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The site maintenance is completed but lingering issues are expected, please report any bugs here

File: 1711729571092.jpg (54.52 KB, 720x519, 247f14a5c9b7c2d77dd3f0656bf49b…)

No. 73959[Reply]

As the board software is being upgraded, it is likely that bugs may crop up from time to time. Please use this thread to report any bugs.

Do not respond to other users in this thread. To discuss bugs, please use the General Meta Discussion thread.
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No. 80057

I use Samsung browser and firefox sometimes and never faced either issue, try changing the browser?

No. 80094

File: 1720269878306.png (220.65 KB, 1920x885, Screenshot 2024-07-06 at 17-42…)

A lot of the themes not displaying fully on desktop firefox

No. 80147

File: 1720287810996.mp4 (738.02 KB, video_2024-07-06_22-40-14.mp4)

same anon, the theme issue seems to be fixed but the website is also glitching for me like this when I hover over an image

No. 80309

914635 Thread doesn’t work anymore

No. 80572

Ayrt, Firefox isn’t giving me this issue. Thanks anon!

File: 1720197680881.png (623.65 KB, 571x589, Get_Milk.png)

No. 79881[Reply]

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No. 80628

yes and if you have to ask you should fucking leave

No. 80629

No. 80630

Confused by all the bans for derailing in the amerifag thread. Are we only allowed to discuss politics there?

No. 80631

You mean in the trump assassination bunker thread? I haven’t seen any derailing bans in the amerifag thread today. I’m assuming farmhands don’t want general political debate in the assassination thread since it’s about documenting the event and not politisperging

No. 80632

sooo is there a reason why you keep ignoring

File: 1699976547047.jpg (70.53 KB, 800x533, photomontage-cow-grazing-mount…)

No. 65391[Reply]

This is a containment thread for meta discussion that doesn't fall into complaints and suggestions. Feel free to tinfoil or talk about the state of the site but try to avoid being too autistic.

If cerbmin needs to hear it, post it here.

NEW /meta/ THREAD: Site Updates Thread

Previous responses to anons:
>>62774, >>62928 regarding moovie thread
>>62963 accusing other users of being moids
>>63136 explaining infighting from a handful of users

Previous threads, newest to oldest:
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No. 80472

My tinfoil is that it's like the Shayna thread where some of the posters are disgruntled shoopers/ethots who are mad at the attention she gets.

No. 80490

They are bumping the thread on purpose, that's for sure. I wouldn't doubt one of the tiktok 'callout' videos were from the nonna and posting that all these people talk about skirby and hate her to try to blend in. It really feels that way.

No. 80577

>new admin post in the site updates thread
So the admin is present and pays attention to the site, surprising.

No. 80582

no, they are just like shaymin in the sense that they will be gone for months and come back for one day every 4 months. What was the point of staying leaving when the new admin is just like her.

No. 80583

What happened to that huge lolcow upgrade that was supposed to happen anyway?

File: 1694925062567.jpg (222.73 KB, 987x818, 1a742fe894.jpg)

No. 63266[Reply]

This thread will be used by staff to post general site updates and will remain locked to keep those updates easily visible. If you'd like to discuss any of these announcements, please use the General Meta Discussion and Complaints and Suggestions threads.
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No. 73714

The site will be going down for scheduled maintenance on the 29th March at 11:00 AM GMT.
We estimate the maintenance will take around 3 hours and the site will not be accessible during that time. If that changes, updates will be posted on our server status page which can be found here (this link is also available at the top of the page):

The purpose of the maintenance is to upgrade the server's OS and package versions in preparation for updates to the site software itself at a later date! The server OS version is currently 9 years old and considered legacy, and maintaining it has been a pain in the ass. When the upgrade is finished it should not affect the site in any way (except perhaps some small performance gains) but it will make further updates much less difficult for us.

No. 73963

The site maintenance is complete!
It took significantly longer than expected due to more issues and incompatibilities with the board software than anticipated. However, the upgrades were ultimately a success and this clears the way for migrating the site to new software in the future!

A new thread has been created for users to report any bugs that have been created as a result of the recent maintenance:

No. 74935

In response to the recent influx of CSAM posts, a new method of blocking CSAM posters has been added. There is a very small chance this may block and ban a legitimate post, if this happens to you please appeal your ban and email admin@lolcow.farm if the ban is not lifted within 24 hours.

No. 76428

The site was down for around an hour due to a widespread issue with our hosting provider, which has now been resolved.

No. 80575

Our host had networking issues which resulted in approximately 2 hours of downtime. Unfortunately, this was an issue with the host and not something we could have prevented. If they continue to have issues, we will consider moving hosts.

File: 1679039283757.gif (16.04 KB, 300x100, cutecow.gif)

No. 54709[Reply]

A nice, cosy, official banner thread to submit your new banners for the benefit and expansion of the website.

Banners must be 300x100

Banners should mention the site directly or indirectly. "lolcow.farm" written, a picture of a cow, etc.

Thread Pic: >>>/meta/27528

Previous Thread:
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No. 79664

This is really bad with text

No. 80298

I think it’s cute tbh and the text looks nice. This version is my favorite

No. 80344

File: 1720555054464.png (36.46 KB, 300x100, milkautismbanner.png)

No. 80376

I prefer it with no text….
Lmao yes add it

No. 80513

File: 1720912131357.jpg (225.81 KB, 1080x1794, retarded.jpg)

Can someone make this into a banner? Our female cows may be retarded but…

File: 1447223695752.jpg (25.94 KB, 408x256, cow.jpg)

No. 1706[Reply]

Excuse my autism, but I've noticed posters sometimes seem to mix up the following terms. I see this on other websites, too. This is understandable, since the terms are vague and not widely known.

These are subjective to some degree, but here is how I personally define them.


This is a general term for deceptive posting. It can mean the following things:

- Taking on more than one persona in a thread to make it seem like your view has wider support than it actually does. This is also called sockpuppeting. May involve replying to your own posts agreeing with yourself, or significantly changing writing style to make it seem like a different person is also giving similar positive or negative remarks. Particularly dedicated samefags may try to use a different IP address as well.

- Making multiple posts back-to-back, without obvious indication they were all made by you. This is not always deceptive, though is often annoying.

- May also apply to general false or omitted self-identification. For example, if the subject of a /pt/ thread started secretly and anonymously posting in her own thread to disagree with people or defend herself, this may also be called samefagging. There may be a better term for this, but if there is, I'm not yet aware of it.


Posting about yourself in any way, whether anonymous or self-identifying. For example: posting a picture of yourself, linking to your own profiles, giving excessive details about your life, etc. Self-posts are completely acceptable in some threads and some contexts, but they usually are frowned upon otherwise. You shouldn't try to make yourself stand out on an anonymous board. Valid spellings also include self posting and selfposting.

Vendetta / vendettafag / vendetta-posting

Posting about someone as if you are a random person who happens to dislike them, when in reality you have some sort of personal connection or grudge. Often involves samefagging. Generally has no relation to self-posting, except in cases of self-victimization. In cases where you present the chan with an implicit or explicit "call to action", to further your vendetta, this is also called a personal army (PA) request. It often involves misleading or deceptive information.

An example of a vendetta post would be arguing with a girl on social media, and later posting a thread calling her a whore. Asking people to send things to her parents, or falsely claiming she's violated some site's terms of service and requesting people report her, or including her address and phone number in the post, would be a vendetta post as well as a personal army request.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 79399

Accusing an anon of being the subject of a cow thread

No. 79400

What the other anon said, or it could also be for posts where the anon is writing a personal letter to the cow. I.e., posting on the Jill thread saying stuff like "Wow Jill you are an obnoxious liar reee I hate you so much Jill!"

No. 79440

untrue. those get redtexted as "fan letters". hi cow is always implying/stating a cow made the post in question, not being addressed

No. 79675

Not as I understand it. You get the (hi cow) ban if you reply, like, "Hi, Jill." to a post in Jill's thread because you think it's Jill selfposting. you are not supposed to say Hi, [cow], just report the selfposting if you suspect it, that's why the ban. I admit to thinking it was what you said when I first came here and I wonder why a farmhand never banned me for using the report system wrong (thanks farmhands)

No. 80304

Does it count as personalityfag if someone asks for a resource ("how to perform X action") and I provide it by linking to a tutorial post I made myself in some other social media? Am I supposed to pretend the post doesn't belong to me and shill myself? That would prevent me from answering any follow up questions so I'm uncertain what's the recommended course of action here.

File: 1717593557265.jpg (110.64 KB, 744x379, cow-using-computer-3.3.jpg)

No. 78429[Reply]

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No. 79884

Not a bot, my browser just had an autistic meltdown, like you’re doing now
>Where did you find such art in the fujo thread?
Lurk more. Blatant shotashit usually gets deleted by farmhands
>Nigga shota stuff has been part of the fujo subculture since the 70’s.
Ok? I don’t care? Sorry this site isn’t your pedo sanctuary

No. 79885

>14. Do not post or discuss sexualised and/or sexual art featuring minors unless it is related to milk.
>she's so new she doesn't know the rule was specifically put in place because of shotafags and we had a poll about it relatively recently where a sitewide ban won the most votes

No. 79886

Women consuming drawings of fictional moids is not pedophilia, once again. If you wouldn’t deck a kid scrote in the face you’re lying, stop defending them
Nigga I was there for it, I thought it was stupid then and thought it was stupid now. What’s your point?

No. 79887

Shotafags are such cows. Stop embarrassing yourself by admitting to jerking off to animu art of little kids.

No. 79888

Sorry for not liking hags with a grotesque amount of chest hair and a receding hairline. Hope you get over your brainwashing soon

File: 1538723259023.jpg (179.08 KB, 305x341, 8QACtqk.jpg)

No. 6821[Reply]

Post all technical help questions and technical/feature suggestions here. This is the place to go if you're having some problem with the site or want to request a new feature.

If you have some non-technical issue, like wanting mods to do something or a suggesting a change in policy, please use >>1134

If you want to email me: admin@lolcow.farm


  • Rules: https://lolcow.farm/rules
  • Max file size is 20 MB.
  • Boards have unlimited pages and threads allow unlimited posts. However, all threads will "bump-lock" after 1200 posts. This means further posts will no longer bump a thread.

You can read more site usage information at https://lolcow.farm/info. If you are new to imageboards, please read it.

Post styling

*words* => words
**words** => words
***words*** => words
##spoilered text## => spoilered text
[spoiler]spoilered text[/spoiler] => spoilered text
~#words#~ => words
#<3 => ♥
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No. 79304

File: 1719163008636.png (1.77 MB, 1365x2047, edit.png)

Getting the error message "this image already exists in this thread" when trying to post this in >>pt/932701 even though it doesn't exist in the thread already.

No. 79305

This happened to me the other day while I was posting on /snow/. Convert the image your trying to post to a different image format. So if you're trying to post a png, save the image as a jpg.

No. 79308

Tried saving it as a jpg instead, still got the same error. Strange.

No. 79678

why is the ImSkirby thread filled with retards that refuse to sage, infight, proudly refuse to integrate and fight mods kek I just want to read up on Skirby cringe and newfags are shitting up the thread

No. 79821

Might be an image with the same name as yours already posted

File: 1672270536958.jpg (66.11 KB, 553x435, lolcowversustheworld.jpg)

No. 49318[Reply]

I'm sorry it had to come to this. I've tried my best since coming on board as admin but the honest truth is that I underestimated the work it takes just to keep lolcow running, not to mention the intensity of raids this year. I thought I could get it done while dealing with my job and personal life too but I was wrong and had to realise that I can't give this community what it needs. A lot of volunteers have stepped forward, so I'm positive that we'll find a great new team. If you want to apply as admin or moderator, email administration@lolcow.farm or join the discord linked in the navigation bar. The hidden board can be accessed through there now since there were complaints about the posting traffic.

The migration to an updated software is still most likely going to proceed, but for now our focus is to find a new admin and more farmhands. Timezones outside of North America will get priority.
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No. 77440

i'm retarded and i shouldn't open lolcow when i wake up, but i'm still thankful even if i'm not sure how i got there now, my bad i've never cared about all the site and mod stuff before this year

No. 77494

Good you missed a few years of pure chaos.

No. 78905

Patiently waiting for this thread to be bumped by current admin.

No. 79135

This stands as a tribute to how far this place has fallen.
Gc and terf shit was always banned BEFORE oldmin precisely because … gestures vaguely at the state of the site That and sperging about moids instead of concentrating on milk and cows.
Most people hated oldmin for a whole lot of reasons but the stuff about boohoo muh gendershit is 100% retcon retardation. There was a handful of obsessive autists who desperately wanted to make this place manhate / gc. It didn't work so they went and made their own board. It lasted a while and is now basically the same half dozen spergs checking in. So they came back here and went back to harrassing staff until they finally got what they wanted.

No. 79389

It's funny how there's always at least one perpetually victimized anon on /meta/ insisting that lolcow has fallen because of manhate and gender criticism. Why would you want to coddle male/tranny feelings this hard? Are you personally affected? Men and their actions specially troons can be as cowish as anyone else. Cope harder.

File: 1683146284560.jpeg (178.42 KB, 1125x1049, IMG_0067.jpeg)

No. 56111[Reply]

I’m looking for entertaining, drama filled threads. What are some favorites that you guys liked to read? I liked the jaelle and nika series, Shayna, Erin painter, and onision happenings
100 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 78563

what are onisions greatest hits? already read swamp prom

No. 78724

2nded soren and nemu, nicole dollanganger and her calves threads, and ginger bronson who is a reoccurring cow in soren's thread.
I remember >>>/pt/207383 being interesting too, and the confetti club threads are hilarious

No. 78748

Okay well thanks for your input but I was hoping for more concrete thread suggestions based on other /w/fags favourites not just a general "it's all the same" answer but thanks for sharing I guess. If anyone knows good /w/ cows like Terry please recommend!! I've been needing a new thread to get into lately my usuals on /snow/ and /w/ are boring right now

No. 78796

Art Commentary Cows is pretty fun but you have to go through a bit for all of it
Main Threads: >>>/snow/1013078, >>>/snow/1218432, >>>/snow/1817812, >>>/snow/1977045
Creepshow Art has 5 threads, here’s the first and it’s relevant to the overall Art Commentary Community as discussion shifts there for a bit
And RacistUncle, she had a thread before the larger community did but she was in it and it’s a short read anyways and pretty funny >>>/snow/947066

No. 78844

The window/fall/hospital drama, but I don't know which thread it's in exactly.

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