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File: 1661558734267.jpg (50.16 KB, 719x583, FGojaGaVcAIFRr_.jpg)

No. 1317882

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No. 1317903

genuinely horrible thread pic

No. 1317905

At least it fits for a horrible website kek.

No. 1317926

exactly what i was going for

No. 1318620

File: 1661632918134.png (607.52 KB, 1080x1155, Screenshot_20220827-223434~2.p…)

Holy shit leave lesbians alone ffs, the tag didn't even mention anything about troons, what the fuck is wrong with not wanting to be called a slur?

No. 1318632

can you translate what's happening?

No. 1318648

NTA but I think it says "Lesbians, not queer" and someone graffitied the terf thing as a response.

No. 1318653

File: 1661635609726.jpeg (721.97 KB, 1170x1336, 368748E7-B0B7-4E72-B135-B7A6BB…)

That is deadass a hyper-realistic cgi fox I hate furries

No. 1318667

>it's just a cartoon fox
>it's just a realistic cartoon fox
>it's just a robot fox
>what do you mean foxes are extinct from deforestation?! I was just about to lvl up my fetish

No. 1318795

"lesbians" has been trending on brit bong twitter today because there was a gender critical group at a pride parade in wales who were told to leave by the police twitter.com/GetTheLOutUK/status/1563490240912044033

No. 1318850

File: 1661651760428.jpeg (254.61 KB, 1170x795, 64826DCB-25DE-41CA-A4DE-1D1946…)

Ok yeah sure that definitely happened

No. 1318955

Nah, it’s believable, they’re literally learning this shit at school.

No. 1319266

And yet his friends are shocked when they can’t get jobs from the embarrassing adults because of this behavior. Kek respect those pronouns in your parents’ closets.

No. 1319341

File: 1661709526946.jpeg (218.3 KB, 1170x728, 600B8386-0655-4E89-B940-CDB824…)

What of the history teachers that have photographs of racist rapists all over the classroom, then?

No. 1319386

Sounds like every other teenage phase where they think adults are just old and stupid and don’t get it.

No. 1319387

For real, are they comfortable sitting cozy with portraits of the founding fathers? Lol. I swear to god no other author has caught this much shit for something so minor. Kids have to read books for school that were written by legitimately awful people but it’s just JKR that’s the she-devil.

No. 1319700

File: 1661735101804.jpeg (206.53 KB, 828x1040, 240D6BA1-7C4F-47D5-8AD7-FD09E9…)

psychotic moid attacking a girl over her nails. of course moids are in the comments desperately making excuses for him. one blackel claims that she “attracts what she is” whatever that fucking means. and another moid said she should’ve “just answered the question” as if this is a normal totally hinged response to his retarded question. mass moid extinction when?? no seriously the world should be ridden of violent moids (99% of them) and the rest can be slaves or something idk.

No. 1319703

True, one of my history teachers had fanart of her in chibi form with Genghis Khan. Several. Plus posters of Stalin. All because she finds both of them really hot. Guess what her degree is in? Gender studies. Hmm.

No. 1319704

Worded it weirdly, but I mean I had her for history, she currently has fanarts up, presumably.

No. 1319710

there will always be men making excuses… 100% if the outlet of his malding rage is a woman. They personally empathize with every man they see no matter what over empathizing with a woman. I was blackpilled by this early when the Josef Fritzl case was making its rounds on 4chan and etc over a decade ago. So many moids making excuses and blaming the daughter.

No. 1319721

I don’t even really get what is happening here. Why is he mad?

No. 1319733

do angry moids have solidarity with each other solely because they have dicks?
violent moids used to die in wars or some other high stakes violent ritual like duels. too bad they have to "slide into DMs" to deal with their aggression now.

No. 1319736

This. More violent angry men should die in wars.

No. 1319739

>why is he mad?
She says it right in the tweet, men are weird.

No. 1319741

I think he asked her about her nails and she just answered (I think french tips are that white-edge nailpolish style), but the retard thought she was asking for money to answer so he took it as a chance to moid out. At least that's my rationalization but who knows, the y damage always shows itself regardless of reason.

No. 1319763

>are you a fucking Liverpool fan
Holy kek why did he ask that

No. 1319765

Does anybody else get the vibe that this is his horrible attempt at being funny and his inferior XY reasoning cannot detect that he spilt his spaghetti really bad here?

No. 1319800

File: 1661742138162.jpeg (135.67 KB, 1284x1091, 157E6F1B-946B-4650-A1BF-BF2ED6…)

This is either a really dedicated troll or a eugenics schizo

No. 1319801

Judging by the icon I’m sure it’s one of those retarded neo-2014 model obsessed proana cunts that just stare at old pics of the tumblr holy triad of pre-2015 runway models and throws up every meal. Women that talk like this are rarely actually pretty, if that is any consolation. Pretty women don’t have to overcompensate and become huge fucking dorks like this.

No. 1319859

File: 1661746571923.jpeg (136.83 KB, 828x543, F60D1CE9-4448-4ABC-B06A-37CEDE…)

In case you planned on viewing men as people today

No. 1319862

It's such a trope in all types of media that women are never happy with our bodies no matter how good we look and it's definitely true for most women. These men just love making fanfiction about women because they don't actually interact with women in real life

No. 1319914

File: 1661752046904.jpg (402.68 KB, 1080x1262, Screenshot_20220829-014539_Twi…)

95% of the replies are saying this is a good idea.

No. 1319923

They want to turn as many people as possible into deformed freaks dependent on the medical industry (just like themselves). Whether they are conscious of it or not, I swear it's a conspiracy

No. 1319928

Explain why there are more obese men than women in the world. Explain the popularity of dad bods and acceptance and propaganda of pairing ugly men and beautiful women in media. My belief that all men are homosexual grows by the day. It reminds me of the tranny 4chan post where the troon seethes that his straight friend would rather fuck a chubby women than a skinny troon and thought the women was prettier chubby then her younger thinner self.

No. 1319932

Add me to the list of people who think it's a cracker of an idea. Men, with their notorious lack of impulse control, self-selecting themselves for chemical castration as soon as they entertain the idea of trooning out for a minute? Physical symptoms to flag problem moids out? Where's the gofundme?

No. 1319934

Pretty sure giving yourself osteoporosis and shit is worse than being temporarily confused about your identity

No. 1319949

What? Is he accusing the girl of being a fan of a football team he doesn't like because she got herself a french manicure? Or am I insane or too ESL to understand?

No. 1319964

gen x-ers on twitter deserve rope. biggest retards, especially middle class or rich liberals or leftists. they hate anyone except themselves and their dumb fantasies and cheered on this garbage, yet they are horrified when their zoomers troon out. combined with their depressivness and hysterical tendencies they are worse than milennials.

No. 1319973

they will all end up killing themselves or detransitioning. i think about some 20-something detrans girls from terven part of twitter who were after mastectomies and hysterectomies which they got as teens. i'm out of loop nowdays and i wonder how they are doing now. quite few detransitioners moved on, especially ones i knew around 2019. helena/lacroicsz got tired of her schtick and doesn't even use social media a lot nowdays. she lasted longer than other girls from pique resilience project though, but generally it seems that it fucks up lot of them mentally and they prefer to quit.

No. 1320035

File: 1661764050299.jpeg (225.93 KB, 1242x1214, 521C9F04-EFB7-4053-8363-F2BD5C…)

No. 1320038

Right. It's one thing for zoomers to entertain this bullshit since most of them are young, naive, sheltered and quite honestly fucking uneducated. It's another thing for a 50 year old Gen X woman to embrace gender ideology.
The rational sex kek

No. 1320040

Huh… idk, she's not wrong. That's kinda what people who win wars and colonize do.

No. 1320049

It's a projection of human nature. People of all races have enslaved and gone to war with "others" throughout history. Nit to mention that all countries where slavery is still legal and practiced in 2022 are "non-white" countries but twitter likes to convieniently ignore that.

No. 1320050

that's not a white only trait.

No. 1320058

You're not going to have drastic changes overnight or even in a year. On one hand people love to claim that hormones dont work and on the other hand they freak out that a few shots will turn you into something that can never return to normal again. Tbh those changes happen slow enough that I think surgery is by far the bigger issue.

No. 1320162

It’s not just the side effects to the trannies. There’s also the fact that troons taking estrogen are taking it from post menopausal women who need it for a real medical reason. There’s shortages in the US and the UK and real women are suffering.

No. 1320189

I said 'a few shots' talking moreso about testosterone. I don't know any mtfs but I've known women who fucked around for like a year and came back to reality again without being ruined by it. No surgery tho

No. 1320198

I also know a women who now a few years after that year is facing losing her reproductive organs. It’s not a little risk and most of these women won’t see consequences till 30-35

No. 1320307

File: 1661791555121.png (605.79 KB, 1080x1004, basedde.png)

The seethe this generated has been off the charts

No. 1320314

I would be all on board with it if it meant they’d leave women alone. Unfortunately it just makes them even more misogynistic it seems like.

No. 1320315

It’s a moid trait.

No. 1320316

taking testosterone permanently fucks up your body even for a short time and has long term side effects.

No. 1320318

This is such a weird thing for them to get upset over. Most people don’t like this kind of thing, I imagine. It’s usually just an accepted etiquette to sit elsewhere unless it’s the only seat left or you know each other.

No. 1320327

>the offended looks are priceless
Funny, when that shit happens to me in public transport and I immediately get up as soon as one of their buttcheeks touches the seat next to mine and get another sit somewhere else these guys start crying, moaning, calling me a bitch and threating me with violence. Now THAT is a priceless overreaction.

No. 1320329

I’m guessing it’s mostly moids who are seething over this because they know it applies to them. No I’m not offended, dumbasses, I just want away from your creepy, unwashed ass.

No. 1320333

Men projecting as always. They think we’re having an OTT, emotional response by simply moving and then they actually have one in which they can’t control their anger or rape ape impulses.

No. 1320383

File: 1661796264934.jpeg (773.78 KB, 1170x1139, E1A455BC-8835-4CAA-9487-24837A…)

Man discovers he can alter the depth of field. Who wants to bet he still watches porn.

No. 1320385

hes cute shame hes retarded

No. 1320390

God I can always count on some of you to have the most soy taste in men possible

No. 1320398

For a minute there I thought this was an ftms transition progress pic.

No. 1320411

Monkey finds out he can play with camera lenses and distort his reflection, becomes convinced his jaw bone doubled in size as a grown male pushing 35. Stay with us until 10 to hear more!

Jokes aside, pornography addiction can never be “fixed.” It’s illegal to conduct research on its effects on the human brain because it was proven in the 90s to have permanent results that change ones’ views on 1. Sex 2. Women and 3. Believing rape victims. You can’t subject people to something that is proven to cause them ontological harm even in the name of science. Once a coomer, always a coomer. A man who is completely dependant on videos of 18 year old girls getting peed on by geriatric males is not a good person and no amount of therapy can make him into one. Men only stop watching rape on tape when their dick goes limp or a 4chan post convinces them that pornography is a Jewish ploy to extract the magical semen of whites that will eventually be used in the making of mind control nukes for the Third World War.
A machine that only exists to squirt spunk will never be able to resist pushing a button that presents him with endless material that makes him squirt spunk. Males are not capable of having empathy or understanding morality, they are automatons.

No. 1320413

sure, tell yourself that to feel better about your ugly face

No. 1320415

No. 1320522

he could be cuter if he shaved the pedo-stahce

No. 1320530

>a 4chan post convinces them that pornography is a Jewish ploy to extract the magical semen of whites that will eventually be used in the making of mind control nukes for the Third World War.
You know sometimes /pol/ and/or /fit/ is good for something(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1320599

Definitely not wrong. Thats why turning moids into TIMs is a loss to absolutely no one. Only girls and women should be protected from grooming.

No. 1320642

Please explain how men invading women’s spaces is a good thing.

No. 1320697

File: 1661818731618.jpeg (449.46 KB, 1365x2048, FWnGo1LXkAAggEA.jpeg)

It has been down for 3 hours, let's hope it stays that way.

No. 1320710

The cyber granny witch has been floating and sitting cross legged this whole time?????

No. 1320720

based granny

No. 1320732

Are you sure? It's been up for me.

No. 1320758

and wasn't balding. and didn't have droopy eyes.

No. 1320931

Gender studies mostly focuses on women's struggles in a male society. Fuck off.

No. 1320972

It use to, now it’s been coopted in a lot of places to focus on aspects of womenhood men can larp and removes the aspect of being female which is the cause of womens oppression.

No. 1320977

File: 1661841530752.jpg (215.02 KB, 1080x1319, Screenshot_20220830-074336_Twi…)

fattie endorses design theft because a smaller designer brand isn't inclusive enough. you'd think the brand only catered to a size 0, right?

No. 1320979

File: 1661841625191.jpg (279.77 KB, 1080x1859, Screenshot_20220830-074345_Twi…)

turns out fattie-chan is too big for a 2XL. fattie then proceeds to tell someone she OBVIOUSLY is an influencer because she has 15k followers on Twitter. delusional

No. 1320981

i love when people have no idea how clothing manufacturing works..

No. 1320991

It’s ok for a shitty mass manufacturing sweatshop corporation to steal as long as you’re benefiting from the results and the slave labor dress fits your obese body. Fat bitches act so oppressed over clothing and this entitlement is crazy, just accept there’s some things not made for you just like there’s plenty of stores made strictly for plus sizes and nothing else.

No. 1320994

This woman is so annoying literally if lib feminism was a person

No. 1321009

File: 1661846168087.jpg (941.8 KB, 2242x2267, coomer to troon.jpg)

as cringe as that post may have been, the response by coping coomers was way worse

No. 1321011

Where can I get this dress

No. 1321013

Yeah we can all tell that those moids are porn addicted, they don't need to tell us.

No. 1321027

File: 1661850588489.png (592.71 KB, 607x854, firefox_Ofijg07r7Q.png)


God I wish that was me

No. 1321042

yeah the OP was cringe but all the moids (tranny or not) proudly announcing their porn addictions are pathetic. so many men think watching porn is cool and feel no shame saying they've jacked off for 10 hours in a row before or had to stop because the skin got raw. bleak

No. 1321050

Woah a new episode is out? Sweet

No. 1321051

He escaped prison, nonnie

No. 1321078

Sure, but it's just that several European countries did this at a far larger scales than most countries in other continents. If she was saying this about a specific people like idk, Polish or Irish people she'd sound way more stupid because they're White but they're not the ones who fucked up Asia and Africa long term.

I hate fatass activists who constantly sperg about how they're discriminated against while buying fast fashion often enough to say shit like this. While people sewing these clothes in 3rd world countries work in horrible conditions and they increase demand and production. Also, that reminds me that Zara loves to steal or copy designs from a shit ton of brands but I thought they only did this to famous high fashion like Louis Vuitton or Dior or similar brands, but once I looked it up and they also do that shit to way smaller companies/designers that aren't as well known. So on top of not caring about the workers in factories she and her friends don't care about small businesses either. Fuck them.

No. 1321124

That’s not confirmed.

No. 1321143

File: 1661868388923.png (3.11 MB, 1242x2208, 9F752B20-1CD9-4D6A-A92A-141BBF…)

Lol stfu

Maybe the reason why people are more offended at the Nicole Brown Simpson joke was because unlike Jada, she was a victim of horrific domestic violence? Don’t get me wrong, making fun of a woman for her hair loss is tacky too but you’re literally comparing apples to oranges

And ofc it’s a scrote who says this

No. 1321166

Then why was she a pickme who stanned rapists

No. 1321174

Yeah, America has a misogyny problem. Are these retards completely blind to all of these men “joking” about raping and murdering WOMEN ONLY? I swear to god it has to be intentional at this point. Make this into a race thing all you want, no one is talking about raping black men. No one.
If African Americans were suddenly not permitted to get higher education, you wouldn’t stay this actually was just “class warfare” because wealthy blacks can always travel to Europe for a degree, you would be able to understand that it’s RACISM. But woman-hate is completely invisible. It is intentionally concealed by men, we are told the terror women face is somehow caused by an entirely different axis of oppression. Naming the horrors as they are makes you a radical. Refusing to be gaslit makes you a threat.
On the Wikipedia pages of Islamic terrorist groups, you will never hear about their woman-hate. You will hear about their Jew hate, their faggot hate, their dog hate even, but not a single word acknowledging the existence of millions of women living in body bags. It’s like they really are dead. If your goal is to put “half of the world population” in body bags, you are a hate group against that half in particular. But it doesn’t matter, it’s the 15 million Jews that are threatened and targeted, because there are men among them. Like, actual people! You can be forced to live a life more undignified than that of a cockroach, who is still allowed to have a face, and it’s crickets. Nothing. But when men suddenly can’t be drunkards publicly or gamble away their children’s future, it’s literally 1984- horrors beyond the comprehension of man!
There would absolutely be no fuss about the sharia law in the west if it didn’t hinder men’s frivolous hobbies. In fact, there would be countless “incels” rejoicing- Not one, not two, but FOUR holes for his dick! That’s the deal of a lifetime!
I’m getting carried away. Anyway, just know your Nigels would abandon you and hop on a sail to entertain the fantasy of a future in a peaceful wonderland where he will get to rape countless foreign women in the bat of an eye if your country ever went to shit. No amount of racebaiting and classbaiting arguments will change this.

No. 1321184

File: 1661870898358.png (126.29 KB, 768x688, twitter.PNG)

but is twitter going to do anything about the growing pro paedo community on their own app? doubt

No. 1321188

What the fuck is he talking about. Chris Rock literally got smacked on live TV for his joke about Jada. People were talking about that situation for weeks and many were in fact offended. What kind of gaslighting shit is this?

Woke twitter is so fucking disingenuous. They take two situations, purposefully remove ALL context and try to frame it as something it's not. Not to mention, that woman isn't just "dead", she was abused and murdered ffs. By a black man who essentially got away with it by the way, since he wants to bring race into it.

No. 1321342

This shit makes me want to go back to Tumblr (which obviously has its own problems but at least there’s less porn)

No. 1321385

File: 1661884293411.png (28.95 KB, 596x291, firefox_8aqIzNNBM9.png)

Twitter can eat my shit

No. 1321544

>”making racist and transphobic animations is bad”
>psychicpebbles icon

No. 1322090

Not directly related, but you know how on twitter you can retweet something once and the rt logo becomes green? I noticed that if you go far enough, you can undo a retweet, I wonder why and if there's something that can be done to make it possible to undo a retweet. It also sucks that you can only view a limited number of tweets on someone's profile, especially when you look for someone's art.

No. 1322092

the terf queen could make it work

No. 1322348

Nevermind, I found a solution, you can do it on tweetdeck, click on the three dots icon for the post and click on "delete" to undo a retweet for an old post that can't be removed from the actual twitter app or website. But don't use the new version of tweetdeck.

No. 1322353

I think the point is that Chris Rock is a misogynistic piece of shit, and certain pickmes who defended him after he insulted Jada (because even if they call themselves feminists, they genuinely believe it's fine for moids to bash women of some races) are now pretending they weren't warned before. He's just always been a shithead. I'm sure if he made fun of Whitney Houston or Tina Turner's abuse, a large chunk of the people appalled at the Nicole Brown Simpson joke would still be defending him and saying "Omg what happened to humor?? So sensitive" lol

No. 1322362

I'm just following a few Japanese artists who post my husbandos and date releases for their manga and I avoid retards very, very easily now, so I'm fine with twitter for now. I'll delete it once these artists start migrating to another website or app.

No. 1322363

>I got a papercut while I was rolling around in the dumpster the other day, how do I avoid that issue in the future?

No. 1322404

File: 1661969147098.png (51.86 KB, 1080x225, Screenshot_20220831-200355~2.p…)

Nah it's actually the other way around.

No. 1322407

no pronouns in bio: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
(janny no ban this is the legal way to use emojis)

No. 1322408

why does the world expect me to share something like my name and my pronouns. They don't even personally know me personally. I just want to be anonymous as I use social media.

No. 1322410

>(janny no ban this is the legal way to use emojis)
so why are you telling them then

No. 1322411

because jannies are retarded? I've been banned for using ♥ before.

No. 1322412

How new are you?

No. 1322413

Right? It makes no logical sense when considering the direct use of pronouns: referring to a 3rd person in conversation, but that's unlikely to happen with some random nobody twitter user. So it's truly about virtue signaling (and cult signaling)

No. 1322414

I've been here for years and have never been banned for an alt heart or <3

No. 1322415

Because they're not the smartest people around.

No. 1322421

File: 1661969721300.png (70.92 KB, 740x698, Discord_605o7r0hMH.png)

But you could be writing intros like this
(it's a twitter user so in a roundabout way it's related)
I've even seen discourse on putting your race in your bio

No. 1322451

Why would you? It's hideous.

No. 1322463

File: 1661972373545.jpg (196.15 KB, 1228x2048, dress.jpg)

No offense anon, but if you went to the tweet you could've found the name. The dress is originally by @AnifaM on twitter (picrel) and she has a shop called Hanifa.co, but I'm not sure if it's available there now since I can't find it. The design of the dress was stolen by Fashion Nova, and on there it's called Sahar Sweater Maxi Dress.

No. 1322464

Black moids do this because they want to use the suffering of black women to bolster their own victim complex even though they cause the suffering 99% of the time.

No. 1322465

Samefag, actually it is on her site. It's called the Jax Knit Gown and it's sold out.

No. 1322475

Wow the back of the dress is so much nicer than the front

No. 1322492

File: 1661975381921.jpg (203.17 KB, 1228x2048, dress 2.jpg)

I think the front is pretty cute honestly. It just looks weird in that other photo for some reason.

No. 1322604

nta but the back is definitely nicer than the front.

No. 1322902

File: 1662002883695.png (31.46 KB, 592x259, Screenshot.png)

I swear woke ethnicel's are the worst

No. 1323039

Not disagreeing with you on Chris Rock but that's definitely not the point the guy in the screenshot was making
What is this even supposed to mean

No. 1323234

File: 1662042865377.jpeg (348.56 KB, 1242x1822, CB07CD8F-27E2-44D6-B6C1-07D9D1…)


No. 1323236

No. 1323243

Why does every single person think they need to release an official statement about the dumbest pop culture blips

No. 1323244

Isn't it weird how the only 'violent hatred' directed at troons are the hypothetical fantasies troons themselves post…like shit like this never happens. No one talks about 'trans genocide' except for them. Not even ultra conservatives give that much of a fuck about them. If they wanted to pick on some minority group they'd choose someone else.

No. 1323251

why does EVERYTHING have to be about trannies to these retards, even kf drama was full of 'm-muh tranny-targeting website', jfc

No. 1323266


No. 1323275

I've built up a vague resentment towards American students who travel to my country for college because they literally take a 12 hour flight to get here and then socialise by trying to start race issues. I don't understand it because American kids and American boomers don't do it. Its specifically Twitter demographic aged Americans who commit to trying divide rooms like this it's so bizarre

No. 1323306

I don't give a fuck about the sydney sweeney situation and I have noticed none of the usual suspects i follow who would report on it don't seem to care either. Sounds like AI trying to say that all white people are racist in the most complicated possible.

No. 1323326

Some “model” from L.A accused Sydney being racist towards her Mexican boyfriend. It could’ve happened. I wasn’t there. But the whole story is so fucking vague and could’ve just been a misunderstanding. It also didn’t help that the girl did the obnoxious thing on Instagram where she was all like “I have tea on Sydney but I’m not telling you!” which makes her sound like more like a clout chaser than someone who actually wants to call out racist shitty behavior. Overall, I would take it with a huge grain of salt.

No. 1323431

What country ?

No. 1323948

File: 1662118307830.jpeg (827.41 KB, 1242x1967, CC25C108-FBA1-4FFA-AAD8-39DB19…)

Weebs are so fucking insufferable like who even said that?? And what does it have to do with a megan thee stallion cameo clip?
Betting that his top 5 five animes are one piece, dragon ball z, aot, or some other overrated dumb shonen shit

No. 1323968

Why do they always say this? The Megan thee stallion cameo was godawful. Most of anime is still dumb. Two things can be true at once. Not to mention anime is very mainstream nowadays….you're not considered to be the weird rAwr xD loner weeb in 2022 if you like Naruto or some shit

No. 1323986

File: 1662121890716.jpg (17.06 KB, 159x292, ioiugyug.jpg)

this is old and off topic but his nostrils remind me of spiderman or something

No. 1323991

File: 1662122607538.jpeg (690.36 KB, 1242x1524, E957294E-B424-43C9-AD92-862D42…)

what do you guys think of this guy?
he’s been blowing up lately all over my tl playing google maps. sure it’s impressive but he really creeps me out Idk if it’s his eyes or his whole demeanor I just get really evil vibes from him lol

No. 1323995

File: 1662123244562.png (68.57 KB, 593x633, CAPTURE.png)

I'm sick of being recommended black american twitter shit, I'm not even african american, I live in fucking Birmingham and I'm only half black

No. 1323996

Ireland. We don't have the same obsession with race here, it's really creepy and off putting when someone comes in and their first instinct is to try and socially segregate people by race. It makes everything really awkward and uncomfortable when we have to try and gently tell American students that they're making everyone uncomfortable. There was one who was just straight up battered because he kept trying to convince a black guy in my class that he was self harming by having a majority white friend group kek

No. 1323998

this guy is the definition of weaponised autism

No. 1324013

how does this unfunny tweet have 200k+ likes twitter is autism

No. 1324019

Literally any "white people bad" tweet gets that kind of attention. It wouldn't even be a problem if it was funny but this fucker is making Shrek memes in the year of our lord 2022, fucking cringe

No. 1324146

Isn’t OP a self-identified incel?

No. 1324221

>Ireland doesn’t have any Twitterfags or SJWs

Somehow I doubt

No. 1324238

Personally, in my experience they are the worst, I've had a black guy say "but I was talking to you first!" And pulled out dating statistics and basically tried to guilt me into picking him.

No. 1324242

Diff anon but I'm irish and it takes a while for us to catch up with the bs.

No. 1324487

Omg so many Irish anons here Ive been so obsessed with Ireland lately I’m an Irishboo

No. 1324544

File: 1662149662935.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1170x1551, 1344363A-D2C1-428D-A19A-AF5364…)

Rent free

No. 1324554

they're so fucking insane lmao

No. 1324568

Ayrt we do but it's much much different than America. We focus on different social issues here instead of standing in a circle wanking eachother off about how everyone should be split up and hate eachother according to skin colour. Ireland never fucked another race over so we don't have a weird guilt to dwell on. It's more about classism and feminist issues here since those are things we have a past with

No. 1324860

all this because the woman who wrote their special wizard books turned out to not share their opinions on every single topic

No. 1325485

File: 1662214485342.jpg (113.89 KB, 1170x1338, tw2uo22485l91.jpg)

When did children being made to attend drag shows by their retard parents become such a major queer rights issue for these degenerates

No. 1325523

File: 1662215686598.jpg (66.47 KB, 720x499, k520z.jpg)

>they are disgusting for using the LGBT as a shield while being pedophilic to children
gay moids let pedos in the gay rights movement (NAMBLA) and it was up to gay women to fight tooth and nail to get them removed from the early gay rights movement because they knew how harmful it was to associate with literal pedos, meanwhile most gay men did not care or even agreed with the pedos views.

A good number of historical gay figures were themselves pedophiles, or sympathetic to the pedophilia cause…Like Ginsberg, Burroug, Hay, Simone de Beauvoir and so many others…

In France it even trendy to be a pedophile apologist when you were left wing


No. 1325537

yassified jerma

No. 1325574

File: 1662217347433.jpg (46.45 KB, 486x272, heysquid.jpg)

>woman makes legitimate argument on issue vs. fag who treats issue like one of their make believe catfights

so why are we supposed to take them seriously again

No. 1325586

Kekk why does it really look like him

No. 1325593

>oh yeah well your eyebrows are shit
I hate how brows have become this make or break thing. Want to destroy a woman… criticise her brows! Want to lift up a woman.. omg I love your brows. And plenty of actual women parrot this shit too. Clowns started it. Literal clowns in full clown make up started this shit.

No. 1325690

File: 1662224604106.jpeg (122.28 KB, 1170x448, C6ABFC0D-09FE-4E25-A23C-99649D…)

Stop watching porn

No. 1325785

I don't want to racebait but black americans posting on twitter are so stereotypical and annoying I sometimes wonder if most of these tweets with a lot of likes and rt aren't just bots to make them look like offensive stereotypes of themselves. They think they revolutionized the internet for reposting the same 5 gifs and are obsessed with representation in pop culture, it gets old very fast.

No. 1325819

Same. I haven’t seen as many other American minorities (like Latinos and Asians) make racebait-ey tweets. Many Twitter bots and gimmick accounts pretend to be black though so it may not be genuine.

No. 1325839

nta their equivalent of beeb, rte, pushes sjwism hard

No. 1326011

File: 1662239731219.jpeg (52.02 KB, 720x402, 94AC2698-2C74-4A98-8BA6-E651BA…)

He’s the most botched person I’ve ever seen. Moids are delusional. How can they constantly tear women down looks-wise when they look like the nasty bit of dried food you find on badly washed spoons.

No. 1326034

I’m saying botched ugly man gave the gall to shit on how a woman looks. Are you trying to be like uwu not just men women do it too or what? And what does race have to do with it?

No. 1326040

go back

No. 1326082

Go back to Twitter retard

No. 1326086

why do you retards keep on responding to the troon.

No. 1326089

How the fuck am I supposed to know it's a faggoty troon

No. 1326321

File: 1662257833352.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1242x2007, 62F91C83-28BD-49A8-BC3A-40E783…)

Yeah definitely this guy is popular on both twitter and tiktok and his whole gimmick is “oh so you hate black people” it’s just embarrassing to watch at this point

No. 1326432

is it just me or does anyone else find hawaiian twitter to be particularly insane. idk why but the people there seem to have insane persecution complexes

No. 1326445

People always to bring up the French about this, but the fucking Germans thought it was a good idea to let pedophile men be foster parents boys. This program lasted thirty years! From 1969 to 2003!


No. 1326554

Twitter is the worst because the active userbase is only a very small percent of the population but there are a lot of politicians, CEOs, academics, journalists, media people etc. who use it and base real life decisions on how the twitter mob reacts.

No. 1326581

They also have a tendency to be very anti-black which is ironic and ugly given their cause

No. 1326629

online twitter communities are always a shitshow, I have to ask though, is hawaiian twitter just people who live in hawaiian or actual native hawaiians ? also I am aware that there is some tension between native hawaiian and the majority now asian population, but wasn't aware there were any issues with native hawaiians and black people

No. 1326651

Can you blame them with Ezra Lurking about?

No. 1326796

File: 1662301843270.jpeg (258.61 KB, 1170x1039, CFEEA49B-111C-49D9-BFAF-7B9C3C…)

you didn’t even show the amount of likes. the replies are also insane
porn addicts are so fucking disgusting and vile. & her profile? ofc a nasty discord pickme twitch streamer trying to win incel points with her porn addicted followers.

No. 1326838

These pickmes are always the same curated image, discord in bio, onlyfans linktree, anime pfp, refers to herself as “mommy”, regularly posts softporn.
I’m convinced they make them in factories they can’t be real people

No. 1327100

File: 1662322248466.png (36 KB, 593x239, Screenshot.png)

I wonder at what point woke ethnicels will start arguing with minority woman that tall white men have an institutional privilege in dating and should be treated as a serious civil rights issue

No. 1327295

It is a fact that only women care about injustice, men only want people to care about injustices like racism so they can use it to their benefit.

No. 1327390

You’re just talking about Currycels anon.

No. 1327716

File: 1662387135915.jpg (522.94 KB, 1080x1349, IMG_20220905_161138.jpg)

I thought this was by a tranny until I checked the user, wtf

No. 1327875

Stop vendetta posting.

No. 1328359

I hate porn addicted scrotes as much as the next anon, but I think you guys are looking at this way too deep.

No. 1328362

no they're right

No. 1328364

nta but this is ot, anon can post what she wants

No. 1328371

Tbf, conservatives in the U.S really fear monger the hell out this issue. I don’t think children should be exposed to drag either but republicans are such damn hypocrites in this regard and will gladly ignore all the harmful shit that their parties does to kids.

Also Brigitte Gabriel may come off as reasonable in this tweet but she’s an insane MAGAt who will always fan Trump’s saggy balls when given the opportunity. Granted, there is a good chance she’s doing it for clout but she’s definitely no moral compass either way.

No. 1328373

Eh. It just seems like a somewhat edgy and a provocative tweet. Aside from mentioning “cream pied,” it’s not even that explicit. This thread is starting to pearl clutch whenever sex is mentioned and it’s starting to get annoying.

No. 1328390

it's not that deep but pretty much all of this thread is like that since we can just log off. But it's different than pearl clutching imo because the posts are creepily fetishizing the most normal thing about sex, I understand being annoyed by that. especially when coomerposts like this are a plague, it's an example of a bigger trend

No. 1328488

I don’t think it’s fear mongering when several of these “drag queens” are convicted child sexual offenders, or shaking fake breasts in children faces. The left needs to stop downplaying the shit and serving it to the right on a silver platter.

No. 1328575

Personally I don’t like when people talk about women like they’re porn categories

No. 1328684

File: 1662463143973.jpeg (388.75 KB, 1125x1440, D57A07D8-9389-480A-846F-740F99…)

I hate Twitter and the horrible takes I see on it all the time, but I was glad to see this tweet pop up on my feed after a woman I considered your average libfem liked it. Maybe there’s hope kek
But if you wanna be reminded as to the horrible people who use Twitter, scroll through the quote RTs for deranged whores talking about how wholesome being a sw is while they overdose on copium kek.

No. 1328688

File: 1662463621755.jpeg (93.07 KB, 640x295, A226E9BF-B939-4EFF-8FA2-4589B3…)

This just sums it up perfectly and why I don’t care when sex workers think we are all just jealous ugly bitches scraping pennies together. Even if you are one of the rare ones that make a lot of money, you will still be damaged to a degree unless you’re a complete sociopathic narc who thinks any attention is good attention.

No. 1329008

I’m not denying that these are drag queens that molest children but my point was more of “the right highlights all the pedo shit the left does while turning a blind eye to all of their pedophilic and other harmful concepts that they impose on children.” It’s the same shit with Qanon tards who sperg that Clinton was BFFs with Epstein (which I’m not denying in the slightest) and how Biden is a pedo while completely ignoring that Trump was also besties with Epstein and that several of GOP politicians have been caught in similar sex scandals (Like with Matt Gaetz sleeping with sex trafficked minors). I don’t disagree with your point but the last people I want to hear it from are those assholes because it’s truly not about helping children in the slightest but rather making the other side look bad.

No. 1329015

That’s my point. Both sides are just as thick in the shit and I’m sick of anyone pretending their not. Both are doing awful shit and aren’t going to save us. The left and the right both need to be wiped and left behind. This social identity politics is making everyone blind and refusing to hear each other. It’s stupid and immature.

No. 1329017

Did he pick you yet?

No. 1329033

File: 1662488576641.jpeg (69.39 KB, 1080x530, 228E8C16-A631-49CA-BE8C-ACC702…)

We are right wing extremists nonnas

No. 1329039

there are some psycho right wingers, like sealchan for example. otherwise i think we trend left.

No. 1329056

File: 1662490317168.jpeg (1002.94 KB, 1242x1429, BDB515AD-C2E5-4635-B4BF-DE4A57…)

The thing from the first movie literally turns into a male and rapes the woman (the movie is splice and it is disturbing and fucked up!!!)

No. 1329060

These people need to just admit they're into bestiality at this point, this is just nasty.

No. 1329061

Isn’t the third one straight up bestiality? Tbh alot of self-described “monsterfuckers” are just thinly veiled rape fetishists/zoophiles.

No. 1329064

We need to start castrating men

No. 1329091

The third (I'm guessing you mean lower left) is from Bram Stoker's Dracula and it's a werewolf, so not really imo

No. 1329140

Found the furry

No. 1329158

So it's a wolf that happens to be bipedal in that very specific scene then. Which makes it zoophilia. Don't find excuses for it, it's not even like the picture was showing a normal looking guy before transformation or with just cutesy dog ears.

No. 1329190

>it's a wolf that happens to be bipedal in that very specific scene

it's not zoophilia or bestiality lmao. it's a shapeshifting vampire who transforms into a werewolf in one scene to and the scene is like 15 seconds long. you need to chill.

No. 1329199

Clearly the MALE posting the tweet in the first place had his PP hard because it looks like a dog fucking a woman. End of.

No. 1329206

I'm chill, I just don't want to look at people pretending that this is normal and not zoophilia. I haven't see the movie, the screenshot itself is nasty enough without context and the context looks more like a lazy pretext to create that scene when you word it like this.

No. 1329208

I wasn't defending that guy, I was just disagreeing with the anons who thought that fucking a mythical creature is bestiality/zoophilia

no one said it was normal, I'm just saying that people having sex with mythical creatures in FICTION is not the same thing as people wanting to fuck irl animals, which is bestiality, and calling people's weird fantasies about magical beings bestiality waters down how gross irl bestiality and zoophilia are

No. 1329209

Imagine tweeting something like this with your own face as your avatar

No. 1329211

Your monsterfuckerfagness is showing. /g/ is that way.

No. 1329214

The fuck kind of garbage argument is this? Oh, it only looks like an animal raping a woman, it's CGI/makeup though so it's not real.?? That's the kind of stuff closeted child molesters use who go out and defend doujins because the drawing just 'looks like' a child

No. 1329215

It’s still degenerate to find something resembling an animal hot. End of discussion.

No. 1329220

File: 1662501299353.jpg (836.97 KB, 1650x2511, blood and chocolate.jpg)

anon, are you really comparing women who write erotica about werewolves to guys who masturbate to cartoon children? there's millions of erotica books written by and for women about fucking werewolves. there's a reason why it's werewolves and not wolves. do you think those women are actually going out into the woods and fantasizing about raping wolves?

werewolf = half man, half wolf. probably appeals to women who like men to be "wild" and having "untamed masculinity" or whatever, not actually attracted to animals

lolis = actual cartoon depiction of a child, men who masturbate to them would rape actual children if they could

do you think all the girls who want to fuck edward cullen are necrophiles too?

no one said it wasn't degenerate, but the pearl clutching is over the top here. kinkshaming people who have weird magial fantasies is fine, but calling them zoophiles and comparing them to pedophiles is just ridiculous

No. 1329224

>”pearl clutching”
Go back furfag

No. 1329229

… go back where? people have used those terms all over this website for years

No. 1329238

i agree with you to an extent but for sure the girls who wanted to fuck jacob were into his human form. regardless, you are right that the werewolf category has existed in female-centric literotica for decades. i don't think these women are zoophiles and i think they typically picture the werwolf looking more human-like when fucking, i would assume. anyways, men with these fantasies are still degen. women, not necessarily. depends on how far it goes. if it looks just straight up like a wolf or 80% wolf like in the pic above, it's a little gross. i still think women have an ability to temper their retarded monster fetishes and they come from a better place than men, typically.

No. 1329239

Not talking about the terms themselves, but how you’re using them to defend your degen fetish.

No. 1329254

that's a good point and bram stoker's dracula does have some strange sexual stuff in it that would def make some people uncomfortable, I guess it's not for everyone. I personally still don't think that scene was necessarily bestiality because of the context of the movie (although it doesn't turn me on either) but we can agree to disagree, I can definitely see how that scene would look really gross without having seen the movie

it's not even my fetish, I don't read erotica lol I just see it all the time when shopping for 99 cent ebooks. I just think that some kinks are less deplorable than others, but I was foolish to expect you would understand the concept

No. 1329279

nta but that's pretty much how I feel as well. in all areas women are saner about these things. anons who are still fired up about it could bring back the kinkshaming thread, it was a wild read at times

No. 1329377

It's obviously a male trying to start shit. They hate it when women talk about their own preferences among themselves and try to shame women at all times. Don't reply to him.

No. 1329388

I agree, I miss that thread. it's not active enough

No. 1329405

No. 1329431

File: 1662516590779.png (54.17 KB, 936x337, ok.png)

old cringe but good

No. 1329433

>bi women transmit queerness into cishet spaces
That's better than what bi men transmit to their girlfriends and wives, so.

No. 1329484

It's so weird how this stuff is more and more sounding like right wing propaganda reframed for the left.
Like you'd expect some televangelist to be the one talking about queers converting straights to the queer lifestyle.

No. 1329528

kek anon

No. 1329592

ah shiri einsner aka bidyke. i remember her from the tungle discourse wars of the early 2010s. absolutely unhinged
she was obsessed with lumping heterosexuality and homosexuality together as "monosexuality" which was oppressing the bis and generally responsible for every evil in the world.
she once said "monosexuality is settle colonialims", i supposed someone living in israel would certainly know a thing or two about settler colonialism alright

No. 1329667

File: 1662545435548.jpg (72.53 KB, 211x164, FOJ6hSA.jpg)

They're both right, but people have been telling them exactly this for years and were labelled SWERFs, misogynists, "literally-killing-SWers", racists, transphobes, you name it.
The tide is definitely slowly but surely turning when it comes to the glorification of SW and "sex positive feminism". Which is great. But it's fucking shitty to witch hunt and demonize people who have been warning you for ages, quietly take their points and arguments and present them as if you had some kind of enlightenment. Pic very related. I wonder when the same will happen with "terf rhetoric" because you know it's coming.

No. 1329745

File: 1662555851063.png (140.48 KB, 1080x769, Screenshot_20220907-145707~2.p…)

Except that's what was literally going on with KF, had Keffals and co. not exposed theirs fetishes and acts like fucking retards they would have never attracted the attention of the farms.
The shit they've done is out there for public viewing, why is everybody believing they are innocent little victims uwu??? The world has gone insane.

No. 1329749

So these people are basically admitting they lurk kek. Wouldn't be surprised if they're the ones going around telling anons to kill themselves because they're high off of finally being able to say what they want without getting judged by their mutuals. This is too good.

No. 1329820

File: 1662562964305.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1170x1847, 1279860F-4530-4FBC-BFE3-65B629…)

Yes we know religious art has always had erotic undertones you don’t have to say it for the billionth time.

No. 1329823

Shocking. These same religious men also use to fantasize that women were having wild lsd covered orgies in the woods with a single man dressed as the devil. Religious men have always been freaks. It’s why like 67% of Christian men in that study two years ago are porn addicts even knowing it’s a “sin” and the highest rate of watching trans porn in the states is in the south. Kek

No. 1329835

Keep your fetishes away from film holy fuck I don’t want to be watching some werewolf movie and they shoehorn in some woman getting fucked by a wolf so people can jerk off about it. Horror has almost moved past the sexual violence, we don’t need a sudden outburst of sex scenes with creatures now, save that for your fanfictions.

No. 1329838

File: 1662564960050.jpeg (920.53 KB, 1170x1562, 0B1337FF-DCC1-49CB-AC68-C5369D…)


No. 1329842

can't believe people are still doing that ugly blush nose trend. if you want to look like a clown at least go all out.

No. 1329964

>>1320383 He really looks like a monkey

No. 1329973

The " queer culture " they are exposed to: FFM threesomes

No. 1330055

Hawaiian twitter is mostly just people who live in Hawaii/ are from Hawaii not necessarily what we would consider native Hawaiian people. There’s certainly a healthy dose of people who are 1/16th native that act like the spokesperson for all native Hawaiians though. Also some who are just Filipino larping as Hawaiian.

No. 1330069

I’m apprehensive because while I support the native Hawaiians wishes 100% I have witnessed SOO much anti blackness on Hawaiian twitter the last decade and have up close and personal seen it casually joked about by Hawaiians and Polynesians. Idk.

No. 1330084

I wonder why that is. What are they typically saying that is anti-black?

No. 1330087

not to mention he raises the creature as his child practically and then when it looks like a sexy woman he fucks it

No. 1330092

I’m not a twitter user anymore but there was a pretty big issue with native Hawaiians and Polynesian in general being racist, shitting on black people, arguing that they’re allowed to use black slurs because of their skin tone, etc. for years on twitter. Awhile back I saw a post about protecting Hawaii from tourism and again I agree with this full-stop but I recognized the handle and avatar as a person who was always making racist jokes and throwing around racist slurs in 2014-2018. It doesn’t speak for Hawaii by any means but some of the most vocal on twitter just appear to be hypocrites because they were really awful people before they made Protect Hawaii their personality. Doesn’t speak for the movement or sentiment in any way I’m just bitching because it bothers me a little I guess.

No. 1330156

Holy kek I didn’t know that about her. I did know she wrote a book about being bi though. Do you have any more milk?

No. 1330309

File: 1662593186486.jpeg (90.51 KB, 576x559, B2B2DCC5-440B-45AE-8278-06995C…)

Wow it’s like all religions are inherently misogynistic huh

No. 1330314

File: 1662593407530.jpg (10.39 KB, 250x250, ebe11b564fd90f3f7751d0ea3dfeb6…)

Nooooo but she wears pants and hoodies some times

No. 1330325

>almost every religion
>shows 5

No. 1330330

also 4/5 is of middle eastern origin kek christianity and islam are just judaism season 2 and season 3 in order not really an "almost in every religion" situation

No. 1330343

growing up in a Muslim country, I have always seen Islamic apologists bring up Nuns as a counter to the misogyny of the Hijab, and its never made sense to me, cause 99.9% of christian women aren't nuns, they are specific subgroup of women who have to keep chaste for life, its very different then a rule that's enforced for all women
>christianity and islam are just judaism season 2 and season 3
I hate both religions, but that is the most retarded take I have seen regarding the two, Christianity was undeniably influenced from roman elements and later northern european thought, while Islam has remains theologically unchanged since about the 8th century

No. 1330351

only a handful of old women are nuns, hindu women rarely cover their hair and have their naked belly out, the number of strict jews is abysmal and what even is a sabian?
what a shitty argument. and using uwu animuh faces isn't making this any cuter either
(also if you're a real muslim you better wear thick black cloth and cover face and hands!)

No. 1330356

>> only a handful of old women are nuns
No. There are young nuns. I even know a man who’s a bastard of a priest and a nun anon. Priests were notorious for raping the nuns back in the day too. Nobody cared about that though.

No. 1330399

File: 1662600893886.jpg (209.55 KB, 684x1106, Raquel_Meller_by_Julio_Romero_…)

As a Christfag, catholic woman used to cover up too but isn't used anymore and it wasnt for the last few hunderd years. The closest thing today maybe would be a mantilla (picrel) and that is more of a ornament kek. I've seen some churches (full of faggots LARPing muh tradition that no one cares) asking for a simple headscarf and you cannot enter some places of the Vatican uncovered, but is not widespread as Hijab.

No. 1330426

File: 1662602767800.png (154.33 KB, 919x754, tfw writing your own biography…)

>google her
>find out she made a wikipedia page for herself leaving out any criticism

No. 1330521

I hate these sort of comments sooo much, just so unnecessarily vulgar and edgy. Everyone always thinks it’s so clever too. We all know how babies are made ffs. Nobody should be immediately thinking of porn terms every time we see a pregnant woman or a baby, and imagining people having sex when they say they’re trying for a baby is just weird.

No. 1330528

not only is it gross, but it doesn't even make sense really. a creampie is like it not going fully in and visibly being able to see the cum. that's not the best way to get pregnant. pretty sure the majority of women get pregnant from men not pulling out, not being "creampied". really stupid tweet.

No. 1330660

>christianity and islam are just judaism season 2 and season 3 in order
kek once I described it the exact same way to my muslim sister to tell her how similar these religions are and she lost her shit, saying that it's disrespectful to comp1re religions to tv shows. Wars caused by religions are fandoms and ship wars.

No. 1330697

anyone who is saying things like "cis(het)" is not worth being listened too

No. 1330703

File: 1662623138016.jpg (75.36 KB, 534x516, 1621685268.jpg)

I am begging Americans to stop applying their retarded racial categorizations on the rest of the world

No. 1330710

>Persian is a spicy variety of white
Oh my fucking god, literally WHO the fuck cares. I couldn't agree more with you nonna.

No. 1330712

I really have come to loathe that specific word, cause I see dumbass americans mostly black but sometimes asian and hispanic americans as well use that term to describe diverse people groups in Eurasia and its always incredibly ignorant but no ever seems to call them out for it

No. 1330716

What do you expect from a city (fucking one city in Germany) which is reigned since forever by the left party, social democrats (who are extreme lefties in this city) and the green party (who tried to make pedophilia legal in the 80s and still has some of the members left in the party)? Berlin is really left-winged (and was until recently very poor in general, which is why the social democrats were always winning the elections there and the left party was more successful there) and even if Berliners vote against it by voting for the more conservative party (which is in Berlin not even conservative), other extreme left-winged people move to Berlin and destory this. And then a lot of these people turn normal, move away and get replaced by other young left-wingers, who support stupid things like that because they don't even bother to google these things because they are so blinded by their ideology

No. 1330719

>insult men to my friend
>she responds agreeing but rephrases to specify 'cishet men' instead of 'men

Fuck I hate gendies, I just don't respond at that point

No. 1330729

Americans are retarded, stop having high expectations. It's a miracle they can eveb read and use computers.

No. 1330754

I thought persian was a specific ethnic group within Iran ?

No. 1330761

Persians are just native Iranians. Do NOT call an Iranian an Arab if they're in the West or they sperg out. This applies to many other MENA ethnicities too.

No. 1330767

File: 1662629470915.jpg (72.99 KB, 720x363, man.jpg)

let me explain it as someone who lives in the region, so Persian is a specific ethnicity(like German or Russian), however Iranic is a pan-racial/cultural identity that has existed well over a 2000 years now, it can apply towards any people that speaks a language in the Iranic language family or have been influenced by Iranian culture and religion(specfically Twelver Shia Islam) so these include Bahrani Shia Arabs or Azeri Turk

No. 1330775

yeah this is how I understood it but thanks for the explanation

No. 1330776

File: 1662630272479.png (725.36 KB, 801x942, ed30d90ed46a48f3cd33a436f24492…)

cool story Eli you're still a rapist

No. 1330779

why can't these people fucking shut the fuck up already?

No. 1330780

>many anti-trans "feminists" aren't even defending her
citation needed

No. 1330786

i wish HP wasn't as obnoxiously popular as it is so the whole JKR debacle didn't have to be this obnoxiously omnipresent. i wish all this discourse would stop all and for once

No. 1330788

Or just the type of media to attract the type of people who suck tanny cock off

No. 1330791

How is it disrespectful to muslims? The Quran itself states that.

No. 1330793

I find it funny. Because HP is so popular they cannot cancel it and a lot of trannies based their whole life about HP and have no personality outside of it, which makes them even more mad kek

No. 1330837

> ♫♫ if she says I gotta hate my race then she's so american (she's american) ♫♫

No. 1330842

Yeah it's like Star Wars, Pokemon, Disney animated movies, etc. it's self-sustaining. Anyone who will boycott it will eventually be replaced by new fans and consumers.

No. 1330847

i've been under the impression that arabs kinda colonized persians? or not maybe colonized but made them be more arab

No. 1330857

Sorry anons, but tweets like this about backwards religions that hate women just fill me with disgust

No. 1330934

File: 1662643236312.jpg (240.92 KB, 719x1354, D.jpg)

its not considered colonization, Persians were conquered by Arabs in the 7th century and ruled over by them for almost 200 years, but Persians had conquered Arabs before and after as well, on a minor scale this has happened to my ethnic group, we've been conquered by our neighbors and and have conquered them in turn and its lead to hatred on both sides, where both parties want to kill the other, its a type of racial hatred that Americans can not understand, If Civil law ever breaks down, then we will start geocoding the other, because we truly hate each other and historically that's happened in the middle east, the balkans, east africa, the hindu kush, its something some american will never ever understand

No. 1331121

File: 1662654629175.png (628.93 KB, 599x702, gay moid degen.png)

Why are gay moids like this, also how does shit get allowed on twitter but calling a tranny a a perverts gets you perma banned

No. 1331149

he literally could've just said they were his 'fav' pics of him, no need for the extra info. I feel cringe when I reblog pics of my favourite actors on tumblr and write things like 'wow he looks so good here' yet gay scrotes are out here listing their top four wank pics of celebs with zero shame.

No. 1331154

I looked up a celeb that I'm into lately, looking for rare pics (he's past his prime so old pics) and I came across all these now defunct gay forums where men were eager to tell each other the exact pics they fapped to and how big their load was. Its already weird enough doing it on obscure forums but twitter..

Like other anon said, just share the pics. We know it's for lusting after. We don't need a blow by blow account of your fap to it.

No. 1331199

File: 1662658395534.jpeg (135.51 KB, 1169x630, 52927D77-10DA-4C15-B4B8-627347…)

No. 1331206

not untrue, like I worked in a office where majority of the employees were morbidly obese and would bitch like hell if they ever had to get up

No. 1331228

don't forget the meth kek

No. 1331256

I've never seen a vibrant homeless man. Homeless men are terrifying and they tend to shamble.

No. 1331352

someone's never met a suntouched.

No. 1331913

I haven’t heard “spicy” regarding race but I wouldn’t be surprised. I feel a lot of terms that would be considered racist and condescending a decade or two ago are now being used by “woke” people. Like “brown people” regarding Latinos and Hispanics. Idk why but I hate it and hope it dies out soon.

No. 1331932

File: 1662669050454.png (854.45 KB, 1242x2208, 3CD2BFD9-5883-4276-8367-9301E3…)

Ugh. I feel like Black Twitter and Trans Twitter often duke it out to see which side can make practically every issue more about them. Somehow I highly doubt that African Americans (because the majority people in that tag are American let’s be honest) were the main target for the British Royal Family’s shitiness. Granted, they did treat Meghan like shit and that sucks but obviously the Irish and Indians clearly have more stake in that claim.

No. 1331959

People with deep skintones look vibrant with some sun because they have the proper melanin to defend them and act as a barrier, and even then they are still susceptible to sun poison and skin cancer. Everyone else does not have that same protection and immediately begin to age like a raisin.

No. 1332111

Tbh I'm already tired of the queen Elizabeth memes. It's the same shit over and over and Twitter is ofc being obnoxious about it. A new shitty royal is just going to take her place the monarchy isn't dissolved

No. 1332113

Nah, if I saw a pregnant women and someone turned to me and said that shit to me I would avoid them forever. It’s just weird.

Ok where are the movies with beautiful men being raped by ugly monsters? I’m sick of seeing this shit and wish men would fuck off with their fetish shit

No. 1332119

All she literally said, was that sex is real lol
It’s still wild to me that they hate her for saying something so factual and super mild

No. 1332123

Why do you care about a man being sexualized by other men

No. 1332130

these arethe same gay moids who are losing their minds and seething over the fact that harry is pretending to be gay yet they keep on harassing shawn and saying he is not straight. Its the hypocrisy of the faggots.

No. 1332141

I don’t see the correlation tbh. Shawn Mendes is an obvious closet case and the gay men that obsess over it are retarded but Harry Styles is fucking OTT insufferable and deserves the ridicule he’s finally receiving.

No. 1332309

by that logic, why should I care if gay men sexualize male children, I just think gay moids get away with too much open degeneracy
whether he's gay or not, harassing a guy since he was 16 isn't gonna encourage him to be open about his sexuality

No. 1332327

>by that logic, why should I care if gay men sexualize male children
I agree gay moids are degens but this example is very extreme and not comparable in anyway.

No. 1332362

>now defunct gay forums where men were eager to tell each other the exact pics they fapped to and how big their load was
>We don't need a blow by blow account of your fap to it
They're gay men, they get off on sharing those posts and reading each other's I'm sure

No. 1332366

true, but the fact is that Shawn Mendes has been harassed by gay pedophiles since he was 16

No. 1332443

I did not know that part.

No. 1332500

And Billie Eilish was harassed by straight pedophiles who counted down til her 18th birthday. I don’t care about Shawn Mendes.

No. 1332556

its not about mendes specifically, no child should ever be sexualized by gross men, you can be disgusted by both things

No. 1332566

And am, but I don’t need some retard in the twitter thread trying to “teach” me to care about the suffering of men.

No. 1332581

what are you on about, I was searching for pics and got recommended this on twitter, tell me who here is forcing you to care about the suffering of men.

No. 1332584

I don’t think that posting a screencap of faggots hypersexualizing a teenage boy (that includes said hypersexualized pics of teenage boy) is raising awareness to anything really. Yeah men share creepy shit without being banned all of the time. And.

No. 1332628

File: 1662705106806.jpeg (411.52 KB, 1208x1310, A9DA76E0-2662-4998-8694-268E08…)

People on twitter are just not normal.. why does she have beef with princess diana of all people

No. 1332670

File: 1662705896135.jpg (80.5 KB, 1080x563, 869.jpg)

the average twitter user spends at minimum 4 hours a day on twitter, they constantly are bombarded with politics and hot "takes", trying to go viral by saying the most outrageous stuff and accepting it as as fact, it probably causes a type of brain rot

No. 1332672

They are all so formulaically angry about the same things and expect you to be too. It's creepy how uniform they are. If I encounter one out of its zone I like to throw them off by giving normie responses

No. 1332679

can you save your sperging you're literally ruining the thread with your homophobia derailment

No. 1332680

I feel like I'm high when trying to comprehend that this tweet exists

No. 1332686

A way to feel smug and superior without actually having to do anything

No. 1332689

>homophobia derailment
You complained about gay moids posting shirtless teens and proceeded to share a screenshot posting the shirtless teen. Stupidity.

A majority of twitterfags that like to condescend people and write their tweets like it’s some sort of comedy prompt are tumblr transplants that desperately miss blogging. It’s pretty apparent in everything they tweet, a neverending flow of arrested development.

No. 1332709

I wasn't that anon, I'm a different anon getting annoyed

No. 1332762

I don’t care

No. 1332771

>A majority of twitterfags that like to condescend people and write their tweets like it’s some sort of comedy prompt are tumblr transplants that desperately miss blogging.
I don't think that's exactly it. They're most likely perpetually online normies who were too late to jump on the tumblr bandwagon when tumblr was actually interesting a decade ago, so they copypaste similar takes without even thinking about the reasoning behind what they post. So they're even worse than actual tumblr users who migrated to twitter.

No. 1332785

my theory is that they get stuck in echo chambers with equally horrible people and then start infecting other spaces, till that behavior becomes normalized, its why so many people on twitter seem to not be able to comprehend hetrosexuality, seriously according to twitter every single male celeb is gay and every female is a "Sapphic"

No. 1332837

File: 1662716589097.png (395.24 KB, 600x1556, Screenshot 2.png)

I think a lot of overly online american liberal "POC's" just have a sense of racial inferiority against white people, so this is their only way of coping essentially

No. 1332841

Imagine saying this about literally any other race. What a prick, you'd swear this was a picture of people at a fucking nazi rally from that kind of reaction

No. 1332844

Yeah it’s a mix of an inferiority complex and lack of critical thinking skills this guy was just repeating the “white people bad” thing mindlessly on twitter and expecting a few likes for it, also Id be more intimidated if I was black in japan than in any anglo country lol

No. 1332846

I was just about to mention that kek

No. 1332853

File: 1662718217225.jpeg (243.42 KB, 1079x1447, they deserved it.jpeg)

as a non-american I have to say that it doesn't even come across as actual racial hatred either, this seems to petty and kinda "effeminate"(I don't know if there is a better to describe it in English) like where I'm from(and much of the world) racism is not backhanded, people outright say they want to genocide another race or just remove them, my father has talked about how great my country could be, If certain ethnic groups were just removed and never come back, and its a popular opinion among even younger generation

No. 1332857

I think backhanded “petty” racism is worse to be honest. at least with the ones who are straight up racists, they’re honest and don’t hide their racism unlike lite racists who gaslight with passive aggressive comments and won’t even own up to it when they’re called out

No. 1332858

Hilarious the way turks vehemently hate syrians y’all are cousins

No. 1332867

>passive aggressive
yeah that's the term I was looking for, it really describes the way Americans seem to try to be racist, passive aggressive, like they can't actually be racist even if they wanted to, its how imagine how a gay man would be racist but all americans seem to act like this

No. 1332972

She’s right though. All royals go to hell no matter what.

No. 1333018

> but all americans seem to act like this

I swear this thread is getting more deranged everyday

No. 1333022

I feel like what happened yesterday was proof that Twitterfags often try to out edgelord each other until they say something totally ridiculous but act like
they’re right, usually for clout.

No. 1333046

Why do black people hate fags so much? Lol(racebait)

No. 1333105

File: 1662738270425.png (782.02 KB, 1076x1387, when you've never actually rea…)

you know what, posting some gems of middle eastern racism, so that americans might understand

No. 1333107

File: 1662738380726.png (232.17 KB, 601x576, your people don't exist.png)

No. 1333118

File: 1662738804831.png (313.34 KB, 569x678, our slavery wasn't that bad.pn…)

No. 1333122

File: 1662738972029.jpg (330.99 KB, 1077x1395, literally a sunni arab nationa…)

No. 1333126

File: 1662739123010.jpg (114.65 KB, 677x618, you don't exist #2.jpg)

No. 1333147

File: 1662739762051.jpeg (262.31 KB, 1077x1119, everyone I dislike is a Shia.j…)

No. 1333150

File: 1662739853627.jpeg (139.35 KB, 1074x936, g p.jpeg)

No. 1333155

The delusion of muslim people (women especially) will never fail to amaze me. Rape is good, killing is good, slavery is good if it's done by a muslim man, and it's crazy that woke cunts on Twitter agree because "it's the culture!!!".

No. 1333165

ok this is true though

No. 1333167

File: 1662740591318.jpg (349.25 KB, 2874x1432, good.jpg)

and last one, the point of these posts was to illustrate how radically different racism is done in nations outside america, in america its passive aggressive and based of woke mortality on who is the bigger victim, its never direct and kinda gaslighty, here we just say we hate you and that's it, its not well effeminate the way americans on twitter try to be racist and its actually real, we have a lot of ethnic cleansings
that post was by a muslim man though

No. 1333182

I don't understand why this topic of "real racism" keeps coming up itt.

No. 1333185

The cursed thread pic still makes me laugh

No. 1333197

File: 1662742837411.jpg (275.29 KB, 1080x1247, IMG_20220909_115930.jpg)

What a weird to say sexually repressed.
Not sure if this should go to the art salt thread instead tho

No. 1333255

being asexual online is what people who can’t get laid because of deep rooted insecurities (and possible porn addiction) say to make themselves feel better

No. 1333293

I’m not asexual but I can understand wanting to explore sexuality in a safe way through art rather than risk going through an unhealthy relationship in real life.

No. 1333300

I get what you mean truly but they’re really not exploring sexuality in a safe way they’re just expressing their sexual degeneracy behind the guise of being asexual

No. 1333314

File: 1662749645774.jpg (578.95 KB, 1155x2217, IMG_7143.jpg)

No. 1333328

That's what happens when even boomers seem more sane than you. You can't swear not to be your parents and then watch people be absolute self-indulgent insufferable retards and not flinch at all

No. 1333352

File: 1662751603967.png (180.65 KB, 600x423, Screenshot.png)

reminds me of this, TRA's think this is an evil TERFs brainwashing and abusing her poor uwu trasn-son, but she simply just cut her off from the internet for a while and her daughter ended up realizing that the whole trans thing was a social fad that she got sucked into


No. 1333372

Based women in the pic

>Gender critical = TERF = Right wing
getting real tired of this shit. also good on her for removing her child from the internet. I don't see how allowing your underage children to become addicted to the internet and get sucked into retarded online communities is good parenting in any way.

No. 1333386

I’m glad she saved her daughter in time and was looking out after her but the flag words in search and text is a little too much it’s better to cut her off the internet completely than this invasive way of monitoring

No. 1333410

I know she's young still but imo there's a world of difference between say a butch woman who gets sucked into tif shit for obvious reasons.. and women/girls who flip flop from one extreme to the other where they feel male one minute and yet they're totally fine in a skirt the next and curling their long hair to look pretty. I've followed detrans women for years and they're 2 very different categories that stand out. The latter tend to end up diagnosed with a PD or something on par.

I just don't think this is the end of it. The evil internet influence that mom is fighting… is only half the story. I wouldn't throw a party just yet.

No. 1333411

these are all just normal people with a normal viewpoint that anyone with even the tiniest modicum of critical thinking skills agrees with

No. 1333441

I've noticed a lot of dumbasses refer to being "ace" to mean that they just don't want to have sex in real life while simultaneously displaying through their art or writing that they very much so experience sexual attraction/desires. I suppose I could see the utility in referring to yourself as ace in real life to indicate you don't intend on ever having sex but what the fuck is the purpose in calling yourself ace on the internet to people who would never fuck you irl anyway while simultaneously putting out sexual content? "asexual" smut writers/artists just look like clowns
why would someone who genuinely doesn't experience sexual attraction want or need to "explore sexuality"

No. 1333537

I've meet someone like that IRL and it's the funniest thing listening to her say she's demisexual while having the most degenerate fantasies and complaining about never getting laid kek

No. 1333669

This particular delusion is so strong with some people like this, I even remember one North African anon here trying to defend slavery and saying it's cringe/pathetic for Americans to regret or apologize for it and then saying "Omg I'm African, so I can't be racist uwu" as an excuse (as if NA people aren't still enslaving SSA people and aren't notoriously racist in general, or like they have the right to "forgive" slavery when they have literally nothing to do with the discussion of Trans-Atlantic slavery)

No. 1333850

what's wrong with public school?

No. 1333893

I’m honestly tired of watching people condescend and mock black Americans solely because of twitter. They know nothing about the history of colorism and racism that made all of this happen in America but they’re quick to shit on and make fun of all of them because of twitter retards. The police brutality and poverty to prison pipeline is real, it isn’t some sort of fiction devised for sympathy.

No. 1334169

and didn't look like a fucking monkey.

No. 1334237

Sooo if he weren’t him at all

No. 1334314

File: 1662822604636.jpeg (58.41 KB, 772x960, BBCCFC4F-7F71-423F-82DF-910A92…)

I know this is a hate thread but this is so fucking funny I can’t stop laughing I love when women are crazy

No. 1334323

because she has power over him by making his peepee hard

No. 1334347

I honestly get what they are saying though, even if it's insane.

No. 1334384

What's the reasoning behind this, are they implying something about zodiac signs?

No. 1334392

Its misandry by using a traditionally female associated activity, but it doee come across as cringe

No. 1334394

traditionally female things can be made fun of, anon, it's cringe to protect them so hard. also astrology isn't traditionally female…

No. 1334397

I'm not American can someone explain what these people are trying to say, like do people actually care this much about what month one was born in

No. 1334398


In the middle ages, respectable adult women covered or bound their hair. Prostitutes and 'loose women' were the only ones who went around showing their hair unbound or uncovered. That's why nuns covered their hair. (In Western Europe, anyway don't know what the deal was in Eastern Europe.) But then covering hair fell out of fashion in the west, but nuns didn't keep up.

But, really, wtf is with (western?) religious moids and hair.
Christianity: the bible goes on about how women should cover their hair.
Jews: married women have to hide their hair
Islam: Hijab, burqa, etc.

No. 1334403

Prophets and important religious guys back then were OCD ridden perverts and wanted to impose their weird shit on others.

No. 1334409

What ?

No. 1334423

wait what does the bible say about women covering their hair? I was forced to go to church twice a sunday until I was 16 and I swear I've never known this kek

No. 1334425

I don't think it's enforced at all anymore, nobody gives a shit tbh

No. 1334432

imagine a man born on july 12th. that is not your boyfriend that’s your girlfriend

No. 1334434

It was in the old testament

No. 1334436

> I was looking for, it really describes the way Americans seem to try to be racist, passive aggressive, like they can't actually be racist even if they wanted to,

1) Stop acting like you can know about Americans from twitter
2) White Americans and Europeans used to be that racist openly. They got shamed out of being that racist in public by the Civil Rights movement in the 60s and the US and similar movements in the UK. They still do it in private, usually in private groups online or when they talk about non-whites in all white groups in real life.
3) To see public non-passive aggressive racism, see any discussion about Gypsies/Roma from Europeans. It's wild. They talk about them like they are animals.

No. 1334438

that was just me being dumb. I meant to say a word that covered Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, but out came western.

No. 1334449

Corinthians 11:2–16, Especially 4 - 7

4 Every man who prays or prophesies with his head covered dishonors his head, 5 but every wife[c] who prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonors her head, since it is the same as if her head were shaven. 6 For if a wife will not cover her head, then she should cut her hair short. But since it is disgraceful for a wife to cut off her hair or shave her head, let her cover her head. 7 For a man ought not to cover his head, since he is the image and glory of God, but woman is the glory of man.

Also, any verses that mention a woman's hair:

No. 1334454

I'm an American and, no, we don't care about people's birth month. These women are all weirdos.

No. 1334465

Found the man born in july

No. 1334473

you're proving anon's point.

No. 1334493

Because the pakistan anon has made this thread her home for a long time, all she cares about is lecturing people on the intricacies of her area while complaining we're too stupid to understand. Rinse and repeat. Also something about low iq degenerates once in a while.

No. 1334553

I love hate threads, but it attracts too many autists who don't know when someone is joking or clearing picking on you because you retards take everything at face value.

No. 1334554

No. 1335119

a friend has totally distanced herself from our friend group, never initiates convo and barely responds to anything we say to her, and instead has been on twitter literally tweeting into the void for about 2 years now. she has maybe 30 followers. neither me nor our mutuals have twitter so we don't talk to her there. she tweets every other day, on average, and gets no replies. i don't understand it.

No. 1335141

>Its misandry by using a traditionally female associated activity
go back

No. 1335268

"that's too many [race] people in a single location" yeah that's uh-

No. 1335269

My ex who was born in july was the WORST

No. 1335289

File: 1662871814615.png (506.24 KB, 680x768, 898.png)


No. 1335300

why is zuck trying to rip off second life

No. 1335315

I have only found americans who are really obessded with birthdays and horoscopes, like I forget what my parent's and siblings birthdays and vice versa, cause its not really a thing to celebrate birthdays

No. 1335318

this looks SO SHITTY WTF kekkk

No. 1335335

File: 1662875061523.jpg (133.65 KB, 680x680, 5cf.jpg)

they really captured that cold and soulless zuckborg empty corporate approved stare in this one. It looks worse than a wii game (they spent 10 billion on this)

No. 1335336

File: 1662875090091.png (416.97 KB, 680x624, e4b.png)

it gets worse

No. 1335714

Anon Im sure they are just shitposting, chill

No. 1335730

It's probably OT retardation that was forgotten when the desert death cult got imported into Europe and they had to make it marketable or white people would keep worshipping whatever local deity they were into

Basically the bible is a load of crap, not even the church takes it seriously as most of Christianity as we learnt it is platonism and Greek philosophy mixed with Jewish lore. Really it's a goddamn mess that's why protestants and Catholics can't make up their minds even if technically they follow the same religion.

No. 1335734

Samefag, i was raised catholic so i have no idea how you protestant weirdos learnt it, but catholicism is mostly platonism mixed with other stuff mixed with the bible which was nitpicked by the Catholic church back in the middle ages anyway kek

No. 1335796

File: 1662912056126.jpg (8.71 KB, 410x314, 54972518f7a3f28a685d726f78ac6b…)

>they spent 10 billion on this

No. 1335800

File: 1662912226429.jpg (77.75 KB, 874x637, Capture.JPG)

monthly reminder that he thinks hes LARPing as Caesar

No. 1335805

File: 1662912485181.png (524.03 KB, 600x1093, deg.png)

>random pic of a cheerleader and football player making out
>random degenerate on twitter adds a caption implying cheerleader is a femboy
>TIM and fujos join in projecting degenerate fantasies on this real life random couple

No. 1335812

this pic is old as hell, like the mid 2000s at the latest. back when people still called these men transvestite degenerates. they wish they could look like that.

No. 1335824

Non US nonnie so idk but are they lusting after highschoolers? Or are these college age?

No. 1335833

File: 1662914202165.jpg (242.68 KB, 1620x1749, EsOYLbkVQAYOjil.jpg)

Maybe I'm naive but aren't these people speaking more in terms of picrel couple dynamics? So not about these two specific people in particular but "it would be hotter if these two were boys / girls"; idk

No. 1335834

The reason they did it to this picture is because 4chan scrotes always use it to illustrate the apex of a Chad/Stacy high school experience they wish they lived and twitter users are making fun of it.

No. 1335840

No anon kek that's not it.

No. 1335852

its still cringe and degenerate though, and doing that to 2 rear people is also messed up, no matter what they represent

No. 1335858

I've noticed a very strange trend with a certain genre of Twitter user. I seen it again today so I figured I'd ask in case I'm actually the weird one and this is somehow normal: why are people detailing their sexual abuse to celebrate follower number milestones? I don't want to post screenshots because they're graphic and sad but jesus I'm seeing it so much these days

No. 1335930

>Not American and not good with remembering birthdays nor really care about astrology
>Americans must be like this!

Why are Eurofags like this?

No. 1336029

I mean internet culture encourages oversharing. Maybe it’s to cope/relate to others with the same trauma but it feels like a naive move by putting yourself in a vulnerable position. Why can’t they celebrate follower milestones with giveaways or something normal?

No. 1336076

I agree with >>1335852
Fuck pathetic incel loser 4chanoids and fuck the porn-addicted troons who jerk off to the edited pic of a random high school couple (who are also 4chanoids judging by the names)

No. 1336391

internet culture "encourages" oversharing because ppl get more likes/views when they do it. thereby making them feel more important than they are.
its all self-aggrandizement and egotism.

No. 1336417

File: 1662951684007.jpeg (598.14 KB, 1170x1727, 736C0810-3F71-4609-8617-FBD332…)

I hate men so much

No. 1336426

i hope horny patient bf dies

No. 1336435

This is every zoomer couple

No. 1336464

Literally me

No. 1336549

You're right, literally half of zoomer couples I've seen are like this. It's a male who dates a BPD-chan because she's hypersexual and even less successful than he is so he just gets to play video games all day while neglecting her but also getting sex whenever he wants. The "patience" he has is more like indifference.

No. 1336566

This, people faking outrage over how "oh my god are they LUSTING after LITERAL HIGH SCHOOLERS and making them DEGENERATE TRANNIES" are being reactionary drama queens kek.

No. 1336571

i can understand but chantards are literally tremendously reactionary faggots that think they're the exception for being pieces of shit, so, i'm not really sure how this undoes anything. we're talking about a far right userbase that literally cums to futa and gay porn while acting like they're straight.

No. 1336621

File: 1662972834213.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1948, DFB521B8-F268-49D1-A896-18F812…)

>ancient mummified age
>op is 24
God I hate zoomers. what she wrote was cringe but who gives a fuck is anyone over 18 not allowed to be cringe lmao it brings me piece of mind knowing how fucked up these teenage genderqueer enbies are going to be as adults

No. 1336630

Why is Eddie & Steve such a big thing? They barely interacted and Eddie is fugly

No. 1336635

Self-insertion lol

No. 1336653

Steve always gets paired up with the other grown up guy of the season. Before Eddie, there was that evil brother guy

No. 1336663

File: 1662976144299.jpg (64.42 KB, 720x394, 20220912_110541.jpg)

I am begging Twitter to please for the love of God moderate the videogames topic. None of the tweets made EVER relevant. Literally it's always OF shit, somebody talking about trans people, or someone who used the word "oblivion" in any context except for the game. I miss out on so much gaming news that I, by all means, should be getting through this fucking tag

No. 1336664

Ayrt it's not even follower milestones from accounts who can support giveaways. It's very literally small accounts hitting 400 followers and then posting a notes app screenshot of them starting like "yay, 400 followers! I never expected this coming from my past" and then an essay about SA

No. 1336665

Have you heard how people talk about videogames online? Are you sure you want to read that cancer

No. 1336682

File: 1662978543007.jpg (79.09 KB, 500x674, tumblr_od9ji3HMPJ1s9c6nao1_500…)


No. 1336685

Imagine thinking you know better than someone who goes to fucking space. Men are delusional.

No. 1336699

File: 1662980272527.jpeg (327.33 KB, 1695x1514, 590235CB-72A8-4B8A-BE61-2575AC…)

>simple thermo
Fuckkkk I fucking hate the male species I want to smack that smug little look on his face I can see he had typing that. did feel smart did he feel special? you are not special and you are definitely not smarter than a fucking astronaut in space. Ladies we gotta start killing men

No. 1336719

File: 1662981449944.webm (15.26 MB, 576x1024, 8ab83dd6afd60b5b966e6f551f0509…)

Reminds me of this:

No. 1336721

I want to a-log so bad.

No. 1336722

File: 1662981625574.jpg (40.5 KB, 784x201, Screenshot_20220912-042042_Fir…)

Samefag for some reason it cuts off but here's what it says at the end

No. 1336733

Zoomer age sperging always seems so dumb to me because like… they’re gonna be the same age they’re shitting on. Inevitably and very soon because they aren’t shitting on 50+ people but on young adults. I just don’t get it, do zoomers think they won’t age? I’m a young millennial and I don’t have a single memory of me and my friends seeing people 25-39 as old, on the contrary I feel like we saw them as same age bracket of ‘young’ when we were teenagers. Most of my favourite YouTubers and actors were 25-35 and I just saw that as young and sameish age as me, Idk.

No. 1336741

Honestly it’s just online weebs who act that way I was born in 2001 so that makes me a zoomer but all of our friend groups vary from 21-28 there’s really not much of a difference between millennials and older gen z as people make it out to be on the internet

No. 1336759

Idk when I go out with friends and we meet any zoomers at any event they fixate on ages a lot even among themselves. Funny thing is they can’t ever guess ages correctly. But I think it depends on the group ofc

No. 1336795

File: 1662988767625.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1242x1563, 561DD910-4CD5-4EA6-9FCF-385D78…)

Sorry it’s not twitter but lol they’re so retarded with the age thing at least the comments are reasonable about it telling her 30 is nowhere near old

No. 1336800

isn't the point the difference in internet usage rather than saying 30 is old? zoomers seem to avoid unironic gifs

No. 1336816

When these zoomers get fired for this shit. I don’t care. Clearly so obsessed with age they can’t do their job and want to violate what I’m sure is their offices social media policies for internet clout on company time and property.

No. 1336820

Kek why would they fired?

No. 1336832

Nta but most countries at least in mine they don’t allow photos/videos inside the company’s offices or during work hours

No. 1336843

I would believe her if she told me she's 30 herself not sure what she's trying to flex there

No. 1336879

not defending OP but AO3 writers ARE cringe…

No. 1336886

Wait, I thought that was supposed to be the 30yo coworkers being filmed here. You're telling me it's not? kek

No. 1336892

This. At 24 I thought in six years I’d find “adult hobbies” but I’m in my thirties now still doing cringe shit like drawing OCs and writing fics for my friends because it’s fun. After I got to 30 I realized how little the age thing really matters because I’m still just me. The catastrophizing around age is really going to be a downfall for some of these people if they don’t grow out of it, but hopefully they will. I think as you age you start to see how little it matters apart from health issues and losing family members, things like that. But you’ll always be the basic you that you are, maybe your opinions and hobbies will shift or maybe they want. Just enjoy the ride, nonnas.

No. 1336916

It's ironic because the teenagers and "21-year old minors" complaining about muh adults in muh fandom space are usually the most mentally ill and unstable ones that you know will forever remain NEETs with no other life than obsessing over their kinnie characters and writing shitty fanfiction, yet they try to assert this retarded superiority over people who are probably more successful than they will be at their age.

No. 1336938

Yeah, it’s weird. You would think interacting with people older than them would show it’s okay to exist in the same space (like with work or with most other hobbies, say camping or painting) but they continue to cry about it instead of just acting mature about it and finding a niche in the space. I really think the culture of making minors in fandom into huge victims on tumblr and twitter influenced this and is something they never let go of. It doesn’t seem as common in other hobby spaces, but it also might be because fandom stuff takes place primarily online or because some adults actually have used it as a way to groom minors. But that’s why you push those people out and try to keep it as safe and healthy as you can for everyone’s sake. I don’t know. I don’t remember being like that as a teenager, I mostly just stayed in my own little groups or acted cordially with adults who were in the fandom. It never felt like as big an issue then like it seems to be now.

No. 1336951

File: 1662998031168.png (1.01 MB, 1000x700, 1641940967049.png)

I really don't get the hatred of "older" people. I'm pretty young but I guess since I'm really close with my sister whose 10 years older than I am, and I've hung out with her and her friends, I prefer being with people close to or in their 30's than people my age. Though some of those 30 year olds act like zoomers because they watch tik-tok which is kind of embarrassing because I hate zoomer culture. Yes I'm an NLOZ. I think the hatred for 25+ year olds is some sort of social conditioning to make the younger generation hate any older people or signs of maturity physically and/or mentally because the government wants to create a separation between younger people and our elders/mentors/siblings/parents/grandparents etc. I love my "older" nonnies!

No. 1336954

This. Every big adult company I’ve worked with has policies about not posting on social media during business hours or inside the building or of your co workers. Her statement also makes her look unprofessional and like a stupid child being condescending to her superiors because I’m sure the 30 year old has been there longer than the wish I was still a teen. Age is also considered protected as a class in most HR departments and as a women she’ll be looked at more harshly. It’s literally playing stupid games.

No. 1336961

>one of my history teachers had fanart of her in chibi form with Genghis Khan
Where can I meet this queen

No. 1336966

I’m a NLOZ too being associated with the the teenage generation of zoomers sucks but it’s really fascinating how this shift from online spaces being dominated and run by young adults to “wtf are u doing on twitter if ur 24 go feed your kids lmao skull emoji
I literally grew up on twitter and not even five years ago being a minor would be embarrassing Id always avoid telling my age so just how did it get this badly infected with 14 year olds..?

No. 1336968

Please, nonnie, give me some of your energy because I turned thirty last year and I feel like I can't do anything of the fun, but cringe shit I used to do. I want to, but feel bad when I do it, kek.

No. 1336970

Sorry for your mental illness
I heard that millennials are retiring from the internet and that it's going to be mostly zoomers but I don't know how true that is since the person who told me is a millennial who uses the internet.

No. 1336975

I don’t know but the amount of child accounts under 13 when that’s illegal under US law is fucking stupid. Love that social corps just get to do what they want.

No. 1336977

kek that's completely untrue, even boomers and gen x is enslaved and loves to argue on twitter and facebook.

No. 1336981

Idk, you just kind of have to stop judging yourself for it and if you’re passionate about things like art or writing or whatever else, do it for yourself. Sometimes I feel nervous posting my art or showing my friends but I’ve managed to find people with a similar mindset and having a little group like that helps. Even without friends, if doing those hobbies that are usually more “cringe” makes you happy, just do them! The more you do it the less you’ll care, I promise. That being said, I don’t spend a ton of time on social media apart from one place because I don’t like some of the attitudes that are prevalent and don’t want to be addicted to tiktok or twitter or anything. I tend to block liberally when I see drama stirrers because I don’t care about that stuff and it just brings the energy down. I think the main thing if you’re doing these hobbies online is to curate your space exactly how it makes you happy. Only allow positive influences in and don’t compare yourself to others.

No. 1336984

But you know it used to be hating on legit older people (45-50+) because young people always struggle with authority. It's weird because it's old teens/young adults vs young adults now. Some zoomers now have children, some millennials are still students in their late 20s, there's hardly any difference even in the online culture and there isn't much mentorship or an authority struggle.
Maybe I'm wrong but feel like it might be because of pedo culture and redpill bs moving the wall lower and lower? So zoomers wanna in a way flex being under 25 (the wall used to be 30 last generation, it's moving lower). I wonder if next gen is gonna have young teens vs older teens rivalry.

No. 1336989

I agree with you. I think the line between gen z and millennials is blurred a lot anyway and most people who are gen x or boomers can’t even tell us apart because we all grew up with internet and most of us are terminally online to some extent. I guess it makes sense that this would happen in a way. I wouldn’t doubt the pedo thing too but idk. I feel like I’d get into tinfoil territory talking about that and I’m not in the mood to do that rn.

No. 1336990

Zoomers are worried the way they attacked and canceled other adults will now be turned on to them without the defense but I’m a minor. Instead of becoming okay with themselves and learning to be adults. They’ve forced themselves to stay children emotionally like a stunted shield. Now the defense of but I’m better because I don’t have wrinkles!! Is fading how will they justify their entire shallow existence? As race into a recession how will they live without being able to consume for self worth?

No. 1336997

Yeah it is very much just a tinfoil. My other tinfoil is that because people's lives are getting longer, their youth is longer too, they marry and have children later, it might be some kind of pushback to put emphasis on youth as it used to be again. Honestly who knows. Maybe it's just a dumb trend.

No. 1337006

As someone who’s turning 31 in a few days, this girl is gonna turn 30 before she knows it. It really sneaks up on you. Maybe she’ll think differently by then. If not, her meltdown would be fun to watch lol.

No. 1337008

I think there will be a larger movement of people getting off social media. It's already sort of begun, with the 'dumb phone' thing. My zoomer friends are all still constantly on tiktok and twitter, but my millennial friends are generally starting to tone down their internet presence.

No. 1337025

Makes sense, though my sister is still glued to Instagram stories which are basically tiktoks reposted to instagram, which sucks. I only use Twitter for very specific fanart, from Japanese people, and I block anything I hate. Otherwise no social media for me, it's exhausting and such a time sink. Rather be playing vidya like a loser and browsing here like a winner

No. 1337031

File: 1663002290438.png (216.12 KB, 592x568, trantran.PNG)

No. 1337049

Nta but I'm a millennial who has drastically cut down on my online time. Everything sucks now. I was banned from Reddit; stopped visiting at all. Youtube's algorithm is shit so I only watch one person's videos. That's pretty much the extent of my internet use because I never jumped on the social media train after MySpace kek. I'd like to stop coming to LC also but nonnies pull me back in with their humor and insight also was banned and mods are retarded. I only look at Shay's thread and Luna and Shay's thread is boring now anyways. I love my Kindle and libgen books. Actually, I'm gonna go read right the fuck now!

No. 1337054

Millenial popping in to say I’ve definitely done this. I’ve realized how things can follow you online and now I prefer to stay as private as I can on social media. I don’t want to give away anything about myself so freely anymore. At one point, something like efame was appealing. Now it sounds like a nightmare.

No. 1337064

Probably a good thing. Powerleveling too much can get you in trouble. Maybe this is stupid but the KF fiasco that’s been going on has made me want less of an online presence. It’s way too easy for info on you to be used for nefarious reasons and people will cancel you over anything these days.

No. 1337087

Damn this sounds like I could've posted this. I was enticed by the prospect of efame growing up, because I grew up on the internet and desperately wanted attention. As an adult I value my privacy above all, and even though I spend time on social media, I've reverted back to the joyous days of my youth where I got to use fun random names that I think sound or look cool, partly to hide behind and partly because why the fuck not kek. I'm still retarded to some extent and I think it's more fun to have all my socials super private or straight up empty to build up an air of mystique so that no one ever knows what the fuck I'm up to.

No. 1337109

ot but
>character designs for new movie
>male love interest: silly amorphous blobby cartoon man :P
>female love interest: sexy instagram baddie
every. single. time.

No. 1337111

it all makes me sad because the internet was my safe haven back in the late 90s early 00s

No. 1337128

curvy sassy fire girl and some ugly fat soyblob piece of shit. It’s not even fucking creative coming from Pixar. Why can’t women be portrayed as normal beings without human beauty standards and men be held to any sort of visual standard? They’re movies for children ffs

No. 1337174

File: 1663012303951.jpeg (705.3 KB, 1203x1340, 532007CF-B792-452D-826E-A2E43F…)

Literally this

No. 1337180

File: 1663012592913.jpeg (359.05 KB, 2000x1080, 5BCBDDFD-4053-471E-87E5-412D4E…)

I’m sperging out about pixar I don’t care I hate the art style so much. Whatever hellish portal turning red opened to needs to be closed the fuck down all of the future projects look exactly identical with the same ugly concept. This is what happens when you hire tumblr artists whose portfolio is filled with weird fetishes and porn of fat people as “animators”

No. 1337192

I'm with you Anon, I always hated Pixar but I couldn't share my hate with anyone as everyone seems to be so in love with it.

No. 1337227

I know nona, but something new will come along eventually that we'll all migrate to. I look forward to making an Angelfire hologram in 2037.

No. 1337317

Sharting and crying. Why does it look so cold, so sterile. Have you ever had to rub cream in between an old woman’s flaky rottentoes? I have. And this is worse.

No. 1337326

this is a baseball team, why do two characters have hairstyles that completely cover one or both eyes?

No. 1337399

File: 1663026602403.jpeg (498.93 KB, 1170x1538, CB9B7B72-22E2-444D-AB8E-8138BB…)

No. 1337401

To help the audience tell the characters apart.

No. 1337403

as if the neon pink hair/braces don't do that enough? what

No. 1337416

3D animators are constantly preaching about how CGI is art too, but they will never convince me that this doesn't look like shit.

No. 1337543

it's hilarious how Dreamworks is trying to take a more painterly, less plastic approach to their movies while Disney and Pixar movies keep getting uglier and more bland

No. 1337631

File: 1663042899676.png (95.57 KB, 593x559, FB69294E-E0D2-49DB-B035-7B5812…)

No. 1337637

This made me chuckle

No. 1337643

this series of tweets is so funny cause all of them are so embarrassing it's crazy

No. 1337647

You're thinking too logically about this. Have you ever watched a cartoon before?

No. 1337663

Um actually "non-binary" is offense because the word "binary" implies there are only two genders and everyone knows that opinion is on the wrong side of history. The most correct term to use is "retarded"

No. 1337706

File: 1663052246681.png (1.13 MB, 1176x841, bossbaby.png)

Kek I saw Boss Baby the other day (I know) and I couldn't help but notice that it looked better to me than whatever Disney is doing >>1337180 with their new style, boss baby of all thing, what the hell is going on at disney/pixar ?

No. 1337711

… why does the mom have such small hands?

No. 1337741

I hate this. Literally the stereotypical calarts style but in 3D, and this is DISNEY, not some smaller unknown new studio. Where did the beauty and charm of Disney movies go?

No. 1337746

I fucking hate how this style is going to stick around for a bit.

No. 1337815

File: 1663068433998.jpeg (330.74 KB, 1210x1085, 64017E30-2840-4947-936B-9F42D3…)

Nonnie you are once again proven right. It’s not tinfoil it’s happening right before our eyes, women as young as 22 are still grasping onto the idea of teenage girlhood because they’ve been conditioned to believe it’s their prime
One of the replies to this post
>honestly i’m 23 but when anyone asks me my age i still go to say 18
God this is so depressing women have fallen victim to scrote politics once again..

No. 1337829

I see so many women in their mid to late 20's bragging about how they still get mistaken for being 21, like do you really think that you've aged that much in a few years? People need to unlearn the thought that women stop being attractive the moment they stop looking like teenagers. Most women don't start showing signs of actual aging until their mid 40's unless you have terrible life habits and if you're an attractive 20-year old you will most likely be an attractive 50-year old too even if your looks age.

Honestly the true reason why men push this wall agenda is that they lose their control over young women the older and wiser they get so they'll make an attempt at devaluing them altogether to shame some clueless 21-year old into being their submissive bangmaid. It's all projection from them since it's actually males who hit the wall at 25 and start gaining weight and balding because they have an actual defective chromosome. Just think about the "twink death" in the gay community, even men themselves know this for a fact. All MTFs who transitioned pre-puberty and kept their young, "passing looks" suddenly turn into masculine ghouls when nearing their 30's.

No. 1337836

Young women are gullible they’ve believed that they “peaked” at 17 and have been clutching to this age for years and for what? to win the approval and validation from an ugly 3 year old something that’s already balding and is fat? I’m 21 and I never ever thought Id want to be a teenager again or even reminisced about it. any woman who does clearly has mental issues and needs to check herself for her pedo-pandering tendencies it’s absolutely disgusting. Also I partly blame the rise of teen tv shows like euphoria who glamorize teenage years

No. 1337849

I wonder how comfy and perfect their lives must have been so far to think being a teenage girl is such an ideal condition. I remember wanting to be an adult asap so I could have freedom, money, responsibilities I can handle and not legally depends on hateful, abusive retards anymore. Or maybe they're just immature? It can't be come from media exposure and watching too manh teen movies with 30yo actors because if that ,ere the only cause, then I would have been exactly like them due to being a former weaboo and ameriboo.

No. 1337852

sage for necroing this post from yesterday but it's making me insanely angry that the moid mansplaining this obviously didn't even take high school chemistry, considering spontaneous is the word you use to describe a favorable process…the boiling of her blood is spontaneous under those conditions. men are so retarded.

No. 1337901

i think those twitter posts are jokes, anon…

No. 1337946

"Most women don't start showing signs of actual aging until their mid 40's unless you have terrible life habits and if you're an attractive 20-year old you will most likely be an attractive 50-year old too even if your looks age."

This is some true copium. Next level delusional. That's not how aging works, for either gender.

No. 1337953


You can't even greentext yet you try to act like you're not a kiwifag migrate

No. 1337961

Probably the cp spammer.

No. 1337979

men are seething, there is a reason why men have a milf fetishes while women dont want to fuck ugly old scrotes its just massive cope to devalue older women.

No. 1337985

Anons were talking about this before but having fatter cheeks (when you're not overweight) throws people guesses off by alot. One feature like that can really screw with peoples perception of your age. I feel like people with thinner faces get read as their actual age more often but then imo it still looks better to have that definition in your face. Looking good and looking young are seperate things to an extent. Babyface isn't always the height of beauty but like you said men just love to seek out the naiviety that they associate with youth.

No. 1338014

The y chromosome is degenerating generation by generation and it shows.

No. 1338015

It's so bizarre because the wall has always been a male phenomenon. My sister is a lot older than I am and would talk about how men hit the wall at 20 and just get ugly. My other sister talked about it too. Suddenly ten years later and it's the opposite? Mainstream media is run by pedophiles so I guess they did the old switcheroo because they're coping and seething.

No. 1338031

You're oversimplifying things so much. I've known a lot of women who looked like they aged a lot between their early 20s and early 30s just because of subtle details like losing their baby cheeks and having tiny little wrinkles, because they started having white hair early, and I've know a lot who always looked way younger or older than they are. It really depends on how your face and body looks i' general because some body parts are automatically associates with being old or young regardless of women's actual ages

No. 1338033

There is even a gilf porn category, and men still like to pretend that the wall is a real thing. How can you have a subspecies of human that will shame a woman for her smile lines and then turn around and fuck a blowup doll with a giant wrinkly seam all around the edge, lmao

No. 1338047

It's both depressing and retarded watch woman falling for the same conservative "hit the wall" bullshit repackaged as being cute and funny. I can only imagine all the suicidal zoomers once they turn 30

No. 1338070

It’s really not. Look up the user and read the quotes and replies, these adult women are 100% serious. They want to be perceived and treated as teenagers when they’re only in their early 20s it’s so fucked up

No. 1338073

I honestly have no sympathy for them whatsoever.
I know that they were partly conditioned by today’s standard to believe that the younger you are, the more valuable your life experiences is but at some point, you gotta just fucking grow up and start using some critical thinking skills. you can’t be 24 thinking that way

No. 1338149

Twitter is insufferable especially with the new updates of recommending you the dumbest shit you’ll ever read in your life. But you can still manage to customize your experience. I only follow chinese and non-english speaking artists and it’s been great they’re amazing artists and never have too many opinions like westerners do lol

No. 1338156

>never have too many opinions like westerners do
sorry to disappoint you but a good chunk of korean artists i used to follow are all tras now

No. 1338170

Whaaat how did that happen.. korean radfems are always so based sad to see the artists adapt to gender politics

No. 1338175

It's like they made Steven Universe 3D…

No. 1338178

The point is that only women who look neotenous are seen as "attractive and young" when literally anyone under 35 looks young unless they've done a ton of drugs and never wore sunscreen in their lives. Our perception of "looks young" has just been altered to mean "looks like a teenager".

Korean radfems have a pretty bad reputation in Korea for being too extreme so associating with them would mean ostracization, not surprised that Korean artists who want to expand to the west would keep a distance to their ideals.

No. 1338179

File: 1663094631836.png (144.15 KB, 1183x1347, sowhatisthetruth.png)

(No offense to the artist, I just found this ironic)

No. 1338189

Nonnie I can clearly see this tagged as idolmaster sidem. The characters are all fair-skinned asian guys.

No. 1338240

>literally trying to pass a drawing of an anime character as some retarded gotcha of "see you simp for huwhite men after all!!!!!"
Go back

No. 1338272

File: 1663098968301.png (562.99 KB, 1182x1356, Screen Shot 2022-09-13 at 3.56…)

Lol it's darklina

No. 1338404

Not a pickme but the idea of men hitting the wall at 20 baffles me. Teenage boys are fucking gross. But most men age like shit. Overall, there’s a small window for men in their prime. Outliers exist of course but overall.

No. 1338407

Enbys are usually annoying attention whores/supreme NLOGs anyway so who cares what they think

No. 1338416

File: 1663104039398.jpeg (331.27 KB, 1170x1020, 57B6C83A-C017-47DC-AA12-06A719…)

Please be bait

No. 1338422

Lord those fucking dumbo ears.

No. 1338423

with that retarded name and bimbo pic, obviously

No. 1338427

That little bitch could probably hear a heartbeat five floors beneath him.

No. 1338456

How is that a bimbo pic

No. 1338459

File: 1663105528498.png (398.1 KB, 530x553, ad.png)

Same product

No. 1338460

Can't believe you actually found a guy who makes prince charles look good.

No. 1338461

Nat but lips over lined to take up half the face, edited nose to be small, weirdly filtered eyes. Looks uncanny and like a blow up doll.

No. 1338485

Reported forbidden man

No. 1338493

You may have reported me for bringing the truth to light, but you can't un-know that the forbidden man is ugly as sin, even worse than the inbred Charles

No. 1338556

File: 1663109567834.png (742.92 KB, 1377x2048, Screenshot_20220913-175238.png)

Shut the fuck up

No. 1338558

They said it in the most obnoxious way humanly possible but the sentiment is correct

No. 1338564

She's right

No. 1338669

If you look in the Unconventional attractive men thread on /g/, you’ll find anons saying this

No. 1338670

This is just word salad

No. 1338709

partner discourse, like straight people calling their others partners? also couldn't this be in favor of ppl pretending they're something they're not and just refusing to talk about it. idk
yeah it took me a second kek

No. 1338744

You're right. It's more like a window time frame.
There are unfortunately women on this very website who think the same

No. 1340503

File: 1663227028700.jpeg (367.76 KB, 1242x996, DA35AE0D-CDCE-4467-8156-C1D2D7…)

Have you noticed how this same stupid tweet gets recycled every month?
People on twitter are unhinged about hygiene I’m starting to think they’re overcompensating for something. Because why do you want people to know how you shower and how many times you change your underwear in a day it’s such a ridiculous useless discourse that always somehow leads to racesperging in the replies lmao

No. 1340506

I mean she's right, why would someone admit this? For the same reasons you stated in your post but also because I don't understand why someone would tell people that twitter discourse is how they learned how to clean their body.

No. 1340512

The main point is that the tweet is more than a year ago and yet it resurfaces every few months so people get into the exact repeated arguments about how many times they shower
>y’all don’t shower every 30 minutes??
>you’re supposed to wash, deep cleanse, exfoliate, scrub, rub your skin off until it bleeds

A good basic hygiene is expected from anyone so why exactly do they have a competition on who could be more ridiculous with shit they come up with to lie about with each other

No. 1340516

I mean yeah, that's just how social media works. Even on lolcow we rehash the same arguments.

No. 1340524

Even if you don't specifically lather your legs.. if you're showering then soapy water will inevitably run down them anyway.

I tend to use exfoliating gloves on my legs and soap them up but honestly, I'm not horrified if others let gravity run soap over them instead. This was always a dumb nitpick.

No. 1340527

kek, not a hijabi talking about hygiene. I've never, ever met any woman wearing a hijab who didn't smell rancid as fuck because they think they can skip washing their hair because it's hidden and because they're sweating under their several layers of polyester. I also know way too many who treat the most basic skin care as an equivalent for makeup and don't wash their faces as a result. Saying this as an exmuslim, in case I get accused of whatever the fuck ends with -ism. The hypocrisy is strong here.

No. 1340530

I've noticed that people on social media act really weird about hygiene, as in you should be scrubbing yourself everywhere continuously until you have no biological bacterial fauna left and I feel like it's mainly an American thing. Like even women wash their vaginas with scented soaps even at the risk of causing bacterial vaginosis or a yeast infection. It has to be rooted in some old-timey religious practice.

No. 1340539

I fucking can't stand seeing twittertards making fictioanl characters act and talk like wokeoids, like there was this awful twitter thread with a lot of likes, about how Damien Wayne calling Bruce a colonizer, its so fucking dumb and makes me angry

No. 1340548

Idk why most people need to specifically “wash” their legs anyway such as scrubbing them specifically on a daily basis. If I don’t work out and all I’m doing is sitting all day and doing basic errands I’m not going to need to do a full deep cleaning on myself like at a fucking spa and then you have women saying “I USE THESE 47273 PRODUCTS AND I CANT BELIEVE THE AUDACITY OF SOMEONE TO HAVE A SIMPLER ROUTINE”. I guess it’s supposed to embarrass white people because woke Twitter wants any excuse to make fun of them. And for some reason it’s women who bear the brunt of this for not being obsessive beauty consoomers meanwhile the stankiest people I encounter in everyday life are moids who can walk around smelling musty with their crusty unmoisturized faces with dry skin flaking off.

No. 1340582

It’s mostly overcompensation.

No. 1340605

Is that an American/Western "muslim" thing because I can't concur with your statement for actual muslim countries.

No. 1340712

Are we really defending people who don’t bathe properly today…

No. 1340757

I never set foot in North or South America and never will hopefully, I'm talking about the ones I know in Europe and in North Africa. I swear to god these girls use the hijab as an excuse to not groom themselves properly because people can't see their hair and body, as if it would also negate our sense of smell. All my cousins with 4C type hair told me they started wearing the hijab because they were sick of straightening their hair, and no matter how often they showered everyone I know who wears the hijab sweats so much it negates everything they do to stay clean.

No. 1340760

Central america is fine then?

No. 1340792

No it's not either, but it's less annoying because I hear less about these countries in the news.

No. 1340893


Hate to admit it but speaking from experience, soap scum or soap residue can still sit on your skin and build up along with dead skin cells which is why it's a good idea to scrub a bit or at least go over with a wash cloth. A soapy water stream alone isn't going to just wash it away if you let it get to that point. You might not notice it when it's dry but it can definitely be noticeable when your skin softens again in the shower and you touch it; the skin pills.

No. 1340905

>full deep cleaning
I'm kinda confused by this. Why would washing your legs or your whole body be a "deep clean"?

No. 1341145

File: 1663273777366.jpeg (113.02 KB, 1080x665, C677505B-AC60-418B-967F-900A98…)

OP is fucking a tranny btw

No. 1341148

Bears are fucking disgusting I don't blame the fujoshi.

No. 1341149

But why would you even do that

No. 1341161

kek the sister sounds based

No. 1341176

Fujoshits are so ridiculous

No. 1341234

nobody asked, paki-chan.

No. 1341248

So is this a delusional moid thinking fujos are interested in 3D men or a misogynist Not Like Other Aidens FTM?

No. 1341273

to own the fujos probably

No. 1341288

Ayrt here. I said he’s “fucking a tranny” not “a fucking tranny”. He’s a chaser who makes shitty comics on how he thinks troons are superior to real women (too lazy to look them up).

No. 1341330

sorry nona, but tumblr millenials are now effectively in control of the animation industry. it's not going anywhere.

No. 1341344

How is it such a big deal? it literally takes 10 seconds to do a quick go over your legs, it's like you've never taken a shower in your whole life, jesus. Just say you a nasty and go.

No. 1341349

This. The beloved 3D animation studio from the 90's and early 2000s full of creative ideas? That's no more. They're under the disney influence now, and we need to start seeing Pixar as yet another mega rich corporation where I'm sure most of the original people who brought shit to life don't even work there anymore. It is still profitable so they won't let it die, but I hope it keeps flopping and eventually they get absorbed into disney animation studios. Just because a company has the same name doesn't mean the same spirit is there, just look at Konami

No. 1341351

I doubt you even know what countries are in central america pendeja

No. 1341401

this is why gen z is so fucking conservative

No. 1341406

I think you have a point. I didn't take care of myself because I felt like nobody ever saw me and I'm probably never getting married.

After taking off my hijab, I actually like the way I look. I care and love myself now.

No. 1341415

File: 1663293505294.png (24.87 KB, 365x310, 1653672023338.png)

aw nonny, that is sweet. I'm happy for you.

No. 1341440

Aw, I like how this little guy from the draw room is being using a reaction image

No. 1341442

File: 1663297240597.jpeg (498.35 KB, 1170x1412, 394F5967-B4A4-4396-B2FB-B52839…)

Kill all men

No. 1341446

Even when the mask is all the way off, they find a way to peel it back even further and show their most demonic selves. What the hell is he even talking about. I don't think I've ever seen a mainstream movie that shied away from violence against women.

No. 1341452

Just another moid shitbag drooling at the thought of violent torture porn to wank his scrote stick to. That profile picture is telling me he fancies himself a man of sophistication and culture just because he had an argument with a women on why she should accept having no rights.

No. 1341454

Look again at the profile picture. He is rubbing his hands leering down at meat and potatoes, I wouldn't call that sophistication.

No. 1341456

Fucking men.

No. 1341467

Honestly until now I didn’t really understand the “film bro” stereotype, now with this movie I see what people were talking about

No. 1341530

Sage for off topic, but never did I ever think I'd see a RiceCrispyHoe Records video on here, kek.

No. 1341661

File: 1663314016374.jpeg (50.62 KB, 864x590, 3C0263CF-3B82-4186-9595-4F6B56…)

The screenshot isn’t what I hate it’s actually very poignant

No. 1341662

>we need more movies with rape scenes that I can beat my dick to

No. 1341784

File: 1663333006234.png (779.01 KB, 887x3676, pure retardation.png)

I'm not screenshotting the entire thread because it's 32 tweets but holy shit kek.


No. 1341793

These people need to start wordpress blogs to write their encyclopedia, wtf is this shit.

No. 1341800

Sometimes I can't wrap my mind around the fact that these types of men used to be children. They aren't human at all.

No. 1341827

File: 1663335605443.png (554.62 KB, 600x930, norffcwisdom.png)

Not sure how related this is? I just don't like social media in general.

It's quite narcissistic. You know, like always asking for the approval of strangers before having an opinion, trying to show off how happy you are, doing things to look good rather than be good and mob mentality. That's why I love imageboards. The first ones I found, from my classmate, were pretty sexist, and low vibe. But what I did vibe with was the unsupervised retardation. No need for karma, to look good, to pretend. We're all common retards here, and we don't have to pretend to be nice, but on this board lots of nonnies choose to be. We can have actual discussion, because we're less invested in groupthink. I'm glad this place isn't twitter. saged for blogging

No. 1341865

I agree with you, I hate how people are obsessed with clout and getting approval from random internet strangers so number go up. I got a little too invested in IG one time and it made me feel like I was starting to lose myself, because I’d be so focused on curating the page and pictures so well so people would like them. Finally dropped it all and I think my mental health has improved as far as things like self worth and being more into my hobbies that don’t revolve around appearances. I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t need to film or photograph every little happening in life either, or if I do take those things I keep them for myself or only show my close friends. It makes me happier to live a more private life now. And even though image boards can be toxic sometimes, I prefer them and LC specifically because nonnas can be very chill when infighting isn’t happening. I really appreciate a lot of the women here even if idk who they are.

No. 1341971

Ugh, yes. I love living without an invisible audience. There is no image no maintain, no aesthetic, and if I do something I'm in the moment and doing it because I care. I'm glad it's less burdensome to live privately. And honestly, so many videos of concerts/national events, most people have a phone out instead of enjoy it, like you can genuinely forget to live in the moment and it's sad. I think in lower years of school it was like you have to have social media to prove that you're not a nobody, take pictures with people or whatever. I can see why it damages your mental health because your self esteem will be relying on a little number and how people who don't really matter to you see you.

No. 1342038

God, if discourse and topics could be cows, this hygiene bullshit would be my personal one. I can't put into words how much I hate everyone that perpetuates this narrative of "if you dont shower x times a day/use a loofah/use a washcloth/wash your legs/shave/etc youre musty" on social media. Like i genuinely think these people are going to hell

No. 1342042

I'm also baffled when someone calls a cow's teeth "yellow" and a proof that she "doesn't brush" when they look perfectly normal to me and teeth being yellow hued is often a genetic thing. I still think people constantly calling Momokun's already pretty perfect teeth ugly made her get those fake as fuck style veneers that look like dentures.

No. 1342063

Oh yeah, teeth definitely are a big part as well. They might just be stained from caffeine or god knows what. Who cares what color they are as long as they work ??

Also kek at all the fellow white people in the replies to the post trying to prove to everyone else how theyre totally clean and not like that gross white woman in the screenshots

No. 1342088

File: 1663356308304.jpg (151.45 KB, 1055x693, Screenshot_20220916-152327_Fir…)

Why is this funny? Why does it have so many likes? And why is it insisting on showing up in my feed.

No. 1342134

I mean Drake’s a misogynistic pedophile so him trooning out wouldn’t be far off

No. 1342141

I agree with you. It's pretty much why I don't emphasise with people who get cancelled and have emotional breakdowns on camera, like bitch log off. I understand that the internet is a wonderful way to showcase your talents, but outside that? Idk why people bother other than attention whoring and fast money.

No. 1342144

Yeah, you wouldn't even need a blunt

No. 1342145

I hate the teeth thing. I have had yellow canine teeth for my whole life and apparently it just means that they are very strong and have ample enamel. I wish one day the stigma on not having perfect white teeth would go away.
in a world where he didn't have to impress his rap friends, I could see it.

No. 1342153

I don't get how it's more acceptable to be out of shape than to not have perfect, straight white teeth. Damn.

No. 1342353

File: 1663562415458.jpg (372.56 KB, 720x3200, 05.jpg)

some e-girl made a joke post with her bf, doing the whole "1 year on estrogen" prompt, about how she looks like a gender-swapped version of her boyfriend and it went viral on troon/progressive twitter, they are claiming that this harmless joke is literally mocking trans women's experiences, I personally think the troons are mad cause it ruins the fantasy that they could ever be the hot egirl they desire and will always be ugly moids no matter how much they try

the reactions

No. 1342405

the real ''1 year of strogen!!11!'' always look like an ugly moid with a wig, this is hilarious. Honestly, i legit believe strogen is a scam, i have never seen it change anything but give the moids gynecomastia.

No. 1342619

it has nothing to do with religion and more with beauty standards of the modern market. Everyone needs to smell like an artificial sweet scent at all times now. I was at the beach with my bro, he played volleyball with friends and kept getting comments on how visible his sweat on his tshirt was. Normies are unreal

No. 1342796

Ntayrt but I always blame the US for this. They seem to love creepy ventriloquist teeth and eating pancakes for breakfast.

No. 1343248

File: 1663603384496.png (33.48 KB, 599x254, Capture.PNG)

Zoomers are so fucked.

No. 1343250

>and your favorite pose and angles
>chooses that pose

No. 1343261

zoomer version of 1950's housewife.

No. 1343456

Zoomers idea of being a woman seems exhausting, no wonder they troon out in mass

No. 1343462

File: 1663611723380.png (16.56 KB, 601x231, twt.png)

WW siding with POC against WM only to instantly become the next acceptable target is one of the funniest things to have come out of leftism.

No. 1343470

Anyone who posts like this is either a troon or someone doing a bimbo larp (essentially the same thing), I refuse to believe any human actually believes their purpose in life is to find their cutest haircolor and angles

No. 1343480

True, the only moids who look somewhat convincing had either had gay face or were very soft to begin with. The fact that hard faced neanderthal looking cunts think that popping a recalled pill for endometriosis will make they uwu cat girls will never stop being funny. Nobody can play troons better than they play themselves.

No. 1343486

I get that white women should be called out for treating poc women like shit, but it's so fucking annoying that nobody ever wants to point out that racism is a pick-me trait. Maybe because the women who constantly whine about white women all day everyday are guilty of the exact same behaviours considering they they go through hell defending groups of men that are highly abusive towards them.

No. 1343500

I've known people who RT posts like this all day long and they were long term unemployed and bitter as fuck

No. 1343511

Doesn't this refer to the nurses were bullies in high school stereotype? I guess comparing it to how the police force attracts the biggest asshole scrotes?

No. 1343611

Call me when nurses have as high of a death count and unchecked privilege as much as cops do.

I’ve seen countless of WOCs who constantly shit on WW but barely have anything to say about WM (sometimes their boyfriends/husbands are white kek). I have a theory that most (if not all) of these women are just you’re run of the mill pickme/NLOG/self hating misogynist but hide behind their race so they appear woke and people won’t call them out on their shitty behavior. Of course there are plenty of instances of WW acting shitty and racist but a lot of this kind of hatred comes off as so unhinged.

WW can be pickmes too obviously but they tend to be conservative.

No. 1344120

File: 1663652907907.jpeg (298.5 KB, 828x1196, 24EB1D62-A9FC-4384-9374-59EF77…)

Some guy whose whole media tab is mostly 4chan/pepes has been posting about how his wife killed herself. She died by hanging, he has several memes down his media about hanging as well which is a coincidence but a weird one. He posts some pics every now and again of his two kids, one is 10 months old. There’s almost 4k pics so I can’t get through them all but they’re mostly extremely quintessential, basic 4chan bro. You can scroll through his twitter to see he’s getting his ass beat in the qrts.

No. 1344122

File: 1663653064936.jpeg (593.15 KB, 828x1378, 6071ECDA-8330-427D-A8AB-798C68…)

They’re saying he drugged and raped her but I don’t see any tweets that actually indicate that—she was on adderall at her own volition, and the tweet in question just seems like a stupid joke about anal sex. It’s fucked up that he’d immediately come to twitter for validation afterwards but they’re really making stories up and it’s wild.

No. 1344123

File: 1663653129629.jpeg (66.86 KB, 496x900, 46AF3E87-B5DE-47F8-801A-A1D9D4…)

This is the screenshot they’re claiming means he drugged and raped her btw.

No. 1344124

File: 1663653215025.png (477.59 KB, 490x755, wife.PNG)

i'm actually shocked anyone gives a shit about anyone's wife to be giving him such a whooping about shit like picrel. this is so standard for males (unfortunately). i'd love to see this called out ALL of the time, not just when these women tragically die (or are murdered, who the fuck knows, men are psychotic)

No. 1344125

File: 1663653322785.jpeg (Spoiler Image,253.54 KB, 1242x1909, 8845C5CB-8DF6-46FD-8650-111EAF…)

Yeah these are very commonplace bickering about spouse tweets. I’m honestly shocked they’re spinning these stories out of this. They’re flipping out about this popular meme image among scrotes and think he really took this picture of his wife and that it isn’t just a reaction image.

No. 1344127

he may not have and it's probably not enough on its own to come at him for but a lot of women honestly have sex they don't want and feel obligated to perform for men so idrc. like most women are probably in relationships where they experience coercive sex/rape tbh

No. 1344128

File: 1663653397676.jpeg (222.74 KB, 828x907, 61A600F3-7FDD-498D-B2AD-472484…)

Like where did any of these claims come from. I was honestly going to believe it at face value until I clicked on the account and doomscrolled a bit. Are these people just desperate for engagement? Where are there any actual admissions or even accusations of drugging or raping? My god

No. 1344132

File: 1663653607462.jpeg (442.65 KB, 828x913, C8146415-55E7-4913-A317-3F5F08…)

Like this sort of thing is eerie but I’m very aware it has nothing to do with his wife’s death, it just shows the lack of basic humanity, empathy, or awareness scrotes have. You’d think the twitter hive would be using deductive reasoning to comprehend that themselves instead of dogpiling him with fanfics they made about his life based off of searching his handle with the word “wife”.

No. 1344133

just a lot of assumptions to be outraged i guess, not sure why they're acting like any of this isn't extremely commonplace. the reaction honestly would be based if they understood 99% of males, and especially internet males, are this exact guy and are probably forcing their girlfriends and wives into having coercive sex and demeaning them daily.

No. 1344134

File: 1663653757536.jpeg (235.13 KB, 828x780, B33B489A-A9F3-4171-B334-060255…)

The embarrassing part being that he’s right. Twitter is desperate for a conspiracy to feed off of to light up their starved little dopamine receptors.

No. 1344136

I totally get that and agree with you entirely about coercive sex but that single tweet >>1344123 was no indication of coercion at all for real, could have easily been a joke, and there are no other references to forcing his wife to do anything at all. They just made it up because they felt like it.

No. 1344139

File: 1663654071585.jpeg (470.6 KB, 828x1427, 133C804D-E208-4D84-8FC5-66F617…)

No. 1344140

Maybe I'm just being insensitive but why tweet this? There was also another scrote who went semi-viral on twitter/instagram after he posted his girlfriends suicide note to him and apparently he was a horrible boyfriend/father. Things like how they were found, suicide notes, and people's final moments are so intimate and imo shouldn't just be posted on social media. But perhaps it's not my place to say as someone who has never been in this position of grief.

No. 1344142

File: 1663654325584.jpeg (206.42 KB, 828x623, 5A6E18F0-567A-4F05-B3AF-157B10…)

I agree entirely. But he’s no more ignorant than the sea of other scrotes just like him on twitter, and they were searching for reasons to ostracize him to the point that they just made them up. The entire thing is pathetic, they all need to throw their phones into the ocean.

No. 1344145

nah he's trash idc that he's getting dogpiled. i hope it happens to more openly misogynistic moids

No. 1344156

Getting dogpiled isn’t the point. It’s the fact that instead of dogpiling him for being an asshole they were creating an entirely fictitious narrative out of their asses.

No. 1344216

It’s likely fake, after posting this he posted a donation link and bitcoin wallet

No. 1344217

They are finally starting to admit it en masse. Woman is a costume and a performance. Man is a human being.
How "the most open-minded generation" ended up sounding more misogynistic than 1950s magazines is truly fucking astonishing.

Interesting choice to tweet something like this during a world wide pandemic where nurses have been treated like pure shit for over two years. It's kind of amazing how the word "white" was all it took for her to be saved from the usual backlash kek

No. 1344225

He could've deleted anything really incriminating.
He might be innocent, though. With all due respect, if he was concerned with how people online might view his relationship with his wife, he should have thought before posting so much retarded/edgy bullshit about abusing her. He is a grown man. The "haha i'm a misogynist xddd" shit should've stopped the moment he got married. Unfortunately, he's learning the hard way how it all looks to anyone who isn't a misogynist themselves. Sad if he didn't do anything, but when you try to fit in with would-be incels and people who would abuse women if they were given the chance, don't be shocked when you're lumped in with them.

No. 1344247

File: 1663662511421.jpeg (557.51 KB, 1242x1169, D2649C7A-46ED-493D-9E9E-5596DF…)

This is so unbelievably disgusting and reddit-brained.
It’s hard to even listen to the horrific suffering and torture of Junko Furuta, how could they turn her into a stupid fucking meme? May her soul rest from these people who have does nothing than use her for content

No. 1344251

maybe im wrong but it seems to me like theyre saying they would use a time machine to save her? why is that disgusting?

No. 1344252

iirc people in the culprits' neighborhood knew what was going on and kept it to themselves because the guy who lived in the house was related to the yakuza somehow and they didn't want trouble. So on top of that this stupid meme isn't even true.

No. 1344254

it's too childish, who the fuck makes a meme like this?

No. 1344256

Regardless of the sentiment, making a meme about a girl’s prolonged suffering is in bad taste

No. 1344265

File: 1663664819207.jpg (68.88 KB, 640x463, babushka_computer1.jpg)

Based ariana stan, dude sounds insane and dangerous, I'm don't trust someone who makes that kind of joke. How fucking stupid do you have to be to expect people to believe and trust you when you post misogynistic shit all day. He is surprised by the very logical consequence of his actions. You act like a creep, you get treated like a creep.

No. 1344282

File: 1663666336958.png (705.72 KB, 2715x559, jf.PNG)

I also can't understand how a completely normal, human fantasy of saving Junko from her horrific fate is "unbelieveably disgusting". It's far more disgusting to have all of these "true crime junkies" talk about what she went through in every detail while they apply makeup or whatever shit, but you choose to be offended about someone expressing their wish she would be saved

No. 1344290

You know it’s possible that both can be bad? The true crime YouTubers applying makeup while detailing her death is just exploitive and disrespectful as making a meme portraying yourself as a savior for a girl whose consistently been used as the face of tragedy. It’s not that hard to just not make memes about rape victims

No. 1344305

It's not made as a joke to make people laugh though, and is not derogatory… I guess we have different sensibilities here.

No. 1344624

File: 1663686277455.jpg (232.7 KB, 1847x739, NXfKi8U7bwN.jpg)

“Better be hedonistic scum only socially acceptable in the most degenerate areas of society than something that’s relatively common”

Hyper-Individualism was a mistake

No. 1344626

Imagine willingly hiring someone like this. I’m so over people airing out every thought they ever have like any normal person gives a shit. It just makes them seem deranged when they’re so pushy about this kind of thing.

No. 1344631

File: 1663686774288.png (160.54 KB, 510x500, firefox_IjMu9N1o68.png)

Behold, I have hit the jackpot of twitter retards
This girl is apparently involved in some art drama where she copied somebody's OC design and people on my feed have been arguing about it

No. 1344634

File: 1663686967432.png (15.42 KB, 324x338, firefox_zSPm85lIi3.png)

This is more carrd cringe but I legit don't get what gender she wants to be when she wants to be a transmasc lesbian. Is it a kikomi chan circumgender thing?

No. 1344635

I bet this person calls something problematic for no reason other than muh feelings

No. 1344640

My guess is a TiF on hormones who likes to dress feminine, but is also a lesbian, instead of those usually being straight.

No. 1344665

File: 1663687647032.png (87.03 KB, 602x803, firefox_vullSLbF8z.png)

I am a weeb artist, but all this art drama shit makes me happy I'm not into genshin, I genuinely wouldn't have the nerves for those people

No. 1344687

for the love of god offer some context I'm not going to go dig up this retard's twitter account to see the receipts of what she ripped off and how

No. 1344708

File: 1663688459547.png (107.87 KB, 581x865, firefox_8h944aQDmv.png)

All I saw was this >>1344665
Basically I open my twitter feed, see a few smaller artists I follow talking about some drama and going private, check this and get a headache. Basically she has only 3000 followers and her art is shit, but I wanted to complain here how zoomer twitter gives me a headache.

No. 1344910

File: 1663696564510.jpeg (203.23 KB, 946x2048, D91CF09C-E854-45D5-89E8-7E4732…)

Someone bring back the furry hate thread

No. 1344916

Why do they have to inject their fetish into everything?

No. 1344963

Furries deserve the rope.

No. 1345002

File: 1663698820244.jpg (24.94 KB, 529x355, vU0TrORVeOsbpE0_ZdewtCUWo3XwR4…)

sexual deviants who suffer from terminal coomer brain rot

No. 1345015

Coomers need to be culled.

No. 1345058

>What the fuck do you think about all day?
I have a job sir

No. 1345094

File: 1663701884693.jpeg (256.2 KB, 1170x1242, 1957D260-AE56-4F7A-A078-91A8CB…)

The Redditification of Twitter continues

No. 1345096

Call the men in your life fat pigs to make a difference and stand out!

No. 1345102

Men should never be complimented. It inflates their ego and makes them think they're better than they actually are. This is why conventionally attractive scrotes always cheat, even if their wives are perfect.

No. 1345121

File: 1663702713713.jpeg (293.32 KB, 1074x791, FE832BCE-CBB8-4FE6-BF77-65B7E9…)

Hard agree except the conventionally attractive scrotes cheating part. Don’t fall for the trap ugly men have set up for you. If you date a man that is under your league, he will become a narcissist and cheat on you. If he can score you, why couldn’t he score any other woman? Insecure women always fall for the ugly moid trap, thinking the exact same thing, “if he’s ugly he will be grateful.” NO! He won’t!
At least with hotties you get to have fun. Death to all ugly men.

No. 1345124

>Death to all ugly men.
Death to ALL men, nonnie.

No. 1345130

Why are you scared of sharing an anti ugly male sentiment with me? I feel like you’re a danofag. Kinda sus!

No. 1345299

Adam Driver is not an attractive man either.

No. 1345354

File: 1663706712456.jpg (58.29 KB, 1080x242, two bad bitches.jpg)

No. 1345443

This small trend of girls on Twitter I’ve seen claim to be transwahmen because they have pcos or think that intersex people are just magically assigned a nothing at birth drives me up a wall..

No. 1345465

File: 1663708162863.jpeg (762.18 KB, 1242x1603, BC0CAA02-3282-4AD6-8DD5-8E755F…)

We have got to make twitter and all social media 21+. I’m so done with these fucking lolita zoomers everything about this is so cringe. the @, her age in bio, the virginity virtue signaling

No. 1345467

There's 30 year olds that act just as cringe. I mean, I was 17 and on tumblr but this shit feels like adults larping as teens.

No. 1345470

Yeah definitely what’s funnier is that the red scare girl dasha is their role model and shes like 33 lmao but I just can’t stand their recycled tweets & it’s mainly teenagers now doing this coquette bullshit

No. 1345539

me in middle school be like

No. 1345561

I didn’t even know what porn was in middle school.

No. 1345571

wow that’s really good every time I remember I discovered porn at 10 it breaks my heart a little.. thank god I’m not a moid so I didn’t develop a crippling porn addiction but still it’s sad

No. 1345593

I hate twitter so much. All I ever get bombarded with when I’m just trying to look at funny shit is stuff like this, outrage posting about stuff like this, either way still drawing attention to this kind of thing. Twitter has been reduced to tryhard satire accounts that think they’re emulating the ogs when you can tell they’re trying too hard and it’s the sort of crude that leaves no room for humor. It’s just retarded. They’re all convinced they’re the one that gets away with it too, like they’re doing it better than the other ones just like them when they’re all exactly the same

No. 1345686

File: 1663722918884.jpeg (463.77 KB, 1170x1594, EA21CCE5-BD26-456B-9F22-76F7F6…)

black moids are truly the bane of my existence

No. 1345689

manipulating men and NOT letting them fuck is so fun

No. 1345695

Also why society needs to stop regarding sex as the "score" that means men win.
Men aren't shit and sex isn't everything.

No. 1345698

I mean he's somewhat right. I don't think there's any point in manipulating men if you still end up having sex with them..

No. 1345700

At least they would get something tangible out of the transaction if the endgame was to be pumped and dumped regardless. I wouldn't call it "manipulation," but it's definitely better than fucking after a coffee date or worse–nothing.

No. 1345737

Not trying to be contrarian here… but they’re right. Women who think they’re like some sort of powerful maneater archetype that have men wrapped around their finger are literally just being used for box. Men will say anything they think you want to hear to your face and all the while that these women are bragging about how they’re manipulative masterminds, the same men are showing their friends pics of them naked and don’t give a fuck if they lived or died. It’s very embarrassing for us as a whole.

No. 1345739

Yup. They’re like “hehe he fell for my mind games!” No. He didn’t. He doesn’t think about you at all after you let him nut in you. He says the absolute bare minimum to make you think he cares and then he’s on to the next one. You are nothing to these men.

No. 1345754

Tangible like what? And why would your endgame be to get pumped and dumped? Imo, at the end of the day, if you're going to manipulate men then you should be doing that without having sex with them. Otherwise what you're doing just kinda seems like a cope.

No. 1345796

It reminds me of how in middle school I thought various tropes in media were real and tried to actually live by them

No. 1345833

kek wtf nonny

No. 1345839

File: 1663731830267.jpeg (52.49 KB, 720x713, starter_kit_.jpeg)

Please anon, i don't think anybody should date them, not even black women. You know that girl he is probably trying to larp as Lori Harvey. It's just a massive cope because she can't make any relationship work so she feels the need to attempt to replicate the hedonistic and sexually irresponsible behaviour of black moids. It's tiring how many black women are like this because they are so desperate for black male approval, I wish they would stop.

No. 1345956

File: 1663742023596.jpg (659.16 KB, 1080x2020, IMG_20220921_082849.jpg)

23 year old art major, her professor critiqued the anatomy and lack of creativity for the assignment
I would post the tweets but I don't want to be called a petty vendetta-chan, this is one of my personal cows lol

Just to be clear, I also hate the crowd who gatekeep certain artstyles, but this is some middle school shit

No. 1345959

everyone i have seen that goes to art school draws like a middle school tumblr user it's like they have no will to get better

No. 1345973

post them please I need to see them NOW

No. 1345976

Her teacher is right it's not imaginative enough, nothing about this even says magical girl. It just looks like regular Bo Peep but her sheep are now flying.

No. 1345986

File: 1663743839064.jpg (675.8 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2022-09-21-08-29-54…)

Sorry, it's really not spicy at all but basically the mindset of the average "my art is fine" person

No. 1345989

>19k tweets
needs less tweet tweet and more draw draw

No. 1345998

There is no magical girl element whatsoever here and the face makes me think the artist just copypasted a panel from Candy Candy and half assed a body afterwards. I'm far from being a good artist but before reading the caption I thought it was going to be about an artist who was being cancelled for tracing something.

No. 1346010

It's rather boring and looks pretty generic. It gives off more of the impression of Bo Peep daydreaming about flying sheep. There's no tie to a magical girl concept at all. This is half assed.

No. 1346013

Normally I whiteknight students who get shit from their art professors while the calarts/budget loish crowd gets praise but this is just so unimaginative and without any "twist". That assignment makes it possible to have all kinds of crazy creative ideas and she just didn't grab the opportunity. Like others said she doesn't even look like a magical girl and the sheep have nothing more special to them other than those tiny wings.

No. 1346018

>it's like they have no will to get better
That's exactly it, they just want to have fun. Which in my unpopular opinion it's honestly fine to just wanna draw for fun and not focus on improving but why go to artschool instead of keeping art as a hobby then.

No. 1346021

i imagine it's because their parents force them to go. Honestly art school, at least in mycountry, for anyone that actually wants to get better is an absolute waste of time since it's more focused on teaching you how to sell your art/get connections than actually improving

No. 1346105

File: 1663759347598.jpeg (282.21 KB, 828x964, 2E7DC62A-B161-4090-84AD-267135…)

if you don’t know, telfars are bags created by a gay black man. imagine complaining about this…what the fuck is there to complain about? it’s like these ppl don’t even want the brand to be successful. that’s how a business works. if anything its great that the bags are popular outside of the small black lgbt community. i hope white customers stop buying these bags from now on so they can complain about bankruptcy and racism. support black businesses by…not supporting them

No. 1346121

Incel levels of delusional. All these memes boil down to "women shallow ungrateful and bitchy, men wholesome quirky and unique". Your average zoomer mindset, essentially.
This whole "I'm a master manipulator maneater femme fatale!" schtick that's been all over twitter recently is so fucking embarrassing. They don't CARE as long as you let them fuck, and these women are mostly just cosplaying pickmes anyways.

No. 1346138

please tell me this person isn't born in 1991 and therefore 30+.

No. 1346190

I wouldn't brag about "owning" the concept of very overpriced neon grocery store bags in fake ass "vegan leather" and with a brand name you could very easily confuse with fucking Tefal, this is not a win for gay black men at all.

No. 1346199

so she must also believe it is wrong that for a black man to wear a bag made by a gay white man? kek but it doesn't work that way in these cases.

No. 1346207

Kek, I guess Louis Vuitton and Gucci bags and the majority of designer bags are out of the question for black people?

No. 1346242

Side note but the Lori Harvey praise i see annoy me. She's not "winning" anything. She's already the step daughter of a rich man who spoils her, her dating serial baby daddy (and dead beat das) future, sleeping with him and getting gifts is dumb. Her own dad and wealth can get her a better scrote and doubtle the gifts. Dating bisexual devil Diddy? Allergy dating Trey Song? The only "catch" was Michelle B. Jordan. A lot of "chase the bag, secure the bag" shit I see on black twitter is sex work repackaged. Pretty women like Lori Harvey, being seen as a God for dating rich scumbags when when has access to date men without the baggage, men with real wealth or could be her own woman and use her privilege to build her own wealth.
Instead let's praise already rich women like Lori or the Karjenners for dating rich assholes, sleeping with them and getting gifts they can afford on their own.
It's weird. A lot of people like on LSA claim to be against sex work, but will start vicariously loving through women who date rich men and "secure the bag" or straight up obviously escorts/sugarbaby situations.

No. 1346246

Ugh a bunch of spell check errors but I'm sure you all get what i mean. I agree with that scrotes. Men will say and do whatever to get sex. The manipulation is when you can get what you want out of scrotes without touching a single ball or showing nipple. Men do see sex as a win and once they have access to your body, depending on the scrote, he'll slowly do less and less or expect more and more from you to get whatever trinkets he's giving you.

No. 1346261

>a better scrote and doubtle the gifts

No. 1346331

telfar's popularity doesn't even seem organic, it's a fucking another meme nyc label ran by black troons/gays that is medicore in terms of quality and it's just fucking expensive slutwear. shilled hard by rags past their expiry date like i-d or dazed, like other meme brand no sesso (luckily not as shilled as telfar, but similar vibe) and it started to be talked about at one point. i swear these times nothing can be really organic, everything is dominated by degenerates with enough oppression points shilled by progressive circuits or rich people. nothing in between. industry plants dominate all of new "big" music, lot of models and actors now are fucking nepo babies, "creatives" and designers are all rich people or opportunistic degenerates.

No. 1346332

samefag but it seems to be even worse, it smells like it's a troon

No. 1346369

Take a break crap-chan and pop a xanax

No. 1346373

Is it crap-chan? It's not like she's wrong about the quality of those ugly bags or nepotism in the fashion industry, though I don't know the other brands or people she's talking about.

No. 1346383

It sounds like her, I hate those telfar bags because they're cheap and ugly but she has this unhinged energy to her. Like why does she always have to call people degenerates for liking a god-damn purse or being trendy, she did in the celebricows thread over hating female musicians but worshipping coquette celebs as if they aren't shitty as well.

No. 1346482

>Caring about children being exposed to degeneracy is something only republicans care about!

I hate identity politics so fucking much

No. 1346664

File: 1663788347245.jpeg (708.68 KB, 1170x1749, 42C4BA1D-A0A7-42E4-A940-581058…)

Bring back shame

No. 1346720

She's out of her bf's league. He looks nasty and unwashed.

No. 1346739

I hate it too. I understand it comes from a place of wanting to do better or the more nefarious goal of wanting to flex on other black women that they aren't fucking with a low grade scrote even though the only men they go after the same shitty men, he just has a temporary increase in income thanks to his entertainment career. If you tell them you don't give a shit about material shit like designer items and want to live a normal stable life you will get called out of aiming low or being a pick-me. Heck, they even shame you for not wanting to get married and not giving a shit if I am seen as attractive. I could also how i hate every single "level-up" channel or life improvement channel targeted at black women as well, but i'll stop.

No. 1346966

File: 1663803998957.jpeg (207.12 KB, 828x1126, 2BB91B39-000C-4095-B009-3A5971…)

I hate breaking bad fans

No. 1346972

I know there’s a sudden resurgence of shitposting ironic breaking bad/BCS humor and memes everywhere and most of them make fun of the cringe fans who think Walt is actually a super cool chad.

No. 1347006

bb becoming popular with tifs now is insufferable

bumping for porn spam

No. 1347011

What's with the resurgence of breaking bad?

No. 1347013

I think it got meme'd into popularity again but also better call saul is fairly popular

No. 1347383

File: 1663834772751.jpg (401.02 KB, 1080x1660, IMG_20220922_101709.jpg)

Creepy, pickme o clock

No. 1347390

They went so far they made a circle and came back around as a handmaiden seeking safety from the comfort of conforming to male coddling. "Other girls" just became "white women" in the process and "men" have half-heartedly made to include "trans men", throw the word "queer community" somewhere and now pickmeism has been made woke.

No. 1347391

Men. aren't. kids
Kids are vulnerable and mostly harmless, they should be protected Men are grown adults that can kill and rape, they overpower 50% of the population, you should watch out around them, where's the correlation?

No. 1347398

Feminism is about men's feelings nonnie

No. 1347418

black women just can't catch a break anywhere

No. 1347422

Its the same thing with American Psycho, Patrick Bateman is seen as some chad meme even though he’s written to be a weirdo

No. 1347428

>If you tell them you don't give a shit about material shit like designer items and want to live a normal stable life you will get called out of aiming low or being a pick-me.
nta but This explains a lot of the behavior of the obvious LSA migrates who constantly sperg about their FDS larp and call anons pickmes for not being interested in a $7k engagement ring or constant expensive dinners and instead want a normal, dependable husband. I legitimately find it bleak that so many women are memed into believing that instead of demanding men to treat them better in everyday life they can just feed into their macho alphamale facade and reward them with sex every time they get material goods. Young women wasting their lives prostituting themselves to some old fuck for a designer bag instead of building their future will never start being based.

No. 1347439

Such a weird AF thing to bring up world war, what about all the women and girls very brutally raped and "unalived" by males then?

No. 1347458

I think “ww” means white women

No. 1347460

>men aren’t bad!!!! It’s a race issue not men!!

this thing about the horseshoe theory or whatever is so true right now

No. 1347462

Samefag but she was talking about the case of emett till, a young black boy who got killed because an older woman claimed he was whistling at her, and he got tried as a “man”. Her point is still retarded

No. 1347501

File: 1663850708880.jpg (363.81 KB, 1080x1699, IMG_20220922_144434.jpg)

>masculine nonbinary

No. 1347502

File: 1663850757545.jpeg (303.51 KB, 828x930, 4E155032-D645-4EEB-88FD-FAA0D2…)

the quoted tweet is a dance video made by polish dancers to a beyonce song. poland is like the whitest fucking country ever. this retard also said that black ppl live in poland so they should be dancing there…as if the very tiny black population in poland are all beyonce stans or are even dancers like huh??? correct me if i’m wrong but isn’t most of the african pop. in poland refugees or something? or students? why would they just automatically be at a dance class twitter kills me

No. 1347505

Eastern European anon here, we are like 97% white. I met 3 black people in my life and 2 asian people (in my own country). It's not an appealing region of the world to move to because the economy is weak and you'd have to learn extremely difficult languages. "Racial tensions" are mostly towards gypsies and people from countries you've been at war with.

Sorry for rambling, but this is why twitter's view on race gives me a headache. It's weird if you live in a country with a ton of different nationalities to exclude a specific race from media and events, but how can I force inclusivity in my writing when there's a single black guy in my town and he's a catholic priest from tanzania? In capital cities like Warsaw there's more foreginers though.

No. 1347513

all of that to say he's a bisexual male or a bisexual woman that doesn't want to have sex, twitter is fascinating

No. 1347514

File: 1663853098296.jpeg (195.81 KB, 810x1080, C2CEC19A-0383-47FD-B765-D20067…)

Nta but I never thought how crazy it would be like to live so secluded from other cultures. It must be just so weird, like living in the old sims mobile game that was very basic.

No. 1347515

Pretty sure most rural places are monocultural too, then you also have China and Japan where people take photos of tourists because they're weird.

No. 1347517

Lolwhut? It doesn't feel weird actually it feels hella nice because there's no racial tension

No. 1347518

i live in argentina and i have never seen a black person in my life , feels weird since american media is filled with black people

No. 1347534

File: 1663855476189.png (119.97 KB, 1483x485, mhm.PNG)

Pretty much every single RT of the original post is hateful. Also where was picrel energy when two japanese girls were pretty much the face of voguing online few years ago?

No. 1347540

Another prime example of American cultural imperialism. Stop trying to force your retarded race politics onto other cultures you fucking retarded burgers reeeee

No. 1347546

What? Voguing was created by regular gay people, not trannies. I fucking hate this transwashing shit, transfags weren't known until around 2015, and all people knew about them was that they used to be named transsexuals because they have a fetish for turning into the other sex.
Can't they just fucking leave the GNC people alone for fucking once? The tweet was retarded, that idiot should've just deleted it and move on.

No. 1347567

GNC was a term that was widely used before trannies stole it you moron.

No. 1347583

I learned a long time ago that a lot of people on that site view pretty women as escorts and rich men as Johns. Every relationship is "securing the bag" for the woman. Everytime a rich scrote isn't dating a Rihanna, Beyonce, model type, regardless of how the scrote looks people are like, "he could do better" or start insulting the woman's looks espeically if she's white/Biracial and the guy is black. I legit seen fonts claim men who cheat on their girlfriends and treat them badly, Love them because they got them a Birkin or car. They cheer on sex work all the time. As long as it's a pretty woman who doesn't have a only fans, and it's like Lori Harvey who isn't a escort, but the at folks describe her makes it seem that way.
People act like no one who isn't thin or with the perfect BBL body. Who isn't dating a millionaire or getting expensive dinners can't truly be happy.

No. 1347589

i really don't understand this mindset at the least because jewelry depreciates immediately basically if you're buying from a retail establishment and dinners are not worth shit. i could understand wanting to be compensated for putting up with men, but not with dinners lmao.

No. 1347621

>heavily marketed pop culture created only for profit
>cultural appropriation
Americans should be treated like children and shouldn't be allowed on social media without some sort of certificate that shows they're not mentally handicapped or without parental supervision.

No. 1347635

Can we have a racebait restriction on the next thread? You can make fun of American twittards all you like but some of you are sperging about muh ethnostate. It’s getting autistic.

No. 1347651

This should apply to Americans in general, not just to women. Actually American men shouldn't even be online unless it's in a uni or professional context or to do basic tasks like check their savings on their bank app or pay taxes.

No. 1347740

The Skylar hate feels like social contagion at this point

No. 1348017

File: 1663882460674.jpg (562.63 KB, 1080x1604, IMG_20220922_233308.jpg)

The English version of the game "colourful stage" is removing a whole event because twitter complained about it being racist.

No. 1348025

File: 1663882953556.png (5.14 MB, 2860x1428, file.png)

Damn. I fear ENGstars will do the same since its already pandering to the tranny crowd with Arashi. It has a couple of """"cultural appropriation""" gachas like picrel on JP that EN players seethed about so I wonder how they'll deal with it when it comes over to EN.

No. 1348030

Yeah, it honestly made me want to drop engstars. I want it just for the limited cards from the chinese version, but I just can't deal with the twitter fans. I saw a girl tweeting how she'd kill herself if her boy from a different game got a card like Aira's sports outfit shorts one.

No. 1348036

>Voguing was created to fight racism
Lmfao what

No. 1348046

Wow, it looks like the high domestic violence rates in non-white communities was done as a result of white women manipulating poor uwuwu men of colour who NEVER do anything wrong. This is the type of women who will tell a 12 year old who has been raped by her uncle that she deserved it for being "fast". Women like this are beyond redemption.

The thing is, a lot of these women don't understand nuance. I do think that women should date within their economic tax bracket, but it's fucking retarded to expect that every woman will get a millionaire or even cares enough about a millionaire. As long as he has a job and isn't a fucking bum and you like him, what's the problem? I have a bad taste in my mouth from these kinds of women from being in "divestment" discords where was far too many of the stupid fds bitches ruining everything with their bpd behaviour. I like the message and the information they put out in the world, i will NEVER subject myself to their company ever again, even if it means I end up never befriending another black woman again.

No. 1348094

File: 1663887097489.png (820.62 KB, 1242x2208, A1F227B4-44EE-4AB5-BB03-0925D8…)

But wait! There’s more!

No. 1348097

File: 1663887276340.jpg (67.62 KB, 640x828, 1657669795964.jpg)

Wow I hope she gets picked. Men sure are cute uwuwuwuwuwuwuuuu

No. 1348104

this is just 2016 anti-feminist pick me shit with a fresh code of paint.

No. 1348108

File: 1663888078300.png (300.13 KB, 470x422, chrome_0B1BsrDW2c.png)

No. 1348124

Picrel is so iconic and timeless

No. 1348129

Yeah I rather be a vaguely human shaped cryptid

No. 1348135

File: 1663891246550.jpg (19.91 KB, 320x294, eb36bc9d0f4dc54efd3c4b39cd93db…)

She really just called men cute??? And let's not forget
Pick a fucking struggle you fat heffer.

No. 1348195

why is she making the soy wojak face

No. 1348208

I can feel the lack of self confidence emanating from this image like a wall of steam. Hope she grows out of it, genuinely wishing her the best

No. 1348226

File: 1663896878574.png (8.65 KB, 69x69, 1663888078300.png)

pic for ants but

No. 1348228

File: 1663896987532.jpeg (519.31 KB, 828x1234, 05039D1A-2888-4C40-8A54-4CE839…)

i can’t believe this got over 39k likes, we need to raise the male suicide rate

No. 1348230

>be a rapist

No. 1348234

>Women shouldn't fear men tho that's wrong!! men are so cute and kawaii and harmless and wholesome

No. 1348240

Patrick Bateman is such a fucking dork canonically and it’s depressing but also hilarious when moids completely miss that.

No. 1348242

I feel like I have whiplash. Weren’t they just spewing that women have nothing to fear and that men aren’t that scawwy? Honestly I feel like the cognitive dissonance now is so twisted and backwards that we’re stuck between this shit and the “men are more oppressed than women” narrative being pushed now. Depressing.

No. 1348244

They genuinely believe they embody Christian Bale clenching his jaw and walking around with dead autistic eyes kek

No. 1348248

Women should fear men tho that's right. men are so ugly and kowai and harmful and disgusting

No. 1348255

No. 1348258

This is extremely depressing. I hate how society coddles these creeps.

No. 1348265

It’s like 500 Days of Summer. They completely miss the mark because they interpret it around wanting to be the guy. Patrick Bateman was a loser who tried really, really hard and the only thing that he masked behind was money. He was an easily triggered buttmad selfish retard.

No. 1348298

I swear its like these men have never even watched American Psycho, he is the exact opposite of a "sigma male"(someone whose supposed to be highly independent and self-reliant) cause he cares deeply about what people think of him, the entire plot of the movie is about him being such a forgettable dork he could literally murder people and admits it but no frankly cares cause they think he's a loser

No. 1348307

Literally when the fuck will people shut up about Emmett Till? He’s one person/case of that happening in an extremely racist time in history. In 2022 I was scared to even report a black moid who assaulted me because people would think I’m just a racist white woman picking on a random black man.
Most white women I know have been sexually harassed and do not report it. Non-white guys harass and assault women all the time, including white women. I know men are retarded and can’t understand how it feels to be harassed but you would really think other women might understand that white women experience the same fear that they do when a moid hollers at them. Yes there’s racial advantages with whiteness but we’re all women at the end of the day and sexual harassment/assault is not something you just casually throw around to mess with people you don’t like unless you’re someone who hasn’t experienced for whatever fucking lucky ass reason (like Shayna maybe). Even conservative women who uphold racism have been harassed and assaulted but they do extreme mental gymnastics to overlook it and not process it for what it is. But not every fucking white woman is like that, especially not young gen Zs who have extreme cases of white guilt that causes them to be manipulated by e-grifting scammers.

No. 1348323

The divestors are anti-feminist because for every woman to do that would mean all women would be doomed to always be paid less than all men

No. 1348331

Thanks anon. Also the Cologne Attacks in 2015 which let all of the perpetrators get away because they wouldn’t put it on the news when it first happened due to “racism”. It’s actually very very scary that non-white men are getting away with this, especially since these attacks are coordinated in the hundreds/thousands of female victims. White women are not more privileged than non-white men except in regard to police bias maybe but even then cops are fucking wife beaters and will grope you. If you’re walking on the street as a white woman, you’re at a disadvantage around any moid who has your life in his hands and could kill you if he wanted. Pickme women are stupid if they think that sex predators will only target one race of women therefore they’re safe. These men are going to become more entitled and once they get a taste of rape of a white woman you can bet they’ll do it again to their wives at home if not worse.

No. 1348333

File: 1663903445885.jpeg (71.96 KB, 719x463, 1656390406313.jpeg)

I mean look at the revelation of Rochdale and Manchester grooming gangs where the police and local politicians were aware of the abuse going on but didn't act on it, cause they were afraid it would cause race riots and give fodder to the conservatives, just recently it was revealed than over 1,000 children were raped and sexually exploited over 30 years in Telford where police and council officials again 'ignored' abuse over fears investigating would 'inflame racial tensions'


No. 1348346

here's thing its not racism, sikh men are phenotypically and genetically the same as most pakistani men in the UK, they are both north-west Indo-Aryans, but there's never been a sikh rape gang case or anything of those likes, cause in Islam "taking" the kaffir women is a form of Jihad, Muhammad(the greatest human being who will ever exist according to Islam) did this, he killed a man and took his wife for himself and "married" her, he also was given a female sex slave to him by a friend, so that's why their mosques and communities protect them, they do not see anything morally or religiously wrong with grooming and raping kaffir girls, they do this behavior in Pakistan as well with Sikh, Hindu and even Ahmediyyah(a heretical muslim sect) girls, they rape them and force them to marry them, they do this as a form of Jihad so there will be less Muslims in Pakistan

No. 1348369

I don't think you understood what I meant, but I won't bother explaining because I know a couple of nonnies here know what I am talking about.

No. 1348389

And racist men are using the Cologne Attacks to pretend that women only have to fear non-white men and that DV and SA totally doesn't usually come from men women already know. Men in general get away with it, like 99% of the time. This time the establishment just had an excuse, by saying that they can't do anything because of "racism". Reality is that even if it was a group of white men, still nothing would've happened, but they just wouldn't have come up with an excuse. At most maybe the "they are such promising young men with a bright future ahead of them" cliché. Or they will claim there's not enough evidence, like always. It's not like they usually actually give a fuck or do anything when women are attacked.

No. 1348400

File: 1663908412509.png (35.38 KB, 894x333, Screenshot 2022-09-23 004458.p…)

Think about it, they already treat their own women like absolute shit as it is. At least when it comes to black moids, I know that theirs is a horrific pick-me problem with black women. It comes from the fact that whatever crime a black moid has committed, suddenly now you have to carry that burden even if it's something like rape which women can't even carry out anyways. IMO, this whole ideology is really what's stopping a lot of black women from doing something about black men and it's also a lot of black women think that they can somehow reach out to them, or that things will be different with their son when at the end of the day but nothing has ever changed. I only think it's now that a lot of black women are slowly waking up to their moid identified ways, but there's still a long way to go before anything actually happens. I definitely can see that genz black girls are less tolerant to their bullshit now despite what you said, being a tranny imo is the ultimate fast track to gold in the oppression olympics nowadays. Just look at the IMDB page for some stupid pick-me documentary that Beyonce's mother put out that go trashed.
I just think they are wired that way and thankfully the coddling will stop, just not fast enough. What's causing them to specifically target white women is that they feel like hooking up with a white women will give them a little status boost and also they generally tend to see white women as whores. There's also a reason why they always go after fat not so attractive white women and it's because their self-esteem is horrid and they will accept any abuse that they give them and nobody will feel sorry for her because she is a mudshark now. It also doesn't help that they probably watch a lot of porn and most porn actresses that you would see on the front page of porn sites are white women, which would also add to their bias.

No. 1348409

Exactly. Police will act like racism is stopping them from prosecuting rapes so they can blame their own apathy on wokeness when they know full well they just can't be bothered. You can practically see the relief when they find out the perp is non-white because it provides the simplest excuse. Reminds me of the clip where Vaush reacts to a conservative saying her rape wasn't investigated "because culture" and instead of thinking through why police would really do that, he just said she was lying.

No. 1348413

I don't think you understand the point, we are more then aware that western men aren't perfect, its like western radfems have a complex that they suffer just as bad as women in Iran or Saudi Arabia
"All moids are bastard but some are worse then others' that's all we are saying

No. 1348421

No offence but I'm surprised that the Celebcow thread got a racesperging ban before this one.

No. 1348434

he is right though, "power over men using divine sexuality" is cope essentially, men will fuck dogs and comatosed 72 year old men, its not special that men wanna fuck you, I feel a lot of people in my generation lack the necessary fear one should have around women

No. 1348439

Celebricows always had LSA baiters so for their threads its a common practice.

No. 1348443

File: 1663913843065.png (86.78 KB, 674x639, bWVkaWEvRmRTYXZnb1h3QUFJNUc2Lm…)

that specific account is literally dedicated to mocking toxic masculinity and men who believe in things like “sigma mindset”

No. 1348457

File: 1663915962729.jpg (379.65 KB, 1080x1587, IMG_20220923_085151.jpg)

No. 1348458

File: 1663915990574.jpg (164.74 KB, 1080x704, IMG_20220923_085204.jpg)

Nah those are Aidens

No. 1348467

lmao. Literally TIMs vs. TIFs

No. 1348470

Why does this sound exactly like the shitty psyop men have been peddling for ages

No. 1348474

I'm with Xtal here

No. 1348475

Based beyond words.

No. 1348480

Sigma male isn't a thing you fucking loser. It's a meme that they're making fun of.

No. 1348481

This tweet is stupid but she’s really beautiful and scrolling through her feed she experiments with a lot of different looks. Can’t be a hater sitting this one out sorry.

No. 1348483

>that makeup
>that hair

No. 1348486

I don’t care about your opinion at all, she is really pretty and changes her looks up almost every imageset. Sounds like she was just talking about her personal experiences and what she likes to do and it went viral beyond her intentions. She’s very hot idgaf.

No. 1348487

File: 1663917593965.jpg (397.4 KB, 1440x1800, 20220923_091911.jpg)

That's a bad facelift and cheek filler if I've ever seen one

No. 1348488

There are absolutely men who worship Patrick Bateman and they’re the epitome of retarded but this >>1348228 is very obviously a shitpost

No. 1348489

You’re miserable

No. 1348490

You have issues because you worship plastic people

No. 1348491

Actually I don’t. I don’t even have instagram and haven’t used it in a year. I made one comment about a girl being pretty (because she is) and your very first thought was to shit on her. Of course you picked the picture where she has very exaggerated makeup that lifts up to her temples as well. Get well soon!

No. 1348494

Anon, while there's nothing wrong with beauty and femininity I am sick of beauty standards for black women and women in general,and especially plastic surgery and twitter pick-mes, no idea why you're so defensive

No. 1348496

File: 1663918816369.jpg (101.8 KB, 1002x400, eYY3nzJJHSQk.jpg)

Muslim Andrew Tate fanboys are just something, also imagine looking a beardless eunnch and thinking Arabs(whom he worships) would ever respect him and consider him a person

No. 1348507

tbf i don't think any of the people memeing him have ever read the book. if he wasn't played by christian bale/any of those "chad"-type hollywood actors i don't think redditor moids and the new breed of ldr "coquette" girls would be anywhere near as invested.

No. 1348512

I mean Patrick is supposed to be generically attractive though but has a forgettable face and personality, I think Christian Bale is an okay fit

No. 1348559

File: 1663926735759.png (317.64 KB, 1644x784, Screenshot_20220923-115041~2.p…)

Pretty tame thing comparing it with other posts but still… I'm so tired of the shilling of onlyfans, and the fake promises that you could earn a lot of money on it

No. 1348563

File: 1663926886462.jpeg (897.56 KB, 1170x1547, 0DCABF63-FBDD-445A-B344-CFD515…)

I Hope they both die, some women r beyond saving

No. 1348564

This is fucking fascinating, we've come so full circle that shoe0nhead-tier pick-me NLOG anti-feminist rhetoric has now become the basis of woke qweer "feminist" discourse. Seeing >>1348228 posted right after this dumbass goes on about men being wonderful and "cute" is the icing on the cake. Bitch these moids would spit in your face without hesitation.
She says this like it's the only way women can make money kek. Get a job.

No. 1348565

When will women peak and realize men are not a prize

No. 1348568

Who even watches porn on their phone? I mean I know a lot of moids including young kids do but how? I assume we all know "watch" porn is a euphemism for jerk off to it and that sounds really awkward to do with a tiny screen. Are they so addicted to porn they have to use it on such little notice they pull out the phone? Wtf is wrong with people? And I don't just sat wtf is wrong with men, women date men who do this…

No. 1348571

>borderline pedophilic coomer
>pick-me who stays with him
Your average Gen Z couple.

No. 1348573

Also I'm old but it is still insane to me that anyone would admit to this in public, this bitch is even admitting to it with her face next to it. My generation would be ashamed.

No. 1348598

to all of that - i would assume so mainly because we do have just about a whole generation of young people addicted to watching tiktok videos on their phones

No. 1348601

NTA but she looks like that fish-looking Asian tranny who also got botched face-lift and her version or femininity is exhausting as fuck. Her version of femininity and the 'point of being a woman' is to consoom countless male-made products that'll cause you health issues in the long run and exist as an ornament for worthless males to jerk off to. No thx she sucks

No. 1348666

File: 1663934523703.jpg (145.77 KB, 828x1331, YhUe2e4.jpg)

This is just getting sad and pathetic at this point

No. 1348667

File: 1663934640152.jpg (61.37 KB, 828x404, 4JdpPDU.jpg)

No. 1348668

it probably gets this perverted scrote off thinking about that he can talk about dicks to a child

No. 1348669

This fag used "underexamined" instead of "overlooked" and used needlessly pedantic words to make a very simple point to hide his stupidity. Opinion discarded. If you're not confident enough in your own argument to make it straight to the point and provide examples why would have to listen to you?

No. 1348671

red/blackpill community has grown massively on twitter in the last few years, 4shit's cancer is no longer contained there with how the intertwined the internet has become in general

No. 1348702

Nonna, it's a meme.. It's "ironic sexism". It might have hidden sexism behind it but the joke is that no sane person willingly identifies with the pov of a rapist

No. 1348706

tbh I feel like it's not a safe assumption that stuff online and especially meme culture is still predominantly ironic

No. 1348724

Yeah meme culture is all about post-irony and meta-irony nowadays. Like those alt right guys just blatantly being racist and misogynistic and when you call them out on it, they say it's just a joke.

No. 1348729

Acting like it's hard to buy PS5 with most entry level, normal jobs any person could have. But no, women gotta do sex work

No. 1348734

The tweet was a joke anyways, nothing worth dissecting

No. 1348747

It's utterly embarrassing how many people here missed the joke. Please do better, nonnas.

No. 1348774

>i like how she looks therefore her take isn't stupid

No. 1348781

She just said that her opinions were stupid you retard, why make up shit and pick a fight because anon thought she was pretty.

No. 1348790

File: 1663943310703.jpg (396.33 KB, 1080x1325, Screenshot_20220923-094110_Fir…)

My eyes are rolling into the back of my head. (Oh, and twitter thinks this is "philosophy" kek)

No. 1348875

Putting words in my mouth you stank bitch

No. 1348889

What does it have to do with being trans? He's a public person, he's a person that sexualizes/fetishizes himself so it inevitably draws the attention of certain type to him. Many other more or less popular people and just regular women have stalkers as well.

No. 1349120

>who even watches porn on their phone
Extremely easy to sneak off to "use the toilet" while their poor gfs remain clueless.
>tee hee my hubby is soo gross ugh haha he shits for like 2 hours
No he doesn't

No. 1349301

File: 1663959375907.png (41.94 KB, 532x239, firefox_woVh0ikbnw.png)

>okay as an indigenous person (however im not native), this is a GOOD THING
>check the profile of the person who posted this
>pic related

No. 1349306

The twitter zoomers are here, not even trying to hide anymore

No. 1349308

File: 1663959744684.png (29.05 KB, 589x489, firefox_DQdiTx5f3H.png)

I swear zoomer twitter is total cancer

No. 1349309

It’s exhaustive that I’m currently being accused of being two thing I am definitely not, because I went through her feed and thought she was really pretty and liked that she did so many different looks. Crazy how I also deduced that her tweet related to her lifestyle and I didn’t have to take it personally.

No. 1349318

Sorry millennials they were born in 1993, I think this is one of you.

It's alright anon, I didn't think you sounded like a twit-fag at all. Some anons like to gang up on others for no reason, all you said was that you thought she was pretty and that isn't a crime.

No. 1349326

Found the offended zoomer, millenials are from the 80s

No. 1349328

it's not just calling her pretty but being weirdly defensive of her in general plus the typing style

No. 1349330

Says you, typing in lowercase run-ons. Give it a rest.

No. 1349332

It says that a millennial is anyone born from 1980 to 1994.

No. 1349333

Millennials are millennials until like 96 you dumb bitch

No. 1349340

Is it weirdly defensive for her to say that a girl on twitter is pretty and that it's her own opinion? I think it's weird to shit on a random woman's looks because some anon thinks she's attractive, it really is scrote like behavior ngl.

No. 1349345

I would argue that it’s far more zoomer to be so defensive about anons not shitting on women and being able to find a healthy middle ground

No. 1349391

it's 12 hours later and people still arguing over some weird comment.

No. 1349408

I recognize her as a pretty woman, and that is not the problem here. What is scrotebrained to me is ascribing value to what she said (which is extremely moid pandering, extremely anti feminist) because she is pretty. Anon chose to ignore the weird objectifying tweet she made because this woman presents herself as an object to be consumed in a way that appeals to her. Weird as fuck, and very in line with how libfem zoomers think which is why other anons, including me, called her that.

No. 1349413

You’re assigning much deeper meaning to what I said, which was partially facetious, no surprise there. It’s crazy how I can assign humanity to individual people and decide if something was said with malice or idiocy and act accordingly. And to me, acting accordingly is not giving a fuck!

No. 1349414

In the original post, anon said that her opinion was stupid but that she thinks she is pretty. I feel like you and the other anons read into it too much and are just picking a fight. Ntayrt.

No. 1349423

File: 1663963489615.jpg (35.35 KB, 605x590, FNCI76eVQAA873K.jpg)

Don't even take them seriously. She is pretty, whether or not we agree with her (dumbass) opinions.
The fact that certain posters got so aggressive about this and tried to equate a tranny to her makes me wonder if it's the schizophrenic, delusional tranny malding as always (we know he's racist as well), or just straight-up delusional, bitter anons seething under the guise of feminist/pro-woman politics. The latter is a trend I'm tired of

No. 1349424

wait >>1348487 and >>1349423 are the same person?? Or am I confused.

No. 1349426

NGL it feels like a lot of samefagging going on in here.

No. 1349427

Why do we have to recognize how she looks at all?

No. 1349428

>wah anons stop infighting!
>anyway I'm gonna call somebody a dumb bitch because I'm butthurt

No. 1349429

File: 1663963912251.jpg (44.99 KB, 544x680, media_FJBMUeWVgAAGIeG.jpg)

My bad, that's some model she hired for her brand. This is her. My point remains the same, though

No. 1349433

I don't know if at this point anon is self-posting but it's just weird to simp for some twitter rando with a BBL and facelift.

No. 1349434

I feel like anons accuse others of being twitards because they can't handle someone with a differing opinion. I mean it's fucking insane to call that woman a tranny because they don't agree with her and the anon that called her pretty still said that her opinion was stupid anyway. I don't get how that is simping?

I'm not going to read what you typed but I can tell that you're fucking exhausting, let it go.

No. 1349435

Honestly it's weird. Nobody has to think she's pretty nor does her looks matter at all enough to be fighting over. What she said was dumb rather you think she's pretty or not. Which anons are saying but all this whining about her looks is weird on both ends. Lowkey it comes off like some self posting or some shit, this should'nt have been going on this long.

No. 1349438

I just made a comment saying the whole tone of this fight is weird and it does come off like self posting or a friend or something found this thread

No. 1349439

The sad thing though is there are naive women who actually believe it.

No. 1349441

So fucking tired of these scotes talking about their penises nonstop. Tell me again how they’re different from every other man.

No. 1349444

NTA, but you realize there are lesbian and bisexual women on this site, right? It's weird to make selfposting accusations when this all started from one person bringing up something this random person said, and another basically just saying "Wow, she's pretty". Why would the latter make all hell break loose, and why did some anons suddenly want to insist she looks like a troon when her looks shouldn't even be a big deal either way?

No. 1349455

Nta but the other anon going on and on about her looks when it wasn't relevant to the tweet is what came across as suspicious to me, if it was just once it wouldn't seem off. But it shouldn't matter whether or not the girl's pretty either way when the point is she's retarded, which is what everyone else was originally focusing on.

No. 1349456

>you're fucking exhausting, let it go.
I only made 2 posts about it
I agree with this anon >>1349427. Rubs me the wrong way to comment about someone's looks when they made an annoying twitter post, negative or positive.
I recognize that the original anon calling her pretty was just saying it in a jokey tone but it reminds me of hot guys that make misogynistic comments and girls saying something along the lines of "I wouldn't mind him telling me to go back in the kitchen". It's a joke, but read the room.
Done sperging about this now kek

No. 1349460

Anon only said it once here >>1348481 and basically got dogpiled, though. That's the impression I got, anyway. The rush to call her ugly is what made me raise an eyebrow, it's just a bit too tryhard

No. 1349461

File: 1663965066435.jpeg (292.02 KB, 1170x927, 5A985B6F-0078-4856-9D24-DEFAC6…)

I love Driverfag schizos

No. 1349464

I think you're being tardish, anons having opinions on twitter user looks isn't a new phenomenon, lesbians and bi women exist and being this anal about an anon finding someone pretty is annoying.

No. 1349465

File: 1663965397544.png (41.6 KB, 904x312, Capture.PNG)

>woman in iran is beaten to death by morality police in Iran triggering protests & police shooting at crowds filled with women fighting for her
>US condemns brutality at protests in iran
>US also lightened the sanctions in Iran to help protestors communicate online

No. 1349468

You just know that this person is 1/84th aboriginal and as white as freshly fallen snow

No. 1349469

Stfu already you autismos

No. 1349475

People keep saying these types of anti-feminist women are a rehash of the types you saw in 2016, these women are legitimately worse and should be shot on sight. I have no mercy for these kinds of pick-mes.

No. 1349476

No. 1349486

these women are fighting for their own freedom, they're recording themselves burning their hijabs. risking being arrested & tortured. it's disgusting to see them wave it all off as a colour revolution funded by the CIA.

No. 1349490

I’m not even a lesbian or bisexual I literally just thought she’s pretty and liked a lot of her hair and makeup looks. Holy shit the state of this site.

No. 1349494

>thinking a black baddie is self-posting on lolcow
Tell me you’re autistic without telling me you’re autistic

No. 1349504

Y'all still going?

No. 1349510

Whose you callin' ya'll

No. 1349522

File: 1663967383770.png (72.48 KB, 600x614, STFU.png)

picrel imo is even worse, like imagine saying that women have to deal with the most extreme state misogyny everyday and face being beaten to death but you can't about the religion responsible it, also this woman wealthy diaspora living in the west, she can't understand the pain and fear many women living in Muslim world, everyone should criticize that godawful arab pedophile religion

No. 1349538

hey fuck islam

No. 1349539

I'm born and raised in the west and from a moderate muslim family and islam still fucked up many parts of my life, I cannot stand this specific brand of retards anymore. I can't even complain about not being able to have a normal love life as a straight woman at nearly 30yo because of this shit religion or bitches like this will start to take it personally, I can't even imagine how someone from a strict muslim country would react to this bullshit. I think I'd be blinded by rage and start a fistfight without even realizing it.

No. 1349581

i want that hello kitty mirror

No. 1349587

Imagine defending a piece of cloth which serves the purpose of not making men horny (so they lose their "right to rape you") and a pedo religion before defending women who are being gunned down.

No. 1349619

File: 1663973198330.png (181.81 KB, 602x1326, Screenshot D.png)

contrarian brain rot and its consequences

No. 1349629

Jesus wtf. I hope this person isn't claiming to say this for any feminist reasons, this is just weird and gross.

No. 1349690

too much yaoi

No. 1349703

I don’t want to start a fight but I understand where she’s coming from. I’m obviously not defending pedophiles (who should all die btw) but child-on-child sexual abuse is a harsh reality that shouldn’t be ignored. It doesn’t help that younger and younger boys are getting addicted to pornography.

No. 1349721

…i kind of agree with her.

No. 1349725

Anyone who advocates for 12 year olds to be raped and says that they enjoy it deserves the rope, I don't care if you call yourself a radfem. Fuck off, pedophiles

No. 1349747

Massive retards projecting their insanity onto literal children. They need their kneecaps broken.

No. 1349762

I honestly do hate sharing this site with some of you. Any point she was making about child-on-child abuse (I don't even see that in any of the tweets) are completely invalidated by her saying that more children deserve to be abused, and that they enjoy it. She's literally spreading the same shit that gets kids abused and what people say to put the blame on people who are sexually abused. Sorry for the shit grammar, but I don't know how you can defend that.

No. 1349784

File: 1663978632715.jpeg (78.88 KB, 500x672, download.jpeg)

No. 1349786

As a Latina, Latino men have so much machismo and disgusting attitudes towards women and domestic violence is high in Latino communities. My own mother warning me to stay away from strange men and be careful how I dress. These people must live in majority non-Latino communities if they think fear of men is something only white women have. Fucking stupid. And almost all of my Latina friends have been raped so it’s not for nothing. Men of all races and ethnicities think they’re better than women, and these fuckers would sooner cover up a rape of a woman of color by a man of color than admit their precious men see them as being below them.

No. 1349810

what the fuck is going on with this website lately? it’s like everyone has lost their mind

No. 1349816

>>1349703 didn't say children deserved to be raped. not everything is black and white

fuck off tranny(retarded infighting)

No. 1349820

I didn't say she did you idiot. I was referring to the tweet. Also funny that you're calling other anons trannies.(infighting)

No. 1349824

Is this a selfpost by one of the replies? Full thread for context: https://nitter.net/dis_tacc/status/1573431032120246272

No. 1349834

>Hates pedophiles
>Is a tranny

Pick one lol

No. 1349840

Seems to be about how male children are still dangerous and shouldn't be allowed in female spaces, https://nitter.net/eatmyperiod/status/1573378867607523328#m , https://nitter.net/dis_tacc/status/1573420399509004292#m
Stop self posting.

No. 1349867

It's been posted in a snow thread too.

No. 1349868

Male children who have gone through puberty shouldn't be in female spaces, but saying they should be attacked by pedophiles is going way too far. Children are helpless against grown men, it's our job to protect them. Saying things like that person did on Twitter goes against my every moral code. I'm a radfem myself and I could never defend that string of tweets, ever. It's disgusting and I'm allowed to point at it and call it disgusting.

No. 1349892

Nta but how many threads does this need to shit up right now? Nobody in the other thread cared either.

No. 1349913

Self post is then.
> Account made August 2022
> That pfp

No. 1349983

> Multiple thread postings
> Current CC poster posting

No. 1350004

Non-white women who post shit like this on twitter are just deeply ashamed and defensive about the fact that white cultures offer women the most freedom and treat them the least badly. So many of them complain about white people and then end up marrying a white dude mysteriously

No. 1350244

File: 1663994490459.jpeg (105.28 KB, 897x974, 8DA463AD-BACC-4D79-B29F-4A94A8…)

I love how gay moids are always crying about women and teenage girls and what they ~*fetishize*~ but as expected the majority of people drooling over and trolling about Jeffrey Dahmer are gay men

No. 1350248

>gay men

No. 1350252

It’s literally been stan gays making the exact same joke about him for years do not even try it with me

No. 1350262

this has to be bait, those gay men are literally transmen gay aidens.

No. 1350268

I don’t think we’ve been on the same twitter. I have seen cis gay men make this joke since 2018. Picrel is from a cis gay man.

No. 1350269

File: 1663996185319.png (65.37 KB, 592x496, 77C11802-C21A-450D-84DC-3A0D49…)

This cannot be serious

No. 1350272

what part of this are you expressing disbelief at?

No. 1350281

That is an 8 year old

No. 1350305

Nta but I will never feel sorry for a man. His eight year old self could have eaten rats to survive the streets and I still wouldn't give a fuck about a male on twitter.

No. 1350317

>instead of empathizing with that you weaponize her abuse to shit on policy that centers the safety of abused women
They're making a point though. This is a common tactic that you'll often see with MRAs. They'll only bring up male rape victims or male DV victims if it's to spite on women and prove that "see? women are just as bad!!!" Men cannot empathize, they'll only pretend to show a bare amount of empathy if it's something they can use to their advantage. Men are not humans.

No. 1350322

Sage for blogpost
I don't think young boys should be getting raped but it's so true that young boys can be such sociopathic degenerates. When I was 9 a group of boys pinned me and my friends on the ground and shot us with bb guns specifically on our asses while saying vile, sexual shit. They'd force us into these weird small cramped spaces and hump us, simulating rape. Same group of boys held down another boy while ramming shit up his asshole. All of these men are now considered normies, none of them are really deemed societies deviants.
This kind of degeneracy starts early, and it's not pedophilic to claim that. It is fucked up to say they should be raped though, the failing isn't on the children but at that point it's on the parents and the world around them.

No. 1350325

This moid is arguing so that men can be let into women's shelters because think of the children. Fuck him.

No. 1350329

File: 1664000696546.png (211.45 KB, 720x886, 1663946930655.png)

I call it "self-exotification", she probably lives in an upper middle class community and the latinos she knows are like her, upper middle class and politically and culturally indistinguishable from typical white liberals, picrel

No. 1350354

I don’t care about the man himself I just cannot fathom a mother being turned away from a shelter because she’s with her 8 year old son…

No. 1350381

ehhhh 8 year old boys nowdays watch extremely graphic and violent porn so… its probably better to not have them there. though it feels a bit evil to say that i admit.

No. 1350389

You act like that is the norm but it’s still extremely abnormal and would indicate sexual abuse or neglect. Maybe if you said “twelve” there would be something in it but 8 year olds are still very young children and I doubt any self respecting parent would rush to give them enough unsupervised internet access so that they can access that.
Seriously you sound like an incel screaming about women being on “the cock carousel” from the age of twelve. Sort it out.

No. 1350394

Ancient China largely wasn’t misogynistic before white people got here. Sure, women had to bind their feet and be submissive to men their entire lives, but there was no strong expectations for women to be monogamous. They always had the options to be a concubine or prostitute.

No. 1350395

oh boohoo anon, its more normal every day. im not saying its a good thing theyre that way. idk where you live but here kids that age and younger literally have their own iphones. if it bugs you so much go support the shelters who allow men in

No. 1350396

I don’t care about the shelter right now, just stop being disingenuous. You’re not dissimilar to the retarded man who made up the story in the first place.

No. 1350398

NTA but most kids today already use tablets before they're even old enough to talk lol.

No. 1350399

I'll just say it's very interesting how you flat out ignore this anon >>1350322 just to start shit with me. What I said isn't wrong. You must be a boymom, sorry.

No. 1350403

The difference is that Sh0e was somewhat attractive to the scrotes she was pandering to, these self-proclaimed "queer men" and enbies will at the best be used as Tucker Carlson's mouthpiece. No man, especially Latino man wants a person like this calling them cute by some online queer theorist. They want to fuck women they find attractive.

No. 1350408

I read that. Its very believable and honest. It’s far different than “all 8 year old boys watch violent pornography!” Then you accuse me of being a “boymom” insinuating I’m personally offended when really I just think you’re fucking dumb.

No. 1350409

literally no one ever said all 8 year old boys watch violent pornography

No. 1350411

This is the norm now though.

No. 1350413

When I was 7, a boy around the same age tried to run me over on his quad bike. He would also try to throw rocks at my grandma. It's all okay though, because mommy and daddy are signed up to the right church and we were just heathens. Oh and even in that rural conservative town, where people thought TV's are of the devil and internet access was fairly rare, they still got their hands on porn at that age. Stories about 10 or 11 year old boys raping a girl were also not unheard of, to the point that as soon as a girl started puberty, she wasn't allowed to be around boys anymore, or else she'd get blamed if anything happened. I can imagine if a woman in that area tries to leave her abusive husband with her daughters, the last thing she wants is to be stuck in a shelter with one of Christo-patriarchy's little minions.

No. 1350414

You said it here >>1350381

No. 1350415

i didnt even say that, read it again. i dont know why youre so mad at me specifically? i even said it feels evil to say they shouldnt be allowed. but it's needed for the safety of women

No. 1350416

kek that isnt even me. not every anon is the same person

No. 1350417

>Christo-patriarchy's little minions
what the fuck are you talking about

No. 1350419

What do you think the consequence is of boys growing up in a hyperreligious and misogynistic environment? Who are told they are even a rank above their mothers? They end up acting like mini versions of their fathers, minions.

No. 1350421

probably based on onset of puberty.

No. 1350424

File: 1664010044527.jpg (64.53 KB, 897x513, iran.JPG)

This week leftist men have once again shown their true colors and how women's oppression is just a fantasy in their anti-imperialist LARP. They say "ACAB" but if the cop is a morality police from a country that is USA's "enemy" suddenly it's not that bad.

No. 1350425

that wasn't me, and she didn't say all 8 year old boys watch violent porn. she said 8 year olds watch violent porn, which means a portion of them do - not all. if she meant all, she would've said it. you can't be this autistic.

No. 1350428

you're right.

No. 1350432

What does what's happening with the protests in Iran have to do with the US? I'm lost here

No. 1350438

Tankies believe the protests organized by CIA to destabilize Iranian government and the situation for the people living there isn't actually that bad, just like how they believe that Russians are in Ukraine to protect themselves from evil Americans.

No. 1350446

Oh wow that's deeply deranged

No. 1350489

what "many"? there was one response agreeing "kinda" with it

No. 1350492

File: 1664016067250.png (144.65 KB, 595x636, Screenshot 4.png)

to the surprise of absolutely no one, "8 year old boys should be raped poster" was a troon who had been trolling radfem twitter for sometime

No. 1350510

Why did she censor "delete" but not "troon", isn't "troon" more likely to cause her account to be removed?

No. 1350517

No shit, moids are the only ones that talk about assrape hmmm indeed.

No. 1350549

It's the whole gimmicks of tankies larpers burgerfags on twitter. Nothing new nothing changed since like 2017, pretty stale at this point.

No. 1350558

You could kind of tell it was a male from him claiming that 8 year old boys "deserve" rape. Radfems don't wish rape on anyone, they just want men to leave women the fuck alone. Unfortunately, to the tranny mind, not having access to women and validation from them might as well be tantamount to rape.

No. 1350575

Idk why I lacked the self control to ignore it and watched on of the Dahmer clips from the Netflix twitter account because all it did was piss me off. What the fuck went on in their heads to think it’s cool to redramatize a 14 year old boy with a hole drilled in his skull being completely ignored and discarded before his brutal murder. It isn’t “art” it doesn’t raise any sort of awareness to anything.

No. 1351068

I feel like recently I keep seeing a huge increase of people saying “x country was totes accepting of gays until the ebil Europeans!!!” Some faggy famous britbong swimmer said such about India. How true are any of these claims they’re always so bizarre

No. 1351079

>no pressure for MEN to be monogamous
men will have sex with other men and then bully eachother about it, classic

No. 1351090

a lot of wokeoids in south asia seem to believe this actually, like colonialism ruined a million things but they didn't make anymore more homophobic or misogynistic, their supposed proof is always shapeshifting tracker gods in mythology does not and rich men raping young boys or eunuchs

No. 1351092

No. 1351094

File: 1664051734484.jpeg (445.47 KB, 1170x856, 002DC9A5-7CDE-456C-9DE2-B30682…)

I just wanted to look at bishounens wtf is this

No. 1351102

I can only imagine how bad is the other generation going to be online.

No. 1351105

What does “radinclus” mean? Is it a Genshin ship?

No. 1351118

>looks it up
>"radical inclusive"
>accepting of all identities 'even harmful ones'
>such as he/him lesbian

No. 1351121

It's the wolf guy from Harry Potter

No. 1351123

No that's Romulus

No. 1351135

Romulus only had a wolf mom.

No. 1351258

even if it means I end up never befriending another black woman again.

90% of black women don't even know what divesting is and most of them actually date down (compared to white and asian women)

A lot of the anxiety divestors have is being associated with the ghetto stereotype and praise each other for bougie behavior. They envy the stereotype of Asian women (agreeable and not inclined to radical politics)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1351280

>the watermelon juice spraying out his mouth
dont do him like that man

No. 1351289


What exactly was racist about it? Black women and Asian women have polar opposite stereotypes and this affects how people perceive and treat them. Divestors are a small minority of black women who are very aware of this fact.

t. black woman

No. 1351300

>not having rice flying out of his mouth(racebait)

No. 1351320


What purpose do these have with what I'm saying?

/pol/ nonsense

No. 1351324

>the original one stays up

No. 1351325

It's probably the tranny being antagonistic. I was the one you were responding to and I 100% agree with what you said. I bougie bitch larp is so fucking annoying.

No. 1351335

may have not been reported? pretty sure they just address the reports much of the time when not actively browsing or maybe they nuked someone's post history and they were possibly posting from two IPs or something (troon? male?)

No. 1351356

File: 1664067410396.jpeg (597.06 KB, 828x1219, B43B03D2-FDF4-4AF4-8B17-15E07C…)

moid posted video of woman freaking out and of course it starts a landslide of responses. can I just say I'm very tired of public freakout culture especially when you can tell the clear difference between a racist karen (although I'm very tired of the word karen and how it's become a misogynistic dogwhistle) and someone who's going through something mentally? stop recording people without their consent, especially moids doing this to women.

the fact that the guy clearly posted this for likes and to shame the woman was so disgusting but you've got an equal amount of people defending him next to the ones condemning him. i just really hate how prominent these types of videos have become.


No. 1351372

Maybe she shouldn't cut then.

No. 1351387

considering the associate lady was holding him back to get away from her I'm guessing he touched her without consent and was a total dick about it, and if she was indeed recently assaulted like she claims in the video, I see why that would prompt her freaking out

are you moids or just stupid? there's clearly context to the video missing and I'm guessing the retard who filmed it tried to antagonize an already annoyed woman which made her break down further. fuck men

No. 1351419

I honestly don't blame any woman alive today who feels like she's about to snap. Cutting in line isn't a crime that deserves thousands of hateful comments, at best she should have been reprimanded one time in person. Wish we'd see this kind of energy towards men who grope or catcall women in public

No. 1351442

I honestly hate this trend where people film and post others having breakdowns acting like it’s some “Karen” just being entitled, showing their face to the entire world when they’re probably at the lowest point of their entire lives. This is just not something that used to happen to people who are not public figures. She sounds like she’s in hell and her scream makes me sad. I can tell she’s in pain.

No. 1351606

Actually I think it’s pathetic to defend her. If she’s stable enough to buy dog food and wine and use the self checkout lane she’s stable enough to not literally scream at the top of her lungs and accuse a man that didn’t touch her of touching her. This is Karen behavior, screaming that she was recently raped to strangers is Karen behavior, and if she’s that unstable bitch needs to get groceries delivered.

No. 1351609

Her screams do not make me feel pain because I am not a sucker.

>there’s clearly context to this
I know it’s for us to take an L as a collective and she’s obviously mentally unwell but I highly doubt he touched her. I don’t think her public humiliation is funny or enjoyable but she’s in a public place with hundreds of people and screaming at the top of her lungs because someone told her she cut in line. You know nothing about this woman either, and while it’s a beautiful thing for you to have empathy we can’t just pretend the moid had to have done something to her just when this type of behavior is repeatedly observed in women in public freak out videos who are proved to have not have anyone do anything to them.

No. 1351687

File: 1664100606600.jpg (1.44 MB, 1080x6489, narcs.jpg)

I wouldn't consider myself a pearl clutcher, but just imagine if you had to see another person reenact word to word probably your most vulnerable moment from a traumatic period of your life. There is a way to tell a story without opening old wounds like that, or at least make this show long after those involved had died. But no, what about muh education! And you know Netflix isn't going for the education quality, it's about sensualisation, exploitation - money.

No. 1351690

honestly the american populace is uniquely retarded so that person isn't entirely wrong but dahmer necessary to illustrate this point? no, of course not. that's just a sad justification for why this clearly exploitative series was made. ryan murphy couldn't give 2 shits about educating anyone

No. 1351697

I feel that's the issue with adapting anything recent where the families of the victims are still alive and suffering

No. 1351705

I hate when people defend these stupid dramatizations, especially in the name of “education”. I think the show isn’t necessary, and I hate peoples fascination with Dahmer and other serial killers like this because they always say “oh I’m so interested in the psychology” but really it’s because they find it titillating. If people really want to learn about him there are 5 billion books, documentaries, podcasts, etc. This was just another instance of sensationalizing this crap for no reason. I remember seeing the clip of the woman pictured a long time ago and not being able to keep it together because her pain was so palpable. But somehow it’s worth it to entertain people with the same thing we’ve seen a million times before without any consideration for the people who were actually involved. There’s a way to be respectful and educational about these things but this wasn’t it.

No. 1351707

Way too many people in my life love the serial killer shit, they can call it educational all day but it's glorification and as another anon said, titillating. I hate it all, it's fucking disgusting. I feel for the families of the victims, and I'm glad to see it discussed here. thank you.

No. 1351771

NTA but I really don’t get it. It’s always the same people who think they’re very emphatic too and absolutely see nothing wrong with it.

No. 1351885

They wouldn’t have filmed the killings in such detail if they only cared about educating people. The first 5-6 episodes mostly focused on Dahmer’s gruesome fantasies and killings. Just Evan Peters masturbating over dead bodies 80% of the time. It’s only near the end of the series where we get to see the real POVs of the victims.

Also there were some cringe moments that were definitely made up, for example how Dahmer creepily forces his neighbor to eat the sandwich he made her as a gift, implying that’s human meat. In reality Jeffrey never forced any of his neighbors to eat his cooking and he was more or less friendly with most of them. Basically his entire relationship with the neighbor(s) was made up by the writers just for the dramatics.

No. 1352136

File: 1664131441609.png (108.02 KB, 656x744, R.png)

I swear to god there's something fundamentally wrong with Americans, who can't seem to comprehend the fact that other races exist outside outside the "white, black, brown and asian" categories they have artificially set up

No. 1352151

there is always that one twitter thot who invalidates a person with those categories especially white and black for likes. it is soooo dumb. i get this shit all the time being mixed and i find myself running into those comments myself. I just learned to ignore it cause no one needs to know about my fucking extended family.

No. 1352169

You should avoid getting in an altercation to begin with, but always remember that if anyone pulls out a phone and starts filming you, just grey rock, tell the nearest security that there's a pervert filming you or go to the women's washroom. White bois with phones need to start facing consequences. It's just a shame that this poor woman very well could have been having a legit mental breakdown and now it's twitter's business because white boy needs vengance for being yelled at and told to go to a different line at walmart

No. 1352231

Oh come on she was making a huge spectacle of herself. Anyone would have filmed it, but no they shouldn’t have posted it on twitter, or at least blurred her face first. If someone started screaming at you in line you’d film it too. It wasn’t like she was quietly crying or trying to get away. She was throwing an entitled tantrum.