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File: 1652336673903.jpeg (364.28 KB, 1180x600, suggestioncow.jpeg)

No. 33094[Reply]

Previous thread: >>>/meta/31751
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No. 33483

weird porn in /m/ and /ot/

No. 33484

>It’s ironic how they’re all very obviously CIS women.
This is so funny to me. "Trans women are women"…until they're not

No. 33485

Permabanning doesn't help, he was posting the same shit yesterday and most likely banned. He is using a VPN.

No. 33486

Trans women are women until it’s time to slap someone around and ejaculate on their face. This is how leftist labour bros honestly think. They cry about “far right talking points” while essentially cyber flashing and being disgusting misogynists.
I’m sick of males being allowed to talk.

No. 33488


File: 1436977127528.gif (180.84 KB, 300x100, fin.gif)

No. 962[Reply]

A nice, cosy, official banner thread to submit your new banners for the benefit and expansion of the website.

Banners must be 300x100

Banners should mention the site directly or indirectly. "lolcow.farm" written, a picture of a cow, etc.

Submitting some OC.
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No. 33435

I made both of them so if admin wants to chose only one, I would go for this one

No. 33437

File: 1652701161685.gif (87.25 KB, 300x100, 1652422110811.gif)

No. 33467

I love this so so much

No. 33477

please please please please pelase please PLE moderatos

No. 33479

File: 1538723259023.jpg (179.08 KB, 305x341, 8QACtqk.jpg)

No. 6821[Reply]

Post all technical help questions and technical/feature suggestions here. This is the place to go if you're having some problem with the site or want to request a new feature.

If you have some non-technical issue, like wanting mods to do something or a suggesting a change in policy, please use >>1134

If you want to email me: admin@lolcow.farm


  • Rules: https://lolcow.farm/rules
  • Max file size is 20 MB.
  • Boards have unlimited pages and threads allow unlimited posts. However, all threads will "bump-lock" after 1200 posts. This means further posts will no longer bump a thread.

You can read more site usage information at https://lolcow.farm/info. If you are new to imageboards, please read it.

Post styling

*words* => words
**words** => words
***words*** => words
##spoilered text## => spoilered text
[spoiler]spoilered text[/spoiler] => spoilered text
~#words#~ => words
#<3 => ♥
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No. 32230

File: 1651762805627.png (40.67 KB, 1226x366, how to embed shorts.png)

posting this useful advice on how to embed shorts here!
>just change the URL from "shorts/" to "watch?v="

No. 32334

can admin pls do something about the Williams Syndrome sperg in LJ’s thread?(wrong thread)

No. 33100

thank you so much! that worked perfectly and you’re an angel and i love you nona

No. 33395

File: 1652608943624.jpg (287.29 KB, 680x1137, 1652608880951.jpg)

Posting here for the newfags

No. 33396

ANON, I'll end up falling in love. I'm happy to hear it worked for you! ♥

File: 1650875809458.jpg (160.03 KB, 1024x820, istockphoto-951978700-1024x102…)

No. 31751[Reply]

Previous thread: >>>/meta/30359
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No. 33090

>No one should be able to remove posts except their own
I never said to let other users delete posts.
>You guys complain about how un-managed this place is already and now you want to tack on extra work
Then it would help if we had more jannies.
Once again if you have any better suggestions then go ahead. So far admin hasn't done anything to fix anything that's going on, so of course we're going to keep throwing out ideas to curb the raids.

No. 33091

>I never said to let other users delete posts.
NTA but neither did that anon. They never used the word delete. You were implying the post gets taken down AKA removed from view. that anon said removed. Just wanted to jump in and say that.

No. 33092

Mods just need to filter out keywords when people report, if someone writes 'cp' or 'gore' in their report, the post should automatically be hidden and moved to mod approval.
>inb4 but that means anyone can just report posts as cp or gore
then just ban people who report for the wrong reason, simple as that.

No. 33093


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 33095

NEW THREAD: >>33094

File: 1445921544715.png (679.74 KB, 1527x1653, 1445800850611.png)

No. 1469[Reply]

The officially chosen lolcow-tan is >>2091
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No. 31785

what i love about this is that it looks anime influenced but more like an actual cartoon, so not waifu-tier or anything. very cute.

No. 31887

THIS IS SO CUTE! I'll make sure to use it!

No. 31969

No. 32238

Why are her tits so small? Her shirt should read “mega disappointment”(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 32631

File: 1652105813632.jpg (5.93 KB, 111x80, 1647537962817.jpg)

Too much work to delete the post, jannies?

File: 1650887104046.png (3.4 KB, 332x122, emoji.png)

No. 31755[Reply]

Hello, this isn't really a complaining thread, but a thread to compile the unfair emoji bans when you use the # < 3 code that turns into ♥ that dumb jannies overlook all the time.
Proof this heart shouldn't be a reason for an emoji ban here:
Feel free to post your own examples

No. 31756

It shows up as an emoji on some devices so maybe that's what happened. I've personally never been banned for it.

No. 31757

This thread is so pointless. Why do you need a compilation of five million of the same bans?

No. 31758

Because mods are dumb, and they need to be reminded.

File: 1646264707040.jpg (378.16 KB, 1800x1013, thegreatfireoflc.jpg)

No. 30359[Reply]

stop ignoring us challenge
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No. 31753

Cp in /ot/

No. 31754

New thread here: >>>/meta/31751

No. 31759

nta but it's possible to dislike two things at once. also i can't tell who's supposed to be the based one in that shitflinging, just see some reeeeing about 'whores' or something

No. 31760

File: 1650902920321.png (157.7 KB, 1289x336, 4-C21-B31-D-6-E2850238956.png)

You think posts like these are made by women?

No. 31761

NTA but some anons in that thread were defending depp and calling amber whore or prostitute, I called those anons ugly and jealous. They then went onto other threads to cry about how I was a man when in reality they were the ones defending the abuser and laughing about his misogynistic texts and how Amber got hurt.
I definitely think that's a moid though, there are a lot of moids in that thread alone.

File: 1647503904447.png (9.46 KB, 800x800, 2F50A996-B044-430B-B9E1-E1A337…)

No. 30676[Reply]

I reported instances of clear rule breaking 12 hours ago and it was ignored. I know a farmhand at least saw the post because they commented but took no action. Also emailed the admin and got no response. This is literally in regard to something that is clearly breaking the site rules itself.

No. 30677

Just curious, what was the rule that was broken?

No. 30678

Rule 3.2

No. 30679

We need a hellweek

No. 30750

I wish, but we don’t even have enough farmhands to keep up with normal bans it takes 12+ hours sometimes

File: 1637515072954.gif (2.35 MB, 480x360, watchingu.gif)

No. 28304[Reply]

Good morning / good evening farmers, the last townhall of the year begins in 3 hours. In preparation a room has been prepared for anyone to join anonymously, no registration required (you should also recommend me some videos to queue in thread). I will also be on discord in case anyone wants to privately message me, but email also works. I will try to limit the length of the townhall to an 1hr 30min so everybody can get their questions and thoughts in before the meeting ends. 

If it is your first townhall, don't be intimidated. Feel free to make a cup off tea and join us anyways, unless you actually have something better to do.



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No. 29136

sometimes they get so butthurt they reply to you with stuff that could only be known to someone who can see post history btw. i really wish i had saved some of the instances of this that i encountered kek

also inb4 gorefag trancel is a janny

No. 29240

PLEASE! I wish this too but theyre too scared of our power

No. 30496

>sometimes they get so butthurt they reply to you with stuff that could only be known to someone who can see post history btw. i really wish i had saved some of the instances of this that i encountered kek
Anyone got examples of this?

No. 30500

In the years that anons have been saying this, no one has ever posted proof (because it's likely not true and they're likely just schizo), esp when they claim that one anon MUST be another anon simply for disagreeing with them

No. 30502

I've been accused of being other anons but it was never true. Maybe some anons guessed right based on writing style and that's how the rumor started?

File: 1641364696508.jpg (42.46 KB, 474x490, downloadfile-2.jpg)

No. 28830[Reply]

Because it's been 2 days and admin seems to be asleep
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No. 30375

Sounds like more spam. Those cat spergs should've been banned too.

No. 30376

Okay, well, mods aren't gonna ban the cat spergs now. You're a little late for that one.

No. 30377

Maybe because this isn't even a rule here. You're confusing lolcow with 4chan, Mrs. Want-to-be-janny.
Banning dumbass-shit posting that isn't hostile in any way is just banal and autistic (no offense janny, I get that the europe and celebricows thread is a pain to moderate but that really wasn't necessary).

No. 30378

Kek if a retard like you got into such position you'd just ban anyone that annoyed you or broke your made up rules. Go get an actual job if you got so much free time and learn the rules before you beg to be promoted to jannie so you can ban the big bad meanies

No. 30384

They were open for literal months on end until just recently, why didn't you apply then?

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