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File: 1662175260601.jpg (10.17 KB, 225x225, download.jpg)

No. 1324877

Since lolcow seems deader on weekends (everyone has a social life I guess), use this thread to communicate. You can ask questions, vent, be funny, post milk, anything. You can only use this thread on the weekend fri-sat-sun. you might call it a weekend bunker if you will(Thread is locked during the weekdays and gets unlocked during the weekend at saturday-sunday)

No. 1324879

File: 1662175366511.jpg (67.25 KB, 640x480, 37244180087f4d48fec876da33163e…)

I hope everynonny finds this thread useful!

No. 1324881

Useless thread

No. 1324882

File: 1662175567283.jpg (15.97 KB, 360x299, 1644887306726.jpg)

This is a fun thread idea! I hope it is used. Lolcow gets so dead during the weekends.

No. 1324887

File: 1662175798352.jpg (910.84 KB, 1080x1346, 1656778518417.jpg)

what are you even talking about? how would this still not be anon?

No. 1324891

File: 1662175892239.jpg (3.03 MB, 1920x1200, 1651552050157.jpg)

thank you anon, this is cute. resurrecting this underutilized last true bunker thread game gem

No. 1324895

File: 1662176044222.jpg (94.42 KB, 736x736, 5a79283a6894ad9de45ab09c1b0a1d…)


No. 1324899

Is diarrhea imminent?

No. 1324901

FUCKING Kaitlin Tiffany.

No. 1324907

You clearly weren't here on the bunkers kek

No. 1324912

File: 1662177295564.jpg (33.78 KB, 450x450, ae00218a4f6a52dab4b13e4ac313e8…)

>I literally everyone's writing style
Holy shit. Pic related, you

No. 1324913

Then stick around and have fun anon

No. 1324922

i can't handle seeing inbred genetic abominations be paraded as men anymore. those poor creatures are so repulsive i can't imagine someone owning them if they don't get off on having a deformed creature suffering in front of them. i have to lay off males content online because you're bound to turn up some uneducated bitch with her own ugly balding scrote or whatever

No. 1324923

File: 1662178471029.gif (264.02 KB, 500x400, 4CF30D27-EBCB-4780-B02D-FAF754…)

anons I keep tossing and turning in my bed. it’s a lonely saturday night, i have no friends, my dms are empty, don’t want to sleep, i hate this sometimes

No. 1324928

no that’s actually a good idea, i’ve already been doing that with watching stream clips from random ass twitch streamers. thanks nonna

No. 1324929

File: 1662178743336.jpg (114.77 KB, 736x736, 53890756984a5351eeaca02c32c180…)

Real gamer girls don't pull their hair back but instead put their headset right over their hair so that you have nice indents around your ears when you take them off.

No. 1324932

File: 1662178892420.jpg (139.85 KB, 926x402, Screenshot_20220902-232227_Gal…)

No. 1324934

My hair is too thick, it will impede the sound of the headphones. Bun on head gamer girls for the win.

No. 1324935

kek new lolcow.farm husbando I see

No. 1324937

Don't these things give you a dent on your skull?

No. 1324940

If you stick your thumb in your mouth and blow as hard as you can, the dent pops back out

No. 1324943

File: 1662179405215.jpg (Spoiler Image, 43.33 KB, 765x630, ERcu2HUUUAEFwPQ.jpg)

>not knowing about headphone dent

No. 1324946

File: 1662179530108.jpeg (127.01 KB, 600x815, 44D539AE-726E-468A-8E19-5D33B7…)

Nah he’s just inbred

No. 1324947

Why does he look like someone who would be put on display as an Untermensch

No. 1324948

File: 1662179592318.png (Spoiler Image, 1.29 MB, 882x1022, billy.png)

i am here anons

No. 1324949

File: 1662179620946.jpg (Spoiler Image, 318 KB, 1536x2048, ERcoTqoXsAEwYXD.jpg)

True it's a male problem.

No. 1324950

File: 1662179632508.jpg (30.53 KB, 600x600, ECSTAHE.jpg)

I am too obvs but this is the whole reason why I don't wear headsets anymore, the picture is too spooky. If I were to wear them again these would be my pick though

No. 1324952

File: 1662179683131.gif (Spoiler Image, 385.16 KB, 220x220, 1662064975126.gif)

Based on the filename I was hoping for this

No. 1324954

aw come on we've all have been memed at some point
I also am scared of bluetooth headsets because I'm scared of the signals giving me brain cancer in 20 years. Sad I know

No. 1324956

come on anon yolo

No. 1324958

File: 1662180069391.jpeg (42.1 KB, 640x441, 8821C452-D3F4-4A08-9C8A-9A2CAF…)

same nonna im eating saltine crackers on my bed to feel something

No. 1324960

File: 1662180112105.jpg (44.26 KB, 581x474, b2e6c0c2802cea2db8bf330f390def…)

What would you do if your son was at home
Crying all alone on the x box control
Cause he's hungry

No. 1324961

is this forreal? wtf im worried my fiance will get this

No. 1324963

yeah this will happen to your fiance you cannot escape it.

No. 1324968

Does it happen to women?

No. 1324970

no women have strong genes

No. 1324972

File: 1662180379739.jpg (79 KB, 735x731, 61f433eddd34da6c8de5a8fa62fd6d…)

Your fiancés skull is fucked and you will have to put up with caressing his gamer dent for all eternity and having everyone clock him as a fulltime gamer

No. 1324983

Oh okay I googled it and it says we do have thicker skulls than men. Huh, so I'm fine if I wear headsets??

No. 1324985

File: 1662180766516.jpg (20.44 KB, 335x335, 6f565f3683d246651ebcb3496e12c3…)


…..), —-.(_(__) /
….// (..) ), —–"

WE TRUE HOMIES WE RIDE TOGETHER WE DIE TOGETHER send this GUN to everyone you care about

No. 1324988

I told you women have strong genes.

No. 1324989

The most important thing is that bones are (somewhat) flexible. Even if you got a small dent from them, your body would fix it. You would have to have a crater for it to be a problem.

No. 1324990

Your hair might get smooshed but that's it don't worry babygorl.

No. 1324994

File: 1662180963244.jpg (9.35 KB, 330x269, 634eaf03e598f78b56d5c520f7b6cc…)

>gamer crater

No. 1324995

Nice, the first discussion of the weekend bunkers: dented skulls

No. 1324998

File: 1662181060486.gif (190.11 KB, 214x262, 1658914299041.gif)

-skull too SMALL and PRECIOUS to ever be indented by his gaming habits
-has superior taste in games and music when compared to any human moid
-never has crustridden goblin feet that will infect your home and bedding, in fact, his feet are always meticulously maintained and look like CANDIES
-God-tier aesthetic face and body that generally stays slim with little to no effort
-NOT subject to androgenic alopecia
-loyal, understands human boundaries and personal space
-even though he spends time on the internet he follows 0 instathots
-WILL provide you with sustenence with no strings attached or any guilt if you allow him outside
-is HAPPY for you to be a stay at home wife
-will never pressure you for kids
-never cries about distaste for human males or your habits on LOLCOW.FARM
-potty trained from birth, impeccable bathroom habits, never leaves the seat up or piss on the rim
-understands your emotions with a single look and stays by you while sick, does not file for divorce when you fall ill

No. 1325000

Ok stale topic now what’s next

No. 1325003

File: 1662181177171.png (Spoiler Image, 2.8 MB, 2000x1500, 1608764771.feetymcfoot_sonic_s…)

I would like to discuss this.

No. 1325004

its ok its gamer baby

No. 1325007

nevermind back to dent skull pls

No. 1325008

You had me at candy toes. That's it I'm devoting my life to celibacy, gaming, and felines.

No. 1325010

you can tell there's a lot wrong with sonic outside of the obvious due to the fact that even while out of shoes he insists on wearing obscenely tight socks. it's slutty and also offensive to the senses. no one wears socks

No. 1325012

Post your nigels skull and we will assess whether he is a faggot or not

No. 1325016

File: 1662181397891.jpeg (142.04 KB, 1400x1400, 0BEE6E2E-F5A6-4B9F-BC9C-D16BDF…)

here’s my bulgarian nigel andrej

No. 1325017

Listen to this

No. 1325019


No. 1325020

I'm sorry that anon died. I won't post anymore

No. 1325021

File: 1662181490559.jpg (83.21 KB, 1000x563, yakuza-kiwami-2-11.jpg)

Can we at least post something interesting like husbandos?

No. 1325026

i would but you categorically all hate my halfhearted husbando and he's not 2D so i can't even share

No. 1325028

File: 1662181625677.jpeg (71.08 KB, 459x512, C8B01F43-E5D3-44F1-9BFC-F3181A…)

No. 1325029

File: 1662181645134.jpg (36.68 KB, 406x555, 395686-flynn.jpg)

Here's my shit tier husbando.

No. 1325030

My analysis is over. Not only is he faggot, he is bald. I'm so sorry.

No. 1325032

100/10 most dent-headed mfer of all time. shit's dented from the inside. anon wins this round

No. 1325034

File: 1662181774761.jpg (109.44 KB, 639x1067, dea15a5e91f0efce82784386681a82…)

Yuri is mine. We can go on double dates.

No. 1325035

No. 1325038

File: 1662181987834.png (191.68 KB, 1080x1080, sabritasflaminhot.png)

i know all that red dye cant be good for me but these are so addictive lmao

No. 1325039

post him

No. 1325041

This is the LOLCOR.FARM husbando checkpoint. Show husbando now

No. 1325043

File: 1662182114856.png (255.91 KB, 560x560, 7503018544755_image-1659065053…)

>not posting the superior version

No. 1325046

post him so we can rate his skull

No. 1325047

your fiance

No. 1325048

spice lovers are tongue-cripples

No. 1325049

File: 1662182376648.jpg (Spoiler Image, 713.53 KB, 4621x1080, 1.jpg)

Oh are we posting husbandos now? Picrel are fictional characters I like. Only one is my husbando though.

No. 1325050

File: 1662182380940.jpeg (162.85 KB, 1377x2048, 1654569022441.jpeg)

Who where /saul/?

No. 1325052

File: 1662182453985.gif (2.8 MB, 490x368, tumblr_f2a291645be085cb11c88ae…)

No. 1325053

No. 1325055

for me personally, i like TAUT balls

No. 1325056

Kurapika a cute

No. 1325058

I shared spicy chips with your mom.

No. 1325059

One of the forbidden men has a nice skull. I'd post it, but it is a forbidden skull. The information will be shared nonetheless.

No. 1325063

I have a family member who’s a doctor and ever since they warned me about this I’ve avoided wireless headphones. It’s a shame because I would love some for the gym but now I’m too schizo to take the plunge

No. 1325073

Ah yes, the doctors take 20 credits of Bluetooth and wave physics. He totally didn't get memed

No. 1325076

File: 1662182796985.gif (160.67 KB, 220x220, scared.gif)

>tfw listening to music through bluetooth earplugs right now and exclusively using them because they're the only one's I can't break

No. 1325079

At least your skull is undented

No. 1325081

i love ublock origin

No. 1325082

File: 1662182967158.gif (161.23 KB, 117x80, 1652722871402.gif)

No. 1325088

File: 1662183096888.jpg (51.41 KB, 640x608, 1660181012574.jpg)


No. 1325097

She could do some more killing, personally.

No. 1325111

File: 1662183844522.jpg (118.31 KB, 900x1200, 1658683765231.jpg)

she's ready and i have Gladys (pictured) on standby just in case she faces gala-related delays

No. 1325116

Impeccably decorated Christmas decor, cute hair, fresh shoes, warrior stance. Whosever mom this is, needs to treasure her

No. 1325118

I do this too kek
today I am eating pretzel sticks

No. 1325122

File: 1662184736502.jpg (Spoiler Image, 71.13 KB, 275x263, 1662174527962.jpg)

This is my nigels skull can someone assess it

No. 1325125

Aw, that's the thing from Eraserhead

No. 1325126

She's well trained in the way of the blade (that's how she acquired so many sought-after Christmas trinkets after QVC stopped selling them) and an unquenchable thirst to shed male blood. She's an unstoppable force with a lust for justice

No. 1325127

I have a dent in my head but i got it from a hockey injury (yes am a filthy leaf)

No. 1325130

I want to caress the dent in your head with the bump on mine. Let us become one.

No. 1325131

Like a puzzle????

No. 1325133

File: 1662185667594.jpg (5.73 KB, 243x300, 253236cef744a99e6b13a243a72613…)


No. 1325135

>me with my big brain

No. 1325138

File: 1662185923072.jpg (Spoiler Image, 22.45 KB, 615x417, 0_588687.jpg)

Skull assessment? Is he a keeper

No. 1325140

A real specimen this one

No. 1325141

>that masculine brow ridge

No. 1325143


No. 1325152

File: 1662186576446.jpg (93.34 KB, 487x626, Cn2DZTCUIAAkqAv.jpg)

gamer girl moment

No. 1325174

I hate the feeling of hair underneath my headphones but it's less cute to push the hair out of the way. Such is gamer girl life.

No. 1325194

Why does kurapika look like a cross dresser in the 2011 remake? This is my first time seeing the original design

No. 1325195

File: 1662189862855.png (846.53 KB, 780x455, unknown.png)

I just finished watching a movie that was recommended on this site and ngl the first half I thought it's just another shitty movie that romanticizes cheating but by the end I was in my feels

No. 1325204

cheating on men is often justified anyways. not seen it though, going to at your rec

No. 1325205

File: 1662190209495.png (1.54 MB, 999x1106, bobo1.png)

I'm fucking bored noannas

No. 1325212

File: 1662191030681.gif (5.24 MB, 498x378, 7D7D637E-283F-4C90-8712-6A2BF3…)

Stalked some of my classmates that never left town. So weird how they either have a baby or multiple of them when I remember passing them in the hallways or seeing them in class. What is this feeling called? Like I'm mourning for them. I don't know. Some of them got chubby or really fat and it pisses me off seeing the male next to them smiling in their photos. You don't deserve to smile, you monster. And the ones who don't have children have some similar interests as me, but they're she/theys now and like k-pop boy groups. Just wtf.

No. 1325219

File: 1662191594869.png (516.88 KB, 500x494, 58D54225-C692-4E59-A4E3-22846F…)

No. 1325221

this gif LMFAOOOO

No. 1325222

God, seeing girls I grew up with still in the same shit town they were born in really bums me out. Maybe it's because I only got out by chance.

No. 1325227

omfg is that Becky?

No. 1325232

yeah it's not really the type of film to watch with your partner, and I feel like I'm couple years younger than the target audience but if you're a woman in your mid-late 20s you'll likely find the movie relatable or at least empathize for the character

No. 1325245

File: 1662193770938.gif (2.27 MB, 498x281, yo.gif)

yes kek

No. 1325260

shameful girlcrush. Amberlynn didn't deserve her.

No. 1325263

most people become NPCs that's just life, you don't need to feel sorry for them it'll always be like that

No. 1325275

File: 1662195747860.jpeg (53.4 KB, 255x244, AA9DC92A-5054-475E-B889-2C22D7…)

>my husbando

No. 1325278

I guess you're right. I don't think I'll check in on any of them anymore.

No. 1325280

File: 1662196236945.png (1.77 MB, 1104x1108, birchwood_.png)

I'm watchhing a women on youtube who wears historical clothes everyday that she sew herself by hand, (victorian but a lot of XVII century clothes too). I never wanted more to go ape shit and do the same thing, I already dress weird anyways but I don't know if I could take the attention kek good for her though she looks like some sort of princess

the gif got me kek

No. 1325283

i want to put Daigo on all fours and sit my phat ass on his back for several hours. putting the chair in chairman

No. 1325298

Who else hear is eating cheese?

No. 1325300

me. i love cheese. i like gouda/edam/whatever the red ball of cheese is called. in elementary school i was "cheesegirl" because i would constantly be eating cheese even during class. whenever people wanted something from me like a favor or other, they would give me a cheese for it.

No. 1325301

File: 1662197955105.jpg (113.05 KB, 1400x1400, cheese.jpg)

samefag, this is the cheese i am eating right now

No. 1325302

File: 1662198201627.jpg (68.14 KB, 600x538, duwang_(1).jpg)

i have to be productive this weekend but it's okay, it's gonna be satisfying.

No. 1325304

File: 1662198283267.gif (5.64 MB, 498x421, tom-and-jerry-mouse.gif)

>almost all cartoon cheese has three main traits, plus an occasional fourth
>it's orange or yellow, like Wisconsin Cheddar
>it's full of holes, like Emmental or Jarlsberg
>it almost always comes in "wedge" form, as if it were cut from a cheese wheel, like Gouda or Edam
>less commonly, it has a very strong odor (producing wavy 'scent lines'). It may even stink, like Munster, Limburger or Stilton.

No. 1325306

File: 1662199128149.png (784.47 KB, 1280x1280, Pastel Purple Depop Profile Pi…)

hi nonitas… my birthday is on Monday, but me and all my friends work so this weekend i had plans to go out and party. we planned it for months. but i lost my job recently and have been worried sick about what to do. im really sad and scrapped the party cause i know i wouldn't have a good time with all m stress over money and work… so my weekend party is now a lolcow party instead.

anyone wants a hats or stickers? this is my design

No. 1325310

File: 1662199472846.jpg (57.18 KB, 650x596, StitchStory_Pusheenicorn_Croch…)

Happy birthday nonny, here is my gift for you! It's a Pusheen Crochet craft set. I hope you will feel better!
If that helps, my birthday is pretty soon too but with the inflation, I have no idea what I should ask for a gift or how to even celebrate, especially since I have been celebrating it without my family for a few years now, but there is no way I can meet them at the moment.

No. 1325311

File: 1662199538350.jpg (71.71 KB, 640x360, wistful walrus.jpg)

Sorry to hear all that, Nonners. Happy Birthday! Maybe you can watch some movies with us.

No. 1325314

File: 1662199689802.png (584.21 KB, 508x676, 908F8230-D335-442A-8E73-CE00AB…)

Happy birthday nonna!!!! I know it’s Monday but here, I hope you can have ice cream

No. 1325316

File: 1662199757397.png (678.67 KB, 602x679, 1FEC513C-4CD4-4FEA-B2BE-7D165B…)

I’m so sorry you have to stress about all that nonnita I hope you can still have some fun this weekend and enjoy yourself! Happy birthday! ♥

No. 1325317

this is such a cute walrus i want to kiss his weird forehead

No. 1325320

Is my bf a pos

No. 1325321

File: 1662199933814.gif (1.71 MB, 914x582, BB3754B1-1F9C-4D2B-8CEE-4E75BE…)

happy birthday nonnette this is us partying right now. i hope this day will be a great one for you !!!

No. 1325323

No. 1325324

File: 1662200170541.gif (100.45 KB, 150x150, NYAAA.gif)

Happy birthday, sweet anon! I hope things end up working out for you.

No. 1325325

She's playing the game, silly.

No. 1325339

I will find a moid to test my acupuncture skills on!!!! oh yes I will

No. 1325340

thats absolutely adorable

No. 1325341

You should do it!

No. 1325376

File: 1662207430627.jpg (126.48 KB, 700x525, cat-eats-cake-1.jpg)

Happy early birthday! Sorry you aren't feeling up to your plans, I hope you can at least have a little fun or relaxation this weekend even if it's just online

No. 1325412

how tf do you break earbuds with wires

No. 1325439

Gonna watch this with some drinking game rules tonight, I hope I get fucked up

No. 1325529

I want cake

No. 1325560

File: 1662216849782.jpg (27.77 KB, 243x300, 166215667594.jpg)

No. 1325563

we should save this and make it the picture of the next thread

No. 1325578

File: 1662217599531.jpeg (702.22 KB, 828x864, BF32B1B2-C1E2-4279-94DA-FB59CA…)

Me and my nonny

No. 1325582

File: 1662217707445.jpg (67.02 KB, 450x450, cow-first-birthday-cake-kit-ca…)

happy brithday! May the next one happen in better times for you!

here you go nonnie

No. 1325583


No. 1325584

Doesn't have enough skull bumps and crevices

No. 1325596

Doesn’t have a gamer dent

No. 1325601

No. 1325606

tfw no de/g/enerate farmer gf to spend my weekends with

No. 1325611

I’m here!

No. 1325626

i love this sm lmfao. next threadpic please

No. 1325635

I really, really like this post.

No. 1325637

And it looks delicious as fuck

No. 1325643

File: 1662221307560.jpg (17.98 KB, 350x257, 6505544aed02e1060cf050a58aa278…)

thats right

No. 1325649

File: 1662221528281.png (1.33 MB, 2048x2048, D59B5FF2-BF85-4EA2-9F12-23FD2D…)

Happy Birthday NONNIE! ;)

No. 1325652

Everytime I try to post my husbando I get “unknown file extension” BULLSHIT but it’s Harvey from Stardew Valley

No. 1325653

File: 1662221913576.jpg (69.01 KB, 500x375, 1658609312080.jpg)

Good late-morning nonnies. hope all you real ones browsing are having a good weekend

No. 1325654

maybe it's the file type? is it something like a webp or jiff?

No. 1325656

it's probably a jfif or webp like anon says. FUCK JFIFS for life especially. i hate them. is harvey from stardew valley fat

No. 1325666

love this pic nona

No. 1325667

File: 1662222909395.png (898.3 KB, 585x773, 24.png)

happy birthday, anon! i hope things get better for you and your job situation gets sorted. i brought cupcakes for everyone (everyone choose one)

No. 1325680

Middle third row

No. 1325687

i want one of the invisible ones

No. 1325710

These are the fanciest cupcakes I've honestly ever seen…I will let the wheat destroy my guts and eat top left huzzah to anons bday!!

No. 1325765

File: 1662227794019.jpeg (299.53 KB, 828x489, 4ACC6FC3-6E59-46BB-9021-BA84B1…)


No. 1325784

File: 1662230037861.gif (697.18 KB, 220x383, CC0133AB-1518-4551-916D-B8FFEC…)

glad to have influenced you anon

No. 1325796

Leaf one please x And happy birthday >>1325306!

No. 1325811

I cant stop starring

No. 1325840

FUCK nonas i have cramps and sore tits but no sign of blood. this is annoying

No. 1325866

wtf? are cramps common in the first weeks? i had no ideia.
oh well i'm fucked then

No. 1325870

I thought this thread was going to be about anons actually arranging to meet up in real life kek

No. 1325872

You can get cramps weeks before your period. My last period, I was PMSing like a week before.

No. 1325876

Samefag, nevermind I think I misunderstood what kind of cramps we are talking about kek.

No. 1325878

idk why nona deleted her post but it implied i might be pregnant.

No. 1326003

File: 1662239492784.gif (3.61 MB, 498x280, 7FC57869-D5EA-4C1D-83A9-E1CED2…)

early happy birthday nona hope you enjoy your special day!!!

No. 1326021

File: 1662239965482.png (2.49 MB, 1170x1434, 198AC03C-1EAB-4E16-B3F8-5ABE68…)

No. 1326047

Nonnie dont be sad the party’s just beginning!!! There’s fresh milkshakes in the corner and movies for movienight playing in the other room for you ♥

No. 1326048

Get the "convert webp to jpg" extension or convert it online

No. 1326049

the only snack women need indeed

No. 1326053

we have to do a party for this anon, I want to see posts in every /ot/ thread dedicated to her

No. 1326057

speaking of periods, i just got mine.

No. 1326058

So true queen

No. 1326059

File: 1662241181385.gif (86.81 KB, 214x275, 1662149296042.gif)

What the fuck, I never noticed how lolcow is dead on a Saturday night. Even the cow threads are dead as a door nail the hell is going on

No. 1326063

I'm returning back to a passion project I really enjoy tomorrow, but now with the knowledge that one of the men involved creeps on women less than half his age and I've been having panic attacks all week about it. What are the chances I'll get done for assault if I put all the sugar in a scalding hot coffee and 'accidentally' spill it on him?

No. 1326064

most nonnies are stacies with busy social lives

No. 1326065

Wild because I don't think I even noticed it before the last 3 or 4 days. Even the active threads like Shayna has just gone sploot

No. 1326069

File: 1662241602754.jpg (2.45 MB, 4096x2302, T.jpg)

Look at my cool wizard shirt

No. 1326099

File: 1662242547277.png (1.11 MB, 1471x1199, 1644872401051.png)

Damn, I never even noticed how stressed my mother made me feel until she left for a vacation today. Within an hour after and onwards, I literally felt as comfortable and relaxed as if I took pain meds, it's the same feeling. I really need to get out of here and cut her off.

No. 1326108

I want one that's so epic

No. 1326112

It's really vibrant irl too. I think I only paid $20 for it on Amazon! Do it nonnie

No. 1326122

File: 1662244085852.jpg (40.67 KB, 563x666, 25669a246b08f2ed639d8eeb58297b…)

aw thanks nonnie for being encouraging, maybe I could train myself by doing one of those comfy victorian walking skirt and build my skills from there

No. 1326123


No. 1326127

is that Tilda, my queen

No. 1326128

Anons in that one burlesque dancer thread are arguing about whether or not weed has physical withdrawal symptoms and let me tell you it does. Maybe it depends on the potency of the weed you smoke as well as how often but for like 4 days after I quit a heavy decade+ habit my stomach and bowels were fucked up and I couldn't sleep worth a damn. Really glad I quit because it was making me retarded

No. 1326135

File: 1662244637765.jpg (102.02 KB, 563x846, 0f63c04584ed52b6108e2028d75456…)

If I had this carpet I would take care not to step on the kitty cats (that would be rude)

No. 1326141

I would copy their stance to pretend I am also one

No. 1326143

sometimes i crawl up my stairs like this. it just feels good on my back sometimes and i can be any predator i want. mrowr.

No. 1326144

Rule #2 of the weekend bunker do not ignore nonnies, encourage them to use this thread

No. 1326152

I do not ignore nonnies. I am in love with every nonny

No. 1326161

This reminds me of how much I hate killing the animals in Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it legitimately bums me out to hear the little wolf squeal or the goat bahhh'ing to their deaths.

No. 1326162

No. 1326163

File: 1662245916697.jpg (94.18 KB, 800x800, 1012348996-150164186.jpg)

I wish the S pen had cute cases like this

No. 1326165

kiwifarms is down, do you guys think 4chan is next

No. 1326169

4chan is the tranny home turf. even the scizo here reposts the same memes from /lgbt/ over here within minutes

No. 1326174

I would bite the shit out of this

No. 1326203

File: 1662248894256.jpeg (129.44 KB, 1080x975, 1660107746540.jpeg)

The farm is dead atm and it shows

No. 1326204

File: 1662248929658.jpg (65.23 KB, 750x734, tumblr_e680eff0ce68307566733cf…)

Please be kind, he's not from this planet.

No. 1326205

Cute and valid

No. 1326207

i'm bored but i don't want to do anything

No. 1326210

No. 1326211

Just started thinking about people who abandon their dogs by telling them to "stay" and then getting in their car and driving off and the dog just sits there and stays because they are a good dog and believe their owner will come back. I am sad. Why did I think this.

No. 1326213

File: 1662249267612.jpg (Spoiler Image, 50.41 KB, 282x777, 22f4d7626cc656b8bf7538aa951ac2…)

fine… if you insist…

No. 1326214

now im fucking sad too wtf

No. 1326217

File: 1662249419867.jpg (25.17 KB, 175x400, SS9p22.jpg)

No. 1326219

No. 1326220

File: 1662249697776.jpg (106.92 KB, 700x417, Hey-Gorgeous_example_2.jpg)

this is the super paper mario font

No. 1326221

Bennos diyass, niteweeng

No. 1326225

Kek why did this make me laugh

No. 1326228

hello fellow ugly nonitas

No. 1326229

I love wolves IRL but theyre so fucking annoying in botw that I've started to kill every single one I see.

No. 1326232

I attended my first (american) football game today; I thoyght i was gonna be bored but it was actually pretty fun , even though I didn’t know what was going on. Food is expensive as fuck though

No. 1326244

File: 1662251610537.png (384.84 KB, 882x813, happy birthday nonnie!!!! uwu.…)


No. 1326250

Patrician taste. He is cute

No. 1326252

Happy birthday nonnies!! I hope you all have a wonderful time despite the hardships! This art is so cute,, My birthday is Wednesday too kek, anyone Thursday?

No. 1326253

Meant for >>1326213 lol. You could make a dakimakura out of that pic

No. 1326255

Nta but oh my gosh, how stinkin' cute.

No. 1326256

File: 1662252201529.png (44.51 KB, 1034x973, 1646809206071.png)

How did I manage to mess up twice… Sorry nonas

No. 1326257


No. 1326261

my cat peed on my rug this morning so i had to throw it away and now have no rug. i love my cat but this is the second rug she’s peed on that i’ve had to throw away. what can i do anonnies? i will kill myself if not allowed to own rugs because of my cat who continues to pee

No. 1326262


No. 1326264

that sounds so fun, I'm glad you liked it nonny
can you teach a cat to not pee on your rug?

No. 1326268

i’ll teach her to shoot me if it ever happens again. maybe she can find a new life with a woman who doesn’t mind the foul stench of her urinary utterances

No. 1326270

i had 4 nectarines, greek yogurt by my favorite brand and berries, a taco bell power bowl and i made some pesto toast with grilled tomatoes today. im really happy with the food i had, tasted good and filled me with joy
i like food

No. 1326271

I will steal your husbando, sorry you aren't a stacey like me

No. 1326272

is this a sims build

No. 1326274

ily nonna

No. 1326276

go ahead and crap yourself
crap crap crap yourself
go ahead and crap yourself
crap til you can’t crap no more

No. 1326281

File: 1662254807906.gif (3.6 MB, 423x257, 6F1D6F3D-58CF-4ED3-AA24-17215A…)

why do we all get our periods at the same time ? what if every woman on this planet is like a slice of god and if we all do a final power rangers power up we can turn into god

No. 1326284

File: 1662255564799.jpg (9.62 KB, 236x236, 145d1c6cd090576e3b567181d53c75…)

You get yours today too?

No. 1326287

nta but i got mine

No. 1326289

File: 1662256259573.png (577.52 KB, 882x813, happy birthday nonnie!!!! owo.…)



No. 1326290

all my friends got their periods this week, I was a week ahead, even my online nonnie friends all got it a week later than me, i feel so left out

No. 1326292

wtf happened to this cat

No. 1326293

no but I have that feeling it’s coming soon

No. 1326294

samefag, also noticed everyone is horny
some psycho freak taped her paws

No. 1326295

poor thing got frostbite

No. 1326297

That's cute!!!

No. 1326299

File: 1662256809863.jpg (97.04 KB, 654x608, 3531846ab7437f75ac08e8faab25bc…)

Rawr…. nya.

No. 1326300

File: 1662256814313.gif (4.54 MB, 498x454, 7aa77c9c726c898e61103eaa020528…)

I wonder what this cat makes of its prosthetic limbs. Imagine the horror of waking up with four bits of plastic where your arms and feet once were, and on top of that you're a cat who simply cannot comprehend prostheses. Poor thing. Oh well it seems fairly content in the gif lol

No. 1326302

they’re ugly anon..

No. 1326304

Nonas should I get my tongue pierced this Monday?

No. 1326309

Sure sounds fun

No. 1326310

File: 1662257501119.jpg (162.44 KB, 579x960, tumblr_6b6b5f3b08736c9b0b2e52f…)

His girlfriend sounds based actually

No. 1326311

File: 1662257542407.jpg (154.52 KB, 500x666, tumblr_2ed6bb4ec19a1b37725c8ca…)

No. 1326313

File: 1662257580564.jpeg (63.92 KB, 640x895, D84DBC03-0422-47A1-A0B5-247CCF…)

Omg no joke my 22nd bday is on the 5th as well… sending you lots of love birthday twin

No. 1326314


do you have the money to get your tongue-pierced AND do you want your tongue pierced?

No. 1326315

Useless moid doesn't know how fucking awesome his girlfriend is. I'm in love with her just reading about her hobbies… I hope they broke up.

No. 1326317

unironically this man does not deserve her. she sounds so fucking cool

No. 1326319

He doesn't deserve her

No. 1326320

nta but so cute and so talented I love you both xoxo

No. 1326323

You have the cutest style anon!

No. 1326324

I wonder what kind of scaredly manchild this dude is to consider any of these ~weird and icky~ they're fucking awesome. I bet he has the personality and hobbies of a wet slice of white bread.

No. 1326326

File: 1662258111694.jpeg (87.17 KB, 828x814, 25563F5B-C928-4CA9-8C1D-F3250F…)

I just finished the show last night and am already having withdrawals.

No. 1326328

So long as she isn't mutilating corpses of animals, poisoning animals, or other shit like that, then she's not doing anything bad or freaky.

No. 1326329

Who is she? I want to be her friend!

No. 1326331

Everything else sounds fine and even cool, but I honestly do not like people who do the bone collecting and taxidermy shit.

No. 1326334

Any hobby that doesn’t revolve around their existence isn’t a hobby to them. The only hobby men have is playing video games which are things that were created by the blood sweat and tears of other people with more creativity than he will ever have or having sex and pretending they’re good at it. Men are boring as fuck, it’s an objective fact

No. 1326336

Thanks to the IUD I don't worry about them ever. I do miss the flood of blood when you take your first shower after it coming. I pretend it's the men I've killed like the meme.

No. 1326337

File: 1662258884853.jpg (18.4 KB, 319x425, ac18e6d1cc327a5d5d5a97c182a598…)


No. 1326338

don't forget you'll be on liquids for a bit. also make sure to clean your shit.

No. 1326348

I chipped my tooth from a tongue piercing, so I'd suggest sticking to liquid diet till you can switch to a plastic jewelry

No. 1326350

File: 1662260525005.jpeg (65.19 KB, 746x989, 33C952FF-7E04-4FC1-9A80-7A8418…)

pacha is my husbando

No. 1326351

File: 1662260540519.jpeg (180.51 KB, 750x388, 1863F1FE-EF2E-4900-8FF1-B2AAEC…)

>alpha chadness
>beta aroma

I want the scrote who wrote this to be thrown in prison kek

No. 1326352

have you even seen the other guys posted ITT

No. 1326355

that pesto and tomato toast sounds so fucking good , you eating real nice nonna congrats

No. 1326356

men really be out here negging our hobbies

No. 1326358

No to Vergil. Men are so retarded they refuse to accept that V is so popular

No. 1326360

My sister worked at a vet and told me amputation always hurts the person more than the animal. Cats and dogs don't think about the past or what could be different, they can only live in the moment, so they quickly adapt to having prosthetics or missing a limb and don't care. The cat is probably happy to be able to walk and stretch and doesn't even know she's different ♥

No. 1326362

Writing a pitch for an adult cartoon, probably going to send it to AS first thing my drafts are complete. About time I chance sending in one of my many many many manuscripts to a station.
What projects are you nonnies dreaming up this weekend?

No. 1326364

wow that's cool!!! I want to be your friend

No. 1326367

>they can only live in the moment
I wish it was possible for us to be like cats and dogs

No. 1326382

You can if you train your brain

No. 1326383

I'm so booooooooooooooooooooooooooored

No. 1326395

I hope it goes well for you nonna that sounds so cool

No. 1326398

File: 1662263183103.jpg (19.74 KB, 320x320, 249e566910a82ba6a59ec036f561fb…)

Did they ever make a Nintendogs for the switch? I'll buy one immediately if so

No. 1326413

theres one called little friends: dogs & cats, its in the nintendo store

No. 1326422

File: 1662265337918.jpg (20.68 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

bitches never heard of Barbie Pet Rescue and it's SAD. you all should be ashamed of yourselves. far better than nintendogs (though i do love nintendogs ngl)

No. 1326424

omg tell me about this game please

No. 1326426

Nonny is a gay!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1326430

File: 1662265935205.jpg (84.93 KB, 749x728, 111.jpg)

No. 1326431

File: 1662265975214.png (936.69 KB, 783x551, pet rescue.PNG)

Barbie (boss bitch that she is) is a vet and she owns her own fabulous and very well designed pet rescue/veterinary center. you need to be her assistant, and you get reports from people about lost animals (rabbits, hamsters, cats, dogs, monkeys, turtles), that you have to rescue, clean, feed, and play with. it's a short game but the graphics are so good for 2000 and it's sooo cute to just spend an hour or so on getting the sense of accomplishment that you rescued and saved these animals

No. 1326435

She reads like a woman written by woman, I'm in love with her just from her hobbies. I hope she does come across that post and dump that moid.

No. 1326436

ok I laughed thank you farmers for always cheering me up

No. 1326438

wtf I hate him

No. 1326440

awh anon, me too!

No. 1326449

File: 1662267652130.jpeg (43.07 KB, 720x717, 1660060748219.jpeg)

Thanks for clearing things up nona. It was a silly question really. It's just saddening to think about how much mobility she might've lost - especially considering how nimble and quick cats tend to be.

No. 1326451

She sounds awesome. The only time the vulturing bothered me, was when a woman also joined the army (no hunting culture and joining army is extremely unpopular). Witchy stuff is great, those aren't the combinations which give me actual sk vibes.

No. 1326461

>those aren't the combinations which give me actual sk vibes
south korean??

No. 1326463

I think y'all are right. God, what's wrong with them? Some dude told me he was a weirdo because one of his hobbies… Is reading?

No. 1326466

I meant serial killer kek. South Korean women are not a red flag, just always busy.

No. 1326470

Speaking of South Korea, man. It's times like these I wish Overwatch didn't tank so fast because I absolutely adore the entire theme of having a real worldwide cast with relatively curious backgrounds, likes/dislikes, even foods with the (honestly pretty cool) cookbook.
Loved Moira having fucking Irish coffee as a cocktail, the drink that gets you up while also putting you back to bed, the ideal study location! Wish I didn't leave it with my covert narc mom who at the current moment actually wants me dead kek.
The farms tbh saved my life from 4chan scroterey ladies, it's so valuable to have a women's imageboard, it really is. Stay frosty!

No. 1326472

File: 1662270321665.gif (380.42 KB, 258x243, luv u.gif)

Yesterday I thought so too! kek
Oh no this brought back a bad memory.
I'm on mine right now too!
Those look sick.
My bf is used to me doing that now. At first it weirded him out, but now it's nothing and we still carry our conversations as I'm crawling up.
What a slut.
So cute!! Happy birthday, anons!
That's sick! I wish you luck, anon. ♥
>What projects are you nonnies dreaming up this weekend?
Well, I'm thinking about starting my own business! I'm very nervous and I am aware there will be many downs along the way, but I think I have mentally prepared myself. I don't mind about not being too well known and only known locally. I think I'm comfortable with that, so I'm excited!
>I wish it was possible for us to be like cats and dogs
Why not start meow?

No. 1326473

Listen, a South Korean serial killer gf who only goes after men would factually be hot

No. 1326477

File: 1662271005045.png (1.13 MB, 900x925, 84194599_p4.png)

Also thanks for the moral support, it means a lot as I am shy as all hell so this is a really big first mile to cover. I want to make, essentially, a kind of horror/scifi sitcom surrounding these absolutely batshit insane scientists/merchants/troublemakers desperately trying to get their kids, to have kids in these arranged kind of pairings because "x's dna would go best with y's!" etc kek.
So all the kids, absolutely refuse to engage in any coitus and just really wanna be friends and shoot the shit, so it's all about the hijinks involving having helicopter/abusive/smothering etc parents who will not get the hint that their kid's have their own wants/dislikes etc.
It's going to be dark at times, perhaps in that Metalocalypse vein (one of the scientist families is associated with extreme metal, another with extreme electronic, another with HARD JAZZ etc), but I have a lot of experience with abuse and so on so I want to see how much mood whiplash I can get away with really.
Also it's going to have a lot of hot female and male scientists with all their own maladies and madness, so no matter what your sexual prefs I hope to have the yumes covered!
(also please steal my ideas if you like the sound of any concept, if it inspires you to write/draw something yourself too! sharing is caring, when it comes to ideas imo)
Thanks too nonnie! Wow, a business venture? That's so exciting! There's nothing truly like the feeling of a good hustle (in the nice sense of the term), it makes one feel so wanted when even just one person wants to invest in your brand/future etc. I wish you all the best too!

No. 1326485

Please update us when you can! Would watch.

No. 1326502

i played the absolute FUCK out of this game. all the early barbie games were awesome!! i played Barbie princess bride like fuckin a hundred times

No. 1326510

I want to wipe that shitty smug smile he always has. Everyday is fieldwork day for that tachi bitch. I would break his virginity then DISMANTLE him.

No. 1326512

File: 1662275642469.jpeg (67.66 KB, 512x512, DC812F26-2F99-4F45-B50A-DDAB46…)

No. 1326513

Who's the hot character on the left?

No. 1326515

You need to spoiler this shit 'non

No. 1326522

That's the mad geneticist lady Moira from Overwatch's rival terrorist faction, Talon. Look up her voicelines on Youtube, she's calm as a cucumber 99% of the time and is constantly spitting absolute fire burns at people like it's nothing.
Proud that she's from my country, ladies… Sniffle…
One of the primary characters in my pitch is an expy of her with even more focus put on her devious yet surprisingly forthright demeanor. I just love hot red-haired ladies/gents tbh.

No. 1326523

whoever this is doesn't deserve to be this moonfaced, luciferian clown's concubine

No. 1326531

Oh yeah I've seen her before in fanart, I thought that was her and just wanted to confirm lol
I'm bi with a preference for males, but she's definitely my type of woman: tall, smart, dominating and masculine and with short red hair ♥ sadly i don't play Overwatch

No. 1326538

Same pref as you, but yeah I love seeing androgynous characters that are canonically not troons, just a bit ambiguous. There's so many different body types shapes face types etc, I got picked on as kid for "sounding like a man" so it really feels good to see characters like Moira, Zarya, Mei even who defy the expectations of what women should look/sound/act like.

No. 1326546

It definitely does! It's a refreshing change. I feel like that kind of female character is kinda female-gazey, you almost never (if ever) see them as an attempt to cater to males. So I also feel like those characters are designed for us and it makes me happy.

No. 1326552

I love Zarya so much, she is adorable with a nice personality. She is strong but doesn't look coomer-baity at all, and people can't pick on her either. She's epic!
Too bad the game itself (and especially men who play it) are shit.

No. 1326555

Is it illegal to blackmail someone who raped you as a kid? He's threatening to kill himself and I've gotten like $1000 nonnas help kek

No. 1326556

Soujourn from OW2 and the new fox girl support look awesome imo too, I like the amputee representation as someone who aspires to one day qualify as a surgeon. It's hard to lose entire limbs, truly so.
Yeah I put way too much time into OW over the years because I was very depressed and essentially a hikkineet at the time. OW2 is ftp and looks like an iterative improvement so I'm a bit hype for that, even just the new designs and voice lines have a lot of soul.
I just don't like supporting Blizzard after the whole sex abuse scandal shit, sounded like hell for female employees, I hope they're actually trying to get their shit back together.
Unsure on that question nonna, a lot of the time touchy faggots suicide bait just to try and get you off your back. Proceed with caution imo he could go postal.

No. 1326566

I don't want to have anything to do with Blizzard afterward and all I wish them are the worst tbh. There is no way this company will ever change, considering how long this scandal was kept under the rug. When OW 'died' I started paying more attention to Paladins and despite the game seeming a bit goofy, I am having a blast. It's as easy as OW and it has a lot of characters to offer.

No. 1326585

I do agree, Paladins is shittonnes better, so are Apex and Valorant imo.
Omen a cutey, guys that knit are the comfiest. Back in medieval days, it was considered incredibly prestigious to be a professional male knitter/crocheter. I do hate the "im not like the other guys ;^)" type male knitters who go and plague knitting circles and attention whore though. Making a halloween scarf and gloves atm.

No. 1326608

I spent a good few hours today working on a novella that details the juicy ins and outs of a trip to my home town I took recently. It's filled with love, infidelity and death. I'm on page 11 and it's the most I've written in years so very proud of myself!

No. 1326633

>I do hate the "im not like the other guys ;^)" type male knitters who go and plague knitting circles and attention whore though.
I've seen a couple of those type of men on Instagram. It's so annoying going into the comments and seeing women praise them. Give me a break.

No. 1326689

File: 1662295129397.gif (80.42 KB, 200x200, 1658073443421.gif)

wish i could have a lolcow radfem bestfriend irl…….

No. 1326691

File: 1662295242503.jpg (57.64 KB, 1024x555, 1657298507364.jpg)

me too nonnie

No. 1326695

It's my birthday next month and a scrote in my friend group tried to insult me today during a conversation by stating he was gonna "buy me a pearl necklace I can clutch" for stating that age gap relationships are disgusting. Thinking of unironically wearing pearls next time I meet him. If I have to. Ugh.

No. 1326701

Call him a pedophile next time it's brought up.

No. 1326703

No. 1326704

Kek, will do.

No. 1326720

thank uou for being you LOVE YOU NONNY

No. 1326723

Aren't you supposed to put the cat's face where it wrongfully pees to discipline it not to do it there again? Thats what I heard

No. 1326724

bored bored bored bored bored bored

No. 1326728

File: 1662298495821.gif (1.5 MB, 355x200, LOLCOR.gif)

Samefag, confession time: sometimes I infight on purpose so that the farmhands notice me. Its like we're communicating through secret redtext messages. But mostly because it's fun to bark at someone. I've gotten into 4 arguments within the past two days, I'm very proud of myself.

No. 1326729

downloading this for my daughter thank you!

No. 1326745

File: 1662299456957.jpeg (180.19 KB, 828x1025, 8591AF5F-5897-47C3-B759-77D6E8…)

Not too sure? I’m on mobile like a ding dong. But I think I figured it out… kek and no Harvey isn’t fat :)

No. 1326747

Farmhands are legit more retarded than that dickothy chalamet poster dunno why would you want to associate with that.

No. 1326749

the redtexts are like smooches if you think about it

No. 1326752

Stand your ground and assert your boundaries in a calm manner. You got this. Don’t let him get in the way of your passion.

No. 1326772

LMAO I’m the one who sparked that “debate” by saying Kath should cut back on the mutual aid… ahhhh that’s so funny.
My favorite is when a Nona gets banned for emojis. The red (:)) is just too much for me and I snortle everytime

No. 1326847

File: 1662307770768.jpeg (23.35 KB, 344x342, 5E5ADC54-0DC2-40DB-A8F0-F8A411…)

I need to do something about my apartments carpet. Its this horrible brown orange color that goes with nothing, and I’m just a renter. Anyone have any tips to make my floor less cursed?

No. 1326857

Rugs my dude. you could play with color schemes to draw attention to design details instead! (If you are ok w/it) can you post the carpet, or show us in a color chart where it is?

No. 1326863

my mind is a mess right now, i think i'm gonna try meditation

No. 1326873

File: 1662309319263.jpeg (3.81 MB, 3024x3040, B4F7A5D7-8187-4BA8-83B2-43982C…)

Here it is, it’s actually a shade darker than the camera let’s on. A weird red brown orange clusterfuck, almost looks like it could be terracotta? I just don’t vibe with orangey colors. My hope is to just cover it entirely.

No. 1326876

File: 1662309658712.jpg (86.91 KB, 800x1094, osteoporosis-symptoms-1.jpg)

Reminder to take care of your bones. Mm Calcium……

No. 1326877

File: 1662309725451.jpg (37.61 KB, 800x465, osteoporosis-risk-factors-1.jp…)

How do those little old Asian ladies get so short? We know the answer…

No. 1326879

File: 1662309884365.jpg (76.06 KB, 800x800, stages-of-osteoporosis-1.jpg)

Simply exercise. Vitamin D. Calcium from plants. Chair yoga. Stretch. A simple 5 minute walk a day if it's all you can do. Roll around on your bedroom floor. The otpions are endless…

No. 1326882

lmao why did they have to use a unga bunga mask with a bone on top for race

No. 1326886

In that case i would look up floor rugs and which ones are easier to wash!

No. 1326887

File: 1662310388790.jpg (Spoiler Image, 118.57 KB, 855x560, Osteoporosis1.jpg)

Left: A beautiful bone. Optimized. Perfectly Porous.
Right: Hellish. Degenerated. Result of lack in nutrients and active lifestyle. Too porous.
Will we be seeing more osteoporosis when our generation enters 50+ ages from our mostly sedentary lives? Literally just walk in a circle or dance in your room. Bone loss is inevitable with age, Osteoporosis is not. You CAN prevent this for as long as possible.

No. 1326902

i had to hide this pic, it made me sick

No. 1326906

File: 1662311782414.jpg (467.45 KB, 1299x1099, 1657298746170.jpg)

The kiwi situation is annoying

No. 1326910

Stop with the bone sperging (unless it's about gamer dents)

No. 1326914

File: 1662312500100.jpg (229.96 KB, 900x903, oyrq8hctvaf51.jpg)

chitin > bone

No. 1326923

File: 1662313451281.jpg (65.9 KB, 400x520, 20220901_095011.jpg)

I have an exam in Number Theory on tuesday and I need to study everything

No. 1327084

Me three. The women around irl just aren't exactly cool yet….. unless they're in hiding?

No. 1327097

No because every time KF has actually been pulled up on these things, the court dismissed it. Nothing illegal happens on KF and the rare times it does is because of fedposting (which can be proven)

No. 1327101

If this is real, good. I love this website for the non-lolcows boards, and have always hated the lolcow culture. The "drama" online community with all its tea spilled and receipts shared was already a bit ridiculous but heh, mostly stupid gossips. I thought lolcows were the same thing when i discovered the culture but somehow it's so much worse.

Honestly, just take a look at the lolcow boards, just look at the catalog and see how sad and unhealthy it looks. It's a bunch of extremely unhinged people cannibalizing others to feel a bit better about themselves.

Don't get me wrong, i don't feel better than anyone, i have the same cruel human instincts in me, i just try to fight against it to be a decent human being. Fuck this culture, regardless of how unpopular it is to say it here. It seems to always be harming other women, too.

No. 1327105

>wanna buy land
>find rural cheap land (7k)
>wanna buy a cheap trailer to live in and make home (5k)
>not legal
>can't even drill my own water well
america is not free wtf

No. 1327110

Good luck!

No. 1327115

cows aren't as interesting now but some of them were in the past, how did you find this site?

No. 1327116

Anons I think after years of shitty jobs and then getting a science degree despite giving up on my original career path I finally found it. I want to be a nutritionist or plant scientist.

No. 1327153

File: 1662327019590.jpg (61.28 KB, 500x397, they're in the middle.jpg)

I can tell which nonnies hate the word nonny by how stuck up they act, they don't even have to say it.

No. 1327198

NTA but it's one of the few imageboards where you are free to casually mention your sex (as a woman), can easily find other people who share your "feminine" interests and understand what the fuck you're talking about (because moids don't understand and can't relate), won't feel lonely due to a lack of other actual women, and don't have to interact with pornsick, sociopathic males (including trannies). Eventually you just end up here if you're a woman who grew up on imageboards and aren't a turbo pickme/Aiden by the time you turn 20. Also I'm pretty sure most people who grew up on this side of the internet have heard about this imageboard since it was created for drama and gossip, but not all choose to come or stay here because they're not interested in those topics and rightfully want to avoid that kind of environment. I initially avoided this place too when I got sick of having to deal with imageboard males all the time and tried moving to a better site. But I had no choice, males got too insufferable and other female-only imageboards were too slow for me. I found that despite its many flaws, I'm comfortable and feel more understood here than elsewhere, most of the time.

No. 1327203

nonnie activities, nonnie energies, nonnie is my friend, nonnie is my enemy

No. 1327244

I hate drunk men

No. 1327320

File: 1662338256944.jpg (13.21 KB, 275x222, 1661373600522.jpg)

Only some hours left and then you won't be able to use this thread for the rest of the week nonny

Any parting words?

No. 1327328

Doesn't burgerland have memorial day weekend tho? holidays count right?

No. 1327331

File: 1662338739677.gif (2.02 MB, 640x360, pyramid-head-pyramid.gif)

posting here morrow
see u non

No. 1327333

File: 1662338796588.jpg (29.7 KB, 461x737, 588b299726860f9c50cc6201d72298…)

I'll be back

No. 1327334

Thisa makea me kinda horny

No. 1327336

I’m not working tomorrow so I can still use this thread right?

No. 1327338

We need to come to a consensus. Do nonnies who abandon us on the weekends post on holidays? If so they should be excluded from the thread so no holiday posting

No. 1327376

That's such a sweet sentiment. It's not very helpful for people who are helping animals in this situation. https://vetmed.tamu.edu/news/pet-talk/caring-for-a-dog-with-ptsd/ Animals have pretty long memories and it's been documented in various forms. There are numerous channels on youtube that show animals rejecting new limbs and refusing to move. nonnies, love your animals and support their individual needs. There are specialist who deal with animals who loved through traumatic things. Some adpat quickly and others do not, they remember these things.

No. 1327379

File: 1662343535178.png (Spoiler Image, 4.71 MB, 1880x2882, 212E12A0-3368-471C-AF91-631536…)

No. 1327386

File: 1662343966320.png (74.77 KB, 300x169, AA400E80-8B49-4443-8A8A-E2F330…)

see u next week nonnas

No. 1327387

Imma be a better version of myself by Halloween! Later nonnas

No. 1327393

How many movies did Morgan freeman play god in

No. 1327394

None because he just is God I guess

No. 1327397

File: 1662344886223.gif (4.36 MB, 444x250, 167CC73F-3591-4D0E-A6A4-D11E1A…)

hai gais x3

No. 1327399

Now I'm moving like them, is this a cult?

No. 1327420

File: 1662346783002.jpeg (146.2 KB, 1884x2048, 45FC85BC-56F0-4FB1-9A03-5FF85E…)

I love you nonnas

No. 1327421


No. 1327425

File: 1662347254100.png (458.41 KB, 1055x694, 1480549436707.png)

weekend over, get to work

No. 1327427

File: 1662347471391.gif (1.56 MB, 536x302, 382892928383.gif)

Hope this thread gets locked for the weekdays

No. 1334034

File: 1662797759054.gif (14.38 KB, 56x53, 1651985728325.gif)

g'morning nonny! how are you? i am going to a wine festival today!

No. 1334036

Oh wow it became like an official thing huh?

Just browsing lolcow and procrastinating on my art after midnight. Have fun nonnie.

No. 1334037

File: 1662798052866.jpeg (263.84 KB, 828x1386, 8955AF75-D855-48E2-A3A6-A4357A…)

Posting in the weekend thread drunk as a skunk

No. 1334039

File: 1662798226050.jpg (58 KB, 750x750, 1634932007846.jpg)

Hello nonners!I hope everyone's having a great day!

No. 1334040

I wish I could drink. I mean, I can, but I still live with my parents and since I've only recently started to want to drink, they would be worried if I bought alcohol.
Also I don't like beer. It's so bitter and smells like piss. How do people start to like it?

No. 1334041

File: 1662798400970.png (309.82 KB, 640x896, F81FCBAB-3A83-4ED8-9460-27E5DC…)


No. 1334042


No. 1334044

File: 1662798472647.jpeg (104.43 KB, 768x960, 297108574_10222568284648663_14…)

WE MADE IT through another week nonas, holy hell! I hope everyone gets to relax and beat the heat this weekend

No. 1334045

File: 1662798546489.png (18.37 KB, 840x803, the-smug-society-smug-emoji-so…)

haha lol
ummm here's a random-ass pic, this computer is new so I haven't saved a lot of funny pics, i apologize

No. 1334049

it’s ok nonna i love him

No. 1334055

hello good weekend nonnas!

No. 1334056

File: 1662798887487.jpeg (22.57 KB, 640x703, BCCB4654-24CD-466A-BBB8-545BDC…)


No. 1334059

File: 1662799142036.png (89.08 KB, 860x922, 166-1664238_an-emoji-of-a-smug…)

I also have this emoji. I think it was made by the same person who made a megane one where the emoji is pushing its shiny glasses up in typical anime fashion (someone sent it to me on whatsapp). But I don't know how to find the author of these emojis. Reverse search doesn't work.

No. 1334062

Happy weekend nonnas! It's raining over here, so mine is off to a blessed start. How are you?

No. 1334066

It's the end of my holidays. I'll spend the entire Sunday at the airport because of some fuck up with our reservations so I downloaded the first two seasons of Breaking Bad on Netflix and will either watch episodes or go shopping if they have interesting hair and skin products I can't find in my country. I could probably buy some tax free alcohol for my father who will pick us up by car so he'll stfu about being helpful. I'm actually kind of looking forward to it.

No. 1334073

Hot as hell over here (105+ degree weather all week) but it might randomly thunderstorm tomorrow so hooray

No. 1334075

The skies are very clear tonight, and the full moon is gorgeous

No. 1334078

Nta but samesies! In a massive historical drought & I am so happy to have any kind of weather besides sun!

No. 1334081

The weather is fine here. Not too cold not too hot. I'm good non thanks for asking. I'll probably go to the mall today to search for a book

No. 1334085

My cool dragon shirt arrived in the mail yeee

No. 1334088

File: 1662801336637.png (1.17 MB, 2500x1407, 6rj47eg2neb91.png)

Noot noot nonny, i am drunk too.. really tempted to buy myself either a new pc screen or an otome game on nintendo switch…the dilemma
Also your acnh screenshot reminded me how much i wanted to get Sasha!

No. 1334092

megane? post it

No. 1334093

I don’t drink beer, it’s for plebs. I want my shit to taste like candy and give me a massive hangover if I don’t drink enough water.

No. 1334094

Sasha a cute but my true love will always be the fit chicken, Goose. He’s been in every animal crossing game I’ve had and we are in love.

No. 1334095

Thank you and likewise!

No. 1334099

The hell did you sticky this for? Just use the other threads, you say the site is dead then you all group up here instead of using media or g…

No. 1334100

Yay books! Do you have a specific book in mind or just looking for a new book?

No. 1334102

File: 1662802109248.gif (4.79 MB, 500x281, tumblr_5a0de12bd2e47287aaf7e09…)

What are your favorite villager types in ACNH? I LOVE Peppy, Snotty and Uchi. I want to get one of the peppy cuties back!!
Muffy and Poppy are my AC franchise bestfriends. Sadly I don't have Poppy in NH… Its funny how I always hated having Ankha in my ACNL save, but when I met her in ACNH I was beyond happy. I love dressing her up so much, especially the gothic dress from Mables shop (forgot the name of it, but it has two belts in the middle).
I really wish that the characters had a lot more traits and dialogues to offer, everything really makes me think that the personality of your villager doesn't matter, since they all say the same things. I really want to replace one of the villagers, after all I've got 3 (!) Normal types, but they are cute and I hold them too dearly to my heart, But i also want some change…

No. 1334104

File: 1662802231017.jpeg (449.46 KB, 1365x2048, 1662488803514.jpeg)

I just wanna say that this image is based

Also don't you just hate it when you're listening to a strema/podcast/whatever in the background and you hear something that catches your attention so you play that part again to get the full context but then you get distracted doing other things and then you miss it and then you do it all over and over again

No. 1334105

I tried the new AC earlier on in the pandemic, and it just didn't hit like the older ones used to. Idk if I'm just getting older, but it genuinely seemed like a less fun game and like something was missing

No. 1334107

File: 1662802418766.png (63.42 KB, 700x700, tumblr_pow7s7M5RP1uz8g3oo3_128…)

Thanks to you asking for this emote I found the original source of these anime emojis! They're made by a TIF on Tumblr lol

Here's the emote (one variation). he's hot ngl

No. 1334108

kek yw

No. 1334109

me every second that im alive

No. 1334110

cant believe this silly redtexted thread is pinned. I feel hashtag blessed right now

No. 1334113

File: 1662802842159.jpeg (213.66 KB, 828x591, 3AA5FCA2-66A3-483A-93D9-0C0935…)

I’m gonna boil some green beans today I love mah veggies

No. 1334114

File: 1662802872794.gif (291.91 KB, 500x480, tumblr_n213v21zek1qfsxpyo1_r1_…)

I admit it is. They are heavily playing onto the nostalgia factor and tiktok consoomers. I was so happy to know that we will get Brewster back, just to find out that we can't even help him with a cafe mini game like in a previous game… you just do nothing but walk around and buy coffee from him. It is a souless game in my opinion, but everytime I say that I just get attacked online. I do not like how the normies are forcing others onto modding their switch despite the TOS, and people are pressuring others onto buyinf another switch just to have mods in game with no online mode. Its so silly. I miss the rpg-y kind of feeling that the other games had. It was nice truly feeling like an outsider who moved to a different place. I wish I could buy 3DS to play it instead of using an emulator. My very first savefile sadly got lost ever since my old laptop broke.

No. 1334118

File: 1662803697681.gif (3.11 MB, 502x389, 558bd2816d39f0f8041c2248f091c8…)

It's SOULLESS. Remember when cranky villagers would actually be kinda mean when you first spoke to them? Remember actually random quests or them generally chatting you up and feeling like real people? Now they're all so polished and inoffensive and run out of dialogue after speaking to them twice, there's just absolutely no content in terms of what it used to be, which is a socializing simulator. Worse if you have two or more villagers with same personality type and they're literally clones of each other. It's a dollhouse now with oh so many items you can collect and modify, but it lacks the whole soul it used to have in the older games.

No. 1334120

>Now they're all so polished and inoffensive and run out of dialogue after speaking to them twice, there's just absolutely no content in terms of what it used to be, which is a socializing simulator
I noticed something similar with Pokemon SWSH. It's qualitatively a worse game than one's earlier in the series, and this isn't just my opinion. If you look at the game's narrative structure and mechanics, it's been streamlined to the extent to which it has almost neither of these things except the barest skeleton of a story structure. Mass market appeal means cultural commodities being simplified sadly

No. 1334121

moids who painted my rooms walls broke the bed and I can't sleep without worrying about my head now

No. 1334125

It's the same with the Sims and most other old games. And it's not about the appeal to users, people would actually prefer better games, it's simply about squeezing as much profit as possible from already established "brand goodwill". This way they take an insane amount of money without investing much.

No. 1334126

File: 1662804741531.gif (177.01 KB, 512x384, 1Y1c.gif)

thank you nonny. i always feel like 'i am the only one' because everytime i speak out about the acnh issues people just start calling me names or become so defensive as if i insulted their mother or something.
i really, i dearly miss the old quests, i miss characters having AN ACTUAL character. to me ac franchise was an escape from all of the troubles and worries, making me feel like as if i am really in some different, cool world without any worry, even if it's just for a few minutes. i hate how ACNH can't even be called sims, it's just nothing but a random constructor with a lot of grinding. the same type of grinding, too. just farm money 4head and people eat this shit up, because they never played the previous games before 99% of the time.
i wish they at least gave more dialogues, but instead, Nintendo will just keep making paid dlcs that are not unique at all - just one of the previous games inside one game.

No. 1334127

Yeah, this. It's all about minimizing costs and maximizing profits. That's why every franchise seems to get lazier and lazier, because the top execs realize that they have a popular franchise and they can sell based on name alone.

No. 1334138

You made me want Sasha. I want Sasha and Merry, they both seem lovely.

On that note, I'm not sure if I want to get high today. There's nothing too pressing to do but it'd the first Saturday I've really had free in a while, so I could shop if I want. Can it really be that I haven't wanted to buy anything new or interesting in about 3 months or am I just not thinking hard enough?

No. 1334149

File: 1662808235020.jpeg (703.61 KB, 1330x2048, FWcKq6-XkAIubwt.jpeg)

Farmhands my beloved

Have fun!

No. 1334204

File: 1662815450137.jpg (29.47 KB, 452x678, potato.jpg)

When I was in third or fourth grade my teacher started telling us about her son's lack of testicles. Like, he had the skin there but nothing inside. I don't remember why she started talking about that but I remember feeling second hand embarrassment for her testicleless son. I mean, she could've at least pretended it wasn't her son if she was going for 'curious birth defects' type of story. I don't know why she thought we wanted to hear this weird ass story about her dumb family, but now I have a fucking embarrassing memory I shouldn't have. I think of it as if it happened to me, because this teacher told a very imaginative third/fourth grader, in rich details how can it be to be born with an empty ballsack and have a surgery that makes it look like you're not a fucking testicleless male.. and have a bunch of kids to know about it. I don't even know what her son had, I don't remember that part of the story because she focused so much on empty sack!!! All I wanted was to be done with class and go home to watch x men! But I came back home with extensive knowledge about a stranger's fake balls.
Anyway, since I have to live with this memory, I thought I'd share so maybe one of you will wake up at night and think about empty ball sacks. Not even professor x will save you.

No. 1334211

On the topic of inappropriate teachers, when I was in middle school I had this weird qUiRky female teacher that really loved to act friendly with the kids. She acted a bit like a kid herself. But then she gets into the topic of relationships and sexual education and she deadass tells the girls to write a small essay on when they had their first periods and how they felt. Same thing to the boys, but about erections. Like I remember everyone being embarassed (and eventually the parents got angry) but it's only now that I understand how fucked up it was. She didn't lose her job but the parents were really annoyed with her.
Then I also had a male teacher who straight up confessed that he was in love with one of his middle school students. Also bragged about cheating on his wife.

No. 1334222

My freshman year of highschool, my algebra teacher was an early twenties guy, probably new to teaching but I don't really remember. He liked to wear kind of stylish outfits but also had a habit of resting a foot up on an empty desk if he's chatting to a student. He did this once in front of a girl, his crotch was maybe like 2 feet from her face. She excused herself to the bathroom and called her dad instead of asking the teacher to move and it caused an uncomfortable amount of drama.

No. 1334224

This reminds me of a uni professor I have for a psychology class that constantly uses her own children as examples of learning disabilities since they have autism and other problems and it comes off so insanely mean-spirited. She constantly talks about the difficulties they have acting "normal" in various situations and how they took extra time to complete high school. I would be so mortified if I was her kid.

No. 1334239

I am making a youtube channel so i can autistically sperg about one of my hobbies, i am a bit worried because i havent seen any other woman making content on this niche hobby, only some troons. I am excited because i am hoping to bring more females into the hobby but i don't look forward to the scrotes and troons, ugh.

No. 1334243

Rooting for you anon! I get you might not want to reveal for anonymity (esp if niche) but I’m admittedly curious. Hope all goes well

No. 1334244

i feel like shit today nonners.

No. 1334245

Yeah in the original GameCube and DS one you could walk around just talking to villagers for hours. Their dialog wasn't 2 sentences, sometimes it felt like at least 20 and they had questions for you to answer. As well as errands that they would chastise you for if you fucked up. And my God, the music was so much better. It was melodic, quirky and uniquely animal crossing.

No. 1334252

thanks nonnie if you by an extremely rare chance are into the same hobbie i am, i am gonna throw some wink wink nudge nudge references to lolcow(honestly if i ever become decently famous i am 100% getting cancelled for transphobia, i have already told several troons on 4chan they will never be women and i can't stand them)

No. 1334258

Same, I can't wake up. I'm so sleepy and dizzy, even coffee can't help me.

No. 1334261

Wild Word really helped me when I was really suffering mentally few years ago. I was feeling really lonely and deperate but talking daily to villagers really helped me not to kms. I love this game.

No. 1334265

NONNIES HOLY FUCK. Do I write my introductory diagnostic essay about a fictional character or about the serious issue of youth depression due to the over-consumption of social media???? My professor is giving us such an open choice I can't decide.

No. 1334267

File: 1662820485950.png (1.81 MB, 960x959, 66647FF3-2578-4EA0-BEAB-F74BDD…)

I’m currently sick with Covid right now. I love you nonnies! I’ve always wanted to play wild
World should I emulate it?

No. 1334269

He should have the excess skin removed, an empty flap sagging between your legs must be an unsightly view.

No. 1334270

Same, I used to wake up early before school and play it for a half hour to brace myself for a day of bullying and other shit. It made me look forward to going to bed instead of procrastinating it. I had the pink DS lite and put gem stickers all over it

No. 1334272

I see far too many troon video essays popping up on my recommended godspeed anon

No. 1334276

Write it about Komaeda

No. 1334278

Again, why would a man go out of his way to become a middle school teacher if he isn’t into tweens? The sussiest male profession. I also fucking hate how periods are seen as the equivalent of boners. If someone did that comparison in front of my 12 year old self she would go chimp mode and rip off that teachers face.

No. 1334283

No, gross.

No. 1334284

My dog’s testicles haven’t dropped yet and he’s five months old. It’s genuinely stressing me out, I’m worried he might have cryptorchidism and will need a big operation. Any other dogfags dealt with a late bloomer?

No. 1334291

god, same. Everytime i get recommended a '''female'' youtuber is always the most obvious and disgusting looking AGP. They are so easy to clock, most of them spend most of the time talking about themselves when it's unrelated to the topic(compare lady emily to sarah z) and also write about how they 100% are ''nerdy/geeky girls tehehe uwu'', funniest part is when they try to fish for moid compliments, because remember, they are tehehehe gamer gurls, but not even the most sex deprived moids want to simp for them and their patreons end up as a failure in comparison to their female counterparts.

No. 1334296

File: 1662821650251.jpg (51.61 KB, 735x640, c3515adf6587497fa751efab8a1da6…)

Sickness is 99% gone. Need to shower quick then relax in a bath soup. Going to plant my pumpkin and gourd sprouts since they've flowered for like 4 days now. Will write down a little essayish thing for class on Monday. Need to make up and learn 6 hours of classwork I missed thanksto enrolling late and food poisoning. Need to wash all germ contaminated fabrics and throw away clutter. Will try to eat meat that is not a handful of cut up lightly seasoned chicken today. Gonna do a manicure possibly. Will I follow my suggestion schedule or will I procrastinate and get off track with ADHD and get stress headaches yet again? Bring it on!!!!!!

No. 1334304

backreading rn

I remember seeing this woman and thinking shes sus. mild tradcon energy from her. idealizes how women were treated back then.

you should do it tho

No. 1334307

my husband and i have colds and im so mad about it WHY AM I SHIVERING AND THERE IS SWEAT UNDER MY BREASTS ITS SO RUDE

No. 1334342

File: 1662823461175.jpg (3.01 KB, 392x320, 1633414409877.jpg)

I've eaten almost an entire Lidl sachertorte because it said you gotta eat it in a day, now I have no room for all the bockwurst I got. I'm panicking before my college intro starts on Monday, plus my narc mom will not stop wasting my mental health team's time will all her "you've got to lock nonna up, she's a ~danger to herself/others~" calls she makes whenever I firmly tell her to mind her own business because I'm in my mid fucking twenties and doing fine without her projector faced at me.
I hate showing my family disrespect, I really do. However there comes a point where all you can do is ignore them or tell them, for the 11th time, to fuck off and go back to updooting shit on facebook like a good boomer.
I'm not "manic" just because I'm not suicidally depressed and brooding for once. I really tire of my family constantly second-guessing my health workers, I really fucking do nonnies, it's not their fucking job.

No. 1334348

I stg crisis workers only care when you're not actually in crisis. When you contact them and you're actually in danger they just tell you to watch a DVD and have a bath. I hope your mother lays off.

No. 1334359

File: 1662824165699.jpeg (213.99 KB, 1152x2048, 1658355398473.jpeg)

i hate being mentally ill

No. 1334360

File: 1662824189563.jpg (22.25 KB, 500x371, 1641854228185.jpg)

I got up early for work. Clocked in. And I wasn't scheduled today! I'm not scheduled tomorrow either. I'm so lucky. I'm genuinely so happy to have been surprised like this! Now I'm just cruising around and hitting up thrift stores. Life isn't all that bad at all sometimes. Thank fucking god. I hope you anons are also having a great time, and if not, I hope the good comes to you soon! Cheers nonnies!!

No. 1334361

File: 1662824204383.png (159.73 KB, 519x437, 1636025009688.png)

Where I am, you have a choice to see a home-visit team which I do since I'm a quasi-hikkineet, which is of far higher therapeutic quality than going to the ward (where you just lie down all day reading, oh and you have actual psychotics reeee at you and call you names and you can't tell them to fuck off or you're ableist), which I see at the moment because my mother would not stop the phone calls. I see nurses and doctors several times a week and they keep on noting down "yeah nonnie is actually doing better than the last time we saw her why is she still seeing us again? oh btw nonnie, your mom called six times again yesterday and said you were threatening something?"
It's indeed tiresome. She called up my college too and tried to get me pulled from my course because I am quote unquote unstable. She needs to fucking take her goddamn medication and stop worrying about mine.
Imagine your own mom being your vendetta-chan, it's a fucking shambles, all these years I watched her back and kept her safe from home invaders and thieves and the like and she repays me by acting like a stroppy child with a tantrum because I told her to respect my independence for once?
Apologies to vent ladies but I wish she'd just stop wasting the time of every hospital and police station in the entire fucking county. She's going to get someone hurt at this rate.

No. 1334364

congrats! maybe you can join us for movie night then

No. 1334370

That sounds fun! I've never joined in on the movie nights. I really regret not watching She Devil and Death Becomes Her. Those were my favorite movies as a kid!! I hope you all enjoyed them. I will most definitely try to join in tonight.

No. 1334387

jesus I feel so weak today, I'm gonna pass out

No. 1334395

I feel ennui so hard on the weekends. Maybe I should just get some work done and get paid overtime. Win win?

No. 1334404

I woke up this morning and was halfway through my usual morning routine when I realized it wasn't a workday.

No. 1334412

What the fuck it’s Saturday?

No. 1334427

I was trying to remember this word a couple of days ago and couldn't

No. 1334431

File: 1662827237508.jpg (116.17 KB, 828x828, 1656556850387.jpg)

dogtards way of calling caturday

No. 1334477

About to go home and boil my green beans, I have rotisserie chickens im gonna shred up and eat with the beans and potatoes with my fambly

No. 1334482

i had to get a flu shot yesterday for school. wtf? since when is an annual flu shot mandatory for university
so retarded

No. 1334491

I need to vent, I really-really do

I wasn’t able to work for a whole week, and now I procrastinate on lolcow farms instead of doing my job. My boss got angry yesterday, because she’s a bitch sometimes and forgot, that she didn’t give me anything to do. And I’ve asked many times. Unfortunately I can’t do shit without her approval, so for now I’m stuck with a blank page, a topic, I don’t want to delve into and a deadline of one week, it’s barely enough to do a research, let alone writing something decent.
God, wage-slaving is the worst.

My psychiatrist got sick and I won’t be able to see him for another week at least. He’s the only man I trust with my meds and I need them adjusted, because it’s fall and everything sucks. I’ve had my first ever relapse a few days ago and got so many drugs in my system, I couldn’t find my eyes. I know, I shouldn’t really blame myself, but I’ve been completely clean (no drugs, no alcohol, not even coffee) for a few years, so it feels like a very big L and I don’t really know hot to deal with it. I haven’t eaten since the relapse too, bc food taste like garbage still. Don’t do drugs, kids.

Sorry, nonnas, I’ve had the worst week and my mind is still fucked from stimulants.

No. 1334505

then just stop it

No. 1334513

Why the fuck are just still in contact with her. Nonna with narcs you have to set iron boundaries. Tell her she either stops interfering in your life and sees you as the capable adult you are or you "pause"(aka cancel) you contact with her.

No. 1334518

File: 1662829799877.jpg (103.43 KB, 1213x1668, 20220910_180714.jpg)

Azealia was right. If Aer Lingus cancels my flight tomorrow and I'm stranded in Dublin instead of going back home and going back to work on Monday I'll lose my shit.

No. 1334522

What has you visiting ireland?

No. 1334533

congrats anon! i also just got the day off randomly, i might go shopping or i might just sleep and draw who knows

No. 1334536

Vergil's gf was probably just a total normie around his age who was just nice to him in a normal way, and Vergil's mommy issues took over.

No. 1334537

good to know she still has beef with the country of Ireland kek

No. 1334539

what the shit is it talking about

No. 1334540

Cork and Dublin (just for a day) because I was visiting a friend of mine after visiting London. It was fun but I didn't expect the weather to be like this. Why the fuck are hotels in Dublin so crazy expensive btw?

No. 1334542

It's about Vergil from yhe DMC games having a bio son despite being a turbo autist. Nobody understands how he could have had possibly become a teenage dad despite his extreme autism and mommy issues.

No. 1334556

File: 1662830804011.jpg (68.97 KB, 736x736, 982d98aada69d768f3cc1cf523b339…)

My mary magdalene dress got bleached while I attempted to fix color bleeding with an appropriate remover. It went from a beautiful brown to diarrhea orange. I paid $5 so they could ruin my $300 dress with their shitty ass rebranded bleach. "for color laundry" my ass, fuck you fuck you fuck you Dr Beckmann.
I'm going to sudoku and blame it on your retarded scammer brand, just you wait, the truth will come to light

No. 1334560

he's sexy. i would have let him nut in me

No. 1334563

I’m so sorry nona.

No. 1334566

I'm from dublin originally and around the time I moved away the housing shortage had reached levels where alot of hotels were dedicating entire floors or more to 'emergency accomodation' for families. If you're a single adult then you can be homeless but people with kids they had to put somewhere. The demand for social housing was so high that the government was putting people up in hotels for months on end and footing the bill. I think during covid it worked out because hotels weren't getting great business anyway but idk if that's now creating a hotel room shortage.

I stayed in a hotel there last year and I could tell people on the floor above me were full time guests like that. The hotels try to keep it quiet because nobody wants to pay high prices to be in the middle of a social housing set up.

No. 1334567

Oh no, fucking up something you love with bleach is the worst. I did it to the sleeve of my favorite dress a few months ago

No. 1334569

The real question is, how did he even decide by himself to have sex with a normal young woman his age to begin with? You'd expect him to not even know what's going on if a girl his age talked to him because of how autistic he is, yet he nutted instead the mystery gf at least once willingly, actually likes Nero a lot despite being a turbo tsundere and interacting with him for a short amount of time, and recalling the time he fucked the mystery gf with a smile.

No. 1334572

My cat is so happy. I got him a catio over the summer but then we had a bunch of heat waves so this is the first weekend it's cool enough to be outside and he's in heaven. Currently laying on his back fast asleep while the breeze floofs his tummy fur.

No. 1334577

That explains it then. And why are building so short? Can't they just build higher buildings for more apartments? I saw the highest building in Cork and laughed my ass off, that was pathetic. Wouldn't that solve at least one issue? Although, my friend told me rent prices are high too. Stay strong Irish anons!

No. 1334595

I think the issue is more so that we have/had decent enough payment rates for single non working parents. I grew up surrounded by peers who purposefully had a baby so that they could get their free money every week and be handed a free home. There was a bit of a leech culture. It made more sense to live that way than to work hard and then have to pay those stupidly high rents at the end of the month. The bubble burst though when the free homes ran out. And now those families are in hotels complaining.

No. 1334611

i'm just autistic as him, i think we'd make a good match

No. 1334614

t. Nero's mom

No. 1334621

File: 1662834053629.jpg (136.39 KB, 540x788, tumblr_inline_p59j8soAsa1t43zu…)

why pursue vergil when credo is RIGHT THERE

No. 1334625

File: 1662834346480.jpeg (6.8 KB, 236x177, FUlUQVwWYAEV3vT.jpeg)

How old are yall and how much money do you have in savings?

No. 1334626

if that were the case Nero would have looked quite different… unless the Sparda genes are just THAT strong

No. 1334628

He's fucking dead.

Of course the Sparda genes are that strong, Dante and Vergil are basically Sparda with different haircuts.

No. 1334629

Older than you.

No. 1334631

5 dollars 47 yo

No. 1334637

25 year old anon here, absolutely nothing because I live check to check paying rent and medical bills, buying groceries, etc. Admittedly I work a wagie job but it's the best paying one in my area. Even my husband has nothing saved and he makes x3 what other locals do in his line of work. At first I wanted to believe it was a budget issue but quickly remembered I live in America. Even if you're frugal you're likely still in insurmountable debt to somewhere.

No. 1334642

what if Nero is secretly mixt but white passing because the Sparda genes are just that strong

No. 1334644

File: 1662835373881.jpg (130.71 KB, 500x335, Stylish-girls-enjoying-party-a…)

The weekend party started! I'm so glad I get to dip from work early today because the a/c is broken.

No. 1334666

24, and I saved up $30k. I live with my parents though, and I am frugal. We're all gonna make it.

No. 1334674

Too old to live, too rich to die

No. 1334690

27, and have about £55k in savings (but that's only cos my grandma left me the money when she died)

No. 1334697

25, about £50k in savings all earned by meself

No. 1334698

27 and ~2k in savings right now. I had to tap it for my cat's vet bills last month. I put 1/4th of my paychecks into it, though I do regularly pull a couple hundred out to pay credit cards at the end of the month too. But I'm working on it! Anyone here contributing to a 401k?

No. 1334699

24 and only like 5.5k$ because eastern europoor

No. 1334700

File: 1662837738732.jpg (99.49 KB, 473x506, 1644508114086.jpg)


I fucking miss him, anons. I told him I needed time but I don't feel ready to hit him up. I'm scared of him hating me. God, I wish I wasn't a chickenshit. I wish I wasn't a giant raging narc cunt. I know I ruined it all. I just fucking know it. I know I ruined everything. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I'm fucking sorry. The thought of hitting him up and then we just sort of… stay at an arm's length makes me sick. I'm fucking sorry. I wish I could take it all back. I wish I never said all of that. This isn't healthy I know I know I know. I ruined the friend group, too. I fucked it all up. I wish I could tell them all that I'm sorry. I wish that they would believe me. They probably would but that wouldn't take back all the things I said. I'm just so fucking sorry. Fuck. What the fuck do I do. I was having such a good time and now I'm blubbering over this old shit. Ugh.

No. 1334704

File: 1662837867480.jpg (94.12 KB, 640x921, hj0g3pu04ke91.jpg)

21 and $200. I may have been gullible and spent on overpriced "handmade gifts" but I am proud to say never on mobile games or a clothing item more than $15.

No. 1334708

File: 1662838014604.jpeg (40.63 KB, 564x564, F1EC95F5-4BF7-481C-834F-25B7A8…)


No. 1334728

26, 3.5k in local currency which is about 600 usd

No. 1334733

Nonny I miss my ex girlfriend from my teenage years
I rejected my true identity and forced myself in a moid relationship for social pressure that ruined my life because that moid was super shitty to me to the point he isolated me from my friends, now after years of therapy and yes I dumped him, I miss how carefree I was with my girlfriends, going out, eating ice cream and candy, sitting on the beach together stargazing and sipping hot cocoa in the winter. I'm almost crying as I type this as it's been years since I talked to her and I don't know what to do…
I accepted that I'm a female leaning bisexual, I can't accept the fact that I let a moid ruin my friends circle, my mental health and my time

No. 1334737

Sucks, but you won't find that kind of carefree relationship as an adult anyway, even with women. It's a fleeting product of youth. Be with a woman now if you won't but don't expect it to be like the sapphics on twitter make it out to be, people grow and mature. Maybe you can find a nice bi/les gf who's into hiking or roadtrips or something

No. 1334738

Why not reach out again? If you haven’t talked in years it’s not like you have anything to lose. Does she still live near you?

No. 1334744

I fell in love with a married guy who's 2 years younger.
He's everything I wanted in a man and more.
I have never been in love in my life until now.
It hurts nonnas , I only dealt with retarded men in the past and seeing the object of my desire but not being able to have it invokes feelings in me that I have never felt before. I don't like it at all. This sucks.

No. 1334745

I know that being carefree is a youth thing but I will be fine with sharing hobbies or having chill nights together. I will be perfectly fine. I want to laugh, go out, share meals, travel, walk in the woods with her. I know people grow and change, I wanted to grow with her…
We don't live near each other anymore and I suffer from an horrible shame, even years later. I think I need some more therapy for this ugh…

No. 1334760

File: 1662840394925.png (22.17 KB, 100x123, smal.png)

i am so starved for affection help me this isnt funny anymore

No. 1334761

You have no idea how things would've turned out with her. She could have just as easily been a codependent narcissist who ditched you a year into things because she found someone new and exciting to cling to. I get that you're regretting your last relationship with the moid though, it sucks coming out on the other end of that and realizing you're alone. The antidote to that isn't playing "what could have been" in your head. It happened, you lived through it, now you can move on and rediscover things that make you feel fulfilled outside of romance (and maybe go on some dates with new people; getting to know new people can be fun and rewarding).

No. 1334764

I have so much love to give, I just want someone to love and who loves me back

No. 1334773

27 yo, 5 bucks a cathair ball and a hairpin

No. 1334793

help me pick out a halloween costume for my first ever adult halloween party

No. 1334796

25 y/o and have $28k saved up. Granted, I am a university student and have been living at home with $5k in student debt. My parents are planning on helping me get a place by contributing some fraction in the down payment when I graduate, so I'm hoping this plan goes through.

No. 1334808

24 and about 3k. Always been a neet that works occasionally though.

No. 1334810

Less then 30 and I have 5k at my bank account, but I owe much more than that.
I want a house so badly and 5k is enough for a down payment, but I was a very dumb with the money I didn’t have, when I was younger. It’s like 12k with all the interest and I’m not sure I’ll be able to pay it off this year, even though I work really hard and the pay is quite good. Fuckity fuck, life sucks.

No. 1334822

30 and nothing

No. 1334823

Samefag to add, that I’m very jealous of US citizens, who got a student loan forgiveness. I got a grant and still had to pay half from my own money. Simply couldn’t pay one day and now I have no degree, a big fat debt and three years of my life were completely wasted. Sucks to be me, I guess

No. 1334824

Hello girlies!!! I love you

No. 1334825

-hugs you-

No. 1334826

26, im fucking poor

No. 1334828

Just dye it brown again

No. 1334829

Having gone through a recent breakup with someone whom I considered both a friend and a girlfriend, I'm feeling very sentimental and began stalking a close friend I used to have 10 years ago. She's active on socials and it's funny how she still makes me laugh even after all these years. I gradually drifted from this childhood friend due to personal issues (mental health and unstable home life) and I found out that the last message she's sent to me was her reaching out to me. I also realize, as a result of my recent breakup, that I have been a very bad friend all along. I remember that I would sometimes disrespect, insult, or cross boundaries with this childhood friend, and it's an issue I've never really fixed as it had cost me this recent breakup. A crazy part of me wants to reach out to this childhood friend again, tell her I'm sorry, but I'm sure it's only because I'm feeling very vulnerable and lonely as a result of my breakup. Overall, I guess regret is the biggest emotion I'm feeling right now.

No. 1334830

File: 1662843264873.jpg (296.77 KB, 1884x2048, Fb3q8kCaQAANLeK.jpg)

oohhh… hhhoghghhh oohh……. ohhh o

No. 1334831

No. 1334835

Only splatoon 3 single campaign players will understand

No. 1334836

Only husbandofags will understand

No. 1334842

File: 1662843805107.jpg (328.81 KB, 1340x1340, c97d04cd-fa24-4d0e-827f-903885…)

Only the Octabulous will understand

No. 1334855

If my hair starts falling out in 3 months because I had covid I'm genuinely going to kill myself.
>it grows back!
I've been losing my hair before this.
>it might be a vitamin deficiency!
I've had everything checked out.
>thyroid problems
I've had everything checked out and it's good. I'm in great fucking health. I'm losing my hair. And if covid is going to make me legitmately bald I'm going to kill myself but not before taking out the fucking retarded scrote who gave it to me. Alright cool.

No. 1334856

File: 1662844832356.jpg (15.47 KB, 310x163, HNNNNNGGGG MOONCAKE.jpg)



No. 1334857

Pick a badass female character

No. 1334864

File: 1662845482620.jpg (321.54 KB, 1920x1920, mooncake-festival-with-rabbit-…)

Happy mid-autumn moon festival

中秋快乐(Happy moon festival to all my chinese anons, from your fellow Janitor 中秋快乐 )

No. 1334872

File: 1662845669521.jpg (466.27 KB, 1535x1024, mid autumn festival.jpg)

I'm not Chinese so I've never had a mooncake, but they look really good. Are they soft?

I saw that a bunch of luxury brands were selling special gift boxes that come with mooncakes, which I thought was interesting. Picrel is Louis Vuitton and Valentino.

No. 1334876

happy moon festival cute janitor & anons

No. 1334878

File: 1662846179012.png (127.87 KB, 275x275, silly.png)

Does anyone have the "i might be a bit retarded but yeah" anime image reaction? I want to save it for my collection, thanks

No. 1334879

love you interactive janny

No. 1334880

At work zzz

No. 1334884

how come janjans don't put on their code name anymore

No. 1334891

only farmhand can and farmhand.
Janitors/Jannys dont have that option.

No. 1334892

File: 1662846885818.jpg (411.48 KB, 1148x1007, 0158_215588439_424496904895727…)

this looks delicious

No. 1334893

File: 1662846907540.jpg (52.08 KB, 560x441, snowskin-mooncake-18.JPG)

No. 1334894


No. 1334901

Now I want mooncakes…

No. 1334905

Wait, it's that time of the year? It doesn't feel like mid autumn at all kek.
I never ate mooncakes, I wish I could have a chance to taste it.

No. 1334907

i'm not asian either, i live in an area with a large/local asian community. some are soft, some are flakey, some are sweet, and some are savory. there's big ones, buttery ones, small ones, and cold ones.


No. 1334908


No. 1334911

i like you. MHAW MHWAW.

No. 1334914

File: 1662848030482.png (440.52 KB, 540x913, mooncakes.png)

No. 1334918

this is the context since nobody asked

No. 1334923

File: 1662848667418.jpg (790.68 KB, 1078x1078, 20210103_000626.jpg)

My mom died 2 months ago and I'm trying to clean out her hoarder house and get her affairs together, so I've been around her house a lot lately and her neighbors have been so kind to me. They get the mail and take out the trash. Today they invited me over for lunch and to their yard sale. Cute. I need older women to guide and help me rn, and they are making me feel so safe and supported.

No. 1334927

That's very nice nonny, it's hard to do this kind of stuff so I'm happy you're getting some help! loved the pic btw it's cute

No. 1334933

I'm glad your neighbors are helpful. My deepest condolences.q

No. 1334934

I’m 28 and have over 50k in my retirement savings. Everything else is tied with my husband.

No. 1334944

I'm not American, so I don't know, but is 50k good for savings? I think that apart from "well-off" countries the concept of saving for retirement is very uncommon, I only hear about it online and on American tv. After people retire from their jobs they just look for other jobs, most probably self-employed kind of stuff. Small businesses and such.

No. 1334966

50k is good! but please keep saving more! try going for 120k at least

No. 1334978

cries in EE, I'm making the country's average, don't overspend and still only managed to save 25k (of my country's currency, much less in dollars). I'm 30. It's really bleak

No. 1334999

I’m Canadian and live in the states, nonnie. My 50k is a lot less in USD.

No. 1335003

File: 1662852910375.jpg (62.83 KB, 633x451, 1651995063137.jpg)

I went to my local walmart yesterday and they didn't put Splat 3 out yet, it wasn't even sold out they just didn't have it and I was having an anxiety attack from being in walmart for 5 minutes so I went home and ordered it on amazon and it's supposed to come tomorrow

No. 1335009

File: 1662853178974.jpg (653.19 KB, 1080x1380, Screenshot_20220910-203410_Chr…)

They got the comedy alright, this looks like a parody

No. 1335015

I'm half chinese and I remember my mom had mooncakes hidden so I wouldn't eat them but I was sneaky and tried them but didn't like them, I haven.t had them since then, are they sweet anons? I remember being really dissapointed that I started crying KEK I was 6

No. 1335036

File: 1662855111746.gif (131.69 KB, 800x600, 603501300a494d7384d185052bb6d1…)

I like the red bean one

they're alright imo though I know people who can eat like five at once but some people (me) only have a little piece at a time cause it's just so much to have in one sitting.

No. 1335039

NTA but they just taste like very, very thick paste. They don't really have a lot of taste IME and they're extremely dense and doughey. I don't know, maybe I've just had bad ones.

No. 1335046

i want this too someone pls find

No. 1335047

I want a doomer bf I can do drugs with like the little fiend that I am. Railing substances with a lover is so romantic to me.

No. 1335049

No. 1335051

File: 1662855796153.jpg (29.57 KB, 480x452, tumblr_464f638b744abf612d0967e…)

How do you nonnies feel about the Spamp?

No. 1335052

Thought this was a spam can

No. 1335053

No. 1335054

Samefag oops, it is.

No. 1335055

Oh, I love that little sucker.

No. 1335059

File: 1662856822960.png (1.84 MB, 2500x2500, 1593420155969.png)

I want to do this too life it not fair

No. 1335063

Where can a stupid suburban burgerfag get mooncakes? They look so good and I want to try one. Would I have to make them? There's only one little asian grocery here but it's japanese, would that be my best bet?

No. 1335064

i hate wojaks but i like that this one incorporates depressed lolitas into them… i can never tell if i still hate these

No. 1335065

doomerfags are annoying but i kind of agree, not heroin, crack, meth, or fent or anything like that though.

No. 1335066

File: 1662857150058.png (29.4 KB, 205x174, 1588643072206.png)

I have a few I saved from cgl before it turned to shit.

No. 1335069

Nostalgic. Post them all

No. 1335072

Try ordering them online if no shops around you are selling them? Plenty of online stores have them in their selection.

No. 1335075

Ladies, women, I got some glitch in the matrix and the site said I was banned because 'blaine' so then I wracked my brain trying to figure out how to identify myself as a woman through text only. I think I've found our shibboleth but it's fucking disgusting

No. 1335078

were you using a vpn or did you reply to him and your posts got sandwiched between his? thats probably why, also dont mention him since he thrives of attention and take it to meta.

No. 1335086


No. 1335088

yes you should! the older ac games are really nice, personally city folk is my favorite ac game but both are good! hope you feel better from the covid soon

No. 1335091

Neither, it's a mystery. Also I didn't realize it referred to an… a… specific creature, I thought it was like Nigel. My heart dropped when I thought I was being cast out into the desert of social media. Thank u lolcow for giving milk and gender critical takes

No. 1335093

i love making silly posts with other anons

No. 1335095

File: 1662858631957.jpg (89.01 KB, 1296x1296, tumblr_e64863094c9c3dc2645fd23…)

I love how one anon mentions Mid-Autumn fest and it starts the multi nonnie scramble to find mooncakes at their local markets. I can't find any either and on a Asian food delivery service they're all sold out… even my own sister came close but they had ingredients she can't eat too…

No. 1335122

had a bad day and ugly crying in my room making awful noises that sound like the fucking cleric beast from bloodborne
and now instead of crying I started laughing because I sound like some video game boss, my mom keeps asking me if I'm ok too she probably thinks I've lost it kek

No. 1335133

Kek, I hope you feel better soon though

No. 1335134

TMI I know but I like when I pee and I can see strings of my period floating around. Crazy? Yes. But god made me this way.

No. 1335135

I like when I pass a big clot and feel immediate relief for cramps

No. 1335137

Oh god reading this made me have phantom vagina pain

No. 1335145

thanks nona, feeling alright now

No. 1335165

I haven’t smoked weed in two weeks after ten years of daily smoking. I’m so happy to finally kick the habit! My favorite part is being able to dream again. The other night I had a dream that I raised hamsters and woke up so happy. Smoking sucks I’m so excited for my smoke-free future

No. 1335167

File: 1662864420768.png (133.77 KB, 192x368, yay.png)

random cute outfit I just saw

No. 1335168

File: 1662864726202.jpeg (52.03 KB, 692x390, C573DBF2-0FA6-4D13-888B-D64757…)

What do you nonnies think about She Hulk throwin it back?

No. 1335172

File: 1662865008507.jpeg (31.16 KB, 283x320, 4FDEC685-BF08-4592-9A90-A6B06C…)

At work for another 3 hours and bored. Got some annoying family news need a drink after work

For my fellow nonnies who imbibe, whats your go to drink after work?

No. 1335192

File: 1662865516027.jpg (148.92 KB, 268x863, 20220910_230306.jpg)

Reminds me of Cindy Chi.

No. 1335195

Ayrt, are you in California too? The rain I was excited about yesterday never came, kek

No. 1335199

I absolutely adore this image and this resonates with me deeply. This is all of us

No. 1335202

File: 1662865989235.jpg (14.01 KB, 300x300, s_630ebb6e17fb4ba9009fd8d9.jpg)

I love this outfit it's cute
Also a plush I saw that reminded me of hell week

No. 1335204

omgggg I love this

No. 1335205

File: 1662866311385.jpeg (115.5 KB, 750x729, 49F1E2EA-148B-413B-9A32-3179B2…)

Me to all the nonnies in this thread.

No. 1335207

Speaking of which, does anyone know of any other immersive "socializing simulators"? I've gone through all of Stardew Valley's content and dialogue, I just want to make more virtual friends and not repeat the same lines each time we talk dammit

No. 1335209

mimosas sound super good rn nonnie, or maybe some pink wine?

No. 1335213

Listen to her nonnas

No. 1335216

File: 1662867021693.png (473.38 KB, 788x692, yeyeye.png)

I have one! Tokimeki Memorial has been my socializing simulator for the past month. I don't regret downloading it, there's so many dialogue options and if you're mean to the girls they're mean back to you lol. Here's some random screenshot but if you want to play it you will need a snes emulator (I use snes9x). Link to the game already patched with the english translation:
This is technically a "dating simulator" but it has no 18+ content and all the girls have a distinct personality. They're also hard to get unless you get your shit together, if you need hints you can go to the tokimeki memorial wiki.

No. 1335219

>who you think you are is old and dead
I like this

No. 1335221

Was thinking of going as some kind of devil this halloween, but I've already decided to go as a cross between lolcow-tan and The Hornet from Bullet Train. I love the obvious homage to Lychee Light Club with the cap and the autistic INTJ hand shit she's doing in the poster.
Actually, that game is too edgy even for a degenerate guro appreciator like me. Just stick to Maggot Baits (has tragic immortal witch sisters) or Collar X Malice (love purple-hair forensics sis who is autistic but also just wants to go for drinks with the girls really, bless her).

No. 1335228

they asked for cute dialogue simulators, not guro games lmao

No. 1335233

try calico, a cat cafe sim. its made by genderlets but its worth it to ignore the pronouns and chunky artstyle to enjoy the game. is only like 6 hours of gameplay but I enjoy the ragdoll cat physics and finding cats laying on my furniture.

No. 1335238

File: 1662868350853.png (10.92 KB, 512x448, FNKHb9wXMAASNn6.png)

Samefag, please if anyone is interested give it a go. This game came in the 90's and never got an official western release but konami outdid themselves in this. This game has so much charm that recent games really cannot emulate, and it makes me nostalgic for a better time when everything was more innocent and simple. I like thinking of these girls as my friends kek. This game has a lot of flare and personality, my favorite animal crossing game is the original GC one and if this game was available back when I was a child I think this would be also on par with how obsessed I was with that game back then.

No. 1335245

File: 1662868750807.png (580.77 KB, 780x682, medium-43ae76db7acf2dcb578176c…)

Also even though I've replayed it a lot I keep finding new things in this game, they really added a bunch of content that you can randomly trigger for some reason. One plus I personally find in this game is that the girls aren't so stereotipically "animey" like most media nowadays is, they feel more human and have their own likes and dislikes, it can suprise you sometimes. Surely the age of this game shows in some of the dialogue but I find that quirky, more than annoying really. Also there's a shit ton of side content for this franchise, too bad it went to shit after the 3rd game came out (but so did all of konami, so… oh well).

No. 1335262

File: 1662870254242.gif (1.95 MB, 530x398, 6F6CA008-3BD4-4435-8DDC-F8F917…)

Depends on what kind of look youre going for nona, and how much effort you wanna put in it. Some good last minute ones some friends and I have done were Gilligan island characters, Weird Al, Carrie, Morticia, Linda Belcher and Lara Croft.
Other fun ones include Cher, Farrah Fawcett, and a fortune teller from one of those machines.

Im going as Patsy Stone this year

No. 1335265

good idea- im gonna go through a few 80s-00s movies for costume ideas. id just hate buying a costume to wear once and then never again so if i can find something that's relatively rewearable, ill be happy

No. 1335278

File: 1662871358949.jpg (52.98 KB, 680x798, cfa.jpg)

men really are like this wtf

No. 1335321

File: 1662874200111.jpeg (117.34 KB, 749x975, D8A2B3B5-D20C-4856-A787-7FF7D4…)

Haha Sonic mouse.

No. 1335325

Fail. not even 1/10th of Shadow The Hedgehogs sex appeal.

No. 1335327


No. 1335367

Not the anon who was asking for reccs but I downloaded and will hopefully play it when I have time off work, it looks cute!

No. 1335373

I realised I haven't asked many girlfriends about this so I thought I'd put it out to my fellow nonnies.
When I recount the last time I have sex I get this weird, sort of pleasant throb in my ovaries. I don't even know how to really describe it, kind of like a little static shock. It's happened for years, since I became sexually active pretty much, and it only ever happens when I think about the most recent time, so recounting sex from years ago doesn't have the same effect. Does anyone else get this? Is this the female equivalent of getting a mild boner? I need your thoughts.

No. 1335376

Please help me finally decide: should I eat some grilled leftover chicken it’s 1am and im wide awake and hungry after sleeping the whole afternoon

No. 1335379

yes, eat that chicken!

No. 1335384

thanks nonna!

No. 1335441

File: 1662885066404.jpg (54.83 KB, 540x228, sugarnspice.jpg)

thats awesome nonna! Based on that info Liz Hurley in Bedazzled and Sugar and Spice immediately come into mind as'00 costume inspos

No. 1335449

Samefag but in terms of re-wearability theres Romy and Michelle, Jawbreaker, and the craft, but those are probably already on your list

No. 1335458

nonas, link me what you've been vibing with lately

No. 1335462

this, literally for hours

No. 1335465


No. 1335499

anons do you treat yourselves with any particular foods on weekends? I just made fried eggs with a bagel, for some reason eggs have become my weekend breakfast food

No. 1335503

lmao that's so funny. I never tried them but now I wanna find out how they taste

are you me? I have a hard time listening to podcasts or audiobooks while doing something else, I always get distracted. Then I waste so much time by going back to the part I missed only to miss it again or to miss the next part

No. 1335507

i was permabanned with no reason stated and my email is not getting a response after a month of waiting. what the fuck? I have received less than 10 bans in all my years on lolcor. (am using a different browser and vpn so if this post gets me banned it's ok) this is driving me nuts. what the fuck?

No. 1335521

File: 1662890160306.jpeg (67.53 KB, 750x731, 2F8D7B75-2743-4B50-A8CA-D2E032…)

I’ve caught bans from vpn users and it make me mad

No. 1335525

eggs are dope

No. 1335548

File: 1662893914038.png (134.26 KB, 1106x551, spent 9-11 in prison.png)

happy 9/11 everyone! be glad you weren't in prison when it happened.

No. 1335549

or even Sonic's.

No. 1335552

wtf 9/11 yakuza lore

No. 1335554

Ichiban Kasuga and Daigo Dojima too were in prison, among others.

No. 1335560

Bush put them in prison so they wouldn't be able to stop 9/11.

No. 1335564

this song has been on repeat ever since it came out, so catchy! Can't wait for all three new albums that will come out this october. Already pre-ordered them. Hype!

No. 1335573

disgusting, people shouldn't share shit like that. it's one of those things that you shouldn't say out loud.

No. 1335578

File: 1662895877875.jpg (66.44 KB, 1191x670, sonic and shadow 9-11.jpg)

shut up. anyway who else is perioding on 9/11?

No. 1335581

I'm also looking for this type of games. I just want to make bonds with fictional characters, because irl people are bothersome. I'm really happy if I find game with a lot of dialouge with your favorite characters. Maybe try Rune Factory series, especially RF4.

No. 1335594

File: 1662897162277.png (711.7 KB, 766x771, O9GP.png)

make killing moids not in self defense legal

No. 1335599

She didn't say it out loud tho she said it in spoilers

No. 1335607

Wesker is one hell of a meow meow.

No. 1335612

File: 1662898783508.png (15.91 KB, 320x200, 578.png)

Not only am I getting a hamby from Baker's but it will be guilt-free because I stopped eating fast food and I've been eating healthy!!!

No. 1335633

i will never be a bad gyal and is all your fault

No. 1335656

nonnie you just hit me with so many feels…

As a little girl, my Papa would take me to Bakers in the dead of night on occasion for a treat. We'd get in his truck (Big Dog) and try to sneak out as quietly as we could. He never ate vegetables (his ultimate undoing) and this one particular night, ordered the Papa meal with some additional tacos. Stated he wanted all beef and cheese, no veggies. The girl simply was not getting that. Kept asking repeatedly what he wanted. He finally got mad and yelled "BEEF, JUST BEEF. COW. YOU KNOW, MOO MOO??" I remember laughing so hard I had crippling pain in my ribs. Papa was a soft spoken, kind man… so seeing him get frustrated was bizarre and admittedly hilarious. I miss him so much.

No. 1335680

File: 1662904916566.jpg (7.31 KB, 246x205, f.jpg)

No. 1335682

Me too. I'm also stuck in an airport at the same time to stay on brand I suppose.

No. 1335696

Ever since the AV-kun saga I've been reading anecdotal evidence as anorectal violence.

No. 1335698

I love this nonna! May he rest in peace.I hope you're getting some nice rain if you still live in the area ♥

No. 1335709

File: 1662906500233.jpg (46.27 KB, 735x840, us.jpg)

my brain cannot decide if it wants to kms or laugh at nothing for 15 minutes, then repeat. feeling very jekyll and hyde today i hate it

No. 1335723

File: 1662907012807.jpeg (60.24 KB, 750x411, 744D2502-45C5-4007-8A7F-E5459D…)

When the queen died the company my mom works for (she does PR related stuff) handed her a 10-page pamphlet on the changes to her job she’d have to do as a response, including a 2-week social media blackout. For a queen. Of another country. Her target audience is boomers so I guess it makes some sense but c’mon.

No. 1335726

are you still from a Commonwealth country?

No. 1335732

No! No ties!

No. 1335756

Oh my God, nona. Thank you for bringing back memories of that anime. Your image made me smile.

No. 1335771

File: 1662909773577.gif (2.93 MB, 498x362, 1614324694083.gif)

>zoomers when they see le meme

No. 1335786

Negative slow anon you do realize that zoomer was joking too???

No. 1335788

File: 1662911698789.gif (4.43 MB, 500x367, 1651684396897.gif)

You reading post no. 1335771

No. 1335789

File: 1662911751209.gif (4.7 MB, 640x470, walter-white-falling.gif)

>me when zoomers are joking

No. 1335792

Me!!! I am bleeding in honour

No. 1335794

stop it I am autistec and when theres multiple same gifs repeating on the page I get caught in a trance and cant look away. I may be stuck here for a while now.

No. 1335795

File: 1662912050262.jpeg (2.95 MB, 4032x3024, 88C8B1EF-F577-407C-A3EA-4541E4…)

We rescued a kitten and she likes to lick my ear and i love her. Shes 2.5 lbs and very small everyone meet June! Shes not scared of anything because she was born in a junk yard! Sorry for bad photo shes on the move

No. 1335801

Very good cat, A++++

No. 1335802

She's absolutely precious! Junk yard cats are the best cats. Give June lots of pets and treats.

No. 1335803

shes so cute, does she have any health problems?

No. 1335804

File: 1662912366136.jpg (105.47 KB, 998x714, sand cat.JPG)

Cute! her coloring reminds me of a sand cat

No. 1335813

That does look a little like her! Im so excited to see how she grows.
The vet is going to try to get a stool sample this week, and she had fleas but the oral treatment has killed any of them off! The only concern is her stinky poops, but the vet said its most likely her transitioning to real cat food as opposed to trash! She is growing so fast!
I will pet her many times just for you! She is fearless and a little confused by the water fountain kek. She is brave and smol and mighty!
Thank you for the grade nonna! I will add this to her scores!

No. 1335817

File: 1662913122325.jpeg (78.21 KB, 510x766, 2D7FDFC2-7491-42E6-A0D2-EDF59F…)

No. 1335825

Op here AHHHHH I FORGOT ABOUT THIS! Kek! Thank you

No. 1335866

Just wanted to say hi nonnies! Hope you're enjoying your weekend. It's Sunday morning here, got chores but would rather spend it scrolling lolcow. Love you girlies. Have a great day.

No. 1335869

Hi June! She is so adorable. I love her color. What a beautiful cat.

No. 1335885

hi anon! enjoy your sunday, it's evening for me and the dread before going to work is setting in. I went food shopping today, watered my plants and will now do a couple of chores before it's dark.

No. 1335889

Hello nonnie. I hope you're having a great day too. It is the evening over here and I still haven't done my Sunday chores. I hope you will eat delicious things today. I ate so much vegemite at breakfast and it was glorious ♥ have a good one

No. 1335904

Very beautiful cat and doesn’t afraid of anything, 10000000000/10

No. 1335918

She's beautiful!

No. 1335976

whats the deal with chocolate milk??

No. 1335979

So WHERE DO cows like to go on the weekend?

No. 1335988

Social life having nonnies are betraying my hermit ass by leaving me here with nobody to respond to my dumbass posts

No. 1335989

No. 1335992


No. 1335994

They're abandoning us to be with their REAL FRIENDS

No. 1335997

File: 1662922063664.jpeg (27.41 KB, 334x482, 81D1E46B-BA5C-4087-9DEB-9ABF92…)

She will set you free…
Return to monke

No. 1335999

WOW she is a stunner! please give her lots of hugs for me

No. 1336001

File: 1662922164708.jpg (577.5 KB, 1600x1200, Two_cows.jpg)

Cows are very social

No. 1336005

File: 1662922344329.gif (560.58 KB, 378x498, asuca-nichijou.gif)


No. 1336035

i'm eating mashed potatoes with broccoli rn

No. 1336044

Give it to me rn ….

No. 1336046

File: 1662924559111.jpg (32.88 KB, 736x654, 30613cb797c4323c87506fee0293c2…)

Is there ANYNONNY out there
Cuz it's getting harder and harder to breathe

No. 1336048

im also jealous im so hungry right now but all food seems unappetizing

No. 1336050

why are nonnies so fucking weird when they’re commenting on other women’s bodies? her being overweight after giving birth is not a issue that’s going to end the entire world.. this is why women almost destroy their own bodies trying to rush themselves getting their pre-pregnancy bodies back. sigh

No. 1336056

File: 1662924879740.jpg (495.69 KB, 1079x1340, FaceApp_1662924940489.jpg)

Not me I only make fun of men's bodies

No. 1336059

It's LC, nonnies out there on the gossip boards pick apart cows in the most vile ways and its a hard to shake off the habit

No. 1336062

KEKK his fatass head, love you nonna

No. 1336065

i always wondered why males don't have more threads than female cows. was the possiblity of brigrading just as bad back then when mods decided there would be less male threads? ie when lc wasn't labeled a terf site

No. 1336066

I would give you both, it's really delicious with extra butter mmmmm
>all food seems unappetizing
same anon, after giving it some thought I realized that I only want mashed poatoes and broccoli, so I made it.

No. 1336070

i think i have some potatoes… im lazy tho so i will probably just make a baked one with some sour cream actually

No. 1336071

yes, before the gendercritical stuff we had the pinkpill/manhate threads, which had to be removed because we were getting so many males brigading.

Also if you look at some threads of male cows here like Sam hyde for example there is a lot of men that bump/necro his thread all the time.

No. 1336083

eat anything nonny, but making mashed potatoes is easy, you just peel them, put into a water and then mash with butter and salt.
That's why I love mashed potatoes, easy and delicious.

No. 1336098

How does the potato community feel about creamy mashed potatoes? Have I been commiting a grave sin this entire time?

No. 1336101

we really didn't have that many males brigading, we have more now. you guys are gullible if you fell for that excuse, just like the fake excuse oldmin used for finally shutting PP down "racism" and she linked post that were not even remotely racist or even relating to race, and the ones that were, were not racist. the boards are more openly racist now since she kicked off the PPers.

No. 1336104

just don't expect the celebricow thread to be anything like the rest of the board. they're insane in there, many of them

No. 1336106

now eating my baked potato with sour cream and butter and some santa maria scandinavian forest seasoning on top. feeling blessed.

No. 1336114

this seasoning sounds amazing. should i buy it? i don't eat meat and it seems like it's made for a lot of meat, will it work for general toppings/seasonings a lot?

No. 1336131

i've never even had it on meat. it's really really good on eggs and it was just good on potatoes. i would reccomend it for sure. i think it would be really good on some roasted veggies, especially something like asparagus or broccoli. its a got a little bit of a citrusy kick to it i would say? a very interesting taste, i only have some because my best friend from school is finnish, i'm a burgerfag. i used to always eat eggs with it on them back in highschool, but i hadn't had some for years until my friend just went back to visit!

No. 1336173

File: 1662930411059.jpg (26.65 KB, 340x258, 1641336087315.jpeg.jpg)

Just Eatstreeted a panini. Fuck yeah nonnies.

No. 1336180

cant stop laughing at this. nini time.

No. 1336186

Never heard of it either, nor eat meat, but I'm adding to cart because it sounds amazing. It would probably be great in soups.

No. 1336193

im very glad i could bring the beauty of scandinavian forest into your life nonna!!! i hope you make an amazing soup!

No. 1336208

When I was a child my family used nini as a word for going to sleep.

No. 1336210

Solidarity. My parents still say "I'm going mimis" to announce that they're going to bed.

No. 1336213

File: 1662932647670.jpg (32.2 KB, 749x733, 20220525_192156.jpg)

going to bed. goodnight nonas, hope Sunday blues aren't hitting you too hard

No. 1336241

los wiwiws

No. 1336260

crying all the memes in this thread are so good

No. 1336267

i think this is the reason why no one takes feminism seriously

No. 1336269

im so sorry for your loss nonny, cling to them you need a good support system right now

No. 1336278

libfem bullshit

No. 1336285

File: 1662937911214.png (455.21 KB, 943x775, 1548196132275.png)

This is pure boomer cringe.

tbf at least moids will never take feminism seriously, but I understand why women reject the feminist label, I don't feel mad at them especially when they are clearly not some kind of trad thot.

No. 1336287

SNORK mimimimimimi

No. 1336288

i feel like i gained weight but my scale batteries died recently so i guess i'll never know

No. 1336291

Apparently he was interested in a Victoria's secrets model and she didn't recognise him and called him an old man and the michelin man.

No. 1336292

I am 25 and I have $20k in savings.

No. 1336294


No. 1336295

I'm bitter at the replies to this

No. 1336299

File: 1662940035671.jpg (120.92 KB, 640x730, tumblr_8ec68981bd098b1996e25e2…)

Should I do this to my red corduroy pants and with what colors?

No. 1336301

Yes. Use ochre, forest green, bright red, and beige or ivory

No. 1336305

File: 1662940676052.gif (1.12 MB, 220x220, 1662066006921.gif)

It's almost that time of the week again where we part ways nonny. They'll close the thread again and then we'll be separated. What's on your mind nonny?

No. 1336315

that I cant wait for next weekend and I dont wanna go to work

No. 1336317


No. 1336318

if the red mushroom isnt visible on red corduroy then she should use blue

No. 1336320

File: 1662941118170.png (449.8 KB, 794x640, mpreg gender.png)

No. 1336323

beer belly vegeta

No. 1336326

File: 1662941280202.png (1.06 MB, 1241x1230, FD4713AA-032C-4D3A-98AD-5A3A14…)

No. 1342190

its the weekend, party.

No. 1342195

File: 1663364116423.gif (1.58 KB, 28x28, fren.gif)

No. 1342196

Happy weekend nonnies! How are you spending yours?

No. 1342200

I ate madeleines for the first time and they were great

No. 1342203

I'm gonna stay home and try to recover from a cold I caught at work because of retarded coworkers messing with the office's AC "as a joke". I'm already recovering but still need a bit more time. I'm gonna just relax and send pictures of my cat to my mom because she won't stop travelling these past few weeks too.

No. 1342210

File: 1663364969153.jpeg (59.47 KB, 359x388, F00DE7B3-66CC-49BE-8157-ECDFDE…)

21 and $0

No. 1342211

File: 1663365019501.png (52.53 KB, 274x275, 1660389823539.png)

YAY for opened friday/weekend bunker thread!!

No. 1342212

Watching the bbc's live stream of people gawking at Lizzie's coffin. As a burger anon, I find all the spectacle riveting.

No. 1342232

we're back, baby!

No. 1342244

File: 1663558396699.jpg (44.42 KB, 735x701, 39c50262382e7af0bc94e01a242b69…)

What is up my nonners

No. 1342246


No. 1342257

Nonnies I'm so sorry! I wanted to reply to all of you about your weekend plans and wish you all well, but it's a few days late. Hope everyone did okay while the site was down, I missed sharing my day with you.

No. 1342258

File: 1663559049462.jpg (41.78 KB, 352x442, 1654724342559.jpg)

LC returned on the day of the queen's funeral. Praise Moz, his power is real.

No. 1342272

File: 1663559477379.jpg (134.47 KB, 1024x576, morrissey_prayer_r_w.jpg)

No. 1342288

File: 1663559912170.png (178.15 KB, 1586x224, unknown-21.png)

I'm not sure where else this was posted, like how many anons have seen it I mean, so I'm just gonna plunk it here

No. 1342297

File: 1663560073522.jpeg (1.72 MB, 4032x3024, 3B78690A-E6BA-4852-BD97-269557…)

She is zooming and playing and getting big! Also my other cat loves having an apprentice.

No. 1342300


No. 1342302

Oh my god, thanks for the update! She looks like she's settling in well with your other cat.

No. 1342312

I promise to keep updating, shes our pet, together! June the Junkyard Cat loves all the nonnas.
I noticed the other day all her toes have different amounts of white, making her “socks look mismatched, ill get a photo for you soon! Right now shes zoomin around with the older one, 2 fast for the camera!

No. 1342314

File: 1663560800909.jpg (14.55 KB, 294x300, 120ccb67a6820d0ff776f2d4caa332…)

That's beautiful anon

No. 1342344

Imma go to bed now. If lc is offline again when I wake up I love my farmers even if some of you make me want to smack you upside the head

No. 1342347

Sleep well sweet nonnie

No. 1342378


No. 1342380


No. 1342384

What she said ^

No. 1342386

it's almost monday tho, so it's gonna get locked soon.

No. 1342387

I don't have a cold anymore and we're back! Nice.

No. 1342392

File: 1663563556728.jpg (103.22 KB, 640x825, d44544515d3e132b587af1189458d2…)

No. 1342446

Fuck mondays my nonnies hate mondays

No. 1342447

Oh my god, she looks so different already! I'm glad June is doing well

No. 1342471

I didn’t see which thread this was and thought you were talking about sh0e kek

No. 1349731

File: 1663977523382.jpg (60.36 KB, 602x539, main-qimg-e7bc29ddbfb0b23c94c1…)

lets go anons

No. 1349734


No. 1349738

File: 1663977736589.jpg (45.05 KB, 465x606, 441546b6b0b81651be82642e918e6c…)

my one and only cat

No. 1349745

File: 1663977881205.jpg (93.78 KB, 640x640, tumblr_4904256f1dbbfd60ab540bd…)

No. 1349748

Reminds me of Inuyasha

No. 1349751

File: 1663978075945.jpeg (7.75 KB, 216x233, Unknown.jpeg)

the original and best

No. 1349753

File: 1663978109724.jpg (175.11 KB, 1080x1072, EQYZgKTUcAALnYQ.jpg)

well if inuyasha was ducking a uke.

No. 1349763

Nonnie nonnie nonnie
I can't wait to stay inside all weekend and drink tea like the basic bitch I am

No. 1349765

File: 1663978366531.jpg (71.87 KB, 564x705, b7eee2fe90183865aca6f27f4aa43d…)

i see the resemblance

No. 1349777

File: 1663978548944.jpg (35.23 KB, 338x339, tumblr_575a1a865a2c5c211a4c21e…)

i need a sweet, caring and loving man like this in my life <3

No. 1349791

Isnt that yoonbum

No. 1349793

Oops i mean sankwoo

No. 1349795

no its not ashwoo.

No. 1349807

File: 1663979151737.jpeg (335.83 KB, 583x728, 74D5691B-6B4C-4103-A13C-156693…)

why are some of you such dumb bitches sometimes stop. replying. to the obvious moid

No. 1349808

File: 1663979167984.jpg (20.46 KB, 298x180, mqdefault.jpg)

its wookyung, aww isnt he such a cutie, such a husbando.

No. 1349809

File: 1663979180913.gif (4.7 MB, 498x498, hello kitty on vacay.gif)

This thread seems unusually dead

No. 1349811


No. 1349815

File: 1663979275430.gif (8.65 MB, 360x640, british-shorthair-oklou-cat.gi…)


No. 1349822

in the art salt thread an /ic/ moid is still arguing about AI. that entire 4chan board has been obsessed with that topic for days now, it was bound that the autism and trolling would make it into that thread
shaymin face reveal, couldn’t update anymore because we didn’t give her any churu

No. 1349825

not everyone you dislike is a moid

No. 1349828

anon it's cleary obvious it is a moid

No. 1349830

So, is he the rapist or the rapee

No. 1349831

there is no way that’s an anon unless they are severely autistic

No. 1349833

I am convinced males are not real artists because they do not have a soul. Women are the original artists and creators of life.

No. 1349837

File: 1663979710815.jpg (64.52 KB, 680x460, 1663977623239.jpg)

Hello weekend nonnies! It's good to be back. I wish you all a good weekend full of fun happy times.

No. 1349842

File: 1663979814359.gif (149.29 KB, 104x112, 1660591584896.gif)

Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin' everywhere
Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin' everywhere
Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin' everywhere
Rockin' everywhere, rockin' everywhere

No. 1349844

File: 1663979844735.png (Spoiler Image, 533.31 KB, 577x1280, sdasdasd.png)

women arent a monolith(WTF LMAO)

No. 1349849

File: 1663979933202.png (1.18 MB, 1280x717, CB80A500-1010-414E-A93A-3C0EE9…)

I’m thinking about boyegachan and thinking if she saw boyega in woman king. I bet she’s so happy because he looks kind of hot in the film

No. 1349850

File: 1663979941319.jpg (34.13 KB, 400x365, tumblr_b282bf556e781fb87972731…)

i mean anon…..its pretty obvious

No. 1349853

Why the hell do you want to continue infighting in this thread? go to post your depressive shit on /ic/

No. 1349855

pooping and peeing all over this post and your hand

No. 1349857

just ignore this retard please, they're insufferable and ruined the art salt thread all by themselves

No. 1349858

File: 1663980039698.png (46.4 KB, 697x512, shrek_cringe_compilation-697x5…)

Wow he really is a ripoff of hungwoo

No. 1349860

the scrote's sister probably took this picture, also clean your phone's camera retard, so much for saying that smartphones are replacing real photography KEKKKK

No. 1349862

File: 1663980150498.jpeg (155.51 KB, 404x392, 134687D2-51DB-4DDF-A295-127CDA…)

idgaf about her hand I bet it smells like ham, samefagging I hope boyega-chan stops lurking LSA and sees this

No. 1349863

File: 1663980160166.jpg (53.31 KB, 975x1280, cat.jpg)

No. 1349866

File: 1663980234114.jpg (39.79 KB, 640x480, sddefault.jpg)

you accidentally tagged the hand-poster lol.

But he isnt a ashwoo ripoff, he is more of a different type of garden variety psycho.

No. 1349870

The shrek image was for the handposter that's why. Also wtf that's literally youbum

No. 1349871

Is this from the killing stalker creator? I don't understand pls giv context

No. 1349874

File: 1663980348825.gif (5.37 MB, 426x498, 00A3BB03-234E-499C-8CAA-3E5E41…)

yaoi fans when they realize irl korean boys don’t look like caucasians who are going to move into my hood and drive up the price of a sandwich up to $20

No. 1349876

File: 1663980371971.jpg (38.78 KB, 564x753, 11c6528a0ea141db2b6a46d230524c…)

you ever just

No. 1349877

who's drinking alone tonite

No. 1349878

hello retard, no one even thinks that

No. 1349879

all the time

No. 1349880

File: 1663980408334.jpeg (122.41 KB, 1013x1200, B9C64CFD-E69D-4B76-990D-72B754…)

No. 1349883

stop reading porn of fictional scrotes getting raped it’s not feminism you are just one sick bitch(infighting)

No. 1349887

File: 1663980499892.jpg (63.14 KB, 767x639, atole.jpg)

I thought you said who's drinking atole

No. 1349889

File: 1663980533609.jpg (82.76 KB, 736x981, 12a681a4702211a05731580dfe8bbc…)

alright ladies lets bring that real bunker energy. Do not think. Just post

No. 1349893

File: 1663980567405.jpg (55.42 KB, 640x458, Tumblr_l_2898198831575.jpg)

This could be us but you aren't posting in the weekend thread

No. 1349894

I took a shower today after a long time and found cat hair inside my ears. All good now.

No. 1349897

wtf that looks yummy

No. 1349898

Ill throw the stink bomb in there and you snap the lid down then we sit on it while they scream

No. 1349899

File: 1663980643770.gif (646.74 KB, 275x207, 1663700899805.gif)

i'm here!!!

No. 1349900

not only do I read about them getting raped, I listen to cds of them getting raped, I draw them getting raped and I dream about it too

No. 1349903

seek help

No. 1349904

tis not yaoi its from a femdom webtoon called Sadistic beauty

No. 1349907

File: 1663980758073.jpeg (4.78 KB, 277x257, 02D11B4B-E8E4-4D99-B53B-A8CBF1…)


No. 1349909

I have a compilation of these kind of images on my phone since like 2017, this one especially makes me laugh so hard he's not soft he just looks like a snail someone dumped out of its shell and onto the pavement and it's looking up in confusion but it isn't intelligent enough to process what just happened so it's just lying there.
Heh. Who said it's feminist?
Oh yeah that's the stuff

No. 1349910

File: 1663980761218.jpg (52.52 KB, 564x545, ce63438b5adf26578d19f166f0d3b2…)

No. 1349911

wtf did i walk into? i just wish fujo-haters would shut up and stop shitting up this site. idc what fujos are into (so long as they aren't shotacons). fujo-hating spergs should not be in the weekend bunker thread

No. 1349916

you walked right into that didn’t you? you’re such an idiot lmao

No. 1349918

File: 1663980864946.gif (326.39 KB, 720x1003, tumblr_004290342eb3aedccbb4460…)

fuck off, minho deserves that for being a sexist bastard, wookyung is his karma. i will gladly laugh at him getting his butt blasted.
anon ily.
yes but there are multiple parts of that story, we have the main bi/hetero version and we also have the yaoi and lesbian version.

No. 1349921

they haven’t been baptized when they were born and haven’t grown out of their middle school phase of finding two fags dicking each other as exciting and edgy. one would be a normal person and find their thrills in regular stimulating activity but a fujoshi loves to shit up the threads unprovoked with their rape fics(ban evading sperg)

No. 1349924

File: 1663980945709.jpg (13.17 KB, 320x320, cd975da781db5a48298e18d20023af…)

I've got no idea of what you're talking about

No. 1349926

File: 1663980946947.png (877.83 KB, 1080x1060, 637D25C8-CF02-44AE-83BA-F8253C…)


No. 1349929

Oh it's just a 4chan pickme

No. 1349930

File: 1663981020241.png (402.17 KB, 640x640, 1663855570861.png)

just report the insane fujo-sperg. she/he has horrible, thread ruining energy

No. 1349932

I don't even like BL that much but I love reading this side story because Minho looks hot when he's being abused, no matter who's doing it. And yes, he totally deserves it, he was written like that.

No. 1349934

I had no idea that she made a Yaoi side story, and I stopped reading after the weird translation notes of the Minho symphatizising scanner started appearing, the fujo antis in this thread remind me of her I might puke

No. 1349937

I don't get it and judging by the other replies I'm glad I don't get it

No. 1349938

>Leyendecker avatarfagging sperg
>Webtoon/Manhwa avatarfagging sperg
>Antifujo sperg
Make it stoooooooop

No. 1349939

>yes but there are multiple parts of that story, we have the main bi/hetero version and we also have the yaoi and lesbian version.
what? yaoi is so complicated nowadays, I don't get it lmao

No. 1349941

File: 1663981189222.png (118.63 KB, 240x231, 63C0D1FD-02F1-4A74-B69D-DBBD88…)

No. 1349942

File: 1663981205498.jpg (40.76 KB, 564x564, 9eb319217bf68420c0b46742b1a1a7…)

No. 1349944

>Oh it's just a 4chan pickme
it's always one of those. They let idiots from 4chan dictate what they need to believe in and then they run with it to the ground even if others actively try to help them, and this is why they sound so scrotal themselves

No. 1349946

yup after the end of the main story she made a side story continuation of what happened to minho after he went to sell himself to wookyung.
Because it not yaoi, main story is straight/bisexual , only the side storys are gay.

No. 1349947

File: 1663981413878.jpg (32.05 KB, 800x642, 1608670835246.jpg)

I would pay for fanart of them as humans

No. 1349949

i just know they would be so sexy

No. 1349950

NTA, the pic is from the side story/sequel where one of the "love" interests in the main story is kidnapped and raped every day by a side character. The main/original story was mostly femdom and the uke was the protagonist's ex who treated her like crap. She gets to fuck him in the ass a few times and they seem to fall in love again until he of course fucks up like the narcissistic scrote he is so she dumps him at the end. Then when he spends all his money and is broke he asks the seme to help hiim but the seme is a rich sociopathic moid who had already raped him before and this time he keeps him captive in his home.

No. 1349951

Is that a crab people

No. 1349956

ANIMAL JAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1349957

File: 1663981651269.png (193.47 KB, 285x330, 1663659148670.png)

nta but i think they have to be toads or something. i will lend you my corneas for a sec bc i'm worried for you anon

No. 1349958

>She gets to fuck him in the ass a few times
Anon i dont want to be a minho defender but she literally rapes him too.
Also that picture is from the main not from the side one.

No. 1349960

File: 1663981681839.jpeg (6.87 KB, 320x360, 6471D312-3060-42F4-BACC-F286ED…)

I need to sleep good night nonny

No. 1349963

Timothee chalamet, Tom holland, Harry Styles

No. 1349967

That's Gamahiro to the right, Gamabunta in the middle and Gamaken on the left
They're called Toad summons from Naruto

No. 1349969

today is your last day.

No. 1349981

File: 1663982450621.jpg (8.92 KB, 300x168, images.jpg)

it's ME, SLURPEE ANON!!!!! I tried the blue one today. Not as good as the dragonfruit. 8/10. Now my tongue is blue and I'm not a fan!

No. 1349984

File: 1663982726131.jpeg (36.01 KB, 554x554, 1655030808048.jpeg)

I've been struggling on writing a stupid essay for almost 4 hours.

No. 1349985

wtf kek that's some crazy shit
does this have a lot of fans?

No. 1349986


No. 1349990

My sister freaking loved animal jam but I loved poptropica and webkinz and nicktropolis and stuff

No. 1349993

I played the first three extensively, I don't know nicktropolis but I did play Nickelodeon's games especially the Spongebob platform creator and another Spongebob level creator game, making my own and playing other people's

No. 1349996

File: 1663983199992.jpg (56.58 KB, 917x712, 1663975540305.jpg)

you have atleast started

No. 1349997

Omfg I love those platformer maker games. There was a Ben 10 one on cartoon networks website that I’d play all the time. Nicktropolis was another online thing where you’d play games and chat and have a room you could buy items for

No. 1349999

why do you keep posting the same fucking picture, knock it off(minimodding)

No. 1350002

The quads hath spoketh, that image cannot be posted anymore on this website

No. 1350006

bc its funny and current, anon. lighten up.

No. 1350007

File: 1663983497030.jpeg (3.31 MB, 4032x3024, 06C0814A-D41E-44AB-8115-B0F2A8…)

She sits so polite and says WELCOME TO THE WEEKEND!!!!

No. 1350008

leave us chris pine lovers alone

No. 1350010

The quads failed her.

No. 1350015

!!!! JUNE
I'm happy she's ok!!!

No. 1350016

god i love her!! thank you for taking her in and updating, she's such a little angel. what a sweet, polite baby.

No. 1350017

No. 1350021


No. 1350029

File: 1663984270918.jpg (1.51 MB, 1774x2200, 1635700328408.jpg)

Wasn't lolcow going to, like… die this weekend again or something?

No. 1350030

File: 1663984324947.gif (1.78 MB, 333x194, 1517736997552.gif)

everybody keep fighting it's funneh

No. 1350032

File: 1663984415722.jpeg (25.08 KB, 736x552, 269F5B57-04EB-4C78-ADE0-432520…)

Ermmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.. No.

No. 1350034

File: 1663984511929.jpeg (264.03 KB, 756x389, 1656873433447.jpeg)

wan';t a question

No. 1350035

File: 1663984543337.gif (800.48 KB, 275x207, February 2022.gif)

No. 1350037

No. 1350039


No. 1350041

I like your hair. You ever consider bangs?

No. 1350042

I suppose it does, it's probably one of the most popular 18+ manwha for women

No. 1350044

File: 1663984663433.jpeg (512.76 KB, 828x1042, 77746423-ABBD-4CD2-AF24-1CDAF1…)

No. 1350045

File: 1663984677994.png (53.12 KB, 640x640, instagram_art_CWGL_URL-34-640x…)

No. 1350047

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

No. 1350051

File: 1663984822624.jpg (473.58 KB, 732x522, 20220920_214841.jpg)

No. 1350052

kitty. meow meow

No. 1350053

thank you

No. 1350056

My cat is such a light sleeper I'm eating chips next to him and he keeps whining and letting out short little pissed off meows lol

No. 1350064

File: 1663985552253.png (90.34 KB, 257x275, 1453074535413.png)

had covid since last thursday and still feel shitty. another weekend wasted, cool cool cool cool

No. 1350069

File: 1663985988410.png (431.41 KB, 640x1138, snail.png)

This is bothering me so much. Popcorn has salt, but even if there's no salt I don't think snails should even have popcorn. If you're going to give snails outside a snack please give them vegetables or even fruit. They can even have regular corn.

No. 1350070

No. 1350072

File: 1663986083168.jpg (66.07 KB, 496x577, mmm vegan mic.jpg)

Has it really been 5 whole days since our gracious queen brought LC back from the dead?

No. 1350073

Samefag but popcorn has sharp-ish edges (mostly from the kernel) and I do worry that snails could hurt themselves on it. They're delicate creatures and it's better to be safe than sorry.

No. 1350074

File: 1663986205375.jpg (Spoiler Image, 55.84 KB, 589x388, run-for-your-life.JPG)

No. 1350076

File: 1663986248851.jpg (16.5 KB, 460x667, absolutely disgrossting.jpg)

For me it was yesterday. I still have horrible cc memories

No. 1350079

I was going to a-log, but I just got back from a ban. Just know I have a lot of contempt in my heart for you. You and whoever that is in the photo.

No. 1350080

it's getting hard to be someone but it all works out

No. 1350085

No. 1350086

ay what the fuck I never posted it before its been in my gallery for like 4 hours

No. 1350088

I keep blackpilling myself with radfem blogs. Help.

No. 1350090

you have already been helped

No. 1350091

you needn't help because you are saved

No. 1350093

anon if it makes you feel any better, the snail might not have been actually stepped on for this photo.

No. 1350095

The intent was still there.

No. 1350096

It's just so depressing, it's affecting my productivity

No. 1350097

The mods must feel like babysitters sometimes, especially with this thread because they have to spend their weekend watching over all of us NEET's lol

No. 1350099

they usually only need to babysit the male-identified-spergs

No. 1350101

I once found out that photos like that are a fetish for certain scrotes and that killed the last bit of innocence in me, imagine being so mentally fucked you jerk off to a snail about to be stepped on but that's men

No. 1350102

File: 1663987412563.jpg (25.95 KB, 480x480, 1663790691015.jpg)

currently istening to GL asmr in the background and the comment section is filled with soon to be trannies blogging about how they wished they were girls and lesbians
I had a good laugh tonight, the miserable state of moids is better than anything in life

No. 1350104

where did u obtain this info

No. 1350105

nta but anon it's well known

No. 1350108

Weird corners of the internet, when I was younger I once found a website dedicated to bizarre fetishes and one of the sections was labeled "crush" and it was divided by category of body part/animal/insect and I clicked the insect one and it had photos of bugs that had been crushed or about to be crushed so I clicked off the site and cried lol, I hate men so much.

No. 1350110

File: 1663987885830.png (30.78 KB, 982x249, fucking gross.png)

that reminds me of this time I was watching craig of the creek (shitty cartoon network show) on kisscartoon and an obese balding tim commented on this lesbian girl character realizing she's in love with another girl

No. 1350111

i've had men offer me money to do this on film for them to distribute because apparently it is surprisingly popular. it really can't be stated enough that tons of men are hiding many different layers and levels of fucked behind their stupid faces

No. 1350112

What gave me hope is that it's from a stock photo site. Hopefully it was just a photographer that found a snail and thought it would be a good photo for articles about sociopaths or something.

No. 1350113

Nta anon but I used to have a classmate in college (her name was Sandy) who was like, 5 foot tall and kinda girlish so everyone thought "how cute!" whenever anyone saw her but you could tell she had some kind of autism going on. She loved to draw historical figures and she also loved yaoi. I started talking to her out of curiousity and then one day out of nowhere she said "I'm in a facebook group where we discuss weird fetishes", I was like, uhh ok? then she kept going: "I really like fetishes that have to do with bugs and snails, and would like to do an art piece about this subject in the future" we both went to an artsy college and I was trying to be open to things so I asked her, what did she meant by that. She then proceeded to tell me all about snail and bug crushing fetish. She told me how she fantasized about crushing snails and how sad but also sticky and eerie it would feel to crush a snail. She told me she was asexual because she never felt anything for anyone who wasn't a yaoi man, but that she had a very interesting fascination with weird fetishes and she thought they were fun. I didn't speak to her much after that, specially because she had lice permanently living in her hair and turns out she gave me lice from that interaction alone. She said it was a medical condition, idk if that's real or not.

No. 1350114

that reminds me that there was some odd trend on youtube shorts where people would crush snail eggs under a glass and people went crazy for it
I know about the crush fetish thing but I thought it was because of some underlying foot fetish but those were just food getting crushed by a woman's foot
sick stuff

No. 1350115

if you know anything about furry drama or insane psycho moids/their fetishes, you should know about the "crush" fetish.

No. 1350117

wtf nonnie you met a Junji Ito character

No. 1350118

incredible story

No. 1350119

This is vile
I do not like those videos either, but as far I'm aware the people who do it are doing it because those snails are invasive. I still think it's weird to get such a satisfaction from it though.

No. 1350121

>but as far I'm aware the people who do it are doing it because those snails are invasive
naive take

No. 1350124

No. 1350125

the like count flared my depression even more

No. 1350127

Aw wtf, I hate accidentally stepping on a snail it makes me sad and disgusted, the squish is the absolute worst feeling and the crunch of their little shell makes me cringe. What happens to a person for them to find that arousing

No. 1350129

I stepped on a snail once when I was a kid and the feeling never left me
I don't understand how it can be arousing for anyone it just makes me get violent shivers eugh

No. 1350134

people love to make excuses about filming or taking joy in or profiting off of the killing or deaths of animals. the "they're invasive so i'm filming them for youtube" is a load of bullshit. either fully fetish related or just monetized sadism

No. 1350135

>it really can't be stated enough that tons of men are hiding many different layers and levels of fucked behind their stupid faces
Ain't that the fucking truth this year I found out my dad is into beastiality and cp and it blackpilled me harder than anything I could've read online

No. 1350137

what's worse is that you can tell there's a lot of kids in that comments section. so it's a reminder that a lot of children have already been groomed into accepting and defending grown ass agp men.

No. 1350140

What the fuck. How do you even find that out. You haven’t reported him?

No. 1350144

reads like a cgl horrorpasta, terrible but amusing
this dog is so content with her pepsi im seething with jealousy

No. 1350145

File: 1663989126726.jpg (921.28 KB, 700x1000, Queen_of_Walking-p02.jpg)

best movie ever

No. 1350147

I accidentally found his search history. None of it was reportable, just illustrations and photos of little girls in bathing suits right off google images, which isn't even illegal even though it should be

No. 1350151

tell your mom if she's still married to the dickwad

No. 1350154

What movie is this?

No. 1350157

Without giving away too much info into my life, she knows and hasn't been in contact with him for a while now

No. 1350159

It's in the file name, Queen of walking

No. 1350160

She's so pretty!

No. 1350161

What is it about

No. 1350164

my moms new husbands birthday was today and she brought me a slice of cake. i have cake and cats!

No. 1350165

No. 1350166

red bg + blue words and vice versa always look trippy to me

No. 1350167

high school girl who struggled with motion sickness and has no choice but to walk hours on end to school, they explore the reactions people have to her condition, how she deals with it and her life while training as a track athlete with motion sickness
it has fun characters and is cozy on rainy days

No. 1350169

Kekk thanks

No. 1350180

you're eating both?

No. 1350183

No, but if my boy keeps honking at me I will make Roast Richard

No. 1350184

No problem my sister

No. 1350190

This thread is sad and lonely and so am I

No. 1350192

No. 1350197

Same, I'm sad and bored so I'm getting dairy queen and watching a horror movie, I don't care that it's going to hurt my stomach after I want onion rings

No. 1350198

Enjoy your movie and onion rings! Dairy Queen getting rid of mint oreo blizzards was a hate crime against me

No. 1350199

Wish I were there with you nonna. What movie are you watching?

No. 1350204

i haven't been to DQ in years but those fuckers got rid of the mint oreo blizzard? a classic? a staple? i wonder about the financial implications of that decision. they always have oreo cookies on hand for other offerings, so it must have been a decision to get rid of that green mint ice cream

No. 1350206

Aww thank you sweet Nona's, in my city right now they have the girl guides mint cookie blizzards and I'm stoked lol I haven't decided on the movie yet but I'm thinking either Halloween, Silent Hill or The Mist, they're super cheesy but I love watching them in the fall

No. 1350213

I have no idea why or when they did it but it was like 2014 at the latest because I remember getting the heartbreaking news when I was still in college. I haven’t been to one since so it’s possible they brought it back or that particular DQ just sucked.

No. 1350214

Zoomers don't like mint ice cream. They're very hivemind and the toothpaste comparisons did it in

No. 1350221

File: 1663993610620.jpg (64.96 KB, 740x555, IMG_9502-2-1.jpg)

wrong. i'm not a zoomer and i have always hated mint ice cream and mint desserts, especially junior mints and thin mints, which can most definitely go to hell. mint belongs in delicious mediterranean salads or watermelon salads and refreshing summertime drinks only. you people are sick

No. 1350223

It’s been gone for years now though so I don’t think we can blame zoomers. I doubt it was a financial decision as I’m pretty sure it didn’t even use mint ice cream, they mixed a flavored green syrup into vanilla.

No. 1350225

Elder millennial reporting in, mint flavored things are disgusting and keep you awake at night. I use that fennel-flavored, flouride-free Trader Joe's toothpaste.

Anyone ever develop an inappropriate fetish? I recently discovered that Rule 34 doesn't cover sexy IRA boys, and I am distraught. Will I ever be able to bag an Irishman without revealing my weird secret?

No. 1350227

That was uh, quite the escalation of topics Nona lol

No. 1350228

I'm in my blankets, think I have hay fever, itchy skin and runny nose. Most oddly is how my toes are ice cold. If I am dying and this is my last post I just want you all to know th

No. 1350231

Take a Benadryl and sleep like you’re dead!

No. 1350232

Is that cheese? Feta cheese and watermelon? Hell no.

No. 1350233

The subject change reminds me of that one Britney Spears tweet where she’s like I love lady Gaga she’s an interesting artist

No. 1350235

I agree that anon should have spoilered that and get redtexted for bad taste

No. 1350238

File: 1663994243907.png (244.83 KB, 792x526, ukrmrhjs2yv01.png)

A subservient male is about to give you head and then you see he has a gamer dent. What's your reaction

No. 1350240

I still can’t tell if the dent thing is real or a running joke and I’m not going to google it

No. 1350241

assuming it's just yet another thing the english have ruined for so many

No. 1350249

no nonny you are missing the rest of it, it's a whole salad with watermelon and tomato and feta, usually red onion and spinach too and a balsamic vinaigrette dressing, it marries it all together

No. 1350251

That sounds really good. Balsamic is the best.

No. 1350253

Do not judge until you taste. It’s very good.

No. 1350257

I get drier than the Nevada desert.

No. 1350265

its real

No. 1350267

>implying i'd let a shaved head moid near me

No. 1350273

What if he had hair but you feel the dent on his gamer head

No. 1350276

Pushing the soft spot in my bfs head in hopes it gives him a lobotomy by proxy

No. 1350284

Brahms 3! Brahms 3! Brahms 3! I love Brahms! What is your favorite Brahms symphony? I could never choose.

No. 1350285

does anyone remember the tulpa thread from years ago? it was such a beacon of concentrated autism, but in a fine way and hilarious way. i still harbor resentment that it was shut down for no reason. we could've had so many classic caps

No. 1350287

To be honest, I've never heard a Brahms symphony in my life. I like Clair de lune, though maybe I'm basic.

No. 1350289

He only wrote 4 but they’re all lush and spectacular. Sometimes I listen to all 4 in a day because I am a dork.

No. 1350291

go to youtube and listen to one

No. 1350296

Use headphones for best experience. Oh no, am I going to get the gamer dent from listening to music?

No. 1350304

I'll give it a shot since you suggested it.

No. 1350308

File: 1663998238014.png (535.14 KB, 754x708, 887878778676.png)

Everyday I feel like a goddamn failure, I really wanted to start a channel about art and encouraging others to do art despite their circumstances but now I'm very sad and pissed off because I think it's a bad idea. No one is going to care, I won't get views, and all the work I'll put into it will be for nothing. I really feel like I should kms tbh

No. 1350310

anon, have you seen youtube channels? literally anyone can gain a following

No. 1350311

Finished 3 and went straight to the last movement of 1 because the Alphorn theme has been stuck in my head and ahhh it’s always perfect

No. 1350314

The loser ex boyfriend thread makes me smile and I love reading it. I love to laugh at loser men and I'm happy anons are out of their bad situations.

No. 1350319

samefag because FUCK it’s so good it’s like it puts everything back together again and I’m so sad that I don’t have anyone to sperg about music with anymore

No. 1350331

my apologies for killing the thread with music autism

No. 1350406

File: 1664008550370.jpeg (68.78 KB, 1024x724, 099_222.jpeg)

you just made it sound worse

No. 1350478

File: 1664014243878.png (52.08 KB, 900x601, two_atl_0d0 (2).png)

Thoughts and prayers for all of us about to get a visit from Ian and those of you in Nova Scotia. Hope the rest of you have a better weekend than us.

No. 1350483

you can so hear Bjork in this. LET'S GET UNCONSCIOUS NONNIES

No. 1350485

A male “friend” just sent me a message about how he dreamt my best friend was having sex with me with a strap on. I replied that I had a dream about a man with Down’s syndrome walking into my house and refusing to leave, and how I hit him in the head with a saucepan. This fucking guy freaks out and tells me I’M being inappropriate kek

No. 1350495

Ew who tf immediately runs to share a sex dream with a person from said dream

No. 1350509

Your dream made me laugh out loud because I imagined this sound effect

No. 1350528

what's the context of this song?

No. 1350529

i like it

No. 1350534

File: 1664018361328.jpg (76.13 KB, 736x1104, b47d41c612b08c4a71ddd1fd248be2…)

Never take men's bs at face value. Guarantee he didn't dream that, but is using "dreams" as a way to bring up weird fantasies without repercussion and make you uncomfortable (making women uncomfortable is a form of dominance to men, especially low value ones)

No. 1350538

>zoomers don’t like mint ice cream

zoomers live rent free in the mind of triggered snowflake millennials

No. 1350539

implying the mods aren’t neets either, just because they forget about moderating this board doesn’t mean they have lives as well they could be trolls on another website and you wouldn’t even know kek

No. 1350548

Wasn't the anti-mint products movement created by millennials? It's like from 2014 when zoomers were still little blobs

No. 1350555

Wtf I love mint choco ice cream

No. 1350561

Banana ice cream is good and it's a shame it's not sold here. The same people who "ew" it like banana splits kek

No. 1350562

They really do, I'm so fed up with muh zoomers being bought up at every turn here lmao. It's exactly like boomers complaining how millenials have killed this and that and pissed in their cereals. I'm not even a zoomer myself

No. 1350569

Mad about something they can never be anymore: young, wild, and naive. Their lives are full of rot that the only thing they complain about is not being able to afford a house and having to pay bills, they’re so obsessed it’s unreal lol. They act like they’ve never acted that cringey like young people in their lives even though myspace, early internet forums and imageboards and live journal existed

No. 1350574

The post brought up changing tastes in regards to a product being canceled. Stop sperging

No. 1350578

Oh I don't doubt they're NEET's, probably neetier than all of us combined. I mean who would commit their time to being a moderator for a site that doesn't pay them in return, I'm honestly not even fully convinced their not just a bunch of students taking part in some case study or something, either that or like the imageboard equivalent of reddit mods sorry mods don't ban me I appreciate you all

No. 1350587

>case study
Kek this made me laugh. Studying women at their most autistic

No. 1350591


No. 1350595

File: 1664023848745.jpeg (2.9 MB, 4032x3024, E5C96678-BD01-47B2-853E-AD3DC0…)

Submit for spritzing, nonnies

No. 1350602

Nobody is ever going to love or care about me and I can’t find my Nintendo’s charging cable

No. 1350638

I've seen bitch spray before but I've never read the small text underneath. I like it even more now.

No. 1350642

File: 1664027140498.jpeg (20.59 KB, 275x272, F895BF63-54AF-490B-9514-C4A6FE…)

>kiwifarms is blocked on the work wifi
>lolcow isn’t

No. 1350644

This was back when kiwifarms was a physical entity and not a lingering ghost of internet past (aka like last month)

No. 1350646

if the peak popularity of the Yakuza series was late 2000s to early 2010s we could have had unironic "my parents sold me to the Tojo Clan/Omi Alliance etc" Mary Sue fanfics and I would have binged on those

No. 1350647

I miss all of the cute-cringey yumejo Mary Sue content. I wish I could find yumejo yakuza fans on twitter… i am so tired of the state the fandom is in sometimes, because of that i end up hanging out with the Korean part of fandom instead.

No. 1350649

File: 1664027601343.jpg (367.17 KB, 1079x598, Screenshot_20220924_085037.jpg)

Mike looks almost identical to a woman who started at my job a few weeks ago who was put in a production line (for some reason) but was slow as fuck because of her fibromyalgia and would huff and puff and bring it up like all the time, that is if she could stop talking at you and talking over you and finish your sentences for some reason. Glad she fucked off and quit.

No. 1350650

File: 1664027740367.jpg (28.96 KB, 467x225, fe8cdd984aea88725c2ef39fa10dbb…)

old ladies are cute

No. 1350652

your druggie mom who calls you a whore and beats you every day and never loved you sells you to the Tojo Clan to get money for more drugs wyd

No. 1350659

I've never met a fibro sufferer who wasn't just plain unbearable to be around.

No. 1350708

File: 1664030394897.jpeg (2.37 MB, 3398x2717, E4FBB57F-A87F-4444-90C1-FA1170…)

Sorry to cat spam but heres a photo showing her mismatched toes! Hope everyone is having a good day!

No. 1350759

File: 1664032782192.jpg (2.11 MB, 4000x3000, 20220902_183243.jpg)

look at my lovely neighbours

No. 1350762

I love them

No. 1350766


Brave of you to use lolcow on company internet. The IT nerds know and are laughing at you nonita

No. 1350786

love to see it! my housemate's cat is a ginger with little freckles on his feet and nose. he's the dumbest cat i've met but one of the most cute/goofy ones.

No. 1350810

File: 1664034840230.jpeg (1.56 MB, 2331x2712, D9C8B917-ED6E-4621-8155-BCDB85…)

Same posting again bc typo but here are the freckle beans. Please disregard the amount of cat hair, this is the designated cat chair and it will be cleaned soon.

No. 1350818

File: 1664035437156.png (3.05 MB, 1280x1707, 165807093172788.png)

>trying to constantly think about my husbando so that in hopes that I can have a wet dream involving him
I think he's appeared in my dreams iirc but usually in non-sexual contexts. I might consider lucid dreaming instead

No. 1350827

OT but I love Meg, Mogg and Owl

No. 1350831

Laughing at me or with me

No. 1350843

ayrt. I didnt know how 'Meg, Mogg and Owl' related to my post until I googled it and realised that one of the cartoons I watched as a kid eventually got a parody comic series, so thank you nonny. I might check it out