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File: 1655259936094.jpg (186.15 KB, 1280x720, ralm10.jpg)

No. 1561022

Rachel Aliza Leeds-Minkin ("Sera Rosier", "Alruna", "Goose" and many others and "Bertha" to her detractors) is a 28 year old woman from California who has been terrorizing the Final Fantasy VII role-playing community for many years. Rachel has a long history in this community which is hard for outsiders to make sense of but she is a bit infamous and many roleplayers seem to have stories to tell about her. Rachel has been in these circles for many, many years herself, joining as a minor, which has lead to discussion about whether she was groomed in erotic role plays by an older woman named Jennifer.

Rachel's behavior has included harassing others in the roleplay sphere who do not ERP Sephiroth according to her very particular and autistic expectations but is also notable for problematic sexual interactions with minors (which she tries to frame as "sex ed" or, more disturbingly, the fault of minors she has gotten into Internet slapfights with.) Other colorful antics of Rachel's include an obsession with disturbing-looking dildos of the "bad dragon" variety and pretending to be her own cat and trying to guilt people as "animal abusers" for making fun of her.

Rachel was unknown, however, to the lolcow/drama community apart from one hatch job of an OP made by a vendetta-chan which included attempts to cancel her over "transphobia" and "racism" and was started over a year ago andever really got off the ground. Many thought this was Fairsinfo (more on those 2 in a minute) but >>>/snow/1549425 last thread we learned this was by "hardcore shippers" and hopefully we'll get more information this time around.

Thread #1: >>>/snow/1095830

Anyway, the OP was hot garbage clearly made by an outsider and there was not much milk to speak of. What happened? Rachel decided, with an outside possibility of being coaxed, to go on the lolcow.farm Discord and beg for her thread to be taken down. She came off as arrogant and demanding and many nonnas thought she was a male and/or trolling. She sent her unredacted ID to one user and proved them all wrong and saved the trouble of actually having to dox her. As tends to happen, her attempts to bullshit around resulted in much, much more attention being paid to her than would otherwise.

Thread #2: >>>/snow/1485119
Kiwi thread: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/116204

Thread #2 resulted in Rachel getting a Kiwi Farms thread, which was a fateful event as it set in motion the events of the Lolcow Uprising. For reasons having nothing to do with Rachel, the Kiwi OP attracted the attention of two lolcows from the Commonwealtrh:

> Michael Robert Thurlow: Closeted AGP from Canada, serial abuser of women, unironic National Socialist who started his own failed Nazi party, lolicon and pedophile, looks like he smells awful. https://kiwifarms.net/threads/115963/

> Elaine Gertler Miller: Barely-drinking-age Brit, pickme devil child, Internet terrorist who has faildoxed, harassed and split her way to burning every bridge she ever had online. >>>/1360109/

Both of these individuals are crashing and burning in their own amusing ways and are beyond our scope but for our purposes here it will suffice to say that they attempted to gaslight Rachel into attacking their own personal enemies. A wild ride ensued and related gayops abound till this day resulting in other threads needing to be split off, see below.

Other side cows/supporting characters of note:
> Jennifer: 10-ish years older than Rachel, introduced her to some seriously depraved material ERPing when Rachel was still a minor. Minimal online presence but looks crazy as hell.
> Fairsinfocenter: Two women from the RP community (known by the names of characters they RP, "Zack [Fair]" and "Grogu") who maintain a twiter that tracks Rachel's antics and warns people from engaging with her.
> Erika/Blaine/UnabashedHermaphrodite/"the tranny": tranny from AMB/OnionFarms who inserted into this mess to deliver milk on the gayops of others. Has a history of gayops and being a cow but also delivers good content.
> Rachel's parents, Steven and Diane: Liberal Jews from San Francisco, a dentist and a former tech exec. Rachel has said her online drama keeps her mom up crying nights.
> Rachel's mother, Barbara: nurse in Colorado, Rachel alleges she was a major drug addict and gave her up for adoption for this reason but this doesn't track wih what we know about her so far.

Recent milk:
> Rachel gets in a slapfight with a 16yo girl, tweets gore and porn at her
> She doubles, triples, and quadruples down, even yesterday, saying the minor is not a minor and if she did then tweeting gore and porn was Ok because the minor interacted with adult contnet before.
> Rachel seemed to disavow Michael who had been LARPing as her e-bf, but she is back on Onion Farms going into quite graphic detail with him about her sex toys
> Old RP content surfaced which seems to document Rachel's being groomed by Jennifer and also shows further problematic interactionos with minors on her part.
> Countless Twitter accounts banned in a short period of time, is now hiding under a cat account which she posted on in-character, complete with meows and baby talk, until she dropped this facade only recently
> Not much of note happened last thread as she was mostly hiding under the cover of the cat account but she is active again in her thread and the milk is flowing.

Older milk:
> posts obsessively on LCF claiming to be various other people WKing her
> banned from various platforms and basically everywhere Sephiroth related
> drew the ire of the Encyclopedia Dramatica discord by going in with Elaine and then mass-reporting people who bullied her
> has threatened to starve herself to get unbanned from RP Discords
> has a whole tumblr group (Fairsinfo Center) dedicated to monitoring/alogging her
> claims to be in a polyamorous relationship with 5 guys and 2 girls; no evidence these people exist
> calls others "fatty patty" despite her (obese) weight being well-documented
> has a disturbing obsession with Bad Dragon and similar exotic animal/fantasy dildos
> harassed a cat blog about how DDLG fetish is awesome and valid because the cat blog made a one-off comment about it making her uncomfortable

The Lolcow Uprising
> 13 May 2022 … anon rolls the devil's trips >>1527666 and shows receipts of Rachel sperging out in Discord, thinks she is talking her usual melange of schizo nonsense when she refers to anti-Semites and pedos
> a big tangled web of autism is revealed which you can read about in the last OP, but it has trannies, Nazis, Nazi trannies, Kiwi vendettas, and more. It has nothing to do with Rachel except people tried to manipulate Rachel into getting involved

Like many cows much better known than her, Rachel has attracted a universe of weens, failtrolls, and orbiters, who have been infesting her thread (or arguably providing many lulz of their own) especially since #7 or so. There is now not one but two threads for these worthies:

Rachel orbiter general and containment thread for the bullshit, it's a trainwreck but so is the topic at hand.

Michael Thurlow/Angry Canadian and friends - awful OP who's agendas and vendettas should be clear, but some interesting discussion here

Thread #1: >>>/snow/1095830
Thread #2: >>>/snow/1485119
Thread #3: >>>/snow/1497013
Thread #4: >>>/snow/1508548
Thread #5: >>>/snow/1518588
Thread #6: >>>/snow/1529219
Thread #7: >>>/snow/1535186
Thread #8: >>>/snow/1538415
Thread #9: >>>/snow/1538415
Kiwi Farms: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/116204/

No. 1561036

File: 1655260837602.gif (644.79 KB, 300x194, not-worthy-waynes-world.gif)

Thank you for delivering us back on track, fantastic work!

No. 1561039

Amazing how over a three month span, she’s gotten to ten threads.

No. 1561042

Great OP, anon! Thank you!

No. 1561043

Real link to thread 9 (sorry about that) here also I forgot the full title but so it goes I guess


No. 1561047

Thread 10: Aw shit, here we go again.

No. 1561048

And the actual link to the containment thread. I need a proofreader.


No. 1561060

File: 1655262214550.jpg (497.25 KB, 1050x1570, lokihorse.jpg)

Ugh, why do men even bother?

No. 1561085

File: 1655263986996.jpeg (62.78 KB, 750x314, 85078A3F-D883-4FDD-9459-F4CE6C…)

Let’s christen this thread with some amusing milk.

No. 1561087

Why is she retweeting Mick Jagger?

No. 1561098

Rachel thinks she'll get brownie points from the rich white liberals of the bay area if she pretends to like troons. Sounds like she learned it from her mom.

No. 1561099

Oh no she doesn't pretend, she lusts for troons. It's in some of her erotic rps, and has been reported a few times.

No. 1561104

File: 1655266010885.jpg (395.67 KB, 1075x1267, onionstaff.jpg)

I really want her to become staff just to see how badly she'd fuck them over.

No. 1561106

What is there to fuck over on that fecal matter of a site?

No. 1561110

You'd be surprised.

No. 1561112

Supposedly Naught has a secret loli board there if not worse so I wonder what she would do about that. Probably I don't want to know.

No. 1561115

She kisses up to them, remember? She would join in for asspats.

No. 1561120

I love how she thinks that's a threat of some kind.

No. 1561122


No. 1561138

What if onionfarms has their own merge when Kengle fucks his son and Naught covers it up while Rachel wants to tell the police?
We are playing with fire here people!!!

No. 1561147

File: 1655269515934.png (244.56 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220615-000207.png)

Rachel jannies fast.

No. 1561153

Tbh OF isn't loading for me at all and I'm lurking.

No. 1561156

Aw I got excited that I was banned, I'm gonna just pretend like I was.

No. 1561160

I don't know if Kengle is gonna willingly hand over janny privs to Rachel when she acts like she does.

No. 1561162

He will and Onionfarms is actually up, it's just wonky on Google browsers.(I am banned)

No. 1561167

File: 1655271850051.png (195.69 KB, 1080x921, Screenshot_20220615-004158.png)

This is like watching small children talk about the economy.

No. 1561168

His other jannies are Mike and Naught, nonna. Rachel is not even the worst-behaved of the lot. But they have Kengle totally gaslit and high off their farts and can get him to do anything, so really it's up to those 2 particularly Naught.

No. 1561170

If GroundPound was hitting it without a VPN and Rachel hacks her Gibson I'll have a laugh. On a more serious note I hope everyone who is going to that site (or lolcow.org for that matter) is using a VPN. But especially OnionFarms. Naught is not to be trusted and he is using the skills he developed manipulating Chris-chan to manipulate Kengle, slightly more functional GenX Chris-chan.

No. 1561218

Pretty sure GP is a dude or at least indicated it. But would be funny regardless.

No. 1561224

File: 1655279022062.jpg (270.85 KB, 1080x756, lmaololfat.jpg)

Miss denial queen.

No. 1561229

Then the answer is yes but we didn’t need her to confirm it. She’s obvious every time she posts.

No. 1561284

I mean he posted the thread on Rachel and doxed her family and called her a Jew, dunno if he's as pussywhipped as Mikey is.

No. 1561296

File: 1655288420829.jpeg (54.29 KB, 750x378, B3E6F10E-8845-4DBF-9ED3-446584…)

Here’s her pretending she can speak Japanese. She got called a smelly fatass in Japanese before and thought that the person was calling themselves that LOL

No. 1561345

Fuck now I realize what she reminds me of.
You know those horse girls that take "I ride horses" too far and make their entire personality that? She's like that but with cats and Sephiroth and general weeb shit.

Like the most insufferable privileged white chick who thinks that someone telling her she smells like a fucking barn is racist and they're traumatized by the experience. Those kinds of horse girls.

No. 1561348

File: 1655295214263.jpeg (250.57 KB, 817x1109, 75693604-FD3A-4F18-BB5A-B067F3…)

She’s just one of those girls that likes things a little too much. She thinks she’s goth and a lolita but doesn’t know an ounce about either cultures or styles. Her bedroom is weeb shit and Japan trash all over the place. It desperately screams “ I’m not like the other girls”

No. 1561352

She also doesn't seem to know the difference between Chinese and Japanese.

No. 1561378

File: 1655298560898.png (37.48 KB, 1080x183, Screenshot_20220615-080626.png)

Never forget, she deserves nobodies sympathy. Rachel is a monster to her core.

No. 1561447

File: 1655302909491.jpeg (154.31 KB, 750x989, 76FE8439-2771-44DE-B200-4C32D3…)

Bringing this back because of the lol factor. If you run the Japanese through any translator it will say “I’m not smart, smelly fat” but to anyone who actually speaks Japanese will know it reads, “You’re not smart, smelly fatty-chan”

No. 1561452

File: 1655303164699.jpeg (135.54 KB, 750x952, 8321432C-7881-42D2-8F5C-3B0FAE…)

Notice how she only replied to the English tweet but couldn’t reply to the Japanese at all lol. Her LARP of pretending to be able to speak the language was so stupid lmao

No. 1561581

She's just jealous that Erika isn't a virgin like she is despite her being trans. Rachel will never know what it's like to have someone willingly reproduce with her. She can lie about her partners and how they're decorating a nursery all she wants but anyone with a working braincell knows she's lying.

No. 1561602

I checked the shit containment thread and it seems there are many such cases. I'm so glad we have that now as an aside, it's really kept this thread on track.

No. 1561678

For real. I didn't come here for the gayops gang, I came here for Rachel and her weirdness. It's funny to me that Rachel really triggered all of this insanity to boil over into chaos but my interest dies there.

No. 1561682

At this point it's literally nobodies trying to gain clout by going after Regina or Erika and making clowns of themselves. It's funny in a sad way, but they're all so unintelligent it's boring watching Erika literally shoot fish in a barrel that jump after either two. Can't blame her in the end really, I'd be tired of year old drama and just shitposting too.

No. 1561690

>People shit talking you by saying you're a skin walker.
>People send death threats to your family ineffectually.
>People talk ill of your dead child.

Still out there memeing, idk how she does it.

No. 1561696

I don't even like UH and I think it's very dumb to try to play a game on his terms, that being said I can't wait to see what new plot Rachel comes up with after her copes of trying to jail UH and claim they were someone else failed.

No. 1561722

I can't stop thinking of Les Miserables and idk why, linking the movie because the song is so bad.

No. 1561726

Worse person shouting their prison number(dead name), bitching about food theft(exactly the same according to Erika and the fine amount), worse person cannot let their vendetta go and kills themselves in the end, the criminal record staying as a badge of shame…
Fuck the merge.

No. 1561753

I'd be happy if Michael decided to take a bath with his toaster today, but I'd like more milk from Rachel before her arteries give out. Good thing about her is she won't have to kill herself traditionally, she can continue to eat like she does and see her grave by 30.

No. 1561762

She already looks older than the confirmed 30 year olds in this saga, one of which is Mike so that's saying something as he looks like he's in his early 40s.

No. 1561764

The fact she's a loner and continues to hurt her mother through her stupid antics get to her will be her driving force to kill herself through comfort eating. Or some other method. I don't care. She's a stain on this world and to see her disappear would be nice.

No. 1561766

Problematic people age faster than those who stay in their lanes. And pedophiles like her age even faster.

No. 1561778

File: 1655321846079.png (36.31 KB, 400x400, cope.png)

Backpeddling from attacking a dead child by pretending it doesn't exist now, along with trouble in paradise between our two lovers.

No. 1561791

File: 1655322552311.png (51.9 KB, 694x530, already back to turning on eac…)

With their gay-ops buck broken beyond all repair they now resort to in-fighting with the two scavengers circling Rachel as she bleeds out unaware.

No. 1561839

File: 1655324903393.png (34.76 KB, 883x162, cope and lie about it.png)

Here is how Berchal spins showing her ID in her mind.

No. 1561851

One thing they always teach you about internet safety is not to put your ID out there or anything that can absolutely identify you.

They've been doing this since the 2000s. Autism isn't an excuse to pull that kind of retarded move lol.

There is absolutely cause to be concerned that autistic people do get taken advantage of but she can't claim she was too trusting or didn't know any better because they've been saying that forever lmao. She was just a retard who got trolled into showing her government ID.

No. 1561856

She's been saying that for a while now. I think she believes that by doing this no one can find her if they search her name. As to how effective that name change will be, we'll see.

Also I wonder how she got the money to do that because Google tells me that it costs 435$. Guess mommy and daddy funded that one.

No. 1561860

She's got real cwc cow potiential if she was cultivated with a little tact. The first thread was hilarious with nonas ripping into her but they really dropped off after she posted proof of her table, not in milk but post quality. Instead of witty comebacks that really set her off like the first thread most anons keep posting lazy clapbacks.
>moo fatty boomer. pedo crack baby bitch stinky ewww

No. 1561865

Problem is Rachel's lack of comebacks, and limited vocabulary really make it hard to care enough to be creative when all she will say back is "Nuh-Uh uh ACKSHULLAY she is the best thing ever, not a pedo, not an obese diabetic drain on her parents, not a virgin, not the next CwC, cope and seethe about it and also I shit my pants".

No. 1561874

Remember she's been claiming for years now she's being stalked. So she may have used that…

But her being a lolcow and her doxxing herself would have contradicted her claims because they have to look into it.

So yeah, I agree with you on her not changing her name. No one has gone out of their way to actually do anything other than make fun of her online.

No. 1561896

>Claims she isn't a sperg
>Muh autism

You fucking donkey, don't you know what a sperg is?

Also her having an ID and not a driver's license is hilarious. You can't have ID and a DL, it's one or the other and the state of California feels she's too retarded to drive.

No. 1561923

Sorry to samefag but I was digging into some verification on the whole name change thing and I noticed that most of the "People Finder" sites have her info scrubbed whereas before they did not.

The ones linked in the OF thread are all defunct for instance.

I know it's really not that important since we have all that information and when you search her name these threads come up, but I find it interesting. I was looking to see if I'd be able to find an email address she uses frequently for the sake of research as well and no dice. I assume she has multiple emails given the fact that she has to make new accounts for every place she's been banned from.

Guess I'll have to try something else.

No. 1561926

the toxins from the jelly dildos gave her brain damage i guess.
eugh this is all so embarrassing to read, imagine going to a scrote site and writing paragraphs about your vagina and what sex toys you use.
good old rachel, we missed you.
i bet she starves it so it will like her when she feeds it.
holy crap. of course she doesnt respond to this because its hard evidence no one likes her loool.

No. 1561932

I believe you can pay to have your name scrubbed from sites/searched if you claim it’s defamatory. Some guy I knew got a lawyer to get his name taken off for being called a creep on a local page that calls people out for that sort of thing or being cow like.

No. 1561938

File: 1655330583181.jpeg (92 KB, 1024x846, alternative.jpeg)

hanging out with naught and the pedos is based

No. 1561941

I figured she made her mom pay for it. Too bad it only gets rid of them on the website and not the public records.
She thinks she's getting away.

She also thinks that she could change her name to her OC and not be immediately sussed out. I really hope she does but name changes take longer than what Rachel has claimed. It hasn't been that long since her stupid ass posted that ID picture. There's no way she got a name change done that quickly.

No. 1561954

What is that, the three tard wranglers of the apocalypse?

No. 1561968

probably jerk off to it
anyways theres a possibility to find her on here https://stanfordwho.stanford.edu/people if she really did change her name, they have food service workers on there so i figure why not her? unless she was fired already.

No. 1561987

If only. She's apparently part of the bookstore which is adjacent but separate.

No. 1561990

I hear that's how they technically run employment on the mentally disabled at GoodWill for tax purposes or something. Could this be what is happening with Rachel? It would explain why she has no driver's license at twenty eight years of age.

No. 1561993


yeah, she works in the bookstore department. also, her manager or hr knows that she's being accused of being a pedo i think the screenshot was posted in an older thread.

No. 1561995

File: 1655333281097.png (59.02 KB, 718x347, sigh.png)

Rachel thinks it's a new rumor that naught is a pedo…

No. 1562008

i was afraid of something like that, i couldve sworn i saw her name of some school site or something but maybe it was just a highschool site? i thought it was about employment, but i cant find it anymore.

No. 1562010

no, the Stanford bookstore is not staffed by actually retarded people
bookstores never have trouble hiring, there are infinite numbers of “quirky” shut-ins

No. 1562012

Stg you keep eating Rachel bait and I will write a strongly worded letter to your mother!

No. 1562022

Idk, they might be functioning but retarded like Rachel is and can still do menial tasks.

So I believe the theory that a social worker is tard wrangling Rachel since she did have to attend a specialty school in her youth

It's not actually Stanford's bookstore iirc. It's a store associated with Stanford and this has been discussed many times in previous threads.

No. 1562023

File: 1655335050848.jpg (910.96 KB, 1079x1537, speds.jpg)

Dunno, the staff look pretty retarded to me.

No. 1562026

I think the earlier anon was mistaken, this place is clearly run by tards.

No. 1562029

Pretty much this >>1562022, I didn't mean all of the staff are retards just that Rachel might've been placed there through a retard work placement scheme of some kind. It could explain why she's so insistent on saying she works full time and earns so much but has no idea how that would add up in the real world.

No. 1562051


she has said she couldn't be fired so that would explain why. she's retarded so that explains it.

No. 1562054

Well that pretty much seals it then, she must have been evaluated and was found to be extremely low functioning.

No. 1562063

I mean, I've known a lot of autistic individuals in my life. A lot. Not one of them needed a literal tard wrangler like she did. She also had modified homework if that one homework google site we found is a reflection of her curriculum. She wrote two paragraphs max for those essays, who the fuck writes two paragraphs for a college paper?

I really think she's a lot lower functioning than she believes she is.

No. 1562066

Those college papers would explain how her cognitive function in processing information that's given to her is absolute shit and how her vocabulary and mode of talking is limited to this weird and awkward pattern.

No. 1562069

Your autistic friends are probably what they call high functioning, oftentimes it is just missing social cues or coming across as goofy but there is charm there if it's a good person. Low functioning on the other hand usually comes hand and hand with being completely unable to manage their overstimulation in any healthy ways so they will lash out in random fits of tard rage.
Know the signs, Rachel has many of them.
Most of my younger siblings were at a stage of vocabulary that Rachel has when they were pre-teens, it is a very common for the brain to learn but it seems hers stopped devloping around that age and she was unable to build off of that like the rest of us were able to.

It would all be kind of sad if she wasn't a complete psychopath who eats live cats and shits her pants.

No. 1562071

When the brain is developing to learn like that*

No. 1562077

Wouldn't call them friends. Not to power level but I work adjacent to an industry that seems to attract people on the spectrum like moths to a flame.
They don't necessarily broadcast it immediately but they all sus each other out especially if they get into talking about something spergy like their fandom interests. Warhammer always gets them though, you can tell who the speds are by how hard they go.

No. 1562083

Yeaaahhhhh honestly it's the faction they pick that tell me how autistic they are, anything Space Marine is either a huge sped or a super relaxed dude for example while most chaos faction picks are either edgyfaggots or people who don't take themselves seriously. Tau is always a commie or a weeb and Eldar is where the true tistics dwell.

No. 1562095

Point proven. Warhammer is like a dog whistle for autists.

No. 1562099

B-b-but I play Mechanicus…
Yeah I stepped into that one hard.

No. 1562139

Rachel is starting slapfights again on Twitter. I’ll post the milk later nonnas if no one already has

No. 1562141

did the posts get deleted? i dont see anything

No. 1562145

Check under her replies, if she already deleted, dw fam, I got all of them I think

No. 1562146

She hasn't DFE yet but I expect she will soon.

No. 1562150

If she’s working a job by a internship for her learning disability, then she’s being paid half as much as any regular employee. The company I work at does it for the front counter security check in and they get paid half of minimum wage to do that job and only work part time 3 hours a day 3 days a week.

And she doesn’t drive. She mentioned it somewhere. I can’t remember where. But she can’t drive. She uses her parents to drive her. Explains why she is at home all the time and not actually out enjoying life with friends in person if she even had any.

And getting your name changed isn’t just “ I wanna change my name” you have to have a valid reason for it either marriage, adoption, citizenship integration or witness protection to get it done quickly. Any other option you have to go though evaluations and a bunch of red tape to get it changed. Even with gender name changes you have to get a affirmation by a doctor that you are switching genders. It can take months and costs a lot to do. 500 for the legal paper work then you have to go though all your processes like social security, birth records, tax records, state records and employment records all have to be changed and have fees of 50-200 dollars. It’s not cheap to get your name changed and she doesn’t have that kind of money. Nor do her parents. They are not as rich as she thinks they are just because they live in a house that is currently valued at 2million. They bought it for the same cost of a standard sedan car in 1978.

No. 1562154

You need to go to her tweets and replies and read past all the cat spam she tries to bury her toxic posts with.

No. 1562156

She's currently in a slapfight with GaiasGod and FairsInfoCenter

No. 1562161

They found her Onionfarms account(I think fairs found it through one of the Kiwis or Erika's twitter), get ready for the milk from her being canceled eight ways from sunday every time she tries re-joining twitter…
Oh god if they see what she said about that dead kid….
This is going to be very good, I am grabbing some wine.

No. 1562162

Collect all the milk until she stops tard raging and post it after. She’s gonna end up deleting in the process.

No. 1562165

She is way too busy getting swamped on twitter to think clear enough for a delete, if it was a less milky night I would agree but imo she's in full ragepig.

No. 1562168

I mean the account they were talking about with the lewd Aerith pfp, I don't think we know that one.

No. 1562171

My apologies nonna, I believe it's another rp fag, sorry I am watching this in live action, it's pure Rachel but fueled by her revealing her true face with her Onionfarms activities.
It's amazing, and worth suffering through those faggots who kept slapfighting.

No. 1562175

She deleted the tweet where she gave out her address a little after when she got into that slapfight with those minors she sent gore to. So she might have a gramme of intelligence to

No. 1562176

Pretty soon she’ll be exiled from the cat community at this rate and I AM LIVING FOR IT lol

No. 1562180

A lot of cat parents are LGBT spectrum that I’ve met in my city and word travels fast because it’s smaller than most people think lol. And online, word travels even faster. So once this gets out to the LGBT cat community, she’s fucked

No. 1562182

Gaiasgod got her to validate the messages on Onionfarms belong to her, what a fucking idiot lmao

No. 1562183

File: 1655344244470.gif (645.54 KB, 500x281, DqwI.gif)

Attacking a tranny while hiding on twitter, my god, this…she managed to feed herself to every wolf possible at this point. She IS the female CwC idc what anyone else thinks.

No. 1562189

I'm surprised none of the twitterati have gotten themselves familiarized with the Mike lore yet. They are saying she is associating with "pedos and Nazis" but the fleshed out truth is so much better.

No. 1562191

Give them time, the ones that follow her thread are about to dive in on Onionfarms. This is going to be amazing, it's like everyone on the internet is beating up on OF and a few dot org scrotes.

No. 1562192

She’s getting into a slapfight with someone who speaks Korean and Japanese claiming it’s cultural appropriation lmao. The person just replied in Korean only. Let’s see what she says

No. 1562196

Thing is they are already aware of it. They simply don’t talk about it because it’s entertaining and we don’t want to lose entertainment right?

No. 1562199

File: 1655345242415.jpeg (125.56 KB, 828x966, 68097461-8D7E-4729-AF5B-CC06DB…)

Oh my god I can’t stop laughing. Shows she doesn’t know any language other then English. She relies on Google translate. The person is saying “ try translating that” by pressing random keys to throw off the translator so she can’t read it.

I’m weezing.

No. 1562201

File: 1655345359298.png (28.21 KB, 592x245, rachel machine broke.png)

I think her subconscious knows hence why she used the same rebuttle twice.

No. 1562204

I predict her account will be banned some point today or tomorrow.

No. 1562207

She picked the wrong person to fight with about languages. Not only did they tweet at her in both Korean and Japanese, they tweeted at her in pin yin Chinese and Rachel’s dumb ass thought it was Korean LOL

No. 1562211

File: 1655346283930.png (398.77 KB, 1626x706, faggots.png)

It begins.

No. 1562216

thats not true, i dont know where youre getting that from, but i just changed my name because i havent used my birth name since i was a child, and it was done in less than a week and was like $50. i know its different in every state but i dont think you have to do evaluations in any of them.

No. 1562218

>i dont know
>i dont think

No. 1562220

just looked it up and you dont have to have an evaluation to change your name in califonia why are you lying?

No. 1562221

She thinks she ate.
What she ate was the shit in her pants.

No. 1562222

Looks like Rachel has come here to sperg after her slapfights on Twitter lmao. She blocked everyone.

No. 1562223

>just looked it up
Post the link or fuck off.

No. 1562227

Hahahaha Gaiasgod blocked her. Beautiful.

No. 1562231

She blocked everyone in that chain lol. She’s gonna harass them through a new account

No. 1562246

https://selfhelp.courts.ca.gov/name-change i hope youre not this retarded in real life.

No. 1562252

>Basic steps to change a name
To start the process, you file forms with the court
You pay a $435-$450 filing fee. If you can’t afford the fee, you can ask the court to waive it. The clerk will give you a date when a judge will make a decision.

>A judge will make a decision in about 2 to 3 months, after you complete a few more steps.

Before a judge can decide, you must have the forms published in a newspaper for one month. This means that the request shows up in a legal notice section of a paper. There’s a fee to publish in a newspaper.

>After you get the court order, you will use it to have your identity documents updated.

If this is the process in California, I highly doubt that Rachel got her name changed as the newpaper requirement would mean that Rachel would have to publicise her name change.

And the process is different depending on state and country, so Idk why there's some weird shit going on surrounding this topic

No. 1562253

It doesn’t matter. She didn’t change her name and is a compulsive lier. She knows she’s boring and wants to be her boring OC because she hates herself so much she has resorted to a delusional version of herself so she can try and be interesting, skinny and beautiful so she could attract a fictional man who will never be real and wouldn’t fuck her even if he was.

No. 1562256

Kiwifarms has a good chunk of the slapfight that went down about an hour ago.

There's some bits that weren't ss but it should give anyone the general gist of how retarded Rachel Aliza Lee-Minkins is.

No. 1562260

>done in less than a week and was like $50
>takes 2-3 months and is like $435-450
wHy ArE yOu LyInG?

No. 1562263

well im not going to waste my time arguing with someone as retarded as the cow, but you can learn how to read if u want.

No. 1562266

File: 1655349943534.png (272.34 KB, 587x696, she abuses her cat.png)


No. 1562270

This is proof she abuses her cat. Does she not clean it's litterbox?

She got so upset in the last thread that some anon said she was gonna kill her cat because she's a sociopath. They were not wrong. Urinary tract infections can be serious.

No. 1562271

She’s back to the weird baby talk again. Good grief.

No. 1562278

he looks more like rachel than she does..

No. 1562279

Rachel looks so much of a man that when I first joined into the shitshow last week I legit thought she was the tranny everyone was bringing up.

No. 1562280

Rachel does look like a man but
>Who nose

No. 1562302

File: 1655351770893.jpeg (173.03 KB, 750x923, FA00B817-BEB3-4F09-A0D9-81EE0A…)

Lmao, this is why no one wants her in any community. She had two accounts defending her all while knowing she was doubling down on her shitting on people in the LGBT community

No. 1562303

File: 1655351928153.jpeg (167.42 KB, 750x915, 73043607-C5D0-41B6-9B5C-3F2743…)

This isn’t on KF so this is fresh milk.

No. 1562304

File: 1655352047370.jpeg (151.81 KB, 750x888, 2787CCA3-3A0A-4E5F-8752-1F4EAF…)

She claims that she can easily body people. There’s different ways to do that Rachel. It just isn’t through starting slap fights you can easily stay away from and have your timeline be free of your pathetic drama.

No. 1562307

Rachel has never bodied or roasted anyone successfully in her life. Just because she claims it doesn't mean its true, and anyone with a working brain can see that. She's so pathetic.

No. 1562314

File: 1655352595958.jpeg (142.63 KB, 750x669, 82FF10D5-CB5A-4375-86F6-230964…)

She honestly can’t help herself. It’s a compulsion to get herself upset and then cry about being “bullied”. No you fat cow. You bullied others first and with your tendency to go out of your ways to bother others with demands that no one wants to do for you. Stop being a bitch to others and maybe FairsInfo and other accounts would stop making alerts in their communities about your new accounts to warn them to block you.

No. 1562317

File: 1655352682941.jpeg (119.95 KB, 730x696, 0171E8C0-C74C-4E12-9FCB-4604CF…)

Blocking and unblocking is the only thing she has to feel like she has some control over others. What a pathetic loser.

No. 1562320

File: 1655352811033.jpeg (48.21 KB, 750x226, 4150DE3F-405E-4A34-8D7D-8E2CE1…)

The same could be said of the profiles you stalk.. get off their profiles and stop starting fights that leave you looking worse in the long run

No. 1562325

why wont she shut up about rich people and wage theft i thought she hated communism

No. 1562347

File: 1655354886050.jpeg (192.21 KB, 745x859, C9F46C03-7F65-4272-9961-CA5435…)

I have some more milk that Ghoulie from KF missed that I’m gonna add to the previous ones.

Rachel, no one is stalking your account when you’re going out of your way to respond to convos about how trash you are lol. It’s not “defending yourself” at this point any more. It’s feeding the fire and you absolutely deserve to get burned by people who decide to get involved.

No. 1562369

File: 1655356562049.jpeg (99.52 KB, 750x910, 254A709A-6AFD-4CF7-9CB6-162D66…)

This is her proof of her friend showing her proof of being “harassed” by Fairsinfo

These two are fucking idiots. That’s just them warning them. Now Stardyn will be known as the one who condones pedophilia, violence against minors, hate against the gays and general retarded shit from Rachel like her slapfights.

No. 1562376

File: 1655357071011.jpeg (151.55 KB, 750x733, B659EEA0-74C3-4DEA-9F83-D3BBA4…)

I still have more milk nonnies. Just slow because I’m making sure it’s not already on Kiwifarms

What involvement? The fact you have links to the CP? The feds don’t give two shits that you’re holding onto it for their investigation lol. They’re gonna burn you too, that’s what they do to retards like you. They know you slap fight and do shit like this. They already put a watch on you the moment you had those links and kept them

No. 1562378

File: 1655357240315.jpeg (88.49 KB, 745x509, E30D5A7B-C7BA-442B-AFC9-AAF771…)

No. 1562379

Rachel is most certainly a pedophile and I hope someone saves Bello from her grubby, chubby, child molesting, shit fondling, yeast crusted, hamhocks she claims are fingers.

No. 1562383

File: 1655357710864.jpeg (78.02 KB, 750x384, C281645B-AB7F-4B3A-AA10-9A33D5…)

No. 1562384

File: 1655357941257.jpeg (33.33 KB, 750x205, 592DA4ED-8681-4AB1-A906-626756…)

An extremely hard sell

No. 1562386

File: 1655358049460.jpeg (75.96 KB, 740x476, 74E9A8F2-5285-4EC6-9E98-B1CDEF…)

No. 1562388


she's guilty even when she does speak. lol

No. 1562390

File: 1655358366026.jpeg (63.08 KB, 750x338, 1CD89C95-1D37-4DC0-8AC8-B60C99…)

Almost done with the milk. One more. There’s a video on her page that’s “proof” of Stardyn being “harassed” so if someone can rip that to share with the nonnies, that would be great

No. 1562391

File: 1655358387459.jpeg (158.43 KB, 750x877, 8138F53C-D5BE-40DD-A9C2-A1950A…)

No. 1562392

File: 1655358463514.jpeg (59.17 KB, 750x304, 1283B087-9A23-4D02-B898-EE86CF…)

No. 1562393

I highly doubt she would be amusing to write with. She has terrible grammar when she try’s. And she is too bossy any way. I would imagine she’s even more so when you write with her she demands from you because she wants it a certain way.

No. 1562394

And that's all the milk for tonight folks.

The autism is strong in her when she gets mad. She never changed because she went out of her way to check the pings on her account and get mad about it.

She could have ignored it like a normal mature adult but she has to have a fit about it lmao. She's great. I would have had pity for her if it was just regular drama but I have no pity for pedophiles.

No. 1562395

This is what sends me about her. She thinks that people only know one language and multi lingual people don’t exist. But then also try’s to push off that she knows other languages like Spanish and Japanese in the past. She’s stolen others identities and even lied about her race and where she’s at in attempts to “ no be her”.

She couldn’t even fathom knowing fluently more then one language. Linguists don’t exist in her weird little diluted world.

No. 1562397

She's the very definition of "Speak AMERICAN!" in this case lol. It's weird because she wants to pretend like she speaks more than one language and in the slap fight with Plonk and her girl friend who joined to defend her, she outed herself as using Google Translate as her way of "knowing" the languages.

Gaiasgod literally replied in Japanese and all Rachel could say "Lel you got me weebs, stop pretending to know Japanese/Korean/Vietnamese/Chinese"

No. 1562402

I talked to AC? Rachel is getting trolled…

No. 1562405

Do you think she’s like that because she is angry she doesn’t know any other language and can’t learn it so she projects her own inferiority onto others because it’s too hard for herself to learn that no one else could possibly learn it? I mean I grew up speaking three languages and took the time to learn three more for both employment and personal intrests. It’s easy for me, but it’s probably hard for her to comprehend that English structure doesn’t parallel to other languages.

No. 1562408

I mean that's the thing they're the level of dumb Mike's friends are so I was totally bamboozled for a hot second there.

No. 1562411

File: 1655360143463.png (166.62 KB, 581x591, 1112.png)

No. 1562413

I think so. Autistic people often have trouble grasping things outside of what they know in their box. I think her getting the grammar outside of English would have been too hard for her to learn.

I grew up speaking my country's national languages and learned several more due to personal interest and knowing it could help my employment opportunities.

Just because people might not speak them fluently doesn't mean they're pretending LOL. It's shitty to discredit people's efforts to learn and actually get to a decent level and KNOW that Google Translate is absolute shit for determining anyone's fluency level.

No. 1562415


im confused, whats the point of lying on fairinfo? like i dont get it.

No. 1562416

Probably to get Rachel to act like a retard and make think she has a win when it's very much not?

No. 1562419


that would make sense since she is an easy target for it. because what they gave her isnt anything showing what they are claiming. she is running with it like an idiot, so could be.

No. 1562430

I think Rachel used one of her socks to have the conversation with herself.

No. 1562435

Wouldn’t be the first time for her. She probably roleplays with herself to tell herself she’s liked and roleplays well .

No. 1562462

didnt stardyn only show up when her last account did? maybe she really is getting trolled, but if not, and its not rachel, i bet its a kid.

No. 1562479

>something info
That stinks of Michael honestly.

No. 1562486

File: 1655371602437.jpeg (188.46 KB, 750x829, F94F9531-C529-462F-9CA7-385698…)

Why does the carpet look so dirty… Does her family not clean it…?

No. 1562501

Rachel shits her pants. Not even carpet is saved from the brown stains.

No. 1562505

Cats are prideful animals so to use this dumb baby talk just seems so… undignified.

No. 1562522

her parents are elderly so maybe they space out the cleaning sessions or even don't realize there's so much grime. or maybe that's Rachel's room they trust her to clean, in which case lmao

No. 1562629

Did she DFE her spergout from last night?

No. 1562656

So there's gonna be a Final Fantasy 7 announcement today, it will likely be the inclusion of another character she simps for, Genesis Rhapsodos. It might be enough to set her off again. Who wants to start taking bets?

No. 1562659

Anyone got any suggestions on photoshopping Genesis for the most amounts of Rachelsalt?

No. 1562672

Either Genesis or Vincent. She simps for both. Genesis more so then Vincent.

No. 1562699

Don't worry anon, you don't have to cater to all trannies just the based ones. That is nowhere near a she.

No. 1562709

The triple chin though.. Rachel always manages to lure in the most ridiculous troll ass looking people and fat people to her side, no

No. 1562713

That's the same person?
It's really weird how that works out, almost like these people are examples of the inner ugliness manifesting on their outside.
Meanwhile from what I've seen most people Rachel attacks look either like normal people or decently attractive people.

No. 1562723

If I hadn't just got done wrangling all of the side tards out of the Rachel thread I would but as is I am worried they would be funny, get upset at someone, come here and de-rail the thread again and I just cannot handle that this soon.

No. 1562729

People told me Mike wasn't milky and look were we are a year later.

No. 1562733

Seemed that way to a few of us but there are still posts of shame from people who rushed to suck Mike's dick and give him updoots on his le ebic nazi takedowns.
When someone admits the first thread would have stayed if the crossdressing pics were dumped I just shake my head and wash my hands of that line of thinking. It remains a monument to Kiwifarms just being right wing reddit.

No. 1562761

File: 1655398706348.png (359.51 KB, 616x271, Az1Nxjj.png)

Did a slight edit to another anon's work of all of Rachel's new friends and her.

No. 1562766

One of the twitterfags should ask her honestly, if she rejects or is hostile then disengage but if not then ward them away from Rachel who is just chasing after them like she does to any gnc person she comes across.

No. 1562796

they seem pretty willing to insert themself into rachels drama though

No. 1562808


why havent they posted in public about rachel? must not be a friend at all.

No. 1562860

A good friend would defend their friend when they're getting shat on. But I guess they don't want to be publicly associated with such a trash person because they're a smidgen smarter than the fat cow and don't want to out themselves as a racist, homophobic pedophile too lol

But honestly, it's probably because she rather stick her head in the sand and believe Rachel's squealing about how she's being constantly attacked by people who hate her.

No. 1562899


what do you mean? any proof released? you mean Rachel or the person?

No. 1562909

This was several threads back, but this relates to the topic of Stardyn.

She showed the same screenshots to this other person.


No. 1562916

File: 1655408337260.jpg (197.1 KB, 1170x2532, dan.jpg)


And knowing Rachel, she can't keep a secret or avoid including people in her drama. That person probably isn't aware she's throwing their name under the bus. If you look at the two accounts she's saying fairinfo threatened, both of those accounts follow fairinfo. the only account that doesn't is stardyn.

No. 1562928


We've seen Racehl's dialogue with them. We also know the truth. This person really has no involvement and the two people Rachel keeps bringing up follow fairsinfo and are friends with that person, so the people who probably told stardyn are bingo stardyn's friends. we haven't seen any recent interactions with rachel and them, nor have they ever come back out on this matter. those messages she showing are a month old.

No. 1562930

i wouldn't be shocked if that person is pretending to be rachel's friend to avoid her crazy shit, so whenever she brings it up they just node and wonder why some complete stranger is telling them all this business. so many fucking people do that just to avoid her. its almost like's chris chan's father paying for him to have friends.

No. 1562941

yeah, i guess youre right. theyre just another poor schmuck who probably thought they could help rachel by being her friend, and will probably soon realize what a mistake that was.

No. 1562982

How embarrassing lmao
Rachel, you're fat and unloved.

No. 1562985

File: 1655412661507.jpeg (494.3 KB, 2288x1243, judenrat.jpeg)

I don't believe this exact comment has been posted so I decided to help paint the picture it paints with text in image form.

No. 1562986

So it is looking like Crisis Core is getting a remaster/remake/port. Something Crisis Core is coming today. Expect Rachel meltdown.

No. 1563040

Lmao, I love how she claims to be part of minority communities but “uses slurs to offend the snowflakes.” Stupid fucking bitch doesn’t realise 90% of minorities are what she calls snowflakes.

I’d like to see her try that shit in real life around actual LGBT people in. A lot of people of in the community I know of would beat her ass.

No. 1563044

No one in the Crisis Core community will RP with her and she’s gonna cry her fat lard tears. Delicious.

No. 1563094

File: 1655419286769.png (949.44 KB, 1000x523, 7L52NTQ.png)

I got my edition of Crisis Core early thanks to being an IGN reviewer, here is a leak of the cover!

No. 1563106

ohh say the t one again next rachel! your "friends" on cat twitter will looove that

No. 1563120

get ready nonnas, the milk is coming

can’t wait to see who she goes after this time

No. 1563125

She always keeps an eye on Gaiasgod and Fairsinfo and whoever they interact with lol. So whoever she sperged at yesterday for sure and anyone in the Crisis Core community who pissed her off

No. 1563176

File: 1655427019808.jpeg (135.97 KB, 747x731, FE856DD1-0E09-4B6A-9DD1-09797A…)

Nonnies, she started tard raging again lmao.

It has nothing to do with cats, Rachel you retard. It has to do with YOU as a person

No. 1563178

File: 1655427097261.jpeg (139.25 KB, 750x892, DF2CF51D-DA3D-466D-AEC6-F6E34C…)

If you were immune you wouldn’t be stalking accounts you supposedly blocked. Sure you’re not talking about your intelligence deficit?

No. 1563201

None of this even makes sense lmao. God, she really shows how low functioning she is when she tries to talk shit to people, especially when she just claims herself the victor while everyone reading it is laughing at her.

No. 1563204

She really does believe she’s a cat. Is she outing herself as a furry now lmao

No. 1563209

File: 1655429267516.jpg (21.25 KB, 600x300, horror.jpg)

You evoked this image in my mind.

No. 1563232

>likes things a little too much

No such thing. It’s called a zest for life.

No. 1563233

She does have a point though. Why FUCKING bother with a cat account? Damn.

No. 1563246

This feels strangely personal. sus

No. 1563247

Owner of said cat account goes out of their way to get upset over something that shouldn’t upset them lol. I

f Rachel were truly changing, she would have learned to ignore if and understood that’s her consequences of her past actions but no, she feels the need to constantly defend or attack on behalf of herself. People with bigger followings who are just as much of an asshole as her understand to ignore the people who tell others that the asshole is still around. Small dick energy on Rachel’s part.

No. 1563249

Did you just find this thread?

No. 1563251

Lol, oh lord, lol

No. 1563253

Samefagging to say, you’re just as stupid for Rachel for not getting the fucking point as to why that happens and it’s not about the cat, it’s about her continued presence as a pest online in multiple communities, you furry.

No. 1563257

they really came in with their whole chest: "why you bothering a cat account?" did you read the threads?

No. 1563261

Sure, if they’re not colossally obnoxious about it like she is and feels the need to act like she’s an authority on things she likes.

She’s the worst kind of weeb/Japanophile. Pretending she speaks Japanese when Gaiasgod and Plonk proved she couldn’t even read Japanese properly due to her using Twitters imbedded Google Translate function calling them weebs

No. 1563270

She ordered a bunch of seriously hideous jewelry from Japan and larped about being Japanese. She should not call anyone a weeb lmao

No. 1563291

I'm not a weeb and find them cringe so I don't really know a lot about most of this stuff but is she really much into stereotypical weeb shit other than Final Fantasy and mega ugly attempts at a Gothic Lolita style which got mogged on hard by nonnies in her early threads? That's part of why the Japanese stuff throws me. Or is she indeed into these things but so hyperfixated on FF7, roleplaying, and related drama that we don't see her talking about them? I'd be curious what kind of anime she watches for instances if she does, altho really anything about what she's into other than Sephiroth, dildos, and cats.

No. 1563299

NTA, she may not be an anime weeb but I'd still call her a weeb. Also her shitty lolita wasn't gothic or even trying to be. It was pastel cutesy stuff.

No. 1563302

Her previous account she started off pretending she had a poor grasp of English but since she stalks multiple accounts, she showed she isn’t an ESL person and the pinned tweet on the KILLINGJOKE account was in very awkward Japanese that didn’t sound natural at all.

On her current account she’ll respond to tweets that are in kindergarten/elementary school Japanese in the simplest Japanese because that’s what Google translate does correctly. This is how she claims she can “read” Japanese. Plonk has repeatedly spoken to her in Japanese to test her claims and sh keeps insisting that Plonk can’t even speak it despite some mistakes on Plonk’s part.

No. 1563303

Samefagging to add that she cannot point out what was wrong in Plonk’s Japanese. Nor can she reply. She doesn’t even know how to type it properly when she tried to call someone fat in Japanese.

No. 1563323

File: 1655435103984.jpeg (77.37 KB, 750x419, 5AC9F805-D3F8-41DE-A304-81F25F…)

She really thinks she’s doing something…

No. 1563330

File: 1655435271565.jpeg (103.53 KB, 750x606, 790FD485-7443-4C16-93F3-2EF248…)

Lol, buying the ugliest shit from Japan lol. She’s spending 20 bucks plus shipping for this.

No. 1563360

File: 1655436762609.jpeg (45.45 KB, 1125x207, lol.jpeg)

Too bad you cant view the account.

No. 1563393

3 retweets atm, probably gonna spread around the RP communities.

No. 1563401

File: 1655439713300.jpeg (183.72 KB, 2074x458, wrongagain.jpeg)

Found this. She's wrong, yet again. 'Mental Retardation' is no longer a medical term and has been revised in the DSM-5 and the ICD-11. Its also been changed to 'Intellectual Disability' on US government papers. She really doesn't know shit about almost anything she talks about besides Sephiroth. My favorite is her law sperging. She'll try to dox someone and fuck that up to the point she'll catch charges. Can't wait. Hope they hit her with those when she's getting charged for that CP she keeps.

No. 1563403


No. 1563405

Luckily they doxed a completely unrelated person according to Fairs, I want to see Rachel try to make a thread though.
LMFAO you are so pressed!

No. 1563406

Imagine my surprise. Already faildoxed someone.

No. 1563408

File: 1655440086324.png (19.73 KB, 554x200, redsec rachel.png)

> She'll try to dox someone and fuck that up to the point she'll catch charges.
This I doubt very much but I can see her escalating with her threats to getting in trouble, and now there is this, she is openly contemplating hiring someone to commit serious crimes to dox Fairsinfo. If she wants results maybe she'd better because if she thinks she's found someone in Michael who will be able to help she will be sorely disappointed and having only worsened her standing as one of the women who's names are now tied to Michael's bullshit online forever. And if Elaine is still in the mix then faildoxing is even more assured.

No. 1563410

I hope they just take her money and ghost her lmao.

No. 1563411

Jokes on her, we hold all the secret ultra special chocolateyhats who will hack her hackers in hackception.
Fuck I hate anyone who uses those words.

No. 1563413

she will never know enough about them to write a thread about them because they arent fucking cows who overshare about everything in their life (or not in their life in rachels case)

No. 1563418

That is absolutely what is going to happen if she goes looking, like >>1563411 says all that kind of talk is cringey and will not serve her in finding anyone credible, but she's hardly doing that right now.
However this kind of talk though might be a little optimistic. Pride goeth. A good thread, probably not, but there's very likely enough out there for a low-effort vendetta thread, and if I were the Fairs girl I'd take precautions because while this site and KF is mainly looking for laughs, these other people are straight up bad actors.

No. 1563439

Eh the tranny is the account warning Fairs about the dox attempt so I doubt they will do anything, but Rachel's thread has attracted at least three different trollgroups(one being Mike's)so I would not be surprised if after they are done having their gay civil war they start going after softer targets than aforementioned tranny in the side threads.

No. 1563446

Rachel doesn't know how to dox and she's gonna make it abundantly clear when she faildoxes the wrong person. Stupid fatty.

No. 1563453

File: 1655442810965.png (139.23 KB, 663x524, retards.png)

Hrmmmm I think I won't Mike, Onionfarms is a pile of shit and I am glad I don't have to lurk on it to wait for Naught to fuck up Chrishandling.

No. 1563456

>Come join Kiwifarms, they say, while waiting to dox the IP and sign up info of whoever shows up.

If you're going to Onionfarms for any reason, lurkers (don't recommend it), I would suggest using copious amounts of protection.

Protection would've made a huge difference if Rachel's bio parents had used it.

No. 1563457

Aw man I fucked it up with a typing error again.
I am dubbing myself "Room Temperature IQ Anon"

No. 1563459

File: 1655443250030.jpg (63.48 KB, 1242x771, cryingberchal.jpg)

But nonna if we do that we might make Berchal cry!
Don't worry roomtemp, we all have autism sometimes, some of us just more than others.

No. 1563468

>If you're not obsessed with or stalking me join this obscure dead website that only myself and two other people regularly use. It's totally safe and we wont use the info you give to sign up to dox you.

As if we needed anymore proof she is legitimately retarded.

No. 1563474

Well it's currently down so let's hope Kengle really fucked it up this time and we will never have to hear about that place again.

No. 1563491

If OF is down she's gonna lose her mind.

No. 1563498

Fairs info is run by three people. Grogu, Zack and one other who rarely posts. They probably have a private chat or discord server to communicate when stuff comes up before the post their call outs. There’s also sera support group which has been dead for a while but they also used to be a Rachel watch account. There is also one winged meanie who also hasn’t posted in a while but was another account that kept an eye on her and called her out. Gaiasgod seems to be a newer one that engages with her and also calls her out. There’s a lot of people that tard wrangle her then fairs info. She just likes to bring up info for some weirdly obsessive reason. Maybe they did something that pissed her off like that Hyde person she always try’s to throw around.

No. 1563525

File: 1655450339808.jpg (370.21 KB, 1080x1432, trannies.jpg)

@ Erika, Rachel has something to say to you

No. 1563546

Just come out and say it’s you fairs info. No need for the smoke and mirrors.

No. 1563631

File: 1655467666622.jpeg (118.71 KB, 731x672, 04596CEC-0797-40D0-B6E0-5F7CF2…)

Your narcissism will kill your mother Rachel. It is so hilarious that you retweeted this yet you don’t understand the irony of it.

I think that’s what you secretly want since she tried to send you to therapy, that special school for five years and you still do the same behaviours that cause her to lose sleep when you got served the TRO. Right? You know deep down I am and other people who have been warning you about this behaviour.

You claim she knows and laughs at us with you, but the truth is, she hides the fact she cries over the fact she adopted such a sociopathic narcissist that wants her dead despite your claims you “love” her. She’s afraid of you. She regrets ever bringing you into her life and is mad that therapy and the fucking TRO didn’t teach you anything.

She adopted you for the woke points and this is how you repay her. Disgusting vile creature you are. Your father getting dementia and yelling at you all the time is the universe’s way of repaying you in kind for your crappy behaviour.

Remember, what you put out will eventually come back to you

No. 1563659

This. 100%
To add, Rachel, remember…
This started because you were the one targeting people. Don't be mad because you're finally being held accountable for being a bully.

You attacked others unprovoked all over some roleplay shit. Any normal, well adjusted person wouldn't get mad at people pretending to be fictional characters. That Sephiroth (and many more) didn't choose your self insert OC so it's somehow everyone else's issue? No.
Boohoo bitch, you get back what you put out.

No. 1563686

File: 1655474463134.gif (4.81 MB, 540x450, tumblr_a07defec7060804d7954993…)

Ah Mrs(Ms)Nonna I don't feel so good…
Never forget I helped you at first, never forget that instead of wanting help you lashed out at me, I wondered why at the time but after learning more about you I honestly think you just resented my help and lumped me into a group of others instead of thinking about what I as an individual have done.

Stop chasing trannies Rachel, you don't respect us, we won't date you.

No. 1563699

i suppose she could try, but she said she doesnt have enough info for one, and i seriously seriously doubt shes going to get more.
ive just stopped going there altogether. nothing of value was lost.

No. 1563701

People with dementia generally tend to remember specific feelings, not the memories.

I’m guessing Rachel’s dad only remembers the anger and frustration that she gave him. He never loved her. He loved his wife and put up with her putting them through hell for the sake of her mother. It’s only natural that he would default to yelling at her.

Her mother probably tries to comfort her by telling her that she’s still loved by her family. But deep down, Rachel knows that’s not true which is why she keeps insisting she’s loved online when people tell her the truth that she’s not liked.

No. 1563732

File: 1655477926759.jpeg (116.67 KB, 780x1024, FJ2AHlvWQAcYZgR.jpeg)

This reminded me of Bertha but this girl has a cute face, Rachel does not.

No. 1563736

Plus the satire is actually funny, I really do have the theory that people who laugh more have more attractive faces on average.

No. 1564103

Rachel definitely has a new account. Just gotta sniff it out.

No. 1564389

File: 1655511984245.jpeg (19.94 KB, 747x156, BBBA20FC-730D-4371-9E4D-80EB1A…)

And yet you still choose to be retarded as ever.

No. 1564581

File: 1655532608702.jpg (324.39 KB, 1075x1092, npc.jpg)


Oh my god.

No. 1564617

>obsessed with a literal video game series
>doesn’t know what an npc is

No. 1564630

i've never looked at or posted on the rachel threads and i was actually 100% convinced she was a troon before looking into the milk kek

No. 1564646

She might as well be a troon because she sperged out when she was told her alleged "vaginismus" could be because of an out of control yeast infection.
Whined about that not being how vaginas worked, touting that she's an EXPERT despite being a virgin.

No. 1564749

File: 1655551101061.png (340.68 KB, 1080x1493, Screenshot_20220618-061546.png)

I clipped this without an account at all, they're fucking retarded.
The actual tranny acts far more womanly than she does too, Rachel is the most pathetic thing I've seen.

No. 1564752

If they wanna move it to the dumper, move it to the dumper. Boohoo.

No. 1564754

Everything that comes out of Rachel's mouth belongs in the dumper or a diaper.

No. 1564902

File: 1655566187823.gif (819.41 KB, 500x232, virgin.gif)

She has no where to sperg if they move it to the "dumper".

Typical Rachel, always a coombrain. No one needs the promise of nudes to see how hilariously retarded you are, Rachel. Any of us could go get screenshots, its public. We dont need to send nudes to do that, gifrel just add the word fat in front of virgin.

No. 1564951

It isn't like there's even playing ground on OF anyway. Mike and spednaught abuse their janny privs.

Sounds like a fun place to be, right? Scrotes being sensitive and having control issues.

No. 1564968

It’s the perfect place for Rachel. She fits in with the crowd. Lack of emotional regulation and feels the need to be retarded and throw tantrums.

No. 1564973

I can post your IP if you want. There was only one guest online in the Rachel thread last night at the time >>1564581 ← This was posted.
I have literally zero moral compunctions about leaking your IP. Just be honest lol.

No. 1564976

I love how she keeps insisting that she spent years studying vaginas but she has no experience or actual knowledge of them.

She might as well be larping as a woman. The hairy legs, the man face, lack of knowledge about vaginas all point to the signs of her being a tranny. My theory is that she was born a hermaphrodite and her parents decided to raise her as a girl.

No. 1564980

Post my VPN brah, idk Mike ya cunt, ya already tried posting it on your thread and it got jannied. Like a lolcow, you never learn.

No. 1564989

Those are posts from two different people, too bad you're too retarded to see it.

No. 1564994

When she goes off on her “knowledge” and vaginas and how they work, I both cringe and enjoy it. She’s soo out of touch with her own body that it’s comical. She says shit that comes out of poor virgin fanfiction and penny lust novels with pirates and cowboys on the covers. Those must be where she gets her “studies” from.

No. 1564995

>anonymous imageboard
>two different people
nigga can you even into imageboard culture(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1564997

I could post your (actual) IP if I wanted, Mike. lmao

No. 1564999

Lmfao you're mad about lurker, imagine being that retarded. GP was harmless but you're a faggot who is simping for a fatass.

No. 1565001

You mean my proxy server? Go for it m8

No. 1565003

Hey Kike, Erika here, I posted that not ground pound, I can mask my IP on my desktop you silly goose.

No. 1565004

>My proxy server

No. 1565006

No, I mean your actual IP lel. You're not as smart as you think you are, Mike.

No. 1565007

>leaking IPs
bUt WaIt, ThAt'S iLlEgAl

No. 1565008

Still can't believe this faggot got mad about literally nothing. Proves that you shouldn't go to Onionfarms even with a proxy, because as soon as you do something Mikey boy doesn't like he acts like a faggot.

No. 1565009

This plus they're so retarded they'll try to pin accounts and posts on random users based on timestamps even after merging them so it looks like something it's not.

No. 1565012

He's so trigger happy he blew his load over someone laughing at Rachel, miss true and honest gamer who wrote an essay about female gamer discrimination, not knowing what an NPC is.
God what a sensitive little baby bitch.

No. 1565013

I'm sending this to Ken, lmao.

No. 1565018

>There was only one guest online in the Rachel thread last night at the time
My fucking sides, top kek Michael, really top kek.

No. 1565021

>imageboard culture
>premature ejaculation over GP allegedly lurking in the middle of the night and laughing at a lolcow
>protects a landwhale…gunt guards her, even
>can't sage

Okay Michael.

No. 1565023

You think I'm either Fairs Info or DBS? I want to laugh at her too, you dense faggot.
You're the one alogging now.

No. 1565025

File: 1655572981658.png (186.54 KB, 1843x862, hypocrisy.png)

>I've seen multiple posts bragging about getting Rachel driven out of different communities
Sit down, faggot. Pic related.


>doxing website

No. 1565027

>you should support me as I
You're delusional.

No. 1565031

I'm not trying to get her banned from anything. I'm just being mildly annoying. Fine, I'll log in next time, just for you.

No. 1565032

You've really learned absolutely nothing haven't you, Mike?

No. 1565033

If you're going to shit up the thread with unrelated stuff, go here you fags

Rachel gets herself banned. Idk why anyone would WK her the way that >>1565022 would. Sage your fucking shit newfag.

No. 1565036

What are you doing now? Alogging GP?
Fuck off it's Empresa's birthday I'm busy.

No. 1565479

File: 1655621350525.png (91.8 KB, 841x743, rachel1.png)

Trolling Rachel, just another day on onionfarms.

No. 1565487

What do you mean trolling? OF is true and honest, nobody ever lies there. Null joined funion-arms because he realized he was missing out on Mike's top tier shitposting.

No. 1565645

>this is jargon to me
that's not what jargon is, Rachel. jargon is words specific to a trade. you mean gibberish.

No. 1565670

Lmao, what a dumbass. And yet she calls herself intelligent and good with words. No wonder her college gave her modified essays.

No. 1565674

File: 1655645322868.jpeg (115.86 KB, 750x859, 4DAC8B5B-C7F4-4218-AD6C-3963DA…)

Stop retweeting shit like this for the woke points Rachel.

You literally said with your KillingJoke account that brown/black people were ugly and being white was the best. You also went around saying the n-word at people and calling black folks hair nappy you fatass.

No. 1565677

I’m surprised as a fake Jew she’s not upset at the kike slur lol. So much for pretending you’re Jewish. You’re nothing but white. You only pretend to be Jewish when it suits you, Rachel.

No. 1565678


No. 1565679

No it's worse than that, Rachel est ein Judenrat, she turns on her own kind to be a pick me for Nazis.
I wonder if she can hit every minority virtue signal while also undermining it with her own words spouted from the pure part of her heart when she's in full fatty Eva Ralphina Rage Pig mode.

No. 1565713

File: 1655649020216.jpg (317.67 KB, 973x928, 1508232378305.jpg)

To be fair, all kikes pretend to be white when it's time to advocate against the interests of white people and call themselves jewish when it's time to advocate for jewish interests.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1565730

File: 1655651653215.jpg (509.32 KB, 1810x2560, 813QQJPP1oL.jpg)

No. 1565820

None of you faggots better get any bright ideas and cowtip.

No. 1565824

It is on disboard, if someone were in there already and collecting caps that's cool but nobody else join please. I know it's been up on twitter for a bit.

No. 1565848

Why should we give a shit when faggots like Michael will immediately cowtip?

No. 1565851

So I can collect the fucking milk please do not rush this. I found this earlier but I can't say when or Rachel will know which account is capping on her.

No. 1565857

Samefag, it's a fucking gold mine, please give me time. I found stuff you all will LOVE.

No. 1565867

File: 1655659832463.png (50.51 KB, 603x511, Rachel's creepy Janny.png)

Okay had to rush a tad, so give me a bit to compile the caps but just so I don't tease too bad, and I kinda hate to do this ladies I am so fucking sorry for adding another cow to this but it was organic, I have not tipped, I lurked and just pretended to be a person to blend in with the rest of them. I did not verify so I could not get into the 18+ stuff where a bunch of gross milk is, so I am sorry if some consider blowing my load early but uh, Rachel would recognize me.

So, this guy…
He is the Discord 'owner', so Rachel is his janny and has done most of the legwork. There is so much milk that I cannot possible cap all of it, and his twitch is already deactivated so it would need to be a lucky catch from the wayback or something akin. This man is creepy just from the get go but when you get to his twitter, you will see why I say he is doubtlessly a cow and I honestly have not had the time to read through it all yet.

Old Twitch- https://www.twitch.tv/mrdatola

Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBadJY9cMTLFRXaeIFa76XQ

Twitter - https://twitter.com/ClerithHappily1

No. 1565869

File: 1655660040661.png (27.22 KB, 300x337, How he looks in the server.png)

I will not redact any messages from him or Rachel but I will be covering up the rest of the names and avatars of the users.

No. 1565870

>check twitter
>he posts his 12 year old daughter there
Uuuuuh. I genuinely hope this is just a clueless person because he posts basically all his info on there while interacting with creeps?

No. 1565889

No. 1565891

He's weird as hell, obsessing over fictional characters and a fictional ship. Ewww. I expect this behavior from women under 35, honestly.
Rachel sure knows how to pick them.

No. 1565894

>I expect this behavior from women under 35, honestly.
Scrotes are retarded and autistic as fuck. You just have to look at reddit consoomers or the guys from kiwi trying to do gayops and their king CwC.

No. 1565895

Found a retweet of his talking about abusers, funny how he's siding with an abuser. Ew.

No. 1565900

File: 1655661724396.jpg (94.21 KB, 1080x239, onionthread.jpg)

No. 1565921

File: 1655662920873.png (1.78 MB, 810x6862, Rachel milk pile 1.png)

A lot of stuff that I covered in the imgur comments below each image. Easier to read in this way imo after the different image collages I have been attempting.
I honestly cannot believe the luck in my time I have had here.
So glad I got there before Mike but I can almost say with certainly that he knows. Plate Gang is around Elaine, Elaine is around Mike, Rachel is lusting after her lost childhood friend named Mike.

I need to lay down.

No. 1565924

File: 1655662986115.png (419.55 KB, 790x1822, Rachel milk pile 2.png)

And the rest, if she makes more organically I will cap. If Mike comes in I may blow cover to chase him off but only as a last resort, Rachel is best by herself.

No. 1565929

I bet she got fired for being a pedo

No. 1565934

File: 1655663593996.png (1.01 MB, 1060x1440, meme (3).png)

No. 1565937

File: 1655663940452.jpg (11.23 KB, 190x265, mike.jpg)

>Mike knows
You just know he's going to be pic related

No. 1565940

File: 1655664014194.png (88.21 KB, 918x626, extra rachel 1.png)

Just got into the interrogation chamber, gonna try having a local friend verify for me. Rachel says it is to screen for age of 18 but this is all she says in the channel. So she really only cares about screening for 'trolls' not how old someone is before they view porn and are in channels where adults are sexually rping and other gross shit.

No. 1565949

The Moogle gestapo is knocking on your door.

No. 1565966

Eventually these kids are gonna look back and realise how fucked up it was of her to be talking about sex uninvited. She’s gonna do it eventually.

And someone will eventually look out of curiosity at these threads since she’s already brought it up.

No. 1565987

oh no not the ip address!
rachel being shunned by entire communities is no individuals fault except hers, and its obviously never going to drive her off the internet because shes STILL going after people on twitter and posting here. stfu.
youre literally just responding to a random person though, you doont know who they are or what they may or may not have done, and besides why would anyone "support" someone so retarded.

No. 1565991

Nonna it's cool, GP & Mike sorted it out even if it was a little retarded

No. 1565993

>in the past month and a half I have had more cheap Ws than I can count

Annotating your own milk drops because the fat lady made you feel insecure about your ops. Truly top zzozz

No. 1566002

File: 1655667470743.jpg (185.48 KB, 1440x2037, Screenshot_20220526-202749_Gal…)

I hate to break it to you but this 'Michael' is one of her big brothers LMAOOOOOO

No. 1566004

File: 1655667568882.jpg (153.34 KB, 1297x669, Barbara_redacted.jpg)

Sorry to samefag but I needed this to back up. She mentions having a big brother on her OF thread.

No. 1566010

Yep, so she has basically confirmed that she's masturbated with her brothers controller. Absolutely amazing to hear it come from her own mouth

No. 1566013

The incest thing wasn't an exaggeration hahaha holy shit that's some quality milk.

No. 1566028

There's a lot to unpack, my tiny brain zeroed in on that first.

No. 1566042

File: 1655669589065.png (167.94 KB, 800x800, oldfag meme.png)

No. 1566044

lmao you faggot

No. 1566046

>made you feel insecure about your ops
>Michael quoting something that applies the most to himself

No. 1566053

>Lurking in a Rachel server until it's publicly made known and scrambling my ass off.

Legit question, in my sphere we do not call that an op if it is literally just one person. Have I ever actually oped? what is an op in this space?
I am confuse. Why is one Kansans and the other not Ar-Kansas? Nonnas explain!

Nah on the real none of the other scrotes that wear pink(loved that name)were with me so I don't think it qualifies. I think us raiding small imageboards with Sheriff memes are ops but not this, can someone clear me up?
Go ahead and rate me puzzle pieces and clocks.

No. 1566067

It's not ops, it's just Michael projecting like with everything else.

No. 1566069

hold up hold up hold up, where are we getting that she sexually assaulted her bro's controller?

she says she played n64 smash [bros] and caused drift on the joystick, meaning she broke it by being a spazzoid, what am I missing here

No. 1566078

Moid detected.

No. 1566092

I have seen the term be used for using controllers for masturbating too so I admit there may have been a miscommunication there. She does talk about masturbation a lot so I really would not be surprised.

No. 1566100

File: 1655672059544.png (7.95 KB, 274x82, hormonal inbalance.png)

Another user hits her with the thinking face and she immediately switches the subject, the context clues all lead to incestual cooming, do not forget that Rachel has others to astroturf for her now.

Also def a hormonal imbalance.

No. 1566102

She could have PCOS.

No. 1566103

File: 1655672198541.png (79.18 KB, 757x545, in general....png)

Samefag, More context, this is more recent when Rachel ignores a user's pleas not to make a FF7 NSFW for once. It's in gen chat where minors and unvets are.

No. 1566106

Most certainly, my apologies, my brain lumps that into hormonal issues.

No. 1566111

or just someone who's never heard that before soz

I want to believe she's not that gross, eugh

No. 1566121

PCOS definitely can add to weight issues but it also means she's definitely not as fertile as she liked to brag about. I wonder if that's why she's so obsessive about the breeding kink thing.

No. 1566158

Only difference is Rachel is a virgin and CWC isn't.

No. 1566225

Doesn’t PCOS also have the symptoms of excessive hair? It might explain her insistence on her hairy legs (and her moustache looking at her ugly selfies) being fine and she doesn’t have to shave them.

I had a random thought that Rachel would try to be a surrogate since she wants kids so bad and insists she’s going to have a child in a years time, but the thing is they look at your medical and educational history. Then I realised even on a personal level, no one would want her genes for their baby. And she’s not healthy and her scoliosis would cause problems for her.

No. 1566237

File: 1655684401207.png (247 KB, 1920x1080, nsfw1.png)

Thank God I was pretty much asexual before this, please remember me by the milk I delivered and not my enormous amounts of autism, I am dying nonnas…
It's funny, but highly disgusting, you have been warned. Idk if it gives me away at this point, I am a changed person from this experience.
Important note, she did not require to see my face just birth date on an ID so these all could be minors in here, I was smart enough at that age to borrow an older friend's ID, and if I had older siblings it would be easier. As a moralfag, I really do not know what to do at this point, this is horrifically primed grooming grounds. So much of it was bad that I essentially have the whole channel capped, I avoid most images and considered using a channel stip but this will be easier for you all to read. It's not grosser in concept than using your brother's controller and then lusting after an older man with his exact name…but it's pure horrid degeneracy.

A user that is 18+ or so they claim, have fun.

No. 1566240

File: 1655684519468.jpeg (Spoiler Image,217.41 KB, 1920x1080, nsf2.jpeg)

Im spoilering these two actually.

No. 1566242

File: 1655684556317.png (Spoiler Image,681.31 KB, 1920x1080, nsfw3.png)

Like was so just unphased I'm like yeah just upload uncensored porn, fuck it.

No. 1566253

File: 1655685089262.png (Spoiler Image,71.06 KB, 477x323, oh yeah I forgot this.png)

Why did they have to draw this, why?

No. 1566257

Lmao, does she have roles for the NSFW stuff so the minors or those who don’t want to opt in that material can’t access it or is she too stupid to figure that out?

Of course she would creep up the place immediately. What a pedophile.

No. 1566259

File: 1655685250634.png (18.99 KB, 576x171, fun nugget.png)

This got posted while I was compiling caps, it's just a regular funny about Rachel fucking up a simple thing to do on discord.

No. 1566269

Insert Cardi B's "AAAAAAA WHAT THE FUCK" here

No. 1566300

They're talking about Alcohol and Rachel is bragging about drinking in the general chat, not the nsfw, not that it matters by how she vets.
Point is, is it even worth capping after that?

No. 1566325

She’s like a child mentally.

Why would any 30 year old brag about drinking booze? Why can’t she talk about anything normally and stay away from inserting sex into everything? It’s not cute

No. 1566339

File: 1655689549054.png (96.22 KB, 981x540, ridiculous.png)

This is insane, watching Cannibal Holocaust with minors? Just wtf dude, like how?!

No. 1566350

File: 1655690113428.png (27.12 KB, 827x318, gay indoctrination.png)

File name says it all.

No. 1566352


No. 1566362

Screen record it if possible if she ends up doing it. Gonna useful evidence for the authorities.

No. 1566364

Luckily they are streaming games instead as like, I can handle that tomorrow but not right now, not after what I saw today.
Sephiroth mpreg.

No. 1566432

File: 1655695297057.png (Spoiler Image,1.68 MB, 1284x1763, cockandballs.png)

is that the same artist who drew Seph's dick with the balls on top?

No. 1566440

File: 1655696017874.png (50.69 KB, 789x278, malk 1.png)

She doesn't know about the leaks yet so I find it hilarious she is hating on the Info Center when it's the least of her worries.

No. 1566460

If she honestly thinks that they’re not gonna look through the account first before reporting it, she’s fucking delusional lol

No. 1566463

Now she will because Fairsinfo tweeted out that photo lol. She’s gonna go on a rampage soon.

No. 1566464


No. 1566473

File: 1655698570433.png (Spoiler Image,225.27 KB, 613x791, not in the nsfw.png)

Porn in the minor channels, was only a matter of time.

No. 1566475

Ha ha, what the fuck? For anons who don't know, all the animal abuse and killing in that film is real, and iirc it featured several gruesome murder and rape scenes too.

No. 1566478

File: 1655698870252.png (Spoiler Image,79.13 KB, 782x700, 16 year old.png)

Heres the 16 year old, there are a few other users who sounded off ages 13-15.
So ate least 4 minors claiming to be minors, and she has porn in the general areas and wants to stream yeah an actual gore video.
This is grooming.

No. 1566505

makes sense that she would only want a server to try and force people to report them, which is hilarious she was just throwing a fit over them “breaking rules”

No. 1566508

Ya say that like you're in there or something.

No. 1566509

how would that imply that? her fit was on twitter

No. 1566511

Oh just checking because I have cause to.

No. 1566514

Yeah and I should be the only one, but I am not.

No. 1566519

Indeed, just a shame that people couldn't handle 5 hours and had to come in from Elaine's gay-opping server.

No. 1566521

File: 1655703913040.png (85.56 KB, 659x759, malk2.png)

No. 1566522

File: 1655703968270.png (122.77 KB, 662x712, malk 1.png)

No. 1566523

no poor child, rachel is that extreme with the drama

No. 1566524

It's kinda hard not to step in.

No. 1566528

as sad as it is that we have to watch from the sidelines, they'll likely come to regret ever interacting with her and giving her their pity. give her an inch and she'll take a mile.

No. 1566529

Yupp, that's the thing with manipulators, so often the victim has to save themselves as anyone trying to will be painted as a monster out to consume them…while they're being consumed by the monster saying it.

No. 1566561

Doesn’t want them involved in drama yet does a mass ping to involve them in it.

Rachel, stop getting children to fight your battles for you and stop manipulating them too.

No. 1566597

Rachel saying it's "not optional" is too funny. What a self centered fatty.

No. 1566620

I've got a weird feeling. That server feels like a honeypot of sorts. There's no way she doesn't know that this is being posted here and she's got leaker(s) in the server. Maybe she is that stupid, I don't know. To me it feels like there's an ulterior motive.

I don't know what her end game is but I'd just advise everyone to be careful. As we all know this is definitely a lolcow who has people around her willing to stage gayops and that might be rubbing off on her.

She is desperate for "popularity" as seen by her posts about wanting the server to become bigger and better than the servers she's been banned from. But she's also desperate to get any morsel of information on her detractors so she can try to dox them or convince Naught and Mike to help her.

I don't know which desire outweighs the other, so I'd encourage anyone who is in there to be careful and scrutinize things to see if she's just fucking with you or if she's legitimately acting like this. I wouldn't put it past her to be using her acting like this in Discord to draw focus away from something else she might be doing.

I get a weird feeling about the server. I've been wrong before, but I'm just wondering what the bigger picture is or if she's that stupid.

No. 1566621

This genuinely sounds like astroturf to try and undermine all the unintentional truths someone told. Btw haven't you noticed how very few people here use first person pronouns?
The user base does.
I do.
How's it going?

No. 1566625

I think you misread it, then. It isn't trying to astroturf, I'm just saying that's my take on it. She's definitely up to something but I wonder what the endgame is. Is she doing this because she's unironically that retarded or is there something else going on?

No. 1566628

Yes, she is unironically that retarded and is now panicking and instead of maybe like thinking about how imageboard culture works, she is probably only finding out because a certain user told them.

No. 1566630

Sure would be a shame if Erika lied about how many people were in that server, why Rachel would probably be told by one that another random person was the leak and then who knows, she could just dance and leak milk for eternity picking apart her own discord due to her paranoia.
Rachel is not that smart, either are the trolls on her discord friends list.

No. 1566631

She lives on her threads usually. Maybe she stopped looking, but it isn't a stretch to believe she hasn't at least had a peek especially after Fairs Info Center posted about it. She knows FIC has posted here and is also potentially posting on KF, under what user we don't know but it isn't a stretch to say FIC could possibly have an account there.
We also know that she's looking for any way possible to have a "gotcha" on the people she thinks are harassing her.
It'll be interesting to see how it pans out after all.

No. 1566633

File: 1655717840358.jpg (211.6 KB, 1080x680, Youweremybrotheranakin.jpg)

Samefag, begun the meltdown has.

No. 1566634

It is a stretch actually, not gonna leak their DMs but that is a very weird implication for a nonnie to make, are you new here perhaps?
AC is harassing her, so is Naught, she hasn't gotten any gotchas and anyone. She tries, she will come in here and go "only I won, cope and seethe about it" but she scaled back since opening the discord. Exactly at the same time, so she learned to stop posting or she has her janny friend come in to defend her now.
Yuuuuuupp I can just say she found out about the leaks two hours ago from what I can tell.

No. 1566635

File: 1655717907837.jpg (197 KB, 1080x573, thisreadsasashitpost.jpg)

Right as I was capping the last one she posted this.

No. 1566636

Mea culpa then, because I never believed someone was capable of being that dumb.

No. 1566637

File: 1655718227911.png (19.61 KB, 590x170, lol said the scorpion.png)

Look at who she's off blaming for the leaks, that's all that anyone needs to know about Rachel's intelligence level but it's all G I just know people are gay-oping atm so I am very suspicious of anyone giving Rachel any benefit of the doubt lol.

No. 1566640

Oh she is schizo melting, scroll up nonnas follwing along. I legit need to go to bed or I would cap but she is accusing a bunch of random people of leaking and doxing. She isnt blowing up inside the discord, shes blowing up outside of it.

No. 1566643

File: 1655718991093.png (185.98 KB, 602x649, kino4.png)

Oh and one last thing, in her tweets you can see shes using the twitter account of the guy I doxed up above.
Pay more attention to him, I doxed him for a reason and haven't released all I got yet.

No. 1566647

And no that isnt a brag, dude literally had everything on his instagram fuck you EFM, Elaine, and Mike ya clout chasing pick me fucks.

No. 1566649

I'm blind, where's the dox? Someone help.

No. 1566652

So much stuff today I can't blame ya.>>1565867 blends in towards the bottom and I meant Twitter but I've been up two days straight now, you ladies got this!

No. 1566655

This one holy jeez I'm so sorry

No. 1566656

My caps are on my computer but he had his old Twitter as that picture. Switched the pfp since the drop so scary thought, he might have found the leaks first.

No. 1566661

So that Aerith account she's using to spy is actually his? Woah

No. 1566677

She been using that account to spy on people that have her blocked for years. It’s the only account she doesn’t interact with anyone. FIC has made posts dating back to 2020 warning about this account. Just got to dig deep into their posts for it.

I don’t think she’s known that guy that long. And the full version of that image is porn.

No. 1566686

File: 1655726294982.jpeg (35.4 KB, 750x208, 0E125C8E-C9BC-4F28-9D79-21CB65…)

Someone forgot to cap this.

No. 1566689

She needs to touch grass and stop living on the internet. The cat sitting job is probably her only source of income at the moment…

No. 1566697

She alluded to no longer working at the bookstore, and cat sitting isn't consistent enough to even provide any income worthwhile. She's flat broke and jobless.

I really think she did get fired because of her threads. She claims she left because of pay, but I highly doubt that. The timing of her "leaving" her job after bragging about how great it was seems a little too suspicious to me.

No. 1566704

She must be regretting buying that “400” dollar table now.

No. 1566730

Doubt. It's way more likely she'd be fired for saying something inappropriate or being online at work.

No. 1566740

She thinks being in her server makes you an ultimate sephiroth fan? She doesn’t even have very much authentic merch. She’s got what? A Plush and a ring? The rest of the stuff she’s got it Pokemon, sailor moon and random drop shipper crap. You look at her and her room and you wouldn’t really know she’s obsessed with sephiroth in the cluster fuck of weeb shit she’s got all over the place. Kelly Eden would be more of a fan then Rachel since she’s got that huge final fantasy shrine to sephiroth full of limited figures and merchandise. She puts her money into her fan obsession. Even if she’s another cringe lord cow. What is it with cows and liking mommy issue bad guys?

No. 1566808

> AC is harassing her, so is Naught
I don't disbelieve you, but receipts?

No. 1566846

I was saying they both have used the account and display picture, same pfp when you dont know another fan makes sense but if you know someone you dont use one of their pfps. Wildly socially offensive, so they are using it to hide that account from time to time. Not saying hes known her for years but saying they are probably account sharing now with how she suddenly shifts in the discord into a formal persona she could never pull off before. It's subtle, but it's there.

I have a KF thread, no employer cares because my account isn't in my threads harassing people. I can play it off as yeah i pissed off a couple terminally online people. Rachel can't say that because she has so many, so many instances of "Cant work on a team" and thats what matters.
Was it the only reason she was fired? No.
It confirmed a pattern her boss saw imo.

She's got a thing for guys named Mike that look like her brother you see, also she would rather coom to Genesis than Sephiroth, there was a lot of shit to come through.

Read the Rachel shit containment and Mike threads and then come back and join us so you realize how silly you sound right now.

No. 1566856

>I have a KF thread, no employer cares
With your real name? You must have made big fucks up to get to that, lmao

No. 1566860

That is probably the thread's pet tranny. Got a kf thread (made by Michael no less) for having a bit of a schizo meltdown but is pretty harmless.

No. 1566862

Really, you can't determine who this is from the context clues I left all over this thread?
You dumb or something?

All you need for a KF thread is to piss off a scrote.

No. 1566863

I know it's never funny to anyone else but me pretending to be retarded or schizophrenic is always hilarious to myself.

No. 1566872

Don't worry, your reddit tier formatting is visible from a mile away, people don't want to get banned for "hi cow"ing and feeding attention whores.

No. 1566875

Oh thank god, I never actually have to obvious post again, the smarter users will just know. This is actually a huge relief.

No. 1566928

What in the brainrot tarnation are you rambling about. No one cares who you are, tard.

No. 1566935

Who's who? Is someone namefagging again?

No. 1566936

If I had a thread on any site sharing negative things about me I would never admit that it exists.

No. 1566938

Hey look personal opinion on a random off topic thing, if only there was a thread for that.

No. 1566944

And we are derailing again because someone didn’t get enough attention as a child.

No. 1566946

If you are >>1566936 and thinking you're not talking to an anon being passive aggressive about you being passive aggressive then yes as you are clearly vying for some crumb of attention.

No. 1566955

Not who you are accusing me of. Just woke up and checking in to see the Rachel meltdown as it was starting right when I went to bed. Wanted to see the recaps but got met with unrelated content because someone’s own thread isn’t going anywhere.

No. 1566957

NTA you're referring to but idk why everyone keeps trying to derail the thread and no I do not mean the pet tranny.

No. 1566958

My comment applies to Rachel too, it was a general statement nonna

No. 1566970

Wait you think that Rachel's thread isn't going anywhere?

No. 1567009

File: 1655752243461.jpg (110.92 KB, 1052x959, fun twitter meme.jpg)

Right well really fucking lame how people get when there isn't fresh milk even like 10 hours after two glorious dumps. Here is something on topic, legit that nonna who is being passive aggressive we fucking see you and know who you meant. It's all ladies here, remember? >>1566928 - kill yourself, laugh at this funny twitter meme and don't try to chase clout by attacking someone with a thread, you only look like a pick me.

No. 1567016

The dumps are great. Is there anything more of the Discord?

No. 1567021

Working on that, rat in the henhouse I gotta get before I drop anything else, apologies. Dumps and memes are why I come to the internet but i gotta play silly games when others start them and that I like a lot less.

No. 1567040

There was an updated version of that meme pointing out her obsession FIC lol

No. 1567122

File: 1655758593776.jpeg (188.2 KB, 815x1304, 4DE9A8B1-C708-4279-94A4-955FC7…)

Not sure if this is milk but it’s updates from the server. There hasn’t been much and I haven’t gotten into the adult area since I don’t want to go though the “proof” process. So I don’t know if that area has any more milk.

She seems to know that there’s spies though. She mentioned it last night before going to bed at 3 am her time.

No. 1567131

Thanks for lurking, one of the accounts in there with you is gayoping fyi, I think they got in there before you if you are who I think you are.

No. 1567137

File: 1655759106951.png (28.2 KB, 648x148, nice gay ops.png)

Inb4 you say this again >>1566620

No. 1567139

In pretty sure there’s more then two. There’s been a lot of people coming in over the last few days. When they go though the interrogation room they give an obvious response.

No. 1567140

The one Im talking about was in Elaine's server.

No. 1567141

She’s gonna have a full on meltdown once these kids leave her server after clicking around. There’s at least 2 years worth of SS on FIC floating around and kids aren’t as stupid about whatever lies she’s trying to pull.

No. 1567181

File: 1655761532114.jpeg (57.92 KB, 750x314, 3854F537-94F6-4276-B7A5-338F2A…)

Doesn’t this fucking dumb bitch have a non-con kink? She’s been begging for ERPs where she gets raped

No. 1567183

File: 1655761587977.jpeg (83.36 KB, 750x542, 5D557B73-1AA8-4D98-A8C4-003039…)

You aren’t a victim though. You’re nothing but a masochistic, sociopathic, and narcissistic bully

No. 1567184

remember how a couple threads back she said she hopes she gets raped pretending to be one of us so she could lie more about what people say about her. if they really said that why didnt you post a screenshot rachel?

No. 1567189

Nobody wants Rachel to be raped.
Not a single person here wants there to be a chance for her to reproduce.

No. 1567191

And then she said she was glad Erika got raped, I remember. Wished she'd get raped again in prison too, Rachel is fixated on rape. I wonder why lol

No. 1567192

Doesn't this fat fuck blubber beast have a weird history with harassing/using people with cancer diagnosis's?? for attention or whatever??

No. 1567201

Yes, she does. The one guy from her school, the whole thing with her thinking Jennifer died, one of the roleplayers she harassed alongside Hyde….there's probably more

No. 1567220

File: 1655764477635.jpeg (164.21 KB, 750x902, 184E9801-5572-4AC2-A7D7-7D1322…)

It is not your cat’s Twitter if you keep going out of your way to respond to that shit you fucking dumbass. It makes it your Twitter now

No. 1567221

File: 1655764643036.jpeg (129.49 KB, 750x637, EC6992EE-7C05-4D26-906E-B6A040…)

Not you saying “Let’s indoctrinate the baby gays (who are minors btw) with gore movies”. in your Discord server. Keep defending yourself. It just makes you look worse and gives the authorities more shit on you

No. 1567231

File: 1655765241463.jpeg (118.65 KB, 734x590, FBD1FD55-957F-4919-B407-A2AF35…)

You’re victim blaming, Rachel. How disgusting. Children that young in your server do not have the full understanding of how messed up it is you’re exposing them to explicit topics like masturbation UNINVITED. They didn’t consent to hearing you whine about how you would have masturbated if the power in your ghetto ass house didn’t go out

No. 1567234

Best part to me is I think that Twitter is someone from her newest server.

No. 1567235

File: 1655765297597.jpeg (160.26 KB, 750x745, 6520EABF-1EEA-4866-86DC-696C63…)

No. 1567236

Stupid bitch can’t even mind her own fucking business which is why people keep coming around to read about her bullshit.

No. 1567241

File: 1655765490290.jpeg (20.34 KB, 750x205, FC69D7DA-26C9-4FC3-AF5E-BACF63…)

She’s on her way to getting this account suspended too

No. 1567243

your cat cant use twitter rachel.
did anyone happen to cap the one that just got auto deleted for violating the rules?

No. 1567251

Rachel you are FAT.
The more you deny it the heavier you get.

No. 1567254

Most likely her saying FIC should kill themselves or something along those lines probably.

No. 1567264

She's currently online on OF but isn't posting on her account. I think she got a 12 hour post ban. Gg Rachel, you played yourself.

No. 1567273

Hubris will be your downfall, Rachel.

Go on, Wikipedia and look it up in the dictionary. I’ll be nice and give you a moment to look that up

No. 1567296

damn now she cant bury all her weird freakouts

No. 1567303

Be suspicious of any further drops from her discord, I'll use my Twitter to pass on to DBS to drop on KF. Big time astroturfing in that discord, she kicked a third of the members(including me)for not knowing them beforehand.

No. 1567389

All the better for people to see how much of a narcissist she is.

No. 1567439

we dont really care about these freaks

No. 1567441

Hey fucko, Mike has a thread already, use it.

No. 1567455

sorry I have multiple threads open in different tabs and picked the wrong tab. Deleted it
also fixed sage

No. 1567484

S'all good, we are jumpy cause milk likes to self report to derail the thread lmfao.

No. 1567485

Yaknow Milk Thurlow

No. 1567759

Thinking on it, that server before she knew it was watched was very telling about Rachel operates and is the most True and Honest we will probably see it, much as it sucks having weens and trolls in there now, her picking up and astroterfing it would be good milk but there would not have been much anyways.
Having someone slip in(check twitter)when it was first made and then scrambling when Fairs announced it was the best thing we could have gotten, and we got that.

Sucks for whichever clout chaser is in there whispering in Rachel's ear trying to manipulate her, they cannot outdo that Milk drop.

No. 1567811

The thing with Rachel is the fact that she'll always be easy to follow because she craves popularity. She wants attention and to be able to say she's popular and more liked, so she'll fall into the same trap of making her shit public every time. It's why her accounts get exposed so quickly, she craves the attention.
She hates people, yet she wants to believe people are envious of her.

No. 1567836

I know someone still in the server and she did have a massive freak out last night. But the people in the server are also taking her side. Not sure if it’s genuine or something people are doing to mess with her more. Either one is possible. Most of the people in there are degenerates any way. Furries, poke-weebs special gender do not steal types.

No. 1567844

I sent a list of the people in that server to Fairs to pass around in case any RP fags knew any of them, a lot claim to be underage or borderline age and you are exactly right lotta poke-furries and made up genderkin in there, cooming and grooming, smh. I think the Elainetroll that slipped in is someone closer to Mike and I am so tired of dealing with his bullshit that I am not putting any effort into getting back in there.
Def, I'd say that the server was the final conjecture nail in the coffin for incest but it's not the 'proof' that it occurred, probably will be the thing most people think back to when someone does have solid proof of incest with her bio-brother. Besides that though, I think most tinfoils on Rachel were all but confirmed, Rachel is gonna go far(keep her away from)kid.

No. 1567852

It’s like going into the nintendo lounge at a convention. I can just smell the dirt, body oder and axe spray just thinking about it. Greasy hair, yellow teeth, pimple faces laughing at over used doge memes and shouting their actions like in roleplay. “Notices your bulge”

No. 1567879

So now she has a circus of weens and orbiters to annihilate.

No. 1567965

Honestly, with her level of paranoia and stupidity, I would have thought she any other drugs than weed, like meth. But she’s too stupid for that kind of shit tbf. Besides, weed doesn’t make people like that even if you take a lot..

No. 1568121

If Rachel isn't doing anything she shouldn't be, like grooming minors, what does she have to hide in her "public" server? Why would she be worried about it? Unless…

No. 1568147

i'm really surprised rachel hasn't had a meltdown over the incest accusations(or it hasn't been capped/posted yet). is the controller message the only milk for that situation so far? i'e been re-reading but there's also 10 threads of this dumbass so i don't know if i'm missing something since some anons seem very sure about it. if her and her brother had a incestuous relationship, it would explain her A LOT. lol

No. 1568159

The controller thing is a recent discovery. There’s not much more on that other then what you already found out.

No. 1568250

File: 1655852217828.png (91.13 KB, 813x251, lessthantree.png)

>I think the Elainetroll that slipped in is someone closer to Mike
Mike is in the server on a new account, pic related.

No. 1568283

>"deeply closeted weeb and otaku"

Asukaposters are sus by default tbh

No. 1568312

Proof? I'm uncomfortable with possible randos getting doxed. How do you know that is Mike? And why isn't this in his thread?

Fixed missing sage

No. 1568317

Doxed? It's a 2 week old account lmao. It's in this thread because it relates to gayops he's running in Bertha's server. And no I won't tell you how I know, Mike.

No. 1568320

Who's getting doxed? Speculation on who owns a sussy Discord account is not doxing.

No. 1568322

If they're running gayops I hope they'd at least share some milk with us.

No. 1568323


No. 1568324

Saying that you're a retard for posting some random discord and calling it Mike doesn't make me Mike, not when I've been witness to the absolute pants shitting retardation going on with some posters in this thread on AMB and other sites. Post proof that this account belongs to him or stop wasting people's time with your personal vendettas.

No. 1568325

>on AMB and other sites.
There's your problem, you logged into AMB.

No. 1568326

If it really is OF exclusive someone should cross post because hoarding milk is for faggots.

No. 1568328

>If it really is OF exclusive someone should cross post because hoarding milk is for faggots.
LOL implying OnionFarms is somehow a peer site, it's run by lolcows for lolcows, everything on there is milk even if not all of it is very good.

No. 1568329

A regular poster in the Rachel threads across multiple sites has been melting down on there about the same gayop narrative I've seen in the last two or three Rachel threads here, sorry not sorry for questioning something that seems like a continuation of unhinged schizo babbling and vendetta posting.

No. 1568331

>tries the high road then gets salty af

Pick one:
It wasn't posted for your personal benefit so lol calm down you spastic
It's funny to watch you get paranoid about whether your new account is 'provably' you lmao

No. 1568385

File: 1655862826058.jpeg (120.54 KB, 750x1105, B177D8AF-FF60-4EE2-9319-A0ACC4…)

What do you know, her sending those kids to FIC actually ended up with this

No. 1568398

if you reported her because you have personal beef with her on twitter thats fine, but dont post about it here as its cowtipping, unless you got this cap from twitter, in which case i would clarify that.

No. 1568402

With this particular cow who makes everything personal, uninvited?

No. 1568404

have you not read the threads? shes constantly harassing people on there and these threads arent unknown to a lot of the people shes fucked with.

No. 1568426

how is not capitalizing a unique writing style? im not uh, and on any other thread people would also say not to brag about your report deleting someones account.

No. 1568804

Rachel really does inspire everyone's inner lolcow like some sort of carnal response.

No. 1568824

More likely however, some of the users can tell when Mike, Naught, or Rachel are in the thread.
One should not have to hi cow them every time, and if you have not picked up on their unique writing traits they refuse to change, I have no idea what to tell you.

No. 1568836

Rachel's personal armying so it could be argued it's all just tit for tat really. I personally think it's funny a CAT ACCOUNT, AND NOTHING MORE violated the Twitter rules for hateful conduct, so someone posting that is fair imo.

No. 1568896

The first army she was in failed, now to see what her army of barely legal gfroomed kids can do.

No. 1568906

What if she's rounding up children for her to share with Naught and Mike?

No. 1568909

Yeah, yeah she is nonna, that's kinda why I refuse to leave because this is a powder keg of nasty that I do not want to see go off. It will not be funny, it will be .farm trying to bust a legitimate pedophile ring if it keeps going this way.

No. 1569011

still not uh, maybe you should take a break from the internet for a while if youre this mad lool.

No. 1569039

Don't Fuck With Cats 2: Don't Fuck Cats

No. 1569042

File: 1655926330630.jpeg (177.13 KB, 750x872, 741783ED-2AF2-4B81-AC71-EBE83F…)

Ma, the crazy bitch is off her meds again

No. 1569043

File: 1655926400949.jpeg (96.03 KB, 750x608, E049042C-CFD5-48B5-B2CB-5BFF5E…)

No. 1569044

i got the vibe that fairs admins were closer to her age, but i guess a 26 year old is still gen z, shes so weird.

No. 1569046

File: 1655926519068.jpeg (79.59 KB, 750x317, 81818753-FE7B-4C01-AE5F-5CC1FA…)

Nah Rachel, you’re gonna eventually get kicked out once the trannies you follow and retweet realise how much you hate them. Trannies are the most vocal out of the LGBT community, and once they start sounding off alarms about how much of a drama whore you are, you’re done for.

No. 1569051

wait a second, so this account wasnt deleted?

No. 1569053

Holy fuck is this an actual confession that she is peddling kids to Naught and Mike and trying to hide that fact?

No. 1569054

She thinks anyone on Twitter is Gen Z when the majority of users are millenials tbh.

It’s so hilarious she thinks Gen Z don’t know struggle when she has no idea how bad the housing market is right now, how bad inflation is and how it’s gonna fuck over both millenials (she’s one) and Gen Z

No. 1569056

Probably a temporary suspension? Or she had to delete a tweet

No. 1569064

How is a 28 year old this stupid? I’m slightly older than her and her stupidity ASTOUNDS me. She doesn’t understand anything about the real world. Her mother sheltered her too much.

No. 1569077

im surprised shes stopped adding numbers to her username, maybe she realized that its useless

No. 1569106

Rich of her to talk about obsession when she could just walk away from FIC and not respond to their tweets….

She could happily enjoy pretending to be a cat. Could have been a cat only Twitter, but she’s such a whore for drama and keeps muddling her Twitter with it. She’s so unhinged.

No. 1569174

Rachel you wanted to show a bunch of children a glorified snuff film and that's just the beginning. You're a pedophile.

No. 1569677

she's autistic and her mom abused drugs while she was pregnant iirc. she's also really coddled by her elderly adoptive parents chris-chan style.

No. 1570341

Anyone got any milk?

No. 1570343

She hasn’t posted anything on Twitter other than a photo of her cat sunbathing in the front window and replying to retweets with the cringe baby talk. She’ll let her curiosity get the better of her and will eventually rage at FIC or some other stupid thing she’s gotten mad over

No. 1570975

I wonder if Rachel will tard rage over Erika being allowed back on Kiwifarms

No. 1571318

To the containment thread with your shit

No. 1571349

Naught is in the thread!
Pop some corn!

No. 1571597

All I am going to do is point out that site promotes cow tipping and Rachel waddled her fat ass in, if nonnas were to register accounts under say like protonmail, nobody would know who they are, no rules broken. Just be a shame if she learned to be less brazen about running into a place with a half baked defense, under Naught's pedophilic wing.

No. 1571740

No that's actually Mike, instead of posting to LCF they have chased Erika there where all of a sudden her friends are crawling out of the woodworks.
Pure bait, I wonder if she knew Mike was there before registering, this shit always gets so crazy and I do not know what the fuck to even think at this point.

No. 1571758

File: 1656174796931.png (215.89 KB, 1363x820, projection.png)

Michael: Still haven't teamed up with anyone
Also Michael:

No. 1571764

Duuuude he is chimping about that black guy pinning him down, this is great!

No. 1571776

File: 1656176540199.png (69.08 KB, 1195x370, we know how it is.png)

Naught = Random
Mike = X3R0 Ring

Both are super obvious but made it more so by posting to OF while active there, like the morons we know they are…

No. 1571781

File: 1656177497139.png (206.71 KB, 1840x578, stinky.png)

No. 1571790

File: 1656178110190.png (192.73 KB, 1804x578, retard.png)

Michael replied on onion farms because reasons I guess
also the lack of self awareness is physical cringe

No. 1571793

He unironically acts and looks schizophrenic and is a failed tranny, it's amazing how much he uses it continually crying out what he is to anyone with two brain cells to rub together and yet some moids have still fallen for it. I still don't hate all men but i am starting to wonder if testosterone makes the brain dumber.

No. 1571866

File: 1656183138610.jpeg (222.24 KB, 1064x1600, blaine is a pain and that is t…)

A meme to help sum up things from the site linked above for anyone who does not wish to visit it.

No. 1571926

Rachel is gayopping with Mike again? Yikes.
I'm surprised she didn't break character like all the other cat accounts to chimp out about Roe vs Wade last I checked.
Guess she won't need an abortion because she isn't having sex and she'd rather keep her mangled potato spawn if she ever conceives.

No. 1572127

Rachel sperging out on her own thread on the Metokur forums is wild.
Please, chimp out in places where more people will learn about you.

No. 1572141

File: 1656203276405.jpg (206.88 KB, 1080x869, Rachel with a hard r.jpg)

She confirms the thread is hers and Sourpuss is her account, then she drops this.

No. 1572144

One of these days her talking like that will get her in real trouble in real life. She thinks she’s being smart by clapping back but she’s gonna run her mouth with the wrong person someday lmao

No. 1572145

it does.. i heard of someone who went on testosterone and had to stop because their brain was empty like they had no thoughts, sounds terrifying to me. theres also the well known fact that people who take steroids get stupid and aggressive, even more ot than the rest of my post but i find it hilarious, they also grow boobs if they stop taking it because they fuck up their natural hormone cycle.

No. 1572151

A user by the name of "Tard Cum Chalice" keeps asking about the tentaclerape account with all of those very suspicious likes.


Rachel is the only one who uses the Yzrch name. To further confirm, some of those images have her little autistic one liner attempts at humor.

No. 1572155

wow she said fuck it mask off i guess, like she really doesnt care about this shit being directly tied to her when shes trying to make it as a cat account on twitter? how would bello feel about this rachel?

No. 1572174

File: 1656205805949.jpeg (126.08 KB, 1324x686, bartholin glands.jpeg)

Vintage Rachel on the Metokur site (1/2)

No. 1572176

File: 1656205874329.jpeg (51.43 KB, 1024x471, apisophilia.jpeg)

(2/2) I guess the tranny wants to fuck bees, now. That's a new one to me.

No. 1572182

beware nonas who go to that thread currently Michael is posting gross old man porn to guntguard his wifey

No. 1572184

What does he gain from gunt guarding her? Is he that whipped?

No. 1572185

There was speculation (not proven as far as I know) that he was with the other fat bitch from California in the hopes of getting money and a visa, so there's that, assuming that she left him which I think is likely at this point.

No. 1572201

Rachel denies that the ID is hers now.

No. 1572220

File: 1656209267710.png (411 KB, 426x725, 1656207014772.png)

This was posted on the Metokur forums on Rachel's thread, is this actually her?

No. 1572221

That's Mike's ex lmfao

No. 1572227

Holy shit, if someone told me this was Rachel I wouldn't be able to tell the difference. He does have a type apparently.

No. 1572228

So does she, people named Michael lol

No. 1572231

where? i didnt see any new posts

No. 1572236

File: 1656210457948.png (28.14 KB, 1163x186, rachel mike and naught always …)

File name sums up how to take anything any of the three main morons say.

No. 1572241

File: 1656210678730.jpeg (30.23 KB, 750x187, CA22ED71-4A8F-47AD-984F-64EEB1…)

100% she thinks she’s a 10 across the board

No. 1572245

Nah, nonna, S(l)ammie makes Rachel look downright dainty. She probably outweighs her by about an Elaine.

No. 1572247

Rachel is so fat when she sits around the house, she sits around the house.

No. 1572248

Honestly, if she was smart enough to become a gyno, she would have so many malpractice suits against her. Her obsession with vaginas is so creepy.

No. 1572250

I’m stil standing by my theory Rachel is intersex/hermaphrodite and that’s why she’s so obsessed with vaginas because she sort of of has one but doesn’t really.

No. 1572251

Hence why she hates one that isn't fat.

No. 1572254

Rachel is still trying to say the ID isn't hers.

No. 1572278

File: 1656215271451.png (167.04 KB, 328x402, Screenshot 2022-04-25 234212.p…)

that thread already has 17 pages?!

No. 1572280

Michael is gunt guarding his precious pigwife.

No. 1572290

File: 1656216153140.jpeg (35.14 KB, 901x227, no words for this.jpeg)

Well, Rachel just admitted to possession of CP.

No. 1572294

why does she think that posting cp on sites will get them taken down and not end with her in prison, please rachel, be my guest.

No. 1572297

File: 1656216414383.jpeg (42.97 KB, 1304x229, that doesnt help.jpeg)

No. 1572299

No. 1572302

holy shit. this does not bode well for her the next time someone on twitter decides to write a callout post.

No. 1572306

She is melting down there hard (feat. Michael, the tranny, and a nonna or two), I don't know if she thinks she isn't being watched or what, but on top of it all she is there coping on Elaine's behalf repeating the same stories Elaine is telling across three+ sites about deepfakes and revenge porn. All of these freaks are hanging out on a Discord together and trying to run the lolcow uprising again, kek.

No. 1572311

I want her to have a nuclear meltdown and do the most damage she can.

No. 1572312

The fact she knows where the CP is deeply unsettling.

She says that she’s talked to the feds about it but she’s so fucking stupid she doesn’t realise the feds are now keeping an eye on her because the fact she even knows raises flags in their books. Someone from the government is keeping an eye on her and ALL these threads about her. She’s fucking herself over without even realising it.

No. 1572313

Lmao, why does she keep using “At least I’ve got a tight pussy” like it’s a witty comeback?

Anyone with an actual vagina knows why that’s actually not a good thing during sex. Cope harder Rachel about being a virgin.

No. 1572317

Hell I know that, but then again any sensitive partner would.

No. 1572381

File: 1656224002643.jpeg (82.79 KB, 750x526, 97FEFC2E-0951-4EC9-85A2-D5B2EB…)

Bookstores affiliated with universities generally don’t have corporate and multiple offices. At least the ones where I live.

No. 1572385

File: 1656224179917.jpeg (96.78 KB, 749x644, 27198276-3273-410E-9967-4E9F81…)

What happened to her polycule? Lol

Apparently since she makes 15$/h according to a Discord post, she was able to afford her house has to be big enough to have an acre backyard in California… something’s not adding up here.

Also the photos of Bello from her Twitter give away that her house is old as fuck and gross.

No. 1572498

lmao i love when she posts her delusions like this.
maybe if she hadn't had access to the internet or hadn't literally lived on it for a decade and a half she'd be a normal-ish sperg with her protected tardjob at the bookstore, a social life with coworers/at her synagogue, maybe even a roommate or a bf.
her parents must be terrified of when they'll die and she'll have to be responsible for herself.
it's her parent's house on the bello pictures

No. 1572510

File: 1656240258940.jpeg (141.45 KB, 750x870, C8912DC5-B7F5-4D20-B9FB-22D48A…)

I don’t remember seeing anything about her cholesterol levels unless that was more than two threads ago.

Mensa? Really? Then why were her essays mid quality and too simplistic. Mensa people are generally excellent at pattern recognition, which Rachel is not very good at.

No. 1572529

i love this. i want more mensa rachel content

No. 1572581

She's talking about getting pregnant again, ew.

No. 1572629

Rachel always refreshes my palate when Elaine makes things uncomfortably dark.
Did you see Mike try to taddle to the owner and get overwhelmed by 5 different people telling him he's wrong and projecting?
Shits hilarious to see him try his same dance on Erika that worked on KF, he still has people hating her from that(very easy to puppet a moid tho, lets be real), so it was carthatic to see it not work at all once people knew more about the two. Idk who this hugbox or black hand is and I thought it was jokes at first, and they're probably all people who cannot take themselves seriously but they produce some funny stuff with their cow poking.
Rachel flat out using the gamer word as soon as the venom pfp dude talks gets me everytime and then she turns around and calls him Erika, she is so insane, it's the best!

No. 1572690

Do you nonnas think Mike is responsible for the Elaine meltdown? Do you think Rachel knows about his involvement?

No. 1572692

Elaine uses Rachel to spam here with CP, Rachel admitted she will do so and has CP last night in a fit of rage to try and get her thread taken down on the Met forum. They have all been found working together, Elaine sells some crazy story that it's a second Null, then that it is her own family that leaked her cutting and piss videos, when asked if it's Michael she suddenly knows it cannot possibly be him so yeah I know he is responsible, I know that she is covering up for Michael, Mike has done this kind of shit before, but hell if I can prove it short of when he eventually tries to claim credit(he won't he always tries backpeddling when he abuses a woman this badly), I don't know the details but this is just a step up from what he did to one of those KF girls with her nudes.
Same song and dance down to tempo, pace, and footwork.

No. 1572701

File: 1656258980721.png (63.11 KB, 885x671, jesus fucking christ.png)

Oh fuck me

No. 1572708

File: 1656259294846.png (116.63 KB, 1174x785, already onto the prove it stag…)

No. 1572721

File: 1656260214660.png (98.25 KB, 1187x655, but never credit for his own w…)

No. 1572745

She’s having a meltdown on Twitter right now

No. 1572746

Please tell me it's bringing up stuff from that Metekour site and using the N word, please oh please!

No. 1572747

File: 1656261341077.jpeg (29.21 KB, 727x157, F526F27B-D240-4AAB-BE72-0B27CC…)

She’s so fucking stupid omg lmao

No. 1572749

File: 1656261381685.jpeg (75.74 KB, 750x463, 1C5B0E2B-7A9C-4C57-96CD-88C5EB…)

No. 1572751

File: 1656261504791.jpeg (136.8 KB, 750x616, E9C96819-61D7-4FE1-B999-F4889D…)

Wait until she gets bodied in jail for being a pedo lol. She won’t be able to talk like this to any of the inmates because the reality is that pedos usually are away from gen population to protect their disgusting asses.

No. 1572752

You would think with the amount of times he's tried "prove it" only for it to be proven he'd learn, but no, of course he doesn't.

No. 1572769

File: 1656262097176.png (60.95 KB, 1163x472, he did it.png)

No. 1572786

Keep this stuff to the shit containment thread if it’s not related to Rachel directly.

No. 1572817

Did she notice Tard Cum Chalice is supposedly an rpfag?

No. 1572819

Too busy raging about there being a black man on a site.

No. 1572840

Wasn't one of her rp boyfriends a black man?

No. 1572841

Yeah but I think it got proven to be a lie and that she was too crazy for him to want to be associated with

No. 1572869

yep. he said they never dated he just let her spew her vitriol for black women all over his dms, i see shes evolved though, even moids cant escape her racism now since a couple black girls tried to cancel her on twitter.

No. 1572983

File: 1656276322508.png (50.67 KB, 1174x467, from the horses mouth.png)

Some Mike milk that is a bit relevant, how is Rachel going to react to him being so open about le jewish question and pedophilia?

No. 1572986

Good question, in one of the earlier threads she kept on sperging about how it was obvious that she wasn't gayopping with Michael because a Jew wouldn't have anything to do with a Nazi, but since then she's been having detailed discussions in public with him about sex toys and God knows what behind closed doors.

No. 1572988

File: 1656277016465.png (386.42 KB, 478x460, Asylum_Demon.png)

Just wait until we see Josh's name carved into those thighs, pic related.

No. 1573235

File: 1656299778436.png (204.63 KB, 1715x522, Rachel sending death threats i…)

Rachel in private really does not like to own up to anything, and honestly cannot give a good reason for any hate boner towards Erika so we have to just assume that it is actually transphobia, and she would be based if she just owned up to that but no, she wants her cake and to eat it all too like the fat little piggy pork pie she is.

No. 1573264

This isn’t the first time she threatened to kill people. And it’s funny she doesn’t understand that’s can be a felony.

No. 1573266

There are multiple users on the sites she has threads on and it’s hilarious she thinks that all these rumours were started by one person. The yeast infection thing was started very recently and “Caleb” or “Nick” was the one who admitted that Rachel shat her pants. She was the one who made up the rape claim and jumped to conclusions because her reading comprehension is ass for someone in Mensa

No. 1573268

Does that count as fedposting?

No. 1573269

Most certainly, the person she is threatening is doxed so it's a lot more unclear if it is a joke(it isn't a joke and any fed could plainly see that lol).

No. 1573277

For Christmas I'd love for Rachel to be swatted for fedposting.

No. 1573288

Making Christmas, making christmas~

No. 1573305

the yeast infections thing is actually kind of old, people have been saying it since before i even knew who erika was.

No. 1573321

Yupp, Rachel is dumb and people at her intelligence level have a seething hatred for people who outsmart them, that was the only thing Rachel could truly blame Erika for so she went with a bunch of bullshit to try and paint Erika as a monster and her as the victim, fat manipulative little fingers just flying across the keyboard.

No. 1573324

Rachel likes having a singular villain to focus on, and she will ignore everything else just to focus on her object of spite. She attributes unrelated things to them. Like the cancer patients she harassed.

No. 1573335

If we wanted to stretch it, Rachel’s targeting Erika can be construed as a hate crime since she used doxxed info, went out of her way to message people related to Erika to release private info and uttered death threats. If Fate plays her cards right, we might end up seeing Rachel in jail not only for being a pedophile but for hate crimes.

No. 1573350

I mean, is it that much of a stretch when all she does is use slurs and plaster pre-transition photos of Erika? Looks pretty bad to me nonna and I am a big scary terf who likes bullying trannies.
Be a real shame if this got more eyes on it.

No. 1573361

Why if the news picked up on that it would really not be hard for them to paint Erika as saving Elaine from 'le ebil kiwifarms', oho nonna this could be fucking hilarious.

No. 1573702

I thought that "Erika" had simps/handmaidens here but the level of the current spergout is starting to convince me that all of these Erikapostings are actually him and maybe the poster with the Poison pfp from the Metokur forum, assuming that is not ALSO him.

No. 1573720

Hi Spooky!
That pfp is Venom, and nah I have way too many simps it's dumb to play me as a victim but hey that would be funny.

No. 1573943

Thought I should put some milk on the table. Nothing too spectacular about the reports, but maybe someone will find something of interest.(old milk, doxxing)

No. 1573945

Part 1

No. 1573946

Part 2

No. 1573947

Part 3…long because there's nothing to note beyond the fact that she's done little with her life. Psh lol

No. 1573948

Part 4 and fin.
Turns out she didn't scrub her public records from everywhere after all.

No. 1573965

are we really supposed to believe she voted for obama?

No. 1573968

She thinks voting for a mulatto gives her the right to say nigger.

No. 1573969

Besides being against the rules, all of that is on KF, lol.
Why would that be surprising?

No. 1573982

i was just making a joke, because shes like comically racist.

No. 1573984

Hypothetically I don't think her father is senile at all and hypothetically I think her mom is a very nice lady.

No. 1573989

Really, what clues you into thinking that lol

No. 1573991

Tranny magic some call it.

No. 1573993

Must not help that Rachel is unhinged.

No. 1573995

I'd believe the theory that her parents checked out a while back, but who knows, maybe some merge miracle will implore them to check again.

No. 1573999

They should, because Erika could file a police report in California because harassing a trans person is considered a crime there. They don't need evidence of the shit we think she's been up to, a police report would open up the door for them to search her devices.

No. 1574001

Which would not be as funny as say her getting spanked and having internet privileges restricted. I do hope that Rachel does not escalate things that far, she would wind up in prison.

No. 1574002

I believe a death threat is more than enough for her to at least spend a day in holding if something even remotely goes down.

No. 1574005

cringe cowtipping faggotry, let her graze in peace

No. 1574009

Nigger use reading comprehension, I didn't say to do it. I said it could happen because Rachel has made direct threats to Erika using doxed information and there is a solid case there. Something like CP is dubious, but she's provided endless evidence of her harassing a trans woman.

Her parents should pay attention if they don't want her to end up down that route.

No. 1574016

>N word
>"trans woman"

No. 1574017

Yeah, one user is calling everything cow tipping lately, don't worry too much about it.
I just can feel in my gut that somehow her parents just had some kind of wakeup call to try and steer this out of going down a dark path too.
Just some weird tingles, something in the air, I don't know.
I hope so as frankly all my cows are getting dark lately.
No the actual death threat towards what california classifies as a protected class. Settle down please, it's the internet and you are getting critically srs.

No. 1574018

I'm stating it how the crime would be treated, nigger. I have no issues saying tranny. But the godforsaken state of California believes trannies are true and honest women, until they aren't and need special tranny protections. Then they're a "trans woman"

No. 1574025

>n word
How much of a newfag can you be? Kek

No. 1574027

You are one clearly

No. 1574030

One user is thinking that only one user posts things they don't like lately. See what I did there? It is cowtipping, as is the other adjacent gayops that are going on, so why shouldn't anyone call it cowtipping?

No. 1574033

About as new as you, Michael.

No. 1574100

sorry for asking to be spoonfed but is this the bitch from the final fantasy house?

No. 1574110

No, welcome, pull up a seat to one of the threads with the most unique users in it on this site.
Rachel is summed up rather well at the top of the OP as well as on a Metekour Forum that is linked above which compiles everything she has gotten up to since coming back to complain about her having a thread that was dead.

No. 1574115

She is not but she is another great demonstration of the lunacy that Sephiroth fan girls tend to be. Interestingly enough it seems like Rachel was groomed at a young age with Sephiroth porn by another degenerate named "Jennifer", but not that Jennifer (Jennifer Cornet) from the FF7 house. Anon who doxed "our" Jennifer (Jennifer Maben) here, and I really wondered until I found her when all I had to go on was that first name and the grooming accusations, lol.
Isn't the Metokur forum OP just a compilation of .farm OPs, all of which are linked in the OP here?

No. 1574128

Nah it is some more things as well as the best milk from threads from here and KF, so it is worth a check and honestly a decent digestion. Surprisingly the tranny actually removed a lot of the bias, missed some, missed some things that are slightly off, but overall for anyone new it's a good intro.

Big props on the Jenn dox, ngl that really helped me form how I think Rachel thinks in my mind and understand why she does some of the dumb things she does.

No. 1574315

So Rachel has been browsing that tentaclerape site since she was a minor. I've found more accounts linked to her, but nothing that would constitute as new milk just yet.

No. 1574671

Did she threaten a social worker? If it was reported hahaha that's a natural consequence.

No. 1574701

Probably doesn't help that she's hanging with pedophiles either. Her communications with them must be interesting.
If she's roleplayed sexual shit with minors I'd expect that to be scrutinized as well.

No. 1574736

If you want to thinly veil your cowtipping this is not the way. If something interesting happened (maybe you tipped, maybe someone else did) provide receipts or fuck off.

No. 1574765

If there is a cap or something of her talking about a social worker visiting or something that is in no way cow-tipping to post it. You just implicitly having admitted to cow-tipping certainly is, though. Trannies and RPers are cancer and need to let our cows graze in their pastures and look, don't touch.

No. 1574781

If you or someone cowtipped post it to the meato forum then, no rules there.
Then someone can post it here and laugh at you for cowtipping.

Unless it didn't happen.

No. 1574811

I'll wait for Erika to post the milk…oh wait…we let spooky bones bully UH off the site…that's right…

No. 1574812

Samefag but ooooooo that got you real quiet huh? Thought so.

No. 1574814

>we let spooky bones bully UH off the site
God I wish this were true, but did you just admit that Erika has been the one cowtipping?

No. 1574819

Idc if Erika is responsible or not for cowtipping, I just want milk and all this dancing around is annoying as hell.

No. 1574827

File: 1656450751459.jpg (2.46 MB, 4096x7151, Blaine.jpg)

Oh my, it seems we have a cowtipper on our hands

No. 1574829

Yeah I think Erika was rather up front about it.
It's been on the Met forum lol

No. 1574830

File: 1656450925453.jpg (215.12 KB, 1440x1321, Screenshot_20220628-205056_Twi…)

Samefag, but 'social worker'

No. 1574831

> hated even worse than Michael
In one corner we have a wife-beating tranny lolicon Nazi who has released revenge porn of multiple women that we know of and (according to the person making the comparison at least) may have been involved in making Elaine self-mutilate. In the other we have an insane Sephiroth shipper who's made edgy statements around children, pretty fucked up stuff let's be clear, but claiming that Rachel is the one more hated/deserving of hate. So can I just ask: what the fuck?

No. 1574833

>Social worker is the only thing in the bio
>anime pfp
>Random account that only follows Spotify and somehow reached out to Rachel
Um, I'd like to press x to doubt.

No. 1574834

Nigger just saying it happened doesn't mean it happened, there are no receipts just a bunch of hearsay.

No. 1574835

Reading comprehension level: Did not see how UH was asking How are you more hated than Mike as it baffled them too…

No shit, is that like some gotcha? I really don't get this level of like "OMG burn the tranny" they legit are not even here anymore Spooky…

No. 1574837

Oh Maize got banned so this is why it matters now, Spooky is bored.


No. 1574838

> uses the same character as a backdrop that has been posted multiple times here by either Erika or the venomposter from metokur.us
I mean it's pretty clear what's going on at this point. And these people slipped up pretty bad saying Rachel is more hated than Michael imo. That's just deranged.
> Reading comprehension level: Did not see how UH was asking How are you more hated than Mike as it baffled them too…
But who would ever think that in the first place? It's a ridiculous comparison to make and just shows that someone is getting way overboard with their Rachel-related gayops.
> legit are not even here anymore Spooky…
"She's not here", "everyone I hate is spooky" this is really Rachel levels of crazy

No. 1574840

HAHAHA I'm not even Spooky but I love the reach.
I'm skeptical because Erika has made lots of claims, but for every 5 claims she makes she can only back up 1. I've been patient and held onto hope that she'd actually deliver receipts but the amount of things that have gone without receipts towers over the things that do have receipts.
If something big with Rachel is underway imma need some hard evidence.

No. 1574842

Ask her yourself on Met, oh wait you got chased off of it…nice try…

No. 1574843

samefag but >>1574837 yeah spooky is definitely known for calling Erika or any other tranny by her preferred name/pronouns, lol fuck off

No. 1574849

I think Rachel and Michael are on different levels, hard to compare.
The difference is Michael is aware of what he's doing and has no remorse, where Rachel allows herself to not see the ramifications of her actions. Michael has enough ability to empathize with others to understand how to deeply wound them, and Rachel has never had a meaningful relationship because she's so self absorbed.

You hate Michael because you can see him make these conscious choices, but you also hate Rachel because she'd rather not see and will do everything in her power to not acknowledge her transgressions.

No. 1574852

I'm literally not Spooky but you want me to be so bad. Squeal piggy squeal! Now I see why Spooky no longer associates with your schizo ass regardless of what went down in that Discord. You're about as reliable as a McDonald's ice cream machine.

No. 1574860

This is a good comparison. Rachel is definitely a sicko but I think it's pretty clear she is deeply mentally ill, I won't get into medfagging but something more interesting than just being super autistic like a lot of cows. Meanwhile Mike is just a legit psycho who has caused way, way more harm than Rachel probably ever will and takes absolute glee in doing so whereas Rachel is just totally self-absorbed.

No. 1574861

File: 1656451878727.png (32.65 KB, 360x290, c'mon ladies.png)

Really c'mon please just come to Met instead of sniping me here.
I don't want to be yelled at continually for breaking rules so I didnt dump anything, should I record my phone calls?

What the fuck do you want from me?
Just make an account on Met and talk to me there.

Hunny, I was making a joke because I was baffled how defeated the cops were when I was talking to them. They sounded so tired of her shit, it was a joke.
Especially with Elaine cutting herself I am trying to make things light hearted so it isn't so fucking dark. I completely agree with the assessment you made here.

Whoever is attacking Spooky or me, please stop we are both adults and can fight our own battles.

Whoever is anon posting about me here, you are a coward, post about me on Met or shut the fuck up, or necro my KF thread. Nobody has posted on it since I returned because it's embarrassing as is alogging me like this.
It's a year old, let it go, it's ancient news.

That is the person that posts on the Venom pfp, they were trying the friend route with Rachel after I called her mother. When they were blocked I called the police for the child porn threat, because, of course I did.

Yeah he is not a social worker.

Who are 'these people'? To you nonna, who are they? Who is in my grand personal army?

It's a one to one if you ask me in private, idk why I would release all info ever at once and in public, that's some cow behavior right there.

What is wrong with you?

Fully agree.

No. 1574873

Sorry love but that website hurts my eyeballs so no

No. 1574874

If the owner makes me a janny I will ask what colors to add for a theme then lol

No. 1574879

Isn't there a shit containment thread for all of this shit

No. 1574881

> should I record my phone calls?
Apart from the fact that you shouldn't be making them in the first place then yes, you should. You telling people not to attack people on your behalf is pretty rich as the venom pfp is doing that constantly on the metokur site and I'm going to guess that is him doing it here too. Otherwise you've just admitted to doing a shitload of cowtipping which makes your entire persona, friends included, unreliable with all of the cows you are currently involved with to include Michael and Elaine. I wouldn't dare speculate what the object of all your gayops is but I'm guessing clout or your personal deranged amusement the latter which is edging close to Michael levels of cruelty.

No. 1574886

Unfortunately it is there too lol

Okay coward.

No. 1574889

File: 1656452727489.jpg (274.19 KB, 1440x1440, Screenshot_20220628-224312_Dis…)

It definitely happened

No. 1574893

> Phone screen showed up as Ross, Blaine on caller ID
lmao the tranny getting btfo by Rachel is even funnier than Rachel getting btfo by the tranny, keep the kino rolling ladies and troons

No. 1574894

Hermaphabros stay truthful.

No. 1574896

Hi Mike.(hi cow)

No. 1574898

>takes glee in contacting blaine's family
Wasn't that Elaine not Rachel? Proof if otherwise?

No. 1574901

Remember when she said the police didn't care? I member.

No. 1574904

You know it is Mike because Mike is refreshing this page like an insane person and borrowing talking points from here, or because you have actual proof?

No. 1574907

I said that I called Rachel's parents who else would think thats getting btfo and unironically use the word kino? I fucking hope its Mike but youre right I dont know for sure I just have better cause than any other hi cow thats gone on for the last two months lmfao

No. 1574911

> who else would […] unironically use the word kino?
As far as that goes it's pretty often used used on KF and other places

No. 1574916

> I'm leaving again

No. 1574917

File: 1656453622879.jpg (72.23 KB, 1100x618, sings.jpg)


No. 1574948

> I'm leaving again
> I have less than zero reason to stay
Waiting…you've been shitting this place up since you tasted a slight amount of appreciation for dumping content and I hate everyone who gave it to you myself probably first and foremost.

No. 1574957

> I do have elsewhere to dump milk
I guess by this you mean cowtip and run gayops against your enemies so yeah have at it

No. 1574959

No. 1575013

The police wouldn’t just show up. And also, we don’t know if Rachel is lying about Erika’s caller ID since she has lied about a lot of thinfs. People can turn off their caller ID if they click around in their settings and I would like to think that Erika wouldn’t be that stupid to let their personal ID or not.. would they?

No. 1575015

She's on the Met forum as well, based off the stamps Rachel is claiming this from Erika's post alone, as Erika is always baiting Rachel or Mike I won't believe that until I see actual evidence. Glad some idiots jumped the gun and claimed a W on a nothingburger tbh.

People believed Rachel over Erika, that was why she was acting hurt earlier.

No. 1575021

> People believed Rachel over Erika, that was why she was acting hurt earlier.
I believe all of these people equally which is to say not really at all.

No. 1575022

Same but only one ever gets proven right.

No. 1575024

Dropping some caps on known major lolcows is not really the same thing as trying to organize a crusade against a known personal enemy without any proof, nor is it the same as trying to walk back cowtipping as soon as s/he catches shit for it. I think the degree of Erika's slipperiness is really starting to show through. Or it's not cute anymore, or both. I don't really care I just want to go back to laughing at Rachel and for the rest of this nightmare to go away.

No. 1575033

I'm currently on #RALMMugshotWatch, hoping that we get something good.

No. 1575035

File: 1656464278348.jpg (404.62 KB, 1284x1271, calls.jpg)

proof Blaine called me pretending to be a social worker.

No. 1575039

Hi Rachel and thank you. This is how you contribute to our site here. You will find we are equal opportunity in who we make fun of, and don't actually hate you or want to target you and ruin your life. Anyone who acts the fool is most welcome to their own share, and the deranged tranny is most definitely included. I hope you are taking care of yourself. If you have not done so already I would suggest letting your local police know that you are being harassed online. They will almost certainly not be able to do anything about it, but they will be able to make a note of it in case someone tries to do something really bad like SWAT you. And, God willing, we can all get through this and go back to laughing about dildos and Sephiroth.

No. 1575041

File: 1656464605243.png (101.36 KB, 1284x1267, pixelized blaine ross.png)

Also farmhands may object to the phone number being visible as 'doxing' so here is the same cap pixelized and a note that the number matches.

No. 1575043

So how do we know this is to a home phoneline and not Elaine who we know has called him?

No. 1575045

File: 1656464963299.png (166.22 KB, 1357x832, it was from elaine, mikes brag…)

Nonnas are being taken for a ride by Mike.

No. 1575046

Nigger that's a contact picture not a caller ID, you manually entered that.

No. 1575048

File: 1656465023993.jpeg (64.77 KB, 679x389, 507588.jpeg)

Glad you asked as I was just coming here to post. I would start with the fact that's the right phone number and whether it is or it isn't it is a paid cell phone (non-VoIP) and from the right area code.

No. 1575050

Blaine's number has been doxed this means less than nothing.

No. 1575052

LOL your cap just shows Michael reacting to this thread and Blaine denying it because of course he fucking would. I'm not saying anything is set in stone, any screencaps/etc can be faked, but yeah, given that Blaine has boasted about this particular cowtipping expedition why would we believe him?

No. 1575053

Because there is no proof?

No. 1575054

File: 1656465246196.jpg (59.47 KB, 1080x753, 20220618_053839.jpg)

The date format being DD/MM/YYYY gives away that this is Britbong gayops.

No. 1575055


No. 1575056

Yeah, everyone involved is a proven liar, so what.
And as I type that you know what I missed that and I will admit when I am wrong. So he harassed Elaine not and/or in addition to Rachel. Much better?

No. 1575057

Samefag, this isn't news, it was already proven the other night when he was sending her screencaps of Dyhnastia (supposedly) in a Discord.

No. 1575058

They're BPD Bonnie and Clyde but terminally online, what did you expect?

No. 1575060

You are a liar, stop jumping on shit idiot.

No. 1575062

Samefag but you knew they were gayoping and you ate bait on Erika are you a dumbass?

No. 1575065

everyone is gayopping lol

No. 1575068

I'm not gayopping.
The only gayops I involve myself in are harmless funny shit like people wishing Ethan Ralph a good harvest on the local news. That shit had me in stitches.

No. 1575071

It's amazing how fast this thread devolves when stupid shit happens.

That milk was sus because of the dating and now everyone is being retarded.

Let's just wait for better milk.

No. 1575072

File: 1656466137344.jpg (129.04 KB, 944x923, original.jpg)

You gayop for updoots and asspats, I gayop for things that make me laugh and serve only myself.
We are not the same.

No. 1575073

File: 1656466154806.jpeg (193.5 KB, 750x1033, A8B06AFD-6570-4C4B-8356-8D46EB…)

It’s funny how when she’s larping as her cat and describing it, it comes pretty close to describing herself.

No. 1575074

Well it was milk brought by cows so really should tip you off on it.
Despite what NPCs who swallow bait want to think, learning is something that is very enjoyable for most people.

That is kind of funny ngl, pretty harmless, I am curious though what is 'bad' about baiting Mike, Rachel or Elaine? It's not much of an op, it really is just lying and see what they come up with to spin their wheels. I am often accused of this.

So you should love Erika's ops then…

Bless you for milk, she does look so topheavy, saw someone post Mike's ex looking like Hank Hill and I think that applies to Rachel as well.

No. 1575075

Bitch built like a refrigerator, call her Frigidaire. Piggy nose and too much body hair.

No. 1575087

Oh this belongs in the louvre.

No. 1575097

File: 1656467924503.gif (1.12 MB, 376x250, animated-angry-cartoon-cat-2i4…)


This user is the biggest fool ever!
I hope you're one of the idiots that rushed to push Elaine and Mike's gay op on Rachel's thread, all of you look so retarded now. It's amazing the lack of impulse control 4 Kiwis had.

Amazing way to give a W to a person you are calling a cow, just eat the gay op from actual cows like a cow would.


No. 1575110

File: 1656469030971.jpg (61.62 KB, 800x445, final-fantasy-vii-genesis-800x…)

Infinite in audacity is the caucasity of these bitches;
We seek the milk, and take to the farms.
Gayops form on the pasture's surface
The wandering cow knows no rest.

No. 1575119

In the first chan, in the first slapfight, when the shadows first lengthened, one stood, burned by the embers of Armageddon, his/her soul blistered by the fires of autism and tainted beyond ascension. He/She chose the path of perpetual torment. In his/her ravenous hatred he/she found no peace, and with boiling blood he/she scoured the gayopping planes seeking vengeance against the dark lords who had made his/her thread. He/she wore the crown of the weens, tippers, and those who tasted the bite of his/her slap name him/her the Coomslayer.

Tempered by the fires of gore and goatse, his/her iron will remained steadfast through the passage that preys upon the weak, for he/she alone was the hell walker, the unchained predator who sought retribution in all quarters, dark and light, imageboards and xenoforo, in he beginning and the end. And he/she hunted the slaves of coom with barbarous cruelty; for he/she passed through the divide as none but cows had before.

And in his/her conquest against the blackened souls of the coom, his/her baiting was shown. In his/her crusade the oldfags bestowed upon him/her terrible power and amphetamines and with his/her might he/she crushed the obsidian pillars of the gayoping lolcows. He/She set fourth without pity upon the beasts of the gayop gossip circles. Unbreakable, incorruptible, unyielding, the Coomslayer sought to end the dominion of the jersh realm.

The age of his/her reckoning was uncounted, the archivers carved his/her name deep into he taverns of anyone else's thread but hers lmfao across eons, with each battle etched terror in the hearts of cows. They knew he/she would come, as he/she always had, as he/she always will, to feast on the milk of the wicked.

Despair spread before him/her like a plague, striking fear into the gossiping gayopers, driving them to deeper and darker pits. But from the depth of the abyss rose the great one, a champion, mightier then all that had come before; the Titans of immeasurable power and ferocity. He strode upon the plain and faced the Coomslayer, and a mighty battle was fought on lolcow.farm. The Titans fought with the fury of the countless that had fallen at the Coomslayer’s hands; but there fell the Titans, and in their defeat the gossiping bullshit was routed.

And in his terrible rancor between worlds and through time came the wretch who shall not be named, but in his heresy was loyal to his evil cause. The wretch adored the Coomslayer in a mighty armor, wrought in the fortress of hell, impenetrable and unyielding, with slap and skin of adamantine strength, the Coomslayer sent to banish all that were left unbroken by his savagery to the void.

Yet as the mighty Titans fell and dread engulfed the armies of coom, the demon priests of the gossip forum laid a trap to capture the scourge of hell, insatiable, even by the vanquishing of the great one, the hell walker sought to prey in the fields of farmers, and blinded by his/her fervor, the lure drew him in. The gossiping gayopers brought down the temple of the Coomslayer and in his/her defeat entombed him in the cursed thread. The mark of the Coomslayer was burned upon his/her crypt, a warning to all of kiwifarms that the terror within must never be freed. There he/she lies still, and ever more, in silent suffering.

They are rage, brutal, without mercy. But you. You will be worse. Rip and tear, until it is done.(autism)

No. 1575161

File: 1656474522897.jpeg (66.1 KB, 750x482, C2D18FFC-0D10-4782-95FA-7AD134…)

No. 1575196

File: 1656477958137.jpg (392.2 KB, 809x1715, targeted ads.jpg)

Even the algorithm knows. I was checking her twitter for my own curiosity and this giant ad hit the bullseye.

No. 1575199




No. 1575213

If that is Rachel, this is gonna be field day for when this comes out to light lmao.

I don't think her mother would ever let her even post here though because it would be just inviting more problems to their family.

No. 1575218

It isn't her. That's a man hand holding that phone.

No. 1575262

It is her, it isn't proof of cowtipping and it is pretty funny. There are a ton of pictures of her house to cross reference so feel free to do so if you don't want to take my word for it.

No. 1575277

Wait what, these characters are from the same series, are you the same person that assumed Erika was Internet Explorer?
You seem like it, if not, you're more retarded than fucking Burnbook congratulations sped, retard of the fucking decade trophy just for you!

No. 1575352

sad but that's not her… i don't think rachel would admit to still living with her parents and being allowed only 1 hour of internet per day. she'll die pretending she has a harem and a big house etc.
also that's not her typing style

No. 1575366

No she lost her shit, that is her typing style when she does so and that is how her house looks from the many pictures she has uploaded, it's just laughable how she went see? It's proof I typed a doxed person's name into the phone!
Mike was concerned about alogging spooky at the time so it was not him larping as her either.

No. 1575540

File: 1656518124474.png (340.15 KB, 672x561, EfGrrZ9UMAARRBV.png)

That is a picture from inside her house but nonnas are right, I cannot determine who's hand it is, it could be Michael.

No. 1575549

It's not even a call history see >>1575302

No. 1575554

Yeah what she posted was hardly proof of anything other than I typed a doxed number into my phone lol

No. 1575567

I do think there could be merit in what's being said. Maybe she is kicked off the internet, but I don't believe that's her post. If her mother approved of her using slurs that would implicate her as well if there was any sort of charges brought against Rachel for her behavior.

No. 1575572

I'm not sure if she would be smart enough to have someone posting on her behalf but then again, mother supervising her.

No. 1575579


I think her mom is in the same room so she can't look at sexualized stuff or groom in her discord but she isn't looking at every word typed nonnas lol

No. 1575630

You gotta remember her mom FOLLOWED THE ACCOUNT she was RTing dildos and sexual shit on at one point. Rachel does not give a fuck about letting her mom see her degeneracy.

No. 1575639

If that's the case, that would explain why her mother lets her daughter run wild and doesn't give a shit that she's terrorising minors and all sorts of shit unless the authorities are involved.

Now she's implicated in any legal mess that's happening if it's actually real and now she has to give a shit because she doesn't want to end up shanked like her daughter.

No. 1575649

> If her mother approved of her using slurs that would implicate her as well if there was any sort of charges brought against Rachel for her behavior.
How? She can call the tranny a tranny (or much worse) all day and so can the mom. People overestimate the capacity or interest the legal system has in dealing with internet bullshit even by the main actor themselves let alone her mother. Even in mega-woke jurisdictions.

No. 1575655

I think this is potentially Rachel's.

She has used the moniker of Innisdeceit (her YouTube url, for example).
What's interesting is the sheer amount of pedo jokes and memes she's got. Yeah I know internet culture back then was a thing but it's pretty sus from what would be a young teen girl.

No. 1575663

Gee I wonder who made that Ulquiorra twitter account now….
UH uses Aizen like the nonnas eating that up were hilarious, it would be like seeing someone with a superman pfp and saying oh thats the person who uses batman pfps.

They fell for a Rachel gayop, incredible!

No. 1575668

File: 1656526350122.jpg (36.8 KB, 376x381, pixel cleavage.jpg)

> What's interesting is the sheer amount of pedo jokes and memes she's got. Yeah I know internet culture back then was a thing but it's pretty sus from what would be a young teen girl.
That looks like pretty generic or even relatively tame 4chan/ED material from that era, really. From a young teen girl it might be a little unusual but they existed at the time and still do (Elaine, Bella) I don't really think you can read anything into it other than she was in that milieu. Pedobear for example was a massive meme on ED and often not even really on subjects that related to pedophilia. She has talked a lot about ED including in those old Facebook caps and she went to their Discord towards the beginning of this saga to try to PA them. Nice find, though. I think it is her too, she uses picrel somewhere else I remember.

No. 1575671

File: 1656526560756.png (286.95 KB, 1185x564, this is why.png)

Yeah a lot of circumstantial evidence but based on the twitter with exactly one tweet that just popped up, that's Rachel and she had so little evidence of cow tipping that she made two shitty attempts at fabrication.

Which again retarded kiwis ran with, and should be embarrassed about even if we know the tip happened, there is a clear reason why.

No. 1575674

The tip definitely happened, self-admitted, and it is unacceptable, which makes it even funnier that Elaine, Michael, and Rachel all seem to have run their own gayops to "prove" it when the culprit admitted it already.

No. 1575677

That and like it's funny straight up that she was reduced to an hour of screen time and after over a decade of abusing others one simple tip was all it took it seems to get Rachel to be monitored.
Unacceptable on this site sure, but, if you thought Mike having Rachel on Onionfarms and gassing her up would end well, then uh, you're fucked in the head.

No. 1575680

Please stop acting like this was done for remotely altruistic reasons. I will assume good faith on your part but enabling this kind of nonsense is what ruined these threads and you should feel bad.

No. 1575686

Ruined for your cruel ass maybe, but it's only funnier now for me.

No. 1575711

Another interesting thing to note is there's an Innisdeceit on Reddit asking about some loli monster fucker manga…hmmm

No. 1575722

Neutron keeps wanting clout for drama chasing and said the milk would dry up but looks like we can just find a boatload of Rachel's old accounts and her restricted time gives her less chance to DFE…

Sorry BP thots, you're wrong here, not encouraging a cowtipping but you ladies chimping out with EFM just proves who has been de-railing this thread and I'm so tired of it, just post to the Kiwi thread, it's already off topic as hell and utter shit even compared to here.

No. 1575757

Only good kiwi from that group is DBS, but she withdrew from the Rachel thread on KF. Don't blame her tbh, they're getting extra autistic.

No. 1575960

File: 1656548837316.jpeg (184.41 KB, 750x1027, 54DE20FB-EB1B-48BE-86C1-5E968A…)

Figures, since the tweet that this was replied go was limited to a select number of people.

No. 1575968

Samefag, made a mistake. I was looking at the Bellow account from the Riddlesindeepone, that tweet isn't restricted that the new account replied to is. The pinned one is.

No. 1575971

We already knew that Twitter account was a fake. Was it Rachel? Who knows?

No. 1576102

If this was all an elaborate ruse cruise I'll eat my foot.

No. 1576112

Well that comes as no surprise if your claim is true that she has been visited by the cops. But she's living up to her moniker of "female CW".

She will have to go through a trial if they did indeed rule that she had CP and she may be sent to solitary holding because if anyone in holding found out she had CP, she's good as dead lmao.

No. 1576129

That's not how that works, at all.

No. 1576131

They shouldn't even have her phone if they did indeed rule that she had CP.

All of her devices should have been seized

No. 1576134

Samefag, I'm being extra retarded today. Typo, instead of "they" it should have been "she"

No. 1576138

Why is she posting on Twitter if she had CP then? This stinks of Blaine’s iconic bowel leakage.

No. 1576141

samefag, hard samefag.

No. 1576146

Yeah I assumed that's what Rachel had said, didn't mean to sound confrontational. It's just another thing where her lack of any real world experience really shows through.

No one cares.

No. 1576162

Not surprising and cannot blame you, today really showed how much certain people just want to be drama magnets and break down someone who's objectively better than them.

EFM can go rope.

No. 1576167

Certifiable chomping chomping retard, that's what you are.

No. 1576169

Why the fuck admit you’re an rper you might as well just walk out into the street holding a sign saying “I have no life” it doesn’t take a genius to understand

No. 1576170

ok Blaine

No. 1576171

I smell gayops.

No. 1576173

You’re sure that’s not you? Go roll for initiative or something lmao you’re wasting your life here

No. 1576174

Gayops chased our milk away, death to kiwis!

No. 1576175

Ook ook bitch

No. 1576176

Leave retard

No. 1576181

Going to apologize for apologizing, they clearly sensed weakness.

No. 1576187

>not using a VPN
uh huh

No. 1576188

No milk only fighting and gayops!!! Milk is for fucking trannies!!!

No. 1576192

VPN's are for faggots and pussies, which one are you?

No. 1576193

Fight, fight, fight, fight!

No. 1576196

…oh, that's not a fun fight that's just spooky alogging again. Fuck off kiwifaggots.

No. 1576197

Schizophrenia is stored in the balls.

No. 1576199

Spooky larping as a woman, must be a day that ends in y. I knew he was Gay-oping, do you think it was his hand in that phone picture?

No. 1576201

With how much he hates the tranny I could honestly see him doing that.

No. 1576204

Since we chased off the milk we could have had let's turn this into spooky speculation to punish us all.

No. 1576208

If you retards want to alog spooky just do it next time, you don't need the cover of accusing someone here is spooky, or do you? Bitchmade lmao

No get fucked >>>1569894

No. 1576211

I'm gonna check into accounts that Maize was close to, this Green County Sheriff guy seems like a good bet tho, bunch of scrotes.

No. 1576214

Not you for one, lmao. I'm amazed people seethe so much over not being invited to sit with them kool kidz. Literally who fucking cares, this is as gay as speculating about Kiwi chatfags, it's boring.

No. 1576217

Do you think Spooky will carve his name into Rachel's thighs? I bet that's why he was bitching about UH cow tipping, he was about to abduct and rape her.

No. 1576222

I believe that Spookybones is a child molester.

No. 1576227

I agree, but kindly take this shit to the shit containment thread.


Number 1 sign of a gayopper is crying gayops first. Which one are you?

No. 1576228

Samefag to add whoever it was that showed weakness, thanks for this.

No. 1576232

I'll be honest I was mocking how ppl act about the tranny lol

No. 1576237

To paraphrase one of the biggest spergs, it's only funny if it's real.

No. 1576244

I will state it again: DBS is the only good Kiwi, throw out the rest.

No. 1576247

Third, seeing the others try to gas her up with gay ops was insulting.

No. 1576570

File: 1656601608392.png (24.04 KB, 145x212, coward changed to this.png)

No. 1576642

File: 1656605855885.png (66.41 KB, 1364x391, huge if true.png)

This could be baiting Mike, grain of salt, but it makes a lot of sense. Erika made a thread inviting Neutron to Metokur to gayop better, and Mike thought she was calling him a lolcow so he sperged the fuck out like any time Erika says anything.

No. 1576695

It's not me. If I find a way to prove it isn't, I'll post it. There's no point in me arguing with everyone saying it's not me since it would be a losing battle thanks to that tweet. I was not caught 'red handed' lol. I automatically assumed it was Blaine by the circumstances and I may have been mistaken. It could be Mike or even someone else? Who knows unless they expose themselves or someone exposes them.

No. 1576810

> Why are you still deadnaming her
Tell me you are a bad faith outsider without telling me you are a bad faith outsider

No. 1577274

Anyway Erika didn't you say you'd post the proof from Rachel that she had cp today?

No. 1577281

File: 1656643984327.jpeg (41.45 KB, 749x271, 2DB995DC-5E25-416D-AAED-5FDAD4…)

No. 1577287

Cat on the internet tells people to be whores.

No. 1577294

According to the Met forum she did not set a date on it but rather when she was given the green light.
Also the person from before said that it's what Rachel claimed so I am guessing it is from her discord server, do you want that cap now and lose any further milk by risking the mole or do you want to rethink that one there lil buddy?

No. 1577297

Sounds a little gaslightey to me, honestly. All I'm asking is to see some evidence that this isn't a gayops.
If their opsec is bad enough that a single ss would give them away, maybe they shouldn't be trying to sneak into Discord servers.

No. 1577304

DM her on Met and she might show you, I agree with ya there but it's on her to moralfag about and I don't think she's in a rush to prove anything, time will tell on what happened anyways. Thing is Rachel threatened to post CP on the Met forum so it could be the cops took that seriously but not quite enough to check anything based on how they have not done much before. I have not seen the screen myself.

No. 1577314

Does seem a little disingenuous to tease it and not share. It makes me wonder if Mike was right in regards to all of this being hot air, because she already mentioned having it. If Rachel really was gonna DFE she would've at the mention of someone having a screenshot of her confirming it.
Unless there never was anything of the sort.

No. 1577384

That isn't anything new or interesting. Just seems like Erika did cowtip, it didn't go as far as she said it did, just that Rachel's mom got a call and Rachel was quick to discredit her.
Police didn't do anything if they were contacted, Rachel wasn't caught with cp, just seems like projection.

No. 1577406

I hope that's Mike because I hope by now no nonna is actually that fucking retarded, what a nigger of a jew take.

No. 1577410

I'm not going to try to reply to all your posts but it sure is funny that this thread and the rest have been essentially dead all day but the minute someone questions the tranny suddenly there's a ton of people posting to trash talk me for simply sharing my thoughts.
This is why people think you're retarded, Erika. You aren't a rodeo clown or whatever you think you are. If you have something put it up otherwise you shouldn't mention it. If the person entrusted you with that and you're running your mouth about the content of those, you've already given it away if it actually does exist.
Really disappointed because I was enjoying Rachel as a lolcow, but it isn't worth sticking around with how incredibly autistic this is. I think Mike was on the nose about you. Then you're assuming people are attacking you by questioning you or disagreeing? That's insecure ass behavior. Enjoy your cow, I guess. It won't be as fun to share milk if everyone has moved on and nobody cares down the line.

No. 1578704

That is not me, I approved the halal because they were a tranny and I did not know Mike was at the time, if I did I would have remade his thread myself. Blaine is schizophrenic, not me! Why are you so obsessed with me? Jealous I did not let you into burnbook? Spero te mori(not regina)

No. 1578720

File: 1656779049848.png (90.75 KB, 761x587, yeah spooky you did admit that…)

Well as you namefagged I think I can post the relevant caps to help explain your motives.(tranny samefagging)

No. 1578721

File: 1656779090799.png (118.94 KB, 761x746, spooky saying failed nazis are…)

No. 1578723

File: 1656779185503.png (61.48 KB, 768x425, cool with ILJ lol.png)

What did you mean when you said you were cool with ILJ now? I think people will really want to know.

No. 1578728

In summation, I doubt that person is spooky above, it is far more likely that someone who hates the tranny and spooky has been posting most of these posts and their gayop is falling apart.

No. 1578755

ok but what the fuck does this have to do with rachel

No. 1578759

Spooky hasn't been active on anything the past few hours so the likelihood of that being them is low lmao

No. 1578761

It has to do with this thread.

Exactly so can everyone stop buying anyone posing as them or the tranny? I am just saying at this point it's pretty clear it's not them and it's been going on for a while.

No. 1578762

>It has to do with this thread.
no it doesn't

No. 1578764

It does when everyone claims any bad post is Spooky or the tranny, imo, if jannies disagree it is what it is but I am tired of the accusations and tinfoil when there is clear motive for someone to pose as both.

No. 1578769

>I am tired of the accusations and tinfoil when there is clear motive for someone to pose as both
same but I'm talking about >>1578720
>Well as you namefagged I think I can post the relevant caps to help explain your motives.
what does any of that have to do with this thread
>What did you mean when you said you were cool with ILJ now? I think people will really want to know.
what does that have to do with this thread?

No. 1578770

Completely fair, simply covering both bases as if it actually was Regina namefagging those are things I would like to know. If it's not, they can be entirely ignored. (95% case it is not them, they would have written a lot more)

Do you think I should delete those posts? If so I will, I would rather go on the "this is a gayop angle" and take the L if it was them, as is I am CoA'ing on an off chance.

No. 1578796

I don't think I've ever seen Regina type out mean girls things like "Why are you so obsessed with me?" like >>1578720 instead of posting a pic/meme, might be wrong but stands out as odd to me, just my 2 cents

>What did you mean when you said you were cool with ILJ now? I think people will really want to know.

>How can you be so obvious that even Elaine Miller can call out your socks? Jw
>if it actually was Regina namefagging those are things I would like to know
ok but this isn't the debate Regina thread, that's my point, there's 100% chance of gayops and fake Regina and fake Erika posts in all of the associated threads on this site. even if you get a reply from 'Regina' about those things there's no saying it's real. but you could probably just like ask them on discord or something

No. 1578798

I meant to link >>1578704 not >>1578720

No. 1578904

Not even a good impression 3/10

No. 1578928

Hrmmmmm pinned on the tranny again tho right when EFM is complaining to T&H yet again.
I'm hitting my fucking X button so hard because those are the caps that Erika posted to .org so it's quite obviously a moid.
EFM is not doxed but I think what's going on is he also lives in that chicago hub that covers 75 square miles so he pings as the tranny. Just my guess as I am also in that area and got pinged on another thread for just joking around. I don't consider this ban evasion as I am not a tranny, and I would love to see farmhands try to prove that I am. They cannot, so I know that they are handing those out left and right like award stickers for kindergardeners right now. Moids are making it very hard for me to use this site and I am starting to get annoyed.

No. 1578933

More tranny gayops? Yawn. Mike really was right, I guess.

No. 1578934

Yeah, I too will side with a wife beater over common sense. Yawn.

No. 1578937

Giving Mike a W is perhaps the most henious thing the tranny has done.

No. 1578938

File: 1656792937598.png (46.95 KB, 1180x160, price is right fail horn.png)

Ah yes a big W of, hey look the Met thread was an invitation not a halal.

Maybe read it before you give Mike a W in your mind.

No. 1578941

Mike might be a piece of shit but he was right about Blaine and his cabal not delivering milk and only creating more drama to distract from not having it. This is Rachel's thread and you people are discussing literally anything except for Rachel despite Blaine saying he's got milk.

No. 1578942

I'm on nobodies side, I am not the tranny, you came in accusing first, not me. You de-railed, not me.

No. 1578943

> Blaine and his cabal
Implying it's not just him

No. 1578944

Why are you accusing me of being in a cabal for providing more evidence of what you brought up?
Stop being so hostile for one second please and think.

No. 1578946

All the posts above mine are about Spooky Boner and Blamey Blaine.

No. 1578948

Funny names but that does not answer my questions, it avoids them. Are you in Mike's shadow cabal?

No. 1578950

I'm the ghost of his fragile masculinity.

No. 1578951

Again funny but avoiding my questions.

No. 1578952

Thought that would tip you off that I'm not, I guess it didn't. Oops.

No. 1578953

That is one question yes, not the others however.
You are consistently hostile so I am inclined to believe with your hate of UH and Spooky you just displayed that you were the one doing the gayop and now trying to blame UH.
Simple logic.

No. 1578972

I disagree with you 100%, nonna, I think it is obvious who it is and it's not Michael and that the obvious answer is the person who's been getting banned left and right for astroturfing, but let's move this discussion to the containment thread and stop shitting up Rachel's.


No. 1578991

Why do we have to be the ones to content chase? If we do, what's stopping the person who does ask from just reposting it here? Blaine should just post and stop acting like a faggot. If this was any other thread he would be ridiculed for behaving like that.

No. 1579685

I don't. I've moved on because I've been teased enough times to give up on there being anything of substance to come from Blaine. It's a shame but this is literally the reason why everyone else is leaving or losing interest.

No. 1579692

Well this harvest of sorrow is done then.

No. 1582006

The art for this edition of the thread seems oddly prescient now.

No. 1582027

Get in the suit tranny.

No. 1582633

It's been days and still no milk that you swore up and down was coming. Mike was right.

No. 1583404

Alright these threads have become outright biased and I saw jannies sweep a ton of shit and leave an obvious Elaine comment. I am done following this here, LCF is adminned by a man and the jannies are rushing about to erase women's experiences. This is unacceptable behavior and why these threads have been so hostile for so long. I will spam this comment if Jannies Erase it, I will take a picture of this and upload it a million times if they try to silence me again!

They have turned this into a one sided bias bash where they enable unironic psychopaths Elaine and Mike to come in, hurl their shit and leave. Jannies erase any pushback towards them and any posts explaining things to them. Instead they are allowed to act like little children. The tranny never was the problem, the lack of staff and their lack of ability to not display clear bias towards men is and always has been this site's problem. Now you got all of Rachel's orbiters minus the tranny shitting up other boards because you hyperfocused on the one bringing milk instead of the ones trying their best to prevent it.

Well guess what?
No milk.

I bet no original milk will ever be posted to these threads again because they are not filled with discussion but instead the jannies pet scrotes.

Jannies have moids they favor and it is super obvious, I will spam this comment if Jannies try to silence me. Everyone needs to know why people are not here, and it's not why Mike or Elaine will say it, of if they do, their janny friends will clean it up for them.

As such I am done with these threads here until the jannies can remove the actual moids and actual hate. I am probably done here forever however as it became clear that siding with a man who beat his one month old son half to death over any milk delivers has soured my view on the entire site which to be clear was already getting low thanks to this last year.

A man is admin, we need new staff, this site is corrupted by moids and scrotes who silence women.

The site's issue has always been staff and now you have staff that are clearly biased towards the cows. Good luck everyone else, you'll need it!(wrong board)

No. 1583408

The milk was posted and then deleted, Mike was right about what?
Beating his one month old son to death?

Fuck you jannies, you deleted the fucking milk



No. 1583551

They're deleting posts from scrotes like you.

No. 1583598

File: 1657307181323.jpg (49.06 KB, 411x439, jurassic cringe.jpg)

Posted by Fairs Info Center.
Isn't she monitored? This doesn't seem like she's being monitored.

No. 1583682

be more careful self-posting nona

No. 1583688

remind me why we’re gayopping in her server when she clearly wants to be left alone

No. 1583689

Nobody gives a single fuck, Fairsinfocenter.

No. 1583711

Rachel's back?

No. 1583738

FIC is still posting shit? I had wondered what those spergettes were getting up to now that the attention has all been on retarded terminally online side dramas.

No. 1583742

She's threatened to starve herself due to internet drama before, I think about getting kicked off an RP Discord in one of the very early threads. Which cracks me up to no end. Too bad about the cowtipping though, that's just gay.

No. 1583745

Cows never learn, and now we know for sure that Rachel and her mother are both cows.

No. 1583774

They’ve stooped super low. I’m anticipating a thread on them.

No. 1583777

Far as I’m concerned, she’s redeemed or not worthy of attention. This is just the tranny and FIC invading her spaces because they’re obsessed with her and FIC wishes they were ever relevant.

Also fucking raptors? Who cares. Furries love raptors and there is a bad dragon raptor dildo or something of the sort.

No. 1583780

Besides pre mentioned stooping and the times they’ve been outright wrong or violated their own code. For example, using chimping on Twitter and in their posts on LCF. It doesn’t matter that you would and could say chimping here as it’s part of the normal lexicon, but that believed they were above it (or so it was perceived) and then proceeded to use it anyhow.

Im not even convinced the grogu mod is real. Likely just the primary mod trying to make it seem like they actually have friends who believe in their faggotry.

No. 1583781

We won't really know until someone goes looking, will we? But I expect some mega-cringe. When we get alogs of that calibre I usually start rooting for the cow.
Trips speak the truth.
Everyone I don't like is (insert whoever you don't like)

No. 1583785

Knock it off with your conspiracyfagging, I’m just being realistic.

No. 1583787

Okay tranny.

No. 1583790

It’s not that deep, it’s just obvious you’re UH.

No. 1583797

That was actually my wife, and frankly this behavior from the moderators really indicates that they are a bunch of men.
There is no place for a true and honest woman to speak her opinion and I am leaving with you all calling her a tranny. You should all be ashamed and I hope your families all die(I saw the jannies do not care about death threats now based on the other thread so kill yourselves).

No. 1583806

begone moid

No. 1583809

I am a lesbian and I shall be gone, obviously women are no longer welcome here.

No. 1583812

A likely story. Regardless, speak with your actions and actually leave. Better yet, tits or GTFO

No. 1583856

I wrote >>1583812. I’m not Blaine, I agree in that he’s an attention whore and a despicable nonperson.

No. 1583882

Idc if you believe me or not. ¯\(ツ)/¯ He’s a rotten motherfucker and he scared the cow off.

No. 1583885

lol emoji ban incoming

No. 1583922

Oh Rachel, it's wonderful to have you back.
There is no redemption for you, zoophile. Raptors are still animals even if they are extinct.
Did you forget you had child porn on your devices and the cops threatened to take your devices away? That was you admitting to it. There is no coming back from that because you already stooped that low.
Look at how it worked out for Elaine.

No. 1583925

Ok tranny. Nobody gives a singular fuck about her, but you literally stuck your fingers in a dog’s ass. Stop bothering the cow. You already deprived us of her.

No. 1583926

You wanna tell us about your obsession with Mewtwo for all these years? Is that why you want to fuck cats?

No. 1583933

You wanna tell us why you stuck your fingers up a dog’s ass and why you haven’t turned yourself in or taken your schizo medicine? You’re delusional and it’s pathetic. Now you’re hallucinating about Rachel and Pokémon.

No. 1583938

I'm not the tranny, Rachel. But I do know a thing or two about you and the choices you've made over the years. You should know exactly what I'm talking about and that's enough for me.

No. 1583943

Says the tranny who enjoys fingering dog ass. Rachel is tame and bland in comparison to you.

No. 1583947

Only you use those mild ass comebacks, Fatty Patty. I get a better burn drinking milk.
If you're so sure I'm the tranny make a thread about it. Better yet, sign onto your account on the Metokur forums and message Blaine directly if you're super certain.

No. 1583953

Tl;dr dogfucker tranny. Will never have a uterus or children.

No. 1583955

You're fucking boring now holy shit.

No. 1583958

I'm not Blaine, Rachel. You keep trying to score a win while hiding the shame you feel at being a virgin. By the way, your mom confirmed you're a single virgin who still lives with her. No harem, not even a tidbit of interest in you.
People have bought Blaine's onlyfans shit while people would pay to never see you again.

No. 1583959

File: 1657345228472.png (41.12 KB, 300x291, 4414BE9C-BCB1-4914-86EE-3C38DF…)

No. 1583962

When will you starve yourself Rachel? When will you actually be a true and honest one hundred and thirty pounds like Blaine is? You're so painfully jealous of him you make this dog fucker cope based on him being a furry when he is obviously a bottom sissy faggot c'mon.

No. 1583963

Hopefully we get a prison arc soon then. She won’t starve in prison, someone will shank her before then because pedophiles have a way of getting found out in there

No. 1583966

All it would take is one more call from the tranny and boom, prison arc time, if I was Rachel I would be kissing their tranny cock right now but what do I know? I have a life to lose unlike her.

No. 1583967

Wasn’t her mother supposed to monitor her internet usage because uh, lol, all of that could land her in hot water with the police again

No. 1583968

Oh my, maybe her mother is setting her up to fail her own test by being a nasty little tubby lumpkins on the internet. Who knows, maybe Rachel will get her candy and stuffed animals taken away next time.
God that lie about having a house was so obviously bullshit, I am so glad she has no way to wiggle out of being a friendless, sexless, pest to society who's own mother needed to be told about Rachel being pedophilic to actually try and care again.
Rachel's poor mother is probably lying in her basement, hacked into pieces because she limited her screen time and that is why Rachel is back. Not from a lack of trying but because Rachel is a monster who killed her own mother to get back to defend herself on the farms except never post to kiwi because she is a giant coward.

No. 1583970

Bet her mom was busy today or got tired and her piggy ass waddled in thinking she could get away with using the same style of posts.
Her defending the dinosaur thing was the icing on my cake, she admits to being a zoophile thinking it'll make her look "redeemed."
She's the only one who talks about redemption too. Mike and the usual suspects dgaf about her perceived redemption, they enjoyed laughing at her.
Okay Rachel, we get it. You traded child porn for zoophilia.

No. 1583975

Samefagging to say she was more active on Twitter today than she had been since this whole debacle started and now "someone" shit up her thread. What a coincidence.

No. 1583978

>Besides pre mentioned stooping and the times they’ve been outright wrong or violated their own code. For example, using chimping on Twitter and in their posts on LCF. It doesn’t matter that you would and could say chimping here as it’s part of the normal lexicon, but that believed they were above it (or so it was perceived) and then proceeded to use it anyhow.

This is retarded gobbledegook.

We care Rachel you sick raptor rapist fuck! You're obsessed with FIC and the tranny, what happened to Ines and Spookybones huh? Tubby brain only has capacity for two targets at a time huh fatty patty?

No. 1583982

Probably did attack her mother since Rachel has been proven to have rage issues. Being a spoiled brat is her mother’s fault.

It’s only a matter of time before the police come around again and whatever happens will absolutely be in the news.

No. 1583983

Wonder if the news will say she weighs 130 or 250

No. 1583987

290 is her true and honest weight until we see scale pics.

No. 1584004

Doubtful, given her mother never had any control over her to begin with cuz she doesn’t even live with her parents anymore.

If you had behaved like you were told to, we might have actually gotten a scale pic, you retards.

Proof she’s a pedo and touched a child already or gtfo. No offense? No proof? Not on any registry? No pics? No recordings? Conjecture on the part of unmedicated, schizo farmers. Not a pedophile.

No. 1584006

>”retarded gobbledygook”

no moron, it makes perfect sense. fic has their head further up their ass than anyone else.

No. 1584008

Imagine being so insecure in your own weight that you have to belittle someone on an anonymous image board to feel better about yourself.

It’s 2022. Get a life.

No. 1584012

None of these screenshots even say they found her at her parents house or that she lives with them? For all we know since she used to live with them, they told the police where to find her. Her mother doesn’t have any control, she never did. Rachel could press a restraining order against her own mother and that would be that.

No. 1584038

At the end of the day the only good thing to happen in this story is Rachel getting peaked.

No. 1584083

Seeing Rachel sperg out after the other people went to bed really leads me to think she larped before. Very sad to see the jannies cannot recognize her and swept a nonna simply


Why it's almost like they're bigger cows than Rachel, she is simply barking up the wrong tree of her redemption and I bet if she got us all new jannies she would finally be redeemed.


Borat for lyfe.

No. 1584086

Rachel we know you're still living with your parents. If you had a boyfriend or any of the things you claimed you did, you wouldn't be freaking out over being told you can't bully people on the internet anymore. Yet you're still kicking the hornets nest because you have literally nothing else going for you. You can't even wipe your own ass without assistance, so living alone is out of the question. If you ever moved out it would be in a group home because you're considerably lower functioning than you'd like to believe.

You said it yourself, "fuck around and find out." I guess you're ready to find out what prison is like, huh?

No. 1584136

>Doubtful, given her mother never had any control over her to begin with cuz she doesn’t even live with her parents anymore.

Oh why did you leave the internet then?

>If you had behaved like you were told to, we might have actually gotten a scale pic, you retards.

We order you around, not you order us around, you are a cow Rachel you are being milked for laughs that is your life forever now, retard.

>Proof she’s a pedo and touched a child already or gtfo. No offense? No proof? Not on any registry? No pics? No recordings? Conjecture on the part of unmedicated, schizo farmers. Not a pedophile.

You're a pedophile, you whinged about the cops threatening to take your devices over it. Did you kill your mother to get back online?

No. 1584146

Assuming she’s even here

No proof, no pics, no videos, no recordings, no convictions and not on any registry. Conjecture, not a pedophile.
Ok tranny. You will never have a uterus or children. Take your meds.

No. 1584148

yeah no lol at this point that’s all you guys

No. 1584153

No big surprise she hasn’t been here in several threads but you keep wishing she was every single time someone who disagrees with your idiotic views comes along.

No. 1584168

Don't you have a job to get to Rachel that makes you enough money to afford a house in California lol

You being here and chimping out is proving your lie about your job. Even if you were working from home on company time, this site would absolutely be flagged lol.

No. 1584181

Ines and Sephiroth send their regards from their vacation house in Bora Bora.

No. 1584247

I find it poetic that Rachel isn't back here already. She must've been caught by the mom she totally doesn't live with.

No. 1584773

Lmfao Rachel you expose yourself every time because you get so unreasonably pressed about the whole Ines and Sephiroth thing. If anyone ever doubted whether or not it was Rachel posting, there's your proof.

No. 1585030

Rachel is never gonna learn lmao. I wait for the day someone throws the book at her and she gets arrested.

No. 1585206

Then why did she try to go on another hunger strike if she's so happy lmao

The five oh won't give two shits about hunger strikes if she does something that will have her devices confiscated and arrest her. The only reason she's doing that is to guilt her poor mother

No. 1585218

This obsession with Hyde that Rachel has isn't healthy.

Seems she's jealous that Hyde actually has a life outside of being terminally online sperging about stupid shit that doesn't make money and doesn't look like a troll doll that's been dipped in formaldehyde left to rot in the sun.

And to make that kind of that comments about dead people is just disgusting anon. Respect the dead.

No. 1585219

Sure but when her poor daughter is one tick away from being arrested, she feels the duty to keep an eye on her daughter because she's not gonna through the stress of losing sleep again.

But clearly, Rachel doesn't care about that happening again with her mother if she's gonna continue antagonising people online.

No. 1585220

Rachel being like this confirms the theory she just wants her mother dead because she feels "oppressed" and wants to be able to do whatever the fuck she wants.

No. 1585267

Wait until Rachel finds out UH moved on to harassing zoosadists and forgot about her already. The tubby tard tantrum will be a delight to see.

No. 1585293

You sure say it a lot but that hardly makes it real.
You are a jew, and you will be dealt with in due time.

No. 1585303

I'm Spookybones and I hate you and you will never get me Rachel, you suck and are much dumber than I am. You thought I was the tranny, I actually called your mom, not him.

No. 1585306

Impotent threats Rachel, they look more like a woman in that photo than you have in your life, get more upset tubby.

No. 1585310

No she won't, she's an ugly pair of flaps that looks like a man who melted in the mid-day sun and I, the infamous Spookybones, will make you dance to the beat of my drums. You will never do anything to hurt me Rachel, I am not doxed, and all I need to do is call the police once more and you go to jail.

So start kissing my smelly feet.

No. 1585314

Ah you think everyone is a tranny just proves you are, I knew you had a dick, you can never describe a vagina accurately because you have only seen it in porn, you are my monkey puppet, I pull your strings.
Chimp more Rachel, you are a man and weigh 290 lbs.

No. 1585349

Rachel getting Blaine confused with Tommy Tooter is a twist I didn't expect but it's hilarious to think about. She really doesn't know how any of this works and she sticks out like a sore thumb because she's too autistic to integrate.
Rachel you do live at home, we know you've been at home and if you weren't at home you'd be shitting up your threads considerably more. You sneak on when your mother is asleep or out. You no longer work so most of your day is spent at home being a bitter fatty. You're nearly 30 and have to be treated like a child.
You know, your mom might end up sending you to a group home where you won't have access to the internet or anything like a normal person if you can't prove that you can behave like a normal person. You'll be locked up and experience the full horrors of what society does to the people who are beyond saving.
You can continue to play stupid games, you'll certainly win stupid prizes.

For the record, Rachel, you're not wrong about having a specific group of people constantly watching you from the rpfag crowd. You really should stop eating the assholes of Mike, Blaine, DBS, and Spooky. They aren't worth your time. Bring the fight to the people who are clearly asking for it.

No. 1585358

Preferably ones not known for pinning things on others so easily as at least two of those have been caught doing, one obviously did in this thread to dunk on Neutron for being dumb enough to glow enough for that story to be plausible (that is why you dont fucking alogg kids) and the fourth is clearly the most skilled.
She would be better served going after soft targets but it's her jealousy that drives her, not a desire to clear her name, a desire to harm others who held her to responsibility.
As for Berchie getting the Tom Tom and B-Train mixed up, it's very obvious Mike told her about AMB in onionfarms DMs and Rachel melded the information together much like Elaine does, and any true cow does.
I legit believe Rachel is trans, she attacks UH the most and is clearly seething with jealousy, the whole believing he was using his ex
's pictures not only proves her autistic face blindness but just adds to the pile of things like saying she would use his picture to fucking catfish, like c'mon a natal woman using a femboy's picture to catfish?
Lunacy or trannyism and from the way 'she' describes vaginas, I doubt she has one. Knowing Rachel if she was a true and honest woman she would post her bloody tampons as proof or an own on Blaine, but she has not, will not and cannot, because Rachel is a man, plain and simple.

No. 1585452

Rachel wants her mother dead. This much is clear.

No. 1585693

Hope her mother is aware of how terrible her child is. The same child that claimed she had such a good relationship with her mother, even.

No. 1585912

If Erika’s claims are true about her phoning her mother, I’m sure she has a clearer idea after the temporary restraining order.

Rachel, trying to do some weird fucking vigilante justice on behalf of your mother because you’re an awful person isn’t helping anyone.

In fact, you doing that is harming your mother more than you think is helping her. It’s killing her because if that claim about her staying up and losing sleep and not eating because you got served is true, think about what will happen if you actually go to jail because you can’t stop being a narcissist for once and think about other people. I wouldn’t play with fire if I were in your shoes.

No. 1585924

Due to how Rachel sperged the claims are true, when Erika says it to more than just one person it's usually not bait, if it's posted at a specific person it is usually bait for the person she is responding to.(if you get banned for handmaidening then I will too, kinda sick of the cows being able to use tranny hate as an in more than anything)

No. 1585969

Crazy how this fat bitch is willing to give up having a family in order to groom minors and pretend to fuck cartoons.

No. 1585972

Rachel is spoiled and doesn't know how nice she has it, but she will after she ends up in jail or a group home.

No. 1586001

Most parents would have kicked their demon spawn out, autistic or not, if they got served and had the police come to their house. She has no idea how good she has it. I have friends who did time and the stories I hear, especially that of pedophiles are not pleasant ones.

It's hilarious how she keeps on saying "Oh I bodied you haha" online, she has no idea of the fucking hell that's waiting for her if she goes to jail. She thinks it's cute saying "I bodied you" wait until she says that to a guard or an inmate, they're not gonna let her go to a low security prison with her history.

No. 1586004

I wouldn't be mad if she went to jail. In fact I'd find it the most hilarious outcome.

No. 1586007

She was saying it to someone who grew up in south-central chicago and had to body people to survive which makes it extra deliciously ironic, Rachel doesn't even know what an online bodying is, she just parrots the people who shit on her to declare her own Ws that nobody else acknowledges because only Chris-Chan would believe a word Rachel says. The tard with an IQ or 45 thinks none of us can't spot her lies and it's truly the most egregious thing about Rachel that she always assumes she is the smartest in the room.

Uh said they would not tip again unless there was solid evidence to lock her up, so once more discord leaks surface of her being a pedo to minors, expect her to get bodied in prison and learn what happens to chimos in the fucking block, regardless of bars being there or not.
God I feel lame for using 90s lingo, I'm so outdated.

No. 1586010

See im a retard and used can't instead of can, I always assume I'm one of the dumbest in the rooms so I can be pleasantly surprised or extremely disappointed if I am one of the smarties.

No. 1586020

Mike tried to say he was posting as Rachel here but it obviously wasn't him. He wouldn't have caught on to some of her more irrational behaviors and the whole mixing TT with Blaine thing is new and uniquely Rachel blurring lines.
He can't larp to save his life anyway.

Wonder why he's trying to white knight again.

No. 1586106

Mikey must be in love with Erika.

No. 1586112

Too many thirst for that thotty troon.

No. 1586259

No. 1586653

She did body the people she said she did though.

>>1586007 Then what happens to people falsely accused of being a pedophile?

Tell me you’re insecure in your own weight without telling me you’re insecure in your own weight.

No. 1586656

that’s more along the lines of UH’s weight

No. 1586728

How did she body any of them?

She threw a tantrum about the cops coming to her house on Discord, she made herself look like a fool in front of people who speak Japanese (hint: there was a Japanese person who told her followers to watch out for her), she had a temporary restraining order.. what else is there, she got clowned for not knowing the Lolita subculture in her first thread…

No. 1586731

They won’t care if you’re falsely accused. The chimo label sticks no matter what lol. The police and inmates will already have known who you are if word doesn’t somehow get out. Child predators are on the bottom of the hierarchy in or out and they won’t care if it’s true or not lmao

No. 1586735

File: 1657659672121.jpeg (28.13 KB, 750x205, 364DD709-F133-43B3-978D-F04537…)

Either she’s conned her mother into thinking she’s finally on her best behaviour or she killed her mother in a fit of tard rage so now she has full reign of the internet.

Love the subconscious slip here though. She really isn’t afraid of any consequences that will affect her or her mother.

No. 1586743

Do we need a welfare check on her mom?

No. 1586791

Probably would border on cow tipping there..

No. 1586935

Y'all are fine with people touching the poo until someone's life might be in danger, and then it's suddenly cowtipping lmao

No. 1586942

We know Rachel gets violently angry when she doesn't get her way, but there's nothing to suggest that her mom is at risk at the moment. That's the problem currently if anyone were to try to do a welfare check.

All we have is her tard raging she got a warning from the popo and trying to go on a hunger strike because of that.

No. 1587002

pssst Rachel is incontinent of stool and has to wear diapers, pass it on

No. 1587238

This site really is where we all go to revert to petty, catty teenagers on god.
I too heard Rachel poo poos her panties, and that she had to move schools because she is too autistic and threw her mother down the bleachers at the football game.
Sally says her mother says that her friend said that Rachel was eating out of the garbage LIKE A RACOON

No. 1587372

Probably the lack of actual milk that the discussion devolved into school yard gossip.

Her twitter is eh in terms of content and there was a photo with her dad(?)/mom(?) hands with Bello so we can probably infer that Rachel isn’t the only fatass in her family.

No. 1587604

Imagine the smell of her bedroom. Yeast infection, attempted to be covered by expired Lush products. Sweat and the lingering smell of something metallic because you know that bitch hasn't changed her sheets in months. It might help the acne if she switches her pillowcase 2-3 times a week at least. But lazy bitches do what lazy bitches do. Has time to "starve herself" and cry on the internet, obsess about animal dildos and cats but can't successfully wash her shit.

No. 1587638

File: 1657764402434.jpeg (137.21 KB, 750x776, 1273B858-E3AC-4188-B80A-3E1CE3…)

I guess this can be milk. I wonder if she actually understands what’s going on in this graph lol

No. 1588716

File: 1657900225628.jpeg (75.36 KB, 640x637, 1643737119152.jpeg)

i'm quite optimistic, her mom monitors her more now that she got an idea of her online antics.
one anon talked of a group home, that'd be the best ending. she'd have to be social with other patients under the supervision of nurses and doctors and all of that, seems like a good balance of potential for growth and of a safe environment.
her mom will die at some point though, and i can't imagine Rachel on her own. we don't even know if she can make herself food but i guess she'd probably be arrested before starving. if she can get her anger in check, she'd fall prey to scammers eyeing her tugboat and people with bad intentions in general looking for gullible prey.
her spiraling down is also due to what sick shit is on the internet and her unaware boomer parents allowing her to access it. she'd be sewing or hiking or collecting pins had she not stumbled upon animal shaped dildos and writing sephiroth porn with randos.
rachel, if you're reading this, try pottery or gardening or something. it's so rewarding to do something yourself and feel accomplished. find a part-time job or volunteer somewhere. allow yourself to let go of grudges and lies and cultivate relationships with real-life people. i think there's more you can do with your life and you'd make your parents proud.

No. 1588816

She’s often moaned about how her autism makes her guillible but it seems like she’s being willfully ignorant at this point despite being told. She loves the autism crutch too much.

She claims she has a better job now but I highly doubt that. Any HR or company worth their salt wouldn’t hire or promote someone who’s probably had complaints against her or have her temporary restraining order or the checks the police had to do come up in background checks.

Girl’s a mess and she wants to stay that way. Let her sink since no words are getting into her thick skull.

No. 1588976

the job's obviously a lie, and i get why you say that. but i want to believe. i'm kinda of rooting for her. maybe having the tranny call and link her internet antics to her real life was a low point she can only rise from. i know she already had the cops over and stuff, but it's rare to see a cow actually being wrangled and maybe there is a reaction from her family that will lead her down a better path. i hope she stays offline and gets friends and maybe walks dogs for cash or something, maybe now is the occasion to start living life.

No. 1589034

She's unemployed. Don't let her fool you. Either she got let go, or she was fired. Rachel is no longer employed at the bookstore for whatever reason.

No. 1589312

We’ll see. She’s not online as much so that’s a bonus. Maybe she does have a conscious after all when it comes to her mother.

As for her unemployment, she still has a cat sitting gig. So that will help her touch grass and learn about the outside world. Maybe wise her up on how to treat people and take rejection like a big girl. Unless she’s just terrorising unsuspecting people in real life.

Then that’s for the people around her to deal with like her.

No. 1589819

File: 1658023667365.jpeg (166.99 KB, 1270x708, 2PVZTnA.jpeg)

It's just being ahead of the curve, two more weeks, trust the plan

No. 1590460

>>1587002 ok tranny we get it you need to wear diapers and are ashamed

No. 1590463

Orrrrr she works a lot and you’re not worth her time. lmao

>>1588976 Her parents have no control over her bc she. doesn’t. live. with. them.

Imagine actually trying to make taking advantage of people look honorable like you are. Hmm. No, the truth is if you do it, you’re worse than any cow here.

No. 1590465

idk how to tell u this but she doesn’t even live with her parents anymore. her new address is very public and tbh it’s hard to believe nobody else has found it???

No. 1590466

You obviously don’t if you don’t understand the point of retweeting it

Why are you so obsessed with a fucking cat account? It’s so obvious it’s her mom running it. She’s probably made another account and is using the cat one as a means to take attention away from the new one

No. 1590469

How is this not obvious
God you faggots are retarded

No. 1590532

Rachel, are you confirming that your parents finally sent you to live in a group home because they got fed up of dealing with your autistic bullshit and didn’t want to deal with the cops coming to their house anymore as a result of your own actions?

Nice to see the group home has internet access and you finally got all settled in there

No. 1590576

Does Rachel have an Encyclopedia Dramatica page? I think it’s high time it should be made if one hasn’t.

Rachel, you’re not fooling anyone by white knighting yourself lol

No. 1590578

Really, her mom’s running that account now and the previous outbursts about her getting pissy were all her mom huh?

That makes her mom guilty of any harassment then and liable criminally for the gore and porn being sent. Thanks for confirming that.

No. 1590580

Orrr maybe she’s trying to be slick and use the internet when mama’s not awake.

Rachel, you really want your mother dead.

No. 1590697


No. 1590900

nevermind, >>1588976 i live in sunshine and sparkles land.
Rachel, get help. get off this website. live your life. we are random bitches on the internet and our opinion should mean nothing to you, so stop being a cow and making your parents sad and do stuff that actually matters.

No. 1590978

That’s impossible for her. She has no way to actually go out and touch grass like many of us have been telling her.

I normally feel sorry for people who have been bullied but with how Rachel turned out, I think it was very much warranted if she’s documented her raging irl online since she was fifteen or so

She has anger problems. She refuses to work on herself. She needs to sink and hit rock bottom and jail seems to be the only place where any sense would be knocked into her.

Her parents failed her massively.

The fact she has no regard for her parents or herself needs to be repeated everywhere.

She plays like she cares about her mother but being hurt but she’s a fucking sociopath because she still does the same things that hurt her mother in the first place.

She does not love or care for her mother because she feels that her mother does not care for her due to any restrictions to help her daughter.

It needs to be repeated:

Rachel will not care if her mother dies due to stres despite her repeated squealing that “we” hurt her mother. She’s too much of a narcissist to realise that she was the one who hurt her mother. No one did. Her stupid actions led to the life she currently has.

No. 1591402

I don't know what's funnier, Rachel trying to say her mother is running the cat account or Rachel admitting she has a new account but can't follow anyone in the FF community with it because nobody wants her there.

No. 1592319

Fuck off moid

No. 1592323


No. 1592641

File: 1658355826182.jpeg (202.07 KB, 750x904, 949C180A-14EF-444C-872C-D00561…)

I guess her mom finally sat her ass down to do something productive lol.

“For fun”, no one in their right mind says that. They take multiple jobs cause they need money.

No. 1593017

Orrrrr she’s not lying and you’re retarded. But okay, show how worthless you are to society by obsessing over a cat Twitter.

10406 days Rachel has been on this earth.
121 days since lolcow.farm has “discovered” her and failed to get her arrested. So much for her being a “pedophile”.

No. 1593018

She’s not here. Seethe harder, ragepig.

When did she say that?

No. 1593228

Rachel outs herself by posting things she thinks are huge wins and epic owns, they turn out to be bigger Ls and we laugh at her, then she comes here to tell us how she isn't here and how we're all wrong every single time. Like clockwork.
Taking a "second job" when she claimed to have all these lovers and things to do. Must have had a lot of free time if she was able to take on more work on top of everything she claimed to be true.
Then the whole thing about her having another account in the midst of being "so busy," an account that she can't follow anyone from the FF community on. By implying she has a new account, she's admitting to her not being able to follow any of the people she claims are her friends or people who want her around.

But go on, Rachel. Keep digging. You'll have a grave for yourself and your parents after stressing them to death by behaving like this.

No. 1593462

UH probably thinks people deserve more than one second chance, they are probably waiting for Rachel to act really aggressive or offensively again to do so.

No. 1593463

Also I am double posting again so I am sorry for that, sanefagging nonsense but UH is busy trying to deal with the owner of soyjak.party and 0chan, Yuri in the thread here >>>/snow/1593398

No. 1593736

Since the tranny is preoccupied we can focus on Rachel without her autistic orbiters interfering.

No. 1594229

Berchel is a big ol fatty bo batty, I wonder if she will twist an ankle and fall down the stairs and be stuck in a wheelchair, I think that's the jail she deserves.

No. 1594668

It is a cat account and you’re obsessed with her. It’s almost like you’re jealous she’s better than you.

They are Ws tho. Keep crying, faggot. Why the fuck would I care about her parents? They’re not mine. Go obsess over someone else, she’s nobody’s CWC.

Only she isn’t. We never got a scale picture. So if anything, she weighs 140 like she says she does. And before you go “hurr durr that must mean she weighs more” bitch look at her fucking unedited pictures. ALR weighs 500. They’re nowhere near the same weight; Rachel weighs like 1/10th of what Amber does.

No. 1594670

karmically that’s more likely to happen to you now bc you wished it on someone else

No. 1594718

Why would anyone be jealous of someone who has the reputation of a pedophile and who has had the cops come to speak to her and her family? Lmao

No respectable person would be. I guess she’s proud of being known as a pedophile.

No. 1594795

Rachel, only you care this much to defend yourself. Keep crying pedo fatty.

No. 1594878

But I'm not fat like you are so it cannot fatty patty.

No. 1595139

take a look at any other cow's thread : nobody, and i mean nobody, is defending them. that's why nobody believes this isn't you.
Also Bertha, 1/10th of 500 is 50 lbs, which is skelly thin, and maybe the weight of one of your forearms. if you knew elementary level maths maybe you'd have a job.

No. 1595519

No. 1595520

do we actually have proof of her being a pedophile

No. 1595521

Maybe don’t file false reports on innocent people?

No. 1595975

Let's put it this way Rachel. If it wasn't credible, you wouldn't be in trouble.

No. 1596848



>for years
Oh? Since when? When is the oldest instance of this? She isn’t in trouble, because she doesn’t live with her parents and she isn’t in jail. She’s told us she is being monitored by her mom, yet somehow she has two jobs, and still supposedly finds both the time to post here without her mom knowing and monitoring her activity. You think her mom doesn’t know about these threads?

The only retarded people here are those who thinks she deserves all this happening to her. Those who hope she falls down the stairs and ends up in a wheelchair. Those in the fandom (FIC and the other faggots) who are in on this and still try to claim the moral high ground. Rachel was and still is better than all of you, and she wants to be left alone. It was and is and always will be only your fault if you don’t grant her that.

No. 1596995

>Those who hope she falls down the stairs and ends up in a wheelchair.
no need to wish for that, with how you're going, in 5 years you'll probably be too fat to even walk up them
>she wants to be left alone
then stop feeding the trolls in your own thread rachel. take your floppy udders off the internet and there won't be any more for us to laugh at. or stay, it's funny idc

No. 1597761

Shut the fuck up and leave already, Jesus Christ. No one cares about you or the other orbiters. I come to these threads to laugh at Rachael being autistic, not to see your personal drama.