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File: 1657827430007.jpg (343.89 KB, 692x699, shaymin.jpg)

No. 35668

The newest lolcow admin, Shaynafag Admin, was supposed to come and say hi to us months ago in december but she never introduced herself. I've seen a lot of anons complain about the lack of words from shaymin and she's nowhere to be seen, she might as well be mythical. Does shaymin even exist? Where is she?

No. 35669

can you please permaban me shaymin please release me from this hell

No. 35671

I hope we find out soon nonita.

No. 35674

File: 1657843529837.jpeg (359.72 KB, 828x552, D01D2C66-5CCA-4E0B-991C-7214EF…)

She introduced herself 5 months ago

No. 35675

During the townhall in November admin said the new admin volunteered to take over in order to keep Shayna’s threads up

No. 35829

I like calling her Shaymin it's pretty cute. Currently playing Pokemon and got a Shaymin and called it Shayna in this website's honor.

No. 44193

I made a ko-fi donation and there was mention of interest in people submitting themes. I remember this but it was months ago. Is there still interest? I have a pretty cute theme I made for a xenForo board and adapting it wouldn't be too hard I don't think.

No. 44194

Definetely get in contact with admin, more themes is always good

No. 44195

Please do!!!

No. 44197

We can definitely add any themes or color schemes you'd like. Right now would be the best time since we're finishing things up. If you want you guys can simply copy CSS to a pastebin file and post, or you can email administration@lolcow.farm to send any styling and color schemes.

If you aren't comfortable with CSS that's fine, you can also send us color palettes like other anons have.

No. 44243

File: 1662535292730.jpeg (171.79 KB, 750x562, 1648505286679.jpeg)

can you make a cute strawberry milk one, and one based on harvest moon? please and thank you.

No. 44245

I love AWL such a good game.

No. 44246

yes! I hope they chose AWL! thanks farmhands

No. 44255

File: 1662538482163.jpg (70.41 KB, 563x752, 61597494b4a84d590b973f8d39e8f3…)

Admin-sama, when do you think the new version of lolcow will be available ? Also could you please give us more updates ?

No. 44256

No. 44257

Omg maybe a theme where the threads are black and white and the background is a pasture with cows? And maybe some animations of cows running along (Idk if that’s too much work or could be an eyesore sorry)

No. 44258

or maybe the background could be cow print or a pasture full of cows or both

No. 44261

Awesome, are you going to add the new banners as well?

No. 44262

Thank God. Thanks for coming to fill us in, we appreciate that a lot, but just while you're here- are we getting rid of the porny banners?

No. 44268

Yeah they really need an update. There are so many great new ones now.

No. 44296

Seconding. Especially the pork chop and the "I'm goint into the river" one, I just don't want to see any tits or ass in the banners tbh

No. 44312

File: 1662596059765.png (39.83 KB, 300x100, 1436996108950.png)

Please also get rid of this banner please, it comes from a hentai

No. 44313

File: 1662596081276.png (47.75 KB, 275x92, 1473453488757.png)

and this one is fucking hideous PLEASE

No. 44315

This one is so awful it makes me laugh

No. 44316

Seconding, I've always hated this scrotey banner

No. 44317

File: 1662596904548.png (67.62 KB, 275x92, 1662596081276.png)

at least change it for something that looks better like this, it's not the plate itself it's the ugly black thing with the shitty font (I'm sorry)

No. 44318

What’s wrong with L O L C O W

No. 44319

Thirding. Other porn ones, like with Shayna, don't make me feel as grossed out.

No. 44320

it triggers my graphic design degree ocd I'm sorry kek

No. 44328

File: 1662602937678.jpeg (137.54 KB, 900x1200, 1662223059361.jpeg)

thank you based admin and jannies, you seem pretty cool already. sorry to hear you guys are facing so much shit from men, but it's no surprise as you said. thank you for doing all you can and continuing despite the pushback, it's really appreciated. our little corner of the internet is really special and very different.

No. 44340

I asked for the porn-y banners to be removed for years and anons always agree but nothing is ever done. I especially hate the on with the basically naked ass that looks straight up from a porn site saying "daddy's little lambchop". I don't know the reference and it is just absolutely vile. There are so many that are just naked or half naked women.

No. 44346

Admin confirmed on a townhall that yes, they will be removed. Everyone else agrees anon, just trust a bit more

No. 44347

It would take like 2 minutes to do this. Why is it taking months?

No. 44348

Because they're setting up the new website, they basically said that yes they could do it right now but it would make more sense until the new site is delivered

No. 44349

I agree with you, but just wanted to elaborate a bit; it's because the person in that image was caught posting on lolcow and the discord, and her post history was riddled with her mocking prostitutes and saying she would never. Turns out she did and it was a whole thing. There's stuff archived here if you're bored: https://lolcow.farm/mystery.html

No. 44350

Oops also meant to include

No. 44352

ew all the “I’m a guy and I’d fuck her too bad she’s crazyyyy”

No. 44354

I have a very cheap bridge to sell you, nonnie.

No. 44355

Maybe the Margo one could just be edited differently. Her suicide threats were the funniest suicide threats I've ever read, so I like the text (but not the pic)

No. 44372

We can still mock them and make new banners based on them; nobody likes the porn banners though. I hope they remove them

No. 44373

There's better margo banners already

No. 44374

File: 1662674366692.gif (100.76 KB, 300x100, mystery.gif)

Made a better replacement for the porny Mystery banner with your screenshot.

No. 44381

File: 1662675929282.jpg (Spoiler Image,220.85 KB, 600x782, 47d-2140437974.jpg)

Big question admin
Can we please start banning this type of ugly wojak out of the website? Not the usual wojaks that just represent girls or anime guys whatever. This specific type of scrotey wojak. Whenever someone posts it, it feels painfully male.

No. 44382

File: 1662676075885.jpg (Spoiler Image,22.27 KB, 203x275, 1662669329849.jpg)

another example posted today

No. 44409

The schizotroon has been posting them.

No. 44418

One more reason to ban them then, I only see males, troons, and people who don't belong here posting them.

No. 44447

what the fuck is that even supposed to represent? a tumor?

No. 44448

I always imagine the wojakposter as looking like these and it's probably true

No. 44454

Imagine that is something to brag about, ew

No. 44455

File: 1662761620417.png (18.23 KB, 1473x595, palette.png)

No. 44456

we already do, check yotsuba and notsuba in the themes.

No. 44457

Omg what if … theme you could tweak yourself I dream

No. 44466

File: 1662778761106.png (508.92 KB, 932x1766, lc theme example.png)

I have a theme, but don't really want to post the file since it's made up of random edits to the main style.css and the Wasabi theme (since I don't know CSS at all). If anyone likes it I can also post a palette.

No. 44493

Someone mentioned that instead of having PT showing her panties as a spoiler image, we should instead change it to a drawing of Elsie holding a spoiler sign. I think this is a better idea and I know PT is historic, but this will make browsing lolcow easier while in public. If any drawfag wants to do it please consider adding it to the new lolcow website, thanks.

No. 44494

Seconding this!

No. 44495

I like that admin is being called Shaymin it is very cute

No. 44497

Yeah, I'm also into it, though maybe some oldfags should chime in too?

No. 44502

Ayrt I'm an oldfag and I agree with this change

No. 44503

File: 1662866295265.jpg (14.01 KB, 300x300, 1662865989235.jpg)

Make a theme based on this color scheme, call it devilish cow pls

No. 44513

I don't know the details of the swapping to a new site thing, but I reckon it'll be possible since a lot of chans give the option for custom css.

No. 44516

Fingers crossed for catalogue with pages pls

No. 44517

I’m an oldfag and I like that idea! PT is iconic but also she’s super mentally ill. I know she posted those awful pics on her own volition but having farmerchan holding a sign saying spoiler would be better and not make me feel as much pity seeing pts panties.

No. 44519

another oldfag here, i agree. i also find her largely irrelevant now anyways given that the scope of the site has really broadened so it just makes more sense and is less icky

No. 44522

doublepost but will duplicate / unnecessary threads be deleted too? It’s a little annoying when using the search system and you just get a duplicate thread in the results

No. 44525

please yes
God I hope so. I hate when I see so many duplicate threads still up, they should had been deleted when they were first made to avoid confusion and more catalogue clogging. This is why /m/ is so perfect right now, everyone knows what threads are there.

No. 44545

>>44519 etc

I agree too, that is a pic with history but I also always found it a little gross. The farmer-chan is so cute and would be a better fit in general I think.

No. 44548

Will the mods please do something about the jvlogger fans who've invaded the jvlog thread? They're making threads now and fake cancer claims.

No. 44554

Saw illegal shit on /ot/. Careful

No. 44557

It's on /snow/ as well.

No. 44558

It’s on every fucking board, It’s never been this bad I feel sick to my stomach

No. 44559

porn in /g

No. 44580

It's on /pt/ again ugh

No. 44581

tranny's cp spam is still up… on every board…

No. 44592

Is it still up?

No. 44593

Samefag, I hope that when Newmin said that the FBI have been contacted that it was about you know who.

No. 44600

cp in m's bad art thread..

No. 44605

There's still CP on /ot/ (page 2 or something) but I forgot to report it. I'm not going back to do it.
Fucking troons think a gossip website that doesn't support tranny delusions is worse than child sexual abuse and child trafficking. Typical

No. 44611

this is like a suggestion thread nonnas, please take the complaints to the complaint thread

No. 44613

there's no thread topic plus its pinned, quit minimodding

No. 44615

We literally have a pinned complaints thread here:

No. 44616

thats like a suggestion thread nonna, please let us complain about cp here

No. 44617

silly nonna

No. 44642

Wait where was that said? Imagine if one of the cp spammers is keffals or an associate and they get busted. Last part unlikely but let's try to manifest it

No. 44643

No. 44709

File: 1663104852689.jpeg (177.8 KB, 713x378, 88ABA343-2A8A-4373-9F55-08303F…)

I like what this nonna said about the new spoiler pic

No. 44716

does anyone have the discord link? the one on the top menu is invalid and I never bothered joining all these years but wanted to know the total costs to upkeep the site so I could donate what I could

No. 44734

it's in the kiwifarms thread. i'm too lazy to get it for you, sorry

No. 44735

a screenshot of admins post here >>44209

No. 44759

Schizo tranny porn spamming in vent thread.

No. 44762

I think the discord is closed. If you look on the Ko-fi page it says how much the site costs

No. 44763

File: 1663181375670.png (50.84 KB, 262x275, 1663176730817.png)

We need it (posted on the doodle room thread)

Whoever did this, this is perfect chef's kiss

No. 44765

I feel like someone should vectorize it

No. 44769

oh that's nothing compared to what I thought. If our monthly costs are $100-200 a month I'll gladly pay for it fully if it means helping keep lolcow up and female only safe tbf. For some reason I thought it was going to be way more considering how much aws costs and shit for work for me.

No. 44770

I'd like them to fix the you know what problem first. I don't want to see children getting abused and black dick spam

No. 44771

When the Ko-fi first opened, they got a $1k donation and the current goal has already been reached. I think they'll be ok for a while.

No. 44772

oh yeah for sure 100% agree on that, but that's not as an easy solution as hosting and billing issues. Like there's lots of solutions but they aren't imageboard friendly (such as mods approving any image posted before being seen, having to register accounts to post images, having a verification system on the images themselves that can tell if it's a NSFW photo, list goes on really) but none of these solutions work well with what an imageboard is all about and how it behaves. I hope the admin and such come up with a solution but I can't think of anything outside of creating a bot that auto cleans certain type of reports if there's a set number of reports with a specific tag to it, and thatw would get abused quick and you'd have to have an entire group of farmers having to go in and repost images that didn't break rules, lol.

For sure, I saw that. I'm glad, hope things keep going well.

No. 44773

Samefag, but I just remembered that admin said that the server costs are coming out of her pocket so I'm actually not sure what the ko-fi goal is for right now

No. 44774

I personally don't mind the current spoiler image I think the "it's too sexual!" complaint is stupid tbh but if it does get changed I would like it to be this one because it's cute and incorporates the original image.

No. 44778

I love this one too but it needs to be bigger and maybe without the text.

No. 44782

Agree with this, also perhaps it should be transparent or have a darker background.

No. 44783

Same, but I love seeing the art nonna’s renditions. So cute and silly.

No. 44789

cute and clever, kek

No. 44795

File: 1663225413233.png (925.95 KB, 3000x3000, pixel.png)

No. 44796

File: 1663225518465.png (1.27 MB, 3000x3000, vector.png)

No. 44800

Thanks for editing these nonna, they look good. Don't know if this makes sense, but I like the pixel version more because it gives off the idea of it being "blurry" which works for a spoiler. Also it's very charming in a video game way.

No. 44805

Seconded! I love the pixel version.
Great job nonna!

No. 44807

love it ♥ ♥ especially the pixelated version
great job indeed nonna!

No. 44808

File: 1663232680912.png (1.9 MB, 5000x5000, spoilerrrrr.png)

shit you beat me up to it

No. 44822

It's fantastic, good job! I'm always amazed by the sheer amount of talented and funny nonnas out there.
You've got my vote for new spoiler pic.

No. 44843

File: 1663271224416.png (93.32 KB, 436x462, 1663063133253.png)

Someone please give this one a chance by coloring it

No. 44844

Also /pt/ should be inside the frame

No. 44845

The pt spoiler pic I mean

No. 44846

i like this one more. i hate the original pt spoiler pic.

No. 44848

Eh, it's more moid-y than anything plus it makes browsing kind of NSFW. Someone is free to consider that stupid but it is accurate.

No. 44849

Also bumping this. Thought there was a couple of cute ideas and wondering if it's only possible to use 1 spoiler image.

No. 44851

It might be asking for too much from admin, but what about keeping the OG spoiler for /pt/ and cycling through images for the other boards? Or perhaps each board could have a different spoiler image if that makes any sense.

No. 44852

>but it is accurate.
Maybe to you nonna, I don't personally agree.

No. 44853

File: 1663281679005.png (166.55 KB, 432x466, 1663280518954.png)

This one is seriously the best so far

No. 44854

In what way? When I see girls bending over in schoolgirl outfits, it seems very male gazey. If it's not, I'd actually like to know.

Moreover–some other anons were the ones saying it was NSFWish and made browsing the board in public even more awkward. Are you disagreeing with them too?

No. 44855

Nah it should be simple. Cute as art but not a repetitive spoiler image

No. 44857

I know it's just PT, so when I see it it doesn't feel creepy in a moid way to me.
>it was NSFWish and made browsing the board in public even more awkward
I guess. I don't personally browse LC in public that much because I know there's worse shit that can pop up (a troll was spamming gay porn just today), but if someone happens to be looking at your phone/computer in public I don't think they would immediately realize what the spoiler pic is. Especially because there's a big ass red bar across it.

No. 44859

nta but wym ? this one looks very simple

No. 44865

yeah its so desaturated you can hardly see it. plus why do you want lc to be more browsable in public when we have cp raids several times a day? i dont mind the other porn banners being taken down but pixy will always be our queen and a newfag filter.

No. 44866

nta, though I didn't really care that much about the nsfw part. I just hate schoolgirl cosplays in general. I like how tongue and cheek >>44808 is. Just wish the fingers weren't eldritch abominations.

No. 44867

Because a lot of anons read Lolcow in public and it doesn't take away that even if they didn't it makes a lot of people here uncomfortable. And even if it wasn't the case, getting a new one isn't a bad idea.

No. 44868

Then do a new pixyteri spoiler image, it doesn't have to be her flashing ass.

No. 44870

File: 1663301901206.png (2.07 MB, 5000x5000, 1663232604673_spoiler.png)

No. 44871

File: 1663302209311.png (1.3 MB, 3000x3000, vector_spoiler.png)

No. 44872

File: 1663302318481.png (893.82 KB, 3000x3000, pixel_spoiler.png)

No. 44873

all the art is very cute, but it’s telling that so many newfags come here and think they’re entitled to change something that is part of the board culture just to accommodate where they browse lc, we’ve had this spoiler image for years.

No. 44874

I agree but I think a lot of it is also coming from excitement for the big site update. It would be nice to at least incorporate the original image though, or have another pt one as another anon said

No. 44876

I agree with you and the anon above. I'm fine with the current image but if admin does change it (she hasn't said she will yet so everyone is kinda jumping the gun here kek) I think the new image should have the old image somewhere in it OR keep the current spoiler on /pt/ at the least. I would be sad to see it go.
>even if they didn't it makes a lot of people here uncomfortable.
Not to be rude anon, but this is an imageboard. "it makes people uncomfortable" isn't exactly a good reason to change it.

No. 44878

I agree I'd be more concerned with the actual cp raids while browsing in public then a desaturated picture of Pixi bent over. Not sure why anons feel differently but they're entitled to their opinion.

No. 44880

File: 1663311973503.png (463.7 KB, 3000x3000, 1663310921190.png)

Everyone go home we have a winner right here

No. 44881

>all the art is very cute, but it’s telling that so many newfags come here and think they’re entitled to change something that is part of the board culture just to accommodate where they browse lc, we’ve had this spoiler image for years.
I've been here since 2015 and even back then the picture felt uncomfortable to me. Just because it's old doesn't mean it's the best.

No. 44882

Even if it doesn’t get changed I think it’s nice of the artnonnas

No. 44886

There was nothing scrotish about it in the first place, it was mostly a reference/joke to the infamous "I'm poopin" Pt pose (the poopkemon banner is more appropriate in my opinion and I hope we can keep it)
But I totally understand what you mean, I've never been a fan of this image because I think it makes navigation in public quite tricky.
We have so many talented nonnas in here, so I really hope Newmin will pick one of their doodles.

No. 44892

I personally think it's quite awful, it's hard to see what it is + the added effects are hideous

No. 44896


FUCKING FINALLY. A while back I was browsing lolcow and a scrote walked by my screen just as the banner that had PT deep throating a corndog loaded, and a few minutes later he was in the hallway with some other dude saying he walked in on me watching porn… I was mortified.

No. 44901

Reading LC in public should be shameful enough anyway.

No. 44902

>just trust a bit more
Nta but that was at a townhall 9 or 10 months ago. What trust is deserved here.

No. 44912

Just do it at work or while shitting the streets

No. 44917

How is that worse? I hear about nonnies checking lolcow all the time at work or the bus on /ot/. Cow boards aren't the only boards

No. 44919

Why? Are you a neet? It's just a website dude, get your personal issues out of here.

No. 44920

took me some time to realize what was under the spoiler thing..

No. 44921

Moids literally watch porn and gore on the bus, I've witnessed it first hand. My college had public computers and their browsing history was full of shitty webpages too. Lolcow is pretty tame in comparison.

No. 44922

>There was nothing scrotish about it in the first place
This. Do you think a woman is excited to see pt's ass this much? Men used this website too at some point and the remnants are all over lolcow, this being one of them. The picture gets stale after years of using this website.

No. 44925


No. 44927

File: 1663363079295.png (72.69 KB, 3000x3000, spoiler_template.png)

nonnies who don't want the spoiler changed / don't like the drawings: come edit another pixy pic if you'd like! Plopping a template for the og here

No. 44930


No. 44934


No. 44937

Calm the fuck down, no wonder the old admin is sick and tired of this userbase.

No. 44945

tbh this is a good idea

No. 44946

Remember to help with server fees guys

No. 44947

no it isn't. don't change the damn spoiler.

No. 44948

not until moids are culled

No. 44950

File: 1663560682664.jpg (18.5 KB, 265x346, fag.jpg)

why are you tards poor and why not beg in the discord instead of letting the site go down for days? you do this every month.

at least ban the goddamn tranny again. 10 minutes and he's already here with his naturally unfunny wannabe class clown routine, christ.

No. 44952

I would help with server fees, but no way in hell I am giving money to an admin team with 0 communication and then taking the site offline without warning

No. 44954

Yes it is and nonnies agree

No. 44956

yeah that's more or less my feelings too. If they would just start being more communicative I think everyone would have no issues. Idk why they won't do that.

No. 44957

That was a long vacation. Aah!

No. 44958

Fk you, the newfags who want the spoiler changed, and the newfags who use the word 'nonny'

No. 44960

I mean some of the porny and gross banners are being replaced anyway, I don’t have. A problem with the pt pic but it is kind of sus when browsing lc in public (yes i know nobody should be but people do)

No. 44961

where the flying fuck did 'nonnies' come from? i'd never heard it in all the years of the site and now suddenly everyone is using it?

No. 44963

>new spoiler
there isn't a new spoiler yet, that's a template. Is admin even willing to change the spoiler?

No. 44964

No word on it yet

No. 44965

"nonny/nonna" has been around for at least a few years now, not exactly newfag material. Board culture naturally evolves. But yeah changing the spoiler pic is stupid, /pt/ is lore

No. 44966

I assume it was brought over from twitter. Newfags from twitter got really into it and caused it to spread like wildfire recently at least. 'Nonna' for me is even worse because it sounds like anons getting off on this being a uwu girlboard, it's like 'femanon' 2.0 except theres no need for that distinction on lolcow because female is already the default here. No surprise that the tranny wears that one out.

I propose a vote to have nonna redtexted like nonny btw shaymin please

No. 44967

I think I started seeing people using it two-ish years ago? No clue where it came from though.

In other news- I was so scared the troons took down the site, like that weirdo posting on the Kiwifarms thread was threatening us about if we didn’t do what he wanted us to do. >notyourpersonalarmy

No. 44968

Have you ever wondered why nonny was redtexted in the first place? It's because the only people who used it were annoying newfags. Then you have nonna, an even newer term used by even newer fags.

>Board culture naturally evolves

Pandemicfags to the rope; we don't want your nu culture.

No. 44969

>pt pic but it is kind of sus when browsing lc in public
This is my only reason wanting it replaced too

No. 44970

File: 1663563229923.jpg (75.51 KB, 1200x1200, stewed-prunes-3sq.jpg)

I brought some nice stewed prunes for you grandma, maybe these will make you feel better?

No. 44971

I don't take long enough shitting to do all my lolcow browsing, I wanna look on the train too. Mind you the CP raids kinda make that impractical more than PT's butt.

No. 44972

You can't convince me the anon that coined "Nonatella Versace" is a newfag. It became pretty normal on /ot/, I think maybe you'll just have to come to terms with it, grumpy-chan.

No. 44973

No. 44974

File: 1663563933215.png (3.48 MB, 3000x3000, cow1.png)

Maybe we can use an actual cow as a spoiler pic? Just an idea I did pretty quick, I'm sure someone can do it better than me

No. 44975

Not being an underage tardlet who came here to vent about the she/they friends I secretly hate doesn't make me a boomer. It isn't hard to integrate instead of acting like a flaming dickhole.

No. 44976

>on /ot/
Just showing your ass

No. 44977

Agreed, I can't even understand why they would ask for more donations after this.
Why are anons still calling "nonny" a newfag word. Are you just getting that from CC? I've been here for years and happily use variations of nonny, so do other anons.
Did admin even say that those banners were being "replaced"? I thought new ones were just being added.

No. 44978

She did say they were going to be replaced. Also that anon is probably stupid and came from CC because the CCfags were getting bitter over the word nonny over there. CC trannies will never have what farmers do.

No. 44979

File: 1663564444546.png (1.74 MB, 3000x3000, idea.png)

another idea

No. 44980

Been here way before cc was even created, and never went or even lurked because actively marketing yourself as a girlboard cannot end well. The shit flinging that went on in the old cc hate used to be funny though. I'm actually surprised the… women… that occupy it don't approve of cringey words like that, as well as surprised that the people who use them don't like cc.

No. 44981

File: 1663565410488.png (439.75 KB, 3000x3000, spoiler.PNG)

No. 44982

Looks like some meat

No. 44983

Oh fuck you're right, can't unsee it now

No. 44984

I really like this one nona!! It looks great

No. 44985

Love it, needs a little tweaking but it's got a good idea there

No. 44986

If you make the spots bigger and adjust the color a tiny bit it will look less like meat

No. 44987

If someone else wants to edit my idea to be less meat-like go ahead! Idk if I know how

No. 44993

even in the discord nobody knew what was going on kek

No. 44996

are you for real? can you post a cap for posterity? (usernames blurred)

No. 44999

File: 1663577685696.jpeg (341.99 KB, 828x1275, 1663489487901.jpeg)

not mine but from an anon in the bunker threads on CC. there were a few other caps but i can't find them. from what she said basically everyone was speculating until a post from one of the mods(?), just a few hours before the site came up, clarified that it was an update

No. 45000

File: 1663577845377.jpeg (183.73 KB, 828x553, 1663540410463.jpeg)

samefag, the update post

No. 45007

File: 1663580793073.png (2.13 MB, 3000x3000, spoiler_test.png)

No. 45008

it looks like something a pedo troon would like

No. 45009

File: 1663581373396.png (253.71 KB, 3000x3000, spoiler_test2.png)


christ I recoiled, let's not go with that

No. 45010

The spots don't need to be pink I think, can you try making them black and white, but still muted with a light pink layer on top with low opacity

No. 45011

Samefag or you can take an actual photo of cows fur close up and then recolor that to pink

No. 45012

Just accept it oldfag, we are radfem tumblr now and there's no going back. I'm just thankful we haven't become troon-adjacent like every other God forsaken place on the internet.

No. 45013

I'm an oldfag, and those nicknames for anons are cute. Deal with it nona.

No. 45016

File: 1663587789894.png (496.09 KB, 3000x3000, cowwww.png)

nta but I gave it a shot

No. 45017

File: 1663587836330.png (588.25 KB, 3000x3000, cowwwwwwwww.png)

No. 45018

File: 1663587992176.png (336.73 KB, 3000x3000, cowwwwwwwwwwwwwww.png)

No. 45019

File: 1663588687456.png (719.39 KB, 3000x3000, spilled milk.png)

an idea: spilled milk (some anon might be able to do a better version)

No. 45022

Why are we erasing our glorious queen?

No. 45023

idk if admin even wants to change it but we should make a poll to see who wants it changed and who doesnt kek

No. 45024

It's a bit dated and sus to browse in public (yes yes you should not browse on public but ppl do anyway)

Poll would be good

I like >>45009 with the colors of >>45018

No. 45025

we can still use pt just not her ass

No. 45031

I'm here since 2015 (no, I'm not bragging kek) and there have always been little nicknames for anons. At first it was more like "anon-chan", "anon-sama" and other weeby stuff then it evolved. I love these personally, it's cute and fun (my fav one being "nonette" cause I'm a baguette kek)
From what I've seen, newfags are more likely to use twitterfag lingo, like :
>Kween, Gorl, Slay, Go off…etc

Now, that's cringe !

Sorry nonettes, not a fan of these. I think that >>44871 >>44870 are the best ones.

No. 45032

I like saying gorl its funny

No. 45033

>Now, that's cringe!

you're cute nonette

No. 45035

i really like this one too, i think its most fitting, and still keeps the legacy of the old spoiler pic

No. 45038

>Kween, Gorl, Slay, Go off…etc
Do twitter zoomers really use those lol? Those are millenial words

No. 45044

File: 1663596666341.png (338.81 KB, 848x848, spoil1.png)

Made a milk carton one. I can't draw so I stole some art from google KEK

No. 45045

File: 1663596724344.png (361.04 KB, 848x848, spoil2.png)

Made another version too. Not the best but maybe some artfags will be inspired by it?

No. 45048

Oh wtf we're back?? Since when? I was about to go cry to CC anons that I miss LC

No. 45049

Same kek! Good to be back nonnies

No. 45055

Omg I love this idea so much

No. 45056

hey just letting you know that we will be down again since admin is still working on updating the site and only left it open now. (i saw the moderator post this in the LC server)

No. 45057

Here is the kofi link for lolcow for anyone who wants to support this site with $ https://ko-fi.com/lolcowfarm

No. 45059

i hope some of the new banners can be implemented!!!

No. 45062

I wasn't enthusiastic about changing the spoiler before because pt is part of LC history and why this site exists, but I love this idea.

No. 45063

This but drawn by a drawfag

No. 45064

Can there be a cow motif on it too?

No. 45066


It's definitely newfag terminology but it's not cringe newfag terminology. I was here when this hellsite first got made, stopped posting for like 2 years during the pandemic and when I came back everyone was saying nonnie/nonna. Idk where it came from but I think it's cute so why complain about it? Like someone else said, we used to call each other anon-chan or x-chan (like how paki-chan had her own nickname)

No. 45067

It comes from "nona", which is "anon" reversed

No. 45076

>i saw the moderator post this in the LC server
Can you post caps then?

No. 45077

nta but please do, im in the server and haven't seen the next downtime message, I know that the cost goal wasn't met(?)

No. 45078

File: 1663607843058.jpeg (115.92 KB, 828x277, 4A8A6B40-C0E0-4A8F-ABAB-2E71D5…)

Nvm Samefag found it

No. 45079

File: 1663607868762.png (171.36 KB, 781x777, Screenshot 2022-09-19 191650.p…)

here anons.

No. 45080

File: 1663607890004.png (137.46 KB, 842x665, Screenshot 2022-09-19 191624.p…)

No. 45082


Why would you only update on discord it's really not that hard to flash some text on the website screen that says we'll be down

No. 45083

Thanks anon. It's so ridiculous that we, once again, have to search through discord (a closed discord, btw) for any meager updates about the site.

No. 45084

Exactly, there needs to be a clear message on LC about downtime so we know what is going on. That's what all websites do.

No. 45085


Apparently the admin is a shayfag so she's probably too retarded to think of stuff like that. Probably figured all of us joined the discord and use it often enough to see her updates. Hopefully that changes soon, because literally every other website will tell you at least a day in advance that their website will be down. It's literally not hard to do, and I'm pretty sure the other admins used to do it. So I'm not sure why she's not.

No. 45086

Yup, exactly. Not a dime for server costs from until that happens

No. 45087

Yeah. Why would I donate when you prioritize your hugbox discord server? Which is closed, so those of us who would just join for updates have to depend on a kind anon posting screenshots? Does not inspire hope that the money will be used right.

No. 45088

we used to get messages like those all the time actually, wonder why shaymin hasn't done it? either way I'm okay if the site needs to be down for maintenance, but yeah a shout out might be the best for everyone

No. 45089

Have people donated more yet? This worries me if we don't have enough money for the website to stay up

No. 45093

It's $100-150 a month. 12 months since we donated. How much is that, anon? Anywhere between 1200-1800 dollars.

1000 isn't enough to cover that time period. The funds have run out, it literally makes chronological sense.

No. 45110

Admin if you want donations, show us you're serious by being communicative HERE, not on your private discord that people have to go hunting for news in. It's fucking basic. Everyone is going to continue to be nervous and apprehensive about donating if you don't act like an actual admin and communicate with your users on your OWN WEBSITE. genuinely beyond me how you still refuse to do this. It's like you want people to be suspicious of you.

No. 45113

Pretty much this. I've been wanting to donate quite a bit of money but admin is here like 5% of the time, if that. Communication goes a long way.

No. 45123

tacky as fuck. are we in 2015 tumblr?

No. 45124

Why even change the spoiler image at all?

No. 45126

Every time I see queen pts ass now it kinda makes me sad for the queen and how far she’s fallen into her mental illness. I hope a poll is done that way we can get everyone’s opinion but shaymin seems to be a scared retard who won’t speak to us directly.

No. 45127

File: 1663637109796.gif (874.06 KB, 206x206, Tumblr_l_2643744953542479.gif)

we've come to the point where the newfag radfemtwt users have decided we're not allowed to make pt posts anymore because "they seem like something a pedo troon would enjoy"

glass half empty. it reminds me of the glory days!

No. 45128

Would a strawpoll or Google survey be better for nonnas?

No. 45129

literally no one is saying that

No. 45131

there were a couple of reasons some nonnas wanted the spoiler image changed that had no wording of “pedo troon” Kek. Newfags are always going to arrive because lc isn’t some sekrit cloob or whatever

No. 45133

It never will be kek seethe

No. 45134

It would be a lot cooler if it was, then we wouldn't have a tranny spamming his CP collection and shitting up the site.

No. 45135

No trannies allowed on lc. The only thing I find based about Shaymin was she called them out in the retarded kiwi thread

No. 45136

because newfags are posting pictures and videos of kids getting raped

No. 45140

File: 1663639805482.png (644.62 KB, 3000x3000, got_milk.png)


Just for you, Nonnie

No. 45154

No. 45155

No, that was responding to the edit of Pixy with a lolipop, not the current pic, see >>45007

No. 45156

your point being? it was retarded either way

No. 45158

no!! i can't deal with this again this week. it's too much for one week.

No. 45159

you are all idiots. that's not a PRIVATE discord, the discord's invitation was literally here this whole time until the new admin decided she was going to shut it down. Anons were asking in THERE about this website so that's why they got an answer. I don't even know if the matrix one is still working tho.

Queen PT>>>>> any retarded jvlogger

No. 45160

Is it possible to code the site so that you can change the spoiler pic option like how you pick different themes?

Then oldfags who refute change and the various art anon contribution votes can all be happy

No. 45161

Pixy with a lolipop looks ddgl ish and troon like. Pick a better one

No. 45162

That was in response to this pic
No one is saying you can't enjoy PT, learn to read faggot

No. 45163

That's not the "newfags", retard. That's literally the same troon that always posts the same shit. You're being inmensely retarded right now.

No. 45166

Can you not read sarcasm? They were responding to a tranny, now deleted post who said newfags are worse than trannies.

No. 45167

I really like this one!

No. 45173

Calm down. Not that big of a deal. It was in response to a tranny who was spamming

No. 45175

Tranny up and at ‘em mods

No. 45176


Whore moid thread

No. 45177

You're the idiot. We can't ask for updates here because she only updates in her discord hugbox. That's not how a responsible website owner operators. It'd be like Zuckerberg only telling the people in his Whatsapp group that fagbook and Instagram are going down for scheduled maintenance for the weekend. Hell, even Kiwifarms will flash some text on the screen so people aren't caught off guard. Shaymin needs to do the same, the other admins would hold town halls and they literally used to put it in red text above the banner if they had scheduled maintenance planned. This one can't even do the bare minimum yet wants donations?

what if shaymin is actually buttstuffbarbie herself

No. 45205

why is shaymjn so autistic and unable to get her ass into /meta/ and make proper announcements? it’s way too much of a coincidence, I’m starting to agree we are in for a rude awakening for who we just have this website to

No. 45207

Kek shayna is running lolcow and lurch is trying to take it down

No. 45209

why is it always the brokefags trying to run this website, does it look like that pakichan and third world chains have any more money to shell out to this slow as fuck website? i’m sorry but didn’t some rich anon already donate about 1k to the server fund, so where the fuck is the rest of the money gone??? KEK

No. 45211

I’m starting to think shaymin is a tranny, 1,000k goes very far for a website that isn’t even as big to manage as Kiwifarms. It was supposed to be for a YEAR, and it was raised last year matter of fact, so how is the 1k already gone?

No. 45213

File: 1663692961450.jpg (26.41 KB, 418x434, 1396093699327.jpg)

Wasn't that a year ago?

I will donate as soon as the admin team communicates more, I think many nonnas agree

No. 45215

Sweet nona why would you donate when these people could be lying to you.. save your money for a rainy day kek.

No. 45217

Fuck off blaine

No. 45220

how can i join the discord? the link below has expired.

No. 45221

Public invites are turned off currently

No. 45222

The faggots that want it changed can tampermonkey it themselves. Don't force the uwufication on the rest of us.

No. 45223

File: 1663699011956.jpeg (114.9 KB, 589x285, 27B3ECFE-D19E-498B-B02E-003E14…)

Shaymin if you’re stuck on funds I would take this anon’s excellent advice kek. Go and get you some good dick

No. 45224

She doesn't deserve good dick

No. 45225

Controversial opinion: I think some farmers are too harsh towards admin, and are ungrateful.

No. 45226

Yeah, I understand the frustration with how it's been the past year, but a lot of farmers are just asking for more communication. I know it's a weird spot to be in though because of the troon gang having their eyes on LC, but again people are willing to donate if we knew more about what was going on. I agree though, she can pull the plug any time she wants and shes willing to keep it up

No. 45227

what should we be grateful for, she hasn't done anything for us

No. 45228

you guys say that as if you won't freak out if lc doesn't load again

No. 45229

I don't think it's unreasonable for anyone to want more communication especially when the site is actively asking for more donations. Shaymin (or whatever you call it) knew what kind of site they were taking over and it's silly to think the users wouldn't be critical or catty about the lack of communication.

It's ungrateful to be asking for money without even answering basic questions from the community it's supposed to be serving. I really hope some other users have been archiving threads and saving things because if they don't want to oversee the community and act like users are spoiled brats for wanting to know what's going on then others should be weary.

No. 45230

This is why you always have an owner known as a chronically online sperg

No. 45231

Kek. If Luna hadn't banned him from Twitter he would probably be sperging about taking down the farms next in between hitting on feet bots.

No. 45233

I actually love love love these and think should be added

No. 45234

She deserves good dick and pussy stop being silly

No. 45235

No u, keep staring at pt's smelly ageplayer ass with tampermonkey

No. 45236

>It'd be like Zuckerberg only telling the people in his Whatsapp group that fagbook and Instagram are going down for scheduled maintenance for the weekend.
KEKKKK I laughed but it's true, it does come across as that

No. 45241

I think the funds have been used to pay the bill since October last year when oldmin made the announcement. If it's around 100 bucks it makes sense that they're out of funds soon.

I agree with the other anons that communication really should be better. Even if she's currently just too busy with her irl to finish the server or whatever, she could just drop a short message here. But I also think a lot of the people straight up insulting her aren't even farmers. Case on point, the tranny upthread.

No. 45244

I'm literally asking if the option can be implemented by choice, in other words it wouldn't force it on anyone and all of you can shut the fuck up about this trivial ass thing

No. 45245

Agreed. The tranny almost baited me but it's more fun to watch him argue with himself.

Others have already speculated that the last round of funds dried up but it would take minimal effort to say that themselves especially since they already went through the trouble of adding a donation cup.

With everything else going on it makes sense that everyone wants to know the site is secure/going to continue to stay up before handing any money over.

No. 45248

Please ban VPNs, Shaymin. I'd bet I am one of the most privacy conscious anons here but I will take farmhands knowing roughly where I live over the fucking tranny everywhere. I know there are loads of anons who feel like this, I can't even remember seeing anyone expressing the opposite opinion on /meta/ in the past months when this has been an issue. This is my #1 ask by far. I donated and everything because I want to put my literal money where my mouth is because I love this fucking site but it's being ruined by this bullshit. I even have some ideas for fundraising. Just please, please do the needful here.

No. 45250

And now that is out of my system, my fundraising idea.

A is for Ana's, afraid to get fat,
B is for Bella, who got into scat.
C is for Chris-Chan, who fucked his own mum,
D is for Dasha, who was really quite dumb.
E is for Ethan, who seethed as he coped,
F is for Felice, who scammed lots of dopes.
G is for GAMPs, who want to fuck troons,
H is for Hila, treated Trish like a goon.
I is for IP2, fuckups who stream,
J is for Josh, king jannie supreme.
K is for Kaitlin, who wrote a think piece,
L is for Lilee, who's fame won't increase.
M is for Momo, who dresed up like Samus,
N is for Niko, who showed off his anus.
O is for Onision, a groomer for sure,
P is for Pixy, a weeb and a boor.
Q is for Q, when the boomers sperg out,
R is for Reddt, where they'll make you troon out.
S is for Simps, who can't get it for free,
T is for Trannies, who are watching you pee.
U is for Uwe, director named Boll,
V is for Venus, playing like she's a doll.
W is for Weens, who bring nothing of worth,
X is for Xander, got a thread before birth.
Y is for (You), biggest fag of them all,
Z is for Zoos, make them all face the wall.

it's a parody of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Gashlycrumb_Tinies for those unfamiliar and it has some Kiwi-focused material but mostly for this side (and a few silly things, I couldn't think of anything else for U but I like V) but anyway I know we have a lot of talented artist nonnies here and thought it might be fun to make an actual little book that could be sold as a fundraiser.

No. 45251

i unironically love this

No. 45252


No. 45253

Kek i don't know who'd buy or what place would even publish this. Especially with the terf stuff

No. 45254

samefag aside from farmers

No. 45255

ayrt yeah I just expect "us" to buy it maybe some kiwis too … as for who will publish it, there are a bunch of print-on-demand publishers and it would be easy enough I think to switch from one to the next if the trannies got it #cancelled, I actually looked into the process a little, it's pretty simple if you have the content ready actually

No. 45256

If it was a zine it'd be nice to have

No. 45257

Doesn't even have to be that you can get paperbacks etc printed on demand with no money up front. Dunno exactly what the layout would be and thus how many pages etc but I'm envisioning just the text on one page and the art on the facing page maybe which means 52 pages + whatever else (I have some other silly stuff that could go together with it) which is enough for a paperback. The prices would be a little higher than people might expect to pay for a little book but not outrageous. I'm not interested in any money I want it to go to the site, we could figure out how to do that I'm sure.

No. 45259

Nothing wrong with that like I said it's print-on-demand, there could be 3 people and it still works out fine, no loss to anyone. Now … the thing is I'm not any good at art so that might be herding cats but I do know there is a lot of talent on here.

No. 45261

File: 1663708744585.jpg (37.93 KB, 474x415, th-219331907.jpg)

I dont like the zine idea (too much work to do for a disorganized website) but maybe some elsie and cow stickers will do

No. 45262

Idk making money out of the likeness of someone, specially making fun of them, sounds scummy. It's fine to gossip but maybe this is a step too far away, parasocial and illegal even

No. 45264

It's not moralfagging, simply a precaution because that shit could be actually bad to this website

No. 45265

I don't see it is a problem. More or less everyone mentioned puts themselves out there as an e-celeb and thus is totally fair game legally (although IANAL) and IMO morally.
Maybe a legitimate concern? As I said IANAL I'm not totally sure. Some cows are litigious it is true, but over a brief mention, idk. Also it does not need to be sold "by" the website, it could be sold by anyone with profits going there. Just spitballin' here.

No. 45267

If doxxing and cowtipping is discouraged what makes you think making monedy out of cows is fine?

No. 45269

It's still a bad idea anon, imagine someone took a picture of you and sold it on tshirts, it's still your image that someone else is using to profit from, yes even if it was altered or fanart

No. 45270

ayrt Is it so different from soliciting donations for the site? It's not like it is something that is being done for profit on a large scale. I of course wouldn't go forward with anything without a discussion with admin.

No. 45273

I'm not a public figure though, just saying. I don't put myself out there so have a reasonable expectation not to be made fun of, they do. Except poor Xander, he's one year old, but that entry is more about his parents. "X" was hard though.
Anyhow it's just an idea, I thought the poems were cute and might be helpful to fundraising efforts. I'm open to input including input that says it's a bad idea, so I'll be curious what people have to say and I will probably drop an email to Shaymin.

No. 45275

This is so autistic omg

No. 45276

>I'm not a public figure though, just saying.
Even if you weren't it's still not viable anon, stickers of elsie or cows sound way better to me

No. 45277

Having discussions here about making anything to be sold off site is just kind of a bad idea anyway because as soon as someone starts selling LC merch or something trannies can report or email the place selling these things

No. 45278

Since they will be watching for this, and theyre best at pressuring businesses about terf shit

No. 45289

Banning VPNs will do nothing but punish legitimate posters. 4chan bans VPNs and still gets ban evading trannies, gore and CP. LC is an image board and if someone is that determined to post here they will because all they need is a fresh IP. It's just how image boards work.

No. 45290

this idea is still pretty good imo

No. 45291

File: 1663729975522.jpg (25.36 KB, 600x600, 662ecfed1b1946ce62fa5bcc160e51…)

If farmhands want to do stickers for funds I don't see why not. They don't even need to be terfy or include elsie, it can be just dumb stuff like picrel

No. 45292

File: 1663730014732.jpg (8.06 KB, 224x224, images.jpg)

or this… literally no one would know it's from lolcow

No. 45294

File: 1663730225677.jpg (57.95 KB, 500x500, 51tjrarCQoL.jpg)

one more example, you get the gist

No. 45305

plus people without vpns can still get a new IP just by resetting their router. ban evaders on other imageboards (and one here) admit to doing it like that.

No. 45306

I’ve caught bans before from VPN users because it will be a post I haven’t made myself, is this a problem that could ever be fixed or does it just come with anonymous imageboard technology? Since it’s up address based? (Sorry idk how to word it better)

No. 45309

File: 1663764494200.png (975.67 KB, 1000x1000, Hbd2d5b850d124839a6cdfe24abf50…)

Or maybe we could have custom plushes of Elsie/Kikomi/XX ?

No. 45310

No that's imageboards for you but if you plug out your router for few minutes and plug it back in then apparently that will give you new IP address, I read that from another nonnie when we were discussing Keffals leaking IP addresses

No. 45312

Awww I’d love this. Id hate for moids to get their hands on them though.

No. 45316

I was talking about dolls of Elsie and 2x? Chill

No. 45319

>i was being catty
Tranny spotted

No. 45321

tranny on /ot/ shit stirring

No. 45324

tranny in the kiwi thread trying to fuck with the narrative and self-insert

No. 45326

tranny in /meta/ trying to fuck with the narrative and self-insert

No. 45337

If lc still exists by next year I will voice and face verify when janny applications open because this is ass

No. 45364

tranny posting scat and racist shit on /ot/ everywhere. i dont really get why they think that that shit is gunna affect anyone? we just report and move on.

No. 45378

Josh would namefag tbh

No. 45379

they also don't seem to get that a lot of us were originally from 4chan and aren't fazed by this shit anymore. it's just annoying. dumb moids.

No. 45380

yea tbh i think the trannys/moids are newfags if they really think anyone here is bothered by it

No. 45399

What a petty ass comment

No. 45401

spam in ot

No. 45406

can we please get a banner at the top of /ot/ that just says "ignore and report bait/spam"

No. 45531

So is the site going down again on Sunday or what?

No. 45581

File: 1664130656565.gif (10.07 MB, 540x341, tumbleweed.gif)

No. 45589

gore in /g/ /ot/ and /m/

No. 45603

gore in snow please delete jannies

No. 45616

gore in meta now ugh

No. 45618

Gore in /g/.

No. 45674

File: 1664221502643.png (97.58 KB, 802x541, 1615816730240.png)

If we ever do stickers I hope Kikomi-anon would let us use this

No. 45677

GORE IN /snow/

It’s so gross I hope mods are online rn!

No. 45680

File: 1664224367764.jpg (126.76 KB, 680x680, 24807c11b6258a12ebd8bcd0ddef48…)

bumping fore gore hope the mods delete it quickly

No. 45681

File: 1664224418728.jpg (33.89 KB, 500x334, tumblr_05520093207a1d65cf63be7…)

No. 45682

File: 1664224452253.jpg (75.22 KB, 700x736, angry-kittens-105.jpg)

I hate gore spammers!!!

No. 45683

File: 1664224506856.jpg (86.58 KB, 728x728, 6784f696d4693df6a7715e9cd052f0…)

No. 45686

File: 1664224553551.jpg (20.86 KB, 683x360, 360_F_222269629_azS066VmOwYAgU…)

No. 45687

File: 1664224624878.jpg (14.5 KB, 350x231, redeye-grumpy-dog-20140924.jpg)

No. 45688

File: 1664224685218.jpg (603.2 KB, 1000x949, d8k30hb-37bddf86-4bcd-42fd-b78…)

ok last bump beware nonnas there is a gore spammer

No. 45736

Has there been any additional news about the emergency townhall? The ko-fi page still says that it's supposed to be in September, but there's only a few days left in the month.

No. 45840

That means next September, anon. The one that never comes.

No. 45888

At this point it'll be a year since they announced they were almost done updating the new website… If I remember correctly by december the issues with the new site would had been fixed or something. I wonder what went wrong, hopefully we still have a townhall before the year ends.

No. 45889

samefag, idk what exactly was said but after installing the ko-fi button I remember they said that for the new year we would have the new site ready or something. I guess it took longer than expected? Hoping the new site will implement a captcha and all the new cute and awesome banners ♥

No. 45908


No. 45925

that is the point of Shaymin nonny

No. 45933

File: 1664749075961.jpg (294.79 KB, 1280x720, ShayminHeader.jpg)

shaymin (aka shaynafag admin) is just like the pokemon, almost never shows up but when she does she somehow is able to moderate (aka clean) the site pretty well until she disappears again

No. 45953

and honestly i love how the board direction is going. we can say whatever we want re: men or troons and their nefarious bullshit, whereas any mention on the off topic boards was suppressed before. the overall board culture is very decent now, aside from rogue racebaiters and male spammers.

No. 45957

We just need more actual mod presence to be honest

No. 45960

yep, if we just had more mods on the team to watch out for the raids, things would be perfect.

No. 45967

I've seen way more "not all men!" "don't generalize, you're just as bad as them!" posts if anything, way more people not knowing how to use the site (constant emails in the sage field for example and namefagging), one self admitted enby so far, and that one incident in the vent thread months ago where mods banned a few anons for alogging men. Tbh I think at least half of the original posters are gone.

No. 45969

I think those will either get kicked out or made to integrate by mods and other users eventually tbh.

No. 45971

>that one incident in the vent thread months ago where mods banned a few anons for alogging men
But was this the time that there were posts calling male children being raped?

No. 45972

>able to moderate (aka clean)
What do you mean by this? She hasn't done much.

No. 45975

It wasn't that, there wasn't even a main discussion going on.

No. 45976

The uptick in "not all men" sperging is directly correlated with kiwifarms going down. They have no idea how to intergrate.

No. 45978

bruh moment

No. 45979

It was, even I remember that one

No. 45992

Just bully all the "not all men" anons and other unintegrated retards. Make them integrate forcefully or permaban them out of this website. These fuckers are not welcome.

Most of them must be ugly pickmes or kf scrotes anyway.

No. 46016

Can we get a dedicated mod on the pixielocks thread to get rid of y'know

No. 46026

That was a bruh moment kek

No. 46027

Anon you responded to, I'm an oldfag, I left after oldmin kicked went on her tantrum about radfems and I know a lot of oldfags who left because of it. Now kiwifags are here, polfags, and of course the dramaboards attract new users who aren't integrated. Pretty sure much of the polfag and not all men posting has to do with the exile of radfems from a few years ago, but that's not shaynamin's fault. I think admin is doing well with allowing the organic direction of the userbase to post as we pleased like we once were able to for a while.

No. 46029

I see a lot of radfems all the time so I'm sure some of us are still here sticking around

No. 46030

If you hang around private offshoot discord servers with girls from here you will see a lot of us are terfs and still using the website.

No. 46033

Selfposting discord tranny shitting up the mtf thread with his "milk" about his discord buddies+posting revenge porn

No. 46038

File: 1664892309466.jpeg (141.79 KB, 640x711, 128EEE0B-06B6-4CAC-BE46-2D2E0A…)

Why the fuck have I been permabanned for bumping a belle thread? Admin you really are a fucking fan at this point. How embarrassing. Luckily you’re too retarded to mod properly and I will continue an evading, you retarded cunt.

No. 46039

you're actually retarded

No. 46040

Shut the fuck up.

No. 46041

your post is retarded and embarrassing and I don't see why you shouldn't be banned for that

No. 46042

You’re probably one of those retarded white knights who lurks /W/ 24/7 so fucking what I bumped her shit ass thread. I did it to piss off degenerates like you because you deserve it. A permaban is disproportionate.

No. 46044

No lol but bumping w/ no milk is bannable because it's retarded. We also have been getting raids every day from trannies/moids and autists so they probably thought you were one of them by acting like a tard because you wanted to piss off a WK or something

No. 46045

If you can fucking read they banned me over 2 months after I posted it. They just over moderate belles thread because admin is a scrote with a hard on for her.

No. 46048

>t. newfag moid

No. 46050

Dude Ghost bumping is how you do it, delete the post after you newscrote.
Jesus men are literally brain dead children, no wonder I don't want to date most of them.

No. 46051

Where are the fucking mods? Blaines fedposting still isnt deleted in the KF thread. Its been hours.

No. 46056

YWN be welcome here tranny. Even the most psychopathic women in the world are more welcome here than you. I hope you fucking kill yourself.

No. 46066

Tranny selfposting in MtF thread shitting it up

No. 46067

They also brought this up in the other thread, I think he got chased off but I am not sure. He did ban evade once already so.

No. 46076

Helloooo??? Is the schizo troon just allowed to post his schizo babble now? Have you given up? Are the mods dead? WTF is happening, things have been left up for a day now.

No. 46083

MODS please ban the twitter whore derailing and blog posting about her porn addiction in the Shayna thread

No. 46084

Porn/maybe cp i scrolled too fast in /m/ from 6 hours ago

No. 46107

cp on /m/ been up for 7 hours now, great job mods!

No. 46110

porn spamming on /snow/

No. 46122

Mods wake up bbc porn spam in snow

No. 46134

Bbc spam is still up in snow

No. 46144

Tranny is loose on W

No. 46147

Tranny posted his nasty body on Jillian's thread.

No. 46148

jill's thread is unusable

No. 46154

Someone claims to be spring onisions number over and over

No. 46181

Now this autist is bumping old onion man threads from 4 years ago spamming phone numbers.

No. 47062

Just coming in here to see if shaymin is going to tell us what went on and if her white knight bootlickers are going to yell at me for even asking.

No. 47063

File: 1668025178564.png (14.83 KB, 1405x118, explanation.png)


No. 47064

Thanks. But who the fuck does this? Like I said last time, make a thread or something people shouldn't have to search the comments for a redtext with the update. And they got the audacity to ask for donations

No. 47065

Literally what the fuck is the point of this board if they don't make updates here

No. 47066

Once again, two more retards that refuse to understand that not all jannies are farmhands and not all jannies have access to certain boards.

No. 47067

what site updates? everything seems the exact same to me

No. 47068

I've said it multiple times, but I will donate when the admin and mods start updating us here. You'll not see a dime from me before that.

No. 47069

there are no “”””jannies”””” on lolcow newfag

No. 47070

This. I don’t understand why admin won’t listen to us and use /meta/. Like others have said, if they won’t use it for what it’s made for then why is it here?

No. 47071

kek you're braindead

No. 47072

I think she's joking, nonnie.

No. 47073

Thank you to God and Jesus Christ for saving us during this disaster. I thought I was gonna lost my family, friends, everything they keep me alive to this day. People think that 24 hours without lolcow isnt a big deal, but for me, I thought i was going to madness, i kept praying that this site will function well and Jesus, who watches me through his heaven, listened to my prayers. This night i felt like Jesus heard me, he heard me and he told me through his power "Yes Nonna, my beloved child, I heard you, I see your suffers, and I will help you. As you are repenting from your sins, you deserve to be pardoned, and through this pardon, i will lift the technical issues". God is real, and miracles happens, thank you Jesus for keeping me alive, tonight i will light a candle and pray for the miracles you have done to me and my community. Amen

No. 47074

Jokes are expressly forbidden here.

No. 47075

You're the only retard. That's not an excuse. Admin should be making these announcements as soon as LC is back up and running, instead of having a mod give updates in the redtext of someone else's posts.

Tbh I don't. I really can't tell there are actual autists that need to be in social skills classes posting on lolcow instead so… Who knows kek

No. 47076

Way to miss the point. I know that not all mods have access to all boards, dummy. Updates or explanations about the site should be made here because that's one of the purposes of this board. There are farmhands that can post in /meta/ and there's also the admin. If you haven't noticed, for the past few months the staff has been posting everywhere but here.

No. 47077

The other admins actually used to check here periodically.
Probably some behind the scenes optimization bullshit.

No. 47078

The jannies are the most autistic is the issue.

No. 47079

I didn't miss the point, dummy. You're complaining about a redtext, my point was the maybe just maybe that is the only person around that can actually give us an update, and they can't post it here as a farmhand or even post it here as a redtext because they likely don't have access to the board.

What you said wasn't misunderstood, just retarded and shows a huge lack of empathy for someone that does this shit for free.

Even if Admin was here, when was the last time admin posted? And how consistent was it before then? Wasn't very much, now do you expect her to just pop in for a small update on the site when she hasn't done it before? So again, you bitching about someone who gave an update where they could.

No. 47080

>Admin should be making these announcements as soon as LC is back up and running

So then why are you crying and calling the janny autistic or shitty for something they literally cannot control? Jannies are not in charge of admin so I don't understand why people shit on them so much, that's just me tho. I can understand shit talking admin but jannies that can't control the site or anything is just weird

No. 47081

Do you know the difference between jannies and the admin? Because I said ADMIN needs to do the updates. Fucking retards, the lot of you

No. 47083

It’s true though?

No. 47085

The jannies are under no obligation to give updates yet they still chose to do so and let the other anons know whats going on. So whats the point of complaining, if i was a janny i wouldnt even be giving retards explanations.
Also im the one who reposted the jannys redtext here in meta and there was a other post they redtexted where they said that they also went to crystal cafe to let other anons know why the site was down 8 hours ago.

No. 47086

Anon, this is not a one time thing. This is a consistent issue where there are barely any announcements being posted in /meta/ and instead on other boards. It's gotten to the point where an anon started an entire thread just to compile all of them. I would've understood if this wasn't something that keeps happening, but it's pretty clear that admin isn't actually interested in posting updates or just responding to concerns here.
>Even if Admin was here, when was the last time admin posted? And how consistent was it before then? Wasn't very much
That is literally the problem. You still aren't getting it kek

No. 47087

Ah, the bootlickers have arrived. Just because she's doing it ~for free~ doesn't give her the right to be a complete fuckoff. Every other admin has at least given us updates on here. Shaymin may be dumber than the rest but that doesn't mean she can just get off doing less than the bare minimum cuz no one is paying her. She should have never volunteered if that's her mentality towards being a site admin.

No. 47088

Yes shaymin/bootlicker, we know you wouldn't bother do your volunteer job because anons are mean, but if you want people to donate you should listen to our requests. You're probably the same type of anon to bitch about chan culture, aren't you?

No. 47089


No. 47090

what the hell are you talking about, take your pills. Alot of projection from you.

No. 47091

Nya, you're wrong.

No. 47092

After you stop licking shaymins ass. If you don't understand what I'm saying it's because you're a retard.

No. 47093

Oh my god can you retards stop infighting

No. 47094

you sound like a schizophrenic, who is even defending shaymin here kek. Take your fucking valium.

No. 47095

Same. I need my autistic little space and I’ll pay $20 bc I’m a true and honest fanatic

No. 47096

No. 47097

Petition to start calling shaymin ghostmin since she's nowhere to be fucking found

No. 47098

File: 1668030128986.gif (2.59 MB, 268x380, 01D6FCAD-4044-4C0A-A8B9-08987D…)

Pretty cute.

No. 47101

Same. I'm also willing to pay a good amount but not until I see communication on admin's end.

No. 47104

since when are our famrhands called jannies? is it because of an influx of newfags or is it just 1 or 2 retards samefagging?

No. 47105

File: 1668038509721.png (17.87 KB, 625x626, 1CF01A97-8F34-4183-9E21-F3E20A…)

No. 47106

what about that was bait, are you just retarded?

No. 47108

this shows how the real retards are the blissfully ignorant, like you, oh dear….

No. 47109

ohhhh, okay. Nvm. The instant samefagging gave you away. my initial >>47104 theory was correct kek

No. 47110

i dont know if you are genuinely retarded or just a bored troll larping as a oldfag, but im pretty sure multiple anons have responded to you.

No. 47119

nta but are you new? or baiting? There are two distinctions in jannies vs farmhands. jannies sweep, farmhands have more power

No. 47120

I've been here for over 3 years and never heard any distinction like that, nor heard anons ever calling mods "jannies" en mass at all. Whenever a post gets deleted, or something gets redtexted, or someone gets banned, the phrase is always "thanks farmhands" or "based farmhands" or "where are the farmhands". Only refugees from pother imageboards come on here and start calling farmhands "jannies". In emails with admin or whoever answers that email address about the moderation shortage, even she only ever used the word farmhands and made no mention of any other type of moderator. I'm pretty sure this whole gaslighting surge is schizo troon trying to camouflage his overuse of the word "jannies", but on the off chance it isn't, you can either stop or point to any official mention of the supposed two classes of moderator, because I'd be happy to be enlightened.

No. 47123

never mind, it's you 100%. apologies for farmhands to responding to the moid for so long, couldn't tell for sure until now.

No. 47124

ikr. that's gotta be bait, idk why I'm even responding to it.

No. 47125

No you're just wrong. You can shut up now. Or you can ask on the stupid questions thread where you belong.

No. 47126

ill explain it you since you are genuinely dumb and this infight is also dumb.
The reason why they are saying jannies is because they are talking about a janitor and not a farmhand. Do you get it now.
There are janitors and farmhand.

No. 47127

File: 1668049054363.jpg (24.29 KB, 400x400, 20221023_123427.jpg)

Seriously I'm not trying to be mean but now you're acting a bit fucking stupid. Even if it is lingo from other imageboards, who cares? There are a ton of other words from 4chan and other boards posted here constantly, that's never been a faux pas here on LC unless it's twitterfagging or redditposting. I've been here a lot longer than you claim to be and you can search the word "jannies" on the site, almost all threads even way back have complaints of "jannies". There is a difference. I sincerely hope you are baiting or trolling, otherwise I'm in shock that you can claim to have been here that long but "still haven't seen it". BTW jannies on /meta/ delete the tranny's posts and yet mine are still here. I'm a regular user so maybe stop acting retarded mkay? Don't make me lecture you again, alright?

Like, I hate the word nonita but I'm not gonna claim a tranny came up with it because I don't like it and haven't seen it being used here before

No. 47128

i get it the schizo troon also uses that word but that doesnt mean we should go and lash out now on other anons who are properly using the word janny when talking about a janitor.

No. 47130

farmhands sweep too retard, the difference is that farmhands have a tripcode so they can post as farmhand.
Theyre both moderators.

No. 47131

I know that, dummy. I was simplifying it. What the fuck do you think "more power" all implies? "oh yeah they have more power than jannies but oh they can't sweep!!" stupid ass

No. 47132

I'm so confused about this infight

No. 47134

samefag but you could have added the additional information without being a bitch. Maybe paint or draw or eat a snack cause your being cranky is wack

No. 47135

just look at which posts were deleted, from the greened out replies, and you can get a sense of what happened. Check back in a few hours to see which ones disappear from the latest batch kek.

No. 47136

>There are janitors and farmhands, jannies have less power
weird how admin has only ever done “farmhand applications” and only talks about recruiting “farmhands” and the moderation team don’t make mention of these elusive lower class janny mods in official posts ever and that the only people using the term jannies are the schizo troon who is obsessed with the term and cannot remember how to “blend” to save his life or anons using the phrase “tranny janny” because it rhymes

No. 47137

umm…ok janitors have always existed ive been here for some years and ive seen janitors or are we going to act like they dont exist.
this infight is dumb, i regret getting in between yours and the troons argument since you both are retards.

No. 47138

not even trying to infight but wdym you've seen janitors on here for years? i've never seen admin recruit for any other position than farmhand, which is afaik just a lc synonym for janny.

No. 47140

pipe down, tranny

No. 47143

Idk about other people itt but the tranny is now impersonating me and fighting an argument against his sock puppet me, kek. We have invented a perpetual motion machine and I hope farmhands will wake up and smash it soon.

No. 47145

File: 1668053893541.png (485.2 KB, 828x675, 9D1A2153-BD8B-4E85-B8B2-1A59CB…)

retard-chan and schizo troon are still infighting each other i see

No. 47289

File: 1668463253887.jpg (1.21 MB, 2048x1263, Kouki Saito.jpg)

Admin, that was very funny of you.

No. 47335

I've been gone for a while, can someone tell me what admin did that was funny? Sorry for asking for a spoon-feeding

No. 47340

I think anon was just referencing the site going on and off a few days ago

No. 47374

>>47289 here and you are correct.

No. 47416

Has there been any news regarding the site update? The kofi looks dead.

No. 47440

Now that you mention the kofi, I wonder if the site has enough funds? I don't plan on donating but admin (or someone, I can't remember if it was admin or someone in the discord) asked for more donations just a few months ago after the site was down.

No. 47465

File: 1668931405121.gif (554.34 KB, 180x209, iamafluffybunny.gif)

Please come back… Wherever you are…

No. 47603

File: 1669193400034.gif (1.12 MB, 320x320, adminadminadminadmin.gif)


No. 47606

Why is that chicken nugget walking

No. 47682

This board sucks, nonnas. It's dead silent over here.

No. 47716

wouldn't it make it easier if we had the Shaytorium back? like to take some of the pressure off? I couldn't imagine having to mod her thread I would quit within 5 mins
also we have so many shitposts to share pleeeeeeeease can we have it back farmhands

No. 47734

It's a larval stalker created from the subconscious of a tortured psychic girl who they tried to impregnate with god, hope that clears things up.

No. 47827

shaymin don't scared give us the word? Whats goin on my kind admin?

No. 48059

File: 1670558035168.png (71.3 KB, 300x100, shaymin.png)

if I make this very cute banner, will shaymin come back and add it? (with the rest of the banners too)

No. 48106

File: 1670722471537.jpeg (416.25 KB, 828x735, 699E3E8D-FC98-4CD6-A869-C3FBD8…)

someone please put nonnies and post history (idk who is at the bottom so if it’s some weirdo you can change it to something else)

No. 48133

Keemstar. Specifically when he says the infamous:
Or something along those lines.

No. 48167

Just came back from a short break and wow!! Thank you for the banner announcing maintenance. It's cute.

No. 48189

Thank you for keeping us updated with banners! Progress!

No. 48209

Right? After like two years shaymin finally figured it out. Proud of you sweaty

No. 48228

thanks for the maintenance update banner, it's good to hear something! after so much radio silence i have high hopes for the promised lolcow updates, i hope they finally come to fruition… pls don't let us down shaymin…

No. 48256

I just want to see the new nice banners honestly then I can die peacefully

No. 48260

where was this announced??

No. 48262

the website was supposed to have an entirely new code and other things a year ago, and that is what you are happy about nonna…the old /m/ threads are not back either…how new are you?

No. 48263

I think most nonas have just given up on an /m/ resurrection and update. It's been so long, it seems pointless to beg for it now

No. 48296

Pretty much.

No. 49121

File: 1671954270982.gif (873.52 KB, 500x281, realitytvgifs.gif)

Just came back from another short break… Bye, Shaymin. Until next time…

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