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File: 1659716095206.png (1021.01 KB, 1496x753, Screen-Shot-2022-03-04-at-8.43…)

No. 40923

previous: >>>/meta/37093

No. 40926


This anon is in multiple threads trying to bait infighting.

No. 40928

mods, now that the case is over but more info is coming out and the bots/incels are dying down, can we have the heard v depp thread unsaged? i don't think it's going to bring more drama outside of anons posting the fairly lowkey new milk coming out because all of the deppcels have disappeared from basically everywhere on the net

No. 40932

Delete /w/, let anons make threads in /snow/ about any cow that is actually worth discussing and let them sink or swim. that board is now 50/50 nitpickers & WKs, and cue the head WK asking me to post ‘examples’ of WKing and then calling me a collage anon or something equally meaningless and retarded.

No. 40933

yes and /snow/ is 100% nitpicking what's your point?

No. 40935

Found another infight attempt


No. 40936

File: 1659717998790.jpeg (132.45 KB, 828x929, A4AEEEAE-48BB-406A-B37F-DBA12E…)

Mods sorry but I was the one who made the complaint thread, I’m not the troon. Please disable vpns at least temporarily because he switches ips and random users are going to get banned.

No. 40937

I wish we could just merge the 2 again, it was retarded to separate them, E.g. Belle and Shay are not much different, both sw in to ddlg but they are both sat on different boards because Belle may have done a shit cosplay once or twice.

No. 40939

there are real threads that belong there though, such as the cosplay general and lolita threads. plus, it was originally separated because you /snow/ faggots kept whining about weebshit. so sit down.

No. 40942

lmao, probably.

No. 40943

Actually I was one of the weebshits that was banished against my will to /w/ and have lost touch of a lot of the snow threads because of it.


Go dilate.

No. 40944

Can you not talk about out of date jfashion tiktoks or whatever the fuck on cgl though?

No. 40947

Samefag but I’m a husbando poster / I posted Dance Gavin Dance lyrics in the lyrics thread earlier as well. I’m not the troon

No. 40949

the threads on /w/ are for callout shit. the state of /cgl/ is in total disrepair anyway, worse than here. 80% of the threads are coomer fetish shit.

No. 40953

Why did it take so long just to get some kind of communication like this? And we will still have this kind of radio silence once the site is updated?

No. 40954

because admins are incompetent. when have we had a competent admin?

No. 40955

The spergtroon is back in the Venus thread, crying about how ~evil manhating farmers~ are causing derailing and infighting.
Is he ban evading again ?

No. 40956

Probably either the Taylor anon who just got banned or the Belle anon. Or the tranny. They all have the habit of doing this shit and it's the same type of bait.

No. 40957

it's the tranny. he also posted somw disgusting essay on /ot/ about ear cleaning. he's obviously a /jp/ moid considering his obsession with japan, japanese men and umineko.

No. 40958

Ban evading anon trying to infight in threads by saying as usual, complaining about being called out for their non-milk posts that they just splatter around /w/ >>>/w/236706 All they do is complain about WKs when it's obvious their posts aren't milk and constantly redtexted with nitpicks.

No. 40959

her thread needs to be locked or autosaged, honestly. it's full of infighting and sjw moralfagging about her japanese larp and nothing else. the thread used to be fine, complaining about her cringe shoop, but once people started actually getting offended by "asianfishing" it went completely downhill.

No. 40960

apply to be farmhand when apps open up

No. 40961

this is some "only chefs can critique food" bs.

No. 40962

So why exactly do I need to apply to be a farmhand to ask why the staff has basically been ignoring us in /meta/ and if they will keep doing this once we move to the new server?

No. 40964

literally not, but if you want to know what's going on behind the scenes so badly, go behind the scenes kek

No. 40966

What the fuck are you even talking about? I'm not asking about "behind the scenes" I'm asking why they refuse to communicate and if this will continue.

No. 40967

what >>40966 said. the radio silence while all this is going on is telling enough.

No. 40970

They don't, they literally have been communicating with us. Calm down, seethe less.

No. 40971

tf are YOU talking about? They explained a bunch of shit in the last thread. Did you even read that or just assuming they haven't said anything because they don't post in each thread?

No. 40972

it took months, and all she explained is why she's fucking incompetent.

No. 40978

File: 1659725786274.jpeg (22.29 KB, 817x427, i'll take my ban.jpeg)

jannies, he's back! i don't know who these men are but kpop men seem to serve as a way to immediately prompt the attention of farmhands kek

No. 40981

thank you for your service kpop anon I hope this summons them

No. 40984

why do retards like you love adding more autism to the mix?

No. 40985

kek it actually worked, amazing

No. 40986

why do vendetta-fags like you only seem to appear once admin comes around

they've been sitting on this thread all day, your crap didn't work and only serves to add more autism. tbh i hope you get confused for the tranny and banned as well kek

No. 40990

why would i have a vandetta against admin, retard? she literally posted a long blog about how she was neglecting the site to focus on moving it to save her money. and the track record of admins has been abysmal. you need to get your head out of your ass and stop wking.

No. 40992

Nevermind anon, you're clearly new or haven't been here in a long time if you don't understand what I'm talking about when I say it's been quiet.

No. 40998

there are plenty of kiwifags that come here and do exactly what the tranny is doing: vendettafag about admin and make up a bunch of lies just to make it seem like the site is going to shit, it has been happening the past couple of years, especially with that retard Elaine getting her retarded slaves to do whatever they do.

No. 40999

you guys always pull the "you must be a newfag" card when you're too lazy to check things, but it's okay. do you. YES, I am aware it has been a while since admin has said anything, but the farmhand literally posted stuff in the last thread about how they can't really say anything about staff or the site progress, but explained everything about "all this that's going on". I suggest you go back and read it in case you haven't been here in a while.

No. 41006

Anon, are you retarded? I saw what farmhands said in the previous thread. I check /meta/. That still doesn't change that for the most part they don't respond to us, they don't respond to any concerns and the admin and farmhand updates we've got recently have been the first in a while. Doing all of this whiteknighting just because I asked why it's been so hard to get an update from them or because you think the recent updates excuse the lack of communication is ridiculous. I wasn't attacking the staff, it was a reasonable question.

No. 41007

pointing out someone's lack of even reading something is not wk'ing kek. i never said a single positive thing about them. just neutral. if you are so sensitive to people not agreeing with you, check yourself.

No. 41011

i'm not even saying that. use common sense. all the admins of the site have been dogshit.

No. 41014

I'm >>>/w/236565 and none of the others, so fuck off kindly

No. 41015

Admin also said there were interface changes coming. They’re doing a bunch of code shit which is probably part of what broke stuff. It makes sense but that doesn’t fit their narrative anon

No. 41017

Thank you for taking down some of the Lily spam and know you're swamped with requests, but the Chris (Abroad in Japan) and Sharla (Sharmeleon) simps have not only taken over the jvlogger threads, but created the latest thread with a summary with more Lily/non-jvlogger spam and misinformation to bury recent and real milk about Chris.

No. 41018

Lily wouldn't be mentioned if she didn't mention and self-insert herself. She is directly acknowledging Chris and Sharla, starting cheating rumors, and does hold relevance. This isn't like the Nicole thread where anons keep bringing up a beanie someone used to own just because they keep wearing it. Lily is directly interacting and causing Jvlogger rumors. Multiple other jvlogs like anaons have pointed out, recently unfollowed her too. AND she is an ex-jvlogger in the EX-JVLOGGER thread and she still lives in Japan.

How is someone who meets all the criteria not relevant?

No. 41019

Lily just doesn't like getting called out and staffs here and owns CC didn't you realize that?

No. 41020

This samefag makes me want to smash my head through a window. Constantly replying to certain post twice as if they are two different anons asking.

No. 41026

The cheating rumors began here looong before Lily's tweet. The summary includes "Look! Chris's relationship with Lily was so horrible and see how great it is with Sharla now!" and "Chris says the relationship he's in now is the best he's ever been in!" That's not milk, that's just simping the couple and self explanatory. There was no proof offered of the Lily Gofund me, it's old and relevant, but anon added it to the summary yet didn't include any old and real milk that was mentioned about other actual j-vloggers in the last thread. They buried Chris's milk at the end of the summary and didn't include that he edited out a discrepancy right after it was brought up in our thread, and Chris has done this several times now, making changes to his social media after we discover something in his videos or on his SNS account.

No. 41027

>Most of last thread was a discussion about Lily. of course its in the summary. Don't be this retarded and Chris verbatim said "This is the best relationship I've ever been in, 10 outta 10 would date again".
>I specified anons have no proof of the GoFundMe which you seem to have ignored in favor of accusing me of somehow dragging Lily for it. I even linked the post anon made so other anons could see there hasn't been a GFM posted anywhere.
>I also added in greentext that Chris edited out that part of his video.

You didn't read the summary at all, did you, or click any of the posts linked following them. If you're going to come to meta and make some garbage claims, at least make them accurate.

No. 41029

No. 41031


Anon caught editing Belle's photos again. I just overlayed the photos and will be posting them compared to the screen edit they did. They think posting the whole phone screen wouldn't make anon's check and I checked. It's edited as usual.

No. 41032

>Most of last thread was a discussion about Lily.
Because the thread has been invaded by "But Lily!" spergs and Chris simps.
>Don't be this retarded and Chris verbatim said "This is the best relationship I've ever been in, 10 outta 10 would date again".
And? That's not milk and you put it under "NEW MILK." Of course he'd say it's the best relationship ever. It's the one he's currently in and he's not going to tell everyone, hmmm, it's nice but I think the one I had with x was better. That would actually be milk, however.
>I specified anons have no proof of the GoFundMe which you seem to have ignored in favor of accusing me of somehow dragging Lily for it. I even linked the post anon made so other anons could see there hasn't been a GFM posted anywhere.
That's old milk, yet you didn't include any other vlogger's old milk that was discussed in the past thread and Lily isn't a famous (ex) jvlogger.
>I also added in greentext that Chris edited out that part of his video.
First of all, you tried to bury it within the rest of the summary, you didn't include that he edited out after we discovered it here on the thread. You also spent more time trying to explain the birthday theory about the fanart, did not say what year it showed up, April 2019, nor explain that it contradicts what Chris said about when he stared dating Sharla.

No. 41034

Anon, shut up already. We are going to discuss Lily. Deal with it. If you want to go beat a dead horse over a video Sharla made with Taylor 7+ years ago, don't be surprised when mods ban you for trying to talk about old milk that was talked about in old thread. Lily is back on the table. Anons discussing her like this is new. Stop minimodding someone who self inserted themselves into a discussion about popular jvloggers. She's relevant as hell and a current ex girlfriend who is accusing current girlfriend of cheating.

How is any of that not relevant? you're derailing the thread at the same time you are in here because you are nitpicking specifics and trying to argue in that thread why Lily needs to be brought up. Either stay in meta to let mods see the arguments or stay in the Sharla thread.

No. 41035

How is Lily old unsubstantiated milk relevant, but old substantiated milk about Sharla not relevant? How is old unsubstantiated milk about the ex relevant, but old substantiated milk about the current girlfriend not relevant?

No. 41040

tranny infighting in the art salt thread

No. 41043

everyone who wants admin to reopen farmhand apps say aye.

No. 41047

thank you for adding to the autism, retard.

No. 41052

This kek plenty of us want completely new staff at this point, it's insane what you are trying to pull here Admin. Like you think we are all going to eat up your delusions, exactly like lolcows do.

No. 41055

CP in /m/

No. 41060

After a month of scrote spam with CP and more than a week of UH mini modding it's clear who would run the site better. You handmaidens a man anyways admin.

No. 41061

He's talking to himself in /m/ and posted cp.

No. 41064

You're disgusting for blaming a CSA victim of pedophilia for so long.

No. 41065

Tonight has made everything clear, though so did last week when a janny nuked a thread over proof being displayed.
The current staff needs to step down and be replaced or everyone will just make a new site.

No. 41066

Always made me sick how they blamed UH for so much stuff she would never do. I knew her for years.

No. 41067

For a troon UH is pretty based and picks way less fights than the staff do even though she barks at people for breaking rules or being scroteish.

No. 41068

That's why I never stopped being her friend, we just all agreed to not publicly defend her like she asked but tonight's too much now.

No. 41070


No. 41071

I think you mean child porn, but wtf there's proof now?

No. 41073

UH was right about everything

No. 41074

is the cp still up or did mods get to it?

No. 41075

proof where?

No. 41080

Jannies are sociopaths that would rather blame someone so they can jack off to child porn and force us to see it every fucking day!

No. 41082

UH for admin, step down Miss Piggy!

No. 41085

Jesus Christ you're right that's so fucked

No. 41088

You were right, but don't let it get to your head or we will just replace you too

No. 41090

what the fuck is happening

No. 41092

It's just another autistic tranny. Ignore.

No. 41094

It would be better to kill the site.

No. 41097

No it's uh, I'm an actual shaman and I have irl witch friends soooo wiccan is cool bro but gnosticism is cooler

No. 41099

It would be better to kill the site.

No. 41106

Lol jobless and a male who thinks he's a woman. Are there anymore Ls you want to admit

No. 41107

That I want to run this site, that's what actually makes me a fucking loser.

No. 41108

you doxed your family, said discord trannies were better than your actual family, what else? lol I know you have more to share

No. 41111

oh wait I forgot you think you're intersex, that's another L. why do you hate yourself

No. 41113

Someone give me a rundown on this troon, please. Do they have a thread here or on KF?

No. 41115

On KF. Google it though. Don't click any direct links from here anymore for now.

No. 41118

I actually get up from my desk and move unlike you. No wonder your mom doesn't love you lol another L also you're ugly soo another L

No. 41120

What name should I search?

No. 41124

No. 41126

Adulterated? Do you mean altered esl Kun?

No. 41127

File: 1659754475373.jpeg (80.51 KB, 695x927, AA54BB44-FA4D-4F23-8F37-3EBD7E…)

my psychic ability are telling me you'll end up killing yourself so I can sleep in peace. that will be one less ugly male that breathes

No. 41129

Yeah you're not psychic clearly or you'd not fuck around on a witch site bitch

No. 41130

Hey retarded summerfag we hate kpoo here get that faggot off the stage handmaiden whore

No. 41131

Fuck off pickme attention whore I hope you kill yourself with a toaster in the bathtub

No. 41132

File: 1659754656977.jpg (1.59 MB, 3000x2076, Grell.Sutcliff.full.1884491.jp…)

If you dox them nonna your wish might come true

No. 41134

File: 1659754710630.jpeg (170.83 KB, 960x1280, 0DE4C0CA-AAA8-4AB5-B499-850BED…)

males can't be witches, sorry. women(female) only. maybe try kys and come back as a woman then maybe we'll talk

No. 41135

File: 1659754777958.png (2.62 MB, 1024x1339, Shaman.(For.Honor).full.284021…)

I'm a shaman retard. My friends are witches
Warlock is a male witch soooo just proving you're a retard with that yellow man

No. 41137

Belle-Fag is mad and completely angry posting because anons called out the fact that a mods just said to stop editing her images and then posted an edit, so anon spammed the thread with her porn as some retaliation? Please go back and reban this autistic fuck. They are editing her stuff and then being pissed when called out:

Their editing after mods just said to stop posting these >>>/w/236784 and anon pointing out they they edited it and proof of the editing >>>/w/236854

The fit they threw:
>Is the wk going yo accuse me of edited these too kek

Can we just permaban them on whatever IP they used to post and then whatever the other 3 images they used to hop around to not just taunt the mods but to bait infighting?

No. 41139

File: 1659754968061.jpeg (248.23 KB, 959x1280, 9DD8F118-FCA7-49DD-98CF-62B22A…)

men can never touch anything magick related because you're all too dumb to do it right and don't believe in it anyway. all you males do is larp as what you see in media. sucks to suck

No. 41143

File: 1659755212135.jpeg (65.52 KB, 500x667, 7B806C7C-791D-4A1E-ACB9-CC4FDC…)

>mfw i'll outlive you and your other mentally ill kind
that's just one of the pros of being born a woman, i guess

No. 41146

File: 1659755345281.png (147.64 KB, 479x597, 525A3501-2EA6-4FAB-9C0D-2F1149…)

it's getting sad now lol

No. 41151

File: 1659755476739.jpeg (112.58 KB, 600x1079, C0A381EC-1644-40BC-BAC8-841250…)

i have a family that loves me btw sorry i can't say the same about you

No. 41153

File: 1659755796180.jpeg (234.5 KB, 1080x1350, 57C7227B-AB00-4B0F-9057-B5EE29…)

>who I don't care about
then why did you reply and samefag to my posts lol

also, another L for not having a dad
no wonder you're a broken male

No. 41156

File: 1659755918965.gif (4.7 MB, 362x366, 40d48c78bbcb25e118247404f6dc32…)


No. 41157

File: 1659755936360.jpeg (234.54 KB, 1416x2048, DA3B2B0E-1B4A-44A5-A113-E9C57D…)

so that's why you're the way you are?
L for having a loser father, look at the tranny he made
should've never reproduced

No. 41158

File: 1659755950927.jpg (62.75 KB, 460x780, 0a4817911bbdca1d507460c97154fc…)

Anyways I'd have the CP scrubbed by now, I am clearly the best person for the job and frankly I'm here cause I find it funny you guys let me advertise myself as staff for the site that will replace this if this one isn't handed over to me soon kek

No. 41159

Stop posting men bugman

No. 41160

Get out chink kek your kind ain't welcome faggot

No. 41162

All male, all samefag. Pathetic

No. 41164

File: 1659756130301.jpeg (560.38 KB, 828x1095, 84786FCC-0FA2-4090-9C48-EBBD9C…)

lol he has nothing else to say, as expected

No. 41169

K-pop posting XX > Any poster with a Y-chromosome.
My suggestion is for the cretin to create their own imageboard instead of attempting to co-opt this one by force of breaking the wills of women here. Face it. This is rape of the will. If you're not a rapist, you'll merrily fuck off to cobble together your own social creation.

No. 41170

People who feed the trannoid troll are about as guilty as he himself for the spam, shut the fuck up and let him talk to himself. Retards

No. 41172

File: 1659756331899.jpg (361.61 KB, 700x713, Belial.(Granblue.Fantasy).full…)

That's my point it's been over a week, clear vendetta posting by staff and their white knights who still haven't cleaned up child porn

No. 41173

File: 1659756357493.jpeg (783.99 KB, 828x1078, F6C2C333-06B2-4730-BF4B-EB33F9…)

you just samefagged to my korean post twice… L
also sorry my dad loves me

No. 41174

File: 1659756374282.jpg (91.74 KB, 736x736, f0f129fa1bcaffca17f3f2190caf92…)

You know nothing of the art of war.

No. 41176

Because current mods post kpop

No. 41177

Jesus Christ that man's so ugly how is he that ugly?

No. 41180

That Asian fucks babies and slits their throats on gurochan, it was proved 3 years back. That moid posts that because UH cause the Asian dude who did it too late to save those kids

No. 41181

UH has a proven track record of protecting women and children but the current staff only have evidence they hate and hurt both
What gives?

No. 41182

File: 1659756804473.jpg (76 KB, 1024x846, 30c755900a0234ccc828c37a32d283…)

Admin is a pedophile named Undefault and he tried to get Elaine to blame Josh for what he did. Why else did he nuke the thread when I proved it?

No. 41185

this happened to me for a couple of days, its fucked that some dumb NEET is ruining this site, can't they do anything to fix this

No. 41187

Why do anons bring this shit into the threads? It's an automatic derail. They get so mad when called out for their bad milk. It's the tea in the Taylor thread all over again. >>>/w/236991

No. 41192

Then promptly fuck off. You offer nothing to this space and are a disruptive attention whore with an unfounded savior complex.

No. 41200


No. 41206

Mods that weirdo is samefagging again and pretending anons want to “sit on his face” to “overstimulate him” please shoot the dying dog

No. 41212

Nobody likes pedophiles except for other pedophiles. They’re gonna find the cp on your laptop, hope all them lightning powers you claim to have explode you from the inside you fetid degenerate

No. 41216

File: 1659762886631.gif (2.41 MB, 268x350, hwiyyoung.gif)

both of you

kys now

No. 41219

Someone should post penis gore or yaoi.

No. 41228

File: 1659763158266.jpeg (454.99 KB, 1128x1504, 2099AEDB-99BF-4C72-991D-E90E17…)

Mods wake up

No. 41237

File: 1659763523088.jpg (66.35 KB, 1280x720, timetodie.jpg)

Blaine, you said you live in Chicago right? If the doxed address is really where you live you better not walk outside. I live near Elmwood cemetery in west Chicago and so will you after I find you.

No. 41239

File: 1659763543042.gif (2.98 MB, 540x230, bscenez.gif)


No. 41242

LOL thats what all trannies say so they feel like they have to be trannies, and that theyre not like those other hons. maybe you just have a little dick and gyno

No. 41244

he was replying to my post, retard. both of you, kys already

No. 41249

>both of you
It's both him, he has been talking to himself for over 100 posts.

No. 41251


No. 41257

I can't wait to see you beg for your life. Don't worry everyone, I'll send a video, or pictures at least.

No. 41259


No. 41265

He has an obvious humiliation fetish, dni

No. 41268

File: 1659764702135.jpeg (84.85 KB, 480x706, 99010BAB-037C-48EA-9FE6-C175EF…)

kek yeah I wish the jannies good luck. I'm curious why a VPN ban didn't take care of this

No. 41271

You sound like a retarded bot.

No. 41276

File: 1659764903935.jpeg (156.24 KB, 749x999, 70F07379-1B0C-4846-9E9C-1283ED…)

maybe we should just post hot 3d guys at every opportunity

No. 41279

He will soon, I promise I will at the very least mash his fingers with my boots so he'll never type again.

No. 41281

Should have never fucked around the internet as a doxed person, Blaine.

No. 41283

File: 1659765065538.jpg (425.26 KB, 419x570, d66iss8-642969a1-e058-4b30-962…)

No. 41288

File: 1659765163162.png (1.62 MB, 1382x1565, image_2022_07_31T00_00_49_640Z…)

look how ugly this thing is vs a pretty strong man

No. 41290


No. 41297

File: 1659765414554.gif (2.95 MB, 295x370, itspapillonnoir.gif)

males, stay on discord

No. 41303

Blaine, step outside your door.

No. 41305

Walk 2 blocks to the left of you.

No. 41309

Step outside, Blaine.

No. 41313

File: 1659765777574.jpg (172.29 KB, 806x1046, dilf-arthur-morgan.jpg)

too much autism
needs more husbandos

No. 41317

Are you afraid Blaine? Are you hiding in the bathroom instead of stepping outside?

No. 41323

Step outside.

No. 41335

He's going to have his fingers crushed. I can wait all night Blaine.

No. 41340

Enough with your schizophrenic ramblings, step outside, now.

No. 41344

you won't call the cops. They'll find out you post cp.

No. 41348


No. 41350

I told you I'm going to hold you to the ground and crush every finger of yours so you will never type again.

No. 41351

Come out, show me how much of a tough tranny you are with that knife.

No. 41353

Where you at buffalo? We all waiting for ya

No. 41355

I am so tired of this mentally ill scrote shitting up and schizoing everywhere I don’t even want to browse because he posts so much all day every day I know they’re working on the new site and everything but so right now nobody wants to use this shot because he clogs this site up with the stupidest and most annoying shit ever

No. 41357

stay strong nonny this too shall pass

No. 41358

Yeah I’m going to step away from lc for a while and see if anything changes when I come back and I don’t doubt others are doing the same. Literally driving people away with his retarded schizophrenia and annoying samefagging. I miss when he stayed in his own stupid cow threads

No. 41359

Probably in 2 months, minimum.

No. 41361

The fact he has to samefag here because no one was giving him attention is so fucking stupid. Actual mental illness. I’m so done with this dumb shit. I just want to browse lc and have discussions about hating males and troons and fuck around with husbandos and other things. I’m so tired of seeing the same stupid anime pictures with brainless and try-hard comments on so many threads. I’m tired of the disgusting prominent male smell he leaves on this site because he has fucking nothing else to do. I come here on my past time to laugh or talk about real shit and i just see a 30 year old man acting like an actual cringey 12 year old while also being a disgusting pedophile. I really hope admin and mods are taking his cp posting seriously and reporting it when they can. This man is like an actual tumor on this site and I want him cut off.

No. 41367

>adding to the autism
it’s completely ignoring the male retard, and one (1) image that mods can choose to delete if they so wish is not comparable to the moid spamming CSEM and images of dead, gored people and animals for hours on end. what are you contributing other than fucking whining and infighting?

No. 41368

How many of these are the same anon, just replying to the same thing multiple times?


And this autist:


No. 41369

Are you really getting paranoid over multiple replies for one post, newfag?

No. 41370

This cunt unironically needs to go outside and touch some grass.

>Farmhand-sama pls confirm the ips of these posts for me

Mental illness.

No. 41371

Genuinely done with LC if you guys are allowing this pedo tranny to shitpost everywhere. This was the last push I needed.

No. 41372

Since admin doesn't plan on opening mod applications until the update is finished, (and who knows how long that'll take) I feel like closing the site temporarily is the only way this thing will stop. Then open it back up once the site is ready. I'd honestly would rather deal with not posting for a while than have a tranny shit everywhere for months on end.

No. 41373

Hard agree. Set up a notice on the front page or on top of all boards until it goes offline temporarily

No. 41374

Can jannies just delete edit-chan posts on Belle thread instead of red texting them? The whole point of them is to derail the thread and when they stay there, that actually happens.

No. 41375

lmao fuck off

No. 41376

That's just doing what he wants. Do we really need to take down an entire website for one tranny

No. 41378

fuck no. the only thing these fuckers want is to disrupt the site. we need to ban vpns if anything so people can be permabanned.

No. 41381

Anons are spamming porn in the Belle thread, not posting milk. Anons started spamming it when they got redtexted for editing photos.

No. 41382

The anon you guys banned is now editing her videos


No. 41385

I thought it was banned anyway while the moid spammed meta? When was it lifted? Anons in /w/ need permabans. They are frothing because of their ban evasions.

No. 41386

Kek how do you know who's posting what? And how are anons editing videos? You need to tym nonnie

No. 41389

You sound unhinged but ok the only thing I saw were gifs itt..

No. 41390

Clearly ban evading regardless and spamming her porn and editing that, embarrassing. Nicole-fag anon needs meds for doing this to multiple cows. Editing cows photos aren't milky. I wonder what other cows they do this to. Imagine throwing a tantrum like a coomer spamming lol

No. 41391

File: 1659803483842.gif (16.6 KB, 267x32, 1658599087506.gif)

No. 41395

Maybe if you didn't allow yourself to get so riled up that people posted some ugly pictures of Belle that didn't even seem to be edited and start quoting "NO MILK NO MILK" like a monkey trained to just type that…people wouldn't try to wind you up so much. I'm starting to just feel sorry for you that you're so invested in these cows, and the imaginary archnemesis tulpa you've christened Bellenicolefag. The only anon with access to collage technology and a major grudge against two girls who are your type.

No. 41396

Do you know where you are and the posting rules? Even mods had to come in to say stop editing because it's gotten so bad the last 3 threads of anons doing it.

No. 41398

Probably the same anons who have been shitting up the top threads in /w/ all week. It's like a chatroom and it's a nightmare. You can't find milk in any of these threads except maybe Jillian's because she posts so much and it's frequent, but none of the other cows are really producing much at all yet the threads have these anons filling them up with these weird discussions or tinfoils that last paragraphs.

No. 41400

They are truly a schizo poster

No. 41401

I don't doubt some of them have non-expired bans or permabans, but you can go around them easily. Even banned VPNs don't do anything.

No. 41402

my buddy, please, do you know where YOU are? the edits are stupid and weird and when reported, they get banned, as they should. What is weird is that you think all anons are the same, that collages are somehow against the rules, that posting non-milky social media updates without any criticism is something that is done here (mostly in the Taylor thread) and it is to 'generate discussion', that you immediately start WKing the cow during, and then come here and complain about nitpickers. I get it, some do get redtexted - but have you noticed that maybe just one out of every let's assume…dozen that you report actually get redtexted for nitpicking? I'd never defend some of the retarded shit in the Belle thread, but some of it is just normal imageboard shit talking. I think you fail to make the distinction, and that makes you really stick out on the /w/ threads you frequent. Seriously not even trying to be mean, I genuinely don't think you understand the board culture and insist that you are correct. 8 times out of 10 you're wrong that something is a nitpick or "not milk" but you really crow about the few times that you were right. throw enough shit at a wall and some will stick. I just don't get why you keep coming back for this punishment of mean girls talking about social media weebs that you love?

No. 41403

If you aren't all the same, then stop sperging out about the accusations. Just ignore them. This is meta. You're taking personal offense.

No. 41404

Nta but did you even read that shit kek

No. 41405

Thank you mods for removing the sneaky CP in the art thread. That artist uses gravure models from Russia for examples. They emphasize "ADULT" every time they are caught posting with them because they want to argue 16 and under is adult where they were taken.

No. 41406

Just like I haven't been the only anon calling out the bs in /w/, but apparently anons are all the same WK.

No. 41407

The monkeypox thread is literally cancer.

No. 41408

Why is this an issue for meta just close your eyes

No. 41410

Racebait in monkeypox thread

No. 41411

Mods should delete edit-chan posts on Belle thread to stop derailing because retards can't stop taking the bait and edit-chan samefags with copy-pasted replies. Either the cow or a WK tries so hard to derail and lock the thread with dumb edits. First very subtle ones, now really dumb ones.

Maybe also ban nonnies who take the bait and talk about them for 100 replies instead of reporting them and moving on.

No. 41412

Editing fag is still baiting and posting edits of Belle in her thread. How many IPs are they ban evading from? lol

No. 41413

I agree, the edits should just be removed, it stinks of some coordinated freak whether pro or anti Belle. Either case I wish we could just starve them of the attention they're desperate for on those bizarre edits.

No. 41414

Cp in /m/

No. 41416

CP in /m/ Buyfag thread

No. 41417

not that anon but watching you seethe about it is kind of fun tho. I've never seen such fanatical devotion to so many worthless weebcows at once.

No. 41418

CP link in /ot/

No. 41419

CP link still up on OT

No. 41420

So mods saying stop means keep doing it?

No. 41421

Dumbass scrote posting

No. 41422

In /ot/ my bad

No. 41423

I'm going to assume theres 1 mods for the weekends because redtexts come back during weekdays.

No. 41424

Anon posted then deleted this either because unsaged or posting from the wrong IP, but just to add it to the list of IPs the editing-fag is posting from:


So it doesn't get lost in the delete cache.

No. 41425

That’s not what anyone said goofus, but if it means upsetting you to the point of no return it would be worth the bans for the editfag imo

No. 41426

You're absolutely unhinged kek. All these site problems and you come here everyday to whine about dumb irrelevant shit thats got you wound up. Accusing everyone of scrote posting and editing as if your minimodding and derailing isn't also a problem

No. 41428

This is the complaint thread and it's more unhinged to keep editing these and then worse to unsaged post then delete them because you want to bump a thread and bait. It's reportable.

No. 41429

What the fuck is this(why would you post a screenshot, retard)

No. 41431

I was literally just about to post a cap anon. I reported it for CP just in case.

No. 41432

Why the fuck would you repost the link you fucking sped

No. 41433

You literally don't have proof of anything you're accusing people of. You come here to beg jannies to reveal ip addresses after minimodding belles thread all day and derailing like get over yourself and take your chill pill its really not good to skip a day on your prescription meds nonna

No. 41434

Get a life, retard. You found original image of a post that looked normal, lined it up with the edit perfectly and made a comparison gif within 30 minutes it was uploaded. And you do this for a while now, even though you got red text for it.

Go outside and touch some grass, you probably make those edits yourself. You are a cow.

No. 41435

You are literally sitting on Belle thread all day to notice "edits" and even deleted posts within minutes. Autist.

No. 41436

I meant to tag >>41424, not >>41426

No. 41437

I've only exposed 2 edits? There's more than 1 anon alive here.

No. 41438

Nta that got redtexted.

No. 41439

the wks and trolls are so annoying because anons come at anyone who is complaining about thread quality.

No. 41440

You are still a cow.

Jannies, delete the derail-chan posts from Belle thread already. Red texting won't do much.

No. 41442

>banning vpns on an imageboard
I understand the sentiment but that would be outrageous, the issue is lack of moderation. The site is a sinking ship. We’ve never had to ban vpns before, for years, have we? The issue is a skeleton crew on a dying site.

No. 41443

most imageboards end up banning vpns for a reason, with no decrease in quality posting, only decrease in cp lol

No. 41444

this, even 4chan bans vpns.

No. 41445

Nuke the Belle thread. Anons don't how to act or integrate.

No. 41446

Then fuck off and stop coming here

No. 41447

I’m in agreement with banning vpns if that can stop the cp/gore/porn posts and the no life whiteknights clogging up every thread.

No. 41448

Not to 'hi scrote' but that anon sounds a little too much like the tranny before he started samefagging and avatarfagging for weeks.

No. 41449

The site wasn't as infested with moids and trannies spamming gore/CP back then either, and it's hard to find quality moderation when most of the past mods/admin have grown up, moved on, and have a life now, and the newer influx of anons are just pure cancer. Banning vpns will do nothing except improve this site tenfold and lessen the burden of the few mods we have left.

No. 41450

…why would the tranny call for vpn bans?

No. 41451

It is, he's been spouting the "dying site" shit ever since he came her.

No. 41452

I'm not talking about the anon I tagged I'm talking about the one she's replying to.

No. 41453

>>>/snow/1609506 tranny obsessively sperging out over rachel, that entire thread is just him seething about her and talking to himself, how has it not been locked at this point?

No. 41455

>>>/snow/1609708 he is also samefagging constantly in the elaine thread
mods can you just lock the kiwifag threads? he does not belong on this site

No. 41456

Racebait thread which was made in ot few hours ago is having the exact same thread in g…

No. 41457

>>>/g/280158 Racebait thread

No. 41458

He’s posting gore

No. 41459

Reported it, let's see how long it takes for mods to do something.

No. 41460

gore on /g/

No. 41461

Will the new site have a better search function?

No. 41462

File: 1659923316230.jpeg (62.38 KB, 750x698, 1658348011860.jpeg)

Bump for to rid of gore on fp

No. 41463

File: 1659923345729.jpg (56.55 KB, 1200x682, 1648300213681 (1).jpg)

No. 41464

Infighting trying to bait in paranoia

No. 41465

Gore and racebait still up on /g/

No. 41466

moid made a thead on /g/ with gore an racebaiting

No. 41467

Cp in /m/

No. 41468

seconding this, no idea why they all haven’t been locked by now given they’re 100% him talking to himself literally thousands of times in a row

No. 41469

Samefag, is gone. Thanks jannies.

No. 41474

Scrote posting bait in ot Dumbass Shit thread and seething about women being whores and abortion.

No. 41478

That anorexic hand posting tranny is shitting up the dumbass shit thread arguing about rape.

No. 41480

There’s a racebait thread in /g/

No. 41481

>>>/g/280510 Racebait

No. 41482

Hi mods, please can we move the jvlogger thread to /ot/?
I don’t think I will ever moan about the state of it if it’s there. It’s more like a weeb fan chat room than an actual thread about snowflakery.
Just a suggestion, thanks for considering!

No. 41484

Altcows thread is plagued by newfaggotry, namefagging, and infighting. Would appreciate some cleanup and steering of discussions away from nitpicking.

No. 41485

Ngl that sounds like a horrible idea

No. 41487

Yeah maybe.. but it’ll kill the thread so problem solved???

No. 41489

Kek I guess. /w/ sounds like such a dumpster fire sometimes

No. 41490

cp in ot

No. 41491

cp still in ot

No. 41493

/w/ needs a massive sweep of all the thread derailers who treat the board as a chatroom.

No. 41494

another cp thread in ot

No. 41495

There’s borderline cp thread spam in /ot/. And some other Moid threads are still up in /ot/

No. 41496

CP links in Ot and unsaged infighter is back accusing us of talking like kiwi farms cells and ruining the site

No. 41497

If even 4chan bans VPNs, why won't lolcow?

No. 41498

Mods…. delete this photo. Are you serious?

No. 41499

theres 2 threads in /ot/ with the same cp image and one has been up for almost an hour

No. 41500

Thank you. I reported it yesterday even. Looks like meta posters turned back into cp posters.

No. 41501


Stupid racebait scrote is persistent

No. 41502

Don’t engage with him he will post gore

No. 41504

there is a pedo tranny and one of his (likely male) orbiters derailing the lolita thread on /w/

No. 41505

Pretty sure he’s whinning about being called a pedo in dumb shit derailing again on OT too

No. 41506

this isn't the pedo tranny that's been spamming the site lately, this one is a cow from the lolita community and /cgl/

No. 41508

There’s a different poster making bait threads on g with cat girls and posting in fights about being called a pedo and it ruining the site then.

No. 41509

There are a lot of “how do I do x x “ on here. Is this bait or are there just this many newfags

No. 41510

Aka “what is Sage / what is “hi cow””

No. 41511

people need to stop deleting and reposting if they forget to sage. just reply to your original post and say you forgot. it still bumps the thread if you delete an unsaged post and repost it saged.

No. 41512

Purpose of sage isn't just to bump threads though, it's also so people can hide saged posts and not have to see a bunch of random comments. That's why you'd delete if you forgot to sage imo

No. 41513

it is better to ask i guess, we were all newfags once

No. 41514

i honestly assumed it was the troon baiting because i saw so many when he was posting. ignoring them is still a good idea lol, imagine being told hi cow so often you have to ask what it means 20 times

No. 41515

What >>41512 said, plus not saging comments is bannable on snow

No. 41516

it's bannable because you're bumping the thread though. that's the main issue with it. barely anyone filters saged comments. also it's sageing, not saging.

No. 41517

Sure, but afaik you do not get banned if you delete and repost your comment saged, like you would if you leave it up. Well, should, I am not sure how strictly the rule is enforced in snow rn.

No. 41518

you also don't get banned if you say your forgot to sage. it's just annoying when people delete because it messes up the thread chain. there should be a way to sage your own posts the same way as the delete function works. it wouldn't be hard to implement.

No. 41519

cp in media

No. 41520

cp bot in /m/

No. 41521

Idc. Lock the stupid fucking scrote and editing infested Belle thread. Fuck it. Its trash,mods won't moderate it.

No. 41522

you care too much about a washed up porn star pedopanderer

No. 41523

And you can't follow thread and board culture/rules.

No. 41524

I believe he would sometimes sage his posts.

No. 41525

Namefag and necro >>>/w/238356

No. 41526

At this point it seems impossible to contain the autism.

No. 41527

Are you the same anon REEEEing because belle posted pictures of her herpes and now anal warts? Kek you're way too invested and personal offended. Nobody edited it kek. She pulled a page out of shaynas book with the wart flare up and its available on leak sites across the internet forever cope and seethe faggot

No. 41530

Racist thread has been up in /g/ for many hours now.

No. 41531

Touch some grass

No. 41532

File: 1660034549337.jpeg (110.64 KB, 1213x1440, 41ECCEB3-03EC-4DE6-839F-31393E…)

Please fill in the following form and the thread will be removed.

No. 41533

LOL This is gold, nonnie. Thanks

No. 41534

Schizo tranny is back in /ot/.

No. 41535

No. 41536

not only have his other two garbage threads not been locked yet but the troon made a new one about some dumb scrote discord drama >>>/snow/1610996

No. 41537


No. 41538

"""human""" garbage (likely possessing a penis) keeps posting /pol/ racebait threads on /g/ and now /ot/

No. 41539

It’s Blaine, as per usual. Racism, cp, claims we want to have sex with him, etc easy indicators

No. 41540

We need more mods bad

No. 41541

damn i thought he left for a while. i wonder what makes him leave and what brings him back

No. 41542

>donate button on /meta/
>shitty moid thread has been up on /ot/ for two hours
>some retarded /snow/ janny keeps deleting my reports of their friends' selfposts if i report again the next day or at a different time the poster usually gets b&, presumably because someone other than the calf janny saw it before calf janny deleted the report
>no hellweek in years
yeah i'm definitely going to donate lol

No. 41543

tinfoil is strong w/ this one

No. 41544

File: 1660052425502.jpg (44.03 KB, 512x512, waaa.jpg)

be honest is there a fed involved now

No. 41546

Scrote trolling again in /ot/

No. 41547

Came here to second

No. 41548

It's also in /g/

No. 41549

I miss anorectal violence anon…

No. 41550

>>>/g/280778 Racebait thread

No. 41551

>t. janny

No. 41553

racebait in /g/ again

No. 41554

is there no way to permaban this loser?

No. 41555

poltard in /g/ again

No. 41556

you genuinely wish, but really I think it's tinfoilish to somehow think a janny is protecting "cow friends" by deleting your reports somehow? and then another janny not deleting them and banning whatever you report. that sounds retarded.

No. 41557

He's back on /ot/ again

No. 41558

And /g/, bleh

No. 41559

I know this site is barely cared for but would it not be possible to have an autoban system that removes threads with certain phrases? The moid spamming about black people is constantly using the same words.

No. 41560

the images he repeatedly posts can be autobanned using image hashes too, I've seen that being done on other imageboards

No. 41561

Every time this shit gets bumped I have to see the words toddler rape and I’m fucking over it, how hard is it to ban this faggot and delete his threads

No. 41562

racebaiter still wont fuck off

No. 41563

Racebaiting scrote back at it again in /ot/

No. 41564

And /g/

No. 41565

Racebait scrote in /g/ and /ot/ again

No. 41566

For real, what's happening to LC? Have all the mods and jannys gone MIA?
Tbh, I'm kind of relieved that /m/ is not the only board that is being left unmoderated, I keep reporting posts on /m/ and nobody gives a shit even though we have literal scrotes posting in the genshin thread.

No. 41567

File: 1660133923566.jpeg (447.32 KB, 828x937, B6037022-E7D7-4C9D-BE2C-03A8F7…)

Last rare admin sighting. Supposedly website being updated is prioritized over moderation.

No. 41568

Found in the locked complaints and suggestions thread #11

No. 41569

Thank u for the clarification kind anon, I hope the site updates soon because right now the scrotes run rampant.
Also love you use the kekweek style.

No. 41570

I personally advocate for really girly and sparkly theme styles for lc.

No. 41571

Why has the racebait spam thread been up for 9 hours now?

No. 41572

Istg, its the same anon. This is an imageboard.


No. 41573

/w/ is a trash fire too. Mods came in and said to knock stuff off, and yet I've placed retorts all over/w/ too and yet the same anons get to keep derailing. I hope vpns are banned with the update.

No. 41574

So when are you going to delete the black problem thread?

No. 41575

Yes, please. I know it sounds dumb when I type it out but keekweek is really cute and it's a pity we don't have more "girly" themes. Old school y2k pink glitter would be cute in an ironic way. In the last town hall some nonnies were bouncing off the walls for Hello Kitty/Sanrio themes

No. 41576

Anon bumping the Belle thread with unsaged photos then deleting them


No. 41577

Doesn't seem to have any scrotes in there. For an infested thread, this one is oddly free from gore, dick picks, assholes and CP. I've only seen Tighnari/Venti spamming.

No. 41579

Can mods confirm if Belle actually self-posted in her thread?

No. 41580

lol poor farmhands having to pretend to give a fuck about the spergs in the belle thread meanwhile cp and racebait spam has been here for weeks

No. 41581

this whole 'black problem' or whatever posting is so annoying. can nothing be done?

No. 41582

race baiting scrote troll back in /ot/ and /g/

No. 41583

Right. What's the point of reporting them if mods/jans barely do anything about it. Are they even moderating?

No. 41584

The belle thread is so retarded for the baiters and the nonnas who take the bait

No. 41587

i don’t even like that threads about her exist here, it just attracts a bunch of scrotes and skinwalkers being equally retarded and deranged. no one cared about belle at all and then the second a thread about her gets made it’s immediately full of shit flinging because it’s just a ton of retards from outside the site fighting. just lmao

No. 41588

How do you know who are "outsiders" even? Kek, meta is not a crying place for threads you don't like, no one cares.

No. 41589

that’s basically my point though, her thread just brings in massive amounts of tards who have been using meta to complain about every single part of belle threads instead of just reporting them

No. 41590

There’s always a ‘belle defender’ in meta too who gets really snarky about the thread being auto saved or locked because of the retard nons taking bait. Belle thread is a shit show. Wasn’t anisa a banned topic for a bit anyway?

No. 41591



No. 41592

How many days has he been at it now? If only smegoids could put that much energy, time and dedication into not being oxygen thieves the world would be a much better place.

No. 41593

Ofc course belle defenders want her to be a bannable topic after her genital warts are discussed kek

No. 41594

Racist scrote posting racebait in ot to cope with the fact that scrotes cause 90% of violent crime.

No. 41596

Samefagg, kek I mean m, but also according to other anons ot.

No. 41597

nonna idk what you’re on but no one here defended belle nor did anyone here say she should be a bannable topic. i’m just sick of the nonstop sperging from people obsessed with her whether it’s admiration or otherwise. every single reply about belle itt could just be a normal report, it’s not urgent nor does it concern the functioning of the site nor is it affecting anything outside the thread. i’ve never even looked at a belle thread let alone posted in one

No. 41598

She was replying to me lol Belle won’t be a banned topic obviously but her threads are probably the most retarded with again her haters and defenders.

No. 41599

Tranny moid is back on OT. Posting clear bait

No. 41600

I really enjoyed watching Belle's WK tell us that everyone has genital warts and that we should go get a mirror and check our anal area to see them. lmao go to a doctor, no not everyone has warts on their asshole.

No. 41601

Did you guys make the text small on mobile?

No. 41602

File: 1660177254882.jpeg (106.7 KB, 828x230, 0EE8DB99-22E8-45BB-8B44-413986…)

NTA but i screened this a little bit ago up this thread, idk if this counts as “bannable” but they wanted it locked lol. I’ve seen a few comments like this before actually

No. 41603

gore in /g/

No. 41605

Just to follow up do mods care if we spam images to get gore off the front page ty

No. 41606

not a mod,but i've been here for basically the entire time the site has existed. please don't do it. it makes the people posting gore post more because they think it's "working".

No. 41607

Scrote in mtf thread.

No. 41608

I see. My apologies just didn't want anyone to get riled up. I'll refrain from doing so

No. 41609

the idea ia good, but it doesn't really work. it's hard to deal with seeing this stuff, but the only thing that will get rid of it is getting rid of the source.

No. 41610

Just post in other threads using a picture. It will bump other threads. Pretty much just use lc as normal.

No. 41611

This is the complaint thread. You are capping a photo from the complaint thread.

No. 41612

moid spamming on snow

No. 41613

Site is still shit? Still no moderation? Cool cool cool cool cool

No. 41614

>pic doesn't even show, mod can't be assed to fix the post
Great sign of things to come

No. 41616

/pol/ scrote still at it.
Here's a little tip for other farmers on desktop:
Step 1: download Tampermonkey extension for your browser
Step 2: add 4chan X script
Step 3: when you find one of his threads, click on the little arrow to the right of the post number, hover over "filter" and click on "Subject", that way every subsequent threads of his will be automatically hidden (unless he catches on and changes the title to circumvent the filter). It'll be like his threads aren't even there.
Of course, you can make filters manually in the options for other fields such as comment, name and filename (you can even use regex to filte possible variations), it makes your imageboard experience much less infuriating.


No. 41617

Tranny making leftube threads and reeing in snow.

No. 41618

Belle-Editing anon is ban evading in the Sky thread with their nitpicking >>>/w/ 238892

No. 41619

Infighting in zoomer hate thread.

No. 41620

Use the report button, retard. It's not urgent and you can't even tag it right.

No. 41621

Exactly. Belle WKs reek of newfags

No. 41622

Tranny is back in /ot/ and posted in graphics thread in /m/.

No. 41623

why does this scrote keep posting that black problem thread. like does he think it’s actually going to offend someone rather than being a pathetic attempt at trolling?

No. 41625

He is such a low quality male he cannot attract a partner and that frustrates him. This is how he copes, in addition of watching massive amounts of BBC cuck porn. Sad.

No. 41626

Please ban the spreg in the Jonny Craig thread. They’ve been going off for 16 hours about all his exes and how they’re not good enough for him, it’s super vendetta-y, annoying, and it’s clogging up the thread.

No. 41627

i'm 95% sure it's blaine since moids love to racebait randomly

No. 41628

scrote racebait in /g/

No. 41629

also in /m/
pls recruit jannies in different timezones. i've seen bait stay around for like 6 hours

No. 41630

The racebait schizo is still going at it in /m/, it’s getting annoying as fuck.

No. 41631

Thank you mods for unbanning me. No, I am not being held hostage. There is no gun to my head. That's just how much I normally blink. It's the adhd.

No. 41633

The race baiting scrote is still posting shit on /g/

No. 41634

now he is posting gore

No. 41635

Manic schizo episodes can last up to several weeks so I don't think he'll be stopping any time soon. Let's pray for suicide when he eventually crashes and burns though.

No. 41636

I was scrolling down so fast I was wondering if I was imagining stuff or if I just saw gore, obviously I wasn't going to check. I'll leave lc for a few hours I think.

No. 41642

Just to warn everyone the same tranny that has been posting racebait for the past few days is posting dicks on /ot/ from his porn folder. If you're reading this make sure to bump other threads and report him. That is all.

No. 41643

Samefag, also avoid /g/.

No. 41645

I'm 99% sure this is the same bunkertranny that raided last time

No. 41649

Mods troon woke up

No. 41650

Scrote dickposting all over /ot/

No. 41651

The tranny is also posting dick pics in /snow/ and /w/.

No. 41652

ban evading tranny spamming on ot

No. 41653

Sick posting on any thread that gets bumped pretty much in /ot/

No. 41655

retard is spamming dicks still

No. 41657

You have no friends.

No. 41660

a trip to therapy wouldnt hurt yknow

No. 41661


Troon thread

No. 41664

Replace the incompetent jannies on /w/

No. 41667

Scrote spamming his BBC fap folder on snow and ot.

No. 41668

tranny in /g/ with another racebait thread

No. 41669

Samefag, he's also in /ot/

No. 41670

and in /m/…

why is it so hard for them to get rid of this retard? and why don't the farmhands ever tell us anything anymore?

No. 41671

I know that they said they were going to update the site, but I rather have more farmhands and a ban on free vpns so they could finally get rid of him. Even cc refuses to do anything about it.

He's also back in /g/

No. 41672

For a moid saving bbc pics, that's pretty gay

No. 41673

They project that’s why kek. They hate black males but will save pics of their dicks and spend so much time researching on how much they hate them.

No. 41677

>>>/ot/1298741 Racebait thread

No. 41678

It's also in /m/

No. 41679

I am starting to doubt UH did anything other than spam this site for a week with provocative trolling in response to that Janny going crazy.

No. 41680

Yeah it's a group of poltards that the janny likes which is why some people get banned for way less and they keep blaming it on others so they will keep doing it as long as there are no consequences and they can fool idiots into thinking it's someone else. Double post but sorry I think that each post should only be quoted once because I am a huge faygot.

No. 41681

Troon post^

No. 41682

Ban evading troon is out of hibernation

No. 41683

Not him, beat this logic please.

No. 41684

UH only did reddit spacing for their first week of being open, as someone who followed Rachel as a lolcow from the start it's very obvious that is not his writing style and the people making this list kept lumping in as many people as they could. The twitters posted were not all UH's they were all Rachel Leed's enemies…

No. 41687

Yeah and while UH should not post here I am sure he would love to clear his name and help staff make a thread on the people who actually spam this site with porn. Blaine fucking bumped the funniest threads he could find on page ten with either critiques or memes, he tries to be funny, not horrific like these spammers who are only trying to shock people and get cheap kicks in on women. It's disgusting that they are probably the same people rushing in here each day to continually blame things on one person.
Janny I am not him, I am just following Occam's Razor here, enough time has passed and I know Blaine irl, he checked himself into a mental ward so he wouldn't kill the dude who posted a gun here and threatened his mother. The police did not find a thing on his devices then, it's clearly not him spamming child porn and I doubt it's him spamming dick porn.
Muscle lady spam? Yeah that's him, he's a bottom and a pervert, not a pedophile.

No. 41691

having a microdick doesn't make you intersex

No. 41693

Blaine was born male cut his penis, he's lying about being intersex

No. 41694

Blaine lies about everything, he even lied about being molested as if that gives him any sympathy.

No. 41696

He knows that,since the person you're replying to is him kek.

No. 41699

Nah that faggot brings a ton of screen caps for their claims of most things unlike you for the last month.
>>41696 you're Blaine too omg! We were all Blaine this whole time!(autistic tranny)

No. 41700

Ignore the trannoids so they get bored quicker. They rejoice that so many girls replying to him, with a cock in their huge veiny shitty-nail-polish chipped hands.

No. 41701

Racebait on G again

No. 41704

So is this /pol/cel the same poster as the tranny or not? It seems that he's the most active when the troon is not. Too much of a coincidence.
It's a male, there's no need to entertain his delusions

No. 41707

Belle-fag taunting mods. Them and another anon from this thread are shitposting again around /w/. You guys need to peemaban their IPs they hop from.


No. 41709

What about mods falsely redtexting an image as "photoshop"? Kek

No. 41710

Go to 4ch, scrote

No. 41712

Belle WKs going extremes

No. 41716

"Peemaban" this loser so he will have to touch grass

No. 41718

kuz (the man the schizotranny is obsessed with) is repeatedly mentioned in the screenshots posted here >>>/snow/1610996 and they’re also about that stupid soyjak image board which i guess the kuz guy owns. what the fuck is with these fringe chan moids and being obsessed with spamming cp? slight tinfoil but it wouldn’t surprise me if he had a part in spamming it here along with bl*ine obviously.
sorry for posting 3 times i’m on mobile lmao

No. 41721

this will be my only reply to you, but enjoying being beaten by women is still a male fantasy rooted in the fetishization of subverting your expectations of women, which is that they’re weak in reality. maybe read pornography by dworkin, bye troon

No. 41723

Who is Kuz? Why is he discussed here all the time?

No. 41724

It was valid lol

No. 41725

Yes it is.

No. 41726

Prove then, because that screenshot was literally in previous thread and Belle's herpes is seen in the full video. Stop accusing every ugly photo of Belle to be photoshopped, that's retarded.

No. 41730

Anons don't need to prove anything by showing mods the edits when the files themselves are self evident as photoshopped and you spazz out and foam at the mouth and spam your shitty edits when called out anyway.

No. 41732

This anon and anon keep derailing and baiting anons in the Jvlog thread. >>>/w/239152

No. 41733

File: 1660268829586.png (1.19 MB, 1295x802, herpes.png)

Belle has herpes and you are pathetic

No. 41734

That's not herpes, she never said she has herpes, and we already know anons edits these. Go outside. I can't believe you have so many of these photos and edit them. Lol

No. 41735

Multi thread shitposting >>>/w/ 239200

No. 41736

Please ban this moid, also the jannies who redtexted that photo for being "photoshopped"

No. 41737

You don't even need to say it. We all know how fucking disgusting femdom troons are. We all know it and that's why we ignore his posts.

No. 41739

why is this boring thot an eternal topic of conversation in /meta/?
kuz is a shady Russian web hosting provider who the troon hates because he tried to fuck him and then become a jannie for his Russian imageboard, the tranny then spammed CP, doxed his own family, and tried to blame kuz for it all

No. 41741

Because a retard doesn't know how to use report function for irrelevant shit and whines about Belle thread here all day

No. 41742

The wk comes here to REEE whenever we say something mean about belle kek they refuse to let the thread flow naturally

No. 41743

File: 1660270080514.jpg (435.51 KB, 599x900, ralphabelle.jpg)

No. 41744

Some dumbass thinks Belle's video is not real because she has herpes in it. It also feels the need to whine about it in meta despite being wrong.

No. 41747

Self admitted penis defect on OT

No. 41749

please stop using this thread just to sperg about belle. also that’s obviously from biting dry skin off lips. and no i’m not a bellefag either. jesus christ

No. 41751

Troon is now literally saying "I'm not a woman" on /ot/ kek

No. 41754

I agree that Belle should not be discussed here. And that's obviously herpes.


Well, teach this retard how to report, then we won't have a derailing problem on meta every two days.

No. 41756

Love ya nonnie

No. 41758

Didn't respond right. Sorry repost
How do you know they didn't report? This is a thread for complaints. What else do they need to do?

No. 41759

Just report and stop de-railing?
P simple to me.
>>41756 I live to serve.

No. 41760

Racist and sexist hindi scrote back at it already.

No. 41761

Derail…a complaints thread. K.

No. 41762

See >>41755 and cease your whataboutism please? I am literally begging you here.


He is spamming his shit thread everywhere now…

No. 41763

Damn /ot/ farmhand you are fast af, thank you.

No. 41764

So you posted in this thread while, I assume, reporting. So in your words you shouldn't post here at all. Maybe I don't get your logic, I'm sorry.

No. 41765

Belle thread is full of schizos

No. 41766

Keep your herpes fanfiction to your fics

No. 41769

Everytime you come here in an attempt to moderate belles thread because you're embarassed about her oral herpes and anal warts being discussed, just know its kind of like the Streisand effect lol you're just bringing more attention to it, anons who are not even interested in belle are going to look and see how unhinged you are, some already have and wish you would quit whining here about belle everyday

No. 41771

Get medical help

No. 41772

Or they do and utilize the complaints thread. Go off though. This thread would be empty otherwise. I could say you just need to report and shut up too

No. 41773

Anons are tired of you coming here complaining about belle everyday

No. 41774

What happened to the old dumb bitch meme threads why is half of media missing

No. 41777

Oh? I guess the complaint threads are exclusive. That makes sense ….while I post. Only meant for you morally good people, as a gossip site can determine

No. 41778

What am I doing again. Esides pointing out an overly upset account against another? What have I done? It's Lear from your posts but explain to me

No. 41781

2 different anons

No. 41783

It’s obvious /w/ needs to just go. Start threads in /snow/ to replace old /w/ ones and see if they survive. It’s so annoying if you want to talk about weebier cows that you have to run a gauntlet of newfag freaks & this absolutely unhinged WK (inb4 “there’s literally dozens of us!!” response from WK who camps only here and in his harem of weeby girl threads)

No. 41784

Are the same anins in meta sperging all over /w/ or something? A bunch of threads have the same derailing or OONW OTT tinfoil. They are fighting anons ITT too >>>/w/239254 derailing a bunch of stuff including meta is seems.

No. 41785

Awww I'm sorry my phone auto corrected a word. I must be developmentally disable. Dude. You're spending about a single photo posted that was wrongfully flagged like…calm down your name isn't even associated. Anywho. That goes for everything. What do you have besides one bad check?

No. 41786

File: 1660276585217.jpg (191.15 KB, 894x678, Screenshot_20220811-223336_Chr…)

Idk the problems in belles thread goes back a few years

No. 41787

Hey thread was never this bad. Anons didn't edit like this before and spam. Honestly this type of derailing started when the cosplay thread had issues last summer and a Nicole Eevee whatever thread was made. Anons were finding mass amounts of anons editing before and after photos of that cow too.

No. 41788

So strange how these weird, nitpicky edits only happen on threads also frequented by the WK who calls everyone Bellefag…got my big gray almond tingling…

No. 41789

Pretty sure mods can tell its not the same anons.

No. 41790

Another anon baiting fights wtf is happening in /w/ >>>/w/239081 Like damn. They really are all over and just trying to cross thread instigate things.

No. 41791

Awww I'm sorry my phone auto corrected a word. I must be developmentally disable. Dude. You're spending about a single photo posted that was wrongfully flagged like… your name isn't even associated. Anywho. That goes for everything. What do you have besides one bad check?>>41788
So weird only these posts are flagged. Let me really put them through for you. Gotchu

No. 41792

you're clearly developmentally disabled, but for different reasons.

No. 41793

Get help

No. 41796

/m/ is getting pretty crowded with image threads. They good threads but I feel like they aren't as on topic as threads about actual media like tv, books, etc and it's a bit monotonous to look at them on the front page too often.

It'd be nice if we could have a board dedicated to images only like /img/ on cc. You could have threads for spamming art and wallpapers and so on without taking up space that could be used for actual discussion.

No. 41798

male race baiter back in /g/ and /m/ again.

No. 41800

>she never said she has herpes
LOL is lc an autobiography site where we are supposed to just relay back whatever the cows announce? Moid cope and seethe.

No. 41801

That's fair.

No. 41802

Just one paranoid derailer shitting up /w/ and meta again and again, because "Belle fag" is archenemy of it. Deserves a ban already, you know, instead of people who post non-edited photos.

No. 41803

There are more important things in the world than a sex worker's disgusting herpes. Stop losig your mind over it here.

No. 41805

That's the schizotroon, I think. I guess Bellefag (who I didn't know of till today because I don't go on that thread but I just had a peek and kek) and him both found common ground as the absolute dregs.

No. 41807

Why do belle threads bring all the autists out holy shit

No. 41808

File: 1660300348631.jpeg (273.14 KB, 782x623, 1DC9C011-659C-44CF-92B6-4842B4…)

The troon was also in a Belle thread so it’s confirmed at least some of the derailing is him

No. 41809

>>>/ot/1299208 racebait thread

No. 41810

File: 1660302144977.jpg (35.04 KB, 677x669, a5yae.JPG)

Kek he is "waiting for mods to drop info" so he can doxx us? Top fucking kek, I am not holding my breath waiting Blaine

No. 41811

Agreed. It's annoying having to scroll through so many of them for each primary color etc

No. 41812

As someone who participates in both discussion and image spams, I agree 100%

No. 41813

Honestly not surprising, everytime he has a meltdown here, the belle thread is brought up.

No. 41817

need more jannies to get rid of this fucking racebaiter on /ot/, reposting the same retarded "Black Problem" topic since yesterday

No. 41821

yup, racebaiter is the tranny confirmed

No. 41822

Remember anon jannies and the admin can see the report you left on the actual posts. Wanting the comments linked is the moid so he can screech.

No. 41823

oh not the pedo troon blaine again

No. 41826

Tranny is samefagging all over OT mods. Sorry
And remember farmers. Jannies and Admins can see your reports. Keep reporting. Meta is comment and suggestions about bigger things like a raid. Don’t link the posts. It gets the moid off. He’s worried because when you report they just get deleted and then he wants to 41%.

No. 41829

self hating pedo who thinks he can spam CP and it doesn't make him a pedo if he's doing it to take a board down or some imaginary greater good

No. 41831

pedo that pretends he was molested because he watched too much cp

No. 41833

pedo, we all know what you are

No. 41836

Troon in anime thread talking about his mommy dommy waifu and possibly talking to himself as well (I find it hard to believe that no one would notice his obvious namefagging and admitting to being male)

No. 41839

Scrotal wojaks should be banned on spot.

No. 41840

Moid is talking to himself in /ot/ and posts in every thread desperately for any reply.

No. 41841

He’s still at it. Posting videos and other autism moid shit.

No. 41842

More editing from the ban evading Bellevautist spammers. >>>/w/239356 Pretty sure these anons are doing this to piss of jannies now. Mods clearly can't do anything about them.

No. 41843

race bait thread and annoyingly people are taking the bait.

I notice that it's usually the exact same script, couldn't there be an autoban on that specific script joined?

No. 41844

Closing /w/ wouldn't stop it, jannies just can't handle the amount of boards running right now. Closing /w/ would bring the flashflood of newfags and curdled milk right back into /snow/ and /pt/. I don't think they understand that those retards are here for good and deleting/locking the board will only send them elsewhere on the site. Everyone thought pullfags would get their feelings hurt and fuck off but they ended up doubling down, legend has it they're still learning to integrate to this day. Indignant, lazy anons can only be corraled into their boards and left to rot. I think it's better for the site to have /w/ be dead aside from the vendettachans vs. a complete upheaval and rehoming of threads and their spergs respectively.

Random thought; why don't we bring back something like /manure/ except it's active and less of a hall of shame thing? a board dedicated to the worst threads where we just let them fanart and nitpick to their hearts content. Jannies wouldn't even have to do anything aside from clearing potential raids. A "you know where to go if you know" type deal could be a good enough deterrent for newfags and spammers now that I think about it. Won't have to deal with selfposting bumpers and tards if they won't be seen on the front page or high-traffic boards. They only want the attention or chance to insult cows that lurk, right? That's what it comes off as to me anyway. Ramble over, sorry nonnies. Hope I'm not the only one who is so tired of this.

No. 41845

/w/ smells of Kiwi and PULL refugees. Kiwi is specially bright up in/w/ by anons too a few times in choice threads. No actual farmer derails on /w/ and /snow/ like this over and over and over. Mods can't permaban them either but they are so easy to spot.

No. 41851

nta, but apeople have always referenced kiwi and pull posts in threads when they're relevant(check out the yumi king thread for proof) simply mentioning those sites isn't an issue itself, it's how they treat the threads. nitpicking and focusing on shit that isn't milky, infighting when they're called out. many anons used to crosspost from kf and pull, and i understand being gatekeepy but gatekeep the actions. speaking of what we really need to be gatekeeping more on /w/ is all the sjw behavior, it's prevalent in too many threads. sjw topics like racebaiting/fishing or hating on trannies or pro sw attitudes need to go. milk shouldn't be based on what sjws find offensive. not to bring up the skyleigh thread, but it's a good example. i used to follow the thread before sjw anons started making it about how she's so shitty and offensive for asianfishing, when the milk is about her being deranged enough to larp as an asian. it's not about being offensive, it's about drama. even tranny hate threads on /snow/ function better than some threads on /w/ and trannies are literally offensive. it's ridiculous.

No. 41854

I dont know whether to laugh but the jannys banned that one anon who mnetioned ezra in celebricows but did not ban the other infighters and weight spergs so the thread is still filled with infighting……kek janny what the fuck are you doing are you one of the spergs and thats why you didnt ban them?

If you are going to let celebricows be a shithole then dont atkeast cherrypick posts, moderator.

No. 41856

Legitimately so fucking pissed that thread has gone to shit at this point. It might as well be /snow. What is up with people being unable to contain their irrelevant sperging lately? Air pollutants???? The water??

No. 41859

^troon post

No. 41860

Celebricows is basically like a diet/weight thread right now because of all the infighting and weight discussions.
But good thing you ban someone Who replied meanly to you because they dont want to take celebrity milk in a shitty containment thread you made in snow, janny.

I literally thought the jannys were busy amd thats why no one was getting banned but then insaw they redtexted that ezra poster so that means they are active now but what the fuck are they doing, why arent they banning anyone?


You are a male lunatic.

No. 41862

Porn on ot again

No. 41863

Lunatic is what they call women who bitched about men controlling them sooooo okay I am.

No. 41866

File: 1660325183156.jpg (184.97 KB, 1070x1100, 20220812_192249.jpg)

The state of the celebricows thread is off-discussion, weight sperging and flooded with infighting.

Can another one of the janny wake up and ban the retards there,because whatever current janny thats awake now is NOT doing anything, except for banning one poster cor posting actual celeb milk.

this is fucking ridiculous.

No. 41868

i see that it took enough bitching for one of the Janny's to finally start banning the others in the celebricows thread.

not even going to say thank you because this is below the bare minimum in finally banning spergs after all this complaining so you wont look biased for only banning the ezra poster.

No. 41869

Porny racebait thread in ot/

No. 41870

Tranny is avatar fagging and race baiting all over OT

No. 41881

Tranmy shitting rings around himself in /ot/. You know it's him because men who are born male XY with a penis are full of shit and able to do so

No. 41884

NTA but yeah that's why you gotta be extra cautious now. Anything that seems even remotely suspicious was probably posted by him. And he's easy to trigger if you refer to him as the troon he is so you'll know when it's him.

No. 41888

Kek. And why is he avatarfagging with retarded anime pics?

No. 41895

The anon screaming about “the black problem” just outed themselves as a scrote by spamming porn. Can we permaban?

No. 41897

im pretty sure they are are permabanned anon and they are probably using multiple vpns like the other ban-evaders.

No. 41898

Porn on bottom of OT page 1. Infighter is back too

No. 41900

Racebait with porn threadpic on OT. I’m 100% sure this guy has a fetish for black people.

No. 41901

>go surprised pikachu face
This reads like a kid trying to act cool in a COD game.

No. 41904


This is Troon because he is in the dumbass shit thread

No. 41906

Anything goes in the dumbass shit thread, it's not the retarded shitpost thread. That said though yeah the troon if off his leash and needs to be stopped

No. 41910

You're responding to said troon, notice the "mention of "de-rail" and claiming his spam is just jokes.

No. 41915

File: 1660344844310.jpg (31.77 KB, 700x483, DuVUG6KX4AM_nRp.jpg)

This scrote is back again.

No. 41921

at this point would it even made a difference what that thing is.
most important it is a spamming moid.

No. 41922

>Calls women liars
>Can't write more than two lines
>Can't read
>Refused to fight a fairy faggot
>Insists he's the smartest person in the world
This is why I think he's a Hindi Muslim that worships white dudes, he's certainly gay, everytime he posts porn it's focused on the cock.
I could analyze him more but he's gross and makes me feel icky.
>>41921 god damn right, now let's find out who he is so I can send him literal dog shit in the mail.

No. 41924

Shitty porn on OT and G

No. 41925

you're responding to the schizophrenic nazi pedophile tranny who is the one behind some of the /pol/ posts and porn spam, report and ignore him

No. 41927


rogue moid

No. 41929

samefag as >>41927
Definitely stealing pictures. Why does this troon have such a hateboner for indian guys

No. 41933

i can seriously only imagine these insane anti indian posts are by the indian dude himself, right? i haven’t been following this closely but i can’t imagine farmers would be posting this shitty racebait themselves. at least i’d hope not

No. 41934


doesnt the character you're avatarfagging have a dark skinned husband anyway kek

No. 41941

very uncouth to write poltard ramblings just to trigger an indian scrote, not sure what i expected from you as schizotroon though

No. 41943

racebait thread

No. 41944

Why does a tranny scrote think he has any right to be here? Frankly, I'm tired of this troon acting as if him posting here is not against the rules and then going "I'll protect you from that Indian scrote, girls!! Fuck off, moid!" As if he weren't a braindead moid himself and therefore unwelcome here. And I gotta love how he's always trying to pass as a woman and "blend in" and actual nonas reply to him initially thinking that they're just talking to a poster with unusual opinions, but he always makes himself obvious after a couple of replies like the attention whore he is.
Fucking pathetic and annoying. I'm leaving this site now, I could probably ignore the racebait thread spam by hiding them on sight but this schizo troon's male entitlement is too much.

No. 41947

Why do we still have 7+ year old shitty banners from cows that nobody cares about anymore or hentai shit? Just a scroll through the banner thread shows ones that are 10x better than any that we already have. Is it that difficult to change the gif or are mods just lazy?

No. 41949

Ban evading and low moderation as usual. It sucks so bad and I wish Admin communicated more or had things planned out ahead of time, since lc is getting popular outside.

No. 41950

Admin's post about this >>>/meta/40770

No. 41953

oh 100%

No. 41961


Racebait thread with porn threadpic

No. 41966

Mods… he's samefagging again…

No. 41972


racebait thread

No. 41974

Site is unraveling, mods are welcome to do something about it whenever

No. 41975

why does the black problem scrote keep coming back?

No. 41976

the picture you linked is originally from belles first thread and its certainly not edited. Are you retarded or ??? Why do you keep coming here everyday we make fun of cows here idiot

No. 41980

Troon is avatar fagging and bumping the porn threads on OT. The defective prostate haver continues to prove he’s the only moid talking to himself in the room. Sorry mods

No. 41988

Retard troon still going on OT

No. 41989

No. 41991

Loser. But it needs to be removed

No. 41993


No. 41994

This and the /g/ one are still up so maybe the person modding /ot/ is the only one that was active today? I dunno.

No. 41998


No. 41999

No. 42000

Literally all day with this scrote.

No. 42001

Did you expect a tranny to have a life? His job is being promoted above, getting more gfm donations, and being more respected than real women.what a life

No. 42003

You work all winter….like everyone? Do you not understand how jobs work?
Prob trolling and im done giving you attention. Youll never be a woman or "pass". Rope is a very useful tool

No. 42005

Fuck I posted in the old thread. Anyways can we redtext "white"?

No. 42018

Actual troon

No. 42019

How for what? I'll explain but be specific, I got Angry Canadians dox with my weird autism in seconds too.

No. 42031

Tranny in ot conspiracy thread, likely same one spamming his porn folder. Goes to show you scrotes pornsickness.

No. 42038

Youre not special.

No. 42045

Its the troon army. They cant lift 20lbs and are all over 6' but they claim 5'9". They pretend the enemy is a cis woman and shoot to kill. Very useful.

No. 42047

So then who's dox is that?

No. 42048

You are ruining the site, male

No. 42052

I mean the IP

No. 42054

"Im a man have been shitting shit up for ever" so it's valid. Lol

No. 42062

Lol what? It was very clear sarcasm. Im happy to see you can find a way to argue though. You deserve a cookie

No. 42064

Sorry i shouldnt have interacted with a mentally ill, affection deprived scrote. My bad. Wont happen again. Honestly i didnt know how ill he was. People with severe personality disorders or schizophrenia are unpredictable. Idk why i thought i could embarrass them. Clearly that doesnt effect them no matter what

No. 42066

So we only have empathy for….every single human? You're aware we birthed your pathetic ass right?

No. 42068

You disappoint me with your lack of understanding what sarcasm actually is

No. 42071

Learn to reply

No. 42074

Awww but you deserve all the cookies! Still not replying right lol

No. 42075

The coconutkitty school of blaming it on a character

No. 42077

It was gone 10 years ago when he realized he was a failed man and thought being a woman would be an easy fix. Now hes isolated and depressed because no one will ever love him and hes lashing out at random anons to feel powerful over "privileged" cis women

No. 42080

Learn to reply or no one will ever respond

No. 42083

Youre adorbs. Like a retarded toddler trying to open a screen door

No. 42086

Who you talking to dear? Stop trying to run through the screen

No. 42089

Nope and nope. But keep trying. Its hilarious

No. 42094

Um…is "no you are" a serious response?

No. 42103


No. 42106

The last few racebait threads have been up forever, can they please go away?

No. 42108

I’m sorry but why the fuck don’t you reply properly? It’s really annoying. I want to see what you’re talking about.

No. 42111

This almost gave me a stroke

No. 42113

Are you really going to accuse me of being a fucking “honey trap”? Just learn to reply newfag.

No. 42114

Yes as you're just as retarded as him and he was active at the time. Learn to sage for once if you wanna deny being him btw, really marks you.

No. 42115

Namefagging and severe autism.

No. 42116

File: 1660376741922.jpeg (20.21 KB, 240x210, 38BF5F15-3042-48E6-8013-37871E…)

>learn to sage!
>in meta

No. 42117

thats why the admin should consider to add hwid ban instead of simple ip banning

No. 42118

moid spam on /ot/

No. 42119

Schizo-troon dumping his porn folder all over /ot/

No. 42121

Jesus Christ what is this autism mods pls and thank you

No. 42122

moidposting in ot

No. 42123

Reported every porn thread, but still. A ton of stupid moid porn threads on /ot/

No. 42125

File: 1660389358502.jpg (128.02 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20200223_180846_898.jpg)

Why are all farmhands American? Are there Janny applications? It always gets out of hand during euro hours

No. 42126

schizo racist pedotroon is spamming porn all over and bumping his shit spam
mods haven't taken down his posts from over 10 hours ago either, mods please help us and check the report queue
admin has admitted we are understaffed but won't open janny/mod applications until the new site code is up and running, but we also don't have a date on when that will happen
it's been bad for so long…

No. 42129

Can you stfu and report and move on

No. 42131

Rape ape tranny polfag spamming porn with ot living up to the bbc anxiety and sexual predator behavior. Should probably report him to the fbi as we know trannies are pedophiles or rapists. Considering he has a porn spam folder (of course it’s all interracial because moids are homosexuals anxious about small dick size) he probably has a cp folder like reddit gamergazi fags that spam cp to get subs taken down. Male suicide rate is too low, reason #76447889 to never have a son, and don’t donate body parts anons because scrotes are the majority of recipients due to their risk taking retard behavior.

No. 42148

File: 1660402632982.jpg (615.27 KB, 1080x1555, Skynicolebelleanonisaretard.jp…)

Sure is quiet in /w/ since the collage Belle-anon got a 4th out to pasture. Thank you, mods.

No. 42149

Mods really do be turning this shit around quick, also that hand belongs to a tranny for sure. I can tell.

No. 42151

racebait all over the shayna thread

No. 42152

Spam of lynched black people all over /ot/. I know development is important but pls a little moderation is really needed right now

No. 42162

Keeps getting derailed by racebait


…and please remove this

No. 42166

The scrote who’s obsessed with black people is back in /pt/ posting vintage gore.

No. 42167

File: 1660409425612.gif (482.44 KB, 220x163, D6622671-D03E-4E36-84DD-1353A5…)

>tfw you gotta catch up on that /meta/ milk but nobody is saging and it bumps 1 of the two active threads above the other

No. 42170

he's been doing this for 48 hours what the fuck are jannies doing !!!!!!

No. 42173

None of this is milk it’s moid autism that frankly does not belong here

No. 42174

Jannies it doesn't help when you just delete half of the tranny's posts. He himself admitted several times that you missed some of his ips/posts and I reported these very posts too.
But I feel like reporting is useless.

No. 42176

I don’t know can you shut the fuck up for two seconds and stop shitting up lc with your Troon manifestos

No. 42180

You sound like such a newfag and have sounded like one for all the time you’ve ‘masked off’

No. 42181

porn spam on /g/. can the mods please do something?

No. 42182

Those posts featuring gore and porn are getting out of hand. We can't go anywhere without coming across that utterly disgusting shit. I've been reporting every single post that I see but it's clear now that he is outflanking the staff. I wish newdmin would open the janny applications because there sure are a bunch of terminally online NEET nonnies willing to help take care of the site.

No. 42184

Me too I hate this so much

No. 42189

It’s troon

No. 42192

I can’t wait for more mods to come so they can ban every male on sight including this schizo pedo troon who thinks he is one of us

No. 42194


Troon post

No. 42195

gore in /g/

No. 42202

i guess the admins like the race baiter huh

No. 42204

>>>>>>who cares
absolutely everyone? are you a retard. He wants us to accept him but we won't.

No. 42206

Why didn't mods just ban the troon and the racebaiting anons, and delete the troll threads when they were deleting the spam. I'm so confused.

No. 42207

blaine is so male, shits up the site for months then overshares that he just got medicated so we all have to be nice to him now he chooses to be nice. gross pedo, gross man

No. 42211

I don't understand what was bannable about this. Not my post.

No. 42213

you're not welcome here. log off and kys

No. 42215

huh, could u explain more ?

No. 42218

Is proana full of vendetta posters?

No. 42221

Racebaiter posting black person gore again

No. 42224

Pedo scrote ^^

No. 42230

It was a pointing up gesture, not an emoji. Starting to think the troon is a boomer honestly

No. 42233

Male nonsense detected. Origins unknown. Lack of sex concluding in brain damage suspected. No known cure.

No. 42239

mods please I along with multiple anons keep asking to lock the tranny kf threads (literally just the troon samefagging in these threads):
can you take a few minutes out of your day to lock these? you locked the other shitty kuz thread he made so these need the same treatment

No. 42242


Nonny it’s not worth it. He is schizophrenic, literally. He will keep coming on here until stronger moderation comes when Admin reaches us about the update or we get another town hall. We will be dealing with him for a while unfortunately.

No. 42245

Samefag but he legit has no problem doing this and his life is sitting at his computer going on different imageboards just to spread his schizophrenia. It has nothing to do with lolcow but for some reason he thinks he’s doing something for the “lols” and greater good even though it genuinely shits up the site and he will never, ever see that, nor will he ever change his mind on anything because he is so mentally ill. There is no reasoning with this scrote troon. We literally have to wait for mods and when there will be more. It sucks

No. 42247

Agree and I liked the Rachel threads before the troon shat them up. The Mike Thurlow thread should never have been allowed, it's an intra-kiwi vendetta that has no place here. Speaking of things that have no place here, >>42240 not only do we think you are not a woman, but that you are subhuman and not worthy of dignity. You will never be accepted here and your presence here is just you exercising a less physical version of your impulses to rape. Kill yourself.

No. 42250

> he still thinks that threads are for bad people
> he still thinks he sounds like a nonnie by aping our lingo
> he hasn't killed himself yet

No. 42252

oh and
> he calls anyone else a pedo/misogynist
I mean I'd say this Mike guy is better than a troon but I guess he is a troon too

No. 42253

I wonder if the Sam Hyde thread should be allowed too? A lot of the posting in there seems male. But I don’t know

No. 42254

Oh and the racebait spam is on CC too, most kiwiscrotes who mess with this site only mess with this site because they don't know CC exists, the troon messes with CC though as we all know, having learned about it from lurking /meta/ like a goblin like he learned all his other LCF lore.

No. 42255

Oh the racebait is 100% him and when he larps as an Indian man and steals photos from Reddit and then continues to post in multiple threads about Indian men it is him as well.

No. 42262

crazed look in it's eyes… terrifying, how is this lunatic not locked up in an asylum.

No. 42269

What the hell, I responded to the tranny and my posts like >>42257 got sandwiched between his and now i am perma banned too. Im literally the celebricow anon who has been making those threads for the past months and made the recent one too, please moderators check post history before permabanning someone…..wtf. Also check the appeal.

No. 42276

I just checked the appeal now and thank you for responding to my appeal, sorry for this post mods.

No. 42277

>he said while ban evading and making the bullshittery more obvious
So you're not only a pedophile, degenerated, schizo moid, but also retarded.

No. 42291

scrote posting jailbait porn and presumably cp links in the jennette mccurdys book thread in /m/

No. 42298

Anons still derailing about Belle's fake herpes. The anon is ban evading clearly and a hi cow in the thread.


Hi cow belle-fag evading their ban and they edited their hi cow post with added herpes

Also their other evade post and baiting anons who aren't even the same anon replying to them

These speds need help

No. 42299

The belle autists have migrated back to the Jvlog thread and, again, using it as a chatroom and acting like 2 year olds by yelling



Why are these anons so unhinged? I already went ahead and reported then, just letting you guys know it's back to derailing because of them.

No. 42301

File: 1660449170665.jpg (221.96 KB, 1080x1639, Screenshot_20220813-205206_Fir…)

Unsaged spamming and its bumping threads around

Starts here

No. 42302

It's easy to spot them. They keep bouncing IPs or devices.

No. 42303

ive pretty much completely given up on the belle thread. its a shitshow

No. 42306

>fake herpes!!
Ok it’s common knowledge that she has herpes and anal/genital warts so cope and seethe. Nobody would derail about it if you wouldn’t constantly try to argue that black is white, or herpes is not herpes. Besides we have bigger problems like a scrote spamming porn and attaching his paranoid racist nonsense.

No. 42307

Porn racebait in /g/

No. 42308

Wish the mods would finally get around to wiping all the porn off the site.

No. 42309

You seriously need more EU timezone mods, I see freshly posted racebait porn here every fucking morning.

No. 42310

Get captcha and bots to detect porn already.

No. 42311

Nta I agree her herpies and gential warts are 100% real and confirmed but the autistic going in circles, shaming, and implying women are whores for having oral herpies is just edit-chan's/the weird cunt who camps the thread's new retarded schtick and we shouldn't pay any attention to it.

No. 42312

Take a fucking chill pill. This is lolcow, we make fun of cows here kek

No. 42316

Troon woke up

No. 42317

Belle does have nasty herpes KEK

Also, stop derailing meta, people were pissed at you already for doing this shit. Use report function, those aren't as urgent as your autist ass thinks

No. 42322

It’s been 5 hours since we have the porn in /g/ from the racebaiting retard

No. 42325

Could you please bulk delete the trannys posts again

No. 42330

Tranny in mtf thread complaining that women saying men aren't women is just as bad as /rk9. Ironically, rpk9 has a lot of trannies because of the incel to troon pipeline.

No. 42331

The mods really need to do this, I'm tired of seeing the troons posts because it really recks the vibe and makes threads lock up too quickly.

No. 42332


No. 42335

>wrecking the vibe
God this is so real. I miss my obvious troon-free lc. It’s not fun on here anymore. It stinks so much of moid.

No. 42338

It used to be so peaceful here but now I only come on like once a day because of his sperging and him generally acting like a tard. I swear smegmoids really do ruin everything.

No. 42340

Even the cows as MANNYY people said (sorry for being repitive) are dying or not interesting anymore, the fun is in the off topic discussions or other boards. Now it all gets ruined and tainted.

No. 42341

Even you could like… step away from the computer, you’re not getting paid to post here

No. 42344

I mean this just proves that the y chromosome is a menace that needs to be culled pronto, they always find a way to suck the fun out of everything and whine when we don't want to be around them.

No. 42347

He’s so proud of ‘overpowering’ a small female space because no matter how Troon he is he will always be a male, nothing about him will ever be a woman. The way he types is so scrotish because that’s all he will ever be. He will never see why we need our own space. As long as a woman has a group, no matter how small, men must force their way into it every time.

No. 42349

The fact that his definition of power is spamming like a literal retard because he has no genuine fulfilling life outside of that is terribly sad and pathetic.

No. 42353

I mean spamming is all a failed male can do, Back in the day he would have died in war, have been culled, or placed in a mental ward never to be let out. He has no real power to do anything which is why he's malding on here, if he had any power he would be outside using it or would have gotten a high stakes job, instead he's proving to us that he is a failure. If he was intelligent he would have just made his own site and fucked off there, but he chooses to sperg on a site full of women that hate him because no woman in real life could ever care for him.

No. 42356

I think it's funny that he's whining about eugenics because he knows that he's a parasite. Anyone can contribute to society in a meaningful way and help others but this troon knows that he's the absolute bottom of the barrel. Even the autistic grocery store worker who bags my groceries does more for others than the tranny could do in his lifetime. It's not about culling people with mental issues who can actually blend in with society and provide help to others by getting a job, it's about culling failed men like the troon who does nothing but harm others.

No. 42357

This is the only place he will be able to talk to women unrelated to him, or in his mind ‘children’ which makes it all the more creepy he wants to spend so much time talking to children. Because hes a pedo. He confirmed it himself so much.

No. 42359

She never said she does, she clearly doesn't, get help and move on. I can't believe the work you're putting into editing these.

No. 42360

I'd apply. I'm up all the time anyway and work on a computer much of the day.

No. 42361

Not only is this edited, again, but anon is just spamming Belle's porn just to do it. Its not milk.


No. 42362

Just checked, not edited, but just porn spam.

No. 42363

same racebait moid posting his porn in /ot/ and /g/.

No. 42364

I'm so tired of this. When will the admin do something?

No. 42365

its the 4th day.. admin fucking move your ass to ban the moid and then go back to your fucking code thing

No. 42379

File: 1660494925718.jpg (26.34 KB, 340x325, 1595175308691.jpg)

it's just mental illness at this point
moids are psychotic lol

No. 42391

infighting in vent thread

No. 42392

Why are you making false reports here, retard? It's not edited. Get a life already, everyone had enough of you

No. 42393

Why would she say she has herpes, retard. Belle has herpes, cope harder.

No. 42396

*put spice and nails in a lemon

No. 42398

porn spam in /ot

No. 42400

So sick of racebait porn on the front page of pt every couple hours, holy shit

No. 42407

I’m so fed up of this disgusting “the black problem” Scrote. Spamming pornographic pics of black women interacting with hideous white chodes. When are we going to address the scrote problem?

No. 42408

retarded cracker moid about to start spamming racist shit again, mods wake up

No. 42409

Same anon. I'm tired of seeing it. J report it outright but this shit is gross.

No. 42411

It is not the worst thing that’s been spammed on this site, unfortunately. But it is happening extremely regularly.

No. 42412

Porn still fucking up for another 5 hours in /g/

No. 42413

someone should make "The Scrote Problem" just to see the moid reeeeeing

No. 42414

Yeah I know. Troons spamming gore and CP years ago was pretty annoying.

No. 42415

it's just really annoying the mods are so incapable tbh

No. 42416

admin literally said they are short staffed

No. 42417

admin is a paranoid schizo so they wont pick more staff either kek

No. 42418

It’s in the copypasta thread with the scum manifesto haha

No. 42419

Scrote chimping out posting porn in ot.

No. 42420

is there any way to recover the male yandere media, temporary webtoon and 2d men thread because there were alot of recommendations in those threads….that are totally gone now.

No. 42421

Racist moid is still at it in pt

No. 42422

rlly wanna respond (w/ saging ofc) all his TBP threads with The Scrote Problem..

No. 42423

He will respond with gore though. Stop interacting with him. Report and use other threads as normal.

No. 42424

yeah true, sucks to have to see his bs for 4 days straight

No. 42426

Tranny in mtf thread

No. 42427

Gore in /pt/.

No. 42428

I am chill, I just don't think we should respond to obvious bait newfag.

No. 42429

Racebait in /ot/, /g/, and /m/ again

No. 42430

we slut shame here, newfag

No. 42448

CP on snow. Be safe, nonnies. I haven't checked the other boards because I don't need to see more of that terrible shit.

No. 42449

Csem in /snow/ and Gore/Racebait in /g/ jfc

No. 42452

There is fucking child porn again in snow. How hard it can be to fucking have some mods that are able to press buttons/are not only awake in 4 hour window at same time.

No. 42455

Is there a reason Admin doesn't update us on fucking anything? Are you going for an air of mystery because if so it's not working you just look like a bozo that doesn't know how to run the site.

No. 42456

Cp's been up for 40 minutes now.
Seriously. What the fuck, mods?

No. 42457

I want new admin and mod team pls, this feels like its run by one person atm.

No. 42459

Fuck off no one wants you here.

No. 42461

Is there even an administrator at this point? Because it feels like one or two inexperienced farmhands running the show. I can only assume old admin handed over the reigns and washed her hands and new admin realised she bit off far more than she can chew and went AWOL

No. 42462

File: 1660551473629.jpeg (479.21 KB, 609x1050, 7E65C5B5-54DC-4A65-92EB-0FA947…)

Mods, when you finish cleaning up the cp consider deleting this Scrote thread.

No. 42463

The admin showed up here >>40770. Sounds like she's more concerned with updating the site over anything else.

No. 42466

It's good to see that she actually updated but I feel like they've been saying they're gonna update the site soon for a long time.

No. 42467

tinfoil but do we have proof that the admin is a women and trustworthy ? All of this is shady as fuck

No. 42468

samefag but what are they saying there? I don't want to click this link

No. 42471

Honestly one of the main things they really need to improve is the banning system. The trannies and scrotes are really ruining the site.

No. 42472

LC uses a modified version of tinyboard which is ancient. If you've ever attempted to moderate an image board based on vichan or tiny board you will know that the mod.php is completely inadequate and makes implementing moderation difficult. New site software based on a more modern image board software is going to have better moderation tools and will include better anti-spam measures. It's better for the future of the site that admin puts her effort into the new software because it will resolve most of the current issues.

No. 42475

The site was less well known and had less posters back then.

No. 42480

Removing the trannies and scrotes is how you remove the CP. But you know this, tranny.

No. 42482

Seconding this.

No. 42494

Has lolcow been mentioned in some kind of big YouTube drama lately? weird influx of just random Twitter users and TikTokers being posted (random vendettas or self posts) the last few hours. None of them seem like lolcow regulars so they're obviously coming from somewhere

No. 42495

Just came to say the same. Threads about literal whos on /snow/ constantly

No. 42496

What happened to the last 2D Guys thread in /m/? Can someone fill me in please?

No. 42497

File: 1660574002865.jpg (68.99 KB, 606x329, cringe.jpg)

Some girl talked about lolcow on a youtube video recently and so did SomeOrdinaryGamers a while ago. Also tiktok has been picking it up a bit.

No. 42498

File: 1660574091175.png (53.62 KB, 432x494, cringe2.png)

lolcow is seen as a 4chan lite by zoomers

No. 42499

racebait on /ot/

No. 42500

>Honestly kiwi farms are less bad than lolcow farm

No. 42501

shitty vendetta thread >>>/snow/1616552

No. 42502

random ass shitty threads being made on /snow/ about literal whos, use of emojis etc. what is going on ?

No. 42503

several trash threads in pt and snow

No. 42504

that's because we don't bully people for stupid sjw approved reasons. they want us to cape for trannies and sex workers and post threads calling out ableist homophobic cows.

No. 42505

actual retarded infighting in the vent thread

No. 42506

No. 42507

Same in /w/ with the same anons who just stop posting after they made their vendettas. Honestly pretty race specific too..


These cows need to stay in lolita and cosplay cringe threads. They don't need their thread where anons do "milk" then leave.

No. 42508


Honestly considering all the recent raceb8 & cp I don’t blame them for thinking we’re like 4chan. I’m literally scared to go on the boards right now bc it’s just getting worse & I don’t need the fbi at my door for trying to milk a couple cows lol.

No. 42509

Forced viewing isn't your fault and the site isn't either. The posters just need to be reported and held accountable to the site. The report it, ignore it, and hide it. You won't get in trouble for scrotes being scrotes unless you save and linger too or even distribute. CP raids are the worst. I can handle gore.

No. 42511

luckily I haven’t seen any of that, but the race baiting/gore is getting so annoying. There’s not much we can do either but ignore it/report it. just sucks cause there’s also the influx of curious people from tiktok/YouTube etc. and it’s such a bad look.

No. 42513

Yeah. Isn't it curious how all gore and CP spammers are always male? Unfortunately they don't care about bans since they're not trying to become actual users, and can just use VPNs like that troon.

No. 42514

Again, sucks is that all we can do is wait pretty much. I'd be willing to donate for server costs if we get more updates.

No. 42515

Uhhh I came back to the site after a couple of days of not using it. Why are multiple /m/ threads gone all of a sudden? I expected to see multiple posts referencing it in this thread but this is the only such post. Accidental deletion? An effect of whatever broke /m/ months ago?

No. 42516

I don't know what discord that is, is it the lc discord?

No. 42517

racebait in /ot/ and /g/

No. 42518

Kek the scrote cares too much about “blacks and not building shit and dying in wars like they should be. More like there’s a scrote problem and your population should be cut entirely in half, especially in china and india.

No. 42520

Short explanation: a moderator ended up accidentally mass deleting a anons posts/threads on m.
Yes its the lc discord.

No. 42523

Can something be done about the rise in moids post? I’m about to just dip. I know admin posted. I know jannies are trying but this isn’t working guys.

No. 42524

Increasing the amount of mods but it ain't happening

No. 42525

Oh no kek

No. 42528

kek at the butthurt moid who made the korea thread because he was mad that anons were responding with kpop to his tbp racebait yesterday. Also kek at the retarded naive anons who are posting in that scrote bait thread.

No. 42529

the racebaiting scrote is back in ot/

No. 42530



racebait threads

No. 42531


Possibly revenge phone number or spam

No. 42532

being posted to multiple threads now

No. 42533

being posted in other boards now

No. 42534

File: 1660600312986.png (8.25 KB, 652x100, wow.png)

Admin we really need a captcha system asap, there's bots like these appearing everywhere now

No. 42535

Why would you repost the phone number you fucking retard

No. 42536

anon please NO, the captcha system is shit and the raiders would still raid this place because 99% of the people who do that here are male humans and not bots.

No. 42537

i mean they are vouching for a 4chan-tier shit captcha system

No. 42538

it just keeps cycling back to more jannies and mods. That's the issue.

No. 42539

Honestly it's started to not feel worth it. It's fun to chat with anons and follow cows but the amount of times you come on to see the usual boring scrote bait and CP it just outweighing the fun. Hopefully they finish with the coding or whatever their doing right now and it actually comes with some tools that'll at least reduce the scrotes somewhat and not a waste of waiting.

No. 42540

you're the actual retard if u gonna call the number kek

No. 42541

Why are some of you anons so against captcha? It'll at least slow down scrotes spamming gore and Cp a bit.

No. 42542


another raceb8

No. 42543

There should be a thing that alerts or automatically locks a thread if it's just a threadpic and then a link to combat the cp / spam

No. 42544

Anons suggested before that admin should make it so that if enough anons report a thread it'll automatically be hidden until a mod approves it which I don't think is a bad idea.

No. 42545

I hope when Admin does get the new site up and running she has more coding and programming helpers. It would make things a lot smoother. Can't wait for the next townhall if we get one haha

No. 42546

A townhall which the new admin would be good, I'm sure a lot of people have a lot of questions once the new site is settled.

No. 42547

Anons should I send that pdf document that racebait scrote keeps posting as a tip to the FBI?

No. 42548

your solutions are hellbent on punishing the entire community for trolls and men who would be easily dealt with if we had more active moderation and systems in place, you must hate everyone more on this website than the scrotes trolling this board by suggesting such stupid solutions. what is captcha going to fucking do? it’s real life scrotes, it would possibly keep out the spam bots but it can’t keep out the human element of these problems.

No. 42549

>hellbent on punishing the entire community
Anon, It's captcha. And if it's not even going to do anything then why is it such a big deal, you still haven't answered the question.

No. 42550

Is there anything in it worth reporting that'llgl get him into trouble?

No. 42551

What if it's a revenge number of some woman the moid did not get to fuck? We don't know. A lot of unhinged people lurk the site too, as shown by the amount of spam we get, they could call it.

No. 42552

kek nonna its just a captcha, nobody said they wanted THE SAME 4ch captcha tho, theres captcha w images that are more simple to use and are on almost every website. + i dont think that the bots there can bypass it

No. 42553

Anti-Semitic racebait in the vent thread

No. 42554

Did you actually download it? I’m too scared to click anything they post fuck that noise lmao

No. 42555

tried to download it on my dump-phone but it was so laggy, almost feel like it was a fake link or smthg, or my wifi was just trash at that time kek

No. 42559

The Roomtoadvoid sperg is back in the camgirl thread.

No. 42560

I feel like this is a certain person who said he frequented the camgirl threads.

No. 42564

Low caste Indian moid just posted a pic of him kissing a girl

No. 42566

Anons already hate waiting 30 seconds. A captcha means even less being able to spam whuch in turn is good.

No. 42567

Adding more time just to post is going to kill this website. This isn’t 4chan we don’t need capcha nonny

No. 42568

Sad part is the captcha doesn’t even make a difference because as other nonnie’s pointed out, most aren’t even bots it’s actual people with no life physically posting them.

No. 42569

Redtext white

No. 42570

Dumb idea

No. 42571

Racebait in /ot/

No. 42572

not the same anon but race bait again in /ot/

No. 42573

No. 42575

Yet non of you ever actually give a good reason why admin shouldn't add captcha. Like another anon said it doesn't have to be 4chan captcha and while it doesn't stop scrotes posting it slows down them spamming giving mods more time to delete their shit. And the website is dieing because anons don't want to see gore and cp on the front page everyday, I think most people are capable of taking a few seconds to complete a captcha.

No. 42576


Racebait with gore as threadpic. You can hide a thread by pressing the [-] next to the title

No. 42577

Anon posting this girl, unsaged, in multiple threads and necro'd them


No. 42578

>You can hide a thread by pressing the [-] next to the title
We know retard

No. 42579

I just put it there for people who didn’t know or forgot Kek.

No. 42580

well don't.

No. 42581

the website was already dying, most of the oldfags left years ago(and most of them have already seen gore and wouldn't care as much) it's the new users who can't sustain the site culture who are the issue.

No. 42582

I don't agree w/ you that the site is dying, I do agree with you that newfags are the ones panicking and acting a fool. It's like they have never experienced imageboard culture and are sperging out. Gone are the days when users spammed gore on imageboards and all they got was a measly blank stare and an eyeroll. Not saying that people should be happy or even okay w/ it, but like holy fuck the reactions are super over the top. No one that is familiar with imageboard culture would ever give a fuck about gore. They would simply hide thread if they haven't seen it already or ignore it. The reactions is what the moids want. These ppl allegedly go to 4chan to be edgy or whatever but are acting like lc is the worst place in the world kek.

No. 42584

The thing is the gore and such is that it was a big part of imageboard culture especially in the sense that it drove off people who couldn't deal with it. I'm not talking CP, nobody should have to see that and the tranny should be shot for posting it. And speaking of the tranny, I don't think that the anon you are replying to is him, but some of the "site is dying" talk lately definitely has been in some schizo attempt at astroturfing and gaslighting because he hates the fact he's not included and has some psychotic idea he'll take over the site (and fix the problems he himself is creating, very wife-beater victim blaming vibes.) But as far as the gore stuff many of us have shed our pick/b/ characteristics but you can really tell who comes from an imageboard background and who comes from a tumblritter background. Not saying that people shouldn't be appaled at seeing bad stuff but it's just kind of the nature of the beast.

No. 42585

Is it really "in"fighting if it's a troon, who's not supposed to be here?

No. 42586

Heather Steele thread is filled with newfags and it’s devolved into arguing over whether we should give her money when it shouldn’t even be a discussion

No. 42587

what i meant by dying is in the same way the rest of the internet is dying. board culture is disappearing and being homogenized and the userbase is more unintegrated newfags than regular users, 4chan(i mean /cgl/) has the same issue. it's probably because of how mainstream internet is making these sites more accessible and the type of people who are into cosplay/sex work/other cow topics are becoming a very specific type of person. i agree with everything else you anons are saying, i just wanted to explain that i was referring to the landscape of the site(and the internet at large) rather than the site becoming inactive.

No. 42588

Even as a teen on imageboards I thought gore is gross and had no reason to desensitize myself to it like a braindead scrote

No. 42589

I'm the other anon but my point and hers too I think is that you may have found it gross (so did I!) but clearly you weren't run off imageboards by it, even if you stuck to blue ones.

No. 42590

nts but this. it's not about being cool with gore, just that sometimes gore is posted in raids and you have to ignore it. raids come with the territory of imageboards in general, especially one with our reputation.

No. 42591

Why are you so triggered by anons being bothered by gore/spam. You are terminally autistic with your obsession with "Tumblr twitter" users.
You want to talk about old-fags? Because I can cherry pick too so let's talk about old-fags, let's talk about how they were cool with males posting on this site and would interact with them, let's talk about how the majority of user-base back then were failed cosplayers or sex-workers, let's talk about all the shitty threads back then that they would make that would put these newfag spergs/pickmes to shame, let's talk about how all the oldfags started complaining in 2018 when the pink pill threads existed and were angry at the new radfem userbase.

So keep on bitching retard because you can't racebait or interact with moids anymore. So sick and tired of you retards and before you say anything I was a old-fag too.

No. 42592

lmao, you going to be okay? it sounds like imageboards are too much for you!

No. 42593


autist moid bait

No. 42594

At least it's all contained in his own shit thread.

No. 42596

How dare someone remind anons that you can hide threads. Gtfo.

No. 42599

moid going berserk rn

No. 42600

Welp he got bored no one is paying attention to him and now is posting in other threads.

No. 42601

Racebait moid is angry in /ot/

No. 42602

Nta but she's right lmao. If you come here and get mad that people are upset by gore and all the other things that get posted here during raids then you are simply retarded. I've been here for years and still do not like seeing that shit. If you think people should just scroll past gore, then you should also be able to just scroll past posts of people warning about gore or expressing that seeing it disturbed them. Being disturbed by gore doesn't make you a twitterfag.

Also, I'm so tired of anons saying "but this is an imageboard!!!" and trying to compare us to other sites because anyone who has browsed here for any amount of time understands that Lolcow isn't like other imageboards and shouldn't be either.

No. 42603

>isn't like other imageboards
yes, it is.

No. 42605

Sorry if this is the wrong place but for some reason the password didn’t save for this post so I can’t delete. Not saged and the link is wrong so please delete it.


No. 42609

Belle-fag IP hopping, using emojis, post isn't about the cow, and namefagging.


No. 42610

Maybe use the new thread, idiot.

No. 42611

Then go back to the other ones and stay there.

No. 42612

leftcows thread is infested with gay men and dimes square wannabe socialites today. like, moreso than usual

No. 42613

>Being this mad about captcha when almost every site uses them.

No. 42614

captchas are for sites with spambot issues, which we don't have. i bet you also don't want vpns banned.

No. 42615

Who said anything about captchas

No. 42616


Racebait in /m/

No. 42617

please tell me how lc is different from all other imageboards
>inb4 no men
no shit, but seriously it's a safe haven for anonymous speech, that's why it's important.

No. 42618

If you need someone to explain to you how lolcow is different, you seriously may be new or just not very observant.

No. 42619

nice cop out.

No. 42621

Idk. Farmers shitpost a lot. Look at /w/

No. 42622

black racebaiter again in /ot/, can you put an end to it ffs

No. 42624

samefag, /g/ and /m/ also

No. 42625

cp in /m/

No. 42626

can people stop replying to the troll? like seriously you are just bumping the troll threads

No. 42627

no, the site is full of teens

No. 42628

Is there an easy tag to use to report the sad man who keeps posting his spam? I've tried racebait tranny spammer moid etc etc, and I know a lot of that gets ignored for a few hours. And a lot of mods have access to only one board so maybe if we can unifify the report tags it will be deleted faster? I know nobody gives a fuck about the context of his shit threads but every time there is one God damn newfag that takes the bait

No. 42629

I use the same words, sometimes I also leave messages like "please ban them already" etc.

No. 42630

Tranny same fagging and going nuts about female vag in broken English

No. 42631

Samefag he’s now talking about pumping milk. It’s absolutely a tranny larp on ot

No. 42632

The racist Scrote is back on /ot/ screaming about muh blag porbum!!! Trying to enlighten us with graphs again. Better than the porn spamming but still, I’m sick of this faggot.

No. 42633

>>>/ot/1306076 His thread

No. 42635

Some ultra faggot is posting some retarded links, don't click on them because they're fishy as fuck, it's probably a virus or CP.

No. 42636

just came here to post this, reported one in the venus thread on /w/, it had jailbait in the link title so we can only assume the worst

No. 42637

just opened it, it's like 60 pages of pure anti-black shite, no writings of actual texts, just a bunch of screenshots and memes. and they've unironically included 4chan posts as backup for the shit they spew kek

No. 42638

The moid autist is bored and in the vent thread

No. 42639

its the same racebait scrote mad because he keeps getting banned

No. 42640

Aaand the tranny is posting black porn again in the vent thread.

No. 42641

racebaiter spamming gay porn.
its hilarious the amount of gay black porn he has, at this point i think he has a homosexual fascination with black men. He has a to be a self loathing faggot.

No. 42643

He definitely has, he has even larped as a black man at some point, including avatarfagging as one.

No. 42647

why do you keep spamming gay black porn?

No. 42652

>is done shitting up the what happened to lolcow thread
>immediately goes back to spamming meta, cp and black porn
The Y is a disease.

No. 42654

there's unbridled autism in the /m/ reaction pic threads

No. 42657


Racebait thread in /ot/

No. 42659

Were preview posts on a thread on a page always 5 or am I tweaking? I swear it was 4

No. 42663

Use the report function

No. 42669

You really opened my eyes. I'll make sure not to use this thread for its intended use ever again, anon. Thank you so much for minimodding.

No. 42670

Nta but posting in /meta/ everytime you report isn't the intended purpose of this thread, it's just newfags tend to want to get their way sooner which may have given you that impression. One anon received multiple redtexts and a mention to "stfu" in a previous complaints thread's summary for exactly this. Obviously CP is a major exception.

No. 42671

As if these threads have had any relation to their intended purpose for at least a year.
Which reminds me, oldmin (definitely, really) quit 8 months ago. What a loss for the community.

No. 42672

We’ve had a newmin (although very absent) for a while kek where have you been

No. 42673

Can the smoking haters thread be moved to G

No. 42674

Cp in /ot

No. 42675

Y'all there's CP in /ot/ please be careful

No. 42676

i'm amazed nothing has been done to the cp spam already. i have seen the same image three times now. the same image, seriously.

No. 42677

Jannies please nuke the illegal images in /ot/ please and thank you.

No. 42678

That shit in ot/ needs to be nuked omfg

No. 42679

can someone please nuke the cp spam already?

No. 42680

farmhands when a user posts an emoji or criticizes the jannies/mods: permaban
farmhands when males/trannies go berserk and post cp for the 500th time: i sleep

No. 42683

Is it gone yet

No. 42684

I think so.

No. 42687

Can admins please check their email? I sent a email and follow up emails in relation to being banned for an unspecified reason. I can't beleive I had to leave my house to do this.

No. 42688

schizotroon larping as a woman in the leftcows thread

No. 42689

has admin said anything in a while? farmhands? where are you?

No. 42690

They keep bumping this thread >>>/w/240726 with non milk.

No. 42692

Diabetes derailing in Moo thread, no surprise >>>/pt/888421 Going on too long. Now its becoming a race thing and how anon can tell from photoshopped photos alone if she has diabetes.

No. 42693

Gay moid spammer in vent thread

No. 42694

When something is up for over a day and it's a clear violation of rules, I think it makes sense to bring it to the attention in meta.

No. 42695

Anon really over in the Lovely Lor thread, sneaking in garbage racebait.

>Or maybe its radical muslims secretly working behind the scenes in their agenda of world domination.

No. 42696

A gay moid is spamming the vent thread

No. 42697

holy shit I'm not blaine you dumbass I just hate you leftcow bitches and had some time to argue. I'm done, I'm gone but like fuck, you guys started some long drawn out argument based off me liking 2 of your cows and then spiral into this mess of tranny and moid accusations. your more schizo then the schizo troon at this point calling everyone you disagree with the schizo tranny and clogging up your own damn thread, he's probably laughing at us at this point because he's still wreaking havoc without even needing to post, jfc

No. 42698

can the farmhands ban any thread with "the black problem" or "TBP" in the subject? IDK if the site has those capabilities but some moid keeps spamming all the boards with that same stupid thread. I report them when I see them but there's got to be a better way.

No. 42699

Weird bedsheet diy expert derailing in the Jillian thread, he/she sounds scrotal

No. 42700

maybe the TBP spammer has finally admitted that he's attracted to balck men. personally I'm just laughing my ass off at the gay porn spam (still hope it gets cleaned up tho)

No. 42701

What will it accomplish? He'll just use a different subject

No. 42702

Maybe if you didn’t type like a flaming faggot larping as a woman while wking some nobody tranny like an autist people would stop accusing you of being a tranny

No. 42703

kek yeah, there's no way this dude has a thing for black men, the obsession is insane

No. 42707

The weird derailing bedsheet anon is infighting and ban evading on the Jillian Pixielocks thread

No. 42708

It's obviously tranny. Too bad he never actually follows up that "I'm leaving!!".

No. 42709

Nta but I personally feel like blacklisting certain images would be the bare minimum. Tbh I'm not that concerned about the gay scrote spammer, but the fact that the cp spammer has used the same image multiple times in identical threads and nothing has been done about it is just bad. Yes he will just replace it with another ones, but the fact that no attempts to blacklist have been made at all is just odd to me. I don't believe in giving these people attention since their main goal is to make people (well, women) uncomfortable, but this has been going on for quite a long time now. I have a feeling this will be a permanent part of the board from now on.

No. 42710

Gay male poster in celebricows ot thread reeing and infighting because anons did not think their tinfoil of Taylor Lautner being gay was true and calling anons dykes.

No. 42711

Scrote posting racebait thread is back.

No. 42712

In ot. Possibly elsewhere.

No. 42713

Retard larping as Belle in the Belle thread. this thread really needs to be autosaged. Fake edits, anons not saging constantly, and then these posts.


No. 42714

Posting untrustworthy links >>>/w/240998

No. 42716

you haven't been here very long if you think the shizo troon is the only one who announces his departure then continues lurking and posting lol. also still not blaine, hence why my posts didn't get deleted and my IP isn't banned into oblivion. stop letting him live rent free in your head though it just makes him feel triumphant to see his nickname getting lobbed at every random nona that he knows isn't him lol, but you'll continue plugging your ears and shouting "tranny! schizo troon!" because some of you are retarded and never learn lol

No. 42717

so why exactly is that anon a gay man, did they confirm it or?
mods should ban your ass just because you are accusing someone of being a moid with no proof and only because they are going against your opinion.

same with the "hi troon" posts.

No. 42718

>rent free
go away pariah

No. 42719

thank you!! it is so annoying to see all the troon accusations thrown around with no proof and based off stupid shit like "talking like a faggot" or liking horror movies, or using certain well known words or phrases, or insulting female celebrities. it just makes it like blaine is still in every fucking thread because everyone's bringing him up and accusing everyone of being him. I get I was annoying in the leftcows thread, fair enough ban me for a day for derailing or infighting or whatever but holy shit the "it's the schizo tranny!" accusations are so tiring. in b4 the samefagging accusation blah blah you all to need to go outside

bitch wtf so pariah invented the term rent free now?? you guys are absolute schizos, so I'm somehow both blaine and pariah simultaneously? like I said, trannies living rent free in your head, shizo. sorry you never leave your house and aren't exposed to any more people than just cows, trannines, and anons but multiple different people can use a term without them being the same person, that's literal paranoia type shit you absolute fucking schizoid

No. 42721

File: 1660878647958.jpg (216.38 KB, 1570x664, tranny meme final copy.jpg)

I made this meme during the height of the tranny spamming and posted it in the vent thread and got accused of being him based off the fact that 1. it's a scene from a horror movie, as if women can't like a classic scifi horror? and 2. that it's an edited image, like the literal purpose of imageboards is in part for editing and posting images and memes but apparently now posting memes edited to fit the situation is now just a shizo tranny thing? as if that hasn't been a thing for farmers to do since the conception of this site? you people are making lolcow insufferable and blaine is sitting back with a meth pipe hanging out his fag mouth laughing at us cause he's still able to corrupt the damn site without even lifting a finger, what the fuck happened to "report and ignore" if you assume someone is him so the mods can decide for themselves? shut the fuck up already.

No. 42722

Go away if it triggers you so bad. Tranny running rampant and youre just focused on your own stupid posts being rejected. If youre not him who cares?

No. 42723

>leave the site if you don't like getting accused of being a tranny who has spammed cp every time you post something that the anons disagree with or don't like
go away if you don't want to see complaints in the complaints and suggestions thread

No. 42724

Again. If youre not him….youre anon and no one is personally accusing you of anything and your posts show that so whats the issue?

No. 42725

Nta but big agree. If that retard's intent was to sow division he's so far been successful because the amount of spergs using this site who can't just ignore, report and move on. I honestly doubt it was, he's not that smart he just craves attention, but it's unfortunate seeing the state this site is in because anons won't stop giving him said attention. He's not the first retard to spend all his time ban evading here and he won't be the last. The least we could do is not mythologise him for being pathetic and clinically insane by accusing every anon we don't agree with of being him.

If you don't understand why calling every second anon schizo tranny does absolutely nothing for this website maybe you're part of the problem kek.

No. 42726

Oki samefag

No. 42727

Go touch some grass anon, you're paranoid.

No. 42728

Youre butthurt people are calling your anon ass out. End of the world

No. 42729

thank you I'm glad I'm not the only one, the amount of times I've been called the tranny spammer and the amount of times I've seen other anons being called him based off nothing probably far exceeds the times they've actually guessed correctly

you people clog every thread every time with baseless "samefag! tranny! moid!" accusations, again I say sorry the only people you have interactions with are anons, cows, and trannies and now that's all you can see but people can have similar opinions without being the same person schizoid chan, you post like a newfag who just learned those terms

that's not me dumbass, who wouldn't get annoyed by being accused of baseless shit everytime we fucking post?? go away

No. 42730

Anyone who understands we are anon.
Also nice reply to yourself

No. 42731

blah blah fuck off the mods can see there's more than one anon and we're not samefagging but again sorry this is all that your life is about

No. 42732

>Complaints hasn't been used for it's intended purpose since oldmin started ghosting let's continue to set that president as if summerfags weren't already running rampant

Posts don't get deleted unless it's CP or personal information. How do you know mods didn't ban the offending post? Not everything needs a redtext so you know you've won kek.

No. 42733

And they can see if youre not the tranny so calm down about random people thinking you are

No. 42734

File: 1660880626713.jpeg (2.76 KB, 250x250, images (14).jpeg)

No. 42735


No. 42736

File: 1660880772059.png (119.6 KB, 800x411, 1660722555887.png)

>saying anons accuse everyone of being him when they, in fact, only accuse him
>claiming anons are paranoid/schizo for pointing out his obviousness
>50-posts multi thread rapid-fire samefag meltdown over (rightfully) being called the tranny, followed by awful larping
>this is exactly what the tranny wants!!

No. 42737

What is your point then? Saying youre mad anons are accusing an anon of being a pencil barer? How does that hurt you?

No. 42738

that was someone else who replied to this post here >>42733 not me but again, posting images and memes doesn't mean the person is male. why do you people suddenly think that when it's been the purpose of this fucking site since day one? just fucking report and ignore if you think it's blaine so the mods can decide for themselves

No. 42739

It doesn't hurt me, it just shits up an already dying website and I can't help but feel like we're giving the moid what it wants.

No. 42740

what is this? what am I supposed to gain from this, your using blaine posts as evidence that every other nona who gets accused of being him is actually him? girl get therapy for your paranoia I'm not reading all that.

No. 42741

If its blain its reasonable to complain here. If youre, as i would guess, samefagging: go away if you dont want to see complaints in the complaints thread. In youre own words

No. 42743

"Dying website"

No. 42744

>awkward quoting
>"shitting up the website"
>dying website
>this is totally what the tranny wants fellow women!

No. 42745

I'm sorry would you like me to call it am imageboard so you can stop focusing on semantics kek

No. 42746

That wasnt my point at all? You seem to be the one arguing semantics. You saying its a "dying website" was what a posted to show your pattern. Excuse?

No. 42747

accurate, in fact he's probably one the anons here just trying to shit stir even more. this site is fucking dead in the water because of these shizoid spergers

what you anons are doing are not complaints it's just accusing and infighting, "as I would guess samefagging" go touch grass I would have to switch my IP and type some long ass post in like 2 seconds for some of these posts to me samefagging, you guys are always so fucking paranoid over nothing. no wonder the mods don't have time to momderate this site when you're all just yapping away like whiny children. also if you think I'm samefagging report me for it? if you can sus that out so well then why not right? report me for samefagging, lets see if your right.

No. 42748

You will never be a woman, you will never "blend" and we will never stop telling you to go away, no matter how much you falseflag or spam porn, cp and gore.

No. 42749

Not everyone who currently thinks sperging endlessly about some moid who enjoys the attention on cow boards is the same person. You either don't know what semantics mean or you're labouring under than delusion.

No. 42750

No. 42751

"everyone who disagrees with me is a tranny or a samefagger!" schizoids.

No. 42752

Irrelevant. Complaint is complaint. Gunna look into your posthistory with enough so letsgo

No. 42753

"You guys" is a hint. Lack of caring about actual anon women. You are mad and need to prove your innocence.
This is a valid complaint. Like yours. So any woman accused of this would laugh and be like "yeah im not that man so its ok". A tranny would be super concerned about his post history and reputation (even though if he just didnt need validation he'd be able to post here but kay kay)

No. 42755

only those bottom three are mine and I'm not blaine, so if we say Nona's we're the troon and if we say you guys were the troon? it's annoying to me because it's in every thread at this point and I see the tranny accusations lobbed at anons over nothing at all, it's tiring and keeps blaines presence still here even when he's not. "a woman would do this or think this!" every woman is different dumbass why are you trying to categorize me as a man just because I'm not behaving how you think I should?

ohhh nooo not my post history! uwu so scawy! do it dumbass I'm not samefagging or the troon so idc

No. 42756

He had the exact same spergfest over and over again in /ot/s "what happened to lolcow" thread and is probably continuing it now because the thread got locked yesterday. If you ctrl+f any of the words he uses in that thread, you'll see half of the thread is him being butthurt over us pointing out his y damage, just like now.

No. 42758

stop assuming you know which anons are which, I've never posted in that thread and the mods can see that if they look into my post history. people can have similar opinions and use the same words without being the same person, are you that sheltered and terminally online? jfc

No. 42759

File: 1660882964519.png (15.97 KB, 800x88, Screenshot_20220817-202322.png)

>talking in third person, claiming "blaine is not here/asleep/etc"

No. 42763

first time posting today and all i have to say is that no one who wasn’t actually the schizotroon would bother arguing for literal hours about not being him.

No. 42766

Can someone deal with the unsaging moid in the Belle Delphine thread? It's been post after post of the samefag telling people to click their link and posting shit that was from apparently 2021 on a site that isn't even OF and anon claim, without photos [you HAVE to click the link] that there is way more posts. pretty sure anon is even samefagging themself in that thread.


No. 42767

3 days and still going strong, good job! Amazing jannying.

No. 42768

jesus fucking christ i'm fucking sick of the black people threads

No. 42769

Thats ironic. Banned as a troon for calling the troon out. Hahahaha anywho. Enjoy them keep posting

No. 42770

maybe because most of the anons getting "called out" aren't even the tranny, but keep tinfoiling, not like it's wasting the mods time and taking up posts or anything.. (that was sarcasm btw, just in case your as autistic as you seem)

No. 42771

Idc cuz im not them lol. Stay mad though

No. 42772

and neither am I, enjoy helping the troons ruin this site for everyone else though, lol

No. 42773

I'd really like to see /cream/ become a useable board again

No. 42774

File: 1660904793656.jpg (147.03 KB, 634x636, finished.jpg)

I made another one, this ones my favorite because it's the most accurate

No. 42776

seems like a interesting hidden board most of the posts there are by oldmin.
Do you know any other hidden boards (i know about pigsty,manure, 2xx so dont recommend those)

No. 42777

Thanks for making it more obvious. You will never fit in here and we neither want you nor your shitty edits here. Cope,seethe and dilate.

No. 42778

at this point anything anyone does "makes it more obvious" and it's you who's seething. also I just realised I should've put the words nona and anon or something behind the tranny and scrote so it's clear that the schizo nona's are mistaking regular farmers for scrotes and trannies, oh well I still like it and hopefully the context shows from the previous posts hope it doesn't come across like it's trying to insinuate the scrotes and trannies aren't an issue, just that most of the ones getting accused are probably just regular farmers

No. 42780

Your misspelling and misuse of spoilers and board slang also makes you obvious. ywnbaw

No. 42781

and yet, still not a scrote or a tranny despite whatever stereotypes ""you guys"" accuse me of not fitting into, once again excellent job helping the trannies and scrotes ruin this site. they're laughing at all of us but continue

No. 42782

Yeah I see "they" are "laughing at us" so hard that they spent several days crying over being called out kek.

No. 42784

now im not accusing you of being the tranny but the fact that you say this site is fucking dead because people accused you of being the tranny and not because all of the gore,cp,newfags,spam,racebait,troon posts says everything does it.

Even if you are not him, you sound just as retarded or spergy i bet in whatever threads you post in you are considered the regular sperg/derailer/infighter and no one likes you.

No. 42785

more like mourning what this site was before you schizo accusers let one methhead tranny ""live rent free"" (oops only men can use that term right??) in everyones head and ruin the vibe across each thread


holy shit speak of the fucking devil lol

No. 42788

samefag but holy shit the mods are fucking on it today, nice

No. 42790

You're the only one "mourning" over being called a troon because you are one, you are a man and will never be a woman. The next step is to actually leave like you announced a bazillion times in your previous displays of y damage.

No. 42795

blah blah stil not a man and neve will be, thank fucking god. also you need better reading comprehension if that's all you took away from my original complaint that got dogpiled on, yet again, by a bunch of schizo's accusing everyone they don't agree with of being a tranny. I've seen plenty of other anons with this same complaint so I really don't care if ""you guys"" agree because I'm not trying to get a bunch of rabid vanessa vokey type anons to agree with me I'm trying to relate to the other anons who are sick of this shit too

No. 42802

He just can't help it, kek. The y damage always shines through eventually.

No. 42804

yeah still not a troon, why do you think the mods deleted his posts initially and not mine

No. 42807

File: 1660912875238.png (295.47 KB, 1897x904, Screenshot (11977).png)

mods swooped in, his post got nuked, mine and my reply to his stayed, scroll up and check for yourself, proof enough?

No. 42813

Mods unfortunately don't act that quick,or else you wouldn't even have the chance to spam, falseflag and samefag here to this extend. Nevermind that anon just corrected their posts but again, your y retardation shows. kys pedo troon

No. 42818

are you retarded? that wasn't a samefag that 2nd post was his. so what words are we supposed to use huh you've essentially labeled about half of them indicatory of being a scrote? when they once again delete his posts and mine are still up that'll be more proof but you'll keep sticking your head further up your own ass and buying into stereotypes of what makes a woman a woman, keep being a paranoid loser who lets trannies """live rent free""" in your schizoid head. I'm going to bed


>I aint even gotta say nothing here anymore, I said it all on twitter and every other website I could get my strawfingers on.
Im no longer a person, I am just a concept now.

you fucking idiots are helping him perpetuate this concept by accusing everyone of being him, you guys fucked this site up even further than a methed out tranny ever could.

No. 42819

samefag but dumbass my screenshot reffered to his post with the image that's no longer there not the person deleting to correct a post! holy shit you are headfucked

No. 42822

Thanks for talking a screenshot of you shitty post before deleting it, just to claim farmhands "sweeped it" and it totally wasn't yours. kys

No. 42825

how would I have the fucking time to switch IP's, make some long drawn out schizo posts, screenshot, delete, and then make more in under two minutes and why would I do that? "kys kys" how is that not an obvious scrote term but the word "swooped" is??? take your fucking meds I'm starting to think your the fucking scrote at this point

No. 42828

How come the post got directly deleted after you took a screenshot,b but all "his" other posts didn't? you aren't even good at this kek, and you brought up the same pathetic "i- i mean blaine can't type that fast!" argument when you were claiming various random people were actually making your posts

No. 42832

how am I supposed to know I'm not a mod, they probably are waiting for him to finish sperging so they can delete it all at once? idfk. I screenshot literally everything do you see the fucking screenshot count on the photo I'm at like 12,000 now. but when they delete him yet again and mine are still here you're still just going to think I'm a scrote because your terminally online and don't have any interactions with anyone outside of lolcow, you know what whatever I'm sick of repeating myself. your braindead and I'm going to sleep, goodnight retarded nancy drew who isn't even good at sussing trannies out, have fun helping the troons ruin this site. I miss when this site was fun and all the farmers weren't fucking insane schizos who provide nothing but wasted posts

No. 42835

>i'm leaving - again!
another one for the bingo.

No. 42836


No. 42838

Very interesting how pointing this out makes you seethe but "him" replying you for 10 posts does not bother you in the slightest kek. You're also shit at samefagging, a y failure through and through.(infighting)

No. 42848

They are back and still spamming lengthy fucking old posts from 2021 that are apparently just copy pastes from OF but typed out on another website over a year ago. Its just someone's personal leak site, not even Belle's.

>>>/w/241086 (and belle-fag edited another photo to post along side jfc)

No. 42849

File: 1660919450064.jpeg (34.8 KB, 326x246, 63B3800B-3CDF-409C-A07A-14F189…)


No. 42853

scrote is back with his gay porn collection in ot

No. 42856

wake up mods, nikocado avocado's void of an asshole is STILL on the front page

No. 42857

also in the finnish/suomillanka thread

No. 42860

Kek its not even scat though is it

No. 42869

pls dont

No. 42872

It would at least slow him down and make it harder for him to post. He doesn't strike me as the creative type so maybe if he can't post "The Black Problem" or "The Problem with Blacks" etc. he will give up and move on.

No. 42875

3 days ? nonna its been a week kek

No. 42881

literally why do you think you are special in any way than the other 5 million users on this site who have been asking for shit forever. you are just going to be annoying. stop spamming

No. 42883


its clearly hyperbole. Nothing is that serious. Go outside

No. 42887

I have no idea who you're talking about but whatever glad he's arrested. Just use the site as normal and stop spamming, it's just annoying and makes things hard to navigate. It doesn't matter if you make a big paragraph or whatever, you are not special as well as other users who have been in the complaints threads for a while.

No. 42890

its the tranny spammer, just ignore.

No. 42891

nayrt but good to know bc my drunk ass just spent 15 mins trying to decode whatever the fuck they were saying before realising it was incoherent anyway

No. 42895

>Just use the site as normal
No, he should fuck off and get permabanned.

No. 42901

get a job

No. 42903

nonna you are terrible at this

No. 42905

Indian men hate thread is back up

No. 42906

Porn thread in /m/

No. 42915

The racebait retard is back in /ot/. I normally would just report and move on but the thread pic was a flashing gif, it gave me a headache just trying to report it and I'm worried it might be dangerous for any anons with epilepsy. Not sure, but I think it's worth mentioning.

No. 42916

Some autist pretending to be site notifications >>>/w/241366

No. 42917

Seizure-anon thanks you lots! Avoiding

No. 42921

sketchy link in /g/ fetishes youre ashamed of thread

No. 42923

The troon is back and now trying to spam the tabletop gaming thread on /m/. I suspect he might also be replying to himself.

No. 42924

Troon in multiple threads across the site

No. 42925

he's spamming /ot/, /g/, and posting in the mtf thread too.

No. 42926

Tranny in mtf thread.

No. 42928

Tranny spamming in a bunch of random threads, please end him, jannies.

No. 42930

/snow/ janny was awake and red texted him, although I think his posts should probably just be deleted.

No. 42931

Polfag moid spam in /ot/

No. 42933

At this point I'd have to agree. He'll eventually lose interest when he realises he's not immortalised forever on a Mongolian basket weaving forum.

No. 42934


No. 42935

Tradfags infighting about SAHM in reddit hate thread. Being going on for days.

No. 42936

its still ongoing

No. 42943

Some scrote posting weird x-ray porn in the photoshop thread >>>/w/1620851

No. 42954

tranny shitting in snow and ot

No. 42955


Those type of discussions should be on hidden board though, it seems like it would fit there better. Like country and ethnicity related PP talk. There is a Muslim thread there as well

No. 42960

porn on /m/

No. 42961

There’s CP in /m/

No. 42963

Janny in Belle thread is super late to everything and she redtexted 2 anons for "editing photos" when they were not edited. She also didn't remove redtexts when photos/videos proving there were no edits were shown in the thread. We need new jannies for /w/.

No. 42964

I always check this thread first before I go to any other boards to see if anyone's reporting cp or gore, but when you guys say there's CP being posted, is it real life CP or anime girls because one of these will scar me for life while the other will just make me uncomfortable.

No. 42967

People specify if it’s just drawn. Otherwise assume it is real. It’s not worth the off chance it isn’t, even seeing 1 image fucked me up so bad

No. 42968

Usually it's the ones with actual porn that really get to me, the other ones I can cope are just taking a bath in my subconscious to avoid the pain of the idea of children being molested…didn't we mock someone for claiming to have CSA and then said they lied right off the bat?

This site is so hypocritical it's hilarious to come here and read all the double standards, like a zoo.

No. 42969

Racism bait threads in /m/ and /g/. Already reported

No. 42970

You guys edited herpes. Stfu already with your weird fetish fanfiction edits.

No. 42971

>didn't we mock someone for claiming to have CSA and then said they lied right off the bat?
Are you talking about the troon?

No. 42972

The /w/ mod is obviously biased towards some cows. He/she should just say Belle, Taylor, and Nicole are unwelcome topics in /w/ and move their threads to /ot/. that way the WK anon can go ahead and post milkless social media updates to 'generate discussion' and lie in wait for anyone to say Belle has herpes or pedopanders. Imagining that level of moderation in /snow/ is hilarious, Shay's, camgirls, leftcows, OF whores…all threads that would be long dead if given the moderation Belle's thread gets. Kind of interesting to watch.

No. 42979

Just wanted to say thanks to the staff for leaving /pt/ full of quality threads like >>>/pt/888438

No. 42980

use this script to filter words (works for lc)

No. 42982

you're paranoid

No. 42984

Your posts are shit. Take some responsibility.

No. 42985

This is /meta/ tardotron

No. 42988

File: 1661112773126.jpg (74.84 KB, 474x580, Tranny.jpg)


No. 42991

tranny running rampant in ot

No. 42997

gore and racebait in /ot/

No. 43006

gore spammer replying to threads in /m/ and /ot/

No. 43007

This is the same gore the tranny spammed literally months ago. I genuinely hope no woman actally lives with him.

No. 43011

Wtf is even going on? Did we get caught in the crossfire of a shizo tranny and a bunch of soyjak scrotes chimping out on this website? Why here even?

No. 43020

it's all the schizo replying to himself

No. 43024

Y-Damaged troon spamming gore and talking to himself, trying to blame his own spam on god knows who this time.

No. 43027

moids are this retarded

No. 43030

Whew, schizophrenia and Y chromosome is one hell of a combo. Is he the TBP spammer too?

No. 43032

No. 43038

bullshit on finnish thread again leave us alone

No. 43045

He’s been mentioning LCF on scrote sites like a retard but is also responsible for some of the spamming himself

No. 43048

gore on /m/

No. 43049

newfag spammer in >>>/snow/1616017

No. 43050

Gore in the manhating memes thread for 5 hours

No. 43051

Spammer in /snow/

No. 43053

Can you please stop deleting random posts in the crossfire of Blaineposting while simultaneously leaving most of his posts up. Kthx.

No. 43055

spam on all boards

No. 43056

porn in dress up games thread

No. 43057


No. 43059

Suspected predator posted actual photo of half naked young boy in child abuse thread. Can confirm if Blaine or a different creep? Because that was blatantly suspicious, why would someone have that saved.

No. 43061

Tranny in ftm thread.

No. 43062

File: 1661142872256.jpeg (56.47 KB, 428x541, 86A63738-4FB6-4030-A247-2D88B0…)


No. 43065

Tranny in mtf thread seething that women who think trannies are incels are the real incels. Scrotes really do project and DARVO everything kek.

No. 43068

Tranny on the /ot/ draw thread.

No. 43074

This is from Di Gi Charat, I watched this as a kid. I don’t think that really constitutes “loli.” Definitely scrotes ITT thinking they’re “epic based trolls” though.

No. 43081

Yeah, it’s just the troon cycling through vpns. Time to temp ban vpns.

No. 43084

The most male thing about him is that he shits up this place. You don’t see women spamming cp on 4chan, it’s only ever scrotes. Reason #5644788654 to never have a son anons.

No. 43086

Temp ban for tinfoilers and unban without announcement, but either full or temp works.

No. 43088

Mods wake up already please

No. 43089

>man not taking responsibility for his actions
>rees at the consequence of women hating a tranny incel being women hating men
Kek clocked scrote. This retardation is why you retards can never pass and never will.

No. 43091

Can anons just start spamming bl or penis gore please.

No. 43095

he's samefagging again, mods please go through the report queue

No. 43102

There must be more than one troll besides Blaine and the TBP guy, it's quite obvious, they have a certain typing style to their posts

No. 43103


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 43104

It's kinda hard to know who's blaine and who isn't him at some points, I'm just mass reporting too.

No. 43108

File: 1661151727936.jpg (60.59 KB, 720x253, 1661151667913.jpg)

This anon is suspicious, reminder that blaine always used the same vocabulary abd tries to pin everything against everyone to confuse you

No. 43109

File: 1661151754037.jpg (55.36 KB, 719x254, 1661151690608.jpg)

No. 43113

File: 1661151852162.jpg (52.83 KB, 692x257, 1661151710658.jpg)

No. 43117

some people are accusing random anons of being blaine or whoever in the unpopular opinions thread, even ones who are just minding their business. just thought i’d inform.

No. 43119

it's probably him accusing random people

No. 43121

does this usually happen? i’ve hang out on lc now and then for over a year but haven’t seen this much unhinged behavior across threads. was just real confusing because it seemed like multiple people accusing each other but i feel you could be right. i assume farmhands will be able to tell who is who

No. 43122

yes he sometimes spends over 18 hours straight spamming and samefagging, he's been doing this for like a month
if you see word salad, overly hostile, or scrotey sounding posts it's probably him - never engage, always report and ignore

No. 43124

you were bumping the gore?

No. 43142

Of course all the deleted posts were him. Pathetic

No. 43143

I think the schizo-troon is spamming the retarded shitposting thread.

No. 43144

Kek I think it’s just a nonna spamming her dumb Jim halpert memes

No. 43145

mtf thread farmhand is a bit banhappy right now, understandable with some of the spammers we have but I got banned as 'troon' for replying to a weird post, and another anon got banned for going on an anti-marriage tangent (in reply to the usual reddit screenshot of some woman in a shit marriage who decides to troon out)

No. 43146

Because you're encouraging it by interacting with the scrote. Mods say over and over not to do it.

No. 43147

I think farmhand thought I was the scrote since the ban message simply said 'troon', I agree we should just ignore him tbh but the ban seemed to be from a misunderstanding rather than a valid reason of replying to bait

No. 43149

You are genuinely retarded. It was proven the herpes were not "photoshopped" with actual timestamps from videos and other screenshots. Belle Delphine has herpes and that's old milk, only a delusional and low IQ scrote would deny that and claim people "photoshopped" the video Belle herself uploaded. Even her social media posts often include her herpes. Stop acting retarded.

Those redtexted images were proven to be true. Post the "original, unedited" versions of them (you can't) or shut the fuck up.

It's weird the jannies in /w/ feed such retarded trolls such as this and redtext original photos/screenshots, then refuse to remove redtext from them even when they are proven to be genuine. What's up with the lazy modding that favors cows?

No. 43151

These are him btw

No. 43152

Troon woke up

No. 43156

TBP moid spamming vent thread

No. 43157

troon spamming his gay porn folder and pol threads on ot again

No. 43158

now spamming black dicks

No. 43159

Moid is still spamming porn in ot/

No. 43160

You're actually retarded the herpes has been documented for years theres videos she uploaded herself during an active outbreak kek.
It truly feels like the time we had a mod on /snow/ who was a huge fan of shoeonhead and used their mod position to ban anons saying stuff they didn't like about their fav cow itt

No. 43161

21 hours now, has every farmhand quit or something?

No. 43162

Black penis all over /ot/ vent thread has some webms

No. 43163

He’s still going

No. 43166

troon acting like a 12 year old discovering edgelord pics for the first time in threads

No. 43167


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 43170

Please ffs, ban the edgy tranny already. He's shitting up every thread with stupid pictures and his favourite dicks. Is there even a mod at this point?

No. 43177

Do you guys think the the "black problem" sperg and the BBC spammer are the same person? Like, a gay moid seething about how Tyrone won't fuck him?

No. 43180

It's fucking afternoon in the U.S. right now. For all the sperging in the past about how there need to be more jannies in Eurasian timezones, it seems like the jannies can't do their job regardless of what time it is or where they live.

No. 43187

the racist moid started recently, the black dick sperg was here months ago. just need more mods … when ever that will happen

No. 43190

I genuinely think admin should focus on delivering the new improved forum, maybe shutting down the website for a couple weeks in the process too until things are ready. It will also make the spergs disappear. All in all we need more mods and a hellweek.

No. 43192

I hope the admin who banned GC discussion realized by now that trannies are more annoying than any radfem discussion that ever happened in this website. This is who you capped for, moids like this spamming schizo tranny.

No. 43194

Nonnas have been saying this for a WHILE now. It won't happen soon. It seems like theres at least 2 jannies and Admin. Until the new update comes (whenever it will) it's just going to be moids and troon spam every day because they're so autistic and dedicate all their time to this. Admin said she was going to put out the date soon when they plan to go offline before going live again but so far nothing.

No. 43195

Then idk if we should continue using the website like this. It's exhausting.

No. 43196

I know what you mean. It just reiterates that the XY ruin everything, anything females make for ourselves, including our own small spaces. They are such a cancer.

No. 43198

To be fair, moid/tranny(s) were mad falseflagging complaints here before it unfortunately lead to admin closing one of the gc/pp/manhate threads, every single time.

No. 43200

We will always find and build spaces to escape from you failures abominations, no matter how much you seethe.

No. 43202

Nvm, he confirmed it is all the same just now in that post with the webm.

No. 43203

Yes, it's the same moid and also the ugly ass schizo tranny and nicado onlyfans spammer. The y chromosome is one hell of a mental disability.

No. 43204

Tranny is the same with the avatarfagging, porn/ webms, black dicks, black hate threads. He just confirmed it. That's actually sad and pathetic.

No. 43205

Can't even imagine a day in his head, must be such a miserable bleak existence.

No. 43206

But this is exactly why admin and everyone in general should be smarter and never trust trannies. Trust the actual people who use the website, trust women, don't trust an adulterated google form etc. Trannies are victimizing sleazy pieces of shit, they take all the bad traits men already have and multiply them by 100. Never cape for such idiots.

No. 43207

> I don't care anymore

It was indeed the one tranny doing all those things this whole time

No. 43208

Oldmin made the mistake of letting her bias and grudge (being called a tranny because of weird moderation to the point of her posting her hand) cloud any possible suspicion, so she confused the falseflagging moids who yelled for pp/gc/manhate/2X to be closed because "it leaked everywhere" (it literally didn't until the threads got closed kek) for real farmers.
But then again, the poll already hinted at the loud complaints being a small dedicated minority but she ignored that and made up some nonsense to justify it.

No. 43209

Didn't she also have a weird bias towards 'white rich' nonnas?

No. 43213

so then you're mexican

No. 43215

>tell me you know nothing about oldmin kek

No. 43216

According to some out of context discord screenshots, yeah. But I'd rather believe she was just mad and venting about something.

No. 43217

You are a man, you are not intersex.

No. 43220

You have never been intersex, you are male. It's on your kiwi farms thread.

No. 43223

File: 1661204294208.jpg (Spoiler Image, 246.18 KB, 706x1159, 1661204205008.jpg)

The tranny mentioned us on another website so we might as well have more than one troll at this point.

No. 43224

File: 1661204651901.jpg (286.18 KB, 720x1233, 1661204621184.jpg)

It's a tranny incel forum.

No. 43225

Even his rdrama crowd he claims to be in cahoots with don't give a fuck about him / are confused about his posting, it's literally just him lol

No. 43226

File: 1661205257347.png (216.74 KB, 1472x482, kf cringe.png)

No. 43230

Could admins take a look at the camgirl thread. For a few weeks now it has been a lot of bickering, infighting, and de-railing. I think someone is purposely causing the issues. Might be a good idea to check IPs.

No. 43237

That Indian guy is back

No. 43238

I think they’re Indian claiming to be Persian

No. 43240

File: 1661208931119.jpg (27.85 KB, 800x450, graphic_design_is_my_passion.j…)


No. 43243

File: 1661214649497.png (32.67 KB, 160x160, troll_1f9cc.png)

Jesus Christ, I have never seen an administrative\moderation team on a website this fucking atrocious in a long time. How is this even possible.(troon hands typed this)

No. 43246

Can you leave?

No. 43250

All they are doing is derailing about mods and defending their bad herpes edits. Belle hasn't had non-anon faked milk or external scrote site larping as her in weeks. Complaining about "muh redtexts rights".


Still tinfoiling that mods are actually Belle or stans as if their posts aren't worthless. Trying to pass of fake milk is embarrassing but the lengths these anons go to has ruined 2 threads already, a 3rd soon.

No. 43252

Those are not edits, those are actual herpes. Prove they were edited or stfu already. Anons even posted timestamps from Belle's own videos but you are too retarded or some WK with no life who camps Belle and meta threads. You always post on meta to cry about Belle thread when anons told you to stop before.

Only you ruin the Belle thread. If a sex worker's herpes make you this mad, this website is not for you, nor the jannies who give wrong redtexts for non-edited photos.

No. 43253

the only think needed is that new IP address should not be able to post here for a while. Shutting it down for a few weeks will just lead to the tranny coming back because he is already without a job and has nothing to do. If it gets shut down for a few weeks they will take it as a win and wikll never stop harrassing everyone on this website and this will lead to more trannies coming here to shut down any discussion about them similar to what happened on reddit, the only differece is that they will report evrything and spam everything full instead of having tranny mods

No. 43254

Why do we need up-close collages of a woman’s rectal wart, exactly, when we aren’t men? Can you give me one good reason?

No. 43255

It's not even a wart. Its what assholes look like because of the pleated skin around it. Holy shit. Are you literally 12?

No. 43256

Ah yes very important website discussion concerning herpes and ass folds

No. 43257

It is not related to the issue at all, retard.

I never shared those but anons were mocking a sex worker's wart ridden porn. Why are you bothered by it?

No. 43262

Why are you coming for me, I’m not the one that thinks multiple collages of Belle Delphines asshole is productive to her thread in any way. I’m not in there staring at or dissecting her anus like those freaks are. All it does is attract scrotes.

No. 43263

Sex work is not real work, scrote

No. 43265

why is /w/ full of actual literal autists

No. 43267

>anons wont sage image dumps
>most photo posts are unsaged across the board because anons think everything is milk
>derailing about fake milk
>going as far to edit fake milk
>foaming at the mouth infighting when you don't agree with their tinfoils
>lots of the anons refuse to post screenshots
>one specifically cant integrate to save their life
>constant bumping then deleting

The cancer threads need to be locked for a while or something like the Belle Delphine thread, Venus, and Jillian.

No. 43268

Because of anons like you

No. 43269

Scrote spam in /ot

No. 43270

Scrote posting porn in /ot/ vent thread

No. 43271

Because weeaboos and autism go hand in hand

No. 43272

what is this even supposed to mean? i don’t post on /w/ and go there every so often because it’s a zoo of its own. taking it seriously in any way is a bad sign

No. 43273

Then stop taking it seriously?

No. 43274

Can a mod start banning and redtexting all herpes discussion in the belle thread, it makes it unreadable and someone having a lipsore, like 50% of the human population do at some point, is not milk

No. 43275

Special ed.

No. 43276

I feel like belle having herpes is the least of our worries right now lol

No. 43278

cp in /m/

No. 43280

Racebait, gore, and porn/child pornography threads in ot/g/m

No. 43281

Are you for real? What a dumbass kek

No. 43282

Seriously and they immediately bumped, deleted, and created a ban evade post.

No. 43286

Tranny got titled in Vent after his larp failed and is now porn spamming again.

No. 43287

Black gay porn is in /ot/ vent thread again

No. 43288

Mad that you cant post your shitty belle edits/sperging aren't you

No. 43291

Take some pills for your fanfiction delusions.

No. 43310

troon is shitting up the vent thread for over 5 hours now crying about man hate (biggest clue is that he posts here on the same time he posts in that thread)

No. 43312

Man in vent thread has been shitting up the thread for 7+ hours reeing about the thread being used to vent about men.

No. 43314

Literal CP on the front page not clicking to see where that subhuman posted it. Hope that scrote dies

No. 43315

Idk what the fuck it's happening in the vent thread on /ot/ (where else) but it's been going on for hours and hours

No. 43316

The CP poster is the tranny thing 2 who keeps posting that racebait thread all of the time, it’s too much of a coincidence.

No. 43317

Gross illegal shit and TBP anon on /m/
It's true, these things were posted minutes appart

No. 43318

The tranny when he figures out black people will always be human but he will never be a woman LOL

No. 43322

Retard tranny back to racebait in ot.

No. 43323

Men like the troon will ree about us being muh conservatives for saying men aren’t women just because they say so, then post racist TBP thread stuff. Men point with one hand and wank with the other. Being male truly is a disability, broken retards who only live for coom.