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File: 1555036352164.jpg (174.98 KB, 570x410, e0AsAMF.jpg)

No. 9826[Reply]

Hellweek will begin April 15th to April 22nd. Posts made during this week will receive extra scrutiny and moderation will increase. However, this is not applicable to posts before or after hellweek. Boards unrelated to drama will not be participating so there's no need to worry about moderation changes there.

Examples of trends and behaviors to be targeted:
∙ Spamming low effort images
∙ Spamming social media statuses with no context
∙ Blogging and inserting your personal life into the discussion
∙ Derailing threads to uphold your politics or personal beliefs
∙ Unwarranted/emotional overreactions
∙ asking to be spoonfed
∙ extreme and abnormal nitpicking
∙ posting in a way that indicates you're new to lolcow.farm

All rules listed on https://lolcow.farm/rules still apply, but are not the primary focus. The goal is to purge as many newfags as possible while improving the overall posting quality.
Ban lengths for the listed behaviors may not exceed 1 week. Ban lengths for everything else may not exceed 4 days.

Please post any questions, suggestions, or concerns in this thread. General complaints stay in the general complaints thread.
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No. 15591

agreed, its completely derailed and is filled with newfags posting imgur links, twitter links and tinfoiling

reporting is helping and mods were banning some comments, but there are so many of them because someone leaked the cry thread to twitter

No. 15600

thank you. the only people bitching about the complaints thread are probably idiots who don't realize why they're getting ignored.

No. 15628

I love the milksommar text lol

No. 15634


Might be worth keeping an eye on the Manson thread. It’s beyond absurd. Or is it serving as a containment zone for retards and newfags?

Me too - it’s fab.

No. 15669

Can the twitch general thread be cleaned up a bit, there's a lot of anons infighting over some alinity chick and her fucking cat, others taking obvious scrote bait, and some off-topic discussion.

File: 1587014040857.jpg (294.7 KB, 1280x1030, cow-1544320_1280.jpg)

No. 14594[Reply]

Please post all general issues and complaints here. If you want mods to do something, or have some issue with or suggestion for site content, you should use this thread.
>>>/meta/6821 should only be used for technical issues and suggestions (can't load site, site slow, bugs, site feature requests). This thread is for non-technical issues.
Do not use this thread to infight and instigate pointless arguments.
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No. 15664

>>15659 isnt there anywhere else we could move to while we’re waiting? This is taking way too long honestly

No. 15665


No. 15666

people have recommended crystal.cafe, but it seems pretty inactive

you're just going to have to wait for admin to make an announcement, farmhands did note that she was busy but she did pop her head in a few days ago so who knows

No. 15668

You could always hide the thread like most anons do for shit threads they dont wanna see, you know.


I knew that was gonna happen. I want to talk shit about kpop right now and the discord is very inactive too.

No. 15670

Pls never bring back kpop, ty.

File: 1538723259023.jpg (179.08 KB, 305x341, 8QACtqk.jpg)

No. 6821[Reply]

Post all technical help questions and technical/feature suggestions here. This is the place to go if you're having some problem with the site or want to request a new feature.

If you have some non-technical issue, like wanting mods to do something or a suggesting a change in policy, please use >>1134

If you want to email me: admin@lolcow.farm


  • Rules: https://lolcow.farm/rules
  • Max file size is 20 MB.
  • Boards have unlimited pages and threads allow unlimited posts. However, all threads will "bump-lock" after 1200 posts. This means further posts will no longer bump a thread.

You can read more site usage information at https://lolcow.farm/info. If you are new to imageboards, please read it.

Post styling

*words* => words
**words** => words
***words*** => words
##spoilered text## => spoilered text
[spoiler]spoilered text[/spoiler] => spoilered text
~#words#~ => words
#<3 => ♥
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No. 15415

I don't doubt it, i'm just saying that admin/farmhands have said "torposting is banned" so that's why it's fucked up

No. 15504

Posting to see the ban reason, srry.

No. 15518

I’m getting SSL errors from multiple devices and network connections, I hope this posts I’m on farmcow

No. 15608

Feature suggestion: could we please have a catalog button at the top of the site for mobile as well? So you don't have to scroll all the way down after navigating to another board from the links.

No. 15632

the connection is not secure, is there a problem with the site?

File: 1436977127528.gif (180.84 KB, 300x100, fin.gif)

No. 962[Reply]

A nice, cosy, official banner thread to submit your new banners for the benefit and expansion of the website.

Banners must be 300x100

Banners should mention the site directly or indirectly. "lolcow.farm" written, a picture of a cow, etc.

Submitting some OC.
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No. 15394

kek it's lolcow.farm

No. 15400

damn the horrors of the momokun gif actually distracted me from that

No. 15416

File: 1591466673639.gif (456.52 KB, 300x100, momokunmilkfix.gif)

damn I am dumb, fixed

No. 15471

File: 1591944776675.gif (1.31 MB, 300x100, jillian_banner0.gif)

New Jillian gif of her doing… whatever tf this is with her blob body

No. 15599

this has a lot of potential !

File: 1592475737277.jpg (102.51 KB, 620x462, r9k guns.jpg)

No. 15549[Reply]

The board catalog doesn't respect your css choice. So if you have a dark theme such as darkcow moving to the catalog is incredibly painful on the eyes.

No. 15559

Admin said she's gonna fix it a long time ago. This shit still burns my eyes when I browse late at night lel

File: 1579129568145.gif (95.85 KB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

No. 13215[Reply]

This is the thread where you voice your thoughts about the GC/PP changes that will occur in the near future.
I will post a list of new features along with the final board layout once I'm ready to deploy things.

What's new and confirmed?
>watch thread
>improved catalog
>better filters to hide threads, and individual posts
>ability to ban all TOR posters
>integrated captcha options

Clarification on the poll outcome for /2X/
I see that many anons were confused about my two recent posts on the topic. /2X/ is not staying because of the number of anons who don't know what it is, and the potential for an increase in scrot bait and racebait if it's listed.
When the new server is deployed, or even after a much needed break, Pink Pill/ Man Hate can come back because it's more of a vent thread than a political thread like GC was.
You can mock mentally ill trannies in the following threads:
>you are derailing if you take the troon discussion outside of the subject or topic at hand

How things will be until server migration
You have /2X/ until I archive things. PP and GC threads will stay locked in /ot/ for now. Contrary to what anons believe, I did not say that /2X/ would remain hidden. What I meant is that the board can stay until server migration.

Things that will earn you a ban
>going to /ot/ to infight when you can use this thread
>using the complaints thread to lose your shit over the GC verdict
>pronoun derailing in any drama board (especially the onision thread)
>infighting in /ot/ and screeching about handmaidens whenever there is a disagreement
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No. 13814

That looks great, thanks.

No. 13830

I didn't even know tor posting was allowed because it was never mentioned…
>Tor is used for bots more than actual posting these days
Maybe it because what I've mentioned above? There are tor-only IBs so I think your assumption might be wrong.

No. 13832

No. 14016

I thought the problem I've had uploading images was completely due to my decrepit tablet, but the new server fixed it (ie failure to upload due to insufficient memory).

No. 15437

get your shit together admin pls

File: 1579126579990.jpg (43.48 KB, 900x450, EM8YQTZ.jpg)

No. 13204[Reply]

Please post all general issues and complaints here. If you want mods to do something, or have some issue with or suggestion for site content, you should use this thread.

>>>/meta/6821 should only be used for technical issues and suggestions (can't load site, site slow, bugs, site feature requests). This thread is for non-technical issues.
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No. 14588

File: 1587009991366.jpg (26.62 KB, 275x266, 1584042933684.jpg)

cant blame them when they deal with responses like that.

No. 14589

File: 1587011775616.png (176.36 KB, 1080x1903, Screenshot_20200416-063142 (1)…)

The mods on this site are really a lost cause, this pointless ban on a snarky comment feels like they're trying to shut up anyone who disagrees, my sides

The bootlicking comments with reaction images a teenager would use are so out of place in this thread.

No. 14591

If you read the post in context it makes fun of >>14524

No. 14592

Then you know its derailing, baiting, and the anon is ban evading so..

No. 14593

Why did you delete >>14590?(samefagging/ ban evasion)

File: 1445921544715.png (679.74 KB, 1527x1653, 1445800850611.png)

No. 1469[Reply]

The officially chosen lolcow-tan is >>2091
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No. 14397

um… ok

No. 14400

this is awkward

No. 14403

Pfft they wish he looked like that.
Art is cute tho

No. 14416

Not my lolcow-tan

No. 14424

Seems like /ic/'s fantasy. He should be way smaller and fatter.

File: 1576675132847.gif (350.86 KB, 480x640, Lolcow-awards-2019.gif)

No. 12453[Reply]

Rejoice! Another round of festivities is upon us!

To celebrate a year full of rich, creamy milk ending, we'll host the Lolcow Awards 2019!

You can now submit your nominations.

Returning Categories;
>Best milk
>Favorite cow
>Worst cow
>Best troll
>Worst troll
>Best comeback
>Biggest plot twist
>Best user submitted content (photo edits etc.)

New categories;
>Best Comment
>Worst Poster

Once we have a good amount of nominations, a poll will be posted for everyone to vote.

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No. 12714

File: 1578175538094.jpg (450.42 KB, 2550x2205, ANBDpFy.jpg)

Luna Slater

No. 12717

File: 1578176620484.png (47.17 KB, 480x854, tBVuZpj.png)

>The idea alone that Erin could’ve ghostwrote 90% of her thread is the funniest and saddest thing I’ve ever read on this site.

>I think Mooron might actually be able to make a serious comeback. Think about it guys, she would be perfect working for the CIA.

>Some foreign spy has been caught and taken to a black site for interrogation. He is ready because he was trained to handle water boarding. His body is use to almost all drugs used by the CIA. He has nothing to worry about. Until he hears the crane backing up. Suddenly he is slammed to the ground where he is anchored to the floor so he can't move. He looks up in horror as he sees THIS being lowered towards his face. The more he screams the more Moo crouch air he takes in.

>Probably about 50 and of those 50, 49 are necessaryspeed4.

>I like it when beautiful men poop. What's so wrong with that?

>Yeah, no way in hell I'm clicking that video. I thought her piss was a fucking EGG YOLK for a second.

>Taking bets on how long this Bardem-haircut bitch sticks with this plan. From inception to completion, I guess 6 months tops.

>I can't believe it, I thought radfems were a little paranoid with trannies and men but fuck, this is like a profecy they literally invade everything and shut them down even on fucking female boards wow. This thread is obviously going to get nuked too.

I think this is the best one, pic related (from Pink Pill).

No. 12819

It was a good 2019. The rise of LJ and her batshit insane mom. Onion getting more attention than he can handle, I think Taylor cried the whole year. Raven's samsung baby, Margo getting deported, Venus leaving Manaki, TND going to rehab. So much milk and I swear I'm missing things.

No. 13867

Hey, hey, hey, OP is fucking gay

No. 14004

where’s the hand pic?

File: 1580724582238.jpeg (119.18 KB, 1348x696, 8AC0A05F-195A-42C5-8D03-6C7A46…)

No. 13451[Reply]

What the hell just happened? I didn’t click anywhere, it itself broke. I’m writing from the phone. How I can fix this?

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