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File: 1659704481206.jpg (1.66 MB, 2560x1920, stronk.jpg)

No. 886620

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>879844
Websites: https://momokun.co/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/peachygirlmomo
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: momoku.n, mariahmallad (currently down/banned), mmallad.jpg (formerly btsmomokun, xmariahmalladx), the ragdollranch (formerly mariahthecatlady, momoscats), momokun.co (currently down), peachycollective.co
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@xmomokunx (Banned)
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile (Old, deleted)
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad (Inactive)
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad/

Tumblr blog receipts are all outdated as fuck (we're talking like when she got banned from twitter) but here they are if you want them.
(You need a tumblr account to view this one since it's an 18+ blog).

Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/w/92925
General Costhot/Cosplayer thread over here >>>/w/174607
Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her on Twitter unless there's actual new milk attached. We've seen it a million times by now.
Nitpicking, armchair analysis/diagnosis, cat sperging and blog posting are against the rules.
Asking if we have media links to her content is also not cash money. Stop.
And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad.

>>Photos from friends who get to use her studio for free start trickling out. Lighting is shit, for a studio that provides it (As long as you pay a ridiculous upcharge)
>>Neighbor saga continues as she throws a public fit over her neighbors entering her backyard to fix her broken pool pump
>>Finds the insta of some girl she's been ogling at her local gym and calls her a bimbo as a compliment
>>Announces her first ever real porno with teaser images that look like she's about to cry
>>Video releases, filmed in her "no porn allowed" photography studio. 20 minutes of her fully clothed blowing a faceless man, also fully clothed, with 3 minutes of actual penetration at the end. As awkward and uncomfortable as you can imagine
>>Thread immediately devolves into anons speculating whether the dick is real or fake
>>Adopts yet another cat
>>Seems to be delving into a woo phase as she buys crystals and piles of spirituality books, conveniently right around the same time she posts about hanging out with Tattoo-Sensei again
>>Flashes her badge for AX
>>Raids her local thrift stores for tacky paintings on sale and calls it bartering

Last thread:
>>Basically no milk
>>Shows up at AX looking like a fridge in candids
>>Speculated that she bribed cosplayers to shoot at the fire hazard she calls a studio after AX
>>Continues to make unerotic porn with possibly the same simp
>>Tattoo-sensei gets engaged, fake goth era intensifies
>>Posting shopped pictures to show fitness "progress," sky is blue, water is wet.
>>SSSniperWolf skinwalk continues with ugly glasses

No. 886638

File: 1659712075447.jpeg (499.85 KB, 1241x2181, 936620CC-9B18-40F6-97E5-B62DB8…)

>No milk
You forgot to mention her dick stand-in begging her to shut the fuck up while she made hentai noises.

Anyway, meet Moo's new hobby she will drop in a week.

No. 886639

File: 1659712129326.jpeg (335.01 KB, 1241x2167, DE83EED5-6391-483B-B37B-48BA0B…)

No. 886640

File: 1659712233976.jpeg (349.81 KB, 1242x2088, 2121FB71-6AEE-41E8-AD81-8857DC…)

Two clips of her playing the piano for literally 3 seconds before she gives up and bangs her hands on the keys instead. I'm not certain but in the second one I think she's playing the song automatically, but is acting like it's her playing it?

No. 886641

She wanna be the musician at Sensei's wedding maybe? This is one of her odder arcs

No. 886643

You always have to love Moo's manic fits where she desperately tries to show she's more than one of the internet's laziest and grossest "porn stars".

Last time she trotted out a music talent she was pretending to be a concert flautist, so expect a whole lot of nothing to show for it as she oinks repeatedly about her new interest.

No. 886644

no previous interest in guitar or music. Watch her claim she use to be a lead guitar in a band. Her personality is so transparently based on what dick she's chasing

If she is pretending to know anything about music and offered to play at Sensei's wedding I hope the man wises up and realize Moo if full of shit and is just there to ruin the wedding

No. 886645

This is 100% for dick, I recall the time she took sensei to a Guitar Center or some shit to show what a GENEROUS AND KIND WOMENS she is by buying some random dude a new guitar.

No. 886647

Lol, guitar is one of the harder instruments to learn. No way she sticks with it long enough to get anywhere. This is fucking hilarious. And if that's a real LP Standard 60's, which it looks like (but I'm not an expert), that's almost $3k she just blew for something she'll forget about in a week.

No. 886648

Remember when she was a professional mangaka for a week?
She's lucky her followers don't pay attention and are just there for porn. If Moo isn't embarrassed by her own antics she have brain damage of some sort. I would be embarrassed to be caught in a lie daily

No. 886649

And of course she picked the most basic bitch color too. Moo's never had an original thought in her life. I'd love to see her spend like $10k on a fully custom one next.

No. 886650

File: 1659714503142.jpeg (172.44 KB, 1242x759, FB70984D-1B75-43D9-9D81-E169BC…)

Sorry for not capping it but right before posting the guitar story she posted another one of her hanging with this guy, who was playing guitar. Transparent is her middle name

No. 886656

Momokunt has a new tiktok. It’s under @mariahmallad. Can’t wait to see how long it takes for this one to be banned.

No. 886657

I don't know why she's trying so hard with tiktok anyway. Zoomers hate her because she's obviously a predator. Never forget her first tiktok where she was dancing around naked and wearing fetish outfits enjoying the attention of literal children and the fact that a lot of them found her only fans.
Absolutely disgusting

No. 886658

i'd say i can't wait for her fingers to blister, but let's be real, she's not getting that far.

No. 886660

She's going to get desperate for validation and just post a song and said she was the one who was playing. If people ask for video proof she's just going to play a song over the video and sloppily pretend to play
oh wait
She already did that in the piano clip

No. 886664

How is she going to finger herself or jerk off scrotes when her hands are all callused up from her guitar? Shit feels rough and scratchy

No. 886670

I get uncomfortable seeing people with disabilities. Missing limbs, dwarfism.. It gives me a really unsettling feeling in my stomach.

These pictures give me that same feeling.

No. 886671

In what universe would she be able to play a guitar with those fake plastic claws she insists on wearing so her stubby little fingers don't look like hot dog weiners?

No. 886673

If true, we know who her fancy new guitar is going to when she tires of keeping up this newest delusion.

No. 886683

nonnie what muscles, it's pure fat

No. 886684

She did this with another instrument during the pretending to go to to school arc. She always "loves a hobby sooo much" and then stops two weeks later. Time to add playing guitar onto the pile.

No. 886689

File: 1659723039815.png (28.77 KB, 281x168, poor bait.png)

Nonnies, know better than to engage with bait this obvious. Thanks.

No. 886693

You are literally retarded. Get off the internet and go find your wrangler.

No. 886697

File: 1659723973605.jpeg (634.47 KB, 1284x859, ED95ACE9-C0BF-480B-BD0A-597D9A…)

Her comments on her videos are absolutely insane too. She treats it like a giant joke and looks like an asshole, says that’s she’s ready for people to “throw their stones”. I’m looking forward to her meltdown when this account gets banned yet again.

No. 886700

the best thing is she doesn't realize doing this is going to get her banned more quickly.

No. 886701

File: 1659724693360.jpeg (848.33 KB, 828x1450, 0D125C8F-636F-44D6-905D-F56A04…)

I got you fam

Like her flute phase? lol

No. 886702

looks like he's being held at gunpoint

No. 886703

Holy fuck what an ugly scrote

No. 886704

well, atleast when her photo studio flops, she can turn it into a music studio. And is she already over her witchy/goth phase? It's genuinely hard to keep up now

No. 886705

god thread pic makes me uncomfortable. what an unfortunate and ugly body shape.
kek anon

No. 886706

yeah but he's asain. And all costhots don't see asains as people but prizes. So you know Moo will pretend she's in a relationship with him
Too bad asains hate fatties

No. 886715

Kek is this why she’s suddenly uwu so goffic too? I can’t stop laughing

How long until she starts getting things on her face pierced?

No. 886719

He's already got a cute girlfriend. Mooms can keep coping.

No. 886721

fugly asians always cheat though so moo may have a tiny chance.

No. 886734

"Fugly" asians don't like fatties. Moo will continue to cope.

No. 886736

That'll make her go after him harder.

No. 886750

She did play flute in high school and brought it up a while back, so she might have some rudimentary grasp on music but definitely not the actual patience to practice something long enough to actually master it. She has absolutely no tolerance for delayed gratification whatsoever, if she's not an expert at something instantly she drops it immediately. She can bullshit her through a lot but you can't fake actually being able to play an instrument well.

No. 886752

I give it 4 whole Instagram posts before it gets put in her studio as a prop.

No. 886753

hope sensei's wife wants to walk down the aisle to the opening riff of smoke on the water on repeat then

No. 886780

Just look at the guy’s gf. Moo’s motivations for her sudden “goth” phase are now completely obvious.

No. 886781

This explains her lack of skills with blowjobs.

No. 886784

File: 1659743841800.jpg (272.11 KB, 828x1347, IMG_5266.jpg)

Bored so looked around. Seems like she found him through Aly who preformed with the band at a con.
Girlfriend is the red haired girl and does a bit of cosplay. She's cute enough piss moo off. Cuter then him at least.

No. 886793

kek that's some outfit on the other dude, that hat with those earrings are giving 20s flapper but it's generic emoskatebro from the neck down

No. 886797

anon, they're usb drives…

No. 886802

What? No, they’re the earrings Tanjiro from Demon Slayer wears.

No. 886807

that's still not flapper shit. and i don't watch pedo anime, sorry.

No. 886811

Wow he is ugly as fuck. Girlfriend looks like a chubster so maybe moo does have a shot kek

No. 886820

She's so predictable.

No. 886826

Wtf anon. Please stop

No. 886834

No, the gf is like 20-21 and moo is 27 in September. It’s hilarious she’s trying to be like his GF who is almost a decade younger.

No. 886835

File: 1659762827773.jpeg (724.69 KB, 3264x2755, 2D000B7A-16A4-4EAE-9170-1EE9D2…)

I hope she wears this at her shitty studio for all her customers (lol) to see.

No. 886848

She’s such a loser. Only someone who cares that much about other people’s opinions would buy such a tacky shirt. She keeps trying to make it sound like people are just making up shit when they talk about her but it’s all stuff that is still documented online. What a dumb cow.

No. 886873

she's just mad that molesting saga effectively ended her cosplay career on the spot and now she has to suck dick for attention and money kek

No. 886894

File: 1659815085003.png (1.62 MB, 1080x1688, 17F27EE4-ED47-4492-88AD-1261A5…)

She really loves using shirts to own the haters. Never forget when Jessica wore the lolcow shirt with her.

No. 886898

File: 1659817589078.jpeg (737.94 KB, 1087x1708, 2F21BEED-EC6B-497C-88A3-72FF90…)

The irony of her posting quotes from Osho. It must be tiring to be this fucking obnoxious with the pseudo enlightenment facade on top of her pretending to be goth and whatever other personality from the current dick she’s chasing.

No. 886899

Lol of course she wouldn’t know that this dude was a literal cult leader

No. 886900

you would think someone who has no life would be smarter.

No. 886902

File: 1659821081552.jpeg (1 MB, 1076x1942, C32CDFAC-4B82-4766-A89B-185B1D…)

My tits hurt looking at this.

No. 886903

why did she cover her face? we already know she looked like shit, so why bother hide it?

No. 886906

her breasts are literally turning purple. She needs to accept her size and get clothes that fit

Also I hope she walks around in public like this but gets arrested for being a hooker. This doesn't look like cosplay at all

No. 886907

File: 1659825730167.png (112.36 KB, 328x340, A totally normal boob.png)

No. 886919

Osho was a cult leader and his followers committed a mass food poisoning attack in the 80s here in the US…also said at one point Hitler was a great man so yikes

No. 886920

This must have been why Momo wants to be a goth and play guitar. What are the odds that she's gonna throw money and gifts at him to have sex with her? Even though he has a girlfriend, that isn't gonna to stop her as she gets a kick for stealing another girl's bf. The thing is though that it never works and it ends up with the guy going back to his girlfriend and ends up getting engaged the most. Give it a few years when she reached her 30's that she'll be jealous of younger women and that she's gonna be like Lori and try to pass off as a 21-year-old e-girl with a shit ton of makeup and filters.

No. 886925

This was her shitty 2B cosplay from Anime Expo, we've already seen her be a smushed fridge in this mess. No public arrests, sadly.

No. 886926

Lovecraftian horror.

No. 886948

File: 1659864659559.jpg (100.81 KB, 231x321, Jesus Christ.jpg)

No. 886954

At yes the “memorizing the finger placements” flute arc that last like… what? A week?

No. 887009

No gym or weight updates since she came back from the con
guess there's no progress to show without lipo
Now it's time for the weight gain until she gets her holiday lipo session again

No. 887011

File: 1659907133136.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1065x1930, 97DC25A2-F27D-4DBF-93DB-EC76C7…)

I swear she only knows how to style herself like a homeless hooker granny.

No. 887012

who tf sells stockings for elephants?

No. 887013

these are probably listed as
>Drag Queen Large Size Stockings For Men Crossdesser Transgender Plus Size Stockings.

No. 887015

File: 1659908354309.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1284x1916, 808C00E3-A078-4F0D-B96A-D392C0…)

These new pictures are so fucking funny. In what UNIVERSE does someone have this face shape? Lay off the filters, Moo.

No. 887017

lol it's been awhile since she's done such an egregious dorito chin. feeling more insecure than usual, moo? maybe the new dick she's chasing turned her down lol

No. 887018

even with editing and filters you can see she's huge
Also way to tell on herself. Only those shitty asain slimming apps shrink your head like that

No. 887022

come now, anon, those shitty chinese beauty apps are part of why she got a botched nose job. she's deep in the shit with her reverse BDD. the constant photoshop is making her think she really looks good.

No. 887025

File: 1659921198607.jpeg (764.1 KB, 828x1477, 6419A858-ABB4-4FAD-B92C-5DDE7D…)

this fatty liking andrew tate is the least surprising thing to have happened this year

No. 887026

Not to be in her defense but that's literally a video that bashes tate

No. 887028

Who is she trying to appeal to? Degenerate scrotes who love mom fetish hentai?

No. 887057

I don't know why she pretends to be pro fitness when she's so obviously against it. Why? Because she did weight lifting a decade ago in highschool for a semester?
Talk about living in the past.

No. 887062

Yes… It took you that long to get that?

No. 887094

I think it's because her dad's a bodybuilder/trainer/coach. She thinks she's a fitness pro because of it but even her dad called her a fatass and got her to work out in highschool to lose weight.

No. 887102

File: 1659987853955.jpg (Spoiler Image, 86.68 KB, 896x1280, fy4yvSp.jpg)

No. 887103

File: 1659987980586.jpg (Spoiler Image, 116.4 KB, 926x1280, PpBh2K8.jpg)

No. 887105

File: 1659988435753.jpg (Spoiler Image, 116.6 KB, 853x1280, C0jwql4.jpg)

No. 887106

File: 1659988546703.jpg (Spoiler Image, 80.06 KB, 853x1280, kba9sG0.jpg)

No. 887107

These are so bad but this one really highlights her long back. Squat qween!

No. 887109

How much did he have to remove to get that thigh gap.

No. 887112

File: 1659990481510.jpg (47.33 KB, 446x429, Proboscis.jpg)

All I see is

No. 887113

Shes also holding alot back with her hands

No. 887117

File: 1659991114687.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.09 MB, 1253x1846, 2292D0E8-33E5-4D3F-837D-895707…)

>Repost because I forgot to spoiler.
Momokun is so unintentionally funny. She really looked at this and said, “Yes, I’ll post this”.

No. 887133

File: 1659998765494.jpeg (876.87 KB, 3264x1900, F5923C75-112E-4B5C-98F0-0B8EB2…)

No. 887134

smuggling raw biscuit dough

No. 887139


whoever edited those drew her a whole new butt. It's so over edited there's no depth at all, uncanny.

No. 887140

she did lmao. she always edits herself

No. 887142

I guess she gave up on pretending she's a "Skinny queen"
Unless she's just been gaining weight at a scary pace

No. 887143

This face is so bizarre to look at.

No. 887144

Holy shit who ever said she looked like an obese midget was right. Looks like Mizuryu Kei's old work where his females didn't have waists. I cannot fathom why she posts shit like this and wonders why there's still new threads being made about her. Moo, sue your editor. It would make sense if she's the one who edited this though. This has to be one of the worst ones she's posted. Showing off all her hard gym work too.

No. 887145

samefag but I just noticed her linebacker shoulders have been shrunk so hard they no longer match her head size lmao. The cow keeps on giving

No. 887146

Whoever the anon was that said Moo didn’t need another thread when it was down was an idiot. As long as she’s still posting horrifically edited porn while continuing to butcher her body, we should still be able to laugh at it. I mean, >>887106 and >>887105 are prime examples.

No. 887147

No kidding, whenever she starts to feel a bit dried up, she shits the bed once again in some spectacular fashion or another without fail.

She really is shaping, and shooping, up to be an eternal cow.

No. 887149

anon seemed like she doesn't like moo's porn/sw arch. which is retarded since moo has basically always been doing this, especially since she's clearly so upset about doing these porn vids.

No. 887152

File: 1660010792604.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1284x1610, 057C2BE2-6E79-43F0-8A1F-D9C33E…)

What in the Abby Lee Miller

No. 887155

File: 1660013655572.jpg (64.6 KB, 781x303, sexysexySkinwalk.jpg)

All I see is a ssSniperwolf skinwalk

No. 887171

Was gonna day, those pictures don’t even look like her. If I didn’t see them on her thread i wouldn’t think they were her at first. It’s just an sing how transparent she is about skin walking in general

No. 887188

ive never seen such differently sized nipples

No. 887189

Is anyone else noticing she’s pulling some janky ass Lori Lewd faces??

No. 887190

exactly what i thought when i saw these, but i assume it's a common costhot face that they're just copying from belle delphine/bd skinwalkers/common egirls.

No. 887195

kek those have to be edited, why are they oblong??

No. 887202

File: 1660062088580.jpeg (740.38 KB, 3264x2690, CD46450E-F63A-4CBB-B27A-ACD7B2…)

The clip of her attempting to play piano is only funny only because I think even a gorilla would be gentler with the keys than she is. She presses so hard it knocks her phone over.

No. 887208

So… kinda like her manhandling a dick, manhandling cosplayers, etc). Figures

No. 887210

Omg i didn't know there was another thread! I've been waiting for days, god damn. Thank you anon for making it!

No. 887214

CP is rampant on there and so are oldgross men and incels. She probably watches a lot of right media too on it.

No. 887215

Well, if there's one good thing that comes out of this arc, it's that her awful claws are gone.

No. 887218

It wont last. Moo loves looking like a tacky Jersey Shore reject. The claws are coming back

No. 887220

Ugh can't believe I'm actually bothered, she's unironically the textbook definition of a poser lol. Even someone with only a single lesson under their belt could tell she's full of shit, bet she can't even run both her hands up & down on a C major scale and she's already going for pieces that are way out of her league. What a shallow bitch.

No. 887221

Lurk more.

No. 887232

She does everything so ass backwards. Buying a guitar worth thousands and then getting lessons. I give this two weeks tops.

No. 887247

she isn't really paying for lessons. she just got the guitar to impress asain dick that already has a girl friend. She's going to pretend she knows how to play, give some amazing story about how she was in a band with zero proof other than "trust me bro" and drop it.
Just like how she traced manga panels from demon slayer, she's going to claim a song that she didn't play and say she did it

No. 887248

nonita i beg of you learn to spell asian youre driving me insane

No. 887251

please learn to use apostrophe in you're if you're going to be retarded about grammar

No. 887290

nta but don't try to nitpick someone's comment if you're referring to spelling as grammar, you look stupid.

No. 887295

this. i hate esl anons.

No. 887316

>Everyone I don't like is ESL

No. 887318

if anon isn't esl then she's retarded.

No. 887357

Nta and this is the stupidest derail I've seen in years but how is the use of an apostrophe not considered grammar? Why would youre vs you're be spelling..

God I hope you both and I get banned for this stupid fucking discussion but I'm genuinely curious

No. 887387

apostrophes are neither, they're punctuation. that's not why esl anon is dumb. she can't spell asian, and >>887251 doesn't use plurals or proper grammar. it's easy to tell which posts are hers.

No. 887403

I fully believe that these derails are just bait. There is no way someone would seriously still be on this a day later unless they're that unhinged.
Report and move on

No. 887427

File: 1660174596702.png (53.55 KB, 854x503, image_2022-08-11_093659864.png)

Here, I made it clear for you because you're clearly retarded. Yes retard, an apostrophe is grammar, misspelling Asian however, is not lmao

No. 887434

you're wrong shut the fuck up. esl anon and you should both go suck a railroad spike.

No. 887437

how am I wrong?

No. 887438

you morons are worse than esl and spelling chan, if you're really pissed about the derailing just stfu?

No. 887454

File: 1660194694999.jpeg (821.15 KB, 828x1440, D0A6B2EF-0EFF-40B2-9AAF-A74B36…)

No. 887473

I mean she is, but you could've just said that

No. 887482

Lol she certainly has been pandering to child wanting scrotes too.

No. 887491


No. 887495


No. 887829

File: 1660421970732.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1242x2161, 1BDA539A-2AC5-4D28-A934-3AA680…)

Is there even anything genderbent about her outfit?

No. 887830

File: 1660424134179.png (536.38 KB, 1080x1923, Screenshot_20220813-1510482.pn…)

No. 887832

File: 1660424909490.jpeg (541.97 KB, 828x1399, 4D24120A-C82E-4C9E-A38C-337D69…)

i’d be so fucking embarrassed if i paid 30k for a nose and it came out looking like this

No. 887838

no, she's just pretending because she got so much shit for cosplaying a guy. she probably shot this when she was posting herself out in public in the cosplay and is claiming it's genderbend. she's wearing the same ugly eyebrow makeup.

No. 887844

Why would anyone pay this much. It looks like a fat kid pig nose. Absolutely horrid and not flattering

No. 887845

she seriously thought she could cosplay again instead of just showing her tits in a cosplay. it's hilarious.

No. 887851


You think in 2022 and someone whose such an ally and LGBT herself supposedly would stop using the word genderbend but that’s giving too much credit to her dumb ass

No. 887853

Sage your shit, twitterfag. And how is “genderbend” offensive in any way to LGB? Guessing must be offensive to the T kek get real problems

No. 887854

Oh great I’m betting this is more “boring blowjob/yanking a dick off someone “ porn incoming. One trick hooker this one.

No. 887855

File: 1660446672881.jpeg (26.51 KB, 198x198, 166042197073223.jpeg)


moo shaving 6 inches off her waist as usual

No. 887857

Its not. Its not the same as trans. Twitterfag is am embarrassment. Its a stupid fucking fakerage from SJWs.

No. 887870

Genderbend is super trans your brain needs a check if you fell for that bad of an argument nonnie.

No. 887887

File: 1660468802043.jpeg (681.52 KB, 1125x1299, 0B9B072F-DEF5-458A-8BB5-233AC8…)

When will she learn she just can’t pull this off

No. 887895

The return of the hand pussy? I bet the dick-supplier can barely wait.

No. 887897

I mean the character is ugly as sin to begin with, Moo is only making it worse.

No. 887903

File: 1660489333352.jpg (243.92 KB, 1080x1919, Screenshot_20220814-080200_Ins…)

Moo trying to buy her own gear to probably bribe photogs or shoot her own shitty porn/supplies for the studio

No. 887905

lol she shopped her waist smaller then Akemi's why does she insist on doing this shit.

No. 887906

her nails look rough as fuck.

No. 887909

File: 1660497673071.jpeg (115.18 KB, 750x933, 879D9C68-D2F1-4D38-BB4A-6D6CC0…)

Not sure why she thought this outfit looked good, just shows off how saggy they are

No. 887910

I’m not sure why she does the things she does in general. But her doing this hunched pose with her crotch hiked up every time she shows off an outfit is fucking bizarre. One has to wonder how she sees herself in pictures because I’d hate to be that delusional to think it looks good enough to post (especially with her shitty editing)

No. 887911

File: 1660498655516.jpeg (914.04 KB, 1086x1757, 3E6714D4-060C-44C9-9E6E-1206A2…)

The caption is unintentionally hilarious but also had to include that sad excuse for an ass.

No. 887961

High gloss… lol. She couldn't fit in a Realize swimsuit if she tried.

No. 887995

Not a scrote but I wish we could have the OF content to make fun of.

No. 887996

I don’t understand how this is allowed on instagram lol.

No. 888004

Because Moo did what every thot should do, make their page Berrian 18+. Its a literal function.

No. 888007

her mmallad.jpg and mariahmallad accounts are down..again

No. 888008

nta but ig still doesn't allow sexual content in photos according to their tos

No. 888010

I just checked, they’re both still up.

No. 888024

Ohhh I understand now, I just wasn't following the full derail so didn't get the context of the comment.

No. 888038

File: 1660578955645.jpg (1.35 MB, 1080x2178, Screenshot_20220815-085558_Ins…)

Martin won't post Moo on a single social media he uses but he will use Vamplette lol He even untags her tags!

No. 888039

However it warns you on reporting that the creator specifically labeled their account adult or might have sensitive photos which makes it harder to flag.

No. 888040

NTA but It was indeed down for a few which could have been any reason, IG has been fucking up recently.
None of this is technically allowed, it just doesn't get reported (her profile were tagged "adult" the last time she lost the account.) She's a repeat offender and ban evader that alone should knock her off the platform.
I know moo's whiteknights here hate to hear it but I would sooner use vamps as she is legit pretty and doesn't have a botched body and (compared to the two) is the least shady and shitty. It must kill moo to see this.
Yes and no, since there's no "18+" Instagram section, for example as it would decimate their reach and interaction if they got segregated from normal algorithm.

No. 888043

File: 1660581014699.jpg (197.5 KB, 1044x1828, Screenshot_20220815-093036_Chr…)

There is an 18+ section. You manually enter the age. Please, please do research. It did exist, but now its just replaced with "sensitive content". Thots were using this.

No. 888044

File: 1660581044358.jpg (352.56 KB, 1056x2186, Screenshot_20220815-092716_Ins…)

Now its just 3 options

No. 888045

anon, she means there's no option for one to only view 18+ content. not that there's not a way to tag content as 18+/sensitive.

No. 888047

This, because as said:
>it would decimate their reach and interaction if they got segregated from normal algorithm.

No. 888063

File: 1660590125726.jpeg (2.24 MB, 2461x1870, 9E51CC9B-A06D-423E-A65A-E156B8…)

Expectation vs Reality lol

No. 888082

this artist is a hack anyway. he's using a free 3d render bg.

No. 888092

Anyone that willingly draws Moo "fanart" is a no-talent suck up only there in hopes she shares it.

No. 888151

Her little tiny butt will always make me laugh, because I think of the art-anon’s first masterpiece with the tiny pimply butt and turtle-mouth kek

No. 888190

How's that a tiny butt lol

No. 888192

File: 1660678541959.jpeg (140.29 KB, 1080x1467, received_477154434214766.jpeg)

Spotted in the wild because we live in the same area. She got her skin bleached? The picture makes it look like she's about to get something done to her butt. Guess this confirms she trades procedures for ad pics.

No. 888193

thats a really old photo, she's posted it. She got her asshole bleached.

No. 888194

I just got this ad and knew it was an old pic because she's so much more busted now, it's just so hilarious that it's still circulating. Such an unflattering pic for the business to use as an ad.

No. 888202

did you even read OPs post? the clinic is using it as a current ad.

No. 888206

I can't believe she agreed to this.
Wouldn't you rather be dead than be an advertisement for genital skin bleaching?
If that's your thing, then cool but Moomoo is now the face for lower area skin bleaching.

No. 888211

And yet for all that bleaching she still looks like she has a wiping problem.

No. 888212

maybe she's hoping that all the plastic surgery makes her unrecognizable from it, kek. it's even worse that it's from some discount place with a sketchy name. at least she could keep up some illusion of glamor with the ~aesthetic spas~ tagging her in filler posts.

No. 888221

She must enjoy having harsh chemicals applies to her butthole. This looks like an actual genuine smile.

No. 888223

That women is suggestively putting a glove on behind her head Jesus Christ

No. 888224

I feel like the bleaching caused it

No. 888225

it could also be a circulation problem. she's pretty fat and unhealthy, it's not a tinfoil to say diabetes is in her future or present.(medfagging)

No. 888242

..thats not diabetes.

No. 888243

look up acanthosis nigricans and sit down.

No. 888268

Medfag, shut up.

No. 888285

File: 1660756911892.jpeg (213.17 KB, 1284x693, 387E3284-8F1A-4357-A7D0-521853…)

She deleted hundreds of her posts?

No. 888286

She archived a bunch awhile back too. None of the ones that she should be archiving. She does it every time she gets reported it seems.

No. 888351

File: 1660772288597.jpeg (208.13 KB, 1115x695, 723C68FF-05FD-413C-BA41-CB7771…)

Nta. She’s quite literally obese and the only reason she isn’t a death fat is because she gets the shit sucked out of her. There’s absolutely no medfagging about the obese woman having acanthosis nigricans because as picrel states it can just happen because fat. It is also a symptom of diabetes, fat.

No. 888354

thank you.

No. 888357

nta either, not denying that this is a possibility, but fyi girls who are lebanese/have middle eastern anything/brown etc, usually also have skin that's darker around your genitals/folds/butt. It's a genetic thing. I have a few friends who are lebanese/armenian that get bleached down there for it, and they're not fat what so ever.

No. 888358

stop defending moo, jfc.

No. 888368

She doesn't have diabetes though. Not everyone who's fat gets diabetes. A lot of it is also genetic. Her "discoloration" for the most part is her bleaching and her race. Just deal with it. Stop trying to create some fanfiction shit.

No. 888370

>complains about tinfoil
>also tinfoils

No. 888371

how is that defending moo? explaining a tinfoil that might or might not be true? Learn to read.

No. 888375

I've never seen naturally occurring darkness in folds appear that extreme and I'm dark skinned with a big ass dark skinned family. It sounds like wk-ing because it sounds like you're projecting your own insecurity about your own dark ass crack and crying muh genetics. In any case you're derailing at this point and her remarkably brown ass crack and history of bleaching are like cave aged cheese tier stale milk and no one cares.

No. 888385

Read my fucking post >>888351
The shit occurs when you’re FAT. If you read the picture you’d know it’s one of the most common issues associated with being obese. I never once said it was only related to diabetes. I said in anons >>888225 defense it is also a symptom of that.

No. 888392

File: 1660783546181.jpeg (659.98 KB, 828x1370, D67E5E8F-3D63-45D1-B36A-539ECE…)

First you guys derail over spelling/grammar and now her asscrack discoloration? jfc…

Anyway, she’s at the "spa" again.

No. 888400

I wonder what we are inflating/deflating today?

No. 888401

anons are just projecting. this is like the tit defending anon all over again.

No. 888410

This place does everything from botox, to Lazer tattoo removal, to lipo so not telling what she's getting done. Maybe 1 of everything?

No. 888411

Just stop anon. Medfagging isn't taking this anywhere and we can't confirm it anyway.

No. 888421

I repeat, read the posts and have a second to think. My whole point was it’s not medfaging to say a fat bitch has a fat related, and common with large amount of weight gain such as hers, result. I am not saying she has diabetes or talking about her clear mental illness that would be medfaging. Though, it’s definitely not “because of her ethnicity” she has brown asscheeks, it’s because she. is. obese. There is no faging, if, ands, or buts around it. It’s even been seen on her neck before she got lipo on that too. Can you just stop speaking on things you clearly have no clue about- fat hoe problems and lingo.

No. 888460

it's not medfagging.

No. 888461

oops dropped sage

No. 888472

Yes it is, without confirmation it's medfagging.

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