones" are so stretched.

No. 889922

File: 1661665652227.jpeg (714.56 KB, 3264x2777, 0F31A645-9685-4ACB-8970-46474A…)

I’m going to guess it’s that paintedgypsy chick again just by how sloppy it looks.

No. 889931

Is she sexualizing koi fish? Kek

No. 889945

Probably some stupid fat koi fish goddess thing.

No. 889946

File: 1661696558848.jpg (560.83 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220828-072316_Ins…)

Its so fucking stupid, she can BARELY keep herself floating

No. 889947

File: 1661696594449.jpg (607.11 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220828-072307_Ins…)

No. 889952

Literally what the fuck was the point of panting blobs on your body when you're going to wear a cheap bikini top with the same pattern.

No. 889954

File: 1661698546855.jpeg (896.6 KB, 3264x2857, E882497C-5AC3-4816-AC86-CA85E6…)

No. 889955

I guess she's graduated from cow to whale now. Bit of an unusual method to attract a japanese husband, but okay I guess..

No. 889956

So glaringly unmatched too.

No. 889966

she looks like she was rolling around in dirt ans spaghettios

No. 889967

Why would an airbrush artist pick Moo? She's gonna blur all details into oblivion.

No. 889968

Trying to waddle into the Mer community now eh Moo? Good luck to you babe, they're one of the few groups more neurotic and high off their ass than you are.

Looking forward to this week of Whale tales before she drops this new obsession. How many tails do you think she's flexed cash on already?

No. 889969

if that isn't a troon I guarantee you moo is trying to smash

No. 889972

looks like a tif to me. most guys don't put pronouns in their profile unless they're she/her/they/them tims.

No. 889975

It’s name is literally aiden

No. 889977

kek ill never tire of her calves giving away her real size. looks like two fucking basketballs shoved into the end of the tail.

No. 889978

Pronouns in profile descriptions aren't weird for social media accounts. It's not milk nor is it even worth caring about.
Momokunt is just trying to get another slave as she pretends people actually care about her cosplays.

No. 889980

Anon you can barely see her body and its distorted underwater. You can't see any size here wtf?

No. 889981

actually would explain the goffic phase she’s currently in; just based off of his profile from the photo. I know we thought maybe that ugly Asian with the bad hair but this dude makes more sense.

No. 890003

The plastic surgery and filters are ridiculous. Looks so uncanny valley

As for this Aiden dude. He has less than 1k followers. The perfect clout chaser to willingly be Moo's slave for "exposure"
They also make cosplay props. So he could be KBBQ 2.0
He's going to run when Moo expects free props AND sex whenever she wants though.

No. 890008

File: 1661743433542.jpeg (781.69 KB, 1076x1906, BBE80EE2-4226-4B21-BC4F-563326…)

If she was aiming for a horror shoot, it worked because holy shit that face is wrecked.

No. 890040

And the nebulous blob of bulging flesh that I think is her thigh crease in the left hand corner.

No. 890041

Thats how a stomach folds over the hip before it even reaches the thigh. It's all 3. Even skinny AF people can get that foldover. It's just human bodies, not Moo specifically.

No. 890044

I gotta get my popcorn ready for the shit show that’ll happen after she gets rejected for the umpteenth time. I wander what e-girl persona she’ll latch into next. I’m betting on barefoot and matted dread hippie phase.

No. 890045

I'm guessing the Belle phase. Sniper already does the gamer girl thing, but in black. Moo really going to copy 1:1 or claim her look is on OI?

No. 890048

Literally fuck off scrote.

No. 890049

If she was going to do a wook phase she would have done that already. I suspect she will latch onto this uwu goff witch phase for awhile.

No. 890053

I want a get a real job phase from momokun. I hope it would give us good results.

No. 890086

File: 1661823316819.jpg (Spoiler Image,64.11 KB, 1080x587, Screenshot_20220829-213428_Chr…)

Who's hand is this? Doesn't look like a man's hand at all.

No. 890097

File: 1661829792414.jpeg (774.55 KB, 1284x1177, D92BE297-A6F5-4E0C-B777-E9FD1A…)

God how the mediocre have fallen. Can’t believe this is the same cunt who claimed she would NEVER do porn.

No. 890104

You can tell she absolutely hates it but knows she has no choice if she wants to keep making money.

No. 890105

And now porn is the only thing sustaining her lifestyle (and ramshackle body) while she deludes herself into thinking she’s living her best life by regurgitating retarded spiritual bullshit on Instagram.

No. 890106

>Bragging about weeb conventions where she is completely dehumanized & objectified despite her ugly fucking wigs, face, plastic surgery, cosplay clothing, and butterball body.
What a wall of cope, god damn.

No. 890109

it's almost poetic
reading this will never not be sad

No. 890115

“That’s none of my business” says the pig snouted woman and she ham fisted her way into a website, purposefully filled out her name and through snot and despair typed a mediocre clap back as KKB was sneakily creeping out the door with a hastily packed suitcase.

No. 890116


No. 890117

It's funny reading this because everything she bragged about she lost. She also currently has no idea what to spend her money on other than food, booze and plastic surgery. Without attention Moo has no idea how to be happy

No. 890136

File: 1661879613000.jpeg (2.07 MB, 1242x2103, 9499A06A-7DA3-4F9E-8AAF-E4583C…)

I believe? this guy is dating Nimu, the girl Moo has been hanging out with lately. Not like it matters to Moo if he's taken or not.

No. 890140

This chick wont be friends with Moo for long. Even if the boyfriend says no, it's the lack of respect Moo has for people's boundaries and relationships that drive them away.
That and her fetish over taken guys because it somehow means she won. Pathetic

No. 890142

Yeah, Moo ALWAYS goes after taken guys, this is literally her MO for years.

No. 890149

The "boyfriend" is obviously a tif

No. 890164

Oh boy, another Boyfriend stealing saga. Can't wait to see how this one goes.

No. 890183

I don't think it's a tif, I think it's just a barely legal soy boy

No. 890195

Literally her agenda for year. Remember, moo doesn’t have friends. She has slaves and targets. She s a creep who likes to target women who have bfs or are desperate for clout. Moo HATES women and tries to one up them by stealing their bf (not successfullly) or throwing money at them. She loves the thought of being above someone else.

Moo is only happy when she thinks shes “won” something.

No. 890208

File: 1661965449604.jpeg (144.14 KB, 1079x963, 29713B0C-3C83-4373-96B1-A2BAE9…)


I love the poorly done photoshop she did to make herself thinner

No. 890245

File: 1661998054140.jpg (340.21 KB, 1080x2029, Screenshot_20220831-190631_Ins…)

Surprised nobody posted her & her calf
She knew her since she was a minor, now they're making lewds? Gross

No. 890248

Anon, give more context, this thot was always doing this shit even before she turned 18. Moo didn't groom her or anything if that's how you're trying to make it sound. Bitch used her tits the second she got them for scrotes asspats.

No. 890255

wking isn't a good look.

No. 890256

how tf is that wking

No. 890262

Kind of weird to slut shame a teenager for "always" being a thot like she grew up in a vacuum and not watching actual thots like moo make obscene amounts of money for lazy photoshoots of their unwashed asscrack.
I don't know this person but if Moo knew her when she was underaged it's not a good look that her predatory ass is encouraging or inspiring dumb kids to follow in her waddled footsteps.

No. 890270

How do you know that Moo was associating with her since she was a minor?

No. 890271

She was though, the same way moo was taking nudes as a teen. Some of these bitches are excited to do lewds, look at Bhad Bhabie. No1 is slut shaming her, you autist, but Moo didn't groom this bitch which is what >>890245 is attempting to insinuate.

No. 890273

In other news, Japan is open to tourists again, so expect our cow to waddle back to "The Motherland" ASAP. I always enjoy her excursions there, if only to see which calves are the Chosen Ones of her circle at the given moment, and which other e-whores she's stalking.

No. 890278

no1currs if she isn't there.

No. 890280

Does any have the entire sad collection of videos and images?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 890281

I think the post is more pointing out Mariah has no issue doing lewd shit with someone she met as a minor the moment they turn 18. Which is creepy no matter if Mariah encouraged it or not.

No. 890282

Again, where did anon see anything about even the other girl's age? I can't find her age anywhere online For all we know, she's 30.

No. 890285

Yeah slut shaming kids is weird. If she just turned 18, how many years has she been taking "lewd" photos? Since 16? 14? She was a thot then too? Bad Bhabie's parents clearly failed her from day one and I'm not going to call her a slut.

It's sad in any case. Zoomers have a lot more access to technology than Moo had in high school, and horny teens with phones are going to do stuff like that. Moo sending nudes in high school was not a sign she was destined to become a lazy plastic surgery addict.

Like >>890281
said it's creepy to jump into collabing with someone who just turned 18 like a sick moid with a birthday countdown. She's a horrible influence and only wants more pawns in her corner.

No. 890286

Where does it say her age anywhere? Looks more like someone who booked her place and now Moo is shooting with her. Doesn't it ask for content links and cosplays you do? Seems like Moo self inserted herself to someone willingly to shoot at her studio and so she jumped on the same bus and did the same cosplay.

No. 890289

Momokuns a babe.(shitposting)

No. 890290

Someone please share some "beautiful" photos of moo for the idiot above me.

No. 890291

Random comment praising Momokun that appears when we're talking abut something to try and derail.
That sure implies it's actually someone she knew as a minor she's doing nudes with.

No. 890293

Nta, They’ve been acquaintances for a few years with Moo and have hung out at local Vegas cons before. She’s not a new calf.

No. 890296

Can a farmhand ban this scrote?

No. 890301

Honey she’s gonna leave you high and dry. Run now. The money isn’t worth it.

No. 890320

just ignore the weird, thinly veiled wks.

No. 890363

I'm not a scrote. I'm also not blind to the fact that thots don't need to be groomed to be thots. Moo has nothing to do with her. She was doing this shit before Moo. Again, how old is she, apparently, to make anon's fanfiction grooming scenario anything but tinfoil and trying to start fake milk? No one seems to have an answer which makes it very telling anon >>890245 is full of shit. If you are going to veil milk, at least don't make it this easy to dispute.

No. 890389

File: 1662119274930.jpeg (143.77 KB, 728x885, anna_book.jpeg)

Jfc she looks like this 51 yo Swedish celebricow called Anna Book

No. 890419

File: 1662148675643.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1242x1338, 1E188334-8B94-49E7-A279-3886A5…)

She also looks like this random botched bitch. I genuinely thought it was her at first.

No. 890452

I don't want to rip on the MUA too hard, but the spots on a koi are caused by variation in the color of individual scales, so why do the spots look like splotches of water color instead of groups of scales? Before I scrolled up and got context, I legitimately thought they were cow spots. They seem splashed on with no consideration given to the scales or the animal it's inspired by.

She probably smells like one.

No. 890470

She’s not grooming her but it’s mad weird that she’s collabing with someone who just turned 18. It’s just gross behavior.

No. 890472

Could be the photoshop Moo uses.

No. 890479

Moo will resort to Shayna-tier shit before even thinking about getting a job. Plus it'll probably take a few more years for the money to run dry (though the retarded studio is definitely accelerating that process.)

No. 890483

Where does it say her age anywhere? I've google and it doesn't say on her profiles either. Where are you getting this "just turned 18" thing?

No. 890499

If she's been in the vegas cosplay scene for years I'm sure her actual age is known even if it isn't on her current profiles. Proof would be nice but the kneejerk denial that she's 18 is weird. Are you the wk who said she could be 30 kek?

No. 890501

Why is it a kneejerk reaction to say that she wasn't groomed when we've never seen her before and also no one knows her age apparently? No one is being a whiteknight, you sperg. Anons just don't need fake storyline bullshit because you guys can't be assed to find out someone's real age before trying to make up some stories.

No. 890503

Nta, her age isn’t even listed on her personal Facebook but I’ve been mutuals with her friends for years and she is definitely not 18. I know things are slow but can we not derail with shit again?

No. 890534

File: 1662304624894.jpeg (1022.34 KB, 1284x1886, 419EC5A1-FB22-4C1B-A119-3AA3A7…)

I love when she shows off her botched nose job.

No. 890539

her nose just looks so thick, like someone forgot to take off some of the sculpt. It wasn't this thick before, it looks terrible. Does she not see how much wider they made her nose? That slope was not worth it lol I zoomed in and it looks like a booger is stuck in the hairs of her nostril… Fucking ew, Moo.

No. 890549

I know it's been mentioned ad nauseum but I can't believe she paid so much for a pig snout and how much she loves showing it off. Probably thinks she's got a cute little upturned elf nose knowing none the wiser.

No. 890550

Nah. knowing moo, she knows, just has too much pride to get revisions esp bc she "oinked" so much about the price n how revolutionary it was lmao

No. 890554

honk honk

No. 890585

File: 1662333373077.jpeg (793.99 KB, 1091x1901, FAA8D6CE-961A-46A6-A167-0141B3…)

Says she’s obsessed with pigtails now. Makes sense, gotta go all the way and match that pig nose.

No. 890592

I wonder if it has to do with servers wearing pigtails to increase tips from men?

No. 890617

Ew lmao legit thought this was Maddie scrolling by. Worst part is i used to find moo's face somewhat pretty due to her nose.. completely butchered and there's no fixing it. Yikes

No. 890627

Lol same here, they look so much alike on face.

No. 890646

Kek she does look exactly like Maddie now.

No. 890648

It's the eyebrows. The chunky brow look has been out of style for over 6 years now. I don't know why she hasn't moved on to feathering or even got them tattoo'd at least so she could understand how to do brows at all. Always looks like she rubbed a thick sharpie on them. Maddie did her bad with teaching her makeup, but her makeup was way worst before Maddie came around too. Moo has no idea of style or taste lol

No. 890653

pigtails only work if you have a youthful appearance. If not you just look like an adult with a learning disability.
Even if it's a fetish it just doesn't work if you look like you're 50.
Moo should just get blunt bangs to complete the tard look.

No. 890663

File: 1662414286412.jpeg (604.71 KB, 1086x1731, DB18356F-CEA5-4F0E-A2A5-B29491…)

Still wide

No. 890668

Ahahahahahahaa wtf. She's fugly

No. 890681

File: 1662427466373.jpeg (446.48 KB, 1065x1560, 7C9DDE0F-ACD7-4CF5-AB82-AED3EB…)

Nightmare fuel

No. 890682

Ponytails while wearing extensions is the ugliest and makes you look wider.

No. 890689

this just screams middle-aged mom trying to be hip and youthful, how tragic.
looks like she might try worming her way back into streaming..again

No. 890693

she's covered in 10 layers of filters, how does she look so bad?

No. 890694

Filters can't save you if you're beyond redemption. Filters are usually meant to touch up and round out certain shit, (e.g dorito chin syndrome) but if it can't keep up due to how botched your body is (mooriah) no amount of filters will make you look good, it can even make you look worse because it doesn't know what to calculate.

No. 890698

She's Margo lol

No. 890702

I hope she gets into streaming again. We got really good candids the last time she streamed.

No. 890703

Those forearms. Such a skinny qween.

No. 890705

Her latest porn video was a hot mess. Still not sure that's an actual man she's having sex with. I just know they ate going through great lengths to hide their identity.(sage your shit)

No. 890708

Her Halloween video? Bad editing horrid lighting boring af- did scream come back into vogue or some shit or is she just way behind as usual?

No. 890726

She's always behind and she was trying to be "quirky" but it was just so the person is hidden.

No. 890743

No, she's probably going to try to do the bishoujo figures again

No. 890788

File: 1662505910650.png (18.6 KB, 514x372, unknown.png)

Who wants to bet that it's Maddy.

No. 890809

Or a roleplay thing like the whole step-brother and neighbor stuff. Unless someone posts it or find it, it might just be her and the dude again but calling it "roommate" because scrotes like available women content.

Or it is her and that's why the guy never takes pants off.

No. 890872

There is currently no scrote living with her and Maddie is desperate enough to let Moo spit in her mouth during covid.
It's safe to assume any porn with an unseen partner is most likely Maddie

No. 890873

Thats with us assuming and the fact we just haven't seen anyone video a guy. You see how well behaved Maddie has been, not taking photos at all without permission. Who's to say some dude isn't sleeping in Kevin's old room.

No. 890875

because Moo doesn't respect anyone's privacy. If a guy was living with her we would have seen stories and weird posts about how much she loves him
Though yeah, these are all assumptions. Fun to think about though

No. 890877

guys, it's just the name of the video…

No. 890879

Thats why we are discussing if it's just about the title, maddie, or an actual dude. For all we know it's a blowup doll attached to her dildo machine thing.

No. 890880

no, everyone is dick sperging again.

No. 890886

Literally no one is fucking dicksperging. I didn't know it was possible to be blind AND retarded. Every reply since the photo has been discussing who it can be since we ONLY have the title to go on. Not one reply has been about dicks.
Just someone that can't read.

No. 890887

Yeah, no one was talking about anything being real or fake. We are wondering who this 'roommate' might be and whether it is title alone and just her and a dildo, Maddie, or some dude who might be in Kev's old room. Anon needs to calm down.

No. 890899

My bet is that it's the same guy as the previous times and now she's finally found someone willing to fuck her periodically for pay

No. 890902

I’m with this anon.
She’s quite possibly using the porn as an excuse to get the dude to fuck her; if she’s paying a flat rate or a cut of what she makes, she can call him up and say she wants to shoot and gets the dude to come over and fuck her. He thinks it’s for content only, she probably thinks it’s her boyfriend or some shit.
I’m guessing it’s someone she knew or met on Tinder who agreed to do it contingent on not showing his face. I don’t really blame him, because who wants to have video of them fucking Moo on the internet forever?

No. 890943

File: 1662608066786.jpeg (841.38 KB, 3264x1865, 04704D1F-2B93-47C7-8875-F76C1A…)

She’s been hiding her face in selfies lately.

No. 890946

the nose comments must be getting to her now

No. 890953

If this dumptruck thinks she's going to have visible v lines with that amount of mass she is delusional. She's sucking in her gut and that looks more like a hip bone.

No. 890955

I love how she posts this
seemingly in the same week? Bet that the middle picture isnt even her, Doesnt she have visible dark lines under her boobs from her reduction?
It would also be implying you can lose that much weight in less than two weeks from >>889947 (where she was photoshopped skinner as >>890208 pointed out

Also as I was looking at her old pictures it's really funny how that one round of rib cage lipo ruined the volume of her boobs SO badly, looking at her roadhog pics where she was probably less fat than she is now but her boobs were way bigger and had way better density? What's the next terrible work she'll have done to make herself look even worse? A botched BBL or a bolt on boob job?

No. 890968

File: 1662641827372.jpeg (185.66 KB, 1284x1895, 3130BEDA-E962-4531-A522-2C2CCF…)

It’s like clockwork at this point. When is she going to figure out that no one wants her flaccid ass on tiktok?

No. 890971

Hard as hell for women to get v lines in the first place, if not impossible depending on your body. Momo larps as a 250lb gymbro bodybuilder guy and it's hilarious. The only fitness knowledge she has comes from her boomer dad who knows nothing about women's bodies apparently.

No. 890974

File: 1662644299764.jpg (349.05 KB, 1536x2048, 20220908_083846.jpg)

Nta but meowri is the only person I know who sort of achieves it and even then not really. Maybe she'll start skinwalking her too.

No. 890980

Moo.. thats not a v-line.

No. 890981

Is @mariahmalladbackup actually her too?

No. 890983

Yes, you'll probably see her use this soon, she only ever uses it once she gets clapped.

No. 890985

That’s gas bloat not a v-line. Dumb ass

No. 890988

Moo's whole career is trying to convince herself and the world her bubbling fat is rippling muscle when she's just morbidly obese.
Then she wonders why she can't find a boyfriend when she cat fishes them. There are plenty of guys who like fat chicks. She needs to aim for them

No. 890993

File: 1662665189036.jpg (835.17 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20220908-122550_Goo…)

When i see her face, all i see is katie

No. 890994

File: 1662665262627.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.08 MB, 1284x2274, 1656515259006.jpeg.jpg)

Same fag, but the first time i thought she looked like her was when i saw this picture.

No. 890999

File: 1662673691138.jpeg (871.77 KB, 3264x2108, 95753C1C-D69C-4958-B8A0-8123D6…)

Not Moo posting alpha male positivity bullshit. Shocking… /s
Further proving she hasn’t changed a fucking bit.

No. 891000

File: 1662674079921.jpeg (333.04 KB, 3264x1281, 683DABB6-FEF7-487C-9894-AE0729…)

Samefag but yikes…

No. 891002


omg what are retard the two of them

also trips

No. 891003

Flash back to photogs telling her to be more feminine
Moo can't compete with other women because she looks like a man without all the filters. She hates women because of it. So she tries so hard to be a bro/neckbeard in hopes some guy will fuck her.
Too bad for Moo, guys don't want to date other dudes. Tomboys are hella cute, but they're still feminine in their own way.
That and this is her insecure way of saying her fat is actually bro muscle.

No. 891008

File: 1662685628979.jpeg (989.63 KB, 1102x1236, 62B0F940-EFCA-4FB3-AD51-6D015A…)

She posted this about an hour ago, pretty much contradicting >>890943 lol No amount of money will fix those fursuit thighs.

No. 891009

Ngl I think thick thighs can be cute, but this straight up looks like the leg equivalent of a fupa. The overuse of lipo and botched nosejob absolutely wrecked her.

No. 891014

They're like big drooping bags of pudding on the front of her legs. Wow. Her joints must be fucked. Could she possibly transfer the fat to her ass? Lmao it's so tragic that her lipo made her arms and thighs enormous but didn't go to her ass at all and it's flatter than ever.

No. 891015

she would never get a bbl. the risks are enormous and she won't be around to sit around doing nothing. also the recovery time is insane. she can't just pretend that she did the work herself by posting gym selfies every couple of days.

No. 891018

the funny thing is she still stretched the photo and edited it to appear thinner. She just over did it in >>890943
Even with all the edits I'm guessing she's 250+ pounds

No. 891023

Bitch that is photoshopped to hell wtf are you saying

No. 891028

not sure why anon posted an unsaged pic of an unrelated shoop'd costhot, but hope she gets a ban.

No. 891037

You mean “hope they get a ban?” You don’t know what their identity is. Out of respect for them, refrain from using she/her pronouns until you know their identity.(shitposting)

No. 891038

ntayrt but it's a female only imageboard anon. Integrate.

No. 891039

Anons, stfu. It's Meowri and Moo and her and known to talk to each other and they like each other's Instagram posts. However, I think Moo is more or less copying Akemi who has been doing the same flex shit.

No. 891040

Get the fuck out of here with your woke speech bullshit, MA'AM

No. 891047

Newfags really are easy to spot.

No. 891049

>they've made you who you are
An obese washed up cosplayer turned porn-tard. Such Alpha.

No. 891052

Nta but why are you writing a defensive word salad over an unsaged photo of an ethot who's relevancy goes as far as her "v lines" from an anon who can't even work out how to respond to other posts?

No. 891058

Her main is gone…again

No. 891059

You'd think repeat offenders…would be perma banned.

No. 891061

Moo doesn’t have a feminine bone in her body. Her dad really was her tard wrangler and maybe because of his influence she’s more masculine than feminine.

No. 891063

…Meanwhile her sister, in the same environment is feminine. That's not how that works, anon.

No. 891065

File: 1662746595812.png (42.12 KB, 151x179, Screenshot 2022-09-09 200048.p…)

peep those arms. Those are arms of a 70 yo overweight grandma.

No. 891072

Her sister is like a flying monkey to her. She's ugly too. Not just Moo, the genetics in the fam coming from her mom..yikes. add in both their personalities

No. 891073

That's hilarious.

No. 891074

>unsaged, not about moo, should be saged
>no one is defending anyone in my reply

No. 891086

it's not related.

No. 891104

I always thought that her sister was the favorite and moo was super jealous and that’s why she always needed her own birthday cake when her sister had a birthday. I think her sister got more attention, good or bad from their parents and moo was always the retarded fat mean girl daughter who they had to whip into shape, literally.

No. 891106

I'm willing to bet that she covered her face to hide the fact that she's desperately sucking it in to feed the illusion.

No. 891108

That is indeed the tl;dr of it,

No. 891115

Remember that video of her from behind when she was dressed as … I want to say Yoshi? She had platform heels on, and she didn’t walk so much as hulked in them. She was like a wobbly fridge on dodgy castors.

No. 891117

please please i need to this, it sounds amazing

No. 891125

File: 1662778871697.jpeg (658.59 KB, 3264x2818, F5E6CE4F-E9FD-43A0-8A9E-C26D2B…)

Not sure what she’s so proud of? It’s like those thigh humps get bigger with each selfie.

No. 891126

does she think that her thighs should stick out more than her ass!? literally a fucking front-butt.

No. 891128

her thighs stick out farther than her tits.

No. 891129

Her ass is literally caving in on itself while the front of her thighs are noticeably bulging. I know Moo is delusional and probably thinks it’s all muscle but it looks grotesque.

No. 891133

There so much excesses fat in her front thighs and arms. It's grotesque looking.

No. 891136

she's pretending the fat in her legs are bulging muscles
If she was really proud she would wear shorts to show off that "muscle"
she's just scared to show off her jiggly cellulite legs

No. 891140

The thighs are really gross, almost disgusting. Just imagine how discolored they look. It’s like she’s retaining water like fat people do in their legs because of circulation. Would excessive lipo mess with blood circulation? Also who the fuck wears huge headphones with a fabric ear cuff to work out. Fucking nasty, you know she doesn’t wash the pads and they’re just full of sweat. How can she do any high impact exercises if she has to make sure her pilot headset doesn’t fly off, oh right cause she doesn’t.

No. 891141

File: 1662784499517.gif (108.98 KB, 326x282, 462E9784-BB7D-4C12-AD1A-368A37…)

It’s insane when you see what it should look like “normally” her legs get worse the more she gets work done.

No. 891147

This is insane, how is she not freaking out at least? Her legs look like literal fursuit legs, like the kind of shit some furry would add to their OC donut steel wolf.

No. 891160

It’s so jarring just seeing an edit and seeing how far it juts out. Did she just get fat sucked out of the back of her thighs (it’s pretty lumpy even with the compression leggings) in an attempt to make her flat ass stand out more? Because mission failure if that’s the case lol
I wonder what other botched procedure she’ll get to close out the year.

No. 891173

It looks like she has tumors on the front of her thighs. I wonder if it's a fuck up with the filters.

No. 891193

File: 1662821149577.jpg (540.5 KB, 1080x1598, Screenshot_20220910_074615.jpg)

She deleted that workout photo drop lol >>891008 Was too embarrassed to keep it up

No. 891195

SO I was trying to figure out why her legs are like this and then I remembered: During that one Pool-con where she wore a swimsuit Mei (I'm guessing Colossal) years ago when we started figuring out the symmetrical dots on her body were lipo marks, an anon got a photo of her from behind (which was to prove she was hella shooping) and she had marks on the back of her thighs even back then.

She was probably getting somewhat continuous lipo on the back of her thighs to make her butt seem bigger

No. 891197

We know. You cant just lipoout front thighs though if anyone is wondering. Fat density is different. Its just from when she was 250lbs, the fat distributed there was never removed, arms too. You actually have to workout to lose weight properly from those areas. That's why everyone who gets the procedures always have weird upper thighs and arms. Unless they're actually starving themselves to lose weight also comwait also, they're gonna be this weird Topsy turvy kind of shape..

No. 891201

all of this is a load of bs. the reason people don't get front thigh lipo is because it's usually not a problem area until you've gotten a ton, like moo, and fat starts collecting there. you can absolutely lipo there and i have no idea where you pulled that "fat density bs" from, because a quick search will show you're a retard.

No. 891203

Most people do not get the front of their thighs treated, lipo is usually done on the inner or back as that's where the fat will actually warp the skin permanently [cellulite]. Frontal lipo for thighs is usually for sculpting. Like I said, the fat on the back and top are different and the skin also reacts different. I'm not about to get into a shitthrowing fit about this anon. It's derailing as is.

No. 891208

anon, you're wrong about it. and now you're backpedalling. just stop.

No. 891215

she thinks that those bags of fat on her legs are the same as when guys lift a lot and get huge muscles. the only people who are buying this shit are 300 lbs+ whales like herself.

No. 891225

nta but you 100% can, I even went with a friend who got it done on the front of her thighs since she had lipoedema. It's a very common thing to get done. OT as shit but please do your research.

Anyway, At some point that much pressure on her knees will fuck shit up right? How is she not concerned as shit? tinfoil but I'm almost sure she's shopping around for someone to do that area. Only reason she keeps posting gym selfies anyway.

No. 891247

What has been going on with her face lately? She looks worse than usual.

No. 891250

Shouldn't you know the answer if your friend has bad genetics? Kek

No. 891256

OT but you're completely wrong on both your posts and don't know about these procedures or anyone who has had them. All your terminology and weak understanding of how lipo works is far off-base, too.

No. 891257

what? I don't claim to know everything, what's wrong with you? I was just stating that I knew someone personally who went through it so I know >>891203 is wrong like >>891256 is saying. Some of you nonas have issues…

No. 891258

Do actual research. Not just the first Google result.

No. 891263

anon, you're wrong. you first claimed you can't lipo there and then said you can sculpt? sculpting is a form of lipo, not really a different procedure. and cellulite can appear on the front of your legs. cellulite isn't a different kind of fat, it has to do with proximity to a dermal layer that causes it to bunch up. you're a moron and multiple people are calling you out.

No. 891285

Moo is aware she's a fat ass. If she was actually confident she would be wearing shorts to show off her bod.
She's been wearing black compression leggings since swimsuit Mei where people saw her cottage cheese legs flapping around everywhere

No. 891295

File: 1662860175017.jpg (327.27 KB, 520x924, iyYnGO1.jpg)

>people are mad because she posted a lunch box with the thin blue line/Blue Lives Matter flag on it
>said she didn't know it was on the lunch box, that it was the only one available on the site and she just wanted a product from a brand she's been wanting to try out for meal prep
>plans on blacking it out with Sharpie
>doesn't know the "logistics" of it and thinks the 6 compartment style was made so you had to buy that logo on it
>"not a political person in that sense"; doesn't make statements like that; doesn't stand/advocate for it
>not really a fan of hounding down companies to see who or what they support. Not going to be "a pick-me type of bitch" about what she purchases from who

lol k

No. 891298

File: 1662860289900.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1135x1884, BC67F439-151E-418F-AB5A-C17FF8…)


Classic Moo. Posts about buying a lunchbox with the Blue Lives Matter flag on it and claims she had no idea what it was. Instead of you know… canceling the order and not giving that company money, she says she has "Sharpies". It’s all good guys, she just needed this specific lunch box and couldn’t be bothered to look elsewhere.

No. 891299


To accompany this post:
On the isolator fitness site you have two options: the cube or the ISOBAG for 6 compartments. It looks like she wanted the bigger ISOBAG so she has two options: black or blue line logo with black bag. "Silver" is the third but unavailable on the site currently. The other smaller cubes have alot more options for colors on their logo. She HAD the options but she chose not to READ.
Then again, I don't expect someone who took BLM and turned it into "Arab Lives Matter" to understand.

No. 891302

how is she pretending not to know what blue lives matter is when she was part of that drama when she promoted it with weebking?

No. 891303

Because she’s banking on people not remembering it. Her fans most likely never saw that either and won’t care.

No. 891304

I just looked it up and Daniel Mercado, the owner, has a history of being racist it seems. Not shocked for a company that sells thin blue line merch and also for Moo to say that people like that shouldn't be nitpicked.

All the shitty people sure do stand up for each other

No. 891307

I mean, she went even further by proclaiming in the stories that she eats at Chick-fil-A while having an "LGBT" sticker on her car. Not sure why she felt the need to share that but I guess she’s only outing herself for unapologetically supporting shitty companies.

No. 891308

She’s already deleted the entire series of stories lol. Record timing.

No. 891309

File: 1662863322416.png (6.83 MB, 1284x2778, 9CB05840-BC02-48F8-8A4C-D78B2C…)

Kek. I really do think her size in that tennis peach cosplay really got to her kek. She’s also been selling a lot of lululemon or whatever work our clothes. Size ranging from L to XL, bras were 36E and 38DD. Oh! And she’s selling some wigs and knock off figures kek some listings don’t have a size or measurements.

No. 891314

this is a bad look. didn't she support her friends anti BLM posts. Then go off on anti BLM and racists posts. Then doubled down and went on terrorists rants and how black people are horrible for not supporting terrorists?

No. 891315

funny, we've seen her car and I only saw bad anime decals. No lgbt sticker on it at all lol. I don't know why she's lying

No. 891329

I can't tell if she tried to desaturate the area around the dress or if shes actually stained that gray ass carpet brown already

No. 891330

Thought she said DQ as in Dairy Queen (do they have controversy?)

No. 891331

She says “LGBTQ". It’s slightly distorted because it’s spoken between stories so "TQ" is heard at the start of the following story.

No. 891346

She really needs six lunches? She bulking?

No. 891347

File: 1662895615587.gif (3.21 MB, 350x263, ONSRgr0.gif)

Isn't her nickkname The Incredible Bulk already?

No. 891357

File: 1662908188104.jpeg (494.25 KB, 2254x3264, E78C488D-08E4-4A68-B8BD-E18CB7…)

She got the stupid shirt.

No. 891358

Update: She removed the far 2 left posts, the manga and the car now.

No. 891360

She removed these too! Jfc, wtf, Moo?

No. 891361

File: 1662910559969.jpg (344.76 KB, 1080x946, Screenshot_20220911_083640.jpg)

Posted on her twitter,either this is Martin or this is the dude who's fucking her. That's in her house.

No. 891362

she's really trying to convince the world and herself she isn't obese
wonder which guy told her she was too fat this time

No. 891372

Sounds like another Moo Manic Episode. It would hilarious if people sent the police to her house for a wellness check like they did for Gabby Hanna but no one cares about her. She may have money but she has no real relationships.

No. 891376

not true
She has Maddie. Though Moo gives off the huge vibe she hates Maddie but only keeps her around because she does whatever Moo asks her

No. 891385

i can't focus on the blue line drama because i can't get over how busted she looks.

No. 891386

No. 891390

File: 1662932835603.jpg (199.21 KB, 946x2048, 20220911_164823.jpg)

No. 891392

She's very political. She must think people are dumb
This is like saying you're not racist but carry around an "All Lives Matter" lunch box because you just need your meal prep done instead of getting literally any other lunch box

No. 891393

all i see are excuses excuses excuses. jfc moo moo, it's not that fucking hard to do a minuscule amount of research and not eat somewhere on top of that.

No. 891394

Her arm in the bottom right one… like wtf

No. 891395

Not a good look Moo. But what did we expect from the bitch that’s never voted either. I hope this bites her in the ass because it’s showing her ignorance and complete lack of empathy. But god forbid something happens to "muh Arabs" and suddenly she’s all political for brownie points. Jesus she’s a fucking human disaster.

No. 891396

B-but anon! That would be a minor inconvenience to her and she can’t handle that! lol I don’t get how far up her own ass she has to be to claim to love the gays but still continues to support companies who give money towards anti-lgbtq legislation. The fact she’s too lazy to even do the bare minimum of research is expected since she puts as much effort into her "job".

No. 891433

File: 1662944827914.jpeg (646.53 KB, 1071x1907, 25F9B594-2FB2-4F69-9574-2AA4C1…)

No. 891436

Oh god is this fucker about to have someone make her a server to sell shit in

No. 891442

What is this exactly?

No. 891447

a discord user profile as an IG story

No. 891450

A nice way of saying my privileged white ass doesn't give a shit about anyone else. If you disagreed with anything, you wouldn't give them your money. Fuck she's stupid.
BUT… All of this is negated when the topic is of Arabs. Suddenly she's that gun-loving Arab that is still pained by being teased as a little girl for wearing a hijab. She tries so hard to seem to be so woke. Maybe that's because when she opens her big mouth, certain people have told her to shut it and why.

No. 891458

I think she hates Arabs too. Because whenever she spouts how Muslim she is she becomes a walking negative sterotype how she'll shoot up places if they don't have her beliefs
Remembering her showing off her last minute purchase of guns and telling people "I'll show you how Arab I really am"

No. 891459

She's a little late to be bragging about a discord. Even my parents have a discord

No. 891462

Wasn’t a Discord chat a Patreon promise of hers from years ago? Doubt she’ll ever deliver on that lol. It’s just a matter of time before shit hits the fan there.

No. 891464

didn't she delete it or something?

No. 891465

Along with her calendar which she never made

No. 891467

Can you not interact with her?

No. 891469

Just a heads up to anons, Moo can block certai users from viewing stories. Idk if she's randomly blocking people based on whos veiwing in general, as it shows you, but for the anons who say stuff is deleted, you might be story blocked.

No. 891470

>not using anonymous insta viewers

No. 891475

I'm guessing this is why some anons think posts are missing, especially seeing as how >>891390 interacted.

No. 891483

I want momo to sit on my face.

Such talent, such grace. Such beauty ❤️(unsaged shitposting/ emoji use)

No. 891488


Not here using the holy Kaba emoji in her fucking discord to peddle her porn, what a class A cunt

No. 891489


She does because they all can’t stand her. No Arab in the cosplay community has any association with her because of how embarrassing she is. Has anyone realized she has zero POC friends except for the occasional Asian her photog slave brings in

No. 891508

Didn't her cousin wear that to the con with her?

No. 891516


No. 891519

File: 1663014199115.jpeg (832.92 KB, 1284x1269, 1B2FA8E8-00FF-4B8E-8F86-B9C403…)

I want to say Moo isn’t being forreal but jesus christ what was the purpose for this?

No. 891521

File: 1663014664168.jpeg (931.48 KB, 3264x2697, 112F5356-F318-4AB6-8361-A9CDB9…)

She couldn’t even be bothered to do the pose correctly. I know the painting was a meme thing for artists but moo is always late to the party.

No. 891522

She'd be thrown off IG on this account too if she did it accurately, even IF she could.

No. 891523

The painting affect is not working for her it just looks like she has varicose veins all over her body

No. 891524

File: 1663017657927.jpg (517.87 KB, 1452x1942, 91gEEHivCnL.jpg)

I'm fucking dying, she looks like the cover of the dangerous album

No. 891525

i thought this was her ass facing the camera when i first saw this

No. 891551

it's a classic painting, really beautiful
but it always makes my eyes roll how Moo always sympathizes with the bad guys. I'm ready for her to go on long rants on how she relates to the devil

No. 891554

Lucifer wasn't a bad guy..? Lol

No. 891555

File: 1663043159645.jpeg (Spoiler Image,37.14 KB, 640x455, 70E67037-F515-4095-9DEB-65AB92…)

No. 891556

goddamn that whoville nose is looking more cartoony than usual. It must suck so much to spend so much money for such a shitty result kek

No. 891559


Fresh lipo scar on her back thigh

No. 891560

She’s not even trying anymore with those waist shoops

No. 891561

She can photoshop her ass to look bigger, but she can't photoshop her buttcrack so it doesn't look so dirty?

No. 891562

Her arm is HUGE
She's def still above 250 pounds
Also the liquify around her waist and ass. I'm sure she's going to delete this

No. 891584

I think the nonnie who brought up how she never wears shorts was onto something. This is so ridiculously framed and chopped and shopped. The OP pics are filtered as hell. With all of her gym selfies, there aren't like thinly veiled thirst trap videos of her doing squats or lifting in shorts like your typical fitness thot. Her legs must look nightmarish irl.

No. 891600

>>891357 and

No. 891615

she posted this herself? Is she high? she looks HUGE. (peep the wobbly photoshopped arm kek)

No. 891623

This shoop has to be a joke, it straight up looks like she's wearing cartoonish fatsuit pants. She can't think her audience is stupid enough to think this is real. She can't. I don't know if I can stomach living in a world where she can
Lolcow needs an annual "worst shoop of (year)" award just for this image alone.

No. 891727

File: 1663124795247.png (Spoiler Image,7.44 MB, 1284x2778, DD37BC32-CD3D-4757-A6D9-2E4D63…)

How can someone go to gym so often but still look the same? You really can’t outrun a bad diet.

No. 891733

Peep that double chin. Looks like someone needs to get another round of lipo. Is her nose finally settled? It looks like she’s always smelling something bad on her upper lip lol

No. 891734

she could outrun it if she actually ran.

No. 891752

Going to the gym 5 times a week isnt conducive when all she does is get the average daily recommended amount of steps in on the stairmaster before she drives home to sit on her fat ass while her roomie fingerbangs her for OnlyFlab.
Missing her lifting era when she overshared about fitness and got roasted by the fitness community cause she couldn't even do a barbell squat without terrible form.

No. 891798

Speaking of fitness Moo
She hasn't been talking about her super awesome trainer since the convention months ago. I guess like the other trainers they got frustrated because Moo's attitude of "I don't care if I gain weight. I can just lipo and photoshop it away. Just be happy I'm giving you clout. Your rep? Who gives a shit. What do you mean you're dumping me as a client?!"

Moo ALWAYS takes videos if she's actually working out. During this season's fitness saga she has taken none, only selfies over Chinese filters on max. I'm waiting for Moo to snap one of these days and make a video crying unfiltered saying she hates being morbidly obese, deleting it and posting a shopped picture of her being a "Skinny legend"

No. 891815

File: 1663189678718.jpeg (696.72 KB, 3264x2680, 988F3808-0B9C-4D1D-9A6E-B20C03…)

Unfortunately, her "trainer" Rossbossfit comments from time to time on her posts along with her sister spamming different variations of "skinny qween!"
This story she took is pathetic. She’s constantly pulling up her shirt while going as slow as possible on the stairmaster so she can post it to Instagram. Of course she only chooses machines next to a mirror, the vain cunt.

No. 891826

lol she already deleted the story on the right.

No. 891851

because she only goes to the gym to take selfies, and has not done an actual workout of any kind in at least five years

No. 891855

File: 1663216383921.jpeg (648.65 KB, 1924x3264, C88D81ED-6620-4E5C-9516-1001F3…)

No. 891860

What is even the point when your face looks like that

No. 891861

She has the face of a 65 year old Mongolian grandma

No. 891864

and this is still with a filter on. It's just weird how she thinks if she edits her waist to be thin, it means she doesn't look obese

No. 891872

File: 1663244121886.jpeg (96.09 KB, 357x640, 8A767661-A279-4333-8817-2A76FB…)

She is literally shaped like this weird pig that came up on tiktok

No. 891888

Kek knockoff miss piggy is coming for moo’s bot followers.

No. 891912

I just hope some serious milk comes in soon. Moo is a nobody now so people shouldn't be scared to spill any dirt they have on her

It wont do anything because her career is over and she's now a porn thot. But it's still funny af

No. 891917

There really isn't much dirt. She's a fat girl that had bad plastic surgery. She's a cow because she lurks here and IRL reacts to what we post.

No. 891922

File: 1663276813323.jpeg (1.02 MB, 3264x2729, 02E6A0F4-77C5-4FE5-B933-0B91C0…)

>Source: trust me bro

No. 891923

ginger isn't fermented, did she mean kimchi? and miso is loaded with salt so it's only helps if you have a japanese diet. also…is she having a meltdown? what is in her mouth? it looks like she ate a spoon of pure miso.

No. 891927

Moo… its just gelatin

No. 891928

She’s eating sauerkraut. Just straight up sauerkraut…

No. 891932

whatever makes her feel better. But you know she has no idea what she's doing because she hops from one fad diet to the other

No. 891940

not even gelatin. vegetarian capsules are made from cellulose. it's just plant-based. so even more related to her whole organic rant. not sure what her deal is with the capsules.

No. 891946

File: 1663298985000.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1082x1745, 3073B795-D7A9-4091-8F66-DD9353…)

It’s no wonder Moo can’t string together a cohesive thought when all she reads are these dumbass word salad affirmations.

No. 891948

eugh. i couldn't figure out what because she's on drugs in this.

No. 891953

Wonderful…so she smells like hotdog water BO and… sauerkraut? That’s not something I needed to ever know

No. 891955

lol. she's never mentioned sauerkraut till today. None of the other fridge/pantry shots we've seen have ever feature sauerkraut.

>a table spoon has 3000mg of vitamin c

no, no it doesn't. not even close. It actually has 1.3mg in a tablespoon

>vegetable capsules. Poisoning you.

wtf is she on about?

No. 891958

spent some time looking up "supplements vegetable capsules poison" and similar search terms to find out what quack she got this "information" from. however literally nobody is saying this. people are out there injecting bleach and somehow Moo still managed to come up with something so crazy not even the crazies thought of it before

No. 891959

she's literally just lying. is she insane?

No. 891961

the sodium… yikes. Just go get some yogurt and banana, eat your veggies and remember to chew thoroughly when you eat, gorl!

No. 891962

Alright, who bet on nutritionist larping?

No. 891964

File: 1663322396097.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1284x2071, 6CC09447-75B6-491F-AE01-D7A86A…)

There’s no reason for her to have SO many supplements. It gets to a point where you’re just pissing all the excess out.

No. 891965

When you are too retarded to just drink a glass of kefir each day kek

No. 891966

this is so typical for an obese, lazy person. They all think they can eat themselves into being thin. kek.

No. 891968

she does realize that if she ate like a normal person she would't need to take all those supplements, right?
funnily enough, sauerkraut is "supposed" to help weight with weight loss, which i guess explains why shes suddenly into it.

gym selfies, diet sperging. its a safe bet that she's had or is about to get another round of lipo

No. 891969

You know read that taking too many supplements actually results in kidney stones and we all know how moo loves to avoid water. So, the next few weeks should be fun.

No. 891970

I've seen older, fatter chicks with smoother faces. Moo's literally melting. Desperate facelift era when?

No. 891973

why is she acting like a tiktok fitness guru? i know they also do dangerous bs with supplements kek. seriously though, you're just not supposed to do this with these kind of supplements. there's a reason why some supplements come in powders for drinks and others are pills, and it's not because moo found a "hack".

No. 891974

You do not need all of this. Half of it can't be absorbed by your body in this form, this is why you get it from food. Your body also needs certain nutrients to be eaten with one another to not create kidney problems. At least she's right about the fermented part but ginger? Just because it's offered with miso for sushi doesn't make it fermented. Moo you have time. Clear some space in your fridge, make kimchi, and stop passing around incorrect info. AGAIN.

No. 891975

i really seriously think she meant kimchi and just forgot because she's retarded. saurkraut, miso and kimchi are the 3 "big" fermented foods that these kind of articles reference. or she thinks pickled ginger is fermented? it's not, it's soaked in hot vinegar. not all pickles are fermented, but moo is too stupid to use her vast amount of free time to actually learn anything.

No. 891976

Hi moo. Nutrition Specialist here. Let's educate you on the basics of vitamins, minerals and how your body processes them. Your body will only process so much vitamin C, you will piss out the excess. Don't be dumb. Now western diets contain yogurts and other forms of the bifidus bacteria. It's not vegan, but not everyone is. Now for that nursing home level pill collection. It is fucking garbage. You wonder why you're 300 lbs? You have prepacked meals that are nutrient dense,ontop of that mess you drink before workouts? Why? Protein, fiber, complex carbs. That's what you eat. Not 3000000× the drv on vitamins and minerals. You drink ph and electrolyte water to replinish your ATP and prevent cramping/lactic acid. It's really cheap and simple. Only YOU would spend your weight in this shit and go nowhere.

You're a stupid snake oil buyer/ peddler. You stupid stupid vapid cow.(hi cow)

No. 891979

Moo would rather spend hundreds on supplements than just eat healthy. It’s not that hard.
I honestly wonder if she’s actually deluded enough to believe the shit she spews. Or if she just repeats what other people tell her. God help her if one of the essential oils cures everything people gets to get, she’ll be chugging toxic oils talking about how it cures everything.

No. 891980

File: 1663337715881.png (610.51 KB, 720x1189, 1589140440546.png)

She used to be big on "wholefoods" diet two years ago. It's funny how she couldn't keep up with something as simple as eating whole foods and now literal years later the only thing that kept her weight slightly in check was lipo.
Sage for non-milk but I went through previous threads where she started to claim she's eating a whole food vegan diet that helped her loose weight. I found this text from two years ago, taken from one if her ig stories:
>said she's on a "plant based diet" and lost 12 lbs
>has no desire for meat, dairy etc. Stopped eating processed foods, no monster energy etc
>on a 25-30 percent calorie deficit, does intermittent fasting
>recommends "Forks Over Knives"
>claims her cheat day is not going over her calories. "You don't want to go all out on cheat days"
Lmao Moo what happened to your amazing non-processed food diet? You jump on every single fad diet or lifestyle you superficially inform yourself about and then go back to unhealthy habits. You preach about discipline yet you have none, proof is two years and nothing changed except your bad overpriced plastic face and lipo sessions being your lifeline.

No. 891981

File: 1663338977763.jpeg (432.85 KB, 3264x2694, B4FCFB30-838C-4F82-B2B4-5101F4…)

So she only reads alpha male crap and pearls of wisdom from literal cult leaders. Good to know I guess.

No. 891984

guarantee you, whatever dick she's chasing is into this alpha shit

No. 891986

File: 1663346363014.jpg (799.93 KB, 1080x1901, Screenshot_20220916_093942.jpg)

I know this seems crazy you guys but but planet fitness isn't the place that moves when going to is it because that's where Martin constantly goes. I still don't think it's a possible decision to think he might be the one in those videos

No. 891987

I hope you mean dietition because nutritionists are quacks like chiropractors. No one wants to hear adice from a nutritionist.

No. 891988

lol, guess we found someone who follows moo's advice.

No. 891990

no, anon is right, please look it up.

No. 891992

I know it pretty well, the literal only difference is certification when it comes to medical conditions. Both offer the literal same advice for general dieting.

No. 891993

I love this 300 pound era Moo. The ridiculous shops, her buying dangerous amounts of snake oil pills for weight loss, monthly lipo. Even if something goes wrong Moo wont go to a real doctor because of her pride and ego. She's going to hurt herself and she deserves it.

No. 891994

not at all, nutritionists also generally believe in insane shit. do you also not know about chiropractors?

No. 891997

She says over a screenshot from literally 2 years ago…

No. 891999

I don't think so. He's on record saying he hates fat chicks and you can't PS irl. Moo is 300 pounds. He might have shoved a dildo in her but that's it.
Even with Moo offering hundreds to maybe thousands to pork her I don't think any guy would stay for very long.

No. 892001

yeah 100%. Martin's extremely pretentious, he'd never even get caught doing anything like that especially when he's got lots of other costhots he can choose from.

But that kind begs the question, as disgusting as some moids are, why doesn't she just pander to those types of guys who literally go after fat girls/feeders? There's so many she wouldn't even have to pay to do w.e she needs for them. Is it because then she'd have to mentally accept she's fat as shit or something? Or is it her wanting some '''alpha chad 10/10 gymbro''' type of dude who'd never go for her? I don't get it, if she wanted money she could do one thing, and if she wanted that type of dude, she'd actually put in the effort and work to not be a tub of lard. It's been years of her not marketing herself to either causes. Is she just that retarded?

No. 892003

It is simply because she doesn't want to be seen as fat. Why she shops off 200 pounds from her body. She can't get over her high school days that was over a decade ago. She still bullies fat girls because it makes her feel better. But refuses to look in the mirror when she's naked. Why she only body checks through a filter or covers herself in multiple layers of clothes despite living in a dessert

Tinfoil but I think she's so desperate to date a gym bro because they remind her of her dad. She doesn't want to fuck her dad, but wants approval from someone like him.

No. 892004

but the image of Moo trying to be a bad bitch and waddling over to another girl calling her fat irl must be hilarious now a days. I'm sure anyone would laugh at her and tell her to check herself as her insecure ass cries out "it's not fat it's muscle"
tbh I don't think Moo has the lady balls to do this anymore. But when she was 150 pounds lighter she had a bad rep for fat shaming every chance she got.

No. 892009

Working out every day isn't going to help you with those fork putdowns, Mariah. Calories in, calories out. And if it was such a breeze then why are you still fat two years after that screenshot was taken?

No. 892010

the real irony is that, if she was really working out enough she'd be able to eat basically whatever. stronger muscles burn more calories passively. the issue is that she's too lazy and would rather take a bunch of shortcuts and try to clean up her mess later. all the lipo has made her body a mess, and she can't fix it with more, so she's clamoring to fix it, even though it's too late.

No. 892025

Mamoka has too much power. All she has to do is a Transient and she can get this site taken down for hate speech. Just like what happened to the Kiwi. These past 2 days were a preview of that.

No matter what we do, she always win. I’m tired of losing to her. She must be stopped.

No. 892026

Same fagger, but I meant to say identify as a transient.

If Moom wins, we lose. It’s just not fair.

No. 892038

What the absolute fuck are you on about, nonny?

No. 892039

It's moid bait. Just report it.

No. 892098

take your meds, sweetie

No. 892138

File: 1663635827390.jpeg (542.12 KB, 3264x2000, 9FACBA4E-0788-4612-AC5B-5D4195…)

Imagine walking into the restroom and coming across this scene… What is she, 28 now?

No. 892144

File: 1663637430746.gif (108.27 KB, 408x250, 2B710F75-4FC1-48F2-AA5A-763EEB…)

How soon until she starts wrapping her legs under her leggings? She looks bloated everywhere, her face is very bulldoggy lately.

No. 892152

she found a new slimming app but seems like it didn't track her face
she looks so old and her arms are huge
30 going on 55 sheesh

No. 892155

moo we'll believe you lost weight once you lose the slimming tights that cover your clubbed feed

No. 892157

File: 1663647030981.jpg (255.83 KB, 1079x1770, Screenshot_20220919_210853.jpg)

She's desperate for an ass. The constant obvious shooping. Did she not realize that the expanof her ass is visible? She can tell the innder edge is blurred tofuck,Moo. It messes with the texture of not just the outline, but the integrityof the leggings. She will always have a caved in hank hill ass and she cant cope.

No. 892163

her legs don’t look the same in all three photos, whew

No. 892166

I'm sorry but is she working out in fucking yeezys??? She really is retarded

No. 892167

she isn't working out, she just wears athletic gear and wraps at all times everywhere

also there are visibly other people in that bathroom with her, shameless behavior

No. 892173

She claims to be lifting but she’s wearing absolutely the worst shoes for it, any reputable trainer would tell her not to wear that shit.

Has she actually posted any photos or videos of her doing anything except walking on the stair machine?

No. 892189


kek you can see where she tried to cut off the front part of her fursuit-like thighs in the first pic

No. 892215

The fuck is this? Just take a (women’s) probiotic. Preferably one that needs to be refrigerated. She really loves wasting money.

No. 892220

Plenty of people work out in yeezys, she just isn’t working out haha

No. 892222

It's been literally weeks, almost a full month since she posted any cosplay or porn. Just these weird "Totally working out" posts.
Also wondering if it's just taking a literal month for whoever Moo hired to edit her pics to slim her down
Moo isn't really anything anymore than a big weight gain cope blog

No. 892234

if that were true she'd have an easier time finding a man that would be willing to fuck her. Instead she has to rely on her female friends to pose as men to stick a dildo in her.

No. 892237

She needs to work on her arms instead. So focused on her flab butt she's ignoring something that could make her seem more slim.

No. 892242

Tinfoil but does anyone else think that if she actually had a boyfriend she’d stop making porn? I personally think she would because she just wants someone to lust after her.

No. 892243

Nope. When she did had a bf she was doing stupid dumb lewds. When she was fwb she was doing stupid dumb lewds. I want to believe she would, but she would just sucker him into doing porn with her

No. 892246

because she wants money and attention
The guy would have to be famous for her to want to quit. Even then she would be sending her nudes everywhere

No. 892275

The reason she isn't doing cosplay/porn right now is because she's almost definitely covered in lipo marks and god knows what other evidence she's too lazy to shoop out. The workout posts are ALWAYS a coverup for her getting a large batch of procedures done, she stays covered up until the marks fade enough to look old.

No. 892276

Probably just haven't gotten new leaks. She had that video anons talked about a bit ago and no one posted anything to come of it.

No. 892277

Thing is that instead of lipo and all if it's issues shes so fat she could be eligible for ozempic for weight loss through her dr. Or if that doesn't work she could go to basically any weight loss clinic and get an adepex prescription.
Not to out myself as a whale, but if you're over 30 on the BMI you're eligible for weight loss drugs. And personal experience they work. I dropped 50 lbs in a little over 5 months, and only really focused on diet for the last two. Haven't gone back up over a year out because I was able to fix my habits while having a suppressed appetite dealing with cravings for me.
She could literally just take some pills and not tell anyone. At her size small changes would make a massive difference so she could just say she cut down on takeout. Why keep risking lipo and doing all the crazy cover up shit.

No. 892284

She's a cosmetic surgery addict. Anything that would work better or slower than procedures are not things she would do.

No. 892302

It has been my belief for awhile that she's gone full Michael Jackson and is addicted to the pain killers you get from these procedures.

She loves to thump her chest over how she's so 'tough' during them and only needs Ibuprofen, and that's Moo jargon for quite the opposite.

No. 892308

I don’t think so because she’s usually not getting invasive procedures; she goes to “health spa” type places for a lot of the procedures and I don’t think those places can prescribe pain killers. I think only some of the lipo and the nose job were actual surgeries.
I do think she’s addicted to procedures as a quick fix to try to look like she wants to. Instead of working on herself she’d rather just pay for a quick fix even if it doesn’t actually work.

No. 892312

I have a feeling that she is desperately trying to lose weight because she really wants to get those implants and breast lift. If you're super fat and then you do randomly lose a bunch of weight those implants are going to drop really fast.

No. 892313

I don't think it's that much of a stretch. Lipo is incredibly invasive and I don't doubt some Vegas Dr. Feelgood type would give out painkillers to make recovery easier.

No. 892315

Sometimes I feel eeeeverr so slightly bad for Moo because it's pretty clear from every single thing she posts that she wants a relationship more than anything.

. . . money sure don't buy love, do it? Guessing she really is as off-putting IRL as she seems online considering she can't seem to find love.

No. 892316

Seeing as how she abused her Adderall and anything else she can get her hands on
Her abusing pain meds isn't that much of a stretch. Whatever she takes to fuel her 3am rants, she's on something

No. 892322

Not so much a relationship. but she seems to want a guy around her at all times. Probably as a 'they want me' dopamine sensation, when really Moo… People look at you because you're an anomaly.

No. 892323

I interpret it totally opposite of that. I think she wants real love, but settles for the "look at me" thing - because men do only look at her as an anomaly and she knows it.

No. 892324

Moo doesn't want anyone she can't use. She's like Trump that way.

No. 892328

I think it can be both
Her ideal lover is someone who would love for her to use him. Because that's a real man in her eyes. If a guy can give her more fame and fortune that's perfect
however it's a very shallow way to look at a relationship. That and you have to be a 11/10 trophy gf to get that. Moo is a 3 at best without filters

No. 892330

She wants a Kevin. Straight up, the way Lori has him wrung around her finger. She was close with KBBQ, so glad he got out, but she wants someone who is so desperate for companionship, that she can use that against them to make sure they keep coming back even if she treats them like shit. Can't look at other women or follow other thots, only Moo.

No. 892333

i genuinely cannot imagine her being in love with anyone other than herself in her whole life. i think she thirsts for people and wants the company of others around her, sure, but she is and has always been too selfish to feel any kind of deeper love for another person. can you imagine her actually taking her head out her ass for one second and thinking about another person's feelings?? she definitely strings orbiters like maddie along by dropping vague crumbs of interest down from time to time, but again its purely a selfish thing so they'll stick around imo

No. 892334

Has she ever had a proper boyfriend / relationship?

No. 892335

KBBQ is the closest. I don't know if she really dated in high school, but she was doing nudes back then, so she probably tried at least.

No. 892352

To sum up what anons are saying
Moo loves like a typical narcissist. It isn't really love, more like "What can I get out of this?"

No. 892417

she has a boyfriend ( maroon something i think??? ) when she first started cosplaying but left him because she assumed she’d find someone more famous.

No. 892420

File: 1663815367981.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1079x1788, 4A136B1E-6DC1-43B0-B563-154A68…)

That IG account is very vague but I’m assuming she’s just buying pre-prepped meals instead of making them herself. The previous meal preps she did herself a while back looked gross as fuck so I wouldn’t be surprised that she’s just straight up paying for another useless service. (Also waiting until her stupid "blue lives matter" meal prep lunchbox makes an appearance lol)

No. 892429

Guess all that fruit and vege she posted awhile back must've rotted away

No. 892430

she chased away all the friends that can cook
It's just a waste because she's going to eat one of these, throw the rest in the trash and just eat take out
also what was the point of her buying a
politically heated lunchbox specifically made for homemade meals?

No. 892431

Moo, potatoes aren’t healthy. They are a fatty starch and used in these meal kits because they fill you easy. They aren’t a good diet food. She’s a braindead idiot and her father was a BB?? Lol

No. 892439

>fatty starch
anon, that's not a thing. they're not good for you but please don't be as dumb as moo here.

No. 892440

I was prescribed Ozempic for type 2 diabetes. In 5 weeks, I lost close to 40 lbs. due to the amount of vomiting involved. My digestive system got messed up from it. It definitely can help with weight loss, but it's not a nice experience.

No. 892442


Yeah I was going to ask what the fuck a fatty starch is. This might just be one meal so it's hard to judge, but it doesn't look like a workout focused one. Has she never heard of a yam or even a sweet potato?

No. 892445

That anon is an idiot, potatoes have almost no fat. They’re a starchy carbohydrate, and thus not recommended on a weight loss diet (which is what moo needs), but very commonly eaten by bodybuilders in a bulking phase when trying to gain weight.

She thinks she needs to eat like a bulking bodybuilder when what she actually needs is to lose 50lbs.

No. 892451

Nta but stop being pedantic, anon obviously meant starch that makes you fat or possibly a starch for fatties.

No. 892454

This lolcow, you want fair criticism take it elsewhere. Let us be nitpicky bitches because we know she reads here and it gets to her.

No. 892473

no she didn't, stop defending stupid eslchans. kek.

No. 892493

That's what I meant. She should do sweet potatoes like 3 times a week, regular potatoes aren't good for dieting

No. 892501

Either way, Moo is delusional
She shouldn't be eating like a man who's trying to gain like aother anon said
What she needs is so basic, she doesn't need pre made meals. Lean protein, fiber, veggies and a multi vitamin for women. She needs to LOSE weight
It just seems she's scared to be like other women and wants to eat like the bros. When really other women just now the basics. She's too old to not know how to eat.
She needs psychological help if she thinks her fat is muscle and needs to eat like she's bulking.

No. 892548

File: 1663902752142.jpeg (323.85 KB, 1142x1494, D2401912-149F-492C-BD1B-F89550…)

No. 892566

You = delusional scrote and or calf.

No. 892671

File: 1664055010619.jpeg (Spoiler Image,385.9 KB, 1334x658, FC1952B5-DCB2-450B-81BB-38760F…)

Sorry for the poor quality but….does she have two assholes now?!

No. 892690

This looks edited and not by her. File name matches the anon who edits Belle Delphines photos.

No. 892704

anon, look at the rest of the thread.

No. 892737

anon..you..you do know how filenames work don't you?

No. 892744

She can shoop weight off all she wants but those fat bloated toes tell a different story.

No. 892750

Please God go back to /w/ and /meta/ where you belong no one cares about Belle or her thread except you.

No. 892755


i've seen enough of moo's asshole in this thread to know this is clearly an edit. anybody who thinks this is actually moo get your eyes checked, just look at the hand

No. 892758

> i've seen enough of moo's asshole
We'll crowdfund you therapy, nonna.

No. 892779

>doesn't even have the onlyfans watermark all moos posts have

No. 892787

you're so new and backpedalling.

No. 892789

Since belle is mia they're flooding into every other cow thread lol, specially the: "omg this pic is edited", like at least learn about the cow first.

No. 892790

Anons aren't wrong that everything Moo posts has her onlyfans watermark on it. That's the only place she posts. Why are you guys so mad about it?

No. 892793

For anons confused about what's going on with this picture that's not her fatty arm that's her boob and the low quality (and probably skin smoothing filters) make it read as an impossible pose.

Its filtered out a bit but I can see moo's weird coloring that looks like poorly wiped shit that is fairly uncommon and those tragic pig hoof claws track for moo. Reminder her fingers are fat but not 'that' fat >>892138

No. 892799

Has it not occurred to you that the photo is cropped

No. 892800

like anon said it's cropped. it could also be a video still. but either way the point is anon is new as fuck for not understanding filenames.

No. 892801

For the newfag(s) flooding in over from belle's inactive thread, don't even start with the 'edited' and 'it's not actually her'! That won't fly on these topics, even more so because mooriah thrives on attention.

No. 892803

it looks like she's about to lose her pinky toes to diabetes

No. 892815

Everyone moved on but you.

No. 892816

>Deflection while ignoring every other response
Every time. You can go away now, nonnie.

No. 892827

Oh, great, the psycho tranny is back.

No. 892832

Stop derailing no one cares about some rando online in the Momokun thread.

No. 892843

So where the original so anons stfu? Idk why you guys crop shit when this fighting happens every time.

No. 892844

can you leave?

No. 892851

It's not crazy to ask for the original. Anon said she had 2 assholes and its not edited lol which means its just a shadow from how assholes pucker. Anons are so mad about posting the OG. Maybe don't crop to begin with.

No. 892853

this isn't a problem in moo's thread. go ruin another cow's thread.

No. 892856

Again, just because belle's thread is dead doesn't mean you need to drag that shit over to here. No one fakes moo's pics, she already edits herself to shit and back.

No. 892857

this. also i'm pretty sure that pic is a video still, which doesn't have a logo.

No. 892859

Anon, OF watermarks everything, videos and gifs included. Once you enable it, it doesn't just disappear like how when you hold down a story on Instagram.

No. 892860

>Implying she wouldn't have a screencap like usual outside of the OF upload.
Please stop.

No. 892862

Where? LOL She has no other site and even Fansly has watermarks. You guys keep dodging the questions. No one has the source clearly and without watermarks, it looks weird. If anon found it on a scrote site, they should post other shitty caps of it, so we can laugh at it. She can't post this on Facebook, not on Instagram, she's newly banned on Tiktok, and unless it's a scrote, I highly doubt an anon got it personally from her. I'm pointing it out. No need to freak out so much over it.

No. 892863

>No one has the source
No one ever posts "source" because this isn't to spoonfeed you.

No. 892865

Keep whiteknighting. It's not unheard off to have cows posts have their name or info actually in it. That's what anons usually do. >>892420 >>888392 >>887106 >>891519 [They all could've cut it out, but it helps the integrity of milk and keeping tabs on what sites she's using since she has so many]

No. 892868

Are we really having a pissy fight over if a picture Mariah Mallad's asshole is photoshopped? Seriously? This bitch's milk is as dry as the fucking Sahara.

No. 892869

It's just some newfag looking for a new home. Ignore him.

No. 892907

Mariah hasn’t actually had real milk for years. This whole thread is just calling each other cunts and bitches and infighting about her photoshopping her whole body and eating some potatoes. I miss the days of Momokun embarrassing herself on a daily basis but these threads are so boring to read now.

No. 892911

Moo has reached 300 pounds. Went on anti BLM rants and pro terrorist. She also supports blue lives matter
It just doesn't seem big anymore because she isn't cos famous anymore. Articles wont be made whenever she fucks up. But we can certainly laugh at the tire fire

No. 892917

basically this. she doesn't get backlash like she did before but she's still being an absolute idiot and constantly getting banned from tiktok, temp banned from insta and sperging out

No. 892948

I'm shocked you guys think how she looks right now is 300lbs. It's like you've never seen a 300lb person before.

No. 892961

This. And I’ll be get the ‘hi moo’ or called a calf for agreeing but like it or not she has lost weight. Does she look good? No. But clearly the people here don’t know what 300 lbs is.

No. 892962

Like 190 maybe, but with lipo, yeah. She's lost weight. The fat has been sucked out. Granted her legs and arms are still huge, but she is smaller than even Chunk-Lee. This won't last long, never does for fat chicks once they start vacationing and eating like Moo used too. A cheat day can easily turn into binging again.

No. 892964

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens when she eventually goes back to Japan and eats her weight in ramen to make up for the last few years.

No. 892967

And shes always going to look bigger up top, but sitting she has no rolls, so those photos arent good weight indicators. I hope shit goes downhill and tons of candids in Japan from binging happens

No. 892968

I see we progressed to the asskissing portion this timeloop.

No. 892969

I’m honestly surprised she hasn’t announced a trip there yet. Maybe she’s low on money, but stuff is cheaper right now due to the weak yen. Or no one wants to go with her.

No. 892972

Are you so daft you can't distinguish between whiteknighting and still hating her, but not being a completely idiot and saying she is 300lbs? No one has complimented her or called her pretty or did anything besides say she isn't 300lbs.

No. 892976

This is exactly what I mean. There is zero real milk coming from moo right now and it’s been that way for a long time, that simply a fact. And anyone who has functioning eyes can see that even with all her shoops, it’s obvious she’s lost weight. It’s perfectly fine to point these things out, they are factual. She is still extremely cringe and looks like complete shit regardless.

No. 892977

She literally lives behind filters, why are people still so daft as to be like "uhhhhh idk you guise it looks like she really lost weight this time!" There are literally always candids of her that pop up with her looking nothing like her current catfish pictures.

No. 892985

Its okay to say she's lost weight. No one said she doesn't use filters, no one said she is pretty. Seethe and cope. I don't think she was ever 300lbs anyway. She doesn't have the type of loose skin that weight leaves behind even from adolescence and theres been no chopshop surgeries except her tits. I can't believe some anons hate cows so much that they come up with this wild shit. Just be normal, anon.

No. 892993

This sounds like fat girl cope, you seem mad that moo might be smaller than you now.

No. 892996

These came farmers probably saw Jessica Simpson in the 2000s at 140 and thought 'obese 400lbs'.

No. 893000

Ignoring the fact we seen candids of her and her weight loss is purely liposuction, she's not losing weight properly.

No. 893002

That's still fat and weight being sucked out. No one said she is losing it healthily. And most of the ugly super fat candids are when she's sitting down and her fat rolls for shoulders and arms are jutting out. Same way she still has no ass unless she stands sideways and edits her ass a little bit in facetune. She still has a hank hill ass. You need to calm down.

No. 893012

now this is a white knight for sure
Even Moo herself said she was close to 300 pounds during her Hawaii trip
it seems every thread we have a group of anons coming in saying "She def lost over 100 pounds in two months! Seems legit"
then we get one of Moo's infamous candids showing she's bigger than ever.
Saying Moo is 200 pounds rn is equally brain dead

No. 893014

These are people coming in from Belle's thread and since Mooriah's was currently being active they're settling in here as their new home, like anyone who actually follows this chick would never accuse an anon of editing photos or "not posting sources."

No. 893022

File: 1664308928727.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1284x1329, 1630828491408.jpeg)

For newbies who don't think Moo poorly edits weight loss to feel better about herself,
this is the same month while Moo claiming to work out. The second pic was a candid a photog took of her

No. 893024

Ahem, this is CLEARLY not getting towards 300 lbs, she's NEVER been 300lbs, obviously an anon here edited those photos to make her look bigger! God I can't believe these retards from belle's thread really think they're onto something. Oh also, inb4
>These are old, she's lost so much weight since then! I mean yeah she's behind 70 filters but it's OBVIOUS!

No. 893028

back on topic, I kinda have a legit question.
it hasn't even been a year but Moo's photostudio scam seems to be completely dead. No new photos, no updates.
She had 1 customer, they never came back. The rest she paid those cosplayers to come down to her studio
so is it just a fire hazard collecting dust now? Just add to another list of failures this "business major" has under her belt.

No. 893029

Yea there's been no activity. Now that you said this she's gonna post updates or someone will "suddenly be/have shot here."

No. 893031

She doesn't ook anywhere like those anymore though anon, just spamming these doesn't make it true.

No. 893035

>She doesn't ook anywhere like those anymore though
Right on cue with:
Anon, unless you see candids or in-person you can't say this with such confidence. Even her videos have filters.

No. 893036

get a grip

No. 893039

File: 1664314253130.jpg (Spoiler Image,160.1 KB, 960x1280, 1639528594326.jpg)

These are just bait at this point
or Moo being bored and mad people in lolcow aren't stupid enough to believe filters and edits. Cope harder, Moo is an obese fat ass. She hasn't been 200 pounds since her Chunk Li phase.
Moo is now so insecure she's claiming her 300 pound mass is just jiggling bubbly muscle
This pic was a couple months ago and she still slimmed this pic down
There is a reason Moo has a "No photo" rule between her friends. It's so candids can't be leaked because she's embarrassingly large now.

No. 893093

Her Hank Hill ass will never not be funny.

No. 893112

And this was .. what? Two years ago? Somewhere around that? She’s probably even heavier and lumpier now with the most recent rounds of lipo and cool sculpting. She’s a fat ass who can’t put down the god damned fork and wants quick easy foxes so she can clap back thinking she’s …. Lol, “hotter” than other women because Mariah is a narcissist who thinks she’s better than everyone else. But without her tard rangler dad to slap the pudding chalice from her grubby little gopher mits she’s gonna keep being a fattie chungus.

No. 893117

I need to find the post Moo made when one of her fans asked her wtf happened to her body with weight gain. And Moo being Moo said "this is what a real woman looks like. I just grew up." Hinting that fit women look like children. But she deleted her post when someone said "You didn't grow up, you grew out"

No. 893118

You think this is what 300lbs looks like??

No. 893120

File: 1664377699068.jpg (27.66 KB, 625x626, DRCuTXHXUAA-C6P.jpg)

No. 893121

File: 1664377924684.jpg (662.05 KB, 1080x1697, Screenshot_20220928_081142.jpg)

No one posts updates anymore? Her shit is back again.

No. 893128

Nobody posts updates because Moo's threads are all about nonas arguing about exactly how fat this bitch is. We get it, she's obese. Look at the first picture there and tell me that's a healthy size for a person's arm to be. She's a heifer, that's for sure, but the milk is curdling by the day.

No. 893131

because it goes up and down all the time, its not really newsworthy at this point.

No. 893139


Reminds me of the big baby from Spirited away

No. 893152

fat girl cope to “child code” any thin or small characters and try and shame people for liking women that aren’t whales

No. 893286

File: 1664473977930.jpeg (714.25 KB, 1090x1810, 2B82E3F5-D125-456C-AB34-722FCB…)

No. 893288

Notice she'll only post this shit on her backup lol

No. 893323

wasn't she swearing up and down during Bunny's drama this year how her "witch hunt" was a conspiracy against her and she didn't SA anyone? It's funny how she's still bothered by it to this day.
I mean makes sense, it was one of the biggest reasons her cosplay career died and has to resort to selling pics of her spread cheeks

No. 893348

File: 1664497359887.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1078x1819, E961D377-B8EE-4767-9F7E-705759…)

She must have lurked recently because now she’s trying to hide the watermark of the stupid "alpha male" account she follows that posts this garbage.

No. 893360

"If I act like a moid, maybe someone will want to be my boyfriend"
Moo is on the same level as a neckbeard male feminist who's on the brink of turning sexist because he isn't getting feminist pussy

No. 893364

all these ism's are so mega cringe, they have like 0 substance and come off tryharder as shit. How can anyone post these publicly without cringing at themselves lol

No. 893368

No self respecting woman would ever share shit like this publicly unless it was to mock it, but Moo truly believes every word of it because "everyone is out to get her". I’ll bet she spends most of her day thinking which of her friends is going to betray her so she can use it as an excuse to go on an Adderall fueled tirade on IG at 2am.

No. 893386

File: 1664510014839.png (2.72 MB, 1284x2778, 4BB96681-F11C-4288-82F7-ABD38D…)

When even her “fans” see her obesity.

No. 893387

File: 1664510078464.jpeg (53.68 KB, 431x933, 28606F09-BD5C-42E7-B113-CDD7B5…)

Imagine how disgustingly more obese she would be without lipo. Her Tara reid stomach will never not be funny.

No. 893400

She absolutely sent that to herself and holy mother of god that bra is hanging on for dear life

No. 893414

File: 1664524180428.jpg (31.52 KB, 452x543, zu34980078_main_tm1450744114.j…)

Holy cow her underarm fat looks like it's melting off her body, it's nauseating to look at. She's got a built-in dolman sleeve now.

No. 893424

Oh there’s been some personal growth alright. Especially in her bingo wings and hamhocks .

No. 893440

File: 1664549026400.jpg (3.18 KB, 227x222, download.jpg)

nonny nonny nonny
don't scroll, horrific CP below

No. 893444

File: 1664551419562.jpeg (939.37 KB, 3264x2777, 6D2A0F93-A15A-4EB2-AC91-71498C…)

She hasn’t posted that Perfect Blue pic as far as I know, unless I’m wrong, but I’ll bet Satoshi Kon is rolling in his grave.

She was also looking for artists the other day to self insert herself in porn fanart of her latest obsession. Guess some loser took her up on it.

No. 893445

She doesn't even look like she's cosplaying because she looks so fat like the agent in the movie and nothing like the main girl.

No. 893455

File: 1664556977389.gif (1.11 MB, 498x267, perfect-blue-rumi.gif)

she can do a really good Perfect Blue cosplay… but not in the way she thinks
It's so fitting seeing how she's just as delusional to a scary degree

I'm surprised she didn't delete this. Even with this slimmed down you can see her gut starting to spill over despite the monthly lipo sessions. It goes against her "Skinny queen" image she desperately wants. How many calories does she eat a day to suck out 10 pounds of fat but still manage to gain it back plus some?

No. 893457

zero self awareness

No. 893458

In her head, she’s Mima.
She’s actually Rumi lol
Makes sense with her skinwalking her friends.

No. 893514

File: 1664584831170.jpeg (1.32 MB, 2758x3264, EC1C9207-831F-4E57-A717-2516DD…)

No. 893516

someone is lurking lolcow. None of her asks are about her cosplay and porn. They are only about fitness and how fit she is.
she needs to stop interacting with herself

No. 893517

How is she spelling protein wrong 10 times in a row. Is she just purposely fighting autocorrect?

No. 893519

Her phone probably learned every word she misspelled at this point. Even autocorrect gave up on her dumb ass.

No. 893526

File: 1664589698708.jpeg (942.4 KB, 1077x1911, 34EB61BD-4658-44F4-8B12-2FB0E1…)

No. 893528

wow she actually answered for once. must be feeling manic today – im surprised she even said this tbh

No. 893534

well it's not like she was going to get money and attention from her "cosplays"
She thought she could pull a Nigiri and put on a wig and a bikini and hope people pay her for that

No. 893538

people were paying for that. she just fucked it up getting greedy.

No. 893561

File: 1664621746301.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1284x1482, FFA7129D-8684-4953-882D-5E7CED…)

She should have commissioned him like this, except instead of the watermelon he’s trying to lug moos huge body.
Someone seems real self conscious and that waist shoop is super noticeable in the bottom middle. She fails to realize the more she slims her waist down the bigger her shoulders, upper body, and lower body look this making the waist slimming attempt super noticeable. I also wonder how bad her stomach is rippling since she hasn’t really shown any skin besides her two assholes.

No. 893724

File: 1664676342202.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1284x1618, DD200201-268C-46FE-ABDB-336221…)

I just know she’s going to delete this.

No. 893746

Sudden new interest in tekken… chasing fgc dick? How long before she buys the most expensive fight stick just to let it collect dust

No. 893751

File: 1664691669390.png (704.5 KB, 640x1024, image_2022-10-02_071931604.png)

She already bought a Mayflash, aka first google result for arcade stick KEKW

No. 893770

Sage for retardation, but does anyone know what mechanical keyboard is that?

No. 893772

my bet would be a razer, seeing as she's also got a razer mouse and the stupid rgb microphone they also make

No. 893775

File: 1664710585831.jpeg (47.63 KB, 400x400, BD8FD0B9-008B-4C55-9524-F3607F…)

It looks like a razer huntsman keyboard. I’m surprised her wiring is all over the place. Makes me believe she manically buys pieces at different times and then connects them, or she’s just a lazy slob.
Didn’t she get laughed at in the fgc last time she tried?
Anyways these are what her fans look like, she’s trying to get the attention of built guys but this is who she gets instead. He constantly spams her on twitter.

No. 893795

Because ugly ass, Chernobyl crawling, low sperm count, chode having moids love pornographic looking fake ass hos and only want them as an image for their diy Pringle’s can fleshlights. Moo is nothing but a glorified dollar store tissue brand spunk bucket and that’s all she’ll ever be.

No. 893799

It's a discontinued Razer Blackwidow X Chroma Mercury edition ($150), discontinued Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition mouse ($80), the mic is HyperX QuadCast S ($600 kek) thank you nonas

No. 893820

That kids is graduating and they have nothing to do with Moo. If you're going to post her fans, post real ones. Don't be autistic.

No. 893858

I don't think we should be posting her fans at all. Real or not. This is a Moo thread
We already know what kind of degenerates Moo's fans are. We don't need to see these creatures

No. 893869

File: 1664736082540.jpeg (628.8 KB, 3264x1734, 095A2A3F-BF5B-4990-92AE-DDC22F…)

The absolute state of that tat. Yikes.

No. 893876

>"Double jointed people don't go together with archery"
lol..they make some of the best archers. I love how she ALWAYS tries to blame the dumbest shit for her being bad at everything she does.

No. 893879

Yep, she's just too retarded to control how straight her bow arm is I guess. Maybe getting some fucking arm muscles would help with that, but we all know how she goes to the gym.

No. 893887

She's wording it like she's been using a bow her whole life when in reality she went for the first time today in a sad attempt to impress dick. You know the instructor tried to tell her she was going to hurt herself but Moo was being an ass "do you see my tattoos? It means I'm a warrior. My arms are strong! This is all muscle!"

No. 893888

File: 1664743497155.jpeg (600.87 KB, 1874x3264, 8FD71273-3C90-4946-A7E2-2E2FCB…)

She came really close to flashing her vag in these stories. How desperate can one be for attention?

No. 893891

Lol she deleted it quickly, or she got reported that fast.

No. 893892

When you have those two Renaissance fair turkey legs hanging off the bed, yes you do. But you're still fat as fuck.

No. 893899

It's funny cuz she was doing the fat girl pose of laying on her back and sucking it in. Even with the smoothing filter she's still obviously huge.
But they were def taken down for nudity.

No. 893939

isn't this what the anachans call "bodychecking?

No. 893941

isnt she rich? why is she selling her old shit

No. 893972

Imagine giving birth to such an ugly, genetic dead end failson who drools over ewhores. Bleak

No. 893974

>who drools over ewhores
Why the projection?

No. 894020

File: 1664823567085.jpeg (198.64 KB, 1241x2172, C2303281-268B-4496-A91E-356413…)

Is that a Bad Dragon behind her?

No. 894101

Bad Dragon isn't shocking anymore. Idc if it's Moo, its just a dildo.

No. 894103

>sucking in so hard lol
>doesn't have visible rib lines because still so fat

No. 894110

He’s the only one who spams her on twitter. It’s super bleak.

No. 894148

Super bleak, and his mom needs to monitor his internet time. I still feel bad for him cause what if he doesn't know any better?

No. 894150

anon, he's moo's fan not some random kid.

No. 894152

“Projection” ok. Look at what I was responding to, retard. Also, do you not think most moids, even ones who don’t look subhuman wouldn’t drool over even bottom of the barrel ewhores like moo? Kek

No. 894154

most wouldn't. all of moo's fans are ugly as hell. otherwise moo would have a boyfriend.

No. 894156

Why cant anon post his stuff that involves Moo then? We don't need close-ups of Moo's ugly fans and just saying he's a fan and this isn't some random photo.

No. 894165

are you new?

No. 894182


Don't. He's a coomer moid. No reason for him to be featured here since he didn't fuck her or anything, but coomers get what they deserve.

No. 894221

Kek he deleted!!! The ugly moid stalks here haha and he’s probably posting in here too defending his ugly ass and moomoos fat ass. Bet he was the anon losing his shit when people said moo is 300lbs

No. 894226

Stop being autistic and posting people who don't matter. Could be someone tipped him off too. There were a few anons who said not to post irrelevant people just because you think it's hilarious.

No. 894240

File: 1664965200836.jpg (139.25 KB, 720x1129, 20221005_051326.jpg)

Isn't this set months old? Why did she take Halloween pics so far in advance? Makes me wonder if she's been getting lots of work done. How long has it been since she's done an actual cosplay???

No. 894242

Now when you search her on twitter it’s just people calling her out or people looking for her weight

No. 894279

How is this related to moo? These threads have seriously been sucked dry of milk for years and shit like this is extremely cringe and no one cares.

No. 894309

>how is moo's fan related to her
hmmm, i dunno, maybe because he gives her money?

No. 894314

Do you have any proof of that? just because he 'allegedly' (because anon never posted any actual proof) followed her twitter, doesn't mean he was actually using her onlyfans

No. 894323

The point is it’s dumb as fuck to post this guy, and then continue to provide updates on him. We all know her fans are ugly ass incels. This is incredibly cringe to post, it doesn’t pertain to moo’s antics just because he follows her, and you look insane and autistic as shit for posting it and thinking anyone would care.

No. 894339

Did she really like her own post? Embarrassing.

No. 894363

that delusional shop
no wonder she has to take drugs and drink all the time to cope
also, didn't she already do this set last year?

No. 894366

File: 1665017637594.jpeg (838.68 KB, 3264x1774, A7B95BFB-3244-4BF3-A742-371CB0…)

I love the fact that Moo hired a "trainer" that’s as much of a social media whore as she is. Guess rossbossfit didn’t get the memo about candids lol

No. 894369

Is that the only machine she ever does now? What happen to her lifting? Was she that scared off from the comments?

No. 894371

Imagine being so afraid of pictures that you work out in a heavy hoodie to hide your body, but it's still obvious you're huge.

No. 894374

>>894371 looks like a thin fabric to me. Kind of like a windbreaker but not as crunchy if that makes sense?

No. 894378

She only uses the stair machine because she can lean on it and use her phone.

No. 894385

She's trying to grow an ass.

No. 894421

I think it's funny how he took this picture. You see a woman with actual muscular legs who's focused and obviously working hard.
Then you see Moo who is covered head to toe in compression gear booking her next lipo session because f*ck hard work

No. 894423

It’s even funnier when I remember how slow she is on that stair master in previous IG stories she posted before quickly deleting them. That’s literally all she does, just lazily stepping on it. Zero effort. The contrast compared with the other woman should embarrass her.

No. 894424

I've never seen someone work out in a hoodie before. Though I guess she isn't really working out is she?
Also, does the only thing that fit her now are compression leggings? It's like all she owns. Or does she like how they make her fursuit legs "slimmer" to how they usually look?

No. 894478

File: 1665104777104.jpeg (944.84 KB, 1082x1508, 2CB2DD65-2CD3-4C73-A6AA-FD6D77…)

That painted on asscrack…

No. 894508

File: 1665142641287.jpg (196.09 KB, 716x1272, 20221007_063647.jpg)

so this is what she's trying to do

No. 894510

Yeah, trying to re-live her "glory days", but they're long gone because she's a PoS and just taking away the only thing worth looking at (and that's a stretch) isn't doing her any favors.

No. 894514

I thought she wanted big gross anime waifu titties? Now she wants small boobs?

No. 894516

This "woe is me my titties are too big!" attitude is RICH. I'm looking forward to see how she botches her body this time only for them to grow back before her next lipo

No. 894519

I could be wrong but didnt she admit at some points that she was gaining weight to have bigger tits? She bragged about being 'the big titty thicc MILF' for so long that her acting like her current boobs arent simply from continuous weight gain (and then the loss of mass came from getting the underboob lipo)

Also I think she's going to use the reduction as an excuse to get major Lipo and then claim 'no you guys look I was working out this whole time!!!' and proceeds to show a collage of her in the same pose on that stair climber.

No. 894521

>I think she's going to use the reduction as an excuse to get major Lipo
100% this. given that she only exercises when she gets lipo, its pretty obvious what she's planning

No. 894524

She should just get a faucet fitted at this point.

No. 894527

what she really needs is a lift
Though what a waste of time and money. Once she gets it she's going to regain all the weight back. We know Moo too well because during recovery she's going to eat herself into a coma

No. 894528

No. 894530

File: 1665162764157.jpg (28.74 KB, 450x450, Cheetah.jpg)

No. 894548

Shouldn't he be hounding her about being on her phone when she's supposed to be giving it her all to keep her heart rate up? Of course not, cause he gets paid either way.

No. 894554

because they both benefit
he gets an amazing before and after when she gets all that lipo and plastic surgery done
And Moo gets a trainer to lie and say she lost weight naturally through hard work

No. 894600

File: 1665218828872.jpeg (742.42 KB, 1078x1751, 0476DA76-ECD8-4C82-9E80-9F1610…)

I’m sure those giant Ren Faire turkey legs are on Rossbossfit’s meal plan. They’re going straight to her fursuit thighs.

No. 894603

that awkward moment when you need to lift 1 leg up to create an illusion of an ass

No. 894604

she thinks she will look thinner if her boobs are smaller.

Which would work… if only her arms were not the size of an adult woman's thighs lol.

No. 894626

It really just looks like she’s trying to fart lol

No. 894631

Turkey is probably the healthiest thing I've seen her eat

No. 894632

Her boobs aren't that big, they just need a lift. Though the other anon might be right. She thinks smaller boobs will make her look thinner.

No. 894635

She admitted to wanting implants too, bet she will say it's all natural and it's just the lift like how bishoujomom claimed weight loss kek

No. 894681

bump, cp warning

No. 894746

File: 1665346469191.jpeg (874.16 KB, 3264x1865, DEDC9785-50F9-49AE-AC2A-B5506B…)

Moo, the last time you "spoke up" about Arab movements, you literally voiced support for a fundamentalist, nationalist organization (Hamas). Sit your flat white ass down.

No. 894747

remember she went full anti BLM and told supporters to shut up unless they were helping terrorist organizations
Moo is tone deaf and has no idea what she's screeching about

No. 894755

File: 1665354639567.jpeg (1.07 MB, 3264x1787, CE2DB53B-960C-420C-8708-27387B…)

I’ll take "Things that never happened" for $500 Alex.

No. 894758

"My family is well known in Lebanese communities."
Sure Jan, I'm sure it's only because you're a disgrace and they don't like you or your family. You're not famous moo, and neither is your barely POC family.

No. 894765

File: 1665363253148.jpeg (903.11 KB, 1898x3264, CF5784BE-52EE-43D9-9073-FBB09F…)

Moo just doesn’t know when to shut up. Besides, doesn’t she pander to an audience that treats women like meat anyway? Like they care.

No. 894779

Samefag but she deleted these pretty fast lol

No. 894780

Mariah at 16 you were wearing christian crosses and there isnt a single picture of you out there with a hijab. You grew up at best in a milkquetoast christian household and have only ever referenced muslim and arab cultures in ignorant and baseless contexts and you would have been screeching on facebook saying racist shit about them if this ever happened, you’re telling me you had no issues at 16 calling people dykes and niggas on fb but wouldn't even vaguepost about this totally not fake OpPrEssIvE episode. Just continue to paying taxes to the same govt that supplies all the cultural and ethical wars you’re screeching about on good ol instagram stories that affects real people, none of which are you or your immediate family.

No. 894798

wdym she wore a cross 2 threads ago kek

No. 894801

bump for cp, don’t scroll

No. 894817

People who whine that Moo is a dried up cow just need to remember she's too much of a raging narcissist and general cunt to stay milkless for long.

Loud, ignorant virtue signaling for clout is one of her favorite pastimes, after all.

No. 894823

Writing a whole bunch of fanfiction to try and make yourself look holier-than-thou, Moo? Post any photos of you wearing hijab, Moo, any. We have yet to see any reoccurring photos of you with a hijab, on multiple occasions. She's never posted the years as a kid she wore it because it's never happened. Trying on a hijab isn't the same as actually wearing one because of the practice.

No. 894832

Things Moo did as a teen
-ruthlessly bullied a girl until she killed herself. Moo's defense is "it wasn't my fault she was mentally weak"
-Was told a girl in her HS theater group had claustrophobia. Wrapped the girl in the curtains and held her there despite the girl screaming and freaking out.
-Pulled other girls hijabs off because she thought it was funny. Told them "this is America"
-Used racial slurrs against Hispanic, black and Asian students because she thought it was funny. Used stand up comedy as her defense
-Fat shamed every chubby kid she saw
-sent her nudes to her friends boyfriends
-bullied the nerdy kids including those who liked video games and anime

I'm sure there's more. But Moo's whole day consisted of going out of her way to make someone else's day miserable. She was not a social justice warrior. It's a good thing Moo is out of public spaces and is now addicted to her phone and plastic surgery. It's like whenever she's in a heavily populated area for an extended period of time she turns into a public menace

No. 894836

I just have to say, we don't know if Moo is the sole reason the girl killed herself, also did she kill herself? I know Nana wanted to attempt suicide because Moo and other girls made her life hell during cosplay and Moo was one of the main people who continuously made her feel bad during cosplay, but there's other reasons for people to kill themselves, especially now that I'm not in to straight point and blame tactics like some 15 year olds on Twitter. That's the only thing I'm going to say about Moo that I think seems highly unfair. Even Nana mentioned there were other causes to her wanting to commit, but Moo was an aspect of her life that made her feel this way, not the sole purpose.

No. 894837

Samefag, but
>-Pulled other girls hijabs off because she thought it was funny. Told them "this is America"
What? Isn't Moo's story that this happened to her, not the other way around? Anon, are you sure you are getting facts straight, some of this seems confused with other stories.

No. 894838

it's still utterly fucked that Moo said the girl was weak. Maybe Moo shouldn't be bullying people in the first place. She picked on the girl for a reason because she knew her life was fucked. She picked on her daily. If you bullied someone daily and you found out they killed themselves you would feel bad. Moo's reaction? She continued on and still tormented her other classmates and just moved onto bullying people in the cosplay community. Moo gives no shits. It isn't unfair to put some blame on Moo. Especially since she 1000% uses people's death to her advantage. Like promoting her cosplays during mass shootings or using a famous youtubers death for clout points.

No. 894839

NTA but yes, Whiteknight, we know because Mooriah is LITERALLY the type to brag about it. She only plays victim when she gets blowback and tries to twist the story. Just like:
>we don't know if Moo is the sole reason the girl killed herself, also did she kill herself?
We know this true because only mooriah was hounding her to the point she even threatened to do it. The girl hasn't been seen since it came out she hero'd herself.
>but there's other reasons for people to kill themselves

No. 894842

to add. Moo at the time was aware that being a vicious cunt will drive someone to hero'd themselves because one of her victims did. The fact that she was still bullying people means she knew her actions might cause people to go over the edge. Hell she hopes for it. How many times after that incident did Moo tell people to kill themselves?
When Moo was getting heat for this and telling people to go kill themselves she threw a fake sob story about how she use to self harm. When asked where are her self harm scars she back peddled and said her scars healed and faded.

So yes, Moo will bully someone, then steal their story so people feel bad for her. She's an asshole

No. 894844

> Moo gets someone to hero themselves
> Tells others to hero themselves after the incident

kinda sounds like Moo got a thrill from it tbh

No. 894850

Is this the same father who she said “brought back his new wife” after visiting another country and expected Moo to play happy families with her? Like, with no warning to Moo or her mum and sister or something? And Moo copied her dad in treating her own mum like shit (ie oppressing her, in Moo’s parlance) to try to impress him? Typical Narcissist, revising history to look like the victim and/or hero every five minutes.

No. 894863

This is all lies. Every single little bit of it.

No. 894864

she thinks if she posts it that makes it true
"trust me bruh. I come from a famous family of social justice fighters"
she's making herself out to seem like the next Martin Luther here

No. 894898

her paternal grandfather was a big deal in the Arab community in Dearborn, Michigan and her aunt was the first Arab and first Muslim elected to the Dearborn city council, I assume that’s what she’s talking about, but also literally nobody outside of Dearborn cares, not even in Michigan

No. 894923

You know, if she was really as proudly Arab as she says she is she would know that Iran is not an Arab country and Iranians for the most part aren't Arab either. &people who are actually Arab all know this, and would NEVER call Iranians Arab bc they hate them..

No. 894928

File: 1665493782546.jpeg (640.61 KB, 980x1748, 6B570007-BA08-4806-92BC-19E29A…)

I LOVE when Moo’s friends post her unfiltered. I can’t imagine how many layers of spanxs she’s wearing to hold her in like a sausage casing.

No. 894929

I cant be assed to dig up the caps from previous threads but lets not forget the twitter account where she called herself italian.

No. 894930

That’s a biiiig bitch. Her legs look so weird still

No. 894931

Her body looks so weird because she gets 90% of her lipo on her waist only. In Moo's head she isn't obese if her stomach doesn't hang
But at this point it'll look better than looking like a fat midget baby

No. 894932

Jesus Christ her thigh is about the same width as her torso. Wtf? Fucking spore-ass looking amalgamation.

No. 894955

File: 1665521854749.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1234x2214, 6CA7FE54-06A0-4F7B-9FF4-B64621…)

She’s a skinny queen, how dare you Anon!!

No. 894957

The same dad and mother that abused her right? The dad that tore up her art and screamed at her, made her cry all the time? The mother where she publicly always said she wished she’d die or kill herself? This girl is so back and forth. One day it’s “ MY FATHER IS THE GREATEST MAN TO EXIST! HE TRULY IS AN INSPIRATION.” And the next it’s her talking about her trauma from him cause he destroyed all her anime shit. Like she can never pick a story to stay with

No. 894960

those seams are fighting for their lives, damn.

No. 894961

at this point she should just do a picture with an AI program and slap her face on it just cut the middleman and save time from filtering and distorting the body shape this much(at this point you should know how to sage)

No. 894998

You are wrong anon. People in Dearborn care a great deal every time they google mallad and get slapped in the face with mooporn.

No. 895030

File: 1665557494153.jpeg (642.1 KB, 1092x1745, 6D269439-A557-4F98-ADB8-CF828B…)

>mommy milkers

You misspelled flapjacks

No. 895031

she's late to the party on this one. i know the anime is coming out, but people have been cosplaying this for months.

No. 895036

Those 500 people sure do matter.

No. 895042

you mean the 100k+ people in the city with the largest mosque in the US?

No. 895043

I love how she posted this after the candid, on cue.

No. 895077

Yet she still looks absolutely horrifying. Both her face and body are fucked. Just imagine how bad she looks IRL without all the filters if she was willing to post that. She doesn't need a costume for Halloween for she is a living horror.

No. 895083

File: 1665606465148.png (1.18 MB, 750x1334, 3E1AB62D-7F45-4373-8452-2A147E…)

She’s not hiding that she’s still smoking anymore after denying it for awhile

No. 895092

She deleted it lol

No. 895095

This is not a human shape.

No. 895138

File: 1665646852806.png (4.85 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_0474.png)

No. 895139

she misspelled shoop'd

No. 895140

so she sucks out the fat from her abdomen but thinks we won't notice her village crushing arms and fursuit thighs

No. 895141

File: 1665649647089.jpg (Spoiler Image,137.5 KB, 2159x2880, 2159x2880_259fdcb191cf4c319f6b…)

I feel like I'm looking at someone who knows nothing about anatomy's artwork.

No. 895151

lmfao she's holding up her back tits

No. 895152

Wow those hours in the gym, personal trainer, home gym etc really paid off

No. 895153

This is honestly scary looking, I gasped when I opened that pic. It looks like someone is wearing a skin suit made of another human. Would you like some sugar in your water, Mariah?

No. 895154

>no angles needed
>still angling herself sideways and sticking and twisting her leg out

No. 895157

Why does it matter, scrote?

No. 895161


Jesus Christ those fat fucking bingo arms. Looks so off with all the stomach lipo

No. 895164

“No angles needed” she says as she’s posed in an angle and shoop’d her waist lol. She is such a sad bitch lol. I’d almost feel sorry for her if she wasn’t a piece of shit.

No. 895169

I’m cackling. You can see where they cut and pasted the right (our left) pigtail end so they could cut her gut away. Also her hands holding up her sagging back skin is hilarious. You can see the fat all bunched up on the top. They barely touched her fur suit legs.

No. 895172

File: 1665675771231.jpeg (139.92 KB, 1080x1339, 5C551E07-422A-41C3-A4FA-043D4E…)

The shoop to give moo the same waist size if not smaller than akemi

No. 895175

Kek a percentage of 100k, i stand corrected you salty ass bitch.

No. 895191

File: 1665688702198.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1284x2221, 87A9CC97-2EDF-45B0-990C-B98E9D…)

Well, now we’ll know that it’s not her paid scrote helping her shoot her latest porn.

No. 895201

Kek I VIVIDLY remember her posting about how she used to draw a Christmas tree because her family couldn't afford one for the holidays uwu. She is only muslim whenever it suits her narrative of being an opressed victim. She's making a womens rights movement about herself again of course. This whitepassing bitch was raised Christian in the USA, she was never raised in an ethnic household, she doesn't even speak Arabic. Literally an american woman claiming a culture based on percentages from a DNA test kek

No. 895203

This is kind of retarded to say when it's been years and she said most of those things when she was a teenager. Are you still a teen or did you never get over your own daddy issues? I know the milk is dry but christ

No. 895205

she said that stuff a few years ago, anon… in fact she was crying about her dad being too hard on her in high school in insta videos a few years ago, trying to use it as an excuse for being shitty.

No. 895208

File: 1665699688385.jpeg (413.25 KB, 828x1466, D89E0648-9630-437C-9C91-7E5B98…)

I’m going to go ahead and call bullshit on these numbers

No. 895210

Especially cuz literally no one is asking.

No. 895211

KEK this is extreme bullshit. Maybe she has those sizes after spending 3 hours photoshopping herself to look like that.

No. 895215

Bullshit. How can she post this with a straight face.

No. 895217

yeah i definitely believe it’s a normal human thing to have a waist that’s smaller than your thighs

No. 895234

No. 895238

I can believe that each of her thighs is 27 inches around

No. 895241

Right. Shes a 32F with a dress size 6 waist and dress size 18 hips? ok

No. 895243

File: 1665717711610.jpeg (662.32 KB, 828x1447, E4C6AA1B-5553-4C34-A7FF-931F8E…)

This looks so unremarkable, just like everything else she does. Her "mommy milkers" are literally hanging halfway down to her waist.

No. 895244

to be fair it's more like size 8 and size 14

No. 895248

Right vs left side. Moo, you photoshoped your ass waaaay too rar in >>895208 to turn around and post >>895243

No. 895255

Did she really give herself Akemi's measurements on the top half of her body? How sad and desperate does she have to be? She even asked to be edited down to her body weight and size too

No. 895264

Does she not wear a bra or something? Does she think them flat and sagging down to her elbows is flattering?

No. 895265

File: 1665732772503.jpg (Spoiler Image,145.26 KB, 1470x2143, 1470x2143_46797d6b7d56df24fe37…)

The difference between the candid and this is insane. At least she learned to shoop out her linebacker shoulders.

No. 895267

she looks so fucking miserable kek. i can't believe she actually posted this.

No. 895268

If this is as recent as the "updated measurements" oof. Her hambeast arm is trying to cover 1/3rd of that waist.

Does she wear a waist trainer all the time?

No. 895270

File: 1665740371907.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1284x1462, 25EAD4E7-2B73-4A7B-A482-318CA8…)

Anon, I don’t think Moo has existed without a waist trainer in years.

No. 895282

Did she just completely abandon her peachy collective thing?

No. 895292

No, she always remembers stuff when she lurks here.

No. 895316

Akemi is her only “customer”

No. 895317

File: 1665760359540.png (165.09 KB, 397x860, 6D126B41-9588-4C1A-A67E-A5A758…)

I call bullshit on the waist that is one inch smaller than one of her thighs. The fat is just sucked out so it’s balloons in other places. Look at the fat just hanging off her fupa

No. 895320

Anon you barely see one though

No. 895323

File: 1665766922640.jpg (3.12 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg)

i’m bored at work, if a farmer could fix this for next thread it would be appreciated. it’s so funny to draw her colossal donkey kong hips and thighs and flat butt

sage for non milk.

No. 895335


This is the most insane bullshit ever. I mean, she WISHES. I myself have a 63cm/24 inches waist and it is TINY to the point I have to constantly get things adjusted to fit. She is at LEAST 29 inches

No. 895338

She measures with the corset on
Even then yeah she's def lying about the numbers. It's only because Akemi makes her feel insecure. Moo is a big girl, even with all the lipo her waist would be in the high 30's.
Also she only wears compression gear and leggings because she's hella insecure. She'll never wear shorts or a bikini in public again because she's embarrassed about her loose skin.

No. 895348

This is great but you forgot the upturned pig nose nonna, cmon!

No. 895361

Look at how much she is sucking in. Her strained neck is sticking out out more than her ass. Pathetic

No. 895377

Yeah there is legitimately no way her waist is anywhere under 32. If she's 5'4" and as wide as she is, she's most likely around 32-35. Mild blog but I'm also a fatty (not quite as big as Mariah though) with a tiny natural waist for my size and at the smallest point while sucking in it's 36. She's most likely measuring as tight as she can get it at the smallest point of her natural waist and still fudging the numbers. What a fucked up self image.

No. 895379

She's outright delusional because her audience is filled with retarded moid yes men who have no concept of female anatomy. It's like she doesn't realise women have eyes and we've also got bodie for comparison. It doesn't take much to realise how far her claims are from matching up kek.

No. 895380

i have those measurements legit but i'm 7in taller than her…

No. 895407

Also note how Akemi has an actual female stomach, with normal small belly pouch/shape, vs Momo being unnaturally and awkwardly flat.

No. 895445

I feel like Moo was feeling confident after the summer of lipo and surgeries and wanted to shoot with Akemi. She seems tilted because she still had to wear a waist trainer and compression gear and still had to shoop herself down. Despite all that effort she still couldn't slim herself down to Akemi's level.
I feel like we wont be seeing her in Moo's shoots for a while. Even Moo admitted she hates shooting with other women because of insecurities.
Anyway, she has to take a break from all the surgeries. So the next couple months expect Moo to balloon up in weight again until she can get more in December

No. 895451

File: 1665869708254.jpeg (505.45 KB, 1284x2128, 7D7A442B-3DE1-4C24-9EBB-A5E7EC…)

Her 1 million followers are as fake as her body

No. 895452

File: 1665869792674.jpeg (417.4 KB, 1283x2238, CA2DC588-F11C-4B8E-BA63-6885A8…)

I don’t even know what this picture is suppose to be, again fake following. Look at how pathetic her posts do before she buys out likes lol imagine doing all of this to your body and making this your “career” to fail miserably

No. 895460

Just ugly fat goth girlfriend

No. 895468

File: 1665879362855.jpeg (842.58 KB, 1060x1752, A37BCC1C-34EF-4734-8369-B6313F…)

All those procedures, still looks like a dumpy toddler. Wtf even is this outfit?

No. 895469


The obvious photoshop of her waist, look at the difference in her left and right arm lol. And having to keep her legs spread that wide to make it look like she has a thigh gap, fucking joke

No. 895472

File: 1665883691780.jpg (403.48 KB, 800x800, -9985903401703665057.jpg)

it's generic aliexpress garbage. pic related.

No. 895478

Cant wear the thigh highs, garter, underwear, or arm things LOL

No. 895486

how is she always posting gym workout clips but her ass is still saggy? the shoopd ass crack is sad.

No. 895489

1. Type sage in the email field before posting or get banned

2. She only uses the stair master (from what she's shown us) and the way she kinda leans into it will only make her fursuit legs bigger, not her ass.

No. 895492

the real reason is because the only working out she does is during the clips. she goes in and takes a video and some selfies and immediately leaves. imagine paying to use the gym 5 minutes a day.

No. 895495

File: 1665944281597.jpg (11.22 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

unfortunately it's a Hellsing reference but its funny that her hands are too fat for her to do the proper hand position and as always when she recreates something she doesnt understand the mood just like >>893444

Also imagine trying to claim she went from >>893387 to >>895208 'naturally' in about 2 weeks

No. 895496

File: 1665944370335.jpg (Spoiler Image,255.43 KB, 1275x714, moobuttstuff.jpg)

No. 895501

She can barely peek over her own mounds of flesh. Her face looks like an entirely separate person.

No. 895510

I dont follow this person, I just occasionally see what shes up to while scrolling, but wow. Interesting to see that its come to this. Why does everyone resort to Onlyfans type shit

No. 895541

this made me think…. do you think she will try to cosplay as wednesday addams once the show is out? ( i think so btw)

No. 895556

Since you mentioned it and knows she lurks here, she will now.

No. 895560

She can try but I guarantee you that the extra woke youth will attack her for “lewding an underage character” it’ll be the Kanna cosplay debacle all over again.

No. 895564

they probably won't because no one cares about her anymore

No. 895566

Is this an attempt to complain about age of consent cosplay again? It's fiction.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 895567

Newfag, it's people talking about Mooriah's pattern of trying to cosplay something new/popular and pretending she's "always been a fan" of it.

No. 895571

Anon made it seem it has to do with an 'underage character' again when no matter what, she's not even close to passing like how Belle barely looks underage. No one is going to confuse Moo's fatass as a 10 year old.

No. 895573

I personally took it due to her current "goth gf" phase, since the Addams are basically a goth family.

No. 895575

sexing up a child character is still a problem. it normalizes lolicon. are you seriously defending lolicon here?

No. 895576

No it doesn't. Don't start this shit again.

No. 895577

you're the only one on the entire site who thinks it's fine. you keep leaning on moo being a fat cunt but the issue isn't whether she pulls off the cosplay or not. it's that she is setting a precedent and choosing to advocate that it's fine to sexualize underage fictional characters, which it's not. her doing that normalizes the idea. it's not about the literal cosplay, it's about the implications of sexualizing underage characters at all, by anyone.

No. 895581

She hasn't even done it yet , hasn't mentioned it or even hinted at it in the slightest, and you're already getting upset about something that doesn't exist.

No. 895582

imagine defending lolicon and moo.(imagine not derailing, retard)

No. 895583

Imagine getting upset about something that doesn't exist(imagine not infighting, retard)

No. 895584

Moo has already sexualized child characters, what are you talking about?

No. 895588

She's not a child.

No. 895590

If Moo was pedo pandering and photoshopped herself to look like a child then maaaybe.
I was more upset when she was on tiktok promoting her porn to minors and responding to teens in her comments. That was legit disgusting. This? This is Moo being unoriginal and desperate.
I'm more or less waiting for a friend that secretly hates her to show her candids. Moo is so delusional. One of the rare cows who'll shop off over 100 pounds of fat while crying into McNuggies

No. 895593

You are so dense and scrote brained. Pedophiles should be executed, not have their deranged perversions encouraged by society. Loli and sexulaized cosplays of children is a legal way for actual pedos to satisfy their actual pedo fantasies. Often it becomes "not enough" and they graduate or return to actual pedo shit because that pedo fantasy was entertained instead of being shut the fuck down. The fantasy is encoraged repeatedly and ruminates and festers in their head until it transforms into active predator behavior. Obviously there will still be pedos without "legal" cp but that's not really an argument for why we shouldn't stop supplying pedophiles with CP-lite. Catering to them even SLIGHTLY is fucked up and you should kys now.

No. 895600

this. like i said. it's the precedent.

No. 895606

A grown adult with adult proportions can't pedopander. You sound unhinged. She can't entice lolicons into more degeneracy if she can't even get their attention. Stop derailing about shit moo can't even do.

No. 895623

thats not it you fucking pedo defender, I was asking because of her current "goth" phase.

No. 895721

Is moo a pedo? No. Just a creepy bitch with boundary issues. Is she pedo pandering? No. She in no way resembles a child. Is she sexualizing children? Yes.

No. 895722

Oh my God shut the fuck up this is a moo thread if you want to bitch about lolicon and pedopandering go back to the bell delphine thread.

No. 895734

can you retards shut up?

No. 895737

Can you first learn to sage lmao???

No. 895739

this post a nonna made should answer the question to all of the retards here.

says the retard who decided to respond instead of keeping on topic

No. 895753

File: 1666209631996.jpeg (450.79 KB, 828x1450, C30487C1-58F2-4C11-AA4C-3D4900…)

Can we go back to laughing at this idiot now?

No. 895757

seems like she's just trying to convince herself at this point. She's editing herself down like she's 130 pounds kek
The last time she was pretending to be this size was during her breast exam video with that male prostitute. But then video candids proved she was a lot heavier

But yuh, she has def been losing weight. Her flabby skin and sagging face is proof of that. but it isn't through working out and she hasn't lost as much weight as she's implying.

No. 895758

sad flat ass, big donkey kong arms, bloated/puffy face.

hmm, im not no bodybuilder or a fitness guru, but a healthy, prominent exercise junkie mariah larps as isn’t supposed to have flabby arms and a fat, bloated face. i’m sure all nonnas said this but..i don’t understand why didn’t she get her first round of lipo in her arms/thighs as well several years ago like her stomach, worked it off/get an ass through squats, and actually be in better shape/be able to cheat diet as much as she wants. instead, she just continuously got rounds throughout the years when she felt fat after drinking pho bowls and crappy asian fast food/drinks and fucked her entire body and confidence. how are you a millionaire but your entire closet besides bad cosplay clothes and hair consist of lululemon leggings and oversized sweaters/shirts

No. 895759

She has to wear sweaters for the rest of her life because her back titts are almost as big as her front titts and as you said her arms are huge. Also I guess the fat fursuit legs comments have been getting to her because now she's trying to slim down her legs in photos.
All her money is going to plastic surgery but she doesn't understand she perma fucked her body and she isn't even 30 yet.
More like all her money goes to surgeries, editing, pretending she's famous, booze, drugs and an insane amount of food.
She's just going to gain the weight back +50 pounds. What she really needs is a psychiatrist

No. 895790

File: 1666219652661.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1079x1779, 7A650D00-190C-4117-A291-7BFF2D…)

Moo, we know how big those legs really are.

No. 895791

> because her back titts are almost as big as her front titts
If she gets a breast reduction wouldn't her back titts be bigger than the front ones? Can't wait to see it

No. 895827

File: 1666243010215.jpeg (987.11 KB, 1077x1925, 2344AA5D-7C89-4E48-9C62-B3C6B6…)

No. 895828

>What she really needs is a psychiatrist
she also needs someone to take away her phones, so that she's forced to confront her appearance without being able to hide behind filters
god, it looks like she's mid-stroke
her face truly is busted

No. 895829

More like S/O to lipo

No. 895830

File: 1666245647670.jpeg (479.56 KB, 3264x2350, 9BC0C9DA-F9A5-46C1-AB0E-67770B…)

Hate to say it (because it besmirches the good name of Stretch Armstrong) but anytime I see Moo taking selfies at the gym or her photo sets, all I see is him. Pic on the right is an accurate portrayal of her cool sculpted "abs" lol

No. 895831

she’s sucking in so hard here and she forgot she photoshopped her thighs 20lbs lighter literally 12 hours earlier

No. 895833

File: 1666252732513.png (1.79 MB, 1208x940, mooarmstrong.png)

this was funnier in my head sorry everybody

No. 895841

Okay she’s either mad at us because we aren’t buying her Shit, or somthing recently rejected her because she was fat. Because these are a lot of body check posts in a short amount of time. That or she’s trying to catfish another scrote in. Her behavior is too predictable at this point.

No. 895848

File: 1666280136157.jpeg (730.93 KB, 1081x1939, 36DADE73-4ED4-4A6B-80F9-9342F5…)

It’s IG stories like these that are more frightening than her actual Halloween vanity projects. Her face is fucking stretched out.

I cackled, thanks anon lol

No. 895849

Lol, trying to pretend she looks athletic and not like a fat gorilla

No. 895851

File: 1666282172950.png (204.83 KB, 599x432, twit.png)

she's updated her second "art" twitter account. I guess her art career never got of the ground either

No. 895852

How? She looks huge and like a hunchback with the fatty lump on her neck. She needs to work on her traps and shoulders plus her legs and stop the fucking stairclimber like a white suburban soccer mom.

No. 895853

Lol yea you did this alright- it’s just as chaotic as her regular pictures so lmao!

No. 895857

even cropped you can tell how massive that state fair turkey leg arm is

No. 895863

>Moo just this week

Yeah she lost weight, but Moo you're still HUGE and now your skin is sagging. But editing yourself to be skinnier than Akemi because she triggered you is just pathetic

No. 895928

File: 1666311962641.jpeg (693.92 KB, 3264x2374, 16D89B96-68EB-43BB-B500-0215A7…)

The outfit is already busted and she looks bored af. I know that’s typical of all her sets but it’s still maddening that people continually pay for this garbage. Why pay someone who clearly hates what they do since it shows in their "work".

No. 895930

arms behind back to hide their size, photoshopped waist, slimmed body
Yeah no wonder she looks miserable. I'd be pissed too if I spent 100k to be skinny but was still a fat ass

No. 895956

wonder if we’ll see that guy ever again in her videos

No. 895959

Her face looks like Dr. Frank-N-Furter in tortoise form.

No. 895966

it’s amazing how coomers and moids and scrotes will pay for this busted build a bear donkey kong body but won’t wife/boyfriend her. at least with amouranth she’s got crazy stalkers and moids that are willing to take her hand if she left her husband fast. she’s literally in the middle of her fast life and it looks like she crashed. she looks like somebody’s creepy white middle aged mom trying to entice your 20 year old boyfriend

No. 895979

Because at least Amouranth is admittedly a babe irl. There's a reason why Moo gave up on being a camgirl. She was so ugly and got no attention it was laughable. Her real face and looks are horrific.
I'm guessing this is what happens to potential partners. She uses her cgi pics to get guys to come by. But they run away thinking some 50 year old mom catfished them. Then we get Moo being edgy for a week because a guy wont return her calls.
All other thots had a couple boyfriends, Moo had none for YEARS.

No. 895980

the irony is she had a boyfriend when she started this career and dumped him to "concentrate on her cosplay" but she's so desperate for someone now, she probably thought her career would let her get hot guys.

No. 895984

Right? Name 1 onlyfans girl in a stable partnership.

No. 895994

Seems even if they started with a stable relationship the boyfriend quickly turns into a pimp and helps manages her accounts kek

Back to Moo though. You know she can have a boyfriend if she dated one of her scrote fans and didn't beat the poor man up. Another unlikable trait Moo has around men she wants to fuck is this weird need to beat them up and assault them. She is exactly like a toddler

No. 896012

File: 1666419537262.jpeg (1003.33 KB, 1083x1926, 117BA75B-46CA-4385-B277-2CCD40…)

As she shovels a forkful of sauerkraut in her mouth. I still don’t understand that.

No. 896013

Well… shit.. did moo just create her own threadpic?

No. 896024

wtf is this?? it looks like she's being threatened at gunpoint. i genuinely don't know who tf gets off to this? i can't see her paypigs liking this type of stuff, she's clothed. man it's hard to believe she willingly uploads these things herself

No. 896032

Fuck off scrote, she has an onlyfans you can dump money on.

No. 896043

Someone is either reading the Farms again or a guy came over and told her she's nuts.
More importantly wtf is wrong with her lips? Because of the filter I can't tell if this is shit makeup or more botched surgery

No. 896045

You condone people spending money on her OF?
Jesus Christ.(learn2sage)

No. 896051

NAYRT but personally I'd rather they fucked off to her onlyfans instead of shitting up the board here. Parasites

No. 896072

read the rules, fucking sage and take your horny posting back to reddit moid

No. 896079

She looks like a caveman anon, admittedly a better looking caveman than Moo, but still a caveman.

No. 896093

reminds me of her brief stint of sending out polaroids as patreon rewards a few years ago, when we said the exact same about those lol

No. 896138

File: 1666561149890.jpeg (420.21 KB, 1242x1125, CA809FCB-3705-4E17-A357-DD243B…)

Make sure to check her comments regularly, I rarely see them posted here.

Squeezing herself into compression clothing and shooping her fursuit legs = new body type~

No. 896141

File: 1666561612853.jpeg (681.12 KB, 1242x1677, 4A318D0B-973A-4F4B-AF4F-3C3F62…)

I love the way she gives weight loss tips when someone asks her and she just starts spouting off what she reads from self-help quotes. "Stay consistent! Processed food bad! Focus on yourself!" Ok but like, what workouts do you do? All she ever talks about on her "weight loss journey" are the healthy foods she eats and selfies of her at the gym and she really thinks she's tricking everyone into believing she's working out 24/7.

No. 896146

Funny, the only people talking about the "visceral fat around her organs" were anons here. She’s literally never mentioned it until now. Moo just loves talking out of her flat ass.

No. 896151

I've always wondered if she's just trying to copy and outshine vamps fitness journey ATM.

No. 896155

Nothing she said here was of any real use to anyone. Just word salad. Your workout routine consists of struggling to close your waist trainer and getting lipo over and over. You don't do any working out. If you've got this great workout, where's your cardio for your heart? Never seen it.

No. 896159

Lipo, plastic surgery, drugs and photoshop
For someone who claimed to have been a pro athlete for most of their life they have no idea what they're doing. No routine, no diet tips. Just fad diets. Like when she was obsessed with coconut water and celery

Admittedly she has lost weight ever since anons have been poking fun at her reaching 300 pounds. But this is a pattern Moo goes through every year. She'll lose a respectable amount of weight, chill because "Oh I lost 40 pounds" then gain 80 and go on a rant how shooting with other female cosplayers make her insecure

No. 896165

There's more photoshop here than in any of her previous sets, holy shit. And they make her face look worse every time too. Who is this for? Who the fuck is paying for this and giving it a thumbs up?

No. 896166

this reminds me of when a troll account was using MooMoo's real candid pictures. And her scrotes said the troll account was just jealous because they were an ugly fat hag. Then when they found out it was MooMoo's pictures they said "You guys are just photoshopping her to be ugly!"
Her fans cope harder than she does because they don't want to admit they beat their meat to someone who looks like a 50 year old mtf tranny.

No. 896192

Her name is Moo, retard.

No. 896194

Not op but, It’s a play on her name momo, bitchass. Pick somthing useful to sperg about.

No. 896204

Read threads prior, someone had gotten banned for trying to nickname Moo before just like this.

No. 896205

Moo, the name you're literally calling her is a nickname too you moron.

No. 896212

i've called her moomoo cunt before, nicknames aren't the reason for the ban. people were getting banned for being thinly veiled white knights. white knights will try to blend in by making fun of cows in a "hello fellow farmers" kind of way.

No. 896219

That's not what happened in this context.

No. 896259

File: 1666663045668.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1085x1934, 07359249-1540-4031-9857-64D88B…)

Prominent fursuit thigh

No. 896260

holy shit lol. How can she post that and not realise how fucked it looks

No. 896265

File: 1666668273314.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1170x2042, 6DF9ABF0-D24C-4476-BBD6-3E39E9…)

No. 896267

23? This bitch is delusional

No. 896268

Well if her waist goes down to "23" like it is currently "27" its totally possible because you should be adding 5-10in to translate her numbers to reality.

No. 896269

No fuckin wayyyyy those are her real measurements lol

No. 896270

I might start focusing more on these since to me it's the real mystery. It's hard to believe she has any genuine fan interactions at all even if we're talking about the most hopeless comers possible

What actual person would reply with this shit to someone like momokun in 2022

No. 896274

why does she keep posting these? men don't give a fuck numbers and women know they're bullshit.

No. 896276

she's going to delete these by morning. This belongs in the bad photoshop thread. Also kek, claiming her waist is smaller than Akemi's. Stay mad Moo

As for the 23 inch waist. For her size you can only get that through dangerous and botched plastic surgery. A waist that small is hard to get even if you're a petite 100 pound person. But watch her BS by saying you can defy anatomy with a low sodium diet

No. 896277

Moo is so manic right now about proving she's not obese. Why do I feel like it's because a guy told her she's too fat and now she's posting "look at what you're missing" posts?

No. 896280

Lmfao those wiggly lines on the left where she pulled in her waist and leg. You're not fooling anyone, Moo. Your shoulders are the same size as your fake hips and your head's as wide as your fake waist.

No. 896292

That's why her arms are up and she's on a white wall too. Moo is so embarrassing.

No. 896295

File: 1666714785007.gif (66.57 KB, 181x322, 2471BB50-DDFF-44D6-9F71-6E1582…)

I love when she posts her fur suit legs. They’re so freakish, I really do believe she’s retaining water down there.
She’s so fat that her thighs are showing through opaque compression leggings because they’re being stretched near their limit. Her waist shoop is funny.

No. 896297

I know anons have said it before, but she