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File: 1482182855740.jpg (18.74 KB, 250x339, jsmEtWX.jpg)

No. 3654[Reply]

The survey is up, click here to take it

To celebrate a year full of rich, creamy milk ending, we'll host the lolcow awards 2016!

You can now submit your nominations.

> best milk
> favorite cow
> worst cow
> Horrorcow
> best troll
> worst troll
> best comeback
> biggest plot twist
> best user submitted content (photo edits etc.)

Once we have a good amount of categories, the thread will be updated, and you will be able to post your nominations for each category. After that, a poll will be posted for everyone to vote.

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No. 3949

Any word on the results?

No. 3954

Will the results be posted soon?

No. 3965

Any update on the results?

No. 3968

Results will be posted soon.

No. 3995

Any new word on the results?

File: 1433809766866.jpg (79.17 KB, 1024x625, chatting.jpg)

No. 805[Reply]


I've set up a chat page. The code is derived from CyTube (http://cytu.be) with minor modifications. You can talk about whatever you want and share videos.

You do not have to register an account to chat. Registration is optional. You only need to register if you want to make a channel or want to reserve a certain name.

The official chat channel is http://chat.lolcow.farm/r/meta.

Users can create their own channels by registering an account and clicking Account -> Channels. The owner of a channel becomes a moderator of it, and can ban or mute people from it. Channel owners are free to enforce their own rules as long as none of them conflict with lolcow global rules. However, in cases of extreme power hunger, drama, or overzealous moderation, I reserve the right to take control of a channel and appoint a new owner.

I will likely embed a channel (with video removed) into some part of the chan in the near future, to function as an inline chat box.

Please discuss chat issues and suggestions in this thread. I threw the color scheme together pretty quickly and don't like it that much, so I would appreciate style suggestions. If you want, you can adjust the CSS values yourself with Chrome developer tools (F12 on Windows, Cmd + Alt + I on OS X) and tell me the exact changes you'd like to see.

Please also suggest new emotes. Emotes can be based on images of any size, but they're downscaled to 120x120 in the emote list page and 85x85 in the chat, so crop images as much as you can and make sure they look good at 85x85. Ideally they should be 120x120 or larger.


New channels are private by default. Go to Channel Settings -> Admin Settings to set a password or to make it public.

To use an emote, click Emote List and press one of the buttons, or type the emote name surrounded by colons. :cow: is one example.

Message styling is the same as the ones valid for lolcow.farm (see >>2). So **bold** (bold) and #<3 (♥) work. The ones in the CyTube guide here work as well, but _ and * are italics and ** is bold: https://github.com/calzoneman/sync/wiki/CyTube-3.0-User-Guide#default-formatting

Full documentation can be found at https://github.com/calzoneman/sync/wiki/CyTube-3.0-User-Guide.
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No. 2170

just pointing out the irony of saying 'nobody is interested in sustaining a chat' when the evidence clearly proves otherwise.
maybe all we needed was a clearer banner for the chat. maybe it was the environment. at this point, it's hard to say without a controlled test.

No. 2531

So fucking late Quite honestly, I'm very inters ted in a regular chat channel but A) I'm too fucking shy B) I'm working so it doesn't fit with the chat times C) Beyond being shy I'm kind of flakey so I cant always guarantee being available for chat. Other than that I would LOVE to chat with all of my fellow farmers. But I am trash. :(

No. 2764

File: 1467763015210.jpg (8.7 KB, 228x221, 2016-07-05-18-55-56-843943619.…)

So what happens to the chat? Will it ever be up again in the future or is it taken down officially…

No. 3496

I've found a site called Livebunker.rocks that's kind of like a real-time imageboard that's basically abandoned that we could take over.

Other than that, there's always IRC channels if someone wanted to set one up on Rizon or similar.

No. 3731

how do you spoiler?

File: 1471479766061.jpeg (58 KB, 600x600, image.jpeg)

No. 3227[Reply]

Survey for all Farmers

The farmhands have crafted a survey for all site users to take, in order to improve moderation. Be as honest as you'd like; negative feedback is what will lead to the most positive changes. Discussion can always be had here in meta, but this is an opportunity to voice concerns off-site where no one needs have any concerns about confidentiality.
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No. 3303

>Is she going to be ok with farmhands making unprofessional snippy "comments" in red on posts that have broken no rules, but just have opinions they disagree with?

Whatever else this post is, this is a good point.

No. 3304

> alot of people obviously enjoyed them

You do realize it's the ana threads that attract shitty underage girls from myproana right? Literally some of the worst people you could want being attracted to lolcow.

No. 3305

Fucking this. At least robots are really obvious and easy to ban, MPA types are just bad posters, they don't violate any rules, but they just shit up the site.

Plus, there's nothing that interesting about most of the ana's they posted, it was just talking about their weight over and over, and stupid gossiping about their looks. The ones who were interesting were allowed to stay, as far as I know.

No. 3307

Stop denying the undeniable. This shit site has been filled with SJW's ever since old admin left.

No. 3324

File: 1473386862936.png (18.38 KB, 503x480, graph.png)

So, about 100 people responded to the survey that was posted. Overall, there was more positive than negative feedback.

As for the banned cow topic, it seems that the majority feel that banned topics are a bad idea and shouldn't be deemed as such. However, there was an overwhelming agreement that ana threads should stay off-limits.
Former admin was pretty clear that some of the banned threads should stay banned (ie Berry and Aly). So some of the previously locked threads may be opened again now that we have a full Farmhand staff.

There were some critiques about moderation but nothing that hasn't been brought up already and is being corrected.

There has also been a lot of clear annoyance with SJW/tumblr/PULL-tier users posting. There isn't a whole lot we can do about it besides do more temp-bans and make an example of it. It should go without saying that those types of posters are frowned upon here.

It also seems there's a universal discontentment with the separation of /pt/ and /snow/. There have been a lot of requests to move threads back or have clearer distinction, so that's something to look into as well.

There is also a general desire to have a busier site. Maybe with the unlocking of certain threads site traffic will pick up somewhat.

File: 1468478081367.jpeg (25.3 KB, 300x232, image.jpeg)

No. 3059[Reply]

So, time for another announcement.

This may be long so I'll make a list of the points I will be addressing and you can decide what concerns you.
-Banned cows still being a concern
-New Farmhands and the application
-"Sperg-chan" (our resident Taylor-obsessed spammer) and other invaders, like from /r9k/ etc
-Dramu with old admin (or lack thereof??)
-What you as Farmers can do about the current problems
-Brief summary of some changes being made

>Banned cows

Not the 8chan board, though they are also part of the reason for this announcement being made in the first place.
I know that there was a lot of backlash when former admin took down some of the threads and I am 100% behind that decision. However, I also think there's a way we can effectively give everyone a place to post about them without allowing them on main boards. This would be done by creating a few new boards where the banned cows can be discussed, along with a separate set of staff members that would be able to police these offshoots of the community. (Example; a board such as /sh/ for Shuddercows could include all the ana posts that aren't allowed currently. Someone from that part of the community could run the board and appoint staff members appropriately, as long as the main rules of the site are respected)

>Our new staff members

I have appointed a few new staff members since the admin change. One of the janitors from the previous administration was made a mod right from the start and I brought in someone I trust from off-site as a mod to deal with reports from the get go, and some janitors were appointed via the application I created. Some of the new Farmhands started as janitors and were later promoted to mod.
I have a few more applications to read over, and potentially recruit more members. If you plan to apply and would like to come onboard to specifically moderate a certain board, feel free to mention that in your application. The Farmhand application can be found in this thread >>2823
Right now we have a lot of moderation being done by people following the basic schedule of daylight hours in the US. We need more people who are available during the daytime in the UK and EU (which corresponds to night hours in the US)

>Spammers and other evil forces at work

It's pretty clear by now that our site has been invaded recently. Part of this is due to the URL being posted elsewhere. And the reason for the URL being shared, partly was due in part I suspect to Spoony's being banned. I very much would find it believable that she's behind a lot of the /banned cow/ threads on 8chan. In the past she was responsible for the initial /r9k/ incursion. Now we have some other anons who are annoyed by the admin change and have been further making lolcow's presence known to the rest of the Internut.
There aren't a lot of options for combatting this, since robots are plentiful and have too much time on their hands. So we have been issuing bans and deletions. It's not hard to proxy, though, and we are dealing with a plethora of IPs which leaves little to be utilised by our home team.
A few other possibilities are adding a captcha, which has only the >potential< to be effective; a prolonged hellweek; and overall encouragement for more users to make reports

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 3187

There were two separate instances of one of the mods warning someone without the capcode. She didn't know how to use the capcode at the time. I agree that it was a bad call. I feel partly responsible because I didn't give a better orientation.
If there have been any other concerns with moderation, feel free to mention it here. I've dealt with a few issues and watch the log but if there's something I've missed then I'd like to know.
A lot of people had issue with one mod using red text in a post to warn the namefags in the Marina Joyce thread. It didn't seem like that big of a deal to me, honestly.

No. 3193

@Admin, thank you for being responsive today when a mod got a little carried away with the banhammer (Permabanned, yeesh! my blood ran cold..)
Much appreciated.

No. 3194

>(Permabanned, yeesh! my blood ran cold..)
lmfao are you some sort of fucking loser or something(DISREGARD THAT I SUCK COCKS)

No. 3197

So did you just hire any retard who filled out an application or what?

No. 3202


no she hired her friends or something

File: 1468695658836.jpeg (311.26 KB, 1200x742, image.jpeg)

No. 3138[Reply]

The time is nigh.

Hellweek is upon us, Farmers. Prepare yourselves:

-stupid personal blog posts will result in a ban
-overtly samefagging will also result in a ban
-generally poor quality or baiting posts will result in a ban

Moderators have the discretion to temporarily ban anyone that is going off-topic, if they see fit.

I have promoted new moderators and brought in new janitors so let the fires blaze, and let the milk forever flow!!

File: 1458083060417.png (867.21 KB, 1000x1000, cow.png)

No. 2276[Reply]

Indefinite hellweek is now in effect. I do not know when or if it may end. It applies to every board.

You can use this thread for discussion, but I likely won't reply to most posts. To appeal a ban, use the actual appeal form.

Note: If you're banned, don't assume I was the one who necessarily banned you. We have several mods. If the ban isn't reversed, though, you can consider it a ban I approve of.
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No. 2366

Sorry, newfag, but what is indefinite hellweek(this)

No. 2367

Hey Admin quick question how far back can the ban go? Another farmer pointed out that when one of the farm hands banned a farmer it was for a comment made a month prior to the ban.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 2445


Can I get a red ban marker too?


No. 2447


Okay I lel'd.

No. 3578


File: 1436999744828.png (1.94 KB, 244x106, rules.png)

No. 1014[Reply]

This thread is locked and will be used solely by me to document significant rule changes. Each post will include the date the rule was added/deleted/changed, and the change that was made.

You can make your own dedicated threads to discuss specific rule changes if you like, but otherwise, you can discuss all of them here: >>1023

The rules are at https://lolcow.farm/rules
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No. 1920

December 21, 2015

Anorexic girl threads

Threads about anorexic/ED/wannabe-anorexic people should now all go into one single /snow/ thread. The only exceptions are Ashley and Aly. Ashley's thread will remain in /pt/, and Aly's will remain in /snow/.

No. 1974

December 27, 2015

Kawaii [X] girl threads in /b/

We've decided these threads will stay in /b/ (instead of /g/). The only requirement is that an excessive number of clearly unattractive people should not be posted in them. "Excessive" here is subjective, but if you're posting more than 2 in a day, that's probably excessive.

All other discussion is otherwise allowed.

No. 2037

January 4, 2016

Vendetta false flag threads

A new rule has been added:

>Do not post vendetta threads in the direct or indirect guise of a self-post, by impersonating someone you have a grudge against.

Vendetta threads are still not necessarily banned, but this specific kind of vendetta thread is. However, don't post a thread impersonating someone you have a vendetta against, with the intent of people calling them out for what they think is self-posting. It can be considered a kind of "self-thread false flag" attempt.

So, now, both "real" and "alleged" self-post threads are disallowed.



No. 2207

February 22, 2016

Unintegrated users

Any user who meets all of the following criteria may be subject to a permanent ban:

1. Explicitly says, or appears blatantly as if they found this site through another website like /r9k/, /pol/, Instagram, Tumblr, Youtube, MPA, or elsewhere.

2. Holds some extreme political, social, or religious view (e.g. a SJW or fascist).

3. Contributes nothing or almost nothing to the site other than discussing their views in various threads, and arguing with people.

To be clear, this is not a restriction on simply having far-right or far-left views, or arguing with people about them (as long as it stays in /b/ and doesn't derail other threads). Rather, if you've come to this site solely to talk about politics and nothing else, have no idea what the site is about, have no interest in lolcows, have not contributed any actual content, and haven't posted anything on-topic in any /pt/ or /snow/ threads, then you might be banned.

We have no problem with people finding this site through other communities, as long as they lurk before posting and try to integrate themselves. All 3 of these criteria must apply in order for a ban to be warranted.

No. 2435

April 27, 2016

Multiple rule changes and clarifications

See >>2430.

File: 1461801034235.jpg (1016.11 KB, 3300x2550, seacow.jpg)

No. 2430[Reply]

Here are some rule changes and clarifications of existing rules.

First, since there is no objective definition of what "self-posting" or "samefagging" actually mean, I'm going to define some terms.

The actual rule changes will be in the post below this one.

Sockpuppetry - General term for any deceptive anonymous posts made by an individual, where the poster tries to give the impression that they weren't the one who made the post.

Anonymous attentionwhoring / attentionfagging - One form of sockpuppetry. Posting about yourself anonymously, while trying to hide the fact that it's you who's posting, to attract attention to yourself. Generally the person will pretend to either be a fan or a "hater". This may include complimenting yourself, insulting yourself, linking to or uploading your own photos or social media posts, or just mentioning yourself at all. Examples include Princess Doll (>>>/cream/64) and Eboni (>>>/cream/12).

Samefagging - Another form of sockpuppetry. A few things can be called samefagging, but in this case I'll just refer to it as when a poster tries to reinforce their own position in a thread by giving the appearance of multiple people who agree with them or who disagree with and/or dislike the opposition. Often occurs during arguments and disagreements.

Blogposting - Sharing personal anecdotes, details, stories, or experiences in a thread intended to discuss a specific topic. This includes posting about your physical attributes, physical or mental health, family, childhood, job, relationships… Sometimes referred to as "self-posting", but I will call it blogposting to reduce ambiguity.

Branded - A poster who has violated a global rule and had some, or all, of their posts labelled with their name or username. Please re-read the rules to understand what violations may merit this. This is only done in very rare and extreme cases. >>>/cream/ should have pretty much every instance of branding.

No. 2431

1. Anonymous attentionwhoring is now banned in /pt/ and /snow/, and will result in branding. Previously, only anonymous self-threads were banned. This change means posts of that nature in threads you have not made are now banned as well.

This rule change is not retroactive. Only future offenses as of today (April 27, 2016) will be revealed and result in a ban.

2. Sockpuppetry of other forms may or may not result in banning or branding, depending on context and staff's discretion. One example would be the subject of a thread anonymously posting in it to defend themselves, but where it is not clear they are trying to attract attention. General samefagging won't result in banning unless it is extremely excessive.

3. Reminder: Blogposts in /pt/ or /snow/ are bannable. They've been disallowed for a while, but the bans will be harsher than what's been seen so far, and will last longer than general derailing bans.

Make these posts in /b/ or /g/ instead, or use another website.

Examples of blogposts:


4. Reminder: Unwarranted tripfagging may result in a ban, depending on context and staff's discretion.

5. Reminder: Vendetta and personal army posts will result in banning and may result in branding. Don't try to get this website to do your dirty work for you. We don't care if some girl called you mean names and now you want us to go after her.

Example of personal army requests:

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1459726656428.jpeg (332.95 KB, 2000x1309, 136607.jpeg)

No. 2359[Reply]

I'm new to this website.
Does a [Catalog] or a search exist?
Does lolcow.farm has an API?
Does lolcow.farm has an archive, even if it's a third-party one, like 4archive.org is for 4chаn

No. 2363

>Does a [Catalog] or a search exist?
There are catalogs for each board.

>Does lolcow.farm has an API?


>Does lolcow.farm has an archive, even if it's a third-party one, like 4archive.org is for 4chаn

lolcow.farm is a natural archive. Threads and posts are never deleted. If you check the catalogs, every thread and post ever made is present.

No. 3329

Is there a list of all the post tags used? I was confused by the robot image at first, and I just saw one for 32" waist-chan, and I want to know more.

No. 6156

You know the Paul guy because of the character, not the lengths, but I lost 40 lb and fucked up.I'm sorry that people can argue that the change really does suck when you were yesterday, and as said, how do you think foreign cultures are untouchable because they give Anon, are you me shit girl, what a sheebposter's gotta do.

Uh like once when you are telling your body and core.

And hopefully have a tumblr out of it??????? To J Dear God you have a thread!

No. 6752


File: 1456112450944.jpg (21.63 KB, 244x279, aly.jpg)

No. 2196[Reply]

During the recent townhalls, the majority of people voted to merge Aly's thread with the ED general thread in /snow/. On both day 1 and day 2, no one could come up with a decent argument for Aly retaining a separate thread other than the fact that it would clutter the general thread.

If you think she should have her own thread again, please provide alternative arguments.
32 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 2231

I questioned your whereabouts primarily due to your very juvenile writing style and irritating, oblivious questions. Your support for the Aly thread only further added to my suspicions. If you're really 40, then there are many 18-year-olds here who sound far more mature than you.


Actually, I could maybe believe you being 40 now. I may have confused you for a minor because you essentially sound like Hillary Clinton trying to use the Internet for the first time. Horseshoe effect, or something.

No. 2232

With all due respect, Admin-sama, I thought this site was a place where one could come to have a laugh. Many people come here to let loose and shirk mainstream societal constraints on demeanor and self-censorship for a little while. I certainly do not come here to vie for maturity points. If you wish to foster an environment facilitating genuine dialogue with the community, where genuine feedback is welcomed and wanted and freely given, laughing at and kicking people out for questions or comments which you perceive to be 'irritating' or 'oblivious' is not helpful. This kind of action inevitably results in people either declining to contribute altogether for fear of being slammed, or deteriorating into an echo-chamber circlejerk fest.
Lolcow is not an etiquette, maturity or scholarly-focused platform and not everyone is going to agree with you or 'act their age' here. That should be a given.

TL;DR: I have great respect and appreciation for all you have to deal with administrating a site like this, but it seems you want to homogenize this community, and as has happened to far too many sites before, doing so will inevitably squelch the vitality and much-loved anon spirit of the site.
Thank you for all you do and all the shit you put up with. Thank you for restoring the Aly board. ~peace~

No. 2233

I'm sorry I missed all this conversation, and I'm glad it went the right way. Thanks all.

No. 2234

I only banned you because I, and the rest of the site staff, genuinely thought you were under 18. 18 is the minimum age limit. I do not ban or punish people just for disagreeing with me or being irritating.

No. 2236

In that case I would be grateful for you to un-ban my IP in meta chat, and I will endeavor to post more maturely in the future.

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