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File: 1662503697819.png (277.57 KB, 450x369, troon troon ugly goon.png)

No. 1639557

Kiwi's technical situation is up in the air but seemingly more solid. Josh claims to have a family emergency and be unable to work on the site but he has been, you guessed it, working on the site. Keffals is trying to do victory laps on twitter and in the media.

http://uquusqsaaad66cvub4473csdu4uu7ahxou3zqc35fpw5d4ificedzyqd.onion/ - Tor. You need Brave ("Open New Private Tab With Tor") or on the PC, Tor Browser Bundle, "Orbot" on your phone.

https://kiwifarms.top/ - Will only work for some (who have IPv6). Chinese DDoS mitigation same provider as 8kun.

https://kiwifarms.ru/ - dead, Russian DDoS guard

https://kiwifarms.net/ - dropped by Cloudflare, appears to have been picked up by V-SYS, a Ukrianian company

Kiwifags visiting: this site's history, audience and culture are not the same. You are not blending if you just show up and it is not funny to sneak into the girl's room.

There is a schizophrenic CP-spamming tranny who keeps posting. Causing women distress is how he gets his pathetic dick hard. He is a subhuman degenerate, Keffals shit in a different sock. If you see something that doesn't add up, report and ignore, don't engage, it only encourages him.

Josh simps, he won't pick you, Josh haters, it's all been said before.

Kiwi telegram:

Prior threads:

KF thread on lolcow (see how Josh and others there view this site)

/manure/'d Josh thread:

OnionFarms is a total shithole but hosts critical discussion of KF:

No. 1639566

Keffals retweeting someone who is literally openly talking about DDOSing a site, fucking retard he is.(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 1639572

The only good thing about Keffals is that he's going to get himself into a lot of trouble eventually and the downfall will be glorious to watch. He is too narcistic to not fuck up and he's edging towards that delusional sport where he thinks he can do no wrong.

No. 1639575

Siding with scrotes is always cringe. This is why you should be against troons.

No. 1639577

siding with trannies to censor pedophilia and grooming accusations is worse, stop trying to convince the women here that they’re making a bad choice by “siding” with people who want to protect free speech. twansphobia will never be more important than protecting minors/actual victims, sorry! also people get threads for a reason

No. 1639578

not everything is black and white, retard.

No. 1639580

Probably should have bolded the stupid tranny part because KF scrotes aren’t going to read the thread bio and interact with him because they’re autistic too

No. 1639581

Have no problem with trans people, just don't like people shutting things down or hiding info because of shiity things they did in the past and hiding under the banner of homophobia. Putting kids on hormones is pretty fucked and doing it behind the backs of parents is also worrisome but i can see some instances where that would be beneficial. However one shouldn't brag about how many kids they pink pilled

No. 1639584

KF is probably 30-35% female some of whom are pickmes some of whom are fine. I hate Josh and I find the A&H /pol/tards cringe but you can't paint everyone with the same brush, you start to sound like one of the scrotes with a vendetta against Null who comes here to stir shit and you're being wilfully obtuse. The race-baiter is obnoxious af too.

No. 1639587

File: 1662504335461.jpeg (4.57 KB, 299x168, images.jpeg)

you dropped your hat, anon

No. 1639593

In general I don't but if they're a creep or a bully then I take issue. Call it naivete on my end

No. 1639594

Can someone archive it? It is well known that troons try to erase evidence of their bullshit and crimes

No. 1639601

1000 disgruntled kiwis with nothing left to do are already archiving everything Keffals does. I don't think you'll have to worry about that.

No. 1639606

don't reply to schizotroon and learn to sage.

No. 1639608

Yes. Keffals' worst enemy is always going to be Keffals. Though, I'd say the delusional spot has already been reached.

No. 1639620

Learn to fucking sage.

No. 1639624

File: 1662504942044.jpeg (7 KB, 251x201, images (1).jpeg)

I suspect you are a tranny yourself but if you are not you are the dimmest sort of libfem bulb, cry all you want about the kiwis edgeposting, it's cringe and obnoxious to be around, but I'd rather hear them say "nigger" and "race war now" on repeat than spend my time online in a trooned-out pronoun-respecting bubble and a gender-confused hellscape IRL. You're defending actual sex pests and pedophiles and people who want to give children irreversible surgeries and medical treatments because you think you're on the right side of history but really this makes you a traitor to your gender and common sense. Nobody wants your bullshit here. Your whole take on this is just incredibly black and white and immature and polluted by Twitter-troon bullshit.

No. 1639633

No. 1639634

no, anon, the bonnet was from me to the libfem, kek

No. 1639639

You even talk like a tranny. The people who post edgy stuff online want to kill you. Grow up.

No. 1639640

seems like an issue with the archive

No. 1639644

Might be a stray libfem but probably schizo tranny. Best to ignore.

No. 1639646

gonna have to agree here. "misgendering me literally means you want to rape and murder me" rhetoric

No. 1639647

So funny that this schizo troon loves lolcow so much but gets so upset that no one will accept him so he has to play tattle take like a child kek

No. 1639653

The best win of the entire thing was Amholio making keffals look like a legitimate idiot with a savior complex. And she’s a woman. Which makes her owning keffals doubly funny.

No. 1639654

Yeah, you're flying the coop of Poe's law now, I'm out.

No. 1639655

I missed that saga. What happened there?

No. 1639662

She made a post purportedly giving up her hatred of troons which was really a hidden message fucking keffals off, and he gloat-tweeted it.
You literally are not a feminist if you want to include scrotes in … you know what? I said I'm out. Fuck it.

No. 1639663

File: 1662505472189.jpg (160.81 KB, 720x1294, Screenshot_20220906-160233_Chr…)

No. 1639664

quit responding to obvious bait. report and move on

No. 1639666

>metatranny/pet tranny
>waaaah waah take down lolcow they’re meanies (please don’t there’s real women here please don’t take it down I want to be accepted so bad they won’t ever go to my rdrama site pls)

No. 1639668


No. 1639669

I can’t cap maybe someone else has it- she did the whole blog post where every sentences first letter made up bad words, keffals fell for the fake doom post and offered amholio a place if she “switched sides”; some of his followers saw what the joke was and keffals dismissed them cause of the neg ratings on the post and such.

No. 1639677

One would have thought that maybe the username would give her away.

No. 1639680

A number of times though Keffals has shown himself to really not be conversant at all in the memes and vernacular of Kiwis and embarrassed himself. You love to see it.

No. 1639685

The fact the background of her avatar is a dig on Kevin gibes who’s been trying to ride keffals coattails is funny shit too
Even now when you have attention you can’t stop tweeting. Or hitting refresh. Also nice wide body.

No. 1639700

Just like Yaniv. Time is a flat circle.

No. 1639705

>Josh simps, he won't pick you
You don't know that.

No. 1639707

Just don't go slicing your thighs up over it when he doesn't

No. 1639714

Thank god there are two Joshes, double the chance!

No. 1639715

Is he really? He kind of gives me the vibe but it could just be his voice changer

No. 1639719

hooooly shit the archived thread on keffals and “chloe” is pure evil, sexual deviance. pedophilia is OKAY GUYS IF IT’S DONE BY TRANS PEOPLE THEY’RE THE VICTIMS HERE. how the fuck is this considered bullying? how can people believe these are false accusations when the proof is literally right infront of their fucking faces

No. 1639723

Pretty sure that is the tranny. Speaking of trannies…

No. 1639724

I honestly don't think he will. Look how many MtFs are known pedos/rapists yet face zero consequences and it's the people pointing out their crimes that get unpersoned instead.
Eli Erlick, Sophie Labelle, Cherno Biko, the list goes on and on. Stwawbwewymilk or however you spell it is honest to god the only time I've seen people on social media besides radfems oppose an MtF pedo in any capacity, and a lot of people defended him too.

No. 1639725

Did the Russian DDoS guard drop KF to protect troon feelings or because they couldn't handle the DDoS attacks?

No. 1639726


No. 1639728

Probably the latter but I don't think we got it in black and white.

No. 1639729

my god he is dumpy as hell
also he has never been fearful throughout this whole "ordeal" if he's walking around a neighborhood where he's staying and going on TV

No. 1639731

Anyone who's ever been to the troon thread on KF knows it was full of women. It's sad when a gigantic thread on kiwi farms is one of the most feminist places on the internet. So much discussion there about what women go through, all allowed to be said without a fucking handmaiden well actuallying you with some bullshit she learned from a man and internalised. Whenever a scrote tried to do classic dumb scrotery there, he got shit on and got shit ratings.
The main troon thread was so honest, full of so much info, made it so clear why "they just wanna pee" is a lie. It's so valuable and letting it get destroyed by some criminal man with a mangled crotch like the ugly Keffals abomination, is absolutely disgusting.

No. 1639732

Of course they censor all the text, fucking diabolical.

No. 1639733

This is why they want to go after lc too because we have mtf threads

No. 1639735

File: 1662507452956.png (138.96 KB, 500x281, 9E6E9F22-8FAE-4AAB-9BE3-BF5EB3…)

Troon cooning is worse. I’ll take annoying moids who act like normal annoying moids over pedo trains who openly fantasize about raping women.

No. 1639736

And because we are women existing

No. 1639738

Will lolcow become the next target for troon rage?

No. 1639740

Right on, nonna. The KF troon thread peaked me and got me more interested in feminism in general. I was never a handmaiden per se and I don't live in an area with a lot of troons to experience their bullshit IRL so when stuff came up like the bathroom question I didn't know jack shit, I literally didn't know there were troons who were attracted to women, I thought they were all hyper-effeminate gay men, boy did my head go for a spin when I learned what an AGP was (this was like 2016-2017 maybe) and it's thanks to KF. If it had not been for my learning this stuff I still would've probably found trannies creepy and offputting but not realized it is an important issue for women. And in those spaces on KF women run the show and get respect, incels get chased off, that's why there were incels seething in the new tranny board's meta thread about feminists interfering with their enjoyment of hating troons. It's obvious why they would want to do away with it. That thread is a way bigger threat to trannies than any dox job.

No. 1639741

Off to live journal we go Kek. Or wattpad comment sections like that one nonna said

No. 1639742

unfortunately true, any content that contradicts the troon narrative including honest perspectives by women is a target, just look at JK rowling

No. 1639744

maybe it shouldn't just stay as archived KF thread. some sperg with a lot of time and dedication to KF could throw the screenshots as dropbox, PDF file, youtube video, podcast with pics and commentary. Even if people were willing to check out receipts, they'd probably deny to lurk kiwi archive, just cause.

Remember those youtube channels who "expose" different cows (whilst being cows themselves, mostly) and it always turns out their sources were always the farms & pull. for how often they were glad to use kiwifarms as the reference, it's weird how no one tried to make a video on the situation/ to expose keffals. but then again… they're probably one in the screeching mob now, pretending they always hated kiwifarms

No. 1639745

How is it even possible these journos don't acknowledge what these trannies have done? I don't get it. All republicans have to do is talk about how much democrats are supporting pedos because they literally fucking are.

No. 1639749

If we run into trouble several of us have made some preparations for a bunker/other space. I'm also archiving the whole site (about 25GB in so far) just in case, I'll post more about that when it's done (no clue how much it actually is lol). There are enough of us who know a thing or two about a thing or two that we're not gonna let people fuck with this site and think we're going to bend the knee because we're not Josh. Fuck that. I've grown quite fond of this place and I bend the knee to nobody.

No. 1639750

Getting big name terves banned from twitter and nuking ovarit probably take priority but yeah I'm sure this site is on the list

No. 1639752

>be troon
>omg women only space
>I’m not allowed because I’m troon

No. 1639753

lmao stwawwbewewewey got so much pushback from his "the sex offender registry should be abolished" tweets that he deleted his entire persona and went to become a stripper in real life.

No. 1639757

I’ve had the same story that’s been said already about being a basic libfem thinking “oh aww they just wanna be pretty and pee” and coming here peaked me to what they truly are

No. 1639761

just like scrotes and their male dominated game spaces, now they're twisted up hellholes where mouthing off can easily get you banned
what's the end goal supposed to be?

No. 1639765

File: 1662508065172.jpg (102.81 KB, 720x677, Screenshot_20220906-194730_Tel…)

He made a tweet like, "somebody posted a picture of me bending down and my shirt tented trying to pick at me" about the infamous hunch back photo. But here he is standing "tall". He has a hump back and less ass then hank hill.

No. 1639766

nayrt but anons said it's full of troons as well. for other kind of discussions, it might work or not. but they don't have cow related boards (or at least i couldn't find)

No. 1639769

To literally do what they want, with no consequences because any opposition is transphobia. Women must be silenced and have sex with them, women must interact with these mocking caricatures of them. Women must not exist, we have to be TIFs. Of course, grooming and pedophilia as well.

No. 1639770

When's the last time firing up a LOIC cannon got someone arrested? Not going to happen
Holy shit, someone with nuance
If you hate pedos and predators so much then you shouldn't support Josh or his enablers, who are similarly pedos, predators, and/or pedo and predator-enablers. It's possible to have actual principles and take a strong stance against TRAs and MRAs at the same time, lest you end up like one of the retards in the leftcows thread
>also he has never been fearful throughout this whole "ordeal" if he's walking around a neighborhood where he's staying and going on TV
literally everything he does seems calculated to produce a specific reaction, be it sympathy or hate. He's very strategic about his cluster B attention-seeking.

No. 1639772

File: 1662508148866.jpeg (438.78 KB, 1170x1928, 2AF2FCEA-C5BD-4372-A6BC-D7CEF2…)

Keffals posted this to twitter and promptly deleted out of embarrassment once people pointed out what the first letter of each word spelled out

No. 1639773

If a journo did acknowledge what they'd done, even if they used screenshots and archive sites to prove it, it'd still be written off as fake or out of context somehow, hell, maybe the archive sites would even delete their records to cover it up given that Wayback got rid of Kiwi archives
This stuff seriously makes me feel like I'm going crazy

No. 1639774

Is the interview any good? Judging by the double chin, I feel it's going to be lackluster and not cause as much damage as you'd think. Even the "online hate" shit makes it seem..blah. I don't know if this is going to be as big as he thinks.

No. 1639775

I know this is a common sentiment with Big Tech, but it's still unsettling to see their endgame stated so openly. Truly, All Press Are Scum.

No. 1639779

File: 1662508336020.png (214.59 KB, 507x841, 1662339103712.png)

No. 1639781

if kiwi farms really does go down for good, someone most definitely will go to those lengths to at least keep the keffals evidence easily accessible merely for the fact that he was the one with a big enough victim complex and platform to sway the masses in his favor. people can bandwagon the troon train publicly all they want to save face and look good but drugging/grooming minors isn’t something you can politically talk your way out of. it’s certainly a way more heinous crime to support than ~twansphobia~. fuck these trannies. a win for keffals was a win for covering up child abuse, great job troons!!!

No. 1639784

whoops looks like the grooming and fake fart porn goes into the memory amhole

No. 1639785

I really find it odd there's NOBODY making an article or posting a mega thread on Twitter with the facts. Are they all getting banned? Josh literally did a people stream on one of the people kiwi "killed" the transwoman

No. 1639786

the enemy of my enemy is my friend, if you do not support the speech of those you disagree with, you're doomed to eventually fall by the sword that fell them.

No. 1639787

I don’t think the physical suicide note was ever retrieved. Iirc Chloe called out Wu by name on Facebook prior to self immolating.

No. 1639788

Hank Hill would like to be excluded from this narrative. But also, I wonder if it’s poor posture or if it’s the result of his estrogen pills giving him osteoporosis and fucking up his bone structure. I guess he can’t get his calcium from drinking milk because he’s been too busy being milky himself.


I’m not a tech nonnie but I was able to connect on my phone signal and regular wifi earlier. I can’t pull it up right now though.

No. 1639789

I grew up Catholic going to church every week until my teens and I haven't been in over 10 years. I went through an atheist phase but since don't really care about religion at all. But these people are on an actual biblical level evil. As in it triggers an existential level of doom awareness I didn't know possible. It's led me to deep thoughts about the most primitive moral directives of Western society and how perhaps humanity cannot endure in the West. A deep collapse and rebirth needs to occur. I thought that economic trouble would lead to the tranny movement being unbuilt but it is financed by billionaires who pull the strings to make money in recessions. It's over.

No. 1639790

these transgenders didnt anything and are just being bullied for only being trans and online, not the ratioing, or egging on more harassment, or the blackmarket hormones for kids, or the double standards they live by. Just poor innocent trans folx

No. 1639791

no, keffals has a history of going after/ratioing/trying to cancel people, just points and the twitter cult followers goes after the unlucky person. Kiwifarms just happens to be the biggest semi-successful project so far. For example bc keffals enemy is destiny/steven bc destiny said trans people shouldn't be in womens sports, keffals cult is desperately trying to edit his wiki. This has been going on forever and keffals gets away with it every time

No. 1639792

Trannies suck, but touch grass.

No. 1639793

>drugging/grooming minors isn’t something you can politically talk your way out of
I wish it wasn't, but people actually seem to be falling for the narrative that AGP discord groomers were actually just helping those kids discover the ~true self they were always born to be~ and giving them ~life saving medical care~

No. 1639797

>the enemy of my enemy is my friend
I take it your history education was very, very, very, very, very, VERY subpar

No. 1639798

are you saving stuff directly? I'm doing same with select cow threads at least, saving instead of just archiving online. I don't trust wayback machine/archive.ph anymore
I hope we all get through this and stay updated on that bunker space. i'd hate if we all largely lost contact and possibility to continue threads and overall discussions

No. 1639800

It might be too late but if this hadn't had happened it really just would have needed to be transformed into a google docs file with TRA language to circulate.

No. 1639801

for fucks sake
this really is the worst timeline

No. 1639803

Even if you do explain it as grooming people don’t see anything wrong with it since trannyism is like a cult. You can spell it out in any way and they will be like “it’s okay because those kids need help and guidance with their gender disphoria because their ebul parents won’t support them! It’s okay that they have home made horse piss! It makes them feel better!”

No. 1639804

Can you point it out for me nonnie because I am stupid

No. 1639805

Not every user is male, Nona. It's one of the few online spaces where you're allowed to laugh at and ridicule trannies other than here and a small number of other sites. Imageboards aren't for everyone and sites like Ovarit are wonderful, but a bit too tame for a lot of women. I've had an account on KF for years and the tranny sideshow thread is responsible for peaking me. Even if it was a cesspool of misogyny like 4chinz, everyone should be appalled by the fact a bunch of deranged, child grooming trannies have the power to nuke online spaces that are critical of them.

No. 1639808

File: 1662508901849.png (175.5 KB, 1059x537, 67F3C8C1-DF59-4373-ADA6-4F9870…)

I had a hard time believing he was really this dumb, even after his followers explaining the joke to him

No. 1639810

It will probably work on your phone.

No. 1639813

Google docs is never to be trusted. If you host something they don’t want you to have, even if it’s private, they’ll nuke your account. For example, anyone who uploaded the archived Christchurch shooting had their account terminated.

No. 1639816

God bless this autistic retard

No. 1639817

No. 1639818

anon… the joke is it's only the first CAPITAL letter of each sentence
hence keffals retweeted that hes a nigger faggot fag :D!(:D)

No. 1639819

I appreciated kf because it was like a old school internet forum and people made some serious effort posts. A&N was really easy to ignore and I've been on the internet long enough to have learned to filter out the most obnoxious scrotes.

No. 1639821

No. 1639822

Yeah, I have my own dev/sandbox server and it's been spidering LCF for about 15-16 hours now. Once it is finished I'll be able to serve the archive statically should anything happen here and update it once a day or so in case of that eventuality. It won't be interactive but it will be an extra copy of the content.

No. 1639824

One of the big slip ups I caught was when KF was down from DDoS keffballs tweeted something like "We took down KF". That "We" is an indictable felony admission. That's part of what is so fucked with these twitteroons. They are literally allowed to admit felonies on troonitter and no agency investigates. No accounts are taken down, they get verified. How the fuck can you combat something that is allowed to operate outside the law?

No. 1639826

No. 1639828

>>1639816 don’t like null but glad he’s sticking to his guns for his site

No. 1639829

nta but if you're obsessed with troons to the point where you would go to a place with a userbase full of misogynists, with an owner that's not only also a misogynist but a pedo, then you really should take a step back and think about what your principles are and how well you're sticking to them. If you don't have an issue with actively rubbing elbows with a bunch of misogynists to own slightly different misogynists then you're either a scrote (most likely), a pickme, or more broadly an absolute fucking moron. Plus there are enough female spaces to ridicule troons at this point and if you're actually female (unlikely) and lolcow, mumsnet, ovarit, etc. aren't enough to satisfy you then you might actually have a problem.

No. 1639831

you’re right politicians literally do it all the time lol i just don’t think keffals has that much influence or power. he thinks he does, but he can’t hide his skeletons forever. yeah kiwis totally targeted this one troon JUST because he likes to show off his gash and play keyboard warrior on twitter, it’s totally not because people are overlooking the fact that he would respond to 15-16 year old boys in womens clothing with heart eyes and a very funny “damn that’s a phat ass, what are your pronouns?” meme OH and how he was sending collars to his favorite “cat boys.” what a sick fuck. the trannylib retards that are invading this space with their bullshit rhetoric should just google keffals grooming accusations, you don’t even need the kiwi archive for that, since it’s so tainted and evil. if it was a cis man who did this shit? absolutely cancelled and possibly imprisoned but nooo protect trans rights guyz!!

No. 1639832

genosamuel the chris chan documentary guy was getting shit on because hes against the farms being shut down.. its almost like people who research things like having unbiased uncensored info on the clearnet..

No. 1639833

i just wanna laugh at internet sideshows, why do trannies have to ruin everything

No. 1639834

Yes it was. So was 9/11 and that’s still blasted on television every year.

Perhaps a bad example but it proves they’ll terminate your account without warning if you upload something they dislike. Trannies think insulting them is a hate crime so I don’t think it’s a stretch to think they’ll disallow anti tranny content.

No. 1639835

Nta either kek but I agree, lolcow does a good job of archiving TIM behavior that peaked me before I even knew KF had troon threads. Kiwi was hard to sift through pages of things anyway with all the autism and blog posting

No. 1639837

Before this I kind of thought that freeze peach fags were annoying. I still do kind of think they are annoying, but it should be terrifying to everyone that it is possible to delete your grooming of kids just by changing your pronouns and growing out your hair. This bastard doesn’t even pass, yet is somewhat successful in having his autopedophilic (“Im a man but identify as a teenage girl” type) behavior deleted from even archive sites.

Hug your autistic kid/cousin and keep them away from the internet

No. 1639839

receipts of josh being a pedo

No. 1639841

Honestly confused about this too. twitter mega thread, or not even mega thread, they could even post select less heavy stuff and then direct people to read more. kiwis could try, instead of just bitching in keffals thread. It's not even about kiwifarms only now, he should be called out for grooming and selling toxic shit to minors.

No. 1639843

Exactly, literally all of this just makes troon look worse than they already do with their horrible attempts of trying to look like a woman.

No. 1639846

The receipts of Josh being a pedo is things that Vordrak made up.

No. 1639847

you know, for all this talk about kiwi doxxing keffals and killing people i haven't seen a single screenie of any of it?.. maybe im just a tard and missed it but if not…

No. 1639848

Twitter is a tranny haven and would people alive for making threads about it, not surprising people wouldn’t make threads on there about supporting kiwi staying up

No. 1639849

did you forget about that bodybuilder that hit and killed someone with a car and successfully trooned out to avoid prosecution?
what was his name, anyone remember?

No. 1639852

Lol Bruce Jenner

No. 1639853

damn what about that other guy who keffals has a hard on for? the one who spergged out on twitter then kicked the bucket

No. 1639855

Oh wow I never heard of that case. I have seen a lot of men with long prison sentences troon out so they can rape women instead of getting raped

No. 1639856

Aaaand KF is gone from the Wayback Machine.

No. 1639858

god that's fucking terrifying
prison rape in male prisons is bad enough, but to export it to women's jails with the government's blessing is pure clown world

No. 1639859

File: 1662509841292.jpeg (383.65 KB, 1163x779, 5D5CFF8F-FE0F-43BA-BB81-087950…)

No. 1639860

Ignore the troon, this is the closest he gets to communicating with females in real life. Just report

No. 1639861

How did they almost kill him? Wouldn't it be the individual trolls who went to his place to fuck with him? If it's the homelessness then wouldnt that fall upon the town not letting him keep his house or buy another one? Just blaming a forum as the sole thing responsible seems like a bit of a stretch

No. 1639867

The Wayback machine archives things automatically.

No. 1639869

Kiwiscrotes we don’t name or avatarfag don’t reply to the loser tranny

No. 1639872

awesome. doing amazing job, anon

No. 1639874

yeah i dont give two fucks and a half so i forgot his name.. did kiwi really have that much influence on him?? like his thread on twitter is kinda vague and his pfp is literally an anime girl

No. 1639877

Also if he claims he did anything it’s literally fanfic tier bullshit.

No. 1639880

> he should be called out for grooming and selling toxic shit to minors.
The issue with that is that twitter users think that sending HRT to children is a net positive. They’ve completely bought into the idea that hormone blockers are harmless and that children have the foresight needed to make lifelong medical decisions. Also, despite the mountain of evidence, Keffals has convinced people that him being a groomer is a Kiwifarms fabrication. You can give them screenshots and archives, but it’s all dismissed. The people there are legitimately a lost cause and should be avoided whenever possible. They have terminal brainrot

No. 1639882

>lolcow, mumsnet, ovarit, etc.
These are just going to be the next targets
I agree that KF was distasteful but KF didn't get taken down for misogyny or racism or going to Chris-chan's house and digging through his trash, it got taken down for clowning on troons and archiving stuff that made them look bad

No. 1639883

File: 1662510170109.png (15.73 KB, 1296x108, ratio.png)

ratio this you dumb groomer

No. 1639884

Do you really think people are going to put forth the effort to back all of those up? Not just the troon shit? KF was a cesspool but there are some good threads buried in there. It’s a shame

No. 1639885

Exactly. Once wokies realize trannies are “cishet yt men” (the usual enemy to them, their words,) they will peak but they’re so brainwashed.

No. 1639887

KEKK is this a browser extension? What is the likes and dislikes on the video from his troon boyfriend?

No. 1639889

keffals could give two fucks about literally anything else other than the fact he can now live his whole life financially stable as a victim who got cyberbullied

No. 1639891

Even if those sites get taken down, including us, there will always be an opposition. Troons can’t and never will silence the majority. Your average person on the street is “transphobic”

No. 1639895

The thing with troons is that they are notoriously bad with money. His griftbux will dry up.

No. 1639899

I've already seen the predditors and twitter trannies talking about how she needs to go next. It seems like she has a big following of boomers and normies so that might get interesting

No. 1639901

yeah your right… the homemade tub hormone operation is putting a dent in keffals pocket

No. 1639902

Ty nonna ♥

No. 1639904

Looking at his lifestyle and his background, I doubt he can moderate his spending. Once interest in this case falls and people start finding him boring, he's likely going to try start more shit again.

No. 1639906

Boomers go into the super Christian right wing which makes up a LOT of people against troons.

No. 1639912

the heart emoji is fine. now stop namefagging, kiwiscrote.

No. 1639913

Do average normies know anything about this stuff? I always thought that once normies learned about troonism the movement would quickly collapse because normies would never accept it, but it's pretty mainstream now and still going strong…

No. 1639915

He claims to be a meta tranny but doesn’t even know how to type the heart kek

No. 1639917

you're watching it being silenced in real time, in two or three years these discussions will be impossible to have on the internet unless there's a huge cultural swing

No. 1639918

Normies do but since Troons are so violent and aggressive (such is males) they get whatever they want, while also flaunting around that they’re loving and accepting. They have to keep quiet about it but there are many organizations that are basically against Troons but still Christian and right wing. They get eaten alive by aggressive troons

No. 1639921

Most people aren’t aware that the head tranny involved in taking down kiwifarms is a groomer. He’s making it seem as if he’s doing this noble cause when it’s just to cover his ass because he’s called out for being a nasty fuck.

No. 1639926

Only relevant in IT departments in California but everyone here is going to die from the drought and earthquake anyway

No. 1639927

And some boomers are closet agps any way. Which again just reiterates that Troons are nothing more than degenerate pervert males

No. 1639928

woww.. the CNN youtube video comments are not holding back at all.. how long until they comments are disabled or censored?

No. 1639930

Post caps this is an imageboard

No. 1639932

Ill take a tif over ever having to look at a tim. Sad that gnc women are automatically just an aiden to people.

No. 1639938

This is how I see it. If you tell the average normie twenty-something about this shit, they are immediately repulsed and horrified. However, the desire to be seen as a “good person” will win out over their rational mind a lot of the time. Young people have been conditioned to want to be on the right side of history (read: the winning side). If being righteous means throwing women under the bus, so be it. I think older people are a lot more likely to be against this shit because being seen as “conservative” doesn’t equal social suicide to them. A lot of older liberal women see how gender ideology is taking us back to strict gender roles, but they’re dismissed as Karens.

No. 1639939

File: 1662511382659.png (116.01 KB, 1319x741, wow.png)

No. 1639940

lolcow is superior to KF in every conceivable way tbh, hope these scrotes and pickmes don't stick around
No, post screencaps here, on lolcow dot farm.

No. 1639941

Cap and archive. People need to keep speaking up against Troons.

No. 1639942

Is there any backstory yet as to how they got KF removed from The Internet Archive? Thought the arhive has been good about not censoring shit in the past, though I could just be dumb. Do we need to archive evidence of Keffals Catboy Ranch groomery onto the blockchain or something, what gives

No. 1639944

It just gives keffals and his troon gang an awful look.

No. 1639948

probably a troon in high command, they infiltrate every community going

No. 1639952

File: 1662511810567.png (199.37 KB, 594x1084, Screenshot 2022-09-07 at 01.51…)

Based commenters.

No. 1639954

Awww Girlina

No. 1639957

1000% chance Lucas is doomscrolling those comments LOL, he spends 12 hours a day minimum looking for everything that's being said about him online

No. 1639959

I'm speculating blackmail was involved.

No. 1639960


No. 1639962

His Twitter bots can't undo the ratio this time. Tragic!

No. 1639965

wow I was expecting there to only be a few scattered comments against him here and there but basically the entire comments section is just people shitting on him for being a creepy groomer kek

No. 1639966

It’s nice to see this. Thanks op.

No. 1639969

someone on twitter named remembrancermx tweeted about their underage porn being on their and it got taken down. apparently lucas is trying to take credit for it.

No. 1639970

unlikely. they’ve been known to remove shit in the past. it’s more likely trannies cried that it was hateful and/or illegal content and the archive simply removed it.

No. 1639973

> Do you really think people are going to put forth the effort to back all of those up?

No. 1639977

what does the general public outside of the twitter sphere think of this shit? now seeing the youtube comments its really making me think keffals "army" isnt any match for those who really see how shitty he is

No. 1639978

It really gives me some hope that the overwhelming majority of the comments are calling out this bullshit.

No. 1639980

please sage

No. 1639981

That's Rebecca Gerber. She's a fake TiF, fake jew, fake Hispanic, munchie, fake everything piece of shit who stirs shit and makes false accusations all day long every day.

No. 1639982

Post screencaps this is an image board.

No. 1639986

You should follow terfs on twitter Nonna. There are people against this and are fighting too. It’s nice to see them in the replies of terf tweets

No. 1639991

dont feel down nonna the general public will forever see troons as outcasts to gawk at.. for now at least

No. 1639995

File: 1662512813934.png (1.85 MB, 3234x2182, IA_censor.png)

what dirt are they trying to memoryhole

No. 1639996

File: 1662512835934.png (62.08 KB, 604x407, loser.png)

He has to go crying to twitter over a single random comment hurting his feelings. I can't even begin to fathom how hard he's seething right now.

No. 1640000

Horrible timeline. This just makes me not want to ever interact with a troon.

No. 1640004

They won't, because the more they censor they more people start to notice things.

No. 1640005

No. 1640007

Post caps

No. 1640008

File: 1662513088117.png (45.29 KB, 692x516, lwnbaw.png)

Lol how long until they lock the comments on the CNN vid? He's getting torn apart over there

No. 1640009

based. i hope commenters keep mentioning what keffals is really doing as much as they can. anyone you'd ask about it in real life, anyone would agree it's a groomer who offers poison to minors.
idiot probably thought CNN would be the cherry on top, his winner badge and everyone would further praise tf out of him in the comments. not today.

No. 1640011

You have to subtly peak them. Don't talk about troons directly, talk about feminism.

No. 1640013

This. You need to go into why they will never be women, what they do and how they act. It has to be done over time and subtly

No. 1640014

They'll do this, inevitably. nice to have a couple of screenshots that prove people don't fall for his shit at least.

No. 1640016

iunno about SF, but as far as i can recall 4chan was excluded on moot's request.

No. 1640017

File: 1662513268441.png (42.51 KB, 624x158, 4r09809480.png)

sorry nonna i blocked them on sight so i had to find it again

here's the whole thread

No. 1640018

Clearly not though? I dunno. It might sound harsh but I am older and don't take nonsense. I would probably drop people as friends if they tried to tell me TWAW.

No. 1640019

LMFAOO of course he's looking at the comments. how long before he gets the bots in there?

No. 1640020

File: 1662513315135.png (49.01 KB, 712x333, 04398534985.png)

they deleted this tweet but it was still showing on google

No. 1640022

The trannies already won nonas. We had a good run. Dark days are ahead.

No. 1640023

> they

No. 1640030

fucking howling. half of this troon's timeline is him crying that keffals & co are getting all the attention and recognition for his "contribution". s'what you get

No. 1640031

What do I have to do to get this link to work? I’m technologically retarded. It doesn’t work on my iPhone.

No. 1640032

>troons eat their own

No. 1640033

Not if they believe trans women are women. Anyway, find some issue that they care about where troons ruin it for women and start there - women in prison, puberty blockers ruining kid bodies, sports, detransitioner having their lives ruined, how SRS fucks up a person's body and leave them maimed, etc

Or, read JKR's letter, or Trans by Helen Joyce, or Gender Critical Feminism by Holly Lawford-Smith then suggest your friends read so you can talk about them. If they refuse to discuss this with you and give your views a hearing, they aren't really your friends.

No. 1640034

Holy shit she has a history in digital archiving. You couldn't make this shit up.

No. 1640038

It will work or not work depending on your platform and the time of day unfortunately. Tor may be the best bet but is slightly more of a pain in the ass. I don't have an iPhone but there is this: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/onion-browser/id519296448 which should work for the .onion address.

No. 1640044

File: 1662514028216.jpeg (9.72 KB, 181x278, download (4).jpeg)

Stop being such doomers, nonnies, especially since the tranny is out there gaslighting doomer sentiment. Things will be OK. Things might change, but the community is not going to go away.

No. 1640045

Hey doomposters,
Just a reminder that you can donate to/volunteer for rl orgs that are fighting the good fight.

feminist current
lgb alliance
Women's Declaration International
Women's Rights Network

No. 1640047

Why are so many posts being deleted?

No. 1640050

I just deleted my post cuz it was doomy and corny kek

No. 1640051


No. 1640053

because schizo tranny

No. 1640057

Thank you for these resources

No. 1640058

From the OP:
>There is a schizophrenic CP-spamming tranny who keeps posting. Causing women distress is how he gets his pathetic dick hard. He is a subhuman degenerate, Keffals shit in a different sock. If you see something that doesn't add up, report and ignore, don't engage, it only encourages him.

No. 1640060

i set up a livejournal community. 2 nonnas already joined. i still have to work on bettering the layout. i was thinking about using it as an archiving station in case LC gets fucked with. discussions about cows can easily be held in the comments of each individual entry and can be found through tags and categories once i set them up. any help or feedback is appreciated. https://lolcowfarm.livejournal.com/

No. 1640061

IMO things will be fine if archives are saved/accessible, and mods put a (soft) stop button on the troon shit.
Not a single person has ever committed suicide because of LCF, and suicide baiting/death threats/etc and doxxing are explicitly disallowed. If the mods just get their asses in gear banning that one schizo racist MtF who tries to shit-stir, this place will survive the storm. It's a women's gossip and general discussion/hangout space, not a harassment ring.

No. 1640062

I support your effort nonna and will join later

No. 1640068

If lcf goes down… I'll forever miss the shaynus thread, but I'll always be greatful to have witnessed the insanity of Soren.

No. 1640070

Will join when I set up a new LJ account.

No. 1640071

All of you doomposters sound retarded. All tweets mentioning lolcow being troonphobic only have single digit likes and retweets ffs. If troons are going to pick another target it'll probably be ovarit or mumsnet.

No. 1640072

It is easier to build a case for lolcow being a harassment forum though.

No. 1640073

I don't think lcf will go down anytime soon. As long as KF keeps popping in and out of existence, keffals will forever have his troonsquad focused on it. Unless it does go down and focus moves to here then we're probably screwed lol

No. 1640074


No. 1640075

/meta/'s complaints/suggestions thread is locked, not sure if the Discord is still up but maybe someone could talk to the mods/admin about setting up a contingency plan?

No. 1640076

Wow, they don't make dopamine hits like they used to.

No. 1640077

Aw, the ickle troon is sad. Stay mad, you fucking creep.

No. 1640083

what a manipulative brat. did i read correctly earlier that this bpd they/them is trying to have a baby? i tried getting into her thread years ago but she was too annoying

No. 1640086

NTA, but I disagree. All the things KF is getting reamed for are things that are blatantly against LC's rules. You literally see anyone who says someone should kill themselves get banned and redtexted, interacting with thread subjects is also a ban, doxxing them is an instant delete and ban, the list goes on.
Unlike KF and its history with CWC, it's literally never been LC culture to fuck with people. We just talk about them and laugh. The most obvious, pathetic tactic they could use is to try to pin shit on this place with some "LOLCOR SENT ME" fuckery.

No. 1640088

??? I'm the first anon. What did I say that about the farmhands that was bad, and how am I samefagging?
If this is just more [redacted] seething, fuck off and get banned forever.

No. 1640096

There's literally nothing on /meta/, go try to doompost elsewhere.

No. 1640099

You should allow anonymous comments

No. 1640100

See those links turning green? Stop taking bait, nonnas.

No. 1640102

I have a picture of his manhole but don’t really want to upload that. He used the name Skye and worked with the company (?) Canada Tgirl

No. 1640106

definitely possible but seems unlikely - if you check the kofi page admin has shown updates on the new server and theme plus an emergency town town hall meeting is supposed to happen this month

No. 1640107

Fuck that. KF scrotes are cringe, but I'd rather preserve one of the last few places of old internet and actual free speech. Fuck trannies. They're even more sexist than kiwi scrotes anyway.

No. 1640114

No. 1640119

>Skye is a brand new tgirl brought to us from the Southwestern parts of the province of Ontario. Skye is a ripe 18 year old top and loves to fuck pussy! You heard it right. Skye takes a preference to a nice wet vagina over a rock hard cock any day. She is a bright, articulate, albeit shy girl. I thought she had a cute, girl next door feel to her and to be honest I don't think I'd be able to tell she's a tgirl. Skye is rocker/punk chick and this was evident by the attire she arrived in. She is friendly, and very nice. Skye is going to Thailand for her SRS this coming January 2013 This is the only place on the web to see Skye. Skye is not in the adult industry, and will not be pursuing further work

No. 1640120

It's too bad Lucas didn't post the one that spelt out YNBAW

No. 1640124

The same amount of time it took you to cry about it.

No. 1640130

lmao, what are the chances that without a common enemy in the farms these sorts of people will just immediately turn on each other?

No. 1640131

holy shit that’s hilarious considering he’s dating pool has been reduced to other creepy trannies

No. 1640135

All this because of a fart fetish pornstar
clown world

No. 1640144

Demoralizing scrote detected
>but I'd rather preserve one of the last few places of old internet and actual free speech
This is revisionist history. Webhosts were traditionally very lenient with who they'd take money from but the idea of a true free speech community has literally never been put into practice at scale. Even back on usenet in the 80's and early 90's the free speech question was settled because unmoderated newsgroups were flooded with spam and off-topic flame wars. I don't know where this idea of an "old internet" "free speech" community came from but it's not grounded in reality at all. One of the reasons why lolcow doesn't get nearly as much negative attention as KF is because it's actually coherently moderated.

No. 1640147

>Skye is not in the adult industry, and will not be pursuing further work
So it did porn when he had his penis because he knew it would chop it off?

No. 1640152

He's merely the puppet. Elliot is behind the curtain.

No. 1640159

Pretty sure he's also posted his inverted penis

No. 1640163

>I could say the gamer word for 10 years in the comment section on a video host
underage b&

No. 1640168

>what are the chances that without a common enemy in the farms these sorts of people will just immediately turn on each other?
They would attack their own reflection in the mirror like parakeets if they had no one to tear into online.

No. 1640172

Honestly not surprised Kiwi Farms was taken down, used to be that you didn't a-log or touch the poop when it came to lolcows. As in, you don't fucking interact with them, you don't touch them. You just sit, point and laugh and watch from a distant. If Josh actually did his "job" and kept his retards in check or maybe even followed his own fucking rules, this wouldn't have gone as far as it has.

No. 1640188

He has. One is called “Skye Plays With Her Pussy” and another is “Skye Fucks Her Pussy”

No. 1640190

Chris community went through different phases in it's toleration of bullshit like this but really the worst offenders have been the Ethan Ralph board (which I enjoy) and the DSP board (which I have never been on because I don't see the appeal like, at all) and those types of e-celeb scrotes in general because the communities around them are addicted to gayops. Josh was fine with it in Ethan's case in particular because of the vendetta the two of them have. And it has just gotten worse and metastasized.

No. 1640194

…and if you weren't careful setting up your USENET server you could absolutely find yourself hosting CP or other illegal content. But basically you allude to the key point here: website_s_ for everything. Communities were not so large like major social media companies today but also not like Kiwi Farms. Kiwi Farms is to some extent the victim of it's own success and certainly the victim of Josh's ego and desire to monopolize the lolcow scene. The very opposite of too big to "fail."

No. 1640200

I'd also argue letting r/thedonald (I think it was that subreddit?) refugees in also kicked them further down the drain, they didn't integrate with the culture and rules of the farms. They were awful posters and had nearly nothing to contribute. Josh was warned that those retards were cancerous but he ignored those warnings.

No. 1640201

Nonnas, you're gonna make me cry…

No. 1640204

>and certainly the victim of Josh's ego and desire to monopolize the lolcow scene
I never thought I'd have to read a sentence like this in my entire life kek

No. 1640208

Keffals is just upset that kiwi farms documented his misogynistic tweets and him bragging about being a weird pedo. That's what upsets all of them, their rancid failures at being human on display permenantly. They will never be women, only degenerate, pedos, and ugly rancid monsters. Cope, seethe and dilate.

No. 1640212

Or just in general the post-2016 vortex of political autism. But there are a lot of them and they buy T&H status. People wonder why Josh hasn't done away with them. It is not that complicated.

No. 1640216

This has already started. Wu started in on keffals being a racist almost immediately after declaring “victory” over KF. Others have started asking where the money went and get blocked. Then there’s Jai- a trans WOC or something that keffals keeps harassing back and forth saying is a farmer. So not terribly long.

No. 1640217

Thank you, I'll be joining soon.

No. 1640218

I can't believe I'm saying this, but Lowtax was smart to monetize small things on SA like regs and fucking with other users. If Josh let Kiwis pay him 10bux to spam 50 negrate stickers on someone's post, he would be drowning in pizza money

No. 1640219

Portal of Evil was great. JDR was the O.G. trooncow and actually a canary in the coal mine for some of the crazy shit troons would do later, he squatted on transsexual.org and made up his own medical-looking quiz, total bullshit, that would tell if (a man) was a tranny. The first question was "are you good at math" and it got worse from there. There were lots of good cows on there but this was way before you called them that. Some of whom would make appearances down the line on ED, KF, etc.

No. 1640221

The DSP board was a textbook example of people getting too emotionally invested in lolcow shit. Pages of a-logging and unironic asshurt over a retarded streamer not ending up penniless and sleeping in a cardboard box.

No. 1640226

Oh please let these creeps eat each other alive, would be the most satisfying conclusion to this saga

No. 1640230

The Jai stuff is interesting they're unironically trying to paint him and other black trannies as a cult kek

No. 1640233

I mean I don't think its unreasonable to suggest the seething twitter masses might come after other websites like this one. I reckon imageboards have a level of protection because norms don't know how to use them

No. 1640237

Yep, so for everyone that’s impatient to watch it- don’t be. All the hangers on will turn on keffals for stealing all the credit and spotlight, and money, and then out come the knives. Every single time. Jealousy and male rage bullshit will start infighting sooner rather than later. I can wait.

No. 1640238

File: 1662519376394.jpg (105.7 KB, 1259x628, lel.JPG)

I'm too lazy

No. 1640241

File: 1662519672463.png (20.76 KB, 585x148, LOL.png)

>suffered because of kiwi farms

No. 1640246

File: 1662519995681.png (216.21 KB, 1138x454, lol.png)

once again, trannies don't understand gossip because they are male

No. 1640247

sight is down again, come on now.

No. 1640255

what is lucas doing with the money now that KF is no more?

No. 1640256

Yeah, I hope more people start to ask about the money, 100k is a lot

No. 1640258

Probably spend it on more uber eats.

No. 1640260

File: 1662520899692.png (79.97 KB, 522x173, the incredible shrinking pedo.…)

Anyone else notice how he gets further back from the camera with each new twitter profile pic in a desperate attempt to hide his manface? Will the next one be taken from across the street?

No. 1640261

She meant sentence, not word.

No. 1640266

I'm not surprised it's down. Idiots mistook a site that was founded by a bitter ex-Kiwi Farmer to oppose Josh as a hidden alt for Kiwi Farms. I wonder if Kengles (Onionfarms' admin) is happy his slow site finally received some traffic or mad thousands of people now think it's owned by Josh.

No. 1640269

Why did the site go down again? It was fine an hour ago.

No. 1640271

File: 1662521612718.png (96.76 KB, 450x312, imagen_2022-08-29_225321500.pn…)

>delete the thread or else delete the thread or else ree ree etc

No. 1640275

Not onion, silly, kiwi. Its getting a 502 error. What are the freaks up to now?

No. 1640276

File: 1662521824440.jpg (3.07 MB, 3739x8774, 1662436620837.jpg)

No. 1640278

This, people need to start asking where the money is going now since he is no longer "suing the police department" which was his actual initial plan, lol

No. 1640279

disgusting. way to break the cycle, keffals

No. 1640280

I just want to laugh at Jack Scalfani and trans "people" are depriving this from me. I just want to watch a stupid fat man fail at cooking. That is too much to ask?

No. 1640282

Someone should start a hashtag about it kek

No. 1640285

Jack 1 Kiwis 0 strangled ur site like I strangled my first born. god bless.

No. 1640286

#wheresthemoneykeffals #fartgate2022

No. 1640299

CNN/Turner just endorsed this. Lmao no wonder people believe in NWO conspiracies. This is sick

No. 1640308

He's a troon, if they can get away with sexually assaulting women and children, supporting a potential ddoser is no biggie.

No. 1640309

Can mods please permaban this tranny I report every post and he is still here

No. 1640312

The kiwifags and troon gathering here is so obvious mods should just lock the fucking thread

Even when the whole fiasco is settled lc will forever be stained by the faults of these autistic moids

No. 1640319

Shaymin/newmin needs to ban VPNs is what we need to ban, I don't like it either, but it needs to be done at this point

No. 1640321

I just wish they'd at least learn to sage.

No. 1640325

JDR primed me to peak 20 years ago. His essay about how he knew he was always a girl inside was such bullshit. I've always wondered what his parents were really like, I suspect his dad wasn't really a psychotic asshole, just a normal parent who wanted his worthless son to be functional. JDR definitely showed him, he'll die a forever unemployed miserable lazy leech, with only shitty webcomics and fanfics as a 40+ year legacy.

No. 1640326

Can anyone else not access the onion or is it just down everywhere now

No. 1640332

i tried both the onion and the .top just now and neither are working atm.

No. 1640333

File: 1662523722618.jpeg (291.69 KB, 1082x685, 91F2C19E-F654-4663-B918-961A42…)

Keffags literally doxed somebody tonight, after the CNN interview

It’s Okay When “They” Do It part 289228 https://archive.ph/jEUm3

No. 1640335

File: 1662523846781.png (65.39 KB, 797x310, 1662523110829.png)

What did he mean by this

No. 1640336

> he deleted his account
LOL you can't delete your Kiwi account, fraudulent and homosexual

No. 1640338

The IP of the server was leaked on Twitter. It's fucked.

No. 1640339

Same here. Both are giving me 502.

No. 1640341

If you see trannies saying some dumb shit make sure you archive it lol. Remember you can go outside and breathe fresh air without getting laughed out of town.

No. 1640342

How long would this take to fix

No. 1640343

Also “report” all posts from that freak as “tranny”. Don’t reply to it

No. 1640345

I’m dumb, what does this mean for KF

No. 1640346

>it's fake

No. 1640347

ddos in the short term, complaints to a new previously unknown provider (datawagon) in the long term

No. 1640348

if you want me to do something specific you can just tell me how to do it

No. 1640349

Dont they have ddos protection though?

No. 1640350

it's back up

No. 1640353

The best move would be to take Kiwi Farms offline for a period of time and find secure hosting and DDoS protection. Constantly trying to find a way to keep it online while simultaneously fending off attacks is like trying to repair a leaking boat while it's still in the water. It's better to take it to shore and fix it before sending it out again.

Yes, you won't be able to roam the ocean for a while if you do that, but you'll get back in the water eventually and better than before.

No. 1640354

Yes but with each new group of people they pissed off they attracted increasingly sophisticated attackers. Combine that with being blacklisted by most of the hosting industry so the kinds of hosts who are the best at dealing with such things don't want anything to do with them.

No. 1640355

>the incredible shrinking pedo
I love you way too much anon, fucking kek

No. 1640356

Unfortunately same, I hate myself

No. 1640360

Exactly. they really shit the bed with their general response, underestimating keffals' following as if it wasn't big enough to attract attention when it clearly was

No. 1640363

>assuming josh or any kiwi has a micron of patience for that

No. 1640365

ignore the trannies
remember to cope, seethe and dilate

No. 1640366

Whether you care about Kiwifarms or not, I recommend getting acquainted with shit like tor anyway because there's no way this is going to stop at just kf and they've already said women's spaces are next on their list. It's kind of depressing how Beauty Parlour, basically the female dominated part of kf, seems to have taken the worst blow in activity since it got pushed off the clearnet and you just know it's because of how clueless women let themselves be about navigating this kind of shit.

No. 1640367

That's why the ddos attacks are so effective. They always have this attitude of farms will be back up soon troon, they always are, you did nothing. Now that they have little to fall back on keeping the site down is a very easy psychological victory. There's all this attention on them right now so whatever is done to them will also get attention. It will be seen as a failure on their part which gets massively amplified by that attention.

No. 1640378

While trannies, their gamp admirers, and people invested in pharma obviously support this shit, everyone does not. The media seems to be entrenched with people that are turned on by this, but it might be possible to inform someone of a high enough level that would say something against this publicly. It is perfect “October surprise” material.

Subjects that make normal people mad regarding trannies
1) hormone blockers cause osteoporosis
2) if someone takes hormone blockers, they will be impotent and have baby dicks. Yes, this affects females more, but people would laugh and really ask questions when they hear about the “baby dick” thing
3) the concept of “not disclosing you used to be a man before fucking”. Even tranny chasers want to know
4) “Lea Thomas”. People are still mad at him. Also look up “people” like that mma troon
4a) Why are all MMA TIMs ex wife beaters? Look it up
5) Prison rapes of females. No one supports this and even the biggest bleeding heart is disgusted. We know that they don’t see them as actual women

Share reduxx where you can, and share archives where you can’t. Screenshot if you are talking to someone that is too much of a tra.

No. 1640381

I'm a different anon but here's one of my favourite peaking resources


No. 1640383

Samefag as >378 but I didn’t even mention that if a kid starts puberty blockers “at the right time to make them not look like a man” (until mid 20s anyways), they will NEVER have an orgasm. Fellow TIM surgeon Dr Bowers has confirmed that he has rarely seen a case in which children that inhibited puberty before Tanner stage 2 have been able to orgasm. EVER.

No. 1640385

It is a good source but it is no longer updated. If we hit people with things that are happening right now it is also effective. Our media just hides all of these stories from us and it is distressing

No. 1640387

It is. I deleted and replaced with >>1640383 .

No. 1640389

Too bad it never updates anymore. Here's mine:


No. 1640391

We're in contact with law enforcement regarding the current events and threats of violence being made. The majority of the individuals involved communicate in public channels, so we ask that the community continues to document and archive any suspicious behavior.
This is not the first or the last time that the community or staff has received threats of violence, or blackmail. For the majority of us it's simply another day as a woman on the net, and we recognize the ways that this translates to policies in the west such as the overruling of Roe v. Wade. It's not a mistake that the voices of women continue to be silenced as they have been for the last couple of years. We will persist. It isn't just one admin, or a couple of mods they will need to go after. They will need to police the thoughts of any woman who thinks in a manner they dislike. Good luck to that, goon troons.

No. 1640403

how many times is Blaine going to spam to feel heard

No. 1640406

Ewwww he is so ugly

No. 1640407

"troon cooning" made me bust a fucking gut nona please

No. 1640410

Fucking based wow, the Admin does exist

No. 1640411

File: 1662528524568.jpg (45.02 KB, 854x480, donie o.jpg)

lucas was bad enough!

No. 1640412

I only ever really read the munchie thread on kf but this sets a really scary precedent. I get that there’s bad shit on the site, but it’s also bad that if someone gets enough fucking retweets on twitter they can get a site taken down. How has nothing with all the proof gotten posted on twitter?
I don’t give a shot if Keffals identifies as a man, a woman or a fucking polar bear. Grooming minors is deplorable. It doesn’t matter who does it, it’s wrong and gross. Changing your gender does not change that, full stop.

No. 1640413


GDI. meant to reply to >>1640406

No. 1640414

same :((:()

No. 1640415

I hate all scrotes but I hate trannies the most, so if it’s between their violent, misogynistic, predatory asses and the garden variety autistic moids who frequent KF I’m going with the latter.

No. 1640420

admin I'm confused, is this referring to the schizophrenic pedophile tranny or is there something else going on here too?
>majority of the individuals involved communicate in public channels
which individuals and in which public channels?

No. 1640422

implying she hasn't been openly spamming in kiwifarms telegram and begging other cows for attention and relevancy

No. 1640427

So Lucas is getting roasted in the video comments for that CNN story. The bot army is trying to defend it but are
Losing bad. Of course “you must be a butthurt kiwi” has replaced “homophobic nazi” as the go to deflection.

No. 1640430

It must be much harder to make YouTube bots than Twitter bots.

No. 1640431

Well this tweet is deleted and you dumb bitch didn't even take a screenshot. Good job.

No. 1640435

What is this cryptic shit

No. 1640437

A Y chromosome.

No. 1640438

dear lord make this trend on twitter for the laffs

No. 1640442

File: 1662530611195.jpg (104.18 KB, 640x459, theylive.jpg)

keffals is getting ratio'd hard with the likes/dislike bar, it's a thing of beauty if you have it enabled. Few hours ago there were ~400 likes and ~1.8K dislikes, after an f5 it's 664 likes and +3K dislikes kek

No. 1640444

File: 1662530690954.jpg (194.87 KB, 2048x1152, todd-vanderwerff.jpg)




No. 1640447

File: 1662530845712.jpg (104.65 KB, 528x1047, wayback.JPG)

The person who tweeted at wayback and got them to remove the site from the archive claims that they had child porn of them hosted on there. Obviously this is bullshit but I thought I'd check out their thread anyway.
>born in 1987
>into dd/lg
there are topless nudes there that she posted on another forum in 2007. she was also wearing collars and leashes in it. cringe and i wouldn't want it on the internet if i were her, but since she's so proud about her dd/lg kink it's safe to say she's just using it as an excuse to victimize herself.

No. 1640449

anyway to mass report it lol, mass downvoting it won't work anymore now that it's invisible.

No. 1640452

Well you should give a shit because it’s identifying as a woman that gives Lucas and his band of merry pedophiles a get out of jail free pass for this fuckery

No. 1640453

Not a single person has ever committed suicide because of KF either. The truth doesn't matter to these people.

No. 1640463

This person is deranged. It's a histrinoic woman who as at various times been a TiF, a fake Mexican, a fake Jew, self-diagnosed with various mental illnesses. The "archiving" she does is vintage video games, and she got fired from that job for some kind of cancel-culture spergout in the GamerGate days. She has a really long KF thread although I never really followed her closely.

No. 1640464

If you’re into degenerate “kinky” shit you deserve to be harassed, “kink shaming” should be socially acceptable and anyone who participates in this pedo role play nonsense should be on a watch list at the very least

No. 1640475

Didnt he just get suspended and remade w another identity to avoid getting sussed again

No. 1640477

File: 1662532309020.jpg (38.39 KB, 500x500, 1621426562_pokemon-center-gras…)

Good to see you and thanks for taking this on at a crazy time! Good luck to you.

No. 1640479

Hugs and sorry you have to deal with this

No. 1640487

The irony of posting this in a thread about KF as though Kiwis were ardent feminists or something lmao. Is this a joke.

No. 1640488

File: 1662533287478.jpg (324.52 KB, 1080x1056, Screenshot_20220907_084158.jpg)

It's gone exactly like you expect outside of twitter or twitch. Comments are also nice.

No. 1640491

When he can’t ratio YouTube commenters lol

No. 1640494

If you had asked me if we'd ever see any of the farms featured on national TV, I would been like "lmfao no." What a time to be alive. The absolute state of America…

No. 1640495

File: 1662533620224.jpeg (310.69 KB, 750x868, 18865284-3491-4247-B699-FBAF6C…)

It seems Bex is getting angry because a moid in a dress is taking credit for HER idea…

No. 1640496

File: 1662533644478.jpeg (58.47 KB, 275x266, FBA17757-E0C0-4553-82AE-C6E855…)

The comments, mwah

No. 1640497

File: 1662533644946.jpeg (226.5 KB, 750x570, 82A88D19-9625-4A1C-A2B3-D59EF0…)

No. 1640498

It's not the first time for Kiwifarms. After the Christchurch stuff they also got a bunch of journo scum reporting on it and I think at some point they were on BBC as well.

No. 1640499

File: 1662533679877.jpeg (375.18 KB, 750x813, C4746C9A-5ABA-419A-87DF-6E9972…)

No. 1640500

Wait really? Matt is a stripper now? Wow.

No. 1640502

They're going to start cannibalizing each other lmao

No. 1640504


They always do.

No. 1640506

I know right? our dear admin-chan sounds like a pickme with no real moral compass.
so many of the posts ITT read as if kf wasn't one of the main communities calling every
bio woman who dares to so much as breathe a "feminazi" back in 2016.

No. 1640510

"I've been fighting KF for 7 years" by which she means "I've been made fun of on KF for 7 years" but lol who knows maybe she's peaking on Keffals

No. 1640512

Poetic for a bunch of soulless faggots with rotting ax wounds to start cannibalizing each other

No. 1640517

And he still gets to shit on a bio woman on his way out (even if she deserves it.)

No. 1640520

>Old women
Tell me you're a troon without telling me you're a troon. It's obvious the userbase was predominantly male kek.

No. 1640522

"Dumb Bitch"? The tweet its literally still up you moron. Actively giving out dox and inferring DDOS.
https://twitter.com/m0lpe/status/1567245850753093635(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 1640523

File: 1662535988619.jpg (150.28 KB, 802x971, growup.JPG)

people like this shouldn't be allowed to breed.

No. 1640524

pretty sure that tweet wasn’t saying that kf is predominately older women but trying to paint gossip as bad because only “bigoted old fashioned women” engage in it, which obviously isn’t true.

No. 1640526

File: 1662536334951.jpeg (233.65 KB, 828x926, 62893AFC-EADD-4801-AC44-FF88FD…)



No. 1640527

They are allowed unfortunately.
The archive link is right there, dude.

No. 1640531

And on the opposite side of the spectrum, retards on here cheering this on just because they hate moids and thinking they'll never be targeted next are also braindead delusional faggots.

No. 1640539

>they/them needs attention to survive
Not a Suprise

No. 1640541

They do anyway unfortunately.

No. 1640549

I agree. Kiwifags aren't trying to gain access to our prisons, locker rooms, or bathrooms. Sure many have deplorable views on women, but the fact they're actively rallying against transgender rhetoric where women are the predominant victims of is enough for me to tolerate their existence for the time being. We shouldn't tolerate individual instances of misogyny but I don't see any benefit continuing going in circles painting everyone with the same brush as posters from 2016. That being said they are temporarily in our space so they need to integrate lest we end up deplatformed as well.

No. 1640551

This. Why is it so hard for nonnies to grasp that we can exist separately from people we don't like but still temporarily come together out of necessity? We don't have to sit in a ring singing kumbaya and marry them, we just need a mutual understanding that our spaces are being shut down because of a community of people who want to destroy our voices and push back

No. 1640558

archivistbex or whatever is genuinely the most miserable cow of them all. even if kf went down forever, naming her as the victor personally she'd find something to whine about

No. 1640559

>women even flirt with me while I'm being misogynistic
in typical male fashion, he equates nervous laughs and awkward engagement as flirting.
those women don't want to be ostracized for being mean to the tranny in current year.

No. 1640560

Is it necessary? Or does it just ensure we get lumped in with them and therefore more likely to suffer the same fate? KF really brought this mess on themselves. I thought it was necessary to help them so they fuck off from here but maybe they integrate so poorly we should just hellweek them out until they get bored and buy a new anime pillow or whatever it is they do irl.

No. 1640561

I see you're not aware that they've been long aware of us already and named us as a target before kf even went down, along with ovarit and mumsnet.

No. 1640562

keffels v mumsnet the great peakening

No. 1640575


>and therefore more likely to suffer the same fate?

if this place does fall i'll have to resort to lurking at cc. they might be moid-aware but they're not as fun as this place.

No. 1640576

She really is. Even if KF stays down, she'll be suicide baiting or be pretending to be the damsel in distress in some other way within 24 hours. Her orbiter SecretGamerGrrl has probably been jerking his microdick for days.

No. 1640577


No. 1640584

File: 1662543474116.png (431.98 KB, 1310x961, AzKInbD.png)

the kiwi who he was referring to leaked his dms with keffals.
keffals admitted to using a PI to help track down the poster. PI identifies them as some hispanic kid and its pretty embarrassing. mask off.

No. 1640587

The general public is paying even less attention to this than the floods in Pakistan and has their mind on inflation.

No. 1640589


I gold star thy posts

No. 1640591

Maybe I’m too naive and/or optimistic but I feel like not enough people would care about us to go so far as they have with KF. At the end of the day the majority of this site is just catty gossip and autistic women talking about miscellaneous shit, and doxxing, racebaiting and a-logging are against the rules, normies who are directed here are probably more confused by the vernacular and overall culture than anything, admin is anonymous unlike Josh, beyond making life difficult for the staff I can’t see the troon brigade having any meaningful impact on us

No. 1640592

no one cares at all. Most never even heard of a lot of troon terms or even know the term TERF. Not even hardcore left-wingers know that much about it

No. 1640598

ngl it gives me warm fuzzies when those uber leet doxers of KF get a taste of their own medicine like when kf got hacked or an insane troon hires a private eye. kek

No. 1640599

Wokies are also straight white people who try to claim a minority status so they can talk over everybody else, they'll stick together with the trannies until the end because they'd rather die than shut the fuck up.

Sometimes I think maybe we should appropriate their whole "amplify oppressed people's voices uwu" thing and bring more attention to African and Asian feminists who know what's up and don't take their colonizer shit, but I don't want more women becoming targets of troon violence and martyrs just to peak a handful of meme ridden idiots who will only switch sides so they can be on the "right side of history" anyway.

No. 1640600

> and bring more attention to African and Asian feminists who know what's up
Agree. I think of that black woman who does the hair art who said that she didn’t want the “woman” label taken away from her because of troons reducing women to “birth givers”

No. 1640606

white men really are out here colonizing an entire gender huh(shitposting)

No. 1640607

This. This right here. White “feminist” (I use the term loosely for obvious reasons) woketards align themselves with troons because they need something to be outraged by in the absence of any real struggle if their own (yes, by virtue of the fact that they’re female they’re automatically at a disadvantage but they don’t face shit like FGM, honour killings, arranged marriage, trafficking, culturally sanctioned pedophilia and whatever other shit many of us WOC have to be concerned about on a daily basis). I needn’t point out the irony of them pledging allegiance to a group of moids who don’t try to conceal their violent hatred of women

No. 1640608

>hope these scrotes and pickmes don't stick around
At least the scrotes won't, they would have to integrate and their maleness prevents that. A positive thing could be that some of the pickmes wake up and become actually more feminist by spending time here

No. 1640611

Yeah I don’t hold out much hope for them, especially not on the cow boards where the vast majority of threads are dedicated to mercilessly bashing other women for their looks

No. 1640613

Lmao, may this subplot continue.

No. 1640619

Wow it's almost like Keffals is a clout-chasing faggot who hates women and steps on people for his own gain.

No. 1640621

That's not Keffals and if Keffals retweeeted this then he deleted that. If you had taken a screenshot of it when you first saw it maybe it could be used against him, but you didn't because you're dumb.

No. 1640622

the best part is that blackmail is a crime with 14 years max sentence in the bongland part of northern ireland keffels is currently dilating in. threats to do x if someone does y

No. 1640623

Did you even read the post? It's a faildox.

No. 1640632

who knows? keffels will get his money back then

No. 1640635

File: 1662551515618.png (811.74 KB, 1080x4106, scrotehandler.png)

lucas is getting too full of himself and that's going to be his downfall. that and his retarded fanbase.

No. 1640637

File: 1662551563680.png (124.82 KB, 1080x517, scrote.png)

No. 1640638

no way, the other person will disappear with the money kek

No. 1640647

Keffals is a total moron for thinking that a PI can track down a Kiwifarms poster to begin with. Unless they powerlevel a ton in their post they won't find out anything. The only way to find out who a Kiwifarms user is is with a court subpoena which Null has to abide by and hand over user data, and even then if you use a VPN and an e-mail address not linked to your identity there isn't anything they can do with that.

No. 1640648

Absolute fucking state of troons. Zero originality. Zero foresight as they bought into all this garbage. Zero politeness. Zero reading comprehension. Zero fucking spine to admit they're walking human refuse that prey on the innocent and the naive.
Rational hatred of these paedos is paramount to our survival as a sex, unmolested and not chased into the toilets.

No. 1640650

I bet a lot of these cows now talking to each other are thinking "you know, I can see why this person had a massive thread making fun of them"

Cluster Bs don't tend to get along with each other for long

No. 1640651

Is this man fucking for real?
There's no way it'll end well for this creepy pedo groomer. No need for any kiwifags, he is slowly undoing himself.

No. 1640664

I hope to will lead to more lolcow collaborations in the future. That should provide plenty of milk.

No. 1640666

File: 1662554245990.jpg (546.82 KB, 865x1403, 20220907_143514.jpg)

what did joshsan mean by this

No. 1640667

keffels to move in with becks and her two 'husbands' please

No. 1640670

I want him to seek refuge and the Tranch with Kevin Gibes.

No. 1640672

elon musk has offered to encode all of KF onto golden disks and send it into interstellar space so it survives forever

No. 1640681

Fucking kek, thanks for the chuckle nonita

No. 1640683

it could be, since elon musk is also on a fight against troons and censorship, and being the scrote he is, he's not too different from kiwiscrotes

No. 1640685

Here’s to hoping Elon, scrote or not, burns Twitter to the ground.for the lol. The fallout would be glorious.

No. 1640687

File: 1662555856620.jpg (124.55 KB, 1080x660, Screenshot_20220907-090421_Chr…)

I accidentally went to the .net page and saw this error message.

No. 1640688

Twitter users are so weird. Do they understand the meaning of privacy or DMs? This seems like a conversation that should have just taken place between them in private because it just keeps going on and says nothing.

No. 1640691

lmao what is happening

No. 1640692

I'd be okay with Keffals not going to jail if he lives on the Tranch. Imagine being stuck out in the wilderness and trying to be self-sustaining with nothing but other trannies for miles around. Jail seems like a sweet deal compared to that.

No. 1640694


>skinwalker ranch 2

No. 1640697

There will be coping and dilating

No. 1640704

thanks for posting this update nonnie, it made my day. Just what is going on?

No. 1640706

I assume it's good news about the future of the website. Or maybe he found a lawyer willing to sue the fuck out of scumbag journos pro bono. Something nice.

No. 1640707

Yes, because we're already lumped in with them, nonnie. Actually we're lumped in with 4chan, the American alt right, and murderous bigots too, because we scrutinise attention whoring gender specials. You're naive if you think nobody knows or cares about LCF enough to take it down. All it takes is "oop they criticised a trans person?" to be painted as a member of the Third Reich and the media picking it up as T and the R in TERF

No. 1640712

Hopefully he found a rich and powerful sponsor

No. 1640713

idk but the trips of truth feel promising

No. 1640717

Glad the aliens will get a chance to laugh at Lucas

No. 1640719

File: 1662557752248.png (112.84 KB, 535x408, nool.png)

what did he mean by this?

No. 1640720

That would be the best thing. Some libertarian techbro fucker who is overinvested in free speech. I'm not that optimistic.

No. 1640722

i’m also confused about what she’s referring to specifically

No. 1640723

Keffals is a jeep and Josh has to jump from suspicious domain to suspicious domain until something sticks. Doesn't sound promising.

No. 1640727

Is Josh's bipolar acting up? Jumping from domain to domain until you die doesn't sound like a future inspiring "unbridled optimism."

No. 1640728

He's being sarcastic I think

No. 1640729

I'm hoping it means he found a strong branch to support the forum? Since it's either that or death and I don't think he'd be optimistic if it was death.

No. 1640730

This is so dramatic

No. 1640732

Welcome to Josh.

No. 1640733

Yeah the attached image makes this seem like a shitpost but we’ll see what happens. I really don’t see them ever existing on the clear web the way they used to again.

No. 1640736

All they need is a company willing to deal with a lot of complaints from troons. If he finds a bleeding heart libertarian who hates trannies and has infrastructure it could easily be back on the clearnet.

No. 1640737

I honestly cannot get a good read on the post so you may be right. It's very cryptic. Most people in their Telegram seem to have taken it literally.

The .onion is giving me 502 and 504 errors now instead of just not loading. Shitty site or Null doing something?

No. 1640738

Null has a weird obsession with the movie Oldboy, that's what that painting and quote is from.

No. 1640739


why is she acting like she launched a months long campaign instead of pressed post on one tweet about the IA.

No. 1640745

She has severe and untreated BPD

No. 1640746

I want to believe that there is someone with a lot of money out there who has had all of their internet fun spoiled by troons and wants to fund kf indefinitely.

No. 1640748

what an odd nitpick

No. 1640749

i think that's not even that unlikely

No. 1640750

I figured. Just seems like an ironic choice with the text, but I may be overthinking it

No. 1640753

Is Josh entering his Thielbux era???

No. 1640754

I guess so. Is the money all they really need?

No. 1640755

No. This is retarded, Null has said several times that money is NOT the issue. The issue is finding people willing to work with the site despite the huge complaint volume and the radioactive reputation.

No. 1640757

Because no sane person would want to run this shit themselves.

No. 1640758

File: 1662559704844.jpg (128.32 KB, 1000x862, peter thiel was the friends we…)


whatever's funniest, fingers crossed.

No. 1640765

Kiwifarms but you are never ever allowed to disrespect the clown. At least a heeb backer would force kiwi scrotes to dial back their anti semitism so that would be a plus.

No. 1640767


Deleting fucking everything and making companies delete archives, then telling everyone that everything was misattributed with fake screenshots. Classic move Elliott

No. 1640768

The issue isn't money, never has been. Null always managed to keep the site up on a budget from donations. What he needs is a DDOS provider and a host/datacenter that won't drop him at the pressure of trannies.

No. 1640771

That's fine, I just want Josh to live a good life

No. 1640774

If it was over then he wouldn't be optimistic.

No. 1640777

Cope harder, tranny.

No. 1640783

I feel like if doxxing was banned on KF, the site would not be under such pressure as it is now. Whenever I lurked, I never gave a shit about where lolcows live unless they were actually dangerous freaks like Snakething. It feels like only psychos and weirdos care about doxxing otherwise.

No. 1640784

Why should he quit? Just cause retards like you don't like meanie words on the internet? If he doesn't want to raise the white flag to the trannies, then he shouldn't.

No. 1640785

"I have had an extraordinatily promising phonecall and I am filled with unbridled optimism" how the fuck do you read this and think it's bad news unless you are a coping tranny unable to deal with the possibility of Kiwifarms coming back?

No. 1640786

I honestly thought he'd quit after he made that post about wanting to settle down and have a family. It's sad that corporate and government entities have enabled censorship to the point that thousands of people are turning to one guy in Serbia running a gossip forum.

No. 1640790

Cowtipping is forbidden on kf but of course there are a-logs and weens.

No. 1640792

lmao, this would be a solid crossover.
He's a truly unlikeable and aggressive person who seems to thrive on negative attention. I can see him forever coasting off his newfound fame irl by becoming a public speaker or bullshit consultant, but if there's anyone who could squander an opportunity like this it's him.
Doxx is 100% what caused KF's downfall. Even if there was some sort of approval system for publicly revealing dox when it's in public interest, e.g. if someone's running a scam or drawing nasty CSAM, making it into a sport (probably rightfully) scares the shit out of people, and as much as people want to deny that KF encourages harassment, there's always going to be at least one deranged person who's going to do something with the dox.

No. 1640793

The picture is from a movie, the quote means that people who were there for you during the good times (laughing together) often leave when times get bad (you cry alone), I assume it's just a reference to Cloudflare and everyone abandoning the farms, but hopefully the future brings good times of laughing together. Why the hell would he say he was optimistic after a phonecall to be "sarcastic"? It makes no sense.

No. 1640795

>Doxx is 100% what caused KF's downfall.
Kiwifarms has been doxing people for almost 10 years and nobody cared until they made fun of a tranny. The issue isn't doxing, it's that trannies are untouchable. I can't believe we are 3 threads into this drama now and there are still dumbasses like you who don't understand the real problem.

No. 1640796

I agree. The doxxing always felt like an autistic moid thing (I have power over you because I went searching for this, don’t you feel unsafe). If it’s someone who is a legitimate danger to society whatever, like you said, but I couldn’t care less about knowing addresses of some of those cows. It just seemed like a stupid little power play.

No. 1640797

The KF community goes out of their way to doxx the doxxers. It's an established thing that if you doxx someone on KF you in turn are going to get doxxed by some dude who can ID you with autism magic. The most recent big doxxing I can think of before Keffals is Rogue Internet Man and they punished the doxxer by 1)doxxing her and 2)archiving all her disgusting shit so anyone who looks up her doxx can see it as punishment. Just because it isn't explicitly written in the forum rules doesn't mean they tolerate it

No. 1640799

File: 1662561802505.png (496.03 KB, 514x570, kf-oldboy.png)

In the spirit of providing context for nonas here is the image in Telegram. It's from the Korean movie Oldboy, the quote being "Laugh, and the world laughs with you. Cry, and you cry alone." The movie is about a man who is kidnapped and imprisoned for 15 years with no idea why. It's been a hot minute since I watched it, but I thought the moment he looks at this painting and reads it out is during his (prolonged) mental breakdown, and it's the turning point to him training up physically and attempting his escape. Am I wrong?

No. 1640800


(sappy oldfag moment incoming)

This shit is why I love you all fr, I've been online way too long and witnessed the death of many communities like this but I think losing this place would leave the biggest hole in my heart. I found this place about 7 years ago thanks to some patriot linking it on GOMI and was so happy to have found a place to shitpost and be a mean problematic bitch without someone jumping down your throat, or having to sift through endless coomposting racebaiting and tits or gtfo. You all have given me endless keks over the years and while I love to see Josh losing, it does make me nervous about what it means for us

No. 1640801

File: 1662561822381.png (287.94 KB, 594x578, greenwald.png)

No. 1640804

The moderation seems spotty at best. The retarded pace the keffals thread moved at certainly didn't help either. It ended up being a bunch of /pol/ tier scrotes posting the gamer words and """fake threats""" at the trannies hoping they'd get screencapped.

No. 1640806

>Why the hell would he say he was optimistic after a phonecall to be "sarcastic"?
I took it in the same way as the burning dog "this is fine" meme

No. 1640807

I'm samefag as >>1640799 and you are definitely remembering the movie wrong, he doesn't get killed lolwut?? Genuinely this is the moment of his greatest despair before he resolves to escape. I'll try to find a clip.

No. 1640813

Twitter doxes way more people than Kiwifarms and yet nobody is crying for twitter to be taken down… liberals can dox people they deem "evil" like LibsofTiktok or JKR all day long and nobody cares. DOXING IS NOT THE ISSUE. The issue is trannies being a protected class in our society nobody is allowed to call out.

No. 1640814

if it was the '60s, it would be the ACLU suing the journos and Cloudfare on Josh's behalf.

No. 1640815

You morons are reading way too much into a picture with a caption.

No. 1640817


No. 1640819

Kek I just wanted to clarify because it seemed like a certain anon forgot what the movie was about, it's actually pretty good (the original not the remake). Sage for ot

No. 1640821

Ayrt, I’m not saying it’s the issue, just that it’s retarded. I think the twitter users doing it are pathetic too. I’ll admit it’s been funny watching Keffals scramble and knowingly dox himself for more victimization though.

No. 1640822

I swear to God this is my last response over this because we're shitting up the thread but this quote comes mid-movie when he is preparing to escape from the prison, and not the very end which is what you've posted.

No. 1640823

Ah of course it's the schizo troon ONCE AGAIN posting a bunch of deluded bullshit because he can't deal with the fact Kiwifarms might be back up before the week ends and him and his dickless friends have lost at life once again. Should have known.

No. 1640824

That's the fucking Blaine troon again.

No. 1640827

My bad, I should've realized after how weirdly gaslight-y he was being. I'll report

No. 1640830

There's a double standard at play, but the major difference is that dox and its consequences make up a tiny fraction of what twitter is used for. There are a shit ton of gossip communities out there, and the ones that have had public campaigns for their removal have two things in common:
>The userbase has a ton of deranged scrotes
>It's full of consolidated dox drops

No. 1640831

Funny you think we want newfags posting

No. 1640833

Yes, that's why a popular ban reason is for people not integrating to site culture

No. 1640836

So if a new site exactly like KF but without anyone's address posted was made, would it be safe? I'm genuinely curious. I wonder if they could convince Cloudflare that anyone's life was threatened without dox.

No. 1640838

Lolcow.farm site culture is hating scrotes, including Josh. What do you expect?

No. 1640840

Yes, and the newfags that are coming to this site now either 1. hate Josh and are trannies or 2. love Josh
So yes, an influx of newfags posting is not a good thing. Where are the newfags you're supporting coming from?

No. 1640841

No, they can say whatever they want, dox or no dox. And if the mob believes them (as they will even without dox) then companies get pressured and eventually cave.

No. 1640842

Stop talking to the troon for fucks sake

No. 1640844

Absolutely garbage take. With name + general location + approximate age most of the time finding the address is trivial. Banning phonebooking is a slippery slope and doxing is part of what makes KF, KF, for better or for worse. It's about trannies complaining, not about kiwis doxing. The trannies would then take their W and start complaining about deadnaming or some other bullshit.

No. 1640848

It would be much harder to take down but the precedent that the Keffals campaign has set still doesn't make it completely safe. Shameless trannies can fedpost and cry enough about it to garner attention to target sites they hate. Look at how hard they're trying with KF. If Josh's account is correct, trannies are apparently trying to hack into KF accounts at hundreds of login attempts per second. These people have no lives and go to great lengths to try to destroy any dissent.

No. 1640850

>trannies are apparently trying to hack into KF accounts at hundreds of login attempts per second.
Yeah its most likely correct. there are programs that let you do this. and with how trannies have lots of programmers. it'd be trivial to do

No. 1640853

Correct. This is a win that will embolden them.

No. 1640857

it's autism vs autism. just think about the level of autism it took to recreate ED and the effort to keep hosting some 2000s edgelord shit. Both KF and ED are stained with 'fuckyou' the school shooter but hurrr section 230 sneed

No. 1640858

You're right. I think doxxing is wrong personally and the logic behind banning it is sound, but it'll be the same story as with Matthew Prince - he buckled to the trannies' demands and now they're calling for his resignation. They'll just move the goalposts like nona was saying, making it about "deadnames" then "misgendering" and then general "bigotry" until the site is as neutered as Twitter.

No. 1640859

If an obvious fedpost from a new user that gets reported and deleted in minutes can get a site dropped, then I really don't know what normal people can do. Any site could theoretically be destroyed using that method unless mods had to approve every single post or something.

No. 1640861

No? Troons aren't targeting it because of doxxing, they just don't like being mocked and have their degeneracy archived like some kind of witness elimination. Cloudflare didn't drop kf because of doxxing either, it was because there were posts threatening keffals, if the author was a "genuine kiwi" and not someone planting threats there to make kf look bad is up for speculation. Someone more well informed than me might want to comment but doxxing is not even illegal and wouldn't on itself be a good enough reason to drop a website.

No. 1640863

Kiwifarms is fully legal and Josh complies with lawful requests by American authorities (if you post something illegal and the FBI demands your user data, Josh will hand it over).

No. 1640869

>It's about trannies complaining, not about kiwis doxing.
If that were the case then lolcow, mumsnet, ovarit, 4chan, GC publications etc. would be under threat too. It's usually piss easy to dox somebody, but posting someone's dox alongside their faults is both an easy way to intimidate them and motivate a bad actor to use the dox. KF itself is cooked at this point, but if there were a KF-like entity that banned dox prior to this controversy then it'd probably be able to hang on at least a few years longer than KF could.

No. 1640870

That's literally the goal. The goal is to have like 3 or 4 big websites that everyone has to use, preferably you need to register with phone number and ID so your account is directly tied to your identity and any wrongthink can be immediately deducted from your social credit score. They want to actively stomp out the free internet and control the flow of information. That's why you see so much shit about "dangerous misinformation" now. The government gives the narrative, private companies enforce it and anyone going against it will be banned from participating in discussion. People like Keffals are just useful idiots for accomplishing this dystopian hellscape.

No. 1640871

That's kind of the point. All of those sites (sans 4chan because feds) will be under threat eventually because trannies are insane and autistic.

No. 1640873

lolcow has been targeted by troons for a while now. They post CP and gore here all the time because they are upset that we make fun of them. We are just less known than Kiwifarms and they get euphoria from posting here pretending to be women. We will absolutely be targeted next if Keffals ever finds out how much we shit on him and his ilk here.

No. 1640876

None of those are well known enough by twitter trannies, except 4chan which they are already targeting which is funny considering it's full of feds (insert spiderman meme here)

No. 1640880

Ovarit has a reach of like 200 radfems, same for most GC publications. The GC spaces that DID have reach have all been destroyed. 4chan is a fed honeypot. Mumsnet is impossible to browse. I can't even read threads there let alone dig up information.

Kiwifarms is both big (millions of views) and has wiki-tier write ups that are easy to find, concise, and complete. There's no other website like it.

My kneejerk reaction is that doxxing is wrong, but if you start to think about what it would actually mean to ban it, you start to run into issues. Is someone's face a doxx? Someone's name? What if you are looking into someone with criminal records, can you post them? Their mugshots? What about a tweet on a pedophile account tat says they're a teacher in X town, can you post that?

I'm not comfortable with people posting addresses and phone numbers because there is virtually never a purpose for that, but I think overall the only really practical solution is to follow the law and just let people be autistic about digging up useless information.

No. 1640881

File: 1662564493397.png (979.05 KB, 1416x1465, d25d84f176fb515dd503b500966eef…)


Keffals tries to dox some random, threatens him artistically. Not only could keffals not do this effectively and had to use a PI, allegedly the dox wasn't even good.

No. 1640882

The culture in KF of wanting to make some sort of difference is part of the problem. A lot of the other sites have a userbase that enjoy talking shit and documenting bad behaviour (often badly)

KF would be a loss purely because the userbase is good at keeping things factual and easy to find outside of the shitty discussions

No. 1640883

The way kf archives their dirt is much more practical and friendly for someone unfamiliar with a cow to inform themselves. In other websites everything is scattered, add that to how well known kf is (yes it is much more well known than here, ovarit or fucking mumsnet) makes it their greatest enemy. Arguing about the morals of doxxing is fine but we can't act as if it actually had anything to do with kf being ostracized by companies.

No. 1640884

I blame the poltards Null brought on the site with A&N. It should have been a separate forum.

No. 1640885

>The culture in KF of wanting to make some sort of difference
How to tell you have ever actually browsed KF.

No. 1640886

Mumsnet do have a reach. Terf island would probably not be Terf Island without it. Normies love that kind of forum structure for some ungodly reason.

No. 1640887

Nobody has ever complained about A&H. Every single time people complain about the site it's because of trannies.

No. 1640889

Kf was always about shitposting and laughing at cows. It had no culture about wanting to make some difference.

No. 1640891

People on kiwifarms complain about it all the time. Null himself has written several posts about how much he hates the people there because they are always mad and go on crusades about dumb shit. He also brought it up on his stream. He shares their ideas about politics but he can't stand the way they interact with cows and the gossip mongering he also loves.

No. 1640893

You missed the point- if the takedown was just about trains complaining then these places would have been pulled down too. KF died because it played fast and loose with dox and is full of edgy scrotes. Those are the reasons why Encyclopedia Dramatica got dropped too.

No. 1640894

But that's the thing I have and the moment a topic gets attention people are out there getting information and trying to take that person down in some way. Add the hate for troons and oof

You get to the zoophile shit, and probably the pedo shit I never checked, and it's the same thing. The big difference is that they seem to constrain themselves a lot more and only try to act when they have evidence of something being done. It would probably be different if they had more people browsing there

Anyway, the behaviour of the minority of users who make so much noise has unfortunately fucked over everyone who did just want to follow cows

The average internet user is definitely going to be more aware of mumsnet than they are of kf

No. 1640895

Yes, but they have never caused issues for the site. That's also because the forum is not public and you need an account to view it. I don't know why you don't just want to accept the very obvious problem: trannies hate being made fun of. I don't know why you're somehow so desperate to blame it all on the poltards on the site despite the fact that the only people who have issues with the site are PEOPLE WHO HAVE A THREAD ON THE SITE.

No. 1640896

They did sometimes get together for a moral crusade against a pedo or animal abuser, and sometimes users would be overdramatic and try to start one of those against someone who was just a shitty streamer.

No. 1640897

You are retarded and I guess you are set in your retarded opinion. Maybe we can not have this argument 10 times a day because you don't want to accept that trannies are just fucking awful.

No. 1640898

People are really letting their opinions on troons blind them to all the other shitty things about kf compared to the average site

No. 1640899

Sure I'll go on GC reddit to talk about trannies then, they don't doxx and - oh wait
No problem I'll go to GC twitter where people can openly discuss tranny issu- oh wait

No. 1640900

Kf died because troons got offended I they have a lot of clout. It is as simple as that and I don't understand why you don't want to accept it.

No. 1640904

I don't want to even fucking know to be honest.
The faggot is a useful idiot as far as lolcows go. Host data on scum, or go and rot away even more yourself, harlequin.
Or does he want to get dangerous and continue this war? I do hope so.
A proxy war between kiwisharts and troons is preferable to us doing the heavy lifting.

No. 1640905

Poltards cause a lot of issues internally on the site and imo are responsible for the culture shift you mentioned.

No. 1640908

Let's just say that some of us have been through the troon censorship shit a couple of times before and we can see the pattern.

No. 1640910

Nobody gives a single solitary fuck about A&H. Troons aren't even going there to gather evidence about how evil the nazis on Kiwifarms are, which they could easily do. They just care about themselves being made fun of. Part of this is because a lot of troons themselves are poltards. You will see it with your own eyes sooner or later how all sites critical of troons will be banished from the web, while sites for literal nazis and terrorists like ISIS are allowed to remain protected by Cloudflare and others. Sorry you're dumb, but you will learn.

No. 1640911

Is KF still accessible with IPV6?

No. 1640912

Because they’re probably people who think the left isn’t as bad as the right and think a tranny rapist isn’t as bad as a POL rapist, so they need to make logic leaps and derail to make somehow KF fault the trannies did all this!! rather than accept both sides are fucked and trannies are a menace.

No. 1640915

I somewhat agree with this. I don't think that it would have mattered in the end, but banning A&N would have been a good thing.

No. 1640916

File: 1662565453575.jpeg (Spoiler Image,72.33 KB, 800x409, Keffals_porn_2.jpeg)

No. 1640917

TOR and regular work for me right now but clearnet was down for me an hour ago.

> Status of the site is very jank. Disconnects and random errors are expected. Your stability depends on your physical location and ISP. Sorry for issues.

No. 1640918

Yeah it's some serious cope going on here, I'm assuming it's a troon who doesn't want to accept that his own people are just that fucking shitty. It has to be blamed on le evil nazis that make up like 10% of KF and nobody ever complains about.

No. 1640923

Kiwifarms.top is working and .net is throwing a teapot error but interestingly, it is doing so with a cloudflare cert.

No. 1640924

File: 1662565711851.png (80.42 KB, 226x233, 1602802689819.png)

Why would someone willingly do this kind of shit, without being blackmailed or forced or some shit? This is insulting to survivors of the exploitative sex trade women have to come eye to eye with, absolutely fucking disgusting.

No. 1640925

>I guess you are set in your retarded opinion
I am because I know that one of KF's sources of inspiration was dropped by hosts for the exact same reasons that I'm listing.
I think they're just emotionally-attached to KF and don't want to admit that it had unique (in current year) qualities that caused it to be deplatformed over other sites that target tras.

No. 1640927

big thunk. maybe the call was from cloudflare. maybe i'm being optimistic though.

No. 1640928

Null could literally be the Antichrist and it wouldn't have mattered as long as kiwifarms didn't upset trannies.

No. 1640930

because being a sex worker is empowering if you have a fetish for being sissified or being seen as a woman.

No. 1640931

Cause doing porn and being degraded is "gender euphoric" for troons.

No. 1640932

Null said he wants cloudflare to stay the domain registrar for kiwifarms.net for the time being because other services might straight up steal it, that's why we have all those goofy other URLs I think. That information is days old though.

No. 1640933

Yeah nobody is calling for shutting down the ISIS website, despite them regularly beheading people. Nobody is calling to shut down cozy.tv despite it being full of white supremacist pol-tards. The only thing that can get someone deplatformed nowadays is being too mean to trannies. Look at fucking Destiny, he lost his twitch and twitter because he said "Maybe trans women shouldn't be in women's sport". Despite the fact that he is a huge leftist and troon-simp.

No. 1640934

File: 1662566189324.jpg (104.82 KB, 1124x1120, 111123546573.jpg)

The fact that they have so much power over online discourse is surprising. How do they have so much pull? Everyone irl would see them as abject losers and weirdos but for some reason they get to completely dominate every online space.

No. 1640935

Adding no one is trying to take down
It’s not about hate. It’s about the troons and the coom

No. 1640939

They are terminally online, they work in tech and they are useful tools for Big Tech.

No. 1640942

i legitimately have no idea what you're trying to say here

No. 1640944

I wonder this too. The usual answer I get is that they work in IT but I work in IT myself and have no power over anything but some internal accounting info. How are all these mentally ill guys with poor hygiene and no social skills getting high enough up corporate ladders to influence anything?

No. 1640951

The president of the United states has been pressuring on other governments to ban conversion therapy for trannies. He’s also why are assistant health secretary is a tranny (who probably should go to prison for his healthcare related crime during the beginning of COVID) and are energy guy. One of the richest ceos in the world is a tranny now too. The two dudes that made the matrix are trannies. The Dems good billionaire in the states Prizter is a governor who made his money mutating children with his relatives in the US and Canada and they’ve put out feelers to run him after Biden. AOC the wokies token character was in bed with mermaids in uk. Bringing their shit over here but Soros the Hungarian billionaire is backing the uk and the us trannies with things like funding stonewall. You want to know how because they’re not the marginalized group. They’re the entitled cheating angry men that have always existed.

No. 1640952

Yeah this is where the disconnect in my brain is. They spend lots of time online but I don't see how that translates to actual corporate power.

No. 1640953

FTMs have minimal influence in online discourse and are ignored at best and actively hated for daring to be born with vagine at worst by the MTFs in charge

No. 1640955

Samefag but trans healthcare is projected to be an 18 billionaire dollar industry in the next ten years and every child they get on blockers is worth 1.6 million in trans healthcare through their lifetime.

No. 1640957

less makey threads more takey meds

No. 1640959

Because FtMs are manlets and nobody respects manlets

No. 1640963

File: 1662566902186.jpg (164.09 KB, 1920x1080, aba.jpg)

Yeah that's how Keffals caught the attention of KF in the first place. He publically bragged about taking away his income.

No. 1640966

The T is just using LGB, they've destroyed so much that has been accomplished. Because they're lumped together more retards hate gays and lesbians when it's mostly the T with the crazy demands

No. 1640968


No. 1640973


Apparently the most oppressed group in the world is a group who can get entire websites shut down within a few weeks because people use it to say mean things about them. Meanwhile 80% of Reddit is devoted to shitting on women and there are sites that have been used to organize actual incel shootings, but those are just allowed to exist. But troons are the most oppressed ever.

No. 1640976

You guys seriously need to stop replying to Blaine, any time you read something that sounds nonsensical, is seething about Josh or is defending troons it's him pretending to be a farmer. I don't know how you haven't caught on his obvious patterns yet since he is seriously schizophrenic and can barely manage to shit out a single coherent sentence or thought.

No. 1640977

show me in the rules where it says "you must sage if you post more than twice"(sage)

No. 1640979

Yeah I don't get the purpose of doxing the harmless cows at all. I was following this one cow who managed to keep her private info pretty under wraps, but KF eventually autisticly found her through a nursing license or something, posted her family's facebooks, address, etc. She immediately DFE, faked a suicide note and never returned. Like even if you're just in it for the chaos or whatever, how did that bring any amusement? She never posted again and all of her sites are gone.
I don't think banning doxing would change much though. Calling a troon a man or questioning why children are being brought around a convicted sex offender drag queen is "literal genocide", after all. They're only using the doxing because it's the scariest sounding thing they have to cry about to the normies right now, without it they'd just use something else.

No. 1640980

Also every time there is a cringe reaction image attatched to the post since he avatarfags

No. 1640982

Sounds like her being doxed led to her seriously improving her life and logging off instead of staying a lolcow? Good for her, how is doxing bad again?

No. 1640984

no milk, sage. learn2blend

No. 1640985

destiny should've just followed twitch's rules and ignored the comment. discussing troonery of any kind is haram regardless of how the sports world largely agrees with him

No. 1640988

The issue is the anti trans thing but the doxxing makes it easier for them to get taken down for legal reasons

No. 1640993

this makes me so fucking mad.
it's like that annoying kid who reports you to the teacher for anything you tell them.
gosh keffal is such a spoiled piece of human shit I hate him so much I wish that rotten hole between his legs causes instant death.
hopefully, he offs himself soon!!

No. 1640994

Has kf ever faced legal repercussions for dox tho? Because it wasn't the reason why cloudflare dropped it.

No. 1640995

Fedpost, spam cp, make up some shit and complain to the media. Site gets taken down anyway.

No. 1640996

I wonder why Keffals, who is a real genuine women who truly understands women's experiences, seems completely unbothered by numerous porn sites that host the recorded rape of minors and incels.is and MGTOW and Wizardchan and the PUA community

No. 1640997

Not legal reasons, no. Optical reasons, maybe.
Destiny is a nasty scrote, a performative fake ally pro-sex "work" low key misogynist freak who would probably gladly suck a troon's dick. It's amazing how even one bit of wrongthink made him literal Satan to these people.

No. 1641000

They still achieve a lot with their lies for their own personal gain but I wouldn't make it easier for them

No. 1641005

File: 1662567747487.png (317.54 KB, 1010x924, cunt1.png)

God this guy is such a fucking cunt. "I make 6 figures a year and a media job. I was reported on in media in 15 different countries this month." His ego is HUGE.

No. 1641006

twink death is real

No. 1641009

All of theirs are

No. 1641010

Doxing is not illegal and Kiwifarms was never taken down for "legal reasons" you braindead retards.

No. 1641011

Kek, he really hired a pi just to brag to a zoomer on discord? He should use his 6 figure salary to finance a weight loss surgery.

No. 1641012

Not to mention did we forget the trannies spammed cp on gender critical to get banned. Do people not realize that’s how their getting subs banned when they don’t have the mod power?

No. 1641013

everyone knows that, but it was the pathetic excuse cloudfare gave

No. 1641016

File: 1662568220823.png (317.73 KB, 566x918, cunt2.png)

This shit is so fucking funny, he is threatening this guy like some kind of anime villain psychopath. https://odysee.com/@Winter:7/keffalsblackmaildiscordleak:1

No. 1641017

Cloudflare said something about threats to life because a couple of posters were alogging

No. 1641018

No, they actually never specified the exact reason, they heavily implied it was because of the fake threat someone made where they said they would put bombs in all poutine shops. You don't even know what you're talking about as you push this dumb narrative.

No. 1641019

Wasn't GC banned because reddit updated its hate policies to include troonphobia?

No. 1641022

I love keffals playing tough while the other guy talks like every retarded zoomer I've ever came across on discord.

No. 1641023

File: 1662568396951.png (359.66 KB, 702x816, cunt3.png)

He's literally just threatening this guy with pictures of what he thinks is his family. Literally exactly what he accuses Kiwifarms of.

No. 1641026

man takes credit for woman's work, a tale as old as time, one that you can't identify out of

No. 1641027

They never specified the exact reason either.

No. 1641028

blackmail is a crime where you are, keffels. ask for a female prison

No. 1641030

File: 1662568566191.png (75.24 KB, 717x217, cunt4.png)

This entire conversation is full of winners.

No. 1641031

Still looking forward to the Keffals downfall arc.

No. 1641033

Lmaooo he really thinks he's hot shit now
My god, Keffals is targeting trans latinx immigrants for literal genocide. Cloudflare should be informed of this domestic terrorism immediately.

No. 1641036

the painting is from james ensor

No. 1641037

File: 1662568743603.png (219.54 KB, 884x600, cunt5.png)

I honestly can't wait until he is cancelled by his own community.

No. 1641039

I hope he got in trouble with twitter people for using the R word

No. 1641042

lmao he's manic

No. 1641044

File: 1662568860419.png (42.24 KB, 414x126, cunt6.png)

Yeah we can tell by how much you hate women, Lucas.

No. 1641045

That tweet chain about flirting with women using misogyny indicates otherwise

No. 1641046

troons ruin everything around me
troons get the money
dollar dollar bill y'all

No. 1641051

If that's true, he's the first obese hsts I've seen.

No. 1641052

File: 1662569061063.png (114 KB, 974x246, cunt7.png)

No. 1641053

File: 1662569095099.jpg (8.77 KB, 489x183, hsts.jpg)

I don't think he knows what HSTS means.

No. 1641054

He smells like AGP and, yes, I can smell him through the screen.

No. 1641055

I would say Roseofdawn is one too

No. 1641061

File: 1662569218512.png (343.59 KB, 984x814, cunt78.png)

You can really smell the white male privilege coming off this troon.

No. 1641062

that's what i've been wondering about, Anonymous stance on all this. "great" to see how Anonymous is just one of those idiots

No. 1641064

jfc he sounds like a literal 10 year old bragging

No. 1641065

comfirmation that anonymous is full of troons

No. 1641068

hope the winter zoomer or someone posts this on twitter? let him be "cancelled" for those less relevant things at the very least

No. 1641072

Can't cancel a tranny sadly. All the people who support Keffals already read his thread and don't see anything wrong with his behavior.

No. 1641074

onision used to have an army of groomed teens but they grew up. not sure that will happen with keffels' fans but they will eventually uh… go away

No. 1641079

Onision is not a tranny tho. There is a clear social hierarchy on twitter based on victimhood-status. The more of a victim you are the more you are protected by the mob and troons are at the tippy top.

No. 1641080

He did hide behind his boy larping wife though and pretended to be a trans ally, a lot of the dumb young fans ate it up. It's of course not the same as being a tranny yourself

No. 1641083

this is the reason why

No. 1641086

File: 1662570356786.png (294.65 KB, 1284x1363, email.png)

Someone is either trying to scam Keffals with this obviously fake e-mail (come on, you can easily look up Null's real e-mail) or Keffals made this up to post on twitter as a win.

No. 1641090

The world is run by degenerate white men so tptb will support their own, especially if it fucks over marginalized people. Someone on radtwit said that MTFs being able to get away with all of this doesn't prove that they are women, it proves the extent of white male privilege.

No. 1641091

Idk, I'd say twt has a hierarchy for which men who cry "bigot!!" are at the top. Keffals is a victim of exactly nothing and is lauded, but rape victims and third world feminists are cancelled

No. 1641092

I swear I've seen that bogus kiwinull email surface in some other gayop…

No. 1641093

File: 1662570621579.png (634.85 KB, 1516x1400, kotaku.png)

They are starting to just blatantly say the quiet parts out loud.

No. 1641094

The worst thing is I just know Keffals underage fanbase is eating this fake shit up smh

No. 1641097

I remember a couple years back the ‘most oppressed minority’ was the black woman according to wokes and libfems but now they’ve become completely silenced and overpowered by troons. Sad world

No. 1641100

Can't make it more obvious the government is using trannies to push the reality of living in a surveillance state under the guise of "fighting 'hate'"

No. 1641101

this isn't real. and if it is, post a link.

No. 1641104

That's what intersectional feminism originally was about but people are retarded, now it's a perverted mockery of it. We live in clown world

No. 1641106

File: 1662570910771.png (248.59 KB, 608x496, wtfisabandemic.png)

i went to twitter to see if anyone was posting those winter caps and found something else

here's the quoted thread where a few are discussing lucas. he is 100% going to be his own downfall by putting his foot in his mouth. elliot fong's already fed up with lucas's bullshit since he keeps getting tagged.

No. 1641111

That was the plan all along. In the future you just have your "google account" that is tied to your real identity and bank account. You can use your google account to go on twitter, instagram, tiktok, facebook, amazon and pornhub. Those are the only websites that still exist. If you post something problematic a small fee is taken directly out of your bank account. If you post something "HATEFUL" you get locked out of your account and are no longer allowed to participate in society.

No. 1641112

I can't find the article you've screenshotted anywhere?

No. 1641114

Agree. It’s so weird that the shift changes from protecting black women to reeing about being accepting of troons. Even in tiktok they are still trying to push for support, but troons always win in the “””oppression Olympics”””, you even see the gofundmes for plastic surgery and donation pools troons make get more support than anything else online

No. 1641117

The first step towards our own social credit system.

No. 1641119

They changed the headline to this >>1641103

No. 1641120

it's because it's fake. the title doesn't exist.

No. 1641123

yes because this absolutely won't harm vulnerable people and take away any avenue they have to expose their abusers without doxing themselves.

peak male privilege.

No. 1641124

Because they changed it, probably because people pointed out how on the nose it is.

No. 1641135

All of that "protect black women" and "uplift POC voices" was all lipservice. None of them really cared and none of them care today.

No. 1641139

Exactly. It was always just to look good, and now troons changed the narrative to needing the most support more than anything because they’re so aggressive and cult-like.

No. 1641141

Do you have an archived link?

No. 1641142

> sorry for the ableist language, i've since learned better
I hate these people so much
> keffals saying the interne is not real
beyond parody

No. 1641144

No, sorry, I wasn't quick enough.

No. 1641146

It’s quite obviously a fake screenshot nonna. We have kiwiscrotes and troll moids and retard troons itt.

No. 1641147

File: 1662571814127.webm (425.07 KB, 852x480, 1662570610990624.webm)

Hunchback of Notre Ma'am

No. 1641152

File: 1662571875424.png (131 KB, 1080x673, myfuckingsides.png)

No. 1641154

Yeah, just checking. I don't understand why scrotes won't just leave us alone, rent free or whatever it is twtoids say

No. 1641158

File: 1662572026953.jpg (219.05 KB, 1080x717, Screenshot_20220907_123448.jpg)

No. 1641164

lol is he trying to doja him

No. 1641170

I've seen Unabashed Hermaphrodite's name here, and now Commie Dick Girl? Maybe ILJ is behind all this shit.

No. 1641171


No. 1641177

That’s himself. He’s trying to insert himself into kiwi drama because he’s a nobody.

No. 1641179

LOL Josh unironically stans the Kiwi Kween. He's praised CDG on a number of occasions. It's pretty funny. CDG does actually have pretty good takes on tranny issues, too. And Blaine can't stand >her because CDG is actually liked to the point people even use >her pronouns and has seethed about it for over a year now, it's amazing.

No. 1641180

Question: if anonymity was abolished the way this article says >>1641093 would that apply to America or to everyone?

No. 1641181

If you see random posting about “Blaine/Erika knew this all along!!! Evil master plan!! UH is amazingggghg nobody listened to him tho” it’s the schizo tranny trying to put himself into it like he’s been behind things or whatever. Ignore it. He has nothing to do with anything and is reaching.

No. 1641184

Pretty sure Null has declined interviews with the troon, tho the troon has been simping hard for him (many of them do).

No. 1641185

It probably would follow everywhere anon. But it would be difficult to enforce and would speak of coming conflict and a fracturing of our society.

No. 1641188

The "above average income"/"6-figs" is a recent thing. By his own admission, he spent all of his adult life living on government NEETbux until his streaming income surpassed the income limit a year or so ago.

No. 1641189

The advocates of this are extremely stupid if they think the monitoring and censorship they want won't bite them in the ass someday.
BLM and ACAB movements would be targeted too. Women trying to get abortions would be targeted. It's not going to stop at the people Twitter lefties dislike. If anonymity and free speech go, we're all fucked.

No. 1641192

Yeah I am sure he is going to CommieDGurl for hosting.. are you retarded? You don't even know what he wants from him.

No. 1641196

That's the tranny, anon. He hates the other tranny for being better liked and better looking.

No. 1641201

In matters like this it helps to have an ambassador who can communicate for you. CDG is trans, so it would make sense for Josh to communicate through a trans person to trans people. It would have been smarter if he did this earlier because I know for a fact there are openly trans KF users

No. 1641205

He uses one already canceled by twitter like a fool lol

No. 1641206

commie has been very supportive of josh on kf with being pro-free speech and shitting on kekfals

No. 1641207

also "you're letting your hatred of trannies blind you to XYZ" and crying that regular scrotes/null/some random autists are worse than trannies. a lot of nonnies have been getting baited by those

No. 1641208

CDG would be a particularly good ambassador because he had a thread made on him after a public freakout, was doxed, but handled it the right way and learned from the experience. He talks about here- https://reduxx.info/kiwis-vs-predator/

But yeah Josh should've done this weeks or months ago but he's rarely been accused of being good at optics or common sense.

No. 1641211

It doesn't matter if they're Twitter cancelled because this is going to enter an irl arena (legal shit, for example, is not Twitter bitch fights) soon and Josh isn't going to be able to navigate that sort of thing without help from people who understand the trans community. Even if he's holding on to CDG for just that reason it's still a good idea

No. 1641213

This is a Troon post

No. 1641217

Yeah, kiwis and their pet troons are so lame.

No. 1641218

That narc rage is incredible, holy shit. I get that people with NPD can be charismatic in the early stages, but it's a wonder that Keffals has friends at all. I wonder what form the cycle of abuse takes with his PhD candidate in "would you like fries with that?" partner.

No. 1641224

Does he have friends? It seems all the people he associates with just have common goals (be disgusting troon perverts looking to censor people).

No. 1641226

This, thank you. Idk if it's the kiwiscrotes but lately many posters sound so obviously terminally online ffs, go outside and interact with offlines, it's not good to be thinking about troons all the time regardless of how awful they are. There is many other awful shit coming politics-wise, troons are just a tool to normalized male perversion, pedophilia, and censorship among many other things.

No. 1641228

File: 1662574308518.png (53.93 KB, 200x200, 3BA7783C-B171-4C87-A828-D6A482…)

When you say a joke and then the XY next to you says it louder and everyone laughs

No. 1641230

>Does he have friends?
Maybe not genuine friends in the way that most of us would define friendship, but we do know that he has people in his life that are willing to a) marry him and b) put themselves at risk (of being doxed) by hosting him in their home.

You could (rightly) argue that his friends are merely clout chasers who are hoping to cash in on the victim market though.

No. 1641231

They may well lack the long term thinking ability required to realize that's a bad idea, as Keffals loves to associate with trooner zoomers.

No. 1641235

File: 1662574838629.jpg (72.49 KB, 750x1016, FcDENu8WYAI_ZQ6.jpg)

oh lucas

No. 1641241

anonymous has terf posted on main it's probably a fake screen shot

No. 1641242

Him and his gay boyfriend have an open relationship, even if they get "married" it doesn't mean anything. Gay men can never truly love each other, their relationships are always short lasting and out of convenience while they both fuck other people on the side.

No. 1641246

Josh really blew the opportunity to point the .net and .ru domains to Pedeffals compilation of degeneracy.

No. 1641248

File: 1662575387326.png (114.86 KB, 764x1074, Twitter.png)

he sounds scared that someone will still come after him

No. 1641252

File: 1662575473344.jpg (267.95 KB, 1110x1480, media_FUAlPsAVUAAos1f.jpg)

Who tf is this "slime" freak

No. 1641254

>Kiwifarms is a cult
Trannies know nothing but projection.

No. 1641258

It's to keep out the fucking demons (troons).

No. 1641259

I am just going to state that if they win against the kiwifarms, then lolcow.farm, ED, various gendercrit websites, scored.co/communities.Win, the webring, and various dissident right and gendercrit news websites are next.

The only thing that would stop these freaks is government retaliation or civil war.

No. 1641260

the archive of the entire site still exists you fucking degen, good luck trying to take down every single autist on that site when they spread your grooming “accusations” again

No. 1641262

Only a megalomaniac troon like Keffals thinks you can scrub something off the internet.

No. 1641264

Does he really think internet gossip rags operate like a religious cult…? The "community" on these forums is mostly lurkers who are curious about the latest internet drama and completely unidentifiable people who post snarky comments every once in a while. I've lurked the site on and off since it was CWCki Forums and Null is the only user whose real name I ever learned.

No. 1641267

The troon cries out in pain as it strikes you.

No. 1641270

File: 1662576333647.png (50 KB, 781x691, libs.png)

anthony is going after libs next

No. 1641271

Well this explains everything

No. 1641275

File: 1662576558721.png (734.09 KB, 532x800, 1662575350942.png)

joshua should protest like this in front of cloudflare's office

No. 1641276

It's one of two things, delusion that some kiwiscrote is gonna become "woke" or a classic troon strategy. For example on tumblr there are a few fake "ex-radblr" blogs made by trolls, and trannies use these as "evidence" that radical feminism is a cult. Elliot is trying to set the scene for something similar.

No. 1641280

Does libsoftiktok do anything other than link to shit that's publicly available on tiktok and published by the creators on purpose?

No. 1641281

The troons are on the power trip now. If they keep this up then people who aren't completely retarded will peak sooner or later. But then again if they're both a)on twitter and b) follow these degenerates by choice, that's hopeless to begin with.

No. 1641283

I keep hoping that normies will see this shit and peak, but they are so fucking retarded.

No. 1641285

How can these troons justify the use of twitter, a service with a long history of Saudi investment and direction, a country where a woman have no rights and one was recently jailed for even having a twitter account. If they were actually women how could they defend using it at all?

No. 1641290

File: 1662577160929.png (25.42 KB, 599x288, kf-anonymous.PNG)

Unfortunately real. Archive link: https://archive.ph/QjFFr

No. 1641291

>vile site
>twitter account for 4chan
kek, sounds like their the ones ddos-ing KF

No. 1641295

you're a decade out of date, anonymous has had nothing to do with 4chan and if anything despises them now, they're just a flavor of the month culture war twitter now

No. 1641296

That twitter has been around for ages, like Chanology era. It is sad to see "Anonymous" of that era go totally troon-pozzed and worse though. Except not really, they were always cringe.

No. 1641297

Are tou sluts scared yet? You’re next(>tou)

No. 1641298

That twitter account has been sold multiple times, a long time ago it was posting racist stuff. The account owner only wants a lot of attention so they go with trends whenever something happens.

No. 1641302

Hacking accounts don't just stay up without the blessing of the FBI. It's a fed OP, always has been except maybe the very beginning.

No. 1641304

what the actual fuck lol

No. 1641305

The owner of that account isn't serious about anything he posts, when BLM and all that shit happened he was posting fake database leaks.

No. 1641306

They should stick to messing with abusive religious organizations. Scientology is pretty dead, but JW and plenty of other Christian cults are still going strong.

No. 1641308

they hate women, it's that easy

No. 1641335

Noticed that it was an actual call for death huh janny?
Stay in your lane and erase that shit off your site or this place stands no chance you fucking retards.
This site will be gone in a fucking week at this rate you drooling Neanderthals.(mentally ill tranny)

No. 1641339

4 weeks ago
>this site will be gone in a week lol
3 weeks ago
>this site will be gone in a week lol
2 weeks ago
>this site will be gone in a week lol
Last week
>this site will be gone in a week lol
>this site will be gone in a week lol
Lol. Lmao even.

No. 1641353

I think the most obvious bullshit is how they try to point to Josh getting an RU or TOP account as somehow supporting those countries with the goal of being domestic terrorists. That is just stupid.
>> make six figures and have been blah blah
You know who else made that and had coverage lucas? Epstein. Manson, Weinstein. These are not dissimilar comparisons.

No. 1641368

>>rules for thee and not for me

No. 1641369

Even he’s so retarded because his whole plan is to have us accept him or whatever when the mob doesnt give a fuck about that at all and since we have a history of being full of terfs their mindset is to “never forget”. Retarded

No. 1641384

You might be thinking of YourAnonCentral, which has indeed terfed it up a lot and are very based about feminism. There are a few Twitter "anon" accounts.

No. 1641386

That CNN videos getting ripped to shreds. Sure some is prolly farmers but not even close to all. Mostly negative comments (I can’t see the downvote thing)

No. 1641391

File: 1662583601513.jpg (117.96 KB, 720x989, Screenshot_20220907-164055_Sho…)

The likes and views are proof. Even if nobody anti keffals went on that video, he'd still have very little likes and the views are mid. This guy gets thousands of likes in a mintue on social media. When he goes on h3h3 he's going to get attention from h3h3 not because of him. Keffals has no supporters just people who hate kiwifarms or think it's bad. People legit keep saying the site is gone when you ca still get on it and then they go, "Yeah but it's unstable".

No. 1641394

File: 1662583798477.jpg (103.77 KB, 720x788, Null.jpg)

Null on the mumsnet thread

No. 1641417

You can shut up now.

No. 1641419

Part of me has a morbid curiosity about how the general public would react to mumsnet being target, it's pretty easy to frame a bunch of edgy internet addicts in a bad light, but British mothers? How do you turn something so milquetoast into sensationalism?

No. 1641422

Holy Shit- the comments are great. Like all fake social activism this is going to die a quick death when they turn on Lucas.

No. 1641424

Just call them terfs or karens. Hating women is still as mainstream as it has always been.

No. 1641432

One word for you: Karen
They don't even need to be called terfs. The general public has already been primed to hate women, especially middle-aged women. They'll get lumped in with racists and conservatives or get brushed off as being "white feminists."

No. 1641434

This sucks. No matter what age you are, what you look like, what your ideologies and morals are ; as long as you have a uterus to these people, you're nothing. Just 'natal people'. We can't even be 'women'. Saying you're a strong woman is in itself transphobic because you're not a moid in a skirt.

No. 1641443

they'll believe whatever the troons and their allies in progressive media will tell them to believe. there's people to this day in the progressive media sphere who don't understand that the only reason KF is down is because it's being ddosed non-stop.

No. 1641472

They are very organised. Simple as. They are a powerful cult with a giant mass of fans and followers who will do what they say. Cults gain power through recruiting vulnerable people who want to belong as well as grooming people (usually children) into joining. These followers almost never question anything, and will target the next villain who their cult leaders deem are villains.

No. 1641474


No. 1641485

What’s with all the melodramatic Tarot faggotry in this thread

No. 1641487

Legit where have you been. Did you even bother to read the OP. Are you a male passing by?

No. 1641489

I'd be willing to bet money that Michael Janke has some involvement in this. His daughter is a psycho who got her own KF thread during the Chris-Chan Incest Saga https://encyclopediadramatica.online/Isabella_Loretta_Janke and KF got hit hard with a DDoS shortly after that. Michael is an ex-military glowie and cybersec entrepreneur who is friends with the Cloudflare CEO. It's on record that they've had conversations about stronger censorship.

No. 1641498

It's a tranny who wants attention just ignore him

No. 1641516

>six figures a year
from selling drugs to minors?

No. 1641521

Keffals looks like Chris Chan with longer hair

No. 1641527

Right? And he used lucas as a nice excuse to drop KF

No. 1641529

I like that the YouTube comments are in some
Cases pointing to “don’t believe it you can look it up yourself” and pointing to keffals own twitch, stuff on youtube, and of course their Twitter. Which of course Lucas is too stupid to know when to quit.

No. 1641544

Sad instead of parenting his child for once he chooses to pay to make her problems go away.

No. 1641549

It's one of the rules of misogyny. The worst thing about male (troon) violence is that it makes men (troons) look bad.

No. 1641566

Nothing's happening to LCF (yet) but Kiwifarms has lost its Cloudflare DDOS protection for the crime of archiving a tranny's grooming activities. Being similar sites it is a little worrying, but we're really not that well known so don't worry too much nona

No. 1641568

yep, someone from kf should plaster the hamster boilers thread contents everywhere too if the site goes down permanently. it’s so blatantly obvious that this is a cover up to shield the worst people of society from criticism and more importantly the truth

No. 1641569

Admin seems to be actually doing stuff behind the scenes so if anything does happen I don’t doubt she has a backup herself

No. 1641573

She is? I only saw the stuff about CSS themes in meta. A backup would be a really good idea at a time like this though

No. 1641580

She said the new site is almost done and she has to be following all the retardation going on with kiwis vs troons so I 100% believe she is prepared

No. 1641586

Samefag but also a nonna shared how to archive and save pages onto your computer either in this thread or a previous thread. So it won’t be lost. Lcf will always find a way

No. 1641594

Yeah, the sad truth is when you get deplatformed, like REALLY deplatformed, the only avenues you have left are filled with pedofucks.

Which is gonna make it easier for Keffals to hurt Josh because he's likely on those sites for that reason kek

No. 1641600

File: 1662594897866.jpg (356.35 KB, 1080x1113, Screenshot_20220907_185523.jpg)

The mtf that Null was trying to get in contact with made a poast account

No. 1641605

Nool made such a fuss about being indignant toward "based" (agrees with him) POC and trannies and now he's crying to one for help kek

No. 1641607

isn't this guy the same troon that had a complete meltdown at a popeyes over one of the employees calling him sir? the one in vid related?

No. 1641614

For the record poa.st is definitely up, as can be seen here: https://poa.st/@josh

No. 1641617

Wow yeah that's him, he's @CommieDGurl on twitter, calling himself a "Radfem Ally" in his bio. Oh well, troons gonna troon

No. 1641619

Null has been a fan of this tranny for literally a year, but you're probably the other tranny who is jealous of him.
I thought this was the tranny too but other tranny posts have been jannied since, so it's probably a kiwiscrote. This is such a dumb take. Janke is a wealthy man and was a Navy SEAL but is mainly there for tech companies to be able to say they have a Navy SEAL on board, not because he is some tech genius himself. The video of him with Prince is from 2014. The DDoS of KF in August of last year was related to Byuu (trannies), not Janke who, by the way, Blaine was obsessed with, so it all tracks as being his bullshit. His M.O. as a Kiwi post was capped pointing out is to use whatever current drama is going on for clout and to attack his enemies.

KF is back for me but slow, btw. Since there is no Kiwi-related happening, of course this thread is going to descend into spergery.

BTW poa.st is just a Fediverse instance and it happens to be one that is infested with lolicon and pedo shit. Only reason Josh is hyping it atm is because Metokur just joined it (because anime, I guess) and Ethan Ralph is seething about it, but even Ethan Ralph can be right from time to time.
Continues to download. 37GB of /snow/ alone now and still chugging. I will provide updates. Hopefully this will not be needed but I feel safer knowing there will be a definite extra copy of stuff out there.

No. 1641621

Yes, this is the same Laura (Blake) Hobbs aka CommieDGurl, who got a KF thread due to this Popeye's meltdown, but proved to be pleasant and well-liked after joining KF. Since then he's been questioning the troon narrative on Twitter (and canceled for it) and provided an honest-to-god based perspective coming from a troon.

No. 1641628

Glad you’re doing the lord Jesus’ work nonna. ♥ have a good day

No. 1641630

no but it’s really weird how he got 150k followers in 2 years while providing no real content (btw ratioing people is not a real content)
his twitch acc is 40k followers, makes 2000 views per stream (less if you remove the kiwis hate-watching)
youtube 30k followers, but if you remove his 2 latests videos theres only videos barely making 20k views
every news videos talking about him makes less 40k views and every comments are negative
also his discord server has only 6000 members and it’s not very active now
but he got 150k out of nowhere and makes 80k likes per tweets? Someone should check if he has some bots, seems like half of his supporters are just not real at all kek

No. 1641631

He definitely bots, although the twitter tranny hivemind might as well be bots. I don't doubt that he and other kiwi enemies are coordinating shit behind the scenes in a gayops Discord but it still boggles the mind that this particular tranny, who has Imelda Marcos levels of baggage and I don't find charismatic at all, is the one who has caused all this trouble. No accounting for the deranged AGP mind.

No. 1641634

Twitter is a whole different breed though, if you’re known to be “charmingly sassy” on twitter by ratioing /clap backs or whatever other brain dead retards will follow

No. 1641635

That's excellent! Do you know what % of the content that 37GB is? Not sure I'm phrasing this well, but I mean how much more GB will you have to download, if that's knowable? Thank you for doing LC such a service. And yeah, I agree the thread is mainly sperging and ofc the schizotranny going on and on rn. I'm hopeful we'll get milk soon from Null's optimistic phone call and this "email" to the twt mtf though

No. 1641638

File: 1662596296205.png (145.57 KB, 432x403, 6TBOMCkCe2.png)

How did we ended up like this?
Half a decade ago it was all about "entering bathrooms", and "please, don't be mean to this person because they're struggling with their identity", now look.
Fast foward to the 2020s and whole websites (including woman spaces) are censored, deplatformed, deleted, and all of it's archives are erased from the face of the earth just because you have complained once in a forum that a creepy weirdo fart fetishist goon misogynistic fuck is selling hormones to children while hiding it away from their parents.
…And apparently I'm in the wrong for not wanting this to happen, these children can barely consent to having a tattoo or drive for themselves, but they can TOTALLY scar their bodies for life. And their own parents, neither anyone can do anything about it.

I'm sad.

No. 1641639

File: 1662596324316.jpg (333.19 KB, 1080x1824, Screenshot_20220907_191921.jpg)

Samefag, this is currently his only post on poast kek

No. 1641644

I have no idea how much it all is, lol, I'd have to ask for even a rough estimate. So far it is 49GB in total the vast majority of which is in /snow/ and there will be loads more in the other boards.
In total it's been closer in 30 hours or so. Maybe tomorrow. Downloading all of the full size images is what's taking so much time. If I'd thought through it better I would've had it keep to thumbnails only and wait for a second pass to get the full sized ones, which I still might be able to do now that I think about it.

No. 1641645

Sorry for the small blogposting and all of that, it's just that there's nowhere else to vent other than Ovarit.
Everything nowadays is compromised in the hands of these moids.

No. 1641647

We have to keep making spaces for us nonna. We will too. There will always be us out there.

No. 1641649

It's the troon being a dick as scrotes do, just ignore him. Honestly I don't know how the Internet has reached this point.

No. 1641650


No. 1641652

imagine expending so much money on surgeries and still looking like this, being alive and having to see himself in the mirror must be enough punishment for this troon

No. 1641654

He always looks like he’s in pain when he’s inserting anything into himself.

No. 1641656

Don't forget >>1641147 lmfao. He's transitioned into blobgender

No. 1641663

in his streams he looks so dull, i wonder if he abuses pain meds

No. 1641665

>ikr like wtf how when he transitioned so early does he look like a hairless italian beta male?
no troon is passable, even the ones that start transition at 9 like Jazz still look ugly, manly and FAT

No. 1641667

>expending so much money on surgeries
his dead father paid for all of it, still sucks tho

No. 1641669

wasn’t he addicted to heroin at some point?

No. 1641670

Agp stare

No. 1641671

>>1641669 He developed an opioid addiction post-op and once wrote about how he abused drugs (I'm not sure which) to cope with allegedly being raped by his ex.

No. 1641672

>pay for your sounds transition
>so the day after he's of legal age he starts doing porn
I would feel sorry for him if he didnt encourage his son getting groomed and then getting his dick chopped. Burn in hell enabler.

No. 1641674

nah Winter is from KF, he’s the one who doxxed all keffals groomers’ clique, btw where does the screen comes from? my internet cant run the new kiwifarms website for some reason

No. 1641676

Archive-chan, just remember that some of the pics will be saved in small size, as in posts, and won't be able to expand them. That's why i saved 2 versions of 1 thread, normal view and "expand all photos" option. one standard version for the comfort of reading & one when i need to expand the file to read text/view details of the pic. Perhaps you already know this, but might be helpful for other anons who archive select chosen threads like me. i downloaded some stuff before nonna said she's mass archiving, mostly bc i'm paranoid about what might or might not happen

No. 1641677

I mean, I don't doubt that his parents love(d) him, but they seemed largely uninvolved, absent and let way too much slide. Even surface level things that were impossible to miss, like the absolute state of that hovel Lucas called a basement, seemed to escape their notice (or if they did notice, they didn't care enough to get Lucas to get off his ass and clean it up).

No. 1641679

File: 1662597864666.jpeg (179.28 KB, 828x594, 9AC462D3-09EA-44E9-973F-6453EE…)

he just takes adderall now

No. 1641683

File: 1662598319179.jpeg (539.69 KB, 828x1070, 710B79B6-EA03-4006-B237-9F1D10…)

No. 1641685

File: 1662598467258.png (146.75 KB, 1168x566, Screenshot 2022-09-07 20.54.57…)

Not an issue, I'm directly mirroring the website. Once done it will be a complete copy of all public-facing content. You'll be able to browse it just like this site, with the exception of obviously you can't make new posts. A few minor kinks to get out but should be no issue.

It looks like /snow/ might finally be done and we're on to /ot/

No. 1641686

That was you nonna ?? holy kek do you have screens of troons seething on your mentions? i wanted to do the same thing before knowing that someone already did it kek

No. 1641690

Blaine's speech patterns are so obvious it's pathetic, kek.

No. 1641691

he always use a random cringe pic in his posts for no reason, instead of going in a psych ward like every mentally ill people does

No. 1641693

Brilliant. Thank you for your commitment nonnie

No. 1641696

Nta but you have to access .top from your phone because it's IPv6 only, and to use the onion link you have to install TOR or use Brave browser

No. 1641697

Thank you anon, fucking based ♥

No. 1641704

That's really sad ngl

No. 1641708

lmfao is that Dasha?

No. 1641731

Yeah it is really sad. I don't like Lucas and think that his personality is awful, but I still feel badly about some of the things that were done to him. The ex who allegedly raped him tried contacting him through social media (keep in mind that the rape occurred nearly 10 years ago, when Lucas was 19) after the "swatting" video came out. Lucas, understandably, told him to fuck off and never contact him again and that was the end of that.

That same ex starting leaving posts on reddit and then eventually signed up to KF. He mentioned something about needing to take Lucas to court over what he called false rape allegations but never provided proof or documents to back up his claims. I think that he was ultimately thread banned because he posted some huge diatribe about how neovaginas were indistinguishable (if not superior) to vaginas that triggered a mini slap fight.

No. 1641734

File: 1662601001350.png (77.55 KB, 636x822, s.png)


No. 1641746

File: 1662602190480.png (95.07 KB, 410x629, Screenshot 2022-09-07 21.56.39…)


KiwiFarms switched registrars to Epik (notorious for hosting 8chan until they didn't), typical one-sided presentation, based TERF in comments.

No really it's amazing how the coverage of this story has been absolutely lockstep (and wrong on so many details not just the overall presentation.)

No. 1641747

File: 1662602208944.jpeg (205 KB, 828x645, 4F987FE2-4982-4673-A1B5-34788A…)

>fail dox
>winter actually was the one who doxxed keffals, he’s pretty active on the thread and also was mentionned whenever he contributes to a doxxing/milky info about keffals and his troonsquad.
>he also doxxed Alejandr(a)o Caraballo (keffals friend) but can be seen for the members only (cannot post this info there)
>Caraballo also is complice of a doxxing of a admin of doxbin, posting his doxx (or faildox who knows ?) online and publicly

No. 1641751

Fuck who? His lust for troon ass is well-known.

No. 1641753

ViLE dropped a ton of dox on doxbin and also included records that they pulled from Keffals' Uber Eats account. That's how KF confirmed the second hotel dox and learned about Keffals' interesting habit of ordering multiple orders of cheesecake at unholy hours of the morning.

No. 1641757

Um, stop talking to him? If IRL, buy a gun?

No. 1641758

Die Blaine

No. 1641762

That might be E-laine, not B-laine, but B-laine definitely tried to fuck Angry Canadian, that's where the pics of him trying to look flirty come from lmao.

No. 1641764

File: 1662603186575.jpeg (229.1 KB, 828x951, 433A3202-4AC0-4BA8-9E19-B16E3B…)

poor him lmao

No. 1641766

lol reminds me of the Chinese tech exec named Christopher Chan who had a rude awakening last year

No. 1641770

Oh no! This is just like that time a Chinese guy on Twitter named Chris Chan had to set his account to private during after the incest news hit.

No. 1641781

File: 1662604385731.jpeg (143.44 KB, 828x584, 521EF0C2-47B2-42B8-B43F-299E47…)

maybe he found a good lawyer?
there was this first amendment lawyer trying to reach out to him lately

No. 1641791

File: 1662605591883.jpeg (147.64 KB, 828x848, D0763683-38E6-4AD3-9FB2-E16F46…)

LoTT aint gonna bow down for them

No. 1641792

you’re late nonna, this has already been posted on the thread

No. 1641814

File: 1662607511024.jpeg (455.59 KB, 828x1286, 17FC55CC-2F82-4D16-A508-1C1A55…)

under one of winter’s video proving that keffals tried to blackmail him.
people are turning their back quickly now kek

No. 1641817


>hotwheels gets involved with the cannibalism


No. 1641818

A lot of them are probably huwhite huwimmin, and in the current year, that's all it takes.

No. 1641822

File: 1662608023373.jpeg (382.46 KB, 828x950, 56D8C2C1-1615-4185-BF65-325045…)

context for those who dont understand whats going on
>fred is the creator of 8chan
>null was one of the admin and friend of fred
>fred had enough of 8chan and wanted to get rid of it
>fred & null split up
>fred hates null now and want to get rid of null’s website too
>sided with keffals during his campaign against KF, rided on his rot pocket for weeks
>saw latest winter’s video(notorious user on KF keffals’ thread), started to doubt on keffals’ actions
>sees keffals as a dangerous person now


never thought that he was going to be against him quickly, knowing that he has such a mentality of a dumb snowflake. kinda amusing to see

No. 1641828

fred is such a fucking retard and should've seen this coming a mile away

No. 1641830

The spite goblin is an Ethan Ralph tier vendetta-chan. Lay down with troons, get up with syphilis.

No. 1641832

File: 1662608508008.jpg (138.35 KB, 1125x1420, FcGVvFFWQAASqTJ (1).jpg)


>hates Null's guts

>tries to join Keffals' autistic internet crusade because he hates Null's guts
>Keffals calls him a Kiwi Farms user
>he wonders why the Ballad of Fentanyl Freddy has so many rhymes in it

No. 1641838

T’as un problème contre ca vieux travelo? au moins je contribue au thread au lieu de me la ramener avec des préjugés qui servent a rien, sale attardée

No. 1641840

Oh, it looks like they are beginning to feed.

No. 1641843

File: 1662609089038.png (22.16 KB, 390x140, FcENf-8XwAI7Z4G.png)

ooh, a thread emoji!
post DMs, Fred! people love that.

No. 1641845

I wonder if Josh if thinking of suing Cloudflare. CF literally compared themselves to an infrastructure provider within days of blocking KF using some very shoddy and vague reasoning. It's possible a judge would decide a self admitted infrastructure service has unlawfully discriminated against a paying customer.

No. 1641846

No. 1641849

File: 1662609337188.png (136.11 KB, 440x407, Screenshot 2022-09-07 23.55.14…)

Flamenco is a grifting streamer and former Ethan Ralph co-host who used to chase clout on Kiwi Farms until he was exposed as a pedophile, doxed, and driven off. He is now a Kiwi hater like the rest, so he tried to reach out to Keffals (even calling him "she", lmao) to help him in his vendetta. Even the troon told him to fuck off.

No. 1641850

keffals' rebuttals are always just "why would you believe them they're probably a KF user" or "they're lying" every single time lmao

No. 1641851

FredBren was a KF user at one point, but he was also driven off. Funny how even Keffals doesn't want the bottom of that barrel.

No. 1641854

He may have a case, cutting services is not a crime but seizing your customer’s proprietary and defacing their website is. (Cloudfare took over kiwifarms.net and hosted their own html on the domain for those that dont know)

No. 1641856

That's been his rebuttal to every single criticism that has been made: "They're lying/transphobic/want me dead"

No. 1641859

>"Cool tell him to kill himself because more people would be happy than sad about it"
That projection.

No. 1641866

File: 1662610159806.png (70.84 KB, 531x636, 67D9501F-E928-4D9C-A693-A6BA47…)

Hotwheels thinks that Josh is trapped in his community and can’t do nothing but obey to his users only, topkek

No. 1641871

File: 1662610320158.png (147 KB, 627x573, 2022-09-08.png)

They're waking up haha

And if you'll look at the replies you'll see so many people calling keffals based for misogyny.
These people were never leftists nor on our side and never will be, just unapologetic larpers


No. 1641879

File: 1662610662675.jpg (83.05 KB, 720x720, shmorky.jpg)

keffals is going to end up being Schmorky v2.0 isn't he?

No. 1641882

Samefag but notice how most of them are ignoring the screenshots where she says she hates women and all.

And if they do they call it based or something. Women have literally been brainwashed into actually believing these people ever gave a shit about us. This is actually fucking disgusting

If this doesn't make people peak I don't know what will

No. 1641891

>we need to peak people more with these screens
>use she for keffals in the same sentence

No. 1641895

Oh no lmao I realize my mistake. Eh it's late, I usually say he anyway and correct others. Reading threads where they refer to he as she screwed me up

No. 1641898

I forgive you nonnie it happens

No. 1641901

File: 1662611850359.jpg (536.56 KB, 4624x3472, wot if chris-chan wuz goth, in…)

new hitpiece:

>a neurodivergent trans woman known as Christine Weston Chandler

>police are focusing their investigation on a 16-year-old male from Derry.
>Chloe Sagal
>Debi Jackson
>Taylor Lorenz
>“I even had Chelsea Manning call me the other day and tell me I need a hobby, I need to go do something that isn’t work.”
>AGP smirk

No. 1641914

Full archive of Lucas' thread from KF for anyone who's been trying to find it:


No. 1641917

Doing God's work. Bless you, nonna.

No. 1641928

Does anyone remember when Pete Davidson was dating Ariana Grande and the world decided he had butthole eyes? Ariana said it was because of chron’s disease but Page Six said it was most likely from dehydration. Anyway, somebody get this man some water. You’d think for a dude on vacation his eyes would be stress free.

No. 1641932

damn, almost makes you kinda feel bad for null

No. 1641949

File: 1662614457487.png (222.6 KB, 995x822, bullshit.png)

what the fuck is with these outright lies on this post lmfao

No. 1641957

Would love a source

No. 1641960

File: 1662614954855.jpg (64.68 KB, 960x540, redchanit1.jpg)


>they organized rapes

that was redchanit.

source: Ice-T talking about this new drug the kids are trying at parties

No. 1641965

It's the tranny, he won't stop sperging about it in a bid to make everyone uncomfortable

No. 1641975

File: 1662615655172.jpg (146.27 KB, 1284x1600, FcG9jolWIAEnEi4.jpg)

>durr kiwi farms is actually an elaborate blackmail and extortion scheme

No. 1641976

File: 1662615670187.gif (1.23 MB, 500x281, 1666110587209.gif)

>optics poison
The irony. Keffals has done more damage to not only the troon community, but even those in positions of power. If the Isabelle Janke shit is true, he just proved that the FBI are willing to defend pedos- and they are already on thin ice with the Epstein shit. And if that wasn't enough, large companies willingly bend the knee and journalists will not question Keffal's grooming circles despite the majority wanting answers.

People are already getting fed up with troons and how they get away with shit in general. Lucas is an oil keg in the middle of a growing fire.(avatarfag)

No. 1641980

the rape stuff is nonsense (obviously) just like the reddit troon who claimed kiwifags burnt down his house, but the "kill count" stuff is something they say as a meme and the twitterati take entirely seriously

No. 1641999

File: 1662617864627.png (280.15 KB, 584x396, cloudflare protest.png)

they actually had the cloudflare protest

No. 1642000

LMAO the imagery of this. Some twitterite laying lolcows at Josh's feet like lambs to the slaughter. I know he's a professional victim but that's still so melodramatic

No. 1642003

How many people were there?

No. 1642005

File: 1662618309955.png (51.6 KB, 594x372, drama queers.png)


the permit was for up to 50.
optimistic updoot.

No. 1642006

They are still doing the protest??? But they got what they want! Lmao you cant please these people. Cloudflare deserves this.

No. 1642011

If Kiwifarms.net has been transfered to Epik that means it might soon be back, maybe even today or tomorrow. Epik is a huge company they offer hosting, domaine registrar and I think even DDOS protection. This also means THEY probably reached out to Null and know what they are getting into. Keffals will seethe.

No. 1642014

File: 1662618962374.png (415.25 KB, 584x814, kkkloudflare kkkonnect.png)

Elliot's the only troon in the #CloudflareConnect hashtag recently. they can barely manage to angrily tweet at the CEO.

No. 1642023

File: 1662620342605.jpg (191.39 KB, 1080x1253, 1662247687516838.jpg)

Apparently Keffals is one too?

No. 1642028

This is why bending the knee is stupid. It never stops because you just gave them power and they will continue to scream for more. What you get Cloudflare.

No. 1642034

>unironically simping for this lego-headed kermit the frog looking fucker
sorry Thomas he might be a sex pest but he's still not gonna fuck you

No. 1642042

Where did you get the info it has been trasnfered to epik?

No. 1642045

File: 1662622409542.png (21.35 KB, 588x198, no self awareness.png)

oh wow

No. 1642047

File: 1662622542504.png (37.98 KB, 1006x660, Untitled.png)

This post >>1641746 also you can look it up on who.is

No. 1642063

File: 1662623785773.png (305.32 KB, 1398x875, 29a71b4858ac4d1b70be9c26f851a9…)

Does anyone have the KF thread on Liz Fong-Jones archived? I was just reading it and it went down but it's good this troon is pretty milky. He worked for google and got fired because he was hated by pretty much everyone at the company for targeting and harassing people with troon SJW bullshit. He's poly and also seems to have dated another troon with no arms who is referred to as worm? lol. This is what other Google employees had to say when he got fired for (among other things clearly) using his google work email to target KF:
>“Best news I’ve heard all weekend. I’m hoping all the jackasses that sympathize follow her out the door.”
>“What a piece is [sic] shit human being.”
>“Malignant tumor finally removed !”
>“It’s a happy moment for Google.”
>“I love you fong time, not”
>“What did she do when at google? Leader of SJWs?”
“Pretty much. Good riddance.”
“If you think Google is a breeding ground for racism, microaggressions, and bigotry, there is no place that will be safe for you. You are a perpetual victim that needs mental help.”
“So.. I always wondered. What is Liz? Is she a trans woman? Looks like a dude.”
“Yes, she was a dude”


Someone please find out if this is archived I didnt get to keep reading past the first pages:


No. 1642067

so Taylor Lorenz is definitely Lucas' "press connection", right?

No. 1642068

>seems to have dated another troon with no arms who is referred to as worm? lol
snake* He has arms, but he ties them behind his back and pretends to be a snake

No. 1642070

Here you go, archive for Liz Fong Jones thread.

No. 1642071

ty nonna!

No. 1642072

File: 1662624933921.png (173.89 KB, 706x618, Untitled.png)

Most interesting about Liz Fong Jones is that he is dating someone who works at Fastly, a DDOS service provider who is in DIRECT COMPETITION WITH CLOUDFLARE. Hmmm… wonder what interests Liz Fong Jones could have in hurting Cloudflares public image??

No. 1642076

File: 1662625273158.jpg (103.78 KB, 640x640, 1739951_1404616249796650_12398…)


>dating someone who works at Fastly

fellow troon Alex Leal.

No. 1642077

How much do you want to bet that this is some gayops shit? The fat faggot has to keep people talking how the ebil troonphobe boolies are being very very scary and dangerous so they don’t focus on the fact that he is a violent misogynist who boasts about grooming children

No. 1642078

File: 1662625323069.jpg (1.25 MB, 3264x2448, DuZmaWHUUAA3X23.jpg)


whoops I mean Alexandria

No. 1642079

Imagine having to look at this in the mirror every day

No. 1642081

don't give those newspapers clicks or else they will continue to write about it and lie. If you don't give it attention then a lot of them will have to focus on other topics, which will give them clicks instead

No. 1642084

uhm… yeah? you are incredibly late with this obvious as fuck observation

No. 1642086

File: 1662626264728.png (178.36 KB, 810x766, b4f01b8410f02f27e6a9d4a58cc6e3…)

apparently they also play the stock market. some kf users seem to think fong jones is the mastermind troon and his interests go beyond just his relationship too

No. 1642087

File: 1662626301290.png (639.08 KB, 1234x764, 97314be195800b7f1ae0d552b3b2d9…)

if this hex drone thing is Kermit the Fong's ERP discord, there is no separation between his fetishes and his politics.


No. 1642093

>just two lesbeans hanging out
Loving that Voltaire quote about goofy enemies.

No. 1642113

that explains why jersh left the defacement up for a good day or so

No. 1642116

Keffals is supposedly being interviewed by H3H3 live on friday.
Can’t wait for them to do zero research and kiss his ass for an hour straight.

No. 1642118

Telling autists to just go and play with trains, how woke

No. 1642119

Ethan 100% reads his own Kiwifarms thread, a guy that egotistical has notifications turned on for his name on google.

No. 1642121

File: 1662637755083.png (26.75 KB, 591x180, obliterate kiwi farms reee.png)


this seems a little psychotic.

>I'm going to absolutely fucking nip this in the bud –

has a team that needs paid, lawsuits are _extremely_ expensive (lawsuit I was looking at filing in 2017 would cost $x00k), she deserves every penny of that $100k. Honestly $100k is a bargain for tanking this long.

>Every single one of the principals you see taking stage (me too, although I've only a fraction of the heat Clara has) has a team of at least half a dozen backing them up on at least half-time basis if not more. Some have been pulling 80 hour weeks. Away from paying day jobs.

>I haven't posted a GFM because I've just been swallowing the costs out of pocket, but hooboy if I actually invoiced for my time / my team's time, our safety measures, etc…

>et me be a little more specific since I happen to work at the intersection of marketing and engineering. Let's talk about earned media vs paid media, because the amount of coverage and attention and people giving a shit can be measured, it's in the millions. $100k is a bargain.

No. 1642122

File: 1662637980424.png (46.1 KB, 591x346, wealthy elliot.png)

>I'm independently wealthy

really speaking truth to power there huh, taking on Big Kiwi

No. 1642123

Damn, these rich men with high paying jobs that are able to afford tons of unnecessary plastic surgery for their bimbo fetishes are so oppressed. They cry every day in their 5 bedroom homes wiping their tears with $100 bills. How can you not feel bad for them?

No. 1642124

I haven't caught up much since the cf thing happened. What was that theory about the latest threat to keffals being a falseflag?

No. 1642128

They know the grift's gonna catch up to them someday. Same thing happened with Women's March and BLM.
Eventually, people will ask 'wait, where's the money?'

No. 1642131

Per Keffals dms with Winter, he put the 100k into savings. He also said he was making 6 figures before the GFM. So why did he need one to begin with? I call bullshit because just before the GFM he was tweeting about how he no longer was on disability because of how much he was making streaming.

No. 1642133

File: 1662640286791.png (14.63 KB, 585x110, he literally epsteined the que…)

that's exactly what an assassin would say, lucas.

No. 1642134

in Ronson's 'so you've been publically shamed' it's mostly journo scum (including himself, ironically in the actual book) that pillories people into social death

No. 1642138

Is it a good read? I’ve had it on my wishlist, it sounds intriguing

No. 1642140

What cp? What victims??
If they were unironically hosting federally prohibited content, the shit would have been seized years ago. The closest they had was the zoosadist archive and this was to expose and identify sick degenerates who participated in it. Calling anybody a victim of the site is retarded because this culture had existed for years before kf.

I'm absolutely not surprised twitter trannies are cheering for the removal of archives that exposed their degeneracy for years. I don't think sites like ED and KF are particularly virtuous, but arbitrarily removing things from archive.org is terrible. Countless degenerates, zoosadists, sexually aggressive troons and the like that had their shitty behaviour documented are having it covered up now. I feel no sympathy for any of the people celebrating this.

No. 1642144

the cp is referring to >>1640447 (verifiable full of shit and if it was real she could've messaged null to remove it since illegal)

No. 1642146

They claim KF has been hosting CP, coordinates rapes and murders, but that was all fine. They only care now because a troon got doxxed. As we all know transphobia is the worst crime of all.

No. 1642147

it's pretty good and interesting.at one point he visits some lunatic who gets people to self-snitch in their group chat and the other people often call the cops right there and then

No. 1642148

I just can't get over the fact he used the money to essentially go on a holiday and nobody bats an eye. You'd think someone genuinely scared of their life wouldn't stream their location so proudly but I guess we're just haters for thinking that way

No. 1642151

remembrancermx is a pathological liar but the 'cp of me' claim was a rare bit of brilliance for bex: nobody wants to question it, let alone view it to find out it's complete bullshit

No. 1642152

I don't know much about that cow, but a good chance is they're pissed about their public shit being discussed and they can't silence criticism.
Keffals claimed posting the public tranny porn he partook in is "revenge porn" so it appears all of these people are dishonest idiots.

No. 1642163

File: 1662643900841.png (84.22 KB, 600x569, crossover episode.png)

saw this in h3h3 thread and not here
deleted because i forgot to link the actual tweet https://twitter.com/keffals/status/1567581651680612384

No. 1642164

Yeah, it's amazing, nobody will ever ask her to prove that kiwifarms is hosting her CP by linking it to them.

No. 1642165

Ok, what about that US congresswoman who was swatted and blamed KF? Josh seemed more concerned about that then Keffals in his streams. Someone emailed the congresswoman saying they did the swat and that they were a KF mod. No proof of course. Articles were published about it, congresswoman calling for KF to be taken down. Josh attempted to reach our and was completely ignored. He is frustrated because total lies with no proof are so effective against him. Josh always said that swatting claims were the only thing that could hurt KF because it's illegal and Feds are fed up and want to find a way to hold people accountable for it. So I assumed that is what finally turned Cloudflare after CF had already made a statement basically saying they didn't care about tranny complaints, yet I didn't see it mentioned anywhere in this thread. It could very well be the tranny squad responsible for the swatted or fake email of course.

No. 1642170

File: 1662644610799.jpg (658.28 KB, 1080x2178, Screenshot_20220908-084247_Sam…)

The articles mentioning the congresswoman. This congresswoman didn't even have a thread. Josh had pinned a statement about it as well as talking about it on his streams.

No. 1642178

Yeah claiming that his porn he personally uploaded to a public platform is "revenge porn" just because he forgot about it and someone else found it is one of them most defamatory claims Keffals has been making because revenge porn is actually a crime. It's so frustrating how trannies can just fake crime, accuse people of crime without proof and get away completely scot-free and are even hailed as heroes.

lol of course Ethan Klein is aware of Kiwifarms, he is definitely an avid reader of the site and seethes about his own thread

No. 1642180

she is neck deep in this shit 100%

No. 1642192

Ethan is so disingenuous it’s hilarious

No. 1642193

Does this tranny ever sleep?

No. 1642194

Stop acknowledging it

No. 1642196

It is a tragedy he managed to breed. At least the trannies never will.

No. 1642198

I wouldn't be surprised if Ethan Klein trooned out tbh.

No. 1642206

Now when I try to go to the net address it just times out rather than going to an error page

No. 1642207

What a freedom fighter, protesting by sitting his fat ass on a bench eating cake. I'm sure this one's going in the history books

No. 1642213

File: 1662647181439.png (58.7 KB, 585x494, what's the deal here.png)

No. 1642214

Imagine being a normie and Keffals is one of the first "trans women" you are ever introduced to because you're a boomer watching CNN news. Usually boomers think of trannies like drag queens or Blaire White, HSTS who put a shit ton of effort into their looks and basically look like plastic sex dolls. Then look at the hunchback, ratty haired, tits 2 miles apart fat fuck Keffals who always looks like he hasn't slept in 10 weeks and is crusty and musty and probably smells horrible. It must be the first real "hon" a lot of these people have seen. Troons really fucked up electing such an ugly basement dweller as their public face, kek. It's accurate tho since most troons honestly look even worse than Keffals.

No. 1642215

I don't think it's Null behind that account, so I wouldn't trust anything coming from that. Null posts update on https://poa.st/@josh

No. 1642219

>Kiwifarms is down with VanwaTech, THEIR CND (…)
i mean it's obvious. Null wouldn't use "their" while speaking about his site.

No. 1642220

What the fuck even is a keffal

No. 1642223

What's fucking crazy is that once the democrat news stations got ahold of the story Google results were immediately "editorial". You search "vanwatech" and you get the "results are changing quickly" which means there is somebody curating it by hand. On yandex it's the first result. Propaganda is so bad in the USA now that using a Russian search engine gets you better results, not that you would trust it with anything about Russia.

No. 1642224

File: 1662648166172.png (522.67 KB, 746x1174, doxing2.png)

>this is not doxing, this is public information
What the fuck do twitter trannies think doxing is? It's just looking up public information.

No. 1642227

File: 1662648282221.jpeg (128.96 KB, 1024x682, EA804830-21EC-4B7D-9DD7-A3F943…)

A trooned out moid who got caught grooming kids on his discord; Along with promoting HRT sales to minors. He also did pornography, which in the usual scrote fashion, includes things going in and out of his butt. Never cared about him nor troons , but this entire incident opened my eyes at how low these freaks really are and how complicit other scrotes are in defending him. I don’t care for KF but they’re doing more justice in this world than our goverment.

No. 1642232

File: 1662648362163.jpeg (421.27 KB, 828x1415, B7C814DD-E5EE-41D9-93D5-ACF064…)

Wow, you're right about this. What the fuck.

No. 1642237

Uhmmm no, most people are not doxed by "exif data" especially since most websites and messenger apps strip exif data upon uploading. Most people are doxed because you can google their name, find their LinkedIn or Facebook where they have publicly posted their address or you know, the good old phonebook (which still exists online).

No. 1642240

i would assume (without clicking) that the article doesn't mention the fact that the

>neurodivergent trans woman

doinked their own elderly senile mother.

No. 1642245

the fact that they painted chris chan of all people as a victim must mean that the article serves as a taunt, and not just a hitpiece.

No. 1642246

Exactly. The most incredible doxing has been done referencing the slightest bit of a tablemat at a hole in the wall ice cream shop

No. 1642247

"It's not doxing* it's public information"
Literally 90% of cows on the site got doxed from shared usernames and old public profiles. How can tards like Lucas claim to be victims when he shared the address of the Ukranian server and advised wink wink to people living in a fucking warzone. Twittertards do this "in minecraft" shit all the time, but when kiwis do it it's promoting harrassment? Fuck outta here.

No. 1642249

ain't that what the fbi did to catch predators? asking the public to dox them using tiny details in a pic?

No. 1642253

Well, it wasn't just the tablemat for Woof. It was the tablemat, Firefox language settings, and the type of tree in the video.

But it was very autistic, and very noble.

No. 1642254

If trannies do it it's "public information", if Kiwis do it it's "cyberterrorism". The issue is weather or not you are willing to suck girldick or not.

No. 1642259

File: 1662650112650.jpg (86.74 KB, 838x1280, IMG_20220906_035331_200.jpg)

He made this tweet a few days ago because people found out how he really looks. Saying it's deep fried.

No. 1642264

Why isn't he feeling gender euphoria from people being hyper-critical and making fun of his looks? Real female celebrities have to deal with paparazzis taking unflattering pictures of them and tearing them apart for every flaw in gossip magazines all the time.

No. 1642266

File: 1662650570015.png (91.01 KB, 597x620, honesty.png)

No. 1642268

The only thing deep fried is the food he eats that makes his gut look like that.

No. 1642271

>bending over

No. 1642276

File: 1662650916366.jpg (347.86 KB, 1080x746, 1650464105026.jpg)

I would love to see a picture of Keffals next to a real woman, it would be so comical. Seems he is actively avoiding that tho because he is like 6 foot and built like a hunchback ogre.

No. 1642277

According to Lucas' old friend (he posted as Otm Shank? on KF), Keffals was derived from "cock"+"waffles". Degeneracy all the way down.

No. 1642279

Sounds like a Smurf name

No. 1642280

>This is not dox[x]ing its public information…He lives here.
Sure, okay. Addresses can be easily found with a 2 second Google search.

>In case you wanted to send a strongly worded letter…

But THIS is a literal call to action and you are inviting your followers to participate in a harassment campaign. Good job, asshole.

No. 1642281


He could- section 230 violation would be arguable I think since they are basing their assessment on a post by a random user. One could argue they as a private business have the right but i doubt that will hold water. Ianal but they also made kiwifarms look outright worse than Every site ever.

No. 1642290

I bothered finding that Twitter thread because I'd have sworn that ellie person was just a troll, but looking at their account they are an actual enbie or something, with super nerdy interests, claiming to be like 22 but sounds 10 years younger. I'm saying this not because they are cowish, but to stress how some of the people on keffal's side are just super gullible, and believe anything the right people tell them, rather than being malicious. They come off as the kind so gullible, their friends and family should be worried about their wellbeing, no ability of critical thinking at all, people ask for proofs that kiwis organized rapes and murders and they say they can't prove, because kf is gone lol, as if something like that wouldn't be reported in the news or leave legal documentation behind.
Good for him, he'll look thin next to Ethan.

No. 1642291

Fred has no consistent trait except snaking on every person he ever encounters. His character is as solid as his skeleton made of candy.

No. 1642292

What you mean is they are just retards. Like most people on twitter.

No. 1642294

The behavior really reminds me of little kids with hyperactive imaginations. Like that scene in The Simpsons where Ralph was telling his dad about Principal Skinner and Miss Krapappel kissing in the closet kek. These people are emotionally and mentally stunted.

No. 1642298

File: 1662652717813.png (12.22 KB, 606x120, The Omni Liberal.PNG)

Please let the lawlsuit arc become a thing, it would bring so much milk to this cursed Keffals saga.

No. 1642306

Honestly the most respectable thing about Keffals is that at least he doesn't watch anime. That does set him apart from almost 99% of troons who are obsessed with waifus and just want to be anime girls.

No. 1642307

her claim is actually beyond idiotic. The pictures were posted in 2007 as per >>1640447 and with her being born in 1987, she'd have been 19 at the time. However, if the pictures are older and she's truly underage in them, well then she's just admitted to uploading and distributing content of a minor as a legal adult.

She's put herself in a position where she's either has to admit that she's a liar or is directly responsible for something far worse.

No. 1642313

How's OrsonZedd doing? did he fuck Keffals or Vaush yet?

No. 1642315

File: 1662653947339.gif (3.32 MB, 600x338, 89646e070e3a8d09a838334e0ddeb4…)

go back

No. 1642322

File: 1662654440868.png (454.13 KB, 1124x652, Screenshot 2022-09-08 12.26.35…)

Status update on archive. /snow/ is big. Like really big. I thought it was done but it's not. The whole site is gonna be at least a few more days if I have to estimate. But after that, it should be easier for it to keep up and only grab more recent posts/threads. As of right now 58GB total, 47GB in /snow/

No. 1642324

he still jerks off to the idea of minors in maid outfits and cat ears soooo no he’s still a weeb, he’s just a degenerate as well. only a fucking pedophile with a shota obsession would run a discord called “cat boy ranch” and make jokes about drowning little boys in his cum. keffals is fucking vile and i can’t wait for the backlash, not for his micro aggressions uwu but for trying to censor his own grooming allegations, could you make yourself look any more guilty?

No. 1642328

you're doing god's work, nonnie

He is just a regular nonce, not a weeb nonce. I mean can you imagine how obnoxious Keffals would be if he attached a picture of a smug anime girl to each tweet?

No. 1642330

like he actually gives a shit either way. what's interesting is how he'll respond to such requests for fedposting done over Tor

No. 1642343

Most likely. She was praising Keffals before the KF drama started.

No. 1642344

Yet another person with a Kiwi Farms thread in this mess, lol.

No. 1642346

my queen <3 <3

No. 1642352

What fedposts did you make on KF?

No. 1642354

Don't respond to the tranny.

No. 1642356

So what exactly is an IP retention?

No. 1642359

learn to both sage and google

No. 1642361

no1curr about thi fat fuck anymore, he got what he deserved

No. 1642363

>>1642359 oh right, sorry(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1642371

Aliens would find it and immediately incinerate the Earth.

>I am a teapot. I am not, and will never be a coffeemaker.
There's some sort of message here…

No. 1642377

Ethan Klein has been proven to frequent Trishyland, a Reddit dedicated to stalking and doxxing Trisha Paytas every move and even random people that come into contact with her. The cognitive dissonance kek

No. 1642379

It's fake, someone used inspect element on another Kotaku headline (notice how the sub-headline doesn't seem to match).

No. 1642383

>>I am a teapot. I am not, and will never be a coffeemaker.
>There's some sort of message here…
This was addressed upthread or maybe in the last one and is also Googleable. It's geek humor dating back to the 90s

No. 1642389

What does this mean, what are you doing?

No. 1642395

Archiving lolcow in case anything happens to the site.

No. 1642399

Ethan is literally just a grifter trying to make money. He used to be friends with Idubbz and Filthy Frank during their edgy racist phase and only changed his tune once YouTube made their stance on that sort of content clear.

No. 1642405

you are correct but you still can't sage and will never be a woman

No. 1642407

File: 1662657947415.jpeg (21.5 KB, 176x176, FBB8B1B7-0BFD-46C1-AEB9-8F6EAE…)

NTA but calm down miss aggro

No. 1642416

I know those fuckers will fervently defend their right to trans children, but can you imagine doing DIY Adderal or Valium or any other meds to send it to people, let alone kids? Police will bust through your door before you even start cooking. Can’t believe people defend this fucking bullshit.

Also I’m pretty fucking sure father of our favorite hamster-boiling troll is somehow involved. It’s such a big stain on his reputation, especially in his line of work.

Sorry for awkward English, I’m not a native speaker.

No. 1642419

File: 1662658831842.png (18.48 KB, 300x250, M6sp5pRRB6-12.png)

Bella Janke isn't involved, you're retarded (and can't sage)

DIY Estrogen is a problem, but if he was making DIY Testosterone, that is a real problem, as estrogen is not a controlled substance (just a POM, although that's still illegal) but testosterone is (because steroids). He could have probably been OK if he had distributed estrogen only labeled "not for human consumption" but the second he instructed people in his use he is practicing medicine without a license, which still is not as bad as distributing controlled substances. But of course troondom has it's privileges and if he were prosecuted for either they'd try to make him a martyr.

No. 1642420

that greasy hair

No. 1642426

yeah keffals stated that he met a much older tranny when he was 16 who helped him access “life saving resources” so naturally this led to keffals grooming and pink pilling young, confused boys with bathtub troon shine. can you imagine? who would put that in their body besides young, impressionable kids? he can get on his soapbox and lie about how it was to save lives but it was for sexual gratification and we all know it. no one sets up a “life saving trans discord” called cat boy ranch and makes gross comments towards kids bodies or sends them collars to wear. lucas claims he had no knowledge of any of this but openly admitted to running the discord, made gross comments on the discord twitter about drowning kids in his cum barrel and openly flirted with young boys who showed him their body. your time is coming, lucas, you can’t hide behind your troon army forever and when people stop caring about your retarded movement they’ll likely realize you’re exactly what everyone has been saying you are this entire time. you’re a pedophile and should be in prison, or at least banned from the internet and forced on a watch list.

No. 1642433

thank you for your hard work nonnie!

No. 1642437

Okay so what in the backend are they doing NOW to keep .top down? Keffals is acting like it's the final victory AGAIN.

No. 1642440

Null did say that he had a family emergency and might not be available to fix the site if it goes down.

No. 1642441

Brave browser also blocked the .onion link so I don't know what they're gonna do now

No. 1642444

When did they do this? Isn't that just for onionfarms or the tor link to .top?

No. 1642445

That's the tranny bullshitting around, anon. Come on. The site is down on onion and top and Brave didn't block anything. I'm not convinced that Josh actually has a family emergency but maybe he did and if so it may remain down for a while.

No. 1642459

File: 1662661011383.jpg (124.24 KB, 1200x675, FcJorfDXoAI7XEN.jpg)

Well like Lucas himself, his tweets don't age well either

No. 1642465

File: 1662661343384.png (120.3 KB, 462x359, Screenshot 2022-09-08 14.23.15…)

Fucking cringe. Also lol @ "family emergency", this guy is way too terminally online for that.

No. 1642467

God damn these fire memes spread fast

No. 1642471

I know, I just think it's kind of ironic.

No. 1642476

Quite so and nobody will ever know except those that know, people hating to read is the best part about the farms imo.

No. 1642480

Empresa has a tiny penis, pass it on.

No. 1642482

What's funniest is when they turn on him they will eventually be saying exactly what KF said about him encoded into tranny jargon, just as they have every other time one of these momentary King Troons got canceled.

He will cry but that is what Kiwi Farms said, to no avail. Even if the Farms completely dies before then.

No. 1642484

He probably has a real family emergency but is using the internet to cope. Distracting yourself from grandma terminal cancer feels better than focusing on it sometimes.

No. 1642487

He's getting to that age were your older relatives start dying.

No. 1642488

Trans women are women because we all hate each other either openly or in secret and conspire on how to remove fat balding men from power. Js.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1642490

And with the availability of wifi everywhere it’s possible he’s traveling and still doing at least a little work. I’m also not seeing very much on that whole “uwu cloudflare protest” bullshit. Lol maybe only Wu showed up. That cake looks cheap.

No. 1642492

Troons are fat balding men in power. You ever look at one of these eightheads?

No. 1642493

I'm not Josh, I've just been in that situation before. When gramgram didn't directly need my help I would binge on whatever could take my mind off the situation.. being around someone terminally ill is hard to cope with.

No. 1642494

It was just a single tranny eating an entire cake alone on a park bench, very sad

No. 1642495

Stop replying to schizo troon, he already knows he will never be a woman, that's why he's so mad that he's unwanted here.

No. 1642496

Will lurk more, sorry. I’m not sure, when to sage, thought my comment was related to the topic.

Didn’t read it right first time, I’m a dumbo and English can be hard. Yeah, T would be worse, I agree, it’s a good thing it’s controlled. Not to blogpost, but high T almost destroyed my body, can’t believe someone wants to increase its levels past the normal range for women.

About god tier troll’s dad: it seemed like a logical conclusion, but what do I know.

They frame it like they’re helping someone, who can’t get E the usual way, but common. Yeah, I don’t know much about American healthcare, but like, adults usually can get money or find other ways to get titty pills.

The grooming part is the scariest though. Why so many of those pests are pedophiles? They want allow to research it either, so we’ll never know for sure. I guess, sexual perversion and pedophilia come as a package. It shows that kink shaming is good actually.

Poor kids… We’ll see so many adults detransition in the future, I just hope heads will fly and those doctors will get sued to oblivion.

I have trans friends irl, can’t believe I’m a goddamn TERF now

No. 1642501

Are you just using the grandma as an example or did he mention something about her? (It would be pretty easy to find out if she is still alive.) I only doubt the family emergency stuff because he is last I heard totally estranged from family. But if he is back in touch that is a good thing. He did explicitly say he would be off the Internet due to this emergency though which either makes him full of shit or he is using his clout addiction to cope, I don't know which is more likely.

No. 1642507

He said it’s not related to the whole drama, but it must so fucking scary to see your mom address, being spread around by the angry mob. I would be so furious, if I was in his shoes. And people defend doxxing, while simultaneously hating KF for doing the same. Bunch of hypocrites, all of them.

No. 1642509

That's not his mom's address anymore. (Allegedly his mom didn't even tell him where she lives now but that sounds like bullshit to me.) It's pretty funny how bad the trannies are at doxing tbh. This one just stole the old dox from Vordrak.

No. 1642510

Can we have a less creepy threadpic next thread and have like a cute kiwi or something

No. 1642511

He said on MATI that his mom is tough and she has a gun, so if any troons rock up to her house it's the last thing they will be doing.

No. 1642515

Good to hear. I’m not his fan, as he seems a bit full of himself, which is annoying, but his mom doesn’t deserve this bullshit, especially if he distanced himself from her.

Also doxxing on KF is (usually?) contained within a box, that isn’t indexed by search-engines and isn’t readily available to the general public. Twitter isn’t like that. Also, also Isn’t it against the rules there?

No. 1642517

Yes, multiple people reported it when Keffals doxed Null's mom and called for people to try and get her fired and they all got the same replies from twitter saying it doesn't violate their rules. Troons make up 100% of twitter moderation staff.

No. 1642519

A tranny with a knife already visited his mom's house years ago and Vordrak already tried to get her fired. Harassing her is an old tactic, and it has failed in the past.

No. 1642520

What do you mean by a box?

No. 1642521

It was two trannies with crossbows and Vordrak DID get her fired. She was a real estate agent and Vordrak contacted the owner of the company and said that he would photoshop his entire family into childporn and post everywhere on the internet that they are all pedophiles so they gave in and fired her to get rid of him.

No. 1642523

nta but on KF doxes on the front page of threads are put in a "box" which makes them only accessible if you are logged in, which is for SEO purposes because Google will not index dox

No. 1642524

File: 1662664246779.png (254.38 KB, 500x385, 4EB718AB-67EB-4424-84B2-7844BF…)

I’ve seen a comment here, saying that someone already visited her place, but it can be a total bullshit, I didn’t look for proofs at the time and now I’m too lazy

No. 1642525

It's against the rules but jannies don't apply the rules fairly. There are antifa accounts that have been up for years that regularly dox people like the proud boys.

No. 1642526

Aw shit I meant >>1642515 my bad

No. 1642535

if you’re just coming here to sperg about muh anteefer commies go back literally nobody cares you bunch of freaks

No. 1642543

Anonymous hasn't been a thing since all the old "ringleaders" were arrested in the early 10's.

Going by the production value on their YT videos they're ran by a group of PR and media-tech people in some office building in D.C. or L.A. Probably under Gawker or Vice.

No. 1642549

He's filthy rich and bought what looked like the cheapest trans colored cake he could find, another sign of mental illness.

No. 1642551



I’m on mobile, so it’s a bit hard to follow the discussion, sorry.

Fucking hell, the fuck is wrong with those people? Also I think it would be so funny, if Null’s mom got some tranny killed for trespassing. They will make a martyr out of them, but I’ll personally send her flowers and a big box of chocolate for getting rid of a pest.

Twitter moderators is so fucking bad. Blogposting again probably, but I had to delete it after my non-binary friend, the sweetest person in the world (they’re one of those people, who won’t kill a fucking spider), was harassed and bullied to the point of attempting suicide. By some trans-activist. Like it got so bad I had to call ambulance and psych-squad (we have psychiatrists on call, who can give you some stuff to calm down or take you into a psychiatric facility) for them. Jannies did nothing to stop it, instead they banned my other friend, who was trying to talk the mob out of it. Scary stuff.

Please, let me know if I’m being stupid again, I’ve never used imageboards before and I don’t want to be banned from the only easily available place, where I can openly speak my mind.

No. 1642554

> Please, let me know if I’m being stupid again, I’ve never used imageboards before
KF is back on .top

No. 1642556

File: 1662665914224.png (85.66 KB, 1000x1000, FbQ5AVDakAAgzvH.png)

Like it or not, the Cathedral lumps anti trans feminists with the alt right. First they came for libertarians and now it's our necks on the chopping block..