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File: 1701503382446.jpeg (124.08 KB, 900x506, 7BA2049A-B641-4E71-8B13-42A4F7…)

No. 66283[Reply]

Previous thread >>>/meta/63684
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No. 67826

File: 1705429788604.png (902.97 KB, 878x1858, Screenshot_20240116-183036.png)

>The thread will focus entirely on how fucked up the parents are.
But will it? There is already multiple posts mocking the children, pic rel

No. 67828

new thread >>67831

No. 67829

tradthot posting anti abortion bait in /ot/ >>>/ot/1857825

No. 67854

File: 1705545167060.png (19.87 KB, 256x256, kk pondering.png)

I got redtexted for not saging when what I posted was technically milk (the ban has since expired). Is it now a rule that you have to sage ANY post without a image or an embedded video? I gave a reason for why I didn't embed the video, and even if I had, it would broken by now anyway because the cow DFE'd.
I just want to be clear: is it now a global rule that any pure-text post must be saged regardless of content? I'm fine with that, but it should be communicated better. I've been using this site for over six years and this is news to me.

No. 67855

Link your post

File: 1700666894929.png (2.1 MB, 1145x912, elsie_awards.png)

No. 65709[Reply]

Nominations are now closed! Thank you to everyone who posted.

Voting is now open, and will close on December 16th. Cast your vote here:
Let’s celebrate another year of milky antics by recognizing your favorite cows! Nominate for the following categories:

Best Milk
Worst Milk
Favorite Cow
Worst Cow
Biggest Plot Twist
Best Troll
Worst Troll
Best User-Created Content
Best Comeback
Best Comment
Best Poster
Worst Poster
Best Redtext
Worst Redtext

>greentext your category

And write your nominations below

Linking post numbers is appreciated but not required, and you can make multiple nominations within one post. Nominations will close on the 2nd of December and voting will begin!
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No. 66302

File: 1701549938627.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1242x2142, IMG_8727.jpeg)

>best milk
Colors entire arc from the proana thread, she was so fucking angry
>worst milk
Venus Angelic doing the exact same repetitive cycle that she’s been doing every month for the past 4 years. It’s expired milk
>Favorite Cow
I’m sorry for being a shayfag, I don’t do it on purpose. It’s like watching someone run into a wall a thousand times, even though she has every way to walk around it, it’s funny to watch
>worst cow
I just think momo has gotten boring. Yeah, she’s still milky, but nothings gonna top the entire cosplay community hating her
>Biggest Plot Twist
Absolutely the boob job confirmation for Shay. So many nonnas were banned for titsperging only to be proven correct. Justice for these nonas
Robyn and her spud Luna. Maybe I’m sensitive but stuff with mothers and babies really disgusts me on a visceral level, especially after doing my own research
>best comeback
“No need to call nona a retard, bitch”
>best poster
Grandma anon, sorry I didn’t put her in an actual vote I just asked a question, but it’s her
>worst poster
The twitterfags
>best comment
This pic

No. 66303

File: 1701552000413.jpg (337.57 KB, 1080x1204, chum_bucket.jpg)

>Favorite Cow

>Biggest Plot Twist
Lucinda being alive
>Best Troll
Drake anon
>Best User-Created Content
the banner with the old lady tapping on the toilet sign, and many edits in the pixie thread
>Best poster
who ever wrote pic related

Also let me add a new category :

>most promising cow for 2024

nick contino >>>/snow/1927025, he has so much potential to be even more milky

No. 66304

>Best Milk
Vivziepop from Western Animation Industry thread turning out to be the worlds biggest cunt when an ex-employee dropped a google doc

>Favorite Cow

Stefany Lauren/Eloise Frazer/Jillian Valentine. Milk’s gone dry lately but she was going hard earlier this year

>Worst Cow

Pixielocks/Jillian Vessey. There is no other choice, she is the fucking worst

Biggest Plot Twist
>N2F from Proana Scumbags getting pregnant and keeping it.


The Queen/Lucinda/Oswalds Lunch

>Best Troll

The Queen/Lucinda/Oswalds Lunch

>Worst Troll

Dylan Mulvaney

>Worst Poster

literally everyone from Edtwt/Edtok in the Proana Scumbags thread

No. 66305

Holy kek. I don’t know how I missed this but this is one of the funniest things I’ve ever read on here

No. 66306

>Best Milk
It's been a hell of a dry year. I'll have to agree with above nonny and the titspergers being vindicated in the Shayna thread.
>Worst Milk
Venus Angelics Nietzsche-esque existance
(Time being a flat circle)
>Favorite Cow
Vicky Shingles (never change you delusional narcissistic bitch!)
>Worst Cow
Grimes (Can't be a woke zoomer when your snatch smells like geriatric jizz)
>Biggest Plot twist
The dead Tiger King guy that was with brat out of hell (Amanda) was this year, right?
Lucinda is tops, but our Queens decent into unhinged troonery is very close.
>Best Troll
Lucinda, cause, her gibberish sure gets some people to just lose it and rant.
>Worst Troll
That idiot Emily who recently got popped for cowtipping PT.
>Best User Created content
The monstrosities in the ai art thread make me chuckle.
>Best comeback
>Best poster
All you lovely nonnies that continue to hate on every man in the world. XoXo
>Worst Poster
Emily the Cow tipper
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1695537491382.jpg (50.53 KB, 540x394, majoras mask cows.jpg)

No. 63684[Reply]

Previous thread >>>/meta/59950
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No. 66272

You are superrrr weird, you keep responding to yourself non-stop. You are trying to say thing in fiction=/=thing in real life, which sounds like what lolicons use to justify their child pornography. You cant expect everyone else to agree with you, specially since fiction does reflect in reality. If you agree that loli is cp, then why are you so angry when people say that the ''romance'' in those books is abusive? rules for thee but not for me it seems

No. 66273

Not all dumb romance novels are of abusive men and what is being categorized as 'abusive' is just cringey alpha shit >>>/m/339262

No. 66274

And reeing all anons are pedos/rapists because they disagree with you is newfaggotry sjw shit. If you can't handle disagreement and instead start sperging in multiple threads that anons must be pro-evil shit because they don't see the harm in it, expect to be banned.

No. 66275

People are obviously criticizing the abusive books, not all romance books.
No one is saying you are pedo/rapist, you made that up yourself. You use the same arguments pedo moids use when they defend loli ''uh ackshually women write loli too so that mean its okay!''. You cant expect to give such a bad argument and not get called out on it. No one would have cared if you liked your weird abuse YA novels where a kkk member falls in love with you if you didnt jump to defend it every single time like a rabid dog and accuse anyone who doesnt like that type of shit of being a moid.

No. 66276

>No one is saying you are pedo/rapist, you made that up yourself.
>You use the same arguments pedo moids use
>Implying recognizing cringey books are fine is justifying pedos arguments/supports their arguments
>crying in meta over being reported

File: 1694187374127.png (692.47 KB, 702x531, img.png)

No. 62751[Reply]

This is a containment thread for meta discussion that doesn't fall into complaints and suggestions. Feel free to tinfoil or talk about the state of the site but try to avoid being too autistic.

If cerbmin needs to hear it, post it here.

While we generally avoid over-moderating in /meta/, we are currently being regularly spammed by a handful of schizos from the lolcow hate thread on crystal.cafe, and we are deleting their posts here. If you are concerned about us censoring valid criticism, you are welcome to check that thread.

Previous responses to anons:
>>60572 dev updates, KOSA bill, scrotefoiling
>>61061, >>61064 the "rapesock" controversy
>>61566 discussion of moderation, staff holidays, lack of staff
>>61595, >>61597, >>61644, >>61647, >>61649, >>61657 farmhand responses to questions about moderation
>>61724 farmhand announcing ban glitch was fixed
>>61923 schizoposting and banning in meta

Previous thread:
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No. 65208

There’s way too much minimodding going on in threads nowadays and it’s super annoying. I understand it if someone’s posting it in snow or pt or whatever, but if it’s in an offtopic or random thread it’s just ridiculous. The farmhands are being a bit too heavy handed with moderation, redtexting and handing out bans for very small offenses lately too which is kind of annoying.

No. 65209

I barely saw any redtexts in /ot/ for the past several weeks even when infights and bait went on for days, so honestly I'm glad.

No. 65210

I think it’s time to open the leftcows thread again. Dasha has a new movie (supporting role but still, it’s a big movie), Yarvin is trying to be deep about Gaza. Also this >>65158
I want to know what nonas have to say again. Give it a trial reopening!

No. 65211

Read the thread here, people were asking for mod attention.

No. 65212

no one was posting porn in that thread, it was just anime boys kissing. The ones posting porn got rigthfully banned in the first threads.

File: 1689324517799.jpg (68.64 KB, 640x491, harvest moon cow.jpg)

No. 59950[Reply]

Previous thread >>>/meta/57065
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No. 63531

Sharing information you have to go out of your way to find that gives personal information… Anon,I don't think you understand. Also there's the whole side of why is it being posted. If it is out of malicious intent, it can fall under doxxing. Just because the information is available doesn't mean you can't still dox them.

No. 63535

Can someone ban this idiot who keeps going on about how adult women are pedopandering when actual pedos will go out of their way just to go look at kids, not some ugly mangled looking cow in a cosplay outfit? >>>/w/308186

No. 63536

welp time to ban the entirety of /snow/ lol

No. 63538

why are you so set on defending men? are you like a sexy cosplayer who's butthurt about being perceived as a perv?

No. 63539

You're completely missing the point. Anons did this to Belle Delphine by spamming streets and different photos of her house and tried calling that "public knowledge". Doxxing isn't a one-size-fits-all. There are various ways to doxx someone. Posting public records isn't necessarily illegal though, if you are talking about arrests, but posting it can be unethical which could be why it was removed.

File: 1690747299045.gif (300.86 KB, 640x358, 122366329.gif)

No. 60569[Reply]

This is a containment thread for meta discussion that doesn't fall into complaints and suggestions. Feel free to tinfoil or talk about the state of the site but try to avoid being too autistic.

If cerbmin needs to hear it, post it here.

Previous responses to anons:
>>57339 moderation practices, poll and site statistics
>>57739 hiring staff, moderation practices, addition of newfag label
>>58335 locking of jvloggers thread, /shay/ users posting their nudes
>>58364 new jannies are hired
>>58489 moderation practices and automatic moderation
>>58669 rita/whiteglove post history reveal
>>58949 janny is removed for leaking IP history, several threads are locked due to attracting racebaiting retards
>>59172 some info about LCF 2.0
>>60076 the moderation policy towards redditspacing is relaxed as a result of hellweek discussion

Previous thread:
1191 posts and 66 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 62684

I think that's just what you have to deal with as an IB admin.

No. 62686

NTA, but it's a free site too. Expecting people to not get tired of free work after a while and then throwing fits because someone new takes over is cow behavior.

No. 62687

I've never seen anyone act as put-upon and exploited for being expected to do work they VOLUNTEERED to do as the admins here.

No. 62688

Who said anything about being exploited? I'm talking about people thinking that the same admin will exist forever and when they throw fits about a new person taking over, it's completely ridiculous.

No. 62691

Why the fuck are you idiots streisanding

File: 1692329350623.png (438.51 KB, 853x1877, Screenshots_2023-08-17-23-31-4…)

No. 61314[Reply]

Can somebody please tell me how to find a new thread when the previous thread has been locked without a link to the new thread being posted? Every time it happens, I look everywhere, and I can never find it. It always takes a day or two for it to show up in google results, but how can I find it before that?(extreme newfaggotry)

No. 61369

why are you using google? check the board the old thread was posted on (in this case /snow/) and go to the catalog.
then hit CTRL+F to lookup the thread.

File: 1683793481941.gif (850.38 KB, 500x376, miltank-rollout-whitney.gif)

No. 56933[Reply]

This is a containment thread for meta discussion that doesn't fall into complaints and suggestions. Feel free to tinfoil or talk about the state of the site but try to avoid being too autistic.

If cerbmin needs to hear it, post it here. We occasionally monitor the complaints/suggestions thread as well. Please keep in mind we all have full-time jobs and tending the farm is a passion project. Changes may be slow, but we will prioritize quality over speed. We will do our best, anon!
First thread: >>51182

Previous responses to anon:
>>51190 hellweek plans, moderation practices
>>51207 moderation practices
>>51219 server costs, plans for implementing captcha
>>51222 priorities
>>51246 addressing tinfoils
>>51282 site speed
>>51325 lost /m/ threads, improving transparency
>>51381 introductions, regarding farmhands revealing IP addresses
>>51666 addressing Blaine/Elaine/tranny accusations, plans for old staff, plan for off-site updates page, regarding spam/CP
>>52298 lost /m/ threads, speed of site, closing lolcow Discord, males on lolcow/in deleted Discord
>>52931 addressing practice of bumping CP, allowing adriasdome, hellweek and staff plans, should calling out other users as male be a bannable offense?
>>53189 what parts of board culture have deteriorated the most? What would anon like to see enforced?
>>53457 updates on lost m threads
>>53462 old m threads are restored

Previous thread: >>53472
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No. 60507

No. 60517

I feel this deep within my soul. Love you anon and godspeed.

No. 60518

Sadly, the decline started before burritomin. Remember the admin before? Of course you don't. No-one does. They basically existed in name alone for - 2 years? And while the fat mexican made a lot of things worse, the pandemic was a major driver of problems. LC used to be relatively unknown but started to get more attention from normies thanks to vocal cows like Joy Sparkles.
The thing that bothers me the most is how slow it is now because that makes everything else stand out more. There used to be so many threads that were like mini boards of their own with their own culture. It was a lot more about the milk and the cows; it had focus. I remember /ot/ being controversial because it was a drift from the main purpose. Now it's turned into a generic imageboard but femcels and PULLfags instead of scrotes. And it's so dead.
One thing you really missed the mark on is the woke feminism bit. It's gone in completely the opposite direction. Discussions about troons could just be like normal people speak instead of escaped mental patients painting manifestos on the walls with their own shit but no. Literal psychotics can't understand 'being censored' on mainstream websites so they come here to unleash. And they'd side with /pol/tards if they thought it owned trannies somehow. Same with the manhate anons. They are to feminism as isis is to muslims. When anons talk about how hostile the boards are the past few years, that's half the problem right there.
Anyway, I look forward to being told off by some 'oldfag' who has been here for two years.

No. 60519

Hold up. This right here is a massive problem.
You don't heal by wallowing in shit. Being able to vent and feel heard is super important. Being encouraged to go further and further into the rage until it is blinding is the opposite of healing. Constantly hanging on to the hatred and feeding it is also the opposite. And saying "but men do it!" is not an excuse.
If you want to get off drugs, you don't join a group of junkies, you go to therapy groups. You work through it. Seeing people confusing reinforcing their own prisons and retraumatising themselves with healing or validation is heartbreaking.

No. 60520

Yes some of us oldfags are still around and what of it ?

File: 1688247289176.png (1.57 MB, 1122x1120, hellolcow.png)

No. 59152[Reply]

Hellweek is now over.

LC moderation will revert to a more relaxed style. We appreciate all of the user feedback and wanted to address some hot topics here. Keep in mind moderation is often extremely subjective, although we conduct Hellweek to try and orient our moderation style around the most popular attitudes on LC. Let us know what you think about the following:

Multiple Hellweeks per year: Anons brought up potentially having December and summer Hellweeks. It will depend on when staff is available, and whether there seems to be a need come this December.

Reddit spacing rules: The image >>59256 attached needs line breaks, and those line breaks wouldn’t be considered Reddit spacing since the post is just so long. Shorter posts don’t require line breaks, although for mobile users these posts may look long like >>59260 says. >>59277 makes a good case against Reddit spacing. Line breaks for dramatic effect are a bit obnoxious, but if it’s funny or sarcastic it may be excused.

Line breaks after the post number you’re replying to is an identifiable typing style and will be temp banned. Minimodding about anything, including muh reddit spacing >>59320 should be reported and bans will be issued. Bullying new users into integrating is not minimodding. We would argue that it’s necessary.

Imageboard bans, attaching screenshots when linking outside websites or articles: When a link is posted with no screencap, the conversation often dies with that post. Whether that’s because the post failed to capture interest or anons didn’t click the link because they want a more cohesive scrolling experience or don’t trust links is ultimately irrelevant. We consider that a low quality post. So, when you post a link, attach a screenshot of what the link contains.

Male/troon accusations: Accusing other anons of being male/troon when it’s not immediately obvious often leads to witch hunts and infighting. Women have lots of different opinions. Women may hold misogynistic opinions. They are still women.

New redtext: sus, unalived, goated, and femcel will be added as new redtext!

Hellweek theme being usable after tomorrow: We will update the existing Hellweek theme to have the fire gif at the bottom.

Misuse of terminology, twitter/tiktok verbiage, “serving cunt” ban, “rapefugee” ban, other language:>>59342 brings up these points. Things like r*pe or sewerslide are always bannable. LC is free speech friendly and is in direct opposition to self-censoring speech. Things like “serving cunt” are up to mods discretion. It’s drag/twitter language that is better suited to other places online.

The term “rapefugee” sounds like its straight from /pol/ which is why those posts have resulted in temp bans. However, we understand that rape by refugees is suffered by women, so women here may feel that “rapefugee” is an accurate term that rapist refugees deserve to be called >>59479. Global Rule 7 states: Do not instigate or engage in race related arguments. (racebaiting). Clearly, we’ve allowed race related discussion, but please keep it civil between users.

Incorrect terminology like “LC is a forum” or “/m/ is my favorite imageboard” would be better combated by bullying letting anon know that LC is an imageboard and /m/ is a board and that anon is a newfag. Remember some anons are ESL.

Our original announcement can be found below.

Hellweek will begin July 2 and will end July 9 (at midnight EST in both cases). Posts made during this week will receive extra scrutiny and moderation will increase. However, this is not applicable to posts made before or after hellweek. Please post any questions, suggestions, or concerns in this thread. General complaints stay in the general complaints thread.

What is Hellweek?

Hellweek is a period of time, typically a week, where moderation is strict. This hellweek, all boards will be participating and all bans will be redtexted in order to receive feedback from site users (use this thread for that feedback). Just because redtext is used does not mean a ban is permanent. Feel free to report posts, but if your reports are consistently frivolous or falsely accusing anons of being male, etc. expect a temporary ban for wasting time.

Why does Hellweek exist?

LC’s first ever Hellweek was held December of 2015 >>1904

>The purpose of this will be to gauge community reaction to moderation actions, and help determine if permanent policy changes should be made. The secondary purpose will be to hopefully encourage people to improve their quality of posts in the long term, without moderators having to step in.

Anons have stated that board culture has gone downhill since the coronavirus quarantine/lockdown of 2020. The drama forum Pretty Ugly Little Liars also closed in 2020. The farm has seen an influx of twitter and PULL refugees, as well as users immigrating from TikTok as LC has been mentioned on that platform. Users who violate the rules as outlined by lolcow.farm/rules and who do not conform to board culture will be the main targets of Hellweek’s heavy moderation, but the main goal is to integrate as many newfags as possible while improving the overall posting quality.
332 posts and 24 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 60181

very normal response and not at all insane sounding

No. 60229

Generals tend to be low-quality threads overall tbh. Anyone actually interesting enough gets their own thread, the rest (especially MtF/FtM) is a lot of five year old reposts from ovarit or obvious rage-bait from Reddit. The overall culture of them is more like a Facebook group which is pretty gay and spills over to affect the rest of /snow/. Can’t really win in the way of “just report for derailing” when god knows the “tranny janny!!!!” shitstorm that’ll be spun up the moment some assmad bint gets a ban warning/30 minute temp ban because they blackout from rage every time they’re forced to read the word “they”

No. 60235

Which threads are you seeing the derailing sperging? I'm all over /pt/, /snow/, and /ot/ (occasionally /w/ to catch up when things are slow), and I honestly don't see the terf meltdowns being talked about. I've seen two instances of an anon saying "just say 'her'" lately, but the thread moved on.
Do you mean the tradthot and shayna threads? Because if we're being honest with ourselves, those are a completely different animal, raiding aside. There should be a dedicated mod for those.
>MtF/FtM is a lot of five year old reposts from ovarit or obvious rage-bait from Reddit
Nonnies posting old milk is cringe and annoying, but
is stupid. Anons who post obvious bodychecking and retardation from cows in the ana-chan or tradthot threads aren't accused of posting rage-bait. We are here to look at milk. I don't want to see the "normie" troons, recovering anorexics, and humble modest cosplayers. I am here to gawk at degenerates and laugh at male retardation.
>Can’t really win in the way of “just report for derailing” when god knows the “tranny janny!!!!” shitstorm that’ll be spun up
I've literally only seen "tranny janny" accusations in the mtf thread and maybe once more in celebricows, and they get banned half the time anyways. I think it's funny. Maybe you should try staying out of troon threads

No. 60236

>is a lot of five year old reposts from ovarit or obvious rage-bait from Reddit
This is why I stopped regularly browsing the troon threads. It's extremely repetitive.

>and I honestly don't see the terf meltdowns being talked about
In >>60168 I wasn't talking about terf posting specifically. I looked through the tradthot thread and it mostly antinatalists arguing with other anons. The recent issue in the Shay thread was caused by arguing if teenagers should be allowed to have surgery to alter their bodies when an anon mentioned that she had a breast reduction in a post while discussing Shayna's surgery. The mtf thread has always been political because it essentially functions as a replacement for the GC threads on /ot/. The hotep thread also gets political sperging. All of it is off topic and has nothing to do with cows.

There is an entire board for female politics and it's dead because the subject matter gets posted all over the site to threads where it doesn't belong. I suspect because it's newfags that are too dumb to know how to access a hidden board.

No. 60238

>The hotep thread also gets political sperging.
You could argue hotep/Afrocentrism is it's own brand of autistic politics. They're essentially supremists and conspiracy theorists wrapped into one much like white supremacists. I haven't checked the thread but given the topic being intrinsically linked with politics I'd say it's relevant to an extent.

File: 1683862848620.jpeg (356.37 KB, 1994x1329, flower crown cow.jpeg)

No. 57065[Reply]

Previous thread: >>>/meta/54138
1203 posts and 59 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 59810

Scrote chimping out in snow spamming shit threads.

No. 59824

thread appears to be made by some retarded namefagging scrote and I'm pretty sure there is a lot of samefagging going on in the replies

No. 59828

Tranny spamming cp in ot if you aren't aware yet.

No. 59833

Anons are literally just shitting up the Venus thread for fun now

No. 59834

Will it be possible to attach .webp files and youtube shorts without manually editing the url in the future?

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