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File: 1538723259023.jpg (179.08 KB, 305x341, 8QACtqk.jpg)

No. 6821[Reply]

Post all technical help questions and technical/feature suggestions here. This is the place to go if you're having some problem with the site or want to request a new feature.

If you have some non-technical issue, like wanting mods to do something or a suggesting a change in policy, please use >>1134

If you want to email me: admin@lolcow.farm


  • Rules: https://lolcow.farm/rules
  • Max file size is 20 MB.
  • Boards have unlimited pages and threads allow unlimited posts. However, all threads will "bump-lock" after 1200 posts. This means further posts will no longer bump a thread.

You can read more site usage information at https://lolcow.farm/info. If you are new to imageboards, please read it.

Post styling

*words* => words
**words** => words
***words*** => words
##spoilered text## => spoilered text
[spoiler]spoilered text[/spoiler] => spoilered text
~#words#~ => words
#<3 => ♥
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No. 21374

File: 1617601747771.png (4.91 MB, 828x1792, D1EC3C4B-B3D6-435D-ABAD-B05907…)

Kimi never dated Fedmyester ever and did not have a romantic relationship with him. I know cause I’m her friend. Saying she did is like saying all the OTV girls, Poki, Lily and Yvonne, did too. The truth is already on the internet. Let’s not victimize those who are innocent and call out the guilty in this case, Fed and people like you who trash talk. Stop debasing others through blatant lies.
As far as Kimi and George they are friends period. Get a life!

No. 21748

why does deleting a post make the site lose its shit? if I post something and then delete it the entire site freezes, then starts jumping around up and down the page, registering random clicks that I did not input (which is annoying as hell when it posts an unsaged, empty reply when I was nowhere near the reply button), and generally slows down to dead until I give up and close the tab for an hour.

I don't understand, it didn't used to happen but now it's all the time and is incredibly frustrating. I'm not trying to complain or demand a fix, I'm just wondering why it happens in the first place. No idea how it happens or how/if it even could be fixed.

No. 21755

sounds like a browser or other issue, that has literally never happened to me

No. 21767

Please add a quick reply box in the mobile version!

No. 21769

That would be really nice if possible.

File: 1618577424910.jpg (82.27 KB, 671x761, 6f04c1491c4ce2b53a7bd37182bd39…)

No. 21723[Reply]

A thread for actual complaints and suggestions staff will actually take the time to read. Filling the thread with spam or your personal vendettas will result in an immediate ban from /meta/. Coming here to pretend you didn't evade a permaban will result in another permaban. This thread may also be used in an emergency when abuse material is posted. Take technical questions to the appropriate thread.
This thread is not for:
- "can you ban this anon?"
Use the report system and don't waste our time.
- "Can you lock this thread because I don't personally like it?"
Use the fucking hide thread feature. If the thread violates a global or board rule then use the report system.
- "Bring back a banned topic!"
- "Hi cow! Hi scrote!"
If you complain about a ban, at least post the actual ban in question. You can also always appeal or email admin@lolcow.farm if you want the matter discussed in private.
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No. 21764

If a cow from a while back does something milky is it too late to post because they've been dry for too long? I guess them doing one milky thing after weeks of nothing is pretty boring but if an old cow was consistently doing something could they be necro'd?

No. 21765

You spelt scrot wrong.

No. 21766

What’s upset you hun

No. 21768

File: 1618808781164.jpg (77.09 KB, 1024x790, D2sfa3ZX4AAa1A7.jpg)


No. 21770

I thought it was anything irrelevant after 30 days is considered a nerco. Pretty sure you can bump the thread if you're not bumping it with aids.

File: 1436977127528.gif (180.84 KB, 300x100, fin.gif)

No. 962[Reply]

A nice, cosy, official banner thread to submit your new banners for the benefit and expansion of the website.

Banners must be 300x100

Banners should mention the site directly or indirectly. "lolcow.farm" written, a picture of a cow, etc.

Submitting some OC.
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No. 21714

File: 1618563077265.gif (257.7 KB, 300x100, 1597996112648.gif)

Fixed it to include the lolcow part

No. 21715

All of these are of very good quality btw

No. 21746

File: 1618628940807.gif (2.06 MB, 300x100, lunabanner.gif)

If someone more competent wants to join me in hell and do a better execution of this, pls do.

No. 21747

it already had lolcow on it?

No. 21759

make the luna part faster and the rest more succint. good idea though

File: 1614070633656.png (360.43 KB, 1000x562, complaints.png)

No. 20405[Reply]

Please post all general issues and complaints here. If you want mods to do something, or have some issue with or suggestion for site content, you should use this thread.
>>>/meta/6821 should only be used for technical issues and suggestions (can't load site, site slow, bugs, site feature requests). This thread is for non-technical issues.

If you use the thread to infight or instigate arguments you'll be banned from /meta/. If you come here to make a complaint that could have been handled with a report you will be ignored.
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No. 21717

Internet people go 0 to 100 so easy. There's no way you're this nasty irl. Ntayrt either.

No. 21718

I know I am probably going to cop a ban for this absolute sperg but whatever, I miss the old fucking lolcow.farm and hate that this place has basically become a white feminist SJW refugee board.

I am sick of the constant "men are so evil!" posts that are literally in every goddamn thread now, even threads that have zero shit to do with scrotes. When the hell did this place become the Nordfront for feminazis? Like if you hate men so much, why are you constantly talking about them or obsessing over some scrote's dickpics like a thirsty femcel? I don't see how that is any better than the reddit incels you claim to hate so much, you guys all act alike at the end of the day.

And I seriously don't get why this board has allowed snowflake dangerhairs to take over and start bossing the culture. Yeah, maybe the old lolcow was a little too 4chan waifu harem, but it was ridiculously funny too, and people were a lot less assmad about shit that didn't concern them. I've had several libtards chimp out on me for something that I didn't even think would be an issue, because up until recently, no one gave a damn. Sometimes I don't want to write, or read, some pseudo-intellectual metacritic breakdown on a cow. They're cows, it just isn't that serious, and this isn't a hugbox for your triggered feefees. The majority of them deserve to be trolled and laughed at, and I don't get why it's suddenly bad to make fun of these people…isn't that why we're here? To laugh and get good milk?

Like idk anymore, I didn't want to believe this place has changed but I finally had to admit to myself it has. It was fun while it lasted, and I loved being here, but it just isn't the same. Sad.

No. 21719

No one reapond to this absolute bait.

No. 21720

Hello to new copypasta

No. 21722

I've given a lot of thought to Komaeda's cock, actually. I've been wondering if he'd have white pubes OR if it gets pinker/darker the further down it goes. I read that his healthy hair colour is strawberry blonde so ginger pubes is also a possibility. I think his actual dick probably is about average/slightly above (6.5 inches?) and not especially thick. Balls probably high and tight and bald. Uncircumcised, with a nice bell end that's a pearly blue-pink. You can probably see the blue of his veins on the shaft because he's so pale. I think he probably has a kind of weird upward curve as well, and when erect it leans slightly to the right. Probably a grower. I have a real issue with doujins that either give him a monster cock or a cocktail sausage depending on his role.
Me personally, though, I want to see what that stump do.

File: 1616769465282.jpeg (57.85 KB, 524x530, 10794685-4EDC-4482-8137-1E4E8E…)

No. 21104[Reply]

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No. 21678

Could you bulldykes maybe explain why you hate guys so much?
Not that I mind, mind you, I mean the feelings are mutual.

No. 21697

thats an odd way of admitting you dont get pp touch

No. 21700

don't feed the desperate scrote, moron. Ignore and report.

No. 21704

wtf is going on with the scrote posting his fucked porn folder?

No. 21705

Don't acknowledge the retard.

File: 1618377954941.jpg (406.32 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-04-14-07-22-12…)

No. 21628[Reply]

What the fuck is going on

File: 1617596842412.jpeg (1.47 MB, 2048x1536, 541ECC6E-2277-451A-96E7-0EF081…)

No. 21373[Reply]

Is this site always working?(shit thread)

File: 1616578609593.jpg (47.92 KB, 700x400, marilyn-manson-acting.jpg)

No. 21045[Reply]

Where is the new Manson thread? #12 I think.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 21046

I’m wondering the same thing!? 24 hours without sweeet sweeeeeeeeeeet candy

No. 21047

Yes it's strange - usually there is a link to the new thread before the old one is locked down.

No. 21061

Yesss! She who shall not be named has scrubbed her ontd profile within minutes of it being posted on the last thread. I need to be able to keep watching this slow motion car crash.

No. 21064

She is so transparent! Liars always get found out. I don't understand why a new Manson thread hasn't been created!

No. 21083

Oh really? I thought I was going cray not being able to find it! Kek She really does troll the farm

File: 1447223695752.jpg (25.94 KB, 408x256, cow.jpg)

No. 1706[Reply]

Excuse my autism, but I've noticed posters sometimes seem to mix up the following terms. I see this on other websites, too. This is understandable, since the terms are vague and not widely known.

These are subjective to some degree, but here is how I personally define them.


This is a general term for deceptive posting. It can mean the following things:

- Taking on more than one persona in a thread to make it seem like your view has wider support than it actually does. This is also called sockpuppeting. May involve replying to your own posts agreeing with yourself, or significantly changing writing style to make it seem like a different person is also giving similar positive or negative remarks. Particularly dedicated samefags may try to use a different IP address as well.

- Making multiple posts back-to-back, without obvious indication they were all made by you. This is not always deceptive, though is often annoying.

- May also apply to general false or omitted self-identification. For example, if the subject of a /pt/ thread started secretly and anonymously posting in her own thread to disagree with people or defend herself, this may also be called samefagging. There may be a better term for this, but if there is, I'm not yet aware of it.


Posting about yourself in any way, whether anonymous or self-identifying. For example: posting a picture of yourself, linking to your own profiles, giving excessive details about your life, etc. Self-posts are completely acceptable in some threads and some contexts, but they usually are frowned upon otherwise. You shouldn't try to make yourself stand out on an anonymous board. Valid spellings also include self posting and selfposting.

Vendetta / vendettafag / vendetta-posting

Posting about someone as if you are a random person who happens to dislike them, when in reality you have some sort of personal connection or grudge. Often involves samefagging. Generally has no relation to self-posting, except in cases of self-victimization. In cases where you present the chan with an implicit or explicit "call to action", to further your vendetta, this is also called a personal army (PA) request. It often involves misleading or deceptive information.

An example of a vendetta post would be arguing with a girl on social media, and later posting a thread calling her a whore. Asking people to send things to her parents, or falsely claiming she's violated some site's terms of service and requesting people report her, or including her address and phone number in the post, would be a vendetta post as well as a personal army request.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 19873

What does ‘‘canyon” mean in red text?
I see a lot of red text that people got banned for and I don’t know what it means and I’m familiar with the basic 4chan terms but Lolcow has its own lingo.

Also why do we call it “snow” and “pt”??

No. 19875

canyon is the implication that the poster is Canyon, a cow here.

as for pt and snow, you'll need to just lurkmoar and pick up context clues. It's not difficult if you understand the site a bit more. Keep lurking and lose the newfag status.

No. 19878

Since it took me a while to figure out pt, pt is pixyteri = famous cow and inspiration for these kind of sites, therefore the highest cow status for the worst cows. Snowflake is a cow-in-training, not a fully fledged cow, may be salvageable as a person (usually it goes downhill for them though)
w is for weeb snowflakes.

No. 21452

Specific to trans threads - TiM & TiF?

No. 21586

trans-identifying male/female

File: 1610063460260.jpg (101.31 KB, 850x476, 1549754396510.jpg)

No. 19020[Reply]

Please post all general issues and complaints here. If you want mods to do something, or have some issue with or suggestion for site content, you should use this thread.
>>>/meta/6821 should only be used for technical issues and suggestions (can't load site, site slow, bugs, site feature requests). This thread is for non-technical issues.
If you use the thread to infight or instigate arguments you'll be banned from /meta/. If you come here to make a complaint that could have been handled with a report you will be ignored.
1211 posts and 65 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 20423

I think this is a great idea, and to be clear, the suggestion is any reported image is removed from the homepage (i.e landing page) rather than immediately deleted to avoid mass reporting of harmless images. But yeah, I too saw the CP sitting on the front page and it's awful. Please consider this request mods.

No. 20424

Why not just spoiler images that have been reported a lot until a farmhand can check them out?

No. 20441

It’s a kind of good idea, but then retards would be reporting retarded shit making people open the spoilers thinking It’s yet another harmless picture spoilered 40keks, and getting their day ruined by gore and CP.
it would be nice if it was some sort of locked spoiler though, so no one can open the picture until the deletion or acceptance of the picture is done by a mod.
It could be tiresome or maybe too complex, but it’s just an idea.

No. 20470

thanks anons, i didn't know, very sorry i asked in the wrong thread

No. 20492

There should be something added to the rules that "vendetta" "no milk" "tinfoil" "where's the evidence" and so on and so forth are bannable offenses the same as "hi cow"

It gets tiring when cows like Erin and Nicole practically live on their threads and react aggressively to every valid critique and comment.

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