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New farmhands wanted, click to apply!

File: 1674777559953.png (1.14 MB, 1096x1044, Teresa-1.png)

No. 51603[Reply]

Previous thread: >>49127
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No. 54133

I think it’s Jonny, his friends or some new girl he’s fucking because of something like that being said in one of the past threads. (Something like “he already has fucked me”) We won’t know until we have confirmation from the poster his/herself. Idk if it’s skid.

No. 54134

Samefag, the only reason I feel like it’s not Skid is because they are WKing Jonny so hard and I feel like she doesn’t like him currently, especially for leaving her

No. 54135

It's me again. I'm still asking why tf can't i upload photos? Can someone explain? Can i fix it? Is it from the site? Please someone answer me

No. 54136

Are you posting from phone?

No. 54137

Yes, i am. Is posting from phone the problem? I mostly browse from my phone and before all the oldmin shit i was able to post pics from phone too, now I can't

File: 1674591035732.png (395.33 KB, 794x448, smilingwomenfarmers.png)

No. 51182[Reply]

Hello anons, we are the new admin team! We are a team of three taking over for Shaymin.

Our apologies for the delay in introducing ourselves. There were scheduling issues between us and the old admin that made getting access to everything take longer than we wanted, but we are now in a position to work on the site. To begin with, we have removed the raid spam that had been lingering for the past few weeks. As far as introductions go, we are a team of 3 consisting of two devs and a liaison + project manager to keep communication flowing between devs and farmers. We are all farmers with 5+ years on the farms and have volunteered to keep the site up and running. All changes will be announced on the site before they are implemented - currently announcing this via banners is unreliable, so please check this thread for updates.

To clear up some misinformation: we have had access to the admin panel/moderation tools you all know of since the original transfer, and almost all of the old farmhands have stayed on board and have been continuing to moderate during this time. The discord post you have seen screenshots of was poorly worded, and was referring to a lack of access to the site infrastructure (which we now have). The 3-day site outage was due to the server bill not being paid, which should not be a problem in the future. The whole team is actively monitoring for CP to purge as soon as possible. Please continue to report it!

There are many technical issues with lolcow that we have to deal with before we can make progress. This may mean we have to migrate the site to another imageboard platform, in order to ensure the long-term health of the site (and the sanity of the farmhands). If we are going to do this, it will be done some time from now and in collaboration with our users. We will give you a chance to test and feedback on the new platform before we make the change, and it will be done with ample (48 hour minimum) warning.

We are open to any questions you may have. We are looking forward to the future of lolcow, thank you for your patience nonas and may the milk flow. ♥
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No. 53477

already reported but just in case. in /snow/ theres a weird spam post with a photo of a naked moid and a shady link saying someone committed suicide. likely some very gay raid.

No. 53480

Well done, admins!!

No. 53877


No. 55763

of all the cringe redtext I've ever seen, this is the one that finally drew my asshole up to my elbows

No. 57375

I forgot to thank you for this, cerbmin. mwah ♥

File: 1671965870173.jpeg (31.94 KB, 554x554, 106AF4F7-F863-43FD-99C9-FF6358…)

No. 49127[Reply]

Previous : >>>/meta/47621
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No. 51497

cp in snow

No. 51500

God bless new admins.finally good moderation♡

No. 51504

>>>/w/278737 is a sjw mess. already reported it, but the cow should go in a general. definitely doesn't need her own thread. it feels like a vendetta anyway if you look at the "milk", half the pics are just random selfies.

No. 51508

Vendetta sperg made a thread and doesn't know how to integrate or sage. Close their thread. >>>/w/278737

No. 51509

Considering the shit talking caption, make that make sense. Stop falling for bait.

File: 1665433921647.jpg (88.05 KB, 640x443, tumblr_467827bcca9a3d8f4146498…)

No. 46413[Reply]

Announcements + info from Admin and Farmhands concerning the site. Please refer to this thread when asking any questions that have been already answered.
This is for easy access posts only, please keep discussion and complaints in the complaints and suggestions threads.
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No. 51274

Reading that thread makes me want to an hero. But I still have hope hellweek is going to make a difference, however misplaced that is.

No. 51279

It's just the moderation in the case of /w/. For some reason calves can openly whiteknight their cow there endlessly, display their newfaggotry freely and post in ultra twitter lingo without getting banned.

No. 51280

hopefully that will stop now that newmins are here

No. 51285

i hope admin seriously takes a look at the moderation in /w/, because some threads are completely ignored and in others the mod is so biased that posters are banned for literally nothing against the rules. Or someone reees about proof, proof is posted or reposted, and the proof-poster is banned for "derail" instead of the screeching anon who asked for it. I can't understand that. idk maybe the rules need to be updated a bit. It's more apparent when I'm reading a thread I haven't looked at in a long time, then it really stands out

No. 51315

yes, i know what you mean. and newfags have brought sjw topics to every single one of those threads. and they're always so hostile and alog other anons.

File: 1671940179028.png (228 KB, 1023x669, 1671814108732.png)

No. 49111[Reply]

pls help them, they've been left in the cold with out lolcow for days now
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No. 50471

No. 50484


No. 50595

There's multiple anons from Pakistan here (paki-chans if you will)

No. 50606

Finland works nicely with or without VPN

No. 50611

the sites working ok but slow

File: 1672270536958.jpg (66.11 KB, 553x435, lolcowversustheworld.jpg)

No. 49318[Reply]

I'm sorry it had to come to this. I've tried my best since coming on board as admin but the honest truth is that I underestimated the work it takes just to keep lolcow running, not to mention the intensity of raids this year. I thought I could get it done while dealing with my job and personal life too but I was wrong and had to realise that I can't give this community what it needs. A lot of volunteers have stepped forward, so I'm positive that we'll find a great new team. If you want to apply as admin or moderator, email administration@lolcow.farm or join the discord linked in the navigation bar. The hidden board can be accessed through there now since there were complaints about the posting traffic.

The migration to an updated software is still most likely going to proceed, but for now our focus is to find a new admin and more farmhands. Timezones outside of North America will get priority.
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No. 50423

I'm retarded and clicked on thing lol

No. 50426

You can search through the catalog for terms. A lot of the really old threads are harder to find. While shaymin sucked, lets not forget why we got her in the first place. Oldmin and jannies kept removing anything related to gc and terf. Everyone hated her more than shaymin. She got rid of the tranny threads and 2X. Ian wasn’t the site’s admin when Kiki went on her rampage, which lead to her ip being tracked and getting her own header. That is what led people into realizing Ian was still part of the site when people thought he left.
Anyone wondering why we constantly have shitty admins hasn’t been on the site long enough.

No. 50616

Thats the joke retard

No. 50651

Good save /s

No. 50662

Real mature /s

File: 1672442103287.jpg (17.17 KB, 400x300, f675efd6cc8e4e038434fb4d1673fc…)

No. 49531[Reply]

Please fix the character limit Please fix the character limit Please fix the character limit Please fix the character limit Please fix the character limit Please fix the character limit Please fix the character limit Please fix the character limit Please fix the character limit Please fix the character limit Please fix the character limit Please fix the character limit Please fix the character limit Please fix the character limit Please fix the character limit Please fix the character limit Please fix the character limit Please fix the character limit Please fix the character limit Please fix the character limit Please fix the character limit Please fix the character limit Please fix the character limit Please fix the character limit Please fix the character limit Please fix the character limit Please fix the character limit Please fix the character limit Please fix the character limit Please fix the character limit thank you
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No. 49632

File: 1672572012322.png (2.98 KB, 444x118, why.png)

Still getting this message though

No. 49633

any longer than this is not permitted but I remember older threads having even longer posts

No. 49641


No. 49879

Were you posting a pic of Willem Dafoe's dick? That might be the problem.

No. 49952

Been trying to make a new Jillan Vessey thread several times now but no matter how much I shorten even the regular text it still claims the body is too long, it drives me insane.

File: 1647503904447.png (9.46 KB, 800x800, 2F50A996-B044-430B-B9E1-E1A337…)

No. 30676[Reply]

I reported instances of clear rule breaking 12 hours ago and it was ignored. I know a farmhand at least saw the post because they commented but took no action. Also emailed the admin and got no response. This is literally in regard to something that is clearly breaking the site rules itself.
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No. 30750

I wish, but we don’t even have enough farmhands to keep up with normal bans it takes 12+ hours sometimes

No. 42372

why are you necroing this thread with that dumb picture?

No. 42373

are you really old staff?

No. 42376

Oh you're the fucking tranny again. Nevermind.

No. 49547

Pls fix character limit

File: 1625093696857.png (1.9 MB, 1000x664, 15514722761998.png)

No. 24570[Reply]

Any autistic meltdowns will be banned.
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No. 42965


No. 43258

Janitor in Belle thread is a retard who deserves a ban

No. 43264

Go see a doctor about your disgusting herpes, sex worker.

No. 50281

can someone please lock the keekihime thread in /snow/? I’m sick of hololive scrotes from /vt/ coming here and bumping it to try to white knight for her.

No. 50282

This post >>145842
clearly they just don’t want anyone saying anything bad about their snaggletoothed vtuber queen.

File: 1671834818672.png (43.03 KB, 745x800, A9B340DE-1CBA-4715-B14B-BA5C5B…)

No. 48793[Reply]

context for those who are late and confused about this situation :
> Maintenance for 2 days (19/12 to 22/12)
>No communication of what the admin was going to fix during this maintenance
>Shaymin changed the entire website yesterday, by using the new batch lynxchan code since Vichan is getting old
> /w/ got removed, kpop-posting is now allowed and old threads disappeared
> Shaymin still left original.lolcow.farm for those who didn’t liked the new one
> Shaymin is fed up with the changes and decide to lend the website to someone else (see >>48684 )

After the major change that happened yesterday, several nonnies were left disappointed and we might witness the retirement of Shaymin. But now, we must know how and who will keep this website alive. Did any nonnies already sent their applications to Shaymin ? Will the nonnies create a team for fixing and improve the website ? Any nonnies wants to share their ideas for the future of this website ?
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No. 49142

I liked it a lot. My dream would be that logo somewhere, new banners/themes, better moderation and thats it, I love lolcow how it is. But the way people say it's like the site is very old and isn't easy to code. However, people who use imageboards are use to them being a certain way and I wish the jump had been smoother and better communicated

No. 49145

Me 5 i agree with this. I want to give Shaymins new site a chance

No. 49161

The site hasn't worked on my home connection for 3 days… only on the work computers….


Are they still under maintenance???

No. 49200

no just busy w holidays

No. 49279

can someone help me with accessing the website? I'm using https://farmcow.lol/ right now and sitting next to a mirror, how can i get to lolcow?

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