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File: 1659732241898.png (747.5 KB, 720x1212, Screenshot_20220805-154221.png)

No. 1291087

A place full of attention whoring, bra stuffing, body filters, fake stories, elsagate spamming, pedophilia, fake doctors and coomer bait. Anyone else find this side of the internet to be particularly cancerous?

No. 1291099

File: 1659733146906.png (707.38 KB, 720x1206, Screenshot_20220805-155858.png)

I swear people are DYING for any sort of attention now. I wish you could embed yt shorts

No. 1291105

lurk before making new threads, there’s a reason tiktok threads keep flopping lol

No. 1291108

TikTok is one thing but it seems like most platforms are having their own form of shorts, YouTube shorts and Snapchat shorts particularly are especially sickening

No. 1291114

It’s because TikTok crushed them in addiction and performance. They want to mimic it. It’s shit all around.

No. 1291124

Definitely. Idk why Snapchat and TikTok lite keep attracting the worst level of coomers though

No. 1291136

File: 1659735650808.png (778.94 KB, 720x1165, Screenshot_20220805-164031.png)

Porn is just being shoved down everyone's throat now. Is everyone that mad most people are choosing not to be porn addicts anymore? Christ

No. 1291144

could have sworn there was already a tiktok hate thread but I guess I'm just tripping balls

No. 1291145

Hate these too, bit of advice if you're on one of these apps: watch only cute animal shorts or something like that to beat the filter. I don't want to watch shorts at all but by viewing enough of those at least you weed out annoying thumbnails and autoplay shit.

No. 1291151

that girl on the bottom right looks plastic

No. 1291153

BTS boys looking more sickly and diseased than usual

No. 1291155

lmfao I cackled

No. 1291157

All of them

No. 1291164

No. 1291166

File: 1659736444988.png (673.64 KB, 720x1254, Screenshot_20220805-165310.png)

Did this and still get inflated with shit. Only watch cute animals? You get a girl with bolt ons and a bra playing with kittens. Are you in the medical field and watch stuff relating to your career? You get TikTok nurses stuffing their bra into oblivion and shoving themselves into tiny scrubs giving out fake sex facts. Work at a restaurant/ watch cooking vids? Boom hooters girls dancing. Are you a mom? Boom incest coomerbait and breastfeeding close ups. Porn is inflating everything now and it's driving me insane

No. 1291216

People like need to be fired from their job

No. 1291324

People are way too comfortable sharing personal details in these videos with their whole face in the frame, also frequently with the backgrounds someone could easily find their location if they wanted.

No. 1291353

Definitely. I remember the trend of "my family and their problems" and it's like oo aunt Mary is an ex drug addict cousin shelia got cheated on by her husband johnny has 5 baby mamas etc. It's also funny when people can't keep their lies consistent.

Shit tier parents keep getting spammed. I also keep getting spammed with these awful ass paintings that look like they've been made by a 5 yr old, the "artist" keeps making fake Karen story content to promote as if anyone is buying this awful ass shit. Comments are spammed with people supposedly it but I feel like I'm taking crazy pills kek. Lazy ass abstract art is better than this eyesore

No. 1291354

File: 1659748283833.png (947.68 KB, 720x1292, Screenshot_20220805-200959.png)

Forgot to attach pic

No. 1291357

makes me hungry

No. 1291361

Or those families who get together, do something gross like pretend to be in a weird relationship and when people react too it they just call them stupid and say stuff like "rip for anyone who took this seriously". Remember when jokes were supposed to make you laugh and not just get attention by presenting social worker tier situations?

No. 1291396

that's because the tiktok algorithm doesn't filter out all irrelevant content. it prioritizes popular videos first and sorts them out if they're vaguely related. and users tag the videos themselves so even if you filter out most content it goes off what they tag, what you watch and what others who watch the same videos watch as well.

No. 1291447

Even then it's bizarre how it's like 90% porn and the rest is actual content

No. 1291489

porn industry is dying so they gotta work overtime to keep young folk addicted

No. 1291491

File: 1659758662588.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1125x1526, FD69CECF-F028-4737-A80C-A005C5…)

This thread was much needed. I was just ranting with my bf about how I despise tiktok and its content creators as well as its users because of how annoying they are. How can one not get mad at that stupid AI voice and silly soundtracks? Don't even get me started on the fucking dance moves, not to mention the disservice when it comes to mental illness talk. So many people became autists thanks to it all of a sudden, so I guess physicians aren't needed anymore since you can just follow the next numbnuts person like picrel for a proper diagnose. The content is abhorrent and I wish natural selection would do its job and wipe these people off the Earth. Sorry if it isn't the place but I needed to get it off my chest.

No. 1291505

File: 1659759689197.png (107.85 KB, 266x253, CAA91D4D-E795-484D-8E46-0F2D38…)

I absolutely loathe those Andrew Tate YouTube shorts that keep popping up. He is so ugly too. Bald and chinless trying to compensate.

No. 1291534

he looks like that thing that lived in the basement in the goonies

No. 1291535

Is it actually dying? that'd be great news but I have a hard time believing it, can't get my hopes up and all

No. 1291563

File: 1659762394790.jpg (47.81 KB, 439x849, bmd.jpg)

Not super cringe but I watch a lot of baking channels so I keep getting this woman named Bake My Day Mimo popping up on the Youtube Short recommended. Her videos always have really whiny sob story titles like
>This Karen customer REFUSED to accept this cake I slaved over for 5 days
>They didn't even pay their deposit
>insert random made up hater comment here
Don't even know or watch her but from the self pity alone I never want to. Just let me watch cake videos without you whining about your life

No. 1291571

I’ve also seen those rude Karen fake stories being used by nail and packaging channels. It is a trend.

No. 1291615

Same. I keep getting spammed by every business using the same fake Karen story to promote their shitty product and act as if they're top tier business men
Well yes. Most men just use leaks or free porn as porn now so the days of buying magazines, tapes, etc is over. Girls try to get into porn and get out real fast since even onlyfans markets are being over inflated so you next to expect literal pennies. Most whores posting themselves with balls up their shirt and a waist filter on are just promoting their own content

No. 1291617

+most girls on tinder are willing to hook up and send nudes to any guy that is at least a 5/10. Tinder has become a live order sex app for them essentially

No. 1291620

I like instagram reels, I only get food/art/landscape stuff. The youtube algorithm for shorts is so shitty though, I keep getting makeup/female body dismorphia/fashion suggested when I don't watch any videos about that content

No. 1291635

Same with Snapchat, I don't even watch or subscribe to Snapchat nonsense and everything is just sexual shit. It feels so predatory like it's trying to teach impressionable teens it's normal to be hypersexual

No. 1291711

File: 1659778545471.png (675.66 KB, 873x774, neckbeardtubbylookingfucker.pn…)

Anyone getting this muslim youtube couple shoved down their throat? I've never watched any islamic or religious content so there's no reason for the algorithm to think I'd like this. All of their videos consist of them campily explaining how terrible, sexist, and oppressive islam is to women but with upbeat tiktok music and a sunny disposition while they show how this man can essentially do whatever he wants while the woman has to wear 50 layers and not have any freedoms and can't even show her face to her own brother. It truly feels like a dystopic psyop to push their shitty religion onto the gen z kids. At least people seem to not buy into it as they argue a lot in the comments. and it shows how truly awful muslim men are because they start out defending their religion in the replies with these sickly sweet comments littered with happy face emojis and then pull a 180 and call western women dirty whores who can't think for themselves when they don't immediately agree with them lol

No. 1291716

I keep having TikTok women in hijab praising islam recommended in YouTube shorts, I never watched anything like that and my YouTube feed is full of weeb crap and cooking videos…

No. 1291717

Some muslims are hardcore weebs, maybe that's why? I don't use tiktok so I don't know how that works exactly, but my sisters use ir on a daily basis and they tend to have recommended content based on interests that their friends or the people they follow may have. It's weird.

No. 1291722

My god yes. I'm not a tinfoiler generally but it's so fucking weird this channel gets recommended to me it almost feels like there's a brainwash women agenda behind it.

No. 1291733

I wonder what would be the hand game in that case? Usually it's all about money. I'm guessing a lot of retarded muslims watch these videos, which means more ads revenues, which means it's safe to push it to even more people, which means even more ad revenue from people who like the videos and the people who hatewatch them.

No. 1291734

The only mudslime videos I accept are the cooking ones where the girls just have a light scarf on. Anything else gets blocked.

No. 1291739

That makes a lot of sense actually yes, thanks anon

No. 1291744

It's a reason that makes sense and I read some books about that, but at the same time, I'm not sure that's the only potential reason now that I think about it. Like, maybe there's also so softpower shit going on and some Muslim countries trying to promote their religion through this sort of content, which seems like it's just done by normal, random people. I remember shit like Emmanuel Macron offering a shit ton of money to very popular youtubers to promote his party for the elections to young adults and some refused out of principles, and other accepted for the money. Things like that happen online more and more often. Don't get me started on bots.

No. 1291757

That's always been the case remember the "hot singles" ads that were plastered everywhere?

No. 1291758

Ikr. I like "modest" (I hate that word) fashion, and ofc a lot of muslim women make videos showing outfits, but it makes instagram think I want to see niqabi's flaunting their dehumanising sacks, and it gives me a bunch of "muslim humor" videos, those all feel like trying to cope with a shitty situation.

No. 1291759

I also get them promoted to me constantly. I hate how the white guy wasn't even raised muslim but then realized if he converted he could have a wife he could fully control. The videos of him eating normally in public while his wife has to struggle shoving food underneath her scarf make me rage.

No. 1291768

Holy shit he wasn't raised muslim? I saw a video of them talking about their wedding and he mentioned that his family didn't approve of the marriage and I thought it was because they didn't like the girl for some reason but maybe it was because they didn't want him converting to islam. One of the videos she mentions that she's not allowed to have any male friends and he replied with a cheery "she's all mine!" What a fucking weirdo. That just makes me think even more that this is psyop, maybe even directed at incels. I saw that vid too and it pissed me off so much, he was so smug about the fact he can do whatever he wants and she can't even show her hands.

No. 1291773

What bothers me especially about those type of videos is that they're specifically aimed at non-muslims. They're not islam in-jokes or whatever, they're to "inform" others about the religion, in this creepily fake-cheery "we're totally having fun" way.

No. 1291785

White converts are fucking weirdos in the first place. It's not because they convert to Islam. It's because they're fucked in the head to begin with that they convert.

No. 1291792

File: 1659788266201.webm (4.99 MB, 406x720, 73.webm)

I get recommended "sigma" male shit all the time. No matter how much I click don't recommend.

No. 1291806

Aren't males the ones larping as breadwinners? Why would I pay for anything if I have a breadwinner right there next to me?

No. 1291809

I honestly sometimes find a lot of helpful/entertaining shorts but the one thing I hate shorts is the comment section, especially when you know it’s been invaded by sexist little boys and men. The MGTOW cancer has already infected their rational thoughts and they try to hide their hatred of any woman making a controversial point in a YT short likely stolen from tiktok is enough to make them play centrist devil advocate because men love covering up and lying about their own bigotry. I fucking hate men hope they all die this vent pissed me off kek

No. 1291824

Not to tinfoil but there is probably a reason/agenda why tiktok keeps shoving things like that on us.I mean they have the money for it they could fix the fyp and algorithm but instead i think they prefer it like this.

I only follow,like and comment on edits,art,BL & fashion accounts and videos yet on my fyp its mostly sigma,alpha,andrew tate, alt-right, political, trauma-baiting, animal abuse and porn.

No. 1291827

File: 1659791018990.png (1.77 MB, 2151x1130, whatlowselfworthlookslike.png)

I am so fucking sick of youtube pushing this over-botoxed bimbo pick me's shorts. Her views were finally tanking until youtube introduced this format for people to get an easy million views off these short little clips. This trad wife larp she's pulling is hilarious considering she slept around her whole twenties, did drugs, got herpes, got knocked up by some random Russian one night stand, flew to Romania to be Andrew Tate's fuckdoll for a night. And now that she's married to some young blonde haired blue eyed dumbass she sits on this pedestal with her bolt on's and tranny makeup shitting on everyone else for doing the exact same fucking shit she did. Fuck you Mikhaila, and your crusty perverted dad. I feel so sorry for her daughter and the terrible lessons she's getting driven into her head.

No. 1291833

She’s slowly killing her father with that high-cholesterol carnivore diet that somehow saved her autoimmune disease (btw mostly affects white people kek) that’s why she always sweats like a pig and looks red in the face all of the time.

No. 1291839

now that you mention it she does look different since the meat diet. I'm sure she'd say the sweatiness is a sign of her renewed health though.

No. 1291841

File: 1659792075652.png (63.3 KB, 341x406, veryscrotelike.png)

Samefag but I forgot to mention she finished this statement with "but men get more attractive as they age so they have time that you don't have." Yes Mikhaila, because life for women revolves around whether disgusting old men can get hard to our appearance. She is so headfucked I can't believe there's women who actually find this garbage motivational.
This was one of the top comments, some old cunt sounding a little too relieved his wife died at 46 so he could go out and knock up some younger women. He's an idiot for marrying a woman who didn't want kids while thinking he could somehow change her as if she's broken in some way, and now blames her for "being too old to play with his young kids." He sums up those 17 years as a "waste." What a pathetic shriveled piece of shit, hope he dies of colon cancer. No accountability whatsoever but that's pretty typical of men.

>She’s slowly killing her father with that high-cholesterol carnivore diet

No. 1291844

They don’t get attractive as they grow older in many societies men are given more respect, responsibilities and resources as they grow old compared to women. These handmaidens need to stop comparing inequality to attractiveness. It’s nearly impossible for them to be hot when they already get male-pattern baldness and dick problems at 20 years old, their y-chromosome is damn near useless

No. 1291845

>"but men get more attractive as they age
KEK if only THAT were true, then we'd be in for such a treat! Unfortunately 95% of men hits the wall between 25 and 30 and they were never as attractive as women their own age to begin with.

No. 1291847

File: 1659792820300.jpg (48.1 KB, 1280x720, ew.jpg)

What's wrong Nona's you don't find this droopy washed out greasy haired crooked toothed fuck attractive? kek seriously though it's fucked that she and her dad put womens sole worth into being fErTiLe and aTtrAcTiVe as if that's all that we're good for, fucking pisses me off especially coming from those charlatan hypocrites

No. 1291851

File: 1659793334259.jpeg (124.42 KB, 726x414, 378A49FE-27D4-49C9-85A7-38A025…)

Btw that old decrepit shriveling faggot finds an ED aryan bimbo on sports illustrated more attractive than his own wife. He also wrote about having a sexual dream about his own grandma and her pubic hairs, srsly look it up

No. 1291857

Why are white converts the weirdest? Is it because they’re overcompensating?

No. 1291861

what makes you think it's a white convert? They both look mediterranean to me

No. 1291862

scrote thread reeing about "thots"

No. 1291865

I think its because alot of them are incels or failures at life so they feel like theyve acomplished something at life if they convert or they use it to have some sort of control.

You should take a look at kanadajin thread in w/ she is a former weaboo who became a convert.

Do you think only nordic people are whit?

No. 1291870

You mean mediterranean as in from South Europe? Because South European are white.

No. 1291872

Are you talking about me calling Mikhaila a bimbo? I didn't say "thot" and I was shitting on her for shitting on women who sleep around in their twenties because she's a hypocrite who did the exact same thing. And bimbo is an aesthetic as in she's bimbofied herself for scrotes approval.

No. 1291878

The spelling mistakes in the text makes me suspicious

No. 1291879

I hate fuckers who come into a thread just to bitch and argue like a grumbly old man, go to reddit and do that faggots

No. 1291881

Anons hate when you use accurate terms to describe a woman who gives into the male gaze

No. 1291883

I remember there was a controversy some years back about a dating app, many native european women found the app was pretty much only showing them "brown muslim men" after many many complains the company revealed that this algorithm was deliberate, cause those poor brown men were being rejected and claimed it was hurting their feelings and self worth, and then they accused the women of being racist and Islamophobic for rejecting those men, so maybe its a similar thing where white liberals really want to virtue signal how peaceful and tolerant Islam is and want others to accept this as well

No. 1291885

File: 1659795941361.jpeg (112.74 KB, 976x549, C437A189-88BB-4D43-B210-8C1063…)

you’re just jealous you can’t wear a cute modest burkini anon. inb4 you fat europoors be like “how can they wear that at the hot beach!?” well for one you can’t be a fat europoor running on the gentrified indian processed diet of tesco’s and second the cloth enables proper ventilation

No. 1291887

muhammad ali!?

No. 1291888

Ohhhh I get it, the tranny spammer's here.

No. 1291892

why would "islamaphobia" be an issue when it comes to who you date? isn't it important to have somewhat compatible beliefs?

No. 1291902

white liberals truly cannot comprehend anything to do with Islam, they believe is the religion of enlightened brown people and that's as far as it goes, its how hippies treated Hinduism and Buddhism without even understating any sort of basic concepts of the faith

No. 1291905

Look it's an offended muzzie kek, fuck off now isn't time to pray to your pedophile sky daddy

No. 1291906

I feel like it’s way more complicated than you’re making it, you just hate brown people, it’s okay to just be honest with your racism. I’m so tired of the pussy shit walking around from it you don’t like them coming to your country, you don’t like yourself, you don’t like anyone, we get it you’re simple-minded and insufferable just as the white liberals just shut the fuck up already lmao

No. 1291908

did you read my post, I was clearly mocking the religion of the arab pedophile
I am a brown person(actually I am even darker then brown)

No. 1291909

I hate how addictive YouTube shorts/Instagram are to to me. I deleted tiktok but now it’s on the other platforms. I’ll see a cute animal video and next thing I know I’m doom scrolling. I’m trying to be more mindful of it but I still catch myself stumbling into this behavior.

I hate how they promote mindless mimicry. People doing the same trends, stories, dances over and over again. Instead of just telling a story, they have to do some retarded dance along with it. Instead of showing something they misuse “POV” in every instance possible. Then this retardation spreads into everyday life. People start saying “tell me you’re ___ without telling me you’re ____.” Every comment section has this cancerous shit too.

I also hate how it normalizes 1.) recording yourself everywhere you go and 2.) recording others out in public for clout. I’m gonna sound like a boomer but I seriously believe this 5 seconds of fame culture is going to have grave ramifications for how we relate to one another and our own self awareness and humanity. The self-centered indulgence of the “content creators” on these apps is alarming to say the least.

TL;DR this form of content disturbs me and makes me pessimistic about humanity. Fuck the social engineers at these tech companies who know what they’re doing.

No. 1291914

my least favorite of this "genre" is the "tip your delivery driver" fake stories where they show ubereats or doordash drivers throwing bags of food saying "i do this to people who don't tip!" yea, because these big corporations aren't notorious for firing easily replaceable contracted employees. the amount of fake stories on there is worse than any other platform.

No. 1291918

File: 1659797620520.png (387.06 KB, 1000x563, Vanessa_Vokey_cover.png)

I'm reminded me of vanessa vokey claiming that Jordan Peterson was a smart man and that feminists were unfairly attacking him, kek

No. 1291920

i don't think that you sound like a boomer for that. boomers are out of touch and don't understand shit, while we are much younger, grew up in part with the internet and understand how different the landscape is. i actually had to stop tiktok because of how it affected my ability to concentrate on long form media. i would get bored of even 10 minute videos. it's clear these kinds of things have a negative impact.

No. 1291923

File: 1659797777357.png (50.03 KB, 599x373, 1658330186099.png)

samefag don't think vanessa is a tardthot though, her "type" is common on radblr and radfem twitter, their talking points are a mixture alt-lite, FDS and whatever special ideology they've chosen at that period, they jump from pagan socialist to greek orthodox feminist to stalinist atheist 5 times a year

No. 1291934

The way he words it it's like he's putting blame on his grandma, as if this was a real event that happened and not a scenario completely invented in his own mind. He dreamt his grandmother rubbed his face with her pubes fashioned into a brush. It's what his subconscious wanted. What a fucking freak.

No. 1291939

I'm not exactly sure where she falls on the political spectrum or the other spectrum but her massive freakouts during covid were funny

No. 1291943

She has some good points but capes for fags too much, she had such a bleeding heart for the "poor gay men being discriminated against" for me to keep watching her content.

No. 1291957

god, me too!
constantly women who are supposedly so independent and totez happy while walking around not even showing the space between their eyes
and next to them you have your typical big tittie girlies or creepy closeups of female athletes asses
and that totally doesn't affect the children watching at all…

No. 1291960

File: 1659799969229.jpeg (153.3 KB, 768x1024, CF3E66CD-C7FC-4C9C-81B9-19F8C9…)

anyone else notice Bella Porch’s hairline clinging on for dear life lately?

she’s still hot so good for her.. but jfc she needs to stop with the Jojo Siwa ponytail. it’s doing her no favours

No. 1291968

Lol she's getting that same problem Jojo Siwa got, traction alopecia I think

No. 1291973

sorry about your bad hairline wk but Bella’s forehead has doubled in size from that slick-back super tight ponytail she wears every day. She’s not ugly by any means but, like I said before, that ponytail is ripping her hair out and doing her no favours. It’s not just a bad hair day, she’s doing it to herself

I wish she wouldn’t make it worse by wearing her hair so tight. She’s really very pretty but her massive 5head is so distracting

No. 1291974

I like how the anon automatically assumed it was about being a woman lol, as if men can't get traction alopecia too. Jojo's hairline has been getting a lot better since cutting her hair short so on the plus side it may be reversible for Bella as well if she stops tying her hair back.

No. 1291977

I don't like bella but I think she looks fine in the bottom pictures. Having slightly disproportionate features is normal, plus she may have just been styling her hair to hide it in the first two. But maybe I'm just saying this as a big forehead bitch kek. I sometimes do my hair to hide it and it's more obvious if I put my hair up but my hairline has always been the same so not traction allopecia.

No. 1291981

I think her new current plastic face is more something she needs to stop, she is going to end up looking botched.

No. 1292012

I'm personally sick of the way you all insult women you don't like by saying they are botoxed, botched, or any other insinuation about surgeries. Don't get me wrong, a Kardashian can't tell me she never got surgery. But more and more, i see women on the internet saying that random normal looking girls they don't like are botched. This is unhinged. I don't care about Mikhaila but she looks exactly like her mother.

Stop spreading rumors about women's appearance like that when they look completely normal, shitsack. I'm sure if you saw my lips and didn't like me you'd say i'm an over-botoxed bimbo kek, this is insane.

No. 1292028

I didn't call her botched, I said over botoxed. She's admitted to the botox and the filler, that's not a rumor dumbass. The fake boobs are obvious based on how she went from A cups to whatever she has now and the photos of them during the healing process before they dropped a bit was undeniable. I'm pointing that out because of her hypocrisy, this is all stuff she used to say was essentially beneath her. And now she's turning her attention to insulting women for sleeping around or doing mdma and cocaine and partying, again; all stuff she has done as well. She calls women who don't want kids and don't want to marry "losers." She calls Andrew Tate "a good man." She's a pick me, through and through.

Also no one's fucking talking about you, why are you trying to inject your hypothetical assumptions into the thread you weirdo? I wouldn't call you over botoxed unless you actually were, retard.

No. 1292053

File: 1659807587610.gif (2.79 MB, 476x480, 1653944175431.gif)

You have a source for that? I want to read more about it because this specific reason doesn't seem linked to profit, and usually when online services use algorithms to push a specific content to a specific audience to influence them, it's driven by profit, even when it's indirectly. I'm an ex-muslim and cannot stand guys from my ethnicity, I never used dating apps in my entire life and would have immediately deleted everything if I did use them and only had this sort of profiles shown to me. That would be the exact opposite of what I want. I'm in Europe and I'm also curious as to whether all of Europe dealt with this or only specific countries. I see dating apps the same way I see clubs and bars that give free drinks or free entries for women only, the female users/customers are only here to attract male customers who will be the ones who will spend money… But do dating app have paid services?

No. 1292058

Because muslim brown guys allow themselves to act like whores with white girls and have fun before getting married to a kawaii virgin submissive muslima waifu who better show her positive virginity certificate signed by her gynecologist before the religious ceremony. I wish I were joking but this is the sort of shit I've seen irl. I hate these guys so much.

No. 1292083

I actually believe the >>1292069 anon because my home country was full of these Muslim immigrants. They always wanted a pure virgin easy-to-brainwash waifu to be their sex slave who would they beat up 24 7 while they fucking around all of the insecure and desperate white women before finding 'the one'.

No. 1292107

Sorry nonnie. Man, I wish I could tell what I think about these people to my husband's sister. She is a desperate woman that would date the first person who would listen to her crying online, so she did. She is trying to brag online that she is internet dating a Muslim 'oil prince' who stans Petersonfag and distances her from everyone, keeping her online only where he also exists. She is into that since she is an insecure NLOG woman, but of course, I will be thrown pitchforks at if I would say something about it, this manchild is a massive red flag. I don't want to tell her that one of the people IRL that I know was love-bombed at first and then beaten up daily, later stalked by his family online.

No. 1292123

why do muslim women think men still won't get turned on by them even if they cover up? men get turned on by fucking children, just look at your prophet.

No. 1292128

wild because muslims born and raised in america (except for somalis) tend to be effeminate and nerdy, and often sjw's.

No. 1292153

The ones that are like that are the exception, not the rule, and tend to be gay.

No. 1292156

And samefagging but where I am we almost only have north african muslims. Some subsaharian africans are muslim too but they're not the majority. In some European countries the muslims you'll find are from Pakistan or the middle east. From what I understand there are barely any north africans in the USA so if that's the case, the comparison is nonsensical and you should ask other europeans from other countries.

No. 1292173

no, I believe you. Most of the groomers in the uk were pakis, and nafris in france and germany were doing a lot of terrorism for a while.
I was thinking more about it, and I think it's because america is stricter when it comes to immigration than europe.
europe is closer in proxomity to north africa and the middle east, so it seems easy for a simple village scrote with a 14 year old bride to migrate there. but our muslim immigrants are wealthier.

No. 1292182

You're seething too much about anon calling out an obviously botched, hypocritical pickme

No. 1292202

I for some reason got recommended a YouTube short of these two and now I have a new horrorcow(s). They freak me the fuck out I don’t even know why. She’s really beautiful but I think…WHY is she with him? She seems weird. Like she has some kind of cripple/humiliation fetish. I don’t know if I’m just a bad person but that’s just how I feel.

No. 1292206

I will never understand why women do this to themselves, just to be the 'cool wife' for the most subpar, unremarkable moids

No. 1292214

File: 1659815915973.png (1006.43 KB, 1280x728, Screen Shot 2022-08-06 at 12.5…)

Is that Anfisa from 90 day fiance lol

No. 1292222

I haven’t gotten the Muslim stuff on my YouTube shorts but mine is nothing but girls dressing up and thot rping Marilyn Monroe despite the fact that I’ve never looked at anything related to her, all i watch is fine art and craft videos

You’ve memed yourself into thinking they look normal, delete insta.

No. 1292233

>europe is closer in proxomity to north africa and the middle east, so it seems easy for a simple village scrote with a 14 year old bride to migrate there
Yes and no, it depends on each country and their respective histories too. For France, where I am, the reason why there are a lot of north africans, me included, is because we come from former colonies and France straight up asked and encouraged Algerians to come to France to get a cheap workforce for construction work in the 50s and 60s and the ones who accepted needed the money badly. Most of the north africans you'll see here are born and raised in France as a result. Same thing for black people, they're often from former French colonies in Africa, or from Guadeloupe, Martinique, etc. I think it's the same reason why there are so many Indians and Pakistanis in the UK, right?

>nafris in france and germany were doing a lot of terrorism for a while.

No idea about Germany but here there has been less cases because of security being higher as a result of big cases like what happened in Paris during that one rock concert in the Bataclan. Nowadays, terrorists are more often caught before they can act and there are more far right white supremacists getting caught than before because they get caught by purchasing a lot of weapons illegally right before they can do anything with them. It's either one extreme or the other.

No. 1292234

Nope, she is actually a bodybuilder for a few years now

No. 1292243

File: 1659817651775.gif (6.42 MB, 480x270, asfd.gif)

I feel the same way! There's some weird caretaker fetishy thing there I think. It makes me uncomfortable and I don't quite know why. I kinda felt the same way when that guy with cerebral palsy Zach Anner had a normal-looking able-bodied girlfriend, but he's (I feel weird saying this) better looking than the Shane guy and he's actually pretty hilarious

No. 1292258

saw "boy mom" in the thumbnail and groaned before I even clicked the video. What the hell is wrong with these people, where's the "joke"? Would it be funny if it were several daughters walking past and grabbing their dad's junk? Fucking weirdos.

No. 1292308

I was just talking about this recently with friends! I write sketch comedy, and the whole landscape is SO different now than it was just a few years ago. We used to write 5-10 minute long sketches for stage and YouTube, but that format feels like it's dead in the water now. Nobody has the patience to sit through a 5-minute video to get through the setup and the jokes/payoffs anymore, and I've noticed my own attention span decreasing too. Now on TikTok/reels/shorts, you need to grab the viewer's attention in milliseconds before they scroll up, and there's always that stupid text and AI voice saying "WAIT UNTIL THE END!!" for a video that's fucking 5 seconds long.

No. 1292309

That thumbnail alone screams “I am a fetishist.” `Humilated? Wtf? Good for her, I guess.

No. 1292325

It's a constant competition. It's no longer enough to be hot and have a good personality now it's a massive competition over who has the most extreme proportions, who's dressing the sluttiest, who let's their husband fuck around while they pay for everything, who's the biggest doormat, etc. "Open" relationships aka the guy gets to fuck other girls but she can't fuck other guys are becoming the new norm and pretty soon it will be expected

No. 1292347

algorithms just tend to promote controversial content. it's what fueled donald trump's rise on social media back in 2016

No. 1292357

Blegh, I have these two show up on my IG reels all the time. The nicest thing I can say about them is that they look like they stink. The algorithms greatest flaw is that it thinks all watching is enjoyment and not someone looking on in baffled awe of what they’re watching.
For me my recommended reels went from general bridal > Desi bridal > Muslim bridal > Muslim weddings > Hijabi converts bragging about how enlightened they are now that they’ve given up bikinis for burqas. It honestly feels like a psyop at this point. It’s gotten the the point I get vent reels of hijabis crying about people being mean to them about their fashion/their weight/their education, with the big reveal that most of the negativity comes from gasp fellow Muslims. Hopefully a few of them will wake up and realise that the calls are coming from inside the house and walk away before they’re married or pregnant.

No. 1292358

Yeah I know that, but let's be real, Donald Trump is more influential than a random white Muslim convert.

No. 1292587

Kek I never like to tip delivery orders using my card because I'd rather do it in cash so it's guaranteed in pocket. But I always leave a not saying I'll tip in cash cuz I'm afraid of some entitled zoomer pulling one of these if they see "no tip". Just in case they actually do pull this.

No. 1292645

Corporations suck but people who don't tip also suck even more if the driver goes out of your way to help you. I carried a fuck ton of food up there flights of stairs while 7 months pregnant before for someone and never got a tip (not on cash or card). No tippers deserve to be shamed

No. 1292650

File: 1659848198311.png (2.95 MB, 2392x1069, Screenshot (11137).png)

This woman's channel made me so sad. Her husband is basically third wheeling her in their own marriage, what does she think is going to happen when her husband and his girlfriend have kids and she's just left on the sideline as his first wife who couldn't get pregnant and is just a part of the "throuple?" She's going to be the odd one out watching her husband raise some other woman's kids. This honestly made me so sad for her I hope she dumps him and finds some other guy to have kids with, either adopt or get a surrogate but this is so unfair to her.

No. 1292651

Way too many women are giving into the male gaze and it's a headache. Tiktok is becoming full of anorexic women with 4 push up bras or breast implants wearing nothing but a bra and it's even worse since it's infiltrating normie videos and kids are starting to think that body type/way of dressing is healthy, normal and expected

No. 1292653

I'm 99% sure this is fake since they switch scenarios like every video. People are treating attention like dope now

No. 1292661

Most workers in the tech and web fields are pedophiles and porn addicted incels. No shit they’re intentionally pushing this garbage at women 24/7.

No. 1292663

Hinduism and Buddhism are way more enlightened and based than Christianity, sorry Donnie. All Abrahamic religions are garbage.

No. 1292664

I really hope it's fake cause this is the saddest attention seeking scheme I've seen in a while, and her husband looks like a fucking creep you can literally see the perversion on his face.

No. 1292665

You’re acting like it’s only brown moids who are the problem. White men are just as likely to rape and molest kids. The problem is men in general, not x race of men, piss off back to /pol/.

No. 1292675


sage but I am so fucking sick of this whole "older men are attractive" thing being shilled SO hard to Zoomer girls
like Jesus Christ, you do know women have eyes? old men are fucking gross, no amount of money can cover up that smell either

No. 1292676

It's white men you need to watch out for when it comes to young western women, brown men are just blatantly creeps since in their country they can get away with it. White men will slowly groom and be mastermind manipulators towards these young girls by using and mimicking their favorite movies, books. Playing the "forbidden love game" like "ooo you're so mature but I totally can't but you're so perfect", comparing them to other girls openly to make it feel like a competition to see who can be the sluttest, kinkiest doormat and then straight bullying them and convincing them to believe there is something wrong with the young girl when their cover is about to be blown (Onision for example with the whole "wow I can't believe you told people about us I thought you were better than that"). Also a lot of them will find emotionally vulnerable little girls and use them to their advantage to abuse them even more. They're playing little girls like fiddles

No. 1292678

What did op's post have to do with rape or molestation?

No. 1292679

since he has hair, and no gunt, he's actually, and sadly, in the top 10 percent of his age category looks-wise

No. 1292681

Nta but you're right that it's just as likely with any man. Although men of certain religions that "excuse" that poor behavior are a lot worse. I live somewhere with a high muslim immigrant population and they see western women as "lesser" and treat us as such. I've been screwed over or taken advantage of in some way by about half the men I've had extended contact with that were either white/brown/black that weren't religious. But almost every single man of islamic faith has treated me like I'm subhuman or something, seeing their behavior at nightclubs is the worst. Their religion essentially tells them women dressed with a lot of skin showing are worthless and almost deserve to be abused. I've been pushed, spat on, kicked, followed, screamed at, shoved out of a lineup, called a whore/prostitute/dirty bitch, groped, had my hair smelled, had my hand grabbed and placed on a bare dick. And the last one the man didn't even see that as sexual harassment because I was in his words "dressed like a prostitute" so I must have been asking for it in some way. On that same note I used to be friends with a guy who was raised muslim but left the faith and he was fine, one of my closest friends for a while. And the stories he told me of what happens to the women where he's from is beyond fucked up, and how many friends he dropped when immigrating because he saw his closest friends and cousins start treating the western non islamic women around them like garbage because they don't even see them as human. It is the religion, the culture, piss off back to the outside world and gain some insight how these men act, dummy. And don't fucking put women with experience with islamic men in the same category as pol fuckers.

No. 1292683

Kek definitely. I don't see young girls going husband hunting at nursing homes, the Applebee's bar, bass pro shop or anything else. Although I've seen plenty of men attempt to woo older women and sexualize milfs. It's also interesting because these same men will claim younger women are better but act as if buying them a 12 dollar dinner is a huge burden but men will also happily buy an older woman and her kids like 75 dollars worth of dinner and not even complain. I definitely have men trying so much harder for me as I got older and had kids where as men when I was 15-22 would use me as a doormat essentially

No. 1292684

File: 1659852993098.jpg (46.77 KB, 403x392, efd.jpg)

>not this fucking shit again

No. 1292687

>bass pro shop
you got me cackling nona no lies detected

No. 1292688

Tik tok is like a whole universe of fake nonsense. I'm still baffled that people peeling eggs and scratching lotto tickets and scooping crystals with a basket are popular live streams? Zoomers help me I'm old and confused kek

No. 1292691

every population that touches the
mediterranean is considered one, including the arabic ones. I thought every med knew this

No. 1292693

Bitch look up that reporter Lara Logan and what happened to her in Egypt and then find me one example of that happening in a western or predominantly white population, I'll wait but you won't find any.

No. 1292695

the handle is "cliquebaittv" lmao c'mon nonnies we are smarter than this

No. 1292705

"Arabic" population? Mediterranean? Ple1se girl learn how to read a map, unless you mean North Africans, in that case they're for the most part not Arabs. And no, the guy doesn't look like one at all imo, speaking as one. And so far, the only people I've seen refered to as Mediterranean are South Europeans.

No. 1292741

You're joking right? White men are notorious for going to Asian and African countries for the sole purpose of raping women and children, in fact white American men purposely fly out lower class eastern women to abuse them. Men are shitheads everywhere but brown men are just more loud and proud about it where as Americans are a lot more hush hush or think the stereotype of the fat white guy flying to Asia to fuck Asian chicks is funny when in reality they're sexually assaulting them

No. 1292745

I wasn't talking about "brown" men I'm talking about muslim men. And no shit white men are just as capable of being rapists, all men are. But I'm talking about mass gang rape with hundreds of men taking part or turning a blind eye, she was passed around like an object for an hour. Hundreds of men taking part or turning away. Find me one article of that happening in a western country. Just one. Also that place in Egypt is notorious for mass gang rape like that, it wasn't a one off incident.

No. 1292746

Nta but see >>1292681 in my muslim majority country Muslim men rape and kidnap thw handful of the small non Muslim population, they do not anything morally or religiously weong with this, they believe to rape kafir women is a holy act, that's difference between the religion of the arab paedophile, it is a belief of superiority and ownership over non Muslims that nothing can rival

No. 1292749

File: 1659860985248.png (653.28 KB, 720x1217, Screenshot_20220807-032910.png)

Wtf is this? Did she shove grapefruits in her shirt ?

No. 1292750

Couples who have sax everyday are groovy baby

No. 1292758

They're jazz musicians

No. 1292783

File: 1659863094057.gif (7.43 MB, 320x320, cream soda float by momoslimes…)

I used TikTok to watch art/toy related stuff, it was fun, but then the algo started showing me alt zoomers jiggling their breasts/butt, women showing their nipples with their baby in frame (happened three times, all different women. I did report, but TT would tell me the videos had no violations), men/teen boys making toxic jokes about beating/cheating on their gfs, and I even saw a woman riding a dildo (the lights were off, but she had it lit to where you could see what she was doing. Also reported, but it didn't get taken down.)
I mainly use Instagram now. I watch slime reels because they're visually pleasing and they sound nice, and I watch crochet related ones. Now all I get back are Japanese pet accounts, art, and my other interests.

No. 1292808

File: 1659864559316.gif (3.37 MB, 400x400, tumblrcccbfdcadfcaceebb-164347…)

Same with the slime reels, I never grew out of the slime phase a couple years back or so kek

No. 1292823

Anon, are you the one who splurged on slime on your birthday? Are they even better than you imagined?

No. 1292847

Oh man, the last time I bought slime was around a year ago, and I really need to buy more because it was so satisfying. My hands were very pleased kek. I wouldn't say they were better than what I imagined but they were really fun to play with!

No. 1292860

Does it sound as satisfying irl as it sounds in those slime asmr vids or do they just have super microphones

No. 1292884

Shit I just saw this video of Mikhaila and she's a little more based than I thought. I might take back some of my critique for her bullshit if she keeps fighting back against this fucked up religion. Good for her, she's got more balls than her dad in that sense. He was basically sucking off these muzzies teets for more incel views for his dying channel.

No. 1292915

This woman (and her male partner and the 'girlfriends', I think) do OnlyFans. She uploads vids like that to TikTok and Youtube to promote her OF. Similar to the business models of Amouranth and Belle Delphine. They release some content for free, including controversial/meme content, but the 'better' stuff is on the OF.'

No. 1293161

Yeah if you watch the actual video it’s not so bad. It’s just a Q and A. They added the thumbnail for click bait. (Or Hannah did, I don’t think Shane can even move his arms other than a slight flick of the wrist to drive his chair)

No. 1293398

It is entertaining to watch the comment section full of people being tired of their shit though. Guess moids porn addictions do have it's limits

No. 1293450

File: 1659906535395.png (841.12 KB, 720x1290, Screenshot_20220807-160755~2.p…)

can social media please play the "stop using thots for view farming for 5 minutes" challenge?

No. 1293473

Why would they? Commodifying female bodies is guaranteed profit.

No. 1293482

Haha this I literally got slightly fatter and now they call me gorgeous and stuff out of nowhere but when I was in high school I was invisible. I did have short hair so maybe that affected it.

No. 1293487

Same but I didn't really get fatter, nothing about me changed facially or body wise and I have kids, men treat me tons better as I got older where as men when I was younger would lead me on then act disinterested after a while then when I had kids I was branded as a milf and men were flirting left and right, were willing to pursue a serious relationship, wanted to be the step dad and would even offer to buy dinners, smoothies, etc for me and my kids even though we're supposedly "ruined" if we get old and have kids. Most moids who parrot this are just projecting since they know young girls aren't actually interested in older men unless they have money and they're obsessed with the revenge fantasy and are upset older women could get attention and dates without having money while they were emotionally distant from young girls and neglected the relationship when they actually had the hot young girl they always wanted

No. 1293964

>SHE really loved me
just your average dead inside moid opining about his deceased wife

No. 1296227

File: 1660082017939.webm (8.27 MB, 576x1024, IMG_5740.webm)

Oh nyoh don’t lewd grown ass men you’re literally worse than men

No. 1296232

Why do people try to pretend some "issues" are important and should be addressed and almost only describe these "issues" as "gross". They love that word, but it makes them look like they're mentally 5 years old. And what video is she talking about? I have no clue what this is but unless women were openly talking about how they want to brutally rape the guy she's talking about and leaking his nudes or sex tapes then no, women aren't worse than men when it comes to sexualizing celebrities.

No. 1296237

Yung gravy (some rapper) got a sex tape leaked where the woman he’s fucking was on display way more than he was

No. 1296241

>where the woman he’s fucking was on display way more than he was
Why am I not surprised. The guy will get over it anyway, it's not going to ruin his career. I mean, remember when Chris Evans accidentally showed a tiny dick pic on instagram for a fraction of seconds? He still has his career and good reputation despite being very embarrassed for a few days.

No. 1296243

I'm embarrassed cuz when I was young and libfem-pilled I said stuff like this too. Men face next to zero threat being lusted after by women, it blows up their ego. Clearly whoever this guy is, he's just hamming up sympathy because he got in a scandalous situation. Female sexualization of men is idolatry and worship. Male sexualization of women is rapey and violent.

No. 1296247

Type of chick who says "innocent til proven guilty" when her fav greasy musician catches allegations.
Exactly. He's already going on shows farming views from it.

No. 1296259

This makes me want to sexualize and objectify men more

No. 1296262

File: 1660084566065.jpg (7.35 KB, 247x250, 1650750271574.jpg)

TikTok feels like the old 'wild west internet' to me in how it allows you to stumble across random niches except more dangerous on many orders of magnitude including but not limited to how it:
>spreads social contagion and destructive/antisocial behavior
>accelerates extremism (not even necessarily wrt social issues and politics) because edgy content = more engagement
>effortlessly connects pedos to children
>effectively it spreads pretty much every genre of mis/disinformation imaginable
>culturally encourages twitter-level bullying and witchhunts
>reduces attention span (likely permanently for those exposed in early childhood)
>promotes misconceptions about authenticity that encourage people to lie about and do horrible things
>is designed to promote addictive pure consumption, thus exposing countless people to hours of complete brainrot a day
>is likely gathering valuable userdata for the Chinese government
It might very well be the most destructive social media platform ever spawned. I can't believe so many people are sleeping on this

No. 1296273

Might have been sympathetic if she was talking about sexualizing young boys like the Stranger Things boys when they were kids. But no it’s another doughy white man who sings about hoes and money, how unique. >>1296262
I wish Trump had nuked it fr fr

No. 1296285

same, too bad there's rarely anything attractive about them to sexualize and objectify.

No. 1296379

Didn't TT push out that they were going to start paying creators once everyone was thinking of jumping ship when Trump announced that so they stayed?

No. 1296387

Late but hope you can leave that shithole, anon

No. 1296483

>Muh sexualizing male artists
Um where are all these male artists having nudes leaked? Being hacked to search for nudes? Having rape threats thrown at them? Being stalked relentlessly? She probably thinks teenagers calling boy band members hot or something is the equivalent to the amount of harassment female artists get daily

No. 1296501

File: 1660104945925.png (226.39 KB, 720x1236, Screenshot_20220809-231439.png)

Short about how women need to give hard working men massages and food, was expecting the comments to be filled with pickmes but was pleasantly surprised at women calling this out. Funny how so many women can handle working two or more jobs while going to school and raising kids and maintaining their relationship, meanwhile men will work a basic 9-5, not do housework and act like they're some martyr who deserves the world to be sucking their dick

No. 1296557

File: 1660109285844.png (18.97 KB, 720x252, Screenshot_20220810-002740.png)

It's a video of two drunk people confused on why they are at the wrong house. Why are moids so paranoid of the idea that all men are somehow being flooded with false rape accusations? What reality do they live in where this happens?

No. 1296574

I was at the bus today and saw a few middle aged adults/boomers watching tiktok wtf is going on

No. 1296592

Enabling. Instead of schools calling out and putting an end to TikTok they just encourage kids to watch and have "make a TikTok" assignments

No. 1296607

I thought it was a given that if you want the 'loving tradwife' you wouldn't expect her to have a job too

No. 1296620

File: 1660115580183.png (817.3 KB, 720x1284, Screenshot_20220810-021133~2.p…)

They're infiltrating chiropractor videos too. Ofc they'll cry "you're the one sexualizing it" if they get reported but come on now you mean to tell me this shit wasn't obviously made to attract coomers?

No. 1296627

Tiktok as a whole reminds me of the lowest common denominator section of YouTube. Click bait, tits/ass thumbnails, coomer bait, useless and bizarre content with a strange sexual undertone, shock value bait etc. If you've ever been on the YT trending/front page you know exactly what I mean. It's the cheapest low-effort type of content and it gets millions of views.

What makes tiktok especially vile though is how this "content" is very deliberately produced by grown fucking adults, who KNOW that this app is overwhelmingly used by children. And they know they can get away with it. It's creepy, it's immoral, it's predatory as fuck.

No. 1296630

Most likely staged/faked but even if it's not I honestly don't care. If you are this much of a self-hating doormat (and brag about it to your teen girl audience to top it off), you deserve to be miserable. Young girls already have such a fucked up view of relationships because of porn culture and people like her make it so much worse.

No. 1297008

File: 1660155116384.webm (915.97 KB, 288x464, gfEnby.webm)

Quality is kinda bad but this is how I imagine how all they/them/he/him/himbo LARPer girls look and sound

No. 1297063

>"make a TikTok" assignments

No. 1297101

It's been happening since the popularity of the internet. I remember my college essay was to talk about what hashtag you would be. This was for an ivy league ffs

No. 1297144

The gen z kids are doomed, and the generations that are going to come after them… what's that quote about manmade horrors beyond our comprehension? Feels like that kind of a vibe.

No. 1297252

I wish more gen z were calling out technology dependence. Internet addiction is one thing but the economy is enabling it. Needing apps for school and work, needing social media to even apply for certain jobs. If you stay away from social media you're deemed as weird and a nobody

No. 1297358

File: 1660172395133.webm (4.98 MB, 576x1024, IMG_5739.webm)

Is this a Nigel?

No. 1297376

He looks like a discord moderator

No. 1297382

that's a girl doing sunmer work as a carer for her college application

No. 1297385

samefag *summer

No. 1297404

I atleast hope she forces him on a diet. I never want to hear another scrote complain ever again.

No. 1297421

This is cringe but kind of cute, made me smile

No. 1297457

Oh no, the zoomies found Princess Chelsea

No. 1297503

>Ebil wimminz standards are so high!! All of these are just tiny minorities! I swear all women are demanding 6'8 rich chads

No. 1297622

He could at least lose some weight for her

No. 1297786

File: 1660200994917.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1170x2391, B581643A-CB81-4931-BBA8-1B9CAC…)

This account provides me endless laughter because of how delusional and ridiculous it is. Whoever runs it is dead serious about becoming out of this world famous; it’s not satire.

No. 1297791

i mean isn't this just a stan account basically?

No. 1297800

No. 1297805

I have new copypastas now, thank you

No. 1297844

I think it's supposed to be manifestation.

No. 1297855

Spending all your time making parasocial subliminal tiktoks about celebs and models is not the character arc of “”that girl”” that they want so badly to be lol

No. 1297874

she is totally with him so she looks even more smoll in comparison, typical ed-fag

No. 1297880

File: 1660210068402.gif (959.93 KB, 360x203, 230.gif)

He's a potatoe-faced tub of lard and his expression says he doesn't want to be there with her. Or maybe I'm reading too much into a tiktok video. Still though, she could do better

No. 1297888

He looks like that redhead from megamind kek

No. 1297994

i saw these videos on youtube and they always make me laugh. instead of working out or looking up make up tutorials. they look up 5 minute manifestation videos.

No. 1298014

Does anyone here watch the food short tubers? Like Lisa Nguyen, Doobydobap, JeanelleEats, Senpai Kai etc. I personally find basically all of them obnoxious except for Lisa. I feel like Lisa comes off as quite natural and likeable. I don't watch all her videos but I like how they're all about the food usually and not clickbaity. I think part of it is she's more of a food vlogger with emphasis on the food rather than vice versa.

Some thoughts on the others I mentioned:
> extremely privileged Korean girl who went to boarding school, then Cornell, got an Audi, lived in the UK solely to follow a boy, graduated with a food science degree and couldn't get a job because of COVID so she made some videos for fun and got a career out of it.
> has extremely hilarious tone deaf videos where she talks about not being as rich as her friends. The fun part is she considered her family 'working class' because they both worked… They're doctors.
> That being said I think she's quite good at filming aesthetically pleasing videos. I'm not a big fan of her editing style with the subtitles and her sense of humor makes me cringe sometimes.
> Currently she isn't talking to her parents because she's dating a Danish chef and they don't approve of her dating an actual working class man.
> I am quite interested to see how that romance works out, I'm sure they'll come around but it is sort of awkward that she's open about the fact that they're fighting. I guess she's just venting.

> Won't stop mentioning she grew up in the Philippines which got on my nerves.
> I really dislike her. I find her extremely fake and I despise how she doesn't take viewer feedback into account when she makes a video with an error. I know there have been at least three instances of this, one of them was her claiming that 'sashimi grade' fish is a marketing gimmick. Another was very recent where she brought BOILED EGGS as snacks for an international flight. Both of these videos have people rightfully calling her out on it.
> To add onto that last point, I don't think there's anything wrong about making errors but she doesn't have the humility to take down the raw fish video (actually fucking dangerous and I don't think many people read comments on shorts) or make a note about how inconsiderate it is to eat eggs on flights. Although I am mixed on Dooby I do appreciate that she has the capacity to own up to her mistakes (sometimes).

Senpai Kai
> I used to dislike this guy and thought he was going to be accused of pedophilia in at least 2 years given his appearance + name. He would also do gross shit in his early videos like hold phallic shaped things (e.g. salami) near his thigh to show it's size. He has stopped doing that as far as I can tell.
> I have since come around to appreciate him. IIRC he worked in a Michelin star restaurant so he does have a lot to offer. His videos don't seem so perverse anymore as well and I enjoy them from time to time.

No. 1298084

I actually really love Dooby but agree that she’s super tone deaf in a lot instances. I’m interested in seeing how her currently relationship turns out. She was just in Europe traveling a few months ago and now she’s back in Denmark for a bit of escapism.

No. 1298111

File: 1660231290373.jpeg (328.87 KB, 947x2048, BC361AE6-8E4D-43CA-97EC-F764EF…)

Don’t know where to put this ss but it’s so true

No. 1298115

I can't believe I am able to understand this. Ridiculous.

No. 1298116

Right? We have to log off

No. 1298178

So many zoomers I could send this to.

No. 1298401

picrel has been a based communist misandrist for a while now, love her (tho that tweet is a bit cringe)
vokey is definitely right leaning. she isn't very smart

No. 1298420

He looks perpetually annoyed. I'd be annoyed too if I were filmed and posted like this but at the same time he's pissing me off.

No. 1298423

File: 1660245208952.jpg (185.82 KB, 446x1000, 1455241126396.jpg)

Me too. And I'm ESL on top of that. I want to go back in time and physically prevent my past self from studying English as hard as I did in middle and high school.

No. 1298501

i have to disagree. are they vain and self centered? yes, but they're not murderers. this is highkey misogynistic. not to say they aren't disgusting people but not patrick batemans or the jokers

No. 1298727

I guess depending on interpretation, Patrick didn’t kill. He’s just filled with impotent rage. His neuroticism and oppressive feeling of depersonalization is so female coded.

No. 1298737

>patrick bateman didn't kill

No. 1298748

It’s popular theory with some primary source evidence that all the killings were only fantasies in his head

No. 1298758

okay but just a potential theory doesn't mean he didn't. pretty sure the entire thing is that he's supposed to be portrayed that he did, at least in the film

No. 1298764

Ntayrt, but no? Absolutely not? Did you see the end?

No. 1298767

saw it a long long time ago. i'll give it a rewatch. regardless, comparing green instathots to the joker, even, is ridiculous given they haven't murdered.

No. 1298789

>Patrick Bateman is female coded
I am interested, elaborate anon. Is his worldview a uniquely female experience? His behavior reminded me so much like such a male autist.

No. 1298803

the fact that the morning routine at the beginning was supposed to show how crazy he is but it was tamed compared to what women usually do. scrotes think maintaining looks is insane.

No. 1298818

The Margot Robbie parody was barely a parody lol

No. 1298860

Lmao you're right. I'll rewatch the film with this perspective in mind. Now I wish some pretentious Youtube video essayist out there did some comprehensive psycho analysis of Patrick Bateman being female coded.

No. 1298975

It’s a joke you sped

No. 1299223

I think they bring this up since moids believe they're super edgy, charismatic, sophisticated gentlemen it they have the urge to murder like Patrick Bateman did, therefore use Patrick Bateman as inspirations since they're psychotic just like him but are not like him in any other aspect. The girls they're talking about have their shit together, have a routine, are often funny charismatic and clean. Jokerbros aren't like him in any way other than mental instability and needing to abuse and manipulate women and have main character syndrome for being a mentally deformed lowlife

No. 1299238

I watched the movie for the first time a few months ago and the beginning kind of reminded of all these Kare Kano trailers I've seen on tv, where they girl is like "I pretend to be perfect in front of everyone but I'm actually a piece of shit in secret", even though it's completely different.

No. 1299295

Dooby definitely gives off a snobby rich kid vibe. This is a retarded nitpick I know but half of her (already short) videos are clips of her eating and it gets on my nerves for some reason lol. We do not need 15 out of 30 seconds to be mukbangs. Seems to be a trend on tiktok though.
Lisa seems genuine and down to earth, I like her as well.

No. 1299431

So funny men think Patrick is charismatic and gentlemanly because men have no critical thinking and can not comprehend film or literature. Patrick is a fucking sped and cringe. His self image is entirely in his head. The author can’t spell it out any clearer that all his colleagues and all the women think him boring and an NPC, all the while he thinks that they’re NPC. He is constantly overlooked and ignored, that’s why he is obsessed with appearances and standing out. Men must relate to this dynamic very much.

No. 1299446

He's successful, has friends, dates women, and is good looking. Scrotes don't understand that this isn't the reality for their type since vast majority of American psycho wannabes at most work a boring job and can't make more than like 15-20 an hour, they need to heavily manipulate women for women to do anything back to them and most people don't like them. A lot of these scrotes can't be asked to have a good hygiene routine either. All they think is "he wants to kill people and hurt women like I do he's just like me"

No. 1299458

>So funny men think Patrick is charismatic and gentlemanly
Nonna you do know he and sigma grindset are just memes right?

No. 1299463

Your point? Are men trying to say that they were only pretending to be retarded? Many many many men do that shit unironically.

No. 1299527

File: 1660317910338.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 200.88 KB, 908x1623, E65DFA47-2DD8-40AB-9CE1-8B36CC…)

tw: rape

No. 1299529

Surely it’s a joke about performative femininity brainrot. I want to know what the comments say.

No. 1299535

>posting trigger warnings
is this ironic? gtfo.

No. 1299539

Is this a troon

No. 1299555

Pinned comment is her backpedaling and saying it’s a tRaUmA rEsPonSe. I’m a csa victim and the thought of wanting to look like a prepubescent to rapists has never crossed my mind

No. 1299556

>profile name: your local whore
>it’s a trauma response

No. 1299557

So tired of idiots thinking that if they say it's a 'trauma response' they get off the hook. No it's not. You sat there and made an incredibly crude and uncomfortable joke just to get your 5 minutes of fame. SA victims can be attention whores too, you aren't exempt.

No. 1299559

seriously, like people who have gone through SA are magically wise and can't be criticized for being retarded.

No. 1299765

Can't stand women who pretend to be feminist just to get defended for being a hoe
Nothing says equality like pandering to men and pushing your tits together to brag about catcalls. Really helping out women who are tired of hookup culture and getting harassed by men

No. 1303213

File: 1660538120768.webm (6.31 MB, 576x1024, 012.webm)

been following bamarush again this year, and this fucking moid popping up on my fyp makes my blood boil, especially the supportive comments. did he really think he was gonna live in a sorority house? absolutely delusional. makes me want to vomit

No. 1303215

File: 1660538212274.png (349.79 KB, 1764x1530, Screen Shot 2022-08-14 at 9.36…)

also not to mention, if you click thru the people commenting, everyone is a bunch of millenial/middle aged women. wtf?

No. 1303255

File: 1660542407370.jpeg (106.89 KB, 591x1280, D3FAF4F0-58F8-4C94-867D-E60782…)

Why are people mocking this girls outfit? She is a high schooler dressing like a kid her age but people are having a problem with it for some reason. Euphoria really did a number on people

No. 1303257

File: 1660542440392.jpeg (61.05 KB, 591x1280, B8D04F3B-7D37-4F16-9606-B303BD…)

No. 1303259

File: 1660542549132.jpeg (68.27 KB, 591x1280, D4C70252-265A-45A9-AB3F-EE3463…)

No. 1303274

She looks cute, snarky TikTokers first reaction is to be miserable about things that don’t matter.

No. 1303282

Those boots are amazing.

No. 1303284

She looks cute, I hope she doesn't let those comments get her down. It's probably other teenagers making fun of her but if there are any adults in that comment section shaming her then shame on them.

No. 1303285

It's a cute outfit. People are so used to seeing pornified versions of high schoolers that they forgot what normal clothes look like, not to mention clothing brands pushing more and more sexualized shit onto teen girls. I'd rather return to the "shake it up" era of fashion than the clothes on sale nowdays.

No. 1303308

File: 1660548784797.jpg (368.94 KB, 1080x1907, IMG_20220815_093352.jpg)

This guy obviously trying to bait views with ridiculous intros and biting into seaweed is so obnoxious, he has multiple shorts where he removes parasites from shrimp but calls the shrimp a celebrity name to pop up on more feeds
(Can't embed shorts)

No. 1303313

I was gonna say WoW a high schooler not dressing up like a hooker what a SCHOCK and then realized it is genuinely a shock for some of these people. What a crappy time we live in.

No. 1303319

I completely agree! Its so weird to me that girls as young as elementary and junior high ages are trying to emulate Euphoria. Like I had doubt in my head for a second that maybe I was just getting old and cranky- but no. I'm glad to see everyone else feels the same way

No. 1303332

He's an HBO plant. They're filming a documentary.
The amount of middle aged women creeping on these teenage girls videos in general is so bizarre. They treat them like characters in a tv show. Guess they're vicariously living through them.

No. 1303334

You're supposed to keep that to yourself

No. 1303432

Kind of a tangent but this reminds me of TT and the like I've seen before mentioning that the "awkward phase" has essentially stopped existing and I still think about that honestly. Because it really has. Something about seeing 13 year old girls being 'perfect' feels really off and weird to me.

No. 1303434

The awkward phase still exists; it’s just different from what you experienced and probably worse

No. 1303456

ayrt, I mean more that everyone used to have an awkward phase. You didn't really have preteens being able to do perfect faces of make up and styling by themselves on a daily basis back in my day of less then a generation ago.

No. 1303478

Okay? Like I said, awkward phases still exist. The fact that you think planned filtered videos = a pre-teen’s entire existence says a lot and not in a good way.

No. 1303480

Everyone still has an awkward phase

No. 1303494

>you have a source for that?
And a source was never given. lmao

No. 1303499

Almost like time zones exist

No. 1303559

You say anon that was asked to provide sources lives in a timezone that is 9 days behind? lmao

No. 1303572

The conversation continued. You just didn’t continue reading.

No. 1303579

There are nonnies who live in different galaxies, be respectful, Anon

No. 1303587

Ah yeah, there were few follow up posts 6 days ago. We shall wait for anon to wake up then
That was so Earthist of me, apologies for the ignorance

No. 1303592

There was one a couple hours ago lol

No. 1303707

He came up but I blocked him when he went out of his way to shit on Amber Heard. Sexist piece of shit.

No. 1303737

I think her outfit is cute.

No. 1303846

America thinks girls and women (especially of certain races) are born to be hypersexualized. That's the only conclusion I can come to. It depresses me and makes me sick

No. 1303854

not to a-log but I'm so tired of his stuff popping up, his videos are literally the same thing over and over. (throwing jellyfish back into water, taking parasites off shrimp, feeding a seagull, etc)

No. 1303949

File: 1660589500697.jpeg (218.51 KB, 750x1124, AB702E46-95DC-4868-9404-A7E550…)

Al of this euphoria shit had me missing the days of ugly-charming tween/teenager fashion with the bright colors, combat boots, baggy pants, millions of hair pins and bracelets, mixing and matching of patterns and pieces. It looks so shitty and natural because it’s almost like high schoolers still don’t have a proper taste or good color coordination, they expect every teen to be some fashionista who wears $500 dior with off their mom’s 50k salary kek. I don’t know what to call this style but it’s like kids tv network aesthetic from the mid 2000s-2010s. God, I miss it so much

No. 1303967

File: 1660590613829.jpg (11.06 KB, 275x183, download.jpg)

reminds me of the height of stores like justice which basically catered to 9-14 year old girls fashion with the purpose of being colorful and bright

No. 1303969

>justice just for girl
if only there was such thing in this unjust world

No. 1303973

She looks so normal and fun here! Love the cardigan with the print in her shirt and then bam, the cool bright boots. I'd say this is a win, people just expect teens, and specially black and hispanic women, to look sexy 24/7, and I'm fuking tired of it.

No. 1303987

I honestly love how she matched her t-shirt, sweater and boots, the people talking shit are just mad they didn't have the creativity to dress like her.

No. 1304990

File: 1660659099013.jpg (201.42 KB, 1117x1427, 20220816_011048.jpg)

Tiktok just changed its function when now everyone can change their display name to whatever they want.

Picrel for example.

No. 1304992

you could always change your display name to whatever you want. they actually updated it so that it's your display name that shows in comments, when originally it was your username.

No. 1304998

yeah that's what i meant to say anon.

No. 1305029

Definitely. I keep getting Quora questions recommend to me that is just Muslim men reeing and acting "confused" about Scandinavian women not closing their mouths and becoming their man's slave

No. 1305163

did teen girls talk about one direction and other western boy bands like this, referring to their bodies like that? it's so obnoxious.

No. 1305198

File: 1660673753186.jpeg (469.75 KB, 640x1000, 861A33C0-BD0E-4BBB-AA8F-FEB177…)

Can anyone help me understand what this lunatic is trying to say? She reminds me of myself when I get drunk alone and ramble nonsense to myself in the mirror whilst eye fucking my reflection.

No. 1305205

pretty sure she's talking about social constructs. where did you get lost?

No. 1305207

>she reminds me of myself when I get drunk alone and ramble nonsense to myself in the mirror whilst eye fucking my reflection

kek based, I do the same thing

No. 1305212

Yeah but what point is she trying to make? I was so confused throughout the entire thing. Women don’t scientifically exist, a “woman” is not a thing, just an adjective, like “sexy”, because of tables?

No. 1305214

I hate how she zooms in to punctuate her clapbacks during the sentences where she feels Very Smart

No. 1305215

I speak fluent libfem retard.
She’s saying
>>yes of course with things like identifying a table or chair in the normal sense. They just are a table or a chair. They don’t feel like anything. They just are, but in social and emotional classes like sexiness there isn’t that clear distinction. You feel “sexy”. Not that you just are “sexy”. So if you feel sexy you are sexy. Then if you feel like a women you are a women.
Uh huh then why even if you felt crazy sexy would most people being given a lap dance in a big bird suit not find it sexy? She’s also ignoring and dismissed phenotypes. Saying phenotypes don’t mean anything. You can do things to be closer to the ideal for the phenotype. Um no? You’re female or male. Intersex people exist but they’re still phenotype male or female. There’s no both or swapping and if you’re that phenotype regardless. She’s confusing secondary sex characteristics with phenotypes which are based on your pheno. She fails to understand the beginning basics of her argument.

No. 1305226

I just talk to myself as if I’m talking to someone else, ramble about various theories and opinions I have, try to make them sound witty and intelligent, but often I realise I sound a complete twat who isn’t making any sense. Sometimes I make up stories, like for example describe a car crash I was involved in that actually never happened. I only really do this if I’ve had a drink or two. Sometimes I stand there with a glass of wine and try to look elegant and sophisticated while sipping it. Kind of hate myself for it but it’s quite fun.

No. 1305229

hahaha ayrt, this is literally me, I've never told anyone about that in my life and you described it so perfectly. were you a drama kid at some point too, by any chance

No. 1305276

i hate the way these zoomer women talk. i don't know how to explain it but i truly hate it.

No. 1305287

same, it's this exhaustingly intensely fake performative tone that makes me want to tear off my own skin after listening for more than 5 seconds

No. 1305307

yes but it's zoomer garble confusing gender roles for gender again to push trans/nb shit, as per the usual. they always claim women and men are social constructs, when it's the stereotypes that are the construct, but the trans/nb community needs to rely on those stereotypes to function and zoomer women cape for trannies at every possible instance.

No. 1305313

We should be bestfriendssss

No. 1305518

I'm so glad you mentioned this. I've been going crazy about this since it started a few years ago. It began in high school, so my mother was involved too and adamantly opposed as well. I already struggle with internet addiction, so having to do all of my assignments online suddenly made it super difficult. I want to be able to do things for school or work without needing my laptop… It's so tiresome. I hate all of the online resources. ARHHSHSBSBSSBBS I HATE IT

No. 1305521

NTA but screens also lower your reading comprehension and retention skills. It literally makes you dumber than a physical book

No. 1305526

Apparently there's something called rushtok where people follow the process of freshmen uni girls trying to join sororities like it's a reality show. I saw a lot of 30+ women talking about being obsessed with it and I just find it weird to be obsessed with 17-18 year olds like that.

No. 1305532

that's because it lowers your attention span, not the screen itself. if books were full of ads and distractions they would have the same issues.

No. 1305543

The blue light impacts your ability to form long term memory anon. Yes even on ebook readers.

No. 1306190

is that why i forget so much about my childhood?

No. 1306211

what if I've been using an orange light filter for years, does that have an effect

No. 1306272

It wasnt short term memory?

No. 1306790

File: 1660787988005.jpeg (212.8 KB, 828x1443, 001411D3-D22E-428A-94A2-421A96…)

idk if this is relevant but this gnc little boy who was popular for wearing dresses (i only know him from that video with those old gays wearing dresses that made rounds on social media) trooned out. he’s a child/autistic so we know who’s actually making the decisions here.

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